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University of Puget Sound - Tamanawas Yearbook (Tacoma, WA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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piir' I, L X A fl' 1? - 9 051:14 iCf5'HfJfW'fU! M4 1- I .kb ' f"!iu"' , 'mr'-I. N' Y'- R 1- J A +Q 'B ,- li 5 and J I- .31 D , , , ",,'m?"i,'ii 1 ,,,, ' , f fy ',!" Ig, A nr-H - n ,J ,M . 42124 V: ., .,,, llf?Em. ! fj,, My 'ga M f 2 1 6 ,gf 0' , f 4 1,f.-M wa., 9- zw-4 ' ...V- pl 1-Y. .I iiis S--v-1-.,. I Q- I zur" - , - , 1 nn., 1 ,..-' -' ..-'--r" 1 1 ,:A,,..': . , ' my .- --ax Q .Mi gm: K. ., 5' M-'I,eL1:.ii W . - V- in , 1: . J. A ,. .. , - , 'Jn ,, 4. . ,V . 'L 525' f- V . . 1 .L . .3"."f' fl' . f. '- 1 v w, ' ,E .s ' - , . '- w"'f ' - . gf' - J-Iv ww. f - x , 1 -,-,' 1 nf. ,V .5 , .J .- -,. . 5: '1 1 1-, 5 flu-r 1 -.'. v ,os .ips 7 - -5 Sq.: .V C .. - ... ' "Hi, F' s'2'f"'!:1'?3"fW Sf X 5------bil' , C. '-' 9 I ..,. 4- xl' -., ,4,.., ,.- 1 gy x.,4 1-" 4. - 3 2 .1-f., 4 - 1454 lg , 'v X 1 f.':r5-vx ' ,,'r.-L, ' l . X .x- vf .g Q.. rv- '- Q 5' ,E-3' 1 1 w 4 ' 'u 1-1. Q I ,, W: 1 - Q A A l ,Ar ,V . V ,QR --- - - gui,-g ina- V I , ' . 'C ,,,. ,fa 3"'?1? .. - , 1 juz: I, 1 ' 1 .., 1- " Eff' Jr'-.N ' . .Q-1 XV - -..K 1 A -, ning 1.11 . . - ., " . I ' 34- f . ,, . --N.. , , U aalvk' -cv' " 'FL ' ' . Ng? 5 . , .fm ' - ,- ' W., f . . 1 ' . 'A .. ' ' V - 5, .13 -f 3045 .. "x . 4,a..,h,4 1 .aff , - u v. Hp, 1 . T, 'Pi v ...--, . a - fi: 'f"'7' ' ' I .5 .Q ' - 'i3'.-df i, - - A - - - A ,-gj. 3 fi 1'-5' "' '-Q-1L'4T7?9'- ggi' ' zfffa,:a,e:f':-aw. f 3, v ,,gf:' .f' 75:- -- . -" ,JV-- .15-,215 '.x ' Q. ' J M ufjkzr-13: V' R 1 ad.: f-' . , , if , Av, 4 . J, W --,R 1,, f ,,,,.,. N - "- I.: s Y 'x -u If 4 - , .qu 'i 1 Q 'ln fi,'sX"' Q' sgisiukg- ' ,1. ,-. uh..-f,E!:r'1: ., ,T Editor ------- BETTY ETERSON Business Manager - - FRANK WALTER Photography - - KRUG - LUTZ STUDIO TURNER RICHARDS STUDIO Lithography . . . I NORTH PACIFIC F BANK NOTE CO. ---- ,..,........... FOREYVORD In this 1941 edition of Tamanawas, , t we have portrayecl events of the cal- W t ' ' endar year at the College of Puget y I txxu ' J t Sound. May you cherish and enjoy A r these memoirs now and in the future. I ' 2 D A' ' PURPLE ..RED.. Law or Groocl Color of Government Religion lst QUADRANT 21111 QUADRANT DEDICATION '- w " ix ,w N 1 .1 i 0 i 5 i To the entire student body of the Col- , . vi ! lege of Puget Sound, whose lspiriti of ii i , V M i r M i cooperation and service will ever mark i i progress, we dedicate this 1941 i or f , i i ' N N I' i i Tamanawas. YELLOW .WHITE. Color of Liberal Science Art 411:11 QUADRANT 31:41 QUADRANT TO AN ATHLETE DYING YOUNG The time you won your town the race We chaired you through the market place: Man and boy stood cheering by, And home we brought you shoulder-high. Today, the road all runners come, Shoulder-high we bring you home, And set you at your threshold down, Townsman of a stiller town. Smart lad to slip betimes away From fields where glory does not stay, And early though the laurel grows It Withers quiclcer than the rose. Eyes the shady night has shut Cannot see the record cut, i And silence sounds no worse than cheers After earth has stopped the ears: Now you will not swell the rout Of lads that wore their honors out Runners whom renown outran And the name died before the man. So set, before its echoes fade, The fleet foot on the sill of shade, And hold to the low lintel up The still-defended challenge-cup." l f-A. E. Housman. - HARRY WERBISKY EVERE LL S. COLLINS I The College lost a great friend in the death of Mr. Everell S. Collins. He was an understanding, sympathetic trustee. His inter- est in the College was that of one who thought of youth and the opportunity which the College afforded them. He helped materially' to open the doors of higher education to youth, feeling that they could be of greater service to God and their fellows if cultured and educated. He was an earnest Christian man, and a business man who maintained an exalted standard for his business life as well as for his private lite. His interest in the College was not restricted to good advice and wise counsel. It was he who put up the initial challenge of Sl00,000 for the raising of 51,000,000 in 1920. He usually toolc one-tenth of the amount to be raised in succeeding campaigns. Referring to the proposed library building, he wrote last Septem- ber: ul am prepared to give such funds as are needed, and as soon as needed, by the contractor, payments being made as usual for that type of work." His sudden death in December made necessary that his purpose be carried out as his estate is settled. Trustees, faculty, alumni and students unite in paying a lov- ing tribute to Mr. Collins. His influence will reach through the years, and we shall loolc forward to the time when a worthy build- ing, of the character and quality of our other buildings, shall be dedicated to his memory, that those who may not have been privileged to lcnow him will lilcewise reverence this friend and benefactor of the College of Puget Sound. 4 T I RCQNTENTS. Aatministration Classes Athletics IV Activities V Organizations I ,I TAFF BETTY JANE PETERSON. Ectitor FRANK WALTER, Business Manager DIVISION EDITORS I BLANCHE HAYNES RUTH PAULINE TODD JOHN SHARP Administration Classes Men's Athletics BETTY JANE PYLE MARC-UERITE KATH Women's Athletics Student Life JUSTINE DE WOLFE IVIARY CATHERINE LINCOLN RUTH SONNEMAN Forensics Dramutics Publications BETTY BROCK BEI I I PIATT KATHRYN EVANS DORIS VVITTREN Music anal Honoraries ' Organizations - MARY KATHERINE HAGER MARIJANE LEWIS ANIT A VVEGENER Copy Editors Picture Editor DIVISION ASSISTANTS ORGANIZATION COMMITTEE Jean Rohmer Lois Hill Mark Porter Anita Vvegener Mr. Drummond Tom Hill Mr. Oiseth Ruttni Crain Ellen Swayne, Charles Swanson Betty Peterson Frank Walter BUSINESS STAFF FRANK WALTER, Manager BERT POLING BETTY SIEGLE MARK PORTER 5 I BLANCHE HAYNES Section Editor Linccl up and wuiiing. YOU'lI lmvc in get another signature first. Talking i! over-the bell. Lct's see. Somebody make up my mind! It all lends up io this-gracluaiion day. QQ , X I Q w w 4 W' -1: ' s '5 w 117 'A'-MAX, 10515311 .Q . '1 . .L y 4 gg gi 'Y 'f t 2 2 T 'g f . 1: 2 5 A, I 3 A "fl lf 1 1 je!-'Q '- -: : Y fi 1, TSN ' an H nvei ing racluafion Day . p ! F96 y .F KGQMAE r. ef I W f I Q iy waeawrs I I fw-I I esstmgmneaa I, . PRESIDENT EDWARD H. TODD IVLS., D.D.. LL,D., L.H.D.. 1913 PRESIDENTS MESSAGE PUBLIC RELATIONS means the inter-reIations between puIJIic groups com- posed of individuaI human heings. The CoIIege proceeds on the principIe that to have good puhIic reIations it must not only make incIividuaIs stronger and better. hut cause them to think more I1ighIy of themseIves. Let me give three examples of methods of procedure. The first is the Coior Post. The faculty matricuiates the freshmen into the coI- Iege cIasses. The student body. by authority of the trustees. paraIIeIs that matricu- Iation by IormaI CoIor Post ceremonies to induct the freshmen into the student body. The senior cIass of the previous spring formaIIy reIates itseIf to the incoming cIass hy committing its interest in the CoIor Post to this new class. Thus aIumni. students, facuIty and trustees in a cooperative act cIecIare good wilI one to the other. The second is the puhiication of the Tamanawas. Here is a student enterprise in which the students, facuIty and aiumni participate. The puIJIished record of student organization and activity is one which acts on the memory of aIumni IiIce a record on a phonograph. The memories of days in coIIege speak again. The third is the Order of Founders and Patrons. Here, those who have Iahored and loved, whose steps are siowed and whose energies are waning, are given honorable recognition, and are drawn out of their secIusion with the decIaration that they are stiII recognized Iny trustees. facuIty, students and aIumni as having pIayed an important part in making the CoIIege of today what it is. ' No one in any of these groups can ever forget what the CoIIege did to make his or her Iife happier. better and sronger. I'Iere are shown some of the Inases upon which Iasting vaIue of puIJIicity is huiIt for deveIoping good putJIic reIations. 9 CHARLES A. ROBBINS, Bursar The College of Puget Sound gratefuiiy acknowledges the LYLE FORD DRUSHEL, A. M. New York University, 1955: ' Dean of Women anti Assistant Professor of Engiish, 1951 IOHN DICKINSON REGESTER, P11. D. Boston University, 1928: A Professor of Philosophy, 1924: , Dean of College, 1956 twenty-five years of faithful service given hy Mr. Charles A. Robbins to the school. The past quarter of a Century has seen many changes since. 1916 when Mr. Robbins first came to the College. There was a small campus, inadequate frame iauiici- ings, meager equipment, a small, though well qualified faculty. three members of which are sti11 here. There was no foothaii team, basketball team, no gymnasium: there were no sororities or fraternities. There was an organized student body, but 13e- Cause of limited funds, there were few student activities as we lcnow them today. It has been through the loyalty and devotion of men such as Mr. Robbins, through their untiring efforts in behaif of this school, that the College of Puget Sound has grown untii it can take its place prouciiy among the coiieges and universities of this country. 'T' V 1 N-iv' FAC JOHN W ROBINSON Ph D Assistant Professor ot Philosophy ancl Religious Education 1959 L STUART PARKS B S Instructor in Health and Phys: cal Education 1940 ARTHUR L FREDERICK M Professor .Iohn O I-'oster Chan ot Religious Education 1927 ARTHUR VV MARTIN Ph D Professor ot Mathematics 1955 AMORY R HAYNES B S Instructor in Engineering Draw mg and Surveying MARTHA PEARL JONES AM Professor ol Speech 1950 ERICH J F KOKER A B Teacher in Violin D ROBERT SMITH B S M Mus Instructor in Pipe Organ 1956 MARJORIE .IFNKINS MANN A M Director ot Physical Education to Vvomen 1956 LOUIS G WERSEN M A m IV1usic Teacher 01 Public School Meth ods ancl Instrumental Music MEI VIN O KOHLER, B F A Assistant Professor ot Art, 1954 'na ,urs JULIUS P. .IAEGER Ph. B. ' I Professor of English 1929 'Q M ' BERTHA WOOD ROBBINS I ' ' Ph. B. V xl Instructor in Spanish 1929 .I N.,. .I HOWARD OISETI-I A. M. .. Instructor ot English and Jour- ! - na ism 1940 CHRISTIAN MILLER A. IV1. Registrar and Assistant Protes- sor ot German 1951 HELEN .I McKINNEY Ph D Associate Professor ot French M 1938 RAYMOND I.. POWELL Ph D Protessor ot Education 1956 RAYMOND S SEWARD Ph D Professor ot Physics 1925 JAMES R SLATER A M M Pd Professor ot Biology 1919 FRANK G WILLISTON Ph D Professor 01 History ancl Pollti cal Science 1952 BLANCHE W STEVENS M S Protesso Lillian Maihan Chair ot Home Economics 1927 FRIEQIIDERICK A MCMILLAN Professor ot Geology 1924 . 11' - 11 LYLE S. SHELMIDINE, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of History and Political Science. 1956 ROBERT D. SINCLAIR, Pin. D. Professor of Psychology, 1950 PHILIP S. PADELFORD. A. M. Fellowship in History, 1940 ROBERT 1... DRUMMOND, A.M. Instructor in Art, 1959 WARREN E. TOMLINSON. Ph. D. Professor ol Gemxan, 1955 SUSAN M. WATT, A. M. Reference Librarian, -1959 OSCAR ANDERSON, A. B. Assistant in Biology, 1958 ELLERY CAPEN. M. B. A. Assistant Professor of Business Administration ancl Econofnics, 195 1 GEORGE REAGAN. B. A. Assistant to Bursar, 1959 CHARLES BATTIN, Pl1.D. Professor, Robert Laird McCor- mick Cllair ol Economics, 1926 RICHARD D. SMITH, B. A. Field Secretary, Alumni Execu- tive Secretary at , ' Y' 1 H 1 . , , LEONARD G. JACOBSEN, B.M. Professor of Pianolorte, 1951 MARVIN R. SCHAFER, P11. D. Professor of Sociology, 1952 JOHN PAUL BENNEIT, B.F.A. Director ol the Conservatory ancl Professor of Voice, 1928 JOHN ADAMS. B. A. Fellowship in Economics, 1940 LEO J. FRANK, A. Ni. Assistant Professor, Heacl ol' Plmysical Eclucation Dept.. 1958 FLOYD O. HITE, A. M. Assistant Professor of Education, 1929 COOLIDGE O. CHAPMAN. Ph. D. Professor of English, 1952 WALTER S. DAVIS, A. M. Professor of History and Politi- cal Science. 1907 CLARENCE HAGEN, B. S. Assistant in Psychology LINDA VAN NORDEN. A.1V1. Assistant Professor ot Englislx SOMERS R. SLEEP, M, D. Medical' 'Adviser PHILIP FEHLANDT, Ph. D. Associate Professor of Chem- istry, 1937 " A A I HELEN M. LEWIS, AB. 4 I - , A M Circulation Librarian, 1959 'nf - lit .-!. WARREN PERRY, A. M. ,X M I ' , I..iIJrarian. I927 'W IP' ,. 4 - " N EVERILDA B. SHINN, B. S. K 'A , Assistant in Home Economics. I f I 1940 I -- - HOWARD CARLSON, B.S.' FeIIowship in Mathematics and Physics 1940 1 Y. 5 NO PICTURES FRANK ANARDE B A m Music LUCILLE IVIEREDITH A IVI Teacher in Brass Instruments Instructor of Speech I939 PAUL R FOSSUIVI Ph D HUGH B PICARD Ph D Lecturer m Economics Instructor of Chemistry 1940 snr 'wmmrsi PAC LTY OFFICE STAFF Bach Angst Johnson TayIor Grltfcn Front Cheney Seward ALUMNI STAFF Bates G. Johnson 15 TUDENT ADMINI TRATION CENTRAL BOARD Central Boarrl, composecl of class anti ac- tivity representatives, clirects tlie activities ancl funcls of the associated stuclents. It llas tile legislative authority ol tlie ASCPS ancl en- lorces traclitions and confers llonors and awarcls. Outstanding accomplislmments of tliis past year liaveiloeen tlue sponsoring of tlme most suc- cesslul Homecoming in the annals of tlie scliool, and tlie students' season ticlcet drive: time passing ol legislation lor a six-column Trail: new eligiiaility rules for canciiclates lor ASCPS officers: a bigger opportunity For tlue clevelopment of tlle bancl at CPS ancl a new program for tlme All College Party lielcl at tlie College. The presiclent for tl'xe year was Lyall Jamie- son: vice presicient, lVlarie lvlulligang secretary, Annalael lVliller: senior representatives, Ronald Rau ancl George lVlitcl1ell: junior representa- tives, Bill Tregoning ancl Lawrence Henfler- son: sopilomore representatives, Pegge Simp- son ancl Paul l'leustong lreslwman representa- tive, Arnolcl Rulcan: WAA manager, Louise .laylcop Delaate Manager, Yoslwiteru Kawanog lvlusic lvlanager, Ed lVliller: Eclitor of Tamana- was, Betty Peterson: Eclitor ol Trail, Ecl l'lun- gerlorcl: Dramatics Manager, Vvillaur Baisin- gerg lVlenls Atlnletic Manager, .lolun Boyle: ln- tramural lVlanager, Franlc Walter: General Manager, lVlr. Capen: Aclvisers, Dean Reges- ter, lVlr. Reagan, and lVlr. Robbins. l . CENTRAL BOARD-Buck row: Hungerford. Wir. Capcn, Kawnno, Trcgoning. Miriclle row: E. Miller, Baisinger, A. Miller, Jamieson MARIE MULLIGAN Vice President Rau, Rukan. Front row: Niilciic-ii, Jnyiio. Boyle, Simpson. Peterson. FINANCE This committee prepares the budget and submits it to Central Board for its approval. FINANCE Mulligan, Jamieson, Mr. Capcn. Miller. CHAPEL ' This committee selects and arranges the chapel and assembly programs. Miller. lrle. CHAPEL--Baci: row: Woods. Jamieson, Henderson. Mcwhirter, Dr. Frecicricic. Front row: Mulligan. Rau. STUDENT AFFAIRS-Baclz row: Dr. Shelmidine. Boyle, Jamieson, Dr. Vvilliston. Front row: Mrs. Seward, Mulligan, Bradley, Mrs. Drustmet. PUBLICATIONS They supervise the policy and manage- ment of all the publications at CPS. T' STUDENT AFFAIRS They supervise the calendar and advise social affairs of time student body. 49, Y P BLICATIONS-Buck row: Mr. Ca en. Mr. Oisetll. Jamieson. Porter, Waller. U P Front row: Peterson. Hungerford. RUTH PAULINE TODD z Section Editor 1. Art--Scientific observation. 2. Ankle Socks-I-Saddle sixoesdrtnooks :-College Coeds. 5. LiI:zIJy's Field Day at C. P. S. 4. Literature . . . for cttect. if 'C' 453.44-' 1 Senior Iunior Soplzomore Freshmen STAN CHAMP GALE SAMPSON FLORENCE IVICLEAN Sergeant-at-Arms President Secretary Nxt. uw., r PHYLLIS ALBERT, Tacoma B, S. Delta Alpha Gamma, Treasurer 3, Nurse's Certificate. ALBERT CHARLES ARNOLD, San Antonio, Texas GERALDINE ALEXANDER, Talon.. Home Economics Lamhcla Sigma Chi, Corresponding Sec- retary 3, Recorciing Secretary 4, Y.W.C.A. 1. WILBUR BAISINGER, Puyallup ' Speech Delta Kappa Phi, Secretary 2: Mu Sigma Delta 3. 4: Dramatics I, 2. 3, 4: Assistant Dramatics Manager 3: B' A' Manager 4: Pi Kappa Delta: Bancl 2: Varsity Tennis 4, Alpha Chi Nu. German Club 4. 'aE255'Z"'-llxgif-Q.:-1 4 ! 2, 4""i!v3..2l.f2 Q'.L l.iLLS,SPILc 'iT,'l-312553 '1'3?aTiE '-f ' d' :' M37 C -ETH MYLES BARRETT, Tacoma HELEN LORENA BERG, Tacoma B. A. Mathematics Delta Kappa Phi: Skiing: Tennis JOHN BOYLE. Tacoma Physical Education VV.S.C. I: Sigma Zeta Epsilon Presi- clent 4: Varsity Football 2. 3. 4: Presi- dent Lettem1an's Club: Student Man- ager oi Varsity Athletics 3, 4: Swim- ming Team 2: Pi Gamma Mu Presi- dent 4: Inter-fraternity Presiclent 4: Student Affairs Committee 4: Mu Sig- ma Delta 4: Whos Who 4. ROBERT BURT, Tacoma Chemistry A4 Sigma Mu Chi: C: P. S. Pre-Medical Association. WILLIAM CUMMINGS. Tacoma B. A. Attencled University ot Washington, 1937. VV.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Otlah: Hiking Cup 3. LAVVRENCE BROWN. Tacoma Biology Historian of Biology Club 4: Trail 3, 4: Independents. STAN CHAMP, Tacoma Mathematics Delta Kappa Phi: Band 1: Tennis 3: Sergeant-at-Arms Senior Class. VIRGINIA DOUGHERTY, Tacoma B. S. Delta Alpha Gamma: Inter-sorority Council Representative. I8 tr 4' 6 J 3 5 ai '45-6 LOUISE DURAND, Sumner Home Economics Y.VV.C.A.: VV.A.A.: Kappa Plii: Pres- ident ol Anderson Hall 4: Band 2, 5: Spanisli Club 2, 5, 4. LUCIA GJUKA. Tacoma En glisli Literature Y.W.C.A. 1. 2. 5. 4: W.A.A. 2. 5: Debate 2. 5: Alplia Clli Omega alumni Sclnolarsliip 4: Otlall 4. NEIL GRAY, Tacoma B. A. Delta Pi Omicron: Spanish Club: Let- terman's Cluln 2, 5, 4: Varsity Foot- ball 2. 5, 4. DORIS HARTMAN, Tacoma Psycliology Delta Alplia Gamma Treasurer 2. 5: Spur Historian 2: Otlali President 4: Y.VV.C.A.: W.A.A.: Pi Gamma Mu: VVomen's Fecleration Secretary 4: La Mesa Recloncla ll K'- ARTHUR FREEMAN , Tacoma B. A. Sigma Zeta Epsilon Secretary 2: Vice- President 5. EDGAR GRAHN, Tacoma Cliemistry Clii Pi Sigma 2: S.A.A.C.A. 4: I'Iow- artI1 Sclxolarsliip 5. 4. ROBERT OLNEY HARDY, Tacoma History La Mesa Reclonda President 5: Y.M. C.A. Treasurer 4: Independents Presi- dent 2: Deloate 5: Pi Gamma Mu. JANET HATCH, Tacoma Home Economics Lambda Sigma Clii President 4: VV. A.A. Treasurer 4: Slci Clulo Vice-Presi- dent 4: Inter-sorority Council 4: AII- Star Tennis ancl Volleyball Team 4: Atliletic Manager 4: May Queen 4. 1:- sv- SIS 0 1 1 I IRIVIA HAWKINSON, Wauna ROBERT I-IEATON, Tacoma Art Spanislx Art Clulz I. 2: German Club I. 2. 5: Oxlah 4: Mu Sigma Delta 5, 4: Cor- responding Secretary 4. MRS. VIRGINIA HENNIG, Tacoma B. A. On Salnlzatical leave from Tacoma Sclmols. DAVID I..YAL.l.. JAMIESON. Tacoma B. A. Economics Delta Kappa Plxi Treasurer 5: Dra- matics I. 2: Debate I: Class President 2: Kniglits ol the Log: Student All-airs Committee 2. 4: Cliapel Committee 4: Finance Committee 4: Pulalications Committee 4: Pi Gamma Mu 4: Presi- dent A.S.C.P,S.: VVl1o's VVl1o: Inter- lratemity Council 5, 4: Howartli Scllol- arsliip in Economics 5, 4. MARY ANN JELUSICI-I, Tacoma History Delta Alplia Gamma Secretary. Presi- dent 4: Intersorority Council 4: Clwair- man ol Intersorority Dance 4: May Day Page 5: May Queen's Attendant 4: Tennis Team 1957: Badminton Team 1959. 19 Sigma Mu Clii I, 2: Slci I. 2. 52 Ski Team 2. 5: Trail Stall 4: Band I, 2: Sergeant-at-Arms of Fresliman Class. FRANCES HOSS, Puyallup B. A. Alplia Beta Upsilon President 4: Spurs 2: Intersorority Council President 4: May Day Page 5: Orlah Vice-Presi- dent 4: Howartli Scliolarsliip in B. A. LOUISE SUZANNE JAYKO, Tacoma Matlmematics W.A.A.: VVomen's Atlilelic Manager 4: String Ensemlole 2. 5. 4: Puget Sound Sympliony 4: Independent Yvo- men's Intra-mural Manager 2. BETTY JONES, Winthrop B. A. Kappa Sigma Tlmeta Historian 2: Treas- urer 5: Y.W.C.A. I. 2. 5. 4: La Mesa Redonda 2, 5, 4: Pi Gamma Mu 4: Otlah 4. 5- T i .av,.,.- w- " YO'Sl'llTERU KAWANO. Tacoma ROY LOKKEN, Tacoma Political Science Knights ol the Log Secretary-Treasurer 2: Pi Kappa Delta Secretary-Treasurer 2: Debate Manager 4: Central Board 4: Forensics Extemp. I, 2, 5, 4: Pi Gamma Mu 4: Y.lVl.C.A.: Japanese Student Club President 4: VVl1o's Who. FRANK LOWTHER, Manson History Witan Secretary 2: House Manager 4: International Relations: Y. M. C. A.: Band l: Adelphians 2: Trail Staff 2, 5. FRANK MARVIN, Pasco Chemistry Xrvitan President 5: Manager 5, 4: Adelphians l.'2', 5. 4: Chi Pi Sigma: Howarth Scholarship in Chemistry 4. FLORENCE lVlcl..EAN, Tacoma Home Economics ' Kappa Sigma Theta President 4: Spurs: Secretary ot Senior Class: lnter-sorority Council. 1 I Y . . N if , ' ... ANNABEL F. lVllLLER, Bremerton GEORGE MITCHELL, Seattle Speech Psychology Alpha Beta Upsilon Secretary-Treasup er 2: A.S.C.P.S. Secretary 4: Trail Stall I: Tamanawas Stall 2: Spurs Treasurer 2: Dramatics I, 2, 5, 4: VVomen's Federation Treasurer 2: Y.W.C.A. Vice-President 2: Freshman Adviser 5: Junior Class Secretary 5: Anderson Hall President 4: Chapel Committee 4: Finance Committee 4: Otlah 4: VVl1o's Who: lVlay Queen Attendant 4. MARIE DOROTHY MULLIGAN. Tacoma Economics and Sociology Kappa Sigma Theta President 1' Spur Vice-President: Regional Director ol National Spurs 5, 4: Slci Clulo Vice- Presiclent 5: Junior Class Vice Presi- clent 5: A.S.C.P.S. Vice-President 4: lntersorority Council President 4: Pi Gamma Mu: W. A. A.: Workshop Plays 5: Chairman of Tolo 5: Chapel Committee 4: Finance Committee 4: Student Allairs Committee 4: Howarth Scholarship 4. DAVID PALMER, Tacoma Business Administration Alpha Chi Nu Secretary-Treasurer. President 4: Knights ot the Log: Puget Sound Singers 5: Adelphians 5: lnter- lraternity Council President 4. MALCOLM PERRY, Tacoma Chemistry Sigma Mu Chi President 4: lnter-Fra- ternity Council 4: Knights ot the Log 2: Central Board 2: Sophomore and Senior Representative: Trail Stalt 5: Baslcetluall 1. 2. 5 ,4. YOSl'llYE OMORI. Tacoma English Composition Puget Sound Singers 5: VV.A.A. 5. 4: Japanese Student Cluln 1, 2. 5, 1. JACK PERRY, Tacoma Economics Delta Pi Omicron Treasurer 2: Vice- President 5: President 4: Letterman 2, 5, 4: Central Board 5: lnter-Frater- nity Council 2. 5, 4: Knights ol' the Log: Varsity Manager, Football, Basket- ball, Traclc: Editor ot VVlxo's Where: Trail Statt 1, 2: Pi Gamma Mu. BETTY JANE PETERSON, Gig Harbor Business Administration Editor ol Tamanawas 4: Statt 2. 5: Central Board 4: Kappa Phi: German Club 2. 5: Y.XN.C.A. 2. 5: Adelpllians 2, 5. 4: Howarth Scholarship in Ac- counting 5, 4: Publications Committee 4. 20 English Literature VVriter's Clulm 1, 2: Tide Business Staff 1: Trail Staff 1. 2 ,5: Acting Editor, Fall 1959: Publications Committee .52 Howard Scholarship in English 5, 4: Pi Gamma Mu 4: lndependent Study 4. HUGH MACVVHIRTER, Buckley History Sigma Zeta Epsilon Vice-President 5: Chapel Committee 5. 4: Slci Clula 2: Adelphians 2: Traclc I: Varsity Foot- luall t': Scholarship l, 2. MILDRED MCKENZIE, Spanaway English Literature ' Spurs: Writer's Cluln Vice-President 2: Winner Short Story Contest 2: Dra- matics 2, 5. 4: Otlah Secretary-Treas- urer 4: Womens Federation 4: How- arth Scholarship in English 4: YAN. C.A.: A.A.U.W. Award 4. ALLEN MILLER. Spokane Political Science German Club 5. 4: Vice-President 4: lnternational Relations Clula 5, 4: Vice- President 4: Aclelphians 5, 4: Vice- President 4: Y.lVl.C.A. 5, 4: Spolcane .lunior College l, 2. 491, VVALT PIPER, Tacoma ROBERT POLLOCK, Tacoma Physical Education Sigma Zeta Epsilon House Manager 4: Lctterman's Club l, 2. 3, 4: Football l, 2, 3. 4: Basketball l, 2: Baseball 1,21 Golf I, 2. DONALD RASMUSSEN. Tacoma Political Science Sigma Niu Chi: Pi Gamma Mu: Sid Club: Ski Team: Chairman of Senior Ball. lANET ROBBINS, Tacoma English Literature Kappa Sigma Theta Vice-President 4: Shi Club 3: inter-Sorority Council Treasurer 4: Taman1was Staff 3: Style Show Chairman 4' Pomoma College JOHN SHARP Tacoma Physical Education Sigma Zeta Epsilon: Trac l 2 3 4- Football 4: Lettcrm1n's Club: Tannna- was Sports Eclitor. :CL SS Psychology Knights ot the Log. RONALD RAU. Tacoma Physics and Matheniatics Knights of the Lag President: Junior Class Presiclent: Chairman of Home- coming 3: Senior Representative to Central Boarcl 4: Chairman ol' Chapel Committee 4: Chairman of .luriior-Se: nior Prom 3: independent Stucly in Physics 3, 4: VVho's Wlio. GALE SAMPSON, Prosser Business Aclministration Delia Kappa Phi Vice-Presiclent 3: Aclclphians 2. 3: Knights of the Log: Advertising Manager ol: the Trail 4: Chairman ot All-College Party 3: Chairman o H0lllCCOmTDg.-1' Pi Gam- nn Mu: Dramatics 3 4: Senior Class Prcsiclent: Psychology Club 3: Chair- man oi Vocational Guiclunce Day 4. JEAN SMITH Tacoma GCFHIHH Kappa Phi- German Club: Spanish Cub. -a-is-.A A- ,514 :,:- -, .VY . -..-Y, - .--I X- - OF 1 "f"""" , . .W .1,, 1..,,..::'iL, ,- , ...pam a,r,...i..-...,-. ., . . . V . ,, , , . ,. -f -- - fzs-L ,D -- Ltr: E-.-:L,Es. . z sa --af. a-:Nw LELAND THUNE. Tacoma Psychology and Chemistry Delta Kappa Phi: Chi Pi Sigma 2, 3. 4: Secretary 3: Psychology Club 2. 3: Presiclcnt 3: Pi Gamma Mu 4: How- arth Scholarship in Psychology. FRANK VENN. Tacoma English Literature Aclelphians. ELEANOR WARNE, Winlack Religious Eclucation Puget Souncl Singers 3: Vvomen o Rotary Scholarship: Pi Gamma Mu 4. ESTHER VVATERNIAN, Tacoma Sociology Delta Alpha Gamma Vice-Presiclent 3: Aclelphian Presiclent 3: Howarth Schol- arship in Music 4: Y.VV.C.A. l. 21 Y.VV.C.A. Secretary 4: Kappa Phi I. 4: lnclcpenclent Secretary-Treasurer I: I WESLEY VANDE VERE, Tacoma Business Aclministration Spanish Club 2. 3, 4: Y.M.C.A. RICHARD VIMONT, Tacoma Chemistry S.A.A.C.S.: Prcsiclcnt of Biology 4: Howarth Scholarship. BETTY WARNER, Tacoma Music Alpha Beta Upsilon: Ailelphians I, 2, 3, 4. ANITA WEGENER. Tacoma Business Aclministration Alpha Beta Upsilon Presiclent 4: De- bate 2. 3: Tamanawas 2. 4: Howarth Scholarship in B. A. 3. 4: Senior Ball Committee 3: inter-sorority Council 4: Inter-sorority Dance Chairman 3. HELEN WILTSCHKO, Tacoma MURIEL WOODS. Tacoma Chemistry and Biology ' Home Economics VV.A.A. 2. 3, 4g lnclepenclent Atliletic Lamlacla Sigma Clxiq lnter-Sorority Manager 4: Howartli Scholarship in Council President 4: Y.VV.C.A. Calai- Cliemistry 4: Chi Pi Sigma 4. net l, 2, 5, 4: Treasurer 4: VVomen's Fecleration Presiclent 4: VV.A.A. 1. 2, 'P A l 5, 4: Cliapel Committee Secretary 45 'if Stuclenl Affairs Committee 4: Dele- .X V gate to A.VV.S. Regional Convention . 9' 5' 5: Trail Staff 23 Artists Series Com- mitee 4: VVl1o's Wlxo. w tw gay ay. vim- '-' X ' N l . LOLA HUGHES, Puyallup L ' K RICHARD MUSSER, Tacoma sis' " I I . 6. H V E FRANCES SHELHAMER. ' MARK PORTER, Puyallup Clycle Parlc, Montana n?n::rEg,i Y ' Lv-3-na., ' 4,333-Q ,- :i-::..1g- zvsmea.. Z3'?e:LiVEf'53!'S3lElIB3-Iwwiirfg' fJM '--eu-hu.i.z..nm..r -er'P'-f'- ' ' 1 l uni-1 .- ' 5vvi'--1 A ' 22 4 I l x , 1 .f 'I ' 'I .I X . I , 5:- TOM CROSS I l President ' M153-O ,y ,Q 'A 'W VIRGINIA JUDD 'U - ,,,Q ' To Secretary ' " ' I- ' FRANK VVALTER I N Vice President Second row: Q Auclrey Albertson U E Russell Alsgaard gm , I -- T Willard Bellrnan NM- I -1511" Dorothy Ann Brenner 'I , -' ' Tad Burcl A , j "ff , , .'ffI':.-Al I -J Third row: Nonnan Burlce Berget Carlson Louise Claes Betty Cook Florence Darrow Fourth row: Evelyn Decker Rosemary DoVoto Kathryn Evans Helen Folsom Lee Foreman 5 fs' .I 5, .gf V who I or 1: ef :kr S 9 i Q, L any MB., ,F CLASSGF 1942 , qv J- -S 5, IM Y mA, IA' ing' I I 'fe , I i 6- If I f J ry 'Tllil I Il K4 V' N. ' I! X I I I X V V . M V gp- 4 1 1 I 'nl L ll ,ffgff I Q ' E I Fifth row: Patricia Gannon Willard Gee Eleanor Graham Eel Granluncl Richard Haley Sixth row: Victoria Hanson Rosalind Hartman Blanche Haynes Betty Heaton John Heaton Se venth POW! Douglas Hicks Helen Hite Dorothy Howard Jane Hudson Margarita Irle Eighth. row: Richarcl Jarvis Yoshiye Jinguji Sherman Jonas Jack Leggee Edwin Loft .1 uv- -6 " ,sr , X 5 L Jw G, 95 . ., . ' :Pa , Ki ,, A 1 n X' ., ' ln li- , ,!!, A .4 ' I . Y H " ' W 'E is Q X ' -,,e.TP'y ff? X - 'ff . ff 4- . 'Y -' . wi l JA' ' N ww . F ,. 9 I , A X X V ' W 1 R ,E fb- 1 A ' y A-,g , .. V' fl, H ' W . 1-r i f :as-L'27r n?'.'.2..wv: mm 5-F-yr -,4r: asW.faf flwlilllllfr ., Y iTQ.if, LTvI'D'li1.. Fifth row: . V K K L gf Charles Swanson N I . 5 H L' tl 5 Peggy Thompson 'Z' Betty Thralls I Q Ruth Pauline Toclcl 4, I l ' Q' f Bill Tregoning ' . II: 1, W Sixth row: Margaret Varnes Bettianne Wasserm Deborah Vvelola Doris Wittren lill A QM J - K 1. Nl r ,N is X 3v.f,.g,.. .- Lee Amiclon Alan Bell Stanley Burlcey Yvonne Coman JUNIORS VVITHOUT Mrs. Irene Creso PICTURES Yoshilio Fuiimoto Herman Gerstman Marshall Graham l Mrs. Margaret Hamilton Lawrence Henderson Mary Jane Hendrickson Harold Hennings Tsuyosln Horike Harold Jolmson Delvin Ralph Lehmann 524A .1 Top row: l Eel Markusen Asa Maylott Ruth Mccrea Naylor Middleton Enid Miller , AN Second roui: ' Anita Misener ' Elmer Moffat Donald Murphy Mary Ogden Jim Paulson Third YOU!! - R Mary Ellen Peterson , -I ul xp in lv Joe Price ' Philip Raymond Gwen Roaclx Allan Roe 3 ar e V'E 'J Annabelle Lemm Dale McCord Pomla Nonnan Don Pearson Charles Pratt Frank Sealmeclc Louis Taclay Arthur Taylor William Thorp June Uyecla Slxigeo Vvalcamatsu Philip Walesby Lyle WBSIILUIH Harry Willard Fourth row: Joan Schlesinger Anita Stxerman Bill Sidclers Jane Sorenson Bill Stewart ' 1 F -.- Top row: MARGUERITE KATH W .w Lu 'z if-t-All , 5 Secretary ' A Second row: 1WillizgmkAnderson I N Y ' "AL ie ss: Biff' 5 at 'sf i at A " ,aj Fred Beclc - s ..f N' N 3 " k ' Jack Bird f ' ' V 'pf Don Blaclc I ' '51, x liird row: Elizabeth Bona ' LV ,v llgfllzigargt Bowen - it -V11 E" I 'N .. ,L X lg, -W , VV-'WG Be1rypBrg:ll:1:n Q' N 51 il- y 'U rlfflarglgerite Katlx ist- , 't ' 1, , , 'i ll I l om mm v ,cfm V F it 5 ,gill 4, y y ji m r 7 4 Fourth row: 4 . , U , NW F N M QAA, ii "Fl Bill Brown , X-Vw .g..--V57 Betty Bunker . ' 1, Beverlee Burrows Z7 E P N 5 . - w ll l ., Etlleliane Colwon "' " '1 0 ' A' . gf Constance Coleman f' . -" u1..'- 3 '+V Bernice Dale T." ' I f 5. II M Fiftlx row: ' , "' - , V K If' f , V 1 , 7 Patricia Davis -...W , Q 1 lgelrolo ' X . D S . V V Y, n H JUQUSZ Defwiiif 8 r " v V- V t S y , '- Wyona Diemer Q ' 3 ' ' ' V . .lack Duncan , ' 1 " I ' - H . I 1 xi VIQ- .- I tl! VN- W V' H ff V. .,., v' . -ina:-as.-i-....,..gz1,.:s-ea--1.-E M , ff' fe H ,V DG H Y ' K' Sixtl-z row: ' b ' Lola Duvall , V Wg my N V George Ellis , 2' 5 F - - I f Jim Frank 4 . ,tx Catherine Foss -I Kathryn Furlong , Miriam Gibson , Seventh row: fir- gf' Q2 6 v Ricliarcl Giltner L Bette Jane Gralmam . , Jack Graylzaeal V Q W Janice Green P Q ' 'xxj f Anne Louise Greiwe A Q ' X ' ,, r Mary Katherine Hager V Eighth row: ' V E g H Il '69 ' . L' ' Q 'fl' g:larfl?eHIal:awalt 4 er itt ,+ z, er ' ' Q M Bell? Plrarclznsen ' ' 'Q I Jeanette Hart ' . Q, w ,, L! N Xilvarren Harvey int row: K I Bula Hefllourg 1' ' ' Q 'E W . Fail Selrjston v," an , un 3 - Q i X' Vi- Filed Hiffffuh -I f ' --' V 1 Shirley Horr W, . if Q,-,, ix Ed Hungerford lv Q P V Tenth row: I Y M y' v ,. 4 wr 'Jr' V N , i ' X Vs V 'M AA -lg ' m v Barbara Jacobson Tlxolo Johnson Patricia Keene Sylvia Langdon Joe Lanser June Larson F, r y l"Y1F"3 V F wk? Y ,N .. 1 A " K 1 Y -U I -, , E it A -4 H - Q op row: V: N'i,,,, Jim Lea ' : 1 ,,g,l., ,W -, W Marijane Lewis ' 'MV " V ,, V' ' ' Suzanne Liclren ' ' - ' '- ,I f Kohler Lilleberg ' ' ' Mary Catherine Lincoln N I , , t Bob Lolftness A E ff ,w J, - Second row: H M .Y ' goliand Lutz A ' ' W ' --5 U' U at" lVIg'll .t " ' ' V fa Earilcisiamiich , , . ' ' .j Q:, M il -, I I F ' Maureen Martin V . N fi" " V lx L ' X I Jack McGuire ' . Lloyd Morse it , N ' . A A Third row: .71 ,aka G 4.7 V Rya Munekata 'L' I i V " 0 ' gl bw N . .Qian rugen Mu! V - - 1 I.,, ,n Beal? deanyaigaii P ' I ' ' Bert Poling 5 " ' N Elizabeth Pugh D I . H ' 'Q Fourth row: .1 fl I ' I Bettrd Jane Pyle 2. ,N ' 'i- ' ,, 'l r " -1 W R ' lg '- F' ws, F i " " ' 1 RolierimRh::lL 'X H' 'f Y l ' In ' ,T 1 X, I I f William Riddle N ' , K' ,4 l Marion Rolstad 1 " W N ,, ' 5- Bobbe Jean Ryan ' V' M , Y ' Fifth row: ,Tw Doree Sachs 'ff ' Esther Sandstedt , ,v Agn Z ' 1 Maxine Sghroedel 1, f 1 i V' . it ' r f tr 1 ii JV U n 5' L 5 Peggeevgimssgn ' Y ' 'Q' Doris Sommer I ' I ei' 1 fi r -:N f lsminsu: ' 'AI' 'Q ee , A J-Lease-W -- --ve , K - Y - , 'il V V F I I l Sixth row: A , ,631 , ll "W V A KI N 'Az' N if si ' '-, 'gif Ruth Sonneman f r 'n 'X '- v - ' ' 'xt .L 2 Albert Stacey ' N ' -A ,, Y 'V Peggy Steele 1 f ' V it , N ' X Noreen Stendal ' . y Wilbur Tinlccom - Steve Truselo 1 yy Seventh row: X F t V SI ic , ' V .. . A - , Jixmzf ye d as ' if as ff W, Carol Vvebb ' UN X fl an '- Thuriow Wilfong - " 5 ' N JL: Bob Wilhelmi 4 - ' , , ' jig. 1 Marian Vvilkenson I if V 4 R' ' , rg: '- Eighth row: Y A Y A ,.- f Kathryn Woods , ', ' - James York SOPHOMORES , - 1 'A ' if. fvvithout pictures, Y! ,' ' Dick Adamson Jean Hutchinson Don Munson H 1 Neil Andel-Sqn Albert Johnson Mary Elizabeth Myers ' - Jean Arendt Stuart Kimball Charles Newscbwander ' x ' Carl Baird Walter Baldwin Thomas Bartlett Melvin Blanchard Francis Chapman Henry Cole Bob Craig Lee Crain Richard Cummings Bob Eugene Dodds Robert Elliot Ted Freeman Vernon Harlcins Charles Hill John Hina Edward Kintz Richard Krogh Hatsuye Kurose Fred Lamlia Frank Larson Michael Manza Joseph Martinac Virginia Mason Bob Nlaycumber Kathleen McCallum Kathryn Mccutcheon Melvin McKenney Bill McMaster Edward Miller Samuel Milligan 26 Stanley Picard Velma Powers Paul Robbins Carl Rosene Robert Smith Gertrude Soinila Keith Swanson Bill Taylor Bill Tucker Eleanor Upper Raleigh Utterback Jim Van Camp Norman Walker Ann Weber John Zeugner Second row: Norman Anderson Pearl Anclerson Bill Anstad Helen Argue Janet Armstrong Lynn Axelson Third row: Anne Barlow Beatrice Barter K Hazel Beck Jack Beer A Arnold Benecletti Walter Berg Fourth POW! Beverly Berlie Beverly Birclsall Maxine Bitney ' Mildred Blake Eel Bock Larry Bond Fifth row: Shirley Borgert Jo Ann ,Boycl Norman Breclmer Richard Bronson Don Brown Jean Button DON BROWN Presiclent , GERTRUDE KINCAID t 7 Secretary GEORGE VICTOR Vice President V , 'ng . as H - G V " A -.M .si P 7" A 4 P"V nv , Q , -, it DEF 'A 'Z i"'f Z ft A T5 . "' it 'P r ia f , if t Et y .ef V E tx! 1 A I 'N .45 ' A -114 :fn - 1-.' -- ,-L,--. ,-1A 1- -fA,'- -V . - -.-f Jr: f-a:-f:4LfsSe1'- CLASS OF194-4 A SSC G., 2 1 t S Q, X e-. X N 65 K . Q .,L. .4-' , V ' P 77' ' K , Q . 1 , 1, S' 'a 'x Q2 1112232555 Sixth row: Marion Carson Donald Carsten Vvillianl Causin Merrie Concannon Kay Copelancl Mary Cornell Seventh row: Rutlii Crain .lcane Cunningham Dan Cushman Howard Donaldson Xvilliam Dougherty Kathleen Dustan Eighth ror5J:"' Charles Dyer Olive Eden Janis Eisenhower Vveslcy Englund Phyllis Foote Norma Gagliarcli 6 E' t N f 7 3,46 PM Q-f. r I N Ninth row: ' K 'W' .. Vvalter ' Kathryn Vincent Gould Granluncl Hagen Teal Haley ' rl' ' .i " 4 Rolaert Hamilton ' 1 ' " ' Betty Mae Hampton 6 n 6' 'T ij Q4 6 I r s Q ,: , Tenth row: 1 1' Ruth Ha nawalt Ruth Hartley - Charlotte Hathaway Bob Hess F 9 Lois Hill Warren Holmes fl . . , gl -1' U ' ' 4 . .. . 5 5, 4. I ,' A 'fix A ,, . " . . A j I X 5 . , if S ig T- .sf -3 1, ste Y n get Sixth row Evans Nelson Jane Ness Margaret N cola Betty Jean O Connor Ethel Peterson Laura Peterson Seventh row Nelda Peterson Corinne Prcarcl Jim Plcha Ed th Ploeger Nlldrecl Polley David Powels Eighth row Paul Raymoncl Melvin Roalsvrg Jean R.DI'lrner Elizabeth Rough Arnolcl Rulcan Dorothy Selden Ninth row Arthur Sheets Nancy Short Betty Slegle Emily Spring iames Stahlzsert Janice Stenson Tenth. row Don Carlos Stephenson Shirley Stone Vvllliam Stute Ellen Swayne Ruth Taylor William Thompson K3 5. 'ffl is xy 65- jg. I K I 9 X , w A X. ye" , 5, -sr J s 1 1 lug' A U xi: il gn 1 "W e V! 1 194 Top row: Thi Dorothy Hoss Patrick Howe Betty Irle Myron Jensen Ocleena Jensen Dick Jobh Second row: Nlary Frances Johnson Pat Johnson Ntarcea Jones Lorraine Justman Gertrude Kincaicl Jane Koehler ral row: Helen Kutcher John Lantz Byron Larsen Ralph Lunclvall Esther Mann Shirley Mason Fourth row: Hazel Mccullouglr Helen lVlcEachran Vvinifrecl McKean Margaret Mead Doris Mereditlr Jack Miller Fifth row: Vvi ston Moherg Bot: Moles Jacqueline Moore Mary Elizabeth Morton Kenneth Mulvany Roy Murphy bmw rx 4 X X it 5 M ,Q F G .x if X, y , ,.,s J W - L. A , r ,r,. r - A q A' y V AV ki are i 1 - in sq, get I . E . 4 , Q .I . , lj . . . V i I J 44 x A , R ' Q ' fs W i 7 ' 'C U as i .Q ' ,, i la? . , Y X I, ' . l . 145, 'W l '41 i I r r,l Mio 7 5 ' ig X N A an ff 1? s ii V' -i a l - F VH,-U I, x, 4 Vx.: ' X ln 1 Y qt, V , ' x Top row: Christine Thwaites James Tostevin Patricia Towne Charles Trentman Betty .lo Van Atta Adolph Varnes SGCOD-C1 TDIUI Lucille Veith George Victor Russell Warner June Westman .lane Vvetherhy Gordon Wharton Third row: Peggy Wihle Virginia Wiltse FRESHIVIEN tVVithout Pictures, Bolo Albertson George Allen Douglas Anderson Samuel Andrews Lloyd Baisinger Enos Bates Arnold Benum Roloert James Breen Vvintield Brown Dixie Bullard Eugene Martin Clevinger Harriet Cline Shirley Connell Rolzert Corey Felicia Dahl Marie De Polo Dick Donelson Harry Doon Lucille Doty , vi' .rl WJ. TJ, Adrian Dray James Eclman Herbert Ehriclte Howard Elliott Neal Ely Ed Ercegovic Dorothea Federico Austin Pengler Alhcrt Finnegan Betty Jo Fry Fontelle Cvacldis Louise Gale Donald Gessaman Marilyn Gilstrap Don Gleason Thomas Seto Patricia Hanson .lack Hata Douglas Heath Don Hepp Harry Hescox Gerald Hott Evan Hopkins Kayue Horita Paul Johnson Robert Jolly Leo Kawasolii lxfluricl Kazda Forrest Kettler David Kennedy Roland Koehler Vvilliam Koivisto Floyd LaFlcur Donald Lamlca Gerald Larson Harold Lewtas Everett Lowther Margaret Manley Richard McElroy Margaret Nlclvlinimee Rolfzert lVlcNary Paul Michens Eldoris Miller Joe Mitchell WIBTFEU Mon tgOIilCl'y Joe Moore Melvin Nash Williani Nero ., eoeo S 9 T'1 in 'V-1. W. ni., Iii, I i ir. i In i Joseph O'Hearon Vvalter Olson Vvilliam Onstad Axel Oxholm Kenji Oyanagi Bonny Jean Parrott Elizabeth Peach Rohert Peckham Rose Marie Pesacreta Bernhard Peterson Phyllis Phillips Pat Pilant Rohert Powell Paul Pruitt Dorothy Rasmussen Florence Reynolds Joseph Rihar .lim Rice Ted Rinclc Ronald Rolahins Shirley Roberts George Robinson Charles Rohrs Alloert Roth , 6 a. ff. ,git , f,- , Walter Roth Robert Rowan Gordon Russ Ruth Schumacher Norman Schut Helen Scott Jim Scott Evelyn Seeley Vesta Smith Gordon Soder Robert Soder William ' Stenstrom Donald Stolherg Arthur Stulz John Strenge OUR STUDENT PRESIDENT SPEAKS May l talce this opportunity to thanlc Central Board and all those other faculty memlaers and students vsho have so ahly aided and cooperated with me during this past year l WlSll to thanlc all of you tor the opportunity of representing you as the president of A S C P S Whether the school has progressed or not I have gained much from my year in othce Prom attending the Pacific Student Presidents Association conven tions and corresponding wlth other schools I have found that We at the College of Puget Sound enloy a very lrloeral type of student government Why don t you malce use ot this opportunity and do your utmost to malce For your new officers and those of you returning to Alma Maters halls I give you my best wishes tor many successful years to come in cle velopmg The College of Puget Sound as the most outstanding small col lege in the Northwest Respectfully yours LYALL JAMIESON . N . D . Y ot this institution the type ot school that you wish it to he? is . V 1 wi, K . is 9 V Eleanor Stringtell S. F. Takahashi Donald Thomas .lane Thompson Doris Torgenson Marie Ursiclx Frank Vavuris Marjoie Wagner Ed Warner June Warp Edward Webb Richard Williver Edward Winskill Avery Vvinslow Margaret Yamam 1 ow oto vi-eq' Q May Day . . . Princess Nlary Ann Queen Janet I Princess Annabel Vvlio are you pulling for? Looking clown on campus clay. The Gammas won bui wc have no picture--and so the LiEIIIlbdElS, We had to show time Della Kappataiisis somewhere in this booki al? Rn Men lc Women 19 if! L -j at Y wgf f jhlifi. Y' r .J ,VT A nv if I 'V lk 14 F A t . tty 1i'v :Ay A A A A A Q wf,Af ' Q V vf r vfwr 1' 7 wr wif Pi' fi iw ii ri fQQ BERNARD REMSON. BILL X MCLAUGHLIN L " A Caplnin N ' O' BILL MADDEN All Conference DARRELD BOB MAYCOMBER UNDERWOOD COHSCICHCC , ED BUSCKO -' x, All conference pm 96 , JOHN. ' BOYLE NEIL GRAY BH-L TREGONING f ' 5, 4 X 4.25 '52 2-ff' 're GORDON FIELDER BOB MOLES ...VAR ITYiI.AON.. It was late September when the 1940 Log- gers tirst gave spectators a preview of their potentialities, with the Western Washington College Vilcings serving the opposition. Play- ing hangsup foothall, Izmehind some exceptional running hy Bernie Remson. the Puget Sound griclders came-home on the long end of a 12 to 0-victory. When the Loggers journeyed to 'Cheney the following weelc-end they were defeated in one of their toughest games of the year, the Savages winning, 13-6. Linfield college from IVIcIVIinnviIIe served the opposition for the Loggers the next weelc. in the first home game of the- season. Ap- parently C.P.S. had everything their own way. making a total gain'of 249' yards to 109 for Linfield. One of the highlights of the contest was Bill IVlcIVIaster's 39-yard run thattset up the touchdown for the final score, which ended 14 to 6 in favor ot the Loggers. The Vvhitman Missionaries from Walla Walla came over for the CPS. homecoming celebration. and were Izmattered down by a The boys from Willamette caught Coach Franlfs proteges at a Iow ehh, defeating them by a score of 39 to 0. Despite the loss hy such a large score. Bill Madden played one of the most' brilliant defensive games of his career, making a large percentage of the tackles from 'the' ,safety position. The Loggers next faced a stuhhornly, per- sistent squad of Pacific University gridmen. who came to Tacoma from Forest Grove. The contest toolc place during a deluge of rain and on a field of mud, with the final score 0 to 0. Puget-Sound gained the amazing total of 209 yards from 'passes and scrimmage compared with the Badgers' 97, yet failure to hang on to the slippery pigslfin and Iaclc ofinitial drive in scoring area, left the Loggers with a tie. College of Idaho's Wildcats entertained the Loggers in their final game of the season. The Idaho troupe, led hy Ralph "'RalJIJit" Ben- nett, Icept ,hammering away at the Maroon and White defenses until they led when the gun sounded hy a score of 20 to 6. Bill AIVIcLaughIin, fquarterhaclc, was voted captain. and teammate, Bill Madden, was chosen inspirational captain of this year's foot- N score of 21 to 0. . I hall squad. I' A' A is, f 'A Y Av '- I , LEO do GAUME if f' , ,I L 1 ROY MURPHY -si . . BILL . v BILL lIVIcIVIASTERS . N ' TUCKER , " I . yr , .,, - X A If I J. RALPH ' JIM RICE ,. g -,I LUNDVALL . . x X ,f : . '. . EMERY 'WATFE 's4. ,, Q JI- 1 V, . 151 . .. 1. . I N s ' .' - Yi ' . S .1-1 , , L xx ,J in ' 'A' 'ir'A"k1?'fr'k'f1' :Q ' f ODI Q NORM Q I P All' Coriferencni , Win 1 ifhf 1 .,grs"'1 Sf , aa 2 -2 4? J K' ,fl Q! EJ 2 2 ag- A 4 2 JIM Q' "fx , 'f A, 'A VAN CAMP . ' ' 2 lf I V - I ' " ' 2 f Tom cfcoss L 2 y I Y' DON f BROWN L, 4' :Q - L.. , "Si J A "7 V ' NORTHVVEST CONFERENCE STANDINGS Team - Wbn Lgst Pct. GEORGE Willamehe ....... ...... 6 2 .750 it . P351 MITCHELL C. P. s. ......... ....... 5 5 .625 JIMPAULSON "' -7 Linfield ......... ..... , 4 4 .soo N ,, , ' ' Pacific ..... .. .... ....... 5 5 .575 :T -. -,- Idaho .... M ....... -. .- .... 1 5 7.250 Auf' Y Whitman ... ....... 1 7 .225 ' ' 1 U W . V P ' 2 V, -fr, 'Y .E if ' T Y' A- . ' I, A . 1, ' E ' - V I 5 5 EN 3,3 ' KW ' .K- 'Lf T2-31 'Ml' Y "FE V542 , A, ix ' 2-2 Q: , If 1-L ' Of, f f . , N.. , ,NL If , XL . ,, ::.k .N 'jxtp .QA- ' ' v. . V 1 I 1 . , ' ' 1 f Hx V 5 T Y, -if '51 gy 2 9' 5 fiiff N ' if R561 42 35 ,f 54 With the encumhering distinction of de- fending champions, Coach Stuart Parks' Log- gers whipped through a season- replete with both thrills and disappointments to finish in second place in the Northwest Conference standings. The sudden death of Harry Vverhislcy, team captain and all-conference guard, saw the Log- gers hit the slcids at times, hut recover to fin- ish out the regular schedule in excellent shape. Puget Sound opened their Conference com- petition. surprising even their coach, hy defeat- ing Whitman, 57-45 and 55-52. respectively. Vvallcer was high for the series with 24 points. At Willamette the Loggers just couldn't find the hoop. losing, 44-59, the first night and again druhhed the .next night, 45-59. ' Cn to Forest Grove traveled the Loggers and pushed themselves into strilcing distance of first place hy winning a two-game series from the Pacific Badgers. Led hy Van Camp and Walker, C.P. S. won the first game, 51-26, and repeated the following night, 59-51. H l..infield's giant-killing Wildcats, heralded as the darlc horse team of the Conference, lived up to expectations hy splitting their series at Tacoma. Vvith a tie for first place the hounty, the Loggers played inspired hall, hut were nipped hy the sharp-shooting Oregon lads hy the score 54-55, despite the fact that Walker and Cross each scored 18 points. The next night the Loggers put the hralces on the Vvildcats, winning a thrilling overtime, 59-58. Q The Loggers next faced Pacific Lutheran in a foul-studded, hoop-crazy contest at the south end gym. Although the Lutes were fa- vored to repeat their pre-season victory, C. P. S. upheld their rights to the city collegiate title hy defeating the Gladiators, 49-48, in a thrill- ing overtime. ' Tom Cross went through the season with a sensational display of shooting ahilitv, canning them from all angles with a one-handed push shot, and will he invaluable next year. Van Camp was the cog that made the Log- ger machine function and although not a flashy player, his consistent ability gave the team stability. A. Norm Vvallcer was the. mainstay of the Logger squad and ended up highest scorer in the conference, averaging 15.8 per game. Jim Paulson played his usual brand of ex- cellent defensive hall, and has a high percent- age of scores- for the few attempts talcen. Don' Brown did excellent worlc against men with much more experience that he, and im- proved with every game. George Mitchell. the lone senior, was an outstanding floor man and played brilliant defensive hall. .JE I ...J :gf V " 4 MEL , 1 4 BLANCHARD f N -. xx N .D :I 1 A - T 'X . 'Q . yu .. " H . ,J Ei ' 'x 'kg -, - N. P , , ir gl! W ...f ff g.. .. - l '. " Bl - ge ' .. GENE CLEVINGER li 1-I . A 'r 4 '2- Ur 2 - gf... 'Y LLOYD BAISINGER I e m ' r Suu' , is , -,, .xx H xr BILL MCLAUGHLIN Fa Inspirational Captain ' A 4 ll ,, Vx: ,x ' 3: F ' E 1 F .v r 5. - XX A if if A U ----iii .GENE CLEVINGER I JOHN SHARP Captain NORM WALKER A N J'RiKcF?GGEE I QL A I 1 I nerence lv Vw.. , 75 ' asf'-as X : A A g Es' 'rl - A V '-. X' " 5 13 4 W X" nv I .- .K if X .- 1 ,l- .f ' JA . . Yi ' if BoBlMAYE:oMBER Z K JIM FRANK .4ICon erence x' M .. :UA V, 1 Ll N JIM WALTER 1 f 3. - -. - ' -I ' ij X , t 5 L. f A A i 4.,. Q i ' gf' A A , BILL ff , - ' 5 MCLAUGHLIN V MEL BLANCHARD A ' ' - f".f. i2Af- 'T 4 kk- JULIUS BECKK 'EL' f ,.A." 1 56 CHET DYER 1' - l 1 , . . VARSITY SEASON . . . X One of tlue strongest and tnest balanced track squads in recent years carried time Log- gers' colors through the 1941 Cinder campaign. Starting time season with tile loss of several 1940 high point men. Coach Leo Frank faced the taslc of developing a squad to cope with VVi1itman's defending champions and time mighty Forest Grove thinciads. The Loggers opened their 1941 campaign against Pacific Lutheran College, and although a wealcness in time Sprints was revealed. C.P.S. ran up 92 points against their cross town rivals' 59. Jaclc Leggee. 440: John Sharp, 880: Julius Beclc, mile and 2-smile, and Bot: Maycomber, in tlme luurdies, all letter men from last year, won their respective races, wliile Bill Mc- Laughlin defeated P.1...C.'s Marv Harslriman in the shot put. The next weelc time Loggers drutyined time Bellingham Vilcings on their own cinders, 85 to 46. The Puget Sound men siiowed even greater strength than the previous weelc, talcing 11 firsts to the Vikings 4. The same men were outstanding performers, with Bill Oxtnolm, Nate Hale, Jim Franlc, Mel Blanchard and Fvene Clevinger also breaking into the head- mes. A week later tile Maroon and White squad crushed time -Willamette Bearcats, 82 to 49. Dale McCord and Dan Cushman entered time win column, winning the broadjump and dis- cus respectiveiy, while Mel Blanchard tossed tile javeiin 177 feet. When time Loggers journeyed to Forest Grove time following week-end and dealt time Pacific Badgers a 103V2 to 27V2 setback, fans began to envision a possible conference cham- pionship for the Puget Sound men. C.P.S. won thirteen of the fifteen events and took 12 seconds. Bob Maycomber won firsts in time high and low hurdles, ioroadjump, and placed second in the century, for a total of 18 points. John Sharp, who was elected captain, will receive a blanket for his four years of competi- tion, wliiie Bill McLaughlin and Jaclc Leggee will loe awarded 5-year sweaters. Julius Beck, Nate Hale, Norm Walker, and Bob May- comber will receive 2-year sweaters' and Bot: Hamilton, Jim Rice, Gene Clevinger, Jack Graybeai, Dan Cushman, Mel Blanchard, Axel! Oxliolm, Jim Frank and Jim Walter all won letters. er f 1 v. -. . wfiggi ,, , W, wk f sf? 1 1. ' rs T xl iw fx l M 'A' 15 NATE HALE JACK P RSX 5, - " GRAYBEAL I ' ' : ' A -ij XX IA. 1 ga "if I 2 I 1 . AXEL OXHOLM V' ' ? . V - BOB HAMILTON .J BILL TUCKER I A, QQ . 73 JIM RICE 1. 0 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM Back row: Coach Frank. Lunclvall, Murphy. Nvaile. Davis, Jolley. Bock, Rice, Jolala, Asst. Coaclx Parks. Second row: Mullet. Moles. Rcmson, Buscko, Madden, Starkey, Barker, Boyle. Mc- Nlasters. Front row: Trcgoning, lVlcLaugl1lin, Fielder, Unrlcrwoocl, Fenglcr. Sharp. V JACK PERRY, Football Manager FROSH BASKETBALL G ' iii? - 31399, 'wif' ,gg 1 -T A., ,. , SW 1- 'bg s nf' " Back row: Dyer. Miller, Piclm. Front row: Granluncl, Carstens. w f 1,4 ...rg VVALT BERG, Basketball Manager TRACK akin, .i n .- vl1""i 5:1 '--u T, M Bw . 1 '1 dk 1 In A P44 4 1 , . ,V - m .ffr 1 , 1 '- . . Az' on-.y. V I Uk All - M.-.lg nf'-3 an h Nia -1 'll 1 'l"!' "' -.L -:fu If ,JUN Ill , Q Ig 3 A 1 ai .,A,.:f- Ag- 1.3-my A ' Bn HN, , . f , ,. f ,V , .,--.-J ' 'qv ,aw I ,.2Jr,, U, Wal W .-1 A Amr- -T 7 A' , -BQ, ,.,15Yk ,-.f5g"' .',g,,45,' :Iliff ffyffwggz ., " ,pf- 'fikff A -2 ,ff Back row: Coach Frank, Perry, Mgr.: Nlnycomloer, Moles. Clevcnger, McLaughlin. Second row: Maycomber wins l1igl'1 hurdles. Foreman, Munson, Walker, Leggce, Dyer, Slmrp. Graylneal. Front row: Blanclxarcl, Walter, Fmnlc, Cushman, Oxlmlm, Hamilton. Hale. .- LO GGER COACHES il? -'mms iii' , . - 3,i.V"I U lit L I 1- LEO FRANK STUART PARKS Stuart Parks, physical education director and basketball coach, came to C. P. S. in the tall ot this year from Cvrineli College in Iowa. He graduated from Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts, where he played football, basketball, and track. Mr. Parks, with a basketball team placing second in the Northwest Conference this year, has done a splendid job in directing physical educa- tion and intramural activities at C. P. S. He hopes to have the recreational facilities of this coiiege expanded to meet the needs of the students, a situation which he believes is gradually taking piace. Coach Leo J. Frank, director of athletics, graduated from Coe College, Cedar Rapids, iowa, where he piayed half-back on the football squad, guard on the basketball, and was middie distance runner in track. Coming to C. P. S. in the fait of 1958 when athletics were decidedly on the down-grade, with the athletic department considerably in debt. Coach Frank has wiped out this indebtedness. white the coiiege football teams have been steadily improving, finishing third in the Northwest con- ference in 1940. The track team has been undefeated in dual competi- tion in the past two years, finishing second in the conference meet. f Coach Franks biggest ambition is to see a new stadium on the campus of the College of Puget Sound with a turf footbaii field: he believes that this will eventually be accomplished. V YELL LEADERS , Leggec W n. 4 40 X 'ni' fi 1 , it . 4 w , 1 ng' M... , ,:,, 1. it V i ,, . X .. , BUS BROWN, ED GRANLUND V nt... TENNIS TEAM ' Back row: Arnold, Carstens, Duncan. Front row: Paulson, Brown. MINOR SPORTS SKIING'-'Beginning the season with prospects for a strong, well balanced team, the Loggers slci hopes were shattered hy one disappointment after another. Several injuries, while others found the pressure of work too exacting, the C. P. S. sid squad was finally made up of Bud Barrett, Bot: Dodds, and Teci Rinlc. The first meet of the season was with the Uni- versity of British Columbia at Vancouver, B. C. Cn the steep slopes of Grouse mountain, the Loggers trouncecl their opponents to the tune of 298.5 to 2898. With an abbreviated entry list C. P. S. placed sixth in the Pacific Northwest Conference meet, held on Mt. Rainier, defeating such schools as Gon- zaga and the University of Oregon. SKI TEAM F- 1 ' D." ' fg1. -ff FE 45' s. ,ft- .tri Q pr I ' I no TENNIS-Under the guidance of our new coach Mr. Parlcs, this year's tennis squacl is so well hai- anceci that a day of intra-squad matches sometimes produces a drastically revised ranking. At the start oi the season there were nineteen men trying out for positions on the squad. Chuck Arnold, who played the number one spot throughout the 1940 season, is expected hy Coach Parks, to do exceptionally well again this year, and atlthe present time is holding that same position. Other lettermen returning, and filling the num- loer two and three positions respectively, are Jack Duncan ancl Jim Paulson. Don Brown and Don Carstens, freshmen, complete the regular line-up. At the present time, the Loggers have lost a dual match to Vvhitman, 4-2: anci won from P. I... C., 2-6. Reed College, Vvestern Washington College, Cen- tral Washington, Pacific University and the con- ference meet at Walla Vvaila will rounci out the season. ' ' - . I JIU- 1 .s..., 1 s " Buci Barrett, Bah Dodds, Ted Rink. 40 Bill Taylor wins silver siciis. , , . ,y ,,1-,.-f ...N- - .....,.v :.'.-... 1: feat' :f',g...'..1 . f:t.1.I.-1-1.11.16 I TRAMURAL With the intent to hring more interest in Intramural sports and for the welfare of "Joe College," who was growing very soft from lounging on fraternity davenports, our new intramural director. Mr. Stuart Parlcs, added several activities to this year's program. These include boxing, wrestling, horseshoes, skiing. howling, foul shooting, and swimming. Be- cause these sports were introduced experiment- ally, they will not count toward the all-year intramural trophy until next year. As the annual went to press early this spring, final results were not yet complete. However, Sigma Zeta Epsilon seems headed for its thirteenth successive all-year trophy with '597V5 points: the Zetes are closely followed hy Delta Kappa Phi with 59lV3 points: Alpha Chi Nu is third with 567V5g Sigma Mu Chi is fourth with 559: the independents are fifth with 514: and Delta Pi Omicron trails with 292. TOUCH FOOTBALL Although Sigma Zeta Epsilon dominated the play up until the last game of the season, the Delta Kappa Phi team came through. in the final tilt, defeating the Zetes, 15-0, to throw the race into a three-way tie. The Chi Nus had previously downed the Delta Kapps. hut dropped a close decision to the Zetes: he- cause the Zetes were defending champions, they were presented with the trophy. VOLLEYBALL A six-year Chi Nu domination of volley- hall was ended this year as Sigma Zeta Epsi- lon wrested the trophy from the Chi Nus. Given only an outside chance at the start of play, the Zetes came through undefeated with the Delta Kapps close hehind. BADMINTON Another upset came in the badminton play- offs as the independents, paced ioy Bch Powell, Francis Chapman, and Clair Hanson, defeated ali comers. The ciosest matches were the finals with the Barhs taking a close decision from Alpha Chi Nu. "A" LEAGUE BASKETBALL The Zetes this year won the "A" League Baslcethail crown, going through the season undefeated. They met the Independents in the finals, and although the scrappy Barhs put up a tough battle. the Zetes were the victors. Three players, Boio Moles, Ted Kintz, and Vvalt Piper, were voted as all-college players from the championship squad. "B" LEAGUE BASKETBALL Zete players this year ended the two-year championship of the Independents when they won the HB" league haslcethall title. A large squad of experienced players proved to he the winning factor in this year's contest with such freshman sharpshooters as Austin Fengler and Roy Murphy leading the Zete attack. 3 I I FOIUZ Brown. ViCtOl', Walker. Cross. FTOTI-f TOIDZ NCWSCBWHH- der. Bencdetti, Nlontgomery, Hicks. VOLLEYBALL-Back row: Maycomher, Vvaiicer. Cross. Front row: Benedetti Brown, Newschwander. BADMINTON-Buck row: Koivisto, Powell. Front row: Chapman, Hansen, Lamka. "A" BASKETBALL-Back row: Robinson, Cross. Piper. Front row: Newschwan- 41 der, Moles, McMasters, Walter. gag. INTRAMURAL PING PONG Two .Iims and a Jack were all that the Delta Kappa Phi team needed to wrest the ping pong cup from the joint Zete-Omicron possession and carry it to their Cedar street house. TRACK Allowing freshmen who had heen condi- tioning themselves tor varsity track to enter the intramural track meet, the Delta Kappa Phi thinclads toolc a close decision from the Zetes and Chi Nus to win the contest. Incli- vidual stars in the field were Bot: Moles, Zete. in the high jump: Dan Cushman, Delta Kapp, in the shot put and football punt: and Lee Foreman, Chi Nu, in the Ioroad-jump. Jim Frank and Chet Dyer. Delta Kapps, Jim Wal- ter, Zete, and Ed Granlund, Chi Nu, were outstanding in the running events. SOFTBALL, GOLF, TENNIS Final results ot the sotthall, golf, and tennis contests could not Ioe otxtainedg however, at this writing, Alpha Chi Nu, and the Inde- pendents are leading the sottloall race with three wins and no defeats. followed by Sigma Zete Epsilon. Delta Kappa Phi, and Sigma Mu Chi, each with one victory and two de- feats. Sigma Zeta Epsilon won its first tennis match, while the other fraternities have not yet competed for the championship which last year ended in a three-way tie between the Mu Chis, the Zetes, and the Chi Nus. The golf tournament which was won Iast year hy Sigma Zeta Epsilon has not yet tween played, lout will he held May 14 at the High- land Cvolt course. OTHER ACTIVITIES The winners ot the new sports hegun this season hy Coach Parlcs and Manager Frank Vvalter are as follows: Horseshoes saw Steve Truselo win the singles title, and .Iim Paulson and Herman Kleiner talce the douhles. Boxing found the Delta Kapps the team Winners with three champions. Individual win- ners were Vvaichi Gyanagi, 125 pounds: Ted Warner. 1553 Herman Kleiner, 145: John Sharp, 155: Tom Barlcer, 165: IVIeI Blanchard, 175, and Dan Cushman, heavyweight. Wrestling was won hy the Independents, while Bolo Vvilhelmi, 125 pounds: Leo Kawa- salci, 155: Bolo Rowan, 145: Norm Burke, 155: Roy Murphy, 165: Lee Foreman, 175, and Elmer Moffett, heavyweight, were individual champions. ' Skiing was won hy Delta Kappa Phi. Team howling was won hy Sigma Mu Chi, while Earl IVIamIocIc won individual honors with a score ot 605 with a 69 handicap. Foul shooting was won hy Keigi Omori, with 18 Inaslcets out ot a possihle 25. Team swimming found Sigma Zeta Epsilon the winner. The Harry Vverloisliy Memorial Ping Pong Trophy tor the individual championship was won ,hy Norman Walker. 1"1 I t T7 s.---.1 I if 1 is ,l.. "B" BASKETBALL-Backmw: Benedetti, Brown. Mmphy, Sloat. Front Breclcner, Victor. PING PONG'-Jim Paulson, Jack Duncan, Jim Frank. TRACK-'Back row: Stacey, Frank, Heuston. Duncan. Front row: Pmilt, Cu man. Dyer. ' BOWLING-Bach row: Johnson. Hall, Mitchell. Front raw: Burlcey, Pri -. -u ng f' vw 1 Q vu -Y af on 'alll' .Wa 1'1" . lpn. v --, A If Egan his Y' EE 21-I' '. .sv 1? 4. X , 1 .-I Q f, f' 34-+A ' :- H It 'H' rx s. , 5 W fa ' .:.. 1 LLM Lgllknw Fri QME . ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIO Back row: Sommer. Albertson, Taylor. Berg, Argue, Simpson, Cunningham. Moore. Third row: Barlow, Gaddis. Bitney, Short, Kincaid, Todd, Jin gun Omori. Second row: Thwailes, E. Graham, Keene, Pyle. Woods, B. Graham. Gagiiardi. Front row: Irie, Ogden, Jayko, Hatch, Wiltschko . Woo s, Bona. MARY OGDEN, President ,MRS. MANN, Adviser LOLESE JAYK6, Manager The VVomen's Athletic Association is an ex- tra-curricular organization which fosters partici- pation in athletics among the women of the College. Its purpose is to promote the qualities of democracy, leadership, cooperation, and good sportsmanship. Among the annual activities of VVAA are a Sports Spree for the women during Freshman Week, a Play Day for the high schools of the city, and a Gym Jubilee in the spring to exhibit the achievements of the association and the physical education department. At the close of the year, awards are made according to a system of points earned hy participation in the various activities. Officers for the year were: Nlary Qgden President: Muriel Woods, Vice President: Mar- gerita Irie, Secretary: Janet Hatch, Treasurer: Louise Jaylco, General Manager: Doris Sommer Historian: Elizabeth Bona, -Program Chairman: Mrs. Mann, Adviser. I Sports Managers were: Kay Woods, Hockey: Elizabeth Bona, Volleyball: Eleanor Graham Basketball, Baseball. Ping Pong: Betty Jane Pyle ming: Pat Keene, Tennis: Janet Hatch, Archery Ruth Pauline Todd, Badminton. Fail Swimming: Yoshiye Jinguji, Spring Swim- y wi' 1 HOCKEY'-'Back row: Graham, Vviltschko, Berg, Sommer, Keene, Peterson, Pyle. Front row: Irie, Jayko, Ogden, Bona. Woods, manager. dba' . --v 1 . 45. fp -gb , , V XM!-, ,,.!,-.,1,,l -, , ,k BADMINTON-Simpson, Jeiusicii, Claes. L .A Usic I1 eene . Bo 'la One of tile ioig events of the women sports year were the hockey games with the University of Wash- ington. In conjunction with time University, a Hockey Club was formed and memioerstiip in the Northwest Hockey Association was obtained. Tennis is the last activity of tile year: interciass competition was ileid in April and May. Badminton is becoming a major sport for women as is ping pong, this year being the first for choosing all-star teams from the interciass contest. The Gammas took the badminton title from the Betas. Bowling was begun this year in time gym classes. PING PONG-'Bach row: Berg, Vviltsciiico, Jayko. Front row: Irie ' Woods Eisenhower. v L . -gd, X XC!" ' W 1 Ae, wh 'Qo,,B. Gt got 'omg B r Ba 9, we t L v. M, 4 'F Ht l -A-Q. W7 t BASKETBALL-Buck: Peterson, Wiltschko, Berg, Sommer, Graham, manager. Front: Judd. Scott, Crane, Bona, Pyle. Baslcethall is proloalnly the outstanding women's sport of the year and causes the most competition and excitement. The freshmen tool: the honors, snatching them from the seniors who tied for second place. With a one point leacl the Gammas retained the inter-sorority trophy for the thircl consecutive year. Archery is a popular sport offered in the spring . Riding and fencing are handled only by 'the physical education department. The golf competition endecl with the Thetas in the lead. l. Vvf UQOAQQ 5-,Kfig ARCHERY-Ogclen, Bowen. GOLF Graham, FENCING EMIOW- Keene. Irle. cone 46 RlDlNGf-Baclz: M. Ogden, J. Ogclen, Hager. Steele, Terr Cunningham, Hart, Argue. Front: Pugh, Mulligan ,.,,1 Baseball, a spring sport, was an tie between time upper class team and time iower class team. ice skating classes were ileici in tile fail semester every Tuesday at time Lakewood Ice Arena under expert instruction. ' I Two hours a weeicsof regular ciass instruction in swimming are offered at time Y. VV. C. A. pool. A tilirci hour is used as a plunge perioci free of charge to any- one who wishes to earn points toward a letter. Offered for tile first time this year, dancing has proved very popular. - The Gammas took first place in voiiey bali, but the ali-star. team ciiosen from the- interciass competition is shown. FJLZM 'ii ys,g.Qgy ......... Whf .. X Q , my V wr i x xv. - +- W Q. 1 X 1 N wx w . W O O A 1-1 , BASEBALL-Baciz row: Jayito, Berg, Keene, Ogden. Front row: Bowen, Pyle. ,,f SKATING-Baciz row: Meredith, Hanawait. K. Woods, Cunningham. Evans, Steele. Bona.. Jucici. Front row: Wittren, Hart, Hatctx, M. Woods. A DANCING--Haynes, Pyie. Bowen, Graham, Keene. L. S' A , W W ' , rr i ' ' .. by Ii. 'vip' In -W 4. Y r A I 4 Q 2 3 K X' -FA f ' ll I .ywfeu K 'rg' -I ,X K l. I l X W' 1, - 4 -K "- . -' Ai ., " .4 . u- yt gin '- U" .,Mm,,nMm-.yemawy, L H..-I ., ...a-J.. . .,b.r,f.,,f.':'-.Qui L M42-2. SVVHVHVIING--Top:VViitsci1ito. Middle: Keene. Bottom: Bona. 47 VOLLEYBALL--Buck row: Pyle. Hatch, Berg. Sommer, Keene. Front row: Jucici, Scott. Simpson, Bona. QE al., . i 'Jag Ti ......r-jffiifll, I wirudvf -ni . "gl MARY KATHERINE HAGER Ev MARIJANE LEWIS C' Copy Editors MARGUERITE KATI-I 1 ' ' - I I. "4 ANITA WEGENER Snapshot Editor ' I 51 .3 Picture Editor JUSTINE DEWOLFE Forensics Editor 5 RUTH SONNEIVIAN PuIaIications Editor BETTY BROCK 6 BETTY PIATI' Music and Honoraries Editors 48 MARY CATHERINE LINCOLN Dramatics Editor Sfuafenf Life Forensics Dramaffcs Publications Honoraries Music X, .gi-gfigi' 'fat 4 A R4 , 18 .. Il vi by Q Q U 4 'X f, Gif, .' If u -ff in ff ,, 'Ffsv ., -X'-5. F3911 -A A A 2, ' ' w, DA 4.. 11+- P v .X l 1 is fi ' '47 A lg! Lim! 1 X ev A gc T a I. -i, 4 'W Q 4 1 -qi"'r N4 I". gi ,' ' -1. Hy I 1 1 1 5 F . . ' .--'--A 1:5-" i ..-Q5,anJl5 W ' 'Q Pl KAPPA DELTA-Back row: Senator Davis. Normand. Dr. Battin, Devvolte, Kawano, Hike. Dr. Regesier, Dr. Todd. Front row: Mr. Adams, Kleiner, Mccrea, lrle. Miss Meredith. PI KAPPA DELTA The most outstanciing event in the Washington Alpha cl1apter's history was the installation last May of the Vvastlington Beta ctlapter in Seattle Pacific College. Dr. Charles T. Battin, representing the National Council of Pi Kappa Delta, conclucteci time installation ceremony with the assistance of the entire membership of the C. P. S. chapter. The local Chapter also sponsored the eiglmtti annual state invitational high school forensic tournament at Wl1iCh eigtmty-three teams from thirty-five tligli schools participated. it likewise sponsored the seventh annual junior college tournament. at C. P. S. Justine Dewolfe, Margarita lrle, Robert Elliott, Frank Hanawalt, Herman Kleiner ancl Yoslmiteru Kafvfano were official Pi Kappa Delta representatives sent to the regional tournament at Stoclcton. Ca i ornia. 4 D E BAT E LEADERS Dr. Battin, Devvolle, Miss Meredith. Normancl, Kawano. 52' EXTEMPORE Don Stephenson and Sam Batt won cups in extempore and im- promptu spealcing respectively in the iunior college tournament at CPS. Sam Batt, Frank Hanawalt, Mar- garita lrle and Yoshiteru Kavvano made finals at Linfield. Bill Koi- visto, Norman Schut, Herman Klie- ner, Ruth Sonneman, Mary Eliza- beth Morton, Marilyn Gilstrap. Bill Koivisto. Russell Alsgaard, Ruth Sonneman, Margarita lrle, Sam Batt, Bois Elliott, Yoshiteru Kawa- no, Don Stephenson, and Franlc Hanawalt all participated in both extempore and impromptu. Back row Ko'visto La Fleur Elliott Schut Kawano Middle row' Sonneman Henderson, Van : Slyllte, Batt, Steplienson. .Front lrow: De-Wolfe, Alsgaard, lrle, Morton. Felicia Dahl and Don Stephenson won first place in women's and men's divisions respectively, of the Burmeister oratory con- test. Ruth Hanawalt and Frank Hanawalt placed second. Justine Dewolle placed in the finals at the VV.A.T. S. tournament at Pepperdine College in Los Angeles. Justine DeVVolfe, Don Stephenson and Franlc Hanawalt represented C. P. S. at the regional P.K.D. tournament at Stockton, California. Other students who competed in oratory were Lorraine Justman and Sam Batt. Bacle row: F. Dahl, Gilstrap, lrle. Henderson, Schut, Elliott, Stephenson. Second row: Alsgaard, La Fleur, Koivisto. Van Slylce, Breclmer, Hite. Morton. Oyanagi. Front row: Sonneman. Miss Meredith, Kawano, Dr. Battin, De Welle. Vvinslcill, Batt. - ' I l Back row: Koivisto. F. Hanawalt. Batt. Stephenson Front row: Miss Meredith. De Wolfe, R. Hanawalt Irle. DEBATE Norman Schut and Don Steph- enson, who placed second in the Junior College tournament at CPS. entered with Don Lamlia and Bill Koivisto, the final rounds of deloate at Linfield. In ten other Puget Sound teams, Yoshiteru Kawano, Norman Breclcner, Russell Alsgaard, Lawrence Henderson, Sam Batt. Vvaichi Oyanagi, Bot: Elliott, Franlc Hanawalt, Floyd l..aFleur, Ed Vvin- slcill, Margarita lrle, Ruth Sonne- man, lVlary Elizabeth Morton, Mari- lyn Gilstrap, Helen Hite and Jus- tine DeVVoll'e participated. TAMANAVVAS STAFF--Back row: B. Peterson, Wittren, Haynes. Hill. Pyle, Swayne, Lewis. First row: Broclc. Piatt, Lincoln, Kath. Evans, Rohmer. BETTY JANE PETERSON Editor Assisting on the eciitorial staff of the year bool: were Blanche Haynes and Jean Rohmer with Administration and Ruth Pauline Todd with classes. Activity chair- men were: Campus life, Marguerite Kath:- Forensics, Justine De Wolfe: Dramatics, Mary Catherine Lincoln: Music and Honor- aries, Bette Brock and Betty Piattg Publica- tions, Ruth Sonneman: Organizations, Kay Evans and Doris Vvittren. VVomen's sports were handled by Betty Jane Pyle, white John Sharp was in charge of men's ath- letics. Picture Eclitor, Anita Vvegener, Was responsible for the snapshot driveg copy ecli- tors were Mary Katherine Hager and Mari- jane Lewis. On the business staff were Franlc Walter, manager: Bert Poling, Dick Watson, and Betty Siegle. Back row: Mr. Oiseth. Mr. Drummond. First row: Hager, Swanson, Todd, Porter. To a competent editor ancl Business man- ager. and even more, to a capable and co- operative staff goes the- creclit for the or- ganization and publication of this laoolc. Uncler the efficient management of Franlc Walter, business manager, and Betty Peterson. editor, the Tamanawas has been painstakingly compiled throughout the school year. The organization committee consisted of Tom Hill, Betty Peterson, Charles Swanson, Anita Vvegener, Mr. Drummond, and Mr. Oiseth. ANAWAS FRANK WALTER Business Manager STAFF'-'Back row: Kazda, Anderson. Thralls Mr Olseth Ness Brown Eisenhower McCullough Omori. Front row: McEachron, Porter Berhe Hungerford Lewis Hager The main objective of this year's Trail staff was to put the school newspaper hack on its feet, both financially and editorially. The method employed was a high-pressure sales act, conducted by each member of the staff with the result that hy the beginning of the second semester the paper was en- larged from five to six columns. The first semester staff was small: most of the members were freshman. Second semester. with the increased size of the Trail came also an increase in the size of its staff. For the first time in the his- tory of the paper there is a girl as its Sports Editor: the increasingly popular Loggers Ax has added unique humor to it, a humor which has originated at the college. Bob Heaton and his clever linoieum blocks have furnished a 'series of absorbing caricatures of school life. CANDID SHOT-Kazda. Bertie, Seidon, Lewis. Hager, Ness, Raymond. Hungerford. Mr. Oiseth. "Teach" All the painfs on me! Looking charming. We'd laugh too. It must be drama. Worried? It must be the mask. Freshman Stunt-ers. Doesn't he loolc lilce an assisl- ant clirector? And furthermore. I mean'-coulcl I get anylaocly- Going for a walk? V The dell of "Smilin' Through' .lust amused. A little here--a little there. f DRAM TIC ART.. WILBUR BAISINGER Manager vi? 4 RICHARD SLOAT Assistant Director r A :ll i , .J MARTHA PEARL JONES Director 57 STUNTS and 'THE TAVERN Preliminary to the 1940-1941 season of Dramatics, the Freshmen of the College of Puget Sound, Friciay, September 20, pre- senteci Stunt Night as a means of acquaint- irig the upperciassmen with their taients. The award went to "Spot Cash," ciirectect by Doris Vvittren and Dorothy Howarci. Filled with excitement anci humor, Geo. M. Cohan's "The Tavern" presented Octo- ber 17, uncier the aiaie direction of Miss Mar- tha Pearl Jones, provided unsuai and amusing entertainment for Homecoming this year. The cast inciucieciz Blanche Haynes. the attractive and flirtatious governor's daugh- ter: Jacic McGuire, the Vagabond to whom ati the world is a stage: Herman Kleiner, the Tavern Keepers son: Sylvia Langclon, the hirect girig Keith DeFolo, the Tavern Keeper: Roioert Elliot, the hireci man: Betty Thralls, the mysterious woman: William Stewart, the Governor: Annabel Miller, the Governors charming wife: Charles Swan- son, the Fiance: Richard Jarvis, the sher- iff: Steve Truselo. Arthur Sheets and Cyril Hanson, the sheril'f's men: Wilbur Baising- er, the Insane Asyium attendant. .4 A H rf F ff' X ,A+ Aulmi-Q Q i x ' A sl x 5 A B f J . ,B 3' 4 ' nw A gf Y ' ,N 'QT .:, 'x!1T f:"e: ' ' f 4 ,-. Vg. 1 . 'XIII - , - A ai, 'Y .-ra. 'x 'fag s .-,A L 1 .H 1 , ' - lv.-+2 ,f if ,N.5,.1,1 'fp V' if V-If jx ' -' ' 5 Q 5 --5 1 1 A 1 ' . ' bkxfrg it s w "1 . I. ' "7E'f:2f. L ' ia f -" ii , Q gm ' 4 ' 'iq jj " f' Ulf- ,YR J ' .fu'A 5-11 ' ' f 13" 4 l- gf -M. - Y qi 1.3 I ,V-, ,H , , -4 , . .1 , jzz- . V M 1, n W V ,Yi ,sg ., . , V EJ I , 45 1 V Q ,R f 1 V ve M .... ' ., - 5 5 ' 1.-. . m . If H 1 L -.,.-. A ,J X! -W , 1v",', P ' I F, 1 Fr I 1 - V 43--. Q I -1 ' ' " " "---TTT :B-3" ' 4 ' K P- '. .M"25f? ' 1 ll 3 1 . CJ7F1L1AQtI . Only ten senior women have this year attaineci the necessary high scholarship and participation in campus activities which qualify them for membership in Otiah, senior women's hon- or society. The year's officers Were: Doris Hartman, president: Frances Hoss, vice presi- cient: and Mildred McKen- zie, secretary-treasurer. Mrs. Raymond Seward is the aciviser for the group. F-B k : M K - ' J , G' ka, Front row: Hawicinson. OTLAH ac ijigitmari Mtislsgewatid. Loitness. Mu Sigma Delta Only juniors and seniors with exceptionally high scholastic standing and fac- ulty members with Phi Beta Kappa rating are elected into this scholastic honor- ary. Oniy students excellent in scholarship in the fieici of liberal arts may qualify for membership in Mu Sig- ma Delta. Officers include: Dr. Ray- monci Seward, president: Mrs. Lyle Ford Drushel, vice president: Charles Roh- hins, treasurerg Dr. Martin, recorciing secretary: and Irma Hawicinson, corre- sponding secretary. , ." Y' MU SIGMA DELTA--Buck row: Fehiancit, Robbins. Jaeger, Chap- man. Williston, Means. Fourth row: Schafer. Tomlinson, Baisinger, Rau. Smith, Regester. Drushei, Davis. Venn. Third row: Van Norden McKinney. Boyle. Vvasserman, Sewarci. Second row: Robinson. Slater Marlin. Carlson. First row: Brenner. Hess, President Todd. Irie Hawicinson. 'llijj 11114 wif' , . 111111111111111111111111 JJ 60 j jjj171'1111'1111111 11111111 ,ii r -' 3' . - -'sri . . . ... . is gf ,N , Q. 115.1 lfll A ,nigh SPURS-'Buch row: Wehh, Langdon, Magill. Third row: Hansen, Sommer, Despain, Sandstedt, Simpson. Second row: Coleman, Pyle, Hardy, Keene. Front row: Soinila. Woods, Brock. Knights of the Log The Knights of the Log is a- sophomore men's honorary service organization. At least one and not more than four memhers are chosen from each fraternity and the Inde- pendents to hecome Knights. They ushered at college and civic affairs, sponsored, with the Spurs, the fresh- man mixer, and served at Campus Day, May Day, and the all-college party. They gladly comhined husi- ness and pleasure when they enter- tained the visiting Spurs, and they completed the year hy cooperating with the Spurs to malce their annual picnic at Lake Wilderness a memor- ahle college party. Officers for the year Were: President, fall, Tom KNIGHTS Bach row: Heuston Walker, Hanawalt Third row: B. Brown, T. Brown, Lutz, Mamlocic, Hungerford. Second row: Elliott. Vvalters, Van Slyice, Batt, Kleiner. Front row: Utterback, Barker, Seto. V61 Barker: -spring, Sam Batty vice pres- ident, fall, Matthew Seto: spring, Paul Heustong treasurer, fall, Ral- eigh Utterhaclcg spring, Jim Wal- ter: sergeant-at-arms, fall, Jack Seltzer: spring, Tom Brown. ..Pi .. Sponsoring this year's National Spur Convention, the College of Puget Sounds Spur chapter is this year com- pleting an unusually successful year. Three women from each sorority and the independent Group are chosen annually, activities members honorary Vvith on a lasis of participation in and service to the school, as of this Sophomore women's organization. the Knights of the Log they usher at plays and other school pro- grams, plan the Campus and May Day programs, and the freshman mixer. The completion of their year is the Spur- Knight picnic, held this year at Lalce Wilderness. Miss Martha Pearl Jones is adviser of the group. Officers for the year were: Kay Vvoods, president: Mildred Despain, vice president: Bette Broclc, secretary, Fall: Carol Webb, secretary, Spring: Doris Sommer, treasurer: Betty Jane Pvle, historian: Mary Katherine Hager, editor. l I , X 1' Q . 'W : W Q I 1 .. 5 1 11 .,.l, F f 9- " 'Sig .1 J. 3 " 1 . , Q m 4 .Q, 1+ 3 ,QM -ig ' 1 . . C T 1 .,x .9 Haig' ig '1 'fi 1 3 H: U.- I 13 4 ".sm.-of 1 K H-I amllu Rhythm .11 M1 1 31 A 1 m 1 I 1 I 1 1 l 1 I 1 1 QI ,1 11' 1' 1 ,1 116 11 '1 1111, , , WT , 191 11 1 W1'111f1f1W1 111 1 '1 ,,, ,1, 1 ,1 11 'if 111 11 1. 14 , '1' 1 1' 11, 1 1 1:1 31111125 fw a' 1 111 W 11 '11 1111111111 1 1! ! 1 f1 1 11! 1 . 111 1 1. 111, 1. 2 1 1 J 1 1 1 1 , 1 , 1-11 1 11 1 1.13 111 1 '1 1 1 11 1 7 11111 '111 71111, 7111 1L 11111 11 7' 1 1 1 11 , ,W1111 Y .1 11117 1111122 '1'?1'h1FW+1 - 1791 rf .431 "1 1111,,111'2.,111' '1 MV!! W1 V11 1 W E 1' 11' N V1 ,,'l11!41w2!S 1111 1 1 11' 1 1111 'Hel 111111 112211111111 1 1 1 1.1111111111 1-1 1 111 1"' 11, 1 1 1 11341111 S , W 1, 1, 51,111,511 1 , 111 1, 11111111111111111,1, 1 -11' 111111 1111 ' 1111211111 -f 1 - 1 11 , ,,,1,. 1 11 111111111 1 11 ,11 51 1W111,1 'H1111 11111111111111,11' 1 1 1 1 11Q11,11,111 1 11 111f1, 1 , 71 1,1,'1111 1 11111 511111111 ,11111111.111 1 1-1"1l'1 111111 1 '511V1 i121R1 411 1 1 1 - 1111111117 11111 1 1111 111 '11,,I 11 111'1.111' ' 1111111111111 1 , 1 1 111 1 1 0 1 11. 1 11 111 , 1 1 ,H M M'MgV'fwi1 111111 211 1,,1fg5'1 w . 1 1? '11 W , 1111 1f11w'w1'f 11 11 1 :LsF,av5Q'.',,11" 'N 1 -AEE , 1,.qg,,y5.,Hz1111,1,J d1?W1?'-HJFQE1-,L 1111111 yf,W11'11Qj?111f1y 11,11: 131-Eg-, if W wsgiw vw .11 , 411 1-, 11-f'MYH1'71l'1'?'9g1! '1 A' v- 1 11 1111 M H 5211111711 yglgmwzjlim fyg if M' 11 W1 H MA WWwj1fv11'W 111 5 W W 11zM11,,l N -K 11 11511 111 111111 1 -1. 112151 1, 111111111-sa 1511 ,Wg-111111g M2111 ,11111 , gt 451 11 11 5Ff'W?h,11 M ' it 111 911,53 MW 3,1 M645 if 11,11 11? 11 1 1,11 MVA 15" A1 11w.1111gQ' 1111 3u1g1QE11l41 111 11' .w14LfYA H231 41111111-77 1' 1111 11. 11 'ff-11" 1:-1 1-1 -1.1 1, 11111 4311 11,1711 1' " 111 1 1lGi 11' Qf" i ,M1 111.-1-1 -'1? 1',11' 1 11 11 1, 1 M 11 1 " 1.4 X V1 , 1J1'W7W' Z1.Ml11A1,W 11111 1'---1 1, .1 1 1 1, e,11L111yf11TU1111f111 L1 +1 1 1111 111 1 11 ' 1 P.. 's.w H411 .1 1 i l ff '11 I 111111,11111', 111 711 1 11 WV7'11111l"1 WMV! '11 ' ,f111,1W111f,M111' 11 1 1 '1 ' 1 111111111 Wm , 1 1 1 1 1- '11 , 11 J '1 1 151' gm IH LM. f 1 11 1 X f'1"1f.'1 Y Y 1 f ' 11, 1 11111 Q-- 1 '1 ,, 9 "'V?"Y?rl T, K Q s ,iq PXDEL?HiPxNSfBociz row: Stieets. Seder. Psnorcws, Neison, EA Miiier. Pxxeison, Pt, Niiiicr, Mayiott Carter. Hopkins. Third row: Mann. Mason. Enio Winter, Pesecreta. Lemm, Martin, Haray. 'Ytiraiis Vvaterrnan. Second row: Coieman, Sciiiesingcr, Trcntinan, Duvaii, Stainart, EA Warner, Ptcxamson, Huason Front row: Uyeaa, B. NNarner. Thompson. Gate, Hanson. Soiniia, Kurosc. BPsNDeComposeA ot coiicge students and members ot me community. itie Puget Sonor! Bona has in- creasea in quantity ann quaiitv Girongii time tinanciai aid ot the Carnegie institute. Leaving Pxprii '25 tor ttieir annuai spring concert tour, the Pxnieiptxian Ctiorai Societv ot tire Coiiege ot ?uget Senna. under tire Airection oi t,roiessor lotxn ?ai1X Bennett, appeared betore anaiences in iourteen Eastern Washington towns on their ten-nav trip. 'Une C.?.S. inanci, under tiie ciirection ot Wir. Louis Wersen, mane striking advances this vear vvtten ttxev went with tire toonnaii team to ttte game at Wit- tamette ana piaveci at everv tiome game. Members ot the band vvittx members ot the Pxcieiptxians iormeci a unique marching unit, the tirst ot its kind at the Coiiege. 64 f - STRING ENSEMBLENVVHI1 tlre aid f a Carnegie donation. the Puget Sound Clwarnfzer Music Society nas offered training in tlze playing of all, string instruments for college students and also for those people in tlle city wlzo might tae interested ORCHESTRA-sTl1is Community Sylnplzony Organization was made possible tlzrouglz a Carnegie grant and enables the college student as well as the talented musician of the community to further his musical education. The Puget Sound Clzalnlner Music Society, under tile direction of Mr. Ericiz Koker. lzas grown from a Hve-piece orchestra to the largest Clzamber Music organi- zation in tl1e Nortnyxfest. On December 4 tlzey presented tlzeir winter concert: tlweir last concert of tlre year will be given al summer Land camp. This spring tlze Puget Sound Symplzony Orchestra, under tlze direction of Mr. Louis Wersen, played a full evening of symplzony music as its part of tire pro- gram being sponsored by tire Colleges Conservatory of Music. .65 The line lorms to tlie riglmt Tliafs "our" college. You clance clivinely. VVe've got lots of time. Tad took tlie picture. We Three. Looks inviting. Strolling along together. l'll start my diet tomorrow The winnahsl Dorft clieat now'-1 My opinion is tliat-I Boylc meets goil-contact! So llmfs liow she got than tan lsn't tliis fun? You old meany. Don't you loclieve it. -5 Q 61' 557' ororiiies Frafern ffies Cfulas Vw - W W l vl ME V 'W ,U Jn F f 1 , ' W3' . bmnt L w,w,L!,1 A 'V 'xr' " ' 5 w -L',!'! , ,- AXN Alpha Nu fi t Er. i Q , t as Q. '-I ' 15335 a s, W is i Q l . 'F x , if X, it ' .1 Q A is t f' is P I 1' ,I P dl A 4 if ui , Ni. WN , A N JE 6352 ,gf 'l i ia? i QE Top row: Charles Arnold, Dave Palmer, Lee Foreman, Eel Graniunci, ECI Markusen, Tom Barlcer. Second row: Fred Beck, Don Black, Phil Bowman, Fred Hornshuh, Rolland Lutz, Lloyd Morse. Third row: Bill Ricicile, Jim York, Norman Ancierson, Eci Bock. Fourth row: Walter Goulcl. Vincent Hagen, Pat Howe, Dicic Jolah. Fifth row: Bert Poling. Art Sheets, Bill Thompson. Jim Tostevin. Russ Warner, Gordon Wharton. ALPHA CH Fall Dave Palmer, President - - - John Zuegner. Vice Presicient - John Clifford. Treasurer - - - Jim York. Secretary ---- Tom Hill. Historian ---- Raleigh Utterback. Sergeant-at-Arms INU Tom Barker, Rush Chairman - - William Riciclle, Social Chairman Torn Barker, House Manager ' ' Ed Markusen, Inter Fraternity Repres. - Ed Granlumi, Inter Mural Manager - Tom Hill, Pieclge Captain - -Q Spring Dave Palmer Hal Johnson Lee Foreman Norm Ancierson - Pat Howe Lloyd Morse Ed Markusen Wait Gould - Dick Joiah - I Bert Poling Ed Granluncl William Riricile Dave Palmer, Fall and Spring Presicient l 3000 ABT Upsilon Alpha Baia W 1 - . ' ' r. ll' ' f ' :fa i V K fn fi ls U Q, I - 2 , fe ,L s -f A A 3 T ' sf E H i 1 Q n -if r it w A . 1. , ttt if 1 get P M gl xl: A V ' 1' 1 :.,vll xi, I :EV ,, F , vu . i 1 L. ' 'iffiag Eii w , weve: 4 ' f 4 Y I. ' f ry' ".' gg s: ev- 1- 'f i W y N -. ' 1 - - , N ,P . ' 1 -EH V ' 6' x r- A 5 w w w , . " X I 1 lk Top row: Frances Hass, Annabel Miller, Anita Wegener, Louise Claes, Kay Evans. Second row: Blanche Haynes, Rosalind Hartman. Helen Hite, Dorothy Howarcl, Ruth Mccrea, Mary Ogden. Third row: Peggy Thompson, Doris Wittren. Margaret Bowen, Etheljane Cohoon. Fourth row: Lola Duvall, Pat Keene, Mary Catherine Lincoln. Betty Jean Piatt. Fifth row: Betty Jane Pyle. Bolahe Jean Ryan, Esther Sanclstedt, Hazel Beck, Dorothy Hoss, Lois Hill. Sixth row: Helen Kutcher, Shirley Mason. Ellen Swayne, Christine Thwaites, June Vvesiman, Virginia Wiltse. ALPHA BETA UPSILON Full Anita Wegener, President ----- Doris Wittren, Vice President - - - Esther Samistcdt. Recording Secretary - - Pat Keene, Corresponding Secretary Kay Evans. Treasurer ---- - Maw Kay Lincon . . Rosalind Hartman Hlstm-mn """"' """' ' Betty Jane Pyle, Sergeanteat-Arms - - Blanche Haynes, Pledge Mother - Spring ' Frances Hoss - Doris Wittren ' Lola Duvall Betty Jane Pyle Rosalind Hartman Mary Kay Lincoln Esther Sanclsteclt - Pat Keene- Blanche I-IHYIICS Frances Hass. Fall President: Anita Wegener, Spring President looo- AH O Deifa Pi Omrcron -ooof "2 x X. i .av 'I wwzvg 'A --N '. l i " G , - l '1 V ' I V A', -V A Vluiv ' M ., -' 1 ' we "' ,M N . X ni, - --1 ,., ,, ,, sv' L ' f ' G A 21 H, 'iv ., .gui , .vu 9 -we 'Vi' A - D ,- ' .ln , or ' rr... A. g " +3 ,. ASQ x R, - , 4 X W, .y sa ,,, . Top row: Neil Gray, Jack Perry, Riclrarcl Musser. Plrilip Raymond, Wil- liam Stewart. Keith De Folo. Second row: Earl Nlamloclc, Forrest Van Slylce, Wilbur Tinlccom, Joe Lanser. Walter Berg, Larry Bond. Third row: Wesley Englund, Warren Holmes, Myron Jensen, William Onsiacl. Fourth row: Paul Raymond, David Powels. Fifth row: Melvin Roalsvig. William Sane. DELTA PI OMICRON Fall Jaclc Perry. President - - - - Don Pearson. Vice President Forrest Van Slylre, Secretary' Phil Raymoncl, Treasurer - Jack Seltzer, Guard - - Bill Stewart, Chaplain - - Earl Mamlock. Pledge Captain Bill Stewart. House Manager William Tinlccom. Historian Jaclc Perry. Fall Presicleni: -- -- -Forrest Van Slylce Spring Q' N , Riclrarcl Musser Pllil Raymond Keitlr De Folo - - .laclc Perry - Earl Mamlock Ricllard Musser, Spring President i iw Qf, 5- AAF --70004 Delia Alplza Gamma Sw , . ' .. Pt 5 g A 'G i 'y 'ee A 4 - .- y y , it LY! X, 1 A 1 ' X 5 , Fw A ,ae 9' 5 3' ' A in 1 . f tg -I liz: . 5 e' P"'!.!'! .f ' V A W - wif-la' r ' i ' 12- ' " 0? ? 6 ' V4 .4 I , i' 1- emi' i Top row: Phyllis Albert. Doris Hartman, Mary Ann Jelusicli, Virginia Dougherty, Estlier Waterman, Dorotliy Ann Brenner, Florence Darrow. Rosemary DeVoto. Sec- ond row: Virginia Judd, Mary Ellen Peter- son, Anita Sherman, Jane Sorenson, Mar- garet Varnes, Jant Hudson, Bette Brock, Beverlee Burrows. Third row: Mildred Despain, Miriam Gibson. Bette Jane Gra- 'C , 6 A 5 ? f I' Ham, Beth Hardy, Barbara Jacobson, Marguerite Katlm, Sue Lidren, Maureen Martin. Fourth' row: Jean Murnen, Doree Sachs, Doris Sommer, Noreen Sten- dal, Elizabeth Bona, Jean Button. Fifth row: Marie Concannon, Mary Cornell, , DELTA ALPHA GAMMA Fall Mary Ann Jelusicli. President Mary Ellen Peterson, Vice President - - Rosemary De Voto, Recording Secretary - -Mildred De Spain. Corresponding Secretary Jane Hudson. Historian - - Suzanne Lidren, Sergeant-at-Arms - - Virginia Judd, Inter Sorority Repres. - Virginia Judd. Spring President: Mary Ann Spring - - Virginia Judd - Margaret Varnes - - Jean Murnen - Barbara Jacobson - Maureen Martin Beth Hardy - Mary Ann Jelusicti Jelusiclx. Fall President Katherine Granlund, Betty Mae Hamp- ton, Betty Irie, June Larson. Sixth row: - Estlmer Mann, Hazel MCCUllOUgh, Mar- garet Mead, Nelda Peterson, Corinne Picard, Edith Ploeger. Jean Roiimer, Q, Emily Spring. Seventh raw: Shirley Stone, Betty Jo Van Atta, Shirley f Borgert. in l 'A 4 ai?- ..lU. Hg 37 - 5000 Delta Kappa P111 ,A , , H ff I ' V ' -f-. W, ,Q 'W Q1u.!g.6.l' 4 if .Nil L-.m W 5 I g, i , E' I if.- . 1 is ig 5' iq , 4 .1 "fl gr I A . . ,, V ' .. hr? l v x 5 Q, N, 5-K. l ef ff l 'e X or uf 'f I il in V gf 3 i ' is Gm U, iw W' -:V , l Y xr 9 , 'i P 46 i 1 .J-s '? v "' Q xl A 6 in Q 1' N. 1 6 -3 , Top row: Wilbur Baisingerl Miles Barrett, Stan Champ, Lyall Jamieson. Gale Sampson, Lee Tixune Second row: Willard Gee, John Heaton, Naylor Niicicilelon, Don Niurplmy, James Paulson, Bill Sxclrlers Third row Jack Bird. Tom Brown. Jaclc Duncan, George Ellis. Fourth row: James Frank, Paul Heuslon Herman Kleiner, James Lea. Fifih row: Kalmler Lillelaerg, Jack Graylneal, Franlc Hanawali. Boi: Loitness Alfred Stacey Weldon Rau. Sixth row: Bill Causin. Ci1etDyer, Ted Haley, Bolo Hamilton, Dan Cushman Allan Roe DELTA KAPPA PHI Fall James Paulson. President - - - Jaclc Bird. First Vice President - - Willard Gee. Second Vice Presicient Phil Walesby, Treasurer - - - James Lea. Recording Secretary - Joim Hine, Corresponding Secretary - .laclc Duncan. Historian - - - Kaiiler Lilleizoerg, Sergeant-at-Arms - Ash Walker, House Manager - JBITICS PBIIISOII, Spring - James Paulson - Jaclc Bircl Willard Gee - Pinil Vvaleslay - James Lea - Tom Brown - Jim Frank - George Ellis Asii Walker Fall anci Spring President -1 Q -. ' s I Z iLamLc1a Sigma Clzi , I Lx lx lm 5 if" Top row: Geraldine Alexander. Janet Hatch, Muriel Woods, Gwen Roach. Second row: Evelyn Declcer. Pat Gannon, Rutlm Pauline Todd, Pat Davis, Kay Furlong, Bergitte Hansen. Third row: Sylvia Langdon. Marian Rolstad, Kay Vvoods, Berverly Berlie. Maxine Bitney. Jo Ann Boyd. Fourth row: Kay Copeland, Kathleen Dustan, Phyllis Foote. Norma Gagliardi. Fifth row: Ruth Hanawalt, Mary Frances Jolmson, Pat Jolmson, Gertrude Kincaid. Sixth row: Jane Neg, Margaxielt Nicola, Nancy Slmrt, Pat Towne, Jane Wetherby, eggy Wi e. e 3 'A Ti d::1.:.p1i:n Q, L,,.' LAMBDA SIGMA CHI I it ' All officers hold tlucir offices for one year. - President J Janet Hatch ---------- Evelyn Decker - - - - - Vice President Geraldine Alexander - ---- Secretary Ruth Pauline Todd - ---- Treasurer Marion Rolstad - - Corresponding Secretary Bergitte Hansen - ---- Historian Patricia Davis - - Conductress Patricia Gannon - ------ Pledge motlmer Janet Hatch, Fall and Spring President , L, VHS. xvzfai., -. -H i 5000 Sigma Mu ll l :xl ,,, .1 ii if W i I' Ng . 1 W Ywlgbi 6' - ,Lux 'jj 5 f ' Ai lio it Y S i , 1 :Qi 4 ffl' ff , Q1 P I - lg ' N Top row: Don Rasmussen. George Mitchell. Second row: Bob Burt, Wally Starkey. Dick Jarvis. Joe Price, Charles Swanson. Sherman Jonas. Third row: Warren Harvey, Jack Hoheim. Ed Hungerford, Tholo Johnson. Fourth row: Diclc Haley, Bill Brown. Fifth row: Bill Dougherty, Bula Wilhelmi. Bob Hess. Jim Stahlaert. ' SIGMA MU CHI Fall Spring Georgenlvlitchell, President - - - - - Richard Jarvis Sherman Jonas. Vice President - - - Charles Swanson Tholo Johnson. Recording Secretary ---- Stan Burlcey Ed Hungerlorcl, Corresponding Secretary - - - Stan Burlcey Wally Starkey, Treasurer and House Manager - Wally Starkey Warren Harvey, Athletic Manager - - - ' Warren Harvey Charles Swanson. Social Chairman ---- Diclc Watson Franlr Ryhin, Chaplain - - - Diclc Haley Bill Brown, Sergeant-at-Arms - - - - - Bill Brown Richard Jarvis, Spring President: George Mitchell, Fall President Gr H000 - Kappa Sigma Theta 1 m it ,ln ill- 513, -' x N ' - A if., SN r J e -a."' Q e, y at if if e t "aQL 1, , it A T we 1-4.4 Mx V I D . , iw g l"'i l aft ,M agar. 1 . ,r , , Top row: Betty Jones, Florence McLean, Marie Mulligan. Janet Rohhins, Audrey Albertson. Tad Burcl. Helen Folsom. Victoria Hanson. Second row: Betty Heaton, Deborah Vvehln, Connie Coleman, Vvyona Diemer. Catherine Foss, Janice Green, Ann Louise Greiwe, Mary Katherine Hager. Third row: Shirley Horr. Marijane Lewis, Pegge Simpson, Peggy Steele, Marian Wilkinson, Helen Argue. Fourth row: Janet Armstrong, Anne Barlow, Beverly Birclsall. Ruthi Crain, Jeane Cunningham, Janice Eisenhower, Fifth row: Odeena Jensen, Marcea Jones, Doris Meredith, Jac- , queline Moore, Mary Elizabeth Morton, Elizabeth Pugh, Dorothy Selden, Betty Siegle. Sixth row: Janice Stenson. Ruthi Taylor. Ilrflarion Carson, Betty O'Connor, Lucille Veil . v KAPPA SIGMA THETA Full Spring Florence McLean, President ----- Marie Mulligan Janet Roluluins, Vice President - - Helen Folsom Helen Folsom, Secretary - - - - - Betty Heaton Marian Vvillcinson, Treasurer ---- Ann Louise Greiwe . Nan Weber, Corresponding Secretary - - - Pegge Simpson Shirley Horr. Historian ---- - Mariiane Lewis Marie Mulligan, lnter Sorority Repres. - Janet Rohlxins Peggy Steele. Sergeant-at-Arms ----- Ruthie Taylor Florence lVlcl..ean, Fall President: Marie Mulligan, Spring President EZE any Sigma Zeta Epsilon Q' if ly!! NN.-1 . sf: 'I' 'or A Ye! ,, J 'F . mf u SJ G 0001 tn E-HH' , .V xl wi y. X I Q 4 if . xt- H Y I g xv , vq-I QW I . S: ,ft F l K ,sm . U ' .pr-vr 5 " , ,N 15 ,. 11 . r J , Top row: John Boyle, Art Freeman, Hugh Mcwhirter. Walt Piper, Jolrn Sharp, Nom: Burke. Seeond row Tom Cross. Bill Tregoning, Frank Walter, Bob Hcdburg, Doug Hicks. Bob Rhodes. Third row: Steve Tru- selo, Jim Walter, Lynn Axelseon, Jack Beers. Fourth row: Aldo Benedetti. Norman Breclmer, Don Brown, Howard Donaldson. Fifth row: Byron Larson, Jaclc Miller, Bob Moles, Ray Murphy. Sixth row: George Vic- tor. Jim Piclma, Arnold Rulcan. SIGMA ZETA EPSILON . Fall ' Spring Jolm Boyle. President ------- Franlc Walter Franlc Walter, Vice President ---- William Tregoning William Tregoning. Recording Secretary - - James Walter James Walter. Corresponding Secretary - - Robert Hecllaerg James, Van Camp, Sergeant-at-Arms - - - Norman Walker Walt Piper, House Manager ---- James Van Camp Frank Walter, Spring President: Jolm Boyle, Fall President "1 " f14'4"" T "W 3' ,. fps- -7- 5-.- F000 KQ Chi of Kappa P111 m 5 I R I br 1 - ' i V , W -H w .,.. N WW ' i .W it W . W x 5' 6- : f 1' 41, " " P -N Wg- W W at t SW 7' ' M W W ,Qui ,WWWM 1 ': A ' .A ' 1' 1. , Top row: Louise Durand, Lucia Gjuica, Betty Peterson, Jean Smith, Eleanor Warne. Lola Hughes. Second row: Frances Sheihamer. Dorothy Howard, Margarita lrie, Ruth Mccrea. Enid Miller. Anita Nlisener. Third row: Betty Thraiis. Bettianne VVasserman, Betty Bradley, Betty Bunker. Fourth row: Bernice Dale, Patricia Magiii, Mildred Blake. Olive Eden. Fifth row: Lorraine Justman, Winifred McKean, Christine Thwaites. Celebrating this year its twenty-fifth anniversary ,Tw W -. - WW -. -W W' ,-,. W. W.. WW is Kappa Phi, national Methodist college womens I'Q!3igWWW"1"'WT'W7f "1 W- 3' W ufW'iWW 'H' WWW " N X H " iii i WWfw'tWiitJ""N31l , WW W i H - WW i W W in i i W vv WW W club. Established to give college women a fellow- WW WW ship and common interest through their church and WW " W through their school, Chi Chapter of Kappa Phi is WW W W SQWWWW WWW WW fWW1" tW this semester observing its ninth year at the College " W W.s, fff"jf"t'ggN1" WW,fY1jQ ti H iW w 4 A-We WN W WWW 1WWW an i W W, XW N W1 , N w Y 1 of Puget Sound. , WW W W Officers for the year have been: Lola Hughes, W W . ' t WW ' 9 tu 'i i iw W i mW i presicientg Margarita Irie. vice president: Lucia W WWW N Gjuica, secretary: Enid Miller, treasurer: and Anita 'WW 'N N X Misener, chaplain. Completing second year as spon- ser is Miss Helen McKinney, heaci of the French Department. Lola Hughes, Fall and Spring President vim! Eii' 'Qs Wi W WW W W w N W ll u M INTER-FRATERNITY INTER-SORORITY COUNCIL-Back row: Wegener, Webb, Hatch. Jeiusictx, Woods. Front row: Mulligan, president Mrs DTUSI1 . 4 adviser: Vviltren. secretary: Jucid, treasurer. THE INTER-SCRORITY COUNCIL is composed of the presidents and representatives of the four sororities on ttxe campus. It is their purpose to make rules guiding ttlese social or- ganizations. They play time important part of stimulating a feeling of unity among the groups. The annual inter-sorority dance Was tietot on January 11 this year. Officers of time group were: Fatt, Marie Mulligan, presictentg Muriel Woods, vice pres- icient: Doris Wittren, secretary: Virginia Judd, treasurer. Spring, 'Muriel Vvoocis, president: Doris VVittren, vice president: Mary Ann Jeiu- sicti, secretary: Janet Roiotoins, treasurer. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL, com- prisect of the presidents and representatives of the coHege's five fraternities, formutates time rules and regulations which govern these tive Greek - letter organizations. Difficulties anct problems arising in the groups as welt as activi- ties planned for the year, are setttect toy this council. The annual inter-fraternity dance was tietct April 18. Officers for the year Were: Fail-John Boyle, president: Jim Paulson, secretary. Spring -Dave Palmer, president: Dick Jarvis, secre- tary. Palmer. Milci1eti.- Musser, Markusen, Bird, Paulson. Waiter, Jamieson. .vEt,7d.iL'2EQ' ir- ' ' ? E ' Pl GAMMA NIU-'Back row: Dr. Schafer, Jamieson. Middle row: Dr. Frederick, Vvalcamatsu. Mulligan, Thune, Hardy, Seitz, Mr. Capen, Mr. Hite, Dr. Slater. Front row: Warne, Boyle. Dr. Robinson, Harhnan. S. A. C. A. C. S. In its second year at the College of Puget Sound, the Student Affiliate Chapter of the American Chemical Society is an organiza- tion limited to students of Chemistry who have at least eighteen grade points in that subject. During the year, members of the Puget Sound chapter attended monthly meetings at the University of Washington and visited a number of industrial plants. Officers for the year were: Ed Grahnj president: Bill Thorp, vice president: Asa Nlaylott, secretary: Shigeo Wakamatsu, treasurer. Advisers are Dr. Fehlandt and Dr. Picard. WITAN In 1952, half a dozen out-of-town men grouped together for the purpose of provid- ing as satisfactory and economical living conditions as possible while attending col- lege. The need was felt for some organiza- tion and it was from this beginning that the Vvitan was formed. At first the group oper- ated on a purely cooperative plan, lout it was soon found advisalole to have a house-mother and coolc. The Vvitan is not a fraternity in the sense that it sponsors a set social program. It is rather the purpose of Vvitan to furnish men, the fellowship and experiences that come from living together while attending college. Officers for the year were: Asa Maylott, president: Weldon ' Rau, secretary: and Franlc Lowther, house manager. PI GAMMA MU Reorganized last fall with hoth student and faculty officers, Pi Gamma Mu, social science hon- orary, this year sponsored a stu- dent assemhly, the topic of which was "Can a Democracy Present a United Front?" and conducted a number of round table discus- sions on economics. loiology, so- ciology, psychology, political science, and other social studies. ln these group meetings both stu- dents ancl faculty members acted as leaders. ' Officers for the year were: John Boyle, president: Professor Marvin Schafer, vice president: Gale Sampson, student secretary: and Dr. John Robinson, chapter secretary. S. A. C. A. C. S.--Baclz row: Mr. Picard, Perry. Thune, Anderson, Hine. Middle row Smiley. Crain, Kellogg, Vviltscltlco, Vimont, Musser. Front row: Dr. Fehlandt, Grahn Thorp. Maylot, Wakamatsu. VVITAN--Back row: Baird, Carter, Miller, Adamson, Powell. Front row: Bellman Lowther, Maylott. Rau. SKI CLUB-'Back row: Jonas. Sheets, Argue. Button, Dr. Tomlinson. Jones. Hill, Bellman, Larson. Middle row: Crain, Langdon, Coleman. Nlurnen, Hager. Siegle, Simpson. Front row: Hoheim, Hatch, Woods, Bowen. Rau. SKI CLUB Concluding a strikingly successful year, the C. P. S. Slci Club included upon a crowded cal- endar the following events: They sponsored an all-school skating party early in the year, followed hy the College of Puget Sound slci day at Mount Rainier on Fehruary 22. Late in March they sponsored the high school slci meet. February 8, members of the Slci team traveled to Canada where they won the Vancouver U.B.C. meet: in the Northwest Intercollegiate Ski meet they placed sixth, coming in ahead of both Gon- zaga and Oregon University. Bill Taylor, one of the memtmers of the club, won the Silver Skis at Mount Rainier, the hig- gest slci race on the west coast. Officers for the year were: Chuclc Swanson. president: Ronald Rohloins, vice president: Kay Woods, secretary: and .lean Button, treasurer. Adviser of the club is Dr. Vvarren E. Tomlinson. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB groups from northwest colleges. Henderson. Wagner. t x Dr. Williston is adviser of this group which is sponsored lay the Carnegie En dowment Fund. The club meets for the purpose of studying international affairs Members of the organization attended a convention with members of other simllar INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS-Back row Dr Williston, Miller. Baird. Front row: Crowe, lrle DER DEUTCHE VEREIN Crganized for the purpose of providing members with practice in conversational German is Der Deutsche Verein, the German Club. Open to students who have taken one or more semesters of German, the memberstalce hikes in and about Tacoma and hold social meetings throughout the winter. Officers for the year have been: Marjorie Wagner, president: Alien Miller, vice president: Cari Baird, treasurer. Dr. Warren E. Tomlinson is the adviser of the group. CLUB-Bach row: Uyeda, Sonneman. Van de Vere. Black, Xfvehh, Tinkcom. Front row: Burkey. Wasserman, Smith. Hardy. GERMAN CLUB-Back row: Peterson, Black. Dr. Tomlinson. Gerstman. Front row: Bair Baldwin. Wagner, Rough, Crain. LA MESA REDONDA The Spanish Club is comprised of students who have had at least one year of Spanish and who are interested in the language and cui- ture of the Spanish-speaking coun- tries. Mrs. Charles Rohhins is ad- viser for the group. Officers for the year have tween: Stan Buricey, president: Betty Cook, vice president: Bettianne Wasser- man. secretaryg and Esther Sand- stedt, treasurer. JAPANESE STUDENTS' CLUB-'Back row: Omori, VV. Oyanagi, Seto. Hata. Kawano Munc STUDENTS CLUB Comprising two per cent of the stu- dent body and completing their third year as a campus organization are the Nip- pons, the Japanese-American students of the College of Puget Sound. As partici- pants in the intra-mural program, mem- bers of the Choral Society. of the Campus Piaycrafters. of the forensics department, of all phases of school life, they have or- ganized with the purpose of developing understanding in Japanese Ways and cui- ture among the students at the College. Officers for the year Were: Yoshiteru Kawano, president: Yoshiye Omori. vice president: Vvaichi Gyanagi. secretary: Matthew Seto. treasurer: Yoshiye Jinguji, historian: and Kenji Oyanagi, sports man- ager, ' kata, K. Oyanagl, Wakainatsu, Front row. Yamamoto, i-ujlmoto. Kurose, Omori, Jmguji QD sh- rr? - -. Elected in her junior year, Nlargarita lrle served as president ot the college Y.VV.C.A. during the 1940-41 tenn. . Also a junior is Lawrence Henderson, this year's president of the Y.M.C.A. 4. 1 , YVVYM-Back row: Seitz. Baird, B, Alhertson. Batt. Dr. Williston, Henderson, Elliott. F. Hanawalt, N. Breclcner, E. Nelson, Alsgaard. VV. Rau. W Moherg, Motteh. Middle row: Thompson, B. O'Conner, Miss Lewis, Eden, N. Peterson, Jensen, Blalee, A. Alhertson, Hammer. Barter. Gilstrap, lrle M Woods. Warne. Sommer, Uyeda, Magill. Front row: Bunlcer, M. Jones, Mrs. Drushel, Todd, E. Peterson, Reynolds, R. Hanawalt, Misener, Sonneman Koehler, Spring, E. Ploeger, Mccrea. Y. W. c. A. All college women are eligible for membership in this group, which has Christian fellowship as its aim. The program throughout the past year empha- sized uchristian living in a modern world." Activities are directed toward the promotion of service projects and social affairs--Christmas haslcets. entertainment for children of the White Shield Home, etc. VV. S. S. F. was promoted hy this group lor the relief of f0I'CigIl students, liresides and parties helped in developing the social side of the calendar. A series of "Philosophy of Lite," which included various faculty leaders and an. informal discussion. was also among the highlights of the year's program. The purpose -'of'this group is to promote fellow- ship among the men ot the school. The Y. M. C. A. Y. M. C. A. provides a common ground on which all of the men of the campus can share freely and easily the so- ciety and fellowship of one another. Another aim ot the Y. M. C. A. is to encourage honest and intelligent patriotism as we are citizens ot the school and country. This is done through dis- cussions and tallcs on prohlems of school relation- ships and policy as well as on questions of national and world-wide interest. The Y.lVl. C.A. is a group that fosters world- wide fellowship hy striving for the highest type ol citizenship at home. And finally, hy our relation- ships with one another, hound hy a common loyalty to the ideals of Jesus, the Y. M. C. A. strives for the making of these ideals effective in personality and society. WOMEN'S FEDERATION VVomen's Federation is an organiza- tion macie up of time presicients and treas- urers of Spurs, VV. A. A., Y. VV. C. A., anci Otiaim. By means of a style show, skating parties, and candy sales, money was macie to provicie for equal financing of ttnese groups. Nlrs. DFUSIICI, Dean of Women, is time adviser of time group. VVOMEN'S FEDERATION'-'Back row: K. Woods, Ugcien, McKenzie, Hatch, Irie. Front row: Sommer, as A. BM 3 YVV-YM CABINET,-Back row: Sommer, Elliott, F. Hanawait, Henderson. Aisgaarci, Miss Lewis. Middle row: Warne B Aitvcrtson Mrs. Drustxei. Misener, Dr. Williston, Mccrea, Batt. Front row: Irie. Woods. Tocici, A. Albertson, R. Hanawait Y. W. - Y. M. CABINET . The officers of the Y. VV. C. A. for 1940-41 were: Margarita Irie, president: Ruth Pauline Todd, vice president: Eleanor Warne, secre- taryg Muriel Woods, treasurer: Audrey Albert- son, memberstnipz Anita Misener, religion: Mil- cireci Blake. asst. in religion: Doris Sommer, publicity: Ruth Mccrea, service: Ruth Hana- wait, freshman representative. M. Woods, Hartman. Officers eiecteci by tile Y. M. C. A. for this year have been: Larry Hencterson, president Sam Batt, vice president: Russel Aisgaarfi, sec- retary: Bot: Hardy, treasurer: Frank Hanawait program chairman: Bob Elliott, service chair- man: Bob Albertson. freshman representative foul: Hardy, M. lrlc, Pyle, Miller, Johnson, Varnes, Darrow, N. Peterson, COHCHHDOH, Durand, Hanlpton, Blake, B. lrle, Hudson, Lincoln, DeSpain. Middle row: Meade, Argue, Cornell, Evans, Carlson, Mrs. Schneider, Hart, Stendahl, E. Peterson, Judd, Thompson. Front row: Jensen, Steele. Burd, M. Peterson, Mann, Hanawalt, Duvall. ANDERSON HALL Formally dedicated in October, the newest building on the campus was named Agnes Healy Anderson Hall. The late Mrs. Anderson was one oi the most generous donors of the VVomen's Residence Hall. Hightlighting the year's social calendar was the dinner dance given on Friday, December 15. There were also liresides, dances and picnics which completed the year's social life. Favorite guest at the hall was "Aggie," a store dummy, who made her appearance in the closet in one ol the rooms. From then on she was the object of most of the jokes played on the girls until her departure. First semester officers were: Annabel Miller, presi- dent: Berget Carlson, vice president: Mary Ellen Peter- son, secretary: Beth Hardy, treasurer: Kay Woods, ser- geant-at-armsg lvlary Kay Lincoln, historian. Second semester officers: Louise Durand, president: Lola Du- vall, vice presidentg Ruth Hanawalt, secretary: lVlary Cornell, sergeant-at-arms: Mildred Blalce, historian. INDEPENDENTS All students not affiliated with a social Greek letter organization belong to the independents. This organization enables members to participate in the various activities of the intra-mural pro- gram, also carrying on a social program suffici- ently varied to appeal to different interests. Officers for the year were: Shigeo Vvalca- matsu, president: Kathleen McCallum, vice presi- dent: Sam Batt. secretary: Betteulviyers, treasurer: Lorraine Justman, program chairmang Helen Wiltschko, manager of women's athletics: Clair Hansen, manager of men's athletics: Dr. Vvillis- ton, adviser. INDEPENDENTS--Back row: Vvalcamatsu, Batt, Dr. Williston, Adviser. Front row: Myers. Just- man. ACKNOWLEDGMENT Associated Students College of Puget Sound Tacoma, Washington Dear Students: The editor, the business manager and the entire staff of the 1941 Tamanawas talce this opportunity to thank you for your cooperation in the editing and printing of this hook. We would like especially to thank Mary Catherine Lincoln for designing the covers on this year's annual, molding the clay figures for the division pages as well as for other art worlc throughout the hoolc. We also wish to thanlc Vvinlield Brown, who spent many hours photo- graphing the division pages, and Willard Bellman and Asa Maylott, our amateur campus photographers. There are also those with whom only a few students come in contact, taut without whom we would he unahle to publish this year hook. We make this public acknowl- edgment to express our appreciation for their worlc and cooperation: ' Bot: and Nelson Richards, our photographers The Staff of the North Pacific Bank Note Company Tony and Ed Edwin Coolc Fred Smith Art Smith and all the others. Krug-Lutz Studio Harry Smith, Jr. Betty Thralls We wish you as much enjoyment in viewing this 1941 Tamanawas as we had in editing it. Very truly yours. THE STAFF. 85 Adams, John F, ......... .. Adamson, Richard ..... ............ Alhert. Phyllis .......... ........... Albertson, Audrey .,.......... 25, Allaertson, Robert .......... Alexander, Geraldine Alsgaard, Russell ....... ........ Anderson, Neil ........ Anderson, Norman .... Anderson. Pearl ..... Anderson, William .... Andrews, Samuel A... Anstad. Bill ...,............ STUDENT INDEX Cornell, 1V1ary Ellen ....... Crain, Lee ........... . .... .. Crain, Ruthi ........... Cl'0SS, TOIH ................. Cummings, William .............. Cunningham, Jeanne ...,.... 27 Cushman, Daniel .................. Dahl. Felicie ........ Dale, Bernice ........ Darrow, Florence Davis, .lack .......... Davis, Patricia ...... Decker. Evelyn .,..... Argue, Helen .............. Armstrong, Janet .. ..... . Afnold, Charles .......... Axelson. Lynn ...... Baird, Carl ......,... ,,..... Baisinger. Lloyd ........ Baisinger, Vvillour ...... Baldwin, Walter ........ Barker, Tom ..... Barlow, Anne ...... Barrett, Myles ...... Barter. Beatrice .......... Batt. Samuel .............. 25 Belfk, Hazel ....... -..... Beck, Julius .......... Beer, Jack ................. Bellman. Vvillard ...... Benedeti, Aldo ....,,,..... Berg, Helen ..........,..... Berg, Vvalter ..... .. Bertie, Beverly ...... Bird, Jack .................. Birdsall, Beverly ...... Bitney, Maxine .... Black, Don .......... Blake. Mildred ......, Blanchard, Melvin .......... Bona. Elizabeth .......... Borgert. Shirley .... Bowen. Margaret Bowman. Philip ................ Boyd. Jo Ann .................... Boyle, John .... 15, 16, 18. Bradley, Betty .................. Breclcner, Normann .......... Brenner, Dorothy Ann ...... Brock. Bette ............... .. ..... Bronson, Richard .............. Brown. DOl'lB1d .......... Brown, Lawrence ............ Brown. Tom . ......... . ...... .. 27 De Folo, Keith .......,...........,,, De Spain, Mildred ................ De Voto, Rosemary ........ ..... De Die .VVo1te, Justine ...... mer, Wyona ..... Boclc, Edmund ................,. 25. Bond. Edmund .... ........ Brown, VVilliam . Carlson, Bcrget ....... Carlson, Howard ..... Carson, Marion ....... Carsten. Don ..... Carter, John .......... Causin, William ..,.. Champ, Stanley Q ...... Chapman. Francis Claes, Louise ........ Clcvinger, Eugene Colloon, Etheljane .... Coleman, Constance .. Coman, Yvonne ....... Concannon, Marie Coolc, Betty ....... Copeland. Kay .... Dodds, Robert ................ Donaldson. Howard ...... Dougherty. William ...... Dougherty, Virginia ...... ..... Duncan. Jaclc .............. Durand, Louise ....... Dustan, Kathleen ... Hampton. Betty May .... ......,....... Hanawalt, Franlc ,,,......,.... 53 61 Hanawalt, Ruth .... 27, 47. 55, 75 Hansen, Bergitte .,,.......,,,,,,.,,,,,,, Hanson, Clair ................,,, , ,,,,, , Hanson, Victoria ..... .....,... Hardy, Beth ........., ,,..,,,, 6 1 Hardy, Rolaert ...... .....,,, I 9 Hart, Jeanette ....,, ,,,.,.,, 2 5 Hartley. Ruth ........ ...,,,,,,,.,,,,, Hartman. Doris ..............,. 19 60 Hartman. Rosalind ..........,,,, Harvey, Nvarren ..... ...... Hata, Jaclc ............................ Hathaway, Charlotte ....,,..,.,, Hatch, Janet .... 19, 52. 44, 47 Hawlcinson. Irma ........ Haynes, Blanche .......,.. 6. 23 Duvall, Lola ........ .....,.,..,, Dyer, Chester ......... 27. Eden, Olive .......... .........,,. Eisenhower, Janis Elliott. Robert ...... Ellis, George ........... Englund. Wesley ...... Evans. Kathryn ....... Fen gler, Austin ,... ,.......... Fielder, Gordon ....... Folsom, Helen .... Foote, Phyllis ........ Foreman, Lee ...... Foss. Catherine . ...... ........... Frank, James ........ ......... 2 5 Freeman. Arthur ..... . ............... .. Furlong. Kathryn ..... Gaddis, Fontelle ..... Gagliardi. Norma ....... Gale, Louise ........ Gannon, Patricia ..... Gaume. Leo ........ Gee. Vvillarcl ............... Gerstmann, Herman .... Gessaman. Helen ....... Gibson. Mariam ..... Gilstrap, Marilyn ..... Giltner, Richard ..... Heaton, Betty .....,,..., .,......,, Heaton, John R ........ Heaton, Robert .......,.. ..,, Hedberg. Robert ..........,.....,, Henderson. Lawrence ...... 1 5 75 47 53 Hennig. Mrs. Virginia ............ Hess, Robert .,,..,,,,,,,,,,, Heuston, Paul ......... Hiclcs, Douglas .... Hill, Lois ........... Hill, Tom, Jr ......... Hine, John ............... Hite, Helen Anne ......... Hoheim, Jack ........ Holmes, Vvarren ..... Hopkins. Evan ...... Hornshuh, Fred ....... Horr, Shirley ........ Hass, Dorothy A ...... Hoss, Francis ........ Howe, Patrick ...... Howard, Dorothy .................... Hudsung Jane ......................--.. Gjulca, Lucia ....,................,..., Gould, Walter ..... ....... Graham, Betty Jane .... 2 7, 44, Hungerford, Ed. ........ 15,16, Hughes, Lola .. ...,,.,......,.,.,,,,, ,, lrle, Betty ..........,................... Irle, Margarita .,......,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,, 25, 44. 45, 46, 52, 55. 60, Jacohson, Barbara .................. Jamieson, Lyle ............ 15, 16, Jarvis, Richard ..,........,,,,.,,,,,,., Jaylco. Louise .....,,.,........... IS, Jelusich, Mary Anne ........,. 19 Jensen, Myron ................ Jensen, Odeena ....... Jinguji, Yoshiye ....... Jolalo, Richard ..........,.. Johnson. Mary Frances .... Graham. Eleanor ............. Grahn, Edgar .............................. Grancllund. Ed .....,................ Grandlund, Katherine ......,........... Gray. Neil ...,.............. Graytueal, Jaclc ......... Green, Janice .............. Greiwe. Ann Louise ....,... Hagen, Vincent ............................ Hager, Mary Katherine .,..,,..., , ...........,................. 25, 4 6, 48 Hale. Nathan ............,................... Johnson, Patricia ......... Johnson. Tholo ....... 55 25 25 23, 25. 80 19, 19. 52 28 Jolly, Bolo .............. ........ Jonas, Sherman ,...... .. ....... . Jones, Betty .......... ......... 1 9 Jones. Marcea ...................... Judd. Virginia ............ 23, 46 60 47 Justman. Lorraine ............... Haley. Ted ......... .................. Haley, Richard .... Hall, Eugene .,.... Hamilton, Roloert ........ Hammar. Esley Jane. ....... 86 Kath, Marguerite ..... ........... 2 5 Kawano. Yoshiteru .......... 15 20 Kazda. Nluriel ............................. Keene, Patricia .... 25, 44, 45, 46 Ketlelcr, Forrest .,....,,,......,.....,,,,, Kellogg. Britt ........... ............. Kincaid, Gertrude ....... .27 Kleiner, Herman ..... ........ 2 5 Koehler, .lane ...... ......... Wagner, Marjorie ........ Koivisto. Vvilliam Krogh, Rictiarcl .... Kurose. Hotsuyc ..... Kutcher, Helen ......... La Fleur, Floycl ....... ........ Lamlca, Donalcl ....... .............. Langclon, Sylvia ..... .,....., 2 5, Lanser, Joe ............ ................. 2 5, Lantz, John ....... Larsen, Byron ...... ......., 2 8, Larson, June .... . Lea, James .. ........ Leggee. Jack ........ ............... Lemm. Anabell ........................................ 64 Lewis, Marijane .... ......... 2 6, 48. Lidren, Suzanne ...... ........................ Lilleberg, Kahler .............................. Lincoln, Mary Catherine ........ 26. Loft, Eclwin ............. ....... .................... 2 3 Lottness, Robert ....... Lottness, Sonya ....... Lolclcen. Roy ............. Lowther. Franlc ....... Lundvall, Ralph ..,..... Lutz, Rollancl ................. Macvvhirter, Hugh ..... Madden, William ...... ltlagill, Patricia ....... Mamlock, Earl ..........,. ............,,. 2 6 Mann, Esther ........................ 28 Marlcusen, Eclwarrl ....... .......... Martin, Maureen ..... Marvin, Franklin ..... Mason, Shirley ............... ..,......,.. 2 8 lvlaycomber, Robert ................ 32 Maylott, Asa ......................... Mccrea, Ruth ............ 24, 52. Mccullougti, Hazel ...,................ MCEHChrBn, ....................... McGuire, .laclc .................. Motfcan. Dorothy VV. ............... . McKenzie. Mildred ................ 20 McLaughlin. William ............ 52 McLean, Florence ....................... McMaster, George E. ,lr ............. Meeci. Margaret ................ Meredith, Doris' .......... ........ Middleton. Naylor ...................... ........26 5 Miller Miller. Miller, Miller. Miller. Allen T ................. Annabel .......... I 5. ......20 20, 37 Eclwarcl .......................... Enid ,......... Jack ...... ......... E155 Misner, Anita . ..... ......... Mitchell, George .............. 15, 20. Moberg, Winston ............ Mottett, Elmer ......... ............24 Moles, Robert .................. 28, 52 Montgomery, Warren ................ Moore, Jacqueline ...................... Morse, .............................. Morton, Mary Elizabeth ..... Mulligan, Marie ........ 15.20. Mulvany, Kenneth .,..............................,. 28 Munelcato. Roy ....... ............ Munson, Don ......,. ., Murnen. Jean ......... .. Murphy, Donalcl ..... ...., Murphy, Roy ........................ Musser. Richarol .................... Myiers, Mary Elizabeth ................ Nelson, Evans ................... ........ Ness, .lane ......................... ........ NCWSCllWHUdEr, Clllilrlei ........,.... Nicola, Margaret ............... Norman. Pomla .............. O'Conner, Betty .lean ............ Ogclen, .lane .......................... Ogden. Mary ........ 24.44, 45, Omori, Kcigie ........................ Omori, Yosliiye ....... ......... Oxholm, Axel H ........ , .. Oyanagi, Kenji ,......... Oyanagi, Vvaictii ...... ......... Palmer, Davicl ..... ...... - ....... Paulson. James ................ 24, Perry, .laclc ........... .......... 2 O, Pesacreta, Rose M .............. ......... Peterson, Betty .lane .... 15, 16, 20 Peterson. Ethel ............................ 481' 55. 'ffl ......... mai -26, ..2O. 54 58 Perry, Malcom ,........... .... ............ 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Simpson. Pegge .,...........,................,......... 5, 26, 44, 45, 47, Sloa t. Richard .................................... 42. Smiley. Herbert ....... Smitti, V. .lean ......... Socler. Gorclnn ..,...... Soinila, Gertrucle ..... 87 Sommer, Doris ............................. 44, 45, 45, 47, 61 Sonneniann, Ruth .....,...... 26, 48 Sorenson. .lane ............................. Spring, Emily ..... ....... Stabbert, James ... Stacey. Allred ..... ................. Starkey, Nrvally .......................... Steele, Peggy .............. 26, 46. 47 Stendal, Noreen .......................... Stenson, .lanice ..................,....... Stephenson. Don Carlos .... Stewart, VVilliam ..,..... Stone, Shirley ........... Stute, Yvilliam ........... ..,.... Swansonf Charles ..,.. .,..... Swayne. Ellen ....,... Tart, Frances ...... . Taylor, Rutht ..,.... Thompson, .lane ......... Thompson, Peggy ,,.,. Thompson. William .... ... Tliralls, Betty ........ ....... 24 Tllune, l...ClBl'1d .........,. ,.. Tliwaites, Christine ,.,... ....... 59 Tinlrcom. Vvilbur F ......,.......... Toclct, Ruth Pauline ,............. ...... 54 24, 44, Thorp. William ,.........,.....,......... Tostevin. James ......... .............. Towne. Patricia ......... .,..... Ticgiming, William .... ....... 2 4 Trentman. Charles ...... Truselo, Stephen ....... Tuclcer. Williani ....... Utterback, Raleigh ...... Uyeda, .lune ............... Van Atta. Betty .lo ..... Van Camp, .lim ...,... ....... Vanclevere, Wesley ....... ........ Van Slylce, Forrest ...... ....... 2 6 Varnes, Adolph ....... ...,... Varnes, lvtargaret ..... ........ Veith, Lucille ...... .....,.,... Venn, Franlt ..... ..,........... Victor. George ........ ....... 2 7. 29 Vimont, Richarcl ,.,, .,,.,. , Vval-camatsu. Sliigeo .... Vvallcer, Norman ....... Walter, Frank .....,.. ........... Walter. James ........... .............. Warne, Eleanor .............. 21, 76 Warner, Betty Jean ..................,. Warner, Ed ....,...........,,,.. . Warner, Russell ..............,......... Wasserman, Betty Anne .......,..., Watte, Emery ......,...........,.. .... Vvatterman, Esther ....., ....... Webb, Carol ............. ....... Webb, Deborah ....... ....... 2 4 Wegener. Anita ,...... .,..... Westman, June ...... Wible. Peggy ........ Vvillong, Ttiurlow ..... Vvillielmi. Robert ..,......... Yvillcinson, Marian .....,........,,,,.. Vviltschlto, Helen ...... 22, 44 Wiltse, Virginia ....................., Winskill, Edward ..,............... Wittren, Doris ............ 24, 47, Woods, Kathryn .................... ..................26, 44, 45, 47, 61, Vvoocls, lVluriel 15, 22, 44, 47, 45 54 is 75 Yamamoto, Margaret ...........,,...,, York, James ................ 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" Medical Arts Building MAin l42l . 96 As you As you part in your planning and Working Pacific, vides a insured savings account. ,face your future - - face your future, let thrift have its very important and playing. a Federal Mutual Institution for Savings, pro- saie and profitable place for tile building of an PACIFIC lst FEDERAL SAVINGS ' ond Loan Association of Seattle 1 Eugene Portland llth at Pacific Avenue Bellingham IT'S SMART 4 TO USE COMPLETE i GAS SERVICE Washington Gas 81 Electric Headquarters for QUALITY DIAMONDS WATCHES and IEWELRY 'for over 50 years Co. 10ti1 and A Streets-'Tacoma M I Puyallup Auburn Sumner 1105 Broadway Established 1889 ' 97 . . CONGRATULATIONS to the class of 1941 . . It has been a pleasure to make the portraits for this annual. Many ' thanks and lots of good iuclc. Parents and Friends: For your photographic neecis patronize our modern ground floor stuciio. Tacoma owned and operated. Graduation Portraits ' O Child Photography Family Groups V Wedding Specialists Home Portraits The KRUG-LUTZ STUDIO 762 Broadway MAin 4495 Opp. Winthrop Hotel "Personality Portraits of Particular People at Popular Prices" A SPRENGER JONES Watches - jewelry - Diamonds I I47 Broadway BRoadway 4375 THE. HALF-WAY HOUSE ,Tl-IE MOST POPULAR PLACE FOR YOUNG AND OLD ON Tl-IE HIGHWAY 98 MOORE'S RIALTO THEATER EXTENDS ITS BEST WISI-IES TO EACH MEMBER OF TI-IECLASS OF '4l GTI CONGRATULATES C. P. S. ON ITS GROWTH T " Y E il EASTMAN KODAK STORES Headquarters for ' Fine Developing and Printing Enlarging Everything Photographic 910' Broadway ' . Tacoma, Wash. STUDENTS! . I Sweaters of Quality ' BOTH FOR CLASS C7 EMBLEM . sr 5 Q 934 commerce St. I MAin 6581 ,Qufkfy Knitting Co. HAYDEN -WATSON Florists if g if PROMPT Cv RELIABLE SERVICE Reasonable Prices for Artistic Work H. A. KLOEPPER, Mgr. 256 So. Iith Street MAin 0300 D A M M E I E R PRINTING CO. 8I I Pacific Avenue MAin I065 99 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION WE WELCOME THE OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE TI-IE STUDENTS, FACULTY AND ORGANIZATIONS OF TI-IE COLLEGE OF PUGET SOUND PUGET SOUND NATIONAL BANK OF 'rAcoMA Main Office, III9 Pacific Avenue , Broadway Branch, 95.3 Broadway Lincoln Branch, 3808 So. Yakima :V Q ,- 'WE ALAN MAURMANN JEWELER Elgin - Hamilfon - Gruen Wa+ches 905 Broadway MAin 8308 Do'ubIes Horseshoe Champs T I lT'S f Payson .S Bevington's 0 Where the Co-Eds Trlple X X X - SI"lOp 924 Puyallup Ave. . '. For . . T2 GOOD EATS AFTER ALL AFFAIRS Triple XXX Roof Beer Feafured 939 B"0adWaV Curb Service aI' All Times " f l ' Lv. I ' ,q X u - A if .1 ,. --- -iuurrv-Y ' . ' , X Y i , Swim , i I i i ii Viiiv' , ' , , i ' A' " " ' CONGRATULATIONS . . . . Your Photographers of Faculty and Student Activities For the IQLH TAMANAWAS . . Zfurucr Kiehards - "l6'06 and Nelson 'f 724 PACIFIC AVE. COMMERCIAL PHOTO SERVICE BROADWAY 14631 AUTOGRAPHS Q A 1 Nvrfh zvacwv Hank Nota Hampauy . . . Pu!1H.s'l1er.s' af 1941 zllWI6ll4llWtlS AUTOGRAPH Plastic Binding Licensee No 93 U. S. Patent No I9702B5 lu 4. M j.: "' ' . -."- N- 3 K.. 1 h"'!' if-gf, h. Nm' ,avi .,,':. 59... 'lo '- . '-.' K I.-I.. A Q 1 , ,xg 4' .1 'L t ,Ax-?iE?4" -6 :"f3-12 K 'N - . ' ,nv 5 ' . , 35:-.5-5 -I blur. sri in . 4 J f - A ' . ' wr , . . s ' 1,-. 9.5 . 14' . 'ra' ,., -3 A - , 1 -'Q , v- 1 -. -, ' 'F--,' aw- , . .- Lgw ' ' t ' ' A '- f.. if Q, i .I - NL A , A ,K A - 1 ' .,, - .,y.g . V' q I- -. 1 ' x V., 11-J' .a ' ilu. ' - 'r fw- f A ,..-'-Q.: 'v .V 1 ..-v v , ,in . ' -, -.. ax, , ,4 . , 1 A. ,Q :gg X - 5 - 1 !:3"5"""f1. f -' ,- . f. - 1- . ., , f I wah, 5, . .a -3' P' .-:,.y'. n. .5 g5.i,f.L '14 ,, , I f ..,-,Am .P sisxf. .V 'H N a . 1 at , 'fiigft - A wr. AF . 1 '. Ga.-5 ., ' 1 ".f ,. ,,., j 'ffh'-'ze . ., .v.-"Y?f,:2- K X 1 u H9,,W." is 45,1 P X '4.'?',-4, :N Irv- W4 Lljfwhg' f u " 4 ., 1. ,, , ,- ,4 X, X. ,JJ fl. , L f , V Nr-' 'a ' .. pr rx. 'ff .6 ' Y '. ' I , -' ,g ---,f 1f. V, V' nf-116 .nb rf- V . ,'L'npv ' V. W KZ, 5 ,,,,.,,.:. .1 LA 1' ' .. zu' 1 1 l ,.: I A F J lv r K, 7 f'1 4- I 1,.,.,..' w, -fir '5 ' ,. . f ,-1 1 . : J . oy, L... Y P , -' , r"":i fl!" 'DSN 'V yt' ft. . Q' - K. , M ff M :H f 1 ,mx 'Ewing H - in 'r - q.1 A. ,fy -A' H M if 1? ,,, NJ. Y ...ll ,. f'.1' 43' -Q f. ,f jzigrf ' . ,, I, 197, ,wg .' . 1,r Y' . s,-',- .RSM . , .Jaw ...f Iggy' ':1:.,1:5.L.:L:rz L' q 2,. I H , i j , W , , , . , , ' - ' Z." " "" .. H J , .. A H . . .. .. -E I' M . , . , . .- H , V , ,,....,............... - ....,.......,.....,..,, .:1,.h V,, r ,,,-.-,: J ,,,...-,,,,1,a,?,,-.,,f.,,f 5 ,Lf ' "N "-H -f-'Wh---AM --'--f-wf---- --- M - W--A-----V- -. 7-7, M- , -. . . ,, ,- , M H ,N , f .Q -- '-,hi fy-1 ' ' A"Q-W--"0-A' '---WV A- -fr - Y, 3,-1.1 Q. U rl ., i .F,.,--H' ' , fi- u"'Q9 Qr - ---Z. O -:IL --i ' .4 1 F I v 1 I V 1 V 1 r 1 r ami, ,, 7 5344 ' 'lj-Q Y iw 1 , Y 5 , . 1, -'f '- 5 .1 'r1'N - . Q 1 .f , . ' -'fi--K-H -- - , . "-""'T -t :: an Qybjf' .: . -.Wm .,.-xgifqqrf. 4 Y' 4, if I :I M. J 'J , I. 1. ' 1 I Q 5. ,F A . 3 . ,IV ei gal, nf' : ' .v, QQ, .FV xr' w !J P L" 6.1 I! L 'iv L . F5 gil' QR. JW! P 'Nm I l' V 5511 fi nl iff 'E 3h ,.. QV M. wg? , 1? ,. 5211 .7531 v I-5 , .9 . "2W'fw -Q-.f EH , ., ,,, 1 w r- f V. wf, M . u '. Z , . F' A I ': -E 5' J Si. Q Qi? 3 if 0 ': Y' Q ,la 3 f xv? U : Q IH: ! Q, ,gf . ff if 5- A . , ,.. , y .g- H A W 1 ff, Fix, I vga ' lf! ' 411' Q NF 'Z' ,- :, .I ,H je , I , 12:5 - 1' Qi I. ,F . A '."' 5 H V. ,, . I fp ' 3? E' f- 1 f 5 ' VI, , 3 l ., in if 1 Q1 Il 3.3, W! 3' 5 u i v gr, FV . , fl gi. 1 My '- f Ml L. iw? X, Q, X i F R, ,' ' 4 14, I, VE' ' ,ff 1,' ,Fl " ,J , 11,1 :l 1 gi '-- , ,.,. iz- ' L'-" N .f I, L: J k. ', M , . . X A 1

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