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University Preparatory School - Tassakooma Yearbook (Laramie, WY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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gQ - Y H - --.-.vw -f-4-f1-----v?--r--f----Q-.Tq.,- , - ,Mb Y A . ,H , , .i....., ,. .,5M0yzg0kaz'f TAYLO PUBLISHING COMPANY LL TX . DA AS, X E AS 7aylu-nada mnwyensn vmnooxs UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL 1952 Laramle Wyommg ""xx .5 M Pnntlng by TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY Specxal Photography by LUDWIG STUDIO X 9 X I Wx I Q3 vuwalstaff Edttor Busmess Manager Adverttsmg and Art Asslstant Adverttsmg Asststant Art Actxvmes Edxtors Sports Edttor Snapshot Edttor Assrstant Snapshot Edttor Wtll Prophecy Sponsor EDITOR S NOTE SALLY HUNTER DELANO DINELLY YVONNE GATES CARMEN SLY VIOLE'I' SMITH JACK WALLIS JOHN DUNNEWALD RONNIE FLOERKE PAUL FREYTAG JAMES RYAN DARRELL RASMUSSEN MARY ANN JOHNSON MR. HITCH Puttrng out thts year s annual has been a lot of work but also a lot of fun We ve trxed to make the 1952 YEARLING better than ever Wap To the boys who have done so much for the Umversny I-hgh School we dedncate the 1952 YEARLING They have not only brought much pubhclty to the school but by then slull and above all good sportsmanshlp they have gwen a new spmt to those of us who cheer them on o 1 I Q A C SCHWIERING Dean of College of Education L R. KILZER Head of Secondary Education MQINCIPALS MESSAGE ,alb- QQWMVAWUWIVPV From the desk of LOUIS A BRAGG Un1vers1ty'H1gh School W 1' Laramle, yomlng ,gwi 951 l952 has been one of challenge Not The school year of l all of our problems have been solved, but there has been a great deal of progress I I It has been a pleasure to work w1th the student body of the t ear We offer best wlshes Unlverslty Hlgh School thls pas y l 52 Thelr experlen MH' 4 and congr hel ful to them 1n the years a e 1' Sv' f 'J 1 -0 J f a 0 J x v' f 43556 ces here should prove p W e are looklng forward to many good and profltable experlen ces w1th those of you who w1ll remaln wlth us We shall work together for the betterment of all by profltlng from our mls X takes and successes of the past Slncerely yours , A 9 UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL ,-wdxg-1471 Louls A Bragg, Prlnclpal A , -ggqyg 1 1 C' Q, Mff N44 l'Ni! ifffv axial Xdfwbggfebyzgpt I Q f 7 IU ' 1 .lgligh , fl Y In S - . 0 ' V fy, atulations to the seniors of 9 . ' ' - ggi ' h ad. xtf C I . 0 . . . 1 ' ' Q23 . - -' A :Q , . . . - ' gff ' 3" y - .152 5 - ' 1 - ' kg: . . ' I ' , 4 . . . 'P J- . .. ' . ,. 'ff I . I F " " "' I . . if -: x 7 ' Y s" . 1,. 41 T 31 A 7 ,E f ga, 'L H GLENNIE BACON M Qf 6' RUTH ADAMS - Secretary My ,Aff WM iffy ,111 W7 WMM T 000000001 000000000 00000090 AAIIIII I G ELGIN BAILEY B Ed ath : YPEVH 'lx 'V' V uiness uc ' . .P' V HA RRY CARNINE Instrumental Mus1c THEODORE BUTLER Vocatronal Trades HELEN CARNINE Librarian EUGENE COTTLE Socxal Studmes EDNA FURNESS Languages Zhi GUY FRA NC K Sclence 4? ROBERT HITCH Commerce DOROTHY MACMILLAN Gul s Physical Educauon fuu- fn-is RUTH LINDER Geography MAY VAN DEUSEN Home Economics SALLY WASSUM Vocal Musxc LAURENCE WALKER Engllsh DONALD WIEST Art 1 GERTRUDE GOULD School Nurse GERTRUDE BOYD Guldance 'Q T? 5 7 W FH., x mains 1 BETTY SHERMAN Transferred from Loveland Colorado 3 Pep Club 3 Glee Club 3 Homecommg and Sweetheart Queen 3 Class Presldent 4 DARRELL RASMUSSEN Class Treasurer 1 2 3 Dramaucs Club 1 2 3 4 National Thespians 2 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Secretary 4 Chorus 2 3 H1 Y Club 1 2 3 4 Treasurer3 4 Boys State 3 Basketball Manager 1 2 3 Letterman s Club,1 2 3 4 Paper Staff 2 3 Scrence Club 1 2 3 4 V P 2 Presrdent Hlstory Club 3 Soc1al Committee 4 Pep Club 2 National Honor Soclety 3 4 Vrce Presxdent 3 Student Body President 3 4 RONNIE FLOERKE Basketball 1 2 3 4 Football 2 Letterman s Club 2 3 4 Svnmmmg 2 I-li Y Club 1 4 Dramaucs Club 1 2 3 4 National Thespians 3 4 V1ce Presrdent 4 F F A Ch0l'l1S 3 Paper Staff 3 Annual Staff 4 Social Committee 3 4 Presrdent 4 Student Councrl 3 4 C lass Treasurer 4 L L I ' . . I ' "-"' f ' 3 wt ii , .6- Basketball 1 2 3 4 Manager Football 2 Letterman s Club 1 2 3 4 H1 Y Club 1 2 3 4 V1ce Presrdent 2 Presrdent 4 Dramatlcs Club 1 2 3 4 Natronal Thesprans 2 3 4 Presrdent 4 VICE Presrdent Hrstory Club 3 Ban 1 2 3 4 Chorus 2 3 Paper staff 2 3 Annual Staff 4 Pep Club 1 2 3 Natlonal Honor Society sOC18l Committee 4 Student Councrl 1 3 4 Class Vrce Presrdent 2 34 YVONNE GATES Chorus 1 2 Scrence Club 2 3 Vrce Presrdent 2 Pep Club 1 2 3 Secretary 2 Dramatics Club 2 Nanonal Honor Soclety 3 4 Secretary 3 Correspondrng Secretary Hrsrory Club 3 Annual staff 4 Paper Staff 3 4 Edrtor 3 Class Vrce Presrdent 3 4 txt we X X MEGAN TYNDALL Transferred from Lander 4 Pep Club 4 Class Secretary 4 lf If 0 , - . ' DELANO DINELLY 5 dh . . . ' ' c 2 MARGI BARNES Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Pep Club 2 F H A 1 2 4 Paper Staff 3 4 Band 1 Dramatlcs 2 3 4 National Thespxans 4 CARL CINNAMON Ban 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 Lettemman s Club 2 3 4 CLAYTON DIXON J from Newcastle 4 I SALLY HUNTER Paper Staff 2,3 4 Class Presldent 1 Student Councll 1 2 National Honor Soc1ety 3 4 Pep Club 1 2 3 4 Presrdent 1 Secretary Treasurer 4 Secretary Treasurer Hrstory Club 3 Dramancs 1 2 3 4 Nat1onalThesp1ans 2 3 4, Secretary Treasurer 3 4 Chorus 1 2 3 G1rls State 3 Annual Editor 4 DONALD DODSON Transferred from Hanna 3 Basketball 3 JOHN DUNNEWALD Basketball 1 2 3 4 Swimming 2 Chorus 3 4 Hi Y Club 3 4 'UM MARY ANN JOHNSON Class V1ce Presldent 1 F H A Reporter 1 Pep Club 1 2 4 Glee Club 2 4 Paper Staff 4 PAUL FREYTAG Scmence Club 1 2 3 4 TreaSl11'el' 2 Dram aucs 1 Wrestlmg 2 GORDON JONES Hi Y Club 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Football 2 Swimmlng 1 2 3 4 Letterman s Club 1 2 3 4 UMM' PEGGY IO MAY Class Secretary 1 Chorus 1 2 3 4 Sextet 2 Tr1o 3 4 Band 3 4 Dramaucs 1 2 3 4 Thesplans 3 4 Pep Club 1 2 3 4 STANLEY LANCASTER F F A 1 2 3 4 V1ce Presldent Swlmmmg 1 Football 3 as kgs JOHN LOCKHART H1 Y Club 1 2 3 4 F F A 1 2 3 4,Secretary3 4 Football 2 Letterman s Club 3 4 , if-1 ' 1 'f K MARION NORTHROP Transferred from Laramre High 4 Pep Club 4 .TERRY MOORE Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4 Football 2 Letterman s Club 1 2 3 Dramatics 1 2 3 4 Nauonal Thespians 3 Prestdent History Club 3 Sc1ence Club 3 Class Vice Presrdent 1 Class Presldent 2 3 Vxce Presrdent Student Body 4 National Honor Socrety 3 4,V1ce Presrdent 3 Band 1 2 3 4 Presrdent 3 Chorus 2 3 President 3 Boys'State 3 Paper Staff 3 4 DON RACE Transferred to U Chorus 3 F F A Basketball 4 Swimming 4 Football 3 'VS Um? ARCHIE SANCHEZ. Transferred from Wrestlrng 3 aram re H1 gh 2 CARMEN SLY Transferred from Newcastle 4 Pep Club 4 F H A 4 Songleader4 Paper staff 4 Annual Staff 4 VIOLET SMITH Transferred from Eden 1 Band 3 Glee Club 3 F.H.A. 3, 4,H1stor1an 4 Annual Staff 4 A I Chorus 4,Sectiona1 Leader 4 . . . , Ng L . . '31- JACK WALLIS Band 1 2 3 4 Presrdent 4 Chorus 2 3 4 Presrdent 4 Scrence Club 1 H1 Y Club 2 3 4,V1ce Pres1dent4 Natronal Honor Socrety 3 4 Football 2 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Letterman s Club 4 Sw1mm1ng 2 3 4 Paper Staff 3 Class Reporter 2 -x 35 So CAROLE THOMPSON Science Club 1 2 Glee Club 1 3 4 A 1 Pep Club 1 2 3 4 Presxdent 4 Paper Staff 3 4 Natronal Honor Socrety 3 4 Dramatxcs Club 2 3 4 Natlonal Thesplans 4 JUNE WHITE Transferred from Wheatland 4 t I Q F.H. . ,2,4 'C 5 L ,Q 3 .4 'R UA A 1 2 Reporter 1 JOHN MCCALLISTER Transferred from Mc Fadden 4 PHOTOGRAVH N0 7' AVAIL ABL 6' Sem 2 3 4 123 Football 1 2 1 ' n K. f 11 'Loaf I f CHARLES COULTHARD X ,gl Q3 F.F. . , ,3,4 1 ' y C255 f lm wad! ffm '7eazfmmf We the Senror Class of 1952 berng of sound mrnd?? hereby declare thrs our last wrll and testa ment MARGIE B wrlls her suspenders to Harry Carnrne SALLY H wrlls her abrlrty? to tell Jokes? to Larry S CAROLE T wrlls her sophrstrcatron and 9th street hrll to Sylvra M PEGGY I M wrlls her yellow convertrble to Sylvra M STANLEY L and JOHN L leave for the wrde open spaces PAUL F wrlls hrs superror grades rn Englrsh to Teddy G YVONNE G and MEG T wrll therr booth at the OLE CORRAL to Marrlyn D DON R, wrlls hrs abrlrty to get along wrth student teachers to Verne A DEE D wrlls hrs abrlrty to make money on basketball trrps to Floyd S RONNIE F romeo of U H S wrlls hrs luscrous grrls to Bob B BETTY S and VIOLET S wrll therr colds to Mrss Gould DARRELL R, wrlls hrs rdeas and oprnrons of the faculty to anybody who wrll lrsten GORDON J wrlls hrs abrlrty to look sleepy on the basketball floor to Hughl DON D leaves because he never came anyway CARL CINNAMON wrlls hrs love for I H to Tom V CHARLES and ED C wrll therr cowboy hats to Mr Cottle and Mr Franck JACK W wrlls hrs super rntellrgent look to John Crrssman MARY ANN J wrlls her blond curly locks to Eleanor J CARMEN S wrlls her basketball talents to anyone who wears trght skrrts JERRY M wrlls hrs abrlrty to keep a car srx months to Hugh J JOHN D wrlls hrs shyness to Mr Hrtch ARCHIE S wrlls hrs black curly harr to Dr Bragg JOHN Mc wrlls hrs srster to all the romeos of Prep ROSEMARY D wrlls her love for Prep to Jrm Ryan . 1 ' Aa . . I I ' I D I I C I l I lol ' 4 1 U D 1 I O - b b I Q ------- - ----.'---- - I ' . n l I 0 O ' . U I I O I n I . A 9 '50 PRO Pl-l ECY The semor class of 1952 w1l1 long be remembered as a class of umted thought efforts and achlevements fapplausej l the author of the current best sellrng book HIGHER SOCIAL STANDARDS for BOVARIAN OWLS SUFFERING from AMNESIA therefore consrder xt a prrvrlege and hrgh honor to predrct the future of thrs humble benrgnant and prodrgrously learn ed group of homo saprens who soon w11l drssolve relatronshrp as a class and go out rnto the world to frnd a means of satrsfactory survrval ln other words they wrll lrve off the fat of the land fuproarrous applausej JOHN LOCKHART an ambrtrous agrrcultural student wrll ard scrence with the drscovery of a palatable varrety of sawdust STAN LANCASTER w1l1 become head bouncer at the world famous Carnegre Hall ED and CHARLES COULTHARD are destrned to frnd fame rn the movres as the 20th Century versron of the Dalton Brothers DON RACE wrll become captarn of Laramre s polrce force He wrll later become crty treasurer PAUL FREYTAG wrll garn fame rn the fteld of Professronal Football YVONNE GATES wrll spend her lrfe as warden of Alcatraz Krller Gates always gets her man BETTY SHERMAN wrll become rmmortal through polrtrcs A member of the antr everythrng party she wrll become presrdent rn 1976 SALLY HUNTER IS destrned the world s greatest evangelrst She wrll conduct her revrvals under a sassafras tree rn Southern Alabama JOHN DUNNEWALD foremost authorrty on the art of rabbrt shootrng wrll cause the lrterary world to go rnto hystencs wrth hrs astoundrng speeches on brg game krllrng JERRY MOORE wrll frnd hrmself a master rn mathemaucs The Moore Theorem wrll confuse hrs students for frfty years JACK WALLIS wrll frnd acclarm rn the lrterary world as a wrrter of western adventures for soapbox operas CLAYTON DIXON w1l1 become a champlon bronc buster ARCHIE SANCHEZ w1ll follow hrs fondest dreams and become an Englrsh teacher MEGAN TYNDALL w1l1 be vlctorrous at Professional wresthng DON DODSON wrll become a crusader agarnst the use of lrquor for medicrnal purposes DARRELL RASMUSSEN S lrfe wxll be dedrcated to ownrng a loan company for the benefrt of certarn classmates DELANO DINELLY after graduatronwtll become the successor to Walt Drsney s Uncle Scrooge RONNIE FLOERKE wrll lead a peaceful lrfe as a brgamrst He wrll also be the brg man rn the murder rncorporated racket GORDON JONES w1l1 assrst Mr Guy Franck rn scrence at the Unrversrty I-hgh School VIOLET SMITH w1ll Just settle down and lead a peaceful lrfe rarslng her thrrty seven chrldren CAROLE THOMPSON a sprrrted young gul wrll become a crgarette grrl at Yankee Stadrum MARGI BARNES will operate a used car lot 1n Bosler Wyomrng PEGGY IO MAY wrll become a singer in Floerke s Temple of Lost Souls JOHN MCCALLISTER rs destrned to be a 50C1311IC ln Boston CARL CINNAMON wrll enjoy a complete monopoly on the sale of toy trams MARY ANN JOHNSON wrll be star halfback on the Colorado State Teacher s College football team I I ' ' u ' I I av - - I I I I I l . I I . n Q . . . , . . . . - - n f n a . . . . ,, . . ,, . - ' o . . , . . . . Q ' . 0 . . . . . ,, ,, . . . . o . Q , , . . . . . . . . , ,, , Q . . . . . ,, . ,, . 4 . 4 1 ' Q g Q 9 n . . . n a Q - I s CARMEN SLY will narrate radio's most fascinating round table discussions, Thus having made my personal predictions for all the Seniors of University High School, I will leave you with this one reminder. If you appreciate good literature, turn to page Five Hundred Sixty Seven in the current issue of Life, and read my tiuthorimtive article entitled., "The Ups and Downs ofa Purple Gazelle. " Thank you, Professor l. M. Befuddled Page sponsored by the POPE ELECTRIC and APPLIANCE COMPANY it 'Swv I OA NN MCGAW Secretary CAROL PORTER VERNE ANDERSON Presrdent V1ce Presrdent M01 DONNA MCMICHAEL MARY JO QUEALY Student Councxl Representatives CA ROLE SETTELE Treasurer we H . . n . 1 1' 'Q R GEORGIA BRAGG BOB BRUCE X MARILYN DOUGLAS TED GILBERT DON IOHNST N HUGH JONES ,N ' 7 v' . ' N ,. A fa? 1,4-Q A 2 , Off? "l ' Why 0 WILMA MILLER SYLVIA MOORE MARY LOUISE OTT 1 DONNA MARIE PoTTs A .Q 'Na JAMES RYAN MARK SMITH . TQ, V , ', lf:-Ai f.f"f?' ' 43 Rf A . pu lg fi V L I 1 4' .. E F A Q cg X Agua 1 f 711' g- . 'js ff' ' JOHN CRISSMAN QQ X'4'5'x9lJW LOUIS VIALPANDO JOHN WILLE Z3 Q FRA NK SANCHEZ C y MELVIN MCLA UGHLIN Vw fl! I , f 'J ' I , 1 V. ' lx I -5 S O df O' 'ar , 'W 4 V 6 g bww P21 :F '1,J"', f ,fy flxgri , iii 7 ,M Avi? igiv .411--kg -ff" g v f VM--lu V f. . mi. O 1 x 6.1! .K -' V ' ' 4 K if 172407410205 .'- HHN I 1 4' N X tx. fr 1 X L! 5-frxfyg, 0.1 ugly-X M Mfcwzivg Q7f-'41-J lluytx ,WML J Maxme Robtnson Tom Vogt Secretary Student Councxl Representatxve Rlchard Rasmussen Student Councxl Representauve X LX. Melmda Daly 'Cf Treasurer IBU6 Balley Douglas Brown Yvonne Erickson Dan Gates X. ..- f I , 1 4 I I J ' A u G n QA-74' A - 4, rms e L 9 ' .2 L . Og! . f 1,5 ' t1 . . 40' , 'fi' 'I .L if 22 3- ts Ki 'tinge ' it , 'Z A - lffg ,V Clauce Hoffman Eleanor Jackson N Elame Kunkel Gertraude Lem bcke Patsy MCC alhster 'N Barbara jane Moses I Lo1s Neal Ken Race Betty Lou Robbms Larry Sterrett 'U if . 5-0- p v -5 ff' 'S l F351 o f ' -1 :gl , 3 .a l W KR!! RUCY THIIOCR Marilyn Thompson A! me Jlldy Tucker Geraldlne Wallace x.. Nun Phyllls Wallace X U: Q9 15 AXE ,,.fAs9'.."f""' Llllian Sanullanes Harold Johnston Gene Flsk 11m Gay Par Ryan 0 7N 7.f'?5',.,.zmm , ' A X X I-! U U i ilxilzll U l l " xggl We gy. f 5 if QM W4 776:54 facade Front Row B111 Trhen John Dunder Frank Trelease Jrmmy Vance Rudolph Sanchez Ronald Emnch Gene Champlrn Second Row Sharon Edens Peggy Terry Barbara Gowan Sally Markley Ruth Bragg Marsha Jones Mary Margaret Warde Charlotte Heston Thrrd Row Almaruth Wrlmte Darlene Schnerder Glenda Walhs Mr Franck Ann Dunnewald Vrrgxma Wllhams and Flora Shrbata Not prctured Denn1s Campany Ruth Dryer Sheha Gay Monte McCalhster Bonnre Wrlle Presrdent Sally Markley Secretary Barbara Gowan Treasurer Ruth Dryer Student Council Representative Ruth Bragg Sponsor Mr Franck The freshman class had a swxmmrng party rn January '53, wade B t v E X' If ' fr gr . - - I !!,lf' 'Z A ,v7'a. 1 1 . .4 , ' - .Y , , r , Q86 Front Row Carl Cameron Ken Oder Bruce Hoffman Btlly Moore Brlly Bagby Bob Becker Randy Shafer Second Row Catherxne Jebens Barbara Trhen Dave Hrllrer Clytxe LeVasseur Roger Shaffer Janet Serbert Ronnle Franck Norma Johnston V1rg1n1a Iaramtllo Polly Schaffer Thrrd Row Lrnda Wlegman Geraldme Terry Peggy Bruce Stephanie Cottle Pr1sc1lla Bohrer Betty Nothern Earth Green Iamce Hlllzlllga Susan Knouse Pnscxlla Wrrght Barbara Rush Rose Shaffer Barbara Ruckman Patncra Warren Mr Walker Presrdent Roger Shaffer Vice Presrdent Janet Selbert Secretary Clytle LeVasseur Treasurer Dave Hrllrer Student Councrl Representatrve Ronnte Franck Sponsor Mr Walker The e1ghth grade began the year wlth a Hallowe en party In February they worked up a display on Abraham Lrncoln A swrmmrng party was held rn March The whole class partrctpated tn the Laramxe clean up dnve mole 'N Front Row Rosemary Powell Mary Jean Hansen Burns Taft Dollie Stacy Gary Lan caster Beverly Moyle Sally Moses Diana Brown Second Row Glenn Den Jerry Champlm Charles Brinar Don Gates Richard Hensley Udo Gegeney Bobby Neal Jack Gilbert hm Davis Not pictured Emma Jean Breault Phillip LJundah1 Roger Schlump Leonard Woltersdorf and Miss Bacon President Gary Lancaster Vice President Roger Schlump Secretary Leonard Woltersdorf Treasurer Dollie Stacy Student Council Representative Bums Taft Sponsor Miss Bacon The seventh grade was a very active class during this their first year in high school Among their numerous activities were several swimming parties a Valentine dance and a hayride gfamecamwg Zueea S X W J ,Q '55 5. I 14 " 7mm .,3J?I'a Top Row Darrell Rasmussen Mg: Jack Wallis Floyd Shaman Don Race Mark Srmth Verne Anderson Coach Joe Dolan Bottom Row Ron Floerke Dee Dinelly Jerry Moore Gordon Jones John Dunnewald 6406 Top Row Ronald Emnch Tom Vogt Hugh Jones Frank Trealese Bottom Row Coach Dolan Dxck Rasmussen Don Race Rudy Sanchez Page Sponsored by the LARAMIE INVESTMENT COMPANY , 1 f : I 'I I I I ' , . . : . I I I ' nv n '- . . I , . ,. . any , 1 ' . . . . 2 - ' . . . RON FLOERKE Senior 4 'if qi YAL-' 100340229 Y X Cf 5:90 Y' Savane Qvoiidroyo 5 Om Wana Co captains Jerry Moore, left, and Gordon Jones right, with Coach Joe Dolan Both are seniors W6 No 01010 SON DEE DINELLY JOHN DUNNA WALD Senior Senior fandom 71694 7eewv Top Row Bobby Neal Kenneth Oder Ronme Franck Bruce Hoffman Rlchard Hensley Bob Bagby Davxd Hillier Bottom Row Glen Det1 J1mDav1s Carl IIITI Manln Wwdlmg 70401 Top Row larry Sterret John Lockhart Rlley Tadlock Harold Johnson Bottom Row James Ryan Denms Campany Paul Freytag Coach Don Allen Not Shown Louxs Vlalpando Rudy Sanchez W l l Cameron, Jackie Gilbert, Roger Scheafer. Gary Lancaster. Not Shown: Coach WIN LOSS RECORD As thrs page goes to the publrsher everybody IS anxrously awarttng drstrrct and state tournaments ThlS feelmg rs especrally strong thrs year as the Umverslty Hrgh team IS rated by many as the number one Class B team ln the state Prep who at thts t1me owns a 14 4 record has s1x more games to play F1ve of these games Lusk Wheatlnd two wtth Torrrngton and Douglas w1ll really be tough because these teams are rated as some of the best 1n the state Guernsey the slxth game has been struck wrth polro and has lost a couple of star athletes thus weakemng therr team As we already have a 51 37 trrumph over th1s team they don t seem to be too much of a stumblrng block for the htghly touted Preps The drstrrct tournament whxch wrll be held 1n Wheatland w1l1 be just as tough as any drstrrct rn the state Wrth teams lrke defendtng champs Hanna Saratoga Prne two mrnutes to lrve up to therr btllrng of the number one B team Havxng seven senrors on the team the team realrzes that thxs rs the year Havlng played wrth each other for many years and not havrng gotten any further than drstrrct they re krnd of thlrsty for a State Champlonshrp Sports Edxtor Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Rock Rrver Burns Pme Bluffs Superror Green Rxver Guernsey Hanna St Mary s Saratoga Greeley Prep St Mary s Wheatland Burns Saratoga Hanna Prne Bluffs Laramre I-hgh Rock R1ver Bluffs, Lingle, Huntley., and others, the Prep boys will have to fight for a full thirty- 50 ' 54 32 ' 63 ' 48 ' 52 51 48 . ' 33 50 49 . ' 36 48 52 , :gif g . E , ' 1 1 .pf x V 'Hy' If Z6 x 12. . 'ff an-A ,..,. ,nd at N., ,Qi 4-.t nv amy- .rf .rv 6 x 'Tk v' .,,.. ,. an-Q' 7-"AWA -"Qu ' P' A .vm 9.4. . Am, ,f 'f1ni',.k,:,- - cf 'ff' "ff f V -gffg. gan ' , ,mk .ffrffy .hqfg .f ,. .f""y, V ,av nw' v ,.. gf. -uv Student Z pl-Q T1 441,58 Dr Bragg Roger Shaffer Carol Porter Ronme Franck Ruth Bragg Mary Io Quealy Rrchard Rasmussen Floyd Shaman Delano Dmelly Darrell Rasmussen Donna Mc Mxchael Burns Taft and Gary Lancaster President Student Body Darrell Rasmussen Sponsors Dr Bra gg Mr Hltch The councrl was unusually actrve th1s year The new buildlng brought about many changes and a more complex system of drrecting the school The councrl met these changes somet1mes wrth eagerness other trmes wrth reluctance but always wrth the welfare of the students rn mmd Through the new rdea of a soclal commrttee and vanous other specral comm1ttees the councxl was able to function more effectrvely Socrals were sponsored by the group occasronally throughout the year More understandmg and a closer relauonshrp between faculty and students were reahzed by meetrngs of the two groups Page sponsored by DAVISON JEWELRY COMPANY S w....,.- Fapa Staff The Sp111ed Ink staff pubhshed several lssues of the paper whlch were b1gger and better than ever Ftrst Row Margl Barnes Carole Thompson Donna McM1chae1 Io Ann McGaw Georg1a Bragg Carol Porter Second Row Yvonne Gates Jane Barley Sally Hunter and Mary Ann Johnson x Page SP0'1S0'ed bv' the CONDIT DRUG COMPANY fe Zarcaaal gfmafz Saccefq fu. Delano Dxnelly Darrell Rasmussen Sally Hunter Mrss Bacon Jerry Moore Mary Ann Johnson John Dunnewald Yvonne Gates JackWal11s Carole Thompson Carole Settele Not plctured Bob Bruce Presxdent Yvonne Gates Vxce Presxdent Carole Settele Secretary Jack Wallls Treasurer Sponsor Mrss Bacon The Natronal Honor Socrety had an tnmauon 1n the faculty lounge ln February They took rn three new members NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY E5 lj -U" 'Z 724,-if. 'hr' QQ Q0 Front Row Barbara Moses Io Ann McGaw Carmen Sly Lllhan Santlllanes Donna McM1chael Lots Neal Carol Porter Mary Io Quealy Vlolet S'mth Second Row Patsy McCa11rster Ruth Dryer Vrrgrnla Wxlhams Barbara Gowan Marsha Jones Wllma Mrller Elame Kunkel Carole Settele Margl Barnes Carole Thompson Charlotte Heston Clarxce Hoffman and Almaruth Wllhite Presrdent Vrce Presxdent Secretary Treasurer Parhamentarran Hrstonan Reporter Song leader Pramst Sponsor Donna McM1chael Lors Neal Lrllran Santrllanes Carol Porter Barbara Moses Vrolet Smlth Mary Io Quealy Carmen Sly lo Ann McGaw Mrss VanDeusen The Future Homemakers parncrpated ln FHA Week durmg November whrch was climaxed by a rea for mothers and faculty They also gave a Sweetheart Ball Page sponsored by the LARAMIE DRUG COMPANY sxklw-UIIHQ I lj I5 Q 40:-7 me 77,4 6.4 Front Row Ken Race Larry Sterrett Stanley Lancaster Ed Coulthard John Lockhart Second Row Harold Johnston John McCa111ster Charles Coulthard Don Race Gene Frsk Pat Ryan and Mr Butler Presrdent Stanley Lancaster Vrce Presrdent Ken Race Secretary John Lockhart Treasurer Ed Coulthard Reporter Larry Sterrett Sentrnel Charles Coulthard Advrsor Mr Butler The Future Farmers had a combmed meenng wrrh the Laramre H1ghCh3PlC1' thrs year They were also represented at the state FFA conventton Shop PFOJCCIS were performed by some of the boys Page sponsored by NOTTAGE BROS SERVICE STATION Fi. l5:'0y 'Sm 'I-Z vt. - 'icu 159 '7,ww4 pl 'ning Front row Hugh Jones Sally Hunter Delano Dxnelly Peggy Jo May Dallell Rasmussen Second row Carole Thompson Mr Walker and Margr Barnes Not prctured Ronnre Floerke and Jerry Moore Presldent Delano Dmelly Vxce Presldent Rormre Floerke Secretary Treasurer Sally Hunter Sponsor Mr Walker Three new members were xmtxated uno Thespxans thrs year The troupe gave a Chrlstrnas play and paruclpated ln several events at Speech Fesuval Several mem bers had roles ln Semor and Iumor class plays 3 2 WW 74e4,e6cw4 A IX - Front row Bob Neal 11m Dav1s Ken Oder Dave I-l11l1er Bruce Hoffman Gary Lancaster Carl Cameron Jack Grlbert Bob Becker Randy Shafer Second row Rosemary Powell Prlscrlla Bohrer Barbara Trhen Ronme Franck Betty Northern B111 Bagby Barbara Ruckman Roger Shaffer Barbara Rush Mary Jean Hansen Thlrd row Janet Serbert Beverly Moyle Sally Moses Patrrcra Warren Burns Taft Edrth Green Clytre l.eVasseur Rlchard Hensley Jaruce Hulzrnga Prrscrlla Wnght Rose Shaffer Peggy Bruce Dollre Stacy and Mr Walker presldem Betty Northern Secretary Barbara Ruckman Treasure, Jean Breault spmsor Mr Walker Jmnor Thesprans had an mluauon early 1n the school year for members of the seventh and erghth grades who were lnterested H1 dramaucs The latter class pre sented two plays and the seventh grade gave one ll, - A - - G? Vice President ------------------------ - George Bagbl' f Ill , 11' .ll ' J 6 1 Q L Front Row John Lockhart John Dunnewald Jack Walhs Delano Dlnelly Darrell Rasmussen Floyd Shaman and Verne Anderson Second Row Harold Johnston B1 Trhen Dan Gates John Dunder Larry Sterrett Douglas Brown Ronald Emnch Frank Trelease Rrchard Rasmussen Jimmy Vance and Mr Cottle Presrdent Delano Drnelly Secretary Treasurer Darrell Rasmussen Sponsor Mr Cottle The Hi Y club has been qu1te acnve th1s year They had several soup dmners nn whrch each member contnbuted some kind of food to the soup Monthly luncheons were held also An 1n1t1at1on was held on November 13th The boys prepared a pot luck supper whxch was held rn the Home Economrcs department All parents were invxted to thxs The mmatnon servlce and mstallauon of offrcers followed rn the faculty lounge Page sponsored by the KNOX FURNITURE COMPANY . . . 2 . '11 Vice President ---------- - - - - - - - ---- Jack Wallis Agues-' X ,ff ff' 5' K ,ff ,f nz QIQN fm ' , -.W '-'wah' .-P" L, 3? , , 'fi- . 1 A ff , - , H - 1 iff' ,- ' ga nf fi , - E, V H ' ,J"N'.-f " .,. . 1 2 9 . Y f, - f-' 'M-f"""' l Q - ' ' ' .. Z . - """" fm e ' ff" . .1 ag a - ,,-- A, V , 5,4 . Q ' ,, .N ,,i' ,- ' r B M Q H ral!-Ah w 1' m K adm. W, I I Pep Front row Carol Porter Peggy Jo May Margl Barnes Io Ann McGaw Carole Thompson Peggy Terry Vugrnia Wrlhams Darlene Schnexder and Ruth Dryer Second row Mary Margaret Warde Mary Ann Johnson Mary Jo Quealy Clarice Hoffman Barbara Moses Yvonne Enckson Jane Barley Patsy McCa111ster and Lols NeaL Thrrd row Marrlyn Douglas Georg1a Bragg Traute Lembke Wrlma Mrller Elame Kunkel Ann Dunnewald Judy Tucker and Eleanor Jackson Fourth row Melinda Daly Larry Sterrett Ruth Bragg Rrley Tatlock Donna McM1chae1 Rxchard Rasmussen Marilyn Thompson and Max1ne Robrnson President Carole Thompson Vrce Presrdent Io Arm McGaw Reporter Mary Io Quealy Sponsor Dr Bragg The mam funcuon of the Pep Club is to lead the cheerrng at the games They also operated a concession stand dllflllg most of the season Page Sponsored by the J C Penney Company N I Secretary ---------------------------- -Sally Hunter ' yr 'mm' , IL' ww' AL' . I rw f, , H' Elem! HIGH SCHOOL CHEERLEADERS Clarice Hoffman Barbara Moses and Yvonne Enckson JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Jean Breault Beverly Moyle and Rosemary Powell and ui 1 Front Row Marsha Jones Beverly Moyle Barbara Ruckman Jack Gllbert Ronnre Frank Bruce Hoffman Jack Walhs Jrmmy Davrs B111 Trhen Georgra Bragg Janet Serbert Darrell Rasmussen and Mr Carnme Second rwo Clytle LeVasseur Burns Taft Barbara Rush John Dunder Harold Johnston Rrchard Rasmussen Hugh Jones Delano Dmelly John Helzer Carl Crnnamon R1chard Hrllrer Carol Porter Jane Selternich Thrrd Row Larry Sterrett R1ley Tadlock Mary Hansen James Gay Peggy Jo May Phrl Ljungdahl John Cnssman Barbara Trhen Last Row Ted Grlbert Jerry Moore Presrdent Jack Walhs Vrce Presldent Jerry Moore Secretary Darrell Rasmussen Drrector Mr Camrne Among the actrvrtres of the band this year there have been many very rnterestrng projects There have been grven several concerts Also they have been very helpful 1n supplying pep at most all of the basketball games All rn all the band has had a very prosperous year 404644 451 mill Front Row Mary Ann Johnson Carol Porter Melinda Daly Clarrce Hoffman Barbara Moses Wilma Mrller Georgia Bragg Patsy Mc Callrster and Lois Neal Second Row Almaruth W11h1te Eleanor Iackson Jane Bailey Yvonne Erickson Peggy Jo May Charlotte Heston Barbara Gowan Marilyn Thompson Carole Thompson and Margl Barnes Thrrd Row Miss Wassum Rugh Bragg Carole Settele Carmen Sly Floyd Shaman Frank Trelease Clayton Dixon Ronald Emnch Richard Rasmussen Teddy Gilbert Sally Markley Traute Lembcke and Ann Dunnewald Back Row Louis Vralpando John Dunder Dan Gates Larry Sterrett Hugh Jones Riley Tadlock John Dunnewald Jack Wallis Jim Ryan Gene Fisk President Jack Wallrs Secretary Carol Porter Director Miss Wassum SMALL ENS EMBLE Yvonne Erickson Jane Bailey Barbara Gowan Sally Markley Eleanor Jackson and Miss Wassum director 61414 Front row Eleanor Jackson Ruth Bragg Mary Ann Johnson Donna McM1chae1 Mary Io Quealy Georgra Bragg and Jo Ann McGaw Second row Maxme Robrnson Ruth Dryer Lors Neal Yvonne Errckson Barbara Moses C1ar1ce Hoffman Manlyn Thompson Carol Porter and Melinda Daly Presldent Vrce Presrdent Secretary Treasurer Pomts Manager Page sponsored by THE GRANDSTAND '51 Barbara Moses Mary I o Quealy Clance Hoffman Jo Ann McGaw 7 PP its' Front Row Barbara Ruckman Clytle LeVasseur Norma Johnston and Sally Moses Second Row Dollre Stacy Jean Breault Janet Serbert Rose Shaffer Patrrcra Warren and Beverly Moyle Presldent Barbara Ruckman Vrce Presrdent Janet Serbert Secretary Treasurer Beverly Moyle Representatrve Prrscrlla Bohrer Pornts Manager Patncra Warren Sponsor Mlss MacMr1lan Junror Grrls Physrcal Actrvrtres Assocratron was orgamzed 1n early 1952 wrth electron of offrcers There were many games and tournaments held rn the gym durrng the year In the Spnng they had therr HCIIVIIICS outdoors Q 14 .f 5' X' mg "' K 1 60 R' Qin. 1 f All , , ' . 0 ' if ".. 1 vi J sm 1- .rx I - ., : QI, . .. , Y 9 Qi., f 4 . 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Laram Che f-5'-" x Lar ' ' ,Na . 5 1 .340 R Phone 9443 400 So Znd JZ! AUTO R EPAIR We Specialize In Wheel and Steering Service Tune -up and Brake Service Bulk Dealers For Skelly O11 Products Hood Tires C53 we' elevffae AUTO DEALERS ASS N Mehse Baker Motor Co H1 State Oldsmobile Markel Motors Inc Knight Motors Bentley Pontiac Charlie Stiffler Inc Dean s Nas Quality Chevrolet Co O11 State Motor Co Johnston Motors Raab Garage Bovee Motor Co General Credit Corp h and Equipment Co 39515 Ll i S S Q6 , , Qffemze Jaffa SURANCE fm mam M ke h F O R ce Co p P t Gle t .T T E E F tch I H y I Hey H 11 d Lo gh s c Ag y lllmmlll eww YQUR CAR . I 024,964 Zeaffjaf? ,Eeefu SE RV! CE STATION NASH 8 EQUIPMENT CO N sh S les nd S :fb -N I.H. Co. Trucks, Tractors, 81 Q, ? Farm Equlpment NNN HHHH' .6 Zfld 31 Uf11Ve1'S1fY W Phone 4444 ,.,,,,,,,,,,, 600 S. Znd 9232 fi 'fi J. M. 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