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19 49 • « " SPU " SPIRIT OF PORTLAND U Kev Collins, Vice-President John Socomano, President Bill Colbert, Secretary-Treas 1949 witnessed the development of a new spirit at the University of Portland . . . i7i spirit which demonstrated itself in ..♦the first elected student body officers COMMENCEMENT NURSES CAPPING 5 . . . in activities Ik m% ft CHRISTMAS PARTY PILOTS OREGON STATE £ X s ? « . . . and in campus life which this edition of the Log attempts to I ' ecoi ' d in picture and in fact. I ' II ir f REVEREND THEODORE J. MEHLING, C.S.C, M.A. President, University of Portland Senior Class Officers PAT FORDNEY President I r. M PAUL RASK Vice-president f 1 f ROBERT SCHLICTING Secrefary-treosurer JOE MERKLE Council Representative STEVE VOORHEES Council Representotive ' ' (!bLLE g?9« With a continued enrollment of over eight hundred and a faculty that has nearly doubled, 1949 has been a year of accelerated activity for the College of Business Administration. Business Ad men have demonstrated an increasing interest in the commercial life of Port- land, resulting in the appearance of business leaders at B. A. Club meetings and attendance of business conferences and conventions by University students. Another aspect of the practical approach is the introduction of visual education methods to the teaching of business and economics. MR, EDVv ' ARD J. CURTIN A. 3., M.E., C.P.A., Busines REV. CLARENCE R. DURBIN C.S.C, A.B., Business MR. JOSEPH FORAN B.S., Business MR. CARL JORGENSON B.S., Business BUSINESS nlii] ADMINISTRATION The College offers degrees in two fields. The Business Administration department emphasizes Liberal Arts courses in the first two years, which serve as excellent pre-law as well as general business training. The Industrial Administration department, where science courses are substituted for Liberal Arts, was inaugu- rated in 1938, and is intended for those wishing to have a knowledge of Science and Engineering as a background for their business careers. MR. CHARLES H. SAVAGE B.S., Business ond Economics MR. ROBERT W. SHISLER M.A., Social Science MR. EDWARD D. STOKES M.S., Social Science MR. JOHN A. WIESNER M.A.. Business BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION I.FRANCIS LEON BANNER, A. B., Reedville, Oregon. Hillsboro High. Business Ad Club 4, Army. 2. HENRY JOSEPH BENDINELLI, A. B., Port- land, Oregon. Benson Polytechnic. Ski Club 2-4, Army Air Corps. 3. NORMAN LAWRENCE BERLANT, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Commerce High. Business Ad Club 4, Army. 4. ELROY ATLEE BERGQUIST, A. B., Portland. Oregon. Woubun High, Minnesota. Busi ness Ad Club 2-3-4, Army Air Corps. 5. MAX EDWARD BICKFORD, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Havre High, Montana. Business Ad Club 4, Army Air Corps. 6. RICHARD CHARLES BISENIUS, A. B., Port land, Oregon 7. JOSEPH HENRY BLACKSTEAD, A. B., Van- couver, Washington. Fort Yates High, North Dakota. 8. ROBERT RUDOLPH BLASCHKE, A. B., Port- land, Oregon. Lane Tech High, Chicago. Business Ad Club, Army Air Corps. 9. JEROME JOSEPH BLEEG, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Columbia Prep. 10. BERNARD FRANCIS BOEHMER, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Jefferson High. Bu ness Ad Club 4, Marine Corps. 11. RALPH ANTHONY BOLD, A. B., Vancouver Washington. Vancouver High. J. V. Foot boll. Business Ad Club 4. 12. ARNOLD BELMONT BREARLEY, A. B., Port land, Oregon. Benson Polytechnic High Tennis 1-3, Business Ad Club 4, Eng ' Club 1, Navy. 13. JOSEPH LAURENCE BRINDISI, A. B., Utica, New York. Hamilton High. Business Ad Club 4, Army. 14. JEROME JOSEPH BRISLAWN, A. B., Van- couver, Washington. Vancouver High. 15. SCOTT RAMER BROOKE, A. B., Portland. 16. LAWRENCE JOHN BRYANT, A. B., Port- land, Oregon. 17. WILLIAM TYLER BU5SEY, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Jefferson High. Business Ad Club, Army Air Corps. 18. ROBERT DEAN BUTLER, A. B., Vancouver, Wash., Vancouver High. Baseball 2, Bus iness Ad Club 4, Army. 19. ROBERT LOUIS BUTLER, A. B., Vancouver, Wash. Roosevelt High. Business Ad Club 4, Novy. 20. RICHARD MATTHEW CAMPBELL, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Columbia Prep. French Club 2, Business Ad Club 2-3-4, Philosoph- ical Society 2-3, Bodybuilders 3, Junior Class Secretory-Treasurer. 21. JOHN VINCENT CALLAGHAN, A. B., Port- land, Oregon. Lincoln High. Business Ad Club 4, Army Air Corps. 1 JOHN MEREDITH CARLSON, A. B., Po land, Oregon. Columbia Prep. Business Ad Club 4, Army Air Corps. 2. f=RANCIS JAMES CARR, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Central Catholic High. Vice- president Sopho 3. JOHN WARREN CARTER, A. B., Oregon City, Oregon. Benson High. Business Ad Club 1-2-3-4, Navy. 4. NICK E. CASSINELLI, A. B., Portland, Ore- gon. Benson High. Business Ad Club 3-4, Log 3, Student Convocation Director, Army Air Corps. 5. GEORGE URAL CASSLE, JR., A. B., Port- land, Ore. Franklin High. Marine Corps. 6. PETE L. CATERINA, A. B., Portland, Ore- gon. Parkrose High. Business Ad Club 3-4, Army Air Corps. 7. JOHN MATHEW CHRISTENSEN, A. B., Business Ad Club 3-4, Army. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIO N S. DERANCE SIDNEY CHUN, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Scotts Mills High, Oregon. Army. 9. NICK COLATORTI, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Sumas High, Wash. Business Ad Club, 10. JAMES A. CULIIGAN, JR., A. B., Portl:md, Oregon. Columbia Prep. 11. JERRY PETER D ' ANGELO, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Washington High. Business Ad Club, Army. 12. FRANK VERNON DEINES, JR., A. B., Port- land, Oregon. Grant High. Track 1-2, Business Ad Club 4, Navy. 13. CARL HENRY DEIZ, A. B., Portland, Ore- gon. Franklin High. Football ' 42, Business Ad Club 3, Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities, Army Air Corps. 14. DANIEL RAY DINGES, A. B. Portland, Ore. 15. JOHN F. DOLAN, A. B., Butte, Montana. Butte High. Business Ad Club 4, Secretary- Treasurer, S.A.C. 3, Junior Class S.A.C. Representative, Navy. 16. JOHN L. DONIS, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Grant High. 17. DONALD TIMOTHY DOUGHERTY, A. B., Boise, Idaho. St. Theresa ' s Academy. Bus- iness Ad Club 2-3-4, Campus Club 2-3-4, 18. MONROE JEROME ELLINGSON, A. B., Mohall, North Dakota. Mohall High. Bus- iness Ad Club 4, Army. 19 MARVIN ALLEN ENKELIS, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Lincoln High. Business Ad Club, 20. HENRY EUGENE ERNSTROM, A. B., Port- land, Oregon. Grant High. 21. WILLIAM STANLEY FARGHER, A. B., Van- couver, Wash. Grant High. Football 2-3-4, Monogram Club 2-3-4, Bodybuilders 2, Army. BUSIN I.JOSEPH S. FARRIS, A. B., Portland, Ore- gon Grant High. 2. FRANK CARL FAVRO, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Columbia Prep. Business Ad Club i, Army. 3. THOMAS JOSEPH FELTZ, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Columbia Prep. Spanish Club 2, Business Ad Club 2-3-4, Navy. 4. LOREN D. GAGNER, A. B., Portland, Ore- gon. Woodkiwn High. 5. JOHN EARL GALLAGHE?, A. B., Portland- Oregon. Lincoln High. Glee Men 2-3-4. 6. ROBERT D. GARNERO, A. B., Woodburn, Oregon. Woodburn High. Business Ad Club 4, Army. 7. LAVON MILTON GEORGE, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Vernonia High. 8. JOHN MATHEW GEREN, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Franklin High. 9. HERBERT GILBAUGH, A. B., Portland, Ore. 10. HOMER GROAT, JR., A. B., Portland, Ore- gon. Washington High. 11. WALTER R. GROCE, A. B., Plentywood, Montana. St. Thomas High. 12. HIROMICHI HIRAM HACHIYA, A. B., Po land, Oregon. Commerce High. Busines ' Ad Club 4, Army. 13. EDWARD R. HANNIGAN, A. B., Portland Oregon. NISTRATION 14. MOSES MICHAEL HANNIGAN, A. B., Port- land, Oregon. Crosby High, North Dakota, Marine Corps. 15. HARVEY GORDON HANSEN, A. B., Port- land, Oregon. Commerce High. Business Ad Club, Navy. 16. ANGELOS GEORGE HARALAMPUS, A. B, Portland, Oregon. Jefferson High. Business Ad Club, Army. 17. ROBERT LEO HARRIS, A. B., Portland, Ore- gon. Central Catholic High. Business Ad Club 1-4, Glee AAen 1-2-3. 18. DONALD LOWELL HIRTZEL, A. B., Bend, Oregon. Bend High. Business Ad Club 4. 19. HAL KEITH HOWELL, A. B., Portland, Ore- gon. Klomath Falls High. Freshman Class President, ' 42, Navy, Business Ad Club. 20. MELBOURNE G. INGEBRIGHTSEN, A. B,, Portland, Oregon. 21. WILLIAM JOSEPH JACKSON, Vancouver, Washington. ifti itii iHiiii mki BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION i ■: 1. FRANZ EUGENE JACQUES, A. B., Port- land, Oregon. Franklin High, Navy. 2. JOSEPH CASPER JASPER, A. B., Portland, Oregon. St. Stephens High. Army. 3. HAZEN BOYD JETER, Jr., A. B., Portland, Oregon. McMinnville High. 4. JOHN NEAL JIROCH, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Jefferson High. Army. 5. FRANK HAIN JOHNSTON JR., A. B., Port- land, Oregon. Washington High. 6. JOHN KANAS, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Benson Polytechnic. 7. JOHN PATRICK KELLEHER, A. B., New York City, tsl. Y. Lincoln High, Portlond. Spanish Club 2-3, Army. 8. WILLIAM JOSEPH KENNEDY, A. B., Port- land, Oregon. 9. MAYNARD STEVEN KERN, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Olivia High, (Minnesota!. Foot- bcill 2, Business Ad Club 1-2-3-4, Army. 10. KERMIT LciMAR KJOS, A. B., Portland. 11. LOUIS ANTHONY KLEFFNER, A. B., Port- land, Oregon. Spalding Academy, (Neb.) Business Ad Club 2-3 4, Army. 12. HAROLD MELVIN KNOPF, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Washington High. Business Ad Club 2-4, Army. 13. LEONARD I. KAUFMAN, A. B., Portland, Oregon, linccln High. 14. ROBERT LOUIS KOLIBABA, A. B., Port- land, Oregon. Commerce High. Business Ad Club 4, Army. 15. LAWRENCE GASKINS KRAMER, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Grant High. Navy. 16. ROBERT GORDON LAKE, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Franklin High. Business Ad Club, 17. JOE E. LAIR, A. B., Portland, Oregon. 18. RICHARD ALAN LARSELL, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Benson Polytechnic High. Busi- ness Ad Club, Ski Club, Army. 19. IRWIN LAYTON, A. B., Portland, Oregon. 20. ELMER LEICHNER, A. B., Vancouver, Wash. 21. LAWRENCE JOSEPH LEVERMAN, A. B., Business Ad Club 3-4, Portland Players Portland, Oregon. Pedee High, (Oregon). 3-4, Alpha Psi Omega 4, Student Council 4, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Army. : USINESS ADMINISTRATION f 1. EDWARD J. LINKLATER, Oregon. Lincoln High. Bu Portland, Ad Club. STANLEY ELDEN LIVESAY, A. B., Port- lond, Oregon. Grant High, Business Ad Club, 4. Arnny Air Corps. VERNON GAYLE LOWERY, A. B., Port- land, Oregon. ROY WILLIA.M LUNDBORG, A. B., Port- land, Oregon. Roosevelt High. Ski Club. Weight Lifting. Arnny. KENNETH R. LUNDSTROM, A. B., Porllond, Oregon. Franklin High. Army. ROLLAND EDWARD MAGGARD, A. B., Ridgefield, Washington. Ridgefield High. Business Ad Club. Navy. BERNARD NORBERT MAREK, A. B land, Oregon. Scoppoose High. Bi Ad Club, 3, 4. Glee Men, 3. Navy. 8. JACK McKEE, A. B., Portland, Oregon. 9. RICHARD JOSEPH MEECHAN, A. B., Pay ette, Idaho. Payette High. Basketball, 1 Monogram Club, 2, 3, 4. Campus Club 1, 2, 3. Glee Men, 1. 10. HORACE JOSEPH MERKLE, JR., Portland, Oregon. Centrol Cotho Business Ad Club, 4. Student Council, 3 4. Editor, ' 48 Log. Senior Editor ' 49 Log Editor, ' 48 Pilot. Editor, ' 49 Bu Brochure. President, International Rela tions Club, 4. Senior Class Student Coun cil Representative. 11. JAMES LEONARD MILLER, A. B. Oregon. Central Catholic High 1, 2. Business Ad Club, 2, 3, 4. Novy 12. WILLIAM JOE MINEAU, Oregon. Coquille High. Navy 13. RALPH MOE, A. B., Portland, Oregon. 14. ROBERT WILLIAM MOREDAUNT, A. B., St. Paul, Minnesota. St. Thomas Military Academv. Business Ad Club, 3, 4. Vice- President Business Ad Club, 4. Army. 15. THOMAS W. MU MMEY, A. B., Portland, Oregon. 16. THOMAS CLINTON NEAL, A. B., Portland, Oregon. 17. GEORGE A. NEIGEL, A. B., Portland, Ore- gon. Central High (South Dakota). Busi- ness Ad Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. Army. 18. EDWARD PETER O BRIEN, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Baker High (Montana). Tennis, 2. Log, 3, 4. Business Ad Club, 2, 3, 4. 19. JAMES LAWRENCE O HOLLAREN, A. B., Portlond, Oregon. 20. RICHARD VERN OWENS, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Burlingome High (California). Ad Club, 3, 4. Navy. 21. ROBERT SCOTT PARK, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Gront High. Business Ad Club, 4. Army Air Corps. i mk ' BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION miik 1. WILLIAM THOMAS PERSONS, A. B., Port land, Oregon. 2. EDWARD LAWRENCE POLICH, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Commerce High. Base- ball, 1. Business Ad Club. Navy. 3. ROBERT J. POSEDAL, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Roosevelt High. Business Ad Club, 4. Army Air Corps. 4. RICHARD GORDON POWELL, A. B., Port land, Oregon. 5. ALECK ALFRED PRIHAR, A. B., Moonhead, Minnesota. Moonhead High. Business Ad Club, 2, 3, 4. Army. 6. DEAN GERALD QUINLAN, A. B., Port- land, Oregon. Grant High. Business Ad Club, 3, 4. Army Air Corps. 7. FRANK JOSEPH QUINLAN, A. B., Port- land, Oregon. Grant High. Business Ad Club, 3, 4. International Relations Club, 4. 8. LEO MANUEL RICHENSTEIN, A. B., Port- land, Oregon. Benson High. Business Ad Club, 4. Navy. 9. JOHN KIMBALL RICKER, A. B., Camas, Washington. Lake Forest High (Illinois). Business Ad Club, 4. Army. 10. SALVATORE ANTHONY RINELLA, A. B., Portland, Oregon. 11. GEORGE WILLIAM RITCHEY, A. B., Port- land, Oregon. Mandan High (North Da- kota). Business Ad Club, 3, 4. Army Air Corps. 12. ROBERT D. RODGERS, A. B., Portland, Oregon. 13. JACK LEWIS RUDARMEL, A. B., Portland, Oregon. 14. GEORGE WYLIE RUSSELL, A. B., Port- land, Oregon. Grant High. Track, 2. Business Ad Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. Navy. 15. PHILIP GEORGE SAXTON, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Jefferson High. Business Ad Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. Army Air Corps. 16. MARIO PETER SCARING, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Benson Polytechnic. Business Ad Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. Army. 17. CHARLES ROBERT SCHAEFFER, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Grant High. Business Ad Club, 2, 3, 4. Biologists ' Club, 1. Who ' s Who in American Universities and Col- leges. Navy. 18. PAUL SCHIEBEL, A. B,, Portland, Oregon. Beaverton High. Business Ad Club, 1. Marine Corps. 19. CYRIL MICHAEL SCHILE, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Central High (Aberdeen, S. D.). Business Ad Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. Mixed Cho- rus, 2. Glee Men, 2. Naval Air Corps. 20. ROBERT WALLACE SCHLICTING, A. B., Mt. Vernon, Washington. Mt. Vernon High. Business Ad Club, 3, 4. Senior Class Secretary-Treasurer. Who ' s Who In ties and Colleges. Army. 21. STARLING DON SCHULTZ, A. B., Port- land, Oregon. Psychological Society. REV. JOHN J. HOOYBOER C.S.C, M.A., Acting Dean COLLEGE OF LIBERAL Serving a two-fold purpose, the College of Liberal Arts provides the student with the broad educa- tional background demanded of the University graduate, and for the undecided, points the way to the proper professional or educational field. Upper division work in Liberal Arts allows con- centration in the departments of Education, English, Foreign Language, History, Philosophy, Physical Education, Psychology, Religion, Social Science, and Speech and Drama. Through the encouragement of a cooperative faculty, and membership in any of twelve pro- fessional-interest groups, students of the College of Liberal Arts have been consistently in the fore- front of campus activity. REV. ROBERT F. BEH C.S.C, A.B., Speech REV. JOHN T. BIGER C.S.C, Ph.D., Speech and Language REV. CLAUDE L. BOEHM C.S.C, M.A., English MR. JACK J. CRUIKSHANK A.B., History Rev. John T. Curran, A.B., Religion Br. Dovid (Martin), C.S.C, B.L.S., A. M., librarianship Rev. George L. Dum. C.S.C M.A., Philosophy Rev. James A. Fogarty, C.S.C, Ph.D., Social Science John C. Groeger, M.A., Longuages Rev. Charles F. Home!, C.S.C, M.A., Religion Rev. Oscar R. Hentges, C.S.C, A.B., Longuo Rev. Hugo H. Hoever, S.O.Cist, Ph.D., Philosophy V. John B. Oelaunay, C.S.C, Ph.D., J.C.D., Psychology Rev. Michael J. Gavin, C.S.C, A.B., Philosophy J, Mr. Russell A. Hays, M.A., Journalism Rev. Cornelius A. Hooyboer, C.S.C, A.B., English Rev. Thomas P. Jones, C.S.C M.A., Religion Rev. Clement E. Kane, C.S.C B.A., Poltical Science Mr. Leo Kosydar, A History Mr. Raymond Lobos, Languages Mr. James M. Keys, M.A Languages Mr. Harold W. Moe, B.S Physical Education Rev. Arthur E. Near C.S.C, A.B., Econ Rev. Erwin W. Orklszewsk C.S.C, A.B., History Rev. James P. Kehoe, C.S.C, Litt.B., M.A., History . r. Olin Metzer, M.A., Rev. William T. Morris. C.S.C, A.B., M.S., Education, Social Sc Rev. Raymond A. Pieper C.S.C, M.A., English Mr. Robert J. Roitt, M.A Languages Rev. Maurice S. RIgley, C.S.C, M.A., English Rev. Philip H.Schaerf, C.S.C, M.A., Education English Mr. Alexander Scharbach M.A., English Rev. Julian SIgmar, Ph. D S.T.D., Psychology Mr. Nello Spada, Ph.D., Philosophy, Psychology, Mr. Joseph V. Tedeschi, B.A Physical Education Mr. James M. Torson, B.S Physical Education Rev. Regis H. Riter, C.S.C, M.A., English V. John W. Scheberle, C.S.C, M.A., English . Williom H. Stites, M.A., Speech and Drama Mr. Narcisco W. Zanconello M.A., Languages LIBERAL ARTS 1. ANTHONY JOHN ARJAVAC, A. B., Port- land, Oregon. Gilbert High (Minnesota). Track, 1. Army. 2. JOHN ANTHONY ARJAVAC, A. B., Port- land, Oregon. Gilbert High (Minnesota). Track, 1. Armv Air Corps. PAUL ANDREW BESEDA, A. B., La Center, Woshlngton. La Center High. Campus Club, 1, 3. International Relations Club, 4. Army. 4. ROBERT EMMIT BOYLE, A. B., Portlcnd, Oregon. XIamath Falls High. 5. WILLIAM EDWA RD CANTY, A. B., Butte Montona. Botte Central High. Navy. 6. WAYNE EDWARD CODY, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Lincoln High. 7. RALPH EDWARD CONWAY, A. B., Van- couver, Washington. Vancouver High. Marine. 8. WILLIAM ANTHONY CROCKER, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Jefferson High. Pref- ace, 4. Army. 9. ANCIL WAYNE DURRELL, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Yakima Senior High (Washing- ton). Speech Club, 2, 3, 4. Drama Club, 3, 4. Beacon, 2, 3, 4. Delta Epsilon Sigma, 4. Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities, 4. Valedictorian. 10. GORDON DELOS FERDIG, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Grant High. Army. 11. SYLVESTER COLE FERDIG, A. B., Port- land, Oregon. Benson Polytechnic High. Army Air Corps. LIBERAL ARTS 1. GEORGE WILLIAM FETSCH, A. B., Port- land, Oregon. Central Catholic High. Track, 1. Rally Squad, 2, 3. Student Council, I, 2, 3. Beacon, 4. Biolog, 1. Biologists ' Club, 1. Campus Club, 4. Glee Men, 1, 2, 3, 4. Psychological Society, 4. President, Associated Music Students, 4. 2. LOUIS McCARVILLE FLEMING, A. B., Port- land, Oregon. St. Stephens High. Psycho- logical Society, 4. Philosophical Society, 2. Army. 3. ROBERT E. FORKER, A. B., Portland, Ore- gon. Washington, High. 4. KEITH RAYMUND FULLER, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Washington High. Psychological Society, 4. Navy. 5. WILLIAM MARTYNE GAST, A. B., Port- land, Oregon. Sandy Union High, French Club, 4. Spanish Club, 1, 2. Business Ad Club, 1. Mixed Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4. Log, 1. Philosophical Society, 1. Gleemen, 1, 2, 3, 4. Psychological Society 4. Associated Music Students, h 6. ROBERT EDWARD GORMAN, A. B., Wood burn, Oregon. V oodburn High. Campu ' Club, 1, 2, 3. Army. 7. HARVEY E. GUTMAN, A. B., Portland, Oregon. School in Munich, Germany. Army. • Miam 8. ROBERT EMMET HAROLD, A. B., Portland, Oregon. St. Stephen: High. Psychological Society, 4. Navy. 9. JAMES EDWARD HEADRICK, A. B,. Os wego, Oregon. Central Calho ' ic High. Beacon, 1. Log, I. Army Air Corps. 10. LESTER NEAL HOOK, A. B., Portland, Ore- gon. Gran; High. Psychological Society, 11. CHARLES W. JENKINS, A. B., Portland, Oregon. " Wj LIBERAL 1. WILLIAM DALEY MACKIN, A. B., Port- land, Oregon. 2. LEO EUGENE MAGUIGAN, A. B., Port land, Oregon. Roosevelt High. Baseboll, 1, 3. Monogram Club. Army. 3. RAYMOND LEWIS MANNING, JR., A. B., Portland, Oregon. Ml. Angel Prep. Junior Varsity Football, 1. Business Ad Club, 4. Beacon, 2, 3, 4. Bodybuilders, 1. Ski Club, 2, 3, 4. Marine. 4. ROBERT FORTE McKELlAR, A. B., Port- land, Oregon. Beacon. Philosophical So- 5. ROBERT FORREST MIMS, A. B , Portland, Oregon. Central Catholic High. 6. CHARLES HENRY MOORE, JR., A. 8., Portlond, Oregon. John R. Rogers High. (Washington). Preface, 4. Army Air Corps. 7. CHESTER M. MOORE, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Philosophical Society, 4. Whos Who In American Colleges and Univer- sities. Navy. 8. JAMES MARTIN NEWMAN, A. 8., Port- land, Oregon. Gilliam County High. Beo- con, 3, 4. Gleemen, 2, 3. Psychological Society. Navy. 9. HAROLD LeROY O BRIEN, A. B., Portlond, Oregon. 10. ROBERT EUGEN PHELPS, A. 8., Los An- geles, California. John C. Fremont High (Los Angeles). Kiel Klub, 3. French Club, 3. Barristers ' Club, 4. Preface, 4. Delta Epsilon Sigma. Army Air Corps. 11. JOHN LUDEMANN PETERS, A. 8., Port- land, Oregon. Vancouver High (Wash- ington). Psychological Society, 4. Ski Club, 2, 3, 4. Preface, 3. Army Air Corps. 1. PAUL JOSEPH RASK, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Grant High. Portland Players 1, 2, 3, 4. Alpha Psi Omega, 3, 4. Inter notional Relations Club, 4. Student Coun cil, 3, 4. Associate Editor Beacon, 3. Edi tor Beacon, 4. Editor ' 48 Pilot. 2. WILLIAM CHARLES REISCHMAN, A. B Portland, Oregon. Columbia Prep. Bi 4. Psychological Society, 4. Army. 3 JOHN JOSEPH SACOMANO, A. B., Port- land, Oregon. Washington High. Italion Club, 4. Barristers Club, 4. Ski Club, 2, 3, 4. international Relotions Club, 4. Vice- President Junior Class. Student Body Pres- ident. Navy. 4. WILLYS MILTON SILS, A. B.. Portlond, Oregon. 5. FRANK BOLIN STRANGE, A. B., Portland, Oregon. Grant High. Psychological Soci- ety, 4. Prefoce. 4. Navy. 6. ARLO MERTON SULLIVAN, A. B., Van- couver, Washington. Vancouver High. 8. DAVID JOSEPH UNDERHILL, A. B., Van- couver, B. C, Canada. Vancouver College High. Mixed Chorus, 4, Campus Club, 2, 3, 4. Gleemon, 2, 3. Student Council, 3. Who ' s Who In American Universitie Colleges. Navy. 9. LESLIE O. WEATHERILL, A. B., Portland. 10. RICHARD LEO WEEPIE, A. B., Vancouver, Washington. St. John ' s High (Indepen- dence, lowai. Navy. n. GEORGE LEO WOOD, JR., A. B., Cheh:ilis, Washington. Chehalis High. Spanish Club, 3. Philosophical Society, 2. Campus Club, 2, 3, 4. Gleemen, 2, 3, 4. Who ' s Who In American Universities and Collegas. Army. 7. JAMES ADRIAN THIELAN, A. B., Port- lond, Oregon. Columbia Prep. Tennis, 3. Speech Club, 3, 4. Editor Beacon, 3. Log. 3. Student Council, 3. PNCC Delegole, 2. Vice-President OFCL, 4. Chairman CLC, 3. Who s Who In Americon Universities and Colleges. Army. COLLEGE . John of the Cr R.N., B.S., Dean . Although the College of Nursing is not located on the University proper, the College has been an Integral part of the University of Portland since _it was reorganized from the St. Vincents College of Nursing in 1934. Student life at the West Hills campus is strikingly different from ihe activities traditionally associated v ith col- lege. Prospective nurses find themselves in an intensely professional atmosphere. Many upper term classes take the form of word duty in the hospital, where actual nursing experience is gained. Mrs Patricia Davis, B.S., Sister Anne Eugenie, Miss Anne F. Flynn, R.N., Miss Ruth E. Gough, R. N., Miss Patricia Hall, R.N., Diet Therapy F.C.S.P., R.N., Obstetrics B.S., Biology and Chemistry B.S., P.H.N., Public Health B.S., OrthopecJics Even though the nursing field is understaffed, the faculty of the College of Nursing has con- tinued to train girls who can meet the exacting standards of the nursing profession. Long hours notwithstanding, the nurses find time to take part in all student body activities. Students claim membership in the Biologists, Alpha Tau Delta, Beta Beta Beta honorary, and the Pep Club. The Musicians Ball and the annual Nurses Carnival ore highlights on the school ' s activity calendar. Miss Olive A. Hussett, R.N B.S., Nursing Arts Miss Gabrielle Huys, R.N., B.S., Medical Nursing Sr. Stanislaus, F.C.S.P., R.N., B.S., Materia Medico Miss Dorothy E. Vossen, R.N., B.S., Surgical Nursing Miss Elizobeth J. W. Flynn, A.B., Registror iri. Madsen, Bookkeeper Miss Harriet Osborn, Dil tor of Nursing Service Miss Frances Rodgers, Telephone Operator Mrs. Gertrude Stickne Librarian OUTSTANDING SENIORS College of Nursing MARY ELIZABETH MacNEIL, Most Likely to Succeed MARY ANN SMITH Secretory JACQUELINE L. TORGERSON SHIRLEY M. SMITH N. A. C. Representative NURSm CRADS I.JILL MARY ALB ' , B.S. Portland, Oregon. Holy Names Academy (Spokane, Wn. . Log 1, Pep Club 2, Biologists ' Club 2-3, Sodality 2-3. 2. MAY ANDRINGA, R.N., B.S. Rockford, Illinois. Elgin Hii School (Illinois). Mixed Chorus 3, Nurses ' Choral 3. 3 THERESA M. BERGIN. Portland. Oregon. 4. MILDRED FRANCES DOHERTY, R.N., B.S. St. Xavier, Mon- tana. St. Xavier High School. Nurses Choral 1-2-3-4, Sodality 1-2-3-4. 5. LOLA MAE ERICKSON, B.S. Gresham, Oregon. Gresha High School. 6. BARBARA ANN GOODWIN, B.S. 7. ERIKA HELENE GRAHAM, B.S. Roseburg, Oregon. Roseburg Senior High School. Mixed Chorus 2, Beta Beta Beta 3-4. Biologists ' Club 3, Nurses ' Choral 2, Log 3-4, N. A. C. 3-4, Outstanding Senior. 8. LUAN LORRAINE HINSZ, B.S. Portland, Oregon. Jefferson High School. Beta Beta Beta 3-4, Beacon 4, Secretary- Tieasurer Freshman Class, Who ' s Who in American Univer- sities and Colleges. 9. DESSA LEE HOLMES, B.S. Salem, Oregon. Salem Senior High School. Mixed Chorus 1, Alpha Tao Delta 3-4, Beta Beta Beta 3-4, Nurses Choral 1, Secretary-Treosurer Sopho- more Class, Outstanding Senior. 10. MARIAN FRANCES JEPPESEN, B.S. Forest Grove, Oregon. Forest Grove High School. 11. PATRICIA ANN JONES, B.S. Hood River, Oregon. Hood River High School. Rally Squad 1, Mixed Chorus 1-2, Nurses Choral 1-2, N. A. C. 2-3, Sophomore Class N. A. C. Representative, President Junior Class, College of Nursing Student Body Treasurer 3. 12. KATHERINE ELLEN LANCASTER, B.S. St. Helens, Oregon. St. Helens High School. Mixed Chorus 2, Nurses Choral 2, Soohomore Class Treosurer, Junior Class Vice-President. NURSINQ CRADS I.MARY ELIZABETH MacNEILL, B.S. Mt. Angel, Oregon. Mt. Angel Academy. Biologists ' Club 2-3, N. A. C. 4, President Senior Class, Outstanding Senior. 2. MARCELLA FRANCES NEIGER, B.S. Cove, Oregon. Cove Public High School. Biologists ' Club 3, Sodality 1-2 3-4. 3. JOAN MARIA O ' KEEFFE, B.S. Silver Lake, Oregon. Lake- view (Oregon) High School. Rally Squad 2, Mixed Chorus 1, Biologists ' Club 2-3-4, Nurses Choral 1, N. A. C. 4, College of Nursing Student Body President, Outstanding Senior. 4. DEELORES VERONICA SCHULMERICH, B.S. Portland, Ore- gon. Jefferson High School. Alpha Tau Delta 4, N. A. C. 2-4, Sophomore Class President, College of Nursing Student Body Vice-president. 5. MARY ANN SMITH, B.S. Portland, Oregon. Jefferson High School. Alpha Tau Delta 3-4, N. A. C. 1, Junior Class Secretary, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. 6. SHIRLEY MAE SMITH, B.S. St. Paul, Oregon. St. Paul ' s High School. Mixed Chorus 1-2, Alpha Tau Delta 3-4, Nurses Choral 1-2, Sodality 1-2-3-4, N. A. C. 3, Treasurer Sopho- more Class, Senior Class Secretary. 7. BETTY LOU SOMMER, B.S. Oswego, Oregon. Jefferson High School. Beta Beta Beta 4, Nurses Choral 1-2-3, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. 8. JACQUELINE LOUISE TORGERSON, B.S. Salem, Oregon Salem High School. Rally Squad 2, Mixed Chorus 1-2, Alpha Tcu Delta 3-4, Nurses Choral 1-2, Freshman Class Vice-president, Treasurer Senior Class. 9. EUNICE ANTONETTE VITTORIA. B.S. Portland, Oregon. Commerce High School. 10. DORETHA MAE WATERS, B.S. Lakeview, Oregon. Lake- view High School. Mixed Chorus 1-2, Beta Beta Beta 3-4, Biologists ' Club 3-4, Nurses Chorus 1-2-3, Vice-president Senior Class. 11. CAROL LILLIAN ZELLER, R.N., B.S. Portland, Oregon. Colum- bia (South Carolina) High School. Mixed Chorus 1-2-3, Nurses Chorus 1-2-3, Sodality 2, N. A. C. 2-3, President Freshman Class. 12. ROSA MARIE ZWAHLEN, B.S. Portland, Oregon. Beaverton High School. Rally Squad 1, Biologists ' Club 2-3-4, Junior Class Treosurer. COLL EC E " REV. JOSEPH S. McGRATH C.S.C, A.B., Dean Since its emergence as a full-fledged college in 1939, the College of Science has continually sub- divided to meet the needs of the students working in a dynamic field. Bachelor of Science degrees are now offered in Biology, Chemistry, Zoology, and Physics-Mathematics. Project of highest priority is the addition of a medical school to augment the pre-medical training now offered. An outstanding faculty, under the leadership of the Rev. Joseph McGrath, Acting Dean, are in constant demand as speakers at scientific con- ventions throughout the Northwest. Singly and as members of the Biologists and Physicists, Science students have contributed to the advance- ment of both the University and of science through such publications as the Bio-Log, speak- ing engagements, and willing participation in student body activities. REV. JAMES G. ANDERSON C.S.C, Ph.D., Chemistry MR. CHARLES J. BOWLES M.S., Chemistry SCIENCE SCIENCE FACULT Mr. Edwin M. Kmde Ph.D., Chemistry Mr. Worren S. MacGrego Ph.D., Chemistry Rev. Richard D. Murphy, C.S.C, A.B., Physics Mr. Merle A. Starr, Ph.D., Physics Charles E. Lauer, M.S., Pfiysics Rev. John A. Moller, C.S.C, Ph.D., Zoology Mr. Philip S. Skell, Ph.D., Chemistry Mr. Walter J. Stott, SCIENCE- l.ALVIN ROBERT BATISTE, B. S., Portland, OregDn. Phyllis Wheatley High, Texas. 2. PHILO S. BEMIS, B. S., Portland, Oregon. 3. JOHN EDWARD BERRY, B. S., Butte, Montana. Irish Chris- tian Brothers High (Butte). Beta Beta Beta 4, Biologists ' Club 1-2-3-4, Campus Club 1-2, Editor Biolog ' 47, Army. 4. HARRY AUSTIN BROWN, B. S., Portland, Oregon. Hershey High, Pennsylvania. 5. JOSEPH LINDEN BYRNE, B. S., Portland, Oregon. 6. MERLYN MINOR CARTER, B. S., Portland, Oregon. Wash ington High. Biologists ' Club 4, Army Air Corps. 7. ALVIN LOWRY CHILDERS, B. 5., Portland, Oregon. Benson Polytechnic. Engineers ' Club 2, Army Air Corps. 8. KEITH DONALD COOPER, B. S., Mu ' tnomaS, Oregon. Wash- ington High. 9. ROBERT MAURICE COOPER. B. S., Portland, Oregon. Jeffer- son High. Student Council 1-2 3, Engineers Club 1-2-3, Sec- retory-Treasurer Student Council 2. 10. PATRICK WINFIELD FORDNEY, B. S., Portland, Oregon. Central Catholic High. Gleeman 1-2-3, President, Gleeman 2, Student Council 2-3-4, Senior Class President, Army. 11. ALFRED DAVID FRYER, B. S., Portland, Oregon. Benson Polytechnic. 12. DONALD TRACY GALARNEAU, B. S., Portland, Oregon. 13. TERRENCE L. GIRVAN, B. S., Portland, Oregon. Benson Tech. 14. WILLIAM JOHN HARMON, B. S., Portland, Oregon. Fort Yates High, North Dakota. French Club 3, Novy. S C I E N CLi l.LYLE RAYMOND HESTON, B. S., Portland, Oregon. Oregon City High, Army. 2. GERALD DUANE HICKS, B. S., Portland, Oregon. Benson Polytechnic. Engineers ' Club 3, Navy. 3. CHARLES HAMILTON HICKSON, B. S., Portland, Oregon. Boston English High. Navy. 4. KEITH STANLEY HUNTER, B. S., Portland, Oregon. 5. DONALD FRANCIS KELLY, B. S., Portland, Oregon. Columbia Prep. Baseball 1, Track 1, Monogram Club 1-2. 6. ALVIN CARL LEGATE, B. S., Lexington, Mississippi. Lexing- ton High. Army. 7. BRUCE IAN MacGOWAN, B. S., Wauna, Oregon. St. George ' s High (Vancouver, B. C). Campus Club 12 3 4. 8. NICK J. MALUEG, B. S., Portland, Oregon. 9. JOHN JOSEPH MAMMOSER, B. S., Chicogo, Illinois. 10. CHARLES PATRICK McCARTY, B. S., Portland, Oregon. Columbia Prep. French Club 3, Beta Beta Beta 2-3-4, Biolo- gists ' Club 3-4, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges, Army. 11. ROBERT PATRICK McCARTHY, B. 5., Portlond, Oregon. St. John ' s Academy (Jamestown, N. D.). Biolog 4, Beta Beta Beta 4, Biologists ' Club 1-2-3-4, Naval Air Corps. 12. DONALD W. McHUGH, B. S., Oak Pork, Illinois. 13. BASIL WILLIAM MERCER, B. S., Portland, Oregon. 14. KEITH LOUIS MILLER, B. S., Portland, Oregon. Jefferson High. Ski Teom 2, Engineers ' Club 1, Ski Club 2, Army. SCIENCE 1. WILLIAM RICHARD PENDERGRASS, B. S., Portland, Oregon. 2. ELTON CLIFFORD PHILLIPS, B. S., Milwoukie, Oregon. Emmett High, Idoho. Engineers ' Club 4, Marine Corps. 3. DAVID DODICAN PORTER, B. S., Portland, Oregon. Central Catholic. Quadrant 2-3, Editor ' 48 Quadrant, Engineers ' Club 2-3, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges, Naval Air Corps. 4 JOHN B. ROBINSON, B. S., Portland, Oregon. Westport High (Oregon). Biologists ' Club 3-4, Beta Beta Beta 4, Beacon 3 4, Navy. 5. GEORGE STEVE ROUSSOS, B. S., Port ' and, Oregon. Franklin High. Engineers ' Club 1. 6. ALVIN MARION SMITH, B. S., Portland, Oregon. Volley Grande Academy (Weslaco, Texas), Navy, 7. JACK DAVID STEVENSON, B. S., Portland, Oregon. S.JENNINGS PETER STOERING, B. S., Portland, Oregon. Toft High, Oregon. Engineers ' Club 2, String Ensemble 3, Army Air Corps. 9. FRANK PETER TERRAGLIO. B. S., Portland, Oregon. Central Catholic High. Band 1. 10. JOSEPH GEORGE TULLY, B. S., Portland, Oregon. Sterling High, Colorado. Biologists ' Club 4, Navy. 11. LEE THOMAS WITTY, B. S., Portland, Oregon. 12. MARVIN ALBERT WILLIAMSON, B. S., Portland, Oregon. Multnomah Prep. Engineers ' Club 1-2, Who ' s Who in Amer- ican Universities and Colleges, Army Air Corps. 13. LAWRENCE FREDERICK WIRFS, B. S.. Portland, Oregon. Jefferson High. Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colteges, Army. 14. LEONARD WYNKOP, B. S., Portland, Oregon. Br. Ferdinand (Moser) C.S.C, B.A., B.S., ev. Francis P. Goodall, C.S.C, A.B., C.E., Mathematics Surveying This year marks the coming of age of the School of Engineering. With the completion of the half-million dollar Engineering building, the School, formerly a department of the College of Science, will offer courses leading to a Bachelor of Science in General Engineering. ?w of Engineering Hall ly stage of construction. 1 iJsLCINEERINC . Jomes J. Hlgglns, M.S.C.E., Engineering Mr. F. James McCanna, B.S E.E., Engineering Mr. V alter S. Thompson, E.E., Engineering The objective of the School is to give a basic education in the funda- mentals of civil, elecirical and mechanical engineering. The combina- tion of a high caliber faculty and a plant with complete modern equipment will soon rate the School of Engineering with the nation ' s finest. Jdents leaving class on the ground floor. They Top: Mechanisms 308 meets for the first time in their new classroom, share the building with the bricklayers. Bottom: Midway point— the concrete skeleton awaits brick veneering. Organized in 1947 with 45 students, the School of Music is the only co-educational division on the campus at present. With an enrollment now topping 80, the School offers courses leading to degrees in teaching and concert work. The University Chorus, Orchestra, and Band along with the Collegium Musicum and the String Quartet give music students on opportunity to appear in concert. Mr. Philippe DeLaMare, M.A. Mr. Charles E. Die ' z, B.M. Students and faculty toke advantage of ■MM • «• " ■ ' The appearance of these groups has come to be a musical highspot in campus life. Besides participating in activities in this way, the students of the Music school have contributed their talents to convocations and dances. The faculty, headed by Dean Artau, has demonstrated exceptional understanding and fore- sight in handling the multitude of problems which accompany the pioneering of so new a department. Note taking Is quite a differ rhing in the Music School. e Music Hall, built n modern bungalow style, provides soundproof practic e rooms and lecture halls. OUTSTANDING WAYNE DURRELL Most likely to Succeed from College of Liber al Arts SENIORS XJIBERAL ARTS ' students dominate the list of the Class of 49 ' s Big Ten with six men being named from that college, two from Science, and three from Business Ad- ministration. Selection was made by vote of their class- mates. Three class officers received honors— Pat Fordney, class president, was chosen " Most popular, " Bob Schlict- ing, class secretary-treasurer, " Most scholarly, " and Paul Rask, vice-president, " Best Journalist. " SAM SOTER Most Likely to Succeed from College of Business Administrotion OFFICERS REV. JOHN J. HOOYBOER, C.S.C, M.A Dean of Studies flOMINISTRflllOr- i.|IEV THOMAS JONES CSC, M.A.- Pti-fect of R,.hqion MR. BERNARD T. WALLS Director of Veterans Affa L REV. CLEMENT E. KANE, C.S.C, A.B. Prefect of Discipline MR. PAUL J. LYONS, A.B. Registrar Campus Landmarks . . . The Praying Hands On the brick background of the University ' s memorial to her war- dead are inscribed the names of the 62 students who died in their country ' s service. The Praying Hands memorial was erected on the East Quad by the Class of ' 48. . . 5 «yrt» l ss YELL KINGS Feature attraction ot halftime is yell king Bill Colbert moking like □ rocket. O Portland U, our Portland U . . . Who ' s going lo win? The band spells it out for Multnomah Stadium spectators. ,1 i 1 1 . i r 1 f i ,1 K »«.: ° k ' ct off ,he f , " " ' ■ng kirL:_J ' ' °° ' b° " a tJr ,- ■ " " ' Dal se„,„ „ - " - ' •-a each other ' s Xn. r ' u° " -° ' -s " y done n . . . Thy Sons Are True to Thee bollp ,1,. The band In Portland nearly everybody roots for the Pilots. A V A N MDdel A ' s and Euicks get that new purple ond white look. PILOT ROOTERS made a colorful entry info Beaverland when the annual Uni- versity of Portland Caravan hit Corvcllis with a boisterous noise parade and pur- ple and white bedecked jalopies. The jour- ney began on the Portland campus with the decorating of cars, and took over 1000 Pilot boosters through down-to n Portland and down the Willamette valley. Entering Corvallis they were met by a police escort which ushered them to Bell Field, for the kickoff of the OSC-Portland football game. The lineup for today ' s go Five miles down eighty-tv o to go. m % -t- V . Bitton and bows, levls, ploid shirts and corn cob pipes— dress of the day THE ANNUAL Engineers barn dance once again gave Portland students a night of " roughing it " . With corn cob pipes given to the male guests, abundant cider and doughnuts, popular and country style danc- ing, and typical farm scenery, " a good time was had by all. " The arrangement commit- tee members were Harry Banfield, Fred Boner, Jay Cole and Jack Schuller. Left foot up and right foot down country style out at the hoy stock to look the " When you press my wrist Sister, my pulse pants. " Hasty Heart . . . A deft blend of comedy and drama, " The Hasty Heart, " was the second offering of the Portland Players. It was presented before applauding audiences in Education Hall February 19, 20, and 21. " The Hasty Heart, " a wartime hospital drama from the pen of John Patrick, deals with on embittered Scot ' s struggles to find peace of mind in the few weeks he has to live. Comedy relief is provided by some of the more light- hearted patients who try to befriend the young soldier. Cost: Yank Albert Cereghmo 1st Orderly Gene Kerstiens Digger Patrick O ' Hearn Kiwi John Giovanini Blossom John Freeman Tommy Gene Cornelius Margaret Arietta Wendel Colonel Cy Schile 2nd Orderly David Case Lochlen Peter Pinney " Do tlie fellows in the ward know about me? " Who stole my heart owoy. . . . ' I could those aui.-st;ons, Ellen. " . Male Animal James Thurber ' s happy tale of a college professor ' s troubles with an overly conservative board of trustees and his wife ' s overly amourous ex-sv eetheart returned to its proper collegi- ate setting when it was presented by the Portland Players in Education Hall December 9, 10, and 11. Under the direction of William Stites, the drama group turned in a top notch performance, drawing rounds of laughter from their audi- ences. Sets were designed by Ted Reeves and Al Gereghino served as assistant director. Cast: electa Doris Miller Ellen Turner Dolores Zoremba Tommy Turner Dennis Cassidy Potricio Stanley Ellemarie Wendel Woily Myers William Colbert Deon Frederick Damon Richard Pizzo Michael Barnes Jack Simon Joe Ferguson Paul Rask Mrs. Blonche Damon Rosemary Cooke Ed Keller Lawrence Johnson Myrtle Keller Constance Robert! " Nutsy " Miller Peter Von Hoomissen Newspaper Reporter Patrick Cullerton " Pot ' s going date with mel " Let ' s drink a toost to Ellen— Hoppy Birthday, Ellen! " Oh, brondv for -brandy. " ITH A nostalgic bow to the plush era and a flourish of cuos, muslache and otherwise, the Portland Players presenled the familiar old melodrama, " The Drunkard, " April 30 to May 3. Hawkers cries of Root Beer! Pretzels! Peanuts! punctuated the olio acts, competing with the pathos-ridden voices of the stars, Wallace Smith, Glorio Morinacci, Bob Berratta and David Cose. " When I think that you my beloved child, will be left exposed to the tempfaions of a penni- less orphan. " Left: " If if V osn t for your gro ly hai, ■; I ' d break every bon le in youi r bl. ack b eefle body. " Right: " Your arm , lov, ely a. id ir nmocu late. Miss Spindle. brings almost 200 HE CROWNING of Queen Dessa Holmes was the highspof of the annual Coronation Ball sponsored by the Biologists Club. Two hundred couples crowded the Sunken Ballroom of the Masonic Temple to dance to the music of Jerry Van Hoomison ' s orchestra, and witness the coronation ceremony. Phil Pitzer was chairman of the annual affair. The din-ax of the evening: the antly for Ihc name of the new Qu Mojesty Queen Des n m p| SL V k e ' 1 Jt«l A ' " K rk 9LM jC w -m x- t. AW u IJ mr ' L l s Skinnay Ennis " wowed ' em at the Thanks giving holiday dance. " Slow Boat to China ' was the theme with four hundred couple: taking the trip. n. M Harry W. Flannery ' s con ' facts on the " Cold War from the audience. ocation and evening lectu " Here Mr. Flannery ons ' utiined the Spencer Browne ' s piono artistry made his convocatic a question appearance an outstanding musical event. Browne dre loudest plaudits when piciying his own intricate composition Duo. pianists Vera Appleton and Michael Field were a Cultural Series team that met with high approval ut Portland. Their merger of talents has given the.n the reputation of America ' s top flight piano di Top convocation attraction of the year was Jimmy Zito with his trumpet and orchestra. Jimmy ' s horn blowing set Education Hall rocking. Arthur O ' Connell and Virginia McDowall in a scene from " Macbeth. ' Portlanders had an opportunity to witness Shakespeare at its finest when the Margaret Webster Company appeared in Education Hall 10 Concert star Claudio Pinza music students ond Ital.on C 3stlc welcome fro Cultural Series ap OFFICERS . . . The Associated Music Students, newly organ- ized at Portland, includes the Mixed Chorus, String Quartet, Gleemen, Collegum Musicum, Nurses ' Choral, and the Band. The group is composed largely of students from the School of Music, but any student in one of the music groups is eligible. The object of the organiza- tion is to promote interest in the enjoyment of music. Activities of the group are cli- maxed by the annual Musicians ' Ball. Bill Cast, Vice-president Jane Hughes, Secretary-tr Bill Fetsch, President ASSOCIATED MIXED CHORUS . . . (Left to right) First row: G. McGinnis, C. Roberti, M. L. Rondolph, H. Rendolph, J. Zion, D. Hughes, A. The George, R. Bradford, G. Dickson, W. Gost, P. Sheei J. Roberts, S. Paietta, D. Case, T. Neol, R. Schaer, eenon, C. Lind, R. Cooke, B. Durgon, K. Spaga, J. Hughes, V. Kemp. Second row: json, A. Wen del. V. Ellis, P. Preble, M. Hort, D. Dunn, D. Miller. Third row: P. , R. Beatty, C. Mestrich, J. Chance, R. Brower, E. Bosobe. Fourth row: E. Ramsey, Williams, G. Kler, J. McDonald, D. Willson, L. Johnson, B. Fetsch, R. Whifoker. . . . STRING QUARTET (Left to right) Ron Williams, Virginia Ellis, Dorothy Dun Mcrie Jali. MUSIC STUDENTS . . . GLEEMEN (Left to right) Front row: Ray Portopiilo, D. LaValley, S. Stanton, J. Crone, E. Springer, R. Brower, W. Cost, R. Brodford, Rev. G. L. Dum, C.S.C, Director. Second row: D. Miller, accompanist, A. Sinner, J. Simon, D. Forbes, C. Grecco, J. Creegan, W. Fetsch, J. Moore, W. Fryou, W. Hoss. Third row: E. Sinner, G. Wood, W. Decker, F. Yazalina, B. Thalhofer, J. Galloger, M. Medeiros, D. Abbott, J. Kuchler. ASSOCIATED MUSIC STUDENTS . . . COLLEGIUM MUSICUM... Ml Mus Guild, is composed of advanced music students interested in study- ing and interpreting music designed for small cham ber orchestras. Members: Mr. Rex Underwood, di rector, Mrs. A. Underwood, V. Pal mason, K. Barndt, R. Hirtzel, R. Wil liams, R. J. Underwood, G. Cotton V. Ellis, H. Foster, G. Geeson, G Horn, C. Keene, A. Koiyola, G, McGinnis, D. Backman, M. Barter, F. Cone, M. Jali, B. Barron, Dunn, B. Durgan, J. Winter, Dietz, W. Cleland. NURSES CHORAL.. (Left to right) Rev. G. L. Dum, C.S.C, director, H. Burr, accom- ponist, D. Metcalf, M. Christie, P. Eppers, A. Shields, Y. Lagerfeld, B. Hee, E. Hostetler, P. Beh, I. Jungwirth, G. Zielinski, M. Ryan, C. Lutz, B. Kosmolski, J. Gosch, D. Lofgren, P. Garrett, J. Buyserie, P. Hatch, R. Poitras, L. Nielsen, P. Ryan, M. Doherty. Members of the Band which of- fered a series of popular concerts under the baton of Charles Dietz are: (Left to right) Clarinets; R. Beottv, E. Ryan, D. Vailloncourl, T. Moore, D. Hughes, G. Dickson, K. Halvorsen. Flutes; S. Evens, L. Allemon. Oboe; L. Grabovac. Sax ophones; J. Schille, L. Witty, J. Zion. Trombones; C. Olsen, E. Habensack, E. Basabe, E. Schile. Cello; B. Durgan. Bassoon; R. Schair. Tubas; W. Moore, W Wenker. Drums; G. Cbussen, J. Norton, W. Weiderhold, F. Som- mers, J. Schaller. Coronets; E. Boyd, J. Chance, E. Ramsey, R. Bradford, W. Stafford, R. Lvnch, H. Sporks, N. Steering, R. Schwory. French Horns; R. Johnson, S. Mil- ls ' , E. Walton, Second Row; R. Westphal, P. Icrkin, L. Blomberg. Baritones; J. Olson, Jr., J. Sharkey. Bass Clarinets; D. Shadrick. Charles E. Dietz, Conductor. CONCERT BAND ...RALLY BAND An added attraction at athletic events this year was the re- turn of the Rally Band as a marching unit. With a notable increase in size and smartness, the Band provided Pilot root- ers with an up surge of spirit. Lee Witty, in drum majors shako, and Conductor Charles Dietz led the band through in- tricate maneuvers featuring football themes. This king-size football (above) was one band formation for the presentation of the " Fight Song " . At left, students and spectators view the band in an animated rendition of the " Umbrella Man " from Mult- nomah Stadium stands. These formations are typical of the half-time activity which added extra sparkle to Portland grid- iron clashes. MUSICIANS BALL A blue wall of cellophane, fish nets, and bubbles display the evening ' s theme. u. SING an underwater therne of " How Deep is the Ocean, " the Associated Music Students soonsored their alwavs suc- cessful Musician ' s Ball at the College of Nursing auditorium February 4th. Chair- maned by Pete Ford and Bill Fetch, ju- niors, the affair featured cellophane decorations and unusual lighting effects along with special intermission enter- tainment. A smoke, a chot, and a glass of punch between d PERSONALITIES T ' O ' " SpUSOnified Friendly, red-headed Bill Colbert provides much of the spark in the new Spirit of Portland U. The carrot-topped sophomore kept Pilot fans in a state of perpetual hoarseness as yell leader, while the offices of Vice-President of the student body, chairman of the ICC and social committee also felt the impact of the Colbert personality. r-- m Queen of the Ball The selection of a queen to reign over the Biologists Club ' s annual Coronation Bail saw the crown placed upon the blonde tresses of comely Dessa Holmes. The coronation of Queen Dessa, who was chosen from a court of five princesses, was a fitting climax to the college career of this personable nursing senior. I i PILOT WHEEL n Easily identified by his broad grin and red hair, Kev Collins assumed the reigns of the student body presidency from John Sacomano in January, capping a long list of outstanding services. At one time or another, the likeable Irishman has been Sophomore Class Representative, a member of the Speakers Bureau, and an organizer of the Catholic Leadership Congress. He now heads the Oregon Feder- ation of Collegiate Leaders. Personality Most Likely to Split Dick Orth is a senior. He has a wife and two children. This is a situa- tion conducive to a rather quiet, normal life. However, for the lost two years a strange compulsion has moved him to write some of the zaniest features ever to appear in the Beacon — articles which hove drawn howls of glee from Portland students, and in some instances, arched eyebrows from readers at schools for young ladies. Therefore, the log staff nominates Orth as the personality most likely to split in 1949. Campus Day 1948 sow, for the first time, the election of a Queen to rule its traditional activities. Queen Betty Lou Sommers is an excellent reason for continuing the idea. Her Majesty, who answers more readily to " Binks, " displayed such a dazzling smile when she received her royol bouquet, that the Log Staff felt compelled to nominate her as the University ' s " Portland Rose. " Campus Day Queen BMOC BMOC is a shopworn title, but its use can be justified in reference to Clarence Rylonder. This 6 foot 5 inch, 260- pound junior has been outstanding ever since his arrival on the Cliff. Newly elected president of the Business Ad Club, Rylander ' s past honors include: Associate Beacon Editor, Vice-President of the French and Italian Clubs, Junior Class Representative, and recognition as one of the University ' s more dextrious speakers. ATHLETE OF THE YEAR Fleet-footed Johnny Freeman was the winner of the " Eddy DeFreitos " memorial trophy, by virtue of his selec- tion by his team mates as the outstanding Pilot gridder of 1948. The elusive left halfback was third in the nation in total number of yards gained on punt returns. Campus Landmarks . . . Madrona Trees Carved on the bark of the madrono trees lining the bluff are the names or initials of students from every class that has come to the University— on unofficial record of almost half a century. AL OTTE President Junior Class Officers JIM O ' HANLON Vice-president LOU McMURRAN Secretary CLARENCE RYLANDER Student Council Representative ' •=? 4R!. ' «eit f - -4 • ««nf ' «». li ' 1 f K. R. Agerter K. Altenhor ' »n D. K. Anderton W. H. Arenz W. M. Bclliovat: D. O. Bailatore H. M. Bonfield D. E. Beaderstadt T. A. Beard C C: .fflj ■Ct o ft? J.J. W. V. Bergllne E. E. Bettey G. P. Beyer P. Bird, Jr. A. E. Bishop F. C. Bissonette G. J. Blatner J. J. Blotner f . C. Boner C. D. Borho W. O. Bowmor R. W. Bradley J. J. Brady R. H. Brady W. R. Bragg C. E. Brazil W. H. Brew I. R. Brosy Unusual things happen on the basketball floor. He poetry in motion . . . so W. J. Bruning G. B. Burkhartsmeier F. A. Butcher R. E. Byrne J. P. Callicrate D. L. Campbell D. L. Cannard J. P. Capplello O. J. Card E. E. Carlson T. E. CarroH L. A. Cassinelli B. A. Cavanaugh A. Cereghino G. J. Cerri J. W. Chodbourne L. V. Chaffey R. G. Charlton ■ I ? fff fN ?!! r . k -» iJ —T) ? i ' m, 9»% ■: V % . T. F. Clark, Jr. E. K. Clarke D. E. Clearwater ' fS f R. P. Clohessy --I - R. T. Comontos Connor, Jr. _ ' ,, E.Connor. . . nere we hove, well, here we have the donkey basketball gome; A! Rithordson, Don Christionson and mounts. ? O O - - ? - f5 f . f?5 i M. m ■-.7; 4»»; K. D. E:kstr B. B. Eissler B. F. Err.ery E I.Engel R. Ernst, Jr, C. F. Erwer D. V. Costanzo J. V. Coxon R. H. Crain R. J. Craviotto J. L. Crone W. M. Cronin C. C. Cross T. P. Cullerton O. E. Cummings F. J. Damonte J. W. D ' jrby W. R. Decker R. L. DeCristoforo L. M. Degerstedt J. L. Deloney A. P. Delia J. C. DINuccI F. L. Dobler T. J. Dolon P. N. Downard J. L. Doyle C. V. Dreisbach E.J. Dunlap L.C. Dyrhaug As a fact factory, you can ' t beat the library G. W. Farlln B. J. Farrell W. J. Fischer F. L, Fisher R. G. Fitzgerald J. T. Flaherty D. M. Flanagan P. M. Fogarty R. M. Foley P. L. Ford R. E. Ford R. E. Forker W. R. Forman G. R. Fortun R. T. Frank A. J. Frawley A. H. Freiberg I. A. Gobrish J. A. Galati L. A. Gorrow, Jr. ' . |, 3- Uf.j ' ' a .9 « ' ■. ' .f- ,.f S ' . ■p f «1Mife N. L. Gory - » R. W. Gassner . ' " 5 •» - w 9 P. P. Gibbons . - , ■ ' y l R. N. Gill - ' ' F 4 J. H. Gillis ( ■ 1 1 F. E. Goetze " " " ' r F. L. Gomes G. M. Gomm ' ' E. P. Goodrich , - «= ' D. W. Graham C. T, Grant i: just before (cr Q CI O. v!i, ' O O ft rt, o .r ! .O ,i j ft B. D. Hickmon E. A. H:efleld J. L. Hochstatter J.J. Hauth D. B. Hayes J. Heffernai L. A. Helvey D. A. Holland W. M. Hoillingsworth J. W. Horton B. F. Grass C. F. Greece F. G. Grecco W. J. Greener A. T. Gugliein C. R. Gunn R E. Hagey L. G. Hahn R. W. Hole K. A. Hango R. H. Hanigan D. P. Hannigan D. J. Harrington D. H. Hort J. A. Hart V. D. Haskell J. M. Halt W. K. Haug F. J. Hauth Roses greeted Claudie Pmza, cultural series star . . R. W. Hughes C. E. Humphrey W. Hunt, Jr. W. L. Hutsell C. F. Ingham M. A. Jali R. L. Jensen J. N, Jiroch A. J. Johnson D. L. Johnson R. L. Johnston J. J. Jolley R. D. Jones W. J. Kombich, Jr. L. I. Koufrron M. Kavonaugh R. P. Kearney R. J. Keep D. D. Kelly J. T. Kelly D. W. Kennedy R. D. Kennedy J. A. Kenney F. C. Kester . D. W. King K. D. King R. E. Knopp R. J. Kocornik L. W. Kreischer ft fl , •C5, f%- , , ,C O O (Tj if f fV4 ft Q p ft -s ■-? 11 nd for Dick Day s it was long, low whistle W9 5 ■T ■ - S I - -«» ' " a • ' a ft . 11 • ft p. S. Partridge C. f ,f| I. Pedersoi J. D. Peter: R, F. Petlx W. I. Phillips, Jr P. E. Pitzer J. R. Pizzo P. L. Polich W. E. Pomeroy E. Nemarnich J. T. Neuville M. O. Newdall D. R. Newman W J.. Niebuhr J. P. Niehuser L. C. Nielsen W. D. Nunoko R. C. Obbink P. A. O ' Donov J. B. O ' Hanlon 0. P. O ' Heorn J. T. O ' Leory W. A. Olsen J. Oreskovich, Jr A. R. Otte G. J. Owen H. R. Owen T. J. Padden S. D. Paietta Get your bets down, ' says Al Goldsmith os he spins the roulette R. A. Popps M. F. Polestio D. T. Powers R. F. Powers H. F. Prouty W. J. Radakovich R. M. Romp H. L. Randolph I. H. Rudolph E, L. Ray W. J. Redus T. W. Reed J, P. Reeves J. W. Reinke J. R. Renner I. N. RIback A. F. Rischiotio C. A. Robert! J. F. Roberts D. J. Rochon ! . f, t. dk G. F. Rogers J. M. Roos W. A. Ruggeri J. E. Ryon VX W. J. Ryan H. J. Ryel C. C. Rylander W. Sakai K. Samson P. G. Saxton • .f E. A. Schechtel S. SchinasI 1 , ft A .A d at the Compus Day o o f . f - ( ft O ?). « 9 Ci e Oi a H ■ « ' (Tj 7 CV. ' fj f ift D W. R. Sting N. A. Stoering R. L. Stone E. L. Sullivan V I (.a ▲ - D. M. Tordiff R. L. Thalhofer E.J. Schmidt r. C. Schneide E. T. Schopf M. Schu ' ze, Jr. J. H. Schutz M. J. Setvin J. T. Sharkey S M. Sherman R. E. Shotwell J. J. Sii E. C. Sims K. M. Sinclair A. H. Sinner R. R. Smalley h. C. Smith H. J. Smith P. R. Smith W. B. Smith J. F. Sonnhaiter T. F. Sono H, L. Sparrow R. A. Spear W. F. Spitznagcl H. J. Stohi M. Stanko Line-up for L. F. Thayer R. M. Thompson W. H. Thompson J, E. Thorpe C. E. Tontz S. T. Tool D. H. Toomey R. C. Tufts L. M. Turin F. R. Utj, Jr. G. A. Van Hoomiss. P. V. Von Hoomiss J W. Von Ho N. A. Vanikio N. R. Van Me R. J. Ve tterlein J. L. Vidonl K. E. Vreelond D. W. Wonamoker J. L. Wordell D. R. Water W. P. Welle R. L. Well W. B. Westerma R. J. Whismo f- «K 1 -T L O ' ■t r ft o q f C 1! © If- D. Wolff, Jr. L. I. Wood R. D. Wood D. A. Woodcock K. Wortman T. E. Zimmerman A » ' V ' Line-up for a serving. I. C. Allen E. M. Arthur A. M. Baker B. A. Block G. Boyce AA. P. Clairmont MRS. MARIAN POLLOCK, President PATRICIA S. SHEA Vice-President PRISCILLA D. LOY Secretary LOLA M. WINDECKER PATRICIA L. UHLENKOTT N. A. C. Representative D. J. Drips A. E. Fitzell C. E. Goodnight N. M. Johnson M. Kuensting P. D. Loy P. A. Macnomara P. A. Molly M, J. Mitchell S. M. Morrow t -i V 0 D. M. Neigel M. Pollock M. L. Soxton B. J. Scheideman P PO B. Schue P. S. She: E. J. Snyde J. I. Stearns R. M. Sturzo J. Sunderland Pi r p. L. Unlenkott H. E. Weslendick E. M. White P. A. Wick ) ' 0f I. M. Windecker Campus Landmarks . . . Lewis and Clark Monument The campus played a part in history— " Captain Clark and his party arrived here at Waud ' s Bluff, April 3, 1806. This was the farthest known point reached by the explorers on the Willamette River. Lewis Clark Expedition 1804-1806. " CHRISTIE HALL ASSOCIATED STUDENTS... STUDENT COUNCIL... Portland University ' s student body voted itself into a new organizational form at a special convocation held early in February this year and now bears the official title " Associated Students of the University of Portland. " The move was sponsored by the student council in an- other of its steps toward increasing the degree of student participation in activities, and followed the council ' s action of lost May in opening the positions of student body president, vice-president, and secretary-treasurer to direct vote. John Sacomano, first elected student body president, who came into office after a tumultous election cam- paign which saw a record turnout of votes, sponsored two major changes in the University ' s student govern- ment. First was the establishment of a public relations board which handled publicity on student activities and, second, was the publication of " The Pilot, " a special guide designed to acquaint new students with the facts of Uni- versity life. Sacomano resigned his position in January due to early graduation, and was succeeded in the post by Kev Collins, junior. 1 KEV COLLINS Student Body President BILL COLBERT Student Body Vice-President BERNIE GRASS Student Body Treasurer STUDENT GOVERNMENT . . . INTER-CLUB COUNCIL . . . (Left to right) First row: Al Skagerberg, Roy Tryone, George Ryan, Pot Fordney, Joe Merkle, Bill Colbert, Chairman. Second row; Fred Boner, Ed Cole, Connie Robertl, Maurio Potesto, Bill Jackson, John Capiello, Bill Sullivan, Jerry McDonald, Gene Kierstons, Larry Leverman, Bill Redus. A new and valuable branch of student government was organized this year in the Inter-Club Council. Composed of representatives from the four classes and twenty-two clubs on campus, the ICC has taken charge of the social program, alloting dance dates and meeting places for all groups, and has assumed responsibility for recognition of new organizations. Bill Colbert, student body Vice-President, acts as chairman of the group. PUBLIC RELATIONS . . . Another new student government func- tion is the Public Relations Board, which performs the dual role of publishing a weekly social calendar and operating a sign shop, where campus publicity for all student affairs is handled. Chair- manship of the board has revolved, with sign painter Kim Sinclair as a permanent part of the working staff. The Board maintains a file of activity interests and qualifications of every student, which is drawn on to find personnel for extra- curricula activities. Kim Sinclair gets advce iroi.i cHl -des from past chairman Bob Hull Newman (right) as well as Choirmon Dan Harrington (center). . . . 1949 EDITION . . . PARTY SYSTEM Class President, and Kev. Collins, Student Body President, step into the role to give budding politicians a send off with the party system. Campus politics were given a new twist in the student body and class elections held this May with the appearance of a formally organized party system. Unofficially sponsored by the retiring student council, the system would feature political organization similar to that found in the national elections. At p resent one party has already made its appearance, with opposition due to materialize before election date. INTER-COLLEGIATE COOPERATION The University of Portland student coun- cil inaugurated a series of dinner meet- ings with leaders of the six colleges in the Portland area at a dinner held in the Pilot House during the fall. Since then each college has hosted a meeting with the result that cooperation between the Portland schools has been greatly in- creased. One concrete result of the group ' s efforts is a promised reduction in downtown theatre prices for college students. Monogram Club officers: Leo Grosjocques, Vice-President, Bud Willian President; John Coppiello, Secretary-Treasurer. Varsity lettermen, through membership in the Monogram Club, kept the boll rolling many more places than on the football field or basketball court. Presided over by President Bud Williams, Vice-President Leo Grojacques, and Secretary- Treasurer John Cappiello, the letterman spon- sored their always successful Smoker, witnessed by over 1000 fight fans in Education Hall, April 1. Monogram Club members acted as ushers and ticket takers at athletic events, and formed welcoming committees for incoming freshmen in September. Sandwiched between these ac- tivities the lettermen held monthly meetings, refereed the intermural sports program, and wound up the year with a Club picnic and the annual Monogram Formal. MONOGRAM CLUB (Left to right) First row: Bud Hickman, Bob Ford, Roy Utz, Leo Grojacques, Hal McKee, Walt Spitznogie, Phil Popolerdo. Second row: Marv Diercks, Joe Gillis, Jerry Ceri, John ODonnell, Pete Van Hoomissen, Leo Keppinger, Bill Kambich. Third row: Tom Unger, Bill Hatcher, John Sweeny, Jack Grief. Fourth row: Mike Fajer, Frank Luizzi, Jack Jolley, Bill Caroll, Eddie Meyers, John Freeman, Dan Christionson, Bill O ' Conneii. Fifth row; Jock Manni, Duane Cartier, Bud Williams, Jock Sonnholter, Hal Holden, Pot Mulhern, Pat O ' Don- nell, John Cappiello, Bill Sweeny. First night The first objective of the student council in inaugurating the as yet unnamed service honorary was to honor students who have done the student body ' s work without the accompanying " glory. " The second objective was to provide the Associated Students with an organized body of experienced men who can be called upon to do the jobs required to keep the stu- dent body working as a unit. At the first meeting of the group Wayne Durrell was chosen temporary chairman and Ed Sinner as temporary secretary. Organization is proceeding smoothly since Durrell is prac- ticing what he preaches as Parliamentary Law instructor, and is following his own outline for the organizing of a model group. The work of the service honorary should continue on the same efficient level since each member has a backlog of experience in campus activities that cannot be equalled by any club in the University. SERVICE HONORARY WAYNE DURRELL Chairman Pro Tern ED SINNER Secretory Pro Ten NURSES ACTIVITY COUNCIL . . . (Left to right): Doretha Waters, Gle Bossett, Sr. John of the Cross, Kathleen Klein, Erika Groham, Joan OKeefe, Deelores Schuin Pat Uhlenkott, Marion Pollock,, Nancy Wentworth, Joan Dove. Amis was a vear of firsts for the Nurses Activity Council. Under N. A. C. sponsorship, the Nurses Carnival was held for the first time in January. Planned as an annual event, the purpose of the highly successful Carnival is to send a delegate to the American Nurses Association convention in San Francisco. Also inaugurated in high fashion was the Mother-Daughter Tea held in May. Third first was the N. A. C. ' s part i n the formation of the Portland-St. Vincent-Provi- dence social committee to integrate activities of the three parts of the University. The Council, composed of representatives from each class, plus student body officers, carried on its traditional activities which include sponsoring convocations; representing Portland on the Oregon State Student Nurses Council, and the tradi- tional Capping and Welcome Tea held at graduation. JOAN O ' KEEFE, Student Body President PAT SHEA, Prefect JOAN BESSER, Vice-Prefect XhE religious side of campus life at the College of Nursing is centered in the Sodality, which gives the future nurses an opportunity to take part in continuing religious projects and discussion groups. Now composed of 40 girls, the Sodality has taken charge of residence hall bulletin boards which highlight and explain the liturgical week, and has assumed responsibility for shrine floral displays. Major activity of thte Sodality is their " Vocation Week " held in March, at which speakers and groups talk over problems of the nursing profession and of marriage. In a half-serious, half-humorous vein. Sodality members present skits giving their idea of that mythical character, the " Ideal Husband. " New members must pass a religious examination and are welcomed into the Sodality at a processional mass and com- munion followed by the traditional Sodality breakfast. Sister John of the Cross is the group ' s advisor. Left to right) First row: D. Immonen, C. Driscoll, L. Socchini, L. Stupfel, J. Gosch, P. Beh. Second row: J. Dove, D, Vardanega, H. Callagher, J. Besser, P. Sommers, R. Schwarz. Third row: P. Ryan, B. Kosmoiski, M. Ryan, C. Walsh, J. Van Hoomissen, N. Wentworlh, G. Zielinski, P. Shea, A. Quinn. Fourth row: R. Dorragh, M. Christie, D. Camus, D. Metcalf, C. Bolf, R. Poitras, M. McNally. . . . SODALITY I ALPHA PSI OMEGA AL CEREGHINO, President GENE KERSTEINS, Vice-president " TJORTLAND ' S Kappa Kappa cast of Alpha Psi Omega, nalional dramatic fratertiity, witnessed its second year on the campus. Membership is limited to students who have participated in dramatics at the University of Portland. In addition to aiding the Portland Players in production, the honorary meets for discussion and appre- ciation of all phases of the theatre arts. Paying particular attention to developments in modern drama, the group made extensive visits to several colleges and campuses to study the activities of other student dramatic societies, and attended Portland showings of outstanding stage shows and motion pictures. al meeting: D. Pii jsgrove, H. McMoho eghino, G. Cornelius C. Roberti, L. Le BETA BETA BETA BOB BURKE, President; LUAN HINSZ, Vic=-President; DESSA HOLMES, Secretary. TTNDER THE leadership of officers Bob Burke, Luan " Hinsz, and Dessa Holmes, Beta Beta Beta, national honorary for biology majors, added to both its member- ship and educational activity. Monthly meetings are de- voted to scientific lectures and group discussions. Focal point of Beta activity is the " Lob Open House " held May 3, at which members set up demonstration of genetics. circulation of the blood, and embryonic development. The Open House is an annual attraction for high school biology field trips. The membership of Tri-Beta is drown from the colleges of Science and Nursing; newly accepted members being honored at an annual banquet this year in March. Fac- ulty adviser is Dr. Ira Horton. J ifffi 1 Mr ■1 I Left to right) First row: E. White, P. Shea, D. Vossen, C. Bickford, D. Holmes, O. Hussetf, L. Hinsz, M. Pollock, M. Saxton, M. Mitchell, R, Slurzo, P. Loy. Second Row: R. Burke, D. Blauvelt, D. Goldmon, L. Leonelli, P. Wick, H. Westendick, Dr. Horton, Miss Flynn, D. Waters, D. Barto, T. Lou, Fr. Molter. Third row: J. Robinson, D. Ballotore, R. Sowell, C. Vreelond, R. McCortthy, J. Berry, W. Sullivan, W. Maks, Dr. Ccrlfon. club members have the intricacies of dii III explained to them by odvertising man Milto Ad officers: Charles Scheaffer, Treasurer; larry Levermon, President; Bob Mourdant, Vice-President. BUSINESS The Business Administration Club again proved itself to be one of the most active school organ- izations. Boasting 240 members, the Club sponsored monthly meetings which featured talks by prominent Portland businessmen. Of outstanding interest v as the series of panel discussions presented by the famed " Flying Squadron " of the Oregon Advertising Club. Club meetings this year were so well attended that the meeting place had to be shifted to Education Hall; the introduction of motion pic- tures on business subjects helped add to their popularity. Socially the Admen did well for themselves, too. Their annual dinner dance for club members, held this year at the Spotlight Club was an outstanding success, with extra bids being angled for by a large port of the student body. Brochure Committee: Bob Mourdant, Editor Joe Merkle, Chorles Scheaffer. Speaking on the second halt ol tlie Hying bquaaron lectures v. Mr. Milton Bell; Abbot Kerns oncJ Bell; Mr. HoroM Mr. ciri vVe rner, public rplations; Mr. Vernon Jenkins, Foster and Kl( sburg. Station KE X; with Mr. Charles Savage, Advertising Instructor. AD CLUB Spring brought members a picnic with all present and accounted for, since refreshments were free. For the second yeor the B. A. Club published its highly original brochure, under the editorship of Joe Merkle. The brochure, entitled " Stumped by a Personnol Problem? " was sent to over 700 personnel managers, and features the pictures, employment interests, and qualifications of graduating members. Since the brochure was first issued, it has won critical acclaim from col- lege placement services. Business Ad officers are Larry Leverman, Presi- dent; Bob Mordaunt, Vice-President; Clarence Rylander, Secretary; Charles Scheaffer, Treas- urer, and Frank Quinlan Sergeant-at-Arms. Mr. Edward Sandstrom is faculty advisor for the Admen. picked up pointers at meetii f ( BIOLOGISTS ' CLUB N THE second Tuesday of each month, the seventy members of the Biologists ' Club meet to hear reports on the latest developments in their field. Guest lecturers hold a prominent spot at these meetings. Written reports appear in the Bio-Log, bi-annual publication of the club, v hich is distributed to University of Portland students and to other schools where it is valued as research ma- terial. Socially, the Biologists ' sponsored their traditional Coronation Ball, which saw Dessa Holmes crowned 1949 Queen. Officers are: Don Ballatore, President; Bob McCarthy, Vice-President; Dorothy Camus, Secretary, and Bob Burke, Treasurer. Rev. John Molter is advisor. DON BALLATORE President (Lett to right front row: S. Fisher, R. Dorragh, J. Cotes, G. Basset, E. O ' Mearo, M. Hordison, M. Christie, H. Burr. Second row: A. Quinn, E. Pottor, P. Harmon, D. Camus, M. Jacobson, B. Toylor, E. Minor, P. Loy, M. Pollock. Third row: J. Grunfeder, B. Hunne, D. Goldberg, W. Mathews, J. Rogowoy, B. Tuck, J. Donnelly, K. Sono. Fourth row: B. Burk, R. Payne, B. McCorthy, L. Marring, B. Schiffbouer, Dr. Corleton, L. Hearing, Fr. Molter. BARRISTERS The need felt by Portland pre-law students for inform- ation on the opportunities in the legal profession led to the formation of the Barristers this year. Although new, the club lost no time in securing outstanding lawyers and businessmen as speakers at their bi- monthly meetings. They have also heard talks by the Deans of two law schools giving an outline of what they can expect upon entering legal training. The Barristers have been equally quick to enter student activities. They have sponsored an off-campus dance and climaxed the spring semester with an open house. the Barristers to Club membe Schisler, Ad Bill Colbert. Tearing on address by City Attorney Al ■; Bill Redus; Mr. Brown. Second row: Ed Sinner rd row: Bob Welsh; Guests. Fourth row: Charles )cr Brown. (Left to right) first !st; Bob Kearney; George Van Ho( bock; Don Woters, Dallas Wilson Dove Costanzo; Mr. Robert en; Jim O ' Honlon; Cy Rooen; Safety first. Engineers measure fire-resistonce of materials used in the new Engineering Building ENGINEERS . . . For Engineers interested in some of the practical aspects of their profession, and with a bent for social activity, the Engineers ' Club provides a tailormade answer. At monthly meetings, lec- tures by leading engineers and movies on technical subjects satisfy the first requirement, while Engineering social activities range from their always popular Barn Dance in the fall, to the Spring Formal held in April, and the Engineers ' picnic in May. A neat blend of the social and academic is achieved by Club members In informal meetings where engineering problems are discussed over refreshments. JAY COLE, President (Left ta Right) Arnold Garlick, Tr. George Ctaussen, Secretary. Fred Boner, Vice-President; (Left to Right) R. Harold, F. Strange, J. Headrick, L. Fleming, K. Fu Rev. J. Sigmar faculty advisor Wm. Reishman S. Schultz. Wm. Jackson, L. Hook, Wm. Cast, J. Pe Twenty to thirty members of the Psychological Society assemble each month to hear authoritative reports on current develop- ments in various fields of their progressing science such as industrial, cimical, and child psychology. Headed by President Bill Jackson, Vice-President Bill Reishman, and Secretary Don Schultz, the society is deep in plans for aiding in the work of the Psychology Department ' s Clinical Laboratory, which will be organized next year, and will be the first such laboratory in Oregon. Rev. Sigmar von Person is the Society ' s advisor. PSYCHOLOGISTS e. Recorder; Louis Fleming, Vice-President; Bill Jockson, President; Bill Reishman, Treasurer; Storling Schultz, Publicity. BILL JACKSON, President First call for lunch finds the Boarders heading down the path toward the Co CAMPUS CLUB Probably the most spirited students attending the University ore the two hundred and fifty-three boarders who reside in Christie and St. Joseph Halls. Always providing the main body of attend- ance at basketball games, dances, and other on-campus affairs, they are quick to support whole-heartedly any University function. Formally organized into the " Campus Club, " the boarders dominate the intra-murol basketball and Softball leagues, having as many as eight separate teams representing their group. The Glee and Monogram Clubs have a large percentage of boarder members and the staffs of all campus publications have " Cliffdweller " represen- varion. When Howard Hall was hit by fire on March 19, the boarders organized themselves into a volunteer fire de- partment, utilizing service training to control the blaze until the fire department arrived. The " Bluffmen " were the first into the building to combat clorine gas fumes and aid the firemen in fighting the almost inaccessible conflagration. Club members turned out just as eagerly on April 22 for their annual " Bluffmen ' s Bounce, " which was only a little less spectacular. Bob Andrich, Jack Mammoser, Willie Lane, Serge Manlon, Tom Driscoll, and Chris Mestrich make the most of Pot Cullerton ' s nickel. Study period: Hal Holden and Rod Owen get if from all sides. That ' s Don Dougherty swinging from above and Dick Hannigan on the broom. BILL SULLIVAN President JOHN CAPPIELLO Vice-Presidenf HAL HOLDEN Secretary -Treasurer day, and attendance Is always close to 100 percent in the Con " Words and music hy Bill Smith, " a favorite form of ent. tainn.ent for Boarders like John Caopiello and Bob Groha Tony Beseda, Bill Johnson, Hap Lee, Ted Zimmerman, ond Don Strand " bridge " the gop between lunch and afternoon classes. Hope somebody moved that cigarette. nary Cc MUSICOEDS The distaff side of the School of Music banded to gether this year to form the Musicoeds. The girls meet twice Q month for some collective music appreciation as the first half of their name indicates; and for an old fashioned gob-fest, as is implied in the last half. For their first year ' s program, the Musicoeds exchang- ed recitals with the Marylhurst music department, had o semi-formal buffet supper and dance at the Covington House, put on a musical program for the Catholic Maritime Club, and stepped out of the world of music briefly during spring term for a spaghetti dinner. The positions of club President, Vice - President, and Secretary were held by Connie Roberti, Geraldine McGinnis and Rosemary Cook. Mrs. Aurora Under- wood is advisor for the " ' coeds. " Coffee time after a Musicoed meeting. (Left to right) Helen Rendolph, Dean Artau, Lois Rendolph, Janie Hughes, Pat Preble, Virginia Kemp, Dr. Lind, Charlotte Lind, Connie Roberti. Left to right, fro Geraldine McGin Doraliene Hughe Arietta Wendel. ow, Dorothy Dum, Bonnie Durgan, Marvel Hart, Gloria Maranachii, Virginia Kemp, Lois Re Donna Powers. Second row, Doris Miller, Connie Roberti, Agnes Thompson, Rosemary C eane Van Zeli, Jackie Zion, Ester Awne, Virginia Ellis, Pat Preble, Charlotte Lind, Dolon idolph, Helen Rendolph, 3ol(e, Mary Jo Geenen, s Zcrembci, Marie Jali, Members line up for a photo, left to right: Front rov Hughes, S. Thompson. Second row: L. Leverman, E D. Flyn, D. Cossidy. Third row: B. Doherty, R. Holm, H. McMohon, B. Cousgrove, D. Zorembo, M. Jail, C. Roberti, W. Wiederhold, J. Cornelius, P. Von Hoomissen, G. Cogon, B. Colbert, S. Tool, J. Domier, B. Case, I. Pickel, A. Cereghino, P. Cullerton, J. McDonald, O. Garrison, J. Simon, G. Ker- Pat Cullerton, Vicepresiden Secretary; Hugh McMnhon, DRAMA CLUB The Drama Club, composed of students interested in drama and stagecraft, contributed considerably to the year ' s activity. Outstanding in the club ' s en- deavor was the sponsoring of the world famous Mar- garet Webster Shakespeare company ' s presentation of " Macbeth. " Other functions included play pro- ductions, a reception for Kate Pentzer Stokes, drama- tist who appeared in the University ' s Culture series, the annual all school dance, monthly meetings, a private Club dance, and a beach picnic. Known for i Club ' s ann the theme. nusual decorations, the Dron al dance was presented Autumn Nocturne. " (Left to right) First row: Nancy Wimmer, Betty Rossell, Carol Walsh, Lillian Stopfel, Pat Harmon, Marie O ' Rielly, Mary Hardison, Eileen O ' Mearo, Mary K. Walsh, Marian Pollock. Second row: Dorothy Comus, Pot Eppers, Helen Burr, Marilyn Saxton, Maggie Gandiaga. Third row: Ethlyn Potter, Shirley Fisher, Ann Quinn, Rita Dorragh, Marie Christy, Joann Besser. HELEN BURR, Vice-President ANN QUINN, Treasurer PEP CLUB Forming a purple and white block in the center of Pilot cheering sections. Pep Club girls from the College of Nursing add visual and vocal sparkle to Portland football and basket- ball games, frequently by outyelling numeri- cally superior male rooters. During the fall and winter months. Pep Club meetings are devoted to practicing yells with Pilot cheer- leaders and the rally girls who are drawn from Pep Club ranks. This year Marie O ' Rielly, Joanne Desser, Diane O ' Meara and Mary Walsh were responsible for the enthusiastic whistle in the " skyrocket yell. " Not content to sit on the sidelines, the Pep Club entered a basketball team in the wo- men ' s Inter-City league, which was spurred on with Portland yells. The club boasts 40 members, and is headed by Joyce Busch, President; Helen Burr, Vice-President; Prisciiio Loy, Secretary; and Ann Quinn, Treasurer. Miss Dorthy Vossen is faculty advisor. for an IRC panel I. R. C. After an absence of several years, the International Relations Club reappeared as an active campus organization in 1948. Meeting once a month, the IRC conducted thought-provoking round-tables and panel discussions on such important world issues as the European Recovery Program, the extent of Com munist influence in the United States, and U. S. Army occupation policy in Japan. During fall term four club members attended the regional IRC meet at Eugene where Portland delegate Clar- ence Rylander was elected Vice-President of the 1949 conven- tion to be held at Moscow, Idoho. The group is affiliated with the Carnegie Endowment for World Peace from which it receives discussion material. Officers ore Joe Merkle, President, and Dick Wolfe, Secretary- Treasurer. Rev. James Kehoe, C.S.C., acted as faculty advisor. 1 i Bob Phelps Clorence Ryland r t Owen Card Don Newman ITALIAN CLUB Working with the Italian Clubs of Portland and the Women ' s Federation for Peace and Freedom, the University Italian Club has effectively sponsored a drive to send relief supplies to Italy, concentrating on collecting winter clothing, books and paper. This drive is an outgrowth of the aim of the club to arouse interest in the people of Italy and their great contribu- tion to the world ' s culture. Another manifestation of the club ' s success has been the attendance at monthly meetings which feature speakers such as faculty members Nello Spada and Alexander Scharbach, who discussed the problems of modern Italy and phases of Italian history and thought. Dr. Spada is the Club advisor. MAURIO POTESTIO, Club Preslden (Left to iici ' ! I- . . T Arjavac, B. LoDu, H. Randolph L. Randolph, T. Zimmerman, G. Rvan, Mr. Zancontella, advisor Second row: K. Jenck, D. Keenan, J. Giovanini, Mr. Keyes, M McMullen, D. Fisher, N. Tucker, J. Sondern, B. Stohl, A. Hayes GERALDINE McGINNIS, Secretary KIM SINCLAIR, Vice-President EL CLUB ESPANOL Interest in the peoples of the Spanish speaking coun- tries, their language, literature and customs motivates the activity of the members of El Club Espanol. Month- ly meetings, featuring such South American dignatar- ies as the Chilian consul, were supplimented by Span- ish movies and a banquet and dance held in the spring. Prime objective for the Spanish Club this year is sending a member to attend the summer ses- sion at the National University in Mexico City. Officers for 1948-49 are: Bob LaDu, President; Dave Constanzo, Vice-President; Helen Randolph, Secretary; and Lois Randolph, Treasurer. Mr. James Keys is the Spanish Club advisor. (left to right) Front row: K D. Dunn. Second row; Mr. Ceri, R. Portipillo, L. McMu Third row: B. Boratto, L. Capitolo, L. BotteinI, E. Ner ncloir, A. Wendel, C. Robert!, da, advisor, C. DeSposlto, J. A. RIschlotto, G. Marionaccl. M. Potestio, G. McGlnnIs, L. :h, B. LaDu. LOIS RANDOLPH, Treosure TED ZIMMERMAN, Progratr BOB LaDU, President. HELEN RANDOLPH, Secrete :illi Working with □ small staff. Editor Dick Pizzo hod no trouble finding sizable assignments for all hands. He racked up on awe-inspiring mileage total checking trouble-spots and conferring with printers and engravers. Associate Editor, Don Newman (left), wrote and rewrote copy and captions to give complete coverage of events and to comply with the space designated by Senior Editor Joe Merkle (right), who manoned to turn in a modern, original layout. THE LOG The 1949 Log, from its full color cover to die cut division pages, underwent a complete revamping to achieve a streamlined style while retaining distinctive features of a format new to the Log last year. ' 49 departures include an eight page introduction, the addi- tion of a personalities section, and the use of full color photos to mark four division openings. By employing Sparton type, which is more legible than previously used typefaces, the staff of the Log completed the switch to modernism. Sparton blends harmoniously with the Log ' s " new look. " The 1949 edition of the Log is the largest annual yet published by the University, and gives the most extensive coverage ever attempted; coverage of activities and events that will be recalled through these pages in future years as highlights in the life of each student and of the University. ED O ' BRIEN, Class Editor Assistant Editor Don Dorres (right), spent niun, on l.oui correct. ny proofs and compiling the index, while Sports Editor Bob Thalhofer did some compiling of his own and came up with a comprehensive sports revrew. OF 1949 ( , mM BILL BRAGG, Chief Photographer •% JIM HOESCHEN, Assistant Photographe vJrT DAVE ANDERTON, Advertlsinr- Manager ORVILLE GARRISON, Art Editor G. R. (BOB) BOEHMER, Foculty Adv PAUL RASK, Editor, Winner of the Co of merit for iour, THE BEACON ALL CATHOLIC HONORS 1946 ' 47- ' 48 ASSOCIATED COLLEGIATE PRESS HONORS 1946 ' 47 ' 48 OREGON JOURNAL COLLEGE NEWSPAPER COMPETITION- HIGHEST AWARD 1947- ' 48 NEWSPAPER OF DISTINCTION, CATHOLIC COLLEGIATE PRESS 1947 ' 48- ' 49. B, •EACON readers received an unexpected surprise fall term when they returned to the campus and found their University newspaper being printed with new style type and a newly designed masthead. The editors proudly announced that this was the first major change in Beacon make-up in over seven years. The type is called Modern American and is one more indication of the Beacon ' s keeping-up with the times. Another surprise was the introduction of the edi- torial cartoon drawings of Jeff Yohn, sophomore. Dis- playing a particular talent for picking newsworthy and controversial topics, Yohn made his cartoons in- teresting, amusing, and attention-getting. His car- toons were cleanly and professionally done and were a welcome addition to the Beacon ' s campus coverage. RUDY MELONE, Editor, Spring Ter: TOM CARTER :iate Edito DARRELL SWEET Circulation THE BEACON STAFF; Front, left to riqht) Steve Schilt, Bob Remington, Ed Springer, Ferd Borsch Woyne Durrell, Joe Perelle. (Bock, left to right Bud Smith, A! Rousseau, Dave Anderton, Bill Redus, Don Conconnon, Pete Ford, Roy Manning, Jim Fouch, Clorence Rylonder, Jeff Yohn, Darrel i ROBABLY the most outstanding example of the aggressiveness of the Beacon editorial staff as watchdog of the student body conscience was the campaign against booing and demonstration of poor sportsmanship at athletic games. The campaign lasted several weeks and culminated after the playing of the NAIB basketball tournament on the campus. A. ROMPTED by the bad manners and poor taste of the rooting sections of all participating schools in the tourna- ment, the Beacon announced the sponsoring of the " good sportsmanship " award which would be given to the school displaying the best qualities of fair play and good conduct. The award dinner v ill be chosen by vote of the coaches and tournament officials. DAVE UNDERHIIL Sports Editor MR. RUSSELL HAYS Faculty Adviser EDITORIAL BOARD Wayne Durrell, Clarence Rylonder, Jeff Yohn He. ii The QUADRANT Expansion in ihe school of Engineering this year was not limited to the new Engineering building. The " Quad- rant, " quarterly technical magazine published by the Engineers ' Club, was increased to almost double its former size. The addition was necessary to give complete coverage to the expanded activity of the school and new developments in the Northwest. Under the editorship of Charles Ingham, the 1949 " Quad- rant " featured news of the Engineers, biographical sketches of men orominent in the field, and reports on projects underway in this area. DICK FORMAN Business Manage. REV. FRANCIS P. GOODALL Advisor CHARLES INGHAM Editor CO-CHAIRMEN: JOHN BERRY AND WAYNE MAKS The BIOLOG For the fourteenth year the Biologists ' Club published vheir highly regarded scientific bi-annual, " The Biolog. " Research reports by science students emphasized work in the life scienes being carried on in the northwest, and particularly, in the University ' s biological laboratories. An innovation this year wos a preview of the coming ses- sions in which new facilities, courses, and experiments were outlined. Profiles of outstanding scientists were a biographical feature. Rev. J. A. Molter served as techni- cal advisor and Rev. M. S. Rigley as literary advisor. ASSISTANTS: ROBERT McCARTHY AND DOROTHY CAMUS (left to right) Rev. John Scheberle, C. S. C, fac- ulty advisor; Chorles Moore, Assistant Editor; John Rossiter, Assistant Editor; Williom Crocker, Editor. The PREFACE X EATURING new cover designs and modern typography as window dressing for some of the finest student writing to appear on its pages, the 1949 " Preface, " literary quarterly of the University of Portland, fully lived up to its purpose as a medium for the development of new talent. To gain new contributors, the " Preface " sponsored a short story contest with winning entries appearing in the Spring edition. Co-Editors, JOE MERKLE and PAUL RASK The PILOT N EW students received an extra glad hand this year in the form of " The Pilot, " a 24 page welcome- guidebook published by the student council. Editors Joe Merkle and Paul Rask crammed the new publica- tion with information written in an informal style and designed to interest all new Pilots in extra-curricula activities. Plans for next year include a merger with the " Student Manual, " the University ' s " Rocks and Shoals " ; thereby putting under one cover all the information needed to be in on the know socially and academically. Campus Landmarks . . . Memorial rountain - The memorial fountain and bench are more than the traditional class gifts dotting every campus. First, the fountain works, and second, their location between West and Christie Halls make them a favorite spot for a smoke between classes. Memorial hountam .m- - SIf JERRY DOMIER President BILL O ' CONNELL Vice-president SoPHMORE Class Officers DON DORRES Secretory-treasurer - WAYNE MATHEWS Student Council Representative O . ■■.- ' W R. B. Ancirich J. K. Bankhead H. L. Bickford F, I, Borsch, Jr R. L. Brodford J. Brugato, Jr. J. V. Belknap R. J. Dergin J. E. Bertrnnd W • ' :, 1 " " Who won, Al? " , asks Susie Stites K. W. Burchelt L. Burdo E. Burgess P. J. Burke P. J. Bystry, Jr. R. F. Call R. D. Callicrate W. H. Collicrote R. B. Co.Tipbeli D. D. Cannard 9 «? O - 1 t W. p. Carr W. T. Corroll T. V. Carter C. D. Corner G. M. Clark J. H. Clausnitzer W. C. Clessler f " Ak j- ' J. R. Coffey W. C. Coffey W. E. Colbert E. M. Cole E. R. Collins W. F. Connell T. W, Cook R. M. Cooley , I c . .vir Who else could v in except " Humpfirey " Ford? rf V Mil 1? ft ■A ' f J. C. Cooper E. R. Cornelius M. Costello, Jr M.T.Crockett J. R. Crone D. A. Cunning L. S. Cunnighan I. H. Damitz J.T. Dang D. C. Daniels ,o . (?) R. E. Danner L. G. Davis H. J. Decker S. B. deGastyn D. V. Degerstedt V. Demorinis P. J. DeSimio .0 w f f - J E. Devlin G. W. Dickson M. F. Diercks F. G. DIFabic D. S. Dindio B. C. Doherty G. F. Domier, Jr D. G. Dorres Pilot House panoramG F. J. Douglas T. E. Dow G. S. Druxman J. A. Ederer G. M. Elder R. L. Elliot P. J. Engelgou D. R. Equoll H. D. Farrington E. L. Fennimore (D O O r H. J. Firchau R. J. Fisher K. D. Flelschman J. P. Fleming n E. p. Foy fit ft o J. H. Freemor H. J. Frison, Jr T. W. Fryou, Jr 1 R. F. Gorgon A. L. Gorlick J. H. Go O. G. Gart f Tholll be twelve cents. " Si J.r. Gauger J. C. Gionotti D. C.Gill J. C. Giovanir J.J. Gix R. L. Goldman L. S. Goralski C. Gosser D. L Gray B. R. Greqoire : e fii n f o J. F. Greig P. A. Greig R. F. Groh P. Gutierre; ' J I C. W. Haglund J. B. Hall T. M. Hamblelon R- G. Hamreus J. B. Harris J. T. Hartford N. F, Hasenoehrl D.J. Hastings C. W. Hatcher R. R. Haydon J.J. Henick •f " Let ' s see, I hod it here a minute ago R. B. Heninger R. H. Herndon D. G. Hildenbrand W. T. Hirata G. W. Hittner G. E. Hodgson J, A. Hoeschen L. K. Hopt J. M. Hughes J. W. JacobI I. J. Jalbert R. M. Jarvie R. C. Johnson K. S. Jordan J. A. Kara! A. N. Karlstrom S. I. Keala ■ ' ht R. J. Keet M. H. Ke A L. U. Kepprnger E. J. Kerstiens C. F. Kimberley F. N. King J. KIrkland G. E. Kler f J I Psychology test— Don Schultz possed bu! E. P. Goodrich ' s kn reflexes are bad. L. J. KImger G. F. Knleriei J. E. Kurth R. R. LaDu W. R. Lamb C. W. Landstrom K. E. Lassley R. W. LaValley J. P. Leory P. LeBrun Nursing isn ' t all work. The play. W. H. Mathews R. J. Mattecheck S. J. Matus W. T. McGuirk, Jr. H. R. McKee C. A. McPherson R. E. McQuiggin M. J. Medelros J. H. Menath W. B. Mengon D. E. Menicosy R. P. Menstell D. S. Millar D. R. Miller, Jr. ii T. A. Ml W. A. Mi J. M. M D. L. Moffenbeier W. R. Mordount R. N. Morris J. F. Moshofsky W. S. Moulton R. Moy H. Ne D. H. Nieder ' h % ( With these gals for nurses, it might be fun to be sick! 9 _ o " i " ff5 V 4 ik IB H.J. Osbo H. W. Osw G.J. Oule L. W. O ' Donnel J. R. OHarrow P. J. O ' Hollaren C. T. Olson old J. R. Palmer P. R. Poppolordo R. R. Pormatpr V. Patterson, Jr M. I. Peizne E. Penna J. J. NIshiko C.J. Nizir W. P. OXonnell J. P. O ' Donnell J. Perelle, Jr. E. B. Perkins WSK H I " Well, when I was a Freshn s R. C. Petersen B. J. Pillette T. E. Pillette J. R. Prentice R. T. Prentice R. L. Propst J. A. Quinn P. A. Rader C. L. Rash R. R. Reischman ns- mm f ( ft c f ' 3 R. J. Remington A. Renner R. C. Reverman R. F. Roberg R. V. Schiffbauer B. V. Schleppenbach R. F. Schneidmille J. E. Semmen fl f I al.vayi wo„cl.;red what I d look like in one of those things ■fc J. A. Shearm. D. Shiley R. P. Schults C. I. Smith T. J. Smith W. W. Smith J. C. Snyder R. L. Sohler J. B. Sonderei M. Soriano j ■ P L. E. Stoffer Y. L. Sugohiro ' ■- J. J. Sweeney •ft G. E. Sykes " f A. V, Thompson , L. L. Thompson a k " 1 B.N.Tucker 1 1 D. J. Turino L.C.Valley 1 Jl 4F " V J. I. Van den Bi , A J. A. Van Gogh J gr J. T. Vonikiotis 3 S. N. Soter J. Souza S. P. Souzo R. C. Sowell K J. Spoda J. A. Sparrow R. M. Spiown S. A. Stanton The Ski Club do 5 T. R. Vickers J. S. Voipe D. K. Vreeland R. W. Vreeland A. G. Vuylsteke R. G. Walker E. WqIIo J. W. Wcrmuth L. C. Warolin T. F. Warring a a f . f O 1 , c r ( I. r? ' A. D. Watt J. N. Watt E. P. Wegener E. A. Weinstein J. Q. Welch A. J. endel M. P. WIedernold W. M. Wiederhold R. L. Williai D. K. Will E. P. Wils L. L. Wissbnum S. D. Wridge H. Yang B. K. Yarne J. D. Yohn K. E. Young x p. J. Zeller R. H. Zvanch What has this got to do with skiing? 0 01 M. M. Donoho M. E. Doyle J. M. Dusa P. R. Eppers M. A. Ericks S. L. Fisher NANCY WENTWORTH President DOLORES A. METCALF Vice-President ALICE 1. BENDURE Secretary EILEEN M. O ' MEARA GLENNA K. BASSET N. A. C. Representative s M M Gardner T. D. Graves D. C. Griffin . L. Gross M. M G uglielmino M M Hardison P. ., Harmon B. J . Howkins M . F Jacobson U. J. Klenski Y. M. Lagerfeld L. I. Mann P. Melhuish D, A. Metcolf E. E. Minor D. E. Nelsoi S. A. Nelso E. M. O ' Mear. M. D. O ' Riell E. R. Potle H. Z. Sullivan S. E. Thompson V. A. Vandehey C. J. Walsh N. Wentworth f o 1 e» : € 7 M. K. Whale S. A. Yambe Campus Landmarks . . . Victory Bell Tolling the Victory Bell— one of the oldest University traditions. Each peal sounding a point against a Portland foe. Each ringing of the bell a highlight of the school year. SC H U SS FOOTBALL Mysliwiec boots deep into Montana Stote territory. From the ouiset of an ambitious eight game schedule injuries and misfortunes plagued Coach Hal Moe ' s grid machine. First to mar the Pilot record were the Willamette Bearcats who gained an unearned 9-6 win over the Pilots in the curtain raising clash for both teems at Multnomah stadium. The following Sat- urday afternoon at the stadium saw the Cliffmen trading tackles with Fresno State College with each squad pushing over a lone touchdown for a tied score. Oregon State ' s burly Beavers made it their third successive victory in as many tries against the Pilot, when the latter travelled to Corvallis on October 9th and were mauled 32-6. But seven days later in Stockton, California, the Portland turfmen met their roughest opponents, the College of Pacific Tigers, who chalked up a 61-15 point advantage. On the two succeeding week-ends at Multnomah stadium the Pilots finally hit their stride and in so doing defeated Montana State College 7-0 and sailed over the Pepperdine Waves 21-0. At Kezar stadium in San Francisco on November 6th the Pilots succumbed to the St. Mary ' s Gaels by a 19-0 score after holding their opponents scoreless for three periods. In the season finale at Moscow, Idaho the Vandals raided the Portland touchdown territory four times and emerged with a 28-0 victory. WILLAMETTE - - 9 PORTLAND 6 Although the Pilots showed much potential pow- er and class in their season opener against their traditional foes from the Capitol City, the final horn caught them short by a 9 to 6 count. Costly fumbles and many injuries tolled the death knel! for the Purple and White on Multnomah sta- dium ' s sun-soaked gridiron. Statistically speak- ing, Coach Moe ' s stalwarts had the surprising Bearcats greatly outclassed in all departments, but the disappointing score remained unchanged. t!l l252- . " 5 Mb- ' ■ ■ r-4 Right: Hickman gets o le end of the line fo Fresno State - 6 ortland - - - 6 In this, the second ganne of the season for the Pilots, seven fum- bles, six of them recovered by the Fresno State Bulldogs, spelled the difference betvyeen an easy victory and the actual score— a six-all tie. On ihree different occasions the Cliffdwellers drove deep into the shadows of the Fresno goal, but iwice the scoring opportunity was fumbled away. Despite pregome odds favoring the Bulldogs, the Pilots powered through to their TD early in the gome. ■H ' OREGON STATE - 32 PORTLAND 6 It was no " third time is a charm " for the Pilots down at Bell field in Corvallis, October 9, as they absorbed their third consecutive post-war defeat from the Oregon State Beavers by a lopsided 32-6 score. However, the sun-drenched Saturday contest did see the first Pilot touchdown for the three games played between the two teams. With a superiority in numbers and weight, and the employment of the optional run-or-pass play with which the Pilots were unable to cope, the Beavers managed to push over five touch- downs and add two extra points. Wiilia Christ Top: !eman breaks into open field dumping the Bobcat end. Middle: Montana ' s Masten reaches too late to stop Christiansen ' s pass. Botom: Wissbaum scores a strike while four upright Bobcats trail behind. Montana State - Portland - - - 7 With victory eluding them in their four previous starts the Pilots final- ly found the v inning combination ond came through v ith an easy victory over the Montana State Bobcats at Multnomah stadium. The win indicated a new trend in the MSC-Pilot series which had pre- viously seen all Montana wins. Portland scored in the final three minutes of the third period; the Bobcats, however, were unable to ihreoten the Pilot goal in the entire contest. PEPPERDINE PORTLAND 21 Paced by the accurate pass pitching of Danny Christiansen, Portland ' s Pilots scored their second grid victory of the season when they blasted the Pepperdine College Waves on the Multnomah turf. A constant downpour throughout the contest failed to put the damper on the Pilots who demonstrated their best offensive and defensive form to date. Both the blocking and tackling of the Cliff crew was greatly improved and as a result the Waves were unable to penetrate deeper than the Pilot 24 at any time. SCORES OF GAMES NOT PICTURED College of Pacific 61, Portland 15 St. Mary ' s 19, Portland University of Idaho 28, Portland Williams submerged by Pepperdine Waves Pilot finds the g easier topside COACHES JAMES (MUSH) TORSON, Backfleld Coach CARL JORGENSEN, Lm Coich HAL MOE, Head Coach VARSITY Eric Burgess, Tackle John Coppiello, Tackle Bi Morvin Diercks, End George Druxman, Center B Poul Gutierrez, Center Jim Hartford, Bock II Carroll, Tackle II Forgher, Back II Hatcher, Bock Don Chrlstionson, Bock Bob Ford, Tackle John Henick, Guard Bill Connell, Back John Freemon, Bock Bud Hickman, Guard Jim Connors, Fullback Jock Grieg, Back Bill Kambich, Center yik JOE TEDESCHI Assistant Coach, Athletic Traine SAM CAVALLl Assistant Coach PAT O ' DONNELL Manager Joke Monn! Guard Russ Paromc Guard Jim Sweene ' End Don Marshello Quarterback Don Rochon Back Roy Thompson Center Ed Mye Dick Mysliwiec End Hal Rush Back Ray Utz End ( Halfback Bock Jock Sonnhalter Jim Souza End Back Ed Wallo Bud Williams Guard Bock f » John L. O ' Donnell Phil Poppolordo Center Bock Bill Smith Bill Sweeney Tackle Guard Lorry Wissboum Dorb Wridge Bock Quarterback FROSH FOOTBALL Schenone finds himself the center of Oregon frosh attention. SCORES Centralia Jr. College 13 Babes 6 Oregon State Rooks 6 Babes Tongue Point Babes 45 Willamette J. V. Babes 19 Oregon Frosh 28 Babes George runs into a ton of baby Beavers. Geir takes a boot at the ball while the Vanport line bogs down in the mud dur- ing a game length scrimmage. V ith Tongue Point baclis trailing B hauls in a pass ond heads goalward BABES LINE-UP JACK JOLLEY Manager TED ZIMMERMAN Assistant Trainer Gop Bear Tackle John Deis Goord Wilie Kang Dick Schimel Tackle Frank Bagen Center Charles Dispoto Half Jim Loftin Guard Ron Schenone Quarter Robert Burns Larry Carich Ed Castagna Earl Combs End End Guard Guard John Banovich Fred Bower Center End Paul George Dale Gier Joe Giordano Bob Graham A! Guigni Bill Imel Quorter Quarter Half Holf Guard Tackle John Manning M. C. Monaco Bryon Mulhern Jack Peterson Bill Robinson Pat Scharen End Half Center End End Pete Segura Paul Seslo Jim Smith Max Sommers Ed Sweeney Maurice Willian Full Guard Half Tackle End c% ei fpt V !: a V f t - !f ( f f ' I? |! ' - !! 1 ITU A r BASKETBALL NAIB Tourn. way to fh City. By almost upsetting a strongly favored South- west Missouri State Teachers College quint at the National Association of Intercollegiate Basketball tournament at Konsos City Tuesday, March 8, Portland ' s Cliff cagers completed their most suc- cessful hoop season in many years. During the regular schedule, in competition with other lead- ing independents and various conference teams throughout the Northwest, the Pilots chalked up 20 wins as against 10 defeats. Mush Torson ' s men were selected to compete in the NAIB tourney held at Howard Hall on the Portland campus February 28 and March 1. By virtue of victories over Willamette University, in the first round action, and Southern Oregon Col- lege of Education in the finals, the Pilots emerged OS district champions and representatives to the Kansas City meet. One of the highlights of the season was a Pilot victory over the University of Idaho, a member team of the Pacific Coast Conference ' s Northern Division. A seven gome winning streak was an- other noteworthy feature of the Pilot hoop cam- paign. For the second time in three post-war seasons, Leo Grosjacques led the Pilot scoring. Gros- jocques netted 326 tallies and he was followed in the scoring department by Hap Lee, Jack Winters, Roy Foleen, Harold Holden, and Bob Devich, all accumulating more than 200 counters. IDAHO Idaho 40; Portland 57 LINFIELD Linfleid 41. Portland 64 Linfield 51; Portland 71 The only thing between the ball and an Idaho basket was Grosjacqu fingertips. Two Linfield men run into trouble trying to block Holden ' s po LEWIS and CLARK Lewis and Clark 56; Portland 66 CONZACA Gonzaga 51; Portland 60 Gonzago 56; Portland 57 Gonzaga 52; Portland 50 GonzDga 57; Portland 32 A Portland shot that hit a Pioneer instead of the boske Holden shoots vo Bulldogs and o backboard. PACIFIC LUTHERAN Pacific Lutheran 45; PortlancJ 72. Pacific Lutheron 53; Portland 47. Winter takes one away from the Poget Sound Center. Repeot performance during Pacific Lutheran gome. PUCET SOUND Puget Sound 52; Portland 68. Puget Sound 53; Portland 55. This field goal was port of a final 65 to 28 tolly over Willamette. WILLAMETTE Willamette 60; Portland 63. Willamette 28; Portland 65. •Willomette 54; Portland 63. VARSITY BASKETBALL fAV) , -(ORSO ' (Left to right) First row: Pete Petros, Leo Grojacques, Darb Wridge, Frank Poustoin, Jerry Decker, Hap Lee. Second row: Coach Mush Torson, Bob Jolley, Ray Foleen, Jock Winters, Dan Turina, Bob Devich, Hal Holden, Bob Pickel, Maurice Mulhern, manager. ■ L - ,«, , , Vm i| i ' L| |_ wi|? W f POINTERS INDIVIDUAL SCORES Leo Grosjacques 326 Hap Lee . . 286 Jack Winters 280 Hal Holden 214 Ray Foleen 272 Bob Devich 211 Bob Picke! 91 Pet Petr os 68 Darb Wridge 31 Frank Paustain 29 Dan Turina 27 Bob Jolly 14 Jerry Decker HAL HOLDEN LEO GROSJACQUES MARV SCOTT, Cooch m TBk M .M - ■ 1 FROSH BASKETBALL SQUAD TED SKUZESK1 DICK MOORE LARRY HEARING BOB BARATA CHAS, (RED; MONACO BRYAN MULHERN PAT McDOWD BOB BURNS GLEN HITTNER DAVID LAKEY B. BAKER BOB PRENTICE, Ma BASEBALL With a veteran studded lineuD returning to the diamond at the opening of spring workout, baseball coach Mush Torson and his assistant Marv Scott were hopeful of an even more impressive record than the 13 wins and six losses that the Pilot nine established last season. Earlv in the schedule with the majority of the big games behind them the Pilots showed promise of living up to the expectations of their coaches. In the opening games of the new season the Cliff horsehide crew man- aged to down the University of Oregon two out of three and followed this performance with a split decision with both Oregon State College and the Salem Senators of the Western-International league. Among the twelve lettermn who formed the core of the Pilot squad and of the promising rookies comprising the balance of the outfit not a single port-sided pitcher, fielder or batter was to be found. This con- dition somewhat hindered the teams, but it A asn ' t an insurmountable obstacle as was indicated by the fine early season record established by the Pilots. Rod Owen, fireball righthander from Vancouver, B. C, was the pace setting pitcher for Portland in the early gomes as he finished with a perfect three wins in as many starts against Oregon, Oregon State, and the Senators. The local nine suffered a loss of a talented left fielder when Hartmann Rasmussen dropped from school to play Class C ball with Bakersfield, California. Rasmussen was a brilliant performer at his position in the field and was a terrific hitter. Hal McKee was showing well at second base as was Jerry Cerri at third; while the bockstopping duties were being ably held down by Maury Mulhern and Joe Brugoto. Larry Carich gets set to scoop up a hot grounder. Dick Brown heads for third. Must have been a sure triple; he kept his coot on. Leo Keppinger en without having to I " ■■0 rli jk J y - ' " • ' I p. i 1 H ' -f tk Vfc (Lett to light) First row: Coach Torson, Morv Scott, Assistant Coach, Pot Mulhern, Pat Polich, Dallas Shockley. Second row: Joe Hal McKee, Jerry Cerri, Leo Grosjacques, Tom Rasmussen, Glenn Hittner, Walt Spitznagel, Bob Knapp. Third row: Roy Meye Becic, Bill Wiggins, Rod Owen, Larry Carich, Mike Fajer, Bill Charles, Bob Baker, Jim Dooher. ugato, John SCHEDULE UNIVERSITY OF OREGON (4 games). OREGON STATE COLLEGE (3 games) SALEM SENATORS (2 gomes). VANPORT COLLEGE (1 gome). SEATTLE COLLEGE (4 gomes). WILLAMETTE UNIVERSITY (1 gome) PACIFIC UNIVERSITY (2 gomes) LEWIS AND CLARK (4 gomes). LINFIELD COLLEGE (1 gome). OLYMPIA JUNIOR COLLEGE (1 game). MONMOUTH (2 games) Ron Owen golf a low pitch into the outfield. to cover first bo TENNIS Joe Ryan handles a hot Portland ' s net men, once again faced with late spring rains, were hampered in their attempts to complete a qualifying tennis tournament for representation on the varsity team, but between cloudbursts a strong sextet was picked to swop racquet blows with the Lewis and Clark Pioneers in the season opener. The Pilots blanked the L C court outfit with a clean sweep of all matches. Next to fall to the potent Portlanders was the Pacific University team at the Forest Grove courts. The Pilot netmen faced an eight match schedule with home and series arranged with Lewis Clark, Wil- lamette, Pacific and Multnomah College. Among varsity net ranks are veterans Pete Gerber, Steve Tool, and Joe Ryan; along with newcomers Bob Ludemon, Jan Korngold, Este Morrison, Arnold Brearley, and Joe Thorpe. (Left to right) Kneeling: Este Mor- rison, Joe Gerber, Steve Tool. Standing: Jan Korngold, Joe Ryan, Arnold Brearley. SWIMMING Eric Burgess exhibits speed a ' plenty in this racing di Under the direction of Joe Tedeschi, acting swimming coach, the University mermen dived, swished and swirled to two tank wins in their second year of intercollegiate competition. The two wins were scored against the Lewis and Clark swimmers. In a third meet the Pilots were defeated by a strong Oregon State team in the Corvollis pool. Aquatic sports were cut short by the fire in Howard Hall, where the University swimming pool is located. Pilot plungers for the ' 49 season included Eric Burgess, Dave Hayes, Don Heodrick, Joe Devlin, Joe Thorpe, Don McHugh, Jim McDonald, Ed Meyers, Don Dindio, Jerry Morshack, Tom Gennette, Stan Mark, and Will Coffey. Left to rightj Kneeling: Jerry Morshbock, Tom Gen- nette, Ed Meyers, Dove Hoyes, Coach Joe Tedeschi. Stonding: Jim McDonald, Joe Thorpe, Eric Burgess, Don Heodrick. bMbJ . TRACK u u ' 4i-i ♦ -P 4 .p- r: N ' ' ' " ' - (left to right) First row: P. Van Hoomissen, J. Morrison, A. Wooley, G. Boer, S. Leiand, J. Jolley, F. King, B. Tholhofer, S. Matus, C. Rooklidge, B. Clothier, B. Herndon. Second row: W. Matthews, D. Holden, C. Spencer, E. Self, L. Horrigon, B. DanieUon, D. Berger, B. Sabbe, F. Louden, E. McKee. George Philbrook, track coach. ...Mtt Venerable George Philbrook, Pilot track mentor, faced an- other spring campaign with a thinclad crew boasting only a few experienced harriers, but with an optimistic outlook for te am possibilities. The ' 49 version of the Pilot cinder squad, as was indicated in the season ' s first meet shows increasing proficiency, and could produce surprising re- sults before the season ends. Ed Self rioes up and over in top form. 1 ob Herndon beets out teammate Al Clothier and Lewis and Clark and OSC sprinters to take second in the hundred. SCHEDULE April 2— Oregon State College - Lewis Clark. April 9-Lewis Clark. April 1 6— Western Washington College of Education. April 23— Vonport. May 3— Willamette. May 6-Linfield - Pacific May 1 3 — Invitational Meet: Pacific-Vanport-Lewis Clark Linfield. Cor! Spencer gives an extra push to clear the bar handily. Bob Thalholfer steps up and out in the 220 low hurdles. SKIING ... Riding high the slopes of Mount Hood and other Northwest winter sports areas, the University of Portland ski team cov- ered itself with both glory and adhesive tape as it wound up a successful season of inter-collegiate competition. The Pilot slatmen entered five meets as a team, and several more individually. Matched with the top ski teams in the west, the Portlanders came up with a first place in the Trodse Giant Slalom on Mt. Hood, were second in two meets; the University " Eepee " Goodrich kicks up a snow -loud twisting through a slalom gate. Most people can ' t moke o run thi; fast on two skis; Ken Underdahl doe; ' • ' , ' ;- ' . ' .;■- ' " •-- T -- c ' j--.d gathers to watch the Cascade Ski Club ' s skijumping tournament. Looks like a long woy down. of Oregon slalom at Santiam Pass and the Lewis and Clark slalom at Hood. At Donner Summit, the Pilots took third place in the Vanderbuilt Memorial Cup meet against such competition as Cali- fornia, Stanford, Oregon, and Nevada. In two other large meets, the Penquin Team Giant Slalom, and the Canadian International Intercollegiate Champion- ship, the Portland ski team picked up seventh and eighth places against tough competition. John Little demonstrates the ski apparel. The hat was c by a would-be argyle sox k couldn ' t follow directions. latest in anstructed John Clark and Ted Little talk ski before hitting the trail. Dugh a gate Racing under the University ' s name, Portland skiers starred as individuals, turning in fast times in all meets. Coach Nap carried off third place in the Pacific Northwest Slalom Champion- ships, while classy Dick Irving placed fifth in the Canadian International Championship. " Gee- Gee " Goodrich came in second in the U. of O. slalom; John Clark was third fastest in the Port- land Trail Day races, while Hefernan, Conway, and Goodrich placed in the top ten at the Van- derbuilt Cup Races. Although last year ' s team captain, Barney Beck- er, was kept from competition by a bad leg, the rest of the squad, with the exception of Ed Cade, who fractured a leg, managed to stay off the injury list. Goodrich and Little each damaged a knee, and John Heffernan cracked two ribs. Ted Little. (Standing) John Little, John Heffe Ed Cade, John Clark, Bill Hoffs E. P. Goodrich. I mm 1 MM m •« f SP s MONOGRAM SMOKER Portland fight fans saw thirty inouling rounds of scrapping when the campus leather push- ers wheeled into action at the annual Monogram Club Smoker, April 1. Ten bouts, promoted by matchmakers Ray Utz, Bud Hick- man, and Phil Poppalardo, were viewed by over 1000 spectators who jammed into Education Hall, where the event v as transferred after fire damaged the Howard Hall gym. V ;ll;e Kong pitching, Frank Bagen catching. Kang went on tough one. Al Guign blocks Bill Sn )ften enough t th s Sunday punch, but he didn ' t get out of take the decision. Bob Monion g. Monion rocked Ted Zimmerman points out proper tech- nique to Bill Collicrate. " Exhibit A " Al Skagerberger grins and bears it. BODY BUILDERS Literally the hardest working campus organiza- tion, the Body Builders aim at improved physical condition through weight lifting and muscle control exercises. Workouts and monthly busi- ness meetings are devoted to new and better ways to acquire biceps. Currently members are devoting themselves to repairing fire-damaged Howard Hall equipment, and seeking exercises on the tennis courts and in neighboring gyms. Weight lifting expert Phil Loprinzi is faculty advisor, while President Ed Sinner, Vice-Presi- dent Bob Payne, Secretary Rod Owen, and Treasurer Al Sinner headed the group. But Ted finds there stops and work begii (left to R.ghl; front Row: Ted Zimmernion, Al Skogerberg, Al Sinner, Dick V olte, Sid She Advisor; Bill Collicrate. Bob Grossman, Bud Rieback, Bob Payne, Dick Sowell. Phil Loprlnz s M «Mi I ' Head Football Coach Harry Wright (left) and Niel Green, Assistant Cocch po in Howard Hall. Note " no smoking sign. " WRIGHT AND GREEN . . . NEW GRID COMBINATION When Athletic Director Hal Moe resigned his duties as head football coach, the University of Portland was plunged into a two-month search for a coaching team to rebuild Pilot grid fortunes. They found that team at Aquinas High in Rochester, New York, where Horry Wright and his assistant, Neil Green, had already ac- quired the habit of winning football games with an outstanding record of eighteen won and two tied out of twenty-three games. Before coaching at Aquinas, Wright played on the victorious Notre Dame elevens of ' 40, ' 41 and ' 42, under Frank Leahy. A telegram from Lea hy on Wright ' s selection ended " ... I am certain that he is just the man you are looking for. " The student body is inclined to agree after watching Wright in action. Spring practice, which opened March 20, snapped the seventy-man squad into shape through the hardest drill- ing yet seen on the Portland campus. Wright has generated a spirit in players and student body which will stand them in good stead next year playing a schedule which includes Nevada, Santa Clara, College of Pacific, Montana State, Idaho, Pepperdine, Willamette, and Lewis and Clark. The gyn (left) and Ihe equip ;right) THE GYM CAUGHT ON FIRE ♦ A $60,000 blaze swept through Howard Hall gymnasium on March 19, leaving a scene of desolation in its wake. Although all athletic equipment was lost, spring sports continued when new gear and temporary dressing rooms were mode ready within a few days. Recon- struction began immediately, and the building will be ready for graduation exercises in May. The spring floor is being replaced and new glass backboards and an additional 1000 seats will greet basketball spectators next year. One of the fines and jackhommers basketball floor iight after being damaged by fii Campus Landmarks . . ♦ Bus Stop As afternoon classes end, the bus stop at the entrance to the University becomes the congregating point for homeward-bound students. On rainy days the gate house is crowded, but clear skies bring everyone to the curb with a " Going my way? " look. AL SKAGERBERG President Freshman Class Officers •• : 4rT. «» •«• ' . : v. HOWARD HURD Vice-president DON McCAMBRIDGE Secretary DICK McCAMBRIDGE AL ROUSSEAU Student Council Representati IS o «• 5« " . - E - PI o ifiTr e ' l 1 4 ' - D. Alexander W. R. Alloway F. P. Bagan J. A. Banovich R. L. Baralta ((. I.. Barnard J. P. Barry E. E. Basabe F. C. B-jttaglia C R. Beatty A. W. Beebe A. F. Benz A. O. Bergs E. Bishop L. M. Blomberg A. Bogdanovich E. H. Bolf T. A. Borrc L. D. Botti F. O. Bow. E. J. Brisson D. R. Browning J. J. Brozene Frosh get acquainted at the Welcome Do p. Brubciker P. L. Bryon W. E. Burks R. J. Burns T. G. By-ne E. R. Cade F. J. C-mpbell W. C. Campbell L, N. Copitolo L. J. Carich D. C. Carls E. J. Caroso J. M. Carl D. Co E. J. Castagna W. A. Celorie, Jr. J. A. Chance A. Chek 0 0% J fJl P f r r e - e: ■ y R. A. Chiva J. W. Clabaugh, J M. A. Clarizii J. A. Clarke B. L. Clothier D, E. Cole E. R. Combs F. C. Conrad W. H. Conrad W. H. Conway R. C. Cooke E. W. Cooley O (T ,r m 1 Jak n --JI - ' f " f Russ Brohms pocked em in. f f -3! ' f a o i ft K. A. Cooper T. F. Cooper i. Coughlon J. V. Creegan R. J. Cullen D. R. Cummings W. E. Cunningh 3. L. Daniel R. A. Danielson B. Davidson .ft P t . cr ill fa ? , J.J. Deis G. Demmy H. L. DesGeorge J. G. DiFobio C. A. DIspoto J. A. Dodson R. C. Doerfler J. P. Donnelly J. J. Doran R. E. Dorney R. E. Doumilt T. P. Driscoil D. A. Dunn H. M. Dupey B. N. Durgan R. K. Durkee L. A. Dusenberry S. P. Duyck E. R. Eckart K. R. Ellers This Isn ' t camero p V .1. Ellis W. A. Ely K. C. Esty H. J. Fanger E. J. Fay R. H. Feller D. S. Flynn C. R. Foleen G. B. Forrest, Jr. G. F. Forrest, Jr. 52 € ' f ' f n» F. J. Foster J. C. Fouch T. I. Frogas L. E. Frazier E. E. Freeman J. L. Fuller D. Gainer E. H. Gallien ;R. M. Goodrich X). R. Goodwin H. N. Graham V m r- 7y . 9 ir a ,ft R. A. Graham R. W. Greener R. G. Grossman J. O. Gruenfelde V. L. Hall L G. Hanberg D. A. Hanset M, J. Hart D. D. Headrick H. D. Hearing Bn lO C ' ' 4 K. 0S r X Pi. ( iS W. L. Hudson E. M. Hunt D. E. Huonde H. E. Hurd, Jr W. Imel R. H. Inghrarr A. J. Jacksor G. F. Jarmer K. M. Jenck C. H.John: G. M. John W. J. John C. S. Hering R. D. Hollopeter R. L. Holm V. G. Holmon L. J. H rrigan W. F. Hoss J. R. Howard M. L. Hudson r ?h i " Father Biger conducts the onnuol retreat attended by students. 52 R. L. Johnston R. B. Johnston R. B. Jolley M. C. Jorn W. Kong V. M. Kemp H. G. Kempster C. H. Kles K. R. Kingston D. A. Korish J. J. Korngold D. P. Kullberg R. J. Kurth D. W. Lakey D. W. Lond.ey F. J. Long C. E. Lonkins E. W. LeBeck D. f " !i o. r a» " . » ' fV. V, ■ ' ■ i " " :? iik :; c f B. E. LeDuc T. J. Lekos S. Lelond K. H. lillie C. L. Lind l L. Loders J. H. Loftin F. O. Louden R. V. Luty J. B. Lynch J. E. Lynes D. R. Molm ! ,. ) f? !?»■ O ( , 5 • J. E. Manning B. Manzonetta G. C. Marinacci C. H. Marion S. H. Mark G. T. Markich G. K. Mafsuda R. F. May C. J. McBrlde D. McCambrldge 9 ' V. E. T. McLec H. J. Medic R. H Meeh R. McCambridge F. J. McConna J. R. McCormick J. W. McCoy J. P .McDowd J. D. McFadden E. McKee J. D. McKinney M. J. Montgomery M. A. Moron 52 -• f 8. F. Quinn R. Rampton X i Autumn Nocturne from the guy-waiting- forocoke 1 i»«.- v,-Xir V rai! - jfe p? f% 1 " ? p f - -r: N ' » " ' | « " " o ) P D D. A. Randall M. E. Randlerr M. R. Rask L. W. Rowling F. J. Reichert F. E. Rice G. L. Risberg W. F. Robinson R. J. Rogers J. R. Rogoway P. W. Ro C. V. Ros A. J. Rou S. M. Ruvensky R. A. Sabbe C J. Sandberg T. B. Satchell G. R. Schafer, Jr J. J. Schaller B. R. Scheets R. J. Schenone S. J. Schilt R. Schimel R. X. Schleppenbach L. R. Schmidt D. G. Schuiz R. L. Schw G. L. Sear R. R. Self Ernie Bosobe ploys b mean pi( 52 p. J. Scsta D. B. Shadrick R. A. Shond P. D. Sheeron J. F. Shepord F. A. Slemroth J. F. Simon J. H. Sin9er A. E. Skagerberg T. M. Skuzeski O. W ! , r o 1 a H. W. Slangol H. G. Smith J. F. Smith R. H. Smith M. R. Sommers K. Sono . ' E. E. Sorman H. C. Sparks C. E. Spencer, Jr. E. Springer D. J. Stachniewicz L. F. Stengel J. J. Stein G. W. Sterling W. G. Stickel J. P. Stuckort P. J. Sugura N. A. Sumich f , ? f . ' ■- k .: 91 f C5. C O f y: ♦ 4 f ih f fr €.: . i udging from the audience he dr B. J. Suppes W. K. Swanson, Jr E. C. Sweeney E. L. Swiberg G. L. Tandy f 1 . ' i K ' ft«te.TBr S r . A. V. Thompson S. J. Thompson W. A. Thompson R. L. TIdwell J. N. TIerney M. J. TIerney J. P. Tipton W. A. Tuck J. Turner J. N. Uglesich K. T. Underdohl D. L. Va A. Vonc R. S. Von Dyke G. W. Van Dyke J. M. Von Zile S. J. Vassollo " I hope somebody knows what we ' re doing. ' F. A. Victor E. E. Vieira J. B. Waite A. M. Walker R. J. Walker Ift fS ft H R. E. Walsh P. W. Wang J. D. Watts W. N. Weber E. H. Wehrle N. Weicuss P f» 5ri m -. .fi p !!l it.. 1 . R. 2. Welle H. Went, Jr. C. R. Wilkini M. A. Williams N. R. Wiilioi W. C. Wils F. S. Yazalina T. J. Zennie P. F. Zinsli J. J. Zion " Thot amoeba looks like my Grandpa KATHLEEN A. KLINE President S. B. Hee V. V. Heffne E. P. Hodge MARGUERITE R. GANDIAGA Vice-President MARY C. McNALLY Secretary ELIZABETH R. HOSTETLER Treasurer JOAN E. DOVE N. A. C. Representati 52 E. G. Hodge E. R. Hosteller D. W. Immonen I. V. Jungwlrth K. A. Klein B. K. Kosmalski D. E. LoMar D. J. Lofgren C. I. Lutz B. A. Marshall H. J. McBride M. C. McNolly M. J. Meder B. A. Narey L. E, Nielsen D. I. O ' Meai R. M. Poitr G. J. Rickmc E. A. Russi M. A. Rye P. S. Ryan L. H. Sacchini C. Schauffler R. J. Schwarz A. B. Searcie M. F. Seiffert G. M. Shaver G. M. Shearer A. J. Shields M. I. Steele C. A. Susonka B. J. Taylor J. M. Tucker G. L, Van Dyke J. M. Van Hoomissen D. J. Vcrdonega M. K. Walsh N. A. WImmer L. M. Zbinden G. R. Zielinski r. ?TO Campus Landmarks . . . The Grotto JwJ ' F ' -- Affording a chance for relaxation and meditation in a place of serene beauty, the Grotto was built by one of the earliest gradu- ating classes. The tribute to Mary is situated between St. Mary ' s Hall and the Commons. MR. CHARLES J. BOWLES, M. S., Instructor in Chemistry First graduate student to receive a Master of Science Degree at the University of Portland ENGRAVING HICKS CHATTEN ENGRAVING COMPANT PRINTING DUNHAM PRINTING COMPANT I I BRANDS INDUSTRIAL AND INSTITUTIONAL SUPPLY COMPANY WALTER E. NELSON BR. i SHIRTS — TIES — HATS 414 S. W. Washington Street )M McVUSjcrriQy. Adding Machines Typewriters 44(1 S. W. Morrison Duplicating Machines Dictating Machines BE. 1372 University Drugs North Lombard at Fiske " Try Our Fountain " SMITH BROTHERS CONTRACTORS Vancouver, Washington Compliments of THE PORTSMOUTH CLUB Recreation and Beverages 5264 N. Lombard AL HARRIS LOOK FOR THESE NAMES ON YOUR NEW SPRING CLOTHES Harf Schaffncr Marx Suits. SJarks Dohbs Hats Arfoic Shirts Interwoven Socks Bostnnian Slioes Success and Best Wi. ' ihes to 1949 GRADUATES " Kn ' iir i otir JrireJer . Your Jeneler K n o w KNOW 316S.W. ALDER ATwafer 4321 MIKE MRS. MIKE SAY: ' Thanks a Lot, = Come Back ■ Next Year " MEYER ' S SNACK BAR " One Block from Campus Bus Stop " BREAKFAST - LUNCH - DINNER llt Dav Timr NirrVit Timr It ' s Always Compliments of " Picture Time " with KODAK FILM. J M%2a . ® KODAK CAMERAS ' jJhW. MJ:lMdJK • KODAK Accessories WHERE YOU ALWAYS Let our Trained Staff help you with GET THE BEST your Picture-taking Problems FOR LESS! EASTMAN r STORES 709 S. W. WASHINGTON STREET CApltol 1863 " Everything Photographic " 1039 N. W. GLISAN ATwater 8481 Phone BEacon 4349 730 S. W. lOTH AVE. DEHEN KNITTING CO. GREENE-WINKLER CQ. COMPLETE LINE OF HOTEL, RESTAURANT Manufacturers of Official U. P. Sweaters AND INSTITUTIONAL EQUIPMENT SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS EQUIPMENT SUPPLIES for Physicians - Surgeons - Hospitals Schools - Laboratories S.W. 9th at Yamhill BR. 3456 Portland 5. Ortjon Established 1905 SHANNON CO. Selling Agents for Kueiiel Esser i«r SURVEYING INSTRUMENTS ARTIST ' S MATERIAL DRAWING MATERIAL - TAPES -k SLIDE RULES 317 S. W. Fifth Ave. ATwaier 6237 THE BANK OF CALIFORNIA National Association " FRIENDLY SERVICE " S. W. 6th Avenue and Stork Street PORTLAND SAN FRANCISCO - SEATTLE - TACOMA MEMBER F. D. I. C. Chas W. McGee Leo Goetsch Joseoh P. Shaughnessv Hennessey. Goetsch and McGee FUNERAL DIRECTORS N. W. 17TH AT DAVIS BRoadway 1453 Established 1903 QUALITY FUELS for EVERY NEED DIESEL — For DOMESTIC BURNERS FUEL OIL — for COMMERCIAL BURNERS GArfield 1161 3246 N. E. Broad vay Portland, Oregon ALBINA FUEL CO. AS FINE A PRODUCT AS MONEY CAN BUY! iia f I MADE IN ONE OF AMERICA ' S FINEST BAKERIES See it in operation any week-end or evening through large street-level win- dows, N. E. 12th and Flanders mear Benson Polytechnic School i. Greetings Easterday Supply Co, Tc Another Class Janitor Sanitary Maintenance Supply PORTLAND HOTEL 405 N. W. Couch St. - BE. 6372 - Portland 9, Or. MERCK ' S GROCERY M. J. MERCK, Propnetcr HOME CHURCH SCHOOL JUST ACROSS THE CAMPUS GROCERIES FROZEN FOODS MEATS, CANDY. ICE CREAM CIGARETTES, TOBACCO NEIL KELLY Phone UN. 4293 Portrait Photography G. ORLO KENDALL W. R. CAMPEAU President General Manager Secretary. ARTCRAFT STUDIOS KENDALL Downtown BE. 5594 HEATING COMPANY Incorporated Heating, Ventilating and Plumbing Engineers 528 S. W. 3rd Ave. 1636 N. W. LOVEJOY STREET Portland 4, Oregon PHONE ATwater 8501 - PORTLAND 9. OREGON Agency Established 1870 JEWETT, BARTON, LEAVY KERN General Insurance Agents and Brokers CHARLES S. BARTON J. STUART LEAVY JOHN T. KERN HARRY HOILISTER ADDISON P. KNAPP LLOYD ' S AGENCY — Phone CApitol 1 831 SECOND FLOOR, LEWIS BUILDING PORTLAND 4, OREGON CABLE ADDRESS: HEWETT, PORTLAND Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1949 JUNIOR PARTNERS GIFFORD E. BASS WILLIAM B. JOHNSON WILLIAM W. JEWETT ASSOCIATES JOE BATTAGLIA H. HALLOCK BARTLETT RALPH D. FLOBERG HOWARD H. METCALF FROSTKIST ICE CREAM CO. 1010 S. E. 11th Ave. Portland, Oregon Leo Jalbert proudly delivers beautifully finish- ed garments to satisfied customers. Next year he will continue to offer exclusive service to the students and faculty of the University of Portland. PORTSMOUTH CLEANERS " Next Door to the Portsmouth Club " LINCOLN ALLEN CO. PIONEER LIBRARY BINDERY 115 S. W. 4th Ave. BOOK BINDING SPECIALISTS LIBRARY BINDING SCHOOL ANNUALS Binders of the 1949 Log COMPLIMENTS OF LAUREL POULTRY FARMS N. E. 52nd Killingsworth 604N. W. 21st Hoyt Portsmouth Motors General Aufo Repairing Portsmouth S Lombard SPECIAL Checking Accounts are designed for the busy col- lege student ... No minimum balance ... no monthly serv- ice charge . . . only $1.00 for a book of ten checks. PENINSULA BRANCH of Ihe UNITED STATES NATIONAL BANK PHILADELPHIA AVE. and JERSEY Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation PRINTING - - - BOOKBINDING STATIONERY OFFICE EQUIPMENT FRANKLIN PRINTING COMPANY 525 N. W. GLISAN STREET BEacon 1026 SCHMITT STEEL COMPANY FABRICATING - FORGING - MACHINING WM. C. SCHMITT 2765 N. W. NICOLAI ST. Portland 10, Oregon With Best Wishes for Success from Your Friends at Edwards Furniture Co« 5TH OAK, PORTLAND and MACHINE WORKS Charles J. Hirschbuhl ' 19 Francis J. Fitzpatrick N. W. 2 1ST AND YORK STREET PORTLAND, OREGON Pioneer Fruil Distributors Wholesale Fruit Produce COMPLIMENTS OF Portland ' . ' Fine Jewelers Zell TBros BROADWAY AT MORMSON ST. Registered Je elets • American Gem Society New Location After June 1st 800 S. W. MORRISON ST. ENJOY HIRES ' ROOT BEER MISSION ORANGE SEVEN-UP BOTTLING CO. Portland, Oregon Compliments of Portland ' s Own Store portlandV OWN ' store ' „ ,U Mi 1 m££K - S; J« ---±: .:.o c a roil ' " ' ' - ' f N,c T ' ci-,iv , •: ' ' " " " ' " ' " ' ' a,,,. ' .VtlS«T5 ' • ' ° ' f ' ' Compliments oi a Friend INDEX OF NAMES AND PICTURES ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY INDEX Anderson, Rev. James G 34 Artau, Mr. Louis P 42-106 B Barron, Mr. Bernard Beh, Rev. Robert F. 20 Bickford, Miss Clara E 28-97 Biger, Rev. John T. 20-174 Boehm, Rev. Claude L 20 Boehmer, Mr. Robert 115 Bogue, Miss Barbara 28 Bohemia, Sister Agnes 28 Bowles, Mr. Charles J 34 Bubola, Dr. John Bull, Mr. Harry O. N C Cahill, Mr. Edward J 35 Carleton, Mr. Blonde! H 35-97-100 Clopperton, Mr. Edward T. 35 Coughlan, Rev. William J 35 Cremer, Mr. Cornelius V Cruickshank, Mr. Jack J 20 Culligan, Mr. James A 46 Curran, Rev. John T 21 Curtin, Mr. Edward J 10 D D ' Ambrosio, Miss Olga 28 Davis, Mrs. Patricia 28 DeLoMore, Mr. Philippe R 42 Delaunoy, Rev. John B 21-46-112 Dietz, Mr. Charles E 42-62-63 Donofrio, Miss Gloria Anne! Dum, Rev. George L 21-61-62 Durbin, Rev. Clarence R. 10 E Eugenie, Sister Anne 28 F Farrer, Mr. Edward F 43 Flynn, Miss Anne F . 28-97 Flynn, Miss Elizabeth J. W... .29 Fogarty, Rev. James Foran, Mr. M. Joseph. Gavin, Rev. Michael J 21 Gertsen, Mr. Robert J. Goodoll, Rev. Francis P...40-46-1 18-175 Gough, Miss Ruth E 28 Green, Mr. Neil 166 Griffith, Mr. James R 40 Groeger, Mr. John C 21113 H Holl, Miss Patricia 28 Hamel, Rev. Charles F 21 Hamilton, Miss Jean 29 Hays, Mr. Russell A 21-117 Hentges, Rev. Oscar R 21 Higgins, Mr. James J 41 Hoever, Rev. Hugo H 21 HogI, Miss Grace Elizabeth 29 Hooyboer, Rev. Cornelius A 21 Hooyboer, Rev. John J 20-29-46 Hussett, Miss Olive A 29-97 Huys, Miss Gabrielle 29 Horton, Mr. Ira H 35 97 Hosty, Mr. Thomas S . J John of the Cross, Sister 94-95 Jones, Rev. Thomas P 22-47 Jorgpnson, Mr. Corl 10-143 K Kohn, Mr. Joel F 35 Kane, Rev. Clement E 22-47 Keane, Mr. William J 35 Kehoe, Rev. James P 22-109 Keys, Mr. James M 22-111 Kindermon, Mr. Edwin M 36 Kosydor, Mr. Leo 22 Lineborger, Mrs. Edith Harris loprinzi, Mr. Philip G 11-146-165 Lyons, Mr. Paul J 47 M MacGregor, Mr. Warren S 36 Madsen, Mrs 29 Martin, Brother David 21 McConno, Mr. F. James 41 McGroth, Rev. Joseph S 34 Mehling, Rev. Theodore J Opp. 8 Meienberg, Dr. Leo J Metzer, Mr. Olin 22 Moe, Mr. Harold W 22-138-143 Molter, Rev. John A 36-97-100-118 Moore, Mr. A. R Morrison, Rev. William T 22 Moser, Brother Ferdinand 40 Murphy, Rev. Richard D 35 N John C 11 Orkis! Osbor Othus Mr. Phillip H.. George le Isabella wmond A. .10 158 . 43 Labos, Mr. Raymond.. Lauer, Mr. Charles E. Raitt, Mr. Robert J 23-112 Rector, Dr. Edgar M Richardson, Mr. Alfred M 122-124 Rigley, Rev. Maurice S 23-118 Riter, Rev. Regis H 23 Rodgers, Miss Frances 29 Roeder, Mr. Wesley S Roque, Mr. Nap 162 Sandstrom, Mr. Edward J 11-99 Savage, Mr. Charles H 11 Schaerf, Rev. Philip H 23 Schorboch, Mr. Alexander 23- 1 10- 1 1 2 Scheberle, Rev. John W 23-119 Schirmer, Dr. Elizabeth H Shisler, Mr. Robert W 11-101 Sigmar, Rev. Julian 23-103 Skell, Mr. Philip S 36 Smith, Dr. F. B Spado, Mr. Nello 23-110 Stanislaus, Sister 29 Starr, Mr. Merle A 35 Stickney, Mrs. Leon G 29 Stites, Mr. William H 23-55 Stokes, Mr. Edward D 11 Stott, Mr. Walter J 35 T Tedeschi, Mr. Joseph V. 23-144-157 Thompson, Mr. Walter S. 41 Torson, Mr. James M. 23-143-147-151-154-153 Trenholme, Mrs. Kotherine Tuhy, Dr. John E U Underwood, Mrs. Agr Underwood, Mr. Rex P. 43-62-106 43-62 other Godfrey 33 Dorothy E 29-97 W Walls, Mr. Bernard T.. Walsh, Mr. Leo A Weinzirl, Dr. Adolph Wiesner, Mr. John A.. Wriqht, Mr. Harry Zancanello, Mr. Narcisco W 23-111 Zimmerman, Mr. C. Robert 43 STUDENT INDEX Abbott, Dean Edward 61 Abrams, Ronny Alon 170 Accettura, Tom Robert 170 Acre, Thomas Clyde 170 Acuna, Rudy 122 Agerter, Rodney R 74 Akins, Hodley C Albrich, John Anthony, Jr Alexander, Dave 170 Alfstad, John Howard Allabach, Mary Beth Allowoy, William Rex 170 Altenhofen, Kenneth 74 Ameele, Ray LeRoy 122 Andersen, Harold Howard Anderson, Charles Dewoyne Anderson, Frank Arthur 170 Anderson, Robert Harold 122 Anderton, David Kenneth. ...74-1 15-1 17 Anderton, Richard John Andrich, Robert B 104-122 Annan, James C, Jr Anthony, George Apiagyei, Lawrence B. B Arenz, William Herman 74 Arjovac, Anthony John 24-111 Arjavoc, John Anthony .24 Arthur, John Alexander Arthur, Lawrence E Aune, Ethel May 106 Azorr, Albert, Jr B Boer, Gottlieb John 146-158-170 Bagon, Frank Patrick .146-164-170 Bailey, Charles Briscoll 170 Bailey, William Preston Baker, Robert E. 153-155 Belch. Rober; Almon 122 Balkovatz, William Matthew 74 Ballatore, Donald Oliver 57-97-100 Bolsiger, Richard William Bonfield, Harry Michoel, Jr 53-74 Bankheod, Julian K 122 Banner, Frances Leon 12 Bonovich, John Anton 146-170 Baptista, Arthur Joseph Borotta, Robert Louis 56- 1 10153-170 Barchus, Jerry W Barnard, Richard Lee 170 Barnes, Wilbur Morris Barnes, William Harry 122 Barron, Bernard 62 Barry, John Patrick 170 Barta, Donald K Borta, Jerry P 97-122 Bortley, James A 122 Barton, Glen Newton Basobe, Ernest Eugene. 60-63-170-178 Bassett, John Anthony Botiste, Alvin Robert 37 Battoglia, Frank Charles 170 Bauer, Donald W Baumann, Albert William 122 Baxter, David Patrick Baxter, Joseph Anthony Beoderstadt, Duane Elwin 74 Bean, Donald Lewis Beard, Thomas A 74 Beotty, Claude Ronald 60-63-170 Becic, John Nicholas 155-170 Bee, Adrian Elmer 122 Beebe, Alfred William 170 Beebe, Donald Jock Belecz, Theodore Bernard Belknap, John Victor 122 Bell, Horry C Bell, Robert O Bellerby, Thomas M Bemis, Philo S 37 Bendinelli, Henry Joseph 12 Benner, Claude Griffith Beno, Joseph John 74 Benz, Alfred Francis 170 Bcrgin, Robert James 122 Bergline, Wallace Vernon 74 Bergquist, EIroy Atlee 12 Bergstrom, Arthur Olof 170 Berlond, Norman L 12 Berndt, Kurt Henry Berning, Eymord Julian Berry, John E 37-97-118 Bertrand, John E 122 Beseda, Anton Albert 105 Beseda, Paul Andrew 24-109-122 Bethom, Edward Ivan Bettey, Edward Elton.. 74 Beyer, Gilbert Paul 74 Bickford, Hayes L Bickford, Max Edward 12-122 Bird, Mark Edward Bird, Poul, Jr 74 Bischoff, William Julius Bisenius, James W 122 Bisenius, Richard Charles 12 Bishop, Alfred Elmer 74 Bishop, Ezra 112170 Bissonette, Francis Clifford, Jr 74 Blackstead, Joseph Henry 12 Blackstead, Robert Arthur Blair, John Ellsworth Blaschke, Robert Rudolph 12 Blatner, George Jacob Blatner, Joseph John 74 Blouvelt, Dohl Barton 97 Bleeg, Jerome Joseph 12 Blessing, George M., Jr Blomberg, LeRoy Morris 63-170 Bloomer, Joseph Cullen Book, William N 122 Boehmer, Bernard 12 Bogdonovich, Anton 170 Bold, Ralph Anthony 12 Bolf, Edward Henry 170 Bonor, Paul J 122 Boner, Fred Chorion 53-74-90-102 Borho, Charles D 74 Borroz, Telio Andrew 170 Borsch, Ferd John, Jr 117-122 Bottaro, Raymond Frank Bottiani, Leo John .... 110 Botti, Lido Don 110-170 Bottolfson, Ralph Lee Bottorf, Paul Homer Bowen, Fred Owen 145-146-170 Bowles, Charles Joseph . Bowman, Wayne Orr 74 Boyd, Eugene, Jr 63 Boyle, Donald Clifford Boyle, Robert Emmit 24 Bradford, Robert Lee 60-61-63-122 Bradley, Richard Warren 74 Brady, James Joseph 74 Brady, Ralph Hugh 74 Brady, Thomas Vane Bragg, William Robert 74-115 Brokebush, Harold Edward Broun, Erhort Brazil, Clarence Earl 74 Breorley, Arnold Belmont 12-156 Breimon, Clarence Arnold Brenne, Kenneth A. 74 Brenne, Robert Nelson Brewer, William Harry 74 Brindisi, Joseph L 12 Brinnen, James Edward Brislown, Jerome Joseph 12 Brisson, Ervol Joseph 170 Brock, Joseph Allen Bfogan, William Joseph .12 Brooks, James O ' Neil Brosy, Lawrence Richard 74 Brower, Robert Milton 60-61 Brown, Clarence Allan 122 Brown, Edward E 122 Brown, George Gordon Brown, Horry Austin 37-74 Brown, Richard R 74-154 Brown, Robert Angelo Brown, Theodore Gilliam 74 Browning, Dale Richard 170 Brozene, Joseph Jasper _ 170 Brubaker, Patrick 171 Bruce, Lloyd John 122 Brugato, Joseph, Jr 122-155 Bruning, Williom J 75 Bryan, Patrick LeRoy 171 Bryan., Lawrence John 12 Burchet.-, Kenneth Walton 123 Burda, Leonard 123 Burger, Thomas W Burgess, Eric 123-143-157 Burke, Harold Edgar Burke, Paul J 123 Burke, Robert W 97-100 Burke, Wiliam M Burkhartsmeier, George B 75 Burks, William Elmer, Jr. 171 Jomt Robe Wil Tyle 146-153-171 12 Butcher, Frederick Allen 75 Butler, Robert Dean 12 Butler, Robert Louis 12 Butler, Virgil Rayinond Byrne, Joseph Linden 37 Byrne, Ralph E 75 Byrne, Tom Goetz 171 Bystry, Paul Joseph, Jr 123 Dde, Ed Ross 162-171 adiwell, Keitht William M, Robert F 123 nllaghan, John Milne allaghan, John Vincent 12 Dllicrate, John aPtrick 75 Dllicrate, Robert D 123 allicrate, William H 123-165 allison, David Edwjrd Dmpbell, Donald L 75 Dmpbell, Floyd James 171 Dmpbell, Richard M 12 ampbell, Robert Bruce 123 ompbell, William Brodner 171 annord, David Laurence 75-123 3nnard. Donald Dennis Wil .24 ipitola, Luigi Nicola 110-171 ippiello, John P. 75-90-92-105-143 iptein, Henry Alphonsus .rangcio, Fabian jrd, Owen Joseph 75-109 irich, Lawrence J. 146-154-155-171 ulson, Donald Clifford irlson, Doniel James 171 irlson, Edward E 75 .rison, Herbert Clarence irlson, John Meredith 13 .mine, Glenn T .rosone, Elmer Joseph 171 .rr, Francis James 13-75-163 .rr, William Patrick 123 .rroll, Thomas Earl 75 .rroll, William Thomas 92-123-143 .rtasegna. Lino Dominic .rter, Elwood John 75 irter, John Madison 171 irter, John Worren 13 jrter, Merlyn Minor 37 jrter, Thomas Vincent 116-123 jrtier, C. Duone 92-123 3se, David 54-56-60-107-112-171 ish, Robert Henry 3sey, Robert Gllmore jsserly, William Ryan, Jr jssidy, Dennis L 55-107 jssinelli, Leo Angelo 75 jssinelli, Nick Elio 13 assle, George Ural, Jr 13 Costagno, Edward Joseph 146-171 Costner, Ren King Coterino, Peter Lawrence 13 Cousgrove, William Francis 96-107 Cavalli, Samuel 144 Cavanagh, Bernard A 75 Celorie, William Angelo, Jr. 171 Cereghino, Albert 54-5575-96-107 Cerri, Gerald Joseph 75-92 110-155 Cetinich, George J. Chadbourne, John Willard 75 Chaffey, Leonard V. 75 Chance, John A. 60-63-171 Chandler, Melvin Thomas Charles, William Colton 155 Charlton, Robert Guthrie 75 Chase, Perry John Chastain, Gerald Eldon Chek, Albert 164-171 Cherednik, Pete Demetry Chilcote, Kenneth Eugene Childers, Alvin L 37 Chivas, Ronald Alexander 171 Christensen, Harvey Louis Christensen, John M 13 Christionson, Harold Donald 75-92-140-141-143 Chun, Deronce Sidney .13 Churich, Frank Anthony Cibik, Steve Don Clabaugh, John William, Jr 171 Clarizio, Michael Angelo 171 Clark, Guy Matthew 123 Clark, Thomas F., Jr 75 Clarke, Elton Kendall 75 Clarke, John A 160-162-163-171 Clousnitzer, James Herman 123 Claussen, George Curnow 63-102 Clearwater, Donald Earl 75 Clessler, William Clancy 123 Clinton, Harvey Lottie, Jr Clohessy, Robert P 75 Clothier, Billy Lee 158-159-171 Cody, Wayne Edward 24 Coffey, James Richard 123 Coffey, Willis Clarence 123-157 Cogan, Gerald Lee 75-107 Cohn, Howard Martin Colotorti, Nick 13 Colbert, William Emery 4-49-55-65-89-90-101-107-123 Cole, David Earl 171 Cole, Edward M 90-123 Cale, Jay Howard 53-75-102 Collins, Charles Evans 75 Collins, Charles Kevin 4-67-89-75-91 Collins, Edward Reginald Collins, Vincent Richard 123 Combs, Burton George Combs, Earl R 146-171 Comontos, Robert Thomas 75 Concannon, Donald Joseph 117 Cone, Fred 62 Conley, Froncis Edward Connell, William Francis. 123-143 Connor, Leo John, Jr. . 75 Connors, James Edward 75-141-143 Conrad, Fred Clarence 171 Conrad, William Howard 171 Conway, Ralph Edward 24 Conway, William Hugh 162-171 Cook, Thomas W 123 Cooke, Rosemary C. 55-6D-106- 1 7 1 Cooley, Earl Walter 171 Cooley, Robert Merton 123 Cooper, Bernard L Cooper, Jack C 124 Cooper, Keith Donald 37 Cooper, Kermit Alvin 172 Cooper, Lyie Cooper, Robert M. 37 Cooper, Ted F 172 Cornelius, Eugene R 54-96-107-124 Costonzo, Dovid V 76-101 Costello, Manuel, Jr 124 Coughlan, John 172 Courser, Donald K Coxon, John Vincent 76 Coyle, John Anthony Craig, Hugh Wesley Grain, Robert H. 76 Craviotto, Robert John 76 Creegan, James Vincent 61-172 Cremo, Julius Crocker, William A 24-119 Crockett, Marvin Ted 124 Croman, William Keith Crone, James Russell 61 Crone, Jerry Leroy 76-124 Cronin, William M 76 Cronk, Mary M. Cross, Clifford Clayton 76 Crucchiola, Eugene Antonio Crummie, William Robert Cullen, Robert Joseph 172 Cullerton, Thomas P 55-76-104-107 Culligon, James A., Jr. 13 Culp, Richard D. Cummings, Donald Robert 172 Cummings, Orvllle Ellwood 76 Cunning, Don A. 124 Cunningham, Lee Scott 124 Cunningham, William Ellis 172 Cysewski, John L. iltz, Irving Harold lonte. Frank Joseph 124 76 Donoher, Jerome Francis Dang, Joseph Thomas 124 D ' Angelo, Jerry Peter 13 Daniel, Brian Lloyd 172 Daniels, Donald Curtis 124 Donielson, Robt. Allan 155-158-172 Danner, Robert Eugene 124 Darby, John W 76 Darling, Charles M Davidson, Bob 172 Davis, Laurens G 124 Davison, Richard Henry Dawes, James Roderick Dawson, Robert M Deahl, Jack E Dean, Stanley Decker, Henry Jerome 124-151-152 Decker, Wesley R 76 DeCristoforo, Richard Leonard 76 DeFoe, Paul Wilson, Jr deGastyne, Serge Benoist 124 Degerstedt, Dean Victor 124 Degerstedt, Lynn M 76 DeGrandpre, Louis David Dehning, Edward William Deibele, Charles Frank Deines, Frank V., Jr 13 Deis, John James 146-172 Deiz, Carl H 13 Deloney, James Leo 76 Delia, Angelo Paul 76-112 Demarinis, Vincent 124 DeMeritt, Ray Thurston Demmy, George 172 Denson, Harold Donald Dernbach, Theodore Deschner, Donald DesGeorges, Henry Lucien 172 DeSimio, Peter J 125 Devaney, John LeRoy, Jr Devcic, Robert Richard 147-151-152 DeVito, Harriet L Devlin, Joseph E 125-157 Dickenson, Doyle F Dickenson, Josephine . Dickson, Gerald William 60-63-124 Diercks, Marvin Fred 92-124-143 DiFabio, James George 172 DiFabio, Phillip G 124 Dindia, Donald Salvators 124-157 Dinges, Daniel Ray 13 Dinneen, Lawrence Ambrose DiNucci, Joseph Carl 76 Dispoto, Charles Alfonso 110-146-172 Dixon, Delmer . . Dobler, Fred Leo 76 Dodson, James Anthony 172 Doerfler, Raymond CIctus 172 Doherty, Brian C 107-124 Doherty, Edward Michael Doherty, Patrick E. Dohrmon, Mrs. Flora Dolon, John Francis 13 Dolan, Terrence John 76 Domier, Gerald F 89-96-107-121-124 Donis, John L 13 Donnelly, James Patrick 100-172 Donner, Williom John Donovan, Richard L Dooher, Anthony Jomes 155 Doran, James Joseph 172 Dorney, Robert Edward 172 Dorres, Donald Glen 115-121-124 Dougherty, Charles Patrick Dougherty, Don T. 13-104 Douglas, Fred J 125 Doumitt, Richard Ellis 172 Dow, Theodore Edward 125 Downard, Percy Neil 76 Doyle, Joseph L 76 Dreisbach, Charles V 76-101-113 Driscoll, Thomas Patrick 104-172 Drurey, Nolan Allen Druxmon, George Stanley 125-143 Dubois, Joseph Wesley . Duffy, Lavevo E Dungey, Del Wayne Dunlap, Elwin James 76 Dunn, Dorothy A 60-61-62-106-110-172 Dunn, Francis E Dupey, Howard Moore 172 Durgan, Bonnie N. 60-62-63-106-172 Durkee, Robin Kenneth 172 Durkin, John Patrick Durrell, Ancil Wayne 24-44-93-117 Durrie, Harry Leon Dusenberry, Larry Alverne 172 Duyck, Stanley Peter 172 Duyn, Gerard Dyrhaug, Lawrence Carr 76 Eckart, Eugene Raymond 172 Eckstrom, Keith D. . 76 Eddy, Donald Lee Ederer, Joseph Anthony 125 Edgar, Dan Lawrence Edgerton, Robert Francis Edmunds, Jimmie Weston Egli, John David Egli, Samuel LeRoy, Jr Eissler, Bruno Benjamin 76 Elder, George Martin ]25 Filers, Kenneth Richard 172 Ellingson, Monroe Jerome 13 Elliott, Jack Sterling Elliott, Joseph Elliot, Robert Lee 125 Ellis, Earl Bruce Ellis, Virginia Lee 60-61-62-106-173 Ellsworth, Ablert J Ely, William Archie 173 Emery, Burdett F. J 76 Emig, Raymond M Engel, Edward Ignatius 76 Engelgou, Philip John 125 Enkelis, Marvin A 13 Equoll, Donald Ray 125 Erickson, Carl Franz Ernst, Rudolph, Jr 76 Ernstrom, Henry Eugene 13 Ervin, Richard M 162 Erwert, Clarence Francis 76 Estes, Charles Newtr n Esty, Kelton Clark 173 Everitt, Jomes C Fabriz, Glenn Rexford 76 Fojer, Michael John 76-92-155 Fanger, Herman Joseph 173 Fargher, Wiliam Stanley 13-143 Farlin, George William 77 Farrell, Bernard Joseph 77 Forrell, Wiliam Eustace .... Forrington, Howard Donald 125 Forris, Joseph S 14 Favro, Frank C 14 Fay, Edward Joseph 173 Federspiel, Robert Thomas Feller, Roger Horry 173 Feltz, Thomas Joseph 14 Fennimore, Emmett Lawrence 125 Ferdig, Gordon Delos 24 Ferdig, Sylvester Cole 24 Ferrero. Mike Fetsch, George W 25-60-61-64-103 Findlay, Van J Firchou, Henry John 125 Fischer, Wilbert Joseph 77 isher, Frank L 77 Isher, Richard Joseph 111-125 itzgerald, Robert George -77 itzpatrick, Adrian Thomas laherty, John Thomas 77 lanagan, Daniel Morgan 77 leischman, Kenneth Dale 125 leming, Joseph Patrick 125 leming, Louis McCarville 25-103 leming, Warren Robert.. lynn, Donald Stewart 107-173 ogarty, Patrick Matthew 77 oleen, Carl Ray .147-151-152-173 oley, Frederick William.. .- oley, Robert Michael 77 orbes. Dexter Raymond ...61 ord, Peter Lewis 64-77-117 ord, Robert Earl 77-92-123-143 dney, Patrick W., Jr. 9-37-44-45-89-90 orker, Robert E 25-77 orman, Willis Richard 77-118 orrest, George B., Jr.. 173 orrest, George Frank, Jr 173 orsberg, Vincent Everett ortun, George Raymond ortun, Leonard Joseph 77-125 oster, Francis Janerio 173 oster, Mrs. Jess oster, Joe Frank 125 ouch, James Conklin 117-173 ox, Robert Doerfler oy, Edward P 125 ragas, Thomas llae 173 rank, Robert Thomas 77 ranklin, Joseph Lee, Jr ranz, Robert Lowell rcwley, Allen John 77 racier, Lyman Eugene 173 reeman. Earl Edward 173 reeman, John Henry 54-71-92-125-141-143 reiberg, Alvin Harold 77 rison, Henry James, Jr 125 rost, Larry ryer, David . 37 ryou, Theodore William, Jr 61-125 uller, Jerry L 173 uller, Keith Raymond 25-103 uller, Louis L., Jr urlong. Dean E Gabrish, Louis Alois 77 Gagner, Loren D 14 Gainer, Donald 173 Galati, Joseph Albert 77 Galarneau, Donald Tracy 37 Gale, Jerry Mathieu - Gallagher, John Earl 14-61 Gallien, Elwood Hall 173 Golluzzo, James Ignatius 125 Galvin, Maurice Gene 173 Gardner, Donald W Gargan, Richard Francis 125 Garlick, Arnold L 102-113-125 Garnero, Robert Dominic 14 Garren, John H. 125 Garrison, Orville George. 107-1 15-125 Garrow, Leo Aloysius, Jr 77 Gary, Norman L 77 Gassner, Robert William 77 Cast, William M 25-60-61-103-112 Gaston, Robert W Gauger, John F 126 Geenen, Mary Jo 60-106-173 Gennette, Thomas L 157-173 George, LaVon Milton 14-145 George, Patrick M George, Paul P 60-146-173 Georgeson, Alex Scott Geren, John Mathew 14 Gertsen, Robert Joseph Gianotti, Joseph C 126 Giansonte, Bernard Thomas Gibbons, Phillip Patrick 77 Gibson, Gene Gier, James Dale 145-146-173 Gifford, Barbara Gifford, Barbara Karyl Gilbaugh, Herbert 14 Gilbert, Morris Lee Gilbert, Thomas Frederick 173 Gilbertz, Robert James Gill, Donald C 77-126 Gill, Robert N Gillem, John B 173 Gillis, Joseph Hugh 77-92 Giordano, Joseph F 146-173 Giovanini, John C... 54-111-126 Girvan, Terence L 37 Giugni, Alfred H 146-173 Gix, Gerard, Alphonse Gix, James Joseph 126 Gleason, Harry Eugene, Jr Goetze, Floyd Elwood 77 Goff, Thomas N Golden, James A Goldman, Richard Lyie 97-100-126 Goldsmith, Alan Frank 77-82 Gomes, Fred Lafayette .77 Gomm, George M. M 77 Gonrowski, Don Dean . . Goodrich, E. P 77-127-160-162-163 Goodrich, Francis B Goodrich, Robert Maurice 173 Goodwill, Donald A Goodwin, Donald Robert 173 Goralski, Leonard Stanley 126 Gorman, Robert Edward 25 Gosser, Claybourne 126 Graham, Donald William 77 Graham, Robert Neil 105-146-173 Graham, Roger A 174 Grant, Charles Timothy 77 Gross, Bernard Francis 78-89 Gray, Douglas L 126 Gray, Virgil J Graves, Chester H Grecco, Clifford Franklin 61-78 Grecco, Frank George 78 Green, George W . Green, Herbert E Green, John A Greene, Clyde R Greenen, Wayne John 78 Greener, Ralph W 174 Greenstein, Leo Gregoire, Bernard R .126 Greig, John Francis 92-126-143 Greig, Paul Alexander . 126 Griffiths, Hugh Vance Groat, Donald Billeter Groat, Homer, Jr. .. 14 Groce, Walter R 14 Groh, Robert Francis 126 Grosjaques, Leo Henry 92-147-148-151-152-155 Grossman, Robert George 165-174 Grove, Ralph Eugene Gruenfelder, James Oliver 100-174 Guglielmino, Andrew T 78 Gunn, Charles Royal 78 Gustafson, Clifford E Gutierrez, Paul 126-143 Gutman, Harvey E 25 Hachlya, Hiromichi Hiram .....14 Hagon, Gerald Clair Hogen, Arthur Hagey, Richard E 78 Haglund, Chorles W. . 126 Hahn, Lewis George 78 Hole, Robert Wayne 78 Hall, Jack Bradford 126 Hall, Lorry Hall, Veryl Leiand 174 Ham, Donald Marvin Homann, Kirk Allan Hambleton, Thomas McClellan 126 Hamilton, Robert B Hamreus, Robert Gene 126 Hanberg, Louis Gene 174 Hongo, Kenneth A 78 Honigan, Richard Hoyden 78-104 Hankenson, James L Hannigon, Daniel Patrick 78 Hannigon, Edward R 14 Hannigon, Moses Michael 14 Hansen, Glenn Lament Hansen, Monnie Francis Hansen, Walter Vinton . 78 Honset, David Allan 174 Honson, Harvey Gordon 14 Harolampus, Angelos George 14 Harmon, William John 37 Harold, Robert Enmet 25-103 Harrington, Clinton H Harrington, Daniel J. 78-89-90 Harris, John B 126 Harris, Lynn Edward Harris, Robert L 14 Hart, Donald 78 Hart, James Albert 78 Hart, Marvel Jule 60-106-174 Hartford, Donald Al Hartford, James Thomas .126-143 Hartung, Daniel Allen Hosenoehrl, Norbert Francis 126 Haskell, Vernon Dole 78 Hasson, Lawrence Roy Hastings, David James 126 Hatcher, Charles William. ...92- 126- 143 Hatt, Joseph Michael 78 Haug, William Karl 73 Hauth, Fred Joseph 78 Hauth, Joseph James 78 Howe, Don Richard Haydon, Robert Ray 126 Hayes, David B 78-157-162-163 Hayes, Lawrence Madden Haynes, Oscar M., Jr Hazel, John Robert Headrick, Don Dale 157-174 Headrick, James Edward 25-103 Hearing, Hilary Doyle 153-174 Heermans, Marjory K Heffelfinger, Gordon P Heffernan, John 78-162 Helvey, Lamoine Albert 73 Helzer, Robert J Henick, John Joseph 126-143 Heninger, Reo Bryce 127 Henker, Dean C Hering, Clyde Stanley 174 Herndon, Robt. Hurley 127-158-159 Heston, LyIe R 38 Heuvel, Harold J Heuval, Kenneth Leo Hibbard, Forrest D Hickman, Bud Dorrell 78-92-138-143 Hicks, Gerald Duane 38 Hickson, Charles Hamilton 38 Hiefield, Edward Alfred 78 Hildenbrand, Dale Gerald 127 Hinkhouse, Robert Roy Hirata, William Tsuyochi ...127 HIrtzel, Don L 14 Hirtzel, Robert L. 62 Hittner, Glenn William 127-153-1 55 Hobensock, Ernest D Hochstatter, John Lawrence 78 Hodgson, G. Edward 127 Hoeschen, James Arthur 115-127 Hoffman, John Adams Hoffstetter, Wm, Frank 162-163 Hohler, John M Holden, Donald James 158 Holden, Harold Burton 92- 1 04- 1 05- 1 47- 1 48- 1 49- 1 5 1 - 1 52 Holland, David Andrew 78 Holland, Robert Anthony Holland, Walter H Hollingsworth, William Marion, Jr 78 Hollopeter, Russel Dean .174 Holm, Edwin R Holm, Robert L 107-174 Holman, Vernon George 174 Holmes, Leonard Asa . Hong, Jomes Jimmy Hook, Lester N 25-103 Hopt, Leroy Kenneth 127 Horrigon, Leo John 158-174 Horrigan, Sylvester A Horton, Joseph W 63-78 Hortsch, Everett Joseph 78 Hoss, Warren Forman 61-174 Howard, David E Howard, John Richard 174 Howell, Hal K 14 Hryciw, William Basil 78 Hudson, Merle Lee 174 Hudson, William Louis 174 Hughes, Charles Wayne Hughes, Doraliene May 60-63-106 Hughes, Jane M 60-106-107-112-127 Hughes, Richard William 79 Hulme, Robert Henry 90 Humphrey, Clare Eugene 79 Hune, Donald Louis 100 Hungerford, Vernon E Hunt, Edward Murphy 174 Hunt, William, Jr 79 Hunter, Keith Stanley 38 Huonder, Donald Eugene 174 Hurd, Howard Edward, Jr 169-174 Hutsell, Warren Lee 79 Hyde, Donald Eugene I Imel, William 146-174 Ingebrigtsen, Melbourne G 14 Ingham, Charles Frank 79-118 Inghram, Robert Harold 174 Innes, Irwin L Ir John Montgo Jackson, Andrew C Jackson, Arthur J 174 Jackson, Thomas Emerson Jackson, William Joseph 14-90-103 Jacobi, J. W. Charles 127 Jacobs, Gene Louis Jalbert, Leo Joseph 127 Jali, Marie Anne 61 -62-79-106-107- 1 13 Jaques, Franz Eugene 15 Jarmer, Gervoise Francis 174 Jarvie, Raymond Marshall 127 Jasper, Joseph Casper 15 Jeffries, William B. Jenck, Kenneth M 111-174 Jenisch, Albert J Jenkins, Charles W 25 Jenkins, Franklin E. Jensen, Robert LaMor 79 Jeter, Hazen Boyd, Jr 15 Jiroch, John Neol 15-79 Johnson, Arthur Jummy 79 Johnson, Charles H 174 Johnson, Donald LeRoy 79 Johnson, Gerald M 174 Johnson, Kenneth Elsworth Johnson, Lawrence Oliver 55-60 Johnson, Rodney Clarence 63-127 Johnson, William Jack 105-174 Johnston, Frank Hain, Jr. 15 Johnston, Gordon Robert Johnston, James Harry Johnston, Richard Loverne 79-175 Johnston, Robert Bruce 175 Johnston, Robert Lincoln Jolley, John Joy 79-92-146-158 Jolley, Robert Beauford ...151-152-175 Jones, Robert Damion 79 Jones, Kern S. Jordan, Kenneth Stanton 127 Jorn, Milton Charles 175 Jory, Fred Merle Joys, Richard Alan Judd, Gerard Forsythe K Kaga, Shoji Koiyalo, Arvo A 62 Kambich, W. James, Jr.. 79-92-139-143 Kanas, John 15 Kong, William 146-164-175 Karos, John Andrew 127 Karlstrom, Arvid Nels 127 Kaufman, Leonard 1 15-79 Kovonough, Morris 79 Kovonough, William Charles Kavonius, Arne E Keala, Samuel Louis 127 Kearney, Robert Poul 79-101 Keen, Carolyn 62 Keenon, Richard James 111-127 Keene, Robert Louis Keep, Richard James 79 Keerins, Robert C Keesecker, Edward K Keith, Donald L Kelleher, John Patrick 15 Keller, Milton H 127 Kellett, Mrs. O. S Kelly, David Daniel 79 Kelly, Donald F 38 Kelly, James Thomas 79 Kelsay, Carol Kemnitz, Gustave, William, Jr Kemp, Virginio Marlon 60-106-175 Kempster, Harold George 175 Kennedy, David Williom 79 Kennedy, Robert David 79 Kennedy, William Joseph 15 Kenney, John Alphonse 79 Keppinger, Leo Urbon 92-127-154 Kern, Maynard Steven 15 Kerstiens, E. Joseph 54-90-96- 107-127 Kester, Floyd Clarence 79 Kies, Charles Hubert 175 Killorin, Paul Kimberley, Charles Frederick 127 Kindsfather, Jacob Vernon King, David William 79 King, Frederick N. 127-158 King, George Robert King, Gordon J King, Kenneth Donald 79 Kingsley, Robert A Kingston, Kenneth Robert 175 Kirby, Vernon Charles Kirklond, John 127 Kitchen, Aimer Lewis Kjos, Kermit LaMar 15 Kleffner, Louis Anthony 15 Kler, Gordon Ernest 60-127 Klinger, Lawrence Jerome 128 Knob, Bernard Knapp, Robert Edwin 79-155 Knieriem, George Ferguson 128 Knopf, Harold M. 15 Knudsen, Laurence I Kocarnik, Robert Joseph 79 Koch, Edward Francis Koho, Ben Harry Kolias, Theodore S Koliboba, Robert Louis 15 Kohlstadt, Frederic M. Koontz, Lawrence Robert Koreivo, Tony George - Korish, Dean Aloysius 175 Korngold, Jan Jakob 156-175 Kovoc, William Edward Kramer, Betty Kromer, Lawrence Goskins 15 Kraus, Kenneth Richard Kraus, Motthew J Kreischer, Louis William 79 Kreutzer, Edward L 79 Kuchler, John H 61-79 Kullberg, Donald Paul 175 Kunis, John Lawrence Kurth, James Edwin 128 Kurth, Robert Jerome 175 Kuykendoll, William Butler, Jr L Labos, Raymo LoDu, Robert Richard 110-111-128 Lair, Joe E ■ 15 Lake. Robert Gordon 15 Lakey, Dovid W 153-175 Lamb, William Raymond 128 Landry, Darrell William . 175 Landstrom, Carl William 128 Lane, Charles R 79 Euge .80-104 175 175 Larkins, Walter Jam Lorsell, David Arthu Larsell, Richard Ala Larsen, John Smith Larson, Robert Mau Lassell, Donald J. vhead. Earl T. Layton, Ir ard John rd Williorr Legate, Alvin C 38 Lehman, John Weidler 80 Leichner, Elmer 15 Leinboch, Jomes Norman 80 Leiser, Robert M Lekas, Thomas James . 175 Leiand, Sherman 158-175 Leonelli, Leo Philip 97-128 Leong, Jomes Kock Yen 128 Lesage, Frank Evans Levellie, Donold Horry 80 Levellie, Kenneth Henry 80 Leverman, L. Joseph 159095-98 107 any 176 Tho k, Jerry 157 llo, Don Louis 128-144 llo, Joseph Francis 128-144 Allan Donald 128 Fred Raymond Lawrence Thomas 128 Walter LeRoy , Gildo Mortii Mosic John ( W. Alv ck, Ge Le Le Lewis, Marlene Lichtgarn, Wayne ing Li ter Gilbert Lien, Kenneth Morris Lillie, Kenneth H. Lind, Charlotte Lour Lindley, Willard Euge Lindstrom, Melvin Ko Linklater, Edward J. Little, John Patrick Little, Ted 80 175 60-106 175 80- 160- 162 162-163 Mathews, Mathews, Motovich, Motschine Matsuda, Mattechec Matthews, Lloyd rge J. 80 W. Harold 89-100-121 129 Paul Thomas , John Thomas 80 George K 176 I, Robert James 129 Robert Wayne 121-158 . Stan E id. Jack McDo od, Jo Lorer He Lochhe Lockw Loders Loftin, James Hill Lohman, Lobert Lokey, Jerry A Lombordi, Eugene Lomnicki, Joe John Long, Thomas Patrick, Jr Lord, Bonnie Louden, Fred Octavius 158-175 175 .146-175 128 128 Herbe GDyle Robert J = E 128-156 80-92 Luckeroth, Paul Ludeman, Robe luizzi, Frank E Lumber, John Ronald 80 Lund, Paul M Lundborg, Roy William 16 Lundstrom, Kenneth R 16 Lundy, Burl Irwin Luty, Richard Vincent 175 Lyman, Frank John Lynch, John B . .. 175 Lynch, Raymond Joseph 63 128 Lynch, Willard Henry 128 Lynes, James E 175 Lyons, Andrew E M MacArthur, No, MacDonald, Je Mockin, Madder Madder Moedke John Will Walter Lo Willia , Robe Dole eph Roger Miller Erwin Arthur Moffei, Angelo Pete Moffei, Hector P. Moggard, Rollond Edward Moguigon, Leo Eugene Wil Edv 80-97-118-158 128 175 Maks, Stephen Wayne Molorkey, Robert D. Molberg, Vernon Kern Malm, Don R. Molloy, John J Mallon, Patrick F Molone, John Joseph 128 Molueg, Nick J 38 Mommoser, John Joseph 38-104 Manion, Ralph Thomas .104 Matus, Stanley J 129 May, Richard Francis 176 Mazurosky, Sam L 80 Mazzocco, David Ernest McBride, Charles Joseph 176 McCall, Chorlie Arthur 80 McCombridge, Don 169-176 McCambridge, Edward Joseph McCombridge, Hichard 169-176 McConna, Francis James 176 McCarthy, Jerry Boyd McCarthy, John Tracey McCarthy, Robt. P. 38-97-100-118 McCarthy, William Stephen McCarty, Charles P 38 McCormick, James Richard 176 McCoy, Joe Wesley 176 McCoy, Wesley Douglas 80 McCoy, William, Jr McCrocken, John R McDonald, Finley J 81-90 McDonald, George D 81 McDonald, Jos. Pat 60-81-107-157 McDonald, Patrick Joseph McDonald, Walter A McDonnell, Patrick Joseph 81 McDowd, James Patrick 153-176 McElveny, George Alexander McEntee, Patrick J McFadden, James Daniel 112-176 McGinnis, G. Hazel 60-62-81-106-110 McGuirk, Walter Thomas, Jr 129 McHugh, Donald W 157 McHugh, Robert Joseph 38 Mcllvoin, Harry Donald , McKee, Eddie 158-176 McKee, Harold Ray 92-129-154-155 McKee, Jack 16 McKellar, Robert F 26 McKinney, Jack Douglas McKnight, John S McLaughlin, Charles Hugh McLaughlin, Jess Edward McLean, Evans Thomas . McLeod, William Bentley McMahon, Hugh Joseph 81-96-107-112 McMahon, John Bernard 81 McMasters, Randolph Joseph McMullen, Michael W Ill McMulIen, Richard D McMurran, Lewis Archer 73-110 McPherson, Charles A 129 McQuiggin, Robert Edward 129 McRoe, John A McWhorter, Chorles Lewis Medeiros, Melvyn Joseph 61-129 Medici, Harold John 176 Meechan, Jomes Robert 81 Me 176 176 Meeho Meeve , Richard Joseph Richard H 176 Jack Eldo .81 vard Mo Robert Joseph 128 Manni, Jacob Way Manning, John Ed- 175 Manning, Raymon 128 Mardesic, Solvator Morek, Bernard Nc 80-164 80-92- 144 117-146-176 105147.15M52 Marinocci, Gloria C. 56-106-110-176 Maion, Corl Henry 176 Mark, Stanley H 157-176 Mehlig, Kenneth Le Mehling, William E. Meiners, Dale Otto Melone, Rudolph Joseph 81-89-116 Menath, James Harold 129 Mengon, Williom Birkett 12- Menicosy, Don E 129 Menstell, Robert P 127 Mercep, John J Mercer, Basil William 38 Mercer, Roy Alfred Mercer, Richard Norwood 176 Merk, Melvin Joseph Merkle, Horace Joseph, Jr. 9-16-89 90-98-99-109-114-119 Merrick, Robert 1 81 Mestrich, Chris Paul 60-81-104 Meves, Hans Meyer, William M Meyers, Cornelius Roland 92-155 Michel, Harold Arthur Mike, Manual Milich, Stephen Eugene 81 Millar, Donald Stopleton 129 Miller, Clyde Fidel 81 Miller, Daniel Russell, Jr 129 Miller, Doris Jean 55-60-61-106 Miller, Douglas F 176 Miller, Harold J Miller, James Leonard 16 Miller, Keith Louis 38 Miller, Ronald Mervyn 176 Miller, Stuart W 63 Miller, Thomas A 129 Miller, Waiter Anton 129 Mills, James Matthew 129 Mims, Robert Forrest 26 Mineau, William Joe 16 Mood, Lawrence F Moe, Gerald Eugene 81 Moe, Ralph 16 Moery, Max Edward Moffenbeier, Don Lee 129 Molin, Vincent Richard 176 Moku, Harris K Monaco, Mario C 146-1S3-176 Monks, Robert J Monstis, Thomos Andy Montandon, Robert E. Montgomery, Cecil Clair Montgomery, Mario James 176 Moodenbough, Arnold Henry Moore, Chorles H., Jr 26-119 Moore, Chester Monley 26 Moore, Earl Clifford Moore, John Leo 61-81 Moore, Richard 153-176 Moore, Richard B 176 Moore, Robert Harold Moore, Warren Llewellyn 63 Moron, Lawrence William 81 Moron, Michael Adrian 176 Mordaunt, Robert W 16-98-99 Mordaunt, William Roche 129 Moriarty, James Charles 81 Morin, Edword Anthony . 81 Morley, Robert Frederick 81 Morris, Robert N 129 Morrison, Este, Jr .156 Morrison, John Edward 81-158 Morrison, Norman Edward 177 Moshofsky, Jerome Francis 129 Mosley, Calvin H 81 Moulton, William Samuel 129 Moy, Richard 129 Muir, Richard Alfred ... Muir, Robert Henry Mulhern, Brian Edward 146-153-177 Mulhern, Maurice Pot. 81-92-151-155 Muller, Donald James Muller, Robert Joseph Mummey, Thomas W 16 Murdock, James George Murdock, Jomes Lewis 81 Murphy, Elsie Louise Murphy, James William Murphy, Joseph Michael Murray, Francis Eugene 177 Murray, John Wilfred Mutch, Donold John 177 Myers, Edward William 81-144-157 Mysliwiec, Richard V 81-137-144 N Nogl, Morris William 81 Nannini, John F 177 Napier, William Vincent 81 Norey, Richard Daniel Nash, Arthur Jomes, Jr 81 Novo, Stephen V 81 Neal, Allan K Neol, Thomas Clinton 16-60-81 Neigel, George A. 16 Nelson, Bernord Fulfon Nelson, Dean S Nelson, Robert R Nemornich, Emil 82-110 Neubauer, Edward Keith Neugebauer, Victor A Neuville, James Thomas 82 Newdall, Merritt Owens 82 Newman, Donald Ray 82.90-109-114 Newman, Harry 129 Newman, James Martin 26-103 Newman, Joe Russell . - 177 Niccolson, Wesley H Niebuhr, Philip Edword Niebuhr, Walter John 82 Niedermeyer, Dan H. 129 Niehaus, Russell R Niehuser, Joseph Paul 82 Nielsen, Lawrence C. - 82 Nishikawa, Joseph Johbu 130 Nitschke, Robert Stanley Nizic, Chris Joseph - 130 Nunokawa, Walter Daniel ...- 82 Nuss, William Dean ...130 Nye, Donald C 177 Ney, Robert L 130 O Obbink, Russell Clark 82 O ' Brien, Donald, Jr. 177 O ' Brien, Edward Peter 16-114 O ' Brien, Harold LeRoy 26 O ' Brien, James 130 O ' Brien, Keith E 130 OBryant, Herman Aubrey O ' Connell, Lawrence John 177 O ' Connell, Owen P. .- O ' Connell, Patrick 92-121-130 O ' Connor, Edwin David 177 O ' Connor, Eugene Thomas 130 O ' Donnell, James Lawrence 92 O ' Donnell, James Patrick .92-130-144 O ' Donnell, John Joseph O ' Donnell. John Lawrence 130-144 O ' Donnell, Louis Wiliam 130 O ' Donnell, Thomas M O ' Donovan, Patrick Alexander 82 Ogle, Robert M O ' Hanlon, James Barry. .73-80-82-101 O ' Harrow, Joseph Robert 130 O ' Hearn, Donald Patrick 54-82 O ' Hollaren, James Lawrence 16 O ' Hollaren, Poul Joseph 130 O ' Leary, John Thomas 82 Olmscheid, Wayne J Olsen, Lee R 177 Olsen, Wayne Arnold 82 Olson, Calvin Theodore 130 Olson, Charles Harold 177 Olson, John Joseph 63 O ' Mearo, Joseph Edward O ' Neill, Jack Edward Oreskovich, John, Jr. 82 Orso-Manzonetto, Bernard Moth 176 Orth, Clifford F - Orth, Richard J. 68 Orth, Robert Gerald Osborn, Harvey Jess 130 O ' Sullivan, Terence John 177 Oswald, Harry Warren 130 Otte, Albert Robert 73-82-89-91 Oules, George James 130 Owen, Glenn Joseph - -82 Owen, H. Rodney 82-104-154-155-165 Owens, Neil Dennis Owens, Richard Vern 16 Oyola, William Jacob Padden, Thomas Joseph 82 Paietto, Stephen Donald 60-82 Polmoson, Victor B. 62 Palmer, John Richard 130 Polmquist, Wilhelm A Poppalordo, Philip R 92-130-144-164 Pork, Robert Scott 16 Parker, Edward Joseph Pormater, Russell Ross 130-144 Pornas, Robert Leonard 82 Porrish, Richard Doyle 177 Parsons, Hubert Frank Portipilo, Raymond F 61-110-177 Partridge, Peter Stanley 82 Patterson, Victor, Jr 130 Potty, Ira D 82 Paulson, Richard V Poustain, Frank Bernard. ..N ...151-152 Payne, Robert Don 82-165 Payne, Roy Alpha 100-177 Peoke, Leslie R - Pearson, Lormon Francis Pederson, Orvol Deone Pederson, Jock 82 Pedracini, Donald William 177 Peizner, Max Irving 130 Pendergross, Wm. Richard .. 39 Penna, Enrico - 130 Pentikis, Rev. Anthony Perelle, Joe, Jr 117-130 Perkins, Edward Brent 130 Perreira, Roy Joseph Persons, William Thomas 17 Peters, John L 26-103 Petersen, George H Petersen, Kenneth -. Petersen, Robert C 131 Petersen, Thomas Richard 177 Peterson, Jock Dewayne . 82-146 Peterson, John B 177 Peterson, Vincent Aune 177 Peterson, Vincent A Petix, Robert Flip 82 Petrasso, Eugene Robert Petros, Peter William 151-152 Phelps, Robert E 26-109-112-113 Phillips, Elton C. 39 Phillips, Richard E Phillips, William Isaac, Jr. 82 Pickel, Bernard 107-151-152-172 Pieters, Arthur George 177 Pillette, Basil Jomes 131 Pillette, Thomas Edward 131 Pilusu, Robert E Pinney, Peter Chenoweth 54 Pitzer, Philip Edward 57-82 Pizzo, James Richard .55-82-89-96-107-109-1 14 Pletka, R. Bert Pohl, Francis Joseph 177 Pointer, Jeremiah Lewis Polich, Edward L 17 Polich, Patrick Joseph 82-155 Pomeroy, Warren E 82 Popps, Raymond A 83 Porter, David Dodicon 39-44 Posedel, Frank Carl 177 Posedel, Robert J. . 17 Potestio, Mouro F 83-90-110 Potter, James D. . Powell, Richard Gordon 17 Powers, Donno Teresa 83-106 Powers, Raymond F -- -83 Praggostis, James John 177 Pratt, Edwin Hart Preble, Patricio Louise 60106177 Prentice, John Robert 131 Prentice, Robert Theodore 131-153 Prihor, Aleck A 17 Props!, Robert Lisle 131 Prouty, Howard Francis 83 Pugh, Robert Earl -177 Purpura, Bob August Q Quinlan, Dean Gerald 17 Quinlon, Frank Joseph 17-44-99 Quinn, Bernard Francis 177 Quinn, James Andrew 131 Quinn, Phillip Thomas - R Radobough, Delbert D Rodakovich, William Joseph 83 Roder, Paul Andrew 131 Romp, Rodney Marcelus 83 Rampton, Richard .177 Ramsey, Elmer Hollis 60-63-177 Randall, Duone Alden 178 Rondlemon, Murray Edwin 178 Randolph, Helen Louise 59-60-83- 106- 111172- 173 andolph, Lois Helene ..59-60-83106-1 11-172-173 ash, Charles Loren 131 ask, Michil Raymond 178 osk, Paul J 9-27-45-55-116-119 osmussen, L. Hortmann 154-155 osmussen, Tom awlings, Lloyd Winkle 178 Rowson, James Foster Ray, Eugene Lomont 83 Rea, Grant H Re, Jerry Peter Reder, William Lloyd Redus, Willard Jos 83-89-90-101-117 Reed, Thomas, William 83 Reeves, John Patrick 55-83 Reichert, Francis Joseph -. 178 Reinke, John Wesley 83 Reischman, Robert R 131 Reischmon, William C 27-103 Remington, Robert Jomes 117-131 Renner, Anton 131 Renner, Joseph Ralph 83 Rennie, David F Restou, Lome W Revermon, Lawrence F Reverman, Robert Clair 131 Rhea, Earl James Ribach, Irwin Nathan . 83-165 Ribble, Ted W. Rice, Floyd Earl 173 Richardson, James M. Richardson, Sandy P Richardson, Stonley Purcell, Jr Richenstein, Leo Manuel 17 Richmond, Horry Hugh, Jr. . Ricker, John Kimball 17 Riedl, Francis Anthony Rigby, Paul E. Rinella, Salvotore Anthony 17 Risberg, Gerald Lawrence 178 Rischiotto, Archille Frank ... 831 10 Ritchie, Ernest T. Ritchey, George William 17 Robbins, Jos. Gilbert, Jr Robert, Richard Francis . . 131 Roberti, Constance Ann 55-60-83-90-96-106-107110 Roberti, Philip Carl Roberts, John Franklin 60-83 Robertson, Fred Robinson, John B 39-97 Robinson, William Francis 146-178 Rochon, Don Joseph 83-144 Rogon, Grant Richard 131 Rogers, Bruce Rogers, Charles William .131 Rogers, Goylord Frank 83 Rogers, Gordon Vincent Rogers, Robert D 17 Rogers, Robert James 178 Rogowoy, Jack Ronald 100-178 Rooen, Howard Jomes 101-131 Rookledge, Chester Herbert 131-158 Roos, Jock Martin 83 Roscoe, John Roland Roslund, Ferdinand Louis Ross, Paul Wilson 173 Rossetti, Carl Vincent 178 Rossiter, John Edward 119 Rousseou, Alon J 117-169-178 Roussos, George Steve 39 Rubin, Carl Rudormel, Jack Lewis 17 Ruggeri, Wallace Andrew 83 Rusche, Robert Joseph 144 Russell, George Wylie 17 Rutten, Robert -.--178 Ruvensky, Sid Milton 178 Ryan, Frederick J Ryan, George Joseph 90-1 1 1-1 12- 1 1 3 Ryan, Joseph Edward 63-83-156 Ryan, Leon Jerry - -. Ryan, William Edward - Ryan, William J 83 Ryel, Harold Jomes 83 Rylander, Clarence Charles 70-73-83-89-99-109-117 Sobbe, Robert A 158-178 Sacomano, John Joseph 4-27-44-89 Sodilek, Robert Albin 131 Sokai, William 83 Samson, Kotamboyon 83 Sandberg, Carl Julius 178 Sotchell, Thomas Brennon 178 Savidge, Robert Lyie 131 Soxton, Philip George 17-83 Scorino, Mario Peter 17 Schoeffer, Charles R 17-98-99 Schoer, Raymond John 60-63-131 Schafer, George Raymond, Jr 178 Schaller, John Joseph 53-63-178 Schechtel, Edward Anton 83 Scheets, Benjamin Robert 178 Schenone. Ronald Joseph. 145-146-178 Schiebel, Paul 17 Schiffbauer, Robert V --100-131 Schile, Cyril Michael - 17-54 Schile, Eugene G 63 Schilt, Stephen John 117-178 Schimel, Richard 146-178 Schinasi, Samuel -- .83 Schleppenbach, Bernard J - 131 Schleppenbach, Frank X -173 Schlichting, Robert Wallace 9-17-45 Schmidt, Earl Joseph 84 Schmidt, Lawrence Ralph 178 Schmitt, Walter L Schneider, Eugene Schneider, Philip Charles 84 Schneidmiller, Richard Floyd 131 Schoen, Ramon - - Schoennerr, Arthur Cristopher .- Schopf, Edward Theodore - 84 Schrieber, Keneth R Schubert, Edward E. - - -- Schukort, Jack Ronald 18 Schultz, Starling Don 17-103 Schuiz, Don George 127-178 Schuiz, Eugene Richord Schuize, Max, Jr 84 Schuster, Allan Anthony 13 Schuster, Earl A Schutz, John H 84 Schwary, Joanne Schwary, Richard Lewis 63-178 Schwerdt, Paul Jacob 18 Schwitter, James J Scott, Harold R --- Scott, Marvin Joy 153-154-155 Sears, Gene Lee 178 Self, Edward J. Self, Robert Richard 158-178 Semmens, John Edward 131 Senechal, Edmund W 13 Sesto, Paul John 179 Setvin, Melvin Joseph 84-146 Sexton, Charles Edward Shadrick, Dale Baylink 63-179 Shand, Robert Alexander 179 Shopkin, Sonford Morgan ... Sharkey, John Thomas 63-84 Shearman, Joseph A., Jr .132 Sheeran, Patrick Dennis 60-146-179 Shepord, John F 179 Sherman, Jerome Arnold .18 Sherman, Sidney M. 84-165 Sherry, Leo C Shiley, Donald 132 Shimmens, Samuel W 18 Shockley, Dallas L 155 Sholian, Don Joseph Shore, John L Shotwell, Robert Eugene 84 Shults, Reginald P 132 Siemroth, Forrest Albert 179 Sills, Willys Milton --- 27 Simmons, Floyd W - Simon, John F 55-61-107-179 Simon, John J 84 Simpson, Jomes Edward Simpson, William Herbert Sims, Earl Clayton 84 Sinclair, Kimbol Mathew 84-90-110 Singer, Edward John 18 Singer, John Henry 179 Sinner, Alvin Henry 61-84-165 Sinner, Edwin Adam 18-61-93-101-165 Skogerberg, A. E. 89-90-165-169-179 Skreen, Richard Thomas - Skuzeski, Theodore M 153179 Sloney, Donald George - Slongol, Henry William 179 Slenning, Chorton Stephen Smolley, Robert R 84 Smith, Alvin Marion 39 Smith, Betty Roe Smih, Bob Lee Smith, Claude 1 132 Smith, Dorrell Forrest 18 Smith, Harold C 84 Smith, Henry George 179 117 M6-179 Smith, Hubert Jess Smith, James Frank Smith, Paul Randolf 84 Smith, Phillip Wayne Smith, Robert Sherl Smith, Rodney Howard 179 Smith, Ronald 179 Smith, Sidney R Smith, Thomas Joseph 132 Smith, Wallace Bunnell 56-84 Smith, Wm. Walter 105-1 32-144-164 Smythe, Robert H. Snced, Richard Edward Soderberg, Eugene Andrew Snow, Willard Henry 179 Snyder, John Carl 132 Sohler, Robert L 132 Sommers, Mox Richard 63-146179 Sonderen, James Bernard 111-132 Sonnhalter, John Fred 84-92-144 Sono, Koji 100-179 Sono, Tom F 84 Soranno, Michael Antony 18 Soriano, Michael 132 Sorman, Edmund Edgar 179 Soter, Samuel A 18-45-89 Soter, Som Nick 132 Souza, James 132-144 Souza, Stephen Peter Sowell, Richard Chester 97-132-165 Spada, Kathleen June 60-132 Sparks, Harold Cromwell 63-179 Sparrow, Hubert Lawrence 84 Sparrow, John A 132 Spear, John Patrick Spear, Robert A., Jr 84 Speciale, Mickele Raymond 18 Spencer, Carl Egbert, Jr. 158-159-179 Spitznagel, Walter Fred. 84-92-155 Splawn, Raymond Merele 132 Spooner, Eugene Lyman, Jr. Sprando, Anthony Edward Springer, Edward 61117-179 Slachniewicz, Daniel John 179 Stohl, Homer J 84-111 Stoight, Paul Eyiar Stangel, Benjamin C Stangel, Louis Francis 179 Stonko, Michael 84 Stanton , Stanley Ancil 61-132 Stearns, Ralph Daniel Steed, Waymon W Stein, James Joseph 179 Stephens, Roy H 18 Sterling, Glenn Warren 179 Sterrett, John Lagow Stevens, Donald Jomes Stevens, Robert Louis Stevenson, Jack David 39 Stewart, Thomas Harley Stickel, Wolter George 179 Sting, William Raith 84 Stoering, Jennings P. 39 Steering, Neil Allen 63-84 Stoffer, Leonard Ernest 132 Stoll, Robert Thomas Stone, Robert L 84 Stopper, Robert Storm, Richord J Strachan, Irving D Strand, Don D 105 Strand, Robert Martin 162 Strange, Frank Bolin 27-103 Strong, Robert D. Strowbridge, Wayne Howard Stuart, Brett R Stuckort, John Peter 179 Stuhldreier, John F Sugohiro, Yamoto Lorry 132 Suguro, Peter Jack 179 Suing, John C Sullivan, Arlo M 27 Sullivan, Edward L 84 Sullivan, Maurice M 84 Sullivan, Wm. Joe 84-90-97- 105 Sumich, Nicholas A. 179 Summers, Virgil Carson Sundberg, Donald Edgar Sundsten, Albin W. 18 Suppes, Benedict Joseph 180 Suprine, Steve Swanson, William K., Jr. 180 Sweeney, Edward Charles 146-180 Sweeney, James Joseph 132-144 Sweeney, John F. 84-92 Sweeney, Wm. Michael 84-92-144 Sweet, Darrell Howard 84-116-117 Swiberg, Edward Lawrence 180 Switzer, Omar Jayne 84 Sykes, George Eldon 132 Sykes, Joseph G T Tolley, Benjamin F. Tabler, Benjamin Edward Tanaka, Frank Satoru Tandy, Gordon 1 180 Tardiff, Donald Maurice 84 Taylor, Frank Everett, Jr 18 Taylor, Russell M 18 Tedeschi, Joseph V Terraglio, Frank Peter 39 Thalhofer, Robert Lawson 61-84-115 158-159 Thayer, Leiand Francis 85 Thielen, James A. 27-45 Thomas, Donald Richard Thompson, Agnes V. 60-106-132-180 Thompson, Forest G. 18 Thompson, Lovic Lloyd 132 Thompson, Perry Elwood Thompson, Roy Malcolm .85-144 Thompson, Stanley Joseph 107-180 Thompson, Warren Harry 85 T hompson, William Andrew 180 Thorpe, Joe E 85-156-157 Tidwell, Roy Louis 180 Tierney, John Norbert 180 Tierney, Michael James 180 Tindoll, Dennis R Tipton, James Patrick 180 Tone, Bernard L Tontz, Charles Eugene 85 Tool, Stephen T 85-107-156 Toomey, Daniel Howard 85 Trenholm, Ronald B Trout, George Dixon Troyer, John P Troyer, Williom Lawrence 19 Tuck, William Arthur 100-180 Tucker, Bernard Neal 111-132 Tufts, Raymond Charles 85 Tully, Joseph George 39 Turin, Louis Marilio 85 Turlna, Donald Joseph 132-151-152 Turner, John 180 Tyrone, Ray 90-113 Uglesic Underc Underc Underbill, Davit Unger, Thomas Utz, Fred R., Jr Vaillanc es Nolan enneth Tho ■if H id Joseph 3S Everett 160180 27-117 85-92-139-144 164 eon Lawrence 63-180 Valley, Leonard Coleman 132 VanBramer, Clair Gordon VonCampen, John Gerrett . Vance, Allen ...180 Van Dyke, George Wayne 180 Van Dyke, Richard Saunders 180 Vanelli, Eugene John 19 Van Gogh, John Aloysius 132 Van Hoomissen, George Albert 85-101 Van Hoomissen, Peter Vincent 55-85-92-96107158 Van Horn, James William 85 Vanikiotis, James Theodore 132 Vanikioltis, Nicholas A 85 Vanikiotis, Pete Aristedes Von Meer, Neil Roy 85 Van Zile, Jeanne Marie 106 180 Vassallo, Samuel James 180 Vaupell, Ton! Venuti, Carl Emil Vetterlein, Robert James 85 Vickers, Thomas R 133 Victor, Fred Anthony 181 Vidoni, John L. 49-85-163 th Er 181 Vitas, John Klug Voipe, John S., Jr 133 Von Borstel, Norman Carson Voorhees, Stephen Augustus 9-1989 Vranizan, Anthony Edward 19 Vreeland, Donald K 133 Vreeland, Karl Edward 85-97 Vreeland, Robert Welch Vuksich, Rudolph Anthony Vuylsteke, Allen George 133 W 181 Van den Biesen, Jo Loui! 132 Waite, John Braden Waldroff, Kenneth Walker, Allen Marshall 181 Walker, Richard Graig 133 Walker, Robert Jerome Walker, Robert Lee Wall, John Alfred . 19 Wallo, Edward 133-144 Walsh, Edward P Walsh, Robert Emmett 101-181 Walton, Eldon L 63 Wanamaker, Donald Wilfred 85 Wang, Paul Wen Shen 181 Warden, Joseph Lindsay 85 Ward, Luther B Warmuth, Joseph Wilson 133 Warolin, Leonard C 133 Warring, Theodore F 133 Washtok, Donald Bruce Waters, Donald Roderick 85-101 Watt, Alan Donald 133 Watt, John Neil 133-181 Watt, Louis B Watts, Jordan Don Weatherill, Leslie 27 Weber, Walter Nicholas 181 Webster, Marshall Clark Webster, Robert Warol Weepie, Richard Leo 27 Wegener, Edward Paul 133 Wehrle, Earl Harry 181 Weicuss, Norman 181 Weigant, Kasper Emil 19 Weimer, Lawrence Fred Weinbaum, Edward Murray Weinstein, Edward Allen 133 Weisenfluh, Merlyn Arnold 19 Weismandel, Robert Allen Weitzel, Ronald Welch, John Quentin 133 Welle, Richard Zend 181 Wilier, Wilfred P Wells, Richard Lee 85 Wendel, Arietta J. 54-60-106- 1 10- 133 Wenker, William 63 Went, Burton Herman, Jr 181 West, Charles Dorrell West. Joe E 19 Westerman, Wallace B 85 Wetmore, Robert William 19 Whitaker, Robert Fred 60 Whismon, Robert James 85 White, Edword O Widdows, Glen Walter Wiederhold, Milton P 133 Wiederhold, Wilma Mae 63-107-133 Wiesmann, Robert John 85-162-163 Wiggins, Billy Clyde 155 Wilkins, Carrol Roger 181 Williams, Donald Arthur 19 Williams, Edgar Lawrence, Jr. 85 Williams, John Bernard, Jr Williams, Gerald Leiand 85 Williams, Gilbert Henry Williams, Maurice Alton 146181 Williams, Myron Douglas 45-85-92-139-140-142-144 Williams, Norman Ralph 181 Williams, Ronald Leon 60-61 62-133 Williams, Roy E. 85 Williamson, Marvin Albert, Jr. 37 Willson, Richard Barrett 60 Wilson, Dallas W 19-101 Wilson, David Karl 133 Wilson, Donald Ray Wilson, Edward Louis 133 Wilson, Edwin P Wilson, Jack Louis Wilson, William Choury 181 Wilson, William Henry Wilson, William S Winter, John W. 62 Winters, Jackson L. 147- 150- 1 51 ■ 1 52 Wirfs, Allen Joseph 19 Wirfs, Lawrence Frederick 39 Wisner, Robert James 1? Wissbaum, Larry Lee 133-141-144 Witty, lee Thomas 39-63 Wolfe, Fred Cameron Wolff, Diedrich, Jr 85-89-109-165 Wood, George Leo, Jr 27-61 Wood, Howard Joseph Wood Leo S Wo 85 Wood, Roland Duane 85 Woodcock, Donald Alexander 85 Woodcock, William C 19 Woodward, John Barbee, Jr Wooley, Alan M ...158 Wortmon, Kenneth 85 Wridge, Spencer D. 133- 144- 1 51 - 152 Wyatt, Calvin Melvern Wyncoop, Leonard 39 Yang, Hanford 133 Yarne, Benson K 133 Yarnell, Edward Jay 1? Yazalina, Frank Samuel 61-181 Yohn, Jefferson Davis 116-133-117 Young, George R Young, Kenneth Eugen 133 Youngblood, Jerry R fork, Roger Fronklin Yragui, Leon John Yuen, Clifford Kwock Mun Yuktonis, Alphonse L Juonito 55-106-107 Zoremba, Dol. Zell, Leonard Zeller, Phillip James 133 Zennie, Theodore James 181 Zimmerman, Theodore Edwin 85-105-111-146-165 Zinsli, Peter Francis 181 Zion, Jocquelyn Joyce 60 63106-181 Zvarich, Rudolph Horry 133 COLLEGE OF NURSING FRESHMEN Argin, Virginia Lee 182 Ashdown, Elizabeth Joan 182 Baker, Gladys Elizabeth 182 Baldwin, Shirley M 182 Beh, Pauline Frances 62-95-182 Bergstrom, Lillian Marie 182 Brady, Mary Margaret 182 Buyserie, Esther Janice ..62-182 Callaghan, Helen Milne 95-182 Caly, Virginia Elizabeth 182 Case, Joan Jean 182 Dove, Joan Elizabeth 94-95-182 Driscoll, Carolyn Marie 95182 Gandiaga, Marguerite Ruth .108-182 Garratt, Phyllis Marie 62-182 Gortrell, Barbara Ann 182 Gosch, Joanne Ellen 62-95-182 Greiner, Ann Patricia 182 Hatch, Peggv Elaine 62-182 Hee, Bertha BooChee 62-182 Heffner, Verna Viola 182 Hodge, Edith Pearl 182 Hodge, Effie Grace 193 Hosteller, Eliz. Rosina 62-182-183 Immonen, Doris Wanda 95-183 Jungwirth, lla-Vey 62-183 Klein, KathleenAnn 94-182-183 Kosmalski, Beverly K. 62-95-183 LaMar, Dorothy Emma .183 Lofgren, Donna Jean 62-183 Lutz, Carol Irene 62-183 Marshall, Barbara Ann 183 McBride, Helen Jean 183 McNally, Mary Catherine 95-182-183 Medler, Martha Jean - 183 Narey, Betty Ann 183 Nielsen, Luetta Elsie 62-183 O ' Meara, Diane Lee 183 Poitras, Rose Marie 62-95183 Rickman, Genevieve Joyce 183 Rondeau, Louella Mae Russell, Elizabeth Ann 108-183 Ryan, Maureen Ann 51-183 Rvon, Philis Starr 62-95-183 Sacchini, Louise Helen 95-183 Schauffler, Christine 183 Schwarz, Rita Jane 95-183 Seiffert, Marion Florenc Searcie, Alpha Belle .... Shaver, Geraldine Mar Shearer, Gail Marie . . Shields, Alice Joan Steele, May Ir 183 183 183 183 .62-183 183 Charlotte Ann 183 Taylor, Barbara Jane 100-183 Tucker, Jonice May ...183 Von Dvke, Geraldine Louise .183 Von Hooniissen, Joan Mary .....95- 1 83 Vardanega, Doorthy Jeanette... 95-183 V alsh, Mary Kathryn 108,183 Wimmer, Nancy Ann 108-183 Zbinden, Lillian Moy 183 Zielinske, Gladys Rose 62-95-183 SOPHOMORES Balme, Rowena Carolyn 134 Bcissett, Glenna Kay 94-100-134 Bates, Edith Lorraine 134 Bendure, Alice Irene 134 Benson, Faye Louise 134 Besser, Joonn Dorothy L. 95-108134 Block, Mary Mildred . 134 Bo!f, Christina Agnes 95-134 Buckshnis, Jean 134 Burr, Helen 62-100-108-134 Camus, Dorothy M 95-100-108-118-134 Cotes, Joan Lolo 100-134 Christy, Marie E 62-95-103-134 Cornell, Jean Claire 134 Corey, Alda Jeanne 134 Cutone, Edith Irene 134 Darrogh, Rita Marie 95-100-103-134 Di Donate, Florence .134 Donohoe, Minnie Mae 134 Doyle, Mary Ellen 134 Duso, Joan Mary 134 Eppers, Patricia R-e 62-108-134 Erickson, Marilyn Alberta 134 Fisher, Shirley Louise 100-108-134 Gardner, Margaret Mary 135 Graves, Thelmo Diane .... .. . 135 Griffin, Billy Charlene 135 Gross, Letha Lorrene 135 Guglielmino, Margaret Mary 135 Hardison, Mary Margaret 100-108-135 Kle ski, Delo Logerfeld, Yv Ml Mo Luc Ann Melhuish, Metcalf, I Minor, Edythe Earlin( Nelson, Donna Elizol Nelsen, Shirley Ann O ' Meara, Eileen M. O ' Rieliy, Marie Deon Potter, Ethlyn Rose Quinn, Ann Gertrudf Riedel, Olive Doris , Roelli, Gertrude Bert! Ryan, Mary Barbara Sather, Betty Jean . )an Winifi Schn Stupfel, Sullivan VondeV Walsh, nbert. Patricia Lou Lillian Marii Helen Zetto n, Shirley EtI Mary Kothr Susan Audr 100-108-135 n 135 icis 100-135 135 rcene 62-135 135 135 62-95-134-135 100-135 ?th Jeon 135 135 100 108-134-135 108-135 100-108-135 .95-100-108-135 135 3 135 62-135 135 !d 135 se 95-135 95-108-135 135 el 135 inette 135 95-108-135 94-95-134-135 ,n 135 ;y 135 JUNIORS Allen, lono Captola Arthur, Elaine Marie Baker, Anita Marie Block, Beverly Ann Boyce, Georgiann Busch, Joyce Mary Christenson, Sylvia June Cloirmont, Marie Phillis Coates, Richalyn Girt .... Dickson, Emily Dole Drips, Donna Joan Fitzell, Ann Elizabeth . Goodnight, Collene Eller Johnson, Noreen Mojo . Kuensting, Morgo Loy, Pri Mocnon 86-87-97 100-108 Ann 87 Molly, Patricio Ann 87 Mitchell, Morcelline JoAnne 87-97 Morrow, Solly Mary 87 Neigel, Dolores Marian 87 Pollock, Mrs. M. 86-87-94-97-100-108 Saxton, Marilyn Louise 87-97-107 Scheidemon, Beverly Jean 87 Scheuer, Beatrice 87 Shea, Patricio Suzanne 86-87-95-97 Snyder, Edna Jane 87 Stearns, Janet Lavino 87 Sturzo, Rose Marie 87-97 Sunderland, Betty Jean 87 Uhlenkott, Patricio Louise . 86-87-94 Westendick, Helen Elizabeth 87-97 White, Ethel Marion 87-97 Wick, Persis Anne 87-97 Windecker, Lola Moe 86-87 SENIORS AIbi, Jill Mary 32 Andringa, Nelly May 32 Bergin, Theresa M 32 Cox, Crystal Mae Doherty, Mildred 32-62 Erickson, Lola Moe 32 Goodwin, Barbara Ann 32 Graf, Margery Emilie Graham, Mrs. Erika Brust 30-32-94 Hinsz, Luan Lorraine 32-97 Holmes, Dessa Lee 30-32-57-66-97-100 Jeppesen, Marian Frances 32 Jones, Patricia Ann 32 Lancaster Katherine Ellen 32 MocNeill, Mary Elizabeth 30-31-33 Neiqer, Morcello Frances 33 OKeefe, Joan Maria 30-33-94 Owens, Mrs. Marguerite Ann Schulmerich, DeeLores V 33-94 Smith, Mary Ann 31-33 Smith, Shirley M 31-33 Sommer, Betty Lou 33-69 Torgerson, Jacqueline Louise 31-33 Vittorio, Eunice A 33 Waters, Doretho Mae 31-33-94-97 Zeller, Carol Lillian 33 Zwahlen, Roso Marie 33 + CONTENTS + INTRODUCTION " Spu " 1 Title 2 Student Body Officers 4 Commencement 5 Nurses ' Capping 5 Christmas Party 6 Sports 7 Campus life 8 COLLEGES AND SENIORS Senior Closs Officers 9 College of Business Faculty 10 College of Business Grods. 12 College of liberal Arts Faculty 20 Graduates 24 College of Nursing Faculty 28 Outstanding Senior Nurses 30 Senior Nursing Officers 31 College of Nursing Grads 32 College of Science Faculty .34 College of Science Grads 37 School of Engineering 40 School of Music 42 Outstanding Seniors 44 Officers of Administration ...46 The Praying Hands 48 ACTIVITIES Yell Kings 49 Rally 50 Caravan 52 Barn Dance 53 " Hasty Heart " 54 " Male Animal " 55 " The Drunkard " 56 Biologists Ball 57 Outstanding Events 58 Mixed Chorus 60 String Quartet 61 Gleemen 61 Collegium Musicum 62 Nurses Choral 62 Concert Band 63 Rally Bond 63 Musicians Ball 64 PERSONALITIES " Spusonified " 65 Queen of the Ball 66 " Pilot Wheel " 67 Personality Most likely To Split 68 Campos Day Queen 69 BMOC 70 Athlete of the Year 71 Madrono Trees 72 CLASS OF ' 50 Junior Class Officers 73 Jun.or Class 74 Junior Nursing Officers 86 Junior Nurses 86 Lewis Clark Monument 88 ORGANIZATIONS Associated Students 89 I. C. C 90 Public Relations 90 Party System 91 Intercollegiate Cooperation 91 Monogram Ciub 92 CI Hon 93 Nurses Activity Council 94 Sodality 95 Alpha Psi Omego 96 Beta Beta Beto 97 Business Ad Club 98 Biologists 100 Engineers 102 Psychologists 103 Compos Club 104 Musicoeds 106 Drama Club 107 Pep Club 108 I. R. C 109 El Club Espanol 110 Itoion Club Ill le Cercle Universitaire 112 Der Kiel Klub 113 PUBLICATIONS Log 114 Beacon 116 Quadrant 118 Biolog 118 Pilot 119 Prefoce 119 The Fountain 120 CLASS OF ' 51 Sophomore Class 122 Sophomore Nursing Officers 134 Sophomore Nurses 135 The Victory Bell 136 SPORTS Football 137 Frosh Football 145 Basketball 147 Frosh Bosketball 153 Baseball 154 Tennis 156 Swimming 157 Track 158 Skiing 160 Boxing 164 Body Builders 165 New Coaches 166 Howord Hall Fire 167 Bus Stop 168 CLASS OF ' 52 Freshman Closs Officers 169 Freshman Class 170 Freshman Nursing Officers 182 Freshman Nurses 183 Grotto 184 Advertisers 185 Index of Names and Pictures 194 STUDENTS! The City of Portland has adocted a needy Italian citj ' ' FAENZa — through the efforts of a LET ' S HELP ITALY committee including Governor Douglas McKay, Mayor Dorothy iicCullough Lee, Dr. Nello Spada, Judge Frank E, Day, Hirry Mittleman, Phil I ' rady, Gene Feves and many others. They are raising clothes, household needs notebook paper, and books. You can participate in the program by depositing clothes and books in the boxes set up around the campus by members of the Italian Club. Before you check out at the end of this school year, check through your v;ardrobes and over your book shelves and leave your contributions in one of the boxes at Pilot House or at the book store,, See Dr. Spada, Fatner Delaunay, iv ' auro Potestio, Larry Johnson or any Italian Club member f orparticulafis. Let ' s show Portlanders what the University of Portla ' d can do J Kev. Clement Kane, r =: P.S. The Let ' s help Italy campaign closes on June 1st, Get busy today. Tell your families andfriends to take their contributions to their nearest FIRE STaT-lOH: Call Headquarters, CA. 6759 — 508 Columbia Bldg. for additional information. :S . { . kSI ' l4

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