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' 1 ■ HCSHHHvW A ■ V. ,,_. .,.: ;.:„M » m ' ■. ' ; ' ; «- ■■ k - ' ' : . ; ' ' tf ' ' :£ M ■vC ' b -— M M ' : L i b r i The VOLUME FOURTEEN Edited and f iil lishfd hy the JUNIOR CLASS ,i the C.nlLoes of the I. niversity of Portland Portland. Oregon N THE COMMONS Erected 1937. WEST HALL Erected 1897. EARLV seTWJ••• i sind students mark o " t 7 p. r ilg history of Ithel University 11 day in 190 1 whin the first of Portland since tha members of the Congregation of the H West to teach on the " C ff ' " above th River. Each of these stu ts has seen grow. We, of 1948, are„ iHtne s g the greatest growti of all. Those Fio rememji he campus of ll nll tell of the d ' s whei J t Hall, as the UniverSTl4LS college iSiiWing, housed classrooms, dormito s ing rooms and administration offices all Titlont t ' Me. SCIENCE HALL Erected 1939. OSPECI They will fcll if the once exjtint. Piilln li II ll " present site Jf Hlvvard Hall, arlllvill recite with mist - eve tales o thelamous track niglts in which the L ' ni- versitv oj e e :elled. Some may be found who recall the aufligb , the electric tr rides from town and the Tat are no more. y tever the case, each alum- Ts has fond memoriej l tt JJniversity campus, and recalls each with ' ] !l £ sentl % l it ' and pride. This. th i 8 volume of T Log, ca H tention to ; campus, and with feHknes of rVlx and points to a still larger and 5ltV II future. — The Editors. CHRISTIE HALL Erected 1911 HOWARD HAIJ. Erected 1 27 IM I ST. .MARVS Erected 1903 » iP ir Dedicated to Reverexd Theodore J. Mehling, C. S. C, M.A. I hirteenth member of the Congregation of the Holy Cross to be President of the Univer- sity of Portland since its foundation in 1901. The Junior Class, through this dedication, ac- knowledges Father Mehling ' s singleness of purpose in seeking to build a University of Portland which will be one of the West ' s great Universities — where education recognizes the trinity of man: his mind, will and body. ■ « « B Bl H ' — » 4i, .J p ft ' l n -m ial » f L 1 1 , % ■ A 1 1 1 President ' s Message ' " ■■■ " SIlDE.VTs.. university : " " ' " ' ■ " the fun ° ' " ' ■° " have ,: ° ' ' ' " " ercja , ' ' ' ° ' id ' " ' " can create a Ri;v. Francis P. Goodali C.S.C, A.B., C. E. Vice-President RiA. |()ll l{. Dh.l.AlN A ' S , C.S.C., Pli.I). J.C.I). D.Mtl .,t M.-M Administrati Mr. Thomas A. Linden, A.B. Registrar Mr. Jamks a. Ccli-igan. M.E. I " i ' e:isurer d m i n i s t r a t i V e Staff 3 ' .. ° Science -isjs- ( College of Business Administration ; fj Mr. Arnold B. Peterschmidt, B.C.S. Dean of Business CoUege Business Mm»aUon J T he College of Business Administration has ■ developed into the University of Port- land ' s largest college by virtue of an enroll- ment of over eight hun dred students. Produc- ing a graduating class of ninety-two students in 1948, the college is still experiencing an un- precedented expansion started at the end of the war. Students majoring in Business Administra- tion have long been active in all school func- tions. In 1948 the College can claim four Senior Class officers as its own. The Business Administration Club represents one of the University ' s most constructive and practical campus organizations with more than one hundred students on its membership roster. The College looks forward to an even greater development in future years, and promises to maintain its leadership on the University campus. TOP PH ' TriilO: Mr. Michahi. T- M.A. Economics. llIDnLK PIOTfKE: Rev. Clarence R. I)l ruin C.S.C, M.A. Accounting, Economics. bottom picture: Mr. M. Joseph Forax. B. ' , Business, Mathematics, Real Estate, Economics, Public Finance, Insurance. Alonew Credit ami Bankint; Mr. Philip G. Loprinzi, A. M. Accounting, Business Mathematics Mr. Willis A. Noel, B.S. Personnel Management Mr. EdW.ARD J. S.AXDSTROM, A.M. Introduction to Business, Corporation Finance, Marketing, Foreign Trade, Transportation, Investments Mr. John A. Wiesxer, A.M. Advanced Accounting, Business Law, Business Mathematics, Cost Accounting, Auditing, Credit Management Lewis Hamlin Coe Jr.,, Port- land. On-e in. Hrnx.n llieh. Bun- in.-K» A l. Cluh: Xnvy Air Cor|« -Saul Barde, A.B., Portland. Ore- gon, S ' aBhinKton Hieh. Xavy 3 V4 -Richard Francis Christen, A.B. Portland. Oregon. St .Stephens High. Portland. Kusine.-ss Ad.. Ski. Spanish Clubs. .Senior Ball Committee : Navy . ir Corps 4 years. -William James Christensen. .V.B.. Portland. Oregon, -Jay Allan Chausse, A.B.. Sher- Honrt. Oregon. Central Catholic. Portland. Business Ad., Ski, Olee Cluhs: Navv 2 Tears. -Elviu J. Christensen, . .B.. Port- land, Oregon. Washington High. Golf 1 : Navy 3 " -j years. 1. — Robert Daniel Curtin, A.B., Port- 9. — F-ank Harrison Fields, A.B., Port- land, Oregon. land. Oregon. 10. — Josepli Frederick Gooley, A.B., 2. — James Junior Davis, A.B.. Port- . . _ n d OrecrT Mt. Aneel land, Oregon. Prep. Business Ad Club, Campus Club, Band: Navy 3 years, S.-Cliaries Francis Daly, A.B., Butte. Arthur C. Hagen, A.B., San Fran- ° ' " ' ' " " ' cisc. Calif niia. Pt. Bernard ' s Aeadem- ' , Biggar, Saskatchewan. Canada. Bu iness Ad Club. Philo- 4. James Lloyd DeLong, A.B., Van- sophical Society, Glee Club; U. S. couver, Washington. Vancouver Coast Guard 3 % years. High. Business Ad Club; Armv Air Force 3 years. 12. — Eobert James Durham, A.B., Van- p )rt, Oregon. 5. — Edwlll Erhard Darmer, A.B., Port- land, Oregon. Hill Military Ac- 13. — George Hairy Feuerstein. A.B., ademv. Honor Society; Ai-my dVz Portland, Orcgnn. Jefferson High, years. Business Ad Club; Army. 14. — Wesley Emmet Gatewood, A.B.. fi. — Demosthenes Demopoulos, A.B., Portland. Oregon. Washington Great Falls, Jlont. High. Outstanding Senior; Army Air Corps Z% years, 7. — Vincent Bernard Doherty, A.B., 15. — William Arthur Griffith, A.B,. Pendleton. Oregnn. Columbia Portland, Oregon. Commerce Prep. St. Vincent De Paul; Armv High. Business Ad Club. Golf 3 years. Team ' 46- ' 47; Navy Air Corps 3 years. 8. — Raymond Martin Emig, A.B., Jlil- IG. — Connel Edgar Harman, A.B., Port- wankie, Oregon. land, Oregon. G R A D S 1 Ivan Pearl Hill, A. II.. .Suli ' iii. Ori ' t.- » . Siili ' lii liiKli. Who ' n Who ill .Viiii ricaii I ' niveniities and fiilli-ifiH. Outsl.inilinK Senior: Conrad Fersbing Hylton, . .U.. . l iiininiitli. Orel.- in. Kails City Ilieh. Falls Clly. OrcRon. Thcta Delta Phi : Army Air Force 4 years. Charles Blaine Holm, A.U.. Idalu Kails, Idaho. Idaho Kall.s Senior High. Business Ad Club. Board- ers ' Club. Dramatic Club Busi- ness Mannetr; Navy 314 years. Francis Edgar Jackson, A.B.. Portland. Ore n. Benson Poly- technie. Philosophical Society Uiisinoss Ad Club. Married Couples Club; Army Air Force Thomas Eay Hollcraft, A.B.. Port- land. Oregon. Columbia Prep. -George Homer Johnson, A.B.. I c,i-tl!incl. Oreson. Denfeld High. Iiuluth. Minnesota. Business Ad Club: Armored Force 3 ' -i years. -William Joseph Jones, A.B.. Port land, Oreaon. St. Stephens High. Navy 3 years. 11. — Lester Paul Lndvlksen, A.B.. P.rlland. Oreson. .Silv.Tl -a Hifth. Silverlon. Oregon. KuKineHs Ad Club: Army .1 years. -Henoing Adolph Johnson, . .B.. lliiluih .Min " .-«.ta. Central High. (Duluth). Business Ad Club: Army . ir Force 3 years. -Emost G. Enopf, A.B.. Portland. Oreg.n. Grant High. Secretary- Treasurer if Sophomore Class. Business Ad Club l--j:i-4: Army 14. — Jack Philip Lakeflsh, A.B.. Port- land. Oregon. Commerce High. Xavy 3 years. IS — Victor Hal LaPorte, A.B.. Port- land. Oregon. Vernonia High, Ver- n nia. Oregon. Outstanding Sen- ior, Who ' s Who in American Tnlversities and Colleges. Presi- dent of Freshman Class ' 46, President of Sophomore Class ' 47, Business . d Club, Monogram Club, S.A.C., 2-3-4. S.A.C. Rep. Senior Class ' 48, Baseball ' 46; Army 4 years. 1 fi — John Clemens Mares. . .B.. Port- land. Oregon. Star of the Sea. As- tori.t. Oregon. President of Fresh- man Class ' 46, Business . d Club. Spanish Club, S.A.C. 2 years: Xavy 3 years. B U S I N E S S A D M I N I S T R A T I N G R A D S 1, — Raymond Charles Martin, A.B., -Ivan Paul Mikolavich, A.B., Port- land, Oregun. Franklin High; Army 3 years. -James Lawrence McDonald, A.B., Portland, Oregon. Mason City High, Mason Citv. Washington, Business Ad Club, Biologists Club, Glee Club, Santuary Knights, St. Vincent de Paul So- ciety. -Donald Joseph Miller, A.B., Ei( field. Washington. -Hugh Edgar McGinnis, A.B., Port- land, Oregon. Jefferson High. Ten- nis Club, Business Ad Club, Glee Club; Naval Air Corps 3 years. -Gustave Benold Mohr, A.B.. Os wego, Oregon. Washington High Secretary - Treasurer of Fresh man Class ' 41- ' 42, Vice-P: dent of Sophomore Class ' 42- Business Ad Club ; Army Corps 3 years. -William Konald Munro, A.B., Portland, Oregon. Grant High. Marine Corps, 3 years. -George Chris Nizich, A.B., Ore- gon City, Oregon. Oregon City High. Business Ad Club; Navy 3 -Gordon Edwin Orwig, A.B., Vt couver, Washington. -Evan Dancho Petcoff, A.B., Van- couver. Washington. Vancouver High. Business Ad Club. Army Air Corps 3 years. -Ralph Duane Pierson, A.B., Port- land, Oreg ' m. Roosevelt High. Army Air Force 3 years. 13. — Wallace Philip Muthersbaugh, A.B.. Portland, Oregon. .«;t. Stephens High. Business Ad Club. Beacon Staff, Glee Club, Yell Team and Rally Squad; Marine Corps 4 years. -Ray Joseph Creste, A.B., Port- -Leslie Rudolph Peake, A.B.. Mil- waukie. Oregon. Milwaukie Union High. Business Ad Club, Biology Club, Debate Team. Mnnogram Club, Track ' 41- ' 42, Football Trainer ' 42, Swimming Coach ard Physical Ed. instructor ' 41- ' 42, Instructor in Life Sav ing and First Aid ' 41- ' 42; USNR 3 -Robert Paul Polich, A.B., Port- land, Oregon. 1. — Joseph Poteatlo, A.H., Portland. Orfgon. -Lee WUbur Bobbins. A.B.. Port- liind. Oregon. Business . d Club. :i. — Jewett Eugene Popma. Portland, OreRon. -Patrick Merrill Eyan, . ,B.. Port- land. Orefon. Hood Kivcr (Ore Kon IliKh. Who ' s Who in Ameri- cin Universities and Colleges. Business Ad Club, Spanish Club. Monogram Club. The Beacon 2-3-4, Basketball ' .|0- ' 41. Mgr.. ■-J6- ' 47, ' 47 ' 48-. Army 3 years. -John Miles Priel. A.B., Portland. )r.--o,i. KMosi velt High. Busi- ni ss Ad rlul.. German Club, Phi- lnsit)hi.-al So -iety, Ski Club. Frosh Football ' 40: U. S. Coast Guard 4 years. -Gus John Sakelarls, A.B.. Port- Innd. Oregon. Benson High. Xavy ' Dario Romeo Salerno, . .B.. Port- land Oregon. Washington High. Vite-President Freshman Class 4.5. Business Ad Club. Staff: Army 6 years. 10. — Carl Vrrn ShoemaJcer II, A.B.. Portland. Oregon. Hill Militar}- . eademv. Monogram Club. Buiii- ne ' .s Ad Club. Football Manager •47: Army 5 years. 11. — Leonard Joseph Skonetzni. A. B. .Mt. Angel. Oregon. Mt. . nBfl Prep. Business Ad Club. Navy 3 years. -Victor Bernard Schatz. .k.B.. Port- land. Oregon. Franklin High. Vice President Freshman Class ' 41. Business Ad Club. Beacon St»«. Log Staff: Armv 3 ' i years. -Marrtn Jay Scott. . .B.. Portland. Oregon. Grant High. Outstanding Senior. Monogram Club 1-2-3-4. Basketball and Baseball 1-2-3-4: -Edward Frederick Sinclair. Jr.. .B.. Portland. Oregon. Colum- bia Prep. . rmv 4 years. B U S I N E A D M I N I S T R A T I N [ s D M I N I S T R A T I N G R A D S 1. — James Craig Stewart, A.B.. Port- land, Oregon. !. — Charles Nicholas Wait, A.B.. Portland, Oregon. C .lunibia Prep. Bio ' ogists CIul), Business AA Club; Armv 3 years. 3. — Michael Joseph TJgar, A.B., Port- land, Ore;ron. Benson Polvtechnic. Army Air Force 3 years. -Melroy Trcderick TJlven. A.Ti.. Portland, Oregon. Lisnite High, Lig-nite. North Dakota Business Ad Club, Philosophical Club: Army Air Force 3 years. 6. — William Edward Watkins. A.B., Portland, Oregon. Columbia Prep. Business Ad Club. Beacon, Frosh Football ' 38: USNR 4 years -Robert Harrison Withers, A.B., Portland, Oregon. Grant High. Business Ad Club. U. S. Marine Corps 2U years. -Lawrence William Wright, A.B., Portland, Oregon. -William Nelson West, A.B.. Port- land, Oregon. Grant High. Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges, Outstanding Senior, Business Ad Club Treasurer ' 47- ' 48, Philosophical Society, Body Builders, Senior S.A.C. Repre- sentative; Army 3 yeas. -George Olcott Wright, A.B., Port- land. Ongon. Columbia Prep. Busin.xs .Vd Club, Spanish Club, Baseball ' 41- ' 46; Navy Air Corps :i years. -Loyal Truman Zell, A.B., Salem, Oregon. I 1 1 e ge — t- of Science Rev. JosKi ' M S. McGrath. C.S.C. Ph.D. Acting Dean of Science Director of Graduate Division oWege In September 1939, the College of Science was reorganized from its status as a division of the College of Arts, Science, and Philosophy. Since that time it has continually expanded its numerous departments. The year 1948 will mark another reorganization of the College when its pre-Engineering program will be ex- panded into a separate College of Engineer- ing upon the completion of a new Engineer- ing Building. tt The graduating class of 1948 lists twenty- seven Science majors earning their degrees in Biology, Zoology, Chemistry, and Physics- Mathematics. Many pre-medical students have also completed their studies at the Uni- versity and leave to continue their medical courses at other Universities and Colleges. The College of Science plans a full Medi- cal course in coming years as one of its main objectives. FACULTY REV JAMES G ANDEKSON MR CHARLES J. BOWLES. M MB EDWABD J. CAHILL. A.B. Hi. .!..£ . REV. WILLIAM J. COUGHLAN. CSC, A.B Maihrnuilii ' s MB IRA H. HORTON. Pb.D. Hi .I..-V MB. WILLIAM J. KEAME. B.S. I ' h.vM. Miilliiinali.s. MR. EDWIN M. KINDBBMAN, Fb.D nll■llli (r ■. MB. CHARLES E. LAUEB, M.S. . Pli ' : i«: -Mathematics. FACULTY ME. WARREN S. MacGREGOR, Ph.D. REV. JOHN A. MOLTEE, C.S.C., Ph.D. Biolog.v. BEO. FERDINAND MOSEE, C.S.C, B.S. i ' hysjcs- Drawing. MR. JAMES C. OTHUS, M.E., M.S. l ra wing-Engineering MR. PHILIP S. SKBLL, Ph.D. MR. MERLE A. STARR, Ph.D. I ' h.vsies. ME. WALTEE J. STOTT, B.S. nm Siegfried Baum. H.S.. Vienna. A l l iIl. Rfiil G ' ninaiiium. Vi- (■uiiii. Austria. University of I ' .rllnna Kt-II-m-hhip. Glee. Enjri- neers. Drama; U. S. Army Air V»rre 1 year. 3. Dahl Barton BUnvelt, B. S.. Lake % 4. Louis Herman Bride, B.S., Pirl land. Origin. McMinnvillc (Ore- g™) High School. Glee 2-3, Ten- nis 2 ; USSK 3 Ms years. Joseph Linden Byrne. B.S.. Oak lirovi-, Orugon. Ahram Ajitone Dyck, B.S.. Van- ■i.iivtr. Wnshinston. Biologist Club. 8. Glenn BaUard Elliott, B..S., Port- land. Oregon. .Tefferson High School. V. S. Savy 3 4 years. 10. Kenneth James Grltzmacher, B.S.. Portland. Orei:on, Roosevelt High. Lawrence Fremont Harrison, B..S. Portland. Oregon. Donald Richard Hawe, B.S.. Butte. Montana. Christian Brothers High School. Campus Club. Mono- gram Club. Sanctuary- Knights. Biologists, Philosophical Society. S.A.C.. The Log. The Biolog. Basketball 2-3. Leonard Frank Lncas, B.S., Port- land. Oregon. E N E ■ ; ; s 7. ' fe .v .w -:;«r-j«J5eii ' r ' : G R A D S Norman Currie MacArthur. B.S.. Portland, Oreaon. Jefferson HiRli School. Engineers 1-2-3. Inter- collegiate Knights 2-3. Associate Editor of Engineer ' s Quadrant. James John Manion, B.S.. Butte. Montana. Butte Central High School. President Freshman Class 1. Secretarv Treasurer Sophomore Class 2, President Boarders. Mon- ogram Club. Outstanding Senior. Who ' s Who in American Uni- versities and Colleges. Bnskethall 2-3-4; Marine Corps 2 years. Robert Bertram Metcalfe, B.S.. Portland. Oregon. C.himbia Prep Intercollegiate Knights. Engi necrs: U. S. Marine Corps 3 vrs. ( Kansas Cit.v i N flH Philip Edward Niebuhr, B.S.. Portland, Oregon. Jefferson High School. Fencing C ' .ub 1-2. U. S. Ben Telfer Plymale, B.S., land, Oregon. Jerry Peter Ee, B.S.. Portland. Oregon. Outstanding Senior. Who ' s Who in American Uni- versities and Colleges. George James Scott, B.S.. Port- hind, Oregon. Calumbia Prep. U. Benjamin Charles Stangel, B.S.. Norman Carson ' Von Borstel, B.S., Pintland. Oregon. Grant High School. Biologist. .Assistant Ed- itor Biolog: r. S. Armv 3 vears. ■Victor Thayer Wiglesworth, B.S.. Portland, Oregon. Franklin High School. U. S. Armv 3 years. William Choury ' Wilson, B.S.. Portland, Oregon. Franklin High School. Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Universities and Colleges. Engineers: U. S. Army 1 year. Roger Franklin ' fork, B.S., Port- land. Oregon. Franklin High School. Engineers, Glee, In- tercollegiate Knights ; U, S. Army 3% years. • ;m: im- 1 i •1 Ll V College of Liberal Arts Rev. C. Miltner. C.S.C. Ph.D.. S.T.D. Dean of Liberal Arts (Retired because of illness, January. I94S) CoWese irCEHi — 1 " HL lJM[ith a faculty numbering forty-two priests, brothers, and laymen, the College of Liberal Arts found 1948 to be one of its busiest years. Its departments of Education, English, Foreign Languages, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Physical Education, Religion, Social Science, and Speech and Drama han- dled record enrollments of students, and its newly organized School of Music made note- worthy strides in its first year of existence. Liberal Arts graduates in the Class of ' 48 total twent ' -nine men, and can boast the Presi- dent of the Senior Class and President of the Student Council as being one of their number. PVF Eugene Francla Barrott, A. II.. Sioux City, liiwii. Trinity High Sihoril. OiitstiindiiiB Srnior. I ' m- iili ' iit iif .S(i|ihiiinor ClaHX ' Ai ' -H. I ' PKid.-nl t.f CliiHi, •40 ' 47. I rfi.i ii-iit S.A.C. Ud ' JT. Director .if liilriiMuriil Sport •4fl- ' 47, Smictuiirv KlliKlltK 12. Mono- Kiiiiii Clul) 2M-4, Boarders I " 2». I ' liilumiphiinl Society 3. Fresh- iiinn F ' lotlmll 1. Varsity Football ■j:)-4, DaHoliall »; IT. 8. Navy 3 ' = Glenn Otto Butler. AH., r.ri liiiiil, Ort-L-mi. WashiiiBton llit ' li S,hm ] r S. . rni Air Cirps :i loseph TilJet Blanchard. A.U.. P ' trthtiid. Orc ' Kon. Washington Ilish Srh.inl. f. S. Amiy 4 yrs. Samuel Cavalli. A.B., Belling- liiuii. Wasliinsldn. Hellinaham lli ' . ' li S.lii, ' I. Mnnoeriim Cluh 2- :i I, li.ilf dull. Fo.ithall 2-3-4; I ' .s. .Murine C.ii-iis :l ' _. yi-ars. Arnold Charles Borho, A.B.. Xc- kiima. North Dakota. Xekoma Hi-h S.-h ' .ol. Mon Kriim Cl " li. n;isk. tliall 2 3; V. S. Navy Air (■..rps 1 year. Alfred Eoss Campbell. .V.H.. Van- li„i-t. Ori-gon. Kenneth William Clausnitzer. A.K.. Portland. Oregon. Desmond Patrick Currie. .V.B.. B nd. Orceim. Bend High School. Monogram Club. Campus Club. Sanctuary Knight.s. Basketball 2. Golf 3 ; r. S. Army 3 years. Robert Joseph OertMn, A.U.. i ' nrtland. Orfgon. .SI. Klepbenk High School. Iiilrrnational K»- lalionn Club 3. SI. Vincent d« Paul 2. Baymond Allen Ball, A.B.. Port- land. Oregon. Ogallala (Ne- braska I High School. Elnar Ingnald Johnaon, A.B.. Portland. Oregnn. Lincoln High School, v. S. .Vavy 3 ' , yeara. CorreliuB Vincent Cremer, A.B.. Portland Oregon. Grant High School. Whos Who in American I ' niversitics and Colleges. Crosa Countrv Track 1, J. V. Football 2: r. S. Army 3 years. Robert Lee Gardner, A.B.. Casl e Rock. Washington. Castle Book High School. Outstanding Senior. Whos Who in American Tni versities and Colleges: V. S. Ma- rine Corps 1 H years. Frank Robert Gilman, A.B.. Port- land. Oregon. Waller High School (Chicago). Glee. French Club. Art Editor ' 43 Ix)g; f. S. Xavy 3 years. Omar William Halverson, A.B.. Greenleaf. Idaho. Silverton (Ore- !TOn) High School. Boarders Club. Log 47. WiUiam McGreal KeUer, A.R.. Portland Oregon. Central High School. Who ' s Who in American I ' niversities and Colleges, Engi- neers. Philosophical Society. .Sanctuary Knights; U. S. . rmy 1 year. T S Joseph Anthony Mallon, A.B., Purtlaiid, Oregon. Goldendale (Wnshingtnnl High School. Phil- osophical Society, Boarders Club : U.S. Marine Corps 3 1i years. Bichard Arthur Lamb, A.B., land, Oregon. Washington School. U. S. Xavv 2 ' i vea Victor Ernest Mazzocco, A.B.. Portland, Oregon. Lincoln High School. International Relations Club. Seni)r Ball Committee, Football Manager 2 ; Medical Corps 3 years. Joseph Seraphine Mozzanini, A.B.. Portland. Oregon. Grant High School. V. S. Ar Robert Gerald Orth, A.B., Port- land, Oregon. Lincoln High School. Business Ad. Club, Philo- .sophical Society, Drama Club. Beacon, Alplia Si Omega, Base- ball ' 46; Army Air Corps 2% years. Vincent Joseph Paveskovich, A.B.. Portland, Oregon. Lincoln High School. St. Vincent de Paul. Spanish Club, Monogram Club, Beaciin, Junior Class S.A.C. Rep., Pre ' iident S.A.C. 3, Campus Day Committee 3. Baseball 1-2-3-4: V. .S. Navy SU years. Anthony Emanuel Seidl, Beaverto!!. Oregon. Grant Teasdale Skelley, A.B.. Portland. Oregon. Central High School. Outstanding Senior, Who ' s Who in American Uniyersities and Colleges, Business Ad Club, Philosophical Society, Editor Bea- con 3, Associate Editor Beacon 2-4, Sports Editor Log 2, Editor Preface 4, S.A.C. Publicity Di- rector 4, PNCC Delegate 3. CHMN Delegate 3, OFCL Delegate 4; U. S. Nayy 2 years. Pete -Aristetes Vanikiotls, A.B., Portland, Oregon. Washington High School. Preface, U. S. Army 3% years. 12. Walter John Larson, A.B., Port- land, Oregon. Washington High. . rmy 3 years. ■ f ollege Sister John of the Cross, F.CS.P.. R.N.. B.S. Dean of Nursing iJffTege ot HursUS HE University of Portland College of Nursing has played a vital part in the activities and functions of the University of Portland since it was organized from the former St. Vincent School of Nursing in 1934. Yearly it has produced outstand- ing graduates in the nursing field, and in 1948 will grant Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees to thirty-two girls. During the war, girls from the College of Nurs- ing practically single-handed maintained the tradi- tional activities of the University student body while most of the male members of the campus were in the armed services. Today, with the men outnumbering the girls 9 to 1, the nursing students still play a part in all functions which is proportionally larger than their number. ■ ■ H B n SLV FACULTY MBS L. LAVONE BARNOROVEB. B.8. BISTER AONES BOHEMIA, PCS. P. R.N MISS ELIZABETH FXYNN. A.B, MISS HELEN COLBUBN. R.N., B.S. N.irMMi; Ai.l MIS3 MARQARET OALLAOHER U.. ,,„ii..n»l Diroclor MISS RUTH E. OOUGR, E.N.. P.H.N.. B.S I ' lilli. Hi-nllli MBS. CAROL McEWEN HEWITT, B.N., B.S. Nursinif Arts NOT I ' KTIKED: MISS CAROL A. BLEEO. R.N., B.S. DR. ORVILLE N. JONES, M.D t).»Taltiic Kooin OB. ROBERT A. COEN. M.D. Orlhop I MISS MABY C. LEONARD. R.N., B.S hialrv I ' mfinsi iiiil . .ljustiiients HISS ANNE F. FLVNN. B.N., B.S. MBS. EDITH H. LINEBAEOEB, B.S. C ' hiiilistry Hic.lngj I let Thornry BEV. JOHN J. HOOYBOEE, C.S C, M.A. MRS. LEON G. STICKNEY, B.S. Lil)rarian SISTER STANISI.AUS, F.C.S.P., E.N„ B.S. Mateiin Medica MISS DOROTHY E. VOSSEN, R.N., B.S. Surgical Nursing MISS OLIVE WHITE, R.N. Vi.rsing Service NOT PICTURED SB. LEO jr. MEIENBERG, M.D. MRS. KATHEBINE TBENHOLME, r Medicine Physicnl Rdmation DE. EDGAB M. BECTOR, M.D. DE. ADOLPH WEINZIBL, M.D. Pediatrics Cominuiiical)le I)isfases DK ELIZABETH H. SCHIRMER. M.D. Virginia Wanna Adams, 11 Liincviiw. WiihliinKotn. K. I.imn IliKli. Si-rri-tiiry Itkilo Chil.. Cliuriil. Ruth Karln Anderberg, U.S.. I ' .irll.inil. Or.Kon. Liiuoln lliKli. I!,.(ii H.tii Hi-tii. »ii«l Ei»I. ::. Clara E. Bickford. U.S.. Hills I Mildred EUzabetb Bingbam, li..S.. I ' oitlniul. Oregon. Ciimineroe Higli. Hiolncist. Choral. Miriam Elaine Cribbs, B.S., Port land, Oregon. Grant High. Biol U Helen Elizabeth Danielson, B.S.. Tuliirc. California. Ann Marie Drnjevic, B..S.. Oak Rrove. OreEon. Milwnukic High. St. Johns. Choral 1-2. Sodality 1-2-3-4. Joyce Anna Gillen, B.S.. Van- .Oliver. " Washington. High. Choir 2-3-4, Biologist 3-4. Margery Emilie Graf, B.S.. Hills horn. Oregon. Jean Claire Oramse, H.S.. I1t od UinT. Oregon. Hood Kiver High liiologislh -J i I. Choral 12. Pi-Ii Lorraine Genevieve Grant. B.S.. Ciinhy. Oregon. Cnnliy I ' nion High. ' .Mphn Tbu Delta. S«-nior CIbhh 8 ' oretaryTreaKurer. Choral. Sodality. BioloBi«t«. , Pep. Ix ic Staff. Prineem BuKinekii Ad Formal ' 47. Gelene AUce Hobbs. K.S.. Port- land. Oregon, Beaverton High Who ' s Who in .Vineriean fnlver- siiies and C lleges: Beta Beta Beta, . lpha Tau Delta Hintorian. S iphoniore Class Secretary. .Senior Cla Vi. President al. Biologist Club. Prinres Biologists Club Formal ' 48. Olive Annette Hossett, B.S.. Port- land. Oregon. Jefferson High- Beta Beta Beta 3-4. Who ' s Who In American UniverKities aiid Colleges. Choral 1-2-3-4. Bio- ligists. Mary Irf alse Hyatt. B.S.. C ' an- nell. California. Areata High Beta Beta Beta. Biologists. So- dalilv. Choral Cluli. Maxine Eloise Keyes. B.S.. Port land. Oregon. Lincoln High Choral. Mary Jane Eopp, B.S.. T.nva. Anita High. Choral. i N U s I N N U GRABS Shirley Ann Long, B.S., Portland. Oii ' Bon. Madeleine High. Sodal- ity President, Biologists, Choral. Pep, Biolog .Staff, Dance Com Barbara Mary Lorimer, B.S.. Port- land, Oregon. Immaculata Acad- emy. Biologists, Celia Rose Moll, B.S.. Estacada. Oregon. Estacada High. Bet; Beta Beta, Choral, Sodality. Biologists. Wanda Jean Ogle, B.S., Lake- view, Oregon. Lakevie-w High. Biologists 2-3-4. Choral 4, Pep 3-4. Biolog Staff 4. Marguerite Anne Owens, B.S.. Ta coma, Washington. Lincoln High. Tri Beta, N.A.C. Rep. 4. Choral Club Soloist ' 43, Biologists. Mary Therese Powers, U.S.. Port- land. Orru-oii. IIhIv cliild Acad- emy. Secrctarv ' I ' veMsurer Student Body ' 4,i;, I ' re.sident Student Body ' 47- ' 48, Beta Beta Beta. Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges, Choral Club 1-3-4. Sodality 1-2-3-4, Biologists •3-3-4 Alpha Tau Delta 3-4. Dorrls Mae Primus, B.S.. Salem. Oregon. Sacred Heart Academy. Alpha Tau Delta Custodian, Pep Club President ' 43, Class Presi- dent ' 44, Biologists Vice-Presi- dent. Soladity. Choral. Beverly Gene Reese, B.S.. Port- land, Oregon. Grant High. Class President 3, Choral 1-2, Biolo- gists 2-3-4, Sodality, Choral, Biol- ogist. ' . Dance Committees. Rose Margaret Rust, B.S.. Tilla- mook, Oregon. Sacred Heart High. Alpha Tau Delta. Biolo- gists. Choral, Sodality. Ann Laura Smith, B.S.. Portland. Oregon. Madeleine High. Alpha Tau Delta, Biologists, Choral. Sodality, Freshman Vice-Presi dent, Sophomore N.A.C. Rep., Per Club. Georgiann Stangel, B.S., Port- land, Oregon. St. Mary ' s Acad- emy. Beta Beta Beta Vice-Presi- dent, Alpha Tau Delta, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges, Choral Vioe-Presi- dent. Sophomore Pre.sident Pep Club. Naomi Marie Sykes, B.S.. Port- land, Oregon. Jefferson High, Freshman N.A.C. Representative. Choral, Sodality. Ruth Ella Thompson, B.S.. Port- land, Ort-giin. Wi ' st])ort (Oregon) High. S.-,r.i;iry Alpha Tau Del- Patricia Mary Von Der Hellen, B.S., Medford. Oregon. Jledfiird Senior High. Biologists. Clarissa Rosalie ' Weber, B S . Grangeville, Idaho. Grangeville High. Alpha Tau Delta. ' Beta Beta Beta. Choral, Biologists, As- sistant Editor tog ' 48, N.A.C- Representative 3. Carlene Alice Wood, 3.S.. Port- land, Oregon. Roosevelt High. Alpha Tau Delta. Senior Class Vice-President, X.A.C, Choral. i jijt N %l- Vh. ' D- B limavini; nearly five years of preparation, the Griuluatc Division was formally organized in the Fall of 1946, and opened with a faculty of eight men, (ivc f f them Ph.D ' s. At that time it admitted its first candidate, Charles J. Bowles, and (graduated him with an M.S. degree on August 15, 19+7. The department now offers courses leading to the degree of M.S. with majors in inorganic, organic. •mil hi()-chemisrr . Hfcausc of the excellence of the facult) and the i|iiality of proposed research, the Reticarch Corpora- tion of New ' ork has given the department two separate grants to further research on organic-tita- nium compoimds and wood chemistry. ,r Lloyd J. Butler, B.S.. Seiittli ' College. 1947. Working townrd an M.S. in Chemistry. Phillip C. Robertei, B.S IniviTsitv of PortlaiKl. 1914. Workins towarfl an M.S. in Chemistry f Edward T. Clapperton. B.S. Fniversity of Portland. 194( " . Workins toward an th Edward A. VistiCA. B.S Tnivorsity of Portland. 194(1. Working toward an M.S. in Chemistry G R A D U A T E D I Y I S I N Victor B. Schatz, La Grande, Oregon VirL-President, Senior Class. Charles T. Daly, Butte, Muntiinii. Secretary- Treasurer, iSenior Cla Victor H. LaPorte, Portl.-i .Student Council Keprei Senior Class. William N. West, Portland, Orego Student Council Reprcsentativ.- Senior Class. i .1 .. T f y Lorraine 6. Grant, Cnnby. Oregon SeL ' retiirv-Trwisurer, CoMese o Xursine " Senior Class THE officers of the Cb s of ' 4« were in- strumental in ortianizinK a committee to l•l(•l■t and finance a memorial to the Inivcrsity ' s ar-dcad. I ' .rected on the ([uad just east of Cliristic Hall. the memorial consists of a pair of hronze hands raised in the attitude of prayer, set ajjainst a hrick wall hacki;round cjn which arc inscribed the indi- vidual names of the 62 I ' nivcrsitv of Portland men w h(j died in the service of their country. I I I Marguerite Owens, Taconia. Washington N. A. C. U« ' presentative, College o{ Nursing Senior Class Orchid Ball The traditional Senior Ball climaxed the University of Portland ' s social cal- endar for the year 1947- 48. Held at the Oswego Lake Country Club on May 28th, the affair was officially titled the " Orchid Ball " . Each girl was given a corsage of orchids. More than one hun- dred and fifty couples attended. Committee in charge: Vic Schatz, J a- Grande, Oregon, Chairman ; Dick Chris- ten and Victor Mazzocco both of Port- land, Oregon, Assistants. TOP PIOTUKE: (Left to Right) Jeri Bendicenti. Dick Clirlsteii, Charlotte PbllUps. Vic Schatz MIDDLf: PirTl ' RK: (I eft to Kighti Oale Em- mons, Mrs. Gale Emmons, Itorry Biel, Mrs. Larry Blel, Bud Williams. Mrs. Williams, Mrs Victor LaPorte, Vic LaPorte. BOTTOM PK ' TURK: (Left to Rieht) Gene Bar- rett, Gale Emmona, Vic LaPorte, Orrille Shields. - " " «-l CLASSES S «V -A J A- x A ' " IJ. - ' Oreg " " -! of Nic-si ' " ' - fl?l ' P N © ' t ' .-- .3 ft s pjf fj n " - K. J. Acton J. A. Arjavac J. W. Beck T. M. Bergln J. H. Blackstead M. Albright O J. Baird P. S. Bemis N. L. Berlant J. J. Bleeg R. E. Alstock F. L. Banner H. J. Bendinelli E. J. Berning D. J. Boaz A. J. Arjavac J. P. Barta H. M. Bennett P. A. Beseda B. r. Boehmer J Q 3L ii5 2l S. B. Brooke J. P. Callicrate K. A. Bold A. C. Borho L. E. Brosy G. G. Brown A. R. Campbell J. M. Carlson G. W. Bowser H. A. Brown M. M. Carter R. E. Boyle L. J. Bryant N. E. Cassinelli A. B. Brearley R. D. Butler G. U. Cassle. Jr W. H. Brewer J. V. Callaghan A. L. Childers J. M. Christeusen B. L. Cooper W. A. Crocker J. F. Dolan H. L. Durrie, Jr. .. Chun ,. Coopei [. Cox . Donis Engel . Clearwater . Cooper Cross . Drurey W. E. Cody R. M. Cooper C. H. Deiz A. W. DurreU W. H. Epping i ' ref i,,,, ' ,■,.„ J „ ■ , ' ' ' - Helens, ,, ' • ' " e-t resiilfnt, Ju„,„r • r, A. Ericksou 3, A. risher . D. Garnero 7p| - f J f P M. Erickson I. Fitch . M. Gast W. S. Fargher A. T. Fltzpatrict L. J. GeUos M. Fleming M. George F. C. Favro P. W. Fordney. Jr J. M. Geren E. F. Fennern. Jr. G, W. retsch A. D. Fryer L. D. Gagner H. Oilbaguli D. E. Gillis D. W. Gardner T. L. Oirran yun, ' ' " •vA ' C f Oi 5 Q Ct D. D. Glascock E. B. Graham E. R. Hannigan R. L. Harris li, L. Hinsz B. A. Goodwin W. R. Groce M. M. Hannigan R. W. Hayes R. T. Hirakawa K. E. Gorman M. H. Gunderson H. G, Hanson I. E. Headrick D. L. Hirtzel D. B. Groat H, J. B. Hamilton W. J. Harmon C. H. Hickson a. B. Holden fJii. ' " K, S. Hunter T. A. Jones C. B. Holm W. L. Hutsell R. E. Jones D. L. Holmes L. N. Hook T. T. Horst R. A. Howden M. G. Ingebrigtsen VV. J. Jackson M. F. Jeppesen J. C. Jasper 1. Kanas L. I. Kaufman, Jr. W. C. Kavanaguli D. F. Kelly H. D. Howell H. B. Jeter. Jr. W. J. Kennedy V. E. Hungerford F. J. Johnston. Jr. H. M. Knopf 9 9 f J E. F. Koch C. J. Lang J. W. Lehman A. E. Lyons R. E. Haggard Kolibaba Larsell B. I. MacGowau Leverman ). Mackiu Mammoser K E. Lancaster I. Layton R. W. Lundberg M. E. MacNeill J. W. Manui ' " O .In,, S,„i„, of Portland. Oregon S rretnry. Junior Class. College of n O Q p f! I D ,f!5 ft f p. McCarthy J. Meechan . W. Movan . McCarthy Merkle, Jr. J. Mordaunt W. McCoy J. L, Miller T. W. Mummey McCviUy Miller Murdock V. McHugh C, Mills J. Murphy R. F. McKeUar P. H. MonfiU r. C. Neal H. Moore. Jr. A. Neigel Stude " ' " " , ] „rtUv ' d. Class. , ,„ Ca ' Kp " " . iiJiio ' ' R " ' " " Sfff ' - " " " " M. F. Neiger J. E. Oberweiser J. M. O ' Keeffe J. L. Peters D. D. Porter J. M. Newman E. P. O ' Brien D. G. O ' Neill R. E. Phelps J. F. Powers i E. D. Rogers C. M. Schile (fTi C f . (S»- , F. J. Quinlan U, W. Raglione P. J. Kask G. S. E0USSO8 J. L. Rudarmcl G. W. Eussel R. W. Schlichting J. R. Schukart A. A, Schuster M. Richards J. J. Sacomano P. J. Schmidt S. A, Rinella M. P. Scaromo J. T. Sharkey G. W. Eitchey D. V, Schulmerich W. R. Shislcr B. Robinson Schlebel E. Sholas O Irrann. A. M. Smith S. Smith M. R. Speciale L. A. Straub F. P. Terraglio r. Smith Soramer E. Steele M. Sullivau A. Tbielen H. C. Smith M. A. Sorranno R. H. Stephens W. M, Sweeney J. E. Thorndike A. Smith A. Soter P. Steering E. Taylor Torgerson I jSk 4 -i J 4 L. H. UnderMU M, E. Veys D. Waters J. E. Watt M. A. WilUamsou R. B. WiUs( L. O. WeatlierlU L. F. Wirfs S. A. Voorhees B. L. Weepte L. T. Witty A E Vranlzan O. H. Vreeland R. A. Vuksich J. A. WaU. Jr. M A Welnenfluh R. W. Wctmore E. 0. White H. E. WilUams G L Wood Jr. W, C. Woodcock L. A. Wynkoop E. J. TameU Ill Scott McGu Eita Mae Wisner iiml " Stork " Campbell, Ann Smith iiml Adrian Fitzpatrick. JUNIOR PROM With " April Showers " as the theme, the annual Junior Prom was held at the Masonic Temple sunken hallroom on April 9, 1948. ' an Armitage ' s orchestra phued the music for the Class of ' 49 ' s semi-formal, and the ca- |iacity crowd which attended found the ball- room decorated with tinsel " showers " and " flowers that bloom in May. " Al Campbell acted as committee chairman, and John Sacmano, Frank Quinlan, Alike Soranno, Bob Cooper, Larry Brosy, Jim Mc- Cull , and Dee Schulerich of Portland and Pat Jones, Hood River, assisted. r: :. ' ' r iKw- ' On; " " - ' " Class ColUfl ' p. T. Abrahm M. J. Anderson E. M. Arthur D. O. Ballatore J. A. Bassett I. C. Allen D. K. Anderton F. S. Bahler H. M. Banfield M. M. Baurichte K. F. Altenhofen W. H. Arenz A. M. Baker J. R. Barton T, A. Beard B. Ii. Becker D. W, Bergstrom L. A. Billings H. C. BeU J. M. Bernard P. Bird, Jr. BeU Bettey Biseniuj Beno ' . Beyer .. Bishop J. A. Berchtold W. V. Bergline H. L. Bickford M. E. Bickford F. C. Bissonette R. M. Blakely E. A. Bergauist G. L. Biggi G. J. Blatner .?(? 15 (ft 3. 3. Blatner J. C. Bloomer F. C. Boner R. H. Brady J. L. Brindiasi W. R. Bragg J. J. Brislawn A. Block J. Bonar Boyce E. Brazil D. Brosterhous R. R, Browu G, B irkhartsmeie T. A. Capozzi R. W. Burke D. L. Caunard J. R. Carroll Il IR jO f T. E. Carroll A. L. Cereghino L. V. Chaffey S. J. Christensoi M. P. Clairmont E. J. Carter B. A. Cavanagh R. G. Charlton H. D. Christianson G G. M. Clark A. Cassinelli J. Cerri J. Charters W. Christnacht F. Clark - ! O if5. o E. K. Clarke G. K. Combes E. L. Cravens E. G. Coates J. E. Connors J. L. Crone A. N. Codekas D. J. Cool W. M. Cronin J. H. Cole J. V. Coxon M. L. Crowder C E Collins D. V. Costanzo E. A. Crucchiola C. K. Collins R. L. Grain R. L. Cubitt E. R. Collins R. J. Craviotto T. P. Cullerton J. A. Culligan B. Davis L. D. DeGrandpr W. D. Denhart R. K. Devich D. M. Daniels D. A. Deeks J. L. DeLaney J. G. DePaepe E. D. Dickson J. W. Darby -■. M. Degerstedt A. P. DeUa K. F. Devereux J. C. DiNucci i ■ 1 " " - Rally r ' " " yells, " " ' e f i - »4 x yi O ljE® F. L. Dobler J. A. Edercr R. G. Emmons T. J. Dolan K. D. Eckstrom M. A. Enkelis W. Doulon r. Edgertou R. Tabriz L. J. Doohttlo S. ERli M. J. Fajer D T Dougherty C v ' . Oreisbach D. J. Drips B. B. Eisslcr M. J. Elllngson B. T. Emery G. W. Farlin B. J, Farrell E. E. Felti 0e. 11 ' ' ' . ' .w SoCh ' " " " I ' i ' ' ' " ' n;,.l. " Co!l „|0 ' ' ' „ CI " g- and. ' £r " L» ' - ..?res hlent ' ColUS i. © 9 1 T. J. Feltz E. Fitzgerald D. E. Forbes J. J. Foy A. H. Freiberg W. J. Fischer A. E. Fitzell R. G. Fitzgerald R. M. Foley P. L. Ford R. L. Fowler R. T. Frank A. J. Frawley J. G. Friedhoff H. J. Frison " Mil L. A. Gabrish E. W. Gassner M. D. Glenn . Galatl Gauger . Goldsmi J. E. Gallagher W. L. Gianovilias C. E. Goodnight G. W. Gango R. N. Gill F. L. Gomes F. Gargan O. GiUette P. Goodrich A. Garrow H. Gillis A. Gould N. L. Gary M. L. Gilmore D. W. Graham M o. Ji-il P ' .11 ' " " " " Dr::? ' ' ' rjics. f ' r„ 1 ' P how , ' " " -Sh,,, ■ ' " ' re,,, ' , ' ' rks- T. Grant G. Grecco B. Gregersen P. Gum S. Hagerud B. F. Grass J. E. Greene R. J. Grisley J. L. Guynes R. E. Hagey C. F. Grecco W. J. Greenen A. T. Guglielmino H. H. HacMya R. W. Hale i5 i? % ?. P C », Q H L Hammond K. A, Haugo A. G. Haralampus R. E. Harold V. D. Haskell V. R. Hanson R. H. Haunigan D. J. Harrington J. M. Hatt J. L. Hawkensou K. P. Hattrup M. W. Hansen D. H. Hart W. K. Hang Or ' ' " " ' , . 3 0. J. E. Heffernan R. L. Henry W. Hillard W. M. Hoff W. H. Holland L. A. Helvey G. D. Hicks E. Hjelt J. M. Hoeler R. H. Henderson E. A. Hiefleld J. L. Hochstalter D. A. Holland D. Hollingsworth E. R. Holm u , ' , z u H. E. Johnson R. M. Hughes M. A. Jali N. M. Johnson R. H, Hulme D. W. James G. R. Johnston . J. Hunt L. Jensen L. Johnston [EL ? .1 Q t " A N. Karlstrom J. P. Kelleher P. J. Kennedy A. W. King K. W. Kitson , .ft (fs: ' -- ' C ' - K. L. Kjos E. L. Kreutzer W. Lane Kleffner Kuchler Larkins F. Knieriem . Kuensting H. Lauby Kocamik Kurth . Lavelle [. Kobo L. Lamb Lawhead Krcft Lane Lawler L. W. Kreisctaer C. W. Lane J. P. Leary R. S. Lee R. E. Lehmann R. P. Leonard I. J. Leopold D. H. Levellie K. H. Lcvellie D. G. Lien K. M. Lien W. E. Lindley M. K. Lindstrom L. A. Linn E. J. Little J. P. Little S. E. Livesay J. J. Lomnicki r jif s S. M. Lomsky P. Loy R. J. Madden D. B. Long P. R. Luckeroth S. W. Maks Lord R. Lumber Mally J. A. Lorentz D. E. Lynch R. L. Manning .. Lorentz McDonald . Marek r. Lowery L. Mackey C. Marking G. Lowery Macnamara A. Martin T. L. Masic D. J. McCarthy P. J. McDonnell L. A. McMurran H. L. Mehlig .T. T. Matchiner T. B. Mccarty R. J. McHugh R. L. McMurran J. N. Melcluor J. W. McCall J. P. McDonald H. J. McMahon J. R. Meechan R. J. Melone i?im ■♦• " -T) % . Menstell .. Michel Moore W. Mercer J. Mickelso P. Moore M. J. Merck S. E. MUich R. W. Moore L. Merrick J. Mitchell r. Morgan . MerU Moe .. Morin S. E. Merz R. Moe F. M. Morris P. Mestrich J. Monaghan E. Morrison Col " " St» ' l ' " ' ' . ' ur-ll " " . ' ' ' s.. ' " " " f - O PI .w-4 V ' W J ' ■7 c s ? S. M. Morrow M. P. Mulhern E. W. Myers W. V. Napier D. M. Neigel J. F. Moshofsky J. L. Murdock M. W. Nagl R. D. Narey E, Nemarnich C. H. Mosley E. T. Murphy J. L. Napier R. E. Nase J. T. Neuville ' Si J f -e , . M. O. Newdall E. M. Ogle E. J. Orth W. J. Niebuhr D. P. O ' Hearn H. R. Owen C. E. Nulph J. T. O ' Leary F. H. Owens J. O ' Brien T. E. O ' Conni P. J. O ' Hollaran W. A. Olsen H. J. Owens T. J. Padden J. C. O ' Donnell K. Oniski R. L. Pamas J. P. O ' Donnell J. Oresovich P. S. Partrige B. D. PauUin J. M. Peccia J. P. Petersen W. I. PhilUps E. L. Polich D. Payne Perell P. Petix R. Pizzo J. Polich Jr. K. W. Peacock W. T. Persons J. R. Peyralans C. L. Poetz M. Pollock ' " " " ' ■ ' ■ " ' ■«;,:: ' " i ' r ' ' - ' ,„,o n " ,f e a . E. Pomeroy B. Pritchard R. Renuer R. A. Popps M. H. Quinn E. J. Rhea L. O. Portin R. M. Ramp I. N. Riback Posedel Ray Potestio . Redus Richard G. Powell W. Reed M. Richenstein ;i. F. Powers V. C. Beischman A. r. Blschiotto ,h, ' ' U ' " ' C. A. Robert! G R. Rosau J. M. Roos J. E. Rossiter A. A. R. Routtii R. F. Rowley N. H. Running R. J. Rusche H. J, Rush E M. Ryan B. Rogers N. J. Roth W. A. Ruggeri V. N. Ruscitti J. E. Ryan P T W. J, Ryan E. A. Schechtel J. D. Schreiber H. M. Ryel K. R. Schedler H. R. SchoU Rylander Scheetz Schulstad , V. Samson J. Schmidt H. Schiitz M. L. Saxton B, J. Scheidem K. R. Seal G. Saxton Scheuer L. Selliken C. R Shaeffer, Tr. P. E. Schneider E. J. Self W J :€9.9. ft ' ' ffO,.,rs- r " f (Juan,, ■ ' . Sells Shea Shermau Simou Singer W, Seuechal A. Sheckler P. Shults C. Simms H. Sinner M. J. Setvin S. M. Sherman J. D. Sills K. M. Sinclair E. A. Sinner O A- A O fl ' Q C. S. Slenulng R. B. Spencer J. D. Stevenson R. R. SmaUey W. F. Spitznagel G. E. Stocker C. Smith H. J. Stahl N. A. Steering H. J. Smith P. E. Staight K. L. Stone E. J. Snyder T, J. Stark F. B. Strange H. L. Sparrow J. L. Stearns E. L. Snllivan R. A. Spear L. T. Stephenson M. M. Sullivan . • V ( fS © o ft P O W. J. Sullivan B. J. Sunderland D. C. Super J. B. Swaggerty J. F. Sweeney D. H. Sweet G. E. Sykes J. T. Talbott A. C. Taylor R, R. Taylor R. M. Taylor R. C. Tethrow R. L. Thalhofer R. J. Thibodeau F. G. Thompson ' -9»T, Ww . ' .■..■i fa.««««t O A Q ( O O O C. E. Tontz F. R. Utz J. L. Vidoni S. T. Tool G. D. Trout J. S. Troy J. P. Troyer B. C. Tufts L. M, Turin E. A. Vanderbeck P. L. Uhlenkott P. Van Hoomissen N. A. Vanikotis N. R. Van Meer R. J, Uetterlein A. G. Vuylsteke F. A. Wadsworth R. C. Walker F. F. Walrod D. E. Walsh D. W. Wanamaker -aifii J. J. Warden K. E. Weig ant J. J. Welch W. B. Western! P. A. Wick D. B. Washtok D. R. Waters 13. M. Weinhaim E. F. Weitzel W. P. Weller R. L. Wells H. E. Westendick E. M. White C. H. Williams D. A. Williams - JO- ' ■ " " ' IJoe [ ' ' ! ' ■ Jay fS O f c n M m % D. Williams W. Winter M. Wyatt W. Williams, Jr. A. J. Wirfs R. L. Yoiingberg D. W. WUsou E. G. Wisecarve J. W. Younie D. K. Wilson D. J. Wolff :,l. p. Zauotto I. A. Wilson D. A. Woodcock ?. J. Zeller. Jr. J, L. Wilson W. E. Woodward 3. Zeller. Jr. L. M. Windecker N. D. Wordehoff J. E. Zook K. Wortmin W, K. Zavrsnick ANNUAL SOPHOMORE CLASS DANCE 1 he Class of ' 50 sponsored one of the best attended dances of the year on February 10 after the Lewis Clark-Portland basketball game. Education Hall witnessed dancing of every style from the latest jitterbug to the smoothest of ballroom dancing. The sport-disc affair was one of the most successful of the year. Committee-in-charge : Kim Sinclair, Portland, Chairman; Assist- ants, Ed Self, Camas, Washington ; Tom Cappozzi, Kelowna, B. C. ; Tom O ' Connor, Columbia, Utah; Chris Mestrich, Astoria, Oregon; Tom Cullertson, Butte, Montana; Harry Banfield, Lakewood, Ohio; Pete Ford, Bellingham, Washington; and Dave Costanzo, Jim Gold- smith, Maynard Kern, Louis Kleffner, Frank Greece, Jim Bonar, all of Portland. -, Kl.s " " " " |:V. ' slnH ' " f _ -i " _ » -jirj R. D. Abraham E. H. Anderson B. C. Balme R. T. Barrett J. A. Baxter F. L. Benson N. R. Abrams R. J. Anderton J. K. Bankhead W. Bartbolomaus J. V. Belknap R. J. Bergin R. Acuna R. L. Armstrong J. W. Barchus J. A. Bartley A. I. Bendure A. O. Bergstrom K. L. Anderson R. A. Balch W. H. Barnes £. L. Bates J. Benedict L. J. Berning ii a k mm J. E. Bertrand F. J. Borsch J. Buckshnis J. D. L. Besser E. Boyd, Jr. r. L. Buczkowski J. W. Bisenius P. J. Bradach G. R Burkhalter B, A. Bloch M. M. Block R. L. Bradford C. A. Brown. Jr K. W. Burchett L. Burda C. A. Bolf L. J. Bruce P. J. Burke , Tic Si J, i % o V the ' ' ' ' " « ' } H. Bnrr D. M. Camus W. T. Carroll J. Cates G. A. Chocano C. E. Clark T. E. Busch D. Cannard T. V. Carter W. F. Causgrove J. M. Chrisman J. R. Coffey W. H. CaUicrate S. A. Cappiello C. D. Cartier G. J. Cetinlch J. F. Christnacht W. C. Coffey R. B. Campbell W. P. Carr M. Castello L. Char M. E. Christy W. E. Colbert M, Cole M. Cooley . T. Crockett V. Collins J. Corney A. Cunning C. Coimell M. Coons S. Cunningha r. X. Connell Cooper Cutone W. Cook E. Cornelius C. D ' Andrea |9 - CJ J. T. Dang E. M. Darragli D, V. Degerstedt F. Di Donato G. r. Domier R. C. Dowell D. C. Daniels H. J. Decker V. F. Demarlnus D, S. Dindia M. M. Donohoe J. L. Doyle R. E. Danner W. R. Decker J. J. De Simio B. C. Doherty J. L. Dougherty M. E. Doyle J. E. Darnell S. B. De Gastyne G. W. Dickson P. E. Doherty T. E. Dow A. B, Dung p. J. Engelgau N. D. Fair R. J. Fisher o ft ' |K ft f5 7 fn u S. L. Fisher J. F. Foster S. C. Franklin A. L. GarUGk D. C. Gill R, L. jI m J. T. Flaherty J. R. Fox J. H. Freeman J. H. Garren R. H. GiU F. L. Gomes K. D. Fleischma L. M. Fox R. B. Fryer O. G. Garrison J. J. Gix G. M. M. Gomm F. W, Foley E. P. Foy M. M. Gardner J. C. Gianotti F. E. Goetze L. S. Goralski • " r A ursing. ndge at ( f f } fcv .i !) »- -» p. Gutierrez M. M. Hardison , F. Greis . W. Haglund . Harmon B. C. Griffin G. L. Hahn J. B. Harris K. W. Groh B. Hammacher F. E. Hart L. L. Gross R. G. Hamrens J. T. Hartford M. M. Gushclmmc D P Hamusan N. F. Hasenoelirl Secret " ' ' Hastings . Haydon . Hildenbran . Holmes Humphrey Jalbert C. W. Hatcher T. C. Hebert W. T. Hirata L. K. Hopt T. E. Hunt R. M. Jarvie R. F. Houser J. J. Henick G. E. Hodgson C. W. Hughes J. P. Jackson H. R. Jensen J. Hawkins H. Herndon A. Hoeschen B. Hughes . F. Jacobson , E. Johnson • B Johnson Keenan King K. S. Jordan M. H. KeUer P. L. King Karas Kennevick Kattner J. Kassa J. Kerstiens . J. Klenski KawashimE , Kimberly . Kler S. L. Keala F. N. King L. J. Klinger V. Knox W. Laudstrom LeBrun W. Leptich , V. Love . J. Macias P. Kuensting K. E. Lassley E. W. Leitritz C. E. Linville R. E. Ludeman R. D. Malarkey E. La Du K, L. Lan P. Leonelli Lahmau E. Luizzi K. Malbery Y. M. Lagerfeld R. W. La Valley J. K. y. Leoug M. A. Longo P. L. MacDonald J. J. Malone ' " ' fest.- ' ■ J ' Hall . Maniou Marshello Mattecheck W. Marks P. Mastersou . T. McGuirk D L. Marshello V. H. Mathews N. D. McKechnie 7(0 " • J-rf sliiii " " CI " rnnu " ' s; " ' ' ' OnO " " ' i II J ' 1 ' ;::;:;;- ' ' " 1 T; v-; ■4V H. E. McKee J. H. Menath P. MUhuish T. A. Miller E. E. Minor K. H. Moore C. A. McPhersoii W. B. Mengon D. Metcelf W. A. Miller R, F. Misley W. E. Mordannt E. E. McQuiggan D. E. Menicosy M. E. Miller J. A. Milloy D, L. Moffenbeier li. A. Morin M. J. Medeiros E. E. Messmaker M. M. Miller J. M. Mills R. P. Mollahan E, N. Morris ??| r.4 ■Q, o mMm. %l M. E. Mossman S. A. Nelson D. L. Nudo C) ft O P. Muller D. E. Mullineaux N. E. Munley R. Nickel! D. N. Niedermeyer J. J. Nishikawa L. Nye J. O ' Brien K. E. O ' Brien E. Nelson J. Nizic . P. O ' Connell L f E. T. O ' Connor J. J. Olson M. J. Payne E. B. Perkins J. E. Prentice A. G. Quinn L, W. O ' Donnell E. M. O ' Meara V. Patterson R. C. Peterson R. T. Prentice J. A. Quinn J. B. 0 " Haulon M. D. O ' Rielly M. I. Peizuer R. A. Pizzauo R, L. Propst P. A. Rader J. R. O ' Harrow H. W. Oswald E. Penna E. R. Potter N. O. Pills M. R. Rapacz ' ' - " ' • ..4 ' " - ..;;:f - ' f- C. L. Rash C, L. Roberts M. B. Ryau G. B. Rooll: P. J. Rv n Ridel L. Boslund J. Sather ?! " » et ' -i «:--4| (.( ' in ' nf .(■sl " ' " " " S " " ' R. H. Schaubel R. Schneidmulle: J. E. Semmens W. H. Simpson W. W. Smith Sonderen Sparrow Shgahiro ' . Sono R. M. Splawn H. Z. Sullivan A. E. Sorter S. A. Stanton D, S. Swaggerty Jl t-i ft f O Cs 1l Q ■ " .If leri,, . K B. Swift H. L. Thomas S. E. Thompson T. R. Tobias W. J. Ulbricht Jr. V. N. Utz J. Vandenbiesen J. T. Vanikiotis K. E Vreeland K. W. Vreeland C. J. Walsh D. K. Walton R. J. Thomas R. E. Tracy L. C. Valley J. S. Volpe P. S. Walden J. W. Warmuth L. L. Thompson B. N. Tucker V. Vandehey D. K Vreeland R. J. Walker L. C. Warolin 3 . mM M r ' , T. F. Warring E. P. Wegener R. L. Williams A D. Watt J. N. Watt E. A. Weinstein J. Q. Welch G. L. Wolfgram R. D. Wood G. E. Webb A. J. Wendel S. A. Yambert A. r. Weber D. E. Wenzl K. E. Young C H Weber M. k. Whalen M. P. Wiederhold T. E. Zimmerman R. H. Zvarich Education Hall was the settinfi for another evening of dancing, January 16, 1948, when the Freshman Class staged its first dance of the year, the Frnsh Hop. The softly lit hall echoed to the beat of dancers shuffling to the rhxthms of Joe Dardis and his orchestra. Arrangements for this affair were made by Jack Grieg, Scott Cunningham and Bill Colbert. AROUND THE CAMPUS AROUND THE CAMPUS IV. VI ACTHITIES Miiry Tliirisf Putiirs. I ' nsiiitnl . Sursfs .htnity ( ' .iiuncil. Eiifinie ■ ' . Bnrn-tt. I ' rtsiiient . I ' iiivfrsity of Port- land Student Ciiuncil. . Surging " - -.h , Secretary- I ;avy Pff " ■ Gloria rt nt pat Jo . ;. .. p 1 ' " " A Vi ■ " Tories, ilni ' " " Front bow: M ro.ers . y- -. r. Jones, second bow: M. I- ' " a Ooiio Burrotl Steve Voorhees ' ■■■ ' ■sul..,;,. John Dolau, " fflVERsi STUollr LaOlirLA 7 I OUHn NO ' ' " " ' I- ' W,,,„,,, " 1 f lc , , " " ■ ' " r ,e f ' n " " ' ' -- v.-..,,.. r „ " " - " f off?,. ' ' lUs ' " " ■ ' " f the I- " TN tl ' icrc or f " fee ,. , " ' " " •• 77,ec ' " ■f«-d fro " e to " " " n7 a . ' " • ' ■ fudeo, ' ' Pon- •nind " " ' ■•■nm.nt " ' " ' " ' - ' " - r ,e ,, liin. " -on.., e- " " " ' " ' " • ' ' ' ' ■ ' . tern ■■ Pril ■in J ' • ■ ' ■ ' t ,e C 0Unc;7 ' s " " ■■ h.ld ' " A a " " " ' " ' -- ' o.,„„. a.eft ' " to riifiif) 7 Af RALLY S aUAD Jack Vidoni iiiul Bill Colbert li- ins the vi ' lls iit tlu- U.inza Portlaiui ii;;ill Kiim.:-. A mile-long caraxan to Corvallis, Oregon on October 25, 1947, was the Rally Squad ' s greatest achievement of the school year. Over one- hundred decorated cars were counted and the organized cheering section which went along provided the most colorful spectacle of the football season. Bill Colbert and Jack Vidoni, yell leaders, were assisted by Betty Johnson, Pat Shea, Georgiann Boyce, and Colleen Goodnight. MONOGRAM CLUB • • Till ' l ' 4S smolciT held 1)11 till- I ni ci- sit ot Portland lampiis represented the .Mim(ii, ' r:im Cluli ' s most successful effort. The -moker. ali.nt: with the club ' s annual tnrmal, banciuet. picnic, and Held activities was the result of :he combined efforts of over sevent -)i e moiioyram wearers, and marked the Monofjram Club ' s re-emergence as one of the alert campus or ianizations. MONOGEAM CLUB omCEES: Patrick M. Byan. . " -.-.r.-iiirj ir.i.«ur r: HarTln J. Scott, I ' r -i idi-iii : Decmond P. Currtc. Vi..- l ' r.«iiiiiii. First row: .1. V. Manni. J. .1. .Swprnrv. V. H. I - Portv. M. J. .•Volt, I ' K. P. Polich. F. B»rr.-lt. .S. C»v»tli. Second row: K. .SriUr. S Voorh H-!s F. R. I ' ll, - ' . II. liilli!.. J. P. C»ppi««lo. I . V. Currir. H. I). Chris- lialisiin. Third row: W. J. Kmrobich. J. E. Oherwfiisrr. H. B. Iloldrn. T. K. Vac T. J. K. Smiih.ll r. P. M. Ry- nn. R, J. IVrreirm. Fourth row: M. P. Mulhrrn. I.. H. Urosjafques, R. R- Di vjch. R. J. M «-h»n. J. Psv «kOTirh. K. Willum . B. Hirkman. BUSINESS AD CLUB ' I " he liusiness Administration Club saw an e entfiil ear in 1Q47-1Q4S. It sponsored the first Fall campus acti it , a " juke box " dance in October, held a dinner dance for club members in January, and had eif;ht guest speakers at arious meetings over a four month period. In addition, it sponsored educational movies on business topics. An original club project -as a special brochure containing pictures and a short sum- mary of employm.ent qualifications of graduating mem- bers of the club which vas sent to o er 700 personnel managers on the Pacific Coast. lall term officers were Lee Robbins, President; Wes Gatewood, Vice-President; Bill West, Treasurer; and Richard Narey, Secretary. Robbins and Gatewood graduated in Januar and were replaced by Ralph Pierson as President, and Henry Ernstrom as Vice- President. Mr. Edward Sandstrom acted as faculty advisor. ,. l.,.troff. U. ;■ ' ■■ ' ' ■ Top ROW; (■ ,;,.,!I ' s ' . ' ' g. F. ' vu.rst -m. ... ;, i; Nil " - ' ' - ■In Hi M fl l - V BlHt i H I i HH k ' HBb Hwfll HHaHl l (Kiiiiit How: Ipft t(. lisrlitl R. Murphy, J. Perelle, Jr.. J. Kurth, G. Hicks. D. Porter. (Sc-coiul Row: left ti. i-iL;lit) J. Cole, H. Banfield, R, Sholass, R. Fischer, D. Galarneaii, R. Cooper. Brother Godfrey VassaUo. Ailv G. Cetinich ENGINEERS ' CLUB I, coopei ' . The Eiifiiiieers ' Club cr() vded the ear with ;i record of achieve- ments in both the social and scientific fields. Resides installing a Navy mark 16 radar unit on the campus and placing an atomic energy display in the Public Service Building, the club put out the first post-war " Quadrant " , engineering quarterly. The always successful barn dance and winter formal proved to be social highlights of the year. Officers were: Bob Cooper, President; Joe Perelle, Vice-President; Dave Porter, Secretary-Treasurer. Brother Godfrey Vassalo acted as advisor. Dave Portet,. , . , ,, Joe -H l A.. Joseph POWCIS. I ' lcsiili ' Dorrls Pilmus. Vi. •■ l ' r.-ia. Virginia Adama. - ' Bl L Gl S TS ' CLUB The I ' liivcrsity t P(irtl;ind Biologists ' Club has long been one of the active campus orpini ations. This ear. besides carrying on its traditional task of publishini: the Bio-Loy:, it produced a Grand Coronation Ball w hch -aw Dorri- Primus crowned as " Queen. " Ex- perts in the biolotiical field were frequent speakers at club meetinfis. and the membership roster saw its greatest increase in several years. Dr. Ira Horton and Rev. John Molter acted as faculty advisors. r ZS Johu Berry. I ■ Front row I5.a .•-.-heu-r Put . linii. Li l;i Wimli-ik.T, Bi-lt.v Sunderland. .Ifiin Doolutle. iH, H-itzi-M. AMrainiii AlU-y. Miruim frihbs. Middle row: l r. Ini Horlon. L o Lponelli. Fred Kimlierle.v. Ruth Th.mipson. .lean (:i:iin-t- Clanisii Don liallatore, Kussell Tnyior. .Ice Powers (president). Rear row: Kolnit Burke. Rol.ert MiCarthy. John Murphy. John Berry. Dr. H. B. Carleton. Clarence Kylander, Vice-Presirteiu , i, increasing ptu-na custom - " ., H U i Pnn avv ob,ee.- .. and --n ' - »,. -.xn addr . • „, Rko. . x d a " DER KIEL KLUB Der Kiel Klub was orjjanized by students interested in German language and culture for the promotion of a more complete understanding of the German nation. ' l " he club ' s officers are Ed Sinner, president, Ray Tyrone, vice-president, George R an. secretary-treasurer, and Mr. John Groeger, facult advisor. The organization featured a well r(junded program of social and educational functions including two banquets, several parties, guest speakers, and as a major project, a clothing drive to aid Europeans. Front row: (left to right) Mr. Gi- le-i-r. adviMjr: lit-ursi- Ryan. Rear row: (left to l-ight) Wesley Deiker, .John .Sjiarrow. Lairy .S , nn)hl (;arlii-k, T .. Kd ISinnei .ni MiCartln Arl«tta W«nd«l ITALIAN CLUB It is the Ki- " ' i il :ii " i " ' ' ' " ■ ' ' •ili; " i - " ' " ' ' ' " : " ' " i ' ' ' :i " ii " ;: students ami their tricnds .i kc. ' ii ,irul .iiiimatrd intcn-st in Italian life and lanuuate, and t,, liriim alinut a ilearci undeistaiulin ' of Italy ' s trn ' at contriliiition to the u.nia ' s heritage of e.ulurin;: ln-aiit . The C " luli also iiopes that, through tlie possible exch:m-e ..f students and those of Italy, it may aid in siri-ater iiHu ion and appreaation if tlie eultme of both countries. Officers: Mauro Potestio, president; Clarence R lander, vice-president; Arietta Wendcl, secretary-treasurer. Facidtv advisor was Mr. Nello Spada. Front row, (Left to right): K. Sin.lMir. M. Potosti... C. Uol...rti. . . V-...I.-I. Mr. Xvll.. Spnd.-,. n.lvi .r. Second row. 1 ' . VrU„ .1. r.rii. n. r in li:l, B. Giansinil.-. . . Ci-r.-gliim.. Third row. E. X.-iiKinnk. -. I),iii;iiii,is. K. Willson. Fourth row. H. .MarOi.!!.., K. )).(;ri lo(nro. i.. reiiii:i. ■Ml mi Kev. Collins. John Rip Daly. CATHOLIC LEADERSHIP CONGRESS Organized to dev-elop initiative and qualities of leadership in Catholic high school students, the Catholic Leadership Congress was held on the Marylhurst College campus on April 3rd and 4th. University of Portland students aid- ed in organization of the Congress, and acted as advisors and moderators in round-table con- ferences on parliamentary procedure and tech- niques of organization and group discussion. Chairman of the Portland committee was Jim Thielen, junior. Other committee members included Grant Skelley, Rip Daly, Pete Ford, Kev Collins, Colbert, and John Mares. Bill Colbert, Reception Director: Jim Thielen. Planning Committee Chairman; Pete Ford, Publicity Director. IjiiNI ' UOW: (L. ' ft to riiclil) KiMi Sliiclsir. IJicdricli Wolff. W iiyiiu Dupr. ' ll. Kuily Mfloiw. i;„l. .rt Sodiluk, Jamon Xou- J I.-. Kev. Kobort Bcli. C.S.C, vj; KOW: Jim Thiclon, Mr. Ki.linrd Olcmo, advisor. Bolj Hiiluu ' , Clarence Rjlandcr, Dick Pino. SPEECH CLUB The speech club, a merger of the campus debate team and speakers ' bureau, was or- .nized to give students first-hand speech experience. The debate team participated in competitive events against debate squads of the Pacfic Northwest, while the speakers " bureau supplied speakers to various civic clubs and Portland high schools. (LEFT TO RIGHT): Wayne Durrell, Debate llgr. : James Neuville. President : Rudy Meloue, Secretary-Treasurer. Charles r. Daly. CAMPUS CLUB The Campus Club under the leader- ship of " Chuck Daly, " initiated a series of Wednesday night campus movies which were shown free of charge in Edu- cation Hall to L ' nixersity of Portland students. A Campus Club dance, pre- sented early in the Fall, drew attention for its original decorations; the club ' s intramural activities included basketball and Softball leagues. Rev. Clement Kane, C.S.C., acted as facultv advisor. J Ui ST. JOSEPH ' S HALL: Front row: lift to right) P. DowiKiril, .S. Ellsworth, A. Trnutin. li. Thalhofer. F. Kins. O. Christnacht, G. Hndg.son. J. Christnacht. J. Milloy, B. Doherty, .T. Mae- Donald, H. Oshocn, D. Plan- Back row: A. Hi ' seda, .1. .Mills. P. li.-seda, B. Call. T. Gib- bons. G. Wood. B. Morris. V. Lnu, ,T. Leong, J. Dony. D. lleechan. R. Owen. B. Mc- Gowan, J. Dougherty. KiiooUiig ilc ' tt to lik ' lit) : T. Copoiil, II l. ' ii. U. K . • ' . lIuKliuK, M. Miitlwlu ' .k. 1». KIhk, .1. SouiB. II Miiniknini, P. tfn-iK, H. I,(ive, I . Willlnm. Standing: V. Moslfy, IJ. (ir. K. WilliiiiiiK, .1. Cnppii ' ll " . S. Clip iiii ' Ilo, K. Hninim i ' r. K. Onruiiri. 1) Wiili ' iK, U. Mliiliii, C. Wolf itrnm. S. Kciiln. .1. Xapi.T. Kneeling (! ■« to riiilit): J. Rear- ilon, .1. .Johnson. J. Olson, S. Mnnion. C. Mestrieli, .1. Quinn. K. Hrililv, .1. Crone. D. D ' Anerelo, A. nilln, C. Drelsbaoh. P. Car- roll. Standing: A. Vuylsteke. H. Pir- (■h:iu, J. Semmens, J. Hartley. R. Oreif, W. Canty. J. Elliott. .T. (ioolov. E. Gorman, M. Gunder- son, K. Hango, A .Martin. C. Olson, P. Partridge. Kneeling (U ' tt to right): P. Ford, M. Dii ' riks, J. Greig. D. Under- bill. .1. Swccncv, W. O ' Connell. K. Hirakawa, .T, O ' DonncU. Standing: .T. .Tolley, T. Unger B. Ciirrican, B. Sweeney, B. Con- n. ll. B. Carroll, .T. Marshello. W. Ihit.-lHT, U. I ' l.rrfira. . ,ue purpose ot • iostet . , f. es Cons " and " ' ■ Bfti ' S Klltll Thollliisoil, vn AK ilVA ne ' ' ' nuv . " " " .., »« " « " , MV - oi 0 -= " . tivnO V ■M dV V .xV;,AU-v VVn ' cot ' V e ovea Vono icA-. ' ' A " e A t e N At ' o « " etnonV cev; ' , ba ' V ,oc M Co ' ., C-AIIO o - oti- r- ' Oii .CTCf ' V-vi ,t ■V iov V Smil DELTA SIGMA EPSILON MEMBERS IN DELTA SIGMA EPSILON. seated ( 1 Standing: V. Wi-st, K. Iikimiut. I. Hill. Insert: T. K. Linden, ' 42, KcKistriir (clcitcd fr Not Pictured: J. Re :nu P. VaniUiiiti-.. Delta Sigma Epsilon, national scholastic honor society for students and graduates of Catholic colleges and universities, reappeared on the Portland campus after seven ears absence. Election to the societv is restricted to scholars with a grade average age of Q2.00. BETA BETA BETA . Hliuivell K. AiulerbiTE:, V. Radlione. President (see Insert), G. ■nn .1. Powers. K. MeCMrtliy. M. Owen.s, M. Hyatt, C. Bickford. M. Powers, B. Wiilers. L. Hnisz. B. Sommers. J. Knapp, D. Holmes, E. Graham. . Wetzlev, Fr. .T. Molter. C. S. C, O. Vreeland, G. Elbow, B. Naka- li. H. Cnrleton, D. Ballatore, B. Burke, Dr. Ira Horton. Beta Beta Beta, national honorary for biology majors, increased in membership and popularity during the year. Monthly meetings featured scientific lectures, demon- strations and movies. Seated ( li fl In ri-l t ) : ( ' We le .StJili el, . lln set . Mi ss. . Standing, first row (Ic ft t( ri ell c; 1 vin. ( . M ill, ,T. (! II. n Back 1 left (1 r ffllt 1 : S JI lii gawa J. Bf rry W Sui ivi n. DRAMA CLUB riu- Lniversitx .t Portland ' s Drama Club was instrumental in presentint? ivt successful plays to the student body and the general public. In addition to rehearsals and presentations, the club held monthly meetings featuring guest speakers. Club members enjoyed a spring banquet and sponsored one of the Hnest dances of the ear held in Kducati.-n Hall with " Spring Seranade " motif and Russ Brom ' s orchestra. DRAMA CLUB MEMBERS: U(i lo riRhi ) Front: T MclVm.-iUl. W . l.:uu, i. . Mo-l.x. V Hoomissen. 0. Roberti. C. Mestrick. A. Wendel. „ , _ , „ Middle: P. Fair. C. Holm. B. Doherty. H. Pomier, P. Rask. L. L«Tenn»n. H. Rear " " k ' .Orlh. .Mr. R. Clemo. Oirector. P. CulliTlon, R. Holm. G. Kersteins. ■•. . . rs sli.- !i ti ' iii.ili ' ,i( snnipwhiit repeili ' iit !is|i(.i-t. rfiiKiteily connected with eili.iiitiun ' ' (LKFT TO KIGIIT: Dolores Pinard, Dan Gordon, Sylvia Staino, Dick Powell, Dick Pair.) A LL RY PLAYERS The Mallciry Players ' November 3rd presentation of Oscar Wilde ' s " The Importance of Being Earnest " provided University of Portland students vitli the wittiest and most enjoyable comedy to be seen on the campus in many a year. I LEFT TO KIOHT: Dan Gordon, Dick Fair.) ■I ' ll,. 11,1,1 1, lilt, I- is ,.sl„,,-illMj fill- (iw ruulii L.-slie who is tin- famous Mrs. Strplun L.-sh.-. wuh tlu- faniou was the fninous Mrs. God knows who t.i ' fori- Ihat. . . . ' (LKFT TO KKillT: Eay Holm, Janice Gay, Bob Ortb.) i;i ' .Slaffori). who PORTLAND PLAYERS The University of Portland Players un three consecutive nights, March 3rd. 4th, and 5th, enter- tained appreciative audiences with their performanes in John Hamilton ' s play, " The Phipps. " Other presentations of the Players were " The Long Christmas Dinner, " ' " The Happy Journey. " " H Men Plaved Cards As Women Do, " and " Julius Caesar. " (LEFT TO RIGHT; Ray Holm, Adelaide Ttiielen, Bob Orth.) How handsome you are, Bennv. Everyone in Hollywood will l e jealous of never been able to get th i iJ|5i T r MIXED CHORUS director: Rev. G. L. Bum, CSC; Pianists: II. Burr. Sal Marlpsir: Soloists: LKFT TO IIIGHT) .S. Morrow, L. Gros.s. S. Fisher, H. Weste ndii-k, P. JIacna B. .Silieuer, n, Metialf, P. Somraer: (SECOND ROW) M, Don ohoe, M. (Jupliol stins. G. Bo.vic; rTHIRI) ROW) H, Shaw. J. Doolitllc, K, O ' Meara. A. ( lr.■l ROW) r. Riiiifc.rd, C, Zeller, .1, Cates, P Kliners. 1- llarni WenUfl, U. ,Siithc.r, D, Graves, B, Sommer; (SIXTH ROW) .1 Hardison; ( SEVKXTH ROW) M. Doughertv, Y. Lagerfeld, M. Pollack, D, Kli MaeDonald, D. Underbill: (FRONT ROW nra, A. Baker. J. Buekshnis, M. Christv, no, J. Dusa, P, Lov, L, Potter, M. Ku«n- A. ( ' (ir.j, P. Kuenstinu ' , V. Vandehev: (FOURTH Whalen: (FIFTH ROW) B, Hloch, C. Roberti. A. 11, P. Mulloj, L. Windeeker, M. .lali, R. Darragb, M. ki, P. Uhl«nkott, E. Graham: (EIGHTH ROW) .1. Connor, .1. Lepticli. P. Sehwerdt, K. Coates. .T. Buseh. B. Sunderland: (NINTH ROW) D. D ' And.,.. „ „ A. Sinner, D. Forbes. W. Gast, T. R. Bradford; (TEN ' TH ROW) .1. Newman, P Ford, W Croman R Moore C (ELEVENTH ROW) G. Wood, A. Decker, P. Fordnev, .J. Kuchler, J. Chausse W p ' etsch R CJill E. Ray. R. Craviolt.i, E. Mnrin ; (THIRTEENTH ROW) ,1 .MacDonald R. Hoi (TWELFTH ROW) R. Thalhofer, .T. Matsch !■:. Sinner. .1. .McCullv. .T. Gnlhiffher. D C, tan Among the most ambitious student organizations at the U niversity of Portland are the various choral gj;° " P - ' " ' " ' J? the Gleemen, Nurses Choral Club, and the Mixed Chorus, under the du-ection of Rev. G. L. Dum, CSC, and Mr. Charles ° ' The yearly program of the groups features a concert at the Paramount Theater, the Musicians ' Ball, appearances before the s;tudent body, and a week ' s concert tour. BAND 4 1947-48 saw the University of Portland band march out in its official purple and white regalia for the first time since the war. With over thirty members, the band marched and played at the Portland-Oregon State football game at Corvallis, and provided the musical stimulus for numerous basketball games and assemblies. Mr. Charles Dietz acted as Director. Dickson, Sgt. at .A.rms ; F. Gomes; R. Frazier: F. W. Farrell: R. Bradford, Sgt. at .-irais ; R. Young- Front row, left to right: Boner: .1 . Sharkey; J. Oli berg; M. Rapacz. Second row, left to right: W. Ulbrccht ; W. Bragg; G. Martin; P. O ' Hearn ; L Peake; G. Hodgson; R. Schear; K. Hunter; J. Gooley ; E. Boyd; N. Steering, vie president; R. Hagerud. Standing: Mr. Charles Dietz, Director; L. Witty, D ' nim Major. Pres. ; H. Banfield A. Goldsmith; P. Walden; K. O ' Brien; J. Horton ; N. Malueg; Barton Twirler. I COLLEGIUM MUSICUM The CoUetrium Musicum (Musicians ' Guild), organized in January of 1948 under the auspices of the school of music, is designed to give aspiring and talented musicians in Portland ' and vicinity an opportunity to study and interpret great music written for small chamber orchestras. Under the direction of Mr. Rev Underwood, instructor in music, its membership is limited to exceptional high school and university instrumentalists. (Left to right): F.v.l I on.-, (inu.t Higl. School : V " V» " ,i, ' Y»ri ' ' - 1 ' " ' ' orp " dSS School- Doi-olhv llunu. Vam-ouver Hich School: Mane .Inli I. or F. u»ni«i uVi-ki. an i " u-.i:tv of V.-.ncouver Hish School: Kex rnderwood. Director: riiirl.-i illetj Fm-ullv r of P.: WilliBni Shisler. Concert Master. I . of P.: Vi inn, Weiiker. Roosevelt Hieh: KonaM WillMms f. of P- : J " ' « ' « ?lf I Ki-.-:nc Vancouver Hieh School: Har. ld Swayie. ancouver HiRh School, .I.-:in Lawrence, .leffer-ion Hieh School: Virpinia Ellis. Jefferson High School; .U-tmines Sloering. U. of P. Mr. Rex Underwood, CULTURAL SERIES The Uni ersity ' s new Cultural Series was inaugurated November 10, 1947 with the appearance of Katja Andy, noted European pianist. Miss Andy was followed by Donald Gramm, bass-baritone, on December 12th; Nadine Conner, soprano, March 6th, and Clement May, character actor, on March 19th. NADINE CONNER, Metropolitan Opera Sopr MUSIC RECITALS • LUCIUiE CUMMINOS, SciiniiKi ' " f OX. The morninjr convocation periods at the L ' ni ersity of Portland were occasions for appearances on the Kducation Hall stage of four exceptional artists. Miss Phyllis Knox hegan the season on November 6, 1947, with a piano concert, and was followed later in the school ear b Mrs. Aurora Underwood, pianist, Sigurd Nillsen, bass-baritone, and Lucille Cvmimincs, soprano. AURORA POTTER TJKDERWOOD Pinniat STRING QUARTET: (Left to right) Mr. H. Orser. Marii- .liili. Mrs, Undirwoid. AVilliani 8liisler. lurorii P. rndi-rwiiiKl .it the l.i Two new musical ortranizations formed this year at the I ' niversity of Portland are the String Quartet under the direction of Mr. Rex Underwood and the Portland Choral Group directed by Mr. Charles Dietz. The organizations were planned for the enjoyment and better appreciation of music by small audiences. Students and guests were entertained on various occasions by the groups in public appearances throughout the year. (Left to rishtl CharU-s Dietz. director. Edward Morin, Rob rt Moon. Con-stance . nii Hoherli. (JeorKe Brown. Ann BIm-h. Eu-ene Kay. ..o, e Ma.Farland, Warren (Jifford. Patricia Lon MacDonald. Donald DAndrea. .lane Huslie Phil Devito. Hol)ert P.radforil. -JoBeijli .Tohn Connor. Arlett.i Wendel at Il.e pian-i. PORTLAND CHORAL GROUP ' y-f t ssrf ' ■i im . . . :it the " Mardi Gra; on v ' ■ ' " ■ MUSICIANS ' BALL With " Mardi Gras " as its theme, the University of Portland ' s eighth annual " Mu- sicians ' Ball " was staged at the College of Nursing auditorium on January 30, 1948. Wes Lang and his orchestra were the music makers for the evening, and the Portland Glee Cluh provided intermisson entertainment. Ex-Gleeman Ray Mills was featured soloist. Committee in-Charge: Dave Underhill. of Vancouver, R. C. general chairman, with John Matshiner, Dave Costanzo. Pat Fordney. Jim McCuUy, and Bill Fetsch of Portland, and Pete Ford. Bellingham. Washington, in charge of decorations. The school ' s first pubh ' cation appeared as the " Columbiad " of Columbia University, edited by Jean Joyaux. With the renaming of the school to the Universit) ' of Portland in 1934, it became the " Beacon. " Down through the years, editors changed — each succeeding one contributing ideas and person- alities that enhanced the paper to definite strides in composition and journalistic makeup. In testimony of its journalistic achievement, the C»r4. ' „ ■Mnn " Sei ' 0 " ?ver(i« " S •Dai atioii - . mV ' ' ' ° ' BO " I ff Edrtot " BiMCon " lan bojot l ' ii t Cl;i lioiiurs trom the Na. tiiinal Scliolastic Pri-ss Association for ' V) anil ' 40. and in " 46 ri-ci-ivt ' d awards from tlic Catholic Prt-ss Assoication, Na ' ional Scholastic Press Association, and a cup i;i i-n b the Ori- on Journal for " Kxcd- Icncf in covcrafje by a non-daily paper " as expressed by the Pacific Northwest Ccdlenc Conijress. Jin) Thielen, ' 49, edited tile " Beacon " for the tall term and was succeeded b Paul Rask, ' 49, who held the position through the spring semester. •.hi)-. ' ■• ' ' MEEllUG THE „...».-- ' ,:, ' ,.. Uu , ,„, Pave Vn ,, W-UUe. Tom •»U l.ruu n. " n.l. IHE The 1948 oluine of The Log marks a change from the tradition and style of former Uni ersit ' of Portland earhooks. Color has heen liberalh ' used, more pages have been added, and the number of activities and sports covered has increased considerably. Each college has been presented separately, and new campus sports such as skiing, boxing, and crew have been pictorially portrayed. As the school has grcmn so has the Log. Since the first Log was published in 1935, succeeding ears have added s «trU Peter Ford, Bichard Holmes. Chief PhntoEraphor J .4 LOG ' 48 r(: to tlu- c-NiH-ri.-.K-i- and CNcrauc «lmh n..w a.mbinr t., male.- tlif 1Q4S I.oK till- larcfst ami must cmnplctr account of a oar ' s hist..ry at tlu- Inivcrsity of PortlanJ. With informality tlu- keynote, tlu- 1 4« L,v l.a iu-cn desinni-d to ri-cord tlu- year ' s Inivcrsity life in all its aspects so that in time to conu- its pa es will he the nu-ans of recalling: memories ot the studies, sports, and activities which made l 4S ' a ear to remember. " COLLEGE OF NURSING STAFF: Donna Drips. Clarissa Weber, Xu Graham, Marian Jacobsen. KdiL.r Erika " Paul Bask. Sporls Edit. r k 3. ■E-e ' V 1- ' " V.ilH ' " ' ' ■ •gjirtti. U i UQ l " After an absence of six years, the Quadrant made its first postwar appearance in the AVinter of lQ+8, edited by Dave ' Porter. It is published quarterlx and contains articles pertaining to e ents of interest in the enfjineering field throushout the Northwest. The Quadrant also carries news of the actixities of the Engineers ' Club. Subjects treated in the publication have included the fllectron Microscope, the Bantam Amplifier, and biographical sketches of modern day scientists and their contributions to science. " ° . -- ., ' " hiaan " ' ' ' ' • ' ' " : The lOL a We. xj. Slioae og The Bioliii:, Bioldiiy cluh scit-ntific (|uarterly, jzives srimuhitins liitdniiation on hioloiiical questinns and pt)ints out particularl - the research heing carried on in tlie Northwest. It also carries articles on the Biolo.iiy Cluh ' s functions. A column entitled " ListeninL; In. " ixiving a brief resume of talks delivered hy speakers at Hioloirx Club meetini;s, and written by Virjiinia Adams of the CoUetre of Nursin.i;. " as a distinctive feature introduced this ear. SkeUey. -The Prei «- " j -j GreatU ' ,i„ undef ' ' ' -t varied fi ' " • Uernar ' 1 1 ' " ' pubUs ' -d uv,.ted the iw ' ..-e Matured Her. ,,,8I««»« " " ,o«lO.» du-««« " Volume M 1N H ' for V- ' - Robert Boehmer, ' IT The Alumni " Bulletin " , official publication of the Uni er itv of Portland Alumni Association, is published quarterlv throughout the school year. Prini:iril desitrned to maintain contact bcrw-een the I nisersity and its former students and graduates it also endeavors to keep them posted «-ith current thoudn in the field of University educa.tion. Since the Fall of 1 47 it has been under the joint editor- ship of Robert Boehmer. " 47. Alumni Association Executive Secretary and Russell Hays. ' 39. instruc- tor in English and Journalism. " - UNIVERSITY OF PORTLAND BOOKMAN the cota Mil " . The Bookman, published semi-annually for the Friends of the Library, carries articles of literary interest, book re- views, news of the library and members of the society, and of the latest additions, hopes and needs of the University of Portland library. Brother David Martin, C.S.C., librarian, edits the publication, aided by Miss Cora iMiller, assistant librarian. Recent Bookman contributors include: M. Leona Nichols, Northwest author ; Oswald West, former governor of Ore- gon ; the late David Hazen, correspondent and writer; Constance Joan Naar, nationally known author; Elizabeth Monroe; Dorothy Grant; Francis P. Keyes; Hilda Van Stockum, and Mable Holms Parsons. ,. 4 1 - — - • 8. 4. f i 1 ; i FOOT BALL UNIVERSITY of PORTLAND vs. ST. MARYS ' Over 15,000 fans KathcMfd in the Oaks Ball Park at Oakland, Calif., on Sfpteinbur 21, 1947 to view an under-estimated University of Portland squad match gridiron talents with the highly rated St. Mary ' .s eleven. All-Ameri- ean Herman Wedemeyer and running male Spike Cordiero sparked their club to a 26-13 win, but it was hard fought all the way. Most exciting play of the game was a from Pilot back Fred Owens to Jack Ford who caught the ball on his own seven yard line and scooted the remaining 93 yards of the field to make Portland ' s first score of the day. Cali- fornia football fans were brought to their feet many times during those sixty minutes by the Pilots ' inspired battle. A ■ V o plaviTs Boy Perrelra i. V . Fred ' Owens rjt!) and Jack Sonnlialter i4l try II. inn tli« ' I.I. .111 . hurnins Spike Cordiero i 7 Football at the L ni ersit of Portland has under- gone a complete post-war reorganization the past two years. My staff and I have scheduled football games against keen competition. We have played this competition with teams primarih manned by men in their freshmen and sophomore years. Some of our losses have been attributed to inexperience and in some games we were just plainly outclassed, but each loss or each win vas a laboratorx period devoted to developing experienced pLiyers. Football is a game of many factors; it is a combination of a player ' s athletic ability, his attitude, and mastering of sound fundamentals. We now have a fine group of men that Ion e to pla football. The) want to pla the game correctly, they want to improve, and the) have a good attitude. The school spirit has been great ,and we, the coaches and football players hope that this coming fall we will ha e a team which (ni will he proud of. In closing, we recommend that you follow- the Pilots in ' 48. HAL MOK. Hal Moe began his second year as head football coach and athletic director of Portland this season. The quiet, reserved mentor signed his contract while still in the Navy in 1945. His first team consisted mainly of freshmen who gathered valuable e.xperience in playing some of the coast ' s toughest squads. Tussle-haired Hal was Oregon State ' s arsit ' half-back in 1930, placed pro ball with the Chicago Cardinals in 1933, coached the OSC frosh eleven in 1934-35 and became varsity backfield coach of that school from 1936-1941. A iliaiiir iiuftiin. ' iMturrn C:irl Ji)ri. ' n -.ii ami lliil Moi- while Ixitli wire ill thr srrvia- put C:lr iiaiiir il(.wii on tlic Imm.Ics :i . Purllaiid ' s iu-« line coach. Carl tarri«l at St. .Mar wlu-rr lie rarnrii .• 1I-Aimrican honors as tackle in 19.33. After lirad- uati ifi, lie pl;ni l xitli tin- (irrrn Ha Parker-, de- M-rtintr their rank- to asMime the role of head coach at . lt. Shasta Hii. ' h ScIiimiI in California, then on to a similar post at Viiha Junior Colle;re in .Marvsville. The siniliiit; coach uill cet most of his material hack nevt sea-ori. Iiopint; to huild it into one of the tile coast ' s stroiijrest forward walls. lames " Mush " Torson came to the cam- pus heralded as one of the state ' s best hi jh schoi)! coaches, for his Grant high school team in 1945 won Oregon championship hi)nors. An alumnus from Orejjon State col- lege, Torson was known as an outstanding basketball and baseball player in the 1930 ' s. ' rhrough his acquaintance with Moe, " Mush " signed his contract with Portland as backfield mentor and head basketball and baseball coach. James " Mush " Torsou. I):ukii.ia ooacli. H ' Is :ilsii lioiut . ' oacli of liaskii linll :iud buscliiill. Joe Tedeschi, Traiiu ' r, I ' ami- tn I ' ortlinurs iithlctic staff ill IH4li. Joe stiM-red witli ihc l ilotH iis auavd, si-inhi atiiiK in 1041. I _ ' .iil. ' r Gene Barrett puts tlit- piin ' tTs on Hawaiian back Dick Asato, as lirother Jimmy Asato Kfts set for a Ijlock. Tlle Pilots canu- out aliead in total yards t ' aincd (•2-fl to Hawaiian ' s 223) and in first downs (14 to the Hawaiian ' s 7) but fell behind in tho score: 6-14. JK },K •vgeiSl Diinny Christlonson nislH ' s i i av.TI iin lihili.. pii» nttfinpl i " Bud Hickman il. ' i) imhui k up l Hickman :;•l.■ up into ih.- :iir Ki (iiul nil Iiliiho ii K .. Connors. Kam- blch I -1:11. Utz i. ' .iii. anil Chrls- tianson il ' . ' i uUo .iiukIii ih - iHii»Tir i-vM. Piirtluiiil IimI ill firsi .liiwiis il-J III Idaho ' s Ml liut .aini- nut nil llii ' short I ' lid of u ' ill! 4 Gene Banett .••uehi uM »i ' -irdl .liiriiii: a I ' ll .t runnific pl»}. I ' ort land pil«-d U|i " Jl mnrr yard, -u ni-hiii ■ |ilii Ihnii did Idaho. PORTLAND vs. IDAHO Bud Hickman, .suidn INirthind. tJuard. Danny Christianson, .■ phn luorr. Je .•v Cilv. X. J.. Half-) k. Tom Unger. . ,ii)huiiinri-. Steve Troy. .Si.phoraore. lion. lulu. T. II.. fullhni-k. Portland. Knd. 4 Bil . " ii H ■iS .— 1% ■ " . ■jsflvan- M rW ' K II • ' l-l.AVKHS NOT virrnu: Bob Svllar. Siphomof. I-„rkr..v... Or.-.. Knil. Charlie Liu, Soplioroiir.-. II n.Ui ' ... T. 11.. . i.irl.rl.n.-l:. Fred Owens. Soi li ' ' tii " r- i;r. li!in . ' » ' ■ •.. 1I» " . Njim Connors. Sni honu r. Chi.-iii:... 111.. « ! " - " r OrviUe Shields. .luiii " r. II ,ii..-.laU ' . l.Uh... Kn.l B»Ty Prltchard.»lH»mort ' . ||„ T. 11.. Kn.l. SCORES OF GAMES NOT PICTURED Montana State University Portland University of Nevada Portland Montana State College -- -i ' f Portland - 13 Washington State College 35 Portland v " w . i , V PILOTS SHATTER BEARCAT ELEVEN, 27-0 Babes Finest Frosh Team In IS orthwest Portland ' s mighty Baljes took to the airlines a lnst the Oregon ' s Rooks in Eugene on Novenii er 8 to gai ' ner a 16-0 victory and establish themselves as the leading tnjah football squad in the Pacific North- west. CoiineD Scores First Alter bcini; held deep ii _ their own territury du:mg the Initial per- iod, during wliich tiiey staved off two deseper. ' te Rook attemp,f to reach the end zone, the Babes com- menced to rolL Five consecutive passes wlbli Phlllpolts and Pappa- lardo on the pitching end, and Cur- rigan on the catching detail, moved the ball from the Babe ' s 20 down to the Rook 15-ysrd line. At tJiat point, quarterback Bill Connell t into the play, to latcJi on to a short screen pass from Pappalardo and execute the lone score of the firsj halt. Babe Costello made gootl conversion attempt. Sweeney .Sets rp Tally The Ulird period .-■,■. tng action, as the Bao content with a two- their total when an Oregon piuit. and ■ out of the end zone. Guard Jake Sweeney, i at the art of stealing f% tempts, set ut the fmal . Babes, when he pici: " Oregon heave out , ran It back to th line. Two plays pierced the Ro register the final from the conversion ,- leave the Oregon R xj;. Scott App , Baskethall Mentor For Rook Squad Marv Scott, first string gitard on the Pilot 1946-47 maple quintet, was appointed freshman t asketbB]] men- tor last week by head cage coach, James Mush Torson. Scott will call his charges to- gether for their first practice ses- sion December 1 in preparation for a 20-game schedule against other college frosh squads and high school varsities. Three games have been put on tJie frdsh srJiedule thus far. Two of these Ulu aic against the Oregon State Frosh and one ipiiii.t B.-risnt ' , high school varsity CAGERS SLATE GAMES M Bobcats Edge Slow ' Starting Pilots, 20-13 ! " ur th- Pi Noveniix- The stock ol Portland ' s ba sket- ball sqimd went up several ix tnts with the return of I tterman for- ward. Jack Ford, and spveral other cage aspli-ants to the maple boards following the cessation of grid hos- tillt-ies. Scrimmages with outsif . ' ' " - tion were held duiing tb n ordfT tu prepaid the i, ' IhPir season open ' ' C5. ags ' PIGSKIN PREDICTIONS By P. T RT. N The nine out of ten correct picks two weei3 ago was our best effort of the y -ar and wound up our of- ficial ,vas,in OTti ' ' ; an average of .700 on 42 correct pjedictions and 18 . Tliouyh not One best pre- diction record by far. we felt that It was not bad considering the picks included choices between schot ls of a selected group, namely, the ten coast conference ,schooI,s and sevcrsl of the strong lnde!)endent.s of the Far West. This week we hope to wind up the year ' s predictions by giving yoii the perfect day that ha,s been our goal all year. Prom the entire nation we offer these SURE winners: EAST Power Plays Smash Cats Forward Wall By Rl DV MELONT A " rock ' em. sock ' em " Portland grid eleven closed out it.s 1947 sea- son Saturday aftenioon at Mult- nomah stadium with a stellar 27- to-0 victory over the Willamette Bearcat. ' ;, undefeated champions of the Pacific Northwest Conference. In doing so. the Pilots proved once and for all that It ' s one thing to win In the minor leagues and an en- tirely different story to play against such major conipetiil.m ds Oregon State. Nevada. W:;shmgLon State and St. Marys. Barrett Steals Pass Defeat had marked the Purple and White campaign In eight pre- games against heavier and dee:ier competition, but t;ie Pilots showed conclusively the domination they have over tJie small colleges in Northwest, even though they ' ed the game underdogs in the of leading experts throughout contest, the Pilots Inatlon when lound center, in- ette pass on the tripe. The Pur- n to move with k Christlan-son j r nine yards. Em- fullback, then dove first down. On th halfback who has since the St, he start of the yardage through » ball to the 36. fP another first mS to the 22. Ford cjimibiited run« Se work for a nor ? ' Later ' " : the peri were shoved to their o r. . ftimble and were forced to kick. They finally regained possession of the 1 11 on the 35 by downs. Ten consecutive passes, all tossed by the whip arm of Danny Christianson. brought the ball to the Cat ' s 15. Proim Ihe 15 Jack Oberwelser cir- cled on an end around to hit tiie diagonal clialk stripes (or Uie Pilot ' s last score. Fullback Gale Emmons missed the odd point. Four plays later the whistle term- inated action with the ball in Bob- The faSPT Kp- - ' i-om Stew- art exercislner lUs Alt Heldea erg techniqtie proves that ski season has come to Mt. Hood. . . , Nearly 200 skiers found good skiing at Tlm- berllne on wet snow that was very fast when packed, . , , A slight drizzle and cold wind in unprotect- ed areas. . Timberline ' s chair lift win probably be idle another two week-ends as a shredded cable will have to be repaii-ed. . , , Pilot ski team ' members found plenty of practice on West Glade wihere, under the eye of Barney Becker, ski team captain, they pre- pai -d for next, week ' s time trials. ' Continued on Page 7 secutlve victory of the season. Although the Babes dominated the play during the entire game, with the Baby Bearcats penetrathag no further than the Portland 40-yard line, a winning tally eluded Iftem. Early In the first half, PhU Pap- palardo, Babe left half, hurled a 30-yard pitch to Barney Currigan, right end. to move the leather deep into Willamette territory. Shortly afterwards. Larry wl ' Bbauin, elu- sive right half, circled left end to cross ttie goal standing up However, -a pushing penalty nullified tibe scoi-e, and the Junior Pilots were imable to repeat the performance. ' The second and tl the Babes sma-sh c amette territory on s occa.sions only to gl on downs when th made pass connectio: In tlie closing mln test, a frantic drive staged by the Babes heaving aerials In cession. Kone were si ting their mark; ant fomid the Wlllame possession of the bal puddle in their own st down on the line. The Bear- however, and the string of downs pass into the end Emmons Booms Over Slanohik ' s kick for Willamette carried to the Portland 47 and from here the Pilots were not beaded in their second bid for paydlrt as Christianson pivoted, Pord battered and BSnmons pounded through the Bearcat line for huge gains setting the oval on the 3-yard stripe as the quarter ended. No sooner had the teams stiifted goals than Emmons boomed the remaining three yards to chalk up the first of four Port- land tallies, rroy kicked the first of three ccaivei ' slons to set the Pllotii ahead 7-0 with but five seconds of Splits, Che May Plag " Strikes. " " Simres ' will be the rage if i the student activit teilalize. Acting on a studei Portland ' s decisi -e win tner Wil- lamette t;a e proof of the question most Pilot fans were asking all ear, " Was Portland playing in the wrong league? " The 27-0 drubbing showed that Port- land had a much stronger team than the Northwest conference champions but not quite experienced enough to hold off more .schooled teams. Ne.vt season Portland ' s team will not inly ha e more e. perience but also a .rroup of freshmen who have already • hown their willingness and promise. n nrO ' ' ' ■ " ' " " " ' " ' ' " l .imtliinu Imt halics ' . tin- Pmt- K A n I S ' • " " ' •f ' ' ' " ' " " ' " " ' ' ■• ' " " ■■ " " ' " •■ ' ••!■ • ' " " •■ ' ' ' ' ■■ " -pi " : ' - U tlU Im J ,j,,„ |„ viliinini; tlirrc panics, t inu »i v :in«l losiin; one. I ' liil l,oprin i. ' 42. lu-u:in liis m-oiiuI :i» rUU I DnLL vc:tr " «i varsity a-mcr. O . i A ft»»» ' ' v!;.» ' 3 So«»?- Il " sa ' : „»«• " ' p. 30 llcft» ' Gu. ' a ?» " . 3ert5, ' -- SMlV u::n " :: . Q ( t f? - T»V S. THE BAI5ES ' RECORD was impressive. It rated them among the best freshmen squads in the Northwest. These scores of their games help prove this rating: Babes 18, anport " V ikings " 6; Babes 6, Oregon State " Rooks " 0; Babes 15, University of Oregon " Ducklings " ; Babes 0, Willamette 0; Babes 7, Oregon Colletre of Educa- tion . , . j „„, ■ " ■JJire T •■ • . .7. " 0 7 S fm -9 " f ■I ' K-of " " .. »» ' ' r;i Portland ' s Imop Miuad ,ett its mark in Pacific bas- ki-thall circles as being one (it the most impressive and scrappy young teams They wound up the season i winning 15 games out if a possible 34. They gat- hered 1835 points against n opponent total of 1714. V " " ill,.-,,,.,, Wint.,. ,,,, A s K E T A L L Bob Devich, Ko I SKASON ' S GAMES Own Page Woolens Oregon State Oregon Oregon Central Washington Pacific University _ Washington State Idaho St. Martins Whitworth 70 45 45 30 40 61 51 39 63 58 27 61 43 44 54 53 50 51 56 47 76 39 43 55 53 49 43 49 58 48 64 54 51 SEASON ' S (iAMI Gonzaga Willamette — Whitman .- Col. of Puget Sound Whitman Pacific — British Columbia British Columbia Seattle College _ Seattle College _ Lewis Clark Gonzaga Gonzaga Willamette City All Stars _ Seattle College Seattle College 39 56 76 52 82 57 54 47 72 54 81 47 37 61 92 51 43 " (■ to " • THE PILOTS HAD THEIR UPS AND DOWNS I nd Devich (.T4 Altenhofen INDIVIDUAL SCORES 970 T.nn f ' .rn jncrillPK 345 57B Jackson Winters - M l HnlHnn 254 101 Pptf Pp1? ' nS fli Kennv Allenhofen 76 S7 Frank Paustain .. 37 n.Ti-h )Vi-iHf « 5!S M 11 » 4 Rov Messmaker Norm McKechnie . . Bill Cnimmie S 9. 2 Port- JV BASKETBALL VERSITY OF SKI TEAM University nt Portland ' s ski team took hnncjrs as the top college ski team in the Pacific Northwest after a winter of tough inter-collegiate competition proved it to he one of the fastest, most expert, and hest organized of such groups in the country. Winning several trophies and numerous awards the ski team showed constant and rapid improvement under the coaching of Nap Roque, Jr. Al: set fur tlic Intfi-C„ll. Kiiit,- ,sld Mi-i-t at .Sun A ' allpv. whi-,. Tom Stewart, John Younie, Alan Fischer. Coach Rocque, Herb Under- dahl, Ted Little .itifl " Gee Gee " Goodrich At the Far West Kandahar in " Wisemitc. Calif.. Fischer and Becker placed 1st and 5th. respec- tively. Becker placed second in the slalom. Pic- tured here are (left to right, kneelini:) " Gee Gee " Goodrich. Tom Stewart and Ted Little: (Standing) Barney Becker, John Vounie. Fredi Lowel, Ruth McElroy and Alan Fischer. Miss Lowel and Miss McFlroy were winners in the women ' s division. Goodrich crosses the finish line of the cross country race at Sun Valleys Intercollegiate Ski Meet. At the same meet Fi.schcr placed second in the downhill race. WINNERS or THB 1- ,,e „ toll iloi " K A , iil. Some i " ,,„■,-. ti ' , TBA-M RACE KneelinS 11 ' i ' ' . ' - ' J ' riscW „ln, 1 - ' " - " - ' " - % Dvirti fe--Jf|Ui ' i ' i Top: Till ' st«Ki ' is sil for iimUlirr slut riiif down tli fninouK 8niiw])iifkiMl slopfs of Mount Hood. Lower rtgbt, top: Pilot nkirni had implr uppur lunily In atit-nd Mann. In Ihp piruirr. Father Schaerf is o-Uliraiine Mskk at TimlMTlint- l odei-. Lower right, bottom: Churnin ' and turnin lik» this jolt I ' ltrlland skifrs namri on the ' win. plarr iind sliow jjositionK of uvrr rl.-v.-n -najor .-vrnl.. Lower left: llpadini; for tlir [ ode.- at thr rnd uf a perfect day. these Pilot skters look forward to the comfort aiid relaxation provided for at Timberline " " ' Ming. " MiUe f ' " ' ■ ;„ 0 »- " " :he -P f ., 4-2 count. ,hovt end oi McKee tukis a lieily swine wliilr link- Joe Brngatto t, rill ll iiI.liiTs mill M-illi 111 " - I il.-h.-il Lull. oil X.«» PILOTS HASKBALL OPPONENTS FOR THE 1948 SEASON Oregon State (four games) I ' niversity of Oregon (four games) Salem Senators (two games) Lewis and Clark (three games) College of the Puget Sound (two games) Willamette (two games) Seattle College (two games) Pacitic I ' niversity (one game) Vanport College (one game) ■ilasi ♦ • ot « CREW I For the first time since the beKinniiiK of the analogy of Portland students to sea-farers, it had a definite basis when early this spring a group of twenty water paddlers hit the glossy waters of the mighty Willamette River and at the same time made a resounding splash in the athletic pool of the Universit . Under the watchful eye of Coach J. C. Othus, ex-Cornel oar-dipper, the crew struggled through its infancy this spring. Responsible with Coach Othus for the inauguration of this new sport are Lawrence J. IVIanion, purchasing agent for the school, and Jack " Jungle " Jolly, who devoted time and effort to make Portland students true ' Pilots. ' Mskinf; sport history for tlii ' tTniversity of Portland arc these five Pilot oiirsmen. (left to rishO : Bob Call. Joe Niehauser, Tom Dean, Chuck Fitch, iiuil Bob Kearney. ;e, " idj- t., shove off for a triiil n.n lielow the eampus hloff are (left to right) : Trautwein. Fitch, Dean. Niehauser and Call. C ' oaili Gf(ircc Pliilhrc)i.k ' cin- (Icrmcn li.ul a fouuli time startinu ' out tin ' s vi-ar. Tlic raiiw ami wind kept them from showinu in tlii-ii st-ason ' s (ir l meet with Ori-non Stati-. Slati-d on the Pilot track schedule were: Ort- ' oii State, Pacific rnivcrsity, G)lliTf of PuHt ' t Sound, Lewis and Clark a nd an invitational mcft on the home cinder oval. A lK Coach Philbrook l-iv.-. n word of advi.-.- lo ilrfl I.. rithti Gerald Moe. Pet« Van HoomlBsen miJ Ben Borne. Tigh V Getal Jerry Jadcsoo winds up for Ilif disius loss. ■D° " v„a ' •• ' ' ' Tieeto»»- " y 1 tnH spring- play pilot Due tennis received last sp... - ,,, TVotdi - " ' ttbe campus. U under repair. eig o " " the traveling ,nd courts = 1 -;; ,, „, rl. members onjl e . racket wie awect disadvantage Hce-liiting tbe ca tbe ace _ __ p ir. i-ere: .vith nets a.- - . i,,ty - - . d pla-ng ;;;:Bob ' Veor.e ' Peterson a Joe 1 ' J , tt Viler, George Tournament n ' -- . ,U, Pete v - " .Donald Result ' ' T n all scored ■ • Tbielen au Steve over many i-: ' :?j:t£ T : - - nd Arno XA Bearley. Winston Tool, Win. - ■ casse Bob Mattecbeck, .serly, Jerry stw 19+8- _pacilic AP " „ iQ+8 ' -l eed .•••■■■• Aptil 9, ;rv«_Willamette ••- nrill5, 19+ r ' ,..;. Clart Tbere O. S. C. ..■••■•••••■;;. .Tbere 19+8 __Wbitnian AP " ' ' ,Qj.S— Willai " " ' April rill6, 9+8 _Le ■« .Here Tbere .Here .Here Here ■ . .Here •■•■■■ ' Here - 2 ' - ' i8- Puget Sound. ••••• ...Tbere l9+8- ' eed .. — ... q S-Levvis cV Apt May May May +, Here S, AP April 1 ' 19+8- -O. s. c. l d -- ' ' ' ' " . i.-.u« " ' ,1, Vague " " " t -- " " " point. AV iece. men eore.l V- A fast one-two Smith was Cos ' ello. But to the head of Bill delivered bv Babe here is a little bit •amera didn ' t catch: back t-o win the BOXING Punching their way to pugilistic fame before a crowd of over 1500 fight fans, Pilot boxers were given the opportunity to display their talents in the annual Monogram Smoker. Elev- en bouts which filled the schedule that night were all prompted by match- maker Joe Tedeschi. Because of the interest shown, Fedeschi hopes to organize a box- ing team as part of the regular athletic activities of the school next year. The proposed boxing team will be matched with fighters from col- leges all over the Northwest. Bill Hatcher, 175 pounds Hutte, Mont. Billy Wiggins drives a left to the jaw of Paul Wegner in the mid- dleweight event. Wegner, how- ever, tabbed Wiggins with a T.K.O. in the second round. Be- hind the boys is Bobby Volk, referee and pro boxer. r I . iiL-lii ' Ken 8ch«dl«r, Oil Tor Vreel»n l. John H«nney. ■ " ■•l 8ldney Shermtn -• " l " " BODY BUILDERS with Oliver II. rrfl;m(l ;utill ;i tlub pri ' sidcnt. the Hiiil Huildcrs coii- timuil its status as oni- of the campus " must utiit|ui ' ornani .ations. K liftinu wcitrlus and performinu various fxcr cisfs. club members sought perfection in body development. .Mr. Phil I. " - prin i acted av facult advisor. THE BODY BUILDERS: l..ti ' ri -lit I Front Row: . . Sclmsi. ' I Vr.fhin.l. I ' l-.-siil.nt () nv l„...l. . ' . Sl..rii.i.n. K. Wnolf. Second Row: .1- Himiiu ' v. .1. Co IK ' I sid.-i.t : K lund« r. K. Sowi-U. I. Hi ' iiifk. ACKNOWLEDGMENT • The publication of a yearbook cannot be accom- plished without the aid, advice and cooperation of many individuals and business firms. The editor and the staff of the Log wish to acknow- ledge their indebtedness and obligation in particular to Mr. Robert Bovee and his staff at Hicks-Chatten for their personal interest in the artwork and engraving; to Mr. Allan Dunham for securing " hard-to-get " enamel paper stock; to Joe Gunz, Dick Wilmarth and their crew at Dunham Printing whose patience and understanding of staff problems and shortcuts in printing techniques made distribution by " deadline " a possibility; to the following newspapers and individuals for their loan of pictures: Spokane Spokesman Review, Oakland Tribune, Portland Oregonian, Portland Journal, Robert Groh, Allan Fischer, Joe Darnell; Davis and Holman, Inc., binders of the Log, and finally to those many business firms whose advertisements helped finance this publishing venture. Engravings by HICKS-CHATTEN ENGRAVING CO. The Log Printed by DUNHAM PRINTING CO. SONGS of THE UNIVERSITY of PORTLAND FIGHT SONG Chorus : Fight, fight fi)r Portland U, Sweep down the field to victory. Each time you score, men. The thunders roar, men. Let ' s make it ring boys, with one, two, three; Rah, rah. rah! On men, on to the goal. We want a touchdown, we want this game. You ' ve got that mighty fighting spirit That flings to glory Portland ' s name. Verse : Portland, your team is fighting For the glory of your name. Portland, your men are on their way To make the mountains echo your fame. Up, men of Portland, cheer them. Raise your voices loud and free. Let ' s give them a song as they march along On their wav to victorv. COME ALL YE SONS ON PILOTS ON Come on ye sons of Mighty Portland U, Chorus : And pledge your hearts to her for aye. On, Pilots, on! Lift mem ' ry ' s hallowed cup Sail on to victory! All its precious wines to sup; Plow through the f(jaming waves And when the scenes of days we loved shall throng, And rule the surging sea. Be on our lips this sacred song: Your C(jurage undaunted, Old Portland U, our Portland U. ' our spirit bold and true — Thy sons are true to thee. Onward, ye Pilots Of Portland U. We ' ll raise a song to heroes bold and gav Verse: Who bear thy colors thru the frav, Keep a-rolling! In defeat or victory Bend your oars to the sea. With crowning thee; Rolling on to victory. And when thy boys come marching home again, Heave-aho. there! Their hearts and lips sing one refrain; Heave-aho. there! Old Portland U, our Portland U, Ev ' ry man with eye upon the foe (jO! Thy sons are true to thee. (Repeat: " On, Pilots, on.) Oftioial announcement ol tiiKil plan, for the iiniiu-diatc c.mstruction of rhe Lni- versity ' s new school of entrineerins; buildini:. pictured in the architect ' s sketch above. was made on March 15, 194«. A three-stor concrete and brick veneer structure, it will cost approximately $500,000 when completed and equipped. To be located OS the Northv -est end of the campu i it will be 230 55 feet with a two-story L-shaped 55 120 f(Mit wing at the rear. PHIL GROSSMAYER CO. INSURANCE 421 S. W. 6TH ATE. PHIL GROSSMAYER, Pres. H. V. LACEY, C. U., ' 12, V. P. BONHAM CURRIER DRY GOODS MEN ' S WEAR and SHOES 8539 NORTH JERSEY STREET UNirersity 0031 AS FINE A PRODUCT AS MONEY CAN BUY! MADE IN ONE OF AMERICA ' S HNEST BAKERIES See it in operation any week-end or evening through large street-level win- dows, N. E. 12th and Flanders inear Benson Polytechnic School i. NEW CATHOUC GIFT CENTER Missals, Rosaries. Pictures, Etc. Complete Catholic Supplies 226 SW Alder Street 2nd Alder St. SPECIAL Checking Accounts are designed for the busy col- lege student ... No minimum balance ... no monthly serv- ice charge . . . only $1.00 for a book of ten checks. PENINSULA BRANCH of the UNITED STATES NATIONAL BANK PHILADELPHIA AVE. and JERSEY Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation An r:irl aerial iew uf old Columbia University ' s Campus, probably taken during: the first Word War or in the early 1920 ' s. Buildings pic- tured are left to right: West Hall; The Collesium ; Christie Hall. The tree furthest out and directly behind the Collesium now stands between Kducation and Music Halls. It is the oak with the concrete seat around it. Congratulations Graduates ROY and MOLIN JEWELERS 316 SW Alder St.. bet veen Third Fourth CATHOUC BOOK and CHURCH SUPPLY CO. TOM E. SHEA, Owner 314 SW Washington St. BRoadway 5163 SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS EQUIPMENT SUPPLIES for Physicians - Surgeons - Hospitals Schools - Laboratories HO U K iCa . SW. 9th at Yamhill BR. 3456 Portland 5. Oregon Established 1905 UNIVERSITY DRUG 4800 North Lombard Street ViescTi ' piions POPULAR . . . CLASSICAL PHONOGRAPH RECORDS TRY OUR FOUNTAIN MERCK ' S GROCERY M. J. MERCK,, Proprietor __. JUST ACROSS THE CAMPUS GROCERIES FROZEN FOODS MEATS. CANDY, ICE CREAM CIGARETTES, TOBACCO Phone UN. 4293 Guard Your Health MILK and MILK PRODUCTS " Nature ' s Finest " PORTLAND MILK PRODUCERS ' ASSN. 5260 N. E. UNION Another vicxv tuken at the Old Tiim- Picnic hcKl -n the camiHi MaN - - } " - - - The pn, M-am for the dav listed such a diversity of evtnts as: Ch ' ;-k ; " I) " " " " : Cards: Haseball ' ; Tu : „f War; Football; Field Cames; S vimmini: and Uo cl.nt:. A Revue by the Prep schoid and Tennis matches. COMPLIMENTS OF McLaughlin Fleming LAUREL POULTRY FARMS TWO LOCATIONS N. E. 52ND KILLINGSWORTH 604 N. W. 21ST HOYT COMPLIMENTS OF HOWARD HALVORSON COMPANY Contractors Builders 5103 N. E. 42ND AVE. PORTLAND, OREGON Phone MU. 1106 PORTSMOUTH CAFE Recreation and Beverages S264 North Lombard AL HARRIS BOB HATHAWAY BARBER Expert Hoircutting 4806 NORTH LOMBARD Established 1903 QUALITY FUELS for EVERY NEED DIESEL — For DOMESTIC BURNERS FUEL OIL — for COMMERCIAL BURNERS DAVIS HOLMAN, Inc. BOOKBINDERS YEARBOOKS A SPECIALTY BINDERS OF THE 1948 LOG GArfield 1161 3246 N. E. Broadway Porlland, Oregon ALBINA FUEL CO. 425 S. W. 2nd Ave. AT. 5335 UNITED HAM SHACK Electronic Components For the Discriminorting Amateur, Engineer, and Experimenter PORTLAND: BEacon 6323 22 N. W. 9th Ave. Portland 9, Ore. EUGENE BRANCH: Phone 4988 179 West 8th St. Eugene, Oregon I Under the direction of Mr. Arnol.l F.-tcxchmidf ; Fatlu-r Alidiad ]. Karlv CSC and Mr. J,m Cuihgan, the Old Time Picnic held on Mav 27, 1934 " was the first of an annual senes of picnics on the Campus which were to become famous for that once a year gathermg of th - clan. " The group, pictured above, posed in the fir grove which then was on the approximate site of the present Cafeteria A hnulmj: alK .ill the University of Portland campus? Yes. but that was years ago. Currently you trod the old alleys each time you enter the University ' s Library. The exact location of the site pictured above is the positon of the reading tables in the reference room. BEST WISHES and SUCCESS To the Class of 1948 The Management and Employees of A. B. CANDY CO. Wholesale Distributors COMPLIMENTS OF Columbia Distributing Company Bottlers of BIRELEYS ORANGE AND GRAPE S. W. HARBOR DRIVE AT CLAY Phone BEacon 4349 730 S. W. lOTH AVE. DEHEN KNITTING CO. Manuiacturers of Official U. P. Sweaters 1039 N. W. GLISAN ATwater 8481 GREENE -WINKLER CO. COMPLETE LINE OF HOTEL, RESTAURANT AND INSTITUTIONAL EQUIPMENT Geo. Fick Cigar Company, Inc. Wholesale Cigars. Tobaccos, Cigarettes SMOKERS ARTICLES, CANDIES. CHEWING GUM, ETC. . . . Phone BRoadway 3068 414 Northwest Sixth Avenue Portland 8, Ore. WE FEATURE WEBSTER CIGARS Chas. W. McGee Leo Goetsch Joseph P. Shaughnessy Hennessey, Goetsch and McGee FUNERAL DIRECTORS N. W. 17TH AT DAVIS BRoadway 1453 SCHMITT STEEL COMPANY FABRICATING - FORGING - MACHINING WM. C. SCHMITT 2765 N. W. NICOLAI ST. Portland 10, Oregon Sheet Music Service, INC. MAUD McCAWLEY COMPLETE EDUCATIONAL MUSIC SERVICE 618 S. W. PARK AVE. PORTLAND, OREGON BEacon 0466 Back in 1938 the University of Portland graduated its first class from the College of Nursing. In the Spring of that year its undergraduates took a prominent part in the annual Campus Day activities. The Contestants, featured in a " Rolling Pin Throwing Tourney " are pictured above. Thev are, left to right: Ruby Parr- Betty Neth; Agnes Gillis Bailey: May V. Arnold; Marv Rose Francis " and Kathryn rhorup Browning. PRINTING - - - BOOKBINDING STATIONERY OFFICE EQUIPMENT FRANKLIN PRINTING COMPANY 525 N. W. GLISAN STREET BEacon 1026 ST. 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On May 27th, 1934 the Annual Old Time Picnic, held on tlu- tlu-n Cnlumbia University campus, was attended by a crowd of more than two thousand. Pictured above is a small section of those in attendance. In the background is St. Mary ' s Hall. ARTCRAFT STUDIO SHANHON CO. Selling Agents for PORTRAITS In our Studio or Kueffel Esser at your home. • ARTIST ' S MATERIAL PHOTOS • SURVEYING INSTRUMENTS • DRAWING MATERIAL For Identification and Employment applications: • TAPES • SLIDE RULES Ready the Next Day. 528 S. W. THIRD AVE. 317 S. W. Fifth Ave. Phone BE. 5594 ATwater 6237 Pictured aho f i a t;imiliar Sprin ;tlmt- pre-war scene on the Portlanil campus. Track Coach Geor ie Phil- brook irives Adrian Schooler (a graduate of the Class of 1 537) the low-down on how to harrow the track in readiness for the 1937 Track schedule. With Best Wishes for Success from Your Friends at Edwards Furniture Co. 5TH OAK, PORTLAND Compliments of Portland ' s Own Store PORTLAND V OWN STORE Day Time Night Time li ' s Always " Picture Time " with KODAK FILM, • KODAK CAMERAS • KODAK Accessories Let our Trained Staff help you with your Picture-taking Problems. EASTMAN X i STORES INC. in S. W. WASHINGTON STREET TaUphone ATwatar tSSS " Everything Photographic " Compliments of WHERE YOU ALWAYS GET THE BEST FOR LESS! INDEX OF NAMES AND PICTURES Anderson, Rev. J. G.. Artau, L. P Aydt, Bro. Remy Bamgrover, L. L Beh, Rev. R. F. Bleeg, C. A. Boehm, Rev. C L Boehmer, G. R. .43 —35-107 43 35 .127-131 Bohemia, Sister Agnes 43 Bowles, C. J 29 Cahill, E. J 29 Carleton, H. B 101-112 Carroll, J. P. Clemo, R. F. 35-101-113 Coen, R. A. 43 Colbum, H 43 Costello, M. R. Coughlan, Rev. W. J 29 Cruickshank, J. J. 36 Culligan, J. A. 15 Curran, Rev. T. J 35 Davis, Rev. E. A. 29 De La Mare, P. R. 35 Delaunay. Rev. J. B 15-35 Dietz, C 35-118-117-122 Dolan, M. J. 19 Dum, Rev. G. L. ... 35-116-117 Dum, C. L. 35 Durbin, Rev. C. R. 19 Flynn, A. F. ...43-112 Flynn, E. ...43 ADMINISTRATION and FACULTY INDEX Fogarty, Rev. J. A 36 Foran, M. J. 19 Gallagher, M. 43 Garcia, Efrain 103 Gavin, Rev. M. J. _36 Gough, R. E. 43 Goodall, Rev. F. J. 14-29 Groeger, J. C. 36-104 Gunther, Bro. Austin Hamel, Rev. C. F. 36 Hays, R. A 36-124-131 Hentges, Rev. O. R. . _ 36 Hewitt, C. M. 43 Hoever, Rev. H. H 36 Hogl, G. E. 44 Hooyboer, Rev. C. A. 36 Hooyboer, Rev. J. J 14-44 Hooyboer. P. Horton, I. H 39-101-112 Sister John of the Cross..... 41 Jorgensen, C. 36-135 Joye, M. E. 44 Jones, Dr. O. N. 43 Kane, Rev. C. E. 14-36-108 Keane, W. J. 29 Kehoe, Rev. J. P. 36 Keyes, J. M ......37-103 Kinderman, E. M. _ 29 Kosydar, L. M. 37 Labos, R. 37 Laverman, M. 29 Lauer, C. E. Leineweiber, M. Leising, Bro. Pius Leonard, M. C 43 Lewis, R Linden, T. E. 15-112 Linebarger E. H. 43 Loprinzi, P. G. 20-142-161 MacGregor, W. S. ..30 Manion, L. J. 16-156 Martin, Bro. David 132 McGrath, Rev. J. S. 27-47 Mehling, Rev. T. J. 10-11-13 Meienberg, Dr. L. J. 44 Miller, C. 132 Miltner, Rev. C. C. 33 Moe, H. W. _ 37-134 Molter, Rev. J. A. .30-112 Mora ' ec, R. Morison, Rev. W. T. 37 Moser, Bro. Ferdinand 30 Murphy, Rev. R. D 30 Nillsen, S. ..37-121 Noel, W. A 20 Orkiszewski, Rev. E. W 37 Othus. J. C. .....30-156 Philbrook, G. 157 Peterschmidt, A. B 17-99 Raitt, R. J. 37-102 Rector, Dr. E. M. 44 Ries, J. D. 16 Rigley, Rev. M. S. _. 37 Rinella, F. A. „ Riter, Rev. R. H. 37-110 Rodgers, F. J. Sage, J. E. Sandstrom, E. J. 20-98-99 Schaerf, Rev. P. H. 38-152-153 Scharbach, J. A 38 Scheberle, Rev. J. W 38-130 Schirmer, Dr. E. H. 44 Skell, P. S. ...30 Snow, M. A _ Spada, N. .. 38-l65-lio Stanislaus, Sister 44 Starr, M. A 30 Stickney, L. G. 44 Stott, W. J. 30 Tedeschi, J. .38-136-160 Torson, J. M. -38-135-143-154-155 Trenholme, K. 44 Underwood, A. P. 38-121-122 Underwood, R. P. 38-119-122 Vassallo, Bro. Godfrey 30-100-103 Vossen, D. E. _ 44 Walls, B. T. 16 Walsh, L. A. 16 Weinzirl, Dr. A. 44 White, O. 44 Wiesner, J. A. 20 Wilgress, J. 38 Zancanella, N. W 38 STUDENT INDEX Abelsen, Harold BasU Abraham, PhiUp Theodore ...62 Abraham, Richard Dick 80 Abrams, Norman .80 Acton, Robert 54 Acuna, Rudy 80 Albright, Marx 54 Alex, James Steve 21 Altenhofen. Kenneth Francis 62-145-146-147-148 Alstock, Robert Edward 54-110 Anderly, Joseph Allen Anderson, Eugene Monroe .21 Anderson, Earl Wallace ..... Anderson, Kenneth Lee .80 Anderson, Murray James 62 Anderson, Robert Harold 80 Anderton, David Kenneth 61-62-95 Anderton, Richard John 80 Annan, James Calhoun Anthony, Frank Edwyne Anthony, George Arenz, William Henry ...62-129 Arjavac, Anthony John 54 Arjavac, John Anthony 54 Armstrong, R. A .80 Bahler, Fred Smauel 62-158 Baird, Ora Jerome 54 Balch, Robert Almon 80 Ballatore. Donald Oliver 62-112 Baltz, Thomas Frederick Banfield, Harry Michael 62-75-100-118 Bankhead, Julian Kingsley ...80 Banner, Francis Leon 54 Barchus, Jerry Wilfred .. .75-80 Barde, Saul .21 Barnes, William Harry 80 Barrett, Eugene Francis ...39-48- 51-52-93-95-97-136-137-138 Barrett, Richard Thomas 80 Barta, Jerry Peter 54 Bartholomaus, Wesley Boyd 80 Bartley, James Anthony 80-109 Barton, James Richard . 62 Bassett, John Anthony 62 Batiste, Alvin Robert Bauer, John Leo Baiun, Siegfried 31 Baurichter, Melvin Michael....62 Baxter, Joseph Anthony 80 Bays, Randolph G. Beard, Thomas Anselm 62 Beattie, Robert Graham 21 Beck, Jack William 54 Becker, Bernard Logan -. 62-95-151 Beckham, Harold Clay Beebe. Joseph Donnell 31 Beil, George Lawrence ' ' Beil, Lawrence William .52-136 Beitel, Sr. Mary Liliosa Belknap, John Victor 80 Bell, Harry Conlee 62 Bell, Robert Orville ..62 Bellerby, John Terrence 21 Bellerby, Thomas Michael Belshee, Ben Joseph Bemis, Philo Scovel ...54 Bendinelli, Henry Joseph 54 Benedict, Jordan 80 Bennett, Harold Marshall ...54 Beno, Joseph John 62 Bentley, Wm. Lincoln ... 21-103 Berchtold, Joseph Anthony....62 Bergin, Robert James 80 Bergline, Wallace Vernon .. 62 Bergquist, Elroy Atlee ... 6 2-99 Bergstrom, Arthur Olaf .80-142 Bergstrom, Donald Walter .62 Berlant, Norman Lawrence. .54 Bernard, Joseph Martin 62 Berning, Eymard Julian 54 Berning, Leon Joseph ... 80-149 Berry, John Edward ...101-112 Bertrand, John Ernest 80 Beseda, A. . 108 Beseda, Paul Andrew ...54-108 Betham, Ivan Edward .... Bettey, Edward Elton 62 Beyer, Gilbert Paul 62 Bickford, Hayes Latimer .... 62 Bickford, Max Edward 62 Biggi, G. L. 62 Bigler, Dean Russell 21-99 Billings, Leonard Allan . 62 Bird, Paul, Jr. 62 Bisenius, James William 80 Bisenius, Richard Chas...62-154 Bishop, Elmer Alfred 62 Bissonette, Francis Clifford....62 Bjorklund, Herbert Gustav. Blackstead, Joseph Henry 54 Blair. John E. Blakely, Warren Latimer, Jr. . Blakley, Ronald Merle ...62 Blanchard, Joseph TiUet 39 Blank, Leonard Isaac Blatner, George Jacob 62 Blatner, Joseph John 63 Blauvelt, Dahl Barton ...31-112 Bleeg. Jerome Joseph 54 Blessing, Geo. Marshall .63-99 Bloch. Barbara Ann 80-116-117-122 Bloomer. David Arnold 63 Bloomer, Joseph Cullen . Blyth, Peter Reginald Boak, William Neil Boaz, Douglas Jack 54 Bobzien, James Phillip 63 Boehmer, Bernard Francis .. .54 Bohmann, Robert Louis Bold, Ralph Anthony ...54-159 Bonar, Paul James 63 Boner, Fred Charlan 63-118 Booth, Eugene Fletcher .... Borho, Arnold Charles 39 Borho, Charles Donald . 54-63 Borsch, Ferd John 80-125 Bounds, Willard Wade, Jr Bovine, Charles Raymond Bowder, Frank DeWitt, Jr. .... Bowsei, Gene W. .54 Boyd, Eugene, Jr 80-118 Boyle, Robert Emmit 54 Bradach, Francis Joseph 80-142 Bradford, Robt. Lee 80-118-122 • Bradley, Richard Warren . Brady, James Joseph Brady, Ralph Hugh 63-109 Bragg, William Robert ...63-118 Brakebush, Harold Edward . Brazil, Clarence Earl 63 Brearley, Arnold B 54-158 Brennan, Lawrence Arthur Brenne, Kenneth Arild . Brewer, W. 54 Brewer, William Harry 54 Bride, Louis Herman ..... 31-112 Brightman, Howard Wesley.... Brindisi, Joseph Lawrence ...63 Brislawn, Jerome Joseph 63 Brock, Joseph Allen 142 Brooke, Scott Ramer 54 Brosterhous, Anthony Daniel 63 Brosy, Lawrence Richard ....54 Brown, Clarence Allan 80 Brown, Edward Ellis Brown, George Gordon . . 54 Brown, George Thomas 122 Brown. Harry Austin 54 Brown, Richard Ray 63-154 Brown, Robert Angelo . 63 Brown, Theodore Gilliam ...63 Bruce, Lloyd John 80 Brugato, Jr. Joseph 154-155 Bruner, Albert William Brungard, Bernard Clarence..63 Brunning, William Joseph .... 63 Brunmeier, Robert John 109 Bryant, Lawrence John 54 Buczkowski, Florian L. .80 Burchett, Kenneth Walton .80 Buida, Eugene Arnold 63 Burda, Leonard 80 Burgess, Eric, Jr. Burke, Harold Edgar Burke, Paul James 80 Burke, Robt. Wm 63-101-112 Burkhartsmeier, Geo. ...63-110 Burton, Robert On- Buseh, Thomas Edward 81 Butcher, Frederick Allen 63 Butler, Glenn Otto 39 Butler, Lloyd John 47 Butler, Robert Dean 54 Bussey. William Tyler Butsch, Donald Albin 54 Byi-ne, Joseph Linden 31 Byrne, Ralph Edwards 63 Call, Robert Francis 63-108-156 Callaghan, John Milne Callaghan, John Vincent 54 Callicrate, John Patrick 54 Callicrate, Robert David Callicrate, William Henry ......81 Campau, Wm. Richard, Jr. _21 Campbell, Alfred Ross _ 39 Campbell, A. R. 54 Campbell, Donald Lawi-ence..63 Campbell, Richard Matthew 58-60 Campbell, Robert Bruce 81 Cannard, David Laurence 63-73 Cannard, Donald Dennis 81 Canty, William Edward .109 ■ Not pictured. Caples, Alph;i Hathaway, Jr. " Capozzi, Thos. A. 63-109-136 Cappipllo, John Peter 63-97-10a-136 Cappiello, Samuel A. 80-136 Captein, Henry Alphonsus 47 Caputo, Frank, Jr. 63 Card, Owen Joseph 63-124 Carlson, Edward Eugene 63 Carlson, Herbert Clarence Carlson, John Meredith 54-99 Carlson, Roy Junior • Carnine, Glenn Thomas • Carr, Francis James 63-64 Carr, William Patrick 80 Carroll, James Richard 63 Carroll, Terranee Joseph Carroll, Thomas Earl 64 Carroll, William Thomas Hl-8.5-103-109-142 Cartasegna, Lino Domcnic ' ' Carter, Elwood John .64 Carter, John Warren Carter, Merlyn Minor 54 Carter, Thomas Vincent 81-125 Cartier, Clifford Duane 81 Case, LaHue Ross, Jr. Casey, Robert Gilmore Casserly, Jr., Wni. Ryan 158 Cassinelli, Leo Angelo 64 Cassinelli, Nicola Elio 54-99-127 Cassle, George Ural 54 Castello, Manuel, Jr. 81 Castner. Ren King ..- 103 Caterina, Peter L. 54 Causgro e, Wm. Francis 81-125 Cavalli, Samuel 39-97-141-142 Cavanagh, Bernard Anthony 64 Cereghino, Al. Louis 64-105 Cerri, Gerald Jos. 64-105-154 Chadbourne, Jack Willard Chaffey, Leonard V 64-110 Char, Lincoln Sinan 81 Charlton, Robert Guthrie _ 64 Charters, Cyrus John 64 Chausse. Jav Allan 21-116-117 Chilcote. Ken. Eugene ,81-159 Childers. Ah ' in Lowry 54 Chocano, George Anselm Chrisman. John Michael 55-81 Christen. Richard Francis 21-52 Christensen, Elvin James 21 Christensen, John Mathew - 99 Christensen, William James 21 Christianson, Harold Donald _ _ 64-85-97-137-138 Christnacht, George Walsh -64-108 Christnacht, James Francis 81-108 Chun, Derrance Sidney 55 Churich, Frank Anthony Clapperton, Edw. Thomas 47 Claridge, David Errol Cetinich. George John 81-100 Clark. Charles Edward 81 Clark. Guy Matthew _ 64 Clark, Patrick Elmer Clark. Thomas Fi-ancis 64 Clarke, Elton Kendall 64 Clausnitzer, Kenneth Williani 39-110-112 Clearwater, Donald Earl 55 Clohessy, Robert Patrick Cockshott, Rev. George C. Codekas, Ai-istotle Jen-y 64 Cody, Wayne Edward 55 Coe, Lewis Hamlin. Jr 21-98-99 Coffey, James Richard 81 Coffey, Willis Clarence 81 Cohn, Howard Martin __ Colatorti. Nick Colbert, William Emery 81-86-95-96-106 Cole, Edward Maurice 81 Cole, Jay Howard 64-77-100 Collins. Charles Evans .64 Collins, Charles Kevin 64-72-95-106 Collins, Edw. Reginald 64 Collins. Richard V. 81 Colombo, George Anthony _ Combes, George Kenneth 64 Combs, Burton George Concaiinon, Donald Joseph ' Conn, Charles Aflrcd, Jr. Connell, William F. X. 81-85-109-142 Connelly, Eugene Edward Connor, Joh Simon 81-116-117-122 Connors, James Edward 64-136-137-138-139 Cook, Dale George 21 Cook, Thomas Wright 81 Cool, Donald J. 64 Cooley, Robert Merlon 81 Cooney, Richard Francis 21 Cooney, Vincent Joseph ... 81 Cooper, Bernard L;»wrence 55 Cooper, David Reese 55-99 Cooper, Jack Casswell 81 Cooper, Keith Donald 55 Cooper, Robert Maurice 55-75-100 Copp, Albert Winburn, Jr. 157 Cornelius, Ron. Eugene 81-161 Costanzo, David Vincent 64-103-116-117-123 Costello, Babe 142-160 Coughlin, Robert Arthur Coyle, John Anthony ' • ' Coyne, Thomas Aloysius ' Coxon, John Vincent 64 Grain, Robert Lawrence 64 Cravens, Earl Lee, Jr 64 Craviotto, Robt. J 64-116-117 Crema, Julius - Cremer, Cornelius Vincent ....39 Creste, R. J. 24 Crocker, William Anthony 55 Crockett, Mar -in Theodore .81 Croman, William Keith Crone, Jerry Le Roy 64-102-109 Cronin, William Miller 64 Cross, Clifford Clayton 55 Crowder, Melvin Louis - 64 Crucchioia, Eugene Antonio 64 Crucchiola, Louis D. . 21 Crummie. William Robert .. 147 Cubitt, Richard Lane 64 CuUerton, Thos. Pat 64-113 CuUigan. James AL, Jr 65 Culp, Richard Dean . Cunning, Don Arthur 81 Cunningham, Lee Scott 81-86 Currie, Desmond Patrick 39-97 Currigan, Barney H 109-142 Curtin, Robert Daniel 22 Daly. Charles Francis 22-48-106-108 Damitz, Irving Harold 81 Damonte, Frank J. ' ■ ' Danaher, Jerome Francis .. D ' Andrea, Donald Claude 81-116-117-122-141 Dang, Joseph Thomas 82 D ' Angelo, Jerry Peter 109 Daniels, David Markwood -..65 Daniels, Donald Curtis -.82 Danner, Robert Eugene 82 Darby, John Wilfred . .65-103 Darmer, Edwill Erhart 22-98-112 Darnell, Joseph Robert 82-162 Darner. Marston Glenn Davis. Bernard - .- — 65 Da is, James Junior 22 Davis. Laurens Goddard Dawson. Robert Mover ' ■ ' Dean, Thomas Joseph 156 Decker. Alvin 116-117 Decker. Henry Jerome 82 Decker, Wesley Robert 82-104-149 De Cristoforo, Richard L. 105 Deeks, Douglas Aden 65 de Gastvne, Serge Benoist .82 Degerstedt. Dean Victor 82 Degerstedt. Lynn Maurice ...65 De Grandpre. Louis David .. .65 Dehning. Edward William - Deibele ' diaries F. ... Deines, Frank Vernon, Jr. • Deiz. Carl Henry 55 DeJardin, Joseph Raymond 110 De Laney, James Leo 65 Delia, Angelo Paul 65-109 DeLong, Jame.-. Lloyd 22 Demarmis, Vincent F. 82-105 Demopoulos, Demosthenes 22 Denhart. William Daniel 65 De Paepc, Julias Gabriel 65 Dernbach, Theodore De Simio, Peter J. 82 Devaney, John LeRoy. Jr. • Devcic, Robert Richard 65-97- 143-144-145-146-147-148 Devito, Phil 122-158 Dickson, Gerald William 82-118 Diercks, Marvin Fred 109-142 Dindia, Donald Sal 82-105 Dinges, Daniel Ray • Dinneen, Larry Ambrose . • DiNucci, Joseph Carl 65 DiTommaso, Vito Andrew Dobler, Fred Leo 65 Doherty, Brian Cornelius 82-108-112 Doherty, Edward Michael Doherty, Patrick Earl 82 Doherty, Vincent Bernard 22 Dolan, John Francis 55-58-95 Dolan, Terrence John 65 Domier, Gerald Franci Jr. 82-89-102-112 Donaldson, William Robert " Donis, John Lester 55-98 Donlon, Gareth Wayne 65 Dony, J. 108 Dooher, Tony James Dorres, Donald Glen 126-127 Dougherty, Charles Patrick " Dougherty, Donald Tim. 65-99 Dougherty, John Linos 82-108 Douglas, Fred John Douthit, James Laurence ' Dow, Theodore Edward .82 Do wll, Robert Charles 82 Downard P. 108 Doyle, Joseph Lawrence 82 Dreisbach, Charles V. 65-109 Dresser, Wm. Kirkland 31-110 Drummond, Walter Scott 125 Drurey, Nolan Allen 55 Druxman, Geo. Stanley 142-159 Duffy, Rev. William T. Dung. Albert B. 83-126 Dungey, Del Wayne Dunlap. Herbert D. Durham. Robert James 22 Durrell, Ancil Wayne .55-105 Durrie, Harry Leon, Jr. , 55-110-152 Dyck. Abram Antone 31 Dyrhaug. Lawrence Carr Ebelmesser, Charles Richard Eckstrom, Keith D. 65 Eddy, Donald Lee Ederer. Joseph Anthony 65 Edgerton. Robert Francis 65 Edmunds. Jimmie W. .82-157 Egli, Samuel L. 65 Eissler. Bruno Benjamin 65 Elder. George Martin 82 Ellingson. Monroe Jerome 65 Elliott, Glenn Ballard 31 Elliott. Jos. Reedsport 82-109 Ellsworth, Stan. Donald 82-108 Emery, Bui-dett F. S. .65 Emig. Raymond Martin 22 Emmons. Richard Gale 52-65-137 Endres, Henry Casper 31 Engel, Edward Ignatius 55 Engelgau, Philip John 82 Engles. James Warren 55 Enkelis. Marvin Allen 65 Epping. Wilfred Harry 55 Ericksen, Carl Franz Erickson, James Albin 55 Ernst, Rudolph Jr. Ernstrom, Hemy Eugene 98-99 Envert, Clarence F -ancis 82 Estes, Charles Newton — . Evans, Jas. Theodore 82 Evans, Lloyd LaVern 82 Evansen, Roger Millard .... Faber, Fred Jerome Fabriz, Glenn Rexford 65 Fair, Nelson D. 82-113-114 Fajer, Michael John 65-154 Fargher, Wm. S 55-132-159 Farlin, George William 65 Karrell, Bernard Joseph 65 Farrcll, William Eu-stacc 82-118 Farris, Joseph Stanley 55 Favro, Frank Carl 55 Feltz, Eugene Edward 65 Feltz, Thomas Joseph 68 Fennern, Elmer, Jr. 55 Fennimore Emmett, L. 82 Ferdig, Gordon Delos ...• Ferdig, Sylvester Cole . • Ferron. John Parnell 82 Fetsch, George William 55-116-117-123 Feuerstein, Geo. Harry 22-98 Field.s, Frank Harrison 22 Firchau, Henry John, Jr. 82-109 Fischer, Clair Alan 55-150-151-152-162 Fischer, Wilbert Joseph 66 Fisher, Frank L. • Fisher, Richard Joseph 82-100-128 Fitch, Charles Isaac 55-156 Fitzgerald, Robert George 66 Fitzpatrick, Adrian Thomas 55-60 Flaherty, John Thomas 83 Flanagan, D .108 Flanagan, James Thomas . • Fleischman, Kenneth D. 83-89 Fleming, Louis McCarville 55 Fleming. Warren, Robert • Foley, Frederick Wm. 83 Foley, Robert Michael 66 Forbes, Dexter Raymond 66 Ford, Emery John 131-133- 138-143-147-148 Ford, Peter Lewis 66-95-106-109-123-126 Ford, Robert Earl Fordney, Patrick Winfield. Jr. 55-116-117-123 Forman, Willis Richard • Forsberg, Vincent Everett • Foster, Joseph Frank 83 Fowler. Richard Les 66 Fox. James Bruce _. Fox. John Robert 83 Fox, L. M. . 83 Fox. Robert Doerfler Foy, Edward Patrick 83 Foy, John Joseph 66 Frank, Robert Thoma 66 Franklin, Joseph Lee, Jr. • Franklin, Sam Collier 83 Frawley, Allen John 66 Frazier, Robert Joseph 118 Freeman. John H. 83-141-157 Freibei-g, Alvin Harold 66 Friedhoff, Joseph George 66 Frison. Henry James, Jr. . 66 Fryer. Alfred David _55 Fryer. Ray B., Jr. 83 Fuller, Keith Raymond _• Fuller, Louis LeRoy • Furnish, James Gerald • Gabrish, Louis Alois - 66 Gagner, Loren Donald 55 Galati, Joseph Albert 66 Galarneau, Donald Tracy 100 Gallagher, John E. 66-116-117 Gallagher, Wilfred Cyril Galluzzo. James Joseph . Gango, George Walter .66 Gardner. Donald Williams .55 Gardner, Robert Lee 39-51 Gargan, Richard F. 66-109 Garlick. Arnold Laymon 83-104 Garnero. Robt. Dominic 55 GaiTen. John HoUis 83-154 Garrison. Orville George 83 GaiTOw. Jr. Leo Aloysius 66 Gary, Norman L. 66 Gassner, Robt. William 66 Oast, William Martin 55 Gaston, Robert William • Gatewood, Wesley E 22-50-98 Ganger, John Francis 66 Gehri, George Adolph _• Gellos, Louis John 55 George, Lavon Milton _55 Gerber, Jr., Joseph Roman.. 158 Not pictured. Geren, John Mathew —.55 Gertsen, Robert Joseph ,39 Gianotti, Joseph Charles 83 Gianoulias, Wm. LeRoy 66 Giansante. Bernard Thos 105 Gibbons. Thos. Michael 108 Gibson, Gene Gilbaugh. Herbert 55 Gilbertz, Robert James -- Gill. Donald Clifford --_ 83 Gill, Robert Harry 83 Gill, Robert Nelson 66 Gillette. Jr.. Virgil 66 Gillis, Donald Edward 55 Gillis. Joseph Hugh .66-97-136 Gilman, Frank Robert 39 Girvan. Terence LaMonte _.__55 Gix. James Joseph 83 Glascock, Donald D 56 Gleason. Jr.. Harry Eugene .._ " Glenn. Mahlon David 66 Goetze. Floyd Ehvood _ 83 Goft, Thomas Nagle Goldman. Richard Lyle _ 83 Goldsmith, Alan Frank. .66-118 Gomes, Jr., Fred Lafayette - 66-83-118 Gomm, George M. M 83 Gonrowski, Don Dean Goodrich, Eugene Phillip 66-150-151-152 Goodrich. Francis Bernard _ Gooley, Jos. Fred 22-109-118 Goralski. Leonard Stanley ...83 Gorman. Robt. Edward ..56-109 Gosser, Clayborune Gordon . Gould, Alvin Alfred 66 Graham, Donald William 66 Grammond, Maurice Roland.. Grant, Charles Timothy 67-129 Grant. Erwin Franklin Grass. Bernard Francis 67 Gray, Virgil John Grecco, Clifford F. -.67-116-117 Grecco, Frank George 67-110 Green, Robert Paul 109 Greene, John Edward 67 Greene, Robert Wayne Greenen, Wayne John 67-103 Gregersen, Franklin Ben. . 67 Gregg, Harold R. Greif, Rolland Gi-egory 109 Greig, Jack Francois 82-83-109-142-149 Grieg, Paul Alexander .109 Griffith. William Ai-fhur 22 Griffiths, Hugh Vance ... Grisley, Robert James 67 Gritzmacher, Ken. James . 31 Groat, Donald Billeter 56 Groat, Jr., Homer _ Groce. Walter R. 56 Groh, Robert Francis ...83-162 Groshong, Roderick Bruce GrosJacques, Leo Henry - - 97-144-145-147-154 Guglielmlno, A. Thos. Jr. 67 Guill, Albert Pembrooke 67 Guide. Glen Orville Gunderson, Mervin H. 56-109 Gustafson, Clifford 110 Gutierrez, Paul .83 Guynes, James Lot 67 Hachiya, Hiromichi Hiram 67 Hagen, Arthur „ 22 Hagerud, Robt. Spencer 67-118 Hagey, Richard Earl _ __.. 67 Haglund, Charles William .-83 Hahn, Lewis George ...83 Hahn, Richard Frederick Hale, Robert Wayne _ 67 Hall, Jack Bradford Hall, Raymond Allen 39 Halvorson, Omar William 39 Hambleton, Thos. McClellan .. Hamilton, H. J. Belton 56 Hammond, Howard Leland ,...67 Hamreus, Robert Gene 83 Handy. Harry Glenn Hango, Kenneth Alex. .67-109 Hanigan, Richard Hayden Hankenson, James Leonard __ Hannigan Daniel Patrick .83 Hannigan, Edward Roderick 56 Not pictured. Hannigan, Moses Michael 56 Hannigan, R. H. 57 Hansen, Glenn LaMont Hansen, Mervin WilUam 67 Hansen. Monnie Francis _ Hansen, Walter Vinton 67 Hanson, Har ' ey Gordon 56 Hanzen, Robert Allen 67 Haralampus, Angelos Geo. -.67 Hardisty, Harold Spencer ' Harman, Connel Edgar — 22-98 Harmon. William John -56 Harold, Robert Emmet 67 Harrington. Daniel Jos 67-68 Harris, Harlan Dexter , _...67 Harris, Robert Leo 56 Harris, Lynn Edward Harris, John Brenton 83 Harrison, Lawi ' ence F. 31 Hart, Donald Harold 67 Hart. Frank Edward 83 Hart, Jas. Albert ....67 Hartford, Donald Al Hartford, James Thos. .—83-142 Hartung, Dan Allen ..- -67 Hasenoehrl, Norbert - - - 83 Haskell, Vernon Dale 67 Haslett, William McArthur -.. Hasson, Lawrence Roy Hasson, Victor R. .....67 Hastings, David J -84-141 Hatcher, Charles William 84-109-142-160 Hatt, Joseph Michael 67 Hattrupp, Kenneth Paul 67 Haug. William Karl 67 Hauser, Robert F. 84 Hauth, Joseph Jas. - - ...67 Hauth, Fred Joseph - ....67 Hawe, Don R 31-108-129 Hawes, John Phy. .... Hawkenson, J. L 67 Haydon, Robert Ray .„. -84 Hayes, David Breingan Hayes, Robert Warren 56 Haynes, Oscar Moore Hays. Russell A Hazel, John Robert 141 Headrick, James Edward —56 Hebert, Jerome Charles 84 Heffernan. John E. -.68-73-152 Helm, Richard Leonard -. Helvey, Lamoine Albert 68 Henderson, Richard Hal 68 Hendricks, Gerald T. Henick, John Joseph 84-141-161 Heninger, Reo Bryce Henry. Robert Lewis 68 Herndon, Robert Hurley 84 Heston, Lyle Raymond Hetrick, John Heuvel, Harold James - -. Hickman, Bud - 97-137-138 Hicks, Gerald Duane 68-100 Hickson, Charles Hamilton ...56 Hiefield, Edward Afford 68 Hildenbrand. Gerald Dale . 84 Hill, Ivan Pearl ..-23-51-112 Hilliard, Wayne 68 Hinkhouse, Robert R. - Hirakawa, Roy T 56-103-109 Hirata. William Tsuyochi 84 Hirtzel. Donald Lowell - - 56 Hittner, Glenn William -.154 Hjelt, Edwin Herman 68 Hoch. Robert Dewey - Hochstatter. John Lawrence-68 Hodgson, Geo. Ed 84-108-118 Hoeschen, James Arthur 84 Hoff, Kenlock Hugh Hoff. Warren Mervin .68 Hotter, William Earl 138 Hoffman, John Adams Hoffstetter. WUliam F ... Hohler, John Macy 68 Holden, Donald J. Holden, Harold B. --97-i69-147 Holm, Chas. Blaine .23-56-113 Holm, Ed. Ray 68-113-115 Holmes, Richard Lloyd 84-116-117-126 Holland, David Andrew 68 Holland, Walter Herman 68 Hollcraft, Thomas Rav - 23 Hollingsworth, William 68 Hollister. Frank Winfield Hong. James Jimmie Hood, Douglas MacBeth 68 Hook, Lester Neal -. 56 Hopkins, Charles Drew Hopt, LeRoy K. - 84 Horst. Theodore Frank 51 Horton, Joseph William 68-118 . Hortsch, Everett Joseph 68 Hovind, Brenton Ronald — Howard, Dwain Arnold - - Howard, Robert Lee - - -— Howden, Rav Alvin 56 Howell, Hal " Keith -- .56 Hughes, Charles Wayne 84 Hughes, Jane - 122 Hughes, John Bernard - 84-109 Hughes, Richard Wm. 68 Hulme, Robert Henry .68-107 Humphrey, James Elmer 84 Hungerford. Vernon Eugene 56 Hunt, John Earl 84 Hunt. William, Jr. ...- -_ 68 Hunter, Keith Stanley ...56-118 Huseriz, Rudolph .... Hutchinson, Kenneth Earl .....68 Hutsell, Warren Lee 56 Hylton, Conrad Pershing . 23 Hyneman, Richard Loring 68 Hryciw, William Basil 68 lerulli, Samuel Michael Ingebrigtsen, Melbourne George 56 Innes, Irwin LeRoy Ireland, Ivan Ivor 68 Irvine, John M. .- Jackson, Francis Edgar -. 23-98 Jackson, Jerome Patrick 84-157 Jackson, Thomas Emerson - - Jackson, William Joseph 56 Jacobi, J. W. Charles- 68-157 Jacobs, Lawrence Clair Jalbert, Leo Joseph - - 84 Jali, Marie Anne 68-116-117-119-122 James, Don Waldo ...68 Jaques, Jr., Franz Eugene Jarvie, Raymond Marshall 84 Jasper, Joseph Casper . 56 Jeffries, William Bradley Jenkins, Wilbur George - 23 Jensen, Harold Robert. - 84 Jenkins, Charles William -. - . Jensen. Robert LaMar 68 Jeter, Hazen Boyd, Jr 56 Jiroch, John Neal 68 Johnson, Arthur Jimmy 68 Johnson, Donald LeRoy 68 Johnson, Einar Inguald 39 Johnson, George Homer 23-99 Johnson. Harold Eugene 84 Johnson, H. A - 23 Johnson, Horton Bernard - 68 Johnson, Jay Charles 109 Johnson, Rodney Clarence 84 Johnston, Frank H., Jr 56 Johnston. Robert Lawrence .68 Johnston, Robert Lincoln.- Jolley, John Jay 69-109-141-156 Jones, Robert Edward. - 56 Jones, William Joseph 23 Jordon, Kenneth Stanton 84 Judd, Robert Wayne Kaga, Shoji Kambich, William 97-137 Kanas. John - - 56-110 Karas. John Andrew - 84 Karlstrom, Albin - - 69 Karlstrom, Ai ' vid Nels 69 Kaufman, Leonard Issac 56 Kaufman, William Edward Kavanaugh, Morris Edward.... Kavanaugh, William Charles 56 Kawashima, Gaylen Seiji 84-149 Kayl, Robert Joseph Keala, Samuel Louis 84-109 Kearney, Robert Paul— 69-156 Keenan, Richard James -84 Keep, Richard James.— ..69 Keith, Donald Lee Kelleher, John Patrick. ..69 Keller, Milton Herman 84 Keller. William M 39-112 Kelley, Bret Kelly, David Daniel - .. - 69 Kelly, Donald Francis 56 Kelly, James Thomas 69 Kelly, Warren Wayne Kemnitz, Gustave William.- Kennedy, Patrick John 69 Kennedy, William Joseph 56 Kennevick, Jack Carl 84 Kent. John Dennis Keppinger, Leo Urban ...154 Kern, Maynard Steven ... 69-99 Kerstiens, Eugene Joseph 84-113 Kester, Floyd Clarence 69 Keys, David William 40 Keys, James Michael - - - King, Arthur William 69 King, Frederick Nathaniel -.. 84 King, George Robert 84-108 King, Kenneth Donald 69 King, Philip Lloyd 84-109 Kinne, Veryl Donald... .-. 65 Kimberley, Charles Frederick 84-101 Kirkland, John ... 69 Kirschner, Fred Curtis Kitson, Roderick Worthington -.69 Kittner, Frank Jack -„ 84 Kjos, Kermit Lamar .69 Kleffner, Louis Anthony 69-99 Kler, Gordon Ernest -. 84 Klinger, Lawrence J 84 Knapp, Richard James Michael Knieriem, George Ferguson 69 Knopf, E. G 23 Knopf, Harold Melvin 56 Kocarnik, Robert Joseph 69 Koch, Edward Francis 57 Koho, Ben Harry 69 Kolibaba, Robert Louis 57 Koontz, Lawrence Robert Kott, Lawrence Eugene Kramer. Larry Gaskins Kraus, Robert Milton 23 Kreft, Ernest Theodore 69 Kreischer, Louis William 69 Kretchmer, LeRoy Matthias — Kreutzer, Edward Lawrence 69 Kuchler, John Harold - 69-116-117 Kunze, Waldo Frederick - Kurth, James Edwin 69-100-128 La Du, Robert Richard -85-103 Lahman, R. 85 Lair, Joseph Edward Lake. Robert Gordon 57 Lakefish, Jack Phillip 23-98 Laliberte, Theodore Thomas 110 Lamb, Allen .— 23 Lamb, Richard Arthur 40 Lamb, William Raymond 69 Landstrom, Carl William ...85 Lane, Charles Russell 69 Lane, Cyril Walter —69 Lane, William 69-113 Lang, Charles John 57 Lange, Erwin F Lantz, Elton Loyd 147-149 La Pierre, Thomas Henry La Pore, Henry Frederick La Porte, Victor Hal - 23-48-50-52-95-97 Larkins, Walter James 69 Larsell, David Arthur.. 57 Larsell, Richard Alan 57 Larson, Russell Ruben Larson, Walter Ruben 40-130 Lassell, Donald Joseph Lassley, Keith Ellsworth 85 Lau, Thomas Kwock Liu 85-108 Lauby, Joseph Henry. 69-77 Laursen, Harry Leon Lavelle, Martin John 69 LaValley, Richard William 85 Lawhead, Earl Thomas 69 Lawler, Lawrence Tebbs 69 Layton, Irvin - 57 Leary, James Parnell 69 Leavy, Edward John - LeBrun, Paul — 85 LeDoux, Bernard John lev Aim Boy ° Marcs, John C ' lemmens Lee! Fred H. 144- 145- 14(i-147 23-95-106 Lee, Riiymoiid Sims 70 Maiion, Albert Joseph " Legale, Alviii Carl " Markell, James Edward 85 Lehman. John We.dler 57 arkinK. Ka.s,K-r Carroll 75 Lehmann. Hichard hugeiie u » • • ,.,.,,. „. Leichner. Elmer S7 Marks, David William 85 Leichner. Robert " Marlowe, Thomas Abram Leitritz, Robert Wesley H5 Marshello, Donald L juis Leonard, Robert Paul TO 85-103-105-142 Leonelli, Leo Philip 85-101 Mar-hello. Joseph F ' -ayt- ' s Lcong, James K. Y. 85-lOK ,. ' ' ' 2? ' nQ Leopold. Irving Jerome 70-127 Martin, Allan Donald 85-09 Leptich. Joseph William Martin, Gene Arnell " 0-ll« 85-116-117-122 Martin, Lawrence Thomas 85 Levellie, Donald Harry 70 Martin. Raymond Charles Levellie, Kenneth Henry 70 24-109 Leverman, Lawrence Joseph Martin. Walter LeRoy • 57-98-99-113 Mai tini. Gildo John 85 Lewis. William Wells " Martini. Harry William Lichtgarn. Wayne Masic, Tom Lloyd 71 Lien Dexter Gilbert 70 Masterson, John Patrick 85 Lien Kenneth Morris 70-159 Mathews, W. H. 85-157 Lindley Willard Eugene 70 Matschiner, John Thomas Lindstlom, Melvin Konrad 70 71-116-117-123 Linklater Edward Jordan Mattecheck, Robert Jas. Linn, Lloyd Albert 70 85-109-158 Little. Edward John Matthews, Robert Wayne 142 70-150-151-152 Matus. Stanley Joseph Little John Patrick 70 Mayer, Donald Joseph " Liu Charles K. 139 Mayer, Edwin Eugene. Jr. Livesay. Stanley Elden 70 Mazurosky, Sam Leon 85 Lochhead, Jack McDonald Mazzocco, David Ernest Lockwood James Herman Mazzocco, Victor Ernest 40 Lohman, Robert ' McAvoy, Don James 147 Lomnicki, Joe John 70 McCabe, James G. ' Lomsky, Stuart Martin 70 McCaffery, James Richard 85 Long Douglas Balcoin . TO McCall, Charlie Arthur Long Jr. Thomas Patrick McCall, Jerry Woodford 71 Longo Michael Anthony 85-142 McCarthy, Donald Jas. 71-126 Lord Raymond Charles 70 McCarthy. John Tracy Lorentz John Ambrose TO McCarthy. Robert Patrick Lorentz. Thomas Conrad TO 5T-101-112-lo9 Louiso. Gerald E. McCarty, Charles Patrick oT Love Robert Villiers 85-109 McCarty, Richard William Lowery Joe Forrest TO McCarty, Thomas Byron Tl-104 Lowery! Vernon Gavle TO McCoy, Wesley Douglas Lucas, Leonard Frank 31 McCoy, Wilbur Allen Luckeroth. Paul Robert -- TO McCoy, William 57-99 Ludeman, Robert Ervin . - 35 McCracken, John Robert Ludviksen Lester Paul -23 McCuUy, James Victor Luizzi. Frank Edward 85-155 . ._. 57-102-116-117-123-130 Luizzi, Nicholas Victor ..... . ' - ' ■ McDonald, Finley Joseph 157 Lumber, John Ronald. . .... TO McDonald. George Delmere Lundberg, R. W. 5T McDonald, Howard Vincent " Lundstrorii, Kenneth Roger ... McDonald, Jas. Lawrence ... 24 Lynch, Daniel Edward .70-138 McDonald. James Patrick ... Tl Lyons, ' Andrew Edward 5T McDonald. Patrick Joseph Lyons Paul Joseph 40 McDonnell, Patrick Joseph . Tl McDowell, Dolph Gammack . MacArthur, Donal Alan.. McFarlane, John Ri chard " MacArthur, Norman Currie .. 32 McGinnis, Hugh Edgar 24-99 MacDonald, Jerry Farrell McGowan. Jack Edward 108 TO-98-108-116-11T-158 McGrath, Kenneth, Thomas ... " MacDonald. Patricia Lou McGuiger, Leo ... 154 85-113-116-117-122 McGuirk, Walter Thomas 85 MacGowan. Bruce Ian.-. 57 McHargue, Leonard Herbei-t .. Macias, Manuel Jato 85 McHugh, Donald Wilbur 57 Mackey. Walter Logan .... 70-99 McHugh, Robert Joseph ... Tl Mackin, William Daley 57 McKay, Robert Allen . . 141 MacNeill, Mary Tere.-a ... McKechnie, Norman David Madden, John Rumelin . .... .. .... 85-147-149 Madden, Robert Joseph ... 70 McKee, Harold Ray Madden, Roger Miller. 57-86-154-155 Maggard, Rolland Edward 57 McKee. Jack Scott Maguigan. Leo Eugene McKellar. Robert Forte 57 Maks, Stephen Wayne TO McLaughlin. Jess Edward ... . Malarkey. Robert Daniel 85 McMahon. Hugh Joseph 71-102 Malberg. Vernon Kermith... 85 McMaster. Randolph Joseph ... Maleta, George Vincent... McMullen. Michael Warren . Mallon. Joseph Anthony 40 McMurran. Lewis Archer... 71 Mallon, Michael Brendan. McMurran. Robert Lowry 71 Malone. John Joseph 85 McPherson. Charles Alexander Maloney. John Patrick 86 Malveg. Nick John 57-118 McQuiggin. Robert Edward 86 Mammoser. John Joseph 57 Meckley. Roy Henry Manion. James John 32-51-14T Medeiros, Melvyn Joseph 86 Manion, Larry J. 16-156 Meechan, James Robert Tl Manion. Robert Joseph 85-109 Meechan, Richard J. 57-97-108 Manni. Jake Wayne 57-97-138 Meeve. Jack Elson ' Manning, Gene Lawrence 85 Mehlig, Kenneth Lee 71 Manning. Raymond Lewis 70 Melchoir, John Nicklas 71 Mardesic, S.G. 116-117 Melone, Rudolph Joseph Marek, Bernard Norbert TO Tl-lOT-124-125 Mcnalh, James Harold 86-141-149-157 Mengon. Wm. Birkett 86 Mcnicosy. Don Edward 86 Menstell, Robert Philip 71 Mercer, Basil Williams 71 Mercer, Ray Alfred Merck. Melvin Joseph 71 Merkle. Horace Joseph 57-95-99-126 Merrick. Robert Louis 71 Mertz. Ronald Dean 71 Merz. Stanley Emil 71 Messmakcr. Raymond Ronald 86-147 Mestrich. Chris Paul 71-109-113 Metcalfe. Robert Bertram 32 Meussdorffer, John Charles • Meyers. E. 85 Michel. Harold Arthur 71 Mickelson. Donald J. 71 Mikolavich, Ivan Paul 24 Milich. Stephen Eugene 71 Miller. CurUs Daniel • Miller. Dale Robert • Miller. Donald Joseph 24 Miller. James Leonard . . 57 Miller, Keith Louis . 57 Miller. Marvin Merle 86 Miller, Richard Leroy . • Miller, Thomas Alfred 86 Miller, Walter Anton 86 Milloy, Jas. Anthony . 86-108 Mills, Jas. Matthews 86 Mills, John Cornelius 57-108 Mills. Raymond Vincent Mims, Robt. Forrest 57 Misley, Robert Frank 86 Mitchell. Winston Applewhite 158 Moe, Gerald Eugene . . 71-157 Moe. Ralph 71 Moffenbeier, Donald Lee 86 Mohr. Gustave Renold 24 Mollahan, Robert Patrick ..... 86 Monaghan, Thomas John 71 Monahan, Jeremiah Mortimer 141 Monfils, Paul Henry... .... ...57 Monks. Robert Joseph Montgomery. Donovan Lee . Moodcnba ' a..?h. Arnold Henry ° Moody, James Sullivan Moore. Charles Henry Jr. .. 57 Moore, Chester Maneiy .110 Moore, Earl Clifford " Moore, John Leo 71-116-117 Moore, Paul R. Moore. Ralph P 71-122 Moore, Robert Harold 86 Moore. Robert William 71 Moore, Warren L. Moran. Lawrence William 57 Mordaunt, R. W 57-99 JMordaunt. William R 86 Morgan, Daniel Francis 71 Morin, Edward Anthony 71-116-117-122 Morin, Lawrence Ambrose 86 Morris. Frank Melvin . .71 Morris, Robert Newton 86-108 Morrison, Este . " Morrison, Harold Lester Morrison. John Edward 71 Moshofsky. Jerome Francis 72 Mosley. Calvin Howard 72-109-113 Mossman. Melvin Edward _. 86-141 Moulton. William S Moy. Richard 86 Mozzanini. John Seraphine 40 Muir. Robert Henry Muir. Richard Alfred Mulhern. Maurice Patrick 72-97-143-154 Muller. Paul Philip 86 Mullineaux, Donald Eugene 86 Mummey, Thomas Wayne.. 57 Munley. Nixon Evans 86 Munro. William Ronald 24 Murakami, Herben Junichi 109 Murdock. James George 57-102 Murdock. James Lewis 72 Murphy, John Joseph 57-101 Murphy. Patrick Claire • Murphy. Robert T 72-100-128 Muthersbaugh. Wallace Philip 24 Myers, Edward William 72-136 Nagl. Morris William 72 Nakagawa. Bunzo 57-112 Napier, James L uis 72-109 Napier, William Vincent 72-109 Narcy, Richard Daniel 72-98 Nase. Richard Exiward 72 N.-iva. Stephen Vincent • Neal. Thomas Clinton 57 Neigel, George Anthony . 57 Nelson, Richard Donald • Nemarnich. Emil 72-105 Nemser. Arlan Victor 32 Neuville. James Thomas 72-107 Newdall. Merril Owens 72 Newman, Harry 86 Newman. James Martin 58-125 Nickell. Harold R. 86 Niebuhr. Philip Edward 32 Niebuhr. Walter John 72 Niedermeyer. Daniel H. 86 Niehuser, Joseph Paul 156 Nielsen. Lawrence C. .. 58 Nishikawa. Joseph Johbu ...86 Nitschke. Robert Stanley _ • Nizic. Chris Joseph 86 Nizich, George Chris 24-99 Nudo, David LawTence 86 Nulph. Clarence Eugene. . 72 Nuss. William Dean 86 Nye. Robert Leo 86 Oba. Juneus Tetsu 58 Oberweiser. John E. 58-97-138 O ' Brien. Edward Peter 58-126-127 OBrien. Harold LeRoy 58 O ' Brien. James 72 O ' Brien. James Andrew 86 O ' Brien. Keith Edward 86-118 Ochs. Robert John 58 O ' Connell, William Patrick 86-109 O ' Connor. Eugene Thomas 37 O ' Connor. Sister M. Calliste • O ' Connor. Thomas Edward 72 O ' Donnell. James Lawrence 72 O ' Donnell. James Patrick 72 O ' Donnell, John Lawrence 109-142 O ' Donnell, Louis William 87 O ' Donnell. Thomas Mathew O ' Donovan. Patrick Alexander o Ogle, Robert Mark _72 O ' Hanlon. James Barry _. 87 O ' Harrow, Joseph Robert 87 O ' Hearn. Donald Patrick 72-118 O ' Leary. John Thomas .72 O ' HoUaren. James Lawrence " O ' Hollaren. Paul J 72 Olsen. Norman Wendell Olsen. Wavne Arnold 72 Olson. Charles Harold 109 Olson. John Joseph 87-109-118 O ' Meara. Joseph Edward ... O ' Neill. Donald George 58 O ' Neill. Jack Edward 58 Onishi. Kenji 72 Oppel. David Fortune • Oreskovich. John Jr. 72 Oreste. Rav Joseph • Orser. Howard C 122 Orth. Clifford Francis " Orth. Richard Joseph 72 Orth. Robert Gerald 40-113-115 Orwig. Gordon Edwin . 24 Osborn. H 108 Oswald. Harrv Warren 87 Otte. Albert Robert... Oules. George James • Owen. Herbert Rodnev 72-108-149-154 Owens. Fred Hills 72-133-139 Owens. Hem-y Joseph 72 Owens. Richard Vern 58-98 Padden. Thomas Joseph .72 Palumbis. Pete Jerry « Pangares. Clarence Stanley ._. • Not pictured. Pappalardo, Philip Robert 141 Park, Robert Scott Parker, Thomas Brandon Parmater, Russell Ross — 142 Parnas, Robert Leonard 72-110 Parsons, Hubert Frank Parsons, Lysle Harrah Partipilo, Jane Louise Letzia Partrige, Peter Stanley 72-109 Patterson. Jr., Victor 87 Paullin. Beryl Donald 73 Paulson, Richard Velmer Paustain, Frank B. 147-154 Paveskovich, Vincent J. .40-97 Payne, Robert Donald 73 Peacock, Kenneth Warren .. 73 Peake, Leslie Rudolph 24-98-118 Peccia, James Michael ...73 Peizner, Max Irving _ 87 Peizner, Richard Zanley Pendergrass, William Richard Penna, Enrico 87-105 Perelle. Jr., Joseph 73-100-128 Perkins, Edward Brent _ .._ 87 Perreira. Roy J. 97-109-133-138 Persons, William Thomas ... 73 Petcoff ,Evan Dancho 24 Petcoff, Petco Dancho 24-98 Peters, John Ludemann 58 Petersen, George Henry 158 Petersen, Jon Paul 73 Petersen, Kenneth .. Petersen, Robert Carl .. 87 Peterson, David Ellsworth ...77 Peterson, Jack Dewayne Petix, Robert Flip " 73 Petrasso, Eugene Robert Petros, Peter Michael .105-142 Peyralans, Jean Raymond . 73 Phelps, Donald D. Phelps, Robert Eugen 58 Phillips, Elton Clifford 58 Phillips, William Isaac, Jr. .73 Philpotts, Clarence George 141 Phipps, Donald Gene Pickel, Bernard 144-147-148-158 Pienovi, Andrew A. 97-154 Pierson, Ralph Duane 24-98-99 Pillette, Basil James Pillette, Thomas Edward .... Piluso, Robert Emil Pitzer, Philip Edward .... Pizzano, Robert Arthur 85-87 Pizzo, James R. 73-107-126-127 Pletka, Robert Anthony Plymale, Ben Telfer " 32 Poetz, Charles Legal 73 Polich, Edward Lawrence 58-73 Polich, Patrick Joseph 73-154 Polich, Robert Paul .24-97-154 Pomeroy, Warren Everett 73 Popma, Jewett Eugene 25 Popps, Raymond August 73 Porter. David D. .58-100-128 Portin, Lloyd Oberg .. 73 Posedel, Robert Joseph 73-158 Potestio. Joseph 25 Poteslio, Mauro F. 73-105 Potwin, Bruce Temple Powell, Richard Gordon . 73 Powers, Joseph F. 58-101-129 Powers ,Raymond Francis 73 Prentice, John Robert .... 87 Prentice, Robert Theodore 87 Priel, John Miles . 25-98 Prihar, Aleck Alfred ... 58-98 Pritchard, John Barry 73-139 Propst, Robert Lisle 87 Puis, Norman Otto 87 Purpura, Bob August .. Quinlan, Dean Gerald 58-99 Quinlan, Frank Joseph ... 58-99 Quinn, James Andrew 87-109 Quinn, Maurice Harold, Jr.... 73 Quinn, Phillip Thomas Rabbe, John Henry Jr .. Rader, Paul Andrew 87-154 Raglione, Ugo W. ... 58-112-129 Ramp, Rodney Marcelus .. 73 Ramsey, Milton Dean . . Rapacz, Marion Richard 87-118 Rash, Charles Loren .79-87-95 Rask, Paul Joseph 58-113-125-126-127 Ray, Eugene L. 73-116-117-122 Re, Jerry Peter 32-50-112 Reardon, Joseph Eugene 87-109 Redus, Willard James . ...73-99 Reed, Thomas William 73 Reed. William Rich .. Reilly, Robert Hammond . Reischman, Robert Raymond 81 Reischman, William Charles 73 Remington, R. J. 125 Remus, Lawrence William Renner, Anton 87 Renner, Joseph Ralph 73 Reverman, Robert Clair 87 Rhea, Earl James 73 Riback, Irwin Nathan 73-161 Ribble, Theodore William Rice. George Theodore 73 Richard, George Arthur ...73 Richards, M. .. 58 Richenstein, Leo Manuel 73 Richmond, Harry Hugh, Jr. .... Riedl, Francis Anthony Rieschman B, 129 Ries, John Daniel . 16 Rigutto, Roy Rinella, Salvatore Anthony .58 Riordan, James Grattan . " Rischiotto, Archille Frank 73 Ritchey, George William .. 58 Robbins, James G.. Jr. Robbins. Lee Wilbur . 25-98 Roberg, Richard Francis - Roberti. Constance Ann 74-105-113-116-117-122 Robertei, P. C. 47 Roberts, Clarence Leland 87 Robertson, Theodore Marcus Robinson. John Bane 58 Rochon, Don Joseph . 136 Rogan, Grant Richard 74 Rogers, Bruce _ 74 Rogers, Charles William 87 Rogers, Robert Dean 58 Rogers, Gaylord Frank Rohwer, Richard Joachim 87 Rome, Ben 157 Rooen, Howard James 109 Rooklidge, Chester H. 157 Roos, Jack Martin 74 Rose, James Rodney 87 Roslund, Ferdinand Louis ... 87 Rossiter, John Edward 74 Roth, Jerome Marvin Roth, Nicholas John 74 Rousos, George Steve 58 Routtu, Albert Archie R. 74 Rowley. Richard Francis 74 Rudarmel, Jack Lewis 58 Ruggeri. Wallace Andrew 74 Runni ng, Neil Henry 74 Rusche, Robert Joseph 74 Ruscitti, Vincent Nicholas 74 Rush, Harold Jean 74 Russell, George Wylie 58 Ryan, Ernest Maurice 74 Ryan, Frederick F. J. 87 Ryan .George Joseph 102-104 Ryan, Joseph Edward ... 74 Ryan, Leon Jerry Ryan, Patrick Merrill 25-97-98-125-143 Ryan, William Joseph 74 Ryel, Harold James .. . 74 Rylander, Clarence Charles .74-102-105-107-124-125-161 Sacomano, John Joseph 56-58 Sadilek, Robert Albin 87-107 Sakai, William Yoshio 87 Sakelaris, Gus John 25 Sakrison .Melvin Charles .. Salerno, Dario Romeo 25 Samson, Katambayan 74-87 Sanders, Harry Savidge, Robert Lyle 88 Savoy, Douglas Eugene .88 Saxton, Philip George 74 Scarino , Mario Peter 58-98 Schaeffer, Charles R., Jr. 74-98 Schaer, Raymond John 88-118 Schatz, Paul Peter . Schatz, Victor Bernard 25-48-52 Schaubel, Richard Henry 8 Schechtel. Edward Anton ... 74 Schedler, Kenneth R. ... 74-161 Scheetz, Richard Bernard 74 Schibel, John Wallace Schiebel, Paul 58 Schiffbauer, Robert V. 88 Schile, Cyril Michael 58-98 Schlichting, Robert Wallace 58 Schlossberg, Elias . Schmeer, Robert William, Jr. Schmidt, Earl Joseph 74 Schneider, Eugene 88 Schneider, Philip Charles ....74 Schneidmiller, Richard F..... 88 Scholl, Henry Robert 74 Schomer, James Watson Schrag, Edwin John 88 Schreiber, James Daniel 74 Schrieber, Kenneth R. 88 Schriever, Frederick Stephan Schukart. Jack Ronald ... 58-99 Schulstad, Walter Julius 74 Schultz. Sterling Donald ..... Schuman. Donald George . 25 Schuster. Allan A. 58-99-161 Schutz, John Henry .74 Schwerdt, Paul Jacob 58-116-117 Schwitter, James J. 88 Scott, George James 32 Scott, Marvin Jay 25-50- 97-147-149 Seal. Kenneth R. .....74 Seidl, Anthony Emanuel .40 Selenius, Roy Hjalmar Selliken, Thomas Lafe .... 74 Self, Edward James 74-159 Sells, William Paul . . 75 Semmens, John Edward 77-109 Senechal, Edmund William ... 75 Satvin, Melvin Joseph .....75 Shank, Stanley Edward Shannon, Burton Howard .... Shapkin, Sanford Morgan .... Sharkey. John Thomas 58-118 Shaw, Donald James 88 Sherman, Joseph Aloysius 75 Sheckler, Kerman Arthur .75 Sherman, Jerome Ai-nold 88 Sherman, Sidney Manuel 75-161 Sherrill, Marvin Kenneth Shields, Howard Aaron 25 Shields, Orville Allen 25-52-139 Shisler, William Richard 58-122 Shoemaker, Carl Vern II 25 Sholaas, Robert Edward 58-100 Sholian, Dan Joseph Shults, Reginald Porter 75 Sills, Jack Daniel 75 Sills, Willys Milton Simon, John Joseph 75 Simpson, James E. Simpson, William Herbert 88 Sims, Earl Clayton 75 Sinclair. Edward Frederick 25 Sinclair, Kimbal M, 75-105-107 Singer, Edward John 75 Sinner, Alvin Henry 75-104 Sinner, Edwin Adam 75-104- 116-117 Skelley, Grant Teasdale 40- 50-95-106-130 Skelton, George William 88 Skonetzni, Leonard Joseph 25 Slaney, Donald Geoi ' ge Slenning, Charton Stephen 75 Smalley, Robert Rowan .... 75 Smith, Alvin Marion 59 Smith, Carl Eugene .75 Smith, Claude Isadore Smith. Darrell Forrest 59 Smith, Donald James .. Smith, Harold Carlyle 59 Smith, Hubert Jess 75 Smith. Phillip Wayne Smith, Robert Anthony .... Smith, Thomas Joseph 88-125 Smith, Vincent Norris Smith, William W. 88-142-160 Smythe. Robert Hugh Sneed, Richard Edward , Snyder, John Carl 88 Sohler. Robert Lee 88 Sonderen, James Bernard . . 88 Sonnhalter. John F. 97-133-137 Sono, Tom Fumio 88 Soranno, Michael A. 59-60 Sorber, Andrew Eugene 88 Soriano, Michael ■■ ' Soter, Chris Nick 88 Soter, Samuel A. 59-98 Souza, James 88-109-141 Sowell, Richard Chester 88-161 Sparrow, Hubert L. 75-104 Sparrow, John A. 88-104 Spear, John Patrick Spear, Robert Anthony 75 Speciale, Mickele R. 59-60 Spencer, Robert Bruce ... . 75 Spitznagel, Walter F .75-154 Splawn, Ray Merle 88 Springer, Eugene Collins Stahl, Homer J. 75 Staight, Paul Eylar ...75 Stangel, Ben,iamin Charles . 32 Stanton, Stanley Ancil 88 Stark, Robert Joseph Stark, Thomas James 75 Steele, Thomas Edward 59 Stephens, Charles Glenn 88 Stephens. Ray Hugh 59 Stephenson, Lloyd Thomas 75 Sterling, Wallace Byram 25 Sterrett, John Lagow Stevens, Donald James 99 Stevens. Robert Louis Stevenson. Jack David 75 Stewart, James Craig 26 Stewart. Thomas H. 150-151-152 Stocker, Gordon Edward .. 75 Stoering, Jennings Peter 59-119 Stoering, Neil Allen 75-118 Stoffer, Leonard Ernest 88 Stolica, Michael A. Stoltz, Ralph Norman 77 Stone. Robert Lamoine 75 Strand. Robert Martin Strange. Frank Bolin 75 Straub, Louis Anthony 59 Sturm, Robert Darrell Sugahiro, Yamato Larry 88 Sullivan, Arlo Merton ...59 Sullivan, Daniel Donald Sullivan. Edward Lawrence . 75 Sulivan, Maurice Matthew 75 Sullivan, William J. 76-103-112 Sundberg, Donald Edgar Super. Don Cloyce 76 Swaggerty, David Sylvester 88 Swaggerty, James Raymond 76 Swan. Andrew James Sweatt, Lytle Owen 88 Sweeney, James Joseph 88-97 Sweeney, John Francis . 76 Sweeney, John Gregory 88-142 Sweeney, William Micheal 59-109-137 Sweet, Darrell Howard 76-124 Sweet, Earl Spencer Svilar, Robert 97-139 Sykes, George Eldon 76 Sykes, Joseph George .. Tabler, Benjamin Edward Talbott, John Theadore 76 Tarpenning, Floyd Truman Taylor, Allen Clarence 76 Taylor, Frank Everett . 59 Taylor, Riley Raymond 76 Taylor, Russell Milton 76 Temple, Thomas Hugh Tercek, Raymond Andrew Terraglio, Frank Peter Tetherow. Robert Clarence... .76 Thalhofer, Robert Lawson -76-108-116-117-124-125-158 Thayer, James Harvey Thibodeau, Kenny Joseph .... 76 Thielen, James Adrian 59-95-106-107-124-158 Thomas. Hubert Louis 89 Thomas , Richard Joseph .. 89 Thompson, Forest Garnet ... 76 Thompson, Lovic Lloyd 89 Thompson, Norman Anchor ... Thompson, Perry Elwood Thompson. Robei-t Edmund Thompson, Warren Harry ' Not pictured. Thompson. Alan Charles " Thorndike, James Everett 59 Tidwell, Roy Lewis • " Tilden. Richard Glenn Tobias, Thomas Robert 89 Tone, Bernard Leslie 130 Tontz, Charles Eugene 76 Tool, Stephen Thomas 76-158 Tracy, Richard Edmond 89 Trautin, B. 108 Trautwein, Albert Joseph 156 Treacy, Joseph Paul Trout, George Dixon 76 Troy, John Stephen 76-137-138 Troyer, John Philip 176 Troyer, William Lawrence • Tucker, Bernard Neal 89 Tufts, Raymond Charles 76 Turin, Louis Morilio 76 Turina, Donald Joseph 147-149 Tyrone, Ray 104-110 Ugar, Michael Joseph 26 Ulbricht, Walter Joseph 89- 11 8 Ulven, Melroy Frederick 26 Underdahl. Leif Herbert 150 Underbill, David Joseph 59-95-108-109-123-125 Unger. Thomas E. 97-109-137 Unger, Tomasz Wiktor Utz, Frederick R. 76-97-137-138 Utz. Vernon Neal 89 Valley, Leonard Coleman 89 Van Bramer, Clair Gordon Vanden Biesen, James L 89 Vanderbeck, Eugene Albert 76 Vanelli, Eugene John Van Hoomissen, Peter Vincent 76-113-157 Vanikiotis, James Theodore 89 Vanikiotis, Nicholas A 76 Vanikiotis. Pete A. 40-110-112 Van Meer, Neil Roy - 76 Velaga, John Abraham . Venuti, Carl Emil " Vetterlein, Robert James 76 Veys. Maurice Rene 59 Vidoni. John Leonard 65-76-96 Vinyard, Kenneth E. • Vistica, Edward Anthony 47 Volpe. John Samuel. Jr. 89 Von Borstel, Norman Carson 32 Voorhees, Stephen Augustus 53-59-95-97 Vranizan, Anthony Edward 59 Vreeland, Donald Kenneth 89-112-161 Vreeland, Karl E. 89 Vreeland, Oliver H. 59-129-161 Vreeland, Robert W. 89 Vuksich, Rudolph Anthony 59 Vuylsteke, Allen George 76-109 Wadsworth , Francis Allan . 76 Wait, Charles Nicholas 26-99 Walden, Phillip S. 89-118 Walker, Richard Craig 76 Walker, Robert Jerome 89 Wall, Edwin Arthur 26 Wall, John Alfred Jr. 59 Wallo .Edward .73 Walrod, Fenimore Franklin 76 Walsh, Donald Edward 76 Walsh. Edward Patrick Walton. Denzil Ree 89 Wanamaker. Donald Wilfred 76 Warden. Joseph Lindsay 77 Warmuth. Joseph Wilson 89 Warolin. Leonard Clarence 89 Warring. Theodore Franklyn 89 Washtok. Donald Bruce 77 Waters. Donald Roderick 77-109 Watkins. William Edward 26 Watt. Alan Donald 89 Watt. James Edward 59 Watt. John Neil 89 Weatherill. Leslie Owen 59 Webb. Gene Emery _ 89 Weber. Albert Francis _ 89 Weber. Charles Henry .89 Webster, Marshall Clark Webster. Robert Ward Weepie. Richard Leo 59 Wegener. Edward Paul 89-160 Weigant, Kasper Emil 77 Weimer, Lawrence Fred Weinbaum, Edward Murray 77 Weinstein, Edward A. 89 Weir, Richard Lloyd Weisenfluh, Merlyn Arnold 59 Weismandel, Robert A. • Weitzel. Edward Fred 77 Welch, James Joseph 77 Welch .John Quentin 89 Welch, Thomas Kelley 26 Weller, Wilfred P. 77 Wells, Richerd Lee 77 Wendel, Arietta Joan 89-105-113-116-117-122 Wendland, Charles Allen • Wenzl, Donald E. 75-89 West, William Nelson 26-48-50-95-98-112 Westerman. Wallace B. 77-98 Wetmore. Robert William 59 Wetzler, Theodore Francis • Whaling. James Albert Whitbread. Hugh A. White, Edward O. 59-125-153 Wiant. Garry John • Widdows. Glen Walter • Wiederhold. Milton P. 89 Wiesmann. Robert John . • Wiggins. Billy Clyde 160 Wiglesworth .Victor Thayer 32 Will. William Frederick .. Williams. Charles Henry 77 Williams Donald Arthur 77 Williams. Gerald Leland Williams, Howard Roy 59 Williams, Myron Douglas 52-77-97-138 Williams. Ronald Leon 75-89-109-119 Williams, William, Jr. 77 Williamson. Marvin Albert 59 Willson. Richard Barrett 59-105 Wilson. Dallas Woodrow 77 Wilson. David Karl 77 Wilson, Donald Ray • Wilson. Ivon Argel 77 Wilson, Jack Louis 77 Wilson, William Choury 32 Winter, John William 77 Winters, Jackson Lee 143-145-146-147-148 Wirfs, Lawrence Frederick 59 Wisecarver, Earl Gladstone 77 Wisner. Robert James • Wissbaum, Larry Lee • Withers, Robert Harrison 26 Witty, Lee Thomas _59-118 Wolff, Diedrich 77-105 Wolfgram, Gordon LeRoy 89-109-141-149 Wood. George Leo, Jr. 59-108-116-117 Wood, Howard Joseph • Wood, Roland D. 89 Woodcock, Donald A. 77 Woodcock, William Chapin 59 Woodward, Wayne Everett .77 WooUey, Alan Mailhot . • Wordehoff, Norman Dewey 77 Wortman. Kenneth 77 Wridge, Spencer D. 141-143-147 Wright. George Olcott 26 Wright. Lawrence William 26 Wyatt. Calvin Melvern 77 Wynkoop, Leonard Alan 59 Yarnell. Edward Jay 59 York. Roger Franklin 32 Young. Kenneth Eugene 89 Youngberg, Raymond L. 77-118 Younie, John W. 77-150-151-152 Zanotto, Robert Primo 77 Zavrsnick, William Richard 77 Zell, Loyal Truman 26 Zeller. Jr.. Phillip James ...77 Zenner. Sister Mary Philip • Zimmerman. Theodore E. 89 Zook. John Edwin 77 Zvarich, Rudolph Harry 89 Zygar. Julius • COLLEGE OF NURSING Adams. V. W. Albi. J. M Allen. I. C. Alley. V. Anderberg. R. K. Arthur. E. M 45-101-129 .-62 .101 ...45 ...62 Baker, A. M. 62-116-117 Balme, R. C. 80 Basset, G 87 Bates. E. L. 80 Bendure. A. I. 80 Benson. F. L. Bergin. T. M. Besser. J. D. 54 80 Bickford. C. E. 45-112-116-117 Bingham. M. E .45 Block. B. A 63-80 Bolf. C. A .._ 80 Bovce.G.M. 62-63-94-96-116-117 Buckshnis. J. 80-87-116-117 Burkhalter. G. R 80 Busch, J. M 63-116-117 Burr, H 81-88-116-117 Camus, D. M 81 Gates. J. L 81-116-117 Christenson. S. 64-70 Christy. M. E 80-81-87-94- 116-117 Clairmont, M. P. 64 Coates, R. G .64-116-117 Connell. J. C. 81-116-117 Coons. P. M. 81 Cribbs. M. E 45-101 Coi-ey. A. J. 81-116-117 Cox. C. M. . 55 Cutone. E. I. 81 Danielson. H. E. 45 Darragh. R. M. 82-87-116-117 Denslow. G. 94 Devereux. R. M. 65 Dickson. E. D. 65 DiDonato. F. 82 Donohoe, M. M. 82-116-117 Doulittle. L. J. 65-101-116-117 Dous;hertv. M _ ...116-117 Dovie. M. E. -82 Drips. D. J. 65-67-127 Drnjevic. A. M. - 45 Dusa. J. M. 82-116 Eppers. P. R. .82-84-116-117 Erickson, L. M. 55 Erickson. M. A. .82 Fike. M. L. 82 Fisher. S. L. ...83-116-117 Filzell, A. E 66-101 Fitzgerald. E. L. -. .- .66 Gardner. M. M. 83 Gilmore. M. L. _ 66 Gille;-.. J. A. _..45-112 Goodnight. C. E — 66-96 Goodwin. B. A 56-111-112 Graf. M. E. 45 Graham. E. B. 56-112-116- 117-127 Gramse. J. C. 45-101 Grant. L. G ...45-49 Graves. T. D 83-88-116-117 Griffin. B. C. 83 Gross. L. L. 83-116-117 Guglielmino. M. M. 83-116-117 Hammacher. B. I. 83 Hardison. M. M. 83-116-117 Harmon. P. L. 83-116-117 Hawkins. B. J. 84 Hinsz. L. L. 56-112 Hobbs. G. A. 45-49-51-111 Holmes. D. L 56-112 Hussett. O. A 45-112 Hyatt. M. L. 45-60-112 Jacobson. M. F. . . 84-87-127 Jeppesen. M. F 56 Johnson. B. M. 96 Johnson. N. M. 68 Jones. P. A. 54-56-60-94 Kaasa. C. J. 84 Keves. M. 45 Klenski. D. J. Knapp. J. Knox, E. V. Kopp. M. J. Kuensting. M. Kuensting. P. J. Lagerfeld. Y. M. Lancaster. K. Linville. C. E. Long. S. A. Lorimer. B. M. Loy. P. D -. MacNamara. P. A MacNeill. M. E. Mally. P. A. Marm. L. I. May, D. Melhuish. P. Metcelf. D. A. Miller. M. E. Minor. E. E. Mitchell. M. J. Moll. C. R. Morrow, S. M. Neigel, D. M. Neiger. M. F. Nelson. D. E. Nelson. S. A. Ogle. W. J _ OKeeffe, J. M. .. O ' Meara. E. M. . O ' Rielly. M. D. . Owens. M. Payne. M. J Pollock. M. Potter. E. R. Powers. M. T. Primus. D. M Quinn. ' A. G. Reese, B. G. Riedel, O. D. Roelli, G. B. Rust. R. M. Ryan, M. B. 84-116-117 112 85 45 69-116-117 85-116-117 85-116-117 55-57 85 46 46 ..._70-116-117 .70-116-117 57 70-116-117 85 85 86 86-116-117 86 86 71 46-112 70-72-116-117 58-72 46- 86 86 46 _.. 58 .„ 87-116-117 87 46-49-94-112 87 73-116-117 87-116 93-94-111-112 46-101 87 46 84-87 87 46 Sather. B. J. Sather. B. M. Saxton. M. L. Schmalz. J. W. Schneideman. B. J Scheuer, B. O. Schulmerich. D Shea. P. S. Shaw. H. M. Sipe. D. N. Smith, A. L. Smith, M. A. Smith, S. M. Snyder. T. J. Sommer. B. L. Sommer. P. L. Stangel. G. Stearns. -T. L. Stupfel. L. M. Sullivan. H. Z. 88-116-117 . 74 88 74 74-101-116-117 L. 58-111 75-95-101 88-116 46 57-59 59-94-111 75 59-112-116-117 87-116-117 46-112 75 88 88 Sunderland. B. J.76-101-116-117 Swift. R. B. 89 Sykes. N. M. 46 Thompson. R. E. 46-101-111 Thompson. S. E 89 Torgerson. J. L. 59 Uhlenkott. P. L.66-76-94-1 16-117 89-116-117 59 P M 46 89 59-112 46-50-101-111- 112-127 77-116-117 89-116-117 Vandehey. V. Vittoria. ' E. A. Von der Hellen. Walsh. C. I. Waters. D. M. Weber. C. R. Westendick. H. E. Whalen. M. K. White. E. M 77 Wick. P. A. 77 Windecker. L. M. 77-101-116-117 Wood. C. A. 46-49-51-111 Yambert. S. A. Zwahlen. R. M. Zeller. C. 89 116-117 Not pictured. CONTENTS INTRODUCTION Ex Libris 3 Title 4 In Retrospect 6 Introduction 8 Dedication 10 President ' s Message 13 Officers of Administration ... 14 Administr rtive Staff 16 COLLEGES AND SENIORS Dean of Business Administration 17 College of Business Administration 18 Business Administration Faculty 19 Business Administration Grads . 21 Dean of Science 27 College of Science 28 Science Faculty 29 Science Grads 31 Dean of Liberal Arts .... 33 College of Liberal Arts .... 34 Liberal Arts Faculty 35 Liberal Arts Grads 39 Dean of Nursing 41 College of Nursing 42 Nursing Faculty 43 Nursing Grads 45 Graduate Division 47 Senior Officers 48 Outstanding Seniors 50 Senior Ball 52 CLASSES President, Junior Class .... 53 Class of ' 49 54 Junior Prom 60 President, Sophomore Class . . 61 Class of ' 50 62 Sophomore Class Dance ... 78 President, Freshman Class . . 79 Class of ' 51 80 Frosh Dance 90 Around the Campus 91 ACTIVITIES ORGANIZATIONS and HONORARIES Rally Squad 96 Monogram Club 97 Business Ad Club 98 Engineers ' Club 100 Biologists ' Club 101 French Club 102 Spanish Club 103 Kiel Club 104 Italian Club 105 Catholic High School Congress 106 Speech Club 107 Campus Club 108 Philosophy Society 110 Alpha Tau Delta Ill Beta Beta Be ' a 112 DRAMA Drama Club 113 Mallory Players 114 Portland Players 115 MUSIC GROUPS Mixed Chorus 116 Nurses Choral and Gleemen . . 117 Band 118 Collegium Musicum .... 119 Culture Series 120 Music Recitals 121 String Quartet and Portland Choral Group 122 Men ' s Chorus 122 Musicians ' Ball 123 PUBLICATIONS Beacon 124 The Log 126 The Quadrant 128 The Biolog 129 The Preface 130 Alumni Bulletin 131 The Bookman 132 SPORTS Football 133 Football Babes 141 Basketball 143 Basketball, J. V 149 Ski Team 150 Baseball 154 Crew 156 Track 157 Tennis 158 Intra-Mural 159 Boxing 160 Body-Builders 161 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ... 162 ADVERTISERS 163 INDEX OF NAMES AND PICTURES 176 I f ■4X M .:i ' ' i mm , :i ii iKA; ■IT ¥%: t;.y „.. ' f ., ' .-: it «»» . i isiK

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