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1.1 V H. H- " A+ wr . 'Q rg.iL'r3' gl' 1-vi,---'F i ew - ,P ' Jin , 1. 5 ii '32 Q 15,1 5 w, Vwu, Jn. f 5 F 1 ' I .- -. vw- . V, ' -. ' A.., ,, M- W 1 'in-'L' - 521 4-"A -5"-A ' -."fw'..."2'?:' .LW f-,- -P - -., -A . ' -'-.1 . f. .,,' 1 , " ' :J 5 , - ' ' M -. , .Q ,N .. - N--45. . 1:-3, . .f- -V , 1 . . VA .I f V . . Q . :VLA -Vex j..:v6vu44L U - I --N ,- . .. '- N. 1 1,f l N , .-.' .. ,, .. .. -Y , .,,.,.w',f -AV--f.. f , .-K .- .Y.. . W., , .3-,,., V-ear, V - .v 1 ' - ' , 7 Y 1 . f .-.-Y.-",-.f'. Tl. J '.'--',, 5 -, 1, I . 1 - ' Q ,, , ,xn ,ms Y . , I . - r - HHH 45.11, : kr 5. H ' ' 5 , ,-.W ,vt , Mft , . fig' My 4 S " W , A fb. 1 4 Q 1 'L 4 - , ' f 's 'lu .45 , ,fx' v-f, 'iii ve 3 bg Q S -1 A .S-. L 3 1 -F 1 his gf. W , , A - , ,g f , .fb . :A ff A,-My g ' 'i ii gg' ,..' I 1' '7' J W 1 :fy ' ,- 'a U ' ' ' F , 2- f'X-1 E f .,. I 'g' ' ,Hz s-' '., '1 MR I J il " v Lily 1 -.px X -1,3 i 'I l.",rk-, 1 q,4g..-- - ov? 1- ' V 715. 1: .f .- 'g 4 5, -.V , :rw-1, 3332! . ,f ' ',,.' ' Q. I ' ,, , 17,31 4 , f. 41 "ff ,., N Tafngur fl lf' ' . I 4 K, L , J 6 1 ' - gqfii 3 V - .. , , , V AY , , . , , ,.,,Y,,- , ,,, Y , 1 ,- V F-g 71 Lug" 7:5 ' 'W'-j'.'? L 'L' f..:"- T!af'j,,fy'.,:5:,:'v-'Q 'isnt ,f , "' QW -,--- , ,- -Y f U 4. . Q' -,L, -L,,.,, ,, E ' 32 -. :wx :wg 12154-5-1'rW , "'1.E?' gg- sf-'gg4f,,.g'p5g,-ga ' 5 ' ft'-3- -415s"ugLrg3 1,i:gf1 f.f3g?:5g4, .5.,a ' 'A , . ., 11:44f-t2'f.w.'f1f f - swab ygfzws x 1 fn., - ' 42 ," " - - -'- ' :I-if-' f-is A -1: - " - . .A .2 3 ,.,-.JN 0if-f,:rh5Vj.:A,5.3252: ing .,iQ2',!':5..r.QVu.,?Q,:L.iH13:.,v .ff-i.g :,?gh n ig ga 5, ,gf-3 ,iZI!f..,.l,:yYLE.f-.,-,..- I .fl H, I., 1 4 .. 1 1 55 A 'f--, '. -',, uf A- An, L.. Q., MJ 1 ,5,f: 5 A-:,,f,'1N,:zi1-,,,Iq:,L:3Eg! Q4-,y,,1V4Y,-,rllmjmskla ,Au 5,5 -...,. . 1" -x- t . 1 vw... . Y A- . .. , ., ml.. ,--L..-. g.,. .Jura-' -.-gn... -- f..,,4,,g.. .4 .-.. 1.-.-hr. - -vw: J,ru:-asv... L-. 1 ' ., -,. . , - U... X Y'- STANNADD 5. DFA!-IL Eowow.-sm CHIEF -111--1 W'I',W.WlQl-ITVIAN Bvsmgss MANAQQQ QV? 5 I I: if E 3 e. fze 925 ow Tl-IE TEAD. BGOK OF THE VNIVEQSITT OI? DITTSBUDGH DUBLISI-IED BY Tl-IE JUNIOR CLASS VOLUVIE X IX The 1 - 1 up. C7 ,Q .7 ,nm f ,nu ' A 1 4' 'As ' l V . i 1 x V 1 i I I I l Q DEDICATICDN V70 l DITT souim, umvumcume A IN DEFEAT AS IN vmomjgvgu i ADDING QLQQY AND DQESTICJE TO ova ALMA MATEDX-Q 57115 EDITOR. E Q dx? 4 1925 l " A The WIM ALIVTA IVVNTEFQA ALMA mATEu:z,wasE AND CQLOQIOUS, cum: or LIGHT AND emma our mum, OVEC2 FATE AND POE VlC,TOQlOU5 DOWEQED WITH ETERNAL YOUTH CDOWNED WITH LOVE OF SON AND DAUGI-ITED mov sn-mm' CONQUEQ AS or YQQE, DEAR OLD DlTTSBUlQGH,ALP'lA MATEQ C:-OD DRESEQVE THEE EVEQVIOQE. 1925 TTR? VV' IN'IW .nm wumg I I I I I I II I FOQEWOQD AS A STIIVIULUS TO TI-IE CI-IEIQISI-IED mmomgs or DITT LIFE, me own. STAFF SVBVIITS Tl-IIS QOOIQI-IODINC, I TI-IAT IT WILL I-IELD TO KEED ALIVE Tl-IE SDAQI4 or TIQVE AND-LASTINC1 4 DITT SDIIQIT AND ITQIENDSI-III3. I I X I 1.9 zsi 'K k wk N f nllh i 1: A fe- A I' ' -A I . II , Ili . ' A-11' +555 'uf " 'V nv f' 'lu' L X '7 V T i ii , l w 5 1 W , P W ? m E ii H 1 -4 I i Q 3 i -1 11 i' 'N i r 9 .1 4 The QQNTENTS 5r5N uO1I25 JUNIGQS vNc+QQ QLASSLi VV S FTDATEIQNITIES OQQANIZATIQNS DUQL'IC,ATICDNS IIEATVFZENSN 192.5 -1 J an ,, ' H ls - . 4' 5- I L I l I ' 'C .. L lllm.f1'---funlllmll ll ' ,TCEIIIUI-ll ' Ifnarh nf Gfruntrea .ii- -1 , University of Pittsburgh George Hubbard Clapp Samuel Alfred Taylor ..... ..... Alfred Reed Hamilton ..... Samuel Black Linhart. Thomas Patterson .....-....--..- -...- 1923-1924 OFFICERS . . . . .President Vice-President . . . . .Vice-President . . . . .Secretary . . . ...Solicitor MEMBERS The Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania The Mayor of -the City of Pittsburgh The Chancellor of the University Class I-Term expires June, 1924 Andrew William Mellon Alfred Reed Hamilton James Henry Lockhart William Lewis Clause Thomas Harlan Baird McKnight Benjamin Gilbert Follansbee Thomas Patterson Ogden Mathias Edwards, Jr Uohn Knox McClurkin Class II-Term e-xpires Julne, 1925 Benjamin Thaw William Lucien Scaife Joseph Clifton Trees Walther Riddle George Sturgis Oliver Class III William Jacob Holland George Hubbard Clapp Howard Heinz Andrew Jackson Kelly Samuel Alfred Taylor "'Died November 9, 1923 Richard Beatty Mellon George Breed Go-rdon Charles Wesley Ridinger Isaac William Frank Edward Vose Babcock -Term expires June, 1926 Henry Clay McEldowney Gifford Pinchot David Aiken Reed William Penn Snyder, Jr. Homer David Williams i G9 lU""""' " I f'vVl'UlIIl.UIll 1925 Ullllllllllvw' S' A f III lllllllfi Page Eight .WLWQL so -.-gl.,4..:.a4'. gl. f.,e.'.', . '-N.-'...-...iv-...Q S. 1.,.,.4,-.. . ,..,.,.,L,L ,g',,,c ' .1 , - , - 1 -.W--A 1.1.40,-4-,.-..f.f.K.-,,...-.-..,.1,,:,.. .L,.g,.-c-.4.:.-,.f.1: .:.1,.g-sf.-ara 4,ra1rr.:i.,..t.x. 41.4, FCII IIIII nl 1' E -1 S I . ll l LJt"'fllIlllllllll fi' I r - I Il ' Gbiirerz nf Ahminiatraiinn JOHN GABBERT BOWMAN, A.B., A.M., LL.D, ......... Chancellor of the University S. B. LINHART, A.M., D.D ....................... .... S ecretary of the University JOHN GILBERT QUICK, B.S .................. ......... U niversity Registrar J. STEELE GOVV, A.B ...................... .... A ssistant to the Chancellor A HARRY SHIPP COLEMAN, B.S. in M.E .... ........... B usiness Manager KENNETH M. GOULD ..................... ............. S chool Editor J. HOWARD DICE, A.B., B.L.S .................. ..... U niversity Librarian GEORGE HARVE REAVIS, B.S., A.M., Ph.D ......... I... ........ D e an of the College FREDERICK LENDALL BISHOP, B.S., Ph.D ............................. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Dean of the School of Mines and of the 'School of Engineering LOUIS K. MANLEY, Ph.D ............ Dean of the School of Business Administration RALEIGH RUSSELL HUGGINS, M.D .............. Dean of the School of Medicine ALEXANDER MARSHALL THOMPSON, A.B., LL.M .... Dean ofthe School of Law JULIUS ARNOLD' KOCH, Ph.G., Pharm. D., Ph.D., Sc.D .................... of the School of Pharmacy H. EDMUND FRIESELL, D.D.S., B.S., LL.D ........ Dean of the School of Dentistry HEBER DOUST CURTIS, A.B.,, A.M., Ph.D ....... Director of Allegheny Observatory EDWARD RAY WEIDLEIN, A.B., A.M. ................................... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Director of Mellon Institute of Industrial Research THYRSA WEALTHEOW AMOS, A.B., A.M ...................... Dean of Women BOWMAN FOSTER ASHE, B.S. .......................... Undergraduate Counsellor C. M. s. SKENE, Major, c.A.c., U. s. Army ................................... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Director of Department of Military Science and Tactics CHARLES WESLEY HUNT, ALB., A.M.,, Ph.D .... Director of Extramural Instructi-on HARRY B. SMITH, A.B., Pd.M., Ph.D .............. Director of Vocational Education ELLIS MILLS FROST, M.D' ........... ,......... D irector of Department of Health SIDNEY S. HOEHL, A.B., LL.B ............. Graduate Manager of Student Activities MEMBERS EMERITUS SAMUEL BLACK MCCORMICK, A.B., A.M., D.D., LL.D ....... Chancellor Emeritus DANIEL CARHART, B.C.E., M.C.E., Sc.D.. .Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering JOHN DOUGLAS SHAFER, A.B., A.M., LL.D. . .Dean Emeritus of the School of Law JAMES HARTLEY BEAL, A.B., LL.B., Ph.B., Sc.D., Pharm. D ........... .. Professor Emeritus of Pharmacy and Lecturer' on Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence G9 .L " ' L ,,- .., 1g25 mjjgmjn me e 'Ili uuu t l llilllllllll , 'VVCFUIUIQ 45? is ' Page Nine - gi.. -1 s . 'J' Q -A .F + K 'X . . , Illi ni'-,alllllllllll -' A ' ' " 1 1 1 I A ' ' ' V - ' ""' -ig . 'J ? A ' J. G. BOWMAN 3 CHANCELLOR OF THE UNIVERSITY A 1 N g ,, M. 1' 3 as 'V iv lg TWT' "IVViII1IUILD 1925 UJ1IU3II11'f'1 A ' :U lllllllf Page Ten li V A Y , Y I f i,..- Y P ' V ir' . V 4 f31lllllll ' ' ' ' ' - 'A' u J lllllhftbfllllllllllll I" I ' 1 n I - .xy SAMUEL BLACK MCCORMACK CHANCELLOR EMERITUS A I 4. lilllllllll '- 'f1 U'EUIEIII11J 1925 UID11IU""e" ' 'I' llllillld Page Eleven ' - ,.:sf , NJ 5 f .us xr i I 5 4 I I . . , l lllllL "'illIlllllIlll 'I' , e e .e , S. B. LINHART SECRETARY 1 EE' C' lv -e vmIn1mIm192smn11In11i '+' .H . m f ' e"' P age Tfwe I ve Ill: 1 Q x I' B f- -fi W . V 7, ,M v- if X- ---si Y ' . L,4I.-i . I llllli llllllllllll In ' 1 n I - Y- -- vu YY . ,,,- , -,,-.Y,.l,... - U ,,, I .ff-f' " ' ENN'-N , '41 fi "xx, 1. ff X ff R A J. G. QUICK REGISTRAR . 1925 m111u:m1"' "' 3 Page Thirteen llll H' I mm 'lllllllllllll I- " """""' 1 I gf' ff I -H ll .L THYRSA W. AMOS DEAN OF WOMEN L nunur' i' . rmjmmiu IQZS' 1l' 4 I 111 f rg, Page Fourteen , - iff Si' . -el I e llllllru-illlllllll I "' ' ' ' B. F. ASHE STUDENT COUNSELLOR I '--m:u:m1u:m19zs 'lf' e Page Fifteen III! , flf' L-.N -1- lnn -Qui- if I l 'V V' -Y - T- Sit J .. B .. I I . llllmil-zllllllllll l SIDNEY s. HOEHL. GRADUATE MANAGER OF STUDENT ACTIVITIES " A I92ISUB3III1J'IH'- -II Page Sixteen wg, W. .X Z ' fa'- 1 mul :J it I -.sjrlfU1F g F ft' g if r . .1 Uhr iliarnltg SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. John Gabbert Bowman, A.M., LL.D..' ............................. ...Chancellor Louis K. Manley, Ph.D ...... ....... s. B. Linhart, A.M., D.D' ...Q . ' - John Gilbert Quick, B.S. .. James Steele Gow, A.B. ....... . Bowman Foster Ashe, ........................Dean . . . . .Secretary of the University . . . . . . . . . .University Registrar . . . . .Assistant to the Chancellor .. ........ University Examiner Thyrsa W. Amos, -M.A .......... , ..... . .... L. .. . .. .... Dean of Women Robert William Semenow, B.S. in Ec., LL.B. .... ................ S ecretary of School Aubrey Leonard 'Ashby, A.B., LL.B. J.D ....... .Professor of Law and Finance , Paul Delaney Converse, B.A., M.A. ....... ....... Professor of Commerce Harold D. F1sh,tM.S. .............. . fPercival Hunt, A.M ........... Howard C. Kidd, A.B.,.M.A ..... Alfred Procter James, M.A .... ! - 4 . . . . .Professor of Zoology . . . . . . . . .Professor of English . . . .Professor of Foreign Trade ... . . . .Professor of History M. K. McKay, Ph.D. ....... .............. . .....Professor of Economics "fJohn W. Oliver, Ph.D... ...................... . ................. Professor of History 'John Frederick Louis Raschen, A.M., Litt.D' ............... , ................... -.......-..--.-...-............... Professor of Modern Languages and Literature James C. Reed, B.L., LL.B ................. ' ............... Professor of Business Law Charles Reitell, B.S., M.A., Ph.D ........ I ...... Professor of Accounting XFrancis Newton Thorpe, Ph.D., LL.D' ........................................ .... . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .Professor of Political Science and Constitutional Law Francis D. Tyson, Ph.D. . . .. ............................. Professor of Economics . Jesse Hayes White, Ph.D ........ Henry H. Collins, Ph.D ........... Charles Arnold, A.B., B.S. in J .... Robert D. Ayars, A.M ............... Nels Andrew Nelson. Cleven, Ph.D .... Erle A. Fairf1e'ld,'A.B., A.M ...... . Joseph M. Gillman, A.B., M.A .... . Elmer D. Graper, Ph.D ...... VV-illiam Don Harrison, A.M. Montfort Jones, A.B., M.A... Benjamin F. Ladd, A.B., A.M ., M.A... Lawrence I. MacQueen, A.B 'Wayland Parrish, .-f-....... Jonothan Leo Zerbe, M.A... Herbert Wichelns, 'Ph.D'. . . .. Lewis M. Alpern, A.B., LL.B .... .. ...,...-... ... . . . . . .Professor of Psychology . . . . .Associate Professor of Biology . . . . . . .Assistant Professor of English . . . . .Assistant Professor of Accounting . . . . . . .Assistant Professor of History . . . . . . . .Assistant Professor of German .... . . . . . .Professor of Business Statistics ....Assistant Professor of Political Science ............ . .Assistant Professor of English ............ . . .Assistant Professor of Finance . . . . . . . . . . . .Assistant Professor of Romance Languages Assistant Professor of Comme-rce .. . . .Assistant Professor of Public Speaking . . . . . . . . . . . .Assistant Professor of English Assistant Professor of Public Speaking Instructor in Business I aw iszsftutmittnwl ,T Page Sevclzfcciz. if-1 1. . . . 'I . . l Ill ! If-fallllllll I ii' ' ' 'A Louis B. Austin, A.B.,- Ph.B., A.M- Edwin L. Andrew, B.S ............. . . . .Instructor in Accounting . . . .Instructor in Advertising Ai A. Ford Barnes, C.P.A., B.C.S. ...Instructor in Accounting Virgil E. Bennett, C.P.A. ........ ...Instructor in Accounting W1 W. Colleclgey C'P.A ,....., .... I nstructor in Accounting Alexander Cooper, BSU MA ,,,, ............ I nstructor in English Charles F. Donley ............... ............... I nstructor in Traffic Williain L. Dunn, B.S. in Ec ....... ..... I nstructor in Office Management Holland F. Flahaven, B.A., LL.B .... ...... I nstructor in Business Law j, VV, Howard, B5 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . ....... Instructor in Insurance Ira G. Flocken, A.M, C.P.A .... ................ I nstructor in Accounting James H. Greene, Ph.D ..... .... I nstructor in Retail Store Management john S. Keir, B.S., M.A ...... ............ i .... I nstructor in Industry R. A. McCrady, B.S., LL.B .... .......... I nstructor in Business Law Joseph A. McCurdy, A.M. .. ..... Instructor in Romance Languages Mabel E. Newcomer, Ph.B ........ ...Instructor in Romance Languages Arnold M. Replogle, B.A., LL.B .... .... . .... I nstructor in Business Lavv joseph A. Richardson, A.B., LL.B .... ..... I nstructor in Business Law Charles I. Rockwell ............... .... I nstructor in Salesmanship Harvey Russell Salt, A.B ....... ........ I nstructor in English H. Ralph Sauer-s, A.B., LL.B .... ...Instructor in Business Law Abraham.D'.t Sallee, B.S ................. ...... I nstructor in Credits Edward Schietinger, B.S. in Ec., C.P.A' ...... .... I nstructor in Accounting Gustav,Lorch Schramm, B.S. in Ec.,, M.A ..... ...Instructor in Government Robert W. Semenovv, B.S. in Ec., LL.B .... .... I nstructor in Business Law C. CQ Sheppard, B.C.S., C.P.A .......... . .... Instructor in Accounting D. G. Sisterson, C.P.A ........ ........... I nstructor in Accounting Beatrice Young, A.B.,, A.M .... .... I nstructor in Romance Languages Clarence L. Van Sickle, B.S, .... ......... I nstructor in Accounting William Arther, B.S ......................... .. ........... Lecturer in Advertising 'Not giving instruction but responsible for supervision of instruction given in his depart- ment in the Evening Division. b I THE COLLEGE John Gabbert Bowman, A.M., LL.D .............. in ,,,,, Chancellor George Harve Reavis, Ph.D., .......... ,,,,,,,,,,,, D gan Fred Engelhardt, A.B., A.M ..... ........ A ssistant Dean Guy Gaillard Becknell, Ph.D.... .... Professor of Physics I9-Y Harry Clo, Ph.D ......... ....... ...... P r ofessor of Physics .Heber Doust Curtis, Ph.D ..... .' ........... Professor of Astronomy Carl IO1111 Ellgelder, Ph.D .... A. ..... Professor of Analytical Chemistry Harold Dufur Fish, M.S ........ ............. P rofessor of Zoology ,E Forest Almos Foraker, M.S ....... ,,,,, P fofessol- of Mathematics TJ Mont Robertson Gabbert, Ph.D .... .... P rofessor of Phi'osophy . TiVfr-- A M . II, - i925 igi,.iY ,-U, fi"o Page Ijiglzlcvn i l f-' . . XS- . 1 . l,l. Y -Ai A 'll' XY :II ., G .. g.., ., , . .l I I PercivaliHunt, A.M ...... I .... ..... P rofessor of English Alfred Proctor James, A.M .... ..... P rofessor of History if L Otto Emery Jennings, Ph.D. .. ...... Professor of Botany 3157 George Ellis Jones ............... F . . . .................... Professor of Psychology 'Samuel Black Linhart, A.M., D.D ..... ...Professor of Ethics and History of Religion 'Alexander Lowy, Ph.D ............. ............. P rofessor of Organic Chemistry Marion O'Kellie McKay, Ph.D .... ......... P rofessor of Economics John VV. Oliyer, Ph.D ....................... .............. P rofessor of History Arnold Edward Ortmann, Ph.D' ............... 1 . .Professor of Physical Geography John Frederick Louis Raschen, A.M., Litt.D. . ., .....................,.... ... .. W ................................. Professor of Modern Languages and Literature 'VVilliam Thomas Root, Ir., Ph.D ................. Professor of Educational Psychology Evan Taylor Sage, Ph.D. ., ...... ...... P rofessor' of Latin Language and Literature Henry Sayre Scribner, A.M ...... ..... P rofessor of the Greek Language and Literature WVhitford Huston Shelton, A.M ....... Professorl of Romance Languages and Literature Alexander Silverman, M.S ..... ........................ P rofessor of Chemistry Aaron Moyer Snyder, Ph.D .... .......... P rofessor of Psychology Gebhard Stegeman, Ph.D .... .... P rofessor of Physical Chemistry Karl Dale Swartzel, M.Sc ................................... Professor of Mathematics Francis Newton Thorpe, LL.D. . .Professor of Political Science and Constitutional Law Francis Tyson, Ph.D ....... i ..................,........ Professor of Social Economics jesse Hayes White, A.M., Ph.D ..... .......... P rofessor of Psychology Gswald H. Blackwood, Ph.D .... ..... A ssociate Professor of Physics Charles Arnold, A.B., B.S. in I .... .... A ssistant Professor of English 9tEdwin Burgum, A.M, ............ .... Assistant Professor of English Nels Andrew Nelson Cleven, Ph.D .... .... A ssistant Professor of History Henry Homer Collins, Ph.D ........ ..... A ssistant Professor of Zoology John Coulson, Ph.D ......... .... Assistant Professor of Physics james Francis Dilworth, A.M. .. .... Assistant Professor of History Alfred Edwards Emerson, A.M. .. .... Assistant Professor of Zoology NVilliam Harrison Emig, Ph.D .... ..... A ssistant Professor of Botany Erle Fairfield, A.M ............ ........... A ssistant Professor of German Elm-er D. Graper, Ph.D ........ .... A ssistant Professor of Political Science William Don Harrison, A.M ...... ......... A ssistant Professor of English George Bennett Hatfield, S.T.M ..... .............. A ssistant Professor of History Blossom Lida Henry, A.M ...... Assistant Professor of Romance Languages Reginald Hall Johnson, A.M ........ Assistant Professor of'Romance Languages Benjamin Franklin A. Ladd, A.M ..... ..... A ssistant Professor' of Modern Languages Sidney Johnson Lockner, A.M .... .......... A ssistant Professor of Mathematics 'Uohn Kemerer Miller, A.B ..... ......... A ssistant Professor of English Walter L. Myers, A.M ...... , ........ i. .Assistant Professor of English Wayland M. Parrish, A.M ..... ..... A ssistant Professor of Public,Speaking l J Maximilian Rudwin, Ph.D. .. .... Assistant Professor of Modern Languages . George A. Scott, M.S .... ........... A ssistant Professor of Physics ' ' f ' A -'i.n'rUjmjmi A P 1925 m3151171 f fin e lllll ig' Page N'fll'Cf007L W A Y Y ,---Z' ' H- H' , ill l Ylll IGI '.' 2 HU' 'iigfri tl Roger L. Sergei, A.M ........ Harvey A. Simmons, .M.S ....... "'Florence Mabel Teagarden, A-M John Valente, B.S. ............. Andrew Bennett Wallgren, M.D. Herbert A. Wichelns, Ph.D ..... Benjamin H. Williams, Ph.D .... Jonothan Leo Zerbe, A.M ....... Edward Frederick Adolph, Ph.D David Alpern,, A.B ............. . Arthur B. Anthony, M.A ..... Marguerite J. Atwater, M.A .... G. M. P. Baird, A.B ............ Benjamin Pifer Baker, B.S ....... ---------- - - Wilmer Entriken Baldwin, M.S.. Virginia Hamilton Bartlett, A.M ..... Elizabeth Blair, A.B ............ Leland A. Brown, B.S .......... Joseph Lincoln Cartledge A.M .... Alexander Cooper, A.B ........ . Alfred H. Croup, B.S .... Mary Dunbar, M.A ....... Jennie A. Gore, M.S .... Mae Clifton Graham, B.S ..... Joseph Gross, M.S ......... Fred Young Herron, M.S ..... Elmer Victor Hjort, B.S. .. Earl Barton Howe, A.M... Adalaide R. Jones, A.M .... Miles H. Jones, A.B ....... Edythe Grace Kelley, A.M .... Charles Glen King, Ph.D ..... Lotte Olgo Lohstoeter, A.B ..... Joseph A. McCurdy, Jr., A.M. .. Benjamin F. Maag, M.S ........ William J. Martin, A.B ..... Frederick P. Mayer, A.B. .. A. G. Montgomery, M.A ..... Mabel B. Newcomer, Ph.B .... Beauregard Perkins, B.S. Mary Martha Purdy, A.M ,,,, .Assistant Professor of English D i i i i i i .... Assistant Professor of Mathematics I Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology .Assistant Professor of English Assistant Professor of Botany ..... Assistant Professor of Public Speaking ....Assistant Professor of Political Science Assistant Professor of English .... .. ...Instructor in Zoology . . . . .Instructor in French . . .Instructor in Economics . . . .Instructor in Psychology . . . . . .Instructor in English .Instructor in Physics Instructor in Organic Chemistry . . . . . . . . .Instructor in Psychology .. . .Instructor in English . . . .Instructor in Zoology . . . .Instructor in 'Botany . . . . .Instructor in English . . . . .Instructor in Physics . . . . . . .Instructor in Latin . . . . .Instructor in Physics . . . .Instructor in Zoology . . . . .Instructor in Physics . . . .Instructor in Chemistry . . . .Instructor in Chemistry .. . . .Instructor in English ... . . . .Instructor in Latin ..... . . . . .Instructor in Economics Instructor in Romance Languages Sanitary and Industrial Chemistry ..Instructor in Modern- Languages ' .Instructor in Romance Languages ,... . . . .Instructor in Mathematics .. . . . .Instructor in History .. ...... Instructor in English .. . . . . . .Instructor in Mathematics ..Instructor in Modern Languages . . . . . . . . . . .Instructor in Physics ..... .Instructor in English G'lb lh R' . . V 1. ert Josep ich, Ph-D ...... .... I nstructor in Psychology William Augustus Rudisill, M.S ..... Instruct ' Ch . H R I --.- or in emistry Ciivggstjjsg lhsalt' ""' .......... I nstructor in English c ram . .... . . . m' ' ...Instructor in Political Science I I I' Y I , L i i A F Igdgwm' 'lllnr mm o Page '1'ZUU711'j' ,-1' Ill' . , ' - N .T-'ET-.. l . lllll " llllllllllll f I' illlr Mary Evelyn Shipman, A.M.. Paul E. Shupp, A.M ........ Lloyd Smede, B.S ....... Ralph H. Smith, A.B ..... IfVilliam Smith, B.S ......... William Ogden Smith, B.S ..... George M. Sutton, A.B ...... Kendall Siebert Tesh, M.S... James Thompson, A.B. ..... R. E. McClure .......... Beatrice Young, A.B ..... John L. Young, M.S. . 1. Mrs. R. H. Kesler ......... Miriam L. Bomhard, M.S .... Lucy K. Broido, A.B ........ Emilia M. Caprini, B.S... John E. Conn, B.S ........... Carlton Webster Croco, M.S. E. G. Ohle ........ , .......... Rodolphe A. Gagnon, B.S .... Lawrence Hampton, B.S.'. .. H. C. Hinshaw, AB ...... Lillian V. Hjort, B.S ....... . IfVilliam' Wright Lewers, A.M lean MacCreight, A.B ....... L. D. Myers, B.S ............ William Lionel Nelson, B.S.. Arthur Newton Parrett, Ch.E .... Thomas M. Pearce, A.B ...... W. H. Postner, A.B ..... Conrad K. Rozer ...... Mabel Rome, B.S ......... Jacob E. Rosenberg, M.S .... Ethel Saniel ............ Herman Seaman . . . R. O. Shadel, B.S ........... Richard Joseph Simon, B.S . . . Agnes Lynch Starrett, AB.. Ivy Weaver, A.B .... , ........... .. . . .Instructor .. . . .Instructor . . . . .Instructor . . . . .Instructor in English in History in Physics in English Instructor in Zoology Instructor in Physics Instructor in Zoology .. . .Instructor in Chemistry Instructor in History . . . . .Instructor in Chemistry .. . .Instructor in Romance Languages Instructor in Chemistry Assistant in Chemistry Assistant in B otany ...Graduate Assistant in English Assistant in Zoology Assistant in Chemistry Assistant in Chemistry Assistant in Chemistry Assistant in Chemistry Assistant in Physics ..Assistant in Zoology . . .Assistant in Chemistry . . . .Assistant in Chemistry .. ..Assistant in Zoology .. . .Assistant in Chemistry . . .Assistant in Chemistry . . .Assistant in Chemistry . . . .Assistant in English .. . . . .Assistant in Latin . ...Assistant in Physics .. . L .Assistant in Botany .. . . . .Assistant in Chemistry ... . .Assistant in Modern Languages . . . . . . . .. . . . .Assistant in Physics 'VVilliam A. Stone Wright, M.S .... Walter Libby, Ph.D .......... "fOn leave of absence. . ...Assistant in Physics . . . .Assistant in Zoology .. . .Assistant in English . . . . . .Assistant in Latin .. . .Assistant in Chemistry ..............Lecturer ' 't'v'IlfUIU1UIUi 1925 ElIlIIIUlTlH."i 'mu' Page Twmzfy-onli-e .-PFW-P, :L-Q ll"'f 1 i. lm ,-, J l'. ST -r f--.,.-4 ' l . . 1 I I I I I I u I . llllll 45'flllllllll , ' ' SCHOOL or DENTISTRY LL D F.A.C.D ........ .--. D am H. Edmund Ffieseii, Bs., D.D.s., - Professor of Operative Dentistry. ' Owen Lovejoy Hertig, A.M., D.D.S ....................... . .............. ..... ' . u Professor of Dental Pathology and Therapeutics and Operative Clinician John Stevvaft AShlJfOOk, ................................... . ............. ...Professor of Dental Anatomy, Dental Medicine and Comparative Dental Anatomy Stewart Leroy McCurdy, A.M., M.D'., E.A.C.S .................................. . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .Professor of Anatomy, Oral and General Surgery Clement Russell Jones, M.D., F.A.C.D ......................................... .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Professor of General Pathology, Materia Medica and Therapeutics VVilliam Lincoln Fickes, D.D.S., F.A.C.D ..... Professor of Dental Ceramics and Hygiene Frederick Charles Friesell, D.D.S., F.A.C.D ...... Professor of Histology and Bacteriology Alfred Floyd Judd. Pharm. D' ................... Professor of Chemistry and Metallurgy John Flocker Biddle, D.D.S., E.A.C.D ............... . ............. - ............ ..... . . . . . . . . . . . .Professor of Clinical Pathology, Radiology and Minor Embryology Robert Zugsmith, D.D.S., F.A.C.D ............. Professor of Physiology and Embryology Cecil Oliver Booth, D.D'.S .......... .......... P rofessor of Prosthetic Dentistry Assistant Professors Lucius Wallace Ohl, D.D.S .... .' .................... ..... A nesthesia and Exodontia John St. Clair Hipple, D.D.S .... .... D ental History and Rhetoric VVilliam Andrew Dunn, D.D.S ..... ......... C hemistry and Metallurgy VValter Henry WVright, D.D.S ..... Harry Cameron Metz, B.S., D.D.S. Alfred Clyde Young, D'.D.S ....... .. .... Anatomy and Clinical Prosthesis ........ Physics and Orthodontia .....................Crown and Bridgework Thurlow Weed Brand, B.S., D.D.S .................. Patrick Vincent McParland, D.D.S VV. F. Swanson ....... '..... Vv'illiam Finn, D.D.S., F.A.C.D .... ..Biology and Technical Drawing ' Operative Technics and Dental Jurisprudence .Bacteriology and Histology .. . . . . . . .Operative Dentistry Lecturers Afiflluf B0W1T1H1l French, D.D.S .... .................. O perative Technics and Ethics VV1ll1am Barr Coulter, D.D.S .... ,,,,, E Clayton L. Alexander, A. L. Bartlett, D'.D.S O. Z. Beatty, D.D.S.. Demonstrators and Assistants D.D.S ....... - '-------..........,. ...- ,,, . . . .Biology and counomics and Operative Technics Prosthetic Technic .Clinical Dentistry Crown and Bridge C. O. B' h ff, D.D.S .. '- D L BI3EkOD D S .. ............ Prosthetic Technic -'E A' R. BOWQLS 'D - .... .i .................... Clinical Dentistry R. C. Bowman, Hiiclmlcal Pathology and Crown and Bridge ., ............................... Physiology 'T 1925 mm e.,,.w A A' ' A . ee - . gg f I I If C llllllllf Page Twenty-two -H-TPFFTT ircjijttm ii 1 I CQfiif....-. 4.i :j.Tf---nw-'-' ci J. T. Bowser, D.D'.S ..... ...Crown and Bridge f R. C. Bowser, D.D.S .... ..... P rosthetic Technic I C. M. Bunting, D.D.S ..... ..... P rosthetic Technic I. R. Burbridge, D.D.S... ............ Ceramics D. S. Carnahan, D.D.S .... .... P rosthetic Technics G. R. Chain, D.D.S ..... .......... P hysiology I. L. Cook, D.D.S ....... ..... C linical Pathology R. I. Crumpton, D.D.S .... ..... P rosthetic Technic M. N. Davidson, D.D.S .... ........... R adiology A. R. R. Davies, D.D.S. . ............ ..... . Prosthetic Technic I. S. Dodds ............... ....... ' ............... T echnical Drawing I. D'. Duve, D.D.S ..... .Operative Dentistry, Prosthetic Technic H. I. Eckel, D.D.S ...... .......................... P rosthetic Technic I. C. Eselman, D.D.S..,... ..... Prosthetic Technic, Operative Dentistry C. M. Evans, D.D.S .... ............ P rosthetic Technic, Anatomy A. E. Fawcett, D.D.S .... .......... C hemistry, Metallurgy I. H. Ferguson, D.D.S ..... ...... C rown and Bridge A. L. Finley, D.D.S ..... .... P rosthetic Technics H. L. Frost, D.D.S ..... ........... F. Xodontia WV. M. Furnier, D.D.S .... .... E Xodontia c. H. Girt, Dfns ........ .......... o ffbodoiiiia R. A. Gougler, D.D.S, ..... .... P rostheticiT'echnics VV. A. Gregory, D.D.S ..... ...Operative Dentistry C. VV. Hagan, D.D.S...... .... Operative Technics C. S. Harris, D.D.S ......... .... O perative Dentistry S. S. Haudenshield, D.D.S .... ......... D ental Anatomy F. F. Hetner, D.D.S ........ .... C linical Pros. Anatomy M. R. Hoon, M.D, ......... ......... D ental Anatomy I. W. Hutchison, D.D.S ..... ........ H istology R. E. Irish, D.D.S ....... ........ O rthodontia C. I. Iaquish, M.D ........... ..... D ental Anatomy A. E. Jamieson, D.D.S., B.S. .. .......... Radiology g E. H. Kibler, D.D.S. .. ..... .... C rown and Bridge VV. A. Knoer, D.D.S .... .. ..... ........ P rosthetic Technic M. A. Komara, D.D.S .... .................... P rosthetic Technic W. R. Latimer, D.D.S .... .... P rosthetic Technic, Clinical Dentistry John Lehner, D.D.S ...... ................ ' ..Prosthetic Technic R. D. McClain, D.D.S... ..... Operative Technic ,lohn McCrory, D.D.S ...... ............ P rosthetic Technics D. R. McMonigle, D.D.S ..... .... C rown and Bridge, Pathology J. P. Manon, D.D.S .... ........ Ceramics, Oral Hygiene A. M. Martin, D.D.s ..... ..... Q Prosthetic Technic I. L. Martin, M.D? ..... ............ A natomy I. S. Matson, D.D.S ..... .... O perative Technics E. G. Meisel, D.D.S .... .......... P athology - . -- ,, I 1 4 J I mmm-p,, I 1Q25 1 lr I rl Illlllllllfi Page Twenty-tliree T X ' ' 5 f-' -If D K I 1. , 1 ffv i' - E.f.'47.l.P-lj.. D 'f f l ' I l ff, H. A. Monson, D.D.S .... E. H. Moore, D.D.S .... WV. R. Myers, D.D.S ..... I. L. Norris, D.D'.S.... I. S. Oartel, D.D.S .... C. M. Orr, D.D.S .... T. Z. Plank, D.D.S. ........... . W. R. Prickman, Ir., D.D.S .... 4. R. E. Prigg, D.D.S ......... B. P. Rial, D.D'.S .... . H. I. Sedwick, D.D.S, .... E. L. Shaner, D.D.S .... I F. Speer, D.D.S ..... E. A. Stahl, D.D.S .... .. VV. N. Stein, D.D.S ..... E. I. Stevens, D.D.S .... I. B. Sutherland, D'.D.S ..... - - - - Paul Trnavsky, jr., D.D.S .... ....------ C. P. Turner, D.D.S. .. ...... ... L. E. VanKirk, B.S., D.D.S. Leslie Waddil, D.D.S ....... VV. Paul Walker, D.D.S ..... V. A. Westin, D.D.S .... nj. K. VVampler, D.D.S. .. Emily jane McNary .... ..Clinical Dentistry .Clinical Prosthesis Operative Dentistry .Prosthetic Technic .Clinical Pathology ..Clinical Dentistry Crown and Bridge Operative Dentistry .Prosthetic Technic Ceramics Anesthesia Exodontia Prosthetic Technic .. . .Crown and Bridge ... .Crown and Bridge . . . .Prosthetic Technic . . . . .Clinical Dentistry Crown and B ridge ....................Ceramics . . . .Operative Clinical, Crown and Bridge ..Histology and Bacteriology .............Dental Anatomy SCHOOL OF EDUCATION . . . .Prosthetic Technic . . . .Clinical Pathology . ...Prosthetic Technic ..........Librarian John Gabbert Bowman, A.M., LL.D ....................... Chancellor of the University George Harve Reavis, Ph.D ........ ...... D ean of the School of Education Chester A. Buckner, Ph.D .... .... P rofessor of Secondary Education VV. W. Charters, Ph.D ........ ................... P rofessorr of Education Sturgiss Brown Davis, Ph.D .... .... P rofessor of Educational Administration Charles W. Hunt, Ph.D ....... ........ D irector of Extramural Instruction C. H. Meyerholz, Ph.D ..... ............ P rofessor of Education Albffff 501111 Murphy, M.A ..... ..... P rofessor of Religious Education , Harry B. Smith, Ph.D ........................ ........ ..................... . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...Professor of Vocational Education and ,Director of the Department of Vocational Teacher Training U . Gilbert Grimes Weaver, B.S ......................... Professor of Vocational Education -M Gerald A. Yoakam, Ph.D. .. ..... Associate Professor of Elementary Education -AAHCQ M- Cafmalti A-M ----- ..... A ssistant Professor of'Elementary Education David P- HHYYY, A.M ..... ..... A ssistant Professor of Elementary Education A . l lllll j 1- I g Y, ee , I l IT., I I Ig' 2 P age Twenty-fam' l T ,Q 1' 'I 1- f - - , Y. 5 - - ---w- -- ---'P' f YW-Y-1' f ef Y- f- I- - rs, . . . .. . , .L . ...L.................... I 1 ' ' - - ' lllllmi--al f .W . . -- Illllll I il I Il VVilliam P. Kennedy, A.M .... Assistant Professor of History and Principles of Education Harry C. McKown, Ph.D .................. Assistant Professor of Secondary,Education Education Clyde B. Moore, A.M ........ Assistant Professor of History and Principles of Education IfVarren VV. D. Sones, A.M ................ Assistant Professor of Secondary Douglas Waples, Ph.D. C. R. Hoechst, Ph.D .... James M. Berkey, A.B .... J. Freeman Guy, M.A. Mary McArdle, A.M.. Lucy Stone McCarthy. Edward Souvain ..... Herbert L. Spencer .... Grace Swan ....... Education .. . . .Assistant Professor of Secondary ..-,....... Instructor in Secondary Education . . . . .. . . .Lecturer in Americanization .Lecturer in Elementary Education .. ..Lecturer in Secondary Education A.M .... .... L ecturer in Secondary Education .............e.............Lecturer . . . .Lecturer in Secondary Education . . .Lecturer in Elementary Education ' THE SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING John Gabbert Bowman, A.M, LL.D ....................... Chancellor of the University Frederic Lendall Bishop, Ph.D ...................... Dean of the School of Daniel Carhart, M.C.E., Sc.D ................... Emeritus Professor of Civil Harrison C. Bashioum, B.S. .Professor and Head of Department of Chemical Howard Edward Dyche, M.E. in E.E ........................... , ......... .................Professor and Head ofthe Department of Electrical John VVishart Hallock, M.E. .Professor and Head of Department Industrial Engineering Engineering Engineering ..--s. Engineering Engineering C. M. S. Skene, Major Coast Artillery Corps ..... Professor of Military Science and Tactics John Hammond Smith, E.E. . .Professor and Head of the Department of Civil Engineering Reld Thomas Stewart, C.E., Ph.M., Sc.D ................................. . .. . . . . . . . . . . .Professor and Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering Joseph Sioussa Lambie, C.E ................... Associate Professor of Civil Engineering John Weiber, M.E ...................... Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Lester Chipman McCandliss, B.S. in C.E ...... Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering Lewis Wedsel McIntyre, B.S. in C.E ............ Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering Edwin R. Rath, E.E ............. '. .. ..... Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering Robert F. Edgar, B.S. in C.E .... ....... L ....... I nstructor in Civil Engineering Elmer D. Johnson, B.S. in E.E .... ..... I nstructor in Electrical Engineering Herman C. Krapf, B.S. in E.E .... ..... I nstructor in Electrical Engineering E. H. Stiening, B.S. in M.E ......... ..... I nstructor in Mechanical Engineering Walter F. Weiland, B.S. in M.E .... ..... I nstructor in Mechanical Engineering E. Willis Whited, M.E ......... ............. I nstructor in Industrial Engineering Carl E.AButterworth .... .... A ssistant in Elementary Mechanical Laboratory THE SCHOOL OTF MINES John Gabbert Bowman, A.M, LL.D ....................... Chancellor of the University Frederic Lendall Bishop, Ph.D ........ ........................ D ean . --immtm 192.5 IlIlIlIIIl'l".' f ftfiiii Page T'ZUC11lij"JIi73 .-""-1-L umm f.. . II O "l-"VT """'Q-""" '.,f "' 'F Stephen Lincoln Goodale, A.M., Sc.D .... .......... P rofessor of Metallurgy Henry Leighton, A.B ................... L .... ....... P rofessor of Economic Geology Roswell Hill johnson, M.S ............ .... P rofessor of Oil and Gas Production Ransom Evarts Somers, Ph.D .......... .... P rofessor of Oil and Gas Geology 'J Robert Moffitt Black, A.B., B.S., E.M .... ............... P rofessor of Mining Erle Gladstone Hill,.B.S .............. A ................ Assistant Professor of Metallurgy ,MMM-1 SCHOOL O'F PHARMACY ohn Gabbert Bowman, A.B., A.M., LL.D ................. Chancellor of the University Iulius A. Koch, Ph.D., Sc.D'.,, Phar.D ................................ .... .. n Dean and Professor of Physics and Chemistry, and Director of Chemical Laboratories James H. Beal, Sc.D., Phar.D...,. -......-.-................--....-,.....-..-.. . ...Emeritus Professor of Pharmacy and' Lecturer on Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence F. T. Aschman, Ph.B., Phar.D., ................. , .....--....-......-..-..-..-1. . . . . . . . . . . .Emeritus Professor of Chemistry and Special Lecturer on Food Analysis Albert F. Judd, Phar.D ....... , ........ , ...... Professor of Botany and Materia Medica 'Leasure Kline Darbaker, Phar.D. .. 'Frederick I. Blumenschein, Phar.D Iohn Herman Wurdack, Phar.D. .. Edward Clarence Reif, Phar.D .... Herman S. Kossler, Phar.D' ..... -Bessie V. Swartz ............. 'Genevieve M. Hines, Ph.G ........ C. Leonard O'Connell, Ph.G., A.B. David E. Levin, B.S .............. I. Paul Griggs, Ph.G., Ph.C ...... XfVilliam D. Wardlaw, Ph.G ....... Carl Alexander Wirts, Ph.G., Ph.C. . Louis Saalbach, Phar.D ........................................................ . . . . . . . . . .Professor of Pharmacy and 'Director of the Pharmaceutical Laboratories . . . . . .Professor of Pharmacognosy and Bacteriology ..... ,...........- ... ........ Associate Professor of Pharmacy Associate Professor of Chemistry . . . .Assistant .Professor of Materia Medica VVilliam Lewis Pullen .............. 'Fred H. Woods ....... james P. Botzer ..... A, Grant Clark .... Thelma G. Carr .... ,. ., .... Instructor in Mathematics . . . . .Instructor in Pharmacognosy . . . ........... Instructor in Latin . . . . . . . . . . . .Instructor in Chemistry Instructor in Chemical Laboratory ..............Instructor in Botany . . . . . .Assistant in Pharmacognosy . ...Assistant in Chemical Laboratory ...Student Assistant in Pharmacy . . . . .Student Assistant in Pharmacy . . . Student Assistant in Chemistry .. . . .Student Assistant in Pharmacy ..... . . ...Secretary to the Dean me 'BFE MW6, ' . 1 Q ll VMI, ' "' l925mDIm"1azv' :Ill Page Twmz ty-six f..- X y 'hlgiilllll In lvl I I" U UDQ waz max Z 1 li l lllllllll If 1925RQU3U333T"" "" Page Twen A . llll Q ty-sefzzen 1. f l 51- , . . 5 " e e s sf:-xv-A-1----A 4- J 4,1 Q Ei v as -R me : lm T lllllllll R U' W ,R ' hmmm 17 ROBERT MCKINNIS ' ignainrfm 2-Xhminiziraiinn-Svrninrz Seniorls ' Presidente ....... ........ .... R o bert McKinnis Vice-President .... .... R obert Keeley Treasurer ....... ...... I ohn Bigler A Secretary ..... ..... C lara Plummer Cabinet Harold Latham Esther Hart ,E Robert Keeley Eugene Gahles Claire McKay Walter Berwald -M James Maloney ' ll r 1 .L lilllllllll In 1 --1 U IQ25 ,,11 ,III lam' Pqge Tfwcnty-eight ' ' ' ' ' ' ', I . llllllrlhillllllllllll fl' R i , . I Ti Qizinrg nf Ihr Qllaum nf 1924 L- In the fall of 1920, from far and wide, came to Pitt a peppy throng of erstwhile high school students soon destined to be members of the class of '24. Even during our Freshman year, when we must bow to the sophisticated Sophomores, we asserted our rights as in the memorable water iight of State Hall. There, due to our superior skill in handling the hose, the guardian angels had to literally swim for shore. NVith characteristic initiative we started having "Baby Hopsu twice a month during lunch hour when all Freshmen, and only Freshmen, joined together for an hour's fun. These dances were held in the Heinz House, and served as a means of meeting our fellow members and of building up a strong class spirit. Soon we organized with 'William H. Rhody as president, but due to his death, the work of guiding the class fell to the vice-president, Samuel Samberg. The girls were separately organized with Edna Vero as president. Sad, but true, several eccentric hair cuts and other minor punishments were iniiicted upon us, but these experiences enabled us to administer punitive measures more efficiently as Sophomores. Our Sophomore was mostly concerned with enforcing the Freshman rules and with guiding the youthful footsteps into the well-worn paths of campus life. Under the leadership of Bernard Funk and Claire McKay, we capably discharged our duty. To add a little dignity to our office, we celebrated the first Emancipation Day when, with appropriate pomp and ceremony, the "dinks', were burned and the traditional hatchet buried. Not neglecting the social side of college life, we held several dances which culminated in the Sophomore Hop given in the Schenley Hotel. With football, basketball, studies, and newly acquired activities, time rapidly passed, and we found that we, the class of '24, had reached the half-way mark and were started on the third year of our Pitt career. - - Our Junior year, we elected Ira Hill as president, Robert Keeley as vice-president, Edward Knapp as secretary, George Duerr as treasurer, and Mary Bigham as president of the girls. Under their leadership, the class took charge of the many duties assigned them, two of which deserve special mention. Of course. the first was the Junior Prom, the outstanding social event of the year. With Eddie Swisher as chairman and every- body working hard, its success was assured. Clever decorations, 'good music, novel favors-all helped to make it a gala night. Naturally, the other wa-s the publication of the Junior "OWL"-our "OWL"-and one of the best ever put out by a Junior class. This, our Senior year, we chose Robert McKinnis as president, Robert Keeley as vice-president,, John Bigler as treasurer, and Clara Plummer as secretary. Nan Steele was chosen as president of the girls. As Seniors, we have undertaken many new and responsible duties which only upper classmen can discharge. Pitt Week, with John Stewart as chairman, will long be remembered as an outstanding occurrence of the year. The Senior Ball, with Ira Hill as chairman, was a truly Senior affair, as this was the last big social event when we, as a class, would be together. Thus, we have spent our four years, with many achievements well done, and others begun which we leave to the classes following to accomplish. And, as we go forth- from our Alma Mater, we find that we still possess the same determined spirit that ig cannot and will not be defeated. -'E iii .L ,A g J g A g LEIIIIIIIII " . F' v VVIILIIIIUIIJ 1925 EIIIIEEEUHL' f gg f I ri lllllll i 'se-ss?-sf Page T7.UC1lfj7-7l'i1LB Q . ll ' .. l lllllifirflllll lll I ily Illl ' Y I l . - z V , i !.fV,,. , P.. Business Administration W G JUSTIN O.,AL'DERMAN A X A . i Parkersburg High School ,L i Inter-Fraternity Track, West Vlfglma Club 1 A E. L. ALBRIGHT JAMES BAIRD J. KENNETH BIDDLE Crafton High School . Football Cl, 2, 35, Tunis, Pitkin Clubs REGINALD F. BOULTON if A 9 ' Beaver High School Inter-Fraternity Conference C3, 452 Pitt Weekly Staff, Pitkin and Musical Clubs, Ass't Football Manager Cl, 25, Ass't Baseball Manager Cl, 25g Football Mana- ger C45 LOUIS BOWYTZ WINFIEL-D C. BOYD H P A Uniontown High School WILL-IAM R. BRUCKIVIAN Westinghouse High School W. CA.LLAHAN DEAN R. CLIFIFORD A X A Ligonier High School Federal Board Club JOHN B. CONNOLLY TOM J. DAVIES Tamaqua High School Federal Board 'Club A ALBERT S. IDAVIS E X -J ALAN W. DETWEVILER 111 F A ' Crafton High School JULIUS DIAMONDSTONE A 1' T Latrobe High School 1 French, Menorah, Zionist Clubs W. M. DIETRICK R. FAHRINGER' J. PAUL FINLEY A E CI' Chester High School l Inter-Fraternity Council LOUIS FLUER H P A Allegheny High School MALCOLM H. FRASER Monticello High School Hamilton College GEORGE W. FREDERICK A T A, 0 A K Catasauqua High School Druids, Pitt Weekly Staff, Pitt VVeek Committee C35, Federal Board Club, Ass't Track Manager, Track Manager, Bus. Manager 1924 Owl CHAS. L. GARSON, JR. A X A, O A Ii, A K qf, ni B Indiana High School I Track, Pres. Y. M. C. A., Student Senate C2, 353 Ass't. Track Manager CZ, 35: Pumas Club, Panther Staff CZ, 3, 455 Pitt Week Committee, Owl Staff Cl, 2, 35 H. GERBER WALTER R. GENGE il' Arnold Prep. . IRVIN GH-'LARS as BERNARD DAVIS MILTON GOLDSTON Peabody High Sohggl Cap and GOWU CZ., 353 Menorah Society JAMES D. GRAY -L. l'E""""' " 'MWTULUHQID 1925,mrtttm'wf' e 1 in 2 mum:-m Page Thiiffjn - :IE.U11UTli1w' - T I.. mn iiifulllllll I 'I' I I on BUSINESS ADM INISTRATION-'C0nlimLecZ DONALD s. GRUBBS Peabody High School N GEORGE P. GRAHAM 9 A Swissvale High School Pitt VVeekly Staff KENNETH B. HAAS U. S. N. T. S. Pumas Club ESTHER E. HARTZ 1' E H South High School Junior' Cabinet, Senior Cabinet, YV. S. G. HAROLD F. LATHAM 2 A E New Britain High School . I Senior Cabinet, Inter-Fraternity Council. Tunis Club A XII U JACK S. LaVICTOIRE Jeannette High School MACY L. LEUIN H A 111 -Indiana Normal CHARLES LIITHGOW GEORGE W. LUTTRELL A., VV. A. A., Y. W. C. A. HOWARD I. HAUSMAN A 1' T Fifth Avenue High School ' Pitt Players, Menorah Society, Zionist Society IRA R. HILL 111 I' A, 0 A K Kiski A LAURENCE H. MALENFANT Federal Board Club THOMAS W. MARTIN E X Peabody High School Druids, Track, Tennis, Cap and Gown ' MEADE McCAMEY A T A Druids, Inter-Fraternity Council, Base- ball, Fraternity President, nity Track - g PHILIP K. HOERR Glee Club STANLEY M. HOUSTON Sewickley High School IVAN Ni. JOSEPH Union High, School ALFRED G. KENNEDY U Allegheny High School Owl Staff EUGENE A. KLINE II A 111 Peabody High School Cap and Gown CZJ EDWARD B. KNAPP IT B Schenley High School Cap and Gown., Panther C. A. Sistersville High School Turtles, Owl Staff C3D, Editor-in-Chief, Ass't Manager Football CSD, Ass't Maur:- ger Baseball C35 Inter-Frater- R. J. MCCARTHY DUDLEY R. MEREDITH B 11 E Crafton High School Spanish Club, Ches-s Team ATA LEONARD H. MERVISK N, B I' E Schenley High School Spanish Club K A CHARLES L. MILLIKEN fb A 9 New Brighton High School Druids, Turtles, Senior Ring Committee GEORGE J. MOIDRAK Canonsburg High School Glee Club, John Marshall Club ALFRED G. MULLEN Pittsburgh Academy Dickinson. Seminary Staff, Y. M. C-in J- RAY KNOX LUCY NAYHOUSE Peabody Hlgh School Monessen High School i-g W. A. A.. W. S. G. A., Menorah Society, I. E. KRAUS Spanish Club ' . --,'.VVVLm111j3J19251113311iUjnn-' N' fm lllllll i . Page Tlzifrfgv-one lf l I V Y F 4- I V L54 I 4 I I 4 I lllllhf-F .alll llll I ' BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION-Continued X r ll illl I I I ' g 'F ff? PAUL C. OAKES A 2 fb St. Gabrielsls High School Junior Cabinet, ASS't Manager Football, ASs't Manager Baseball ARNETT G. OBURG H P A RANDALL J. OWEN E A E Cleveland Central High School Inter-Fraternity Track WILLIAM PLOPPERT JoHN POLLOCK 2 A E WILLIAM M. PORTER 9 A XI' Schenley High School Inter-Fraternity Track, Cap and Gown, French Club HARRY E. RASTATTEK Federal Board Club JACK L. REED K 2 Monessen High School Druids, Turtles, Football Clj HARRY M. REED fb A 9 New Brighton High School Druids. Pitt Weekly Staff, Junior Prom. l923,, Football Manager 1924 WALTER J. RESSLER Wilkinsburg High School G. E. ROBERTSON ' PAULINE B. RUBIN E A X Fifth Avenue High School W. S. G. A., Menorah Society, French Club . B. P. SACHAROW ABRAHAM Z. SALAMOWITZ K N Marietta High School H. M. SCHMELTZ JOSEPH M. SCHUCKERS KD I' A Reynoldsville High School Cap and Gown, Panther Staff EDMUND SHOOP A E 119' ' Leechburg High School NICKLAS SHULER CII 1' A- Ellwood City High School Football Mercersburg Academy Baseball C3J ?,,.ii-- RALPH H. SNYDER K E Edgewood High School GILBERT H. SPIEGEL E A X H tf d H' h School Ti:i1gisOIClub,1gPitt Weekly Staff EDWARD O. SPOTTS, JR. A E 'I' Tarentum High School . Inter-Fraternity Track, Debating JOHN G. STEWART A X A, B 1' 2 Altoona High School n n Q A Inter-Fraternity Council, Chairman Cam- pus Week, Chairman Inter-Fraternity Ball FRANCIS E. SWISHER E A E DuBois High School Owl Staff CED, Chairman Commencement. Chairman Junior Prom C3J, Tunis Club, ASs't. Football Manager, Baseball Mana- ger ' A. CONL-EY TORRANCE RALPH E. WAGNER South High School CHARLES M. WATT II P A, B 1' E Westinghouse High School Inter-Fraternity Council, Owl Staff C25 E. OLIVE WILT K K T, I' E H Avalon High School Mortar Board, Pantree Club, Basketball Cl, 2, 3, 45, Captain C4J, Pitt Weekly Staff, Panther Staff, Owl Staff, Junior Cabinet, Campus Day Committee, Junior Prom. Committee. Framasors, Senior Ball Committee, Class Officer, Associate Editor "?", Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A., W. A. A. WILLIAM E. WOLFE Allegheny High School HARRY BOORD A K XP, A M A J W Sz J Academy E. S. A., Y. M. C. A. RUTH FORSHT KID 9 K A Juniata High School F.. S. A.,' Pitt Business VVomen'S Club HARRY E. MEESE A K xp, A M A WILLIAM P. MCARDLE A K XII, A M A g1DgO13AxHigh School JAMES MESHON CHARLES R..TAYLOR A K qf, A M A 'i Allegheny Hlgh School XEXXXS i HAROLD E. SIMPSON A T A I .A fuluiimiiiiiig I Page TIzi1'ty-two WW jlfgrg "ftf'rv-1 F' ... gg'-Lfhijbk . . M ,-L. U V T - lm ,l.f I P ii A ' H, y A H A COLLEGE V JOSEPH J. BENEDICT A E Q, A E 613, fb A O ' Monongahela High School Track, John Marshall and Newman Clubs MERRILL M. BERDMAN CID E II Bulkeley School, New London, Conn. MARY N. BIGHAM A A II South Hills High School Mortar Board, Framasor, Basketball Cl, 2. 355 XV. A. A., French, Italian, Pitkin Clubs, VV. S. G. A. JOHN E. BIGLER A T A Grove City High School Turtles, Tennis. Pitt Vlfeek, Gown, Owl Staff Cap and THOMAS M. BLAIR K A Arnold School HARRIET L. BOARDMAN Beaver High School Y. W. C. A., VV. S. G. A., Glee and Pitkin Clubs W. RUDYERD BOULTON CIP A 9 Andover Collembola ANGELO J. CASACCHIA A CP A New Castle High School Newman, Italian and John Marshall Clubs ' MAURICE H. CLASTER U A fl, Parnassus High School Inter-Fraternity Conference WILLIAM T. CORBETT E fl' E, 0 A K. L- 2AX,eAf11,AEfIf ' Avalon High School ' Track and Cross Country Cl, 2. 3, 4.33 Musical Clubs, Cap and Gown, Pitt VVeekly Owl Staff Pitt P'ayers Atl1l6'f1C Council John Marshall Club Band X, ... -: 1 I I lx A WILLLIAMW. DARSIE Homestead High School Spanish Club, Y. M.,C. A. CHARLES W. DODSON 9 A KP, A E 111 Pittsburgh Academy Dayton Normal ' Inter-Fraternity Conference, Student Forum, John Marshall Club WILLIAM F. EWART E X, CP A 9 Schenley High School Princeton University Inter-Fraternity Conference, Musical Clubs, Framasor, Cap and Gown, Spanish Club, Band ROBERT O. GARVIN E A E Willcinsburg High School Pitt Weekly, Athletic Council, Basketball Manager SAMUEL S. GOLDISH K N Marietta High School BENJAMIN GOODSTEIN A T' T Fifth Avenue High School Cosmopolitan, Menorah, Zionist and Chess Clubs ' HAROLD S. GRACE A X E Butler High School WILLIAM L. HAINES P3 X ' Craftoni High School Football C3, 4Dg Track C4D,, Turtle V Owl Staff, WILLIAM A. HEAZLETT VVilkinsburg High School Geneva College Chiron Club DAVID S. HEIMLICH K N, H B McKeesport Technical Hi 'h School Panther Staff Cl 2 3 43' Owl Cl 2D '12 -I I A - , , , rf? , mm M I-1mn1m:1:m1J1925 'lf' "H"-H gi Page Tlzirly-Ilzrcrc . , in N v -qu-h r--'S-fl 1 .. ' ET '- -bf I ' ,W J f I ln 1 1 1 I - '.' I llllli , -' .llllllll I J J COLLEGE-Conzfmued 1 iMi-- PAULINE M. HOPFER Carrolltown High School Y. VV. C. A., VV. A. A. DAVID M. JANAVITZ H A fl' Monessen High School Menorah and French Clubs JANET JOHNSTON X 'Q Allegheny High School W. S. G. A., W. A. A., Y. VV. C. A. French, Spanish and Pitkin Clubs DOROTHY R. KLINGENSMITH A Allegheny High School Mortar Board, W. S. G. A., Y. VV. C. A., Class Basketball J HERBERT G. KOEHLER East Liberty Academy St. Vincent College FREIDERICK E. KREDEL Peabody High School ' Chiron, Pitt Players, Debating, Collembola Clubs HELEN E. KREGAR Z T A VVilkinsburg High School Y. W. C. A., W. A. A., W. s. G. HARRY M. LANDIS 111 A X Delmont High School Pittsburgh Academy Chiron. Club CHARLES P. LEWIS K E Clairton High School OSCAR M. LIIPSITZ A 1' T Fifth Avenue High School Cosmopolitan and Chess Clubs ROBERT D. MCKINNIS A T A New Brighton High School I Framasor, Track CU, Pitt VVeek . HAINES A. MACHESNEY, JR. The Choate School JAMES P. MALONEY CID K, E A X Sacred Heart High School Inter-Fraternity Basketball and Base- ball, Pitt Weekly Cliditorj, Cliditorj, Inter-Fraternity Concil, New'- man Club ELEANOR.MATTHEWS 11 B fIP' E K 111 Schenley High School Pitkin, KATHRYN E. MUIR U B T Duquesne High School Y. W. C. A. VIRGINIA B. MURDOCH Birmingham School . JAMES c. MURRAY 2 X Shadyside Academy Cap and Gown DAVID S. PALKOVITZ McKeesport High School John Marshall Club WILLIAM A. PURVIS Allegheny High School V . Orchestra, John Marshall and Music Lovers' Clubs LYTRON A. SCHOLPP A E CP Jamestown High.School - Syracuse University U . Debating, John Marshall, Pitkin and Classical Clubs, Pitt. Playeis WILLIAM H. SMYERS fb 1' A, A X 2 Bellevue High School Track Cl, 2, 3, 45, Y. M. C. A., Pitkin, French and German Clubs EDNA H. SPONCLER A E A Beaver Falls High School Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A., Quax CHARLESQH. SP'ORCK H P A Norwin High School Football QU, Pumas Club C. V. STARRETT E' II, E A X, II B Coraopolis High School Panther CF.ditorJ, Pumas Club, C-ap Gown NELL M. STE-ELE K A 9 Quax A BESSIE ic. STEINMANT A E fp Fifth Avenue High School French and Menorah Clubs HOWARD C. VAN SICKEL A E CP Washington Irving Manager Rifie Team C4J, John Marshal and Student Forum Clubs A. J. WILL Z H AA A. and Owl Framasor, VV. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A., W. KCYSWUC State Normal A. A., French Club German and John Marshall Clubs Swimming Team REUBEN M. MOLTZ K N Fifth Avenue High School AARON W. WRIGHT A CID A Pitt VVeekly, Spanish Club V. T. S- " II 'i'l 'llIl' 'NJIT' mini Page Tlliiffj'-f01l7' W1- 3-l.Ql1I1IU111 - It It -.1 Q llllliirillllllllllll iv- A' wit I I . l I l - SAMUEL ANDERSON A Pl A JOHN P. CAMPBELL Alf Q Wilkinsburg High School Mahanoy City High School ROBERT iF. ARDERY NEALE F. CARLSON A E A Avalon High School Renovo High School I Band Cl, 2, 33 A. ST. C. AUSTIN A fb A Schenley High School HUGH P- CARR Z A E, XI' 9 Ambridge High School State College JOHN A- BASERMAN A 2 A Druids, Basketball 41, 2. 3, 451- captain Johnstown Hlgh 5011001 SD, Baselnall Cl, 2, 353 President Senior ental C ass PA.UL B. BAYNE Kittanning High School WILLIAM EDWA.RD CASE A E A Sistersville High School F. C, BEAUMONT qs IQ xIr, 5 qf cp University West Va. N C b l d H' h S h 1 CW um ef an lg C O01 CHARLES RAYMON COLBERT A 2 A MAX ROBERT BERGER A Q Johnstown High School . B dl,2,3,4gB dD M. Homesteadt High School an C D an rum not C d G ap an OWU WILLIAM LUCIUS COLE A fb A R. E. Avenue SCl'lOOl Coraopolis High School Q M J. NICHOLAS COLONNA A L A THEODORE E. BOWSER A 2 A YIQNQZQSEHNFI Igiegh 5011001 New Bethlehem High School ' ' ' EARL J. CORNELIUS ' LARUE BRAUCHER XI' Q Iohnstown High School Altoona High School ' Band 11, 2, 355 Baseball Q1, 25 FRANK CORNEIIIY A 2 A Madera High Sc ool THOMAS 1-1, BUCHANAN 2 II Central State Normal Altoona High School State College IRA I. COX 11' 'Q Uniontown High School CHESTER H. BURGHART A 2 Princeton University Central High School ' Band, Cap and Gown ' GEORGE ODELL CRUIKSHANK WILLIAM R' 3URNS Butler High School to Johnstown High School " Spanish Club U' 2' 39 WILLIAM H. CUMMINGS A 2 A i Wellsburg High School EDWARD W- BUSSE West Va. University 7 Q Beaver Falls High School West Va. Club 4. 1 1 f1T111E11I11..1925 t11Et11111f 11' 22 1 fu um -B Page TlIl'l'4'l'3l-fl'U8 l-I-i - A - l f - v 'rig ,f.-- ll' 3315311 E E -1l1l'.l1U'UE' me-A A Ill' DENTISTRY-Continued THOMAS L. CURRAN Duquesne High SChOOl EDWARD C. DALY XI' 9 Westinghouse High School ALVIN R. DAVIS XP 9 Sharon High School DANIEL C. DeARMENT A Z' Greenville High School Thiel Colle-ge CHARLES E. DEVLIN East Liberty Academy 'GEORGE E. DICKEY Tarentum High School ROBERT S. DOW A E A Grove City High School JOSEPH M. lDUDAS iMonessen High School RICHARD R. DURANT A E North Braddock High School Class Secretary C3D, Class Treasu er C4J . J. RUSSELL ELLIOTT A 27 A Warren High School CHARLES B. ELLSWORTH XP 'Q Johnstown High School JOHN C. FADY McKeesport Tech High School JOHN S. FAHEY A E A Holy ROSaryiI-Iigh School LEWIS E. FARQUHAR XP Q Monessen High School ARTHUR TFEE E H Uniontown High School HARRY G. FICKS 4 Uniontown High School D. MAURICE FIELDS Beaver Falls High School J, FRANCIS FINNEGAN Carbondale High School J. o. FITCH KP fl, K XI' Sharon High School Athletic Council C45 EDWARD F. FLEMING 'TP K Kane High School L. S. FLETCHER fl' K Plunxsutawney High SChOOl Pittsburgh High School HAROLD E. FREEBURN Somerset High School Band C1,2, 3, 45 CHARLES R. FRICKE A Z A New Kensington High School E. F. FRIEDMAN South Hills High School EUGENE M. GAHLES if Q . Beaver Falls High School Baseball Cl, 2, 35 ABE R. GALIN CID E II, A Q Atlantic City High School FRANK D. GEER, JR. XI' fl Johnstown High School Pitt VVeekly CZJ, Pitt Panther C3J Owl Staff C3J, Pitt VVeek Committee C4J ROBERT S. GIBB A E A Tidioute High School Mandolin Club RAYMOND G. GILLELAND A A Munhall High School HOWARD STEWART GILLILAND A E A . Chester High School Grove City College MISS MINNIE F. GLICKMAN Fifth Avenue High School HENRY J. GOLDSTEIN A S2 Schenley High School L ' E "'lTlU3llllllll.l925l1lJIEZ1JI111"l 'Ill llllllli .Palqc '1'l1i1'!y-six 'Vi-?c Ee ...- QQ. X J "- A f"' , 1- , 5 . 5 l i li ' ' ' l Ld? I I l lllll 'Jllllllll I I Y' Il lllllllllllli DENTISTRY-Continued K J A. M. GROSS XI' 9 South High School HAROLD B. HAINES XI' Q Altoona High School LARNEY EDWARD HARD Georgia State College Football Trainer Cl, 2, 3, 4J HOBART H. HART 2 U Pittsburgh Academy W. H. HARTMAN Rochester High School ROBERT C. HERROD XP 9- Westinghouse High School Football CU, Baseball Cl, 25 ROY M. HOFFMAN XI' Q Pittsburgh Academy Class Officer C4J ELMER P. HOOP XI' 9 Uniontown High School . Q ALLAN A. KISTLER A 21 A Schenley High School Swimming Team Cl, 2, 3, 4J ' ALOIS KNOLL Nanticoke High School Y, B.A. ' J. KENNETH LATIMER South High School LESTER B. L-EAR A X A Monessen High School Fcgotball Cl, ZJQ Swimming CZ, 3Jg Track Cl HYMAN JLEVINSON A Q Fifth Avenue High School Basketball Cl, 2, 3, 4J DAVID W. LIDDLE A E A Sharon High School Ohio Northern University THOMAS W. LING Johnstown High School BURTON W. HoovER A 2 A H. W- LIGHTFOOT Reynoldsville High School ARTHUR T. MCCABE XI, Q CO1'aOp0llS High SCl'100l Altoona High School Band gg, 45 G. BENNETT McCOMB KP Q, Pittsburgh Academy WILLIAM E. HUNTER A E A Jeannette High School JOHN MCCUNE, JR- Wilkinsburg High School GEORGE D. JAMISON Clarion High School JOSEPH E- MCCUTCHEON 2 H Triadelphia District High School HECTOR D. JOHNS- West Virginia Club I Taylor High School Penn State College FRANK J. MCNELIS A E A Altoona High School HERBERT T. JOHNSON Munhall High School D- J- MCNERNEY, JR- Bethany College Greensburg High School JOHN M- JOHNSON ALFONSO J. MACK XI' Q MC-Hdville High School Johnstown High School WILLIAM R. KEENAN LEWIS G. MANWARING A E A, E U Duquesne High School Franklin High School ' 'i'I l925 UIIIllID'l"." 'III I Page Thivfty-seven - ST F0 llllll I DENTISTRY-Conzfvlvfmed JOHN E MARTIN Altoona High School THOMAS R MAWN Johnstown High School Georgetown University JAMES L. MEHAREY Wilkinsbur High School POLANSKI J H JOHN J POLLAK JR If Wilkinslnurg High SChO01 ERNEST R PORTERFIELD St. Clairsville Hi h School Bethany College Class Secretary C45 . ix vi, nx 'X f -1" ! fy '4 Jn ll, I ',.J li...-i . , . . X Q a 3 ' . . g -. O' Z3 4 9 BEN. B. MILL-ER fb E H, A Q Leechburg High School LEO F. MORAN, A.B. St. Bonaventure Newman Club J. M. MUMAW CTP K XP, XP 9 Scottdale High School Allegheny High School Class Officer C25 - MYRON MURSTEIN CID E II, A Sharon High School V Class Secretary C25 ALTHA B. NABORS Bellefonte Academy Lehigh University Football Clj CHARLES WILL-IAM NEVIN Edgewood High School CLEMENT D. NIGGEL Allentown High School EDMUND NIKLEWSKI Nanticoke High School Bucknell University University of Penn. LEVI OCKNER A 'Q Parnassus High School LEON DWIGHT OSBORNE A Z A South Hills High School A BEN PEARLSTEIN A Q Schenley High Schooli E. A. PHILLIPS 112 K E, A E A Beeville High School A " DANIEL R. POTTS JR. 11' 9 Greensburg High School A ALVIN W. PRICE XP 52 Chicora High School' A RAYMON'D'PRIMAS - . Charleroi High School ' THEODORE H. PROSKEY Duquesne High School Glee Club CZ, 35 GEORGE RAFFEL I Fifth Avenue High School JAY L. REEID 111 I' A, if Q New CastlejHigh School ' Student Senate, Class Treasu LEONARDL. REEVES ' Latrobe High School GERALD A. ROBINSON A E Bellefonte Academy SAMUEL H. ROMESBURG Uniontown High School E.O.RUDERA2A' A Mount Pleasant I. T. K. Club PAUL T. RUTTER y Painesville High School ROLLO J. SAMPLE A 12 A ' Central High School HERMAN A. SARON E A lv Munhall High School ' ' e 'iii-mmm 1925 l1IU3IUTl"' ' I f mum:-ua Page Thirty-eight 1 llllll l 1 ' ' '..l, ku, ntflllllllll K l' ' ' l l llllllllllll ff ' Rf f I T DENTISTRY-C01fLIfi7fLu6d I CHARLES S. SEATON if o CHARLES E. STONER 1 McClellandtoWn High School Grove City College Dental Dance Committee C45 HARRY SEIDELSON 2 A M Schenley High School Football Cl, 2, 3, 45 J. MARIO SGARLATA, Ph.D Pittsburgh Academy KENNETH F. SHAFER KP Q Altoona High School PAUL W. SHOGREN Swissvale High School MERLE L. SIMPSON A E A Carnegie High School ALBERT H. SINGLETON XII Mannington High School West Virginia Wesleyan Pumas Club THOMAS M. SMAIL A E A Slippery Rock State Normal GEORGE E, SMITH E X Schenectady High School U. KENNETH SMOCK Meadville High School THOBURN R. SNYDER Vandergrift High School Kiski Football Cl, 25 I. H. STEIN A S2 Pittsburgh Central High School LOUIS STERN7 A Z T Kelvin Tech High School E. c. STEWART 2 X Wilkinsburg High School CHARLES S. STORER KI' 'Q Elizabeth High School Inter-Fraternity Basketball , JAMES S. SWAN XI' Indiana State Normal RICHARD E. SWIVEL Huntington High School JOHN K. THAMM A X A Bradford High School Band Cl, 2, 3, 4D Baseball CU, Junior Council, Junior Prom. Committee SPIROS THEODORE Braddock High School PERCY W. THOMAS 2 N Arnold High School FRED W. TISCHKE A E A Scottdale High School EARL C. TOYE Chicora High' School RICHARD F. TREIBER if S2 Buckhannon High School ' West AVa. Wesleyan West Va. Club F. M. UNDERWOOD Monongahela High School RAYMOND H. VALENSKY A Q Fifth Avenue High School Menorah Society VINCENT VOGEL A 2 A Wilkinsburg High School KENNETH EWINE VOORHEES Blair Academy New Castle High School CHARLES IR. WALKER A X P, A E A .1-, GEORGE M. STEWART A X A Alden Academy ,gi ii, Homestead High School Allegheny College .Jn Y V ' W A I. ' ' lvl V l ll I I I I l - Page Thirty-uivze lJ1:' l V F l J . GT ,. ,.... - Sw- '--"1 9llllllll I I I I llllli 'fllllllll I lr' E A ' DEN TISTRY-Continued J. A. WEYANDT South Hills High School JOHN F. WHITWORTH fi: 1- A, if 0 Harrisburg Academy Student Senate CZ, 35 THOMAS L. WILSON Kittanning High School RAYMOND D. WIN'GERD Chambersburg High School Lebanon Valley College WILLARD WRIGHT WOODS K A II Dickinson Seminary Band Cl, 2, 3,, 4D THOMAS V. YANCHUS E II German Township High School x x f, A bg . N D' ,N III V i f" -1-' ' A .Y if'-i W . U S4 rw ,fl.L2fEl1I1JJIy-' -w .. I . lllm.'i-zulllllll I ff' r I if . E I ll - EDUCATIO l HELEN R. AULTS A El A i M.ADOLIN CRAIG 9 M, CIP A 9 Indiana State Normal Allegheny High School . School Pan-Hellenic, Owl Staff CZD, Panther Framasor, W. A..A., Y. W. C. A. Pitt CZ, 3j, Pantree and Collembola Clubs Week, Spanish and New Musical Clubs FERN W. BAER JEAN D. DAWSON A E' A King's School of Oratory Greensburg High School Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A., F' ANNA M. BARRANCO ramasor Natrona High School CORA B. DEBRAY K A 9 French, Spanish and Italian Clubs Altoona High School YQW. C. A., Pitkin Club . SYLVIA M. BURGUN 9 fir A - Coraopolis High School . E ' 5 Hockey, Senior Basketball, Y. W. C. A., GRRAIEIEIISEE It A Newman Club, W. A. A. ugylgo EVIA3 Veg A CAOOY VV C A Spanish Club, i i I by i i i 1' . LILLIAN A. BURIG K A . ' Washington High School MARGARET E. DICKROEGER A 1" A South Western State Normal w. s. G. A., Y. W. C. A., Pitkin and Y, W, C, A Wigs. G, A A A Collembola Clubs, Quax g ' ' " W' ' ' Norwin Union Hi h School FLORENCE A. DUTNEY K A 9 Allegheny High School W. S. G. A., W. A. A., Fraternity Basket- LUCY M. CHAMBERLAIN A A A Homestead High School Mortar Board, Turtles, Pitt Players, Pitt ball Team, QW1 Staff Weekly, W. S. G. A., W. A. A., Y. W. ' C. A., Basketball Manager CZ, 45 VIRGINIA EATON A Z, 4, A 9 VV. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A., Pitkin Club SARAH M. CLARKE K A Washington Hgghvfcgool Vvlffesgmiristil' GRACE ENGLAND K K I' Colle e, Quax, . . . ., . . 1. ., Y- - - W. Ag A., Pitkin and Collembola Club Epiilaleisburg High School HARRY A. CLAY E X MARlGARET M. FEDERKIEWICH McKeesport High School 2 K 'NIP I Tarentum High School HELEN M. CLINCH Ii A Classical Club, Greek Club, French Club, l' l b Peabody High School Ita ian C u MARGARET GWIN X S? MARY E- COOK Z T A Indiana Normal Allegheny High School Altoona High School I W. S. G. A., W. A. A., Y. W. C. A. Turtles HI DORIS E. CORBETT X Q. ROLL-EY J. HACKETT W H' h S h 1 St. Iohn's College. ' ig "'? Qvawn C,1gA, ifviios. G. A., W. A. A., Johns Hopkins University - ' ll Ffencii Club ' University of Virginia .L H A . A . 5 tqlmmm ,, . , mjmmln 1925 mjjjjgjjmi - I ,Alt num: Page Forty-one l "lr ' lui. I 'Y 1 1 I 235115551 it .t. . , ' 1 1 . . lllllwlfullllllllll fl , p EDUCATION-Continued MARIE D. HAGGERTY Wisconsin University Carnegie Tech I u Pittsburgh Music Institute ROSE B. HANDLEY . French Club, German Club OLIVER E. HENRY U Jeannette High School ,,l.1..l-- INEZ V. LovE A 42. 2 K fl' Vlfilkinsburg High School . Y. W. C. A., W. A. A., Pan-Hellenic Rep., Spanish Club, French Club, Pitkin Club, Musical Club M. CLAIRE McKAY A A II, II A 9, I' E' II Schenley High School . Framasor, W. S. G. A., Spanish Club, Y. W. C. A., W. A. A., Pan-Hellenic Rep. CHRISTINE HOOPER A A A, F E H Avalon High School Basketball Qlj, Y. W. C. A., Glee Club JESSIE M. HUTCHISON Masten Park High School Allegheny High School NANA. JENKINS G I' fb New Castle High School Mortar Board, W. S. G. A. , Y. W. C. A., ROSEMARY MCMAHON 9 'fl' A South High School 1 Newman Club, French Club, Spanish Club . ELIZABETH MacFA.RLANE A A H Kittanning High School University of California I Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A. Glee Club, 'Pitt Week Committee, Pan- Hellenic Rep. MARION W. JONES K K F, 23 K fb Bellevue High School Beaver College Pitkin Club, Glee Club, Ow C. A. - ' ADELINE JORDAN' Vocational Guidance RUTH E. KEPPIE i Schenley High School Owl Staff ' KATHERINE L. KING Monessen High School Y. W. C. A., W. A. A., Cl MARGARET G. KLINE Clarion State Normal ES-THE-R M. KOONS A A Z' Slippery Rock State Normal Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A., Glee Club, Pitkin Club VIRGINIA D. KORB A A E Schenley High School Y. w. c. A., W. A. A., French Club ' EVA R. LEVIN Canonsburg High School MARIE R. MESSER E K 111, fi' A 9 South Hills High School W. S. G. A., Student Council, Debating Team, Pitt Players, Panther Staff, Pan- tree Club HARRIET E. MORRISON Z T Ak Ambridge High School W. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A., VV. A. A. l Staff, Y. W. REBECCA R. MOYER I 'Ford City High School VV. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A. DOROTHY NAUMANN A Z, II A 9 Homestead High School I A W. S. G. A., Pan-Hellenic Council, Pit- kin Club , , assical Club CHRISTIANA NIEBAUM Peabody High School Northwestern College , LUCILLE E. O'DONNELL K A, E K fb Oil City High School Peabody High School Classical Club, Mortar Board, Y. W. C. A., W. A. A., French Club, 'Newman Club, Music Lovers' Club, W. S. G. A., Glee Club I German Club, ' University of Michigan ' O J Collembola Club, Menorah Club MARY D. O,LOUGHLIN EDNA M. LING A EA., 2 K qw Johnstown High School l Iiatrobe High School J Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A., French Club SARA G. PALMER 79 7 -. A K - , fr 4- " . f','VfIUIlIlIIll E925 IUIIIEIIIJTH' lm illlllllfjl Page Forty-two 'V-sages' A ' S cv- 'HM ' If It M' Xa I- 5-IIITHU33 I . :annum-faulnllnnn n 11' A . .I ' EDUCATION-Continued -gi? MYRTLE R. PEACOCK It I , RUTH Y, STEPHENS Ii A 9 Hickory Vocational School VVestminster College Y. VV. C. A., WV. S. G. A., Pitkin Club, French Club MYRTLE PETERS A A 2 Braddock High School Glee Club, Pitt Players CLARA PLUMMER fb M Wfilkinsburg High School FLORENCE E. RABER A Z McKinley High School VV. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A., Pitkin Club HELEN R. RAY . Rochester High School Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A., Glee Club EMMA J. REElD Z T A Y. VV. C. A., W. S. G. A., VV. A. A. MABEL A. REID A A E Braddock High School Glee Club 1 ETHEL L. RESCHKE A Z South Hills High.School . Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A., Pitkin Clulz, German Club, French' Club MARIE D. REWBRIDGE A E' A South High School Quax Club, W. S. G. A., Y. 'W. C. A., Collembola Club ' FRANCES ROCK K K I' Uhrichsville High School I Q V Quax Club, Girls"Glee Club, Y. IN. C. A., Pitkin Club, Collembola Club, Turtles DOROTHY G. ROME Carnegie High School Quax Club, Y. W.. C. A., Vxf. S. G. A.. W. A. A., Collembola Club ETHEL SANIEL-A-E fb, E K 111 - Schenley High School I 1 Columbia University Pan-Hellenic Rep., Cosmopolitan Club, French Club, Menorah Society A MARY M. SPRUMONT - Duquesne High School . . I' , 1 French Club, Italian'Club,, Spanish Club L. ANESTEIN STEELE K A 95 H A 9 Beaver High School . Peabody High School Mortar Board Basketball CU, A. A. lOwl Staff Pitt Weekly, W.. S. G Non-Partisan Association Peabody High School Chautauqua High School Allegheny College Y. W. C. A., W. A. A. MARY C. STOKES Clairton High School Y. W. C. A., Pitkin Club DORIS E. SULZBACHER 2 K fb Braddock High School' ' gizrlnian Club, Musica-l Club, Menorah u . . . FLORAH.TESHZTA,EK1If,IIAG Wilkinsburg High School A. YVONNE TORGERSEN K' E T Cape May High School Y. W. C. A., Cosmopolitan Club, Pitkin Club ' RHUMA VINCENT Slippery Rock State. Normal. . . . SARAH GERTRUDE WAGNER 2 T E Braddock High School Allegheny College, Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A., W. A. A., Glee Club, Spanish Club RUTH V. WALMER A A A Wilkinsburg High School Glee Club, May Day Pageant. ANNA E. WEINER French Club, German Club VIRGINIA WEINSCHENK K It I- New Castle High School Y. W. C. A. LORETTA E. WEIRICH A Z - YfVashington High School' Pitkin Club I VIOLA S. WELSH K A 9 Class Hockey, QA, A., W. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A., Pitt Week Committee MARY E. WONDERS Swissvale High School Y. W. C. A., Italian Club . ' CARRIE L. WYLIE, fb A 9, II A 9 ROBERT R. YOUNG H" ' Warren High School Pumas Club , ' v ' .Af . I .,,, 1g2i5 mjjlgjjmw Wllgll lllllllli Page Forty-tl11'cc .-2. ni- A ,,,, f T A . f or EERING l D. E. ACKERMAN Carnegie Tech WALTER T. ACKLEY Allegheny High School A. I. E. E. ' WALDO E. BAKER 9 A NI' Westinghouse High School A. S. C. E. E. H. BANKS A fb A MANUEL BLUMER Fifth Avenue High School S. C. A., P. E. A. WILLIAM C. BRYSON VVilkinsburg High School A. S. M. E., Pitt Molay, P. ROBERT A. BUscH A Allegheny High School A. S. M. E., P. E. A. CHARLES S. BUTLER DuBois High School A. S. M. E. . CARL E. BUTTERWORTH GLENN H. CAMPBELL A O Tarentum High School A. I. E. E. O. H. CANNON Westinghouse High School A. S. M. E. E. WELLINGTON C. CARL A O Wilkinsburg High School WILLIAM R. COLEMAN Bellaire High School WILLIAM B. CONNER A Z 'I' Chambersburg High School A. S. M. E., P. E. A. LELANID W. COOKAK 2 Avalon High School n Baseball Cl, 2, 355 A. S. C. E., P1tt Week Committee STANLEY H. COOPER A X A South Hills High School Tennis C. T. CRAIG ANTHONY DePIERRE South Hills High School GEORGE E. DUERR 9 X Magnolia High School Cap and Gown Club, Inter-Fraternity .Council EDGAR K. EBERHART A E fb, A 0 Peabody High School Pitt Molay, A. S. M. E. RAYMOND A. FUHRER Westinghouse High School HENRY S. HALL A O Miamisburgh High School Ohio State, A. S. M. E., P. E. A. CHARLES F. HAMMER Greensburg High School A. S. M. E., P. E. A. -.Z Musical Club, A. I. E. E. N- A- HANSEN PAUL G. HAYES fp K ,M CHING C' CHA0 IXonsraMHigh School . . . E., P. , . , '11 c. L. cLAUsELLs Owl staff E Ar Newman Clubv A . IQEIIIIIIIII 1- be -'iVVU1L11Ujmg 1925 Lfgjgmjni - S .,,, ' Page Forfy-foizw . - rouunm 11 r- . .P u , O , . I . llll 'llllllllll n it . A -... ' A ENGINEERING-Continued lj ROBERT N. IRONS fr it E, A 0 Coraopolis High School Pitkin Club, S. C. S., P. E. A. MIFFLIN S. JACOBS Peabody High School Swimming Team, A. S. M. E. J. J. JAKOSKY W. S. JEFFRIES H. H. JOHNSON Mansfield State Normal LEVERNE J. KING New Kensington High School A. S. M. E. ROBERT H. KEELEY fb 1' A VV'ilkinsburg High School Vice-President Junior and Senior Classes, A. S. M. E., P. E. A. CLARENCE L. KLINGENSMITH VVilkinsburg High School JAMES N. LEHMAN DuBois High School A. I. E. E., P. E. A. DONALD C. LEWIS , South Hills High School 'GORDON S. LINDSEY A X 53 J Jamestown High School .P. E. A. RAYMOND LITTLE K E Avalon High School A. S. M. E., P. E. A. PAUL B. LONG Swissvale High School A. I. E. E. LA.DISL-AS Z. LUDORF A 0 Nanticoke High School GEORGE I. LYNCH 9 X Evan? City High School ALVIN J. MARSHALL A A E Swissvale High School S. E. A. wiikinsbuf High 9011001 .4. M JOHN K. MILLER Marietta High School DANIEL W. C. MOLTER Avalon High School GEORGE F. MURPHY E II Parnassus High School WILBUR T. PYLE e X Scottdale High School A. I. E. E., Junior Prom Committee Senior Ring Committee CLIFTON M. RALPH II P A Montclair High School Musical Club A -GEORGE J. READ A. I. E. E. CLARENCE W. 'ROBERTSHAW Duquesne University A. S. M. E. WAYNE S. ROMIG A O Fifth Avenue High School CLARENCE C. SCHOTT H P A, A O Allegheny High School Owl Staff FRED M. SIMPSON A T A Huntingdon High School Swimming Team, A. S. M. E., P. E. A JOHN E. SOUTH A T A Sewickley High School Football CU, A. S. C. E. ALVIN C. STAMBAUGH 9 X Mercer High School Basketball CID CLARK A. TEA K 2, A 0 Peabody High School P. E. A., Pres. Eng. S. A. WILLIAM H. WALTON Schenley High School STANLEY WASILESKI A 0 ' Nanticoke High School FRANKLIN M. WILLS Crafton High School ARTHUR T. YA.ECKEL Nanticoke High School i JOHN L. MCFEATERS 0, 5 A I E llilllllllll 'ff so V925 UIUm37"e' 'C "" .C """"'B Page F01'ly-Jive l ll 9 l l E V 1 i 1 ,fi i ,,,,,, Uri V L'--' . l I, , , 'J l . llllll fgqlilllllll I ' - I mi C11 - il-f . , 737 I . 'g ' A l '-1-1117 i I ' l A. M. ALEXANDER R. MCNALLY 4 4 VVarren High School W' B' BERWIALID E A E' E F E University of Notre Dame Bradford High School , Carnegie Teeh W. G. MCADAMS KARL W. BOHREN, 2 A E, 2 T E E J. MAUST' Reynoldsville High School i University of Georgia W. J, MICHEJDA Football U, 2' 3' 455 Basketball 41, 2' Real Gimnosium Silesia Poland 3, 455 Baseball CI5, Owl Staff f35, Junior M- i A dem' in Cracow Prom Committee Turtles President C45 In ng -Ca Y ' ' Cosmopolitan Club J' W' BOWEN R. F. MITCHELL A. R. BURNS L. H. CRICK, JR. P. C. NEWBAKER CID 1' A H. D. DALE , C. R. NOLLfP1'A.E1lE B ll H'gh S h l P. R. DAVIS 03.62235 Q., C OO C FRUNCK ' B R D RI LE S. H. Thurston Prep. E NAR O K S F. H. GATES A T A F. H. RINEHART Oil City High School Allegheny College J' R' RUSSELL Baseball Cl5, Basketball C15 . C. L. SHIRLEY A. R. GAUS Clarion High School F B HALL Shadyside Academy - - I Carnegie Tech P. O. HAMER Petersburg High School J' H' SIEDLE Glee Club, Orchestra A E SMITH A, K, HUTTON Warren. High School Union High School Umverslty Bend I e H- H- KAPNER C. H. STRAITIFF 2 A E VICAR KINlG Eunxsutavvney High School M-d niversity of.Pennsylvania A giudlenicelicgigfhogliuqlghai Egger-Fraternity Track CZ, 353 Baseball osmopolitan Club W. H. KRECKER, JR. A T E F E CAROL TARCAUANU Philadelphia Central High School U1'1iV61'SifY Of BL1ChareS'C University of Pennsylvania Cosmopolittan Club P. H. KUTAR C. G. ZURHORST W- E- LEWIS South Hills High School " , "1f"TUlllIllIDpl925U1JIIlIlID11" 'Ill lllllllil Page Forty-six A 'N ' 'Saa- SS1- .J -- f-' Y... ' ' " i ll .. HARMACY A I . LOUIS ABRAIVIS Schenley High School VINCENT AKUCEWICZ ALLEN H. A.MD'UR Schenley High School THEODORE R. BARKEY CID A Greensburg High School Cap and Gown '24 FRANK R. BANON CIS- A X Rockwood CPa.J High School EDWARD D. BARTON GERALD J. BELL K A XI' Schenley High School Duquesne High School HAROLD W. BELZNER B CID E Dale High School MORRIS BLUESTONE Peabody High School JAMES P. BOTZER K XI' Johnsonburg High School JOSEPH C. BROZDA Pittsburgh Academy ARTHUR W. BRUKOFF Fifth Avenue High School Varsity Basketball REGIS W. BUCK Cresson High School CHARLES H. BUECHNER K XI' . . LILLIAN S. BURKETT Homestead High School SAM' CHABAN Fifth Avenue High School SAMUEL CHARLSON Beaverdale High School PAUL CHILDS SIMON J. CODORI K Xlf Duquesne University Class President ALFRED J. COHENI Donora High School OSCAR H. COHEN New Kensington High School JOSEPH COHN Altoona High School EDWARD W. COLE fb A X Punxsutawney High School '24 Owl Manager for Pharmacy WILBERT E. COLHOCKER - Allegheny High School LOUIS COLLER Fifth Avenue High School JERRY J. CONWAY K XP Johnstown High School Class Secretary and Treasurer ROBERT C. CRAIG JOHN CROSSETT Culver Military Academy Vandergrift High School Kiski Grove City College B61lCfO1'1'fC LEONARID BUFANO EDITH Y. CROWTHERS . Sghenley High School California Normal NORMAN J. BUISKER ANNA S. DANIELS Duquesne University Homestead High School - , -., 1925 Uj1I1j1Ujiwf 'Ill llllllli ff-Veer it or Page Forty-seven ' "H WS:-V C A-'-gallllll llll I g PHARMACY-Contmued 'ID ., 52" X A if ll' I ' filllilll 11 -w - ' ' . 1 A """"" D WILLIAM H. DA.VIS CP A X South Hills High Schooz DeMolay HASELE A. DEUTSCH Midland High School Geneva College Secretary and Treasurer junior Class HARRY DOLTIS fb A K Fifth Avenue High School JAMES IDICKSON Allegheny High School STANLEY H. DOBBS K XI' Pittsburgh Academy JOHN DONATELLI JOHN DUNAY Pittsburgh Academy - JOHN C. DUNBAR K XI' Allegheny High School MAX E. EPSTEIN Schenley High School CARL S. FILSON JAMES T. FORTINER 111 A X East Liverpool High School PHILIP FRANKENSTEIN Fifth Avenue High School KENNETH S. FREEBING K XI' Peabody High School RUTH E. FRYER A K Z Peabody High School KENNETH W. GEARY South Hills High School I-IYLAND L. GEFSKY A A X Fifth Avenue High School JEROME GELMAN' Fifth Avenue High School ELLA GLUCK VICTOR GOETZ ABRAHAM GOLDFARB Pittsburgh Academy BENJAMIN N. GOLDSTEIN A A X Pittsburgh Acadfimy Schenley High School ISADORE H. GOLDSTEIN A A X EDWARD L. GORDON A A X Peabody High School LOUIS GORDON Allegheny High School SIDNEY W. 'GORDON MICHAEL E. GYURIK St. Bonaventure's St. Mary's St. Vincent's ELMER W. HAGGERTY South Hills High School CYRIL iF. HANDMACHER Schenley High School FLORENCE P. HARVEY A K Z HARRY HERSHCOVITZ Fifth Avenue High School ROBERT E. HICKEY K XI' Greenville High School Vice-President Senior Class LINLEY O. HILL K Alf Johnsonburg High School JOHN HOIDGSON K if Glassport High School HARRY D. HUBER CID A X Peabody High School WILLIAM B. HUPPLE K XI' Pittsburgh Academy EDWARD C. HYDE K Alf Bellefonte Academy WELLER C. IRWIN CID A X East Liverpool High School S. MILTON JACOBOWITZ Braddock High School I . '-rmlmmtmggnszis mmm. ,,,, Page Iforty-ciglzf .qyqgbgig u 1 A. 4- Q R PHARMACY-Contmued - . 'TJ .. " , f 1, " ' QI -. VV Q FO llll V' L11 ' ' . I . lllllh liillllllllllll MHP I' IF v . 1. - V71 -A. i I r A. HARRY JACOBSON Braddock High School WILLIAM R. JAMES K XI' Pittsburgh Academy LEROY H. JOHNSON HID A X Mt. Pleasant Township High School I SOL H. KAL-ET Pittsburgh Academy RALPH R. KARTUB A A X Schenley High School MARY KETTL A K E FRANK J. KOBELAK LEO KRAMER A A X Fifth Avenue High School FRANCIS E. KRONOSK1' Natrona High School BELLE R. LAZEAR Braddock High School HOWARD G. LEGOULLON Westinghouse High School WILLIAM LEHNER South High School HARRY LEVIN - McKees Rocks, High School OSCAR LEVIN Fifth Avenue High School EUGENE B. LEWIS ERNEST L. LIEBERMAN Woodlawn High School WALLACE L. LOGAN Westinghouse High School DAVID W. LOUIS A A X MICHAEL N. L-UTSKY c Fifth Avenue High 5611001 THOMAS F. MCCARTHY K 'I' Peabody High School r q I Lo m u 1- J ALBERT L. MCKARNEY Swissvale High School WALTER M. MCMILLENAK Bridgeville High School A'GNES P. MACZKOV Homestead High School HENRY J. MAGA.RRALL K Klf A X A Duquesne A Kiski Vlfestinghhouse Football ,ZZ CLEMENT E. MALONE I Duquesne University High School SAMUEL E. MARASCO K XP ORLANDO MARINI Arnold High School HARRY H. MARKS Fifth Avenue High School JACK MARTIN Fifth Avenue High School SAMUEL S. MARTIN A A X Fifth Avenue High School WILLIAM E. MATTHEWS Princess ,Anne Academy LEE H. MAURER' I Q Clearfield High School KACID CECIL MENDE-LSON A A X Schenley High School IRWIN MERVIS Braddock High School RALPH O. MIL-LER fb A X Washington High School WILLIAM W. MILLER K XII Schenley High School MORRIS R. MOXLEY Homestead High School . GORDON E. .NIEGHORN K Schenley High School XII W gg T' i925 iiig MP7 in llllllli Pag 0 Form nuzc i "iz l 91, . ' . .gi -3-f ' .I 1' M 'i 1 fa! f. I-L -:L J .. B 5 I I 1 I . u I llllli filllllllll . I F- I ' ' ' I PHARMACY-Continued JOHN E. NORTH fb A X Johnstown High School JOSEPH F. PALCHAK St. Procopius College ' FRANK J. PALERMO K XI' Mt. Morris High School WINSTON A. PALMER K if Westinghouse High School ALBERT S. PIEARLMAN A A Fifth Avenue High School WILLIAM L. PULLEN K KI' Union High School OSCAR RACUSIN LOUIS RAND Fifth Avenue High School LEON B. RAYL Beaver Falls High School FREDERICK A. REITLERYI1 A X Ford City High School CHAUNCEY E. RICKARID K XII Sharpsville High School Pitt D'eMolay . JAMES L. RIDDLE K if ' GEORGE H. SCHUETTE Homestead High School RALPH SCHUETFZMAN Fifth Avenue High School EDGAR H. SCHWARTZ North Braddock High School MEYER SHEPMAN A A X Fifth Avenue High School MEYER A. SHERMAN A Fifth Avenue High School ' SAMUEL L. SHERMAN Allegheny High School HARRY 1. SHERRIN ROSWELL SIGMANN K XI' Pittsburgh Academy ' SAMUEL F. SPENCER K if Johnstown High School FREDERICK G. SQUIERS Ebensburg High School JAMES M. SWISHER fp A X New Castle High School FRANK B. THOMAS CP A X University of Valparaiso E- GRACE UNDERWOOD A K E ' Clearheld High School HARRY E. RINGLER 112 A X Glee Club Susquehanna University CLARENCE T. VARLEY K 111 JAMES A- ROOKER 'P A X Washington High School ARTHURUZ. ROSIEN A A X BERNARD VEXLER South Hlgh School Fifth Avenue High School MEYER W. ROSEN A A X EDWIN L. WATKINS K X11 High School , Woodlawn High School MORRIS E. ROTHMAN JOHN V. WELSH Fifth Avenue High School Pittsburgh Academy ADAM J- ROTTHOFF K XI' CLARENCE J. WHARTON High School CHAR E V L . - CHARLES ROUSE S A WIEMANN Harrisburg Academy GEORGE C. WIETHORN JACK E. RUBEN' A A X HARRY A. WILKOFSKY F1fth.Avenue High School . Ellwoocl City High School Tennis '22 CFreshmanj WILSON R. YOHE K if JOHN R. SCHAUWECKER K XI' Pittsburgh Academy Crafton High School WALTER C. YOUNG K XI' THELMA SCHEIN A K E Woodlawvn High School ALICE M. SCHMIDT A K E SOLOMON ZALMONOVITZ New Kensington High School Fifth Avenue High.School WIFPIWA-ui-A'--I--:Pm-I 'fl IUIU7 I V I IWLII Page Fifty A A-A .A -,A-,-- C .-L, I ,-41 li- . 1-1... xg.: 7 i ' fi W ll f- - - - I A llllluwfalllll ll l .1 1' ' R' N Ol' Qmansn 4 . I 9 . I ' 1 Ti L4 -r 79 4 , , .. , ' 4 .. V A Y WY IMTHJJILUQII1 1935 Ujggmjjmlw -up mm Page Fifty-one 4 I , l 1 l l l l W a 'fflf--k' 1 is - Ml. l 'r I lil 1 1 .. , , l M5 LUKE PATRICK h 1 . i. . .- W - junio-r Officers ' 1. President ........ ............... . ..... A .Luke Patrick Vice-President .. .. .... Hugh V. Groves M Secretary ....... . . . Frances Koenig 4 1 Treasurer ' . . . .......... , .... M. M. Iacquette 1 1 r 1 l 1 , 21 Cabinet 1. Lee Frank Ulhard Hangartner l, john Malone 'Clement Gaynor W William Murphy Elizabeth Highberger u Agnes Hewitt li 1. 1 1 1. l -. . . . ri i U1 . 111y 1Q25 m1ImjT1 1,1 1 ,IH Page Fifty-two ll 11-1 :ll i . . L 1 21w " ff"P 'IU LOUIS MANLEY DEAN , SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION , rv If ,. O I ' Sffmulzzmiulnvk 1925 mmrrl If 'ff I O- IAIILLLQ, I 'H' A Page Fiz7ffyJflz1'be 0- .. .. . 1' - - , I . llllliallkflllllllll ll I" ,I I ' '.'e """"""f eSe A Q-ip dz W7 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION HAROLD p, AKINS 2 A E A ABRAHAM BANCHEK Bellefonte Academy ' Freshman Football, Varsity Football CD, President Sophomore Class, Druid, Fra- masor, Vice-President Junior Class of B.A., Chairman Junior Prom. If Ohio needs another candidate 'for President, why not choose "Hol, the boy with the million-dollar smile?" W. A. ANDERSON K E Beaver High School Allegheny College Varsity Track CID, Fraternity Track, Basketball, Turtle, Owl Staff "Andy" seems rather reserved in the classroom, but he makes up for lost time when he mingles with the Co-eds. HENRY ANTHONY fb M E Peabody High School A One of the best students in the school but you would never know it to hear hin1 talk. JOSEPH R. BAILER 411 K Athens CPa.D High School Newman Club, Secretary fb K A very clever boy, but why not, did he ever miss the Davis? Fifth Avenue High School Spanish Club "Abe" has never been known to make less than a HB." Study did 1t. WAYDE BLOOM 9 A XI' Ebensburg High School Business Manager of Pitt Plavers To say that "Silence gives consent" is erroneous as far as Wayde is concerned, for his disapproval can at times be as positive as it is silent. CHARLES E. BREWER Tarentum High School "Ev" is the type of student that makes the rest of us feel badly when the grade-s come out. We wonder what the band will play in Tarentum when he graduates from Pitt. MILES N. BROOKS fr. K T Niles COJ High School Mount Union College "Duke" .spent his lirst two years at Mount Union. Off with the old love and on with the new. ' ' by 1925 uimxttnjw .... Page Fifty-four - . 3? 'el rf ,H . X' ' 1 1? ' ' ' - L-. llll i llllllllllll, sr W 5. IL C 1 BUSINESS ADM INISTRATION-Continued MILDRED R. BUCKLEY K K I' South Hills High School Secretary Iunior Class of Bus. Ad., Treasurer Association Bus. Ad. A very quiet girl who believes that silence will get her a good grade. VIRGILIO N. CAPUTO Fifth Avenue High School This boy is one of the most conscientious in school. If an answer is wrong, he will attempt to correct it somehow before he is asked to take his seat. HARRY W. CARTER Allegheny High School Tunist Club If Nick did not answer the roll call, we wouldn't know that he was in school. MICHAEL E. cAT'ANzARo A fb A JOHN WRAY CONNOLY CID K Allegheny High School Cap and Gown, Newman Club Graceful? If Wray could get a part in a play that did not require him to speak or sing, he certainly would fool the public. JOHN Y. DALE 2' A E, E A X DuBois High School Duff's College Pumas Club, Tunist Club, Pitt Weekly CZ, 3Dg Ass't. Editor C3D, Owl Staff CZ, 355 Sporting Editor C3D, President EAX, Y. M. C. A. A Jack made the sporting section of this book what it is. HAROLD H. DOUTHITT K 2 Crafton High School Kiski A Druid, Turtle, Pitt Players, Freshman Football, Cap and Gown Cl., Z, 355 Stage Manager Cl, Zlg Co-author of "Leave it to Marian" CID, Ass,t. Football Manager CZ, 353 Varsity Swimming Manager CID, Freshman Cabinet "Joe" has tried almost every activity there is at Pitt and last found that he ex- Peabody High School celled in playwriting. Italian Club, Y. M. C. A., Newman Club BERNARD F. -DRAMBLE Everyone at Pitt knows "Mike." If you . Allegheny High School have met him once, you are certain never Cap and Go-wn to forget his quick actions. The boy with the natural curl. I 1925 urmrupmwr 54 in m mm:-n 'fe-syafqf Page Fifty-five c-12-'L I . if RHF . YQIIIIII l ll t . iii pg I llll fi"'fIlI llll PUT 'Mg ' ' ' ' ' , I ,ff 1, ff! X 'ff' , A 52 A. Q ' SLA Q P BUSINESS ADM INISTRATION-Continued TOLSTOI A. FABIAANIA fl' A Peabody High School -Italian Club, Y. M. C. A. . One of the few honor students in our class, but to see him stand you could easily imagine why he is able to absorb knowledge. CLARENCE R. FAUST Fifth Avenue High School VVe have yet to see this boy without his lessons prepared or a smile on his face. GEORGE M. FEHR Aspinwall High School VVait until "Sam" is practicing law. Then everything will run straight. JOHN B. FERGUSON 2 H Ben Avon High School Tennis Squad'C2j, lnterfraternity Basket-1 ball 1 - They say this dark-haired boy is a bear with the vxomen but you can t blame them. S. WALLA.CE FISHBEIN K N Fifth Avenue High School VVe call this fellow "Wally" not because he resembles--"Wally" Reid, but because he is so different. NOBLE L. FRANK E A E Harrisburgh Central High School Football,,Basketball, Pitt VVeekly, Pres. Bus. Ad., Uunior Classj Pitt Week Committee, Junior Cabinet, Framasors CPresidentD 'VVe may see more of this boy next year on the gridiron but he will look much different. MILTON I. FREEDMAN Fifth Avenue High School Menorah Society, French Club We wonder if this boy ever answered a question wrong or handed a paper in which was not perfect. I CHARLES E. FREY 2 A E, 2 A X, n B DuBois High School E Pitt Panther, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Pumas Club, Spanish Club, Tunist Club, Federal ' Board Club "Tubbyl' is a very determined little chap 'md certainly looks and feels his part. rg, L9" """ " T - .- T925 mmUlTTL"'f ""l.Ll1. Page Fiz'ff3'-six fvmi iw . Q Q A l f' aa.. ' C gg H" X,-T .L-21-U3U3F"'l' 'P A IIIIL Pilllllllll 11' A 1 .f , x , ' BUSINESS ADM INISTRATION-Continued MULFORD C. FRIEDBERG II A fb Peabody High School French Club, Menorah Society Can anyone imagine this man enforcing freshman rules? ROLAND S. FRIEDLANDER CP E H Schenley High School A Pitt Weekly, Inter-Fraternity Confer- ence, Managerial Staff Baseball No, "Rally" isn't a train conductonwhen he says, "tickets please." Just disposing of Weeklies. L. 'GLENN GEISLER Tarentum High School , If this "great, big handsome athlete" would ever try out for a position on our varsity eleven someone would be sure to take the bench. . PAUL E. GIBBS ' Washington High School Track CU . . Do you want to hear an interesting talk? Well, listen to Gibbs. PHILEMON S. GITHENS 9 X Vlfheeling High School ' Inter-Fraternity Track and Basketball, Junior Prom., Student Council, Cap and Gown, Pitt Week Committee, Pitt Quartet C25 The students at Pitt were never under the impression that West Virginia was in the Union until Phil convinced them. ALBERT W. GOLOMB K N Fifth Avenue High School Pitt Weekly Cl, 2, 355 Menorah Society A little youth without an enemy and one who dashes about in the interest of his friends. ROBERT GRAVER y Schenley High School T If small stature gave Napoleon his suc- cess, we have a right to expect a lot from this boy. - W SAMUEL D. GRITFFITH Schenley Hgh School C Swimming, Panther, Staff, Turtle, Fresh- man Football Manager F Much of our future football success de- pends upon the material Dorsey has under his management next fall. Vifhy not wish him luck? . . irjfmrttttrtff "'ff'l .l935 QIQIUZULU'-TW' ' '11, Page Fifty-scfyen 'ml' 4 ui 4-.-ns. l, ... V .- i-in .. U 5325311311 ll .4 . , - I I llllnil-falllllll wt I' ' ' A BUSINESS ADM INISTRATION-Continued JACOB 'GROBSTEIN - Schenley High School I . Spanish Club, Menorah Society No, "Jake' isn't a "Sheik" but he has the shiny, black hair and personality. JEAN !D. HAFFLY Renovo High School . University of Washington "Beany" spent a year at the University of Vifashington and then came to Pitt, but we can't hold that against any man. ULHARD H. HANGARTNER fb A 9 Schernley High School Druids, Football Cl, ZH, Cap and Gown fl, Zjg Junior Prom. Committee, Turtles, Chairman Y. M. C. A., Finance Board Hank is one of the most popular men at Pitt. When he takes matters in hand, they are sure to be completed. E-MIL HERSKOVITS Tarentum High School Chess CD Here's a boy that has a wonderful future ahead of him. He made his numerals on the Chess team, and will certainly strengthen the varsity. . WILLIAM H. HETZEL Peabody High School Pitt Players 'C2j, Y. M. C. A., Cap and Gown Q2, 33 Bill is a quiet lad who always attends to his own business. MORRIS H. HIRSCHFIELD K N Fifth Avenue High School I When "Herschy" registers for a class the instructor is forced to hand out at least one "A," LEO H. HIXENBAUGH North Belle Vernon High School Monessen High School Band, Y. M. C. A., Forum "Feach" toots a mean horn in the band as well as in the classroom. HOMER P. HOFFMAN E II Washington Township High School Inter-Fraternity Track C35 "Parson's" dignity -should get him some- thing. bi l --Iwtmmmuszs uimrngmgrw' im Page Fifty-eight ,-Am. m,.,. jj ox V as Q3 - f--rf-f-"l'W.Q D ci: ' . K Y - LQUIIIIIIZIJI'-"' -1 . I lllllhmfllllllll I 1-- J., 5 BUSINESS ADM INISTRATION-Continued DAVID D. JAMISON E A E Beaver Falls High School Geneva College Musical Clubs, Turtles "Jammy" came to- Pitt to learn business. He wants to see how some people can afford to have fires so- often and still make money. S. MARSH JOHNSON LID I' A Jamestown High School Bellefonte Academy Football Cl, 2, 335 Track Cl, 2, 3Jg Inter- Fraternity Basketball and Baseball When the 1924 football season ends and Walter Camp begins to search for an All- American Center, don't be surprised if Marsh makes it. STANLEY R. JOHNSTON Allegheny High School Tunist Club, Capand Gown CZJ If nature could have given this fellow il anything more, he might be over-burdened. Q rvi THOMAS A. JONES Monessen High School . - Toms good na ure is very hard to find anywhere :AA i H .L FRED IJ. JORDAN Punxsutawney High School Pittsburgh Academy Panther Staff, John Marshall Club This boy's success is in the air. He expects to be a lawyer and has not yet developed a convincing line, but give him time, he'll learn. A. LUCAS KELTZ Ligonier High School 'Three years ago.a Pennsylvania moun- taineer came to Pitt to be educated and today the dean's position is in great danger. ROBERT W. KOCH New Waterford and East Palestine High School Wooster College - Speaking about students,.here is one. If he should have the same success in business, Henry Ford will have a rival. J LEO KOSTMAN Allegheny High School We dont know much about Leo except that he is a good student. ' 9 t ' Ellllllllll 1- F f ' .wttttmiiniszs mlizmtrlw-E' Q . , M. Page Fifty-nine .'f.." TTT ffl rrruiuumi-' y "" l ll BUSINESS ADM IN ISTRATION-Continued RALPH G. KUHNS II P A Wilkinsburg High School "Cooney" is always hunting someone who has their work done because he just wants to make sure he is right. JOHN C. LEISER Duff's College 1 Pittsburgh Academy Pitt Weekly Cl, 215 Federal Board Club There is not a man in school that has more ambition than "Iack.,' MORIZ M. LEVINGER ffl E H Sioux Falls High School . Carnegie Tech Inter-FraternityConference, Pitt Molay "Duke" is a clean-cut student and the fact that he turned Carnegie T'ech down makes us like him better. . FREIDERICK R. LYNCH A X A Peabody High School Inter-Fraternity Basketball and Baseball Howidid he, get the name "D'reary?" Something wrong some placef but not with him. i JoHN M. MALONE 2 X . Peabody High School Q Junior Cabinet, Druids, Owl Staff, Pitt Weekly, Cap and'Gown Jack is out for the bigger things in life because he has the ability and makes use of it. GEORPGE B. MCDOWEL-L Vlfilkinsburg High School V Bert is a' quiet chap. MATTHEW A. MCGRAIL Altoona High School Newman Club Whenever you want a complete set of lectures, just ask Matt. ' THEODORE O. MCQUISTON fb 1' A Edgewood High School Allegheny College Inter-Fraternity Basketball, Baseball, Track g n ' If you want to meet a real boy get ac- quainted with "Ted." He always has a glad hand for everyone. I ' so 1-nm1tti1ungg1925.rngrrtmrUTw's fiiugttimnmr ' f -A f- A -fm- Prlgfrf Siffjl WW?ri'TW :D l , - rg A ,.!" FEIIIIII Ii i .. LL y i efjj-I-VE L n 'um II, .H I Eu BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION-Continued RALPH.E. MEEDER 9 X WILLIAM MOORHEAD, JR. Evans City High School f 11151121118 Sigh ?Ch0O1 n n r Owl Editor for Bus. Ad. U ,li ai O ma , , The praises or maledictions for these B211 ,IS one of the H1052 S'fUd10U5 b0YS Writeups belong here. Heap them up. on this side of the Alleghenies. H I y LORENA G. ORR A A Il a CURTIS I.I, MILLIER Allegheny High School e ' , , , . ' Junior Class Hockey, junior Prom.. VV. N01'Wm Hlgh 5011001 S. G. A. Social Comnaittec 'Pitt Players, ffshortyw is one of the besteknown boys Framasors, Vice-President junior Girls, at school.. Is it for what he has done that PanHe1lemC,ReP'f Y' W- C- Aw W- A- A- we femembef him? "Rene'i is one of the most popular girls in schoo. ROLAND I. MILLER SYLVESTER C. PARILLA fi' K I Fifth Avohoo High School Riayen High School Art Contributor, Panther , "Syl's" brown eyes certainly do talk for Here's a boy who has a different attitude themselves' I than most of us. He doesn't care about the grades because it is the knowledge he JQSEPH p. PASSAFIUME A qi A ' Wants- Homestead High School -:Q Freshman Football, John Marshall Club, A Musical Club, French Club, Vice-Presi- -A JOHN A- MOORE K E isnt of ITal1an Club h H . . e are a most sure t at t ere i' no one 'Ii Greensburg High School U in school who has more induencbe on us The Sphinx has nothing on John. than "Pass4y." . " .L- ILEIIIIIIIII 1' 'e" ' 'IW 'i'1iW 1925 U1IlIlIlIllH'.,' F I 1 :li I I lllllllfi Page Sixty-one A f ml"'W A 1..g' ., 'W YAVV Y V W , ' 5 ll ,, ,e.. , e -.1 l lllllI "'iIlllllll sf' ,g W ,, .. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION-Continued LOUIS R. PETERSON Warren High School Cap and Gown Did you ever see a dignified young man well dressed? Well, that's "Pete." STANNARD B. PFAHL K E Cleveland West High School Tennis CZ, 35, Owl Staff Cl, Z,, 35g Editor-in-chief C35, Ass't. Bus. Mgr. CZ5, Treasurer K E CZ, 35 Space prohibits us from giving credit where it is due, yet we know that Stan's efforts have not been in vain. . MILDRED I. PICKRELL Rochester High School , Debating CZ, 353 W. S. G. A., W. A. A., Chairman Y. W. C. A., Loan Committee, John Marshall Club, Student Forum Non-Partisan League, Bus. Mgr. Girls Glee Club, Treasurer of Soph. Girls, Pitt Women's Bus. Club This girl does not hope to be a second Daniel Webster but as a lawyer she should have success. JOSEPH C. REVCHT Clairton High School Pitt Players, Debating Association, John Marshall Club, Music Lover's Club "Joe" is always at his work and we ad- mire him for it. ' 1 Y JOHN C. REID CP F A VVellsburg High School Glee Club, Pitt Players, Turtles To look at "Chuck', youwouldinever think of him as a "snake." West Virginia must not be such a bad place after all. ERNEST M. REINHOLD E N Bethany College ' "Reinies" came to us from Bethany and we know he will pront from what he does at Pitt. GEORGE E. RINGOLD Springfield, Mass. Technical High School Spanish Club, Glee Clubs Cl, Z, 35 This is the "Caruso" of our class. CHARLES M. ROBERTS A E 'll Sharpsburg High School Chuck is a very quiet chap. -wfirmmmiszs Page SzT.t'zfy-two I-Raitt 'B' ' ' ' I- ' . I mm. 'licflllllllll I ..- 'iwtmiuimmi C f. f alfa , , if, 1 ,,,.. V . X 2 X, f, M4 if X QQWJI 2 f f Y sf BUSINESS ADM INISTRATION-Continued DONALD. M. ROLSTON 9 A XII HOWARD M. SILVER Natrona High School Inter-Fraternity Track, Panther Art Staff, Tunist Club ' Because of his cleverness with a.pen,'Don expects to excel Bud Fisher some day. the business World. DALE SCHROEIDEL E II Schenley High School Track Cl, 2,, 353 Cross Country CZ, 35g Inter-Fraternity Track, Pitt Weekly Re- porter C1, 2, 311 Pitt Molay, Spanish Club, Pitt Players To spend the time practicing for track meets and still keep a high average is a hard job. Yet "Spark Plug" manages to do it. Baltimore City College he is in tennis. IIAfID Cleveland, East- High School This boy should have great success in ARNOLD SILVERMAN II A 112 Freshman Tennis, Varsity Tennis' C2, 3D Pitt Weekly Staff Cl, 2, 355 Freshman Cabinet, Junior Prom. Committee Arnold is as consistent in his studies as LAWRENCE R. SO HVAL CECIL SCHWARTZ K N Fifth Avenue High 'School Peabody .High School Pitt Weekly Menorah Society We don't see much of "Larry." They say that "Cece" is quite a musician. We wish him luck. . LEONARD J. SHAPIRO H A Cp M. WILLIAM STEELE A T A Monessen High School Homestfiad High School Cap and Gown, French Club Columbia Umvefslty "Shappy's" frail stature carries a lot of Realizing that Pitt is a good school. knowledge, "Bill" came to us from Columbia. I Q925 UJJ3IUJJTi777iC"C' if Ilgl 4 lllllllfi b I ' 'M' I Page SI.1'fj'-HZl'6f' l i w E V l r I l l l 1 l I l v I l l i 1 l l T1 p 4 4 l n S A , i Q ? - J ' ' " XL J - "Hi" ' l I , ' I I I I 1 1 I -AI, I lllllL'4TiflllIllllllll i I .. ,. V 1 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION-Continued PAUL A. STEPHANY Academy High School, Erie Track When Paul is through school, we can see no reason why he won't be in the Supreme Court. JAMES- W. STOCKING 9 A XI' Crafton High School Cap and Gown Cl,, 2, 35 "Sox" and his Buick roadster are seen everywhere. BRICE P. SWYE-RS 2 X South Hills High School Inter-Fraternity Basketball, Baseball, T'rack This boy always looks unconcerned yet he can be serious at times. WAYNE THE-OPHILUS South Hills High School Panther Staff, Band, Tunist Club When "Theo" goes into a difficult prob- lem he is sure to come -out on top. WALTER A. WELLINGER K 23 Tarentum High School Football Cl, Zjg Inter-Fraternity Track and Baseball, Cap and Gown Cl, Z, 355 Panther Staff, Junior Prom. Committee To look at "Flute" in civilian clothes you would wonder how he could disguise as Ca woman. Yet he does it, and in very fine style, we must admit. ' GEORGE R. WHITE 9 X Claysville High School Interr-Fraternity Basketball, Baseball, Student Senate, Inter-Fraternity Con- ference and Athletic Council, Ass't. Manager Cap and Gown Cl, 23, 31 So' far "Whitie,' has advanced rapidly and we wish him the best of luck. CHARLES F. WILEY K E 'Wilkinslburg High School ' Owl Staff CZD, Spanish Club. Apprentice Football Manager C1, Zjg Baseball CZJ, Track CU, Ass't. Football C35 "Butch" meddles in many activities, but specializes in none. EMMANUEL ZEMAN Evans City High School "Mutt" is one of the intelligent boys of our class. , so ff, up g -wu'1trtmmi9asm1tggm'fw- nnuitmmig, Page Sixty-follr ,,, . if I qu.- X IHAHTWT -' "" r- T- I' A ' "5 PJ -. I filllllll I ' ' ' . A I I ' "- W 4' I I llllllw-fllllllllllll 1-' A - , , , I 2. 1? ROBERT WILLIAM SENIENOW SECRETARY EVENING DIVISION SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 4, , ..-:. 1 -ii? f0 ' V 9 ' "IL l925mDEUI'1" 'III llllllllfi VRS? 3 Page Sixty'-Jive r r l 1 V "J ' .ui-s- 1. . f'-'T-K it 'fu -1 wil I lglmim-y,, .. I - - . I llllllrufl lllllll G. vig D N y , , l 5 I l F l -' 'W f A i E . , l F' Q EVENING SCHOOL ' , GEORGE A.. ALTMAN Latrobe High School ly. I Pumas Club, E. S. A. Iliff A It is inspirational to many of us to see . "Chuck" conquer obstacles that are seem- ingly insuperable. DAVID S. ANSERVITZ y Pittsburgh Academy JAMES S. BAUGHMAN A K KI' Allegheny High School "Bundy" is a prince of a chap and Well liked. Could anything better be desired? MABEL E. 'BELCHER Vifarsavv High School E. S. A., .Dramatic Club, VVomen's Busi- ness Club H E- S. A. One would never suspect that a wealth 'll W . of humor lies beneath Mabel's quiet ex- 1 H e , predict a successful future for teriol.. l Il DEIVC. , . ' it i WILLIAM E. BENZINGER 1 VERNE E- ARENS A K XI' Fifth Avenue High School Lake View High School E- S- A- . . i E. S. A. There are some engagements that "Bill" Q "Verne" is one of those chaps that Ht hesitates to make but he never misses a l in any group' date Studies. l l l WILLIAM H. BERNOULLI A K XI' it J GEORGE ARMSTRONG A K XI' Central High School Peabody High School A I E. S. A., Evening Students Executive , E' S' A'. t "Bill" will surely make a peerless better- ? I "Army" is a subject of keen conjecture. half. , A ...minirmin 1925 mirttnzriiw' f in mm Qu L rin i G T I W I I N Page Si.1'tjl-Sl-.V . A l l . ,D N jt.CQ.UJJI11D ll 1 I , ,pq 1 g U :lim b-fullllllml uf I r X I 1 .1 ff EVENING SCHQOL-Continued if ' JAMES E. BROWN A K XI' Sharpsburg High School Evening Dramatic,, E. S. A. . Mark you well, 'tis "Iimmie,,' the lead- ing lady in the evening school. CHARLES J. BYRNE Swissvale High School E. S. A. "Weenie' 'always gives more away than he keeps for himself. This speaks well for him. I WILLIAM T. CAMPBELL A M A Wilkinsburg High School E. S. A. To know "Bill" is to enjoy a refreshing acquaintance that flourishes with the lapse of time. MARY L. cooKE Q11 o K Waynesburg High School' Womeen's Business Club. Dramatic Club, Inter-Fraternity Dance Committee Everyone likes "Cookie," She is the life of the party. HARRY E. DAER-A r CID Oakmont High School E. S. A.. Harry hails from a popular summer resort which explains the streaks of sun- burn evident 1n the presence of the fairer sex. ' ABRAHAM DAVIS Fifth Avenue High School E. S. A. "Abe" is a student, applying the same zeal that marks his diversified interests. s 'V ' I ARTHUR C. DELL A K xv I Q JOSEPH F- CHARLES AAllegheny High School i E. S. A. E. S. A., Editor of "The Administrator" "Ioe,' is the "Elman" of the evening Quiet, unassuming, observing, that is if 9 school. A 6tAft.,, - .4 I "l 1925 II"' 'Ill lllllllf Page Sixty-seven I f . A- ml ll .. -.1 I mm A Lllllllllllll I' l . 1 EVENING SCHOOL-Continued JOHN G. .FLEMING ANDREW T. HEERLEIN Bellevue High School E. S. A. "Jock" is fond of work and a superabun- dance of it. NORMAN M. FORDIN'G A I' fi' South Hills High School ' E. s. A. g Tall and handsome, a deep thinker and a devoted student. That is "Norm." ALBERT N. TFRENCH A 1' 'if Pottstown High School E. S. A. "Al" is always seen in groups of fellows. However, we do not vouch that this is a criterion. Allegheny High School E. S. A. "Andy" makes a fine classmate because of his sincere interest. REIFF R. HEILIG Inter-State Commercial College Reiff hails from the heights. This ac- counts for the altitude of his grades. FRANK L. HENDERSON Somerset High School E. S. A. Henderson is a practical endorsement of the truism, "Good goods come in small packages." I AQ rr1en's Clubs , MABEL GRUNDMAN 111 9 K EDGAR C. HILLMAN A K XII Westinghouse High School Crafton High School E. S. A., Dramatic and Business Wo- E. S. A., Bus. Mgr. Owl, Cir. Mgr. of Panther, Cir. Mgr. of Weekly Popularity" would be a good nick-name Show us the task that "Ed" will not for our well-liked "Mabe." attempt. .L- l9m""ll C" . 't" l925 lllIlflIlI!'l'1"A farm T Page Sixty-eiglzt ,1,,..-- , it f rl 1 . 3355513 'C' ' ' ' g -4 , I . lllllsw-zalllllllulll 11' C g .gi I EVENING SCHOOL-Coafztinued WALTER J. HOFFMAN A 1' CIP Allegheny High School i E. S. A. "Walt" is the sort of chap we need and are fortunate in having. FRED W. HUENBER Pittsburgh Academy ' Fred has, indeed, the pre-requisites of a successful career. ALEXANDER S. KANIGHER . "Alex" is one of those persons history is countingon. 4 PAUL W. KEARNEY A K XII Allegheny High School Editor CEvening Schoolj Owl Paul's good sense, wholesomeness and chivalry make. him a respected and admired WILLIAM J. KRESS - Rochester High School E E. S. A. "Bill" shares his Alma Mater with Geneva College. WALTER A. KUNKLE Fifth Avenue High School E. s. A. Quiet, unassuming "Walt,, says little but thinks much. . MARY Ei. LAZORCHAK Austin High School 4 Dramatic, Cosmopolitan, Inter-Collegiate. Business Girls' Clubs Our Alma Mater acquired additional brilliance when "Sunshine" matriculated. KENNETH C. MARSHALL y Rochester High School We feel that "Kinney" is competent to operate a family budget. 9 I member in any group. 1 ,I ' I . 1 'H mm 1925 miluzttrwi - f I .ft i X Page Sixty-m'1ze -. illlllll I C ' few-- . .. I I - 1.-mann... I A a .1 llllllllllll 17 'UT' 4.-3 J' 'vt f -1'-' Q 'ir 1 I f , . . . 1 ' lllllr J ' 1 , 'Y' Q K ff f, f ffl ff! X U' 7 f eb if f 1? 'l. I ll ,if , EVENING SCHOOL-Continued WILVLIAM M. MARTIN A I' CIP CARL L. POZNANSKI up Maunnington, W. Va. High School' Duffs College E. S. A. E- S- A- We have reasons to believe that "Bill" Carl is a Quiet, steady fellow. is an authority on accounting. SAMUEL L. ROBINSON A I' fl' 'Fifth Avenue High School E. S. A., Dramatic Club THOMAS J. MAYFIELD McKeesport High. School Alert, extremely conscientious and com- petentethatls "Sam." E. su. A. A regular fellow whose .home town is expecting big things of their "Tom," 41 HAZEL A. ROGERS Petersborough Normal School E. S. A. JOHN A. MCCARTHY E. S. A. "Jack" is the kind with Whom We all like to associate. . .We can truly boast of internationalism with "Haze" in our group. HAROLD A. RITCHEY Verona-High School Iron City College E. S. A. HARRY R. PITTLER Central High School E. S. A. ' '.The chug of a motor boat and the pad- dling of a canoe do not interfere with "R1ch's" studies. "Pitt" is the professor of humor at the evening school. ' ' C "L l925g 1igIf' 'llile Li tPage Seventy A if S-A 'll ' 1' " 'LL E In QHIIIIIIIIIIII fl' r it .1 G3 EVENING SCHOOL-C01fzfi1z-wed ' , CHARLES L. SHADLE WILLIAM H. SPECHT A I' C11 Clarion High School Allegheny High School V Igagoljlxlxlormal Blessed with an inability to Worry "Bill" ' ' ' makes his grades and enjoys life besides. There are three subjects in which 1 "Chuck" cannot be excelled: law., real estate, and a family budget. JOHN W. SPILKER CLARENCE K. SHIREY A T li' E' S. A- Latrobe SCl'100l ' ' L r fc yr Pittsburgh Academy A stogie and a smile thats Jack. I E. S. A. ' 'A pleasant disposition is "Shirey's', sell- ing point. . ' JOHN W. TAYLOR A K if ROBERT J. SNYDER A 2 H g?Hg?igH1gh School Fifth Avenue High School "Bill" is the "Beau Brummel" of the ,25 E- S- A- class. It takes a live fellow to keep up with . ' "Bob." ml A ELVMER s. WARD " -M JOSEPH W. SOETHE A I' 111 E. S' A. A V T5 MCKQCSPON High School Elmer should add considerable Weight to "Joe" is the "Apollo" of the class. the economic situation in years to come. ' lillllllllll A '- IBZSWH' ' A I 'U llllllll lrnsi Page S6"U81'lt3I-0118 l I e llllll V-" llllll ll e Y l P 3-nx ' f 1- J in ,, f ,-i-T? ' V S-,F Q I 1 1 I 1 - n " A I I 1 ' CHARLES W. WEINMAN J Monaca High School E. S. A. "Chuck', is an aspiring fellow whose thirst for knowledge takes him a long Way from home. 7 ' ' 4' 'III E Page Seventy-two ' IV'MllLUT.1Q1ID 1925 i-,Frw7 1 -W ' "-' H' , H -x 11 - . . ,,. I H Qi 1 A. 'YU GEORGE HARVE REAVIS X' DEAN I THE COLLEGE E "1f'l'VIIEEU113JI925 l1IIlIUIUIW1"'E frm- I f T EQ ' Page Sezfeuty-tlz1'ee 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 J 1. , . . 1 "ie"F'f-'- 1 I . - 1 1 as - . . . i l 51, V ' 'l- if . T' . ' ' ' I 35151333 ll 1 1 - ' . -.1 1 l lllllv-Pfllllllllllll 1' o f ' Lo c my M, Q ,P ., W. l l I . .. . I , ,x., . .... 1 ' 1 1l l . L 1 -- W l 1 , . 1 , 5 , , . 1 l I l ll ' l 1, l1 lil 1 . 'fi J' OC W Q ow is CE it Y ' IL' N s .V G ss fr Q X , 4 QW ' COLLEGE ' I FRANCIS A. AARON CID K A HARRY F. ANSCHEUTZ II P A A Sacred Heart High School Newman Club I Still waters certainly run deep. He doesn't, say much but he sure gets there. H g MARCELLE ACKER A A rr I Homestead High School lu Basketball Cl, 2, SD, Hockey, W. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A., W. A. A., Pitt Players, Debating, German, French, Music I Lovers' Clubs 1 4 C When she steps up to center, the oppo- 1 nent gives up in despair. - 1 i JACKSON W. ALLISON . Edgewood High School Chiron'Club, CPresidentD, Pitkin Club l , . 1 His lightest whisper can always be heard Westinghouse High School' u Band CZ, 35, John Marshall Club, Music Lovers' Club "Annie', is one of the main reasons for the popularity of the Pitt Band. I HERMAN I. ARENSON II A CP Schenley High School Student Forum, Pitt Weekly You all know the innermost secrets of this man who airs his opinions in "Student Thoughts." MAGDALENE AUSTEN A Z . Aspinwall High School Basketball C1, 215 Cwens, Y. W. C. A., YV. S. G.,A.', W. A. A. If you notice that the library is over- . . d C1 ' f , 'll k E yards away. Must be a handicap in a par- iiggdslenonisagifivggyoesgsboglis. W1 now or. l 1 TOWNSEND W. B II A Q ROBERT M. ALLOTT Monongahela AER, if 5. 1 l I South Hills High School Schenley High School ' 9 i Y. M. C. A., Pitt Battery Cap and Gown V 'M 1, All work and no play doesn't make Bob We hope when "Towney" is a full-fledged , 1 C a dull boy. In fact, we think he is quite M.D. he will not experiment with ether. G 7 i y bflghf- It's bad for the complexion. W " , . "1VlUJIU3lI.Ul92a'5l1lIlIEEl3Il.1'f' 'Ill llllllli C Page Sctfcfzfy-f0'z1r l 1 l 1 1 1 il I. , ' ' -ii-i.. - - I -- :r' 'iT- ll u I 1 f- T T c S in I XY p 'A' f I . llllllr"'i'lllllllll I l' ' 1 n I COLLEGE -C07'L1Zi7i7fLH6Cll -TMT- JEAN' BALLOU A E A Bellevue High School Cwens, Basketball CU, Debating, Classi- cal, French, John Marshall, Glee Clubs, Framasor, W. S. G. A., Y. VV. C. A. If you ever need a good lawyer, call on "Balloukii," for sheill be a good one, some day. LOIS BARRY G CID A Cathedral High School Quax, Turtles, Pan-Hellenic, Owl Staff C3D, French, Newman, Glee Clubs, W. A. A., W. S. G. A., Student Chemical Society Editorial modesty forbids us to say the nice things we think about ourselves. ROBERT I. BAXMIER Robert is an agreeable companion, one ' who has the knack of making friends and keeping them. RALPHIT. BELL A fb A California High School V Italian, John Marshall Clubs His opinion carries much weight. MORRIS M. BERGER A 1' T, E K KID Homestead High School Collembola, Classical, CPresidentj,, Zion- ist, Greek Clubs ' I If Morris doesn't master six languages, it won't be his fault. RUSSELL L. BIDDLE S Crafton High School Pitkin, Chiron, Glee Clubs The lure of a good glee club enabled us to get "Russ" from Tech. MEYER BLOOM A 1' T New Castle High School Menorah, Chemical Society, German Club, Zionist Club "Adolph" is a valuable asset to any club. When no one can offer any ideas he pops up with a complete plan. JOHN J. BOUCEK , Allegheny High School Newman Club, Student Chem-ical Society When "Sparky" isn't playing around with test tubes and such, he is dusting off the dancing pumps. , ci., '1925 1uI- g Page Seve1zty-fire f-l-.,.,--Y -' -i f 1 V T' '4 f--f- 5? TH' AJ it-:- ,ELQ.mItm:f - V- 1' t f " llll'lll"" i ill , . - COLLEGE-Continued EDGAR A. BOWERS St. Joseph CMo.j Central High School He tells us that the farther south one goes in New Mexico, the harder the people get-and he's from the extreme south. ABRAHAM J. BRACHMAN K N Marietta High School Marietta College Menorah Society This man doesn't look like a country boy, but he insists on being called a "Jay."' RACHEL CAPLAN Look behind a stack of books and you will find Rachel. ALFRED E. CHADWICK south Hills .High 'schboi ' Chiron Club He would rather look up texts on Biology CAROLYN D. CLARK A A A Schenley High School Carolyn isn't strong for activities but she never misses any social functions. GEORGE W. DAVIS A E 42, A 2 P Debating George's stature belies his forensic prowess. We expect to- have him orare for us in Congress some day. PETER DEMOS ' A needle in the hay-stack has nothing on this man. RUSSELL A. DIXON 9 A 111 Peabody High School c Classical, Greek Collembola Clubs "Russ" is a worth-while addition to any 5 I! than numbers in the telephone book. crowd. A lbllllllll 'L - "1f'VVU1I.UIlDI925 lIElZE1IUj11f" S -my Page Scvciztfy-six lillllll l 1 1 ' I . T i f COLLEGE N r . . i I Y balk' V 4 . . I lll ll 'illllllllllll 1' Q I... -C01fLiti1fmed MARY L. DODDS South Hills High School Quax, Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A.. CTreas- urerj, W. A. A., S. C. S., Pitkin Mary introduced Knickers at Pitt. Now watch 'em Hock to the Chemistry sections. FRANCIS C. DONOVAN St. Francis Football Clj Ask "Red" anything you want but don't be in a hurry for he must have his brother's advice. l . LOIS E. DURANT Z T A Schenley High School Turtles, Glee Club When Lois sings even the birds sit up and take notice. DONALD C. ENGLAND KID 1' A Wilkinsburg High School i Pittsburgh Academy Bucknell University Turtles We need not prophecy that Don will reach great heights. He's there already- literally and Hguratively. MARGARET M. ENRIIGHT 9 fb A Cathedral High School Newman Club We know all the students will crave attention for headaches and heart-breaks when she finishes her medical study. PHILIP A. FAIX A E' Q Glassport High School Y. M. C. A., Owl Staff, Cap and Gown., Newman Club We owe some of these write-ups to "Doc." Take your spite out on him. 2 GEORGE M. DURSCHINGER A 2 fb Szflinty FIEQEDSIEQIJ -M Framasors, Owl Staff, Y. M. C. A., Pitt W. 5. G. A., W- A. A. T5 Weekly, Cap and Gown A charming voice, a pleasing manner He likes to study and he likes a girl-a and again the pleasing voice. It's a plea- most peculiar combination. SUYC to listen to HSHUY-H .L Y. i lillllllll "L "' 1925 "' 'L p 'Ill llllllllfi Page Scvelzty-sevefz i W VA Jllll " " A CHARLES B. GAFFNEY New Britain High School Now why did you buy two "Owls?" It would be much nicer if both of you read the same "Owl" at the same time. 1 1 i 1 r 1 1 l.e. ,,,, ..,, , . C0LLQEGE-C07-1-fl71'1l'6d CLEMENT AQDGAYNOR fb K VVilkes-Barre High School Newman Club, Junior Cabinet, Owl Staff C3D, Inter-Fraternity Council, Sec- retary, Steward of Fraternity We wonder why Clem spends so much of his time in Greensburg. MILDRED E. GAMBLE K A Indiana State Normal W. A. A., W. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A., Pitkin, Collernbola Clubs "Mid" helps the co-eds live right at ISADORE GOLDBLUM This boy and his father know everything. If you don't believe it, ask him something. Pitt, so you know we are always well pro- vided for. JAMES H. GARNER A X Z Schenley High School .Peabody High School Y. M. C. A. They also serve who only and wait. ANNA MAY GASEA Tarentum High School' W. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A., i A little blonde with a gentle, unassum- ing manner that belies her mental capacity. BENJAMIN GOLDSTEIN A 1' T VVhen "Bennie" speaks he says some- thing, wherein he differs from most of us. stand around WILLIAM K. HAMBLIN H P A, A E' ff' Wilkinsburgl-Iigh School . Fraternity Track, Basketball, Inter-Fra- ternity Council, John Marshall. Classical Clubs, Fraternity Vice-President French Club H H , Kenny is a charter member of the -, Royal Order of Briefcase T'oters. It's a good practice for budding lawyers. X . L. ,Hmmm 1925 Ulfmjmmii- im is llllll lil Page Sc'fz,fc1Lfy-c1'glzt V9 f .. ...I mg I I I I x ' I I W ' if 7 , l . I lllllkiiflllllllll . JI i- . R . .1 COLLEGE -Cfmtimzied 1-.l.l.- JOHN W. HARMIER E X Peabody High School Golf, Cap and Gown, CZ, 33, Musical Clubs CZ, Sbg Inter-Fraternity Council ' eren,t for the time it takes to prac If it W - tice on the banjo, and call on a preacher's daughter, "Watsu" might work a bit. AGNES T. HEWITT K K I' Swissvale High School Basketball CIJ, Swimming, Y. W. C. A., W. A. A., W. S. G. A., May Day. Pitkin, '- President Junior Girls, Junior Cabinet, Owl Staff CSJ, Pitt Weekly It takes' a big girl to shoulder a'l this responsibility. ADELE HOLLANDER Schenley High School Pitt Week, 4May Day Pageant, W. S. G. A. RICHARD M. HOYT Peabody High School Rifle Team, Cap and Gown, Chess C'ub, German Club, Ass't Manager, Rifle Team As.a marksman, as a dancer and as a chemist, he surely hits the mark. LAWRENCE E. IRWIN e X, 2 A X Coraopolis High School Panther Staff Here is one man who can spring puns and get away with them. HAROLD KAMINSKY Johnstown High School WSL I Menorah, Panther Staff A valuable addition to th C . He should be able to make the old beast 1'O3I'. V e Panther Staff MARY S. KAMMERER Alleghen High School Adele is one of our more serious students. Cwens Turtles Basketball Baseball W. A. A., Pan-Hellenic, Secretary Junior Girls WILLIAM J- HOOPER H P A when Mary isnw pushing a basketball This man is one of the silent majority around the gym, she's out looking for a who causes trouble for no one. few IUOFC aCt1V1'f16S. ' A i 1935 UIDIU3J'T'f"i 'Ill llllllllfi 'Q?CW.Ji,,f ig C V D - age Seventy-ni1ze ,. - ET' H , A W A f" ' fit XV i . 1 I Illlllllllllli fq lllill 4 i 1 1 - ' I 5. g llllll ftlzllllllllllll I ' 'g V -4 753- R Wi' i i l l l V I I COLLEGE-Coaiztiuued LOUISE KREGAR Z T A Wilkinsburg High School W. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A., Pitt VVeek CWe are hoping that sometime -"Hans" will attend all her classes. JOSEPHINE V. KAZAMROUS K A Y. W. C. A., W. A. A., W. S. G. A., German, French, Music Lovers' Clubs An "A" in Physiology means more than a good grade to this young lady. ALBERT C. KELLY Duquesne University Prep. Newman, German Clubs JOHN H. LAPSLEY E A E Glassport High School Framasor . The only good-looking Junior who doesn't spend twelve hours out of twenty- four thinking about the co-eds. Like "yarns?" Then step up and hear Mr. Lapsley spin some. They are all Wool and ten yards wide. BETRAM H. KENYON T'urtle Creek Union Class Secretary Clj, Student Senate CZD, Pitt Weekly, Glee Club Cl, Z, 35, Mana- ger CZ, 31g Cap and Gown, Pitkin, Pumas CORTULA LOOS V Peabody High School W. A. A., W. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A., French Club Life in Alumni Hall would not be worth- Breathes there a man with soul so dead, While if i.Tudie,S,, Smile were missing. who never to himself hath said, "Where is the club of which I'm not the head." GEORGE F. MacDONALD, JR. K E Mercersburg ' Cap and Gown Cl, 2, 355 Manager C35 WILLIAM C. KLINGELHOEFER A X E Beaver High School' German Club, S. C. S. We really must find out why "Bill" stirs acid solutions with his fingers. "Mad, will soon be an Engineer-he has had good practice steering the interests - of Cap and Gown. ' . "'e 1925 Page Eighty 'ful . . . ll i 3? - NW ' I' llllllllf-1" ' 'R . of '.',- I lll lbri-L'ZlIIlllllllll I" ' lil ROBERT M. MacNAB A Dumbarton Academy, Scotland Track, Y. M. C. A., John Marshall Club All the Way from Scotland via 'Nasli-Jeff to find the best place on earth. TERESINA MARINO 2 K fl' Washington High School . Debating, Italian, French, German, Cos- mopolitan Clubs Such a little bit of girl. but such a big bit of information and such a large Wel- come smile. JEANNETTE I. MARX Carnegie Tech Jeannette just can't decide Whether she' likes Tech best or Pitt. CCJLLEGE-C 0'1'L-lfi1fL'Zt6d ANGELA McDERMOTT 9 LP A Peabody High School NeWman'Club We would like to meet this fellow "Art" she talks so much about. KENNETH N. McKEE fi' I' A Kittanning High School Cap and Gown Our class is proud to have the honor of claiming the author of the play. JAMES K. MIERLEY A .Juniata Academy Debating, Y. M. C. A. Cap and Gown TA A Word of Warning--don't argue with A "Jinx" . SARA S. MCADAMS A A A Schenley High School . Y. W, . ., . A. A., . . . . . ... H C, A' W W S G A FRANKLIN A. MILLER . Sally" is another of our Well-known l ' ' I, classmates who keeps up our representation Frank is an industrious student who pays I .at all functions. ' strict attention to business. ' .L W I Lilllllllll wt "'VfIlI1IDIH1I925 l1IU31UJ'1w' g gg I Igll illllllli Page Eighty-one , 2 AK'.' v ...A 0 52.3.2.- jgllnjljjj In . . . , c 1 I I . lllllxf'--fulllllllllll fgjg '12,-1 3 . . CQLLEGE+C0-ntimzed MARGARET D. MILLER Z T A - Greensburg High School Turtles, Pan-Hellenic This fair co-ed doesn't approve of heavy schedules, but we have never heard her object to a heavy date. MARION M. MUNSON I Beaver High School r Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A., Music Lovers' Club One of our really good musicians-and temperamental, too. MARGARET W. NORRIS A A A Swissvale High School Y. W. C. A. ' "Peg" thinks that if she is worth-while getting, she's worth-while waiting for. RAYMOND R. NUTTALL Schenley High School Newman Club -1 The Juniors' Beau Brummel. If we JAY F. W. PEARSON Grove City High School Glee Club, Collembola Come forth and gaze upon our future Biology professor. JOSEPH A. PERRONE A il A Braddock High School Pittsburgh Academy Newman, Italian Clubs Why' weep for Adonis? Joe is right in our midst and far more handsome and much more useful, . HENRY W. PRACHT 9 X University of Virginia Cap and Gown, Band, Student Council, German Club Do you want to hear snappy music? Then call "Tubby', for his jazz is the best. FRANCES REITMEYER Fifth Avenue High School Pitt Players, Pitt Weekly, W. S. 'G. A., Debating, Italian, German Clubs , tried to list all his virtues we would be A rising young actress. Shels sure to 2 late going to press. step into Miss Barrymore's shoes. ' it --mitttamn 1925 mmlgmw -i 'up if Page 'Eiglify-ftcfo l x . 3 -1--. i - Q g r- bf I ' 1 ' -.Y 5 A-A ' ' 1 ' . 1 . I . lllllk kfllllllllllll 3 j V 4 i .1 'T COLLEGE -Contimwd LILLY REMMEN 9 I' CID , South Hills High School Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A., Pitkin, Greek, Classical Clubs Lilly deserted us for a while but mended her ways and came back. V THOMAS A. C. RENNIE Swissvale High School Y. M. C. A., Collembola A man oi' independent mind. He looks and laughs, and a' that. FRANCIS A. RILEY A E S?- Duquesne University Prep. Pitt Players. Cap and Gown, Newman, German Clubs He makes a charming Pierrot, but why not? He has so much practice with the pierrettes of Alumni Hall. SIDNEY G. ROSENBLOOM CP E U ,Austin High School ' A Bucknell University Pitt Weekly,, Pumas "Rosy" was a latecomer, but he sure has made up for that lost time. SIDNEY ROSENBURG. A I' T South Pork High'School Debating, French, Menorah, Zionist Clubs, Chemical' ' Society A bright boy and a wonderful fellow in spite -of his red hair. I ALLAN N. SAFIER C11 E II Monessen High School Owl Staff C23 He shows a decided interest in "Bellesf' SAMUEL P. SARDO Here is another man to whom college means only business. 4 MARGARET G. SANDER A A A Miss, Ellis' School - t Schenley High School Pitt Weekly, W. S. G. A., Pitkin, Tur- tles, Y. W. C. A. ' "'Marg', doesnt need the "Glew" in her name to make her stick to Harbaugh. 'Ii "v.VVlIIlIlIlllIl1lI925EU3IUIlIUH" 'lf' L Page Eiglzfy--flzrec Qi.. ' XT Illlllll 1. . . - . T - ' mn I' -lllllllllll I" I l ' ' " CGLLEGE -Continued ' CARL HQSAUER K 2 Cleveland West High School ' Yale i A . Druids, Turtles, Football, Track Cl, 2, 35, Tennis CU, Class President CID We are mighty glad "Crip" didn't like Yale for he surely adds prestige to Pitt. FRANCES W. SAURMAN KK 11, fb A Q George School University of Pennsylvania Y. W. C. A., Pitkin Club What's the attraction in Philly, Fran? We have our own suspicions. MONICA J. SCOTT Z T A Schenley High School Turtles, Spanish Club, W. S. G. A. If you have never seen her in a scooter race, you have surely missed something. MINNIE SELEKMAN Minnie does her part in raising the scholastic standard of the school. ELIZABETH D. SEVILLE A Z A Bellevue High School Cvvens, Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A., W. A. A., Pitkin, Spanish 'Clubs "Beth" will make a good missionary. She has had lots of practice with the bar- barians at Pitt. ONDIENE M. SHIRLEY Leechburg High School W. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A. One. of our fair commuters the railroad out of bankruptcy. who keeps LAV INA E. SILVER Schenley High School Teachers, Training School R. W. C. A., Cosmopolitan Cfub What would become of the Vagabond Club if Lavina vveren't there. SOPHIE SOLOF South High School Pitt Weekly Cl, 2, 35, German, French Clubs, W. S. G. A. All the reporters fear her blue pencil, for she certainly does use it. I . '-fmlttnrungiszis mnmzmw-A g-up Page Eighty-form' I I f ' .-ix lil f gi- ! " ' ' . I lllllL'u"i'llllllllllll I" ' ,-1. - .Qin l n U Wi- .""W A I lllllll lli A 'UF COLI,I-LGE---Contimzved RACILLE sRoLov1Tz 2 A X ' Fifth Avenue High School ' Pitt Players, Debating, Pan-Hellenic, W. S. .G. A., German, French, Music Lovers' Clubs, Menorah Society' Racille has made as much progress at Pitt in two years as most of us did in three. SARAH M. STOUGHTON A A A Schenley High School Pitt Weekly Cl, 2, 353 Owl Staff C2, 353 Junior Prom, Y. VV. C. A., Turtles, Cwens. We think the Owl showed excellent taste, in choosing so charming a girl to edit its Society news. HELEN M. STUDER Allegheny High School Panther Staff. Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A.. W. A. A., Pitkin, German Clubs, Girls' Glee Club, Owl Staff C35 "Studie's" popularity and pep would enable her to sell Panthers on the Fiji Islands. GILBERT THIESSEN A X E Schenley High School Chess Club We are certain he thinks in terms of atoms and molecules and even must dream about them. JOSEPHINE TOBIN X Q i Josephine is one of our girls who likes a little of this and a little of that and can"o be bothered with a long grind. HOMER 'D. WAL-LACE Allegheny High School Chiron, Musical Clubs i "Home" is just chuck full of intelligence. He knows only one grade and that's A. ELIZABETH WARNOCK A A A Norwin High School w. s. G. A., w. A. A., Y. w. c. A., Class Basketball Cl, 35, Hockey C35 I "Betty" is "long" on everything but memory. JOHN V. WATKINS H B Kiski Panther Staff Cl, 2, 359 Cap and Gown Cl, 2, 355 Collembola A Iohnny is a good animal trainer. He trains rabbits and also Panthers with good results in both cases. Y I 'WVVUIIHIIIDIBZCS miizutmwf gi... A Page Eliglify-jim' WIKI--W1 .ls .' - 1 . V41 1 -14? f.3mm. ,. .r. . -it I lll i t--illllllllll l 'QF q g g ' ' " 4 COLL.EGl-I-Contimied FREDERIC B. WESTERVELT Lancaster Yates University of Pennsylvania Owl Staff C35 Fred is beginning on his M.D. work early. He is now working on the Owl's circulation. WILLIAM W. WHITE E H Mc'Keesport High School Track, Cross Country, Inter-Fraternity Council, Framasor "Whit" doesn't like to Waste time Work- ing because there are so many other things to do. MARION J. WIBLE A- Z, fi' A 9 Washington High School P. C. W. Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A., Pitkin Club Marion is so interested in history that she is making history for herself now. HERMAN R. WILHARM CP A 9 Swissvale High School Glee Club Cl, 2, 35, Pitkin Club He likes himself but there must be a reason for everyone else likes him, too. VOYT M. WILSON Glassport High School We heard a co-ed describe him as a per- fect gentleman. We feel that we can say nothing more suitable and true. MARION G. WOL-COTT ,K A 9 Allegheny High School Cwens, Quax, Basketball CU, W. A. A., VV. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A., Classical'Club ,Marion is great at managing things. She manages to do a lot of damage with that smile of her's, too. EL? WILLIAM W. WIGHTMAN o A if Peabody High School BERTHA I. ZEI L-ER X sz K -I1 .L Chiron, S. C. S.,, Owl Staff C2, 355 Busi- G ', T5 ness Manager C35 Peabody High School ' -"Take him for all. We shall never see Bertha went to Tech one year but no I his like again." one Willhold that against her. lillll llll " 'C ,flu "' 1925 lf1IUIlIU'l"" I Ill lllllll QB Page Eighty-si.r 4 Ill I W -if-x 61- 1'1"" 1 . H W ' H SS- ' i llllurfhillllllllllll I ' ' , -'ill -. COLLEGE-Continued 1.i.1..l. ELIZABETH C. ZEIIGLER A A A- Aspinwall High School A Cwens CPresidentD, Basketball Cl, 2,3jg Pitt Weekly Cl, 2, 35g Turtles, OwlStaff Cl, 2, 3Dg Girls' Class Secretary and Treasurer flj, Treasurer C35 "Ib's" work at Pitt speaks for itself. W. J. HOFFMAN This man's middle name must be "Mys-0 tery" for no one seems' to know much about him. JOHN H. INGRAM Schenley High School Band C , , He plays the flute like Pan, the piccolo like the "Spirit of ,76." He sings like Caruso and dances like Castle and that's all. is e :ll llllllllllfil i -wnrrtmrtm 1925 urmruiiwf f Page Eiglzty-seven 111111 1111 1 1 1 1 11 11 '1 111 1 1171 K 1,1111 ' 1 l11 1 11 i 1 b . 1 ,1 1 , I 11 1 A A W 1 111 I I V 111 V I . ,, , 1111 1 1 1 1 W, 1 , .1 1 1 , I 1 1 1 T1 1 i 1 1 1 1 Y 1 1 ' 1 1 ' Q 1 11 "1 ' , 1 Q1 1 1 1 .1 7 1 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 V ' 1 1 1 i 11 1 1 ' 1 1 . 1 1 I . 1 1 1 , ,1 1 1 1 ' 1 1' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 , 1 ' 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 . :yy X11 1 1 1 11 1 V 1 11 11 , 111' 1 1111 I 1 I 11 1 1 11 5 1 i '11 5 1 1 1111 1 l 1 . 1 1 1 1, 11 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 111 111 1 111 111111 111 1 1 1111 1 ,1 11 31' 11 11 1 11 1 1 11 111 1 1 1U 1111 f 11 1 11 'N 1 1' 5 111 g 1 141 U , . 11 1 1 5 11' ,11 1 V 1' 1 1 1 .1 X 1 11 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 111, 75. 1 1!' '1 1' 111 1 11 1 13 11.2 1 11 1 1-1,1 , . 11,111 , . A 1 1 1191 ' 11111 1111131 1 11 1,1 1,1 c 11' '-'1 '11111 . 111111 41111111 1,1 A r N r .A Tx if ,,,.j'3g.:j?H W,i,,,i,1y- M ...l - .. . l ' A - .. t ' 13, if I 1 i ,' H A A I I 1 I I ' ' ' ' I llllll 'MII I ' ' S-' X 5 X S . N Q X Q ' Q b Q i E E ' Q s R X r Q Q E S Q m Q Q m Q S S E S s ,MMXX x t wx X xx.x X NX X X I- N x S x,QNxxwxxxxN.Qxxxxxxwxxmmxxxs xwxxm,N,W,,x,XxXXxXXw+xx,53.AxxwxxxxxxwxxxxwxxwwwwxmxxmxN-WNNxwxwwxxxxxxxxxwxxwwwxxXNwxxxwxxxwxxwxxxxxX,...wxwxxxxwxwxxws Qxxxmwwxxw-Nwxxxxxxw wx Q s S X X X QNX S s R sqm m so xxx x Q XX 1 x Y N S V N 5 N W 2 N X 5 N 2 Q I 'C N S S X X NS X Xxx? X 3 :XX QS K Q E S Xxx w X . Xw Sxxmww-0 X3 Q S5 wxwwx X N X MW, X, 3 S5 K Q,.,.xxxX xxxxxwvwx Sgwwvw X NXXXX Q wg v s N x .M s x S -' x was S 3. XX sxxxxxxxxxxx NNwwwWwxwmxxmxxxxxxx NK K E SS S X S A x 2 - x X NN K X Q Q X ss x :Q os, Q 5 x ,QQ Q X . Nw Xxxx Q Q N X A X + - Q N K X x Q Q xv? Qs X ,ex S NXQS X S X vwv SX Q N Q X . .S X V ' me xi s x Nx N S M r Q SS NX S x x. w X vx x X: N x .55 X S- x ws x X S SE : LX Q-' ,. X M m s N we P X XNWN X X ' ' W W XX X - 8 S "NSU MX XX 9 N me so N X x N X Xxx 3 NX Q X S Sf S S ms wx. xwxmm XX x X s X S" my mmxxm X X Q V N Q N' 1 NE SP XX Q eww: XXX XNXWX N X 5: XQX X XXX xs + s xv x Q Q 2 s N D x RQ - XX A if 5 Q www if 5 QNX WX? NSF' 3 XXX -wxxxk Q cb mv' S Q x Q xg s X X XX x v S ' N x , , E: s VN . xx YXE S NN be N: Q X S , s Nw 4: Q N N X x Q Sr S N X x s X Q2 5 X X A Qs Q N x X ga r x X x R S . x X SQ is N Q N: 5 xE X ' s Ss S1 S is S EQ EE SE E EE S s xx as s se s S is SE if S m uk mv X at N if Q Q xx Q2 N Q: H Ss S Q mx 4: Q: Q Q: Q E ix NE: Q13 55 5 4 X5 SEE S35 S5 S E NN mx N Q- Q we S N XX QRS ' :I Q Ss S E NX S: 2 QE 5 ss S X ix if Q Q- Q s Q X mr r Q1 Q Q x S s 5 X ki x - if N Q5 Q x X gr r Q1 S ef- s I E xt MA' Q N N Sas .X R SE X X k S x Q X 3: Q Q.: S 'X NAS?-X K 1 Qi- Q Q S K xx x QX Q . Ne' AX X X so X S xK XX N QX x A s Q S+ N Q XX NX S N XE Q N X X: Q Q xX X: Q Q x N: : Q: A X Sas S S Sas xz Ex Q 55 S: Q 3 Q Q: 3 31 :Q S :Q Q1 Q X 5 Q x Q: rx Q :Q er 3 Q Q Q: Q N . :N 1 2 Q ir : Q X bl Q lr :N rx x. N x x x: N N: :Q 3 -S Q- x Q 5 Q. Q 5: Q X : X x x1 x N: 5x N xx N x 5 N xg N xg gg REX N NI N Qt ' x Ek is SX S: S S X NS? Q S: Y Sw 'ti 5 N35 Q A Q S -"' s SE Q Q S 25 5 Q QI Q N g Q gs X5 N X SE A Sy SSS 5 X X X: O x X5 . . s SX xx S59 Q S sx 1 z x A 5 5 a x 5 sgsgg Xxx N: 552 ix x S S Ei Q X qx 5 Q Q55 Rl K e S Q- Q N X . e mx N NN Q . sis Q S SH s x C 2 I Ni if S si 52 S z 3 S: 5 S: 5 e ss sag Q X Q S sas gs S 5 gwwg gwgi 5xxxmxxwwxxxxxxxxxxmxxwwwxw N lx . EE :W x sa-wwx N 1 N5 Sw xi xmm m NwxxNWNM.WWWwE mia wg SAMS MQ? wkWWN mwxX wg 3 N X mxxmwQ Swgg gxxxwxxxxxxxxxxxxxwxwxxwxwxwww ' ' ' NNN 9 , xx xg : Q: S xx Xxx : QS 5 x X .Xx.NNWNXMWNNWNWNX ANS5 wg NX ,ffyfu af, f ff, 5ii6m11iC2wmze::mfMe4fW f z "ff, f ff I Wwzffwffmfwfffff ,W , ,,,, 1 WW ffff!f N N v N X NX X wx XXXXKX wWQ xXXXNXxxx QQWS Nwxxmwww DR. H. E. FRIESELL, DEAN 'SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY Q S Q Q F.A.C.D., B.S., D. X X ' Q QS S :N Q: Q X2 XLR N Q NX NX x NS Xi X- X Sw K: N1 5 QE? S55 NES iss Xi kg ms N iss XX D.S., LL.D. 'fl 1925 ' ,QD 4 'H H' IIIL Page, Eigllfj'-711-ILE l , B , 'rf' C -- 'l vw k V X V 7 in .. 'ra iljglmlggjliw- , 3 r-1 I lllllirrfllllllllllll I' W, "' idvntisirg ' The Dental School has probably had a more rapid growth than any similar institu- tion in the world. Itwas founded April 20, 1896, under the name of the Pittsburgh Dental College and from the beginning was associated with the Western University of In 1904 the Pittsburgh Dental College became an organic part of the Pittsburghand the name was changed to School of Dentistry. In 1912 the enrollment was one hundred sixty-five, for the current the enrollment is eight hundred ninety. The school has ranked as the Pennsylvania. University of year, 1923-24, largest dental school in the world for a number of years, and occupies a foremost position among dental educational institutions. In the several ratings of dental schools made 'by the Dental Educational Council of America, the latest of which was in 1923, the school has always been put in class "Af" The school has had a State Board record during the last nine years of over ninety-nine per cent. passed. The Faculty and teaching staff have grown from twenty-nine mem- bers in 1912 to one hundred members in 1923-24. The school occupies three buildings on the campus and is in urgent need of additional quarters. The library of the school contains more than five thousand bound volumes and upwards of twenty thousand unbound dental journals. , The entering class in the fall of 1924, will be the last class to enter on high school preparation. One year of college work will be required for entrance- beginning with the fall of 1925. More than Hfty-eight thousand patients were treated in the Dental Iniirmary during the college year of 1922-23 and a noticeably larger number of patients are applying for treatment during the current year. wrrffulmmuszisimimiiimwl- rm Page Ninety Jag... x ml. .111 igcimiuiun f- 91"-' .'. B ll lil n I ' I ll' gin , . A S,-R ---, 9 A . Ill." Lllllllllllll l" ' I 1 1 l I l E i I i 1 i l L .,A,., A4.,,,,.,,,.. I .,A.., ,A..,.A.,4,,,,,.,A,.,,. . - , ,,, DENTISTRY JOSEPH E. ADAM A 23 A Grove City College Her.e is a salesman. with a "Wear-Ever" ambition. EVERETT G. ALLISON A E ff' Steubenville High School Cap and Gown A boy in a good humor, regardless. That's Ally. WILLIAM A. ANTHONY DuBois High School . No relation to Mark Anthony. Just plain William Albert. I , . WILLIAM D. ASHBAUGH XP 9, fb 1' A Bellefonte Academy 'Football Cl, 2, 353 'Class Offlcer 637, Turtles . . A man of affairs-hearts. A true sports- who abhors poor sports HENRY A. BAKER A Z A Erie Central High School Junior Prom. Hank is an all-round musician. With a banjo he does his best. WILLIS F. BARNES A boy with a sunny disposition. JAMES B. BARNHART A E A 'Greensburg High School A likeable light-haired chap. 1 JOEL BERNHARD A E CID Susquehanna University Vlfaynesburg College A plain New York country boy. nVI'EEH11IQIDI925UIEEEUlIl".'f my Page Nmciy om' Y Illl V if--1? ul V ii I' Y' 'll fb lllllll . ' , I llllli -'illllllllllll 1 ' W A i C I W9 l DENTISTRY-C01fzti1med D. HARRISON BEST CHARLES M. BOOHER E II Westinghouse High School New Castle High School His face ne'er holds a grouch when with An enemy to life is care. Beware! Be- dear friend "Mail Pouch." ware! GEORGE E. BETTS PAUL R- BOYLES Erie Central High School Wilkinsburgi High School M ' 1 - ' A tall boy whose hair shows off to advan- Counilgiiftei aiu? ' Pepper Prize tage. Why shouldn't it? W A ' For politeness? see Boyles. J' S' BLACKBURN HOWARD W. BRADLEY E West Newton High School Charleroi High School ' l 1. The future holds much for this fel om A Well-learned gentleman. A man that appreciates art. E- JOHN J. BOLTEY , CHARLES B. BRATT W Monongahela High School 'fi A Central Township High School - Allegheny High School A round-faced, dark-haired country boy. A Slow but sure. A Y . , , ILOIIIIIIIII " y "1f'VlIUIHIJIU 1925 EUD1IUJ'leH" S 'Ill illlllllil Page Nimty-ffwo l P l'0lllllll 1-1' Q . H L , , f a .. L it ' mm' " nu " " ' S , H A 5 'I lllllllllllll ' 1:- 'UT M' UF DEN'l'lSTRY-Continured JAMES N. BREEN JAMES T, CALUPT New Brighton High School Monessen High School Football A gg t t , I Q Red headed but not true to that type. qule S ranger m on M abs' CHARLES E- BRUN0 JULIUS H. CAMPBELL O,C0UU01',S PYCP- Elizabeth High School Law School A friend of au. Small but hearable. CHARLES A- BUETTNER CHALMER B. CARMAN A 2 A Sl' Francis ,College Carnegie High School Temple University Baseball Th 1 f 1 . C awyer O our C ass The center of all trouble. V EDWARD W. BUETZOW 2 Elmore High School J. RAPHAEL CARNEY W Tri-State University St. Francis College T? .Cap and Gown 0 Ed leads the class when it comes to T116 Sheik fYOm Johnstown. vocal talent. lilllllllll "H 'i'l 1925 ""i 'Ill Page Ni1zct5v-three P, , !5 Il! I I u , . 1".?.s rl.. . .M 1 gr"-""'1- ' .- V iii. ' SF QM, 1111. A ... u lllllml-zllllllllllll fr' g A A A l n l i I i DENTISTRY-Comtimzed 5 Kiskiminetas Springs School He is one of our quiet members of whom I ' We could say lots of nice things. - p GILBERT C. CHANNIN'G California High School He always fills his part with ease. He ' also tries his best to please. I . D. EDWIN CARRIER if Q THOMAS D. CHATTAWAY E TI, CID M E I Monongahela High School A man, he seems of cheerful yesterdays and confident of tomorrows. HAROLD A. COBURN if Q Ohio Northern University One who looks at the sunny side of life. HARRY C. COHEN A Q Blairsville High School I Ever see Harry with a male patient? We haven't. MICHAEL C. CONTI Perkiomen Prep. ' f'What's in a nameg facts are stubborn things." RUSSELL B. COOK i 'N' JAMES H. CLARK 2 A E, If Q , r - "' I Allegheny High School I pf lg- Indiana Normal Band Cl, 2 30 .aa If I: A11 gh fCll ' l '12 6 .em O age ' Cookie certainly can tickle the piccolo to Q ll The eighth Wonder of the world. distraction. Ask the band boys. A 'L A A A A - 1?-. H ll lilllllllll " I A g ' ' I. AgI925 1 sl ' A A ' I I Q R lllllllfiw Page Nl-1lCfX fozn V ' I- ' , Il . I ll il .i ' ' 'I il ll . . lg- ...L v--wg-Q. , - ,. U W i " ' ' ' R 'R' R I . llllllrfkflllllllll I up R , It K DENTISTRY-Comtivmed HAROLD V, COTTOM 2 A E ALFRED C. DAVIS 2 H A Dunbar Township High School- ilaftins E657 High School R Allegheny High School enyon O ege t "The best of men have ever loved re- My tongue with my lips I rein. For pose," Who talks much must talk in vain. FRANK C. COULTER, JR. XP Q ROBERTV s. DAVIS A Q Pittsburgh .ACadCmY Greensburg High School Q HiS aC'Ci011S Speak THUC11 Stronger than From Greensburg to Pittsburgh every any pen. EARL 1. COX St. Francis College Cap and Gown A devoted Worker and a day to study Dentistry. Ambitious. EDWARD J. DEMMY I r "He who lives upon hope will die fast- staunch supe mg' ' porter of the Cap and Gown. 2' ROMEO A. IDeNIRO P -4 GEORGE O. CUNNINGHAM Rayen High School hu Leetonia High School The Dental School has a real Romeo. Humor personified-"Dryf' Where art thou, Juliet? ' I M 1925 UjI1IIUj"i1H ' I I I I illlllllfi. 'W'iw31,f7 is Page ' Ninety-Jive l Cr .V , ir ,,, l w l Y .. ... .4 Y 1 'Q H. ' 5 - I - W -- XF. A 1 ' 7 F PYP '., ' I. A A I l I . I I I ' ' . ' ' ' I lllllLf"'fllllllllllll l i .l li . , . .. I .1 N""' 'Nil l ll l I! . l 1. l Q l i l In DENTISTRY-Contlifmed li ROBERT s. DENNIS if Q C JOSEPH B. Dobbs A 2 A 1 ' Burgettstown High School Kilttanning High School 5 Dennie and his Irish Philosophy will never be' lost to sight. 1 ! I ll ABRAM S. DIEHL A 2 A Cresson High School V ' 5 I All light and smiles and frolicsome as the . young fawn. I l 5 5 ALBERT E. DIETRICH .I South Hills High School li I I One who looks down on us all. l . ' r l JOSEPH K. DIXON XI' Q tj Kittanning High School A Band Cl, Z, 353 Class Officer CZ5, Junior N Prom. Com. C35, Pitt Week Com. C25 l l .5 . v "Dick"-a very small fellow. nevertheless capable of great things. ' . ll V This fellow claims Kittanning as his home but we doubt it. ' NEAL D. DODDS A X A Peabody High School Football Cl5, Hockey, Cheer Leader. The short robust politician of our class. JOSEPH W. DOUGHERTY fF K New Bethlehem High School Newman Club -A quiet fellow that tends strictly to busi- ness. WALTER L. DUNFORD Xl? Q Johnstown High School Owl Staff C35 ' "Character is the diamond that scratches every other stone." l l925mImUl11 1 Page Nmety sw l li C g'i, O. " W . "S will i , . . -sw ff' I-Z 7 g 4 r- 1-1--"g gl: X-.-A C9 lllll All I I . ' i 'lg q I . lllllkftbillllllllllll U' ' ' 1 I l Q1 1 DENTIS'TR.Y-C011-tinued - DA.VID C. DUNN A T A, A X E ROBERT H. ELLSWORTH fb A 9, A E A Meadville High SCl'100l Meadville High Schooi ' Allegheny College Allegheny College "Manners often make fortunes." . A peach of a fellow. WILLIAM R. DYKINS . JOHN F. ERWIN 9 X Nanticoke High School MUSIC-31 Greensburg High School After a great silence was come upon the His. heart and hand both O en and both land. there was still a voice speaking, and free ' p it was Dykins,' of course. ' 4 GEORGE R. EATON af Q JOHN W. EVANS Uniontown High School DUQUCSUC High School Class Officer C3J, Junior Prom. Com- Football mittee A man with a Strong inclination in the "Good humor IS the health of the soul." "Holy City." E3 EDWARD EVERETT LAWRENCE R. ECKERT A E A Craftsm High School New Castle High School ' 'li Tenms CU "Greater men than I may have livedg but The General of Pitt's "VVear-Evers." I doubt it." A 'YAY V A YV A A VU lllllllll I' f'1f'VlIUIlIEED 1925 UJ11IEUJ'1H" n nn fm illllllllii l Page N inety-seven 1, - . 13 I " gh-Q 'ii-1 , ,, L... , . 0- , I 'll i . il j-Qg1pm111 1, . g gg C- " rl l . llllluji gallll ll I if on ' '.' i 1 - 1 DENTISTRY-Continued .GEORGE C. FISCHER WILLIAM C. FRAZIER fSf.-Vincent College 1 s0u111eH111S High School , Allegheny High School - , , A strong follower of P. G. C. S1lence has become his mother tongue. V I . HAROLD W. FLANAGANAI' Q, E A E ANDREW M. FULTON XI' Q West Virginia Wesleyan College . A V -. A ' Football 41, 2, 135 Basketbaii 11, 2, 35 Swlssvale Hlgh School This is "Hoot" Flanagan-What more I I love not many Words? can we add? 1 L . 'B , R. CPM? EDWARD H. FLECK CHAR ES R FUNDEN ERG J ' , , B ll H'gh Sh i 1 1 H Carnegie High School e evue 1 C OO "2 e-'1 ' -' This ambitious young maifgiiiesides at- Q wr Quiet fellow until you get him started. tending School, Supports a car. EUGENE G. FLEMING - BURDETTE C. GARDNER 2 Indiana High School A . . J Indiana Normal " I .Keystone Academy . A Quiet and retiring, a good student and a An honest man, close buttoned to the 1 - 'loyal friend. . 1 chin. - ' l CKSI - " 'still I INST liz!! T ' Page Ninetyjeight v A L, - W' BQQMDIUII 1' A 14 l . llllllraillllllllllll ',"' i , A 'Yll I DENTISTRY-C0nt1lnued THOMAS B. GARVEY 11: K 2 . . WILLIAM M. GERST xr Q, f -gilldemy i South High School , ' .V . o ege A . .f , l L "N , bl' ' th h 'fi Modesty seldom resides in a breast that invenilgil sleiiaizpgs on e man W O rst is not enriched with noble virtues. - ' FLOYD H- GASKIN A 2 A CLARENCE W. GILLINGER A 2 A Derry High School . , h t H' h S h 1 Penn State .College V ggi-21111215 Own lg .C 0.0. Here is the very soul of diligence and "All mankind loves 3 lovernn v efficiencyg a mighty line fellow. .ARCHIBALD L, GAULT qf Q, A T Q. GEORGE D. GILLINGHAM Jr SZ A A W 85 C 11 V .. Westminster Class Qregsfii Football 413, cuss Officer .419 g Burgettstown Wizard-our chief skier. Many are Called but few get UP- ? JOSEPH W. GAUS fr K a ' RUFUS c. GOEHRING 'F- West Newton High School 3.- ' Avalon High School , He claims he doesn't study but he always t . A gets by-funny, isn't it? A virtuous and well-governed youth. i 12 . lilllllllll 'f'T"'f V'1l"TU1lIHIlIIB I925 UJIEUIUWH' 'III I Page 'Ninety-nine lx ul 1-1-. .--- , U .. I ly - - - X-F--1-I B K Y " 'L I I ll, 1 1 l :LQ-mIEU'l 1 . i . . .Al I llllll f V rllllllll I A DENTISTRY-Continued STANLEY C. GRABOWSKI JOE R. GRIFFIN Nanticoke High School V I am here but few know it. HAROLD GRAY Woodlawn High School "Good goods in small packages." This applies to "Scrubbyf' JAMES W. GRAY XI' K2 Osceola Mills High School Jimmie is registered in the Evening . School course at Margaret Morrison. Wonder why? ZANE A. W. GREEN K A II Dickinson Seminary Washington Irving High School Joe hails from West Virginia, but to our knowledge is not a maker of moonshine or " a member of a feudal clan. ROBERT R. GROMAN H P A Band . Oh! well, someone must be late for lec- tures. That's Groman. WILLIAM M. GROVE A 22 A Johnstown High School A conscientious man in all things. A.RTHUR A. GRUBBS Allegheny High School Temple University Pumas Club ,Tis death to be at enmity. A good example of perpetual motion. ifftu:m1im192i5m11m1rw"' on 4 Page i One Hundred . 1"' e' X1-A ,'1IC2EHI11UJ 1' ' H . ,sc -we I lllllmw-fallllllll C If' ' I -I DENTISTRY-C01fzti1fmed MILO GWOSDEN fb 1' A, if Q Indiana Normal Woodlawn High School Football, Golf, Baseball V Actions speak louder than words. Watch- him on the campus. DONALD L. HALL ' Beaver High School A modest guy. We wonder why. LELAND W. HAMILTON E H, A E A New Castle High School "The less a man thinks. or knows about his virtues, the better we like him." That's why we can like "Hamm1e" so well. JOHN C. HARRISON Altoona High School A gentleman of a great deal of wit and ARTHUR H. HARTMAN McKeesport High School. What shall I do to be forever known and make the age become my own. JOHN C. HARTMAN N. Braddock High School Westminster College A A well-named but likeable chap. OWEN R. HARTMAN, JR. A 2 A Butler High School "Men of few words are the best men." JOHN W. HICKMAN A E A Canonsburg High School Westminster College Glee Club C25 i good nature. An expert at singing and soldiering. jf 1: ' 'i'1 l925imHmUl""i'ii - J 'HI I Page One I-Iundretl One i t , l 1 V lll - - 'B -L-, - lm v -e v- -- In f-ff fe -' fin, , I :Yu I 1 ' ' ,. lllllL""fllllllllllll l'Y V f N YW' W . . , l l I 'II A..A . E ' ' l ll 1 ' 1 A l w w l l 1 l l l 4 . l l I 1 l . I H e i , 1 5 'I I ,l l l 3 ' 4 DENTISTRY-Contzfnued L EDWARD HILLERY 111 K , WALTER A. HOLZMASTER fb K L '1- 1- Boonton High School ' Newman Club. pl Cap and Gown" Newman Club Thou hast the fatal gift of beauty. l l E l l Marian-can she dance? Oh., Leo! ' MELVIN O. HOOVER A 2 A t l . B H B T , l .l TAUBA P HOCH ERG Connellsville High School . H , Teachers, College of New York Not pretty but wiseg he knows his onions. l Q One of those elusive persons of whom g ll we see very "little," I ' ' ' l " 5 MATTHEW C. HORREL E lx ll LAURIE A. HOCKENBERRY A E A A Jeannette High School ' ' it l West Sunbury Vocational School I love not many words, but just as much , l Make haste slowly. A i ' Speed' . W , l I l H -Zi i i j f GEORGE E. HOGE A 2 fr: JoHN s. IRWIN A 2 A Waynesburg High School East Liverpool High School I 712 Waynesburg College ' Pumas Club . i V Man of fewuwords. I "He hath both wit and. humor." l 1 . . l Q .L g A i lilllllllll I- y e ITVIJIIUJILD 1925 EHIEULIIIW 1 1' ' f r I we E llll!lllI!E y E . AL , A l ,Q 1' A l Page Ong Hundred Twain 5 r ,l F ,ffift-T - W, - "3 K -Q7 i u -63.- L. . C' 1' I " LLL. A llimilllllllll I 11' III L DENTISTRY-C'0nti1fzfued WILLIAM H. ITTEL ' Allegheny High School Q ' It takes a good man .to make 'em fall. He sure has a wicked line. MARCUS M. JAQUETTE 9 X Uniontown High School Class Officer C3D, Student Council. Ass't Basketball Manager Cl, 233 Freshman Basketball Manager C33 ' "Markey" is a real "fellow." HAROLD W. JEFFORDS Edinboro Normal School A' bundle of energy. LOUIS KANTOR A Q Carnegie High School - "Eddie" Kantor-God's gift to the amusement world. CARL E. KASSERMAN KI' S2 Hannibal High School Central fHigh School ' A man's man-a very good example of what Pitt stands for. LESTER T. KERN KI' S2 Sch-enley High School I Swimming Team fl, 255 Captain C35 A follower of the tinny tribe. Swim on, Les. JOHN C. KAISER 'I' 9, A T 9 . PERCY T. KIDD XII Q Allegheny High School i W 81 J College Wilkinsburg High School D-Fuldhsf Class Officer C33 A mysterious occurrence shadows Cap- "Kai" is a line student--an ideal college tain Kidd's life. We heard that it took man, ' I place on Alumni Hall steps. I if-l1'ITUIU11jm 192i5gm1mjm'n1m O 'Ill l lllllllfi Page One H1ma'1fed'Th1'ee" I 1 ...x . , ii AJ ,A ' ' ' .lr WN-1? 1 -1 .. A -l 'il li A 1 X f mr' H ly I I I I - 'S' I lllll! "5'flllllllll I Y" ' ' l l i i w 4 1 l l lr il ,, i ,. I: l I V ,l , V r l w l i i DI-ZNTIS'I'R'Y-Comfimzed ' I1 l i l 1 THOMAS W. KING E II ROBERT KOEHLER A Mercer I-Iigh School h VVindber High School I Flalellllly Baslllllball Don't' make the night going labor with l "'He sits high in all the people's hearts." the day. 'I ' , l WILLIAM W. KING E H, A 5 A MICHAEL A. KONDRACKI Bellefonte Academy, Braddock High School I l Basketball Q' 335 Goll lzl' Football lll "From the top of his head to the bottom gl "I play the man-do I not look the part?" of his foot, he is all mirth." , ll ' il li 'Q GEORGE KIRCH, JR. if Q ROBERT A. LANEVE A fr Peabody High School East Liverpool High School A ml A Pathology Artist and a Dodge enthu- Golf Caplalll C33 li siast. A I am fearfully and wonderfully made. ll , ALEXANDER KLEIN A ri FRANCIS J. LARVA, JR. l -3-E Braddock High School Allegheny High School l ' Il "Al" is from Braddock but he under- If silence gives consent, Larva is the l ' stands English. affirmative. i , Ii lf A A I I . I y lilllllllll " I I A i"IEVllIl1IlllIlll925llllIlfIlJIl11"i lllll-Ullg Page One Hundred Four I l I ssss I sg gggsgggggg 1,4 ---.,, 1 it "FW-'rv ,3- - f- S1-. ' 0 52. " XF ICZIIDIIIU1 ' I f - f l mm. 5'i'llIllllll ll fig- o i . I llllllllllli 5 -3- ,- 'N' ur DENTISTRY-C01zti1med - 'FRANCIS J. LEAHEY MERLE R. LESLIE A 2 A St- Ffooois Collogo Fifth Avenue High School e A Not liberty but duty is the condition of A man of few Words but deep thoughts existence. b I K ' ' DAVID W. LEBOWITZ II A CID, A Z 1' HOWARD LEVANT A Q Monessen High School , , Inter-Fraternity 'Baseball, Basketball Flfth Avenue High School Despite his years he shall always remain That HHOUCYH all fight, just HS Wild HS a child. ever- ROBERT J. LECHTNER FR N . Erie Central High School A K C LIA Hue comes from the lake regions where S'ChCU10Y High School good things Como from- Don Juan-Doesn't he look it? MARIE A. LEFRANC K K P, H B T y N i Arecibo High School 1 ELWIN J. LONG A E A i Mortar Board N ' . , ' "Marie" has always-been with usq Her Aoedomy Hlgh " 2, smile is a big addi-tionito our class. - Confidentially--"Have you a cigarette?" , --.mttmmu 192.5 tittrtiiiiinw' for e L Page One Hundred Five ly V ll I lf l I i 1 l l 5 l L ,. .A ,A L A' I o I -I- M-f f -'I .. " l , ' I Il 9 I , lx I . V l i l l . I DENTISTRY-Continued 5 HARRY H. LYTLE 9 X ' HARRY M. MARCUS A Z FL Aspinwall High School Woodlawn High Sohool I ' 7. BHSCb-211 CU I never knew so young a body with so ' - old a head. o As merry as the day IS long. 1 ii A CHARLES E. McTFADDEN U A JOHN W. LYTLE XP Q Pittsburgh Academy Westinghouse High School "Mac," a well-known and well-liked but o u h married man. , H ,A , A moral, sensible and well-bred man. , .1 4 , WILLIAM G. SMITH McKEE A 2 fb 1: li JOSEPH W, MANDELBLATT A SZ. East Liverpool High School ' " 3 . ' . ' A West Virginia University J xl Union High School Inter-Fraternity Baseball, Basketball, U 15 The wild ocean waves simply aren't in it Track, Inteppraternlty Councll l i I with Ioe's wares. A . - "Slow but sure." . 3. A - i ll J A. MAURICE MANNION If Q ROYI-1? ZICKELVEY A 2 A I A I l I r D. '. .- ' U, Newman Club 1 N Carhooo 'fooh Q I o H l , We believe that Pete has Arrow collar Inter-Fraternity Basketball A I , y admposing as a side line. No man can lose what he never had. I I l .di-. A A of E fps ,oo 1925 1a" 'url lllllllt ,' l o A It M . o--o ih I Page O1164H1t11d76d 'Six ' .1 g Lu ., i , Y W WW ,W H V, ' , , , Y, , Y... ,,L,,,,,,, YLLLW ,,,,Y,,,,.I-- . , ' I.- A . ,. l x , -. .,....- r'-""" K V X4 --5 1' ' ' ' 1 - . I lllmif-zallllllll I 11' A 1 1 , ...,..,..,.,.,.., . ,.n.. -... wvlqqll I ,L H K V W -In ADI-INT ISTRY-Conitinued A.LTON D. MEANS A E A H ELLIOTT P. MORIARTY -If K Reynoldsville High School Booth Prep. School Newman Club The hardest work an energetic man can . . do is to loaf. "There is a great deal in the first im- ' pressionf' CARL K. MILLER WILLIAM C. MURPHY 9 Xl, NP S2 Uniontown High School t Inter-Fraternity Basketball and Baseball, I've ranged and I've roved in my time. Student Senate, Junior Cabinet - Washington High School "Murph" took time out from his studies to lead P. C. W's. Prom. We say, "There's a-reason." 1 . SAMUEL B. MILLER A 2 A Nofwin High School CLYDE M. NAUGHTON 2 11- An awkward man never does justice to Sharpsburg High School "Happy-go-lucky, fair and free. Nothing bothers me." himself. N' THOMAS L. MOORE ' my . . JOSIAH O. NEVLING if sz ' Oakmont High School 9? G 9 4. , , . . Madera- High School A deceiving type-has little to say-but knows his Stuff A backwoodsman-but a scholar. Lilllllllll 1-A ...VUUDDXQIQSQEEHI U' ' A A . ' 'Fl """ f Page One Hundred Seven 1 1 11 1 1 1 il 1, 1 11' 1 1 I Ill 1 1 u : A1 i f 1 :E-3mm,, . ,. F' -.1 1. llllllailfflllll lll c 11' ' 1 f A 1 qu 1 1 I 1 . 1 1 1l 11 . 1 1 1 1 I 1 11 li 1 1 1 3. fi I 1 1 11 1 ll 1 1 1 1 '1 - N1- 11, -1 , 1 1 1 1 11 1 11 11 1 1' 1 1 wr 1 1 V 1 11 1 1 ' 1 1 1 11 1 11 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 11 In ,1 1 1 11 DEN TISTRY-C0'nti1fzued RICHARD P. NOLL LUKE D. PATRICK A E CP, XI' 9' Bellefonte High School Cap and Gown C25 . St. Petersburg High School 1 Framasor, Class President CSD, Pitt Week A chap with as mean a line as is on any Committee 425' Cheer Leader C25 campus. g The advantage of a good-looking cheer leader like Pat is that the co-eds fall for him. ' THOLA E. NOON Scottdale High School V up Football, Swimming ' Noon doesn't have dropsy but he's good W gl I College at dropping things. ' WILLIAM A. PENNINGTON A 2 A, K 2 An easy-going and easy-mannered man. ANTHONY M. PERIFANO A 'IP A Butler High School Newman Club HOMER A. OSBORNE A E A, if A 9 Franklin High School Allegheny College - - 1 A If girls and duty crash, let duty go to Very quiet, and studious. Well-liked by Smash all. ' I A ' ' BENJAMIN PERLOW A Q1 Boys' High School 'I Braddock High School A- 1 I 1 City College, N. Y. Newman Club, Band, Orchestra. ' , b Class Officer C35 I ..- V 7 "God made him-therefore, let him pass as a man." - p 1 Bennie says he is 486 miles from home or a two-day hike. ANTHONY F. PARELLA A 111 A 1 , -1-1H11J111n111192i5m1m1I1m1111 1 1111 umm ,.,,B3,?,g, . Page, One H1L7Ki7'Cd Eight M ,....4.1- --,....,-1--'-bf ,J ix .3 'W- .-3. .al W U SA' J Q ual . , F- AY" g". , , 11 I l I I I I I I lr,-7 I aa I l T c lllllir' -lllllllll I ln' ' I n I a if DEN'l'IS'l'RY-Covztimfzcd SAMUEL RAFAEL A Z I' South High School I A man of considerable importance. JOHN C. REICHENBACH XI' Q South Hills High School On with the dance! Letljoy be uncon- lined. RICHARD J. ROBERTS 'P K Erie Central High School Inter-Fraternity Basketball, Newman NORMAN R. RODE South Side High School Small in size but with big ideas. WALTER H. ROGERS Erie Central High School "And when a lady is in the case, you know all other things give place." VICTOR P. ROSENTHAL Monessen High School ' Club , , Jack is one of those likeable fe'lows that Gzgigflblecan only emoy me Once-Isch makes friends no matter where he goes. ' 5. HENRY ROBINSON PHILIP G. RUDIN A Z 1' - Schenley High School W gouth High School Carnegie Tech -9, and I 'il A merry heart maketh a cheery counte- Arid Still he SP0lfC, and Still 'Che W01'1ClCF nance. ' grew- lilllllllll 'gc P 1925 ll" fm o llllllli Page One Hmzdred Nine . ll . if ' - I ' 2, 1 '- V . V--W - r ' I if I I I l a e i ' I' - I . lllllL41.5F2'llIlllllIlll lf' 1 1 . V - '- V Y . .Y i I E 2 DENTISTR'Y--Comtinued A BRYAN F. RUSSELL A 2 fr' Steubenville High School . Pumas Club We must have a 'good school when a fellow like Russell comes all the way from Wyoming. WILLIAM S. RUSSELL NP Q . Edgewood High School A prince among fellows. Keep your eyes on this man. WILLIAM M. SALACZYNSKI Nanticoke High School Football Clj, Basketball CU A good product from the coal regions. JoHN c. sAYLoR X fp, A 2 A Johnstown High 'School Owl Staff Cal is a good student and a fine fellow. One who is bound to succeed in the pro- - ICSSIOU ,- .L WILLIAM J. SCHAD Westinghouse High School "Schad, Wake up-it's time to vulcanizef ARNOLD E. SCHANER Glassport High School I . Kip is always interested in most every- body and everybody is 'interested in him HOWARD P. SCHOR Pittsburgh Academy ' - ' To "Silent,-"to be rather than to seem? DANIEL E. SHEEHAN Villa Nova College ' For he was a friend a friend a friend. Q LEIIIIIIIII I-A fi p s --H'ITUJIECIlZmI925gEDIEEUDw'V 'Payqei One Hundred Ten 9 HI j ll I' c 1 it I lllllldbzl lllllll I If' HI llllllllllllil y DENTIS'I'RY-+C011Zimzed JULIUS C. SCHILLING n Erie Academy High School He is cutting his way through school. ISAAC SISSMAN A 9, fb E U Schenley High School Carnegie Tech ' ' Class Officer C35 Well-Einstein's a piker. I . n MILLARD K. SMITH Slippery Rock Normal ' I hope I don't intrude. Q ' r-vw -, WILLIAM 'F. SPRINGER 9 X Uniontown High School Private sincerity is a public welfare. CORNELIUS V. STEPHANY Erie Academy High School Better alone than in bad company. JOHN C. STILLEY McKeesport High School This man is going to amount to some- thing. ' AURA N. STILLINGS A 2 A I I STANLEY SMITH Z H Sharon. High School I al- Bellefonte Academy I Westminster College A ii. -: So many Words, so much to do, so litt'e A self-made man, and he W0fShiDS his done, such things to do. Creator- ,L i g I , " - I I H I I IK' ' W i V I I I I lllllllfm -.'Pagie One' H1md1'ed'Ele'ven 41. X '. ug.. J .. PJ 1. .. -1 p lillluall -lllllllllll IQ ' " DENTISTRY-Contivmed . BERNARD STILLWAGON KI' 52 DONALD V. SUMMELRVILLE A 2 A Georgetown University St. Petersburg High School ' Class Officer CZD Penn State If in need, don't fail to see Barney. A master mind and a "wise cracker." DAVID D. STITT XI, Q ' ALEXANDER A. SZATKOWSKI Apollo-High School Duquesne University ' C9J'UCg1C Tech For he himself was tall and thin, with Then to breakfast. What an appetite lips Where Smlles go out and in' you have. - MERLE L. TARNO A 2 A 'JEROME P. STRAESSLEY A E A Butler High School V , Mandolin Club CU Ind1ana Normal . , , When speaking of good fellows be sure A man of considerable importance CU. to underscore ffLeej' A V 1 JOHN C. SULLIVAN CHARLES E. TAYLOR Homestead High School ' Baseball CD Unwearied soul in doing courtesies. He has a 'brother "Tom," A , lilllllllll "ly . 'f' l925gmEmUl1"' fri: Page Ong I-Imzdred Twelw ' I 1 l Ov ' 1 .,,, 7 f" 13-""" , gi ' - , ? llllll ll l ' ' H' I lllllhfibfllllllllllll l" ' ' 1 I I i l L. .U X DENTISTRY-C 01fl.1fi1mted ' HARRY R. TEESE JAMES F. VEIL Duquesne University High School Punxsutawney High School Silence is golden. Many schemes are ruined by want ot thought. .Tommy insisted that we try to keep the Charleston High School girls from flghtmg Over his Picture' I have come to the conclusion that man- kind consumes much food. JOHN C- TURNER I ISADORE H. WACHS A Z 1' Allegheny High 5Ch0O1 Fifth Avenue High School NHY what dF0WSY hUm01' is 'fhiS HOW? Just a bouncing big country boy from t the city. I GLENN C, VAN CAMP 2 II JOSEPH E. WADKINS YP Q Washipngton High School ' East High School n Track Hem that invented work should have . finished it, joe appears to be very fond of Clive--s. I it iiii --imtmtminiiiszsmirutrnw-W 'uf Page One Huzzdrcd Tl14iVfUC7'L . nl ,r l ll l l. li Ili J 1.4 .- ist I , ill . . +f rf ' , llI ll 1. . , . . -1 H I . lllm.f+'--zullllllllll 11' o -uu fu" l l l 4 f l 5.1 E , l f 2, 9, f ,, Z 3? V V ef fy 1 ' 7 0 mf' 'rc ,QS f if Ali. ' ' "" f' ff . i ' DENTISTRY-Continued A W. JOHN O. WALK CHARLES A. WEN'DELL A 2 A li Troy High School i Johnstown High School I Stoic of the woods, a man without a tear. A friend of everyone, an exceptional fl V student. L , , ALVIN R. WHITEHILL CLEM. H. WARAKOMSKI ' Nhhhhohh High School Pumas Club . , Sense of duty pursues us ever. Your very silence shows that you agree. East Liberty Academy lt HENRY D. WILKINS l California Normal ' . l l i I J LOYAL A. WA.LTERS l ' Where words are scarce, they are seldom Mars Normal spent in vain for they breed truth. I A big man around school N CHARLES A. WILLIAMS 2 X, XI' S? y Q' Franklin Ahhdemy , b Wellsburg High School u I l pAUL S. WEED Druids, Ifootball, Baseball, Track, Basket- I . ball, Swimming, Cap and Gown Club, l Edmboro State Normal Glee Club, Newman Club, Dental Club ll fl u I-Iere's the man that cracks the books . We are mighty proud of Poke'siactivity I for us. v list. l l' I 'I"f"f is 'wffmlmiiinoiszs mmmw- 'ui V l - fp E l Page Om H1lIZdl'6d F0'1H'f0C7Z' 'il it ll lllsi lil: i 1 l I uit i u ' ' I l x LL... ' -WJ r--1,-1 " . I 4 - l 41" 5' fi - Y Y A 1' H . ' e I I lllllL l'iIlllllllIlll 'iff' ' A - 1 ll 'T I DENTISTRY-C0m'i1fmVe'd DAVID THOMAS WILLIAMS Woodlawn High School Home is not the only attraction that "Goatie" has in Woodlawn. KENNETH M. WILLSON Freedom High School We are Watching for great things from this young man, I JAMES H. YEALY Not seen much-not heard much, but they claim he is still with us. .'-Q - l l L-A4 - 1 -r 'l G9 . e--m'm1m11J1925mj31EUj1w- c g 'mg llllll lfi Page One H1l11d7'Cd Fifteen f 'R Y w .-1 .nn-. A - gr' , - Q , Si- 1 . , ' ' , I llllllrfifllllllllllll ' ' ' l 4 il SCHGGL OF EDUCATION ' GEORGE'HARVE REAv1s ' DEAN . J "'mIU3IU3Ul925 m31mfm"f T "" Page One H nzdfed Sevwzfgmz I . i l 'l fl l l l l l rl A Lx .ZLL-A I ., Y -S p Ig r jmm ,,,. e 4 pf' .1 u uuuauw-zill llllll lll me A ' " , .1 -. I .l, I, -vt l I l 4 . g. l I l l .Q l. i EDUCATION FLORENCE ALLISON K K 1' CLARE B. BOOK Schenley High SCh00l Slippery Rock Normal School l Framasors . Pumas Club .We have never seen Florence unhappy f.BOOkie,, Could not and a more appro- or cross. She never refuses a good time. priate name. His thoughts are 'usually buried in the depths of some book. MARIAN BARNETT E A X - Monaca High SCl'lOOl' F CI, 11 A ' Geneva College M K ' . W. s. G. A., Pitt Players, W. A. A., C' CSSDON Hlgh 5Ch0Ql P y Menorah CZ, 39: French Club Basketball Cl, 2Qg.Pres1dent School of , 1 Marian is one of the small members of EduCHf10H,ASS0C1af1OH- . ' ' our class, but her loyalty and' support BCHCHU1 h1S CHIUOUHHSZC Of dlgnlfy and li would be indispensable, A sedateness as President, there is lots of I1 fun and mischief. E, ' CHARLOTTE BEACHLER K K I' ' I , South Hills High School MARY BURKE H' B fl' , Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A., Turtles, Social Peabody High School Committee Girls' Soph. Class, Junior Pitt Week Pageant CZD, Y. W. C. A. Class Y. W. C. A- . Finance, W. S. G. A., French and Classi- Charlotte has the wonderful ability of eel Clubs chasing the "blues'l away. She fairly radi- JuSt try to get ahead of Mary. She has 1 ales happmess' a witty comebiack for them all. . i - ' A l SAMUEL BLITZ -5, I Indiana Normal School ALICE CAMPBELL " ,l l Music Lovers, German and Classical Oalimfmf H1311 School, gi M Clubs, Qfehestfa Social Committee Iunlor Class, Quax, an i 5 We are proud to have Kreisler II in our Plfklll, C1166 Club, Y. W. C. A. L g midst, for Samuel surely can make a violin Kind, lovable, capable--mere adjectives li 7 l talk. cannot describe Alice. ly '.. .A . "'l'flJJIE111Il1925ElilIlJIEI3J'l'f" im IIIIII II .3 l ' H' H 'C ll ll li li Page One Hun-dred Ez'glzz'ecn li :ll l l .. - . V u , . A 4: M I . Jr : IIII Ill '-" . F T? I tf-- nuuu in uunl 'VY ' EDUCATION-Contimwd ' VALOIS R. CAROTHERS CP M Elizabeth High School W. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A., Pitt Wpeekly, W.'A. A., Treasurer Pan-Hellenic, Tur- . tles, Collembola, Glee Club Men have to hide their hearts when Valois is around for she is adept at steal- ing them. BEULAH J. COCHRAN South Hills High School I W. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A., Glee Club Beulah has ,many admirers. SANTINANCIOSENTINO Detroit Easter High School U Italian Club, Classical and Cosmopolitan Club, Vice-President French Club We find Santina quiet,'dignif1ed and re- served but whose acquaintance is worth- ' while cultivating. WILLIAM G. CROUCH A X A South Hills High School Pitt Players, French, Spanish, Pitkin, Iohn Marshall Clubs Here is an Englishman worth knowing. JOHN R. DIERST Pittsburgh Academy Freshmen Cabinet, John Marshall Club A sailor with a big pull. His influence can get you out of any kind of trouble. DOROTHY I. DOUTHITT A E A South Hills High School p ' Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, VV. S. G.-,A., Glee Club, Collembola ' , "Dot's" good humor and attractive coun- tenance are quite contagious. - w r -5 c I A HAZEL F. EASTON ARTHUR J- COUKART I Pittsburgh Teacher's -Training School .349 SWiSSva1C High School It is evident that Hazel came to Pitt with +3 li, Come what may! "Cookie" will always a purpose, and we are sure her studious be for the Class of '25. and serious intent will culminate in success. llIIIll' , , A E. . , l 1925 T I 4' ' f I I I Illllllllllfi' Page One Hzuzdrcd N'i71f6f661Z f--1'::f"-i - . W ,, K 'Llllllllll I l" ' ' ' ' u 1 A 4: -l rounmn - '- gg gl I ll !-du' ip 457' EDUCATIQN-C0lm'i1med RUTH O. EMANUEL K K 1' Schenley High School - Framasors Ruth is a newcomer who is thOrough'y liked by all. To say that she has a mind of her own suffices for all. LEONORE FRAZIER A Z New Brighton High Sch-ool Y. W. C. A., Pitkin Club, Classical, French Clubs We find Leonore dignified and reserved but with a personality that has won Her many friends. - GLADYS J. GOURLEY K A Union High School I Allegheny College . W. s. G. A., Y. w. C. A., W. A. A., Pitkin, French, Music Lovers Clubs ' Gladys is making up for the lost time she spent at Allegheny. MILDRED E. GUINEY K A Munhall High School E K 111, Framasors, Pitt Players, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Vice-President Pan-Hel- lenic, Pitkin, French Clubs, W. S. G. A. Even though "Mid" is good looking, she has an abundance of common sense. JULIA HADAS E A X ' South High School Mtnorah, W. S. G. A., W. A. A., Classical, Musical, Spanish, French, German Clubs Among Iulia's attractions are her big brown eyes and her sunny disposition. ELIZABETH J. HIGHBE-RGER K A 9 Greensburg High School 2 K CP, Cwens, Turtles, W. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A., Weekly, Glee Club, Pitkin Club, Junior Cabinet, Owl Staff, Fresh- man Cabinet. She is punctual with her work. What more can be said? ALMA E. HLAVAC X Q Fifth Avenue Hi h School - "' EVELYN A GUARID - g . A , ' D b , W .... . A Friendsville High School Mzjflng S G A' The Question .ge Spanish Club .' An obliging unassuming. loyal Pittite. Iii A dreamer and possessor of a creative whose linguistic ability makes one sit up imagination. and take notice. -W - - i - - .. :annum I . -a-ffmnluimlm l925 unztmtn-W . ...Wim Page Ona Hmzdrcd Twefzfjp ffvi-vfr-YrY"7'fl'1sx L-, 1 ff! XS- 1 - .LQ-FU1m""' g . -.1 g . llllllfuzlllllllll I 11' A . .1 W - i 1. Jw , EDUCA'1'1oN-Comma A MARY L. HOGE A A-A Crafton High School . Cwens Pan Hellenic Re Y. W. C. A., 1 ' pw W. S. G. A., Quax. Resourceful, studious, earnest and agreea- ble are Louise's qualities which render her likeable. THERESA G. KAHN A E 'I' ' Peabody High School , Debating, W. S. G. A., Pan-Hellenic., Ass't. Manager Debating Team, Vade Mecum Staff Activities, A's, and friends are Tessie"s specialties. ELIZABETH M. KAMMERER South High School 2 K 41, Pitt Players, French Club, Y. W. C. A., World Fellowship Com.,,Cosmo- politan, German Clubs This retiring young lady believes that "actions speak louder than words." CORALEE KEFFER K A 9 X Clairton High School Collembola, Y. W. C. A., W. A. A. -L. FRANCES MQ KOENIG K A 9 C' Edgewood High School Cwen, Turtles, Panther Staff, Pitt Weekly, Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A., Junior Prom. Com., Owl Staff, Usher It seems impossible that so many charms can be wrapped up in one girl. FRANCES LANDAW 2' A X Schenley High School E K 41, Student Loan Fund, German, Classical, French, Music Lovers, Menorah Clubs "Franny's" disposition is as golden as her hair. A DOROTHY J. MCCONAGHEY H B 113 VVestinghouse High School Carnegie T'ech ' We scored one over Tech when "Dot" came to Pitt from Margaret Morrison. MAYME R. McDOWELL A A II Dallastown High School Valparaiso University Y. W. C. A., W. A. A., W. S. G. A., French, Italian, Musical Clubs 'Mayme is an added attraction to the Junior Class. -'Fe ' 1, They say that Coralee is a fiend at sci- ence. lillllllllll 1' , i"Wl1IEUIUZU3 1925 "' . L Page One Hundred Twe1zz'y-0110 l o .l .1--1 .. - if 1 A -A-f .T,... . J Q 11. If llyl I v ' I , ' I . IIIIILQLQ' ' 'illllllllllll 1 'r ' i . ' We .I V" ,, . . Y-..,.ulululs-rn. -- '- nuuli H - - f-- 2---- ' H' I, ........... ........ .,..,.... . . . .. ,... .-... ..,. .. .... ...,J.............-..- T. -, -- ,,,,,,.,,.... ,............. ..,,..... f ..,.,,..l 1 1731 EDUCATION-C01zti1med DOROTHY B. MCKIM A Z ' J Ellwood City High School Pitkin ANNA V. MULLEN K A ' New Kensington High School W. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A., W. A. A., HD H h d A f bw , 4 f h French, Music Lover's, Pitkin Clubs Ot as bee? accuse O Smg a .res ' Anne wields a wicked bow and is always man. But that is because she is so tiny. - ' - - - MARGARET M. MEALS K K 1' Peabody High School' Framasors, Vice-President C35 Sociability describes "Peg" to a "T.,' Dance halls seem to be her speciality. LORENA G. MONDEREAU K A Meadville High School M 'P E, Glee Club, French, Pitkin, Music Lovers' Clubs You'd never suspect that beneath this demure exterior is the very spirit of fun and mischief. ELEANOR L. MONROE AK A Schenley High School i Pitt Lyceum Eleanor is one of our serious-minded students as well as one of our best backers. in demand for playing the violin. JAMES A. MURRAY Edinboro State Normal Rifle Team A' serious-minded member of our class who has confined himself to the realms of knowledge. ' ESTHER P. NOLD 9 I' CP Knoxville Union High School ' Pitt Players, Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A., Glee, German, Music Lover's Clubs Est-her's mass of golden hair serves as a covering to her wealth of wit. THALIA C. PENZICKES ' Lycee Francais French Club, Cosmopolitan Club Thalia has been here only a year but we hope she is here to stay. I VWUIUIEEII 1925 UJDIED1 I mlm ca VYQ Page One Hzuzdred T comix too g gg .4 ' F F " "'i 'Ill ' I 'Z"',"'Z l -N ,- -11 fn -- ' - 1' i ' i 'ik i 'lm' " ' ' ' - ' l . llllllrurillllllll lll 1-' - . . 1 EDU CATIQN-C 011-Zii7'Hlf6d LESTER H. PERRY A X A A South Hills HighrS'chool Track, Y. M. C. A., Spanish, Pitkin, Pittmolay, John Marshall Clubs, Vice- President School of Education , A student, our Vice-President and Cheer Leader is all We can say for "Les" MIRIAM M. PTTSICHNER K A Homestead High School Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A., W. A. A., Poster Com., Pitkin and, Glee Clubs ' It is quite easy for thisiversatile young woman-to keep house, come to school, and retain her sunny disposition. SADIE P. SAUL E A X Allegheny High School University of Michigan Menorah, German and French Clubs "Syd" is always on hand when she is most needed. ANNA SCHAAB A A A Allegheny High School ' ' Quill Club, Y. W. C. A., Pitkin, Glee Clubs, Vade'wMecum,, Usher Anne's middle name is Efficiency. MARTHA A. SCHMUCKER z T A l NELLIE P. POWELL K A New Kensington HighiSchooI Y. W. C.. A., W. S. G. A., W. A., 2 K ffl, Music Lover's, French, Spanish, Pitkin Clubs h " Nellie is busy entertaining a young ties man when she isn't making A's. ' ' P. BESSIE ROSENBURG ' South Fork High School W. S. G. A.. Pitt Players, Debating, John Marshall, Menorah, Oratorical Contest Seriousness and sincerity are Besss out standing qualities. Allegheny High School ' , Y. W. C. A., Glee, Music Lover's and Pitkin Clubs , ' ' By her initiative -and executive ability, Martha has distinguished herself in activi- PAULINE SCHWARTZ A E C11 Braddock High School Cerman Club Pauline sl attractive personality makes her welcome wherever she goes i r--irrm1m1mIJ1925 UI-iUI1IF"" A jvfii? S Page Ono Hundred Twenty-tlzafee l l W . .. , . . ill f""'Qr' ' 4 7 if , ' DTT' A PM H :l.C2.lilIlIlIl I lrl ll , ' Q' l I . lllllh hillllllllllll "' ' ' 'l il T- S A A l .... 1 u l ,..,, ..,, . , , I l A. i 'Vi i PC l F, , L J E EDUCATIQN-C011,fi1med FLORA B. SHAPIRO QI' A 6 Greensburg High School German Club, Program Committee CID, Zionist Club ' Behold a sage of wide repute, "B's" are entirely out of her line, an "A" is the lowest she can go. MIL'DRED L. SHRECONGOST A D E Dayton High School Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A., Classical, Pit- kin, Music Lover's Clubs, Treasurer of A D Z Mildred's loyal support of the c'ass of 'ZS is just one of the things that make her a true Pittite. GENEVRA E. ST. CLAIR Wilkinsburg High School Ohio Wesleyan University We are very glad. "Gene" decided to come to Pitt, for she is a very delightful addition to our class of Femininity. A. GRACE STEELE 111 M Westinghouse High School Teachers' Training School Y. W. C. A., W. A. A., W. S. G. A., Collembola, Turtles It has been a privilege to have Grace with us this year. Her pleasant smile and cheery greeting have been quite contagious-. AGNES M. STEVENSON ' State College . - We are glad "Stevie" came to Pitt this year, for she is a Worth-while addition to our class, especially on the point of in- telligence. RUTH TRIMBLE , Greensburg High School Cwens, Pitt Weekly Cl, Zjg Owl Staff CZ, 353 Pitt Players Cl, Zjg Pan-Hellenic CZ, 3Jg Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A., Usher CZ, 33, Pitt Week Committee C31 We would like to know the secret of Ruth's ability to keep up with social and scholastic duties and still carry her numer- ous activities. MARGARET E. WIELAND K A Peabody High School Teachers, Training School Margaret is a night "owl," going to school in the evening, but she is just as wise during the day. MARIE D. WIELAND K A Peabody High School Teachers' Training School Marie also goes to Evening School, for good things generally travel in pairs. . . -wfmiltmiuiszismrmrmniili 'IIl Page One Hmzdrcd Twefzfy-fouf' yi il , , Lwml . I , Qfxwxh ffmml " ' ' ' l I lllln.f41-:m lllllln -11. I E I , .1 ' ff I PROF. F. L. BISHOP ' DEAN SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING E- . ii- I r ' V 'I IEIIIIIIIII I- 'E HTUJJIEUIU 1925 U3I1IUIUTF"E" II I"'I' Page One I-Izzfzdrcd Twefzfy-Jive 1 F af- - A it ii " i W Y L ,. A .S -.- Q I . llllllribfu lllllllll ff' " ' 'lm i I E ENGINEERING ARTHUR L. ALBRIGHT A Rochester High School Geneva College And a child from Geneva shall lead them. If it were anyone else but Albright we would take drastic measures. But this good-natured chap-why, we're glad to have him here. BARTH E. BARTHOLOMAE fb M E Westinghouse High School Chemical Society Barth is an ambitious chap. GEORGE H. BOGGS West Newton High School "Lash," while a newcomer in our midst, has made himself one of the crowd. ESDGAR BONHAM Schenley High School A. S. M. E. Believe it or not, "Spike" pursues his industrial engineering by raising rabbits and studying production control methods. HYMEN BURCKIN Fifth Avenue HigheSchool A. S. M. E. "Pierre," the human adding machine, plays in the Western Union orchestra in his spare time. ERWIN A. CAMPBELL Tarentum High School A. S. M. E. "Humps" is .the infant prodigy of the class who elucidates in Johnny Coulson's Physics class without batting an eye. RAYMOND L. coss Aspinwall High School Rifle Team, A. S. M. E. We extend to this chap, the highest praise of the engineering school. CLARENCE W. DALZELL N. Braddock High School l The red head finally succeeded in master- ing the Terpsichorean art and now when he smiles! .1 by --vVV1J1IHJQlIDI925UIEEEtU1mg'i Page One Hmzdyfcd TZU611fjl'-S1i,'U . .N .1-L v--1 H Mgr 'J .. " I I I I I r - I . is A I . llllllrciflllllllll I I" I I I I ENGINEERIN G-Confmued ROBERT B. DAVIDSON '13 A 9 Peabody High School I Inter-Fraternity Basketball and Track, Inter-Fraternity , Conference, Inter-Fra- ternity Ball Committee, A. S. M. E., Musical Clubs ,Pitkin, Pitt Molay, Owl Staff, "Y" Drive - According to Bob's "A's," he is a' most intelligent boy. We know. MURRELL J. DeFRANCE A X 2 Bellevue High School Q If it wasn't for his loafing with Homer D., we would say he was a wonderful fellow. 'GEORGE S. DIVELY Central State Normal This Dively is the "Sheik" of the family. We would suggest that he. buys the Heinz House and be done with it. EDWARD M. EBBERT Crafton High School Musical Club, Pitt Molay . "Ed" demonstrates Kiddie Kars at Kauf- manns in his spare time. Otherwise, he is sane and of healty mind. ROBERT M. FL-EMING G11 A 9 Schenley High School Inter-Fraternity Baseball. Track, Basket- ball, Pitt Molay, A. S. M. E., Pitt Dele- gate to Silver Bay Conference. "Young man, go West." "Was it their prom, 'Bob'?" THOMAS V. FREEBLE 9 A XII Rochester High School . A A E, A. S. M. E., Pitt Engineering As- sociation Tom has a private secretary down at that populous town of Beaver. Announcements will be out in the spring. CHARLES P. 'FRIEDRICH '12 1' A E' ' Philadelphia Trades School WILLIAM L' DIVELY Baseball QU, Varsity Baseball, A. s. C. Central State Normal p E., M. C. A., Society of Automotive il? The senior member of the firm of Dively Engineers ' l ' YI 81 Dively A quiet Chap but he furnishes "Fred" IS drawing plans for the stadium. all the bfaing for the corporation. No more honorable work can man perform. lqmllllll I . t' ' - I I I I I' ' C f Q I I I I lllllllli Page One Hlzmdrcd Twenty-seven re . ' I Q L mmfu-ealllllllllll gg ' Q . . if I i. if -' X-f r - F, -' -f i"f 'Ill 111 I I H . . - I 3 ENGINEERING-Committed JOSEPH GROSS Turtle Creek High School Joe Gross himself, the great tragedian. He knows more about Pitt athletes than Karl Davis. ' RUSSELL A. HAWBECKER Duquesne High School Engineering Association, A. I. E. E. Now here is a young fellow' who' has missed his vocation. He puts "silver- tonguedv orators to shame. FRANCIS A. HENNIGAN fb K Allegheny High School Assistant Basketball Manager, Class Treasurer C25 Behold the most versatile man of the class. "Henny" can do anything from managing a team to editing the Owl. ALOYSIUS P. KILGALLEN Peabody High School "Red" has a slight mishap with the authorities at,Dravo. Never mind, "Red," you will be president some day and then you can fire everyone. JULIUS E. LANGE H P A Bellevue'High School A. I. E. E. 1"Iule" garners A's like the rest of us receive our D's. S. S. LARDAS Pittsburgh Academy A. S. C. E. ' Every engineer takes his hat off to "Socrates" By overcoming all his obsta- cles, we know he will make good. HARVEY H. LEWIS A Avalon High School There are so many good points about Harvey that space does not permit us to tell them all. . DAVID LISTER George Heriors, Edinburgh A. IgE. E. ' This little- Scotchman is one of the best liked chaps in the Engineering school. "'ITVEC1fElIIEUl92i5UJIEU1J1Tl1"'i niltttttrttmnf. Page One Hzmdrcd Twmzfy-eight mlm 1 .... .. 1 llllllibfllll l lll l i.. 4. - .M ENGINEERING-Continued . RAY LITHGOW Reade High School Chemical Society .Ray slings chemical formulaes around like some engineers roll the cubes. HOMER D. LYON A X 2 South Hills High School She must be some girl, Homer. Strange part of it is that we never tire of listening of her charms. FREDERICK C. MEURER Dickinson High School I Chemical Society "Ed" is a chap who has earned the sin- cere respect of every fellow in the engi- neering school. GEORGE W. MILLER 2 A E WELWYN A. MORGESTER Cleveland East ,High School "Morgy" has joined the ranks of the Benedicts. We hear he is the beau brum- mel with the Y. W. girls. MICHAEL J. MRAS fb K . Plymouth High School Basketball CU, Neuman Club, Engineer- ing Association Plymouth-Puritan? Not Mike Mras. IDANIEL NEUMAN N. Braddock High School Chemical Society V I "Dan" intends to run Westinghouse Re- search Laboratory in June, 1925. IMON T. O'CONNELL Norwin High School S Chemical Society V Berkely, Boston, Mass. The only thing we know about this We have never seen this chap without hydraulic shark is that Jack Clawson IS a collegiate tie. He has his own opinions I from his home town. about the Women' - . he c E I c I I nu -an . -'afTUlIIIU1lDl925lUIUIU3'l"' A .""..., fve ci? Page One Himdred Twenty-nine , fgywfg - A f 4. -' ' ' . if T " N'-F -'a 4 I 1 Q I i I Emmy I -. . I . llllllfitillllll ll "' V ' 'W'g'N ENG1NEERING-Commed A FRASER A. PATTILLOS KI' A 9 Allegheny High' School "Pat" has "helped" many an ambitious young engineer through school. He seems to think that he is indispensable to the suc- cess of the Carnegie Steel Co. WIL-LIAM H. PITTENGER "Bill" doesn't have much to say so we take it for granted that he knows a lot. He is a good student and a fine fellow. J. J. RODERICK McKeesport High School The engineer who astounded the eco- nomics profs. They offered him the head of the department but he used his judg- ment and remained 'with us. ERNEST T. ROHRKASTE 23 A E South Hills High School Tennis CU, A. S. M. E. "Ted" has a quiet manner until it comes to tennis. CREED P. SCANLON K E Wayn.esboro High School .A X E "Pat" is a good natured Irishman who hails from Virginia. JOHN L. SCHOFIELD 9 X Trail High School Pumas Club, A. S. M. E. Schoheld still believes that Canada won the war with his help. He is quite a tea hound, too. JOHN N. SCHOFIELD E II Avalon High School Glee Club Cl, 2,, 3Dg A. S. M. E. "Johnnie" travels to Maggie Murph. quite frequently. T 'GEORGE T. SMITH New Brighton High School Geneva College Another young man who saw the error of his way. Glad to have him at Pitt and congratulate hlm on his foresight. ' friffrfr L rm 1925 UJJJJILUMI C ILLIHHC Page On-e Hundred Thirty . ' -1--2,1 ...Q Y . -1 l a N XYW, 'I' 'J .. ' "" f 4'-av" 4 I ' ' ' ' A . ' I . lllllidbfllllllllllll il" - 'III is V f -,-" .W,.,..,.-, i H . ' b ' bf'-'rfX.fstGi S V , l ENGTNEERING-Comimzed A EDWARD C. SMYERS 'I' T A C C HD. STEWART TEMPLETON Bellevue High School . ' Oakmont High School ' Chess Team fl, 2, 3D3 Glee Club, A. S. A. I. 'E. E. M' E" Owl Staff' . His indoor sport is arguing with the Ed is the "pride of the industrialsf' No profs. He gets away with it, too. more fitting honor can we bestow on any man. ' y i A ' ' HOWARD A. THOMPSON EDWARD 'F. STAFFORD Schenley High School New Brighton Hlgh Sehool "Tommy" claims he never studied more Geneva College I than 'tvvo 'hours any night. With those A good student who will make a name grades' it may be 50, but - - - for himself in the engineering profession. C. R. STEWART 111 A 9 RALPH E. WAGNER Schenley High School Geneva College One of the daring engineers who is seen iiwaggciceii iUfCUdS to be 9- C,fVi1 and then very frequently in the neighborhood of YCIHOCICI the Old home t0Wfl- Alumni. But we can't blame you, "Chuck," its not your fault. CLARKE L. WHITE A X A HUGH STIPLEY Geneva College J South H1115 High School "Whitey" and his smile are inseparable. Hughey has passed the first rung on the He claims Geneva as his prep school but . ladder of success as an engineer. we forgive him that. ' A 4 ' 'HVITUIIIUIIIJ 1925 li11IlIUII1IDw' 'lll llllllllii Page One Hznzdrcd Tlzirfy-one l 11" 111N1 1111 1 15 I 1 1 i 1 11y 1 1 .11 1 11 1 f -r- ' S+ 1 11, mul ll 1 ll 1.1 . I llllll Llllllllll s 1" 1 1 'l I .1 1 1 "' 1 1 I . 1 , y , ,,N.,..,, . . y . 1 1 .. . 1 ' I . 1 . .. . .. .. .. . ff V., ,... ,,,. . ,.,. . , ,. .. .. 11.1. l- ENGINEERING+C011t1f1med 1 WILLIAM M. WHITAKER E A E McKeesport High School 1 1 lt must be wonderful to be tall, "Reclf' I 1 Those little freshman in Alumni just stand I and stare into those big baby blue eyes. HOMER J. WOOLSLAYER e X 1 1 Beaver Falls High School A. S. M. F.. "Red" holdstthe "School of Childhood . I Recordl' for -.-,1A "telling lem." We hear he is 1 I engaged' but'we Won't mention that. DONALD C. YATES . Allegheny High School 1 1 Mandolin Club, A. S. M. E. 1 I 1 This "little shrimp" studied horticulture at Penn State for a few years. He now .intends to make Henry Ford step. More 11 power to him. FRANCIS E. FRIDAY 1 Schenley High School Friday has more clothes than the Math department has F's. He is our fashion model. X 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1, 1 A 1 Q1 . --1ff1:ru1trtU1J192ismJ:111m11111 1 1. 1 Page One H1t7ld'V'Cd Thifrty-two 1 11g . 11.11 -..-na ,,,,..1.LhW- V77 , A ' T t Q., - A . IIZQLIUIEVI I H' A S -' l lllm.f---funlllll I H' to .li 'initgi' D1v1s1oN OF MINES MARCEL A. BAUR College of Normandy, France ."Frenchy" is a notable example of why girls leave home. His speciality is other fellow's girls, so be careful, gang. CLARENCE A. BOWDEN K A- P South High School "Kid' forsook Penn State and came to us and now we wonder how we ever got along without h1m. ' NORWELL B. BROWNE 2 A E Peabody High School Ass't. Baseball Manager "Brownie" has done much for the literary world. His masterpiece, "How to Fix a Puncture" is a wondrous example of elo- quence and beauty. CRONJE CARNAHAN K Z Bellefonte Academy Football Cl, Zj Good natured Cronje, we call him. Guess how he got the nickname "Montana" ROBERT S. CHRISTIE 9 X Uniontown High School Inter-Fraternity Basketball, Track, Base- ball, Student Senate "Bob" is quiet but thinks a lot. FRANKLIN S. COLCLOUGH QI' A 9 Hughes High School Refining Club, Ass't Track Manager, Owl Staff "Collie" is far from devilish and his edu- cation 1S not preposterous. HAROLD J. DUNMIRE A x P - JOSEPH W- CARLSON 9 X Franklin High School Jamestown High School Refining Club. ir- Student Senate' Cap and Gown By deserting Allegheny and entering Little but mighty and noted for his "droll Pitt, "Dunny" has shown signs of some- ! Storiegf' thing other than bone beneath his hat. Q, In lillllllllll I-r "1Vf'CEHIUIEDI92i5gUiU3Il3JJ'w" R g 'Ill A R A Page One I'IZl7lfdI'C'd Tlzirfg!-flzirce X - ' A . 'J' C tl ' " XY , I I I I 1 ' ' I , llllliri' illllllllllll " ' ' ' l H 1 Q 'vi J i -2-T5 .L MINES- Continued HAROLD D. DURNELL K E Bartlesville High School E 1' E,WTurt1es, Clap and Gown CZ, 355 Owl Staff Those "emergency.card.s" were lost or stolen, so "Okey" stepped into the Cap and Gown show for his diversion. g ROBERT R. FERRERO Schenley High. School "Mike" is a living example of the old adage that "best things are done up in small packages." CHARLES E. FRALICH Peabody High School , Track, Swimming "Chuck" is an earnest student and hard worker. 'JACK GADDESS 2 A E Gil City High School' 2 I' E ' Iack's i"Moerlein Club" idea is "all wet." ERNEST E. GRAHAM VVashington High School 1 i Graham is a worker, here for business reasons onlyiand getting what Pitt has to offer. PAUL R. HILLEMAN, JR. A T A Peabody High School -Cap and Gown CZD, Framasors Whenever there is any fun going on about the Campus, look for "Dick" in the midst of it. ARMAND F. HOEHLE South Hills High School 1 Being raised in town, Hoehle has chosen geological work to carry him into the "great open spaces." His pep is what we like. ELMER R. KANHOFER K Z Aspinwall High School Refining Club A Although "Kan" has a high scholastic standing, no one can consider him a book 7 ' WO1'1'I'1. llilllllllll 1 'WTUDIUID 1925 UJIEIIEDI1 llllllllfi Page One Hundred Thrifty fam 3. ,.,,-.,,-, , -- - .x ..r'f', - Y ff Q U f +""" . . l ' ' ' ' 'AL .,. L - , -,Jlllllllllll I' ' 1 1 I V., .,.. , , . ,, .. ,,.,,... I .41 f Y J 1 MINES- Cointinu-ed ERNEST L. LEITHOLF, JR. South Hills High School - Refining Club, Athletic Council C35 "Erny's" sunny disposition and I big- heartedness have made a great many friends at Pitt. BEDEL-L K. MILLER Avalon High School A "Dell" is such a hard worker that We wonder how he got his nose out ofthe book long enough to have his picture taken. FRANK J. SCHAER N. Braddock High School . Frank is ,one of those patient, hard work- ing fellows who has caused our clan to be recognized as a very brainy one. EDWIN G. SHAKLEY Kittanning High School We don't begrudge "Shake's" trips to the Nurses' Dormitory as long as h doesn't forsake Mines for Med1c1ne EMERSON H. TODD CIPA 9 Monongahela High School ' 2 I' E, Glee Club, Pumas Club Beingla real fellow as vvell as a student, "D1zz" 1S a Welcome addition to the pro- fession. ' PAUL ID. TORREY Lal-Toilette High School Tenessee Military Student Senate, Executive Committee Paul is the leadin eolo ist of his clan g 8' 0 and We all expect big thing of him when he graduates. MERWIN B. TUCKER A X A Peabody High School Our "Little Bostonian" is a good student and thus is welcome in our school. EUGENE S. UHERKOVICH Schenley High School Gene is the best bet for the Moire Type in our school s e I I 'ii '31 nl7'UEEClIlID.I925LlQJZlIIElilJifIf" e 'Ill S 9 llllllllii Page One-H11-1za'rcd Tlzirfy-yfw .41 4-.l" b , x V .21 ll 1 I ' i ' I lllllifitzlllllllll I 1" ' ' I i MINES-Contivfzued JAIVIES H. WALSH CP 1' A Parkersburg High School E 1' E. Inter-Fraternity Track, Baseball, Basketball, Pitt Players "Jimmy" is a born optimist Whose Watch- Worcl is "It might be Worse!" ' RICHARD M. WELKER A X Z Scott High,School, Toledo Refining Club "Dick" has a terrible time keeping the fair sex away from him. . I s Fi" y "'aVf'lZlJ1lI1Zl1ZIlJl925iiE1Z1III1iiU1l'lffU'ii tw- 'multi ri i Page One Hmzdred Tlzirtv-six AY, H ,.. YY Y .kv ' ' ff- ' - " Vyi' f 'lf 7 '- .li-5lUIfU1W" ' ' - I, l mm 51-:ulllllll I 11' 1 . , Q y 1. JULIUS A. KOCH DEAN SCHOOL OF PHARMACY -Aa 4 i 1 r s X 1 G9 . A I IVVVEUIIIUI3 Q25 UJ1I1IUJ'lH" 'lfj1 lllllll A Page One Hmzdred Tlzirty-seven , f r l n J . l l I I . ' 1 ll I l l l 1 I in l I r l f- T f ' We as Xe "1 s, he 25311111111 it .'. . A A -.1 I . llllluw'-zallllllllll ff' ' ' I ' 1 I PHARMACY i RUSSELL G. BADERSCHNEIDER Monongahela High School A "Russ" is sadly handicapped by having Brightvvood as his native land, yet his future seems assured by his hard Work. WILLIAM P, BELL N. Washington Institute Geneva College Alexander invented the telephone but it takes William to use it. J. GEORGE BLOOM Fifth Avenue High School Bloom' never seems to have any particu- lar Worries. It's all in the day's Work. ROBERT W.'BOND . . West Tech High School iWhen Bob arrived here from Cleveland he was a bright, energetic youth. That is why he is one of us. i CARL G. BRACKMANN CD A X S Knoxville Union High School Band Old "Bracky" is a nice young blonde who stays away from girls. ! JOHN S. BRAUMERSKY Conemaugh High School A Ulunol' is a friend for Work and makes his books serve him Well. - W DONALD G. BOLAND CID A X IRA K. BUFORD r Lovvellville High School Pearl High School is Xi D'on.Hails from Ohio but that doesn't Kelly always jumps right up when called keep him from being a good chap. on to recite. 'P I I g "n. IQ25 I1" 'llgl llllllll Page One HM1Zfd7'8d Thirty-eight V ,-- WH ,W V- f-nj' ..... F , ,gd J., YW-V, ...QX if -ul. ' F 'rf lg, - 4-CDFUU333 " ' ' ' -1 I I . lllllldlzlllllllll I fl- , . 1 PHARMACY+C014,f1l1med ? EARL E. CAPPEILL an A X South Hills High School "Auggie,' is always smiling and full of Wit. I V , CHRISTIANIA CLEMENTS Wilkinsburg High School Quietly, shyly our "Christy" Walks. But when she gets started, my h-ow she talks! SAM S. COHEN A A X Fifth Avenue High School Someone told Sam' that learning was hard on the health, and being rather frail he has adoptedithe motto, "Be better at thy leisure." ' ' RUSSE-LL B. CULLu.1-1 LP A X Schenley High School ' Pitt-Molay. i , Anyone who thinlcs.Russ is good ' Pharmacy has never seen him at his best Night, a car, the moon and EVERETT E. DANIELS N. Braddock High School "Ebb" has a good understanding and is a hard Worker. BERNARD iF. DAUBERT K KI' Martins Ferry High School "Iakey" likes his chew of -tobacco and his girls. X WILLIAM A. DAVIS K XI' Vandergrift. High School ' A favored son of the gods is "Arch" with that."something" that makes every- one like him. FRANK c. DiSTEFANO Frankey is one of those hard working well liked boys 1I'l H VH i V n , t-., 1925 U1UjUjUj'nn+ g llrlalr Tllllllli A is Page One Hundred TI1fl7'fjl-7lfi7l8 . 9 Q, . . f-- ff" ' . ' rf, ' S' -' ' . :LQUEEU . . . . .- . l . llllllruzlllllllll r HQ . ' ' ' Q-up it l . f 1 'V' A Q. I H i - PHARMACY-C0nti1m.ed STERLING C. EDWARDS K XI' THEODORE FISCUS VVilkinsburg High School Belle Vernon High School One thing always stands out for Sterling MOHCSSCH Hlgh 5011001 V Voice. ' P1tt'lXfIO1ay. "Ted's" ambition is to be a good Phar- . A macist. VVe know he will succeed. E ROBERT L. ERWIN N. Braddock High School Y. M. c. A. p After graduating from Braddock High, LEONARD M- FRIED We Bob decided to study Pharmacy. VVe are Donora High School glad he did because he is a welcome addi- Sometime, Somehow and eventuauv, UOU to our Class' "Lenny" always gets there. ISADORE E. FELSER T escheniey High School EUGENE A- GARDUJL When Felser got 100 in Botany, he was St- Thomas so dazed he could not figure how he was His name is Gardill but it should be to blame. It probably happened by osmo- "Great Deal," for that is what' anyone sis. would give to be called his friend. E- PEARL M. FIRST M fr E M 9 Allegheny College STEPHEN GAYDOS 2 U la.. It's hard to be "First" all the time but Chiffon High School that is what Pearl has been for quite a "Steve"' comes from Clairton. Probably ' while. one reason why he is a good fellow. C 45- Killlllllllli .."Vg "'. 1925 'g"' 'Ill -g p Page One Hrzmdrecl Forty 1 l W a 1 E l 'S' filllllll it if -.S ' l nic W ' llllhrlt-flll lllll I 1 1 ' .-1. .11 ' 1 - 1 'Ill I P ' PHARMACYfC0nt1I1med HAROLD V. GEORGE K XP Pittsburgh Academy George ought to make good in a drug store. He gives good measure and a smile with all purchases. MANUEL GRE-EN' Fifth Avenue High School L Green is a rather accomplished youth. He has an excessof wit, does. well in studies and the lunch room. ARTHUR L. HALL ff' A X Streator -High School "Hallie" claims to be a nervous wreck. ANNA L. HANAWAY A. K 2 Meadville High School When that smile of Anna's gets into motion itpis hard to tell when and where the end will be. THADDEUS J. HAYDEN South High School "Thad" is hailed as the Caruso of our class. WILLIAM G. HEADLEE Waynesburg High.School "Bill" is a mighty nice fellow who uses , . his head. But we can t see 1t. 2 WILLIAM G. HAMMILL GEORGE gg H2113 I 5 Ambfidge High School geaffgfiyff lgh C 00 -: D esne University p W 3 '11 Hlziiiilmill thinks much, says little and George is one of those quiet lads who listens to others. apply most of their time to study. lilllllllll 1- 1925 UIIJIl1ID1f" 'ffl pe lllllllil P 'ge One Hundred Forty-one 1 1 1m 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 111 . 1111 .., .... 4 ' , Hi Wil 1' ' -1 -' gg -p T' " Xxr A 1 r of "1 L 'li . "111 I 1 j 1 , 1. . A p 1 -.1 I . llllllriwilllllllll . 1' Nav 11 1 1 111 11 1. 1 1 1 1 A PHARMACY-Comm-u1ed 1 MAX J. HERscoW1Tz 1 Fifth Avenue High School Max is a very versatile young man-he has a craving for school. 1 . WIL-LIS HILE 111 A X - Clearfield High School I Willis is an ambitious chap even though he does like his sleep. HARRY HILL N. Braddock High School I Band "Roebuck". is one of those an asset to our class. boys who is 1 1 1, -TE' WALTER T. HOFFMAN ' Freedom High School Walter is another proof goods are not always put 1 1, 11 QLA that quality up. in large 1 -re 1 ' " 1 1, packages. ' .L WINTON R. HOFFMAN Woodlawn High School "Doc" comes from Woodlawn, yet he knows his stuff. BENJAMIN HOROWITZ Peabody High School "Big Ben" is one of those quiet persons who is always busy and continually happy. CHARLES H. HYDE A X P Sharon High School University of Penn. We have found that there in a name. Thanks, Charlie. HARRY H. IRWIN 111 A Xl Meyersdale High School U "Dutch" is there with the goods every time. Ililllllllll 1 1"'1'1l1I1I111I1l 1925 E1I1I111l1II1I1'11 llllllllfi Page One H1l1Ld7 ed Forty two 1 1 1. 1 11 11 V ,. 1,1 is nothing I s . r. T 1 1 431 H lil I l Q 1 0 . 3'-L! . I llllll. lilllllllll I l" ' 1 1 I PAUL S. .TACK i Kittanning High School Pitt-DeMolay ,Tack is welcome anytime by all of us. MARY H. KEEFE A K E S. Brownsville High School "Oh, what a Pal is Mary," sums up this demure little maiden. PHAR M ACY-C 0 afhtivmed D FREDERICK A. LaFRANCE K XI' Johnstown High.School Fred is a boy of whom we are very proud. Keep up your good work, Fred. FREDERICK K. LANGGUTH Wilkinsbiirg High School Pitt Molay - You can always locate 'fDuck" in the lunch room. JOSEPH H. KLINGENSMITH 'I' A X Aspinwall High School fDe'Molay "Kling's" winning smile surely ought to get him some place. EDWARD J. KRETZ K NI' Duquesne University St. Vincent College Newman Club Eddie always has'the glad hand for everyone. SAMUEL LEBOVITZ Fifth Avenue High School Nothing stumps "Laiby." v-1 ROBERT v. LEW l South High School . and I don't feel Well myself." WTJJJJIUQIQU H925 ljmlmjmwv tm llllll lfi Page One Hundred Forty-flzree R. V. says: "Most great men die young W -' .'g -5 . 1- x I1 J if . I H l fi' 4 ,,,,, I lllm Illllll I ll If A ' " Qi , 1 PHARMACY-Contivmed THOMAS J. LOCKE Q Peabody High School ' They say that Tom is quite the boy. We think so, too. GEORGE N. LOMBARDO New Brighton High School VVhen it comes to speed, George is not an active party. - GELSOMINE R. LOWRY Seton Hill Prep. . When "Io" hits high G its hard to concentrate on anything as trifling as Pharmacy. CHARLES LUMLEY Harrisville High School VVe don't know where Harrisville is but if "Chuck" is a sample of it, -we ought to find out where it is. LEO MacCOURf1'NEY St. Malachy's College Mac may be- one of Erin's sons but he belongs to us just now. CLIFFORD H. MARKS Bellevue High School - Y. M. C. A. "I-Iennie" likes his smokes and studies CU- ROBERT A. MARQUIS Beaver High School us, Beaver Hi lost a good scholar and a good fellow. When Bob migrated to CLYDE O. MCFADDEN Butler High School., A "'Shrimp,' is one of those well-liked boys of our class. i -'IEVVVUJJIIUJ 1925 mmmmw ful B Page One Hundred Forty-four x "'W'I a'1' f"" --f", A v U Su- F .. llllll 1 1 I I , ' '.' P I . lllllkfggilllllllll I W" ' V ' ' ' ' .L I F PHARMACY-C 0'lfLfi7'l1lf6d NELLIE E. 'MCGINLEY Leetonia High School There is none that can compare with our dear little Nell. JAMES E. MCMICHAELQ A X S. Brownsville High School Mac is a firm believer that actions speak louder than words. - I THOMAS R. MCMILLIN K XI? Pittsburgh Academy "Mack" works when he pleases but 'will never be worked to death. WILLIAM B. MOOREV ' . Wheeling High School . p Chemistry, physiology and such trifles do not worry Bill. 1 4 JOHN L. MORGAN Pittsburgh Academy' ' f ' Jack just takes things as they come but he would like to know how he ever got in the road of Pharmacy. . g VERNE P. MOWERY , . Contrary to general custom, "Doc" usually as thinks silently. and speaks only when he has something to say. It is an eflicient method. HERMAN H. MIDDLEMAN 2 A M . 'S windbef High School v CLYDE W- PISLEY Inter-Fraternity Basketball and Baseball Allegheny High School ig, If "Hermie" is as successful-in every- "Professor"' can advance ay reasonable i thing as he is at "tickling the ivories," he answer for anything and event the impossi- is sure to succeed. ble sounds logical. I "I I925 1:I' is 'III llllllllfi PageiO1'1e 'Hzi11di'ed-Poifty-like i H Siu- T , , . . V - ..l.....-..,.,,, u 4 Ap ' V 'Q,ffff,ff7Vf X ' ,umm ,, , , , 'p . I pw ' Zlllllllll , I" A ' ' ' ' if PHAR MACY-COM'fi1med GEORGE C. PETERS Beaver High School ' Like Washington, Pete followed the river from Beaver, stationed himself on the Bluff and prepared for the worst. VVash- ington had it easy. GEORGE R. PHILLIPPI Latrobe High School George's one big reward is in reaping good marks. More power to you, George. JOS. ANTHONY PIROCH Butler High School ."Ioker" is a high card in the deck. Being wise, he prefers a spade to dig out his grades and lets the hearts alone. CHARLES T. POORMAN Derry High School This poor man seems. out of luck. He always bears his own trials. Poor man. HARRY W. PRYCE Ebensburg High School This is our little fairy butterfly who trips so lightly around the school. RALPH S. RAINEY Allegheny High School , O'Henry is sure to derive a benefit from Pharmacy because he studies hard. Keep up the good work, boy. . DANIEL M. PoAD JOHN G- REES K XI' S.. Homestead High School Woodlawn High SC1'10O1 You HCVCF can. HQUTC just what Dan is "Doc" deserves his good grades because going to say. Still he always says it. he sure does study. Killllllillw Ti' s'ssis I925,U1I1QUjjjj1:" 'S' it T Fm unu:-si Page One Hundred Forty-six v i A I 1 l 4. F I V l "H-::.--' l, li l f I .1 :l ll' W 4 l l li 4. ll' il fl il 'l i K, I. li Ei U le, i 'J l v 4 1 :if E? n ll lil J f 'G fn .. lx pl i l l t Pi la 4 A i , I 1 i 11 'l I X iii' ' 11i-- A i i ff i l llllllrffllllllllll ll fr- g 'yu I r -ge? Pl il I P HARMACY-C outinued JOSEPH A. REISING Rochester High School Reising has much to think about-the ladies. CARL R. ROOSE if A X Salem High School "Dick" is a real honest-to-goodness chap ' and we like him. EDWARD O. SALCHOW Eddie is one of the three original wise men who admits, "I haven't got away with as much bluff as I can." , THEODORE L. SAUNDERS Pittsburgh Academy Saunders-that wee small fellow who is I always ready to sleep or cut a period. ALBERT T. SCHMID K XII Wilkinsburg High School Schmid is the man who declares his in- nermost thoughts and upholds them in argument. Atta boy, Al. EVAN R. SHAFFER 115 A X Windber High School "Shaff" studies hard and we know that the future holds big things for him. GEORGE A. SHARP Sistersville High School A few good men have come,from West Virginia and George claims he is one of them. So far we must agree. ELIZABETH H. SCHOLL Peabody High School Betty sure can get the good grades. VVhy should'n't she? She studies hard. I "lVl'IUIICUIIll925UIIIIIUI'l""i "" Page One Hundred Forty-Seven - ' fewes t. - A M ,iii-: ' 1 I l l S 0 I gm .-?-...- ui 1 1 X- r -WA 'QLg2lIDI1TM.... iff -if l llll i hl lllllll ji" V "" , f 1 'PHARMACY 4C014,z'i1med RALPH M. SICKMANTK KP ' Union High School ' Q,His name belies his manner and dispo- Si'ClO1'1. ,QL JAMES W. SIDEHAMER East Huntingdon High School Jimmie is one of the few quiet, observ- ing people of this world. . - JACKSON s. SMITH Peabody High schools ' "Iack', is a dreamer, yet we like him a lot. .i. eff' RUDOLPH J. SOWKO Monessen High School 1 Look him over girls, it's "Rudy." He l doesn't belong to the Valentinos but he has those dreamy eyes. 1 FREDE-RICK B. STEWART Clearfield High School In far away Clearfield, Ted heard the call., "Go West, young man, go West." We're glad welre west of Cleariield. I 4 '.i K DANIEL S. STONE CIP A X Pittsburgh , Academy Daniel, the Lion Tamer, has nothing on Daniel, the Woman Tamer. I .Sb HARRY D. STRAUSS Schenley High School ' . f i VVhen the crowd breaks loose, Shorty is just lost in the shuffle, but he a'ways turns up at the other end, ready for business. DANIEL 'G. STUDEBAKER I N. Braddock High School "Study" is a lady's man. Oh! yes, he can study, too. " 1925 miiumiw-r R 1.1. S Page One Hundred Forty-eight l11f- a r -.1 . I llll wleullll ll e fl' I 1 in PHARMACY--Continued WAYNE S. STYERS K XI' Grove City High School I It just comes natural to like Wayne. I I AMBROSE H. TAYLOR Sharon High School , He is always smiling and gay. 3 PAUL P. THOMA South Hills High School "Sage'? has endeared himself to Willingness , to share his vast store of knowledge with us. us by his 1 1 DAVID M. WEAVER fi' A X Windber High School The girls report that Dave is immune to feminine charms. HOWARD E. WEAVER K KP Wilkinsburg High School ' "Howdy" has a great' liking fairer sex. We Wonder why. for the WARD C. WHIPPO Wilkinsburg High School Ward is rather a ciuietvfellow yet we have found him to 'be "there" ' I , WILLIAM H. WHITMAN ""' J ' JOHN H' WATTERS K XI, 'V Fifth Avenue High School Bamesboro Hlgh School Bill is usually consulted when someone -55 "Johnny" is bright and clever, but oh! needs constructive criticism. His opinion l that beard. is usually given due consideration. if ,- A. r--imttmmimuszs utmizmwl fm by Page O1lCiiH1l7ldf8d Forty-vzina r' I I - I I I I I I, I I I. II I I ,II I I I IV I I II II I I I I I QI I I I I, I. ,L I I 5 I I I -I H I Q " 12 n 'G If' II ,I I. I-I I I I I : I I L. I - .Y Q'-' fr '- SY I Al . ffiililf X ro llllll IIVI .. Lv of gifkg ve llum'--fallllllll l I Q " """"" ":f .L I I I I I I I . , . , ,... ...,.. ..,-....,..............,. ,.,,..,...- PlIARMACY-Continued M. RUSSELL WILDMAN V LOUIS W. YAGLE Zelienople High School Westinghouse High School - . So far, Yagle gets lO0'7 on disposition. baljinss IS one of those boys with few draw- He is always in an amiable mood and ' seems agreeable even at lunc-h time. I CHAUNCEY E- WILSON MAX J. ZEIDENSCHNEIDER giftl'i1AveF:uebHigh School Fifth Avenue High School V cro ers u , , , , Wilson is very fond of bobbed hair 'We ' Zildy Ei Serlously Wlse' and usually deep wonder why. I In t Oug t' WALTER J. ZELENSKY STEPHEN WILSON 'I' A X ' N. Braddock High School New Castle Hlgh School "Pep,' has high ideals and when he is Steve is hurt because New Castle was around there is no time for idle thoughts not more perturbed over his departure. or weary reflections. 'il L9 III II I' it I925gEUIIlE1II'III" I III illlllllf Page One Hundred Fifty I IIT' , I II III' I LI I 'I , I . -x ' 1 -. 'J 2' ,1c2LEUI11UI11'-- L, ,N ll h lllllllll I II' f11 I . 0 xvxa. Kocru .1'1'm11UjU11 1925 Uimjmjjnw Ill mamma:-2 PageOcH d dl-Tftyoze W,mT..,. Vw' F 1 f l l l l , 1 5 G of G e,,e -,ll l N f l ' num uf - I ' "M : ' G -e e .117 E . W l l l l ,, GEORGE CUNNINGHAM l I Svuphnmnre 5 ,-Q 5 ' Officers . l President ....... ........ . . .George Cunningham I Vice-President ...... ..... G eorge Ferguson Secretary-Treasurer .... ....... P aul Nettrour E I ..- 4 X Cabinet j J. C. Williams X Donald Brown - Donald O. Bair Elizabeth Barclay ' f John Cost Donald Harpfer - le Margaret Grier as ll 9 lj' -WY' V Y V - I A ig l925 Ell1IDIlJ'W' -f do G 'ffl in G l,V, Page One Hundred Fifty-two Ili l+. ' l l H iii? Y T-F-,ttN? Kfyfr ,Q i.QLllI1IIl1"" F -if I llllll zifallllllll I ff' ffl l , ifiztnrg nf thr 0112155 nf BE All aboard!" The Class of '26 started on its four-year cruise on the good ship "PIT'T." Blue and gold caps for the men, blue and gold arm-bands for the girls-all who saw us knew that we were the new class of Freshmen. As soon as we pushed off from land, we began making ourselves known. Never were men so gallant, never could any knight of old have told of his love in so' many different ways. Our Freshmen were truly bold, for on any part of the deck of this good ship' "PlTT," one might have seen some poor young fellow, just out of High School, trying himself at love-making, even in spite of the onlookers, and there were many. But, our men did not devote all of their time to the fair sex. They entertained men, women, and faculty alike with melodies. They did their serenading at any time of the day. As thel men did their bit for the Sophs, so did the women. Our fair co-eds kept these high' and mighty people busy. For at all times the Soph girls could be seen running' around catching up some wayward Frosh. When we organized, we chose as president, Robert Irwin, vice-president, John Cohen, secretary, Charles Friesell, and treasurer, Leroy Williams. Our girls had as their officers, Helen Toay, president, Helen Gilleland, vice-president, Mary Lou McClelland, treasurer, and Nina Johnston, secretary. These ofhcers, with the cabinet and committees, started us on the first fourth of our voyage. , We took our part in athletics, trying to have the Class of '26 do as much as pre- ceding Freshman classes had done in winning contests for "PITT." Football and Basketball teams were organized, and a Basketball team for the girls. We predicted great futures for our athletes as varsity players. W. S. G. A. gave quite a few noon-day dances for the new-comers-dances at which each sailor on 'our good ship became better acquainted with the other sailors, dances which helped us to realize that our class was a distinct organization apart from the rest of the voyagers. When the first fourth of our voyage was finished, we had ten men newly elected to "Druids" and twenty women ready to become active in their Sophomore year in "Cwens." N We came back this year as Sophomores, ready to take up the second part of the voyage. We found new and varied peoples on board, new Freshmen, and we, the perse- cuted, became the persecutors. We did our best to see that this year's crop of Freshmen began their cruise on "PITT" in just the right way. Entertainments, much the same as we gave last year, were held for our amusement. We enjoyed having the tables turned, we liked to see other poor Frosh do the very things that we disliked doing so much. . As class officers we had George Cunningham as president, George Ferguson as vice- president, and Paul Nettrour as secretary-treasurer. The girls elected as president, Eliza Jane Reynolds, vice-president, Margaret Grier, and secretary-treasurer, Margaret Thomp- son. Under these .leaders our class has taken its right place on our good ship. We have labelled our part of the boat, "PEP," and we have lived up to this name. In the big VVash-jeff parade our girls won the prize, making the second time since we have beeny on our voyage that our women have been recognized for their originality and for their enthusiasm. Our girls had a very successful basketball season, and the men did their part in athletics., -3-" We have completed the first half of our trip. Some have been seasick, but have recovered, others Cpoor soulsb have found the way too rough and have quietly slipped iii- overbogrd, We, who are left, will continue the trip, always doing our bit with the same fi 9 I pep and enthusiasm that characterizes the Class of '26. E A 4. 1... --immimim was uiirmmw f - j fmt num , . ' ' ' Page One Hundred Fifty-three J' ill , - CCDLLEGE J A 32:3 EI , 1 , , H- ' . I . llllli r ' 5 fllllllllll "' Wm ' ' ' Agnew, Edward Ainsworth, Robert B. Alexandroff, George Alpern, Margaret Alston, Frank G. Alston, Henry W. Amdur, Herzl S. T. Amick, William Anderson, Axel J. Anderson, William L. Andrews, Glen F. Arenson, Herman I. Aronson, Earle Armbrust, James W. Arthur, Harriet Vf Ash, Nellie J. Assad, John H. Auslander, Manuel H. Azen, Yetta Baine, Catherine L. Baird, W. C. Baker, Anna L. Baker, Beryl Balla, A. Julius Balter, William Banks, Paul L. Barclay, Andrew Barclay, Elizabeth Bark, Nellie M. Barkin, Dorothy Barnett, James Mc. Bartlett, Lester L. Barton, James C. Battaglia, Gloria J. Baum, Thos. E. Beam, Blanche Beardslee, Robert W. Beck, Nathaniel Beckett, Mary E. Behrenberg, William C. Berglass, Caroline Berglass, Clara Berry, Edward F., Jr. Beshansky, Reuben Bestwick Wayne F. Blose, Florence B. Bluestone. George Bodkin, Gerald T. Bolden, R. Norman Boleky, Margaret E. Bomhard, Eloise R. Bonesteel, William A. Borgman, Francis G. Bornstein, Bella Bortz, Violet M. . Boyd, Robert J. Brainard, Laurence Brenlove, Rudolph R. Bricker, James O. Brindley, Bertha E. Brings, Philip J. Browarsky, Morris Brown, Crawford Brown, Donald Brown, Emma C. Brown, J. Jesse Bryan, Wilson Bryson, Allan M. Buhrmester, Harry Burgo, Joseph A. Burgun, Kathleen L. Burkhart, Russell S. Burkley, George G. Burns, Dennis J. ' Burnshaw, Stanley A. Cafferty, Agnes G. Cameron, John. P., HI. Cameron, Joseph M. Cammarata, Joseph A. Campbell, Harold S. R. Carlson, Alma M. Carr, Hugh J. Carson, Philomena N. Carver, William L. Casillo, August V. Chapman, Harry Chase, Ralph E. Chernoff, Beatrice Chinchi, Mary J, Clairmont, Robert Clark, Paul Cohen, Charles K. Cohen, John H. Cohen, Josiah M. Coit, Katherine Coll, Charles VD. Conrath, Herman L. Cooper, Peter Corbett, 'Charlotte E. Cost, John Wm. Counts, Benj. H. Cox, Florence M. Crawshaw, Jackson A. Crockett, Arthur Crump, Robert E. Cuda, Maurice Culbertson, George A. Cunningham, George B. 1925 lIlIlIlIlfl'l"." i u m Page One Hmzdred Fifty-four . LN ,' - ,- 1-"""W if W PL 7 ' ..- . ,fx . " FQUIIIUZITII ' gn g -.- I . lll llrtkilllllllll I If' . COLLEGE-Continued Cunningham, James G. Curry, Verna Custer, Benj. Cyberey, Michael J. Dally, Harriet L. Dargis, Mary Ann Davis, Bennett G. Davis, Israel A. Davis, William R. De Bone, Frances M. Depp, Le M. DeWalt, Grace DeWitt, Ruth A. Dickinson, Frank H. ' ' i k E A D1ck1nson,Frederc G. Diebold, Jack T. Dierst, Glenn V. Dietrich, Louis E. Dietrich, Sterrett . Dietrich, William S. Dimond, Charles . D'iSilvia, Dominic N. Donahue, Edward Doody, Esther M. Dooley, Katherine Doyle, Robert S. Doyle, Walter J. Drobaugh, L. Herbert Drugand, Louis Dubovecky, Joseph Duerr, John K. Duff, Donald A. W Ecklune, Caroline J. Egbert, John F. Eliashof, H. Leon Evans, L. Lucille Evans, Ralph M. Fabiani, Menotti O. Falck, John T. Fauntleroy, Emma E. Faust, Henry Clyde Feath, Harry C. Fehr, Lillian MCK. Felmeth, Ormond Ferber, Arnold Fetterman, Adam Filicky, John J. Fingeret, Samuel Finnegan, John L. Fischer, Murrel J. Fish, Garrett E. Fivars, Morris Flautz, Paul E. Fleming, M. Helen Floyd Oliver R. Foley, Harry T'., II. Foraker, William Forst, Herbert J. Foster, Samuel B. Frantz, Leland S. Fraser, James Fredley, Theodore R. --l. French, Lawrence C. Friedland, Ben. Friedman Benjamin Friedman, Hilda Friedrich, Charles P. Friesell, Charles E. Gambrill, Martha F. Gates, Lionel Gault, William G. Gearhart, John Gebhard, Katherine Geddis, W. Donald ' George, Michael Georgetson, Socrates J. Gephardt, Clarence G. Gessner, Lewis M. Gessner, Milton Ghriest, George M. Gilleland, Helen Gilmore, Robert A. Gray, Emily Green, Florence Groves, Hugh Grier, Margaret Grusch, Ruth Gulliford, Andrew M. Guttendorf, Frank A. Haber, George M. Hagen, Helen M. Hahn, Dorothy V. Hall, Maryann F. Hall, Robertson S. Hall, Rhoddy Harding, John J. Harper, Cecil C. Harpfer, Donald Harrell, Beverly T. Harris, Milton Hart, George S. Hartman, Frank C. Hartman, Georgetta G. Hartman, Kathryn Hayman, Firman K. Hays, Chester B. Hazlet, Lisle K. Heidenburg, Dolly I. Heidenkamp, Edmund Hemple, Nellis Henderson, Mary P. Henning, George W. Henry, Douglass F. Hepps, E-lsie Herrick, Dorothy Hester, William J. 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' --inlitllililirlll 1925 mmzuzmwr . f mum:-Q awww Page One Hundred Fifty-seven f,,......- ' '- ' W' ' , n.. fi -.1 - I mm iiealllllllulll I", W, " , I COLL'EGE-Continued A Szabo, Ladislano T. Talbot, Reginald Tarasi, Rocco F. Tarr, Lawrence Pj Taylor, Lloyd A. Taylor, Mary M. Tencate, Kathryn Theemler, Lyman Thomas, Robert Wm. Thompson, Margaret V. Thompson, R. Kenneth Thoreson, Reider Thorne, Robert R. Toay, Helen Nan Tolechko, Meyer Tomasic, John James Torreyson, Dorothy Trachtenberg, Henry Troilo, Camillo Troup, Frank F. Uhl, Anna Margaret Urling, Clarence John Vaniman, Lyle I. Wainwright, Mark Wajert, Leo Walcher, Joseph I. Walz, Louis G. Wargo,'Mary Watson. Harold H. Watterson, Kenneth Webb, William H. Webster, Elizabeth Weigel, Helen W. Wein, Ferne Henrietta Weiner, Isaac Weiner, Theodore Weiss, Arthur Weller, Louis F. Welsh, George T. Werry, Wilmer S. West, joseph P. Wible, LeRoy E. ' Wilkins, William I. Wilkinson, Elizabeth S. Williams, Douglas M. 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S. iiiwnmmiiszsmmmrmw- 'HI Cfewiiffrwt s Page One Htmdnd Fzftx uma 4 l 1 I 9 I L l I In-T ll . I ,. F 1 l I i Pa. f 1 F. "'s:s4-4 17 V i l , . U:- -1-.19 " " 5-ge J gg ' B L. -L . P' ' . A iff QIIIEIU ll 1 1 . ' I I . lllllifibilllllll llll " g DEN TIST RY-C ontflnued Ignelzi, M. Igo, D. H. Irwin, R. L. Jackson, W. I., Ir. Jaycox, E. C. Jewell, G. W. Johnson, B. K. Johnson, T. G. Jones, R. S. Kakouros, X.' . Keefer, F., Miss Kelly, S. A. - Kelly, S. M. Kenner, M. H. Kercheval, R. L. Kifer, j. I. Kilbury, K. I. Klein, D. S. Kline, H. K. Knorr, L. J. Koerner, W. I. Korhnak, A. R. Lapsley, P. M. Lauffer, M. E. Ledden, M. V., Miss Ledwon, J. V. Leighner, J. H. Lemon, M. Lenhart, I. H. Lerner, Jos. Levine, R. Lewis, S. Lewis, H. R. Loftis, J. H. Lowe, W. C. McBurney, I. C. McCamley, T. I. McCarrier, V. McCreary, F. R. McCutcheon, C. W. McDonnell, F. R. McEldowney, R. VV., Ir. McIntosh, I. F. McKinnon, B. R. McNelis, I. A. McNerny, I. M. Madden, F. B. Maloney, I. M. Martin, G. G. Mateer, E. 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Tagress, I. M. Taylor, H. D. Teitelbaum, I. S. Templeton. P. S. Toner, E. C. Trobe, M. I. i ' p "'V"ilIlIEIIlIill,l925E1lJJIi11JJj1w'e ll1lU I Page One Hundred Sizlrty 'ce . 1 -, . awww- ,F -T -.- o , .l lln.i11allll lu ln lf' A i A I Il 5 if . DENTISTRY-Continued Tunstall, J. F. Umholtz, H. W. Vancheri, J. P. Varnes, W. E. Ventresco, T. F. Vincent, E. L. ,Warnick, J. R., Warnock, R. Q. Weiss, W. Weisz, A. C. Weitz, J. S. White, R. B. Wilkinson, D. G. Williams, R. Wilson, E. G. Wilson, K. E. Wilson, R. C. Wilstein, B. Wissinger, Z. A. Wolf, R. N. Wolfe, A. T. Woods, C. F. Wray, A. R. Wright, W. B. Wrigley, H. A., Ir. Zimmerman, B. B. G9 ' '-IVHIUILUQID 1925 UJIIIUIITUH' A my Page One Hundred Sixty-0116 I II I I .I II VI II II I I I I I Ii I ,I I I, I I? II III I II I I I I I I I I I I I II I I I I II II II W, I I I I I I I I II I I I. III I I I. ,. ll I 0 I I I I I I I I 1 I I I r I I I X 1 f,lW 'I rs It 41 ml N15 fi , V48 n. F, k --1 m1U31m11 1925 Ujgjmjjqlp 1 11: Illlll i 'W'i?4? P jc One Hwmdrcd S1T.rz'y-ilwfec -1 ,, ,D YY W ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 11 1 111 1 1 af- 11 11 il ' f 11 1' 1' 1' -1 mn 11' 11 11 111111 -1 - --"M-1"""' e a 11 1. 1 11 M H 1 1 1. 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 ' H ' 1. 1 1 1 ' 1 1 3 1 1 71 1 1 11 1 11 111 5 . WILLIAM MCCLELLAN 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - 1 .1,1, 1 1 , . 1 "1 President . . . . . . 1 I Vice-President . . 1 Treasurer ..... L 1 Secretary .. . . il 1 ' 1 1 1 .1 1 1 1' 1 "' ouie Harris 1 1 f James Fawcett 1 ' GQ! yi 'Pg' Laura Moye 1 1 1 ' , Dorothy Margolis 1 1 , I 1 1 1 1- 1 Zllrrnlpnrn Officers ..--..--. Q . . . .William McClellan .... . .Milton Safier ..........Clyde Jack- Mary Florence Taylor 1 1 FRESHMEN CABINET 1 Geo. D. Levitt Walter Beckwith David Bachman David Buchman John McCrady 1 Q1 1 ll llllllll 1' Q 1925 1 1 1 'L 1 1 1 IIlI1I1IUI1'111' 'Ill llllllllllfi 1 1 'W W Q 1 5 Page One Hundred Sixty-form' 1 1 3 1 1 . , 1 t 1 ' 1 L 1 1 1 1 1 1 11' 1 1 41x nz. ln .ign- f ' . V , , -Z B 'J l., LJ X y I I I ' ' ' . i j '.' I . lllllL'f"'Zllllllllllll I" j j A .',' l V Zlitvzhmaing Eingraphg -. Qnce upon a time-isn't that the way most fairy stories begin? At any rate, it was on the bright morning of Septemberi24, 19253, when 825 freshmen meandered up the lgiring steps to the campus. What a variety of expressions there was on the faces of that tgnighty host of Ifrosh as they sauntered into the classrooms. Some went aboutwwith ,thg 'fl am captain of our home town team" air, or "I am. going to show this college a point or two." However, they all joined with a third group. in assuming an air of meekness and mild humility when the frisky 'seosrgs appeared. Dancing back down the steps to the tune of the hickory sticks thatiwereiwielded by those lofty upper classmen, we were all assembled for a review. ' ' ' ' i And that review! There we stood, coats turned wrong side out and backwards, trousers rolled to knee length, and dinks set at a conspicuous angle, in" short, we were arrayed in such a manner as to make even the most ludicrous jester a back number. After we had run the gauntlet, rendered solos and been photographed, the Sophs decided they ought to share their entertainment with the "natives" of the burg, so we began a march to town. ' 'A Trolley after trolley was pulled from the wire as we trudged along the road to give the home folks a treat. So enthused were we over the march that some of our members offered to "love, honor and adore" the dark skinned beauties that happened our way. After that eventful march to town where we showed our good qualities as a class, we were permitted to go to, our humble abodes. Embarking on the second day of our college career, we were greeted with a "Frosh, got a match?," or "Here, Frosh, where are you going?'d Despite our evident greeness on that first day, we soon showed that we had imbibed the spirit of the Blue and Gold. We began to win our mark in athletics that bade fair for our Alma Mater. After many hours on the gridiron, our football team carried off well-deserved honors. They triumphed in a majority of games played. Then, too, our basketball team went over big. Getting away to aigood start and improving as the season wore on, the squad pulled. through undaunted and glorious. Not to be forgotten, was our cross-country team which boasted of some good runners in Captain Howell, Kerr, Leis and Robinson. With the baseball and track squads just getting under way, we hope to carry on the good work of our class. " But our attention was not centered on one line of activities. Some of our journalistic, witty me111bers have contributed to the success of the Wcekiy and Panther. Even the band and musical clubs have prospered by our presence as the musically inclined mem- bers have lent their services to the success of the various organizations. In order to make our career a triumph, we had totbe united within our ranks. Thus, by the aid of Dean Ashe, we wisely chose our class officers. They are: William McClellan, president, Milton Safier, vice-president, Clyde jack, treasurer, Mary Florence Taylor, secretary. With this staff of officers at our head, we settled down to the gfim realities of college life, knowing that we would be safely guided on our way. At the close of the first semester, we realized that we could not much longer be dubbed the proverbial Frosh. So, with theq addition of mid-year freshmen, to our roster, We went merrily on our way. Anticipating the activities of Pitt Week, we will prove to the world that we can plan for pleasure as well as for work. As the years go on. we feel that the class of '27 will take an important part in all the activities of the school. We realize that as Frosh we have donepmany things we ought not to have done and have left undone many things which we ought to have done. Yet feeling that each class falls short of their duty in some respects, we feel that We will hold our banner high. Thus we end our days as freshmen, not truthfully saying we are glad to leave, nor willingly saying we would be glad to stay. During the rest of our college days, we aim to display the talent, energy and spirit shown in this, our freshmen year. A -r--rfmltminiszs UIlIlIUIJ'l'Uf Af-1 Page One Hmzdred Sixty-Jive r,3,,,m ,,, T A V llllllrilril lll lllll 'ff V Abels, Irwin I. Abramovitz, Mary .Abromson, Louis Adair, ,Verner B. Ailes, Clarence C. Allen, Wm. Boyd 'Al1shouse, John G. Altman, Ambric J. Amann, Alfred Americus, Leo - Anderson, John David ' Anderson, Samuel Robert Andrews, Carl S. Andrews, Dorothy E. Andriessen, ,W-ooda Anwyl, Rodin Appleby, Gordon L. Armitage, John L. Arnd, Maurice J. Arnold, Susan G.. Arthurs, J. Frank, Jr. Ashbaugh, Clarence O. Ashinsky, Florence Aston, William F. , Axeflrad, Louis M. Bachman, David B. Badaracci, Dominic Baily, John F. Baird, Jos. A. Baker, Joseph Henry Baldridge, James Barille, James V. . Barnes, Marion Wm. Barnhart, Lynn - Barrante, Anthony Barrett, Anna E. Barrett, John . Barrett John Buchanan Bartholomew, Thomas H. Batastini, Harry Baumann, Earl D. I Baynham, Edward G. Bazell, Sidney Beagle, Gordon A. Beatty, Eunice Beatty, Marshall H. Bechtel, Hannah E.. Becker, Charles F. Beckwith, Walter E. Behrenberg, Jack H. Bell, Evelyn Bell, John Griffith Bergwall, Carl William Biebel, Lawrence Biery, Paul H. Birney, Helen Margaret Blackwood, Frank Clare Blair, Mary A. Bloch, Lester S. Block, Samuel Richard Bloom, Rebecca J. Bodnar, Stephan Bogdan, Frances Rita Bohraras, Saul Bollens, Archie L. Bonder, David Bourne, Ralph Wm. Bowers, Maurice Bowytz, Harvey Boxel, Richard J. Boyd, Sydney Viola Bradbury, Mabel Braemer, Samuel Bragdon, Floyd Harold Brant, Anna B. Braunst ein, Anna Brawley, Wayne Jack Brechin, Clement H. Breman, Sadie M. Briceland, Walter Vance Broecker, Theodore W. Broge, Edward Broida, Myron i Brown, Chas. A. Brown, Louis N., Brozic, Andrew J. Bruecken, Raymond G. Brunner, Herman Wm. ' 'mllI1IflQ1IlJl925UJJQl1JJJIUWv"- K, 'III lllllllil Page One Hundred Sixty-six 5'- 1 fillllllll 1 P' ' ' V -1 l . llllllt -lillllllllllll iff 1 v 1 llllllllllllgl 5 Z COLLEGE-Continued l 9 Brush, M. Kathleen Cokler, Leonard A Buchman, David Ryman Coll, Vincent E. n f Burns, Russell Collins, Leonard R. Burns, Wm. Robert Connell, Glenn W. Busch, John F. Conroy, Agnes Mary Buse, Helen D. Conway, Richard Bernard Butler, Frank J. Conwell, Stephen, Jr. Butler, Melvin A. Cook, David Berry Cable, CharlesiDick Copeland, C. T. Caddick, Wm. Andrew Corey, David G. Caldwell, Stanly Coulter, Wallace A. Campbell, Elizabeth Cox, Harry Bovard Campbell, Helen Cox, Walter D. Campbell, Jessie Belle Coyne, Francis A. Canon, Thomas Craft, James W. Caplan, Edith Craig, Harold E. n Caputo, Andrew J. Craig, Wallace D. C. ' Cardamone, Joseph J. Craworth, Charles ' Carnes, James Philip ' Crawford, Wm. E. Carney, Fonse James Critchfield, Philip Dane Carr, Helen Marie Crookston, Albert'Victor Carrier Albert A. Crossland, Hugh J. Carrier,'Russell Jennings Crumley, Carl M. Carson, Helen P. Cummins, B. Eugene Carson, Wm. Ralph ' Cunkelman, Wm. G. Cassis, Michael Cunningham, Howard Caster, Grace- M. Cunningham, John 'Bradley Castorina, Frank Cunsolo, Francis T. Catz, Isadore Curran, James Richard Chotiner, Henrietta Curry, David W. C Chotiner, Lillie Curtin, Frank Daniel Chronis, Leo Curtiss, Arthus Nesbitt Clarke, Lawrence Cushner, James J. Claws, CharlesA. Dalrymple, Richard Clayson, Helen M. Darnell, Wm. L. Clement, Mary Elizabeth Dauris, Lewis Cervino, Anthony L. Davenport, Mary G. Chapman, James R. ' Davies, Albert L. Charles, Alta Genevieve Davies, Joseph R. Clicquennci, Carolyn Davies, Wm. R. Chitester, Florence Davis, Arthur R. Cober, Robert W. Davis, Gertrude Cobler, Eva Virginia Davis, Mary Frances Cochrane, Jgseph D, DCHaVCH, Edwin Lg Coffman, Virginia De'Martini, Dolores .Violet Cohen, Joseph Deman, Peter , - Cohen, Martha L. Dennen, Leland N. -'E Cohen, Samuel Denning, Gerald M. Cohen, Saul Deponceay, Leonard ig, Cole, Lillian E. Deptulaf Samuel , ..,,g-1-gmmlg 1925 Jglpmjnm- f in Illlllllllfi .Page One Hundred Sixtyfseven i i I 4 i V l I I , 1 i I l L l'. l I Y 5 ,I--, i i L ,Q---1- 'l Luz-1. A .4 4 tl ll 7 M - ' 'fs-1 I , , -.I I lllllldbflllllllll I l ' ' i5bLLEGE-Continued DeRoss,, 5Michael', Jr. DOdWQOrth,.::,Paul K. - Dodworthf, - Stanley Donaldson, 'Robert D. 1D'onnelly,..1f3r2i.nk Joseph Dottere:r,gf'?.Daorbthy Doyle, Jtflia M. Dunkle, John Wilber Dunkle, Plummer Dyson, Jean E. Eckel, Laura Edgar, Dorothy V Edgecomb, Wallace E. Elliott, J-fi' Richard Elwood,':.W. Frederick Embree, -Robert Nelson Eng, Arthur C. ' Engelhardt, Andrew, Jr. Engilman, Florence T. Engstler, George Eres, Ambrose, Jrafff-' 4 Etzel, Louise R. A Ewing, Anne Marie ' Fabry, Walter G. Fawcett, James Thomas Fehr, Alice Paul Ferree, George Howard Feustel, James, Henry q,,,f',.,,,-Xp . . Funk, James Stanton Galbo, Paul .ji Garber, J. Nevin Gardner, Robert Lytle Garrett, Gordonf51G. Gaynor, Joseph' M. Gearing, Eugene V. Geesey, Edwin P. Geidel, Norman L. Gentzel, Henry Brooks George, Amel Gerberding, Earl LJ: t Gibney, Raymond G. - Gibson, Harold' Reynolds Gill, J. Arthur? Gilleland, Elizabeth Marg. Gillotti, Chris "George Glenmore, Robert J. Glick, Arthur W. Glotfel'ty,'Edwin H. Gluck, Edward Goehring, Harrison Dilwyn Goldblum, Albertf Goldiield, J. Lazarus Goldman, Norma Goldstein, Lillian Golomb, Milton Goodman, Louis . Y . Fife, Ralph VV. Findley, Althea Fine, Rebecca E. Finkelman, Freda Fisher, Edward J. Fisher, George E. Fishkin, Abraham Ford, John L. Forsythe, George Lester Fox, Archie Fox, Ira Wm. Foxall, Lily Frack, George Frack, Marian E. Frankle, Sylvia Freehling, Alvin L. M. Gordon, Mary Gordon, Gorski, Robert M. Thaddeus Michael Graham, G. M. Gray, John S. Greenfie Griffith, Grimm, Groves, Guffey, Guffey Guffey, Guffey, ! ld, Goldie .1 Robert A. Allen Orville Grossman, Gertrude C. F. Nelson Finney Wm. Jacob Edward Lowery A. McClurg James Gumberg, Harry M, Gumberg, Ralph xg Freund, .J-3116 Haffner, Mildred 'NE' Fried, Rae 163116 Hagerty, Robert J. Fromm, MHX Haine, Alfred J. ii. Frye, Robert Russell ' Hakanson, Richard C, 2 yi, Fulton, Robert Edgar Hamberger, Luis Clark Fulton, Wm. B. Hamilton, Hazel Rebecca 1 .4 I IZC IIIIIIIII 1- as . ,"'f'flIElIUl1D 1925 mjjjfmmi- mg .,,, 'Page Oiie Hu-ndred Sixty-eight ff A, . T: .Li,,,i.,.7ff::e"-g ,IICQIIIEUIW I' I ' - . -' , llllli illlllllll I 11' - 1 it .L COLLEGE-Continued Hamilton, Lysbeth L. Hamilton, Warren Hamlin, Fred Hampson, RaymondiG. Hanna: Roscoe Elton, Jr. Hannan,,Sarah E. ' Hannan, Sylvia, W. Hargest, Lloyd A Harmon, Edison Harris, Bernice Ruth Harris, Edmond L. Harris, OliveriW. A Harris, Samuel Harrold, Maurice J. Hart, ,Vincent I, Hariter, Harold H. Hartman,,Jos. A Hattman, Harrison Haus, Wm. . ' Hayes., John C. ' Hazlett,,Edwin N. A Hazlett, Elizabeth Martha Head, Palmer V .q"A Harry Calvin Helm, Thelma 4 Henderson, Wm. C. Hiennighan, James J. A Hiegps, Herbert I Hieiiring, Herbert N. Herrington, Lee R. Herrman, Wm. A. Hershberger, Jos. H. I Hieber, Earl Deimling, Highducheck, Albert Edward Hildebrand, Marian Hill, Martha Basella Hill, Harriett Louise Hill, Harry N. . Hillyer, Renard E. Himmler, Robert E. Hirsch, Donald Hissrich, Rose Heckenberry, Everett D. Hodges, James A. Hoffmann, Isabel ,Townsend Hogan, Thomas F.. Hogg, Wm. S. . Holler, Adam H -. Hoover, S. Thomas Hopkins, Wallace Horton, Ray Earl Hotham, Margaret ui Hottman, Frank B. 'L Howell, Wm, Howell, Wm. H. Hrinko, John A ,, Hubbard, Lyman Dell Huggins, R. R.,'.Jr. ' , Hughes, Adrian " Charles Hustead, Donald Hutchinson, Margaret Anna Hutchinson, Robert Wim. Ihmsen, Eileen M. 1 1 Ireland, Robert A V Israel, Victor A Ives,'Jeannette ' Jackish, John I , Jackson, John A Jacobson, Helen Winifred James, Wm. P. ' V Jamison, Wayne R. Jarrett, Marcus Glenn, Johnson, Isabel Booth Johnson, Wilbur E. Johnston, Lula M. Johnston, Robert B. Jo-hnston, Ruth Johnstone, Wm. Geo. Jones, Gertrude M. Jones, Grace Bernice Jones, Melvin F. Jones, Stanford F.' Jubelierer, Bernard Jubelierer, Sophie Just, Joe , Kalen, Alfred J. Kanuch, Frank R. Kappler, Robert J. Karber, Marlin T. Katz, Maurice Hymen Keck. HaroldJFindley Kelling, Edward ' Keane, Helen Miller Keller, A. Raymond Kelly, Fred ' Kelly, James .'Watson Kelly, Wm. Russell Kennedy, Albert Kennedy Lucy Dilworth Kerr George C. lb llllllll ! 4 e-1.HTnJ:ttuIni9z5m1eH'- ,A c fees? so - Pa-gc One Hu-11.dred Sixty-nine fx i f mffi ' iffy V Y - - , '1 1I . , - -.1 l . lllllk hfllllllllllll II' -M - 1 VQV- F' Y H Y , Y ,,,, .-,pi1U-------- 'ff--S f 'M I COLLEGE-Continued ,,.i1-1-i-- Kerr, Mildred' S. Kessler, Maurice L. Kim, Lewis F. . Kirkel, Miriam Klaber, Elmer G. I Klavon, Edward F. Klee, Edward V Klein, Martha E. Kline, Nathan - i Klotzbaugh,,John E. . . Knina, Dorothy . Knoblach, Elsie ' Koenig, Theodore Kooser, Curtis A. Kopelman, Ethel Koutris, George J. Kowaless, George Frank Kramer, Emma G. Kramer, Victor E. Kranack, Peter Kraus, Simon Krick, John Howard Krochmal,,Herbert M. Kruger, Bertha Sophia Kurtak, Michael Kurtz, Harvey R. - Laderman, Morris Lambert, Wm. D., Jr. Lampe, Wm. S. Landau, Jacob H. Lang, Harry Francis Lange, Raymond Paul Lappin, Raymond Larson, Eleanor . Lash, Daniel Ralph Lasner, Phoebe H. Laurent, Joseph F. Laws-on, Thomas Leroy Lazzari, Marina Leasure Ralph Bowers Ledden, John V. Lee, Alfred McClurg Lee, Nancy , Lefkowitz, Sadye Legstrom, Vernon Levy, Rosalind Lichter, Samuel A Lieberman, Leonard D. Lies, Clyde H. Lindsay, Samuel S. Linn, Howard Linton, John Albert Lisak, Amalia George List, J-oseph Earl K Little, Wilfred H. g - . Llewellyn, Joseph Allen Lloyd, Edward L. , Logan, Howard Albert, Lohmeyer, Vera ' Lehr, Earl S. 1 Long, Margaret Long, Ralph S. Long, Warren Longwill, Noble C. Ludwig, Dorothy Ef' Lutton, Edward C., Lyon, Edwin, Jr. Lyons, Lee Ralph McAnulty, Margaret McCalmont, Margaret McCarney, Herman E. McClelland, Edwin E. McClintock, Joseph H., Jr. McClure, Elsie Margaret McClure, Jeannette McCoy, Wm. Kerr McCrady, John B. McCullough, Catherine McDonald, Virginia McElheny, Mary Salina McElwee, J. Murray McFarren, Francis L. McGarvey, Myron L. McGowan, John Russell McGrath, Paul McGregor, Constantine F. McKain. Leonard ' McKinney, Howard C. McKnight. Isabel McMillan, Blair ' Lekas, James Tase , McMunn, Joseph Lincoln if Leonard, John Walter,,Jr. McNally, Edward Leonhard, ,Rudolph Wm. McNerney, Catherine ,M Levaur, Beatrice P. McQuiggan, Paul F. Lelfitt, GC01'gC D. A MacFarlane, Robert C. . "'f"lTUIKHIlll925UlJIiUJ3l11"i 'Ill n m: Page One Hundred Seventy F--f-,rg -f:----ee . F , F ir' I j ,,,. 5 . " XY IDJHUTU3 " ' ' I Lv' .. I . llllllsfifllllllllllll H' W MacQua COLLEGE-Continued ..1l1i.... rrie, D. S. Magill, Roy Logan Major, I. O. Makkai, Marcus, Arthur A. Morris Leo Margolis, Dorothy Markle, Kenneth Adams Marsh, Jack I Marshall, Wm. L. Martin, John H., Jr. Mathe, Desiderius Frank Mathews, Anna Bess Mathison, Janet Maurer, John Frederick Mauerberger, Edward Meabon, Hubert E. Meanor, Sarah M. Medoif, Mellon, M ercur, Merten, Messer, Libby Robert Sol Robert Wm. Frank Ira Metcalfe, Nannis S. Metz, Henry Irwin Meyer, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Michael, Jr. Beauford T. Charles Ellis McD. I Esther F. Helen J.. Ida Belle John V. Margaret Paul W. Miller, Robert Arden Milliron, Joseph W. Milliron, Russell E. Minor, Wm. W. Mitchell, Dallas Mitchell, George H., Jr. Moffett, Horace C. I Mohney, Franklin Silas Mohney, Treacy G. Monks, Rufus G. r Moore, Lloyd C. Moore, Margaret Morgan 7 Harold Durant Morgan, Max Morrison, Tessie Morrison, Wilbert Mosch,-Alma Moss, Charles Edward Moye, Laura Horner Muir, Douglass A. ,Murphy, Harold G. Murphy, Richard Murray, Harry R. Murray, Lawrence Cornelius Murtha, Alice Rixa Myers, Wm. A. Mylonas, James C. Nannah, Mary Newby, Florida Lois Newman, John Henry Newton, Maxwell A. Nichols, James Oliver Nickel, Harold Miller Nixon, Jas. F. Noble, Kathleen Noble Noll, Carl Vincent Noon, Milton Notte, Grace Juliet - O'Brien, J. Vick O'Donell, Lillian O'Hagan, Joseph E. Olbum, Miriam . Olson, Walter John O'Mal1ay, Francis J. Criss, Michael John Orr, Norman Paluha, Jacob Pankovitz, Emery A. Parker, John Louis Parker, Kathleen Parker, Malcolm M. Parker, Willard Vincent Parr, Thelma Paschledag, Wm. Patton, Wm. G. Peightel, W. Emerson Penrod, Clarence B. Perelstine, Jos. A. Perry, Wm. S. Pew, Walter Eliot Morgan, Isaac Pfeiffer, I'0SCDh 101111 Morgan, John S. Pickens, Willard H. Morgan, Louis D. Pinkerton, Howard A i- A 1 nun-va lilllllllll I f"llTUBmgl925gmIml"' "N I Page One Hundred Seventy one l ll Q l ll ll , 'l I l l l l l A ll l l . a f A1-f i, A A l l 5. r lllllll 11 4 - - r - I I llllnfll-zallllllllll HQ D E l ' COLLEGE-Continued l W , . , L . Piper, John Howard' Rosenfarb, Joseph l, Piper, Robert L. M H Ross, Chauncey B. j Pitcairn, Thomas Ferguson Roth, Fird L. I ,. Plaster, Catherine '-Virginia Roth, Israel ' Pomputino, Wniif-7' Rothman, Edna G. 'C 'L . Ponti, Giannetto-'5P.""' "i" " Rowe, Herbert Henry " V Power, 'Margarjet5'Anne" Rubin, Nathan S. ' f . Prager, Elsa C. - il Ruff, Glenn P ' A l Preece, Joe I ' Rumble, Rachel-3Virgin'ia li Price, Riehard Mason A Rupprecht, Paul C. 'T l . Pruger, Pauline ' Russell, -Donald J. I 'Z l Prunte, Anna A Russell, Dorothy" -V i Pusirotf, Niohoioo P. " Ryoo, Edyiho Moo -' l Putnam, Clara Louise H Rylands, Robert MCD." L Rabinovitz, Joseph S. Sack, Harry ' C l Ramsay, Gordon E. F' A Safier,'i1Milton ' l Randolph, Albert F. soliog, 'Robert P. i Randolph. Elizabeth Santmyers, '1" Guooggo " l Raymer, Ralph H. A Schaeter, Edgar V. H Reardon, Alice Scheif, Chas. John ' Reber, J. Harold Schellhaas, H. Eugene' H Rectenwald, Daniel Schenmerhorn, Fred'M.' ' Reed, L. R. ' Schiller, Frank James N Reed, Wm. Donald Schiller Scott Garvin ' Reese, Armour Craig A Schmidt, Alf Deeves, John Schreiber, Weldon Regester, Martha Schrock, Harold W. ' Reich, Ida Shirley Schwabrow, John R. Reid, Wm. Schwartz, Ellsworth ' Remaley, W. -Cf'ane Schwartz, Leopold V 4 Reschke, Eleanora E. Schwartz, Rudolph A Y' Ress, Morris D. Scott, David Wm. Reyes, Francisco P. Scott, A Reynolds, Louis Searles, Wade T. Richards Lewis C., Ir. Seifert, Jghn A, A Riester, Herman Sells, Phyllis Rihanck, Wm. James Setting, F, Joseph Riley, Rebecca Sexauer, 'John Rinker, Dorothy I. Shaffer, Carl H. Rishel, Lawrence Paul Shaffer, Mary' Olivia . Roberts, Harry N. Shakarian, Venus Robison, Franklin Oliver Shaner, Lloyd Robinson. Leonard Shanker, Samuel Louis, Robson, Wm. N. Shapiro, Leo :E Roehn, Willa Shawlis, Frederick S. "' Rogers, Cillespie Shaw, Alexander Rollence, John F. Shaw, Sara M. if? Roller, Margaret Sheaffer, Jas. H. ' 'li Rooney, Chas. P. Shick, Norman A. : Rosenbloom, Howard Shing, Yee Doo E . 1 4. lilllllllll . ' ' I g ' ' I n 1925 Umm 1 a r I ll Ill? Page One Hundred Seventy-two . 1 1 A, l COLLEGE-Continued if-1""" " " A ' 'L .. llllll..ai31i'IlIlllllllll I-' Q .n in 'NY Shirey, Ruth Shoemaker, Montgomery J. Shoenbach, Edwin Siegel, W. George Sigal, Benjamin Silverman, Eliz. A. Silverstein, Anna C. Simon, Rhea Simpson, Donald Singer, Willard Slonaker, McKinney S. Smallwood, Verner E. Smith, Clarence Smith, George J. Smith, Isadore Smith, Jos. S. Sniderman, Rebah Snowden, Lewis R. Snyder, George Robert Soost, Dorothy Speer, Eugene Speer, Marcella - Speer, Wm. Finley Spence,,Mildred Spowart, Charles Nellis Staab, Omar Stahl, Helen Stairs, Sherman Homer Stalnaker, J. H. S. Statti, Louis W. Stech, Harold Albert Steele, P. James Steinberg, Lillian , Steinberger, Harold L. Stephens, Mary H. Stevens, Charlotte Stevens, Howard O. Stewart, Frank Pershing Stoner, Lloyd C. Stouffer, H. A. Strauss, Harry Allen Strother, Ellsworth Stultz, Ruth P. ' Stutzman, Ruth Purdy Succop, Albert J. Suitieletta, Daniel Sufrin, Martin Sweet, Edward E. Szabo, John Basil Taylor, F. H., Taylor, Mary-Florence Taylor, Robert Bruce Thomas, Arthur Oakes Thompson, Elmer Gram mer Dewe Thompson, Ho y Thompson, John Andrew Thurber, Emily Tilmans, Anthony Timmons, Earle O. W. Todd, Bradley H. Tonkonogy Evelyn Townsend, Homer H. Trescher, Mildred O. Troxell Dean Edward Tufts, Jessie Elizabeth Tully, Philip Milton . Turner, Helen S. Ullery, Frances Louise Vatz, Jack A. Vince, P. J. VValker, John A. Wallace, James Wallace, Wm. James Walling, 'Joe C. VValter, Thomas F. Waltner, Paul L. 'W'ander, Maurice Ward, Matthew Patrick VVarnock, Harold Otis Washbutzky, Samuel David Watts, Reginald L. Wadgaman, Madeline Wauset, Albert A. Weber, Edward James Weber, H. Henry P Weckerle, Cyrus VVeiss, Harold David Weissbergerj, Frank Welsh, Earl Basil, Jr. Welshons, Harold A. . Westerman, Harold Dames White, Lillian A. VVick, James Urbin Wilds, Harry A. Wilhelm, Robert H. Willey, Frank McCandleSs Willock, Gladys Mary Wills Vincent Wilsong, Theodore Fair Wiseman, Earl John Wolf, Levy Wolfe, Kenneth Wolfson, Saul Sidney Woltman, Frederick Enos Vlfomsley, Robert Woodruff,Keasler Woods, Joseph F. Wright, Mary Frances Wycoff, Joseph Wall Wylie,, David N. Young, Kenneth N. Zellers, Donald H. Zeugachmidt, Cecile Ziegler, Margaret E. Zuifanti. Michael Zukovich, Michael Zwibel, Maxwell 5:2 Thompson, Josiah Glenn 2 Thompson, Silas Edwin Thomson, Edwin L. -'-F9 Thomson, Elizabeth ' V ij Thornton, Gilbert ' lilllllllll ' ' V ' i - lH'mj11Uj1U 1925 mIH1IU'Iw7' g tm lllllllli Page Onc Hundred Setcnty Ihr e , - . I . ii ff-ge-'U' f Y A lin? ' ' L 7 j L' 4 I . llllll f'5'Zllllllllllll l i 1 . DE TISTRY Abramovitz, N. Adelson, H. I. Aliskawitz, C. I. Allen, I. W. Anderson, L. VV. Applebaum, L. A. Archer, W. H., Jr. Archibald, D. Archibald, I. A. Armstrong, G. H. Arnett, F. W. Avent, I. D. Barner, E. F. Barry, L. K. Baxter, R. V. Beckley A. P. Bell, R. M. Berkey, C. S. Betteley, A. A. Bird, J. K. Black, I. L. Black, J. R. Black, VV. H. Blymire, G. S. Boggs, T. M., Ir. Boland, S. S. Bolden, R. C. Bonavich, I. F. Boslett, G., Miss Bothwell, W. G. Botti, L. Bowden, H. E. Briggs, A. D. Brockley, C. R. Butchers, H. A. Calcott, R. I. Callaghan, M. A. Canino, V. M. Caplan., S. Z. Carter, R. E. Ceraso, L. Christy,M. Church. H. L. Civill, I. R. Clark, S. VV. Cochran. C. H. Cohen, H. M. Co'vin, C. VV. Coyle, A. M. Cramer, B. I. A Cunningham, K. Danner, A. H. Davis, F. R. Daubenspeck, P. Davies, J., Ir. De Haven, H. A. Dennis, T. G. Dively, B. F. Dixon, W. R. Donaldson, J. P., jr. Dottervvay, I. Duff, V. B. Dugan, I. S. Dull, I. H. Dunlop, I. A. Dunn, I. M. Eckinger, C. G. Elder, H. K. Elder, R. R. Englert, R. I. Erny, R. P. Evans, H. S. Fairlamb, F. F. Finkel, D. K. Finley, R. L. Fisher, M. H. Foster, G. H. Frazier, L. O. Friedland, C. M. Frisk, C. Froehlich, C. O. Froelicher, V. F. Galbo, J. B. Gardill, C. M. Gilardi, T. S. Gilmore, H. B., Miss Glick, M. Gold, S. Grabiak, C. S. Grabiak, G. Graff, G. R. Griffing, C. R. Grimm, D. Grundman. C. Grauer, J. C. Guthridge. B. C. 5:-. Condon, G. R. Hardy, D., Ir, Connelly, A. A. Hartley, R. D. Connor I. B. 4 Hartz, M. .1-,, Cooper, R. B5 Hays, H. S. Corbett, T. M. Hauber, V. S. l Costanza, H. I. Hernblom, E. T. Cowen, C. E. Hershey, Wm. O. l A A llilllllllll It , . . 'MTEUIEUIUJ 1925 lIlIIIDIlIl'lHf' ' mlm on Page One Hfzmdred Sezxmlty-fofw .-nl. . 'ff " I l ""':' e -E25 " --. l .L p llllllft---llllllllllll 1 ' ' . 1 llllllllllllfi T DENTISTRY-Continued , l .sa r Higinbotham, U. F. Hobaugh, R. I. Holstein, F. Homan, G. E. Horst, Wm. A. Horvitz, L. H. Howell, J. P. Hughes, C. O. Humenansky, E. G. Hunter, A. L. Hunziker, J. S. Huth, J. Ivey. J. B. Jack, C. A. Jackson, W. W. Jarret, W. M. Jenny, E. R. . Johnston, VV. E. Keck, F. H., Keller, K. G. Kennedy, T. Kettering, H. V. Klaus, J. M. Kline, T. R. Kinter, J. W. Knaub, F. R. Koch, C. E. - Kottraba, J. M. Krall, E. S. Kredel, Wm. H., Jr Kurtz, VV. H. Kyle, F. R. Laneve, J. J. Lapidus, D. P. Larimer, J. YW. Lawson, A. S. Lazier, S. Lenchner, A. L. Letcher, C. W. Levison, R. Link., M. R. P Lipman, H. Lipson, A. Long, H. A. Ludgate, C. A., Jr. Lynott, J. A. McCardell, J. P. McClellan, VV. R. McCullough, D. McMahon, T. G. Macey, G. D. Malkoff, J. Mancuso, P. T. Marley, P. E. Marsh, P. ' 'wr Miller, C. W. Miller, D. D. Mills, J. M. Molnar, C. E. Moltz, J. - Mook, A. W. Moore, J. L. Morgan, S. E. Mosier, R. B. Mosley, A. E. Mulheirn, M. F. Mulligan, R. A. Newcome, H. C. Nowicki, J. A. Nucci, J. W. Nussbaum, L. F.. O,Connor, L. O'D'onnell, V. A. O"Leary, R. Pamphilis, S. N. Patterson, R. M. Paul, H. D. Perkins. D. G. Petrie, VV. R. Petrolo, J. A. Pettit, W. G. Pittler, H. Pommer, M. Prosser, I. S. Pujia, Wm. Reckless, D. W. Reiger, C. Remlinger, VV. A. ' Renton, H., Jr. Reuter, VV. I. Richards, J. E. Richardson, J. N. Richardson, W. Rider, P. J. Riley, A. M. Robison, D. R. L. Robison, F. A. Rosenberg, G. Rosenberg, S. Ruble, Wm. F.. Sanner, J. Schafer, L. A. Schmitt, J. F. Schmitt H. J. Schrock, L. E. Schuler, VVm. H. Scott, VV. G. Semsey, B. T. Sheets, C. VV. Shepard, E. LC. p Martin, C. L. Shoop, W. L. -4: Mason, Wm. S. Sigal, Z. Mates, J. A. Silvis, P. Maucher, J. F.. Smith, A. McC. gag. Mayo, J. H. Smith, F. C. Mellin, C. T. Smith, G. E. Mignogua, M. Smith R. A. .4 s.., 1Q25 iru1' . jill llllllllfi fqpaszfv rig F F - Ru sf Page One Hundred Seventy-fifve H I I 1 l , -Q. . ." "' gl j ,A .1 . ,C are C U C llllnfii-falllllllllll I" g ' 1 ' 1 I ' l l S C ' A l ,J ' A DENTISTRY--Contfmued l I I , Smithl, S, S, Vaughan, D. S. Snowden, H. Vogel, R. E. g , Snyder, F. K. Virostek, M. R. l A Snyder, R. E., Miss Vislay, A. R. Spencer, M. M. Walton C. B. Sproul, M. D. Weisman, L. Staley, R. Weiss, M. T Steele, R. H. Weiss, S. R. , T, . Steinberg, I. B. VVi1d, J. G. J Stock, K. T. Williams, R. l . Sturm, W. T. Wingard, D. W. l Sweeney, H. T. 1 1 Witnauer, A. C. A Tabor, F. W. VV'ood, R. J. 'l , Thompson, I. L. Workman, L. Tough, T. N. Yezequel, R. A. , Townsend, W. I. Young, M. F. l fgreese, G. A Young, Wm. B. , ufflefi - Zamba, P. Vandergrift, T. W. ' Zurovvski, C., Miss l l l l -.Bflisi --Q l l l T X I gl l i 5 1 r i 1 'f-' L l fl Il T V , ,, A A ' , - l l is e "mmU'925Q,l3l331T13IT""' wffttmttttmtc T f A 'V'i6?'N ' 1 l Page One Hundred Scvefzty-sw fi ll . e,x A M .,,..., 0- e T fa' ee. A ' Xi- e J. - f- " I I ln' I I E A F .AF K V .I ra-il -A "A" ... - ,ggTg, A LL! nlln t Q19 S e lillllllllll f"mIE1ICIDl1 l92 "' -e e W' "LQ - Page One Hundred Seventy-s'e've1z 1 D I lr X -A H 1 2 1 e 2-'fn-:TT . 1 . i llllluw-falllllllllll H' ',' 1... F num V , A V - V V W, WY., --- -f-Y-Y-Y H ' 1 1 1 l F WNI' V , , ,, fa E I 'f 1 1 -1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 S 1 1 1 1 1 1 , I 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , V 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 l s 1 E1hv,1Hrnpnm2h Witt Svtahium ' By W. S. Hindman, '98, Chief Engineer. 1 i To the casual observer these great structures do not signify. their real meaning. The 1 superficial impression of a great structure may be expressed in terms of thousands of spectators, but to the student the great structure represents the climax of his schools recreational activities, the show place for himself and for those of his fellows who happen 1 greatly to excel in any one particular branch of athletic endeavor. The great structure 1 at any institution is the climax of its athletic system, the acropolis of athletic inspirat10H, the typification of a great ideal which spurs each student onto do his best in his own recreational persuit. In the selection of a site for a stadium, a number of important things have to be taken into consideration. This location seemed to satisfy most of the requirements, namely: the desirability of being located on the campus, non-interference with other 1 University buildings, reasonable cost of construction due to land values and natural l 1 1 contour of the ground, and accessibility from the main arteries of transportation, auto- 1 mobile parking space is available within walking distance of the stadium. 1 Some of the main features of the great structure as planned are as follows: total 1 seating capacity, 90,000, including 30,000 seats on the upper deck and 1,500 box seatS5 , length, 834 feetg width, 592 feetg outside perimeter, 2,300 feet, height above playing I Held, 100 feetg height at main, entrance, 135 feetg eight points of entrance from exterior, 1 72 portals to seat banks The principal materials of construction are reinforced concrete and structural steel and the estimated cost approximately Sl 500 000. , Included in the plans are provisions for football baseball basketball, track. and ,..... other athletic activities It vxill also be available for large University functions and publ1C 1, . . . -r - - ' ' . ' y 2 1 I nn 0 n 4 ' y 1 -Aa, . 7 1 ' 1 . . I n . y . - 7 .L. ' gatherings Adequate space under the seats is provided for athletic offices, team rooms, shower and locker rooms and public toilets A basketball auditorium to the left of the main entrance is planned to seat approximately 6 000 spectators. ILQIIIIIIIIII We f i"'1TEEEEU1DI92i5 UlIlI1f.1ITlU' 'Ulf 1 ' Paige 0110 Hundred Sctfr111y-eiglzf 1 Q 1 l C 1' 1 - . I'.1" ' . -.1 tt lllllh billlllll lll if-' ' Q pl .1 , I l IZ l Q Athlvtir Olnnnril Dr. S. B. Linhart, Representing the Chancellor. Dr. Walther Riddle, '92, Representing Board of Trustees. K. E. Davis, '10, Graduate Manager. ' Faculty Members I. Garneld Houston, '03 .... ................... ...... L a W Dr. H. E. Friesell, '11 ..... ' .... Dental Dr. E. M. Frost ........ .... M edicine Erle G. Hill ......... ..... M ines Prof. A. P. James ..... ................. C ollege Dr. A. F. Judd, '95 .... ................ P harmacy Prof. J. C. Reed ..... ..... B usiness Administration Dr. F. D. Tyson ...... ....... ' ............ C ollege Prof. H. B. Dysche ..... ................... .... E n gineering Alumni Members - Dr. E. T. Chatham, '09 C. VV. Ridinger, '95 R. E. Grove, '13 Floyd Rose, '96 A. R. Hamilton, '94 B. H. Smyers, '93 Dr. H. WV. Heckel, '94 Dr. P. V. McParland, 'Oil L. B. Hurst, '02 Prof.aAA. Silverman, '02 H Student Members G. W. Frederick.Business Administration W. C. Gourley .... .......... L aw J. O. Fitch .................. L .... Dental R. H. Keeley. ...... .... E ngineering i - ' Ernest Leitholf .... ............. C ollege G W re i --im'UIm1m1925 mlmjgjmn-t 'Ill llllll fi I eq' - -."F Page One I-Izmdred Seventy-aziue l r' 1 w W7 , if 5 if 2 il i g l A ' l T if e Tum.. 1, , , g I mm .1-full! lllll II' , ' l 111 T 3 i Q N Q ff 11 5 lllvarvrn nf the 15 1523 A l : 1.1.1 l FooTBALL Captain Lloyd P. Jordan MHUHECQR: F- Boulton 5 Ralph E. Chase Z. A. W1SS1UgCf Paul Templeton T S. Marsh Johnson l William D. Ashbaugh Q W. H. Flanagan it H. P. Akins F. F.. Byers I T. R. ,Murdoch I Nick Shuler ' Captain E. W. Hays Wm. Robusch S. Marsh Johnson Merle Wakefield T. W. Martin W. T. Corbett W. L. Ryman ix l V . Captain Ira' R. Hill 9 E. M. Games S. Swetonic H. E. Noble E. P. Cooper I. . Captain F. E. Byers h Earle A. Rose . L. P. Jordan Harry Seidelson N. Lee Frank A. E. Gustafson Karl W. Bohren J. I. Brown N. C. Colonna Carl H. Sauer Milo Gwosden TRACK Manager Harbaugh Miller I. E. Wadkins' Chester Armstrong Carl H. Sauer Gerald Allen T. R. Murdoch A O. M. Hewitt BASEBALL Manager S. G. Wertz L. VV. Cook Gilbert W. Barber L. P. Jordan i Leroy Fleck C. P. Carmen BASKETBALL Manager A. R. Eysell Hyman Levinson . Hugh P. Carr l 5 . ' TENNIS i Captain O. W. Pfeifer Manager Robt. W. Kost 1 Arnold Silverman 5 S. M. Cooper L. L. Hughes ' V. V. Groomes ' I. M. Garroway M. Linton . RIFLE W. C. Means Manager I. C. Griffiths y CROSS-COUNTRY I 1 ' Captain William T. Corbett I 1 l ' I A SWIMMING C-aD'fH1U J. W. Clark Manager Edmund Bright J Lester Kern . P, J. Corl- E ' Alan Kistler 2 .L M IZQIIIIIIIIII "' '-1m1mm1g25 mjmIm-i,,m+- A Page One Hundafed Eighty i li K ll iii. V A , i Q . ..."i- , 1 , Ollllllll I-1 . 1 'I lllllI.?4"'ZlIl llllll 1 x QL'-,-, ' I' 'Ill T , li ,,, if FCDCDTBALL 1 fl 1 I ' 'vVVCU1IEEIDl925lIDlIUID'I1U' gm -WGS?-S Page One Hundred Eighty'-oaze U"-wl""'1 I mm lrillllllllllll +V - A Ellie New 'DR. JOHN BAIN SUTHERLAND CCORDING to an announcement made by the Athletic Council, Dr. John Bain Suther land of the class of 1918, will be head coach of the Pitt Football team for the seasons of 1924 1925, and 1926. The selection of Dr. Sutherland has been received favorably by all Pitt supporters It has Jeen felt everywhere that Sutherland was the lo ical choice by virtue of his great record as a player at Pitt and his exceptionally fine record as coach at Lafayette College. While head mentor of Maroon football, Iock's team lost but ei ht ames 1 of forty-three played, and during that time his teams met Pitt four times, and succeeded in I splitting even. In 1920 and 1923 Lafayette lost to Pitt by the scores 14-0, and 7 0 and won in 1921 and 1922 by the scores 6-0, and 7-0 respectively. VVith Dr. Sutherland as head coach of football, Pitt can now boast of havin four varsity coaches vvho are Pitt graduates. Ghz 09111 GLENN s. WARNER I-IE close of the 1923 football season brought considerable sadness to the athletes and Student body due to the loss of Head Coach Glenn S. Warner. Pop is leaving to take up the duties as head coach of football at Leland-Stanford University. Besides being a true friend to all his students of the games, Warner was a pioneer in football, as it was he who worked out many of the most famous plays and developed certain parts of the game to make it more interesting and bene- ficial. Coach Warner vvas a member of the football team at Cornell University, being captain there in 1894. After graduating from Ithaca, Pop turned to the coaching profession, and tutored the foot- ball men at the University of Georgia. Follovvin 8 his stay in the south, he took up the duties as coach of football for his alma mater and later he was coach of the famous Carlisle Indian football team. In 1913, Warner came to Pitt, an d has been with us for nine years In this time the Panthers won 60, lost 12, and tied 4 games, making a fine record, undoubtedly The students are truly sorry to see "The Gra d Old M H an" leave the Blue andGold and all wish him much success in his new position. H" . "' l925 lIlIlIlIlITH" 'Ill Illllllllllfi Page One Hundred Eighty-two I I E I' Ill ' :If-'imim " ' ' ' ' ' llll ffbfzlllllllllll f E E GLENN S. WARNER, Coach. LLOYD P. JORDAN, Capt. T5 R. FRENCH BOULTON, Manager. lilllllllll 1- ',"!'f'EUIUIIlID 1925 EQJJ.1IIZLJ'1vf" E 'uf 1 lllllllllllfil Page One Ifzmdrcd Eiglfty-ihrc'e 9 6 l l ,L . 3' V l ' ,- w ,y,,fk,i , t , , . sa 'Iv' f 1, , 5 , . , g-,Mg N W, Q wZQfv,'z'?2fvyi .L ,drag , - , ,, A . few, f f 'H ' s I , , ggffjlx 2,59 g ,' fi, H3-yfwffa fam :x LQ",QQ:VaiHff:, fa., nr ,t .saw ,q,'s,g9sf,:5, M-, 1 Q N"'5', ,LTU 'mlwf7.rf"fJ.,4,Cf 'QL 3, gf! Hffh' 1 H5 nfs 9.45 I3 ,g I :iw 02 -X :gftgy .a.g.,.U. gggsxx ,J , r X-v ravi . f "'f.2r'f-2 f'5sfiZ54?f '7 ?vM':f, ,if "f-'I?i"f.W1'fi'f-9 .'-w"'-iff 6,-1' ff H .. - .4 qw , 1 M... .,.. .Un A RESULT or GNVOSDEN,S EDUCATED TOE. BUCKNELL HUMBLED - Pitt 21 Bucknell 0 HE Pitt Panther inaugurated its 1923 football season by defeating Bucknell 2150. For two periods the warriors battled on even terms, and it seemed as though the game was destined to be of the 0-0 type, but in the rest period between halves, Pop Warner instilled such inspiration in the players that the second half was productive of three touch- downs and three resultant goals from touchdown. Finding the Lewisburgers exceptionally strong in the line and apparently set for a Warner attack on the forward line, Nick Shuler displayed some rare judg- ment while in at quarterback position, and opened up something in the way of aerial attack that was a treat to gaze upon. With Nick Shuler and Iess Brown throwing passes with unerring accuracy, and this duet along with Captain Lloyd Jordan alternately re- ceiving them with consummate skill. Pitt's first score of the season was quickly accomplished. Page One Hzmdrcd Eziglztj'-fom' Wiffw, BOHREN sPmN'rs 40 YARDS FOR TOUCHDOWN. HOW LAFAYETTE LOST Pitt 7 Lafayette 0 HEN it succeeded in defeating Jock Suther- land's Lafayette team, the University of Pitts- burgh football machine came into its own, for it was the first victory over the Easton lads in three years. Coach Sutherland was extremely desirous of making it three straight over his old mentor and, with this end in view, he had Lafayette equipped with a variegated assortment of plays, chief of which was his famous off tackle play. The Old Fox, however, had the boys well drilled in an adaptable style of defense and many times Jock was compelled to see his pet plays stopped by the strong linemen, Gwosden and Wissinger. In this game., the traditional goal line defense of the Panthers was demonstrated many times when the Warnerites, with their backs up against the goal Xposts, fought like Trojans to repulse the Well-coached Maroon team. . Page One Hzuzdrcd Eiglzlfy-fi-ve CiUSTAFSON CARRIES THE BALL OVER THE LINE. WEST VIRGINIA VICTORIOUS f Pitt 7 ' West Virginia 13 HE varsity suffered its first defeat of 'the season at the hands of the VVest Virginia' Moun- taineers, 13-7. The score, in a way, indicates the ferocity of the struggle, although it is impossible to tell of the fighting spirit of the Panthers in that memorable second half. The first half of the game ended with the visiting team on the long end of the score l3-Q, and seven minutes after the whistle had blown for the renewal of the contest, Andy Gustafson carried the ball over the line for the first and lone touchdown for Pitt. The great line work of Chase and Murdoch in making holes for the backfield men proved to be a big factor in this scoring. The West Virginia warriors held the game well in hand during the first half, not letting Pitt have one first down. The second half was quite different, rush after rush giving the ,rBlue and Gold rooters some hope of winning with only the final whistle cutting off all such aspirations. M Page One Hundred Eigltty-3121: WHEN INVINCIBLE MEETS INVINCIBLE. - HOW SYRACUSE WON Pitt O Syracuse 3 HEN the evenly-matched elevens of Syracuse University and thelUniversity of Pittsburgh met in New York, there was considerable ex- citement, for all during the contest neither team had an edge on the other, and' due only to the well-trained toe of fullback McBride was the Orange team given a 3-point .victory over the Panthers. In the first half, honors were about evenly divided with the Gold and Blue slightly heavier in the balance, but the opening of the third session found the Pitt defense slowing up, allowing the Orange men to creep up 'with kicking distance of the, Wa1'nerites' posts. At this point Marsh Johnson covered himself with glory by breakingrup forward passes and pre- venting placement kicks. After the beginning of the second half, the Syracuse team made its lone score after a, blocked kick and retrial at goal from field. Some sensational aerial work by Hoot Flanagan in the last minutes of the game gave Pitt hope but the Syracuse defense proved just a bit too strong. 1 l Page One Hundred Ezqhty seven 1 l FLANAGAN MAKING AN QFF TACKLEGAIN. CARNEGIE TECHfS FIRST VICTORY Pitt 2 Tech 7 N a hard fought game at Forbes Field, the Car- negie Institute of Technology gave the University of Pittsburgh a defeat, 7-2. A spectacular run by Robertson defeated the Blue and Gold, although statistics did show Pitt the superior team. Buck Templeton and Harold Akins starred for the Panthers in the first Plaid victory in the history of Pitt-Tech relations. The Pitties fought like madmen to over- come the lead and twice came Within the Tech ten- yard line. Pitt's only score resulted after a kick to the Tech eight-yard line and a subsequent holding of Tech for three plays which forced the Plaid to call punt formation. Johnson broke through and blocked Anderson's kick, but Anderson recovered the ball and was tackled behind the Tartan goal line. . Page Om' I-Iu1za'1ed-Eighty-eight , W Ee s. ONE or THE FAMOUS FLANAGAN TO BOHREN PASSES. THE PANTHER BOWS TO OLD PENN Pitt .0 Penn 6 LD Penn 'registered its initial grid victory over Pitt by the score, 6-0. From Start to finish, the game was a thriller, and it was apparent that the breaks would settle the argument. Both teams had numerous chances to score, but the break of the second quarter which was a costly fumble for Pitt was the only one taken advantage of. Led on by Captain Jordan and Andy Gustafson, the Panthers fought with the old traditional fighting spirit, and although defeated, they never quit. During the last half of the game, Pitt placed all its hope in a passing game and almost pulled the game out of the fire: Pitt had pushed Penn back well into her own terri- tory and the Stage was set for a Panther Score, but hope dwindled when one of the Panther backs, suffer- ing from an injured arm, permitted a long forward pass to slip from his lingers. Despite the defeat, the Panthers showed improved play. E Page One 'H'1l1Zd1Cd Ezghty mm 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Q 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 MARSH JOHNSON BLOCKS A USUREH GROVE CITY TOUCHDOWN 1 GROVE CITY DEFEATED Pitt 13 C Grove City 7 HE football team ended its string of defeats when Grove City College was tackled at Forbes Field. The visiting team, coached by Charlie Bowser and Chalky Williamson, former Pitt luminaries proved to be stronger opposition than was expected and forced the Panthers, who, were playing with an entirely substitute backtield, to extend themselyes to win by the margin of a touchdown. The most thrilling incident of the battle was Jack Harding'S long run. Harding received a short pass from Brown on the Pittltwenty-five-yard line and raced down the field seventy-tive yards for a touchdown. After Grove City had scored, and the game was at a tie, Keck. Grove City halfback, dropped the ball, and Lee Frank who had been injected into the fray only a few minutes before, fell on it in the end zone for the winning touchdown of the game. ' Page One H1111-deed Ninety JAKIE BOHREN PULLS ONE OUT OF THE AIR FOR STX POINTS WASHINGTON AND JEFFERSON AGAIN CRUSHED Pitt 13 VV 8z I 6 HE real strength of Capt. Iordan's eleven was shown in the crushing defeat ofpWashington and Jefferson College. when before a crowd of 30,000 spectators, the Pitt eleven completely outclassed the believedly unbeatable W Sz I team. From the first b'ast of.the whistle. the Blue and Gold team took the offensive, receiving from W 81 I in the initial kickoff. The attempts of the Presidents to ffzain through the line were fruitless, so they resorted to aerial tactics which earned them several first downs. The most thrilling moment of the game and one which caused the Pitt cheering sections to go almost wild was when Iakie Bohren took the ball around right 'end for sixty yards to the Red and Black goal line. The ball was called back, however, being ruled out of bounds at the forty-six-yard line. The lone touch- down for Pitt was scored in the third quarter when Bohren took the ball over the line after a series of line p'ays and forward passes. The two field goals made by the trained toes of Gwosden and Byers in the last moments of play proved to be too much for the visitors. and the game ended l3-6 in favor of Pitt Rohren played sensationally in the backneld and Red Seidelson did stellar work on the first-line defense. Page One Hznzdaed N11l0fj'07lC line for the initial points for Pitt. With P i H i l y l 0 FLANAGAN RECEIVES FROM BOHREN FOR A TOUCHDOXVN. . 4 M. ,L .POP WARNER WATCHING Hrs PANTHERS FOR THE LAST TIME. THE TIDE R TURNS AND PITT FORCES AHEAD. took a long forward pass from Flanagan touchdown, and after several other plays, THE NITTANY .LION CONQUERED Pitt Z0 State 3 N THANKSGIVING DAY, before a crowd of thirty-five thousand people, the Panthers completely outclassed the Nittany gridderg by the score, 20-3. At the opening of the first period, Pitt started poorly, being off-side on the opening play and having to kick off a second time with a five-yard penalty. On Pitt penalties, State worked the ball to the .middle-of the field, but was forced to punt. After regaining the ball again, State changed its tactics and Schuster dropped back to the Pitt twenty- nine-yard line and booted the ball over the goal posts. This three-point lead caused the Pitt stands to clamor for vengeance, and from this point of the game, a different story is to be told. In the second period Bohren and- raced down the field making wiay for a Hoot Flanagan took the pigskin over the l w l the kick off, State could gain nothing and punted. A Pitt fumble of a poor pass rolled the ball to the Pitt twenty-six-yard line where State recovered. A forward pass tried by State landed in the deft hands of Iakie Bohren, who, with a sudden dash of speed took the oval through the crowd of be ildered , W opponents and started down the open field with the renowned Harry Wilson in pursuit The result d ' . was a secon touchdown for Pitt. The last part of the contest was more of less one-sided, but not too one-sided for the Pitt rooters. In this time, Milo Gwosden intercepted a pass and brought the final six points for old Uni Pitt threatened to score several times during the remainder of the game but State held fast and further scoring was checked. It ' li' h ' was a game in w ic every Pitt man played super-football. Page One Hzmdrcd Ninety-two a N m 4' T' 1 f i: M X'-.. ' -, Q lllll 1"' ' -1 llll irshil llll l I 11' ' 'E i Q..1 ' N I w 1 Y g I n f - , a I - , 4 I , l 1 E i 1 . I rf -,:.- 2 ' 7 s i iw 4- I R" itlllllllll 1- ' f ' '1f'f'lIIIIIEUILD I925 U1I1IUIUH" f lil L -Page One Hzmdrci Ninety-fh1'ee r N lx ni. l. .---. -l Q X+-1 I :ll J .. B ,. . . .. ' I I Illi ni?-ffll l l x f 7170 l P K 2 P 11-+ -'.rmmm1n 192 5 mJ1m1rH 4:1 - 'Ill Page One Hmzdrcd N'l'710f3J-f01L1' fb-SEQ M- -'Q ' l' ' ' " A -1 l. Illini- alllll ll ly- I 1 Y N 1 L ' W" "' "vf'1TUI1IiIIDI925 UDIEUIU' JI' 'lfl -Www Page Ono Hznzhdred Ninety-fit! IDI Y 'pq VA lllll ll in 7 -1 llllll f Jllllllll I we p ""l.Ll'l' e -4. O1.1'vlf:1z J. DE VICTOR. A lWho is Ollie De Victor? Such a question on the Pitt campus, especially on the upper campus where the athletes are wont to gambol, would be answered with a grunt of disgust for the unsophisticated and ignorant interrogator. And the reason? Because Ollie is a one-hundred per cent. good-fellow, and an equally good trainer. Ollie is su- perior in his line, and is known far and wide in the athletic field. To say more of him is to run a serious risk of depreciating the credit due him, except-hats off to Oliver I. De Victor! . ii- 'P Yl . I 1 Ilillllllll 1' I92i5gmJ3Igm'lm 'III ig llllllllli Page One Hundred Ninety-si.r ina ng- ' ' L I lllllL'25'ZllIllllll I If' I .1 BAS ETBALL - -nmlmmlnnszs -.,. Page One H1l1Zd7'8d Ninz-ety-sewn . -' Uhr Hawitg Ifazkeihall Svraunn 0- , I i 1141, The 1923-24 University of Pittsburgh Basketball team completed a schedule generally considered as the heaviest ever drawn up for the Gold and Blue. Of the seventeen games carded, Pitt won ten. The most important and gratifying of these were the double victory over W. and I., the win over Tech, and the first Penn State victory in years. On the other side of the column, Army, Grove City, and Bucknell counted single victories, while Tech and State defeated the Panther to even the two-game series. VVest Virginia alone remained invincible, the Mountaineers being the first to best Pitt on Motor Square fioor and to repeat the feat later on their home fioor. The most outstanding feature of the season was the customary fourth-quarter rally of the Panthers. Always- unexpected, a strong come-back in the face of a decidedly adverse tally won game after game. It is to this continually outcropping last minute Hght that Washington and Jefferson, Vanderbilt, Amherst, Allegheny, Carnegie Tech. Lafayette and .Penn State owe defeats. Some of the spectacular performances of the Carlson coached team were parts of the first West Virginia, Carnegie T'ech, and State games. In the defeat by the Moun- taineers and in the victory over the Skibos, the final. scores were tied and necessitated extra periods, but Captain Carr's field goal in the haze of the sensational close of the fourth quarter of the State game won it for Pitt without additional playing. . As to points, the Pittsburgh team was defeated in the first ten games only by the Morgantown lads, two points and Grove City's one. Later, Tech's victory came by :seven markers, and near the close of the season, Pitt slumped and bowed to West Point, Penn State, Bucknell, and West Virginia by one-sided scores, but recovered to hold the Tartan to a more reasonable tally and to beat the: Presidents. The opponents' combined score, 446, exceeded Pitt's total score, 435, by eleven points. At the end of the season the squad' numbered nine men: Captain Carr, Levinson, King, Bohren, Parsons, Flanagan, Melvin, Bruckoff, and James. Coach Carlson may be rightfully credited with further developing Levinson, Carr, and Parsons, making floor men of Bohren and Flanagang bringing Wade King, captain-elect, to light as the sen- sation of the T'ri-State collegiate court leagues, and insuring a nucleus for next year's squad by pointing Melvin, Bruckoff, James, and "Horse" Chase whose injuries in one nf the games dropped him from the roll. VARSITY SEASON' SCORING SUMMARY. Pitt .. .................... .. Pitt .. Pitt . . Pitt . . Pitt . . Pitt . . Pitt . . Pitt . . Pitt . . Pitt . . Pitt . . Pitt . . Pitt Pitt Pitt Pitt Pitt 33 Vanterbi't . . . 32 Amherst Geneva . .35 Allegheny .....45 Bethany..... .....23 West Virginia . .... 29 W. 811. .....Z8 Grove City .. ....29 Tech 18 .. . . .16 West Point . .....3l Penn State .. Penn State Bucknell West VIFOIHIH Tech Lafeyette- .... . . . Total games Seventeen Won Ten Lost Seven Total Points Pitt 435 p ponents, 446 ll fl I I II .. ...13 ......29 -, ' .. ...10 ....... .... . .22 .. ' .. .. ..... 14 'cf' ......28 ' .............................. 25 ............................. ' .............................. 23 W. any .......................... ' : . : . : .- ' : ', go- . . . VIVITUIUIHIJ 1925 IJIEHIUTIH 'lull mlm Page One Hzmdrcd Ni1zcty-eight ,l-. AQ?-. lf - J ff ,, L f' -1- i X5- 3 Illlll I1 1 I '.'.,.,.. .C Ili 1, lllllllll I I' ' ' ' --T-Tl--Mm I1 ' VARSITY BASKETBALL. Svianhing nf Harniig Hlagern . Fieild Foul Total Player. Post. Games. Goals-. Goals. Points. Levinson' . F 16 29 56 , 114 Bohren .. . F 16 28 16 71 King .... . C 15 26 18 70 Carr .... . G 16 14 16 44 Parsons . . G 16 16 8 40 Flanagan ..... . . C 13 9 12 30 Chase . . . .. C 5 5 6 10 .22 Melvin . . . G 7 4 5 13 Bruckoff. . .... F 4 3 . . 6 Brown . . . . F 3 2 4 Thoreson. -- F 1 -- - . James . . . -- G 6 -- , e.,,g-1-mIm1m1925 5331555311111 C 'III lllllllllllii Page One Hundred Nillffj'-1Z'l'7lC' , 7 T. ii. . XS- Z . :IIIIIIHHII I 1 I I M' I IIIIIP47 lllllllll I 1" ' ' Y 9 ROISERT GARVIN, Manager DR. H. C. CARLSON, Coach. N 3- HI.TGH CARR, Captain. 35 f if 'W lbllllll ll I-R '-PVITEEEEUIIII 1925 IIf' . ' vu .Jll lf!3 Page Two Hmzdared , L "' ' 1 ' - ' M l mm Lilllllllll If . .1 ' ' lmmll 1- ' V ' I l iQ25 f3g133lgU3Wu 1 ff ' ' Lf lllllllfi Page Two Hmzdred One fd 1 W WW kq ,W W 'W W 4 W WW W WW W W. W W W WW WW :W WW WW W W W W W W W W WW W V W Q W W W W W I W WW WW W W W W W I W 4 W W V I A 7:3 L f .. L f A.. ' L A if 1 IZIEJIWIIIU W1 I I - - . I L I lllllwl-falllllllllll 11' ' ' 1 'I L-, ,Z ,, - :,.L, . 3 Y-.., , H . , ......w...-,::1.....f--------'Y ---- '- W S- G- VVFRTZ, Manager. DICK HARLEY, Coach. IRA HILL, Captain. W' 9 W ,Ja-51 L L ,L L 'P' " A "W l925 UjIUI1jj'W1:1- fm III IIIII Page Two Hzmdred Two 1-ul J u Q il ,. T . i 1' ' ' ' ' ' .. . I . lllmffl-zlllllllll I ff' S , . . Haraitg Igauehall 1922'- VER vieing with the mighty Panther hordes of the gridiron, the University of Pittsburgh baseball team, coached by Dick Harley, continues to demand its just share of prominence in campus athletic circles. In the early spring of last year it' was not generally supposed that the Pitt sluggers would make even a creditable showing. Nevertheless, after the uniforms had been entrusted to the ravages of the moths and Coach Harley had retired from the public eye, the black-and-white record of the 1923 diamondites went into print to be preserved for posterity as one of the greatest of Pitts- burgh achievements. . Throughout the season the periods of defeat were spasmodic in their occurrence, only Penn State besting the University boys in two consecutive games. To even matters with the Nittany Lion, the- Pittsburghers slipped over to the Eastern slope, of the tower- ing Alleghanies, baffled the Blue and White with a dazzling style of major circuit base- ball, and returned to the Steel City with a rich pelt of the King of the Jungle. Against VVest Virginia, Pitt commandeered season the Gold and Blue emerged triumphant in eleven of seventeen games. three out of four engagements. For the entire Working on the slab with a perfection common to the big time boys, "Steve" .::. Swetonic and "String" Noble bore thel brunt of the locals' pitching. Captain Hill makes his exit as pilot in favor of Captain-elect Swetonic and Manager Wertz gracefully steps M down after a period of conscientious service, "Eddie" Swisher moving up to fill the vacancy. A 4 ,, e..,n'm1m1m1925m1gmjTmI' 'Ill llllll lli r i waz: if r c by - o Page Two Htzmdred Three as " ,---.L 3-tlmltm ,. . . . , a 6 -at l lllln.fi7f-allllllll I 1 ' 1 Il 'T I! as H 'L Harzitg Mazrhall 1KPIUI'h 1923 Pitt '... Grove City . . . . . . . 2 Pitt .... Bucknell .... .... Z Pitt tttt Bethany ..... .... 5' Pitt .... Grove' City .. . .... 4 Pitt .... Lafayette .... .... 5 Pitt .... Georgetown . .... 2 Pitt .... Navy ....... .... l 0 Pitt .... VVest Virginia .... 2 Pitt ,,,. West Virginia .... 6 Pitt .... Collegians ... .... 6 Pitt ,,,, Penn State .. .... 3 Pitt .... Penn State .. .... 12 Pitt ,,,, West Virginia .... 1 Pitt .. West Virginia .... 5 Pitt . . .... Pennsylvania . . . 9 Pitt ,, .... Penn State .. 2 Pitt .. .... Penn State .. ... 6 Friday, April Z5 .... VARSITY BASEBALL SCHEDULE 1924 .....Bucknell .....At Home Saturday, April 26 .... ..... S yracuse ..... . Abroad Tuesday, April 29 .... ...., B ethany ........ At Home Thursday, May 1. ..... Carnegie Tech .... At Home Saturday, May 3 .... .Grove City ..... ..Abroad Tuesday, May 6 .... ..... G rove City At Home Thursday, May '8 ..... ..... L ehigh ....... . Abroad Friday, May 9 ........ ..... S warthmore .... . Abroad Saturday, May 10 ............ .Annapolis ...... . Abroad .Wednesday, May 14 ............... .Carnegie Tech ....... ....... A broad Friday and Saturday, May 16 and 17 ....... -.West Virginia ......... At Home XVednesday, May Z1 ............... .Pittsburgh'Co1legians .... ..... A t Home Friday and Saturday, May 23 and Z4 ........ Penn State ............. ..... A t Home Friday and Saturday, May 30 and 31 .West Virginia ....... . .Abroad -E Friday and Saturday, June 6 and 7. . . Penn State . . . . .Abroad Monday, June 9 ................. .Bucknell .... Abroad r ij A . " t V ' ' y JI 1 1 y 1 I tt 1 Page Two Hznzdrcd Four gx .0 41 , , ., --x fil llll I1 1" ' T N llll iril ill ll l lll 'jf' N ' 1 1' i -..m:m11mImn92 5 "H -Www Page Two- Hundred Five . .::.s az... . ar - .- Y - 1. .. l '. , s 5 , , . ..,, . l I 0' A. 'W' i , ,,,,. .. . f1 M 1 L1 1 rvi -4. h .L ' TRACIC SQUAD. Ellie 1923 Elrark Svwznn The track team of 1923 had only a fairly successful season. Due to the great weakness in the two hurdle events, the team was unable to make a good showing in duel meets, but on the other hand, it displayed great strength in the intercollegiate meets held at Schenley Oval and Washington. ' When Coach Frank Shea stepped into Andy Kerr's shoes as track coach he had a number of last year's lettermen about which to mold his team, and to this number was added a few stars from the 1925 Freshman squad. The outdoor season opened with a southern invasion, the team meeting Georgetown and the Navy on April 19 and 21, and losing both of these contests. The score at Georgetown was 83-43 and that at Annapolis was 93-38. The runners next met the Army at West Point, and with the return of Tiny Hewitt and Gerald Allen, the team did considerably better than on the Southern trip, but still added another defeat to its record. The West Virginia meet was a great surprise, the Morgantown cinderpath men taking the Panthers over by the score 74-61. Bill Robusch made a new pole vault record, and several of the West Virginia men set new marks. At Lititle Washington, Pitt won the intercofllegiates by having 84 of the final score points. Marsh Johnson broke :the university shot put record, and Ted Corbett set a new W 81 I record for the two- mile: ruin. Alt Geneva, Pitt had little trouble in winning. Here, Marsh Johnson again broke the record for the shot put and Gerry Allen made a new mark for the half-mile. The following Saturday, Pitt held her' annual intercollegiate track and Field meet at Schenley Oval. The Panther took a close second in this meet with Penn State standing first. Allan Helfrich of Penn State set a new record for the half-mile run on Schenley Oval. His time was 1:57 275 minutes. The final meet of the season was lost to Penn State at State College early in June. In this meet, Pitt scored first in every field event, and State took first in every track event. The final score was 76-60. The men lost by graduation are: Captain Esler Hays, Tiny Hewitt, Gerald Allen, and Merle XfVakefield Marsh Johnson was the high point score for the team during the season aggregating 87 points Bill Robusch followed with 55 and Wakefield garnered 49 to his credit -44 v r 'il ,, , -' - . ' - ,, 09 ll lllllllll I- y "1Vl'l11Tl11TlQDl925ll1TlTEl1'l"" III' lll" 'f"'9 Page Two Hundred Six x fn? 1' 'T' 1 I .. I . lllllldbflllllllll I 11' I . I- Harnitg Elrark 9112215 1923 -lll GEoRGETowN UNIVERSITY ss, PITT'43 GEORGETOWN, APRIL 19 v . 100'Yard dash-Wakefield second. T'ime, 0:10 1!5. 220-yard dash-Wakefield, first. Time, 0:23 115. 880-yard run-Wadkins, third. Time, 2:01. Two-mile run-Corbett first: Armstrong, third. ,Time,, 9:58. 120-yard high hurdles-Sauer, third. Time, 0:16M. 220-yard low hurdles-VVadkins, third. Time, 0:27M. Sixteen-pound shot put- Sauer, third. Distance, 41M feet. Javelin throw-Sauer, third. Distance, 170W feet. Pole Vault-Robusch, first: Johnson third. Height, 12 feet. High jump-Johnson, first, Robusch, tied for second, Height, 5 feet, 11 inches. Discus throw-Murdoch, second. Distance, 124 feet, 2 inches. Broad jump--Johnson, first, Martin, second. Dis- tance, 22 feet, 4 inches. ' 7 U. S. NAVAL ACADEMY 98, PITT 39 WASHINGTON, APRIL 21 100-yard dash-VVakef1eld, second. Time 0:10 4!5. 220-yard dash-Wakefield, third. Time, 0:21 9f10. 440-yard dash-fMartin, second. Time, 0:57 7!10. 880-yard run- WVadkins, third.. Time 2:03. One-mile run-Hayes, third. Time, 4:34 6!l0. T'wo-mile run-Corbett, second. Time, 9:57 lfl0. One-mile relay-Pitt, second CWakefield, Arm- strong, Fawcett, Martinj. Time, 3:30M. Discus throw-Murdoch, third. Distance, 120 feet. 16-pound shot put-Sauer, second, Johnson, third. Distance, 40 feet. Running broad jump-Johnson, first, Martin, third.. Distance, 22 feet, IM inches. Pole vault- Robusch, first. Height, 115 feet. High jump-Johnson and Robusch tied for first. Height, 5 feet,'9 inches. . U. s. ARMY. 93, PITT as WEST POINT, MAY 12 100-yard dash-Wakefield, third. Time, 0:10 1f5. 220-yard dash-Walcefield, 'third Time, 0:22 4!5. 120-yard high hurdles-Sauer, third. Time, 0:15 2f5. 440-yard dash- Allen, third. Time, 0:52 1!5. One-mile run-Armstrong, second. T'ime, 4:35 1f5. Two-mile run-Hays, second. Time, 10:16. 880-yard run-Allen, first. Time, 2:02 2f5. Pole vault-Robusch, first. Height, 11 feet, 2 inches. Shot put-Sauer, second, Johnson. third. Distance, 40 feet, 2M inches. High jump-Robusch tied for first. Height, 5 feet, 112, inches. Discus throw-Johnson, third. Distance, 124K feet. Broad jump- Johnson, third. Distance, 22 feet, 62 inches. Javelin throw-Sauer, second. Distance, 149 feet, 5 inches. Hewitt awarded 5 points in hammer throw. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY 74, PITT 61 MORGANTOWN, MAY 19 100-yard dash-Wakefield, second. Time, 0:10 lf5. 220-yard dash-Wakefield, first. Time, 0:23 1f5. 440-yard dash-VVakefield, first, Allen, third. Time, 0:50 3f5. 880-yard second Wadkins third Time 2'01 2!5 One mile run-Armstrong frst' run-Allen 3 ., - 1 - ' ' I ' 1 lHayes, second. Time, 4:42. Two-mile run-Corbett, second. Time, 10:03 4!5. 120-yard high hurdles-Sauer, third. Pole vault-Robusch, first. Height, 12 feet, 6V, inches. Hammer throw-Hewitt, first. Distance, 123 feet, 2 inches. High jump-Robusch and Johnson tied for first. Height, 5 feet, 11 inches. Broad jump-Johnson, first, Martin, third. Distance, 22M feet. , -., lQ25 l1a." 'Ill illlllllli Page Two Hwzdred Seven. I l 1 l 1 1 i I l F l 1 L, g ,,... TTT.-- u 1 .Ap w ae J INTERCOLLEGIATES , WASHINGTON MAY 26 Pitt 84, W 81 J 78. Geneva 39, Bethany 22 ' 100-yafd dash-Wakeheld, third, Ryman, fifth. Time, 0:10 175. 220-yard dash- i-'D i , 5:1 T- it 1 . 4 r.m,nn ,, , , , . A is I lllllhibfllllllllllll 1" ' " 2 i, .147 L1 it 771 gn P 4. Vlfakefield, fiiet. Time, 0:24 415. 120-yard high 'hurdles-Saueff fhifd- Time, 0216 V5 440-yard dash-Martin, third. Time, 0:50 175. 880-yard run-Allen, ETSU WHdk1US second. Time 2:00 275. One-mile run-Armstrong, HYSU Bennett' f9UYthS Hays, fifth Time, 4:37. TW,-,,m,1e run4C0rbett, Hrst, Smyers fifth. Time, 10:21 175. One-mile relayfPitt, first CRyman, Allen, Martin, Wakeheldj. Time, 3:27 475. Shot put Sauer, fifth. Height, 5 feet, 11 inches. Pole vault-Johnson, first, Sauer second. Height 102 feet. Discus throw-Murdoch, second, Johnson, third, Hewitt, fifth. Distance 127 feet, 10 inches. Javelin throw-Johnson, third, Sauer. fifth. Distance, 160 feet 9 inches. Broad jump+Johnson, first, Martin, second. Distance, 22 feet, 22 inches. PITT-822, GENEVA COLLEGE 442 BEAVER FALLS, MAY 30 100-yard dash-Vtfakefield, second. Time, 0:10 275. 220-yard dash-Wakefield, first. Time, 0:22 475. 440-yard dash-Ryman, first, Martin, second, Allen, third. Time, 0:52. 880-yard run-Allen, first, Wadkins, second, Martin, third. Time., 1:58 275. 120-yard low hurdles-Sauer, second. Time, 0:16 175. 220-yard low hurdles-Bennett, third. Time, 0:26 175. -One-mile run-Armstrong, first, Hays, second. Time, 4:34 275. Two- mile run-Hays, first, Corbett, second. Time, 10:16 275. Broad jump-Johnson, first, Mart' d ' 'Q ' in, secon . Distance, 212 feet. Discus throw-Murdoch, second, Hewitt, third. Distance, 1242 feet. Hammer throw-Hewitt, first. Distance 134V feet. Pol lt- , , 2 e vau Robusch, first, Johnson and Sauer tie for second. Height, 11 feet. High jump-Robusch rst, Johnson, second, Sauer, tie for third. Height, 5 feet, 11 inches. Shot put-Johnson, first, Hewitt, third. Distance, 41 feet, 72 inches. ... PITT INTERCOLLEGIATES I SCHENLEY OVAL, JUNE 2 ,Peiiii ,State 632 Pitt ss, West virginia 47, ceiiiegie Tech 252, W ei J iam, Bethany 6, Geneva 4, Westminster 22 ' 100-yard'dash+XfVakefie1d, fifth. Time 0:10 275. 220-yard dash-Wakefield,, third. 0:23. 440-yard dash-Martin, fourth, Allen fifth. T' Time, , ime., 48 375. 880-yard run- Allen, third, Wadlcins, fourth. Time, 1:57 275. One-mile run-Armstrong, second. , 4:32 175. Two-mile run-Corbett third, Smyers, fourth. Time, 9:53 175. Broad jump-Johnson, first, Martin, second. Distance, 22 feet, 22 inches. High jump- Robusch and' Johnson, tiedfor second. Height, 6 feet, 1 inch. Pole vault-Robusch, first. Height, 12 feet. Shot put-Sauer, second, Johnson, third. Distance, 40 feet, 9 8710 inches. Hammer throw-Hewitt, first. Distance, 144 feet, 1 inch. Discus throw-Murdoch, third, Johnson, fourth. Distance, 128 feet, 10 inches. Time PENN STATE 10,0-yard dash-Bohren, second. Time 0'10 175 220 yard dash Walfefield d' , , . . .. - - . ,secon , Martin, third. Time, 0:22 475. 120-yard low hurdles-Sauer, third. Time, 0:15 275. 440-yard dash-Martin, third. Time, 0:50. 880-yard run-Wadkins, third. Time 1:58 475. O - ' - " ne mile run Armstrong, second. Time, 4:29 275, Two-mile run-Corbett, third Time 10:15 Broad jump Martin firt h ' - . , - - - , s , Jo nson, second. Distance, 21 273 feet. High Jump-Robusch and Johnson, tie for first. Height, 5 feet, 111 inches. Pole vault- R b ' COLLEGE 76, PITT so ' - STATE. COLLEGE, JUNE-9 o usch first Height 112 feet. Shot put+Johnson,, first, Sauer, second, Hewitt, hird Distance 402 feet Hammer th row-Hewitt, first. Distance, 136 feet. Discus throw Murdoch first Hewitt, third. Distance, 123 feet, 7 inches. A 71, I ,' - , g, 5 t . . i L lllllllll It , in Page Two Hundred Eight Johnson, first, Hewitt, third. Distance, 41 feet, 42 inches- High jump-Johnson fiFSi: ,,l9255 l:f'e 'Ill fl ' 'Nl 'T f' . ..... X ' rollllll IH" . . ' -' s g lllllldbflllllllll I 11' Alll 3 , CROSS-COUNTRY TEAMS. 54' Glrnzz wnunirg VARSITY Junior A. M. A. Championship, Altoona, Penn., November 12, 1923. Pitt, first-perfect score. Triangular Meet, University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Tech, Allegheny College. Schenley Park, November 17, 1923. Pitt, first ........................ .32 Tech, second ................ .... 3 3 ee Allegheny, third ................... 55. Intercollegiate A. A. A. A. Meet, Van Cortlandt Park, New York, December 1, 1923. A Pitt 'CCorbettJ .......... . .......... 19 Carnegie Tech Dual Meet, Schenley Park, November 17, 1923. Freshmen, first ,........... . ........ 18 ""'El' Ji Tech second ....................... 36 P Intercollegiate A. A. A. A. Meet, Van Cortlandt Park, New York, December 1, 1923. lx , Freshmen, third ................... 109 , E V 7 , .Y . ,VA A A 1 '-lm1J11U1m1925 mjlfmjiw- 'Ill Illlllllli 3 ' Page' Two H zmgired N ine 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 .1 11 11 1 . 11 11 I 11 1 1 1 1 1 J1 11 1 1 1 1111. 1 if 1 I lllllinilffllllllllllll 11' " Y ,, , - - .-gee., VARSHY' TENNIS SQUAD. Elrnnia VARSITY RECORD, 1923 Pitt 4 West Virginia ...... . . . 2 Pitt Allegheny . .. 1 Pitt 5 Oberlin ...... 1 Pitt West Virginia 3 Pitt 4 W Sz I .... . . . 2 Pitt Allegheny . . . 0 Pitt 6 Juniata .. .... 0 Pitt Michigan Agr. 1 Pitt 3 W 81 J ..... .... 3 Pitt Buckne'l .... 3 Pitt 3 Oberlin .. .... 3 i Pitt Penn State .. 1 FRESHMAN RECORD, 1923 ' Freshmen .... ........... 3 Crafton Higl' .. ..-.-- 3 iw Freshmen .... .... 5 Oakmont High .... ....... 1 Freshmen .... .... 0 Westmont High. L.. ....... 4 Freshmen .. .... 4 Allegheny High .... ....... ' 2 A 9 Freshmen .. .... 2 Crafton High .. ...... . 4 -' F A --11'1T12t1i12mIn 192.5 IULUIIIUW11111 1111 ' mm: Page Two Hmzdred Ten f-' F- - : - . e 2.CJ.LEUID'l I l I I l . ' ry F I . lllll flll l ll uf - M 1 I 1 1 I "' YI I If Swimming Eleam SWIMMING MEETS Jeb. 16-Pitt .... 42 Alumnl- -----27 Feb' 11Pitt .... 42 Case .... ..... 2 7 Feb. 9-Piet .... 16 Navy -----37 Feb. 18-Pitt .... 33 P- A- A -----38 Feb. 22-Piet .... 50 Allegheny ----- 20 Feb. 29-Pitt ....22 Rutgers ----.49 Mar. 1-Pitt .... 18 Army A -- fl ---- 44 -1 F 9 --1mj311U1m1925m331mj11,1f 'III llllllllfi . ' ' Page Two Hlmzdrcd Eleven I , ' I I 4 I I I , I ' , I I I II l I I I I I I I I I II QI HI I V, I I, I I I I l , l I I ,I I I I I II'll ,I III' ,.,,I I III II I, , jx .all - v BQ. V, 1 Y I ' 7' I I 7 'III I,I.II :QI-Clglmjj-II. . .. , -.I l mm Pflllllllll . II , IIIHI 1 I 4 I, . iii? ii IIIII, I :I'2 II,i. - lIiI 'Q ,iw in Iiiw, 11'- 1I,II JV I, I,I, 'II'I' i , , i, il ,I - I , I 3 Iii: I , Il. I II I I I II. I I , , I , , I I II if II I H II , I V Ii .. I II If I I I I I 'ill It I I' I, I I I I Il ' I. I , I II Harzitg ifiiflv Gram I I II I ll If -i I I I, I Means CCaptainD, Captain Hutson CCoachD, Van Sickel CManagerJ,, Coss, Hoyt, ,I McFarlane, Wolfe, Brinkerh-off, Hoover, Murray and Jordan. . I I' l I , . lg I II RIFLE TEAM MATCHES I 4 I Nov. 24-Pitt .. .......... 475 Mai-ne ........ .... 4 86 f, Dec. 16-Pitt .... 870 West Virginia . . . . . . .800 I , Ian. 14-Pitt .... 485 Carnegie Tech . . . .. . .487 Jan. 26-Pitt . .948 Syracuse ...... ..... .... 9 8 4 I , Feb. 16-Pitt .... 958 Virginia Polytech .. .... 980 5 I Mar. 1-Pitt .... 943 U. of California ..... 980 I I' , ' .Mar 1-Pitt .... 487 New York U. .... ..... 4 63 I I M Mar. 6-Pitt . . ...46Z Carnegie Tech ..... . . . . .461 , I ,I 7'-' Mar. 8-Pitt .... 482 Western Maryland . .. ..... .476 I I -- I , ?l I F l I I g g g A l' lilllllllll " 9 "Ii 1925 7I II I I I I I lllllll 5 F Page Two Hmzdred Twelve ' IV' I III, I Il, - f- 45" Q N , W - ',' , I llllllrghfllllllllllll "' 1 N FRESHMAN THLETICS I , u 4. 1925 mimliulw' 'If I Page Two Hmzdred Tlzirfeeu ' - - ui --U-U S .. f' . .I H Si 1 if . 1 ..-, . ' 1 1 I rn-umm ll ii- 'I . .. llllllr'illIllllll I 1' g g . .ll 4 If ye J 3 my Ng Ng 5 ' - 2 Q x L r i. . 'X A illrwhman illnnthall, 1923 Under the leadership of Captain Joe Preece, former Monaca High School and Belle- fonte Academy luminary, the Pitt Freshmen griddists brought their season to ia close with a loss to the famous Kiski Prep School team. The season as a whole was very satisfactory, considering the strength of the opposition, with two games won, three lost and one tied. ' The curtain rose on the season for the cubs when the West Virginia University Frosh played a preliminary to the varsity game at Forbes Field. The result proved disasterous for the yearlings as the visitors took them over by the score of 21-6. The next game was more successful for the cubs who journeyed to Syracuse University and won from the Orange team, 13-7. Ollie Harris and Joe Schmitt did the feature work for the first year men. The Carnegie Tech Plebes were next on the schedule in a pre- liminary to the varsity contest. The result was 6-6 tie after a hard-fought contest. Bellefonte Academy was played and the Freshmen lost to the prep school boys, 27-7. The next game was with Penn State Freshmen who lost by the close score, 7-6. The finale of the schedule was snatched by Kiski,,7-6. Coach Carlson will turn over to Coach Jock Sutherland a number of stellar players for the 1924 varsity. Among these are Ollie Harris, Dutch Amann, Joe Schmitt, Joe Preece, Tuffy McMi1len, Mike- Meyers, Tiny Linn, Kess Woodruff, Tubby Reister, Fuzzy jack, joe Archibald, Vislay and Coulter i T7 -44 - - r ' G9 I' O if'-lrrmjjmm 1925 l1:I' f in Q :unsu ng 0 Page Two Hundred Fourteen A ll n T- - ' SFF -F H' so II B 'zllllllllllll u I - . 1 1 g i I Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen illrezhman 'iiazkrthall r FRESHMAN SEASON SCORING- SUMMARY. Avalon High .....34 ....l9 Braddock High .....38 ....30 Indiana Normal .....26 ....33 Allegheny High .....Z8. ....44 McDonald High .....28 ....32 West Virginia Freshmen.... .....Z2 Norwin High .....19 ....46 Bellefonte Academy .....36 ....3O Tech Plebes .....l8 ....42 VVilkinsburg High .....Z6 ....3l Kiski Prep. .....50 ....29 Indiana Normal .....2l ....22 State Freshmen .....Z9 ....24 State Freshmen .....26 ....l8 Bellefonte Academy .....44 ....Z5 KiskiPrep. ....17 Uniontown High ' A Z5 West Virginia Freshmen .......... 28 Tech Plebes ...................... 24 Total Games: Nineteen. Won: Eleven. Lost: Eight. Total points: Freshmen, I 1 -183 opponents, 539. ' ' 'i'vf'l'lIlIEE1IHl1925 EUIDIUJ'1H" 'III Illlllllllli ' Page Two Hundred Fifteen ls " ', ,,, ll -1- el F I F mm 'Q-.allllllll l f 'III Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Zlirvahman Iliazvhall FRESHMAN BASEBALL RECOR'D. 1923 . .. .................. 21 Schenley . . .. . . . 1 Slippery Rock ... 16 Union High . . . 4 Aspinwall . . . . . 9 Bellefonte . . . .. 4 Penn State .. ...13 'Kiski 8 Kiski ... 10 Aspinwall .. 0 3 0 1 34 0 3 4 0 l '11 -AA - Q r --wmJ11JIHIn192i5m3JIrm1ff'4 IIILLMUIEII Page Two Hmzrdred Sixteen ' ' ' ' ' - ' I lllIll.!'LZlIlll lll I I-f 1 1 u GIRLS ATHLETICS WN:sk Page Two- Hmzdred Seventeen I I 1, I ' W F 7 Sv- , 1 71 ' ' ' 4 I I , 'limp ll I I - . -.- I . lllllif'-'fllllllllllll if TW. ,, - . Y .-.-. .Y., V . V- V. Y-W--.---LJ -- fu -----f W l . 1 t Girlz, Harniig 'igawkrihall 'The girls' Varsity basketball team at the University in the 1923-24 season was one of which Pitties could well be proud. A great change was instituted this year, in that freshmen and new entrants were eligible for Varsity, eliminating the first year aggregation, competing with out of school t-eams as has been the custom. Great credit is due to the girls and their coach this year, that they upheld the previous record of Pitt girls' Varsity, for only two of the letter girls from last year remained. The games at Trees were all successful, and the team when abroad was accompanied by many of the local enthusiasts. The games with one exception were victories, Geneva, West- minster and Thiel all being vanquished both at home and abroad, proving that as usual the Pitt team may be ranked as the best team in the group of Western Pennsylvania outfits. On February 15, the Pantherettes set out on the longest western trip yet taken, and received the only defeat of the' s-eason, at the hands of the University of Cincinnati co-eds, by a score of 32-30. The game was advertised as a model girls' game and was viewed by coaches of girls' teams from all sections of Ohio. Th-e clash with the Alumni on March 15, the first game of this kind that has been played at the University for a number of years, aroused great interest and closed the season for the Panther lassies. Miss Margaret A. McClenahan, Education '19, Assistant Professor of Physical Education, coached the team. - ' A BASKETBALL RECORD-VARSITY GIRLS Han. 19-Pitt ......... . ............ 31 Geneva ........... . .... .... 2 0 "'Feb. 1-Pitt ........ . ............. 31 Westminster .. ...... . 17 Feb. 9-Pitt . . . . . 39 Geneva ..... . . . .. 18 QE Feb. 16-Pitt .. . . . 30 Cincinnati .. ...... 32 Feb. 23-Pitt .. ... 37 Thiel ....... .. . . .. 20 Mar. 1-Pitt ....... .... 2 3 Westminster .. 8 .gag "tMar. 7-Pitt ......... . .... 24 Thiel ...... 9 t"Games played at home. p g . "1VVl1IDIU111l925 UIIIUIITWW' ll llf Page Two Hundred Eighteen , ' 'J PJ I ' f- WY Y . Y . l ' ' ' ' ' ' I . llllli -Liflllllllll I 1" ' 1 r 1 Wilt, captain CSide-centerj Olive, '24, played her third and last year of Varsity basketball at Pitt, enjoying the best season of her career. Playing a very consistent game throughout the year, she proved her worth as an able leader. ' Z eigler Cguardj V Ib, captain of the Pitt freshmen outiit of 1925, played her second year as Varsity guard this season, and kept up her dependable record. Muter Cforwardj ' Jeanne, captain of the 1926 freshman team, played a spectacular game throughout the season. This IS her first year on Varsity, and her team work and accurate shooting have given her place in the ranks of Pitt co-ed stars. Her field goals totaled 5l.' . ' Burgun Cguardj 9 Kathleen played very steady basketball and displayed some of the best floor work ever shown here. She secured for the team a well-balanced defense and helpedto-send many a team down to defeat. ' Stultz gfforlwardj A ' Ruth, star forward from McKees Rocks featured every game in her excellent work in the forward section. Her first year on Varsity, she made an unusual record, the season netting her 33 field goals. A f . Russel Ccenterj Dot, another' of our freshmen Varsity girls, has completed 'a successful season leaving very little to be desired in her work as center. There were few who could out jump her and her d-etermination fills out the necessary qualifications of a star. l Bigiham Cforwardj Mary was captain of the 1924 freshman team and bid fair to be one of the most Wonderful forwards in the game, and it was with the keenest regret that the girls and Miss McClenahan were forced to realize that owing to an injury received in practice Mary was out of the game for her third and last year of Varsity. Lloyd Cside-centerj V Helen, a transfer from Carnegie Tech, showed up well in the games when the op- portunity offered, and since she has still two more years at Pitt, much is expected of her. - Kammerer Cforwardj , Mary was a dependable sub last year, and this year earned her first Varsity lett-er. Playing with grim determination she helped considerably in piling up Pitt's side of the scores. Pervosky Cforwardj Sylvia is one of our peppiest and most dependable players. She can handle equally well a position at side-center or forward and we're all hoping to see her name in head- lines by next year. Acker Cguardj , Marcella proved a dependable and efficient guard all season. She was one of our 'L-' strongest substitutes and could always be relied upon. Q Recognition is given to the following girls: Peg Thompson, Venus Shakarian, as Jeannette McClure, Janet Matheson, Elsie Thompson, and Eleanor Resche. These girls were faithful in practice and deserve much credit for their loyal support of the team. g 4 .9 '-1V1'UI1IU1llJI925 mjjjmjljrmif 'Ill' llllllllil Page Two Hundred Nineteen F" a ' , ' , 7' ' . u 1 A 4: l ilntrr Gila.-an Jlntvrrnllvgmtv Mankethall ' gg llllllll I 1 1 I A 'J c I . lllllkifillllllllll U 1' ' . . ' IJ I QI 'VY Something new in basketball in this part of the country was introduced this past seasontin the form of inter-class intercollegiate contests between the Pitt and Tech girls' class teams. The games were well attended and aroused great interest, promising to make the series of contests an annual event. T'he games resulted in victories for the Pitt combinations, all but the Senior outiit, which lost to Tech, in a close game ending 10-7. t r Inter-class Basketball , g In the preceding season, another innovation in the sport was the series of inter- class games substituted for the inter-fraternity contests of last year. Great interest was shown in the elimination of the teams and there was a marked improvement over the teams of last year in training and team work. Swimming-Sprin.g 1923 Manager-Nan Steele Cappointed by W. A. AQ . Class Leaders Cappointed by Dept. of Physical Educationj Freshmen4Kathleen Burgun and Eliza Jane Reynolds Sophomores-Bella Ress and Agnes Hewitt Juniors-Eleanor Matthelws and Virginia Weinshenk Seniors-Adele Boucek and Kit MacNamara Sophomore Class ........... 26 points Freshman Class .. .... 25 points Junior Class .. .L ...... l7 points Track With the coming of the outdoor events, much attention is being paid to the re- markable prospects for the girls, track team. Last year a track meet was not held at the University asin the previous year, buh individual records were- taken. The material for this year is very promising and with a littleipractice in this line a team may be developed that will represent the University in intercollegiate events. I . A Hockey Field hockey was introduced at the University this last fall, and from now on will assume a regular place in the girls' athletic program. The'Sophomore team walked off with the championship this past season. ' , T Tennis A . A regular tennis tournament was held last spring, in which many, ofthe girls of the University ente-red with great enthusiasm. The contests got under way rather late 11- 73 on account of the condition of the courts, and so the finals were played after the com- pletion of the regular school year in June. Arnoldine Lohman and Marge Sander com- !-,E ' peted in the final contest, after winning their way through 'the elimination. The match I ij resulted in victory for Arnoldine Lohman, -who graduated last June. A silver cup was awarded by VV. A. A. W I .A- lilllllllll "U '!l IQ25 ll'l, 14,1 so llllllqj Page Two Hmzdwd Twenty FEI 5 r l""' 1 f '. . llllltfahflllllllll I l' ' ' ' 1 .1 .. .' ,I , . i i , Ni f 1 1' V , 5" . Z 1 r'-F l 5 .. Q XX 4,7 N 'I - fh '- Q , s y I 4 -1 3 U -. X. ' . f . -5-if " Q. -' U in ,fp 4 k . .- Y .x,, V ri 3 - ,' fir-1. " N'-W 'I v l . 5 , . r' A , 'li' -ii' 115 5311 1"1- ,J - -:2i'1'.?P, L ,L . . ,5', - ,:' '-. 4' .H :E I " - A 71- ff ' 5 H . I I I F: it ' 4 2' 1 . .f 51- ' , 1 -f 1 ,QIMAQ R Xl - 7 ,fr3wf,Q1 Y X . : ,. N5 . LH? ,dfg 1.-:agar ' W 325' 1 " w-'I 'ff 'H' .1125 '..,'?T"if,.7 5: '- f 11 ,'T31g'n 'J-'JT fi.'f'f"4 ' .. ' wif- C 4 -'Ulf 'gh ' SA 'Hia '. g -. 1 1'-. ff 5253 "V 5531 ' . ' ffbiifs 'ff , -"4 'F' ,A W .i.: . ,:L. . ZQHH - .Y Ei, . it , ' ,gr SYAQTQH Q! '7 if :I 3, - ! .. 4 'af' iw -' V 5- '- Rv -A . xg : 'fa' ?j!?f:'f. V A-l b , , sm:- pg 1.3 .U - 1-fi. I ,SQ , -14 fri 1 - .Nl ,' 1, .37 15 H5 if f f X-.. , 5 an ' ' 1 4rl','4- ff , F' 'ri' me-' "FU f g- px k wif' wj i . .A 11 1: 2. ,ifljx f .I R' 'ku P' "'- '4 5, I 151.53 51333 , 0 x1"- " ',.'!:,,,-I 1" 5.--. -. . x . IK Qi an .iff-gg , . 5-Q 5 721: 1 ' .? f'.Z"" F5 7'LfQfia, . ., 1 H1 :-gl1,lv.fw' -'L",:- .,' -31, nv f, . 'Xl I rj-13415 Wffzkgi ,im . ,. ' . ' , -'- -f""'-. -'11 '. . - 2 . PI5 ' ff".f,-ff' ' . ' UYQQ, .1 . ' W 4,7414 ' I gg . 1 2:1 ' X .L" Y K . 41 1- R 3 ..... in seg ,, , Q X! H '- 51.2 - , F.. -u--1:1-i if ' "7 - W is , .1 1 F 1 - 1 u Y5 - Y 2' ..... T..1...- Y I e lim 'Q rV.z,V .s,'YW.uYa' f-me , "' -1 l I . W it rr , ,' ' I I 1' L" ,A . ' . l "'3x'fx 2 Q I -m ,., A -1: lj. . H ?" lLJl.5.LlxLcr'25 l 71 -A4 1 ' r 1 1 I X V9 I 1925 DJI11UIUW1f "? fm lllllIIfg Page- Two Hundred Twenty-one 11 . . r P -.- ' llll naibzallll lll ll HQ W 1 egfle' p'p " " " " '!' f NA. Alpha Mamma lghi Alpha Gamma Phi Fraternity was founded at the'University of Pittsburgh, Evening School of Economics, Accounts and Finance, in 1916, eight years ago. The rapidlgrovvth of the Evening School, since its inception a number of years earlier, offered a wide field for the selection of men Whose aim Was to complete' the full four-years' course required to obtain the Certificate of Attainment. It vvas very noticeable that t-oo 'great a number of students failed to complete the four years of study, and Alpha Gamma Phi undertooklto foster the idea that it was ,to the best interest of the evening school students and of the Evening School itself that more m-en should strive to obtain the Certificate. One of the pre-requisites of membership in Alpha Gamma Phi is a decla- ration by a candidate that he- proposes to Work for the diploma. Ab-out half of the present Alpha Gamma Phi men are now graduates of the Evening School, the remainder still being undergraduates. Beginning with a membership of lifteen men, about half a dozen men were selected yearly, until the present roster numbers about iifty young business men representing the various industries in the Pittsburgh district. Alpha Gamma Phi has taken an active part in the social activities of the University, and has been regularly represented on the Board of Officers and Executive Committee of the Evening School Association. A Plans are being developed for the incorporation and nationalization- of Alpha Gamma Phi, approval of which has been obtained from the University authorities. ' 'rr 3 i ' I-P or -gg.n'1'mj51m192i5 1av'i 'Ill mum: Page Two Hundred Twenty-two I' K7 ll lil W W1 - I V' in WS- 'W l - . .. . IIIIIL 'Jllll lll I ll ' ' I i 1 lllllllnlllll i .L l 'WF' Alpha Gamma 1Hhi ,L.i.l..i- Officers President ........ ........... . . .... Samuel Robinson Vice-President .... S. W. Menzies Secretary ...... W. M. Martin Treasurer .. .. .............. ..... G . I. Gould H. W. Behrhorst H. E. Daer B. S. C. Elliott W. W. Fath A. N. French N. M. Fording R. M. Griffiths G. I. Gould I. W. Herberts W. I. Hoffman H. H. Humphreys G. K. Herrington A. Leaf Active Members E. R. Wilker W. I. Lolink W. M. Martin G. P. Mathews Emmett Maher C. A. Rueckert S. L. Robinson F. J. C. Russell B. V. Stenger L. G. Sigafoo WV. H. Speck S. E. Stewart ' I. W. Soethe C. AK. Shirey tl f'TQ -LA H 1 r 5 I i"IVflIUIllIUIDl925UJI1ilIl3IITV1f'f 'III lllllllli Page Two Hzuzdwd Tzw111'y-z'l11'cei 21 .13 T . 1 tif e 1 - , ' fb Il illl I 1 n . 9 -if 1 I lllllidirilllll lllll ' ' ' ' I ' 1 1 l l I l Alpha 9 1Hhi Evita . The Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity was -organized in 1910 at Syracuse University, and since then has made exceedingly rapid progress At the present tim th ' , . e ere are sixteen chapters located at Yale, Columbia, University of Michigan, University of New York, Ohio State and many of the other Well-known eastern and middle-western,institutions. The Nu Chapter, University of Pittsburgh, was installed February 4, 1923. It took the place of the old Delta Lambda Mu fraternity which was organized in 1914. The chapter now has twenty-four active members and a fairly good representation of alumni members. A jg y g--Wfmmnlszis Ermmw' 'ffl i Page Two Hundred Twenty-four A- A ' T - ' 1 P LL--,- X ' , YTTiA""' ,fy I U"" " ' " J A ' ""' l'f" ' -CM A ' 1' llll llllll 'lf ww Alpha Phi Evita , Oflicers James Sunseri, Med. '24 ............. ....... C onsul A. Pandolfo, Dent. '26 .......... .... P ro-Consul Thomas C. A. Rossi, Col. '26 .... ..... Q uaestor Michael Cammarata, Med. '24 .... .... T ribune Joseph Passahume, Col. '24 ......................... Historian - 1924 James Sunseri ...... .. Med. A L. Fugassi .... .Med. Michael Cammarata . .... Med. G Giovanitti ..... Phar. Joseph Passaiiume . ..... Col. F. Leone .... .... C ol. Joseph Chiurazzi .. ..... Law J. Rossi .... .... L aw J. Cassachia ........ ..... C ol. A Boscia .... .... L aw 1925 Michael E. Catanzaro .......... Bus. Ad. J. Perrone ...... .... C ol. A. T. Fabiani .................. Bus. Ad. A R. Bell ............ ...... C ol. J. Parella ........................ Dent. J. Perifano .......... ..... D ent. Laneve ............. ......... D 'ent 1926 A. Pandolfo .........,.......... Dent. L. Purpura ...... ..... C ol. Thomas C. A. Rossi ................ Col. J. Cardamone ..... ..... C ol. S. Albo .......... ' ............... Law J. Tarasi ........... ..... C ol. ' A. Casillo ......................... Col. 1927 5-1 J. Procopio ...................... Med. "-5' Faculty Members -M Dr. James Barone ,., ""'?' Pledges '7 ' Clement Marsico . .. .... Col. '26 Michael Ignelzi .. ..... Dent. '26 9 4. ' 7 C, . H. .V lfilllllllll 1- "1fTU1IU3IHJ 1925 UIUJIIIITIH' ' ' HTA" IIIIIIIIQPJ L Page 'Two Hznzdrcd Twenty-five H 1 P Q fe ff r flID.EtU1TT'I 11 .e. -1 ' t llllluflf--allllilll jf" .4 ' ','c',,......W 1 Bella Gamma Efaui Delta Gamma Tau Fraternity was organized by eleven men in October, 1923. Qne month later it was officially recognized and has since become well established on the campus. . - Q tiara an .qrtygmm 1925 mjjjmgwilf f Us A :Z . , iq N " Page Two Hundred Twenty-six S s I I' 1 I I in I 1 ' ' 'W I I . lllllidiillllllllllll .I I - V ' . ...-Y , 1:.--,, a f I Bvlta Gamma Eau U Oflicers President ....... ......... ...... I o seph L. Ruben Vice-President .... ..... V ictor W. Eisenstein Secretary ..... ..... Benjamin I. Goodstein Treasurer . .. ..................... Sidney Rosenburg Faculty Advisor Dr. W. T. Root Members S Meyer Bloom Stanton Hoechstetter Julius Diamondstone I. Newton La Victoire Victor W. Eisenstein O. M. Lipsitz Samuel Fleegler Sidney Rosenburg Benjamin I. Goodstein Joseph L. Ruben David L. Grauer Isaac I. Ruderman Howard I. Hausman Herman Saville M Pledges J A Morris M. Berger Harry H. Schwartz Samuel A. Lichter Max R. Morgan Sidney M. Saul 4 "! IQ25 IJ" I 'Ill llllllllf Page Two Himdreci Twenty-seven i 1 i i l l 1 , 1 1 1 1 ww ll, l X fl- : 1 . 1 -"I . ""' ,A .ali ,ul , I, - u 1-4? at-L--9 I ll 1 J 1 1 'I la, ' H' .ip u lllllwullllllllllll 'V-' I ' " li C 5 sill . 75 , 5 2 e I' 1 . . L 'T 1 3 1 il i 1,1 ,1 J 1' W WY WWWWWH i ir l 1 1 1 1 i X - 1 E I 9 1 I . I l 1 1 1 1 l l if p u ... u u i N 0 1. 5 Evita Sigma ight P T l 'W D ,, l l 1 . . p The Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity was founded at the College of the C1ty of New 1 York in 1899. It is composed of forty active and ten alumni chapters distributed through- out the country. The Fraternity has become international in scope since' the installation lm 1 of a chapter at McGill University, Montreal, Canada. lf 1 The Pittsburgh Chapter was granted a charter in 1916, the nucleus being the A'pha V ll if 1 1 Omega local of 1914. T'he first chapter house was located at 410 Morewood Avenue and i A 1 existed until the outbreak of the War in 1917, when a majority of the members entered 1 the service. In the fall of 1919 the chapter was revived and maintained a home on North i -h Craig Street. At present the active chapter consists of forty men. -,, 1 ri X X A K . TW . Y ' , . 1 1 V1 1 1 1 i W 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 9 .9 . - A 1 ll 1 1 1 lllllllllll " I . g 'C' l U I I ll ' A C I I I I Illlllll llfi 1 1 f C C 'W 554 C C it C 5 I Page Two H111za'1'cd Tfwmzfy-ciglzt t 4. v 1' li l .T y Htl T l' l -N 'L' . . J .. ' '- f" J-r' I S - f H TE1- N , ,- :EIEIJIIIHJ 1' 1 ' , - I . llllluw-izllllllllllll II' . .S W - f .1 l Evita Sigma Elghi l Faculty Members Dr. N. A. N. Cleven Dr. H. L. Frost H, R. Salt HOTIOTHFY Member Hon. James I. Davis Officers President ........ ...Thomas H. Reneirs Secretary .... Julian R. VVarnick Vice-President ...... John A. New Treasurer ...... , ..... Edmund Shoop I. Paul Finley ..... ..... B us. Ad. 1924 T. H. Reneirs .... Bus. Ad. J. L. Humphreys .... ....... C ol. Edmund Shoop .. Bus. Ad. W. B. Conners .... ........ E ng. E. K. Eberhart ..... ....... E ng. E. O. Spotts ..... .... B us. Ad. C. O. Bott ...... Bus. Ad. B. F. Russell .... ........ D ent. 1925 W. G. S. McKee... .... e.Dent. R. W. Evans ..... . ..... Bus. Ad. E. G. Allison ..... ..... D ent. C. M. Roberts ...... ..... B us. Ad. I. A. Fraser ...... ' .... Eng. ' G. M. Durschinger. ........ Col H. S. Shirnmel. .. . . . .En'g. G. W. Davis ........ ..... ' .Col W. A. Reuter .... .... C ol. I. A. McDonald ..... .... C ol. 1925 P. W. Nettrour ..... ..... C lol. E. J. Moss ........ ...... C ol. H. P. Wills ....... .... C ol. I. R. Warnick ..... ..... D ent . Arthur Nelson ..... Col. W. P. McKain ..... .... C ol John A. New .... ..... C ol. I. H. Leighner .... ..... D ent G. W. Jewell. . ..... Dent. F. R. McCreary ..... ..... D ent. Paul E. Flautz .... .... Col. , W. I. Rome ...... .... C ol George A. Swem ..... ..... C ol. E I. W. Craft ....... . .... Col 1927 Perry S. Moore .... ..... D ent. '55-' E. G. Thompson .... ........... C ol D. S. MacQuarrie ..... ..... C ol. F. H. Bragdon. ................. Col W. D. Craig ........ .... C ol. M W. D. Hustead ..................... Col. n Pledges R. G. Hampson ..... ....... C ol. jr l 1 'e-1mJ11J1Q1n1925n1J1t1:ttm- -.ln 1 5 N Page Two' Hundred Twenty-nivze f-'i"r- i - fblllllll I 1 I I 'P' l , lllllirthilllll ll lll V' g g ' ' ' e X 1 63 Brita Tian Brita Delta Tau Delta was founded at Bethany College CWcst Virginiab, then Virginia, in February, 1859. It has extended till now it has seventy-six chapters in thirty-two states. Delta Tau Delta was established at the Western University of Pennsylvania in 1870 as Beta Eta Prime, and re'-established at the University of Pittsburgh as Gamma Sigma Chapter in 1914. This charter was granted to the local Alpha Alpha Fraternity. D--'HTu11I1Q11n192i5m11u13:nw' -up Page Tum Hundred Thirty l v z r ' lg- x 34-D---' - - l , U ' ,. r" ff Y, f 55 S- ' ' ' ' , ll ii llllllllllll I ' ' ' f Brita Eau Evita A F President ...... ........ .... F r ed M. Simpson Vice-President . . . ....... John F... B1 ler Secretary ...... .... F red Harold Gates Treasurer . . . ......... . .Meade McCamey Fred M. Simpson John E. Bigler Robert D. McKinnis F. Harold Gates Meade McCamey John F.. South - George W. Frederick J. K. Mierley 1925 Justus L. Mulert 1926 P. Richard Hilleman, Ir George R. Springer C. R. Wilson Paul Templeton Walter Rogers Frank Dickinson D. M. Williams Henry Spangler Orval W. Dame William C. Behrenberg Edgar V. Schaefer Edward L. McMillan Dean E. Troxell Hubert E. Meabon David B. Bachman Andrew Engelhart, Ir. Gerald M. Denning William S. Perry E. Ford Barner Andrew Guliford I. A. Hodges G. Claude Magee Herman W. Riester, Ir. -e-i1'TlIU1DILU 1925 Il" f 111 lllllllllllli Page Two Hundred Thirty one , I 1 1 I 2 1-"' ' W H XX' -1 filllllll l I If 1 l ' . ',' I lllllL 5"Zlllllllll ll,Y 4 'Y' N f ' Y' I l 1 'Miha 5 a Mappa Nu Kappa Nu Fraternity was organized November 12, 1922, at the University of Roch- ester, by six students seeking some way by which they might inculcate in each other a more fraternal spirit, in both a spiritual and a social sense. The purpose at first was to have a strictly local fraternity, but the spirit and the groundwork of the founders were so strong that soon it was decided to allow a branching out into other fields, but with restrictions so severe that there was no danger of the formation of immature chapters. The growth of Kappa Nu since that time has been rapid but deliberate. There are now eighteen active chapters, located at universities and colleges as far west as the University of California and as far south as Tulane University in New Orleans. The legislative program of Kappa Nu is in the hands of the General Assembly which meets once a year in convention and which consists of two delegates from each chapter. Administrative affairs are in the hands of four national officers and a council of ten, who are elected each year by the National Assembly. In 1920, the Omega Kappa Fraternity existed at Pitt as a local organization. Early the next year it petitioned and was admitted into Kappa Nu as Xi Chapter and since that time has formed an integral part of the fraternal life at Pitt '?' l92i5,mHmD'l"f,' g Page Two Himdred Tlzirfy-ftcfo I i b .. NJ L ,., f- a- if H S55 V 4 ,QLZ-7-lIU1llVl I' ' ' ' . r I mm 'L"i'llllllllllll I-' l Reuben M. Moltz O. .. . .... ................... . Abraham Z. Salamovxltz Frater in Faculty . Jacob E. Rosenberg, B.S., M.S. Samuel S. Goldish Leonard H. Mervis David S. Heimlieh Reuben M. Motz Abraham Z. Salamowitz 'J Albert W. Golomb Morris Hirschfield VV'illiam Schwartz Samuel B. Rubenstem Harry M. Yudin Walter H. VVilner Myron H. Brolda E. Leonard Bass Abraham Fishkin Marcus H. Fhntroxutz Harry Kaufman Jacob Malkoff Leopold Schuartz I "vf'Vl'lIlJIUZU1lI925EHIIDIU'l1f" fun llllllli Page .Two HfltJldlCd Tlzzlfx fluct S. N. ..... Samuel VV. Fishbexn 4Morris Hirschheld O. .... ...... . H l l I 4 1 I! I 1 1 l 1 5 1 1 1 1 'F' n WU W ji! I ll I if i -I l-"-x H1- I 'I ' i I ' ,biz H i I 1- 'I - , - -- 1 v W - '- i II I I ' 1 ' 'S I I llllllrupfllllllllllll 1" ' ' ' ' F 3 X -47 ,-iw , ,,. Y Y..,,,.,, ,,,, ,, Y , , ,.,,-,gJ,,...L. .-r--.V-v-v.---1 V v.--In - Ill I' in M . il il , , 1 , sl 1 Q , 5 - , I 4 s 4 I I I 1 , U g T I 1 1 ul , ' , 1 , ' I t I 1 F if I I I , , , Kappa Sigma I , I ii 1 i f , I 1 Kappa Sigma was founded at the University of Virginia, December 10, 1869. The fraternity flourished in the South and gradually worked its way to the northern colleges V I , and universities. At present there are ninety-three chapters throughout the United States. W I, , 4 Sigma Kappa Pi, a local, was founded at this university in 1916 and- became national 1 under Kappa Sigma as the Gamma Omega. Chapter on October 18, 1920. E 1 ' ' I li I, y , , I 3 -ff! x I I 1 F 9 wi' 1 1 r ,dig or . 1 W 1 I 1 P" "K I "' l925 UIIIlIUI1II" 'III lllllllf I I Page Two Hundwd Thirty-four J NP vi-. ,-Af- ? 13 W H V f gr- in X --.5 " All . l' ' ' ' M' . l llllli ""'illIlllllllll I Kappa Sigma G. M. G.P. ...... . G. M. G.S. .... . G.T. Cronje Carnahan G. F. MacDonald Lee W. Cook Chas. P. Lewis Oflicers Chapter R011 1924 R. H. Snyder A 1925 H. H. Douthitt I. A. Moore ....Lee VV. Cook D. Durnell ... .W. A. Wellinger .. . .H. H. Douthitt F. G. ofndoff jack Reed Pfahl H. D. Durnell James H. Murray K. I. Shaffer S. B. Pfahl Carl H. Sauer K. G. Vaniman W. A. Wellinger C. F. Wiley A 1926 I. C. Barton James H. Mering . Crawford Brown R. L. Shaffer Robertson Hall ' Walter Stryker D. E. Harpfer R. W. Thomas A. S. Wolford 1927 H, Craig W. A. Coulter I. Hershberger R. Hillyer Wm. Howell R. Milliron D. Muir C. Paschedag H. Steinberger Dr. F. J. Tyson Faculty Members G. M. P. Baird , '-iug 1Q2i5 11i" fm so llllllllfi Page Two Hundred Thirty-fifve mg- ll i I - p -1 i f lllll lIlll lllll 11' -311 ff' fl l , illamhim Glhi Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha was founded at Boston University, November 2, 1909. Although among the youngest of national fraternities, there are now sixty-two active chapters throughout the United States, extending from Maine to California. The local, Omega Alpha Pi, was founded at Pitt May 14, 1916, andinstalled as Gamma Epsilon Chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha May 30, 1919. Q 7 " A -wmlmjlm i52i5"U31jm1nin - no 1 :gil i um 'WQ59E?sf?i Pa-ge Two Hundred TIzz71'ty-sim I' A 'Ili rv T-H I f'i'l'lllll'1' " ' I G I . lllllufl-fallllllll I 1 illamhha Glhi Alpha Officers President .,...... .... G eorge G. Main Correspondent ..... George VV. Ferguson Vice-President ......... Hugh V. Groves House Manager ........ Dwight Wilson Secretary ...... .... W . George Crouch Steward ........... .... M organ Dietrick Treasurer .. ........ John W. Reed . . - Faculty Members James C. Reed Gustave L. Schramm V 1924 Justus O. Alderman Stanley H. Cooper Lester Lear Marshall Williams Raymond Blackburn Hugh V. Groves John W. Reed Merwin Tucker Ralph E. Brungard George G. Main Edward H. Powell Chester L. VVentz .Dean R. Clifford John K. Thamm John G. Stewart 1925 W. George Crouch Alvar Leith l William A. Rote Clark White . 1926 George W. Ferguson Wilbert Kinkle Dwight Wilson John Weitz W. Morgan Dietrick Charles L. Garson George Stewart Paul Clydesdale , Frederick R. Lynch Lester Perry Carlyle Hunter Jordan H. Overturf Ralph Williamson 1927 Robert Embree Herbert Beltz Pledges Howard Cunningham, '27 Plummer T. Dunkle, '27 Nelson Groves, '27 Harold Gibson, '27 2 Lloyd Moore, '27 Stanford Jones, '27 Herman Seaman, '26 Ilillllllllll I' 2 ".If"'iIEE1III111I925l113IJ11J1llZU1i"' . fm Page Two Hzzazdnfcz' Tlzrirfg sc en 1 1 1 I 5 n 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 J 1 li lf 'li 1 A l 1 I 1 1 Y w J "1 Eh I 1 5 v 1 l 4 I 7 1 . AP I Q Q X T-.. e at P V - -f- f mr' a ' ' -'T - fs . 1111 .. eg A -f I lllllwf-zallll llllll Ip' L "lv, 4 . 1 Hr I 5 1 9 1 1515 Brita Elhrtn Q ri- The Phi Delta Theta Fraternity was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, on December 26, 1848, and is known as one of the Miami Triad. Frompthe chapter , organizedby six students of Miami University, the Fraternity has expandedruntil now 4 the national organization of Phi Delta Theta embraces a chapter roll of ninety chapters situated in thirty-eight states and two chapters in Canada. The Pennsylvania Iota Chapter of Phi Delta Theta was founded as the Delta Sigma Pi.Loca1 Fraternity at Pitt in 1908. Delta Sigma Pi was granted a charter by Phi Delta Theta in 1918. , L -I" G9 . ,- I e e - e 1 ..j '!rVl'l'IEEl1Il1ll925 5151555111511 'Ill lllllllli 1 Page Two H1'l'1l'd1'6d Thirty-eight 1 ' ,al , . ' if V3 .. f- +V. -ff, S --Q ' l ' ' '.' . I llllll furilllllllll I l ' ' fl! President .... ' Secretary .... Treasurer .... Reporter.. . Warden .... Chaplain ..... Historian .... R. F. Boulton W. B. Berwald J. R. Arther lghi Brita 5112121 L Chapter Officers -d...--......--.d-.Q 'dd'--........... -.-...f ..--...--.- ...- .C. L. Milliken C. R. Stewart . . ..J. R. Arther R. B. Davidson H. G. Johnstin R. M. Fleming Hayman C. B. Bryce C. L. Milliken J. Richelsen Roster 1924 H. M. Reed 1925 U. H. Hangartner A. M. Kearney R. B. Davidson B. H. Kenyon E. . Todd A. S. Fettermann W. J. McNeil H. R. Wilharm R. M. Fleming M. F. Rey 1926 I. W. Cost H. G. Johnstin H. A. Stouffer W. G. Gault J. G. Koedel W. I. Wilkins F. K. Hayman J. G. Pattillo L. N. Yohe 1927 M. J. Arnd H. D. Gddhfidg ""' W. J. Brawley B. H. Todd M. M. Parker Q Pledges ,M T. I. Bishop A. R. Davis I. A. Roberts W. F.. Beckwith H. B. Gentzel H. A. WVelshonS R. I. Carrier I D. I. Geddes V 4. 'f1f'ITUZ1IlI1ID1925 UIEEUZUIWHW 'Ill llllllllfi ll ' " V 'Tl . S. Colclough C. R. Stewart H Page Two H1fL'?ld1'6d Thirty-nine i Z F i r i l I l v A ll? 1 ll EY lf I+ ttf lik, FT l li ,, ii i ,l ,. I in 'n I'l' I il li M i ry' It ,N i I 1 1 l 1 l 4 l 1 - if 'fa X ,, - ,Z-af' f e li? -F W ' oim im 1. . , if - i u llllllr'-hflllllllllll 1' ' ' I , in A. " " 1511i Epzilnn 151 ill.-l-l Phi Epsilon Pi was founded in the year 1902 at the College of the City of New York. Urged on by its progressive and democratic doctrines, its expansion was phe- nomenal. In but a brief period it was ready to- take an honored position in the fraternity world. Recognizingno barriers to any race or creed, social or political station, it opens its door to anyone who can measure up to itsgqualifications and standards, and today, Phi Epsilon Pi enjoys the unique privilege of being the' only national fraternity in the country non-sectarian. Its aim is to promote an invisible comradeship that strives to make the individual less selfish, and to develop the more innate of altruistic motives until the common Welfare becomes a continual source of intellectual enjoyment. Imbued with 'these principles, Zeta Chapter of Phi Epsilon Pi was installed at the University of Pittsburgh on December 26, 1913, and since has left no stone unturned in its earnest endeavors to help place Pitt where it deserves to be. L-Q l rvw .94 S - I .L I 1, I ' I ' 'I lv n -I 1 I I 'I' I I I I ,- Page Ywo II111zrl1'ecl I'01'iy I ,g V H 1 1 rr. , .f A A iff A " ex? A fr mlm . -.L lll y ,a.f,,,,,,.,, , ,,.p p. p ,HI l. p is Hhi Epuilnn Hi Officers N Superior ....... ............. R alfe O. P. Silverman Vice-Superior ,.......... .... R oland S. Friedlaender Treasurer ............. H. .. .......... Allan N. Satier Corresponding Secretary ..................... Milton E. Harris Recording Secretary .......................... John H. Cohen Faculty Members Dr. Albert F. Judd, Phr.D. 4 1924 Louis M. Fushan Myron Merstein A. Robert Galin Ben B. Miller Max D. Laifer Sidney G. Rosenbloom . Ralfe O. P. Silverman 1925 Roland S. Friedlander M. M. Levinger Allan N. Safier A H 1926 John H. Cohen Harry K. Kline Milton E. Harris Ben H. Rieuhman Henry Trachtenberg L3-Q 1927 A I Lester S. Block Charles T. Copeland -A David Buchman Milton Safxer -2 D Pledges ' ll H Sanford Bickart Samuel Iubilerer M Leonard Collins Herman Kraemer 4. p 1 A p p A IQIIIIIIIIII 1- i"'Vl'EUIlIUL'D 1925 U1JIlIlUlH" fm illllllli Page Two Hfzmdred Fortyione lil 1 l ,J . , YY ..f-' - A Y . -F 4 ' - ' ,- - g i-s " 4 u nr.. . 4 ,, ,, -.-. l.lllllL413'illlllllll ll Mfg, p p ',','-3,-- E g .I x lghi Mamma Evita iii Sigma Glhaptvr The Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta was founded at Jefferson College, Canons- burg, Pennsylvania, on the night of April 22, 1848. A constitution was adopted on May 1, 1848, and that day is now recognized by the fraternity as "Founder"s Day." All of the founders were Free Masons and law students. ' Some of the prominent alumni are: Calvin Coolidge, Newton D. Baker, Charles I P. Steinmetz, John A. Brashear, and Thomas R. Marshall. Z At the national convention in Cleveland, December, 1916, a charter was granted ar- to Phi Zeta Phi, a local fraternity, to be known as Pi Sigma Chapter of the Phi Gamma 3,3 QQ Delta Fraternity. The Chapter was installed February 3, 19172, at the Hotel Schenley, in ' Pittsburgh, Pa. ig A gg ,A I P T' C "UT1TIIlIl11ll1ID 1925 lZlI1IUZIIJ'lH.' 'C 'llln ' mm: Page Two H1t7'ld7'Pd' Forty-two 1 I 1 I ' 'R -1 I . lllllhi-tzalllllllllll If' - ' J ' 1 1 1 'V 1 Y . 1Hhi Gamma Evita Facuslty A . p . Samuel Black McCormick, D.D., LL.D.-Chancellor Emeritus' J. F. L. Raschen, A.M., Litt.D. R. A. McCrady, BS., LL.B. A. B. Wallgren, M.D. J. VV. Hallock , Members . 1924 Aubrey W. Schofield Thomas W. Stevenson Franklyn E. Byers Charles Noll Donald England S. Marsh Johnson Kenneth N. McKee Robert W. Winters W. Wendell Steele S. Ebbert Nowry Axel J. Anderson Clarence O. Ashbaugh Ira R. Hill Alan W. Detweiler Edward C. Smyers John H. L. Heitzelman 1925 James H. Walsh J. Charles Reid .Charles P. Friedrich 1926 . Robert Irwin Charles E. Friesell John J. Kifer Ralph E. Chase Jesse J. Brown 1927 Howard Linn Robert H. Braun, Jr. Nicklas Shuler Robert H. Keeley J. Randolph Speer James C. Beech Theodore O. McQuiston Zoner A. VVissinger Robert DeWaters Carl W. McCutcheon William A. Bonesteel Carl Shaffer John Klinginsmith Blair V. McMillin John Martin Robert M. Gordon Harry R. Murray John B. McCrady Pledges Joseph Preece Norman R. Knauer pXVesley Davis Clyde Jack Paul McQuiggan George Klewer Robert VVombsley ' 'i'Il'f'l1lI1II1I11ll925f1jj33jUjj'mw1 . lm llllllllii Page Tivo HlllZd7'Cd Forty-ilzree 1 I l 1 1 l f -1"" Y i Y 4 pm-i I 1 1 v 1 , 'A' I . lllllldbilllllllll Y 1' f' ' I Phi 51421111161 Phi Kappa Fraternity was founded at Brown University, Providence, R. I., March 6, 1891, by a group of Roman Catholic students. It has enjoyed considerable success until now its Chapter Roll consists of 14 Active Chapters and live Alumni Chapters. Mu Chapter, of Phi Kappa was founded as Psi Delta Chi Fraternity at Pitt in 1920. Psi Delta Chi was granted a charteri by Phi Kappa in May, 1922. -rx -.-: 5 llilllllllll " "IlTU.Il1llII1l 1925 UlIlIEllIlml Q 1 ul lllllllfi View so Page Two Hundred Forty-four a . l F r""'+- ' C , iv' H xi- , 1 1 illllllll I 1 u J , 1' I llllllfhflllll lll G Ili pp ' J 1 I Illlllllllll 4. A Jw Phi 1148111121 Officers President ......................... . . .William J. Blimel Vice-President and Treasurer .... ..... P . Garret Hayes . Corresponding Secretary ...... ..... J oseph R. Bailer Recording Secretary ................. .... C lement A. Gaynor Members 1924 I Leonard S. Fletcher William J. Blimmel-Law, '25 James P. Maloney P. Garret Hayes Robert J. McCarthy Edward T. Fleming A - 1925 Joseph R. Bailer Leo E. Hillery Joseph M. Mrass J. Wray Connoly Walter A. Holzmaster R. John Roberts Joseph- W. Gaus Francis A. Hennigan William J. Snyder Clement A. Gaynor E. Paul Moriarty ' Joseph W. Dougherty Dorsey McQuade ' 1926 John J, Harding Donald Healy Paul Snyder Walter Daugherty Paul M. Melvin Franz Snyder I 1927 Alfred M. Amans Joseph M. Gaynor Robert B. Johnston 1928 Eugene Conti John McVeigh ?x. Pledges J. Vaughn Leddon Francis B. Lawler Frank McCurry Andrew J. Brozic James T. Fawcett Richard Moore 53.1 S. Charles Parilla William Lacey Clyde H. Lies Augustus D. Wheeler Edward Donahue Joseph O'Hagan 'I , . . Y, Y I wnmmlmuszsmixlmimuyp- 'III Page Two Hundred Forty-five x .L ....a. -' -, ' ,, 7' ku: f lllllll .J wa , .. .. 1' .,. n i llllmil-zillnlllll ll UQ ' ' "L T if r ElHi ifmmhha hi Gamma Sigma Qlhapirr The Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity was founded at Yale University in 1895. Soon after, Alpha Chapter at Columbia was admitted, and later New York University was added to the organization. During the trying years' of the inauguration of the Fraternity, there was a great deal of spirit and fraternal love existing among the chapters of these three schools. Each became recognized ,on the Campus entirely through its own efforts and excellent accomplishments in school activities. Pi Lambda Phi was incor- porated as a National Fraternity, and further continued its development by establishing Chapters at Cornell, Lehigh, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Uni- versity of Toronto, McGill University, Stevens Tech, West Virginia and the University of Michigan. Gamma Sigma was installed at the University of Pittsburgh during the year of 1914. Through hard and earnest work, Gamma 'Sigma now enjoys an enviable reputation on the Campus, and is recognized in important activities at the University. L 'wrvtrgumuszis 'M 'Ill c Page Two Hundred Forty-six l C. T f 'M tri " DN---1..- -L - l ' ' ' ' P' L, lid! .lllllllll I LQ u- . S .1 1. LL y Y V l C Hi Eamhim 1Hhi Officers Rex.-Morris Linton K. of A.-Maurice Claster Archon-Sam'l Frankel K. of F..-Macy L. Leuin Archon-Eugene Kline M. of Wi.-Herman I. Arenson Honors Fraters Judge Josiah Cohen Professor Alexander Silverman Leonard S. Levine, Esq. I Louis J. Affelder Fraters in Facufltate Professor Alexander Silverman, A.B., M.S. Alexander Cooper, A.B., LL.B. Mortimer Cohen, M.D. David E. Levin, B.Che. Fraters in Universitate I . 1924 ' Maurice Claster David Ianavitz ' Eugene Kline Macy L. Leuin Milton S. Goldman 1925 ' Herman I. Arenson Leonard Shapiro Bennett Davis Murrel I. Fischer Bernard S. Foster David Silverblatt Maurice Goldstein Manuel Mentser Louis Axelrad Morris Finklehor Joel I. Per Townsend W. Baer Arnold Silverman A 1926 Lewis M. Gessner Leroy Williams Joseph Singer Harry W. Sack Law-1926 Samuel H. Iubelirer Morris Linton Pledges Sol Lasner Bernard Friedman Howard M. Silver Ralph Levison Mulford C. Friedberg David W. Lebowitz Milton S. Gessner Herbert Isaacs Nathen Keller Avrum S. Levy Bernard Cramer Jacob L. Landau Morris M. Ress i t Lilllllllll 1- S 'i'vl'1'CU1IIZlIlD 1925 mJ11IUiU'11+" D yy for IIIIIIIII IQ S 5' Paige Two Hundred Forty-seven l' 15 3 il 'Il 1 li ii 1 1 1 '1 11 1 H .1 l 3? ll 11 H 'n 11 lf 1 1 1 fl fy, nil -1 1 3 1 W ,4 y JI. W 1 A 1 u ' 1 -e f-T ' "' .J " X4 on 2 1 . llllll 11 . . 1' I 1 mm. 'Lflllllllll :Ui 1 I I ' I I Q Bi Min Brita Pi Rho Delta was Qgrganized June 5, 1921, with twelve charter members, and was recognized by University officials on October 21, 1921. Admission to the Inter-Fraternity Conference was granted January, 1924. Since its inception its growth has been steady and co-nsistent. Pi Rho Delta aims to encourage its members to maintain a high standing as students and gentlemen, and to foster cordial and fraternal relationshipf Pi Rho De1ta's first house located at 235 Darragh streetiwas occupied from Sep- ' tember, 1922, until the beginning of the present school year when it was necessary to seek new quarters. The present home which is ideal in every respect is located at 230 McKee Place. 9 Lzlllllllll 1' j 2 g i'P'IV"EU111ZUIH1I92i5emj131mJ'aw-'e so .Ui M mm 1 Page Two Hundred Forty-eight , 'GHEEPQP'-'r'r.rr'f'r' . v A! - - ' i limi" " -.I . l llllll Qflllllllll I fl' F ... C I lil N..... L ' K Hi illhn Brita Officers President ....... ............ ...... A r thur E. Smith 'Vice-President .... ........ .... W i lliam K. Hamblin Secretary ....... ..t. . .O. Collins Dodson Treasurer ..... . .... ........ E dward M. Sarraf , House Manager ...... ............ F rederick Patterson 1924 Arthur E. Smith Edward M. Sarraf Arnutt G. Oberg Harry H. Garber p Clarence C. Schott Harvey H. Kapner Clifton M. Ralph O. Collins Dodson Charles M. Watt, Ir. Robert W. Fahringer Winfield C. Boyd y 1925 A ' Harry Anschuetz Victor Voss CLaw Schoolj Jules E. Lange William Hooper Robert R. Groman William K. Hamblin William Jeffries 1926 Frederick W. Baumann James H. Lewis e' Frederick M. Patterson Lawrence P. Tarr Ernest Sampson William H. Knox J ' Pledges ij? Daniel Jamison S Robert J. Hagerty If 9 George Harrel Robert H. E. Anwyl . ' , A A I "vf'l'ITIIUIlIlLll 1925 iII1Vf' flip: llllllllili Q r 'QQ' ' H f ff'-T -- Page Two Hundred Forty-nine I ,g l- . I . ' - ' W Y 1' SX, 'F--A , ,-, 4 f Aj-f V ' I':.' . . L m. . . - - 1 I a llun.f-P-zmllllulll II' 4' ' I ,,I.EllI1IlIU A A V A 1 1 aaa-fr We -- ,rU, in 1, I Sigma Alpha fipzilnn Sigma Alpha Epsilon was organized at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, on March 9, 1856. It was firstiintended to be a southern fraternity, but after the Civil War it spread north of the Mason-Dixon line. The fraternity now has a chapter at every large college and university in the United States, ninety-four active and thirteen inactive chapters in all. The University of Pittsburgh Chapter, Pennsylvania X O was formerly a local of the same name. On March 9, 1913, it was installed as a chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. The chapter house was originally located on DeSota Street, and later at 4807 Baum Boulevard. In December, 1920, a new home was purchased at 244 Belle- lield Avenue. D 4 1? K G9 --wrmimmtuiuaas l1IlIlIl1T1H"f im llllllf Page Two Hundred and Fifty A IXQPPWM-rf 'M '- i.fi1'I:f' Y Y ' Z "3" - jj W 5 .i.C.2.l.mIU-l I ' ' ' '.' . I lllll!-r4'fll'lllll I ' ' ' ' I I ' xr Sigma Alpha iipzilnn Eminent.Archon.. Officers ......-..-..-.--. . . . .E E. Swisher Eminent Deputy Archon ..... ..... N . L. Frank Eminent Warden. ........... .... X V. Foraker Eminent Herald ..... .... H . F. Nielson Eminent Recorder .... ......... ..... G . W. Miller Eminent Chronicler .... . ............ ....... O . Floyd ROLL Seniors K. W. Bohren L. P. Jordan C. H. Straitiff P. Davis H. L. Latham F. E. Swisher R. Garvin R. P. Ovkfen Juniors . H P. Akin J. Gaddess G. W. Miller N. B. Brown C. L. Galanot T. Murdoch J. Y. Dale W. Whitaker T. Rohrkaste O. Floyd A. F. Gustafson L. Vaniman N L. Frank D. Jamison I. West C, M, -Frey C. E. Keagy H. S. Hays Sopho-moires D. O. Bair W. Foraker H. F. Nielson I. H. Clarke W. James D. Scott L M. Depp I. H. Lapsley F. K. Snyder R. Floyd' I. H. Lenhart R. Thoreson Freshmen Q, Harris I. VV. Leonard Pledges Warnock Boland Grimm Ailes Burns Mohney Armstrong Garrett Musser . I 1925 mjggfgjwli t - nun T muu-B Page Two Hundred Fifty-one I Illllll -' . -el e I i lllllwu llllllll I 11' 'U 5? Sigma Glhi The Sigma Chi Fraternity was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, in 1855. It grew steadily until the Civil War when fraternity and college life was paralyzed ' in general., During the Civil War, Sigma Chi had something that was unparalleled in the Greek world, an active chapter with the armies in the field. After the war Sigma Chi recovered quickly and continued her progress and expansion. In 1909 Beta Theta Chapter was installed at the University of Pittsburgh, the ' oldest national non-professional body on the campus. The young chapter prospered and soon took an active part in all school affairs. Officers W Consul ........ ...... W m. F. Ewart Magistor .... .......... G rant Couffer Pro-Consul .... ..... I ohn M. Malone Annotator .......... Wm. H. Schellhamer . Quaestor .... .... G eorge E. Smith Tribune ................ Leland S. Frantz Associate Editor .... Wm. H. Schellhamer A E Faculty Members Chancellor John Gabbert Bowman, A.B. an Dr. John Bain Sutherland, School of Dentistry A ' A 'FE Prof. Joseph S. Lambie, C.E., School of Engineering ' 12 Prof. Percival Hunt, A.B., of English D'epaftmeat Thomas M. Pearce, A.B., Graduate Assistant .A. lilllllllll "C I p 'ifl 1g25 1aI' 'Ill SIIIII IQ iPage Two Hundred Fifty-two fx I .4', ,. ro llllll 1 1 1 - , J ,Id ,,. II, : T. Wm. L. R. Haines, Jr., Coll Thomas.W. Martin, Bus. Admin. VVm. F. Ewart, Coll. James Siedle, Mines Stanley A. Davis, Coll. Harry S. Matthews, Jr.,.Coll. John Ingham, Bus. Admin. John M. Malone, Coll. Wm. H. Schellhamer, Coll Joseph H. Stalnaker, Coll. Norman Stewart, Jr., Dent. Fred G. Dickinson, Coll. Leland S. Frantz, Coll. Joseph E. Hetrick, Coll. John I. Gearhart, Coll. Alfred M. Lee, Jr., Coll. Marshal H. Beatty, Coll F. B. Hoffman, Coll. Silas E. Thompson, Coll. Edward L. Lloyd. Coll. J. Stanton Funk, Coll. Richard Cable, Coll. I l Sigma Glhi V Senior Law School Ralph C. Schlegal Seniors 1924 George E. Smith, Dent. Hubert Wiggins, Bus. Admin. F James C. Murray, Coll. V Harry Clay, Educ. Juniors 1925 I J. ,Watson Harmeier. Coll. Arthur James, Bus. Admin. Forest G. Thomas, Dent. Brice P. Swyers, Jr., Coll. Sopho-mores 1926 Howard F. Sperber, Bus. Ad. 1 Alexander Hamilton, Coll. Richard Kuhn Coll. W. R. Kelly, Bus. Ad. James W. Kelly, Bus. Ad. Thomas E. Canon, Coll. Jason E. Stone, Jr., Bus. Ad. Freshmen 1927 Louis N. Brown, Coll. John A. Thompson, Coll. Pledges George J. Smith, Coll. Clifton O. Hughes, Dent. James Lewis Thompson, Dent. W. C. Colvin, Dent. 1 H. K. Elder, Dent. f 7 E. F. Hernblom, Dent. 6 i . LWIUJIIED 1925 EU1111IIIlH' 7 gm e lllllllfi Page Two Hundred Fifty-three Grant Couffer, Coll. and Law, '26 I 5 1 v 1,4 y ill .1-:M .ar--.. A4 , . I 513 1 -P Z i -. '-vs - 1 1 V il A ff- fi FF F FF . F ... Q , ll ic.. , l -1 - l lllllw-zalllllllllll 1- Mn --9 P - f . ww- - b-'- W- FF F r' ' " ' ' ' Ji 5 ' l 1 E 15 F , - ls ' F 2 1 f ills UV ill Us ly l Q 1 . i w w 1 l 1 i , 1 l Sigma Iii ... i 1 ' The Fraternity was founded February 26, 1897, by four students at Vincennes Uni- I versity, Vincennes, Indiana. It has expanded until there are now twenty-one active F chapters situated in thirteen states. 14 li' il . The Delta Upsilon Kappawas fcunded in 1920 at the University of Pittsburgh and ll 1 - ' was installed as Chi Chapter of the Sigma Pi Fraternity on March 23, 1923. l Q J M A H, aa- a F F 2 5 as F 5, I y '!l 1925 'll" 'Ill llllllllfi li! Page Two Hundred Fifty-four i ll il l 1 Stanley S. Smith " 4-"-1-'-...- - . r- + " ' ' " 1 I' 1' .1 I . mm "5'i'lllllllll I fy X Sage ............ ' First Counselor .... Second Counselor. . . Third Counselor.. .. Fourth Counselor .... Herald ............ . Correspondent ....... Thomas H. Buchanon Edward W. Busse Arthur O. Fee Charles M. Booher Thomas D. Chattaway J. B. Ferguson Leland W. Hamilton Homer P. Hoffman Lester Lawson Bartlett Thomas I. Brinker Harold V. Currier Lee Richard Herrington George Curtis Kerr Lucester King Barry VV. .V. Briceland Sigma 1Hi Officers y ................Thomas H. Buchanon . . .- ....... VV. Wade King .. ..... George F. Murphy . . . .John N. Schof1eld .-.................. ...Edward W. Busse .....J. B. Ferguson .Homer P. Hoffman Roll of Chapter-Seniors L. Chester Irons Robert C. Mitchell George F. Murphy Juniors Thomas W. King W. Wade King John D. Moffat Clyde M. Naughton John N. Schofield Sophomores Samuel G. Fisher Wilmer M. Fisher Ralph A. Main Freshmen Clarence V. Starrett Thomas V. Yanchus Dale Palmer Schroedel Glen C. Van Camp William W. White William Sloan Moore Herbert R. McLenahan I l Charles W. Letcher Franklin O. Robison Harold Albert Stech 2 Pledges hu I. Harold Dull Thomas S. Hoover Edwin P. Geesey Harold G. Murphy A. James Will wf'I'fU1I1IEUJ i925 Ulfjjimjjnmgi 'III lllllllfi .555 iq' Page T-wo Hznzdrcd Fifty-Jive 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 N rx.. ' W . Y ,--g:"'f' ' p , fab, -r '-'H - g1 r 1111 1 --.1 l lllllve'-zallllllll . HQ 'H' 1 1 . 1 1 , 1 i1 1 ,I Glhvia 611111 1 1 , 1 1 '-1' Theta Chi Fraternity was founded at Norwich University, Northfield, Vermont on April 10, 1856. Since' that time the fraternity has followed a program of very conserva- tive expansion and at present has forty chapters situated in every part of the country. The present University of Pittsburgh Chapter was organized by a group of students from the School of Engineering in December, 1915, underathe name of Sigma Epsilon. The main purpose of' this organization was to get together as many non-fraternity men 1 as possible, as well as to give the School of Engineering a better representation in the 1 University than had been the case previously. Under the lirst constitution, the organiza- ' tion was confined to the School of Engineering. But as time went on in order to get a 1 firmer foundation and a broader held from which to draw its members, it was advisable for the best interests of the organization to apply to a National Greek-letter Fraternity, for admission to' their body. A petition was drawn up, accordingly, and was sent to the ' grand chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity in 1917. The petition was approved in 1918 and Sigma Epsilon became Alpha Beta Chapter of Theta Chi on May 24, 1919. ' Alpha Erin Glhaptn' - Officers President ........ ......... I ohna W. Bowen, Mines '24 Vice-President ..... ..... G eorge Lynch, Eng. '24 V Secretary ....., .... M . M. Iaquette, Dent. '25 4 Treasurer ..... .... R . A. Boarts, Bus. Ad. '25 1 . 1 -se- 1 A I ' 1 1 11 V9 1 ' 1 1 - . . . . '1 lilllllllll " 'i'1 IQ25 11" 'III 1, 1 1 Page Two Hundred Fifty-six 1 ' 1 'T' Y ' X-E YY- ' , W""W"""' ,f j B l.. .,. U l l' ' ' ' ' ' V I llllllrghfllllllllllll I" f 'ill Gfhvta Glhi Seniors ....Eng. Edward Lewis . .. G. E. Duerr. . .. ' .... Eng. George Lynch W. T. Pule ....... . ...Mines .....Eng. .. .... Mines A. C. Stambaugh .... ...Eng. Iohn W. Bowen.. S Juniors - M. M. Iaquette. . . ...... Dent. William Murphey .... .... D ent. R. A. Boarts .... ..... B us. Ad. H. W. Pracht .... .... C ol. J. W. Carlson .... .... M ines William Regan ..... ..... E ng. R. S. Christie ..... .... M ines William Springer .. .... Dent. John Erwin .. . . ...... Dent. I. L. Scofield ........ .... . Eng. A, I. Forrest .... . . .Bus. Ad. Wilmer Schneider .... ....... E ng. P. S. Githens .... . . .Bus. Ad. E. K. Thomas ...... ........ E ng. ' L. E. Irwin .... ............... C ol. George R. VVhite.. Bus. Ad. Harry Lytle .... ............... D ent. Homer Woolslayer .. ....... Eng. . R. E. Meeder .................. Bus. Ad Sophomores Frederick Altman .... ..... D ent. G. R. Moke ...... ...... C ol. G. B. Cunningham ..... .... E ng. Wm. Parsons .... .... D ent. I. K. Duerr ......... .... C ol. Allen Watson .... ..... E ng. S. W. Long ......... .... C ol. William Webb ..... ..... E ng. Pledges ' Andrew Barclay ....... ..... C ol. Robert Hutchinson .. . .... .Col Thomas Bartholomew .... ...... C ol. Paul W. Kelly ........ .... C ol. . , Hugh Church .......... ..... D ent. George Mitchell . . . .. . .Col. if- William Cozad ....... ..... D ent. Clifton Skinner .... .... C ol. i Frank Creath ...... ..... D ent. Kenneth Young . . . .... Col. Victor Crookston . . . ...... Col. William Dietrich . . . . . . .Col. .5-,-E. Hugh Crossland . . ........ Col. Hugh VVallace . . . .. . . Col. wil . Faculty Member Prof. E. R. Rath llilllllllll I-i '."V'TUIlU1lIU 1925 EUIIIUIUH' 'L 'wig llllllllii Page Two Hundred Fifty-seven l llllllcrlllll lll M 4 lil' , TT "4" Elyria Brita, Hai I Theta Delta Psi, under-graduate Fraternity, was founded in the fall of 1920 for the purpose of providing a medium through which its members might more successfully strive toward ideals of high personal character, good scholarship and loyalty to Alma Mater. ' ' ' ' The fraternity was organized on December 6, 1920, with Henry W. Angus, president, C. R. Foster, Jr., vice-president, Theodore R. Crandell, treasurer and Roy W. Jacobs, secretary. Official University recognition came on February 2, 1921, and admission to the Inter-Fraternity Conference soon later. Theta Delta Psi first occupied a house at 446 Amberson Avenue, but at the close of the college year found it necessary to seek new quarters. The present home, 442 Amberson Avenue, is commodious, thoroughly equipped, and well situated. T"Y'T1Lx""' i -IHIIIIIIII! H H925 Illlliillllssuv 'I 'ull it Pugh' Two Hzmdred Fifty-eight S. 1' 'L' - ' - ' - l . mm. - mu l ug - g . it N 1 1 l Elheta Brita Elini C 1 11-i Oflicers President ........ .............. .... W i lliam M. Porter Vice-President ..... .... C harles W. Dodson Secretary ........ ...... C hester B. Hays Treasurer. . . ....... ....... D onald A. Duff Steward .... .......... . . .N. Adolph Hansen 1924 Waldo E. Baker George P. Graham Charles WV. Dodson N. Adolph Hansen r A. Conley Torrence . S 1925 - Wayde Bloom Donald M. Rolston Whitford P. Geiser James W. Stocking William M. Porter Paul K. Stewart William W. Wightman 1926 Donald A. Duff L. Craig Long Chester B. Hays Lloyd A. Taylor John R. Johnson R.,Kenneth Thompson X-.. .. fgi 'H' 1927 - K 7 J. Frank Arthurs Ira 0. Major J 3-,. Lawrence B. Biebel - John V. Miller -at Ambrose Eves, Jr. W. Crane Remaley G. Lester Forsythe Kenneth R. Wolfe is 7 Gordon G. Garrett Kessler R. Woodruff ldlllllllll 'lf""f"'ii . "vV"lUIlIUIl1J 1925 EUJIIIEUJW' ' I in llllll lfi Page Two Hundred Fifty-nine F. O I -Q- A I-'f lat 3 V - x Iblllllll it .. if -1 I . lllllweglllllllll . ff' V" is Alpha Bella 1Hi The Adelphian. Society was the first secretsociety to bel formed. It was founded at VVesleyan College, Macon, Georgia, May 15, 1851. In. 1905 the name of the Adelphian Society was changed to Alpha Delta Phi. In 1913 it changed its name to Alpha Delta Pi to avoid confusion with the men's fraternity, Alphaf Delta Phi. It now has 37 active chapters and 39 Alumnae- Associations. Thelocal chapter, Alpha Delta Pi,'was installed at the 'University of Pittsburgh, February 15, 1920. The local name of Alpha Iota was "Sorosis." - Seniors Elizabeth MacFarlane Claire McKay Mary Bigham juniors Ida Neugebauer Lorena Orr Cortula Loos Sophomores Elsie Thomsen Elizabeth Barclay Marcella Acker May Kelty Mamie McDowell Florence Blose , Frances Keefer , Doris Rigby Freshmen A Martha Klein -U l Pledges G 9 Carol Miller Eileen Ihmsen 1 9" a 1925 lIl111I1IU'l11w'f"' 5 'Ill lllllllllllii Page Two Hundred Sixty , f""""1-'-J - , ,v U XS- I ' I . ' I C I C llllIL'4"illllllllllll "' J ' L' 1 Olhi Gbmvga Officers President ..... .1 ............ .... J anet Johnston Vice-President .. .... Margaret Gwin Secretary ............ ...... A lma I-Ilavac Treasurer ......... g .... .H ....... Bertha Zeigler Chapter Correspondent. . . ..... . . .Margaret E. Probst 1924 ' Janet Johnston .Doris Corbett Margaret Gwin 1925 Bertha Zeigler ' V Alma Hlavac Marion Bolander 1926 Charlotte Corbett Margaret E. Probst Pledges Francis Napoleon Louise Etzel Kathryn Tencate Martha Regester Elsie Knoblach Helen Miller , Elizabeth Moffat Isabella McKnight Josephine Tobin Jl!Il'J I flgllp' Page Two Hznzdrcd Sixty-011 +1 if X I N W E X W 1' S il f A ,. F- T -1 . lllnlnil-Dzalllllllulll I" + N-F 1 , , 4, f 1 Jf .T J i i 1 l Alpha Brita Sigma i I I l I T I 3 ' V 4-1, 'f'fTUI1ImIH 192suILrm:m1 w- 'url l Page Two H u1zdred Sixtjr-two 1 I ll' I ,J - L ' ,. f'- if .gpg S a L: W , .. lqlllllllll I l ' ' 1 I I Alpha Brita Sigma Officers President ........... ......... . . ..... Myrtle Peters Vice-President , ....... .... V irginia Kiorb Recording Secretary ......... Mabel Reid Corresonding Secretary .......................... ,. .Inez Love Treasurer ............................... Mildred Shrecongost - Active Members 1924 Esther Koons Inez Love Virginia Korb Myrtle Peters Mabel Reid ' 1925 Frances Johnston Gladys Pearson Mildred Shrecongost 1926 Florence Cox Verna Curry Margaret McAnulty 1927 Florence Chitester Margaret Hutchinson Sara Shaw Pledges ' Grace Caster Eleanor Larson ... Dorothy Koons Rebecca Riley " Facullty Advisors Virginia H. Bartlett Mrs. W. H. Shelton , -M Patro-ness Mrs A E Frost 1 s-fifrmmmuszs mmtnwy - be Page Two Hundred Sixty-tlzree f-' --' ' ' if SE -T . rgjmlul 1 I ' I t lllllL'4 ' l llll l -V "' in ' ' I J .L . 1 f l t gn, -R 'Q , 4.- ' Alpha iipzilnn 1Bhi Alpha Epsilon Phi was founded at Barnard College, New York, October 24, 1909. Nu Chapter, organized as Chi Gamma Theta, was installed at the University of Pitts- burgh May 5, 1920. The national organization numbers nineteen active chapters and live graduate bodies. I ' Conventions are held triennially, The official publication of Alpha Epsilon Phi is the Q1LGVfCl'I37. The social service work of the national organization is centered on the establishment and support of dent-al clinics in different- parts of the country. .A 'ij has T r on f at Hg- "H 4 llblllllllll gg IMA, H l lfTm1m1m1925 Ujmmmgg g Page Two ,Hzmdred Sixty-fam' C ,,...s.,.. f' Mkwwrerf ....., ICDHHIUW I' ' ' ' -1 I 1 llllllaibflllllllll I 11' - f I 1 u 1 A, i 'V' Alpha Epnilnn 1Bhi - Officers Dean ...... ........... ....... E t hel Saniel Sub-Dean ...... Theresa Kahn Scribe ....... ..... B eatrice Chernoff Chancellor .. ....... .... B essie Steinman 1924 Helen Brooks Ethel Saniel Bessie Steinman 1925 Elsie Gerard Theresa Kahn Pauline Schwartz 1926 Yetta Azen Elsie Hepps Gertrude Siegal 5 1927 1 1 Stella Josselson Ida Labowitz J W - Pledges is T? Florence Engleman Florence Green 'li Sylvia Frankel Rosalind Levy Rae Jean Fried Dorothy Margolis A A .4 - L lllllllll 1' "IVVEU1IUEU 1925 UIIIHIDMI- f vig so lllllllfi : - r eq' ' " "" T Page Two Hznzdrefl Szlisly-five n 1 A1 F 'if' E5 Alpha Xi Bella . Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity was founded at Lombard College, Galesburg, Illinois, April 17, 1893. There are thirty-Eve active college chapters and twenty-four active alumnae chaptersg The quill is the badge, and gold' and' double' blue are the colors. The national convention, held every two years, brings together chapters of Wide separa- tion geographically, but ones Whose national spirit is unity. The local history of Alpha Alpha Chapter began with the organization of Alpha Delta in 1917. The Pittsburgh alumnae chapter, together with Marguerite Roberts, Iota, and Muriel Scott, Delta, were instrumental in founding the local -which four months later became Alpha Alpha Chapter. - T ' a A--wmrrmmgunszsmzmzuinw-I lm i Page Two Hundred Sixty-six 1 l x ul Nl4' ' ' ' ri " 'N-ff H 1QUIEUll'a" -A' L I lllllidkflllllllll I 11- 1.1 r I r L Alpha Xi Brita V Officers President , ...... ................. A nna Louise Baker Vice-President . .. ....... Jean G. Ballou Secretary ............... ......... L ouise Luke Treasurer ................ ....... M argaret Lewis Corresponding Secretary ................. Dorothy I. Douthitt . Graduate Membens Adelaide Iones Miriam Bomhard Helen Hart 1924 Helen Aults Edna Ling - Jean Dawson- Geraldine Deemer Helen Sponcler Marie Rewbridge 1925 Jean G. Ballou Dorothy I. Douthitt 1926 Eloise Bomhard Louise Luke Anna Louise Baker Margaret Lewis -5 1927 Dorothy Dotterer Pledges Ruth Hartman Dorothy Hahn . , -., 1Q25 lll"i, 'III llllllllfi Page Two Hzmdrcd Sixty-seven I 1 , f l l , P l . l ' g t J'-'af ' ' ' if gg 8 f one 5 I I I I ' . ',' , I llllllruillllllllllll ' ' f ' ' l lr D 8' 8' t , l l I 3 l is il ' , 4 r l l i l Q 1 t .. Ill , ' I , . i . l Brita Brita Brita I Delta Delta Delta Fraternity was founded at Boston University, Thanksgiving Eve, ii l 1888. It has grown since that time until the chapter roll, now numbers sixty-tive I l d chapters. Membership in the active chapters is limi-ted to twenty-seven. Mrs. W. i M. Hudson is the National President. ' A l I Alpha Theta chapter was installed at the University of Pittsburgh on April 17, 1915. ' I n , . 4' ., l I i ll 1 l l 3 E- g QP l f il F 9 2 i I 4 i i i -4 . . . IQQIIIIIIIII H y M 'WVITDIJIDILD 1925 UIIH1IUl""i "H D ll'll'f-iff A . i Page Two Himdred Sixty-eight all s l N 1 4 mr" V ' i Y U f"3""""1' ' ' ' - g ' - ' as be lllllw--.zullllllllll 11' - ' - . . 1 f QF Evita Evita Evita t ' ' Office-rs ' A C President ...... ............... D orothy Klingensmith Vice-President ......... ...... , Lucy Chamberlain Secretary .............. ..... I sabel McBane Treasurer ................ ...... ' .Caroline Clark Corresponding Secretary .... Elizabeth Warnock Marshal ............................. ..... S arah Stoughton House Manager ................... C .... ....... A nne Schaab Active Chapter 1924 Lucy Chamberlain Dorothy Klingensmith Christine Hooper 1 Ruth Walmer - 1925 Caroline Clark , Margaret Sander Louise Hoge Anne Schaab Sara McAdams Sarah Stoughton Margaret Norris Elizabeth Warnock Elizabeth Zeigler 1926 X Lucille Evans Mary Louise McClelland Isabel McBane Dorothy Neidhart ' Helen Weigel -E Pledges H Anne Brant Kathleen Parker . I W 1 Helen Buse Dorothy Soost -rg Marie Ewing Mary Florence Taylor E D 1, Signe Granberg Jane Zacharias fi V Marion Hildebrand Ellzabeth Zlffgler Ililllllllll 1- ey 1925 UID1ICD'lH" 1 un umunna Page T100 H'1lllfi7Cd Sixty-1Li1ze --f""f"w- ' fr D' 1.:-,- ' ' " Y T 4 I1 u I - l A ' t l lllllkfihillllllllllll "' L 1 " ' 'lc Evita Zvia Delta Zeta was founded at Miami University on October 24, 1902. So -far, forty. chapters have been chartered. Q 2 y Conventions of the Fraternity are held biennially. The 1924 convention will be held in June at Northwestern University. The public of Delta Zeta is known as The Lamp. .Delta Zeta, aside from the work of the different chapters, as a national organiza- tion has a Student Loan Fund for its memb-ers. The fraternity is active, too, in social service iworkg it maintains several settlement houses at Caney Creek in the Kentucky mountains. These are known as the Lamps. Omicron Chapter was installed at Pitt, January 20, 1916. I 1 .n y 19215 UI1IIIUj'lm' ' p it in bunn ies Page Two' Hmzdrcd Seventy V9 X X 0 Ju i iw, J Li-'-3 ,fl.C-QUTIIHIW I' 1 ' ' " ' f H I IIIIIIIIIIIIIQI W l Brita Zeta Ofiicers President ............. ........... . . .Virginia Eaton Vice-President ............ Dorothy Naurnann Corresponding Secretary .. ...... Marion Wible Recording Secretary . .. ..... Leona Reschke Treasurer ............ ......... M agdalene Austen House Manager .... .................. Florence Raber Seniors Virginia Eaton Leona Reschke Dorothy Naumann Dorothy Vogeley Florence Raber Lauretta Weirich i Juniors Magdalene Austen Elizabeth Seville Lonore Frazier Marion Wible Eleanor Thomas ' Sophomores Margaret Boleky Helen Milar Janet Hedden Katherine Morrison Dorothy Lillick I Dorothy Parker Dorothy Torreyson Pledges 7'-5' Helen Arble Jessie Rayburn Margaret Moore Eleanor Reschke M, Dorothy McKim Virginia Rumble 'ff' Dora MacMahon Venus Shakarian Elsa Prager Ruth Stultz ' I "nf'lTlI1JlIlIDI925UIIJI12UIl1v" 'Ill llllllllfi W to iq! was r X g Page Two Hundred Seventy-ovzc 1 n r,. 4 4 . l l A 'l Q! I 1 J 1 Q I L s ll i I r r r r i l .41 N 14,-1. W Y V - f mv" I 'STE 4 Iilllilll I Isl I ' ' ' p I lllllI.'4'i'llllllllllll "' ' ' ' l '77 Kappa Alpha Gilpin Alpha Gbmrga Qlliaptrr Kappa Alpha Theta was organized at DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana, January 27, 1870. It was the Hrst Nvomen's Greek letter fraternity to be founded. There are now fifty active chapters and forty-one alumnae-chapters. The national officers ar-e: Martha Cline Huffman, presidentg Jessie Baldridge' Lebrecht, vice-presidentg L. Pearle Green, secretarygv Marie Davis Thomson, treasurer, Alpha Omega chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta was organized at the University of Pittsburgh as Pi Theta Nu. It was the first fraternity here to be granted a charter from a national and was installed as Alpha Omega chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta on December 4, 1915. ' il F 9 -4 lilllllllll " V 'i'lp 1925 1l" 'lil T 1 p Page Two Hzuzdrcd Seventy-two .1 V 'W rs- N ,,,.-. ,.,, N 41 4-.X "H-uni 1,-,- I Q il A - ha' - .. , , . Y g- V li A H V Illll ll I I ' F H ' -A I llllllrtt-i l lllllll II' ' pp A V I In ' Fi 1 I I IIIIIIILQ 1 . If V Zliappa Alpha Zillivia t Alpha Gbmvga Glhaptrr Officers President ....... ............ ..... R u th Y. Stephens Vice-President . . . ........... Nan Steele V Secretary ....... ..................... F lorence Dutney- Treasurer ..... .................. E lizabeth Highberger Post Graduate Katherine True Seniors Ruth Y. Stephens Florence Dutney Nan Steele Nell Steele Viola Welsh U Cora DeBray juniors F Marion VVolcott Coralee Keffer Elizabeth Highberger Louise Patterson Frances Koenig ' Sophomores A Martha Miller Katherine Coit Eliza Jane Reynolds Ruth Klingelhofer Margaret Grier Jeanne Muter Evangeline Koenig Harriet Rose Helen Lloyd Freshmen -11 . Dorothy Andrews Mary McElheny J Helen Carson Anna Bess Mathews Helen Clayson Dorothy Russell -55- Pledges Q Sarah Meanor Margaret Roller 1 f-nV"l'U1lIlIlIUl925 UJJJIEQJMIV p p 'Ill lllllllfi Page Two Hundred Seventy-tlzffee I L I I I I I 4,15 - ,TP g " 'X-.sftn Y ,a f1IIII1IIIIlIII 'H - I l . lll mfli-ezalllllllllllr II' g 'j g'i I YAY,-YIIYIIII' HWY 'ff my V ,,,, ,.,...r-f-.. , . In I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 'Kappa Brita Xi Qlhaptrr X Kappa Delta Sorority, was founded at Virginia State Normal, Farmville, V1fg1U.13, I October 23, 1897. Since then it has enjoyed a steady, consistent growth untilinow 1tS roll includes forty-five active college chapters and thirty-one alumnae associations. I Kappa Delta maintains for its members a Student Loan Fund to assist girls through college and a House Loan Fund to help chapters own their own homes. It has endowed and supports a section of the Richmond- Hospital for Crippled Children, as a memorial , to Virginia, the state of its birth, and as a philanthropic contribution. In addition to this centralized h'l h ' ' ' ' ' ' U 1 p iant ropy, social service work is done 1nd1v1dually by chapters and, I associations. I Kappa Delta's silver iubilee was celebiated ' g I Q ,D ' in June, 1923, when its biennial con- I vention was held in Virginia, its mother state. An endowment fund was instituted. I gilnewspresident and chapterian were elected. The present officers- are: President, Sarah ueg e t " ' I f cre ary, Estell Angir Treasurer Lulu Grace Sab R , , resong egistrar, Ethel Mac- pherson: Chapterian, .Gladvs Puffh: Editor, Chr' t' H ' g is me opkins. X1 Chapter was installed at the University of Pittsburgh March 13, 1920. 1925 an iw I Y ' Page Two Hundred Seventy-four -i s .M-25... f--1' 5 F Y - Slum:-spa, v- YW .. EJ 41"' i' ' ' . . ' . ' ' . .. lllllirikillllllllllll lv" '-Qmlimm W L ' I I r I I 'Kappa Evita . ' ' Patronesses Mrs. James C. Reed Mrs. N. Andrew N. Cleven Soror in Facusltate Beatrice Young Officers President .... ..................... L ucille O'Donnell Secretary .... ..... , ,. J.cAlma Lorch Treasurer .... ..... V . . .' .......... ..... ildred Guiney Editor ..... ......................... X Vilverda Hodel Active Members 1924 Lillian Burig Helen Clinch Sarah Clarke Wilverda Hodel A Lucille O'Donnell 1925 - V Mildred Guiney Anna Mullen P Josephine Kazamrous Miriam Marshall Pitsclmer Nellie Powell 1 1926 Nellie Ash Helen Schulze . Alma Lorch Pledges ,ha Susan Arnold Helen Gilmore Lorena Mondereau 'P Lillian Cole Gladys Gourley Mary Nixon J Pearl Dietrich Thelma Helm Myrtle Peacock -z Mildred Gamble Dorothy Ludwig Frances Ullery Madeline Waugaman Margaret VVieland Marie Wieland ' .4 A 9 as .af g 5 - "n. 1925 Ujjjjjjjjwii- far: I lllllllfi 'Www Page Two Hmzdrcd .Sietferztgr-five ..-.N 1-1- 411 -Luxu- FLQMID-,,, ,-, ' 'I -, Q lllllb llllllllll I U' 'Hr 17 liappa ltapqzm Mamma Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded on October 13, 1870, at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois, and was the second women's Greek-letter fraterniy to be founded. At the present time there are fifty active chapters and Alumnae Associations in more than fifty cities. National conventions of the fraternity are held bi-ennially, province conventions being held in the years alternating with the national convention. The national con- vention will be held in june of this year at Bigwin Inn, Lake o-f Bays, Ontario, Canada. a During the interim of conventions the affairs of the fraternity are managed by a National Council composed of five members which at present consists of: National Presi- dent, Mrs. May Whiti1ig,Westerman,n, of Bronxville, New York, National Vice-Presi- dent, Miss Marion V. Ackleiy, of Detroit, Executive Secretary, Mrs. Della Lawrence Burt, of Bryan, Texas, National Registrar, Miss Marie .Leghornkof Seattle, Wash- ington, and Editor of The Key, Mrs. Rosalie Geer Parker, of Brooklyn, New York. Aside from the individual activities of the various chapters, Kappa Kappa Gamma, as a national organization, maintains a Student's Aid Fund and an Endowment Fund. The Student's Aid Fund is not limited to members of Kappa Kappa Gamma, but is open to all women. students attending' colleges where the fraternity has a chapter. The fraternity is also active in philanthropic work, one of its more important undertakings being the support of a Mission for the war-stricken children of France. In 1917 the fraternity established a dispensary at Bellevue-Meudon, a suburb of Paris, which it supported for over five years, and in the maintenance of which the members of the fraternity continue to have an active interest. . The Key of Kappa Kappa Gamma, the publication of which was authorized in 1881, was the 'first journal published by a Wo1men's' fraternity. Gamma Epsilon chapter was established atthe University on February 21, 1919, when a National Charter was granted tothe members of E. R. O., fa local organized in 1916. The insignia Of the fraternity isa golden key, its colors are light and dark blue, and its flower the fleur-de-lis. + . C 1 G L' m""" " 'f'iVl 1925 ll11Il1I12UIfTH'.' ' f in be lllllllfi Page Two Hmzdred Seventy-six lp ,Hg-1 ,-- F -' ' L: ' -- X45 a--' - ,A - , V -g ,TEHUIU lf' . ' I llllllrifiilllllllll I H- - I it 'Kappa iliappa Mamma President . . . . . . Q ...... Olive VVilt Treasurer .............. .... C harlotte Beachler Recording Secretary . ..... ...... G race England Corresponding Secretary .... ...... A gnes Hewitt Registrar ................ ..... M arie Lefranc Marshal .............. , .............. .... H elen Gilleland ' Active Members " - A 1924 Grace England Frances Stevens Marion Jones Virginia Weinschenk Ruth Read Sarah Weinschenk Frances Rock Y Olive Wilt 1925 Alice Aston Agnes Hewitt Charlotte Beachler ' Marie Lefranc Mildred Buckley Margaret Meals Hele-n Fleming Frances Saurman 1926 Harriet Arthur Ianet McLean Helen Gilleland Margaret Thompson Helen Howard Helen Toay ' Pledges Florence Allison Mary Davenport Ruth Emanuel Elizabeth Gilleland 'Margaret Miller -F-imimlilrmnuszs yin g Page Two Hmzdrcd Set'f'1zz'y-sawn . -I N ' 5' " f' Xe ' ljjlllll 'fl n 1 . - ' ' A I llllllru'i?llllllll 5 "' g gg ' ' ' 1 L ' , LU? 1Hhi H1111 Erin CHIPTEI Clheqatm' Phi Mu, the second oldest secret organization for women, was founded January 4, 1852, at Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia, but was not made known to the public until March 4, 1852. It was then known as the Philomathefon Society. From its founding until the present time, the organization has 'retained the characteristics of its original fraternal bond, the same high ideals, qualification of membership, insignia, ritual, and constitution, the only changes being those necessitated by the passage of years and the transition from a local to a nation-wide sphere. The first magazine, the Philomatheon Gazette, was published in 1857. The fraternity's publications now include a Monthly Bulletin, an Aglaia Quarterly, and an Esoteric Annual. . ' . Phi Mu grew steadily in tradition and influence in the Southern states. Robert E. Lee, Commander-in-Chief of the Confederate Army, and Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy, were honorary members. Now the fraternity is well represented over the entire country, charters having been granted to forty-one chapters. Twenty- six Alumnae Chapters have also been chartered, making aitotial membership of over 6,000 The Phi Mu Healthmobile operating in relief work among the poor and illiterate of the Georgia mountains is an attempt to pay the Mother State the debt Phi Mu daughters recognize. The fraternity also provides the Alpha Memorial Scholarship Fund which affords loans to those of its members 'who have me-t with unfortunate cir- cumstances. The local Beta' Theta chapter of Phi Mu, formerly known as Alpha Mu, was char- tered September'22, 1920. 1 IWW -AJ - - r V9 A +13-W g ISZSIIJJJIUIHH' 1 'fn Q llllllll Page Two Hundred Seventy-eigjht .un-. F.-A--. L. .gr A ' , Y" P ,k iii ' ' ' ' ' - -La .. . - llllll l-zllllllllllll 11' . 1 . 1,-L5 I I IIIIIIIQI lf. K A V. . lvjx 1 .. 1 :Q uf , if . 2 4 V 'V :-.5 , ,. , .,.,wf"" , . fi .QQ gig' M ff- ' T A Q , Q 5 ,is W ,, I . f., ' ' Q , 1 . 'y,. V ,jx-if 1 -s 1 I . V -I 'Q f:5X4Ff5.'2, ' - ' - is is 2 L -115: . A J . 2 P Z,i 1 L , .. , .,. QQ.-5 :EQ 155, I. j - .. .JY V - V, - ., . , - ,V .V,,V,V V , ,V, , . . . ..,.. V H . f A ' p fe' ' 9 N " Vs A XV , : . ..e-,4Vc..7,Vv:mV7 - ,JM f 1 . .- , ' I ' .f 1. , f -My iw ,.,4V' ,-.1 .f . A xh,, X . . ...W ,.,. H, , J , Nw" ' C 7i.f' , . - . z ffigfwc Y Tu' N- 4 35' f V ': ' . V 1 ' . V A 1- Q ' 4 i ' x f ' - ' ."2'1::W2f" : .. " -. '- x ' r , Ze - VZ- V Y ' . -nz , M .MV M . , , is V ' - Q I-wr ' Q 4, A I Wg., f fi-f sl. . ., V 45 , V A ,L 1 v ..3,.,n in A V 4 V va i J 'til , ' ' ' 1 if 6' ' , ' -' wa , 5731.9 - .- f Q ,,A,, W' f ,, . L 9 1511i fllllu Alumna Advisor A Patroness Lesley B. Hastings I President ...... ls Vice-President . . . Chapter Secretary .. Mrs. Gilbert Weavei' Officers ..... . .. .....Valois Carothers . . .Pauline Lingenfelser ......Grace-DeWalt Corresponding Secretary .. . . . Madolin Craig Treasurer ............... ..... G ladys Ley Registrar . . Eleanor Peoples Clara Plummer Valois Carothers Grace DeWalt 5 Grace B. Jones ..ClaraPlummer Active Alumnae Ethel Lloyd 1924 Madolin Craig 1925 A. Grace Steele 1926 ' Gladys Ley Pauline Lingenfelser Pledges V P Helen E. Campbell Gertrude M. Jones 1 Helen M. Birney Jean E. Dyson Sydney V. Boyd Hazel R. Hamilton Mildred A. Kerr Mary Frances Davis WI '192i5iCmm nl f 'ni Page Two Hundred Seventy-nine J "- 1 1 1 1 ' 1 I . lllllL"'t'flllllIlll I l ' ' , ' ' I 1Hi Evra Phi The founding of Pi Beta Phi, the Hrst national secret college society 'for women to be modelled after men's Greek-letter fraternities, marked the beginning of a distinctly new epoch in women's educational life. In April of 1867, twelve women students of Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois, established the fraternity under the Latin name of I. C. Sorosis. It havingbeen decided that the fraternity should be a national organi- zation, a second chapter was established at Iowa Wesleyan University, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, the following year. A ' In 1888 the name of I. C. was officially changed to Pi Beta Phi by an act of the Illinois Legislature. There was no change in constitution, ritual, purpose, or basic ideals of the fraternity. Pi Beta Phi has at the present time 68 active chapters and 116 alumnae clubs. In 1906 the fraternity, as a national group, established a Scholarship Fund of 31,000 to be awarded competitively to any two Pi Phi undergraduates. Later a Fellowship Fund, of S500 was established to be used 'in any college of the United States or Europe. Pi Phi,s activities were not confined to the field of higher education alone. Since 1910 the fraternity has maintained a Settlement School at Gatlinburg, Tennessee, in honor -of the Founders.- Pennsylvania Delta Chapter of Pi Beta Phi, formerly Dianthians, was chartered at the University of Pittsburgh, September 19, 1918. lbl lllllll If --inmmjjggggig qmmgj-,e,,,.aIf A ,i,,, s Page Two Hinidred Eighty I 9' 35,2155-T-11-rrv"' ,K I 1 3j.lJIl11IVI I' I ' - - t l llllli lllll lll ll- - . . 1 IIIIIIIIIIIILQ es 3 W 1Hi 'listen ight Patroneisses Mrs. Edward R. Weidlein Om a Mrs. VVilliam F. Faragher cc-:rs President ..................................... Mary E. Burke Vice-President ....... ........ .... E l eanor Matthews Recording Secretary ....... ....... D 'oris Lindbom Corresponding Secretary ......... .......... R uth Trirnble Treasurer .............................. Margaret McConahey 1924 Eleanor Matthews 25 Kathryn Muir 19 - Mary E. Burke 2 Ruth Trimble 19 6 Nellis I-Temple Margaret McConahey Doris Lindbom Elizabeth. VVebster Dorothea Lucas 1927 Fern WCIH 'EE Anna Barrett Sarah Harman H' Alice Fehr Sylvia Hannan I Lyshcth llamilton Ruth J0h11S'f011 3, Catherine McCullough ' p i Pledges A it Elizabeth Thomson Dorothy MCC0UH8'hCY IIEIIIIIIIII 1- r "'f"Il31llU1YU 1935 m333IU3li"7 ' do ' LLL, .Z wie? -Q Page Two Htzuzdred Eighty-one . m ' ul 1 ,Q A - Q l ' 4 ist W . -' , y r f of r a if . e - 1 ji Ulf RIIEIJJILUJ 11 fl - . ' 1 l i lllllbr---fllllllllllll 1' w U Tai V I V W-YW J if mn--W Y , f ,W 4511,---,-----f -V-'W' I Sigma Eamhim Glhi ' Sigma Lambda Chi, a local fraternity for Jewish Women, was granted official recognition by the University January 16, 1923. It was admitted into the Pan-Hellenic Association of the University of Pittsburgh February 13, 1923. The charter members were: Dorothy Lerman, Zelda Solomon, Pauline Rubin, Esther Harter, Frances Lan- daw, Marian Barnett, Julia Hadas, Sadie Saul, and Racille Srolovitz. The pledges We-re: Belle Bornstein, Helen Lefkovvitz, Rose Margolis, and Annette Nosoff. l lg to I- , l925I1J11I1111FU"'i 'rw Page Two Hundred Eighty-two V .5 121.7 K fn' iff K - ', WF U H if -3 W lLD.UIlIUJ I1 Q I - I1 S I A lllllsw-falllllllllll in . . 1 lllllllllllll-31 J, 'iff TF ,Sigma liamhha Qlhi President ........... .... F rances Landaw Vice-President ........ ..... i .Sadie P. Saul Recording Secretary ...... ..... A nnette Nosoff Corresponding Secretary .... Racille Srolovitz Treasurer ................ . ..... Pauline Rubin Historian .. ......... ..... I ulia Hadas 1924 Pauline B. Rubin 1925 Marian Barnett Frances Landaw Julia Hadas - Sadie P. Saul Esther Harter . Racille Srolovitz i 1926 Belle Bornstein Ruth Meritzer H Rose Margolis Annette Nosoif -3 ' Pledges I Q 1' Sadie Breman Helen Lefkowitz 5-, Martha Cohen Tessie Morrison Miriam Kirkel Pauline Pruger fi 9 Dorothy Knina Ida Reich A A 4. lillllllllll I- HIVHLJJIEUIED 1925 lflIlIl1IlJ'l"" 9 ' "l 9 """"5'9' Page Two Hundred Eighty-three I I J- .- I . F I ' if if-1 I i "g -H 4 I ' I I Il I I I A ',' I . lllllhfilzflllllllll I I" , ' ' I I I pam I ' i. . I I .I I I Y I I I Zilhvia 15111 Alpha Theta Phi Alpha Fraternity Was, founded at Detroit, Michigan, in 1912. The local I - chapter was organized in 1920 under the name of the O. K. A. Club, and was later known as Epsilon Pi Epsilon. ln May, 21922, it was installed as Kappa Chapter of 'Theta Phi Alpha. ' I I I I , I I I K qv I I I I I I ': 'Ji' I llilllllllll I- I 1-Iimmmgmlqgzig Ujyggmmli- 'III mm 'I 'WQSFQP I A Page Two Hmzdred Eighty-four ' I . LWAPAW, ,, ,-.,..., A,.,,, 54"-'S u 1 Al l Q I I i - i V' ,L I A lllllfhilllllllll I I" ' 4 'NY X K mmm iam Alpha Oflicers President ............... ........ .... R o semary McMahon Vice-President ........... v. .... Angela McDermott Corresponding Secretary . .. . . . 4 ..... Ruth Grusch Recording Secretary ...... Kathleen Burgun Treasurer .............. ......... ........ L o is Barry Members I 1924 L Lucille Behan Margaret Maher Sylvia Burgun Rosemary McMahon y l 1925 K Lois Barry Margaret Leclden Margaret Enright Angela McDermott 1926 U Kathleen Burgun a Kathleen Noble Ruth De Witt Kathrun Philpott A: Carolyn Ecklund Eleanor Rogerson 'W Ruth Grusch Gertrude Schilling Lucy Kennedy Elizabeth. Smith L Pledges i Gladys Boslett V Agnes Cafferty V' Alice Murtha - Lillllllllll 1- g 1925 ElQQlIEEtU'I11" fin umn-ua Page Two Hundred Ezqhfy fiv Z' ... ' ww- H 'S' ' ' t " """'t" " " ' 9 e I 9 Zeta Elan Alpha Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity was founded at the Virginia State Normal School Farm- ville, Virginia, October 29, 1898. There are now forty-tvvo chapters enrolled among the various universities and colleges - f th -U ' d chapters. ' o e nite States. -There are twenty-two alumnae Chi Chapter was installed at the University of Pittsburgh the Sth of November, 1915. It was formerly known as the C. I. C. Club. It was the first VVomen's National Fraternity on the Pitt Campus. Since its establishment at the University, the fraternity has supported all forms of activities-athletic, scholastic, and literary. -.AA - -o r V9 9 I-ep U is H--nI'I'l'UjIUjI11gl92A5 UIlIHI1j"IsaU im um : Page Two Himdrcd Eiglity-six Viv, "N mm Jllllllll all 2 TV J ini., U i lllnu l "-: If ,I 1 1 V l X l v 1 i l l l I I E Zvia Elan Alpha a . I -1... Ofiicers President ...... ............. H . Elizabeth Morrison . Vice-President .. .......... Monica Scott . Secretary ...... ...Louis E. Durant it Treasurer .. .................... .... L ouise Kregar ' Active Chapter Seniors Anna Barron Betty Morrison . Mary Cook Jane Reed Helen Kre-gar Jean VVright Louise Wright Juniors Mary Kammerer Lois E. Durant Margaret Miller Louise Kregar Monica Scott Lois Hurst Sophofmores Martha Gambrill . Helen Hagen . t f Gladys Howard Erma Young n A Pledges Violet Bortz Grace Hartman . Phillipine Johnson Pearl Marshall Frances Wright Laura Moye Lois Newby Margaret McCartney A Martha Schmucker . -IIVITUIUIEJ 1925 m1111j1jj'mf - ' 'Ill lllllllfi i Pave Two Hundred Emhfv seven J 4 l 4 1 u 3 4 R l l w I l 1 w l i 4 l l A w l l I 4 I l r 4 A l 1 l 5 I I 1 l l l 1 ML- r ir ?- 41, Y 3' ' .. T ' uf- i- '-1 ni .. F -1 i l llllllri-iilllllllll l II' A 1 1 I UI-'IlIUIII1 if 1 4' Elhvta Mamma IBM , P Officers y President ...... .... N ana Jenkins Vice-President .... .... L illian Fehr Secretary ..... .... E sther Noll Treasurer .... ........... .... A l ma Carlson Actives I W Katherine Hartman ' Idalaura Norton Dorothy Herrick Frances Peach Vera Lohmeyer I Lilly Remmen Eleanor McElroy Ruth, Stutzman Martha McElroy ' Anna Uhl Pledges 1 Baryl Baker Mary Chinchi Nellie Bark Agnes Lauder Helen Carr Phyllis Sellsv Patroness I V Mrs. G. B. Hatfield 4 Faculty Advisor Miss Blossom Henry y -r'ffN1JIm111ua92i5mJ1mJJ'w"i fffl i 'Page Twoif-Izuzdrcd Ez'ghty-eight I 1 .1 1, I in l. 1 TA 4 ,H - 14- III! E 5i- X 215' 2 YUUDIUWI I lllllif' Illlllllllll I l ' NP1-mmf" V' - I ei " I ca I , gg ' W .. c i a F a as-a 1- F F XY , + as ' ...A "" ' '.' . "' 'Ill Q - ' - - . - 7 . . -' . f--,W .,l-.1Y V . si l - r I u V . xi u. , :Y l 1 , Eamhha iiappa Sfigma President .......... .... E . Grace Underwood VicefFresident ...... .... F lorence -P. Harvey I Secretary-Treasurer .... Alice M. Schmidt 1 Council ............... ............... M ary C Kettl Faculty Advisor .....,.. U ......... Besse M. Schwartz Thelma Scheius Anna Hanaway Ruth Fryer Mary Keefe - Lambda Kappa Sigma Fraternity became national in the year 1918, at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy. There are now eleven chapters. Delta Chapter was founded in l9l9 and became national at that time. . I 9 I 'll IQ25 Cl1J" C -full-tif' Page Two VHundred Eighty-wine I I I I I I I I I II I I II I I I I IC II I I II II I I I E I V I I I I I I II I I I I I I I I I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I I -I, .-.z-..- .i V B 5 I I I I I Th I I ' , I I I -- ' I Y, I--use 5 N Alpha Qlhi Sigma I f!9nwga Olliaptrr I , Alpha Chi Sigma is a professional chemical fraternity. Its members are students who intend to make some branch of pure or applied chemistry their profession. and are ClCCted from th S h I ' ' ' ' i e op omore, Junior and Senior classes and from graduate students specializing in chemistry. Its objects are to bring its members into closer touch in a social as well . . . I as a professional Way and to advance the SCICHCC of chem1stry. ' The fraternity was founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1902. The Omega Chapter was instal'ed June 12, 1915. There are now thirty-six active chapters at institu- tions where -strong departments of chemistry or of chemical engineering exist. There U are also ten professional alumni chapters in various large cities. 4 -,i.rg1.-. .I , I'ITm'mjm gg2'5 mmlm-IH, ,- ,H,a,. Page Two Hundred Ninety , X FT- 1 p . . H -1 . l . lllllufl-falll l ll l 133- is ,A .1 r . ' z Alpha Olhi Sigma ' Officers President ...... ............ .... C . E. Butterworth Vice-President ........ ..... A . VV. Johnson , Treasurer ....... ..... D . E. Ackerman Secretary ..... ............ . Q ..... I .H. D. Lyon ACTIVES Juniors Senions . M. I. Defrance Dj E. Ackerman H. Garner H. Averill W. S. Ielfries C. E. Butterworth A. W. Johnson H. Grace W. C. Klingelhoefer F. B. Hall H. D. Lyon G. S. Lindsey C. P. Scanlon E. M. Sarraf R. M. Welker W. H. Smyers Pledges - L. E. Dietrich I. Roche R. E. Flikkema H. L. Sipple R. A. Gagnon D. L. Snyder H. F. Horne G.'Thiessen " R. E. McClure L. F. Weller 'D G. D. Kammer A. E. Woods 2 Graduates W. L. Nelson J. L. Young li Q H 4 Tl "l IQZS 'lll" L 'III Cllllllllf Page Tw0'Hmzci1'c'd Ninety-one 1 "ii i I 'Il' 4' 1 r l f . l ' : 1 :Emmml le, ' .ire l mm nlllllllu r c 1' g l Ox Alpha ltappa 155i Evita Olhapter ,i -T Colors-Dark Blue and Gold Flower-Chrysanthemum t HISTORY Alpha Kappa Psi, undergraduate professional commercial fraternity, was founded at New York University October 21, 1904. Since then thirty-eight chapters have been installed at various universities throughout the United States offering courses leading to degrees in commercial sciences. , Q E ' PURPOSE The purpose of this fraternity is to further the individual Welfare of its members, to foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounts and finance, to educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals therein, and to promote and advance in American institutions of learning courses leading to degrees in commercial sciences. Oflicers ' President ....... ............ P .Howard M. Cherry Vice-President ..., .James H. Donovan Secretary ....... ,Fox Herrington Treasurer .... Wm. M. I. Mitura Ritualist ........ Russell J. Hamilton Chapter Editor .. ..Pau1 W. Kearney Warden ........ .James B. Parkhill .V Y ' " ' - Y -- A re " "'.VlTUl1IIIUJl925 Ujjljjxlljjmff 'Ill llllllllllfil . W 55 M, if Page -Two Hmzmfed Ninety-two it " M it .T 1 f"".. 1- - if - U XXI- w r l 1 " -'Y-' - Y .' A I llllliribflllllllll I l ' ' ' I I I fl i i l A . Alpha illappa 155i A Brita Qlhapter Honorary Members John Thom Holdsworth, Ph.D Albert Bayard NVright, M.A. Joseph Royer Conrad 7 Facullty Members i Aubrey Leonard Ashby, A.B., LL.B., J.D. Charles Cyrus Sheppard, B.S. in E. William W. Colledge, C.P.A. Douglas G. Sisterson, C.P.A. Ira Graessle Flocken, M.A., C.P.A. ' Active Members J Verne E. Arens George W. Armstrong Charles A. Bauer James S. Baughman Wm. H. Bernoulli Frederick O. Betz Harry O. Boord James Earl Brown William J. Carson Howard M. Cherry Alex. MCB. Colledge Harry Coon Arthur C. Dell - Herman F. Dietrich James H. Donovan Wm. R. Edmundson Arthur K. Fickling Charles L. Garson, Jr. Crosby G. Gardner Bresci Leonard Sylvester F. Grein Russell J. Hamilton Frank A. Hegner Fox J. Herrington Calvin Hesse J. Homer Hilf Edgar C. Hillman Harry F. Irwin J. H. Irwin Arthur F. James William V. Johnson Paul W. Kearney Richard D. Kennedy Bert J. Laubel William S. Long E. Dean Lynch David A. McCo1nb.s William T. Miller Pledges Wm. J. Mitura Charles G. Moorhead Harold D. Morgan Ralph F.. Newlin Walter E. Noss James B. Parkhill Paul Randolph Frederick G. Rotzoll James L. Scott R. W. Saunders VVilliam E. Sproul Charles R. Taylor J. Willis Taylor James A. Watson Howard J. Wilson Charles A. Witt J. Frederick Woessner Zareh E. Yardum Jas. A. Scanlon fwmmuaszsgmrmmwff . 'lllll X Page Two Hundred Ninety three , l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 l ,,l ki 11 M 1 'Ff'l'1'1 1 1 1, K1 -1 li I 1 1 1 1 11,1 , 1 1 Q11 111, 111 11 11, 111 .1116 11' 1 1-1 , 1l1 1 -'1 111 ,11' 1.111 111 11 11 1,,1i1 111111 111 1 153' :N 11" 1. 1 111 '1 1111 1 11' 1 111 1 1 111 1 r 14 1 111 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 1 . 1 I 1 ki l 1 1 -1 t1 ,J i1 1 1 1 M 11 l'1 11 1 1 1 11 111 1 , 1 1 1 11 11 I1 11111 11 I 1 ,... .A .4 is Yizmx, r V. : I - . Y i'1 'W ' iv-5. 4 -Y' , V t U I , Aug I . lllllhfihfllllllllllll 1' ' ' ' 1 Alpha Gbmega ,iilll T'he Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity was organized at Philadelphia in 1907. This fraternity was formed by t-he consolidation of the Ramach Fraternity of the Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery and the Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity of the University of Maryland. ' Omicron Chapter of the Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity had its origin in Odons Club, an organization formed nat' the Dental School of the University of Pittsburgh at the beginning of the 1920 school year. The Odons Club was honored with a charter by the Alpha Omega ,Dental Fraternity on December 3, l92O. I Ofiicers Chancellor ...... ........... . . .I. Sissman Vice-Chancellor .. ........ .... B . Perlovv Scribe .......... ,,,, L , Kanter Treasurer ...... .. ,,,, H, Cohen Financial Scribe .... . . .H. Goldberg Editor ........... ,,,, A , Mi0r1'f13,f1 Macer ... ...H. Levant " . A 'f1 l925 lQU11IUI1111ff ,,,1 T Page Two Hundred Ninety-four a l - "W V, I F?-galllllllllll 1 ' I x -- J Ql. 4 .. L an 121 -i af 1' EPP! FUI , n -. i rvy Fl QAA ?r llillllllllll Berger Galin Goldstein Cohen Davis Abrams Altusky Brodie Brown WIP' HP gzmm Alpha l19mrga Members Class '24 Kanter Levenson Miller Class '25 Klein Mandellblatt H. Levant Class '26 Goldberg Greenberger Gross Kenner B. Zimmerman M L. B. B. I. S. A. J. I. Murstein Ochner Pearlstein Perlow Sissman Lewis Morman Perisman Rosenthal on VITIIIIUIIIU 19225 UIIDIUIWH1' 1 Ill Illllllllllfil W. . Page Two Hundred Nuzcfy J? e "' V' .-ul' lin. -gin f iff i f is X lu 1 1 'rl I llllllfffillllllll I 1" -' ' I V I if Alpha Zrta Mamma Alpha Zeta Gamma, Kappa Chapter, a National Dental Fraternity, was installed in Pittsburgh on May 6, 1923. This chapter is one of the many chapters found in the dental schools throughout the country,.with the first chapter at the Chicago Collegeof Dental Surgery, where Alpha Zeta Gamma was first organized in 1911. At the present time there are chapters located at the Chicago College of Dental Surgery, Northwestern University, University of Illinois, Western Reserve, University of Pittsburgh, Harvard University, Tufts University, University of Maryland and University of Southern Cali- fornia. The graduate chapters are found in the following states: Illinois, Ohio and Connecticut, with the following states in the process of formation: Maryland, Pennsyl- vania and Massachusetts. D Officers Grand Master ........ .... A lexander Weinberger Worthy Master . ............ Louis Stern Scribe ........... . . . .Philip G. Rudin Financial Scribe ,,,, I, H, Waghg I , I r 11 9 L1 lllllllll "W, "l. I925, 1a1 V p ,Mil Paige Two H fzmdred, N 'f7l'Ulj7-Sift' 1 '31 1'T ,A ., .W 1' 'gfglf f 741-WLTH 'Ff'7': "'3'UIHIU ' U-V 1 - 2' X a .Lf L 1 1 I , ' ' ' fl " A ' ' ' I I I W . ill . All Age. , . . . 'f SSH- ev'-A Q1 , . V ' " - 5 'U V' 1 1 me 1 . ,,: , , N agar . . . . 5 1 ,X .rl , , I 2. H E ..,. V , -0 . . A f . ,.,,, 3 ., J A Fil: I :V . - ky I M W T .1 . if ,,V ' bf . 'Q 1 1 1 ""' X' 627' - -1 'X YE i ' BN, Vxkl .. ' X "'x . ' J ' I V f 2 fr ' f ' . V I X X, 1 V ,.,. ,I-5 U . XX.. V I . kA-, ,,V, . . 1 5-B i V75 I-fe V1 Harry Picks Harry M. Marcus S. Rafael Sam Rosenberg R. Leckner, '25 I. L. Lerner, '26 Sidney Geller, '26 Dr. Saul A. York Dr. P. C. Nydes Dr. N. Shafer Dr. George Raffel Alpha Zria Mamma Members Alexander VVeinberger 1924 Louis Stern ' S. Weisberg 1925 P. G. Rudin I H. Wachs D. W. Lebowitz 1926 Louis Berman Pledges Max Trobe A. Wm. Weiss, '26 Barnet Wilsteiri, '26 Sol Z. Caplan, '27 Harris Pitler, '27 Alumni I Dr. M. R. Greene Ur. C. S. Cuden 3. Dr. B. Rubenstein Dr. Harry Hoffer V9 1.9 as -:.:.i.WJIU1I. 31131925 ..... -,1-- .... - 'LRE' """ 4 f---fr H ' ' K ' Page- Two- -Hzwzdred Ni1'zet31-seven 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 P 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 H 1 E 1 1 1 1 1 I I 111 1 1 1 1 1 I I 1 1 1 I 1 1 11 4 f"- e ' W Iii' a r XY .. . 'T :Q ., Al" I flzlmm-JW.. , A i . u ulmfveulllllllll I" I-E e' " All Brita Sigma Belts: Sigma Qlhapter The Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity is the oldest National Dental Fraternity in exist- ence. It was founded at the University of Michigan on March 5, 1883, by Louis M. James, Charles W. Hood, Louis I. Mitchell, Clarence I. Hand, and E. T. Kern. There are twenty-nine active Subordinate Chapters and thirty-two Auxiliary Chapters, with a membership of over 8,000. , Sigma Chapter was founded at the University of Pittsburgh in February, 1903. The present active membership is 90, and one of the largest Auxiliaryl Chapters of the Frater- nity. is located in Pittsburgh. Hiffmluirmisasmiigulmliff- fm F Page Two Hundred Ninety-eight 'm V. 4? 1 XS iff 1 if 1? if . ' 'lr' I 1+ fl - , , l r T' 1- X, V ,Vifgi-film 1 VH , ' llllll Frilllllllll up- -, V ... -.V- Wh .--. .... ,,,,, ,,,,,, , , Y , SM 'V ,Kai ymzym rs 4 ' fx 0 4 viz WM .-Z Q 51. V- pf? V ,fff69Q,,5, 1? VA, fM fQi?5'VV if . 4 9 . -4, A "Y ' .Ns . , El. hi s. E i iw, 5 W" , V, 7 "'kL Q w-W AY .V V- wpiwv . we 'Wifi-V' iw V , Yi 1 2 f Q -l L-ff :-4. .. -JV. . ,V, V V ..-V 1:52 'VV , -fi? K7 -' . V 1 A " 'V " .V V H ' 5, ' 51. If-Q57 -If'3Vf.. '17 3.1"-V1 2 riff 'VM,:"'?9-3fYV"'.l: N 'QW ' "" :" ' 5? V 4-13 ' 1 V V - -M V . , V, V V. 3 " ' ' .. 1 . -s Vggdbqigiixrf-Vkf' ' 5- fi-if Af V- cs! V . 2 vi?" . - " L" . V V... V V' ' V V V K, , .v X. j - V " . r V V . 'V - - ff VV f -V ' fa 'VW V V - V ,.',j s1' . V VV 1:4 . Q V x V z V, " Q f 1 ,eff " my 53. ' VV .bww i -Q 1 - . V V. V- is ' 5.. . .V as-ff' -V ' 2' V f ff VV . 21. VA V . V, we. M V V, VV ,.,4,f.V,5,, ,.,.. . . V V .1 M V, ..:e' . . '. 'L' 1 few' -V wan .iv-K' '-V:f-1- ' V7 5 awe "Q V- 5.1 V, V . I 4 -f V V " .' ,V ey V-21. V, -V V K f gw-11 'ff' a 7384125 " V -453 'V ' aff V A F 'E - 6 V2 . "K -1 WW J -. f Ve, V 2121- we Vs' A , V ' 'V V ,K , fa. M' V 1 ' f. .Vg ,52g?VgV,14.f.f: K: QV' V hz V' 1 1 V- ' - M v 3 ' ' ' - 1 N A 2 .' ' .. ' V . .wi - V-wzfdzgw . -- :. . i WV -V fy. V V. , " z ti A -sf? 3. 34- . -31 . Q , ,V V435-QV' .QV Q fzy. f V 1 -V Vi - ,V .V - , V' .T 1 , - sm - . xg ' viii' I fxa..-:..- V. - - - N- "V VzVme'Vf:1fV-.6:.f,g -Vf f -.1 ,V . V V... . X V V VsVv2w..s.2-wwf--V. , H .ffwr2,g.wV-QW2..4e3ikV.V.,,,Myi44: Q , .4wyfz4VQ64V..agm:22m,V V . V-2Vaw,-wwwf 'Q , - 'f . -:AV,. ' , M V V -on 3 . 'f 5 ' V"'f ' i . 142 V ..V, ' . " -- . fi.. W' . 'f ffi Eff? QV ' ' 1 A V- Vim ' Fw Wifi .. V' .V zz," "" ' f . T1 , ' ,::V - ' 'VVV13 '12-.LV WV 1' f ,Q 1 W we 1: +V, A -1 A 4,3339 gif 'Vik 'V ff' 4 63 ' V' , vpfif fjfaf xi' . .QV .V U V1 CV - ,Eg-,gf V. V yf A ' V V V 1 V ' , ' 2 fi' ' VV . Ja . fr' . ,' V ? if ' "" . 1 . ff 7 Vw- -V V- : 1' , 1' ff ' V+ V, fa, VV 5-,: Vg. ' zf1::'2.'5.Za?V-12.fVVVpz . Amr... V H .1 1- V, V, ., ,. . J V 3252 - VV,-ff, - . ' . Q-'fj:1',+'f4fg 5, ' ' fWW -Vf,,-f KAW 4 A .a Z if V T. M. Smail.. I. C. Saylor .... C. A. Burghart. .. D. WV. Liddle.. Evita Sigma Brita Sigma Glhaptrr Chapter Officers . 1 s Q.. .Q .- nf. - .. .- . . - T. F. Bowser.. . . -. -- -- V, C, Vogel... . .. .. F. J. McNe1is ..... C. A. VVende1l. , . . - -.. -. .... .- n - . nn... .. .- . . . .. . . . .Grand Master ..VVorthy Master Scribe . . . Treasurer . .Historian Tyler .Senior Page Junior Page i 9 i um K X-1' - -- 'J- .. i ,, A Ah.. O Jn .- , f is V m L 1. v , A X .. , if M. 0 2 wa 6 V .. Q25 vb " ' ,il we - .. , - Y Q ii: Q. 'T Q 6555 as 'bu'-E5 at xy JV, Mx, 6- vw' WEN' Q .0 .Vs 4' 's . M V 2 I X 3 3' N ,V 2 5' .Q 5 4 1 Q56 tl N Y WST X, jg Qfgfg QQ 0 ,Q 1 1 wwf Vx 5325 r 0 QM Q2 Q -i X53 mviezgi Q J WM if gf x , V 'iii' ' Q2 xv ,fa May x Q VKX' M .X fs Q, Q i. Q 0 W V N Q .Q sr V. f ff . ' WN W E . fi A Q 1 A -A H ggfgyn Max wil? xg ' . N , x rf , iv J. gif 3 I A x me X ' KW 33 A .swam N N. .V vii X fr W ggi V. V Mig' X 3 K3 xg X FA X QS r OX ' 'AM 1 4 ,ggi it X X X :V X rWW"'s 1' -: Q X 'A M v N Q VX sk 1' . SV.. fs N v . .MK a, if X N X V W v f X fu 552 swsggggv Kymgf.. W t t W .V .Q V H X 3 :Mg X 511-f Q N X K 0 A ff . X WAY? by .. 0 3. W tk l ,"i'5'X V 'Sf 35 V ' 'A " 1: QV f T 6 X c' ' 9 '38 Nao N Y Y, .. , Wee V3.4 X5 VZ '15 , A X X Wa K A N '96 N Q X f X 'B ss .wa V X iz . wer X fa X A X- 'Mix V 'V 'C is 33056 Q sg, ff 46 t A A V +V M , 4 . G . if A 4 Q its ' N A ' xx x K X w X is X YQ, ,xx V A X qv V bis hifi 'R 5 A A f w vs 'ti X 'xii V. 45 NN: o V X X, X5 X5 'X V N X X mf' NF? vi .aa X N Q ' A as . N ,t - 'N fgwx if ' .Vaai Eg .- xx Q, ' at Q V A X x A , rms V N5 M . x A . . wif we Xxx A rx M is r A 2 1 - 'v r .Ii ,,I 1925 til! uf trim I .V Page Two Hundred Ninety-nine .ix 1.-.?.. u wr- Qtcimrmwu F ' H1 gp 5 I iliappet 1551 The 'Kappa Psi Fraternity was founded in,1879, in the little town of New Haven, Connecticut. It was the first medical or pharmaceutical fraternity to be organized. Since then, it has grown until it now has a chapter in every large college or university in the United States. They now number 87 in all, and extend from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans. The active membership is about l5,000. The Beta Kappa Chapter of the Kappa Psi Fraternity was organized at the University of Pittsburgh, in 1913. It now has about l,20O inactive members, and 65 active members. T'he Kappa Psi Fraternity has been the lifting-stone for all those who have belonged to it. Its motives are plentiful, and it has proven to be a man-builder to many. It gives to the fellows a spirit of good-fellowship, scholarship, honor, courage of heart and mind, and everything else which helps to make a man. This fraternity has progressed in this Way for many years, and will continue to do so, for many, many more years. . r- or Page Three Hmzdred . "I.V"l'UIlIU1lllI9Z5 miiitruluwf ofuuittuiiira 9 1 ! .Al Q x ' . . V - V Q l ..f" + A A--NNE..- r, ,,,.,,,... .. . A l A lllll! "ZllIlIllll I Af " " f f . A. :lg --1 - ' A A r u A l lllll ll I I 1 ' . I l L - I I 1 I I I M , 'i 15 , . 4 C V A ,I f 7 q f I 1 AQ! , x gg! Q Xp . k I 1 ' ax 4 ye.. , ' l f , 2 '.' 44' 3 fig -.. U f if H Q4 M 41 ww, X , , Q 4 953 f A , ei 2 0 , 7 ,M X I .Ai l L 4 I ASL .2 si? lf' 42 gv. Q. r A -1. i , :L EP A L. J I 'L L1 1 VTW hA4 ? .A. ,A i . QA . Q ' t V M f . A ,fi .0 . A 11. 5-N , .A ' ' . f A f N' ' 1 A A 5 AA., .A N 9:-inf ,, W , .f 4. 5971 A rn' W - ' " 37:5 ' iz 535 ,1 Q7 Y", X-V A in ' N sw' A, N5 A 1 Q Q4 5 f - ' A. Q x .V 4 A . ,A.A, y - 1 . A x A A 5 Q AA ii. 1 5 ,M ' f- A A . ' 7 x . 1 ' 4 A AA eigjff ' 2211 I X .5 ,Q M A, Ay .- . -, , b A Q f Ny. 0 1 we ff, , K s. A Q 'ff A, A .,' A13 .f ' m 4 is Q s 1 I " ig f A Aw-, . , A I, f 'A AA f. : A I H A ,A , J X ggff. - V. A A h j .1 A- - ' I A :H A W Y . i f A' 'Q . . - - A A. A My A --.yi A AA, V AA , X A KA 9, fr , A A, 7 V : 1 VZ.A:1.1 A , N1 lgzfvrxl,-R . 15.1 I 4 1 f ' A A . .A I A AY A .A . 6, ,Af Y " " EN., fd fb A V0 V ' gif ig 3 - ' i n . A AAgwf,f3A uf . N A f A . 1 A A .gf f . if A W W A W . - .. A-2 .1 A 1, I 3 .Af A A '- by ,MAJ A. , wx. 4 V A f df H A . A " - I "-" jr . -,,. H In A ? A, AA '. K W Affvfa-nm-my ctw? A A A4 lk ,1A..- ,Ayayf 'fr X ' ' ' f Af- AAA 'A 'VY '44-:Am-951, .A -ww - - . r 4 isp-49. A f A A wfzw' A ' A A, 1 A -,. A -A ff Nw 1,-ff,,.075.Ak5,AA7-4g:-. gk, -ga f H .fs .' QM ,,' 1 -N A. '- 5351 A, -f G-' fm. A A. A ff' 1 -Q. A, ,N-Ap Wm ,M zz .rf ybfff.. ww 6, I Af f f - A -N 4 -r 1. A if .sf A Wzf'ZA I - X A v . 6 V A . ' is iw ' H A f f f I H " f .A':f.:A1:,fAA , A Retiring Officers W. L. Pullen ..... A. E. R. Hickey.. W. Yohe ...... J, O. I-Ieatley. .. . W. Miller ..... e 1 " 'fvfi2n-Agaw? A f f f' 'ff Kappa Hai Regent .. . . . . Vice-Regent . Q . Neiw Officers . ...... W. Styers . . .A. A. Strieba in rn 0 P1 rn F? 93 -x if H F1 ro 93 KD C2 "1 rn '-1 P' T1 Cn 0 D' 5 F10 D-s E? CD 5' "1 SA I3 E F7 2 2 4 CD '1 il . Chaplain . . . . . .. J. W. Kelly P L r ij L A lllllllll 1' ' rl' 192.5 ww J - 1 Il ' Illlllllf W Page Three Hundred One f' gr- . 'I ll t ., Ill I I Y , . WWA.-f I . Nu Sigma Nu Brita Cllhapirr ' Faculty B. A. Cohoe . Davenport Hooker C. H. Marcy DeWayne G. Richey I. Hubner Wagner F. H. Jacobs H. G. Kuehner , C. I. Barone Earl Vandergrift I. W. Fredette H. A. Miller R. T. Miller Michael Depta A. P. D'Zmura H. G. Schleiter R. R. Snovvden W. A. Bradshaw J. H. Noble Ofiicers Presiident. ............. ..... C arl V. Guffey Secretary.-.-.' ..... Fred V. Wucher Treasurer. . .Samuel F. Kutz Custodian .-. ...... A. B. Welsh Historian ..... .-.John E. Holt I I "n l925mjjE'l14" 'III llllllllii Page? Thrceil-Izmdred Two f--l "P"B lun I , it ' I '. . I . llllll.. Lilllllllll I l ' ' 1 N11 Sigma Nu Brita Glhaptrr 1924 Carl V. Guffey George E. Martin John E. Holt James A. Martin Ralph VV. Koehler Charles E. Piper Samuel F. Kutz Joseph A. Soffel Harry L. Stollar 1925 E. W. Billick I. W. Shirer W. F. Herron 1 A. B. Welsh R. T. Johnstone F. V. Wucher G. H. Knoll I. W. Young E. L. McCarthy J. I. Hay G. O. Smith V. P. King George E. Martin W. B. Gordon 1926 O. G. VVilson E. H. Rynearson S. S. Allen, Ir. G. DI Conwell E. F. Williams J. S. Oehrle L. H. Werley . A. M. Baldwin I. M. Rodgers H. A. R. Shanor Pledges Meyers Kendricks Humphries Hazlett Conti Bradshaw Darsie McVey Gordon Heinzelmann Roose Speelman Rote Francis McKee --irrmiituiunazismltmiiw' 'ffl r va- 'QVLY we A - ' 5,15 N Page Three Hundred Three llarll I I I . I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I. II It I I I V I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I. , WU I CQ.IIIIlIITIIiIQ. I "I Q TT? Evita Sigma 1Hi The International Fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi was founded in 1907 at New York University by a group of students who were endeavoring to promote better fellowship, a higher scolastic standing and to promote the study of commerce in Universities and Colleges. Lambda Chapter was at the beginning a local fraternity at the University of Pittsburgh. known as Alpha Theta' Tau. The grou of students who organized this Local Fraternity had practically the same idea as did the founders of the International body. After about one year as a Local, the group petitioned the National Qfficers of Delta Sigma Pi and on the 13th day of May, 11921, Lambda Chapter was installed. The International body has grown considerably and at the present time has twenty-eight chapters located from coast to coast, with one chapter beyond the borders of this country. A Officers - I Headmastser. . . Historian ...... Treasurer ..... Scribe .......... Senior Warden. Junior Warden ...... .H. Harry Geist .John F. Brill I Harold S. Wiegel . . . .C. F. Grimm . . . .Howard M. Pierce S F Wilmoth Master of ................... ...joseph Schewe Master of Festivities. ........................ Herbert W. Wehe Joseph R. Conrad F. H. Eckels Honorary Members H. F. Flahaven A. M. Replogle Dr. Lawrence I. MacqueenDr. Nels A. Cleven Active Membership -he Charles Brinkerhoit Frank W. Hohman C. H. Sanford Earl W. Channing Arthur C. Johnson S. I. Smith ' Robert O. Dierker Wi'liam G. Kerr Robert J. Snyder iz, Herbert W. Finney Paul F. McCoy John O. Weber I Robert H. Hazlett George E. Nay Ernst I. Bastar Adley VV. Hemphill Robert Remensnyder William Schuster .L- " . "I.f"IIEUiIIUlll925IJJ1IIIiU3III1I" 'ffl Page Three Hundred' Four I I I I il I , M-is.-f ' A - V 'Q il K 4' - .. Ar.,-4-4' ' . f- lllll l . ' . . llllli f' illllllllllll - - -.f -..,--- J... - W - Y if Jail-Q. Y, ,, :I l s ' . 'w . ' ,f' .:, ie, .alx I nl .l wJ ,, SJ F' . 3 'I 1 I I I u I I I B lg' , , I K l J. Z 5 ae K " s fo 1 . l ,N 2 . 4 'T l l 'J 'Q 'f dh? 3 I rg P gl 7 ff 1 za E Y Wy! N I . L ' ' Q J . -i . !1?rNqaV- . 4' ee i' . 'f"Mc'l'Md I to W . V .1 Came f 1... i D ' 5 A V "-' 1 X , Q. 5 X A J - 'ig ji, ,Lp A ' I i1bL.1fS" 1 ' N6 ' X - 'f'5f7'l '!' ' ' I Q 5 r A495 5 ' Y Z' Q . E M - VI, 5 . - V flh. VW- .' N' ' :Q fi " fXF.w.s1k'M7' 1 ' 2. . , .. my ' if ef f' ' . I I A ii 1 ,yfjgl . , 1 H. .. .1-1 L QLVKWI P' ' - ' 'Q' 5 5 ,,,, TF 7 D . Q. f ma... Q4 f . ' f' f 2 ,f '5 1 .1 ,Q,, ' , 7. , 7s ., 55 . 1 fm, -N f Q' A - . ,. , '41 .. .V - f , s ,, ,- Q, if f 4 ' "H PIE-lt"l' 'P ': A-., ff 'xxf 5 i A if ' 52 ,, .Mg . 5 A K, I ,?'.:11..'1.z-Qi ' ff h ,Y " "'. ' ' ' 'V C QRQQJS X ni .' ff f X Aga -9, . ,- ,. 1 ,. wwf' 'jf' wg - T V K .,,Lf,,viq'Q . , Z., ,Qjf . my .X A .2 f pls. L pf f I , , 1. .. ,, yi A I L...'., .. . ' ' Phi Bella Qlhi-111311 Glhvnivr Phi Delta Chi is a professional pharmaceutical fraternity and is composed of twenty- seven chapters. Mu Chapter was founded in March, l907, by Dr. I. H. Beale. It boasts of twenty-eight charter members. . - Active Members - President ........ . . .H. H. Irwin Secretary... . . . . .C. R. Roose 'Vice-President ...... . . .R. B. Cullen Treasurer. . . ............. A. .fG. Clarke W. C. Irwin J. H. Klingensmith R. O. Miller I. E. North W. W.' Vichman D. M. Weaver I. M. Swisher A I. A. Rooker E. W. Cole . G. R. Barkey W. H. Davis J. S. Douglass F. C. Riettler S. Stone . ,Rouse - UO l rum U U7 P+ C2 D- FD CJ' 93 W' CD "1 fi Fm .sg SM 9 52' 9, ru ,D un ,PU U1 555 355 D-'1 J. T. Fortinor, John Grayson F. B. Thomas . H. G. Huber II. J. H. Shankel . G. Brackman F. Lund lu C. Meyers . , R, Marquis A. Hall . Wilson -AA l 'v r l A . 1 I ll' Y! 13 F7 1925 mjmmmn 'Ill B unnies Iilllllllll ' , . c l - A . Page Ihree Hundred Fwe f" T I lull "" or - rauuum ll is I l l lli. -4 C c .. - ....... QU . Ag Hui Gbmrga Nu Gllmptrr The Psi Omega Dental Fraternity was founded in Baltimore, at the Baltimore Col- lege of Dental Surgery, in 1892. At the present time there are fifty-two Active Chapters and forty-seven Alumni Chapters located among the most important Dental Colleges of h t e United States and Canada. Nu Chapter, which is situated in Pittsburgh, was founded March 2, 1897. The present Chapter Home is located at 230 Bellefield Avenue. lf cr "'sc i V"VlIEUD11ll925 mlmirtmw 'll'-L -We ww as Page Three Hundred Six ' 'F' if l 'T r I i l l x . 1 he pl I , ll I 1 A l i 9 J i I w l is ,x tl - 1 vii- l 4 i I . llllli 'illllllllllll I' ,f-2 . i ' f"" V ' 5. 7 Y I I , 5 fy ' I ' I Q A 1 i 4 l Y. .,:::, A I ii X A . .9 1 vi y f av 5 25 ya r if fi ! 9 .f f if ' Q! , ' f Q X 1 1 I W I u I E E l 5 . 1 W : 1 X I l I l F x f Grand Master ....... ' Junior Grand Master.. Secretary ........... Treasurer ...... Historian ......... ,. A Chief Inquisitor ..... Bai Gbmrga Nu Qlhaptrr . 1 OH-icers W. Woods .. . .J. K. Dixon X. Houck ...- .. ' Chief Interrogator .... ,. . . .C. A. Watkins F. Shafer i . . . . .John Fitch .Eugene Gahles i Inside Guardian ...... ..... H . B. Haines Outside Guardian... ..... C. A. Willianis Editor ............. .... C . B. Ellsworth House Manager .... ...... A . L. Gault 1 rw 'wrrrmiinrmuszs - fm A . HHS?-4'2 e e A Page Three -H1mdred.Se'uen I i v V - . Iblllllll im. ff C T tw t l mm i gmllllll i IM t"' Sigma Caamma iipzilnn Beta Clfhaptrr .1 Sigma Gamma Epsilon, national Mining, Geology and Metallurgical Fraternity, was founded at the .University of Kansas in May, 1915. Beta Chapter was installed shortly afterward at the University of Pittsburgh. 'The Fraternity now has chapters established at the leading mining and geological schools of the country, chapters being located at University of Kansas, University of Pittsburgh, University of Oklahoma, University of Nebraska, University of Missouri, University of Texas, Missouri School of Mines, Cornell University, University of Michigan, Pennsylvania State College, Colorado School of Mines, University of Utah and University of Minnesota. A Officers President ........................... H. Krecker Vice-President and Historian ....... .......... C . R. Noll Secretary and Treasurer.. ............ ...G. M. Flickinger Corresponding Secretary and Editor. .. .... H. A. Hoffman " . i"'f'TUD1U111gI925m331m3m'- 'Ill i af we so P Page Three Hundred Eight Elllllll 11 I . .L l llllll 'illlllllll ll v A 'U' ' r e i Sigma Mamma Epailnn Prof. R. M. Black Prof. S. L. Goodale Dr. W. A. Gruse Prof. Henry Leighton Dr. W. F. Farragher Dr. F.. W. Tillotson W. B. Berwald C. W. Bohren G. M. Flickinger H. A. Hoffman W. H. Krecker L. H. Crick C. R. Noll F. E. Heath A. K. Hutton R. F. Mitchell H. D. Durnell Jack Gaddess F. H. Gates I. J. Kane F. S. Colclough Tl 1 Associate Members H. B. Meller Prof. R. H. Johnson W. A. Hamor E. R. Weidlein Prof. R. E. Somers Prof. E. R. Hill Seniors P. R. Davis F. H. Russel C. G. ZurHorst F. H. Rinehart P. C. Newbaker J. Seidle A. R. Burns P. O. Hamor F. B. Hall C. H. Straitiff R. P. Reid 'Juni-ors . E. M. Maust E. H. Todd J. H. Walsh Pledges R. M. Welker I. W. Reed I. W. Bowen R. R. Ferrero A-A-inmmmnszs 'ffl F x ' Page -Three Hundred Nine 1 11. 1, . 1 111111 1111 11111 111111 1 111111 f1 11 ' 1' 1 ." 1? 1, A- I -, - I... ,.-.lgsswk !1i V F gr-"' ll,--4 I,. . I II 111 1 1 ll 1 It ' I . llllllrcyzllllllllll gg g 11111 ... 1 111111. 111 11:11 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 11 1: Q 1,1 1 1' 1 1 11 ,1 1 1 1 1 1 5 - 1 1 1 1 . Esta Mamma Sigma 1 1 1 132121 nf livnnsglunniu Glhapivr 11-1 Beta Gamma Sigma had its inception at the University of Wisconsin, February 26, .1 1913. Beta of Pennsylvania received its charter as a member of the Fraternity May 3, 1. 1920. ' 1 The Fraternity now has nineteen active chapters throughout the country. Election 1. 1 to membership in Beta Gamma Sigma is largely determined on the basis of scholarship 1 11 , in Business Administration subjects. The purpose of the organization' is to create an l I! 1 . 11 I active interest in questions pertinent to the held of Business. ' 1 Honorary Members A 1 Chancellor I. G. Bowman Dr. S. B. McCormick - Dr. I. T. Holdsworth ' 1 Faculty Members 11 11 111 11 ' 11 , 1 1 1 111 1 11 1 1 L 1 111 111 ,I 111 1: 1 11 11 1 1 Ll 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1. 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1- Dean L. K. Manley Prof. C. R. Reitell 1 I g Prof. B. F. Ashe Prof. I. C. Reed V Prof Robert Ayars Prof. G. L. Schramm 3 I 1- Prof. P. D. Converse Prof. L. I. McQueen 11 . Prof. Montfort Jones Prof. C. L. VanSickle 11 1 Prof. H. C. Kidd Mr. D. G. Sisterson 1 1 Prof. R. A. McCrady Mr. W. C. Arther ll 1 1 ' - A, 1 5 1 1 1 1 I1 1 X I Q1 , I1 1 : 1 1 . 11 1 . 1 p 1 r 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 j. . 1 ' 1 ."'V1U1111IEDI925 i1'1" 1111 or llllllllii 11 1 1 ' be 1 1 1 Page- Three. Hundraj, Ten 11 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 - 1 1 . 1 ' , . 1 1. 7 Wim ,,,f,,,,, .. S, lillllll llllllfagillllllllllll l lf ' JK' Iflria Gamma E-vigma President, .......... Vice-President ..... Secretary-Treasurer W. M. Dietrick Geo. VV. Lattrell D. R. Meredith W. A. Helman Max E. Hannam J. B. Nicklas I W. I. Thomas J. B. Held H McCracken G. . I. S. Boyd, Jr. C. H. Short In G. D. Shruml V. E. Voss E. W. Schietinger Russell Miller Ofiicers .--. ..-.......--.....-- -..-.....-.--..--. MEMBERS Active Alumni . . . . .John G. Stewart Clarence B. Metzger Chas. M. Watt Ir Leonard Mervis J. G. Stewart C. M. Watt, Ir. P. K. Hoerr Wayland Bowser C. W. Bowser G. I. Carson W. H. Eckert M. H. Goldstein L. L. Phelps J. G. Quick P. W. Stewart Martin Silverman. Howard Ziegler Ralph Pollock I. D. Gray Desmond McTighe C. B. Metzger C 4--1f'r'l11jU1IHD 1925 UIIIYIIDWHU . 'Ill lllllllllllfi terse he fr ' 'Pdge Three Hundred Eleven 1 ' .11 111 1 1 1 11,11 11511 rt 1 1111111 1 T' 11,1 11' 1 1 lj' lil 11111. 1 1171 1.1 11 , 1 1 1 11 ,: . 15 1 1 1. 1 W , 1 1 1, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1' 1 11 1 1 1 ,1 1 1, 11 - 11 1 11 11 11 l 1 I I1 ,1 1 1 , 1 , 11 1 11 1 11 1 .111 1 I 1 1 '1 1 11 1 1 K 1 1 I I 1 I 1 1 1 1 gl 1 1 , . 11' ,1 1 i1 1 117 1'I1 1 1 1- 111 '11 1. ?1 112 1 11 1.1 "1 1 1 . It 11 ll 1 1 1 tw ,FQ H xxx-F f ll"l'l"lVV' -.1 I . mm. '11-falll l l lll ff ,V ' ' 11 1 Sigma Evita Qlhi Sigma Delta Chi was founded April 17, 1909, at Depaw University, as an honorary journalistic fraternity, but in later years was changed to be a professional journalistic fraternity, membership in its ranks being extended to those students actively engaged along journalistic line at the University and who intended to enter the journalistic pro- fession afterleaving the University. The growth of the fraternity has 'been steady and rapid and now has a roll call of 37 chapters and lover 3,000 members, of whom about 2,250 are alumni actively engaged in the field of journalism. Sigma Delta Chi accepts only College men inclined towards journalism and is dedicated to the advancement of collegiate journalism, the training of candidates for the newpaper profession, and the advancement of journalism in general. - Officers President ....... 1 .......... ....... I ohn Y. Dale Vice-President .... ..... ..... I a mes P. Maloney Secretary ...... .... W illiam T. Corbett Treasurer .... ....................... G ilbert S. Spiegel Active Members Donald Brown John Y. Dale William T. Corbett Milton S. Goldman Lawrence Irwin james P. Maloney .L Noble Lee Frank Charles E. Frey Charles Arnold T. R. Williams Karl E. Davis I. B. Nicklas Max E. Hannum C. R. Foster,ejr. Lindsey M. Nevin Wendell P. Watts I. Elmer Ecker Edgar Hassler 1 Charles Kammerer Charles R. William Elmer R. Stoll Charles- S11 'Lewis S Harry Sack C. V. Starrett Gilbert Spiegel Alumni Members W. G. Lytle Mike Scanlon john E. Lohstoetter Harry C. Gow Maurice H. Goldstein Sidney Sanes Clyde E. Rowe , William E. Halman ' Harold R. Waring Maurice M. Freed Francis Ketchum Julius I. Paglinl E. S. Bayard 1' -- Marshall F. Rey - - joseph Stone Q IZEIIIIIIIII Ir- , Page Thre' 'if'1"'UfUIf1lI1ll925 U1DII1I1I1'111'f 'I11 Illllfl e 'I-Itmdred Twelve .1 5 t. 1 1 1 l 1 KN V+ W-W-ijwi v " naar- 'fr , JQMUTH . . I mm '- -l lll - A, g - I l ,L-'L x 1? l PJ T '- nf- fix -f Ill ,I 11,7 III, Ill ' 1f i a a 'sr Brita iipzilnn 1Hhi f Honorary Pre-Legal The fraternity is the donor of a large Loving Fraternity Cup, known as the Delta Epsilon Phi Trophy, which is awarded each year to the pre-legal student, chosen .by a faculty com- mittee of the University, as the most representative Pitt Senior going into the study of Law. The winner has his name engraved on the cup and holds the same for one year, awarding it at the end of that period to the following winner. A smaller trophy is awarded to the winner for permanent possession. The purpose of the trophy is to aid greater efficiency in the- pre-legal field. All Senior pre-legal students of the University are eligible for selection which is based on scholastic record and extra-curricula activities. The selection is made in May of each year. Officers President ............... ........... Vice-President ........... Secretary and T'reasurer ............. ,. .Howard C. Van Sickel . . . . . . .Joseph Benedict .. . . .William T. Corbett Members Joseph I. Benedict, '24 Hugh V. Groves, '26 I Ralph T. Bell, '25 W. Kenneth Hamblin, '26 William T. Corbett, '24 Elmer G. Klaber, Feb., '27 Charles W. Dawson, '24 L. Allen Reynolds, '25 Donald H. Duff, '26 Howard C. VanSickel, '24 Layton A. Scholpp, '24 Alumni Verne F. Eicholtz Charles W. Haney Richard C. Klare 1311165 FUHCFWT1 if W' , A A i A . W - 25 IflTDTUfU'l"" "ll.Ll llilllllllll ,gg "- l ga - A ee- A g ' "'P'ci-ge Tli19CaH1z'1zdz5e5d TI1ifi'cc1z v" "lf , I I -' :IL-imHm,,, ,F C- - 1 . I . lllllhftkfllllllllllll g' RWFW Evita IHH11 Evita Officers President ........ .................. H oward M. Cherry Nice-President .... ............. R ussell J. Hamilton Secretary .................. .... E lisabeth Marshall Longdon Treasurer ................................. George K. Shannon Faculty Secretary-Treasurer ...... L ............. Ira G. Flocken Faculty Members Aubrey Leonard Ashby John Gabbert Bowman Joseph Royer Conrad Anna A. Adams J. B. Alpern - G. L. Arnold t William H. Ashford Oliver A. Atkinson S. W. Berry Martha Alice Brown H. O. Boord William T. Campbell, Jr. Howard M. Cherry Max Cohen Alexander M. Colledge M. C. Conick Harry Coon Meyer Coon David Stirling Cooper G. E. Crawford Ludwig Dick Robert O. Dierker James H.4Donovan Eugene J. Duggan Margaret Edwards B. S. C. Elliott Birger Engstrom Clarence F. Grimm Russell J. Hamilton H. R. Hammer Edward C. Hamstrom Elvera Hamstrom Fred C. Harlan Edna Hazlett Frank A. Hegner Kurt Hellman Charles T. Holy'ar1d Arthur C. F. James R. L. C. Jeffrey Helen Joyce Florence Kephart Wilbert F. King Members Frank Houston Eckels Ira Graessle Flocken Albert Bayard VVright Berthold J. Lauble Mary Butler Lintner Mrs. Elisabeth Marshall Longdon Mary E. Love Thomas Wesley Marlin W. Wallace Martin Harry E. Meese Samuel VV. Menzies G. S. Miller William Mitura W. A. Munson W. P. McArdle James W. McKee Robert P. Nelson Leon D1 Nichols J. Lee Owens Joseph F. Petgen Harry S. Philson William J. Provost Victor T'. Reed Edward L.' Resler F. A. Rohrmann, Jr. Alexander D. Rosenbaum G. Stanley Rupp Walter L. Sebring George K. Shannon C. C. Sheppard D. G. Sisterson Levi J. Smith Alfred Stubbs . E. J. Wagner John Watt William H. Weis Charles D. Wettach David. Whitman J. E.-Wilson J. Fred Woessner Ralph M. York i rim -A4 - 1 r V9 FJ' "I.VVVlIEUIU1ll92i5ELU3j11Uj1wf fn: l llllf Page Three Hundred Fourteen 41. - v.-1 - ' , F., vm Y , ,-5 , ? 1-in I H X 'H .I' H T . s '-H' .'. I lllllrw-ztllllllll I fr' ll' Mamma tipmlnn 151 A I Honorary Womens Scholastic Commerce Fraternity . ' O O Q ' . l . I ' 7 a This Sorority was founded at the University of Illinois on March 26 1918 by five junior Women at the School of Commerce who fe-lt the need of an. honorary organization to fill the same place for women that Beta Gamma Sigma filled for the men. About the same time Alpha Gamma Pi was started at Wisconsin and Phi Sigma Chi at the University of Washington. In June, 1922, these three sororities were consolidated into a large Gamma Epsilon Pi. Delta Chapter of Gamma Epsilon Pi was installed at the University of Pittsburgh in 1920. There are now eighteen chapters. The active chapters of the sorority are composed of senior and junior women who are candidates for a degree scholastic record warrant election to membership. ' Esther Hartz V Christine Hooper Madeline Hirsch Gladys Hartley Eda Hommel Gertrude Hunter Helena Ivory Alma Klein Mars Marian Kerr Adelaide Kaplan MEMBERSHIP Active Olive Wilt Alumnae Claire McKay Ida Neugebauer Ethel Loucks I Ruth Levy . Nell McKenry Winifred Mc Caffery and Whose Priscilla Porter McPherson W Frances Silverman Anna Sack Ruth Shaw Mary Wilson Arnoldine Lohmann . - ' Willa Dorning Krick -A4 - - r F9 .L .I .., l925EmEUl"."1 eg V Q I 1 in l llll lllli lilllllllll ' t A .Wagyu ge 'Page Three Hundred Fifteen . f-' T- ' C P ' f i,, . r ' P I 1 u . 2' . I . lllllirifwflllllllll Y l ' ' - .. ., .R Q ff-Hx 1 Viihiiiiiiiffr. fbmirrnm Evita 'Kappa Officers President .......... ...Ralph N. Parkhill Vice-President ..... ........... I ra Hill Secretary-Treasurer .... Russell Hamilton Active Members G. M. P. Baird Russell Hamilton Karl Bohren Sidney S. Hoehl George Carson Ira Hill ' Leland Cook Marsh Johnson William T. Corbett Lloyd Jordan I. Loomis Christian Ralph N. Parkhill George.W. Fredericks I. G. Quick Maurice H. Goldstein Edward E. Swisher N. Lee Frank Gustav L. Schramm .l. Earl Weigle Jratres in Facuiltate G. M. P. Baird ..................................... Professor George I. Carson. Karl E. Davis ...... Dr. H. E. Friesell. Sidney S. Hoehl .... -T. Steele Gow .... Kenneth M. Gould .... James P. Harron. .. Howard. C. Kidd .... Norman McLeod.".':. J. G. Quick ........ Frank Shea .. . . ..... ua. 0-... ..--1. --. Dr. H. Clifford Carlson ..... ........... 1 ............ C oach Ass't Grad. Mgr. Athletics .-.--Q.--of Graduate Mgr. Athletics ................Dean . . . . .Graduate Mgr. Non-Athletics , , , , , . .Ass't to the Chancellor ...f .1 University Publicity ..............Coach .............Professor Public Service Dept. .............Re.gistrar ........Coach Gustav L. Schramm ..... ..... P rofessor Dr. I. B. Sutherland. ...... Coach -Francis N. Thorpe.. ..... Professor Francis Tyson , .... .S ..... Professor I. Huber Wagner... .. . .Coach . 'F' l925mEmm""i "fel IIIWEP :Page--Thafee Hundred Sixteen l'9 llllll I 1 I . ,Q ' A 1 l . Illll 'lllllllllllll 1' ' A ' if 1513 Alpha Efhriex .- It .I "PJ ' Ill f 111 f Phi Alpha Theta was founded at the University of Arkansas in 1921. Beta Chapter was installed at the University of Pittsburgh in March, 1922. Phi Alpha Theta has for its object the formal recognition of excellence in the field of history. Officers President ....... . . . ...William Y. Hayward Vice-President .... ...... E ulalia Schramm Secretary . . .Q ....... .......... S arah Beck Treasurer ............. .. ............. J.-J. Benedict Press Representative ............ Laura M. Braun Faculty Advisor ................... Dr. N. Andrew N. Cleven A p Honorary Mem Dr. Holland bers Mrs. N. Andrew N. Cleven Faculty Members Dr. John W. Oliver Professor A. P.,James Mr. James Dilworth V Mr. George Hatfield Dr. Evan T. Sage Professor Henry Scribner Mr. '-William Martin Mr. Paul F. Shupp .Mr. James V 1924 C ' L JW 1' Esther Geist page Shigifo y le Elizabeth Eaton Marion Wible Madeline Craig l Mable Schar Mrs.'Jessimine Lewis Frances Saurrnan. Wllllaln EWaff Margaretta Martin Homer Bower 'Marie Messer Russell Dixon ..,rrmjm111Ul925 E1111111I11'l1"7'i 'Ill 9 num-A ' vs? so Page Three Hundred .Seventeen ul ' " 4 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 i Y V- A! A If ir V Y ' 'f 1 I Kiln... Lk -1 . I lllllua'--zalllllllllll 1" -I P "H, 1 rg we . P W -A are 1- P f- ' S 5 5 5 . I l 1 WPT 1 X 2 1 l Q 1 T 1 lit Eamhha Flhrta , Delta Chapter of Pi Lambda Theta was founded at the University of Pittsburghlin 1914, under the name of Kappa Pi. In 1917, a new national fraternity, Pi Lambda Theta, was organized with Kappa Pi of Pitt becoming Delta Chapter of the new organization. E Pi Lambda Theta is an honorary fraternity in the School of Education, and fosters high standards of scholarship and professional spirit 'among women who choose teaching as a profession. l P l Officers 1 President .............. ...Laura M. Braun ,il 1 Vice-President .......... .... , ...Mary Ross li , Corresponding Secretary .. ...Mrs. Raschen 5 Recording Secretary .Edna Schlegel . T'reasurer ........... .... Emily Evans full Keeper of Records .................... ...Prudence Trimble --- W ' Faculty Members lil Mrs. Alice M. Carmalt Beatrice Young E . ,ll Dean Thyrsa Amos Mrs. Olga Lohstoeter 111 fi? il A L ill P - P -1. 111 1- y --'Hmmm 1925 mzmmwl 'lu 'uw' -'D 1 Page Three Hu-ndred Eighteen . El ll 5 1 1 . 1 as ., I, .-.. A I - ' v - I' HW ' rf , I lllll 'Zllllll ll 5 ' Sigma Mapper 15111 Meta Qlhanter Sigma Kappa Phi 1S a national honorary language fraternity which has for its ur ldeals of scholarship among the forei n language students 'in the,United States of , America. ' . A P ' pose the encouragement and development., as well as the perpetuation, of the highest 3 ' Chapter Officers President . ..... .. ........ A ............ Lucille O'Donnell Vice-President ........... Morris Berger SCCYCUITY ---- .- - . . . .Margaret Federkiewich- Treasurer ..... .... P rof. W. H. Shelton Marshall .. ........................ Mildred Guiney' Faculty Members ' Prof. J. H. Raschen Miss Adalaide R. Jones Prof. Evan T. Sage Miss Blossom Henry ' Prof. Henry Scribner Prof. Erle Fairfield Prof W. H. Shelton Miss Beatrice Young Prof. R. H. Johnson Frederick P. Mayer Miss Mary Dunbar Mrs. Lotte O. Lohstoeter Alumni Members V Gertrude Coffman ' Helen K. Bartholomew Edith M. Weaver Mrs. lone R. Berry Margaret M. Koehler Mary B. Reid Audine, Stanley Harold W. Gilmer Alice L. Bash Ruth Clark Ester Cukerbaum " Mrs. Margaret S. Fetterman Isabel Gracey Elva Lawton ' Edith Lazarus Catherine Long Ivy Long Elinor McCormick Paul McGuire Mrs. Jennie L. Raschen Alice B. Reed 'Mildred Smith Stella 'Stein Dorothy Stewart Florence Turner i Ivy Weaver Thomas B. Whelan Albert 'McKee Helen Merz Virginia Hooif Edna Ling John A. Johnston Eleanor Matthews Mary K. Marshall Helen M. McGraw Charles B. Foe'sch Mary G. Dougherty Marie McDermott Pauline Kirwan Elizabeth Klingensmith WVilliam H. Postner ' Active Members Margaret Federkiewich L-ucille' O'Donnell Morris Berger Doris Sulzbacher Marie Messer Nellie Powell Mildred Guiney Marion Jones Elizabeth Highberger Elizabeth Kammerer Frances Landaw Teresino Marino A. ...f-mm31g1g25 mjjjygjmrl-1 lm illlllllfi 'W 'ff'c.f. gi F' F Page'TIz1?ee H1l11d0l6d Nineteen - -A. 1 I ' I -K gg x ,, , f af ' X i I 1 I 1 ' , ' I lllllhrU'fllIlllllllll I ' ' ' I I W e E if I I I x 1 ' i 1 4 3 I, Sigma 1Hi Elntrreliratrrnitg Glrark winners 1 X Y w 1 5 f" 192 5mDHm7"" ...Q A Page Three Humlred Twenty r 3 4 r v ,W j i Pvrnr' ' 1-L - . ., "" 1 I 1 I rl, J 3 ' 1 .,....,f I I ,Q ..l..: I! llllll. fillllllllllll I' ' s 'I N0 - ihlel 0 lm P, J, lj' L 0 i ilic do 00,0 O 00 if " - Q ' X Q ' ff 1 , 0 wxa' od nn ' A Q H C90 X-vow X, Z! O C- 2 4 0 xv' C9 C96 'Ng cb Cffoge Q1 ' o fri IVVIIUIEUID 1925 UJIUIUJT 11 lllllll on ! Page Three Hzndffed Twenty one rl lf l l - ' L' " " K 1--5 . L' - pl. l , I . ' 1 T . . n lllllLf4l'illIlllllllll I' - to ol f,.'........ 1 1 1 . . ' , L...--.-.f----V--f ' l l ' ' ' . l 1 A. EI. EE. EE. Front Row-Left to right: W. C. Carl, Prof. H. E. Dyche, Head of Dept. of E. E. G. H. Campbell, President, F. M. Wills, Secret ' P f. ' ary, ro E. R. Rath, Dept. of E. E Second Row-D. Llster, WV. R. Coleman, L. Z. Ludorf, G. I. Read, R. A. Hawbeckexi H. A. Thompson. . Third Row-A. I. Marshall, C. W. Dalzell, W. L. Dively, C. M. Ralph, G. Dively, C. L. Klingensmith. Fourth Row-VV. T. Ackley, D. S. Templeton, S. H. Wasileski, R. A. Fuhrer, D. M. Molter, I. N. Lehman, P. B. Long. -wffmmzmruppuszds UIIJZIIIIIIUH' V Q Illia' Page Three H zmdvfcd Twenty-two . i "15- - f is- 1 l ll' f- K I i . T ' 4 ' -. I . lllllirihillll llllll my ,' , T ini'-I - -V--v..--.-.W ..-. -, ,,,,g C A r Flite Anthrariir Ollnh The club is composed of men attending the University who have come from homes in the anthracite regions of Pennsylvania. It was organized to promote a better fellow- ship among those men from that section of the state and to circulate in the East the good points and advantages of Pitt, in order to bring to the University more students from that section. , Roster President ....... .......... . . .George Davis Vice-President . .. ..... Alois Knoll Treasurer ....... ............ M . E. Miller Secretary ....... .............. L . Z. Ludorf Faculty Advisor ..... .... D r. N. Andrew N. Cleven Publicity Manager .... ................ C lement A. Gaynor Members. Ralph Chase Alois Knoll Robert J. O'Toole J. Lynott G. Perkins George Davis William Dykens Joseph B. Connors Clement A. Gaynor L. Z. Ludorf Neal Ludgate V Joseph Langeth Thomas Kennedy Herbert Preece J. W. Regan Daniel W. Reckless Joseph M. Gaynor, Jr. J. Nowicki Stanley Grabowski John Maloney W. H. Shuler M. Ednogk Paul Melvin VVilliam Salaczinski Donald Healey J. 0. Major Theodore Kwas ,gg Walter Holtzmaster M. E. Miller C. VVarakomski . Jack Harding M. J. Mras S. H. Wasilewski L. Knorr Ed. Niklewski Richard Williams .4 in '-n 1925 UIUIULTIHI' 'III llllllllisli WSW-sei Page Tlzwc Hulzdrcd Tzvc'1z-fy-flufee 41 ""' X- A 1 I J -1,5 3 j' Y J i if ' 1 .. fr ' L, L r A mm Jlllllllllll HL I 1 , ,W . . K I Glhzg Hitt Earth Gustav.. L.. .Schramm M.' S. Rocereto. . .. George Davis ..... L. W. Jordan ...... J. Loomis Christian Paul K. Stewart .... ......z.....-.-------o-- ...- OFFICIALS ,. -.-..... . .- ' -... -'- Wayne Theophilus Benjamin -Custer...-. . J I Charles RA. Colbert. William T. Corbett. 'Cornets Larrie Braucher J. Loomis Christian Clarence W. Gillinger Carl Grundman Francis Houck Jacob H. Landau - Michael Meyers, Jr. .Harry M. Montgomery William S. Perry 1 Lloyd R. Riggle Paul K. Stewart A. M. Stinson Harold A. Vlfelshons Clarinets H. Brooks Gentzel John Harry Hill Joseph W. Milliron Led Plette L Paul J.KRider I Marcus Rolsenshein George J Smith Roy A Smith Wayne Theophilus Alfred A Zangrilli . ...........- ......-,.--s.-...-Q.. PLAYERS Flutes and Piccolos Carl G. Brackmann' Russell B. Cook John W. Ingram ' Oboels Benjamin' Custer Henry Robinson Saxaphones Wayne R. Jamison Neal Carlsonq Leo H. Hixenbaugh Samuel Rosenweig L. F. Marks Henry W. Pracht Willard W. Woods Bantones Eugene Caputo Lester Forsythe W T Nichols Q.. .--. . ..... Faculty Advisor ..............Coach ..........Conductor Assistant Conductor ..........Manager '.Assistant Manager ...........Secretary . .' ....... Librarian . . . .Drum Major . .Publicity Manager ' fHorns Dwight Grimm Franklin S. Mohney Conrad K. Rizer Bassoon - ,.,. Harry' Frank Anschuetz Trombones Leland Fonda Edward Gluck Robert R. Groman A. E. Smith Drums J. K. Dixon J. W. Carlson Harold E Freeburn Tubas Leonard M Arons DUCox FIUIUE 1925 lllJIlIUJ'I Page Thfee Hundred Twenty four FWF I Pi ' I - vi I . A-P 1 .ings h L ' Y J,,rnr-X ,MIL A' I g ll v I IIIIIIIICD L1 I' ' 77' 1 I 1 'I A X , f-C-mmlll "' . v' . I . lllllw-zalllllllu I 11' gg ' . .1 'dlhv 'Nun liitt iianh U r The University of Pittsburgh Band was organized under the leadership of Saul Sabad and the management of Don Kirk in the year 1911-12. The students and Alumni of the University felt the need of a student Band and loyally subscribed the necessary funds for the purchase of the necessary instruments. The first public appearance of the Band was at Forbes Field, Saturday, October 1-4, 1911, at the Pitt-Ohio Northern football game. . - r ' In the year 1917 the Band was very. fortunate in' securing the coaching services of M. S. Rocereto, widely known musician. Coach 'Roceretohas served faithfully in this capacity down to the present day. A . ' In the year 1920 the Athletic Council adopted- the, policy of sending the Band to the Annual Pitt-Penn gamehat Philadelphia, and in 1921"the'Council gave the Band a complete set of blue overcoats. George Davis, the present leader,-followed-Wm. Gregory in the year 1922-23 and was assisted by Christian, as manager, Gustav Schramm as faculty advisor, and Coach Rocereto. During his first term the Second Annual' Home Concert was held, as' were also the Trip and Banquet. The Blue and Gold capes were' purchased by the organization during this year. f The same leaders continued at thelhelm during the present year and have guided the Band through its greatest year. The Band appeared forx the first! time before a New York audience, at the Pitt'-Syracuse football game, and the New York critics spoke of student Band that ever came toptownf' In Philadelphia it met with equally great success. The Third Annual Concert was held at Carnegie Music Hall on the evenings of April 30, May 1, and May 2, and was a decided success. The year was brought to a close with the annual banquet and the awarding of the keys to the much credit cannot be given the leaders for their fine work and untiring efforts that made the Pitt Band one of which the entire University is proud. it as the "finest faithful members. Too iwrruzrtmzniszsimiixmnwf g i 'HUT Page' Tlzrce Himdrcrd Y:wc1zf31-five n f - va 5 . v 1 'V' . wJ .5 V 1.-4 1' 4 L' . I . lllll!f"'i'llllllllllll " Glam ani! 05511111 Cllluh . 7 Ofiicers President .......... .. ........ Uhlard Hangartner Secretary .. . ............. . .W. H. Hetzel Manager .. ........ George F. McDonald I Canst ' Leo Hillery, '25 Ed. W.'BuetzoW, '25 H. D. Durnell, '25 C. V. Starrett, '24 VV. A. Wellinger, '25 J- M- C3mC1'0U, '26 J. M. Kuntz, '24 R. R. Embree, '27 H W. HQ Hetzel, '25 R. H. Braun, Ir., '25 Jacob Secher, '25 - J- R- J01'1flS'f0H,, 26 Malcolm Fraser, '24 F. C. Snyder, 26 , Fisher, '25 - Girls F. A.' Riley,.'24 G. C. VanCamp, '25 K. N. McKee, '25 S. Lasuer, '28 L. AR. Peterson, '25 A. S. Barclay, '27 Jack Schnabel, '26 W. S. Moore, '26 , E. H. Powell, '26 H. N. Prothero, '26 'N. L. Geidel, '26 . H. A. Stevens, '26 R. ,If Carrier, '27 N. M. Keller, '26 N. J. Arnd, '27 L. L. Williams, '26 I. S. Funk, '27 M. Sufrin, '27 I. H. Lenhart, '26 M. Hartz ' Men I W. S. Foraker, '26 R. M. Hoyt, '25 D. O. Bair, '26 D'. A. Muir, '27 J- W- LLCOUHFQ, '27 S. W. Rosenbaum, '28 J. W. Harmeier, '25 A. G. Reese, '26 T. W. Baer, '25 - I. Roth, '27 R. W. Michler, '26 G. M. Durschinger, '2 L. B. Biebel, '27 L, Fonda, '26 h i Assistants Managers George R. White, '25 J. F. Bonsteel, '26 P- W. Duff, '26 C. F. Wiley, '25 Publicity Manager C. F. Wiley Apprentice Managers ' Joseph Hershberger Victor Crookston J. R. Speer' ' ""m'U13IllIU,l92'5 UllIDI1J'lH"' 'Ill lllllllll Page Three Hundred Twenty-six - :Qi li l ,ff ' ar' ' B -L f gr- 11:2 X --.5 I ' I L 2" ' L 1 "' 1 - , Ill Llllllllll J. ..i. '. ' -P -- Glam ami! Guam Qlluh Again Mr. Walter B. Edmundson, as Director of "All in a Day," has guided the Cap and Gown Club through a highly successful. season. He was ably assisted by Mrs. VV. J, Moreland, '11, Mr. Gus A. Schnabe-l, '15, and Earl I.. Cox, Dent. '25, Mrs. More- land took care of costuming in addition to her work as Coach of Dancing. Mr. Schnabel as Musical Director also Wrote some of the musical numbers. Cox served as assistant ndson. Kenneth M. McKee, author of this year's production ,also deserves credit for his musical numbers which were exceptionally good. James Cf Murray, '25, and G. Norman Reis, '16, were responsible for other good numbers, also. Dr. J. S. Ashbrook, Treasurer of the Club, and one of its organizers is now starting his' eighteenth It is to his untiring efforts that the Club' owes much of its to Mr. Edmu year with the organization. nresent strength. I fig . -A W V , . V i f - V Y A e A a a a - I I Ii' ' . ' llll llllf- . Page Three Hundred Twenty-seveiz ' V ,I - J, " 4 f""' ' -. . u 1 . 4: l ., of r I lllllh fl lll ll -. 'L' ' " qu. 4 Qlhifnn Qlluh l C ' . The Chiron Club is an honorary society composed of pre-medical men selected on the basis of scholarship, character, and general ability. It aims to further interest and knowledge in the field of medicine among its members. It was organized on its present basis in 1922 fandfireceived official recognition in May, 1923. Men who are prominent in the profession of medicine address the club at frequent intervals. The name of the club is derived from Chiron, the- centaur of old, who is Q said to have taught Escalapius, the mythical founder of the science of medicine, the .art of healing.- . - ' ', 'K Oflicers . President... .... ......... .... I a ckson W, Allison Vice-President .... .... H arry M. Landis . Secretary .... '. . ,. ...William A. Heazlett Treasurer ....,.... . ........ L. Craig Long A Faculty Advisor... .......... A .............. Dr. A. B. waugnen - -' ' 'Members 1 ' Jackson W. Allison James A. Johnston- Harry M. Landis . Kenneth Watterson Ernst F. Sampson WVilliam W. 'Wightman William A. Heazlett A. E. Chadwick Karl D. Kutchka Lester L. Bartlett Robert O. Garvin Murray F. McCaslin Russell Hiflfllff Fred E. Voltman A Frederick E. Kredel Homer D. Wallace L. Craig Long Edwin Thomson ,-,g-,, Harry Buhrmester Elmer S. A. King P' Sterret Dietrich Gegfge H. Smith Thomas S. Rennie I. P. Cameron A V- V , . I-F ve S S --rV"lIEEl1lIll 1925 lIlIlIlIU1TlH-' . 'viii-LU ll Pa-gg Three Hiwidred Tfwenty-eiiglzt :Elly gl Jlf' if l r "l -'bhp lx if 'al ,L+ ' - -I . J as ' wil fi. '- l l I I I l-"I 7 ' ' ' I llllll 'iiflllllllll I ll' I. .'II , -e-lu IH! 1 Jlnterulnllrgiatv Glnamnnnliitm Glluh ' Facullty Advisors Dr. N. A. N. Cleven Miss Susan Canfield . Executive Committee . . I M. Eleonor Wilt, America ............... . ........ President S. K.nBose, India ........... ...... V ice-President Y. Up.. Japan ............. . .......... ..Treasurer Mary Lazorchakf Russia ...... ........... R ecording Secretary Carol Tarcauana, Roumama ......... ,Corresponding Secretary Lavina Silver, America .......... Chairman Program Committee Honorary Member Dean Thyrsa 'W. Amos Faculty Members Estelle M. Bonnell Susan Canfield B. F, Ladd Agnes Mary Hadden Byrnes. N. A. N. Cleven M. D.'St1raney America Emma Adams Nellie Aish ' V. F. Austin Philomena Carson Victor Wm. Eisenstein Ben Goodstein Elizabeth Kammerer Mabel McKee . - Williani Means X Helen Paterson' ' Gregory S. Robbins . Della Rosenthall Ruth Scanlon. - . ' Samuel Schwartz Samuel Sigal Beatrice Young Beatrice Young Members China Germany T' Y Chen Magdalcfga Dapprich - I - reece View Kmg , Thalia Penzickes Se"b'a Honduras Sarah Mamula Jose San Martin . Sophie lMamula Hungary Czecho-Slovakia M. E.'Laclo1ne1-sky lndia Stephan Boca B. Kalabich Paul J. Svabeck England Frieda. Shaw Sylvia Shaw France Genevieve Dagereau S. K. Bose M. N. Dutt P. H. Kutar . Ireland . Pat Hughes ltally Teresina Marino Santina Cosentino Japan' Y. Uji Norway Sigue Granberg A. P. Gulclbrandsen Philippine - Islands Cruz. De Jesus Alfonso F. A. Reyes Poland Margaret Federkiewich W. J. Michejda Roumania C. Butin . Theodora Chaimovitz D. Chirovici nMarce1 Roman Carol Tarcauana Russia W. N. Aleshin A. Alexsandroii Mary Lazorchak Frances Levin lVilliam Mekler Bertha Yusprach Genia Sedrowsky 5.4 I 'J'v."' , Lavina Silver . August Steigler Yvonne Torgefson Ma 'tha Dagereau ... M' Eleonor wut Yvonne Dagereau " "' 5 f ' M. M, Farnin ' 1, E W lgeblietlla Juliette Sparks Freda' Finkelman Octave Schnurer L lllllllll J' W . L . , -.l y aegis e 'ml .., Page Three H1i71d7'Cd Tiemzfy-11i11e , . ln'-"1-Ji - - ,, 5' I J 'we ...x 1 f rf' 4,1 . 1 1 I Dm I ,Q , . . ' -t' I llllllsbillllllllllll l ' N YH -,W ' ' V Y ,,,, , ...sauna-1-ff -ff'-' ' ' ' ,, ,,,.. .. ....-.,- .- V V Qlnllrmhnlu Qlluh ,illwl The coiiemboia 'Club ofthe University of .P1uSburgh,WaS Organized in February, l923, by a group of students interested in the Natural Sciences. In organization and methods it is modeled? after the Agassiz Club at Cornell University and the Naturalists' Field Club of the University of Pennsylvania. The name of the club is taken from that of a "small, primitive insect, which has the habit of being very active." Its purpose is to promote- a closer union among students interested in Zoology, Botany and Geology, and it lays special emphasis upon field study, made possible by regular field trips. While officers of the club must be undergraduates, membership in the club is open to any person interested in the club's activities, whether studying natural science or not. Membership is not required for participation in meetings and trips of the- club, and the dues per semester are nominal. V Under the leadership of Rudyerd Bo-ulton the first year of activity was a decided successg the Held trips being especially enjoyed by the members who re-gard them as unusual opportunities for legitimate- diversion during the school year. The flrst three week-end trips were so successful that they are being repeated this.year, and have been assigned a definite place in, the club'isf calendar for each, year. The places visited on the long trips were Raccoon Creek, below Monacag Bear"s Cave, near Hillside, Pa.g and Pymatuning Swamp at I-Iartstown, Crawford Co., Pa. Additional week-end trips of the,present,year,have' been the.State Forest Reserve, near Ligonier,lPa., and the Indian- Creek and Ohio- Pyle region south of Connellsville. Trips for a single day are taken frequently to interesting localities nearer Pittsburgh. Thepfield trips are informal affairs, and afford a hike for those 'who illkei to get out into the open country, as well as affording objective points of interest and ,collections for the naturalists. The tang of the camp-fire meal is well known to all Collembolas. At the semi-monthly meetings a considerable number of well-known speakers have been heard, including Professors Jennings, Fish, Collins, Emerson and Leighton of the Pitt facultyg Dr. Ortmann, Mr. Sutton, Mr. I-Ienn, Mr. Coggeshall, and Mr. Holt from the Carnegie Museumg andi others not connected with these institutions, as Miss Ladoff, Mr. Grizzly Smith, and Mr. Baldwin, who represents the Inland Bird Banding Asso- ciation, with headquarters at the Cleveland Museum. The Collembola custom of servingia dinner before -the meeting, has met with well- deserved success, having an attendance of from twenty-five to thirty. Since the atten- dance at the meetings proper is somewhat larger than this, the founders of the club ,are greatly encouraged, and feel that the Collembola Club is rapidly becoming the most active and best supported club of its type on the Pitt campus. - The publications of the club include the Collembola Bulletin which carries notices of the meetings and the trips, and the Coll-embola Songi Book, a, compilation: of old and new biological ditties together with some songs of local interest. A ' Because ofthe "Collembola Spirit" instilled inthe members of the organization, andthe advantages that the- students gain from field acquaintance with forms studied in the laboratories, the club has had most generous support from the biological faculty members. Prof. Fish has granted to the club meeting space, and many other facilities for "carrying on," besides his personal interest. Professor Jennings is a Collembola "old-timer," and Dr. Emerson and Mr. Cartledge are known as the "god-fathers" of the clubg Prof. Leighton has been unanimously elected a member of the club, while -'lr' many others have "done their bit." F 9 i F g 4 " V f'lVlTUZlIElIll1925 UIQUIIUWW' 'iii umur Page Three Hundred Thirty . y Al- .-vf- ,Y Y U f i S- --x I' H A A . llll irif-Zlllllllll I 1.1- E , ... ,... ,gwyd , Qlnllemhnla Qlluh Qilinll ,i.i. i1 ...- .W. Rudyerd Boulton .... Marie Rewbridge . . . . . .Dorothy Rome Jay F. Pearson . . . .M. Graham Netting Ruth Grusch Officers President . ...... ......... . . . Vice-President .... Vice-President . . Secretary .... Treasurer .... ........... Members Helen Aultsgg- A Waltenf-11El'l Beckwith Miriam L. Bomhard Leland A. Brown Valois R. Carothers. I. Lincoln Gaxftlfedge Sarah. Mt. Clarke Peter Demas Dorothy I. Douthitt Prof. Alfred E. Emerson Mrs. A. E. Emerson Prof. H. D'. Fish Mrs. H. D. Fish' Katherine Gebhard. William W. Gillespie Mae C. Graham Joh Emily Gray Lee Herrington H. Corwin Hinshaw A. M. Holler Dr. O. E. Jennings Mrs. O. E. Jennings Coralee Kefffer Elva Lawton Mrs. Alice B. Lord Marian I. Martin Frances Rock Mabel D. Rome Richard Simon A. Grace Steele George M. Sutton Edwin Thomson Mary E. Warga n V. Watkins --.errm:ni1111i11i925.iIUIUiU3l'."l - "" fee as Page Three Hundred Thirty one gre.. lv Y.. 1 I. I. 1- . u 1 x 4: l ic. -- c i, l lllnuiilfllllllllllll H' . I , , , fy. "' t Q 'VF 011112115 Cvvens was organized in 1923 as an honorary fraternity for'Sophon1ore girls based upon activities, scholarship, leadership, and personality. Each Cvven pledges herself to uphold the hazing rules and to foster spirit and interest in activities. among the Fresh- inan girls. President ..... Vice-President ..... Secretary-Treasurer . . . Harriet Arthur Anna Louise Baker Margaret Boleky Kathleen Burgun Officers .......i........Helen Toay . . . .Mary Louise McClelland . . . . . .Margaret Thompson Me'mbers Evangeline Koenig Gwynne Mothersbaugh Jeanne Muter Nina Johnston Katherine Coit Sylvia Perovsky -'E Helen Gilleland Margaret Probst . Margaret Grier . Eliza Jane Reynolds ,M Grace Hartman Gertrude Siegel 7? Mary Warga If Q -", . '1'f"TUI11IUIH!925 .H" 'ill i D jg:-3 'QQ-WW Page Three Htmdred Thirty-two l f l l 1 HA N 1 l l l r 1 l -3 -,du- A 1 4 l qs .l e Ii b 4. V C 1 v I 1. l 'HY , e H I llll filllllllll I 1 ITC llllll 1 1 w I . e f -1. 1 l ILA' ' 1' I I I T f :Ep f N Fliramaznrz The fratority was founded on February 15, 1919, for the purpose of promoting and furthering a friendly and social spirit among the men and women of the different fraternities. President ...... ......... L ee Frank Vice-President .. .... Margaret Meals Secretary ................ , ...... Helen Toay Treasurer .................. ..... W illiam Ewart Chairman Social Committee .... .... R ichard I-Iilleman 1. A "If'VlII11IU1IUl92i5 l111I!1IUT11""i fm llllllli Page Three Hmzdred Thirty-three . -.Q f ' W .i I W? I .. .Y -JW --"" A ' bf- ' ' ' ' Il t. . , ,Q Q -I ll . llllnffl-zalllllllllll H' g H ' ' 'pp i I 5 I rvQ SAA Q I .L e Uhr Evhating Azunriatinn At the time this report 'is written, the University of Pittsburgh Debating Associa- tion is in the midst of its schedule. The membership of the Association includes forty- iive men and thirty women, competitions for almost each debafetafe open to all 'f1'lCSC, and indeed to any undergraduate 'who 'may want to try for a place in the chief intellectual activity of the University. ' I I i p At the beginning of thefseason., Louis Broida, a former star debater at Pitt and now a prominent member of the Pittsburgh bar, resumed duties as coach. 'The first conte-st of the year was a triangular affairwith Washington and Jefferson College and Penn- sylvania State College. The negative' team for. Pitt,'composed-of Martin Silverman, Myron. Broida and George W. Davis traveled to State College only to lose a close decision, and at home, James M. Barnett, Nathan Perilman, and Anthony W. Smith, III, successfully upheld the affirmative against ,Washington and Jefferson ,College The question was: Resolved, That the United States should enter the Permanent .Court of International Justice under the. reservations as stated by Secretary Hughes. I ' By the time of thezsecond debate, Mr. .Broido had found, his 'legal duties too pressing to permit him to continue coaching, and Dr. H. A. Wichelns, Faculty Advisor, took over the duties of coach. The team that opposed Colgate on continuance of the three-percent immigration law consisted of Earle Aronson, David Silverblatt, and James Mierely. Colgate proved the superior. The third forensic meeting of the year was an innovation, it was a forum discussion with Swarthmore College on the Bok Peace Plan, there was no decision for either school as each had one representative on each side of the question. Anthony W. Smith, III, defended the plan, and Lytron A. Scholpp opposed it. After the formal speeches, there were speeches and questions from the floor, and in handling the latter the Pitt men had an excellent opportunity to display their quickness in rebuttal. Contests are still to come with Syracuse, Westminster, Allegheny, and George- town, each on its home Hoor. James, M. Barnett, George W. Davis, and Nathan Peril- man will represent the University at Syracuse and at Westminster. The question 'discussed at both schools will be, Resolved, That the United States should enter the Permanent Court of International Justice under the reservations as stated by Secretary Hughes. The freshmen will have a special debate with the freshmen of Penn State College on the League of Nations question. George Washington University will come to Pittsburgh and discuss the limitation of the powers of the Supreme Court question. In addition Pitt will have ai representative in the Civic Oratorical League and in the Western Pennsylvania Oratorical Association. '11 V l l l lllll .1-I , p p 1925 ll",i'. gf :rug if uuur-ua Page Three I-Imzdred Tlzirty-four 1 -, . -J ,11 11 -1 to P c 3 XY 1 . I . llll rtrilllllllll 3 fl- - , .1 X !JIHvn'u Evlmting Gram ,l.l...1- Standing-Myron H. Broida, Earle Aronson, Basil Welsh, David Silverblatt, Samuel Braemer, Nathan Perilman. A Seated-George W. Davis, James M. Barnett, Lytron A. Scholpp, Anthony W. Smith III, James K. Mierley. The schedule for the men's debating teams for the academic year 1923-1924 was as . follows: Dec. 7 Dec. 7 Feb. 16 7 ! 1923-Washington and Jefferson College, Pittsburgh. Decision ........ 3-0 Pitt 1923-Pennsylvania Statel College, State College. Decision ........... 3-O State P' b h. D-ecision .................. 3-0 Colgate 1924-Colgate University, 1tts urg 1924-Swarthmore College, Pittsburgh. Oxford System. No decision. Mar. 13 Mar. 17, 1924-Syracuse University, Syracuse. Decision ....................... 2-1 P1tt Mar. 21 1924-Westminster College, New Castle. Mar. 31 1924-Allegheny College, Meadville, Pa. Apr. 5 1924-Georgetown College, Washington, D. C. Apr. ll 1924-Pennsylvania State Freshmen, State College. Apr. 22 1924-University of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh. May 3, 1924-George Washington University, Pittsburgh. Officers f Louis Broido, Esq. Coaches --" """"' 4 H. A. Wichelns, Ph.D. Manager. H ...... Lytron A. Scholpp President .... .. .. ........ Chauncey Pruger Secretary. ................. .... A nthony W. Smith, III Manager of Girls' Team ..... ............ M arie Messer ' 1 -., l925 t1J" 'III lllllllfi Q c Page Three Hmzdred Tl1i1'z'y-fi-ve L 1 v u m' , , , . l A llllllkfllllllllll e "Q e 1- XY --W A . nl EE E-D ' e-We ' , f v F I E CEirl5'e Bvhaiing Ammriaetinn 3 i 1 1 Y i N K K 2 e l e 1 " vv 2 A' QY ' A 5 I I ,l', 4 W I1l1 'I'lL 5 Page Three Hundffed Thirty-six P V 1 L 1 V I .qw 5-1 ' is Qin-M: Y 1----.DU , " :Emu ll in ' ' 'e ' " "" "f""" "' A ' "' - 1 1 1 lllllllllIll?1 W7 Girlz' Behaiing Svqnah ,l,l.l.l Coach ..... .... D r. H. A. Wichelns Manager .... ..... M arie Messer, 1924 - Theresa Kahn, 1925 Assistants. .. ... iMary Warga, 1926 Members Mar Mar. Mar. Apr. Jean Ballou Charlotte Corbett Sylvia Frankle Goldie Greenfield Alma Hlavac Nancy Jennings Theresa Kahn Teresina Marina Frances Peach Mildred Pickrell Frances Reitmeyer Bessie Rosenburg Gertrude Siegal Mary Warga Schedule . 8-Goucher College vs. Pitt at Baltimore, Md. COxford Planj. 28-Ohio Wesleyan vs. Pitt at Delaware, Ohio. . 28-West Virginia vs. Pitt at Pittsburgh,'Pa. 5 George Washington vs. Pitt at Washington, D. C. I .o.,, 1925 1Jl'iP 'III Wiatr if Page Three Hundred Tlzirtgv-seven I ,FF is H4 4 44 ll 44 4 4 4 4 4 '44 44 'E 4 II 45 ll 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 ll 4 4 4 4 4 I 4 4 I i . 4 44 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 i . 4 4 4 44 Ill rg 4 4 4 4 i 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 44 V4 4 44 '-45: V - jrlvjj' gift' ,.., '.i'T"" WE' ' E' ' 'MA 'iv' Ml WTA- Y V V in W Y -M1 H V N , 4 4 x 1 . I -,-I .crf--'-""' ' W 7- 'v rj A "E ' F ' -4-- -s- :v'f57T1'T', ' Q . ' 4 1 1 1 4 4 :"flLf'f'f'-'- K K 'A' 4 ll , lllllLf'L".llll I ll 'W V , V in H 'VV' J-F Y 1' turning Svtuhvnta Azznriatinn The Evening Students Association is composed ofstudents of the Evening Division' of the School of -Business Administration. The Association wasyfounded a number ot years ago when the school' was on the campus for the purpose of encouraging and fostering good fellowship among the students of the Evening Division, high scholarship in their class work and to promote their social, educational and commercial interests in school and in the community. , E g 4 1The Association holds six annual affairs: Christmas Dance, Menfs Smoker,' Girl's Party, Banquet, Dramatic Club Production, and June Prom. A 4 A 1' A v9 A gg V g I 1 ILEIIIIIIIIIIM "Irs-'arte 4 JTIIEEEUJIEU 1925 4I4I4IUjU'4444' 4 L14 of IIII IIQI Page Three Hzmdredl Thiffty-eight EQEDIU-l I llllll llllllllllll I H lllrl Y F- A' if i VA H H t H e fl' oooo H 1' l y , Evening Siuhentn 2-Xnanriatinn ,,.1.l.L-l- The Officers and Executive Committee for the year 1923-24 are as follows: President ................................ James H. Donovan Vice-President ...... ..... E dgar C. Hillman Treasurer ..... ..... ......... R a lph E. Newlin Secretary ................. ........... M ary Richardson ' Wm. H. Bernoulli, Homer E. McCarthy Samuel L. Robins-on G. Stanley Rupp Ruth Forsht Joseph Schewe 'ITF "" "' l925 UQlIl1lIIlTl"" 'Ill i . I we a s Page Three H1111-d7'Cd T11irfy-11-ine .....-' - i' ' , 'Ill 'H lllllll . " flcmmmmlil g g, .. u lluualfaal A l W., . . CErrmt1n Glluh The Students' German Club of the University of Pittsburgh was organized Decem- ber 14, 1922, for the purpose of furthering a practical understanding of the German language. Social meetings of the club were conducted in German, business meetings in English. The club is continuing its activities this year, having started out its second year of existence under the following officers: President, Karl Kutschkag Vice-Presi- dent, S. Wallace Fishbein, Secretary, Katharine Gebhardg Treasurer, Elizabeth Kammerer. Executive committee: Frances Landaw, chairman, Racille Srolowitz, Frances Reitmeier and Catherine Brown. Social committeey Herman Saville, chairman, Evan- geline Koenig, Janet Hedden, and Margaret Maher. Publicity Manager,'Arnold Ferber. Faculty Advisor, Mrs. L. O. Lohstoeter. Members of German Club Mary Abramovitz Emma B. Adams Marcelle Acker Sam Blitz Rebecca Bloom Belle Bornstein Katharine Braun Catherine Brown Margarete Dupprich Alice G. Eliashof Harriet Eliashof Arnold Ferber S. N. Fishbein ' Katherine Gebhart Gertrude Grossman Julia Hadas Janet Hedden Martin Hindes S. Hoechstetter Elizabeth Kammerer Josephine Kazamrous Evangeline Koenig Karl D. Kutchka Archie Laird Frances Landau Helen Lefkowitz George Levitt Jacob Little A.. P. Ludin Margaret Maher Gertrude Martin Ruth Meritzer Esther Noll Lucille 0'Donnel B. Prietzsch Earl S. Reed Frances Reitmeyer Ida Riech Howard Rosenbloom Edna G. Rothman Sadie P. Saul Herman Saville Flora Shapiro Racille Srolovitz Mabel A. Staples Doris Sulzbacher Helen W. Weigel Herman R. Wilharm ' -'fflmlim 1925 mmwgft Faye Three Hu1ia'1'ed Forty eww 1 f T :-"um " 'ia' - ' , ll lsi-rzallll llllll S - , . , l F. Zhininr Idrnm Olnmmiitve Chairman ........ Luke Patrick Ulhard Hangartner George Eaton Ioseph Dixon Henry Baker Walter 'VVellinger Lorena Orr ,iili-i P. Akins Frances Koenig Sally Stoughton Bert McNeil Iaines Walsh Arnold Silverman P. Richard Hilleman Q Phil Githens i A-. 'e'1r11ItU:uJ11n19zsm111u1:Du"a wflttttmniunm 'V 5? Page Tlzrcc Hundred Forfcv -one 1 1 1 1 1 ' I It if H 4.5 bffbmi ll 1 .. 1 1' - 1 1. lllllw--falllllllulll 1 ' 'U 1 , ' 1- - - ' 1 11 11 W. 11 3. 1 1 ' 11 11 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 TER-FR TER ITY BALL COM ITTEE 1 1 1 1 11 I1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1f1 '31 1 1 I 1 1 1 7 1 N V Q -3 I' A '11 l11' 1 1 I I I 1 ' 1 1 11 1 Q 11 Page Three I-Iund1'ed'F0rty-two 1 , 1 1 1 111 ' 41 . " "rf-'f'f"'f" A' 'W'--H' --A"'4i. ' UMM--- ' 1 1 Qmml' ,rmzzrrrrjgmi ,mt - 1 , , fl fb E- 111. I I VI x I' I I B -L I Z W Zlnter-ifraierniig ?Ball Qlnmmiitvr ,ll-li hairrrlan John Gp Stewart ............. P ..................... .. C Harold F. Latham Robert B. DHV1dSOH William F Ewart Maurice H. Claster Inter-Fraternity Ball, February 14, 1924, Schenley Hotel. .TA a, All l' F lfk' f'Y'l ,.s. E i , W e r lmrmmrfmge jffbialrfj r e a e A at r A Page Three Hmzdred Forty-three .Yu W Y-.--Y-, Y -.Y I --,,I. -3.1--....a.L...,,.....,ggg,f Y 7 v ir: no 'I - ,yy X-,,. 1 rr- -.- . f Us ' . Z wfi fcllllllll 1. .e. . .g -'- I lllllirihfllilllllll s I" 'g " I . S ' ,.. -.., 'Q rvw :AA Q P .A- Zlntvr-Zliratnrnitg Qlnunril The Inter-Fraternity Council ,of the University of Pittsburgh, composed of two representatives of each of the sixteen leading social fraternities on the campus, functions to promote better feeling and a closer relationship among the fraternities and between the fraternities and the University. The present Council is the result'of a reorganiza- tion meeting of the old Council on March 2, 1920. Each year the Inter-Fraternity Council, with the cooperation of the Athletic Asso- ciation of the University, conducts the Inter-Fraternity Track and Field contests, and the Inter-Fraternity Basketball Series. ' - The leading social function of the school years in Inter-Fraternity circles, is the Inter-Fraternity Ball, held under the auspices of the Council, while each year, with the aid of the Young Menls Christian Association, the Council has an annual non-fraternity man's smoker, and an Inter-Fraternity Smoker once a month at one of the local chapter houses. 1 Each year a large Loving Cup, the gift of Dean Fetterman, is awarded the Fraternity having the highest scholastic average in the Council for the previous year. A set of rules has been drawn up which govern the rushing and pledging of fresh- men to fraternities that are members of the Council. ' 'li 1 ll lllllllll Aff, "vT'f'EUIIlI311I1,i92i5 UJJJZUICDWIJF g. 'fuLLuijmIg1x'Q,, Page Three Hundred Forty-four 'Y 111 F- I 1 U '-4 ffibmittml -- L... i Enter-ZHratrrniig Glnunril Officers President ........ ............ ..... I o hn E. Bigler Vice-President. .. .......... Ira R. Hill Secretary ....... .................... , ...... I ohn G. Stewart Treastirer .... ....................... 1 ...... I. Paul Finley REPRESENTATIVES F.. Bigler and C. R. Wilson ......Iohn G. Stewart and George G. Main .. . . .R. F. Boulton and Robert B. Davidson ..............Ira R. Hill and James H. Walsh .....Maurice H. Claster and Herman I. Arenson . . . . . . .Roland Friedlander and Moriz Levinger ...... .Harold F. Latham and Carl Bohren . . . . .William F. Ewart and J. W. VHarmeier ........ ...Carl Sauer and Clyde Barton Delta Tau Delta ...... Lambda Chi Alpha .... Phi Delta Theta ..... Phi Gamma Delta ..... Pi Lambda Phi ....... Phi Epsilon Pi ......... Sigma Alpha Epsilon ..... Sigma Chi .............. Kappa Sigma... .. Theta Chi ......... .......... G . E. Duer and George White Delta Sigma Phi '.,. .... I . Paul Finley and W. G. S. McKee V :..-3 Sigma Alpha Mu Dn.. .... H arold Bender and Harold Herwitt H' Theta Delta Psi .... .... .... C h arles Dodson and Donald Duff Phi Kappa ........ ............ C lem Gaynor and John I. Harding 5? Pi Rho Delta .... .... C harles M. Watt and W. Kenneth Hamblin ' 1, Sigma Pi '..'. ........... . . .C. V. Starret and W. W. White f K 1 I 1 H llilllllllll j- i 'QS 2153111 " ea 599 Page Tlzrcc Hmzdrcd F01'f3'-five 7 l l ynuzw... a .- '--- Y --1--e V P-f-'---N ' .i-.A .L-"9i. ri--I, -4' V . i V i T' Y -M F V- 7., 111.4 , -T c -Q' c l lllllialfiillllllllllll fywwl 'Q' 1 Mnrtar Baath Mortar Board, national Senior vvomen's honorary activities fraternities, was founded in 1918. The charter chapters are Swarthmore, Ohio State Unive-rsity,, Cornell University and the .University of Michigan. The fraternity-now has 26 chapters located in leading universities and colleges. Women are elected to membershipiby active members on a basis of scholarshipyleadership, and service. ' University of Pittsburgh Chapter of Mortar Board, which Was the one local group Alpha Lambda Nu, was installed March 4, 1923. ' ' V Officers M ' A President ....... A .......... . . . L ....... Marie Messer Vice-President .... Dorothy Klingensmith Secretary ..... .... , ................. A ....... N anal Jenkins Treasurer ........................ .g .... Nan Steele Honorary Members 'Dean Thyrsa Amos ' 1 Dr. Marion Shephard Members e ' Mary Bigham Marie Messer ' Lucy Chamberlain Ida Neugebauer iNHU21JCUki11s Lucille Q'Donnel1 Dorothy Klingensmith Nan Steele , Olive Wilt V 554 Iago Three Hundred Forty sm " 1925 UIlIHIlIl'11w gm SIIIIIIII 1 1 1 azure-5.-F-qliw 'r L 1 XE. E , .E aY " C QE nr E1 Y Ui' ur HU wx! r I, E I l 9 I : I I l u 5 x W. v x l v 'u i gg, illiuuiral Qlluhn 4 1 V CM :QQ GQ7? v J A . lllllll I I 1 I H T- I A l . llllliriillllllllllll 1' ' ' ' 1 KT . . WJ cw? Glluh Max U. Applebaum Russell L. Biddle Paul R. Boyles Harold S. Campbell VVellington C. Carl . Paul Carmichael PJ. H. Clarke Howard Cunningham Arthur Davis , Robert B. Davidson Frank Dickinson J. W. Gibson Gliver W. Harris VV. Y. Hayward Philip K. Hoerr J. M. Hyslop David H. Buckman Joseph Cohen Leonard Collins Peter Cooper Sherman Conn Charles Cravotta Robert B. Davidson S. Bernard Foster Edwin P. Geesey Henry A. Goff ' .11-....,.T. 1 David DeVere Jamison ' Allen M. Kearney Bertram H. Kenyon Louis F. Kim J. C. 'McBurney I J. A. McNeliS George J. Modrak James C. Murray, Jr. Jay F. W. Pearson 1 1 J. Charles Reid George. E. Ringold Walter J. Rome 'Ernest F. Sampson Robert W. Thomas Emerson H. Todd Herman Wilharm 1 iinwemhle 9 Herman L. Hegner 1 Edward J. Keeling p G. E. Keisling . L. Craig Long Sidney J. Potts Walter A. Reuter Milton Saher R. Kenneth Thompson Homer D. Wallace . Donald C. Yates Hlluziral 01111115 Svrhehulv A December 19, 1923 ........... Calvary M. E., N. S., Pittsburgh January 25, 1924 ...... .......... , .......... Homewood February 2, 1924 ................... Wilkinsburg February 8,1924 ..... .... T 'abernacle Pres. Church February 19, 1924 .... . ............ Mayview February 25, 1924 .... Emory M. E. Church February 29, 1924 .Q ........ Carnegie, Pa. March 6, 1924. . . . .... . . . Homewood March 14, 1924. .. Knoxville March 20, 1924. . . . . .. ..........., .... New Brighton March 21, 1924 .... ..... A ..................., . .Oil City March 22, 1924... ................. ...... P. A. A. Apfn 8, 1924. Apfii 22, 1924. Q... ...- .-.. .. P. C. W. Joint Concert and Dance Wilkinsburg April 24, 1924 ....... .................. A . ...... Clairton April 25, 1924 ......... ..... M cKeesport , May 14, 15, 16, 1924.... ..... Home Concerts '- iiii,"wL'mIm1n192ism1m1tmfH' 'fll Page Three Hmzdred F01"z'y-eight , :Y--Y xg-4 , ' ' I . lllll "'1llIll l I I I V . ia J a 2 lllln ll .I l bfi! I I' :ll l J 1 I 1 . J . F C5122 Olluh Qmxartrtte P l 1 l .til- l tl flliuairal Qllnha Manager .......... ................ Bertram H. Kenyon L. Craig Long Assistant Managers .... .... E E F Sanmson President. ....... . . .... .Philip K. Hoerr Paul Boyles "Y M Vice-Presidents ..... .... E R' B. Davidson i Secretaries ...... . . . Ewalgfl' TSUIUC l . eu er F Treasurer .... I ............. .... B . F. Ashe Q gfdgfgfglxnist GIGS Club ...... ....... D. D'eVere Jamison ACCOmDHUfS'f Pitt Ensemblel .... ..... I ames C. Murray, Ir. Accompanist Pitt Four . Leader Glee Club .... .... ....... P a ul Carmichael . Director Glee Club ..... .... T . Earle Yearsley 3 -1 4 Director Ensemble ........................ George McNemry P m Faculty Advisors V . , Prof. W. H. Shelton D. N. A. N. Cleven Q il D. E. T. Sage Dr. Duve limnull , , - I p 1 a I ' g I I I I llllllllii PClQC'T1Z7'6C Hundred Forty-M110 f l 5 ' I l I l 'D 1 ' llrl .D D if is -1 D l llllikil l lll ll ig-f 'jig IIIIII I IIE' , D P fi E i ' A ' 'rr 'N , Cbirlz C5122 Glluh This marks the second year of the Girls Glee Club since its reorganization. Although it did not hold any concerts .during the first semester, an interesting spring program has been'arranged, the preparation, of Which, tis being conducted by Mr. T. Earle Yearsly, Director. a V Oflicers A President ..... ........ . . . . . .Frances Rock Vice-President .. ............ Marion Jones Secretary P ..... .... E lizabeth Highberger A Treasurer .......... .......... M yrtle Peters 4 Bus. Manager ....... ......... M ildred Pickrell Ass't Bus. Manager .... ..... G Wynne Mothersbaugh Librarian ............ ........ D orothy Douthitt Pianist .......... .... L ucille O'Donnel1 - Student Director .... Martha Schmucker ' Q F 9 by "vrVl'UlIEU1IDgl925 mzmzmrrww 'fn mumr-a Pape Three Hundred Fifty 1 1 l w l ll! + n L gggg , - L A P M to XF L L C P lllllnllll lll I I 1326- vel if in tl ul rlsz, " Girlz 65122 Glluh Harriet Arthur Dorothy Barkin Clara Berglass Harriet Boardman Bell Bornstein Elizabeth Brindley Alice Campbell Virginia Cobbler Pearl Dietrich V Dorothy Douthitt Lois Durant Marie Ewing Margaret Thompson Helen Gilleland Elizabeth Highberger Nana Jenkins Nancy Jennings Marion jones Miriam Kirkel Esther Koons .,..i.1.L1- Members Dorothy Ludwig Lorena Mondereau Gwynne Mothersbaugh Esther Noll Kathleen Parker Elsie Thomson Helen Wiegel Myrtle Peters Mildred Pickrell Margaret Probst Louise Putnam Helen Ray Mabel Reed Frances Rock Edna Rothman Virginia Rumble Anna Schaab Martha Schmucker Helen Studer Helen Turner J' -iirmjutmluzazs mguzuzmw-e im Page Three Hmzdl ed Fzfty one .... ,,... .... ..... J L25 ' Q Tn.. are C- I llllllfil llllllll ef" Han-lqvllvnir Amanriatinn 'The Pan-Hellenic Association of the University of Pittsburgh is a local chapter of the National organization to regulate affairs of inter-fraternity interest. The local asso- ciation is composed of one senior, one junior and one alumnae member from each Fraternity. They make therushing rules each year and see that they are enforced. The First Pan-Hellenic Association at Pitt was organized in 1910, and since then it has steadily grown until at present it consists of thirteen national fraternities and three local fraternities. 1 I I i a "i I925g "" ...I s Page Tlzrcc' 'llzmdred Fifty-two r I' I if iv 1 ,.. f ,,. , ' ' - , , . I p 4-- K if! -- up ff m " ' T M ' '-- . llllllabfl lllllll I fl' 1 p up - . . 1 mmuml-g i W7 Han-Qellvnir A Annnriatiun President ....... ........... ..... C laire McKay Vice-President .... .......... . . .Mildred Guiney Secretary .................. .... ................ T h eresa Kahn Treasurer ............ Fraternity Representatives Zeta Tau Alpha ...... Kappa Alpha Theta ......................... Delta Delta Delta .... Delta Zeta ......... Alpha Xi Delta ....... .... Pi Beta Phi .......... Kappa Kappa Gamma... Chi Omega .......... Alph Delta Pi ........ Phi Mu .......... Kappa Delta ....... Alpha Theta Alpha Theta Epsilon Phi .... Phi Alpha .... T. Delta Sigma... Gamma Phi .... - - .Valois Carothers Mary Kammerer .Marion Wolcott . . . .Louise Hoge Dorothy Nauman ...Jean Dawson Ruth. Trimble . . . . .Virginia Wienshank .Margaret Gvvin Claire McKay .Valois Carothers .Mildred Guiney Theresa Kahn .. ...Lois Barry ......Inez Love ...Nana Jenkins Racille Srolovitz Sigma Lamb da Chi ..... P V lf-.1 ! 1 I 4 1 4 J 1 'I i -. .1 ll l l 1 A -A.-,..,. M , ...v11J3IU1lZH119z5g5m1rmJ1-1-- T W1 it 'V 335: Page Three Hundred Fifty-ilzfree -l. 1 l nv 1 s w l ni ' l , V, ' ' ' 'fojlllllll 1. . , . ' - I C u r llllnfif-fflllllllllll 'gf i y 'g-'WL-C C I x ii... .- :'," F fi" Q " C N--F --w a 1 inirkin Glluh ' - .l,.., l Ten years havelpassed since the birthday of Pitkin Club. To celebrate its tenth anniversarya supper and good fellowship service was held inthe Shadyside Presbyterian' Church, February 3. In addition to the present members, a great' number of the former members, including the founders, were present. It has been the greatest meeting this historic club has held. ' l In accordance with the purpose of the club, which is to study the various emission fields and their needs, and to promote an interest in Christian work, the first semester was devoted to the study of Japan, and the Club is now studying the life of Christ under the inspiring leadership of Dr. Hugh T. Kerr. ' ' Officers . President ...... ............. .... B e rtram Kenyon Vice-President .... Fred Barclay Secretary ....... .... V irginia Eaton Treasurer . . . ....... Frances Koenig A Historian .. .. .El izabeth Highbergerp ' 9 r -4- i Auf Y . i i 4 U L I Illlllilli t we -a- v fTEUI11lIlIUHl925 QIIUIUL 1' - f if one s unsung J Page Three Hundred Fifzfy-fozzf' 1 Ls , ., ,.,. ,, Mb WW W H Wigwam fiYi::7:L::4g'llvL:if-.,r i.,, 1 W WK, 1. iii? TL, K b -a ---ff--' , -cii F C ifgfQ3'ffi??E?iiftiiii-i r -4 Qt. A . as F r ..1,N LJEUIUIDIHI- -VI Y g1lvl ! HQ. ' .Ill Y C-,J l I Jack Allison Fred Barclay Blanche Beam Russell Biddle Charlote Beachler Margaret Boleky Lillian Burig Alice Campbell Lillian Cole Sarah Clarke Helen Chinchi Pearl Dietrich Frances De Bone Cora De Bray Virginia Eaton Marie Ewing William Fennell Lenore Frazier Helen Gilliland Mildred Gamble Katherine Gebhard Helen Hagen Grace Hartman Agnes Hewitt Elizabeth Highberger Within Qlluh ,- i1--- Members Helen Howard Russell Irons Helen Ivory Philamena Johnson Nina Johnston Philippine Johnston Marion ,Jones Bertram Kenyon Frances Koenig Dorothy Klingensmith Esther Koons Frederick Kredal Karl Kutchka Dorothy Lillick Inez Love Dorothy Ludwig Mary McElheny Dorothy McKim Dorothy McMahon Anna Bess Mathews Helen Milar Margaret Miller Katherine Morrison Gwynne Mothersbaug James Murray h Jeanne Muter Arthur Nelson Mildred Pitchner Frances Peache Myrtle Peacock Nellie Powell Eleanor Reschke Lenore Reschke Frances Rock Walter Rome Harriett Rose Virginia Rumble Paul Rupprecht Dorothy Russell Margaret Sanders Frances Saurman Anna Schaab Elizabeth Schindeh Elizabeth Seville Mary Stokes Helen Studer . Yvonne Torgerson Anna Uhl . Aubrey Wolford Herman Wilharm utte -,f U'r eff-fre-if Me - i rrmrttmji UL as H E355 UFITITVII rols sw" "Ill Page Tlucc Hzuzdzcd fzfti vc 4 l I lIllll.. l 1lIlllllllll l I : K 4: Q IF i 'TT DLA a -4. I A 1561 Iilagvm l.-ll Pitt Players is the campus organization for the production of amateur dramatics. It provides an opportunity to receive training in serious dramatic effort and in the artistic presentation of meritorious plays. Through its numerous offerings during the 1923-24 season, it has enabled practically all of its members to gain some experience in at least one branch of the work-acting, staging, costuming, and managing. e The privilege of membership is granted to students who successfully display their ability in the tryouts held annually each fall, and who continue to show marked interest in the work of the organization during the year. Those who have no desire to take 0 are interested in the mechanics of stage craft may become affiliated with the organization by serving an apprenticeship during which ability and sincerity of purpose may be demonstrated. During the 1923-24 season, Pitt Players underwent a complete reorganization and initiated a policy that has resulted in increased activity. Jerome K. Ierome's "The New Lad B t k" f ' ' y an oc vias the first production, and was followed by Arthur Hopk1n's "Moonshineg', "Matinata," by Lawrence Langnerg "The Conflict," by Ballette McCauley' St W ' ' ' - uart alker's, "The Medicine Show," "Mrs. Molly," by Rachel Crothersg and Fourteen," Alice Gerstenberg. In the spring, A. A. Milne's well-known "Mr. Pim Passes By" was taken ion a tour through western Pennsylvania previous to its appear- ance on the campus. Pitt Player productions have been utilized by numerous campus organizations this year on their entertainment programs. Dean Thyrsa Amos, the VVo'men's Association Omicron Delta Kappa Fraternity, the F lt Cl have been served in this capacity. roles, but wh acuhy ub, and the College Club andlothers r 1, L umm - s F- . A ' " 1925 lIlIlIUIl'li'V" f Page Three Hmzdred Fifty-sw - L ton Alvin Schol Joitmmww L is " SPX-X ' A "WPT C W9 I 41 - K Faculty Advisor ..... ............ Coach ........... President ........ Vice-President. . . Secretary ........ s Hitt Iglagern Officers .Professor Percival Hunt ' . . . .Mrs. Madge Blount MacQueen .. .. ... .. ...Frederick E. Kredel ..... .....Paul C. Rupprecht . . . .Frances Reitmeyer .. . .Herman Hegner Treasurer .......... Business Manager .... . ..... VVayde Bloom Technical Director .......................... E. VVillis Whited Stage Manager.. . rcelle Acker ...--........-...........-.. b .R. E. McLean Active Members . Bessie Rosenburg Paul C. Rupprecht John R. Johnston Betty Kammerer 4 E ll Ma Marian Barnett Wayde Bloom Florence Blose Eloise Bomhard Donald Brown Florence Chitester Virginia Coffman Frank D. Curtin Frederick Elwood Alice Fehr Mildred Guiney Howard Housman Elmer Klaber Frederick Kredel Y DP H Dale P. Schroedel Jacob Seches Alexander Shaw Betty Stevenson Evelyn Tonkonogy ' Marie Messer Richard Hakanson William Carrothers A. M. Hutchinson G. E. Marshall J. E. McLean Alma Lorch Esther Noll Annette Nosoff Lorena Orr Myrtle Peters Joseph Recht Margaret Probst J. Charles Reid Frances Reitmeyer Eliza Jane Reynolds 15I13h12?nJeInI1i:gigesr ' Francis Riley James Fyock Doris Rigby Robert Murray 1 . BDctUr- F L' 'JJTlJIlJUllJl UI CL IIJLH I U ' A r I I I 1 lclrld Page Three Hmzdrcd. Fifty-seven. D I ff x .A---5. . . 0 ,, ,, . . t l , lllllmbfllllllllllll I", g ' ' ' ' 1 l 4 l I Mitt Mrrk 1 Pitt' Week ....... Q ......... I ............... May 21, 22, 23, 1924 "Pitt Week" was inaugurated at the University in 1923. It was theihope of its ' sponsors that a "play week" for all Pitt students and Alumni would strengthen Pitt spirit by making this occasion traditional in the University. Although in its infancy, "Pitt Week" is already an institution and has done much toward endearing Alma Mater to all Pitties. 'VVUIUJIEU 1925 lIlIlIlIUJ'I Page Three Handled' Fzfty ezqlzi , I II", Yi' va i - IU, 'lil i " ' W . V fl I l if l l all 5 l I I I f" Ark f 'i . 'Y 7 Y C W - ll fgitillllllllllll I' ' I n 1 llll'lll'lIlQJ W l 1 l 1 .L . l 1am Meek cllnmmirm lil John G. Stewart, Chairman Charles L. Garson, Ir., Business Manager- Esther Hartz Janet Johnston Viola Welsh W. B. Berwald L. W. Cook A F. D1 Geer C. A. VVatkins VV. T. Corbett F. E. Swisher s, s. Hoem 7 C B. F. Ashe j x officio members 3 r 4 1 1 l l x 4. l. I I ,E 1 N. l: lil ii l ,l l .il .4 ii: ll .Q M le il pl ll ls if l .1 l l .g. .l ll il 11 W w l vl' il 1 ll: 1. I. l . I l. l li '4 1 l li f .I ll fl 1 1 l l l. ll Fi v-rrrmrmrm 1925 UIIIUIUW ll' Y 'III , . Tvs? ig. Page Three Hmzdrecl Fifty-wine V Q. ,,. l'l 1 if, ii' ll l l. Ll H 1 1 l 1 1 1 1 I 1 .r l. ll l 1 l l i 1 l 1 Il li 1 I 1!. l 1 l lil ll ll l l 4 f N 'HH J... is , - Human Glluh The Pumas, Club, an organization composed of Master Masons connected with the University of Pittsburgh, was organized in November, 19201 In May, 1921, the Pumas Club became national in character by its affiliation with the National League of Masonic Clubs. 4 A The club strives to strengthen the "Pitt Spirit," ainis to further the ideals of the institution, work for the general betterment, and for a more tangible good, rather than mere social prestige. 1 Officers 1 President ........ .... I ..,. . ..N. Andrew N. Cleven Vice-President ..... .... T homas H. Bradley Secretary ........ ..... T homas B. Weigel Treasurer ...... ....... P aul H. Byers ' Members l G. A. Altman B, FQ Ashe William H. Ashford . Clare B.. Book W..W. Booth W. S. Bowser l'heodore'R. Fredley Lawrence C. French Charles E. Frey Dr. Fred C. Friesefl Dr. E.. M. Frost Charles L. Garson ' Atty. R. A. McCrady Dr. W. S. Mc,Ellroy Lewis W. McIntyre Craig McKee - Malcom McPherson G. D. Newton P3111 R- BOYICS Arthur Goetz Atty. John B. Nicklas, J Thomas H. Bradley David J. Griffith W. C. osbome HHTQIC1 K- BFOOICS Verl V. Groomes J. Lee Owens Lewis R. Brown Arthur A. Grubbs Harry H. Provin PHll1,H- Byers Kenneth B. Haas James C. Reed Wllllam Campbell George C. Hein Atty. Paul R. Reed H- M- Cherry Joseph A. Hamilton Archibald Reid N. Andrew N. Cleven Russell J. Hamilt-on Samuel H. Romesburg Matthew H. Crawford John S. Irwin Gilbert E. Seil Merrill W. Cribbs A. Lawrence Jacobs Albert H. Singelton, Jr. William A.. Lromie Nathan B. Jacobs J Charles H. Sporck Jo-hn Y. Dale . Leonard H. Jackson I C. V. Starrett Woodruff DCSUVP1 A. Arthur F. James' L. C. Stover . J. Howard Dice Earl M. Keim James L. Sykes R-obert Dickson Bertram Kenyon E. Ward Tilleston - James I+. Dilworth Frank Wilbur Main Emerson H. Todd L- Baftfm Ferguson Robert P. Marshall Thomas B. Weigel John C. Fetterman Harry B. Meller Alvin R. Whitehill Dcott Foster Charles S. Miller Robert R. Young ffl . A . llilllllllll " V . J "l IQ25 11v'i J lrlil Ill li 1 'Vasa-Q 1 A--A Page Three Hundred Sixty I L mm llllll ll l . l l ' I F ' . if TR-'lr-elf' ,.. me M .er- ' I ' l I' :Il 1. Q9uax ' Honorary Science Fraternity for Women President .................................... Helen Spancler Vice-President ............ ..... M ary Dodds Corresponding Secretary .. .... Lois Barry Treasurer .................... ' .... .... L ouise Hoge' Members ' Lois Barry Louise Hoge Lillian Burig Marie Rewbridge Alice Campbell Frances Rock Sarah Clarke Dorothy Rome Mary Dodds Mabel Rome 4 Jennie Gore Helen Spancler Lillian I-Ijort - Nell Steele Marian Wolcott 'L V I I ' 4 L llilllllllll 1- L I ' ' VWMQPQ5 " H 'ali Q ii A Page Three Hll1l'dI'Cd Sivfy-one 01305 f7fWLL S PNP H W Q as sm Q. 54- We xl.. 67 e Q 'm I gh A -.. I 92594 nm, . N - -,. , i -W . 1 V ' 4': K - LJ P-'SEI' Bl ll. GD. FLT. 01. 7-Q--W-7141... Y W Y- Y,-h.-qilq S , - in -..... ,-. , U SF L .Y -- Ali" ' ' 'T 1 be W -A-9-mm' ' ' ' 1 I . mm Wlllllllll I fl' . . 1 Ewalrimiint nf Military Srivnre sinh Glartira ROSTER OF THEAREGULAR ARMY PERSONNEL ON DUTY x THE R. O. T. C. UNIVERSITY' OF PITTSBURGH M ' 7 - ' .. . M3211 ikCnef16I:03,St Aftluefy COrps, Professor of Military Science and Tactics Ca tain H3 Hey, 6d1C21l Corps, Asst. Professor of Military Science and Tactics Sip Lieut- vvaltutseii, 35356 Affluefy- COFDS, Asst. Prof. of Military Science and T'actics - 1 Sgenhe andefraciics C Ofmlek, Coast rArt1llery Corps, Asst. Professor of Military ist Lleuf- IOTIHIAH. Holder, Quartermaster Corps, Asst. Professor of Military Science 1 and Tactics . . , l , Qfaff Sergeant Petelf Ll- Duffy, COaSt Artillery Corps, Military Instructor Sergeant Dan T. Higgins, Infantry, .Military Instructor , Eliirzt Cllnmpunys 33. CE. El. 01. A r Captain s Hoerr, P. K. A 1st Lieutzelnants - . Boyd, W. C. McCarthy, R. 2nd Lieuteinants p V Darone, E. M. Peterson, H. . . lst Serge-ant Stalnakeij, J. H. Platoon Sergeants , ' Applebaum, M. Hobaugh, C. L. P Sergeants . i Hoechstetter, S. Means, W. C. ' Miller, C. W. A Corporals A A A ' Dietrich, S. Fehi, G- M- Dieltrich, W. S. 1Nettrour, P. W. Cameron, I, P. ' BUFEO, J- A- Moke, G, R, . In Falck, J. T. Privates , - KI' ' 'th, G. A. Bragdon F. H. . Jamison,'W. R. iilggfaxg L r- ' Leielilililisllliflir Brown, L. N. Jones, S. F. B gw 'M' V Main R..A. Burns,W. R. Klavon, 'E Bamisy H ' 0 o'Msi11sy.,F. .S. Briceland,.W. V. MacFarlane, R.,C. - Cowl Zi R Parker, W. V. Cr-aft, J. W. Morgester, W. A. Carsilcnt n 'V' Reed, L. Rn Chfi5tiefR- S' Muir: D' A' Droof 2 13 ig Robson, Wg W. Davis, A. R. Ponu. J. -5 ,J. Soles, E. J. , Dawes, J. R. gsnffii, Isl. rv' ,E P Spovvart, C' N. Ge'phaft, C. G. Owe v - ' J Geeseyy Welshonsy H. .Al Gross, J. Price, R. M. ... Haggrui-5 ' Ainsworth, R.'B. Hamilton, A. Tilmans, A- 'E' Lewis-' ' ' Afthufs J, F. Housted, W. D. . Woods, J. ' 'll Leww, H- Igvylie D N ' Wilkins, W. G. A Y - 1 I fri ' l I ls Y A s '-n 1925 . Lllllllllll " , V 25' ,Page Three Hmzdffed Sixty'-three I 1 0- x ' ' l ffc'.ilIHIU'Ii11 - f - L . T -1 T . . llll uiizallll ull G ff' - ,,. IIIIIIIIIIIIILQI I Svernnh Qlnmpang. QD. EV. GI.. K J Q v 'WT 5 . 1 1 I . I . I T TT I Captain i Murphy, G. F. 1st Lieurtenants K fi Ludorf, L. Z. I Ackley, W. T. Baker, W. E. 2nd Lieutenants A Marshall A. I. Durnell, H. D. 3 lst Sergeant 5 Fredrichs, C. ' I Platoon Sergeants A Robertshaw, C. W. Purvis, VV. A. Sergeants Lyons, H. D. O'Connell, S. T. . Connolly, I. W. Stilley, H. M. Corporals 4, W Riley, R. B1 Pfohl, G. Buhermester H. C. A Winiarski, W. Smith, W. B. Agnew, E. Webb, W. Shimmel, H. G. Cunningham. I. C. Silverman. S. V. Meurer, F. C. McKain, W. P. A Privates Andrews, C. S. Jarrett, M. G. Diveley, G. S. Hanna, R. E. Berry, F.. F. Koenig, T. R. Bauman, F. W. Keet, G. C. Berdslee, R. G. Long, C. Burkley, G. Kranack, P. P. Brinkerhoff, C. I. Long R. S. Carey, E. I. Llewellen, A. Clark, P. Linton, I. A. Carrothers, W. D. Marshall, G. E. Donnelly, F. I. Miller, R. B. Curtin, F. Miller, R. A. i Gardner, Miller, B. K. Desmuke, M. F. Murphy, H. C, Geidel, N. L. McGowan, I. R. Crammick, P. P. Mitchell D- S Geberding, E. I. ' Perelestine, J. A. Cunningham, G. B. Nixon F Gillotti, C. Remaley, W. C. D'Auria, L. Sant ' ' ' G S . Gin, J. A. Roberts, N. Davies, A. L. W. YmeYefS'F- - Forsythe. L. sehweffz, R, Glick, A. W. lsemanf 5- - Horne, H. Sipple, H.. L. Gray. I. S. ' W0mS.1eY' R- Hamlin, F. Wright, A. Gorski, T. MCNC11, D- M- I l Hrinko, I. Roderick, I. I. Graves, R. Martin, G. H. ' ll i i rv , . ll . l . L A gg 1 ' . "V"fUIEECUIH,I925 IZUJJZIJIITDHH F 'Ill ' IIIIII IZ ' I. . e -ee a if Page 'Three Hfmfzmz smy-few ll Q fx FOIIIIII 11 if Ji . ' . H 7 " XL, ' V I I A I - Kb' I' 1 it o llllli -lllllllll ll I I M , ,I lllllunul? I4 E . - ' Uhrrh Glvmmmg ul. cn. ef. 01. Captain Hammer, C. F. lst Lieutenants Tea, C. A. Little, R. t Znd Lieutenants Coleman, VV. R. Farmer, G. C. Doyle, R, S, 1st Sergeant Brewer, C. F.. Platoon Sergeants Hayes, P. G. h Graver,, R. Herwitt, H. X Sergeants Caputo, V- McGrail, M. Self, C- ' Culbertson, G. A. Corporals Aston, W. F. Axelrod, L. M. Bauman, E. Beckwith, W. Browarsky, M. Elwood, W. F. Gentzel, H. B. Henderson, W. Hill, H. N. Hooper, W. I. Jones, M. F. Johnston, R. B. Snyder, D. L. Riggle, L. R. Assad, I. H. Hays, C. B. Floyd, O. R. Iohnstin, H. G. Floyd, R. L. VVi1ls, H. Urling, I. U. Bryson, A. Dierst, G. V. Lash, D. R.. Lekas, I. R. Leonard, J. W. Lloyd, L. Newton, M. A. Patterson, F. M. Pearson, C. A. Porter, R. U. Reed, D. W. Schoefield, I. Slonaker, S. Smith, I. S. Privates Papieski, L. E. Amick, W. M. Bourne, R. W. Brown, D. Broecher, F. W. Burns, R. I. Donaldson, R. G. Ellend, G. Ferguson, I. H. Flautz, P. E. Frye, R. R. Groves, F. N. Lyons, L. R. Metz, H. L McCartney, H. H McNalley, E. Meabow, H. E. Mercur, S. F. Merten, VV. F. O'Hagan, I. E. Orr, N. Paschedag, W. Rankin, D. B. Reeves, L. P. W I , F. E Hockenberry, S. D. Rishel L. P. gffffggunl-211' E' wibigaij. E. Kelly, F. R. sCh111ef., S. G. Leonhafd, RIW. Will, A, J, L1st,,NJ'. F.. A geegar, J'.DF.K Lang, H. F. Thompson, H. G. LOQHU, H- - W 1m1E:son, . . Sampson, E. agner' ' , E- A i -.Fe , r il 1 ii 9 . I A 1 4. . . i e I ,,',, 1925 s1I' 'IIIII lllllllli IIC lllllllll ' Y- QA Page Three Hfznzdred Swty-Jive v l. Ill . 'ee Ll. - . h Fa 1 ii f 4..- . - A 1. f. A I H - , , , - I . lllllirfbfllllllllllll ' ' Y 7 v gg W I Allshouse, H. Arnd M. J. Cuda M. I. Davis W. R. Fulton, R. E. Hazlett, L. H. Henning, G. W. Harpfer, D. E. Hubbard, F. D. Ledden, I. V. Meyers, W. A. McClintock, I.. Morgan, M. F' Miller C. A. Zllnurtly Qlnmpang ill. GB. U. GI. -- ,.,, Captain Fishbein, S. W. 1st Lieutenants Gil1iard,'I. P. Lynch, G. I. 2nd Lie-utenants Newman, D. DePierre, A. 1st Sergeant Hoyt, R. M. Platoon Sergeants 'Page Two H zmdrcd Sli.1'fj'-S'l'.'L' Hayman, F. Kuhl, P. E. Sergeants Stone, I. Pracht, H. W. Corporals ' Lossasso, D. E. ' . King, E. S. Aronson, E. ' g Moss, E. -I. Dickinson, F. G. Palkovitz, D'. S. Weller, L. E. h Cyberry, M. I. Privates . - Miller, E. My ' A Bowers, M. Reynolds, L. Miller, I. V. Bower, H. R. Rylands, R. M. Morrison, W. Crawford, W. E. Schemerhorn F Moss, C. E. Caddick, W. A. Henry H L ' ' Nickel, H. Hepps, H. Stairs 'S 'H' Parker, J. L. Schrodlc .H 'W Pfeiffer, J. J. Head, B. P. S h Cb' - R Reeves, I. Herrington, L. I SC Wa row'-T' Shaffer, J. H. Keck, H. F. exallefe 5- Thomas, R. W. Lambert, W. D. ' Shawls! F- S- Uptergalf, E. Little, W. H. Vveffkefle- C- W- H. Wallace, I. I. Mathe, D. F. WC1I3Ud,J- ' Weissberger, F. Mandell, N. L. Walchar, J- I- ' Williamson, G. R. Pusiroff, N. Woolslayer, H. I --iffruiitninuszisminiiimiw fm 'V YQ? A Q M for'12i?2fggg,eHifi-.A-ff-ee----ff -H ----ya-ee A A I I I W I I I . lllll ruilllll lll I ll ' - , , I Buchman, H. D. Adams, H. R. Altman A. I. Corey, D. G. Clarke, L. O. Carnes, I. P. Fox, F. A. Gearing, E. V. Greenfield, S. I. Hoover, T. S. Hieber, E. D. Kurtz, H. R. Lappin, R. Marsh, J. C. Murray, L. C. 3'lifT1I'QTnmpang IK. 19. GI. CII. lst Lieutenants Cannon, O. H. Butler, C. S, 2nd Lieutenants Lehman, I. N. Rolston, D'. M, ' 1st Serge-ant Kinkel, W, Platoon Sergeants Walton, W. W Walker, T. I. - Sergeants V Thompson, R. K. Hoehle, A,iF. I Langham, J. L. Frantz, L. S. HCUUIEHH, F. Hawbecker, R. A. Corporals De Silvio, N. D. Smith, A. W. Johnston, J. R. Dietrich, L. E. Caputo, A. Keck, Houston, E. F. Cameron, J. M. Nathanson, N. I V Stilley, E. Felmeth, O. ' Privates Morgan, L. D. Gatz, I. , Theemler, L. W. Paluha, I. ' Chapman H. M. Thornton, C. Rabinovvitz, I. S. Forst, H. J. Troxell, D. E. Snyder, G. R. Guffey, J. E. Tully, P, M, Shing, Y. D. Highducheck, A. F. Tpolioy C. Sufrin, M. Kappler, R.I. Weiss, D1 H. Sh0uSe,.R. Titlalf-2, J- I W Wolfe. W. E. Simms, E. . i iron, . . W'11 M. . Stauffer,H.A. Moore, W. S. Yguig, KVN Vaniman, K. G Reyes, F.-A. Thomg R' M' Vatz, I. Stemkoski, T. B. ' K b. ' Wolfe, KL Smallwood, V. F. u 153 f ' Issacs, H. Waltner, P. I. Appleby, G. L. Baird, J. A. Schick, N. A. Schwartz, E4 Speer, W. F. Steele, L. E. Stump, B. A. I I 1 1 II ,I I I I I , c-11 l,925 IIJIIIHIUW' 'III I 1 so Page Three H1l111d7'Cd Sixty-seffen .5-Ni 1 I I. I I1 II I1 I1 II I , 1 I I 1 . I I, 1 1. 1 1 ., ,A I: ,I E 1 1 , , I . I I I 1 II1 I , ,I III I1 131 I1 1 "1 II QI II 1 , I 1 III '1 ll 1 I I I 1 I1 1 I I 1 1 I I I 1 I , I I I I I I 1 'I I 1 I I I'- I I I . I I .4 I tl I N .gx ,ez-.... of - -- X HA f .,..--I S 1 r I ll,-F ill "J I Isl I r . n S I . lllllifiifll llllllll it Y g , K Ellyn Sluhmt Qlnnnril The Student Council was organized in the spring of 1923, vvhen the students of the University voted to disband the Student Senate and replace it with the Student Body. of which Student Council is the Executive Committee. Student Council has authority to act in all matters pertaining to both men and women students, exclusive of those which fall under the immediate jurisdiction of the faculty. It conducts student assem- blies, conducts University dances, appoints special committees, andimakes recommen- dations to the administration with regard to student interests. - Active Members President, George Lynch V Secretary-Treasurer, Marie Messer Henry Pracht V S Advisory Members Dean Thyrsa W. Amos Mr. B. F. Ashe, University Examiner r g A fl or or "'m3IUI131IUrl925 mniurtrfwi 1.1. e Page Three Htuzdrcd Sixty-eiglzt 3 -' L F.. r . ' g I ' ,ll V V. ' I . A -Q I-1.1 1 0 I ,mm 'r illllllll ll 1 1 - . I l ,. Flunini Gllnh Srhnnli nf Euninena Ahminiutratiun ' President ...... Vice-President .. Secretary ..... Treasurer .. E. G. Albright H. W. Carter John Dale II. K. Biddle G. P. Graham S. R. Johnson Officers Active Members ...Paul K. Stewart . . . . . .Charles Frey .... . .Everett Gerwig Donald A. Rolston A. G. Kennedy Harold Latham Charles Lithgow Raymond Kilpatrick Gilbert Spiegel Wayne Theophilus V W. E. Wolfe U ff,i lJ'li y flrl llllllllfg- Writ? Se Page Three Hzuzdred Sixty-1zti11e .lx ug. ll ' gl . 'Y V K H V -P 'J B i l u wwf. . '-1'?'-1 T C . mn ifillllllllllll HQ T ' "1-EU l i Zilurtlr Glluh The Turtle Club, established at Pitt several years ago, is the first organization of its kind on the campus. The first chapter of Turtles was installed at the University of Illinois in 1890. The fratority composed of fraternity men and women, was organized for the purpose of creating school spirit and encouraging fraternity and inter-fraternity relations. The club is purely social in nature, and evey year a program of affairs is carried out. This year, a pledge part, a dance at the Peacock Mansion, a swimming party, and a joint dance with the Framasors filled the Turtle's social calendar. Officers P President ... ............ .... K arl Bohren Secretary ... ......... A.. .. .Grace England Treasurer . . . ................ .... D orsey Griffiths A V Members Walter Leonard Margaret Miller Monica Scott Helen Covalt Virginia Weinschank Karl Bohren Dorsey Griffiths William Ashbaugh Sarah Stoughton Adams Anderson Douglass Muir Norman Stewart Gladys Boslet Margaret Ledden Kathleen Burgun Gertrude Schilling Grace Jones Grace Steele Jack Reed Fred Musser Don England Edward McMillan Marie Ewing ' Kathleen Parker Lucille Evans ,Tack Clarke Earl Marshall .HQ Elizabeth Zeigler Gertrude Jones S, Robertson Mercer ,-, Grace! England Willa Roehn Mary Kammerer 'P Charles Stewart Ruth Read Ferman Hayman 5-, Harbaugh Miller Harold Durnell Clarence Ashbaugh -.. Lucy Chamberlain Sarah Weinschenk John E. Bigler Charlotte Beachler Frances Rock Theodore Koenig is 7 Frances Koenig Helen Gilleland David D'. Jamison illlllllll I' e . ' v.VHIIlUIU1'I1J 1925 EIIIIUZUIU1 1' ' 1 111 T llllllllii Page Three Hmidrcd Seventy ft iiwafff B I Q 1. H of ' " ul :"-llllllllllll I - I I i I 13. ai. oi. A. III III II II II4 I l'?Illlll -I 1 III I T II " I I l I II I' . I II i. I If I I I II II 'I The Young Women's Christian Association' exists, to be of service in the all-round development of the women of the university. To their collegiate education it adds the training in Christian fellowship and service -whichmakes for fuller life. In its weekly meetings, its Bible study classes, its discussion groups the Y. W. C. A. aims to bring beforeithe girls a new outlook, on race relations, on War and Peace, on life in general. In all, these meetings are for thej purpose of developing and deepening the spiritual life. The deiiniteqwork of the Y.,W. C. A., besides thoseethings already mentioned, is divided among the different committees. In the socialiservice twenty-eight girls have been doing volunteer work inthe diliferent settlement houses. Important, too, is the Big -and Little Sister movement which assists Freshmen girls in getting pleasantly and happily adjusted to university life. The social department develops fellowship and friendliness among the women students. The whole desire of the Y-. W. C. A. is to help the girls throughout the year to be their best selves. Student Secretary .... .......... I da L. DeLong President .................. .. . . ."'Dorothy Klingensmith Undergraduate Representative.. . ........ :'tVirginia Eaton Secretary .... L. . .......... ..... N ana Jenkins Treasurer ....... ....-. Chairman of Departments .... Religious Education ....... World Fellowship Social Service .... Social ......... Publicity . . . Finance ......... Candy .......... ...Q .... . . . f'tAlice Campbell ...Christine Hooper . . . . . . .Katherine Coit . . . .Harriet Boardman . . . . . .Anna Schaab . . . .Louise Hoge . . .Mildred Guiney . . . .Elizabeth Seville . . .Dorothy Douthitt W. S. G. A. Representative ........ y ............... Mary Dodds I I 'Delegates to the National Biennial Convention held in New York City. F9 I A . ...J A I I I I A I I I I Illllllfi I ..,I1'm1Qm!925 II 'V 5? I Page Three Hzuzdred .S'eveniy-one .I II I I I I I I I I I 4 l 1 -1 1 ii af - if -N. - - Afjfjlllllll 1 1 1 p I f p g- 1 l llL 1'il l ll l "'g g ' gl 'g.v'g'-.- gg , I W ' 1 . F il U. ye , Huang illllnfz Glhriziian Azanriatinn i , The university branch of the Young Men's Christian Association was founded in 'J' 1911, and has rapidly enlarged its sphere of activity since that time. Helping the men l to attain the best in life, encouragingt a larger expression of Christianity on the campus, lj and training for lives of Christian welfare, the "Y" 'is dedicated to a program of service. 1 The activities of the Association are directed by the student cabinet, of which the officers are elected annually by the members of the Association. The president appoints 1, the members of the cabinet, and each cabinet member appoints a committee to aid in 3,4 the execution of the Association's program. The general administration is vested in a Committee of Management, composed of students, alumni, faculty, and trustees of the li University. An executive secretary has general supervision of the hut and of all activities. i The Open Forum, the Senior Counselor system, the annual Basketball Banquet, deputation teams to neighboring churches, Bible-study groups, publication of the uni- . versity handbook, and many other activities are directed by the Association. rl J U . ' L ll It il ,il ll 1 ll If lil ll ml ll 111 C "v I925gUI1jUI1IJ'l1w' ' 1 :ruff Page Three Himdred Seventy-two ll . , f-- 'll' - f "9 ,. 47" i p ' X U- A .is 5:1 I I I I " ' - 'li i llllllriiillllllllllll l ' ' S A 1 I 1 IIIIIIIIHNIQ E H IH. HH. Ol. A. Glahinrii Executive Secretary M. D. Straney THE COM.MITTEE OF MANAGEMENT Chairman, Dr. S. B. Linhart: Vice-Chairman, Chas. W. Ridingerg Secretary-Treasurer, Ch l S Miller W G Shelton Fred B Shipp Ralph I. G. Quickg Benjamin Thaw, T ar es . ,, . . , . , Harbison, J. Steele Gow, Charles L. Garson, Ir., U. H. Hangartner, Donald Brown.. The Cabinet President ........ .......... . ...... C harles L.. Garson, Ir. Vice-President . . . . . .Uhlard H. Hangartner Donald Brown Secretary ...... , ......... Bible Study ......... Religious Meetings Social Service Finance ...... Social ........ Deputations .... Missions ..... Forum ....... New Students Publicity ..... ..........Fred Nielson . .....Fred Barkley Graham Netting Uhlard H. Hangartner . . . . . .Charles E. Frey . . .Harry Buhrmester . . . .John L. Humphrey ..........Frank Troup . .Frederick E. Kredel ......Iohn W. Reed i 1'-YF Handbook .......... ----- G COFESC G- Main ' William J. Carson in Evening School Representatives ..... . Fredi3iihilh1REtS5i1l , Harry O. Boord A A 4. 1 , e..,p-mmm1g25m1mj3'mf-1 p fm Illlllllllllil 'WEYF S3 Page Three Hundred Seventy-three .l N I .1- 47-. .--.1 fifl lllllll fi . . . . ' r - 1 c A t llllmif-zllll lllllll 1" V ' ' ' - qu lllnmvnla Self lbnnvrnmvnt Anznriatinn The WO1UCH,S Self Government Association has a three-fold purposeg to foster among its members a spirit of unity and loyalty to the University, to maintain high W standards of academic and social life, and to regulate all matters pertaining to the student life of its members. The association is governedby an executive, a legislative and a judicial body. ' W. SL G. A. publishes "The Question Mark" which appears on the campus at least four times a year and contains many things of interest to University students in general and women in particular. The "Vade Mecum," ahandbook for new Women students is published yearly. Editor of the Vade Mecum .... ...Anna Schaab, '25 Literary Assistant ......... , ......... ....... E sther Noll, '25 Business Assistant .......................... Sophie Solof 25 Editor of the Question Mark C? ? ?j ..... Dorothy Nauman,,'Z4 A ' Ed' ................... .. 5 Alma H1-avac, 725 ssistant itors 1 Helen Weigel, ,26 IZQIIIIIIIIII I- y g-pqim1U1131m1925 mmIm,,.. y iffuuitmiirg .Pafge Three H lL1'ld7'Cdu.SE'U67Lfy-f0'Lt17 2 .41 N '. ni eg 1 Ill I l T"" 25-'T' x l 5 i l M mi. sv. ci. A. Executive President.. ....... .................... M arie Messer, '24 Vice-President .... . ............. Lucille O'Donnell, '24 Secretary ....... ..... . ..... ....... A g nes Hewitt, '25 Treasurer ................................... Mary Dodds, '25 Commission Chairman Housing Committee ........... ,Helen Fleming, '26 Chairman Wonien's Rooms Committee. ....... Sarah Clark, '24 Chairman Vocations Committee ................ Nan Steele. '24 Chairman Grganizations Committee... ..... Alma Hlavac, '25 L Chairman Social Committee ........... .... C laire McKay, '24 Chairman Student Loan Committee ..... ' .... Theresa Kahn, '25 Y. W. C. A. Representative .................. Mary Dodds, '25 W. A. A. Representative ............... . ....... Olive VVilt, '24 Women's Association Representative. .Miss Marg't McClenahan l Women's Alumnae Representative ............. Mrs. J. P. Baird , i I i, Miss Thyrsa Amos l Faculty Advisors .................. . Mrs' L- 0. Lohstoetter 1 1 Miss Blossom Henry Senior Court r ' Chief Justice ..... ....................... N an Steele, '24 f Nana Ienkins, '24 CSec.j Associate Judges .... .... i DOFOHWV Klingensmith, '24 I Christine Hooper, '24 3 1 ' L Mary Big-ham, '24 . I' l A . 1925 U1iJ1iIii1Tw'f up im 5 View use r A 4 Page '.'. Tlzrdc Hzuidred Sethzfy-fivti r' l i I. ? I1 il 4 mer-,..,. 3 wH1"n I! i ' L' i i E. V .. it 1 M it . il Q I . i l i N l 'lv 2 xl ll - lvl: I l j il iq i lg lu V1 l ll Q . ll 1 . . . all fl l 3 fl 4 wx ' V 4 . it in TL? ll . . l 1. . I 3 l 1 ly ll I l i. I 4 li, l 1 l "' l f um.. 1... up l allnn.f3l-fallllllll ll mfg Vg QL" l Hinmerfn Z-Xthlvtir Ammriaitinn The VVonien's Athletic Association has had a most successful year, due to the efficient cooperation between the W. A. A. Board and Miss Margaret McClenahan, who is the director of Physical Education for Women and the advisor of the association. In the fall a Co-edxProm was given at the Heinz House at which the upper class Co-eds appeared as "dashing heroes" and the Frosh Co-eds as Hbashful misses." Two benefit bridges were held by the association, one in November at the Kappa Alpha Theta House, andthe other at McCreery's in April. Classtspirit ran high at all times during the hockey season. The Freshmen won the championship, downing the Sophs by a 4-1 score. W. A. A. now turned its attention to basketball. iThe Varsity team boasts of a good record, winning seven games and losing one. Intergclass, and .inter-class-intercollegiate games were played with Tech. The Spring season Hnds W. A. A. ready to further track, swimming and tennis. The following are the present officers and Board members: 1Mary Bigham ................ ........ P resident Marion Wolcott .... Vice-President Nan Steele . . . . . . ....... Treasurer Nina Johnston ......... .............. S ecretary i Kathleen Burgun Jeanne Muter Madolin Craig Sylvia Perovsky Agnes Hewitt Q Elsie Thomson Mary Kammerer Mary VVarga Olive Wilt y -'wmniiiiim 1925 milirmrmiy-is will Page Three Hundred' Seventy-six ,, " 11-5 ' ul , ' -inn- ri. '- - ? ui A WJ llVlVl HA , Min lfw . 1 pl WEE ,wi 4.,--"' -'--,,,..--.- , Lia i V I ' 1, fn 'r I 14 1, 1 M C'7.Cn'fQ,Y., illlll lll " f"'Tmm2fW925gmm1"" "" Page Three Hundred Sefvgnty-seven .M ll f.. filllllll ai .. r 1' ur ' . llll iii'-falllllllllll wi' i G ' If E112 091111 Svtalf Editor-in-Chief ............... ......... S tannard B. Pfahl Business Manager-in-Chief .... .... W illiam W. Wightman Editorial Staff School of Business Administration ..... The- College ..... School of Dentistry .... ' ...........- .......... .. School of Education ..... . School of Engineering. Evening School ....... School of Mines . School of Pharmacy ........ Sporting Editor, ....... Assistant Sporting Editor .... Girls' Sporting Editor ........ Fraternityz Editor fMenD ...,... Fraternity Editor CWomenD .... Organization Editor .......... Society Editor .............. Senior Editor ........ Sophomore, Editor.. . Freshman Editor Charles Friesell i - Assistant Editors Donald Brown Business Staff Manager for Business Administration. . Manager for The College ...... ..... . . Manager for Dentistry ..... V ......... Mana er for Education 8' Manager for Evening School .... . Manager for Engineering. . .. Manager for Mines. . .Q Manager for Pharmacy Organization . . . . .Ralph E. Meeder .....,,......Lois Barry . . . . . .Walter Dunford Elizabeth Highberger ......F. A. Hennigan . . . .Paul W. Kearney Franklin A. Colclough ........Geo. H. Herb ........Io-hn Y.. Dale . . . . . .John W. Cost .. . . . Elizabeth Zeigler . . . .Robert Davidson . . . . . Ruth Trimble . . . .Agnes Hewitt . . . .Sarah Stoughton .. ...Marion Jones ........Helen Toay . . . . Russell Milliron Russell Milliron . .W. Adams Anderson .........Helen Studer C. Saylor .... .Frances Koenig ....E. C. Hillman Smyers . . . . .James Walsh .....Ioseph Conroy 4Manager ..... Advertising 'Manager .... Publicity Manager ..... 'Circulation Manager. . .- ....... . . .i iW. Westervelt ....... . . . . Clement Gaynor Chas. P. Mason .Jack Crandall . Assistant Circulation Managers .i ........ iphllip A' Faix George ,Durschinger I. Clyde Barton i Assistant Business Managers ..... .. C. R. Wilson. i., ' IVHIIDIIUID 1925 EIUJIEUIH ' i llllllllfil Nathan Keller ff Lili 5Page-fThfrcefjHu11?l1'e61fS.e'vd1 -rxszfw zliy-eiigiht s,ZT.hvuv'F'FFf'Y'l"'I"5' f ' gi ' -- S I 1 I I 1 f w 1 - f I lllllk4"'ZllIllllll 11 ' . . I l . V W . A. '1 f 7 2 2 3 1 , 3 1 0 1 my rw-1 ,ZH V IWZVV - , , f " V ,I w,221, w,'!2L1f in , ,' I ,f , N fl V , , . . I XV f V ,, , , 'V r ' T 5.4 , f ' ' ' ' ' Q ' F i 5 fr WJ f , ff f. f- ff . ff 9-ff ,ff ,f ., f f , fan, , f ff WMM f M1 Aww! 'f X' ' . ax " X 1 .-4 -ff W ,, mf,-f7.,,4 -A-M. w fr 7 ff, -"f 1 ' f f H , 2 V' ,.,g,,,,,.M.fQ,, v , ' x ',.Q,.LJl1 .,,.., n..:f..,.:,.i.N,-,V,41hgZ,yf,.,.4....fA.iJfL,'-ZZg11fJ.i ,,.,. Z, .., .... .,... Q L ,, -II 'llI" flI-Lj l IIIIIIIQJ. n f ' "wt: Page Three -Hamrdredi -Sew ntyf1zi1z e f 4 Q, L 9 V 5, 1 1 I F, 'D 3 I I 1 .4 1 I Q' Y 1 1 4 4 1 I I N W l VI I W, rw 1 ' x K M V I 3 U N w 3. K.. ,., 1 4 iw 1 s v 1 A 41 . ' ' 51- H-A ff' 1 I -X , 1 f- 1"' , W I V 1 fi lllllll I U ' ' ' . , ' I , lll lrshillllllllllll 1" ' A W ' ' I F 13 5 X :T snails: 1, 5 I 1 H Q W Q 9 Y Hi" ' -w Y I zQfi U if Kem f VJ wi 1 ! i I 2 , 3 i 3 . V., 5, A, ,,-,, N. wx H . I Vigil 'f' 1' 'IHa1nIhvr Steiff' ' ii A A " 'f' WIlIU11LUJ 1925 IIIIIXIUIDWH' qu umm: Page Three Hundred Eighty ' .g ?-' Il!-I I llllli llllllllllll I' 5 ' 'V .i-Ql ,lf , . - .. F , 'H' 1 . S ' ri.: K Q , . . 'w ' . ' w I it K l I . i , Hitt lianthrr The Pitt Panther was founded in 1878 by a group of humorously inclined under- graduates including Carlton Ketchum, Sid Hoehl, Lou Broido, G. M. P. Baird, George Ketchum and sundry .other light-minded gentlemen. Its dizzy career has continued down through the decades, halting only for major wars and plagues. Editor' after editor has fallen by the way but Panther has marched onward, laughing at life in general. The present year, the Panther has been goaded along by C. V. Starrett, '24, as Editor-in-Chief, and held in leash by Charles L. Garson, Ir., '24, Business Manager. The above gentlemen were ably assisted by the following staff members: L. E. Irwin, '25, Assistant Editor, Advisory Council, F. P. Mayer, Faculty, H. E. Reppert, '23, H. I. Crossland, '26, Don Schmadel, '25, Exchange Editor, john V. VVatkins, '25, Art Staff, Dave Scott, Don Geddes, Dave Heimlech, Ed. Lewis, J. M. Cameron, Assistant Manager, Chas. E. Frey, '25, Advertisingi Manager, S. Bernard Foster, Assistant, Harold Kaminsky, Secretary, Wilverda M. Hodel, '24, Assistant secretaries, Frances Koenig, Pearl Dietrich, Circulation Managers, Hugh V. Groves, '25, Jas. B. Parkhill, '24, Evening School, Edgar C. Hillman, Circulation Assistants, L. L. Bartlett, '26, Wayne Theophilus, '25, Russell Hamilton, Evening School. I "vlTEUIl1lfllIUl925U113IlID'l"" "fl i Page Tlzrcc Hmzdred Eighty-one' l 1 P 1-1 K .11 Q 1 l 1 i l --L., ig. Q! .I i - ! V H 1,1 . - T A' fi XF A - , .1 . 1 I 1 1 1 . 1 1 I llllllril llllllllllll I' ' ' I ri 9 A ' A A A f . V 1 l1lf l .l, l 1 l" ' gl li S 1, I X 1'l'i 11 l I1 1 I . ' l 1 4 l 1 l V In 11, . n A Hitt Mrrklg iihitnrial ,Staff y l dll ll I l ' l il i 1 1 I1 1 l 1 il 11 ll . . . VH i i X 7 1 li 1 11 i F l l I .I l . H Editor-in-Chief .. .... James P. iMaloney U 1 Assistant Editor .. ......... John Y. Dale 1. Managing Editor ............. .............. .... H e rman I. Arenson fi . Assistant Managing Editors t 7 3 Donald Brown Harry W. Sack g lx . S "Departrnclnt Editors f l Fraternity Editor ........... ' ............. .... S ophie Solof ' Feature Editor .... , ..... Fred Hamlin 11 Club Editor ....... ......... N an Steele y School Editor ........ .... E loise Bomhard 1 1 Contributing Editor ....... .. .. ....... Helen Toay It l Co-ed Sporting Editor .... ' ........... ...Elizabeth Ziegler 1' ' Asst. Co-ed Sporting Editor ........... .... S arah Stoughton i Reporters i Nathan M. Keller Marge Sander 1 1 Samuel Braemer Nine Johnston - Elizabeth Highberger A. W. Smith . Sidney R. Bazell L. Colker 1 Staff Assistants l l Mary Warga Marie Ewing 'N Gertrude Siegal Mary F. Taylor 1 .Frances Reitmeyer :A ' ' Evening School Representative If 1 Ida E. Neugebauer 11 "S, g"1.VlTUIEUlIDi925UJIlJIU1U'111." 'llM 1 ' - ' ff . - -1 f 1l Ll' 1 . 1 Page Three Himdred Eighty-i'zc10 , 1 5 If fqllllll 1' " A l . ..lllllu.41afz4llnllllllll lf' i i . A i .1 ' -ip T? A 1561 mrrklg Euuinvzz Stall' Business Manager ....... ...... H arry M. Reed Advertising Manager .. ............ ........... ........ G e orge P. Graham Business Assistants 1 Sidney Rosenbloom A. S. Wolford U. Hangartner Milton Harris F. E. Swisher ' Robert Arthur Circulation Manager-Roland Friedlander - Assistant Circulation Managers-William Gault, Chester Hays A ' Controller-George W. Fredericks , Assistant Controllerns-Reginald Wilson, Nathan A. Perilman Secretary-Frances Koenig PITT WEEKLY The Pitt Weekly is the 'official student and alumni journal of the university. It is published every Wednesday, thirty-five times during the academic year, and is circulated to over 8,000 students and alumni of the University of Pittsburgh. The Weekly was' first published in 1910, and was preceded by "The College Journal" C1875-18825, "The Pennsylvania Western" C1882-18881, and "The University Courant" C1888-19103, all monthly literary publications. Since its inception the Weekly has always been an important and powerful factor in influencing undergraduate life. Positions on the editorial and business staffs of the Weekly are competitive, reporters 'E' and assistants being chosen on merit and work printed, from the field of candidates in the annual fall and spring electionsj- Promotion to the higher editorial and managerial 3-, positions are made on length of service and ability. The editor-in-chief, managing editor and business manager are chosen in April, on recommendation of the retiring heads., to the Weekly Advisory Board. . . I ' IIEIIIIIIIII If "vf'H1l1II1l1lll925E1iiIiJZIlIDIH'5 'ffl A Pagc Three Htlndred Eighfy-z'h1'ee 1 1 111 1 1 111 1111 1 .. ,,.,.. 1. 1 1.11 11111 ' 1111: 1 1 1 11 11 1 1 1 21 111 11111 1 1 11 1 1 1111 11 '11 1 1 ' 111 5 1 1 1, 1 1 11' 1 1 1 1:2 124- 1 ' 1 1 1 1111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 1 1 1111 11 1 f'11 11 1 '1 11 1 1 1 1111 1 1 11 111 1 1 1 11 1 11 1 1 111111 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 '11 1 qfxgf T 1 '1 11 1 1 ' 1 11 1111 1 1 1 51. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11.1 1 11 1 1 11 ' 1 1 11 111112 1 1 i1"1'1 11 111 1.1 1 1 '1 1111 1 1 I1 11' 1 ' l1' 11 " 11 2 1 - 1 111 11 1 1111 1 111 111'1' T111' 1 1 111 1 I 1 1 '1 1 il 11 11 11 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 3 11 1 11 11 1 11 1 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 131 .I 1 11 1' 11 1 111 1 11 1 1 11 1 11 1 111 1 1 ' . ' 1 1 . ' 1 11 - ' 1 1 1 '1 1 . 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 ' 1 Il . . -1 1 f ' 1, 111 1 1 1 11 J 1111 1 1 1111 ' L1 ' 1 1 E 11 1 15 1 I 1 11 1 111 1 111 1 11' 1 I1 1 1 1' 1 1 1 11 1 11 ,11 1 1 '1 '1 111 1 1 1 1- 1 1 1 1 11 1 1111 111 11 1 111111- 1 11 1 1 11 11 11 1 11 1 1 1111 1 11 11 1 111 1 1 1111 F1 W 1 1 1' -1 1 H 11 1 1 11'11 1 1 11 11 K, ' 1 1111 ' .1 111 1 1 Q ... 1...... A .... -M -4-AV -WM M-Am+t,-tum-MNH-'nm 1 1 13 1 1 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , ' "+-'H-1fff'9 S ',' I llllllraillllllllllll "' ' I x my 3' :Feature Section I 1, is 9 Lummm 1925 ,l, H 1, em num:-a ll d Ezglzty- I ' - U 4 Zlntvr-illrtrterniig Zfiall Despite the prevalent disbelief in prophecies, the one madetby Chairman ."Iohnny" Stewart, that this year's Inter-Fraternity Ball would be one of the Hbestgeverifvariety, certainly came true to the letter.. Perhaps it was due to the- fact that Dan Cupid was at largethe evening of February 14, inthe Hotel Schenley, piercing the hearts of Greeks with darts tipped with merriment and-good fellowship. f This year, the Inter-Fraternity Ball, which is the initial event of the social season at the University, proved to be aihuge success. The appropriate St. Valentine's Day decorations were made more effective by anovel lighting system and everyone "danced the light faritasticl' to the tunes of Auchenbach's Orchestra from State College. lilllllllll fx it' or 'IYTIUZUIUEIII 1925 UlIlIlIU'l"' 'Hr if y D .W gtg T i, Page Three Htmdred Eighty-six lx ,--. fi""AI1 7 ' , VY .' R v Yi! i ' " ' 1 l llllli hzllllllllllll ff' V A ' ,, , I I I! 1 7, A4 1 e-.m-mIm1m1925 mjjmgjwff' fm llllllllf . Q Page Three Hezmdred Eiglzfy-seven V9 7 , . . V r' 7 Xi- ' f - ij "' H rnmmm j, .t. . .f . T 'ATF I llllllrlkflllllllill ll H' j I g ' " fduninr iirnm 1925 MY DEAR PEGGY :- You see that I have not forgotten my promise to write and tell you all about our junior Prom of the class of twenty-ive. It was simply wonderful! I know that you are just dying to hear all the details of this, our premiere social function of the year, so I shall begin at the very beginning. , At nine-thirty, Friday evening, March seventh, in the Hotel Schenley, the three 'hundred couples- who had already arrived, formed into line for the Grand March. The latter was lead by Chairman I-Iarold Akins with Miss Anne Hocking. Then we promenaded all around the ball room and had a grand time. And the favors-what do yo-u suppose they -were? Well, you'll never guess so I'll tell you. T'hey were the duckiest little, sterling silver perfume vials you have ever seeng and the best part ot all is that one can wear them! VVe all agreed that they were the best thing yet, so I guess they were. The decorations were so different-and clever, too.' The ceiling of the Schenley was lowered by a mass of blue and gold crepe paper streamers, intermingled with myriads of vari-colored balloons, and there was a huge Japanese parasol in the very center. Can you imagine anything quite so fascinating? It is needless to describe the music, for the orchestra was that heavenly one 'from Altoona-the Rainbow Serenaders. Then at the stroke of midnight we all tore out to the diningroom and consumed chicken croquettes and giggled over the "Prom Pom," which was simply killing. It seems as though I have just about exhausted my subject, Peggy, so I will close as I am dead tired. Yours 'till we prom again, H DoT. " I IVHIUJIUQIBZS mjlmjg-mr ,,,, Page Three Hundffed Eighty-criglzt s XJ -J -1 4? 'J l 1 2. xi. :ty x fx I l .n l , - B , 1-L. .. ' 1- "i--1-1 illllllll UI I llllll Illlllllllll ll I qu s fff - I 11 I f 0, 'lf' ,iw f , fl H , M .,,7 f , ,fy f ,f , f f ,. I f f, ,QQ nfy-54' f k , f ,, f xflw,-ff f' W, f ,J fly, .75 'G v J, , , f . ,g J'g,ff,?ff X A . bmyjlir '- f 'iff ' 5,2243 X ffj Q44 . , uf ,ff f f W f ,V nf f , 'W Q f f V 1 f ., 'ff 'f f f X' , muff, ff 1,4 'f 'ffm ,I ,f,f.ff,0f, V, ,fp , fm K ax ,MM -J ff-!T'Cf!, 41zf,..f,,W 1 mf' f',"f,1Xf7 4 ', mm A+! WM f iffy, ' 'V fy ' f, U -' f , 1 f KWK, .4 x z Aff- , f Ah!-'f wwf ip, Q ,,.4,,'jg X-QM6y ' 1 ' 1-:AMW f iffy? ,f9ff,, x WLM I My ,6f.J,z:,'e!f, 4 ikfwifjw-'7'ZW'bMiff,AZTJU 4 2 fo, Q N ' M-ff ,X 4 , M., rg, fi 1 V r 412 f ,-1 'ff , Qlffwz' y J f ff WW ff' '4 QW,-X 4, '1ffw",'. "ff ie' 7f,,,f.yff, ,f ,, ,, , yfgf M. , f, wi: 22 Af Y , ' 1' - ,,m, ,A. , , 5 X I . f- . 1 , y . 5 K ,, K 1 ' 5 ' 2 ,, Cf. s I if 5 f g ,e ., 3 gf 1 V-Q 5 ff? :V , 5 I-f 5 5 I f ,I j 4, . 1 ,, , X , I f X' ,f , ,Lg f f , .f ' ' .,-f' ,ff K , . Jl' I f ,, , ff 1 , ' f f yf , ,f ' 5 f ,I f of, " fylfm f ! s , f, iii f 5 11,752 f iff, I Q ,- , ,, ,, A , J 4 , 1 . . 1Q25 11" v'IIl 2 Page Three H1md1'cd Eiglzfy-1zi1ze x ." - , 1 ffl J ' Illllll ill' W it I r llllll l illllllllllll l" P ' V" T 1? Han-lgvllvnir -1-i . Pan-Hellenic, the women's annual inter-fraternity formal was held Thursday evening, April 10, in the Hotel Schenley-. Not even the most profound cynic could have doubted the sincerity and friendship displayed among the co-eds of various fraternities during this evening of their joint frolic. Palms and fraternity banners composed the decorations, giving the ball room a 'Ksnappy" collegiate appearance. Attractive favors, small black 'leather key cases, were given to the men, Fraternitiesarranging the affair were as follows: Zeta T'au Alpha, Kappa Alpha Theta, Phi Mu, Pi Beta Phi, Theta Gamma Phi, and Alpha Delta Pi. " '-'ffUlIm1111192is .... s Page Three I1T1mdred,Niuety 1 1 N E i W 0 six. X ? Q me - 1' A A i EIUJIUT' l' ' ' ' - ' lli l lllllllllll II' g 1 I 1 'f x . Place . . Time 4 .... .Music . . . Ira R. CLeftyj Hill. Grace England . .... George E. Duerr. . Olive Wilt . . . . . . Carl Bohren .. . . . John F. Whitworth Harry .Reed ...... Ida Neugabar ..... Lucy Chamberlain . .. Hugh I.. Carr .... . ......---....'. Sfeninr Igall Gllazz nf 1524 . ......... .... H otel Schenley 29, 1924 . .... Eddie Barret's Gold and Blue Committee . ....... Chairman, Business Administration 1 College .. ...-........-........--..... Engineering . . . . Business Administration . .............. .. .Mines . . . ............ , ..... Dentistry . . . .Business Administration ...........Evening School ..............Education . .Dentistry '-nlTlfUfl1UIfUl92i5UIUIlIUl"'7 H Page Three Hundred Ninety-one ,N UNI Hnfflll? 's Hur H WSW' 2 w , - M wig Lau 4 in 5 W1 :f , i.-A ,Q Ap. . .!' fi u'14 LHS 'M f 4 , 1. I my A I it 151. ' , 4 , x r 5 U l I E 1 , , Q . , i, 'e 1 H i, N ' x 1 1 ' w I A ,i if I 1 x I Vai. A Nfl 2 +1 ? if , I 4: , V K W 1lq , M pl. xl YP H 1 E l., ly ', VYH . V L N t! 11 ,ii H Q a nf '. W M - mx 'N 1 '1 I, . '11 l w,g: s F ,iz T15 e f9 ' flf ' N3 1 W r l? il , I 3 -A V v 'I W A V g . ' 1 , I , .1 i tk JL, Iv F M W I'!-, lm M ix' 1 w 1 x w i, X W , ' ' M 4 , yew 'N 3, Elf gy!-w Husf 3 L3 I 'N Ir 2 -'V v :I 1 UV!! EN I: V, Q sa Ig ,IW . , , . Qgi 5 , 'i, 1 '- V, ll. - ' "' ' Y' ' H ' f ,W .uf -xr! 1 11 11 , . X 1 1 11 1, G 1 1 1 3 1 1 rr Y v i1 11 I 1 1 11 .1 1 1 1 '1 11 11 S1 91 i 11 11 11 -11 1 11 1 1 1 1 xi I Y 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1,1 1 "' . 1 11 11 1 1 11 1 1 ,1 15 , 1 1 11 ' 1 A af 14 ' 1 1 f 1 1 1 ,cf 1 11 . 1, 1 1 1 1 ,' ,1 A1 1 4 I . ai, 1 11 1 11 I,- ...,,.,....,,,.,.......YY, g1 11 1,1 - - 1. M -1 '1 1 I 1 1,1 11 1 11 .l 1 W 5, 1 1f A-nu---v n K 1 i K 1 1 . 1 1 I I E 1 1 1 3 1 i 2 1 2 1 1 1 1 . 5 1 19 I gl 1 1? l -1 11 F1 1 1 11 11 Q1 11 11 - I 1 1 I 1 1 1 5 1 1 5 . 1 , . I 1 1 1 : 11 1 11 1 1 1 i1 - 1 1 1 ,x 1 i1 1 N I 1 1 I 1 11 I 11 1 1 1 1 U! 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 , 1 1 1 l i -., ..,,.....,,.,.,. ,,,, ,,,, . ,, 1 V 1 I 1 1 9 We r I , Q . vf 1 .Q i Q D1 5 ,i I 1 l 1 i J Q :XXV I' U 1 4 N 1 1 I' v . r a 1 I J .1 1 1 1 .I 11 1 -,Q N 1 1 .1 1 W N J .1 x . 1' 131 1 f 1 1 1 1 N 1 iigmwmwmwwwmwmwmwwgggg my QE QU Ei ADVERTISERS was was mm mm was E55 my ww E53 mm 522 ig - 81 ESEQEQEQEHQHMMEQQMHQQME PgT1HddNtv l F i w w , i P I i 1 I l l N P l ..m.,..- - ' fi'?Q"-.'- , 1' so Q I Al!!V gh in A . gh -1 Q I. 2 ,ff ,- i, I XS X: , " 7 t lxlf' XX A f' 1 -E g ' I , X L' ve---D 5' 'I X X J E I L 'What Engineering I ' ' 1 v 1 ll if .n l ri 1 '- Y - .Hsu V 2 lniiti, jg " -11 -vIFi':L1l5l?g.: . .dig , ,Q ' "- . Evil 1' k.- weso to the Imagination ACK in the days when wire- less was just beginning to spread, Frank Conrad Cnow Assistant Chief Engineer of the VVestinghouse Electric Sz Manu- facturing Companyj and another oflicial, happened to compare watches, to see if it was time to go back to work. Their watches differed. . Unable to convince his friend that his watch was right, Mr. Conrad suddenly remembered that the naval station at Arling- ton, Va., had just inaugurated a system for sending out daily . From An Argument Over - lvl' Watches Came KDKA summoned to the office of Harry Phillips Davis, Vice President of the company. "Frank," said Mr. Davis, 'Tm going to close your radio station." His attention had been attracted the night before to a simple note in a full-page advertisement, which read, "Mr. Conrad will send out phonograph music this eveningf' You know the rest. In November, 1920, "KDKA,' was formally opened to send out election returns. ,It had received the first license issued by Uncle Sam. Today over 500 broadcasting stations entertain and educate millions of people each night, a wonderful result from so insignificant an argument as one over watches. limi l time signals by radio. Just the thing to prove his point! So he built a simple set of receiving apparatus, erected an aerial, and-you can imagine what happened! He was badly bitten by the radio bug. After proving to his satisfaction the accuracy of his watch, he started experimenting with the trans- mission of music by radio, with good success. He began sending out phonograph music from his home, and attracted the attention of some of the big department stores, that had installed radio departments. They in turn, started advertising Mr. Conrad's "musical evenings." i Then, one day, upon arriving at his desk, he was Broadcasliizq Studio al Slalion KDKA, Westinghouse Elcclric AJ: I Manufacluring Co., ,East Pillsburph, Pa. estin house ACHIEVEMENT 8 OPPORTUNITY Page Three Hmzdrcd Ni1zlcz'y-cz'ght CITY DEPOSIT The oldest, largest and strongest bank in East I . Liberty-Established 1866. Equipped to serve you promptly and efficiently in all financial transactions. Offers all the advantages of the Federal Reserve System of which it is a member. Four Per Cent Paid on Savings and Time Deposits o F F I C E R s JAMES R. MELLON ..,.......... President ROBERT O. FULTON .....,........ Cashier JAMES A. JOHNSTON ....... Vice-President G. P. RICHARDS ....,....... Asst. Cashier H. XV. LUDEBUEHL ........ Vice-President WM. WARREN JoHNsToN. .Asst. Cashier W. E. RICHARDS, JR. ...,...,.... Asst. Cashier ALBERT L. HUNTER ....,........ Asst. Cashier PENN AND CENTER AVENUE, E. E. ' Nonrnthz I understand Dobbs has been Lily: So yo' done mortgaged' our liyl ' ve-ry successful in ethe country newspaper home? ield, Moses Jes' temp'rarily, honey, till de West: Yesg he's postmaster noxx mortgage ami fofclosed.-Ainerieaizi Legion- Weelelgi St01'3ge HoUsEHoULD Gooos ONLY SEPARATE ROOMS Furniture Packers PADDED MOTOR VANS EXPERIENCED MEN 'A hanahan TEQEZIEQ Company 3300 Fifth Avenue, corner McKee Place Lowest Insurance 7535 Penn Avenue, corner Braddock Avenue Page Three Hznzdred A7'i1l8fj'-IZZIJZ ,fc f..----' fxx I w w w ! 59, X ,.p , ,, yi. - - -- . Y 5 .X-QD I , X- 4 I 4 4 5 I f l Y- - . A 2 V N K i 04 Newktter CBook all ITTER PRACTICE BUILDING . ,,J SUGGESTIONS", a book for L' .thinkers who are interested in success. Over zoo pages full of practical sug- l ' I, .- I ' .. . ' - ' I, : flif g-if CQ 5 VT...-. ,. . ... Fl? 1 sv si! Q i ' 1 QQ! -. ' :if ff.: '.. .i i. . ' E fy' ex t . gf ,J . LL! -1? ' , S l l l I 1 Y, . gestions for your assistance in establishing and building a successful dental practice. Many successful careers owe their start to a simple sound suggestion. This book contains hundreds of them. A successful practice cannot be guar- anteed by anyone. That is an intang- ible thing influenced by your own per- sonal characteristics. We can, however, I oH:'er suggestions that will help you suc- ceed. This we have done, in a concrete -if .iv f i Il helpful way, in KRITTER PRACTICE BUILDING SUGGESTIONS." One copy of the students' edition of this book will be presented to each grad- uating student in all dental colleges this year. To obtain your copy you have only to attend our exhibit at your college, particulars of which will be sent to you later. , 1 RITTER DENTAL MFG. COMPANY, INC. T F ,IN J W. J N5 R ,N W YORK OCI-IESTER E T 'X :fax I i ..., -gd """""""' Q 'P Q , . -- 'l ,- ' 4' ""i":l E :tl J, -," Qftf . , .Q',,'j . yi-" f ,. ,, .' A S Page Four Hunadred J ii J l I i I 1 ,I 7 1 I? 1 I l 5 5 J I 1 U' 1 1 is 5 I o 2 1 its E Ai i if 12 -1- 5 7 1 R. fi ,M 1. F35 11,1 .li- ,,, .-,' l I I. l f GREETINGS DF .... ' Established 1810 The 13111111 rf Rllnmsr h THE OLDEST RANK WEST OF THE ALLEGHENIES ' to THE OLDEST UNIVERSITY WEST OF THE ALLEGHENIES Q. CANDIES 1 THERE is not a sweeter Way of saying it than with a box of REYMERs'. We have special Candies for every occasion, souve- nirs and favors suitable for social affairs of all kinds. , lT- 239 Fifth.Avenue Jenkins Arcade Oliver Building 6018 Penn Avenue Union Trust Bldg. KE P PITT CHINA Page F0111' H1111 1 - 1' ' 511 1 X .1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 ' 1 1 11 '1 I J 1, 'fi ' 1 11 .J 1 11 ny i, 111 1 11 11 ix: 1 11 1 1 1 1 1-1 N 111. 1 , 11, 11 . '1 1 1 1'1 ig 111 W .E 1 . 11' 1? E1 PM 11 11 1111 11,1 'Ula I? ,1 Q31 fililqi sw ii 9111 L1 1 11 1 1 1 111, 1 1 I I 5 1 1 , E u xv fi 1 u Page Pom' Hmzfdred Two 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 '1 , v lL11E i N , The Superior Service of this House is undeniably-estabf lished and universally accepted. Graduates from the school of long experience in hand, ling Dental Supplies and Dental Equipment fill your orders and install your equipmentp This Exceptional Service combined with Fair Treatf ment and upftofthefminute stocks tells the story of our twenty years' success. S DunhamfReiFel Company 6034 Jenkins Arcade r PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA RE THE PITT EEKLY , " ' ' -"V fr-ii 6 5 k W l A -I 6for25c , Gnly the Genulne sv----f 1' . At All cg s d ,Ki All the Joy of a good cigar iid ll! rl r U 1 ' iii' l For Your Convenience X' ' . ' . i J - in a Sanitary I U 'M 2 'M if , I Poc et Case Q. l l A, . My 'Ar' r FQ-,ark ,Y f- , ' 3.4 . - ff!!! fl P' "S 'Q-Iii A , 1 ar tan s -Tai ff f do we " ,f I , . ,, X if s'sa'a P- 'i,if 1 f FEDERAL TOBACCO CO., Distributors, 644 Grant St., Pittsburgh, Pa. Y f Page F0111' HIllldl'Cd Tlzrrc I 5 I E I I , I l I l I I l I l V l l I I I ll fs I I v I 1 V, I HL, , n f ll L l I I 1 1 : Page Four H'll7ldI'CCi Four Serving Transportatnon ESTINGI-IOUSE. Air Brakes provide the element of con trol which IS necessary to insure sale operation of steam and electric railways, and are rapidly becoming no less essential in the field of heavy motor transportation Serving the transportatlon needs of the world, in respect to brakes, has requlred the development oi a great industrial organization, founded on a branch of engineering which IS fascinating in 1ts problems and attractive 1n opportunity Each year, at our great Wilmerdlng plant the largest of its kind in the world, we train a limited number of technically-educated young men for places oi responsibility in our organization, and inquiries are invited from college students interested in becoming Air Brake engineers through the special apprentice course we offer. 'Wfsn GIIOUSE AIR BRAKE CO. GENERAL OFFICES AND Womcs, WILMERDING, PA. NEW YORK WASHINGTON CHICAGO ST. LOUIS SAN FRANCISCO .1 V f Nfiilli . 5. - :az gn..-a. As:s.r4.N1, .',!,L j ,mi ,ski-I w. RV RD A The picture illustrates KAW :W the utilities of the new ,'., rwmfs'-I ,A as , ,.,,, - V' Har ar ' 1'et V d platform' an k New deslgns and F ' ' unsur assed features of X beauty and ut1l1ty mark ' 5, D U Avy f the Harvard accomplish- ments of the season. .r,r- lr' Verb? S U FP 1 8 Ore i-Vej 'f11'rr purchasmg his outfit, e A N should see our "Peerless" - Harvard Dental Chair, i n also our new line of . " 2 . f' . . 25 Dental Cab1nets and -fg.-1 if 1' ,V - - .,,. lil V11, 1 , 'f ' improve d Electr1c QW f Dental Engines. Write for Catalog THE HAR ARD CGMP Canton, Ohio CGRRECT "Is the world flat or round? "Neither." , "What is it then?" "Crooked !"-Ya-lei Record. First Golfer-"Say, isn't :thaft Caddie a bit young P" Second Golfer-"That's all right, old man. He's deaf !"-Cmckcr. . Goldie Mfg. Corporation QQNCRFTE BI .OCKS Trenton Avenue and P. R. R. Wilkinsburg, Pa. Page Pom' Hzmdred Five 5 l Qin: ', I-. Iii! I . H H r H 3' w 4 N s Ut ,, . Wana gf-Y, - - 'Y , L. R. STCDNE r Official Photographer t t fer three years sf PITT'S OWL , 3 J l: 3: , 4' I .l '.,' 45 h 3. fk xfrllli i . Maker of Fine Portraits UCLJESNE STUDIQ 301 NIXQN BUILDING4 ' Pittsburgh, Pa. Telephone-Grartt 2974 ' PdgevFQmf HQ hd d S V A Pitt Students Should Know i 9 A 0, , Za tem- och and Fashion Park Clothes Made for young' men Who demand style and workmanship of the hest l i . l Whatever the desire in price there is something to meet it in these two nationally known makes FEATURED IN PITTSBURGH BY A -'THE sfroms AHEAD IN THE 1' HEAD'- A Security Discount Stamps Redeemable in Merchandise or Cash ' i Oakland Savings 85 Trust Company ,mmm- Member Federal Reserve System it "T HE OAKLAND BANK!! Capital .... .......... ss i3oo,ooo.oo I Surplus and Undivided Profits ............ 3'5300,0iJ0.00 ir Deposits . . . . . .35,000,000.C0 it SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT l Q i OFFICIAL DEFERENCE. In his book, "The Southlands of Siva,', Mr. A. Butterworth tells the following: An assistant Commissioner had his office management severely criticized by the Com- missioner, who closed his repont with these words: "This yo-ung man seems a past- master in doing nothing." The report was sent sto the young man for his explanation. Against the above remark he w-rote: "F ar he it from me to dispute fthe opinion of an expert in the art."-Tatler CL07ld07l'J. Fait lady-"Please put some oil in my car." Clerk-"All right, heavy." Fat Lady-'lFresh thing! I'll buy no oil from you."-Scalper. Page Four Hundred Seven MURDOCH-KERR CGMPANY HIGI-I GRADE Printers ' X MAKERS OF PINE CATALOGS BOOKLETS AND EOLDERS FIRST-CLASS COLOR WORK PINE-HALF TONE PRINTING PERIODICALS AND DIRECTORIES COLLEGE ANNUALS A SPECIALTY Ef7L?G-PM AQ C onsulzfazfion Solicited WILLIAM PENN AND STRAWBERRY WAYS PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA g F H cl' dEjght I 9 . FELDM is C Dental Supplies 9 uality' O 9 .O 0.0 202 Lyceum Bldg. PA. Smithfield 1977- 1978 LUCY STONE VERSION CNE HIGHER i Z- --- , First Lucy Stone Leaguer Cwith great ScornD : Whof was the gentleman I saw you She: Do-nit you feel as happy as a king O with yesterday? when you're flying? i g Secpnd Ditto Qwith even greater scolrnj : Huh, that Wasn't a gentleman - that was my husband.-Kcmsas City Siar. He: Happier. I'm an ace. , , Somnns, Frrmnn 8 Tom: Co. JVIachinery' CS, Supplies 327 Water Street p it I Pittsburgh, Pa. Court 4860 Page 'Fo-ifr Hzmdrcd Nioze We PITTSBURGH COLLEGE gf PHARMACY H Founded 1878 SCHOOL OF PHARMACY OF THE A A UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH 4771-I ANNUAL SESSION OPENS MONDAY SEPTEMBER 22 1924 I A KOCH Dean FVHd 7 , J A For Catalogue, Address I O e 'ou Suu red Te - ' ' T Iron C ity EleC'triC Company ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES-XWICLESALE :..i 436 Seventh Avenue ' pittsburgh Pa' EXIDE BATTERY SERVICE STATION Melwood Street near Baum Boulevard Devon Elecftric Company ,APPLIANCES FCR THE HCME A I 6 l 3 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa. Oliver-"What are Underwood-"I told my girl I would et her here rain our shine, and here it's me snowing 1"-Jester. "Here We are! Thank the Lord! I'd X never play, but John would cancel our membership. I I ad bout ?" , , you SO m a "Henri-a. stable by fthe window! Two- tall glasses of ice-and .Henri-bring spoons! "Yes-one' has to allow for leakage 'these days. "Mmmrn! I certainly do enjo-y a game of golf E"-Helen Rockwell. ' he Pittsburgh Academ ESTABLISHED 1882 College Preparatory, Private Secretary, Bookkeeping, St ra hy, Business Letter VVriting, Business enog p Administration and General Education Courses 531 Woop S DAY AND NIGHT CLASSES TREET PITTSBURGH, PENNA. 'Page Four H'll-7lldl't'd Eleven 0 l S. S.White Diamond hair o.2 The latest conception of chair comfort and utility. Adapted to the needs of the general practitioner and the specialist. Anatomically formed seat and backrest, a new feature in dental chairs. ' No tufting, no springs-almost unlimited durability. Non-pocket catching- armrests. S Plain footboard and adjustable toepiece-adapted, to the needs of the general practitfoner, the exodontist, and the oral surgeon. Direct and positive' in action, durable in construction. Students should attend a demonstration of the No. Z Diamond and other S. S. White Modern Ojice Equipment, ask the dealer about our deferred payment plan. The S. S. White Dental Manufacturing Company ' 211 S. 12th Street, Philadelphia - Page 'Four Hundred Twelve' E know your names-we knowiyour home towns-and the faces in this book will always recall pleasant associations. A May our relations andifriendship' become more- I lirm and more mutually benencial. A. K. WEEDER REPRESENTING The L. Caulk Dental Depot Diamond Bank Building PlTTSBURGH,PA.i 'Jn 1 CHOOSING A VOCATION TVVEEN THE ACTS Oscar had finally completed his educa- tion and now wished rto be an archiateot. Sixth R'O'W'HD,y9' 'See the jane OH the His father did not likeiit. "Nonsense!" end'-isnit She 3' little' bear yi I said he. "There'll' be practically no build- First Row-"A little bare-say boy, you ing for years-youlll have nothing to do-." ought toichange your seat."-Pzmcli Bowl. I . WI-haitys exactly !the.reaSOn,,, Said Oscar' -lllc'ggc1zd0rfe1f Blaffcr CMIlIliIC11D . l l A Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company Glass, Mirrors, Paints i Varnishes, Brushes o 632-642 Duquesne Way Pittsburgh, Pa. WAREHOUSES IN ALL PRINCIPAL CITIES Page Fozir Hzzzzdrcd Tlzz'1'fce1z ' iii re! " r 11 X 2,121 itil Wil psi fi, Wu, lll , , 1" il 1 all i,, ir, quill lil, , I mtg li lt if l4 ,,, ill nw l,i, 1 ' 1 1 1 , 5, , '1 aw It fl f ill? ,. 1.11 ,lf il In ,J lpn P -rem IW , . il' ,. 1 i. l sw I , O . al, ill. iw F 3 ly 1-, :Hi full fl 5,5 It 1 L- U ' 1 l You Simply Canqt Sidestep These Factsrf- 1. Earning ability doesn't last forever. V . 2. You are going to need money as long as you live. 3. The chances are 100 to 3 against your havingafinan- cially comfortable old age, unless you save' a little NOW-during the height of your earning power. Take these three thoughts to heartfthen act upon your good intentions by opening that 475 Savings Account NOW. p A ANZ, Savings Accounts may be opened with us for 31.00. we take keen pleasure in helping young men and women succeed in their ambitions. ' ' e Come here in the assurance of a most hearty welcome.. Highlan ational Ban 6102 Penn Avenue . ' Pittsburgh. Penna FRIENDSHIP E were given hearts to make us friends with one another. We have tried to benefit by this gift and are pleased to number among our many friends and -customers, 'the students of the University.. Our friendly business relations have been satisfactorily taken care of at the School by our representative, but when you have finished your course wewant you to visit our depot and get acquainted with all of us. , We have the equipment, materials, etc., and can suggest plans for conveniently locating and for proper furnishings to complete an office of which you will be proud. . Please do not forget us when you are ready for that new office and avail yourself of the benefit of our experience and knowledge with which we are credited by our many satisfied patrons. f ' LEE S. SMITH B SON CO. Keenan Bldg. Pittsburgh, Pa. Paige Form' H111zd1'cd Fomvccu MELLO -S UART CUMPA Contracting Engineers PITTSBURGH NEIW YORK R CHICAGO IN THE LECTURE - A city and a chorus girl Prolff-"WGke that fellow next to y Are much alike' ,US trflei pleaselm A A city's built with outskirts, A' i ' And a chorus girl is too. .Stude-"Awe, do it yourself. You put -Lehi-gh BWV. him to- sleep.',-Punch Bowl. EDWARDS GEGRGE st COMPANY GENERAL INSURANCE 307 Fourth Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa. Page Four Hzzzzdrcd Fiffc CAPITAL AND SURPLUS SI2,000,000-00 Wheni You Face the Business World O O O 0.0 . 0.0 . 0.0 0.0 . 9.0 ' 0.0 Q I-IEN your school life is over and you face the , b business world, you will appreciate the bank U connections that you form to-day. The experience in financial matters which a bank account affords will strengthen your confidence and make more likely your chances of success.i A We invite your consideration of the Mellon National Bank. . Regardless of the size of your account you will find here a genuine spirit of service in the conduct of your financial affairs. MELLUN NATIONAL BANK SMITHFIELD STREET, FIFTI-I and OLIVER AVENUES i , felePh0f'C Jos M Drum THE 1NCoRR1G1BLE GAMBLER -form ' -- and Water Heaters Thirty negroes were brought before the Justice of the Peace to answer to the charge of gaming. ' Quite a few had been disposed of when the case of Johnnie Jones was called. "Io-hnnie Jones hefre ?" the judge asked. gro replied. "Guilty or not guilty, Johnnie ?" "Judge," the Negro said inofanfully rible guilty."-Hozzsfozz Post. WHAT IS THE ANSWER? i across old chap? South Rebecca Street Brown-Yes, are you?-Lehigh B'11rr. Page Four ff1l1'LCl17'0CZi Sixteen "Yessah, Judge, I'se right here," the Ne- Y "whenever there's a crap game, I'se ter- I Smith C011 the ocean steamerl-Going I FEICK BROTHERS CQ. PITTSBURGH,S LEADING SURGICAL SUPPLY House We wish to welcome all newly graduated Physicians to our Store. Our forty years of expe- rience Will afford you valuable assistance in selecting your initial outfit, and furnishing such information as you may desire. 809 LIBERTY AVENUE Established 1881 PITTSBURGH, PENNA. Incorporated 1902 i riri I i ' ' 33395133 a 5 Q ' fe 3 rf, 9 , -' -1- :mere - I . 5t3z?E?i5Fff W ' IIBU 1555523If535i5i525iEiiEiii5E5i5i? -Z 2 Ei "1 35 er 5992252-fi? fiiilfii' fi 5EiEfZ2Z3525E5EfEfE5E5E5E5E3 2 . V. I-. Weiziivriail A 4,1 , ,.,. A lf? ...X if i ff ZZ? I 1 5 f E M' 1 S32 fi 5 , M 14 f mg , 5 "" we 4 224 , fs fi 423525 'M M1 7 E f f ,jggf,Z I :fi Y jf bgjji '1.. ' FOU NDED BY THE G ENERAL A SSEMB LY .M-iziij. -1222222 L" - 4, I 1825 ' A Seminary for College Graduates A complete modern theological. curriculum is offered to students of all denominations Elective courses leading to the degree of S. T. M. The courses of the Seminary are open to students of the University of Pittsburgh who are proper- ly qualified, and may be credited toward the requirements for degrees Post-graduate fellowship of 5500 Two entrance prizes of SI50 each Exceptional library facilities All buildings new with latest modern improvements Social hall, gymnasium, and students' commons u Fon INFORMATION APPLY TO President JAMES A. KELSO Pittsburgh, Pa. Conductor: I've been on this train Io-r seven years.- Passenger: That so? Where did you get on ?-Yale Record. Customer-"I-Iave you a copy of 'Cap- tain Iohn Smith'?" Clerk-"Yes, madam, we have it." Ctistomer-"Well, I don't want Ito buy it. I just Want Ito look at it." Clerk-'fThat's all right. I don't want to sell it. I just want to show it." Graduates of the School of Education Register With American Teachers Bureau HARRIET ALDRICH PETERsoN, Director "The securing of remunerative postions constitutes only part of our service to good teachers. No registration fee" Member of National Association of Teachers Agencies 957 Union Trust Building Pittsburgh Penna. Page Four Hrzrfzdred Seventeen -.- r I UPROMISES MAKE FRIENDS-PERFORM ANCE KEEPS THEMH PRGSTHETIC SPECIALISTS IITIIIIII De DENTAL LABORATORIES INC I I IUIIL LII CERAMISTS PRIVATE EXCHANGE SMITHFIELD 3098 SIXTH FLOOR LYCEUM BUILDING SIXTH SL PENN AVE PITTSBURGH PENNA McDougall s Roof Garden Shady and Penn East Llberty DANCES .1 y h BEGINNERS d y CI T y Prwate Lessons Dazly gg O h All S Every one makes a m1stake non and then but whx prck out a rade crossrn for a back round? Deffozf News Btut Sheba protested Km Solomon I havent the shekels to buy you a str1n of pearls But mLord quoth the queen Tw11I save the DFICC of a new own' Pvoth 67 Guaranteed Mortgages Secured upon Plttshurgh Homes Wm for Booklet Qviler Zak cf: lrzzsl Co C CUSS Wa We and LISL F th fdGra Q Dt! bu gI1D Sa fe Page Pom H1t11dV8d Ezghteen I . I I I E I '33 f , . . . 9 I I , ' ' I J ,I g g o- - 1 - ' ff, L U I . . , Mon a s, T ursdays, Fridays and Saturdays , . I 3 cc va ' a . I ' g 1 . Mon a s an hursda s H I ' O. as Y 7, I I , ac I ay cc 1 ,- V 3 7 I . ' C, H , I Ma 10 rc estra ummer o - - I ,I " - I . . . . . . . , .4 our nt ...g:.':::.... i 5 rl a. 3 , . I I . 1 I , , , I I I I I . I I II 1' ' I A ' mf' Y' 7' xi M ff W- ' U mf' Q QW? 9 J ' 5 IX 1- - X, if - k, ,A 4. -wx, ,A - Page Four Hzrnzdrcd Nineteen -- :J-A. - f- gf-4, J + 1'-s ' - Brig,-arf H,"+wN-- M- A x ng. in -t 'g K, - - .- V il, Q 5 - A . 'X Lvfin. 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