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w N 5 N V ' Mx xx lfXYt'I':lxCkKxlV wx? "OWN N X xxx Nh Xxx f 'MNH Ni ON 1 N L ' 1 m5111wNNNN 'xx' R9 N 0, If MW KX K0 N x sm lmhqu gm fx x ,'? 1:l,,u,mMqlnuQx xmxgm X ' X3 x Na ,Q w ly If 5 kk Qsqigx W Ns LMS xrxx qi lqx'p:,'x?41 il' X: XX GMX U-xx xxvxh al hkxkwx KN NN xx I f f lhx S Xxqgn 5 Bu ' lixlflkyx '-xy, 3 'NMA ,Hu LXE , QS LNLLN Mig? 391 H A NRQVW ll W ' K L' QW N 1 X x if MKMXLBLYQQ X ' L gkwxi N Xxlk tQ,f!,Z I k xixgyfi 1. ' J 1 N Q www ww 1 u I WN 751 fxlw kxygyxx 1 ,SV ,KLL KN S9 B L A 1 S? K Ip M V' xx'-in W! x Q03 kxslV.l'5l I M 'YW' " Nab 'K - N 5 T94 J 1 fd G' I , I N? X f 9- ,43nmxx""Q4Q A A 7 A Q .4 Qclg 3 ,fi 431 ,QQ -Q, 5 s'4"f -F: 5" -?5!'f:. 'ml' I' A la 195 . , 'Z17 N" X v x x 3 fn x, 1 X ' X K xx 1' W lxpblllkxk s. W f ,7 NN vm- f . 15" M H N55 E ,FBIZM h xxxxtf' X 5451 Nwxytxd XPL Q+Y an y s -' r I ' s l L x K f X' 3 s N V X N 1 5 5 WY N X W K ,I uf' W kg mn K3 w N 'WW' , . X My -9 H3 W.,-" aww JU' Q X XX Nab x Q Q W Q 5 l Q Q: 7,9 J X- -1-F X""'1'l7 3. 4 , 'Y X- W ,Mi M - M hz' x Q51 I 1 11 , j . D, , 1:sf1t:s1fffff 4 f +, Y .. -4 ,F Vw- ' fr "4 X N - A ' 71 ' 11" F' Q Z 1 ' "HQ: 3 :ECUSL ' fr 51.7-' , L. .7 V ' 5 X n ' X' ' , g ' -.- X 1 N-r",-'l JV, ' 1 l -14 -ai.. 1" --. " --fx 1 3"-. '. '1 1. 3 - . -P -Q, ., n h ,. 'Q Q if ' Q . l -- ' I D ,A I 31- - -- .. . ..- H ' ftvw 2 . Q 41 I ' ' .-N5 -V ' J bjgizxfg' gl? gGQa??ij-,?,z- -AV? N 1 vga FQ! 77m OWL DR . FRANCIS NEWTON THORPE, L. L. D 1 9 2 2 Tw OWL , To CDr. Franczk Glxkwtoa Tlvorpe Professor af Political Science, Americafv greatest authority on Constitutional Law "A Cllristian and a gentleman" in memory of pleaxanl days span! in his classroom Ilzix book is dedicaled by The Editor. 1922 1- - -W - - Y 5-f--1-----V---,-i--A V-L - 4 K L .-, : '-:, - - ,Avi 954 A - E 4' - i . g 3 EE Z ar' 29 Q if TE 4 ' L g 'Y " .: N J L-4 y f 'FQ , , ' , "1 11155 H F'51.1'. "f':2i'l"l WH ' f 1 2?-5-5" ,ufW4g1QQQg.sf1 ffl'4!?g'E21I4f'.-4 2 ff 'sigfuu . - T:5i 222ffa'f?S:1., . XM 1-.i3?i"11mia59252E523?-?'i:i.f.35'f-g1:-1,-:if.fa5225:S3p2iz?1ef,5-22124S' f:'1mj1f1-3g1.5.1i,:,-51- f.Emir-sllgahff5i?:12,'-W " .. , '.122fSYYg-l55SE'Ifi:.,K '2lAjj.5ff1?ifffffiffiiff.f'Clif'5f'f"'gg22f:Zff:-'L'-'i,?fi,ifEAEff1Et1.f-132, ' 1"""z if'-5FYE?!1f5SWf5?.g'q'f15':E EF::.gvg1.AX39 A-I1'g5?A1-ffi'6i2Y:j'E.' --.HI ' 'H .Ov "." u:V':-'f-f'-'iv 1 a"' wa. uf", '. "H "'. "!5'H'42.v'1 ' '-::I""f- 'fi 'ff:1e'l'igk?fl5.f.12L2LES,'W'Ili'WIMHC'uflftoiaf-l"l'-'I'-I l1"1?:IJh -3. 5 -3:35.-:!'M:":3?5 IW" In .--1--W 9:71-'f 351:-....:.:.s.:"'i'74'7.wIll'fl1 Br. Emmet .ileptha 1HHr1mtvr, Er. illllatthmu fllilarzhelll, illlvh. 'EIL malularr YB. Eflpnxnzw, Ex. Mines, '1E. 'hr 1522 091111 E119 Hear Bunk uf Ihr liuinwrnitg nf lgiitzhurgh Uuhlinhrh hg Glhe Zluninr Glleum VOLUME XVI CHARLES R. WILLIAMS I ll -in-fflfiqf H. OTON GOODMAN Ii U IlII,Lf'l'l' lbll C1 II' 77m OWL fx M ,um ,,,. Q..mmulNg l w g ,N ,Q-'L' MH M ' K- ii 0 I' s O THE, Q, ' . V ., , ' fig? A ,. . ,I 4, ! .WH IT STUDENTS TO THE ALUMNI AND TO THE MEMBERS OF THE ADMINISTRKITON WE EXTEND OUR 51NCERE THANKS FOR THEIR HEARTY COOPERATION Y.72efa9for 1922 77m OWL 35 1 ?fU1'6e1'?3 f of' ' X X Bookfi Ahuuni 5FI'EIfPI'l1i1iPL1 Uhr 'iilninvruiig Surnriiivu C5119 Stuhvntn Axthxgrnplw Ellyn mDEI1IfiPH Atlylviiru 1 9 2 2 - Tre OWL 11922 We OWL ALUMNI fx m m MIEI EI IQ YQJMJZIFZI EIEI EI EEI IZI HZIE EI ' A ! :f ' 9 0 Ami' - W 'Z' - ' no, iff Y QQ , K 1 oo gh . 690 Well, we pui at across! 1922 Qfricers of General Alumni ASSoCia.tion 1910- i 1911 i It z 4 1 1 ...J l - "ff,',:v' - ,A '. 1 L DK- E -AWVEISS' 'oo W-D-HOCKENSMITH m vace P1 j ' 'eSicienc- Chairman Council- A T M'COPxMICK'ee President- K E DAVIS '10 Tvea.Suvev- ' ' Secretanrq- President . . . Vice-President .. 9ZeC7VVL Grnrral Alumni Ammriaiinn Oflicers 88 00 .. . . . .. .. . R. T. McCormick, Engr., ' . Dr. E. A. Weiss, Med., ' Secretary .... ..... K . E. Davis, Engr., '10 Treasurer ......... B. H. Smyers, Col. '93 Chairman .. W. D. Hockensmith, Engr., '01 Honorary Vice-Presidents H. S. Calvert, Col., '93 R. B. Mellon, Assoc. Col. George H. Clapp, Col., '77 Samuel A. Taylor, Eng1'., '87 J. M. Hansen, Col., '83 Benjamin Thaw, Col., '78 T. H. B. McKnight, Col. '81 Joseph C. Trees, Engr., '95 Alumni Hezulquurters General Secretary's Oilice .................... 503-505 Commonwealth Building I,6l'S0lIll6'l of Alllmni Council P. E. Angle, '08 H. W. Leonard, '15 NV. C. Arther, '17 C. A. Locke, '97 Dr. J. S. Ashbrook, '11 "Norman MacLeod, '17 "'H. C. Bashioum, '05 W. C. MacQuown, '13 Dr. J. F. Biddle, '03 R. A. McCrady, '14 , "'Dr. E. T. Chatham, '09 Arthur McKean, '05 W. C. Collin, '83 R. A. McKean, '86 A. K. Collingwood, '16 "R. C. McKenna, '04 "'Prof. J. C. Fettermann, '96 Dr, P. V. McParland, '04 "'Prol'. C. R. Foster, '11 Dr. C. C. Marshall, '08 "'Prof. A. M. Goldberger, '13 "Dr, J. L. Martin, '03 J. S. Gow, '16 'Dean H. B. Meller, '10 "'R. E. Grove, '14 A. Parkin Miller, '16 "'Dr. A. S. Haines, '14 "'J. J. O'Connor, '10 A. R. Hamilton, '94 J. G. Quick, '13 "'W. A. Hamor, '13 "'F. H. Ramsey, '10 "P, L. Hay, '95 "'J. A. Richardson, '15 Dr. H. W. Heckel, '08 Dr. Walther Riddle, '92 "'Dr. C. H. Henninger, '00 "'C. W. Ridinger, '93 "'J. P. Herron, '15 "Floyd Rose, '11 "J. Gartield Houston, '06 C. W. Scovel, '83 L. B. Hurst, '02 Prof. Alexander Silverman, '02 Dr. A. F. Judd, '95 T. Lee Trimble, '19 "'C. G. Ketchum, '16 Dr. A. B. Wallgren, '02 "'Dr. J. A. Koch, '84 "'R. H. Wettach, '13 C. L. Wooldridge, '97 'Indicates term expires June, 1921. 1922 5500 5000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 UNIVERSITY of PITTSBURGH General Alumni Association Jan.1,1916 Jan.1.1917 Jan,1,1918 Jan.l.1919 J an.1,1920 Jan.1,1921 5500 ' 5200 2600 2900 1200 500 Membership Increase Chart 19164920 7716 OWL Alumni Artinitirn WITH "Alumni Hall" in process ol' construction, serving to keep Pittites closer to Alma Mater than at any time in the history of the University, the past year was an exceptionally gratifying one from the standpoint of alumni interest. As a result ol' all this, membership in the General Alumni Association shows a decided increase since the last issue of the "Owl", The cha1't on the opposite page shows the membership to be 3,500, January 1, 1921, and this figure was increased by more than a hundred when the "Owl'l went to press, or a total of over 3,600. With the additional members secured from the 1921 Senior class, the figure at the wind-up of the collegiate year will be near the charmed 4,000 mark. There are few Alumni Associations in the country which can boast of a paid-up membership of this magnitude. Owing to the fact that the cost of "Alumni Hall" exceeded the original estimate by about S200,000, it was necessary to conduct a second campaign during the month ol' January. This was handled by Alumni Council, with Carlton G. Ketchum, '15, J. Steele Gow, '15, and the Alumni Secretary acting as Directors. With the aid of an additional 550,000 from Athletic Council, fmaking a total of Sl00,000 from that sourcel, the required amount was realized. The second campaign brought in many new subscribers, and a large percent- age of the original subscribers increased their gifts-many ol' them 100 percent. Chairman Wilbur D. Hockensmith, '01, ol' Alumni Council, started what was called the "One Hundred Per Cent Club" l'or such subscribers and the response was fine. It did a lot to put things "over the top." During the p1'ogress of the Campaign, members of Alumni Council held frequent meetings, sometimes two a week, and this all helped to develop Pitt spirit and enthusiasm. Athletics, as usual, played an important part in developing alumni spirit. The 1920 Football season was the greatest on record in this respect and thousands ol' "grads" came back for the games. The demand for tickets was so great that for the more important contests the alumni only could be supplied, and it was neces- sary to restrict the number which they secured. The 1920 Commencement banquet was a decided success. It was held at the Hotel Schenley, June 9, and was attended by a crowd which taxed the capacity of that large banquet hall. Col. Joseph H. Thompson, '05, was toastmaster and the speakers were C. B. Connelley, Louis Broido, '17, Dr. John Thom Holdsworth, Floyd Rose, '96, and Chancellor S. B. McCormick. Pitt graduate organizations had their usual affairs during the year and the alumni were very active on the various advisory committees in charge ol' under- graduate activities, lending valuable assistance in these important undertakings for Pitt betterment. 1922 A 13 fine OWL ASSIGNMENT OF LECTURE AND RECITATION ROOMS IN ALUMNI HALL AS A RESULT OF SPECIAL SUBSCRIPTIONS. Lecture Room No. Recitation Room No. 14 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 1 Joseph C. Trees, '95 2 A. R. Hamilton, '94 3 ? 4 George H. Clapp, '77 1 John M. Hansen, '93 2 Class of 1893 3 Harry C. Benson Memorial 4 ? 5 Class of 1901 6 Class of 1895 7 Class of 1911 8 ? 9 Class of 1900 Class of 1897 Dyess Memorial Class Class Class Class C. W R. T. Class Class Class Class Craig Frost Class Class Class R. B. Class W. C. 0 A. W. Mellon, ? George Mesta, '85 '7 George Wilkins Guthrie, '66 of 1913 of 1914 of 1915 of 1916 Ridinger, '93 Coffin, '83 McCormick, '88 of 1920 of 1921 of 1922 of 1923 Memorial Robertson Memorial Memorial Roy C. McKenna, '03 of 1910 of 1918 '73 of 1917 Mellon, '76 D. Herbert Hostetter, '76 of 1919 '7 Phillips Memorial 1922 9ZeCJVV1. iliuarh nf Efruatmi fur Ihr llnineraitg nf liittnhurglp fur 19211-21 qnx omnoiop The governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Mayor of the City of Pittsburgh. The Chancellor of the University. Clapp George Hubbard William Lewis Clause Dr. 0. M. Edwards, Jr. Benjamin Gilbert Follansbee George Breed Gordon Alfred Reed Hamilton, B.S. Howard Heinz, A.B. William J. Holland, Ph.D., LL.D. Andrew Jackson Kelly, Jr. James Henry Lockhart, A.B. Andrew WVilliam Mellon, A.M. Richard Beatty Mellon John Knox McClurkin, D.D. Henry Clay McEldowney Thomas Harlan Baird McKnight George Sturgis Oliver, A.B. Thomas Patterson, A.M. Walther Riddle, Ph.D. NVilliam L. Scaife, Ph.B., C.E. lVilliam Penn Snyder Samuel Alfred Taylor, C.E. Benjamin Thaw, A.B. Joseph Clifton Trees, M.E. John Crawford WVallace, Ph.D. Rt. Rev. Cortland Whitehead, D.D., LL.D D. A. Reed Dr. S. B. McCormick,, L. L. D. Homer D. Williams Issa W. F1'ank Executive Committee Dr. George H. Clapp Dr. Samuel A. Taylor Andrew J. Kelly, Jr. Benjamin Thaw Thomas H. B. McKnight .Joseph C. Trees 2-Xhminiztratinn Samuel Black McCormick, A.B., A.M., D.D., L.L.D. . . . . .Chancellor Emeritus John Gabbert Bowman, A.M., L.L.D. .... ..... ......... C h ancellor Samuel Black Linhart, A.B., A.M., D.D.. . . . . . .. .Secretary John Gilbert Quick, B.S.. . . .... ..... . . . ....................... Registrar Frank I-louston Eckels .... . .................. Business Manager N. D. Straney ......... . . .Secretary University Branch Y. M. C. A. Thyrsa W. Amos. . . ..... ............... A dvisor of Women J. Howard Dice. . . ........ Librarian 1922' Tue OWL J. G. BOWMAN, CHANCELLOR OF THE UNIVERSITY 1922 9ZeCDYNq, B. McCORMICK, CHANCELLOR EMERITUS OF THE UNIVERSITY 1922 77m OWL S. B. LINHART, SECRETAR 1922 77m OWL 1922 Tre OWL Q! THYRSA W. AMOS, ADVISOR OF WOMEN 1922 77.6 OWL 1922 77m OWL illilrllnu Elnatitutv The Administration Raymond F. Bacon, Sc.D., Director. Edward R. Weidlein, M.A., Associate Director. E. Ward Tillotson, Jr., Ph.D., Assistant Director. William A. Hamor, M.A., Assistant Director. Harry S. Coleman, B.S., Assistant Director. John C. Hessler, Ph.D., Assistant Director. Senior Industrial Fellows C. B. Carter, Ph.D. G. O. Curme, Jr., Ph.D. H. G. Ellridge, M.S W. F. Faragher, Ph.D. J. B. Garner, Ph.D. H E. O. J. H. Becque, M.S. R. H. Bogue, Ph.D. G. A. Bragg, B. S. G. S. Bratton, B.A. R. L. Brown, Ph.D. H. D. Clayton, B.A. J. N. Compton, Ch.E. R. D. Cooke, M.S. A. E. Coxe, B.S. J. L. Crawford, B.S. J. G. Davidson, Ph.D. H. S. Davis, Ph.D. Melvin DeGroote, B.Ch.E. K. D. Dodds, B.CH. David Drogin, M.S. Isaac Drogin, Ph.D. E. R. Edson, B.A. R. F. Ferguson, B.S. F. H. Garner, M.S. J. B. Garner, Ph.D. F. W. Sperr, Jr., B.A Industrial Fellows H. W. Greider, M.S. W. A. Gruse, Ph.D. O. F. Hedenburg, Ph.D. C. J. Herrly, B.S. F. W. Hightower, B.S. F. M. Hildebrandt, Ph.D. W. G. Imhoff, B.A. Roy Irvin, M.S. K. K. Jones, M.S. J. D. Malcolmson, B.S. 0. O. Malleis, M.S. R. NV. Miller, Ph.D. H. A. Noyes, M.S. H. E. Peck, B.S. C. L. Perkins, B.S. S. M. Phelps, B.S. M. J. Pooley, B.S. E. W. Reid, M.S. lvalther Riddle, Ph.D. F. F. Rupert, Ph.D. Howe, M.A. Kohman, Ph.D. Meyers, B.S. McVetty, M.E. Rhodes, M.S. R. E. Sayre, M.S. O. H. Schunk, B.S. Mark Sheppard, B.S. R. R. Shively, Ph.D. A. F. Shupp, Ph.D. E. S. Stateler, B.S. NVilliam Stericker, B.S. A. H. Stewart, B.A. F. W. Stockton, B.A. T. S. Taylor, Ph.D. D. K. Tressler, Ph.D. C. VV. Trigg, B.S. R. B. Trusler, B.S. VV. E. Vawter, B.S. C. C. Vogt, Ph.D. Alice L. Wakefield, B.S Paul Wible, B.CH. C. O. Young, Ph.D. J. H. Young, Ph.D. Assistants Mary Davis, B.A. H. C. Hoover, B.A. H. E. Gill, B.Ch. Madalyne S. Schairer, B.A. R. H. Heilman Helen E. Wassell, B.S. 22 C. N. XVenrich, Ph.D. 1 9 2 2 We DWL MELLON INSTITUTE READING ROOM-MELLON INSTITUTE 1 9 2 2 9ZeC7VVL 1922 77m OWL John Colvin Fettermann, Ph.M. Frederic Lendall Bishop, Ph.D. . . Guy Gaillard Becknell, Ph.D. . Jay Harry Clo, Ph.D. ...... . Heber Doust Curtis, Ph.D. . Harold Dufar Fish, M.S. .... . Uhr Zllarultg TIIE C OLLEGE . . . . . . . .. Dean, Professor of Biology . ...... Professor of Physics Professor of Physics Professorof Physics . . Professor of Astronomy, Director of Allegheny Observatory Professor of Zoology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Professor of Mathematics Lincoln Robinson Gibbs, A.M. . . . Professor of the English Language and Literature Otto Emery Jennings, Ph.D. .,........................... Professor of Botany Frank Hardy Lane, A.M. ................. ..... I Jrofessor of Public Speaking Arnold Edward Ortmann, Ph.D. ................ Professor of Physical Geography John Frederick Louis Raschen, A.M., Litt.D. .... Professor of the German Language Forest Almos Foraker, M.S. . . . and Literature Evan Taylor Sage, Ph.D, ........ Professor of the Latin Language and Literature Henry Sayre Scribner, A.M. ..... Professor of the Greek Language and Literature Whitford Huston Shelton, A.M. . . . Professor of Romance Languages .and Literature W. Paul Webber, Ph.D. ............................ Professor of Mathematics "Homer Jeptha Webster, Ph.D. Jesse Hayes White, A.M., Ph.D. . Elmer James Bailey, Ph.D. .. . Oswald Blackwood, Ph.D. .... . 'tEdwin Berry Burgum, A,M. .. Henry Homer Collins, Ph.D. . . John Coulsen, Ph.D. ........ . William Harrison Emig, Ph.D. . Blossom Lida Hen1'y, ......... Alfred Procter James, M.A. . . Reginald Hall Johnson, A.M. .. Sidney Johnson Lockner, A.M. . J. Earl Miller, Ph.D. ......... . John Kemmerer Miller, A.B. ...... . Adolph Judah Schneeweiss, Ph.D. .. Malcolm McLeod, Ph.D. ...... . Aaron Moyer Snyder, Ph.D. . . . . Francis Joseph Tschan, Ph.D. . . TJohn Valente, B.S. .......... . Andrew Bennett Wallgren, M.D. Jouothan Leo Zerbe, B.S., M.A. . William Piper Angel, A.M. Benjamin Pifer Baker, B.S. Virginia Hamilton Bartlett, A.M. Isaac Boyce, D.D. ...,....... . William John Brezler, A.M. .. . Guy Cleveland Brosius, A.B. . . . George Kenneth Burgum, A.B. . . Frederick James Burkett, A.B. . Hobart Raphael Coffey, A.B. .. Alexander Cooper, A.B. ..... . James Francis Dilworth, A.M. . . Erle Fairfield, A.M. ......... . Lebbeus Heinz Frantz, A.M. Paul Russell Frank, ........ Harold Wright Gilmer, A.M. .. Mae Clifton Graham, B.S. Joseph Eugene Gross, M.S. .. Walter Libby, Ph.D. ..... . Lotte Olga Lohstoetter, .. Professor of History . . . . . . . Professor of Psychology . . Assistant Professor of English .. . Assistant Professor of Physics .. Assistant Professor of English .. Assistant Professor of Biology . . . . . . . . . . Assistant Professor of Physics . . . . . . . . . Assistant Professor of Botany Assistant Professor of Romance Language .. fOxonJ, Assistant Professor of History Assistant Professor of Romance Language . . . . . Assistant Professor of Mathematics . . . . . . Assistant Professor of History . . . . . . Assistant Professor of English . . . Assistant Professor of Philosophy . . . . Assistant Professor .. Assistant Professor of . . . . Assistant Professor . . . Assistant Professor .. Assistant Professor of English Psychology of History of English of Biology . . . Assistant Professor of English . . . . . . . . . Instructor in Physics . . . . . Instructor in Physics . . Instructor in Psychology . . . . . Instructor in Spanish .. Instructor in Mathematics . . . . . . . Instructor in Latin . . . . . . Instructor in English . . . . . Instructor in Mathematics . . Instructor in Public Speaking . . . . . . . Instructor in English . . . . . . . Instructor in History . . . . . . Instructor . . . . . . . . Instructor in German in English . . . Instructor in Mathematics . . . . . . . . Instructor in Latin . . . . . Instructor in Biology . . . . . . Instructor in Physics Instructor in Psychology . . . . . Instructor in Ger1nan 1922 25 'Tw John Roy Lovell, A.B. ....... . Clark Wilfred Martin, B.S. ..... . Harold Emerson McCamey, A.B. .. William Parkerson, A.B. ...... . Beauregard Perkins, B.S. ....... . Benjamin Harrison Pershing, A.B. . Phillip Huntley Pope, A.B. ...... . Robert Garfield Putnam, B.S. .. . Lester Courtney Raines, A.M. . . . . Peter Crtiz Ramirez, A.B. ...,..... . Mrs. John Frederick Louis Raschen . . Gilbert Joseph Rich, Ph.D. ....... . Carl August Ferdinand Ruge, Ph.D. . . Harvey Russell Salt, A.B. ...... . Mary Evelyn Shipman, A.M. . Josephine Bray Sill, A.B. .... . William Smith, B.S. .......... . Frederick William Steacy, Ph.D. .. . Arthur Keller Waltz, M.S. ........ . Henrietta Votaw Yates, B.S. ......,....... . OWL . Instructor in Romance Languages . . . . . . . . . . . Instructor in English . . . . . . Instructor in Mathematics . . . . . Instructor in Physics . . . . Instructor in Physics . . . . . . Instructor in History .. . . . . . Instructor in Biology . ..,... Instructor in Mathematics Instructor in Publi Instructor in Rolnance .......... Instructor .... . . .. Instructor in Instructor in Romance ... . . . . . . Instructor . . . Instructor . . . Instructor . . . . Instructor . . . Instructor in c Speaking Languages in' German Psychology Languages in English in English in English in Biology Psychology . . . . . . Instructor in Mathematics I .......... Instructor in Biology Beatrice Young, . . . . . . ...... . Degree Superieur, Instructor in Romance Languages "'Deceased. TLeave of absence. Albert Bayard Wright, M.A. Charles Arnold, A.B., B.S. in J. . B. F. Ashe, B.S. in Economics 1-Iarold M. Baer, B.L. ........ . Victor W. Bennett, M.A. .. Frederick Bigger ......... Paul D. Converse, M.A. .... . Elizabeth Cannon, A.B., R.N. . . Charles Christ.ler, A.B., LL.B. . Maxwell Ferguson, M.A. ...... . J. T. Holdsworth, Ph.D. .................. . Oscar I. Harter, B.S. in Economics . .. Miles Humphreys Jones, LL.B. .. . Montfort Jones, M.A. ....... . John S. Keir, A.M. ........ . Svrhnnl nf iirnnmuira Dean and Professor of Public and Business Administration Professor of Journalism . Lecturer in Employment Problems . . . . . . . . . . Instructor in Economics . Assistant Professor of Accounting .......... . .. Lecturer in Sociology . Assistant Professor of Commerce Instructor in Public Health Nursing Instructor in Business Law and Economics . Assistant Professor of Economics Professor of Economics and Finance Instructor in Economics and Social Eonolnics Eleanor Hanson ........... . .......................... . . Instructor in Business Law and . . . Assistant Professor Lecturer in Sociology Economics of Finance . . . . . . . . . . . Instructor in Industry Instiuctor in For eign Trade Howard C. Kidd, A.M. ........................... ' Louis K. Manley, Ph.D. ................. Assistant Professor of Political Science Roland McCrady, B.S. in Economics. LL.B. ............ Lecturer in Business Law Donald M. Marvin, Ph.D. ................ Assistant Professor of Social Economics M. K. McKay, Ph.D. ............... .................. I 'rofessor of Econolnics Priscilla Porter, B.S. in Economics . . . .... Instructor in Economics Charles Reitell, Pl1.D. ............ .... P rofessor of Accounting James C. Reed, LL.B. ............... ............. P rofessor of Business Law Gustav L. Schrainln, M.A. .......................... Instructor in Government Robert W. Semenow, B.S. in Economics . .Instructor in Business Law and Economics C. C. Sheppard, C.I'.A. .............................. Lecturer in Accounting Charles Scovel, A.M. ..... ........... ......,.......... L e cturer in Insurance Francis N. Thorpe, Ph.D., LL.D. .. Professor of Political Science Francis D. Tyson, Ph.D. ...... Professor of Social Economics Mrs. Helen G. Tyson, David J. Terry, A.B. John Yates, A.B. 1922 A.B. . ........ Lecturer in Sociology .. Lecturer in Sociology .. . Lecturer in Sociology Tw OWL Sirhnnl nf Ehuratinn Will Grant Chambers, A.B., A.M., Litt.D. ...... Dean of School of Education and Professor of Education Ja.mes I-lerbert Kelley, B.S., A.M., Litt.D. .... Director of University Extension and Professor of Education Thyrsa W. Amos, A.B., A.M., ........ Dean of Women and Professor of J. M. Berkey, A.M. ................................... Lecturer in Chester Arthur Buckner, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. .... Professor of Secondary Thomas Wm. Burckhalter, B.P.E., B.S., M.P.E. Professor of Physical Helen Alpha Burkhart, A.B. .......................... Instructor in Susan Trowbridge Canfield, B.Mus. ................ Assistant Professor Education Education Education Education Pageantry of Music Alice Mary Carmalt, A.M. ......... Assistant Professor of Elementary Education Margaret Baxter Carnegie, A.B. .... ................ I nstructor in Story Telling Carroll Dunham Champlin, A.B., A.M. ................. Instructor in Education Frederick Charles Clayter ................ Assistant Professor of Industrial Arts Harry Alvan Cochran, B.S. ......... Assistant Professor of Commercial Education Homer E. Cooper, A.B., A.M. Assistant Professor of Educational Administration Sturgiss B. Davis, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. ..... . Professor of Educational Administration Will Earhart, D. Mus. ................................... Professor of Music A. May Fillingham, B.S. ......... ........ - .... I nstructor in Household Arts Frederick Edward Foertsch . . . .................. Instructor in Gymnastics Katherine Foulke, A.B., A.M. Assistant Professor of Secondary Education Ada Van Stone Harris ........ ......... L ecturer in Elementary Education Blanche Harris, B.S., A.M. ...... ............ I nstructor in Household Arts Arthur S, Hurrell, B.S., Ped.D,, .. .. Professor of Vocational Education John A. Hollinger, A.B., A.M. .. . .. . Assistant Professor of Nature Study Laura P. Holland, A.B. ..... ...... . . . Instructor in Gi1'l Scout Leadership Karl G. Heinrich .................. ............. I nstructor in Dancing Adele May Jones, B.S. ...................... . ..... Professor of Household Arts George Ellis Jones, A.B., A.M., Ph.D ................... Professor of Education William Franklin Kennedy, A.B., A.M. . .Assistant Professor of Huldah Jane Kenley ........................... Margaret G. Kerr, A.B. . . . Walter H. Klar ........ George W. Langdale .. Kate McAdam ........ Frances McGough ....... Elizabeth McMartin, B.S. . Theodora E. Miller ...... Clyde B. Moore, A.B., A.M. .. History of Education Assistant Professor of Music . . . . . . ..... Instructor in Commercial Education .. Professor of Fine and Industrial Arts .. Instructor in Fine S.: Industrial Arts . . . . . . . . Assistant in Industrial Arts . ............ Instructor in Physical Education .. ................ Instructor in Household Arts .. .. . . . . Assistant Professor in Vocational Education Assistant Professor of Elementary Education, Director of Demonstration Schools Louisa F. Palmer, A.B. .............. Assistant Professor of William A. Price ................ ,..... ......... . Childhood Education Assistant in Industrial Arts William Thomas Root, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. .... Professor of Educational Psychology Victor Saudek ......................................... Instructor in Music Marion Shepard, Ch.B., M.D. ........... Associate Professor of Physical Education W. W. D. Sones, A.B., B.S., A.M. ................. Instructor in General Science D. Frank Sullivan ...... Florence Mable Teagarden, Gilbert G. Weaver ...... Emma Lucy Wilder, B.S. Mary A. Loesch . . . . . Teacher, Helen Maxwell .... . . . Teacher, Margaret Raby ..... .. Teacher, . . . Teacher, . . . .. . . Assistant, Irene A. Thompson .. . Eleanor Sibly, A.B. .... . Goldie A. Hill ............... .. Assistant, E. W. Cober, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. . .. . Instructor Ella H. Lobingier, A.B., A.M. .. . . . . Instructor Mary Eleanor Roach ........ .. Instructor 1922 . .... . ............ . ...... . Instructor ln A.B., A.M. .......... Assistant Prot'essor of . . . . . . . . . . . . Assistant Professor of Vocational Instructor in Physical Fine Arts Education Education Education School of Childhood School of Childhood School of Childhood School of Childhood School of Childhood School of Childhood in Saturday Courses in Saturday Courses in Saturday Courses 27 Wie OWL Sfrhnnl nf Engineering Frederic Lendall Bishop, Phd.D., Dean, .............. Reid Thomas Stewart, C.E., Sc.D. ..... . John Weber, M.E. ............ . Walter Boyle, B.S. in M.E. ..... . Walter F. Weiland, B.S. in M.E. .. John Hammond Smith, E.E. ....,...... . Joseph Sioussa Lambie, C.E. ........... . Lester Chipman McC-andliss, B.S., in C.E. .. Lewis VVedsel McIntyre, B.S. in C.E. ..... . Robert F. Edgar, B.S. in C.E.. ........ . Daniel Carhart, M.C.E., Sc.D. ...... . Howard Edward Dyche, M.E. in E.E. . School of Engineering Professor and Head Associate Professor Assistant Professor ........... Instructor Professor and Head Associate Professor .. Assistant Professor . . Assistant Professor ........... Instructor Emeritus Professor . . . Professor and Head . . Assistant Professor Edwin R. Rath, B.S. in E.E. ......, . I-I. C. Krapf, B.S. in E.E. ..... ........ I nstructor Morris Knowles, B.S., in S.E. . .. ........... Director George Wilkenson Case, M.C.E. ................................... Professor Harrison C. Bashioum, B.S. .............................. Professor and Head John W, Hallock, M.E. ...... Professor and Head--Director of Co-operative Work M. C. McWherter. B.S. in E. E. .......... Assistant Director of Co-operative Work Louis Eugene Endsley, M.E. ...................................... -Professor Srhunl nf iililinm Dean Harry Bertine Meller ................... Professor Ransom Evarts Somers Professor Stephen Lincoln Goodale .. .... Professor Robert Moffltt Black Professor Henry Leighton ..................... Professor Earle Gladstone Hill Professor Roswell Hill Johnson .............................. Ernest E. Roth J. Lauer Stauft Srlinni nf Chrniintrg Raymond Foss Bacon, Ph.D., A.M., B.S. .... Dean, Director of the Mellon Institute "Francis Clifford Phillips, Ph.D. ............... Emeritus Professor of Chemistry Alexander Silverman, Ph.D., M.S., A. B. ........ Professor of Chemistry and Active Head of School of Chemistry Alexander Lowy, Ph.D., B.S., A.M. ...... Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry Gebhard Stegeman, Ph.D. ........... . Assistant Professor of Physical Chemistry Harrison C. Bashioum, B.S. ...... Assistant Professor of Sanitary and Engineering Carl J. Engelder, Ph.D. .... . Adelbert W. Harvey, M.S. . . . Kendall S. Tesh, B. Chem. .. Blaine B. Wescott, M. S. ..... . . . Thomas B. Downey, B. Chem. . . Royce J. Noble, M.S. ........ Charles G. King, M.S., ...... Wilmer E. Baldwin, B. Chem Mary F. Wilson, B. Chem. .... . Willard J. Sutton, B.S. Fred Y. Herron, B. Chem. . . Carlton W. Croco, A.B. R. F. Dunbrook, B.S. Wendell B. Gordon, B.S. .. Paul C. Saunders, B. S. Elmer V. Hjort, B.S. ....... . Donald R. Stevens, B. Chem. Frederic T. Jung, B.S. Elmer A. Haux, Chem. Eng. .. Paul O. Powers, A.B. ........ . Edwin C. Wright, Chem. Eng. A. M. Howald, M.S. ......... . 1922 28 Chemistry . . Assistant Professor of Analytical Instructor in Inorganic Instructor in Inorganic Instructor in Analytical Instructor in Organic Instructor in Inorganic Instructor in Inorganic . . . . Assistant in Organic Assistant in Inorganic . Assistant in Physical Assistant in Inorganic j . Assistant in Organic Assistant in Inorganic . Assistant in Sanitary Assistant in Inorganic Assistant in Analytical Assistant in Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Assistant in Inorganic Chemistry Assistant in Inorganic Chemistry Assistant in Inorganic Chemistry Assistant in Inorganic Chemistry Assistant in Inorganic Chemistry 77m OWL Srhnnl uf illllehirinr Raleigh Russell Huggins, M.D. .................. Dean of the School of Medicine William Wightman Blair, M.D. ............ ...... P rofessor of Ophthalmology John Jenkins Buchanan, A.M,, M.D., Ph.D. ........ Emeritus Professor of Surgery Benson Ambrose Cohoe, M.D., A.B. ............ Professor of applied Therapeutics Ewing Wilbur Day, A.M., M.D. . . .. Professor of Otology, Laryngology and Rhinology Theodore Jacob Elterich, M.D. ......................... Professor of Pediatrics Charles Claude Guthrie, M.D., Ph.D. .... Professor of Physiology and Pharmacology James Delaven Heard, M.D. ........ ................... P rofessor of Medicine Davenport Hooker, M.A., Ph.D. Raleigh Russell Huggins, M.D. . . . ................. Professor of Anatomy . . . . . . . . . . . . . Professor of Gynecology George Coffin Johnston, M.D. ...................... Professor of Roentgenology Oskar Klotz, M.B., M.D., C.M. .......... Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology William Swindler McEllroy, B.S., M.D. ..... . Professor of Physiological Chemistry Thomas McKean Thompson McKennan, A.M., M.D. ........ Prol'essor of Neurology Robert Talbot Miller, A.B., M.D. ......................... . Professor of Surgery Harold Applegate Miller, M.D. .,.. . David Silver, M.D. ............... . William Kemble Walker, M.D. ......... . Thomas Shaw Arbuthnot, A.B., M.D. .... . Theophile Karl Theodore Kruse, A.M., Ph.D. . . . . John Alden Lichty, Ph.D., Ph.M., M.D. . .. Edward Everett Mayer, M.D., A.M. ...... . Ellen James Patterson, M.D. .... Associate Henry Thompson Price, M.S., M.D. ...... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Professor of Obstetrics Professor of Orthopedic Surgery . ........ . Professor of Psychiatry .. . . . Associate Professor of Medicine Associate Professor of Physiology and Pharmacology . . . . . . . Associate Professor of Medicine . . . . . Associate Professor of Psychiatry Professor of Laryngology and Rhinology Associate Professor of Pediatrics Stanley Sinclair Smith, M.D. .............. Associate Professor of Ophthalmology Charles Joseph Barone, M.D. . . . . James Clark Burt, Ph.G., M.D. .... . . Ward Ewin Carson, A,M., M.D. .... .. Bender Zeloten Cashman, A.B., M.D. .. Sidney Alexander Chalfant, M. D. James Keely Everhart, M.D. .... . John Perry Griffith, M.D. ..... . George Livingston Hays, M.D. . . Assistant Professor of Obstetrics . . . . . . . . Assistant Professor of Urology . Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology . . . . . Assistant Professor of Gynecology Assistant Professor of Gynecology Assistant Professor of Pediatrics .. Assistant Professor of, Surgery . . .. Assistant Professor of Surgery Charles Henry Henninger, M.D. . . . .... Assistant Professor of Neurology William Harvey Guy, M.D. ..... . . . Assistant Professor of Dermatology Charles W. Jennings, M.D. ............... Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology James Irwin Johnston, M.D. .............,..... Assistant Professor of Medicine William Watt Graham Maclachlan, C.M., M.D. .... Assistant Professor of Medicine Evan William Meredith, M.D. ............... . . . Assistant Professor of Surgery Irwin Justus Moyer, M.D. ...........,.......... Assistant Professor of Medicine Edward Joseph McCague, M.D. ................... Assistant Professor of Urology James Homer McCready, M.D. . . . Assistant Professor of Laryngology and Rhinology Joseph William McMeans, M.D. .............. Assistant Professor of Bacteriology Howard Henry Parmar, M.D. .................. Assistant Professor of Pathology Howard Gustav Schleiter, A.B., M.D. Paul Rothrock Sieber, A.B., A.M., M.D. .. Thomas Grier Simonton, B.A., M.D, ..... John Raid Simpson, A.B., M.D. ...... . Harry Ryerson Decker, A.B., M.D. . .. .. . Assistant Professor of Medicine Assistant Professor of Surgery . . Assistant Professor of Medicine . . . . Assistant Professor of Otology .. . Assistant Professor of Anatomy Roy Ross Snowden, A.B., A.M., M.D. . .. ......... Assistant Professor of Medicine Frederick Brown Utley, A.B., M.D. .............. Assistant Professor of Medicine James Oliver Wallace, A.B., M.D. . . . . . Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery Edward Aloysius Weiss, M.D. ................ Assistant Professor of Gynecology George Jesse Wright, A.B., M.D. ............... Assistant Professor of Neurology Cornelius Collins Wholey, B.A., M.D., M.A. . . . . Assistant Professor of Psychiatry Gordon Fisher, B.A., LL.B. ............ . Walter Libby, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. .. Charles Frederick Bietsch, M.D. .. David Hartin Boyd, A.B., M.D. . .. Alexander Hunter Colwell, M.D. ..... . . . ..... . . . . . .. Lecturer in Medical Law .. Lecturer on the History of Medicine . . . . . . . . . . . Instructor in Gynecology . . . . . . . . . . Instructor in Pediatrics . . .- Instructor in Medicine Harry Ryerson Decker, A.B., M.D. ........... . . Instructor in Surgery Holland Hunter Donaldson, A.B., A.M., M.D. . . .... Instructor in Surgery Andrew Peter D'Zmura, M.D. ............... Instructor in Medicine 1922 29 We OWL Robert Morgan Entwisle, B.S., M.D. . .. Sydney Kinsman Fenollosa, A.B., M.D. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Instructor in Surgery . . . ...... .... I nstructor in Medicine Nathaniel Arthur Fischer, M.D. ........... .,........... I nstructor in Otology Eben Winslow Fischer, A.B., A.M., M.D. Instructor in Orthopedic Surgery John Walter Frey, B.S., M.D. ....... . John Washington Fredette, M.D. . . . Raymond J. Frodey, M.D. ....... . Ellis Mills Frost, M.D. ........... . Harold Bearce Gardner, B.S., M.D. .. George Washington Grier, M.D. . . . . Frederick Murray Jacob, M.D. . . . Florence Myrtle Kline, M.D. ..... . Scott Lorian Koch, A.B., M.D. ..... . Frederick Victor Lichtenfels, M.D. . . . Jay George Linn, M.D. ............. . Charles Albert Koenig, M.D. ........ . Harold William Lyall, A.B., A.M., Ph.D Charles Buckley Malts, B.S., M.D. Watson Marshall, A.B., M.D. ........ . Harry Nevin Malone, B.S., M.D. ..... . Montrose Bovard Magofiin, A.B., M.D. . Charles Howard Marcy, M.D. ....... . William Henry Mayer, M.D. ......... . Maud Leonora Menten, B.A., B.M., M.D., Harry Oliver Pollock, B.S., M.D. ..... . Robert Retzer, M.D. ............... . De Wayne Greenwood Richey, M.D. Frank Hogan Rimer, A.B., M.D., A.M. . James William Robinson, M.D. ...... . Norman Hodgins Russell, B.M. ..... . Zaccheus R. Scott, Ph.B., M.D. .... . Lorraine L. Schwartz, Ph.D. M.D. .. Susan Sharpe Waddell, B.S. ....... . Alfred Matthew Wedd, B.S., M.D. . .. Grover Cleveland Well, Ph.G., M.D. . . Peter Ivan Zeedick, M.D. ....... . Edwin William Zur Horst, M.D. . . George Grier Boggs, B.S., M.D. , .. Anna M. Cannon, R.N. .......... . Stephen Augustine Dawson, M.D. .. Michael Depta, B.S., M.D. ...... .. Isaac Slaymaker Diller, A.B., M.D. .. Ralph Harple Dunlap, M.D. ...,.. . William Jay Fetter, B.S., M.D. John Meredith Flude, M.D. . Henry Clement Flood, M.D. .. . Brown Frazier Fulton, M.D. . . . . Carl Goehring, M.D. .......... . Frederick William Hoehn, M.D. .. Jay Donald Iams, M.D. ...... . William Oday Markell, M.D. .. Gilbert Bertrum Meyers, M.D. .. Susan R. Offutt, B.A., M.D. .... .. Ralph Vincent Robinson, M.D. ...... . George Washington Smeltz, M.D. .... . Charles Campbell Stanton, M.D., Ph.D. Paul Beadle Steele, M.D. .... . Grover Cleveland Todd, M.D. . . John Huber Wagner, M.D. ...... . William Summers Watson, M.D. . . . Harold George Kuehner, B.S., M.D. . . . Gorden Egan Hein, A.B., M.D. ......... . . . . . . . . . . . Instructor in Medicine . . . . . . Instructor in Surgery .. Instructor in Gynecology . . . . . . Instructor in Medicine Instructor in 'I"nerapeutics . . . Instructor in Roentgenology . . . . . . . Inst1'uctor in Dermatology ................. Instructor in Medicine . . . . . . . . . . . . . Instructor in Ophthalmology Instructor in Laryngology and Rhinology . . . . . . . . . . . . Instructor in Ophthalmology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Instructor in Psychiatry .. . Instructor in Bacteriology . . . . Instructor in Medicine . . . . Instructor in Otology .. . Instructor in Anatomy .. Instructor in Medicine ... . . . . . . . . Instructor in Medicine . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . . Instructor in Neurology Ph.D. .......... Instructor in Pathology . . . . . . Instructor in Physiological Chemistry .................. Instructor in Anatomy .. Instructor in Pathology .L Instructor in Pediatrics .. . Instructor in Surgery . . . . Instructor in Serology . . . . Instructor in Pediatrics Instructor in Dermatology Instructor in Physiology .. . Instructor in Medicine . . . Instructor in Surgery Instructor in Medicine . . . . . . Instructor in Medicine .. . Demonstrator in Medicine . . Demonstrator in Surgery . . Demonstrator in Otology Demonstrator in Medicine .. . Demonstrator in Medicine .. Demonstrator in Obstetrics .. . Demonstrator in Medicine .. . Demonstrator in Medicine .. Demonstrator in Pediatrics . . . . . Demonstrator in Anatomy Demonstrator in Pathology . . . . . . . . . . Demonstrator in Medicine . . . . . . . . . . Demonstrator in Pediatrics Demonstrator in Orthopedic Surgery . . . . . . . . . . Demonstrator in Medicine . . . . . Demonstrator rn Gynecology . . Demonstrator in Roentgenology . . . . . . . Demonstrator in Psychiatry .. Demonstrator in Laryngology and Rhinology . . . Demonstrator in Orthopedic Surgery . . . . . . . . . . . Demonstrator in Otology . . . . . . . . . Demonstrator in Surgery . . . . . . . . . . . . . Demonstrator in Surgery . . . . . . . . . R. B. Mellon Fellow in Pathology R. B Mellon Fellow in Internal Medicine Adolphus Koenig, Jr, B.S. ..... Student Assistant in Physiology and Pharmacology Ruth Illula Morrison ......... Student Assistant ln Physiology and Pharmacology William Kerr Beatty .... .................. S tudent Assistant in Anatomy Louis Elwood Prickast . . . ............ . . . . Student Assistant in Anatomy 1922 0 the e OWL HARVEY J. HARMON, PRESIDENT Gbiirrru President ...... ...... ...... . . . Harvey J. Harmon Vice-President ...... .. W. Cullen Gourley Secretary-Treasurer . . . ..... Henry Angus 1922 0 YM OWL 1922 77m OWL '4'lO'RQ'lliy'FWQi WWE, ' A "1 ' , A 4,0 ESQQFQQMGIY5 's V QS! N.mmqs'!! ,E , E My nsdpgwg '-QMNW '169?ll WN who' f .fl I ss-,mlb L K '15 'I' . .N 1 -fwWg,,sg? f Eqt PM '-'Ti fb P nr-'f ,, 'EV l. 'Diff-"' M - " 4MiMJ? aWfMf uw 1g3gmZqYgf:N 'E- E My ,Wynn mg and 'PJWNGQ' iff.:vrI'35.TirgTe.Qrf1 MMM. 'FEW faW" M ' - + ' A 1 " 1 ' f vfiffi ,,.'.1 -guy , 5-fgw-x-+'gi,3ig,f ,' . hx , 1 1 :ng-L'q1':3Z44I67sqv-15.16iSyM31D:f- f ql1".fv'.Q,3f.j 'gf --Q,3j , ',, , ',.... 'M-11515, A ., .,. IQ Nj,'vhs'1g1ul','4,.:31".'j5Q'.Qf3Qr i ni? PIM-5421,,c!59iff:-af ea 3f5f,f5l1f1'wif SW?'idmlfi ii:f1:23afa?1'a'2fe2,izf.:2ifsf1QfZW:ff J. C. FETTERMAN, DEAN OF THE COLLEGE munugrr - Ehttnr lieutrirr ilfnmig Marg ZF. Grrlln 1922 33 YLQCTVVL ISABELLE ANDERSON K A 6 Beaver, Pa. Beaver High School Class Pres. C13 135 Senate C23 W. A. A. Board C21 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet C25 Mgr. Wood-Bees 133, Glee Club C31 Pit- kin C31 Turtle Club "lzzie" is majoring in Psychology, but the only "Psych" she tries on us is lots of fun, laughter, sweetness and naturalness. All hail to Beaver. ELIZABETH AUSTIN A Z Aspinwall, Pa. Y. W. C. A. W. S. G. A. Quax Club Chemical Society. She is biologically inclined, and woe to the defenseless cat which crosses her path. We don't know whether she eats lobster salad, but her appetite is fair on all oc- casions. ROBERT R. BAlR 9 A W. A A E Wilkinsburg, Pa. Wilkinsburgh High School He takes himself too seriously, but otherwise he shows much good sense. CHARLOTTE E. BALL X Q Pittsburgh, Pa. Peabody High School W. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A., Pitkin Club, Pitt Players, Girls Debating, Pitt Re- view. Do you know her? A Pitt player, who sometimes prompts and gives the cue, or perhaps you may have met her, as she cir- culates the Pitt Review. JOHN REX BELL Edgewood, Pa. Edgewood High School R. O. T. C. f1'7 Rex is a well meaning youth, and doesn't mind telling you so. He makes a lot of noise, but we like him in spite of it. WILMA BINDER A A A Pittsburgh, Pa. Allegheny High School Y. W. C. A. Cabinet C23 W. S. G. A. Pitkin Undergraduate Field Rep. Y. W. C. A. Desmoniac. A sweet petite-Brunette. She has a Bill. How long will it run on? 1922 Tae OWL MARTHA BOWERS 9 I' 111 Pittsburgh, Pa. Literary Club Y. W. C. A. W. S. G. A. Martha is one of our really worth while girls. She studies, but she also has time for activities. BENJAMIN M. CLATSKY V Uniontown, Pa. Uniontown High School This young man would a lawyer be. We predict great things for Uniontown in a few years. BERNICE CULLEN Pittsburgh, Pa. ELNERA C. DOLFIE Charleroi. Pa. Charleroi High School Elnera comes to us from Charleroi. If all the Charleroi people are as friendly and jolly as she, we think we would like to live there too. JANET ELIZABETH DUNCAN Z T A Greensburg, Pa. Greensburg High School Janet captures the hearts of men by the dozen. We do not blame the men, for how can they resist those marvelous eyes. ELIZABETH ELKINS Pittsburgh, Pa.. - Dilworth Hall, Thurston Prep. School, Sweet Briar College, Student Vesper Council, W. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A. Hiking Club. Flitting here and there, now something serious, now something frivilous calls her. She is a girl whose charming personality wins her many friends. 1922 77m OWL EMMA ERK Pittsburgh, Pa. Peabody High School W. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A., Pitkin Club Ukelele Club Wood-Bees Emma was a wise girl. She changed to the College just in time to have her pic- ture listed among the handsome College 1 Juniors. ANNA M. EVANS Braddock, Pa. Braddock High School W. S. G. A., Classical Club, Newman Club She need not cram for an examg it's all tucked away in her mind. SAMUEL D. EVANS Pittsburgh, Pa. Union High School Y. M. C. A. Council. Sam wants to be a doctor some day. We wish him success. DOROTHY E. FINEMAN Pittsburgh, Pa. South High School French Club 131, Literary Club 131, Menorah 121 133, Wood-Bees Coach 133, Vocational Guidance Committee. Dorothy has a gentle charm about her which wins her friends wherever she goes. DOROTHY E. FINK X Q Burgettstown, Pa. Burgettstown High School Pomono College Colorado Y. W. C.,A., W. SL G. A., Wood-Bees Girl's Glee Club,Treas, Literary Club Burgettstown may be small, but Dot's ambition soars high. For the future she aims to grace the concert stage. DANIEL E. FRIEDMAN McKees Rocks, Pa. McKees Rocks High School Wise to resolve and patient to perform. 1922 77m OWL WILLIAM DAVIS GRAHAM 111 1' A McKees Rocks, Pa. McKees Rocks High School Football 113 123, Track 113, Vice Pres. Class 113, Senate 133 Just watch his eye twinkle, and you will know, Why all the fellows Like him so. MARY F. GRELLA A A A Pittsburgh, Pa. South High School Senate 123 Senate, Executive Board Sen- ate 123, W. S. G. A., Junior Prom, Com. Owl Board 133, Quax Turtle Club, Pan- hellenic 133 A fulfillment of all the niceties the word "co-ed" could imply. Active, popu- lar, pretty, studious. JOHN L. HAMILTON Pittsburgh, Pa. HARVEY J. HARMAN CID I' A, A A E, O A K Pittsburgh, Pa. Peabody High School 'Varsity Football 113 123 133 Track 113 123 133, Class Pres. 133 Class Treas. 113 Musical Club 123 Cap Sz Gown 133 Senate 113, Interfraternity Conf., Hi- Kockey, Druids, Turtle Club Harvey is our president: a worthy presi- dent for a. worthy class. Need we say more, when we say that his friends ca.n't be counted? NORMAN J. HARRAR Pittsburgh, Pa. Westinghouse High School Sec. Treas., Chess Club, Student Vespers Council, Student Chemical Society In effort or in modesty, There are few of Norman's kind. In silence or in modesty, His equal is hard to flnd. JOHN J. HAY CID I' A Pittsburgh, Pa. Framasor Class Secretary 113 Cap K: A Gown 123 Happy and contented with life is John. Life to him is one long song. 1922 iI7w OWL HELEN HERB Pittsburgh, Pa. Peabody High School Y. W. C. A.: W. S. G. A. We always receive a pleasant smile when greeted by our Helen. IRENE HORNER K A 9 Wilkinsburg, Pa. Wilkinsburgh High School Y. W. C. A.g W. S. G. A.: P. E. P. Club: Junior Prom Committee: Ukelele Club Wood-Bees Being a woman she changed her mind in her Junior year and transferred to the School of Ed. The College realizes what it has lost and is still trying to win her back. MARY E. I-IUBACHER A E A Glenshaw, Pa. Sharpsburg High School Vice Pres., Classical Club, Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A. Betty's eyes remind one of a black-eyed Susan. They are soft, and always gleam with mirth and fun. MARY HUTCHINSON Pittsburgh, Pa. FRANCES IRWIN A A A Pittsburgh, Pa. Fifth Avenue High School Wood-Bees, W. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A. "Pooky"--tall and slender By nature quite clever. Good humor lasts forever, Connections-Ah! Seem severed. ADELAIDE JONES A E A Pittsburgh, Pa. Peabody High School Classical Club, W. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A. No one would believe that she is a Latin shark. 1922 We OWL CHARLES C. KAMMERER A X A, E A X Etna, Pa. East Liberty Academy Bus. Mgr. Pitt Review "A little nonsense now and then, Is relished by the best of men." MARY C. KIRBY Pittsburgh, Pa. Thurston Prep. School Carnegie Tech Framasor Club, Newman Club Mary came to us from Tech, and likes us, she says. Pretty, popular and clever. BEATRICE KOENIG K A GJ Edgewood, Pa. Edgewood High School Vice-Pres. Class 133 Owl Mgr. 135 Classical Club, Pitkin Club, Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A. Droll, dry wit, plus a pleasant smile for everyone, and an extraordinary ability to do those things that everyone hates to do characterizes Beatrice. BESSIE LANDMAN Somerset, Pa. Somerset High School Smith College Of good sound judgment is Bessie. She left Smith College for Pitt and says she likes Pitt better. We hope more like her will join our ranks. PAUL J. LEWIS New Castle, Pa. New Castle High School Glee Club C23 "Learning is but an adjunct to ourselff' "And where we are, our learning likewise ls 71 MILDRED LOCKWOOD A Z Erie, Pa. Erie Central High School Pitkin Club Q21 431, W. A. A. Board 123 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet C25 She's an all around Pitt girl, and there isn't a thing she doesn't know about Y. W. C. A. or W. S. G. A. or commutations. She is true blue. '1922 77m OWL XV. S. G. A. Y W. C. A Wood-Bees, If everyone Mildred, this Mildred helps ELEANOR E. Munhall High 1922 DOROTHY LUDEBUEHL A A A Pittsburgh, Pa. Peabody High School Class Sec. 121, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet C21 Beautiful fluffy hair, covering a quick and nimble mind. One of the "squarest" girls you would ever want to find. LUCILLE MERCER X Q Murraysville, Pa. Coraopolis High School Literary Club, Pitkin Club, Class Treas- urer f3J, Y. XV. C. A., W. S. G. A. Lucille is just the girl, Whom all would like to meet. She comes to us from Murraysville, And is always kind and sweet. MILDRED MOORE Pittsburgh, Pa. Westinghouse High School Margaret Morrison ., W. S. G. A., Pitkin Club, Ukelele Club were as sweetly obliging as would be a happy world. to make life worth while. PARKER A Z Munhall, Pa. School Y. W. C. A.. W. S.'G. A. Tall and stately, and of dignified mien. She has a smile that does not wear out, but improves with constant use. Frowns thrive not in her vicinity. MARY B. REID A Z Pittsburgh, Pa. Peabody High School Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A. She appropriates "A's" and "B's" in amazing fashion. There aren't enough left for the rest of us. She's the original lady from Missouri. You have to prove it NAN W. RENIERS Pittsburgh, Pa. Peabody High School Nan takes life as it comes. Why worry about to-morrow? That takes care of it- self, according to Nan. Tue OWL KATHRYN L. ROHRKASTE A A A Pittsburgh, Pa. South High School Y. W. C. A., Wood-Bees Coach 131, Tur- tle Club Quax Club A true example of the expression "Worth her weight in gold." No matter what happens, she's always true blue. MARGARET RUTH RIDDLE K A Turtle Creek, Pa. Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A., Wood-Bees Peg wishes me to inform the public that that which mars her beauty is not a frown, but a spit curl. She never seems to study, yet always gets high grades. 'CECILIA SCHMIDT E H E Pittsburgh, Pa. Winchester School Academy of the Sacred Heart, N. Y. Newman Club, Literary Club, French Club Cecilia likes "highbrow" music, and rumor has it that she plays a wonderful game of tennis. She has a gentle voice. -and mischlevious eyes. ROSE SLESINGER Windber, Pa. Wlndber High School Classical Club C11 125 C31 French Club 133 Spanish Club C33 Literary Society 131 W. S. G. A., Wood-Bees CZD C33 Rose has glossy black hair, and a calm -easy manner about her. 1922 eCJVVL AUDINE STANLEY South Oil City, Pa. Oil City High School 1 Allegheny High School . Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A. Pitkin Club Aucline has made many friends, with her ready smile and gentle manner. She is always eager to go out of her way to do something for you. ALMA K. SWAVEL A E A Millvale, Pa. . Millvale High School Y. W. C. A., Pitkin Club Alma is quite industrious, and very efli- she is always ready to give assistance. GEORGIANNA E. TRAINOR Pittsburgh, Pa. Betty has that wonderful faculty of al- ways remembering you. She never for- gets She is one of the dearest girls in Pitt. JOSEPH B. WOLSTONCROFT Castle Shannon, Pa. Union High School Pitkin Club Q21 f3J, Musical Club 121 139, Chess Club Q37 ture never varies." 1922 cient. If you need advice, go to Alma, for "For he's just the quiet kind whose na- 'Zh O W L FRESHMAN MED-COLI PGI' IUNIORS B. JOHN BIELSKI, B. S. P B II Pittsburgh, Pa. Allegheny High School Osteologist to Class of '22g R. C. S. He too is a. royal member but didn't get in on the ground floor-So we haven't taxed him heavily yet. HARRY EPSTEIN Pittsburgh, Pa. Schenley High School Can't understand how Cunningham missed such a big thing as Epstein's Nerve. His vocabulary consists mainly of, gimme, lemme take, have you got, and can I have. ERNEST FLEISCHER Pittsburgh, Pa. Central and Fifth Ave. High Schools. Fleischer is a friend indeed, who loves to gently rap you on the back and then ask "how is my old friend feeling to-day." BOYD W. GHERING CD P E Warren, Pa. Glade High School, Edinboro State Nor- mal: Warren High School Band 613, 129: Class editor. Also answers to the names Holt, Hepp and Greenlee by reasons known only to Dr. Fulton. Knows more stories than any other member of the class-always starts them in the same way "That reminds me." D. PAUL GREENLEE 111 P 2 Wllkinsburg, Pa. Souh High School One of our young members who is very industrious because the fair sex haven't located him yet. Watch your step, Paul. Is working to add an "r" to his first ini- tial. LELAND T. HENRY GD 1' A, N E N Apollo, Pa. Apollo High School Junior Prom Committee "Dede's" favorite song is "I've got a Gee Gee down on the Fiji Isle." A good worker and a well known member of the class. 1922 77m OWL 1fRFsHMAN MED-COLLEGE JUNIORS JOHN EUGENE HOLT N E N Swissvale, Pa. Swissvale High School Swimming C11 Aside from the fact that he wears a gold medal on a tin watch, he is a good scout and a fine student. The most original of our member and "A smile for everybody" seems to be his motto. JAMES W. MUIR K E, N E N Dubois, Pa. Dubois High School Druids, Hi-Kockey, Turtles, Cap and Gown 1, Band 132,3, Orchestra 1,2, Musical Clubs 2, Interfraternity Con- ference 3. "Jimmy" carries many activities for a medical student, but he believes in pleas- ure along with work. Takes a tour with the "Kilties" every summer perhaps, that is why Harry Lauder made his farewell tour of the U. S. Bring on the Bagpipes! JOHN J. McCAGUE A 2 CD. T B Il Munhall, Pa. Munhall High School A regular fellow and a good student in osteology because of his intimate acquain- tance with "the bones." LEE E. McCARTNEY db P 2 Pittsburgh, Pa. Union High School Class Mgr. Owl A good student, to say the least, yet he never lets school work interfere with his social aifairs. "Mac's" Motto-"An even- ing of practical work is worth two of theory." ALFRED A. PACHEL ID P E Carnegie, Pa. Duquesne University High School He is bashful among the girls, just the opposite among the fellows. "Al" is a true friend and always willing to lend a helping hand. PAUL REIST, B. S. N E N Pittsburgh, Pa. Pittsburgh Academy Assistant hrst aid man to foot ball teanig R. C. S. Reist works hard but has been unfor- tunate having missed much school on ac- count of illness. A right honorable mem- ber of the Club. A little louder Doc. we can't hear your answer. 1922 We OWL FRESHMAN MED-COLLEGE JUNIORS SAMUEL JOSIAH ROSEN CD A E Pittsburgh, Pa. Union High Schoolg South High School Rosen recites Gray as well as he can re- cite the A, B, C's. We Predict 8 great future for him if he ever goes in the butcher business. GEORGE SARRAF Pittsburgh, Pa. Schenley High School George is rather small but he can com- pete with the biggest of us when it comes to knowledge. JOSEPH A. SOFFEL N 2 N Pittsburgh, Pa.. South and South Hills High Schools Pitkin Club Now Joe Soffel is a good looking chap. lf you don't believe it, take a look at his map! At times he is quite boisterous but never very rude. He can put that soft stuff over, you know-Attitude. Joe is a good student so we ought not to say such thing about him. JAMES J. SUNSERI A A M Pittsburgh, Pa. Catholic Central High School, Grand Rapids, Mich. "Jimmy" always wears a smile and doesn't know what worry means. JOHN W. TARNAPOWITZ Pittsburgh, Pa. Fifth Ave. High School Jirnmy's right hand man always on the job and doesn't quit until the whistle blows. , LOUIS WEISS Donora, Pa. Donora High School "Lou" always sees the bright side of everything and has a smile and pleasant greeting for all. 1922 7716: OWL xx Q ' . A E X rc x 'lf b 'ff SRM A nw N N guy' 1922 'f 9ZeCDYNUJ ECONO ICS W g r-X55 ' 5.Sr , jf 1. X 'SEL I 1 X A Af' E' N: . I N QQ Ji - 'F' Saw, A x W -fa :is 3' f" 12'-21-505 J - K. .if -1 -"N E I5 .- g gags log Q u , , IC: A., l F: . , , as 2-:Z an-. '..f4153,. hi, 14,3 Eg 3 QM F 1 1, gyg, -:-,j,lW : -- P: , J if Q' J - . 0Q!','F'-""' QI, f " ' ,. g X Q I. f' 43 ,, " LA 7:3 ep' :QS X -' QXRK , 4,."'5.--""' XM 2522355-1-29 Nv?'6F, 00 Sv' .'-', ' 5 2 ' A. B. WRIGHT, DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS Erunnnnntra Munugrr: Ernxtuantrn Ehitnr: Qlurl 3. mulrrt Bun IR. Ikluuar 1922 e OWL HENRY W. ANGUS Johnstown High School Johnstown, Pa. Student Senate 137 R. O. T. C. 113 C23 Class Treas. IBD Everybody knows "Hen". If you want to transact any business, and don't know how, just ask him. J. G. ARNOLD E X Pittsburgh, Pa. WILLIAM G. BARTON A X A Pittsburgh, Pa. Peabody High JOHN S. BOYD Pittsburgh, Pa. RUSSELL L. CARL A T A Wilkinsburg, Pa. Charleroi High School Musical Clubs C11 Q21 Q31 R. O. T. C. C11 Pitkin 123 Doesn't have much to say, but we like him nevertheless. JOSEPH CRISSWELL Vandergrift, Pa. Vandergrift High School Musical Clubs ill Q31 Pitt Weekly C39 Pumas Club "Joe" is a likeable chap, who always has a cheery word for everybody. 1922 We OWL VIRDYN R. CALDWELL Pittsburgh, Pa. Schenley High School Swimming Q23 Orchestra 117 C21 He always has a pleasant smile, and a witty answer for you. GRAYDON M. CAMPBELL Pittsburgh, Pa. Avalon High School One of the Twins. Wherever you see him, you'll see Keller. DIXON O. COCHRAN E A E Coraopolis, Pa. Cap 62 Gown C15 C21 C35 Mgr. 135 Glee Club 121 To look at him, you'd never guess that "Dick" was as energetic as he is. CHARLES D. CYPHERS A X A Pittsburgh, Pa. Peabody High School Track C13 Q21 Pitt Players Q13 He wears a Derby hat. Wonder if we're all as amiable as he? KENNETH DAME A T A Oxford, Indiana Interfraternity track Dame works hard both in school and out of school. Best wishes for your success, Dame. RICHARD W. DAUBENSPECK A T A Huntingdon, Pa. Huntingdon High School Y. M. C. A. Cabinet Q19 C23 C31 ' Bus. Mgr. Handbook ill Q23 Editor C21 R. O. T. C. C13 C21 Freshman Tennis Mgr. C23 Varsity Tennis Mgr. 131 Ass't. Bus. Mgr. Owl C33 Desmoniacs, Interfraternity Basketball C31 He may be a minister's son, but he has friends everywhere on the campus. , 1922 e OWL XVILLA PENN DORNING K K 1', I' E II. Altoona, Pa Altoona High School Pitt XVeekly C17 C25 131 Y. YV. C. A. Q33 Fraternity Editor Owl Q35 Junior Prom Committee C33 Panther Q35 Tur- tle Club f3J Girl's Debating Club Q15 Wood-Bees Coach C25 One of the best known and best liked girls in school. One glance, and mere man must succumb. J. GORDON DOUGLASS McKeesport, Pa. McKeesport High School U. S. Naval Academy He says that it's nicer to be on land than on sea, especially when it's cold. GLEE A. DUFF McKeesport, Pa. McKeesport High School Allegheny College You'd almost think that he was going to be a preacher, he's so dignified. But we know better. His motto is "Silence is golden." WILLIAM H. ECKERT B 1' E Craftou, Pa. Craftou High School Debating Team C13 C25 f3J Y. M. C. A. f3J "Bill" is the only "A" student in cap- tivity. We predict that he will be Vale- clictorian of our class. DONALD A. ENOIX Pittsburgh, Pa. Charleroi High School Southwestern State Normal School Mon-Val Club ' A hustler who knows that time waits for no student. O. R. FLEMING dl A X School of Pharmacy Punxsutawney, Pa. Wiudber High School Class Treasurer Slim, "an avowed woman hater." Au "Owl" booster, and one who sees that jus- tice is wherever justice is needed. 1922 Tae OWL HERMAN C. FRIESINGER A E P, B I' 2 Zanesville, Ohio. Zanesville High School Debating Squad C21 C31 Ass't. Mgr. Debate Squad C23 C31 "Hemi" is a great ladies man. Rarely that you don't see him with several co-eds. WAYNE A. GLEETIN Edinboro, Pa. Edinboro High School If he should ever "pull" less than an "A" we'd have heart failure. MAURICE H. GOLDSTEIN I1 A CD. E A X Pittsburgh, Pa. Pitt Weekly C11 C23 C33 Interfraternity Basket ball Internat'l Rel. Club If he's as busy after he graduates, as he is now, he ought to be rich pretty soon. H. OTON GOODMAN A T A Pittsburgh, Pa. Clarksburg High School App. Track Mgr. C13 Prodigal Club Mgr. in Chief Owl Staff C31 I-le's tall and handsome, has good com- mon-sense, but doesn't like to study too much. We wish you success, "Goody." W. CULLEN GOURLEY A T A, O A K Punxsutawney, Pa. Punxsutawney High School Hi-Kockey Bus. Staff Weekly C11 Interfraternity Basket ball C11 C21 'Football C23 C33 Ass't. Bus. Mgr. Handbook C25 Vice- Pres. Junior Class. Ass't. Editor Owl C33 Y. M. C. A. State Conf. C11 "Fats" is a pretty busy man, especially during vacation time. ISRAEL GREENBERGER KID E II A Pittsburgh, Pa. Schenley High Penn State Menorah Society C17 C29 C31 1922 e OWL J. H. HILF Pittsburgh, Pa. VERNA HOFFMAN 9 1' GD Wellsville, N. Y. Tarentuln High School You never can tell what sl1e is thinking about. However, we'd like to know as much as she does. GERTRUDE HUNTER I' E H Greensburg, Pa.. Greensburg High School Y. W. C. A.: Pitkin Club A demure Miss, who must be a wraitli. XVe can't seem to find her when we look for her. ROY W. JACOBS 9 A W, A A E, B I' E Huntingdon, Pa. Huntingdon High School 2,0 T. C. C13 f2J Comptroller Owl Since Roy has come to Pitt, he's learned to dance, and to loaf on State Hall steps. MURRAY J. JORDAN Punxsutawney, Pa. Punxsutawney High School Jordan resembles Andy Jackson in his originality and self-confidence. ADELAIDE KAPLAN E I'I E, 1' E Zanesville, Ohio Zanesville High 1922 77114 OWL ELLIOTT KELLER, JR. Pittsburgh, Pa. Peabody High School Football 115 The other Twin. Possibly he's more loquacious than Campbell. ' JOSEPH A. KELLY K E, A A E Latrobe, Pa. Latrobe High School Lafayette College R. O. T. C. 115 125 135 Bourse Club 125 135 Internat'l. Rel. Club 125 135 R. O. T. C. Extension Comm. 135 "Joe" can talk about everything under the sun except himself. He's a friend worth having. L. I. KLINESTIVER KD 1' A Sheffield, Pa. Sheffield High School Glee Club 115 Y. M. C. A. 115 Football Mgr. Elect Minding none but his own business, and doing that well has spelled success for "K1ine." RAYMOND KNAPP A A E New Kensington, Pa. New Kensington High School R. O. T. C. 115 125 "Ray" has developed a moustache, which he guards very jealously. It seems to aid him in concentrating his mind on his work. REUBEN KORN B 1' E Pittsburgh, Pa. Pittsburgh Academy Internat'l Rel. Club 115 125 135 Pitt NVeekly 125 Menorah 125 Spanish Club 135 Literary Club 135 Federal Board Club 125 135 "Rube" is a good salesman. He has the ability to become a great business man. . DANR.KOVARAXA,AAE,BI'E McKees Rocks, Pa. ' Swissvale High School Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 125 135 Editor Handbook 135 R. O. T. C. 115 125 Chinn. R. O. T. C. Extension Comm. 135 5 Pitt Weekly 115 Desmoniacs 125 135 Cosmopolitan Club 135 Pitkin 135, Stu- dent Vesper Council, Student Volunteer. We use our editorial prerogative, and maintain a discreet and dignified silence. 1922 77m OWL HOWARD V. KRICK E A E New Britain, Conn. New Britain High School Class Sec-Treas. C21 Pitt Weekly Q23 439, Chairman Junior Prom. Committee, C35 Framasor Howard has many good traits-too nu- merous to tabulate. He was the success- ful chairman of a successful Prom. D. HOMER LAWSON Aspinwall, Pa. Sharpsburg High School He pretends that he doesn't study, but we know he must. Such modesty is kill- ing! LIBBIE LIEBERMAN A E 411 Pittsburgh, Pa.. Fifth Avenue High School Pink cheeks, dark eyes, and curly hair. Why worry about minor details such as books and classes, with such charm? DAVID P. LINDSAY A T A , Pittsburgh, Pa. Bryn Athyn Academy Wrestling 111 Cap 8: Gown Q23 C31 Pitt Players Q31 Owl C31 Ass't. Cheer leader C31 Interfraternity Basket ball 433 "Dave" has a great deal of energy, which he tries to expend in cheer-leading at Assemblies. MAX LOEVNER II A 111 Pittsburgh, Pa. Peabody High School Cap 8: Gown 121 C33 Glee Club Q23 Ass't. Cheer-leader C21 131 Orchestra 113 Junior Prom Comm. C31 ' Max is one of those who can do any- thing. He has natural talent and he knows how to use it. JOHNHMARSGAYILAAE Pittsburgh, Pa. Fifth Avenue High School R. O. T. C. Q11 Q25 Q33 Extension Comm. C33 "Jack" may appear to be reticent, but he's as true as steel. 1922 771.2 OOWL WILLIAM L. MILBURN McKees Rocks, Pa. McKees Rocks High School Penn State "Bill" says he rooted for Pitt at the Thanksgiving game this year, but not last year. HARRY M. MONTGOMERY Pittsburgh, Pa. Allegheny High School Band C21 C31 At least he's no exception. Ever notice how those Northsiders took to music? CARL J. MULERT A T A Mt. Lebanon, Pa. Knoxville Union High School Ass't. Football Mgr. 123 133 Freshman Basketball Mgr. 137 Junior Prom Comm. C33 Owl C39 Y. M. C. A. State Conference C11 Sophomore "Hop" Comm. C29 Framasor. Carl always has a smile for you, no mat- ter how cloudy it is outside. We suspect that his activities take more time than does his school work. GLENN F. MURPHY Charleroi, Pa. Charleroi High WINIFRED R. McCAFFREY I' E H, Crafton, Pa. Crafton High School Newman Club Q23 C33 Wonder why they all want to sit next to Winifred, especially at exams? SCOTT A. McCOY Pittsburgh, Pa. 1922 Tae OWL l WILLIAM D. McVEY A 9 'I' Barnesville, Ohio. Barnesville High School Y. M. C. A. Cabinet C27 C31 Pitkin C27 C35 Chess Club CBJ Student Vesper Council C31 Mac's body may be here, but we fear that his heart is far away. J. D. PATTON O X Ford City, Pa. Ford City High School Musical Clubs C13 C25 Interfraternity Basket ball C33 Interfraternity Conf. C39 Modest, but there with the goods. The scrap across the pond delayed hin1 in graduating. . WILLIAM E. POTTER E A E Pittsburgh, Pa. Peabody High School . R. O. T. C. C13 C29 Senate C27 Track C19 C21 Musical Clubs C23 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet C23 C33 If Diogenes had found Bill, he would have thrown away his lantern. We are sorry that he had to leave school for a time. LOUIS ROSENFIELD LD E II Pittsburgh, Pa. Schenley High School. Debating Squad C21 Inter-class Orator- ical Contest C19 Cosmopolitan Club. In all respects a good fellow. His voice makes a lnegaphone appear ridiculous. JULIUS ROSENSON Pittsburgh, Pa. Ambridge High School Cap 8: Gown C33 If you need special information of any kind, see Julius. R. C. SCHLEGAL 2 X Crafton, Pa. Crafton High School Basket ball C13 Track C11 Druids Hi- Kockey Ass't. Football Mgr. C11 Inter- fraternity Conference. If an "Owl King" contest were held, "Chuck" wouldn't have any competitors. He just naturally knocks 'em cold. 1922 56 , Yle OWL AUBREY W. SCHOFIELD 111 F A San Antonio, Texas San Antonio High School University of Texas. Cap 62 Gow11, Pres. Pitt Players, Foot- ball 111 Swimming, Aero Team Interna- tional Relations Club. Aubrey surprises you at times with the amount of knowledge that he has man- aged to store away. BEN E. SHERMAN II A CD Carnegie, Pa. Carnegie High School Pitt Panther ill Pitt Weekly C15 Inter- fraternity Basketball Q25 f3J Wonder why Ben never tried for the Varsity Football squad? CHARLES H. SHORT A A E, B l' E West View, Pa. Allegheny High School Vice-Pres. Senate C25 C35 Ass't. Mgr. Baseball C21 The scholastic standing of the school . has been raised miles by Charlie's good work. CLARENCE SMITH A T A Pittsburgh, Pa. W. M. TOWNSEND GD l' A Philipsburg, Pa. Philipsburg High School Druids Baseball Q13 C33 Track, C15 Q33 Basket ball C33 Interfraternity Basketball 113 We hope that he likes to be a student in "Ec." Seems that he'd rather be a business man than an engineer. GRANT D. WAINWRIGHT 2 A E Pittsburgh, Pa. Peabody High School Football C27 Cap 8: Gown C11 C25 Framasor. Grant may be heavy in weight, but he's light in spirit. The girls are anxious to find out what brand of make-up you use, N Grant. , 1 l 1922 77m OWL JOHN M. WALKER 11 K A Oakmont, Pa. Tarentum High School Culver Military Institute Cornell I Cap 8: Gown, author of play. Pitt players, Internat'l Relations Club, Cul- ver Club You always know when John's around. He's full of enthusiasm, and uses it for Alma Mater. CHARLES R. WILLIAMS A X A, E A X Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Mt. Pleasant High School Pitt Weekly 113 121 131 Pitt Panther 121 131 Managing Ed. 131 Owl 111 121 131 Editor-in-Chief 131 REGINALD M. WILLIAMS A X A Monessen, Pa. Monessen High School Owl Staff 131 Panther 131 Review 131 R. 0. T. C. 131 Musical Clubs, 131 Mon- Val Pitt Club 131 Pitkin Club 131 "Reggie" is small in size, but he has many big ideas which are interesting. And he can tickle the keys, too. EMMETT C. WILSON Erie, Pa. Erie High School Debating Squad 121 131 A Hne musician and a good student, who is working his way to success. LULU F. WITHROW A Rochester, Pa. Rochester High School Basketball 111 121 Newman Club 111 131 Y. W. C. A. 111 121 131 Wood- Bees 121 131 A talented young Miss, with a wealth of golden hair who can always be counted on for an entertaining recitation. '1922 We OWL K gg :JY-ING 55 H05 WW OP Xs ' fa- ff! -5 193 QM g EW QIAH1 ZFEII IBII militia 1922 59 771.2 OWL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF THE EVENING SCHOOL ASSOCIATION GROUP OF STUDENTS OF THE EVENING SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS We OWL R. E. BAKER West Alexandria Ohio High School Michigan, Mich. E. S. A. Baker comes to us from 'way up in Michigan to climb the ladder of success and attend evening school with us. We surely welcome Baker and hope that he will stay with us for quite a while even though he graduates next year. ALFRED BANNISTER Pittsburgh, Pa. Ohio Northern University E. S. A. A . Bannister is one of those quiet unassum- ing chaps who never says much but we are of the opinion that he is a scholar. Al. is specializing in Accounting and will no doubt some day be one of our noted C. P. A's. Good luck to you Al. HERMAN E. DIETRICH Pittsburgh, Pa. Executive Committee II Fifth Avenue High School, E. S. A. ' Herman hails from Mt. Washington, the highest point in Pittsburgh. He does quite a lot of studying because his home is not very far from one of Mr. Carnegie's libraries. J. H. DONOVAN Pittsburgh, Pa. Peabody High School E. S. A. One of our tall handsome men is with us when Donovan is around. They say he has a hard time getting to school in the evening on account of the ladies. We really don't blame the girls because he really has a kind face,-L but we really do want to see Dony once in a while. HENRY ESCOVITZ Duquesne, Pa. Duquesne High School E. S. A. Escovitz comes all the way from Du- quesne to have classes with us. It sure does show the right spirit. Henry is one of the leading bankers of the above men- tioned metropolis and we feel that he is an unapproachable asset to his community. W. HARRY GEIST A O T Pittsburgh, Pa. Peabody High School E. S. A. Harry is one of those little fellows that never says much but thinks a lot. He is a gentleman and a scholar in the,truest sense of the words. We would like to see W. H. at more of the Evening School affairs. A 1922 e OWL GILBERT R. KINDERMAN Pittsburgh, Pa. South High School E. S. A. Gil is a regular business man and is at present helping Mr. Babcock get out tax statements as a sideline. He is a mighty fine chap and is a big booster for the E. S. A. DALLAS 0. KIRK A 1' 9 Pittsburgh, Pa. South High School, Duquesne University. Owl Editor 1922. E. S. A. Kirk seems to attend all of his classes quite regularly with exception to his- In- surance class. He is always on hand at the E. S. A. dances for they say he shakes a 'wicked hoof.' WALTER J. LOFINK A I' 1D Pittsburgh, Pa. E. S. A. Walter is another one of our quiet mates. Never says much but has a heart of gold as big as a barn. He is usually fairly busy and very often attends classes with the rest of us. RODERICK A. McCOY Wilmerding, Pa. Turtle Creek High School E. S. A. Blows in from Wilmerding every even- ing he has a class, attends same, then de- parts. We never see much of McCoy and never hear him at all. ' JACOB FREDRICK WOESSNER E. S. A. Dormont, Pa. Fifth Avenue High School 'Dutch' sure is a big man both in stature and in mind. He halls from the town of the Elite but that does not affect him any. 1922 77m OWL .i.,, - '2..:!7' SC ED CATION WILL GRANT CHAMBERS, DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION manuagrr Ehitm' milhreh E. Grunnnglr Muuulu livin 1922 e OWL DOROTHY C. BASKERVILLE A A A Pittsburgh, Pa. Allegheny High School Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 133: W. A. A. Cabi- net t3J: Wood Bee Coach 1233 Social Service I2-335 Classical Club: Pitkin Club Dot's red head makes her a shining light every-where. MARCIA E. CANTZ Pittsburgh, Pa. RUTH LILIAN CARLISLE A A A Pittsburgh, Pa. Allegheny High School Playground work Ruth is pretty and petite and lovable. MILDRED E. GRUNNAGLE X Q Coraopolis, Pa. Coraopolis High School Y. W. C. A. C373 W. S. G. A. 1373 Stu- dent Senate C2Jg Owl Staff 4313 Vice- President of Freshman Classg President of Sophomore Class. A silvery ripple of laughter echoes down the hall and we know Mildred has arrived. ETHEL MAY JAMES A E A, A W K Pittsburgh, Pa. Allegheny High School Varsity Basket Ball 123, Captain Girl's Basket Ball C335 Y. W. C. A.: Eagles- mere Delegate 123: P. E. P. Clubg Class Secretary 133 "A dillar, a dollar A ten o'clock scholar" Was famous in Mother Goose rhyme. His fame has departed Since t'Jimmie" has started, To come to class late all the time. FLORENCE M. JOHNSON EJ I' CD Homestead, Pa. Homestead High School Y. W. C. A.g Pitkin Club Pretty to walk with, Witty to talk with, Pleasant to think upon, She's loved by everyone. 1922 77144 OWL MARGARET A. KENNEY E H E Pittsburgh, Pa. Mt Mercy Academy: Pittsburgh Concer- I vatory of Music Mon-Val Pitt Clubg Tuesday Musical Clubg Newman Club Peg with eyes of Irish blue is clever at anything she undertakes. With the excep- tion of skating she enjoys nothing as much as petting the ivory keys. MARIE KENNEY E l'I E Pittsburgh, Pa. Mt. Mercy Academyg Conservatory of Music Newman Club: Mon-Val Pitt Clubg Tuesday Musical Clubg University Or- chestra: School of Education Orchestra Marie utilizes her time in harmonizing music. As a. violinist we expect to see her famous some day. EDITH LAZARUS A E KID Pittsburgh, Pa. Schenley High Schoolg Chautauqua School of P. E. Wood-Bee Coachg Sec.-Treas P. E. P. Club: Basket Ball Squad, French Club: W. S. G. A. When Ede begins to recite, the class rests with pleasure. She is guaranteed to hold the prof's. attention for an unlimited length of time. LILLIAN L. MATES G 1' 411 Turtle Creek, Pa. Union High School Girl's Glee Clubg Pitkin Clubg Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A. Eager to live and learn She cloth not waste her youth For by the road of knowledge She seeketh after truth SARA MEADOWS A A II Pittsburgh, Pa. Crafton High School Always quick to give an answer, Ever ready with her smile, She has thevother girls I know In "Ed" school, beat a mile. GLADYS McCLURE Pittsburgh, Pa. 1922s e OWL MARIE McDERMOTT Pittsburgh, Pa. KAY OSTERLING Pittsburgh, Pa. BLANCHE PARKER X Q, A W K McKeesport, Pa. McKeesport High School W. S. G. A. Board Sec. 1133 Basketball Q1-2-335 Ukelele Club Mgr. C135 P. E. P. Club Vice-Pres. C133 Athletic Coun- cil 1113 Turtle Club: Wood-Bees C1-25. We heartily agree with a distinguished member of the faculty who said, "She is some kid." EDNA RUBENSTINE Pittsburgh, Pa. 1922 77m OWL KATHERINE SCHANWECKER A A 1'I Crafton, Pa. Crafton High School Y. W. C. A.: W. S. G. A. They say the nearest way to a 1nan's heart is through his stomach. If this is so Katherine will surely get there because of her hours spent ln Arts Hall. MANOLA VERO A A A A 11' K Millvale, Pa. Indiana State Normal School Pep Club 137: Pitkin Club Q2-335 Pub- licity Committee Y. W. C. A. 12031: W. S. G. A.: Student Senate C333 School of Education editor of Owl. Lo is a regular handy-andy. She can do anything. Her capacity for thinking up original ideas is unlimited. RUTH E. WALLACE A E A Millvale, Pa. Allegheny High School Y. W. C. A.: Room Committee W. S. G. A. Ruth conceals with a sedate exterior, a lively interior. GLADYS YOUNG Pittsburgh, Pa. ,1922 Tre OWL VELMA HERPLE Pittsburgh, Pa. Peabody High School "Happy am Ig from every care I am free, Why are they not all contented like me?" JOY HOUSTON ' Wilkinsburg, Pa. Butler High School We have found no substitute for her name, but the general opinion is that Joy is sufficient. MARY JOHNS Pittsburgh, Pa. Westinghouse High School Ever gay, never down-hearted. Always finishes the thing that once she has started. MARIE JOHNSON K A Pittsburgh, Pa. Peabedy High School lf only all could be like you So loving and so gay This world would be far pleasanter, To live in day by day. GERTA A. MATLIKA Millvale, Pa. Allegheny High School: XVe'stminster College Y. W. C. A.: W. S. G. A.: Literary So- cietyg Phil. Circle Through High School and College, Gerta has shown great interest in English and it is evident that she knows more about lit- erature now, than we ever expect to know. Wlilllllllillllhhpwf, N W, X F SW 4 I, , is llll lwmlllllly xluixw sf llllllunlllllllw' W llll IW sr Z S Z s Q 2 'E .Flin SS. 2 hgh S I v X Z mil fill' S 5-Mlllulm' X 5 MMV xl 9 'rss . ,,:1a.' E -gl!'9g::. 211.-f::.f.-fha .1a5'M,, ' 'flaw' 1922.. Y7w OWL Thi. SCXIOA o ENQIIQQYN F L BISHOP DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING N 5 Eu Khwl iD1Plldll 1922 Tae OWL HERBERT KIRK AALBORG Wilkinsburg, Pa. Wilkinsburg High School Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. Seldom seen-never heard-but always there with the goods. He has been seen out late on Saturday nights once or twice. CLAIRE ALEXANDER ANDERSON Butler, Pa. Slippery Rock Normal Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. A good scout. Honor man in so far that he has been the captor of a majority of the "A's" that have escaped from the pens of the professors. Oh! that Butler girl. DANIEL HENRY BELL K E A A E Pittsburgh, Pa. Peabody High School Mechanical Engineering A. S M. E., R. O. T. C. C11 C21 C33 Owl C31 One of the three "muskateers." "He's not hard but he just acts that way." One of our social lights. An asset to the de- funct street railways system. LOUIS BOWMAN Dunbar, Pa. Dunbar High School Civil Engineering. A. S. C. E. "Louie" Cthe poetj hails from a locality where the valleys are full of moonshine at night and the morning glories grow in the afternoon. JOSEPH ALTON CONNELL Cresson, Pa. Johnstown High School Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E., Track Team C21 C31 Joe's one ambition is success in engi- neering and we are sure he will attain his ends by a. constant use of his pipe. ELMER RALPH DANIELS ID A 6 Staten Island, New York Westerleigh Prep. ' Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E., R. O. T. C. C17 C23 C31 Student Senate C33 We can't make out why he came so far to go to Pitt. Let us ln on it, "Dan." We're glad for he's a good man to have around. 1922 9712 OWL PETER MICHAEL FEKULA Pittsburgh, Pa. Allegheny High School Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E., R. O. T. C. C13 C23 C33 Football C13 Musical Clubs C23 C33 A real "Pittite" upholds the engineering end of the school spirit. An enthusiast especially about music but we can't say what kind here JAMES IVAN FISCUS 2 A E Leechburg, Pa. Leechburg High School Mechanical Engineering R. O. T. C. C13 C23 Cap and Gown C13 Musical Clubs C13 C23 Track C13 C23 Charlie Schwab had better watch his in- terests closely for "Slim" intends entering the steel business. He is so eager he can't stay in school. LEROY STALKER FLECK E A E Altoona, Pa. Altoona High School Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E., R. O. T. C. C13 C23 C33, Baseball C23 Interfraternity Basket ball C33 One of the three "muskateers." Not a star at any one thing, but good at any- thing. A strong admirer of the fairer sex. LEONARD WILSON FLETCHER A 2 111 St Marys Ontario, Canada. St. Marys Collegiate, Toronto Univer- sity Civil Engineering. A. S. C. E. CVice-Pres.3 R. O. T. C. C23 The "Canuck" from the frozen north- lands who came to us in his second year, became naturalized and is now a real "Pittite." A lover of tea and women. HOWARD NOBLE FRY Pittsburgh, Pa. Allegheny High School Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E., R. O. T. C. C13 C23 C33 "No kidding." "Is that right?" When he can't solve it, it needs community ef- fort. Ever notice the frown when he thinks he made a. mistake. Oh! Cupid ROBERT ALEXANDER HOERR McKeesport, Pa. McKeesport High School ' Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E., R. 0. T. C. C13 C23 C33 Bobbie's favorite topics are: Can a leak- less piston ring be made and will the gold on the streets of heaven be cold on our "tootsies." 1922 97m OWL JACKSON OSCAR KLEBER Pittsburgh, Pa. Peabody High School Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. Cap and Gown f2J C33 Mu- sical Clubs f27 C31 Hi-Kockey A regular old "Mozart" when it comes to music and a "Marconi" in wireless art. He's got the ladies guessing so we are told from a reliable source. FREDERICK WILLIAM KRESS Pittsburgh, Pa. Schenley High School Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E. Pitkin Club 621 Q39 The Mechanical "shark." We are in- formed that he stays up all night in order to get his work done. Hence "Owl." A true upholder of the proprietors. ANDREW PAUL LESNICK Turtle Creek, Pa. Union High School Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E., R. O. T. C. ill 621 Q35 Apprentice Baseball Manager C23 A firm rooter for Einstein's theory of the fourth dimension in gambling. A hard worker and a good scholar but he has that habit of trying to act ahead of times. ROBERT PARKE MARSHALL Pittsburgh, Pa. Schenley High School Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E., Swimming Team C25 C31 The originator of many comic expres- sions that add to the mirth of a class. Slow on land but fast in the gentle H, O. GEORGE HAROLD MOORE KP A 9 Altoona, Pa. Altoona High School Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E., R. O. T. C. fly 127 Stu- dent Senate C31 Tall, dark, handsome, and popular. One would expect a regular tea-hound but "Shorty" is a regular fellow. You can't tell a book by its cover. WILLIAM WATSON McMlNN Pittsburgh, Pa. Oakniont High School Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E. Orchestra 111 Q23 131 "Mac's" job is cut out for him on gradu- ation. Yes, a good girl has a remarkable influence on one's efforts for study. 1922 97:44 OWL .JAMES STITT MCKEAN E A E Charleroi, Pa. Charleroi High School Civil Engineering A. S. C. E., Cap and Gown C13 135 M11- sical Clubs Q11 L31 Apprentice Basket ball Manager C17 Assistant Basket ball Manager Q23 C35 'fJimmie" was the cute little .red-haired -chorus girl in the show. Now he's prac- ticing the fair art on the ladies and seems to be quite successful. SAMUEL BAIRD NICHOLSON A T A Wilkinsburg, Pa. Wilkinsburg High School Chemical Engineering Hi-Kockey Framasor Glee Club C21 C37 Assistant Track Manager Q15 Q25 Q33 He sometimes gets to classes but when he does get there he is oftentimes late. "'Say did he call the roll yet?" "Since I knew her." ERSON VAUGHN OGG 'ID A 9 Pittsburgh, Pa. Barnesville High School Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E., R. O. T. C. ill Q25 C31 enate 11 Prom Committee Student S C Q31 Assistant Football Manager 121 Interfraternity Conference C23 Fresh- man Basebell Manager C33 "Ho! Joe." Who would ever think that "Old Age" came from a small town. Al- ways reforming some one for an idealist. 'Tries to act unsophisticated but doesn't .always get away with it. FRANKLIN PAULY Apollo, Pa. Apollo High School Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E.,. R. O. T. C. C13 C23 C31 Pitkin Club C21 C37 Why should he take engineering when he's going to inherit a drug store. Ever 'hear him laugh? Oh! Boy! That's a. real treat. DONALD McMAHON REYNOLDS O X McMechan, W. Va. Wheeling High School Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E., R. 0. T. C. ill C25 C31 Interfraternity Basket ball C31 In "Hawkeye" Reynolds, Pitt has made a. find. As a detective he is never behind. The way he shakes his wicked feet does not hinder him from being a. good athlete. 'CHARLES WESLEY RIDINGER CII I' A Pittsburgh, Pa. O. H. Thurston Prep. Industrial Engineering Some of these days we are all going to be surprised. "Chick" doesn't look much like a lover but if you watch him closely he gives himself away. 1922 e CWL ARTHUR FORTNEY ROBERT McDonald, Pa. McDonald High School Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. "Art" is an ardent supporter of strict economy in the making of women's clothes. Notwithstanding this his work is a credit, save "gym," CHESTER WILLIAM ROEMMELT Pittsburgh, Pa. g Newark Academy: Norwich University Civil Engineering A. S. C. E. Carries his department back and forth from classes in his "his." He can be easily picked out on the campus in Vermont leather coat. Has a New York drawl and a governor's grin. HOWARD STUART SAYRE Wilkinsburg, Pa. Wilkinsburg High School Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E., R. O. T. C. C19 C23 139 One of the three "muskateers." "I'll bite." Never sleeps much. Is frequently the target for Cupid's darts. Sometimes we think he has been mortally wounded. WILLIAM JACKMAN SCHATZ Avalon, Pa. Avalon High School Chemical Engineering They might call him P. D. Q. In this case meaning quiet for he is seldom heard. He spends his spare time at the "Y" dig- ging into his studies. WALTER LOUIS SHUTTS 6 X Erie, Pa. Erie High School Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. "Get any to-day, Hon?" His home may be in Erie but he seldom speaks of it. We are told that he has found her in East Liberty. FRANK' H. STIENING Glenshaw, Pa. Avalon High School Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E. A former student at "Tech," When he heard that beer was going to be one-half of one per cent he came across the bridge to Pitt. 1922 e OWL HAROLD CLIFFORD STROBEL Altoona, Pa. , Altoona High School Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E., R. O. T. C. C15 C23 C35 A traveling press agent for the town with the biggest railroad shops in the world. Which will bring him out of it, college or love? JOHN E. SWEET E A E New Kensington, Pa. New Kensington High School Civil Engineering A. S. C. E. Swimming Team C15 Ap- prentice Baseball Manager C23 A flne swimmer if one can judge from the number of swimming parties he at- tended. A good student? CHARLES FRANKLIN SWEET New Kensington, Pa. New Kensington High School Industrial Engineering R. 0. T. C. ill C23 A sly and bashful youth from the back- woods. My! how he has changed save that habit of continually chattering. He even changed from Mechanical to Indus- trial. J. KENNETH TAYLOR A T A Pittsburgh, Pa. Westinghouse High School Civil Engineering A. S. C. E. "Ken" is a man of very high ideals and is fllled with ambitions but he will have to be ver careful or he will encounter an Y early marriage. L. C. TAYLOR Pittsburgh, Pa. JOSEPH IRA WALBECK A E CIP, A A E. Robinson, Pa. Latrobe High School Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E., R. O. T. C, C11 Q21 Inter- fraternity Basket ball C33 Good things are done up in small pack- ages. This certainly applies to "Wallie" who likes to dance with small women but he dislikes work. 1922 e OWL ABE WEBER E A M Pittsburgh, Pa. Schenley High School Industrial Engineering Owl Staff C33 Interfraternity Basket ball 125 Q31 Has three ambitions at present. Num- ber one is his degree in Engineering, num- ber two, that Sistersville he has brought into the city with him, number 3, to get a Junior who didn't subscribe to the Owl. He may get a degree. As to Sistersville they all flop sooner or later. But if he ever gets that Junior-lookout! E. A. WEISH Pittsburgh, Pa. EDWIN AUSTIN ZEHFUSS Pittsburgh, Pa. Pittsburgh Academy Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. Happy at all times, whether under stress, or strain, or compound forces. He really should play football to reduce but he only keeps on smiling. ALFRED HERMAN ZINSEER Dade City, Fla. Pasco High School Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. Quiet and unobtrusive. A contributor of that balmy southern atmosphere. "Al," possesses a true Engineering attitude to- ward society and therefore has no afillia- tions. WALTER JOSEPH ZUCK Pittsburgh, Pa. Allegheny High School Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. We waited a long time to see his hair grown. The Sophs kept it cut close our first year then the "Fresh" kept it cut close the second year. He has lately ac- quired a mysterious looking derby. 1922 77m OWL OQH2- Wyye LR ff,-rx annum. .. , Y IMC! E fl X ' QV 5 ' X 3 w N Q XXX, ff v ,A I x lx " afu- jx, FO,.,,f 0 HARRY B. MELLER, DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF MINES Ehitnr Mumlgrr Hvlix iliiaurlyrr Juhu LI. murplpg 1922 e OWL PAI HU CHAO China. Chiang-Shai High St. John's University fChinaJ, Member of Chinese Student Club member, Cosmopolitan Club CHARLES J. DEEGAN Pittsburgh, Pa. Cathedral High School, West Virginia University Newman Club. JAMES RUSSELL DODWORTH JR. Pittsburgh, Pa. Allegheny High School Glee Club, Student Senate 133, Band, Pitkin Club. . THEOPHILE DOROZYNSKY Pittsburgh, Pa. Austria Gymnasium, Carnegie Tech. CHARLES A. ECHENRODE Saltsburg, Pa. Kiski RAYMOND DeWITT FENNELL Salina, Pa. Kiski. Band 1922 Tw OWL HIDEO FUKUDA Tokio, Japan. Kumamoto High School IONEL GARDESEN Pittsburgh, Pa.. Royal Technical College, Glasgow, Scot- land. Secretary of Roumanian Student Association of U. S. Cosmopolitan Club. CARL O. KINGSBURY E N, E I' E New Castle, Pa. New Castle High School, Carnegie Tech., Junior Prom Committee, Owl Staff, Pumas Club, Hi-Kockeyl JOHN C. MURPHY Pittsburgh, Pa. Fifth Avenue High School. JOHN U. McFADDEN E I' E Philadelphia, Pa.. St. Joseph's Prep. School of Mines Treasurer A PAUL NENENSCHAWANDER 111 K 'P' E I' E Sistersville, W. Va. Sistersville 'High School, Swarthmore College. Fraternity Manager H1922 Owl" 1922 e OWL CHARLES A. REED 111 I' A Pittsburgh, Pa. Peabody High School FELIX E. RISACHER Verona, Pa. quesne High Mines Owl Editor C39 JOS RONEZLEA Pittsburgh, Pa. J. CLYDE TAYLOR Pittsburgh, Pa. Westinghouse High School Ridgway, Pa. Ridgway High School TENG-SHAN TUNG Shansi, China. Shansi University, China Chinese secretary of the dents Club of Pittsburgh. Member A. I. M. E. 11922 Canisius College, Buffalo, N. Y., Du JOHN N. TROXELL A T A, E I' E Football C13 Athletic Representative 131 Sec'y. School Mines 131. Chinese Stu- We OWL Svrhnnl nf Glhvmintrg ALEXANDER SILVERMAN, HEAD OF THE SCHOOL OF CHEMISTRY Hiunugrr Ehitur Zlrunk 31. illnrphg Illlillinm E. Nirhnln 1922 e OWL JOSEPH T. BALDUS Springdale, Pa. Tarentum High School Baseball C25 Newman Club C15 C25 C35 Student Chemical Society C15 C25 C35 Social lion and noted financier of Chem. Joe's chronic melancholy is due to think- ing of all the hearts he thinks he has broken. ADELINE BARCLAY Natrona, Pa. Natrona High School Quax, Student Chemical Society, Y. XV. C. A., W. S. G. A. After Adeline grows up she's going to be some girl. She is decidedly one ofumildest manners and gentlest heart." ANNA H. DREWES X Q Pittsburgh, Pa. Braddock High School Student Chemical Society Y. NV. C. A. Cabinet Ukelele Club Pitkin Club VV. S. G. A. Girl's Glee Club C15 If we wanted to be mean, we'd tell what the "H" means. Anyhow, it'll soon be time to get the old red coat out again, Anna. CYRUS G. DUNKLE Dormont, Pa. South High School, Allegheny College Chess Club C25 C35 Student Chemical Society C25 C35 Pitt Weekly C35 Cos- mopolitan Club Cy's motto is, "I strive to please" Cy lends artistic verisimilitude to an other- wise barren and uninteresting landscape. EDWARD J. DUNN Pittsburgh, Pa. Peabody High School Newman Club C15 C25 C35 Student Chemical Society C15 C25 C35 "Me thot I heard a voice cry, 'Sleep no more: Red Dunn hath cornered Sleep' ". Ask Red to do his trick with the half dollar. E. CORNELL EMANUEL A X 2 Pittsburgh, Pa. Peabody High, Schenley High Glee Club C35 Student Chemical Society C15 C25 C35 DesMoiniac C25 One more self confldent we never saw, but, at that, Cornie astonished everyone by stepping out at the Prom, Look out for him from now on, girls. 1922- We OWL HENRY S. FRANK A X Z Mt. Oliver, Pa. South High School Student Chemical Society C15 Q21 Q35 "Y" Cabinet C25 135 Chess Club C23 Q33 Pitt Weekly ill Senate C33 Henry is a walking reference book of quotations. From the number of times he's been going to Squirrel Hill lately, he's evidently making use of his knowl- edge. SAMUEL P. MARLEY Pittsburgh, Pa. FRANK J. MURPHY Pittsburgh, Pa. Peabody High School Newman Club C13 Sec. Q23 P1-es. Q35 Owl Board C31 Senate Q33 Student Chemical Society ill C25 135 If Murph would only wear a big black cigar, he'd be the "Complete Politician." He "never felt the kiss of love, or maiden's hand in his." ? ? ? WILLIAM T. NICHOLS A X 2 Knoxville, Pa. Allegheny High School Student Chemical Society ill C25 C31 Pitkin Club 135 Pitt Weekly Q13 Owl Board C31 Band t2J C31 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet C17 Senate C25 Bill is much too modest to write about himself, but we once heard him say, "No- thing great is ever accomplished without enthusiasm." JAMES H. NICHOLAS A 111 A Pittsburgh, Pa. Peabody High School Nick always makes us feel poetical. It was such as he that inspired someone to say, "Good nature and good sense must ever join." FELIX A. ROTONDARO A A M Cresson, Pa. Cresson High School Student Chemical Society Cosmopolitan Club Newman Club Felix is seldom seen with the ladies. " 'Tisn't because he bloomin' can't9 it's be- cause he bloomin' won't." 1922 iI7w wqyXxXxXl1lIIlIllf 10MW! NW' E. F 2 WGN x 5 1 wuuw A EIMUIIIIIQE QX HWIIW' WWIIIW S 2 S 2 E is f, ? 5 gl.-4" , E P TQ 5 Z owl" K' ' S JUIIIIVWI nw .A M 'fMlIlllUbl1 XxW. f-- A ,hmm e. fn wt ,mu an -333555, ' 4' v,E-5,9 'Jyfw' 1922 77m OWL Svrhnnl nf illllvhirinr R. R. HUGGINS, DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Qlflunugrr Ehitnr 3lnhu Iiriratra Ehluurh M. Zinn 77m OWL JOSEPH B. BLOOM, B. S. Pittsburgh, Pa. Fifth Ave. High School R. C. S. If anyone knows assignments Joe does. And studies conscientiously. Past mem- ber of Club. I HERBERT FRANKENSTEIN, B.S.1DEl'I,fDAE Fifth Ave. High School Pitt Players '16g R. C. S. Vice-President '19-21g Student Senate '20 Senior Pin Committee '20 "Frankie" hoped his right arm would drop off! But he has "Come Back" since and isn't a cripple either! When he dates up for an evening-That's all! !-Almost shocked us to death-Was on time once 8:30. LOUIS L. FRIEDMAN, B. S. KD A E, Z A M Pittsburgh, Pa. Fifth Ave. High School Presented the Club with miniature para- phernalia once. We shall share his pleas- ures and he never had a woe. HAROLD PHILLIPS HOOK, B. S. N E N Pittsburgh, Pa. Allegheny High School Class Treasurer-Freshman Medical: Student Senateg-Sophomore Medical: Junior Prom Committe-Junior Medical He is our exponent of the Vest Pocket Cardiograph-also a caddie to the Golf Club. CHESTER C. HOUCK dr A 9, 111 P 2 Pittsburgh, Pa. Peabody High School Student Senate 1233 R. C. S.g Class President Med. C233 Senior Dance Com- mittee HJ. He is one of the new members to the Club. Still uses the Old Gaff '.'Gee fellows I haven't looked at a book." l 5 LOUIS GERARD IGNELZI, B. S. A A M Pittsburgh, Pa. Peabody High Schoolg University of Chicago Italian Clubg Newman Club Hasn't been on time for an 8:30 class this year. How come Ignelski ! ! ! 1922 Tre OWL EDWARD W. JEW fb P E Pittsburgh, Pa.. r South Highg Pittsburgh Academy . Freshman Football: Varsity Football 2g Owl Editor '19 '21 . 4 O.B. MARKEY, B. S. KID A E Pittsburgh, Pa. Central High School He keeps the minutes for Club meetings. ,., MAURICE MENZALORE, B. 's. AAA M Pittsburgh, Pa. ' Fifth Ave. High School I , R. C. S. Always was late-always is late-a.l- ways will be late. Correct this Menzie and you may be able to greet the new- comer on arrival or see the patient before dead. GEORGE E. MCKENZIE, B. S. QD P E Pittsburgh, Pa. South Fork High Schoolg Pitt Pitt Bandg Athletic Council Sir James-He is with us in person but he lost his heart in Detroit. He wants what he wants when he wants it-But like most men, he doesn't always get it. CHARLES R. NUCCI, B. S. A A M Braddock, Pa. Braddock High: Pitt R. C. S. The boy is going to make the world safe for Auricular Fibrillation. Nookie says-"Give em da razzberry." He staked "Menzie" until tired-Tried it himself.- Forced to retire. CHARLES S. ROSEN CID A E Cleveland, Ohio Central High School: Western Reserve University The Pityriasis Rosea Kid-He has Der- matology at his finger tips. 1922 77m OWL WILLIAM A. SCHMID QD P E Crafton Heights, Pa. Crafton High School: K. M. I.: Wrest- ling ill: I. F. T.: R. C. S., Treasurer Junior Medical Class. Sweet William, The girls go wild simply wild over William. He "Dodgles" about quite a bit. Ask him a question and he will answer but never gives himself away. ALICE E. SCHMITZ, B. A E II E, 2 E E Pittsburgh, Pa. Uniontown High School. University of Michigan Prof.-What is Achilles Redex? Alice Babinski-We wonder what tickled her foot. She is our Representative of Pitt's Flapping Golash Union-Even wears shell glasses. Honora.ry member of Club. HAROLD E. SIMON, B. S. KD A 2 Hoboken, Pa. Aspinwall High: Pitt Simon passes us up like a freight train does a bum when in his machine. Has developed from a front line wonder to a rear row advocate--Although he is honest and trustworthy. JOHN H. TRUMPETER, B. S. 112 P E Monaca, Pa. Monaca High School: Allegheny College C2 yearsj R. C. S. Trump is our heavy man-He is a "Jazz Bo" and shakes a wicked wrist. His fav- orite question at Club Meetings is--"How many months does it take?" MORRIS B. WEBER, B. S. 2 A M Pittsburgh. Pa. Pittsburgh Central High Weber speaks well with his shoulders. Loves them all from 9 to 90. Says he wears glasses on account of living in the Hill District where cars have high steps- some Hill we'l1 say. 1922 We SCHOCL OWL N DE TISTRY LI an -, O - 4 K. -f-,-,,, iii l. .1 . ' A r . 'G sf 4 ' 7' ' ' ' V Q. ,- ' ' , I , 1 f X I I f -, ' - I' 1 ' ,fl . :S 'f 3233555 g ... 1 :::i'i2eei'.f.,1gaQ,, -ii .ff"4- 131253iii1Hf1iMEiaaz1' '.'2i11 1 Q., !':Iig,':'. .. -g.:am,.,. .,. ,.1-ga-,5 ' 0 W LZTHQQQ.-.v Q ... : .:. f ,ze ,qw ' U , , Lk :-1-1 1' 1 " "'-Q..l-- ,- ,- 4 , ,, Dllunager Ehgur LID. Ginn 1922 e OWL WILLIAM JAMES AITKEN, A X A Dickson City, Pa. Dunmore High Schoolg University of Pennsylvania William-our geography is locked up, so let us ask where is Dickson City? Sounds like a "Hooch" town. William knows some Pittsburgh streets, ask him about Dithridge street. Stick around James. EDWARD F. BAKER, "ED" A 2 A Erie, Pa. Erie High School Although he wears glasses he can see through everything. Eddie is one of the best of our students. He can also sing. If you don't believe it, ask him. A good worker, bright student and upright man. JOSEPH T. BOWSER, "JOE" A Z A New Bethlehem, Pa. . New Bethlehem High School "Because I came from a one horse town", I am not a "one horse guy." A model dentist of the highest type. Heres luck to you Joe! ARTHUR J. BRICKLEY, "BRICK" III Q Tyrone," Pa. Indiana State Normal School Track C1-2-35 "Brick" is one of the few Dents who al- ready has a location for his practice picked. That place is Duquesne, Pa. HAROLD M. BRIDGES. Westmount, Montreal, Canada Westmount High School South High School The "Cannuckiest" cannuck in our class. Shorty is-far from home, but made no mis- take by coming to Pitt to study dentistry. WILLIS S. CRISSEY, South Fork, Pa. I South Fork High School . Willis was interested very recently in the diamond market. It is a safe bet that some little sweetie's heart was made happy. Give us two guesses-First guess, engage- ment ringg Second guess, engagement ring. 1922 77m OWL ROBERT I. CRUMPTON, ll' Q Turtle Creek, Pa. Union High School Bellefonte Academy As many other good men, Cupid has spoken to Bob, and from what we have seen and heard she must have had a win- ning argument. MOLLIE M. DAVIDSON, Pittsburgh, Pa. Schenley High School Small and quiet, yet conspicuous. Mollie seldom misses on a question. Patient, smiling and persistent, for whom is decreed a rosy path. ' H R. E. DAVIDSON, A E A Hickory, Pa. . Hickory Vocational High School No, he is not blushing. The red cheeks come from the wild winds of Hickory, A hard worker and a diligent student. J. D. DUVE. A 2 A Pittsburgh, Pa. Schenley High School Glee Club C2053 Cap and Gown C20-213 Justus is not only a dentist of high cali- ber but a singer of no mean degree. When Duve raises his voice in song, all others cease. Inlspite of having an unpronounc- able name, we can see great success for this young man. VERNON S. EAG-YE, "SPAR" ll! Q 2 A E Charleroi, Pa. , Charleroi High School Allegheny College ' ' Freshman Footballg Vice President Den- tal Class C2-313 Interfraternity Basket- ball: Pumas Club. This able man shows his spirit by gentle words and resolute actions. He is neither hot nor timid. "Spar" is a lover of Ath- letics. HAROLD WILLIAM EDWARDS, A E A Pittsburgh, Pa. Schenley High School Hey Eddie! His efforts in school are only outdone by his success with the fair sex. Always prepared for anything from studies to fun. ' . 1922 e OWL DAVID LEON EKKER, A Q 0 A N Sharon, Pa. Sharon High School We wonder who Ekker's Jane is now. He's got a new one every week. In class he shines for if he doesn't know it, Lasday and Itscoitz do so, why should he care. A good hopper, a steady stepper and a good fellow. FRED M. EWING, HID I' A G11 Q Saltsburg, Pa. ' Saltsburg High Schoolg Kiski Football C'18-19-2035 Druids, Jr. Prom. Interfraternity basketball. Everyone knows Fred, a friend to every one, a lad who has made good and space prohibits us to tell you of his many merits. J. HARRIS FERGUSON, "FERGIE" A 2 A Pittsburgh, Pa. Fifth Avenue High School Glee Club 119203 Ferguson is a keen student of Anatomy. He also warbles timefully with the Glee- Club. Dental School is but a. pastime to Fergie. Men may live and men may moan, but I sing on forever. EDGAR O. GINN, A E A McKeesport, Pa. McKeesport High School Manager 1922 Owl for Dental School Our manager. A hard working, con- scientious man who believes in doing well or not at all. We predict great success for you, Edgar. ' JACOBE B. GRAHAME, A 2 A Donora, Pa. Donora High School Pumas Club That Djer-Kiss Jake! True ove again, eh Jake? "Fish" can also talk in the sign, or deaf and dumb language. This is a great advantage, es- pecially in assembly. Let him live tg be a hundred, we need him on the earth. No. He has nothing to do with the Larkin Co. Ask him about the trunk business. BENJAMIN GREENBERGER, Aliquippa, Pa. Woodlawn High School Honest, I met the swellest Jane on the train, breezes in Benny every morning. Benny plays good football for the Aliquippa Indians. He promises to learn Row to dance every-time someone tries to sell him a ticket for a swell hop. What make col- lor is that Phil? 1922 ' ' We OWL MAURICE R. GREENE, Pittsburgh, Pa. Schenley High School State College "Toby," a lad who sees and has the courage of his convictions. "Toby" is at- tentative and when called upon speaks with out resistancy to use peculiar English. He is accommodating and a skillful worker whose smile draws attraction. He is a Junior member of the firm Nydes, Schwartz 62 Co. WILLIAM A. GREGORY, "BILL" II' S2 0 A K Pittsburgh, Pa. South High School President of Junior Dental Class: Band Cllg Band Leader C2-333 Hi-Kockey Bill, the South Side kid, besides being leader of the best band in U. S. is using his talent in a new field, that of being a leader of the social butterflies. RAYMOND D. GRISSINGER, "DUTCH" A 2 A McConnellsburg High School: Conway Hall, Penn State College Here he is fellows, the Master Mechanic Give Griss a pair of pliers and a piece of tin and he can make anything from a sew- ing machine to a new suit. A jolly fellow, fine student and a true man. An indus- trious man, everything that the name im- plies. ALVIN R. HARPER, A 2 A Coraopolis, Pa. Coraopolis High School Carnegie Institute of Technology Band C1920-213 Alvin's favorite recreation is to moan on his saxaphone. The band could not well dispense with this young man. He takes dentistry very seriously. Neverthe- less he will make it a go. Won't you Alvin? HENRY H. HEEFNER, E ll' :IJ Waynesboro, Pa. Waynesboro High School Harry claims that Waynesboro is a. good deal like Pittsburgh except in size. But of course the folks here don't retire so early. He claims that movies are responsible for keeping the home town folks out-somc- times as late as 9:00 o'clock. FRED FRIEDEL HETNER, A X P A 2 A Greensburg, Pa. Greensburg High School Allegheny College Behold the studious one? If nature did not demand sleep and refreshment, Fred would work twenty-six hours of the day. One of our best bets. McConnellsburg, Pa. .-. M193 2 Tw WL HARRY HOFFER, Winnipeg, Canada St. Johns Technical High Red hails from Canada. He tried to in- troduce Canadian Dentistry in Pitt, but the Dean couldn't see it that way. Red is a luminary in the Infirmary, for if he isn't working there he's loafing there. THOMAS J. HOOP, New Salem, Pa. Uniontown High School Tom-Has knowledge bumps, under his hat. One was placed there sort of acci- dently, all happened one morning down on the Campus. Some say it was an aerial bomb others insist that it was a mace-- What do you say, Tom? VINCENT M. HUPF, A 2 A Johnstown, Pa. .Johnstown High School Villanover College , Vince thoroughly believes in a day off and plenty of recreation. However, this is not always true for 'he is a worker, steady and competent. Knows all about the use of the stomach pump. At one time he was inclined to taking up plumbing and chick- ken Raising. LOUIS E. ITSCOITZ, 2 A M 0 A N McKeesport, Pa. McKeesport High School Cap and Gown Lou. is a coming Al Jolson. Girls have you heard this good looker sing? His laugh resounding throughout the Infirmary and basement Laboratory sure stamps him as a little boy with lots of pep, fun and am- bition. Yes, he loafs with Lasday and Ekker. , ANNA E. JAMIESON. Pittsburgh, Pa. Allegheny High School University of Pittsburgh Class Secretary 1920 Ann's pleasing disposition runs hand in hand with her envious scholarship.. A sweet voice with fluent words the happy possession of a goodly maiden ready to work, serve and assist. ABE J. KAUFMAN Pittsburgh, Pa. Schenley High School Judging from his intense application, "Damy" appears to be cut out for a Dentist. He is a steady plodder who knows just where to find and get assistance. He likes to sleep but he doesn't show it in class, do you Spieler? Say Bud, where did you get that stuff. 1922 77m OWL WILLIAM D. KENNEDY, A 2. A Butler, Pa. Butler High School. Make room for Bill, boys. His smile is always present and even though he hails from Butler, we forgive him for he has other lovable characteristics. EVERETT L. KIBLER, "ZEKE" 'I' Q Charleroi, Pa.. Charleroi High School Dental Class President C25 One of the most popular men at Pitt, set in his ways and also a good student. "Zeke" is liked by everyone, but strange, believes in doing most of his studying out in Squirrel Hill. IRWIN ALLAN LASDAY, 2 A M O A N Pittsburgh, Pa. Munhall High School University of Pennsylvania Interfraternity Conference Representa- tiveg Cap and Gown: Mgr. Fraternity Basket Ball Teamg Assn't Owl Editor. "Las" is a sociable chap, neat, tall and well defined. We admit that a professional air suits his personality. He resembles Wallace Reid only he wears glasses. Is it any wonder that he is a terror among the fair ones? Las, is a Loyal son of Pitt but a frequent caller at Tech. You know why. FREDA LA VICTORIA, Jeannette, Pa. Jeannette High School If Freda misses 011 a quiz she makes such eyes that the Doctor's say yes any- how. Freda is also small and makes up for it through her beguiling ways. She wanted to experience laughing gas. How did it feel, Freda. O Pud save me. WILLIAM EDWARD LAWLER, Jessup, Pa. Jessup High School University of Penna. Band William Edward, likes Pittsburgh. He claims there are more pretty glrls here t0 the square inch than there are in Phily to the cubic mile. NATHAN LEVINE. Pittsburgh, Pa. Fifth Avenue High School Student Senate A "Nuck", is a silent chap, but oh my! Everyone likes Nate, even Charles Seyton. He covers his work well and we are told he assists ably at home. A consistent devotee of the fair sex. Did you see that patient, the girl in black? .1922 e OWL JOSEPH LEVY, Pittsburgh, Pa. Schenley High School Quiet, yet he has the dope all right. A good steady worker, bright in quiz, leaves the women alone, and what else is to be desired? He sure will make a good Dentist. Let's hear the "Wylie Blues." C. J. LORDOW, Homestead, Pa. Homestead High School We expected President Harding to place C. J. in his Cabinet, as Secretary of Labor. When it comes to work, Lordow is there with bells on. JOSEPH A. LUTZ, 111 Q Bridgeville, Pa. Bridgeville High School Newman Club A good and steady worker, one who is bound to make good. ARTHUR J. LYMAN, A E A Johnstown, Pa. Johnstown High School Pumas Club Art can do many things, among these: is the chewing of natural leaf. Worry is an unknown quantity to Art and troubles. rest as lightly on his mind as the freckles on his nose. A lion with the women but a. good worker and student. If all had his disposition, life would be pleasant indeed Here's to you Art! J. PAUL MANON, "CHUBBY" 111 Q Charleroi, Pa. Charleroi High School Interfraternity Basketball You must know Chubby to appreciate him, many envy him for his future. LOUIS MARKOWITZ, A Q Crafton, Pa. McKees Rocks High 'School Football, Cap and Gown Markey can surely roll those traps, He has a lot of accomplishments besides being the best drummer in school. He plays football, pool, the Victrola and very seldom the ladies. What's the matter, Lou- bashful? Markey is either working or eating, for he is always busy. 1922 fine OWL J. DONALD MATHEWSON, "MATTY" II' Sl Windber, Pa. Windber High School Interfraternity Basketball "Matty" the boy from Windber, he spends most of his time at Camp Hamilton, during football training. He is also a very good student and liked by everyone. RALPH G. MERRIMAN, "MERRIE" A E A Kane, Pa. Kane High School Athletic Councilg Fraternity Basketball: Pumas Club. "Ya, aye bane a Swede." The whole world'may stand up and proclaim, "There's a man." What a surprise, married and a Ralph Jr. He is not only a clean cut fellow through and through, noted for his good humor and joyousness. His success is as- sumed as all the world loves a' True Man. Ink, and oven-volcanitized Plates a special- ty. Success, Merrie." HOLMES T. MILLER, "IRENE" Irwin, Pa. Norwin High School Irwin, Pa.--The home ol' Holmes and Jersey Corn Flakes. Visits Greensburg usually on Wednesday and Sundays. It has been suggested that Holmes has a sweetie in the county seat. Time will tell, but Holmes won't. WILLIAM DURBIN MOFFITT, "DURB" YP Q fb A 9 Pittsburgh, Pa. Brownsville High School Bellefonte Academy Pumas Club "Durb" has two places of interest. Den- tal School and the most important, a "gray" house in the Homewood district. STANLEY D. MORROW, "STAN" 111 Q Pittsburgh, Pa. Allegheny Prep. School "Stan" is one of the regular lads and many, due to his quietness will have the misfortune of not meeting him, WILLIAM R. MYERS, "BILL" 111 Q Pittsburgh, Pa. Peabody High School Very quiet indeed, an unassuming chap with not much to'say. Turns his energy into hard work in the various lobs. 1922 e OWL GEORGE A. McBETH, "PUNK" A E A McDonald, Pa. McDonald High School Varsity Baseball C2015 Freshman Fool.- ballg Fraternity Basketball ' Besides being an athlete, Mac is also a some student. He has an affinity for work, women and "Mail Pouch". All the luck in the world to you, Mac. ROBERT D. McCLAIN, "BOB" III Q Mt. Union, Pa. Gettysburg Academy "Bob's" ability is not possessed by every- one. His future is very clearly spelled by his efforts. WAYNE L. McG1NLEY, "MAC" A 2, A Waynesboro, Pa. Waynesboro High Schoolg Gettysburg Academyg Gettysburg College. The tall dignified gentleman with the military stride. Mac realized that Pitt was the real dental school and forsake Penn for Pitt's finishing touches. IRVIN W. MCQUONE, "MAC" A E A Brockwayville, Pa. Brockwayville High School Newman Club The woman hater. Mac claims that women are the root of all evil but we seri- ously doubt his assertions along this line. How about it, Mac? ROBERT B. NEFF, "BOB" A E A Johnstown, Pa. Johnstown High School Band . ' The kewpie of our class. "Bob" shakes a mean wrist on the ivories. We are told that he is a parlor hound of no mean abili- ty. Nuf Ced, Bob. FELIX S. NOROAKOWSKI, Pittsburgh, Pa. South High School Felix symbolizes just what the Latin in- dicates, happiness. Present at all times, he appears like a social worker, ready to give a lifting hand. He never hesitates to encourage, always brightening with hope. 1922 Tre OWL FRED C. PETERS, "PETE" ll! Q Jersey City, N. J. Dickinson High School University of Pennsylvania Interfraternity Basketball The expression on his face will immedi- ately tell you all of Fred. He is a regular fellow and loved by every one. We wish you luck. JOHN PROCYK, Greensburg, Pa. Greensburg High School In spite of the fact that John is a former country is now a question of dispute, he has forgotten all that and devoted his en- tire energy and time to thinking about Dentistry. A sincere, conscientious stu- dent, amusing and respected. John is as- sured a place in his profession. . WALTER G. ROTH, "YOCK" A 2 A Altoona, Altoona High School Walter says he has two ambitions. To become a. dentist or to become a first-class comedian. He is on a fair way to realize both. One of our very best workers. We wish you luck, Yock. WILLIAM J. STONE, A E A Beaver Falls, Pa. Beaver Falls High School h Quiet and unobtrusive. In this man we are reminded that still water runs deep. If hard work and agressiveness brings suc- cess, "Rock" is destined to be numbered among' those successful. JOHN F. TAYLOR, "JACK" Munhall, Pa. Munhall High School Jack, one of those small fellows who goes big with the ladies. Gets along nicely with Freda and swings a wicked micro- scope. insists that Munhall is in the United States. LEWIS H. URLING, WI! Q Beaver. Pa. Allegheny High School Penn State University Urling, having passed through the careers of a successful poultry fancier, then of a leading po1itician,.has chosen Dentistry as his next step. We all wish him as much success with his patients as he had with his "chickens" 1922 e OWL HOWARD A. WARD, Ph. G. YP Q Pittsburgh, Pa. Duquesne University Pharmacy C1533 Junior Prom C1473 Ass't Owl Editor C215 A true politician indeed, a Ward in every city. They tell us that the atmosphere of a -Ward prompted him to study pharm- acy and to bridge into dentistry to gain crowns. Merry and sedate always ready to work and prepared to assist. Going in town, Joe? LLOYD E. WEIGHTMAN, "BABE" A E A Greensburg, Pa. - ' Greensburg High School The shimmie shaker par excellence. Look him over girls, for he has a Haines and presents a bouquet of flowers to every customer. Nuf Ced, Babe. DWIGHT' B. WICKS, "HANK" XI' Q Johnstown, Pa. Johnstown High School For Hank, we have only to say, "Men resemble the gods in nothing so much as in doing good to their fellow creatures." SAUL YORK, Pittsburgh, Pa. Schenley High School If Stumpy isn't pulling teeth, he is pull- ing wise cracks. Whether you want to or not you must laugh at his funny faces and witticisms. His latest is: "Pulman false teeth," uppers and lowers. Stumpy wants to work but he can't find work. PAUL B. ZIMMERMAN, "I-lUMP" KP Q Johnstown, Pa. Johnstown High School They say that in order to be a good Dentist, one must have a good line. This man's future is made. 1922 77m OWL Svrhnnl nf Hharmarg illllauagrr :mb Ehitur Grnrgr E. Tillimm Assistant flllnuagrru aah iihituru 3. Arlingtnn Olnlhrru mth ifmrug E. Zinlyumm 1922 1 77m OWL XVILLIAM D. ANNAN Newburg, W. Va. Newburg High School ..Bm,,- Preston county's leading citizen, by Heck! Another example that W. Va. turns out good men. VICTOR AVERBACH A A X Munhall, Pa. Muuhall High School Victor Averbach, known to his fellow students as "Vic" and is the smiling "pro- tein" of the Alpha Delta Chi frat, and hails from the Munhall High School. OLIVER S. AYRES K ll' McKeesport, Pa. McKeesport High School The class thinks Oliver will make an efficient pharmacistg as he has completed a. special course in mopology. RALPH J. BARTH McKeesport, Pa. 4 McKeesport High School Ralph is a noted woman hater-espe- cially in their presence-and has many times expressed his regrets that there are only seven nights a week. He has the best wishes of us all MILDRED A. BAUER A K E Pittsburgh, Pa. Schenley High School Quiet and neat, pretty and sweet A nicer lassie you'll never meet. Good humor in abundance has she. A cute little giggle most care-free. EDWIN H. BLAYNEY fb A X Cameron, W. Va. Cameron High School "Owl Stat?" "Bugs" a better name we could not give to you. But you are there we will admit. 1922 77144 OWL DAVID H. BLACK IIS A X Ninevah, Pa. Ninevah High School Duke. He promenades the Bluff and ls dubbed Duke by the N. B. Co. best. HARRY BLUESTONE A A X Pittsburgh, Pa. Duquesne High School Harry is the little old man who always comes with a smiling face. He doesn't ap- pear strong for the women, but you can't always sometimes tell. EVA BONN A K Z Pittsburgh, Pa. Schenley High School "Bundy" Eva is quiet and reserved to most members of the class but to those who know her best, she is a. true friend, always full of fun. HERBERT C. BRIDGES K 111 Washington, Pa. 'Washington High School Yes,"Buckingham's Whisker Dye" is his favorite as it gives both hairs in his mus- tache the proper shade. Oh! Lookee! CHARLES BROWN A A X Pittsburgh, Pa. Schenley High School He passes:-! A Hash of gold from his hair A whirlwind of Laughter A harbinger of Joy Brown! Just what you said Doctor. C. H. BUNT KD A X Braddock, Pa. Braddock High School "Mildred" Bunny shows his dimples as Old John Bunny of the movies. Quite a favorite among the ladies. 1922 Y7w OWL JOHN LEROY CAMPBELL Mononington, Pa. Elizabeth High School "Hump." Sleep on! Sleep on! The bell ringeth not. EUGENE L. CAMPBELL Elizabeth, Pa. Elizabeth High School Camel is his name 'tis true, And Camel Cigarettes he smokes too. Although he has no bump on his back He is always as dry as you. PAUL D. CARSON 111 A X Washington, Pa, Washington High, Pittsburgh Academy "Punk," He says he is a bachelor: but now he's falling fast. Hold tight Punk. ALFRED G. CLARK CID A X Connellsville, Pa. Connellsville High School "Clarke" the woman's man and our jazz dancer. IRA BURDETTE COLDREN K W and E ll Uniontown, Pa. Uniontown High School President of the class of 1922. "Beanie" is a capable leader. A splen- did scholar and a genuine friend. East End is his hobby and we'll say it's some "hobby" at that. JOHN ARLINGTON COLDREN K ll' Uniontown, Pa. Uniontown High School Arlington is one of the foremost musi- cians in the Fraternityg he never needs to practice and we all wonder whether he really does play. 1922- 77m OWL MORRIS A. COPE CD A X Steubenville, Ohio. Steubenville High School "Pep" Hail! the married man from Steubenville. Pep has a. personality that one cares to have. A friend of all. MARY S. CORE A K E Burgettstown, Pa. Union High School "Susie" tall and stately as a queen is she, She is just as happy as she can be She is as pretty as she is happy. And for the fellows, makes life snappy. MELOIR W. CRISWELL 112 A X ,Windber, Pa. Windber High School "Done." You are trying to play the part of a. Mysterious Man, but as for the ladies-we have your number. JAMES HANDLEY CUPPS Pittsburgh, Pa. Schenley High School Here we have Jimmie of High Esteem A studious chap is he. He's even joined the Pharmacy team. , To win a medal or three. JACOB L. COHEN A A X Pittsburgh, Pa. Fifth Avenue High School Cohen and his smile are inseparable. We wonder whether it is a gift or an af- diction. HERMAN C. DECKER K W. Pittsburgh, Pa. Union High School , There seems to be something resting on Herman's mind outside of his studlesg and the fellows are just wondering. 1922 We OWL JOHN ALEXANDER DIXON fb A X Kittanning, Pa. Rural Valley High School "Dixie Kid" He's a much better mixer of fancy drinks than anything. Mischief maker. JOHN DONOVAN Erie, Pa. Central High School The successor of Donovan's lob. Fine specimen of the True Lovers of .link Free- dom. GEORGE E. ELLISON K ll' Pittsburgh, Pa. Townvllle High, Edinboro Normal, Grove City College Business Manager a11d Editor of the "Owl." "Doe" mighty factor in putting the - "Owl" acrossg in College of Pharmacy, and puts the same old vim into everything. CHESTER E. FLEMING Altoona, Pa. Alto6na High School "Chic." The "He Vamp." The bigger 5 they are, the harder they fall. Oh! Mary. ADEL TRAMANTIN A K PI Dravosburg, Pa. Van Hees High School There are greater things in the world than talking, is Adeline's motto. She is very quiet, but her sweet man- ner makes her a lovable member of our class. JACK FRISHMAN Pittsburgh, Pa. Central High School Class Vice-President Shy of statureg No lack of brawn This young man takes hearts into pawn. Fast on the floor, faster on the lawn Girls-well I swan! 1922 77m OWL RUTH S. GARDNER A K 21 Slippery Rock, Pa. "Skinny" the pretty little girl with the wonderful eyes. She attracts the fellows as a rnagnate attracts a needle. JOHN S. GLASS 111 A X Cheter, W. Va. Chester High School "Jack" W. Va. Q. A. representative. The mountaineers will be fond of you some day Jack, stick to it. ABE H. GLINN A A X Pittsburgh, Pa. Fifth Avenue High School "Jimmy"--one of the bright lights in Chem. Lab. He tries to talk to four girls at a time. An authority on diatrems. JOSEPH A. GRIMALDI Tampa, Fla. Hillsboro High School "Grim" the boy from the Sunny South. The reputation of our school must have some foundation. , KARL GUSTAFSON K ll' Pittsburgh, Pa. Kane High School "GusU-Quiet but persistent. The type of man good for the future of his chosen work. CATHERINE HARMAN Pittsburgh, Pa. Fifth Avenue High School Catherine is very quiet, very bright. She is also very studious which is shown in her work by her excellent marks. 1922 1 e OWL JOHN HERK Donora, Pa. Donora High School One of the "pill-rollers" and a "coming" light in Pharmacy f?J LOUIS HIXENBAUGH 111 A X Belle Vernon, Pa. Monessen High School "Hixey" has been captivated by "Ma- dame Fati1na." "It's better to smoke here than hereafter." D. W. JAMS Pittsburgh, Pa. Rogersville High School Brushton is his bona-fide residence but he usually feels at home any place, pro- viding the right person is there. WELLER C. IRWIN 111 A X East Liverpool, Ohio. East Liverpool High School "Cupid"-this good natured little fel- low comes to us from the "Buckeye" state. He is well liked by his fellow students. CAROL JOHNSON Irwin, Pa. Norwin High School "Dutch" is a quiet rather good looking chap, who is quoted as saying that,he likes 'em all, but just the same give him a Blonde. LEROY JOHNSON 'IJ A X Pitcairn, Pa. Herst High School Assistant Business Mgr. and Editor. Jack. As for a collector you would make a good one. But stick to it Jack. You will get there yet. 1922 Tw OWL CARL KISTNER McKeesport, Pa. McKeesport High, Pittsburgh Academy. "Dutch" he boasts of always getting everything he wants and has started after an education but his chief trouble is that he is always reaching for the moon. FLORENCE KLINE A K E Avalon, Pa. Schenley High School "Floss" one might think her quiet, One might think her blue. But when you get to know her- You will like her as we do. HELEN MARIE KRUGH A K E Pittsburgh, Pa. South Hills High School STANLEY J. KUJAWA Curvensville, Pa. Curvensville High School An "Owl" Booster who hails from Cur- vensville High. Much success is due our pal with his hearty laugh and genial character. GEORGE LAWRENCE K ll' Grove City, Pa. Grove City High School A good man with the women, But tough luck old boy, You're married. JOHN N. LEWIS K ll' Washington, Pa. Washington High School "John is a very prompt student at schoolg you will always find him first in the school cafeteria." 1922 771e OWL CLEMENT MALONE Sewickley, Pa. Duquesne University, Carnegie Tech and pleasing to the eye,-eh, girls? LUCILE MARTIN Pittsburgh, Pa. CLARENCE MYERS Pittsburgh, Pa. FLOYD V. MILLER West Elizabeth, Pa. West Elizabeth High School We are depending on Floyd to put West Elizabeth on the map. LEON MOSCOVITZ Glassport, Pa. Glassport High School "Mose" is the baby of the class. Smalll and even trying to shave his smooth face V And he expects to graduate. Before his whiskers reach his kneesj JAMES B. MURTLAND CD A X Dawson, Pa. Connellsville High School "Jeems" and army veteran. Woman hater, I guess not. His is a family of Pharmacists. 1922 We think he's Irish what do you say- 77m OWL WILLIAM McCORMICK K llf Pittsburgh, Pa. Allenwood and Milton His father is a binder and books he binds, - He himself is a Pharmacist and his own business he minds. So betwixt and between They are shoemakers. D. G. OBERMEIER Pittsburgh, Pa. J. C. OCH Pittsburgh, Pa. WILLIAM PARTMAN Canton, Ohio. Canton High School "Wop', a promising young man from Canton. Lover of the fair sex. Destiny -married druggist in a country town. G CLAYTON RAFFEHSPERGER Altoona, Pa. Altoona High School "Red" the Altoona wonder. We won- der -if his temper is like the color of his hair. RAY TALMADGE Pittsburgh, Pa. 1922 Tae OWL' EMANUEL ROSENTHAL A A X Pittsburgh, Pa.. Central High School "The Inimitable Patsie" or "Ta,-Ta," an ardent follower of "Bare to Hair." Oh for a few more strands on his domicile. CHARLES SHAFFER K ll' McKeesport Pa. , Latrobe High School Football, Basketball, Track "Tillie" "Dancehound" we didn't know him long enough to find out all his habits. THOMAS G. SENNETT Woodlawn, Pa. Woodlawn High School "Mack"-we've heard of you before Mack but next time you come around please do not forget your Bathing Beauties. CHARLES SIDEHAMMER Mt. Pleasant, Pa. East Huntington High School Seemingly shy at first, girls-but after you know him-and a reg'lar good fellow. EARL EDWARD SPEECHER Johnstown, Pa. Johnstown High School From Johnstown, boys! Nuf Ced! Clear the track and let 'er wide open! SAMUEL O. STILLY K WI' Brentwood, Pa. Brentwood High School "Sam" Pa Perkin's double. 1922 Wie OWL DONALD RAUGHT 111 A X Woodlawn, Pa. Woodlawn High School ' Executive Committee C35 "Don" a second Pederewski, he can jalzz "Home Sweet Home." A good mixer, likable student. CHARLES D. THOMPSON K 11' Leechburg, Pa. Leechburg High School "Heavy"-of the au-burn locks and as sweet as a lamb. CLARENCE K. WALKER K YI' McKeespo1't, Pa. McKeesport High School There is only one apology necessary for Clarence and that is he sleeps with his mouth open in school. CARL WIRTS CD A X Pittsburgh, Pa. Allegheny High, Pittsburgh Academy "Tubby"-the son of a doctor? Yes. How about a R! Carl? If he intends to become a. druggist, I believe an uudertaker would become a necessity in his town. GEORGE H. WOLFF Pittsburgh, Pa. Allegheny High School Dick of Allegheny. Leader of a famous North Side gang. FREDERICK H. WOODS K ll' Sharpsville, Pa.. Sharpsville High School Frederick's photograph will reveal his frail physique: he has acute dropsy of the eyelids. 1922 YMO JOHN CROSSETT, JR. Kittanning, Pa. K. H. S., Belfonte, Kisk, Culver. " and Ready" G-r-1'-r. lylll a f his time kidding 1. "Old Rough lion. Spends most o Mary. More power to you -10111 L RAYMOND N. KIEFER Charleroi, Pa. Pittsburgh Academy ' st man is he can be t the shove An ealne As earnest a man But tell him the one abou I-le wouldn't be earnest any more. JOHN W. MYERS lb A X Wasliiugton, Pa. Washington High School 'liable fellow. Always there ' ient Chemist. LOUIS GIEQUELAIS Pittsburgh, Pa. Scheuley High School "Rexal1" representative. . "Ambitious" See Giequelais for infor- ,IA quleg 1' X mation! He should make one of Pitts- ll 1611 nee ed' A11 'mc burgh's most successful Pharmacists. - SCOTT MCCAY EDGAR Hain. qi A X PittSbursl1,.l?21. Streator, Illinois, Schenley High School Bentleywood High School His motto better late than never. He "Hall" Streator, Illinois' only represen- surely sticks to it by coming to school tative.' Do the ladies like you Edgar? after nine o'clock. I wonder where he Dont lie. goes at night, that always makes him late JOSEPH B. RONEZKA Pittsburgh, Pa. South High School "Red" gets away with most anything. Just now it's his fussing and his studies f?l ixlxlllll nfrfflw I W 0' 'x S 2 E - A E E P -la :. 5 fiwfln nw We 5 E rgtzmthimpx. S 2 WWHIW S' 4 Wir-will' st X: t f ,mm'uw r if 'E vo, . 5 ,Q A W, M .1 . II 'imma Z iii ' ' , , F W"!'l!lf..ff5Q5 1922 114 77m OWL HERMAN J. BADGER A 22 A School of Dentistry , Butler, Pa. Q Butler High School l Herman says little but we take it for granted that he knows a lot. Herman can tell you anything about anything if you only ask him. How about the cow-bell., ' Herman? HERBERT S. DONAGHY A X E School Chemistry Rennerdale, Pa. Carnegie High School Student Chemical Society 117 123 Q35 "The Rabbi." Can't you see his Sem- itic features? Herb's boast is that no one around school knows when or how often he has a date. L. C. GICQUELAIS, School of Pharmacy Pittsburgh, Penna. EDGAR HALL, School of Pharmacy Pittsburgh, Penna. JOE T. KAROBAZ, K 'I' Pittsburgh, Pa. Chicago Prep Schoolg Duquesne Univer- sityg Jefferson Medical College Jack became very popular in his fresh- man year, by stalking up against the Pitts- burgh Policeg mounted, motor and common cops. Knocked off three before subdued. Editors Note--The individual photographs printed above and on the following page were received too ate for proper classification, 1922 77m OWL JOHN PRIESTES ID P E Junior Med. Dunlo, Pa. South Fork High School Owl Manager 1919-19213 R. C. S. "Cover that street car check! ! ! Would that we all could rush natures fair damsels as John does. Past Master to the Club. ALEXANDER ROSENBAUM Evening School Economics Pittsburgh, Pa. Schenley High School E. S. A. g Alex is our spectacled genius. He is a very studious young fellow and has accom- plished a great deal in the short time he has been away from high school and short trousers. MYER H. SPARKS School Economics Pittsburgh, Pa. Schenley High School Football C15 He lives up to his name, and makes the "sparks" fly. GERTRUDE E. TEUFEL K A The College Bellevue, Pa. Bellevue High School Newman Club, W. S. G. A. Gertrude has the unusual ability to talk and take lecture notes at the same time. She spends most of her time worrying about other peoples troubles. JOSEPH K. WAMPLER, "DIZZY" 111 Q School of Dentistry Boswell, Pa. Randolph-Macon Prep. Joe, don't let old age stop you, for "sil- lence is bliss" and where there is a will there is a way. 1922 K EN-IORf XTW7 77144 GWL 11112 Sveninr Gllanz G. HERBERT MCCRACKEN, PRESIDENT Gbilirrrn President .......... ..... . ..... . . . . .G. Herbert McCracken Vice-President ..... ......... . ........ J ohn .W. McMillan Secl-etary-T1-easul-91 ..... R. Kenneth MCCll1'dy 1922 117 5561 3.1 ..-.-QQ, , ag- ..-. -z.-,.. ..-,,..,.Y-...- , THE CLASS OF 1921 .iw Tue OWL ASS OF 1923 CABINE 1922 77m OWL Uhr Srnphnmnre Olahinri The Cabinet of the class of 1923 was selected last November by the President of the class, G. Dixon Shrum. It was felt that the six hundred and fifty-seven members of the class could not be assembled readily and that a smaller group of advisers. with committees on social affairs, publicity, and inter-class relations, could be summoned to discuss questions of class and University importance. The Cabinet was composed of the class officers, the oflicers of the girls' organization, the presi- dents of each school organization, and a number of other members of the class who have taken prominent part in activities. With the activities of the Sophomore Class centered in this body a program was outlined. To begin with a class platform embodying the policies of the class on inter-class relations, especially the freshman policy, on social events, dues, member- ship, and meetings, and also containing the ideals-of University spirit and loyalty held up by the class, was drawn up by the Cabinet, and later unanimously adopted by the Class. This platform is the working basis for all class activities. The Cabinet meets twice a month and has discussed many matters relative not only to the class but also to the University welfare and has put into concrete form a number of resolutions which, after approval by the class, we1'e sent to the Senate, the Faculty or proper body. The Cabinet is not an imaginary, abstract, or honorary organization, but a functioning body. The membership of the Cabinet follows: President .............................. G. Dixon Shrum Vice-President ..... .. Michael Hartnett Secretary-Treasurer .. John C. Ankeny Girls' President ...... .. Dorothy Stewart Girls' Vice-President. , . . . . Anna Fineman Girls' Secretary .... .. .. Elizabeth Askin Girls' Treasurer ...... .................. E leanor Webster Hazel Hipple Charles Foster, Jr. NVil1ian1 Hartman Jean Capehart Mary Zeigler Harbaugh Miller George I. Carson Florence Montgomery Wayland S. Bowser H. Russell Stahlman Allen Wikoff Thomas Holleran Louis Fushan Floyd Shanner Francis Ketchum Robert Young E. Weimer Gilliland Stanley Van Ripper 1922 5561 H l , . cf THE CLASS OF 1923 We OWL x 1 lllfllhhm QW 5 46 ll lixbwf ' Q W4 wmwpgnlfrn :fr V I .wi ,ww """"""""W0- -I 4 Q ZA . S .X 4. A rsxr, aff S 25:25 2 5 H c Cs Lf-X,-Y - Kilig fini: 5 'f "'414HM1nmnnwW 1 M., i '34 1922 99 ...- .- .. A - , An I 77m OWL Uhr Elhvahman Gilman 3111 Hilemnrimn millimu A. lkhnhg, 1Urwihrnt. l!Dftirrrn t .,,,,, ........ .... W 1 lliam A. R s 1 V P Sideut ,, .... 4 . . .. amue S g S t V-Treasure .... Frank Flel g 1922 illll 5561 , . THE CLASS OF 1924 Tae OWL 'QOQ .mu 3 KITTY CALLAHAN, Queen af the 1922 Owl" 1922 1.5 2 We OWL f Wx 1922 X We OWL ff f ff iff ffflf ffl 1922 Tw OWL 1922' Tw OWL W raierniiies H , if : -1- ,m...f:Lr:L. - ch 110.3 . -A in '. S k 4 ' i-fig , PAVE HEIMLIQHAW Efratvrnitiw sinh Svnrnritivu Ehitrh hg Mina Milla 19111111 Burning 1 9 2 2 Raymond Foss Bacon, Master Alchemist ...... Vice Master Alchemist .. Recorder .. .......,. . . Treasurer ........... Master of Ceremonies .. Reporter . . ........ .. Carlton W, Croco .. . Herbert S. Donaghy .. Edward C. Emanuel .. Erwin W. Felkel Hen1'y S. Frank . . . Frederic T. Jung Charles G. King ..,. William T. Nichols Royce J. Noble .... Paul 0. Powers .. . Gebhard Stegeman . . William E. Stericher . . Willard J. Sutton Robert S. Zimmers Harold M. Brenner ..... E. Weimar Gilliland William H. Smyers Roland H. Prengle Di 5771.2 OWL Alpha Qlhi Sigma fbmrga Qllmptrr HONORARY MEMBER I . . 'ector ot Mellon Institu Ohicers ACTIVE MEMISPIIRS Pledges 1922 te of Industrial Research. R. S. Zimmers .. W. J. Sutton .. . H. S. Frank .. G. Stegeman C. G. King .. E. W. Felkel Graduate Student Chemistry, '22 .. Chemistry, '22 .. Chemist1'y, '22 .. Chemistry, '22 Graduate Student Graduate Student Chemistry, '22 Graduate Student Graduate Student .. . Member of Faculty .. Mellon Institute Graduate Student .. Engineering, '21 Chemistry, '23 Chemistry, '23 Chemistry, '23 . . . Chemistry, '23 130 "' We OWL ALPHA CHI SIGMA 1 9 2 2 IOS. F. Kelley C. H. Fraley C. H, Fleming John H. Mars F. X. McCullough 77m OWL Alpha Evita Epuilnn .l... - 1921 1922 W. Angus - D. R Kovar C. Grifiith D. J. Luty W. Jacobs G. F. Murphy Kelley J. WV Robertson I. Walbeck C. H Short R. Knapp J. H. Mars 1023 Anthony V. V. Groonles M. Barclay L. L. Hughes F. Berent J. J. McMahon W. Connell J. I. Martin T. Craig R. E. Peters H. Fleming R. Robbins H. Fraley E. P. Schutz R. Freebles R. L. 'Wilson Plellges H. Bell '22 Geo. M. Sisler '24 J. Carr '23 Aubrey Scott '24 W. Gifford '23 Glenn Wood '24 Robert Baer '22 H. A. Marshall '24 1922 132 .. . President Vice-President .. . Secretary . . Treasurer C. M. Sanner Y7ze OWL ALPHA DELTA EPSILON 1 9 2 2 77144 OWL Alpha Kappa Nui Brita Qlhaptrr Founded at New York University, October 21, 1904. 11-li Officers President .. Vice-President . . Secretary ..... Treasurer ... ..... ....... Honorawy Members Joseph Royer Conrad Wm. J. Provost J. Norman Wilson .. Roy F. Buchman C. Edward Mool John Thom 1-loldsworth, Ph.D. Albert Bayard Wright, A.M. Favculty Members Aubrey Leonard Ashby, A.B., L.L.B., J.D. William W. Colledge, C.P.A. Fnank Huston Eckels Ira Graessle Flocken, A.M., C.P.A. John Thom Holdsworth, Ph.D. James Orion MacLean, C.P.A. MEMBERS George L. Arnold William H. Ashford Fred E. Harl-an Thomas Harry, Jr. Alibrey L. Ashby, A.B., LL.B., J.D. George S. Barr James H. Barr Ray E. Barth John L. Bingham Harry J. Brown Pearson B. Brown Richard G. Blotter Roy F. Buchman Denton Borger 'l'. W. Chapman J. Glenn Cassel Wm. W. Colledge, C.P.A. L. P. Collins M. C. Conick David S. Cooper James L. Cox Thos. J. Cook Joseph R. Conrad Karl E. Davis Frank H. Eckels Charles A. Fischer G. M. Fischer Ira G. Flocken, A.M., C.P.A. Henry C. Foster S. W. Gibbs Edward C. Hamstrom H, R. Hammer 134 Thomas E. Harvey F. Deane Hayes William G. Hunt Frank A. Hegner Byron E. Hepler J. T. Holdsworth, Ph.D. C. Arthur F. James Carl Kohl , Clarence C. Kurt Wilbert F. King A. C. Lucas W. Wallace Martin Leslie E. Martlew Robert W. Matthews John K. Matthews W. A. Munson C. Edward Mool James O. MacLean, C.P.A. Robert J. MacLean C. Edward M001 W. P. McArdle L. A. McKee Harry E. Meese Wallace McCune Artley Newell Harry A. Noah C. YV. Orwig Clarence C. Plarfet J. F. Petgen Charles F. Powell 1922 Victor T. Reed, C.P.A. Charles Cyrus Sheppard, C.P.A. Douglas G. Sisterson, C.P.A. Norman K. Sclialler, B.S., in E. J. E. Wilson Albert Bayard Wright, A.M. Charles Peterson Harry S. Philson Edward M. Powell William J. Provost Victor T. Reed, C.P.A. Edwin L. Resler George W. Rooney J. Harry Reynolds John W. Robinson F. A. Rohrmann, J1'. Albert H. Schietinger Edward D. Seltz Charles C. Sheppard, C.P.A. Robert P. Simons W111. J. Simpson L. J. Smith Randolph Smith D. G. Sisterson, C.P.A. N. K. Schaller, B.S. in E Russell F. Sullivan Ralph L. Spence Wm. C. Toler J. Paul Troy Ernest, J. Wlagner Harry W. Watkins John Watt C. D. Wettach William H. Weis E. L. Whitfield J. Norman Wilson J. E. Wilson Albert B, Wright, A.M. Tue OWL ALPHA KAPPA PSI 1 9 2 2 Chancellor ...,. Vice-Chancellor . . . Scribe ......... Queister ........ Financial Scribe .. Editor .......... Deputy Chancellor .. A. Wise, D.D.S. H. E. Fetters, D.D.S. B. Alndur, D.D.S. S. Grinberg, D.D.S. A. J. Hyde, D.D.S. R. Kaplan, D.D.S. H. Kopsofsky, D.D.S. 77m OWL Alpha Gbmrga Officers ALUMNI M EM BERS L. Landay, D.D.S. A, Levendorf, D.D.S. I. Levy, D.D.S. S. Lichter, D.D.S. 1-I. Myers, D.D.S. N. A. Neff, D.D.S. VV111. Oleon, D.D.S. ACTH' lfl M l1lMl5l+lRS Harry Saul D. L. Ekker J. E. Freyman C. B. Gordon .. . .. A. J. Kaufman C. J. Passack H, E. Fetters, D.D.S. S. Ostrosky, D.D.S. D. Pitler, D.D.S. B. Schechter, D.D.S. L. Schonfield, D.D.S. H. Schwartz, D.D.S. M. Shirlner, D.D.S. Joel Sissman, D.D.S. 1921. B. Breman L. Fineman J. E. Freyman A. E. Herskowitz 1922 D. L. Ekker L. Markowitz 1923 A. L. Finegold Chas. Goldstein J. N. Hauhas C. B. Gordon E. Kopsofsky Harry Saul H. H. Sternberg A. J. Kaufman C. J. Passack S. Sacks l. H. Stein Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity was founded at the University of Pennsylvania in 1907. It is designed to be conhned to schools of dentistry, and is one of the largest of its kind. There a1'e fifteen chapters, located at the various Universities and Colleges throughout the United States. Oluicron Chapter was established at the University of Pittsburgh in Februa1'y, 1921. 136 1922 77m OWL 1922 Tae OWL Alpha Elysian Gnu Officers President ...... ........ . .. S. F. Wilmoth Vice-President .. ..... A. Kohler T1'easu1'e1' .... J, A, Civilett S0C1'ei1i1l'Y .. H. W. Wehe BIEMIYICRS C. Sanford R. M. Weaver E. E. Wandry G. K. Shannon J. S. Schewe W. H. Geist A. W. Fiddlelnan J. Durkin D. A. Brose C. W. Scott C. G. Castilon D. Satterlield S. J. Smith J. G. Duran A. M. Joseph H. A. Brown Honorary Members Dean, A. B. Wright Prof., F. H. Eckles J. R. Conrad, Attorney-at-Law 8 1922 77m OWL ALPHA THETA TAU 1922 77m OWL Brita Sigma Brita 5 . J. F. Biddle, D. D. S. Robert Zugsmith, D. D. C. O. Booth, D. D. S. XV. H. WVright, D. D. S. A. C. Young, D. D. S. G. A. Wright, D. D. S. W. 0. Dunn, D. D. S. C. 0. Bischoff, D. D. S. E. E. Eskey, D. D. S. W. E. Eskey, D. D. S. E. F. Baker R. C, Merriman H. J. Badger R. D. Crissinger W. G. Roth V. M. Hupf A. J. Lyman F. A. Hetner C. E, Esselman R. C. Pollitt H. B. Nellis R. G. Engle O. Z. Beatty D. V. McNulty R. A. Yourd C. Bachman W. A. Knoer A. R. Davies N. E. Harsch R. C. Estep J. L. F. A. C. T. XV. S. J. E. T. D. Baker Zuver Kerr Hanna Bovarcl Williams igma Qlhzwtrr Faculty Members C. W S. C. H. A. B. H. J. T. M. E. H. C. R. A. L. A. M. G. M. 1921 C. S. E. D. J. W. M. A. Bagley 1922 A. V. Harper H. J. Ferguson J. B. Grahame H. W. Edwards J. T. Bowser R. N. Neff E. E. Hale E. O. Ginn 1923 P. A. Heasley J. L. Lehner A. R. Bowers W E. Harsch U. P. Turner R. A. Davidson H. M. Unangst R. L. Detar F. A. Hicks R. F. V. Fichthom Pledges A. A. Kistler G. A. Hunger F. L. Curran 140 1922 . Hogan, D. D. S. Muth, D. D. S. Bartlett, D. D. S. Sedwick, D. D. S. Taylor, D. D. S. Moore, D. D. S. Garman, D. D. S. Finley, D. D. S. Martin, D. D. S Kiner, D. D. S. M. Markell N. Bleakley D. Kinsey L. Black J. Koehler M. Barrett Wm. Stone W. N. McGinley G. A. Macbeth L. E. Weightman J. D. Dure H. B. Wilson' I. VV. McQuone XV. B. Kennedy J. H. Spear J. A. Malcolm V. E. Fehr D. L. Patterson H. R. Rhodes S. J. Braun D. C. Leddon G. E. XVolfe B. M. Meats V. A. 'Westin R. N. Blenselmeir 77w OWL IDIGIIITA SIGMA DIGIATA I Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity was founded at the University of Michigan on M-.irch 5, 1883 by Louis M. James, Charles W. Hood, Louis J. Mitchell, Clarence J. Hand, and E. T. Kern. It was the first of its kind in this field and it was designed to be coniined to school's of Dentistry. It is the oldest National Dental Fraternity. There are twenty-seven chapters, located at various Universities and Colleges throughout the United States. The combined membership being not less than eight thousand. Sigma Chapter was established at the University ol' Pittsburgh in February 1903. The present active membership is sixty-six and a large auxiliary chapter of the Pittsburgh district. The chapter is located at their own home on Oakland Avenue. A 1922 77m OWL Evita Sigma ight OFFICERS President ...... . . . ...... . . . . Vice-President . . . Secretary ..... Treasurer . . . . ...... .......... . .. .. FACULTY MEMBERS Victor Bennett, A. M. B. S. A C'l"l Y E M EM BER S 1921 Paul C. Ross Eng. E, P. Denigan Eng. F. P. Eckert Mines 1922 J. I. Walbeck Eng. John McLean Dent. H. L. Frost Dent. 1923 Ernest Murphy Eng. Howard Zeigler Ec. Joseph Brent Ec. .A Joseph Bereinay Law 1 924 J. Paul Finley Ec. Geo. Anderson Pre. Med. J. L. Humphreys Pre. Med. Jack Walton Mines UN CLA SSIFIED L. W. Kelly PLEDGES H. E. Fredette Ee. 24 H. M. Moss Ec, 24 1922 R. K. McCurdy . . . . .Howard Zeigler W. Kelly G. Ross R. K. McCurdy Eng. W. E. McCurdy Eng E. E. Roth Oil and Gas L. W. Fletcher Eng. John J. McCague Med Maurice Gibson Ec. Raymond Etzel Ec. Wm. Laird Mines H. C. Larsen Ec, E. G. Peirce Mines John E. Clarke Ee. Paul Oakes Ec. 24 John Craig Eng 23 77m OWL DELTA SIGMA PHI 1 9 2 2 77m OWL Evita Eau Iilelia Gamma Sigma Glhaptrr Founded at Bethany College, February 1859. Established at Western University of Pennsylvania in 1870 as Beta Prime and re-established under its present name, in 1914. Oliic-ers President ..... ....... . .. R. E. Donnelly Vice-President . . G. H. McCracken Secretary ..... R. W. Daubenspeck Treasurer .... .. . .... H. O. Goodman lf'rutrcs in l"alc'1lltut0 Dr. H. Friesell Dr. S. B. Linhart Dr. F. N. Thorpe J. W. Weber W. Boyle R. F. Edgar J. L. Stauft 1921 R. L. Carl H. S. Helt R. E Donnelly G. H. McCracken C. W Green W. M. Patterson A. B. Howe J. L. Stauft 1922 K. H. Dame C. J. Mulert R. U. Dame S. B. Nicholson R. W. Daubenspeck C. W. Smith George Foster J. K. Taylor H. O. Goodman J. N. Troxell W. C. Gourley N. C. Norton D. P. Lindsay 1928 F. M. Simpson Geo. Wittmer R. M. Simpson J. W. Crandall H. W. Vincent R. W. Drew X F. I. Miller 192-l W. S. Angove S. M. Houston J. South Pledges A. T. Boren J. A. Fisher John Bigler R. D. McKinnis R. C. Eaton John MCCZIIIICY R. F. Evans P. G. Youngk 144 1922 iI7w OWL DELTA TAU DELTA 1922 Dean ....., Vice-Dean . . Tribune ...... Tw OWL Brita Uheia lgi Manny Giihuuu Bennie-llniurruitg uf ilrunagluuuiu CFounded 1900-Now 45 Chaptersj Master of Rolls .... Clerk of Exchequer . . Master of Ritual . . . Balllff . . ..... ,. Officers Faculty G. J. Thompson E. W. Marshall .. J. G. Schwartz . . . . S. W. Pringle .. J. B. Nicklas, Jr., .. . .. C. R. Billings .. . D. N. Denman .. . H. V, Cottaln .. C. A. Armstrong Members N. K. Brooks, '22 C W. Martin, '22 H. R. Coffey, '22 David McDonald, '22 H. M. Cribbs, '22 D. P. McQuarrie, '22 J. A. Gavot, '22 J. D. Mclntyre, '21 Harold McCamey, '22 Paul R. Reed, '22 Clarence Seel, '23 Pledges Ralph Dame, '23 14 1922 1 1 97144 OWL DELTA THETA PI 1922 J. A. Koch. Ph. D., Sc. D. ' F. A. Rhodes. M, D, L. Saalbach, Pharm. D. We OWL Kappa Hai Founded in 1879 iii:-ta Kappa Olliaptrr Established at the University of Pittsburgh 1913 FACULTY MEMBERS F. T. Aschman, Ph. B., Ph A. F. Judd, Pharm. D. arm. D. L. K. Darbaker, Pharm D. R. T. Bouch H. G. Smail J. F. Nutt , ,, .L. K. Darbaker W. B. Porter F. J. Blumenschein, Pharm, D. H. S. Kossler, Pharm. D. E. C. Reif, Pharm. D. , 0lf'FlCl+lRS Regent ..... .... , , , , Vice-Regent ,,... Secretary . . . . .. . Treasurer . . . Historian . . . . Chaplain .. ....... ............. . ... 148 ACTIVE MEMBERS 1021 .I. H. Burnett P. R. Bennett H. G. Burnap . G. Carr E. R. Dockrey P. I. Griggs C T J. F. Barrett R. T. Bouch A. B, Campbel L. W. Curtis J. Cierbolini A. E. Guskea . C. Hare C. H. Harrouu NV. H. Highfield W. J. Hug T. Jancla. Jr. R. M. Mahla A. C, Muir J. F. Nutt F. Passalacua W. B. Porter T. T. Ray F. C. Shirer H. G. Srnail 0. S. Ayers R. J. Blake 1922 C. M. Reeves XV. L. Sloan C. J. Smith E. D. Barton I. B. Coldren w. H. Highfield J. A. Coldren G. E, Ellison K. S. Freebing K. J. Harkins, .l r. J. N. Lewis, Jr. H. C. Decker E. H. Englehart E. Gustafson G. W. Lawrence W. E. McCormick G Raffenspergel O10 FP? "U2ED 4 af? Ft Sea? 1:31 N WCW mPF3O U2 293 QE: Siam U7'S'4 U 2 v-J 1922 Tw OWL 1922 'Tw OWL Kappa Sigzuu fbmnnuu-Gbnwga tllhaptrr The Kappa Sigma fraternity was founded at the University of Virginia on December 10, 1869, by George M. Arnold, Frank C. Nicodemus, John C. Boyd, Edmund L. Rogers, Jr. and William G. McCormick. The fraternity has eighty-seven active chapters and forty-two alumni chap- ters, every state in the Union, being represented. Among the best known Kappa Sigmas are: William G. McAdoo, Admirals De Witt Coffman and Cary T. Grayson. The charter was granted to the local Sigma Kappa Pi fraternity Oct. 30, 19203 after petitioning two years, and the installation took place on Nov. 1.9, 1920. The present home is 4633 Center Ave. Oillcers G. M.-C. E. Munn G. S.-J. H. Elder, Jr. G. P.-H. S. Lyon G. T.-A. J. Graham G. M. C.-T. A. Thornton MEMBERS 1921 Robert G. Eckhardt Theodore S. Mandeville John H. Elder, Jr. Charles E. Munn Almon J. Graham Frank J. Shea Sturgis F. Kelley Thomas A. Thornton 102.2 Daniel H. Bell Joseph E.- Heckel Ralph N. Burns Hamilton S. Lyon Asbury S. Edmunds Francis X. McCulloch Byron S. Fruit Hugh D. McMurray James W. Muir 1923 George I. Carson Michael J. Hartnett John W. Clark August R. Rylander John W. Clawson Walter L. Ryman Leland W. Cook Glenn D. Stephenson Charles H. Fleming Robert A. Young Edward P. George l'lcdg'es George Curry Dale Millet' Harry Leese William Moorhead Raymond Little Jack Reed Albert Ludebuehl Thomas Shaw James Martin T. Fred Slasor Facility Bl0lllbt'l'S Dr. F. J. Tyson G. M. P. Baird '1922 77m OWL 1922 77m OWL iliamhha Qlhi Alpha Gamma lipnilnn Zrtu FACULTY ADYISORS Prof. Montfort Jones Prof. Gustave L. Schramm Oilicers President ...... ....... . .. Ralph N. Parkhill Vice-President . . . . . . Charles R. Williams Reginald M. Williams Harold M. Barclay Secretary .... . . Treasurer . . .................. . . AC'l'1l'l1l Ml1lMIllflliS 1512! James C. Anton, Ec. I Howard N. Campbell, Ee. Robert A. Dickson, Eve. Ec. , Louis Du ssere, Col. Cyril J. Kiser, Col. William G. Barton, Ec. Robert M. Carson, Col. Charles D. Cyphers, EC. Earl M. Keim, Ec. S. Willard Hilton, Col. C. M. Sanner, CLaw '24J Clarence W. Seel, fLaw '24J Charles C. Kammerer, Col. Daniel R. Kovar, Col. Charles R. Williams, Ec. Reginald M. Williams, Ec. John C. Anderson, Eng. Harold M. Barclay, Ee. Herbert R. Beers, Eve. Ee. Leonard J. Crandall, Eng. Theodore S. Daniels, Ee. Thomas J. Elias, Ec. Lester B. Ferguson, Ec. William C. Fithian, Ec. Charles H. Fraley, Ec. John V. Leech, Pre. Med. John D. Fulton, Ee. Charles L. Garson, Jr., Ec. William J. Hitchens, Jr., Ec John L. Hoke. Ec. 1922 Clarence W. Lewellyn, Ec. Henry Magarrall, Chem. Ralph N. Parkhill, Ec. Anson M. Smith, Ec. Frank R. Smith, Ec. Joseph T Stone, Ec. John W. Taylor, Col. Harold B. Treester, Ec. Howard E. Workley, Ee. S. McClure Gardner, Pre. Med. Lester B. Lear, Dent. John K. Thamm, Dent. F. Marshall Williams, Col. Norman E. Wynn, Ec. 77m OWL LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 1922 77m OWL lllhi Evita Qllgi mu Qllgaptrr 1 9 2 2 77m OWL 1922 77m OWL 1311i Bella Elyria Otlicers President .. ....... W. Kaye Estep Secretary .. .. Lindsay M Nevin Treasurer . . G. Hzuold Moore Fzlculty Members Dean J. C. Fetterinan, Col. C. S. Miller, Director of Athletics Dean Meller, Mines. L. W. Mclntyre, School ol Engineeung Dr, Harold G. Kuehner, Medicine, AUTITIY lil M IGM HIGHS 192l John M. Daniels C. J. Eisaman W. Kaye Estep 1922 George T. Bartley J. Loomis Christian George M. Curry E. Ralph Daniels Herbert A. Stein 1923 Chas. XV. Bowser Wayland S. Bowser Arthur W. Couch Donald D. Couch Pledges Chas. V. Baum Ralph C. Bennett Willard W. DeGraw Edwin R. Freas Chas. M. Kllllg6llSl11it1l Chas. M. Milliken. 156 1922 Maxwell E. Hannuin Carl G. Kichum Harold J. Yates Louis Dressler Ward McMasters G. Harold Moore Erson V. Ogg C, Harbaugh Miller Randolph M. Monteitli Lindsay M. Nevin H. Russell Stahllllall James F. McNaul, Jr. Harry M. Reed Marshall F. Rey John Richelson, Jr. William A. Rhody R. G. Robbins 77m OWL PHI DELTA THETA 1922 77144 OWL iihi C5anmm Brita Ei Sigma Qlhaptrr Founded May 1, 1848 at Washington Academy, Canonsburf, P1 Local chapter founded February 3, 1917. Oillcers President . . . . . . . . Secretary ........., Recording Secretary .. House Manager .. . L. D Ixlinestner Steward ....... . . .... . B F Robinson Faculty Members S. B. McCormick, D.D., L.L.D., Chancellor Emeritus J. F. L. Raschen, A.M., Litt.D. M. R. Clare, A.B. A. B. Wallgren, M.D. R. A. McCrady, B.S., L.L.B. AUTIYIG M ICM BIGRS 1921 Harry Daugherty R. A. Gougler J. XV. Inglefleld 1922 A. W. Scholield M. NV. G. Hilelnan W. M. Townsend Charles Reed J. J. Hay L. I. Klinestiver 1923 W. Smyers, Jr. F. W. Williams A. H. Wikoff J. C. Ankeny J. W. Symonds E. R. Nickel F. E, Byers F. C. McDevitt John Ridinger 1924 J. T. Whitworth 1922 B. F. Robinson J. O. Nelson A. W. Thompson F. M. Ewing T. J. Davies C. XV. Ridinger, Jr H. J. Harman D. F. Randolph NV. H. Zeder P. A. Small G. D. Shrunl T. C. McKee T. W. Stevenson W. B. Gumbert C. E. Craig P. O. Burggraff W. P. Walker Paul Steele Jay L. Reed e OWL PHI GAMMA DELTA William Robusch Ira Hill l'l01lg0s .Tohn W, Heintzlenmn Ed Slnyers John Carr Robert Braun Paul Lewis 1 9 2 2 Allen P. C. Chas. G. A. John I. ill w 1' Detweilel' Newbaker NVil1f,8I'bllI'l1 Creswell Newsome ence Burley 159 6 OWL ight Elin Sigma Chi Chapter installed-March 12, 1908. Oilivers President ..... ....... . . J. Thomas Allison Vice-President .. .... .. Samuel Rounds Secretary ..... .. George E. McKenzie Treasurer ...... .. Frank T. Edwards Senior Warden . . . .......... . . . . Faculty Members Samuel Black McCormick, D.D., LL.D. Chas. H. Henninger, M.D. E. M. Frost, M.D. Wm. C. White, M.D., M.D. N. P Davis, M.D. J. C. Griillth, M.D. A. B. Wallgren, M.D. Brown Fulton, B.S., M.D. .. John J. McC'uthy S. R. Haythorne, M.D. H. D. Pollock, B.S., M.D H. H. H. N. Permar, B.S., M D Malone, B.S., M.D A. H. Colwell, B.S., M.D L. J. Frey, B.S., M.D. A. F. Judd, Pharm. D J. A. Kock, Pharm D. 1921 Samuel F. Rounds J. Thomas Allison Frank T. Edwards 1922 . Chester C. Houck John Priestes Joseph H. Baker John H. Trumpter George E. McKenzie Wm. A. Schmid Harold E. Simon Edward VV. Jew J. J. McCarthy 1923 Wayne T. McVitty NValter H. Deer John J. Borgman Wm. H. Clark Louis E, Prickman Michael J. Maury 1924 John E. Weigel Alfred A. Pachel Norman A. Hartman Mearl R. Leslie See E. McCartney Louis Dressler Paul A. Murray 1 1922 Raymond G. Schmid D. Paul Greenlee Boyd Goehring James Lee Paul Kist Robert J. Hodgson Tw OWL 1922 77m OWL 1511i Kappa Hui lkiitt Qlluh Members in lFnculty Reginald H. Johnson, A.M. .................... . .... Univeisity of Iowa Louis K. Manley, Ph.D. ....... ......... . .. .. Washington Sc Jeffeison Maxwell Ferguson, A.B., A.M., LL.B., J.D. ......... Columbm Officers President .......... . ...... ......... D onald O Neil Vice-President ....... .. Paul Neuenschwandei Secretary 62 Treasurer . . .......... ....... J ohn O Fitch MEMBERS Kenneth B. Yost James R. Wylie John M. Mumaw Randall B. Luke Paul C. Kress Frank C. Beaumont Samuel B. Ross Arthur S. Hurrell Harold R. Camp James Weigle O. B. Wendeln T. Donahue Cha 162 1922 Lafayette Dartmouth Allegheny Ohio Wesleyan Lafayette Washington SL Lee Penn State Syracuse Allegheny Bucknell Purdue Dickson 77m GWL PHI KAPPA PSI PITT CLUB 1 9 2 2 9ZeCJVVL. liui Qbmrga Iliratrrnitg Nu Cllhapter 1921 OFFICERS Grand Master .. ..... . ...... W Horner Secretary ...... . . E J Stevens Junior Master .... .. E L Kibler Treasurer ..... ...... . .... . .. M A Kornara MEMBERS J. H. Arber W. A. Ainsworth J. H. Beck H. A. Benshoff 1. R. Burbridge C. R. Davis J. J. Foley R. A. Gougler P. A. Healey W. W. Horner R. E. Irish H. P. Johnston M. A. Komara O. A. Kratzert G. N. Latimer L. L. Lathrop J. S. McClure John McCrory D. R. McMonigle S. M. F. Morgart R. E. Prigg S. C. Stahlrnan E. J. Stevens C. J. Smith D. M. Adams A. J. Brickley R. L. Crumpton 'V. S. Fagye W. A. Gregory F. J. Kibler J. A. Lutz L. P. Manon L. D. Matherson W. D. Moffitt S. D. Morrow L. H. Urling F. R. Seidel J. K. Wampler W. C. Harmony J. S. Oartel P. C. Bowman G. R. Chain H. J. Campbell J. L. Cook W. F. Cowan T. A. Eshelman F H C. J. A L. F G C. . M. Ewing . Ernie H. Girt S. Garbet M. Gross L. Greer G. Haugh F. Harrington P. Herring M L. Harrigan T V. Holleran J. K. Irwin W. G. Johnston R J. Luke T. L. McGovern C. P. McDonald F. C. McDivitt C Morgan .T L. Norris W. R. Prickman J. M. Pearce W. H. Rumbel F. L. Shaner C. S. Storer A. J. Twarry W. P. Walker John Devlin W. J. Aitken R. D. McClain D, B. Wicks P. B. Zimmerman 1922 16 7ZeCjVVL Q , . f ' ! , ,, -11 9 gay, 544- 3E'W ' " Q 3539 ilsjjegg g ' 'ggi s Y ?1x ' rg iWNw M. Qu f93i ? 9 wow Q3 4" f iian X 335rvi3' 1922 Y7ne OWL Sfigma Alpha Epailnn Founded March 9, 1856 at University of Alabama. Installed in Pitt 1913 .ili- Officers Lute Hornlckle-E. A. Holgar Johnson-E. C. Howard Haines-E. D. A. Roy Fleck-E. R. I Howard Krick-E. T. l"l'lltGl' in Fucultate Steele Gow .................... Financial Sec. University William Thomas Lute Hornickle Alfred Eyssell Joseph Fuher Roy Fleck Ivan Fiscus Howard V. Krick Clifford Murdock James McKean John Acklin Edward Freed Richard Holbrook Eric Johnson John D. Marshall Harold F. Lotham William Whitaker Ross Acklin Robert Garvin Henry Butterfield Gilbert Barber 16 1 921 1 022 1 923 Lloyd Jordan 1922 Howard Haines John McMillan Willis Patton William Potter -John Pollock Holgar Johnson Lawrence Thompson John Sweet Grant Wainwright Frank Murdock Corsey Stratiff Howard Wilson Orville Hewitt Francis Swisher Frank Flemming Douglas Yonge Seward Armstrong Paul Helmboldt George Osler Edwin Keagy 77m OWL GMA ALPHA EPSILO 1922 Th OWL Sigma Qlhi Esta Uhrta Chapter Faculty Chancellor John Gabbert Bowman, A.B. Dean A. B., Wright S. B., School of Economics Dr. John Bain Sutherland, School of Dentistry Prof. Joseph S. Lambie C. E., School of Engineering 1921 J. F. Regis Toomey Donald E. Walker 1922 John G. Arnold John J. Liggett, III Guy F. Batchelor, Jr. Ralph C. Schlegel Gerald H. Brady Robert E. Withers, Jr. Raymond R. YVilliamson 1923 Louis N. Billings Joseph H. Bingaman Harry N. Bostwick John I. Clemens William Gartrell Curtis 192-1 Robert S. Ballard Exall English ' Albert Flether Grlfllths lVilliam L. Ross Haines, Jr. 1922 Lewis P. Fawcett, Jr. C. Chauncey Mellor Charles Campbell Rutledge Ralph D. Schmertz John R. YValkinshaw Thomas W. Martin Harry N. Matthews, Jr. James H. Siedle Charles A. lVilliams 9ZeC5VVL 1922 President ........ Nice-President Secretary-Treasurer ..... Corresponding Secretar 77m OWL Sigma Chumnm iipailnn Faculty Members Dean, H. B. Mellor Prof. H. C. Ray Prof. E. G. Hill Honorary Members Dr. M. E. Wadsworth, Dean Emeritus, School of Mines R. H. Johnson S. L. Goodale R. E. Somers A. R. Hamilton L. G. Huntley J. G. Trees H. L. Leighton Floyd Rose Graduate School Historian . . . ....... . .. E. E. Goth G. S. Dunlap A. W. Smith Oliicers ..H.R.Upha1n ...F.E.Eckert B. F. Robinson y .. .. P. Neunschwander .....A.B.Howe 1921 B, F. Robinson W. P. Patterson F. E. Eckert J. L. Stauft H. R. Uphani P. E. Weise A. B. Howe Carl Wichuin A. G. Graham L. R. Brown J. O. Nelson J. R. Moone 1922 C. O. Kingsbury J. R. Wylie P. Neunschwander J. U McFadden J. Troxall 170 1922 GMA GAMMA EPSIL We OWL 1922 O President Secretary Steward 77m OWL Gfheta Glhi Alpha Beta Cnhapter Installed May 24, 1919. J. Cannon J. Finerty I. ASl'lll1ElIl Hamilton L. Henry Murdock L. Auchmuty E. Becktel W. Bowen Lewis H. Miller Harper Hetherington A. Busch S. Christy E. Duerr 1. Dower V. Funk Officers 1921 1922 1 923 Pledges 1923 1 92-L 1922 172 .. Stanley V. Van Riper C. W. Merritt P. H. Young R. Neish J. D. Patton D. M. Reynolds W. L. Shutts R. M. Mitchell H. E. Reisgen S. V. Van Riper L. G. Wilhelm F. Lindsey L. Brush W. G. Scott C. Greer E. Hankey G. Lynch W, T. Pyle A. E. K. Thomas Herbert Reisgeu .. C. L. Henry 77m OWL T1-IETA 6:1-II , ,U 1922 Tw OWL Glheta Brita Hai Officers President ...... . ...... .... I-I enry W. Angus Vice-President .. .... Charles R. Foster Treasurer .. Theodore A. Crandall Secretary . ....... .......... ....... R o y W. Jacobs ACTIVE MICMBERS 1922 Robert Bair Henry W. Angus John H. Mars Robert E. West Roy W. Jacobs 1923 George H. Cole W. Fred Hartman Harold E. Pyle Theodore A. Crandall S. Merle Heasley Austin W. Rice Hal C. Dilworth Wallace N. Hood Charles R. Rice Chas. R. Foster Francis B. Ketchum Donald E. Robbins Thomas V. Freeble Charles F. Lewis Wendall P. Watts Roy W. Gifford W. Harold Perkins Veldon V. Groomes Reginald E. Peters Theta Delta Psi was organized at the University of Pittsburgh December 6, 1920 and oflicially recognized by the University authorities February 2, 1921. The chapter house is located at 446 Ainberson Ave. The active members are interested in various school activities. Among these are: Lewis, Freshman Foot- ball: Foster and C. M. Rice, Debating Team: Angus and Ketchum, Student Senate: Jacobs, Angus and Ketchum, Owl Board. 1922 174 77m GWL THETA DELTA PSI 1922 President ......., Vice-President ...., Secretary-Treasurer .. A. Lemon Arnold W. Harvey Allen, Jr. XVilliam C. Arthur C. VV. Albright Clifford Barbour Dr. J. L. Boots John R. B. Byers Ray Baldridge George M. P. Baird Louis Broido Dr. Clifford Carlson Blaine C. Curry Allen K. Collingwood Ralph N. Clicquennoi Karl E. Davis George H. Davis Louis Dussere Robert G. Eckhardt Dr. H. E. Friesell George K. Fry S. D. Flinn Frank Finley William Foster Ian F. Forbes 176 77m OWL Cbmirrnn Brita Kappa Gamma Qlirrle me -. X I Q... . ,... ...- Mi Members W. Cullen Gourley A. W. Grotefend J. Steele Gow Harry Gow Robert E. Grove Edwin B. George Kenneth M. Gould William Gregory Harvey Harman Max Hannum C. E. Hastings J. P. Herron John L. High E. B. Hurrell Dr. A. S. Haines Howard C. Kidd George Kecthum Carlton G. Ketchum William J. Lytle Al. Paul Lefton Edward H. Langdon Edward I. Lovitz Richard A. Love Benjamin Levant 1922 .. John J. O'Connor ...... J. B. Nicklas .. Dan T. R. Dickson Gerald Morrow A. Parkin Miller Frank B. Maxneld Norman MacLeod John J. McLean Herbert McCracken William B. Paul J. Gilbert Quick Joseph A. Richardson Harold Robinson Clyde E. Rowe Dr. J. Dolph Stark, Dr. John B. Sutherland Dr, J. Lorenz Scott Frank J. Shea T. Lee Trimble John A. Thompson Dr. Francis N. Thorpe William J. Thomas J. F. Regis Toomey Robert H. Wettach J. Russell Willison A. B. Wright Earl Weigel 77m OWL 3312111 QEEIIUUIEI 914311111 Q 1 ,1 . 1 Q51 Honorary Members Chancellol John Gabbert Bowman Chancellor Emeritus, S. B. McCo1m1ck Dr. J. T. Holdsworth Dean A. B. Wright Montlord Jones P. D. Converse Secletaly Treasurer . . William G. Lytle, Jr. Edgar S. Hassler George T. Selby Harold F. Burnworth William W. Booth - Clive L. Wright J. Ray Baldridge Jacob D. Golding Benjamin Jacobson Stanley H. Malone William A. Helman Max E. Hannum John B. Nicklas W. J. Thomas Faculty Members Olficers MEMBERS 1 9 2 2 Gustav L. Scliramm Chas. Reitell Howard C. Kidd .. J. B Nlcklas J1 .. William J Thomas Roland A. McPherson Harry C. Gow, Jr. Jacob B. Held E. L. Davidson G. Herbert McCracken John S. Boyd Herman C. Fresinger Wm. H. Eckert Roy W. Jacobs Lawrence I. Klinestiver Reuben Korn Daniel Kovar D. W. K. Peacock Chas H. Short Tue OWL. Delta Sigma iillpn Founded April 13, 1906 at Chicago. Established at University of Pittsburgh, Nov. 20, 1920 X '-K. ' f-. ' .ffy 81 , If x -. yr'-. ' if .lf ...f V . nh" .f . X hz," I A X. -1 I Gamma Pi Sigma was organized at the University of Pittsburgh, May 1919 by members of that year's debating team for the purpose of giving recognition to stu- dents who were leaders in forensic work by means of an honorary fraternity. At the beginning of the next school year, the society petitioned Delta Sigma Rho, the national honorary forensic fraternity with the result that a charter was granted. The national president, Stanley B. Houck of Minneapolis, Minnesota, installed the chapter personally at the Pittsburgh Athletic Association. The following men were taken in as charter members. John B. Nicklas, Jr. S. B. Ross William C. Arthur J. B. Held J. G. Quick Paul R. Reed Herman Friesinger Walter N. Kirsch Emanuel Fried G. D. Schrum Allen B. Swiss H. R. Stahlman Officers President ............ ......... H erman Friesinger, Economics '21 Secretary 8: Treasurer .. .... John B. Nicklas Jr., Law '22 1922 9ZeCJVVL 3 ff? I 1922 77m OWL Alpha Brita Bi Faculty Adviser Mrs. Montfort O. Jones Honorary Member Mrs. C. K. Lyons 1021. Helen Snyder Anna McElheny 1922 Sara Meadows Mary Hutchison Katherine Shauwecker 1923 Olga Hultgren Alma. Klein Alice Reed Margaret Bollen Helen John Pledges Claire McKay Jean Weigel Elsie Hewitt Estelle White Alberta Sexauer Louise Porter Mabel Neillson 1 1922 iI7w OWL aw OW ALPHA DELTA PI 1 9 2 2 9ZeCJVVlk Alpha lipailnn lihi Nu chapter, of Alpha Epsilon Phi fraternity, was installed at the University of Pittsburgh, May 5, 1920, with 15 charter members. Alpha Epsilon Phi was founded at Barnard College, New York, October 24, 1910. It now has 15 chap- ters, located in the leading universities and colleges of the country. Nu chapter has at present 16 active members and 7 pledges. Othcers Dean . . . Scribe ..... Chancellor . . Reporter ........ Honorary Member .. . Faculty Advisor . . . ...... . . . . Alumnae Dora Breskin 1921 Helen Levy 1922 Libbie Lieberman Ellen Rubenstein Bess Shapiro 1923 Rebecca Goldfarb Gertrude Freidlander Fannie Sherlner Bertha Wolf Pledges Kathleen Brauman Jean Freidlander Harriet Heller Sophis Lurrie 582 1922 ...... Helen Levy .. Rebecca Goldfarb Jennie Sniderman . . Gertrude Freidlander ........ Mrs. Enoch Rauh .. Mrs. Alexander Silverman Anna Laufe Jennie Sniderman, Rose Shapiro Edith Lazarus Molly Davidson fLawJ Ruth Levy Madeline Hirsch Anderson Dreyfoos Anna Hebe Robins Rothman . Steinman Irma Leah Bess Tw OWL ALPHA EPSILON PHI 1922 President ...... Vice-President .. Secretary ..... Treasurer .. Dorothy Paulin Hazel Keffer Peden Daisy Marie Piper Helen Frost Dice Helen Donaldson Katherine Meek Elizabeth McSwigan Lillian McBride O'Brien Clare McGonnell O'Hagan Alpha Burkhart Dr. Agnes Burnes Ferguson Helen Hunt Gladys Kidd Lucille Lewis Edith Matthews Louise Moye Alica Musser Myra McBride Scheffter Eleanor Balph Isabel Balph Sara Bonnet Honorary Member .. Ethehyn Brown Gertrude Coffman Anna Dodds Lena Ebeling Rose Fine 184 77m OWL Alpha ifmmhha Nu Officers ALUMNI Minnie Buckley Helen Burckhalter Louise Callan Ruth Brown Crawford Janet MacDonald Flynn Brenda Wright Frye Lulu C. Glaser Ruth Harrison Cecile Hartz Frances Howe Auleene Marley Jamison Mary Johnson Mary Sanner Grace Vohr Smith Eleanor Spangler Florence Miller Willison Mary Aiken Genevieve Gaskell Baker Claudia Chambers Marian Clark Ruth Fleming ACTIVE MEMBERS .. Rhoda V. Koenig . . . . Ethlyn Brown . . . . . . Anna Dodds . . Elizabeth ,Matthews Margaret J eannero Adelaide Klein Lillian Lawler Margaret McClenahan Marie McSwigan Catherine Nau Laura Riley Mary Scanlon Pauline Scanlon Harriet Smith Sue Waddell Minnie Wehmeier Meta Ebeling Laura Fruchs Grace Gilson Anna Klingensmith Priscilla Porter Marjory Stewart Mary Stokes Mary Thompson .. Dr. Marion Shepard Elizabeth Jones Louise Kennedy Rhoda Koenig Elizabeth ,Matthews Helen Schmucker 1922 s Tue OWL ALPHA LAMBDA NU Alpha Lambda Nu, a woman's activities fraternity, was organized Commence- ment week, 1916, by seniors and juniors who believed that the work an under- graduate does in activities at the University is worthy of recognition and that by such recognition girls would be encouraged to engage in activities and to take a leading part in school affairs. To be eligible for membership a girl must be about to complete her junior year, have participated in activities and possess a pleasing per- sonality, maintaining high ideals of womanhood and good standing in scholarships. During 1917-18 the standard of Alpha Lambda Nu was still maintained though little was done except to increase the membership. In 1919 the scope of work forthe fraternity was widened. The work of 1920 has been to further the ideals of its founders and to bring the fraternity to the attention of the scholastic and collegiate circles. 1922 185 277m OWL Alpha 361 Bella PATRONESSES Mrs. Henry S. Scribner Mrs. 0. E. Jennings Mrs. H. J. Webster Mrs. J. K. Miller ACTIVE MEMBERS 1021 Ethlynn Arnold Helen Bartholomew Miriam Bomhard Martha Crockett Olive Cu1'ry Elizabeth Hubacher Ethel James Adelaide Jones Thelma Curry Sarah Kiskadden Helen Aults Jean Dawson Elizabeth Key Gladys McKee President ............ Vice-President ......... Corresponding Secretary .. Recording Secretary .... Treasurer . . . . . .. .... . 186 Helen Detiviler Jean Foight Edna Higbee Ethel Kuhn La Rue Patterson 1922 Lucile Martin Kay Oesterling l Alma K. Swavel Ruth E. Wallace 1923 Edith Lehan Catherine Long Ruth Walker Pledges Lydia Paige Helen Sidwell Helen Sponslor Mildred Tesh Dorothy Wuesthoff Oiilcers 1922 .. Ruth E. Wallace . . . . . Lucile Martin .. Elizabeth Hubacher .. . Adelaide Jones .. Alma K. Swavel 9ZeC5VVL ALPHA XI DELTA 1 9 2 2 We OWL Olhi Cbmrga Hhi Brin Qlhaptn- Officers President ....... ........ .... D o ris Davidson Vice-President ...... Blanche Parker Keeper of Records ...... ....... L ucille Mercer Corresponding Secretary . .. . ...... Anne H Drewes Treasurer ............ .... . . . .. M. Elizabeth Matthews MEMBERS 1921 Evelyn Bollinan Doris Davidson Charlotte Ball Anna. H. Drewes Dorothy Fink Alice Davidson Ruth Dodd 1922 1 923 Pledges Jane Ramsey, Ed, '23 Margaret Gwin, Ed. Genevieve Edwards M. Elizabeth Matthews Mildred Grunnagle Lucille Mercer Blanche Parker Frances Freese Leila Rupp Janet Johnston, Ed. '24 '24 FACULTY ADVISOR Mrs. W. G. Chambers Putronesses Mrs. A. B. Wright Mrs. McKay 1 1922. Mrs. J. A. Crane I 7' Y Q 1-9 .r f Tw OWL 1922 Y7ze' OWL Evita Evita Belts Installed April 17, 1916. 1..l.l- Oflicers , President . . ..... ....... ....... E 1 izabeth Jones Vice-President . . . . . . Katherine Rohrkaste Secretary ............. .... K atherine McKee Treasurer .............. ..... S arah Nicholls Corresponding Secretary . . . .. . Marcella Whitaker House Manager .......... ................... ........ A n na Dodds AUIIVIC MEMBERS 1921. Anna. Dodds Elizabeth Jones Katherine McKee Marcella Whitaker Sarah M. Nicholls 1922 Mary Grella Katherine Rohrkaste Wilma Binder Ruth Carlisle Francis Irwin Blanche Hodgson Manola Vero Dorothy Baskarville Dorothy Ludebuehl 1923 Helen Davies Elinor Webster Mildred Smith Mary Zeigler Mary Wilson Isabelle Gracey Dorothy Stewart Helen Merz Helena Edmonds 1924 190 Beryl Zeigler Dorothy Klingensmith Elizabeth Kenah 1922 Edna Vero Lucy Chamberlain 77m OWL DELTA DELTA DELT 1922 A im OWL Brita Mui Kappa Nu Olhaptrr Delta Psi Kappa is a national honorary and professional physical education fraternity. It was organized at the Normal College of Physical Education, Indianapolis, Ind., October 23, 1916. It consists now of thirteen chapters in the various colleges where physical education is taught. The Nu chapter was installed in June of 1920. Seniors and juniors in the physical education department are eligible to membership. ' Putroness Mrs. T. VV. Burkhalter Facility Member Miss Emma Wilder AIAUNINAE Grace Gilson Sarah Hudson Evelyn Bollman Leslie Hastings Florence Racy Ethel James Orra Kohne 192 Seniors Juniors 1922 Elizabeth Rohrkaste Caroline Welch Margaret Richards Katherine Saunders Laura Schafer Blanche Parker Manola Ve1'o We OWL DELTA PSI KAPPA 1 9 2 2 Y7:e OWL Founded-Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, October 24, ter-January 1916. President Vice-Pres Secretary ident Treasurer . . Evita Zrta Faculty Advisor Mrs. J. F. L. Raschen Patronesses Mrs. S. B. McCormick Mrs. S. B. Linhart Ethlyn Brown Louise Kennedy Elizabeth Austin Mildred Lockwood Niella Snyder Elizabeth Askin Edith Davies Gladys Hartley Jeannette Lewellyn Dorothy Clark Virginia Eaton Helen Besselnian Oilicers 1921 Mary Rush 1 922 1923 Pledges 1922 194 . . . . . . Louise Kennedy . . Catherine M. Moore . . . . . Elizabeth Askin Elizabeth Austin Sara L. Leonard Catherine Moore Eleanor Parker Mary Reid . Martha G. Wilson Susan Rush Ruth Shaw Ruth Swickey Edythe Wood Leona Reschke Margaret White Nell Welsh 1904. O111icron Chap- 77m OWL 1922 77m OWL Epzilun 1Bi Epuilnn Founded May, 1 920. Officers President ..... ......... . . Winifred R. McCaff1ey Vice-President .. .... Eleanoi Mulgiew Secretary ..... .... K athleen Kelly Treasurer . . ................. . . Adelaide C Kaplan 196 Alumnae Members Mary Brennan, A. B. Margaret D. King, A B Marie Murphy, A. B. AUTIYIG NIIGNIIQIGIRS 1921. Helen McAfee an 1922 Gladys Donahue Kathleen Kelly Anne Galore Winifred R. McCaffrey Adelaide Kaplan Cecilia Schmidt 1923 Helen Conley Eleanor Mulgrew Kathryn Matthews Pledges Lucille Behan '21 Pauline Bresnahan '21 Agnes Schmidt '21 Alice Schmitz '21 Margaret Kenny '22 Marie Kenny '22 Helen Henke '23 Kathryn McNamara '23 Kitty Callahan '24 V Put:-ons 8 l,'uti-onesses Dr. Mrs. E. A. Weiss Mr. Q Mrs. D. K. Kelly Dr. Ra Mrs, R. J. Behan Mr. 85 Mrs. G. W. Schmidt .Tallies Francis Burke 1922 77144 OWL EPSILON PI EPSILON 1922 'Tie OWL - Kappa Alpha Cihrta Alpha ibmrga Cllhaptrr Installed December 4, 1915. Oflicers President ..... ........ . . Rhoda Koenig Vice-President .. ...... Alena Hornei Secretary ..... Elinor McCo1mick Treasurer . . ...... . . . . . 1921 Lena Ebeling Rhoda Koenig Alena Horner Oliva Klingenhofer 1922 Isabelle Anderson Beatrice Koenig Irene Horner 1923 Adeline Anger Grace Love Mary Chapman Edith McLeod Hazel Hipple Elinor McCormick Olivia Koenig Pledges Agnes Allison Anne Clark Florence Dutney Elizabeth Dutney Margaret Hickson 1922 198 Elizabeth Elkins Dorothy Linhart Ethlyn Logan Annasteln Steele Viola Welsh 77:2 OWL APPA ALPHA THETA 1922 7716 OWL Ziiappn Brita X31 Gilpaptrr Kappa Delta was founded atAVirginia State Normal, October 23, 1897. Up to the present time it is comprised ol' twenty-nine active chapters, and eighteen alumnae associations, the south having the strongest chapters. . Its purpose was the formation and perpetuation of good fellowship, friendship, and sisterly love among its members, the encouragement of literature and educa- tion and the promotion of social interest. Xi Chapter of Kappa Delta was installed at the University ol' Pittsburgh. March 12, 1920, and its members are represented in' all school activities. ' Ofilcers President . . ....... . . Alice Westwood Secretary . . . . Gladys McClure Treasurer . . ..... . . Martha Griffith 1921 Marguerite Graver Elizabeth Malick Martha Griffith Alice Westwood Maud Schaub Beatrice Young 1922 Gladys McClure Margaret Riddle Gladys E. Young Marie Johnson 1923 Jual Keefer Gertrude Teuffel Mildred Gehr Frances Elder Alice Nixon Esther Cook Lucille O'Doune1l Virginia Cook Matilda Schick Faculty Adviser Miss Beatrice Young Putroness M1's. J. H. Kelly 1922 200 77m OWL 1922 77:44 OWL Kappa Kappa Gamma Gamma Epailnu Ghaptvr Installed February 22, 1919. Officers President ........ ....... L ouise Pennywitt Corresponding Secretary .. Phyllis Newland Recording Secretary .... ..... E mily Welchon Registrar ....... .... . Virginia Niemann Marshall . . . .... . . . Florence Montgomery 1921 Louise Pennywitt Mary Dunbar Helen Shaffer 1922 Willa Penn Dorning Elizabeth Keener Illula Morrison 1923 Virginia Niemann Florence Montgomery Alice Bash Phyllis Newlands Wilhelinina Eakin Pledges Alice Aston Juliet Bradford Muriel Cole Mary Merrick Helen Covalt Lenore Cooper Alice Hill Olive Wilt Phyllis Stevenson Pntroness Mrs. Ivan T. Sage Faculty Adviser Miss Catherine Foulke 1922 202 Wwe OWL APPA KAPPA GAMM 1922 77m OWL illumhha Kappa Sigma CPlmrnuncyj Honorary Members Mrs. J. H. Wividak Mrs. L. K. Darbaker Mrs. Louis Saalbach Mrs. F. J. Blnmenschein Mrs. E. Reif Mrs. K. Bwikett Miss Florence Koch Miss Helen McGinness Miss Thelma Carr Ohm-ter Members Elizabeth Hurst Margaret Fogerty Thelma Webber Esther Parsons Annabell Gardell Grace Porch Alice Heiinlich Courtnaye White Edna Jacobson Pauline Polinchuk Stella Bejenkowski Ethel Swan Virginia Frank Mrs. Belle Perkins 1919-20 Florabel Jena Wood Goldie Snyden Bess V. Swartz Mrs. Helen E. Nied Rita T1-oila Helen Nahar 1920-21, Sara McCullough Hilda Millinan Helen Bacha Mary J. Belina Frances Skillen Mrs. Edith Riveland Mary Core Helen Krugh 1921 -22 Theresa M. Gatti Smith Mrs. Ocy Craeford Johannes Genevieve M. Hines Esther Anderson Mildred Baue Florence Kline Adelaide Tromontin Huth Gardner Associate Members Vera Gamble Edythe Gwynne 1922 Mrs. Margaret Lange Jane Van Sychel Shriver 7716 OWL AMBDA KAPPA SIGM 1922 77m OWL Hhi Mu llleta Elyria Qlhaptrr Phi Mu was founded under the name of the Phi Loinathean Literary Society the lirst women secret organization in this country, at Georgia Wesleyan College, on Ma1'ch 4, 1852. It now has 33 chapters, and 15 Alumane Associations. The total xneinbership is 4,125. The local Beta Theta chapter of Phi Mu, forinerly known as Alpha Mu, was chartered September 22, 1920. Its active chapter has been well represented in all the forms of activities,-athletic, as well as scholastic and literary. ' Putronesses Miss Katherine Foulke Mrs. G. Weaver Alumnae Adviser Mrs. A. S. Hurrell Faculty Adviser Miss Susan T. Canfield ACTIVE MEMBERS 1921 Laura,Martha Schafer Lesley Boyce Hastings Katherine Meredith Saunders Lucy Renton Plummer Edith Elizabeth Schroedel Evlyn Florence Mock 1922 1 Orra Jena Kohne 1923 Marjorie M. Jones Katherine Ruth Roehn Pledges Mrytle Jane Wilson fSllllIl1OI1S College, Boston, Mass.J Mary Lamont Gibson Corrinne Ida Frauz Jean Louise Capeheart Clara Ashman Plununer I 1922 Tw OWL PHI MU 1922 e OWL Idi livin lklhi Ilrmmglnmniu Brita Clllyztptrr Installed September 19, 1918. 102l. Ethel Hamstrom -Marion Lindbom Mary Kelso Genevieve MCSWig811 Marion Kerr Elizabeth VVhitaker 1922 A Mary Miller 1923 Mary Brautigan Bertha Prichard Jean Patterson Marion Reagon Mildred Pew Betty Taylor Pledpgcs Vera HELIl1Stl'0U1 Lois Martin Katherine McFarland Ann Martin Catherine Algeo Jean Robb Katherine Muir Mary Robb Katherine Stephens l'utronessc-s Miss Edith Jones Mrs. Buckner Miss S. B. Linhart Mrs. R. R. Higgins 1922 We OWL 1922 7712 OWL lgi Emnhhzr Efhria Officers President ..... . ....... .. Anna Bowes Vice-President .,........ .............. R ose Blown Corresponding Secretary .. ........ Elizabeth Ledwidge Treasurer ............ .. Mrs. Lillian Bowes Maishall Keeper of Reco1'ds . . ............ Blanche Chai les 21 Faculty Members Dean Thyrza Alnos Katherine Foulke Susan Canfield Florence Teagarden V Emnia Wilder Mrs. C. Lobingier ACTIVE MEMBERS Rose Brown Anne Bowes Susan Caniield Blanche Charles Elnily Evans Frances Foulke Florence Franklin Laura Fruchs Henrietta Frietley Helen Hazlett Mrs. Winifred Hurrell Mrs. Esther Robb Mary Ferguson Ross 1922 Eleanor Johnson Lucy McCarty Mrs. Lillian Bowes Marshall Edith Matthews Helen Maxwell Mary McArdle Elizabeth McClure Mary Piersol Elizabeth Reid Mary Eleanor Roach Prudence Trimble Emma Wilder Charlotte Ray Tue OWL 1922 President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . . Treasurer . Margaret' Richa Mary Cook Helen Kregar 77m OWL Zeta Eau Alpha Omcers . . . . . . . . . . . Dorothy Schaub . . Margaret Richards .. . Helen Schinucker .......MaryCook 1921. rds Dorothy Scliaub Helen Schmucker 1022 Janet Duncan 1923 Elizabeth McDougal N Elizabeth Morrison Beatrice Taylor 'Jane Howard Ruth McDavid Dorothy Taylor Pledges Marion Reister Elizabeth Lewis Ann Baron 212 1922 77m OWL ZETA TAU ALPHA 1 9 2 2 Tre OWL Miriam L. Boinhard Edna Randall Higbee Catherine M. Moore Lucy R. Plllllllllel' Elizabeth Austin Adeline Barclay Guns 1921 Mary Albert Riley Helen Church Schmucker Henrietta M. Schwer Letitia M. Wilson 1922 Anna H. Drewes Mary F. Grella Kathryn Rohrkaste 1922 214 Tw OWL QUAX 1 9 2 2 77m OWL 1922 Wwe OWL 5ingiEEEfg:f:IfIiII""""'i::"i' '- . " A L" ni I Il I lllllll llllllll-l'l IIIUIIIIII . llll Illllllll-Illllllllllll 'll U I' ...' , - . if lllllunull llmmlll 'gum llllllllllllll H ""'f' - , , M 3 , If ' Hm'ij1.u gl im 5. M5 IIE ' c f ...- 1, 4 ,NN ................F:3.. K----f'ffsa:s:aaaaa:: - , A """'':"5:::::::::E5i5iiQg5h 1 :--:::::::-:::'W...::E5EEEE::::: lllllllllilli' "'ll"' U l:::::::::::::i?. .....aiiaaLQl::::: .::::::..:"' ' ,gm - pgg::::::::::::-::-1:::::r:::1" Mug.. .::"""--'7 --'::::'. 15555-'--1: :grwk ...f:C7'rI " I-""' I "IRISH: f.::': Hp...- 1 vj 2 sill! A f E 1 4 I ,.. R . . UNCIN ,wgmumxwr llllhn. lllll llllllllll llllllllllllllllllll ,::!EiEEEE::::::'::::::::': "" ..::::::::::::" llllllllflllllvlll llll ll Lui I.. llllllll lllllllll lllllllll:ll' 7 l llll if ll? QE 1 , n . 1 at 'i 4' Q Mmmwi? VIE RAPHS lin 4117 r ...W ::..:g.,....:.:,,.,,,,,,- 4.....M,.::::::::'::::::.:.:...:::::: , , lllllllllll lllluai-sm nulllll ' ' ll 1Ifilllllllllll!!!!!!l!!l!!!!i!Q:::iEHlI::Il, . ......... ..... ........ . , 5EEE:::.... .... ,H Ewwwwwhmgmi -' 'Q mah. ::2:::::sass5L:1iQ Q!f- ' 3 H5 ?::?i,Ei.-" " xy 'W .5 1 ' CE fx 111 il ll s N ff gl, Ulf xx I Q ,v xl I, Xxx If xx ,Il xx 9 s' ',x ',s 1 7.x ul 4 1922 21 x",l' xQ1Q'y f ' EX , s at ,x T 77m OWL "DOUG" MacLEAN 1 9 2 2 77m OWL 1922 'The OWL THOMAS MEIGHAN 1922 77m OWL W A , ,at 'V DORIS MAY 1922 . 1 b ' . j. 11 .fg . --1 ml? 77m OWL DOROTHY DALTON 1922 77m OWL ETHEL CLAYTON 1922 77m OWL 1922 We OWL LILA LEE DOROTHY DICKSON 1922 If 225 Tue OWL 5' 5 V . BW! 1922 77144 OWL 4 I 1922 D 7712 OWL Stuhmt Stunts Officers Piesident ....... ....... S B Ross Vice P1 esident ........ . . C H Short becretazy and Treasurer . . ................... . . Chestex A Smith Executive Committee Chairman C. L. Henry H. W. Angus R. G. Robbins D. D. Couch E. G. Coscia J. D. Nelson College Adam C. Fisher F. Ketchum J. C. Ankeny C. H. Short George Held H. E. Reisgen C. L. Henry Howard Lewis G. H. Moore Economics Chas. M. XVatt Education Marshall Rey l'lll,QQill00l'ill,'I Robert A. Bush Mines J. W. Bowen J. M. MacFadden Robert Christy Chemistry I. A. Goldspinner P. H. McCandless H. B. Millhouser D. D. Couch H. B. Millhouser Davis Graham Rose Fine S. B. Ross H. W. Angus ' M. E. Hannum C. W. Green Manola. Vero Chester Smith John Hamilton W. K. Estep P. H. Young James Dodsworth J. D. Nelson J. J. Fitzpatrick F. J. Murphy H. S. Frank R. C. Bennett 1922 77m OWL STUDENT SENATE Medicine NVaIte1' Mockett J. H. Trumpetex Joseph Baker Dentistry J. L. Reed 1922 We OWL e as lmnmmfn Self-Cbnnernment Asunriatinu December 5, 1920, the Women's Activities Association which for years had been the general organization of women students of the University of Pittsburgh was converted into the Women's Self Government Association. W. S. G. A. aims toward furthering the best interests of the women on the campus and for this end it co- operates with the University administrators in supervising all activities in which women are engaged. Its membership comprises all the women of the University. W. S. G. A. has inaugurated a broader policy than W. A. A. The administration has given it all powers generally conceded to a self-governing body. It has control over the social life on the campus of the women students, conducts vocational con- ferences for undergraduates, provides social contacts, through parties, dances and receptions. It aims to provide proper housing conditions for the out-of-town girl and in a general way tries to maintain high soial standards. Part of the program for the year has been as follows: an Intercollegiate Voca- tional Conference, a series of informal receptions to the faculty and students, parties for the girls on the campus, a number of teas for high school seniors, a reception for alumnae, "Varsity Show", a co-ed issue of the Panther. In addition to the work on the campus, a representative was sent to the Intercollegiate Self-Govern- ment Conference at Elmira, New York. Oflicers President .... ...... ..... R o se W. Fine Vice-President .. .. Elizabeth Matthews Secretary .. Blanche Parker Treasurer . . . . . . . . .... .... M ary Grella l4'ratc1'nity llepresentatives Lucy Plummer Doris Davidson Intel'-Fraternity Representatives Sadie Fine Selina Ruderman Faculty Advisors Blossom Henry Florence Teagarden Vocational Chairman .. ....... Anna Dodds Social Chairman ..... Gertrude Coffman Publications ........ , . . . Genevieve McSwigan Handbook Chairman ....... ..... L ouise Kennedy Y. W. C. A. Representative .. .. Dorothy Baskerville 1922 SUM OWL 1922 Max E. Hannuam '21 Clark W. Green '21 Har1'y E. Daugherty R. C. Schlegel ...... Sigma Chi ......... Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phi Epsilon Pi . . . Delta Tau Delta . . . Pi Lambda Phi Phi Gamma Delta .. Phi Delta Theta . . . Theta Chi ........ Lambda Chi Alpha.. Kappa Sigma ..... Delta Sigma Phi . . Sigma Alpha Mu .... Theta Delta Psi .... 232 77m OWL Zlntvtfratrrnitg Qlnnfrrvnrv .il-1 0FFlCl1lliS MEMISICIKS 1922 ,,,,Presiclent . . .Vice-President . . .Treasurer . . .Secretary D. E. Walker R. C. Schlegel Eric S. Johnston Howard E. Krick Frank Sternberg Louis Fushon Clark W. Green Clarence Smith Alex Cooper Milton Berkman Harry E. Daugherty Harvey Harmon Max E. Hannum W. S. Bowser Paul Young W. G. Frost James C. Anton S. McClure Garner Robert G. Eckhardt 'James Muir Frank Eckert Paul Ross H. G. Lasday Lawrence Stern Francis B. Ketchum 'R. E. Peters 77m OWL INTERFRATERNITY CONFERENCE 1 9 2 2 President ..... Vice-President . . Secretary ..... Treasurer .... Kappa Alpha Theta Zeta Tau Alpha . . . Delta Delta Delta Delta Zeta ...... Alpha Xi Delta . . . Pi Beta Phi .... Chi Omega .. Kappa Delta . . , Alpha Delta Pi . .. Phi Mu ......... Alpha Epsilon Phi Kappa Kappa Gamma Pi Epsilon Pi ....... 234 77m OWL Hanhrllrnir Aannriatinn Oilivers of the Association l4'RATI4lllN l'l'Y lllill'R'l1lSENfl'ATIYES 1922 Genevieve McSwigan Emily Welchon . Margaret Richards Elizabeth Matthews . . . . . , Lena Ebling . Margaret Richards . . . . . . Mary Grella . . . . Ethlyn Brown .. La Rue Patterson Genevieve McSwigan Elizabeth Matthews . . . Gladys McClure . . . Sara Meadows .. Leslie Hastings .. Alma Rubenstein .. Emily Welchon .. . Gladys Donahue 77m OWL PANHELLENIC ASSOCIATION 1 9 2 2 M5 We OWL illnunu flilnfa Olhriaiian Aaanriaiinu The Young Men's Christian Association has enjoyed a steady growth, and a constantly enlarging field of service, ever since its organization in 1911, by George Kirk and his cabinet. In November 1918, it was reorganizedlas a branch of the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Y. M. C. A., at which time Dr. H. M. Moore took active charge of the work on the campus. The immediate direction of all activities is in the hands of a Student Cabinet, while the general administration is invested in a Committee of Management, which includes Students, Alumni, Faculty Members and Trustees. The Y. M. C. A. Hut, which was erected during the days of the Students' Army Training Corps, serves as the student center for young men. A' daily average of over 900 visit it for study, letter writing, recreation, or as a meeting place for the various student organizations. The "Y" seeks to be of especial service to the in- coming classes, and 111aintains a friendly feeling towards foreign students. Approxi- mately 1000 copies of the Handbook were given personally to the new students dur- ing the opening days of school last fall, and the "Get Wise Night" for New Students was a success. The religious activities work have majored in the organization of Bible Discussion Groups, and co-operation with the Student jfolunteer Movement, Pitkin Club and Student Vespe1's. Officers Milo D. Straney ...... ........ . .. Executive Secretary A. K. VanTine, '21 ..... .......... P resident Thomas Stevenson, '23 . . . ...... Vice President William Smyers, '23 .. ............ .... ....... . . .. Secretary-Treasurer Committee of Management Dr. S. B. Linhart, Chairman Charles S. Miller J. Steele Gow. Secretary A. K. VanTine R. W. Kiser, Treasurer Frank Murdoch Charles Ridinger Fred B. Shipp Benjamin Thaw Ralph Harbison Cabinet Canteen ......... . ...... R. W. Daubenspeck, '22 Church Relations Harbaugh Miller, '23 Conferences ........ ...... . Don Sibrey, '23 Financial Campaign Handbook Editor . Handbook Manager Music New Students ..... Publicity ....... Religious Work . . . Social ........... World Fellowship . Social Service .... 236 1922 . W. S. Bowser, '23 Daniel R. Kovar, '22 . . . . J. Irwin Martin G. A. Fishel, 23 Henry S. Frank, '23 .. Dan R. Kovar, '22 .. Robert Kost, '23 . . . . Hugh Hart, '23 .. W. D. McVey, 22 77m OWL Y. M. C. A, CABINET 1922 77m OWL 1Hittahm'gh Brhating Auanriatinu THE DEBATING TEAM Officers Prof. Frank H. Lane .. ...... .. Prof. H. R. Coffey ..... Louis Dussere, Col. '21 . . . Herman C. Friesinger .. ..... .. SQUAD Max Bergad Wilfred Bloomberg Robert M. Carson C. W. Dodson William Eckert Charles R. Foster Herman C. Friesinger J. B. Held SCHEDULE . . . Faculty Advisei .. Assistant Managel E. Levy James F. McNaul Charles M. Rice Louis Rosenfield Samuel B. Ross H. Russell Stahllnan E. C. Wilson S. W. Hilton Triangular, March 4th. Pitt vs. Colgate at Hamilton, N. Y. Penn State vs. Pitt at Pittsburgh. 1 March 12th. Princeton vs. Pitt at Pittsburgh. March 22nd. Pitt vs. Westminister, at New Castle, Pa. April lst. Pitt vs. Cornell at Ithaca, N. Y. Ap1'il 15th. Pitt vs. Penn at Philadelphia, Pa. 1922 ITT DE BATI NG TEA YM OWL 1922 M 77m OWL 4 lgrrunnnvl nf Ihr Gian anh Cbnnm Qlluh Managerial Staff Phil C. Nydes ...................... Dixon C. Cochrane . . . . . . Albert E. Hoyt .... Albert Davis ..... Charles Fleming .. Publicity Manager Production Managei Stage Manager Personnel Manager .Executive Assistant STA FF PHOTOG RA 1' I-IERS Harry B. Cuthbertson F. Marshall Williams CAST Ralph O. P. Silverman Max Loevner Nathanial Dubbs Louis M. Fushan John M. Walker Aubrey Schofield F. N. Williams Lawrence H. Stern Thomas W. Martin Howard G. Zeigler Harry Montgomery Irwin A. Lasday Louis P. Fawcett R. H. Bromelmeier R. S. Ballard Ernest R. Nickel J. E. Heckel Stabley M. Houston CHOR US Wm. H. Cadwallader Robert Braun H. J. Harman Regis Toomey Seward Armstrong Joseph Hecht James S. McKean R. A. Etzel T. Craig McKee R. B. Smith Francis C. Snyder Donald E. Walker Jack Clemens R. C. Schlegel R. A. Krakow David P. Lindsay J. C. Ankeny Marshall F. Ray Jack Simonds ADVISORY BOARD Dr. Walter H. Wright Dr. J. S. Ashbrook ' Dean H. B. Mellor Graduate Manager ..... . . . . .... Dr. Walter H. Wright Director of Cast ................. .... C yril Lang Director of Chorus and Costuming ...... Mrs. G. A. Schnabel 77m OWL AP AND GOWN CLU 1922 e OWL 4 llliilain Lilith The Pitkin Club is an organization ot' Christian students, irrespective of creed, which meets every Wednesday noon at the Shadyside Presbyterian Church. It was founded in 1914 by the delegates to the Student Volunteer Convention at Kansas City, and received its name from Horace Pitkin, a martyr missionary in China. With the help and leadership of Dr. Hugh T. Kerr the club has continued since then,-gaining in membership each year, having this year a roll of approximately 95 with an average attendance of about 80. This year the club continued in the study of "The Faiths of Mankind", a comparative study of the great religions of the world. Ollicers Robert Kost, President Wilma Binder, Treasurer Rhoda V. Koenig, Secretary Isabelle Anderson Katherine Anderson Lemon Arnold Elizabeth Askin Charlotte Ball Dorothy Baskerville Mrs. Berry Kenneth Biddle Wilma Binder Margaret Bollen John Boyd Margaret Boyd Ethlyn Brown Jean Capehart D. C. Carmichael Dorothy Clark Gertrude Coffman Lillian Crothers Olive Curry Alice Davidson Edith Davies Helen Davies Charles Dodson Anna Drewes Louis Dussere Cora De Bray Virginia Eaton Genevieve Edwards Henry Frank Grace Frech 242 Iona Freebie. Hugh Hart Frank Hazlett W. F. Hartman Edna Higbee Willard Hilton Hazel Hipple Christine Hooper Leslie Humphreys Florence Johnson Elizabeth Jones Elizabeth Kenah Elizabeth Key Dorothy Klingensmith Beatrice Koenig Dan Kovar Elva Lawton Mildred Lockwood Ivy Long Grace Love Miriam Marshall Lillian Mates Willis Mellott Lucille Melvin Lucille Mercer Harbaugh Miller Ruth McFarland Wm. McVey Wm. Nichols Virginia Nieman c1922 Earl Renner Mary Riley Susan Rush D-orothy Schaub Wm. Semple G. Dixon Shrum Don Sibray Mildred Smith Wm. Snyder Andine Stanley Thomas Stevenson Dorothy Stewart Walter Sturdy Alma Swavel Mildred Tesh A. K. Van Tine Manola Vero Wm. Walker Eleanor Webster Emily Welshon Louise White Mary Wilson Robert Wilson Reginald Williams Jos. Wolstoncroft Thomas Wolstoncroft La Rue Patterson Ethel Penman W. H. Perkins Lucy Plummer 77m OWL 1922 Tw OWL 01112 Olhwa Qlluh -...--1.- President ..... . . . Vice-President ..... Secretary-Treasurer ......... . . Henry Sorg Frank, Chem. '22 Cyrus G. Dunkle, Chem. '22 Joseph B. Wolstoncroft, Col '22 Hugh D. McVey, Econ. '22 Roy Brubaker, Econ. '23 J. C. Fulton, Econ. '23 C. C. Rivera, Econ. '23 F. D. Hazlett, Col. '23 Herbert Krow, Col. '23 John Wirtzman, Col. 23 W. W. Briant, Col. '23 Edward M. Sarraf, Eng. '23 '23 .. A1be1't E. Hoyt, Chem . . .. Leon N. Loeb, Chem., '22 Norman J. Harrar, Col., H. Funkhauser, Eng. '23 M. Zinman, Med. '23 J. McGuire, Med. '23 B. Kartub, Med. '23 R. Hack, Col. '24 L. Mitchell, Col. '24 Lipsitz, Col. '24 J. Bubb, Eng. '24 C. Rometo, Eng. '23 C. Smyers, Eng. '24 D. Shelke, Eng. '24 B. McCandless, Econ I. J. Ruderman, Econ. '24 12, '22 The Chess Club of the University of Pittsburgh was organized in the fall of 1919 with six members. The first president was Cyrus G. Dunkle and the secre- tary-treasurer Henry S. Frank, both then sophomores in the School of Chemistry. The tournament held during 1919-1920 resulted in Dunkle winning the champion- ship. The first meeting of the Chess Club was held October 13, 1920, at which time Albert E. Hoyt, Chemistry, '23 was elected Presidentg Leon N. Loeb, Chemistry, .'22, Vice-President: and Norman J. Harrar, Col., '22, Secretary-Treasurer. Special efforts to enlarge the club resulted in the membership reaching twenty-nine and an- other campaign-for members in the second semester almost doubled this number. The tournament of 1920-1921 was again featured by the playing of Dunkle, who defeated the best players in the club and captured the championship. The Chal- lenge Round and Inter-Class Tournament' also helped maintain interest in the game throughout the year. THE CHESS CHAMPION FOR 1921 Cyrus G. Dunkle ............................................ Chemistry, '22 The Chess Champion of 1920 again carried off first honors in the annual tournament and in so doing, defeated everyone of the other players who later made up the Chess Tean1 of 1921. Dunkle won ten games, drew one game with Smyers and lost one game to Harrar. THE CHESS TEAM FOR 1921 Cyrus G. Dunkle ................................ ......... C aptain Henry Sorg Frank Norman J. Harrar Edward C. Smyers The Chess Team played the Pittsburgh Chess Club on Janua1'y 13, 1921, win- ning two matches and losing two matches. Frank and Harrar succeeded in defeat- ing their opponents, while Dunkle and McVey, who was the fourth man on the team lost their 111atches. 1922 244 Tae OWL CHESS CLUB 1922 2 77m OWL i lilitt lilagmi Pitt Players, local professional dramatic fraternity, was founded at the University in 1916 and reorganized in the fall of 1920. Plays presented during 1920-2 Spreading the Newsg Houghton's Dear Shamg Beatrice Young's The Reportg The Piperg Barrie's The Professors Love A Happy Pairg and Yeat's Pot of and suburban audiences. 1 were:- Masefield's Locked Chestg Gregory's Departedg, Wilde's Noble Lordg Tomkins' Wolff's Where But in Americag Peabody's Storyg I-Ia.rnwell's The Sojournersg Smith's Broth. These were presented to both University The petition of the organization to Theta Alpha Phi, national honorary dramatic fraternity was granted March 18, 1921 and the local chapter installed as Pennsylvania Beta. Theta Alpha Phi selects its membership from Pitt Players who nave fulfilled certain requirements. Philip A. Small .... Do1'othy A. Richards . . Phyllis Newlands . . . Paul C. Kress ..... Ralfe 0. Silverman. . . Prof. F, H. Lane Prof. L. Raines Sam Albo Charlotte E. Ball 9 A dr Max Bergad Q A dv Hobart Coffey Harry B. Cuthbertson 6 Rebecca L. Davis 9 A 111 Hebe H. Dryfoos 9 A cb Cyrus Dunkle Lena Ebeling 9 A qu Iona L. Freebie 9 A 111 Gertrude J. Friedlander By1'on Fruit Q A Q11 Z, Alex Goldstein Robert C. Grauer 9 A cp Rose Hartz 9 A qw 246 OFFICERS. ,,..President . . .Vice-President . . .Secretary . . .Treasurer . . .Manager . . .Faculty Adviser ...Coach MEMBERS J. B. Held Blanche E. Hodgson 9 A qw Mary W. Hutchinson GJ A qi Robert W. Kost 9 A 11: A 'lr Paul C. Kress 9 A qu F. H. Lane 9 A cp David P. Lindsay Phyllis Newlands 9 A qw Lester Raines GJ A up Dorothy A. Richards 9 A qi 9 A qw Aubrey W. Schofield Ralfe O. P. Silverman 9 A qi Philip A. Small 9 A qi John M. Walker J. Edward Wolfe 1922 Tae OWL 1922 77144 OWL TURT LES 248 JUNIOR PROM COMMITTEE 1 9 2 2 77m OWL PITT AERO CLUB 1922 e UWL ' Y 1- 1:15.55 ' ' 1 vw, ' f :ff aye: fa. Ay' 4 ' Y fe Z., ,cl fx 1,152 gy 2V".QL21fiQf::2' .A A W ' Y ,1y'gf,5mgg,pf ,gg in ': , 1.5 'fszvffi?Zs+Tfr .1534 '-M 1' ' xr? .T-i2.1'1'-QQ! ' zwkjw 1'.5eg,4,,. ,M . ,. . .,i if ww, Z3 75.-f nzzfxz, , Q ' .-fx", -f7X,'4,3E-:UQ ,' nrmv- 5 ,lf 3 3 '-yi lfffy -Q 1.4 Q' :'1',L1M Wh' AX., f ,Q 14 ' ' X' if :iam- Uflff gf' fx ' H " 'W' ff we ,rw 5 ' L. .A Wjkiswf, '5X?'s ' N312 ,QQ A X, av 'NWS ?'v ww 1. 1 f ,Fx ,Q . Aug, 1 A UA! :Q vw 1. 1' ' --'.1v?..-Nfl .41 2 "img -- '2,1'fw1Ggfigqg?5iw my ,,,.i,,,,m l , M, -,L fWs,5.'X .ff 1 'Fm K X551 1235? EJ . i4'i9'f 5 5253-'sA,.i A - :gf - ,gg 'Q 15 i'-gpg-5 W., .NM J. .W H5 - www I wg , A.... 13,07 JK -, . .V Wg, W ' v k H f.Z'Dfi3!?f-1 ,Q f V- 1 wf,.pQg23 if-Wi . 5 .1-,Ma qg.,H,Dg'8'fmi3Vj ,. , ,i ,w,?ag5g, 4i,Ef.LA1'- in fi.A+g1, N , ..,.,,p,-Ag E!!-19 , , Q, 5 vm. 1 ., . , ..4,'.. ffm., ' f' b -451 , ., Q59 1' fkavgwfgul , ., . ,.,, L M .f .Q + fg.. A 1922 250 72.2 OWL MU ICAL X ff '7,f' fff , A, yi 1922 Y 251 President ...... Vice-President . . Secretary ..,. We OWL :llllwairul Qlluhu Oflicers Treasurer . . . ..... . . . J. Manager .......... Assistant Manager . . . Assistant Manager . . . Leader Glee Club Leader Mandolin Club .. Director Glee Club ....... Director Mandolin Club . . . Accompanist ......... ................. P E R Z C. R. Acklin L. M. Arons A. J. Berlin P. C. Bowman C. B. Bryce P. O. Burggraf R. L. Carl R. M. Carson G. A. Cresswell J. B. Crisswell R. W. Drew J. R. Dodsworth R . G. Eckhardt E. Emanuel J. H. Aber E. M. Darone J. H. Elder W. F. Ewart P. M. Fekula. E. J. Fisher 252 VARSITY QUARTET P. C. Bowman, '21 . . . . J. Kleber, '21 J. S. McKean, '22 C. Fettermann, '96 . C. W. Green, '21 . . . Don Smith, '22 .. J. D. Little, '22 . J. T. Pollock, '23 T. Manderville, '21 . . . . Earl Yearsley . George McNemry . .. B. I-I. Sisler, '23 . C. Bowman S. B. Nicholson . M. Darone R. L. Carl PITT NOVELTY FOUR . E. Donnelly J. O. Kleber . E. Yardum R. W. Drew GLEN CLUB W. K. Estep J. W. MacMillan G. A. Flshel J. McKean J. D. Fulton S. B. Nicholson M. L. Gibson R. N. Parkhill C. W. Green J. Pollock H. J. Harmon T. H. Preskey J. R. Hecht W. A. Rhody P. K. Hoerr V. A. Seder E. G. Johnson W. A. Siugley C- E- Keagy P. H. Small T. A. Little H. R. Wilharm G- Milligan C. B. Williams G. J. Modrak R. M. Williams H. L. Moulton MANDOLIN CLUB B. S. Fruit C. M. Ralph C. M. Tea. J. E. Heckel H . D. Ingram J. 0. Kleber T. S. Mandeville R 1922 W. M. Walker J. Wolstoncroft T. Wolstoncroft Z. E. Yardum 5561 THE PITT MUSICAL CLUBS 77m OWL Hitt Tlzianh W. A. Gregory T. D. Williams C. R. Davis ...... J. Loomis Christian A. R. R. Davies Gustav L. Schramin 254 BAND 1922 Leader Assistant Leader Manager . . . . . Librarian . . . . . . . Secretary Faculty Advisor We OWL f , lzzsznvc fy K UFFICERSX . O 'WQi" TO, , A f 9+ O. .X , Um XS 1, , ! ,Mmm TRAINING convs M Q.izv?'f- f MNH X MAJOR T. H. O'REAR. MAJOR DAVID B. FALK. 1922 Tue OWL 256 R. O. T. C. ilivgular Arnlg livrmnnrl nf 1112 ?K. QB. U. GL. limi 3Hniuvruitg nf lilittulmrgh 0lf'I4'ICI4IliS IN CHARGE Major T, H. O'Rear, C. A. Major David B. Falk, Inf. First Sgt. Peter L. Duffy, Pvt. lst Class Samuel V. Pvt. lst Class Herbert H. 1922 C., P. M. S Ass't. P. M. D. E. M. L. Harry, D. E. Tribbey, D. .kT. S.8LT. M. L. E. M. L 77m OWL -, Ill u IllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllIllIIIllllllllllllllllllf'YIYIHHIHIIIIIYlllllllHHHHIHlllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllll IIllIIlIllllIIIIllllIIllIllllllllillllllllllllll ll 7 E PMBLUGAT QLNIS 5 5 . " QW N 1 ff j ZQCKN x f 5 1... -X," I Q Su-::,,, ,EN 5 --i fi m lla! W g A q ,QM 'gf un xf E PSQQOQ I 'Q Q -ll i X ,Y xp, ' :ll 1 : eo. 4.49.4 L li 5 f O 4:94 5 DWG H'F1ml.uCH5 s - Q5 - xy? E Q I E , 4 E X ' 4 K 5 ' Z E x ' b-I-- -Y 5 X Ni 5 -.,- fx -AA 5 .Q l gl, 2 5' 15 -' X' 2 Q, ' 5 5: 4 i xx' , ZHlj2mu:'T7EfZW" 4 S 2 . g I' T - A- :- S f gzfzlirgzkiv ,. sf . ll ly 'T' E 'Q Q45 , :---5, E sis o E: W r 1 :sl i : 5 Ei 6 - f x fn 1- I . . 5 E -, ss illllllllllllllIIHIIIHIIUIHIHIIHIIIIIUIIllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIlIllllllllflllllllllllllllllllIllllllllIIIIIIIIIIlIIllllllalllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllm Uhr Uhr Uhr Uhr 1561 weekly Hitt liamihrr 1561 Eeuimn 191111 iihitrh hg IEE. Ol. i5n11rlrg 1922 77m OWL Uhr liiitt mrrklg Editorial Department Editor-in-chief .. ....................... Max E. Hannuln, Ee. Managing Editor .. Maurice H. Goldstein, Ec. Assistant Editor .. . .... . . . Charles R. Williams, Ee. Sporting Editor .......... .... H arbaugh Miller, Ee. Assistant Managing 'Editor . ............ , . . . . Edgar S. Hassler, Ec Department Editors Gertrude Coffman, '21 Elizabeth Matthews, '21 Contributing Editors Genevieve McSwigan, '21 Willa P. Dorning, '22 Associate Editors J. J. Stein, '22 Lillian Solof, '23 Joseph Stone, '23 Jean Capehart, '23 C. G. Dunkle, '23 Anna Dodds, '21 Charles Foster, '23 Reporters Dorothy Stewart Lynn Nevin Mary Ziegler . Ward McMasters Sidney Sanes Ralph N. Parkhill John Truxall Business Department Business Manager ....... ........... W illiam G. Lytle, Jr., Ec. Advertising Manager .. .. R. O. P. Silverman, Col. Circulation Manager .. .. Howard V. Krick, Ec. Comptroller ................. . . . Joseph S. Crisswell, Ee. Assistant Circulation Manager ........... ..... . . Arthur W. Couch, Col. Business Assistants A. W. Rice, '23 L. Stern. '22 Samuel Salnberg, '24 Advisory flioard T. R. Williams Charles Arnold Charles Reitell W. C. Arther, '17 J. J. O'Connor, '18 K. E. Davis, '10 258 1922 77m OWL Glhe 1911! iliiliierlilg i 1921 Max E.Hannum Editor-in f -Chie William Glytle Business Manger 1922 -A We OWL 'ef Uhr Iii!! liantlprr Editor-in-chief ..... E. L. Davidson, Business Manager ........... .. Anson M. Smith, Editorial Staif Managing Editor ........., .,.. . . ........ .. Charles R. Williams, Assistant Managing Editor .. Joseph T. Stone, Assistant Editor .......... ............... . , Louis Dussere, Editorial Board ' H. E. Wilson, '23 Genevieve McSwigan, '22 R. M. Carson, '23 Art Statl' Michael Hartnett, '23 Dave Heimlich, '24 P. W. Heasley, '23 Ruth Thomas, '23 Managerial Staff Advertising Manager ........ ......... . . ...... ..... C . M. Sanner, Circulation Manager ......... .. Donald D. Couch, Assistant Circulation Manager .. ....... R. G. Robbins, Business Assistant ........... . .. William J. Hitchins 1922 260 We OWL 1922 Y7w OWL Elie Qbml Staff Charles R. Williams . . . ........... ............. E ditor-in-chief H. Oton Goodman .... ............,. . . . Business Manager-in-chief 'lflditorial Staff The College ............ ............. . .. f The College, Pre-Medical School of Economics ......... Evening School of Economics . . School of Education ......... l Mary F. G1-ella Daniel R. Kovar D. O. Kirk . . Manola Vero School of Engineering .... . ..... D. H. Bell School of Mines ...,... .. Felix Riesacher School of Chemistry .. W. T. Nichols School of Medicine . .. . . Edward W. Jew School of Law ..... .. .. Clarence Seel School of Dentistry .. . . . .Howard A. Ward School of Pharmacy . . ...... E. H. Blayney Fraternity Editor .............. .. Willa Penn Dorning Assistant Fraternity Editor .. . .......... Alice Nikon Sporting Editor ............... .. Reginald M. Williams Harbaugh Miller Assistant Sporting Editors . . . . Mary Zeigler Ralph N. Parkhill Art Editor ................. ........................ . Mary Vi1'ginia Miller Assistant Art Editors .. ' -- Assistant Editors W. C. Gourley Joseph T. Stone Marshall Williams J. C. Ankeny BUSINESS STAFI1' Comptroller ....... Fraternity Manager .. Advertising Manager ...... Circulation Manager ....... . Assistant Business Manager .. Assistant Business Manager .. Assistant Fraternity Manager SCHOOL MANAGERS College .......... ........ .......... W . H. Economics . ........ ....... Evening Economics . . . . . . . . Pharmacy ........ Chemistry ........ Junior Medical ..... Freshman Medical . . Education ........ Mines ...... Dentistry .... Engineering .. 1922 262 . . . .Mike Hartnett, Dave Heimlich and Ruth Thomas L. B. Ferguson William Fithian Harold Treester C. L. Garson, Jr. ..... Roy W. Jacobs Paul Meuenschwander C. M. Sanner .. . . .. D. P. Lindsay ........ Henry Angus R. N. Daubenspeck . . .. C. O. Kingsbury Zeder-Beatrice Koenig .... .. Carl Mulert C.A. F.Ja1ne .. C. E. Ellison .. F. J. Murphy . . . . John Priestes .. . S. E. McCartney . Mildred Grunnagle ..... J. C. Murphy .. Edgar O. Ginn . . . . Abe Webber Tae OWL 1922 77m OWL Ghz Hitt ileuinu Editorial Department Evlitor-in-chief . ................ . . . . . . . Edgar S. Hassler, '21 Assistant Editors VVilla. Penn Dorning, '22 Max E. Hannum, '21 Frederick P. Mayer, '23 Joseph T. Stone, '23 C. R. Foster, 23 Business Department Graduate Manager . . . J. B. Nicklas, Jr., '20 Business Manager Advertising Manager . . . Circulation Manager . . . ....... . . . . .. Charles Kamluerer, '22 . . Reginald Williams, '22 Elizabeth Mathews, '21 Business Assistants Lydia Paige, '24 Charles L. Garson, '24 Durward Guth, 24 Ralph Silverman, '22 Ruth Leech Faculty Advisors Professor L. R. Gibbs 1922 Miss Mary E. Shipman We OWL E PITT REVIEW STA 1922 77m OWL 1922 77144 OWL 5 C 4' I X kj ag7f?1?i1' 4, Q . f ' X.: I I - 5 ' ' " - X . r . ,,,.., 1922 Tue DWL Athletir Qlnunril OFFICERS 'Dr. A. F. Judd, '95. . . ......... . . . .Chairman K. E. Davis, '10 ...... ...Secretary -C. W. Ridinger, '93 . . ...... . . . . . .Treasurer ALUMNI A. R. Hamilton, '94 L. B. Hurst, '02 Dr. E. T. Chatham, '09 B. H. Smyers, '93 C. W. Ridinger, '93 J. C. Trees, '95 Dr. P. V. McParland, '04 Prof. A. Silverman, '02 Floyd Rose, '96 Dr. H. W. Heckel, '94 FACULTY Dean H. B. Meller, '10, . ..... ..... .... M i nes Prof. A. P. James ..... .... C ollege Dr. E. M. Frost ....... ...Medical Dr. A. F. Judd, '95 .... . .Pharmacy Dr. H. E. Friesell, '11. . . I . .Dental J. Garfield Houston, '02 .... ........ L aw Prof. T. W. Burckhalter . . .Education Prof. H. E. Dyche ..... Engineering D-r. F. D. Tyson ...... . .Economics Dr. Gebhart Stegeman. . .......... .......... .... C h emjstry UNDERGRADUATES R. G. Merriman .. . .... Dental Miss Blanche Parker ...... Education .J. J. Finerty .... . .. Engineering G. E. McKenzie ...... .... M edical H. B. Milhauser . . . . . Chemistry I. Bloom . . . .. . . . Law .J. N. Troxell .... . .... Mines Miss G. McSwigan .. .. . College H. E. Daugherty .. Economics R. T. Bouch . Pharmacy GENERAL Dr. S. B. Linhart. .. Dr. Walther Riddle. . . C. S. Miller ...... . . . K. E. Davis, '10. . . 268 Representing the Chancellor Board of Trustees Director of Athletics Graduate Manager of Athletics 1922 Tw OWL 1922 77m OWL Atliletira---151211 Perhaps due to the resurrection of sports after the war period, Pitt enjoyed an athletic year that was quite indicative of its p1'e-war strength, which so practically dominated college sport activities in this section fo1' many years. The season of 1920-21 boasted of representative Pitt teams in every branch of sport, football, basketball, baseball, track, swimming and tennis. Aviation which made its initial bow at the University last year progressed in fine manner-the team having been entered in thc big intercollegiate meet. The football team maintained a clear slate having gone through the season un- defeated. Captained by Herbert Stein, the team went to Syracuse where it was de- feated during 1919 and was able to hold the Orange gridde1's to a 7-7 tie. Likewise did the championship battle with Penn State end a 0-0 tie. This together with the fact that Herbert Stein made Walter Camp's All-American eleven and Tom Davies the second team stamps this football team and season as a very illustrious one. The 1920 track team led by "Red" Weigel and managed by Harry Gow gave a good account of itself. Although many colleges had excellent track teams yet Pitt was able to make .a favorable showing in all competition. The basketball team, not quite as successful as the others, nevertheless made an enviable showing. Their old time rivals, W. 8: J. and W. Va. were handily de- feated although Penn State was .able to defeat the Panther five twice. The team was captained by Herbert McCracken and managed by Howard Haines. The Fresh- man team as well as the girls' team also had a most successful season. The tennis season of 1920 was not as successful as might have been expected, yet this season's team expects to more than make up for last year's deficiencies. Swimming this year can easily boast of having one of the best successful teams in its history. Meets with Navy, Johns Hopkins, Syracuse and other eastern schools took place and at each one of these affairs, the Panther performed to satis- faction of all. Harry Taylor, Thomas Kestler .and especially Pat Corr form a quartet of the best swimmers Pitt has had for a long while. The Freshman football and basketball teams each made wonderful records. Perhaps Pitt has never been able to lay claim to two better Junior teams than these that represented them the last season. Much good material is expected from both of these teams. As for boxing and wrestling nothing certain can as yet be said although a few tryouts have been held and coaches from the schools assigned, no real meets were arranged. However from the way things "size-up" now it looks as though both of these sports are to materialize into major sport activities at Pitt within a very short space of time. 270 1922 H e OWL minneru nf thr "QB" The varsity "P" is 'awarded to men who have participated in a certain number of Varsity athletic contests, including in most branches of sport, the Washington 8: Jefferson and Pennsylvania State College games. The successful candidate in track must secure 11ot less than 10 points in one season, or a total of 15 points during his college career. Letter winners for the year 1920-1021 are as follows: FOOTBALL-1920 Herbert A. Stein, Captain Thomas J. Davies G. Herbert McCracken John McCrory John C. Anderson James D. Bond Charles W. Bowser J. Franklin Byers John Clark A. Willis Edgar W. Cullen Gourley Harvey J. Harman Orville Hewitt Thomas Holleran Leon Kelley John J. McLean Jack Sacklowski Frank YV. Williams Robert G. Eckhart, Mgr. BASEBALL-1920 Thomas J. Davies, Captain Max Sapper I. C. Bloom C. F. Ryman W. H. Barrett J. M. Daniels H. K. Robinson W. B. Jones J. F. R. Toomey, Manager J TRAC K-1 9201 F. J. Shea H. M. Chapel J. E. Weigel, Captain W, K. Capers T. J. Thornton James Bovard H. J. Harman R. E. Klingensmith J. W. McIntyre Harry Martin A. J. Brickley H. C. Gow, Jr., Managel AERO CLUB-1920 Louis Dussere A. W. Schofield Jacob F. Keller SIVIMMING-1020 J. H. Messerly' R. P. Marshall I-I. Q. Taylor T. A. Thornton, Manager 1922 We OWL 1922 Y7ne CWL fQ?" 11,1 if X f 1 fffi H If ,,, f f if f fgiff3YWhZf,,4f,4?77jW 5 JI! fi fx X7 B LEW! - .mtg gf lv X Q W , ,., --:- WW M 1922 Qze QWL Eflpv 19211 iilvnvu For the fifth time in six years Glenn Warners' prodigies were undefeated on the gridiron. The season of 1920, while not the most successful the Panthers have enjoyed, was a big success, qualified only by tie games with Syracuse and Penn State. Victories were chalked up over Geneva, West Virginia, Georgia Tech, Lafayette, Penn and W. 62 J. 1 Four big teams of the East, Princeton, Harvard, Penn State and Pitt were un- defeated. Each played one tie, while Pitt and Penn State each were held even in addition to their own scoreless clash. Princeton seems clearly to have outplayed Harvard while there was little doubt in the minds of the critics of Pitt's superiority over Penn State last Thanksgiving. By elimination we have Pitt and Prnceton sharing between the two of them Eastern grid honors. There is littleto afford a comparison between the tw'o in- stitutions save their games with West Virginia who after being humbled by the Panthers, 34-13, held the Tigers to a 14-3 score. The fact that Pitt played unde- feated through a more difficult schedule than Princeton would seem to add strength to any claim the Panthers might make to superiority over Princeton. All four teams had great elevens and there is no desire on Pitt's part to make for itself any championship claims, save only to share in the honor of being one of the greatest aggregations of the country during the 1920 season. It is doubtful if any team in the country was forced to meet as strong teams Saturday after Saturday as was Pitt. The only soft spot on the entire schedule was the opener with Geneva, which the Panthers won handily, 47-0. The second game with West Virginia was expected to prove difiicult but Coach Warner had his men on edge and a 34-13 victory resulted. Then came the 7-7 tie with Syracuse, our 1919 conquerors, on a muddy grid- iron. Georgia Tech, with the greatest team of its history came North and for the third successive year was bowed to defeat. Lafayette was the next victim, 14-0, although for the 1nost part, she outplayed the Panthers. November saw Penn fall, 27-21, al'er an unexpected hard fought game, and W. at J. conquered, 7-0, in a defeat that was no dishonor to our ancient rivals. Thanksgiving brought the great undefeated teams, Penn State and Pitt, together and honors were even. The playing of Captain Stein, who was named All-American center by Walter Camp, and of Captain-elect Tommy Davies, generally recognized as the greatest half-back in the country, stood out all year. Tom Holleran, at quarter, did great work and made the majority ol' Davies' famous runs possible by excellent inter- ference. Herb McCracken played splendid football all year, while Anderson and Hewitt both at times shone at fullback. Williams, Edgar and McCrory took care of the ends, with Harman, Gourley, Sacklowsky, McClean, and Bond holding the center of the line. The other members of the squad who received letters were Bowser, Byers and Clark. Herb Stein made a great leader and showed wonderful aggressiveness. Tom Davies has been elected captain for 1921, and promises to lead fully as great a team as did Captain Stein. Only McCracken and McCrory are lost by graduation from the 1920 squads, and with strong additions from the Freshman squad prospects are good for 1921. The schedule will be just as difficult as in 1920, with Neb1'aska and Cincinnati taking the place of Georgia Tech, the other games remaining un- changed. Lawrence I. Klinestiver has been appointed Student Manager for 1921, succeeding Robert G. Eckhart. 1922- YM OWL 1922 Tae OWL Sviatiatirn nf 19211 Ilinnthall Svquah Name Position Height Weight J. C. Anderson ...... Halfbvack 5:9 170 B. Bremen .,.. Tackle 5:8 165 C. W. Bowser ....... Center 5:11 170 F. E. Byers ......... Halfback 5:11 160 J. D. Bond, Jr. Guard 5:9 196 J. W. Clawson . End 6:1 170 J. W. Clark ........ Guard 5:10 193 T. J. Davies .... . . .Halfback 5:8 150 F. N. Ewing End 45:9 170 A. W. Edgar, Jr. .... End 6:2 177 T. J. Elias .... Halfback 5:8 160 C. H. Fleming ...... Guard 5:8 200 N. Friedman .. Halfback 5:6 160 W. C. Gourley . Tackle 5:10 190 M. Hartnett . . . Halfback 5:11 160 H. J. Harman Tackle 6: 200 A. E. Hirsch ........ End 5:11 164 T. J. Hfamberger .Fullback 5:6 165 W. W. Horner ...... Quarterback 5:8 161 T. V. Holleran . .Quarterback 5:7 165 O. M. Hewitt .. Fullback 5:10 210 O. A. Kratzert . Guard 5:11 190 L. W. Kelly ........ Tackle 5:10 180 Wm. Kramer .. End 6:1 175 J. J. Laughran ...... Halfback 5:11 155 L. Markowitz Tackle 5:7 200 Lou Mervis ......... Tackle 5:9 185 W. F. Mu1'doch ...... Halfback 5:8 160 H. J. Magarrall Center 5:11 165 R. M. Monteith Halfback 5:8 169 J. T, McCrory . End 5:11 166 J. J. McLean .. Guard 5:11 188 G. H. McCracken .... Halfback 5:9 157 C. S. Storer ......... End 5:6 155 H. A. Stein Center 6' 185 J. Sacklowski . Tackle 6:2 190 T. R. Snyder .... . . .Llalfback 5:11 180 R. M. Simpson ...... Tackle 5:11 179 W. J. Thomas ....... Guard 5.10 210 F. W. VVilliams End 6:1 180 1922 Age 24 22 21 9 23 23 19 21 23 22 21 21 22 19 20 19 24 22 23 22 22 23 23 22 22 21 22 22 21 21 22 23 21 19 21 19 21 20 24 20 Prep School Ben Avon High Shadyside Academy Johnstown High Turtle Creek High Central High Kiski Allegheny High Kiski Kiski Kiski Schenley High Aspinwall High McKeesport High Punxsutawney High Johnstown High Peabody High Wilklnsburg High Lock Haven High New Castle High Kiski Wilkinsburg High Woodlawn High Mansfield Normal Oil City High Braddock High McKees Rocks High Braddock High Peabody High Westinghouse High Johnston High Wilkinsburg High Homestead High Sewickley High Elizabeth High Kiski Fifth Avenue High Kiski Huntingdon High Lock Haven Normal Kiski 277 K A Q AX . Stevenson, Q45 sis tant: Como -,'i2'iF' qloqgl GROSB, ssistcmt: ' Coac 77144 OWL I I ilivzunie nf thr Swann PITT, 47: GENEVA, 0. f0ct0ber 2J In conquering the Beaver Countians, Glenn Warners' Panthers, fresh from three weeks at football camp, showed wonderful early season form. Every man on the squad played a portion of the game, and at no time was there a let-up in the form of Captain Stein's men. The Warner Machine showed to best advantage. At no Lune could Geneva effectively halt the Panthers' march toward the goal, nor did they at any time come near threatening the Pitt goal. To pick an individual star would be impossible, although the playing of Herby McCracken was noteworthy. PITYIF, 34: WVEST VIVRNGIN IA, 13. f0Ct0bGl' 93 This was expected to prove one ol? the hardest games of the season. West Virginia had great material and to this game Warner had his men pointed from the first. The "Snakes" were the first to score but the count was soon evened and the half ended 21-6, in favor of the Panthers. With Davies, Holleran and McCracken carrying the ball it seemed almost impossible to stop them. That trio "pulled off" gain after gain through double and triple and forward passes. Herb Stein was a towcr of strength on the del'ense. Beck, the former Harrisburg Tech phenom, played a bang-up game, making the longest run of the game through the entire Pitt team. Warner made many substitutions without any apparent let-up in the team D 05'- PITT, 7 3 SYRACUSE, 7. Q0ct0be1' 165 A drizzly rain and slimy gridiron prevented either Pitt or Syracuse from show- ing to best advantage. Fumbling proved costly to both sides and was indirectly responsible for both teams' scoring. In the first half, Abbott, Syracuse fullback, fumbled on his own 25-yard line, with Stein recovering for Pitt. From that point Pitt carried the ball over on straight football, "Tiny" Hewitt making the score. In the third quarter Syracuse tied the count, when Gulick picked up Laughran's fumble in midfield and ran for a touchdown. What little advantage there was probably rested with Pitt. The Panthers were the speedier outfit and handicapped that much more by the condition of the Held. Tommy Davies was unable to get started in the mud. Anderson played the best game for Pitt, although Hewitt's line plunging featured. The entire team played well, with the defense work of Stein and Harman standing out. Gulick, Alexander and Abbott were the Orange Mainstays. PITITT, 101 GEORGIA TECH, 3. Q0ct0ber 23j The following Saturday the Georgia Tech team came No1'th with the greatest team of its history and confident ol? avenging the two defeats already received at the hands of the Panthers. She was doomed to disappointment but put up a game and a worthy fight. They marched down the field several times to within our 10-yard line, but lacked the punch to put it over, their best being a. lone field goal by Flowers from the 18-yard line. Towards the close of the third quarter Georgia Tech lost the ball on downs on Pitt's 6-yard line. Here "Tiny" Hewitt started an almost single-handed march down the field terminating in a touchdown. Before the game ended Davies kicked a field goal from the 30-yard line. It was one of the prettiest games to watch a person would care to see. The playing of Flowers, Harlan and Barron, in the Tech backfield was spectacular. Aside from Hewitt's great plung- ing, the playing of Stein, Holleran, Davies and Sacklowski featured. Following the game future relations with Georgia Tech were discontinued. 1922 279 77144 OWL PITT, 1-lg LAFAYETTE, 0. f0ct0ber 30, Lafayette had one of the most powerful elements of the country although in their earlier games the breaks had been against the1n and their record had not been impressive. The same proved true in the Pitt game. From tackle to tackle the Lafayette line outplayed the Pitt line, with Schwab as the outstanding star. Time and time again they marched down the field only to lose the ball on downs within our 20-yard line. Pitt suffered a slight let-up after the first three hard games. The two touchdowns came as the result of two long runs of Tommy Davies, who played a fine game. Herb Stein played his usual game. Seascholtz was Lafayette best bet in the backfield, with Gazella and Leheca close seconds. The Eastonians were coached by Dr. "Jock" Sutherland, famous Pitt guard of a few years ago, and its was a case of coach against pupil, with the coach still slightly the wisest. PITT, 27g PENN, 21. fNOV8lIlb6l' 63 On November 6, Tommy Davies, Pittsburgh's wonder man, defeated the Uni- versity of Pennsylvania in one of the most thrilling grid battles ever staged at Franklin field. That tells the story of the Penn game. The Quakers showed a reverse of form and played a strong game. Their aerial attack was a bewilderment and the Pitt goal line was crossed thrice. But that could not beat Tom Davies. For Pitt's first score Davies threw a forward pass to Holleran, who scored. On the next kick-off he ran through the Penn teams' 90 yards for a touchdown. In the third period Davies scored again through two 30-yard runs and to finish a good days work in the last period he caught a Penn forward pass and ran 60 yards for a touchdown. Davies had ten other men to help him, of course, but his feats stand, out as the greatest single handed exhibition of the year. PITT, 7g W. 8: J., 0. QNovember 133 The margin of Pitt's superiority over our ancient rivals was not indicated by the score. It should have been three touchdowns instead of one. W. 62 J. put up a game fight, with Erickson and Eilson occasionally throwing scares into the Pan- thers. Pitt scored in the first quarter, when Davies, on W. 85 J.'s 30-yard line broke off tackle on one of his famous runs, cut in, dodged past McLaughlin and crossed the line for the only score of the game. In the third quarter Pitt marched to W. 8: J.'s one-foot line only to lose the ball on downs after a fumble. Twice more was the ball carried within W. 8: J.'s ten yard line. Davies, Stein, McCracken, and Holleran all starred for Pitt, while Carroll, Loucks and Russell Stein were much in evidence on W. 62 J.'s defense. The game was played on a splendid field, interest was at high tension throughout and a capacity crowded watched the game, thous- ands being unable to obtain tickets. PITT, Og PENN STATE, 0. fN0vember 253 Thanksgiving brought together two great teams undefeated in a game that was sure to be neck-and-neck. Unfortunately the game had to be played in a sea of mud and as both teams were essentially offensive aggregations neither could show at its best and it is hard to tell what might have happened on a dry field. Unfor- tunately, also, for Pitt, Tommy Davies had to be removed from the game in the first quarter on account of injuries. While he was in, he shot off tackle time and again for big gains, and completely outclassed Way and Haines, States Aces. State used a wide-open formation which seemed ill adapted to the muddy field. State carried the ball to Pitt's 15-yard line once whereas Pitt was within their 10-yard several times. An attempted field goal by Davies was missed By inches. Herb Stein starred at center, and- McCrory, Harman and Holleran played well. The en- tire team played its best game of the year and there is no doubt that, we deserved o wm. 280 1922 1- , Hs 1' r '1 Z' , fif- IU .17 -Q,-s FALL ON IT!!! 77m OWL SKIRTING THE END T. V. HOLLERAN, J, D, BQND, J Quarterback . Guard 1922 g7ne OWL INTERFERENCE J. SACKLOWSKI, A. W. EDGAR, Jr Tackle End 1922 283 We CWL Il Q DRAGGIN' 'EM OUTA THE AIR G. H. McCRACKEN, J. T. MCCRORY Halfback End 284 1922 77114 OWL GROG H. A. STEIN, J. C. ANDERSON, Center Halfback 1 9 2 2 285 me OWL ON THE RUN 2 J. J. MCLEAN, ' T. J. DAv1Es Guard Half-back 1922 86 .!.Qe..:4...., My 44. :A-li" Y7w OWL ,- f ' u l M - I 1'I'1'fY. , A ' ,ra ..:f'.- L A, x , 'P - " .. Ad X,--a. 'f ..1 . -JL, V WE WALKED AWAY WITH 'EM AT BEAVER FALLS O. M. HEWITT, H. J. HARMON, Fullback Tackle 1 9 2 2 ' 287 77m OWL A RATHER TIGHT HOLE YOU TELL 'EM, TINY! 1 9 2 2 We OWL BAD FUMBLE YES SIR. WE WUZ THERE. OLD PITT PANTHER HIMSELF 1922 S9 F. M. EWING ki-.. End F. E. BYERS, Halfback 290 Yfze OWL W. C. GOURLEY, Tackle H. J. MAGARRALL, Centex' 1922 N l J. J . LAUGHRAN, Halfback "MIKE" HARTNETT Halfback 77m OWL ATTA BOY, JOCH H 1 9 2 2 gwgwgi W sm Tue OWL 552555222 4.,.u....,.W.,,N.I..m,mm-.WX1I-1,yu.mfmmmm-.ummmu..-I-.umU mlm. mm.. H -mmm .1 .Hu-mumy-1f..11.m.u.nun n num Xu. 2 .asf w +l- ' ,A A .s rr ai. ' 1922 2 77m OWL Birk Hliarlrg Cfhurgetnxunb Naraitg Cnuarh ' 1922 2 Tre OWL VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM--1920 iliauvhall Following the determination of a few baseball enthusiasts that the sport be put on its pre-war footing, arrangements were completed and Pitt was represented in some very exciting contests. Although their victories were in the minority, much material was uncovered by Coach Dick Harley, former big-league player and a man of wide experience in baseball. Coach Harley looks to the coming season with much optimism, and feels confident that with the majority of his last yeai-'s material in which to mould his team, he can produce a winning combination. Tom Davies, last years Captain, played a good game at short-stop, and led his men efficiently. The Freshman team of last year won seven games out of eleven, thus demonstrating their ability. With the merging of the holdover men from the varsity and the Freshmen, this year will undoubtedly be successful, for Coach Harley knows the ability of every man on both squads. The schedule arranged by Student Manager Clark W. Green, includes one long trip to the east taking in Yale, Rhode Island State, Holy Cross and Brown Univer- sity, as well as one and two day jaunts to Penn State, West Virginia University, Western Reserve and W. 8: J. 1922 Pitt Pitt Pitt Pitt Pitt Pitt Pitt Pitt 77,14 OWL BASEBALL RECORD, 0 Georgia . . 3 Georgia . . 12 Juniata . . . 8 Grove City . . . 8 Geneva . . .. 2 Penn State . . . 2 Army . . .. . 1 Fordham . . Pitt 2 SCHEDULE FOR 1921 April 15th, Delaware College .. ..6 ..4 ..1 ..7 ..0 ...11 ..4 5 Pitt Pitt Pitt Pitt Pitt Pitt Pitt. Pitt Penn State . April 23th, W. Sz J. ......... . April 29th, Westminster .. May 4th, Muskingum .... May 6th, Bethany ......... May 7th, Western Reserve May llth G1'ove City .... May 12th Bucknell May 14th, W. SL J. ......... . May 18th Yale .............. May 19th Rhode Island State .. May 20th Holy Cross ......... May 21st, Brown ............. May 25th, Penn State ......... May 28-May 30, West Virginia June 2nd, Western Reserve June 3rd, West Virginia ...... June 8th, Pittsburgh Collegians June ll-June 13th, Penn State 296 1922 1920 Georgetown . . .. 5 Muskingum . . . .. 4 West Virginia , . . . . 2 ....1l West Virginia Pgh. Collegians .. 8 Geneva . . ..... . . 0 Freshmen . . . . . 4 Penn State . . . . . .13 . . . .18 ..... . .. Pittsburgh . . . Washington, Pa. . . . . . Pittsburgh .. Pittsburgh .. Pittsburgh . . . . Cleveland Field Field Field Conn. . . . Forbes . . . . Forbes Forbes .. New Haven, . . . . Kingston, R. I. .. Worcester, Mass. .. Providence, R. I. . . . . . Forbes Field .. Morgantown . . Pittsburgh ,. Pittsburgh . . . . Pittsburgh . . State College Tile OWL Q1 AML 1922 77m OWL Basketball---1921 The basketball season was only fairly successful the team winning but a few more than half its games. However the Panthers rank second to Grove City in the Tri-State championship and were the two teams to meet again would give them an awful battle for supremacy. Victories over W. S.: J. and West Virginia were the brightest spots of the season and the double-defeat at the hands of Penn State the darkest. The nrst State and the first W. 8: J. games were two of the greatest ever seen here. The almost in- vincible State aggregation had a very close call, 38 to 35, at the hands of Capt. McCracken's boys, while W. 8: J. also possessing a strong team, fell 37 to 25. The other bright spot on the schedule was the easte1'n trip on which Colgate and West Point were defeated and the Syracuse game lost by a narrow margin. During the Christmas holidays Dartmouth, Yale, and Cornell invaded this section and only Cornell went away victorious. The work of Lloyd Jordan featured, throughout the year. Against five of the big eastern teams he averaged nine field goals. He was constantly a marked man and subjected to the closest guarding. The team was captained by Herb McCracken who made one of the best fight- ing leaders a team could have. In addition Herby played a high-class and his guarding was of high calibre. Playing the other guard position Byers, who played a fast floor game and proved a crack shot. Rose other forward and his passing and shooting featured. Clawson was at usually got the jump on his man. floor game was "Red" played the center and The team was managed by Howard Haines and coached by Dr. George M. Flint. 1922 298 We OWL VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM BASIC IVITISAIJ1 RECORD--1 921 "Dec, 29-Pitt. .. ... "Dec, 31-Pitt. . . "Jan, 3-Pitt. . . "Jan, 7-Pitt. .. "'Jan. 14-Pitt. .. "Jan, 21.-Pitt. .. "'Jan. 28-Pitt. .. "'Feb. 4-Pitt. .. Feb. 10--Pitt. . . Feb. 11-Pitt. . . Feb. 12-Pitt. . . "'Feb. 16-Pitt. .. "'Feb. 17-Pitt. .. Feb. 19--Pitt. .. "'Feb. 22-Pitt. .. "'Feb. 24-Pitt. .. "Feb, 25-Pitt. .. "Mar, 2-Pitt. . . Mar. 4--Pitt. . . "Mar, 9-Pitt. . . Mar . 12-Pitt ............ "Games played at home. 36 40 ...23 28 44 37 43 35 69 28 .37 43 45 28 34 33 37 ...20 1922 Dartmouth . . Yale . . .. Cornell . . .. Grove City ....... . . W. Va. Wesle Allegheny . . Marietta . . . Penn State .. Colgate . . Syracuse . . West Point . Geneva . . .. West Virginia Penn State .. Georgetown . Lafayette . . W. k J. .. Bucknell . . W. SL J. . . . . y 11 Westminster . . West Virginia 33 36 34 38 38 23 44 38 50 39 31 42 32 50 32 37 25 23 99 77m OWL 1922 ? -l.i.-77ne OWL ,E M IRIN! lx 5255? 1922 N 77m OWL Andrew? Kerr nc mson, He BCI Coach JohnEWe gel zo Captam 1922 Tw OWL VARSITY-TRACK, 1920 lFl'0llt Row: Cul-ry, l'et.el's, llovard, Xvcigel, Mandeville, Klingcnsmith. Top Row: Coach Kerr, liricklc-y, Shen, '1lh0l'llt0ll, Hurnlun, Nlclntyrc, Mgr. Prigg. Perm Relays. At Philadelphia, Saturday, May 1 One mile, Class B, relay--Won by Redlands University of California: second, Syracuse University: third, Columbia University: fourth, Pitt CMartin, Brickley, W'eigel, Sheaj. Pitt 58, Lafayette 54. At Easton, Pa., Saturday, May S 220-yard dash-Won by Shea. Time: 23 3!5. 440-yard dash-Won by Shea. Time: 52 1!5. S80-yard dash-Weigel second. One-mile run-Bovard, second. Two-mile run-Weigel. Won by Weigelg Klingensmith, second. Time: 10:14 415. 120-yard high hurdles-Brickley, second. 220-yard low hurdles-Won by B1-ickley. Time: 28 115. High jump-Won by Chapel. Height 5 ft. 5 in. Broad jump-Martin, second. Shot put-Won by Thornton. Dist. 38 ft. 254 in. Discus Throw-Won by Harman. Dist. 108 ft. 65 in. Hammer throw-Won by McIntyre: second Thornton. Dist. 119 ft. 1095 in. At Wilkinsburg, Saturday, May 8 Pitt Freshman 62: Wilkinsburg High School 55. Tuesday, May 11 Pitt Freshman 51: Schenley High School 48. 1922 303 YM OWL Navy 73, Pitt 45. At Annapolis, Md., Saturday, May 15 'i00-yard dash-Peters, second. 220-yard dash-Won by Shea. Time: 22 3!5. 440-yard dash-Won by Shea: Wakefield, second, Time: 50 4!5. S80-yard run-Weigel, second, Potter, third. One-mile run-Weigel, secondg Bovard, third. One-mile relay-Won by Navy: Pitt, second. 120-yard high hurdles-Brickley, second. 220-yard low hurdles-Brickley, second. Discus throw-Capers, secondg Harman, third. Pole vault--Kerr, third. Broad jump-Davies, second. High jump-Chapel, tied for first. Height, 5 ft. SJV2 in. Shot put-Thornton. Won by Thornton. Dist. 38 ft. 915 in. At Schenley Oval, Saturday, May ZZ Dual meet with Penn State cancelled owing to death ot' their Dr. Pond. l.C.A.A.A.A. Championships At Philadelphia, Saturday, May 29 220-yard dash-Won by Brown, Princeton: second, Maxam, Penny third 1-Ientirixson, California: fourth, Clark, Princetong fifth, Shea, Pitt. Pitt-1 point. At Schenley Oval, Saturday, June 5 Dual meet with West Virginia called off because continual rain had made track impossible to run on. 30 1922 Tue OWL ' Treats B I Dunn 1922 an OWL Uhr Hitt Arrn Gram The University of Pittsburgh became the seventh charter member of the Inter- collegiate Flying Association on March 18, 1020. At present the association con- sists of the aero clubs of the following schools: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Williams, Cornell, Pitt, Rutgers, Penn, Lehigh, and Connecticut Wesleyan. The 1920 aero team participated in the annual meet, May 7, 1920. The per- sonnel oi? the team was as follows: Captain and Manager, Louis Dussere, Col. '21g George L. Simpson, Che111. '21g Aubrey W. Schofield, Ec. '21g Jacob F. Keller, Eng. '20, Jean O. Nelson, Min. '21, On account of illness, Simpson was unable to attend the meet, which resulted as follows: Landing to a mark contest, Keller, Pitt, sec- ond. Distance, 75 ft. Cross-country race, Dussere, Pitt, pilot, Schofield, observer, third. Time for twenty-live mile course, 17 min. 30 sec. In the entire meet, Pitt ranked fourth. The team 'plans to again participate in the flying contests this year. 306 1922 Tue OWL 1922 4 We OWL 5v1ui11uuing--- 1 H21 The past season l'itt was represented by a swimming team which deserved to be ranked with the best in the country. Duals meets were held with the Navy, Johns Hopkins, Rensselaer and Syracuse, and only the Navy meet was lost. The Navy was recognized as having by far the greatest team in the country and a defeat at their hands was certainly no disgrace. Syracuse always has a strong team but was defeated, 44 to 26. In addition to the collegiate meets the team took part in all the local A. A. U. meets and performed creditably, winning 111any points. . . The individual work ol' Corr featured all the meets. On the eastern trips he won eight firsts, two seconds, and a third, Harry Taylor also did some good work and captured a number oi' points. The remainder ol' the team consisted ol' Jacobs, Clark. Marshall, Thoma, Kistler and Baur. The team was in charge ol' Manager Eiviiniu---151211 Baur and Coach Taylor. SXVIMMING lil+ll'0Rll Pitt 10 Navy . . .,... .. . . .52 Pitt 44 Johns Hopkins .. . . . .26 Pitt 44 Syracuse . . .... 26 Pitt 47 Rensselaer Poly 15 The tennis team did not enjoy a very successful year in l92O. Meets were lost to Harvard, Swarthmore, Syracuse and W. Sz J.- On the other hand most ol' the local schools such as Geneva, Bethany, Thiel, etc. were easily defeated. Lack ol' courts again proved a big handicap to the team. V The team was composed ol' Smith, Monk, Lewis, Doane and Schmertz. The freshmen had a very good team and with several men from that squad this year's team should compile a much better record, provide anything extensive is done this year in tennis. p 1922 77m OWL I-'IZESHIYIAN qw A11-ILETICQ 77w OWL Zllrrahman Zllnnthall The Freshman football team was crowned in glory. This year's team ran true to form and displayed championship football. It has made a record that many minor college teams would be proud to possess. The Cubs meet the best yearling teams in the country and have shown themselves to be among the leaders. The outstanding feat of the season was the Syracuse contest. In this struggle, the Freshmen proved themselves of championship calibre. Being nosed out by only one point,' a 14-13 score, the Cubs have a just right to be among the first-year leaders. In the final reckonings, the Syracuse Freshmen were given the premier position. Is it not some boost to hold the champions on almost the same level? Next in importance comes the State Freshie struggle. The Panther Cubs re- versed the "dope" and held the strong Mt. Nittany Babes to a 7-7 tie. Greatly out- weighed and on the small end of the betting, the Pitt Freshies displayed great foot- ball and took the tight out of the Up-Staters. ' The Freshmen defeated Parkersburg High 13-0 in the opening contest. They played the West Virginia Reserves to a scoreless tie. They walloped Harrisburg Tech 20-7-the first defeat for this Prep school in four years. Klski fell before the onslaught, 6-0, for the first time. The Yearlings lost their stride and succumbed to the Indiana Normal attack, 7-0. X The collective excellence of the team was aided by the individual prowess of several star performers. Capt. "Poke" Williams was the shining light. His general all-around ability was the outstanding feature. Winterburn, Shuler, Robusch .and Colonna were the other capable members of the star backfleld. The line was a stone wall. Time after time the massed attacks of the oppon- ents were hurled back. Fredette was the pivot and strong man of the line. Haines, his flrst assistant performed well when called upon. The guard positions were ably taken care of by Seidelson, Lear, Lewis and Bryce. The tackles were well fortified by Yost, Youngk and Newbaker. The wings of the line were handled by Burlay, Fisher, Slessinger and Abels. A tribute to such a team would not be complete without a word of apprecia- tion to the main spring, Coach Andy Kerr. Without Coach Kerr his fine material would have remained in its crude state: we would not have the well polished and finished varsity material that we now possess. His success may be attributed not merely to his football ability but also to his wonderful personality. We can not restrain ourselves from feeling that this year's crop of Freshmen is going to wonderfully assist "Pop" Warner. Already we have visions of "Poke" Williams and "Frenohy" Fredette trotting out in the Panther machine. We are anticipating great things from this year's Freshmen. THEIR RECORD Pitt 13 Parkersburg High .... 0 Pitt 13 Syracuse . . ........ .14 Pitt 0 West Virginia Reserves 0 Pitt 20 Harrisburg Tech . ..... 7 Pitt 6 Klski . . ........ .. 0 Pitt 0 Indiana Normal . . . . . 7 Pitt 7 State . . . ...... . .. 7 Pitt 59 Opponents 35 310 1922- We OWL 1 FRESHMAN BASEBALL TEA M- 1 92 0 illreuhxnmu illlaarhall---IHEH For the first time since before the war Pitt was represented on the diamond with a freshman nine in 1920. The team compiled an enviable record losing but three games, those to California Normal, Indiana Normal and Kiski. Indiana Nor- mal and Kiski were in return defeated along with the other leading prep and high schools of the section. The feature ol' the reason was its heavy batting. The team lined up with Hughes, catcherg Hendrian, Barnes and Noble, pitchers: Clawson, llrstg I-Iolleran, secondg Winterburn, shorty Cooper, thirdg and Cook, Barber and Fair, in the' outfield. Pitt Pitt Pitt. ' I?itt I'itt l?itt l'itt l3itt I3itt l?itt l?itt 'FRESHMAN BASEBALL IHCUORD-1920 Freshman .................. 26 Crafton High .... . . . 3 Freshmen . . 10 Wilkinsburg High . . . . 1 Freshmen . . 13 Monessen High . . . . . 3 Freshmen . . 14 Pgh. Academy .... . . 3 Freshmen . . 2 California Normal . . . . 10 Freshmen . . 4 Indiana Normal ..... . . 6 Freshmen .. 8 Indiana Normal ....... .. 2 Freshmen . . 12 Slippery Rock Normal . . . . . 5 Freshmen .. 2 Kiski . . ............. .. 8 Freshmen .. 9 Kiski . . . .. 4 Freshmen .. 4 Varsity . . .. S 1922e 311 rj- ,si - I 1 I, ' lima" Eh 'J- A :IQ".hr'w5! '-TQ ,lp .-415443 ty A-fault" 'Mi-1. w. mr 77m OWL 3,H1'PHl1llIEIlI Eau1Ia2Il1all--- 1 5121 The Freshman floor team again compiled a remarkable record, but two defeats bloting an otherwise perfect record. The one del'eat was at the hands of Mcliees- port I-Iigh by two points, the other ol' Penn State Freshmen in a return game by a lone point, On the other hand practically all the best local high and prep school teams were decisively defeated. Kiski and Indiana Normal were twice beaten, and West Virginia Freshmen, Penn State Freshmen, and Geneva Reserves conquered once each. In addition the team had little trouble defeating Schenley, Peabody, South Hills, Carnegie and Norwin Highs. The team was made up ol' Bowman and Levinson at forwards, Funk at center, and Captain Carr, Youngk and Williams at guards. I"IiI4lSH3IAN l5ASIiI4l'l'lL-Hill RI4ll'0llD-1921 Pitt Freshmen .. . 44 Schenley High ..... . 30 Pitt Freshmen . 41 Peabody High ...... . . . 34 Pitt Freshmen . . 65 Pittsburgh Academy . . . . 21 Pitt Freshmen . 78 Carnegie High ..... .. . 20 Pitt Freshmen . 44 South Hills High .. .. 34 Pitt Freshmen . 47 Woodlawn High .. . 30 Pitt Freshmen .. 29 Kiski , . ........ . 28 Pitt Freshmen .. 50 State Freshmen . . . 46 Pitt Freshmen . 33 Indiana Normal .. . 25 Pitt Freshmen. . . . . 37 Kiski . . ...... . . . 29 Pitt Freshmen . 42 Geneva Reserves . . . . 21 Pitt Freshmen .. 48 Norwin High .... . 32 Pitt Freshmen . . 18 State Freshmen . . . 19 Pitt Freshmen . . 55 Indiana Normal . . . . 18 Pitt Freshmen. . . . . 47 Coraopolis High . . . . . 17 Pitt Freshmen. . . . . 34 NV. Va. Freshmen . . . 23 Pitt Freshmen. . . . . 31 McKeesport High . . . . 33 1 312 922 77m OWL GIRL NKETBALL YAIRSITY GI RLS I5ASliI+I'I'I!A,hIi Front' row, lvft to rigrllt--,livtty Dutnvy, Kit Roehn, Kit MvNanmrn. Second row-Grace Love, lflthel Jlaunes, captain: Annan, Anderson. Third ro'w-lllunclw Parker, Edith Imzawus, Mau-y Clmp- mun, I1'lorenc'e Montgolmary. 'fl'op row-Katherine Suundor, llHlllll,LE0l': IAOIIIOII Arnold, couch. 1922 313 We OWL lliaraitg Girlz' Basketball Svvaann---15121 The girls' varsity basketball team has completed the seventh highly successful season of its career, defeating by decisive scores all the strongest collegiate sextets of the vicinity. Waynesburg, Geneva, Beaver, Thiel and Slippery Rock fell easy vic- tims to the Panther lassies. For the first time in the history ol' girls' athletics at Pitt, a two-day trip was scheduled. The team played Slippery Rock on March 11, leaving there for Thiel College on the 12th. The varsity team for 1921 was with the exceptions of Ethel James, captain, and Blanche Parker, composed of freshman stars of the 1920 season. Mary Chap- man, Anna Anderson and Blanche Parker forwards, did some brilliant work. Mary Chapman was especially good from the foul line. Elizabeth Dutney fulfilled her earlier promises as a strong, reliable center and was ably assisted by either "Kit" McNamara or "Kit" Roehn, side centers, and Florence Montgomery, Ethel James, Grace Love and Edith Lazarus vied for positions at guard. Florence Montgomery starred every game in which she played. Lemon Arnold coached the team. Katherine Saunders was manager, assisted by Mary Zeigler. SCHEDULE--1921 Jan. Geneva College At Home Feb. Beaver College At Beaver Feb. Westminster College At Westminster Feb. Thiel College At Home Feb. Geneva College At Geneva Mar Slippery Rock College At Slippery Rock Mar. Thiel College At Thiel Mar. Beaver College At Home Mar. Westminster College At Home 1 9 2 2 314 . , .kg , . 6 ' 1- ., 1' M wa-2-A 4- .5-signin... , ,,a.,...,.t.f-- .iw 77m O W L FRESIIMEN GIRLS-BASKETBALL Front Row-From Left to Right:-Sturdevant, B. Zeigler, Rnbg Second Row-Rothman, Steel, Bigman M. Rob, Wiltg Third Row-DeBray, Roehn, Lohmang Fourth Row-M. Zeigler, Arnold fCoachJ. Zlirwlnnmn Qiirlu' ijzwlaetlmll Qnumn---1521 The University of Pittsburgh has been a pioneer in developing first class girls' Basketball teams and the freshmen team of the past season has been no exception A new policy was adopted in training the "freshies", the coach aiming to develop a well-rounded out squad and to discover new mate1'ia1, rather than to star any in- dividuals. The lineup included Mary Bigham, Arnoldine Lohman, Olive Wilt and Leah Rothman at forwardg Mary Robb and Christine Hooper at side center: Beryl Zeigler at center, Nan Steele, Jean Robb, Ruth Sturdivant and Anna Stuffle at guard. After mid-year registration Eleanor Thomas, from Fifth Avenue High, played at center and Beryl Zeigler moved to a guard positionf A. Lemon Arnold, Assistant Physical Instructor oi' the University, coached the team. Mr. Arnold succeeded Mr. H. H. Provin as coach of the girls' basketball teams. V Mary Bigham was elected temporary captain at the initial game of the season, which election was later reaflirmed. Mary Zeigler managed the team and Katherine Roehn was apprentice manager. 1922 Jan. Feb. 10 Feb Feb Mar. 11 Fifth Ave. VVi1kiusbu1'g Allegheny South Aspinwall ?7wO L SPH lCDl'l4I'1 At At At At wmhmlllll ll wwe '56 N 4 Zmulnb W WLMBX 0 awww t 59355 Wnuwllf 5, . mfg :::r:.ag1i5j.' M ,, 1922 Fifth Avef Allegheny Wilkinsbu South F ff 5 w 12. 5 .. , ' Huw. wi wwxh W. . Ls xii Q' xms V 3. ff EF-wife 1 .2 v xiiqvflggv 3 ii qw! 'V' EQ- 'nf Q Sit N "fr: -47 x.-' aww, we.. Mlllllfw lmmmxpb rg fCancelledl WB Tue OWL USN TS BDTXSE' .J H E A 5 M55 fm, wr MWQLQY W' S Y A BUT 019 BEC' VN Bhmsmnze: mv. QIWEESSIEUSEIESES' .D 1922 4 7 ---Q---- 7 N lkiill find the Class of 21 engaged in pursuit of their lifes 0 N The onward march of time will Soon M Q Calling If lt should 'I be your lot to enter the COMMERCIAL LEGAL PROFESSIONAL OR SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITIES remember that whatever your need of Printing may be you will find that the ilgtttnhnrgh Elgrmtmg Qlnmpzmg 530 534 FERNANDO STREET is well able to supply that need Call our epresentatwe CBotb cpbones '1 7 40 - Q3- b ,xanax C: '53 - I Wt' 9 A Q Tlze OWL 1922 s- ,fi patients. and the effect exerted on them -'rye 'fra' , , Q. Av Cr '19, -no- -e ' y 7 I f T .. i l Q73 s e t f t tett 1 5 J .if r f. . ,ixm 3553,-ig., COLLEGE IS OVER ,i i y ---WHAT'S NEXT? ml! . .l l Q W Your career is ahead of you, with all ,, its opportunities and possibilities. Ili' you 'Tii'i'iir" are going to easuccess, you must ave, 'Wg in 1' in addition to your professional ability, .ft a comprehensive view of the business side of dentistry,---the side that has to do with "Dollars and Cents." so i Successful dentists are realizing the 1 importance-of environment on their f ..::p.Lr- fx V Q lr G' ' lf? Cafe?-Q ' 1 :ZJ lla' 'Et of fr :ve .,, Mgmt- l ' gs dnvng U ci: ' by modern. pleasingly appointed offices, z and up-to-date equipment. '- um' -4 . ii 1 When you buy equipment for your 'i office, select the kind that will give you the most efficient and lasting serviceg the kind that will save your time, and 'V H i the time of your patients. A Ritter Equipment will do all of these things, and more. It will give you a ':" big impetus on the way to financial success. i Q Write to-day for literature and -V descriptions of Ritter Equipment. Ritter Den tal Mfg. Co., Inc. Rochester, N. Y. fn M52 ' a J 5 , 4-M ii' A my Q L '46, ll ' .. .49 .1 '- ', ":.-N V, , ' . X QV. . .ii Y A . . r'a' N Q-all XJ-if' . ,.- J X X 'Wf- l l ff Q l fl l -esr ' I fl . 5 lk? i f 'i l For Daily Reference Our catalogs of general supplies and literature on Equipment and Office Planning will be sent you upon request. These books should always be close at hand. Mail a postal today. Mental and Mechanical Equipment q HATEVER your preparation for dental practice may be, the accumulation of specialized know- ledge represents an asset in mental equipment. It is a valuable asset: more valuable as you have con- scientiously applied yourself to the mastery of the science of dentistry. Having acquired the knowledge and the training with which to work out a successful career, the next consider- ation is the character of the equipment which will enable you to give the fullest expression to your abilities. Manifestly, an environment and a mechanical equip- ment of a standardbelow your personal standard will not contribute to your best efforts, neither as an inspiration nor as a material aid. We urge you therefore to procure the best materials, the best instruments, the best goods of every kind within your capacity to purchase. not that they must be of our manufacture but of the kind we have always endeavored to provide. Let your mechanical equipment equal your mental equipment in that it is of the highest character possible of attainment. The S. S. White Dental Mig. Co. "Since 1844 the Standard" PHILADELPHIA 1 THE AIR BRAKE AN IT PGSSIBILITIE I-lE AIR BRAKE has made possible constant Railroad development during the past fifty years. The field for future development seems unlimited and is assuredly one of great opportunity. An attractive special apprentice course for Engineering Graduates is conducted by the Westinghouse Air Brake Company from which men are developed to fill vacancies in the various departments of the organi- zation. We are always glad to consult with technical students who are interested in Air Brake Engineering. WESTINGHGUSE AIR BRAKE CGMPANY General Ofhice and Works: WILIVIERDING, PA. New York Washington Chicago St. Louis San Francisco Branch Factories in St. Louis, Mo., Milwaukee, Wis., Emeryville, Cal., England, France, Italy, Germany, Russia and Australia. HPROMISES MAKES FRIENDS-PERFORMANCE KEEPS THEM PROSTHETIC SPECIALISTS .ll.IUllLI.EIfLI DENTAL LABORATORIES fl. I . WIHLLII SIXTH FLOOR SIXTH Sc PENN AVE. LYCEUM BUILDING PITTSBURGH PENN'A. SCHOOL OF DENTISTR Y Our interests are particularly centered in this department of the Univer- sity, it having been our pleasure ever since this noble college opened its doors to furnish the students with their DENTAL SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT and among our best friends today are many dentists w11o graduated long before Pitt had such famous assets as their football team and the Owl. Lee S. Smith 81 Son Co. Dental Supplies KEENAN BUILDING 1-: PITTSBURGH, PA. 3 2? Congratulations To those who are successfully completing their courses and are about to assume a share of the responsibility to humanity of that far reaching, noble science- DENTISTRY The Caulk Dental Supply Company Diamond Bank Building Pittsburgh, Pa. CITY DEPOSIT BANK The oldest, largest and strongest bank in East Liberty-Established 1866. Equipped to serve you promptly and efficiently in all financial transactions. Pays 4Z on Savings-Issues Letters of Credit and Travelers' Checks-Invites your Checking Account. Offers you all the advantages of the Federal Reserve System, of which it is a member. CAPITAL, SURPLUS AND PROFITS 3I,200,000.00 JAMES R. MELLON, Prvsident HENRY W. LUDEBUEHL, Cushi PENN AND CENTER AVES., EAST END IT 'S A WISE OWL THAT DEALS WITH M. FELDMAN 8c COMPANY DENTAL SUPPLIES OF QUALITY 611 PENN AVENUE PITTSBURGH, PA. Quality-Service-Satisfaction IRON CITY ELECTRIC COMPANY ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES :-: :-: WHOLESALE :-: :-: 436 SEVENTH AVENUE PITTSBURGH, PA. EXIDE BATTERY SERVICE STATION MELwooD STREET, NEAR BAUM BQULEVARD DEVON ELECTRIC COMPANY APPLIANCES FORTHE HOME 613 LIBERTY AVENUE PITTSBURGH, PA. There are a lot of features you will like about a HARVARD CHAIR, and many of these same features will have a pleasing eH'ect on your patients. The latest Harvard is equipped with the supplemental child's seat, automatic head rest, a '-X rw.. ,.... weee low pressure, dust-proof oli pump and new Harvard foot rest. Write for installment terms and a copy of the Harvard catalog- HARVARD COMPANY, CANTON, OHIO U.S.A. 'GE UNIVERSITY of PITTSBURGH JOHN G. BOWMAN, Chancellor THE COLLEGE: SCHOOL OF EDUCATION SCHOOL OF CHEMISTRY SCHOOL OF MINES SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY MELLON INSTITUTE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING GRADUATE SCHOOL SCHOOL OF LAW SCHOOL OF PHARMACY ALLEGHENY OBSERVATORY SATURDAY Bn EVENING CLASSES EVENING SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS ACCOUNTS AND FINANCE Fall Term 1921-22 begins September 26, 1921 For Catalog or other irzformation address, J. G. OUI CK, Registrar. FEICK BROTHERS COMPANY Pittsburgh? Leading Surgical Supply House 12: We wish to Welcome all newly graduated Physicians to our Store. Our forty years of experience will afford you valuable assistance in se- lecting your initial outfitg and furnishing such information as you may desire. Fslablislled 1881. Incorporated 1902 PITTSBURGH JANUARY JANUARY l896 l92l 25 Yearx Successful Buyiuess il-1-1 QUARTER CENTURY Harris Pump 81 Supply Co. 319-37.1 'FIRST AVENUE, 316-320 SECOND AVENUE PITTSBURGH, PENNA. Pitt Students Should Know Faslzion Perle Clorhey IllllIIIIIllIIIIIIlIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIA gT!1ll0fed at FC1Shj0fl Park, Rochester, N. rg. Registered Clothing built for young men who de- mand style-workmanship-of the best. Whatever the desire in price there is something to meet it in these two nationally known makes. FEATURED EXCLUSIVELY IN PITTSBURGH BY THE RCJSENBAUM CO. " The Store Ahead in the City Ahead" Security Discount Stamps Redeemable in merchandise or cash. UNIVERSAL PRINTING COMPANY ' HIGH GRADE PRINTERS, RULERS, BINDERS AND ENGRAVERS Bell Phone, Schenley 545' 3516 Fifth Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa. Com plzhzents of A FRIEND of the U m'versz'ty Oakland Savings 0 SL Trust Co. Capital - - S200,000.00 Surplus - - - S200,000.00 Deposits over S4,000.000.00 .L.l1 Member Federal Reserve System SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES .ll The Cakland Bank STUDE T8 KEEP your surplus money in a Checking Account at the Potter--Safe and Con- vement. Busmess luke and educational. Smal! Accozmls Welcome. Waller Ek 43 Zqzsl fo. Hxurlh l3Grunt PitlslJurgh,P5. RESOURCES OVER - 385,000,000 00 132 Phone 9076 Scliculey C. M. STAUF T STATIONER and N EWS DEALE R 3702 Forbes Street - Oakland Altman Gold and Refining Company E31 PENN AVENUE, PITTSBURGH, PA. DENTAL GOLDS, SOLDIQRS and SPECIALTIES. DENTAL SUPPLIES Mellon-Stuart Company Contracting Engineers PITTSBURGH NEW YORK CHICAGO Refined Music for all Occasions Catering strictly to FRATERNITY SOCIETIES and all College Work OAKLAND POCKET BILLIARD PARLOR 77,44 A, GILES Remodeled and under new management 301 LYCEUM BUILDING F. M. BLAIR 1477 smifhfaia P1TTssURcH.PA. 3710 FORBES ST' OAKLAND 30 J. H. KENN Bowling and Billiards Strand Bldg. Oakland Western heologicai Seminary l'10llIllfl'd by Tl: 1' f1l'IlL'I'lll A xx vm bl y liS'25 A SEMINARY FOR COLLEGE GRADUATES A complete modern theological curriculum is offered to students of all denominations. Elective courses leading to degree of B.D. The courses of the Seminary are open to students ol' the University of Pittsburgh who are properly qualified, and may be credited towards the requirements for dc- grees. A post-graduate fellowship of 15500. Two entrance prizes of 3150 each. Exceptional library facilities. All buildings new-Social hall, gymna- sium, and students' commons. For Information apply la PRESIDENT JAMES A. KELSO PITTSBURGH. PA. Grown- ot Overgrown Some big banks may think they have outgrown the little accounts. "Welcome" remains our word to the small de- positor. Capital and Surplus, 311,000,000 Pittsbu gh, Pa. ' 331 The award Employ Your Vacation Period Custom Shlrt Company with a 1 ' 2 ' T T . . . . EASTEIXQQ LIIE:U.5LDG Speclahzed Course in sToRAOE Fon HOUSEHOLD ooons HAUGH 8: KEENAN STORAGE lk TRANSFER Co. S Center 8: Euclid Aves., Pittsburgh, Pa. Perm Ave' Sz Stanwlx St' Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company GLASS MIRRORS PAINT VARNISHES - BRUSHES 632-642 DUQUESNE WAY PITTSBURGH, PA. MACHINE TOOLS?251iv5'f'i6ff?51Y1Z63E LATHES DRILLS PLANERS JOINTERS BAND SAWS POWER HAMMERS SAW TABLES FLOOR 85 BENCH GRINDERS . We cordially invite your correspondence with assurance that the ad- vice and suggestion of our engineers on any of your equipment problems are entirely at your disposal. SOMERS, FITLER 8c TODD CO. 329 WATER STREET, -: :: PITTSBURGH, PA. 32 l THE PITTSBURGH COLLEGE GF PHARMACY FOUNDED 1878 SCHOOLOFPHARMACYOFTHE UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH. 43rd Annual Session opens Monday September 26, 1921. FOR CATALOG ADDRESS J. A. KOCH, Dean e OWL Alpha illamhha Nu Awful Lotta Nerve. Founded ...... ...... . ............ B . M. CBefore Methulasehb Membership ..... .... I ncludes only super-women Fraternity Song ............................. "Can You Tame Wild Wo1n'en"? As the name doubtless indicates, you will notice that this -organization is one of an unusual type, pointing out most clearly the new, independent status of Women, and ignoring absolutely the existence of mere man as unworthy of any form of recognition. Now we ask you, ain't that just like a woman? Kappa Kappa Gamma Kute Kittenish Gigglers. Founded ...... .......................... B y Mrs. Ham Noah, Jr. Membership ....................... Consider only perfect thirty-sixs as eligible Fraternity Song ................... ...... . ...... ' 'Nobody works but Father" This is a group guaranteed to furnish time-proof wives. They speak table d'hote French, and are accomplished at the gentle art of doing nothing gracefully. Bella Evita Bella Dainty Devilish Damsels. Founded ...... .................................. . . April lst Melnbership ,,,,, .... , ..................... U l1d6Cld6d Fraternity Song ....... 1 ............... "Heaven will protect the woiking goil" Here we introduce to the unwashed mob an organization whose dominant char- acteristics are comprised of the indiscriminate use of smokeless powder, and life- long devotion to the application of Newtons' principle, "A bird in the frying pan is worth two goldfish. in the ocean". ' Glhi Clbmrga Clever Oysters Founded .... ................... B y the School of Childhood Membership ..... .......... . ........ ......... . ....... S t rictly private Fraternity Song .. "If Rain makes the Flowers Beautiful, Why doesn't it Rain on Me"? Here is a shining example of a group of nice, harmless females with no .ambi- tion other than to grow a moustache like one of the Smith Brothers of Cough Drop Fame. What could be sweeter? Kappa Alpha Ehrta Katch All Things - Founded ...... ...,....................... . . February 3, 1999 Membership ..... ............................ . .. Of Course! Fraternity Song ................ "Of all of my Relations, I like Myself the Best" Permit us to introduce the semper fidelis, the sine qua non, etc., ad inilnitum, of the Uni. Schooled in the finer art of taking everything in sight, and looking for more, they comprise an element in the College of which Pitt can be justly proud. 4 1922 UNI-lAlVl-RF.ll7F.l. CO. CDental Supplies 6034-43 JENKINS ARCADE, PITTSBURGH, PA. SPECIALISTS IN Equipment Outfitting CALL BELL PHONE - SMITHFIELD 1097 ROBERT F. VVYKE BILLIARDS 113 OAKLAND AVE. PHONE SCHENLEY 9258 E submit to our friends, that the Advertisers in "The Owl" have made possible its publica- tion, and we earnestly hope that all will re- ciprocate by purchasing from them whenever possible. l- 'sux oft.- Qx Q if I JQSQTD VT "f2'i"3"K5 ' S on ooo o wx'-.lfv .Vs D ' " " . new o a cl a G on no 'nw so on a oboe lm., qu .vaio I

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