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v FR.-XZIER OPERATES This is fhe Class of l93l's book. 'We have been af Penn since Sepfember of l927. Whaf evenfs will we wanf fo remember: whaf emofions have we experienced: whaf have we learned in our four years' residence here? We will wanf fo remember fhe buildings-from fhaf ancienf fhird-floor dissecfing room fo fhe mosf modern laborafory of fhe Maloney Clinic. We will wanf fo remember our classmafes-from fhe boys who were on eifher side of us fo fhe fellows af fhe opposife end of fhe alphabef. We will wanf fo remember our feachers-from fhe meanesf deaner fo fhe professor of medicine. Whaf emofions have we experienced? We have palpifafed before fhe firsf and fhird year examina- fions. We have frembled before some professors: we have fhrilled before ofhers. We have seen fhe apalling misery of fhe darkesf slums. and we have wafched fhe miracle of a dying man being given back his life. Whaf have we learned? Alfhough our knowledge of medicine viewed againsf fhe background of human learning is ver slighf, yef absolufely we have learned a greaf deak Mosf of all, we have been faughf a scienfific skepficism which fhough slaughf- ering fo firm fixed ideas is fhe only mode by which fhe human race can progress. This volume, fhen, is fhe record of fhe lives of one hundred and fhirfy-four medical sfudenfs for four years. We are nof afraid fo leave if openl VIEWS ADMINISTRATION CLASSES FRATERNITIES SOCIETIES HOSPITALS AD LIB Q ' fi!-IY.11': 4.1 .Y .. . -'wiv-I. 943, .gf ' - .X - 2 fa A iq? ,J Jil iumt-ar! X QR , blxy, , LN , '- ' AQ:-KNN Kyra H 1 ,!V'!1 W V-xl,ff' : 1:3 ' ' .S--wa .X 4, EM . .. Inky- x L 9:-,ff v W I' 'f ,L ' 7: f,-1 113'-r I .- af' rj. VX X A HX . 1 V, ,. 2 ,F ,, 1 VV' 1 ll ,N 45' 5,7 ,f 1 -, 1, .Q,5v . -I V ,M '- 1 ,"' 12-5 . Q., .. , 'file-, l..x 71 f in Af, 4 'g"'.', A f 4 ' :-. F4 n 1 , n f?- ,, .fi -33 . . . 2 "1 ff?'kf'fS' 11,1 r lx flvv gM.kG: 'TS' V, "Il -'.',,f. X- X:- ,4 ,:- ' 5 -,uf I -f-: '.':l., -7-"ff ..-, n , X m,,' ag. .F f 53 if? D Q5 63 N Nl U, XX I 1' I, I , 7 'J lla! ' pt" xx Q" fi I f ICE 'I --Q: X W, S ? I 3 Mk," , xg, , I I Q ' '-ff X .'I IZ' I' , K I F: If A mini! , 'rgsj I...4 'OTHE SCBPE A' T IS WITH A DEEP SENSE OF APPRECIATION 'l'l-lA'l' I THANK YOU FOR CHOOSINO, THIS YEAR, 'l'O HONOR A MEMBER OF 'I'1-IE 1DEPAR'I'MEN'I' OF OBSTETRICS. IT HAS BEEN YOUR GOOD FORTUNE TO SERVE YOUR MEDI- CAL APPRENTICESHIP IN A SCHOOL, RICH IN OLD AND HONORABLE 'l'RADI'l'ION. TO BE A TEACHER IN sUCI-I A SCHOOL IS A PRIVILEGE, AND TO PLAY EVEN A SMALL PART IN CARRYING ON THE WORK STARTED BY VVM. SHIPPEN, JR., AND TRACING THROUGH HIM BACK TO 'l'l-IE TEACHING OF JOHN HUNTER IS WORTHY OF ONE,S BEST EFFORT. PLEASE ACCE'P'I' MY SINCERE AND HEARTY GOOD WISHES FOR YOUR FUTURE SUCCESS. I ff -1 Q fl ' if-Az L 12. u" if' N 1 173 sf.-"' .lk 3-3 II 1' '-J V1-fi. "1-D. 1- 54i"JI , X f 533 '1f7"ff3.: ' .., f 1 I 'M T5-13: " 'f:3' 'v 172: 1-ful' '.'l.'I t :fig-'fi iff' . ,3 0 I' ff:- fri? ' .5141 . CA: '5 --:.: ,.'. 2' X ml: 1 ffl., t -tg.: .M xv .iirijgf ' 'iqgex I v , f W. A- v ous 7 f' :3Q4g,?." : f a K L , X ,gg W 5 - .,1-iiw.ffj' A ' 1 f fu A. G -' V b f-:gg If xl , . 1 I , . 22? 32 K -3235 8 f -fs L 1' ' i5g,, g,i" PM : W .- . , 3+ E i f" 5 Q3 era cz -J' E30 .9 Q3 Q Gb C3 cafifffbc' 56096730 23623 I? 6,3 '53 C gp C3 S355 C3 E' 9 ff 632608 N MQW M T, v...,..w .- in 1 ! 1 4 1 av. A ,fl-7 '55 lvl!! 5 , X . f X ' N x . , N 'li f Q x W' Y ' ' -. K-K 5 9,4 I' ...f gp, ? 71. i ' -b..3'.x I ii., 'WU , E We xxgv X M M Y R S W swkw Q Q6 4 E A ill I V Q W: S W X 'Y' P X Q 101 Ah S E-' , x f A N J I gr ' x X' X X 5 NS' 1 5 5 f C g, 7 rx 'x SQ r Q . F: O ' q: u ' ...,. t ' - ,ff"'t2:-,P -- Y '7' ' ,,.N-j,.i' A H , wx .x 4- . 'M -if on '-: : dns ' f ' g. an QV Q N 2 19 ' ' -fa L,-My kv ja .L-we W 53 if I 1 f, ,f f, ,KA x ax X f 'X' S. 'x 1'-X K f . ff:-7, I f 1 , V FHA A 1. Q' 1--:Hg 'L r . YE . .ESX -,,, ,,-.D n f v Q'.ii -as V if fy ' 'O HE SC U PE f' - Y, . . ' 1f.5,'in WI- ., To the Class of 1931: O YOU who are about to go forth from the University of Penn- 'K sylvania as graduates of its School of Medicine, the first school f .-'. Hi' of its kind established in this country, I wish to extend my most ,gifts-ff sincere wishes for your future happiness and success. q""f' You are to be congratulated in the first place upon the success- ful completion of your courses of study in the University, a task which required of you constant application to your work in order I ' that you might meet the high academic standards exacted of students. But you are to be congratulated even more, I believe, on the I ,fi U: fact that the profession for which you have chosen to prepare your- selves is one that is unexcelled for the opportunities which it offers Q for real service to humanity. 'iii The years which you have spent as students in the School of 'git Medicine cannot have failed to make you familiar with the glorious history of the school since its establishment 166 years ago and with ' :Tiff its many magnificent traditions. ' Throughout the ages those traditions have been upheld by generation after generation of Pennsylvania graduates distinguished zigiuiwj mit merely by their ability and knowledge of their profession but Q by the zeal with which they have unselfishly devoted that ability and Effigq knowledge to the public welfare. li: Like those who have gone before, each one of you in the fgjg Class of 1931 will find unlimited opportunities for service along I thc path you follow, regardless of whether you engage in the active 5' practice of your profession, in medical research work, or in the I teaching of medicine. K I wish you all God-speed every step of the way. f I-55314314 E45g:i " if 3 if-ip 9 .. "' J.' I nfl 'I ! :N 'Trl lf' ., N "fri 9 ry' X Pri? 4 f' at X Tu'- Q 1 ,' x gs. -1, figs' f is difias -fry , iiiiff lfpff. .iff ,D If-5f.Q":, .EE -. 2-1,25-. .fu 95? l I 1 5-gi' ?f2i,,.E I 'afz il V' , X FQL.,-i i QL' " 23' 'iff ' V He'-E. 5 .I . -. 1-.Vw Mx tl' Xxig, n .4 , fx ! ,f i?'f ak " , A-X .1f,1,j'n. 3 ., 'A x-ff '- ' l E w . - xlffwf .. N Iwi-f I ,V 5.7 .- X yzflg, ' f 'i Qgiai ' V' 577 flfx, fl! 1 ,. ad? V 1 , -' ' Hx 1 ,., If ,rl yxkX'l5'1f. A 7 , Y' fl' l". 'I f. , , v. -,. I .1 f -X 1 ', I. , -In X fl, -1 i.,.V.,!f 5 . w .9 'I ' Q9 wi ffgffi , ,595 J. div, -L"fi"f.. Ljgl . V 1 W X.: X 1' f , A'Af fifiif X if T 'K f Qii' -an P Q , .Vim -hi '1 af ,. .... xx .by A . ff. - 'Q-.', :Q-fzff ' , '.,2'.. A f 2--:rf .., v., W 1 1 - yi' W fr . 7,3 x, ul ij' I I i l X f Qzfi lx lv . .n 1 --1- ! .iyiid 'JTHE SCBPE Q' OUR class started one hundred and eleven strong. Four joined you at the beginning of the Second Year and twenty-nine more at the beginning of the Third year. Thus there have been in your class one hundred and forty-four students. Only five have left the class for scholastic: deficiencies and five in good standing for other reasons. Presumably one hundred and thirty-four will graduate this Spring. Thus ninety-three per cent. of your class will successfully complete their course. This is a record of which to be proud and never equalled before in the history of the school. I congratulate you sincerely and hope you can keep up this good work. mad We .2-Z-9' . 31.33 5 I Ill -E f 1-. ,. ,. . .V 1. A - 215 if J " 1. X . '13 X , iaf l, 1 1 N I , if ' 5. s A . 1 .lf Lili t Q if viii? , fl'-.flif5' 't sr? .i ' fa , Sw A av?- THE EMZQPEE Mr EDWARD J. REICHERT M.D., sc.D. Emerifus Professor of Physiology qveufy-fozzr CHARLES K. MILLS Ph.D., M.D. Emerirus Professor of Neurology CHARLES P. GRAYSON M.D. Emeriius Professor of Laryngology Ku, 4 L.:-Lg Qs Sew-mm W F1 A THOMAS R. NEILSON M.A., M.D. g Emeri+us Professor of 'T A L Genifo-Urinary Surgery B. ALEXANDER RANDALL M.D., Ph.D. Emeriius Professor of Ofology JOHN B. DEAVER M.D., Sc.D., LL.D. Emeriius Professor of Surgery Twenty-five 8,1 va TH SQ P E oo J59?""" ALEXANDER C. ABBOTT M.D., Sc.D., Dr., P.H. Emerifus Professor of Hygiene and Bacieriology Tfweuty-:Lx SENECA EGBERT Dr., P.H., A.M., M.D. Professor of Hygiene BARTON COOKE HIRST M.A., M.D., LL.D. Emerifus Professor of Obsfehics sf 1 . -I "Q WW 1 -.., H177 v, fn, ' N -4 -, X- 5 Q. ,, :55 0,5 .1 5.3 -W Qi if ,5 sb Ov ' If 5,1 I .2 V vi' -i, f L sis ea -1 M? A aim: ra 3,64 5 x I' 7 7 1: L A , . 'Ia .1 . J .71 3-I ,. gr 5 1, EDWARD B. KRUIVIBHAAR I , Pam-'1-zssok or Pfvrl loLoc:Y ,iig- 3 Grmlnale of Grolon Srhool, Grolon, Nlass. fI9flU2g A.Ii,, Harvard fl9ll'l2g M.IJ., Ulll-Uz?l'.fll'V oj :lg Pennsylqmnifa f191lS25 l'l1.D., Uniwersiry of Pennsylwznia fI9l625 post-graduate 'work in Europe 11906, 1934 and 192725 Resiilenr Parhologisf, Pcnnsylfuania Hospifal 5190325 Rari- ileni Physirian, PL'llIl.f'1'l'UlIlllll Hospiral KIQUQ-l9lll2g flssislant Nenrologzsl, Pllzlmlclpfna Hospital 11911 and l9l.225 Assistant lnstrnutor III Meillflzfe, Ullllilfllly of Ilnnsj wanna ,Q H919-191525 Pnvvirian to On!-Parienf Department, Pefnisyl-vania! Hospital 11913-191625 5, In . 'v f flssislan! l'hvsivia:i, Plfilailelpllia Hospiml 11 913 25 Volnnlary flssislanl, Research M01I1'l1lE, Uniwrsilv of Pennsylvania H911 and 191225 Fello-w H913 ami 191-125 Assormfe fI9I.a- 19162 5 iflssislanl lirofessor H916-192112 5 Assmfiaiu in Nlciliciflc 119162 5 Dirrrlor of Palllolo qiral Laboralorv, Philadelphia General Hospital H9211-19272 5 Associate Proffssor . . . V . I 71- 1 of Patlzologv Grailnaie Srlzool of Meilnrinc, Unwersify of PL'lll1J.ll'UlIlIll! fllgl ,-f' . I A Professor of Pathology, Urziwz-my of Pennsylwzanza KI937- 25 PlIfh0l0llIl.fl lo In ' General Hospiral5 li. E. F. IU. S. Base Hospiral No. 1112, Le Trvporl fjllllf, 1917, lo 5 April, 191925 Livzzlcnanl, Captain, Nlajor, 1VI.R.C.5 U. S. 14.5 flssislant Eililor, flNl!?I'll'tIll Journal of 1011 Meiliral SClL'Ilt7l?.f Il922-l92525 Eflilor, Anmrirzui Journal of rife Mmliral Sciences U925- I Author of about 1011 articles on ffm spleen, blood, rarfliology and offler snl1jccls5 rnaplers in svarions tex!-lioolcs and vo-anfnor of book on "Spicer: and Anfnzmf' ll . . . . . . IN THESE cluys of lugh pressure sulcsmamslnp and pulmllclty propugumla, A healthy SCCITYIUISIII I' 1 l' :ics is num, than cvcr CSSCHf1'll for thc progressive medical in rcgzxrd to znllugccl mcc 16:1 c nsvovc' 1 " . . man who wants to kccp his bnlancc. As Anntolc France said Vlihc faculty of doubting is rare - - '- ' ' ' ' al' " 'a " '1 them. thc gcrm of this attribute but it docs not among mm, IL wry fux xmntl rms urly ll clcvclop without culturc.' " T-wenfy-sewn ,f .. 'U I H ,. Q7 KV" 6- , YQ? 5 lj-.-'PQ 1 I I P X 4 5 I 53 I x pie? I Iii ' I,1 I, .'.',,'f rv' lil N xii' ix .Iugp y is -5i"'3 . iii'-gif if X N I, di' 7 ZQ1 .r 4'," , Y ' 4: if' Z'1f?'f" ' ff ai I 5.71" ,fl'j- EUGENE L. OPIE ,In +':4I,Ig I Pnolfrzssok OF PA1'HoLoc:Y !q:ffI I . I 4. I :fm A.B., Johns Hopkins Unifversity fI893jg M.D. fIS97j5 Fellofw, Assistant, Instructor and Asso- t I' ,IJ ciate in Pathology KISQS-190425 Member of the Rockefeller Institute for Mezlical Research ii Iffgvi, H904-191025 Pathologist to the Presbyterian Hospital of New York H907-I9I0jg Professor :I ' of Pathology of Washington Unis-versity of St. Louis H910-19231, and Dean of the Medical X lx 2'f3fIIII School H912-191515 Director of Laboratory, Henry Phipps Institute U923- Q5 Professor A' :ij-' of Pathology, Unifversity of Pennsylvania K1 927- ,511 , .. i Member of National Acaflemy o f Science, President of National Tuberculosis Association, 5253 Presiilent o If American Association of Immunologistsg Member of Executive Committee of ff ,Q International Union Against Tuberculosis, Member of American Association o If Pathologists f ' ami Bacteriologists, College' of Physicians o If Philailelphia, Association of American Physicians, Philadelphia Pathological Society, etc. N 'igj ,LIZ Author of "Diseases of the Pancreas" fI9IOQg Co-author: "Trench Fewer" 091915 "Epiflemic in ,IIg:,QII,I Respiratory Diseases" K1 9212, aml articles in medical journals. 1,'Q'II b Tibfg Colonel M,R.C.' Patholo ist to Base Hos ital No. I2 A. E. F. H918 5 Member of Commission j2Z5gQ X II 1 Q g P r I I I I I for Study of Trench F ever at St. Pol, France I l9I6',lg Member of Commission for Investlga- 'jgiji-Q5 , tion of Pneumonia H918-19191. Cited by General Pershing, June 6, 1919, for excep- ,Alf , tional! y meritorious and conspicuous services. 11.9-' .-1 . iff! f zsgrd XZ ii.-Yfiv L f'fH:a'f:f s ..,, . I v T-wenty-eight ..-as "JJ x 1 at - .F-. 512 .1 :f jf, f .3 .63 .,f G T'-.LW ff.. N' SAMUFL C OLDSLHMID1' Assocmu-. Pao: Lssok or Pm 5101.005 Pl.B., lale 1911 Ph.D. Yale f1914j- Fellow in- Research Medicine, University of Pennsyl- fvania Mezlical School 1914-1915 ' Instructor in Pathology and Instructor in Chemical Pathology, Johns Hopkins Medical School H915-1919 - Lecturer in Physiology Cornell Medical School 1919-1921 Assistant Professor o Physiology, University of Pentzsylfvania Medical School 1921-1926 - Associate Professor of Physiology since 1926. Member: The American Physiolo gical Society, lhe American Society of Biological Chemists, The Harvey Society, lhe Society for Experimental Biology and Merlicine, the Physiological Society of Philadelphia antl the Society of Sigma Xi. Publications include stuflies on the spleen absorption rom the gut the e ect o temperature upon the peripheral bloozl flow anzl the metabolism o tissues, peripheral cyanosis and the mobility of ions in free :li usion. HE primary function of the physician i-s to heal. To this end your cou1'se in physiology has contributed little of immediate practical value. In common xx ith other subjects taught in the pre- clinical years, it is one of the foundation stones on which rests the structure as a whole. These foundation stones, however, are no firmer than the base on which they, in turn, stand. Herein lies their strength, for they are set upon a base of scientific investigation which has withstood those rigid tests which the scientist imposes upon his work. The study of physiology, therefore, should have ineulcated those scientific criteria upon which any sound therapy must rest. Skepticism is a necessary attribute of the physician, but to exercise it intelligently requires an ability to evaluate the facts. sr .. 1 ,.:: -.-1 uw. .,. 'ISA 1' ,,.:51ij: it q- ,' I, .r. .1..-- sr f- of ' -- wt 'DTHE SCBPE lu t NX ,., In We 'X ' ' I N gif? li' ,qnp 1 -5-wg? xx S I il.-. 'sl Y l' ' -1' 1, ' Z .1 5' l lf f is ' , f sesee so 1, , -at ' 5 X . y I , K J, , 3 r 1, 2 , 1 L . , , ' 'iii K ' f X N f J, - x K l t . ' ' l-L . if! , , F , t f ,,, r :HN t S ' Z: T . . - f 1 M 'li , . . , . ' n ' fs' Q? l ' ' msg Ayala.. fffflefellt f1"5i.I . -' :I+ . 731 .nil ' 15. H.- 1 .RV .... . , 1 .x. Men Asso Maj 1 A N RICHARDS PROM-Lssok Olf' PIIARMACOLOFX Yale 1R97,l- M.A. 1892- Ph.D. l'0!1IN1l7lll 1901- S1'.D., Pennsylvania 19.25i1 As- sisfanl anfl T.11or in Physiologfical Chemisfry, College 0 Ph.lA'iL'lll1I.f an1l Surgeons, N. Y. 1898-1911-ll lnslrnclor in Pharmacology, College o Physicians and Surgeons 190-7- 1908 - Pro essor of Pharmacology in Nor.fhqceslern Universify 11905-1910 1 Pro essor of Pharznaeology in Universily o Pennsylqnznia Medical Vchool since 19111 - Visiling Pro- fessor atHaNJar1l Felzrzzary-.lnne 1931 . iber of lhe Nalional Acaflemy of Sciences Associa-Iion o American Physicians Harvey Yociely, Sociefy o Exjwerimenlal Medicine and Bioloqy, American Society 0 Biological Fheinisls American Physiological Society, American Sociery o Pharmacology anfl Exjrerimenlal Yherapentics, lhe Physiological Sociery of Greal B!'ilfllll,'01Ill Plysiological Sociefy of Philadelphia. ciale Editor o "Journal o Biological Chemislryf' "Journal o Pharmacology anfl E:','1"'- - nml l'herajren1ics," "Chemical Abstracls' an1l "Biological Alzsfraclsf Special fworle in Englmnl in the Laboralory o Ihe British Melical Research Cofnmiltee- Member of Ihe Special Commirlee appointefl to infvestigafe fhe ' shocle problem H917-1918 , or in U. S. Army 1918 g assigned fo infvesfigale fhe problems conneclefl fwiih gas 'warfare at A. E. F. Exjwerimenlal Fielfl Chnnvnonl France. G.-910 s ff 1TH xi 51 Q P1-1 11 A 11 Ny 1, ,. ,V M fl 'Vi' 11 1 - i 1, 11, 11'-, ,. 1 , 1 , 161' ' i 1 f ff 1' 1 ' ng vi, fi . L ' . ' J, f N I f , 2 . 1 1, ' , f 1 , . . , f .1 f 1 , ' I f f f 1 .111 X me ' f ' S ff ' I " I xx N 1 1 ,Ib- 4 111' ' f fi-Eli' Z' ii Thirty W" 'Q HV SCQPE GEORGE WILLIAM NORRIS Pkoificssoa or CLINICAL lVlliDlClNl'I 5.1 --ia .,,, x i ,.r Y. 'L F3 :ff .- If 17 1"'w 5 . ,eil ii' 91 1 e ., .r 1 1 Vu, eye. , .-. '- .7' .AV ,I an, 4 r Adi., University of Pennslvlfvania llS95j, M.D., Uni-versiry of Pennsylfvania lltS'99Q5 Chief of Medical Service "fl," Pennsylvania Hospital, F ellofw o f the College of Physicians, Philadelphia. Member of Ihe Association o f American Physicians, American Nledical Association, Palhological Society of Philadeljvhia, Academy of Natural Sciences, Alnlerican Clinical and Clinmrical Association, American Philosophical Society. Aulhor of "Studies in Cardiac Pathology" ll9llQ, "Cronpons PIlE1llII0lllll,, in Osler and McCrae's "Modern Medicine" lI913j, Vol. 1, "Blood Pressure, Its Clinical Aff'llC!lll0l1,,, F onrth edition 5 "Diseases of the Chest and lhe Principles of Physical Diagnosis" K I 917 Q, fin collaboration with H. R. M. Landisj fourlh ediliong also forty-eight articles on 'various topics appearing in lhe Medical Journals. Colonel, M. C., U. S. Army, Chief Medical Consnllanr, Fourth Army Corps, Lecturer on Toxic Gases, Arm-Uv School at Langresg Chief Medical Consnllanl for U. S. Hosjfilals in England, Ciled by Gen. Pershing lMarch-, 19202 "For exceptionally Meritorious and Conspicuous Services as Senior Medical Consallanz in Medicine for Divisions in Tonl Seclor." DURING your course in medicine you must, at least at times, have been bewildered, discouraged and depressed by the multiplicity :md complexity of the facts, or supposed facts, which have been served as your daily menu. If such has been the ease it may console you to recall what Lessing wrote: "Not the bare truth which everyone possesses or thinks he powesses, but the earnest endeavor which he has made to understand the whole truth-to get at the foundation of it-makes the worth of man. For it is not through its possession but rather through the search for it, that the powers are enlarged, which alone make for his growth towards perfection. Possession makes him quiet, indolcnt, proud." EK ' U ' I Thirry-one 1. ', .. tail. . ,y ?.'Z " --fa , . wif I i 1 t 1 ,J 'I 15-'Z :lil 'J T3 65 6 ,, 9 5 I' " 'O of Q. W ,yr 2- x 1 ffl' I 133'- fl ,, -I X "Lei f lilies . g3s.I!'Z4'. -Y' E? N .Q'aj', I' A Q Q 15275-ft eg A N 'sfi ,nfl i, I, ' 'if"'I A :Fi fl-if 13? . 1.,2'g'zlf i ' is -' fm, I rifpi' 'fiifji 154' "3 "ff, full' Q 'J9""Y5' ii, R if tr ,sygf b l- ' HERBERT Fox ggi 5h'?iEIg': . DIRk2CTOR, WILLIAM PEPPER CLINICAL LAnoRA'1'oRY , , A., i :L ii A.B., Central High School f1897j, M.D., Medical School, University of Pennsylvania fI901j, t Interned at Philadelphia General Hospital K 1901-1902 Q, ' Presbyterian Hospital H902-190325 Member Philadelphia Commission Butler Typhoid Epidemic H903 - 190-U, k:35'5f'-L Second Assistant to Albrecht in Vienna H905 5-5,1521 X ll H, Volunteer Associate, William Pepper Laboratory H904-190615 Chief of Laboratories, Penn- 'fail sylvania Department of Health K1 906-19111, Pathologist of Rush Hospital K from 190-tj, H., , Pathologist Children's Hospital f 1915-1924 jg Pathologist and Curator o f Museum Labura- tory of Comparative Pathology, Philadelphia Zoological Society ffrom 1906j, Director mg- William Pepper Laboratory of Clinical Medicine I from 19!Ij, Professor of Comparative , 7 'QQf,:- , Pathology, University of Pennsylvania K from 1927 'rf 5 Major, Medical Corps, U. S. A. H917-19192, in charge Cantonment Laboratory, Camp Zach- .45 ary Taylor, Louisville, K entucley, Professor of Comparative Pathology, University of "f:'2 'I Pennsylvania f 1927 . fl-H giljlf Author: Elementary Bacteriology and Protozoology II9 12, 1915, I 919, 19261, swith Dr. 'jfft X 'F-F Alfred Stengel, Text-Book of Pathology K 1915, 1921, 1927j5 Disease in Captive Wild i-.diff-'9 Ni, I Mammals and Birds K 1924 Q, Member of A. M. A., College of Physicians, American I L-ff.: " I Association Pathologists and Bacteriologists, and several smaller organizations. , Special Subjects of Investigations: Disease of the lymphatic apparatus and blood, comparative ,LV " relation of these in human and lofwer animals , comparative pathology of tuberculosis , bacterial basis of human anemias, comparative study of rumors, report of original tissue K I . of Hodgkin from 1828. ' 'LI 'Hs fs., 'E CONGRATULATIONS upon the successful end of your work to enter the medical fraternity. ' 13.25 fwgil. Ma good luck accompany you. And this from :I laboratory man-do not neglect the art of G V 35.5 ll1CC?lCil'lC. ' llfifff. .L Thirty-tfwo .lj'G,. ' .,-'A ' ry. - H-- J-4"'. Q .,.,, sa,- Ji ' ' I S RAVDIN J. WILLIAM WHITE Pitolfnssoa or Rx-:si-:ARCH Suaex-:Rx B S., Iiulianaa Uni-versity 1916 ' 1VI.D., University o Pennsylmania 1918 - Chief Resirlent Physician, University Hospital H918-1920 - Prosector o Applied Anatomy H920-1922 ' Assistant Surgeon Philadelphia General Hospital 1919-1922 - Assistant Surgeon, Graduate School Hospitalls 1920-1923 - Assistant Surgeofn, University Hospilall H922-19294 - Surgeon University H ospilal 1930- - J. William White Assistant Professor of Research Surgery 1927-1929 ' J. William White Pro essor of Research Surgery H929 . Fellow: College of Physicians of Philadelphia, Academy of Surgery, and American Medical Association. M ember: Halstead Club, American Physiological Society, aml American Society of Experimental Pathology. 4 HEN Halstead began the use of the rubber glove surgeons in other clinics threw up their hands in despair. What was to become of the surgcon's tactus eruditus. The soundness of their use soon spread and now their omission brings forth the same scorn that their use previously brought. So too, the Roentgen ray brought misgivings to many surgeons who were skilled in the elicitation of crepitus. It is refreshing to note that thd tendency to disparage the introduction of scientific methods of diagnosis and treatment is rapidly passing. You are graduating at a very invigorating period in medical history. The future is what you make it- Good fortune! and A I . .NU v 'N 'n,.,'.- iff. - 'qzfsf ' .I-fpw .-. - ... ....,, .-3.-.1-l. 3. im S 8 M' 1' . ' Oo 09 W' . HE C y t lx . ta ' fri: N 7' 1 A xx - 1 I f il x l ' V A ll f is ' hi 0 - . . xi .Q j,::I 5.4, ' I - It-.-' t F ,:,5. i . , r 1, f i f 1, i 'L X J. I f 2 J, . Ai , f ' is l l, X .X 2 K lr ii r 1, f 1 '13 f' K' l 'lffif t be ' ' i I" 5 s . I I V' ' V - id 12 YJ fs J Thirty-three Qvfi I G U :D A 'O P li O' or 1 1. . I i :' J ' ,ft 'im . , .. '.l.vf'f7Z 'L' ii: N 5'5i't?"' 1 :fig ft. i, 'tit , if S 'ff vslfk I -'fficlf -s .:i1f'?" 'WEE D . s f'f-iff: WILLIAM H. F. ADDISON Paorrzsson or NORMA1. HISTOLOGY AND EMmu'oLocY t University of Toron-to B.A M .B., M.D.5 stuzlietl Comparative Neurology with Professor Lud- f iff' wig Etlinger, Neurological Institute, Frankfurt-am-Main summers 1912-1913-19141, with . ' '3 Dr. A riens K ap pers, Netherlands Brain Institute, A msterilam K summers I 9 2 I - I 9 23 - ,V . H926-193015 aml with Ramon y Cajal, Marlritl f1928j5 Demonstrator of Normal His- 1'-'72-Q'f,f-Q tology and Embryology, University of Pennsylvania I 1905-191215 Assistant Professor l' H912-I9I9j5 Professor of Normal Histology and Embryology fsince I9I9j. Member o f the American Association of Anatomists, American Society of Naturalists, American ff. Physiological Society, Philadelphia Pathological Society, Corporation of the Marine .-,, V. 1 "ff: , Biological Association, Woozl's Hole, Mass., Academy of Natural Sciences. iff , F ellow' o f the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and College of Physicians N I of Philadelphia. 'ffy ,L Contributor of papers on subjects in Histology, Embryology and Neurology to the American Z.:-V L' Journal of Anatomy, Journal of Morphology, Journal of Comparative Neurology and the " Anatomical Record. Erlitor of Piersol's Normal Histology and of Villiger's Brain and " ,MJ Spinal Corel. s as I IN THE undergraduate courses onc of the aims is to inculcatc methods of exactness, both of mind and hand, by a training in the science. The natural accompaniment should be the foster- ing in every individual of the scientific spirit, the compelling desire to know the causes of "fig lflgf' things, and steadfastncss of purpose in refusing superficial explanations. This attitude of mind 4152 'l should bc carefully 'preserved by the physician, both toward the ordinary phenomena of life, as L :.1. well as toward the more unusual. fi' . f,t. 21,142 ' ' V, ' 1-1 H jg.: Cru. 7. ' , Thirty- f our C NJ-9 8 V ry 1 1' 5 1" 1 lf. 4,, We N 1,1 . Y" 1 ,St I .t vi Q! 77 Sli .1 1 7. S. IJ IW ' x .515 "J are 'J SCGPE 1' V CHARLES C. NORRIS 1 Pnornsson OF Ons'r1-:'rR1cs ANI: GYN1-:coLocY AND Dnulzcron ov 1-H15 D1-:PAR'1'M1tN'1' OF OBS'l'I'I'I'RlCS AND GYNr:coLoc:v Episcopal Academy, M .D., University of Pennsylvania f16'98j, Interned at Pennsylvania Unifversity, and Johns Hopkins Hospitals, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Director of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Medical School, University of Pennsylvania H927 to datejg Professor of Gynecology, Graduate School, University of Pennsylvaniay Gynecologist and Obstetrician to the Hospital of the University of Penn- sylfvaniag appointed Director, Gynecean Hospital Institute o f Gynecological Research, University of Pennsylfvania ft 926 to datej. At present, Consulting Gynecologist, Philadelphia General Hospital, Gynecologist Henry Phipps Institute and Children's Hospital 5 Visiting Physician, Preston Retreat. Formerly Gynecologist and Obstetrician to the Radiologic Department and Pre-Natal Clinic, Philadelphia General Hospital and Philadelphia Maternity Hospital. Fellofw o f the American College of Surgeons 5 College of Physicians o f' Philadelphia, Member of the American Medical Associattiong Philadelphia County Ilfledical Association 5 American Gynecological Society I President 193 0 jg Philadelphia Obstetrical Society f President 19301, American Gynecological Club, Philadelphia Pathological Society and a director of the American Society for the Control of Cancer, 1929 to dare. Author of "Gonorrhea in Women" f19l3Q, "Gynecological and Obsletrical Tuberculosisi' f1921j, "Radium in Gynecology" ffwith Dr. J. G. Clark, 192715 "Uterine Tumors" f1930j, and of 70 papers and articles pertaining to Obstetrics and Gynecology. I WISH each member of the Medical Class of 1931 happiness and success. M, Q14 K Cl-L . 4611413 -. Thirty- five 1. I ." 'J ',,'2f9 .I ,. Pl :A , Sf ,Q . I ,,, Ii: : my A, 11' Af 1,3 .A V, ..I, .inf-: .. ...JK .1 , ., s .g. ", 15-fin l E J- 4 y-5,1 122. :fi en, ,-"1 . .4' -,rf J. -1 4, . - o , f L ,Q s.:.. -:nf J- '- :iff ng .H J -. J. :.- I 'c m xs K qq,-we . 1213137 'Qi nga. Z", ""' """'J CJ ot "A" it ,Ill if f .. . li I X lik? I 'iii 'P rv' X :,L,'f,l :N 2.7! ef .riff X P it. it if I -,fin 1 551' ,L 4, X, 'ff fuk., I 1'--gf f is ifiiii' -f I 2 I -5535 :',w- ' "F "W 11" ly ffl filitff iff, o. II. PERRY PEPPER ,gf PROFESSOR oI-' CLINICAL MI:nIcINI2, UNIvI-:RsI'I'Y or PI-:NNSYLVANIA IXSSISTANT CIIII-:P or MEDICAL CLINIC, UNIvI-:RsI'I'Y HOSPITAL ' ,722-LJ, St. Marle's School fgraduated in 19011, B.S., University of Pennsylvania fI905Q, MD., J - University of Pennsylvania fI908i, Interne, University Hospital H908-I9I0j, Assistant, i f f ,LIL Medical Dispensary, University Hospital I 191 01, Assistant Instructor, University of Penn- sylviania f19II-19122, Associate in Medicine fI9I2-19192, Associate in Research Medi- cine H913-I9l9Q, Assistant Professor of Medicine H922-19282, Assistant Physician, Uni- versity Hospital f I 913- Q, Professor o f Clin-ical Medicine f 1928- , '15 Army Experience Entered active service f April, I 918 Q, First Lieutenant, promoted to Captain, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Acted as Assistant Chief of Medical Service, Base Hospital, -3' Camp Meade, Chief of Medical Service, Base Hospital No. 34, Nante, France, Chief of ,op "W , Medical Service, Base Hospital N o. 69, Savenay, France. ihf, ,P 1 1 V ' . . I 1 1 . . 'lfa 1. 1- Author of many anticles on internal medicine and research, author of sections in Progressive 'tiff' U Medicine annually, author of Section on 'Diseases of the Kidney in Craig's Diseases of 172 y ljjf: Middle Age. '5-5535.-5 Societies: College of Physicians of Philadelphia fCouncillorj Philadelphia Pathological Society 1'-'5'i'i ffornter President Q, Association of American Physicians, Ainerican Society of Clinical In- ,,j,I,iQff"' I vestigatio n, Society o f American Pathologists and Bacteriologists, Co uwty, State and , American Medical Associations, Member, National Board o f Medical Examiners. "if ,.il,i1'QQ RECENTLY, I have traveled extensively throughout the United States. Everywhere I went " ji, I found tlIe reputation of our School very high. Our graduates are highly esteemed and many are the leading men of the local profession. This can mean only one thing, and it further f 523213, means that wherever you go you will he welcomed as a graduate of this School. Your path 57, will be the easier for the diploma you have won. Let your effort be to increase still further our Sehool's reputation. '4 fi if Qi-I H f' f' ' c a , Thirty-six Q rg, g Q 1 W, . G, ,PWD .Q , .Q W E' s K 5 iq, I gms! -36 T 3 a..t111I l at .U :Ulf 'Ig .F " x fl ,ggi-f 'fi fury. 'ffifi' 5'ii5'7l j. ,- ,.-, .N rfgl 0 As'rLEv PAsToN CooPER Asn H URST PRO!-'lesson or-' CLINICAL Sunni-:RY 'L 'Zi Etlucatefl at the Forsythe School, Philadelphia: A.Ii'., University of Penusyl-vania H8905 M.D., ,J UtlIU6fIll.l' Of PflUl5,1"1WlUlill fI900j, Resilient Physician Chiltlren's Hospital fI900-190125 -iff., Episcopal Hospital 11901-190315 Prosecutor of Applied Anatomy at the University of Penn- "Q,.'Qf"J sylfvania H904-19112, Instructor of Surgery H911-19210 Associate in Surgery H920- 192315 Professor of Clinical Surgery, Unisve. sity of Pennsylfuania f since 1923 jg Surgeon " to the Dispensary of the Episcopal Hospital H903-I9l3j5 Associate Surgeon to the Episcopal Hospital H913-19152, Surgeon to the Episcopal Hospital fsince l9I5jg Assistant Surgeon to the Orthopedic Hospital U90-I-191-U5 Surgeon to the Philadelphia Orthopedic Hospital lsince I9l4j, Assistant Surgeon to the Dispensarv of the Laukenau Hospital 7"'!",5'l1 H9114-I906j5 Surgeon to the Dispensary of the Chiltlren's Hospital H9116-I9IIjg chief of " the Gynecological Out-Patient Departmenrt of the Pennsylvania Hospital H906-19111. Fellofw of the College of Physicians, the Philaflelphia Academy of Surgeons, the International Fjiji Society of Surgery 5 Member of the Interurlnan Surgical Society and the Society of Clinical ,,.,-,-,st 3 pg t- Surgery. Author of "Enlargement o-f the Prostate," "Surgery of the Upper Alnlomenl' f with Dr. John B. in Deaverj, "Au Anatomical and Surgical Stmly of Fractures of the Lofwer Entl of the HumEt'us" :ijfj ' fGross Prize Essay, 19110, "Surgery, Its Principles and Practice." ,.4.Q,j1iQ Citation for exceptionally meritorious and conspicuous service in April, 1919, fwhile a Colonel in 'l' if" the Medical Reserve Corps, U. S. Army. ,,g:1:,. JOHN HUN'l'IiR said: "To perform an operation is to mutilate a patient we cannot eureg it should f therefore he considered an acknowledgment of the imperfeetion of our art.'l 4 My hope is that you young men, now about to receive your degrees, have learned and "fri appreciated the value of conserfvatifve surgeryg at the same time that you have learnedl that -Mt-,Q "desperate diseases require desperate remedies," and that there are many surgical lesions, which i'f'i1f"'-55 fat least, in the present state of our knowledgeb can be cured only by operation. And early operation is urged by the surgeon not simply because it is easier for the surgeon, but because it is for the patient's welfare. ,tum , 'I'h irty- 'eve '1 if ,i 1-Q9 Q1 L 1 -: IN .. r- iff f- 2 'f-13 zi- -n .j' .A f,. El-. 1-,F :.' 1 cs. -, .-. K .gc ,M L, 'mu It l .gs .M 1 .Qu ', t.. '-T ., t .f,-, ss. x8 H19 1' 2. ' 21" 1' Gr. , t 0,1 L 1, X 1-L . - p I 4 1 1 1' gl .ful ., t an 'z " 'an X a':1-52" ' fe." . gi nf I fr 4 'Ns . .,- QZ. K"' -40 V1 .. N33 'I' ':'- 'fm te ., O. ix ff ft :' l 35,6 fl' ik N '-1 ai ' 1 is K 1' 'f-'P 6"'-215 I A it K fi K 'fi 1.5, 157557 , 'I 555. l f i' 'i 'Al . gy' N 7' ev: R 242,55 ,ffii GEORGE P. MULLER gg 4 -1-Q. N lxrff. --, Pnomsson or CLINICAL SURGERY s 5,j.!,., ' I I Preliminary education in the Philadelphia Public Schools, graduating from Central High School, t I 551 A.B. fI895j, M.D., University of Pennsylvania f1899j, Interne, Lanleenau Hospital 1899- .1 'Q 19022 5 successifvely, Assistant Instructor, Instructor, Associate and Professor of Clinical Q fftfg' 't Surgery in the Medical School, Professor of Surgery and Vice-Dean for Surgery in the :fe-.lf-Q1 Graduate School of Medicine I 1919-1922 jg Surgeon to the University and Misericordia Hospitals, Surgeon to the Rush Hospital. , F ellofw of the American Surgical Association, American Medical Association and American College 'A of Surgeons 5 Fellow of the College of Physicians and Academy of Surgery of Philadelphia. " A ,elf , Member a f the Interurban and Clinical Surgical S ocieties, Chairman of the Surgical Section of the cgi' 1' American Medical Association I 19212, Vice-President of the American College o f Surgeons t V- f1922j, President of the Academy of Surgery of Philadelphia fI930j. 'fgif , '-4 Vilg' ' ONE of the most important social questions of the day, the cost of medical care, agitates the minds of the laymen, journalists and physicians. You will take part in the coming controversy, , -ff: and I hope will uphold the dignity of your profession and avoid the introduction of "trades-union" niethods into the solution of the problem. The basis of the work of the physician is service, and i' ifqie' l the monetary reward is never commensurate with the time and skill given in performing one's duty to the sick and injured. But modern medicine requires expensive equipment in hospital f and office, and the public must be educated tactfully in the necessity for greater expenditure in the . 'Ziff A 7'2jfl'l..3 securing of health or well bodies. -if l fi N .. 4 Tigg 1f'ift"ll1.' - if,-'f Thirty -eight "wr HE SCBPEO' Nm' EDWARD ARMIN SCHUMANN AssocIATE PROFESSOR OF ORS'l'li'I'RlCS A.B., M.D., University of Pennsylvania fI901j, Central High School fI897j5 Associale Pro- fessor of Obslelrics, University of Pennsyl-vania K since 192611, Inlerne, Philadelphia General Hospital, Sometime Oat-Patient Surgeon and Palhologist, Gynecean Hosfilal, Ob.fl8lI'IL'll1ll aml Gynecologist, Philadelphia General Hospital, Gynecologisl, Frankford Hospital, Ob- 51617761071 and Gynecologist, Memorial Hospilal, Consnlling Obslelrician mul Gynecologisl, Jefwish anzl Memorial H ospilal. Lieutenant-Commander, M.C.R., U. S. Navy. Fellow of the American Gynecologicnl Society, lhe Americam College of Surgeons, lhe American Mezlical Association, the College of Physicians o f Philmleljrhia. - Member: Obslelrical Society of Philadelphia, Pathological Sociely. Author: "Extra-Uterine Pregnancy," "Gonnorhea in Women," r I Thirty-nine k. ,,, 51.77 ff PE ra P- 1.- V Q1 'cr L .,. lj' ITX sl' H13 :fiv- .fi ily, if v -fx ,'. z-J ' ..,,, ,5 qw 'x Q' Fm ,fr-W E to ls 'J ai ' Q N 'I' A ffzjfivl fZ":l,g2 al Eg Nj:-Q3 WILLIAM G. SPILLER lijfi Pizoifi-:ssou or NEUROLOCY il M.D., University of Pennsylvania lI.S'92j, Post-Graduate Work in London, Berlin, Vienna and I p g Paris f1892- 189515 Clinical Professor of Diseases of the Nerfvous System, Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania H902-1925j, Demonsrrator of Neuropathology, Unifversity of Pennsylsvania H900-1901j, Assistant Clinical Professor of Nervous Diseases and Assistant 1'i',1,,.,, Professor of Neuropathology f1901-I903j, Professor of Neuropathology and Associate Professor of Neurology H903-1915j, Professor of Neurology fsince 1915j, Neurologist 3, to the Philadelphia General Hospital fjanuary 1, 1901, to December 31, I925jg Con- sultant Neurologist fsince 192525 President of the Philadelphia Neurological Society 51000 and 192625 President of the American Neurological Association K1 905j, formerly Con- sultant Neurologist to the Pennsylvania, Bryn Maswr and Episcopal Hospitals. A Member of the American Neurological Association, o f the American Medical Association, o f the Philadelphia Neurological Society, of the Philadelphia Psychiatric Society, of the County ,,-1 Medical Society, of the Association for Research in Nervous and Mental Diseases. -I-'-TN' . . . . "ijt Fellofw of the College of Physlclans of Philadelphia. 5-K Corresponding member of the Gesellschaft Deutscher Nerfveniirzte, of the Verein fur Neurologie X ' und Psychiatric in Wien 5 Foreign Corresponding Member of the Societe de Neurologie of .l,jf2Q Paris and Honorary Member of the Societe de Neurologie Esthonienne, author of numerous Lil" papers on Neurology. J I T IS my earnest wish that you may realize the high ideals you have on entering into the frui- tion of your years of medical study. There is no satisfaction greater than that which comes I " from the relief of human suffering. as s li V Very cordially yours, Forty Q 'D 1.7 3. 1 s. .gi . .E ,,. 's Ye ,l Lf '-. 'v O -3. T73 Tig :ft ... .ot., Sl, ip" J, 215 v.. 1 lx! ,. f. A, -3. -'Es 'L 1 ,- .4' .23 sfflfl. . i., .fm My .-1 ff' .:,L .-,-2 1 'P 'QTHE SCBFE C' BALDUIN LUCKE Assocnvrr: Pkornsson or-' PA'rHoLor:Y M.D. fl9I2j5 Dr. P.H., University ,of Pennsylfvania fI9ltilg Resident Physician, Philadelphia General Hospital H912-191425 Assistant Instructor of Pathology H914-I9I7j, Lieutenant Meilzcal Corps, U. S. Army H917-I9I9j5 Instructor of Pathology, University of Pennsyl Assistant Visiting Pathologist, Uuifversity Hospital lsince 19161, Assistant Visiting Patholo gist, Philarlelphia General Hospital H914-19262, Visiting Pathologist, Philadelphia General Hospital fsince I926,l. Member of American Society of Experimental Pathology, Society for Experimental Biology and Meflirrirzeg Corporation of the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woorls Hole, Mass., American Association of Pathologists and Bacteriologists, American Association for the Advancement of Science, College of Physicians of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Physiological Society, Philadelphia Pathological Society. Author of -various articles on Pathology and Cellular Physiology. Major, M.R.C., U. S. Army. To 'rms MEMBPIRS or TH12 CLASS or 1931: T HIS is :1 time in your career when you are apt to worry needlessly as to the future. Let my message to you be a recommendation from Oslcr's "A Way of Life." It is the practice of living for the day only, and for the day's work! I hope this quotation may lead you to read the booklet I warrant you will find it worth your while. 3 vania H919-I920l, Assistant Professor H920-I927Q, Associate Professor fsince 19271, f Halffhfnedt F ort y-one mf 'QTHE CQPE A me ft f, fx Lift? 'xl ai ,. - x, J' 'K ,.,e,., 51 ' f fr. lil '52 I l, :. ,H isfifiii - -ff ELIOT ROUND CLARK Pkol-'Essen OF ANATOMY Eilucatetl at Hartford High School, A.B., Yale 09031, M.D., Johns Hopkins fI907j, Assistant in Anatomy, Johns Hopkins Medical School H907-19082, Instructor in Anatomy, Johns Hopkins Medical School H908-I9I0j, Associate in Anatomy, Johns Hopkins Medical School H910-19142, Professor of Anatomy, University of Missouri H914-I922j, Licensetl in Missouri fI920i, Professor of Anatomy, University of Georgia H922-19262, Assistant Dean, University of Georgia H923-19252, Professor of Anatomy and Director of the Department of Anatomy, University of Pennsylvania H926 Member, American Association of A natomists f Executive C ommittee, I 91 6-19192, American Physiological Society, American Medical Association, Corporal Marine Biological Laboratory. Fellow, American Association for the Atlvancement of Science, Sigma Xi, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Omega Alpha, Pithotomy Club fHopkinsj, Phi Beta Pi. Author, Chapter on Lymphatic System in Morris Anatomy, numerous contributions to Anatomical and Metlical Journals, Subjects of Research, tlevelopment aml reaction o f lymphatic vessels, blood vessels, connective tissue cells, and bone, formation of first atlventitial fRougetj cell of blooil capillaries, lymphatic capillaries in edema, development and reaction of bloorl cells , antl tissue fwantlering cells 5 the major part of the research work has been carried out in con- junction -with Mrs. Eleanor Linton Clark. 'ncaa F arty-tfwo nv.- A f, r 'DTH Scam: if 4 fi s" ' J. -mf. N,-fy, Q x. W f'- 15 " f bib f ?f"Ef25i' s JOHN H. JOPSON Pao:-'Essen ov CLINICAL SURc:m1Y Preliminary education in the Philadelphia Public Schools, graduating from the Central High School IISSXQ, tfwo years of study in the Biological Department, University of Pennsyl- vania, Certincate f1890j5 Graduate of the Mezlical Department of the University fI893j5 Resident Physician, University Hospital K1893-18951 5 Children's H ospital, Philadelphia K 18952, Surgeon to the Out-Patient Departments of the Episcopal Hospital, the Presbyterian Hospital and the Children's Hospital for several years 5 Surgeon to the Children's Hospital fsince I900j, and to the Presbyterian Hospital fsince 19052, formerly Attending Surgeon, later Consulting Surgeon and Surgeon Emeritus to the Bryn Mafwr Hospital, Surgeon to the Graduate Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, and Professor of Surgery in th-e Graduate School 5 Consulting Surgeon to the N orristofwn State Hospital, the Shriners' Hospital and the Philadelphia Home for Incurables. Fellofw of the American Surgical Association, the Society of Clinical Surgery and the Societe Internationale de Chirurgiey Recorder of the American Surgical Association K since 19192, Fello-w and former President of the Philadelphia College of Physicians, etc., Formerly Major and Lieutenant-Colonel, M.C., U. S. A. H917-I9I9j5 with service 4-with the A. E. F. 5191.9-19192. ef F ort y-three Y great help, service :md honesty of purpose. I I am sure you ull will give service. I am sure you all have honesty of purpose, and I um equally sure that only :L certain numher will develop dependability unless you make it ll definite aim in life so to do. We, your teachers of the past, now welcome you as :issoeintes of the future. u L A. in 'V I 1 ,f 69 4 QQ y x......,.... M. - r , .. bl 'ldfd I X , .rl "iq EA- Emff' ii? 'Q ai ' ,x ff? 1-,egg I ,pl ,Q '1, f I "ff 1. ! gifs!" - :'j,5,gQ 7 5! i:f.':" Er, ELDRIDGE L. ELIASON 542 51-:q'.S,,, PROM-issou or CLINICAL Suluufkx' .ffl Hotchkiss Grammar Schoolg Yale lI90I,lg University of l,8ll1I5ylillIllllI 190525 fl.B., Yale fl9ttlj, . M.D., University of Pennsylvania fI9tl5j, Sc.D., Washington College 092425 at Hotchkiss: f lVlember of Baseball, Football and Gymnasium Teamsg at Yale: Member of the Freshman llascball Team, Member of the Varsity Baseball Team, Manager of Varsity Team, Member of Gymnasium Team for Four Years atnl Captain, Senior Year, Presitleuft of the Inter- "f:3i-lf, Collegiate Association of America H900-I90Ij5 Professor of Clinical Surgery, University '21 of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine, anti University Grarluare School, Surgeon, University 1213" gt.. of Pennsylvania, Philarlelfhia General, Mt. Sinai anfl Delafware County Hospitals, Con- .. snlting Surgeon, Lebanon Sanitarium, Burlington County antl Dover H ospilals. ,ai-ff , Member of D College of Physicians, Academy of Surgery of Philatleljrhia, Fellow American i Eff College of Surgeons, Fracture Committee of American College of Surgeons, John lvlorgan ' Society, Abstract Club, Philadelphia Conuty Medical Society, Slate Medical S ociety, flmerican I Meilical Society, Surgical Research Society anfl American Surgical flssocialion. 'Qj'5f-get Lieulenant-Colonel, U.S.fI. ,,.,, 'iii . ,135 YOU have just passed your first real milestone in your life work in medicine. ,131-1 ' As you pass successive milestones you will appreciate that two attributes will he found of mn.. , ai 7-:sf f 11352: -'atiw fill n 1 "' nl Forty-four '1 -'-1 -1 , . sas-X W W-Q 4 if-1 '-sw as if ef A 0' I- I , . S N j A dl ,, , I gil' It x 9515 . 12" X . 1 X, .ffl L -1-,S , L . V., A 1 X 1' ly ff .- ' 1 : 'if-J ' N-if P39 . iq. X ,,.,,,,5 i,.:,,,, sw y iiiiff A1 CHARLES H. FRAZIER h 7 'iffif-gf Joi-iN RHEA BARTON PROFESSOR oif SURGERY t " 3 I B.A., University of Pennsylvania fI889j, M.D. fI892Q, Illatriculate University of Berlin :Z .2 fI895j, Hon. Sc.D., Surgeon-in-Chief, University Hospital, Professor of Clinical Surgery Zffllilhfly I 1900-19222, Dean of the Medical Department of the University o f Pennsylvania X . H902-I909j, John Rhea Barton Professor of Surgery fsince 19221. ifzl,-f, Member of Society of Clinical Surgery, American Surgical Association, American Neurological J", ' 421' Association, American Philosophical Society, American Association for the Advancement o f Science, College of Physicians o f Philadelphia, Academy o f Surgery, etc. -I Author o f " The Surgery of the Head, Neck and Chest," "Progressive Medicine" and contributor 419' fri' to "Keen's Surgery," Chapters X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV, Vol. I, Chapter LXXIX, Vol. V, ' E. including Thrombosis, Embolism, Erysipelas, Tetanus, Disease Caused by Special Infections 4. and diseases Directly Derived from Animals and Insects, and Scurvy, contributor of ' ,Lf numerous articles to various medical journals, especially lo Surgery of the Nervous System. ,,1':3A X 21 Eiiflf - Lf G ENTLEMEN, I salute you as you cross the threshhold of the Medical School into the outside I 1,3-3: world. May good fortune and happiness attend you. ,1Zi3'5E , 7115: 1 if nie., -1Ei.f,f: 46-of J AY , iff' 5 :zsifif 5' I ' E1 5 " ' ' F orty- five PM-fe QSTHE 'QPF' s. Sf r A DAVID WRIGHT WILSON BENJAMIN RUSH Pkoxfisssok OF PHYsxoLoo1cAL CHEMISTRY B.S., Grinnell College KIQIUQ5 1W.S., Unilversity of Illinois fI9I2j5 Ph.D., Yale U91-lj, Assis- tant, Associate aml Associate Professor of Physiological Chemistry at The Johns Hopkins University Metlical School H914-I922j5 Benjamin Rush Professor of Physiological Chem- istry, University of Pennsylfvania fsince 19222. Member of American Society of Biological Chemists, the American Physiological Society anal the Society for Experimental Biology aml Mefiicineg Member of the Phi Bela Kappa aml Sigma Xi Honorary Fraternities. Contributor of articles to the Journal of Biological Chemistry aml the American Jonrnal of Physiology. Captain, Chemical Warfare Sersvice, U. S. Army. ' IT !S stimulating to realize the diversity of interests which develops among :1 class of medical students. The broad field of medicine offers many types of service such as general. practice, the practice of any one of many specialties, puhlic health work, teaching and research. It is hoped that the medical school has given each of you an adequate training' in hasie principles so that you can readily acquire the special knowledge which is needed to carry on successfully your chosen line of work. N .Q f f. YET! I ' S - if 1 x F135 , igffiw ai. H Forty-six ." -. 5 I, Ju- ,.. if .1 C3 'J' 1 rt r , L .1- 1 -X .-gf, 5. .JA if pg! 4: I n X .551 -53. , ' :FI 4, .pu , I, . 2" 'Yt . 4-, avg. .fm . ,-E. f 5'-' f TM ' 9 .1 -J 'I'f'2 H i r 1 'W' M ce nn....,,.., -ki-Ati' .QQ E--.-f.,..FL tu ' 'Ya' SF i'W.m'i In - -4 - if rx , Q Q3 24-4215 'Ls its ::s,...e1.n DAVID REISMAN Pao:-'lesson or CLINICAL Mnmcmc Studied Medicine at Unifversity of Michigan I one yearjg 1W.D., University of Peflllsylvatlia fI892j5 Resident Physician in Philadelphia General Hospilvd fl892-I.S'93jg fuisiting Physician to the Philadelphia General and Unifversity Hospitals 5 Formerly Professor of Clinical Medicine, Philadelphia Polyclinic and College for Graduates in Meflifzineg Se.D., Franklin and Marshall Collegeg Chevalier of the Order of the Crofwn of Italy. Member of Association of American Physicians, College of Physiriansg Amenican Gastro-Enlero- logical A ssocialion, Interurban Clinical Club, Member of Sigma Xi and Alpha Omega Alpha Honorary Fraternities, American Association for Advancement' of Science, Medieval Academy of America, Academy of Natural Sciences and Pennsylfvania Historical Society, Editor of "American Text-Rook of Pathologyn ffwith Lndfvig Heletoenjg author of Life of Thomas Sydenham and of numerous chapters in standard medical Aworlcs and articles in journals. Member of Tuberculosis and Canliofvascular Board of U. S. Armyg Lieutenant-Colonel M.0.R.C. STUDISNTS and hospital interns have often asked me whether European study was worthwhile or whether one could get just as good instruction in this country. I have always answered by advising a trip in Europe for graduate medical study. There are results to be derived from 11 year spent abroad than can never be attained at home. Some of these results are obvious, others intangible. Among the intangible results is first and foremost the imbibing of some of the charm of the Old World culture. Another valuable lesson taught in European academic circles is a respect for pure science. In the beginning of medicine in this country ambitious physicians went to Edinburgh and to London, then to Dublin and to Paris, later to Vienna and to the Universities of Germany. The Great War stopped that exodus but it has begun again. And now there is also a How in the reverse direction. Such intellectual interchange is of incalculable value for the peace and progress of the world. I O 4 Forty-sefven f , "' 'C-U4 ' ' 'Nil - " " 1 vf " Q. 'L All W: ff: Y lf 45' X . ' - "' e RW, ld A4 f -s' fr: f fe, .4 1. .4 Q9 i,:iL:14.w-1 5 . Q H ., 1 51 . Mn limi 23 is , X ,1 f , f ,,. ' r :w, 'J .IX "2" . .ny ,V , .lfflf ' , f'3:l'l'l j,f,?,i., ALEXANDER RANDALL if-'ff i I' '. 1 Pkolfi-zssok ov UkoLoc:Y lun' 1 A.B., St. .Iohn's College fI9ll2j5 M.D., Johns Hopkins University fI907j, Resilient, Lanlcevzau I Hospital f'I9U8-I910j, Assistanr, Dr. H. H. Young, Resiflenl Urologisl, Johns Hopkins Hos- piml H910-I9I1jg Professor of Urology. C hnpler on Sfzjrra-Pubic Proslaterromy in Nelson's Loose-Leaf Surgery. 1 :ffl Member of American Medical Assotfiniion, Pennsylfvaniu Medical Sociely, Philadelphia County ,I , Meflical S ociely, Pnilafleljvnia Acmlemy of Surgery, College of Pnysizrians, American Associa- tion of Genito-Urinary Surgeons, In-1ernationalSociely of Urology, President-Elect of the American Urological Assouialion. A MAN who is willing to take :mothcr's opinion has to exercise his judgment in the choice of . whom to follow, which is often as nice zz matter as to judge of things for one self." . Y :ff . 7.7-iF . 2 F orly-ei gh! 1 JL A We fr E see is A f r a 'I JosEPH STOKES, JR B.A., Haverford College fI9I6j5 M.D., University of Pennsylfvania fI920j. Acting Physician in-Chief, Children's Hospital, Acting Chairman of the Pediatric Department, School of Medicine, University of Pennsylfvaniai Professor of Pediatrics, Graduate School of Medi cine, University of Pennsylvania. Fellow of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, Member of the Philadelphia Pediatric ' Society, fVice-President, 192815 Fellafw of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Member of the Physiological Society of Philadelphia, Member of the Eastern Society for Pediatric Research. Honorary Societies: Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi Publications concern research upon the following subjects: chemical studies of the gastric con tents in' cases -with gastric fistulae, continuous temperature recording in infants and children, the e jects of closure of the esophagus, the treatment of cotwulsant' poisons To THOSE of us who are younger, for I would like to include myself amongst you, I would say that we must still learn mostly by our mistakesi realizing them,' analyzing carefully their origin, and profiting by the analysis. The realization of them is the most important thing and yet the most difficult, because it requires a certain detachment from selfg a rare quality. This path of learning for all of us means a long and difficult road, and yet, we would do well to agree with Tagore when he says "Quick success is the miserable pittance mercifully be stowed upon mediocrity." I Q A 1 X r 2' X fi., ey' "WJ lx 'ip' 1 f ze - N .f"'nQ2?l :jf iitx kt, 'Fifi' iifi - f'E'f'f-I .. ACTING C1-MIRMAN or THE Punnxwuc Dl'IPAR'I'Ml'IN'I' t .Q.E,'.. .. S 'ffgn-Q ' - '11 .1-:L if-Ile f M02 Q Z I . A . F orty-nine l I , O ,-.,,. '., lm. dr PI 1 4 -Jr 'iq jillrf., , ff. -J xl fl fi:-ii.. ffflf' ' f Q ,Eg gs 7 ai ,SI . l . ,Q , 1 lf' 1 a gp ,si ,i,, if :' li it lf' EDMUND B. PIPER Pkorrzssok or OBS'l'l'I'1'RlCS Cheltemhant Military Academy, B.S., Princeton University l 1 91121, University of Pennsylvania l1911j, Resident Physician of Children's Seashore House lsummer 19112, Resident Phy- sician, West Pennsylvania Hospital, Pitftsburgh K1 9121, Resident Physician, University Hos- pital, Associate in Obstetrics, University of Pennsylvania bledical School, Assistant Pro- fessor of Obstetrics, Post-Graduate School of Medicine, Assistant Obstetrician to University and Presbyterian Hospitals, Assistant Obstetrician and Gyuecologist, Philadelphia General Hospital, Obstetrician, Maternity Hospital lI923Q, Elected Obstetrician to Philadelphia Lying-In Hospital l1924i, President of Philadelphia Obstetrical Society f1925j, Obste- trician to Chestnut Hill Hospital, Obstetrician-in-Chief to Bryn Mafwr Hospital, Obstetrician and Gynecologist to Philadelphia General Hospital , Professor of Clinical Obstetrics, University of Pennsylvania Medical School K1 9261, Elected Chief of Service, Obstetrical Department, Pennsylvania Hospital l1927i, Elected Professor of Obstetrics, University of Pennsylvania Medical School and Obstelrician lo the University Hospital. Fellow of the American Gynecological Society, the American College of Surgeons, the Phila- delphia Academy of Surgeons and the Philadelphia College o f Physicians, Member of the University Club, Philadelphia Country Club, Rittenhouse Club, Princeton Club and The Lambs Club of Nefw York. Lieutenant-Colonel, M.R.C., Awarded Citation, May 15, 1919, by Gen. John J. Pershing for exceptional, meritorious and conspicuous services at Camp Hospital No. 41, American Expeditionary F orces. As YOU all know, my personal advice always concerns that in which I most believe- scientifie honesty. None of us are infallible, and it is better to proht by errors than to excuse and hide them, it is only thus that we avoid recurrences. Never cease to strive for that high place in your chosen profession for which you hope, in this :tim you will keep parallel with all the most modern developments in medical science and will not content yourselves with your past achievements. I congratulate you upon obtaining your degree, and wish you the best of luck. Gln, 5-1. u., . gg? T 'Q e 'P ii' C. B P E Us 'S 4 .Q N .XS - s 4. 1 n ,N f, ,f lf. .3 f,'. J, 'mi ,., , r ,-.,-,J ts, V f Q-I ,,, 1 WW ' 'gf vt "HB 9 2"-21, ' "fm: q H1519 I 435 6 2,45 glad' " X u n f fa , w 5 l 2 mt H',...L:4.. f ,j , I 4 2.1.4. g N gif? I ' b ,rfb - W 1.2. I ,,.. A ,gf , 1' 'P 'fi ,A X Q lE5 5'd2 f l, 1 'gifs ' 439 13-i,' F R212 ! -Q 5,25 1.1: ,.-, Q-Q fi' if . 'if' 'yq iv: i f 1.'J. Rf L-Qq'.". ARTHUR A. STEVENS - .,4 ff' -. ' .3-if PROFICSSOR ov APPLIICD 'THI-IRAPIZUTICS t V A M.D., Unieversily of Pennsylfvania fIS86Qg Post-Graduate Slmlcnts in the Unifveizrily of Pennsyl- it I wania KISSU5 Inzerne in lhe Philadelphia General Hosjfilnl fI.S'87-ISXSQ5 Posf-Graduate - ' ' Stmlenl in Vienna anfl London K 188914 Lecfnrer in Meflicine, Uzlifverxily of Penmylfvania Q fig! H910-I922j5 Profexsor of Aljrpliefl Therapenficx fI922j5 Profesxor of Pathology, Womaifs " Qin... Medical College of Pennsylfuania KISS9-IQIZQQ Profesxor of Therajreniics and Clinical V... Meflicine, lfVONlIllI,A' Medical College of Pennxylcvania fxince I9I2Qg Vixiling Physician Io lhe Philadelphia General Hosjriial, Ejnixrojwal and Sl. Agne:'.v Hoxpiralf. Member of fhe flzneriuan Medical Asxociation, College of Physicians of Philaflelfhia ana? the , 51.4041 Philazleljwhia Pefliafric sol-iffy. 3545 in Amfhor of "Manual of I'racIice of Medicine," "Modern ThFI'flfM'IlllCS,, and "The Practice of 'iff' l Medicine." 'f 1 s 'Elia x X ,J 1 if 'x t , Kali? fill? ' f aj.: A 55333 gp I . 2914 + ,. 0 . ', Fifly-one 2-1 -. 1, gl ,. .L Se.-"3 '59 -f Sift 'N , . .. V ' I HE SC Q P E C' , dl xx iii: x ,, 4 f- ' atlifs a. 'ini E55 iq Z' fi "TIS ,J gl gg,-,Q -, . 1- -aezfi it w f ei" ..f. -2-,J Q "sz-.a - '2L' J. 3 i ffls-fi fl X, 6. fi .II .Zi . . 1134, suit' .. lL.i'-75 i ' ., ea, 1 .tlzifri 151. I1Iff'i' K " fs'a""1: . 1-. Ir'- -ffgj iifiifi ii gi LT. COL. WILLIAM RICHARD DEAR i M1-:n1eAL CORPS, U. S. ARMY X Ass1s'rAN'1' P. M. S. AND T., UNlvr:RsI'1'Y ov Pr:NNsYLvAN1A :1.,Q"-1 I Graduate, Central High School, Washington, D. C., fI902j, M.D., University of Pennsylvania 1 I li fI906j, Member of the Varsity Tracie Team fI903-1904-1905-1906j, Sprints, Com- 313, X . missoined Ojfiicer, Medical Corps, U. S. Army f since July, 19082, Honor Graduate, Army ffl,-Q Medical School f 19091 Graduate Advance Course in Preventive Medicine, Army Medical ,L , -2: school fI926j. Served in Philippines China Germany and Russia, During World War Commanded the Hospitals at Camp Wadsfuiorth, Spartanburg, S. C., and Camp Lee, Petersburg, Va., Sanitary Inspector, I j"'i',-,5'-QEI , American Forces in Germany K I 921 j, Charge of Medical Relief in Kazan District of gg?-'ij American Relief Administration Operations in Famine Area of Russia I 19221, in Russia Igiflg Administered Medical Relief and Conducted Extensive Program o f Preventive Medicine 715:-I' Amongst Population of I0,000,000. Published "Trachoma in Russia." "Body Weight in Its Relation to Physical Condition of ",Q' American Army Ojicersf' " uit.. I ' , filli- LLL, x N GIVING you this final message on the threshhold of your careers I wish you every sufccerss ii? ,.l.l,ff:E ,and happiness and thc realization of your highest ideals. " In our .R. O. T. C. associations I sort of feel that you belong to me for we started in hcrc ,, at the University together. Our contacts have been pleasant and you have taught me much. I t trust that the friendships we have made will endure and that you will always reaflize that I ff am deeply interested in you. Ulgfffy Keep alive your interest in national defense and, above all, retain your glorious boyish L- ,lr enthusiasm in all matters, as you traverse the long trail ahead. I f-.1.f'Q- ' :ill f' ii" Tu' D 'fi'-E. Fifty-tswo mag? ' KD ls ix If 1 ,gil , lx, t 1? ' 2 L, I ly fi: 1' F, as Q , x, .i , . ,ff X X ' j lx ft .A ot 1 ,fl 5 Lge lf' ., l "iff fr' fl ef.. "Q. fe .74 -,A ly ,ri 'ip fifiiifi FLOYD E. KEENE WILLIAM Goomsu. Przomzsson ov GYICCOLOCY f A., M.D. Unifversity of Petmsylvatzia fI904jg William Goozlell Professor of Gynecology, Univer- ' sity of Pemisyllvaniag Gynecologist to the Unisversity Hospital. Consulting Gynecologist, Bryn Mafwr, Chestnut Hill aml Abington Memorial H ospilals. 1, ' Member of the American Gynecological Society, American Gynecological Clubg America1t.Col- lege of Surgeoiisg College of Physicians of Philadelphia 5 Philadelphia Obstetrical Society 5 Pathological Society of Philarlelphiag American Medical Association, Surgical Research ,iii , Society ami Philadelphia Acazlemy o f Surgery. AFTER many arduous years of preparation, you have at last attained the goal of your am- if -,.,,- bition and will shortly enter upon the practice of your profession. To each of you, I extend my congratulations and earnest wishes for success and happiness, and may the two be inseparable. t 'ij -1' 'ifk 1 , A' lfiihi' .M 1. I ' I Fi f I y-three ci'-' -A usd .gr 4 ,,. . A q ,Q ,W if .jgs 1' y .A, X. l 1'- Ziazl ' 2 . I Vx. fl I 5. 'gr ,Q ly W ,I f I ' ff , . I 4 X I P 7 sifiiff' lx Q u rllilg p L T H E rr' P E hs. T. TURNER THOMAS ASSOCIATE PRO!-'iissou or APPLll'IlJ ANATOMY Grafluatetl from Philips-Exeter Academy, N. H. fIS92Qg M.D., Unifversity of Pennsylvania fIS95j5 Resident Physician, Unisversity Hospital fIS96-189715 Volunteer Assistant Demon- strator in Dissecting Room. antl Assistant in Pathological Laboratory KIS97-189825 Assistant Demonslrator in the Dissecting Room lI6'9S-I900j, Assistant Demonstrator in Operati-ve Surgery H900-I903j5 Prosecutor to Associate Professor of Appliefl Anatomy H899-190325 Surgical Ancesthetizer to the University Hospital fI903-I9I15j5 Assistant Instructor in Surgery H903-19005 Instructor of Surgery fI906-I90tS'ji Associate in Surgery H908- I922j5 Associate 'Professor of Applied Anatomy fsince 191125 Assistant Surgeon to Philadelphia General Hospital KIQU3-190915 Surgeon fsince I909j5 Assistant Surgeon to the University Hospital fI905-192215 Surgeon-in-Chief to the Northeastern Hospitalg Associate Professor of Surgery in the Graduate School. Fellofw of College of Physicians, Acatleniy of Surgery, American College of Surgeons anfl American Medical Assoriationg Contributor to "Ameriran Practice of Surgery"5 author of "A Syllabus of Surgical Anatomy"5 Contributor to numerous journals. You have now spent many years in preparation for your advent into your professional career which will probably consume your remaining years. Your ambition is to succeed and the years ahead will determine the thoroughness of your preparation and your ability to apply in practice what you have learned. Your happiness and comfort will depend largely upon what you aim to accomplish and the effort you make to accomplish it. May you End later that you have -chosen your course well and that you are satisfied with the results attained., My best wishes go with you. Fifty-four .J Q3 "' "Al ' :fi cf lf '16 A if L 4. v' tx gulf. fN'fg'P ei. -1355. -QL 1 V' x f4, 112 L, QQ' ,gf 3.9 , .ffl ', 'Ks 2.12 Vfrli: ',Iv. ,Lf I :.1L t v 1 .3 1352 4161" 2.24 5 N -QQYAQ: .Vw x H1 322-fi' ' rffizl ii-'V , . Siiifeif' h is--' s .gi ijlwlg., HV.: C,.i1,.Q -If ., 3,.,wTf :Kww ,..,',,-, -...M.,,,., I, A f U 'V fp ' . v ' Q ' 93 QM-ia' V- Q9 Q st. s X .KT -'i L, ..W..: If ve I .I.,s 5, fi ici -s 7 X .2 x, K ' I vs ff 2' if U HENRY K. PANCOAST Puoifl-zssoiz or Roi-:N'1'o1iNoLocY Grudnale of Friends' Cenlral School, Philadelphia f1tS'92j, MD., Uniwersily of P6'lll1.f'l'l"Uf7l7lf7 fItS'98j5 lnterne, University of Pennsylvania Hospilal flA'9.S'-IQIIIU5 Assistant in Clinical Surgery anil Assislant Demonsfralor of Snrgary H9111-190415 Lecturer on Skiagraphy, Uni-versity of Pennsylvania, and Sleiagrapher Io the Uniwersify Hospital H905-IQIIQ: Pro- fessor of Roentgenology anil Roenlgenologis! Io fha Universily Hospital fisinre I9I2j5 Radiological Srajf, Philadelphia General Hospital. Member of American Roenfgen Ray Sociery, Presiflenl f I 913 Q, American Raflinin Soeiely, President f 1921 j, Radiological Sociely of North America, Ainerivan llleilical Assoirialion, anil Alpha Omega Alpha Honorary Sociely. Lieutenant fJ.G.j, U. S. Na-vy fI9l6'j. LOOKING backward through over three decades since graduation the outstanding feature of all this time has been work and then more work. To have combined this with an ability to do some good to mankind has been the great pleasure of living during a period which, in reality, has seemed :ill too short. All of us wish constantly that we could have done more. In your professional lives from now on let no moments go idly by so that you may not have to look back upon time lost and never to be regained. chu. Fifty-foe - 1 hoo? -. Y' I t A ... f,-. ip gig N, " sag., .X 5. ...IA ."' : ,-5-Li fl. 31 .,.-A' 1 -H iii? Q.W" id - 35-"1. , Fig x 1'-. Elk mQjl , . ff 1,5 yfgn, 'ZX fgk 'L fit ' 1.1557 -.v ': iijf ,v:.'lf' lg'-.'. -F' fT':fl,fJ,1 FC' 'Tift X '5 Lf? 75.7 if Q'-" . .522 ': fififni K s. X t 1 I N 1 ' 11 fs. t ' t f A , , I . 5 , . ., . ,i, . . F'-' ' :1i"? . X 'ily 1' :Z-:gf. it' -l ,. f. : K .l '-', x ,-:':- ' W.: ... 11.1. -,,, ,. ...I f.1PE5.E fjyatf "'?. ' tg. x 1.1.- lm .ug il, 1'8" JA' MERKEL HENRY JACOBS Pnom-:ssou or G1-:NHRAL Pr-n'sioLoex' A.Ii. Unizfersity of Ponnsylqnniia 19051, Ph.D. I9l18j, Sjveuial fworlc in Physiology and Merlitfal Sciencer, Unifverrity of Berlin 1908-1909 5 Inxrrnclor in Zoology, University of Penn.cyl-vania 19119-191.211, Arristarzt lrofesror of Zoology 1913-1921 5 14551510111 PV0 'ff-'- .for of Physiology 1921-1923j, Proferxor of General Physiology :ince 19231. Member of American Philoxojvhical Society, American Phyxiological Society, American Society o Zoolagistr, Vice-Presiflent 1928 5 Society of American Naturalist: antl Corporation of the Marine Biological Laboratory, Wootlr, Hole 1VIa.c.r.5 in charge o the eonse in General Physiology given by the Marine Biological Laboratory K 1921-19291. Axsociate Director, IVlarine Biological Laboratory 1925-1926 5 Director xince 1926 . Contributor to "Text-Iioolc of General Cytology and anlhor o various article: in Phyxiologicnl anrl Biological Journals. Captain, S.C. U. S. Army 1918 . T IS my sincere wish that the following worcls, written over three hundred years ago by William Harvey, may always apply to the members of the Class of 1931: ". . . Neither do they think it unworthy of them to change their opinion if truthl and un- , doubted demonstration require them to do so. They do not CStC0lll it cliscreclitable to desert error, though sanctioned by the highest antiquity." 'OTHE Cam: N I ZA V x l' ' ,QD 1- 'x J 1 'I-l'J , , xx Y, I' 'M 1 , X , K . f 'fr' Q ,' Q 'f 1 f ,Lf min Aki J . A +- Q , 51 ' L I , ' , K , ,f , m 1 ,, r 7, f r , J f X N t f f 1 y , ,Il . f 1 r 2 it , U f s f , 1 J ' t W I X -111: , .,"f,,,. , Q J . W.,-5 , 15. ' 'f rf H. 4-'fx 4,' -EL: ,..,' 't .. .t , t,-gt ' "1...'-' ...wi r -nl! ...Qu t-, fu- . V: .ff-, ,Q f"E"'T. iiiiiii n F i f ty-.fix Q39 . N N X 'V with ll ' 9 la" X! i , xx fl X Q wffdi W 5, I 1,1 'N 24, 1' 1 . 'ill I 1 mfg l .f y ' il , . i if yi wx 1 ' KZ ,U :Ura Q QD 6 'Q I OO ot ' A, l A A- -.5 ,, h ":f'1 fm' X AEE? 11' H13 f , sz.. ,gf ' . X 'f fl sf ,ax GEORGE ST. me RENYI if 'if . - 'Agn' Born in Budapest, Hungary fApril 24, I892j, Stmliefl llleilicine in Hungary and Germany, Graflnateil Hungarian Royal University Medical School, M.D. fI9I6j, Instructor in Anatomy and Research Fellofw in Physiology H916-191915 Voluntary Assistant in Ophthal- 3 Q mology H919-192125 Assistant Professor of Anatomy H921-192525 Prosector of Anatomy H925-19262, Assistant Professor of Anatomy, Unifversity of Pennsylfvania Medical School 1.:q,A.::f,, H926-19282, Associate Professor of Anatomy H9281 Member of the American Association of A natomy, National Association of Hungarian Physicians, ' Hungarian Medical Association and other Associations of this and foreign countries. H ' A V.,-. PUBLIC usefulness 4 and the interests of humanity ennohle the lI10St disgusting work and only 1 Qfsjwf llow enlightened men to see the zeal which is needed to overcome obstacles." fLavoisierD. 4'-" I wish prosperity and success to every member of the Class of 1931. N 1 ii-,I,fiff' ' . J4- . di 55293 F i fty-sefven --2 .,,, W "Q ' 'Wx ' 'W A. i W ""'llJi1? vw Q all Qs' lgisigg :sa 'ks A s. i 5 " 2 'sem .de 1 fi :-.115 A , A - I l l HQRATIQ C. woon, JR. Pao:-'rzssoa or P1-1AkMAcoLoc:x' ANn '11Hl'IIlAl'l'IU'1'ICS IVl.D., University of Pemisylwauia fIS96Qg Resident Ph-ysiciau, Uuifversity Hospital fI896-I.S'97,,i5 Post-Grmluate Study at the U uiwrsity of Berne, Sfwitzerlmul, aiu! at the Uui-versity of Turin, Italy! Ajrjvoiutetl Demoustrator of Pharmacollyuamics, Uni-versity of Peuusylvtuzia fl6'96'll5 Associate Professor of Pharmacology, University of Peiutsyl-vauia U90615 Professor of Pharmacology mul Therapeutics in the Metlico-Chirurgical College 119102, Professor of N 3-A Pharmacology mul Therapeutics in the University of Peuusylvuauia H916 Fellofw of the American Association for the Atl-vauceuieut of Science, the American 1VleJical Association, Philatlelphia College of Physicians, American Society for Pharmacology mul Exfverimeutal Therapeusrics. 15:1 ' Editor of "United States Dispeusary"5 Author of "A Text-Book of Pharmacology." ' 0 -L 'Q L ' f YN ' Unix ffflf s Fifty-eight vvhw-X,v v ev' td V M'-ma 1 wqb X .5 tw like 4 of ' CHARLES W. BURR Pnorhsson Emrznrrus or N11-lN'l'AL Dxsmslcs B.S., University of Pennsylvania flS83Q5 M.D. fI6'tS'6Qg Resident Physician, Gerinantofwn Hos- pital KISSU5 Resident Physician, Orthopedic Hospital antl Infirmary for Nervous Diseases KISSSQ5 Neurologist of the Philadelphia General Hospital fsince IS96j5 one time Professor of Nervous Diseases in the Philadelphia Polyclinic Hospital antl Visiting Physician to St. Josephls Hospitalg Professor of Mellldl Diseases in the University of Pennsylvania Illetlieal School H901-193025 Visiting Physician to the Philadelphia Orthopedic Hospital antl In- firmary for Nervous Diseases 5 formerly Presitlent o f the Philadelphia Neurological Society, the Pathological Society of Philatlelphia, the flfnerican Neurological Association aml the Philadelphia Psychiatric Societyg Fellow of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia. Contributor to numerous medical journals, the articles relating to Neurology anti Psychiatry. T O UNDERSTAND the present, one must know the past. To comprehend the science of today, one must know the science of all yesterdays. To learn how modern medicine came to be, one must read, study, digest the history of all science. Therefore, physicians should study well the history of their art and science. Such knowledge helps to make a man complete, a man of science, instead of a mere mechanic, treating disease by rote and rule of thumb. You should know all about one thing fmedicinej and something about all branches of knowledge. Do not specialize in medicine itself until you have learned general medicine. Fifty-nine I,.I ,.. 5 t -1 .A . G ,al 5.23 2 1: , . IH C 4 51 lli in .fn 43 V. "ill '- - if 1? ., VJIX f n .r"- D ,ISL Lai t f rig' 74" 1 .2 ft, i 251 -7205 t 'TJ r' .7-2 A' X :'Q",i'il2:fl I rj-2113 .151 I I '71-if .P 'wifi id . f.':E"3- D. Q. ,.,,y. A, A f 'WP 'J I Q' 'U .Q 1 X 1 'ii""T -1. 1 'lf fi? X qi? r'ii'T X I ' K QI 5251 I 5" s":s4 l 'Zigi ,V f 'ki ., ' 9' LK! 13725: IFES!" ' V I, er' ! "til," Q - -, ,.g, ,r Kuff" ,235 , . , .-4" I"-TQ-'L it , THOIVIAS BEAVER HOLLOWAY " Hg PROFESSOR OF OPHTHALMOLOGY ' B.S., Lafayette College U89-tj, M.S. KIS9 71, M.D., University of Pennsylvania 1189 71, Interne yfeflziftl ftgilyi Philadelphia General Hospital KI897-I898j, Assistant Demonstrator of Surgery, University ' of Pennsylsvania H900-I902j5 Graduate Work in Pathology, Johns Hopkins fI90Ij, , J Instructor in Ophthalmology, University of Pennsyl-vania H905-19232, Associate U923- ij? 122-U5 Professor of Ophthalmology, Philadelphia Polyclinic U91-I-191825 Professor and ff jr V ice-Dean for Ophthalmology, Graduate School o f Medicine K since mergerj, Registrar, , ,gf ,.',' 1 , Ophthalmic Wards, Philadelphia General Hospital H904-19121 5 Ophthalmolo gist to Neurological Wards fstnce 192225 A sststant Ophthalmolo gist and Later Ophthalmolo gist, t 'iff I Orthopedic Hospital and Infirmary for Nervous Diseases fsince 19062, Ophthalmologist to 172 Pennsylfvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind at Overbrook K since 1908 jg Attending Surgeon, Wills Hospital H919-19242. X Member American Ophthalmological Society I Secretary and Treasurer and Editor of Transactions l .YL since 1918 jg College of Physicians, American Metlical Association 5 Academy of Opltthal- fgffz' I :Q1 mology and Otolaryngology , Societe Francaise .fi'Ophthalmologie5 Philadelphia Pathological, V' ff-gg? , Neurological and Pediatric Societies. i 1 Department Editor Ophthalmic Year Book H914-l9I9,l, contributions on subjects relating to . f gif, Ophthalmology. Qiif Lieutenant, U. S. Navy R. F. H917-19192. in-,I 1 u :',,.'g ' if" fx' E We-A Sixty Qijxfs l --5, X L x 'M 'iiiriil SCBPE 0' E 'I IM x .. r- j",-1 . J If-'ft .NJ .tg ji 1 lf - .i ff-. fifil, szffff' ' f 9' f ifffir I-I .2 D JOHN CLEMENT HEISLER E1v1r:1u'1'us Pnomzssok ov ANATOMY Educated in Public and Private Schools and by Private Tutoring, Graduated from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy t1is'is'3 ig M .D., University of Pennsylvania K 1887 jg Resident Physician, St. Mary's Hospital, Philadelphia fI6'6'7-188825 Prosector of the Chair of Anatomy, University of Pennsylvania t1S.s'.H'-18892, and during a part of this time Assistant Demon- strator of Obstetrics and Curator of the Wistar and Horner Museum, Instructor in the Diseases of the Chest in the Philadelphia Polyclinic Hospital for several years, Professor of Anatomy, Medica-Chirnrgical College of Philadelphia H898-l9I6j5 Professor of Anatomy, University of Pennsylvania fsince 19161. Member of the Philadelphia Pediatric, County Medical and Pennsylvania State Mezlical Associa- tions. W Fellofw of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, and the Association of American Anatomists. Author of "A Text-Book of Embryology" fIS98jg "A Text-Book of Practical Anatomy" fI9I2j5 Collaborator in the illustrating of PiersoPs Anatomy. I want to express my appreciation to thc Class of 1931 for thc invitation to extend Ll greeting and to send my most cordial congratulations and best wishes for future success and happiness. K yuwo ' s ct -BC c S ixty- one L .J- 'PJ ff, .,... .,,, yt .. .-., . 1 ,W ,. H. 52 ' ' 322' K 'ia i fihfi VZ J 241 Q, fu sf' ...- 'P . -L . fu I r., xl' .A" t ' ! Jn T- .ff 'I '-' ,L I 'f --.1 ,ul L 1 ty p" 'Q I HE SC Q P E Q' ,,, , ,ljffr , 'iliflifl 14- iitifl- 'I f 1 E:-H 1 A l ffci' ' f Qing: if ' iii" , 5225! l ,f fiiifji 1.5901 E1'f7i.4.2- ' r HENRY CUTHBERT BAZETT I 'Qlill Pkorussok or PHYSIOLOGY l .13 4 Preliminary Education at Dover College, Dover, England, Waflnanz College, Oxforil K1904- f 19182, St. T,lioinas's Hospital, .Lonflon H908-19121, First? Class Honors, Physiology, Otxforzl -fgpffvg ' ...- 2fZf'5?P'.,'2Zz',i:S"2,?1if,"flMS?5f3,, f5fg5'4:,i'?CZ'IZ ff92?l.aKgDs,,gfZZi0?'591 55231: V selflen Meilal for Surgery, St. Thomas's Hospital K1 91 Ol, Radcliffe Traveling Fellowship, '32 Oxford fI9Il-191-Ui Fellow of Malgilaleii College, Oxford fI9I2-19201, Deinonslrator of Pnysiolog y, St. Tno1nas's H osjrifal Merlii'al School H910-19112 5 Stnrlierl al Harvard Uni- versity, Department of Comparative Physiology I 1912-1913 jg Demonstrator of Patnol- I ogy, Oxford H913-19141, Lecturer in Clinical Physiology, Oxfonl fI9I9-19211. ,ffj 11' Member 'of the American anil English Physiological Societies, Fellow of College of Surgeons, 1'yfg'fj. England, of College o f Physicians, Pliilailelph-ia. Contributor to Manual of War Surgery, Barling and Morrison, various articles in Medical Q Journals. Captain in English Army U91-f-I9l9j, M.C. fl915j, 0.B.E. Military fI9I9Q. f i SCIENTIFIC laborator methods are of great im Jortance to medicine and surger ', but onl y 1 5 y 'SF , if properly used. By quantitative measurements and by careful collection'of data in detail, ' which may at first appear of secondary importance, facts have often been disclosed which have in ,if allowed a more comprehensive understanding of a disease. Consequently such methods are in- -if A valuable for the advancement of the subject, and, though they may serve to measure the progress Q of a patient, should be used primarily in hospital work for the purpose of research. On the ,.,'ff,if:: iii' other hand, once established, they are rarely essential for diagnosis, and a good physician should , train himself not to be dependent on them." - Y-1 D S ixl y-lfwo F ksgyfi O' 1 X 1 X -, fu ,1 ul" .ti lj' vi':v f. 1,4 if 1.- lf-,.,, 1 if-ff ifzl ' 1-51 ! L V ,. -15: I gf iz, --1:1 ..', .wr 'f --wifi, 4 'QTHE SCBPE it ALFRED STENGEL PROFESSOR or Mitzmcmis I MD., Unisversity of Pennsylvania f 1889 if Sc.D., Uni-versity of Pittsburgh f 19102 5 LL.D., Lafayette K 1926 Q5 LL.D., Pennsylvania I 1930 Q5 Physician-in-Chief to the University Hospital, Formerly Pathologist to the Lanleenaii Hosffitalg Physician to the Hofwaril Hos- pital, the Philadelphia General Hospital, the Chililreifs Hospital and the Pennsylvania Hos- jritalg Professor of Clinical Medicine, Womeu's Medical Collegeg Editor of the American Journal of Meilical Sciences. Member of the Association of American Physicians, American Philosophical Society, College of Physicians of Philadelphia, Association of Pathologists and Iiacleriologists, lflfashiiigtoiz Acailemy of Science -and Philadelphia Pathological S ociety, Author of "Text-Book of Pathology," "Disease of the Blood," "Tfwcntieth Century Practice of Metlicine, Vol. VII," "Diseases of the Intestines" in Osler's "Modern Medicine," American Editor of Nothnagel"s "System of Medicine," "Rheuinatism anil Influenza" in Musser and Kelly's "Text-Book of Medicine," "Disease of the Liver antl Biliary System" in Nelso1z's Loose-Leaf System of Medicine. Major, M.0.R.C. l19ISi. I RE-IOICE with you at the completion of your first important step in medicine and at your approaching entrance into the entrancing period of Hospital lnterneship.I Never fear that any part of this Land of Discovery will prove dull or unprofitable. Only be sure to keep the exploring interest awake and the rewards of discovery will be great. Remember too that he also is a discoverer who has found for himself what perhaps has been discovered by others- it may be many others--before. The delight is often just as keen at discovering what some one has discovered before and you may be sure that pursuing the explorer's life will on some happy occasion enable you to discover something no one had found before. May you all keep alive thc spirit of youth :md the quest of adventure! ,.. S ixty-three f -t QQ" -A-V 6 1 'Nm' :ce X DTP mf -e .. s 5 1 ,Liz-'W rlfff' ai J' Shiga? I' f :fffi ' N "fl 1, ' I .5 Q- .--, sfpq, DANIEL J. MCCARTHY 1 Pkol-'Eason or M1s:mcAL Juulsvnum-:Nc1': ii Central High School, Philmlelphia fI.S'92j, M.D.g Unifversity of Pennsylvania fIS95j5 Resident Physician in the Philadelphia Hospital H895-189625 Resident Orthoperlic Hospital ,flfjg 089725 Post-Graduate Work, Leipzig, Berlin aml Vienna KISQS-18992, Neurologist, Philadelphia General Hospital f since 19031, Henry Phipps Institute K since 19042 5 St, Agnes 55,15 Hospital fsince I907j, Consulting Neurologist, State Hospital for the Insane at Norris- : tofwn, Pennsylvania, Kensington Hospital for Tuberculosis, Associate lo the William Pepper Clinical Laboralory fsince 189725 Professor of Medical Jurisprudence fGeorge B. Wood .gt Foumiationj, University of Pennsylfvania School of Medicine fsince 19042, Member of gif: 3,213 University Unit in Charge of American Red Cross Commission to Russia fI9I7,i 5 Member 7 ' of the U. S. Go-vernment Commission to Investigate British Military Prisons in Germany , I 19162. j 3-if Director o f D. J. McCarthy Neurological Department of Temple University, Colonel U. S. A. ,-qjg:.Ql,k in charge of Vichy Mezlical Center, A. E. F. H918-19191. xx R Counsellor U. S. Veterans Bureau, Washington, D. C. K since 1920 ,Al Member of Meflical Aflsvisory Board, Municipal Court, Philadelphia. :L",15sF i y 535259 X . igigfn . -.-, za H Sixty. -fo ur fu EFBTTJ it H is Q P E Q Q . . 4 1.1 i .fc .K ,gf .,f f'-'ff : r, 54 JOSEPH MCFARLAND Pkolflissok ol-' PA'rHoLoc:Y Preliminary Education in the Philadelphia Public Schools and the Landerbach Academyg lW.D., University of Pennsyl-vania f1889j5 Sc.D., Ursinns fl9l3j, Resident Physician to Philadel- phia General Hospital KISS9-18901, Studied in Heidelberg and Vienna f1S90-18911, As- : slstant to the Professor of Pathology and Assistant Demonstrator at Pathological Histology, .I Uni-versity of Pennsylvania K 1892 Q, First Lecturer on Bacteriology, University of Penn- gl-gi syl-vania f16'93-189415 Adjunct Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology, Philadelphia " "-' f- Polyclinic Hospital H894-18961, Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology, IVIedico-Chi- rltrgical College U896-19I6j5 Pathologist to the Philadelphia General Hospital fsince 189725 Professor of Pathology in the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania H012- 1915j, Professor of Pathology, University of Pennsylvania fsince 19162. Author of "The Pathogenic Bacteria and Protozoa," "Biology-General and Medical,', "The Breast-Its Anomalies and Its Diseases and Their Treatment" K in collaboration fwith Dr. John B. Deafverj, "Text-Book of Pathology," "Fighting Foes Too Small to Sire," "Surgical 1: Pathology," "Lessons in Pathological Histology" ftranslation from the French Ronssy and 5 .21 ,. Bertrand nd ...Um - Fellow of the Philadelphia College of Physicians, Fellow of the American College of Physicians: ' Fellow of the American Medical Association, Member of the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences, Member of the American Association of Pathologists and Bacteriologists, of the Society of American Bacteriologists, of the International Association for Dental ski' 492 Research, of the American Society for Cancer Research 5 of the Society of American -' Parasitologistsg of the Medical Society o f the Stale of Pennsylvania and of thel Philadelphia County Medical Society. K-s,.. ,, -- IN THICSIC strenuous days there is wisdom in early deciding just what one intends to do. 1-Qt" 3 I A It is wise to keep the mind fixed upon the end to which our efforts are directed, lest we lose sight of it and stray. Whether the ohjeetive be practice, research or teaching, know what it is to be und carefully Y pursue the avenue that 'leads to it. There is no time to dolly by the way. He who chooses wisely and plods doggedly along, is apt to reach his goal long hefore others who begin hy numerous false starts. .4-X v WLC S ix! y- h fve ,.s. .K . J.. .311 ff' r 'L is L 1- ZZ ff? .AJ Q . ...ig . T fl-.J 'Q In! "L , :1. l 1 .j'..'-1' If-1 ,fz 2I,'t 's -:y5,.w. .1 4- :fl x i .',- -'9 4 . 1 :CRN 's v Q 1 'jg'-',,, :L V ,Q.i,,i-iii A A 225 N .J ai ' " r I -'fag' ' 'i f iiilpfl -I N 5 J - '-v' :fit ' - 1- x fp? ,Z gs., it ,gi :fl 0 i ' 324 4 qv f 5 Plffg: Q 542313 p "M 5265? '95, FREDERICK D. WEIDMAN ii f"'i'5'3j,-t l Pxomassou on Dl'IRMA'I'OLOGlCAL Rlzsinxuci-1 H,-. ' 27'-elif: iii? Public School Education in Philarlel hia, Hillhonse Hi h School New Ha-ven Conn. 1900 5 . . 1' . 5' 1 . ' . . H, lW.D. Unlfuerslty of Pennsylvania lI90Sj5 Assistant Dentonstrator of Histology, Unlfversfty 2 'y ,ijlij of Pennsylvania H909-19112, Assistant Deznonstrator of Pathology lI904-I9l4j, In- structor in Gross Morbizl Anatomy K 1914-19202 5 Acting Heatl, Department of Dermatology 15521513 X H921-I924j5 Associate Pathologist, Philadelphia Zoological Gardens H910-192-UQ Dent- 3:11- 714-l onstrator of Pathology, Woznan's Medical College H911-193115 Professor of Pathology, 152,321 , ,I Woman's Meflical College H914-19172, Assistant Director, Laboratory of Dernzatological ...rf Research, University o f Pennsylvania H917-192315 Professor of Dermatological Research fsince I923j5 President of Pathological Society of Philadelphia H912-I922j, President, .51 l,.',- t"":Qffl5 , Dermatological Society of Philadelphia H922-19242. Zffliaj i' Member 'o f American Dermatological Association, Philadelphia Pathological Society and Phila- h .751-Z" f ,Ag tlelphia Dermatological Society. "' 'IQ' ENCOURAGEMENT, inspiration, and after these determination, are seldom-realized assets 5:-tlgii-ff' I Z.. which the research worker, too, is continually drawing upon to curry him along. The medical . X student with his enthusiasm, earnestness, and idezylism, overcoming obstacle after obstacle in the "": ,.Q,'f2Q f face of the mounting requirements for "better :mtl better doctors," is il spectacle well to con- 1 it iii' template. He is :tn ever present object lesson, and his example is an insurance form of choice " against the reverses and disrxppointments which are part of the daily life of the research worker. t f?-,ff X His bit has begun. ff 51-Sift-' 11.3521 , lgglg' A 4'-Yugi: g K ld, ir' V if . gi sixty-six q , C ,, 5 ,Wiq , it 2 SCG L lr rt as 1 'ff - I , X, X Q .tl ,I r' 5 Y ' I ,Z . ,,,l l r? - ' A. BRUCE GILL, M.D. Q ta xx K l f ' 1 ,ef is sill! 1 uf! lx U " ' AJS., Murleingum College fI.S'96j, M.D., Unfi-verxiry of l'em1sylwm1ia fI9U5j5 Rexifleni :A Physician at Ihe Prexbyferinn H orpifal 5 Chief Resitlenf, Witlener Memorial Infllzxfrial Train- " ing School for Cripplefl Children H906-191025 A.v:i.rmnt Surgeon, Iflfifiener Memorial School H910-192605 Chief Surgeon, Widener Memorial School fxinre I9Z0j, fl.f.t'J,fflNlf S yrgeon, 1're.vbylerian H oxpital fl907-19152 5 Orzhopneflic Surgeon, Pl'E.flI,1'fL'I'ilIlI H oxpilal fxince I9I5j, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Episcopal Hospital H916-19252, Orlhopaefllc Surgeon, " Abington Hospilal H913-I9l9j5 Profexsor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Unitversily of Penntyl- fvania fxince 19202, Profexsor of Urfhopaenfic Surgery Grmluare School, Unifverrily of Pemzrylfvmiia fxince 1921 Fellofw of the lwiladelphia Acmlemy of SllI'lL"HOII.f, Fellow of the Philmlelphia College of ' Phyxitfinns. Member of American Mefliezrl Axrociatiom mul American Orfhopaetlie Associa- tion, Member of Sigma XI anrl Alpha Oniegn Alpha Honorary Fralernilier. ii: i I HEREBY extend to the Class of 1931 my greetings and my very best wishes for your future ' success in your chosen profession. But may I inquire what is your ideal of sueeess, and how do 'ifz ' you propose to attain it? v" There is one element of success which must not he overlooked, and that is ahsolute honesty i'- " both with your patients and with yourself. lf mistakes are made, as undoubtedly they will he, 'V one should face them squarely and thoughtfully. Only in this manner will one avoid a repetmon fflfrf- of them ' lt is my belief that the Class of 1931 will carry forward thc ideals always upheld by the flffj' University of Pennsylvania, and wilil produce its full share of honest, faithful practitioners and nj n a 1 I ' eminent physicians and surgeons. .A . ,- ,. .":' , ,B 1 S ix! y-.rwen -r ia f' 5 '13 r F'-' YW n P3 ,,. I :-I 'Q .l' f. ., , A ,fi-Q16 i f., Q "sim 4' X rf if QQ, 21 Q fflizf .lfl',.4" I2-if.Q": 4'1" 255. Q -gift ' 5351? l P' 9 ,5 n ,, Ku i 2.25, 'Ig s. xx 1' 115.1 5' 1.5. N gf X T25 ' 1 53 l . 1, ii 1 l ff .rl-. fig: 7 ' . -4 .V .1 , N lin' ug S, if 13 'J I . wt .rx - E ff ' 1-0 .,,,' X 253329 .'-,rs ig?" H5 , V' X :Il 1579 1 .55 ffl- ' DAVID H. BERGEY qfffivf, Pitorrzssou or Hvczu-:Ni-1 AND BAc'ri-:iuoLoc:r t 26' Public Schools, West Chester State Normal School, Ursinus Academy and College, under 'TEZ In Preceptarship of Dr. Samuel Wolfe, Sleijrpacles Pa. H881-Ib'84j5 B.S., University of Penn- .h 5 sylvania fIt984j5 M.D., University of Pennsylvania KISS-tjg A.M., Science and Philoso- F11-5 phy, Illinois Wesleyan University I 1894 Q5 Dr. P.H., University of Pennsylvania H916 Practiceil Medicine in North Wales, Pa. fI88ft-18932, Thomas A. Scott Fello-w in Hygiene it H894-I895Q5 Assistant in Chemistry KIX95-189615 First Assistant H896-190325 Assis- tant Professor of Bacteriology KI903-191615 Assistant Professor of Hygiene anfl Bac- teriology H916-19262, Professor of Hygiene antl Bacteriology fsince I926i. fl., Author of Numerous Articles on Bacteriologyg Chairman of Committee to Arrange a Manual of Determinative Bacteriology, I 923 . 'ilj-1 Meznber o f Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania State and American Medical Associations 5 Phila- in rlelphia Pathological Societyg College of Physicians 5 American Public Health Association, 5.121 American Association for the Ailfvancement of Scienceg Society o f American Bacteriologists fPresi1lent, 191515 Association of Clinical Pathologistsg American Society of Naturalistsg Sigma Xi, Society of Experimental Biology and Metlicineg Director pro tent of the Laboratory of Hygiene. 3' THE conditions to be met hy the medical graduate during his career are as much a matter of uncertainty as are those confronting the explorer, therefore success in the practice of medicine ' depends upon the care and thoroughness of the discipline laid down for you in your course of ' studies, but also, and to a greater degree, to the ease with which you will be able to adjust your- ,V selves to the ever-changing-situations, in the medical world, which you will be called on to meet. I Your particular field in medicine is an unexplored country, and you should aim to approach it in the same manner as would an explorer like Admiral Byrd. If that is done your careers will be satisfying to yourselves and a great benefit to humanity. f."5"3- DTH. S ixty-eight .--A ff, .4 ,ref -1 1 X f I -.,, ly fi t 2 I x, . ,rf . X .- -,Digi f lx K - . ,. 'A frnxi 55434112 if JOHN HINCHMAN STOKES 1,1uJlfr:ssoR olf Dl'IRMA'l'OI,0CX' AND SYPIIILOLOCY Ali., Uniiiersily of Michigan lI90Xj, IVI.D. lI9I2i, Connlry Praclire lI9l2j, Franheumnlh, M itrhigan, Inslrnclor of Alnalofny, Rexiflenl in Dermatology, !Il,flI'llt'fOl' in Dermatology ainl Syphilvlogy, Unifvenrify of Michigan, Unifuerxiry of Illinoixg flxsistanl l'rofe:.for, .4:.fosiafe Profexsor, Pro fexsor of Dermatology and Syphilology, Mayo Fonntlalion, Gratlnale School of Meflicine, Unifverrily of MllIllEJOf!Z5 Organizer anfl Henfl of Seclion of Dernnzlology and Syphilology, Mayo Clinic H912-19242, Profexsor of Dermafology antl Sph-ilology, School of Medicine, Uniqiersily of Pennxylqiania, am! Profe.r.ror in the Gratlnale School of Metlicine, Unifverxily of Pennxylfvania U924- Member, Phi Bela Kappa, Sigma Xi, Alpha Kappa Kappa lHon.j, Alpha Omega Alphagg Member, College of Physicians o f Philadelphia, .lohn Morgan Society, Connly anfl Slate Medical Socieliesg American Meflieal Arfociationg Almeriran Dermafological ,4.v.fot'ia!1on, Correxponfling Member Danixh Dermalological Society, Vienna Dermafologiual Society, flmerican Social Hygiene flsfocialion K Direclor 1, C ommilfee on Rereartrh in Syphilis, Com- misxion of Expert: on Syphili: antl Cognale Szzlzjeclx, League of Narionsg Special Conxnllanl, Uniletl Stare: Public Healfh Service. Anfhor of Nnmerons Worley in Dermalology ami Syphilology. SOM!-1 clmnges to he anticipated, hoped for, or feared, according to your persuasion, in the medicine of thc coming generation: periodic re-exzuninution of doctors for the right to hold their licenses to practice, the passing of thc uloofness and self-conceit of the guild, the hokum of physician-patient contact, :md IL nearer approach to partnership lmctwcen physician and patient, with mutual comprehension and respect. S ixly-nine JI 7 . . C 'Q Er". .ff PIE .-. il? 2 ffl fi"-lf: .A ,A .er ..,,. ,. K ff l ,fi Kill .yu '1 Dv, 1.21 A' T535 'v 'JE- ,!- ' ."5a fl lv is MJ, l,-r - .nt :A ' if-l:.,JA .IW ., M : T'f4f'37fl.: X wg.,- ..,l 1 4-'A 2hE,,:? Q-221 .,,-2 1"1Qf2A x wise' A Qjqhf' ":.?. "' Q elf' , 1: xl gafifff: . .W nga td . 6. 'F '71 -1- Qxl'-ax M u. r e ,X if ., P , wg ,Mtn 2. liliiiirw :il,'i'f7' '11 al , fl f if ,Lf ,qi .IL-.1 I iii", .ff-vii ll 2-1.-'Sf ,1 l GEORGE FETTEROLF " Pkovlzssok ov 0'1'oLAlu'Nc:o1.ooY j.5iiii,3 14.13, Ul1l1lZI'!lf'L' of Pemlsylfvmlizz K 188725 M.D., Unitverxlly of Pefluxylfvauia Nlefliml Strhool :gzffff fItS'9Ij5 Honorary Degree from Urrinus College, Sc.D. fI9IIjg Professor of Oroluryn :'-5:31 gology, UIll'U6l'Xll'V of I'e11n:ylzm11ia lsince 192-U5 Consulting Laryngologtist to several if " llI.VllfILli0I1J. Fellofw of the 141IIL'l'lL'61II Lt1I"1,'l1tQ'0l0glt'lIl fitsoriaflollg Member of the .4.'llPI'iC!1ll AIXOFIII-ll0ll of ,4mzlomisI':5 Fellow of Ihe College of l'l1ysiciar1: of Philadelphia. I'1 - - v .rig Major, M8tfICdl Corfu, U., S. .Army fI9l8-I9.I9j. . I Aulhor of mlmerous COIIfI'lbllfl0Il5 lo meflnral journal: am! bool-sg Axroeuzle Eflllor of Amzalr of Y' Orilogy? Rhizrologjbaml Laryugology f1928Q5 Assoelnfe Editor of Archieves of Ololar-vu go ogy 1930- . s T -,-ing ' HE outstanding feature in the physician's life is service. That element, coupled with unfailing alertness, gives him a position in his work which is almost unique. Like the Minute Men of 1225 our early American days, he must stand ready to go at a moment's notice to help in the hattle Y :QI against disease. He ushers us into this life, cares for us all through it and eases us through its psf' , last moments. It is the spirit, the Hnencss of understanding in which this help is given that can f Q make it a blessing during life and a hcnediction at its close. - 43.5 You mcmhers of the Class of 1931 are just ahout to enter this great Held., The reasons f for your taking up this work are prohahly varied. Whatever prompted you to make the practice Q gugxli, of medicine your life work, my wish for each one of you is that your service will he so given "iff that it will make the hurden of suffering easier to bear, and also that you will advance your ,, profession hy your ohservations and studies, May the satisfaction and contentment of a servit ,Q w.. r I well done be yours! xl I Seventy 109' '- gin? J: I nl, 'I IN :fl ii' jlf ff T 1A 13" X 'ffvtfi X 12.1 5' X fP i ff is QQ.lf35 1 512 'ET-I ., CEE ' frfffifi-3 . . W iflt iiizifi ii s 5 .1 - -- OUR SUPER-FACULTY E HAD a super-faculty in addition to our own this year. On "Saturday at Eleven," we had the opportunity of hearing many of the most prominent medical men of the country. VVe seniors were enabled to see the living personalities of those who before had been merely names tacked on to printed pages in the journals or in the text books. We were lectured to, inspired is perhaps a better word, by such medical celebrities and leaders as Longcope of Hopkins, Cecil of Cornell, and Van Slyke of the Rockefeller Foundation. Space is unfortunately too short to include all the splendid speakers who addressed us. Nor if variety is the spice of life, can we complain. The subject matter included everything from the calcula- tion of the number of sensory endpoints in a bee's eye to the simple homilies and conclusions of one of our own graduates after thirty years of general practice. In conclusion--"Saturday at Eleven" was certainly worthwhile. The committee which selected the speakers merits our sincerest thanks and highest approbation. We hope that our faculty will continue the hour for - the benefit of future clases. We person- ally shall regard it as one of the brightest and most stimu- lating highlights of our senior year. 1 ., 1' 4"PfQ3:?m . . "-'.L9'.-'yr'-7:55h'?':'1f1- WW?-'L"J4?v P- 5? . -I . -.,:5.-:f-gg,-,-::..-.,-, -rq,,3i,..-+ Q ' , Q-2f-'5S'3.?":"-1'f'5'"HJ-33322.-'ilfiffl'X P1 . .. l'5-'F :" ' T " '. ' ' 2' 'ff E-'-:f"ffSE11f'I I:-. -fx'3'52f:1fd53fiE?1g''f?9?4fi?v2-'fs .-1-":-'E1'.:" 'L L- 5 '- -- "v:.':1'-152::.'5:.1'ff15'1?'Z?.'WY'f'2'i'f .5.f.:,'f1'l. '. ', ,' - ' : ' .1 .I --l' N 1-':,'-,?,'..-Z,'Ll:.q:,'5,5::5f,' 'ami 3- V- - -- .. .Z . -g,,-515,51-4'4.L-53.33" 'qi 'I ' ': " 3 f iii'-23-'--':4'7ii351'43 .- .I 'fJ,'j,f..Q:-, ' - , L T - '.'-1,'-:-f:..1f',1c.-fri, - .' '-':.4r':-1 -.-19. ':'-'v-.1'i" 1.-'J '.-- '.' 1'.Q,- - '- -' '.,'.g::xe' '. : 3 "-Ziff.-5 . X, 1 .jxli ,1 ,. W' vw?-!"' ' l I, If , K na .' 0 432+ .Qu Th y + v 'X MU., Q, M ,W 5 , , I 1 I 1. gn I Q 4 -'I ,',' ,.,'f,f, -.-1,1 ,o,., . J 'r a'r 4' O' 5 1, 5:14, 93.10, 4 I I 1 9 C ' a I 4,1 'Z' :.,:.f:,:.j ,-.- , , .,.o,'. ,'.' f,": o 'Q '.,:..4,', -1, Q Q, 4, Q, -4.3 1 A O O 0 1 , ,., . 1 Z viz? nz ivy -. A5A.,1,,-1 . 5 A I ' fw K 4 sr. 1 I 4 ' ' f Y' L JS' P ::".1-U 4- 55115 1' f ,aff Ink-Q ,.- , , . I ,ti I 5 X - J ,z ffiy INN f'3"'7'1 f i . . , g :I . ,JC In 'razvn 54' ' :":. ' o, 1, 4 'ali'- ., U, :fm A . -, - EWIIIIIIII IIIR I Gif I---1 ,Q W I ..... 'J . ff ,yl2ZAm,,..4AA 1 , . ,I II If , I ,. f f im-I f IIIIEIWIIIII I f,.L. .2f + I -If . I If 'fini Q", VI .iVgilg .,.A. E., .... ..-. ..,.,.. 1. - - -F,:'-l.ll'.:. v. . . 7. , . .. U 0 I :EZ ' , I .47-Lia ,Wg ' QM QIII' E ' its I I E Q III -E-A -.1---a---N'--+-+--w--+--'-'-'L-f---'-'W-'--- '-A N-'f'-"-'TM-'-Tf- Ti I 1,13 X 'J QYHIITI'm1f4I"':.'uw.-frI9fII:vfIwzfa'f,zIIIavf4TvIffmI5IffIIIWWW WM fmwwfwi7Q125Wi.ZE'Ia mg j g R 3 QT I' 'I' ' Q -" .4'l I Q I I 214, I I, RNLIPLI F Y 0 C S 337,14 jp Ivnwivhvlvglwvivavlyvvaifizmg nunvi'e.i441LIA5f6uww-,.1u!'-IY7I'f iarfffl?-if 1' N 'fi' 'AK I. fir' 37fl Q- T --Te-1-1 ff W- T'fPk?-1:1 7 -3f "iii 5.117 I " fr ,gf F 255 L1 E 'W EJ 'f Qs: .ri LTI 3'1" ,I If 1' 2'ffQH 1 5 . 1Zi?+,F32ggi:2E41?f- 1- -if Ag--K 3 f 11,-. :,Ifi.,,1 Q- -WI -EI I4 I I -I I 'fe NNN"llll I Nh vIlI1!I I " ,gr " ' 'IIIIIY' :I II ' I I If f . . . I .A.,I. 0 I if I I ' 5 5 we I, ggi 9 2 WILLIAM MOFFITT McFADDEN, JR. 33 ff' l I E. .I 5 " ,jg ,e7:..1? ' I' EEQI I PRESIDENT I - EIT, 2 Er fN'Vff'a-E I "IE: I:'I'.-" FII 'f g WILLIAM ROYSTER THOMPSON, JR. t 353355: ' " I' f' +1II.fI Q VICE-PRESIDENT -IEE-E --I iawfg ,N 1.2 1 ,IC 1-I., 5 Q 1 7 Ii . if'5:"f,zL .1-g: :JI - JOHN MARTIN KINNUNEN Ig 31?-in FII E I:EI'4'If , I E SECRETARY IEEE : ..,. 452- , gg, ROBERT ANTI-IELME PRINCE jfgw ' TREASURER t' SIIG 5 E IIS 'I ff: X ali-TW 1 2' ...I R " DANA SWEARINGEN CRUM EI' '-,ZCZL-2: - III S - IM 3 HISTORIAN I I I gal If E t ,I . 1,53-ifff ' ff.jy'I QU Q 2 ff .1 "SESS ,B IIIIIIIIEWRIIIIIII.'II3I'IIIIIIIQI:IIIIIIzII,IIMRRIIIIMIIIIIIIIIiIIWTMIIIIIIIIEIIIIIII,RWIIqI.IlWImIgmIRMLIIII-IIRWIIQMIIIIIIIIIIRRWQEQEQ ,I I I 'I 5 "TI I Aiu ..II,ifw R,xI,1 I,I A., ,f M ,I 4 RI' I, .II .41 7!ll9ENIIf, 1IkI f I. RI -II.-I, IITZI I IE 'I' I ' ' 1931 Class History QAMUEL PEPYS did awaken this mornin f 'it seven-thirty for no reason except habit, which is '1 stronff mistress 'uid my only one. Had today arrived at my estate 'Ind to receive my dufree Lying abed, glanced over di'u'y of past four years, and did make here 'ind there notations of concern to class-mates. If I 'im mistaken, God forgive mel but I do hope and pray I am not fo Metlical School for first time, where we some one hundred or morej did have an address by the Dean, whom we find 1 very likely person to please us, both for person, discourse, and other qualityes Sent to Anatomic, where I did touch the dead body with my bare hand, it felt cold, but me thought it 1 very unpleasant sivit . Home by ear for dinner, but having liver, did lose my appetite. . Did take my bone-box home, and after '1 turne or two with them, so wmryinfr and to bed. . . Feared examination of Anatomieg carried seven books to Laboratorie, but no neec Believed course 'timed to develop research mind, and so large portion of class, being of mind to learn Anatomic, derived little benefit. To Physiolofrie, whtre did hear words of little sense to my poor hraine. Thence to Chemistrie . . methinks I must study! So to my room, busy very late, the nights I b d 'U l 'url nut running on faster than one thinks, and so to prayers ant to e p ant e. y 1 , did see many bottles carried to Laboratorie I pray the issue may be ffood, for the discontent is great. Today heard rumor that Professors think us wood class, but vow no benefit will come of it. To examination of Physiologie, and Was much ileased to find did know a bit . Anon to Chemlstrie, told that we mig it awav. 1, Our Dr D VVilson showed surprise at quick departure of large part of class. . . . And so, God willing, to a carefree summer did visit new Laboratories, at,which I was a Having returned to class today, But was of no mind to repeat a year to avail myself of them . Do miss class-mate' Broder . Have for some time noted much thought- ' l . l ' and do esteem it I resolve mE to ful lanning in this course of Piarmaco ogie, P stud ' . To the Army, and did learne that our Professor had but lately come from l d l' r . With fear to Ofiice today for report on little moved with envy Russia, where he did won rous tungs Pharmacologie and learning that twenty-five did fail, much pleased with 70.01 .... Did enjoy a bit of leisure time God helpe me, I must confess spending one hundred and eighty hours in Bacterioloffie to no avail .... To Autopsie. But, Lordl to see how the ,world makes nothing of the memory of a man, an hour after he is dead! . . . To last Pathologic class with genuine sorrow. . . . In a hurry to be gone the beginning of next week to Carlisle. M back bein r tired did insist on the wounded man wa ng, Y relieved? did reach imbulance in good time .... Stench from the barns is very great. To the Dispensarieg searched out ills of Rosa La Rose and Anopheles Cook. Enjoyed much words, palpated them as essential, and gave prescription for Nux, Soda, and Gentian .... To lecture in Medicine by Dr. O. H. Perry Pepper. I like new tg Y '9 ot l , x , 1 1 ' S 1 C I U 1 V 1 I I 1 'b . U 1 ,D 1 1 . 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 4 , g . . . . as at Pk f 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 ' f C l 0 0 I K I . . . g , el . . . . . . , 1 1 1 1 ' '4 b t C K C K l A 4 1 b 1 l I b . g .... ' a . . . . g D U b lki ff and being thus Seven! y- yi we ,J -: Q '1: J .5 f.. aw . ,, . N ' ,Li E25 X ::"'?iiJ 4 3' fi, f HS, -V tx ffl? J. 14. 3-if ,i :jf his .51-EE: ., ,gk if. , '.'7,'I EE, ., ' .ffl -21'-V ,P Q 'liz ififiq . I iibrf' ll X D 1' .il L 1 L- 'PTHE Cl.lF'Et tm his company and will make much of his acquaintance .... Up and to dermatokelidosis, dermatomycosis, dermonosologie, which strangely bewildered my mind. Methinks the Dr. Stokes is a pretty knowing man .... Much feared for Dr. Stevens head, so much knowledge must surely burst it .... To Number 7 today and caught three sinners with their breeches down .... Late in the afternoon to quizz. But my good Doctor do talk so much like a fool that the section do weary of him .... Lord! what a course do we run for hours on end, and indeed I despair I shall ever come to anv lif ht, but shall go from thicket to thicketg truth is I can hardly believe a man can be so long lost .... That also was so ended, and so to other business, leaving Ophthalmologie to own fate .... My mind is much disordered about these many courses .... Having spent six days at new Lying-In, much worn from lack of sleep. Methinks however much improvement could be made for missed many cases be- cause not called. There is much talk about it .... VVorried over approaching exams, and did study Medicine a bit, did go over diseases of the liver, omitted distomatosis and abscess as of small account .... Listened to Dr. E. Schumann, accoucheur. I have not heard a neater lecture a great while and more to my content .... Tried to fill my mind with much knowledge .... So home and after supper did wash my feet itt e .... Exams on hand and doubt not I shall meet some knots in my business to- morrow but shall do my best .... The summer being well nigh spent did receive my report and 1ny pleasure was great to know that I was become a Senior. I find myself a very rising man. Did hasten to Hospital, Josephine Mussolini in deep transverse arrest, may God be praised she departed the care of these feeble hands .... I truthfully perceive that these ten days and ten nights held the best joy and benefit of all my work. Anon, away from the Dispensarie and to classes .... On Ward today and Dr. A. Stengel gave discourse well worth hearing. The truth is I do find him a much more cunning fellow than I ever took him for, nay in his every word he has his wits about him. Methinks new things are not for such as we. Do like this new Surgical Dispen- sarie and much incensed at having missed it .... Had thought making of notes a curse of first year, alas! I find myself at it .... Do trust my peace of mind be not soon disturbed .... Up and early to O. B. did hear my class-mates discuss wisely on obstetrical problems and find Dr. E. Pipers comments very knowing .... To my room. Leisure time spent to ill worth to Science, might have lent thought to mysteries of Medicine, but failed to do so .... Up and to Eighth and Spruce, where I learned much Historie. Met one Dr. G. Norris and found him pleasant and full of wisdom, which he imparted in good form .... After supper to Poker where I did lose five dollars and forty-five cents .... To Sunparlorg the Professor spoke of his- torie, "What clerk has writ such rot?" VVe did all make merry on hearing it came from his own oHice .... Home with great content that I have thus begun an acquain- tance with Dr. Reisman, who is a great man, and which I will endeavor to deserve and keep .... Another election, minds me of "Much Ado About Nothing." . . . A pleasant custom of a Saturday morning, to speak men of diverse vision. Inspired to rise from bench and cure the maimed .... And so to sleep in a five o'clock class .... This eve to intern exam, what the issue will be, God knows .... After many disputes with myself finally to Surgery and being climbed many steps, very weary. But well worth effort when listened to Dr. C. Frazier, whom I find very ingenious and much filled with knowledge .... Heard of my internship today, now there is little left s-.9 U 'g and to O. B. Ball. I could not avoyd making my head ache though I drank but l' l Seventy-:ix J,- '-'X ,,,,' ': 'D I E O' in .5 to worry me. And so to bed with my mind in mighty great ease and content .... Up , betimes, it being light neither before or then, and to Episcopal. . . . To Gynecologic. X 51,15- -g From reputation do believe I'll like it .... This Dr. Keene, I perceive, does operative g yy' work equal to any I've yet seen. . . . These electives are very pleasant .... Class well fyflig ' pleased with Dr. Norris, who imparts much knowledge worth having .... Being come from church, I to make up my months accounts, and did find myself more in ' debt than formerly. An evil system, I believe, that we should pay dearly for eight I ,Eh years of higher education, and on graduation have more pennyless years to anticipate, for the man of medicine hath not money at heart .... Yet withal, I think I may reckon myself as happy a man as any in the world, for which God be praised! i 47 ' l . is iff 0 0 0 ,5-uf.: eff Sonnet: Physiological Chemlsfry as ' 'Q 1 " +"" , iidil' I' he R. of your breath-O fragrance sweet- 2',2iE'f Brings to me 'visions of sugars being burned, 1, Of starchy foods that you might chance to eat Changing to glucose and then becoming turned Into, perhaps, glyceric aldehyde Wlziclx changes them to water and CO2, Forgetting not ffor then I would have liedj 3, ' ' The mediate lactic acid stage. But too 5.g:1i2,f,1X They say fats burn within the sugar's flame, , And yet I wonder if this can be so, I rest my weary eyes on this and that- Upon your arms, your legs, your whole proud frame, '55 U.,- I gaze on these-alasf-and know, and know That you are not metaholizing fat. t 753-J' A, MARTIN H. WENnKos, Alpha. X ,i-'f :Mm l i liiifl l Seventy-seven w ' 'OTHE SCBPE 0' HONOR ROLL H Gold N Marquis 'f M Rapopori' P, Shumway E Seyler J Hocles .-,' Munro Slmluns 2254 ' Shaffer S Dean Muller Caplan n, Johnson L Hodes J N E Cohn W Hlclcam 1,-: W Menm S Crum C A Spangler J Grlffin .1 E W Burroughs -fg- H T Kirby-Smllh M Ginsburg J T Wuniers "' FIRST EIGHT TRANSFERS W N Powell D K Lelby E T Rees G Ellis .- ,, H Lund F R ang M J Taylor G K Hemphill '11 7 ly fl 1, ,I I 1 ' 'E' QA X l W" "ea Q . X 1 ' Il Jig!-Fhlzg :jug , .i ll . J. . ' ff ...QF , N. . L. . P. . 'z 4 , B. J. . UU, .322 .5 R. ' B. f I J. H. . nf'-.Q Ex. . . R. . ' . . E. E. Ehrlich . Q.. fl I :Sf ' N , y K 5-"M fle l T fit" Efhiffl s , .3 .fl qv. 6, ,J 4 Ji XQ9 0 .4 V ' 'Q HE SCBPE O' 'W M ri 1 5 7 iff 'if' W :QQ I ELI-lift Liz! X, W1 'S-'P JOHN LEHMAN ARMBRUSTER A 7 ,zgii X "Boris" gf lilly. N f E-H51 E-.A-QE ' MILWAUKEIE, WISCONSIN , f'.. ,L "Qat- ii' I Wabash College, BA. ,gf University of Wisconsin, M.A. hi ,ifi,,.,.ff" Nu Sigma Nu. 64' X Sigma xi. . N 'V Philadelphia General H ospilal, Philadelphia, Pa. 'E X I g:-5 iffifi' Q -f y tg. 1 faliiib I 'iw filing THOMAS WILLIAMS BAKER 'fu " Tom" AIIosKII:, Nolvrrt CAROLINA fqfiig L. 4. ,Msg , 4' '-.I' E , Wake Forest College, B.S. t Ai' ii Alpha Kappa Kappa. .- Alpha Pi Delta. , ' '3 Gamma Sigma Epsilon. J Pi Kappa Delta. iff:-fflal D. Hayes Agnew Surgical Society. 3' 'AE' Philmlelphia General H aspilal, Philadelphia, Pa. hifi A, 2:12 . tic' 4 :H-5. .Ea .L- , F X X , . , U I S 357. . "fl f iff l f':if.i X ROBERT wi-me BALLANTYNE , 1:3 0 bn - , lp. XIZNIA, OHIO 1 Muskingum, A.B. Q ffm' Nu Sigma Nu. - Wm. Pepper Medical Society. , " fffi giakgf v Presbyterian Hoxpilal, Philadelphia, Pa. fin Sevenily-nine ii 'QTHE SCBPEHL' ' I' ".3.,1 , ' ,,' iijkf' j F' GEORGE RAMSEY BARNETT V- K A "Doc" 1,5 ' X ' LEW1s'1'owN, PA. iii-V University of Pennsylvania, B.S. fjji ,gg y Phi Bm Pi. 'N I , Harrixlmrg H osjrital, Harrisburg, Pa. .iw fy' Q-J jf. Moams B. BENDER PH1L.xm:LPHm, PA. University of Pennsylvania, B.S. ii X Student Medical Society. I , Temple University H ospilal, Philadelphia, Pa, "J WILLIAM GEORGE BERNHARD , QQ X 1 wilt" LlffQ,'p7 MILWAUKPIPI, WISCONSIN ,Egg University of Wisconsin, B.A. f Nu Sigma Nu. William Pepper Medical Society. Bryn Mafwr Hospital, Bryn Mawr, Pa. 3" if E I Eighty 15 Hcfarli HE SQQP J RUSSELL HENRY BLOOD "R1z,t.f" KA3'SVlLLbI, UTAH University of Utah, A.B. Sigma Chi. Phi Chi. Piersol Anatomical Society. Class President 1Vli,verizforJia Hospiml, l"hilmlel1rhia, Pa. P I in . EDMUND WALTER BURROUGHS HEI!!! TRPIN'I'ON, Nlaw jlnksl-:Y i Princeton University, AB. Phi Beta Kappa. Alpha Omega Alpha. Arbor Inn. Alpha Mu Pi Omega. William Pepper Medical Society. Undergracluate Medical Association. Nlercer H osjvilal, Trenton, N. J, BERNERD CAPLAN LEBANON, Pi-:NNSYLVANIA University of Pennsylvania, B.A. Students' Memlival Society. 1'hilmZelpl1ia General Hoxjvifal, Philadelphia, Pa. E ight y-o ne 5.-'i' -L :yy- xl .gy ,. ,, Q-T ,3 , . .- JI L3 .v :f ,t -'a J -. 1. . -,J 'l -2 X15 .4 I m1 l L 'I J l rf-VZ. ,Q V61 II N' 'D l HE SCQPE O' PM 3,1 . . .V E 1 'fm . 1 :ul 'Y fi l 'viii' -I In I EMMET FREDERICK CICCONE f-fiii, . I "Chick" ' i PHILAnI':LPHIA, PA. Q University of Pennsylvania, A.B. Omega Upsilon Phi. . I , Heisler Anatomicaxl Society. U. M. A. Delegate UD, CZQ, QU, Q4 git , St. Agfzex Hospital, Philailelffhia, Pa. .15 8 1 If , , , I 354541 Ei1f?'f ff az WILLIAM coI-IEN " fvznzn TIu:N1'oN, Nicw JERSEY I University of Pennsylvania, B.A. St. Francis Hospital, Trenton, N. J. Q-1 W il ., . , y 1 I 1 5333 7 '-'-: I ,V i BERNARD NORMAN E. COHN Q I "Bernie" 9+ ' BU'I'L14:R, PI-:NNSYLVANIA gif, ' ' University of Pennsylvania, A.B. Phi Delta Epsiion. Alpha Omega Alpha. A . I Mercy Hoxjrital, Pittsburgh, Pa. :H T:'1I'p1-I , , 2' ii ll , I xi Eighty-tfwo 'Q SCBPE 0' ROY CAMILLAS COSTELLO EAST LIVERPOOL, OHIO Kenyon College, B.S. Phi Rho Sigma. John B. Deaver Surgical Society. Mercy Hoxpilal, l'i'H:b1zrgh, Pa. la' ui. I I "iq Q flffil' lf' vlcron GALBRAITH coLvlN IJ:-,Zh X uyicn N' SCHHLLSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA Penn State, B.S. f .552 'Q Phi Alpha Sigma. Piersol Anatomical Society. N U. s. Naval Hospiml, Jmizafzezpma, Pa. 127513, ' 1 I'fz:f'1' Q 52"E' if I ,. .'1?5:5g?3 iiifff z 1' -.!,' ' V Y I "a:..-L--,V EZQEVFS DANA SWEARINGEN cRuM rcDa,lp9 - BAR'row, FLORIDA I Georgia School of Tctihnology. X: University of Florida, B.S. :gQfI,f,T Sigma Chi. X 5353117 Phi chi. Deaver Surgical Society. U. M. A. Delegate. gg-23.571, . v Historian Q3 ll. ' t': .V . . Unwerszty Hoxfilal, Philadelphia, Pa. E i gh! y-three V, ck? J H: l 353' fs- 1 . , 5, 4, . g . r J ..,, 44 E' A ,1- A ws I 1 . I if . ly ' A E, N is r m,'.gv. ' I I PM .4. , if Un 415,19 P5 Q .L 7 1.71: W. li.: 4. 'f C, I . 'vu X 1. A 4' f rf. Q -f , af .gl 'Rf .v Q 31 .72 . .M X ft ' 1.-rf l fait" I .L : 'x I 7 I ff' . . , .Q yih ld 5,3 5 4 eng? s h 'UTHE JAMES SEAY DEAN "Jim" OP1-:L1KA, ALABAMA University of Alabama, A.B. Alpha Tau Omega. Alpha Kappa Kappa. Uzzifversity Haxjrilal, Philadelphia, Pa. A v l 'x 3 I 'hu 4., ,. lx. ,P f 1 Lil 'Y ly 1, - -2 7 1 t ' 'JJ l .f . ' l .f my!! , f lx s ...Q ., ,I il- R B. C. Hirst Obstetrical Society. 4159 51 O' ,I .5 l fr' N - ITA GIFFIN CASWELL DAUGHTRIDGE lfGi,'J7 ROCKY MOUNT, NORTH CAROLINA x University of North Carolina, B.S. J' Theta Kappa Psi. I- 55. X Piersol Anatomical Society. ft, .LI ,N U. S. Naval Haspilal, Philadelphia, Pa. 'ff , 2551 r Q" 71535 fifty xi ff?-f: . .g,4.l,.L' Igvffflg fi f -VJ" 1!,:A E t21i'r'La' i RALPH HENRY DeORSAY WATFIRVILLPI, MAINE Colby coucgc, B.s. Zeta Psi. l Phi Rho Sigma. 23:3 Deaver Surgical Society. .hffgfgfff Interfratcrnity Council. ' jf? Philadelphia General H osfifal, Philadelphia, Pa. td E ight y- f our -.. 'Q SCBPE A wi VICTOR ANDRE DIGILIO N Vic!! PHILADI-:LPH1A, PENNSYLVANIA SL. Agnes Hoxjrilal, Philarleljwhin, Pa. Q M ...w-' . lx , x 1 l:,"lA,, JM:- l A , ALEXANDER COLCLOUGH DICK ' ucoken . ' f" SUMTHR, Souri-1 CAROLlNA University of North Carolina. . St. Anthony Hall of Delta Psi. i f-3? Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore, Mfl. . z1fiE,5Q - . ' , A ,f,. 1 t rl I jffffj' . -, '7' 51 , Villa Nova College, B.S. U. M. A. Delegate. , X I ,.,,?'?l2f:? s , , 1 , Y ll 4. 1 9 ffijijsi l Jon-:N THEODORE DIMUN. JR. , ' "Jack" f TREN'I'0N, Nizw jrausm' ,E 1, University of Pcnnsylvzmia, A.B. xr. Sl. Francis Hoxpilal, Trenton, N. .l. Q'3lz',W4- . i' if E ighzy- five f l ,5 I 55 ,".'g Z. ". if ,H 'l ,I l l l U I 11' 2 'EQ N l t"fl'5 N ,. E . l fig .IASTTJ txf'if"'J. 1 11 l :,, 5 ff Fil? 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X Mn: .-Hifi ' EDMUND EMANUEL EHRLICH X ug. l f'E.z.ziw lf., RIVHRSIIJH, Nizw jrznsm' f ' University of Pennsylvania, A.B. U-gif: t Stuclent's Medical Society. 12 Jewish Harpilal, Philadelphia, Pa. 'A .1 xzijil b fig,-r.. r Eighty-:ix A 'ATHE SCBPE O' GRANT ELLIS OGDIQN, UTAH University of Utah, A.B, Phi Chi. Phi Kappa Phi. George A. Piersol Anatomical Society. Highland Hospiml of Alameda County, Oalelaml, Cal. HARRY LAWRENCE FARRELL MEBAN1-1, NoR'rH CAROLINA Univtrsity of North Carolina, B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa. Crmllmre Hospital, Philafleljlhia, Pa. l 1 . 1 7 1247? SD iff' -'S .fl ,g 1,42 ' E rf' N ly -zifgf f p 15,232 iff: , GEORGE ALTEN FARQUHAR 1:13525 ffllalll , 2,1 MONONCJAIll'2LA, PENNSYLVANIA .:.f:..A" University of Michigan, A.'B. Trigon. Phi Chi. 3 'Q Dcaycr Surgical Society. U. M. A. Delegate 5-5.1211 lntcrfratcrnity Council OD, Waller Reed General Hospiml, Washington, D. C. 'fijji . 1 4'5" EFL .P .7-2 if-.fQi?5' " iii?" l I .1 E ighly-.felvm -fn ,N 1 OO ot 4 D l X 1: f,-. EQ X 1 -.2 .A5"fli'3 i JOSEPH FINE ' ' 61510633 I S'rAMPo1um, CONNl'IC'I'lCU'l' f f ,Qing University of Pennsylvania. Phi Lambda Kappa. ll Students Medical Society. 5' N Vice-President, Junior Class. ' Mi. sifmi Hafpiml, Imilmlpffin, Pa. ,5 I 231.2 l iii". ARTHUR FINKELSTEIN i ' uA,.zv QQ: WlLivuNc:'roN, DHLAWARI4: IL., University of Pennsylvania, A.B. t Students' Medical Society. 'Z Pliotographic Editor, Scope. ' l .lefwisll H ospilal, Sl. Louix, Minouri. 1.j5:11'f.,.1X .DW , LAURENCE EDWIN FLEMING "lim" 1. Cl-1ARLo'1'1'r7, NORTH CAROLINA 'Wake Forest College, B.S. Episcopal Hoxjriml, Pllilmlelfllia, Pa. .L "ret-. Eighly-eight .ll -.. tb i II 8 T I4 Q i U W .im "n I M I ,i,li'i,"1 lg. .wifi 'Y' irjgw MAURICE P. FOLEY y I . upafn 'G 'ri ,Qlifiy xx MAPL14: VALLI-Lv, W'AsHlNG'1'oN 57. University of Washington, B.S. Omega Upsilon Phi. J, I:-.Q :Q Undergraduate Medical Association, Secretary ' C355 President A- x f,?,"l5g Piersol Anatomical Society. ' "'-'V' Interfraternity Council QZJ, QU, 'ff ffl Misericordia Haxfvilal, Philudelphia, Pa. W -i' "'l' i ' 1,11 ' , ' - , TWQI I .Iii f A g 'ffif 92- A xi Leo BOYES FREEMAN ,aga- Q "Lee" ."' PLYMOUTH, Pi-:NNSYLVANIA ' t liifw I :ff University of Pennsylvania, AB., M.S. A 'fl Philadelphia General I-lorpiial, Philadelphia, Pa. X 7 - - A -Siff- ,L 23.7.1 ' f N fiif'-53 l ' ,.5: x "z, JUNIUS ALGION GILES -LI. 5? , C1-IAPHL HILL, Noivrli CAROLINA Atl,-in University of North Carolina, B.S. f gfgfjjfijs , Phi Chi. H ,y,,,, Ii Delfzfware Hoxpilal, Wilmington, Del. lniilin i 3 1 ' Eighty-nine Q "-Q V- E, 'wg tc vl M..- WHIP It Q f I E S C E :.',jf,,g 'fy if f-jgx f W. SHULER GINN I K I uD0cn MIAMISBURG, Ox-no gg .LT University of Pennsylvania, A.B. Nu Sigma Nu. 4 Miami Valley Hospital, Dayton, Ohio. Q .'f'-iff 'Y' f" THEODORE MAXWELL smssuks M u'Te,lv PHILADELPHIA, P1':NNsvLvAN1A , University of Pennsylvania, B.A. if Phi Lznnlxlu. Kappa. A5 Students' Medicxll Society. 1355-59 Pi Mu Epsilon. Phi Mu Signni. 5,1-,Q Ml. Sinai Hoxpiial, Philailelpliia, Pa. ing iflg :QL HERMAN GOLD 593 l i Cx-U12s'l'1-ZR, P1-INNSYLVANIA if - University of Pennsylvania, B.S. Phi Lambda Kappa. ' Alpha Omega Alpha. "3 Students' Medical Society. Lf, Chesrer Hospital, Cherhzr, Pa. ft' D l N inely X "rTI'IE SCIQIPEI' .i,,!,' Iii! NORMAN ROBIN GOLDSMITH W " N o rm' ' ' 'I PIT'l'SI'IURGII, Pr:NNsx'LvANIA Cornell, B.A. Pi Lambda Phi. Phi Delta Epsilon. Managing Editor SCOPI-I. Menvy Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pa. ROBERT JAMES GRIFFIN Ulgobli University of Kentucky, A.B. Phi Sigma Kappa. Alpha Chi Sigma. Phi Chi. U. M. A. Delegate. John G. Clark Prize Chexnlul Hill Hospital, Philaflelphia, Pa. A V , GEORGE GUSTAVO GUITERAS YI-IAIJON, Pi-:NNSYLVANIA Rice Institute. It Phi Alpha Sigma. Iwiladelphiu General Hoypital, Philudeljvhia, Pa. I Q7-IEE 1I If' 1, -Wi? vf 4. ilr. 2 .f.- f I-Q'-.iii E' I 'N F I N inely-one CAM Pm+:L1.sv11.Lr:, KHNTUC KY i, 17 .TJ .Il 5152. :iff l"AI - if., gig.- ,:L', . 'Z-Kff 'Tip' ,.. Iv -... 11.71-fl ' 3-r1:g J .Qs I III I 3 ,. It JI - fu I X a I I, 1' K .ff 11.5 ' 523 W. nrt A L, . x las elf :I fri I 1 X E- A 'K X I ' u .ff .H 1-. fit ,wp .1- 1 1 "'-f . Sway Us, 90 of Q. l I Q Til:- ,L 1 , I X JOHN BAPTISTE HALL Bos'1'oN, MASS. 1 l Williams College, BA. s 5 l his gf?" fiiiif- HUGH GERARD HAMILTON ,gi KANSAS Cvrv, Mlssouiu .ji :J- University of Missouri, A,B., B.S. ff: " Phi Delta Theta. H Phi Beta Pi. Interfraternity Council. Kanmx Cily General Hoijviml, K uma: City, M 0. ' J ,T-2 I JOHN LECKEY HAMILTON h.l0flllIl'VU BARNr:snoRo, Pr':NNsv1.vANlA Washington and jefferson College, AB. Phi Gamma Delta. Alpha Mu Pi Omega. Allegheny General Hoxpilal, Pitlsburgh, Pa. N inely-1-wo , X E. 1 Qjfi f "iq ZA, fwfr- 2' E15 X .Q if ' :lu ROLFE MARSH HARVEY V Q i I "Dimmy" I.: ' Ml'IlJlA, Pi-:NNSYLVANIA 'ai' 1 '4 Dartmouth College, B.S. R QQ " Nu Sigma Nu. 1.1 . Interfraternity Council. X 'if fiEl'lIll1l7f0'LL'II H osjwital, Ci0I'IlI!1lI'f0fLUll, Pa. l L' l I 7' 1"i:-jg 4 gffk 524' if -4 ' i p in ' EDWARD MCGOWAN HEDGPETH lift.: "Ed" ELM Crrxf, NORTH CAROLINA '2'f'f-il A-. I University of North Carolina, AB. t fQ,5f"i5 ' Sigma Nu. if H X Phi chi. .A 1 1 ' Deaver Surgical Society. .lil-Q X l U. M. A. Delegate Geixinger Memorial Hoxpilal, Dawville, Pa. ,fi 1 Q Jilin g Q E Q Ififff, X ,fl-V : ist GEORGE KENNETH HEMPHILL I LIS? , "Smoothy" Ei, b in NOR'I'H LoUP, Nr:rsRAsKA .2121 f University of Wisconsin, B.A. R 525312 Phi chi. , Phi Bm Kappa. 3 ' " Sigma Sigma.. I wggiii v Uniwrrizy Hospital, Philafleljvhia, Pa. E fi., 1" F1 J . . N inety-lhree SCBPE CECIL WILLIAM HICKAM CC-Leflyii ' VVA'l'I'IRl"ORD, VIRGINIA Washington and Lee College, AB. Delta Upsilon. Phi Chi. Phi Beta Kappa. John B, Deaver Surgical Society. U. M. A. Delegate. Cillfilllltlfi General Hosffiml, Clillfillllllfi, Ohio PHILIP JACOB HODES ORANGE, New JERSEY University of Pennsylvania, B.S. Phi Lambda Kappa. Student's Medical Society. U11i-versity Hospital, Philmleljihia, Pa. Qlligv 6 P Oo g.l' iii. xx 1 -jimi" ,ff I Q .Y H: -' I i 3511? L Q U ei N 'gl iii- H ix 5 xg tl ll I' I 'fi' HORACE Louis Homes gh rcH0rx9 PI-IILAIJHLPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA University of Pennsylvania, A.B. 1.7: Phi Lambda Kappa. Hg Undergraduate Medical Research Council. -2.232 Students' Medical Society. Priestley Prize Research Medicine. Chesler General Hospiffzl, Chesler, Pa. 5'T5f4'fj: Ezigf' X V. fi:- Lclqgpi , 1 L ,f,,P'i: ?5'5?"'3' i- K: :I J Ninety- four wi-N 3. ti OO v .AN J. I f, 1-.- .. xx N . X 4' ' ff l fi X ,Q X k 1 N 11.1 . ... ls. . -I .1 x ,. I I f 1-41,11 II- l 3:1 I THE MILFORD JAMIE HUFFNAGLE "Haj," "Jim" PIiILAnI4:I.PI-IIA, PENNSYLVANIA University of Pennsylvania, A.B. Phi Alpha Sigma. D. Hayes Agnew Surgical Society. Vice-President fill . Melhozlist Ejliscojral Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa. HERBERT M. JACOBS N lake!! S'I'I':RLINc, ILLINOIS Wittenberg College, A.B. Phi Kappa Psi. Alpha Kappa Kappa. William Pepper Medical Society. Sl. L1lk8,J Hospital, Chicago, Ill. SCBPE ROBERT CUSHMAN HUNT CKBOIJJJ MT. VIaRNoN, OHIO Westminster College, A.B. Phi Beta Pi. U. M. A. Delegate. Bryn Mafwr Hospital, Rryn Mawr, Pa. W. I l I I, Q Ninety-five fl t .IZ -L . I 1 l za. fr' if' N ts. 2' 'f-'S N f' El. -4: -I-Iii WT. is lx i'?1"qi. 4' N if 4 : X QF:-K 1:28 Lili: " 'EPS iii, , ,I ,.. ,-, MEG fs" I7Pf.,j': ' , .3 -'fffffi " If .w":.i .,' .if :if U52 'z , N 2371 T'3f'5: X I remix:-Al t I.. -7-.,.' ...N in ' -EF' Id 1. 'FT- SCBPE O' nn.. 1 ,fi""l., ' J, :SLMYQ 'Q an 7 N "9 fi. rig' ' f 5 '.'- I "Ag 'L'fg,ii'f A 'I JOHN MARTIN KINNUNEN ,QL ulwarzyn M1-:A1xviLLia, P1':NNsYLvAN1A Q Allegheny College, 'B.S. ll' 'ni Alpha Chi Rho. N9 Alpha Chi Sigma. Phi Rho Sigma. B. C. Hirst Ohstctrical Society. Secretary Senior Class. 'i IVIercy Hospiml, I'il1.vlmrg0, Pa. 71422 , T' l ' l , f i-3311: Q 'fjjpl js Q" fi JULIAN JOHNSON Jr:ifvuRsoN Crrv, TIQNNIQSSEE Maryville College, AB. Phi Chi. Alpha Omega Alpha. SCOPE Representative Ullf'UEl'JifLV Hospilal, Plliladelphia, Pa. HENRY TOMPKINS KIRBY-SMITH Sil'IWANI'1l'1, T1-:NNr:ssi:r: University of South, B.S. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Phi Beta Pi. Alpha Omega Alpha. Associate Member Sigma Psi. N inet y- .fix fl , I . -:FSP ix 1' N gif '-ff, .1 52552 , -."1.'2 17'-il..-1: ffl-2 'iff' .g'.1" 11.2 3 . gigffffs .M I QQQ Q iq. ""' 09 E ot .4 ,Ari XX 1 mQ"".., Wa?" HARVEY KLAER, JR. :I EAST ORANGE, NEW JERSEY Lafayette College, B.S. Nu Sigma Nu. V Chi Phi. ESQ -47 Alpha Chi Sigma. Pi Delta Epsilon. -ijffgg Pepper Society. "1-4' Business Manager, SCOPE. .4 Robert .Packer H ospital, Sayre, Pa. izlfgfifl ' , I S "4z'f'f Q .fi-:ij DAVID FRANCIS KOI-IN "Dave" l MT. VERNON, OHIO I A University of Pennsylvania, A.B. fi Class Historian f2D, Students' Medical Society. , Abington Memorial Hospital, Abington, Pa. -Yes , I-52:1 .5123 EDWARD EVRETT KOONCE i'i,'Ig7 l WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA University of North Carolina. I Phi Delta Theta. I 553, Phi chi. ii ' Episcopal Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa. T i li N inety-seven 'I 3: 6 ,Il ,gi Q If .. 515+ 11. 'Q' ff! X imfill ' A g' ..f,-. f 5 '.,. xx ilfwaf IEPIF3.: .1-S Zigi vhs fwfflr ' -:EJ iff, :gif ffiiifi 4'- Ir-if-255 , ,-2 f 'fi i , -ff I:-If , U32 if .,,.I ., S 'if-4' '-a7'2 ,,..,', liziffil i Zvjni' .W :gli 1 izif--" t i':,'f:fl -1-.,: T., . M Iffefffif , my 5. ft-f Q' -.lj 63 -.. ... , xx 1 1 UI., 1 llifi qv K i ,Z XX 1 ' . uf fag I I N f '-1: X 1-il' . 1 . I I 'ff .fu The fa - 1' f ' C l ' ff? 15' :I l' , K I 1 f, , Y, 1? y' Hi I .A-il I f lib I '-541.7 ri' Q'9',i: 5 v v, ,i -A In 0 'O I O' U v ,, ii Ci x "id 13" N f'fi5i'5 ' FREDERICK ROBERT LANG " i' "Freddie," ffnozzyf' 3, I PH1LAm1LPHiA, PENNSYLVANIA 'elif University of Pennsylvania, B.S. Dartmouth College. Z, Phi Alpha Sigma. X Gamma Alpha. V-I 752' U. s. Naval Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa. " H i . I fifliifi WILLIAM LIEL LANYON ' PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA vii f . University of Chicago, Ph.C. University of Nebraska, B.S. :QEPM Sigma chi. Sigma Xi. 15 ' Phi Alpha Sigma. D. Hayes Agnew Surgical Society. Mqlgflll.. Intcrfraternity Council UD, W ji, , Philadelphia General Hoxpilal, Philadelphia, Pa. i f .ffl 4'2" .1,: ', ' , . I 3E'i"ffa "iii . I DAVID KENNETH LEIBY uKenn ,: ELLENDALE, NORTH DAKOTA University of North D:1kota,A.B. and B.S. in medicine. Phi chi. . " ggifi Philadelphia General H ospital, Philadelphia, Pa. ',,.'f l N inety-eight RF l THE R Q SCBPEQ I I .f' 'im : ,j tiff. fr Q., 11 i -lfrfilp, HERSHEL c. LENNON x "Hersh', 3 W1LM1Nf:'roN, NORTH CAROLINA Wake Forest College, B.S. ,-.- Theta Kappa Psi. '7' Duke University Hospital, Durham, N. C. . scoTT BARR LEWIS All "Scotty" 3,-P WEST CHi:s'r1cR, PENNSYLVANI Lafayette College, A.B. f Delta Kappa Epsilon. ij-'j f' Alpha Mu Pi Omega. lntcrfraternity Council. tt, William Pepper Medical Society. , X 1? ,S fefff 1. r 4 7 ' I ,Z v w .l "'s"l,, 3 y Q2 N , .13-5 , f ffl lx L ...a4l K5 liryu Mafwr Hospital, Bryn Mawr, Pa. 1 ABRAHAM HARRY LEVY "Bram" BROOKLYN, NEW YORK University of Pennsylvania, B.S. Phi Delta Epsilon. Students' Medical Society. Kiug's County Hospital, Brooklyn, N. Y. A N iuety-nine gag? J . M ,fa .5 1 infrl 53 if f. R 55,62 K2 4. rv' 1:' X LAQ .-'Q I si. X 1-1 afxh. J I 'A ' I ly -gg' Il .' X I ga, 2.18 1, 1 ,55 :ti gr. 'g lxssf ws! .-,sz ,w , 2 .,,, .. intl" gg: 'iii ..-- I:-1f.L": l-efs . X: A 5.1, .5 4. f .15 .31 igiiwff, 'Il '-1 .H 33232: X l'4':3f5lff l Ivfnif' 1.-,5 .L 'q..f..-' "ISA fi . Cin: '12 115,531 41 Eggs 1. if QZQQJ ...--Q 'Q Q. 'Weil 'Q HE PAUL RODIN LIEBERMAN BROOKLYN, Nisw Yoxuc New York University, University of Pennsylvania, M.S. Fheslnnl Hill Hoxfwilal, Philadelphia, Pa. ls , fl -J r , xx I L. lqlcfl ' ,, W f 51 21' - .k.f:,g, Q '43 ' N f I if xx 1 Ll-5 ' I "Az ix .. Q af' i M 25 ,. 4 Scgpgsl M, .- fue? L xl iff .. vi" X B. ALBERT LIEBERMAN, JR. J?-,wffi , urns: 4' if' KANSAS C1'rx', MISSOUIXI yi' University of Pennsylvania, AB. Phi Delta Epsilon. 3 Phi Epsilon Pi. , Delegate U'I1llCl'gl'Z'lCllli1fC Meal. Asso. C3 and -U. 2- N Students' Merlieul Society. - . 1'hilm1Plphizz General Hospilnl, Philadelphia, Pa. 215 ,fi , 52253 9 ifliifi ,if Ifiilfg hifi-" l fs! .W i"?5f3E 5 CHARLES HARNER LIGHT "Hobey"' '55, S'rAT1': COLL:-rms, PENNSYLVANIA Penn State College, B.S. t Sigma Alpha Epsilon. A Alpha Kappa Kappa. I William Pepper Medical Society. Geixizlger Memorial Hospital, Dallfville, Pa. igfin One hundred KERMIT ABJOHN LIGHT MIAMI, FLORIDA Umverszty of Pcnnsyls mm, A B Pl1I Rho bxglna B C Hlrst Obstctrxcml Soucty Philadelphia Ceneral H ospllal, Phllaflelfvhm, Pa Ti? HSI: HENRIETTA BURR LOWENBURG -'-12: I Henri" 2:52 ' PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA ,L Ms, iff.. Cornell University, A.B. X ,Ilfflfy Zeta Phi. .QF7-3 Secretary of Class f-fill! WoIncn's Medical Society. U. M. A. Dnegm Cap, 445. M AUGUST LINDAUER Augie PHILADELI I-IIA, PENNSYLVANIA University of PLnnsylv1ni'I, A.B, Students' Mcdiczll Sociuty. Philmlelphia Ceneral Hoxpiml Philafleljrhia Pa. SJ Mkt :.1'. . -'1 .,l,,. .tri .:fL'., , ,I :Enf- Q... ... .:., ,,.Ifi-fl 5. fwfr: 1 Aja' Q2 WJ .. A .O 0. I , Ill . ff' 1. N Fifi ':4'.4"'i V' X ufffl' ' ffifffxk ,gi FL V. . I . . . 1 L, .. f i f fiiff 3:1135 Zlfyf' ' . -I, 1 3 ,, , ,r 'rf 1 , tw I" If J: if , 4 ' L' , ff. I I , ,C x t A d I - . . ' 3 , X - I N . ' , 7 r xx I ' r .l, Q 1' Z." I af .gl I , 51' I f , I Q fl 72 ff ' N 'QI X KX W Iw- ' X g' N KC . I. is 3-.23,','i,, Nlounl Sinai Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa One humlrefl one , 4,- 5 5 J ., X 'S 'STHE SCBPE O' new e n S Q, ii .15-Ji fp' N HERBERT LUND 15.-Eff , "Herb" .A Ii' SAM- LAKE Cm-Y, UTAH ,pa University of Utah, A.B. . . x f'gi':' -I Phi Chi. X E: -' Phi Kappa Phi. Q' Picrsol Anatomical Society. 5 N Geisinger Memorial H ospilal, Danville, Pa. 'iff if , . . HT Q55 1 l ifitfi HARRY KANE LYNNE Q ' udp: K. Q 2 P14 SHARON, PENNSYLVANIA z 1 .'gf,j'- University of Pennsylvania, AB. , I W t Alpha Kappa Kappa. ' I 2 .2 B. C. Hirst. Obstctricnl Society. l Allegheny General Horpiml, Pittsburgh, Pa. I i I 2 27311-. i , . ' ' .g'L"' ' ' i ,, 1 ' i if ' ' ' www. 'flf "3 .32 iiifit iii' A' t :as-11 JOHN DAVIS McCULLOUGH A"f':5 KNoxv1LLE, TENNESSEE University of Tennessee, A.B. Sigma Chi. ,fi Phi Chi. l'resbylerian H ospital, Philmleljrhia, Pa. il 5,-.., One hundred two wt.. .- s.i,,w .,, I . ' Y lx 3 I I. 11 I , '1 .: IJ' , Ilvff. ' 1-4 4 af fl 'I "1 1-3: 'q l.: ' i .W 15,11 .. "fi 1, 'I 'I I I ff I ull? P I If I . I .113 ' 1 rzsiiif I Y., X1 V i Princeton University. I, Tp J. 'O l H E C EI l E O' v L fl 1' ff l V L 'lfigli fb' N 1 LQ WILLIAM MOFFITT McFADDEN, JR. HBH!!! I PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA f University of Pennsylvania, A,B. I Psi Upsilon. ii ' Alpha Mu Pi Omega. 5.1 X William Pepper Medical Society. f.,,I U. M. A. Delegate. L' Class President " Germantown Hoxjrital, Germantofwn, Pa. :ji HQ.. ' ,L 531 .,,::.?: FRANCIS THOMAS MCGINNIS 412 "Frank" H,-, -.'jj:,1. St. J'oseph's College. University of Pennsylvania, B.S. Alpha Mu Pi Omega. :K ' ' U. M. A. Delegate. Mary Ellis Bell Prize 1929. Misericorrlia Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa. I 'iii' , S I GORDON PALMER McNEER 'F' ccMaCrr I LAKE ALIPREIJ, FLORIDA Cannon Club. b Nu Sigma Nu. " fu ""' I ' Mercy Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pa. ' II One hundred three V W if .rp R A Q IJ I:-fi 6 'Oll'l SCQPE M A 5 X i 2' X JOHN NEILSON MARQUIS "Mark" V NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK fl., Yale University, Ph.B. Alpha Mu Pi Omega. 'QQ 3' A William Pepper Medical Society. :Il U. M. A. Treasurer fb' X Mary Ellis Bell, Prize 1929. Alpha Omega Alpha. ff Methozlist Episcopal Hoxpilal, Philadelphia, Pa. 35 'ifflif 1 A I in A' JAMES FLOURNOY MARSHALL ujimn SPRAY, NORTH CAROLINA ii University of North Carolina, A.B. 1 fy Pi Kappa Alpha. Phi Chi. 15-2311121 Roosevelt Hoxpilal, New York Cily. l f- 1,14 5? f i ' A Ii I A ELI" . A , , , ' iiliiw. X E A FREEMAN WEEKS ME1zER , ' "Doc" Rlv1f:RsiD1f:, NEW JERSEY A Dartmouth College, B S. Alpha Kappa Kappa. W Iiffi' ' Episcopal Haspilal, Philadelphia, Pa. I: Lgi F,-,.. One humirerl four 1Ji3f'2,ill g www' vw 'r f 1 .73 '.1.7l':-l ' WILLIAM MENIN I ffuizzv ,Fig PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA 'Sf' J University of Pennsylvania, A.B. 11 Phi Lambda Kappa. 1. L Alpha Omega Alpha. , Grmllmre Hospilal. ,,: RALPH MILLER I.. "Raljvhey" ,Eff N1-IWARK, Nlaw JERSEY University of Pennsylvania, A.B. .- Phi Delta Epsilon. Phi Beta Kappa. Alpha Omega Alpha. gj-5.11-73 Philadelphia General H osfilal, Philadelphia, Pa. L . .ffl . HOWARD HOLLAND MINOR IrD0cI: S'I'I2UII1iNvILLI-2, OI-IIO Washington and Jefferson University, B.S. Phi Gamma Delta. I Alpha Mu Pi Omega. ' 'fi Allegheny General Hospilal, l'ill.rlmrgh, Pa. 1:5 One humirezl Jive Cf? 'L' 'I 5. I IT! 'WTHE FRANCIS NEWBY MULLEN UUIVCISIYY of North Carolina, A.B. Phi Chi. Craxslamls Hospital, Valhalla, New York. N Jig, X T f ,'.'."4 R, ffifik '15, 1 ' 1: N . I. '3":. I If W , 1 I ii fs' SOUTH MILLS, NoIzTI-I CAROLINA SCBPEM WILLIAM ,GARDNER MORGAN UBillD BENSON, NOILTI-I CAROLINA University of North Carolina, B.A. Chi Psi. Phi Chi. T. C. I. aml R. R. Co. Hospital, Birmiug HOWARD FERRIS MUNRO PIIILAIIILLPHIIA, PIaNNsYLvANIA University of Pennsylvania, A.B. PlIi Alpha Sigma. Philadelphia General H ospuilal, Philadelphia, Pa. One huadrerl .fix 121529 I-I 14.-' " 'L-I -' gi- . - -',,.s'.g. '-14. "nl I .r., q.I, ' E.r:,'g Q .yfs A-I I dl .. I 5, 3 . N f - .- 'A 'Z-YJ I m I 'I , ' x ham, Ala. ' In iam .fo J' I F3 I Iii!! I fan. 5,5 ic . X X11 J I lf' ,L ' i f I 'ri 'S J f Omega Upsilon Phi. Piersol Anatomical Society. lr 'E Willeex-Barre General H oxjriml, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. a:-viii I 1 li D i ' THE SCBPE -... .9 09 .V-i., Y K , ROBERT ROSS NAIRN ffompw i PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA f Muskingum, A.B. Nu Sigma Nu. Pepper Medical Society. Vice-President, First Year. L, Mercy Hospiml, Pimhurgh, Pa. .' '. " JOEL NASS 1 I "Mike" ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA my University of Pennsylvania, A.B. Kappa Nu. Belh Israel Hospiml, Newark, N . J. ,fslii JOHN FISHER osI.ER I-A LATTIMER MINES, LUZERNE Co., PENNSYLVANIA Pennsylvania State College, B.S. Rx 'tl l 2 'x N N I fl lx f 'e ff' .-Q: X f tl ' n D 'fl - M0395 I I .I .fa I .. I ' ii f I fi? . wig- , I? lx 'J l I One hundred :even f-Z-W, ,l hi? I Iv , l 51.3 J Li.. in 2.73 X .lhfqfjfi .L I.. at X -f 1.-.wi 1 in i' -9: X 14. 214: nf Q5 ff 51-Q :sian il!--.c E vin ,L 71: Af ':-'i- Q .XV pf. .3532 , ,. " ,vm 'lil r .P 2:-Q.,5'5 .XE . .3 1f'5j'7'i1: X Fi 1'2- 122 :ll 4.25 .il I K I '592 1 X I 5:10 Z"-.-Zin: , xiii? t 5:5225 '-ffl ' lie .,.:,.g.-g 1. a.f::'- 1 .ffm v , - Hr'-1. 'ATHE SCBPE II' ROBERT HARRISON OWEN lCB0bD CANTON, NORTH CAROLINA Wake Forest College, B.S. Theta Kappa Psi. Chi Tau. GamIIIa Sigma Epsilon Philadelphia General Hospital, Phflmlelphm, Pa JAMES PARRISH "Jimmy POIvI'sIvIOuTI1, VIRGINIA University of Virginia. Virginia Military Institute. University of Pennsylvania, Phi Chi. W ... N f "iq i 'Q ai 0 fl f Q N "fi 1. I .f,fQTfQQ vi az ALBAN PAPINEAU 5 Iclnapn rw vb 'QI' VINEYARD HAVEN, MAssAcIIUsP:'I'Ts iii' Harvard University, A.B. Phi Beta Pi. :QQSII3 George A. Picrsol Anatomical Society. "riff" John C. Heisler, Anatomical Society. l :f',Z,.:i Germmllofwzz Hospital, Germazltofwfz, Pa. fi I "Cf: 1:35235 I E. 55553 I. .1 E7 M ercy H ospilal, Piltsblzrgh, One hundred eight B I' "ei 'PTHE SCUPE WILLIAM NOTTINGHAM POWELL "Jargon SMITHVILL1-3, TEXAS Rice College, B.A. . University of California, M.A. Phi Alpha Sigma. Alpha Omega Alpha. San Francisco General Hospital, San Francisco, Calif. E I 4 ROBERT ANTHELME PRINCE lflgobll Ll'r'rLr: FALLS, N1-:W JERSEY Rutgers College, Ph.G. University of Pennsylvania, B.S. Omega Upsilon Phi. Piersol Anatomical Society. U. M. A. Delegate QD, Class Treasurer, St. Joseph's Hospital, Paterson, N. J. SIMON PROPP HSP, TUPPER LAKE, N. Y. University of Pennsylvania, B.S. Phi Beta Delta. Philadelphia General Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa. I I One nanflrezl nine ., Q J ' PQ? ' ' JI S I, 1 E' N I., if ' 1: .ev if I t 2 qi,- f l ' 1 Alfie, - A I fe.. -Q NI on ot ..., P 5 , y 7 . ,... , JOHN O. REDDING Duke University, A.B. Kappa Alpha. Phi Chi. Deaver Society. Y 01110 lniirmnry, Nefw Orleam, Ln. I f ' ,Q J: Nfl Q 1 , xx 5 fl I If I fi I '53 Iy-5,15 . - "iii-,, .I , Qi I ' 12' . I f '. . R it 'ik 7 ,: mi: , f Qx TI ,. 4 4" '-is -' -.v 2 iz IP Asm-znono, NoR'1'1-1 CAROLINA THE CIQIPE MILTON RAPOPORT KKRHPD PHILADPILPII IA, PICNNSYLVAN IA University of Pennsylvania, A.B. Phi Beta Kappa. Alpha Omega Alpha. Vice-President, Unclergracluat Students' Medical Society. Sr. Agile: Hoxpiml, Philmlelphia, Pa. ELLWOOD THOMPSON SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH University of Utah, A.B. Sigma Chi. Phi Beta Pi. Alpha Omega Alpha. Highland Hospital, Alezzzeda Co., Oalelaml, Calz One hundred len e Med. Asso REES rv' N 1 .53 245,55 N fi sf.. K njuf 15,3 IX ,- iii N . '4 -2,194 l , I ,If in :Egan 'Zi l 5, 1, IJ:-33 fig ,rm I: haf ' ffffj f2'.f,4" -.'5g',1. ., Ml: ir.: .iff 5551. ' ,jf .ff 152 ,P I -43114 .gk fj-ua? .-L'. , fiffllp K 25' tv .. 1- f- ld 1,1 , eff?- 1' 1 X t 2 eq? -M .- I f lx 'I I I 7 'hu W IME J., ,- lx fl I , 3 N f if, In l I I I v 1:- A-guueg .' y . I ,ya tx W :Y .3 0:23 , Aslin w.,4 X' ii ,I RICHARD ORLANDO REX fCDickD CHI:s'I'NU'1' HILL, PI-1ILAIw:LPH'IA, PENNSYLVANIA Gettysburg College, B.S. Phi Sigma Kappa. Nu Sigma Nu. Phi Beta Kappa. Sigma Xi. Undergraduate Medical Association. Wm. Pepper Med. Society, Class President Bryn Mawr Haxpilal, Bryn Mafwr, Pa. i - .,.. ,... ..., ..... .... . .V W ,. i, I ' CARLOS THEODORE DE RIVAS ltcarlli LANSIJOWNE, PENNSYLVANIA University of Pennsylvania, AB. Mixericonlia Hoxpilal, Philadelphia, Pa. THOMAS E. ROBINSON "Tam" FRI31-:noM, WYOMING University of Utah, A.B. Phi Beta Pi. Gesinger Memorial Hoxjfital, Dewiville, Pa. One humlrefl eleven t'LTl'lE SCBPE 0' , H it s 3' 1 .5 ' I. I is WK fm K 4. a,"fIsg.f ! 15-5 viii! 'ni jg. HSL fi in 1 .5-1-Q15 . ,E 'fijk i 1 4'3" U!! ': g rm l :iq A X infill V' l lui-W .M A. 5-11-, 'Tl-I-' M .. it 'til l Id , , ,. -'11 . -. mi 'D THE SC I3 P E 0' S'-my 'HI " x iff: - x af J .ir-.G , Xp JOHN ERNEST Roms ' ' PI'IILAnI1:I.I'I-IIA, PENNSYLVANIA ' I' 1' th!-.LII I ' College of Wooster, B.S. 3- -ff ,pl Phi Alplm Sigma. L' Piersol Anatomical Society. fu X .N , 1'Iarri.rhurg General H ospilal, Harrisburg, Pa. "' 'EF . L ff . Qfjl In ' Q 1'-CI. l Gil?" .f JH . .. 3,2 'L I is 1 l WILLIAM DANIEL ROSBOROUGH 4 :IRD-'yn j' I SENATOBIA, MISSISSIPPI t . University of Mississippi, B.S., at Miss. A. and M.C. ,lr ijfj Picrsol Anatomical Society. I "VU Melhozlisl H ospilal, M emphis, 7vBIlIIB.f.I'8l?. , li?" X HUBERT ASHLEY ROYSTER, JR. 'If , ' "Peanut" 1 RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA hifi' Princeton University, A.B. A iii- Delta Psi. Q Pasteur Surgical Society. " ffl' Q U. M. A. Delegate. ' 'fl' g Pemzsylfvania H ospital, Philadelphia, Pa. One hundred tfwelfvc 'K 'JTHE SCBP E O' R ,. :-2 , .C Q,',QL 93:55 I - ROBERT JAMES RUARK is ccgobn tg! RAL13lc:H, NoR'1'n CAROLINA 1 i Duke University, A.'B. 57, Pi Kappa Alpha. E' 'Alpha Kappa Kappa. " "QI B. C. Hirst Obstctrical Society. , V Duke University Hosfifal, Durham, N. C. I l Q J 7 1.2 , HANLEY JUSTUS RUC-JEL 7'5fff3': "Sraf1,' Q A , P1-IILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA J I Univc1'sity of Pennsylvania. Phi Lambda Kappa. Students' Medical Society. Ml. Sinai, Philadelphia, Pa. ' ' A l 1 h URSULA GREELEY SANDERS "Urs" CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRR: Mt. Holyoke Collcgc, A.B. X fwgjg. Zeta Phi. Class Treasurer ff.:-l WOI!l3H,S Medical Society. .4 Ia Unclcrgracluate Association Rx Slate of Wixconsin General Hospital. One hundred thirteen QTIE AD R 'J :F I I ii S . Q 'lititg 'E fi 'wr ROBERT MoRToN SANKEY .2151 R rcgobn ' WILKINSIIUIQG, PENNSYLVANIA FZ.. University of Pennsylvania, A.B. 'I Sigma Pi. X if " Alpha Kappa Kappa. ,Ki Q B. C. Hirst Obstctrical Society. N '55 Pittrbztrglt M eflical Center, Pittsburgh, Pa. VL" 7' figfa. fzfll' -. .f"3?Z:,f f prgnf , , 'QA .:c'?'ff, , 'ffifi LLOYD EVEREI1 SEYLER ifgggi l resin ' r A XX BUTLER, PI-LNNSYLVANIA :"'g:a--V., f"j-', ,h A College of Wooster, B.S. Phi Rho Sigma. t " , Phi Beta Kappa. 'V f .jzf Alpha Omega Alpha. - ' Class President MZ,-5 X Q Barton C. Hirst Obstctrical Society. 5'fii,,B Delegate Undergraduate Med. Asso. QD, , '33 Lakeside Hospital, Clewlaml, O. I I".' . .-" I - l iiiwff r BERTRAM SHAFFER Lim A l , PI-IILAIIELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA " J University of Pennsylvania, A.B. . Phi Lambda Kappa. ,Qu Alpha Omega Alpha. luliifj: Students' Medical Society. if Wu University H oxpital, Pliilmlelphia, Pa. :I .1 Tiff' .. K, Id iff.. ' Ie J "VT One hzmrlred fourteen 9 ' SCBPE 0' FRANK F. SHUPP HAG1'lRS'l'OWN, MARYLAND Dickinson College, B.S, Phi Alpha Sigma. Picrsol Anatomical Society. Predzylerimz Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa. fe , . ""' "A- Q 1 '-in 1 :l,,'l:'1 'Q al lv in X NORMAN PRICE SHUMWAY fjitlf, x MINLRION, PENNSYLVANIA University of Pennsylvania, A.B. W Psi Upsilon. iff, A. M. P. o. Alpha Omega Alpha. "El Pepper Medical Society. 1, Pemzs l-vazzia Has im! Philadelphia, Pa. In X 3' P I f 'I a! ' 'Eli' l I :.,f' ,Aff X U- ,Q-,-A iff.: X SAMUEL SIMKINS ' usamn if PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA f University of Pennsylvania, A.B. Q Students' Medical Society. Jewish Hoxpilal, Philadelphia, Pa, . E' if W One hzmdrerl ,hfteen H QI, . 'YQ ,-.N- ,I l :ll 'I .I ': 'T' I 2 s-Qi I Q , 41 X 2 4: A I ' J fl I A l 4 1 " x Q ,r 1-,SEX I 1 ,- .zl , -JM I Dux I A- .g . I' r Q .f, I ,.:.l:. 1, 'R .4 , t ...L L, . 14 'F , 1 1, -IJ I lv: 'S fi ' 'Il X 'I I I,'y:, l id! ' .L IIK I 5 4 , .I , 4 yf'5 I. -Q V ' I 'tII'IIf SCIEPEO' N I 'syn A. HARVEY SIMMONS y X "Herve" fgfjff- xx HARRISBURC, PENNSYLVANIA Dickinson College, A.B. I Alpha Chi Rho. j1-1147 Phi Alpha Sigma. 4fQ4v,,.k-'44 William Pepper Medical Society. Class Treasurer Harrislzzrrg H axjailal, Harrisburg, Pa. f f-f,' 'I V X WILLIAM FREDERIC SKINNER 5,55 X fflsizzf' ff'1j5'.3,g-Q EASTON, PENNSYLVANIA ' Dartmouth, Lafayette, B.S. , Zeta Psi. f Nu Sigma Nu. William Pepper Medical Society. Q Pasteur Surgical Society. Geixinger Mefzzorial Haxpilal, Danfville, Pa. I V I ",' CHARLES ANTHONY SPANGLER I rryvonyn I., 551-Q SWARTHMORE, PENNSYLVANIA Il I Swarthmore College, B.A. 'T Phi Delta Theta. f Alpha Kappa Kappa. Ph1 Beta Kappa. -T-L2'I Alpha Omega Alpha. 72: B. C. Hirst Obstetrical Society. Q'-Wiz?-1 . 1, ,. - .. I3 University Hoxpilal, Philadelphia, Pa. One hzuulred sixteen . 1: K I I 1 V' N I .A ,, ef. X '-1 "tI'.EJf 'YL' J. ,. X fe ,.. if 4 . I gif i Y' tim 2,-'fun vfx! :tiff 1, :gi fray-.IL ffl f7"!Q-1215 'IE' S . ,E I-.lI. f -:'."' U13 'if' 1'-, S I .TH X I."::fLII? l f ,L . fijppn' '72,-' "nk K... I.,.:jfQ: 4 IIIZIIQ Id . 1. Qi,-ll' 'V M4729 Nz' 'V ? V ' 'Q i HE SCBPE 3' U W' 2 ly f , 2- -i .Nga ta .i X T"-'rl l if' 'J F X "50- ' fff,'i1'1 11. :mfg 'E' fel X .il a, THOMAS JEFFERSON STEPHENSON ' N "Refi" ' SEABOARD, NORTH CAROLINA -Agia V Wake Forest College, B.S. J' f 157, Theta Kappa Psi. 1,1 . Lffpff Gamma Sigma Epsilon. X 'l ik' Bryn Mafwr Hospital, Bryn Mn-wr, Pa. if ffi'?rkf" .. J A fy, f I-fi" - fi: 3 ..'. ,' .--, 'fi' E ' if ,Qfg.ii? , DONALD JAMES STROHM 1. UDOHU i AUDUBON, NEW JERSEY t University of Pennsylvania, A.B. -is Phi Alpha sigma. D. Hayes Agnew Surgical Society. 1f.5:Z:'.f2L i,' Methodist Episcopal Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa. I 0 I - Y' l Q 'Elf +A ' , GOODELL WILSON STROUP ,.. "Stroupie" 1' 1lh'5'v5'?? i HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA 3345! Dickinson College, AB. E Franklin and Marshall College, M.A. . gk? 'gjgzs Theta chi. , " Omega Upsilon Phi. :gf Qy.f2Z,.I X! Reading General Hospizal, Remling, Pa. One humlrefl sefueu-teen 'D SCBPE 0' MAURICE JOSEPH TAYLOR "'Ma1iry" SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH University of Utah, A.B. Phi Chi. Pezmsylfvania Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa. I WILLIAM ROYSTER THOMPSON, JR. "Slick" LI1:xINcToN, KENTUCKY University of Kentucky, A.B. Phi Delta Theta. Phi Chi. Class Vice-President '3?uxx ' i:fl'i"1 5-Fifi? 'Q si 4' Q N "fi 12328' ' .8455 1 IjffQ"f 'Ffa ,I l HAROLD JOSEPH THEISEN .. iii: X "Hal" 4 SLINGI-in, WISCONSIN i University of VVisconsin, B.A., M.A. , Research Fellow Physiology-Western Reserve. j In Phi Chi. Deaver Surgical Society. Sl. Lukeiv Hosjrilal Cleiwlaml, Ohio. I Z.-Lv' If '135:':.-ff. ?f:i?s Mig: 1 slugs? i iiiifr 7 52313 I -if , . -. f. . 2 15 " Chfflllll-I Hill Hoxpital, Philarleljrhia, Pa. One humlrerl eighzcmz ff-1,323 Z A in I, iq , I , f- I W., 4 vpn 4 X .5 H1 H-3 N tl . , N ln. I -I - 1 ' N ' 1 LPN. .-if I f gn .A l .f lr fe ww! 1. K 'J .fb Q ' 5 7 121' i 'T fi n" 1 fl A u 'llz .U , I .Q I. X IJ, , X 1' " I Q 7? i 4 I I, 41' l Ara" I S -is P' I 74 N IIA X 1 I B-'rf' l fe?" f L XI! ! I I l,i.I .0 Us "H: ,. ': '. 1 PATHE BOYD WILSON TRAVIS "Two" KENNETT, MISSOURI Centre College, A.B. Lucas County Horpital, Toleflo, O. I FREDERICK WILLIAM VINCENT "Fre1lzlie" SLIPPERY Rocx, PENNSYLVANIA Slippery Rock State Normal College, B.S. Grove City College. Omega Upsilon Phi. Class'Treasurer 6 Phi Beta Pi. Methoflisl Hoxpital, Philadelphia, Pa. SCBPEQ ROBINSON MARSHALL TRUITT, JR. "Marsh" PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA Prinpcton University, A.B. Alpha Mu Pi Omega. Pepper Medical Society. Pemisylfzmnia Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa. One hmulrerl nineteen 15' 9' 9 if gi W A .5 I nl, 'I J 1'-1 I if N e 1 'zffe .g. Y -.. li in X .. Z. rfxfn 4 Q' 1 lcflg vl 4 P X ' fh- L4, 14.4 'MGE' fi ' lip T-3 '1 Ig, Ei'-ra 'fn 31.721 .i' Vi?-' ff.: -7ff.' , ,1 ,vm .-4 J'- ,1fs.,..5? ',7v. 42: 4" I EC . F: 'RL vii--fel 'Eiga-. .gl-L , LT?-1' iff '.,. f VJ' .2-, 5, '- 1113. X git' :gg:5,',g 'I-2-2 594. 5:15, -9 R riff ... .. I '23, 15.5.51 'r TTI' 1 'Eg 1 -. 5,.... .1 ..- Q31-1' 5' 'J 'KY Q 'VZ5 " ab Q Q rf CW" fl V5.1 Kuff I i in X '-f 5 ALVIE CARL WALKER 3:1511 1, X "Jimmie" N s 1 . WASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA 4211 W Washington and Jefferson College, B.S. Q Omega Upsilon Phi. X if 'i f by . Piersol Anatomical Society. it . Q Heislcr Anatomical Society. X U. M. A. Delegate 435, 443. I, H Class Secretary if I Mercy Hospital, 1'ill:b11rg!l, Pa. L5-E , 1' at 1".4. I f "A 'su I ' i ' Aff.: Sijif Fil? fiiftfl ' 'if If fiiiiii LEON I-Iuei-I WARREN V, If-Lean A Q 1 PORV1-LAND, MAINE t 1' Colby coucgc, 1926, BA. if I ,gf Yale Medical, 1927-28. 1 i I3 Phi Delta Theta. H4 -'.- X Q Alpha Kappa Kappa. " fflnff U. S. Nafval Hospital, Pllilazleljvhia, Pa. ,fi ., if ' -?"'f,1 I 4 A mg., X I i ,I A:f:"f , 3,3 MARTIN HOWARD WENDKOS f ::ff'?.'gF , PIIILADELPI-IIA, PENNSYLVANIA g,Q7,'i1 X I University of Pennsylvania, A.B. f I .Phi Lambda Kappa. Q Student's Medical. L , zwizmzezpiia General Hospital, Pnizmzgzpma, Pa. A' A 55 lg E One hzmdred twenty . :A '. 'f-. Lebanon Valley College, Bryn Mawr Hoxpital, Bryn Mawr, Pa. WILFRED WHI Buckncll University, B.S. Phi Beta Pi. Williamsport Hoxpilal, lfl x af-v Q ,, Y 9 ln , X :xiii ,fa K , xx 1? ll ff" 1 ,r , Q, X r' 41' I 1,3 i 4 I A -7 Z J . ' 'fs x, . ,' I l if , , I K f J' 'Q lx fl 35' 2-I ll RICHARD C. WENNER "Diuk" WILKES-BARRR, PENNSYLVANIA Phi Alpha Sigma. KNOXVILl.PI, PENNSYLVANIA Kappa Delta Rho. 'OTHE SCBPE 0' B.S. JOHN MOYER WETHERHOLD "Jack" RPiAl3lNG, P1-:NNsYLvAN1A Pennsylvania State College, B.S. Alpha Kappa Kappa. Alpha Chi Sigma. B. C. Hirst Obstetrical Society. Reading General Hospital, Reading, Pa. TMAN WILCOX filliamsport, Pa. One humirefl lfwenly-one f lx f X Tw.: Q1- -. , 'PJ' 1- f 17-U , .. . -,.. uk tx ,- A.-,. Wg: X ,I .fi- -1'y"',.. X. ' w '-63: f. Nr, 75 - aw.-N.. nt b PARK WEED WILLIS JR S1zA'm'Lr:, WASHINGTON Whitman College, University of Pennsylvania, B.S. Phi Lambda Delta. Nu Sigma Nu. Luca: County Horpilal, Toledo O. THEODORE MORGAN WILLE Teri CLFVLI AND, OHIO Williams College, Western Reserve University, AB Nu Slgll'l'I, Nu C levelami C1tv H ospzml, Cleveland 0 V I 1 JOHN THOMAS WINTERS "Jack" HARTFORD, CoNNEcT1cU'1' Catholic University of America, B.S. Abbey Club. Phi Rho Sigma. Alpha Omega Alpha. V John B. Denver Surgical Society. 'GTI-ui Scam: Q' ew ,ff 5 le-. 7 l y ,r H fl fiiffu ' 4 - ,V I f '53, U C C if - 1,3 ' ly L, ' , ..1' 2 'J . -. SI. Frazzci: Hospital, Hartford, Comz. One hzmdrezl xfwenly-tfwa W 'J P lf O' l 3 JOHN MICHAEL WOTRING X "John" X SCHNI-ICKSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Muhlenberg, B.S. my Phi Kappa Tau. :Ji Omega Upsilon Phi. .N Picrsol Antomical Society. i '-'V' Reading General, Remlifzg, Pa. 1'45f'l?,, f -fjiffii il 5-' ROBERT LEE YEAGER, JR. at rcbvobn .ljfii MINERAL WELLS, TEXAS 7 t7:'f'a'? , Virginia Military Institute, B.S. 557' University of Texas. Hg Sigma Alpha Epsilon. f ,J Alpha Kappa Kappa. Pepper Medical Society. I: Interfratcrnity Council. :iff Episcopal Hospital, Philmlelphia, Pa. -iii: i X EDGAR A. BELDEN ' We, +he Class of l93I, regrei' +ha'r "Army" . F- I ' my was unable fo graduate wuih us. We hope thai f he has a speedy recovery and returns +o -34.55 graduaie in I932. 5213? One humlrezl tfwenfy-Ihree if 9 1: ffl ., :. .1 J " 1 N 5, -3 Q , N 'ff- fy. 1' X . 51 "V-Ib 5 ' ly A' 1 I D' K , I 1. 'qx I ! PM L' f f v"n ,... an , - 'J ii Q ' 5 ii 121' 1 N 'i . D ', , J .. 4: t ,JI 4 x - p 'RJ' f 1, gl ie.- l - - fi N .M X ui l .gg-.J f C 1.'.' m fi t L ',-. id . . IN MEMORIAM CHARLES T. JAMES May 25, l928 SENIORS OU'VE just finished leaf- ing through the photographs of the seniors. There's a lot to be read in their faces--youth, determination, ambition. Some already have accomplished things and stand out. Others-you wonder what will become of them. Wliat will they be like-ten . . . twenty . . . thirty years from now? You've seen old grads come back. There's a surprising resemblance between members of the same class. You wonder if you, too, will get to look like some of yours. Classes vary, some contain rich ore, others are barren. Will '31 he filled with leaders of the profession, or will it be "just another classn? You ponder and speculate. You're sorry now that the class has been so large. There are fellows, who seem like splendid men, that you've never had the chance to meet. Far at the other end of the alphabet, they've pursued their way and you, yours. You had no idea what they were like until one day, perhaps, you chatted over a soda, or talked waiting for a clinic, or heard them. read a paper in obstetrics. In a few days the class will be forever separated. Never again will it pace its even way from room to room, no more will it concoct its lurid rumors, no more hiss loudly at its fellow mates. These are the men you've worked with for four long years. They seem short years now. Soon they'll be scattered everywhere. The unit will be broken into a hundred thirty odd bits. You find yourself a trifle sorry, a bit more sentimental than you thought yourself capable. You begin looking forward eagerly to the reunions. In five years, you hope you will be back-you hope they'll all be back. They're a great bunch, you're c e r t a i n -'31! I . . . N3 'Uv H J J , in-' :,,2-,U TNR' ...Le any . , 'v ' L.. -., iff-.' 494,11 R . .W 3 . 3 Fx" . .Z -:':-f"9 .. ' 3- J 5- - .. mi. L ,L 'X oo if o O a.."'::-' 0 0 ,, , O0 ? ? Z 00 ' , oo S a 0 . o , :tH3'f'- ov oo Z 90 ' if 4 .'L'-'Silk 0 og 000 o 0 -- :D-1153. ',-:5. 0 - 0 ':'Ps'IF1" ' . q ' Q f 5 lf" 5 "zvw'A?a'Q f ZQQQWIII Q.. Ylirme . K , 'Ti 'plffffw'-:eng " f- 4-w - f 1, -L 43' .1 ,4fr'3f's Q ff fif- hs:-NJ' .::. X. 5 wg 7 -' . ?f--f'fqg"ff vu- S-5 X. 1 m Q -WTHE. SCBPE Q M Y ff 1 Class Officers, l932 , 'zff 4 X 25:1 B. N. Woufv W. B. B1v.Amfoun Vif'e-I'rexi.l'e11r S'3C"e""'.V hai: . .:1bi,L' 'Z t 2 , G. W. MCCOY, JR. '7Efq President , . 1' l 5 W. D. LANGLI-:Y Treasurer One humlrerl 1-'wenty-eight A. A. CARDHHLLI Historian 2-1 ,g. do Ks ,, 1 ,pl f rf ln N :HIE 4 2' . JN, .V fl f . 'Biff 'f "f, 1 ,,3.. ly .fi wil, f' 7 X J Q ' 'YJ J w ii' :I il' , ,rf .: T5 l .131 fi E 'D HE SCBPE C' Aegerter, E. E. Allen, W. L. Appel, J. Z Baier, C. J. Barnharclt, R. A Beaumont, G. L. Behrencl, A. Bein,- P. M. A. Birch, L. Bloch, O. E., Jr. Borowsky, S. M. Bradford, W. B. Bramlett, E. V. Briggs, E. W. Bryner, U. R. Burch, J. S., Jr. Butchart, B. Butz, A. S., Jr. Caldwell, L. M. Callahan, A. Campbell, P. E. Carabelli, A. A. Carberry, B. E. Carr, G. H., Jr. Chamberlin, G. W. Chambers, J. Q. Clutz, P. A. Cohen, R. V. Connery, D. B. Contratto, A. W. Cope, E. P. Cowper, R. B. G. Dillenberg, S. M. Dohan, F. C. Dozzi, D. L. Dunkelberger, A. Dunn, H. I. Durkin, K. Dyer, W. W. Eichholtz, E. Eichna, L, W. Farmer, H. E. Fischer, H. A., Jr. Gee, T. W. Goffreclo, H. C. Class of '32 Graham, W. A. Hague, E. B. Hanby, E. Hanna, G. C., Jr. Harden, A. S., Jr. Harper, E. O. Harshaw, E., Jr. Henderson, T. A. Holbrook, S. Horn, M. Hornibrook, J. W. Hudson, C. F. Hynson, T. E. Irgens, E. R. James, A. A., Jr. Jeffers, W. A. Johnson, Miss F. Joyce, R. P. Keezel, O. Keith, R. Keiscr, E. L., Jr. Langley, W. O. Lanou, W. W. Lineberry, Miss M. E Little, R. R. Long, H. H. Love, J. W. P. MacCalmont, R. VV., McCollough, N. C. McCoy, G. W., Jr. McGee, R. L. McGovern, F. H. Martz, G. E. Mays, R. W. Montgomery, J. C., J Morgan, W. R., Jr. Muckle, C. W. Murphey, H. S. Myers, E. E. Nadel, C. I. Naide, M. Nierling, R. D. Norris, R. F. Outlantl, R. B. One humirezl twenty-nirle Overstreet, R. M Patterson, H. Pepper, D. S. Pettit, Miss M. Phillips, R. E. Pickle, J. H., J Pierson, J. C. D Pricleaux, W ., . A Quickel, C. Reber, Repp, E. M . Robinson, J. L. Rollins, V. B. Schaefer, C. R. Schwalm, L. . Scoville, W. B. Seigle, S. A. Sheldon, C. H. Sion, E. G. Smith, C. T. Smith, G. S. Sommer, G. N. Spangler, H. K. Stanulonis, S. Steele, D. Stein, Miss E. R. Stern, O. N. Stone, S. N., '. Suckle, E. . Thomas, G. E. Thompson, R. Tuohy, E. B. Vogel, J. T. Waddill, J. F. Ward, W. Wartman, W. B. Wascolonis, A. Weinstein, A. Wilbar, C. L. Wolff, B. N. Wolff, L. H. Wortman, H. Yoders, R. H. Ziserman, L. Zwally, A. H. A I . ' -: 1 'X ,.,. Sir 5: 3 ': "4 l . lv' N A 3125 .,1..,, - ixihi M. '11 , x . ga, 5.155 fl ru J f r. :gn 1, ities X128 1 J 1'- 15, 555. A' 'Hi .iff Q .T .5 ffrffg . ,r t I3'3f..J: i' J a J 11 - iz 'I " JI B S li .Jw N. qw' :'lii:5i,i l sr' . if 'SES fx ' fx . rx fx .1 1 -Q W '-'V N X T + ' x Yrs.. . N., --,, ,km F , ' g', . f 3 55,1 .-. :"-:- ,J 1 . H ,f , , ,X ...ii ,tg'ifg1j:1f? . 'frat -.1 ,if ::r,'-?,iF,:. - V-fit' -' .,.tf,f.43f,-sig-, A -151112 F4 - Rf 5-.21-1.1 f'T":-5,7511 'J-gf" 53. ., ...-.ij-5-,Q -Q-if 4.3-g -g f ,, -4. -.,,f- - 1. ..., ,g-,.L..,-,,. . -,-..-g.. ..--.- -. ...I-...--M ..--C 5,-A . -W: -., A -4 . , 9 ,555-4 .. .g,,1.. ,,,,,3.-...,. -A,,'..t,,.- Ln.. .,k.,.,:- ..,,,- -.xx wi., . M. ,X N. N I .. At 5 -V ., :S u -f:f-- . L, . , ..r X-4 - . x ., 'x - -V ' :- 1...-P f nk A ' f -fl.: -.4, ,JW 1 Q 6 1 j U m L. i.. -1 , ..-. ' ,- ."':.-1.5 , ,f Q.. - ,k :L L. . Z.-D : , 1-.1---.-1 . , . ,-5 ',, L4 ' K- , ,,J...- . . ..... . . .f--. 3" .-fw r-' 5 , A.. .-E. ..-,.4.: , .53--J".--W - ,K ,151 1, .-.3 -YT".:v,'A:.- .1 f .V "'. .4-f.,..,. 1' , ' x X x Y 5 .J . , -. - ,'. -.- , ,ax-kg, -Va ' " " --:.,..- -.z.. . ,. R. I, , .-fr-,--. .. .,,..H.:. K. ,, , .. ,I ,, , Q. ., ,, '.-.fa 1--5:-5.-. . ,.'f' -'.. Q.. -H-.-.J4--u I Q " .1 N K :- i v 3 ' i f i f S P X I x I 1' LUKE. 8 ? Er:-4? 5 . g. if 1, -P' , f? BJQYQ 5 I 5. 5 if Q .4 v ,I Q 4 .if- mi., ,Haw V. 5 1 2 5 5. xv gf bg xe- ,, Xmxicf 4 N., -N, A ew at g rigs: to HE Seam: Q W. df' w li ff i.,-EJ X :S 4 'zffe ' f!F"i.j I n 14. Junior History A . ,ray HAOS, cadavers and captivation were the triad to greet us as we began our Q , medical careers. We approached the cadavers cautiously, dissected tremblinglyg llgff and scanned the dissection-room with much circumspection. Only after three x X ,b,4,. If years do we appreciate the real interest of our professor, and only now feel the if ' value of a course that has been untrammeled from the cumbersomeness of an 1. archaic pedagogy. The outcome of it all?-the scientific approach. It was in our , later courses that we realized the value of the newly-acquired learning-we could :F enter any region of our experimental animals and still feel at home and secure, we lt, had learned to work with our own senses and resources and not by pre-determined 0 "iff direction and mcnsuration. l I. Histology, too, left us to our own resources. We were beginning to observe 'its f and thus comply with Corrigan's aphorism that "The trouble with most doctors ig. lffjffl' isn't so much that they do not know enough, as it is that they do not see enough." 5.1-jiag Neuro-anatomy proved to be a phantasmagoria-new terms, new conceptions, but N if U intriguing work. f'IZii'f iff: Physiological chemistry was pleasant in spite of the necessary application which wi: was essential. From gentlemen dissectors we passed once more into the role of . sg? Q students. It was a difiicult semester especially with our somewhat confused course in physiology. We were probably unfortunate in this respect, nevertheless, physiology t " :g was, per se, intriguing. We still admire the professor that was so adept with the slide-rule and with much gusto tell our younger members of the mathematical phenomena elucidated in a few moments with astounding accuracy! A short interval and the class returned to one of the most pleasing courses in our ,tl eurriculum-pharmacology. All we can say is that we were all one big family. ,gi We learned a great deal, but what we learned l110St was unfortunately anticipated by Oliver Weiiclell Holmes when he said: HI firmly believe that if the whole Materia 1" Medica could be sunk to the bottom of the sea, it would be all the better for: man- fli'?'2- kind and all the worse for the fishes." .5221 R Our pathology course proved a classic! We feel well-based in the end result 1-1113. ififilf' of disease. Few of us will forget Dr. McFarland and his pantomime. Of bacteri- ,, ology we will say but little: a potentially most interesting course that labored under X the handicaps of poor equipment fthough good facultyl and restless students. Lui!" Our Junior year has humbled us much. VVe have become emancipated from --.- L J the laboratory and have graduated to clinics and dispensaries. Our wealth of knowledge and self-assurance gleaned from our first two years dwindled to nil as Q we clumsily and tactlessly handled our first patients. They presented themselves- ,jfffgg living enigmas and we attempted to solve them, but all we did was - if "To shake our sapient heads and give ' :i 5 .' 12 The ill we cannot cure a name!" And what belittled us is that the name, too, came slowly, if at all! Our diagnoses were usually exaggerated, but we were soon to realize that the detection of disease One hznnlreil thirty-one sae i 2 , I 1:31 ,ly pa :V fi. ffl. '-,J ai ' 4 lr 1.11. ' .- IN., :.il74'td rf az En. Q x lf il ,fii 1 4 , ie ' THE SCBPE duodenal ulcer was '1 mere constipation and that our carcinoma, 1 faecal ma s. Errors, however, engender knowledge. Nux, soda and gentian became our by-word, we became more astute and more circumspect--we began to learn the 'art of medicine Since at this time we are exposed to the influence of various leaders in speciali7ed branches, we, burdened as we are with a great deal more material than we can possibly assimilate, vacillate on the probability and advisability of a specialty. In a great many of us there is latent an inherent desire to master one branch of medicine We crave to "learn more and more about less and less -to specialize. But soon we become resigned as we learn more about the interrelations of the body mechanism We philosophize and would rather first acquire a basic knowledge of all before feel- ing Ht to specialize Of dermatology-the bcte noire, the persona non grata of our curriculum-an the same platitudes of our predecessors are still applicable. It is a course which resolves itself into a verbal duel: we are "on guard", are attacked, lunge, thrust, parry and feint-mostly the latter. It is a duel of the wits in which repartee, like the Wassermann test, is a sine qua nonl Our knowledge of dermatology comes from our subsections and our prejudices from the Thursday morninff clinic We will look back on obstetrics with much satisfaction. Our professor does put us in mind of a Sir John Falstaff, both in mien and wit, but we are far from being derogatory-we very much appreciated the humorous digressions from the lectures and his consideration of our comfort in the Black Hole of Calcutta ' the maternity wing. Our last vignette is that of '1 well-attended amphitheatre, 1 clear-spoken and brilliant lecturer. We sit with awe and admiration as he clearly presents the case. He is fluent in speech, wealthy in knowledge, dramatic in his oratory. You may have heard of him! We, like the rustics in the Deserted Villiage, listen app-alled while "words of learned length and thundering sound went round." , Our short history has wandered, we have but touched the peaks--not of im- portance, but of what has impressed us most. We care not to be iconoclastsg we are mere automata that are made to speak. A history is but a recital of the occurrence of events and in this respect we have not been orthodox historians. Our concourse with capable and altruistic men has imbued us with their spirit- we thank them alll .71 9 C O3 09 , : ll ff f T 5. - . . fa is no easy matter. Much to our chagrin and consternation we were told that our ggi cc I K I K K I C K C I I CS I 4 as 'lg' ia X . 4 1 1 ' r . f 1 I X . :fi s 94- Q 1- 3, I , 1 " X 5 f . ., I, n A 'Q K x I K K A ' mln ,U . KH., . . -iii K 'ggi I K 1 Nt . , N s . 4, za as In t lf:'J. tc K I I I 1 I K It K A 1 X ll JY F J One hmnlrezl' thirty-tlwo MC' . ,af 'W -1 f.-.- .-11-. f.' - '-4-. :s. .','.. 1, - V ,. -151. 1 -g.-r 5, x 'illwrl .,'l hlilai XX .,5:f.'-7 HH ygff ,-,rg ,NH-i 1.-, 5 7 . 251.5 ' , 'V iff: fil- ,.. ku '::Y fg.T,3"f I 5-'ii .. 1.3, i'5 . 'arg 5 S J .. T S. Q N Q I ky, xv ,..:,-t, 1 'Q5",f1. "lg A Y ,Q 5445 . iff ,i':, N B -ah 9 is, , I 1 Ziff In UB f 4 I , 0,2 f X-3:11 24: 'gg '12 iffiff! w, , 'FQ-1 ?-if 51 gif, nv 1 . .- V 4. ,3 I ,H in X ff g,lw'73 L V "' .gs -v - s ' 'ry 04" Jgir-.g1,',1Ea.:r.:.2f-1 ' v A L 4 f ' c , hem... ' F43 j X 1 .1 f :II .. r. t Class Officers, I933 ' , v,. .I, , , , I lx . If , -LM. j..f...', Y I 1 s- -A I. 1 1 s . ss K ,. ,-1 . Y ' . I' . 1 1' . Q ,rr 1 ,V ' X , i Q ., L , A A 1 W ' ff 'I 'L ,.,L 5 QQZ f N ' , 1 E N . A H L. M. Wim L ' ' ' ' 'A ' ' V f 'A " " K 1'resiJeuf L- J- B"3N'1'0N E. B. WlNmc1.n Vif'e-Prexilleffl g,,!.,.L.,,,,.v , 1, X. ,.- ,V in I Ls C- H- X SMITH r H. K. ENswoR'1'u ,P f :fn M ag, rffi, , -'fS1T-4 I ' f 'I 5.1 E Q c' "" , 'X i-? .gl x If' f .mfr 5'3I"gi 1: ' -V3 fl'rea,rln'er A Slfofe Rt3f1rE5Ellflalf11e J. A. GRUIILICR Hislorinu 'QTHE SCBPE 0' Albergotti, MCA., Baer, S. Bartle, H., Jr. Beck, J. R. Behrend, B. Benton, L. Berndt, A. L. Braden, F. R., Jr. Brandt, C. R. Branen, Wm. T. Bratley, F. G. Brown, R. Brown, R. B. Buchert, W. I. Buck, R. Burroughs, H, H. Buxton, R. von L. Chew, E. MacM. Clark, G. Cressman, F. E. Darling, C. D. Davis, H. Dunkelbcrger, G. A. Eichelberger, E. Ensworth, H. K. Erwin, H. K. Farthing, VV. Fitzgerald, MCC. Fraunfelder, A. Frederick, A. R. Gifford, E. S., Jr. Good, G. R. Greenfield, L. S. Abbott, A, Class of '33 Grecnstein, R. H. Grecnwell, L., Jr. Gruhler, J. A. Hague, J. D. Hamilton, D. M. Hampton, L. Hays, E, B. Hemphill, E. H. Herr, B. S., Jr. Hitschler, Wm. Hood, S. Howard, P. M. Hsu, T. S. Ingraham, N. R., Jr. Irvine, V. K., Jr. Kahler, E. Kane, F. P. Keiserman, Kern, C. Kreger, G. S. Lame, E. L. Leinbaeh, I. S. Lyon, E., Jr. Martin, J. E. Miller, M. W. Miller, Wm. B. McClanahan, H. H., Jr Mclntosh, D. M., Jr. McKinnon, D. A., McLenahan, T. M., Jr Nicholas, C. A. Offutt, Wm. N., III Parboosingh, I. S. Perkins, C. G. Pohlman, Miss A. D. One lnmdrqfl thirty- five ': if QD .-fi , ' ' '13 X "fri I E' N ,U Q 'ia 1 :-nz x Quereau, V. D. Roberts, Miss E. if 'ff' Savidge, S. L. M Schneider, B. cf-i Scott, Miss C. H. P. .2 Scott, J. C. Q Qfggfi Scott, K. S. Settle, W'm, B., Jr. 'ii Shober, 15,11- Shoemaker, Miss R. I Shutt, T. , Smith, C. H. riff? Smith, I. B. ' ' Smith, O. N. J,- Smith, P. L. ,J-15 Sommers, E. iff: Stevenson, M. S. t Strawbridge, .R. R. if Sulouff, D. B. " Tankard, W. Turville, C. S. 1-fff-7-'gg Van Buskirk, F. W., J1. Waldron, E. L. ff,-'ff' J Wallis, K. Weinstein, G. L, -1 Weyman, W. A., -,lf ,.,, Wiig, L. M. Wilt, H. L. Winheld, E. B. '42 Wolf, R. - ,- Woodall, P. S. Yuckman, R. O. V Zacks, M. V fQQV"1 Zeugschmidt, G. S. i' s ,..fY,x ' dx., YLXX .- X X ,A V4 .LU - 1- ,.. 1 J A U , s . NL , 3-M --X :ganna I ' .i"w'- -fx ', 'lil . -' 3 'r -, . '- 1 -- -, 3Ff7f.x s " -qw 1, - V ' '24 -17 -I-- -xg , . NV' - ,dawg-., , Y -L A, Aw. , 4 4 N y- .5 f .- -V CX'-y " - 1 ,X sg ' ' ' , l ' xsxx ' - K X s ' W 'Tx ,J 'Q 'fu' 1-4, s, , 7 , ., . ,-,V f ,Q-, v.. I f' if A-V . -f-:4 .Y U J... .,- . . " "':3?2'f: 9 .. V' -sk" '- ' 4f'f'ff'.'.'f-'ffl' . H , 4, ,.M.j,. - V W AA .t Y . A X, sa ,. ,rg trial. g A'L.4,. .NJEAHJI n . V ,A 'f uf V .- -QM gf:-, MQ .ggggigfgcu 33 A , 'M' - ' R04 .ff 1.-Q53 - ,ry gfijggfgfif' K , . , , Q - 1 Y 77 Y - ir 4 ---v Y Y L , . - wg! A px ...fpfqk , , ,f'j1"f 5' 'X b . , 9-:.5.4g ' Nr,-.g,,. X f 3 5 fjvf ff " Y X 5 -- - F Ik, ' ' fr '1' 'V fi-1. fww, . vff , ' X- .,.-f 4 'xx ff 1, ff--H31 1---Q., f f' J' Qtr! ' X heme fruxi SCBPE J- IGHT years of grade school, four years of high school, four years of college- and then admission to that sacred sentence "Oh, I'm Studying lVledich1e.', Many of us have felt, no doubt, that it was a great feeling to be able to tell that sentence to our friends, but here we are finishing up the second year of a Medical Course without so much as scratching the surface of the subject. What most of us look upon as lVledecine-the clinical side-we have not touched. However, as we look back upon these two years of work, and most of you will agree that it was work, we begin to feel that perhaps, after all, it wasn't as useless and as wasted as we had suspected when we first regarded it. Everything we've had seems to fit together into a framework upon which to base our future studies in Medicine. The more we look back upon it, the more it seems so. There was Anatomy-what a weary sort of course it seemed to us! VVe saw the magic in a frog's tail and rabbit's ear and heard about lymphatics and kept a copy of Morris' Anatomy open to that particular section but at the end we had some idea, even if it was vague-as to the location of the organs. At the same time most of us learned something about the normal microscopic picture of the organs from Dr. Di Renyi which we knew would stand us in good stead later. From this stage it was a normal step to learn something of the normal function of the organs. Dr. Bazett with the aid of a slide rule offered us some inspiring lec- tures and we really did learn Physiology. Despite what manyof the members of the class might have thought about the Department-the last statement still holds good. At the same time, we were able to correlate our studies and look at the func- tion of the body from another viewpoint. The Chemistry Department did not regard us as a particularly brilliant outfit, but it might have been the fault of some of those monthly examinations. At any rate we ran the rounds with our little half-gallon bottles and felt very foolish and conspicuous, but highly scientific. From all this, one hundred and four strong out of a starting hundred and twelve came through to tell the tale. The eight who dropped, had among them those who could not complete their studies for many other reasons than scholastic difficulties. We came upon the second year, little knowing what to expect. Of course, if we were to listen to the wise words of those who had gone before--we were led to believe that the second year was as different from the first as night from day. It came up to and surpassed our expectations. VVe were first put through the first three stages of anesthesia by Dr. Sbmidt and his competent staff and we barely missed the fourth stage-but just as we were going down for the last time-we were staggered with a dose of alcohol and the state of euphoria brought most of us out of it. VVC learned about those fearful people-the drug addicts and learned how to put talcum powder into a prescription and make it seem important. Of course, we all felt badly when Dr Elsom asked us to prescribe a solid form of iron one day, and someone in the back of the room yelled "Bullets," but still we found lVlateria lVledica enjoyable. One humlrefl thirty-.fe-ven -. ,ya History of the Class of 1933 f Ji 'i 4. 5 .if 'r 1.1 lf? 'izf . Q j i 1 A Q F" 6 Q W- ca A E 4 E ot K ' It was an experience to be able to finish a course at Thanksgiving and have three ' " whole weeks in which to devote our time to Pharmacology. ' Most of us thought that there couldn't have been a better course in the School but then we walked into Pathology and listened to the Finest set of lecturers ever H brought together under one roof and we marveled. The applause at the end of ,ryilifsx hour was more warm than any heretofore. We now began to see some use for ' Histology as We tried to remember what the normal looked like, when we were looking at the morbid. The entire course appeared to have been extremely well up E. managed and smoothly run. The Class of Thirty-three can only offer its thanks to Dr. MacFarland and Dr. Krumbharr and their Stal? for making this highly im portant subject fraught with interest for us. Q., The rest of the courses of the second year, Bacteriology and Physical Diagnosis, we should like to devote some time to. They were taught by men who meant well ' Most of us feel that they, too, came up, to 'the standard of the year. Z" In closing, it might be well to say, that the problem of the distorted hair hp I 1355 which bothered us so much last year-rather than clearing up has degenerated until ggfjii' it has become almost an epidemic. Dr. Bergey reports that he has found a cause for it-probably Vibrio Schuylkilliensis, but we can't be too sure. We shall probably 'fl' learn from Dr. Stokes, the real cause next year. ' 'tif ' f Q Q55 ..ff--'53 , 1 fiff K 12:43-ig? I I 14.5521 s, ,.. .-, S One hundred thirty-eight ig Q .-V. 1: fl "J .. l. FQ " .fr .gh 'I 1 l , .g. X nn I" ' :EN .-fi"' fr T9 at I ff alfa. Q z,-.ah -21' J ' 4. X 1. .ff",ijgr 1375 1 ff p , . f JE gina Z,-'fv.c ' vfu 71:55 fn 305: 12 :E , lffs.,5? xg ffirgt. -11' fi' EC' . .2 H-L l 13.-9' f 4.-gf' ii'.': "7 grgfefz 'Wk 155: N, s".5Qlf?H i .xI:H'1P , t -1.1: ".., lu filifijg 4 Tfgfi A . f.':5"1-, 1 ,fi H - PJ 42' 'I 4' -if iw '4 iw, E 4 H31 x 'ff Ciflgfiv' :iii ' wi: 553. ,sais . Q 25355 'Tcl 1,5-,., xl-f. K .. -351 :1 I. 1 xl- f 331552127 gli! J 'faq ' ,f,,"'. b I . Claiss Officers, I934 E M KRIEGER President ' YV M SwAR'rs W L. Rom-:RIS Treasurer Vice-Presidem CA'l'I--IERINE DEL IVIANGAN K. W. BENSON Historian Secretary J. A. MCGARRI'I'Y Scope Representative 'OTHE SCBPE Q' g xi ' 1 xii ' xx 1' . , 'Fig 3' s . I 1-ici . ps . . . I f J Q N f' I 1' ,FZ E7 One hundred forty 'QTHE SCBPE O' Anklerson, D. P., Jr. Atkins, P. Bartlett, K. C., Miss Beale, B. R. Beck, E. Benson, K. W. Black, M. E. Black, W. T., Jr. Blumenfeld, B. Bodenger, J. Bonney, W. W. Borow, S. Bringhurst, L. S. Bugbee, L. H., Jr. Burns, W. F., Jr. Buxton, D. R. Cady, J. B. Carmichael, F. A., Jr. Castelli, P. Cavencss, W. F. Close, J. H. Comroe, H., Jr. Cooper, J. B. Cope, T. A., Jr. Cowan, T. Craine, A. S. Creskoff, A. Crew, R. S. Danehower, W. F. Davis, J. P. Dean, L. K. Dearing, W. H., Jr. DeCamp, A. L. DeKleinc, E. H. Dickinson, B. M. Doak, E. K. Fetterhoff, C. K. Fittinghoff, H. L. Foster, B. Frank, D. E. Frazier, W. D. Class of '34 Fuge, W. W. Garlinghouse, R. O. Garlinghouse, R. E. Gates, S. Goodrich, R. A. Hammett, V. O. Harwick, R. F. Hertz, C. S. Hoffman, L. Hope, M. Hower, D. S. Huff, S. G. Hughes, C. R. Humphrey, H. I. Jackson, L. W. Jennings, G. Keith, E. S. Kern, F. M. Klingensmith, P. O. Krewson, W. E., 3rd Krieger, E. M. Kronenberg, E. S., Jr. Langner, P. H., Jr. Lewis, D. B. Lovcring, J. McAneny, L. McCullough, J. Y. McDowell, F. McGarrity, A. McLeod, N. W., Jr. McMurray, J. S. McNally, V. P. Mangan, C. DeL., Mi March, H. C. Mazar, S. A. Mecray, P. M., Jr. Medinger, F. G. Moravec, C. L. Negrey, N. Neuhauser, E. B. D. One humlrefl forty-one Nuckols, H. H. Page, H. F., Jr. Parker, T. Perry, S. W., Jr. Persing, D. H. Persing, H. M., Jr. Ratzan, M. C. Reese, E. V. Reich, M. Roberts, W. L. Rowell, H. B. Runk, L. G., Jr. Ryman, M. T. Rynes, S. Sackey, M. S. Sato, Z. Schamherg, I. L. Schoff, Schwarz, G. A. Seifert, G. L. Sexton, G. A. Shapiro, R. M., Miss Shoemaker, R. E. Smelo, L. S. Snyder, M. Solomon, E. M. Sparkman,-D. R. Steckley, B. Straus, J. F. Stroup, R. M. Swarts, W. B., Jr. Terrell, A. W., Jr. VanTilborg, L. D. Walker, R. H., Jr. Welsh, W. W. Weyand, J. G. M. Whalen, C. A. Wiesner, E. E. Wilborn, J. B., Jr. Williams, L. D. Wood, R. H. 1: ED .fm l I. ,fl ,. 1 . rf ll r , 1,9 ilk RAT: 'Q I . Sy' x 93.1 X 1 , ' x f L 'F 1' K lr in ,U ag., ml , c,l', N. Q . 4. 5.1. I N 8 '13 f A: gn' 'A t 'fi I ., X 1 f-1 X I X . Y f W , ,J L I X '5T":v' ' "Hi 1 Y . . .u . K " r -L , ,ps '-M: " r4.4 -, Sp. H- Q f - , K , Y--1 AQQJX .fl f I '55- 4n- , 4- k F: l U ,, 1 1 'fx JJ! V X -.-V ,f ,-. V F I Y , .1 ,., X D :A -f"'- -- . .,:' -, ,-,. . ,. A -- - - .- - 'Q ., kggg,-.' U1 H- - iii: K i, , -im ,lt 2 '- '::f'- ' f---ww -- ' i':::f ' - igrj.-1.1..,.A,:'f.:k --5:-,K - - --... ugh-.iv Mx I. i V-sl V 'x ' ' ' -7 ' fx 1 1 if -" Q ' is Q.. - Q ., ,. ' i If K3 . gb 'T E?,?fIE1i-3 A il Eggpwaf I F mai' " 5. ,' 3 , S . ,nfs-'f--,, J , ' f. Yffjf -Q, -sv ,L , . x " ' - ' ' , f 5 -. , , Y , M-, ,,,, ,-4,5 ,, W ,tl V 'Y A' ' Ai" 'Y if-' - - -- - - Q -. gui L '. Y QI iii "' ik, ' 4.. fv ff.-2 fx gfbx --14,-A ,- ng: , N N1 FL ' X , : My -,xx -' -W-"-'f '-2-5. C'-F1-': -131.-. -' , , ,I ,,.,- , -' 0: f J ', f ity 1 1 , gg 1 K - . , --,J ,. ,-, I 'mg 1,-., 1 A-1,.5..... 'I j551,l,.," nfl-MU X--TQIXTE- N " "" " vim -1: .nf l ,A D. .. V ,'-',::T:f'l ' hx X v.. X - , Q NH., f Y, X 1 4 J Z 1' f : ' ".F-,- ' 5'-.A . . --- .1.,. 1. '1 ' ' ' K- ' " u' K " " ' 3' wg' X" X fi' A f i N, ,, 1 y.. '. 1..- "L s.. 1, gp J. Qfvx f-D ,- we -H' s . , MM 'O HE SCBPE 0' ff XX A- 5 5' gf: .. fl "fri ' ff-'lil' ii: :aff its X ,ill X ':l. H- f h CI me-1 , :story o t e ass o -tg 1 1 f , K 'Lf , . . . . . 57511 . 'firm T THL moment of trying to write a class history, when all one knows is ' that our class represents twenty-three states, forty-seven colleges, and forty '- some students from the University of Pennsylvania, as well as a conglomera- f ' tion of names, what does one say? We entered with a look of awe at every one Q about us and a most embarrassing feeling, standing Hrst on one foot, then on the ' .l other, now and then an attempt to look interested in what the Dean or Dr. Clark -'fl f was trying to impress on us at the first lecture. All we wanted was to skip the first :Lf'l"., two years and reach an interesting time when once again we would awake to know , z'7?4'jj everyone and feel at home. Then our first look at the stiffsl Then Histology- , i with the "optional" Friday afternoons, which Dr. De Renye made so very interesting. T' ' -lr.. ti In Anatomy, Dr. Williams promptly impressed us with the glgantlc thought fZ'?"' that we were supposedly learning to be medical doctors, not ballyhoo artists or well- 15, read men, while the 122 students lost at least IOWQ in mental gymnastics. Of course 'QE' " F most of this was lost the last week-with speculations about an exam in Anatomy '2 .3 .f,f,.gD and the horrible ignorance shown up in the Histology quizi tortures. L:1.5?" . . . . . . 1-'iii iii Medical clinic was our only hope and we lived for Friday mornings when men- talities tem.porarily revived only to lapse again until the following Friday. Our only l thought was that "after this there's only Lues,'l but now and then we had another if f'i"'1 type of patient presented. ,A .'-51,2 ' ,fr 419 ' , Recently in Physiology, Dr. Friedman has taken us back to our childhood days jgfyjjl 'A when we tried to figure how flowers arrived, by telling us all about reproduction- 7251 in rats! For once the rooms were crowded and the doors closed so that no more would-be "safety men" could enter. X . . lflizyilll ug, Of course, we've had our Etymology lectures, illustrated hy the mwolzmtnry jsgffl ,fill X muscle of Dr. De Renye, the zluoflenum of Dr. Kern, the irnpossible clzilflren of , iQ"31.'sF , Dr. Jacobs, the flormlis jnedis and the iliac of Dr. Bazett, and the linen nigra of Dr. in .- . Leopold. Since no statistics can be gathered in this case any more than in the case f of monkeys and women, we feel that any born class officers are the bunk. 47- 1' ' safffj: Il 43 T 235,34 1 A fn One humlrezl forty-three f x X 45 YZ 5 " Q but ffxf X TIX ,f f Z 4- .Q M l A A i V - ,,i- 4 ,L -,..i,2"f 1 .Hu ..'T: '32 J, 1,--f ,. ff X --. 1' ini 'XX . -73,1 5-f1i.5'1Q:2S11, in-22124212 ,1"1."g'H'SI,?fgfgf-I-1. ff-'-5 -41:11 -jif-5 'A'-f -PS3-lf-LZ'-: ':fiy1Q-:.A-'1-17iAL ,Sv-HL---"L, 9 'J ,-E1 ' ,Ari ' A 5?-11 "ff "'4I1"' ""11 .-7-N "A J ' fx "9 .. ' " 2 f 22-3 J E x,,,-- i f -:,. T, -- 1-1.. ala, chi' I ,j'g:'-Qbzrl 5 , it 5,3 , E N x H tl 93 Ei i 5 1- :XX LM? we:-4 -ii' A if fl f 'Tx - fy1...iNb QIG3 :gk -1:-,rr . 5 fp . L 5 C. fn!" ' 1 3 3 - E , --, X k X 'VX 0. '2"- . . X . .--2--if . . . X 7 1 "A -1 f"'J"'Q -'-" -'-Q' -'fx . '-'f"f,. K ,,V N,,- .' , f' ' '-,1-:F ' .-'--'fr' My ci- K Y . -'ff'--,--N ,K',f.z::.--.5 -,,,,.v H --w-:BQ wk- , L--r, fx- :V-Ab . N . . X, Q, ..,Q, -44,4 Q-KJVJYI , -' 1 xx. f -' 2: , Sk-1. .4 J.: .-J, '- - Nw-..,:kf - -W ,J is " ' 1. ' 'Zia :FJ Qfigrgv 1 7 1- 1? 4" --1 f. Q-TQ9 gf xx l y., , Q ,n ,N 9. V n ' . Xe? J . . I fe, gli. V I V 16: A A I tn X 1 f. - N it t .J 0 li U Ili, 5 ll A : I X 61 ,3 H.. I 5? V hp I h O 1- t P l A p a Sigma I, .pf ., '--pr. 'I' 1. Q, If BETA CHAPTER Founded at Bellevue Hospital Established at University Q .QLi'5f,i ' Medical College, 1886 of Pennsylvania, 1890 A .il Jrx H1 t FRATRES IN FACULTATE I Benjamin F. Baer, B.S., M.D. Richard C. Norris, A.B., M.D. ,-,ai :wif John B. Carnett, M.D. Henry K. Paneoast, M.D. if ' '.'f7f'f Geor e H. Cross, M.D. Benjamin D. Parish, B.S., M.D. fifgfii' I fr g ' ' Eldridge L. Eliason, A.B., M.D. William C. Posey, A.B., M.D. K '--,I George Fetterolf, A.B., M.D., Se.D. Truman G. Schnabel, A.B., M.D. ,-ip, X Samuel B. Hadden, M.D. I George E. de Schweintz, M.A., M.D. 'if-I 5 ?f'i,':'1j,-Q Leon Herman, A.B., M.D. S. Calvin Smith, M.D. ug-,5 J Barton c. Hirst, A.B., M.D., LL.D. can-in M. Smyth, M.D. ig' 'f if"Q7 John C. Hirst, II, M.D. Henry F. Smyth, M.D., Dr.P.H. . Karl Houser, M.D. Arthur A. Stevens, A.M., M.D. - ' J j G. Victor Janvier, M.D. George W. Wagoner, M.D. I-155 tgg-33 Floyd 1-:. Keene, M.D. can Williams, M.D. Q Edward Martin, M.A., M.DL, LL.D. Harry B. Wilmer, M.D. ... J iitfifle William J. Merrill, A.B., M.D. George Wilson, M.D. '22 George M. Lewis, M.D. Herschel C. Walker, M.D. William R. Nicholson, A.B., M.D. "I fizfi ' ' .i, VJ' ..,i--M .lxfl , '95-Q: J FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE t I93I 'W .fjg V. G. Colvin W. L. Lanyon F. F. Shupp Qfig, X "g,:.jf-PM G. G. Guiteras H. F. Munro A. H. Simmons U, M. Huflnagle W. N. Powell D. Strohm l F. R. Lang E. Romig X 1932 ga., gi"'gig3F ' R. C. Werner W. D. Langley J. Burch Z. Appel R. W. MaeCalmont L. Schwalm R 'ffff I Jl:Q.,. G. C. Hanna, Jr. R. A. Mays A. H. Zwally 1933 4 A. Abbott F. E. Cressman W. B. Miller Sri, . R. Beck D. Darling C. S. Turvillc QS, .,, J ,,,, 1.ffl"x l ,, C. R. Brandt M. Fitzgerald F. W. Van Buskirk D V- f ' 12 fl .Y W. I. Buchert B. R. Beale D. R. Buxton E. B. Hays I934 P. J. Castelli L. K. Dean One hzmflrerl forty-:even J. L. MeAneny M. T. Ryman Xf f " ' .ff xi, 5i'M V I , -V Ax,--, , K 1 ,agfli . gi a ? , ,. X 1- 1. Z4 In , Y.,-.Iii M. i,i.,fEH Ji.. ig. -' x 'f7'.f,. 1, , , ' "kg H, "bw M 'file 'f-..f- "k' ' , N iff x , A 'Qi'-1-'.i..2Eli,",f7",f.i-.',-.-FN. 'kf'h"2 -LZJ9! A N .- XX ,Vf "'--'--QQZY-' -QL .,A, if 4' ' .3 ."fa'R-J'.J5-'f : " x-ix QV' ' QQ! A21 F U "V-v---.,,., f .w-,:- A, 'OTHE SCBPE 0' BI, Q' irq I-ll: iff, 2,1 .J N fi ,rr .gi Q .riff 'f' 1, .ggifif I .52 ly 51 3' - ixills, , i ly 'J ' r I . 1 X his! I -'znliliii lx W .. 4 ,Q 1, . x 1 .1 .5 J. E. J. J. J. J. A R. J. E. E. H. U 1+ r p . 7 3' QMIIQ E, 55: 4 S' v' f- I K1 40 Q: C ffffvl 't .MAO -.1-49" Alpha Mu Pi Omega ALPHA CHAPTER Founded in 1891 FRATRES IN FACU LTATE Francis H. Adler, A.M., M.D. J. Harold Austin, B.S., M.D. James A. Babbitt, A.M., M.D. Frank B. Block, M.D. Henry P. Brown, Jr., M.D. Charles W. Burr, A.B., M.D. Harold C. Carpenter, M.D. Thomas A. Cope, M.D. William R. Dear, Lt.-Col. M.C. John Eiman, M.D. Walter Freeman, A.B., M.D. J. K. Ferguson, A.B., M.D. Fred. L. Hartman, A.B., M.D. John C. Heisler, M.D. Thomas B. Holloway, M.S., M.D. B. A. Randall, M.A., M.D., Ph.D. Jolm H. Jopson, M.D. E. B. Krumbhaar, M.D., Ph.D. H. R. M. Landis, A.B., M.D. H. Maxwell Langdon, M.D. Daniel J. McCarthy, M.A., M.D. R. Tait McKenzie, B.S., M.D. A. Graeme Mitchell, M.A., M.D. George P. Muller, A.B., M.D. VVilliam Pepper, A.B., M.D. Damon Pfeiffer, A.B., M.D. George M. Piersol, B.S., M.D. Edmund B. Piper, B.S., M.D. Oliver K. Reed, M.D. , U.S.A. Stanley P. Reiman, M.D. David Riesman, M.D. Jolm P. Scott, M.D. J. Frank Schamberg, M.D. Edward Shumway, B.S., M.D. E. Hollingsworth Siter, M.D. Jolm Speese, M.D. William G. Spiller, M.D. Alfred Stengel, M.D., Se.B. Joseph Stokes, Jr., A.B., M.D. Benjamin A. Thomas, M.A., M. Robert G. Torrey, M.D. . Fred. S. Schofield, M.D.- Edward Thorpe, M.D. Morton McCutcheon, B.S., M.D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Walter E. Lee, M.D. ' Grayson P. MeCoueh, M.D. W. Burroughs W. L. Hamilton F. l93I T. McGinnis M. McFadden, Jr. James M. Thorington, A.B., M. N. P. Shumway R. M. Truitt D. D. N. Marquis H. H. Minor S. B. Lewis i932 K. Durkin H. S. Murphy G. N. J. Somme1', Jr. Eiehholtz D. S. Pepper W. B. Wartman C. L. Wilbar, Jr. l933 L. Berndt H. K. Ensworth J. Van D. Qnereau Buck W. J. HifSCl1lCr J. J. Shober G. Clark P. Howard H. L. VVitt V E. L. Lane R. E. Wulf I934 K. Doak T. Parker H. B. Rowell B. D. Neuhnuscr W. L. Roberts F. Page, Jr. One hznnlrerl forty-nizle G. L. Seifert A. W. Terrell Z QD 11 ' ' i 1. X ,ii :Z- E13 X Z. ,fm s 3' .f,,-. f ly :li Ai E511 X 5, 1-QC 1, 'fm' ... Ji. f 222 W vin Fifi: -. gig. ' '-IV5 fzlif 'L :Q ' ag, ilii IES' 1.1" 5:52-Q..f'g X 'iii ' 39? 471' , ii.: 57 'tiwlk t 'iz' fi X ff:yQ::f" I 5'u'3'3f f flli ., rilfafft: 'fbi- 'll . i, J Zigi id liluzfxq. XX Nfl. ,Q F. Z1-. X 'ILZH 1 A I 'ZX - J:.:---'- bf 'stem-pb N' T-'--f--L 1'-.-1153 "--ff-Sz' "' 'NT'-1: Qfi.-'-i 'H-'L 'i 5, :"f5"f" ' :jr . ,L-C .f :qi in - -, bil, L I -ei-, f ,z . ' . . . . . v+-i,'- 1 , - . 17.2-1-' -1-:fl-,PF ' A " ff-Q: H -4'-1 er- Z.. , X Q, W '- X rg I, .A f , X f x AX Q . I F r l 3 l 4 l j x 3 " s , sf, , M 'pg :-. x Lx,i""Q'4' X- 1 ,A 1. - f .7 L f"'J' '3 -- K: ' - ' fm .- ---- 1-1'-1'-' . - --, 'Q ' J- Q ff.-': --f-f-, -a- ,, .-.- -.V-.--ww I MM , . P1 . ..-.-:-1. , V- ..- ,,- ,' .Ng .45 'f.-:,- -- .gb 4, ,f,,,.--4:---,f , . ,.EHf.-.A -- Ax 'xkjffs-gi-I ' -T-5.1-:j..:.'..:fQ.1' -:Z':'I..Q-"" A- 'kgjz-f,ri:',:i-5,1 h .. -f nz: 313- ' "'.-553.15-gg,-' '55,-1:55--x ' ' "-V!" "' --'V iw- ' 1' ' - 'mi h , .'.' 7 " ' "QQ" A: f 2 jg -Q. xi 5,55 .f .35 , 1 -.59 U ' ' Q . . HEI qx -1.4, ,,,, g , if ': E ' N QQ.: tl., 3 f, 4 i I gs 4 V 3 5 f 0 V 12 ,S 3819? 3 I L'mfQh12E 1 "sr--'55 W , 3 I 4 5 r .- ! A I, .. RQ-5' 41 .R - +- fly, L F fs -LZJSTEQ 35555 gms Q ,, QS J ! Z . In ls af 1- ' fx 12 ,As 'Lf eff 5 , Y ,J F rl Ei if 'i E Q4 gz all ' Y.-Y, 1.3 Jun, '4 x. Q"r,'6! 'g . M... i 0 Q JI af: I I 3 4 I n ' fr .- 5 Q I 17:45 fr'-:Q 1 .. v5l'5?'if".4a' X All if '3."f'1 'alayhi TIA .,, 1 'N 'fix Q . , A x 'ln N ffiii. QA.. 'A ' if n 1-2313! ' 'Q' .w"v?'?,.?,f Y 5- I .TAIL H ' A N P5644 afar, - V,-1, -HJ li" F H - I -if 42 Nu Sigma Nu , fi 1-gf, LAMBDA CHAPTER ,gf ' Founded at University Established at University I' of Michigan, 1882 of Pennsylvania, 1897 ax f l 5.57:- ff.ff"f,., FRATRES IN FACULTATE jg John H. Arnett Richard W. Garliehs George Stevenson I l glfilliam giatesl Claxltlon Gittings ti-illllilcl Sturgis 5-7-'I' ,nl tan cy manners rury mton . urncr mmas IZ. ,:'f:'i-1 Leon H. Collins Thomas C. Kellv Henry F. Lurich , Frank A. Craig James T. Lacey' Philip F. Williams VA., Jig.: , McKinnon Ellis Edward Ludholtz Alfred C. Wood Kendall A. Elsom James W. McConnell Rutherford C. Wood " F Temple Fay Thomas M. lVIcMill.m William C. Wood H j Charles A. Fife T. Grier Miller V. W. Murray Wright .F 9 Q Clarence Gamble Paul North . William Wright .1153 X 75.3 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE ...L y T. .Q ' l93 I lllill J. L. Armbruster R. M. Harvey R. O. Rex . " . I' , R. W. Ballantine H. Klacr W. F. Skinner cj" 2-H' W. G. Bernhardt G. McNeer T. W. Willie 21355.--Q, W. s. Ginn R. Nairn P. W. Willis 14,5 x54 . i932 i,'f,if7u5 G. L. Beaumont W. W. Dyer R. F. Norris X ' P. E. Campbell A. S. Harden J. C. Pierson . qf.f.2ffQ" , J. Q. Chambers F. McGovern H. Shelden 5'jjl'9 5,1 X F. C. Dohan C. W. Muckle D. Steele "if 5-'-sfgp , C. H. I. Dunn E. B. Tuohy - 1.3. - X I933 f R. Buxton v. K. 11-vine o, N. snnn. l fQjQf13 R. B. Brown E. Lyon J. K. vvnnin ' E. Eichelberger T. M. McLenahan L. M. Wiig .. Q5 1934 , '."i'?"z . 5' Q " if 5 L. Bugbee R. Hughes S. Perry , :Fi W. Danehauer P. Klingensmith D. Span-kman V. O. Hammet D. Lewis W. Swarts C. Hertz J. McMurray R. Wood One hzmfired fifty-one W . AQY X Qffsit ' 'T' -. . ,, - - Y , 1"-'Q -- X X-'fr' .',L'A131.- rj 5 V, L'.- , . X f- N -, - A 2 5 X V X ' ,ze wi wig' A .ng -Q.-1 fx - .- ' M W Q-:A - f 2 -- 3,5 QR ,- ,, V -. N N5-F, , K .X Rh 4 , Q33 TM-41. iz MNH, X. 1 f1":i - . 1 NW" :L A ' ,affxw 2 , .- az- - -vw M -. - .V , ,V - Q1 x X -' x ::. V 3.5, L fzlllii fy.-N. ,,,, fi,,,,,xbX K L . -r--1.x ::.j ,514-+gq,ix,t,,i-i X . .sf-, . A, X I, SL lf..,.,.,3. . -J ., Tip, ff' X . N xffiii si. A-1 -1-FJ' .qu . xx iiif'A ri, ,g 3:12 K 3-1, i.. 7' A . f If lik -, , ii.-1 1 'Ks il: ., ,Ek Sri, fpiii 'L ' Hx. 5? . of 1 55 t -Jjf',1. if-:"": 26' . .2 2255 f .g'."' CQI ': wr: . X 1...::,E1.j? i s rl,-ffl! 1. I .1 Jiifi l rd . ,'4f.'Ef' "'. ' -'Q ...f . wg? . ..... Q if , -.ina , .J . ,. g--121:21 . 'V' wi .. Sn... 1 fl " f l Alpha Kappa Kappa :fill X ' Mu CHAPTER Founded at Dartmouth Established ut University 1 5.1.3 College, 1888 of Pennsylvania, 1901 if -,'. ij-', FRATRES IN FACULTATE :iffy Charles A. Behney, M.D. Damasco Rivas, M.S., Ph.D., M.D . B. F. Buzby, M.D. Howard Smith, M.D. 12: Jolm M. Cruice, M.D. John H. Stokes, A.B., M.D. Herbert Fox, M.D. Frederick Weidman, M.D. " I-122' John A. Kolmer, B.S., M.D., D:'.P.H. F. W. Sunderman, M.D. I Jerold E. Kemp, M.D. Charles C. Wolferth, M.D. 'V ' Charles A. Heiken, M.D. William A. Gardner, M.D. .J Balduin Lucke, M.D. E. G. Alexander, M.D. ,lgfflg Charles K. Mills, Ph.D., M.D. W. G. Ferguson, M.D. I 5219! 3' FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE fi 1931 ,W S. Dean F. W. Metzer M. Wetherhold Ifgiigffi A. R. ,Drcisbacli R. J. .Ruark R. L. Yeager, Jr. 1 , H. M. Jacobs R. M. Sankey T. W. Baker 7 C. H. Light H. K. Lynne C. A. Spangler 1 :ff 1932 x O. E. Block, Jr. E. O. Harper W. R. Morgan, JI E. W. Briggs, Jr. E. Harshaw, Jr. C. R. Schaefer . N E. P. Cope , G. W. McCoy, Jr R. B. Thompson K YV. A. Graham G. E. Martz T. Vogel l 1933 A V ' Albergotti C. H. Smith L. S. H0061 I .,x,:M,.1 H. Battle, Jr. Ed. Sommers R. R. Strawbridge F. R. Braden J. A. Fraunfelder D- B. Sulmlff fjjfjl M. W. Miller P. S. Woodall -E I934 'ii'QQ""..' xg G. M. Weyand J. Sehoff L. W. Jackson R. E. Sl1oem:1ke1' J. F. McDowell W. T. Black, Jr. B. M. Dickinson J. V. Foster One hlmrlrert fifty.-lhfee D. P. Anderson, Jr E. C. Reese L. G. Runk, Jr. 1 n 'I g 32 ,P " fi 3 3 ? '1 1 1 1 Ei j. Pi Sf Eifihv, L'3Bfqf-Q M1324 xfxg BSI? V Q K 3 5 as 5 mlligiai A A 'if A Li gf V i gi 5 5 23 21 kfyix R , Q r 1 fl A n 5': ,, l 556 I ' it .rip '7 .-W. Il' N L- A +1 1' , Q5 if ll" J- is "li x sw' ., 1 xiii: . N S. k ' K ' . ' 1 Tn' . 1 Phi Rho Sigma :":":'fi . ! Ji. LAMBDA PHI CHAPTER il.. Founded at Northwestern Established at University ,lx I ljiyfj University, I890 of Pennsylvania, 1906 :.i5'I' -,, 332: ' 'f . fu "" l IV: 'lfflii FRATRES IN FACULTATE rjziqff , I x Napoleon Boston, M.A., M.D. A. B. Callahan, M.D. l, H. H. Donaldson, M.D., Ph.D., Se.D. Walter Blackburn, B.A., M.D. I " W. W. Ebeling, B.A., M.D. Seneca Egbert, B.A., M.D. 'lijll-. A. G. Fewell, M.A., M.D. L. Webster Fox, M.A., M.D. K , Joseph McFarland, M.D., Se.D. G. G. Jolmstone, M.D. G Edward L. Koyte, B.A., M.D. R. A. Kimbrough, B.A., M.D. 1 :jj G. H. Meeker, Ph.D., Se.D., LL.D. Stephen Mitterling, M.D. 1 ' ' Arthur Phillips, B.A., M.D. Edward T. Reichert, M.D., Se.D. X q ' John Reisinger, B.A., M.D. Jay B. Rudolphy, M.D. C. H. shivers, B.s., M.D. sin. Wccdcr, M.D. gigj , 1 ,I x I 93 I il" John T. Winters Roy C. Costello Martin Kinnunen tgf W' ' '-'.- ' "-' 'I Ralph H. DeOrsay L. Everett Seyler Kermit A. Light t ' ' '21 " ,, - i932 ."7' .5253 lb Bruce N. Wolff Richard D. Nierling Herman A. Fischer, Jr. '-ffl. X 3'fP'if1i Paul A. Clutz George VV. Chamberlin Carl Baier 'T' Russel W. Barnhardt Robert H. Yoders Newton C, McCullough l -Q-, Andrew Callahan John A. DllHkCll3Cl'f.fCl' Harold M. Patterson Lf,i,1 X Elliot B. Hague Q2 1 1933 Q ' :QQF X Ag..-A George R. Good Joseph Greenwell L. Jennings Hampton U 1437 ' James D. Hague Malcolm S. Stevenson ,Jiffy -fizfj. 1 1934 - r"' ,V Lewis D. Williams James Cooper Laurance D. VanTilborg ll'-it-.3 John S. Gates Dorn S. Hower Clayton L. Moravee Joseph B. Cady James Y. McCullough One hlllldvlfrl Jiffy-fifvs Marion T. Black Ernest E. Wiesner - f : X :fx . , -fffx V - A nf- N., I A . I ., . . . ER V A - X ,LL uf: - ,gh ,JJ -,,w i. A ., 6.4 .Cf A Q Y 5 ,,.: A. Y .!,:, -.51 .-T:,.,,'. '.,'. -"Q 4 :U .,,'Y1:.' - M., ' -, .-Y - 5... 3, , . 1, -2- -Q-3 1-i--. -rw:-gr.. -.fl--v - '14-f -A-I I' 'SW' 'X - " , ,... 'J .. ... -- -Y-r-' - .31-I. -- - K-,I " lg N., . Q x , 'X , A, N ,. L- 7:23 f' if ' ' ' 'Q is' xiii. - f 'f'-A-,'.': X L 1. N' 1 i ' ' S? fi x fi P 1 if i. rw Q-. ,Q v 'X E517 EE "fin-fz'l"f F fa 1 5 L.: N A I, ..,,-1 ,K -. . . rx - f'-gr., ,-,,., A.,,,,.- V, ir. A .LE ., fig.-f gs '51 K , pil!-f iff, 3, nf ? E P ,K , , J E 5 A . 'X :- s 4:1 ' ' N - at WV J... - A , 3 Q fx- 'FL :L iii... 3' X 'V 'JV h -3 VZ X Ei . ff-i7:,f "lQ,L- - fl. ,,--ii1,1?.f' Giza , "'?ff.l'EL1' ' 151-5-i' '-'-:iff -1- ,f gil , 1 x-Qrgil, Q: -wif,--y' . ,L ,-A .V-.AY -. -- 5, ,,.f44. .pp F W, -XX fx , -Z.: A . :A I: h .. U, H: -- -.. X Af -W ,A .V 1 I wx . ,,. IQ " L.-,, L 1. H5-1, .f .Ny f -.nik X' f f' ' T35 v D. S. Crum G. A. Farquhar R. Griffin W. B. Bradford E. V. Bramlett G. H. Carr D. B. Connery J. R. Brown H. J. Davis J. W. Farthing fe Ui ,. 1? 'giii-ii 'E' 1 ' O O Phu Chl UPSILON PI CHAPTER Founded at University of Established at University Vermont, l889 of Pennsylvania, 1908 FRATRES IN FACULTATE R1Cl1211Cl A. Kern, M.D. David A. Cooper, M.D. Isrdole S. Ravdin, M.D. Edward Rose, Jr., M.D. Eugene P. Pendergrase, M.D. JZIIIICS E. Cottrell, M.D. Thomas H. Llewellyn, M.D. Gabriel Tucker, M.D. Karl Kornhlum, M.D. William B. Harer, M.D. Franklin L. Payne, M.D. A- R0bCl't Baller, M.D. Fred C. Aldridge, M.D. Richard Overholt, M.D. John C. Ritchie, M.D. Vincent R. Johnson, M.D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE l93l G. K. Hemphill P111-rigli C. W. Hickam H. Theisen J. Johnson W. R. Thompson Edward Hedgepeth J. D. McCollough D, K, Lciby W. G. Morgan I932 J. O. Keezel R. E. Phillips J. M. Horn J. L. .Rohinson R. L. McGee V. B. Rollins J. C. Montgomery C. T. Smith l933 A. R. Frederick D. A. McKinnon, H. H. McClanahan, Jr. D. N. Offutt, III D. M. Mclntosh, Jr W. Tankard I934 W. W. Bonney W. F. Caveness R. S. Crew E. H. De Kleine W. W. Fuze R. F. Harwick E. M. Kreiger W. E. Krewson J. Lovering P. M. MeCray J. M. Snyder R. H. Walker J. B. Williorn One hluulrefl ffy-.te-ven -a. f. 32.17 ,. fl Q, ,A 24 X ri :Q-.511 X any J, 4' X 1:1735 A' 'IQQFI IJ 2' '35 5 .iff ':.. fr t 1'f'i1i.i'i3'2 4-.P fl.i 'g Q l Jr. , fx " -7x fx ix PW- , -' 1 N f- :'..,---51 NY . f, ,4. J .4 W ,., , ff- -. ,1 723- f. f - Q31 ., ., -A 2? , M- 1- 'E I ,,f :1riE54QiT.1 ' 1 :-1 -1- - --1 4.1 .. .. -. - -1-'-1'-,lf ' if . ,- -" ' 1 -, R- V- .-1 .Q-1: H 'JL' 's'f1-- 971.-512' .'.g,..3--21 . ' -..w.-ff.:-A' ::.?g'- , ff.:-,j ' .1-L' -'CNL.'i',--1-. - 1 - -HI. f 'Rf "- - " 'Q 1-j:.x E , ,, Q55 , ng ' - f 1,51 4.9 '- s,,.g,, was' ' 5-55-t.-Q 5 , 5- 5-5 y,f A 4. i :Q ' f I? fi A f 5 E :Na A XL .fa Yi TX ? T12 5371?-f 15 LZ1'sQfM'? Q-ffl-A ' V 1 i L. , , gzgisoft , Q- . 4 - -1,-MJ.- ff-' -Till: .-.H r! is E VK 3-1. 4 .mf ,K SZ 5 P 2 5 5 fx 'I M, , K, -, Y m - ,,,,- -1 1.--N -. A- , -,,, , -- 1 , V- - ., '- '-.-Z-ff. ,HL-,A-,. ly, -- -gf.,--3 '. - x f..'.1g - V' -- - 1511 f ,- .fgzg----, Jn. -" :di-1 if -- - f,-.5 Q--LM - ', ' - R -N -'--"-+4 -.gnu--.f - K .N . h-','f f- .1 , mf, , 55.54 ,mg -- , 7 wmlj L 1 Y -,fl .5-1539 Q ., ,, U9 X, f f 'fl I - l it I 12 "ffl fr' N - 17.5 Nl . 1 iii x : . all lm.. .51 x ifllfigirgr ' A ff :Q233 ' 7.5. . Ky 15: 1 N I, f 'Q' o u 'I Ph' 'E mega ps: on l PI CHAPTER x Founded at the University Established at the University of Buffalo, 1895 of Pennsylvania, 1908 'ly'i.- , flliifi FRATRES IN FACULTATE Percy S. Pelouze, M.D. George M. Robson, M.D. 'ff ,I Edward F. Crossan, lVI.D. James H. Jones, Ph.D, Frank W. Burgc, M.D. John Q. Griffith, M.D. t fQgf"f Curl. F. Schmidt, M.D. Lee A. Radcmaker, M.D. , A. J. Denman, M.D. Raymond W. Brust, M.D. . A f Donald Ricgel, M.D. Mario Polanco, M.D. FQ. X FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE J I93l E. F. Ciecone .R. A. Prince A. C. Walker 4.5 M. P. Foley G. W. Stroup J. M. Wotring ' ifglwlj J. F. Oslcr ' F. W. Vincent 'gif' I932 'C' B. iz. Carberry E. L. Kaiser, J.-. E. G. sion 'jjif x T. E. Hynson H. H. Long S. W. Stanulonis W. A. Pridcaux 5-5212.39 l i933 . H. K. Erwin E. Kahler S. L. Savidgc f ,J J. A. Gruhler I. S. Leinhach T. Shutt X 731-Q 1934 J. P. Atkins G. Jennings F. G. Mcdingcr I IFF' W. F. Burns, Jr. E. S. Keith H. H. Nuckols in W. H. Dearing, Jr. A. MeGarrity G. A. Sexton , .'i?"3- C. K. Fcttcrhoff H. I. Humphrey V. P. McNally R. N. Stroup C. A. VVhalen One fnmllrell fifly-nine ix. r X Y ,ivgxx bugf., 1 J. . -L-if . , .- J,-., - . .' 2. : fx ' ' H ' X, Z ,N: A,,, A ..., ,AQ X x, , V :QL H W 5 - an ' 1-1: -414 'v ' 'ggi 4 1 Xin .- -- xx :V Sf Q4 - Q is fi W s ,Ah ,ff . v , , X 1" ' . ,- ,, . L- f' 'X ' fff. RQ ' nf' , Y . .,,, ,-,. 5. 4, , N , ,, - .Y .X , , V5-Vfv "1" '-- '- ','l-If' ' ' " mxliz:-:I "Fri-f. ' . 1'i.iZ- 1 -A -swf' ff-','L1fff:'Iw ff 1. 4- f X ' 'fy .,g '. gy - - '-' -- x . , ' A .fy f - -..x..:-,rf-, Ln-vxg ,A 2 -,- -5 L-.7 ,f , " X ,X X . I 1 I KA, 3 , I k 4 . J ' 7 4 7 MV , . 5. X ., Sx , ,.,, r... .- Q'-UND 5 Nl- .J Q A s X Jn f ST i -l3'i'f'qP3 'Y an . A . ,. f fill. x 0, K gffgfe ,I rw,.....fw fi i .dll 1, . Phu Lambda Kappa 1' 1.5, ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER ififd ' ' Founded at University Established at University f of Chicago, 1907 of Pennsylvania, 1909 f 1591" 1.-.5 1, FRATRES IN FACULTATE W., N 'lil' Isidore Kaufman, M.D. Benjamin Shuster, M.D. 1-M Jacob Jaffe, M.D. Joseph C. Bonk, M.D. A 1:1-ix A. H. Persky, M.D. Joseph P. Besser, M.D. ?"Q':'Q:g., Arthur lflibus, M.D. Harry Shay, M.D. I-jf , David Kremer, M.D. Arthur M. Dannenburg, M.D Louis Segal, M.D. Simon Katz, M.D. , Louis Tuft, M.D. Isaac S. Tasman, M.D. f ,if Jay F. Schambcr, M.D. Harry N. Metzger, M.D. Meyer Solis-Cohen, M.D Morris M. Rothman, M.D. Q Meyer Sabel, M.D. Victor I. Seidel, M.D. "diff Charles S. Wachs, M.D. Louis Kaplan, M.D. N :I Samuel Cohen, M.D. fsie P ,::.ifj.1f,?1l1 , FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE , .. . 1 l93I ' Fine Philip Hodes Herman Gold 1 Theodore Ginsberg Horace Hodes Stanley Rugle Bertram Shaffer Martin Wendkos William Mcnin ,I X I932 , Meyer Naide Stanley Seiglc Arthur Weinstein 1933 X Benjamin Schneider Ralph Greenstein George Weinstein Edward Winheld Joseph Keiserman 1934 P .1 'S Alfred Craine Sidney Borow Martyn Ratzan Adolph Creshkof Herman Fittingof Samuel Rynes Herman March Jack Bodenger Jack Hoffman Morris Sackey One humlrefl sixty-one if -1 K? Q :I M, H: I all K r l if 7' F3 l Ji -- .1 F A X If 'fi-J ., ,, fi, f .., 1-,fi lx x 1 T112 li. 1-.4 1.,.fiy.' ,:-5 :th -1.5 v?v.X fb f TE :xi 5ii:,if:!i ' i:PQ..g': . .2 -'-'If-:'f,i-2 :if iffy-Q 11,1 '-' ,ik X .,,,, ifvfifr l I E... 4- 4: 3 ,fx f J 1 X .Z X 4 Pm' gf Us 1. , - la 1.-A I X M53 -, lu A j Nia .1 .1 Q11 .A ,, V gi' A 1 1 f .5 1Q7Q,g3Q-I gf. -',"g.--.1-3Li,.j.' '.'.'j,':l:f4f.' 5 f-' 44. .' ,x!.:'5:1,,iY ' .ljxil "f , 1153.-ZL' .Q A x ' -. - ' 'img' . I - :f,:. :I h -- -- My x., .x K fx. N. jx 1 A, - , .H-.Q PA. A 5 1 Rf' A' f ,J '34 X -x-g,+x5"t, V Q :ij 'T X f 5 a.-135 5 x 1 ,,:. --,H - -.V ,. ,-,5:, '.1EZ" lh- ,-V.-.J .,1,. - 1 , I L-.. , .,S-Q, 's 1 i U 4' . l-, f 'J 'L TJ, . f. .lg -'-' -' -'--' "-:1Af:11p KK z"T A. f'l'?'A V. 1 ' f 3 : , g 1 x llfif ,r?,:gf'1?"?H. ' .N ,f -C ---fnzxb-.,fI.f,f -f ' 7' -c ' -4. y.. x. I qv-xg ,M .6 A U J .X I w P Q "" ' .Qt H X Q l Q ill. h "gli ' LfF"ir1 - . 1 Wfflz rv' 'Y-f ' N i. ET L ,.f,-1 w " X ' Ka l -. get ,r ,. . A lay, . A Q F . 0 0 J Phu Della Epsilon I ,, KAPPA Pl CHAPTER 52, A ' . -' 21 my , Q Founded at University Established at University .iffaj of Cornell, 1904- of Pennsylvania, 1915 FRATRES IN FACULTATE i' I-Til? .75 -, , Abraham M. Ornsteen, M.D. Louis Cohen, M.D. Henry Dintenfass, M.D. Ernest Springer, M.D. t :Q2f":' IJ Benjamin A. Gouley, M.D. Phillip Rosenbloom, M.D. 'fi I I 3,515 'I Henry Mickelberg, M.D. Camille Stamm, M.D. . 4 ,3 '5if':Qf,jl Mathew Ersner, M.D. Joseph F. Ulman, M.D. ff.. l S. Byron Goldsmith, M. D. Herbert Rovno, M.D. Tf'f"'x Bernard J. Alpers, M.D. :L , FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE I . I93I S I.: Bernard N. E. Cohn Abraham Levy B. Albert Lieberman, Jr. .392 V Norman R. Goldsmith Ralph Miller :I ' l 1:52 X X gl 1932 if. I Albert Behrend .Robert V. Cohen Charles I. Nadel 5-:QI Phillip M. A. Bein Stanley M. Dillenberg "I: l 1933 ' In-ig Samuel Baer Leonard S. Greenfield Robert O. Yuckman Q f Bernard Behrcnd Ivan S. Smith George S. Zeugschmidt "if Percy L. Smith ' I, l934 7' li ff D Julius H. Comroe, Jr. Gabriel A. Schwarz Mortimer Reich Ira. L. Schamberg One hundred sixty-three J. Fritz Strauss '-:rf -1- -H-P ffzf-!'5.,1.:. , .. W Eff. PfJf:"V ,411 .- .iff .. ,L KH,-5' "ff, "".g:" :lain "5 W 41 --gl 5 ' tiff V. ' , -..'- Q L L.. - - T -, f- ,, I N- Q W K. fit m' X 'lf ' 5. N ff'- rif 1 N f N 2 f ,ff 'x fl - ,F ,X 2 A ....fT.'I.'Ihn.x ,... . 3 r? ,g?' if f Q 5:47 sg 5 2 3 1 l 1-1, i 5 fr. l' :X 1 X -L K , E 3 'a N 1. , M - ,, N ., . E. ' X .- . . are .. X 1-L?-'dz' f 1 X i.i1"A 1+ :iff--1 ix Y- 5 ME., r V15,,:,., ..,-ggg.:f,,. ,5,g..,,.5.i . EMI.. 1.5,--.y,,:q-,E1 5 5775. :,.,.,19f . k2.Af,i.:1gf5-1.1, :,f,,fg:,.,,.,- ,L 5515.-,, K-gg,,,.l 1,.,,,,Q,,,, ,., x,,,Mv r .- liqfzjg, 1 :,4.nS..?, yi.. Hi.-Eiga Ja, ,qi ' -h -- .31-13-3 .jf 2-iw J.: ,,-. ,., 5, v,.55E1:,,j-vs I gkfgzfiq xx - .-..x1x:. . .. L,-Ta-qi:-3. , wa.:-5 1: -,E 5 - --ff 1 N " ",- l- -.Y 'x' LG.,-.L -' I L- 5,5-1. 1 9- .Q ' 'Jiri N' f 'f' K' ' ' ' -vw 41' f TV .'K L. ks TH -3 qlfxgas ly ' 'Q l HE SCBPE 0' I ,ff f- X A 1 liigitfifw , Q, B ., ' 0 J ,fvggjlgftgse 'iii' A at A' H , 1 ,aram- .'.1'Ql,,ffi 0 s Phi Bela Pl ALPHA stem CHAPTER '."" Z ' Established at University Established at University ' of Pittsburgh, 1890 of Pennsylvania, 1919 Q fl'-Q! GRADUATE MEMBERS IN FACULTY Jfifj N fi! William H. F. Addison, A.B., M.D. Paul N. Jepson, M.D. .M Henry Cuthbert Bazett, A.M., M.D., Arthur Wagers, M.D. Q -jpg X F.R.c.s. CEng.J Edward s. Dillon, A.B., M.D. f'i':'Qj.,-Q David Wright Wilson, M.S., Ph.D. ' Harold T. Antrim, M.D. .Ii-V, Eugene Lindsay Opie, A.B., M.D. Albert E. Bothe, A.B., M.S., M.D. if Eliot Round Clark, A.B., M.D. John H. Besancon, B.S., M.D. A Joseph Mclver, M.D. Thomas H. Miller, A.B., M.D. f fffg' Roy G. Williams, M.D. Paul A. Loefflad, M.D. Q Horace James Williams, M.D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE ,ffllifll 193 I Q f -' , H H. Hamilton H. T. Kirby-Smith B. Travis R C. Hunt A. Papineau W. W. Wilcox ,Q 1932 3-3Jli'k A. S. Butz W. Jeffers W. W. Lanou ' A A. Carabelli R. Joyce J. H. Pickle ' T A. Henderson L. H. Wolff imgjef i 1933 F G. Bratley D. M. Hamilton C. Kern 1 ff.jlb',f.7 H H. Burroughs A. Holton W. B. Settle 52553 1415" 1934 F A. Carmichael R. E. Garlinghous E. Kronenberg 3!'i13"'f.,'x3 K W. Benson R. O. Garlinghous N. Negrey L. DeCamp One humlretl six! y- ffve W. W'. Welsh ij 'K 1' ,I .. f m ."i'2 ' if" LF , r. J i "2,c"ff' 2' X ajft: Q.. 1' K gc, L14 1.,.fiE.' 2? . .VJ 5 i 'Tiff 'E If Cliff- , ,ia'i',4" t ::Fg..g'g . 'E-751' :J .41 V. f .15 4? 'fs t' YZ " 'JA X i,'g-I. isis, i 41. ,H . I '- . L 'Ps ld 53.1 1-. fi J 12 .Ap QZQQH V ' 'D l HE SCQPE O' .,.,1,' Xx 'if aim' . C H l Ji .,-. I- -, -Qi:-4 ssf N" ' :html rin d: ti. , p gm, . Q ' - wg. -Lgjlii-1 i Alpha Omega Alpha 1 . HONORARY fisigzw i., BETA OF PENNSYLVANIA CHAPTER X Founded at University - Established at University of Illinois, 1902 of Pennsylvania, 1902 . , FRATRES IN FACULTATE Alexander C. Abbott, M.D., Sc.D., Ph.D. Morton MeCuteheon, M.D. j 1:5 Francis H. Adler, A.B., M.D. Charles K. Mills, M.D., Ph.D. James H. Austin, B.S., M.D. Sterling W. Moorhead, A.B., M.D q Charles W. Burr, B.S., M.D. George W. Norris, A.B., M.D. 5'f,Z..., Eliot R. Clark, A.B., M.D. Henry K. Paneoast, M.D. -17" James E. Cottrel, M.D. O. H. Perry Pepper, B.S., M.D. -1. Eldridge L. Eliason, A.B., M.D. William Pepper, A.B., M.D. 1.2: George Fetterolf, A.M., M.D., Sc.D. George M. Piersol, B.S., M.D. r'jlP,::-' Charles H. Frazier, A.B., M.D., Ph.D. Alfred N. Richards, A.M., Ph. f , Arthur B. Gill. A.B., M.D. David Reisman, M.D. Sidney B. Goldsmith, M.D. Truman G. Schnabel, A.B., M.D. I ,gag Frederick L. Hartmann, M.D. William G. Spiller, M.D. ,.,1F2ff R John C. Heisler, M.D. Alfred Stengel, M.D., Sc.D., LL.D Barton C. Hirst, A.B., M.D., LL.D. John H. Stokes, A.B., M.D. ,rf john C. Hirst, II, M.D. T. Turner Thomas, M.D. Harold W. How, M.D. Robert C. Torrey, M.D. -,,, , Floyd E. Keene, M.D. Charles G. Wolferth, A.B., M.D. f"5f,53 , Richard A. Kern, M.D. Thomas G. Miller, M.D. A Robert A. Kimbrough, Jr., M.D. Chevalier Jackson, M.D. .: Paul A. Lewis, M.D. Astley P. C. Ashhurst, M.D. f Arthur B. Light, M.D. QL Z, Q 'iliiiv , N "fe FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE 1133294 Bernard N. E. Cohn William Menin Ellwoocl T. Rees -. .. QE Edmund W. Burroughs Herman Gold Julian Johnson John T. Winters Ralph Miller Q William N. Powell Milton Rappaport Henry T. Kirby-Smith John N. Marquis One humlrefl sixty-:ix 15-zgyji yy-- 1: I I ai Q ., X 35:5 lv' X 1 1:3 :-,W :A :Flu Tn: -if 1 if N i,'f:1g9.' J. 1 . X Qfj 'fu 51,1135 :'r'i,1f:li.' ti, i ,1".,,ff' A .Qs Wil' fp'-.7 .I- 3:-EJ: 'if' E . .2 'ffi 5.1: i 1E:?' , -514'-' g .gk i X l I :jil ., :Z l 'Zi lv 5' -iji id f.'?"En Lloyd E. Seyler Bertram Shaffer Norman P. Shumway C. Anthony Spangler FRATERNITIES OUR fraternity has meant a good deal you realize as you go down its steps for the last time. You recall your contacts with it-the harried days of rushing when you were a frightened freshman trying to register, the grim initiation, the ritual, the dances, the smokers, the banquets. But these are all superficial, you realize now. That ancient house on Spruce Street has associations which you will never forget. Here you have lived and slept for four years. Here you have eaten your meals, grumbling no doubt. Herei. you have made your finest friends, and discovered your worst enemies. Here are the men with whom you have worked, whose notes you have copied, whose books you have borrowed, with whom you've camped at Carlisle, with whom you've done research, with whom you've gone on insane escapades. These are the men who have visited you when you were sick, who have comforted you in time of trouble or loss. You've hated, you've loved, you'vc enjoyed, you've suffered, you've experienced every emotion in your fraternal contacts, but as the years roll by, the events and personalities which will stand out clearest from the gray haze of memories will be those which are intimately associated with that ancient house on Spruce Street. f N. .x N my 5, W Q ,Q JC M IE 'T I gf S X l i .,-I WN 1 :X 4 'i 'X 1. -L T g" i.. N f - ,1 X Nil- .. fr '11 ,fl - "" ' .- -e 1 fi , X .E v -7 1 -',Liv':-if.: I VX' A: th if-f:.i"',1'v 'IX ' Q' " ' ' A, r 9 I U... , L -f .yi 5:1-' VV --X 19-:X5.L3.: ff Q ' fi jf T .4 , ZX " - . , , X 1-"ii Q,-, Mx E- " V ' ,f.,- a f A ,., 'f f,.1',1- ,Hr-2 ,, ,'j4...,. ' ,' - ,fl X 1 'g " -517,-,-,5 .,.jj:y'1' .AM-,.' f.:-Jfgki .A L1k'5j.ff . " -:br-. , :mf . A, ,ff L5 ER vf ' my X.. .4 we QW I- -- .. 0. J ix! 1 -I W'II' P M CI' I . X I Iam epper e ICB SocIe'ry ,, fill.. K f 357 ,I K EJ ii Founded in 1886 3- fsfi ,. fs. . ..Qz,..4 4. g-5 riff I-3 DP.. ALl"RlCD S'I'I1:Nc:1iI., Pnfron ,jjv,g.: , 5 Q13 NORMAN P. SI-IUMWAY ...... Prexiflenn U, WILLIAM G. BIQRNIIARD .. .. .Vice-President -I ' JOHN D. S'I'I':i-:Lu ........ ...... S ecrcrary ' JOHN C. PIERSON . . . ..... . . .Treasurer f I93l .lffr 1, D A gf, , R. W. Ballantyne S. B. Lewis N. P. Shumway ' JJ W. G. Bernhard C. H. Light A. H. Simmons "W f hh E. W. Burroughs W. M. McFadden W. F. Skinner 1. ..1:.3'i X H. Jacobs N. Marquis R. M. Truitt, Jr. y Q22 ?'Q5Qfg.? I Harvey Klaer, JI' R. .R. Nairn R. L. Yeager, Jr. I R' D' Re" .f:1fQ.Lf. I I932 .h " 'F Z. Appel W. W. Dyer C. R. Schaefer .N G. L. Beaumont E. O. Harper G. N. J. Sommer, Jr. i Q. Chambers H. S. Murphy D. Steele, Jr. fI'j,f,i5g J Al" E. P. Cope D. S. Pepper W. B. hV3.l'tlllLUl Tig? H., K. Durkin J. C. Pierson J. F. Waddill J ' 'I -z'w'p I. I933 Q . C. R. Brandt W. J. Hitschlcr Van Dyke Quercau ,xxx fffsgin R. B. Brown V. K. Irvine, Jr. C. H. Smith 1-".1y1. X " Roger Buck E. L. Lame O. N. Smith A X " H. K. Ensworth Edward Lyon, Jr. .R. R. Strawbridge J Eli Eichelberger T. M. McClenahan, Jr. R. E. Wolf 'zG..4'S?i 41:41 r 1 " If i I934 X :aging D. P. Anderson P. O. Klingensmith W. L. Roberts B. R. Beale Edward Nelshauser L. G. Runk I ' E. K. Doak H. F. Page, Jr. D. R. Sparkman I I 'E W. D. Frazier Thomas Parker G. M. Weyand .K.,,,iQf, Van Osler Hammett S. W. Perry, Jr. R. H. Wood l v F14 BD One lzufnired .fB4UElZffV-0716 ix 1' .l .1 N-Q W Q 'L-lf lv-A f I 1 K , V Y Y, H' ja .V f 3 '- "THQ, ,Q 1'-, I jx- V A2 - fl ::,,'--'T. ' -.' -, 9 .- - :- --'gf , - ,.-' .-1 V' '- ., ": 1' 1. .Q-:uf ':-:Va-, -vp:-2-.-. ,:-1-fv.1-- . ' ,,.--:gg i. 'f.".'.'1',1f,' X ff - Y v. '- ,e 1 . Q-g rt-xr -'ig , ,- . .. .-. ' -1. -. .., - . ., Q 4, f ,-, - -f wx f, "' ' '-P -- .J f -6-1+.,'1 , e-, .'!f --yi, .4 2 4 1 1 1 5 K E ga 5 inf .A-x Y. Wm E5 f 1 is EI?-if-G! E? A ,A r 13 J 'f"13, fi 2 .1-5.9. 5 -4 mf-ff-5 ni, s S ix f-,ff Q . V? -M.-. 4., as if 33 I ,,.A Y E ,X . if-if:-' . V, X ' Fi .. 'gf-, M MX .-1.2 X 5- M -frzafff 1 it -515 'K?:".fL' 5::'f47:'? Q " Y . .lff Y-Q"fcs.fg '-:J ni.'.C1'---5 ,-1, ' 1 X 1 - ,lf . . A-F-5. 4, -.- 5 -. A x - , ,I A .::.,f -V.--.,4-FL -,xr .MIL-3, . f -' N-K . Qu ggv K 0' ., I . I J" Q., -J af 5' ,J , xx , ,P ' fi lf, .11 i f . . I ,3 ik 'J NX 0 21,3- .L - 3 'QTHE SCBPE 0' John B. Deaver Surgical Socie+y ' FoUNnr:n 1897 JOHN B. DEAVHR, Pnzron. J. T. WiN'ri2Rs .... ....,,,,..,....,,,.., , C. W. HICKAM - R. E. PHILLIPS .... ' R. H. DHORSAY R. C. Costello D. S. Crum R. H. DcOrsay C. Baier D . B. Connery R. B. Cowper J. A. Dunkelberger A. R. Frederick J. L. Greenwell J. B. Cady W. W. Fugc J. Gates . . . . . .Presizlent . . . ,Vice-Prexiilent . . . . .Secretary . . . . Treasurer Junior U. M. A. Delegaze--II. A. FISCHER Senior U. M. A. Delegafe-E. M. HEDCPETH I93I G. A. Farquhar E. M. Hcdgpeth C. W. Hickam I932 H. A. Fischer E. B. Hague J. O. Keczel J. W. Love I933 J. D. Hague D. A. McKinnon W. N. Offcutt I934 R. F. Harwick E. M. Krieger One humireaf .vefventy-three J. O. Redding H. Theisen J. T. Winters N. C. McCullough H. M. Patterson R. E. Phillips J. C. Quickel M. S. Stevenson J. W. Tankard J. Y. McCullough P. M. Mecray C. L. Moravec ij-iglfy fl J -r s ,. .Yi SJ S 'Fix X 1 H -, 13:7 ' itf' . 1 1 hz if :lg X fffiff , . I an E-Tis - . IQ1 13 11, :gi fifsf' j g: 1-'FF 1.4" I7-15,312 . M : 11631: 'i'J.2. 'T3".' P 'ES?' .5 4. ' -'H :JJ s --.1 .1 .5'?.: Yl'3:ji1ET J fgflipf .W f flfbpw K 1.--' is ,722-2. ,Z-X x , X f1,z1wX .- . X V, V 1' 1 .IX If X x " " 'R hi. - X .. .i"?'7"' ' - ' . X "w Ag' ' --1.1 1. , ' gx Q, ,-- .V p - -s A. - Que' : A . RQ. . f , - ' .-, 1 -, , ii K X 5 5 k' f 'L ., f 1" . ,A 134 R , -- , ,X , s ' N -, ,. 1 F " Im L ,V 3 4 kv ,lx ,ir 1 -1-1 41- U, Q,,.p' ,Hz f ' ', I A I 1 k 1 ' n A J. ,'.-.,. K4 1, -1j.f-'-Vg, -'-1 .Cij'-'Fixx S. ,ffff ' i x X , Vik-,-. -.A :EQ - k:'TA.. AY JL! -1.x . , .1 f - . 2 J r-L. ,fv . -,vb ,, , ' ' x,Q..f'-.f fi 9 w p lx ff K F755 'Q f' ff. X A.. ,IJ 1'-,ifll 'HL' J. , x 1 ge. it L, fig' .5 i ,I 3:-f ' 11? . nl.: ', v3lX ,DL 513 " 'EDI vw , 14: flxg in ' 52:31-'fe 26' . .3 43225.25 l 1E:?' ' ' g .EL -I .174 X 1'-Qzxfif? 1 Sei-V .hi : ijlzlzq. l H.. Hfsffilif - .. '.a',f: id iff :. i':f"'f'. qv-.rf 6 V ' 'O l HE SCBPE 0' im 051- f Eiffel' i 1. fi fzli. ' e s 0 1? Barfon Cooke Hlrsi' Obs+e'I'rlcal Socle'I'y iff i '-gifhg' Founded in 1894 DR. B. C. Hms'r, zfamm A. R. DRI-IISBACH .... ...... 1 'remlent L. E. Sr:YL1m ....... .... V ice-Presnlenfz ' G. W. CHAMBRRLIN ...... Secretary Z G. W. MCCOY .... . . . .... Treasurer I A ,I1'f'?'5 1931 .-., .-X S. Dean K. A. Light L. E. Scyler I A. R. Drcisbach H. K. Lynnc C. A. Spangler .jgv M. Kinnunen R. J. Ruark M. Wetherhold - R. M. Sankey 1' R. A. Barnhnrdt E. Harshaw, Jr. R. Neirling G. W. Chamberlin W. A. Graham R. B. Thompson . P. A. Clutz R. Keith T. Vogel "Fifi A. Callahan G. W. McCoy B. N. Wolff '31 R. H. Yoders .gif , 1933 1 1' --.-. ' i MCA. Alhergotti, Jr. G. R. Good M. W. Miller I Q.. H. Bartlc, jr. L. H. Hampton P. S. Woodall "fl I 934 ' M. E. Black D. S. Hower R. E. Shoemaker L15 W. T. Black F. McDowell L. D Van Tilborg ii E53-' , M. Cooper E. C. Reese E. E. Weisncr B. M. Dickinson Schoff L. D. Williams I 2Efii1"i", -9.71- fi?" 3 1 1' .. One humlrezl servenfy-five ix 1, fx JX 4 f M --X Y T x K .X . Lu. 4 X 'X 1 , , ' 1 1545 52.2.1 - r -Lggfj. If , ' - ,j'Q:'g':2fi,fg jflf--h ' 7- 'I7-fi-' 5 :' -Ji. . viz , .I jjxi' - , -Fsiz.: 3: . , ' -k - 19 - ' A ' "Tl . L: " - 'I-Af' Q -1- ' L L Q.. Q Q 'X ..-.ji ,. ., "' .' . TJ.. , --,lj - .K-.A..f Agn- :L . XZ-Q-3. 4 Z- L f QQ 1 A fl-iylfxx -vf I 5 ' f I ' 'f x . 5 V ..1.. ..,x,.., A M-A 9. me :..... " '-""v'v-v- ,....., fit , r "" ' 9 BTH'-F2 Egiluj .Q , ,A fav- , 1 I 2. Q' IQ-32315 fm-Ceff 15.5 V 5 1 x ft ,' " I, gf, ii EE g. , , J, f ,. --2 A fx w Y - f 4 -N. -1. . .1 fre. f JM f' .-.LJ -- N I " J! K YN 1 Q 'OTHE SCBPE O' George A. Piersol Analomical Socie+y RY. H. BLOOD .. J. E. Rolvuc ..... A. H. ZWALLY .... T. A. HENDERSON E. L. KEISER, JR. .. R. A. 'PRINCE .... R. H. Blood V. G. Colvin H. R. Douglas, Jr. Grant Ellis A. A. B. F. A. J. E. G. A. J. G. c. H. K. H. H. Carabclli Carberry Holten Lion Abbott Cressman Daughtridge' Erwin 'McCl:1nal1an, J' W. H. Dearing, Jr. H. I. Humphrey L. K. R. N. Dean Stroup Founded in 1909 ASTLEY P. C. ASHHURST, Patron I93I IVI. P. Foley J. F. Osler R. A. Prince I932 T. E. Hynson E. L. Kaiser, Jr. W. D. Langley I933 J. M. Fitzgerald J. A. Gruliler E. B. Hays F. Van Buskirk I934 C. K. Fctterhoff M. T. Ryman C. A. Whalen One llmulrefl xevellly-.fefven ' . . . . . . . .Prerifleus . . . .V ive-1'r'c.fid'ez1t . . .......... Secrelary ..............Trea.furer Corresponding Secretary ....U. M. J. Delegate J. E. Romig F. F. Shupp A. C. Walker J. M. Wotring A. H. Zwnlly VV. A. Prideaux, Jr. L. J. Sclmlm S. W. Stnnulonis C. S. Turville W. B. Miller S. L. Savidge T. J. Shutt J. E. Kahler J. P. Atkins F. G. Medinger P. J. Castclli G. A. Secton A-5. 4' . . mi..-r .xv-,1 ,Q ,EH 1 'X N'-.3 1, i. -,.:-E-..g,i 11A :,,.5,g3i. A T- ,, U , A V h , 'xx vf -2.33 "vi, " ' .41 . . Avg' :X 6 .A -. --- -.1 ff' V- ,. '. ,kg V , fjA wx ,-2' 'WL 4 IX -RM 1 ff -X -X f i.-Q ,X ' aff' J' X " x, 55" '-1 -f . 1 . . 4 ., -.-1. ' .' 4. ., ' "-,- .-QU.: ...N F , 115- 'Q-, V. X ,X Y i , ' " "Q"'-fx ' 'V-'..'. ..fg' 21" -vig: . . jk , Y fggfikx 1 -- ,- - x -. -gut: Q -fr Nr,-.':, I '- Nix , -. f Mx ' x :AAA A ' K "A-1-x 'TU' fzlij'-NLE , X ' 1 A- if Q 13:1 L,-.,-1 -qxff, - , 1 ' f 'bg N-x F Q... A, 1 QTHE SCBPE 0' i f N 7 Lili!" ,144 X ,z,,f:3- 1 ig QQ?" 213,15 O l ' X Sluclents Medical Society ,I Founded in 1904- V1 f 1355 . . . . . Q l'3?fI4,4 Established at University of Pennsylvania, 1916 ii X' .5517 :Q f, 7: 'ggi DR. JACOB K. JAFFH, Palron fu l ' B. ALBER1' LIEBHRMAN, JR. . . ........., I'residenz Q '1-.411-"' M. AUGUST LINDAUER ..... ....... V ice-Prexidenz 'Zjx ' , JACOB REBER .......... ..... R ecording Secretary I ' I LEQNARD S. GREENPIHLIJ . . ...Correrffomling Secretary ' ,fQ:f'f".' CHARLES I. NADEL ..... ............ T reamrer 'lib ' HERMAN GOLD .,.. .. .,.... Critic '13 N i ,,:7 ,. I-.Qi X 193 I ,As LA.-xllg, X jjj A, -. in lilni' ' B. Caplan T. M. Ginsburg B. A. Lieberman, Jr. 153595 l E. E. Ehrlich H. Gold M. A. Lindauer ' J. Fine D. F. Kohn M. Rappaport '- ,f A. Finkelstein A, L, Levy S. Simkins ' ' .ffji-. M. Wcnkos ,FSS X Ifff? Tir-' F932 :Jw C. I. Nadcl Reber E. Suckle 5:4 M. Naide S. Seigle A. Weinstein if 4-J' ::.f:ff:Z" ' 1 :L .'.' 12' S A 1933 ffl ,fini V L. S. Greenfield R. H. Grcenstein G. Weinstein 55- X 142:45 5321-1 2-3515: i,'Eg-,Q , 1934 , B. Blumenfeld A. Crane Q, t fiffv " 42' Q id 'ill-.- One hundred sefuenty-nine 'J Rf! 9 Q3-"'f"' nf 1 , -X . L ti 'WW .5 ' l ' H M My tt 5 E P i. Q9 Sa w-W i um.. f if . gg I? 1' ff, ., 1"4j-ta, gg: qxfzfvfl 11-it .V - ' f ,j1'3g5E . :ff u .Qrii to '3'jfiH,,. ,az l , t if-ffgfg -af 'ggi " I I o I o l -111,1 Women s Medica Society, U. of P. X Du. DAVID RIICSMAN, Parron URSULA SANDIQRS ..............,........... , ............... Prexidenr ' P h.,,qfj , MARY DIiWl'l'l' P1':'1"1'1'1'14: . . . .... V ire-I're.:il1eur ami T1-en.vm-er ,ff -13" z A Ros:-:MARY SHQIQMAKL-zu . . . ,.....,............ Secretary ' 192' t Hcnrictta Lowcnhurg Ursula Sanders I932 l 'll X ' Mary DcYVitt Pcttitc Eleanor Stein 5fuQ1g'f?7 l 1933 A. Dorothea Pohlnman Caroline P. Scott f Ella Roberts Rosemary Shoemaker if A tfiff' . I934 "'f:' Katherine C. Bartlett Cathcrinc Dol. Mangan " ffl' Rosalind M. Shapiro 'H 1' -1 V V , One hznnirnl eighty s F I I ' D. Hayes Agnew Surgical Socleiy Founded 1888 DR. CHARLr:s H. FRAZIER, Pazran DR. CHARLES H. FRAz1r:R .... ...... P amm CHARLES L. WILBAR, JR. . . ........ Preridenz ROBERT W. MACCALMON'1' . . .A .... Vice-President HERBERT MCC. WORTMAN . . . .... Secretary JOHN E. EICHHOLTZ ....... .... 1 'reasurer I93I Milford Huffnagle Francis T. McGinnis Donald J. Strohm William L. Lanyon Howard F. Munro Richard C. Wenncr I932 John E. Eichholtz George E. Martz John W. Ward Ludwig W. Eichna Ralph W. Mays Alfred Wascolonis George C. Hanna, Jr William R. Morgan, Jr Charles L. Wilbar, Wilfred D. Langley James L. Robinson, Jr. Luther H. Wolff Robert W. MacCalmont George S. Smith Herbert MCC. Wor I933 Joseph R. Beck Charles D. Darling Paul M. Howard Joseph G. Clark John Shober One hundred eighty-one UTIZUI fl ,, Q I Kr SJ 9 fr' N Z. :ffm 5 2' sf. I '-2 lib. it tx -ii' 1 . ep. x A 'aff gs, 5.14 't.,.fiQS.' ly .5 lil if-sn' vm! fu. 'fif .153 iz an f 4511.-. 33515215- . .3 f"'i:4iz ' .K HQ: Jr Q' 'fl I. ' -71 Jn' 'p.1 51 ...I U .71 x"E5'31 N ffltiiff' .. rs-r l Liz?- .,r. .. raQx."' ":,Q..-.' . ,, . . qt: lfgifjffjj ' se .ggi ix 1' ix -'X JSQQX -un.. .L . . , NX., ,. i N ' f - . -5 4. i , xv :'FlEg.f.1'i7.g '- 231,13 T2 -'l.J5: 1- - -,-I-:THQFA . ---1 -4 ,- - . "f 15 . xx , -, f f":-3-'ig' -f 571-1 1 1 --Afipj1- - rf, y'- ---- .3111 1.4-,Q ' 4' ""'.f' ' -RQJ1-f , -...'QxJ.g ' ' '-'J-lg.-.: IA 2. . Q5 , . 'XXX .. . ' , 'QI , .55 ' ' '- N" " C -- :X ., I - . : -. I. -, ... . 1, 'Xb ...I - ,U , 1 Q f Q . F. -1-.U F , f5N. 'fff' ' . ... ., ..-f..: , x X. ,M 1 L K-. X 'f if xg, - ,, .. x- ,f . 'z 1,-.-: - . .x -351, N -- . . , ,A p . - ..,::,-.-4m -,Q ,-'. R-.' , -N .2 f E 5 J--1 I - .-.'.'gQ:.'--1 -f -u.-r:'. . 'A-.fu If -.1 : , '.'-3, . . .. "1 - x f .4 . ... r .,,.,.. xxx. sk ,,,.., - my ..,.,. .5--5, ,. R -Vg, ,.,-..-xH.,.f,fx.,.:. I f,,.,..,,,,.A.- - ..- ,,4 I. 5 .-1 " ' ' V - -:.:. '- ' -g A'174.:,..g-g5.1'.'g,A-' -. , N. ,, n' -' -'U'-, 1. :fr-j f ,Ng fi! , QE, f :, If . , Liin X , Qfxf vio I6 '91 E SCBPE O' ' 5,1 XX if l The Undergraduate Medical Association Founded in 1908 'RV ai., DR. I. S. RAVDIN, Pafran !',','. " M. P. Fotw . ........,............. .... , . ..PreriiZen1 1 M. RAPoPou'r .... Vice-President 1, R. A. PRINCE .. ...,.. Treuxurer .f J. F. WADDILL ...,....... .... S ecremry ,Q?f,'5',3 l ' ff' I Detee-Ares Deaver Society Hirsi' Society Pepper Society H. A. Fischer L. E. Seyler W. M. McFadden g1'ff,7 ' E. M. Hedgpcth W. Graham G. L. Beaumont 4 Piersol Society S+uden+'s Socie+y Women's Society I ,zfiify R. A. Prince B. A. Lieberman Miss H. Lowenhcrg L. Schwalm S. Segal Miss E. Stein DELEGATES AT LARGE W. G. Bernhard, '31 R. J. Griffin, '31 R. O. Rex, '31 11. E. W. Burroughs, '31 C. W. Hickam, '31 l-l. L. I-lodes, '31 qfzjj P. Ciccone, '31 R. C. Hunt, '31 A. Behrend, '32 ' ':25'ip"' , D. S. Crum, '31 F. T. McGinnis, '31 W. W. Lanou, '32 ,gg-af I v. A. Digilio, ,si J. N. Marquis, '31 B. N. Wolf, ,sz " A. R. Dreishach, '31 A. A. Carahelli, '32 I 1.5: CLASS DELEGATES Q M. M. NlcFadden, '31 llflqcffoy, '32 L. M. Wiig, '33 iff.. ,. . rieger, '34 E?'g'fi '51 HE Association was founded during the school term of 1907-O8 for the purpose .ftp of encouraging extra-curricular medical activity, stimulating research in the broad est sense and to promote a spirit of medical fraternalism among the undergraduates f Q17 , Dr. O. H. Perry Pepper, a member of the Class of 1908, was elected the first President, and, with the aid of the faculty and support of the student body, started x the organization on the road to success. Nevertheless, it is to the late Dr. John G Clark, Professor of Gynecology, that the credit for originating the plan of the 'V' Association is due, his thought being the result of a movement on the part of the American Medical Association to have instruction given in all medical schools con L11-QQ , cerning the methods, purposes and results of medical organization into County, State and National Societies. 45,1 The object of this was to impress upon the members of the graduating classes f the importance of immediately joining their local and national societies, and of thus helping in the valuable work that is being done by these organizations. Thus at Doctor Clark's suggestion the Association was modeled in many respects after the .1J"5i5':,5 R American Medical Association, using the pre-existing medical societies as a nucleus ' 1 This organization, which was the first of its kind to appear in any American Medieai School, has continued to foster the above tenets, always with the most genuine interest and valuable assistance on the part of the faculty. One humlrefl eighty-three ,g -Zi? ji 1 1: .5 f . "1 fi lf' ., N Fifi 1 1 if N gtvrftfa 5 j' 1 ..'., ,lj-T is e., 1 X -ffvif . 4.6 , f . ' 1 ,rg 11.5, W 'Ks .5-ia: U vie: ff, Iii! 12. i Lai?" ei ,I- t 51.4315 26' 1 fu ... :I57 L .iff 33? ' 1 fi --2' 13.2 'ffl ISQIQ: X , ,4., E, - 'Ht 'I ' laaiigg: 4 Eiga i ."?"1-. .5 'Tlclli SCBPE 3' c p 1' . f"1 ii The membership of the organization is made up of the entire student body, as x 55,11 all students who enroll in the Medical School of the University of Pennsylvania automatically become members of the Association. 'Engl N The Controlling Body of the Association is known as the House of Delegates, ' which is composed of a Senior and Junior representative from each active student "ii medical society, one non-society representative from each class and delegates at 1' large. Delegates at large are students who have presented original papers or demon- strations at an annual meeting of the Association. The Association holds on an average of three or four open meetings yearly, at which time public lectures are given by outstanding members of the medical pro- fi N fession. An annual meeting is held in April to provide an opportunity for the presentation by the students of extra-curricular work and research. At this meeting, " too, members of the faculty and others prominent in medical affairs are invited as ,fi guests and speakers. The following have been some of the speakers who have Q 2 addressed the society at its annual meeting: Dr. W. L. Rodman, Dr. John B. lvlurphy, Dr. W. B. Cannon, Dr. Alexis Carrel, Dr. John M. T. Finney, Dr. C. T9 DaCosta, Dr. G. G. deSchweinitz, Gen. William S. Thayer, Dr. Cecil K. Drinker, 'lilffx D. D. VanSlyke, Ph.D., Dr. Henry A. Christian, Dr. Charles H. Best, Dr. A. I. Carlson, Dr. Frank Mann, Dr. Dean Lewis, Dr. E. C. Cutler. Since the birth of the U. M. A. over two hundred papers have been presented at the annual meeting by Hit" members of the student body, many of which have been published in leading scientific 4: journals -I At the annual meeting three prizes are awarded to students doing meritorious medical research. These prizes are known as the Mary Ellis Bell prize, Grayhe ' Simpson Priestly prize and John G. Clark prize. The prizes consist of a medal and I 'Q a sum of money. nfl., At the twenty-second annual meeting, held on Thursday, April 24, 1930, the following program was presented: ffjwig' we MORNING session: .'.'i ' 10.00 "Work and the Prepared Mind," by Dr. John A. Kolmer, Professor of 423' I Pathology and Bacteriology, Graduate School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania. .W 10.30 "Studies on the Mechanism of Pyrodin Anemia in Dogs," by B. M. Wolii, '32, W. W. Lanou, '32, and F. Waddill, '32. Discussion by Dr. R. P. 1 Custer 10.4-5 "The Relationships of the Paraocular Glands in a Series of Mammals," by ' A. A. Carabelli, '32. Discussion by Dr. W. H. F. Addison. 11.00 "Cortical Measurements of a Microcephalic Brain," by W. A. Smith, '30, Discussion by Dr. H. H. Donaldson. 11.15 "The Effect of Irradiated Ergosterol on Thyrop-arathyroidectomized Dogs," A' by H. L. Hodes, 131, and M. Rapoport, '31. . 11.30 "The Infiuence of Irradiated Ergosterol Upon the Absorption of Calcium from the Gastro-intestinal Tract," by M. Rapoport, '31, and H. L. Hodes, '31, Discussion by Dr. H. Jones. One hmnlretl eighty-four ,-.,. . Q,-. -v A fiiigy V ' 6 'D 1 0' 3""""'W ,n n 1 N 11.45 "So-called Impediment of the Cystic Duct," by C. E. Brown, '30. Dis- cussion by Dr. C. Johnston. ' X 12.00 "Action of Morphine on the Vagus Centre in Normal Tolerant Dogs," by 'Q' 3" ' P. Yanoff, '30, and W. VV. Weinstein, '30. Discussion by Dr. A. N. Richards. A .I X' 12.15 "Auricular Fibrillation in Friedlanders' Pneumonia," hy Miss E. B. Bevan, '30. Discussion by Dr. Wm. D. Stroud. gy, 12.30 "A Closed Method for Studying Pressures," hy R. M. Lewis, '30. Discussion I by Dr. I. S. Ravdin. AFTERNOON sEssloN gi ' 2.30 Annual Address, "Congenital Artero-venous Communications," hy Dr. Dean Q Lewis, Professor of Surgery, The Johns Hopkins University. I QI., 3.30 Presentation of Prizes by Dr. William Pepper, Dean. Mary Ellis Bell prize LSL.. awarded to R. M. Lewis. John G. Clark Prize awarded to A. A. Cara- Q belli. Grayhe Simpson Priestly Prize awarded to H. L. Hodes and M. N if if Rapoport. , 514515 91: The paper presented at this meeting by R. M. Lewis, '30, also won the Silver 1. Medal Award, given by the American Medical Association, at their Annual Session Wg.: , in Detroit, Michigan, June, 1930. 4 ' f 'H 1 '-3:1 7 ' fiii. 5 .1 , N, it A 5 ,, iii" ' 1 1 Luv. 3' 11 ,F One hundred eighty-five 1 ,J I Q..,. V 'OTHE SCBPE' A ,I lj mf' if af ' f., ,V 1' .j.v, .f .I, .D-1 -' A.,q, ig x I Ny 1235? , .2 fjiji' , 1 Frijfff ,lg ggi I , Tiff' Q i ",-f 'E W Q J fl 1 N . l Q ii' 'Z' E353 X , 3117: , i 'N 'f' fff. ,ng ' - x ,l l ,gf 39 . -M ', 15,4 'Kg fri- :ii- ,-vm gf if 'cfs ,I- t I:fg.,j'5 :C . .3 ' f.':'1f .if av' 11.1 'L --I-r L Q-elf' .32 97:93. 'I f'3'E:1 l xr 1 'fggi d 'Iii-A a fu .' -. J. T H I' ees-Q 'Q ii SCBPE Q e 9 71 N i If . . ie if li' I 5:51 ' -if,i!'i.'1 Ln. rlbfffj X u ' -f H -ti HIVCYSI Y OSPI a Ha '. "-A- 1' UILT in 1871, the University Hospital was the first of its kind to be constructed f y as an integral part of a medical school. Sixty years of steady growth and the .QE 1 .Ifs adoption of a similar plan by virtually all the leading medical colleges of this , 53, X country have borne firm witness to the wisdom and prophetic vision of William , if" Pepper. , iff We, of '31, have watched the latest changes unfold. We have seen the Martin L., fffiff' Maloney Clinic come into being and raise its nine stories to the skies. We have ,, "i'f 5 ' attended autopsies in its basement, we have clerked in its drugstores, we have con- ' ducted our own little offices in its medical dispensary. We have worked and 52. I H, learned in its special departments-Allergy, Thyroid, Metabolism, Gastro-Intestinal, V, 55' Cardio-Vascular. We have ca1'ried our specimens to its Pepper Laboratory of Clinical Medicine, and we have heard lectures by the physicists of its Johnson , Wffl' Foundation. It has meant much to us already, and' what treasures it will hold 41157 1'-,, for the student of the future we dare not surmise. We, of 131, have watched the old Surgical Dispensary travel west into its ' new blue-grey quarters, at the same time multiplying from four large rooms to a host of individual cubicles. We have seen historic Number Seven move into the 5,574 J old surgical chambers. We have watched the Social Service grow from a few small partitions to a department justifying its importance. 'fm ' We, of '31, have listened to countless clinics in the medical amphitheatreg iii,--,if have bowed before the wisdom of Stengel, and burned before the fiery flame of If Stokes. We have climbed the stairway to the paradise of the operating rooms and watched Frazier and Muller, Norris and Keene. We have sat on the seats of the -'f' Old Surgical Amphitheatre while Eliason discoursed on fractures, Randall on the 4-.P ' ii' kidneys, or Holloway on the eye. We have sat there and heard Spiller sort a meaningless labyrinth of nerves into a sensible syndrome. We have sat in the 5,35-Q seminar rooms and heard Pancoast interpret gray smudgesg or listened while Ravdin made physiological mysteries experimentally clear. And we have seen Gill give a .1 . cripple a spine. I elif We, of '31, have worked in the dispensaries. We have bandaged fingers, and pounded chests, looked at tonsils, and injected mannikins. We have labored in the " 'iff' wards, we have written endless histories, we have made rounds with the chiefs. We f.Q4QfjQ'.,, , ,QF have basked in the sunparlors and sizzled at Pepper's wit, and we have sat in the i X maternity clinic and watched Piper lead babies into the world feet first. From that first Friday morning of our freshman year, when they brought in ' Hy, a man and his liver a week later, to the last brilliant Stengelian afternoon in May, r"V H S we have lived in and loved our University. ' Our thanks to William Pepperl One hmnlred eiglfly-nine A 2. 1' f 53 -....... 'THE SCUPE 0' Philadelphia General Hospital UR first introduction to Blockley Qwe shall never be able to call it anything elsej was in our second year-the autopsy room. There, by some hocus pocus of coincidental necrology, the pathology department would always have a convenient specimen of the disease we happened to be studying, and this included rarities. Later, the same year, we began to pick up the rudiments of physical diagnosis, and pounded poor tubercular chests until it was often a mystery vihy they did not break. In the third year, our acquaintance with Blockley increased. Physical diagnosis was resumed with greater gentleness and more accurate results. Some of us invaded the skin dispensary, others, the eye. But the highlight of the year were those un- forgettable clinics of A. A. Stevens. Dramatically, he would relate from the depths of an unfathomed memory volume upon volumes of knowledge. In fifteen minutes, he would cover a dozen textbooks and diseases, at the same time, interpolating his discourse with rapid sally and fine oratory, and encompassing the entire span of medicine from the first principles of Hippocrates to the latest journal just off the press. In the fourth year, we descended upon poor Blockley in full force. Some of us went to the children's dispensary, some took special courses in neurology and learned why Blockley was called "the greatest neurological museum in America." On Tuesday afternoons, Burr would bring in the smooth-faced gentlemen of the billions, and later, McCarthy would brilliantly lay bare the puppet strings of medico-legal machineryg and Carnett would talk on cancer. But again the highlight of the year was medicine. For five weeks we worked in the wards, and for live weeks we learned. 'Under the guidance of David Riesman we began to think, to correlate, to reason, to observe. On Wednesdays, this eminent and erudite physician conducted his clinic, one moment discussing the commonest afflictions, the next the rarest, all the while drawing from an endless reservoir of personal experience. And so, good-by Blockleyl Scarcely a great name in medicine for the past two centuries has not at one time or another been connected with you. Many of us shall interne within your time-scarred walls. But even as we write, the acetylene torch bites deep into your ancient girders and bits of plaster flake to the ground. In place of the old, shall rise a newer and finer Philadelphia General, but we, of '31, shall never forget-Old Blockley! 'x ' x N I v ,Z Hi 422' , , xx 1' f "- , ' ffl . ' . Q, X ' ffl ti ,x I s l l ""'4'i',, W K .i I vt l ,fit t .1 x nj! .Inf . Q .VU 4" - , . ii .Sz One humlrefi ninety f ,J 2301579 5.1 J: 'f IN ,"i rl F5 .A .At .g. ,az 1 Pi :-. 4' ,i 'QQ .s f. :-I, tu.. , 1. ' .xi I .-. . i. '- iii x 1 1,4 z' 5 . I S 113. 1' 11-fm .VU if. x :ALL . " 'ff' ff, 'i, .ad if 5.1 ' Pijf fvflf' l-g'.'-nn" iffy.. 'il .fl . " fri-I-7 33? 'Ili 1 iii ."."' . :?.'t "1 Q v'l 2.1 ld X Q'-f,Z7:ii' I .. Nz, fu?" f 1 t :'::'.Q,:J,g, 'viii i, ' .- we id ' . .'i5"T: .. ,. Qllf' ,,,, 4 " "1 ' "2-3 Q -+5-mm.v.1':.:,,'j",4Qf oo - 00 , I 'ij iiviif' i:2'.,y" af Q 'fifty' Mill.. :-1' 1, .'-14'-1' 'y Z-J ennsy Vanla P I ' UR first introduction to this venerable hospital was in our third year. There, for two months thrice weekly, we toiled in its out-patient department, looking "H wise, listening to hearts, and prescribing the famous "Quaker Cocktail." Space forbids the naming of our many instructors, suffice to say that they exemplified the ancient and courteous traditions of the hospital's one hundred eighty years of splendid service. Q-"ig Our junior year, too, we spent in the new Philadelphia Lying-in Hospital-Q ' the maternity service of the Pennsylvania. It was a beautiful building, surmounted by a roof garden to which we would climb on hot spring evenings, and watch the A lights of the city fade off into the night or the gilded stork Weathervane silhouette I 1 . - p 1 4 1 n n 1 . ' itself against the stars. It was in Lying-in that we obtained our initial experience in obstetrics. We had a large, modern dormitory on the second floor. There we slept until awakened by a strident telephone, then clambered into -absurd misshapen gowns, and were whisked to the topmost Hoors by elevators to witness the deliveries. ' f Then down again, back to sleep, only to have the phone awaken us a short hour 11. iifvg late r. In our Senior year, we spent half of our medical trimester in Pennsylvan1a's wards, learning the minutiae of physical diagnosis from that skillful clinician and , excellent teacher-George W. Norris, observing the patients day after day, studying l i the progrem of their respective ailments, and all the time absorbing some of that genial atmosphere and cordial hospitality which the very walls seem to exude. And then, too, on certain afternoons, we learned something of psychiatry in Pennsyl- vania's institution for mental diseases on 44th Street. One hlNltil'f:'lZ 7Ii7IL'ZQV-0116 f . 5.x -1 1 i ',, pt... 'E - fu 21' I ,. 'L 59 :ff T. Ir' 2:71 ,, . , uf! Fl Fl:-. r I .M .' 9. l'r"i V.. 1 m 7 :nl .-"r "?.' Fw i.:.. iff' xy 4. L . U. .-X, J' y-.5 i ." Q-. J , '1 YZ? i 4 is WWTHE SCBPEQ f' Pennsylvaniaywe are glad to have been allowed to work within your wards. g Your invisible esprit de corps has touched and molded each one of us sol we shall "H be a little better, a little kinder, a trifle more tolerant to our patients. The hallowed names of those who have been your chiefs thunder down to us through the medical Eff! ages. The hundred eighty years of fine tradition drape you gracefully, and as we Sill watch your majestic stride down the avenue of time, we congratulate Philadelphia -I upon having you within her limits and wish you another dozen centuries of noble service. x . , - Children s I, ,,, X NLY a small number of Seniors were fortunate enough to be assigned to ii Children's. Those who were are certain they could have found no better 'J place for instruction in pediatrics. Both as to number and variety of patients, CllllClI'CI'l,S stands pre-eminent. Since 1855, when Dr. Francis Lewis and Dr. Bache 1 founded this institution-the First of its kind in America, Childrenfs has given unstinted medical assistance to the babies and tots, little boys and girls of Philadelphia. .ll Doctors Reilly and Scott, Lyons and Donnaly merit the appreciative thanks of those they taught. ' - . Episcopal It OW Episcopal was a hospital where we went our Senior year for half our surgical trimester. Draped, too, with eighty years of tradition, its many operat- t ing rooms had been theatres of action for such surgical celebrities as Da Costa, Piersol, Frazier, and Ashhurst. For five weeks, we traveled there on the elevated, .D and for five weeks, we learned surgery within its old, grey-stone walls. Boykin and Crossan gave surgical clinics, the former adding quizzes and lectures, the latter instructing in surgical pathology. We had X-ray conferences with Bromer, we had cases in the wards, we worked in the surgical dispensary, we had useful 12-iv? talks from our several ward chiefs. 2 But the highlight of it all was Thursday mornings, when Harry C. Deaver, 'iii at once the oldest and youngest of us all, would operate. VVhilst we balanced tremulously on the rickety wooden benches, he would point his faithful scalpel, wink -'iff a kindly eye, and commence his discourse: "Appendiceetis, boys . . ." 1 .'4, X Our thanks to old and new Episcopal! ,,., ',g,Fi'35 Phipp's HIPP'S was a Junior year experience. There, for two months, under the careful and patient guidance of Isadore Kaufmann, we were grounded in the basic elements lulgffifs, of the diagnosis of early pulmonary tuberculosis, perhaps no more important phase 4 of our medical instruction. p Originated in 1903, the present Henry Phipp's Institute is making a mighty . 5 effort-to destroy the "Great White Plague." Oflicered by Drs. Landis andf Opie it has been a tremendous factor in the recognition of the social factors ofl that dread and terribly common disease. One hmnlrefl niuely-tfwo ,. QZYW ,mf I -fig? ...., p .9 O. W THE scan? ,,, 5'-Ii At the present time, prophylactically, the Institute is examining all the medical students. Twice, now, our class has gone down there, donned the little white, "H woolen jackets, and been X-rayed and fluoroscoped with amazing thoroughness. Magix Our thanks to Phipp's and its staff of competent workers. , K I, Southeasiern If three. in the morning. You're in bed, maybe dreaming. A horrible bell 15 J jangleslin your ear. -You jump up. You rush to the phone. fl x Quick, quick, quickll' a voice shouts. "Come," , Ei ' "What's the number of the red card?" you query, in a manner you hope is 5 calm and reassuring, though actually you are as excited as the voice on the other end 4,5 of the line. ,, ' "Quick . . . quick!" if V. Finally you calm the speaker down. You get the number on the red card. :Hx I "How often are the pains?" you ask. "Are the membranes, I mean, has the bag 3- 5,1- A5i1,:g,'fI' of waters busted? Is there any bleeding? How many kids does she have? All Q .,I,f,.Q right, welll send a doctor right up." I if U You dress hurriedly. You find the card that gives you the street car directions. 5125211 3'.. You chalk the number on the board. You grab your two bags and rush out the l",, door. You wait for a street car. You get tired waiting and start to walk. You get tired walking and wait some more. While you wait, you think. You think of Miss Tipton: who has been there t I, ten years, and deserves not only a medal, but a whole Hock of decorations for her il services. You think off Dr. Jaffe and his processed pelvises. You think of Dr. Q, i . Lapham. You think of awful pictures in your obstetric books. You have visions of if-5-Q twins and prolapsed cords, of triplets and posterior occip-uts, of hemorrhages and 15 monsters. " Qgigif-15 ,iw Finally, way down the track, you see the yellow light of the trolley approaching. You board it hastily. The trolley creeps along, stopping at every corner, waiting at -55' ,.,- ' , intersections. You feel yourself growing crazy with suspense. More pictures of . abnormalities rush into your head. I 'Frllf At last, you reach your street. You look at your directions in the Hare of a uvb. L' match. Which is north? Which is south? Where is Blutgar Street? You find a little alley, then a long, dark pawageway that smells of dogs and rats and rotten " ---fy: garbage. Suddenly a hand grabs you out of the dark. "Is you de doctah? " a voice bisses. 'HL ii' ill" You shiver and say "Yes.,' f-'i. i V "I: You're pushed up a winding, rickety flight of invisible stairs. I f "Right up ahead, doctah," someone calls after you. You open the door. A smoky oil lamp stands on the mantel. In the middle , is a bed. Flat upon it, lies a woman grunting. Two tots lie sleeping beside her. ' ,395 h The place is filthy and airless. " 9 5, J There's a neighbor midwife along. You thank your stars because she knows more than you ever will. You put on a sterile white gown--to look important. Imperiously, you call for water. You reach for lysol. You kick the children out. You demand fresh air. You clean the lamp. One hmnlred ninely-Ihre: qvv vin I 6 I!-1534? Q Q 'O 0' W 4 ly. 'fi lx ,. T . The woman runts some more. You examine her. F r 1 ' 95 , g D . o t c 1 e of you, you .ff , .,Q,f.N cant tell where the fetus lies. The only thing you are certain of, is that it isn't a i.. H4 B. O. A. Ever few minutes ou examine her a ain. No ro 'i ...ill ,,,,f,,5. Y U Y g p gress. Another three 1. ,A wf hours at least, you decide. You don't know whether to go back and sleep or to ,iwfg ' stay and wait. I " 'I f2,:4g,i,. x You decide to wait. fYou need six cases. And besides, there's getting to be 31 3' real kick to O. B. now.j You wait, wait, wait . . . wait . . . wjait , , . VVAIT, fl The hands on your watch move so slowly You examine again. The child has .Fi wiggled all over the abdomen. You canlt hear the heart sounds. The sutures run T t everyway. You've got a freak, you're certain. You decide to call To-land. You jj X "'1f..f.- search two blocks for a phone. After an age, you reach him. ffffivi "Let her ride," comes a sleepy Ardmore voice. 3' You walk leisurely back, reassured. You'll wait a whole day now if necessary. ,fi 1' ' A dark figure meets you at the door. "Better hurry up, doc," it Says. "Da Q 4 ' baby's done been born!" U Tlmfs Southeastern! l '79 j HOSPI'l'zkl.S-NORMAN GOLDSMITH. 11, "'. "YQ: LTL! 75 i X 1212" Qu. fNkiiZ"? . 5,-ig...-I i If-3f.Q": ,, ,. EZ: ,, f :ff it 'NU .':Z,C:f.'.1.'l 1 'flfffu ' Q vig-'fax "9?'f"f lid" h -1: ,iff l I 5-ti HJ' ' A-If' :Fifi . t 7 EET: if? 'WT fill-' Ffii' "Iii, .. I l "'.fg2 x t:g:,i'ff ' 1 or fvlfyfl L 'I " f .p This " -, One humirezl ninety- f our 25-':1: . 'C' 'BK' ' w'7f"iim'i:1F..- . ti.::-11: 1 -I 1,1-f ,a'-SX: zfx .N ir: ., ns A-'A A ALA., 4 ss 'fi X 5 P I JN, , xr A . . 1 I v"ff':oc az:-T5 5 I Q 7 , U ' u - , -, 4 - f . - f - J 1 A S N 'XF' Ar. tis X W D - N - --. 1 - '- ' , 1 :qw-g..:': ' is 'L T 1-q' J -g mx'-.V .Q ' v.. N swf' ff L 'v ""' ' '.' 'Nj 0 X ff 5 1 'Q ' n. -, xv, - ',Ql..xx E f u K N 1 , . 1. 'A Q 5 1, 1' , ' v x I 1 - ' X F ' . . X M I. 1-,Dv-.A ,.1- ..., H C 'J Lv, Mfftssfs-lTl:,:":,j V. ,aux -:: Ns- 'Y' C9 A :M ' T ' 'E F-3- 'f ki 3: X-"x'. -Q.. .xr x - -J- . .2 1: 7 L. . , , I 1, ' ' Ts' ! ' U CQM 'TKQ--lffs, ..'Xf,,'Lv'."s '- jug 1"- 5 'if ' ' '5.J',.N "2 3,-Wy" .wiki 'h 17 LV! --1 Q- ' "Aff fix . 6 ' 1. L 1 N' 'I Q ' 1439? wwf' 'Ax' Z' 'F'5"Jii 1 1 '5.:k,'lg1.,-VQJ X Q 1.x - A x,,,.j,,.',.41!l , 5 A. . 'fix 21.5 ., Q W- ,, ,I A Q '1' gffdgevd' X 2 'ffl X ., A l N, , 1- "Wt 'Q' .QNX - Mn my U nr , - A Q 'U x wx' i"f1f'Y-""n.:-XA W "Jw X ' ' ' YT .' E' 4 My,c,i..!,1q:'NX urs 'W . X. .1-1 ,- an-. .MN , ,fu,,,fl4:, -5 X X mx-X W:','L5::i,5,':xx mf, - 1.---",5,.5 -, . , , YI gQj.f.Q,- u I 4 KN ,1..'l W- was .xv , -.0 X Q w M A.,-1,5 ,,.y 'Qlfgivffie-Nl .,, 16,1 -TH VMW- ,gghug ,e 'Aix -att :Y-f7'h'0LQ fu' '- ' Nffnk. C 12-fra?" vx'a,,Q A w fix, -.xi all R " u n r:F,Z.f"f L A Ri-gt' ,'fl'Q' 1. 'ull 'A' Y M A - 5.. M2 'V 'ia Q:-.,-.vm-Zi.-21 ' f: w N.. 3-'xt 'QM-ff' ' 1 x , vi ' N' 4' w" ' J 4' ' f' . N , 'E .- X A r " .A- r AD LIB O.URNALISTICALLY, photographically, and artistically, the Editors believe this to be the best SCOPE ever published. We have differed from previous editions in the omission of cartoons and jokes, but we feel the SCOPE should be a record of signifi- cant happenings and not a reprinting of contemporary humor most of which will have lost what little signifi- cance it may have possessed. in ten years, time. Our policy has been to make it a book which will best bring back the scenes and events of four years at Penn. We have tried to include everyone with whom our class has been in contact. The omissions are the result of accidents and unavoidable exigencies for which we trust no one will personally feel slighted. We have followed the old Chinese adage-"One picture is worth ten thousand wordsn-and as you turn the pages, you will be covering the equivalent of at least a million words of prose. Financially, because of the many expensive engravings and the difficulty of securing advertising in this poor business year, the book has been disappointing. But view- ing it in its finished form, we are satisfied and glad that we had a hand in its planning and composition. We hope that we have produced a SCOPE, this year, which you will be proud to take home and show to your parents, and not, as has unfortunately oc- curred in the past, the reverse. A THE EDITORS. . fl? Q. C, 1 'THE SCBPE :sf Q, 'Tl '.,'A E N Al7'iif'. ,r " ff, f Q x 'y' LJ 5T:. fffff' ,-r.- 4,-' ' 4 ., . . .. Q. -I k rv .1 W J: A ri :-I 9, ,. .".": 15 '- 6' Q 'Zz' 5 4 1 .A 1, fb: K f' .JA 4-- v cz, J F: N ., , fi j . I :ff np , .34 ', :gm .328 fix ff, L , . 1 qnrlil I vv 'I . f, 4 'IJD f , 4 - X 'v fx I fa CJ , c 1, 'J ef" ,Q ,. 74 " 'an X ii-:f":'V ' 1 . 11' I'- . x 1,15 L . , lun: .ww ,V .IQ swf 1.-, 5 V Eg-2'-I . lxfmfgs' '.'.4. "nt to 'yr r,:.I.Quff ' '.:7,'- -W, '.yfQ+ H , 'fall :. 5- 1 Q 21989 ,irueu 'Q XL ff D3 ' WTHE 4, PE QQ f ag, X, ig ' 555. gj ,E :J 1 X ka 1 1 J I 'ff' fl ,I .-U L T1 ..,,-.......1 1 v 4 Xi y' .,Q., kr Q, N f QL. :N if I , "ilk ., f: X 4 Qjff' 1 'JTHE SCBPE 0' MTHE 'SCUPE Q' X"m ,1 r x fm , """" Q9 Y Y, Q gee Y' 00 'N fl ,A v..-J 'M-Il 'Zn .4 ,, 1, FY' ,f r A 4 L 1.7.1 . N U I x 'ul Pl, .' ' : .xy 9.415 ."k1 :K f f f " 1",q1'1 fx , JL iz.: 15.3. 'ZZ 7. 1 xv. ,.-,,1- f. .' 4' 1-V 1 .1-: 11A-w ,1.': " ..3,P,,1 -7.4 s 1.-1 'LIQ- 1 ,-51. .W I -A I X r A I . t L 1 1 IQ X 4 "U-'lil ' Ld '--. gf' ,,, 4 X W + v'Y- -f-ww! ., A W, .,. x : 'J gllrf. ' xg Q, fi' xx -J ls fer 1.5. 1"i-SP., fx. l 'fg,g,3f-f ..ff- 7""QA.'f5 , S F31 X .fi-Q55 4 iifff' wif .. ii H I A -mn., YR., Berg? 'M ,-eq A -ng? W--nargg K 1 X if '55 ff V . cas Q5,f31:gggM..,.. M- 6 H? r V w X 1 3 Q 'JTHE SCBPE 0' A ,N 1 I :DY af ' J 42' Q F-1, JI elf , 52151 ..ff'-2315 I "" , --42:5 -. ,.Q.CiiE , ai, f'-'S-' 1 2,12 D ,J Q n l, I : Q f 'A N-Ya 1 5.4 ' x 1'7" I sp yn' wlilx 1" 7" a fp l ,Ei K 1 Q X 'll 1 1 In ,, ' s I it I 1 I 71' ll .1 D It Q, .. 4 11 -fr H xi Q Q P E Q 'r, .Ifx ' J, .Mft 2 '-J af ' ,r 'f' f. 9-1 law.. Q af br-11 . f?5:ii?3 Y ,..Q if , f 2' if U :gn 5.x I W" 1: ga 'G wi' 'O yi LQ FQ 15' I K .,. T73 ,. .. nfl x 573 . fi r I .g., I if .3 in V1 ks ,I Zn' H, . A- C 1 , a.' 1?'.', .in N. . 4 -.1 ,w '.i n ryx 1 r. UQ 'J .JA 1. 4 Q ,, .ww ,, . , V! .1 .:'f' ,lr HI ,, X K 1 1 41 ig-'fx I . I f 1 . ' I " ' T?" Qvfcq- w 1 "x'.'.',-v, ,wr - 5 ':..', ., 4 h . 'I 'fc I V 17 - ,u 1 ill' ,M .ng K I, -S. N I,.. A X 1:53 .lit 3 ,1. , .... ,.,. . H W? 'WHFI CEPR Q' 'Y ,. -v 15 FV' f 1 1- fl 52 -V A. I In 141 fy. . "-X xj' 'ffl .K :. sl, . . , . Q , l'Xn' WJ 'A' J .. 5,2 1, '1Nl' .Q-Q 1-gm ,J-5 Jn miss .M 1, 'L fI2'if' 121. r"2'.T' ffl" 'frlffli rf . "':1LT- 5155? 32? ff? ff .-g.: uf -ggflz ,Y-I ,'-.flfi '.'y'.,' r 49.4 , X J CM' h 1 I 1 wuz' l X .,.. H QQ, ,, 'Q C' f 11 X X ME -J f , X 1' f Q N 'm b r yi' f 'gi' Ny -fi wi. 'V' Q4 X ,f 12"- r K xf Aff Y' I, 1.5 f llmfli. .Hn ,, 4 4"3'f'f " iv 21.13 --. ... .O J '-Z 5: - 2...-jg in-, 'L-C3 f I-LZ - '.l.'.' I r:,""gf:' fs-- ... xl -.., ,,.:..,.4, , I w J TE" ,FJ THE SC B PE C' I N 1 " N gf. 5,32 5225? :X Q35 . i -c , X 1,4 Q ' lf if N ,Q ' . I ,f 4' J 7 , xxx IL . fl A xr' I N QS, - 'unf- Jg 1. - y- XJ X l .I fa: ' I 5, - Rvltlx, 2 I . x . 2 I , F . tx ,ff x .' f f f-iw ,. 1 -.1 -'. fr X. , I in E CSPEMXW .in 'V 13 'V ,. , 3-5 ww . 1 x N -.vp 'I 4,, .J , D if 'Rx lil: ', Yin: 111' ffl' , glyji -,ff ': t -ui: J. .,---4: 'ffl' . il.' "2 fag..-', ATL' :jx - , ':5.?.f' ni 'DTHE SCBPE f 1:11, A J -B ,, 1? ffkfl . 1 , X i' ' I ff Ky 11' I J 'x 5' ,'1 ,I xxx W . X S l I lm In G I 3 1 1 S , . . N- - QA- .f , rf 1' NX ' 'll I 1 x X 7:1 ,r-'.,QF 4 II , , W , , K ahrsbffpe , W 1 I-IWC" f x +R KN' , ' 4 - if fikm - ,Qi X . Y. .A -:'wg'g. r :FQ 1:4 f N-'wx M ,. rxfspr I' .lf J- , . , . . 'sbqfv-e f X A Q. . if ., X I :I 9 R V ,. ,.. , ' 1 Q2.!f:'g"4,2 ggi? ,Y I-1215 3 ' ' vi --1'2'R'..'w ' .' -K..-3 1, . "::.'fS:f'5:f" ul 0' ,tx-, -yu A" - Xl K "'.'-n..'-Q 3 1 - 5 'x f" -N 553:-1' wg ' ' .J 1"-Q 3 Y' '.f-L x 'I' N 1 '-ff? wzffiq 15' Q fgfgizw I ,VN ,L .Sri :ki gf ,. . , ., .. , - . .mf 1 f.: -,T--if-,-iq 1 1 ,t - , - rn. . N , nv- ,ug 1 . ', 7- jf" Q-4 ,ggi My Q .5 -. F.,-uf.-4' "' 72.5. MQ j '-frgii. --1.-n M I N ., mg N X L-- . .js-it-9 'N QQ' X N '-,:':' 'I I V -53 '-ii.-zzz... th " ".11.":'fi-- '-1 '5'v'27-5.5-:T W 'v -: sy- -TR- . HT. v- , 5'- ffg'-'5'.:' J :lie xxxy -' 5' 10.11-' -'ff' :. XXXX ' ... ' 'hr -T.-. 'g .fi c:g.-A-L,,.:,,,. x .-. . . -um. "". 61.5 mi .-,. :.4.n,,,.4,...4., ll. 1 ' f ' -2 . .-A ',.' ... 1. 3' 'N IC. 2 'JTHE SCQPE A MICRCSCCPES OP FINE QUALITY fNew and Second-handj MY LIFELONG SPECIALTY Leading Makes Carried in Stock Bloodffesting Instruments Centrifuges Sphygmomanometers Tallquist Haemoglqbin Scale, 351.50 fMost Convenient and Practical Haemoglobinometerj Clinical Thermometers MEDICAL BOOKS KODAKS High Class Developing and Printing EDWARD PENNCCK CU. 3609 WOODLAND AVE., PHILADELPHIA ' 5 Tfwo hznnlrefl ten WhenYou GoTo 1111.4 Qglg-111A PENNSYLVANIA M,4aBu"' fi5U5"v'l?3ff:M S SQ .s'1n?Bz::Zzfh S O 0 Do I 5 ,:r'j'Y3J3l4 , 1 1 Q, PHILADHPHIA mu. Am - Q- I fzifllvr 'THE SCBPE Q' MICRDSCDPLS Blood Countmg Apparatus Sphygmomanometers H.1emoglob1r1ometers EDWARD P DOLBEY SL CO Laboratory Appavatus and Glassware Chefmcals ' A '1 I. fl O O 3621 WOODLAND AVE. PHILADELPHIA 7111! .Sig ,Q I. if 6 'OTHE SCQPE' few il, I7 lf J. .1 ,y1. '-Q af , .V, A, , ,A If t H 'Sf N 12 ' . V.. ' 9. It " '1 . 1 .wg ,511 'f ..' 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WILLIAMS 86 COMPANY 246 So. 11th Street Philadelphia, Pa. . .J ' fl 1: 5 f :N ,Trl Q H x il Ni Qi "A i i """'T.'i'i -' iv' K e - i,r,f1.n i s ' - 2-i I 'fx ies .ws X .xg ' f i' il is. ,. IH, ,RA I ll,1l'. 'II it , 1 y if , iw -sli ding Q f X . . "fir-in .. 'V X Mir. it '.i.,,i15i,w Q 'n - 11 H+- if " i i.ii f I N N . Q- i'x."'lvl'iwlii3iFi , N' X I 'll if ,L 1' X e M if " W , , ' , .ff-,if 'ml 4: ' Till -wfwiml .sa 1 fdiw iini I, aes Q ffWi.fvii flisl Q- if ii I - , f I ' ' I "ff il li ' V D' Ig!" 'I 'Iv .fix 1 'si f i me 7 ff I i i Q or A fw1 l 8 l 8 :IZ 5 'iii . .Vg.,l..i' 57-iff: EE, ., 6 T'f5j'7,',a1 N 372.15- K QQA ec 9 r as 32? "iii f .-:-. I' i OUR POLICY: ESTABLISHEIJ 1376 To make what 'YOU want, just ax 'YOU want it. Tfwo humlrczl Ihirteen 1:-Zi! , fl. i i . 1 ' ink ' . '1 I wg? Y -4 .?2IX..... 'JTHE Scaetissm Y Q , X X15 ." ', .t In All! ,. tw., N1-., APPEARANCE in the medical profession is the first step toward a successful clientele. GOMMY has been helping graduates as well as under' graduates in the choice of their wearing apparel with clothes and haberdashery of distinction. Distinctive Individuality f f An Institution at Pennsylvania QZVXZVS. Mmswnn ormsrmcnou HIA-PRINCETON PHILADELP Z Compliments of OTTEN and UTTEN IN APPRECIATION OF FRATERNITY TRADE 14'3Of32 SOUTH STREET juli, l , , .i,. I Q 'ttir is Qifilli F Tfwo humlrefi fanrleezz -1. SCBPE0' ' 9 9Otl1 'Year Smith,K1ineSLErench Laboratories 105-115 NORTH 5th STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Manufacturing Pharmacists Manufacturers of Eskay's Glycero-Cod Eskay's Neuro Phosphates Eskay's Food Eskay's Suxiphen Eskay's Lactala Oxo-ate and Oxo-ate "B" ACE FRUIT AND PRODUCE 1 MARKET Wholesale and Retail 229 SOUTH 40th STREET Bell Phone, Evergreen 5 462 1 o hIlllifl'3ll fifteen A-if , By virtue of its hyperemic, osmotic f ,A , .. 4,53 ww! 'UW , N Q33 wake Ig eo 6 E-J Q straw Wi, A we Qfxw' A was .au After all is said and done the final analysis in Setting a Standard upon which to judge the necessary fitness of a milk modiher is Quality, Efficacy and Experience lVlellin's Food A Milk Modiner Accepted as a product of high quality Meets the purposes of a milk modifier Sustained by an experience of more than sixty years vvvvv--M. ... I-. ,A -A -S, 1, . :FW ,La :iff -, Q' Q.. QE' P A'-4 if Y., 1 NH l Mellin's Food Company Boston, Mass. J l.TT'f"-WTO A T o'oo A TT" oooooo TT ' f The Introduction of BROADWAY U 3661 Woodland Avenue was the beginning of a movement in therapeutics, which has constantly grown, until now it is accepted as one of the principles of scientific BQQXD medicine for the relief of Infiamma' tion and Congestion. fOppOsitc Dormsj FRUITS, ICE CREAM SODAS BEST CAMPUS MILK SHAKES BEST SANDWICHES CIGARS AND TOBACCO TRY OUR OWN DELICIOUS ' HOME-MADE CANDY and antiseptic powers. Antiphlogis' tine activates lymph circulation, washes out the tissues and relieves swelling and congestion. Write for Sample and Literature THE DENVER CHEMICAL MFG. Co. 163 VARICK STRRBT, New YORK Tfwo hlzmlrcfl .vixleeaz .rl 'THE SCBPE 0' FRANK L. LAGAN GEO. H. MCCONNELL . :XX .VVA modernly equipped, attracf N tively arranged office, is an incornefproducing asset. Q The experience gained from outhtting and arrangf ing hundreds of physicians' offices within the past few years, is yours for the asking. Wr'ire for our list of suggestions and the names of the U. of P. men 'N whose offices we have equipped. :'1:9f,' fggfgfi? Philadel hm Sur ical Instrument Com an I al ll... 1709 Sansom Street RITtcnhOuSe 3613 Q Bell Phone-Spruce 2338 A. H. ZULLINGER Chas. Mangold Co. Manufacturers Of I V Druggists and , rthopaedic Chews I X -: PPCLTCLLMS WEST PHILADELPH1A'S ,f3.,'jQ2 FOREMOST DRUG STORE A Abdominal Supporters, f Elastic Hosiery, Artificial Limbs, Cor. 40th and SPRUCE STS. Trusses and Suspensoncs Prescriptions Compounded by la '-'14- . 151. NORTH FIFTEENTH ST. Gmdwm only PHILADELPHIA Tfwo flumlrefl rweufceu 51 1 i . 'Y Y' 'ITHE SCBPE A ET B1B THE BOSTWICK-BATTERSON CO 1. V 311 NORTH 32ND STREET .gf PHILADELPHIA, PA. AIX, Manufacturers of Betteo' Built INTERNE UNIEORMS ' B113 3 BELL PHONE, EARING S449 --THE SCOPE" OF THE EDB , A HOUSTON HALL Rennsplhanla STORE 33 a r In e r 9 i3 u p A. SARNESE IS WIDE BECAUSE ALL STUDENT 5655 WOODLAND AVENUE NEEDS CAN EE SUPPLIED PHILADELPHIA THERE 3 3 Use Sarnese Hair Oil for U Dandruff and Falling From Fveshmzm Cap Hair C to H "KEEPS THE HAIR COMBEDN ap 'md Gown Two hmnlrezl eighteen vvv Exclaswe Footwear College Merr s Clothes FD J KOLLHOFF 3613 WOODLAND AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, PA WINTER S On the Edge of the Campus -as ec, DRUG STORE E030 36th and SANSOM STREETS PHILADELPHIA TALLY The Doctor s Barber 226 South 6th Street The Fairmount Laundry HARRY R. ENDICOTT FirstfClass Work Guaranteed 247 South 37th Street Phone, Evergreen 4399 CLARENCE CLEAN S The Doctors' Shoes Bonded Cleaners FINE HAND LAUNDRY With Each 35.00 Work of Laundry We Clean Z1 Suit or Y-ZKJTHE SCBPE Better! 3723 SPRUCE STREET Topcoat Free Clothes Called For and Delivered 3800 Spruce Baring S354 Two humlred ninefeeu .'1.,A,-X x '.4'.' X ,1.,, My wi. P-'ng .fi- N. J. A ' Qxwlf i , 'UU 'Q l O' ,ai X , 71' X i . if fl ' ll 7 ,f'i'ii'1 Q, :mit ' 3' iii X W 1' N5 3q,, X Telephones: Pennypacker 8070f6l9O Sittings by Appointment ix ffl . x f fur" fi ' , Th! 1 tx ,'v" Iliff? ZAMS X S ll lU D O lm fiafa, 9 0 ,af .1 902 CHESTNUT STREET ffv I .5.,i?ae PHILADELPHIA 3,35 Qi. I 1 Eff T ., i4.Qf?7i l 1 'E cc - ' - 4 ' an , Portraits of Distinction 2 l Y? We , We have completed the p-hotographic work for over a hun' drecl school and college Annuals this year, and the photographs T in this publication are an example of our uniform quality and 'V' CfQg5l.iy,,s expert workmanship. 1 'Ac, A telephone call will bring our representative to your school X, to discuss special school rates, and contracts for Year Book work. i ini: 5 l Sittings may be made at home, at school, or in the studio, I by appointment. 4:51, if li' H T1-wo hfmdreil lfbvtllly ' f"'Ts ,D w :'f'f'Wi 27' fZIf"'1l "ull . X Q U E ...'L':.-""'J -, fc f QQ mi, ,",........L.a-"" ' f T! F Y Q Ill iii -...M ' - fy 4 A fr X 5 fi ' I H 4 1' I 24 in 'i I -'53 M4143 v'.f-ad . 'L f ' af , H i ww J f X -44? I-521' --1' :ILILQ N PI-IOTC"'ENGRff5lV ING gf Q COMPANY f f f 12 th QCHERRY STS. PHILADELPHIA 5 T X W .. 1 ? fi WX- A . My W N , I SL iiif ff F ,TS ' X Ty Mg W 5 N IM '24 " W-e w wa P ' X A .,Q nj X -X x, ' f IX W N W . 1 Q 56 " W , NMR - ,A W XXX I 'IMG f l: 2 193-2-Mg? m x . 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V g Your year book lasis a life 'iime.-and ii is , prinied only once. So rake no chances. Place , ii' in ihe hands of specialisis. .ri f v CLARK PRINTING House, INC. ,. yy, Priniers For The Schooland College QQ? . 82I Cherry S+. - Phila. - Pa. WYn ' Good Priniing Wiihoui Exiravagance YVVVVVVVVVVVVVYVVVVVYVYVVVVVVv Tfwo hzmdrefl lfwenly-lfwo vo-1-nv.. ,lv-vv K l -me 'THE Sarees f More O O O a daily prescription "Fresher bya Day!! 45th Milk . . . one of the finest all-round prescriptions any doctor can give. Compliments Most milk is good but some is better and Fresher than others. of a When prescribing be sure to advise Scott-Powell . . . the milk that's SCOTT- POWELL DAIRIES and Parish Sts. Friend E, ihe members of rhe Board, wish +o iake 'rhis oppor- iuniiy +o ihank 'lhose who have aided in ihe produc- iion of fhis book eiiher by coniribuiions or advice. To Dr. William Pepper, Dean of +he Medical School, for his kindly criiicisms and advice. To Mr. Charles Kaylor, who, wiihoui ihoughi' of recom- pense and alihough no+ a medical siudenf, worked our and execuied ihe ari iheme. To Mr. William Cooke, of The Clark Priniing House, Inc., wiihour whose advice and co-operaiion ihere could have been no I93l Scope. And +o Mr. Firih, of Loiz Phoio-Engraving Co., 'For his heariy co-operaiion. To Zamsky Siudios, Inc., we again exiend our ihanks. Also we would like fo express our fhanks fo Miss Buckley and Miss Goldman, of The Clark Priniing House and Loiz Co., respeciively, for rheir praiseworihy bui unheralded work behind +he scenes. The ediior also wishes ai ihis 'lime io exiend his sinceresi' ihanks io +he oiher members of ihe Board for iheir iireless and unseliish co-operaiion. ALBERT R. DREISBACH. Edi+or. 1 Tfwo humlreri lfweuty- three K , 1 4

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