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'Eco e ?Bri11g thv Olliniranl Qllmrt uf tlyv Qllzum nf Ninwtvrn hnnhrrh amh fnnr Hllrhirul nf the llluinmaitg nf 1gl?Illl5guIEIlliEl. Ahmittrh U9rtnhrr 1, ILIHH ?Bim'lpa11'gvh Zlum' 15, 15114 Baath nf lfhyitnrn lRuln'r1 Eurlyrnh Girng lkiururr ilhnnurh Zlvnku Zlmxwn William lirrrlp, MIILHIIPBB iiiluungrr Mlpillip Bfumurl Stunt william illirlpurh Hlurrrnu. Ehitnr-in-CEhirf NEW MEDICAL LABORATORY W eff -mv W 1 x X fi 'V xp 5 f' if' 'Q' f 'e X ,ig 9 GN Idrvfare .Q O IQO4 must be given the credit of introducing a Class Book in the Medical Department of our University. The purpose of this innovation is to fill a want expressed by many former graduates, who have experienced great difficulties in obtaining information concerning their classmates since leav- ing the University. The Editors trust that the precedent thus established will he followed hy l' l n1u1l ma become a permanent institu- succeeding classes, and that a metica a i 2 ' y tion for keeping alive memories of valued friendships and loyalty to our Alma Nlater. k t t Mi Hauwt for the cover The Editors wish to express their than s o o '. ' i design and to Messrs. Pott and Foltz for photographs used in this hook. 5 Eu Enrtnr 312111195 C'LL'gm1n, inhmsr kiuh hvznrt unh faithful zwrhirr hzlhv rnhrarrh him In thv utuhvntn nf murv than Ihrvr hr- rahva, muh inhnzr nanw has hvlprh In bring hiutiuguinhvh fam? In igPlIl1HHl11El1Iiil,IhiH hnlumv is rv- uprrtfully Dvhimtvh. 7 1 5? , Z 4 .L HORATO C, XVOOD, M, D. BARTON COOKE HIRST, M. IJ. EDWARD T. REICHERT, M CHARLES C. IIARISON. I Provost I,.ll. CHARLES H. FRAZIER, Dean EDGAR I", SMITH, PH. IJ., Vice-Provost I 9 .1.,1m, M. u. JAMES TYSON. M. Il, j. WILLIAM W HITE, GHHRGIQ A. I'IhRSOl.. Sc, IL, IN M. li 'ID ALLHN j. SMITH, M. Il. GEORGE E. de SCHWElNl'1'Z, MJD AIOHN MARSHALL, BLD., Nut. Sc. JOHN H. Mvssxvzu, M. la, LOUIS A. DURHING, M. IJ .-XLEXANDER C. AHliU'l"l'. M. D gm-:N G. CLARK, M. n.,1.x..n. ALFRED STENGEL, M. D. 1fORKl'IS'l' wIl.l.AR1J, M. U. IO l 1 W 1 I 5 A I w An. li. .-XLEXANDHR RANDALL XVILLIAM G. SPILLER, M. D. 'FIIUMAS R NEILSON, M. Ib. l'. CROZIHR GRIFFITII S1311 iN FLEXNPIR, M. I. CHARLES K. MILLS M. II CHARLES P. GRAYSON, M. lb. cHAkx.b:s w. Buux, M GWILYM G, DAVIS, M. D., M. R. C. S 1l'Ing.3 ,M.n , nnnrfl-u.nnLL "f"x'x N I f I ., ,V-. I. 'yi 4 ,Z X M ' 2 ' '--x ,rf ,l,,r1. ' 'nl' Q1-an ' " V ',,, .iii J. i, 7' - ,L-mfLf . L , W 'L 'V V, 52131 4-' ww. V f l' fu ,' .X L 21 i -' . V .. AX f f,mfH " P' 'N N l' ' " X " .V Q . -V 2i' .i"i:l-, '+1 Iii 'AX,fx.i g i' J' .fb:V'1'-puff, ' iq! E :ll Ifj Nfl, ,A M f ,, s ""'1' ,-,Q irq. :-1 -1 5 ' " -f A x 4 ,. 5' 'f'-if'-'ZW- 2. f.fh:wf.,f.- ,fu W DW vfffxgi. .,41kf91x,H3.9f..L,-',,-:yy l iLf2:T:fE:2'f?'Q f 2 , ,fJ',,A:.i1 J., ILLQAIK1: ,312 .gf 1'-1---fr, .' .- 2 :ij "2"G:f', -rf I ,, '."'iEj ' W-i f ' Q J f,,mf?iw wf. I:.'ff' - M ,4J4?ge1A:.L,.mq:-W4 wg A ws 1 .473-, 1. s,:l55,I... ,ily-,1 N, 55: -.7-:lx ..::.. .,, 3P13,! - f. -3 3,138 ,f " 1 'Gail-f4 : :Sf ffflwsf-ff 'f'f5?f2e':'f?J-ffiv:?:4?3h.' A. WS" i U1 F W' fi, k u. Mrfdn 'll' ka- Y E725-ffhpz jiri ., .uv -L5 g, 'I--iiuilfxxnix 5 N. .,f H. --' -J-. f. 'MJ nr Q.- VfYfwn-L.r- I P ' '4.2.1'g4',-.m' ' 'M' I""'r'f5' 3'n 1'x '5 " 1 1' "'T?iff'-., :ll-.1"4iW 5 47' ,..,'. X . Ag 1. ' ,. - Auyi " . vmlggp- 4-I ' .4--fXE2!f'4-""""""""""",. , ,A A Y 7 is Jf 'i: ,, -.fgq--4-:1:t""' 'iz :14,55?145El'5:11g4:1.:.-..g..1- f'H-fl , -N' 'f : ,, ff-. .,-Q 75- k A ,Y. Q, if: ,. ff-:f . - A. km ' '-izg i2 law ei' I I Qllaaa Biatnrg ' ' I "And here's a hand, my trusty here, And gie's a hand o' thineg And we'll tak a right guid willie-waught For auld lang sync." lt seems like yesterday that we first gathered together in the old Medical Hall--every fellow there wishing, l suppose, that the four years ahead of him were ending instead of beginning. And now the four years are almost gone, and to-night as we lay aside for awhile our "Surgery" and "Medicine" and remind ourselves of all that has happened in those four years, it doesn't seem like such a short time after all. There has been plenty to do, goodness knows, and-well we did work pretty hard that first year, though, as the State Board approaches, a fellow does wish he had been a trifle more assiduous in his attentions to Chem- istry and Physiology. l imagine though, we were about as diligent as Freshmen generally are, and, not being familiar with modern methods of making good grades with little work, we plodded along with commendable zeal. Of course, the dissecting room was the delight of our Freshman hearts. You remember how curious we all were to see it, and how we wanted to get to work on our own particular "stiff" 3 how everybody was careful not to seem in the slightest degree to End the work other than enchanting. We seemed to realize that the fellow who could experience anything in the way of a queer sensation was not born to be a doctor, and like Br'er Rabbit, we were all eager to prove that we were "bred and bawn in a brier-patch," and could think of no climate more agreeable to spend the rest of our days. l believe if you were to own up fair and square, you would have to admit that the first touch of that cold, clammy "thing" wasn't quite so pleasant as getting a good handshake from your best friend-yes, it was a queer sensation, and though we all played the game, it was some little time before we were on such good terms with our clammy ac- quaintance onthe dissecting table that we could eat our apples and pretzels in his presence without a feeling that-well, let us say that we felt it was rude when the poor fellow couldn't share them. But we got through all right, and though there wasn't much left of our friend when we left him, at any rate he had the honor of being the Hrst corpse with whom the members of the class of IQO4 had been what you might call exactly intimate. One thing that makes the time seem short as we look back over it, is that it has passed in so much the same way-a round of lectures, clinics, laboratory work and ward classes with examinations thrown in at pleasant i3 intervals to relieve the monotony and add to the attractiveness of the course. ln the years ahead of us there'll be many a time, l am sure, when, in a pipe dream perhaps, will come back the picture of one of the big old lecture rooms, with its tier on tier of seats running way up to the ceiling, with ever-diligent grinds gathered in respectful attitude on the front row, impressing the good old doctor who gave the lecture, with their devotion to the cause. Then came the lesser lights, and so on up until we'll remember those choice spirits who could manage to read a new spaper or take a nap right through the hour. But if we did grow lazy sometimes, as all good fellows should, we did our share of work and of listening, too, for it made us straighten up just to think that we were lis- tening to a professor ofthe greatest medical school this side the water. , However, 'we learned the theory of medicine and if our patients don't get well, that is not our fault. Human nature is perverse anyway, and how can we tell but that it will be better for the poor soul to leave this vale of tears than to struggle along, trying to make connections with the almighty dollar. After all, we shall be merely assisting fate, for surely he wouldn't die if it lnadn't been so appointed, and if it had been so appointed it would be manifestly improper for us to fail in doing our part to see him safely off-l think that is the way the doc- trine reads-so we can console ourselves by saying : "Sic volvere fJt1f'CllS.H tYou will pardon the classical flourish-not that l believe in it, but to refute the base assertion that the Meds. are incapable of it.J Yes, the time has gone in routine fashion and l hope we will soon be real doctors, however little we may feel like them. Our class has its individuality, too, and if it were not for the well known modesty of 1904, l could mention some achievements in original research that might well give us the right to attention. And not only in our own line of work have we done our share, but I could, if it were necessary, tell of our part in all the varied life of the University. And now it's almost time for us to salute old Pennsylvania for the last time as undergraduates. lt has been good to bump up against each other clown here, to meet each other inside and outside of the Medical Department, to remember that the work we have done, has been done not by each of us alone, but by all standing together. We've plodded together, we've worked in the morning hours together, we've had our midnight lunches together, we've flunked to gether, we've passed off the tlunks together, we've--well it's unnecessary to be specinc-but those four years have been a part of our life we shall like to re- member-a part of our life, all the fuller and better because we could live to gether and share it with its light and its shade. Afnd now as we break up, and each fellow starts for himself to build by himself his own castle in the air, we'll wish each other good luck and a long life. "On lifeis wide scene you, too, have parts That Fate ere long shall bid you play 3 Good night! with honest gentle hearts A kindly greeting go alway." Mm! I-1. Bikle I4 Ibm' Zlieprrzzntatthez in liniheraitg lbrganizatinna FOOTBALL DAVID DALE Half-back, 1901 Varsity ' Quarter-back, 1903 Varsity BASEBALL W. JUDD CROOKSTON-1st Base, 1902 Varsity ALBERT J. DEVLIN-Pitcher, 1901-04 Varsity Captain, 1904 Varsity WINFORD O. WILDER-Left field, IQO2-O4 Varsity TRACK TEAM . , . Cliamwionshiv 2-mile Rela Team, lK.O2-O PRED H' KLMZR Member Traclk Team, IQOZYO3 J 3 EDMUND RUSSELL-Member Track Team, 1901-04 Captain Track Team, IQO3-O4 ROWING FRANK R. HOLBROOK-Varsity Four-oared Crew, 1903 FENCING CYRUS W. FRIDY-PI'8Sldt3I1t, Fencers' Club, 1902-03 Manager, Fencers' Club, 1903-04 UNIVERSITY SHOOTING TEAM GILMOR WREY S. FARWELL-Member, IQOZ-O3 BOWLING JAMES CROWE-University Champion 1903 BOARD OF REPRESENTATIVES WILLIAM G. FOX-Vice-President, 1902-03 President, 1903-04 CYRUS W. FRIDY-Member, 1902-03 FRED H. KLAER-Member, 1901-02 JAMES C. MARKEL-Member, 1902-03 CHARLES M. NICE-Member, 1901-02 JAMES W. LEECH-Executive Committee, 1903-04 UNIVERSITY PUBLICATIONS PHILIP S. STOUT-Associate Editor, "Pennsylvanian" 1904 Correspondent to "Old Penn Weekly" COMBINED MUSICAL CLUBS WAYNE L. SHEARER-Banjo and Mandolin Clubs ROBERT H. W. STRANG--Leutlel' Banjo Club, 1901-04 President Combined Musical Clubs, 1903-04 JAMES W. LEECH-Glee Club, 1902-04 Associate Leader Glee Club, 1903-04 HOUSTON CLUB FRED H, KLAER-President, 1903-04 CYRUS W. FRIDY-Chairman Membership Committee WM. G. FOX--Membership Committee HENRY J. NICHOLS-Library Committee UNIVERSITY GUIDE ASSOCIATION 'Q PHILIP S. STOUT-President, 1903-04 15 0112155 Qwrnrhn Q 55? J. PAUL AUSTIN was born in Philadelphia on In- dependence Day, 1879. Upon graduating from Central Manual Training School, he entered the Medical School in IQOO. That Paul should come first in the Class Record as an anachronism, for he has never been known to be anywhere on time. He is a member of the Phi Delta Theta, the Phi Alpha Sigma Fraternities, Houston Club and the H. C. Wood Medical Society. Address, 237 South Thirteenth St., Philadephia. EDWARD NVARREN BEACH.-Troy, N. Y., De- cember 3, 1879, is the place and birth of "Eddie" I-Ie pre- pared at Hamilton Private School. Since his connection with the class he has entered matrimony and the B. C. Hirst Obstetrical Society. Address, Oak Lane, Pa. HERVEY LELAN BATES quietly entered Philadel- phia March 19, 1881, and has kept quiet ever since. He graduated from Northeast Manual Training School in 1900 and entered the Medical "School in the fall. He is a member of the john Ashhurst, Jr. Surgical Society and the Zelosophic Society. Address, 7737 Norwood Ave., Chestnut Hill, Pa. WARREN JOSHUA BIEBER.-This "little, fat. round, oily man" was born in Bethlehem, Pa., December 28, 1875. In '96 he received his A. B. from Lehigh. "Sa- rah" was Corresponding Secretary CO2-,035 and President CO3-,045 of the John Ashhurst, Jr. Surgical Society. He is a Phi Beta Kappa man and a member of Alpha Mu Pi Omega Medical Fraternity. Address, 25 North Linden St., Bethlehem, Pa. 18 h PAUL HAROLD lllliLll.-"Pickles" was born at Gettysburg, l'a.. june 6, 1879. He 'received his A. Il. in 1900 and his A. Bl. in 1903 from the l'ennsylvania Col- lege. His arduous duties of quizzing' "Crook" have not prevented him from becoming prominent in student or- ganizations. He is a member of D. Hayes Agiiew Surgi- cal Society, Nu Sigma Nu Medical and Sigma Chi ifra- ternities. He was chosen as Class Historian: elected to Sigma Xi. Address, Gettysburg, Pa. CHARLES LOLHS BILL.-XRD.-On May 13, 1878. Billard entered the city of X'Vashington, IJ. C. Washing- ton High School sent him to the Medical School, where he has quietly worked himself to a safe position near the head of his class. He is Vice President of the Southern Club QIQO3-,047 and a member of the Charles li. Mills Neurological Society. Address, Laurel, Md. CARL BUARDMAN.-Carl flashed upon the horizon April 24, 1879, at Minneapolis, Minn. It was at the Uni- versity of Minnesota that he learned to ask questions, a lesson he has never forgotten. Is a member of the Ath- letic Association, H. C. W'ood Medical Society and Psi lfpsilon Fraternity. .-Xddress,6352 Drexel Road, Overbrook, Pa. REUHEX ARNGLD BOGIA.-This Titian-haired youth modestly admits that he was born as late as Sep- tember 8, 1881, but refuses to disclose the name of the town so honored. He graduated from the Central High School in 1900, and at the University is a member of John Gniteras Medical Society. Address, 760 Preston St., l'hiladelphia. 19 WILLIAM REDIVIELD RL"l"l'.-'l'l1e "well-founded and populous" town of Camden, N. rl., claims notoriety for being the birthplace of "Hill," April 11, ISSO. Since his graduation from tl1e l'hiladelphia High School he has taken courses in medicine and at the Houston Club- banking billiard balls. He is a member of the bl. ll. Deaver Surgical Society and Alpha Kappa Kappa lfraternity. Address, ISOQ Poplar St., Philadelphia. VIRGINILTS LYNN BROWN entered the arena at lfort Valley, Ga., june 16, 1881. He prepared at Univer- sity of Cieorgia. He is 'l'reasurer of Charles K. Mills Neurological Society F03-'o4l, and a member of Southern a11d Georgia Clubs and Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. ANDREVV CROZIER CAMERON.-A gentleman from the South, "Andy" was born at Klontgfoinery, Ala., August 12, 1879. He graduated from tl1e Alabama Poly- technic lnstitute, 1900 CH. SJ He has been Secretary ofthe class since 'IQO2, a11d is a member of tl1e Hous- ton Club, Athletic Association a11d Sigma Alpha Epsilon liraternity. He is Vice President of the Penrose Gyneco- logical Society, and "holds down" the bass for -lack Wfinn, Charlie Nice and Jimmie Leech in the Agony Quartet. President of Alabama Club. Address, llirininghain, Ala. XVALTER SELTZER CAPP.-After Capp's birth at blonestown, Pa., October 3, 1881. the god liaechus ll1llSt have conferred his n1iddle name upon l1i1n. 1-le prepared at tl1e Lancaster High School. He played on tl1e class football team in IQOI, Zlllfl is a member of the John Guiteras Medical Society. Address, Prince St., Lancaster, lla. 20 1 RALPH OAKLEY CLOCK.-Clock "ran down" to lslip, N. Y.. .lune 19, 1879. Yale is his Alma Mater, where he received tl1e degree of l'h. ll. in 11901 and tl1e Sigma Xi charm. I-le is noted for his extreme neatness. ls a mem- ber of the Athletic Association, Houston Club. XVilliam l'epper Xledical Society and of Theta Delta Chi. Delta Ep- silon lota and Alpha Mu Fi Omega Fraternities. .Aflfll'CSS,-3422 Sansom St., Philadelphia. WILLTAKI DIAKIFS ClililCl'-l'l'tJN,-"Willie" is one of the youngest. being' born in l'l1iladelphia, August 24. ISS2. He graduated in IQOO from the Central I-ligh School. ls a member of john IZ. Deaver Surgical Society, of which he is 'l'reasurer this year, and of Alpha Kappa Kappa Klerl- ieal Fraternity. Address, 2313 Fast York St., Philadelpliia. XVILLIAM CROOKSTON.-"Crook" was born at lrwin, Pa., .Ianuary 12, 1876. From Princeton l1e enter- ed tl1e Medical School, where he has become a member of the Azygos and Phil Alpha Sigma Fraternities. llc played on the class and 'Varsity base ball teams in IQO2. He shows a marked predilection for llikle and dolls. Address, IZI3 Chislett St., Pittsburg, l'a. XVILLIANI XVARRIZN CCDWGILL.-Horn july 14, l87Q, in Fairview, Ohio. l'le enterezl the class of IQOS from Cambridge lfligh School, but was l3CCll1CZll'l1CKl to us by illness which prevented his graduation last year. Idle is a member of the Christian .Xssoeiation, Houston Club and Tyson Medical Society. Address, 756 Logan Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 21 -'P JAMES CROXVE.-This massive piece of furniture was born September 25, 1877. He Pl'epZ11'Cfl at Abington ,l"riends' School. He is a member of the Charles K. Mills Neurological Society, and bowling champion of the Uni- versity for 1903. Address, Fox Chase, Pa. DAVID DALE.-"Our Football Star" was born in Lemont, l'a., February 26, 1876. He received his ll. S. in 1900 and M. i11 1903 from Gettysburg' College. "Dave" is one of our best known members. In 1902 he played right-half on the 'Varsity a11d in 1903 was quarter- back. He is a- member of Sigma Chi a11d Alpha Mn Pi lhnega Fraternities. Address, Lemont, Pa. HOWARD EDW'ARDl DEAN.-Born September 25. 1878, at Braddock, Pa. He graduated from Geneva Col- lege in '97. with the degree of li. S. In 1900 he entered the Medical School. I-Be is a member of john Ashhurst. jr., Surgical Society and Alpha Mu Pi Omega Fraternity. Address, Braddock, Pa. OREN M. DEEMS.-"Old Deemer" was born in Newark, Ohio, April 21, 1879. He received his Ph. B. from Iowa State. Contrary to Sam Stout's expectations, he was elected President of the cla-ss in his Freshman year. The, subterranean grumble of- his voice is calculated to in- spire awe and fear, but tl10se who know him find him one of the best-hearted men in the class. He was a member of the Freshman crew and base ball team. He belongs to Beta Theta Pi and Phi Alpha Sigma Fraternities. Address, 59 West Forty-fourth St., New York. 22 l 1 ALBERT JOSEPH DEVLIN.--"Dev" made a home run May 22, 1880, adding one more to Philadelphia's cen- sus roll. He prepared his base ball arm' and ideation cen- tres at La Salle College. He was a member of the class base ball team in 1902, has been on the 'Varsity base ball team throughout his four years, and is captain of the 'Varsity base ball team for 1904. He is a member of Sphinx Senior Society. Address, 1615 North Tenth St., Philadelphia. BERNARD' CHARLES DORSET. - Nashville. Tenn., first heard the joyous sounds from "Barney's" vocal passages on May 25, 1877. He graduated from Univer- sity of W'isconsin in 1900 and distinguished himself at Pennsylvania by his flute-like tones and tragic acting. He is a member of Phi Delta Phi and Phi Alpha Sigma Fra- ternities, and is Vice President of the Pepper Medical So- ciety CO3-'O4.l Address, La Crosse, Wisconsin. ARDREY WHTDDTN DOWNS.-"Our Brightest" began his brilliant career in Philadelphia, August 17, 1882. He entered the Medical School from Central High School. He is a member of Alpha Kappa Kappa Fraternity, of Alpha Omega Alpha Honorary Fraternity on the Senior election, and Secretary of the John B. Deaver Surgical Society for this year. He is also a member of the Cap and Gown Committee and Sigma Xi Fraternity. Address, Downingtown, Pa. VV1LLIAM DRAYTON. JR.-"Bill" first saw the light of day in Philadelphia, January 27, 1881. He came to us from Episcopal Academy. Since then, as General Assistant in Frazier's Surgical Clinic Qlllj he has been making earnest efforts to solve the mysteries of blood pressure. He is a member of Delta Psi Fraternity, Sec- retary CO2-,035 and President C03-'o4j of the I-l. C. Wood Medical Society. Address, Pennlyn, Pa. 23 FLOYD DOUGLAS lDRL'NlHELLER.-On Octo- ber 20, l88O, "Drummy" was first heard to ask for a piano. and since then his piano concerts l1ave been regular ex- cept for sufficient time off to win a few pool tourna- ments ancl to pass incidental examinations in his medical course. He graduated from Harrisburg' High School in IQOO. He is a member of Phi Sigma Kappa. Add1'ess,335 Market St., Harrisburg, l'a. ALBERT PLCNIMER IJLTRYEE.-Ulleau llrum- ell" was born March 8, 1879, at Falls Church, Ya. He entered our class toward the close of our third year with a flaming' necktie and noble moustache. He was a mem- ber of the IQOI class crew in '97,,Z111fl Secretary of the Pep- per Medical Society 'QQ-IQOO. He prides himself on his resemblance to our Dean. Member of Nu Sigma Nu lira- ternity. Address, Everett, XVash. JOHN HENRY FAGER.-liager was born in Har- risburg' in 1877. He received his ll. S. from University of Pennsylvania in IQOO. He quietly entered the Medical School tl1at fall and has as quietly pursued the even tenor of his way throughout his course. He is a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Sphinx fSenior Collegej Society, and Pepper Medical Society. Address, 120 Walnut St., Harrisburg, l'a. GILMOR VVREY STE..-XD' FARNVELL.-"Rayl' was born in Norfolk, December 15, 1882. He attended the Upper Canada College and the Central High School. This light-headed youth entered the Medical School in -1900, and his playful antics in the clinics have helped to make him well-known. He was a member of the 'Varsity shoot- ing team CO2-lO3l, and President of the Judson Deland Nfedical Society CO3-'O4.j Address, 3423 Wlalnut St.. Philadelphia. 24 RAYMOND STOXER FREEIJ.-"l"reeder" first tackled this mundane life October 12, 1879, and since then he has tackled pretty much anything that has come his way. The convolutions of his frontal lobes were fashion- ed at Lafayette College. He rowed on the Freshman crew, and is a member of Agnew Surgical Society, .Xzygos and .Xlpha Mu Pi Omega. .Xddress. Mt. Pleasant, Pa. JAMES ROY lfRliEl.:XXlJ.-He was christened "Roy" in February, 1883, but since his association with the class in 1900, he has been just "Mike" He graduated from the Central High School. and is a member of John ll. Deaver Surgical Society. .-Xdclress. Melrose, Pa. LEON.-XRD IJ XYlS FRESCOLN.-Since 1878. when he began his life, lirescoln has never been known to miss the answer to any question. however difficult. He received his .'X. li. from Pennsylvania in 1900. His forte is impossible ltalian and Russian names, and music, being a member of the Cniversity Hand C98-5023, and assistant conductor in 1902. He is a member of Alpha Chi Rho l'r"ternity and Ashhurst Surgical Society. .Xddress. 3304 liaring St., Philadelphia. CYRCS NV.-XRD l"RlUY.-"Cys" was born in Nlountville. Va., February 18, 1878. He received his A. ll. in 1900 and i-X. M. in 1903 from Franklin and Klarshall Col- lege. ln his Freshman year the rare combination of his sunny disposition and his melancholy eyes won him hosts of friends. He was a substitute on the 'Yarsity fencing team t'01-'o.tJ, ll'l'll1Zlg'L'l' of the lfeneers' Cl11b V03-7045. and l"ennsylvania delegate to the lieneers' Convention in New York t"o4.H He is chairman of the Membership Commit- tee of the Houston Club CO3-,041 and a member of the Class Photograph Committee this year. He made Alpha Umega Alpha Honorary lfraternity on the Junior election. .-Xddress. Motmtville, Lancaster Co., Pa. 25 W'lLI,l.-XM G.-XRFIFLD FOX.-"Yellow Hill" is a Lancaster county boy, being born there April 27, 11879. He received his A. ll. from Franklin and Marshall in 1900. His boutonnieres are at once the wonder and envy of the class. He is on the Membership Committee of Houston Club V03-'o4l, and chairman of Flag' Committee of Ilous- ton Club. ,He served as representative of Lippincott llouse f'O2-'CRX was Vice I'resident of the lloard of Representa- tives 4'o2-'o3D, and President of the same F03-'o4.l Ile has been class Vice President since 1902. NVilliam Pepper Medical Society has him among' its members. Address, 334 North Nancy St., Lancaster. Pa. HYMA FEIGENHALTM was born -lanuary 17, 1873. in Pittsburg, Pa. He joined us in our third year. i.i:a skill and knowledge is not confined to the ills of man alone, for "Fig" received a degree of Y. M. D. from l"ennsylva- nia in 1902. E Address, 5224 llutler St., Pittsburg, I'a. JOHN DAVIDSON FRAME.-Hudson, Wisconsin, was the birthplace ,of this earnest man, on june 26, 1880. He graduated from University of Wooster in 1900 CA. li., Magna cum laudej. The Bacillus of Eberth prevented him from graduating with his class in 1903, but presented him to us in the fall of our Senior year. He has actively identified himself with Y. M. C. A. work, being President of Foreign Missionary Department C02-'o3j, and Medical Secretary CO3-iO4J. He is a member of the Ashhurst Sur- gical Society. Address, Wooster, Ohio. SAMUEL HONVARD GILLILAND.-Dr. Gilliland began his scientific' researches December IO, 1877, at Oak Hall, Pa. After preparatory work in the Laboratory of Hygiene at Pennsylvania, he studied in Germany under Koch. Returning to America be received the degree of V. M. D. from Pennsylvania in 1901. He is President of Tyson Medical Society Q'O3-,O4D, President of Veterinary Medical Society QIQOO-'OIL and l'I'fClNlJCI' of Alpha Omega Alpha Honorary Fraternity and Sigma Xi. Address, Pepper Laboratory, University of Pennsyl- vama. 26 JOHN KYLE GCJRDON.-Immediately on his ar- rival at Fannettsburg, Pa., August 6, 1877, john expressed a desire to be a Princeton man. He received his degree of A. li. from Princeton in '99. XVas Junior Resident Phy- sician of Childrc-n's Seashore' House, Atlantic City, N. vl., during the summer of IQOS. ls a member of H. C. Wood Medical Society and Phi Alpha Sigma Fraternity. Address, Fannettsburg, Pa. ROBERT LOCHEAD GR.-X-Y.-On February 10. 1881, Glasgow, Scotland, received the honor of starting "Bobby" on his bright career. He graduated from the Central High School in IQOO. "Cupid," with his running mate, "Psyche" Hawman. was a morally efficient member of the "l3ouncer's Committee." He is Yice President of the Nlills Neurological Society C03-'o4l, and on the Board of Editors of the 'Scope, member of Sigma Xi. Address, 4721 Penn St., Frankford, Pa. HENRY JOHN HARP, JR.-Harp was born at Green Island, N. Y., September 15, 1881. He entered the Medical School from Round Lake Military Academy. ls President of john Guiteras Pathological Society CO3-'O4j, and member of Alpha Kappa Kappa Fraternity. Address, Riound Lake, N. Y. ERLE GOODFELLOW' HANVMAN.--"Fetus" add- ed his mite to the fame of Reading, Pa., on September 1, 1881. Upon graduating from the Reading High School in '99 he entered Pennsylvania in IQOO. He served with "Cupid" Gray as an honorary member of the "Bouncing Committee," and is a member of the Penrose Gynecologi- cal Society. Address, 13 South Tenth St., Reading, Pa. 27 .'XLlfX.'XNlJl2R ILXYLY I'l.XYXY.-XRD,-Dorn i11 llorchcstcr county, Md.. May 11. 1882. l'reparcd at St. -lohn's College. ls member of tl1e C. li. Mills Neurologi- cal Society and Southern Club, of which he was Record- ing Secretary in 1902-QO3. Address, lfaston. Kld. VRXNCIS RO1l7l.2RlCK H4JLIIROOK.-"Nlicke5"' w'1s born in Delhi. Iowa, Xovember 14. 1880. lle took his tirst j'C'1I' in medicine at Creighton Cniversity. He then came "out of the XVest" to enter l'ennsylvania. He is a member of the Charles R. Klills Neurological Society. Houston Club and Xu Sigma N11 Kledical Fraternity. One-time captain of his class crew in 1903, member of the -lunior 'Yarsity eight and 'Yarsity four-oared crews in 1993. .X1ldre:s. 3601 Locust St., l'hiladelphia. IVRAXCISCO JOSE IIIQRX.-XNIJEZ was born in San juan. Puerto Rico. March 17. l882. Received his .-X. ll. from Instituto Civil de 2d Ensenanza de San juan. Puerto Rico, in '98, Entered Woodstock College, and took his lirst year in medicine at University of Michigan. I-lc is El member of the .lohn Guiteras Medical Society, of which hc was Corresponding Secretary from 1902-'o3. Address, San juan, Puerto Rico, C. S. .-X. H.-XRRY LOCIS IIUNIER.-"Harry" was born in llaltimore, Md.. january IO, Ig75. llc prepared at Loyala College and 'Iohns Hopkins. and entered Pennsylvania in 1900. Member and Recording Secretary of john .-Xshhurst. Jr. Surgical Society, A. A.. Houston Club and Maryland Club. .-Xddress, Rider, Md. 28 E- HARRY KlARX'lN llUSMFR.-"Nlissoi11'i" was born December 30, 1879, in Maryville, Nlo. After one year at Rush Medical, he grew wise and literally "b'ew into" Pennsylvania. He is a member of the Charles li. Mills Neurological Society, Houston Club, and rowed No. 4 on that famous class eight of IQO3. Address, Maryville, llo. JACOB HL7S1lli.-ltlusilc is a native of Russia, wl'e1'e he was born December 20, 1876. His smile is as expansive as his birthplace's policy. .After receiving his A. ll. from Pennsylvania he entered the Medical Department. Address, 1325 South Sixth St., Philadelphia. CARLYLE PERRY HUSSEY.-Hussey is a Silllfily New Englander from Guilford, Me.. where he was born May 13, 1879. Received his A. li. from llates College. and entered Pennsylvania in 'IQOO. ls a member of tl'e VVilliam Pepper Medical Society, the Christian Associa- tion and Alpha Mu Pi Omega Medical lfraternity. Address, Lewistown, Me. l-IORACE 1elO'W'.-XRD JENKS was born in the Qua- ker City, june 7,- 1878. After receiving' his A. H. from Haverford in IQOO, he entered the Medical School, where he gained distinction in his second year by espousing' the cause of anti-vivisection. He has quietly passed his four years here as a good, earnest student. 1-Ie is a member of the H. C. XVood Medical Society and an editor of this book. Address, Q20 Clinton St., Philadelphia. 29 S'l'LlAR'l' SMITH JORDAN.-jordan co111es from Volant, Pa., wl1ere l1e was born October 13, IS74. Re- ceived his Il. S. from Westminster, Zlllfl entered l,Cll1lSyl- va11ia i11 1900. ls a member of Daland Medical Society, a11d tl1e class base ball team of IQO2. Address, Yolant. Pa. Flilill IIARLEN KLWAIYR.-"F1'ed" was born i11 Milford, Pa., February 7, 1878. Amherst College is his Alma Mater. 'His honors here are legion. President of tl1e class during second, third a11d fourth years: President of William Pepper Medical Society, a11d President of Hous- ton Club. XVas a member of the track team 1901-1903, a11d tl1e championship two-111ile relay team of 1902 and 19433. ls a member of Phi Delta Theta, Pl1i Alpha Sigma Zllltl Alpha Omega Alpha Honorary F1'aternity i11 the ,lun- ior electio11. Other facts i11 his history are being com- piled i11 a compend, the scope ol this book not being suf- ficient to lllClllKlC tl1e111. Elected to Sigma Xi. Address, Milford, Pa. FLOYD ELWOOD KEENII.--"Flora" blossomed into bei11g i11 Kewanee, lll.. October 9, 1881. He prepared at the Peoria High School, a11d entered the Medical School in tl1e fall of 1900. His charming 111a11ner and winning s111ile have wo11 him lllally f1'lCllilS. Ile is a member of the Houston Club, tl1e Athletic Association, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Alpha Sigma Medical, and Azygos Fraternities and Pepper Medical Society. He was elected to the Alpl1a Omega Alpha Honorary Fraternity 011 tl1e junior electio11. THOMAS CHARLES KELLY.-"'l'o111" is a native of Nlanaynnk, Pa., where he made l1is mortal debut Feb- ruary 22, 1882. He was awarded his A. B. from La Salle College i11 1900. lt was not until he entered the Medical School that he realized the handicap of having a great brother. llut i11 spite of this, he has made the 11a111e of Manayunlc a household word. ls a member of Houston Club, Athletic Association, a11d Azygos. He is President of the IJ. Hayes Agnew Surgical Society a11d a member of Nu Sigma Nu Medical Frater11ity. Address, Manayunk, Pa. 30. XVILLIAM SOLOMON KLYDER.-"llill" is a na- tive of Norristown. Va.. tl1e date of his birth being 'lune 6, 1882. He prepared at Norristown High School. Address, Norristown, Pa. DIAMES NVILLIAM LEIQCH.-"Jimmie" began his earthly career in NVorcester, Blass., January 22, 1881. He prepared for Medical School at Brown University. jim is one of the popular men of the class, his ready wit and humorous remarks frequently making us forget the weari- ness of tedious hours. llesides standing well in scholar- ship, 'lim found time to row on the 1904 class crew. He is a member of Penrose Gynaccological Society f'l'reas- urer 1902-'03 a11d President 190330453 associate leader of Glee Club 1903-'o4: member of lloard of Representatives and of its Executive Committee IQO3-,O4. His fraternities are Chi Phi, Nu Sigma Nu and Alpha Omega Alpha Hon- orary on the junior election. He is a member of the ezlitorial board of the 'Scope Address. 40 Greenwich St., llrovidence, R. I. SAMUEL AUGUSTLYS LFINHACH. ,lR.-Porn February 8, 1881. at Copley, lla. Sainmy attended l"r'1nk- lin and Marshall College before entering medicine. His mellow voice, descending from the furthermost seats of the lecture room, has often awed the quiz masters. and we have all been electrified by his brilliant theories in medi- cine. He is a member of Houston Club and Guiteras Med- ical Society. Address, Readingfl a. 7 PAUL A. LliW'lS.-Paul was born in Chicago in 1877. He came to us from University of VViseonsin in his second year. ls a member of D. Hayes Agnew Surgical Society, l'hi Alpha Sigma and Alpha Omega Alpha Hon- orary Fraternity on the Junior election. He has been ap- pointed as resident to the University Hospital: member of Sigma Xi. 4 Address, 1159 Kinnickinnic Ave., Milwaukee. Wis. SI SE'I'l"l ANDREW LIGHT.-"Seth" co1nes from Avon. Pa., the' date of his birth being November 30, 1874. He took his A. B. at Lebanon College i11 IQOO. XYhen he entered tl1e Medical School tl1e following' fall we all real- ized that he was one of tl1e few in the class who could wear a moustache gracefully. ls a member of the I-loustcn Club. the Athletic Association and the john ll. Deaver Slll'2'lCfll Society. Xlfas elected to Alpha fhnega .-Xlpha llonor'1ry lfraternity i11 his Senior year and to Sigma Xi. .'XKlfll'6SS, Lebanon, Pa., R. lf. U. No. 5. EIJXV.-XRD D.'XLAXl'J LOYEJOY, with character- istic modesty, evaded the question as to the date of his birth, but Zl.ClVZ1llCQfl the information that he is Pl1iladel- phia born and Princeton bred. He is a member of the Houston Club a11d Phi .-Xlpha Sigma Medical Fraternity. lrle is President of the Stille Medical Society. .-Xdzlress, 3901 Chestnut St.. Philadelphia. PR XNCISCO il. M.-XR'l'lNl2Z.-llorn in Guayaquil. lfcuador, .Iuly 3, 1883. l'le prepared at the Collejio San Yincente del Gnayas and at Georgetown University. VVas Tl'C2lSlll'Cl' of john Guitcras Medical Society IQO2-,O3 and Vice President of Latino-Americano Club l902-,O3. l-le is a member of Houston Club. Athletic .-Xssociation, Guide Association, Newman Club and Pi Mu Epsilon lota Pi Fraternity. Address. Guayaquil, Ecuador. il. CLYDE MQXRKITL.-.liin was born at Winters- town, Pa., December 17. 1877. He received his degree of ll. S. fro111 Gettysburg' i11 IQOO and his M. S. in 1903. XYe l'L'll'lCllllJL'l' jim by his gentle manner and tlourisliing mous- tache. Si11ce he has been a member of our class he has been a 1nen1ber of the Athletic :Xssociation. llouston Club. 'I'reasnrer of Pepper Medical Society CO3-'O4l, Secretary of tl1e Lancaster County Club C'o3-'o4'J, and on the lloard of Representatives CO2-' llc is a member of tl1e Phi lJelt'1 'lillClL2l and .-Xlpha Omega .Xlpha Honorary Frater- nity on tl1e junior election. A .Xddress, lfourtli and Perry Sts., Colninbia. Pa. 32 EDXVARD IHROXVNING MEIGS.-"Dawl:tei"' was born in Philadelphia in 1879. He graduated with an A. lil. from Princeton in 1900 and followed his illustrious father's footsteps into Pennsylvania. He is a member of the H. C. XYood Society and of Alpha Omega Alpha lrlonorary Fra- ternity on the Senior election. Address. l322 XValnut St., I'hiladelphia. RALPH EATON KllI.Ll2R.-"Pete" is a native of Pinegrove, Pa.. where he was born October 29. 1875. He received a H. S. from Gettysburg in 1894. Pete has a weakness for good clothes and superstitious concerning examinations. He is a member of D. Hayes Agnew Sur- gical Society, Phi Kappa l'si, l'hi Alpha Sigma and Alpha Omega Alpha Honorary Fraternities on the junior elec- tion. Address, Pinegrove, Pa. RALPH ERSKINE MOFFAT'l'.-"CJur Married Man" was born in Decatur, Ill., date evidently unknown. He attended Lafayette College '93-'94, and entered tl1e Medical School in 1900. He celebrated his entrance into the third year by being married. "Fatty Felix" is Presi- dent of the Pm. Deaver Surgical Society, and a member of Houston Club and Athletic Association. Address, Cumberland, Md. XVILLIAM E1D1VVARD MacCOY.-"Mac" is a na- tive oi Sandusky, Ohio, where he was born July 2. 1875. He joined us in 1902 from Leland Stanford junior Uni- versity. He is Secretary of the California Club Zlllfl mem- ber of the D. Hayes Agnew Surgical Society. This year he has been acting as General Clinical Surgical Assistant to Dr. Frazier. He is a member of Zeta Psi, Phi Upsilon. Theta Nu Epsilon and Nu Sigma Nu Fraternities. Address, 3601 Locust St., Philadelphia. 33 i JAMES GARNETT KlcCOLLlN, JR.-llorn in Phil- adelphia November 16, 1876. He graduated from the l'hiladelphia College of Pharmacy in '99. He is a member of Houston Club and the Athletic Association. Address, 404 North lforty-first St., l"hiladelphia. ALEXANDER VALTGHN McDONALD.-.-Xnother of the "Macs," this one coming from Fon du Lac. XYis. He graduated from University of Wlisconsin in IQOO. Address, Sheboygan St., lion du Lac., XX'is. THOMAS j. McGURL.-"Tom" hails from Miners- ville, Pa., where he prepared for Pennsylvania at the local Normal School. 'lMac" is a great favorite and a good student. He is a member of Ashhurst, jr. Surgical So- ciety, Kappa Sigma and Alpha Omega Alpha Honorary Fraternities on the Senior election. Address, Minersville, Pa. GEORGE SCOTT MCKNIGHT.-Tliis eminently neat young man comes from Pittsburg, where he was born October 9, 1878. He graduated from Princeton in IQOO with the degree of A. ll. This last, but not least, "Mac" is a member of Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Phi Alpha Sigma Fraternity and Azygos. Address, 349 South Highland Ave., Pittsburg. 34 i JOHN BERNARD MENCKE, JR.-On May 17, 1883, Klencke was born in Philadelphia, but it was not 11n- til last fall that we became acquainted with him. On ac- count of illness last year he was forced to leave college before graduation. llut "it is an ill wind that blows no- body good," and we are glad to have him with ns. Elected to Sigma Xi. Address. 619 North lfranldin St.. l'hiladelphia. CHARLES MclsIlNNliY NICIE.-Rogersville is a little town in Tennessee. not on the map, but of import- ance as the birthplace of Charlie, September 9, 1882. "Choppy" prepared at the University of Tennessee, and entered the Medical School in 1900. This little "South- ern C3entleman" was a member of the lloard of Represen- tatives IQOI-'02, He is also Secretary of Penrose Gynae- cological Society C03-'0.tjg President of the Tennessee Club U03-'o4J, chairman of Committee on Commencement Invitations, and a member of the Houston Cl11b and Ath- letic Association. He "coxecl" the class crew in 1903. His fraternity is .Kappa Alpha. Address, Rogersville, Tenn. DONALD HOLLINGS'WORT'I-I NOBLE was born .lfebruary 20, 1882, in Muncy, Pa. He entered the class from Muncy High School. Address, Muncy, Pa. HENRY JAMES NICHOLS.-"The man that made Milwaukee famous" in 1877. He received his A. li. in '99 and A. M. in ,OI from Yale. Although "Nick" has not been with us throughout the course we have all learn- ed to know him well, and he is deservedly popular. He is a member of Pepper Medical Society, of the Library Committee of the Houston Club, and of Phi Alpha Sigma. He is making a specialty of honorary fraternity watch- keys, now having at his belt those of Phi Beta Kappa, Sig- ma Xi and Alpha Omega Alpha. Address, Q5 Carroll St., Binghamton, N. Y. 6 . . 35 l 1 l 1 l i 1 .rXLl'iX.XNlDRlNU DE NIORAITS PEDROS0.-Tliis small-voiced South American was born in S. Paulo, llrazil, January 1.1, 1881. I-le prepared at the Polytechnical School of Paulo, and then came to Pennsylvaiiia. lle is a member of the John Guiteras Medical Society, the New- man Cl11b and the Houston Club, and 'l'reasurer of the Latino-Americano Club. Address, 47 Rua da Liberdade, S. Paulo, llrazil. JOHN READ.--"Rabbit" comes from Huntingdon, Pa., where he was born November 11, l88O. Alter two years at Juniata College he entered the field of medicine at Pennsylvania. John usually comes to lecture some time before it is over, b11t has never been known to hurry un- necessarily. However, he can sprint, for he won his numerals in the one-mile interdepartment race in IQOO, and was a member of our class crew in the third year. I-le is a member of Penrose Gynaecological Society and Alpha Kappa Kappa Fraternity. Address, H untingdon, Pa. ALI'HONSJO1HN REINER was born in Philadel- phia August 19, 1880. I-le received his A. B. from La Salle. He is a member of Houston Club, Newman Club and John Guiteras Medical Society. Address, 2821 Girard Ave., Philadelphia. SIDNEY JOSEPH REPPLIER.-"Sid" is another of our Reading, Pa., boys, where he was born January 5, 1881. From Princeton he entered Pennsylvania in the fall of 1900. "Rep" was chairman of Pipe Committee in IQOI. He is also a member of Agnew Surgical Society and Sec- retary CO2-'O3J, a member of Houston Club and Athletic Association, Phi Alpha Sigma and Phi Kappa Psi Fra- ternities. Address, Reading, Pa. 36 IACOH ROSEXER was born in Poland, March 15, 1882. He graduated from Central High School in IQOO. Rosener was first brought to the notice of the class when he had the courage to take a front seat under protest of the second year "Dents." Wie will all remember the con- flict precipitated, which resulted, however, in establishing our rights. Address, 1505 South St., Philadelphia. EDMUXD RUSSELL.-Born in llrooklyn, N. Y., February 27, 1881. 'He prepared at Central 1-ligh School, and then came to bring fame to Pennsylvania in track athletics. The editors have selected only a few of the chief athletic events in Eddie's career, as they could give but one-fourth of a page to each man. He was a member of track team 1901-'04, of 1902-'03, four-mile relay team, of cross country team IQO2-'04, and of intercollegiate 'Yar- sity track team. He won first place in the two-mile with Cornell, fourth place in same event in the intercollegiates, when he won his "P." He was captain of cross country team in '03, of 'Varsity track team 1903-'04, and of Cross Country Association. ls a member of Houston Club. lloard of Directors of A. A. F02-'o4l, of Allied Sports Committee C02-'o3l, Secretary in l902-'03, and President C'o3-'o4l of Mills Neurological Society, and member of Nu Sigma Nu Fraternity. Address, 43110 Osage Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. JAMES BERNARD RUCKER, JR., was born in Evansville, lndiana, May 13, 1879. He prepared for col- lege at the High School of his native town, and received the degree of Bachelor of Arts from the University of Indiana. Wie shall all remember "Ruck" for his famous recitations in Gynaecology. He is a member of the Delta Kappa Epsilon liraternity. Houston Club and James Ty- son Medical Society, having served the latter as Treasurer in l902-,O3. Address. Evansville, lnd. CLYDE 'IOHN SAYLOR was born in Annville, Leb- anon county, Pa., February 14, 1880. He entered Leba- non Valley College from the High School, and received the degree of ll. S. Saylor has paid close attention to the roster, but found time to play centre on the class football team. He is a member of the Lebanon County Club and of the john R. Deaver Surgical Society. Address, Annville, Pa. 37 XVXYNE LEINRACH SHEARER was born October 3, 1876, in Reading, Pa. He took his preparatory course at the Carroll Institute there, and graduated from Penn- sylvania State College with the degree of ll. S. in IQOO. Shearer has been active in the Banjo, Mandolin and Cam- era Clubs, and is a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Theta Nu Epsilon lfraternities. Address, Reading, Pa. Plfl' ANGELOF DA SILVA is one of our representa- tives from Brazil, for he was born at Rio Grande do Sul in 1879. He prepared for the University of Montevideo at institutions in Paysandu and Montevideo, Uruguay. l"io's "basso profundo" is familiar to all, and has proven a valuable factor in VVinn's "close harmony" outbursts. "Seuor" is President of the Latin-American Club, a rep- resentative of the Students' Guide Association, a member of the Newman Club and Vice President of the john Gui- teras Medical Society. Address, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. JACOB GEORGE SILVERMAN was born in Phila- delphia, Pa.. September 27, 1882, and prepared for tl1e University at the Central High School. Silverman has frequently won applause for his brilliant answers in med- icine, and probably more than any other man in the class deserves the name of being the hardest and most faithful worker, for when not at lectures he could always be found in the library. He was elected to Sigma Xi this spring. Address, 832 South St., Philadelphia. CHESTER COLLlNS SLO.-XN was born in Eddy- ville, lowa, May 16, 1877. Attended the Moline High School, where he prepared for North Western University. l-le then went to Arkansas University, where he received the degree of A. B. in 'IQOO. "Sheister" substituted on the 'Varsity football team and played a fast game. He is a member of the Phi Kappa Sigma, Nu Sigma Nu, Azygos and Pepper Medical Societies. Address, Moline, Ill. 38 GEORGE CHESTER SMITH was born in Tyrone. Blair county, Pa., February 3. 1879. He fitted himself for Pennsylvania College by attending Stevens llall, Gettys- burg. Pa. George has paid close attention to medicine since he entered the University, and is a conscientious student. He is a member of the Tyson Medical Society, officiating as Vice President 1903-'04, Address, Tyrone, Pa. MICHAEL DL'GAN SPURCK was born May 16, 1882, at Peoria, Ill. According to the report he handed in, Mike received no preliminary training, but it is a mys- tery to some of us how he got by Dean Klarshall with- out a certificate of some kind. Ilowever, he has been with us all of the time, and is a member of the Alpha Mu Pi Umega Medical Fraternity, Azygos and of the Pepper Medical Society. Address, 4Ol Klunroe St., Peoria, Ill. XVILL-IAM MYRON STUCKWELL was born at New Britain, Conn.. November 21, l88O. "Stocky" grad- uated from the local High School, and decided to make his mark with the lancet and stethescope. Bill was a mem- ber of the IQOO class crew. IQOI class football and 'IQO2 sub 'Varsity football teams, and is a member of the Hirst Obstetrical Society and Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity. Address, New Britain, Conn. PHILIP SAMUEL STOUT was born in Quaker- town, Bucks county, Pa. At the beginning of his career Sam decided that he wanted abroad education, and con- sequently attended institutions of varied character. Ile first went to the Brown Preparatory School, then to the Academy of Industrial Arts, and finally decided to ap- proach the study of medicine by learning something about drugs at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, receiving the degree of P. D. in IQOO. Stout started the ball rolling for a class organization in Freshman year, and his activ- ities in the class ever since is a wonder to us all. I-Ie has been Treasurer of the class since 1902, was manager of the IQO2 class base ball team, and member of the 1903 class crew. He is also a member of the Brown l"repar"- tory School Club, Guide Association, Associate Editor of the Pennsylvania and correspondent of Old Penn, and an editor of the 'Scope. Address, liifth and Glenwood Ave.: Philadelphia. 39 ROBERT HALLOCK WRIGHT STRANG was born in Bridgeport, Conn., February 22, 1881. He pre- pared for college at VVesleyan Academy, VVilbraham, Mass. Bob entered the Dental Department of the Uni- versity of Pennsylvania and graduated in 1902 with the de- gree of D. D. S. He is a member of the Combined Musi- cal Clubs, was President in 1903, and leader of the Banjo Club during IQOI-'02-,O3. He is also a member of the Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity, Hirst Obstetrical and Dar- by Dental Societies. Address, Bridgeport, Conn. CHARLES GUNNTSOON STRTCKLAND was born March 31, 1880, at Erie. Pa. He graduated from the local High School in 1897 and received the degree of A. B. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1901. "Strick" is one of the best students in the class, and one of the most popu- lar. He is al member of the Alpha Mu Pi Omega Medical Fraternity, Alpha Omega Alpha Honorary Fraternity, B. C. Hirst Obstetrical Society CPresident 1903-'O4b, and a member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity and Sigma Xi. Address, Erie, Pa. EDMUND' BUCKNER SVVEENEY is our only rep- resentative from Kentucky. He was born in Owensboro, Ky., July 7, 1882. Ed. has followed the curriculum closely since entering the University, and always has an answer for the quiz masters. H"e is a member of the B. C. 'Hirst Obstetrical Society and Beta Theta Pi Fraternity. Address, Owensboro, Ky. THEODORE ENIIL TEAH was born in Palestine. T1-was February 26. 1882, took his preparatory course in the local High School and started on a long journey for his M. D. Teah was Secretary of the Class during Fresh- man and Sophomore years, rowed on the IQO2 class crew and is a member of the Houston Club. Address, Palestine, Texas. 40, CI-IARLTCS MIZNGER. TRFSCHEL was born May 7, 1880, at Xkfheeling, NV. Ya. He prepared for the Uni- versity by studying at the Cathedral High School, Lind- sey lnstitute and Fordham College, New York. Charlie isia member of the Penrose Cfiynecological Society and of the Newman and Houston Clubs. Address, 1116 Fourteenth St., X'V'heeling, XV. Ya. FREDERICK OSXYIN XVQXAGE was born October 26, 1877, at Pennsburg, Pa. Hle prepared for Princeton University at Ferkiomen Seminary, and graduated from the former with the deg'ree of A. ll. in IQOO. Fritz has not been asleep all ofthe time, for he has learned to recog- nize heart murmurs, although 'lack XN'inn is constantly afraid he might "drap off" any minute. llesides trying to teach the instructors how to pronounce his name. "XVage" captained the Freshman class crew, rowed o11 the Sopho- more and ,lunior crews, and played' on the class football team. Fritz is a member of the Pepper Medical Society. Address, Pennsburg, Pa. XVILLTAM RICH.-XRD VV.-XRREN.-"Billy" was born in Key XVest, Fla., October 18, 1876. He received his fX. li. from Xkfilliams in IQOO. lleing editor-in-chief of the 'Scope he refused to allow any blackmail to be printed concerning him. He was a member of Committee on Ily- Laws for class in first year. class football team of second year, and of Cap and Gown Committee. His medical so- ciety is the H. C. XVood. and his fraternity is Psi Upsilon. Address, 312 lfaton St., Key West, Fla. .IOSEl"l'1 SIMMS NVARNICK was born in Philadel- phia, Pa., july 23. 1876. He prepared for' Pennsylvania at the Central High School. VVarnick has been a busy man through his course, having a drug business to look after, and only a portion of his time has been given to 'Univer- sity matters. Address, I23l North Twelfth St., Frankford, Pa, 1 41 Xl' lNl'ORlJ OLIVER XYILUICR was born in St. .Nl bans, Yt., .lune 30, 1878. He prepared for college at St. :Xlbans High School, and then entered XVesleyan Univer- sity. "XVig" promised to be a valuable addition to l'enn- sylvania base ball as a pitcher until an injury to his arm occurred. lle, however, played in left Held Sophomore and junior years, and was a sure fielder. XVig also has a hobby of batting out home runs occasionally. He is a member of the Pepper Medical Society and Psi Epsilon Fraternity. Address, St. Albans, Yt. CONDIE KNOX XVINN was born in Clayton, Ala- bama, December 7, l88o. Prepared for Wlashington and Lee University at the local High School, and while there decided to study medicine. "-lack" has the happiest dis- position in the class. His laugh is of a contagious nature. and if he is short of funny stories he wants to sing, and calls on Jimmie Leech and Senor da Silva for "some close harmony." Jack is Vice President of the John H. Deaver Surgical Society. Address, Clayton, Ala. GEORGE -IESSE WRIGHT was born in Pittsburg, l'a., june 1, ISSO. Prepared at the local High School, and graduated from Harvard University with the degree of I .X. li. in IQO0. George is a member of the Hirst Obstet- rical Society and of the Delta lfpsilon, Phi Alpha Sigma and Alpha Omega .-Xlpha l"raternities. Address, 117 Roup St.. l'ittsburg. 42 illirhiral Svnririiva anh Zlfratvrnitirz ew 43 I I I I I I I I I I I I i I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I E:?:.:'::.'-:-::':r"'-4 - -,J-:z Still? illlrhiral Qfnrirtg Zlinunhzh 18 74 JOHN HERR BIUSSER, M. D., EDWARD b. Lovlmoy, '04, SAMUISI. 'l'. ONTUN, '05 President. Vice President. LlCSl.IlC Bl. WESTFALL, '05, GICORGIC M. LAWS, '05, Secretary. Treasurer. joseph Ralph Alclenclifer Walter Kleicler Baer George L. Baker Richard Hayes Davis Edward Wilson Feldholf Samuel Goldstein Friedman Clarence Hamilton Gray Walter Samuel I-Iargett Nelson Wilson janney George Victor Janvier john F. X. Jones George Malcolm Laws 1IIHemhvrz Edward D. Lovejoy. William H. G. Mackay Charles Percy Major William Frederic Moore Arthur Percy Noyes Samuel Torrey Orton Robert Lee Payne, jr. Harold Eugene Robertson Robert Vance Stewart Leslie Marshall VVcstfall William Carlos Williams Fred. liailey Wilson I K 1 I - i I F 1. 3 2 v 45 TH. Ol. muah, fllirhiral Svnrietg DH. ll01i.Yl'.l0 C. WOOD, Patron. Wll,l,I.Ul IJRAYTON, JR., ICIJWARIJ HHHWXIXG MICH s President. Yin-u President. S'l'llll,lXli W.-Xl,Kl'Zl: Mil0lililCAlJ, Wll,l,I.Ul Wl'Il,l,INU'l'HN WUU J lh-1-on-fling Scvl'cla1'y. 'l'reusurer. HENRY CLl'1XIl'lN'l' Wlillililili, llorruspomling Secretary. ifllrnzhrru IQO4 -1. l-'aul Austin Carl lloardman W'illian1 Drayton. ilr. .lohn Kyle Gordon Horace Howard Jenks Edward llrowning Kleivfs B XNilli:un Richard Warren 1905 Erick lluddenbrock Percival Nicholson Frank Dale Dickson Alexander Hay O'Neal Charles Herbert Gerhard Hnbley Rayhorg Uwcn George Donald Guthrie Arthur Hilton Paine Stirling XValkcr Moorhead John Wlilliamson l'ricc. il VV'illiam Magill Schultz 1906 Charles Howard Au fliannncr lfrank Smceton Matlack 1 l XYilliam lxichard Dear lxobc rt Grant Torrey Henry Clement Welker 46 47 Hrpper illlrhiral Smrirtg IJR. ALl"llI'IID Q'l'lfNGIil., Patron. l"lll'IlD. IIARIQI-IN KIAICII. IIICNXAIIIJ C. I7UllSl'I'l', President. Vice l'resident. SASIVICI. IIAIIYICY I.-HIS, MIIJIYJX BOYD Ii.X'I'Zl'1NS'l'I-IIB SCl'l'0t2ll'j'. Treasu1'0r. C H A R LICS X I AC K A I. I, I" l NH ICR., Registrar. illllvnnhem Ralph Oakley Clock Ilernard C. Dorset john Henry Fager William Garfield Fox Carlyle P. Hussey Floyd Elwood Keene lfred Harlen lilaer Charles Blackall ,liisher Eugene Augustin I-lildreth, 3rd Presley MeCance Lloyd 1904 1905 'l. Clyde Marlcel Henry james Nichols Chester C. Sloan Michael Dugan Spurck Frederick Oswin VVaage Winford Oliver VVilder Albert Plummer Duryee Dennet Leroy Richardson Milton lloyd liatzenstein David lllair Mclntire Samuel Harvey Iams Henry Gray Turner l"l2ll'l'j' llond xfVllll1CI',-If. C. Van Reynegom lluinsted Weir Mitchell .Hamilton ljlase Cole William Augustus Newell Winfield Selhnan Oherrender 1 906 1 907 48 joseph Paul Ritenour William Liillillan Gardiner, ji Clarence Davis llradley john Canover Clayton Charles Northinore Sturtev Edgar Shuman Everhart Wlatson Emannd Cziiinpliell Elll w 1 w E i a N v 1 49 E112 E. ijagra 2-Xgnvhx Svurgirul Snrirtg .l. lYll.l.I.XNI Wlll'l'lC, M. IJ., lll'USfllt'lll ex-Uflicio. 'l'l'lll5lAS C. KICIJQY, RAYXIUXIJ S. l"Rl'Il'iI7, l'1'c-sidellt. Vice lll'CSlKll!llt. 11011311111 H. Sl'l'l.l,I'll'l'lfR, 'l'llUXI.-XS EVANS, JR., liL'l'1lI'lllllg.E St'k'I'9t11l'j'. U11 l't'Slllllllllllg Sui-1'c-ta11'y. l'.'Xl'li A. l,lClY1S, filitllllili .XIHRRIS l'Il'IRSUl., 'l'l'C2l5lll'6l'. l' iilrnznlwrz IQO4 ll2l1Il H. llikle Paul A. Lewis Rayinonnl S. Ifreecl xvllllillll lf. MacLfoy 'lil10Il'lZ1S C. Kelly Ralph li. Miller Sidney Repplier 1905 Sznnnel llI'2HllJlll'j', 3l'll George M. l'iersol Elrlriclge L. Eliason Frederick l,l'lI11C,Jl'. 'l'llOll1ZlS livans. jr. Howard G. Sehleiter Robert lf. Williams IQO6 Seth .'X. llrnnnn Clmrles M. l'il'Z1lllillll lszme l'l. -Iones R11lpl1 S. lleilnmn George R. Moflitt Royal Reynolds Sznnuel S. Stryker Clinrles ll. Young' 1907 .lznnes l.. junk Otis lm l,ZlIl'lSU11 SO I I ,. I, 1, 'f V X l l 1 A F lj! A Zlnhn Aahhurat, 3112. Smrgiral Svnrivtg DR. DE I"0RlCS'I' Wll.l..Xl!D, Patron. W. J. 'BIl'IBlCR, '04, C. -I. l'll'X'l', '05, l'rosirlont. Vim-u President. H. L. HOSIICR. 'H-l. 0. 'l'. l'lll.l.S,. '05, llcvorilinpg Secretary. f'0r1-espumling Sem-retalry. 'l'. -l. NIL-lIl'lil., '04, 'I'rensnrcr. Qllvmhrrz H. E. Dean, '04 J. L. ll. Frcscoln, '04 1. D. Frame, '04 E H. L. Bates, '04 T. A. B. Gill, '05 G C. A. Lauffer, '05 A C. W. Buvinger, '05 T P. Hoysen, '05 A R. E. Adkins, '05 R H E. A. Campbell, '05 S2 A L. Gregory. '05 W. Kirsclmer, '05 T. Shields, '06 O. Williams, '06 L. Weinstein, '06 M. Kerr, '06 D. Crowl, '07 V. Lampe, '07 D. Woods, '07 . F. Diseroacl, '07 ' Eh? Elnhn Guiteraa illllvhirul Svnrivty DR. Al,l..'XN .l. SMITH, I'a1lx'un. IIICXHY -I. ll.XllI', I'llj .X. :ln SIIAIX, l'1-esimlent. ., Yi:-e l'l'l'Fl4ll'lll. ICIJXYAICIJ l'. ll'Hl'l'l'I. -IAMICS U. XY.Kl.I.AL'l f'Ul'l'l'PHjlUlllllllLI SL'1'l'b'l.ill'j'. R9L'0l'1llllg SOCl'0l1ll'j'. .IHSICPII IJ. Xzllflllli. 'l'1'easure1'. Hirmhvrz . Alex. cle Moraes Peclroso. ' Alphons DI. Reiner. '04 Francisco Hernandez. '04 lfrancisco il. Martinez. '04 Henry Harp, '04 Pio A. da Silva, '04 Reuben A. Bogia, '04 Samuel A. Leinbach, Ir., '04 XValter S. Capp, '04 Cornelius T. Ferry, '05 Charles XV. Naulty, jr.. '05 Edward C. White. '05 Henry M. Metcalf. '05 joseph L. Moore, '05 john j. Repp. '05 Reuben S. Raub. '05 Timothy Moran, '05 Daniel Velazquez. '06 Herman Sehwatt, '06 james O. Wfallace, '06 Layton VV. Rosenkrans. Gonzalo Valenzuela. '07 K i 3 I I ' N l L 1 5 S5 IIS. 01. Liirnt Cbhztetriral Svnrietg HA RTI IX Cl JOKE l'llRH'I', l'z1tro11. K'llAlil.lCN ll. S'l'llIC'Kl,AND, ALl'IX.XXDl'IH Y. Blau-UUXA IH-Qsidgnt, Vic-e President. lYIl.l.l.XM XI.-XRSl'IAl1L, JR., EIJXIUNIJ li. SXVICICNICY Sgt-I-Mary, Tl'02lSlll'El'. illllrmherz 1904 Edward XV. lleach Robert H. XY. Strang Alexander V. Nlacl3onalcl Charles G. Strickland William M. Stockwell Eclmuncl ll. Sweeney George DI. Wright l9O5 Harry S. Bachmann Wfilliam L. llerst john M. Campbell Edward S. Amsler Harold A. Blair Herbert C. Clark Charles C. Corson Robert H. 'ivy Orion F. Konantz VVilliam Marshall, jr. john XV. Mehring . 1906 Edward I". Corson William T. Ellis, jr. john M. Griscom George C. Rhoacles Paul A. Riston 1907 llorclen Veecler 56 ii f. w iw N 1. W ir, 57 L, ...... J-J.:-:ug-r - Gllmrlw E. Hrnrnav Cggnavrnlngirl Svnrwtq DR. JOHN ll. CIJARK. Presimlunt ex-Oflic-io. JANIICS XV. Ll'IEl'l'I, .-XNIJRICXY C. CAMERON I,l'l'Sllll'lll. Yuen- l,l'l'Slll0llt. L'll.fXHl,lCN Nl. Xll'lC, XYll,l.l.XM l". lll'll,F0l'.Yl lh Sw-ret:11'y. '1'reasu1'e1'. llml1'Lnaln Anrlrexv C. Cameron Erle G. Hawman james XV. Leech .lzuues G. Cullen XN'illiam lf. Cuilfoyle, -ll I'lZ'll'1'y C. l'l0f:fl11?l1'l Robert H. Hayes Samuel lillis ll?lI'l'j' C. Leech XYilli:1m T. l" Iillhlfl li. ll.-KWH.-XX, lixem-utive f'llllllllllll'0. illllrmhrrn I 904 I 905 IQO6 1907 58 Charles Nl. Nice John Read Charles M. Truselmell ',l'l1oim1s E. Memlenlmll 'lolm Moran Lester L. Powell james ll. l'em'ose rifle, Jr. Calvin Rush Robert XY. Yiehe aff llnlm E. Braun' Svurgiral Snrivtg .IUHN li. IJEAYICR, Al. D., r RAl.l'l'l li. NlUl"l".'Vl"l' l,l'0SlIlUl!t. Tlll DMAS ll. WICAIBICR Sm-retary, l'lmir.nun XVilliam R. Hutt William j. Creighton :Xrdrey XV. Downs Philip 5. Stout Thomas A. U'l-lrien Edward U. Reed james C. Rogers j. DeWitt Kerr Harry L. Smith Paitron. VUXIJIE K. WINN Vice President, XVI l.l,I.X XI .l. CRl'IlHH'I ON 'l'1'easux'er. l'llIl.ll' S. S'l'0l"l', lixel-utivo Comniittue. Hllvnnhvrz IQO4 Seth .-X. Light Ralph E. Moffatt Clyde j. Saylor Condie K. Winn 1905 joseph Schenberg jolm F. Streeter Thomas H. Weaber Edward M. Williams 'IQO6 George j. j. Lawrence Charles j. Swalm 60 3 I 1 I l T 5 4 I 4 N 4 .A 6 I W K Gllmrlw li. zllllillz Neurnlngiral Svnrwtn lllAlil.I'.N lx. Mll.l.h, XI. ll.. lxl'QHlllUllt ex-Uflin-io. llUlH'Ill'l'l I I KX E ll L ll ll nt l ICDMUXIJ RUSSICLL, l'1'esiulent. uc' ' Cl.AY'l'0X M. l'llClSliELL, .lUllN A. XX I X1 If ll Scc1'etn1'y. q.'1'8IlNlllG1 Members 1904 C. L. Billard R. L, Gray V. L. Brown A. H. Hayward J. Crowe C. M. Heiskell j. A. Wenrich VV. H. Allen, Jr. J. C. Dallenbach I. A. Brown 1905 1905 17. R. Holbrook H. M. Hosmer E. Russell J. E. Ash H. llartle. jr. J. O. Downey G. R. Drake H. A. Garrison 1907 G. F. Ross C. J. Holeman 62 1 1 Y r .A , 1 N k 63 Flames Elgzuu illlrhiral Sfnrivig SAMUICI. H. Gll.I,IL.XNIJ. President. Hl'IUliflI'I M. Sl'l'l"l'l,E Sevretnl'y. X'Villiam VV. Cowgill Samuel H. Gilliland Albert Il. Davis M. Richardson Raby john K. Coleman Holland H. Donaldson john H. Ludy Russell B. Lynn .IAMICS TYSON, M. ll., Patron. GEORGIQ C. SMITH Vice President. ICIJGAH L. Wl'IS'I', 'l'1'e:1sl1l'L-r. Xl.I4l-Ilifl' IS. DAVIS, I-listorian. illllvnxhrra i904 james li. Rucker. Jr. George C. Smith 1905 George M. Settle Edgar L. Wfest 1906 John L. Mcllride Kent C. Melhorn David J. Moylan john M. Woodring 1907 Elmer P. Reiff 64 4 l F 1 I 6 Nu Svigxna Nu illratvrnitg lflznnhha Qlhuptrr Zllratrra in Ellzxmltatr -lames Tyson. Nl. D. sl. Dutton Steele. Nl. D. .X. 0.1. lxclly. M. IJ. Henry U. Jump, M. ll Charles L.. Potts, Nl. ll Charles A. lfife. M. IJ. "T D' laul H. lnkle .Xlbert P. Duryee lfrancis R. Holbrook james H. Culpepper Charles M. Fischer lingene A. Hilalreth Clayton M. Heislccll Orion I". Konantz Robert H. Hayes Isaac H. Jones George R. Moffitt Harry C. Leech Robert NV. Viehe M. Howard lfnssell. Nl. D. .-Xlfrecl C. Wood, M. D. l. lnrner Thomas. Nl. ll. lfrlwarcl Loclholz, Xl. ll. Robert S. KleCoombs. Nl. ll. Frank A. Craig, M. ll. Zfrzttrrs in 'iHIlll.lPl'HlTElfP I 904 Thomas C. Kelly James XY. Leech Edmund Russell Chester C. Sloan 1905 1 906 1907 66 lferclinancl M. Perrow Robert L. Payne. Ir. lflowarcl G. Sehleiter Harold E. Robertson Leslie Xl. Westfall blames ll. Penrose George C. Rhoafles Charles H. Young john F. Marshall Lloyd P. Shippen 'W l w , ' 1 I .ip V l 1 r 4 l 3 I ,ls gn ll 'w ll l 3 l ll lr 1 H l Q3 'x l l tl l I -. 1. . illl s 4 1 if 1 '4 V i ! Q5 N I,- Y. 1 w n..... I 1 sian DR. J. WILLIAM WHlTE'S SURGICAL CLINIC UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL 67 Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr llr Hr llr lllhi Alpha Sigma Ellratvrnitg Erin Qllgaplvr .j. XVilliam White . llarton Cooke Hirst .john Marshall . George E. de Schweinitz Dr. .john G. Clark . Elisha N. Gregory . Coin' C. Stewart . David S. lidsall Edward Martin Zfarulty I Jr. Sherhourne NV. j. Paul :Xustin W. judd Crookston Oren M. Deems llernard C. llorset john li. Gordon Floyd Ii. Keene lfred. H. lilaer 1904 Richard C. Norris Henry K. Pancoast Dr. Dr. Dr. Henry D. lleyea Dr. j. llurton Carnett llr. George lfetterolf Dr. Wm, R. Nicholson Dr. Charles Hatlield Ur. .Xrthur A. Stevens I Jr. Edwin Sweet Douglt erty Paul .-X. Lewis Edward IJ. Lovejoy George S. Mclinight Ralph E. Miller Henry D. Nichols Sidney j. Repplier George Wright IQOS Samuel llradhury, 3rd Samuel H. Iams 1' rank D. Dickson George M. Laws Eldridge L. liliason Oscar Lotz Oscar 12. lfox Samuel T. Orton Charles H. Gerhard Arthur H. Paine john NV. Price, jr. 1906 Charles H. Aufhammer Paul Riston Frank S. Matlack joseph C. Ritenour Henry C. VVelker 1907 Clarence V. R. liumsted Weir M. Hamilton lllase Cole Wm. .-X. Newell NVinlield S. Oherrender 68 1 THE MEMORIAL 'rowen 69 Alpha 1111111 Iii Gbmrga Zllratrrnitg Zilratma in Zllarultan- .Xlexander C. Abbott, M. lD. llrooke M. .-Xnspach, M. ID. Charles XX'. llurr, M. ID. John T. Carpenter, M. ID. .-Xrthur lf. Coca, M. TD. XX"alter S. Cornell, M. lD. Ciwilym Ci. lDavis, M. lD. W. A. N. lain-lfma, M. p. lDaniel M. lfloyt, M. ID. John H. -lopson. M. ID. George I'. Mueller. M. LD. ,lohn H. Musser, M. LD. George A. l'iersol, M. D. li. .-Xlcxander Randall. M. ID. Zflratr George Linville llaker XX'illiam Lawson llerst X'X"arren -loshua llieber Seth .-Xrthur llrumm Herbert Charles Clark Ralph CDakley Clock Charles Cadwallader Corson lfdward Foulke Corson lDavid lDalc Howard lf. lDean William Richard IDL-ar Raymoml Stoner Freed John Milton Ciriscom Ralph Salem Heilman Carlyle ll. Hussey Robert llenry lvy XX'illi: un XX lDavid Riesman, M. D. joseph Sailer. M. D. Edward A. Shumway. M. ID. lf. l'lollingsu'orth Siter. M. ID. .Xllen J. Smith, M. ID. XX'illiam G. Spiller. M. lD. ll. Franklin Stahl, M. ID. XX'illiam ll. Stanton. M. ID. .Xlfred Stcngcl. M. ID. lloward A. Sutton, M. ID. .lohn M. Swan. M. lD. Cortland Y. XX'hite. M. lD. lDel7orrest XX'illard, M. lD. lloratio C. XX'ood. M. lD. va in linihvraitatr Nelson XX'ilson hlanney Stuart Smith jordan jackson Stuart Lawrance XX"illiam Frederic Moore XX'illiam Emerson Nicely George Morris Piersol lircderielc l'rimc. hlr. IDaniel Leroy Richardson -lames XX'illiam Robinson Michael Dugan Spurclc Charles Gunnison Strickland Charles Northmore Sturtevant Charles 'loseph Swalm George XX"ance 'l'eag"'rden XXlilliam l'enn X'ail llorden Smith X'ecder 'cllington XX'oodward 70 ff ' - . ,Sf '. '7 I 9 7-QQ, JF 5 K,,:-1115" Q ' 7-Q " 'w 1, .fx f wf' ' J ,ff '-,..o,' In un-r-r Mm.,- ' ' '.E'.in.'.4H Q a ' nr .wif zs'i23ii2iT.1 Lng.L - - ' 'I ,,, l if 1.-Lffeif.-, ,, W-01.1 'f . THE DORMITORIES FROM HAMILTON WALK Alpha liappa Kappa illratrrnitg ilimnurarg illlmuhvru Chas. K. Mills, M. D. john C. Hirst. M. D Kicliarrl M. Pearce, M. ll. Norman ll. liwyn, M ll Xl'illiam R. llutt William Creighton Arclrey W. .Downs Harry S. liacliman Walter L. Cariss Eclwarcl W. lfelcllioff Alfred L. Clifton Attila' f'IllPlllllPl'5 4th 11 var Qllana james R. lfrcclancl Henry Harp john Read Brh HDMI' Qllanz Louis ,l. Gross Wm. F. Guilfoylc, -In Walter S. l-largett Carlos P. Holcomb Bah Bran' Qllann john C. llallcnlmach james O. Wallace 72 . A U A L' I , . ,., .V V v " 1 "vJ..' ' , 1 4 m v' A ,, f' f '-1 f ., 'V. 1-ug-5f,. jv-Mfg - 11. 1. -'U-, wg-1 Wg' , ' . ' ' 5' " - -mfg, W A 4 f H " . ff f ' , , "lu" lf 'A "JW"-U'm"""",'m "lm ' ' ' ' M ' ! I ll "MM 1 I m 5-v 'I 1 .Q B 4. Q x, L, xg .1 , . fr q, ,fy :Q ,, 1 l 5. ri. Q LQ I, .55 K HPV. -v kv.. 1 I -unv 5 A w.,f.Mu-,,.. S Jw 4 ' -. . -1 , h mf . 3'3,p L -,,, J,,. ' 31, Ma w .,-f. ,, ,,.m.,,,1 . - - px 17" ,- , - . . . A, M - - s Xw..., ,V .1 ,. ., , A , . 41...A.1m.43.,..xA+- Sm1:.,J..,n,.1 Am... . . .,. . ,M ..-..A..g,. ,.w,1..44....4.:..f..-.... .J.u.rmi . INTERIOR OF DORMITORY ROOM 73 Alpha QDIIIPQEI Alpha ibnunrarg Ilirzxtvrxntiy livmmglhania Erin Olhaptvr igunnrarg illllrmlwrn J. William Wlhite. Nl. ll. -Iohn G. Clark, M. D. Gcorgc E. de Schwcinitz, M. IJ. H. C. XN'ood, M. D. .X. C. Ahhott. M. D. ll. C. Hirst. M. IJ. Lfharlcs H. l'il'2lZlL'l', M. D .-Xlfrcd Stcngcl, M. D. Chas. K. Mills. M. D. Gwilym G. Davis. KI. ll S. flingj NN'in. G. Spillcr. M. li. lfdward Martin. M. ll. john H. Mnsser, M. ll. llcliorrcst VVillard, M. D. Ardrey W. Downs Cyrus W. lfridy lfloyd 12. Kccnc lircd. ll. Klacr ilaincs XV. Lecoh Paul A. Lewis Seth .X. Light ilmrnihrrn 1904 james C. Markcl Ralph E. Miller lidward ll. Meigs Thomas il. McGnrl Henry Nichols Charles G. Strickland George J. Wlriglit Samuel H. Gilliland 1905 lildridgc Lyon Eliason Howard G. Schleiter G. Morris Piersol Charles Herbert Gerhard XV111. M. Schultz 74 Ahhrrtizrmrnta Q of? The Individual Photographs illustrating this book were made by f vffid The Students' Photographer ' i Inter-Collegiate Bureau Registry of Hcademic Qoslume Official Makers of Caps, Gowns and Hoods To the American Universities and Colleges For Illustrated Catalogue and all information, add COTRELL Sc LEONARD 472 Broadway 34 M Albany, N. Y- 76 S The Best for Ruptured Persons S it illlllrillllii -- dai ' ,, gm. Eeelege 'ilelaro 1Rubber russes Gibesterman 8 Streeter 25 South Eleventh Street, PHILADELPHIA, PA. Richter's Needle older l .. - '- -' '- ,X ' x N.-f VL , , , - , 'Mull ,UMM U , Q' Wh 'K ' . . , H 4 Y-, H e A 'F' I LQ? ,il - --ras gil i i '1 52. '??T..-v H-fi--Cf" ' WS ,YAW OPEN SHOWS IAW GRASPING NEEDLE This will hold any shaped needle perfectly, be it round, oval, square or flat. It is hand forged steel and of superior quality and finish-made in three lengths 516, 7 and 8 inches. Price of either size 53.5OMinailed on receipt of price. 3 3 5 wma va Q2 Coe 5URf-ggi: SQSQESMENTS 154 S. llth Street, Philadelphia 77 l"'iENRY CZ. EL..AlR,S AROMATIC I-IYPOPHOSPHITES Contains the I-lypopliospllites of Iron, Lime, Soda, Potasli, Manganese, Quinine anc1Stryc11nine, ina pernmnently soluble condition. It is slightly acid and as there is no precipitate does not require to be shaken before using. CONTAINS NCD SUGAR Sold only on Physicians' Prescriptions by all tlrnggists. N V A i W HENRY C. BLAIR ' "i' EaT,...e..m..m1S2Q VVALNUT AND 8-rn-1 ST., PI-IIL.A 78 Purse OF E. A. WRIGHT ENGRAVEI Amo Pnmrm new cnnswuv sinner PNILADELPNIA

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