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Ag 5 F ww ,Q T-fbff D1 gg J A fl .TIE X X ,f 'MHA xx j 'Gi 1 Q -A 4 .-. M ... 5 ' , fvc' '. Q7 : Q51 ' f 7 'K' - If I ff XJ a.. sax! , f - ' 1 Q K . .9 7 'N z ,Q v Jn . fa X X, shox, vs' L ff ill! , 1 F :ggi Ba J oRALfH'rG1ENE U. of P Copyright, 1929 MARY ELIZABETH FLYNN Editaf-in-Chief KATHRYN S1-oncxun Business Manager Page four -fj Sy ' fr ' 'AA-A -- EEEME ' I' 111+-+:f-'M?ig"E'dff -1 ""TQf' I Siiwp fi M SEI f .4- CIITIIHIIIIE5 IIHIQYIIIQTIIESIIIANA IIDIEBIINIIGIITAIIE IIHIIGMGBIIIIIESIINIIIIE as ,..,, IIRIIEBGETDIIRIID EI! H 2 'QSGASS' N I 5 .1 Sy: VOLUME SIX A A f PUBLISHED BY CLASS IN ORAL HYGIENE W' THOMAS W. EVANS MUSEUM AND DENTAL INSTITUTE SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY QT A UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA A - fl I L A1 x I AI Page five xj AQ 1 A x N- ORADHTGIENE U. of P ! , - - 4-,,.-m AX - EU. .L M GDIIRJIDIIEBIIR GDJIE JIENDGIIDIIIQS JIFGDJIRJIEBMVDRIID M M W? llDllMD1INBAGlIfI1DN 412A.M11mLis nmmmnnffcmf QLASS IIEBJIDJIFHFGDJIPJIIQLMIEQS Q, W AJIELJIMIHINIUII JHHUMDJIR Amwnanqmjslnmlmmws - K - 1929 HTGEIANA Ml e ee eeee Mgmt M. Q f JIEGDIIRIEWNIDJIRIID it To the Class of Nineteen Hun- dred and Twenty - Nine the "Staff" presents this volume of the HYGEIANA, 'hoping that it I may help perpetuate the friend- ships we have formed and bring . back fond memories of happy hours we have shared the past i is year while at this University. can Page seve ORALHTGIENE U. of P. llDRlI1Dlll4lEA6lIllllBlID To one who is constantly working for the best interests of the school and humanity, and who, by his willingness to help those in need, has gained our respect and love, we are proud to dedicate this volume of the I-IYGEIANA. THE CLASS OF '29. HERMANN PRINZ, A.M., D.D.S., M.D., Sc.D. Profeiror of Plan1'H1ac0l0gy Page eight 1929 HYGEIANA To the Clan in Oral Hygiene of 1929! CONGRATULATIONS and best wishes to the members of the Class in Oral Hygiene upon the completion of your course of study! By virtue of your collegiate instruction you have received specific training which has prepared you to be well equipped to undertake work of outstanding service and usefulness to the community. It is expected of you that you will participate in the world's progress by taking part in the proper development of future citizens of this great Commonwealth, especially in regard to child hygiene. The nation at large expects of you the highest type of devotion and service. The University of which you are now graduates has offered to you opportunities unique in character which has broadened your vision and has taught you to see further than those to whom this blessing has been denied. The sequence of opportunities which have been offered to you while you attended your courses will have created a lasting satisfactiong its influence will be potent through your future. May I extend to you my besthwishes with the sincere hope that what your Alma Mater has given you should prove to be fertile seed for a life of usefulness and happiness. Sincerely yours, -!v '. rjhfqfynjz ORADHTGIENE U. of P. IHIIIIESIIRIIMIIAIINIIIINII IIDIIRIIIIINIIZQ Aomog imDoiiiiDoSo9 Momo DR. HERMANN PRINZ, Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, was born in Germany, at Schwittersdorf in the province of Saxony, June 13, 1868. His early education was received in the public schools of his home town and later at Leipzig, where, at the age of nine, he entered a progymnasium. After seven years of formal instruction there, he began service as an apothecary's apprentice in Halle and afterward at Cologne, remaining at this work until 1889. In that year the young man left his native country for the United States, where he began his professional career in the practice of Pharmacy. Becoming interested in Dentistry, however, he entered the dental school of the University of Michigan in 1892 and began his study for a degree. His work was interrupted for a time when he returned to Germany, where the University of Halle had sent for him to make him one of its faculty. While teaching in the dental department there, he found time to take up a medical course as well. Returning to this country, he resumed his studies at the University of Michigan and received the degree of D.D.S. in 1896. He began his dental practice in St. Louis where he remained for a number of years, becoming a teacher in the Marian Sims Dental College and pursuing a medical course there at the same time. In 1901 he received a second degree, that of Doctor of Medicine. His teaching ability had been so well proved that he now became professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics in the dental department of Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri. Later the university research laboratory in Dental Pathology and Therapeutics was placed in his charge. One year was to bring him many additional honors, for in 1909 the Fifth International Dental Congress elected him Honorary President of the section on Materia Medica, the Central' Verein Deutscher Zahnaerzte made him Corresponding Secretary and he was appointed Chairman of the Committee on the Revision of the United States Pharmacopeia, Medical Association. ' Still other marks of distinction were to follow, for in 1912 his Alma Mater, the University of Michigan, conferred on him the honorary degree of Master of Arts, while the following year he was elected an honorary member of the Society of Sigma Xi. In spite of his many duties, he found time for writing and was a. frequent con- tributor to dental literature. From 1900 to 1907 he edited the Dental Em. During the same period he published the Dental Formulary, which later appeared in both Spanish and Portuguese editions and is now in its fourth edition. His text book on Materia Medica and Therapeutics was first published in 1909 and met with such widespread adoption that subsequent editions were made and exhausted in a short time. The book is now in its sixth edition. He has written special articles for Kirk's American Text Book of Operative Dentistry, a text book of Operative Dentistry by johnson, and a Page ten 1929 HTGEIANA text book on General Anmsthesia by Gmathway. He has also contributed to Dental Connor, Dental Review, Dental Summary and journal of the American Medical Arro- eialion and to many German periodicals. In 1913 he was called to the Evans Dental Institute of the University of Pennsyl- vania to receive the Chair ,of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, vacated by the resig- nation of Professor Truman. To gain further knowledge of the latest discoveries in Pharmacology, he asked for and was granted a year's leave of absence, during which he visited every important dental school in Europe, spending some time at various university laboratories. In 1914 he returned to the United States to take up his work at the University of Pennsylvania, where he has continued ever since, becoming an authority both here and abroad in his chosen field of service. Many additional honors have come to Dr. Prinz in the years he has been with us. In 1914 he was made a member of the Committee on the Revision of the United States Pharmacopeia, American Dental Association. In 1921 he received the "jarvic" gold medal for research work of the State Dental Society of New York. 1926 brought him further distinction, for in that year he was made honorary president of the Section on Materia Medica and Therapeutics by the seventh International Dental Congress held in Philadelphia, the University of Pennsylvania conferred upon him the honorary degree of Doctor of Dental Science and he was made Lieutenant Commander of the U. S. A. Navy Reserve Corps. ' With all his activities, Dr. Prinz has continued to End time for writing. Besides contributing some hundred articles in Dentistry and Medicine to current international literature, he wrote, in 1921, an article on Dentistry for the Encyclopedia Americana and the following year published his "Diseases of the Soft Structures of the Teeth," First Part. Dr. Prinz is a member of the American Medical Association, the American Dental Society and various local societies. The many honors he has received show a well- deserved recognition of his long years of professional service and the invaluable contributions he has made to medical and dental science. His life's history speaks for itself-a trium hant record of effort and achievement. P M. E. F. Page eleven HO DLHUV I NH H P-I EE '-I III O Z iv cn F11 1,54 'SE Om Q -X. O E Cl W-Hua KT! PQ ga :W Q5 E E D' Z 5 E '-I S U1 f0'f1 ' .- W 1929 HTGEIANA L55 gm .,,.,,,, 3 Aa- Page thirteen Page fourteen g.. ., ,P , 'I . J. is 'F' -V h ,. - xr ull E 5 h fl ,y i 'L L 1,4-if Jw -gg N U ' ' , 1. I, 1 . - N R" 3 , ,Q 4a"1ig1uklQ?:' TIN 'ik W l ' 'fa pg-AY-Q'- x 'bf .QA , ' an ",','-" 5 I 'Q ' ' . v I 'XJ' 'l ' I J' Aff +4 F'xWv ' 'viz' 4 4 " ' - 'a"9'T':Q?:J', A' 1, U- 5 ' - 5 " ,, 1 . . f.., 1355 35 Q ,A . - tg A " 'Q :Af 'rits' fi QT 'N wil l S5731 5" as A ffm 1 x . A r .Q 5 '::4lL-get 'X A, , 5? 'fwggfix' 'fa w RT 1 if-.C A , ." ' q3f?", ' 1 X :g1.5,f",u .V , J: In-QA gig 4S-,,. N' -- -we fz x .I Page fifteen ,Y vw ,, Page sixteen i929 HYGEIANA fy ww Q22 A. ,N-X it ' li f Ea' Q' W - I N ? i H 7 D xf .ffl ,,1N -k V, 5 x. EX' XX 499, gl ' , 1 N H ,, 'f " Vw N ::.':.'.L1.':.'::: 'L---A1 I- , 0 Q ' GWTMHQ X II w in : ., no 5 J 4,90 H as 5-Us ..,,. Oz-4? 33? Q.- 2 Lrg? f ! f ! ! , P g f ORALfI-ITGIENE U. of P JOSIAH H. PENNIMAN, Ph.D., LL.D., Licr.D. Provoxt of the Urzhfersity Page eighteen 1929 HTGEIANA ll? llR1DllMll Gflllillflllllfb lIE3lIRflDV4DS6lllf To the Member! of the Class of 1929, Greetings: TIME passes, things about us change. We ourselves change and attain more knowledge and more wisdom with the passing years, but the great fundamental purposes for which universities exist are essentially the same throughout the centuries. Those of us who have attended courses of instruc- tion at the University of Pennsylvania have realized that it has been a rich privilege to be parts of a University which, from its beginnings in 1740, has stood always for the highest things of themind and spirit of man as the means to the greatest happiness. Never has the University failed to have on its staff great teachers. Never has it failed to present to us the ideal of the happy life as being also the unselfish and useful life. No matter what has been your department of study, you have realized that the University has endeavored to put you in possession of the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of the world, and it has also endeavored to stimulate your imagination, to strengthen your character, and to open the eyes of your mind to the greatness of the opportunities of life. We may each of us have failed to grasp fully the signihcance and importance of University education or failed to use to the utmost the years spent in study, but no one of us has failed to recognize the idealism of University teaching and the inspiration of asso- ciating with members of the University who believe that devotion to truth is itself uplifting. As one who himself was a student in the University some years ago and who has never been out of touch with its intellectual and spiritual life, I extend to you affectionate good wishes for the days that lie ahead in which you will have opportunities constantly presenting themselves for making use of the education you have received for the purpose of increasing the joy of living, by the knowledge that, rightly conceived of, every day is a new opportunity to test all the power that you have. Faithfully yours, Page ninete n ORALHYGIENE U. of P CHARLES RooT TURNER, A.B., D.D.S., M.D. Demz of the School of De1zti.ft1'y Page twenty 1929 HYGEIANA IIFIIRGDIIMII Gllflll-lIlllE5 JIDHEBAJINIT To the Clary in Oral Hygiene of 1929: To SALUTE you as Graduates in Oral Hygiene carries with it the necessity of saying farewell to you as students in the University. The end of one phase of life's experiences means the beginning of another which has greater significance and which brings greater opportunity. You now reap the reward of your year's study in the opening before you of new possi- bilities, but the coming of this reward brings greater responsi- bilities than you now realize. Acquisition of the ability to perform a useful service to man- kind is signalized by your graduation. The performance of that service is important, but of far greater significance to you and to the world is the spirit which actuates you in doing this useful work. Professional ministrations are not to be reckoned as so many jobs to be done. The spirit in which they are given is their real essence, and the spirit which is born of human understanding and sympathy, which feminine intui- tion and the maternal instinct can give you, can lift these serv- ices to a plane which will glorify you and bring to your patients a fuller measure of health and happiness. Wa Page twentyfone ORADHTGIENE U. of P MR. HENRY RAINEY Rerordeaf of the Tbomm W. Ewnzx Institute Leftzzref' 011 Economicr Page twentytwo 1929 HTGEIANA GIQFIIRIIEBIIESCQIFIIIIINIIGIQFS GDI? IIMIIQIRQ IIRAIIINIHIEBCM To the Clan of 1929: You Now stand at the door through which you will pass into a sphere of new experiences. I can wish nothing greater nor happier for you than that throughout your lives there may remain with you the conscious- ness of duty well performed, of disappointments nobly endured, and of lives faithfully lived. In all the uncertainties of the future, in all that awaits you in life to come, I bid you God- speed. MQ? Page twenty-three ORADHTGIENE U, of P JAMES EDWARD AIGUIER, Ph.G., D.D.S. Direrfor of the C01n'.re.f in Om! H ygiene Page twentyffour 1929 HTGEIANA IIDIIR. QMIIGIQFIIIIIIESIIVS IBIIRIIEBIIEBGIIIIIIIINITGIQOFS To the Clam of 1929: YOUR HAPPY school year is about over, your course is run, your records made and you are about to separate, each going to her appointed place in the world. I hope you are leaving the University of Pennsylvania with a thorough, comprehensive knowledge of the needs of your profession, the practice of which should be, not merely a means to a livelihood, but a wonderful opportunity of doing immeasurable good in the world. It is my hope that the influence of your associations and contacts has had much to do in moulding your characters so that, as you go forth into the world, you will make a most enviable reputation that will reflect the greatest credit on the University which has mothered you for the past year. It has been said that great achievements spring from life's unrest. If that is so, I hope each one of you will strive to broaden your outlook and be satisfied only where the best results are obtained. Each year I feel it is a greater pleasure and honor to be associated with the Class in Oral Hygiene. My best wishes attend you wherever you may go. 658 5 K UIMAM 1 My Page twentyffive ORADHTGIENE U. of P CHARLOTTE KLATT SULLIVAN, R.D.H. SIIp6I'I'fJOI' of Conrfey in Oral Hygiene Page twentyfsix 1929 HTGEIANA ll3lDlNl fll?flllJt14MllFlllllll9fMlllflll4lDllNll S lDlllT MRS. SULLIVAN To the Clam of 1929: WORKING with you has been a pleasure and I hope that the industry and enthusiasm that have characterized your efforts here will continue and bring you further success and happiness. You have opportunities for leadership, you should keep alert f 'd ro ress. and informed of progress, as this is an age o rapi p g Your accomplishments in the world will be viewed with joy and pride by your instructors. Page tzuentyfseven ORADHTGIENE U. of P BLANCHE C. DOWNIE, R.D.H. Ifzftrzzclof' in Clinical Proplyluxis Page twentyfeight 1929 HTGEIANA GIBRIBIBQIFIINGES I GDI? MISS IIDGDMUINIIIIIIIEE T0 the CMJ! of 1929: IT IS with great pleasure I write these few lines to the Class Of 1929. During your days spent together you have proven IO be a class of outstanding Congeniality-your attendance and interest have been a great encouragement to those who have been working with you. Time passes quickly where happiness abides, and it hardly seems possible this year is at an end. You have worked faithfully. The path which you will follow has been worn smooth by the steady grind of those who have gone before you. Those who have maintained for Dental Hygiene a commanding place today. As graduates, you are well armed to go forth and assist in the future advance of your profession. Ever conducting yourselves, ever qualifying yourselves, doing your best work, thus being a credit to your Alma Mater. It is with regret that I say farewell to this class. I am happy to have had the privilege of working with you, and I shall always treasure our associations. I wish you to know: My thoughts, best wishes and interest go with each one of you. Sincerely, !5ZQ,x..Qffl7-p', Page twenty-nine ORALfH'YGIENE U. of P I n GLADYS I. SHAEFFER, R.D.H. lmmzrtof' in Clinical Proplylaxix Page thirty 1929 HTGEIANA lIEnllE5S6lIf WMSHHBS 4DlIF MISS SlHE14Mli5lIFllFlIE5lIR To the Clary of 1929: "Be strong! We are not here to play, to dream, to driftg We have hard work to do, hard loads to lift, Shun not the struggle-face itg 'tis God's gift. Be strong!"-Babcock. MAY THE words of the poet give you inspiration to carry OI1 what you, here, have been prepared for. It has been a pleasure to have had even a minute part in the training which enables you to go out into the world to be of service to man- kind. 'Ever keep the standards of your Alma Mater and the profession-at-large before you. If you give your best effort always, full measure and overflowing, there is no doubt in my mind but that each 'one of you will be successful. Success and service go hand in hand. With best wishes for your future. Sincerely, Page thinyfone GRADHTGIENE U. of P 1 oo oooo JOSEPH L. T. APPLETON, JR., B.S., D.D.S. Profeyfor of Microbiology and Bacterio-Pathology Page Lhirtytwo 1929 HTGEIANA LAWRENCE CURTIS, A.B., D.D.S., M.D. Ifzstrzfctor 272 Maxillo-Facial Szzrgery Page thirayfthrce ORAIJHTGIENE U, of P ARTHUR HOPEW1E1.L-SMITH, SCD., L.R.C.S., M.R.C.S., L.D.S. PI'0f6.f.f0I' of Dental I-Iiffofogy Page thirty-four 1929 HYGEIANA ' DR. B13RGYfM.D., Ph.D. I mlructor in Hygiene ' Page thirtyffive ORADHTGIENE U. of P R. HAMILL D. SWING, D.D.S. Profeyfor of Dental Szzrgery Page thirtysix 1929 HTGEIANA I LEROY M. ENNIS, D.D.S. x Iu.rl1'zzrt0r in Rfzdiogaphy Page thirty-seven ORALPHTGIENE U. of P I I I I W , I I C. J. I-IOLLISTER, D.D.S. Chief of Dental Divixion, Pemzxylwmia Departnzent of H ealtla Page tl1irty'eight 1929 HTGEIANA lIDllR, lIllIllDlIbllblES6lIFllE5llR9S fIl31lDlIllllll?1flR24MfIlflIllll9A6llflll4DlIDlllS To the Clary of 1929: GRADUATION DAY is called COMMENCEMENT, and how significantly appropriate! Until that day your time has been spent in preparationg now that you have completed your course, COMMENCEMENT of your activities as Dental Hygienists is at hand. I would impress upon you the fact that "He profits mosr, who serves best." As Dental Hygienists you have won- derful opportunity ro make this a healthier, happier world in which to live. The classes who have gone before have set a high standard and we hope that your class will carry the banner of Dental Hygiene to new heights. Witli sincere congratulations, Cordially and faithfully yours, C. J. Ho1.L1sTER. Page thirty-nine ORALfH'YGIENE U of P WHDQS WMD MISS SllHIlAlIEBlIFlIEllE5llR UST eight years have elapsed since Miss Shaeffer matricu- lated at the University of Pennsylvania as a student. Since that time she has done much to promote Dental Hygiene as a profession in the Held of Dentistry. During the seven years in the practical world she has seen several phases of Dental Hygieneg notable among these are the school, the hospital, and the private office. The fact that she has advanced the profession at its full value speaks for itself in that she has returned to her Alma Mater as an in- structor. Miss Shaeffer hopes to conquer even greater glories in the field of Dental Hygiene. We see no reason why she will not achieve these glories. We look upon her as being quite capable in that she has to her credit an unusual combination-ability, ambition and charm. It is with a sense of pride and open admiration that we welcome Miss Shaeffer and claim her as a new addition to our faculty. H. L. Page forty 1929 HTGEIANA f 1 I'-81: GN AT! NG Haorlboad' 2 14 f . 2 Bi GY 3 .A 1 G U 9 4 a 'U J'1 A 6 N . ,V 5. Q 4 3 Q if' 4 1 in QQ - M ' as 'aa 6112 evenwm Bmggbe . ZZ Q T 63 Qs, A vs 'H la 'A go A . , sv - . A fy iv : Y C '-S " -1 K fNf"n'N7l':1 0 fag gym 0J'O fa S " -x 'i 1? We ' fi Y , ' w I 03 - f cg, Page fortyonc ORADHTGIENE U, of p Page forty-tw 1929 HTGEIANA alellmss GDJIFJININIEIIEBIIRS HELENE LASSITER JULE MORAN Pre.ride11l V Ice-Premleul MURIEL AGNEW HELEN NORTHIME Serrelary Treamrer Page forty-three ORAL HTGIENE o P -7 8 :if G dw I W2 sa 46.--LGA 77Lm.. 714,- aut' 3 dui: F if S.- .L Ya . dxf 64 1929 HYGEIANA GIIFIIHIUIEB HGWLZIEBIIANA SGIIFQCMFIIE MARY E. FLYNN Editor'-im C foie f ELIZABETH M. HEILER HILDA BREWER Humor Editor Auiffant Editor KATHRYN STOECKLE BETSY M. SHANK BIIJIIZEIJ Manager Adoertixiug Manager LOIS M. KLINE HELEN E. KURTZ Affzflafzt BIIIIIIEJJ' Manager Auiftafzt Adl'8t'ltItlZg Manager VIRGINIA A. EBLING Art Editor FRANCES W. COLLINS MILDRED E. GWIN Arfiftafzt Art Editor Axfiftazzt Art Editor Page fortyffivc HNHIDLI-VIVHO 'n O if-. TU 1929 HYGEIANA GEHBASS lIfllllllS6lll'4DllRf'Y They looh a pieee of plaxtie rlay And idly farhioried it one day, And at their hngerr' .rhill If hen! and yielded to their will. They came again when dayf were part, The hit of clay war hard at la.rl,' Their early imprerr .rlill il hore, And lhey could change ily form no more. N THE twenty-eighth day of September, 1928, the Thomas Evans Institute, University of Pennsylvania, was the recipient of a motley group of girls coming from the four corners of the earth, so to speak, and destined to become the class of 1928-1929. The first impressions made upon each piece of clay were many in number and varied-some casting and some, much to the distress of our instructors-quickly effaced. After a eriod of consideration we became fairly well placed and settled down to a P year's work. Time went on, however, and we gradually came to realize that we might, if we put forth a very great effort, reach our goal. During the first semester our morning hours were filled with lectures-"Anatomy d Ph s'olo " Dr Gunter' "Bacteriology" Dr. Appleton, and "Chemistry," Mr. an y 1 gy, - , , DeBeer. In the afternoons we went to our most fascinating class-room-the "mannikin" Here we all struggled and worked to learn the high and fine points of prophy- room. laxis. These mannikins were ideal patients, never wincing and never uttering "ouch. The first class meeting was quite an important affair. We knew that if we wanted to have fine models we would have to have skillful sculptrcsses. Therefore, the following officers were elected. Prerideizl-HELENE Lassmm Senezary--Muruur Aomzw Vire-Prefideizl-JULIE MORAN Treasurer-HIELEN NonTHiM15 Our first reprieve from the mannikins, muscles and nerves was Armistice Day. This occasion was hailed with much enthusiasm. The freshmen dental reception at Weightnian Hall was well attended, and everyone enjoyed the occasion immensely. Dr. Turner, our dean, honored us on the afternoon of December 14th, and this was our first appearance in uniform. Dr. Turner explained the rise of Dental Hygiene and its use in the professional field. Material was so presented to us that we were arrogant for having selected this profession, but humble, because of our insufii. ciencies. Page fortyfseven fDRALfH'YGIENE U, of Pi Our veins were filled with inspiration at the thought of a Year Book. It was voted upon to have one and thus the following staff was elected. Editor-in-Chief-MARY ELIZABETH FLYNN Business Manager-KATHERINE STOECKLE Assistant Editor-HILDA BREUER Assistant Manager-Lois KLINE Assistant Editor-BETTY I-IEILER Adoertisin g Manager-BETSY SHANK Art Edif0f-VIRGINIA EBELING Asst. Advertising Manager-HELEN Kuivrz Assistant Art Edlf0t'-FRANCES COLLINS Cirrulation Manager-Louise NIESKENS Assistant Art Editor-MILDRED GWIN Photographic Manager-MELINDA FIAT Asst. Photo graphic Manager-DORIS PINNEY Carrying out the custom of previous classes, we, too, gave a Christmas party. It was held at Sergeant, the 17th of December. Dr. and Mrs. Aiguier and daughter, Antoinetteg Mrs. Sullivan, Miss Downie and Miss Shaeffer were honor guests. The entertaining committee had arranged a short non-speaking playlet, and solos were given by a few members of the class. Each girl received a small gift with an appropriate verse attached. And at the close of the entertainment each member was presented with a beautiful pink rosebud from Dr. and Mrs. Aiguier. The Christmas holidays flew by exceedingly fast and not at all to our liking. It was not long before we had to get back to Thomas Evans Institute and continue our work. ' The end of this most eventful year has come to a close too soon. We have acquired our professional dignity-"Dental Hygienistsf' We have been busy, but we have enjoyed it. Perhaps we will leave no deep impressions on Pennsylvania's history. Perchance our memory will not even be a lasting one. However, we know, as we are about to leave, that we have at least tried to ameliorate Pennsylvania for having graduated us. We aim to carry forth with us all the ideals set up by you! In reality, We'll take a piece of living elay Anil gently form it day by day, And mould with our power and art A chiltlls soft and yielding heart. lWe'll come again when years are gone, It is a man we'll look upon, Om' early impress still he bore, And we'll change him neoermore. L. M. K. Page fortyeeight 1929 HTGEIANA ieitgasss itviinitaimi Only a year together- A year of work and play, A year of new formed friendships, Grown closer day by day, A year to store in memory Where time cannot destroy Its treasured recollections Of pleasure and of joy. Only a year together- How much a year can bring, New worlds to meet and conquer, New victories to sing. A new horizon opens And new ambitions rise, As broader fields for service Unfold before our eyes. Only a year together- How swiftly days have sped. How quickly part the pathways That once together led. Yet though we face the breaking Of many a union fond, The future will but strengthen This year's enduring bond. Only a year together- But not in terms of time We measure all the moments That have been yours and mine. For as we fondly number Those days with memories bright A year's brief scpan can compass A century's elight. Only a year together- Our lives will ne'er forget The blessings it has brought us, The happiness we've met. Deep printed in our heart remains That fleeting space of time, The year that joined in fellowship, The Class of Twenty-Nine. Page fortyfninc 1. ORADHTGIENE U. of P MURIEL JOAN AGNEW WOLFSBURG, BEDFORD COUNTY, PA. Our gay little secretary is worthy of praise, So to our lips our glasses we raiseg Dignity, humor and wit combined, A more capable miss you'll seldom find. MYRTLE RUTH BELL 135 LINSMORE AVENUE GLENSIDE, PA. As a talker she takes the prize. What she means you'll have to surmise. We wonder what the patients learn Which makes them anxious to return. MARJORIE MAE BOOTH 1011 BANK STREET NEW LONDON, CONN. "Marge" is the life of the party, Her laugh is contagious, it seems. When she answers Anatomy questions Dr. Gunter sits there and beams. Page fifty 1929 HYGEIANA HILDA BREUER 1505 DELAWARE AVENUE WILMINGTON, DELA. Intelligence is her middle name. In anatomy class she won her fame. Big words she uses, old and new. We try to follow her but few of us do. VIRGINIA BROWN E 2 WEAVER AVENUE CLEARFIELD, PA. Eyes of blue, and sunny, too, We like her and so would you. Someday when she meets her fate, It will probably be at "State" ARDAT H ELOISE CAVENDER y PINE BUSH, N. Y. What "Ardie" does is sure worthwhile, Her work's without a flaw. We know she'lI be successful, too, When laying down the "Law," Pagve jiftyone ORALfI-ITGIENE U, of P FRANCES WILLISTON COLLINS 335 VALLEY ROAD LLANERCH, PHILA., PA. Artistic, brilliant, clever and sweet, Dressed in the latest and always neatg A girl of few words she's thought to be, But when you know her, her wit you'll see. GLADYS SOPHIA DEIBLER X ELIZABETHVJLLE, PA. A pretty dimple in each cheek, "Love's hollows" so the poets say, Add to our Gladys' many charms, And how we like to hear her play. l VIRGINIA ANNE EBELING l 216 SMITHFIELD STREET CANONSBURG, PA. She's pleasant and gracious, She's capable, too. Herhair is like sunshine, Her eyes are of blue. , Page fiftymwo 1929 HTGEIANA MARGARETTA MARY FADDEN 618 S. VALLEY AVENUE OLYPHANT, PA. If you're looking for a pal true blue, Our Peggy is the girl for you. For such a friend of such a kind Is rare and precious and hard to find. MELIN DA FIAT MCCLELLANDTOWN, PA. "Where did you come from, baby dear?' You'll say when first you meet her. But as a calm executive Only Miss Irwin can beat her. DORIS GENE FINNEY 123 HARLEM AVENUE BRIDGEPORT, CONN. Beneath that mild exterior, That looks so like a saint, There lies a streak of deviltry, Convincing us she ain't. Page fifty-three V ORADHTGIENE U. ofP ELIZABETH KATHERINE FISCHER 11 RESERVOIR STREET BETHEL, CONN. Everybody joins in praising This sweet New England miss. We wonder if Connecticut Has any more like this. MARY ELIZABETH FLYNN 629 LANG AVENUE PATTON, PA. Here's to our editor-in-chief, Who has worked and toiled to this end. The class is all of one belief, She's a good pal and friend. MARY MONTROSE FRAILEY 705 14TH STREET WINDBER, PA. To be at a dance, And be merry and jolly, Seems to be "Monty's" Favorite folly. Page Jiftyffom 1929 HTGEIANA E I MARY-ALICE GAFFNEY 74 KING'S COLLEGE PLACE STRATFORD, CONN. Mary.Alice is the essence of sweetness. She's always dressed with becoming neatness. just one thing more we think will suffice- Ask Mary-Alice if it might be "Nyce.' MAE ELIZABETH GUISER MINGOVILLE, PA. She casts a lofty shadow, For she isn't very small. And at "Prophies" she's so speedy, She overshadows us all. P MILDRED ELEANOR GWIN 922 TWENTY-SECOND AVENUE ALTOONA, PA. I cannot check my girlish blush, My color comes and goes, I redden to my finger tips, And sometimes to my toes. I Page jiftyffve ORADHTGIENE U. of P L, ELIZABETH MARIE HEILER 336 W. CENTER STREET SI-IENANDOAI-I, PA. Always bright and cheery, She's never sad or glum. Always on her tip-toes Looking for more fun. MARY ADELIA HERRING 540 W. MAPLE STREET HAZLETON, PA. She is young and she is wise, But, oh, she can't control those eyes. Never idle, never still, Always talking, talk she will. LOIS MAY KLINE 438 S. SIXTH STREET READING, PA. Here's a brown-haired girl from Reading, A Whistler, too, is she, Wliom you never do find meddling, ' In anything but melody. Page fifty-six 1929 HTGEIANA HELEN ELIZABETH KURTZ 730 LANCASTER AVENUE READING, PA. A rare compound of fun and frolic, A merry heart that never cared. Although she had a "focal infection' Her digestion was not impaired. HELENE GOULD LASSITER 227 N. FARSON STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Her hair is of a reddish hue, And lo, she needs no light. She asks so many questions, She's sure to get things right. MAE A. KEARNEY LITTLE us UN1oN STREE1' JOHNSTOWN, PA. Mae wins a place in the heart of the child, For her voice is sweet and her temper mildg Her heart is lightest and her face free from frown, When she is on the train, headed for Johnstown Page ffty-seven l ORALHTGIENE U. of P. MARIAN LAURA LYTLE 1901 FOURTH AVENUE ALTOONA, PA. She's one of the gang on first floor west, Gets food from home and serves the rest. Concerning Marian, there's something more, Wlmen you meet her, you'll love her, though you've never loved before. SUZAN NE HELENE MARKUN AS 11 MADISON STREET HARTFORD, CONN. Suzanne is our lady fair, And mirrors are her joy. Charming, gay and debonair, In manner, very coy. DOROTHY MARTIN 152 PEARL STREET LANCASTER, PA. Though "Dot" is so very tiny, In a. crowd you'd pass her by, She's as important to our class, , As the dot upon the Page fiftyeight 1929 ANNA MARIE MCCABE 21 S. PINE STREET YORK, PA. Ann's friends are many and of both sexes, They'd fill a State as large as Texas. To believe this fact you won't need to roam just listen to Ann talking over the phone. JULE ANN MORAN MUNCY VALLEY, PA. Jule with her sparkling Irish wit Wins a valve in every heart, And in her journey to success, ,She has a flying start. NAOMI BLANCI-IE NEESE SPRING MILLS, CENTER CO., PA. Though Naomi is quiet, We're told she once said, Ben Hur is the best book That she ever read. Page fi ftyfbine l I ORADHTGIENE U. ofP LOUISE SARA ,NIESKEN S 5 TONAWANDA ROAD GLENROCK, N. J. "Babe" is blonde and dashing and very clever, When action is needed, her best she'll endeavor. She has many friends, she'll cease to love never, But Jule seems to be her standby forever. HELEN EUGENIE NORTHIME 5515 N. FOURTH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. As "daughter of the gods," they say, One Helen reached her fame, This pretty Helen well deserves, That famous beauty's name. JULE FRANCES O'MALLEY 1118 MARION STREET SCRANTON, PA. If silence is golden, You're rich beyond words, For seldom it is, Your voice has been heard. Page sixty 1929 HTGEIANA SARAH ELWARD O'N EIL 1827 TWELFTH AVENUE ALTOONA, PA. Sally has so many charms, Words cannot relate, We wonder why she has them all- Suppose it must be fate. l S REBA MARJORIE PETERS 1218 NINETEENTH AVENUE ALTOONA, PA. Marge comes from near the Horse Shoe Curve, A lucky place is that to be, For, oh, the lucky grades she gets, Especially in Anatomy. l 2- GLADYS IRENE RANCK 112 E. CRAWFORD AVENUE ALTOONA, PA. The room Gladys has at the dormitory, Is the meeting place of girls on fourth story, This tall, thin girl is an all-round good sport, And she's always reacly with a snappy retort. I S Page sixty-one ORALJ-ITGIENE U, of P ANNA MARY ROECK 7158 LAWNDALE AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, PA. "Of manners gentle, of affection mild," She's quiet and precise, She's very prompt with all she does, And we'll agree she's nice. SADIE ROTHMAN 1857 STERLING PLACE BROOKLYN, N. Y. "A candle to your merit," Is your gentle modesty, Steadfastness is your virtue, A success you're sure to be. GENEVIEVE ROSELLE SARGALIS iss E. MAIN srmser AMSTERDAM, N. Y. Cheery, vivacious, loyal and true, She'll make a good pal for me or for you. A little bashful, a little shy, . But a constant friend who'll stay close by. Page sixty-two ORALJ-ITGIENE U. ofP BETSY MARIE SHANK sNowsHoE, PA. A manner determined, a boyish bob, In cap and uniform she's grand, As social chairman she's on the job, And pours tea with a skillful hand. DORA DOROTHY SCHULTZ 5653 N. TENTH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. To be a poet she aspires, Her ambitions are quite high, We hope she attains all her desires, And is famous by and by. ELIZABETH SMITH BOX 168 TREVOSE, PA. Education is her specialty, Business-like is her air, Tonsils are her weakness, In clinic, it's the chair. Page sixtymhree ORADHYGIENE U. ofP FRANCES PAUL SMITH 1225 SPRUCE STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. I mean to be happy, Whenever I may, And laugh when I must, For that's my way. CLAIRE I. SPACHNER HARRISON STREET ENGLISHTOWN, N. J. A merry manner, a lively heart, Cheer to us she does impart. Her lungs are good we all can see, 'Cause she yells cross the court at half-past three. KATHRYN STOECKLE 5902 LATONA STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. If "Care to our coffin adds a nail," And grins "draw" them out, Kitty is quite an artist, Of that there is no doubt. Page sixtyfour 1929 HYGEIANA VIRGINIA MILDRED STREET 5312 LANCASTER AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, PA. In argument persistent, High in the air she flies. Her thoughts are often distant, A dreamy look in her eyes. RUTH HENRIETTA SWINEHART 5849 FLORENCE AVENUE P1-IILADELPI-im, PA. Teeth cleaning is the chief delight Of this maid popular and fair, And "Dents" who want their work done right Come crowding round Ruth's clinic chair. MARTHA CLARA TRUHAN ALLPORT, PA. Marthafs a lovable person, Her virtues are not few, Her success is guaranteed, No matter what she'll do. Page sixtyfive l ORADHTGIENE U, of P SARA ALINE WEIDENMAN WOODVILLE, PA. A spirit of joy all her own, Her life is undisturbed, But when her locker key is lost, She's very much perturbed. KATHRYN ABERNATHY 6008 OXFORD STREET OVERBROOK, PHILADELPHIA, PA. Withdrawn in February S :IN MQW ' ' 4333213 Page sixty-six 1929 HTGEIANA GEHLQASS SllDilNllfll3f W 4 I L 7 5 g g 4 wins -we Mwoecw vi-mm,'z.e nf ji'ii'ifl5Mlwl5 5533552 59334 S S were 'ig we J ' fir ielee iffie .a mgzi -li M 5 5 0 e O , , 5 2 E .5 za F S lg? 1-I - E Rcerzfw i,z.5-me MEASURES T f , E' fi D.I ::e F F .l 'pi' g J. S P r F4 f El' ella? 2 S Dear old Penn, we'll ever miss, And our thoughts will wander Back to happy times we had, And we all will ponder On our Alma Mater fair That gave us knowledgeg Then we'll praise dear Penn, Wish we were back again- We're leaving and saying good-bye Hygiene days are over now Our year is ended, But bright days will follow on With our friendships blendedg Let us hope each year will hold Many glad meetings, When we'll speak of Penn Wish we were back again- We're leaving and saying good-bye. Page sixty-seven ORADHYGIENE U. of P Page sixtyfeight 1929 HTGEIANA Gino Glllflllillllb ieisasss our gm G-,,v-, 1, O Hukf Gisdyfbciblv . 3 7 vlml L- Yi is - g ' is :- 1- I .ll 1g Z'!1f' W - nqqq----!' 1m r:ZI!'.lf'!:-.:'L'2l luv1ns-15:5n:1i5ii:--rrugnaqzlgnais-nfl IQ . lu' 3 , -. ..- I. - - --. -: :l:I2dQ 1 2 .mxnn -- 3- - 31: In rn - me . -u Rn- 2 -iff-Sl'-F t 'EE E EEE5EiEE2i : H is-5-2 ' ' -izii -a.s1f-f- -- :f:::sSz:::.-i a g zfgi-1-:r.'a:i lf i 'D 0 5' gg-g:::s-.::.: 2... '11- - --Y -V if Q . : -l- llgglfun- g Y ,KWH--A-.nv 2.55 25 if f ,gf 1-3:12 -H " lullw- 45 -L RAL 1-. 1-l-i 'I ma.-tifaszefszasfsfsssis -225 .-: i T : l . , if ' , : -F ' E ,ei Here's to this class of mine, Here's to each D. H. fine, Here's to a group so fine, Working from time to time, Ever so ready to do and dare-- Solving the problems as they appear- these friends of mine, these friends of mine, Friends that are good and true, Staunch for the whole year round, True as the sky is blue, Upyvard and onward bound, Their love will ever faithful be, Striving for their high aims and goals, Deaf Class of '29, Dear class of '29-our class of '29. Page sixtyfnine ORAIJHTGIENE U, O p CIIIIIHIIIIEE NIGHTMARE It was the eve of finals And I was in my bed, A.trying and a-prying To see what was in my head. There seemed to be a terrible mass Of things 1'd tried to cram, There wasn't one free little cell That wasn't in a. jam. It seemed the chemicals all had teeth, And each nerve had green stain, Of the muscles of mastication I thought and thought in vain. The sterile dressings danced around With instruments and towels, - Both unsterilized and sterile ones Seemed just the best of pals. "Why worry?" said the little germ, "Let's be friends, anyway." We would always be together But for boiling and sun-ray. What is saliva-what is a gland? Now surely this I know, And calculus-sounds familiar- But what is it?-Oh! Oh! Oh! I'll get my book and look it up, I jumped up with a yawng But lo, behold! I looked-looked- And found my book was gone. I hurried back to bed again, For it was breaking day, I closed my eyes but in my ears I heard: What is decay? I saw my instruments, one by one, Come in and nod their headg "It is too bad-she won't get through," Is what I'm sure they said. Their talking got much louder And I heard: For goodness' sake! It's seven o'clock-come on, get up- What sort of a Hygienist will you make? I jumped to my feet and looked around, My! how my head was reeling! lt was only a dream-not true at all- What a grand and glorious feeling! Page seventy M.K 1929 HTGEIANA fx W , .f flll x 45 0 X 5 N 1 MQ Q MF! V EDLI- inf , Q. I , 0 S W Ri QQ A L W ORADHTGIENE U, of P, A lll5flDlINlllID 4DllF llffklllfllflltlli HE discovery of new facts and the new way of viewing old ones are two of the most outstanding features responsible for the rapid progress and efhciency of the Dental profession today. I especially wish to refer to the realization of the tremendous importance of preventive measures in the control of disease of the mouth. The greatest contribution any branch of medicine can give to humanity is a means of preventing disease. The 'old saying, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," should be the slogan of dentists, doctors and health workers all over the country. One of the greatest provisions made toward the advancement of preventive measures in dentistry is the evolution of the Dental Hygienist. These women are prepared by special courses and training to give prophylactic treatment and to instruct parents and children concerning oral hygiene. Because Dental Hygiene is still in its infancy, the benefit the Hygienist has done for mankind and the results of her work are not yet fully determined. Her oppor- tunities, however, are enormous, for without mentioning the benefits the parent derives from her instruction, her work with the child alone can teach him cleanliness, self- respect and confidence. Doing this, she not only builds health, but character as well, instilling in the child good habits and wholesome thoughts. We depend on the char. acter of these children to make our country a better place in which to live in the future, because the children of today are the men and women of tomorrow. Realizing that the future of our nation lies in these potential citizens and that the Hygienists are guardians of their health, we begin to appreciate the importance of Dental Hygiene as a profession. The Class of Twenty-nine, about to leave our Alma Mater to take part in this great work, hope that by our constant effort and practical application of the instructions received this year, we may give our best service to the world and so perpetuate the standards of Dental Hygiene. M. E. F. Page seucntyftwo 1929 HTGEIANA SllE5llRVlllfll3llE5 ANY component parts enter into the unity of an enterprise. Each has its various requirementsg each, to be successful, must have a common goal in view -that of service. We of this class know the present specific needs of Dental Hygiene, for that knowledge we have tried to acquire through the diligent work of this year. It behooves us, however, to understand the true import of that word "service." Service is work for which one receives no material pay. No reward is sufficient recompense for se That force which arises to accomplish things has its initial start in service. The momentum which keeps a thing moving on to higher elevations is furnished by service. One serves thereby giving something of his own self, and Nature establishes an equilibrium by bestowing on him a feeling of satisfaction. "He profits most who serves best." rvice. And so must we decree that service be its own reward. field of Dental Hygiene, -have we the opportunity Over and over again, in our d h ful unselfish service There are innumerable interests whose very exist- to ren er c eer , - ence de? ' " T f ' l s bear eternall in mind that "He g To that end let us strive. ends on our service. As an ever-rising pro ession, et u y ives best who gives of himself." H. B. Page scvcntythree ORADHTGIENE U, of P. llbfkgcllf W7llllIbllb AIINIHID GlIFlIE5SCllFAlIMIllIE5llNllGlIf E, the class of Hygienists, 1929, of the School of Dentistry of the University . of Pennsylvania, being of sound mind, memory and understanding, do make, publish and declare this our last will and testament, hereby revoking and making void all former wills by us heretofore made. We give and bequeath to THE FACULTY the pleasure of knowing that we were ideally professional throughout our year's work. We give and bequeath to DEAN TURNER the power to tolerate future classes for more than one year. We give and bequeath to MR. RAINEY one dollar's worth of "nickels" so that he can take more chances on the punch-board and win us some candy. We give and bequeath to DR. AIGUIER more healthful conditions in case of serious throat trouble. ' We give and bequeath t0'MRS. SULLIVAN love and best wishes and a "trip to Europe" QQ for a speedy recovery from this year's work. We give and bequeath to MISS DOWNIE a model clinic at the S. Weir Mitchell School, with stationary chairs "some" day. We give and bequeath to MISS SHAEFFER tickets for piano recitals and grand operas. We give and bequeath to DR. GUNTER a bottle of glue to stick the Anatomy and Physiology in the minds of the members of the next class. We give and bequeath to DR. APPLETON a guinea pig and rabbit farm to aid him in his experiments "unknown to mankind." We give and bequeath to MR. DEBBER suggestions for a few new formulas on decalcification-not too hard-for the next class. We give and bequeath to DR. DILLMAN and DR. SMITI-I the ability to carve teeth for the oncoming classes. We give and bequeath to DR. CONNERS the ability to expel less material in the course of one year. We give and bequeath to DR. ENNIS "a larger dark room" to enable the developers to have more breathing space. I We give and bequeath to DR. CURTIS Hygienists that do not faint. We give and bequeath to Miss IRWIN girls that will appreciate her as we did. Page seventy-fou1 1929 HTGEIANA to DR. AUNGST straight-jackets for his patients so they We give and bequeath cannot kick him in the eye. We give and bequeath to Miss CHEAIRS clever assistance like we were. We give and bequeath to MRS. BowEs all the essentials for a perfect diet. We give and bequeath to SENIOR DENTAL STUDENTS the ability to give a "perfect" prophylaxis. We give and bequeath to the JUNIORS the instinct to know what to do at "the right" time. We give and bequeath to the CLASS OF 1995 the privilege of going to classes with the "Dents." We give and bequeath to the CLASS OF 2247 the desired privilege of doing whatever you want to do whenever you care to do it. We hereby nominate, constitute and appoint MR. RAINEY sole executor of this our last will and testament. We appoint GEORGE W. MOORE, ESQ., attorney to assist our executor in settling OU! estate. In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hand and aflixed our seal this four. teenth day of June, 1929. gm DENTAL HYGIENE CLASS OF 1929. Signed, sealed, published and declared by: "Lou" KLINE UBILLIEH FLYNN the terlator above named, af and for our lart will and testament in the pretence of zu, who in our prefefzre, at our requert, in the prerezzte of each other, have bere- fmto .rel our name: at witnefrer. "Lou" KLINE NBILLIEH FLYNN. and Page seuentyjlve ORADHYGIENE U. of P Page scventyfsix 1929 HTGEIANA AIXI INIIERVIIEW WIIII IUIQIIQIGD By Con. Demnedsoul Hades, April, 1929 fStyx Servicej ' finite so'ourn in the Infernal Regions AST week I found myself consigned to an in j , My insatiable human curiosity had not forsaken me all through the terrible trial in Purgatory, so that by the time I had adapted my constitution to the climate of btain an interview with Pluto, Ruler Hades, I had also summoned enough courage to o of the Inferno. Luckily he was burning with enthusiasm that morning and greeted me with a warm grin and a cordial glow of welcome. "L l weather we're having today," he said. "Spring will soon be here. One ove y of my imps has already reported a sulphur flower in the Valley of Kings. I was charmed by his jolly demeanor and felt that my contemplated sojourn under his supervision would be, indeed, a rip.roaring success. There was, however, one question which troubled me greatly, so I ventured to ask, "Your Majesty . . Chief!" but he interrupted with, 'My dear lady, call me, rather, I began once more, "Chief, in all my experiences here till the present time, I have not had the good fortune to meet any of my earthly colleagues. Can it be that I am the only Dental Hygienist in this district?" "H I" Pluto replied, heatedly, "that would be an exceedingly egotistical and o inaccurate representation. We are now even better taken care of than Heaven itself and rank second to Earth alone in Prophylactic treatments. Your colleagues have entirely reformed us here. They have instituted themselves as sub-chiefs over their own little place of punishment and their operations have taken a great deal of penable duty off my shoulders. Would you like to hear what my imps have recorded of them?" "Indeed," I replied, "my curiosity on that point has attained the acme of its endurance." So Pluto sounded a fire-gong, whereupon two spurts of flame shot out of the ground. But in another flash I recognized them, for the imps that they were, as Billie Flynn and Marjorie Booth. Pluto grinned at me. . "These two are my favorite devils. You remember, in 1929, they liked to be clinicers, so now their punishment lies in recording the statistics, and keeping them in order for all eternity." Pluto leafed the enormous book they were lugging, turned to me, and said: "If you would see at a glance the roll-call of the class of 1929, Dental Hygienists, P ether with the record of their present status, just turn to Evans Institute, U. of ., tog the next page-" Page seventyseven 11123:-Kzuanas 22:23 TITLE ON E ARTH OF DECEASE PREDISPOSING CAUSE IMMEDIATE CAUSE OF DECEASE STATUS IN HADES Agnew, Mlxriel Class minutes Too many meetings Private secretary to Lucifer Bell, Ruth Laughter Convulsions Ringing bells in Hades Booth, Marjorie Patients with halitosis No mouth wash tablets Making sulphide gases Breuer, Hilda Did.n't drink milk Under-nourishment Fattening imps Browne, Virginia Oysters for dinner Ice cream for dessert Throwing f1re-balls Collins, Frances Failure to be professional Stepped on Dr. Aiguier' S IOES Drawing water for Pluto Cavender, Ardath Struck by iron bar Bursted Cranium Playing guard at the fiery gates Diebler, Gladys Removal of ear-rings Caught a cold Washing asbestos "hankies" Ebeling, Virginia Frivolous room-mate Loss of sleep Assigning Vincent's patients Fadden, Margaret Excess dignity Lost her balance Sterilizing pitch-forks Fiat, Melinda Lack of Vitamin A Cod liver oil Oiling the flames Finney, Doris Artistic ability Drew only one breath per minute Painting good characters on imps HO 'IV HIDLH' EIN 'n O 'QD-. TU 98115 guyunfzuanas PREDISPOSING CAUSE IMMEDIATE CAUSE OF TITLE ON EARTH OF DECEASE DECEASE STATUS IN HADES Fischer, Eliz. Imagination It ran away with her Sharpening Dr. Aiguier's instruments Flynn, "Billie" Absent-mindedness Walked home in her uniform Editing the "Fieriana" Frailey, "Monty" Tongue it is Talked to a dental student Satan's tail-bearer GaHney, Alice Guiser, Mae Gwin, "Milly" Heiler, Betty Herring, Adelia Kline, "Lue" Kurtz, Helen Lassiter, Helene Little, Mae Exploring root-canal Rushing through "Prophies" Oral surgery The incisal edge Buccal pit A mason Enamel rods Liquified 7 Chewing gum Canoe upset Fell off the Gingival margin "Contact" Cut an artery Fell into it He wouldn't build her a house They beat her Evaporated Got stuck up Heating curling irons Toe dancer in "Red-hot Hades" Making asbestos sponges Helping write Satan's year-book Keeping key to the coal shed Building bake ovens Writing invitations to Firemen's Ball Kindling hre with her hair Giving Satan a wave fsterilizer-proof and fire-proofj 6Z6I VNVIHDLI-I :Sud I3 61143 TITLE ON EARTH PREDISPOSIN G CA OF DECEASE USE IMMEDIATE CAUSE OF DECEASE STATUS IN HADES Lytle, Marian Riding a Throm' Bus Was pushed off Riding a shovel handle Markunas, Sue Islands of Laungherhaus Shipwreck Looking at herself in Brimstone Lake Martin, Dorothy Pernicious habits Malocclusion Cleaning cast-iron cuspidors McCabe, Anne No salivary secretion Cou1dn't spit Stopping traffic on Smoky Square Moran, Jule Mistaken for a pill Chewed and swallowed Messenger to Heaven Nieskins, "Babe" Drinking Miss Irwin's alcohol Wrong bottle Shaking cinder cocktails N orthirne, Helen Lost her mannikin Broken heart Collecting samples of "sulphuric" tooth paste O'Malley, Jule Mountain climbing Fell off the Mylohyoid Ridge Giving soda for heart-burn O'Neil, Sally Punched by a fist Lost her head Sailing the yellow stream Peters, "Marge" Hunting a Median Lion Got all chewed up Licensed spark collector Ranck, Gladys Struck by a thorax jugular severed Sprinkling lire extinguisher from a step ladder Roeck, Mary Lost her Fulcrom Instrument slipped Wredting infernal homes 9151.1-I"IVHO HN 'n O '-h IU ,u0.mqSga 23:25 TITLE ON EARTH PREDg'5?JSgg,Sxgf'USE IMMEDf3'gg,Z,fg'i3USE OF STATUS IN HADES Rothman, Sadie Scratched bacteria Diplococcus Sifting germs out of ashes Sargalis, Genevieve Homesickness Easter at "Sergeant" Striking matches Shank, Betsy Bow tie Choked to death Giving his Satanic Maiestv a rush Shultz, Dora Her hair Caught in brush wheel Polishing pokers Smith, Elizabeth Lost pivot Hung in space Walking the Haming tight rope Smith, Frances Became gaseous Exploded Chasing phosphorus butterflies Spachner, Claire Loss of appetite Friday night dinner Cooking at the stake Stoeckle, "Kitty" Fruit diet Swallowed an orange seed Keeping the red-hot files Street, Virginia Hit by car Broken neck jay-walking on the Bottomless Pitway Swinehart, Ruth Truhan, Martha Weidenman, Aline Impacted third molar Developing Swallowed her baby teeth "Swing"-ing X-Ray Acute indigestion Blowing pitch bubbles Holding smoke screens for the Hygienists Setting off fire-crackers M. E. F.-H. B. 6Z6I VNVIEIDLI-I ORADHYGIENE U 0 P AlIE5llE3llPtlIEf3ll2lllQfhf'llflIl4DlINll WIND llFA4ElllIlIb6llF6M T1-in CLASS of Nineteen Twenty-nine takes this opportunity to show its appreciation to the Faculty by thanking them for their untiring efforts, kindliness and willing cooperation in everything we have tried this year. They have instilled in us high aims and ideals by their instruction and example. As we stand on the threshold of our profession we are determined to keep these ideals ever before us, to pattern our lives after their instruction, to give the world our best service and to be a credit to them and to our Alma Mater. W M. F. Page eightyftwo 1929 HYGEIANA R -..M eightyfllx ORADHTGIENE U. of P. Shaeffer, Gladys, '22-University of Pennsylvania .... Speirs, Marion, '22-School Work and Private ..... Walton, Elva, '22-School Work ............. Warker, Anne, '22-School Work ........... Arnold, Marion, '23-School Work ...... Bonawitz, Catherine, '23-Private Office ......... Bradshaw, Ethel, '23-School Work ............... Downie, Blanche, '23-University of Pennsylvania ..... ..... Engle, Florence, '23-Hospital .... l ............... Engstrom, Gertrude, '23-Mouth Hygiene Assn. . . . Fisk, Rebecca, '23-Hospital ........ L ........ Jeffries, Margaret, '23-School Work ..... Logan, Mary, '23--School Work ................. Love, Minnie, '23-Private Ofiice ................... . . . Zimmerman, Eleanor, '23-University of Pennsylvania .... . . . Brossman, Marguerite, '24-School Work .......... Cory, Ruth, '24-Private Office. .f ......... . . . . Coxe, Miriam, '24-School Work ........ Cutler, Ruth, '24-Private Ofiice ..... Davis, Isabelle, '24-School Work ..... Detwiler, Ione, '24-School Work ............... Delp, Mrs., '24-Red Cross ........................ . Friedenberg, Floretra, '24-University of Pennsylvania. . . . . . MacDonald, Helen, '24-Private Office .............. . . . MacSweeney, Helen, '24-School Work ............ Miller, Lena, '24-Private Office ......... Pelstrings, Marcella, '24-Private Ofiice .... Rauch, Caroline, '24-School Work ...... Ruhe, Lucille, '24-School Work ...... Russell, Elizabeth, '24-School Work ..... Schwatt, Irma, '24-Private Office ...... Snyder, jean, '24-School Work ........ Volinski, Caroline, '24--School Work .... Willis, Miriam, '24-School Work ...... Augaitis, Helen, '25-Private Ofiice .... Cameron, jane, '25-Private Ofiice. . . . . . Casselberry, Agnes, '25-Private Office ...... Cervantes, Genevieve, '25-Private Ofiice ..... Chelden, Alice, '25-Private Ofiice ......... Jaffa, Evelyn, '25-Private Ofiice ......... Malloy, Frances, '25-School Work .... Mumford, Catherine, '25-Red Cross ..... Oberman, Edith, '25-Private Ofiice .... Packer, Sarah, '25-School Work ..... Preston, Clara, '25-Social Servicei .... Russell, Helen, '25-School Work ....... Sykes, Wilma, '25-School Work ..... . .... . Thrasher, Elizabeth, '25-School Work ..... Turley, Jennie, '25-Private Ofiice ....... Page eighty-four I ... . .Philadelphia, Pa. . .Philadelphia, Pa. . . . . .Pottsville, Pa. . .Wilkes-Barre, Pa. . . . . .Harrisburg, Pa. . . . . . .Reading, Pa. . . . Johnstown, Pa. . .Philadelphia, Pa. Washington, D. C. ..Philadelphia, Pa. Washington, D. C. . . .New Castle, Pa. . . .Grove City, Pa. . Philadelphia, Pa. . .Philadelphia, Pa. . . . . . .Reading, Pa. New Haven, Conn. . . . . . .Reading, Pa. . .Philadelphia, Pa. ..Philadelphia, Pa. . . . .Turtle Creek, Pa. . . . . . .Reading, Pa. . .Philadelphia, Pa. . .Philadelphia, Pa. .Upper Darby, Pa. ..Philadelphia, Pa. . Philadelphia, Pa. .Dauphin Co., Pa. . . . .Allentown, Pa. . . . .Allentown, Pa. ..Philadelphia, Pa. . . . . .Harrisburg, Pa. . . . . .Wilkes-Barre .......York, Pa. . . . .Pittsburgh, Pa. ..Philadelphia, Pa. . . . . .Lancaster, Pa. . .Philadelphia, Pa. . . . .Pittsburgh, Pa. . . . . . . .Connecticut .Schuylkill Co., Pa. . . . . .Centralia, Pa. . Philadelphia, Pa. . . .Norristown, Pa. . . . . .Reading, Pa. . . . . .Homestead . , Pa . . .Irvington, N. . . . .Allentown, Pa. ... . . .Easton, Pa. 1929 HYGEIANA Vanderford, Ruth, '25-Private Office. . . Biczysko, Irene, '26--Orphanage ..... Bowen, Loretta, '26-Private Office ..... Brandt, Miriam, '26-School Work ..... Bregman, Frances, '26-Private Office. . . Bryar, Marian, '26-School Work ...... Davidson, Bessie, '26-School Work .... DeLong, Ivy, '26-School Work ..... Edwards, Elsie, '26-School Work... Geary, Lois, '26-School Work .... Green, Anna, '26-Private Office ..... Greenleaf, Ruth, '26-School Work ..... Hunsberger, Virginia, '26-Hospital .... Krauser, Mathilda, '26-Private Office.. Leonard, Bertha, '26-Private Office .... Mattas, Bertha, '26-School Work ....... Mattas, Elizabeth, '26-School Work ....... O'Conner, Margaret, '26-School Work. Olhausen, Virginia, '26-Private Ofhce.. Reiley, Mary, '26-Private Office ....... Renner, Alerta, '26-School Work ..... Schreffier, Claire, '26-School Work .... ShafP, Dorothy, '26-School Work .... Swank, Bernice, '26-School Work .... Thomas Kathr n '26 c , y , Tomlinson, Marion, '26-Private Office .... Woomer, Helen, '26-School Work .... Brennan, Kathryn, '27-Industrial. . . Brubaker, Mary, '27-Private Office .... Butcher, julia, '27-School Work ..... Doll, Helen, '27-School Work ........ Eidam, Dorothea, '27-School Work .... Ellman, Ida, '27-Private Office ...... Farrell, Sue, '27-Hospital ,......... Francis, Janice. '27-School Work ..... Gallagher, Eleanor, '27-Hospital ...... Gallagher, Margaret, '27-Private Office. Gehris, Mary Alice, '27-School Work.. Grossman, Rose, '27-Social Service .... Haas, Ruth, '27-School Work ......... Jordon, Margaret, '27-School Work .... Karch, Nancy, '27-School Work ...... Koch, Erma, '27-School Work ........ Landis, Margaret, '27-School Work ..... Leslie Helen '27-School Work ........ Macljowell, Elizabeth, '27-school Work .... Malone, Ellen, '27-Private Office ...... Mathews, Agnes, '27-School Work .... Meisel, Elizabeth, '27-Private Office .... . Page eighty-five . . .Philadelphia, Pa. .........Nanticoke, Pa. . .Binghamton, N. Y. . . . .Holidaysburg, Pa. . . .Philadelphia, Pa. . . . . .Altoona, Pa. . . . .Bedford, Pa. . . . .Reading, Pa. . . . .Duquesne, Pa. . . . . . . .Altoona, Pa. . . . .Philadelphia, Pa. . . . . .Altoona, Pa. Q ..... Philadelphia, Pa. . . . . .Philadelphia, Pa. . ..... Washington, D. C. . . . . . . .Altoona, Pa. . . . . .Altoona, Pa. . . . .St. Marys, Pa. . . . .Philadelphia, Pa. ....Corning, N. Y. ........Altoona, Pa. . . . . .Phillipsburg, Pa. Franklin Borough, Pa. . . . . . .Uniontown, Pa. . . . .Altoona, Pa. . . . .Clearfield, Pa. ..... . .New York . . . . . .Pittsburgh, Pa. . . .Reading Dist., Pa. . . . . . . .Altoona, Pa. . . . . . . .Reading, Pa. . . . . .Bryn Mawr, Pa. . . . .Germantown, Pa. . . . . . . .Oakmont, Pa. . ..... Schuylkill Haven, Pa. . . . ....... Philadelphia, Pa. Reading, Pa. i G -...I-.i.i.Bhiladelphia, Pa. . . .Reading Dist., Pa. . . . .Fullerton, Pa. . . . . .Lebanon, Pa. ......,.Reading, Pa. . . . .Connellsville, Pa. . . . .Summit Hill, Pa. . . . . . .Coatesville, Pa. ..West Haven, Conn. . . . . . .Bellefonte, Pa. . . . .Philadelphia, Pa. ORADHTGIENE U. of P. Rice, Ethel May, '27-Private Office ..... Rice, Margaret, '27-School Work ..... Rozelle, Mildred, '27-School Work ..... Samuels, Nina, '27-School Work .... Snyder, Anna, '27-Private Office .... Sorokin, Freda, '27-Private Office .... Spangler, Louise, '27-School Work ..... Stayer, Pauline, '27-School Work ...... Steckman, Eleanor, '27-School Work... Swarner, Edith, '27-School Work ...... Swarner, Minnie, '27-School Work .... Thome, Jean, '27-Private Office ...... Wagner, Mary, '27-School Work .... Weinstein, Irene, '27-Private Office .... Andres, Margaret, '28-School Work .... Bennett, Grace, '28-School Work ..... Biggins, Lois, '28-School Work .... Callaway, Emma, '28-Institutional. Cleary, Helen, '28-School Work ...... Copenhaver, Gladys, '28-Private Office.. Ctumpton, Ruth, '28-Social Service .... Davis, Eleanor, '28-School Work ....... Douden, Emily, '28-Settlement Work. . . Evans, Beth, '28-School Work ........ Fitzsimmons, Helen, '28-Institutional. Flury, Naomi, '28-School Work ....... Gallagher, Anna, '28-School Work ..... Grim, Mary, '28-School Work ....... Gurevich, Sophie, '28-Hospital ........ Hamer, Mattamora, '28-School Work. Hanley, Florence, '28-School Work. Holden, Marion, '28-School Work... Karboski, Celia, '28-Orphanage ..... Koller, Gertrude, '28-Hospital ........ Krauser, Emily, '28-Hospital .......... Lingenfelter, Margaret, '28-School Work .... McShane, Katherine, '28-Hospital ...... Nagle, Florence, '28-Orphanage ....... Nangle, Ruth, '28-School Work .... Neff, Frances, '28-School Work .... Norton, Dorothy, '28-Hospital ...... Ohlwiler, jane, '28-School Work .... O'Neill, Clare, '28-Hospital ....... Raab, Gladys, '28. Rearich, Ruth, '28. Schwab, Catherine, '28-School Work .... Temple, Helen, '28-Institutional. Warne, Madaline, '28-Private Office .... Yingling, Helen, '28-School Work. Bagshaw, Martha, '28-School Work .... Page eiglwtysix . . . .Philadelphia, Pa. .......Tyrone, Pa. . . . . . . . .Scranton . . . . . .W. Virginia . . . . . . .Lancaster, Pa. . . . .Philadelphia, Pa. Western Pennsylvania . . .Punxsutawney, Pa. . . . . . . . .Altoona, Pa. . . . . . .Steelton, Pa. . . . .Harrisburg, Pa. joy, Pa. . . . .Connellsville, Pa. . . . .Philadelphia, Pa. . . . . .Pottstown, Pa. ........Chester, Pa. . . . . .New Castle, Pa. . . . . .Springfield, Pa. . .Washington, D. C. . . . . . .Pittsburgh, Pa. . . . . .Lansdowne, Pa. . . . .Philadelphia, Pa. . . . . .Hamburg, Pa. . . . .Berrytown, Pa. . . . .Allentown, Pa. . . . . . .Reading, Pa. . . . .Philadelphia, Pa. . . . .Bethlehem, Pa. . . . .Nanticoke, Pa. . . . . . .Bethlehem, Pa. . . . .Philadelphia, Pa. . . . . . .Altoona, Pa. . . . .Philadelphia, Pa. . . . .Philadelphia, Pa. .........Easton, Pa. . . .Montoursville, Pa. . .Easton, Pa. . . . . . . .Claireton, Pa. . . .Osceola Mills, Pa. . . . .Harrisburg, Pa. . . . .Philadelphia, Pa. . .Harrisburg District 1929 HTGEIANA llI5fMMIllIEBllNIl6lIlf Long hours did we play with Ann Atomy, Known what a "Fizz"-iology can be, And how tall is Chemis-tree. Sadly did we cry for More-phology And mar the white pureness of Ivoryg So gently we treated the man Nikin, Raised ourselves up unto High Giene, When along came Ed Ucation, Brought his side-kick Newt Rition, Told us of what materia Med was made- And now forevermore we sob On the shoulder of dear old Prof. Ylaxis. H. B. Page eightyaseven ORADHTGIENE U, of p Page eightyeight 1929 HYGEIANA . f-' Q Y I X A5 1-'x J X . Ay. nl 67 I A N iv-Z F D LA UQ H ORADHTGIENE U, of P WA'-vlll2uNfll29S'f9 Dill? M929 A is for Agnew, poised as a rule, But one day she fell on her way to school. B is for Bell, droll and witty, ' At cracking jokes she takes the kitty. C is for Cavender, clever but "Shifty," At making excuses she's certainly nifty. D is for Deibler, she works with a will, And plays the piano with wonderful skill. E is for Ebeling, popular and sweet, Boys take her out and call it a treat. F is for Flynnie, "Pinkie" I meant, From work on this year book, her shoulders are bent. Ghis for Gaffney, btimful of pep, She stands with Sammy on Sergeant Hall step. H is for Herring, codfish and trout, She belongs in the water, who let her out? K is for Kurtz, who loves Western life, She hopes to be a cowboy's wife. L is for Little, our generous Mae, Gets tons of chocolates and gives them away. M is for Moran, peppy and jolly, She takes a taxi instead of a trolley. N is for Northime, her patients are lucky, When she wears her cap, she looks quite "ducky." O's for O'Neil, our gay warbling Sally, We wish she'd train the cats in Sergeant Hall alley. P is for Peters, quiet as the Sphinx, Generous and frank-says what she thinks. R is for Roeck, Rothman, and Ranck, If it were S it would stand for Shank. S is for Smith, "Fran" is her name, Being professional will win her fame. T is for Truhan, her health will break, She eats ice cream instead of steak. W is for Weidenman, in a dreadful condition, Her jaw swelled 'up from mal nutrition. M. E. F. Page ninety 1929 H 'YGEIANA GRINDERS It isn't the fact that you're through Dr. Aiguier-HA man is really alive that'counts. It's how many points, and only when he delights in the goodwill of how' ' others." -0- Mrs. Sullivan-"To trust for knowl- Helen-"Give me a box of Dr. G,-een-S edge or awakening would be the lag- gards or the fool's excuse. The manifest of each created thing is our inheritance for powerf' Miss Downie-"Thus our fortunes keep an upward course and we are graced with wreaths of victory." Miss Shaeffer-"Oh, friend! Oh, best of friends, thy absence more than impend- ing right darkens the landscape o'er." The Class-"We are such stuff as dreams are made of, and our little life is rounded with a sleep." Martha T r u h a n-"Generosity wins favor for everyone, especially when it is accompanied by modesty." Mary Elizabeth Flynn--"Character calls forth character." Virginia Browne-"To know her was to love her." Mrs. Little-"Never put off until to- morrow what you can do today. Do it now." Gladys Diebler-"If music be the food of love-play on." Helene Lassiter-"Men may sigh and tear their hair-but I'll talk on forever." Betty Heiler-"There's a language in her eye, her cheek, her lip." "Speak or di " e. Betsy Shank-"Every man to his busi- ness." Ruth Swinehart-"Exceedingly wise, fair-spoken and persuading." What need a girl forestall her date of joy, And run to meet what she would most avoid, "Clinic." pills." Clerk-"Anti-bilious?" Helen-"No, Uncle's sick." -O.. Mrs. Sullivan fafter giving assign- mentsj -"Well, you girls all know where you can go next week." "Billie"-"I wonder what she means." i01- If I can teach the colored man the gospel of the tooth brush, I feel that I can make a man of him. Booker T. Wa.rlJiz1glon. 101- Dr. Gunter-"Miss Booth, where is the foramen magnum Miss Booth-"In the chin." P., -0- Face and hands washed clean and white, Teeth like pearls, all shining bright, Tidy looking nails and hair, Clothing that's arranged with care, Polished shoes-all these things show, The Hygienists who are neat, you know. -0- Miss Downie fin mannikin roomy- "Send Miss Guiser back for her teeth." -O.. "Billie" Flynn ftalking on phonej- "Hello, is this Sergeant Hall Dorms?" Operator-"Yes." "Billie"-"Well, will you please call Muriel Agnew's room and tell her please bring up my teeth because I need them before examination." -0- Mary Alice Gaffney-"I'll have to hurry and curl my hat 'cause if I take my hair off, what will the boys think?" Page ninetyfone ORADHTGIENE U. of P. Muriel Agnew ftaking care of pa- tients,-"Are you waiting for a prophy- laxis?" Patient-"I don't know what his name is, but he told me to wait here." .-0... Genevieve ftalking about Dentists ex- amining in surveyj-"Do they go very fast?" Miss Downie-"What-the taxis?" Lo-. Can one imagine Virginia Ebeling suf- fering from Vincent's? -0- Dr. Vickers-"Why the extra half dollar charged to this patient?" Senior Dent-"For squeezing the arm of my chair out of shape." -40.- Ann-"Are you serious?" Betty-"No, Irish." .-.01- Gladys-"How do you like this sketch of a decayed tooth?" Betsy--"Rotten," -0- 'Mill-"Will you miss me when I go away, dear?" Shep-"Well, I'm not so good at long range." 101 Babe-"Wait until I see that boy' friend of mineg I'l1 give him a piece of my mind." Jule-"Don't do that, we won't have any left." Miss Shaeifer-"Use the word 'win- dow' in a sentence." Betty Heiler-"Window we eat?" 10.- Dr. Curtis-"I-I'm, severe headaches, a pain in the neck, glands swollen. What is your age, madame?" Patient fcoylyj-"Twenty-four, doc- tor." Dr. Curtis-"H'm, memory affected, too." TOT Mae Little fat football gamej-"How many quarters are they going to play?" .-OL. Jule-"Oh, gosh what'll I do with my week-end?" Babe-"Put your hat on." -0- Elizabeth Fischer-"Why was Mr. Rainey so frightened this afternoon?" Ruth Bell-"Oh! one of the girls showed him a Median Lion." .-..0... Sally O'Neil-"Gladys Diebler has be- come quite a pianist since she came down to school." Martha Truhan-"No wonder, she does all her practicing on an enamel organ." B. H. Page 'ninetygtwo 1929 HTGEIANA I stood in the graveyard at midnight, Amid the tombstones grayg And read these sad inscriptions Where the Dental I-Iygienists lay. Muriel lies here in sweet repose. She died from a carbuncle on her nose. Here lies Ginny, she's an angel now, And wears a halo on her brow. Montrose Frailey was hard to kill. She fell from Sergeant Hall window sill. Mae Guiser couldn't live at all, After she drank her alcohol. Adelia's gone and left us alone. She died from a fractured funny.bone. Helene from mortal ranks has passed, Asking questions, she breathed her last. Too many parlor dates killed Ann so fair. She sloughed away from lack of fresh air. Kitty Stoeckle has stopped her joking, Swallowed a Hlling, and died from choking. Nieskins has lost her earthly attractions. She turned on the gas and died in extractions. Marian Lytle at the mouth did foam. She mixed tooth paste with her eats from home. Glynnie's in a better world we know. A fatal pain attacked her toe. I stood in the graveyard at midnight, A sad voice seemed to say, "If these girls had been professional, They would not have passed away.' n Page ninctythree M. E. F. ORAIJHTGIENE U. of P 5 , N , - .S ,ri fs-f-.....,,, gffi ' - . :nu QW, ' f, 0 . an It an by N W ' HERRFNGS AR f' " L Y, ..5,MEHM:s1LL wE1' OLDc 71. f,.-.ak a. eM.l--A. , ' ' fx , 5 , A 1 2,0 W 'Q W W f NX ir niism: in-rv LE 'lg wpqA1-'5 W,,,NG in "Now,crm.o THiS Picvunr ? V, V3 lg - ff! L Q C AA A!! '- :g.: 5 3! WM GMDYS RANCKS H 6,4 Hsnucmiu or ' M no vu: a an TE"""QuE qgszuwc P 5 ninetyffour 'E 9 1929 HTGEIANA fw rx WWW ,, Q1 ' 'Z ' Q ff XXX J --ii! 1 MX ! A465 f,,',x 'Q Q? A QQ 3 W' A -'SA' ' Q 5- AA N- "'1 u S"Z?fnf ..FiIlnd,, L! 'iff' E GQ'-1 y ' Vg, ' 4 ff I 2 M mf . .. ,x 1' D pij ?!vZALK A Milli Fon -I BUSY CAMEL Q ,- !-g H wmrs OF TRANSPORTATiou IN IQ: Pg yh ORADHTGIENE U. ofP PROPHYLACTIC PROWESS fWitl9 apologier to Alfred Neyer' "Highwaymmz."j I The air has a feel of asepsis about the clinic chair, The bulb sheds its gleam of brightness upon her shining hair, The clinic is a model of business with never an afternoon off, And the hygienist goes scaling- Scaling-scaling- The hygienist goes scaling, along the gingival trough. II She's a starched white cap on her forehead, a nice gold pin at her c A shoe of freshest cleanness, white dress of stiff muslin That fits with never a wrinkle: neat pearl buttons down one side. And she scrapes with a jeweled tinkle, Her instruments a-twinkle, Her fingernails a-twinkle, the patient's mouth open wide. ' III Lingual surfaces linished, the buccal and labial, too, And she beckons with a smile to the clinickers, but they have plen She makes her way to the corner, and who, should be busy there, But the clinic's Supervisor, Yes, the Supervisor, Recording yesterday's credits with much detail and care. IV "A moment, busy lady, a boon from you I pray, For I have removed all the calculus, be assured of that you may! Now that the curettes are dull, and the wood-points worn to fringe Please come with me for a moment, Examine the case for a moment, On your verdict of that moment, my fate for today doth hinge." V The busy lady arose then, washed and dried her hands, Soon, with mirror and explorer, at the patient's side she stands "Open, please," is the magic sesame. One dares not to cough! For the Supervisor's 'xploring- 'Xploring-'xploring- For the Supervisor's 'xploring, along the gingival trough. 7 VI "Tck-tck, tck-tck!" What is it? A tongue clicking very clearg "Tck-tck, tck-tck!" Is it something you ought to fear? Over the third molar region, the rest of the teeth all passed, Explorer smoothly gliding- Gliding-gliding- "Yes, the work is done very nicely. You're an Operator-at last!" Page ninetyfsix hin, ty to do H.B i929 HYGEIANA TEN BEST WAYS TO FLUNK 1. Sleep in lectures. Be sure to snore. 2. Never ask Dr. Aiguier any questions. Five minutes are five minutes. 3. Don't change your uniform, it's bad luck. 4. Use lip-stick and rouge before and after each patient, you might get a fraternity pin. 5. Never put instruments in your hair, put them in your mouth. 6. Open all the gas jets in the bacteriology laboratory, and be sure to use the trick lighter you got for Christmas. 7. Talk to all Dental students, and Professors, toog opportunity knocks but once 8. Have all dental appointments during lecture hours, aim to please. 9. Never wipe instruments on your towel, use your head. 10. Be sure to go to Miss Irwin's class with a cold. HEARD IN I-IYGIENIST'S ROOM "Watch the screen." ' "Where's my stockings?" "Is my hat on straight?" "I never saw so much calculus in all my life." "Who's assigning patients?" "I don't want an old man." "Got an extra bobbie pin?" "What, didn't your patient show up?" "No, he was a dental student." Mae Little-"You take the sterilizer, I just got a marcel." "Who'll loan me their comb?" "Hurry, the taxi is waiting." "I lost my keys." "Who has a pin?" "Got any white shoe polish?" "I wonder if we'll have a lecture." "How many points did you get?" Page ninetyfstvffl B. H ORAL-HYGIENE U, of P ATUGJIHD GBJIRAIIDHS Ps y sh 1929 HTGEIANA 1 9,613 FLLT V.E8Ei:4d QQANDNQQ You've seen the faculty and class, You've read the personnels. We tried to show you through a verse In what each girl excels. Next come the advertisements, We hope you'll read them, too, They first have benefited us, We know they will benefit you. Our friends, the advertisers, Who made possible this book, We wish to thank and hope that you Will o'er these pages look. -Q' Page ninetyfnine .izt-faaaffvzvoavd-Z6Qg.f '--- - jf-- n r The Thomas W. Evans I Museum and Dental Institute I: n School of Dentistry I . . HE largest and most com letel e ui ed University of Tdental educational institutijon iii eilcisiizliice I Pennsylvania for the training of men and women for the prac- tice of dentistry. I THE COURSE is graded and extends through I four annual sessions beginning the last Friday in September, and ending the third Wednes- day in june of each year. Every feature of practical value to the prospective practitioner I is taught by a competent Faculty aided by an efficient corps of instructors. It is the aim of I the institute to so conduct its educational work that those who pursue its courses lead- I ing to the degree of Doctor of Dental Sur- I gery shall be thoroughly grounded in the I scientihc principles upon which an intelligent I and skillful practice of dentistry is based. A superabundance of clinical patients affords ample opportunity for the practical training I of the students in all classes of dental opera. tions. I -......i.....T. THE LABORATORIES and operatorium are un. I COURSES IN surpassed in equipment. The Institute is pro- ' vided with every facility of the most modern I 0rdlHyg1ene and perfect type for laboratory work in I for the training of dental connection with every department of dental hygienists are conducted instruction as well as for advanced scientific by the Institute and offer research' I to young women gi com- CATALOGUES and circulars giving detailed I pi-ehensive cgurse of in. information furnished upon application. Ad- struction, extending over dress DR. CHARLES R. TURNER, Dean, one collegiate year in this the Thomas W. Evans Museum and Dental I important professional Institute, Fortieth and Spruce Streets, Phila. work. delphia. I l I Page one hundred get-"ex if W if I Photo shows the new Rittcrjunior Chair and the Ritter Tri-Dent Equipment. If fel ililmil you llllll Wmmrils more fieflmilily Better dental service - performed in . , RITTER shorter time . . . that s the result sue- . , . . . LQUIPMEN1 cessful dentists and hyglemsts every- . . Chairs where are obtaining through the use of , , , , , Umt Equipment complete Ritter Equipment. No detail x-Ray Machines which will promote efficiency has been 1-,LDem Equipment omitted. L,,,h,,,, We welcome questions from students and hy- Ai' C0""""'0" gienists. Merely write Dept. E, Ritter Dental Rhcin Ulthls Mfg. Co., Inc., Rochester, N. Y. cw- .l nh. BUILT UP T0 A STANDARD l V' NOT DOWN T0 A PRICE R R NEW YORK Page one hundred and one . M QID GZIEGD f- ,, I .31 1 1 1 l Laboratory Apparatus and Chemicals 1 1 CQ "'Xif'JIlllC'.V4' 1 MEDICAL, DENTAL AND BIOLOGICAL BOOKS Gwllllwa EDWARD P. DOLBEY 86 CO. 1 3621 WOODLAND AVENUE I PHILADELPHIA, PA. Page one hundred and two -ln P' 95 .t sr 1.2. is rw- SN LD mst Alsovf MED, XBWOU 001917 V40 'N BE satisfied with nothing other than the best. Give the best and demand the best. Give the best that is within you at every task, for every good effort is the seed of the thought or act that follows, and you will grow accordingly. Opportuni- ties will coincide with your ability to grasp themg you will be compen- sated in accord with your deeds, for fessional career. Though a skilled craftsman can sometimes perform a creditable task or create a work of art with inferior tools and materials how much better and how much nearer to his ideals would his work be were the best facilities employed! S. S. White instruments mate rials and equipment will, by their it is true that, as some- one somewhere said, "The world pays every man in his own coin." Demand the best, especially of the instru- ments and materials that comprise your armata- rium during your pro- Steel Inatnxments Polishing Disks and Stri Port gtrlidxer, Orange- Wood Points Tooth Paste Tooth Powder Mouth WBA! Chairs, Equipment and Materials or Dental Clinics adaptation, make your work easier. They will last longer and always be an inspiration to do your best. We wish you well may every good that you and may you attain suc cess in your profession S. S. WHITE Instruments, Materials and Equipment for the HYGIEN IST WRITE FOR , E COLLEGE BRANCH CATALOGS Fortieth and Irving Streets FOR SALE BY DENTAL DEALERS cyhe s.s.whare Dental Mfg co. "Since l644 Ihe Siandard " Philadelphia .A'f!.7'.f.V".A'f' .!.7'.!' .f.7'.!.7'.f.7'.A'f'.!.7'.f' .!.7'.A'!J:f'.A'!'.!.7'.A'fJ.7'J-7'.f-7'.Z'!'J' .f.V'.A'f!.7'.A'f'.!.7'.!7'.A'!'.f.7' .4'f!.7' -!.7'.f.7'.!.7' .!.VJ.7'.f.7'.f.7'.A'f!.7'.A7'.!.7'.A'!'.!.7' .A7' .r 5 , . S have desired come true, Page one hundred and three .A7J.7'.A'f' .!.7J.7J' .f.7'.f.V' .!.7'.!.7'.I.7'.A'fJ.7' .A'I'.l.7".f.7'.A'ff' J' .!.7'.A'fA7'.!2!'.f.7'.AV'..A'!'.A7'.A7' Throughout Pennsylvania A comprehensive and diversified stock of the highest quality Dental Supplies and Materials is at your disposal at CAULK Depots. In Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg you will find the same friendly atmosphere of help- fulness, the same courteous service and fair deal- ing that is characteristic of all CAULK Depots. MGIUJQX9 Your patromzge if solicited and will be appreciated X, f.. .f'J.7'.A'!'J.7'J.7' J.7'.A'!'.!.7'.f'.A'!' PJGIIIISXQ The L. D. Caulk Dental Depot,'Inc. 1540 WIDENER BUILDING I z PHILADELPHIA University Branch, 243 S. 40th Street ' I FRED W. BEITTENMILLER J7'J' l l l Page one hundred and four -A'fJ.777J7'.A'f'.A7'.A'AA'f'.A'!'.A7J7J:f!7'.!777J.7' J.7'.!.7'.A'!'.A'f' .Aff .!.7'.A'!' J' .A'fA7'-A'!'.AV'.!.7'.A7'.f.7:A7'.A7'.A7'.A'fJ.7J.7" J.7'.A7' .A'f'.A7' .!.7J.7J.775 Z. , , ' . 1 1 s - -1 ' 1 1 '. ists and Dentists most everywhere. I4' I 4 D I ff .A'f!.VJ.7J.7".!.7" ..A'!'.A'!'.A7'.A'f'.!.7'.A'!'.f.VJ' .!.7'J.V'.!.7'.f.7'.f' J' .A7" .A'!'.!.V'.A'f' .A'!J.V' .4'f'J.7'.!.7" J' gf' .f-7:A-f- J' ,f.yJ.7y.yy,7y' J- if -Ay' .4-fig,-A-f-.Asff The Dental Hygienist, piomotcs preventative Dentistry. The Public IS gradually being won to the necessity of a healthy mouth Eveiy pI'IctIcal aid the Hygienist can employ to popularize the clean mouth 'advances the Hygienist cause. Myiiol Prophylaxis Specialties !ll'C generally approved and ill use by Hygien- MYNoL TooTH CLEANING TAIII,ETs cPLIIlliCC iII Tablet formj MYNGL DISCLOSING SOLUTION MYNOL ORANGE Woon POINTS-NCXV style Wedge Spoon MYNOL CONTRA ANGLE PORTE PoI,IsHEI1 'I he Hygienist use of these Specialties will be a considerable aid in popular- lllllg Prophyl'I'cIs .YIIYICI C H04 YU DIIIIIV-Y' The Mynol Chemical Company Specialties for Dentists REAL ESTATE TRUST BUILDING, PHII,AnEI.I'I-IIA N This !ldUl?I'flSl'lll6'Ill is through the courtesy of The Dental lllanufrurtzzrrrs Supply Conzjrany 14th Floor, Real Estate Trust Building UNIVERSITY BRANCH: 249 SoU'rII 4-0'I'II S'I'IueE'r Puhluhcrs and distributors of the Prnna. Stan' Board qimstions since 1905, and frm' to all students. I Page one hundved and five Supplies and Instruments of merit used in the practice of Prophylaxis x in A are always included in our complete stock of P Dental Supplies and Equipment z Our over twenty-nine years of service to Fi'-4 the .dental profession bespeaks confidence. S "Ada the Dewitt we Serve" K CLIMAX DENTAL SUPPLY CO. P 1213 Walnut Street 310-12 Adams Avenue PHILADELPHIA SCRANTON S South Main and Northampton Streets WILKES-BARRE Page one hundred and six Bell, Evergreen 8370 Z EL I WS SPRUCE AND 40TH STREETS, PHILADELPHIA S GJIQIIIIGKD Every Article of Medicine The Best Quality Cmllll COMPLIMENTS OF MORGAN, HASTINGS S. CO. MANUFACTURERS OF Morgan, Hastings Famous Filling Golds SINCE 1820 Page one hundred and seven ' ff J' .A7J.7'.!' -f' -ff' .!' .4'f'.f.7'.!.7'.l:f'.A'!'-f' 'P 5 5 NRL' fx Nt. Q Q 'Q 9 Z NS Q 'S 'Na Qs. N R 4 as it Q 1 S fl. S R 9 'NA- R 'U G- 3. 2 E 55. Q 9 Si K-F . 5 SJ'J.VJ' ' .A'ff.7'.f.7J' -I' J' J.7'.!.7'.f' .A'IJ.7".A'!'.A'fA7J.V'.!' .A'!'.!:f'.!.7'.!.7' .f7'.A'!'.f.7'.A7'.A7'.!' .l'.f'.A7'.A'!'.df'.f' .f.7'..A'7' .A'f'.f.7'.f.7'.!.7'.f.7'..l' .A7'.!.Z.A'f'.!7' -A'!'..A'!'..f.7'.!.7'.A'!J.77' J7'.A'!J.7J' J7' .f.7'.A'!'.!.7'.!.7".A7'..A'!'.A7'.f.7'.A!'.AV'.!' AZP' "' mdk ,V .. V ' O'- The KREVISKLEENER Tooth Brush is advocated and prescribed by the leading Oral Hygienists. It is ideal for interdental cleaning It is made of the best material by the best work- manship It is the most economical of all Brushes of this type. F OR WELFARE WORK We carry the largest stock of Tooth Brushes in the United States and at all times have on hand various patterns of inexpensive Tooth Brushes perfectly adapted to welfare work that we sell for as little as 37.20 a gross Sc apiece with bone or celluloid handles. Our prices for wood handle brushes begin at 354 50 per gross. W1 :te for mmplex. WILLIAMS BRUSH COMPANY 32 North Sixth Street Philadelphia, Pa. Complunents of the EENFAEL EIEITNHSHSE' AELU NAI ASSQGEHATIHQN Thomas W. Evans Museum and Dental Institute School of Dentistry University of Pennsylvania V,-n:4'4' i A I f4 .fix . ,... N m X ITHE STRAIGHT AND NARROW WAVI c c c 1. c c c c c . . I Page one lzumlrcd and eight vOGCGf INGS Bell Telephone: 2 '-I P-l I H1 DP 1 W O D-4 Z "3 Z H Z "5 'U fb :s :J 'C '-a a O x- fl 'I 45,0511 CRUX Pl!-5 QC I-19 J-Q'-f , ,,, ,f A l l I A r- . I , 1 I . ' h ' . M Y ,A :K n - I lx .- , - lc L ' l v ,' rl' -1 . E K -R ,,. . 1 " ' ' -1 , - 1 . ' .: ' 7 J ' jf, . U . ' - , ' . -. . , 6 I 'Af 1 I T 1 ' 9 ' f N -1' .frf.v-.Av-.xref-.f:fxf-.Az-.4-ff.r ZAMSKCY Sclllfllllllllbllllll lll11N11113 JGOOOOOOOF 907 CHLSTNUT STRELI PHILADELPHIA PA W II lmvc Lomplctcd suucssfully ovu e1ghty Qghool and wllcgc 1111111115 thlS yc 11, 'md Qre 'Idd1l'lLfllCXN oms to 0111 11st 4fvOO0'J'J9O0'aOOO' lhuc must bc 1 1015011 It Wlll p1y you to 1llVCStlg'1tC 0949 PllOt0gl '1pl1s of XKl1lCl1 pcreoml l L IILILI nc the ou .J'J'40OO' JOO'J9O99'40OOOOO' Q l l X l l l 5 1 l l, st'1111l111g fu IYUILS 'un m'1de by us fm pcoplc xx l1o l1'1vL 1 keen Sense of cl1sL11m111'1t1o11 The photo 1 f,,l'lD1S Ill tl11s ISSUC 11a 'Ill LX unplu of Olll pmcluct 'md Qk1ll 111 Olll SDLLIII Lollcgc Dcp'11t ment Page one hundvcd and nine We manufacture, sharpen and repair Dental Instruments Snli.rjf1rliarz and Sfllfing Glmranteed QIINDIIHIIIINII IIBILIIIKIIQIEIIIAIIKIDGIF DENTAL INSTRUMENTS 263 SOUTH 11TH STREET PIIILADIELPHIA, PA. Bell 'Phonc: Pcnnypackcr 3210 You can alzuayr get better Smzciwiclses TlJey're good and so diferent F'-ORM PALL MALL SANDWICH SHOPPE G. J. COMPASS, Manager 46 SOUTH 40TH STREET PHILADELPHIA "Right onthe Campus" 3421 WOODLAND AVENUE ENGRAVERS FOR THIS BOOK - A service unique in its scope . . . a responsibility tremendous in its varying detail . . . an accomplishment great in the satisfaction it has given to others and to ourselves. This year we are again privileged to design, engrave and supervise the pub- lishing of the year books of many of our leading colleges and schools, and we acknowledge with pride this service to the great Government school at West Point, THE UNITED STATES MILITARY ACADEMY. AN ASSOCIATION OF SKILLED CRAFTSMEN ' DESIGNERS C7 PHOTO' ENGIRAVERS ' RENDERING SUPERIOR PHOTO ' ISNGRAVING SERVICE PHOTO 'ENGR COMPANY INC. BENJAMIN FIX-ANKLIN JAINIE5 29 NORTH SIXTH STREET PRESIDENT PHILADELPHIA Page one hundred and tc-II .f .A7'.A'!'.A7J.V' JV' .!:f'.A7'.A'!J' J' .A7'.!:f.A'!'.A'ff.7'.f' .123 .A'f'.A'l'.f' 'If' J' .!.7J.V'.A7' -f.7'.f:fJ.7' .A'!'.A7'J' J7J.7'.A'!'.A'!J' Evergreen 4260 STUDENTS' HAND LAUNDRY U. of P. Campus 3431 WOODLAND AVE. MENDING DONE FREE We Call For and Deliver Free of Charge The Bert ualit 0 Sanitar Food Q 1 f 1 -Well Served The SILVER MOON CAFE Regular Dinners--Sea Food a Specialty Rendezvous for Hygienists 251-55 SOUTH 40TH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. N. E. ODISS, Prop. Phone: Baring 8600 l .!7'.A'f'J.7'.f .f.7'.A'f!.7'.!.7'.A'f'.f.7J' N URSES' UNIFORMS Made-to-Your-Measure Hospital Clothing Company 110 S. STH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. SERGEAN T HALL DINING ROOM 34TH AND CHESTNUT STREETS Luncheon 11.30-2.00 Breakfast 7.30-8.30 Dinner 5.30-7.00 Open lo'I1'n'!1lu'11.f and Then- Friend J.7'.A'f!.7'.A'fA'!'.f.7'.!.7'.A'fA'44ff.77.7'.!.7'.A'f CHARLIE YEE Hand Laundry SPECIALTY Dental Hygienists' Uniforms 4004 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE PHARMACY Baylinson Bros., Props. 34TH AND WALNUT STS. PHILADELPHIA tudents Supplies Lunch at Our Founlam MARINELLO BEAUTY SHOP Ismported Perfunres ,e,'e,fa8895::-f P O 1 -, vi- 1, 5 , .ox A " a 1 e e XX HL that you know is as pure SCICIICC and human Cafe Can HSSUFC. ABBOTTS DAIRIES, INC. Philadelphia and Seafhore A MILK B EGUARDID BV SCIENCE AND TUBERCULIN TESTED Page one lumdred and eleven ,f' J'.A7'.A'l'.!' .!.7'.A'f!.7'.!.V' J7' .!.7'.A'!'-.A'!' In HS 0 0 0 Aldine Printing Company Printers . of , The Hygeiana---1929 The Penn Dental fllournal and 1929 Dental Class Record M 9 Quality and Typography of Distinctive Character 429 Moyer Street Philadelphia, Pa. Phone, Regent 4412 JdJ",Z'f .,Q'e'22Z ,,i.l2 J.'9'2 P ldddl

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