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RROPEKYY OF: RxcHARO k: . BRANDOM , ,71: , ,. rm w ---p YE H H w .3ng M L. iiwasgw 5L: 33th Ml i 832 er 7:02:53 wly V? s ?AI' :9, ,;f e4?! .4145: i . . . WM halted Wild One hundred years have passed since the first yearbook was published at Pennsylvania. The edi- tors of 1852 sought fit to call it THE RECORD, and today that is what we want it to be. A Civil War-which divided a Union, separated brothers, severed fraternities and destroyed a tra- ditional way of life-a Spanish-American War, two World Wars and the greatest financial crisis this nation has ever borne, were all survived by our young but hardy institution of learning. We feel that it has emerged as a university With a more mature and Wiser fellowship and, in our hearts, deserves unbounded reward. To record this dynamic century, the 1952 RECORD has set down in words and pictures, some grand but many quite simple, its own resplendent history. Benjamin Franklin, who founded the Uni- versity of Pennsylvania in 1740, said in his auto- biography, "The next thing most like living oneis life over again seems to be a recollection of that life, and to make that recollection as durable as possible by putting it down in writing? It has been our privilege, and we hope your pleasure, to follow his sage instruction. Editor-in-Claief ......... R. Richard Sherbahn Business Manager ........ Mosey A. Greenberg Managing Editor ......... Lester L. Lessig, Jr. m Wat'w-ae x w w BENJAMIN FRANKLINI sfaies- man. philosopher. journalist scien- +is+ and educafor. founded H1e UniversH'y of Pennsylvania in fhe year I740. His s+a+ue sfands in fronf of College Hall as a symbol of +he ideals of our UniversHy and of ifs graHfude fo a greaf American. IT IS FITTING +ha+ +he presen+ execu'rive of He Universi+y be a man of diverse in+eres+ and abilify and of world renownI in Hue hadifion of Benjamin Franklin. Harold E. Sfassen. who was +he youngesi governor in Minnesofa his+oryI now serves his fouer year as Presidenf of fine UniversHy. His achievemenfs. bo+h wifhin +he Universify and wifhouf, have earned +he admirafion of 'fhe men of Pennsylvania and of our nafion. Heir To A Heritage . LIFE AT PENNSYLVANIA Review of a Century U. of P. Today . THE UNIVERSITY SCHOOLS The College School of Education School of Fine Arts Moore School of Electrical Engineering Towne Scientmc School 3 Wharton School of Finance and Commerce ' . SOCIAL FRATERNITIES Secret Societies of Yesteryear Fraternal Orders of Today . ACTIVITIES AND ORGANIZATIONS Some Past And Others, Present . ATHLETICS Of Bygone Days Of Modern Times . THE SOCIAL SCENE Tea and Crumpets Beer and Pretzels .1311? 25,. 3.1! The One Hundredth Record DEDICATES We have come to mark our time carefully as we strut and fret our hour upon Lifeis stage. Birthdays'are created to commemorate this elapsed time, being peCuliar points Which allow a bit of reminiscence, yet urge us on to the way ahead. The Record of 1952 stands at that unique point recalling time that has spanned a turbulent era, yet an era during which Pennsylvania has grown vi- brant and strong. Growth is not achieved Without cause or reason, and so it is that Pennsylvania owes much to a product of its own environment, a son who had become an integral part of the University through his relationship as student, pro- fessor, and chairman, the late Dr. Paul H. Musser. Cer- tainly, there was no man who held the fortunes of Penn- sylvania closer to his heart than did Dr. Musser, toiling constantly for the amelioration of education, being al- ways the vigilant vanguard against complacence, the dynamic force behind progress. The death of Dr. Musser in the fall of this year pro- foundly touched all those Who had seen him dedicate his life of service to the University. There certainly can be no just recompense for the service rendered by this scholar, but in partial recognition of his contribution, the One Hundretb Record, steeped in the spectral tradition of years past, dedicates this edition to a man truly represen- tative of a portion of this era of progress: Dr. Paul H. Musser. The memory of his character and his work Will tran- scend the plodding years yet unborn, his spirit having well imbued all that is truly Pennsylvania. EXECUTIVE VlCE-PRESIDENT of +he Universify since I944. William H. DuBarry graduafed from Penn- sylvania in I9I6. AHer serving in World War I, he was named As- sis+an+ +0 +he Provosf in I923, i which was his firsf Universify posh He has since served as Direcfor of Scholarships and Siudeni Fi- nancesI and has been associaied wi+h +he Wis+ar lns+i+u+e, ihe Graduafe Hospifal. Thomas W. ; Evans lns+i+u+e and +he Universiiy Museum. i f MR. PHILIP ' fie Universi J only manage iures in Polk DONALD K. ANGELL Vice-Presidenf and Secreiary of +he Universi+y. is a gradua+e of +he Wharion School of +he class of I930. Mr. Angeli assumes an imporfan+ responsibilHy in carry- ing ouf +he innumerable dufies his posi+ion enfails. Refurning fo his Alma Maier a few years afier gradua+ion. he assisfed in +he Bi- cen+ennial Fund Campaign. La+er he was appoinfed +0 his presenf posf affer serving as G e n e r a I Manager of the Council on De- velopmenf. DR. EDWIN B. WILLIAMS. Provosi of +he Univer- siiy of Pennsylvania. is also one of ifs sons. having graduaied in I9I4. Lec+uring as a Proiessor of Romances since I932. Dr. Williams was appoinfed +0 +he posiiion of Dean 01' +he Gradua+e School of Ar+s and Sciences in I938. and +0 his preseni posf VICE-PROVOST JOHN M. F066 is a Professor of Bofany a+ +he Universify and also +he presiden+ of +he Philadelphia Bofanical Associa+ion. In his various capacifies. Dr. Fogg makes an esseniial coniribu'rion +0 +he efficienf managemeni of +he Universify. in l95l. MR. PHILIP CHILDS PENDLETON serves as Treasurer of CHAPLAIN EDWARD G. HARRIS has been wi+h +he Uni- versify for +he pas+ +wo yearsI during which +ime he has given guidance and exfended aid +0 sfudenfs as well as direc+ing +he chapel services. He is a gradua+e of Harvard Universifyl +he Episcopal and Union Theological Seminaries. +he Universify. A former Penn athe+e. Dr. Pendle+on no+ only manages +he Universify's financial affairs, buf also lec- +ures in PoliiicaI Science in +he Wharion School. In 1902, Pennis championship crew won the Henley Race on the Thames River in England. A half-century later, in 1952, the Henley Cup is again the trophy of a Pennsylvania crew. Long before the days of Gloria Swanson and Charlie Chaplin, before iitalkiesh or even silent movies, the men,at Pennsylvania f o u n d amusement in slides. Here they see the typical un- censored kiss of the days prior to the Johnson office. If youive ever wondered what your fathefs or grand- fathefs college life was like, the ensuing pages may give you a hint. If he was a son of Pennsylvania, he probably spent a good portion of his time in Class Scraps and Fights. He may have been on one of the championship teams we hear so much about and maybe he saw Houston Hall or Irvine Auditorium go up. He probably danced "The Big Appleii and met his Sleepy-time Gal on one of the numer- ous picnics in the Spring. Dont let him tell you that his was not an easy four years, because it most likely was. Our fathers did not graduate from Penn, however, Without leaving something behind to be remembered They lent pride to its teams through their athletic fetes, they brought respect to its schools through their academic ace complishments, they strengthened its fraternities, enliv- ened its social activity and made Pennsylvania :1 place of honor and glory, to Which they would be proud to send their sons. 71M 31m! 30 Dem Old 1951414. . . 7...... "r..- , A .mw 10H Who? . . . But Danny, flicks are so passe Yes, Roger, I love your gasmobile, but 1 it kicks up such a smoke . . . x And Courtwright, picnics are a bore . . . Oh, Willy! Pd love to go to the game! o . . I What , of19 "Dip lame: hat; Sugar Plum? This is Danny Boy. Wolfu How Wont catchim a flick tonight? you; AW, come on, honey. IVS a Buster Oldsu Keaton. . . . Mm Dreamboat? What do you say to a M's! once around the park? . . . now Just a little spooniw maybe. Make hay ' 'i 6 . dfen. While the sun shines. Hey baby! . . . z . ., L 7- vamwwfisfr dag ndlcu She hung up. , I L ,m, ""W., . High-button shoes and straw hats were the fashion back when showing an ankle was considered quite daring. "Reph ties had already made their debut, and the girls were be- ginning to shed their Victorian standards. How our modern Bi- kini bathing suit would have shocked these t'Little WomenW passe mmobik, but mzborcm twtluguu! T . . Jam: 01K of 1910 would wear is modeled by these "Dapper Dans and Dolls? It was these lassies, with their long skirts and floppy rt, .. K What the well-dressed college student x x :V hats, who inspired the whistles and .; Wolf-calls of, "I love my wife but 011 o you kidW in the days of the "merry j Oldsmobile? If you want to save ; ' yourself undue embarrassment in later '0 life, make sure the pictures you take now are well hidden from your chil- dren, for we are likely to look just as ridiculous 40 years hence. RAnything Goesh in this free-for-all Pants Fight in which freshmen oppose the sophomores. The frosh in their dinks and black ties seem to be causing quite a bit of hesitation on the part of the sophs, who are not faring too well. The austere seniors can be seen as spectators on the sidelines, enjoying the folly that was also a part of their lives at Pennsylvania. Some of the other fights that were included in the calendar of events for the school year were: the Opening Day Fight, Chapel Fight, Cane Fight, Bowl Fight, Flour Fight, Poster Fight, Smock Fight, Hall and Corner Fight, and the Push Ball Fight. In the days When bowl fights and class scraps were an integral part of Penn- sylvania tradition, the events were anxiously anticipated with great prep- aration. These pictures show the class scrap of 1912, forty years ago, be- fore and after the start of the fight. ghts and Class . am of Penn. events were '1': great prep. ' show the class ears ago, be- N of the flghl. A Who says modern cars hold more people? When "machine? were still a novelty on campus, everyone piled in to enjoy the bumpy ride down Locust Street. Amid shouts of "Get a horse? this contraption sputtered and backfired as it screeched along at ten miles per hour. The students of 1913-1917 were living in a period which in many respects can be said to be very similar to ours. It was an age of invention and great scientific development with the automobile, airplane, and mod- ern ocean liner replacing the traditional modes of travel. To- day we are again on the thresh- old of a new era, with the per- fection of jet travel at super- sonic speed and the over-power- ing force of atomic explosions. Once more we are faced With the threat of a World War, this time of such dimension and as- tounding destructiveness as would have been inconceivable when our fathers fought in the first of the "great wars? Once again, Pennsylvania valiantly served her nation. Marshal Foch, of World War I fame, visited the University in 1917 and was escorted by the commander of the ofhcers1 train- ing program. Since this time, Pennsylvania was meant to see many other such programs for the military preparation of her men. Even as the University was approaching its two-hundredth anniversary, it was still in a state of steady growth. In 1922, thirty years ago, Franklin Field was yet to be completed. Irvine Auditorium was not added to our campus until 1929. The new chemistry building went up in 1936. Some of our other buildings, however, have behind them a long and proud history. College Hall was built in 1872, celebrating its niversary this year, and the library, whose present structure dates from 1891, observed its bicentennial last year. It is in this mixed atmosphere of old and new, that the University finds itself today, inaugurating a new era in its development with the construction of Dietrich Hall. Here the newest building on our ever- growing campus will hOuse the oldest business school in the nation, Wharton School of Finance and Commerce. For all the change that the world has brought to Pennsylvaniis campus, to its men Penn will always be the same. Edgar M. Dilley proudly expressed his devotion to the lasting strength of our Alma Mater in his anthem, uHail Pennsylvanisz written Sixty years ago: Majesty as a crown rests on thy brow; Pride, Honor, Glory, Love, before thee bow. N1eer shall thy spirit die, thy walls decay; Hail! Pennsylvania! For thee we pray. eightieth an When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor ten years a 0 sons were called into battle, leaving their books behinf , git frivolity of the twenties and the peace of the thirties w e ?bruptly ended. The campus was lively with a militar actfare my and its men took on a serious air and a solemn deterniinatihh- Wridc, ffzmm: glory, A cap-acity crowd thrilled to the plays of the Penn-Navy game of 1922. Thous- ands Jammed the half-completed Franklin Field which was still without its upper stands. Thirty years later Franklin Field overflows with some 75 000 spectators in what was once the world,s largest foodbull stadium. , vears ago: 0W ,' behind. The e thirties WC" militarY 3cm" . determination W, 30125 . . . j; In 1940, President Franklin D. Roosevelt came to Philadelphia to celebrate the bicentennial anniversary of the University of Pennsylvania. Here he is shown receiving an honorary doctor of laws degree. The Presidenths address on this occasion is among his more famous speeches. What the President had to say on that day twelve years ago may as readily and as easily been written today, "for even then we were in the midst of a strange period of relapse in the history of the civilization of the world? He stated, iifor in some lands it has become the custom to burn the books of scholars and to iix by government decree the nation,s form of religion, and morality, and culture, and education . . f, It is fitting that at :1 time like this, we should pause to remember what a great statesman said under similar circumstances :1 decade ago. He urged, ". . . This is no time for any man to zuifbu'il'aw info some ivory fewer and proclaim the right to himself to hold 3100f from the problems, yes, and the agonies of his society. iiThe times call for bold belief, belief from the past, yes, and belief in the future, that the world can be changed by manis endeavor, and that this endeavor can lead to something new and better. . . . Wre cannot always build the future for our youth; we can build the youth for the future? . Here, in this "free and independent institution of scholarship? the University of Pennsylvania, we strive to realize what the late President Roosevelt set :15 our task "to find the truth and teach the truth that shall keep men free.H Today Hwe Universily finds IJrselIC in We midsl of an afomic age. The seriousness of flue Jrlmes lran- scends all lesser problems, Hue dralf and world conlllcl Jrllrealen our academic and social life more Jrhan ever. bul flue old lvy slones of pasf years give us hope +ha+ lhe Universily ol Pennsyl- vania will survive flue nexl hundred years as well as she has +he pasf hundred. Fralernilies have emerged as We nucleus of our social acfivily and foolball slill reigns as lhe king of collegiale sporfs. The museum. Jrlwrougll flue specimens il acquires. conllnues lo discover more aboul flue ancienl world. while lhe campus ilsell begins +0 lake on flue appearance of a more mode em school of He lulure. Though Jrl'le years bring changes in our mode ol living al Penn. we are conllclenl lhal lhe class of 2052 will agree Wlll'l us when we say lhal lhe four years we spend al Pennsylvania are among ll1e besl of our lives. -,-- w..-a-.-a..-R-M-VwW.-WWM v -.., m PENNSYLVANIA TC THE MAIN ENTRANCE +0 +he men's dormifories is a? +he corner of 37+h Slreef and Woodland A v e n u e. Trolleys rumbling by, frucks roaring +hrougl1 and pedes- +rians +rying +0 dash across +he sfreef befween liglnl c l1 a n g e 5 makes +his one of +he mosf danger- ous corners for +he sludent IA TODAY STUDENTS in Roberi Morris DormHory hois+ an appropria+e posier display on Safurday morning before +he annual Army-Penn gridiron clash. This dorm is +he winner of +he Dormiiory Council's Posfer Confes+ for Army Weekend. The view from +he Small Triangle +hrough +he archway of Foereder Dorm shows +he Big Triangle where +he upperclassmen live. Memorial Tower looms in +he background nex+ +0 Hue archway leading +0 +he Big Quad. 1952 finds few maior changes in +he dormifories. On +he exferior. +he only alferahon has been +he addifion of +he Freshman Quad and Jrhe recenf removal of +he Arf AmeL-r Sfudio from +he Big Quad. In +he inferior. however. +he operafion housing unifs have undergone a +hree year which may be called "major surgery." The insfallafion of hire precauhons have broughf wifh 1+ redecorafion of mosf of +he rooms and Jrhe renfs have undergone a corresponding rise. On +he social side. drinking and en+er+ainmen+ o1C guesfs have been recemL concessions and have proven +0 be well- advised. The maiorify of +he residenfs have shown +ha+ +hey are capable of accepfing +hese addihonal responsi- bilifies. The Dormifory Council has helped immensely +0 correcwL Jrhe social neglecf of +he dorm sfudenfs by pro- viding enferfaining and hequemL dances and socials. Their ofher proiecfs. such as Jrhe Posfer Confest afhlefic program, Chrisfmas Carol Sing. have broughf +he resi- denfs in closer confacf wifh each ofherend have increased Jrheir inferesf in Universify funcfions. y" wgm, DO FIRST R; A. ea Pres; A Frankel. Yunge; ' 519m R. Shae. T! J. FM LOVER? SENT; y Mew ERAYESQUAKERS siand in +he snow in zero wea+her for Hue All-Universify Chris+mas fa+m .Ing. Sponsored by H19 DormHOFY Council. Kappa Kappa Gamma women's ra erm+y led +wo hundred carollers in +he Big Triangle wifh Dr. WaHs as Sanfa. DORMITORY COUNCIL FIRST ROW: E. Brody. H. Abelow. A. Goldberg. L. K. Simsarian. Pres.; A. Kradsian, G. Davis. W. Frankel. SECOND .ROW: J. Yungel, T. Morgan, R. Clarke. H. S+ern. R. Kafzman, T. McFarlin, B. Sfone. THIRD ROW: R. DeGeHe. J. Fisch. C. James. S. Bassock. M. Loveman. L. Lewis. P. Way. AB- $ENT: M. Winfer. V.-Pres.; N. Anderson. Sec.; S. Fox, Trees. DORM RESIDENTS and +heir dafes enioy a small pre- parfy par+y in +heir room. Women are permiHed in +he men's dormi+ories, buf +hey musiL be regisfered a+ fhe office and leave +he dorms by regula+ed hours. ANOTHER PART of We Dorm Council's program is Hue direcfion of a'rhleHc compefifion in +he dorms. lnframural foofball. baskefball. baseball and Jrrack provide +he residen+s wifh relaxa+ion and exercise and Jrrophies are awarded fo H16 winning dorms. THE UNIVERSITY THE PRESENT LIBRARY was builf in l89l and designed by Frank Furness. In l9l5, +he new slack was added. The Lea and Furness Libraries were adioined +0 +he s+ruc+ure in I924 and I93l respecfively. A sfaff of ap- proximafely one hundred experienced men and women mainfains order in +he day-fo- day circulalion and ensures +he smoo'rh funclioning of +he library's acfiva. , The Library of fhe Universify of Pennsylvania began in I784 wi'rh a 91er from Louis XVI of over 200 volumes. The Library's l accommodafions consisfed of a room in College Hall unfil I891. when if moved info +he presenl' sfruclure. ln addilion +0 +he main library. +here are Jtechnical aHiliales loca+ed in Their respeclive deparlmenJrs of Jrhe Universify. The library building also houses +he Lea Library of Medieval His'rory and +he Furness Library of Shakespeareana. Al present Jrhe fofal number of volumes is l.275.000. All sludenfs are permiHed +0 use +he facililies of The library and special seminar rooms are available for graduafe sludenfs. The proposed new library will be locafed a+ 36+h Sfreef. befween Locusf ancl Walnu'r Sfreefs. +0 be builf a'r +he cos'r of nearly six million dollars. The plans call for a more sys'remafized plan of inferior design wifh greafer ulilify for all sludenfs. ii? in 1891 l9l5.9he nd Fumes: .huchre in tag of ap enced men We day-hr gnuhnuuu W ?unnuguf :, muujutnenmu mmrw ?, mmmmn WmQW: 4' s, . ., H, 1mm"? ., ain't. a x' $ x 3, . 1' is h 7 .31 MM mu, 4 , Why 2' i , U ; i .1 mgukgytunndi! , mind! 5; , , j W" Whammjnlmt Qlanuwow ""5 , Q; m j, ' 2 ' cgaiu 0, V 4 THE MAIN CAFETERIA of Houdon Hall offers +he sfudenfs Fine food af a modera+e price. This cafe- +eria is open only +0 male s+uden+s. buf women are permiHed in bo+h +he Balcony Cafe+eria. or ups+airs in +he Ivy Room. Music pumped in from Hue Musak creafes a pleasanf afmosphere for dining. THE BOOK STORE in Hue basemen+ carries a" +he +ex+ books which are required for all courses. Lec- +ure no+es are also available for a nominal fee and many ouHines of subieds are ob+ainable +0 supple- men'r +he s+uden+s' resources of informaiion. A FRONT VIEW of We S+uden+ Union Building from Spruce Shee'r shows We hadifional ivy-sprayed walls. The main parf of +he build- ing was erec+ed in l896 and Hue easi' and wes+ wings were added af a la+er dafe. Housfon Hall. cons+ruc+ed +hrough +he financial confri- bufions of Mr. Henry Howard Housfon and his wife. i +he oldeer Siudenf Union in +he Unifed Sfafes. beginning in I896. Today. Hous+on Hall embodies +hree cafeferias. a soda grille, and exfensive facilifies for cafering services. In addifion. +he Housfon Hall Sfore carries complefe docks of college fexfbooks. giHs. and sfafionery; a branch of Jrhe Unifed Siafes POSTL Office. a barber shop, and a Check cashing service. A spacious lobby, confaining many cify newspapers and currenf magazines. plus a well-appoinfed lounge provide ample places for relaxafion. As well as Jrhe audiforium, which is used for meefings, dances. and variefy shows, +here are many ofher rooms used by WXPN. Friars and Sphinx. honor sociefies, +he Debafe Council. Philomafion Sociefy and ofher campus organiza- +ions for social and business meefings. H is en+irely self- supporfing. all profifs being refurned +0 fhe sfudenfs eifher in services or equipment CONVENIENT counfer service makes fhe Soda Grille, a favorife spof for men s+uden+s during +he day. In +he evening women are permi++ed fo +he use of the grille, a good spof for a coke da+e on campus. DIRECTOR of Hous+on Hall, Louis D. Day. flanked by his able assis- Jrams, William H. Vidal and Rich- ard Robins. COURTEOUS, exper+ service in fhe Housion Ha" Barber Shop for pre-inflafion prices aHracf a con- Jrinuous full house. DR. HENRY THE OFFICE OF STUDENT AFFAIRS, un- der flue direcfion of Dr. Arnold K. Henry, embraces a lwo-fold concern for Pennsyl- vania sfudenfs; fhe general welfare and conduc+ of all male members of H19 under- graduafe sfudenf body. As Dean of Sluden'r Affairs, Dr. Henry supervises scholarships, loans, exfra-curricular acfivifies and Hie dormifories. He is also Chairman of Hie Universify CommiHee on Discipline. Dr. Henry, from Marienville, Penn- sylvania, has held fhe posl of Dean since March, I939. Prior +0 his appoinfmenf +0. llwis posifion, Dr. Henry served +he Uni- versi+y as Direcfor of Admissions. He was graduafed from fhe Whar+on School of file Universily in l92l. ln addilion +0 his ad- minisfrafive dufies, Dean Henry leeches in fhe Wharfon School as Professor of Transporfafion. diff. .3ng ROBERT PITT ve of Richmond, Virginia, gradualed from I949. As Assisfan'r lo Hie Dean of Sfudenf f Scholarship Commilf sfudenf finance. MR. ROBERT H. PITT. nafi Hie Wharfon School in Affairs and Secrefary 0 loans. scholarships and supervisary capacifies. ee, he supervises all in addilion lo his general STUDENTS LlNE UP lo find Hie answe +heir quesfions or waif flaeir furns +0 see of +he s+uclenf affairs sfaff. rs +0 one MR. PETERS :QIEW MR. GEORGE B. PETERS, Vice-Dean of zy-a-enrya S+uden+ Affairs. has been associafed wifh 4 WW +he Universi+y since I932. Upon gradua+ion :2 n "d from Wesffield High School in New Jersey, :jesndEh Mr. Pefers en+ered +he Whar+on School and ' : fudm gradua+ed in I936 affer an acfive life as y'T;"V3 "5t3S, an undergraduafe. in "G Wis ' He immediafely assumed Universify du- 1"? WM +ies. firsf serving as Assisfan+ Direc+or of $53156- Hous+on Hall for over fwo yearsI +hen as hie aenn- Assis+an+ Dean oi: S+uden+ AFFairs. His +en- 5 36? since ure of office in +he la'Her posifion however. ::c'wr 6a. was inferrupfed by +he Second World War. wqunL. during which he served in +he Navy. A+ mwm present he is a Lieu+enan+ Commander in '5c'mio1me H1e Naval Reserve. Alfhough he is con- 2.14,; ad- cerned wifh all phases of s+uden+ aFFairs. w'x aeacnes Mr. Pe+ers has special supervision over dor- :Hesso'of' mi+ories. frafernifies. and exfra-curricular aciivifies. UNA C ,., "a in , a f AHMHD h "LN : H MORUE 3 Hr . ' THESE SECRETARIES handle many of H19 sfuden'rs' problems and re- OUT OF THE OFFICE and off +0 his nexf ques+s. Assigning dormHory roor-ns., ragis'raring chaperormas: check- class rushes H19 s+uden+, affer lighfing Up ing s+uden+s' eligiabilifyfor parhCIpahon In ?chaol achvnhes. and a much deserved cigareHe. exfending secrefarlai assnsfance +o many organizahons are buf a few of +he services of I I l College Hall. -x V f . i '57-: . ' gm 7 :: ;4 : , j; Mes. 2M$ai ' ,c. 4' '-y IN THE DECEMBER, I9I9. issue d Hwe Red and Blue. +he campus magazine. +here is an arHcle en- iiHed. "Ex+ensive Conshucfion Program of +he Uni- versHy." H begins: "AHer years of waifing, +he UniversHy af Ias+ announces +he launching of an expansion movement which in ifs magnifude will be unparalleled in +he schohasfic hisiory of +he world. The consfruc+ion program . . . calls for +he expendi- +ure of more +han Five million doHars and for We erecfion of af Ieasi +en disfinci sfrucfures." Mike". WrHH hnSdml. H W Md an expel prredecesw inmion Man W mm mm W mam, Yl WWW x a he Red and THIS IS THE archifecf's concepf of +he new Whar- +on School Iocafed on Locusf Sfreef. befween 36+h and 37+h S+ree+s. Some of +he deparimen+s moved +heir classes info +his modern sfruciure at We begin- ning of the spring ferm. This year. +he Universify of Pennsylvania has oui i' done ifself. Wi+h +he dedica+ion o? +he new Whar- fon School, i+ fulmls a dream and realizes Hue be- ginning of an expansion program +ha+ would have leff our predecessors aghast The expendifure of Five million dollars is only a small fracHon of +he j fofal sum necessary for +he complefion d Hwei presenf program. ye'r +he price we musf pay is insignificanf compared +0 +he benefiis we shall gain. : ' . i -JJ'A.'J5V -,. ' otqu uni 14:31. THE UNIVERSITY BAND wifh i$ +heir hafs worn backwards march friumphanfly up Spruce $+re ef from Franklin Field. The chimes of Irvine Audiforium FIN Hue air with songs of vidory, and H19 crowd dashes for cars. +he sub- way, or an affer-game cockfail party. Only +he ?raFFIc oFFIcer seems deiecfed as he shoufs af +he unconcerned mob and SIgnals +0 Hie moforisfs. THE BOTANICAL GARDEN be- hind +he men's dormifories is +he scene of na+ural beau'ry and scenic in+eres+s. Along +he lily pond s+u- denfs relax and falk over +he day's work. Jus+ a few blocks away. on Woodland Avenue. H1 e n o i s y buses. +rolleys and aufomobiles combine f0 annoy Hue oufdoor man or +he seeker of solifude. u N ---.ers.-w-M , OLLEGE.... ziQf Arts and Sciences DR. GLENN R. MORROW. Dean of +he in College since I944. The Coile'Ie prowides an exceilenf example confrasf: Theicidesf of +he schools forming H79 UHI' .Iersify. Ogder in fad fhan +he Universiiy ifseli. and Assisfanf +0. +he Dean of +he College- Dr. anfedafing by over iour decades Jrhe founding Oi Roberf K. Bishop. +he Republic, i'r shil enioys a oerennial youfh. Each year an enfering class oi freshmen selecfed from Jrhe hnesf schools in +he nafion. provides Jrhe College wifh a new vifalify and budding infellecf. Every year new courses oi sfudy are added +0 +he curriculum as weH as such addifions +0 +he 54mg as are needed for beHer feaching. Improved mefhods of insfrucfion are consfanfly being infro- duced. Thus. +he College has mef +he fwofold fesf of fime: If has survived as an educafional insfifufion of merif and a+ fhe same Jrime has kepf abreasf of modern educa+ion and feaching fechniques. The Universify of Pennsylvania. which prides Ben- jamin Franklin as ifs founder. fraces ifs origin fo a "Charify School" Jior which a building was erecfed in Philadelphia in I740. Seven years lafer. Jrhe Charify School became an Academy which in iurn i became Jthe College 01C Philadelphia in i755. However, Franklin was by no means aione in his pioneering venfure. Accompanying him were: Dr. John Morgan; who in I765 added +0 if +he firsf Medical School in America; Hugh Wiiliamson and Francis Hopkinson, signers of +he Declarafion of In- dependence; Jacob Duche. prominenf clergyman of England and America; Samuel Magan. professor and vice-provosf; and James LaHa. Only fourfeen sfudenfs comprised +he firsf class, oi which only six graduafed from Oid College in I757, buf now. aHer fwo hundred years of glorious his+ory, +he Universify can claim over one +housand graduafes a year. This expansion has made pos- sible a course of sfudy designed +0 enable +he sfu- denf +0 acquire a broad educafion in science, his- +ory and phi osophy wifh specializafion in a iield of his own choosing. 34 lllll v". ,can. .- - s, .. . IT WAS A SHORT WALK from +he dorms +0 classes +wo hundred years ago. when only +wo buildings. Ioca+ed a+ 4+h and Arch S+reefs. comprised +he Universify campus. MOVING WESTWARD +oward Hwe Schuyl- kill River. Old College, in l829. repiaced +he Presidenfial Mansion on Ninfh 5+. above Chesfnut The Universi+y of Pennsylvania has occupied +hree sires in Philadelphia in +he course of ifs hisfory: The firsf buildings used by Hwe Universiry were a+ 4H1 and Arch Sfreefs in Philadelphia. During a period of fiHeen monrhs in 5777 and I778 +hese buildings were occupied by soldiers of fine Confinenfal Army. In I778 Congress me+ in Old College Hall where. wifh George Washingfon. rhey affended our commencemenf exercises. In I802. Hue Universify was moved +0 Hue mansion buiH for He Presidenf of +he Unifed Sfafes on Ninfh S+ree+ above Chesfnuf. In I829 Jthis building was Jrorn down and No new srrucfures were ereCJred in Jrheir place Itor +he Universify. Finally. in 1872, exacfly eighfy years ago. Hue Universify was moved fo ifs presenf sife in Wes+ Philadelphia where if houses IQO uni+s on ap- proximarely IZO acres of land. , . EE: ' H . I 3.: 1.: 34;! 3 x dvrsyv Commeec E3 cngand'w-E undergrad- C3' . L we eJ xx": 7199' H :CWiundbn wifh fine ex" 3; m3 Coeqe Dr. N'Worrcw, Two re: cemaVues are 613:9" Ersm me Sevbr C:x:'E 3 ?rsm We JUP'QE Comb, :me Ipm Em; 335;; 3? "we Record, ore Ercm the gag :5 Ge Daily Pennsylvanian, one From 04 Beta K5333. "$6131 honorarx7 SOCEeLvE 364 :he 53m Ene campus reE'gIOus organ- moWni, meef'ngs Eor me purpose OE ad- vising Vne Eacmm as +0 He needs and preEIeredces 0+. fhe undergraduate bod, so Thaf fhe Eacmfy may acEL accordingb; COLLEGE ADVISORY COMMITTEE SITTING: D. Rifche. J. Cohen. R. Muhlberger, C. Russell. Ch; Dr. G. Morrow, Dean; P. Posmanfur. ABSENT: M. Trout J. Osferman. Lag? gear, We Npha Upchn chapfer OE Phi Lambda The nafionaE pre-medlcal honor frafernlfy, Hue Pennsyl- MuE Me naMonaE honorary chemlcal fra+erm+yE was esfabE vania Epsilon chapfer of Alpha Epsilon Delfa was Inhi- Emed 0'1 campus succeeding the Harrison Society. Open afed on fhe Penn campus H113 p651L November. In addiE V; gradua? mi undergraduafe chemical sfudenfs wifh Hon +0 sponsoring lec+ures and films on fopics of InEeresf, hon? grade; PH Lambda Mu holds meefings once a Alpha Epsilon DeHa has organized a guidance program +0 mann wHere dminguished guesf speakers discuss fopics aid and advise aH sfudenfs pursuing pre-medicaE sfudies. 0E scienfiflc inferesf. PHI LAMBDA UPSILON ALPHA EPSILON DELTA SITTING: K. Wisebrun, B. Fisher. Pres.; M. Shreger. C. SITTING: R. Nagel. R. Nagler. A. Monaco. R. Moskosz. Sweeley. 2ND ROW: H. Sigel, E. Rzepnicki. D. Field. H. Pres.: B. Zweiman, B. Kushner. 2ND ROW: M. BIaH. M. Anderson. Agulnik. D. Rifchie, W. Kamerling. N. Speck. B. Sh+eir. F. Soegener. 3RD ROW: N. Magid, H. OleynickI R. JellerI I. Fish, P. Sher. M. Sifkoff. L. Weinsfock. DR. V ian drl Iiferah IN CHEMISTRY LAB +he sfudenf experi- "C-V. Two men+s, using +he +heore+ical formula learned We Sew in +he classroom. Zu'i :ne : 5'3? me 378 190m '. sociefy. :US Organ- "5 Through :se of ad- "eeds and 'e oody 50 AN EFFICIENT and smiling sfaff of young ladies Jrake care of +he s+uden+s' difficuHies in Hue College office. OW. 339 The French Club. +hrough +he sponsorship of lecfures and '651 films in French, affempfs +0 provide br Hme inferesfed sfu- " '3 denf an acquaintance th French liferafure and hisfory as ;. well as an invaluable pracfice in Hue perfecfion of discourse. FRENCH CLUB WHZ' DR. WILLIAM P. HARBESON'S Iec'rures on Shakespear- SITTING: M. Ordili. M. Lehman, N. Leaman. P.res.; J. 1 M' ian drama do much +0 qulfivafe sfuclenf in+eres+ in English Pendlefon. V- Pres.; H- Tomar. 2ND ROW: M. Miller. M- hF. Iiferafure. Sena+or, A. AHuro, E. Palec. ABSENT: K. Wilson, E. 3r, L Rosenman. .-,:M :w a :137" 5:22;, We Ms: :L Mam iweme-w n 9 9: ua '"9 P6 Bea hacta 1we..Tne Un'vevt' Pa 9 ""g x3:" ?13 D93 :hslwer meek MQ 3 3 a d'wer o 'nhlafe ' uhje'g'aduaw memoers and aKrnnE, who are in consjra"? ccwacf M41 Vne C'WaCLC'F. Members are dedej +3 Pm? Beia Kappa :n fhe basfs 07 schdasfic affainmenF w flag College amd are granfed memberhlp ?;wr life. if; oHicers aye ache members C' 37mm? and are Chosen m fhe members each year. PHI BETA KAPPA SITTING: L. Somers. R. Erdos, D. RHchie, M. Shraeger, P. Green. 2ND ROW: H. Ros- enfhal. R. Colgrove. F. ScoH. N. Magid. Penn's DeHa Chapler, represenfmg Pi Mu Epsilon. nafiond honorary socleLy In Hue fidd of manemchs, promofes schobsMc aHaEnmenf' in fhe Eeld d ma+hemafics and sponsors lecfures by oufsfandmg aufhori- fies in fhe Irield. HS members are Chosen from Hwe nafion's oufsfanding mafhemafics sfudenfs. Pl MU EPSILON SITTING: F. Aron. W. Gerber. Pres.; A. Bredf. F. ScoH. 2ND ROW: G. RosenI A. Pugh. J. Richman, D. Loev, B. Rudman. SPAT ENS: M. Sena 39:: L, Kirkpefn'ci . ?srien" MI W: H GEE A The Spanish Club provides an opporfun- Hy oufslde Jrhe classroom for +he sfudenf +0 learn bo+h discourse in Spanish and +he cuH'ura of Jrhe many Spanish-speaking coun- +ries of fhe world. H5 moHo is "Knowing ls Undersfandlng." SPANISH CLUB SITTING: M. Sena+or. H. Tomar. A. Lelii. Sec.: L. Kirkpafrick. B. Wexler. 2ND ROW: J. Pendlefon. M. Ordili, P. Posmanfur. AB- SENT: H. Graff, A. Ruben. M. S+ern. Malian Club -- while pracficing +he arf of discourse In +he Halian language. mem- bers of +he Halian Club gain much valuable knowledge of Jrhe rich culfure and hisfory of Haly which would escape +he less-infer- esfed sfudenf. ITALIAN CLUB SITTING: M. SenaJrorI D. Cavallo. A. Leiii, Pres.; M. Ordili. Treas.: L. Kirkpafrick. 2ND ROW: I. Arcidiconi. A. Sanfore, P. Wexler. H. Tomar. N. Goeckeler, J. Fleeck. C. Daves. ABSENT: S. D'Angeio. The Pre-Law Sociefy, +hrough +he use of guesf speakers and discussion groups, gives +he pre-haw sfudenf an imporfamL knowledge of Jrhe basic requiremenfs of fhe haw. +he enhance procedure. and +he many oppor- Jrumhes arlsmg In +he We of a hawyer. PRE-LAW SOCIETY SITTING: S Berezin. J. Bergman. J. Hyman. Pres.; D. Treblow, R. Hausman. N. P. Zar- win. 2ND ROW: L. Apofhaker. W. Gross. M. Kramer. 5. Diamond. H. Ominski. AB- SENT: P. PosmanlrurI N. Sfone. B. MacFar- land. THEODORE ABEL o '222'4337 2 2,; :22 o "$5" r . ,r, MILTVONHAGULNEK . r :2 . 7:2 Er'r ;' . CriJuiCrir : '2-2', 3 4. fif'l EILV ;' DC '3' KENNET s. AUSLANDER . , :1. v. . :22: . r, Cc:- : : :5"; 2' a" m 2- Lm Fur. 42 :7 52:9, 2- F'c L3H 2:31, 4' I372"; C u: 4. ROMAN BABlN 0 PW 3302:2131 Pa. ARNOLD L. BASEMAN o Pn'adebwd P3. 0 H' CI Fumaybd' P23132123" Scc'eLf WXPN News Ed?- GLEN C. BAUBLHZ 0 Dave. Pa. 0 Quarferdeck So- OCV'. SOL A. BECKER o AfanMc CHy, N. J. o Glee Club 1.2. 3.4802105 Sodef'lr 3, 4. FRANK BEDFORD 0 Wayne, Pa. HENRY L. BEGIAN o PhHadelphia, Pa. STANLEY C. BELL o PhHade!phia, Pa. SIDNEY BEREZIN 0 E65? Orange. N. J. o Them Chi o chafe Cowd' H110? Foundafion: PreiLaw Sodefy. DAVID J. S. BERKOWITZ o Phiiaddphia. Pa, 0 Phi Sigma De'fa 0 Bridge Club. EDWIN S. BERNSTEIN o JamaTceu N Y. 0 Day Penns,1- vaw'arr HHCI Fomdafiow Penn Piayers: PrerLaw So- c'ch' Reccrd' VVIWam Perm Cub1WXPN. MARK BERNSTEIN o CharbHe N. C. 0 Phi Eoglon Pi o CQMCLI, CWCJ Ca'"TJA Cv'wajrman 4: D677 Penny:- mn'm W lHWIrVoWTf, CcundV I. F. CauncH Week N181 CW'WFM 3' JV'J Arm's 3' PreLaw SCCIeLp S'rT'WCVTWi'C Chap Ccmzm V'CC Prczidenf 2: VigHanio Ctmm'hmj 2. ANDREW W. BESHGETOOR o MerchanfleQ N. J. o lnTrvaNmM AWQTr: Caunc? ; Spanish Club. A;2242 4O CLASS OF Top Row: WILLIAM E. BETTS. JR. 0 Pompfon Lakes. N. J. 0 Sigma Chi. JITENDRA R. BHATT o Surat India. ALFRED R. BINTER 0 Philadelphia, Pa. MARK BLATT 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Penn Players l. SANFORD R. BLAUNER 0 New York Cify. N. Y. 0 Phi Sigma DeHa o Cade1L Council 2; Hillel Foundafion I. 2, 3. 4. Middle Row: JOSEPH BLOOM 0 Brooklyn, N. Y. 0 Tau Epsilon Phi 0 Swimming Manager 3: Caducean Sociefy: lnferfra- fernify Council 2, 3. ANDREW W. BLUEMLE o Williamsporf. Pa. 0 Sigma I952 Alpha Epsilon 0 Pi DeHa Phi: Record 2. ARTHUR E. BOGDEN o Norfhampfon, Pa. DAVID BOLTON o Kingsfon, Pa. 0 Track. JAMES V. BOWER o PhiladeVphia. Pa. BoHom Row: ROBERT P. BRECHT, JR. 0 Lansdowne. Pa. LAURENCE BRODY o Phifadelphia. Pa. 0 ISO-Ib. Foof- ball 4; Caducean Sociefy; Hillel Foundafion I. 2, 3: Alpha Epsilon Delfa: William Penn Club I. 2. ALLAN BROOKS 0 Philadelphia. Pa. JOHN G. BUTZ. JR. 0 Drexel Hill. Pa. 0 Soccer 1,2, 3. 4; Chrisfian Associafion l, 2. 3. 4; Varsify Club 4: Young Republican Club 3. 4. IVAN CAINE 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 4n 42 ROBERT w. CAPITAIN . 5;: :r- -. . -- JOHN SICARVER . z : 7 r3. . :, -: . JOSE'PHIB: CASSIDY. JR. L :7 . . r: . f1" 42':- E": 1' I P 2:11' C 7 4' :4 SAMUEL CEGLIA o 3' r2: 7 :7. o Kare" GALLOWAY M. CHESTON o ' :4 r " 4 2. o . .34 rrr. y "" ' . -:'1. Hum r7- .R - f GERALD CLARIK . :1. . r EC: 1'3 . Ch' 3-3" 4.2:233232" :'C,"'3332 3'3 ' a u 4. HENRY A. CLAY o 3:"w :1. o '4-2'3 7" W: ITC'H o C"","':" f3"':'3'.:"'1"'r'5'3'e"". szd' PC';""?2 9:6737'133'1'1 TVUE1'1C'. STANLEY L. CLUCK o 3'" mrrrh'w 3.1. 0 71.; E: ' :A rzt'c", 331144 Cu: 2 3 Trenm'C-h JAY A. COHEN3 o Bu;- ." N. V, o Tau EnEf" F4. :w . 2.,4. L: Vite D'G'I'Nr' :02'2'3'. o Canaan 2350', P'e '7 CCN' C: 099 A'Jx'n'. C:MM"'69' Di. Dewanam EM. 30W? ant: JL."'.:r E3":" H' e FaunaaWow N 2. 3. 4: Jclm Can Ccmc'. :c:rc'ary' 56".?or C1323 Cumcil. JEROME B. COHEN o PHadebHIa. Pa. 0 Fenc'nq '. JV, Caofa'n 2. 3. 4- Fehcing Sccbfy' Glad7u: Cub: H. '9? chdn'bn. SIGMUND S. COHEN 0 BrooUm. N. Y. o Kanoa Nu 0 VVrc? Irg. Manager 2. 3. 4: Grappicri Cub 2. 3. 4: H.101 FCLIWda.:'JH l. 2. 3. 4. NORMAN S. COHN I PMaddp'nIa. Pa. 0 Dan Pown- S'WWm'an 2' HI 'cl Fsmda'bn 2. 3' Pew Wafers 2. 3, 4: Board of Governors: Philosophy Club I. 2. ROBERT COLGROVE 0 Seneca. Pa. 0 Baseball 3. 4' Caduccan Socfefy l. 2: Newman Qub 4: Phi Befa Kappa 3. JACK J. COLLIGAN o Bradbrd. Pa. 0 Phi DeHa Thcfa o Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4. EDWARD B. COLLINS o PhUade'phia. Pa. 0 Npha Tm Omega 0 REfle Team 4' Caducean Soclefy !.' Dab Penvzf'vadan l. 2' Mazk yd VVIg C'ub 3. 4: Quarfer- deck Sodefy 2. 3 4: Scabbard and Blade 3. 4: Varslfy Club 4: WXPN l. HOWARD LEE CRAIG, JR. 0 Rlchmond. Va. 0 Ameri- cm ChemIca! Sobefy 2. 3. 4' ChrEstan Assoclaonn l. 2. 3. 4. Cabinef 3' Cadef Caund l: DaHy Pennsylvanian l. 2. 3. Pnofo Edlmr 3' Franklin Sociew 2. 3. 4: German Cub 2' Pershimg RlHe; 2, 3. 4' PhofographEc Socle+y l. 2. 3. 4' Record l. Pho'o Edifor 2. Acfivifles Edifor 3' WM lam Penn Cub 2. 3. DAVID CROWNOVER o PMadebHa. Pa. 0 Associafion d Mujc Smdenk' Chm Socief,. Presidenf. Manager: French Ciub' G3ee Club' Penn Players: PI DeHa Phi; Sca'es Sacfeh' S.mphcn, Orchesfra. H. DAVID CUMMINGS o Philadelp'ma. Pa. 0 AmerEcan Chem'cizV Stdvy 4' A Cacoe'a Cthr 3. 4: Chem! Scc'ew 3. 4: 6109 C1ub3.4: Maskand Wig Club 3. ELLIOT DARDIK 0 Long Branch. N. J. 0 Hillel FoundaHon. PHILIP D. DAVIDSON o Wilkes-Barre. Pa. 0 Hillel Foun- daflon; lnfernafional Affairs Council; Scabbard and Blade. ROBERT C. S. DEACON o Merlon. Pa. 0 Phi Kappa Psi 0 Arnold Air Sociefy 3. 4. JAMES B. C. DELEHANTY o Foresf HiHs. N. Y. 0 Phi Kappa Sigma 0 Friars Senior Sociefy; Crew l. J.V. 3. 4; lnferfrafernify Council 4: Newman'CEub l. 2. 3. 4; Arnold Air Soclefy 3. 4; Varsify Boaf Club 3. 4. Vice Commodore 4; Varsify Club 3. 4; Ivy Day Chair- man: Scabbard and Blade. JOHN Z. DELP 0 Camden. N. J. JACK DIMENSTEIN o Foresf Hills. N. Y. 0 Alpha Epsilon PI 0 Fencing I. 2. J.V. 3. Manager 4: AtheHc Man- agerial Board 4: Band I. 2. 3. 4: Chess Club 2. 3: HiHel FoundaHon I. 2. 3. 4; Varsify Club 4; WXPN 2. 3. GEORGE DLUGATZ 0 New York CHy. N. Y. o Caducean Sociefy. Secretary; Chess Club; Wifmer Sociefy. PresL denJr. RAYMOND M. DORSCH. JR. 0 Be+Hehem. Pa. 0 Sigma Npha Epsilon 0 150410. Crew I. 2. 3. 4; Mask and Wig Show I. 4: Pershing Rifles l. 2. 3; Npha Epsilon Delia 3. 4; Varsify Boa+ Ciub 2. 3. 4; Varsify Club 4. EMERY W. DOUGHERTY 0 Linden. N. J. o Glee Club I. 2. LEWIS S. DOUGHERTY. JR. 0 Harrisburg. Pa. 0 Acacia. ROBERT W. DOWNING o Wilkes-Barre. Pa. 0 Phi Befa Kappa: Wifmer Sociefy. Vice President IRA M. DUSHOFF o PhHadelphia. Pa. 0 Fencing J. V. 2. 3. Capfain 3. Varsify 4: Caducean Socle'ry; Fencing Socieer'. Gladius Club: Hillel Foundafion. EUGENE F. DWYER o Malvern. Pa. 0 Caducean Sociefy; German Club: Newman C'ub. HARRISON EASTBURN o Wyncofe. Pa. 0 ISO-lb. Poof- ball 3: Pre-Law Sociefy: Spanish Club. GERALD S. EICHELBERGER o Collingswood. N. J. RUSSELL H. EICHENGREEN o PhlladelphEa. Pa. HARRY H. ELLIS o PhHadelphia, Pa. 0 lnfer-Colkeglafe Conference on Government Universify of Penn. Chair- man 3: lnfernafional AHaIrs Council; Unifed World Federalism: Young Repubhcan Oub. ROBERT W. ERDOS 0 York. Pa. 0 Phi Epsilon Phi. Presi- denf 0 Cross Counfry. Manager 4: Track. Associafe Mgr. 4: DaHy Pennsylvanian l: HiHel Foundafion l. 2. 3. 4; Pennpix 2'. Phi Befa Kappa 3. 4: PI Npha Tau 3. 4; Spike Shoe Club 3. 4: Varsify Club 4. 43 EUGENE C. ERNST o Wesf Reading. Pa. 0 RHle Team 3. 4: German Oub 2: Symphony Orchesfra l; Smdenr CcmcH 2. 3. Secrefary 4. JOHN LLOYD EVANS. JR. 0 Nelsonville. Ohio 0 Sigma Nu. DANIEL E. EVARTS. Ill 0 Soufh Orange. N. J. . Sigma Nu. DAVID FAEGENBURG O Philadefphia. Pa. 0 VViHiam Penn Club. ROBERT J. FALLON o Fifchburg. Mass 0 Phi Sigma Kappa o Newman Oub l. 2. ANTHONY N. FARFAGLIA O Canasfofa. N. Y. 0 Band I: Caducean Sociefy 3, 4; Chrisfian AssociaHon l. 3. 4; Newman Qub l. 3. 4. STEPHEN M. FELDMAN 0 Philadelphia. Pa. JOSEPH M. FIELD o Merion. Pa. 0 Pi Lambda Phi 0 Daily Pennsylvanian 2. 3. 4: Debafe Council 2. 3. 4; Delta Sigma Rho 3. 4; Hille! FoundaHon 2. 3. 4: lnfercoHegiafe Conference on Inferna+lonal AfFairs: Symphony Or- ches+ra 4. IRWIN R. FISCH o PhHadelphia. Pa. 0 Swimming l. 2'. Caducean Sociefy; Alpha Epsilon Delfa. MARSHALL FLAMM 0 Philadelphia. Pa. ERIC M. FLAXENBURG 0 Rosemonf. Pa. 0 Phi Sigma Del+a o Fencing 1: Scabbard and Blade. RICHARD S. FLEMING 0 Philadelphia. Pa. GUY S. FOEHL 0 Springfield. Pa. DAVID S. FORREST o Lansdowne. Pa. 0 Befa Thefa Pi o Wresfling l. 4. WILLIAM M. FORREST o Lansdowne. Pa. 0 Befa Thefa Pi 0 Track I. 4; Wresfllng l. 2. 4; Inlerfrafemify Coun- cil 3. 4'. Spike Shoe C1ub 4. HOWARD R. FOSTER o Chelfenham. Pa. 0 Alpha TaL Omega 0 Track I; Chrisfian AssociaHon 4. ARNOLD FOX 0 Philadelphia. Pa. ROBERT A. FOX 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Delfa Kappa EpSL Ion o FoofbaH. Varsify 3. 4. JOHN V. FOYT 0 Philadelphia. Pa. a f is Top Row LEE FRI FRWIN CHARL Jv'. JOHN Sade HAROI. m? Middle LINWO HEW NAIHA HHUfrqh Top Row: LEE FRANTZ o PhHadelphIa. Pa. 0 Pi Mu Epsilon. IRWIN M. FREUNDLICH o Drexei Hill, Pa. 0 Kappa Nu. CHARLES L. FREY o Dunellem N. J. O Fencing 2. 3. J.V.; Gladius Club. JOHN E. FRICKE o Merion. Pa. 0 Psi Upsilon o Choral Sociefy 3, 4: Glee Club 3. 4: A Cappella Choir 4. HAROLD FRISHMAN 0 New York Cify, N. Y. 0 Fresh- man Mask and Wig Show. . Middle Row: LINWOOD T. GEIGER o Lansdowne. Pa. 0 Sigma Phi Epsilon. HENRY GEITZ 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 DeHa Phi Alpha 0 WiHiam Penn Club. NATHAN R. GETTES 0 Philadelphia Pa. o HiHel Foun- :.:,.w; ' "Hurrah for the Red and the Blue." da+ion l. 2. 3. 4. RICHARD T. GILL o Brisfol. Pa. THOMAS F. GILSON 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Sigma Phi Epsilon 0 Foofball l. 2. 3: lnfernafional AHairs CouncH; Newman Club 4: Pre-Law SocIefy 2. 3. BoHom Row: GEORGE G. GIVEN. JR. 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Sigma Alpha Epsilon o Chrlsflan Associafion. LEON J. GLAZERMAN 0 Lawrence Mass 0 Kappa Nu. FARRELL M. GLICK 0 Newark. N. J. o Chrisfian Asso- clafion: Hillel Foundafion. JULIAN M. GOKHALE o MerchanWille. N. J. SORRELL R. GOLDBERG o Venfnor, N. J. o Tau Delfa Phi. 4b The JOHN J. GORMAN . : . - 3:173 " Z ' 0 :Vt'34::"" :'::', 2 ". 1:"'4 CHARLES s. GORMLY . n: v, . , '1': o 3 -': ::: 'v':::v V :m-r-'3f C5: 3: -e WILLIAM F . GRAHAM . :1 ran, 51.0 32:, , , 2 3 4- .4. Fwwy 4 - DAVID M. GRAY o Ff'r N, Y. o P? Karts PJ 0 Vr'r-wr' ," : 5:513: Car:W NVXPN. SAMUEL A. GRAY o Hendu'u Hawai'. PAUL B. GREEN 0 demexd, Pa. 0 Bcfa T'nefa PI 0 P" Es"; K3523 3 4. IRVING T. GREENBERG 0 Springfield. Mass 0 HiHel Fsurdaflon 3, 4. WILLIAM M. GROSS o HarrIsburg, Pa. 0 Tau Delfa Phi 0 Bridge Club: Cmema Club: HXHd Foundafion: Infer- rrafernfm CouncEl' PreALaw SocIefy. EDWARD R. HAGOPIAN 0 Upper Darby. Pa. 0 Cadu- cem Sacleht ChrEsHan Associafion: PI Mu EpsHon: Npha Epsilon DeHa: Spanish Qub. WILLIAM H. HALBERSTADT o SpringfieCd. Pa. 0 Phi- lasop'nical Soclev. HAROLD J. HALLAM o Phlbdew'phia, Pa. 0 Pennsylvania Cansfian Fellowship. JOHN R. HANSELL o Phlfade'phla Pa. JAMES S. HARlNG. JR. 0 Ridgewood, N. J, PAUL HARRITON o Philade'phIa. Pa. 0 ln+erna+lcnal Again Ccuncih Oxford UwTon: Sfudenk for De'wo Craffc Aden, Presidedf; WHanm Penn Club: VVXPN: Debafe Ccunc'g. RICHARD W. HARTMANN. JR. 0 W Ir new3cd, Pa. o nga Nu o Foofba'l l. CLASS OF Top Row: DONALD R. HAWS o ProspemL Park. Pa. 0 Phi Sigma Kappa o WXPN I. RICHARD C. HEDGES o Excelsior Springs. Mo. 0 Befa Thefa PE 0 Crew l: Soccer l: Caducean Sociefy l. 2: Mask and Wig Club 2. 3. 4. Sfage Manager. CARL D. HERMAN 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Caducean So- ciefy: Wifmer Sociefy. ROBERT J. HEWSON 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Newman Club 3, 4. HARMON T. HICKS 0 CornweHs Helghfs. Pa. Middle Row: CHARLES T. HILL. JR. 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Sigma Alpha Epsilon o Friars Senior Sociefy: Baseball. Head Manager 4: Afhiefic Managerial Board. Secrefary-Treasurer; Varsify Club. JOHN W. HOCHSTUHL o Philade'Iphia. Pa. 0 Crew 1, 2. 3: Newman Club I, 2. 3, 4; Varsify Boaf Club 2. 3. 4. I952 JAMES J. HOPES 0 Moscow. Pa. 0 Kappa Alpha 0 Npha Phi Omega 1.2; lnfercollegiafe Conference on Goverm menf 3. 4. HAROLD A. HOPKINS. JR. 0 Willow Grove. Pa. 0 J.V. Soccer 1. 2: Quar+erdeck Sociefy 2. THOMAS R. HOUSEKNECHT o Gloucesfer Cify. N. J. 0 Alpha Epsilon DeHa 3. 4. BoHom Row: PAUL V. HOWARD 0 Philadelphia, Pa. 0 Pi Kappa Alpha 0 Phofographic Soclefy 2. HARRY HULMES o Abing+on. Pa. GEORGE S. HUNDT 0 Berwyn. Pa. o Delfa Psi. CHASE SANBORN HUNT o Lansdowne. Pa. 0 Psi Up- silon 0 ISO lb. FoofbaH 2. 3. 4. Co-Caphain 4: Choral Sociefy l. 2; Daily Pennsylvania 3. 4: Arnold Air So- cie+y 3, 4; Spanish Club 2: Varsify Club 2. 3. 4. DORSEY G. HUSTED 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 47 HAROLD E. IKELER. JR. 0 PoHsgrove. Pa. 0 Alpha Sigma Phi. JAMES J. JAGGARD . Collingswood. N. J. . 3.9m pm Eosifon o Lacrosse l. 2. ALONZO JARMAN . Nomsmwn. Pa. . g.gma Alpha Epsifon. DONALD H. JOHNSON o Coliingswood. N. J. o Chris- +ian Assoclafion l. 4: German Club 1, 2. GEOFFREY A. JOHNSON o Larchmonf. N. Y. 0 Porn Pbyers. JOSEPH O. JOHNSON 0 Philadelphia. Pa. VJILLIAM KAMERLING o PhHadelphia. Pa. 0 Npha Epsilon Delfa: Hillel Foundaflon 4. ALFRED KATZMAN 0 Newark. N. J. o Markefmg So- cie+y: William Penn Club. DAVID KAUFMAN o EllzabeHL N. J. 0 Phi EpsHon Pi. Secrefary 3: Foofball l: Npha Epsilon Delfa 4: Campus Chesf 3. Vice Chairman 4: Dormlfory Council. Secre2 +ary 2. Presidenf 3; Hillel Foundafion l. 2. 3.4; Pariefal CommiHee 3: Undergrad Council 3. HARRY R. KEALEY 0 Philadelphia. Pa. HERBERT KEAN 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 ISO lb. FoofbaH l: Soccer l: Wresfling l; Alpha Epsilon Delfa; Caducean Sociefy. PublIcHy Chairman 2. HOWARD E. KELLNER o Flushing. N. Y. 0 Swimming l. JAMES L. KENSIL 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 DaHy Pennsyi- vanian I. 2. 3. 4: Newman Club I. 2. 3: 4. HOWARD L. KENT o Conshohocken. Pa. PAUL E. KEOGH o Bayside. N. Y. o Befa Thefa Pi o Sphinx Senior Sociefy: Kife and Key: Track. Varslfy 2. 3. 4: Newman Club. Execufive Commiffee; Spike Shoe Club 2. 3. 4. President Varsify Club. Secrefary Treasurer. JAMES KLEMSTINE o Windber. Pa. 0 French Cfub l, 2: lnfernafional Affairs Council 3: Young Repubhcan Club I. WILLIAM H. KNOLL o PhHadelphIa. Pa. 0 Wiliiam Penn Oub 3. BERNARD J. KRAVITZ o Nanflcoke. Pa. 0 Alpha Chi Rho o Newman Club 3, 4. FRED me. u n-M; u.-.....;.n.g.... -xmm x n ."E'L Alpha Jma Phi Alpha r Chris- 0 Penn Npha ng So- ilon Pi. Iampus Secre- 3arie+al ball I: Jucean mg l. annsyi- 3 PI . sify 2. 3 Shoe AefarY' ? l.27 blican 1 Perm 6 ch; JAMES WEBER KRIEBEL. JR. 0 Conshohocken. Pa. 0 Phi Gamma Delfa o Caducean Sociefy 2. 3; Choral So- cie+y 3: Chrisfian AssociaHon 2. 3: Quar+erdeck'50cie+y. BERTRAND KUSHNER o Philade3phia. Pa. 0 Alpha Epsi- lon DeHa; Hillel FoundaHon l. KLAUS LANGE 0 Shanghai. China 0 Alpha Phi Omega I. 2. 3, 4; American Chemical Sociefy I. 2. 3. 4. Social Chairman; German Club I; Sfudenf Council 3. 4. ROBERT S. LATCH o Palmyra. N. J. o Lambda Chi Alpha 0 Band I: Chrisfian Associa+ion l. 2. 4; Young Republican Club 2. CHARLES R. LATIMER o Bellwood. Pa. 0 PI Kappa Npha o Chrisfian AssociaHon 3, 4. WILLIAM LAUFER 0 Brooklyn. N. Y. 0 Alpha Epsilon PI 0 Track 2; Debafe Council I: Hillel FoundaHon l. 2. 3, 4; Philoma+hean Sociefy 2. 3. 4. FRED L. LEMONT 0 Cape May Cour+ House. N. J. o DeHa Kappa Epsilon. Secrefary 3; ISO lb. Crew 2: Swimming I: Markefing Sociefy 4: Spanish Club 4. SYLVAN L. LEVEY 0 Philadelphia. Pa. ALEXANDER LOUIS LEVIN 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Tau DeHa Phi. AARON J. LEVINSON o Absecon. N. J. 0 French Club 4; Hillel Foundafion I. 2. 3. 4: ln+erna+ionai AHairs Council 3. 4: Delfa Phi 3. 4: Pre-Law Sociefy 3. 4; Unifed World Federalisfs 3; World Affairs Council. ROBERT PALEY LEVY 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Zefa Be+a Tau 0 Swimming 1; Tennis l. Varsify 2. 3. 4: Hillel Founda+ion l. 2. 3. 4: Varsify Club I. 2. 3; WXPN l. 2. 3. 4. RICHARD LICHTMAN 0 Brooklyn. N. Y. 0 Kappa Nu 0 Band I. 2. 3; Dormifory Council 2: Hillel Foundafion I. 2. 3. 4: Pennsylvania Liferary Review: Phi Befa Kappa 4; Philomafhean Sociefy 3. 4. JOHN PAUL LIGHT 0 Cumberland. Md. 0 Alpha Sigma Phi. HOMER L. LITZENBERG. III 0 Washingfon. D. C. 0 Phi Kappa Psi. JAY LOEBEL 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Alpha Epsilon Pi o Ini'ercollegiafe Conference Planning Commiffee; Penn- pix: Penn Players. NORMAN MAGID o PhiiadeVphEa. Pa. JOHN S. P. MAKIVER. JR. 0 SfraHord. Pa. 0 P51 Upsilon 0 Hill School Club. WILLIAM J. MALOY. JR. 0 Rochesfer. N. Y. o Psi Up- silon. Presldenf o Housfon Hail Board: Kife and Key: Crew l; DaHy Pennsylvanian I. 2: Debafe Council I. 2. 3. 4; lnferfrafemify Council I. 2. 3. 4: Infernaficnd Affairs Councii 2. 3; Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4; Penn Players l. 2: Sfudenfs for Democrafic AcfEcn l. 2. 3: Unifed World FederaHsfs l. 2. DEFORREST MARCHANT o Drexez HM, Pa. JOHN P. MASON o PHadebhia, Pa. ANTHONY E. MASTRIPPOLITO o PhHade'phIa, Pa. 6. HUBERT MATTHEWS o Kingsfon, N. Y. o Agacjd . Deda Ph, A4p'na 4: German CW0 3, 4: HIM Fomda. I Eon 3, 4: Permsfvama Chrisfian FeHowsHIp l, 2; Young Progressw'ves l. JOSEPH C. MAYER 0 Linden, N. J. o Amabur R533 CW0, Secrefary V: Caducean Sociefy 3, 4; WWam Perm Club 3, 4. GUS J. MAZZOLA, JR. 0 Philaddphia, Pa. 0 Sigma Npha Epsilon 0 Italian Qub. JOSIAH BARTOW McCALL o Chesfnuf HM, Pa. 0 Delfa Psi: Friars Senior Sociefy: Crew l, Varsify 2, 3, 4; Varslfy Boaf Oub 2, 3, 4: Treasurer: Var5i+y Club 2, 3, 4. RAYMOND L. MCCONEMY, JR. 0 Philadelphia, Pa. JOHN F. McCREA, JR. 0 Philaddphla, Pa. Ll' FREDERICK MCDONALD o PhiladeIphia, Pa. 0 French TC Club 3: Phi Be+a Kappa 3, 4: Pi DeHa Phi 2, 3, 4. R4 WALTER B. McNIUTT 0 Philadelphia, Pa. 0 Phi Kappa Psi o 150 Ib. FoofbaH 4: Insurance Soclefy 4. AARON MEDOW o Philade4phia, Pa. 0 Fencing Varslfy W 3: Gladius Club 3: HiHel Foundafion 2. PINCHAS MENDELSON 0 Haifa, Israel 0 Hillel Founda- +ion: Pi Mu Epsilon. Rl JOSE A. MERA o SamL Urce, Puerfo Rico 0 Lambda Chi Alpha 0 Chrisfian Associafion l, 2: Newman Club 2, 3. 4: Phofo. Soclefy 3,4: Spanish Club 3, 4. RYLAND S. MERKEY 0 Pine Grove, Pa. 0 Alpha Sigma Phi o A Cappella Choir 2. 3: Choral Sociefy l. 2, 3: German Club I:Glee Club I, 2, 3. 4, President Fresh- 4 M man Mask and Wig Show: Mask and Wig Club 3, 4. R4 R1 JAMES MIHALICK o Dunlo, Pa. 0 Baseball l: 150 lb. Foofbalf 2. DAVID TOLMAN MILLER o Ambler, Pa. 0 Delfa Phi. PresldemL 4 o Freshman Mask and Wig Show. ANTHONY PETER MONACO 0 Philadelphia, Pa. 0 Alpha Epsilon Delfa. Tre'asurer; Caducean Sociefy: Newman Club: Phi Befa Kappa. rsify nda- Chi 2.3. gma 2, 3: resh- ROBERT MONSUL 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Daily Pennsyl- vanian 4; Penn Players 1, 2. 3, 4: Phllomafhean Sociefy l; WXPN l. 2. 3. 4. WILLIAM C. MOORE o Washingfon. D. C. 0 Bridge Club;Chora1Soclefy:ChrIs+Ean Assoclaflon; GAee Club, Sfuden+ Direcfor: Propeller Club. ROBERT LAWRENCE MOSKOWHZ o Passaic, N. J. 0 Alpha Epsilon Pi 0 Swimming l; Npha Epsilon DeHa. Presidenf 4: Caducean Soclefy 2, 3, Execuh've Com- miHee 3: Debafe Panel: Hillel FoundaHon 2. 3. RICHARD T. MUHLBERGER o AHenfown. Pa. 0 Lambda Chi Alpha. Vice Presidenf o BaskeeraH l: Dean's Ad- visory Council; lnferfrafernlfy CouncH 3: Senior Class CouncH. NEHEMIAH MUNYAMA o Umlrall So, Rhodesia. Middle Row: ROY NAGLE o PhHadelphIa Pa. 0 Phi EpsHon PI 0 Alpha EpsHon Delfa. Execufive CommiHee; Caducean Sociew: Phi BeJra Kappa. RICHARD NAGLER 0 Long Beach N. Y. o Al'pl'da Epsi- Anything for charity. Ion DeHa. Vice Presidenf: Caducean Sociefy: Debafe Council; Delfa Sigma Rho. Vice President: Pershing RiHes: WXPN. CHARLES NEEDLEMAN 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Sigma Npha Mu. ROGER B. NEILSON o Milfon. Pa. 0 Phi Sigma Kappa o Rirfle Team 4: Npha Phi Omega I. 2: ASCE: Freshman Handbook 2. ROBERT MILES NELSON 0 Philadelphia. Pa. BoHom Row: GEORGE A. NERANCHI 0 Brooklyn. N. Y. o Dormifory Council: Epsilon Phi Sigma. JAMES A. NEWPHER, JR. 0 Wayne, Pa. 0 DeHa UpsHon o Caducean Sociefy: Quarferdeck Sociefv. CRAIG ALAN NEWTON o HaddorHieH, N. J. 0 Kappa Sigma. HOWARD A. OGDEN o Brookiyn, N. Y. 0 Crew 2, 3. HARRY A. OLEYNICK o Elizabeflm N. J o Npha Epsilon DeHa: Caducean Sodefy' Pennplx; Photographic So- Cieer; Record; Spike Shoe Oub. ALAN OSER o Ct'c . M t 31. Y. 0 Film E255" P3 o "W T: :9": .V'V: 2' Fran?" 5:3 r-2 :9": . 3 4 E: '1' ' C3 E: 4' 5"' :Mawea" :;.2 3 4':"'L:P.V'C"i3 4. BERNARD OSTRUM o 3" 3:15:7'3 :3. O Tau De 33 PT? 0 A :73 Es. :' Dr, 333 4' H e 9:333'bh, EDWARD S. PADGET o T'szi- w Pa. 0 A056 3 C 3 E23 ;" C3 0 3A rrJ E:::' :" 00.33 4- H e chjy'on. HENRY W. PARKHURST, JR. 0 Bewm, Pa. 0 Kappa Cami ROYjPARLINl . Freecsrt N. Y. . Tam ca: . DaHy Pcn":, Jy'an l, 2, 3' Jr'cr Anrak Pemplx 2, 3: szbgrarm': 3:13;, I, 2 3, Secre+ar,-Treasurer, Presw? denL Read 2, 3, Assfsxa'wf Phdo Ed'for 2, Phofo Eofbr 3. SHELDON PINKUS o OVpHanh Pa. 0 Sigma A'pha Mu o HIHeV Founda+fon l, 2, 3, 4' Markefing Sociefy 2, 3. DONALD PIOUS o Bridgeporf, Conn. 0 Sigma Alpha Mu o Sphinx Senior Sociefy' Housfon Hall Board, Vice Chairman 4- P'm' Kappa Befa 3' College Advisory Com3 miffee' Hiliel Foundafion l, 2, 3, 4: Junior Class PresL denf' Undergraduafe CouncH 3. SEYMOUR PIWOZ o PhHadelphIa, Pa. 0 Tau Delfa Phi. GEORGE C. POLLARD o vmeland, N. J. o Sociefy for the Advancemenf of Managemen+ 3, 4: Glee Club I: Markefmg Sociefy 3, 4; Spanish Club I. ROBERT THOMPSON PRICE 0 Piffsburgh, Pa. o Quan ferdeck SocIefy 3, 4. AUGUSTUS PRINCE 0 Philadelphia, Pa. 0 Kappa Alpha Psi. DAVID S. PROMISH 0 Philadelphia, Pa. 0 Swimming l, 2; WresHIng 4. HUBERT T. PROUDFORD o PMadeIphIa, Pa. ANTHONY J. PULEO o Norrisfown, Pa. 0 BOW 4; Abba PH Omega: Caducean SocIefy: French Club: Insurance 80003,: Newman Club: WiHiam Penn Cfub: Young RoDuchan C'ub. PAUL C. QUATTRONE o Philadelphla, Pa. 0 Chrisfian Assoclmion: Malian Club: Newman Oub: PhllosopHIcal Soclefy: Soufhern Circle; WHIIam Penn Club. 52 CLASS OF Top Row: CARLOS QUIAN o Princefon. N. J. o Fencing 2; Phi Alpha Thefa. ROLAND R. RANDALL. JR. 0 PhiladeVphia. Pa. 0 Phi Gamma DeHa 0 Alpha Phi Omega l. 2. 3: Chrisfian Associafion 4: Daily Pennsylvanian 2:61ee Club I. 2, 3, JOHN S. RANKIN 0 Louisville. Ky. 0 Sigma Alpha Epsi- ion. Presidenf o Friars Senior Sociefy: All-UniversHy Council 3; Chris+ian Associafion I; College Advisory CommiHee 3: ln+er1fra+ernify Council 3: Junior Class Council 3: Mask and Wig Club 2. 3. 4, Publicify Mana- ger 4; Pershing RiHeS 2; Record 2. 3. 4; Vigilanfe Com- miHee 2. JOSEPH V. RESTIFO 0 Philadelphia, Pa. WILLIAM R. RISDEN. JR. 0 Poinf Pleasant N. J. o AviaHon Club; Chris+ian AssocIaHon 3; Ouflng Club 4. Middle Row: DAVID JOSEPH RITCHIE 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Alpha Epsilon Delfa; College Advisory CommiHee: Newman Club; Phi Befa Kappa. JOHN T. ROBERTS 0 Upper Darby. Pa. 0 Crew l. 2. I952 PIERRE A. ROCHAT o WesHield, N. J. 0 Sigma Chi 0 I50 lb. Foofball. VarsHy 4; Dormifory Council; Fresh- man Class Secre+ary and Treasurer; Freshman Council: Baskefball, Mgr. 2. MARTIN ROSE o Larchmon+, N. Y. 0 Daily Pennsyl- vanian 4. BURTON S. ROSEN 0 Philadelphia, Pa. 0 Hille! Founda- +ion. BoHom Row: GIRARD KAY ROSENBLUM 0 Philadelphia, Pa. 0 Chess Club. Vice Presidenf 3. Presidenf 4: Phi Befa Kappa; Pi Mu Epsilon. WALTER ROSENFELD o Rockville Cen+er, N. Y. o Fenc- ing. J.V. 3, 4: Pennsylvania Liferary Review. Assisfanf Edifor 3. Edi+or 4: Phi Befa Kappa 4; Pi Thefa Phi; Span- ish Club 2: WXPN 1.2. HERBERT A. ROSENTHAL 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Alpha Epsilon Delfa o Caducean Socie+y; Phi Befa Kappa. STANLEY ROSENZWEIG 0 Philadelphia, Pa. 0 Hillel Foundafion. EDWARD L. ROTHSTEIN 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 53 54 MARVIN RUBENSTEIN o 1' CHARLESK.RUSSELL0; i ,o::' V, RICHARD R. RYAN . '- 7.: v I EDVJARD RZEPNICKI o C :rh o :' -3" ::33 DAVID'ST. GEORGE . a c. a: , . . L L rmrmo'. LE4: F4 : :4 x. cm - :' A , ' , - C 1,. - . C' r; C ,r; f 3 4 . :2 :'-:VCIC"' a CM; 2 3 4. DAVID S. SALSBURG I :"5,':: Cr1o Vivi? Np o 8:": C C '1 Cw Ew::m".c- Eifs 37 39"" v r E Fax- " :71" 7 4 Fr" '1' L F P C By 'ne ; ' yr 91 : "J "C3":ZCC 34 G. FOSTER SANFORD, Ill 0 Hr": 3'r N. J. o P,' UCZI- Fr 0 Crawl 2 3' 150 :. Fcyoa 2 3'1":urcrce So- r'rw, 4' V 1"", 821' C pr: 23 4. SALVATORE SANTAMARIA o NVCI? C: :ngsn'cwji N J. PETER SCAMAGAS o Pflaaermim Pa. 0 Epilsn PH ngma, Prefavf 3 Trcawrcr 4. MICHAEL ALAN SCHER o Crangord N. J. o A'Qha Phi Omega 1, Z 3 4' Cinema Club E -:eCquve Board 3, 4; HRH FoundafIcn l Z 3. 4: PMcmafhean SOOCW 4' PrerLaw 235w, 4. JOEL U. S. SCHNEIERSON 0 New York CM; N. Y. o Tau Dem Ph? 0 Brdlgc Oub' Hi bl Foundaflon. CARL SCHUBERT, JR. 0 E kfm Park, Pa. JOSEPH H. SCHWARTZ o PnWade'pha, Pa. 0 HWel FCUHTIJT;C"' Sfudeqfs for Democrafk: Acfion. THOMAS A. SCOTT o Nauvoo. Na. 0 ChrlsMan Asso- cian'jn Cab'wx' lNernybnal Affairs CouncH: Phi Befa Kappa' P' Mu Epglbn. HIRSH S. SEGAL o PMadephIa. Pa. 0 Phofographic So- Clwy. ROBERT H. SELLER o Ph"aic ;3hTa, Pa. 0 Sigma A'pha Mu o A PLH En? m DcVa 4. DAVID SELLIN o PAH130H7R'3.P10 P Uafbw o Franklm SQC'CM' Ina 'an C uD' Penmv'u Ar? Ealwr. BERTRAM HERBERT SHAPIRO o PMaddphIal Pa. 0 AI- pHa PHI Omegj Treawrer, 7.. .5.. .... ----......-.-.. --A. ,. ' .--x. PAUL SHER o Vineland. N. J. 0 Alpha Epsilon Delfa o Caducean Sociefy: German Ciub; Hillel Foundafion. ROBERT J. SHICK o Blairsville. Pa. MORTON W. SHRAGER 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Fencing: DeHa Phi Alpha; German Club: Hillel Foundafion: Phi Lambda Upsilon. Secrefary; Phi Befa Kappa; Philo- mafhean Sociefy. WILLIAM A. SIEGFRIED 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Bridge Club I: Chess Club lzChrisflan Associafion l. 2. JOSEPH E. SILVERMAN o Laurelfon. N. Y. 0 Kappa Nu. President Sec'refary o Hillel FoundaHon; Inferfrafernify Council; Infernafional AHairs Council: lnframural Afh- lefics Manager: Pre-Law Sociefy. EARL H. SIMMONS. JR. 0 FoIcroH. Pa. 0 Alpha Phi Omega 2. 3. 4: Amafeur Radio Club 2. 3. 4 Secrefary: Aviafion Club 2. 3. 4 Vice President President Chris- Jrian Associafion 2. 3. 4: lnfernafional Affairs Council 2. 3. 4; Philosophical Sociefy 2; WXPN 2. KENNETH A. SIMON o Trenfon. N. J. o Npha Epsilon Delia: Band I. 2. 3. PHILIP C. SIMON 0 Brooklyn. N. Y. 0 Daily Pennsyl- vanian. Fea+ure Edi+or1 Cinema Club; Quarferdeck So- ciefy; Record. Fra+ernl+ies Edifor. ROBERT S. SINN o Seaside Park. N. J. o Thefa Chi. MALCOLM SITKOFF 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 German Club: Hillel Foundafion; Alpha Epsilon Delfa. HENRY A. SKOPEK o Nanficoke. Pa. 0 Thefa Xi 0 New- man Club. GEORGE SLOVER o Cranbury. N. J. o J. V. Fencing 3. 4; Delfa Phi Alpha. CHARLES F. SMITH. JR. 9 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Foofball l. 2. 3. 4: Spike Shoe Club: Varsi+y Club. HENRY C. SMITH. II o Narberfh. Pa. 0 Acacia 0 Band 3. 4: Cadef Council 3: Chord Soclefy 2. 3: Chrisfian AssociaHon 2: Fanfare Sociefy 3. 4; Scabbard and Blade 3. 4; Symphony Orchesfra: Associafion of Music Sfudenfs. ROBERT LEE SMITH 0 Oakland. Md. 0 Thefa Xi o Choral Socfefy 3: Daily Pennsylvanian Copy Edifor 3. 4: French Cfub 2. 3. 4: Canferbury Club 2. 3, 4; Inferxfrafernify Ball Commiffee 3: Penn Mike Q'ub 3. 4: Pi Delfa Phi 3. 4. Secrefary; WXPN 2. 3. 4; Conflnuify Direcfor. STANLEY K. SMITH. JR. 0 Audubon. N. J. o Wifmer So- cie+y 3. 4. Treasurer. HERBERT SMOLEN o PMaddphia. Pa. o Befa Sigma Rho o HiHe1 Foundaflon l. 2. 3. 4. ALVIN L. SNOWISS 0 Lock Haven. Pa. 0 Debafe Coun- cil k 2. 3. Manager 4. Presldenf: DeHa Sigma Rho 3. 4: HiHel Foundafion l. 2, 3. 4; Pre-Law Soclefy 3. 4; Young RepubHcan Qub 2. 3. 55 KENNETH H. SOLL o PWGde'pHa. Pa. 0 Befa Sigma Rd: 0 A CW3 E0513." Deffa: Hi 'el Foundafbn. LARRY ALAN SOMERS . Phlfadebha. Pa. . Npha De '3 E25? cn' Pm Boa Kappa. MELVIN N. SPITOFSKY o thadelphia. Pa. 0 Tau Delfa PW. JERALD MORTON SPIVAK o Paferson. N. J. o Hiliel Foundafbn, SEYMOUR R. STALL o Poughkeepsie. N. Y. o Ze+a Befa Tau 0 Tennis l; Daily Pennylvanian l', HE.IeF Founda. Tim I. 4. SEYMOUR STEIN o PhHadelphia. Pa. 0 Befa Sigma Rho 0 Alpha Epsilon DeHa: Hillel Foundaflon. LOUIS HERMAN STEINBERG 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Avl- afion Club. KENNETH P. STEVENS. JR. 0 Mays Landing. N. J. o Chrisfian Associafion: Pennsylvania Chrisflan Fellow- shl . LAUEENCE STEWART o Havre de Grace. Md. 0 Thefa Chi 0 Penn Players l. WILLIAM J. STEWART. JR. 0 Bala Cynwyd. Pa. 0 Psi Upsilon o Cade+ Council 2, 3. 4; Insurance Socie+y 4: Pennsylvania Chrisfian Fellowship 4: Pershing thes l. 2: Phofographic Sociefy l. 2. 3. 4; Scabbard and Blade 3. 4. ARNOLD E. STILLMAN 0 Philadelphia. Pa. ROBERT J. STRITZINGER o Grosse Poinfe. Mich. 0 Chess Club; Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4. KUROS TABARI o Tehran. Iran 0 Infernafional Affairs Council: Chrisfian AssociaHon. CRAIG C. TARLER 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Delfa Tau Delfa o Scabbard and Blade l. 2. CARLYLE M. THOMAS. JR. 0 Bangor. Pa. 0 Chrisfian Associafion. JOHN D. THOMAS o Clarksburg. W. Va. 0 Kappa Sigma 0 ISO lb. Crew l: WresHing 4, Head Manager: A+hle+ic Managerial Board 4; Cadef Council 3. Rec- order: Chrisfian Associafion: Grappler's Club 3. 4: Varsify Club 4; Rifle Team I. 2. ERNEST A. TILL o Phiiadelphia. Pa. 0 Italian Club 4: Newman Club 4. JACK TOBOCHNIK 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Hillel Founda- fion. e+y 4: Hes l. :1 and Chess AHairs I DeHa wisHan Kappa nager: . Rec- 3. 4: llub 4? ounda- Top Row: GEORGE W. TRACY 0 Upper Darby. Pa. PATRICK J. TREACY 0 Linden. N. J. o Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4. WILLIAM R. TREXLER o Cresson. Pa. 0 Newman Club I. 2: Spanish Club I. JAY l. TUMARKIN 0 New York. N. Y. o Tau Eps'rlon Phi 0 Caducean Socie+y 3: French CVub 2. 3. 4; HiHeI FoundaHon l. 2. 3. 4; Halian Club 4: Spanish Club 3. 4. ALBERT R. VALKO o Soufh Fork. Pa. 0 Kappa Npha So- Ciefy 0 ISO lb. Foofball 2. 3; Varsify C1ub 2. 3. 4. Middle Row: WALTER R. WAGNER o Lansdowne. Pa. 0 Sigma Phi Epsilon 0 Spanish Club I. 2." Sophomore Dance Com- miHee 2. RICHARD J. WALLACE o Woodbury. N. J. HENRY T. WALLHAUSER o Maplewood. N. J. o DeHa Tau Delfa. Recording Secrefary 3. Vice Presidenf 4 0 Record 3: Vigiianfe CommiHee 2. The Red Cross Blood Drive draws three. CHARLES L. WALTER 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Chrisfian So- cIefy: WHmer Sociefy. HARRY K. WARREN o Swar+hmore. Pa. 0 Psi Upsilon o Foofball l. 2. 3. 4. Capfain: Track I; In+erfra+erni+y Ball CommiHee: Spike Shoe Club 3: Varsify Club 3. 4; BoHom Row: Spth' JOHN D. WARTH o Longmeadow. Mass 0 Befd Thefa Pi. ARTHUR P. WATTS. JR. 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 PSI Upsilon o Wresfling l. J. V. 2;. lnfemafion Affairs Council: Transpor+a+ion Sociefy. JOHN ROBERT WEBB o Lansdowne. Pa. 0 Phi Sigma Kappa. LEONARD,WEINSTOCK 0 Long Branch. N. J. I Cadu- cean Soclefy 3. 4: Alpha Epsilon Delfa 3. 4: Cinema Club 4:H1Hel FoundaHon l. 2. 3. 4: Phi Befa Kappa 4: WiHiam Penn Club 3. 4. ALEXANDER M. WEIR o Philaddphia. Pa. 0 Soccer 1. J. V. 2. 3. JAMES J. WEISBART o l: -. '-' VI.H f. 7.42412 , ': ,3,,,Z FRANCIS X. WELLS o 3:" :n: L'j. . WARREN M. WELLS. JR. . W - m.-. 4 . , 5 CARL STEVEN WEYNEBERG o E: :4 3' 5x'r3051-w: 4'31.;c".."r':" . V: HORACE E. WILLIAMS 0 ' A :r 2 256', 0 CH": 235?. SAUL WINEGRAD o Crzu F ,2"; E9, :" D023" p; Bc'a Karena. F , yr, . ADRIAN BURT WINTERFIELD 0 Jacksz 6 Pa. 0 33ml F C"'3 V; O Brigg C L403 44 M' Xary Bam CsmA M'Wm Cw'rrran 4. anooard 3": Base 3. 4' Quarien 105v 3:140, 23 4. ALAN WIRTSHAFTER 0 Phi adelpnia. Pa. 0 Sigma Alpha Au. HARVEY l. WOLFE o Binghamkn. N. Y. o Npha Epsilon DcHa. JOHN WILLIAM WORRALL o DownIngmwn. Pa. 0 A5- pHa Sigma PH, LOUIS MARTIN YANNI o PHadelpHa. Pa. 0 ISO lb. FombcH l. 2. 3,4:VarsHyC1ub 3. 4. JOHN F. YEAGER 0 Sunbury. Pa. ANDREW M. YOGGY. JR. 0 PMadebhla. Pa. 0 Alpha PM Omega l. 2, 3. 4. Presldenf: ChrEsHan Associafion l. 2. 3. 4. Cabfnef Debate Council I. 2. 3. 4: Delfa SIgma Rho 3. 42 lNercoHegIMe Conference on 60w Crrmen? 2. 3. 4- Phi'mafhean Saciefy 2. 3. 4, Modera4 mr- XNHIam Perm Cub 3. 4: Young Republican Oub l. 2.3 4. Predden'r. PHILIP H. YOUNG o Bab-me,d. Pa. 0 Acacia 0 Band I, 2. 3,4: Inferfrme'nifyCouncH 2. 3. 4. Treasurer. ARTHUR J. YU 0 Brooklyn N. Y. o Caducean Soclefy. PAUL J. ZALESAK o Ccalda'e. Pa. 0 Newman Cub I. 2. 3, 4. NORMAN PHILLIP ZARWIN o Phl'ade'phTa. Pa. 0 Pl Lambda Pni o Inferhaflsnal AHa?rs Council 4: PreiLaw r . yr. 04, 4. BURTON ZWEIMAN o Peggac. N. J. 0 Pi Lambda Phi 0 Npha EpQKCW Debs. Secremrf Caducean Scciefy: Campu: Chm? Commiffee' Debwe Counch'. Treasurer: D093 SIgma Rho: erl Foundafion; Pershing RLHes: VVXPN. ..,,. mw- 4 -. w $114... ,4 EDUCATION DR. E. DUNCAN GRIZZELL holds +he posiiionof Dean of +he School of Educa+ion as well as servmg as a professor of educafion. He received his doc- 1; Tn 1892, +he thrsf specia'ized "' F" nugmvnor mm H... I , bass; :3 scram ?:r these who wished i0 enfer W0 .03? N4: . e O was ins+ +u+eo CK H18 Coiiege. +ora+e from +he Universufy of Pennsylvania In I922 Mud '1 The .Vharfcq SChOO! was an cufgrowfh and has assumed many feaching and adminisfrahve ?an A C: .639, so fee was +he Schooi of Educaiion pos'ts in ofher schools. 7' . g a sTrniiar course. became a sep- C"CC. The frusfees of +he Universify had arose 3 become aware cf +he increasing need ior such a sepa'r-h :chcci primariiy because oi +he sfeadily nncu'V'nq enrcimeni. and in 19l4, by granfing a iarqe appropriahcn. had aided +his much needed dewe'cpmenh This schciasfic year has again seen +he School oi Educa'rion under +he dicfaforship of Dr. Grizzel. who has been Dean since +he resignafion of Dean Minnick in June. l948. In l933 an innovafion ior +he deparimenf was underfahen which consisfed of lengfhening +he requiar undergraduafe course from four +0 five years. The purpose oi +his innovafion was +0 enable +he sfudenf fo qain +hereby nof only +he +heore+ical background of feaching buf +0 more fully imple- ment him for his proiession by giving him pracfical experience. This Jaffer purpose was accomplished by permiffinq fhe sfudenf +0 feach for a semesfer in a neighboring high school. Thus Jrhe graduafing senior iinds himself or herseH possessed of more siabie fechniques ihrough +he applicafion of fhis educafional mefhod, and is. by viriue of +his. a beHer +eacher. This is buf one symbol of +he sound. progressive affifude which is predominaniL in +his school and which is, aionq wifh fhe sfaff and direcfor. chieHy responsible ior +he success ihaf if enioys as af- fesfed by leaders in educafion foday. when Penn- Sylvania's School of Educafion celebrafes ifs 60+h anniversary. THOMAS E. McMULLEN ads as +he Vice-Dean in charge of +he five year program. He is also an Associafe Professor of Educaiion. 60 w -,zs::121' i. 'i THE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION is locaied on Walnuf Sfreei befween Thiriy-eighfh and Thirfy- ninih Sfreefs. The Iilman School for Children. which is used for s+uden+ Jreaching. is ai 3944 Walnu'l' Sireei THE OFFICE STAFF of secreiaries is re- sponsible for keeping +he records of +he Dean up +0 da+e and in order as well as providing informa+ion for sfudenis. To keep alive +0 +he needs of ifs s+uden+s. Jrhe School of Educaiion has had a revaluaiion of program offerings in progress. A commiHee o1c fen sfudenfs prepared a crifical and consfrudive report porfions oi E which became a parJr of +he published progress reporf forming +he May I950 issue of +he school's magazine. +he "Educafional OuHook." This acfivify broughf closer associafion among sfudenfs. especially when rep- resenfaiives of +he sfudeni commiHee mef wifh DeparfmemL of Educafion officials, discussed problems, and made proposals. A iiner undersianding of Jrhe purposes of +he School and a beHer comprehension of needs of +he sfudenfs have aided bofh faculfy and sfudenis in carrying iorward cerfain proiecfs. bl ABOVE is a class of sludenls a'r bc'rh +he gradua+e and . -. . +h STUDENT TEACHING Is an all imporlan+ fealure m e They are being inshucfed in me School of Educalion. Here a sludenf is conducling her own classroom, a praclical knowledge which is obvnously essenlial for her fulure career. undergraduale level. more complex mefhods of Inslruchon. We Learn to Teach Wilh Jrhe opening of school lasl year. Jrwo curricula. Nursing Educalion and Occupa- lional Therapy. were lranslerred lo +he School of Nursing and +0 Jthe School of Auxiliary Medical Services, respeclively. The original inlenlions ol lhese programs. as +hey came info lhe School of Educalion, had changed and had made +hem ripe for incorporalion in Jrhe new schools which were established July I, I950. These changes made if possible for Jrhe admis- sion of more sludenls who are inleresled primarily in classroom Jreaching on all levels from kindergarfen +hrough senior high school. and in Jrhe special subjecls of art business educal'ion, heallh, music, and classes for Jrhe menlall-y relarded and for Children wifh speech deleds. These pro- grams are under +he direcfion ol DrfT. E. McMullen. Vice-Dean of +he live year program. THE PHYSICAL environmenf of +he School of Educalion is unequalled on campus. The garden behind lhe school building is a beaufy spof in our melropolilan univer- sify. RELAXlNG beiween hec+ic hours. +his girl Finds comforf on Hue s+airway in +he ha". "Oh whaf a relief +0 gei' away from monosyllabical words and simple sen+ences!" Composed of We oufsfanding s+uden+s in Hue School of Educaflon. +he Educaflonal Advisory CommiHee as- sisfs and advises Their Dean in o'reHing policy concerning Hie sfudenfs and Hweir courses. Through presenfafion and coordinafion of ideas from H115 sfudenf group. We adminishafion can eFFechely Improve Condifions in He school. keeping in mind He needs and desires of Hwe enfire sfudenf body. THIS IS a classroom? Give me classes in +he School of Educa- +ionl MUSIC PLAYS an imporianf role in educaHon. These girls are playing a quar+e+ for clarine+s under +he direc- +ion of +he ins+ruc+or. The CommiHee deserves +he highesf praise for Hweir eHorfs +0 familiarize Hue faculfy wifh Hwe adual condL Jrions which He sfudenfs face. Only +hrough +heir con- Jrinued adiva can He ulfima+e goal of educaHonaI Jrechniques be achieved harmony befween sfudenfs and Haeir factu. EDUCATIONAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE SITTING: E. Harrell. V. Levifan, P. Dellard. 2ND ROW: 5. BoHon. A. Appels+ern. The growfh 0E Jrhe'School 0E Educafion has probably been more rapid Hwan Hm of any ofher deparfmenf of Hue Unl- versify. ln Jrhe comparafively snorf Jrime of ifs exisEence. We need Eor 1arger quarfers for Jrhe School has resuHed indi- E E, recHy in fhe building of BenneH Hall, and has culminafed .1; in Ehe lean-Carfer School for Kindergarfen and Primary XE Kgl Teachers and fhe SchooE of Nursing. E 33 E Equally as rapid as Ehe physical expansion has been Ehe E" t E expansion of We curriculum, for The Schooi 0E Educafion 9; has added greaHy +0 ifs lisf of subiecfs since HS founding. Af Hwe presenf Hme, Art Music. Physical Educafion. Home Economics, and Commercial and VocaHonal subjecfs are all panL 01c fhe Jrraining program. VISUAL AIDS are offen employed for demons+ra+ion purposes in E d u c a + i o n classes. Here s+udenfs are taking no+es on a Film showing +echniques in child educa- +ion. E: E E DECORATING +he +ree for He Chrisfmas season +0 brighfen Hwe halls of Educafion. are a professor. +he Vice-Dean. and Rufh Coffon. assis+anf +0 +he Dean. 64 E n M -----n.-7Ri..-a-,..nw.....h- .. ...EE .- 7V E - ijmmun Chig'rmaS gd ,Cd GFM G r d 91m STUDEN1S' TROUBLES and ques- +ions are always deared up as soon as +hey are presenfed thin +he doors of H10. School of Educa'lion office. The knowledge and experi- ence of years of faifhful devoiion are a+ Hm fingerfips of every sh;- den'r and are offered 10 him for We price of but a single ques'rion. KAPPA PHI KAPPA ROW ONE: H. SmHh. A. Trezza, S. BoHon. ROW TWO: 5. Weins+ock. J. Schmuckler. L. Boodis. Kappa Phi Kappa Is composed of +hose men in We School of Educafion who have merifed award for scho- lasfic and educafiona! achievemem. The soclefy sponsors var'wous funcfions bendlcial +0 siuo'enfs of educafion and dtcusses currenf problems In ifs monfhly meefings. 'Hu'Jufulu ,, K g. l!u UH. 1. a f STANLEY W. BOLTON o Lansdowne. Pa. 0 Kappa Phi Kappa. Vice President Sfudenf Advisory Board for School of Educafion: Vice President Senior Gags: Fresh- man Hamdbook; Junior Class Council: Senior Class Council: Joinf Class Council 3. 4. LEO BOODIS 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 HiHel Foundafion: Kappa Phi Kappa; Symphony Orchesfra; WXPN; Pho- Jrographic Sodefy. ROBERT C. BROOKS o Aflanfic Cify. N. J. I Befa Sigma Rho 0 Phi Kappa Befa'. Sphinx Senior Sociefy; Baskef- baH l. 2. 3. 4: Baseball l. 2. 3, 4: Physical Educaflon Majors Sociefy l. 2. 3. 4; Varsify Club 2, 3. 4:W1Hiam Penn Club 1: Teachers of Tomorrow 2. 3. 4; Freshman Class Council. LEONARD BROWN 0 Upper Darby. Pa. 0 Kappa Phi Kappa. CLYDE R. DENGLER. JR. 0 Upper Darby. Pa. 0 Acacia 0 Band; Fanfare Socie+y. RICHARD H. FLEU 0 Philadelphia. Pa. JOHN H. HODGES. JR. 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Sigma Phi Epsilon 0 Kappa Phi Kappa. EDWARD T. KAPROWSKI o Plymoufh. Pa. 0 Chorai So- ciefy l. 2:61ee Club I. 2. 3: Mask and Wig Club 3: Newman Qub i. 2. 31Quar+erdeck50ciefy 2. 3. EDWARD T. O'NEILL o Olyphanf. Pa. 0 Kappa Phi Kappa; Infercollegiafe Conference on Govermenf; Sku- den+s for Democrafic Acfion. HENRY J. PERWNSON 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Kappa Phi Kappa 3. 4: Newman Club I; Teachers of Tomorrow I. 2. JOSEPH S. SCHMUCKLER 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Band I. 2: Kappa Phi Kappa 3. 4. CHARLES SCHROPE o Weshcield. N. J. o DeHa Tau DeHa. A. SEGAL 0 Reading. Pa. 0 Kappa Phi Kappa; Sfudenfs for Democra+ic Adion. LLOYD H. SNYDER 0 Philadelphia, Pa. 0 Symphony On chesfra. JUSTIN CADWALADER WILLIAMS 0 Philadelphia. Pa. EDGAR S. YETTER. JR. 0 Lancasfer. Pa. The School of .E D U CAT I O N J Kw $ FINE ARTS Architecture, Music and Design Eighly-lwo RECORDS have wilnessed Jrhe growlh of +he School of Fine Arls lrom a small body OT sludenls lo ifs presenl size OT over four hundred and Tilly. Al one lime. during +he depression. The en- rollmenf dropped lo a mere +hirfy-six. The Tacully has likewise been expanded +0 include Tilly profes- sors and inslrudors. many of whom are nofable in +he field of fine arfs. some having achieved world fame. Today +hree slruclures: Jrhe Fine Arls Building. +he Universify Museum. and Irvine Audilorium house nof only The Three major deparfmenls buf also many addifional relaled subiecls. The Fine Arfs Building confains +he adminisfralive offices. library. and +he classrooms for Jrhe main courses. The Museum houses models used by Jrhe sludenfs in drawing and skelching. Irvine Audiforium is used by Jrhe music sludenfs. where classes in musical +heory are held. Many small rooms provide sfu- denfs wilh privacy in which +0 pracfice Jrheir various inslrumenls. In addilion. liberal arls courses laken in +he College give +he sludenf a sfrong background on which +0 base his specialized fraining. The Fine Arls Library is oulsfanding among libraries of ifs kind. H comprises I l.000 perfinenl' volumes. 6 unique collecfion of over 8,000 musical recordings in +he Singer Memorial Seclion. l90.000 pho+ographs. plafes. and illuslrahons. and 22.000 lanfern slides. all combining +0 provide The sludenl wifh Jrhe beswL 0T equipmemL Tor his educalion. The Fine Arfs School. like many olher profes- sional schools. feeds a balanced dief of +heory ancl praclice +0 The sludenf. The hisfory. evolufion, and basic consideralions 0T arl are all a panL of his daily learning. But 0T course. The real +es+ comes in Jrhe draHing and drawing rooms where he prac- +ices in order +0 make his hands skillful in applying +he Theorelical knowledge he has absorbed in The classroom. 0 O O DEAN G. HOLMES PERKINS is serving his second year as head of +he School of Fine Arls. VlCE-DEAN of +he F. A. School is Dr. G. B. Ta+um. IN THIT Toward for the IN THIS BUILDING +he Fine Ar+s s+uden+ labors Jtoward his goal. All hours of +he day ifs Iigh+s burn for fhe persisfenf seeker of knowledge. FOUR PRETTY MISSES gef Jroge'ther for an official +eIephone call in carrying ou+ one of +heir numerous duHes in fhe oFFices of +he School of Fine ArIs. Since I870, when archifecfural engineering was IirsI oHered +0 +he s+udenfs of Ihe UniversHy, Jrhe hisfory of I'he SchooI of Fine ArIs has been one of SIeady progress. from mere recognifion Io greawL admirafion by Jrhose who have observed ifs development In addiIion +0 archifecfure. Ihe Iirsf course in music appeared in I875. and now Ihaf IieId has come +0 IaIe an imporfanf place in Jrhe curriculum. In I903. Jrhe Iirsf arI courses were IniIiaIed. Thus. when if was incorpor- aIed a haII-CenIury ago Info a separafe building. Ihe Fine ArIs SchooI consisfed oI buf Ihree deparfmenfs; Ihe Arfs. Archifecfure. and Music. In I920 Jrhese were broughf Ioge+her under one dean. George S. KoyI. This marked Jrhe beginning of Iho modern SchooI OI Fine Arfs of Penn- syIvanIa. ALL HEADS ge+ foge+her +0 ana- lyze a draHing problem. LONG HOURS are spen'r in such a 'rypical class- room, working ou+ Nae oH-Hmes +00 numerous prob- lems assigned. PLANNING +he layouf and con- s+ruc+ing a Hre house. police s+a- Hon. +hea+er or ofher such proiecf is no easy fask. as H1ese sfudenfs soon discover. IT LOOKS LIKE a bird cage. buf if is really learning fhe OUT OF THE F. A. building come +59 scholars of archi- ar+ of balance ih consfrucfion. +ec+ure. design, and music. MOUL U! VINE ARIS unnum- .r IA.-IJ" qu'lb m The Archifecfural Sociefy draws ifs mem- bers from +hose s+uden+s who have excelled in +he sfudy of archifedure and who are acfive in ofher Universify funcfions. H is a liaison befween professional. scholasfic. and socw'al adivifies in +he Fine Arfs School. Af present +he officers are servlng in an advisory capacify +0 Jrhe Dean. ARCHITECTURAL SOCIETY SITTING: C. Byerly. N. Flounders. Sec.: N. Ju's+er. Pres.: G. Ba+helor, G. Ferguson. 2ND ROW: A. Kirk. I. Kaplan. B. McMurray. R. Rand. D. Win+z. Problems Tau Sigma DeHa. a nafional COI- k h'i leglafe honor sociefy. open +0 sfu- , denfs 01C archifedure. landscape 3: I archifedureh and aHIed arfs. em- : phasizes scholarship and charader. and a++emp+s +0 shmulafe menfal achievement Those who are in Jrhe +op fiHeen percemL of +heir class aHer +heir junior year and have performed sufficienf service +0 lrheir school are eligible for mem- I bership. , h TAU SIGMA DELTA p ' SITTING: C. Byrerly. B. McMurray. Pres.: R. Rand. 2ND ROW: N. Jus- +er. A. Kirk. JOHN ADAMS o Harfsville. Pa. WILFRED ANDREWS o Trenfon, N. J. PETER P. BARBONE o Middlemwn, N. Y. o Archlfocfural Sociefy; Newman Ciub. GEORGE D. BATCHELER. JR. 0 Philipsburg, Pa. 0 Ar- chifedural Socie+y. CLEMENS BENVENGA 0 Brooklyn. N. Y. ROBERT OLOF BERG o DenvIHe. N. J. 0 Kappa Siqma 0 Swimming l; Pennpix 3; Vigilance CommiHee 2: Spike Shoe Club 3. 4. JAMES E. BOGLE. JR. 0 Maple Glen. Pa. 0 Thefa Xi 0 Arnold Air Socie+y 2. 3; Scabbard and Blade 3: Co- Chairman Milifary Ball 3; Freshman Commission. CHARLES H. BYERLY o Lancasfer. Pa. 0 Lambda Chi Al pha o Hexagon Senior Sociefy: Archifecfural Sociefy: Daily Pennsylvanian; Tau Sigma Delfa, Secrefary; Ten his 2, 3, 4. HERBERT A. CARMEN o Venfnor. N. J. o Npha Sigma Phi. PresidemL 0 American Sociefy of Civil Engineers: InferfrafernHy Council 4. SAMUEL JOSEPH CASALE o Paulsboro, N. J. o Sym- phony Orchesfra. JOHN ALOYSIUS CROWLEY o Ridley Park. Pa. JOSEPH A. DI PALMA 0 Philadelphia. Pa. LAWRENCE DRAKE 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Archifecfural Socie+y. GEORGE FERGUSON 0 Oxford Pa. 0 Thefa Xi o Archi- fecfural Socie+y 3. 4; Choral Sociefy l, 2 3: Phofo- graphic Sociefy 4. ISAAC NEWTON FLOUNDERS 0 Media, Pa. 0 Archifec- Jrurai Sociefy. Secrefary; Penn Piayers. 72 V 4' CLASS OF Top Row: HENRY C. GULLO 0 Brooklyn. N. Y. CHARLES W. HADDOCK o Easf Orange. N. J. 0 Alpha Tau Omega. RONALD HERDER 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 AssocIaHon of Music Sfudenfs: Choral Sociefy I. 2; Philomafhean So- ciefy. STANLEY M. HOFFSTEIN o Wilmingfon. Del. 0 Delfa Sigma Nu 0 Crew l. 2. 3. 4; Varsify Boaf Club 2. 3. 4: Varsify Club 2, 3. 4. JOHN B. INGLE 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Acacia 0 Alpha Phi Omega: Glee Club: Scabbard and Blade. Middle Row: NORTON JUSTER 0 Brooklyn. N. Y. 0 Sigma Alpha Mu o Hexagon Senior Sociefy; Archlfecfural Sociefy. Secre- +ary 4. Presidenf 5: Hillel Foundafion l. 2. 3, 4: Penn- pix 4, 5: Tau Sigma DeHa 4. 5: Ivy Ball CommiHee 4. IRVING H. KAPLAN 0 Brooklyn. N. Y. 0 Alpha Epsilon PI 0 Alpha Phi Omega: Archifecfural Sociefy: Hillel Foundafion. I952 DONALD P. KRIEBEL o HaHield. Pa. 0 Archifedural So- cie+y: Cinema Club. JOSEPH M. KRUDER. JR. 0 Mooresfown, N. J. BERNARD LINDEN 0 New York. N. Y. 0 Associafion of Music Sfudenfs 2. 3. 4; Symphony Orchesfra l. 2. 3. 4: Universify Sfring Quarfef 2. 3. BoHom Row: LOUIS E. McALLISTER. JR. 0 Jenkinfown. Pa. 0 Alpha Phi Omega; American Socify of Civil Engineers; Tri- angle. BEN F. McMURRY. JR. 0 Knoxville. Tenn. 0 Sigma Alpha Epsilon o ArchHecfural Sociefy: Tau Sigma Delfa. Presi- denf. PAUL MONAGHAN. JR. 0 Philadelphia, Pa. 0 Delfa Psi o Hexagon Senior Sociefy; Squash 3. 4: Varsify Club 4. 5. JOHN G. NACE o Philadeiphia. Pa. RODNEY L. NICKUM o Hellerfown. Pa. 0 Choral Sociefy I. 2. 3. 4. HENRY A. OLKO o Manha'ncL H, K. 0 FrCHMc-CMJNH Cg. dew 5; Chrisfian Azzociailon 4 5: chman Qub 3, 4 5. LOWRIE S. PETERSEN o PMaddphJa, Pa. HARRY P. PORTNOY 0 New Yorlr, N. Y. ROBERT H. RAND o PMaddphEa, Pa. 0 ArcH So- cle+y. Treasurer: Franklin Sociew Z 3: Pennplr, Phohg. raphy Edifor Z 3: Tau nga DeHa, Treazurer 5: Quar. ferdeck Sociefy 4: Phofographh Soclew I 2' 3' 4l 5 Junior Armak Phofography Edhor 3. JOHN RUTKOWSKI o Media Pa. GERALD F. SCHWAM o Phlladeiphia. Pa. 0 Bgfa Sigma Rho o Archifecfural Sociefy. ELMER IRA SHAFFER o PhITade'pHTa, Pa. CLIFFORD B. SLAVIN o Phlbdelphia, Pa. IRA J. STEIN o Philadebhla, Pa. 0 Phofographic Socie'q. WILLIAM H. STEWART, JR. 0 HaddQWEVJ. N. J. RICHARD E. TAG o Sfewari. Many, N. Y. GEORGE M. VON UFFEL O Haddorfne i N, J. o S'qma CM 53cm Chairman 0 Track 2 3 4' Sw'maq 17, 2' Choral SOCTew 3: Skae 31:6 CLO 2 3 4. HENRY WEINBERG o PWaae 3" 5 Pa DONALD WINTZ o Ph' ade e"'a Pa. 0 A353 0 Arch?- +ec+uraT Schefy 831:5- WXPN J: " C 333 C:m:' ' Jr. Class Cound'. SPENCER STEPHAN ZEIGAN o Er::k p N. Y. o Arhi- Jredural Sociefy. INE ARTS 44444.4 , ,. V 4 WW4; 4, 417;, 4. MOORE . .. Electrical Engineering The Moore School of Eleciricai Engineering is +he newes+ of Jrhe schools in +he Universify iamiiy. H daies from I923 when Alfred Fiiier Moore. a cable manuiadurer. provided in his will for ifs esiabiish- memL in ihe memory oiC his parenis. However. +his was nof +he iniiial sfep Jrowarci a school in elecfrical engineering. As early as I893. +he Towne School offered a course in Jrhis field and since +ha+ fime inieresi grew as +he need for elec- +rical knowledge became more acuie. In l9l4 a separafe deparfmenf of Elecfrical Engineering was esiablished wifh Dr. Harold Pender as Dean. He remained un'ril his refiremenf in l949. af which Jrime he was made Consulfanf oi +he Moore School. and Dr. Carl C. Chambers. preseni Dean. was appoinfed +0 Jrhe posifion. ln I923 +he +rus+ees of Jrhe Moore es+a+e invoked +he approval of +he Orphans Courf Jfor a plan where- by +he exisiing deparimenf of eiecfricai engineering a+ Jrhe Universify of Pennsylvania might wifh +he concurrence of Jrhe Universify Jrrusiees. become a separafe undergraduafe school. Then. in I926. +he school moved info ifs presenf locaiion. Dr. Pender. an inveferaie smoker. had only one sfipulafion; ihaiL +he building be of icirepromC cons+ruc+ion so +ha+ smoking could be permiHed in ciass. and +his has been a cusfom of Jrhe Moore School ever since. Moore presenfs courses +0 Jrhe fufure engineer which iacilifafe his undersfanding oi +he viiai elo- menfs and provide him wifh a subsianfial back- ground in +he field. WiJrh +his nucleus of knowledge he may confinue his sfudy on an advanced plane or begin his praciicai career immediafely wifh confi- dence in his abilify +0 handie +he compiex problems relaied +0 eiecfricify. DR. S. REID WARREN. JR.. Asst Dean. re- ceived numerous honors bo+h in and ouf of engineering during his undergraduafe days and has achieved graduafe honors in +he field of radiological physics. Wi+h ihe s+udenfs beH'er inferesfs in mind. Dr. War- ren always has +ime to give a helping hand. a ' sis VWWWWN a DEAN CARL C. CHAMBERS ioined +he Moore School Sfaff in I933 aHer being as- sociafed wifh R.C.A. and Bar+el Research Foundafion. He became supervisor of re- search in July I948 and was appoinied Dean in July I949. His speciaHies include process conirol and elecfronic circuifs. ,,,,,,,,, 33RD AND WALNUT is +he Iocafion of +he Moore School of Elecfrical Engineering. Modern in ifs fa- cili+ies and fac+ory-Iike in ifs appearance +he Moore School produces prominen+ engineers in +he elec- +rical field. UNTIL THE STUDENTS inven'r more ex+en- sive machines. +he Moore school will con- +inue +o hire secre+aries. This lovely group of girls no+ only do +he paper work bu+ give +he engineers some+hing more infereang +0 look a+ and +alk +0 +han +he wires of elec- +ronic devices. The Moore School. in addiHon +0 HS undergraduafe curriculum. pro- vides ample facilifies Iror graduafe sfudy and research. Af +he presenf +ime severa1 graduafe sfudenfs and members of We eraH are carrying on imporfanf experimenfafion, offen coopera1ing in +heir adivifies wi'fh ofher depar+men+s 01c +he Universify. parchlarly wifh Hue Medical School and We Phipps lns+i+u+e. Several bcfors are responsible For Hue high sfanding of Moore among +he counfry's scien+ific schools: H has one of Hue Jrhree diHerenHal analyzers in Hue Uni+ed S+a+es. This massive mechanism can solve differenHaI equafions in a fradion d We normal Jrime required. Moore researchers also developed fine ENIAC. an insfrumenf for solving algebraic problems. Wifh 1+5 many complei'e labora+ories, ifs specialized insfrumenfs. and ifs excellenf faculfy. +he Moore School adds immeasurably +0 +he fame of Pennsylvania. Regular undergraduale inslrucfion is given in Jrhe Moore School in all branches of eleclrical engineer- ing. including eleclrical machinery. indusfrial applicalions. lransmission, and elecfric commu- nica+ion. The sludenf's course of sludy enlails malhemalics. physics. chemislry. and olher basic courses required for engineering sludy during his lirsf Two years in school. He is also offered some elecfive courses for his cul- lural improvement The iunior and senior years are devoled exclusively lo infensive sludy in engineering subiecls which lead +0 The degree of Bachelor of Science in Eleclrical Engineering. Probably +he mosf dillicull curriculum af +his Universily is +ha+ 01C The Moore School. A Class average of len or fwenfy per cenf on an exam is nof exceplional. The complex nalure of Jrhe problems offers a severe challenge nol only +0 +he sludenl, bmL +0 The inslruclor. who musf presenl Jrhe informalion in comprehensible form. Thus. i+ is a credil +0 bofh when Jrhe sludenf succeeds in maslering The malerial. THE MOORE SCHOOL owns and +he s+uden+s opera+e +his acfual broadcasfing s+a+ion. Only licensed "Hams" may use +he +ransmi++er buf +he facilifies and spirif induce many +0 become qualified operafors. Resistance- PECULIAR TO +he Moore School is +he honor sys- +em in which all exams are of +he o eavy-laden wifh Technical S+uden+s enfer exams h books. pen-book fype. THE MOORE SCHOOL Au+oma+ic Compuler fig- ures ou'r answ wri+e an equalion. ers +0 problems fasler Than one can "f?fflf? 'V'V's 3' MSAC 7M ' ' 'K'WEJ. m wiirivi'IVV'anTuTYItm. Q ll ' .116 CLOSE WORK be+ween sludenf and insfrudor is +ypical of all Moore School c0urses, due +0 +he small size ol +he classes and the inferesf +he insfruclors have in the sludenfs. lmpulse-Results The purpose of Efa Kappa Nu is +0 honor high scholasfic achievemenf among Hue s+uden+s OTC Hue Elecfrical Engineering deparfmenf of We Moore School. By granfing recogniflon for oufsfanding work H16 Sociefy hopes +0 advance +he inferes+s of sfu- denfs In elecfrlcal englneering and +0 $ur+her Hue ideals of Hwe School and proFession. The requlremenfs for admission Include dls+inguished schoIarship and exempbry Char- acfer. ETA KAPPA NU SITTING: A. Pugh. A. Travi+z, L. Carpen+er. Pres.; N. Gerber. D. Eisenberg. 2ND ROW: $ R. Gebhard+. E. Langberg. E. Kevanic, G. Smi+h. R. Gallagher. 3RD ROW: E. Rudmak. G. Rosen. S. Margolis. H. Vassion. ical EACH MONTH +he s+uden+s publish +heir own newspaper AS IN THE CASE in ofher undergradufe schools. +he Nae "The Moore School Record." This muHi-paged bookle+ is Moore School opera+es a library where i+s s+uden+s peruse ,nfs- assembled in +his.manner. wri'ring peculiar +0 +he ways of +heir special subjecfs. : v... WVVyV'V -...-i....---i . M W DUE TO THE FACT Hwaf H10 Moore School has such a small number oi sfudenfs, each enjoys many luxuries Hiaf arr: no+ possible in Hue oiher schools. A personal mail box is one example of +his. The American lnsfifufe oi Eleciricai Engineers and lnsiiv iuie of Radio Engineers are nafionai socieiies iormed +0 furiher sfudeni iniereswL in H19 fields oi radio and elec- +rical engineering; Ai each meeiing a faik is given by an ouisianding man in Hie engineering iield in which Jri'ie realm of ohmsi amperes. and volis is discussed. A.l.E.E. 8i I.R.E. SITTING: E. Langberg. H. Price. A. Pugh. J. Denshaw. N. Gerber. N. Goldhirsh. 2ND ROW: J. Barry. S. Greenberg, D. Eisenberg' G. Rosen. G. Smifh, H. Dennis. 3RD ROW: B. Rudman. H. Vassin, E. Hardiman, W. Fesmire, M. Lannin. L. Carpenfer. MOORE SCHOOL COUNCIL SITTING: N. Gerber. A. Travih. R. Gallagher. 2ND ROW: B. Wiggins, D. Bugnolo. D. Landberg. TELEVISION SET? No. iusf +ypical equip- men'r used in He +esfing and consfruciion of elec'rronic devises designed and built by +he sfudenis. The Moore Schod Council provides a link befween fhe sfudenfs, faculfy. and adminlsfrafion of +ha+ schooL This council affempfs +0 cope th +he various problems of sfudenfs in +heir confacf w'wfh Hwe Insfrudors. and lay a foundafion for a smoofhly fundioning sfudenf-feacher relafionship. IN THE WIRING of +he class problems many fypes of equipmenf are used. Each s+uden+ has access +0 +his equipmenf room which con+ains everyfhing from a door bell +0 an oscilloscope. WILLIAM W. ALLEN o Ambkar. Pa. HENRY J. BALUTA 0 Mt CarmeL Pa. 0 Lambda CH Alpha 0 American lnsfifufe of Elecfrlcal Engineers 4; Quarferdeck Sociefy 2. 3:6168 Club 2. 3. 4. J. DOUGLASS BERRY o Wesf Reading. Pa. 0 Amafeur Radio Oub l. 2. 3. 4; American lnerHufe of Hecfrical Engineers l. 2. 3. 4; Moore School Record 2. 3. 4: lnsfifufe o1C Radio Emgineers 2. 3. 4. Secrefary 3; Moore School Pliofography Club 3. 4. Vice Presldenf 3. DIMITRI BUGNOLO o AHanfic Cify. N, J. 0 American lnsfifufe of Eiedric Engineers l. 2. 3. 4: Glee Club 2. 3: Moore School Council 4'. Audio Club. Presidenf 3. Vice Presidenf 4. LESTER L. CARPENTER o PhHaddphla. Pa. 0 Hexagon Senior Socie+y; Amafeur Radio Club 2. 3; American lnsfifufe of Eiecfrlc Engineers 4; Efa Kappa Nu 3. Presi- demL 4: Moore School Record 3. Managing Edifor 4: Sigma Tau 3. Treasurer 41Tau Befa Pi 4: Moore School Council 3: lnsfifufe 0F Radio Engineers 4. CARL R. CORSON 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 American Insfi4 fufe of Elecfrical Engineers. HOWELL A. DENNIS o Woodbury. N. J. o SEgma Alpha Epsilon. Treasurer o Amafeur Radio Club I. 2. 3. 4'. American lnsfifufre of Eledricd Engineers 2. 3. 4; Dor- mifory Council I: lnferfrafernify Council 2.- 3; Moore School Council I. 2. 3. 4; Moore School Record 1: Pershing Rifles l. 2. 3: ISO lb. Crew 2: Freshman Class Council; Sophomore Chas; Council: lnsflfque of Radio Engineers. JOSEPH MOREAU DENSHAW o Trenfon. N. J. o Amer- ican lnsfifufe of Hecfricd Engineers. BURRILL B. EBLE 0 Philadelphia. Pa. DONALD NELSON EKVALL 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Moore School Record: Radio Club: Penn Chanfey. DANIEL EISENBERG 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 American ln- sfifufe of Elecfrical Engineers 3. Chairman 4: Efa Kappa Nu 3. Recording Secrefary 4; HiHel Foundafion 3. 4; Moore School Record 3. 4: Sigma Tau 4: Tau Befa Pi. WARREN C. FESMIRE 0 Willow Grove. Pa. 0 American Insfifufe of Elecfrical Engineers. Program Chairman. H. NEWTON GARBER 0 PhiIadelphia. Pa. 0 Tau Delfa Phi I Amafeur Radio Club; Efa Kappa Nu. Treasurer: Hillel Foundafion; Moore School Council: Moore School Record: Pi Mu Epsilon. President Tau Befa Pi. Corres- ponding Secrefary: Ins+ifu+e of Radio Engineers; Audio Club. Secrefary-Treasurer. HERBERT C. GERY o PhiladeIphia. Pa. 0 Moore Schod Record 3. AmL Edi+or 4; Penn Chanfey 3. Arf Edifor 4. MORRIS GOLDHIRSH 0 Philaddphla. Pa. 0 lnsfifufe 04 Radio Engineers. STANLEY B. GREENBERG o Philaddphia. Pa. 0 Amafeur Radio Club: American lnsfifufe of Bedrical Engineers. Treasurer; lnsfifufe of Radio Engineers. Treasurer; Moore School Record: Audio Oub. ELLIOTT R. HARDIMAN o Philaddphia. Pa. HENRY D. HARMON 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 lnsflfufe of Radio Engineers. 82 WILLIAM KOCHER 0 Philadethia. Pa. 0 American ln- sfifufe of Elecfrical Engineers; lnsfifufe of Radio En- gineers. RICHARD J. KOSICH 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 instque of Radio Engineers. EDWARD F. KOVANIC o bemonf. Del. 0 Efa Kappa Nu: Moore School Record. Managing Edlfor: Sigma Tau; Quarferdeck Sociefy: Junior Class Council; Senior Class Council; Jolnf Class Council. MILTON LAMNIN 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 American lnsH- JrmLe of Elecfrical Engineers. lnsfifufe o1C Radio Engin- eers. SAMUEL LITWIN o Wesf Chesfer. Pa. 0 Tau DeHa Phi o Amafeur Radio Club. President HiHel Foundafion: Moore School Council: Moore School Record: insfifufe of Radio Engineers: PhHosophical Soclefy: American lnsfHufe 01C Hedrical Engineers. DAVID LOEV 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 American Insfifufe of Elecfrical Engineers; Moore School Record; Pi Mu Epsilon. Secrefary; Audio Ciub. DENNIS L. MCDONALD 0 Camden. N. J. 0 American lns+i+u+e of Elecfrical Engineers. ERNEST W. NOWACK. JR. 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 lnsfifufe of Radio Engineers; Audio Club. HORACE K. PRICE 0 Telford. Pa. 0 American Insfifufe of Elecfrical Engineers. ALEXANDER L. PUGH. HI 0 Bala-Cynwyd. Pa. 0 Thefa Xi o Hexagon Senior Soclefy: American lnsfifufe of E1ec+rical Engineers 3. 4: Band I. 2. 3: Efa Kappq Nu 3. 4: Franklin Sociefy 3. 4; lnferfrafemify Council 4: Moore Schoo! Council I. 2; Pi Mu Epsilon 3. 4: Arnold Air Sociefy 3. 4'. Scabbard and Blade 3. 4: Sigma Tau 3. 4. Tau Befa Pi 3. 4; Triangle l. 2. 3. Edifor-in-Chief 4: lns+i+u+e of Radio Engineers 3. 4. GEORGE ROSEN o PhHadelphia. Pa. 0 Amafeur Radio Club I. 2. 3. 4: American lns+i+u+e of Elecfrlcd Engin- eers 3. 4: Efa Kappa Nu 3. 4: Hillel Foundaflon l. 2. 3. 4: Moore School Record 3. 4; Pi Mu Epsilon 3 4: Tau Befa Pi 3. 4; lnsflfufe 0? Radio Engineers 1. 2. 3. 4: Audio Club 3. Vice Presidenf 4. BERNARD ROSENBERG 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Ama+eur Radio Club 3; Moore Schod Record 3. BURTON S. RUDMAN o PhHadelphIa. Pa. 0 Befa Sigma Rho o Amafeur Radio Club 3. 4: Efa Kappa Nu 4; Pi Mu Epsilon 3. 4. WXPN l. 2. 3; lnsfifufe of Radio En- gineers 3. 4: Audio Oub 3. 4. GEORGE R. SMITH o Colwyn. Pa. 0 American lnsfifufe of Elecfrical Engineers. Secrefary: Efa Kappa Nu: Moore School Record 3. 4. JOSEPH M. STERN 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Tau Epsilon Phi o Insfifufe of Radio Engineers. AUBREY J. TRAVITZ o Harrisburg. Pa. 0 Hexagon Senior Sociefy; American lns+i+u+e 01F Eledrical Engineers: Efa Kappa Nu. Vice PresEdenf: Moore School Council. President Moore School Record; Sigma Tau; lnsfifufe of Radio Engineers. HERBERT J. VASSIAN 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Hexagon Senior Sodefy; American lnstMe of Elecfrica4 Engin- eers. Chairman 3. 4: Efa Kappa Nu 3. 4: Moore School Council 2. Secrefary 3: Pi Mu EpsHon 3. 4: Sigma Tau 3. Presidenf 4: Tau Befa PI 3. Vice Presidenf 4; Moore School Record 3. 4; Engineer's Day CommiHee. ROBERT G. WAGONER o Taunfon Lakes. N. J. o Ama- Jreur Radio Club 2. 3. 4. .'2... 21;, DO 2 . 922;. . 2 2 . , ,, . 2.3, 83 s4 TOWNE . .. Engineering For Jrhe Towne School. l952 is a year oi anni- versaries. H celebrafes +he lOth year in which a course in science has exisfed af Jrhe Universify. anol +he 80+h year of +he Deparfmenf oi Science ifself. In I875. +hree years aifer ifs esfablishmenf. +his deparfmenf was named in honor of John Henry Towne. a pasf frusfee of Jrhe Universify. Comple'rely organized +0 feach and condud re- search in +he rapid +echnological advancemenfs. +he Towne School can feel considerable pride in being one of +he oldesf scienfiiic schools in Jrhe counfry. Perhaps if deserves even more respect +hough. for ifs abilify +0 progress wi+h +he +imes. Since i+s firsf incepfion. Towne has kepf pace wifh indusfrial de- velopmenf and +he rise of commerce +hrough a con- sfan+ remodeling of ifs curriculum. New me+hods in fechnoiogy have broughf new and differen+ mefh- ods of feaching. a fur+her expansion of Jrhe building iacilifies and a greafer supply of equipmenf for +he sfudenfs' use. The Engineering Buiiding. for example. has special iaborafories for sfudy in fuel fechnology. maferiais hydraulics. chemical engineering. mechanics. pa+- +erning and a foundry. Several smaller iaborafories have been consfrucfed for siudy of physicai chemis- +ry. mieJrallography and phofo-eleciricify. Besides Jthese, a new chemisfry building. modern in archi- +ec+ural design and possessing oniy +he la+esf equip- menf. has been added +0 Towne's facilifies. The Towne Scienfific Library has recenHy been enlarged for Jrhe benefi+ of no+ only +he school's sfudenis. buf for many scholars and research workers in Jrhe Philadelphia area as well. Here one can look up defailed maferial on a par+icular sec+ion of ma- chinery he is sfudying or find furfher iliusfrafion of cerfain Jrheore+ical maferial which is given +0 him by +he insfrucfor. These facilifies. wifh +he excellenf cooperafion and guidance of +he faculfy and ad- minisfrafion. give Jrhe Towne s+uden+ +he besf en- gineering educa+ion he could hope +0 affain. DR. MELVIN CARL MOLSTEAD. Emory Frank Sfover. and Dr. Roberf Maynard Brick, diredors of +he Chemical Engineer- ing. Civil Engineering. and Metallurgical Engineering Deparimen'rs. AI! fop men in iheir respecfive field. +hey are highly insiru- menial +0 +he iop-ranking posi+ion +he Towne Scienfific School has among +he Engineering Schools of We coun+ry. DEAN LEE N. GULICK has served +he Towne School in +he capaci+ies of Professor and, Iafer. Assis+an+ Dean. He received his BS. degree 6+ +he Universi+y of Pennsyl- vania in l9l6 and re+urned in I927 +0 offer pracfical experience gained as Supervisor of fhe Midvale Sfeel Company. ONE OF THE MOST modern s+ruc+ures on +he campus. The Towne Scienfific School building offers courses in many phases of Engineering. Hs many adequal'ely equipped labs offer pracfical adapla- Hon of +heory learned in class. JUST AS A WHEEL is rendered helpless wi+hou+ i+s spokes so would +he Towne school be helpless wi+hou+ +hese superior and effi- cienf secrefaries. Every year. +housancls of applicalions are received for admiHance +0 +he Towne School from which only aboul BOO sludenls are selecled. Al- lhough Jrhe admission requiremenls have. of necesslfy. become more rigid, +hey have a+ +he same Jrime improved for +he benelhL ol +he sludenl. The resull has been rewarding. Like all olher schools of specially, +he Towne School direcls mos1L of ils inslrucfion loward +he special phase of work which +he sluclenf cares +0 underlake. However. some eleclive courses are ollered +0 +he sludenl' as well. Honorary frafernilies such as Alpha Chi Sigma. Tau Be+a Pil Sigma Tau. Tau Sigma Della and +he Hexagon Senior Sociely give recog- nilion lo oulsfanding men for +heir work in Universily life. bolh academic and exfra-curricular. 85 86 -...,.. wv. ---- W m...,. W.. . k - NMHF ,- Compass and Chain, Hwe Civil Engineering Honor Sociefy af Pennsylvania was formed +0 promofe and fos+er under- graduafe acfivifies wifhin Hue deparfmenf of Civil Engineer- ing. To promofe +his end, among ofher acfivifles during Hwe fall ferm. H sponsored a freshman orienfafion program. de- signed +0 esfablish closer confacf befween Hwe deparfmenf and H16 new sfudenfs. THE STUDENT nOf only learns +0 design parfs +0 masSiVe machines bu+ also learns +0 manufadure +hem in +he shop. OFFERING a helping hand +0 all. is Terry McCracken, Pro- fessor Sfover's Secre+ary, +he sfudenfs' favorife "sis+er." COMPASS 8 CHAIN SITTING: L. Keller. S. Herlick. Prof. ChorHon, B. Beinen. F. Aron. SIT- TING: J. G. Moore. W. Marx. E. Ruoff, W. Till. A.I.Ch.E. SITTING: J. Brock, R. Davis. F. Chan. Pres.: A. ThompsonI Adv.: C. Gumerman. J. Lecuona. 2ND ROW: B. KosloskiI W. QuiHy, H. Kephart D. Mcllvain. P. Coggins. V. Elkins. Jr. 3RD ROW: R. Fershe+ian. R. Webb. W. LawrenceI D. Field. W. Souder. J. Nemecek. The Sfudenf chapfer of +he A.l.Ch.E. has er0 main purposes: +0 promofe a knowledge and undersfanding d some of We currenf indusfriay problems and +0 provide information concerning new Jrechnological developmenfs. Af +he mon+hly meefings Hue members hear prominenf speakers lec+ure on fopics of fechnical and genera! in- feresf. THE CHAINS AND PULLEYS are needed +0 NH and place 24-inch pipe. which is s+andard equipmenf in +his well- equipped hydraulic Iabora+ory. The lab is used no+ only by +he s+uden+s bu+ also by many large oufside companies +hrough Penn's "fafher of hydraulics, consulfing professor William Sprague Pardoe. A.S.C.E. SITTING: E. Neiguf. E. Rueff. W. Marx. T. Moore. Pres.: E. Sfump. F. Aron. S. EhrHch. 2ND ROW: T. Love. J. Beniamno, T. Heiman, B. Beinin. L. Keller, A. Hearn. A. Dunlop, L. Shafer. 3RD ROW: R. Zevin. L. Lessig. Jr.. W. Ti", J. Boraskaske. R. Byerly. N. Bubener. W. Arniel. Open +0 all undergraduafes in Civil engineering. H16 s+uden+ Chapfer of +he A.S.C.E. gives ifs members a chance +0 supplemenf academic Jrralning wifh a broad- ened professional horizon. The moany meefings cenfer abouf lecfures by leading engineers on +he various phases of civil engineering in We business world. Alpha Chi Sigma - Skull. bone. and an exfended hand +hese represenf 'Bro+herhood in Chemisfry." The moHo ALPHA CHI SIGMA SITTING: K. Wissbrun. T. Browne. C. Sweeley, Pres.; C. MoH'on. H. Danhow. 2ND ROW: R. Wy. 8. Fisher. R, Barone, F. Scholnick. 3RD ROW: F. Sebelisf. G. S+ock- burger. G. Schnable. of Alpha Chi Sigma. Men of proven abey in Hue 199W of chemisfry who are af leasf sophomore; and are Vne peg sessors of high qualifies d Charader and personamy are decfed +0 HHS professional $ra+erm+p Through He b7- weeHy meefings We members are orienmd In Wne Held and work for Hwe advancemenf of chemisfq and fhe pro- fession. WHAT HAPPENS +0 a beam un- der a load? Ques+ions of H115 +ype are answered by pracfical demon- s+ra+ion while values so vifal +0 Hue design of a beam are compu+ed on +his machine in Hwe Maferials Testing Lab. T .1 f; :4 GREAT EXPANSES of expensive machinery and equip- STUDENTS LEARN how +0 cope wifh Hue force and power -men+ give Towne School Sfudenfs unlimHed opporfuni'ry. of wafer in Towne School's mosf precise Lab. The Towne School Council joins fogefher Hwe repre- senfaHves 01f Hue various deparfmenfs. Classes. and soci- eHes in order +0 coordinafe+heirfunc+1ons.This group has been Insfrumenfal in correcflng rosfer diHiculHes and in concluding bculfy-course evaluafions. Socially. Hwe Coun- cil sponsors ' The Orchid Serenade ' and ' The Engineer s BaH.' THE MOST conspicuous evidence of +he Towne School Council's un- mtailing inferesf in Hie welfare of Hue s+uden+ is +he modern lounge comple're wifh TV. W W TOWNE SCHOOL COUNCIL iS JrYPe SITTING: K. McCullough. B. Sil- lemon' verman. J. Runzer, F. Boyle, J. Hef- Jfo +he fernan. 2ND ROW: E. Sfump. J. npu+9d OH, J. Webber, E. Aemisegger. E. a+eri615 RUBH. G. McLean. 3RD ROW: R. Mendeker. J. Ferris, W. Marx. S. HerlichI J. Moore. ABSENT: B. Beinin. 37WW3 -Wm.-..2Mwmw. ..-., ... ROBERT E. AEMISEGGER o Philaddphia. Pa. 0 Bamd 27 Chrisfian Associafion l: Towne Scienfific School Coum cil 4; MefaHurgical Sociefy l. 2. 3. 4: American lnsfl- fuie OF Mechanical Engineers 3. 4. BENJAMIN C. ALLEN c Haverford. Pa. 0 Zefa Psi 0 Squash 2. 3. 4: Bridge CM: I. 41Chess Club I. 2. 3. 4: Sigma Tau 3. 4; Tau Befa Pi 3. 4: American Sociefy 0F Mefals 3. 4: American lnsfifufe of Mining and Mehli- lurgical Engineers 3. 4; Varsify Club 3. 4. HERBERT H. ANDERSON o Piffsburgh. Pa. 0 Alpha Chi Sigma; Pi Lambda Upsilon. PER LENNART ANDERSSON 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Amer- ican Socie+y of Mechanical Engineers. WILLIAM R. ARNIEL 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 American 30- C'xefy of Civil Engineering; Chrisfian Associafion. FRED W. ARON. JR. 0 Philadebhia. Pa. 0 Rilfle Team I; American Sociefy of Civil Engineers. Corresponding Secrefary 4: Compass and Chair. Treasurer: Scabbard and BWade. Treasurer: Pershing Rifles. President Pl Mu Epsilon. Treasurer; Sigma Tau; Tau Befa Pi. ALI H. ASKARY o Baghdad. Iraq. BENJAM4N BEININ 0 New York. N. Y. 0 Hexagon Senior Sociefy: American Sociefy of Civil Engineers: Compass and Chain. Vice President 3. Presidenf 4'. FranHin So- cie+y 3. 4: Sigma Tau 3. 4: Towne Sclenflfic School Council 2. 3. 41Triang4e. Business Manager 3. 4. CHARLES F. BORTECK o Beveriy HilTs. Calif. 0 Sigma Alpha Mu 0 American Sociefy 04 Mechanical Engin- eers: Tau Befa Pi; American Socie+y for Tesfing Ma- Jrerials. NICHOLAS BUBERNAK o Phlladelphia. Pa. 0 American Socie+y of Civil Engineers l. 2. 3. 4; Chrisfian Assocla4 Jrion 3. 4. ANTHONY G. CACOSO o Elizabef'n. N. J. 0 American lnsfifufe of Chemical Engineers: Chrisfian Associafion. RENE J. VAN CANEGHEM o Phibdethia. Pa. 0 Amer- ican Sociefy of Mechanica! Engineers. FU-HO CHAN c Seremban. Malaya o Hexagon Senior Soclefy 4; Alpha Chi Sigma 3. Treasurer 4: American lnsfifufe of Chemical Engineers I. 2. 3. Presidenf 4: Pi Mu Epsilon 3. 4: Sigma Tau 3. 4: Tau Befa Pl 3. Presidenf 4: Towne Scienfific School Council 1: Phi Lambda Up- silon 3. 4: American Chemical Sociefy 2. 3; Presidenf 4; Sigma-XI. HECTOR DAIUTOLO 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 American 80- ciefy of Civil Engineers. WILLIAM R. DANGREMOND o Gwynedd Valley. Pa, 0 American Socnefy 01C Mechanical Engineers l. 2. 3. 4; Arnold Sociefy 3. 4. 90 CLASS Top Row: JOSEPH ROGERS DAVIS 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Kappa Alpha 0 Wresfling l. J. V. 2: American Insfifufe of Chemical Engineers. Vice Presidenf 4; Tau Befa Pi 3. 4. LESTER ADRIAN DOE. JR. 0 Bala-Cynwyd. Pa. 0 Sym- phony Orchesfra 2. 3. 4: American Chemical Sociefy 2. 3. 4-. ARTHUR ROBERTS DUNLOP. JR. 0 Wesf Chesfer. Pa. VANCE V. ELKINS. JR. 9 Cheyney. Pa. 0 Thefa Chi 0 Alpha Chi Sigma 3. 4; American lnsflfu+e of Chemical Engineers l. 2. 3. 4; Towne Scienfhfic School Council I. 2. 3. 4. FRANCIS J. FALLON 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 American 50- ciefy of Mechanical Engineers: Newman Club. Middle Row: ROBERT H. FERESHETIAN 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Thefa Chi 0 American Insfifufe of Chemical Engineers 3. 4: Chrisfian Associafion 3. 4: Towne Scienflfic School Council 4. DAVID E. FIELD 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 The+a Chi o Amer- Ican lnsfifufe of Chemical Engineers 3. 4: Chris+lan As- sociaHon l. 2. 3. 4: Pi Mu Epsilon 3. 4; Sigma Tau 4'. OF l952 Tau Befa Pi 4: Phi Lambda Upsilon 3. 4; American Chemical Socief'y I. 2. BRUCE S. FISHER o Philadeiphia. Pa. 0 Tau Epsilon PM 0 Alpha Chi Sigma: Hillel Foundafion: Pi Mu Epsilon; American Chemical Sociefy. President Harrison So- ciefy: Phi Lambda UpsIlon. President ALBERT GARBER o Phiiadelphia. Pa. 0 American Sociefy ofMechanical Engineers. Vice Presiden+. DAVID G. GRIER o Glenside. Pa. 0 American Sociefy of Mechanical Engineers. BoHom Row: RICHARD W. HAY o Andsley. Pa. JOHN D. HEFFERMAN 0 Melrose Park. Pa. 0 Delfa Kappa Epsilon. SEYMOUR G. HERLICH o Aflanfic Cify. N. J. 0 Amer- ican Sociefy of Civil Engineers: Compass and Chain. Secrefary: Towne Scienfific School CouncH. ARTHUR HERN 0 Brooklyn. N. Y. 0 Crew 1: American SocIeer of Civil Engineers l. 2. 3. 4. LAWRENCE ALLEN KELLER o Roslyn. Pa. 0 Baseball 1: American Socie+y of Civil Engineers l. 2. 3. 4: Com- pass and Chain 3. Vice Presidenf 4; Sigma Tau 3. 4. 92 Mm W2C? . , A y 7 HORACE L. KEPHART o TuLoma PHIL. Mrl. o 4M... CH Rho. Vice Preslden? o Hcmqrm Ccnior Conicv. Tran; surer 4: American lngmuic 0F Charmin? Enqmrrm 2. 3, 4: Sigma Tau 3. Vice Prozich-M 4: Tau Bug P. 34 4: Towne Scienmic School Council I. 2. 3: Trizmq'm 1' 2, 3. Ediforial Board 4: Phi Lambda Uszon 3. Vice Prev... denf 4: AlliUnIverzify CouncH 3. 4. SAUL KLAUSNER 0 New York. N. K. o Vdppa H. . American Sociefy of Mechanicd Engineer; 4. 2. 3. 4; H M Founddfion l. 2. 3. 4. BERNARD M. KOSLOSKI o Chesfer. Pa. 0 Thom Cm: . Alpha Chi Sigma: American lnsfifum mt Chemica! En- gineers. ALBERT J. KRAUSE o PhHaddphla. Pa. 0 Amerlcan Sr, ciefy of Mechanical Engineers: Sigma Tau: TO'wne Sci- enJrhfIC School CouncH 3. 4: Junior Chas Counci! 3. FRANCIS A. LAPINSKI 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 American Sociew of Mechanical Engineer; I. 2. Secrefaq 3' Presidenf 4: FranHm Sociefy: Scabbard and 84339; Tm. angle. Phofographic Edlfor 3. WILLIAM N. LAWRIE. JR. 0 Narberfh. Pa. 0 AmerICan Sociefy of Mechanicd Engineer; Secrefaq: Triang'e. Adverfislng Manager. WILLIAM G. LEHN o PMaddela. Pa. 0 American 30. Cie'fy of Civil Engineers: Sigma Tau. ROBERT LEINER 0 Bronx. N. Y. o Baiefball. JV. 2' Amer- ican Sociefy of Mechanical Engineer; 2. 3. 4' Band 2. LESTER L. LESSIG. JR. 0 Merlon. Pa. 0 Kappa nga' Secretary 3. Presidenf 4: Sphinx Senior Sociefix 4' Kife and Key Sociefy 4: Lacrosce. Manager 4' American So- clefy of Civil Engineers 2. 3. 4: A?Neflc Managerial Board 4: FrankTIn Sociefy 3. 4: waerHaLemHy Council 3. 4: Pershing RiHcs l. 2: Arndd Air 33:79er 3. 4: Rec- ord l. 2. 3. Managing Ed'lfor 4: Sigma Tau 3. 4: Scab. bard and Blade 3. 4: Varsiw Cub' Junior Anna's Sfaq 3; Vlgiianfee CommiHee 2: Chairman Hey D63 Cere- monies 4. JOHN LIU o Hankow. CHM o AmerTcad Sode'y of Me- chanical Engineers l. 2. 3. Treasurer 4: Fradldln Socie'y 3: 4: Sigma Tau 3. 4: TrTathr: !. 2. 3. Ed'for 4. THOMAS J. LOVE 0 PhTade'p'nTa. Pa. 0 Sigma ACQHa Ep- silon o Hexagon SenIor SCCELI: 4: AmerTcad 33:73:. 0: Civil Engineers l. 2. 3. 4: Newman Ouo l. 2. 3. 4: Cheerleading Squad l. 2. 3. 4: Enngeers Day 3. 4. DAVID A. LUTZ o PhTade'pWa. Pa. 0 Amer'can Chemica' Sociefy. PresEdenf: H3461 Fomdaflon: Towne Scncd Council. WMen AbomL Towne.3 JAMES MCCAUGHAN o 953504.056. Pa. 075915 CDT 0 Npha Chi Sigma 3. 4: America'm lwsWuLe O? CHemel Engineerhg 2. 3. 4' PE Gamma Mu 4' Smdewfs Try Democraflc Adlcn 2. 3. 4: Tau Beia PI 3. 4: Pa? Mu Epslbn 4. KENNETH EVAN McCULLOUGH o P4636 :h'a. Pa. 0 American Sociefy: o? Memah'caK Ergkee's 3. 4: Band 2: Towme SdenWic Scnsd Ccuncq 3. THOMAS C. McGEARY o Jenkhfswn. Pa. 0 Newmar Club: Trianghe 2. DONALD RAYMOND McILVAIN o Haverfcx-r", Pa. 0 Thefa CHE O A'pha Ch? Sigma. RelocAer: American ln- sfifufe of ChemKCJW Eng'neew Band: Farxfrare Scc'efyi PE Mu EpsHon: Pm Lambda Ups'fsw. GREG J. McLEAN o Pnilade ph'a. Pa. 0 Toxwe Sdenffic School CounCH 2. 3. 4: Amerlcan lAsLILGe of Mining 2. 3. 4. and Me+aliurgIcaN Eng'neering PASQUALE J. MANGIONE o Pm? aaebMa. Pa. 0 Amer- Ican Soclefy of Mechanical Engineers: Smwern Clrde. W' CW cw KENNE u 0 3w k L . 0-- RIEHA ANTW WILD; RALPH ROBE? FRANE RENO, x;,,4 n. H 2.; PAUL E. EDMUN RlCHX: ....... fa CHI 0 mical En- erican So- bwne Sci- ncil 3. American crefary 3. Blade; Tri- American '; Trlangie. werlcan 50- V. 2: Amer- 4; Band 2. ppa Sigma. iefy 4'. K149 merican So- Managerm 11W Council y 3. 4: Rec- 3. 4'. Scab- Annals 96H 7, Day Cere- ciew of Me' nan Sociefy Dr 4- na Npha EP. 3n SodeW O D 4. 2' 3. 41 Day 3' 4. can Chemical owne SChOOl o 3139b Ch . a of Chemica , S+uden+s for 3 4'. Phi MU . 1' Pa. 0 de pm; Band er; . 33 O Newmar RALPH P. MARCOTTE 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 American Sociefy of Mechanical Engineers. CHARLES R. MARTZ. JR. 0 Berwick. Pa. 0 Phi Kappa Sigma 0 Hexagon Senior Sociefy: American Socie+y 04 Mechanical Engineer51Class Councils I, 2: Quarferdeck Sociefy. ROBERT MENACKER 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 American So- ciefy of Mechanical Engineers 3. 4. JAMES GILBERT MOORE o Chesfer. Pa. 0 Kappa Sigma 0 American Sociefy of Civil Engineers, Secrefary- Treasurer 3. Presidenf 4: Compass and Chain; Towne Scienfific School Council. RICHARD A. MULFORD o Bryn Mawr. Pa. 0 Americar Sociefy of Mechanical Engineers. SAMUEL M. MURDOCH 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Zefa Psi 0 American Sociefy of Mechanical Engineers. CLAYMAN C. MYERS. JR. 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Thefa Xi 0 American Sociefy of Mechanical Engineers 4; Tri- angle 2. 3. Feafures Edifor 4. KENNETH A. NELSON o Spokane. Wash. 0 Hexagon Senior Sociefy 4; Track I, 2. 3. 4: Cross Counfry 2. 3, Capfain 4; American Socie+y of Mechanical Engineers 2. 3, 4; Sigma Tau 3. 4: Spike Shoe Club I. 2, 3, 41Tau Befa Pi 4. Treasurer: VarsHy Club 3. 4. RICHARD OERTH 0 Philadelphia. Pa. ANTHONY PANICO. JR. 0 AHaan CHy. N. J. o Amer- Ican Sociefy of Mechanica! Engineers 3. 4: Crew l. WILLIAM F. QUILTY. JR. 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Track l: American lnstufe of Chemical Engineers: Band Bafon Twirler I. 2. 3, Drum Major 4: Fanfare Sociefy 3. 4. RALPH J. REEDER 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 American lnsH- +u+e of Chemical Engineers: Scabbard and Blade: Quar- ferdeck Sociefy. President ROBERT B. REEDER o Haverfown. Pa. 0 Acacia o Infer- - collegiafe CoMerence on Government FRANCIS R. RICCI 0 Upper Darby. Pa. 0 American 50- ciefy of Mechanical Engineers 4. REIJO ARNE RINNE 0 Verona. N. J. 0 Sigma Npha Ep- silon o Hexagon Senior Sociefy. Secrefary 4: Soccer l. J. V. 2: American Sociefy of Mechanical Engineers 3. 4: Arnold Air Sociefy 3. 4.- Record l. 2. 3: Sfudenfs for Democrafic Acfion l.' Towne Scienfific School Council. Chairman 3: Engineer's Day 3: Triangle l. 2. 3. News EdiJFOF 4: Hexaqon Sophomore Award 2. PAUL E. ROBBINS o Pennsauken. N. J. EDMUND R. RUOFF o Philadethia. Pa. 0 Towne Scien- +iflc School Council. RICHARD E. RYMAN o Overfon. Pa. 0 American Soci- 6er Of Mechanical Engineers 3. 4: Pershing Rifles 2.3.4. 94 WILLIAM R. SCHERMERHORN o Baleore. Md. 0 Psi Upsilon o Hexagon Senior Sociefy 4', Lacrosse l. 2. 3. 4: American Socie+y o1E Mechanicm Engineers: Varslfy Ciub. F. BARRY SIMMONS. JR. 0 Wallingwford. Pa. 0 Befa Thefa PI 0 American Sociefy of Mechanical Engin- eering. ROBERT M. SINGER o Paferson. N. J. 0 Alpha Epsilon PE 0 American Sociefy of Mechanical Engineering; Hillel Foundafion; WXPN l. 21Yach+ing Club I. 2. WILMER SOUDER. JR. 0 Philadeiphia. Pa. 0 Thefa Chi 0 Alpha Chi Sigma 2. 3. 4; American lnsfifufe of Chemi- cal Engineering 3. 4: Towne ScienfiHc School Counci' 4. WILLIAM W. STEINERT o Haddonfield. N. J. o Amer- ican Sociefv of Civil Engineering. M. L. STELLABOTTE 0 Philadelphia. Pa. HAROLD STRANGE o Philadeiphia. Pa. 0 American Chemical Socie+y. CARL W. SUNmN. JR. 0 Philadelphia. Pa. CHARLES C. SWEELEY o Williamsporf. Pa. 0 Alpha Chi Sigma 2. 3. Presidenf 4: Band 2; Pi Mu Epsilon 2. 3. 4: American Chemical Society I. 2. 3. 4: Phi Lambda Up- silon 3. 41Towne Scienfific School Council I. 2. 3. 4. PAUL EDWARD TAYLOR. JR. 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Kappa Sigma 0 Crew l. 2. 3. 4; Sigma Tau 3. 41- Varsify Boaf Club 3. 4: Newman Club I. 2. 4: American lnsfis +u+e of Mefallurgical Engineers 2. 3. 41Tau Befa Pi. JOHN G. THOMAS 0 Philadelphia. Pa. JOHN S. THOMAS o Harrisburg. Pa. 0 Phi Delfa Thefa o Foofball l. 2; Track I. 2. 3. 4; Choral Sociefy I Sigma Tau 3. 4; Spike Shoe Ciub l. 2. 3. 4: Varsify Club 2. 3. 41Tau Befa Pi. WALTER J. TILL o Phiiadelphia. Pa. 0 Compass and Chain: Sigma Tau. EDWIN G. VASSIAN o Phibdelphia. Pa. 0 American Chemica! Sociefy. Secre+arysTreasuren ROBERT LOUIS WEBB o Phiiadelphia. Pa. 0 American lns+i+u+e of Chemical Engineering. JAMES R. WELSH o Drexel Hill. Pa. 0 Pi Kappa Alpha. KURT F. WISSBRUN o PhHadelphla. Pa. 0 Pi Mu Epsilon 3. 4: Alpha Chi Sigma: Towne Scien+if1c School Coun- cil 3; American Chemical Sociefy 3. Secre+ary-Treas- urer 4: Phi Lambda Upsilon 3. Treasurer 4. JOSEPH E. WOLAK o Cliffon. N. J. 0 Alpha Chi Rho o Hexagon Senior Sociefy 4: American Sociefy of Mech- anical Engineering: Dormifory Council I: Newman Club: Scabbard and Blade. Vice President Sigma Tau. Corresponding Secre+ary; Triangle. Assisfanf Business Manager; Class Council 4, j 5 JOHN WYETH o Phiiadelphia, Pa. 0 American Chemical Sociefy. Tau Befa PI - Scholarship. charader. infegrify, and un- selfish adivify disfinguish Hue men of Tau Befa Pi. Each year men from all fields mt engineering who place in He highesf eighfh of Hie iunior dass or in We highesf fiHh of Hue senior class are elecfed +0 +his hohorary soclefy. TAU BETA Pl IST ROW: C. Bor+eck. H. Kepharf. N'. Gar- ber. F. Chen. H. Vassian. A. Pugh. B. Allan. 2ND ROW: D. Eisenberg. D. Lobel. P. Tay- lor. Jr.' D. Field. J. McCaughan, B. Beinin. 3RD ROW: F. Aron. G. Rosen. J. Thomas. A. KrauseI L. Carpen+erl D. Mcllvan. Sigma Tau eWeds ifs members from He engineering s+u- denfs of +he TRIANGLE SCHOOLS in We junior and senior classes who have exceHed in s+ud1es and possess fraHs of sociabllify and pradicalify. One of Hwe ou+s+anding acfivi- fies conduded lasf year was We faculfy evaluaHon poll. SIGMA TAU IST ROW: J. S+erman. J. Liu. F. Chan. A. Travih, H. Vassian. Pres.: H. Kepharf. V. Pres.; L. Carpenfer. J. Wolak, B. Beinin. M. Mason. 2ND ROW: L. Lessig. D. Field. D. Eisenberg. N. Gerber. P. Taylor. E. Kovanic. B. Allen. A. Krause. E. Sfump. J. Weber. W. Souder. J. Teri. 3RD ROW: R. Gebhardf. W. Tiil. W. Lehn. F. Aron, L. Keller. J. Thomas. K. McCullough. A. Pugh. C. Bor- Teck. J. OH. 96 WHARTON. O 0 Finance and Commerce The Wharlon School oi Finance and Commerce enioys a singular lame and Jrradilion. Founded in l88l by Joseph Wharfon as 'lhe lirsf school of busi- ness in +he nafion. if grew in popularily so much so +ha+ forly years ago. in l9l2. if became independ- en+ of +he Economics deparlmenl of Jrhe College and a separale school came info being. Laler. in +he decade of +he +hir+ies. a graduafe school was added. which +oclay is as nofeworlhy as +he under- gracluafe school. Logan Hall has for many years been +he sile of +he Wharfon School. buf in keeping wifh moclern needs and in order +0 answer +he need for belfer lacililies. +he Wharfon School is being moved. Hs new locafion. only a sfone's Jthrow away. is be'rween 36+h ancl 37lh Slreels lacing Locusf. This sfep was made possible +hrough Jrhe financial conlribulion of alumni and friends. +he gill of H. Raymond Dief- rich being parlicularly oulsfanding. However. as long as men live who can remember climbing +he old worn s+eps of Logan Hall. silling in i+s Viclorian rooms wilh +heir high ceilings and lisfening +0 leclures in Rooms I7 and I8. +he memory of ifs era shall remain even afler +he building ilseliC is puf +0 dust Mosl of +he new building. Dielrich Hall. is already complefed and in use. Ground breaking ceremonies Jrook place on Oclober 28. l95l. when Dr. S. S. Huebner. senior member of Jrhe lacully. and Harold R. Sfern, +hen Presidenf of Jrhe Wharlon Advisory Council, Jrurned +he firsf shovelslul of earlh. The new $2,385.800 slruclure will have a huge audi- forium. Founders' Hall. and groupings of classrooms. laborafories and offices according +0 cenfers for differenl maiors. Wifh Jrhe evidence of +he pas1L +0 serve as a sfurcly monument and a new cenfer of sludy lo acf as an incenfive for research and learning. +he perpelua- lion of +he grand repufalion of +he Wharfon School seems assured. DR. C. CANBY BALDERSTON, dean of +he Wharl'on School for +he pasl fen years. VlCE-DEAN in Charge of Sludenf Per- sonnel is Thomas A. Budd. LOGAN HALLI af 36+h and WoodIand AvenueI has for a long iime been +he sife of +he Wharfon School. However, ifs halls grow quie+er as classes are moved +0 +he new Wharfon Iocafion in Diefrich HaH. iusf around +he corner. SMILING FACES and promp+ aHen+ion greef +he s+uden+ who sfops in +he Logan Hall personnel office +0 make a rosfer change. Probably +he hnesf school of ifs kind on Jrhis confinenf. The Wharfon School has given ifs sfudenfs. +hroughou+ i+s hisfory. +wo essenfial elemenfs for success in business and commerce: The firs? is Jrhe recognifion 01c Jrhe forces +ha+ come +0 bear in +he economic world and +he second is +he ; .. pradical knowledge which permi+s +he uhhzahon oh Jrhese forces. This has been +he fradifional emphasis of HS +eaching. under +he fuforship of some oh +he counfry's leading economisfs. Bu+ along wifh +hese more or less fechnical s+udies. +he school has 1tel+ +he need +0 implan+ in +he s+uden+s' minds a nohon of how +0 live a life, . no+ only how +0 earn a living. If is wtor +his reason +ha+ courses such as sociology. hisfory and English have been incorporafed in+o +he rosfer. b.-. .. 7-.m... AA amp" 7.7.... wevv..- HERE lN ?he calcuia'ring room compuhhon: ans made In solving +he seem: ineg endless procession of s'rafisfical problem; en- coun+ered by +he Wharfon sfudenf. On Monday November l2. l95l. Diefrich Hall. +he new home of +he Whar+on School of Finance and Commerce. was dedicafed. The ceremonies Included ad- dresses by Benjamin F. Fairless. Presi- denf 01C +he Unifed S+a+es STeel Cor- porafion. and Haro'd E. Sfassen. Presidenf of +he Universify of Penn- sylvania. The Cornersfone Cere- monies were hollowed by a dinner held by +he Wharfon Alumni Socie+y af which Mr. Fairless was awarded +he Socie+y's Annual Gold Medal of Merit John 5. Fine. Governor oh Pennsyivania. and Bernard Samuel. Mayor of PhHadelphia. were guesfs of honor. Thus, wi+h much pomp and circum- sfance and Hashing of bLHbS. was heralded a new era in +he life of +he Wharfon School. 98 luen n7. iculaiing :ns are ieseem. ession of ms en. Nharion Wharion Advisory Council - The Coun- cil is made up of +he presidenfs oi Jrhe various professional sociefies in The Whar- "ron School. Their purpose is +0 ad as liaison beiween Jrhe Wharion School Taculfy and sfudenfs in an eHori +0 beHer relafions beiween These er0 groups. The organiza- Jrion, which was founded before +he war. feH info disuse during Jrhe war, and if was noi' unfil a few years ago Thai +he group was reorganized on campus. Since +haf Time. Jrhey have been Jraking on an increasingly imporfani parf in Jrhe siudeniefaculfy ree Iafions. Beia Alpha Psi is Jrhe honorary accounf- ing fraiernify of Jrhe Wharfon School. The Penn Chapfer. founded in I949, is parf of a nafion-wide organizafion wifh some Jrhiriy chapfers now in exisience. The genilemen picfured ion +he right leH. eicj have quali- fied for admission +0 Jrhe organizafion Jthrough Jrhe mainfenance of high academic and personaiify s+andards. The group's pur- pose is +0 Turfher Jrhe sfudy oi accounfing. and +0 promofe efhical sfandards in Jrhe field. Beia Gamma Sigma is Jrhe honorary scholasfic Traferniiy in The Wharion School. Founded in l9l8. if is "rhe Penn chapier's purpose +0 promoie high sfandards of scholarship in JThe School OT Business. To +his end, if gives awards +0 The freshmen and sophomores in The Tops of +heir classes. The members hold monfhly iuncheons af which fopics 0T inferesf in "rhe business worid are discussed by men prominemL in Jrhe field. The Penn chapfer, which is one oi over TiHy chapfers in +he nafional organizafion. admifs members on Jrhe basis OT high schol- asfic achievement WHARTON ADVISORY COUNCIL SITTING: D. Lipsey. B. Smifh, J. Buff, Pres.: R. Pelham, J. Hyman. 2ND ROW: M. Tan- BETA ALPHA PSI SITTING: R. Herman. A. Golden. A. Sundel. B. Meyers. M. Tanenbaum. J. Merring. S. Ross. F. Kilculfen. 2ND ROW: J. EllioH. C. Perelman. P. Schiosser. A. Breifman. R. Ruby, J. Hirsh. S. Schwari'z, S. Sandberg. 7' a ":3; BETA GAMMA SIGMA IST ROW: J. Jones. J. Buff. C. Perlman. R. Sherly. Treas.; W. Walsh. Pres.; W. Mar- golis, Sec.; J. Reaph. S. Sandberg. 2ND ROW: M. Greenberg, H. S+ern. D. Abra- :51!i xx i , X. enbauml W. Walsh. P. Miller. R. Sherley. D. Horens+ein. ABSENT: B. Allen, J. Evan- ifsky. B. Magasing. W. Margolis. 3RD ROW: J. Iscovifz. S. Warren. J. Simmon. S. Gold- berg. C. Polsky. H. Spellman. M. Zucker. A. Edeleman. J. Colace-MaHola. ABSENT: E. Epsfein. H. Sfern. 2 "'- h l 2:: i 2 f . I; 2 a i I .2; 1 Av hams, B. Morrison. T. Kilcullen. D. Websfer, S. Ellor. 3RD ROW: 6. Hellman. J. Mer- ring. J. Goldberg. B. J. Adelson. A. Exner. A. Breifman. J. Dubois. ABSENT: J. Evan- ifsky, Vice Pres. DR. "MIKE" DORIZAS shows one of his colorM films on Economic GeograPhY- PROPELLER CLUB SITTING: F. Rullam. C. Pra+che++, R. Riddle. Sec.; R. Schul'rz. J. Roeger. 2ND ROW1K. Bowman, K. Jackson, S. Harroll, J. Hounanian- 3RD ROW: W. Frifz. J. Lyon, J. Ryan. W. Shut 1.--- PropeHer Club -- This club is parf of a nafion- wide organiza+ion inferes+ed In analyzing +he prob- lems of +he American Merchanf Marine and o+her fields of foreign fracle. Local groups are known as Porfs. and +his parficular group is known whimsi- caHy enough, as Hwe Porf of H16 Unlversify of Perms sylvania. THE DIFFERENCE befween "gross" and "nef" prom is TWO FUTURE businessmen pick up Hweir rosiers for +he explained by +he ins+ruc+or in a +ypical accoun+ing class. following ferm. hoping +ha+ Hue number of 8 o'ciock and Sa'turday ciasses will be few. mm,- '1 DR. S. S. HUEBNER, universally famous in +he field of in- surance. Iec+ures on +he economic aspecfs of insurance in Lecfure Room I 7. Finance Socie+y e This organizafion is dedicafed f0 Jrhe furfhering of Jrhe sfudy of +he various aspeds 07C hnance sfudied In The Wharfon Schod. Meehngs are held each monfh in which currenf hnanclal prob- fems are discussed by +he sociefy affer an address has been gIven by an oufsfandihg man in +he fiehd. FINANCE SOCIETY SITTING: P. BossenI D. Websfer. L. Gor- den. D. Horens+ein. Pres.: P. Sellew, S. LiHauer. 2ND ROW: J. Shaw. W. Adrich. P. Horan, J. Hyman, T. Saffran. J. Morris. D. Diamond. 3RD ROW: W. Pequignot I. Miller. J. Lee. J. HarrellI J. Zsim Kunas. S. Dung. THIS PARTLY FINISHED lecfure hall in new Dieirich Hall will succeed Hue welI-known Rooms l7 and I8 of +he old Wharion sife. MarkeHng Sociefy b. A Wharfon School Sociefy. Jrhe markefing group was formed +0 fosfer Jrhe In- Jreresf of sfudenfs in Jrhe markefing field. To +his ende meefings are held once a monfh where speak- ers prominemL in +he field give falks on some aspecf of markefing. MARKETING SOCIETY SITTING: S. Roggenburg, R. Blume. R. Lipsey. Pres.; J. Himmels+ein. G. Vraf+os, M. l. Dworken. 2ND ROW: R. RubyI D. Scal. L. Cohen. R. Lebou. 6. Mc- Andrews, W. Jeffries. 3RD ROW: D. Marfin. M. Turkel. E. Kohnsfam. N. Lucas. M. Greenberg. AB- SENT: R. OllivierreI H. Lissl B. LewyI M. Rose- marin, H. Simon. Transporfafion Sociefy - Through various field frips and Iecfures by men of prominence in We field. H115 group aims +0 furH'mer Hwe sfudy of fransporfaflon af Hwe Universify. The discussions are infended +0 increase H18 sfudenf's pradical knowledge in Hie field of Jrransporfa- Hon. TRANSPORTATION SOCIETY SITTING: J. BeaHie, J. Ryan, P. Miller. Pres.; R. Schqu, J. Roeger. 2ND ROW: W. Blackburn. K. Bowman, A. WaHis. R. Whife. W. Sfouf. Insurance Socie+y - This group is Inferesfed In hrfher- ing +he sfudy of insurance. MeeMngs are hetd w'nere +hose infereered can gef fogefher and dhcuss fhe various phases mt Hue insurance fieki currenfly imporfamL in Vne modern world. INSURANCE SOCIETY SITTING: R. Pelham. D. McCahan, Roberf Pelham. W. Fissel. B. Herbert E. Salan+rie. 2ND ROW: D. HerbI S. Harmelin. M. Bayer. B. Davidson. E. Timberlake. A. Zimmer- man. 3RD ROW: H. Krasshes. W. Krauss. B. Shaw. B. Shirlaw. S. Har- rell. J. Sheehan. Jr. . .- h.gsJ-n-p- - S.A.M. SITTING: C. Freinf, l. . Robinsonl P. Ne++ler, G. i Collier. B. Smifh, Pres.: E. Sfili. L. Gefz. R. Gover. 2ND ROW: D. Briggs. C. Bochein, K. Cordoza. K. Jackson, E. Sadkowski. W. Hobbes. S. HarrellI H. Jarvis, Jr. 3RD ROW: E. Pegola, J. Fallon. W. Blackburn. B. CrossI J. BeaHy. C. Herbsf. R. Pof+s. E. Handorf. J. Van- deva+e. A. Novasi+is. P. Walsh. S.A.M. i Twice monfhly meeiings are held by Jrhis rafher acfive campus organizahon af which leading speakers from +he field of managemenf discuss fopics oi curremL inferesf. This group, aHiiidied wiih a na- iionai organizaiion, is inferesied in siudy- ihg modern managemenf principies. DOWN FOUR fligh+s of s+airs +0 class go +he s+uden+s, only +0 refurn up +he winding sfeps for +he nexf class on +he fourfh floor. 3 The DONALD ABRAHAMS o Lima. 0. 0 Pi Lambda Phi 0 Swimming 3; Befa Gamma Sigma 4; Varsify Club; Pi Gamma Mu. JOHN H. ADAIR. JR. 0 Philadelphia Pa. ALBERT CAREY ADAMS. JR. 0 Wynnewood. Pa. 0 Al- pha Tau Omega 0 Foofball l. 2; Wresfling 3. 4; Grap- pler's Club 3. 4. . BENEDICT JAMES JOFFE ADELSON o Shaker HeIng. . O. o Zefa Befa Tau 0 ISO lb. Foofball 3: Befa Gamma Sigma 4; Befa Alpha Psi 3. 4: Bridge Club 1.2: Debafe Council 31WXPN l. 2. JAMES M. ADKINS 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Soccer l. J. V. 2. 3. 4. JOHN C. ALLEN 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Pi Kappa Alpha 0 William Penn Club. ROGER C. ALLEN o Cranford. N. J. 0 Pi Kappa Alpha 0 Ama+eur Radio Club; Daily Pennsyhanian. LAWRENCE W. ALTHOUSE o Birdsboro. Pa. 0 Chrisfian Associafion Cabinet Insurance Sociew 2: Penn Players. THEODORE ANGELUS o Scarsdale. N. Y. o Zefa Befa Tau 0 Swimming I; Mask and Wig l. 4. THOMAS E. ARMBRUSTER 0 Philadelphia. Pa. PATRICK H. ARTER. JR. 0 Duncannon. Pa. ROBERT S. ASHWORTH o Corfland. N. Y. 0 Kappa Al- pha Sociefy'. Markefing Sociefy. ALAN L. AUFZIEN o Passaic. N. J. 0 Pi Lambda Phi o Markefing Sociefy 4: Penn Mike Ciub 2. 3. 4; Arnold Air Sociefy 3. 4; WXPN I. 2. 3. 4: Vigilanfee CommiHee 2; Young Republican Club I. PHILIP N. BAKER o Wesferly. R. l. 0 Alpha Sigma Phi o Lacrosse I; WresHing l. J. V. 2, 3. JOHN PAUL BARBER o PiHsburgh. Pa. 0 Pi Kappa Alpha. l04 3 L CLASS OF l952 Top Row: MERRILL BARR 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Kappa Nu. KENNETH BARRABEE o Brookline. Mass. 0 Alpha Epsilon Pi 0 Bridge Club 4: Hillel FoundaHon l. 2. 3. 4; Mar- ke+ing Socie+y 2. 3. 4: Young Republican Club I; R.O.T.C. Drum Corps l. 2. DANIEL M. BARTON 0 Summit N. J. o Lambda Chi AL pha o Chris+ian Associafion: Canferbury Club. EDWARD ALLEN BATTISFORE o Haddonfieid. N. J. 0 Arnold Air Sociefy. ALLAN MARSHAL BAUM o EasnL Orange. N. J. 0 Kappa Sigma 0 Sociefy for the Advancemenf of ManagememL 4: Band I; Arnold Air Sociefy 3. Middle Row: KENNETH R. BAUMLER 0 Glen Ridge. N. J. o Befa Thefa PI 0 Friars Senior Sociefy: Phi Kappa Beta; Baskefball l. J. V. 2: Baseball l. 2, 3. 4. MITCHELL J. BAYER 0 New York. N. Y. 0 Alpha Phi Omega. Program Chairman: Band: Hillel FoundaHon: Insurance Sociefy: WXPN: Cinema Club; Finance 50- cie+y7 Pho+ographic Socie'fy. JAMES BEATTIE 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Transporfafion So- cIeer; William Penn Club, Vice President JAMES C. BECKNELL. JR. 0 Liffle Rock. Ark. 0 Bridge Club 3. 4: Markefing Sociefy 2. 4: Penn Players 2. 3. Business Manager 4. WILLIAM C. BENNETT o Philadeiphia. Pa. BoHom Row: EARL BENOVITZ o Duquesne. Pa. 0 Befa Sigma Rho 0 I50 lb. Crew I: Hillel Foundafion 2: lnferfrafernify Council I; Markefing Sociefy I: Pre-Law Sociefy 2: Symphony Orchesfra- l; WXPN I: CommiHee Chair- man. I-F Ball. JOHN M. BERGIN 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Kappa Sigma 0 Crew l. 2; Rifle Team 3: Markefing Sociefy 3. 4: Newman Club I, 2. 3. 4; Varsify Boaf Club 2. 3. 4: Ver- si+y Club 2. 3. 4-. WILLIAM E. BERGMANN. JR. 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Delfa Tau DeHa 0 ISO lb. Foo+ball 2. 3: Lacrosse l. DAVID M. BERMAN 0 Brooklyn. N. Y. 0 Alpha Epsilon PE 0 ISO lb. Crew 2: Hillel Foundafion 2. 3. 4: WXPN 3. DONALD C. BERNER o J'enkin+own. Pa. 0 Wresfling J. V. 2; Sociefy Jfor +he Advancemenf of Managemenf l. I05 i06 BERNARD E. BERNSTEIN o HmmrL. II. J. . M. C'J'W DeHa 0 Daily Ponnnylvaninrw. Junior Buziwgg, M,...,.,J,;, l. 2: Hin Foundafion !. 2. 3. 4: Murernq 9.3.043 l. 2. 3. 4: Chairman Arrangemcnh Cmmmr, Pgmrf vanian Liferary Review. Adverhzinq Mxmqgm- Pg... Players 3. Adverhzing Direcfor 4: Arnold Mr Zggggw 3. 4: YacMing Qub 2. 3. 4. EMMANUEL M. BERNSTElN o Saranac Lalrc. H, K. . Penn Players l. 3. 4: WXPN 4. JAMES H. BERNSTEIN 0 New York. N. Y. 0 PI Lambda Phi o Hillel Foundafion l. 2. 3. 4: Yacthg Cfub 3. THEODORE B. BICKMORE o Freeport N. Y. JOHN R. BIRKOFER o Chesfer. Pa. 0 Alpha Phi Omega. VIce Presidenf 4: Transpor+afion Sociefy 3. Secrefary. Treasurer 4. SUMNER F. BISSELL o SuHIeid. Conn. 0 Sigma Chi. Viog Presidenf 3 0 Track I. WARREN BLACKBURN 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Sodew 4m +he Advancemenf o? Managemenf 2. 3. 4: Square Club 4: William Penn Qub 2. VICTOR BLANK 0 Brooklyn. N. Y. 0 Pi Lamba PHI. LEON R. BLIMLINE 0 Reading. Pa. 0 Kappa Sigma 0 Fanfare Sociefy. PresideM 4: Band 1.2. 3. 4. ROBERT CHARLES BLOCK 0 New York. N. Y. 0 Phi Eo- sHon PE 0 Daily Pennsylvanian l. 2. 3. Research Edifor 4; HiHel Founda+iom Junior Annak 3, ARNOLD S. BLUM 0 Newark. N. J. 0 Kappa Nu. Presl- denf 3 0 Band 1.2. 3. SenEor Manager 4: Fanfare So- Ciefy 3. Vice Presidenf 4: Splrif Commlffee 2. 3. 4: Jun. ior Annak 3: Frechman Week Commiffee 3. 4: LF Council 3. JOHN H. BLUMBERG o Waukegan. II'. o Zeke: Be+a Tau o Foo+ball I: BaskefbaH l: Lacrosse l. 2. 3. 4: Wk: Foundafion: WgEWanfee CommiHee: Aviaiion Club. RICHARD H. BLUME o For+ Lauderdak. Ha. o SEgma Alpha Mu. Secrefaw 2 0 Bridge Cub 3. 4: Da'ly Penn- sylvanian 4: FranHln Socfeky 2. 3. Pres'demL 4: HWeT Foundafion l. 2. 3. 4: Marke+lrg 3. Treasurer 4: Pew"- pix l. 2. 3. Business Manager 4: Arnold Air SCCTeV 3. 4: Junior Annals. Business Manager 3. DANIEL M. BOCK o F1ush?ng.N.Y. 0 P5139113 DeFa. CHARLES A. BOEHEIM o Lpns. N. Y. o AlpHa Tau Omega 0 SocEefy For five Advancevwewf c? Madaga- menf 4: Bridge Ciub 3. WILLIAM J. BOLT. JR. 0 Tekama'n. Nab. O Sig'va A1053 EpsHon o Kife and Key Sociehp Sphiw Seder SocieLf BaskefbaH Manager 4: Afh'efc MarwageHaW 835d 4' Record 2: UndergraduaLe Card. 4: V5132 Cub 4: Presidenf Senlor C4ass:J:I1fCassC3m:W WILLIAM H. BORTREE o Scranhn. Pa. 0 Kappa STgma 0 Band I: Arndd Air Soc'efy 3. JOHN W. BOWEN o G4enside. Pa. 0 R'We Team: CadeL Council. Vice Presidenf I:S:abbard and BYade. N r WILL DAV Eve ALA BRU FRA ROE Jmega. refaqu 44. V4ce 4e4y 4or 'e C4ub Igma 0 P414 Eo- EdHor 4: u. Presi- 4are 504 . 41Jun- :. 41 4-F Befa Tau x 4 ,4uo. o 5494443 3444 P544. 4: H4464 WILLIAM LESTER BOWLUS o Canfon. O. 0 Sigma A4- pha Epsi4on 0 Swimming 4. 2. 3. Manager 4: Soc4e4y for Hue Advancemenf of Management A+414e44c Man- agerial Board. Presiden4 4: Chr4sfian Assodafion l. 2. 3. 4: Dormlfory Counc44: Markefing Socie4y; Record Varsify C4ub. KENYON SCHUSTER BOWMAN o Shafen 434and. N. Y. 0 Crew 2; Chris+4an Associa4ion: Dai4y Penn5y4van4an; Dormi4ory Counc44: Record; Spanish C4ub: Prope44or Club. JAMES L. BOYD o Phi4ade4phia. Pa. 0 Phi De44a Theta o Sociefy for He Advancemenf 04 Management WILLIAM J. BRADLEY o Phllade4phia. Pa. 0 Soc4e4y for +he Advancemenf 04 Management Newman Club. MARTIN BRAIT o Merion. Pa. 0 Sigma Alpha Mu o Hi44e4 Foundafion; Pennplx. Produc44on Manager. RICHARD EDWARD BRANDOW 0 Bradford. Pa. 0 P444 Kappa Sigma. Treasurer. WARREN H. BREE o Unlonfown. Pa. 0 Pi Lambda P414. Treasurer 3. Presiderfr 4 o 450 4b. Foo4bal4 3. 4: lnfen frafernify Counc44 4; Marke44ng Soc4e4y 4: Varslfy C4ub 4. ALAN MARK BREITMAN o Kew Gardens. N. Y. 0 P414 Sigma De44a o Be4a A4p41a Psi 3. 4'. Befa Gamma S4gma 4; 4-4444e4 Founda4ion l. 2. 3. 4. JOHN L. BRENNAN o Weymou4h. Mass. DONALD BRENNER o L4444Z. Pa. 0 Phi Delfa The4a o Lacrosse 4. 2. 3. LEONARD M. BRENNER o Swampscoff. Mass. 0 Npha Epsi4on Pi. PAUL BRIELOFF 0 Brooklyn. N. Y. o Span4sh C4ub; 4-4444e4 Founda44on. DAVID R. BRIGGS o Whi4e P4aIns. N. Y o Them X4 0 So- c4e+y for Hue Advancemen4 04 ManagemeM: C41r4s+4an AssociaHon. EUGENE D. BRODY o Drexe4 4-4444. Pa. 0 85346443344 4, ALAN BRONNER 0 New York. N. Y. o De44a Upsl4on Secre4ary 3. Vice Pres4den4 4 o Soc4e4y 404'. +he Ad- vancemenf o4 Managemenf 3. 4: Abba P444 Omega 3. 4? Dal4y Pennsy4van43n 2' 4n+er4rafem4fy Counc44 4: Young Repub4ican Cub 2. 3: SecreLar. 04 Senior C4555 4: Senior Counci4 4: Jo4n4 C4ass C3unc44 4. BRUCE WALTER BROWN 0 TFGFLOH. 444. J. o 4341: 34:34.3 Kappa o Baseba44 4. 2: 6468 Club 4. 2. 3. 4. FRANK F. BROWN 0 Narberih. Pa. o 8633 441943 43' 0 Foo4ba44 4: Swfmmmg 2. 3. 4' Varsiw C4ub. ROBERT B. BROWN 0 New 4'34; 44. Y. o ZeLa 43543 T3; 0 4-4444e4 Founda44on 4. 2. 3. 'A'Pdd AV 3:551. Yach44ng C4ub 2. 3: Phame 32:334. 2. 3. 4: Terh'; 4. '3 A . l07 l08 CHARLES F. BRYAN o Curm'mhiry, Mi 0 I", 11,, 5,, . Sphinx Senior ZocicU: Dmy Pcnm'fmriylw y mew nHy CouncH 3, Prcuidcnf 4: leJcrrjleumg Courf Treasurer 4. WILLIAM G. BUDD o Gkrm Pack N, J, . 3,9,",0 Cm . Mask and Wiq Cth 3. 4: Wrezf'winq 2. JEROME H. BUFF . CHarMer, N, m . m Wm DeHa o Befa Gamma Sigma 3, 4: DmmMQW Council ,3 Hillel Foundaflon I, 2, 3, 4: Penn Pbpr: 3, 4: Board of Governors; Wharfon Advizory Council 3, Prozdcm 4. MAYNARD E. BURSTEIN o Neenah 3Wi3. 0 Phi Epzibn PE 0 Hillel Foundafion l, 2, 3, 4: MarVeMng Sodew 2, 3, Secrefary 4. WILLIAM R. BUSTARD o Philaddphia, Pa. ENRIQUE BUSTOS o SanMago, ChHe 0 Sigma Nu o SOC. cer I:Squash 2; lnfernafiond AHair: Counci? 3, 4; New- man C1ub l. 2, 3, 4; PropeHor Club: Foreign Trade Club 2, 3. Treasurer 4. DONALD A. BUX o Jenkinfown, Pa. 0 539413 Phi EpQHQn . Bridge Club I. JOSEPH CALACE-MOTTOLA o Dobb; Ferry, N. Y. o Be+a Alpha Psi 3, 4. HOWARD J. CALLAGHAN o Drexel HUI, Pa. 0 New- man Club. WILLIAM J. CALLAHAN o VVlldwood, N. J. 0 Phi DeHa Thefa o WXPN l. 2: Yachflrg Club I, 2, 3. Capfam 4; Track 2: Newman Club 1. 2, 3, 4. PHILIP CAMMA o PhHadeb'hIa. Pa. 0 Newman Cub l, 2, 3, 4. ALEXANDER N. CAPLAN 0 New Haven. Com. 0 nga Alpha Mu. WILLIAM E. CAREY o PhijadefphIa, Pa. 0 Markefmg So- defy: Newman Cub. SIDNEY L. CARR 0 Chicago, ILL 0 Phi Kappa P53 0 Mask and Wig Club. PETER J. CARROLL, JR. 0 PhiladeIpHEa, Pa. 0 Sfudenfs for Democra+lc Adlon, Chairman 2: WHam Penn Club: Propeller Oub, Vice President HAROLD CARVER o Brookilne, Mass. 0 Phi $ng1 Dejfs o HlHe! Foundafion 3, 4: Marketing Society 3, 4. EDWARD l. CASEL o AHanc CYN, N. J. 0 PH Sigma DeHa 0 Bridge Oub: Dam PennsyivanTa Personnel Man- ager: Dormlfory CouncH, Execufive Board: HHe? Foun- dafion; Markefing Sociefy 2; Pennpix 2. Mon P1 y 2. 3. o Soc- -'. New- Trade psilon 0 x1. Y. 0 0 New- Jhi DeHa aplrain 4: Club I. 0 Sigma efing So- -i o Mask ? SJrudeMS enn Club? Top Row: DAVID E. CASSIDY o Soufh Orange. N. J. 0 Phi Gamma Delfa o Friars Senior Sociefy: Lacrosse Associafe Mana- ger; Newman Club 2. 3. 4; Vigilanfee Commiffee 2. EUGENE CHESTNUT 0 Camden. N. J. 0 Arnold Air So- ciefy. EUGENE CLARK 0 Spring Lake. N. J. 0 Sigma Chi o Friars Senior Socie+yg Swimming 3. Capfain 4; Newman Club: Varsify Club. WILLIAM N. CLARKE o Washingmm D. C. o Befa Thefa PI 0 Mask and Wig I. 4. RAYMOND CLAYDEN 0 Richmond Hill. N. Y. 0 Sigma Alpha Epsilon rt Baskefball 1. Middle Row: FRANCIS J. CLEARY, JR. 0 PhiIadelphIa. Pa. 0 Soclefy for +he Advancemenf of Managemenf: Npha Phi Omega: Newman Club. MYRON T. COFFMAN. JR. 0 EHamore. W. Va. EDWARD S. COHEN o Charles+on. W. Va. 0 Phi Sigma Delfa 0 Bridge Club 3. 4; HIHel Foundafion l. 2. 3. 4: Bennett Hall at 34th and Walnut. Markefing Sociefy 2. 3. RICHARD G. COHEN 0 New York. N. Y. 0 Phi Sigma DeHa 0 Daily Pennsylvanian I. 2. 3; Record 4. LEONARD A. COLAVITA 0 Upper Darby, Pa. 0 Socie+y Tor +he Advancemenf of Management Band. BoHom Row: THOMAS COLLINS 0 New York. N. Y. 0 Alpha Tau Omega. Secrefary 3 o Wresfllng l. 2. 3. 4: Markefing Sociefy. DONALD A. COOPER o Cedarbursf. N. Y. 0 Pi Lambda Phi o BeskefbaH I: Lacrosse 2, 3. 4: Bridge Club 4: Mar- kefing Sociefy 3. 4; WXPN l. 2. JAMES R. COOPER 0 New Kensingfon. Pa. 0 Sigma Phi Epsilon 0 I50 lb. FoofbaH 3: Soclefy for Hwe Advance- menf of Managemen+: Pre-Law Soclefy. KENNETH L. CORMIER o Leominsfer. Mass. 0 Lambda Chi Npha 0 Insurance Sociefy 3. 4: Newman Club 2. 3. 4. FREDERICK WATERS COTTER o SheHon. Conn. o Soci- efy of Hue Advancemenf of Management BRUCE E. CRAWFORD o Bosfon. Mass. 0 Phi Gamma Delfa o Squash 4: Tennis 3. Manager 41Campus Chesf Execufive CommiHee 3. 4. JAMES L. CROTHERS O Cafasauqua. Pa. 0 Alpha Chi Rho o Wresfling 4: Choral Sociefy l. 2. 3; Glee Club I. 2. 3. 4; Scabbard and Blade 3, 4: Yachfing Club 3. 4: R.O.T.C. Band I. 2. 3. 4; Mask and Wig Show I; Young Republican Club I. JAMES S. CROTHERS o Drexe! HIH. Pa. 0 Delfa Tau Delfa o MarkeHng Sociefy 3. 4: Arhold Air Socie+y 3. 4. ROBERT E. CRUM 0 York. Pa. 0 Lambda Chi Alpha 0 Record 2. 3; Yachfing Club I. 2; Phofographic Sociefy l. 2. 3. Secrefary-Treasurer 4. HARVEY B. CUMMINS o Balfimore. Md. 0 Zefa Befa Tau. RAYMOND FRANCIS DACEK o Shaker Heighfs. O. 0 Phi Delfa Thefa. Presidenf 4 0 Tennis l. ALEXANDER H. DANON. JR. 0 Mexico. D. F.. Mexico 0 Phi Epsilon PI 0 Soccer l. 2. 3; Hill School Club I. 2. 3. 4. BERNARD DASH 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Hillel Founda- Jrion l. BRUCE DAVIDSON 0 Norwalk. Conn. o HiHel Founda- Jrion; Insurance Sociefy; WXPN. THOMAS L. DAVIDSON 0 Kansas Cify. Mo. 0 Zefa Befa Tau o FoofbaH l: Yach+ing Club 2; Cinema Club? Freshman Dance CommiHee. JOHN WESLEY DAVIES o Scranfon. Pa. 0 Daily Penn- sylvanian 3. 4; Inferna+iona4 AHaIrs Council 4: Markef- ing Sociefy 2. 3. 4; Young Republican Club 4. DONALD W. DAVIS o Scranfon. Pa. 0 Alpha Tau Omega 0 ISO lb. Foo+ball 3; Bridge Club 2: Chrisfian Associa- +ion 2: Oang Club 4; Phofographic Socie+y 2. 3. 4. JOHN W. DAY 0 Greenwich. Conn. 0 Phi Gamma DeHa. DAVID W. DEAKYNE o Swar+hmore. Pa. 0 Alpha Tau Omega 0 Rifle Team 3. 4; Varslfy Club 4; N.R.O.T,C. Rifle Team 2. 3. 4. VICTOR S. DELAN o PomL Washingfon. N. Y. o Lamba Chi Alpha. Secre+ary 2. Presldenf 4 0 Daily Pennsyi- vanian l. 2: Arnoid Air Sociefy 2. 3. Vice Presldenf 4: Record 2. Sales Manager 3. HO ...... CLASS OF Top Row: MICHAEL DELEHANTY o Foresf Hills. N. Y. 0 Phi Kappa Sigma 0 Friars Senior Sociefy: Kife and Key. President Insurance Sociefy; Newman Club; Scabbard and Blade; Vigilan+ee CommiHee. ROBERT ALLEN DELL o Philadeiphia. Pa. 0 Pi Kappa Alpha. EUGENE A. DENISON o Wyncofe. Pa. 0 Befa Sigma Rho 0 Daily Pennsylvanian 2. 3; Senior Board 4. JOHN D. DENNEY. JR. 0 Philadelpiha, Pa. 0 Pi Kappa Alpha 0 ln+ernafional Affairs Council 3. Treasurer 4; Newman Club I, 2. 3, 4: Penn Players 2. 3. Publicify Chairman 4. WILLIAM E. DESMOND o Killdeer. N. D. 0 Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Middle Row: ALEXANDER E. DEVERES o Tewksbury. Mass 0 Sigma Phi Epsilon o Foofball l. 2. DAVID M. DIAMOND o Grea+ Neck. N. Y. o Tau Delhi Phi O Sociefy for +he Advancemenf of Managemenf 4: l952 Hillel Foundafion l, 2. 3. 4: lnferfrafernify Council 2. SAMUEL DIAMOND o Phiiadelphia. Pa. 0 Tau Delfa Phi o Hillel Foundafion l. 2. 3. 4; lnfernafional Affairs Council 4: Pre-Law Sociefy 3. 4. DAVID J. DICK. JR. 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 ISO ib. Crew 1: lnfercollegiafe Conference on Governmenf 2. 3. 4: Newman Club 4; Arnold Air Sociefy 3, 4: William Penn Club I. 2. 3: S+uden+s for Democrafic Adion. ALBERT J. DIENNA 0 Philadelphia. Pa. Boifom Row: DAVID DIPERSTEIN 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Npha Epsilon Pi o Hillel Foundafion. RICHARD MERTON DOLAN o Norwich. N. Y. 0 Phi Kappa Psi 0 Track 2, 3. Manager 4: Afhlefic Manager- iai Board 4; Spike Shoe Club 2. 3, 4: Varsify Club 4. THAYER DOLAN o Haverford. Pa. LEONARD S. DOME 0 Brooklyn. N. Y. 0 Phi Epsiion PI 0 Daily Pennsylvanian 3. 4: Young Republican Club 3. 4. WILLIAM E. DONAHUE 0 Philadelphia. Pa. M. 3x!- Fx CHARLES G. DONLAN o Shamokm. Pa. 0 Newman Club I. 2, 3, Execu+ive CommiHee 4. ROBERT E. DOYLE o Shrewsbury. Mass. 0 Phi Gamma DeHa: Friars Senior Sociefy: ISO lb. Crew 2. 3. 4: Crew 1: ISO Foofball 2. 31Newman Club; Varsify Boaf Club: VarsHy Club. JAN E. DUBOIS 0 Miami Beach. Fla. 0 Zefa Befa Tau 0 Friars Senior Sociefy; Kife and Key: Swimming 2. 3. 4: Befa Alpha Psi 3. 4; Befa Gamma Sigma; Varsify Club 2, 3. 4; PreiLaw Scciefy 3. EDWIN T. DUGAN. JR. 0 Monfclair. N. J. o Delfa Kappa Epsilon o Foofball l; Newman Club I. 2, 3. 4. SAM DUNG 0 Honolulu. T. H. RICHARD P. DUNSMORE o Pelham. N. Y. o DeHa Kappa Epsilon 0 Swimming I, 2; Insurance Sociefy 3; Newman Club 3. 4. RICHARD HAROLD DUSENBURY o Beacon. N. Y. 0 Al- pha Chi Rho o Choral Sociefy l. 2; Glee Club 2. 3. Secretary 4. MYRON I. DWORKEN 0 Bridgeport Conn. 0 Phi Epsi- lon Pi o Sociefy for +he AdvancememL of Managemenf 4; HiHel Foundafion 3. 4: Markefing Sociefy 4: Finance Sociefy 3. CHARLES C. EASTON. JR. 0 Springwfield, Mass. 0 Alpha Chi Rho 0 Soccer l: Bridge Club 3. 4:3Chrisfian Asso- cIaHon I, 2; Daily Pennsylvanian l. 3. Circulafion Man- ager 4; Insurance Sociefy 3. 4. ARTHUR M. EDELMAN o Trenfon. N. J. o Befa Alpha Psi. EDWARD L. EDELSTEIN 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Kappa Nu o Hillel Foundafion. ROBERT CLYDE EDWARDS o Union+own. Pa. 0 William Penn Club; Finance Sociefy. DANIEL EFROS 0 Philaddphia. Pa. 0 Sociefy for fhe Advancemenf of Management Markefing Soclefy. EDGAR R. EINHORN 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Soclefy for AdvancememL of Management ALBERT A. EISENSTAT o Scranfon. Pa. 0 Sigma Alpha Mu 0 Band I. 2. 3. 4; HiHel Foundafion I. 2. 3. 4. JOHN L. ELLIOTT o Chambersburg. Pa. 0 Befa Alpha Psi 3. 4; Bridge Club 4. EVERETT S. ELLIS o Collingswood. N. J. 0 Insurance So- ciefy 4. STUART Y. ELLOR 0 Hanover. N. J. o Transporfafion So- Ciefy 4; WXPN 3. 4; Befa Gamma Sigma. Il2 . N; , EDWIN A. EPSTEIN 0 Brooklyn. N. Y. o Be'ra Alpha Psi 0 Hillel Foundafion: Pre-Law Sociefy. ROBERT S. ERLEBACH o AHaan Cify. N. J. o Sociefy for +he Advancemenf of Managemenf 4: German Club I. 2. JOHN D. EVANS o Washingfon. Pa. 0 Alpha Tau Omega 0 Sphinx Senior Socie+y: Phi Kappa Befa: Foofball l. 2. 3. 4: Wresfling l. 2. 3. Capfain 4: Grapp!ers' Club 2. 3. 4: Varsify Club 2. 3. 4. JOSEPH E. EVANS o Wilkes-Barre. Pa. 0 Sigma Chi. Treasurer 4 o Befa Gamma Sigma 3. Vice Presiden+ 4: Newman Club 4: Record: Spanish Club 2. 3. 4: Whar- +on Advisory Counci14; Propellor Club. Presidenf 4. WARREN EVE 0 Bermuda. B. W. l. 0 Phi Sigma Kappa 0 Soccer 2. 3. 4: Tennis 2. 3. 4: Yacthg Club 4. ALBERT FRANCIS EXNER 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Crew 2. 3. J. V. 4: Befa Gamma Sigma 4; Newman Club 2. 3. 4; Varsify Boaf Club 3. 4. A. HOLLAND FAIRCHILD 0 Glen Ridge. N. J. 0 Kappa Sigma 0 Arnold Air Sociefy. RICHARD A. FALK 0 New York. N. Y. 0 Phi Epsilon Pi 0 Tennis 1: Daily Pennsylvanian. Junior Eleor: Philomafh- ean Sociefy. JAMES H. FARREN o Porfage, Pa. 0 Sigma Nu 0 Track: Newman Club: Spike Shoe Club: Arnold Air Sociefy. ROBERT J. FASTIGGI o Mamaroneck. N. Y. 0 Kappa Sigma 0 Nafional Sfudenfs Associafion 2: Newman Club I. 2. 3. Execufive CommiHe 4: Pennpix 2. Adver- +ising Manager 3: Young Republican Ciub l. 2. Secre- +ary 3: Junior Annals. Adverflsing Manager. KERMIT B. FEINBERG 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 InfernaHonal AHaIrs Council. Vice President PropeHOr Club. Vice President MILTON A. FELDMAN o Philaddphla. Pa. 0 Phi Epsilon PI 0 Insurance Sociefy 4. DONALD J. FENDRiCK o Scran+on. Pa. 0 Befa Sigma Rho. Audifor 0 Soccer. Associafe Manager; Pre-Law Sociew 3. 4. RONALD PAUL FENDRICK 0 Brooklyn. N. Y. o Befa Sigma Rho. Presldenf 4 0 Baseball I: Crew I: Choral Sociefy l. 2. 3: Dormifory Council I: Glee Qub l. 2. 3: lnferfraJrermfy Council 2. 3: Markefing Soclefy I. 2. 3: Scaies Sociefy 2. 3. 4: WPXN 3. PAUL J. FERENCE 0 Philadelphia. Pa. FREDERIC C. FERGUSON 0 Sharon. Pa. 0 Sigma Phi Ep- sHon. Compvawer' Penanx l. 2. 3: Record 1: Phofo- graphTC SCCGW 4, 2. ROBERT J. FERRIS o Waferbury. Conn. 0 Phi Sigma Kapoa o Ba:ebaW 2. 3. 4: Sodefy 4m We Advancemenf c? Managemenf 4' Newman Ciub 2. 3. 4: VarsHy Club. JOSEPH S. FINCH. JR. 0 New Ken37ng+om Pa. 0 Sigma Ch: 0 Chrldlan Assoclafion 2: Finance Sociefy 3. 4. Il3 LEWIS FINE o So'xr'xJIHr,g H K 0 Phi Ep'litgm PI. MARTIN A. FINE o UnHimorm MrJ. WALTER FINICK o Bridgepori, Curm. 0 Crew 1 2: .NH. Ham Perm Club 3, 4. MERLE S. FINKEL O PMadclphlm Pa. O Baku Sigma P50 Vice Presidenf 4 o Lacrozgc !: HiHel FoundaMon l, 2 3 4: Vigikanfee CommiHc-c 2. I ARTHUR M. FISCHER o Forczf Hin, N, Y. MARVIN S. FISH o MiHburm H J. 0 Kappa MU . Band; HHICI FoundaHom Trcazurer. JAMES L. FISHER o ChtinnaW O, 0 Sigma A'pha Eszon 0 ISO HO. FoofbaH 4; Swimmmg l, 2' Wrczmng 3; Mar- kefing Sodom 4 Record 3: Umdcrgraduafe COUHCII 3: Young Republican Cub 2. PAUL J. FITZPATRICK 0 Queen; VlHage N. Y. . Swgma Chi o Sphinx Sen'or Soc'ef," Pm Kaopa 8953: Basket baH 3, 4; BasebaW 3 Caph'n 44 Newman Oub; Varsify Club. ROBERT McINTYRE FLOOD, JR. 0 Dh'bddphid Pa, . 8m Them Pi ' J- V. F: v+ wi 3- wso 9. FoofbaH 4; Arno'd Air Soclcky 3, Financd OHicgr 4, THOMAS E. FLOOD o A'KTXH C3". 0 Bridge Club 4' Newman Cub N 4 MARTIN J. FLYNN o Have'bm ?3 o ?1' K5005 PSI. MARK K. FORD c W'ar'ng'r N. J. o A ma Cm Rm 0 Soclcf. Id We Advrw'rWUL :5 Mavagemwf 4: Mar- kelmg Scdcv 4. J. NELSON FORKER o 3 ; .':: F10 De 1a Kappa Ep- slbn. DUDLEY B. FOWLER o Smtaae N. Y. 0 95' Kappa Sloma. MARVIN I. FREEDMAN . m age p"'al Pa. CLYDE STEWART FREINT . Be'mh N. J. . Sociew 0'r the Aakawcmc"; : NivagE'veV. ROBERT H. FREY . um: Dar; Pa. . K5903 39m ' Cv'ew L 2 3 4' Aim F'Y C'cha 1 : Cbb Z 3, 4, JERRY A. FRlEDLAND o Rlx3lyy N, Y. 0 C193; Ciubi HI w e Fcunaaricv Markeing S::?eT,. 0. Ima Rho. ion l, 2! 0 Band; 1a Epsilon g 3: Mar- :ouncil 3: 0 Sigma 3; Basket b: VarsHy 13a, Pa. ' oofball 4: 39 Club 4? pp'a PSI Chi Rho 0 ni' 47 Mar' Kappa EP Phi KaPPa ' 'Kviii Top Row: ADOLPH L. FRIEDMAN 0 Chicago, Ill. 0 Daily Pennsylv vanian. Assisfanf Phofo Edifor: Record 3: Phofograp'hic Sociefy I. 2, 3. 4. MARVIN FRIEDMAN o Philaddphla. Pa. 0 !50 lb. Poof- baH 2. 3. 4. THOMAS S. FRIEDMAN 0 Bay Cify. Mich. 0 Phi Epsilon Pi 0 Franklin Socie+y, President lnferfrafemify Council: Pennpix. Managing EdiJror: Pi Gamma Mu. WILLIAM J. FRITZ. JR. 0 Wildwood. N. J. 0 Phi Kappa Psi O Newman CWUb: Penn Mike Club; Pennsylvania Lif- erary Review; Pennplx 3: Philomafhean Sociefy; Span- ish Club: WXPN; Propeller Club. JAMES MAHLON FUELLING o Forf Wayne. Ind. 0 Kappa Alpha Sociefy o Npha Phi Omega: Insurance Sociefy. Middle Row: SCOTT MacNEILL FUESS o Harbourfon. N. J. o DeHa Tau Delfa o Sphinx Senior Sociefy: Phi Kappa Befa: Mask and Wig Club. Secre+ary-Treasurer: Mask and Wig Board of Governors 3, 4: Mask and Vlig Show I, 2. 3, 4: Cheerleader 2, 3. Head Cheerleader 4; Sopho- more 0655 Council 2; Spirif Commiffee 3, 4. K The Friars entertain the kids at one of the games. , - q A x x g DONALD ROSS GANT o Nepfune. N. J 0 Alpha Sigma Phi o Sociefy for We Advancemenf 01C Managemenf 4. BERNARD GARBER o AHaan Cify. N. J. o Zefa Befa Tau o Hillel Foundafion. JAMES J. GAVAGHAN o PhHadelphia. Pa. 0 Sigma Al- pha Epsilon o J. V. Baskefball l; Markefing Sociefy: Newman Club. JEROME WILSON GERBEREUX o Por+ Washingfon, N. Y. 0 PSI Upsilon o Friars Senior Sociefy: Sociefy for fhe Advancemenf d Managemen+ 4: Undergraduafe Coun- CH 4, Ex OHicIo: Spiri+ Commiffee 3, Chairman 4: Skimmer Day CommiHee 3. 4. BoHom Row: KURT GERSON 0 Kansas Cify. Mo. 0 Sigma Alpha Mu. GUSTAV GEWURTZ 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Soccer l. RICHARD W. GIDEON 0 Phlladeiphia. Pa. 0 Sigma Phi EpsHon. STANLEY R. GILBERT 0 New York. N. Y. 0 Pi Lambda Pi o Markefing Sociefy: Arnold Afr Scciefy. ALFRED GILMAN o Grea+ Necks, N. Y. o Befa Sigma Rho 0 Sociefy br Hue Advancemenf of Management Markefing Sociefy; Pershing Rifles. HT" HARRY W. GITHENS o Hamden. Conn. 0 Alpha Tau Omega. Treasurer 3 o Mask and Wig l. 2: Campus Chesf 2. ARTHUR A. GOLDBERG a New York. N. Y. 0 Pi Lambda Phi 0 Baseball 1; Befa Gamma Sigma; Dormifory Coun- CH: HiHel Foundafion; William Penn Club. Corresponde ing Secre+ary: Finance Sociefy. MARVIN GOLDBERG o Philade'phia. Pa. SANFORD H. GOLDBERG 0 Newark. N. J. 0 Phi Sigma DeHao Befa Alpha Psi 3. 4: Befa Gamma Sigma; Hillei Founda+ion l. 2: Markefing Sociefy 2. ALAN J. GOLDEN 0 Newark. N. J. 0 Phi Sigma Delfa. Presidenf o Fencing l; Befa Npha Psi: lnferfrafernify Council. MARSHALL GOLDMAN o Elgin. HI. 0 Phi Epsilon Pi o Dormifory Council I. 2; Hillel Foundafion. Treasurer 2. Presidenf 3; lnfernaHond AHairs Council 4; MarkeHng Sociefy 2. 3. 4: Mask and Wig Show I; Undergraduafe Council 3; Vigilanfee CommiHee 2. JEREMY E. GOLDSTEIN 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Hillel Foun- dafion. LEON GOLDSTEiN o Foresf HiHs. N. Y. 0 Kappa Nu o Sociefy for We Advancemenf of Managemenf 4; Band I. 2; Hillel Foundafion I. 2. 3. 4; Pennpix I. CirculaHon Manager 2. RONALD SANFORD GOLUB 0 Miami Beach. Fla. 0 Zefa Befa Tau 0 Daily Pennsylvanian 2. 3. News EdHor 4: Franklin Socie+y 3. 4: HiHel Foundafion 2. 3. 4: Infer- frafernify Council 3. 4; Campus Chesf Execufive Come miHee 3; Spirif CommiHee; S+eering Commiffee l-F Ball; Ivy Weekend Chairman. HOWARD A. GONCHAR o Kingsfon. Pa. BERNARD H. GOODHEART o Philaddphia. Pa. 0 Track l. 2. HAROLD S. GOODMAN 0 Rome. N. Y. 0 Kappa Nu o HiHel Foundafion. HOWARD ALLEN GOODMAN 0 New York. N. Y. 0 Pi Lambda Phi o C-Bohc 3. 4: insurance Sociefy 3. 4. LUCIEN GORDON 0 New York. N. Y. 0 Finance Soc1e+y. CLARK RAY GREEN 0 Arlingfon. Va. 0 Sociefy for Hue Advancemenf of Management Young RepubHcan Club. Il6 -, -. .emm CLASS OF Top Row: RICHARD DENTON GREEN 0 Arlingfon. Va. 0 Sociefy for Hue Advancemen+ of Management Young Republi- can Club. ARTHUR J. GREENBAUM o Rockville Cenfre. N. Y. 0 Sigma Alpha Mu o J. V. Track 2: J. V. Cross Counfry 2: Chess Club 3. 4: Markefing Soclefy 3. 4. HENRY B. GREENBERG 0 Philadelphia. Pa. MOSEY A. GREENBERG 0 Richmond. Va. 0 Befa Gamma Sigma 4: Franklin Sociefy 3, 4; HIHel Foundafion l. 2. 3, 4; Markeh'ng Sociefy l. 2. 3. 4; Record 2. 3. Business Manager 4; WiHiam Penn Club 2. 3. 4: Junior Annals Sales Manager: Senior Business Adviser. Daily Pennsyl- vanian and Penn PIX. JOSEPH E. GREENE. JR. 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Lambda Chi Alpha 0 Newman Cth 4: Oufing Club I; Pershing RIHes l. 2; Pre-Law Sociefy 3, 4; Young Republican Club I. 2. Middle Row: CLAUDIUS J. GREY o Elmira, N, Y. o Dormifory Coun- cil 3. 4; Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4; Quarferdeck Sociefy 2. 3. WILLIAM M. GRIFFIN o Easf HarHord. Conn. 0 Square Club: Finance Socie+y. l952 DAVID A. GRIM 0 Red Lion. Pa. 0 DeHa Upsilon o Chris fian AssociaHon 3. 4; Young Republican Club I; Finance Socie+y 4-. NORMAN C. GROSMAN o CliHside Park. N. J. JEROME R. GULNICK 0 Floral Park. N. Y. 0 Swimming l; Alpha Phi Omega 2; Markefing Sociefy 3, 4; Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4. BoHom Row: LAURENCE I. GUTHMAN 0 Chicago. HI. 0 Hillel Foun- dafion, Young Republican Club. GERALD B. HAECKEL o Boseman. Monf. 0 Sigma Alpha Epsilon. G. VICTOR HALLMAN. III 0 Mooresfown. N. J. o DeHa Upsilon. Presidenf 4 o J. V. Crew 2: Alpha Phi Omega: Befa Gamma Sigma 4: Insurance Sociefy: Young Re- publican Club: Freshman Handbook. BERNARD HALPERT 0 Kings Point N. Y. 0 Zefa Befa Tau 0 Soccer l'. Record 2: Yachfing Club I. 2, 3, 4. THOMAS HANLON o Whife Plains. N. Y. 0 Sigma AI- pha Epsilon o Sphinx Senior Sociefy: Phi Kappa Befa: Foofball 2. 3. 4; Baseball'3, 4: Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4: Varsify Club 2. 3. Presldenf 4: Pennsylvania Day Com- miffee. II7 ll8 RUSSELL M. HANSCOM o PhHadelphia. Pa. 0 Psi Upsi- lon 0 Swimming l. 2. BENNET S. HARBER 0 Long Beach. N. Y. 0 Insurance 504 Ciefy. Secrefary. KENNETH M. HARD'NG o Ghanside, Pa. 0 PI Kappa N- pha. Vice Presidenf o Sociefy for Hue Advancemenf of Management SANFORD H. HARMELIN 0 Newark. N. J. o HiHel Foun- da+ion 2. 3. 4; Insurance Socie+y 2. 3. 4. HOWARD W. HARMER 0 Philadelphia. Pa. HENRY S. HARRISON 0 New Haven. Conn. o Zefa Befa Tau 0 Soccer l: Fencing l: Daily Pennsylvanian: Hillel Foundafion l; MarkeHng Sociefy 3. 4: Pershing Rifles l. 2; Arnold Air Sociefy 3. 4: Record l. 2; Yachflng Club I. 2. 3. CHARLES ROBERT HARVEY o Balfimore. Md. JOHN T. HARVEY o Onfario. Ore. RICHARD C. HATFIELD o PhHaddphia. Pa. 0 Arnold Air Sociefy. Commanding Officer; Scabbard and Blade. Commanding Officer. ROBERT M. HAUSMAN 0 New York. N. Y. 0 Pi Lambda Phi o Debafe Council: Delfa Sigma Rho: Hillel Foun- dafion: Pre-Law Socie+yz Arnold Air Sociefy. Opera- fions Officer: WXPN. GERALD ALOYSIUS HEARD 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Pi Kappa Alpha 0 Sociefy for The Advancemenf of Man- agemen'r l. 2. 3. 4: Markefing Sociefy l. 2. 3. 4. AUSTIN A. HEATH o Worcesfer. Mass. 0 Phi Sigma Kappa. Presiden+ 0 Soccer 1. J.V. 4: lnferfra+erni+y Council 4; Yachfing Club I. 2. 3. 4. RICHARD P. HELLER o Maplewood. N. J. 0 Sigma Alpha Mu o WresHing I; Chess Club 4; Hillel Foundafion I. 2. 3. 4: Markeflng Sociefy 3. 4. CARTER F. HENDERSON o Palmyra. N. J. DAVID W. HERB O Aidan. Pa. 0 Band: Chrisfian Asso- ciaHon; Insurance Sociefy; Pennsylvania Chrisfian Fel- lowship. FRANK R. HERBERT. JR. 0 Spring1tield. Pa. 0 Sigma Phi Epsilon I BasebaH 3. Associafe Manager 4. DAVID F. HERDEG o Gowanda. N. Y. 0 Alpha Tau Omega 0 Socie+y for The Advancemenf of Manage- menf: Propeller Club. RAYMOND O. HERMAN 0 Bridgeport Conn. o Befa Alpha Psi; Chrisfian Associafion. 7. ,. 35.nN'K , JAMES STEPHEN HEVERLY 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 New- man Club 3. 4. DOUGLAS J. HILLMANN o Ridgewood. N. J. 0 Phi Kappa Psi o WXPN. Sfaff Announcer. JACK HIMMELSTEIN o Merlon. Pa. 0 lnfercoHegIafe Comterence on Governmenf; Markefing Sociefy. Execw Jrive CommiHee. JOHN H. HIPP o Johnsfown. Pa. 0 Sigma Chi o Foofball l'. Baskefball i: BasebaH l: ln+erfra+ernify Council 3: Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4: Friars Senior Sociefy. IRVING M. HIRSH 0 Franklin. N. J. o Tau Epsilon Phi o Beha Npha Psi. Program Chairman: HiHel FoundaHon l. 2. 3. 4: Penn Players 3. 4. DANIEL HIRTENSTEIN 0 New York. N. Y. 0 Alpha Ep- silon Pi o Hillel Foundafion; Insurance Socie+y 3. 4. WILLIAM W. HOBBS 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 SOCIeer for +he Advancemen+ of Management EUGENE J. HOFFMANN o Larchmonf. N. Y. 0 Zefa Psi 0 Daily Pennsylvanian 3. 4: Glee Club 4; Newman Club 3. 4. GENE H. HOMAN o Curwensville. Pa. 0 Markefing So- ciefy. BRUCE H. HOOPER o Wynnewood. Pa. 0 Delfa Psi o ISO-lb. Foo+baH 4: PropeHer Club. PHILIP M. HORAN. JR. 0 Milfon. Mass. 0 Alpha Sigma Phi 0 Crew l. 2: Finance Socie+y. DONALD NEWTON HORENSTEIN 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Track 3. 4; SpEke Shoe Club: Wharfon Advisory Coun- cil; WiHiam Penn Oub. Vice President Finance 50- Ciefy. President FRED HORNE o VVheeHng. W. Va. 0 Phi EpsHon PI 0 HWel Foundafion l. 2. 3. 4: Markeflng Sociefy 4; VIgHanfee CommiHee 2: Mask and Wig Show I. DAVID B. HOUSTON 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Sigma Phi EpsHon 0 Soccer l. JIRAIR STEPHEN HOVNANIAN o Baghdad. Iraq. JOHN C. HRESKO o Eckfey. Pa. 0 Phi Sigma Kappa. Treasurer 2. 3. JAMES A. HUGHES. JR. 0 G4enside. Pa. 0 Sigma Phi Epchn o J.V. Fencing 2: Record 4. JOHN W. HUGHES. JR. 0 Upper Darby. Pa. 0 Marie?- ing Sociew: Arnold Air Soclefy. ll9 l20 ANDREW JOHN HUNDERTMARK. JR. 0 Balfimore. Md. 0 Psi UpsHon o Friars Senior Sociefy: Lacrosse l. 2. 3, 4; Campus Chesf Execufive CommiHee 3; Chrisfian Associafion: Varsify Club 2. 3. 4; Vigilanfee Com- miHee 2. LEIGH W. HUNT. JR. 0 Harpers Ferry. W. Va. 0 Sigma Chi. Secrefary 0 Friars Senior Sociefy: FoofbaH l; Swimming 2. 3. 4; Lacrosse l. 2. 3. 4; Varsify Club 2. 3. 4. EUGENE A. HUTH o AsHand. N. J. DAVID JAY HYMAN o Washingfon. D. C. 0 Finance Sociefy; Hillel Foundafion: Pre-Law Sociefy. President All-Universify Council; Wharfon Advisory Council. JOEL C. ISCOVITZ o Dickson ley. Pa. 0 Sigma Alpha Mu o Befa Alpha Psi; Daily Pennsylvanian 2; HiHeI Foundafion; VigHanfee CommiHee 2. KELLIS L. JACKSON 0 Columbus. Ohio 0 Sociefy hr Hwe Advancemen+ of Management Dormifory Council; Propeller Club. ROBERT I. JACOBS 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Insurance 503 ciewL . ALEXKNDER J. JAFFURS o VVilkinsburg. Pa. o Sphinx Senior Sociefy: Phi Kappa Befa: Foo+ball 2. 3. 4: Baskefball 2. 3. 4: Finance Sociefy: Chairman 03 Dormi- +ory Advisors: Varsify Club. WILLIAM E. JEFFRIES. JR. 0 Balfimore. Md. 0 Kappa Sigma 0 Lacrosse 2; Newman Club. ARNOLD D. JOHN 0 Upper Darby. Pa. 0 Golf 3. 4: Bridge Club; Chrisfian Associaflon: Markefing Sociefy: Mask and Wig; Varsify Club: Young Republican Club. CHARLES C. JOHNSTON 0 Bedford. Pa. 0 Sigma Tau Gamma. THOMAS J. JOHNSTON o Fulfon. N. Y. 0 Sigma Nu o Housfon Hall Sfudenf Board; lnferfrafernify CouncIL JAMES E. JONES o Fairmonf. W. Va. 0 Delfa Tau DeHa o Sphinx Senior Sociefy; Befa Gamma Sigma: Chris- +ian Associafion. Co-Presidenf; Arnold Air Sociefy; Undergraduafe Council. VERNE K. JONES o Greeley. Col. BERNARD B. JOSEPH o Philaddphia. Pa. LEON F. JULIUS 0 New York. N. Y. o Thefa Chi 0 Brazilian Club 3; lnfernafional Affairs Council 4; Penn Players l. 2. 3. 4; PropeHer Club 3. 4: Record 2. GARY KAMMERMAN o Washingfon. D. C. 0 Phi Ep- silon Pi o Hillel Foundafion: Markefing Sociefy 4. HUNG KWAN KAN 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Propeller Club. ,,. "Won RICHARD L. KANTER o Newfon. Mass 0 Ze+a Befa Tau 0 Swimming l.2.4;H1lleI FoundaHon; Yachfing Club. HERBERT C. KANTOR 0 Linden. N. J. o Befa Sigma Rho 0 ISOJb. Foofball 3. 4; Sophomore Dance CommiHee 2: Varsiiy Club. W. A. KATTERMANN 0 Dover. N. J. 0 Sigma Chi. Vice President ISO-lb. Crew 1. 2. 3. 4; Varsify Boa? Club 2. 3. 4: Varsify Club 3, 4. ROBERT M. KATZ 0 Fargo. N. D. o Npha Epsilon PI 0 Daily Pennsylvanian l. 2. 3. Adverfising Manager 4; lnferfrafernify Council 3. ELDON L. KEEBAUGH 0 Clean. N. Y. 0 Kappa Sigma 0 Sociefy for Hwe Advancemenf owI Managemenf 4: Arnold Air Socie+y 3. 4. Execuflve Officer; Mask and Wig Show I. Middle Row: JOHN M. KEEBLE 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Finance Sociefy; William Penn Club. 13,. V p 53w; .2 EARL KENDALL 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Befa Sigma Rho o Baskefball l: Baseball l. GERALD D. KENJORSKI o Naanoke. Pa. 0 Newman Club: WXPN l. JOHN F. KENNY o Soufh Orange. N. J. 0 Sigma Chi. THOMAS F. KILCULLEN 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Befa Alpha Psi 3. 4; Befa Gamma Sigma. BoHom Row: FRANK J. KINN o Fosforia. O. o Thefa Chi. JEROME F. KINNEY. Ill 0 Washingfon. D. C. 0 Phi Gamma DeHa. Treasurer o Scabbard and B1ade o Yacthing Club. CHARLES H. KIRK 0 Beaver. Pa. 0 DeHa Kappa Epsilon. BERTRAM W. KLEIN o LouisviHe. Ky. 0 Ze+a BeJra Tau 0 Swimming l. THEODORE A. KLEIN o LaureHon. N. Y. o Aipha Ep- slfon PI 0 J.V. Foofball 2: RiHe Team 2: Sociefy for +he Advancemenf of Managemenf l; HlHel Foundafion 3. E? c: u. .. ' y ' f . , A .. 9?! avg:- , .,-3,- it as? r 1min He never had it so good. I22 The WHARTON SCHOOL WILLIAM H. KLEINMAN 0 New York. N. Y. o Socie'ry for Hue Advancemenf of Managemenf 3. 4; Hillel Foundafion 2. 3: Penn Players 3. 4; Record 3: William Penn Club 3. 4. DAVID B. KNAPP o Glens Falls. N. Y. 0 Phi Kappa Sigma 0 Sphinx Senior Soclefy. Scribe; Hous+on Hal! Board. Secrefary; Phi Kappa Befa: Mask and Wig Show I: Newman Club: Chairman. l95!, Campus Chesf Drive. DONALD R. KOENIG o Vineland. N. J. o Acacia 0 Crew, Assisfanf manager: SocIeer for +he Advancemenf of Managemenf 4: Alpha Phi Omega 3. 4: Chris+ian Associafion 3. 4: Dormifory Council 3; Varsify Boaf Club 3. 4. WALTER KOHLER. JR. 0 Lancasfer. Pa. 0 Alpha Tau Omega 0 Wresfling l. BYRON E. KOPP o DuBois. Pa. 0 DeHa Upsilon o ISO-lb. Foofball 1: Alpha Phi Omega l. 2: Daily Pennsylvanian 2, 3. 4; Office Manager: Dormlfory Council 2: Inferfra- fernify Council 3: Markefing Sociefy 4; Vigiianfee Com- mIHee 2: Young Republican Club 3. DAVID KORENBAUM 0 Bronx. N. Y. 0 Alpha Epsilon PI 0 Markeflng Sociefy 2. ARNOLD H. KRAMER 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Hillel Foundafion. HAROLD D. KRASHES 0 Spring Valley, N. Y. o Dormi- +ory Council I; Hillel Foundafion l. 2. 3. 4; Insurance Sociefy 4. HENRY NORMAN KRAVER o Fores+ Hills. N. Y. o Alpha Epsilon Pi 0 Crew l; Hillel Foundafion 4. GONCER M. KRESTAL 0 Philadelphia. Pa, 0 HiHel Foundafion; Pre-Law Sociefy. EDWARD A. KULYK 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Propeller Club I. 2. 3. 4; William Penn Club 3: Young Republican Club I. 2. HOWARD KUPPERMAN o Pleasanfville. N. J. 0 Phi Sigma Delfa o Hillel Foundafion l. 2. 3. 4. WILLIAM T. KVETKAS. JR. 0 WilkesBarre. Pa. 0 Alpha Chi Rho 0 Band I. 2. 3. 4: Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4: Fan- fare Sociefy. JOHN J. LAINO. JR. 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Phi Kappa Psi 0 Foofball l. 2. 3. 4. NORMAN R. LANGE o PhHadelphTa. Pa. 0 Befa Thefa PI 0 Sociefy for Hwe Advancemenf of Management 3L Y. 0 Socieiy 3. 4: Hille1 wd 31WiHiam Kappa Sigma n Hal! Board. Wig Show h ; Chesf Drive. 0 Acacia o Advancemenf l. 4; Christian ; Varsity Boa? . . Alpha Tau osHon 0 ISM- 3 Pennsylvanian M 2; lnwerwra- ligilanwee Com' Mpha EPSHon Pi w Pa. . H1 in NY- . DormV' . 3 4IInSUrW . Hills. N- Y' . ndaHOn 4' CLASS OF Top Row: WILLIAM G. LAVEN 0 Media. Pa. 0 Alpha Sigma Phi o Pennpix I. 2. Phofography SfaH. JAMES A. LEACH 0 York. Pa. 0 Phi Kappa Sigma. HARRY A. LEBO 0 EvereH. Pa. JOHN NEWBOLD LEE 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Inferna- +ional Affairs Council 3. 4; Unifed World Federalids l. 2. Presidenf 3: Finance Sociefy 4. DONALD N. LEFF o Yonkers. N. Y. 0 Phi Epsilon Pi o I50rlb. Crew l. 2. 3. 4: Varsify Boaf Club. Middle Row: THOMAS JAMES LEIBO 0 Union. N. J. o Zefa Befa Tau 0 Golf 2. 3. 4. HOWARD E. LENAHAN. JR. 0 Drexel Hill. Pa. 0 Sigma Phi Epsilon. RICHARD DAVID LEVIN 0 New York. N. Y. 0 Markefing Sociefy. RICHARD M. LEVIN o Rochesfer. N. Y. 0 Sigma Alpha Mu o HiHel Foundafion l. 2. 3. 4; Inferfrafernify Coun- l952 CH 3. 4; Markefing Society 3. 4; Nafion Sfudenfs' As- sociaHon l. 2. ALAN M. LEVINE 0 New Haven. Conn. o Zefa Befa Tau 0 Baseball l; ISO-lb. Foo+ball 2. 3; Vigilanfee Commif- +ee 2. BoProm Row: ROBERT E. LEVINE 0 Lawrence. N. Y. o Tau Delfa Phi 0 Daily Pennsylvanian 3. Associafe Edifor 4: Hillel Founda- Jrion 3. 4. HOWARD l. LEVISON a New York. N. Y. BERT LEVY o Elkins Park. Pa. 0 Rifle Team 3. 4; Cade1L Council 3. Vice President Markefing Sociefy; Pershing Rifles: Scabbard and Blade. RONALD NORMAN LEVY 0 New York. N. Y. o Hillel Foundafion: Markefing Sociefy: Pennpix. Accounf Man- ager. STANTON LEVY o Per+h Amboy, N. J. 0 Phi Epsilon PI 0 Junior Annals 3: Hillel Foundafion l. 2. 3. 4: Markef- Ing Sociefy 4; Pre-Law Society 4. I23 I24 DAVID MORGAN LEWIS o Scranton, Pa. 0 Phi Kappa Sigma. BARTON LEWY 0 Philadelphia, Pa. 0 Phi Vappa Psi 0 Daily Pennsylvanian, Adverfising Manager, FranHin So- Ciefy 4:Join+C1ass Council, President Junior Annah; Junior CommiHee: Markefing Soclefy 3, 4, Secrefary; Mask and Wig Show 2: Penn Mike Ciub 3, 4: Pennplx 2, 3, 4, Business Advisor: Senior Class CouncH: WXPN 2, 3, 4, SfaHon Manager; Chairman, Hy Network; Inferfra'remlfy CouncH. WARREN S. LEXTON 0 Philadelphia, Pa. 0 Insurance Sociefy. WALTER A. LINDELL, JR. 0 Glen Roclr, N. J. o Sigma Chi o lSO-lb, FoofbaH 2, 3: Dormifory Council I; In- surance Soclefy 4; Varsify Club 3, 4. PHILIP B. LINDY 0 Philadelphia, Pa. 0 Phi Epsiion Pi 0 Finance Sociefy. RICHARD A. LIPSEY 0 Des Moines. Iowa 0 Phi EpsHon Pi 0 Golf 2, 3, 4, Capfain: Daily PennsvaanIan !: Hille4 Foundafion l, 2, 3, 4: Markefing Sociefy 3 Vice Presl- denf, 4 Presidenf; Varslfy Club 3, 4; Wharfon Advisory Council 4. HERBERT MYRON LISS 0 New York, N. Y. 0 Sigma Alpha Mu 0 Band I, 2. 3: Choral Sociew 2: DaHy Penn- sylvanian l, 2, 3 Promofion Manager, 4 Business Man- ager: Franan Sociefy 3, 4 Treasurer: G4ee Cub 2, 3, 4; Hillel Foundafion l, 2, 3, 4: Markefing Sociefy l, 2, 3, 4 Vice President President Mask and Wig Show I; Oang Qub l: Pennpix 4 Business Advisor: Scabbard and Blade 3, 4; WXPN l: Whar+on Advisory Council 4. STEPHEN LITTAUER 0 New Rochelle, N. Y. o Delfa Tau Delfa o Friars: Phi Kappa Be+az Crew l, 2, 3, 4: Chris- +ian Associafion: Finance Sociefy: Arnold Air Sociefy; Varsify Boaf Club: Varsify Club. DAVID LLOYD, HI 0 PWmoufh, Pa. 0 Alpha Chi Rho 0 Track I; Band I, 2. 3, 4: Befa Alpha Psi 3,4 Treasurer; Dormlfory Council 2; FaMare Sociefy. MILTON LLOYD o Hazlefon. Pa. DONALD ALAN LOBEL o Cedarburst N. Y. o Npha Epsilon Pl 0 Npha Phi Omega: Finance Sociefy: HiHe? Foundafion. ARTHUR F. LOEBEN o Swarfhmore, Pat 0 Thefa Xi o Sociefy for We Advancemenf of Managemenf; New- man Club. JAY W. LORCH o DaHas, Tex. o Zefa Befa Tau. DANIEL JOSEPH LOWEN o Yonkers, N. Y. o Lambda Chi Alpha 0 Rifle Team 3, 4: Cadef Council; ChrSfIan Associaflon. ALBERT A. LUBINSKY o Scranfon, Pa. 0 Pi Kappa Npha. RICHARD M. LYNCH o BaWaeCsnmd, Pa. 0 Kappa Sigma 0 FoofbaH l, 2: Newman Club. JOHN V. LYON 0 Philadelphia, Pa. 0 Pennswvam'a Liferary Review, Circubflon Manager: Pennpw'x: Philo- mafhean Sociefy; Infernafiond Affairs Associafion: Propeller Club. GEORGE F. McANDREWS o PhHadethia, Pa. O FOO+- ball 2, 3, 4; Markefmg Sociefy 4; Newman Club I, 4. C3,". THOMAS JAMES r CORNEL JOSEPH 4 5-933 4 Nerve: FRANK E. U33 V CHARLES . Phi Kappa Kappa Psi . 7 Franklin 30. unior Annals: 4. Secremy; 34 4' Pennpk mncH; WXPN IVY Nefwcrk . 0 insurance 3. J. 0 Sigma Council 4'. 1n- 1': Epsilon P3 . a 0 Phi EosV'on vanian 1'. HHel y 3 Vice Presi- zarm Advlsory J. Y. o nga . 2: Dew Pew- ? Bushes; Man- 3ee Cub 2. 3. 19 Socie'ry L 2, j W; 3W 4 vEsO': Scabbarc ziscry Com1 4 Y. . Deha Tau 4. 2' 33410533- ojd Au SW Mo'na CM Rm. .1 3 4Treaiwer' DAVID MCCAHAN. JR. 0 Swarfhmore. Pa. 0 Psi Up- chn o FoofbaH l. J.V. 2: Lacrosse l. 2. 3. 4 Capfain: Insurance Sociefy 2. 3. 4 Vice Presidenf; Varslfy Club 3. 4. EDWARD T. MCCARRON o Craneron. R. l. 0 Sigma Phi Epsilon 0 Finance Sociefy; Newman Club. COOPER REID MCCARTHY 0 Devon. Pa. 0 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 0 Daily Pennsylvanian l. 2. 3. 4: Franklin Sociefy 3. 4; Pennpix l. 2. 3. 4. RICHARD A. McCLATCHY. JR. 0 Malvern. Pa. 0 Delfa Kappa Epsilon 0 Franklin Sociefy; ln+erfra+ernify Coun- cil; Newman Club; Quarferdeck Soclefy; Scabbard and Blade. JOHN A. MCCOLE o Wilkes-Barre. Pa. 0 Zefa Psi. Treas- urer. Vice-Presiden+ 0 Finance Sociefy; Insurance Sociefy; Newman Club: Yachfing Club. ANDREW J. MCCOMAS 0 Warren. Pa. 0 Phi Kappa Sigma 0 Friars Senior Sociefy; Foo+ball. Associafe Man- ger: A+hle+ic Managerial Board 4; Chrisfian Associafion Cabinef 4; Freshman Handbook Edifor 3. JOHN C. MCCOMBS o Unlonfown. Pa. 0 Befa Thefa Pi o Sphinx Senior Soclefy: Inferfrafernify Council 3: Mask and Wig Club I. 2. 3. 4 Business Manager; Mask and Wig Board of Governors 3. 4; Record 2; Sophomore Class Council 2. Secrefary-Treasurer. ALFRED A. McCRAY o Jamesfown. N. Y. 0 Phi Kappa Psi o Lacrosse l. 2. 4; Insurance Sociefy;3ln+erfra+ern1+y Council: Arnold Air Sociefy. THOMAS D. MCDONALD o Aflanfic Cify. N. J. JAMES MCDOWELL o Beacon. N. Y. CORNELIUS McGILLlCUDDY. III 0 Wynnewood. Pa. 0 0 Phi Gamma Delfa 0 Baseball 3. 4: Finance Sociefy: Newman Club; Quarferdeck Sociefy; Scabbard and Bhade. GERALD H. MCGINLEY o Wesffield. N. J. 0 Phi Gamma DeHa o Sphinx Senior Sociefy; Phi Kappa Befa; Foo+bail l. 2. 3. 4: Freshman Class Council I Vice-Presidenf: Newman Club 2. 3. 4; Varsify Club 2, 3. 4; Yachfing Club 2. 3. 4. JOSEPH N. McGOWAN o Bordenfown. N. J. 0 Kappa Sigma 0 Socie+y for +he Advancemenf of Management Newman Club. FRANK E. MCKEE. JR. 0 Norfh Muskegon. Mich. o DeHa UPSHOH 0 Sociefy for We AdvancememL of Manage- menf 4'. Young Republican Club I. 2. 3. 4. CHARLES H. MCKINNEY o Oswego. Ken. 0 Phi Delfa Them 0 Sphinx Senior Soclefy; Phi Kappa Befa; Poof- baH. Head Manager: AfhleHc Managerial Board. 4 President Freshmen Dance Chairman.- lnfemtrafernify Council; Varsify Club; Yachfing Club. WILLIAM EDMUND MCKINNEY. JR. 0 PhHadelphia. Pa. ' P5; UpSilon 0 Daily Pennsylvanlan 2. 3. 4 Producf'won Manager; MarkeHng Sociefy: Mask and Wig Club. EDWARD D. McLOUGHLIN. III 0 Phiiadelphia. Pa, 0 Insurance Sociefy: Newman Oub. BERNARD D. MAGASINY 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Befa Npha Psi; HiHel Foundafion. l25 l26 JULIAN A. MAGNUS. JR. 0 Cincinnafi. Ohio 0 Zefa Befa Tau o DaHy Pennsyklaman l. 2: Mask and Wig Show I: WXPN l. 2: Yachfing Club I. 2. 3. 4 ViceACommodore. FRANK MAHLAB o Foresf Hilis. N. Y. I Npha Epsilon Pi o DaHy Pennsylvanian. Producfion Manager. Per- sonnel Manager: HiHel Foundafion. ROBERT K. MANCKE o Wynnewood. Pa. 0 Sigma Nu. PAULV. MARCUSON o Wes+ Harfford. Conn. o Lambda Chi Npha o Friars Senior Sociefy; Soccer 2. 3. 4 Cap- +ainj Varsify Club 2. 3. 4. WILLIAM M. MARGOLIS 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Befa Alpha Psi 3. 4; Befa Gamma Sigma 3. 4- Secre+ary. CHARLES HENRY MARION o Haddon Heighfs. N. J. 0 Phi Kappa Psi 0 Insurance Sociefy; Mask and Wig Show; Newman Club. RICHARD E. MARKLEY o Norrisfown. Pa. 0 RiHe Team 3. 4: Cadef Council 3. 4: Chrisfian Associafion l: Pershing RiHes 2. 3. 4 Vice Presidenf. DONALD A. MARKOVITZ 0 Camden. N. J. o Befa Npha Psi: Hillel Foundafion: Quarferdeck Sociefy. JOHN L. MATHER 3RD 0 Wayne. Pa. 0 Phi Gamma Delfa o J.V. Baske+baH 2; Soccer l. 2. 3: Lacrosse 4'. Young Republican Club. LAURENCE R. MAXWELL 0 Upper Darby, Pa. 0 Alpha Sigma Phi 0 Track I. 2, 3. 4; Cross Counfry l. 2. 3. 4: Penn Players 2. 3. 4; Pershing RiHes l. 2; Spike Shoe Club I. 2. 3. 4 Treasurer; Varsify CIub 2.3.4. WILLIAM J. MAXWELL o Flushing. N. Y. 0 Sigma Phi Epsilon o Newman Club. BRUCE LINCOLN MAYERS 0 Brooklyn. N. Y. 0 Phi Sigma DeHa 2 Secrefary. 3 Treasurer o Befa Alpha Psi. Vice- President JOHN L. MECAUGHEY. JR. 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Kappa Sigma 0 Band: Markefing Sociefy. ELLIOT GEORGE MEISEL o BrooMyn. N. Y. o Tau Epsiion Phi 0 HiHel Founda+lon l. 2. 3.4. CHARLES SANGER MELLEN 0 New HarHord, N. Y. 0 Delfa Tau DeHa o Sphinx: Crew l. 2. 3. 4: Sociefy wtor +he Advancemenf of Managemenh Chrlsflan Associa- flon Cabinet Mask and Wig Show I;Varsi+y Boaf Club; Varsify Club. JEAN PAUL MERR'NG o Sfroudsburg. Pa. 0 Befa Alpha Psi 3. 4 Secretary; WIHiam Penn Club 3. 4 Treasurer: Befa Gamma Sigma. RICHARD A. MERSEREAU o Baldw'm. N. Y. 0 PropeHor Club. MERLE B. MEYER 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 William Penn Club. Top Row: JAMES MIADES 0 Philadelphia. Pa. FRED M. MILLER 0 York. Pa. 0 Befa Sigma Rho o Foofball leigilanfe CommiHee 2. IRVING ARTHUR MILLER. JR. 0 Newfown Square. Pa. 0 DeHa Tau DeHa o Sphinx; Phi Kappa Befa; Kife and Key Treasurer; Crew l. 2. 3. 4: Finance Socie+y; Varsify Boaf Club. J. R. MILLER 0 Kansas ley. Mo. 0 Sigma Chi. PAUL L. MILLER o Pennsauken. N. J. o Transporfafion Sociefy President Wharfon Advisory Council. Middle Row: ROBERT F. MILLER o Loraie. Ohio 0 Sociefy for Hue Advancemenf of Managemenf 2. 3. 4: Band I. 2. 3. 4: Fanfare Soclefy 3. 4. RICHARD F. MILLS 0 Reading. Pa. 0 Sigma Nu. Presldenf 4 0 ISOPound FoofbaH 3: lnferfraJrernify Council 4; Counting Ihe Frosh election returns. Mask and Wig Show I. A. DONALD MINGLE o Roaring Spring. Pa. 0 Thefa Xi. Treasurer 3 0 Band I. 2. 3; Befa Alpha Psi 3. 4. ENRIQUE MODIANO 0 Mexico. D. F.. Mex. 0 Soccer l. J.V.: 2. 3. 4: Soc1e+yfor+he Advancemenf of Manage- menf: Hillel Foundafion: Span'wsh Club. DICK LUIS MOHR o Phlladdphia. Pa. 0 Soccer I. J.V. 2. 3. BoHom Row: JOSEPH H. MOORE. JR. 0 Philadelphia. Pa. WILLIAM F. M005 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Newman Club. JACK J. MORRIS o Philadeiphia. Pa. 0 Finance Sociefy: French Oub. BURTON J. MORRISON 0 Brooklyn. N. Y. 0 Phi Sigma DeHa o Befa Gamma Sigma. HAROLD I. MORRISON o PhHadelp'nia. Pa. The WHARTON SCHOOL . MALCOLM A. MORRISON o Ardmore. Pa. 0 Kappa I E Sigma 0 BaskeeraH l. 2: Inferfrafernify Council. Afh. lefic Chairman 4. MARVIN W. MORSE o Flushing N. Y. o Kapoa Nu . Crew l: Hin Foundafion l. 3 .1 , RICHARD H. MOSELEY 0 Kansas Cify. Mo. 0 Ph; Gamma Delfa. 3 HARRY E. MUELLER. JR. 0 Erie. Pa. 0 Alpha CH Rho 0 Band 3: Chrisfian Associafion 3. 4: Daily Pennsylvanian 3. 4: Finance Sociefy 3. 4: Pre-Law Sociefy 3. LEO R. MULLNER 0 New Brifain. Conn. 0 Phi Kappa Tau o Newman C1ub3zDelfa Sigma Pi. . DONALD H. MURRAY 0 Audubon. N. J. o Befa Thefa Pi ' J o Foofball 1.2:Varsify Club 2. DONALD MUTSCHLER 0 Norwalk. Conn. 0 Phi Kappa P51 0 Track I. 2, 3: Cross Coun+ry l. 2. 3: Band I; Bridge Club 4: Chrisfian Associafion L 2. 4: DormHory Coun- cil 1: Finance Sociefy 2. 3. 4: Spike Shoe Club 4; WXPN 4; Young Republican Club 4. 3 JAMES R. NADLER 0 Ship BoHom. N. J. 0 Sigma Npha . Epsilon o Markefing Sociefy; Arnoki Air Sociefy; Pro- 1, peller Club. ' BARRY NAGINSKY o Norfh Bergen. N. J. o BeFa Sigma Rho. CARL THEODORE NECKER o Philaddphia. Pa. 0 Befa Sigma Rho o ln+erna+ional Affairs Council. JEROME J. NEFF 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Befa Sigma Rho 0 lnfernafional Affairs Council 2. CARL NELSON 0 Superior. Wisc. o Lambda Chi Npha 0 WXPN 3. ALAN NEUMAlER 0 New York. N. Y. 0 Alpha Epsilon Pi 0 Baseball l. 2; Hillel FoundaHon I. 2. 3. 4. HUBERT G. NEUMANN 0 Chicago. W 0 Hillel Founda- Hon; Markefing Socie+y. BURTON NEWMAN . New York. N. Y. . Alpha Epsilgn Pi 0 Crew 1: Daily Pennsylvanian 2. 3. 4: FFGHH'n Socie+y 2. 3. 4: Junior Annals. 3: Promofion Manager? I: Pennpix l. 2. 3. 4. Assisfanf Business Manager. ? 3 ' Kappa uncll. AH. rppa Nu 0 Mo. 0 PM I OH Rno 0 ennswvan'an 3. 3 Kappa Tau Leta Theh P: o W Kappa and .zBridqe mlfory CW Mo 4? WXPN g.gmd Npha Sodew: Pro; . Bela nga CLASS OF Top Row: JOSEPH F. NOCCA o Yonkers. N. Y. o Befa Gamma Sigma 0 Infercollegiafe Conference on Government President Halian Club; Newman Club: Pi Gamma Mu. EDWARD GREGORY NORIAN o Englewood. N. J. 0 Kappa Sigma, Grand Scribe o lSO-Pound Foofball 3: Mask and Wig Show I; Varsify Club 3. 4; Young Republican Club 2. ANTHONY WILLIAM NOVASITIS o Nicholson. Pa. 0 Thefa XI 0 Sociefy for We Advancemenf of Manage- ment Corrz3sponding Secrefary; NeWman Club. EDWARD L. NOYES 0 Pearl River. N. Y. o ChrisHan Associafion 3. 4: lnfercollegiafe Conference on Gov- ernmemL 4; PropeHer Club 4. EDMUND J. O'BRIEN. JR. 0 Meriden. Conn. 0 Phi Sigma Kappa. PresidemL 3 o Kife and Key: J.V. Soccer 2. 3: Glee Club 3. 4: lnsurance Soclefy 2. 3. 4; Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4. Middle Row: EDWARD S. ODGERS. JR. 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Befa Thefa PI 0 Baskefball l. J. V. 2: Soccer l. GEORGE M. OESMANN o Wes1L Caldwell. N. J. 0 Sigma Phi Epsilon o Chrisfian Associa+ion 2; Insurance Socie+y I. 2. 3. 4; Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4. l952 JAMES J. O'KANE o PhHadelphia. Pa. 0 Crew l. RICHARD W. OLLlVIERRE 0 Reading. Pa. 0 Kappa Sigma. Vice Presidenf o Foofball 1: Golf. Manager 4; Afhlefic Managerial Board. Vice-Presidenf; Franklin Sociefy: Markefing Sociefy; Mask and Wig Show I; Associafe Business Manager. Record: Varsify Club. ANDREW ONDISH o Swoyervllle. Pa. BoHom Row: HUGH G. O'NEILL o Branf Beach. N. J. 0 Phi Gamma DeHa o Foofball l. 2. 3. 4; Newman CMJb 3. 4. P. ERIC OPPENHEIMER o WesHie'Id. N. J. o Lambda Chi Alpha 0 Track 3: Soccer 3; WresHing 3. 4; Sociefy 47m Hwe Advancemenf o? ManagememL 3. 4: Alpha Phi Omega 3. 4; German Club 4; Grapplefs Cmb 3. 4; Varsify Club 3. 4. CLINTON A. PACKARD o Maplewood, N. J. o DeHa Kappa Epsilon. Presidenf 4 o Squash 4: Tennis I. 2. 3. 4 Capfain: lnferfrafernify Council 3. 4; Markefing Sociefy 4: Pennpix l. 2. 3: Varsify Club 2. 3. ROBERT E. PAGE 0 Sfoneham. Mass. 0 Sigma Phi Epsilon o Foofball 2. 3. 4: Crew l; DaHy Pennsylvanian 2: Dormlfory CouncH l. WILLIAM C. PALUMBO 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Insurance Sociefy; Newman Cth. 129 HARRY P. PAPPAS o BaHimore. Md. 0 Delfa Kappa Epsilon 0 Soccer l. J.V. 4: Lacrosse I. 2. 3: VdrSifY Club 3. WILLIAM A. PATERSON o Chesfer. Pa. JOSEPH PATRUNO o Monfdalr. N. J. 0 Kappa Sigma 0 FoofbaH l; MarkeHng Sociefy 4; Phofographic Socle+y 3. 4. GEORGE PATTERSON. JR. 0 Bergenfield. N. J. 0 Phi Sigma Kappa. THOMAS J. PATTERSON o PhHadelphia. Pa. 0 Pi Kappa Alpha 0 Newman Club I. THOMAS PAUL. JR. 0 Phiiadelphia. Pa. 0 Pi Kappa Alpha. LOUIS PEARLMAN. JR. 0 LabyeHe. Ind. ALLAN H. PEARLSTEIN o Greaf Neck. N. Y. o Tau Epsilon Phi o Hillel Foundafion 2. 3. 4. ROBERT H. PELHAM. JR. 0 Scofia. N. Y. 0 Phi Sigma Kappa 0 Band I. 2. 3. 4; Chrisfian Associafion I: Fanfare Socie+y 3. 4: Insurance Sociefy 2. 3. Presidenf 4: All Universify Council 4; Wharfon Advisory Council Secre'rary Treasury 4. JAMES C. PEQUIGNOT o HoHidaysburg. Pa. 0 Daily Pennsylvanian l. Junior Ed'Hor 21Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4: Pennpix. Managing Edifor 4: Penn Players 1. WILLIAM D. PEQUIGNOT - Hollidaysburg. Pa, 0 Golf 2. 3. 4; Finance Sociefy 2. 3; Newman Club; Varsify Club. CHARLES PERLEMAN 0 Cleveland Helng. O. 0 Kappa Nu 0 Band I. 2. 3. 4: Befa Alpha Psi 3. 4: Befa Gamma Sigma 3. 4; Fanfare Sociefy 3. 4 Secrefary. WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON PETERSOHN o Norris- fown. Pa. GEORGE S. PETERSON 0 5+. Albans. N. Y. o Acacia o Governmenf Club. Execufive CommiHee. WILLIAM RICHARD PETERSON o Drexel Hill. Pa. DANTE N. PICCONE 0 Upper Darby. Pa. 0 Phi Gamma DeHa 0 AbeH of Friars: Crew l. 2. 3. 4: Sociefy for Hwe xAxdvancememL of Managemenf 2. 3. 4 Vice-Presi- dent Cadef Council 3: Newman Qub l. 2. 3. 4: Under- graduafe Council 4; Varsify BothL Club I. 2. 3. 4 Commodore; Varsify Club 2. 3. 4. BARTON B. PILCHER 0 Silver Spring. Md. 0 Alpha Chi Rho. Presidenf 4 o Glee Club 3. 4 Vice-Presidenf; Infer- 1Craferni+y Council 3. 4; Mask and Wig Show I: Penn- pix I. STANLEY l. PILSHAW o Midd4eboro. Mass. 0 Phi Sigma DeHa. Secrefary 2 0 Band I. 2; Hillel Foundafion l. 2. 3. I30 - V. 2-3v A; LOUIS H. PITLUK 0 San Anfonio. Tex. 0 Phi Sigma DeHa. Presidenf 4. KENNETH D. PLATTMAN 0 Brooklyn. N. Y. o Propeller Club. GERALD PLOTKIN 0 New York. N. Y. 0 PH Sigma DeHa 0 Soccer l; Hillel Foundafion l. 2. 3 Cabinet JERROLD LOUIS POLINSKY o Dulufh. Minn. 0 Phi Epsi- lon Pi o HiHel Foundafion; Markefing Sociefy. RICHARD H. POLLAK 0 New York. N. Y. MORTON POLOWAY o Balfimore. Md. 0 Hillel Founda- Jrion. CARL ARTHUR POLSKY 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Tau DeHa Phi o Befa Alpha Psi 3. 4. ARNOLD J. POMERANTZ o Soufh Orange. N. J. 0 Phi Epsilon PI 0 Sociefy for We AdvancememL of Manage- menf 4: Daily Pennsylvanian l; Hillel Foundafion I. 2. 3. 4: Junior Annals. Circulafion Manager 3: Pennpix I. 2. 3, 4: Markefing Sociefy. ROBERT POPP o Lansford. Pa. 0 Track 3: Chrisflan Associafion 2. 3: Daily Pennsylvanian l; Markefing Socfefy 2. 3. 4; Oufing Cfub l. BARTON L. POSTERNOK 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Pershing RiHes: Pre-Law Sociefy. WILLIAM H. PORTER 0 Philadelphia. Pa. HARVEY POTTS 0 5+. Pefersburg. Pa. 0 Arnold Air Socie+y. ROBERT L. POTTS o Cusfer Cify. Pa. 0 Sociefy for Hwe Advancemenf of Managemenf 4; Chrisfian Associa- fion 4. CESAR R. POUGY 0 Rio do Janeira. Brazil 0 Sigma Nu 0 Soccer 1.2:BraziHan Club 2. 3: Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4. GEORGE E. PRATCHETT o Meyico Cify. Mexico 0 Phi Kappa Sigma 0 60H 3. 4 Cap+aint Chrisfian Associaflon l; Propejier C'ub 3. 4; VarsTfy Club 4. LEONARD JAY PRINCE o PhiladeEpHa. Pa. 0 Kappa Nu o HJHeI FoundaHon. WALTER J. QUINN. JR. 0 Drexe'. H141. Pa. 0 MarkeHng Socief. 2. 3. 4' Newman Oub 1. 2. 3. 4; Pershmg RlHes l. 2. 3. 4' WHIam Penn Club 4. MARS STANLEY RADCLIFFE o Philadeiphia. Pa. 0 DeHa UpsHon. Vice-Presidenf. l3l WILLIAM DONALD RADER 0 New RocheHe. N. Y. 0 Delhi Tau Delfa 0 Swimming l.2, 3. 4: Cheran Science Organizafion: DaHy PennsyKvanian. Promofion Manager; FranMEn Soclefy 3. 4 Secrefary: MarkeHng Soclefy; Arnold Air Soclefy: Scabbard and Bhade. HERMAN RAVITCH o PhHadelphia, Pa, 0 Soufhem Circle. Secrefary. DIXON MILLS RAYMOND o Easf Concord. N, Y, . Pi Kappa Aipha 0 Insurance Sociefy 3. 4: lnferfrafernify Coundl l. 2. 3: Junior C4555 Council 3'. ViceVPreSidenf Junior Class 3; Vigilanfe CommIHee Chairman. JOSEPH VINCENT REAPH. JR. 0 Philadeiphia. Pa. 0 Sigma Chi. Presidenf 4 o Befa Gamma Sigma 3. 4; Debafe Council I. 2. 3. 4: Inferntrafernify Council 4; Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4; Pre-Law Sociefy 3. 4, ROBERT A. REBSTOCK o Lansdowne. Pa. 0 The+a X; . Sociefy for H'xe Advancemenf of Managemenf 3. 4 Sec- refarysTreasurer; American Soclefy of Mechanical Engi. neers 2. 3. DONALD L. RECH o Maplewood. N. J. o Aipha Sigma Phi 0 Track I; inferfrafemlfy Council 2. 3. 4 Secrefary; Pennpix 2. BLOOR REDDING o lndianapohs. Ind 0 Sigma Nu 0 Campus Chesf CommiHee. Treasurer 4: Franklin Sociefy 3. 4: Inferfrafernify Ball CommiHee. Chairman 4: Mask and Wig Show I. 2; Pennpix I. 2. 3. 4 Business Manager. JAMES H. REDIC o Mercer. Pa. 0 Phi Sigma Kappa 0 Insurance Sociefy 4; Quarferdeck Sociefy 3. 4. WALLACE B. REED o Waferloo. !owa. FRANK L. RIEDER 0 Philadelphia. Pa. NELSON A. REIGER o Dayfon. Ohio 0 Alpha Tau Omega 0 Rifle Team 3. 4 Capfain. Sociefy for +he Advancemenf of Managemenf 4: Canferbury Club I. 2: lnsurance Soclefy 2. 3: Scabbard and B1ade 3. 4: Quarferdeck Sociefy 3. 4; Varsify Club 3. 4: Yachfing Club 2. 3; Ou'ring CWUb. ALBERT PAUL RILOFF 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Hillel Foun- dafion. RICHARD M. RITTENBAND 0 Newark. N. J. 0 Band 4 Publicify Manager; Cadef Council 4: Penn Mike Club 2. 3. 4: Penn Players 4: Arnold Air Sociefy 4; Spirif CommiHee 3. 4; William Penn Club 3. 4; WXPN 3. News Diredor 4. STANLEY HOLMES RITTER o SpringFIeld. Mass. 0 Sigma Nu o Fencing l. 2; Cadef Council 4: Fencing Sociefy; Finance Sociefy: Gladius Club; Varsify Club 3. 4. THOMAS HENRY ROACH o Collingdale. Pa. BENJAMIN F. ROBELEN. JR. 0 Eas+ Springfield. N. Y. 0 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 0 Soccer l. 2 Alfernafe Manager. JOHN R. ROEGER o Woodlynne. N. J. o Transporfafion Socie+y. SANFORD ROGGENBURG o Rockville Cenfre. N. Y. 0 Alpha Epsilon PI 0 Crew I: Soclefy 4or Hue Advance- menf of Management Hillel Foundaflon I. '2. 3. 4: Markefing Sociefy 4. mce ger; efy; wern IPi enify ienf Ki 0 Sec- Engi- grna 'ary; u o :iefy Aask HESS 3a 0 I-F Council meeting:"Let's fine every- body!" Top Row: BASIL ROMAN 0 Philadelphia, Pa. 0 Insurance Sociefy 3, 4: Propeller Club 2: Spanish Club I, 2. ELTON A. ROOT, JR. 0 Chagrin Fails, Ohio 0 Phi Gamma DeHa o Fencing l; Mask and Wig Show I: PropeHer Club 4. JOHN W. RORER o Drexel Hill, Pa. 0 Phi DeHa The+a 0 Swimming 2. 3, 4 Associafe Manager: MarkeHng Sociefy 4. EDWARD G. ROSEN 0 Brooklyn, N. Y. 0 Hillel Founda- fion. SEYMOUR S. ROSS 0 Long Beach, N. Y. o Tau Epsilon Phi Presiden+ o Befa Alpha Psi. Middle Row: DAVID S. ROTHMAN o Philade'phia, Pa. 0 Hillel Foun- daHon; MarkeHng Sociefy. RICHARD FREDERICK RUBY o Winnefka, Ill. 0 Sigma Alpha Mu o Sphinx Senior Sociefy: Be+a Alpha Psi 3, 4: Bridge Club 3. 4; Choral Sociefy l, 2, 3: Daily Pennsyl- vanian 4 Business Advisor: Franklin Socie+y 3, 4: Giee Club I. 2, 3. 4: Hillel Founda+ion, President Markefing Sociefy 2, 3, 4; Mask and Wig Show I; Pennpix, Business Manager: Pershing Rifles 2, 3, 4; Arnold Air Sociefy 3. 4; Undergraduafe Council 4; WXPN 2, 3, 4. FRANK H. RULLAN o San+urce, Puerfo Rico 0 Chrisfian Associafion: Nu Sigma Befa; Propeller Club; Spanish Club. LOUIS M. RUSITZKY 0 New Bedford, Mass. 0 Befa Sigma Rho o Socie+y for +he Advancemenf out Managemenf 4: Hillel Foundafion 2, 3, 4: Oufing Club 4. CHARLES RICHARD RYAN o Wilmingfon, Del 0 Phi Gamma Delfa, Presidenf o lnferfrafernify Council. BoHom Row: JOHN PAUL RYAN o Scranfon, Pa. 0 Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4; Propeller Club 3, 4; Transporfafion Sociefy 4 Vice- President BYRON DAVID SACHAR 0 8+. Louis, Mo. 0 Zefa Be+a Tau, Secrefary, Presidenf 0 Baseball I: GOH 4: Daily Pennsylvanian l, 2; Hillel Foundafion l, 2, 3. 4; Co- Edifor, Freshman Handbook. WALTER SAFFER 0 New York, N. Y. 0 Pi Lambda Phi o Debafe Council 2, 3, 4: Hillel Foundafion l, 2, 3, 4. JAMES S. SAFFRAN 0 Kansas Cify, Mo. 0 Hillel Founda- +ion; Finance Sociefy. THOMAS S. SAKATA 0 Honolulu, Hawaii 0 ISO-Pound Foofball 4; Markefing Sociefy 4. The WHARTON SCHOOL w EDWARD G. SALANTRIE o Newburgh. N. Y. 0 Alpha Tau Omega 0 ISOePound FoofbaH 3: J.V. Wresfling 4: Insurance Sociefy: Newman Club: Arnold Air Sociefy. STANLEY A. SANDBERG 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Befa Npha Psi. Co-Chairman. Program CommiHee; Befa Gamma Sigma; William Penn Club. CARL GEORGE SANDER o Norrisfown. Pa. 0 Phi Gamma DeHa 0 Baseball l. 2. 3. 4; Arnold Air Sociefy. ROBERT S. SANDLER 0 New York. N. Y. 0 Pi Lambda Phi 0 Penn Players l. 2. 3. 4 Board of Governors: Cheer- leader 3. 4; Spirif CommiHee 3. 4 Secrefary; Sfudenf Dorm Advisor; Arnold Air Sociefy. GENE SATTLER I New York. N. Y. 0 Phi Gamma Delfa o Friars; Baskefball I. 2. 3. 4: Baseball l. 2. 3. 4 Capfain; Varsify Club 2.3.4. FREDERICK W. SAUERS o Hinsdale. 1H. 0 Penn Players. Chairman of Board of Governors. DONALD C. SCAL o Greaf Neck. N. Y. 0 Phi Epsilon PI 0 Hillel Foundafion 3: Markefing Sociefy 4. DONALD P. SCANLON o Larchmonf. N. Y. 0 Sigma Chi o Sphinx Senior Sociefy. Chief: Phi Kappa Befa. Vice- Presidenf: BaskefbaH l. 2. 3. 4 Capfain; Crew l: Swime ming l; Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4: Quarferdeck Sociefy; Undergraduafe Council 4 Vice-Chairman: Varsify Club 2. 3. 4: Young Republican Club 2. 3. 4: Pennsylvania Day CommiHee. ALFRED B. SCHAEFFER 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Phi Epsilon PI 0 Foofball I: Baseball 1; Markefing Sociefy 4. HOWARD READ SCHAEFFER o WesHown. Pa. 0 Trans- porfafion Sociefy. JOSEPH M. SCHAFFER 0 New York. N. Y. 0 Tau DeHa Phi 0 Track I; Choral Sociefy l; Hillel Foundafion l. 2. ROGER O. SCHEMBS o Millburn. N. J. 0 Pi Kappa Alpha 0 Choral Sociefy l: Glee Club I: Phofographic Sociefy I. 2. 3. 4 President Vigilanfe CommiHee 2. ROBERT F. SCHILLlNG o Chesfer. Pa. PHILIP L. SCHLOSSER o Soufh Orange. N. J. 0 Phi Sigma Delfa o Lacrosse l. 2. 3; Befa Alpha Psi. DAVID F. W. SCHMIDT o Phiiadelphia. Pa. 0 Alpha Chi Rho. Secre+ary 4 o Friars 4; Soccer Manager: AfHeHc Managerial Board 3. 4: Bridge Club 3. 4; lnsurance Sociefy 3. 4; Scabbard and Blade 3. 4; Varsify Club 4. I34 CLASS OF Top Row: EDWARD H. SCHMITT o Whife Plains, N. Y. HARVEY LEON SCHNEIDER o Yonkers, N. Y. 0 Phi Epsilon PI 0 Dormifory CouncH: Hillel Foundafion l, 2. 3. 4: WXPN 2, 3. ALAN M. SCHULTZ 0 Brooklyn. N. Y. 0 Alpha Epsilon PI 0 Hillel Foundafion l, 2, 4; Markefing Sociefy 4: WXPN l. oRICHARD L. SCHULTZ o FaiHield, Conn. 0 Phi Thefa Kappa o Propeller Ciub; Transporfafion Sociefy 3. 4 Secrefary-Treasurer. MURRY M. SCHWARTZ o Ephrafa, Pa. 0 Tau Delfa Phi 0 Inferfrafernify Council; Pre-Law Socie+y 3 Treasurer. Middle Row: SIDNEY A. SCHWARTZ 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Befa Alpha Psi. WILLIAM A. SEAMAN o Cynwyd. Pa. 0 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 0 Daily Pennsylvanian; Markeflng Sociefy: WXPN. I952 HOWARD H. SEGAL 0 Philadelphia, Pa. ROBERT H. SEIBERT o Mounf Union. Pa. 0 Lambda Chi Alpha. W. ROBERT SEITZ o Rochesfer. N. Y. 0 Sigma Nu o Mask and Wig Show I. BoHom Row: ALLEN S. SELINGER 0 Jamaica, N. Y. o Fencing 3. 4: Fencing Sociefy 4: Hillel Foundafion 2: Pre-Law So- cie+y 3: William Penn Club 2. PETER SELLEW o Gloucesfer. Mass. 0 Ze+a Psi. Secrefary o Newman Club 3, 4: Yachfing Club 4; Finance Sociefy 2, 3. 4 Secrefary-Treasurer. JEROLD W. SERMAN o Fores1L Hills. N. Y. 0 Pi Lambda Chi: MarkeHng Sociefy. BREWSTER C. SHAW o Wesffield, Mass. 0 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 0 Swimming 2; Insurance Sociefy 3, 4: Scabbard and Blade 2,3,4. JOHN HARRY SHAW o Yeadon, Pa. 0 Alpha Sigma Phi 0 Finance Sociefy. I35 3 E; f4 5. WILLIAM T. SHEA o MerEden. Com. 0 lnzurance Sociew 3. 4; Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4. JOHN F. SHEEHAN. JR. 0 PMadelphia. Pa. 0 Insurance Soclefy: Newman Club. FRANK S. SHEEHY. JR. 0 Glen Ridge. N. J. 9 Kappa Sigma 0 Trad l: ISO-Pound FoofbaH 2. 3: Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4; Varsify Club 2. 3. 4. ROBERT S. SHERLEY o Schemedady. N. Y. o Acacia. Treasurer o BeJra Npha Psi 3. 4; Befa Gamma Sigma 3' 4 Treasurer: Wharfon Advisory Council 4. IVAN S. SHERMAN o Waynesboro. Pa. 0 Alpha EpsHon PI 0 Hillel Foundafion 3. 4; Arnold Air Soclefy 2. 3. 4; WXPN l: Mask and Wig Show 3. 4. MARVIN M. SHILLER o Foresf Hills. N. Y. 0 Sigma Alpha Mu o Pennpix. WORTHINGTON C. SHOMO 0 Philadelphia, Pa. 0 Kappa Sigma 0 Swimming l: Sociefy for +he Advance- men'r of Management Chrlsfian Associafion. EDWARD F. SHURTLEFF o Harrisburg. Pa. 0 Kappa Sigma 0 Socie+y for Hue Advancemenf of Management Square Club: Young Republican Club. ROBERT M. SILVERBERG o Greaf Neck. N. Y. 0 Bridge Club 4; DaHy Pennsylvanian l. 2: Hillel Foundafion l. 2, 3. 4; Pre-Law Sociefy 3; Arnold AIr Sociefy 3. 4; Vigilanfe Commiffee 2; Young Republican Club 4. HARVEY SILVERSTEIN o Wesf Orange. N. J. 0 Kappa Nu 0 Baseball I: Hillel Foundafion: Markeflng Sociefy; Spanish Club: Sfudenfs for Democrafic Acfion; Trans- porfafion Sociefy: Cinema Club. JAMES F. SIMON o Greenwich. Conn 0 Pi Lambda Phi 0 Band 3. 4: Befa Alpha Psi 3. 4: Hillel Foundafion l. 2. 3. 4; Mask and Wig Show I; Penn Mike Club 2. 3. 4; WXPN l. 2. 3. 4-. L. KENNETH SIMSARIAN o Palisade. N. J. 0 Phi Kappa Sigma 0 Friars Senior Socie+yz Daily Pennsylvanian 3. Senior Edifor 4: Dormifory Council. Secretary 3. Presi- ClemL 4; Freshman Handbook 2. 3. 4: Junior Annals Pariefal Commiffee 4: Pennpix 3; Record. Liferary EdL for 4; Splrif CommiHee 4; Undergraduafe Council. BRIAN SINDEL o RockVIHe Cen+er, N. Y. .0 Phi Sigma Delfa o Hillel Foundafion l, 2, 3. 4; Penn Players l. 2: Arnold Air Sociefy 3. 4. BARRY E. SISKIND 0 Brooklyn. N. Y. o Befa Sigma Rho. EDWARD 6. SMITH o PhHadelphia. Pa. 0 Kappa Sigma 0 ISO-Pound Crew 2: Tennis l: Mask and Wig Show I: Newman Club 4; Oufing Qub 2. JOEL P. SMITH o PhHadelphia. Pa. 0 Befa Sigma Rho 0 Hillel Foundafion l. 2. 3. 4: lnferfrafernify Council 2; Markefing Soclefy 2: VIgIVarWe CommiHee 2. ROBERT GORDON SMITH o EvereH. Wash. 0 Alpha Tau Omega 0 Markeh'ng Soclefy l. 2; Pennsylvania Chrisfian Fellowship leacthg Club 2. SAMUEL E. SMITH o Coopersburg, Pa. 0 Alpha Sigma Phi o Wresfling l: Socle+y for We Advancemenf of Management L5VON Propel HARRY, o Befa man C $HEPAR4 Daily F Marke1 2: Pen! Qub 2 3. Pres JOSEPH Newme CHARLE vaniarr Pho+og JACK M Pre-Lax fee 2. JOHN E Epsilon MATTHE Sigma. 3. 4 Se DANIEL Track I 2. 3. 4 Socieh HOWAR Befa A Counci. Manaq ROBERT . Alpha Affairs NORMA? Bridge Sociefy WILLIAN SocIeer HAROLE Founda ARNOLD Lambd FOunda Sociefy Ce Soclefy ; Insurance - ' Kappa Newman 0 Acacia. a Sigma 3. aha Epsilon efy 2. 3. 4; gma Alpha hia. Pa. 0 eAdvance- n. . 0 Kappa anagemenf; Y, 0 Bridge undafion l. mlefy 3. 4: Club 4. 1 . Kappa ng Sociefy: fion: TranS- mbda Phi . dafion 4. 2. :lub 2. 3. 4: . PH Kappa Sylvanian 3' ary 3' PreSI- nior Annals JmmWEV Council. . PH $qm? Players I' 2' Sigma Rho. appasgma Mg Show 1: WILLIAM RICHARD SMYSER o Elkins Park. Pa. 0 ln+er- collegiafe Conference on Governmen+; InfernaHonal Affairs Council. Treasurer 3. Presidenf 4; Philomafhean Sociefy; Propeller Club. DAVID H. SNYDER o Norl'h Wales. Pa. 0 ISO-Pound Foof- ball: Lacrosse l. 2. 3; Varsify Ciub. EDWARD D. SOLOMON o Fairlawn. N. J. 0 Befa Sigma Rho 0 Baseball I; Hillel Foundafion; Pre-Law Sociefy. LEVON SOORIKIAN 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Soccer 2; Propeller Club; Varsify Club 2. HARRY J. SPELLMAN 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Kappa Sigma 0 Be+a Alpha Psi 3. 4; DaHy Pennsylvanian 2. 3. 4; New- man Club I. 4. SHEPARD A. SPUNT o Brookline. Mass. 0 Phi Epsilon PI 0 Daily Pennsylvanian. Office Manager 3. Senior Edifor 4; Markefing Soclefy 3. 4; Nafional Sfudenfs Associafion 2; Pennpix 2. 3; Record l. 2. 3. 4; WXPN 3; Yachfing Club 2. 3. 4; Young Republican Club I. 2. Vice-Presidenf 3. Presidenf 4. JOSEPH HAROLD STANLEY. JR. 0 Queens. N. Y. o Newman Club I:William Penn Club I. CHARLES M. STEIN 0 Lock Haven. Pa. 0 Daily PennsyL vanian; Record Phofography Staff; Scabbard and Blade: Phofographic Sociefy. JACK M. STEINGART 0 Scran+on. Pa. 0 Kappa Nu o Preiaw Sociefy 2. 3; WXPN l. 2; Vigilanfe Commif- fee 2. JOHN EDWARD STEMMLER o BaHimore. Md. 0 Phi Epsilon Pi. MATTHEW J. STEPHENS. JR. 0 Drexel Hill. Pa. 0 Kappa Sigma. Treasurer o Lacrosse l; Daily Pennsylvanian 2. 3. 4 Senior Board; Newman Club 3. DANIEL S. STERN o Monessen. Pa. 0 Zefa Be+a Tau I Track I; Debafe Council I. 2. 3. 4; Delfa Sigma Rho I. 2. 3. 4 President HiHel Foundafion l. 2. 3. 4; Arnold Air Sociefy 2. 3. 4; WXPN l. 2. HOWARD ARTHUR STERN 0 Brooklyn. N. Y. 0 Crew 1: Befa Alpha P51 3. 4; Befa Gamma Sigma: DormHory Council 4; HIHe! Foundafion l. 2; Mask and Wig Show. Manager I:W1lliam Penn Club 2. ROBERT ALVIN STERNBERG 0 Jamaica Esfafes. N. Y. 0 Alpha Phi Omega; Markefing Sociefy; lnfernafional AHairs AssociaHon. NORMAN L. STONE o Ufica. N. Y. 0 Phi Sigma DeHa 0 Bridge C4ub l. 2. 3. 4; Philomafhean Sociefy l; Pre-Law Soclefy 4. WILLIAM S. STOUT 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Transporfafion Sociefy. HAROLD A. SUKONIK o Phiiade4phia. Pa. 0 HiHeI FoundaHon. ARNOLD HENRY SUNDEL o Fcresf H4143. N. Y. 0 Pi Lambda Phi o Befa Npha Psi: Bridge Oub 4: Hmel FoundaHon l. 2. 3. 4; Penn Players 4; Arnoid Air Sociefy 4. I37 l38 HERBERT SUSSMAN 0 Bronx, N. Y. o Befa Sigma Rho . Hillel Foundafion. Execufive Commiffee; InsuranCe So- defy. DONALD D. SWAN 0 New York. N. Y. JOHN A. SZIMKUNAS 0 Riverside. N. J. o FoofbaH l; Finance Sociefy 4. STEPHEN R. SZUBA o Philaddphia. Pa. MYLES H.TANENBAUM o PhiladeXphia. Pa. 0 Tau Epsilon Phi o Befa Alpha Psi. Presidenf 4; Hillel Foundafion l. 2. 3. 4: Wharfon Advisory Council 4. JOSEPH F. TARICANI 0 New Brlfain. Conn. 0 Thefa XI 0 Markeflng Socie+y 3. 4'. Newman Club 2. 3. 4. FRANK G. TATNALL. JR. 0 WhHemarsh. Pa. 0 Daily Pennsylvanian 3. 4 Cify Edi'ror; Franklin Sociefy; ln+er- naHonal AHairs Council: Junior Annals 3; Markefing Sociefy. PublicHy Direcfor: Young Republican Club. WILLIAM LAWRENCE TEULINGS 0 Essex Fells. N. J. o Markefing Sociefy. NORMAN S. THIER o Jessup. Pa. 0 Befa Sigma Rho 0 Track I. 2; Hillel Foundafion l. 2. 3. 4: lnferfrafernify Council 3: Markefing Sociefy 3. 4: Sociefy for Hue Ad- vancemenf of Management ARTHUR F. THOMPSON 0 Garden CHy. N. Y. 0 Phi Delfa Thefa o Friars: Ki+e and Key 4 Secrefary: Track I. 2. 3. 4: Cross Counfry l. 2. 3. 4: Sociefy for Hwe Advancemen+ of ManagememL 3: Newman Club I, 2. 3. 4: Scabbard and Blade 3. 4: Spike Shoe Club I. 2. 3. 4: Varsify Club 2. 3. 4. JOHN R. THOMPSON 0 Kenmore. N. Y. 0 Kappa Sigma. Presiden+ o Markefing Sociefy 4; Kife and Key: Mask and Wig. EDWARD LEE TIMBERLAKE 0 Richmond. Va. 0 Phi Sigma Kappa o Chrisfian Associafion 4: DormHory Council 2; Insurance Sociefy 4; Markefing Sociefy 4. JAMES T. TOBIN 0 Cleveland Heighfs. Ohio 0 Phi Delfa Thefa o Sphinx Senior Sociefy: Phi Kappa Befa. Treas4 urer; Kife and Key; Crew Manger: Afhlefic Manageria! Board 4; Cheerleader 2: Presidenf Freshman Class I: Joinf Class Council I; Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4 Treas- urer; SpirhL CommiHee I Chairman; Undergraduafe Council I: Varsify Boa+ Club 3. 4; Varsi+y Club 4. EDWARD J. TOWERS 0 Orange. N. J. 0 Baseball I:New- man Club: Pre-Law Sociefy; Transporfafion Socie+y. EUGENE HERBERT TRAPP o W'nippany. N. J. WILLIAM B. USILTON 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Sigma Chi 0 insurance Sociefy 4. EDMUND J. VALENTE 0 Philadelphia. Pa. I. LINDSAY VAN VOORHIS. JR. 0 Morganfown. W. Va. 0 Delfa Tau DeHa o Friars Senior Sociefy: Choral So- ciefy: Mask and Wig Club. Board of Governors: Arn- old Air Sociefy; Record. Adverfising Manager; Scab- bard and Blade. WbaH l; Epsilon ndafion afa XI 0 0 Daily I: Infer- irkefing :iub. N.J.o Rho 0 afernify the Ad- ', 0 PM K? Track for We 1b l. 2. b l. 2. The "spirit" of fhe Spirit Committee. Top Row: EDWARD JAMES VAUGHN, JR. 0 Prospecf Park. Pa. JAMES A. WADDELL 0 E55? Orange. N. J. o Transpor- JraJrIon Sociefy 3. 4. CHARLES R. WADE o Philadethia. Pa. PATRICK F. WALSH o Manoa. Pa. WILLIAM J. WALSH o Poughkeepsie. N. Y. 0 Alpha Chi Rho 0 Soclefy for We Advancemenf of Manage- meni 4: Bei'a Gamma Sigma 3. 4 President Choral Sociefy l. 2: Glee Club 2. 3. 4: Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4: ScaFes Socie+y 4: Wkarfon Advisory Council 4: Vigilanfe CommIHee 2. Middle Row: STALEY S. WARREN o Sarafoga Springs. N. Y. O Beia Alpha Psi; William Penn Club. HENRY JOHN WATSON o Sfafen Island. N. Y. 0 Soccer 2; Sociefy for +he Advancemenf of Managemenf 3. 4. DAVID CLARK WEBSTER 0 Drexel HiH. Pa. 0 Sigma Nu 0 Befa Gamma Sigma. FORREST GREELY WEEKS. IV 0 Albany. N. Y. o Psi Upsilon 0 Lacrosse 4. JOHN A. WEGENER o Gloucesfer Cify. N. J. o Sociefy for Me Advancemenf mt Managemenf 4: American Soclefy of Mechanical Engineering I. 2. 3; Franklin Sociefy 3. 4; Triangle Circulafion Manager 2. Asslsfanf Business Manager 3. BoHom Row: PETER W. WEIL 0 Deal. N. J. o Zefa Befa Tau o Sociefy for +he Advancemenf of Meinagemenf; German Club: Hillel Foundafion: Markefmg Sociefy. STANLEY L. WEINBAUM o Newfon Cenfre. Mass. 0 Befa Sigma Rho o ISO4Pound FoofbaH 3, 4: Tennis l: Varsify Club 3. 4. ROBERT E. WEINBERG 0 Newark. N. J. o Hillel Founda- +ion 3. 4: Markefing Soclefy 4. HOWARD WEINSTEIN o Bala-Cynwyd. Pa. 0 Sigma Alpha Mu o Lacrosse l: Bridge Club 4; Hilld Founda- Hon l. 2. 3. 4: Junior Annals. Phofography Edifor 3: Pennpix. Phofographic Edifor; Scabbard and Blade; Phofographic Soclefy. NORMAN WEINSTEIN 0 Syracuse. N. Y. 0 Pi Lambda Phi o Hillel Foundafion l. 2. 3, 4; Inferfrafernify Council 2. 3. nHa r0"! BARRY S. WEISSMAN o Sfamford. Conn. 0 Pi Lambda Phi. ROBERT MOORE WELHAM o Pemfield Downs. Pa. O Delfa Kappa Epsilon o Kife and Key: ISO-Pound Crew 1; ISO-Pound Foofball 3: Quarferdeck Sociefy: Scab bard and BWade. CHARLES W. WELSH. II 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Delfa Psi 0 Friars Senior Sociefy: Mask and Wig Club 3, 4 Board 04 Governors: Mask and Wig Show, 2, 3. 4. STUART S. WELTZ 0 Brooklyn, N. Y. 0 Kappa Nu 0 Crew I:Tennis l: MarkeHng Socie+y. HOWARD WILLIAM WESTERMAN 0 Upper Mon+clair. N. J. 0 Sigma Alpha Epsilon o Choral Sociefy I: Finance Socie+y 2, 4: Arnold Air Sociefy 3, 4. DAVID J. WESTON 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Newman Club. VERNON LE ROY WHARRY o BaHimore. Md. ROBERT J. WHITE 0 Phoenix. Ariz. 0 Phi Sigma Kappa. Vice Presidenf 4 0 Alpha Phi Omega l, 2. 3; Transpor- +a+ion Sociefy 2. 3 Execufive Board 4. RONALD L. WHITE 0 York, Pa. 0 Acacia. Presidenf 0 Baseball 2. FRANK E. WILCHER o Paducah, Ky. 0 Phi Gamma DeHa o Sphinx Senior Sociefy; Housfon Hall Board. Chairman: Phi Kappa Befa. Secrefary: Tennis 1; Daiiy Pennsyl- vanian l. 2; Undergraduafe Council 4 Secrefary. BRUCE N. WILLIS o Norfh Plainfield. N. J. 0 Alpha Sigma Phi, Treasurer 4 o Dormifory Council 2: Trans4 porfaHon l. 2. 3. 4. JOSEPH NORMENT WILLIS, III 0 Shaker Heighfs. Ohio 0 Delfa Kappa Epsilon o Chrisfian Associafior'n Mar- kefing Sociefy: Oufing Club; Scabbard and Blade. FREDERICK J. WILLOUGHBY o Wilmingfon, Del. 0 Delfa Tau Delfa 0 Crew I. 2, 3; ChrisHan Associafion l: Pennpix 2: Varsify Boaf Club I. 2. 31Varsi+y Ciub 2. 3. DAN R. WINDHEIM 0 New Rochelle. N. Y. o Choral So- ciefy 2, 3; Glee Club I, 2, 3: Scales Sociefy 3; William Penn Club I. Secrefary 2, 3. Presidenf 4. ARNOLD H. WINICOV 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Tau DeHa Phi. I40 s A: 4 ,. ' "Hal" says a few words to start off the h P; C; I, , 1r " n; 1 JV 4 Top Row: ROBERT A. WITTICH 0 Garden Cify. N. Y. 0 Sigma Phi Epsilon 0 Arnold Air Sociefy. DONALD B. WOLCHEK 0 Philadelphia. Pa. DONALD L. WOLK 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Pi Lambda Ph? 0 Crew 2: Sociefy 1cor Hwe Advancemenf o1c Managemenf 4; Hillel Foundafion l. 2, 3, 4; Penn Chan+ey 2. 3 Busi- ness Manager. 4 Edifor; Quarferdeck Sociefy; Yachfing Club 2. 3. LESTER E. WOLVERTON o Trenfon. N. J. 0 Sociefy for +he Advancemenf of Management Choral Sociefy l, 2; Glee Club I. 2. 3. 4. JOHN KEVIN O'BRIEN 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 ISO-Pound Foofball 4: Daiw PemnsyWanIan l: lnsurance Socie+y l. 2. 3. 4: Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4 Presidenf: Permpix 2: Undergraduafe Council 4; WiHiam Penn Club I. 2. MARVIN B. WOOLF o Greeley. Col. 0 Zefa Befa Tau 0 ISO-Pound Foofball 2: Wres+l1ng I. 2. 3. 4: Grappler's Club 3. 4 President Varsify Club 3. 4. BoHom Row: RUSSELL M. WRIGHT o Norrisfown. Pa. 0 J.V. FoofbaH 2. ROBERT GREGORY YAROSCHUK 0 Philadelphia. Pa. 0 Swimming l. 2. 3. HAROLD P. YOUNGMAN o Wesf Orange. N. J. 0 Pi Lambda Phi. 5. PAUL ZELZNICK 0 Chicago. HI. 0 HIHel Foundafion. MURRAY J. ZUCKER o Philadebhia. Pa. 0 Befa Alpha Psi. K w Ktefury hL In the course of the last hundred years, the complexion of the extra-curricular life at Penn has changed considerably. Some of the 01d activ- ities have survived the last century, however, and have come to be regarded as traditional. The Mask and Wig and Houston Clubs are still highly esteemed organizations today and member- ship to Friars, Sphinx and later Hexagon, Senior Societies has increasingly become a coveted posi- tion on campus. The religious organizations, too, have been of great service to the students, While the Board of Dormitory Representatives has continued to improve dorm life and at the same time has accompanied the physical growth of the dormitory area by its own growth in number and maturity. These groups have become more and more an integral part of our education at Pennsylvania and they will continue to lend to the student an oppor- tunity to gain a more practical and often more pleasant experience than many classrooms would provide. This bindoor sporW was quite the rage fifty years ago, when some of our more modern pastimes were considered "im- properh, by our Victorian predecessors. Today Pennsylvania can be proud of still having a championship chess team. No matter how much furniture styles and interior decorating techniques may change, one thing will always remain the same as far as dorm rooms are con- cerned. They will forever be brimming over with hjunkh that the student has accumulated over the years. On the other hand, there have been some rad- ical changs, too. Your grandfather can tell you of the days When rents were ridiculously cheap, by modern stand- ards. Probably one of the more "exclusive" clubs on cam- pus, back in 1905, was this Auto Club. It was restricted to men of fortune, Who could afford a "machinef and to men of courage, who would dare to drive them. Our seniors had many advantages This austere group was the Studentsi Guide Associa- tion of 1905. Their function was to help students With any problems they may have. Today, this group has been replaced by several such organizations: the over Penn students who own automobiles today. For one thing, there was no parking problem and for another, little worry over denting a fender since there were none. Christian Association, the Wharton and College Ad- visory Councils, the Student Advisers, the Parietal Committee as well as the OHice of Student Affairs. NC wwwmgmotnkib: A bonfire in the Big Quad for the Michigan game rally in 1917. Rivalry, Riot and Rampage were the by-words of the last century at Pennsylvania. The rivalry was keen not only in intercollegiate athletics but in other activities as well. Within the University, fraternities were set against fraternities, dorms against dorms, class against class. Rioting was not infrequent on campus and even in the streets, in which streetcars would be overturned and fire- crackers lighted to brighten the night sky. Ram- page broke loose after a great victory or terrible loss. Students invaded hotels and nightclubs, de- scending on Philadelphia like a stampede of cattle. Snake dances, bonfires, victory marches, row- bottoms and fantastic pranks kept the campus guards; Office of Student Affairs and the Phila- delphia police on a twenty-four hour shift. If these statements seem exaggerated, the pictures on these pages should substantiate them. Unparalleled, until perhaps in recent years, are the events shown here, in which whole classes and all classes, setting aside their traditional disputa- tions, would join the celebrations as one close group. Today, if such overwhelming participation can be achieved, it is astonishing. The unity of sentiment and action that Characterized the last hundred years at Penn is one of the sacrihces we have had to make for the expansion of this great University. After the bonfire, the students had a rally in the Big Triangle and from there proceeded down Chestnut Street in a snake dance, then along Market Street to the Reading Terminal, where they sent the team off to Michigan. fry 0f Wstcrymr . . . 760W 160mm 1 t "Come all 3'0 loyal Classmm now, In ball and campus through, Lift up your bearls and voices for Tbe royal Red and Blue. Fair Harvard has her crimson, Ola' Yale laer colors, too. But for dear old Pennsylvania We wear tlae Red and Blue. Hurrah! Hurrah! Pennsylvania, Hurrah! for Hoe Red and Blue; H urrab! H urraly! H zzrrala! H urrab! Hurrah! for 2790 Red and Blue." In 1917, the cheerleaders could always be seen. Even without Harry E Westervelt ,98 the help of a prrit Committee, they incited crowds to near- ' t frenzy. Here they are shown in a calmer moment leading the ' William J- GoeCkel: ,96 singing of "The Red and Blue." Thousands of students and local fans flocked to Reading Terminal where they bade goodbye to the team and bid them good luck. In the days when Pennts football team was at its peak, no amount of encouragement was too much, no fanfare could be too elaborate for the teams that brought victory with honor to Pennsylvania, thirty-five years ago. A half-mile parade down Broad Street celebrated a Penn victory in 1929. Amid streamers and trafhc, the hundreds of Quakers cheered their triumphant team. imidg and Outside. . . . Fifty-six years ago, the oldest Student Union in the nation was established. Originally named the Houston Club, the stu- 4 dent board of Houston Hall directed an active social and rec- ' reational program for the undergraduates. In 1910, the Clubis : chairman was Dr. Edgar Fahs Smith, who is pictured above, holding a hat. This was only a small portion of the vast service he has given to the University. Today, his memory is honored with a statue on E. F. Smith Walk. The Houston Club has played an important role in the daily life of the Penn student and to- a singular distinction of our campus. day enjoys Until fifteen years ago, the chapel services at Pennsylvania were held in College Hall or Houston Hall. The first loca- tion was on the second floor of College Hall and was specific- ally designated for chapel serv- ices. That chapel is pictured here as it appeared in 1905. Later, services were held in the Houston Hall Auditorium, until the construction of Irvine Auditorium. The ROTC program of recent years was by no means the first student military preparational program at Penn. During the First World War, there was a similar program and here we see some of the "recruit? await- ing their student battalion in- spection. 31th dam gm duh serV 501m tafy exer tic abil I: wot vari asb juri anc plez life the bro selv find as i1 Perl of a as ; Life at Pennsylvania had its quieter side, although it was no less stimulating. Stu- dents took an active interest in other or- ganizations on campus as well as athletics clubs. Here they found an opportunity to serve, as in the Houston Club, comfort and solace in chapel, self-discipline and the milia tary atmosphere in the Reserves, physical exercise and mass demonstration in gymnas- tic exhibitions, and an outlet for creative abilities and ideas in the Daily Pennsylvania. If one would undertake a survey of the old Records, one hundred years of them, he would 13nd many famliar names under the various activities and would recognize them as belonging to great Americans. Statesmen, jurists, surgeons, educators, engineers, fin- anciers, artists; they all experienced the pleasures and anxieties of an active campus life. This experience was not in vain, nor the reward ungratifying, for they have brought fame to Pennsylvania and to them- selves. A visit to the Daily Pennsylvanian office today would find the staff members in almost the same disposition as it would have in 1914, when this picture was taken. Perhaps one would see a few less hats, but the amount of activity and the diversiy of character would be just as prevalent. . . . 9mm Dawn 71'! Busk This gymnastic exhibition took place in Franklin Field in April, 1907, when gymnastics played a more im- portant part in the physical training program. At that time there was great emphasis on coordination, balance and timing in mass calesthenics. The Masque of American Drama was an important theatrical event at Penn in 1917, when these young thespians gave their program. Staged in the Botanical Gardens on May 14, it told the history of American Drama, intermingling color, sound and motion. Here the leading characters rehearse their scenes behind the dormitories. In 1910, the Mask and Wig Club presented "Desert of Ma- homet." Then, as now, their fine reputation was ever being enhanced by a consistently high calibre of musical production. Over the period of sixy-three years since its incorporation, it has enjoyed an unparalelled success among collegiate theatrical groups of its kind and the applause has not lessened any since the first time the cast came in front of the final curtain to sing, "Men of Pennsylvania? The University B a n j o 1897. ACTIVITIES AND ORGANIZATIONS The genfleman oi yesieryear who soughf divergence from Jrhe +oil of educafion en+ered info a fype oi avocaiion, more offen +han nof. for +he purpose of acquiring new friends. Working iogefher in fields of similar inferesfs wenf far foward a binding friendship. Today. +his same mofive leads many siudenis info Jrhe heirogeneous aciivifies aJr Pennsylvania. buf Jrhe rewards are even greaier, for +hrough +he years ou+s+anding faciliiies have been placed af Jrhe disposal of +he aspiring. ambifious s+uden+. enabling him +0 ufiiize his abilihes +0 +he greafesf degree. The mark of a successful sfudeni foday embodies no+ only his scholasfic affainmenfs, bui prominence in exiracurricuiar aciivifies as an infegral parf of his educafion, an imporfanf facef in Jrhe general composife of a progressive sfudenf. The vasi variefy of acfivifies ohters every sfudenf an ouHef for dormanf abilify. from sporfs +0 chess. wifh +he greaf span befween being filled wifh almosf every fype of organizafion conceivable. Today. adivifies have become a force of Jrremendous influence. per- meafing well +he life of each undergraduafe. They survive and grow only on Jrhe ferfile genius of +he acfive undergraduafe. The One-Hundredth Presentation 671mm K. Russell FAIRVIEW PARK. OHIO DeHa Tau Delfa Friars Senior Sociefy. Clerk Chairman, Undergraduafe Councii Edifor-in-Chief. Daily Pennsylvanian Hous+on Hall S+uden+ Board of Direcfors Chairman. College Advisory CommiHee Spoon Man Damld l7. Stanley LARCHMONT, N. Y. Sigma Chi Sphinx Senior Socie+y. Chiemc Baskefball, Capt Phi Kappa Befa Junior Honorary Sociefy Undergraduafe Council. Vice-Chairman Varsify Club 3n PENNSYLVANINS HONOR MEN Bowl Man Altmndcr i, jaffurs WILKINSBURG, PA. Sphinx Senior Sociefy Varsi+y Baskefball Varsify Foofball Chairman. Dormifory Sfudenf Advisors Phi Kappa Be+a Junior Honorary $ocie+y Spade Man Drum N. Pirawc: UPPER DARBY, PA. Phi Gamma DeHa Abbot Friars Senior Sociefy Varsi+y Crew Commodore. Varsi+y Boaf Club Varsify Club I53 l54 SPHINX IST ROW: Bolt W.; Brooks. R. C.; Bryan. C.: Ches+on. 6.: Evans. J.: Fi+zpa+rick. P.; Fuess. S.; Hanlon. T. 2ND ROW: Jaf-Furs. A.; Jones. J.; Keogh. P.: Knapp. D. B.. scribe; Lessig, L. L.. Jr.: McCombs. J.; McGinIey. 6.; McKinney. C. 3RD ROW: Mellen. C. 5.: Miller. L, Jr.; Oser. A.: Pious. 0.: Ruby. R. F.: Scanbn. D. P.. Chief: Tobin. J.; Warren. H. K. 4TH ROW: Wilcher. F.. Pharisee. MISSING: Chapman. W. FRIARS IST ROW: Cassidy. D: Clark. E.; Delehan+y. J.; Delehanfy. M.: Doyle. R.: Dubois J. E 2ND ROW: Gerbereux. J.; Hill. c.; Hipp, J.; Hunderfmark. A.; Hunt L.; Lee'r 0.3 LiHaurer. S.: Malloy. W. 3RD ROW: Marcuson. P. V.; McCall. J.: Mcomas, AslPic: conel D., Abbo++; Rankin. J.; Russell C., Clerk; SaHler. 6.: Schmidt D. 4TH RbW; Simsarian. L. K.; Thompson. A. F.: VanVoorhisI I: Wells. W.; Wells. S. F.; WelshI C, MISSING: Clifford. H;; San+a Maria. L. 4gb Am. pf xxxmr g g; V 32'. . 2.; Vassian. H. HEXAGON Members of Jrhe Hexagon Senior Sociely. chosen ex- clusively from Jrhe oulsl'anding seniors of +he Towne. Moore. and Fine Arfs Schools. have for Jtheir purpose bofh an academic and social end. Lecfures are spon- sored by The Hexagon Sociefy +0 help +he prospecfive engineers +0 defermine inlo which specialized field +hey will enfer. In a supplementary nafure. Jrhe Sociefy also sponsors +he annual Engineers Ball every spring. ll is +hrough +his dual funclion +ha+ Hexagon provides a rounded program for +he sludenfs oi +he +hree schools. FRIARS Friars Senior Sociefy members are chosen for +heir abil- ilies of leadership as demonsfraled by +heir parficipafion in exfra-curricular ac+ivi+ies. Par+icular emphasis is placed on popularify. achievement and personalify. The so- ciefy's aim is "lo add presfige lo Jrhe name of Pennsyle vania. PHI KAPPA BETA IST ROW: Baugh, D.; Deuber. W.; Hovey. D.; Huber. M.; Jacoby. D.. Pres.: Johnson. R.; JaneHa. P.; Moses. J. 2ND ROW: Sco+es. T.. Treasl: Sherbahn. R. R.: Summer- bell, D., V. Pres.; Trout M.: Welsh. R. MISSING: Adams. 6.; Beck. E.; Bell. E.: Con- away. C.: Evans. R.; Holf. T.; Morgan. T. b' HEXAGON IST ROW: Beinim. 3.; Byerly. C. H.: Carpenfer. L.: Chen, Fu-Ho; Jusfer. N.: Kepharf. H., Treas.; Lewis, R.; Love, T. J. 2ND ROW: Mark. C.: Minds. 6.. Pres.; Monagham. P.; Nelson. K. A.; PughI A.; Rinne. R.l Sec.; SchermerhornI W.; Travifz. A. 3RD ROW: SPHINX The Sphinx Senior Sociefy is a group of oulsfanding campus leaders. dedicaled +0 +he creed of service and loyall'y. lls membership is limifed +0 Jrhose men chosen af Jrhe end of +heir junior year who fullill fhe rigid require- menfs of oufsfanding parficipalion in school affairs. PHI KAPPA BETA Phi Kappa Bela Junior Sociely, signified by +he wearing of grey hafs wifh a pipe-and-sfein insignia. is made up of oufsfanding juniors who have shown +heir worfh during Jrheir freshman and sophomore years. Gafhered from all phases of exlra-curricular acfivify, +he members of Jrhe sociely assisl in +he running of numerous sludemL acliv- ifies. such as pep rallies, sludenl' eleclions, and charily drives. Wi+hou+ +he oulsfanding work of +he members of Phi Kappa Bela, if would be almosl impossible +0 conducf many of Jrhe sludenf acfivilies on +he grand scale +0 which +hey are accuslomed. l55 . le 0. Ploe+ner. A. Springford, B. A PHI OMEGA 3kaI L. Shea, J lng . . IST ROW' R 53kg: M. Wilson. P. Forman. Sec.; E. Lake. J. McLear. 3RD ROW: L. Shane. D. Goldsmlfh, I. Oppenheirr-1er. V. Pres.; M. Goldberg. Pres.; B. Shapiro. Kahn. G. Graf. P. Venufo. D. KemmererI R. Hawfhorne, R. Gordon. E. Kohns+am. 2ND ROW: D. Hocks+ein. W. B. Fleming. ALPHA PHI OMEGA Alpha Phi Omega, +he Naiional Service Frafernify and promofe fellowship among ifs members. Such fulno organized "To assemble college men in +he feHowship Jrions as Hie organizafion of a have! bureat'J for vacahon of H16: Scouf Oa+h and Law, +o develop friendship and fravelers, +he Book Marf. and Share-fhe-Ride Plan have promofe service +0 humanify." aHemers +0 fosfer lead- long been endeared and appreciafed by Pennsyl ership and service +0 Hwe UniversHy's undergraduafes vanians. UNDERGRADUATE COUNCIL Belt W.: Bryan. C. UreasJ; Jacoby, D. A.: Jones. J.; Minds, 6.; Piccone. 0.: Ruby. R ' Russelll C. K. mhairmanh Scanlon. D. W. ChairJ: Simsarian. L. K.; Trout M.; Tobin. P.: Wilcher. F. $ecJ; O'BrienI J. MISSING: Marcus, J. KITE 8s KEY IST ROW: BoH', W.: Delehaniy. M. Presj: Dubois, J. E.; Hipp. J; Keogh, P.; Leff. D. Wice-PresJ. 2ND ROW: Lessig. L. L. Jr.: Ma- on, W.: Miller. I. Jr. UreasJ: O'Brien. E.; Thompson. A. F. sSecJ; Thompson. J. 3RD ROW: Tobin. J.: Welham. R.: Wells. 5. F. Kife and Key, one of Hue oufsianding service organiza- Jrions on We campus. performs +he many and varied funcfions so necessary +0 5 successfully co-ordinafed universify. OH campus Ki+e and Key performs an invalu- able service in Hwe prodoring of +he college board exami- . v a 7,, y, naHons. On campus, Hue organizafion serves as a hoer K E y n: fx F4 D K EY for visifing dignitaries. foofball players. high school sfu- denfs. and ofher guesfs of He Universify. Kife and Key is also a domina+ing influence in We fosfering of minor sporf parficfpafion +hrough i+s annual award +0 Jthe "Oushanding Minor Sporfs ParHpranH' Represenfmg Hwe Inferesf of Hwe maie s+uden+s Of Hue The Council Iwas general supervEsIon over aH under- UnIversHys Hwe Undergraduafe Ccuncii s+rives +0 promofe gradua+e again, ach'ng as an adviscry body +0 Hwem. IT We communai life of He ins+1+u+ion and +0 aid Hue PresI- conduds aw'l mase undergradu3+e decfions In cooperaflon denf and ofher ogicers in preserving Hwe mora1e 0s Hwe w7+h the CommiHee on SfudemL ARaErs and supervlses sfudenfs in keeping proper order and in maEn+aInIng Me o+her dass and ?rferdass m3++ers, induding H16 sinances good name and dignHy d Hue UnEverSHy d Pennsylvania. of acfivifies no+ under gradua+e management HOUSTON HALL STUDENT BOARD Among +he more imporfan+ ac+ive organizahons on +he Universify Campus is +he Housion Hall Sfudeni Board of Direcfors. H is +he dufy oi +he Board +0 carry 0qu acfiviiies and sef +he policies of Jrhe nafion's oldesf Siudenf Union. esfablished in I896. A maximum of +hree members is Chosen +0 +he Board each semesier, +0 replace fhe Jrhree men who are graduafed from Jrhe group ihaf Jrerm. The men musf be of high caliber. for +heir job is one of greaf responsibiiHy. They go Jthrough a rigorous heeling period which begins a+ +he opening of +he school year and exiends Jrhroughoui +he en+ire semesfer. Each year +he members of +he Board. wiih +he assisfance of a Freshman Dance CommiHee. presen+ Jrhree dances for Jrhe yearling Class in an affempf +0 acquaini +hem wifh +he many faciliJries of Housion Hall. The Board meefs regularly +hroughou+ +he year, af which Jrime plans for fuiure aciivifies are formulaied and +he opinions of Jrhe siudenis are broughi +0 +he Board's aHen- Hon. By Jrhis meihod, if is believed +ha+ +he Board may be of mosf service in solving +he social needs of Jrhe siudemL body. HOUSTON HALL IST ROW: Baugh. D.: Gree. L.; Harkins, J.; JohnsonI T. 2ND ROW: Knapp. D. iSecJ; Maloy, W.: Pious, D. W. ChairJ: Russell. C. K. Advising +he S+uden+ Board in however +hey see need for such assistance are +he ex-board members. i Wm. H. Vidal. Louis D. Day. and Jack R. Howard. members of +he Universify factu and Admin- isfraHon. Each year a free Chris+mas Dance is given in +he audi+orium. A small band furnishes +he music Jfor dancingl +here is carol singing around +he Chris+mas Treel and San+a Claus passes candy canes ou+ +0 everyone. HOUSTON HALL Sherbahn. R. R.: Welsh, R.: Wil- cher, F. Chairmanh Yurchak, P. To sfarf OFF "Skimmer Weekend." one of We big crew racing even+s of +he coun+ry. +he Board sponsors a Cabare+ Dance in Hous+on Hall. Sfraw ha+s, canes. weskefs, and whi+e buckskins are parf d We oHicial uniform. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS The elecfed represenfahve body of +he men of !952. +he Senior Ciass Council. errives +0 promo+e school and class spirit organize and adminis- JmanLe class adivifies, and represenf +he s+uden+s in +heir problems. The Senior class has ably disfinguished i+self in service. devofion. and leadership +0 +he Universify and many of ifs members have s+arred in sporfs. headed publicafions, and o+her exfracurricular acfivifies. The Senior Class Council plans and supervises Hey Day and Jrhe Ivy Ball. +he fradihonal week-end of +he Senior class. which has always been Jrhe mosf imporfanf and mosf enioyable week-end of +he year. SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL SITTING: A. BronnerI W. BoH'. Pres.; S. Bolfon. B. Lewy. 2ND ROW: J. Wolak. E. Kovanic. J. Cohen. R. Muhlberger. ABSENT: D. Kusner. Serving as a liaison befween +he Class oh l953 and +he Office oh Sfudenf AHairsh +he Jumor Class Council repre- senfs mom of whom Jrhe Universify can weH be proud. H5 record of achievemenfs and ifs oufsfandlng leaders can be found in +he Junior Annais. +he annual publicafion 01f Jrhe Junior class. Tradifionally +he second mosf Imporfanf weekend d fhe war. Junior Weekend was highly successful and de- hthul. Adivlfics began th Jrhe cusfomary Cane March and Junior Chapeh foliowed by +he Junior Prom and fhe Navy football game which +he Quakers won I470. The William Penn C'ub is an Ihdependenf organhahon primarNy for fhe more +han haH male undergraduafe; hv- Ing cm or 0H fhe campus who are unafhflated with an; of The social Greek heffered hafermhes. H CHG'S +0 If: mem- bers Jrhe devefopmemL of InfeWedud sociah ahd phyica faculhes and facihfaFes greater pavlchoa'brw In campui achvihes. 5cclal evenfs, a?hie+lcg, dame; anj 123W: by m mm men in various fieids CWE endeavcur care a Trew J Me club's mam advantages. JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL SITTING: J. Os+erman. V. Pres.; M. Trout Pres.: J. Newman, Sec. 2ND ROW: R. Sfephans, R. Downing. B. Dodd. ABSENT: D. Winsfonl J. Brownback. J. Tori. WILLIAM PENN CLUB SITTING: D. Horensfein, J. Merring. D. Windheim, Pres.; M. Greenberg. A. Weiss. 2ND ROW: W. Finick. 5. War- ren. L. Weinsiock, W. Kleinman. H. Siern. FRESHMAN CLASS COUNCIL SITTING: A. ETTora, M. Loveman. P. Tobin. Pres.; C. Less. 2ND ROW: D. Clancy. D. Powell. R. Driscoll. B. Korman. ABSENT: P. Curry. The purpose CT The council is To represenT The Freshman male sTudenT aT Penn. To promoTe communal TiTeT and To mainTain The good name 0T The UniversiTy. The council is recognized as The medium OT coeopera- Tion beTween The Freshman and The auThoriTies CT The UniversiTy. In The laTe Fall OT each year The Council is eTecTed wiTh proporTional represenTaTion oT school enronenT. The members serve unTil The end 0T The school year. Their chieT duTies are To supervise and promoTe social TuncTions. and To help oTher Treshman orienT Themselves To The ways 0T UniversiTy TiTe. The Sophomore Council consisTs 0T nine members: Three represenTaTives Trom WharTon. Two Trom The Col- lege. and one each Trom The Towne. EducaTion. and Fine ArTs SchooTs. The Council is eleCTed every Spring and serves The Tollowing year. The TuncTions oT The Sophomore Councili as eTecTed represenTaTives 0T The sTudenT body. are To promoTe school and Class spiriT, organize and adminisTraTe dass aCTiviTies, and aid The sTudenTs in sTraighTening ouT Their problems. The Council also elecTs The Class presidenT who serves on The UndergraduaTe Council. The highlighT oT The Council's social acTiviTy is The an- nual Sophomore Hop. SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL SITTING: E. Becker. B. BerT, J. Marcus. Pres.; J. Brunol S. Gross. ABSENT: D. KusnerI D. Fairfield. F. Rabinowifz. N. Anderson. J THE ARMY MULE is +he obiec+ of +his spirifed demonsfrafion iusf preceding +he annual Cade+- Quaker gridiron clash. STUDENTS GATHER for a rally in +he big quad. as football coach George Munger, surrounded by cheerleaders, prepares +0 sfarf +hings OFF. AT EVERY GAME was heard +he faifhful +hundering of +he big bass drum down in fronf .of +he Pennsyl- sylvania Band. Let's Hear It! Penn's Spirif CommiHee. which exisfs as a subcommif- +ee of Jrhe Undergraduafe Council. forms +he core of Jrhe life and vifalify inherenf in +he sfudenf body. Through campaigns and ruses. +his vibranf unif sparks Jrhe sfudenfs' fires of inferesf and enfhuslasm which have been blank- efed by firmly-implanfed inhibiHons. Execufion of weH-planned ideas, crea+ed by imagina- +ive minds. falls on +he shoulders of +he commiHee's heeling corps. The prospeche members accomphsh +heir fasks +hrough slogan-bearing signs scaffered abouf +he campus and infereshrousing rallies sfaged before major sporfs evenfs. The realizafion of creaHve +hough+ +hrough ac'rive ef- formL is Jrhe principal mefhod of excifing spirif in Jrhe sfu- denf body. SPIRIT COMMITTEE SITTING: J. S+evens. R. Sandler. J. Gerbereaux. R. Gol- Iub. A. Crumrine. 2ND ROW: K. Simsarian, D. WinsonI J. Osferman. ABSENT: S. Fuess. P. DenneH. THESE LOVELY coeds vied for "Miss Campus ChesT" TiTle. which was awarded To The young lady collecTing The mosT money for The drive. CAMPUS CHEST COMMITTEE SITTING: J. Irwin. M. BernsTein. B. Redding. D. Kaufman. V. Ch.; M. WinTer. 2ND ROW: J. OsTerman. P. JanneTTa. L. Groo, D. WinsonI W. Rader. ABSENT: C. Labrum. M. Krusenski. J. SuppleeI D. RechyI D. Knapp. Ch. CAMPUS CHEST The Campus ChegT' Drive, one OT The grea+e5+ and ngT pubTicized evenTs on The school caTendar, combined financial drives OT varied groups inTo one uniTed eTTorT. The UniTed Fund The World STudenTs Service Fund! The ChriSTian AssociaTion. HiHeT FoundaTion, lnTernaTional House, The Cancer Crusade. The March 0T Dimes. Tuber- culosis SeaTs. Tag Day, Splash Cash. and The NaTional SchoTarship Service Fund Tor Negro STudenTs are The 0r. ganizaTions which beneTiT Trom The proceeds. Tag Day funds send ChrisTmas Tood baskeTs To needy TamiTieS, while The SpTash Cash accounT conTribuTes To The consTrucTion 0T a swimming pool aT The UniversiTy Camp. which serves underprivileged Children. The Campus ChesT is a subcommiTTee oT The Under- graduaTe Council and WSGA. lTs chairmen and chieTs oT The mens and women's divisions are joinTTy elecTed by The parenT bodies; The various commiTTee heads are appoinTed by The general chairman. The annual Gay NineTies Revue, a Penn PTayers pro- ducTion, oTTered humorousskiTs and musical rendiTions as The opening phase of The Two-week campaign. Highlighf- ing The evening's acTiviTies was The coveTed Campus ChesT Queen ConTesT. FraTerniTies and campus organizaTions joined TalenTs To sTage The Campus CarnivaT. The aucTion 0T a car neTTed The largesT amounT oT money ThaT nighT. Sponsored by The HousTon HaH Board, The FaculTy VarieTy Show displayed noveT enTerTainmenT oTTered by proTessors and insTrucTors alike. This Closed The Campus ChesT Drive Tor This year. ResulTs oT The drive were amazing. ColTeCTing an ag. gregaTe OT $8,350. The soTiciTors snapped TasT year's ToTal by $1.000. gas myynyywwm,,.v,,,,s,v,ys,,, v , Dave Knapp Chairman esf and 'mbined Orf. und, the naronaI w Tuber afional Hwe 0r. ag Day es. while frudion h serves Under d chiefs cfed by ads are ers pro- Jrions as InggM- Campus lenfs f0 neHed Factu -red by ampus an ag- s fofal DR. J. C. DIGGORY gives ou+ wifh some fine warbling af +he Factu-Variefy Showl parf of +he Campus Ches+ pro- gram. "TAKE HOME a gold fish." shou+ Hue energe+ic "barkers" of one of Hue many boo+hs a+ +he gala Cam- pus Ches+ Carnival held in Hue Palesfra. A+ midnigH +he boo+hs were cleared. +he queen was crowned, and an informal dance was held in He gymnasium. "MISS CAMPUS CHEST." Pa+ricia Ann Duff. receives a confribufion from a generous sfudenf. no, HILLEL FOUNDATIONS The Religious Hiilel Foundaiion, +he cenier 0F Jewish culfure and religion here on campusi oHers Hg members am Opporfunify +0 reiain +he cusiomS and praciice: Oi iheir religion which were developed prior +0 mairicuiaiion af 1:254: Perm! and Jro assimiiafe new beiieis and modes which will assisi +hem in the prac- +ice of fheir iaifh during and aifer college. Rabbi Gorden's Miireside chefs" provide excelienf occasions for siudenfs +0 become acquainfed wifh Jrhe concepis oi +he Jewish reiigion. bofh in iheir relaiion +0 God and in +heir relafion +0 +heir fellow men. Special servicesi held during Yom Kippur and Rosh Hoshanna, help Jrhe slrudemL ful- fill +he required and desired pracfices of his iaiih. HILLEL FOUNDATION SITTING: B. Peril, R. Ruby. Pres.: H. LangI Vice-Pres.; C. Berman. 2ND ROW: l. Alex- anderI M. Oppenheimer. M. Fish. J. Nisen- son. ABSENT: M. Goldman. G. Berns'rein. J. Popkin. J. BeckoFF. N. Alferman. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION Esiablished on campus in I933, Jrhe Chrisfian Science Organizafion endeavors +0 welcome sfudenfs inferesf in Chrisfian Science and give Jrhem +he opporfunifies +0 learn +he Jrruih abouf +he iaifh. Meefings are held regularly where occasional lec- +ures are given by members of +he Chris- fian Science Board of Leadership of +he Moiher Church. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION IST ROW: H. PentziexirerI F. Osfers. P. S'rylerI B. L. Unks, C. Campbell. 2ND ROW: J. Wesf. M. Bell. R. Giles, D. Sfopp. D. ParkerI B. Long. I66 S N Organizations NEWMAN CLUB Sfriving for +he realizahon of +he well- developed Cafholic sfudenf. Pennhs chapfer MSh of +he Nafional Newman Club Federafion Hers has ins+i+u+ed a +hree-poinf program based H19 on religious. educafiona! and social aCHvi- 'hiCh Jries. n 5+ Masses are oHered daily and Sunday. Md along wifh weekly rosary recifafions and W50 discussion groups. in Sf. Bede's Chapel. ad- ege. joining Newman Hall. wide The Rev. Fafher John H. Donnelly. direc- vome Jror of +he club. conducfs classes in New awish man Hall daily. covering Cafholic docfrine. and philosophy, marriage. Church hisfory and ofher allied subjeds. ppur The club's social commIHee scheduhes ful- ballroom dances. barn dances. coke and :S of card parfies. and ofher social evenfs +0 complefe +he full developmemL of +he col- lege sfudenf. NEWMAN CLUB .ang SITTING: R. Vega-Gornez. R. Mazzaierfra. Mex: J. Tobin. N. Lennoxl Vlce-Pres.; J. O'Brien, isen- Pres.: M. Ordili. M. Schuld. R. Pangia. C. ;fein. Dougheriy. 2ND ROW: 6. Keniorski. C. Donlan, V. Jaso. P. Effinger. B. ShirifzingerI G. Melada. A. Swain. R. Fanggi. E. Busios. SSOCIATION Realizing +he Jrremendous need for an organizahon embracing members of all +he Profesfanf faifhs, +he Chrisfian Associahon esfablished a cabinef Confaining repre- sen+afives of separafe religious secfs. The Associafion Is divided info seven disfincf unifs. six major Profesfanf faifhs and one infer-denomlnahonal group. Each funcfions aparf from Jrhe ofhers, eleCJrs ifs own offi- cers. and holds ifs own discussions. How- ever. aH unHe in +he enacfmenf of +he As- soclafion's social program. W'eH-managed record dances are sched- uled every Safurday nighf during +he school year wlfh special evenfs sfaggered +hrough- ou+ Jrhe season. Probably +he mosf famous of Jrhese is fhe annual Chrlsfmas Bazaar In which aH +he women's frafernHies achvely engage. CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION SITTING: F. Fou'rz. K. Nasfay. K. Klinger- man, C. Miller. Pres.: J. Jones. Pres.: B. Baldwin, 6. Rieder. C. Lilly. 2ND ROW: C. Beckenbaugh. N. Kew+e. F. Parker. A. Heine. M. MacEIwee, M. Wingerf, M. Ono. A. Graybi l. 3RD ROW: M. Trout C. Rus- sell. A. Yoggy, A. McComas, T. Sco+es, R. Donovan. F. ScoH. W. Marx. W. Cooper. I67 l68 The Frankhn Socie+y consisfs of +he Tour sfudenf publica- +ions: The Record. Jrhe Daily Pennsylvanian. The Triangie. and Pennpix. The board is made up of members of The staffs of +hese publicafions. The sociefy works as an advisory board in confroling +he four managerial boards. ennsylvaniaTs HERMAN H. DOH. gradua+e manager of publicafions. is a na+ive of Philadelphia and a graduafe of +he UniversHy of Penn- sylvania. Before becoming a s+uden+ af +he Uni- versify. Doh served four years in +he Army Air Force Trom which he was discharged in I946 wi+h +he rank of Capfain. He is a+ presen+ an assis+an+ insfrucfor of English while Jraking gradua+e courses. no. 'e. v en ,M-u ublications Edi+ors en+ering Franklin Socie+y Building. home of +he Recerd. Pennpix. and The Daily Pennsylvanian. : wa-xmxwwwm - n" $ ' .. :lgfglsliii'fg w WJWVaoN, PENNPIX . .. En+e ng i+s eigh+h year of pubHcaHon. Pennpk con- Hnued H5 edHorhl poHcy of expandon. If very qukkw endeared Ifself +0 +he hearfs of all sfudenfs by providing a monfhly fill of Chuckles +hrough Hwe use of safire. poe+ry, feafure sfories. and pho+os. Combining a varied assorf- menf ofar cbs th manyjoke$ boH1new and a successful eHorJr +0 appeal +0 +he +as+e of every sfudent Pennpix has provided humor wifhouf foolishness. The Dreaming up a four dollar bill. perhaps. Re conf seax cove been sfaff chcu impa Ad.-0 Reflects the Campus Humor Pennpix edi+ors +alk over a new issue. sLeH 1'0 righ'd David Sellin. Arf Edi+or: Richard Ruby. Business Manager: Alan Oser, Ed- ifor-in-Chief; James Pequinof. Managing Edifor. r. -4 1pix cone confinuafion of H16 Coed Beaufy Confesf early in +he yquIcHy season was one of Hwe highlighfs of an ever-expanding oroviding coverage. All of Hwese accomplishmenfs could no+ have gpoeW. been achieved wifhouf +he diligemL work of a capable ed assorf- sfaH of poefs, wri+ers, and business men. The increased i doHin circulafion of Pennpix was adequafely proven by Hue ,dudent ImpaHemL waiHng observed preceding every issue. The 255. PENNPIX SITTING: M. A rch. H. Weinsfein. T. pequigndrl A. Oser. Edi+or; R. Ruby. B. Redding. 2ND ROW: R. Blume. H. Liss. L. Apo+haker. A. Robbins. B. Iscowifx. 3RD ROW: J. Pressner. J. Klay. M. KramerI R. Berliner, P. Sena. ABSENT: K. Mc- Car+hy. L. Henry, Jr., D. Sellin. 'a a iv th 3-?an : "5' aw; 115x .P TRIANGLE SITTING: J. Liu. B. Beinen, A. Pugh, Ed.; L. Lapinski. H. Kepharf. 2ND ROW: W. Lawrie. G. Torri, W. Marx, R. Rinne. G. Minds. C. Myers. THE PENNSYLVANIA TRIANGLE The TriangleaA fechnical publica+ion of +he Towne, Moore. and Fine Ar+s Schools. The Triangle confains +echnical and semi-fechnical arHcles on various aspecfs of engineering. as well as columns and arHcles of popular inferesf +0 Hwe Tri-School s+udenfs. H has appeared confinuously since I9l2 when if was published as The Whifney Magazine. H became The Journalisf engineers af work. Wonder whaf's inside? Towne Scien+ific School Journal in I920. and +hen In I925. if was renamed The Pennsylvania Triangle. Three fine characferichs mark The Triangleaexcellenf fechnical arficles. aggressive edi+orial policy, and popu- lar appeal. AH combine +0 make If. as a sfuden+ puba licafion. a sHmulaHng assef +0 Penn. The Daily PennsylvanianeHWho's who? Whaf's whaf?" For aH campus informafion Twifh The excephon of answers +o final examinafionsT. Joey Undergrad has iuswL 'ro consuhL The Daily Pennsylvanian. Asserfing Hself as Jrhe "Voice of Jrhe Sfudenf Body." The D.P.. as if is more aHecHonafeTy known in sfudenf circles. is +aking a more aCHve edi+or1al policy. Now in ifs sevenfy- Third year as a Universi+y ins+i+u+ion, +he schoo! paper sfrives To reporf Jrhe news in a sfraighf-Torward and imparfial mane ner as well as TeaJruring spicy columns and a comple+e sporJrs coverage in Ms Tive-day a week publicafion. In keeping wifh JrradiJrion. on The morning of +he Penn- Cornell gridiron Tray. The Daily Pennsylvanian baffles wifh The Cornell Sun in The. annual Touch foofball classic for Jrhe Beermug Trophy. In addifion. There is +he bEHer Inframulral rivalry befween The D.P. and WXPN in which +he vicfor emerges nof only wiJrh The glory of +riumph. buf also wifh a keg of beer. OHen quo+ed as Jrhe s+uden+'s besf friend in lecfure, The D.P. has no connecHon wifh +he iournalism or any o+her deparfmenf of The Universify. H Is manned enfirely as an exfracurricular proied wifh only psychic income and experi- ence as a reward for Jrhe long hours of labor which go info ifs making. CHAlLu K. Russlu. Editor-iu-Chicl Editorial Board Managing Editor. City Editor... Associate Editor" New: Editor. Feature Edilo .DAVID S. SALsnt'm "Fun: TATNALL onzrr E. anm: RONALD S. Goun .Pmup C. SIMON nous S. leTLlN .JAMII L. Knuu oump M. WnGHT .Ro-zrr Ln Smn-n Photographic Editor... Ronn'r BIOTMAN Senior Editor: .......... ..PAUL J. BOSSEN, JAY A. COHEN, EUGENE A. DINXSON, PETER Lovz, L. KENNETH Smunum. CHARLES M. STEIN. Junior Editors ........ ROBERT ARTHUR, W. DEWITT Buss, STUART G. BROWN, BER- NARD D. MACFARIAND, MICHEL T. HUBER, lnwm KAHN,'MART1N KRAMER, JOHN C. MONJO, HOWARD J. RUBENSTELN, FRANK W. SANFORD, THOMAS J. SCOTES, FRANK V. SuALLCnoss, Fun WALTERS. Copy Editor ...... Business Board HEREERT RI. L135, Business AIanager HERBERT CARVER MARTIN ROSEMARIN LES C. EASTON, JR. ..... BYRON K0" ..STANLEY PATCHEN ONALD MARDER Advertising Alanager Production Alanagn. Personnel Alanagtr" OHire Alanagcr. ..... Circulatiun Alanager Art Director, . Editorial Coordinate XLLIAM RADER Scm'ar Advisory Board Moszv GREENBERG, BARTON Lawy, RICHARD RUBY. Junior Business Alanager: ..................... J. BOYD BERT, LEONARD S. DOME, STEW FINKLER, LAURENCE GOLD, BERNARD GOLDSTEIN, DAVID L, HANDEL, LEONARD LAUDER, EDWARD Lunm, PAUL NET- TLHR, Ronmrr L. NISHBALL, EDWARD POWERS, SmNH ROSIiN'l'HAI., Ax'ruun ZANKEL. ITEMMAN H. Don, Gradual: Alanager THE DAILY PENNSYLVANIAN D.P. EDITORIAL STAFF SITTING: K. Simsarian, A. ZieHin, C. Russell, Edifor-in- Chief; R. LeVine. R. Gollub. P. Love. 2ND ROW: T. Scofes. M. Huber, P. Bossen. M. Kramer. l. Kahn, L. Monio. 3RD ROW: C. Sfein, R. Ar+hur. S. S+ein. C. Ludwig. B. MacFarland. BUSINESS STAFF TOP ROW: C. Eas+on, R. Brody. J. Yago. P. Way. J. Gas- periI D. Proc+or. R. Smullian. SECOND ROW: D. Milne. D. Jaeger. R. Sullivan, J. Handler, F. Casey! J. Norcross. BOT- TOM ROW: B. Lewyl M. Rosemarin. H. CarverI B. Kopp. S. Finkler. DAILY PENNSYLVANIAN SEN- IOR BUSINESS BOARD. SlTTlNG: M Rosemarin. Produc+ion Man- ager: B. Lewy, Adver+ising Man- ager; H. Liss. Business Manager; W. Rader. Promofion Manager. SECOND ROW: E. Casel. Person- nel Manager; H. Carver. Aduver- Hsing Manager; C. Eas+on, Clrfzw Iafion Manager; 3. Kopp. OHICG Manager. Pounding ou+ +omorrow's news. SENIOR EDITORIAL BOARD Rober+ E. Lebine. Associafe Edi+or: Charles K. Russell. Edifor-in-Chief; Frank Ta+nall. Ci+y EdHor; David S. Salsburg. Managing Edi+or. LAYOUT of Hwe four-page daily issue requires consid- erable +hough+ and plan- ning. HUNDREDS of D.P.'s are dis+ribu+ed +hroughou+ Hue campus and Philadelphia area each weekday. AN ACE repor+er ga+hers H16 news. inifial siep in Hue produc+ion process. A MODERN Fairchild engraver elecironically reproduces picfures in plasfic for use in +he paper. Alfhough Hie hisfory of ihe Record dafes back +0 Hie year l852, each successive year has found ifs edifion sfrikingly singular in bofh appearance and confenfs. Wifh such a long and illusfrious hisfory. Hie I952 Record sfaH found before i+ e diHiCUH iob. From Edi+or-in-Chie1c Dick Sherbahn +0 Hie ias+ heeler, each man exer+ed his sfrongesf efforfs Jrowards making +his Record one of fine besf in his+ory. Long hours were spen+ in designing Hie cover, wrifing and proofreading H18 arficies, and organizing +he confenJrs. The iinal produmL adequafely iusfifies +he work puf info it From ifs impressive cover +0 ifs disfindive and individual ariicles. Hie I952 Record is indeed a "record" of Hie Universiiy of Pennsylvania R. RICHARD SHERBAHN Edifor-in-Chief THE CENTENNIAL RECORD for Hie pasi year. More +han iusf serving as a remembrance for Hie de- parfing senior. Hie Record has affempfed +0 cover Hie enJrire school. every Class, and every phase of every acfivify. The I952 Record is a far cry from Hie four-page edifion of I852. Well over +hree hundred pages are devoied in +his edifion +0 a single Jrheme - +0 presenf in a codified form We year l95l-l952 as if unfolded here a+ Penn. Separafe secfions are devofed +0 sporfs. senior picfures. frafernifies, sociefies, and adivifies in an eHorf +0 obfain a composii'e resulf. We. Hie sfaH. presenf +0 you Hiaf resuH-e Hie I952 Record. MOSEY A. GREENBERG Business Manager LESTER L. LESSIG. JR. Managing EdHor RICHARD W. OLLIVIERRE Associafe Business Manager wwr WWW- w r 1;? 0 ROBERT B. HEINTZ Sporfs Edi+or JOHN C. MONJO Frafernifies Edifor ; kw W1! 927'! . K: x z kam 1"; EDWIN C. MASKA Senior Personals Edifor BERNARD D. MacFARLAND Pho+ography Edi+or PETER T. POSMANTUR Ac+ivi+ies Edi+or SENIOR EDITORIAL BOARD L. KENNETH SIMSARIAN Liferary EdHor xx GEORGE W. MINDS. JR. EDITORIAL STAFF ! ROW l: N. Ehrenreich. M. RoseI C. Skin. H. GraFF. W. Hadley. ROW II: R. BerensI B. Car+er. W. Wa+kins. T. Hagsfrom. M. Lehman. E. Rygiel. BUSINESS STAFF ROW l: L. Elgarf. P. Hicks, H. BuHer, S. Glassman, : J. Handler. ROW II: J. Norcross, D. Price. R. 1 Searlesl E. Brody, F. Branagan. R. Taylorl M. Rubin. SENIOR BUSINESS BOARD STEWART S. FINKLER Personnel Manager MARTIN A. ARCH Sales Manager GORDON T. FRANKLIN ISAAC L. VAN VOORHIS ARMAND B. WEISS Office Manager Adverfising Manager Publici+y Manager PRODUCTION . . . PROMOTION WITH OHARSST as +he "word." Record business s+af-f and heelers work during a sales drive in Hous+on Hall. q NgygENKVNDRE;?9TRREE ?:??axmsxwowmwwmgg Agrw: 1 Wm SALES- adverHsingl and promo+ion go in+o full speed as We deadline nears, ONE OF Hwe easier and more pleasan+ iasks of +he hardpressed phofographer. BUSINESS MANAGER Mosey A. Greenberg con- suHs +he graduafe manager of publica+ions for ad- vice concerning some of his pressing financial problems. MASK AND WIG CLUB $xmex V V x GALLOWAY CHES- TON, Undergraduafe Chairman of +he Mask and Wig Club. MASK AND WIG CLUB IST ROW: W. Welsh. J. R a n k i n. Mgr.: J. Mc- Combs, Mgr.: G. Ches- +on, Pres.: S. Fuess. R. M e r k e y. I. VanVorhiss. 2ND ROW: E. Collinsl J. Ayres, R. Wickersham. D. Jacoby. T. Sco+es. R. Ob- erly. J. Farmakis. G. Rei- der. J. Smilgin, J. Lile, T. Morgan. C. Feldt D. Baugh. I82 fa Ranking among Jrhe greafesi of +he College Musical Comedy League. +he Mask and Wig Club has represenied Jrhe Universiiy nobiy and ably for over sixiy years. Based on fun and carefree spiri+ of youih coupled wifh +he sense of service Jro Jrhe Univer- sify, +he Firsi Call of Mask and Wig was wriHen by Clayion FoHeral MCMiChael. co-signed by +hree of his fellow-siudenis and posied on +he Bulleiin Board in Jrhe basememL of old College Hall in +he Fali of I888. lmmediafeiy eleven ofher sfudenis joined +he movement +hus com- prising Jrhe fiiieen Founders of Mask and Wig. Today, af 3lO Quince Sireef. if mainJrains a unique clubhouse, decoraied by Maxiield Par- rish. which coniains many inieresiing relics of pasf broduciions. In +his year's performance. +here was no need for ihaf cliche of show business. "Is Jrhere a dodor in +he house?" Nof only was +here a dochor buf he was Jrhe siar of Jrhe show. The sixiy-iourfh annual produciionl "Docior. Dear Docior." was a burlesque of +he medical pro- fession and was a musical adapiaiion oi Moliere's "Physician in Spife of Himself." Membership in +he Mask and Wig Club is divided info graduaie and undergraduaie. while +he adivifies oi +he Club are governed by a Board of Governors comprising represenfahves from bofh divisions. The ouisianding sfudenfs of Jrhe casiL anoi choruses comprise Jrhe under- graduafe body. There are many Club iunciions each year. busi by far Jrhe mos+ imporfanf oi Jrhese is Jrhe Found- er's Nighf Dinner, an evening when Club mem- bers gaiher +0 do homage +0 +he Founders. There is song. fun. and merrimeni. excepwL for Jrhe momeni when in silence a JroaswL is drunk +0 +hose who have gone before. Siariing wiih "Lurline." Jrhe iirsf produciion. and coming down +0 Jrhe currenf show. +he old siars assemble from near and far io sing and dance +0 Jrhe music oi yesierdays. THE DANCING CHORUS and a few glee and cas+ oi +he company combine io make +his holiday scene in +he main square. 59 dance chorus led by ica+e dance s+eps while WaHer Keenan go fhrough in+r preparing for Hue second acf. THE FAMOUS Mask and W Dear Doc+or. Hon for "Docfor. WWWWWWGW room In prepare g n .m S e r 10 .W e In .T m DI U 9 IO 6 m g .m 6 ID 9 r. a S r e g .m, d n a K S m THE VILLAGE men enfer'rein +heir ladies wifh music af +he beginning of Hue holiday. "Doctor, Dear Doctor" SGANARELLE raises his rod in defense in fronf 0 +he Le Tarfuffe. Mirfh and fun prevail as quick st fry +0 prevenf +he onslaughfs of bru+e s+reng+h. LUCINDE sings +0 Lean- dre as +he +wo lovers +ry +0 ge+ fogefher in spi+e of +he pro+es+a+ions of her fa+her. THE SHOW-STOPPING clown dance climaxes ihe firs+ acf. SGANARELLE is scorned by his shrewish wife as +he res+ of +he principals look on in amused disdain. -.. Mm... - $43.4." "-4. ,alzxxx ' THE CAST OF "DOCTOR. DEAR DOCTOR" IST ROW: E. Collins. S. Neuhard, J. Kosco. B. Sweeney, B. JonesI T. Jones. F. Mc- Laufilin, L. Hagerson. D. Nelson. 2ND ROW: J. Ayres. C. Welsh. J. Rankin, J. McCombs, G. Ches+on, S. Fuess. R. Merkey. I. Van Voorhiss, D. Baugh. I. Sherman. 3RD ROW: D. Brown. B. Wickersham. D. Jacoby, T. Scofes, B. Oberly. J. Farmakis, G. ReEder, J. Smilgin. J. Lile. T. Morgan, C. Feldf, A. Murray. 4TH ROW: J. Powell, P. Ausbrook. M. S+oller, L. Groo, R. Dorsch. B. Clarke, R. Cra+on. P. Klahr, P. Heming- way. 5TH ROW: A. John, W. McKinney. T. Angelus. N. Shout D. Mann. D. Bruce, W. Carey. S. Dinowih. J. Mack, J. Bincarowski. F. Tramufola. S. Fisher. 3. Knerr. m m THE CAST awai+s Hue curfain behind s+age bhefore Hue grand opening d +he annual s ow. Founded in l936 by Miss Kalhleen Carberry Quinn as a dramafic organizalion open Jro all undergraduale men and women of We Univer- sify, flue Pennsylvania Players Jrruly consfilules one ol +he malor and mosl enjoyable aclivilies on He Penn campus. Workshop Produclions and a series ol one acl plays wriHen by Penn sludenls are presenfed annually in addifion lo lwo major produclions .'Romeo and Juliel" was lhis year's lirsl map; procludion. The Chrislmas produclion, presenled annual! in conlunclion wifh A Cappella Choir, was Z beaufiful Chrislmas Canlala enlifled "The ln- carnale Word." CAST MEMBERS of "Romeo and Julie+" are en+er+ained 6+ H19 ln+ercollegia+e fee in Furness Library. Members of Shakespearean plays being performed a+ Bryn Mawr. Haverford, Swar+hmore, and 5+. Joseph's Colleges are also guesfs. MEMBERS of +he Produc+ion Slap? of "Romeo and Juliei'" are seen working on scenery in fhe basemenf of Irvine Audiforium. PENN PLAYERS SITTING: l. Hirsh. J. Buff. Bus. Mam; L. Mamourian. N. Cohen. J. Silverberg, R. Sandler. W. Klein- man. 2ND ROW: N. Curray. G. Melada. P. Ball. 5. King. 5. ZeiHin. 3RD ROW: 6. Johnson. L. AH- house. B. Mann. H. Hibberd, J. RobinsonI L. F. Julius. ABSENT: F. Sauers. Chairman; M. Molifch. THE PLAYERS do +he firsf "cas+ reading" of "Blifhe THE DUEL be+ween Romeo and Tybalf highling +he Spirit" which was presen+ed in +he middle of March. +hird ad of +he Players' maior producfion. 1w"!!! mm? .3? w - H . A w7Ax MERCUTIO bows +0 a lady-in-waHing in We be firsf ad of "Romeo and Juliet" Q Wick wt Mwhmjcx grin h X10- N V viii . . w , X A unnjdon c ., llroom scene of +he ROMEO AND JULIET BENVOLIO. Mercufio, and Tybal'r begin +0 unveil +he pIof of +he immorfal Shakespearian classic. I . xy-u-r cl 9N3! .. -'"Ai--".'I-'-- $7 V, 8 5 .--r ougc... .4...; ' 'ish! H CIN SITTING Lauder, Mauraih. Pressner, rell. D. St JrinerI R. The Varsi+y and Freshman Debaflng Teams are direcfed by Hwe S+uden+ Debafing Council. The Council confrols +he combined schedule of bofh Jreams. including abouf fiffeen radio and forfy plaf- form debafes. The feam will four Hue East Soufh. and Mid-Wes+ in order +0 fulfill +his rigorous pro gram. DEBATE COUNCIL SITTING: E. BeckerI J. Howard, A. Snow- iss, Pres.; J. Berney. J. Field. 2ND ROW: E. Rygiel. M. GoldbergI W. Odell. J. Reaph. S. Sarasohn. Sensing Hwe lack of a campus organizafion show- Ing movies "of recognized infereer +0 Hue ma+ure college mind." a group of energeHc s+uden+s founded Hwe Cinema Club laer spring. In ifs firsf year, He Club presenfed Jren grea+ film masfer- pieces as well as programs of ex-perimenfal and documentary movies +0 ifs capacify membership. CINEMA CLUB SITTING: M. Bayer. L. Lauder. M. Scher. W. Maurafh. 2ND ROW: J. PressnerI A. Ganz. S. Har- rell, D. Salsberg. G. Werf- +iner, R. Nesfleball. IST ROW: P. Kuzinn, A. SUN, 3. Lewy, R. RiHenband, R. Wilner. W. Frifz. 2ND ROW: S. Ellor, B. Davidson. T. Thomas, E. Marcus, R. HausmanI G. Saage, R. Smifh. 3RD ROW: R. Glickman. D. WaJrersI J. McCahon. J. BincerowskyI D. Samuels. N. Masri. RADIO STATION - WXPN Each Monday fhrough Friday a greaf number of sfudenfs fume +heir radio diahs +0 Sfaflon WXPN. Jrhe Universify of Pennsylvania's con+ribu+ion f0 radio. The sfafion is run in +he same manner as many commercial sfahons JrhroughoulL +he naHon. Bofh men and women sfudenfs fake parf in such ac- Jrivifies as scripf wrifing, announcing. scripf produdion and radio engineering. The sfafion has bofh HS oHice and broad- caang facihfies locafed on +he +hird Hoor oh Housfon Hall. Accordingfo +he manager of WXPN. +his year Jrhe s+ahc affempfed +0 encourage more recepfion in Jrhe dormiforles and fra+ern1+y houses by broadcasfing a greafer variefy of programs. An Increase in JrransmiHer power also has been planned. The sfafion hopes +0 furfher +he inferesfs of Jrhe sfudenf body +hrough increased service +0 +he Universify communify. DICK RITTENBAND in+erviews vocalisf PaHi PageI recenfly appearing a+ +he Click. for a re-broadcas+ +0 Penn sfudenfs Ia+er in Hue week' one of +he many celebrifies feafured periodically on +he program schedule. SCRIPTS are checked as +he an- nouncer blasfs away during one of +he s+uden+ parficipaHon pro- grams. STATION MANAGER Barf Lewy is a+ +he confrols while a popular plaffer spins +0 +he lisfener's en- ioymenf. THERE MUST be some+hing new every day. since old news is no news. WXPN has a fine collecfion of classical. modern dance, and jazz recordings for use in HS broadcasfs. Various organizafions oHen borrow records for informal dances. parfies. and fhe like. THE OUTING CLUB. composed of bo+h grad- ua+e and undergraduafe s+uden+s. was organized +his year +0 promo+e exer- cise. recrea+ion and com- radeship among Hs mem- bers. A member of Hue ln+ercollegia+e Ou+ing Club AssociaHon. Hue Sociefy oHen goes on hikes. canoe rides. bicycle hips and o+her ou+door excursions +0 various pieces of in+eres+. PHOTO SOCIETY SITTiNG: W. Sfewart Lee Craig R. Schembs, President R. Crum 2ND ROW: Ted Knerr. J. Levin: son. P. Lare, J. Mere. H. Segal. The purpose of fhe Phofography Sociefy is +0 fosfer an Inferes+ 'm phoJrography among Hue sfudenfs of H16: Universify. The Soclefy has a darkroom in Housfon HaH which is accessEble +0 aH members. Trips are made +0 H16 surrounding coun- Jrryside f0 provide subiecfs for ex- hibifions and confesfs. THE PENNSYLVANIA BAND Craig, Crum. , Levin- SegaL yaphy 7esf In Jdenfs W has BILL QUILTYI drum maior for Hue band. is also an which 7 experf fwirler. His exhibiHons are +he highlighf of Trios 3 He haIf-Hme achifies. Bill is New Jersey $+a+e cou3n- Champion in fwirling and 'has worked wifh +he band or ex- 7 +hree years. I i THE MARCHING BAND forms a gian+ "P" inside +he game. The band's rendHions during +hese periods are i keysfone during H19 haIf-fime period of +he Dar+m0u+h always en+er+aining and offen spec+acular. l . u u- .F....,,,'. x. :1 "-z 1$7377.. 5. M34... ..?J$Ji "ij , 755.7372," u, . "13.4; 3; 341.37.55.33... .' 3 3 33,. gY. V.?ffmmyw3 7'3 . '55 r L, y . ' ; I . .l 7 ..,',-....s-' --..'..'.v 7. I u":-, avg .v-...,-..j THE BAND MARCHING +oward +he fif+y-yard line in "company line," led by Bill Quilfy. The band has been lauded by Penn men and visi+ors for ifs excelleni +iming and coordinaiion on +he field. THE BAND s+anding in formafion in Hous+on Hall Plaza on Sa+urday morning before Hie Princeion game. A momenf Iaier. i+ will burs+ in'ro song. of Direcior George T. Bird, is one of Jrhe finesi examples of marching bands of +he nafion. Co- ordinafion and musical skili are Jrhe prime requisifes of +he band member. Hours of blackboard driil and field praciice go info +he make-up of +he fine Fooiball Jfans may noi realize if, bmL every coilege game Jrhey waich ieaiures a +hird Jream on Jrhe field. Behind +he Jrunes. iormafions. rouiines, and shows of Jrhe band. Jrhere is as much hard work as +here is behind Jrhe gridmenis eHoris. The Pennsylvania Band, under +he able leadership band of which we are so proud ai Pennsylvania. The Fanfare Socieiy. which serves as a governing and policy-making organizaiion. is +he honorary socieiy oi +he band. Eligibiliiy in Jrhe Socieiy consisis oi fwo years' service +0 Jrhe band,,ei+her in a managerial or musical capaciiy. during which Hme +he members musi show oui- sianding inieresi and devoiion +0 +he welfare of +he band. FANFARE SOCETY SITTING: C. Dengler. C. Perel- man. L. Blimline. A. Blum. 2ND ROW: D. LloydI R.. Pelham. R. MillerI W. Kueikas. Marching Along . .. THE RED AND BLUE BAND kicking H up for one of +heir iazzed-up versions of a favorHe song. From +his posifion, Huey disperse in+o four groups and +hen come foge+her again. iig-saw sfyle. GEORGE BIRD. who Is said +0 be +he bes+ known and mosf accomplished band conduc+or in +he coun'rry. is direc+or of Penn's bands. He makes frequen+ +ours of +he na+ion and wi+hin Hwe mefro- poli+an area +0 demons+ra+e i+s +echniques. Symphony Orchestra RelaHvely new in our UniverSIfy's andenf hailowed halls. +he Symphony Orchesfra. wifh only four years +0 HS herifage. has made rapid sfrides Jrowards prominence. All personnel conneded wifh +he Universify, induding +he faculfy. are welcomed +0 Iend fheir falenfs in per- forming +he beaufiful works of Hwe greaf classical musicians. GLEE CLUB IST ROW: J. Crow+hers. B. Wig- gins. H. Leeds, Pres.: R. Godsall Direcior; B. Pilcher. R. Dusenburyl 2ND ROW: D. Cummings. R. De. Simoner R. Kafzman. B. Lau+on J VanOrsdelI. A. Maxwell, A. King 3RD ROW: R. Lowry, J. Gorry. A' Senn. H. Hauck. J. Norcross. W. Walsh. ' THE CHORAL on Mens Glee Club The Men's Glee Club. consiang of +he male under- gradua+es of Hue Universify whose musical reperfoire is of bofh +he thf and serious varie+y, is supporfed 501er by +he funds for Sfudenf Acfivifies. Performances are. held af Universify funcfions during Hie year and frips are +aken +0 women's colleges where joinf concerfs are given. i A CAPPELLA CHOIR IST ROW: P. Gordon, N. Snider. 3' A. Heine. C. Miller. J. Kosi'erI R. H. C-Zvodsalll Director: B. Malloy. H. Y- Hoskins, G. MacMullans. M. Nich- 'e ' olas. P. Cobin. E. Sanwald. 2ND J- ROW: M. Krafz. R. Fredericks. J. 3- 1 Sykes. P. Haviland, F. Collyer. M. K. Davies, M. FlemingI R. Nachman- l. sohn. M. Hoeckley, C. Lyonl P. Brousel K. Sfiles. J. Friizinger. L. Edsall. 3RD ROW: L. Floyd. D. Cummings. D. Crownover. J. Gor- ry. R. OppeH. I. Freebairn-Smifh, J. Von Arsde". R. Wa s k 0. H. Hauck. B. Lauion. J. Cox. xL SOCIETIES Choral Society Choral Sociefy ThriHing audiences In concerfs of +he Philadelphia Orchesfra in He Academy of Music and Carnegie Hall. are a few of Hwe many en+erfaining per- formances of Hwe Choraf Sociefy. Composed of sfudenfs mafriculafing in any branch of He Universify. Hwe Sociefy also sings af H19 Chrisfmas and Easfer Chapels. A Cappella Choir The A Cappella Choir. comprised of He selecf voices of +he Choral Socie+y. specializes in vocal music in Hwe smaller forms, such as mofef. madrigal. and spirifual. Sophomore sfanding and membership in Hwe Choral So- ciefy are prerequisifes: fonal qualify. balance. and choral ensemble are emphasized. ' i , " V". , ,. , um HHHNH nuua u 5 ,0" N .uuuuupv , i ' t't. AM : K , 7 4tit ., I , 9 i 3 i i i COLONEL ELMER M. BURNS is in command of H1e Army R.O.T.C. for +he second year and has served in +he Army since I933. CAPTAIN H. R. STEVENS. Promtes- sor of Naval Science and Tacfics, has been an ou+s+anding figure in +he esfablishmenf of Naval pro- grams. ARMY R.O.T.C. COMMISSIONED OFFICERS SITTING: Lf. Col. P. Hufchinson, L'r. Col. J. McNeHy, Col. E. Burns, L+. Col. D. Ra- chel, Mai. R. Fos+er. Jr. 2ND ROW: WQ. D. Turner. Capt N. Plasker. Mai. M. Ross Capt 6. Lindsay, W0. J. Linds+rom, I N.R.O.T.C. COMMISSIONED OFFICERS lST ROW: LCDR. W. A. Williams. Cap'r. H. R. Sfevens, CDR. H. l. Mandel. 2ND ROW: L+. F. E. Smifh, Major P. J. Blasko, LCDRI S. B. Snea'rh. L'r. R. H. Yerbury. AIR R.O.T.C. COMMISSIONED OFFICERS IST ROW: J. Gordon, H. TaHor. C. Levin, A. Don. 2ND ROW: F. Moeller. A. Ker- shaw, 6. Keller. M. Laufer. LT. COLONEL HENRY S. TAY- 1 LOR, direc+or of +he Air R.O.T.C.. is no+ed for his flying wifh fhe Yugoslav Air Force during +he Iasf 1 World Warn r-L7mmwv- m- T '0'. Re. ,0. er- The R.O.T.C. Units ARMY R.O.T.C. NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS IST ROW: A. Madonior. W. Hammond. E. Heins. E. Haywood. M. Baron. 2ND ROW: E. WiesehuHer, g. SpencerI E. S+ephen. C. Caulkins. N.R.O.T.C. ENLISTED STAFF IST ROW: FCC. Allison. Mrs. J. Joyce. Mrs. B. Green. G.MC. W. Chimber. 2ND ROW: SKC. Lagos, ETC. Thrsher, MSGT. Cannon. QMUC Bradley. YnUC Baker. AIR R.O.T.C. AIRMEN IST ROW: W. Flynn. C. Black, F. D'An- nunzio. 2ND ROW: 5. DeHauen. J. Hughes. C. Tressler. R.O.T.C. BAND Fronf: C. Pofash. Drum Maior IST ROW: H. Smi+h, F. Schaerdarfer. R. Hagan. 6. Cox, J. Blemline, B. Rosenberg. G. Rosenblum. 2ND ROW: H. Harrison, 6. Rosen+hal. R. CuHer. P. Davidow. K. Morgan, P. Kaiser, H. Hyde. 3RD ROW: J. Crawford, A. Sprinford, G. SchaHer, L. Leshnik. J. Smifh. 4TH ROW: N. Drees- ler. P. Mesch, C. Gewiry. D. S+ern. D. Porfer. 'ia'g'a N! H bfwvtgniff: 3.132: 9V0? O . , . u . raamwum . xii! m r. wmmmwmwmww ,w. WM, 1,. my, wma-mav, m , bank"; v KG Armed Forces Day ARMED FORCES DAY. I952. was marked on We Penn campus by a join+ inspecHon of fhe Army. Navy, and Air Force R.O.T.C. unifs The s+uden+ oHicers displayed Hweir colors before several high milifary dignifaries in Franklin Field. AHer +he +hree unifs had passed in review, awards were presenfed +0 +hose cadefs who had been selec'red for +heir excellence in . service, devohon. and loyaHy +0 Hwe corps. ym-wg M"? vngyam , N VIM V xylvnrw val" gm wgng m: mwwwmymmmmwmwwwuwwwqmyww mmwwm e uh u r C r e m m u S CH TI. 0. R. N NAVAL R.O.T.C. NAVY R.O.T.C. COMPANY A IST ROW: C. Grey, D. A. Markowifz, J. A. Newpher, J. B. Cassidy. J. E. Wolak. G. C. Baublifz. 'ZND ROW: M. Levine, N. Robbins, L. M. Rusikay, J. R. Dugan, N. C. Es+abrook C. F. Gregory, W. N. Ashbey, J. S. Dineen, W. G. Lieberman, C. H. Sfeins, J. O. Mack. P. 5. Curry. W. D. Marfin, G. W. Kirvary, R. P. Johnson, R. L. Rose. THIRD ROW: J. F. Kenny,.J. R. CasHe, J. J. Avignone, W. C. Blumens+eim D. B. McGuigan, A. R. Diefrich, T. J. Murphy, W. R. Burger, A. M. Margolis. A. W. Ross, A. R. Maloney' J. H. Weiss, 8. C. Jacacki, E. Y. Doran, D. Shark, H. R. Merriman, L. B. Brown. 4TH ROW: S. K'ausner, R. Denny, J. W. OH. M. H. Ross, W. C. Hidlay, R. C. Moore, R. T. Owen. A. Kradiian' A. B. Weiss, R. J. Sfrifzinger, T. C. Brandt C. L. Quinn, 5. J. Green, B. D. MacFarland. 5TH ROW: T. J. PaHerson, J. Ruff, J. Dern, W. G. LippincoH, T. E. Keller, T. W. Jackson, H. H. Thomas, J. F. Carfwrighf, R. C. Jones, P. K. Neumann, W. A. Kafferman, E. A. Schrag. 6TH ROW: H. L. Lifzenberq, S. F. Bissell, G. L. Wein. J. L. McArcHe. W. T. Hadley. A. R. Rush. L. J. Haaerson, P. W. Hallenbeck. D. L. Thompson, F. P. Brown, H. S. Ferguson, 0. F. Spicer. J. L. Carino, P. E. Burley, D. J. Loughlin. 7TH ROMI: A. A. Heaih, D. A. Baugh. R. S. Jones. R. C. Beers, W. W. Gilmore. F. A. Long, S. J. Greene. N. G. Daileda, R. B. Marx, T. E. Lindsay. G. W. Eaion' E. J. Sfump. R. H. Giles. J. J. Manley. 8TH ROW: D. Beckman, E. R. Snelgrove, J. P. Lopuszynski, P. C. Ausbrook. R. F. Handey. F. A. Tucker, H. E. Schu", J. R. Bruno, M. M. Baldwin, B. Fuhrman, S. V. Haggerfy, R. S. Rachman, D. W. Tracy. NAVY R.O.T.C.-Company B IST ROW: H. Keler, Jr.. A. Hunderimark, Jr., D. Deakyne, E. Kovanic, E. Kaprowski, R. Price, R. Frey, L. Geiger, J. Garofalos. 2ND ROW: J. Adkins, R. Sfephans, A. Bluemle, C. Hufman. J. Brock, C. Tollios, R. Martin. D. Kober. B. Winfer. 3RD ROW: H. Gery, A. Gruber' C. Sfewart R. Augusfifus. F, McLaughlin. Jr.I D. Ekva", P. Erceg, M. Morey, W. Doherfy, S. Knipp. 4TH ROW: R. Homer. S. Reed. Jr., J. Marfin, R. Rappaporf, D. Caplow. C. Eriger, B. Dodd. M. SosinI R. Eich. H. Blodgef. NAVY R.O.T.C. COMPANY C IST ROW: 5. Yulsman, L. Ginkinger, P. Simon, J. Smifh. D. Wolk. R. Mills, B. Shaw. L. Voynow. 2ND ROW: D. Gaut T. Jones, F. McLaugh- lin, Jr.; D. Mackie, W. Bernard, J. Bordgna, T. Johnsfon, R. Spiller. U. Kohr, R. Czernieiewski. A. Frank C. Tollios. D. DiGiovacchino. R. Meisfer, J. Bachman' D. Berkowifz, A. PoHs. 3RD ROW: J. Mullen, J. Brewer, F. Schneiden D. Tomlinson, J. Goodman, A. Edel, Jr.; J. Townsley. E. Till, S. Harrell, E. Bierly, H. Oberly, T. Kircher. J. Mc- Gonagle, J. Dampman, F. Tenou. J. Wood. 4TH ROW: G. McCarH'Iy, J. Nemecek, R. Henrickson. B. Schlossen M. Gillon, C. Myers, J. Hall. 5. Murdock, J. Wilson. F. Gilbert K. Liddick, N. Hill. C. McGillicuddy. G. Ciaralli. J. Mullin, C. Gregan. R. Driscoll. 5TH ROW: P. Brill, C. Davis, W. Adair, A. Golden, J. Monio, G. Herman, H. Perlev P. Bal- dinqer, G. Levine, R. Churchman, D. Kemmerer, G. Tracy, 6. Alexander, P. Hemingway. B. Fifzpafrick, J. VanOrsdeH. ,',.. Wiprmtwwmwm A; A; Amer Al, A4: A1. ARMY R.O.T.C. - lst BATTALION IST BATTALION-COMPANY A IST ROW: N. Bubernak S. 5. Kisber, A, M, Bron ner, D. S. Forrest A. M. Levine, D. M. Tannen: baum, J. A. Tucker, J. R. Miller. 2ND ROW. R B, Mariin, L. R. Blimline, R. H. Pelham. R. KLH' A. McComas, R. W. Cleworih, W. W. Sieinerf 3' R. Leu, E. Abelson, E. s. Krass, B. Willi5, Q'w' Sundin. 3RD ROW: J. Hackman, R. L. Berberian' S. F. Carbone, R. B. Schafer, R. E. Heffemnger SI L. Schniebolk, D. Tober, S. Kagel, M. Pierson 'N D. Bowden, M. A. Maimon, V. C. Cacheris. '4TH ROW: W. Andrews, R. Schnelle, R. Van Saun R A F. Lieblich, A. J. Schwarh, D. S. Schaiman IW. Brewsfer, E. Koss, W. Canale. R. W. Stern, J H. Sfroch' F. Perkin. 5TH ROW; H. B. Bernhard T' Headun. E. D. Klingeman, V. E. Dioguardi, B. F'v1u roff, R. S. Brody, S. KeHh, G. ScoH, M. Mifchell L. Li+z, W. Lippman, D. Lubin. 6TH ROW; F. E: Greenberg, J. Sachs. P. Kaiser. W. G. Schwarz R. H. De++elbach, R. A. Weiss J. w. Porfugal, RI Nadler. S. Gordon. 6. Kavanagh. R. D. Sullivan, A. Blechman. 7TH ROW: P. BrichfaI J. Ringel' P. Brecker. IST BATTALION-COMPANY B ' Company Commander D. Cox IST ROW: C. Gewirz. W. Callahan, F. Lapinski. : P. O'Brien. W. Aiken, O. Smifh. R. Ryan, S. Fox, J, F Cline. 2ND ROW: D. Birbilis, w. Arniel. 6. Lap- I pen. E. Simmons. S. Blauner. E. Powers, A. Clarke, W. Lehn, L. Keller. R. Reeder, M. Marvin. L. Levy. i 3RD ROW: J. Shanafelf, W. Sweeney, J. Brownlie, J. Quinn, J. Tomicko. W. T. Warner. R. L. Dennyl J. S. McC-allum, F. C. Tramu+ola1 A. Fischman. W. Brown. W. Judge. 4TH ROW: J. B. Hinerfeld, R. B. Shaffo. R. C. Jeary. G. S. McKeown. G. C. Thayer. L. Weisman. J. B. Hayes. C. P. Adams. J. R. Mapes. R. Clancy, R. Longley, J. Kofik. 5TH ROW: J. Robinson, V. Yursha, V. Me+allo, B. Perry1 A. Desiderio, D. Guise, A. Reinfeld. T. O'Neill, 6. f Flood, E. GoHlieb, G. Rofner. 6TH ROW: D. L Faherfy. A. Winer, D. Bergen. C. Mai+s, F. Dunand, E. Weiss, R. Goldman, J. Pomeranfz, J. Ramirez. ; M. Dalfon. M. Kramer, W. Kingsley. 7TH ROW: a; D. Mikufa, J. Bickford, R. Morse. D. Schreiber, M. ' Kiome, R. Berns+ein, W. Sharkey, D. Summerbell. C. Taylor, 6. Given, J. Whifmoyer, W. Marx. 8TH ROW: M. L. Delehan+y, A. Thompson. A. Parac- 1 chini. A. Kafz, J. PickeH. M. Kaplan. C. Mellen. " R. Gulick. A. Bloom, W. Forrest IST BATTALION STAFF IST ROW: Capt J. W. Rorer. Mai. R. Dorsch. L+. Col. F. Aron. Capt S. BoHon. ' ls+ Lf. W. Budd. 2ND ROW: Sgt C. Hill. 591'. P. Green. M' 870m. Tannc". loW: R. R my! Hem J. Erbarian' ;"gen 5! mom N. E 4TH Saun R. WM w '" i H. Mad L 5. Mu. WChell, W: F, E. Schuml W, R. SINIWl . RIn gelI LapinsH. 5.Fox,J. GUP- . Clarke. L Levy. Brownlie. .. Denny. WHLW- "Md, R- ,, e, c. Adams. qik. 5TH B,Perry1 NeilL 6- DunarA Ramilezu REGIMENTAL STAFF CADET OFFICERS SITTING: G. Kresfal. R. Marldey. J. Hresko. Regt C.O.; R. Bense. F. Ferguson. 2ND ROW: R. Mecca. H. Liss. MANUEVER AREA UM ROTC SUMME R CAMP ATM A P HILL MHJTAFY REEERV IST: W' chinsky man. 59 more. 55 Oswald Kinney ler. Mei: Saage Kling k r ARMY R.O.T.C. - 2nd BATTALION 5mm 7TH: Pi Former 1 Hess. Biddle, Wikom Lode: I Oberma Cinardo Huber 5 Freim, S T.S IST: Mo Grant C Sherbahn Murdock dorfer, L beiL Bea Gquclz C ken, Russ Blumsfein nog, Ma Richards. Diredor Hueger' CuHer W enbush, B ford Ha ralnerv Colon H Newman KJeIm Bec AfUns G Rosnoy V JeHm F , VN. Shphew ee R09 2ND BATTALION STAFF SITTING: D. Lowen. M. MHchell. D. Piccone. 2ND ROW: W. Quinn. Jr.I A. GuH. J. Weiss, D. Sharp. Guidon-bearer , IST: Wafkin. Walfers, Elliof, Marfin. Harvdon, Kemp- chinsky, Berns+ein, GiannaHasio. 2ND: Dimes. Zimmer- man, Searles. Hemphill, Schmidt Segal, Miller. Brick- more, Saka+a, Chesfon. Rankin. Lenahan. 3RD: Borauner, Oswald, Hunf, Diamond, Piwoz, Auslander. Bimiewski, Kinney, Crawford, Parkinson. Echelberger. 4TH: Dreiz- ler, Meisel. Bodek, Linkoff, Waxenberg, Pas+ernok. Lake. Saage. Brackfeld, Packer, Slover. Oesmann. 5TH: Kling, Horfonl Werfheim. Bufrus, Whikomb. Banks. Hand, Snyder, Droullos, Newell. Keller. Roof. 6TH: . Cain. Bosseler, Varaifis, Arrchibald. Bushek. Arefslty, l' Sherman Ryan, Gufenare, Morales, Sellers, Binkoski. 7TH: Pala+sky. Gilmer, Chadwell. Spafz, Cummings, Forsfer. Liese, Radar. Dougherfy, Newmark, DiBello, 1 Hass. 8TH: Brifensky. Wargo, McCufsheon. Smifh. Biddle. Search, Nelson, Cimakosky. Devany, Welch. Wilson, VraHos. ?TH: Pauk, Sweeney. Miller. Harfer, Loder, Aides, Neumanny, Laveson, Arapelian, Davis. Oberman, Grant 10TH: Sheppard. Jaggand. Marwe", Cinardo, Jarrell. Schembs.. Gallaqher, KIemsfine. Huber, Furukara, Benneff, Bailey. IITH: Weinbender. Freint Scamaqas, Silberman, Harrifon, Smifh. J. C. Smiih, Firs? Sergeant T. Sager, Execque Officer of Hue Company f ARMY R.O.T.C. t 2ND BATTALION-COMPANY E 2ND BATTALION-COMPANY F IST: Mouen, Schwarfzsfein, Meisel. Cleary, Halloran. Grant Chellgren, Wickersham. 2ND: Redlich, Bloch, Sherbahn, Hacker, Boyle, Anderson, Lawton, Marian, Murdock, Reagan, Leher. Smith. 3RD: Fallon. Schoen- dorfer. Lubkin, Fishman, Warmressell, Turner, Camp- bell, Bear, Hollen Silves+er. Hoichkins. Fifer. 4TH: Gulick. Domina, Franklin. Smifh, Bach, Gibson, Wohl- ken, Russell, McGinley. Raco. Sloan, Lipshuh. 5TH: Blumsfein. Conway, Hernberg, Falkensharn. Carr, Cor- nog. Marlin, LevinsfonI Kurcias, Borkowski. Holmes, Richards. bTH: Solove, Bohman, Ackerman, Pancoski. 11 Direcfcr, Popkin, Shannon, English Berkowifz, McEwen. ' Pflueger, Leonard. 7TH: Rosenberg, Abrams, Simpson, Cufler. Wilde, Loukashenok, Schulh. McQuade, Quack- enbush, Brody. Windsor, Lenox. 8TH: Farley, Spring- ford, Has+on, Schermer, Berens, Haughey, Lipson. Drazner, Warih, ReHew, Cushman, McShain. 9TH: Colon, Hein'rz, Graf, Wolff, Moss, Gufensfein, Wein. Newman. Chachkes, Dunn. Tiffany. Pfelffer. IOTH: Klein, Becker. Wesf, Lundblad, Hill, McGinley. Jervis, Afkinsl Goeckler, Loveman, Brossman. Squ. IITH: Rosnov, Vauchn, Rudolph, Bailin, Grufhmann, Norcross, i JeHries, Middlefom Eugelhard, Brownback, Halpein. Shphens. I2TH: Venger' Czako, Dauber. lngle, Mc- Kee, Roggenburg. Crofhers, Nickles, Sfewarf. Wein- sfein, Bursfein. Sfewar'r. GROUP A STAFF J. Jonesl E. BaHisfore, E. Lloyd. R. Haus- man. GROUP B STAFF A. Pugh, C. Bruckner, C. James. E. Chest nuf. WING STAFF AND COLOR GUARD IST ROW: R. Hameld. 2ND ROW: E. Keebaugh. W. Whifeside. 3RD ROW: J. Resfifo, R. RiHenband. D. S+ern, H. Har- rison. 4TH ROW: R. Boshwit R. Lowry, K. Baum, S. Turflefaub. o :wr u: x as w , gr x;wko c a x xx knmgxr n A v T: m u u A v U 10 Eieson J S. s. T 0 IST N Houser A. Kes Freya! 2ND R Kirfz, E HOPP" Greeni ROW: L, He Gans. R, W. ROW: R. P. f ing J haven R. W, Fendri S. P. GEross deim M. Gr Gay D. J. l lST R Laur, . risen, 6. L91 L. Les Minds Johnsh Levy'. sfeim ; A. ML Gibson Kahma Pincus B. Kirsc R- Levu anck, I Mooma McClaf E Lam Miller, I. Lofrlr AI R R.O.T.C.-SQUADRON A IST ROW: F. J. Abrahams, W. C. Cromwell, R. W. Biehlev. C. l. Cohn. F. L. Conyers. N. H. Ehren- reich1 R. F. Bradshaw, S. D. Chauncey. F. D. Chapef. R. H. Denf1 F. J. Campbell, 6. A. Davis, H. A. Bradfufe. 2ND ROW: H. M. Baum. J. S. Balser. N. K. Ching, J. M. Jungkurfh, R. M. Alper, R. A. Bergsfein. J. M. Eberf, D. A. Berenson. A. I. Bodner. L. Dunning, R. H. Blume, W. E. Davidson, A. L. Aufxien. 3RD ROW: D. M. Baer, J. H. Corrisfon, J. R. Brans+on. F. N. Close, 5. M. Fuess, R. C. Edwards. T. C. McGeary, K. H. Barrabee. RI R ScheH, J. C. DZHer, I. Allen, R. K. Bluh, W. J. BoH. 4TH ROW: J. F. Brady, W. E. Ball, J. D. Campbell, J. F. Cavanaugh. E. Borie. C. K. Enderle, H. R. Cadmus, J. S. Crofhers. W. P. Carey, C. L. Apry, H. J. Colan, F. H. Casey. D. C. Berner. 5TH ROW: 5. George. D. H. Bull, C. W. Boef- icher. J. H. Brennan. R. P. Crafon, J. B. Barf. J. M. Curley, H. I. Cohen, H. H. Bonsall. J. G. Baka' D. J. Beier. N. R. Greene. R. Deacon. bTH ROW: W. R. Dangremond, S. N. Becker. D. B. Eieson, J. E. Biava, G. F. Binder. A. D. Burling. J. S. Cummings, J. M. Curney, R. l. Cas'ragnello, S. T. Cole. E. H. Cohen. R. B. Brown. AI R R.O.T.C.-$QUADRON B IST ROW: E. M. Kafz, M. H. Goldfinger. R. M. Houser, H. Junker, C. J. Faunce, R. W. Hay. M. A. Kessler, J. W. Hackmasfer, H. J. Henry. K. H. Freyer. M. T. Huber. R. DeSimone, C. A. Gachof. 2ND ROW: 6. W. Harfquisf. C. C. Easfon, K. H. Kirfz, S. M. Goldner. F. B. Gilpin. F. H. Hull. B. Hoppin. R. J. Fry, R. T. Cole, R. H. Hagan! S. B. Greenberg, W. J. Hywoski, E. W. Housh. 3RD ROW: J. A. Hann. R. C. Gill. D. C. Jaeger, H. L. Herzog. R. A. Lipsey. A. A. Eisens+a+. P. J. Gans, J. R. Nadler. B. E. Berns+ein, T. A. Klein, R. W. Kinloch, J. W. Hyers, P. E. Henchey. 4TH ROW: J. M. Handler, L. E. Hummel, R. P. Heller, R. P. Hooper. M. Eisen, B. M. Gordon. P. S. Flem- ing. J. J. Hafer, D. R. Fairbairn, J. A. Kopen- haver, R. F. Heylmun, H. Goldsfein. 5TH ROW: R. W. Graf. J. M. Dunn, W. A. Frankel, D. J. Fendrick. L. P. GiglioHi. C. K. Kiel, F. J. Kelly. S. P. Gadon. K. W. Keenan. R. K. Fos+er, N. R. Gross G. Forde' R. F. Joseph. 6TH ROW: G. Felbin, S. P. Goldsfein. R. L. DeGeHe. D. H. Karp. M. Grodeisky, A. T. Friend, J. J. Feiicione, W. K. Gay. C. H. Kriebel. J. H. Farren. L. M. Goldner. D. J. Dick. AI R R.O.T.C.-SQ UAD RON C IST ROW: E. Messing. J. McLean F. Murphy. A. Laur, J. Mendez, A. Levinson, A. Locasale, A. Mor- rison, W. Liffle, A. Lubinski, J. Levine, E. lchinose. G. Leedes. 2ND ROW: C. Lindsay, A. Margolis, L. Leshnin. J. O'Koonl C. Klaizkin, S. Pairas, R. MindeH, D. Lebowifz, A. Miller, J. Lamberf, B. Johns+on, R. Laros, R. Kabaf. 3RD ROW: D. Levy. J. Murphy, W. Manfz, 5. Gilbert D. Diper- sfein, A. Sundel. R. Flood, C. Sander, B. Weisman, A. Miller, E. Onimus, S. LHwinI S. Maziarz, D. Gibson. 4TH ROW: R. McFaHs. M. Madow, R. Kafzman, W. Nichols, R. MiHIeman, J. Ogush. T. Pincus, J. Langdon, K. Laskey, J. Shaw, C. Herbsf. B. Kirschner, M. Levifan. 5TH ROW: C. Marcheff, R. Levy. J. Rhoads. D. Kuperscchmidf. J. Pasfer- anck, H. Marfinson. S. Lipfon, J. Horowifz, S. Mooman, J. Mellef, A. Levy, R. McLaughlin. F. McClafchy. 6TH ROW: H. Schneider, R. Moore. F. Landman, R. Rinne, T. Larkin, J. Massey. J. Miller. J. Koenig. P. Newman. B. Klein. P. Lifner, l. Lofring, E. Kelly. AIR FORCE - R.O.T.C. IST ROW: A. Wanger, J. To in . R. Schwar'fz, G. Shapiro. D. Upgjgrgh'cjz 3:19PM. M. Vandervelden, J. Thompson, H. Palm N P391. akis, D. Smifh, N. Regner, M. s. wano'kur' 3,35 ROW: 6. L. Shockley, D. M. Swirnow, R. J. 'pend gasf, A. P. Willish, J. W. Popper, P. J, Pieiz :2. H. Tanenbaum, R. O. SpurHe, R. L. Traufwein DI M. Spriizer, B. J. Sindel, R. E. YeHer, F. M Senlke; . H. G. Spielman. 3RD ROW: R. W. YOUWBIQIOCJ' R. R. Sfein, R. U. Spengler. R. A, ROWehl E GI Salanfrie, R. F. Ruby, H. A. Denis, $- HI'RI'Her. R. S. Sandler, B. O. Brockingmn' R. S. Pinker RI WiHich, F. VifeHa, R. Silverberg. 4TH ROW'- J H. Porfer. M. L. Ruben, R. J. Schwich, P. N. Zi.erk. J. E. Sfemmler, R. W. Wagner, F. A. S'rein R E. Sheridan, P. R. Wilde, J. J. Sfrauss, E. w. w'egmg T. K. Singer, W. A. Ziegler. 5TH ROW; P E, Raudenbusk, L. C. Prichard. C. H. Plefcher, R. B- Price, N. J. Schuman, R. M. Samr, H. W, wag; man, D. A. Tufein, D. P. Sheamam. C. C. Rieqer B. H. Ross, H. J. Sandler, A. E. Rose. 6TH ROW: J. Zahn, R. Tucci, L. Villaume, J. H. Troxell, A. Robbins. V. Voorhis, B. Specfor, C. TuHIe, R. Reiss- H. Tque. D. Zala. D. Tudd. H. Zenzic. I AIR R.O.T.C. SQUADRON D E AI R R.O.T.C.-SQUAD RON E lST ROW: G. Hanover. M. Becker, K. Bangel, R, Carp, F. Gusaclt, A. England. W. Bennef, D. Chit. +ock, J. Hahn, A. Freedman. R. Bevilacqua, N. Hoch. man. G. Evans, C. Harewood. E. Cox, J. Klau. 2ND ROW: A. Jerrehian. A. Berk, R. Brookner, O. Fren- zeL T. Morgan1 S. Darer, J. Ehrlich, A. Karp, L. Cowan, W. Brandf. R. Milner, G. Haughey, A. Gillespie. H. Diehe, J. Sherrow, P. Gordon. 3RD ROW: C. Crooks. J. Firesfone, A. Hopkins, J. Fleming. W. Ackerman, R. Gideon. C. Shubert J. Delehanfy, W. Kvefkas, R. ClarkeI M. Grime, M. Grody, R. Fehlhaber, R. Irmas, S. Cain, L. Green. 4TH ROW: H. Glass, A. Gold, J. BarneH, M. Goldberg. P. Davidow, E. Clark, W. Denney. J. Nelson, A. Feldman, J. Hirsh. M. GuHerman. R. Kurfz, R. Brigswcke, S. Bardin, L. Floge, L. Hyde. 5TH ROW: 5. Cherein. A. Jacobs. C. Hill. K. Hoagland' A. Kasdan, J. Eccles. T. Havi- land. P. GlascoH, E. Lynch, A. Menfzer, R. Glass- man. R. Brofherfon, K. Agre, H. Golomb, H. Kammermeier, M. Johnson, D. Benson. 6TH ROW: D. German. W. Johnson. P. Beaver, S. Davis, E. Asplundh, B. Cedar, B. Eskow, S. Hassock, W. HerHer. A. Bell, W. Congreve, A. Daniel. J. Jones. J. Duncan, R. Hovis. D. Alperin. AI R R.O.T.C.-SQUADRON F IST ROW: P. D. PIo+nick, A. B. Weiler, S. A. Warner, S. P. Sfrauss. G. J. Ruiz, l. S. Young, R. A. Liguori. M. Lessen, B. L. Taffet R. G. Pin+ar, K. L. Morgan, E. G. Sinnamon. R. K. Whifney. M. C. Tuckman. W. VanBuren. 2ND ROW: H. W. Odell. D. Milne. W. R. WoH. R. D. Vance, P. Ockene, M. H. Schufzer, V. P. Raymond, R. M. Sfone. G. L. Wolf, L. Lewis, S. A. Sheer, D. C. Winson. S. J. Unger, C. S. Parmenkr, E. J. O'Loughlin. E. G. Sfannard. J. H. Simon. 3RD ROW: E. Solove, J. A. Lang. R. E. Kloepping. D. A. , Proc+or. G. W. Schiele. J. H. Hughes, 6. H. Con- over, R. E. Ryman. S. L. LiHauer, C. S. Hunt L. E. ' Young. R. W. Poole, D. P. Weiss, C. A. VanSan+. M. Seidens+ein, T. A. Merrick. 4TH ROW: W. D. . 1K Turken. A. M. Singer, C. S. Lee. G. R. Smifh. W- 3! A. Weaver, 6. L. Rosenfhal' R. WeilI J. D. MC- Callum, L. S. Turner, G. D. Powell. R. W. Taylor, W. H. Wolf, B. M. Rosen. R. K. Slussar, E. A. Tracy, E. M. OFFen. 5TH ROW: C. E. Thrasher. R. O. Whayland. R. A. Shepard. E. A. Lesser: J. H. Smifh. W. C. Lee. J. F. Ryan, J. S. Resnlclr. G. L. Markus, M. H. Marcus, H. M. Schusfer. T- R. Sfanley, J. Ward, R. H. Weinhaub, D. Usner, J. J. Schumacker. 6TH ROW: N. J. Schonfeld. E. A. Sul+an, M. Price, C. L. Walker, R. M. Paulus. M. D. Maser, T. C. Zobar. M. D. Zucker, C. C. RohmnqI A. A. Rubin, J. R. Torruella, R. S. LeVY- V. H. Peckman. A J. Sfaib. S. E. Sarasohn. H. M- Peddle. v... 4-,: .7 m N +er. Jen A. eiss. h??- mh- ND 'en- L. :RDI er+ Firm I I 0' inlDr ir Force 1A 9W 16y Nam avi- ass- W:I M. AKKMWRMOiWAwEWDW wc 4 2N nes. PERSHING RIFLES SiHing: R. Ryman, C. Pofash, L. Craig, R. Markley, F. Aron, Co. Comm J. Harkins. K. Chavkin, J. Sfrain, W. Quinn. 2ND ROW: W.O. D. Turner, J. Greene, R. Broiman, H. Hower, A. Sina, Jr., H. Blumenfhal. M. Tros+el, R. Goan'alez, J. VaIdi- vieso, Capt 6. Lindsay. 3RD ROW: D. Geary. L. Grad, A. Galper. G. Besi, C. Assiff, N. HoppleI R. Muoio. E. Civ- idanea J. Arias. 4TH ROW: P. Janson. H. Subira, R. Ceb- ollero, S. Goshko. A. Fedalei. F. CanusoI E. Fifzgerald, R. Dawns. H. Haferkamp. N.R.O.T.C. Q ARTERDECK SOCIETY IST ROW: E. Collins, J. Ad- kins, E. Kovanic, D. Beckman, C. K. Russell, J. Smifh, J. Cassidy, S. Sneafh D. Wolk, A. Yulsman, A. Winferrleld, C. McGillicuddy. 2ND ROW: B. MacFarland, R. Rappaperf, D. Ekvall, J. Brock. J. Townsley, S. Harrell, L. Joynow, L. Ginkin- qer, D. Salsburg, L. Rustky, D. Markovi'rz, J. OH, W. Gil- more. 3RD ROW: J. Monie, S Nemecek. E. Bierly, F. Mc- Laughlin, B. Wiggins, D. Mac- Irie, W. Lawrence, A. Hea+h, W. Kohler, N. Esfabrook, N. Rieger, H. Perley. 4TH ROW: R. Price. E. Jaffe, R. Hendrick son, B. Kravifz, R. Sfephans, W. Adair, C. Sfewarf, R. Frev, E. Sfump, P. Simon, R. Wel- ham, R. McClaichy. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY PROP AND WING SOU RON IST ROW: D. Sfern. C. James. E. Silan+rie, R. Riffenband. E. Kebauqh, R. Haff'leld, R. Haus- man. R. Flood. R. Sandler. S. Gilbert B. Sindel. 2ND RO : B. Klein' D. Gibson, R. Denf, C. Bruckner. E. Ches+nu+, J. Jones, R. Ruby, H. Wesier- man, E. BaHisbre. B. Bernsfein, D. Dick. 3RD ROW: R. Silver- berg, A. Sundel. H. Harrisom P. Gans, A. Pugh J. Rhoads, l. Van Voorhia B. Kirschner, C. Sandler, P. Giglioffi. SCABBARD AND BLADE IST ROW: Col. E. Burns. L+. Col. H. Taylor, L+. Col. P. Hu+chinson. J. Rhoads. R. Clarke, H. Clay. Sec.; R. Ha'rfield, Pres.; J. Wolak, Exec. OFF; F. AronI Treas.: P. LiH'ner. B. Kirschner. Lf. Col. D. Rachael. Capf. H. Sfevens. 2ND ROW: E. Hill, D. Wafers. W. Marx, J. Kinney. J. Weissl H. Liss. T. Siiberman. R. Brofman. B. Levy, S. Kisber. J. Venger. J. Si'rain. 3RD ROW: E. Sfump, R. McClaTchy. B. Wiggins. C. Russell. J. Cassidy. D. Beckman. R. WelhamI R. Sfephans. C. McGillicuddy. N. Reiger, E. CollinsI L. Rusifzky. The Quarferdeck Socie'ry Endeavoring i0 Turfher coordinaie Jrhe uni? and To provide acfiviHes Tor ifs members. Jrhe Quarierdeck So- Ciefy is Jrhe honorary organizafior. of +he Naval R.O.T.C. In addiiion +0 sponsoring Jrhe Radio and Rifle Clubs. +he Sociefy promofes weekend cruises +0 Baliimore and an annual cruise +0 Bermuda. Pershing Rifles Penn's Chapier of Pershing Rifles. Jrhe nafional mili+ary honor socieiy. was organized iaie in Jrhe fall of I947 as Company 6 0T Jrhe 5+h Regiment The naiional sociefy was founded in l894 by Jrhe General of +he Armies. John J. Pershing. Cadefs are eiecfed +0 +he socie+y by Jrhe consen+ of all +he acfive members. Arnold Air Socie+y The Arnold Air Sociefy. Prop and Wing. honorary so- cieiy Tor ouisianding Air Force Cadeis. is fwo-fold in ifs make-up: if serves as bo+h Jrhe Trafernal and Jrhe organizafional cenier Tor +he Air ROTC. groups on our couniry's college campuses. As a unifying Tacfor. if serves +0 bude up Jrhe Jrradiiion and spirii 0T Jrhe Air Force. Scabbard and Blade Scabbard and Blade, Jrhe naiicnal honorary R.O.T.C. iraiemiiyl endeavors +0 preserve and deveiop Jrhe es- senfial qualifies of good and eichcieni officers while pre- paring +hem for a more adive parf in Jrhe miiifary agairs of +he communify in which fhey may reside. PresidemL Sfassen was a disiinguished member of +he socieiy in his undergraduafe days. The Military Societies Cadef Council The Cadei Council, coordinaiing Jrhe Deparimenf of Miiiiary Science wi+h Jrhe cadei body. aT-Fords a Tacilify for Tormal hearings on grievances and submiis +hese +0 Jrhe Commandanf wifh recommendafions Tor appropriafe adion. Elecfed by +he s+uden+ officers. +he Council sirives +0 mainfain and develop high sfandards of ehci- ciency and morale. CADET COUNCIL SITTING: E. Towers, D. Porier, Vice Pres.; R. Markley, Pres.; W. Sfewa'rf, Recorder; 6. Hachar. 2ND ROW: A. Ackerman, H. Hower, C. AssiFF. E. Brody, M. Delehan'ry. Col. E. Burns. Faculfy Adviser. X wk $175514 . , xw X 1,. fizz K 5am Sacieties of yesteryear When the first RECORD was published in 1852, there Were only four fraternities at Pennsylvania, the first being established in 1849. By the time the twenty-first RECORD came out in 1873, it had this to say: uThe exhaustive article in last year,s RECORD renders a lengthy discussion of the merits of Secret Societies quite un- necessary in the present issue. That they continue to exist and flourish is evidence of their supplying a want among the students, and as for their influence, iudging by our own class, it is largely for good. From the first, ,73 has been strongly represented in 311 the fraternities of our College. Out of a roll of sixty-six names, three joined the Delta Phi, now, alas! defunct, whose ghosts, all included, strangely enough, to embonpoint, may be seen scouring Chestnut Street any hne afternoon; ten, the Zeta Psi, and among them are some desperately hard students in law and medicine; five rejoice in the pleasing title of Phi Kaps, and nine stagger under the banner of Delta Psi. Out of this noble array, eight only, strange to say, graduate? A group of fraternity Illedges as they looked after an egg and mud fight with the brothers, a part of their Hell Week in 1929. An excerpt from the RECORD of 1887: bWhen it became necessary to decide which society should have hrst place in this RECORD, by virtue of superior age, a scene of chaotic uproar ensued. The question was brought before the meeting by Millerhs introducing the Phi Kappa Sigma birth certificate . . . which chal- lenged the birthday of the Zeta Psi, and These two gentlemen are among the- very few who initiated the fraternity movement at Pennsylvania. The man on the left is Clement Biddle Penrose, a member of the class of 1849, hrst class of the first fraternity at Penn, Delta Phi. On the right is Alfred Vic- tor DuPont, one of the seven students who founded Phi Kappa Sigma in 1850, the first fraternity to he founded at Pennsylvania. still further Delta Phi. As there was no IPhi Kaph present, Leighton Lee ta Delta PhD and two hZetes, united in greeting the paper with shouts of derision. But this harmony was of short duration, for after George Pepper had dilated for half . , W Mg, an hour on the birth and glory of his , v ,r , . i Chapter, declaring that Zeta Psi should 5; : r- go in first, because he believed that the lth --ww!W : ; i V??? i? Delta Phi had not always been alive and ? N i i: ; i , g t i ; kicking. Leighton, to show that he, at g ' . w w s e 1W???" least, was alive and kicking, concluded I I J 'F' f, with an hundercuth on G.W.P.,s car? i I v I ' r i I X F : The Psi Upsilon House at Penn , f . ' t was the hrst fraternity house to 14: 4', , E' be built on the present campus. W" FF It was erected in 1896. .Qt ?ratamify Km , 40 Liam Aw Sigma N u Alpha Tan Omega Beta Theta Pi Sigma Cbi I 1 53H Obgn .nL ,mmwwwVpny MN , w' Awe; ob; Rim Delta Kappa Epsilon Phi Sigma Kappa Acacia Deita Tau Delta Sigma Phi Epsilon Lambda Chi 11113135: Zeta Beta Tan Ir... ; ., 1 Sigma Alfqu kgxuur The opening of rushing season in March, 1919, was met with vigor by these and other fraternity men. At that time rushing procedure was much simpler and competition much keener. No holds were barred as the fraternity men would try to induce the rushees to join their respective houses. Before the days of peanuts, mints and Com Cola, rushees were literally grabbed off the trains as they arrived in Philadelphia. . . . Sweetheart 51mg ' I'mi'ylrw , 1' 7 hti'llfw Li? .4217 .- www.ww" My. INTER-FRATERNITY ACTIVITIES Under +he guidance of Chaplain Harris. Penn's fra+erni+ies sponsor an AH-Universify Chapel in Irvine Audi+orium during Infer-Frafernify Week. Faculfy and +he adminis+ra+ion sip punch and chef wi+h s+uden+s a+ a "Faculfy Tea." one of +he feafures on +he I-F program. The annual Pi Kappa Alpha award +0 Hwe "Bes+ Pledge" af Pennsylvania is presen+ed during cere- monies a+ +he l-F Ball +0 Fredrick Dodge of Acacia Frafernify. lNTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL IST ROW: P. Williams, D. Thomas, J. Delehanfy, J. Newman, D. Rech. Sec.: C. Bryan. Pres.: P. Young, Treas.; J. Davis, H. Thompson. C. Russell, H. Bron- ner. 2ND ROW: G. Balbach, M. Trouf, H. Perley. R. Welham, W. Forrest M. Huber. B. Smifh. J. Bloom. P. Neffler, H. DiPreJrore. R. Genher. D. Mil- ler. 3RD ROW: N. Esfabrook, S. Cowan. W. Gross. J. Thompson. J. German. J. Arzaniewicz, R. Golub. 6. Banks. B. MacFarIand. 4TH ROW: J. O'Neil. B. Lewy. F. Alleva, F. Pflueger, R. BrophyI N. Tracy. G. Beckerman. R. Kully. B. Golds+ien. L. Gold. 5TH ROW: B. Saul, P. JanneHa, R. Faher+y, J. Osferman. J. Smifh. B. Berf, J. Mack, K. Burnsfine. - b e F .m r e V O 5 1T C a r IT IT a la .7. O H IO 0 O w IO 6 O r B e In IT LI 6 VI .l a U r. +he climax of a Is spirifed and evenHul I-F Week a+ Pennsyl- i+y Ball held Fra+ern a +housand couples and vama. The annual In+er- Under the chandelier. 1952 JOHN BUCKINGHAM CLYDE DENGLER LEWIS DOUGHERTY DONALD KOENIG HUGH MATHEWS GEORGE PETERSON ROBERT REEDER ROBERT SHERLEY HENRY SMITH CHARLES STEPHEN WILLIAM WASON DONALD WINTZ RONALD WHITE PHILIP YOUNG 1953 JOHN CRAWFORD WILLIAM CROMAN Behind the eight ball. HUGH DEPRETORE FREDERICK FOUTZ RONALD GENTHER JOHN MARIAN 1954 JOHN BECTHEL JAMES FONTAINE GERALD GILBERT lElGHTON JONES ALLEN RICHARDS 7955 JOHN ALLIN FREDERICK DODGE STEPHEN FEAIRHELLER BERNARD VANZYLE bandaid, coming up. Acacia W Founded in 1924 at University of Michigan. Franklin chapter established of Pennsylvania in 1906. Venerable Dean-Ronald Genther Senior Dean-Hugh DePreiore Secretary-Jack Crawford Treasurer Rcbert Shirley TOP ROW: R. Shirley, J. Gilbert F. Foufz, F. Dodge, J. Allin. SECOND ROW: A. Richards, J. Nucca, R. Rieder, H. DePreIore, R. Mecca, H. Mathews, D. Wintz. BOTTOM ROW: J. Fonlaine, G. Peterson, P. Young, R. Geniher, J. Crawford, R. White. Founded in 1895 at Trinity College. Phi Phi chapter established at Pennsylvania in 1896. PresidenI Barfon B. Pilcher Vice-Presideni Horace L. Kephart Secretary David F. W. Schmidt Treasurer-Dcwid Lloyd, lll TOP ROW: W. Walsh, M. Misavage, A. Sfaib, E. Schissel, J. Smith, H. Perley, M. Ford, H. Ferguson, J. Selecky, J. leFerovirh. THIRD ROW: K. Morgan, J. Dougherty, L. Reponen, E. Superko, J. Norcross, C. Search, V. Kuniara, D. Usner. SECOND ROW: J. Topping, L. Peterson, D. Stark, V. Reininger, P. Troullos, R. Sullivan, H. lnman, A. Conklin, P. Pacinelli, J. Crofhers. BOTTOM ROW: K. Thomas, B. Kruvitz, C. Easton, D. Lloyd, B. Pilcher, H. Kepharf, D. Schmidt, J. Wullack, D. D'lmperio. 1952 JAMES CROTHERS RICHARD DUSENBURY CHARLES EASTON MARK FORD HORACE KEPHART BERNARD KRAVITZ WILLIAM KVETKAS DAVID LLOYD HARRY MUELLER BARTON PILCHER DAVID SCHMIDT WILLIAM WALSH JOSEPH WOLAK 1953 WILLIAM BATER ARTHUR CONKLIN DANIEL D'IMPERIO JOHN LEFEROVICH PASQUALE PACINELLI HOWARD PERLEY EDWARD SCHISSEL ROBERT SULLIVAN EDWARD SUPERKO KYLE THOMAS JAMES TOPPING 1954 WILLIAM CROMWELL Alpha Chi Rho Just a flock of "Crows." JOHN DOUGHERTY WILLIAM DOVE ROBERT GROHOL LEON HUNTLEY HENRY INMAN JOHN NORCROSS lEO REPONEN ALDEN RICHARDS CHARLES SEARCH JOHN SELECKY I955 BERTRUM BUCHANAN ANTHONY DESIDERIO HERBERT FERGUSON VORA KUNJARA MARTIN MISAVAGE KENNETH MORGAN LEONARD PETERSON URBAN REININGER JOHN SMITH DONALD SNYDER ALLEN STAIB DONALD STARK PHILLIP TROULLOS DONALD USNER LEWIS VOVAKIS There'll be some changes made. TOP ROW: M. Stu", W. Stein, J. Weinstein, M. Wmshaw, N. Sthoenfxeld, A. Miller, N. Bowdan. THIRD ROW: J. Goshko, D. Spiro, G. RoHner, R. Weintraub, D. Beck, J. Lambert, E. Gordon. SECOND ROW: L. Cohen, E. Becker, M. Leopold, S. Levine, M. Stevnlicht, M. Turkel, R. Moscowi'z, R. Cohen. BOTTOM ROW: R. Singer, K. Barrubee, E. Padger, J. Weisberf, S. Wechsler, J. Dimens'ein, M. Goldfurb, H. Englander. FALL SPRING MasteriAlvan Sherman Master9lvun Sherman Lieutenant Master9Allan Nimensky Exchequer9David Leinwald Exchequer9David Leinwand ScribetHoward Paschman Scribe-Howczrd Pashman Sentinel-Stephen Lebow Founded in 1913 at New York University. Gamma chapter established at Pennsylvania in 1919. 1952 KENNETH BARRABEE DAVID BERMAN LEONARD BRENNER JACK DIMENSTEIN DANIEL HURTENSTEIN ARTHUR HURWITZ ROBERT KATZ THEODORE KLEIN EUGENE KOHN DAVID KORNBAUM HENRY KRAVER WILLIAM LAUFER DONALD LOBEL FRANK MAHLAB DONALD MARDER ROBERT MOSCOWITZ ALAN NEUMAIER BURTON NEWMAN EDWARD PADGET PAUL REISS SANFORD ROGGENBURG ALAN SCHULTZ JAMES WEISBART 1953 ROBERT ARTHUR EDWARD BECKER CARL BERESIN HERBERT CARVER ERNEST GOLDSMITH FRED HEILMAN ROBERT HIRSCH ALAN KAMINOW SY KATZ Alpha Epsilon Pi Affer-dinner music. Will "Ike" run in '52? JACK KESSLER DAVID lEINWAND SANDY LEVINE FRANK LOOKSTEIN FRED MICHELMAN DAVID A. MILLER ALAN NIMENSKY HOWARD PASHMAN CHARLES POTASH DAVID SCHLANGER MARTIN STERNLICHT MARTIN TURKEL ROBERT SUSSMAN STUART WECHSLER MORTON WEINSTEIN 1954 ROBERT M. AGULNICK LAWRENCE COHEN HOWARD ENGLANDER STEVE GAVZIE LEN GOLDBERG LARRY GOLDMAN ELLIOTT GORDON DAVID K. LEBOWITZ STEPHEN LIEBOW PAUL POLSHUK JOSEPH W POPPER JERRY PREIS ALAN J. SCHACTMAN JOHN SHALAM WILLIAM J. STEIN LEONARD WEISMAN MELVAN WINOGRAD WILLIAM ZELLEN 1955 DAVID BECK NEWTON BODAN DONALD BORTNER PAUL BRECKER PAUL BRISK ROBERT COHEN NATHAN ELIZKY MORRIS ENGLANDER ROBERT FORD MARK GOLDFARB JOHN GOSHKO EUGENE GOTTLIEB LEW GUMMERMAN BERT JACOBSON JOEL lAMBERT DONALD LEVIN ROBERT LEVIN ALAN MlllER ROBERT MINDELL JAY ROSENBLOOM GEORGE ROTNER NORMAN SCHONFELD RONALD SCHWARTZ JAY SOBEL DAN SPIRO STANLEY STRAUSS MALCOM STULL MARTIN L. WARSAW RONALD WEINTRAUB GEORGE WEINSTEIN The pause that refreshes! 230 Alpha Sigma Phi Finishing touches. I952 PHILIP N. BAKER HERBERT A. CARMEN ROBERT L. DENNY DONALD R. GANT HAROLD E. IKELER PHILIP M. HORAN WARREN F. JAUSSI WILLIAM G. lAVEN JOHN P. LIGHT lAURENCE R. MAXWELL WILLIAM J. McCONNElL RYLAND S. MERKEY DONALD l. RECH JOHN H. SHAW SAMUEL E: SMITH BRUCE N. WILLIA J. WILLIAM WORRALL 1953 RICHARD M. FARINA EDWARD J. FEENANE RICHARD W. GRAFTON HOWARD B. PHILLIPS ALLEN J. POTTS THADDEUS J. PUZIO JOHN J. REESE HIGH P. WILSON 1954 FILENO A. ALLEVA WILLIAM C. ARNOLD THOMAS L. DUNN CHARLES J. FAUNCE ANDREW J. MAINARDI EDWARD W. RYAN 1955 TRISTAN J. ARGENTI DAVID R. JOHNSON ROBERT C. KRAUSS DEAN N. LEKAS ARTHUR J. MacLEAN ARTHUR D. MAXWELL NICHOLAS S. PISTOLAKIS JUAN J. RESTREPO up, Joe. Who dealt this mess? 4. Founded in 1845 at Yale University. Omicron chapter established 01 Pennsylvania in 1914. FALL SPRING Presidenf-Herbert Carmen Preside'nf-Donald L. Rech Vice-Presidenf-William J. McConnell Vice-President-Philip N. Baker SecrefuIy-Cha,rles J. Faunce Secretary1-Edward W. Ryan Treasurer-Bruce N. Willis Treasurer--Bruce N. Willis TOP ROW: D. Rech, P. Horan, J. Light, W. Arnold, J. Reese, W. Jaussi, H. Wilson, E. Feenune, D. Johnson. SECOND ROW: A Maxwell, W. Worrel, R. Denny, R. Kraus, N. Pistolaukis, S. Smith, D. Ganl, A. Pons, R. Grafton. BOTTOM ROW: J. Show, P. Baker, B. Willis, H. Carmen, F. Allevu, W. Laven, E. Ryan. Founded in 1865 at Virginia Military Institute. Tau chapter established at Pennsylvania in 1881. Master Frank Pofochney Chaplain Roberf Vaupel Keeper Of Exchequer Donald Davis Scribe-Roberf Smith TOP ROW: R. Taylor, M. Griffian, S. Preston, A. Adams, W. Kohlev, J. Evans, R. Voighf, C. Lees, D. Bruce. THIRD ROW: D. Deukyne, D. Kemmerer, G. Vrunos, T. Lawson, R. Loder, D. Powell, R. Merkel, C. Walker. SECOND ROW: N. Rieger, J. Williams, J. Freeland, S. Huggerty, E. Collins, E. Salanrrie, D. Clark, C. Cain, G. Shockey. BOTTOM ROW: T. Collins, H. Foster, R. Smith, C. Boeheim, R. Vaupel, D. Davis, 5. Joy, D. Herdeg. Music hath charms. I952 ALBERT ADAMS WILLIAM BERGER CHARLES BOEHEIM EDWARD COLLINS THOMAS COLLINS DAVID DEAKYNE DONALD DAVIS JOHN EVANS HOWARD FOSTER HARRY GITHENS DAVID HERDEG WALTER KOHLER NELSON REIGER DAVID ST. GEORGE EDWARD SALANTRIE ROBERT SMITH 1953 JAMES BICKFORD DeWITT BLISS SILAS CAIN DONALD CLARK PATRICK FARRELL PAUL FISCHER JOSEPH FITZPATRICK JOSEPH FREELAND STANLEY JOY HENRY LEEDS DONALD PORTER FRANK POTOCHNEY SAMUEL PRESTON JOHN SHERIDAN FRANK STEIGERWALD EDWARD TRACY ROBERT VAUPEL RUSSELL WEIMER 1954 WILLIAM BACH EDWARD BEDNAR "Comin' through RICHARD BERSERIAN HOWARD BRADFUTE DONN BRUCE H. JAY COZZOLINO ROBERT ENGLER STEWART HAGGERTY GARY HARQUIST THOMAS JACKSON MARTIN KINNUNEN ROBERT LODER WILLIAM MEHRHOFF JOSEPH MELONE RICHARD MERKEL DANIEL MIKUTA ROBERT PINTER HAROLD POWELL EDWARD SCHRAG GARY SHOCKEY RICHARD TAYLOR JOSEPH TROTTA JOHN TUTTLE GEORGE VRATTOS CHARLES WALKER ROBERT WASKO RALPH WHITMORE JAMES WILLIAMS 1955 NORMAN DAILEDO WILLIAM FALKENSTERN MARTIN GRIFFIN, JR. DALE KEMMERER THOMAS LAWSON CHARLES LEES 6. DAVID POWELL THORVALD SANCHEZ GABRIEL VILLADA H. ROBERT VOIGT Alpha Tau Omega the rye." "And it's corset in the stretch." TOP ROW: H. Alpert, M Kasper. S. Stein, M. Zucker, L. Medvene, N. Greene, D. Proctor, S. Gordon, R. Bernstein, J. Simpson, B. Schwartz, M. Madow. FOURTH IiOW: J. Angus, E. Cooper, A. Meltxer, Kramer, G. Davis, E. Solovei, J. Pomeranfz, J. Gaspari, 5. Stem, A. Fisher, N. Melnick, THIRD ROW: F. Robbins, M. Gushner, W. Rosenberg, H. Smolen, D. Ross, B. Kerr, M. W. Hoffman, R. Cummins. W. Rosenblith, R. MiNIeman, P, Levy, D. Tei1elbaum, l. Getz, N. Kartiganer, R. Levy. SECOND ROW: G. Weinbaum, J. Newman, 5. Sopher, B. Kirschner, J. Silverbarg, N. Shuman, H. Janis, K. Soll, H. Sussman, R. Jones, A. Schreier, A. Landismun, F. Bernstein. BOTYOM ROW: L. Rusitsky, P. Bcssen, E. Solomon, J. Smith, D. Fendrick, R. Fendrick, H. Rubenstein, H. Kanlor, S. Weinbuum, L. Leibmcln, M. Finkle. FALL SPRING Chancellor RonaId Fendrick Chancellorthoward J. Rubenstein Vice-Chancellor Merle Finkel Vice-Chancellor Steve R. Levitan Auditor-Donold Fenclrick Auditothen S. Liebman Recorder-Norman Shuman Recorder Norman Shuman Founded in 1910 at Cornell University. Epsilon chapter established at Pennsylvania in 1922. New l-F Champs. 1952 EARL BENOWITZ ROBERT BROOKS EUGENE DENISON SAMUEL FEIBUS DONALD FENDRICK RONALD FENDRICK MERLE FINKEL ALFRED GILMAN HERBERT KANTOR FRED MILLER BARRY NAGINSKY LOUIS RUSITSKY ARTHUR SHRIER BARRY SISKIND JOEL SMITH HERBERT SMOLEN KENNETH SOLL EDWARD SOLOMON SEYMOUR STEIN HERBERT SUSSMAN NORMAN THIER STANLEY WEINBAUM AL LANDESMAN 1953 PAUL BOSSEN ROBERT BROTMAN ROBERT DEMBER WARREN GRAY LOWELL GETZ HARVEY JANIS NORMAN KARTIGANER BERT KIRSCHNER STEVEN LEVITAN PAUL LEVY lEONARD LEIBMAN FRED MESIROV HERBERT MOELIS JOSEPH NEWMAN HOWARD RUBENSTEIN JAY SILVERBERG JOEL SILVERMAN LEONARD SUGARMAN GEORGE WEINBAUM MORTON WEINTRAUB DANIEL TEITLEBAUM 1954 ROBERT ALPER HERBERT ALPERT JULES AUGUS EDWARD COOPER BERNARD EDELSON STEPHEN GADON WILLIAM HOFFMAN ROBERT JONES FRANK KESSLER ROBERT MITTLEMAN STANLEY PLASKOW FREDRICK ROBBINS WILLIAM ROSENBLITH DEANE ROSS NORMAN SHUMAN FREDRICK WEITZMAN DONALD ZIMMER Somebody missed rehearsal. 1955 RONAlD BERNSTEIN FREDRICK BORNSTEIN RICHARD CUMMINS GEORGE DAVIS DAVID FEIBUS ARTHUR FELDMAN ALLEN HSHER JAMES GASPARI SAMUEL GORDON NE!L GREENE MARK GUSHNER MARTIN KASPER EDWARD KERR MARVIN KRAMER ROBERT LEVY BERNARD LINKOFF MARSHALL MADOW LESTER MEDVENE NEIL MELNICK ALLAN MELTZER JOHN POMERANTZ DAVID PROCTOR WILLIAM ROSENBERG I955 JEFFREY SACHS BENJAMIN SCHWARTZ JEFFREY SIMPSON ED SOLOVEI SANFORD STEIN SHELDON STERN MARTIN ZUCKER Blue champagne. Beta Theta Pi Swirling gowns 5 fragrant per- fumes! 1952 KENNETH R. BAUMLER EDWARD C. BOU FRANK F. BROWN WILLIAM N. CLARK RICHARD J. DOUGHERTY ROBERT M. FLOOD, JR. DAVID S. FORREST WILLIAM McE. FORREST PAUL B. GREEN RICHARD C. HEDGES PAUL E. KEOGH NORMAN R. LANGE JOHN C. McCOMBS DONALD H. MURRAY EDWARD S. ODGERS JOHN TUCKER 1953 DANIEL A. BAUGH JOHN H. CLINE ROBERT H. DEMPSEY NATHANIEL R. ELLIOT, JR. FRASER A. HALE RICHARD A. HARTER MICHEL T. HUBER WllliAM R. LEONARD JAMES W. lllLlE, JR. MOTT R. lINN PAUL H. McNAMARA WILLIAM A. MIXON FOSTER B. SIMMONS, JR. WILLIAM W. WATKINS, JR 1954 JOHN S. ALSENTZER CHESTER D. CORNOG JOHN M. CURLEY ROBERT W. DENNEY JOHN DERN, JR. "lFs the piano, not I." DAVID L. FAHERTY DOUGLAS C. GEARY RICHARD F. HEYLMUN, JR. THOMAS H. KELLEY, JR. THOMAS O. JONES LAURANCE E. MASTERS WILBUR M. MAURATH, JR. JAMES L. McARDLE RICHARD S. McLAUGHLIN ALFRED G. MUENCH, JR. ROBERT C. REISS CLYDE S. THOMAS, JR. JAMES H. TROXELL J. RAY VanMETER, JR. EUGENE W. WEAVER H. CRAIG WHITAKER 1955 RICHARD J. CLANCY MICHAEL l. DALTON RUSSELL J. DOWN PETER J. ERCEG DAVID S. GRAHAM JAMES D. HENDERSON, Ill DAVID M. HOUSTON, JR. WILFRED C. LEE JOSEPH S. LENNOX, JR. KENNETH E. LIDDICK ROBERT F. lONGLEY KINNAIRD S. MCQUADE RONALD A. MILLER DONAlD E. MULLIGAN JOHN B. PIERPONT ALEXANDER W. ROSS FRANZ K. SCHNEIDER, JR. ROBERT H. SPILLER ROBERT E. TIFFANY FRANCIS G. VITETTA "Watch this 'english,' boys." Founded in 1839 at Miami University. Phi chapter established of Pennsylvania in 1880. Presidenf William Forrest Vice-Presideni John Tucker Secretary WilIiam Mixon Treasurer-Robert Flood, Jr. FIRST ROW: P. Green, P. Keogh, N. Lange, D. Forres', J. Tucker, W. Forres', R. Flood, K. Baumler, J. McCombs, R. Hedges, W. Clarke. SECOND ROW: T. Jones, M. Dul'on, K. McOade, A. Muench, B. Sim- mons, M. Huber, J. Alsentxer, R. Dempsey, W. Watkins, D. Bough, S. Lennox, H. Cline, F. Brown. THIRD ROW: J. Lillie, J. Henderson, W. lee, R. Spiller, R. Miller, J. McArdle, D. Faherly, R. Reiss, J. Curley, D. Graham, R. Denney, W. Mixon, R. Tiffany, F. Vi'eNu. FOURTH ROW: E. Bou, R. Har'er, R. Down, D. Houston, K. Liddick, M. Linn, R. McLaughlin, F. Hale, F. Sthneider, R. Clancey, R. Langley, C. Whitaker, R. VanMe'er, E. Weaver, W. Mauruth. Founded in 1844 at Yale University. Delta Kappa chapier established of Pennsylvania in 1899. PresidenI Clinton A. Packard Vice-Presidenl--Arthur T. Castillo Secretary-Pa!mer Smith, III Treasurer Phillip A. West 2 7 ll TOP ROW: J. Salisbury, W. Lippinco", W. Hidlay, J. Dineen, K. Smith. FOURTH ROW: E. Killian, S. Cushing, J. McCallum, F. Bethe, R. Hooper, R. Owen, L. Zullinger, R. Glover. THIRD ROW: K. Keenan, L. Mercer, C. Mathews, W. Van Buren, J. Sweeney, S. Davis, H. Walker, F. Mayorall, L. Bowie. SECOND ROW: J. Gilroy, P. Barre", S. Overin, C. Tuttle, J. Bruno, R. Manin, S. Turner, J. Smith, J. Daugherty. BOTTOM IROW: N. Forker, H. Pappus, F. Lemont, R. McClatchy, C. Packard, A. Castillo, P. West, R. Whelham, C. Kirk. Room scene. 1952 ARTHUR T. COSTILLO THOMAS DUGAN, JR. JOHN HEFFERNAN CHARLES KIRK FREDERICK LEMONT, ll RICHARD McCLATCHY, ll CLINTON A. PACKARD HARRY P. PAPPAS ROBERT STEVENSON ROBERT WHELLAM JOSEPH WILLIS 1953 PETER BARRETT JOHN DOUGHERTY JOHN DUNSMORE JAMES GILROY ROBERT GLOVER PALMER SMITH, Ill JONATHON WARD PHILLIP A. WEST ROBER1 WICKERSHAM 1954 JOHN BRUNO RICHARD MARTIN MICHAEL O'BRIEN The fleet's in! STURTEVANT M. OVERIN, III KENNETH SMITH SCOTT TURNER CYRUS TUTTLE 1955 FRED BOTHE, ll LEE BOWIE SAM CUSHING SMITH DAVIS, H JAMES DINEEN WILLIAM HIDLAY WILLIAM HOFFMAN ROBERT HOOPER KEVIN KEENAN EARL KlLlIAN WILLIAM LIPPINCOTT FRED MAYORAL CHARLES MATTHEWS LEONARD MERCER JOHN McCALLUM ROBERT OWEN JOSEPH SALSBURY JAMES SWEENEY DOUGLAS TALLY WILLIAM VanBUREN HAY WALKER ROBERT ZULLINGER Delta Kappa Epsilon Anyone for checkers? ., 8. TOP ROW: D. Waiers, E. Clapp, C. Davis, D. Milne, W. Denny. SECOND ROW: W. Corey, E. Clark, T. Sholler, J. Somers, J. Brock, L. Hardy. BOTTOM ROW: 8. Soul, C. Evans, D. Miller, J. Davis, K. Roulette. FALL SPRING President-David Tolman Miller Presidenthames K. Davis, Jr. Vice-Presideni James K. Davis Vice-Presidenf-W. Polk Carey Secretary B. Francis Saul, Ill Secretary-Lawrence C. Hardy Treasurer Charles 8. Evans Treasurer-J. Warren Brock, Jr. Founded in 1827. Eta chapter established of Pennsylvania in 1849. 1952 JAMES K. DAVIS, JR. CHARLES B. EVANS DAVID TOLMAN MILLER LEONARD E. RYAN 1953 C. WEBSTER ABBOTT, III J. WARREN BROCK, JR. WILLIAM POLK CAREY J. DONALD GINDHART LAWRENCE C. HARDY B. FRANCIS SAUL, Ill 1954 CHARLES L. ABRY, IV DONELSON F. HOOPES DAVID M. C. C. JEWETT RAWSON G. LIZARS C. KILBURN ROULETTE JAMES FRANCIS SOMERS DAVID ROGERS WATERS A. ANDREWS WHITMAN, II 1955 EDGAR SANDERFORD CLARK CHARLES DAVIS WILLIAM F. DENNY, Ill EDWARD M. K. KLAPP DAVID MILNE, IV Best foot forward. Hold that pose! Men of leisure. Here come the girls. 1952 WILLIAM CHAPMAN, ll GALLOWAY CHESTON EDWARD DILLON CURTICE HENCHEY BRUCE HOOPER GEORGE HUNDT BARTOW McCALI. PAUL MONAGHAN, JR. HENRY PENDERGRASS LAINE SANTA-MARIA CHARLES WELSH 1953 STANLEY BRUCE HENRY CLIFFORD, JR. JOHNS HOPKINS, JR. CHRISTOPHER McCUTCHEON NICHOLAS SELLERS PETER SELLERS HENRY THOMPSON GEORGE WARDER JAMES WEBBER JAMES WILLCOX 1954 CHRISTOPHER BEATTY JOHN GOULD JOHN HALL Sing it pretty, pardnuh! PAUL HENCHEY, JR. lOUIS lEONARD RALPH PEARCE 1955 DAVID ARNDT JOHN BARCLAY ROBERT BATCHELDER EDMUND COOPER JOHN CUSHMAN GEOFFREY B. DOUGHERTY CHARLES GANOE MURRAY HAUSER KARL HOAGLAND SIDNEY KEITH HENRY JUSTI M. B. KLING FREDERICK LANDMAN FRITZ PFLUEGER MITCHELL PIERSON CHARLES RIEGER KEITH SCHNEBLY GERALD TARANTINO GEORGE THAYER DEXTER TUTEIN JAMES D. WINSOR ROBERT WARTH CHARLTON YARNALL "Table Tennis 3b." 10! IO! WI!!! '0' hno. SK: J4 Gown? OW Founded in 1847. Delta chapter established at Pennsylvania in 1851. President-Hurry Thompson Vice-Presidenf-Bartow McCall Treasurer--Ralph Pearce Rushing Chairman-Henry CliHord, Jr. 1 1131 M i I 1. 11 TOP ROW: C. YarnuIl, S. Keith, C. Ganoe, C. BeaNy, B. Henchey, M. Pierson, R. Batchelor, F. Landmun. THIRD ROW: P. Sellets, J. Dougherty, P. Justi, J. Cushman, E. Cooper, G. Thayer, J. Windsor, J. Taran- 9ino. SECOND Row: K Hoagland, F. Pfiueger, K. Schnebly, J. Willcox, D. Turein, N. Sellers, J. Hull, J. Gould, R. Pearce. BOTTOM ROW: H. CliKord, J. McCall, H. Pendelgrass, C. Welsh, G. Hundt, W. Chapman, C. Henchey, L. Santa-Muriu, H. Thompson. Founded in 1859 at Bethany College. Omega chapter established at Pennsylvania In 1897. Presideni-Charles K. Russell Vice-Presiden!-Henry T. Wallhauser Treasurer-Stephen L. LiMauer Recording Secretary-Vincenf A. Crisanfi Corresponding Secretary-Richard E. Johnston TOP ROW: R. Huuslein; J. Mapes, J. Williams, C. Mapel, G. Smi'h, R. Taylor, D. Burling, R. Yocum, T. Singer, C. Edwards. FOURTH ROW: T. Crabbe, R. Sheridan, J. Wood, A. Yarnall, B. Fitzpatrick, D. Ornston, R. Whilcomb, J. Erickson, G. Cole, S. Harrell, E. Fcbricius. THIRD ROW: R. Fos'er, W. Housh, C. Cubiccioli, R. lowery, R. Morrison, R. Paulis, S. Neuhard, C. Cox, J. McDonell, B. Williams. SECOND ROW: W. Gallagher, T. O'Neil, N. Stevens, T. Scotes, G. Rieder, l. Groo, R. Johnson, M. Troui, W. Gay, R. Sweeney, J. McCawl R. Aikins, R. Hompe. BOTTOM ROW: C. Schrope, J. Jones, I. Miller, J. Crisanti, H. Wallhauser, C. Russell, S. Littauer, R. Johnston, J. Smilgin, F. Sianbro. Bedroom sports. 1952 JAMES CROTHERS SCOTT FUESS JAMES JONES STEPHEN LITTAUER IRVING MILLER, JR. WILLIAM RADER CHARLES RUSSELL CRAIG TARLER ISAAC VanVOORHIS, JR. HENRY WALLHAUSER CHARLES SCHROPE CHARLES MELLEN 1953 VINCENT CRISANTI CHARLES EDWARDS, ll LAWRENCE GROO SAMUEL HARRELL RICHARD JOHNSON RICHARD JOHNSTON JOHN McCAW, JR. CARL MAPEL, JR. GEORGE REIDER THOMAS SCOTES MONROE TROUT JAMES WILLIAMS WILLIAM McDONNEL JOHN SMILGlN NORMAN STEVENS 1954 MICHAEL ARCHIBALD RONAlD ATKINS DAVID BUTTERWORTH GEORGE COLE, JR. HAROLD COX, JR. WILLIAM GAY RICHARD FOSTER Learning the hard way. LAWRENCE HAGERSON ROBERT HAUSLEIN ROBERT HOMPE EMMETT HOUSH ROBERT JONES RICHARD MORRISON SHELDON NEUHARD THOMAS O'NEILL, JR. THOMAS SINGER BRADFORD SMITH FREDERICK STANBRO ROBERT SWEENEY JOHN WOOD SUMNER WILLIAMS, JR. 1955 PAUL BIERLY ARTHUR BURLING THOMAS CRABBE LEROY CUBICCIOTTI JOHN ERRICKSON, Ill EDWIN FABRICIUS BARCLAY FITZPATRICK WILLIAM GALLAHER ROBERT GRAF JOHN GUEST BARTON LEACH ROBERT lOWRY JOHN MAPES DARIUS ORNSTON ROBERT PAULUS ROBERT SHERIDAN GORDON SMITH RICHARD TAYLOR ROGER WHITCOMB ALEXANDER YARNALL, ROBERT YOCUM Delta Tau Delta Fireside chat. FIRST ROW: F. McKee, D. Grim, E. Maska, V. Hellman, A. Brenner, D. Smith, L. Ketner, S. Radcliff. SECOND ROW: W. Oslermeyer, P. Hicks, J. Pickett, H. VanSciver, A. Elseroad, J. Yugo, B. Goodwin, E. Greaney. THIRD ROW: B. Kopp, A. NeH, G. Gtaf, D. Parner, D. Ouackenbush, P. Way, T. Maher. FOURTH ROW: P. Pinto, R. McVay, J. Peeney, J. Higgins, F. Koper, W. Hadley, R. Hazen. FIFTH ROW: H. Haferkamp, J. Waierl, P. Dennunt, J. Mancini, J. Newpher. FALL Presidenf Vicfor Hellman Vice-Presidenf Alan Bronner Secretary Richard Smith Treasurer Edwin Maska SPRING Presidenf-Henry F. Thompson Vice-President4 James B. Webber Secretary Bruce Goodwin Treasurer-Ralph E. Pearce, Jr. Founded in 1834 of Williams College. Established of Pennsylvania in 1888. The alumni meet the pledges. 1952 ALAN BRONNER DAVID GRIM VICTOR HALLMAN BYRON KOPP FRANK McKEE JAMES NEWPHER WILLIAM OSTERMAYER STANLEY RADCLIFFE ANTHONY YANETTE 1953 WALLACE CLAPP GEORGE CRAIG PETER DENNANT ALBERT ELSEROAD GEORGE FAVETTA BRUCE GOODWIN EDWARD GREANEY JOHN HIGGINS LAURENCE KETNER MICHEL lORETl EDWIN MASKA ROBERT McVAY JOSEPH MANCINI JOHN PICKETT Informal iabber. PETER PINTO RICHARD SMITH BURT STONE JOHN WAJERT 1954 JAMES FERRIS WILLIAM HADLEY PERRY HARRISON RICHARD HAZEN PAUL HICKS FRANK KOPEE EDWARD PACKER HARRY VanSCIVER JOHN YAGO 1955 ROBERT BERNARD GEORGE GRAF HARRY HAFERKAMP THOMAS MAHER AlOlS NEFF DAVID PARKER JAMES PEENEY RICHARD QUACKENBUSH PETER WAY "Don't wait for me, fellows." H irfeen in the corner pocket. "Th v.. C n G 6. C e D. X E Misery Waltz. ROBERT ASHWORTH S M. FUELLING JAME JAMES HOPES A. RICHARD VALLSO WILLIAMS HORACE E. EDWARD R. KOHNSTAM JULIO D. LECUONA GEORGE H. STEWART J. BOYD BERT JOHN M. CALANDRA SYDNEY T. FISHER FERNANDO LECOURS JAMES A. SMITH R. JOHN HASTON Founded in 1825 at Union College. Established :11 Pennsylvania in 1913. Presidenf-wJulio D. Lecuona Vice-Presidenf Robert Ashworth Secretary-Horace Williams Treasurer-James Hopes TOP ROW: J. Calandra, F. Lecours, R. Huston, J. Ben. SECOND ROW: G. Stewart, J. FuelIing, J. Smith, E. Kohnstam. BOTTOM ROW: H. Williams, R. Ashworfh, J. Lecuona, J. Hopes. Founded in 1911 at the University of Rochester. Nu chapter established on Pennsylvania in 1919. FALL President-Marfin Milsion Vice-Presidenf-Herbert Kanarick Secretary-lrwin Freundlich Treasurer-Sheldon Glabman SPRING Presidenf-rDavid S. Geldzahler Vice-Presidenf-Allan Smith. Secretary1-Sanford Nacht Treasurer-Herbert Kanarick TOP ROW: 1.. Glazermon, M. Krome, W. Zweiner, A. Gallant, L. Propp, L. Reifberg, A. Singer, J. Horo- witz. SECOND ROW: J. Pressner, S. Brown, R. Singer, J. Berney, B. Eskow, M. Seaman, 3. Ross, A. Bodner. BOTTOM ROW: 54 Klausner, M. Fish, A. Blum, M. Milston, G. Beckerman, M. Altman, L. Gold- stein, L. Butwin. "Dear John." 1952 MERRILL BARR ARNOLD BLUM STEPHEN COHEN MARVIN FISH IRWIN M. FREUNDLICH LEON GLAZERMAN LOUIS GOLDBERG LEON GOLDSTEIN CHARLES GOODFIELD HAROLD GOODMAN SAUL KLAUSNER RICHARD LEVENTER RICHARD LICHTMAN MARVIN MORSE CHARLES PERLEMAN DAVID SALSBURG JOSEPH SILVERMAN JOHN STEINGART STUART WELTZ 1953 GERALD BECKERMAN JOSEPH BERNEY HERBERT COHEN EDWARD EDELSTEIN EUGENE FREEDMAN SAMUEL FURMAN DAVID GELDZAHLER SHELDON GLABMAN ROBERT HEINE BUZZ HOFFMAN NORMAN JACKMAN JAMES JACOBS HERBERT KANARICK SAMUEL LEVINE JEROME UNDER DAVID LINER HOWARD MAGEN "There are only four of us." ALLAN MALL PAUL MILLER MARTIN MILSTON RICHARD PAUKER lAWRENCE PROPP LEONARD REIFBERG CHARLES RUBENSTEIN JOHN SAMUELS MORTON SEAMAN ROBERT SINGER GILBERT SPRITZER HOWARD WEINER 1954 MELVIN ALDERMAN MELVIN ALTMAN STANLEY BROWN NOEL DAVIDSON SHELDON DINOWITZ NORMAN DRESSLER BURTON ESKOW WILLIAM GRUBMAN JAY HOROWITZ JOEL leBOW BERNARD LIPSITZ NEWTON lEVINE CHARLES LUDWIG MIKE MARGULIS EUGENE MYERS SANDFORD NACHT DANIEL NEWMAN BYRON PERRY JEROME PRESSNER DONALD SALTZMAN NORMAN SCHEER STANLEY SCHNEIRSON ALLAN SMITH ROBERT STERN DONALD TANNENBAUM LOUIS WEINSTEIN WALTER ZWEIFLER 1955 JAMES BARNETT DAVID BEIER ROBERT BLACK ARTHUR BODNER WILLIAM BRACHFIELD lAWRENCE BUTWIN MORTON DRANOFF ALIAN GALLANT lESlIE GAMZA RONALD GLICKMAN PAUL GORDON HARVEY GUSHNER MIKE GUTTERMAN MORRIS KROME ROBERT KURTZ lAWRENCE LEVEY ALLAN LOCKMAN SEYMOUR REICH BERNARD ROSS JULES SAMITZ BENJAMIN SCHLOSSER ARTHUR SINGER MAURICE WEINER Time out for dancing. NNvaxx ,w FIRST ROW: L. Blimline, R. Ollivierre, J. McGowan, W. Chadwick, E. Norian, J. Lessig, M. Morrison, M. Stevens, .3. Thompson, J. Thomas. SECOND ROW: J. Dunn, R. Genes, B. Johnson, P. Gluscott, H. Parkhursf, R. Berg, T. Cunha, J. Mellet, H. Spellman, W. Shomo. THIRD ROW: R. Sulch, F. Branagan, J. Hinkle, C. Assiff, R Sherbahn, C. Geiger, J. Arzaniwiez, A. Baum, M. Ryan, F. Soulas. FOURTH ROW: R. YeMer, R. Johnson, R. Weiss, B. Heinn, R. Price, 6. Clement, A. Wilde, F. Webev, D. Lundblad, G. lewis, R. Tomicki. FIFTH ROW: H. Fairchild, B. Bortree, D. Kobet, E Smith, E. Scoville, G. Smigo, J. Bincarowski, S. Snelgrove, J. Mecaughey. FALL Grand Master-Lester L. Lessig, Jr. Grand Procurator-Malcolm A. Mor- rison Grand Treasurer Matthew J. Steph- ens, Jr. Grand Scribe Edchrd G. Norian SPRING Grand Master John R. Thompson Grand Procurafor Richard W. Olliv- ierre Grand Treasurer George J. Smigo Grand Scribe--Joseph B. Arzaniewicz Founded in 1869 at the University of Virginia. AIpha-Epsilon chapter established of Pennsylvania in 1892. And for dessert, "mystery pud- ding." 1952 ALAN M. BAUM ROBERT O. BERG JOHN M. BERGIN LEON R. BLIMLINE WILLIAM H. BORTREE WILLIAM CHADWICK A. HOLLAND FAIRCHILD JOSEPH G. FLANIGAN ROBERT H. FREY WILLIAM E. JEFFRIES, JR. lESTER L. LESSIG, JR. RICHARD M. LYNCH JOSEPH N. McGOWAN JOHN L. MECAUGHEY, JR. MALCOLM A. MORRISON EDWARD G. NORIAN RICHARD W. OLLIVIERRE HENRY W. PARKHURST, JR. FRANK S. SHEEHY, JR. WORTHINGTON C. SHOMO EDWARD F. SHURTLEFF EDWARD 6. SMITH EDWARD R. SNELGROVE HARRY J. SPELLMAN MATTHEW J. STEPHENS PAUL E. TAYLOR, JR. JOHN D. THOMAS JOHN R. THOMPSON 1953 EDWARD A. AGNEW, JR. CHARLES B. ASSIFF FRANCIS B. J. BRANAGAN, JR. PAUL H. BROWN, JR. WILLIAM M. DEUBER JOSEPH L. DEVANEY ROBERT D. DeWITT RICHARD C. GATES CARL W. GEIGER PETER A. GLASCOYT ROBERT B. HEINTZ JOHN S. HINKLE, IV WALTER HYLWA Christmas cheer. WHITNEY H. JOHNSON GREGORY S. OLEKSZAK WILLIAM J. O'CONNOR R. RICHARD SHERBAHN NORMAN T. WILDE, JR. M. THOMAS VESEY 1954 JOSEPH B. ARZANIEWICZ JOSEPH BINCAROWSKY, JR. ANTHONY J. CUGINI JAMES M. DUNN, JR. THOMAS HLADUN ROBERT P. JOHNSON KAROL LASKOWSKI RICHARD 8. PRICE GEORGE J. SMIGO, JR. FREDERICK B. SOULAS EDWARD WALLACE ROBERT R. WEISS ROBERT E. YETTER 1955 JAMES F. BRADY GORDON S. CLEMENT HOWARD CORRISTON ANTHONY P. CUNHA VINCENT DIOGUARDI GEORGE EVANS ROY HEFFELFINGER ROBERT HOLMES DALE S. KOBER GEORGE S. lEWlS DANIEL M. LUNDBLAD ALEX M. LOUKASHENOK JOHN MELLET RALPH F. MINERVINO, JR. HAROLD W. ODELL MATTHEW J. RYAN EDWARD G. SCOVEL, JR. WILLIAM R. SUTCH JOHN T. TOMICKI FRANK J. WEBER WILLIAM L. WEBER ALAN H. WILDE Pointing with pride. Lambda Chi Alpha Where's Napoleon? 1952 HENRY BALUTA DANIEL BARTON CHARLES BYERLY KENNETH CORMIER ROBERT CRUM VICTOR DELAN JOSEPH GREENE DANIEL lOWEN PAUL MARCUSON JOSE MERA RICHARD MUHLBERGER CARL NELSON P. ERIC OPPENHEIMER ROBERT SEIBERT 1953 DANIEL BACON EUGENE BIERLY JOHN BRADLEY EUGENE CIARELLI NOEL DEMOS THOMAS EGNER STEWART FINKLER ROBERT GALLAGHER SAMUEL GIANOPOULOS THEODORE KNERR GEORGE LARE NATALE LUCAS A green ball next. BERNARD MacFARLAND JOHN MONJO ALBERTO PARACCHINI JOSEPH STRAIN 1954 SALUSTIANO ALVAREZ GEORGE BANKS CHARLES BOETTCHER GORDON FRANKLIN WILLIAM GALBRAITH JOHN HAFER ROBERT HAGER BARRY HAYES PAUL KEMPCHINSKY BARRY KNERR ACHILLES NICKLES PETER SENA 1955 C. JAMES APPLETON RAYMOND BUCCI MICHAEL KASCHAK WILLIAM KINGSLEY GEORGE KIRVAY ROBERT MONSUL FELIX SANTONI JORGE VALDIVIESO A thirsty bunch. Founded in 1909 01 Boston University. Epsilon Zeta established of Pennsylvania in 1913. FALL SPRING President--Victor DeLon President1Bernard MucFarland Vice-Presidenf-Richard Muhlberger Vice-President-fBarry Knerr Secretary1Bernard MacForland Secretary-C. James Appleton, III TreasurerHAlberto Paracchini Treasurer-Charles Boettcher TOP ROW: H. Boluta, J. Monio, C. Apple'on, J. Haler, G. Banks, C. Berly, R. Monsul, P. Sena, N. Lucas. THIRD ROW: R. Crum, S. AIvurez, P. Kempchinsky, F. Santoni, W. Kingsley, J. Valdivieso, G. Kirvay, R. Bucci, M. Kaschak. SECOND ROW: G. Franklin, 54 Finkler, W. Galbraith, B. Knerr, E. Bierly, J. 51min, 5. Gianopoulus, T. Egner, R. Gallagher. BOTTOM ROW: E. Oppenheimer, J. Greene, D. Barion, B. MacFarlandl A. Parauhini, V. DeLan, R. Muhlbetger, R. Kowalski, R. Seibert, P. Marcuson. Founded in 1848 at Miami University of Ohio. Zeta chapter established in 1883. FALL SPRING President Raymond F. Dacek Presidenf-James T. Tobin Reporter-Charles W. McKinney Vice-Presidenf -Charles H. McKinney Secretary FroInk W. Sanford Secretary Roger P. Craton Treasurer DonaId I. McDavid Treasurer-Donald l. McDavid TOP ROW: J. Cimikosky, J. Manley, D. Gumen, W. Wickershum, A. Gabviel, W. Ackermun, F. Senkewicz, D. Gibson, B. Williams, J. Bushek, P. Tobin, E. Binkowski. FOURTH ROW: H. Palm, J. Cavanaugh, J. Seeley, R. Craton, F. McClaIchy, P. Klahr, J. Townsley, J. Mack, D. Cadof, J. Brennan, 8. Borkowski, R. Moore. THIRD ROW: R. Rowell, H. Bun, J. Woodman, R. Feldhaber, L. Brownson, H. Dawson, C. Stewart, C. Redifer, G. Bossier, R. Wickel, F. Gibson. SECOND ROW: D. Jaeger, R. Augustims, J. Flood, R. Graff, D. Slultery, R. Stewart, R. McGee, K. Hey, J. Sears, R. Lewis, F. Sanford, R. Aruffo. BOTTOM ROW: W. Callahan, D. Jacoby, J. Tobin, A. Thomson, J. Thomas, D, MacDavid, R. Dacek, J. Boyd, D. Brenner, C. McKinney, R. Conaway, J. McGonigul. Looking up. 1952 JAMES l. aovo DONALD BRENNER WILLIAM CALLAHAN RAYMOND F. DACEK RICHARD A. LEWIS DONALD I. MacDAVID CHARLES H. McKINNEY JOHN w. RORER JOHN s. THOMAS ARTHUR THOMPSON JAMES T. TOBIN 1953 ROY J. ARUFFO CHARLES R. CONAWAY DONALD JACOBY DONAlD O. COX ROBERT J. MAGEE FRANK W. SANFORD JAMES A. SEARS THOMAS C. SENFF CHARLES A. STEWART, JR. ROBERT STEWART ROBERT THOMSON RUDY WICKEL 1954 JAMES H. BENNAN, JR. EDWARD BINKOWSKI GEORGE BOESSLER BERNARD J. BORKOWSKI JOSEPH F. BUSHEK HAROLD S. BUTZ, JR. DONALD K. CADOT ROGER P. CRATON HUGH L. DAWSON CHARLES K. EATON Phi Delta Theta Assume the position. ROBERT F. FEHLHABER GERALD F. FLOOD ANTHONY GABRIEL DENNIS W. GIBSON FRANK B. GIBSON, JR. KARL G. HEY JOHN P. JONES JOHN C. MACK FRANK McCLATCHY JOSEPH D. McGONAGLE JAMES E. SEELEY FRANK W. SHANNON JESSE M, TOWNSLEY, JR. BRUCE E. WILLIAMS I955 WAYNE ACKERMAN RONALD AUGIXTITUS JOSEPH COMACOWSKI JAMES CAVANAUGH JULIAN D. FLEMING RUDY GRAF DONALD GUMAN DONALD JAEGER WiLLIAM JUDGE CARL H. KNOX JAMES MANLEY ROBERT MOORE HENRY PALM JAMES QUINN CHARLES J. REDIFER ROGER ROWEHL FRANK W. SENKEWICZ DAVID SLATTERY PHILLIP T. TOBIN J. WILLIAM WICKERSHAM Determination. Home was never hke this. Tlme out for beers. a V's mevab 1., $ $ T a W " l This is a cam field? Boys, babes, and bottles... M" vii: 't Iem Strictly members of AA. ! w$ f A bevy of chorus beauiies. X TOP ROW: C. Cohen, G. levine, H. Salwen, M. Kessler, H. Greenbevg, D. Levinson, R. Kali, B. Mitchell, B. Shofer, J. Klau. FOURTH ROW: R. Glaman, J. Resnick, D. Zitser, 5. Fox, M. Schwartzstein, R. Feller, R. Rosenbleeth, L. Stern, J. Dienstag, R. Levitan, R. Lebov. THIRD ROW: D. Schreiber, G. Rosenthal, H. Abelow, P. Goldstein, L. Grody, E. Brody, l. Fischman, J. Weiss, V. Barnett, R. Kapp, J. Binder, D. Leff. SECOND ROW: B. Burger, M. Tanur, J. Chackes, A. Sunshine, W. Goldsmiih, R. Hirshom, S. Spunt, R. Nagle, F. Home, R. Block, L. Done, J. Stemmler. BO1TOM ROW: M. Dwoken, M. Bernstein, D. Lipsey, A. Demon, L. Fine, B. Mitchell, R. Erdos, M. Goldman, M. Bumstein, S. Levy, M. Feldman, D. Kauffman. SuperiormRobert Erdos Vice-Superior-Mayer Mitchell Treasurer-Jerome Hollender Recording Secretary-Barry Peril Corresponding Secretary-Richard Berkowitz Founded in 1887 at the College of the City of New York. Eta chapter established of Pennsylvania in 1907. At the bar. 1952 MARK BERNSTEIN ROBERT BLOCK MAYNURD BURSTEIN ALEX DANON LEONARD DOME MICHAEL DWORKEN ROBERT ERDOS ANDREW FALK THOMAS FRIEDMAN MARSHALL GOLDMAN FRED HORNE GARY KAMMERMAN DAVID KAUFMAN DONALD LEFF PHILIP LINDY RICHARD LIPSEY ARNOLD POMERANTZ GERALD POLINSKY DONALD SCAL DONALD SCHAEFFER HARVEY SCHNEIDER SHEPHERD SPUNT 1953 DONALD ANSEI. ALAN BLOCH ROBERT CUSHMAN LARRY FELDMAN RAY GREENBLATT STEVE HAUT RICHARD KATZ JOEL LIEBLING BARRY LIPPMAN MAYER MITCHELL "Drink a highball5" ROY NAGLE LOUIS NOSSONAW IRA PEREGOFF ALAN PHILLIPS RICHARD RAINES MYRON RESNICK BENJAMIN ROTTMAN LEO SPIEGAL FRANKLIN SUNDHEIM RICHARD SUNDHEIM JACK THALHEIMER MICHAEL WINTER 1954 VICTOR BARNETT GERALD BINDER KENNETH BURNSTINE WILLIAM BURGER ROBERT GLAYMON STEVE GROSS STEVE GROSSMAN ROSS HIRSHORN ROGER LEVITAN AL LEVY DANIEL LERNER DONALD LUBIN ALAN MENTZLER ELLIOT MEYERS KENNETH MOHLER ALBERT REINFELD RICHARD ROSENBLEETH BARRY ROSE MARK REUBEN LARRY STERN DONALD SWERNO JAY WE!SS 1955 HERBERT ABELOW EDWARD BRODY JACK CHACHKES CARL COHEN JERRY DIENSTAG RICHARD FELLER IRA FISCHMAN STEPHEN FOX PHILIP GOLDSTEIN HOWARD GREENBURG lEONARD GRODY ROBERT KAPP MllT KESSLER JAMES KLAU GEORGE LEVINE DONALD LEVINSON MARVIN MARGOLIN MAYER MITCHELL JERRY RESNICK GORDEN ROSENTHAL HARVEY SALWEN DAVID SCHREIBER ROBERT SHOFER MICHAEL TANUR HENRY WINKELMAN RICHARD ZITSER MARVIN SCHWARTZSTEIN It's I'Uncle Miliie" time. 1952 DAVID E. CASSIDY BRUCE E. CRAWFORD JOHN W. DAY ROBERT E. DOYLE JEROME F. KINNEY JAMES F. KRIEBEL JOHN l. MATHER CORNELIUS McGlLLICUDDY, ll GERALD McGINLEY RICHARD D. MOSELY HUGH G. O'NEILL DANTE PICCONE JOHN M. PURINTON ROLAND R. RANDALL ROBERT H. ROBINSON ELTON A. ROOT RICHARD G. RYAN CARL l. SANDER GENE SATTLER FRANCIS X. WELLS FRANK E. WILCHER 1953 GLENN T. ADAMS JOHN F. BRITTON JOHN L. FARMAKIS RICHARD GULICK DAVID HARVEY WILLIAM L. HILLS PETER J. JANNETTA HENRY LUCAS EDMUND C. LYNCH MICHEL A. MANKO JOHN M. McCONNElL FRANK C. McLAUGHLIN BRITTEN MURDOCH ROBERT P. OBERLY HENRY E. PROTZMAN WARREN A. RADCLIFFE JAMES H. WHITMOYER CHARLES H. ZIMMERMAN WILLIAM F. SIMPSON DONALD MACKIE WILLIAM SHARKEY Bachelor's Club. 1954 HENRY A. BONSALL RICHARD CAMPBELL THOMAS FRANKLIN JAMES GALLAGHER PHILIP A. HEMINGWAY KENT HILL JOHN LINDLEY DOUGLAS MARTIN RICHARD McGINLEY JENE l. OAKES ADOLPH O. SCHAEFER THOMAS REAM NORMAN REILLY JOHN F. RUSSELL FERRIS THOMSON GUS TOLLIOS CLYDE F. WILMETH 1955 DABNEY B. BENSON RAYMOND F. BOHMAN JOHN BRAITHWAITE EDWARD CAREY RICHARD CHADWELL PETER FINK RUSSELL GILES THEODORE GILLESPIE ROBERT HANDY WILLIAM HIPPLE THEODORE HAVILAND WILLIAM KLENK GEORGE E. McLAUGHLIN HOWARD R. MERRIMAN STEPHEN MILLARD ERIC OSTERGAARD JOHN H. PORTER CHARLES PARMENTER VERLIN PECKHAM ALEXANDER SCHAD GARY SCOTT DANA SULLIVAN GEORGE TRAUTMAN Platter time. Founded in 1848 at Jefferson College. Beta chapter established of Pennsylvania in 1881. Presidenf-C. Richard Ryan Recording Secretary8Frank E. Wilcher Corresponding Secretary-Hugh G. O'Neill Treasurer8Jerome F. Kinney Historian-Francis Wells TOP ROW: H. Merriman, J. Lindley, D. Sullivan, E. Carey, T. Gillespie, R. Bohman, N. Riley, D. Benson, R. Chadwell. FOURTH ROW: R. Giles, J. Pendleton, A. Russell, C. Tollious, F. Thompson, R. Handey, D. Martin, V. Peckham, J. Bruithewaite, G. Scott, P. Fink. THIRD ROW: E. Oslergaard, J. Gallagher, C. Wilmeth, K. Hill, W. RadcliRe, J. Formaikis, H. Bonsell, R. McGinley, G. Oakes, A. SchaHer, R. Campbell. SECOND ROW: W. Klenk, D. Macke, P. Janene, E. Lynch, F. McLaughlin, H. Provzman, M. Manko, R. Oberly, W. Hills, H. Lucas, B. Murdoch. BOTTOM1ROW: C. Zimmerman, D. Piccone, D. Cossidy, C. Sander, H. O'Neil, F. Wilcher, R. Ryan, J. Kinney, R. Randall, C. Muck, J. Purinton. Founded in 1852 at Washington and Jefferson College. Established at Pennsylvania in 1877. Presidenr DonaId J. Loughlin Vice-Presideni -J. Paul Schroads Secretary-Douglas J. Hillmann Treasurer-Walter B. McNutt TOP ROW: G. Herndon, E. Simmons, N. Frenzel, J. O'Neill, J. Runzer, D. Tomlinson, L Rollo, J. Lucy. SECOND ROW: W. Brandt, E. Doran, J. Carine, D. Smi'h, R. McGowan, E. Allwein, F. Reiter, R. Poole. BOTTOM ROW: A. McCray, C. Marion, H. O'Neill, D. Mulschler, D. Loughlin, D. Hillmon, B. Lewy, D. Gray, R. Dolan. 11 :1 "fix Kill Wi ' -' Entertaining an old grad. 1952 SIDNEY L. CARR RICHARD DOLAN DAVID M. GRAY DOUGLAS J. HILLMAN JOHN LAINO BARTON LEWY HOMER L. LITZENBERG, III DONALD J. LOUGHLIN CHARLES H. MARION HUGH K. McCLOY ALFRED J. McCRAY WALTER B. McNUTT DONALD S. MUTSCHLER EVERETT SCHOFIELD J. PAUL SCHROADS EARL SIMMONS 1953 EDWARD F. ALLWEIN WILLIAM J. FRITZ, JR. FRANCIS W. HEALY STANFORD HOLLER EUGENE J. MANISCALCO JACK W. MclNNIS GEORGE P. MOYLAN HENRY J. O'NEILL, JR. JOSEPH D. O'NEILL CARL PARRY ROBERT W. POOLE ALAN E. SCHWEIGER Dagmar on OSCAR F. SPICER 1954 JOHN CASANI ROBERT DEACON OTTO N. FRENZEL HAROLD HAUCK C. GORDON HERNDON STERLING F. HIGLEY JACK KRATZ JAMES D. LANGDON JOHN lUCY KARL D. MERBRIER RICHARD D. POPPER FRED B. REITER JACK RUNZER 1955 WILLIAM BRANDT JAMES CARINO EDWARD DORAN FRANK GILBERT WILLIAM GOECKLER ROBERT McCLURE RICHARD MCGOWAN DAVID MOOK LOUIS ROLLO DAVID SMITH RICHARD SNYDER DANIEL TOMLINSON NMWQWM rwwA w w WEN WNW FIRST ROW: J. leach, G. Pruchen, K. Simsarian, M. DelehanOy, D. Knapp, J. Delehonty, D. lewis, A. McComas, R. Clappier, R. Riddle, C. Gormly, R. Brandow. SECOND ROW: R. Dietrich, D. Roland, J. Todd, D. Thomas, D. Fowler, R. Brown, C. Rueger, S. Wakefield, W. Cowie, R. Pearsall, A. Kradiian. THIRD ROW: H. Zenzie, M. Miller, R. Burr, W. Boyle, E. Asplundt, D. Bergen, N. Melcher, R. Halloran, R. Lieblich, B. Ball, R. landscheft. L. Hummel. FOURTH ROW: 5. Pahas, V. Eagan, M. Morey, C. Kreibel, C. Rohlfing, T. Friend; C. lindsay, R. Berens, J. Ward, B. Camber, W. Carney, G. Rygiel, F. Close. Presidenf-James B. C. Delehanty, Jr. Is! Vice-Presidenf-Charles S. Gormly 2nd Vice-President-David B. Knapp Secretary-John C. Todd Treasurer Richard E. Brandow Alpha chapter founded of Pennsylvania in 1850. Triple decker. 1952 RICHARD E. BRANDOW ROBERT T. CLAPPIER WILLIAM H. COWIE, JR. MICHAEL L. DELEHANTY JAMES B. C. DELEHANTY, JR. DUDLEY B. FOWLER CHARLES S. GORMLEY DAVID B. KNAPP JAMES A. LEACH DAVID M. LEWIS CHARLES R. MARTZ, JR. ANDREW J. McCOMAS GEORGE E. PRATCHETT ROBERT L. RIDDLE L. KENNETH SIMSARIAN 1953 RICHARD A. BROWN WILLIAM M. CARNEY, JR. VINCENT EAGAN NICHOLAS J. MELCHER RICHARD P. PEARSALL DAVID G. RCSWLAND CHARLES v. RUEGER, JR. DAVID J. THOMAS, JR. JOHN c. TODD JAMES A. TRIMBLE scon G. WAKEFIELD Under the mistletoe. 1954 EDWARD ASPLUNDH DONALD Mcl. BERGEN, JR. JAMES S. BOYLE RICHARD G. BURR, JR. FREDERICK N. CLOSE H. THEODORE HAGSTROM, JR. ROBERT J. HALLORAN LEE W. HUMMEL RICHARD H. LANDSHEFT ROGER F. LIEBLICH COLIN G. LINDSAY SOCRATES H. PATRAS EUGENE A. RYGIEL JAMES L. WHITE 1955 BERNARD COMBER A. ROY DIETRICH JOHN W. ECCLES A. THOMAS FRIEND ARA KRADJIAN CHARLES H. KRIEBEL DANIEL F. McGARITY MILO G. MILLER MARTIN N. MOREY CHARLES C. ROHLFLING, JR. JOHN T. WARD HENRY ZENZIC Comparing notes. The trophy room. 1952 DAVID S. BERKOWlTZ BERNARD E. BERNSTEIN RICHARD S. BLAUNER DANIEL M. BOCK ALAN M. BREITMAN JEROME H. BUFF HAROLD CARVER EDWARD I. CASEL EDWARD S. COHEN RICHARD COHEN ERIC M. FLAXENBERG ARTHUR M. GITLIN SANFORD H. GOLDBERG ALAN J. GOLDEN BRUCE L. MAYERS BURTON J. MORRISON STANLEY l. PILSHAW LOUIS H. PITLUK GERALD PLOTKIN PHILIP L. SCHOLSSER HARVEY F. SIEGEL BRIAN J. SINDEL NORMAN L. STONE 1953 NORMAN L. ALTERMAN ARTHUR M. FINK JACK H. FISCH JEROME B, FOX RICHARD E. FRIEDEN BEHNAM I. FUHRMAN lOUlS GlLlMAN ALAN H. GINSBERG RICHARD l. GOVER EDWIN D. HYMAN STEWART A. KERNUS JAY A. KRAFCHICK HOWARD KUPPERMAN ELIOT l. LEVICK NATHAN R. LYONS HAROLD E. MARKOWITZ NORMAN MASRI JEROME M. MATEZ EDWARD NETTER ALLEN B. PEARL ALAN l. POSLUNS PETER T. POSMANTUR MARTIN S. ROSEMARIN ROBERT A. SATIN ARTHUR J. SCHOMER BARTON M. SILVERMAN HOWARD E. SIMON STANLEY J. WASSERMAN ARTHUR S. ZANKEL 1954 MAX BUTON ARNOLD M. GANZ MORTON l. GITTER LAWRENCE J. GOLD ROBERT E. GOLDMAN HAROLD A. GRAFF DAVID L. HANDEL LEON H. HENRY ARTHUR R. KASAKOVE DONALD KUPERSCHMID JERDON E. KUTZ ROBERT B. LAPIDUS C. ROBERT LONSHEIN GARY M. NEWMAN EUGENE H. PALATSKY Smoke gets in your eyes. JOSHUA PORTUGAL DONALD E. PRICE SIDNEY ROSENTHAL 1955 BENHEM L. BARDFIELD STEPHEN A. BASSOCK STEPHEN BECKER BENNET W. BORMAN 5. DAVID CHAUNCEY LAWRENCE G. COWAN ALLAN L. DANIEL STANLEY P. DARER NEIL H. EHRENREICH HERBERT l. FIELDS ROBERT GLICKMAN MICHAEL M. GOLDBERG JACOB HARRIS ARTHUR P. JACOBS PETER K. KAISER KENNETH H. KIRTZ MATHEW P. KRASNER MARK S. lEVITAN ALVIN S. MORRISON RICHARD A. OTTO ARNOLD S. ROSS H. JAMES SANDER GERALD B. SCHAFFER DAVID S. SHAIMAN NOEL D. SIEGEL SEYMOUR SLUMCHICK DANILE M. SPRITZER WALTER D. TURKIN IRWIN W. WINTER GERALD L. WOLF Is there a man in the house? Founded in 1910 at Columbia University. 5 1 Zeta chapter established at Pennsylvania in 1915. FALL Masier Frater-Louis H. Pitluk Vice-Masler Frater1Martin R o s e - k . marin ' x Secretary1Jerdon Elliott Kutz Treasurer-Brian J. Sindel SPRING Master Frater1Martin Stanley Rose- marin Vice-Master Frater-Arthur Fink Secretary1Jerdon Kutz Treasurer-Sidney Rosenthal TOP.ROW: S. Becker, P. Kaiser, J. Krafchick, R. Frieden, M. Goldberg, N. Siegel, W. Turken, R. 0110, D. Spritzer, A. Jacobs, B. Barman. THIRD ROW: K. Kirtz, L. Cowan, D. Schaiman, J. Harris, 1. Winter, A. Morrison, H. Sander, A. Ross, P. Posmantur, S. Bussock. SECOND ROW: 5. Shlomchick, H. Simon, D. Price, R. Goldman, Ll. Henry, L. Gold, H. GraG, D. Handel, N. Altevmun, A. Daniel. BOTTOM ROW: R. Lonshein, P. Schlosser, B. Sindel, L. PiHuk, M. Rosemarin, S. Goldberg, H. Carver, N. Stone, R. Gover. Founded in 1873 at the Massachusetts Agricultural College. Mu chapter established at Pennsylvania in 1900. PresidenI-Warren D. Eve Vice-Presidenf Lowell E. Young Secretary-Robert J. Fallon Treasurer-George Mills FIRST ROW: J. Lile, G. Dare, B. Brown, W. Eve, l. Young, T. McDonough, T. Donohoe, H. Coggshall. SECOND ROW: W. Anderson, W. OviaM, W. Faherly, R. White, F. Campbell, R. Torpey, J. Gill, L. Gig- lioHi. THIRD ROW: G. Patterson, R. Pelham, A. Heath, E. O Brien, R. Webb, R. Ferris, A. Thiesfeldf. FOURTH ROW: 3. Cross, E. Timberlake, D. Haws, R. Cleworth, E. Bird, J. Yungle, H. Blodge", R. Hagan. e ..-..., -....... "Nnmwa Inspecting construction. 1952 BRUCE W. BROWN WARREN D. EVE ROBERT J. FALLON ROBERT J. FERRIS DONALD R. HAWS AUSTIN A. HEATH JOHN C. HRESKO ALFRED KURTZ ROGER B. NIELSON EDMUND J. O'BRIEN GEORGE PATTERSON ROBERT E. PELHAM JAMES PERRIS MICHAEL J. RYAN EDWARD L. TIMBERLAKE J. ROBERT WEBB ROBERT J. WHITE 1953 C. WILLIAM ANDERSON LEROY D. BENCE ESTEBAN D. BIRD BERNARD CROSS GEORGE DARE ROBERT J. FAHERTY LIONEL P. GIGLIOTTI JAMES E. LILE GEORGE MILLS Phi Sigma Kappa Card sharks. PAUL O'BRIEN ALAN M. PYLE RICHARD l. TORPEY LOWELL E. YOUNG JOSEPH E. YUNGEL 1954 W. JAMES BAXTER FRANK J. CAMPBELL NORMAN K. Y. CHING HARRY E. COGGSHALL THOMAS F. DONOHOE, Ill JOHN GILL lAWRENCE B. HOLMES THOMAS McDONOUGH DONALD McGRATH ROBERT MINSHULL EDWARD O'LAUGHLIN ROBERT SHAFTO ARNOLD M. TIESFELDT 1955 HUGH BLODGET ROGER W. CLEWORTH ROSS COOPER ROBERT HAGAN TREACY HAGAN HORACE SUBIRA CHARLES WARGO PETER R. WILDE Look, no music! TOP ROW: T. Friel, F. Ketterer, R. Hoch, B. Johnson, L. Bard. FOURTH ROW J. Allen, D. Fairburn, W. Tait, W. Csink, N. Howard, P. Fairburn, D. Devan, S. Knipp, R. Ware. THIRD ROW: 1. Layton, D. Allen, F. Sirch, R. Youngblooth. Sage, B. ChitOock, L. Prichard, J. Fish, V. Raymond. SECOND ROW; K, Harding, R. Schembsl S. Richer, D. Partridge, H. Ogvum, J. Leu, E. Preiss, R. Richardson, H. Hull, 5. Corson. BOTTOM ROW: J. Barber, T. Paul, A. Lubinski, T. Patterson, P. Williams, R. Allen, P. Zierk, J. Heard, D. Doelp, R. Hovis. FALL SPRING Presideni-Paul D. Williams, Jr. President-Paul D. Williams, Jr. Vice-President-Roger C. Allen Vice-Presidenr-Kenneth M. Harding Secretary PauI H. Zierk Secretary MaIcolm W. Lentz Treasurer-Thomas J. Patterson Treasurer---Thomas J. Patterson Founded in 1868 at the University of Virginia. Beta Pi chapter established at Pennsylvania in 1920. 1952 JOHN C. ALLEN, IV ROGER C. ALLEN JOHN P. BARBER JOHN D. W'. DENNEY, JR. ROBERT A. DELL KENNETH M. HARDING GERALD A. HEARD PAUL V. HOWARD CHARLES R. LATIMER ALBERT A. LUBINSKI THOMAS J. PATTERSON THOMAS J. PAUL, JR. EMIL C. PREISS DIXON M. RAYMOND ROGER O. SCHEMBS JAMES A. SNYDER JAMES R. WELSH 1953 EDWIN T. CARPENTER JOHN F. COX, ll JAMES K. DAHLHAUSEN DAVID W. DOELP ROBERT S. DONOVAN PETER W. FAIRBAIRN THEODORE A. KIRCHER ROBERT E. McKEE JOHN S. RHOADS RALPH B. RICHARDSON KENNETH H. SICKLER JOHN J. TORI PETER J. VOGIAN ROBERT C. WELSH, Ill PAUL D. WILLIAMS, JR. 1954 EDWARD L. BARD Pi Kappa Alpha Munchiw lunch. Scraping bottom. JOHN R. DEVAN ROBERT H. HUTCHINSON, JR. BARRY M. JOHNSTON MALCOLM W. LENTZ JOHN R. LEU HAROLD OGRAM, JR. RICHARD J. PARTRIDGE, JR. STERLING H. RICHTER HARRY A. SEYLER lOUIS G. VILLAUME CHARLES M. YOUNG, JR. R. WARREN YOUNGBLOOD PAUL N. ZIERK 1955 DAVID W. ALLEN LAWRENCE BROSSMAN DAVID B. CHITTOCK ROBERT L. CORSON ALBERT W. CSINK WILLIAM ERICKSON DONALD R. FAIRBAIRN JAMES FISH DAVID l. FOX EDWARD J. FRIEL RAYMOND L. HOVIS NORMAN K. HOWARD FREDERICK H. HULL FREDERICK D. KETTERER STEPHEN KNIPP JAY F. lAYTON VICTOR P. RAYMOND GARY SAAGE FRANCIS J. SIRCH WALTER N. TAIT "Ever hear the one about . . ?" Police Gazette. 1952 DONALD ABRAHAMS AL AUFZIEN JAMES BERNSTEIN VICTOR BLANK WARREN BREE DONALD COOPER JOSEPH FIELD STANLEY GILBERT HENRY GOODMAN ROBERT HAUSMAN DANIEL HIRTENSTEIN WALTER SAFFER ROBERT SANDLER ROBERT SCHWARTZ JEROLD SERMAN JAMES SIMON ARNOLD SUNDEL NORMAN WEINSTEIN BARRY WEISSMAN DONALD WOLK HAROLD YOUNGMAN NORM ZARWIN BURT ZWEIMAN 1953 AL BEAR HAROLD COHEN RALPH COPELAND BUDDY GOLDSTEIN MAC JOFFE STEPHEN KAPLAN MARTIN KREIZVOGEL RICHARD lEVlN HOWARD LIDZ ROBERT PARMACEK BURTON POMERANTZ Al PULVER STANLEY ROSS ROBERT ROVINE SANFORD SARASOHN DAVID SCHLESINGER EDWARD SCHMIDT lEROY SHAPIRO MICHAEL SHORE LEONARD SHWARTZ Pi Lambda Phi ARTHUR SONNENBLICK STANLEY STERN MICHAEL STOLLER RONALD WILNER 1954 MARTIN ABRAHAMS HOWARD ASHER MALCOLM BERNSTEIN PAUL BRICHTA HARRY COHEN TED DAVIS NELSON FISHMAN DONALD FRIEDMAN STEPHEN GOLDNER HOWARD GOOEN CLIVE KLATZKIN RAYMOND KLEIMAN WILLIAM ODELI. AL PARKER WILLIAM PEARLSTEIN ROBERT REZNIKOFF MALCOLM ROSS PHILIP SCHWARTZ JEROME SHILSTAT ARTHUR SPEIGLEMAN DEAN VLAHIDES 1955 FRED ABRAHAMS EDWARD BARRETT BUCK BOSHWIT RICHARD DETTELBACH DAVID ELLIS RONALD KAPLAN SY KLIONSLY PETER NEUMAN SAMUEL OBERMAN PAUL PLOTNICK PAUL ROTENBERG MARTIN RUBIN RICHARD SAFFIR lEE TURNER STANLEY TURTLETAUB DONALD WACHPRESS ROBERT WEIL JOSEPH YOUNGER Lounging around. Shoulder to shoulder. Founded in 1897 at Yale University. Zeta chapter established at Pennsylvania in 1912. Rex-Warren Bree Archon Mcmin Kreizvogel Keeper of the Exchequer-Sanford Sarasohn MashalL-Stanley Stern FIRST ROW: J. Serman, H. Goodman, A. Aufzien, R. Housman, S. Surasohn, W. Bree, S. Stern, J. Bern- stein, N. Zarwin, D. Wolk, S. Gilbert. SECOND ROW: J. Younger, S. Klionsky, J. Fiel, J. Simon, H. Youngman, M. Stoller, V. Blank, A. Sandel, R. Sandler, R. Wilnnr, R. Levin, P. Brichfa. THIRD ROW: P. Plomick, R. Parmaseck, M. JoHe, D. Schlesinger, S. Ross, M. Shore, L. Shwartz, S. Goldner, R. Copeland, L. Shapiro, R. Reznikoff, D. Wachpress. FOURTH ROW: D. Ellis, H. Gooen, S. Oberman, W. Odell, H. Cohen, 1'. Davis, M. Ross, M. Bernstein, M. Abrahams, A. Speigelmcm, D. Vlahides, R. Boshwit. FIFTH ROW: P. Newman, S. Kaplan, R. Weil, M. Rubin, R. Saffrr, E. Barren, F. Abrahams, H. Asher, P. Rolen- berg, R. Denlebach, L. Turner, 5. Turtletuub. Founded in 1833 at Union College. Tau chapter established of Pennsylvania in 1891. President-William J. Maloy, Jr. Vice-President-Chase Sanborn Hunt Secretary Russell M. Hanscom, Jr. Treasurer Richard E. Hemes TOP ROW: R. Schnelle, D. Hovey, W. Allen, A. Miller, D. Bull, W. McKinney, C. Bryan, W. Brennan. THIRD ROW: l. Huller, R. Brigsfocke, R. Farley, F. Gipin, W. Myers, R. Meacham, J. Schnepp. SECOND ROW: R. Morse, D. Winson, D. Greene, D. DeMarro, A. Fekula, R. Cleelond, W. Stewar', F. McPherson. BOTTOM ROW: H. Warren, J. Fricke, F. Sanford, R. Hunscom, W. Maloy, C. Hum, W. Schermerhorn, J. Gerbereux. Worldly discussion. 1952 JEAN GILPIN ALLEN, JR. CHARLES F. BRYAN JOHN E. FRICKE, Ill JEROME W. GERBEREUX RUSSELL M. HANSCOM, JR. ANDREW J. HUNDERTMARK, JR. CHASE S. HUNT DAVID McCAHAN, JR. JOHN S. P. MAKIVER, JR. WILLIAM J. MALLOY, JR. GEORGE W. MINDS, JR. GEORGE F. SANDFORD, Ill WILLIAM R. SCHERMERHORN WI'LLIAM E. McKlNNEY, JR. HARRY K. WARREN ARTHUR P. WATTS, JR. FORREST G. WEEKS, IV DAVID SELLIN 1953 WILLIAM V. ALLEN ROBERT L. BAUER DONAID S. DeMARCO NORBERT J. CLURE, JR. ALEXIS P. FEKULA GEORGE D. GREENE, JR. WILLIAM M. HALL lELAN E. HALLER RICHARD E. HEMES DAVID H. HOVEY FRANCIS H. McPHERSON RALPH A. MEACHEM, JR. After-game matinee. RICHARD V. MORSE WILLIAM D. MYERS HENRY M. PEDDLE VICTOR W. POLITY CARLOS A. SANCHEZ ROBERT G. SCHNELLE JOHN W. SCHNEPP WILLIAM J. STEWART, JR. DONALD C. WINSON 1954 NORMAN BOARDMAN WILLIAM BRENNEN DUNCAN H. BULL JOHN CANNON EDWARD C. CARTER ROY CLEELAND, JR. CHARLES GACHOT WILLIAM T. HARRIS, Ill ARTHUR B. MILLER FREDERICK S. POTTER 1955 RICHARD BRIGSTOCKE STAN CUMMINGS ROBERT FARLEY FRANK GILPIN JOHN HENRY GEORGE KAVANAUGH CARLO MARCHETTI JAMES MEHAFFEY FREDRICK TUCKER ROGER WAGNER Psi Upsilon The "Spirits" Committee. TOP ROW: R. Seurles, J. Dahme, G. Haekel, F. Grossmonn, A. Jarman, M. Bvooker, F. Rench, W. Ennis, G. Clark, R. Cwler, R. Dorsch. THIRD ROW: J. Cain, P. Hummer, R. Buiac, J. Shonafelt, R. 5.9;", R. Kistler, W. Bolt, R. Branston, H. Stewart. SECOND ROW: W. Lundsguord, G. Heuer, B. Robelon, J. Cassidy, L. Anderson, P. Beaver, J. VanOrsdale, J. Canwrighi, C. Tornena, T. Larkin, N, Balser. BOTTOM ROW: W. Westerman, G. Given, 8. Shaw, G. Mazzola, J. Rankin, W. Bowlus, C. Hill, R, Clayden, R. Rinne, W. Seaman, W. Adair. FALL SPRING Archon John S. Rankin Archon WilIiam W. Bowlus Deputy ArchondWilliam W. Bowlus Deputy Archon-Raymond M. Dorsch, RecorderFRaymond M. Dorsch, Jr. Jr. Treasurer Gerald B. Haeckel RecordergJohn Orr TreasurerrGerald B. Haeckel Founded in 1856 at the University of Alabama. Theta chapter established of Pennsylvania in 1901. i ma Alpha Epsilon Surrounded by Yankees. 1952 WILLIAM J. BOLT WILLIAM L. BOWLUS JOSEPH B. CASSIDY GERALD E. CLARK ?AYMOND CLAYDEN RODNEY S. COOK RICHARD T. CUTLER HOWELL A. DENNIS RAYMOND M. DORSCH, JR. JAMES L. FISHER JAMES J. GAVAGHAN GEORGE G. GIVEN, JR. GERALD B. HAECKEL THOMAS F. HANLON CHARLES T. HILL, JR. ALONZO B. JARMAN THOMAS J. LOVE GUS. J. MAZZOLA JAMES R. NADLER JOHN S. RANKIN REIJO A. RINNE BENJAMIN F. ROBELON WILLIAM A. SEAMAN BREWSTER C. SHAW H. WILLIAM WESTERMAN 1953 WARREN J. ADAIR JACK E. AVERS GEORGE C. BALBACH PARKE O. BEAVER MARK C. BROOKER ROBERTS M. BUJAC JEROME R. DAHME, JR. WILLIAM W. J. ENNIS CURTIS E. FELDT Without music, too! FRANK C. GRAHAM, JR. FRED W, GROSSMAN, JR. RICHARD HENDRICKSON HARVEY HILDEBRAND ROBERT A. JACOCKS FRED A. LONG JOHN A. ORR GRAHAM W. RAPP J. FRITZ RENCH CHARLES J. TORNETTA JAMES G. WENDT 1954 LEONARD E. ANDERSON JAMES B. FLEMING JOSEPH S. FLEMING GERALD C. GOERINGER KARL E. HAZEL RALPH D. KISTLER THOMAS P. LARKIN JACK L. SHANAFELT RICHARD W. SEARLES W. DORN STEWART, JR. 1955 J. NORMAN BAKER J. ROBERT BRANSTON JOSEPH S. CAIN JAMES F. CARTWRIGHT PARK S. CURRY RUSSELL P. HEUER, JR. NICHOLAS HILL PHILLIP L. HUMMER ROBERT R. STEIN JOHN C. VAN ORSDELL, ll WILLIAM T. WARNER Oooh, what you said! That old gang of mine. 1952 RICHARD BLUME MARTIN BRAIT ALEX CAPLAN AL EISENSTAT JOHN FREEDMAN KURT GERSON ARTHUR GREENBURG RICHARD HELLER JOEL ISCOVITZ NORTON JUSTER GILBERT LAPPAN RICHARD LEVIN HERBERT LISS CHARLES NEEDLEMAN SHELDON PINKUS DONALD PIOUS RICHARD RUBY ROBERT SELLER MARVIN SHILLER MYRON SNEIDER HOWARD WEINSTEIN SAUL WINEGRAD ADRIAN WINTERFIELD ALAN WIRTSHAFTER 1953 EVERETT DENNIS ROBERT GELFMAN BERNARD GOLDSTEIN JAY HARWITZ lAWRENCE HEIMOWITZ RONALD HERMAN JACK HERZLINGER WILLIAM HOROWITZ ALAN JANOVER SIDNEY KATZ HARVEY KLEIN RICHARD MASER LEONARD NACHMAN ROY NEVANS JAY PLANTER ARNOLD PLANT BARRY ROSEN JEFFREY ROSE JERRY SEGAL ARTHUR TENDLER 1954 MARTIN ARCH JACOB CHACHKES IRWIN COHEN ALAN DIRECTOR BERNARD ENGELHARD ROBERT GASH DONALD GOLDMAN MORTON GREENBERG JACK HELLER ROBERT HERMAN BARRY ISCOWITZ HERMAN ISSACS RICHARD KABOT CHARLES KALLICK JULIAN KOSSOW RUSS KULLY DICK lEVIN Busy little beavers. MORTON MAIMON JAMES MARCUS JOEL POPKIN ARTHUR ROBBINS MORTON ROBINSON MARVIN SUGAR JUSTIN STRAUSS ALAN SKLOWER RONALD WOLIN 1955 IRWIN ALLEN JACK BALSER HAROLD COHEN ALAN DAMASHAK SANDY FELDMAN WILLIAM FRANKEL STAN GOLDSTEIN JOSEPH HANN BERNARD KAUFMAN CHARLES KIEL STEVE KING RONALD KOENIG lEE LADENHEIM STUART MANDEL ROGER RACHMAN AL SALTZMAN HARVEY SHUSTER HERBERT SPIELMAN RICHARD STONE DONALD WEISS Reminiscing. Founded in 1909 at the College of the City of New York. Theta chapter established at Pennsylvania in 1914. FALL SPRING Prior-Richard Levin Prior Bernard Goldstein Exchecker-Bernard Goldsfein Exchequer-William Horowitz Recorder -WilIiam Horowitz Recorder Arthur Tendler FIRST ROW: M. Schuller, A. Wirchafler, H. Weinsteinl R. Heller, B. Goldstein, R. Levin, W. Horowitt, K. Gerson, J. lscovits, R. Ruby, 5. Pincus, H. Liss, R. Blume. SECOND ROW: R. Kully, D. Litz, A. Tendler, S. Kalz, R. Nevans, S. Winegracl, J. Heller, B. Rosen, J. Hertzlinger, J. Popkin, M. Arch, S. Mandel. THIRD ROW: J. Rose, L. Nachman, J. Marcus, J. Strauss, A. Robbins, J. Kossow, B. Iscovitz, B. Herman, A. Sklower, A. Direzlor, R. Wolin, R. Koenig. FOURTH ROW: C. Kiel, J. Balser, W. Frankil, M. Sugar, R. Kabut, R. Levin, H. Shusfer, D. Goldman, H. Cohen, D. Weiss, l. Cohen, H. Speilman. FIFTH ROW: S. Goldstein, A. Damushek, B. Kaufman, S. King, C. Kallick, A. Sullzman, D. Stone, M. Greenberg, A. Caplan, L. Frank, R. Ruchman. Founded in 1855 at Miami University of Ohio. Phi Phi chapter established at Pennsylvania in 1875. ConsuIA;Joseph V. Reaph Pro ConsuIFWilliam A. Katterman Annotator-Neil C. Estabrook, Jr. Quaesfor--Joseph E. Evans FIRST ROW: D. Summebell, J. Hipp, W. Hum, T. Morgan, J. Reaph, N. Eslcbrook, A. Clarke. SECOND ROW: J. Kohl, F. Sloan, C. Hill, G. Bowden, P. Rochat, C. DeMcmo, F. Chapo'. THIRD ROW: J. O", R. Churchman, J. Cacheris, W. Marx, R. DeGeHe, R. Clarke. FOURTH ROW: J. Dunn, W. Mushake, A. S'abermun, R. Whuyland, M. Marvin. of learning. 1952 WILLIAM E. BETTS SUMNER F. BISSELL G. WILLIAM BUDD EUGENE B. CLARKE ALLAN S. CLARKE DAVID L. CUNLIFFE JOSEPH E. EVANS JOSEPH S. FINCH, JR. PAUL J. FITZPATRICK JOHN H. HIPP LEIGH W. HUNT, JR. WILLIAM A. KATTERMAN JOHN F. KENNY WALTER A. UNDELL GERALD F. MATHISON J. RICHARD MILLER JOSEPH V. REAPH PIERRE A. ROCHET DONALD P. SCANLON WILLIAM O. SWEENEY WILLIAM B. USILTON GEORGE M. VON UFFEL, Ill 1953 ROBERT ARMSTRONG WILLIAM BOHN GEORGE S. BOWDEN RAYMOND L. CLARKE JOSEPH S. CONWELL JOHN L. DUNN MASON MARVIN WILLIAM H. MARX THOMAS S. MORGAN JAMES OTT CARL G. SEMPIER HSmokes" or bust. DALE SUMMERBELL WILLIAM G. WARD RAYMOND H. WELSH 1954 EDMUND R. AUER J. GIBB BROWNLIE FRANK D. CHAPOT RICHARD L. De GITTE CARLO De MARCO, Ill JOHN Y. Di PALMA RALPH De SIMONE NEIL C. ESTABROOK, JR. ANTHONY FENNELLI, JR. PRENTISS W. HALLENBECK E. CLARK HILL JOHN C. HOFFSUMMER CLIFFORD M. IRWIN, JR. JAMES B. KAHL ROBERT D. KELLY M. RAYMOND LEIGHTY WILLIAM l. MUSHOKE ANTHONY R. MALONEY MARKLEY R. SEIBERT EDWARD M. SILVESTER FERGUS M. SLOAN ALFRED STADERMAN WILLIAM R. THORNE NORMAN J. WOHLKEN 1955 JAMES CACHERIS ROBERT E. CHURCHMAN ALBERT G. RADER FRANK J. WEBER RICHARD O. WHAYLAND the hour. ' l, mu W. Weinbenber, P. Oschwald, R. Schenkel, D. Updegraff, R. Brown, R. Ryan, W. D. Sheahan, 0. Davies, T. Adamczyk, TOP ROW: J. Carver, B. Faunce, K. Freyer, J. Godillo', B. Brockington. THIRD ROW: J. Kostor, S. Cole, A. Schneider, SECOND ROW: P. Jonson, F. Casey, B. Kaecher, Anderson. BOTTOM ROW: J. Furren, B. Redding, D. Evans, R. Mills, J. Osierman, W. Schwartz, R. Siephuns. R. Havtmcnn, E. Brauner. Commander Richard Mills Lieuienanf-Commander-Jake Osterman Recorder Daniel Evarfs, Ill Treasurer-Bloor Redding Founded in 1869 at the Virginia MiIitary Institute. Beta Rho chapter established at Pennsylvania in 1894. Let's have a party. 1952 ENRIQUE BUSTOS, JR. JOHN CARVER ROBERT CAPITAIN JOHN EVANS DANIEL EVARTS, lll RICHARD HARTMAN, JR. JAMES FARREN THOMAS JOHNSTON ROBERT MACKE RICHARD MILLS BLOOR REDDING ROBERT SEITZ ROBERT SPURDLE 1953 WILLIAM ANDERSON EDWARD BRAUNER EDWARD BROWN RICHARD BROWN BRUCE BROCKINGTON WILLIAM FISSELL OWEN DAVIES JOHN KASTOR ARCHIE KENNEDY JAKE OSTERMAN JOHN SOLENBERGER HAROLD SCHNEIDER JAY WESCOTT HHello girls!" 1954 THEODORE ADAMCZYK SAMUEL COLE ROBERT CULVER WALTER DAETWYLER DONALD DELAPORTE ANTHONY DELSIGNORE JOHN GODILLOT BRUCE KAERCHER HAROLD MEYER WILLIAM MENENDEZ RICHARD NELSON ROBERT RYAN DALE UPDEGRAFF 1955 FREDERICK CASEY BENJAMIN FAUNCE, Ill KARL FREYER HENRY KAMMARMIER PAUL JANSON RONALD LUKENS PAUL OSCHWALD WILLIAM SCHWARZ DONALD SHEAHAN ROBERT SCHENKEL, III RONALD STEPHANS WILLIAM WEINBENDER Leading a dog's life. me wwaxmxvxv u WW w WK N "My friends . . ." "For me and my gal." Cheek Io cheek. 1952 DONALD SONTAG DONALD BUX ANTHONY SQUADRITO ANDREW CAPONE ALFRED CLARKE EARL CONWAY ROGERS VAUGHN PETER YURCHAK 1954 JAMES COOPER FREDRICK FERGUSON lINWOOD GEIGER THOMAS GILSON JOHN GORMAN FRANK HERBERT JOHN HODGES DAVID HOUSTON JAMES HUGHES HOWARD LENAHAN WILLIAM MAXWELL GEORGE OESMANN ROBERT PAGE THEODORE BOOTH JOSEPH BURNS JOHN BUTRUS RODMAN DERR DONALD FLOYD RICHARD GIDEON JOSEPH GOVI KENNETH KLINGERMAN RICHARD MILNER PAUL MOSCH ROSS MURDOCK GEORGE RAMSEY CARL SAMMARCO BELMONT ROWE HERBERT SMITH ROBERT WITTICH JUAN TORUELLA 1953 JOSEPH VARAITIS NORMAN BOUDREAU WARREN DAVIDSON RICHARD DOWNING WILLIAM FALLON GEORGE HACHAR GERALD KEIFER MATTHEW MACKIE JOHN MOSES EDWARD MROZEK WILMAR NETSON RICHARD PELHAM CHARLES PENNACHIO EDWARD POWERS DONALD PROUT DAVID SHIRLAW 1955 FRANK BASILE GENE DAVELOS CLARK GLENNON ROBERT JOHNSON RICHARD LIQUORI LAWRENCE PIERCE VINCENT RETTEW HARRY RICHARDS GERALD ROBINSON ALAN ROSE FRANK SCHOENDORFER DANIEL THOMPSON EDGAR WRIGHT Founded in 1901 at the University of Richmond. Delta chapter established at Pennsylvania in 1904. Presidenf1John German Vice-President1Frank Herbert Secretary1Edward Powers Comptroller-Frederick Ferguson 7, 1 111 , 22!? TOP ROW: A. Vaughn, L. Pierce, F. Schoendorfer, D. Mosch, D. Shirlaw, E. Mrozek, D. Sontag, E. Conway, W. Fallon. THIRD ROW: A. Clarke, R. Milner, R. Downing, J. Govi, V. Renew, H. Smith, C. Glennon, H. Richards, J. Butvis. SECOND ROW: G. Huchar, P. Yurchak, T. Booth, K. Klingevman, J. Toruella, G. Kiefer, R. Pelhum, J. Burns, A. Rose, J. Varuilis. BOTTOM ROW: D. Bux, 1'. Gilson, J. Hughes, F. Herberl, E. Powers, F. Ferguson, J. Hodges, J. Cooper, R. Page, W. Maxwell. c??aiemziy gwe'Mmfg M109! W, , y WWWM, bman Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Tau Omega Be+a Sigma Rho pf Rosalie Shein Jane Taylor Helen Richeson Joan Beniamin : Hel k 1 59k f 32 i2 Be+a Thefa Pi DeHa Kappa Epsilon Del+a Tau DeHa Del'ra Upsilon Joan Tobin Marianne Wehner Mary-Ellen Tolan Carol Jane Sine 3 Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Lambda Chi Alpha Phi DeHa Thefa Befsy Bra'don Barbara Brause Carole Lee Sfoney Sandra BenneH g Waagy Phi Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Sigma Delfa Pi Lambda Phi Helga Hagedorn Marianne Gorham Evelyn Sfreif Ann Vardaro xwlwkwr Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Epsilon Mary Clarke Selma Adelman Natalie Reilly Sonia Fogg Tau Delia Phi Tau Epsilon Phi Thefa Xi ' Sandra Trilling Joan Weinfrob Ann Rademaker 289 Founded in 1910 cut the College of the City of New York. Iota chapter established of Pennsylvania in 1919. SPRING Consuliwmiam Gross QuaesrorFWaller Kornbluh Scribe9Richard Markell Treasureeroward Bailen FALL Consul v-William Gross Queasfor-Joel Schneierson Scribe wRichard Markell Editora-Sfuart Cowan TOP ROW: G. Shapiro, M. Blumenfneld, G. Baum, W. Siegel, G. Fusion, A. Borof1, R. Kasdun, H. Gold- stein, S. Neubuuer, R. Mendelson, T. Friedman, S. Chvein, 1. Young. THIRD ROW: G. Isen, A. Weilev, E. Sultan, B. TaHeO, H. Herfzog, M. Winoker, M. VanDervelden, J. Berlman, L. Giltod, S. Scwartz, W. Kornbluh, J. Goodman. SECOND ROW: 5. Botway, A. Landman, l. Kuhn, R. Gutenstein, B. Fishmanl S. Scheer, R. Neid, D. Ingber, R. Markwell, 5. Warner, S. Mantel, F. Robinowiu. BOTTOM ROW: M. Schwunz, R. levine, S. Goldberg, C. Segal, J. Schneierson, W. Gross, S. Cowan, D. Diamond, 1. SchuRer, B. Osfrum, 5. Diamond, C. Polsky. A big mug. 1952 STUART COWAN DAVID DIAMOND SAMUEL DIAMOND H. NEWTON GARBER SORRELL GOLDBERG WILLIAM M. GROSS WALTER KORNBLUH ALEX LEVIN SAMUEL LITWIN BERNARD OSTRUM SEYMOUR PIWOZ CARL POLSKY JOSEPH SCHAEFFER JOEL U. S. SCHNEIRSON MURRAY SCHWARTZ MELVIN SPITOFSKY I953 ALAN BOROFF ALAN COLODNY JERRY ETTLINGER JAMES FISHEL BERNARD FISHMAN STANLEY FRIEDMAN RICHARD FOGEL IRWIN KAHN RICHARD A. MARKELL GARY PASTON STEPHEN SCHEER STEPHEN SCHWARTZ CHARLES SEGAL WILLIAM SCHOULBERG SANFORD WARNER 1954 GARY L. BAUM JOHN BERTMAN STANLEY BOTWAY BARRY BROWN LARRY GILROD HENRY GOLDSTEIN LLOYD GORDON DAVID INGBER Tau Delta Phi HDown by the old mill stream." Hold it! STEPHEN LaCHEEN ALFRED LANDMAN STANLEY MANTEL GENE MOSS RONALD NELSON ROBERT NIED FRED RABINOWITZ LEO ROSEN ANTON SINISGALLI BRUCE SLATER ROBERT STERN HENRY WILLEN lELAND ZAUBLER 1955 HOWARD BAILIN ALVIN BERKOWITZ MYRON BLUMENFELD RCHARD BROOKNER SIMON CHREIN IRA DRAZNER SEYMOUR FRIEDMAN THOMAS FRIEDMAN GERALD GELLIN RAY GETZOV JAMES GOODMAN ROBERT GUTENSTEIN HOWARD HERZOG GEORGE lSEN RICHARD KASDEN LAWRENCE MANIN RICHARD MENDELSON SHELDON NEUBAUER MARTIN SCHWARTZ GARY SHAPIRO WILLIAM SIEGEL EDWARD A. SULTAN ALAN SUMMERS BERT L. TAFFET MAURICE J. VANDERVELDON ALAN WEILER MICHAEL S. WONOKUR IVAN YOUNG wrw-Wh-vm um- x: Mm"... Wunw MMWNW ,.... .,, , ...$' .$ , . FIRST ROW: E. Abelson, I. Hirsh, M. Tunnenbaum, 5. Ross, J. Bloom, E. Meisel, S. Cluck, C. Weyneberg, A. Pearlstein, J. Cohen, M. Agulnick. SECOND ROW: C. Lavenson, A. F'Umkesr A- Sheppard, L Rob- inson, L. Perlmun, P. Nenlor, J. Yarin, M. Bloom, B. Betliner, A. Danzig, D. Kramer, M. Lehman. THIRD ROW: 5. Kaufman, H. Bernhard, J. Bergman, 5. Lin, H. Hammer, E. Prin'z, S. Strauss, S. Rosen, M. Hass, R. Granite, H. Weissman, D. Caplow. FOURTH ROW: H. Kamenehky, W. Gersten, S. Stein, N. Weisberg, S. Patchen, M. Kramer, A. Girsonl J. Ebert, J. Ehrlich, D. Polly, R. Maurer. FIFTH ROW: G. Herling, D. Beremson, E. OHen, G. Ginsburg, R. Schwartz, M. Klein, L. Pas'ernok, R. Goldman, E. Schwartz, A. Berk, H. Altman. FALL SPRING Chancellor-Joseph Bloom Chancellor-Seymour Ross Vice-ChanceHor Seymour Ross Vice-Chancellor Irwin Robinson Scribe,lrwin Robinson Scribe-Sfanley Patcheh Bursar-Stanley Patchen Bursar PauI Nettler Founded in 1910. Rho chapter established at Pennsylvania in 1920. Nwmwkvxm uhL Eimm u .e M n:nd' A, .A ,y t uRukuN-H ,5; mm 1952 MILTON AGULNICK JOSEPH BLOOM STANLEY CLUCK JAY COHEN IRVING HIRSH ELLIOT MEISEL ALLAN PEARLSTEIN SEYMOUR ROSS MYLES TANNENBAUM JAY TUMARKIN CARL WEYNEBERG 1953 HERBERT BERMAN DAVID CAPLOW ROBERT COLBY SANFORD FREUNDLICH HOWARD GREY HERBERT HERMAN MARTIN KRAMER RICHARD KRANER ROBERT MAURER PAUL NETTLER STANLEY PATCHEN LEWIS PERLMAN GERALD PICKOVER SIDNEY RlSKIN SAMUEL ROSEN IRWIN ROBINSON LAWRENCE ROGAVIN RICHARD SHANDELL STANLEY STRAUSS DONALD TOBER PETE WIENSTEIN HAROLD WEISMAN 1954 ELLY ABELSON HERBERT ALTMAN lOHN BERGMAN ROBERT BERLINER HARRY BERNARD MARTIN BLOOM NORMAN CAHAN ARNOLD DANZIG LLOYD ELGART ARTHUR FRUMKES EDWARD GINSBERG RONALD GRANITE HARRY HAMMER MARTIN HASS HARRY KAMENETSKY STUART KAUFMAN CHARLES LAVESON MARTIN LEHMAN SYLVAN LITZ BEN NATOWITZ GARY ORINGER EDWARD PRINTZ FRANK PRIZER GENE SCHWARTZ ROGER SCHWARTZ ARTHUR SHEPPARD BERNARD TARADASH JACK YARIN 1955 DAVID BERENSON ALAN BERK JOEL EBERT JAY EHRLICH ALLAN GERSON WALTER GERSTEN RICHARD GOLDHABER ROBERT GOLDMAN GARY HERLING HASKELL KLARISTENFELD MARK KLEIN EMANUEL OFFEN lEONARD PASTERNAK DAVID POLLEY STANLEY STEIN NORBERT WEISSBERG Phi ,. ..V,,-......H....ervwfrwvuwv ; A191,;- Partners. Much ado about nothing. The Fraternity files. Those who are talented. 1952 VANCE V. ELKINS ROBERT H. FERESHETIAN DAVID E. FIELD DAVID G. JARVIS LEON JULIUS FRANK J. KINN BERNARD M. KOSLOSKI JAMES S. McCAUGHAN DONALD R. McILVAlN ROY A. PARLINI ROBERT S. SINN WllMER SOUDER, JR. lAURENCE G. STEWART 1953 CLARK CORSON HOWARD DREIZLER J. C. DILLER JOSEPH GIANNATTASIO WALTER E. HALPERN JOSEPH R. HECHT EUGENE S. HONDORF 11 HJust like the beer . .. DAVID H. HOPKINS HUGH C. MILLER RICHARD A. OSWALD PAUL SPILLAR RICHARD M. TARLETON 1954 ROBERT P. BROPHY JOHN T. COLE GEORGE S. COX RICHARD H. FAIRFIELD MILTON D. GUTMAN CARL R. HOTTENSTEIN RICHARD C. JEARY ERIC WILHELMSON 1955 CHARLES J. BROWNE FRANK DRIEZLER ROBERT JONES RICHARD SPERTZEL ROY SULLIVAN Seeing double. 1 mm IL .IIII , egg Founded in 1856. Kappa chapter established a! Pennsylvania in 1912. I - 1re51denf-1 Iank J. Klnn Vice-Presidenf Roberi Feresheticm Secretary-James S. McCaughan Treasurer--Hugh C. Miller FIRST ROW: M. Gufmun, W. Souder, H. Miller, F. Kinn, R. Fereshetian, J. McCuughan, B. Rosloski. SECOND ROW: G. Cox, C. HoMensfein, R. Jeary, R. Parlini, L. Julius, J. Diller, W. Halpern, D. Mcllvain, R. Sullivan. THIRD ROW: J. Hecht, D. Jarvis, R. Oswald, L. Stewart, E. Hondorf, R. Tarlelon, D. Hopkins, C. Corson. FOURTH ROW: J. Cole, P. Spillav, J. Giannanasio, E. Wilhelmson, D. Field, H. Dreizler, V. Elkins, R. Spertzel. Founded in 1864 at Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute. Omicron chapter established at Pennsylvania in 1912. FALL SPRING Presidenf1Henry Clay Presidenf1Alexander L. Pugh, Ill Vice-PresidenL-Alexancler Pugh, lIl Vice-Presidentv-George W. Schiele Secretary-Wallace Langbehn Secretary1Wollace R. Langbehn Treasurer-Fred Mackenbach Treasurer'Frederick W. Mackenbach TOP ROW: F. Crawford, W. Middleon, A. Lauer, W. Weaver, G. deiele. FOURTH ROW: P. Peitz, C. Dewees, H. Mortinson, J. Green, F. Ferguson, C. Rodenburg, D. Eteson. THIRD ROW: E. Henriques, F. Edwards, J. PheiHer, N. Athens, W. Magnus, N. Hopple, E. Kelly. SECOND ROW: D. Briggs, A. Loeben, E. Slill, F. Gift, G. Ferguson, J. Taricani, R. Hill. BOTTOM ROW: R. Rebstock, J. Hyres, J. Pugh, H. Clay, F. Mackenbach, W. Langbehn, R. Hess. 1952 HENRY CLAY GEORGE FERGUSON FRANCIS MYERS ANTHONY NOVASITIS, JR. ALEXANDER PUGH, Ill ROBERT REBSTOCK HENRY SKOPEK ROBERT SMITH JOSEPH TARICANI ARTHUR lOEBEN DAVE BRIGGS I953 FLOYD CRAWFORD, JR. CHARLES HARTZELL NACE HOPPLE, JR. JACK HUANG ROBERT KRAMER WALLACE LANGBEHN FRED MACKENBACH WILLIAM MIDDLETON WARREN SCHIELE BYRON SMITH JORDAN SPENCER 1954 CARLOS ALVAREZ, Ill "You are my sunflower." NICKOLAS ATHENS RAYMOND BRADSHAW, JR. FRANK EDWARDS FRED FERGUSON JACK GREENE, ll EDWARD KELLY, JR. HOWARD KNAPP ALLAN LAUER WALT MAGNUS JAMES PFEIFFER DAVID SMITH 1955 DAVID ETESON CHARLES DEWEES RICHARD HESS ROBERT HILL JAMES HYERS HENRY MARTINSON FREDWIN CONYERS DON ROSENBERG BILL WEAVER PETER PIETZ CARL RODENBURG Theta Chi Bank shot. . "- :ggv; ,M A x TOP ROW: G. Markus, 5. Wolf, L. Lewis, S. Loveman, K. Zaller, H. Glass, D. Waxenberg, J. Blumberg, THIRD ROW: M. Marcus, C. Hulmun, A. Miller, K. Baum, A. Rubens. B. Cohen, D. Alperin, A. Gold, L. Meyer. SECOND ROW: R. Golub, S. Joseph, T. SHberman, R. Greenberg, H. Richman, R. Melen, L. Hyde, T. Pincus, J. Nelson. BOTTOM ROW: M. Wolfe, A. Levine, B. Hulper', B. Kline, B. Sachar, B, Adelson, T. Davidson, T. Angelus. Presidenl-Byron Sachar Vice-Presidendeom Leibo Secretary-Donald Bercu Treasurer Charles Cohen Historian-Tom Davidson Founded in 1898 at the College of the City of New York. Theta chapter established of Pennsylvania in 1907. 1952 B. J. ADELSON THEODORE ANGELUS KENNETH AUSLANDER JACK BLUMBERG STEVEN BRAGIN ROBERT BROWN HARVEY CUMMINS THOMAS DAVIDSON IAN DuBOIS RICHARD FRIEDMAN RONALD GOLUB BERNARD HALPERT HENRY HARRISON RICHARD KANTER HERBERT KLEIN THOMAS LEIBO ALAN lEVINE ROBERT LEVY PAUL LITNER JAY LORCH JULIAN MAGNUS BYRON SACHAR SEYMOUR STALL DANIEL STERN MARVIN WOOLF 1953 DONAlD BENJAMIN DONALD BERCU AL BLEZNAK CHARLES COHEN RAYMOND COHN RICHARD ELIASBERG MARTIN FISCHER FRED FRIEDMAN CARL GEWIRZ RICHARD GREENBERG Zeta Beta Tau a5, I7??? Wm: nlml Ii: STEVEN JOSEPH STUART KISBER JOSEPH KLEIN EDWARD LUBIN RALPH MELEN CHARLES MOSS BERNARD REDLICH HENRY RICHMAN THOMAS SILBERMAN DEAN SHARP RICHARD SHARPE JERRY VENGER 1954 EDWARD BAILEY LOU COHEN BENJAMIN FRANKEL GILBERT HANOVER JAMES HIRSCH LARRY HYDE RICHARD KOFFMAN MAL lAZARUS SHELLY MANN JOSEPH NELSON RONALD NEWMARK JERRY O'KOON JOSEPH PASTERNAK THEODORE PINCUS RICHARD ROSOW SAUL SCHULHOFF ROBERT SIMON ELLIOTT SMITH RICHARD SPEER MORTON SPITZ IRA STONE GUS SUBOTKY RICK TOLEDANO BERT WEISS 1955 DAVID ALPERIN KENNETH BAUM IRWIN COHEN ARTHUR ENGLAND HERBERT GLASS ALAN GOLD JERRY GOLDMAN WALTER GOLDSMITH CARL HUTMAN LARRY LEWIS MICHAEL LOVEMAN MARTIN MARCUS GEORGE MARKUS LOUIS MEYER ARNOLD MILLER JERALD RAPAPORT ALAN RUBIN DEAN WAXENBERG SAMUEL WOLF KURT ZALLER Checking the Figures. Fresh air kids. Zeta Psi MMWwwMy w mi , W ,, 5 45 Another bulls-eye. HOn the other hand . . ." "No tha1 way." 1952 BENJAMIN C. ALLEN RICHARD H. DENT JOHN A. McCOLE SAMUEL M. MURDOCK PETER SELLEW NEWBOLD STRONG WARREN M. WELLS, JR. 1953 A. RICHARD BELL CLAY A. BOLAND, JR. A. BALFOUR BREHMAN WILLIAM M. BARNUM RUSSELL J. BRUMBACK JOHN HARKINS ROBERT G. STEWART MICHAEL A. WALSH 1954 PARK ADAMS THOMAS H. DRISCOLL PARVIZ DEHKAN JOSEPH C. FERREE ANTHONY P. HOPKINS CHARLES E. JACQUART WILLIAM G. O'MALLEY JOSEPH A. SCOTT THOMAS C. WOOLFOLK 1955 BEAUREAU BORIE ROBERT DRISCOLL CLARKE THRASHER GEORGE WHITESIDE Founded in 1847 at the University of New York. Sigma chapter established at Pennsylvania in 1850. FALL SPRING President Warren M. Wells, Jr. Presidenf-John A. McOle Vice-Presidenf John A. McCole Vice-President A. Richard Bell Secretary-Robert G. Stewart Secretary-Russell J. Brownbuck Treasurer A. Richard Bell Treasurer BaIfour A. Brehman FIRST ROW: M. Wakh, W. Barnum, P. Sellew, J. McCole, W. Wells, R. Bella T. Woolfolk, S. Murdock. SECOND ROW: C. Jacquarf, R. Brownback, J. Fevree, C. Boland, B. Brehmun, T. Driszoll, J. ScoH, G. O'Malley. THIRD ROW: P. Adams, P. Dehkan, B. Allen! B. Thompson, T. Shipley, J. Harkins, B. Borie, R. Driscoll. 304 - - -- w'v- ,4 , grimy of Sports A It wasn't until several years after the Civil War that f?: e athletics assumed even a passive role in the undergraduate life of the University. In fact, in 1872, eighty years ago, several students were severely reprimanded for attending a New York conference of intercollegiate athletics. How- ever, despite the prevalent apathy to anything athletic, several students organized an athletic association in 1873, electing thngham B. Morris president. The interest of this group was focused upon track and held sports en- tircly, sending H. L. Geychn t0 Saratoga to represent Pennsylvania; to this lone athlete was given the distinction of being the first to wear the Red and Blue. This football game, played in 1902, was one of the high spots in the grid- iron schedule of 1902. The challengers of the Red and Blue were the Harvard Cfb03,5.5, The Cricket Team of 1902 was one of the more popular minor sports teams. At present, there is no crivlzct team at Penn. This small group romprisvs the Golf Team of 1900. Penn still has an artilc group of golf enthusiasts. 'hw ' 1 $- IR If the mm: in this picture 100k proud, they hate reason to be. Tlacy belong to the first basketball team in Pcnnsglrunia bistoo, organized in 1896. Easkethzll Eeyim. . . Tbe Varsity Gym Team, as it appeared sixty years ago, in 1897. The young boy is not a freshman but a mascot. U15 Victarizm gm of Atkldics Franklin Field as it appeared in 1907, fort'y-jQI'c years ago. The second fivr of stands was added in 1926 which increased the capacity to 96,000. Pennsylvania hnisbing first in the intercollegi- ate championships of 1906 in the 100 yard dash. Tbe Fencing Team of 1906 was another very active group in tb e minor sports. Today, it does not enjoy as much limelight. From the embryonic stage set in 1873 evolved a wider scope of athletics, football achieving intercollegiate stand- ing When Penn lost its initial football game to Princeton, 6 goals to 0, in the fall of 1876. At that time the German- own Cricket Club was the seat scene of battle; by 1880, this elaborated Rugby game called "footbalV assumed a more diversifled aspect, the schedule listing Harvard, Yale, Cornell and Princeton. During this period, organized rowing for University students began in 1877, seventy-hve years ago. Suitable facilities hampered all sports in these early years, but baseball, With neither held nor equipmnt, felt the need most severely. A11 contests of the 175 season were held in the vicinity of College Hall. Soon, other sports gained recognition, e.g., the fll'st tennis team began in 1880; swimming, in 1892, sixty years ago; wrestling MEWWV V V .trygrl , ' w A H1 a year later in 1893. In retrospect, it might well be said that the dynamic impetus behind the present athletic program has been :1 vital Student interest and initiatix'e, certainly one of the The Position of the mm in this picture gives away the paramount reasons for achieving success. name of their group. The Pyramid Club of 1910, now defunct. gftlldhlili 3131i! - great Calms In 1912, the Penn cheerleaders initiated e the custom of wearing uniforms at ? games, which has now become a na- tionally accepted tradition. For a long 0f time, the cheerleaders were Varsity men an whose sport was out-of-season. Herc bL' the cheerleaders of 1917 pose with their fa mascot, a bear that out-mascotted Cor- nelPs at the Cornell game. de ml One of the great incidents in Pennsyl- l 565 vania football history is this shot of L na the Red and Bluek famous last stand ' dll against Cornell in the game played on he Thanksgiving Day of 1906. Then, as C61 now, Cornell was a tough opponent for Pennts eleven. There was a certain frenzied attitude that accompanied the loyal followers of Pennsylvanian sport fortunes during the first decade of the twentieth century. One could easily be caught in the tide of enthusiasm that emanated nothing but general approbation toward all teams wearing the Red and Blue in its conflicts on the sport helds. Especially pre- eminent in its ardor was the Class of 1910. It was during this period that many of today,s rules were brought into effect, but at that time the innovation of excluding fresh- men from varsity competition and even the legalized introduction of the forward pass in football were im- portant to the students, for they foresaw strength in the new rules that would improve the games. - Pennsylvania had much success during this year, win- ning several championships, but most of all, it was from this embryonic stage that more and more emphasis was placed on the fortunes of intercollegiate teams. Students and even a few outside people were interested enough to come and watch a contest, content to see their favorite team bring honor to its school. Certainly, this new atti- tude of spectatorship was an incentive to the young ath- letes, for they now strove to accommodate these friends with performances worthy of watching. Thus, problems of uniforms, numbers, even proper conditions for athletes evolved from this more active interest on the part of non-participants. It was probably a natural phenomenon of that first decade that led an editor to comment: ll. . . Pennsylvania is in the football race. She must either keep the pace or drop out altogether? am! great Widows In order to insure Victorious teams an ambitious writer of 1905 compounded a formula for victory: uMen, system, and sympathy.n The correct mixture was not set forth, but with dogmatic resolution, it was stated that these factors must be present at the same time in a pre-eminent degree. No team could even consider winning without men of "excellent physical and mental capability; tpos- sessinga certain sterling traits of disposition and have a natural adaptability for the game.U However, the writer did recognize the fallability inherent in any formula, for he hnished his article with a flourish: "Of course, ten per cent of the chances of success may depend upon luck? A typical after-tbe-game srcnc is this view of Franklin Field after the Har- vard game of 1905. There was certainly nothing lacking in the diet of student athletics, for even by 1904, a little over a quarter century since any teams bore the colors of Pennsylvania, there were listings of records for :1 dozen teams, includ- ing football, baseball, basketball, swimming, track, crew, tennis, shooting, et a1. Little could be desired by the student in addition to the already established teams. The scope of all sports at that time included at least one intercollegiate contest during its season. 1904 was an especially important year for the swim- ming team, since it won its first intercollegiate meet at Pennsylvania. It was during this era that coaches were being sought, on a salaried basis, to guide the young men in their endeavors. As one writer stated: "The season of 1912 most gloriously vindicated the advocates of a graduate system of coachingf The consensus of the students was that coaching was Vital to a successful, dynamic intercollegiate Schedule, however, it needed justiheation to those Who scorned the idea of rivalry a mong gentlemen pursuing higher intellectual attainments. Even in the worst of weather and under the poorest condi- tions, the crew would carry on with their practice. On sev- eral occasions, when the Schuyl- kill was too muddy, they had to row in the Delaware River. There they are shown rowing up the river in the snow in preparation for the Yale race during Easter week, 1917. Imikeh 3715 greatest Michael Dorizas looks over the track situation during one of the days he served as track coach at the Uni- versity. Born in Constantinople, where he graduated from Roberts College, "Mike,t traveled to the new world to gain his Masterk and Doctorts degrees at the University of Pennsylvania. He was the holder of the Intercollegiate Wrestling Championship, played on the football team, was a record holder on the track team and was a member on three Olympic teams. At that time the I.C.A.A. ruling permitted a graduate student to paricipate in athletics providing he ab- sained from participation at the undergraduate level. It was on the basis of a report Dr. Dorizas was com- missioned to write, that the four-year gym require- ment was initiated at Penn. In 194i he received the Friars Award to the Professor who has contributed the most to the University, and now is known as the most popular professor, teaching the famous Geography 3 course. No one has successfully com- pleted his college education at Pennsylvania without knowing and loving "Mike? THE DIAMOND JUBlLEE offensive squad of +he Universi+y of Pennsylvania fooiball feam. Reading. leH fo right in sfance: Varaifis. Hanlon. Hovey. Bushek. R. Evans. J. Evans, Haggeriy. Moses. S+anding: JaFfurs, Warren. and Cornog. These warriors of foday carried in+o +he games wifh +hem +he cheers and encouragement of Red and Blue gridiron men of yes+eryear who week affer week came +0 lend Haeir moral support Pennsylvanials Diamond Jubilee Team Foolball came lo +he Universily of Pennsylvania in l876. seven years alfer +he firs? Infercollegiale malch in +he Uniled Slales. In 74I games Jro Hue Diamond Jubilee year. I95l. 5Il games have been won and 34 lied. In only eighf seasons over H1ree quarlers of a cenlury. and in only Jrhree since l887 has Hwe Universify produced learns fnal losl more games Hwan +hey won. Thirly-lour viclories in succession ll894-I896l. 32 in suc- cession ll896-l898l. and 29 in succession ll903-I906l. conslilufe +hree of He longesf winning slreaks in loolball hislory. Singled oul for nafional dislinclion 39 Pennsylvanians lnave been selecled for All-America lirsf learns Jrhrough Hwe years. One. T. Truxfon Hare, was chosen four years in succession ll897-l900l. a leaf malcned by only +hree olher performers in hislory. Under flue lufelege of George Munger. who proved himself Jro be an oulsfanding single wing sfralegisl and one of Hue Jrop coaches in He coun- +ry, Hwe era of modern loofball of We Universify flourished. His able assisfanls. Rae Crowfher. famed in gridiron circles for his original looping lines. and P. G. RibleH. who each season produced ends of All-America 33 caliber, were in no small way also responsible for We dislindion achieved LEADING H1e '5' gridders as +hey played " 1?: by flue Red and Blue llllS decade. Many limes have lbeir feams been oqu- +he seven+y-fif+h year of foo+ball a+ +he slanding nafionally. and in l947 had an undelealed season. Coach UMVGVSHY W55 HarrY Warren- A5 "18 +eam$ Munger's record in flue Ivy League is unmafched. Only Cornell Hour 5hr Punler- HTTY' 0" "ufne'mfs OCCBSIOM Jrimesl and Princelon llwicel have been able lo deleanL Hue modern Quaker kep+ Hm Oppos'l'on deep '" Hm" ow" +e"" . . . , +ory by his long and accurafe kicks. This. eleven: and Jrhes:h deleefsl are avenged by eighf and seven VlCl'OFIeS ;n addi+ion +0 his role as a +op-fligh+ de- respec lve y over ese rlva 5- fensive back. enabled +he Swar+hmore. Pa.. sfalwarf +0 assume his place among +he fradifionally greaf capfains produced by H19 Universily. RIVALING +he fea'rs of +he players on +he gridiron was +he I5l edifion of +he Penn march- ing band. Under +he direc- Jrorship of George Bird +he band performed 61' a pace of I80 s+eps per minufe +hrough inumerable forma- fions. A fradifional feafure of every game was +he inspired playing of "The Red and Blue." H19 huge Penn foliowing on +heir feet waving in unison +heir ha+s and handkerchiefs; a spirHed +ribu+e +0 a greaf +eam. GAME AFTER GAME. while fhe huge crowds alfernafely groaned and cheered. +he Quaker a+hle+es foughf for +he glory of +heir Universi+y. Againsf +he powerful infer- sec+ional rivals. Hue Golden Bears of California. Glenn Adams +ries desperafely +0 Iocafe his buHonhooking ends Moses B9w and Hanlon s83 and complefe a pass for some valuable yardage. AHhough oufmanned and ou+ scored H1e Quakers confinued +0 fight and in +he weeks following H was evidenf H1a+ +he feam had aquired H19 abilify +0 come from behind +0 win even as +he numerous fine squads had done before +hem +hrough +he years on Franklin Field. "Vidory Wi+h Honor."' was +0 be +he keynofe for +he I95l Diamond Jubilee season on Franklin Field. Preeseason forecasfers were poinfing +0 Penn as a gremL unknown in +he East Such '50 sfalwarfs as +he incomparable Reds BagneH. winner of +he I950 Maxwell Trophy: Lemonick, Goldsfrom. Agocs, Roberfs. Horfon. and Coulson had been losf Jthrough graduafion. Their slofs had f0 be filled by refurning leHermen and a hoswL of inexperienced sophomores. Adams. Deuber and Capfain Harry Warren would refurn +0 inherif +he backfield Jrasks and AssiH. BeH. Evans. Moses. Hanlon and McGinley would lend +heir experience +0 +he forward wall. Penn's pre-season TV Jrussle wifh Jrhe NCAA had broughf cries of "Big Time" againsf +he Quakers, and a long con- Jrroversy was beginning on Jrhe advisabilify of Penn's en+ry info +he big leagues of college foofball. while more or less abandoning many of ifs Ivy companions. The season loomed as a large quesfion mark. and +0 coach Munger af +he helm fell +he fask +his year +0 prove Jrhe Quaker had grown up. The +eam +ro+s on+o Franklin Field amid +he shou+s of +he anxious spec+a+ors and +he blaring of +he Red and Blue Band. Coach Munger George A. Munger. '33, in his four+een+h year as head foo'rball coach. looks forward +0 preserving his record of never having coached a Pennsylvania feam +hrough a losing season. sun; 3l4 LENN T. ADAMS. Filling +he iailback slo+ of +he greai Reds Bagnell, ran. passed. and kicked his way on +he annual UP All- American +eam, even +hough injury forced him ouf of acfion affer only 7 lhree games of +he '5l season. The Mi. Carmel. Pa.. junior was a +hree leHer man in high school and earned his frosh numerals on he Quaker baskelball courl. NDREW CAPONE has a ca- reer in big +ime adverfising looming when he Jtucks away ihaf cove+ed sheepskin. Afier a +hree leHer Jrerm lbaseball. hack. foolballl a+ Norrislown lPa.l Highl Andy became a regular on +he Red and Blue varsi+y. He s+ill plays firsl base for Norrisfown in a local baseball league and guard for +he same league's baskeiball learn, "iusf +0 keep in shape." V; gs HARLES B. ASSIFF is one of +he s+eaclies+ and mosf depend- able Penn linemen. C h a r I i e showed his versa+ili+y when he look over +he oFlensive guard posiiion lale in +he I950 season. when reg- ular Jack Krimmel was injured. "Tiger.'I who capiained +he Brooklyn Tech learn in '48. made every New York "all" learn dur- ing his senior year in high school. Wiih anofher year +0 go. he keeps in shape by wresiling for Coach Ridenour. OBERT T. CLAPPIER earned a slo+ o n +he AlI-Pennsylvania foo+ball feam while al' PoH'sville High. and he is sfill g o i n g sirong. Befween gridding and quarier-miling for Penn. he has IiPrle +ime lefi ior one of his favoriie pasfimes-lis+en- ing +0 Offenbach music. Bob hopes +0 fol- low in his dad's foolsleps by drilling caviiies back in PoH'svillel afler Penn's denial school awards him his degree. DWARD B. BELL'S brillianf de- fensive play +he pas? lwo years N W' 1- 1': .yil earned +he former Wesl' Phila- thes delphia High School sfar a spof on S+anley Woodward's pre- season All-American. as well as +he All- Eas'r and INS pos+-season +eams. One of +he mosl' popular members of +he +eam. Ed. who wears con+ac+ lenses, also runs ihe dashes on +he hack learn. A pre-med slu- denf. he is refurning for +he '52 season. Pennsylvaniais Diamond ILLIAM M. DEUBER. a wing- back. had beHer +han a five yard per carry average +0 lead backs i n + h a + depariment Along wifh +his. his blocking and pass receiving make him a sfeady and dependable back. "Deube." whose bro+her Bob sfarred for +he Quakers +wo seasons ago, also holds down +he righilield posifion on Howie Dallmar's baseball feam and will be back for +he football games in '52. +0 run +ain C "RoclKl a con: afier l weighl ageme Navy :5 1 game and n come: lhe N lec+ec earnei Plains i de- years Phila- spoi pre- 1 All- ne of learn, IS +he :1 sin- 3n. wing- I five a lead menf. :cking and roiher rasonS asiiion Id Will OHN D. EVANS. comes from Taff Prep and cap+ains +he Red and Blue grapplers in addifion +0 doing a fine job at cen+er for Coach Munger. Cap+ains seem +0 run in +he family. as Jack's dad was cap- +ain of +he Oberlin gridders. Jack, or "Rocky." as his friends call him. has been a consisfeni winner on +he wres+ling Jteam. affer +aking off qui+e a few pounds +o make weight He hopes for an indusfrial man- agemenf job afier graduafion. buf +he Navy may call louder. OBERT A. EVANS is capiain- elec+ of +he I952 +eam. He is described by line coach Rae Crow+her as +he bes+ lineman he has ever coached. Bob. who plays both offense and defense. is also ou+- sfanding in +he classroom as a pre-med sfudenf and is acfive in Boy Scou+ affairs. A nafive Philadelphian. he played his high school foofball a? Roman Ca+holic. Jubilee Team OMAS HANLON was one of +he few six'ry-minufe men seen on Franklin Field +his season. One of his greafesf momenfs came during +he Wisconsin game. when he grabbed a Robihson pass and romped 65 yards +0 a TD. Tom. who comes from a long line of a+hle+es, played in fhe Miami Norfh-Sou+h game and was se- lecfed on +he Ivy League Team. Tom earned his "all" rafings in foo+ball in Whife Plains. New York. AVE HOVEY, al+hough ham- pered by an ankle iniury early las+ season. held down +he of- fensive right guard posifion and is refurning for o n e m o r e season. A Bosfon boy, whose ia+her was a halfback for Harvard in '2I. "S+umpy" nai- urally loves +0 wafch +he Bosion Red Sox and has a grea+ in+ere5+ in sailing. A+ Solebury School. he was a quarferback. bu+ was swifched fo +he line by Rix Yard when a freshman. OBERT FOX, a Darfmoufh iransfer. re+urned +0 his native .0 Philadelphia for his Iasi fwo years of schooling and s+arred as +he firs+ +eam defensive A February graduafe. "Foxy." guard. is now working for a general confracior. affer maioring in economics in +he College. While a+ Cenfral High. he was on +he All- Public League Jream as an ofiensive and de- fensive guard. LEX J. JAFFURS. a Iine-backer in I950. sfepped info ihe quar- +erback's shoes +his year and guided +he offensive Jream. He gained experience rapidly and proved +o be an able signal calier. pass re- ceiver. and passer. Al. who is known as +he "IiHIe professer." makes his home in Wilkinsburg, Pa., and has a bro+her who was an All-American a+ Penn Sfa+e. He also plays confer on +he baske+ball feam and plans fo enfer law school in +he fall. 3l5 OHN J. LAINO was Sou+h Philadelphia's conlribulion :lio fhe Quaker eleven. His lme play on +he gridiron af Soufh Philly High School earned hIm a slol on +he I947 All-Public Team and anofher on +he All-Scholasfic. One of John's goals alfer gradualion is a .markef- ing posifion wifh a large corporahon and +he o+her is a license in his favorife avoca- +ion-avialion. EORGE McANDREWS suf- fered a broken leg in a prac+ice scrimmage a nd +hereby was forced +0 walch +he lasf few games from +he bench. Al- 'ihough a reserve guard, he was +he Jtype player who could iniecl' spiri'r and fire Info +he club. "Punchy" was an AlI-Calhollc guard while al' Wes+ Cafholic High School in Philadelphia and is now looking forward +0 +he life of a businessman. ERALD H. McGINLEY. whose falher and broiher played for Penn. and whose younger brofher. Rick, plays wingback +his year. was selecled as a Col- lier's All-American line-backer. In addifion. Gerry was All-lvy and played in +he Easf- Wes+ Shrine game and +he Senior Bowl. Allhough he was draHed by +he Eagles. "Big Red Bull" probably will nol gef +he chance +0 play pro ball for a while. since he is destined +0 enfer +he Armed Service in June. HARLES MCKINNEY is a mar- ried man and also a proud fa'lher-baby born in February. Charlie served and did a greaf iob as head foo'rball manager +his past season. The Kansas boy was no+ed for his efficiency in handling +he road +rips and +he many o+her odd jobs ihaf confron+ a manager. "Chuck." who is an accounling major. is sure +0 be a success in any field. UGH O'NEILL is a hopeful fu- +ure oil magnale. who has al- ready had a s+ar+ on his career. since he worked on +he oil fields for +he pasf few summers. His bro+her also played foolball as a cenler for Penn. Class of '38. Like mosf everyoneI he's desiined for Uncle Sam's forces in June, unless somefhing unforeseen happens. and +hen on+o bigger +hings in +he lucra- live oil induslry. 7?; OHN T. MOSES has capably Jfilled +he offensive end spof ,, vacal'ed by Harry WeHlaufer since he look over a+ lhe sfar+ of +he I950 season. "Mose." wifh iour +allies. lied wi+h Hanlon for +he mosf T.D.'s scored by an end, including the pass which beaf Navy. The six-foO+ junior. who hails from Arnold. Pa.. is also on +he baske+ball squad and aclive in +he Marine Plafoon Leaders Corps. foolball. baskefball. baseball. and swimming - and an end ior Penn. slill has managed lo find lime for his favorile hobby. model railroading. He also Finds lime for a game of golf in his leisure momenls. AHer gradualion. if looks like a s+in+ in +he Navy and +hen in+o +he wholesale buying busi- ness for Don. ONALD H. MURRAY. a four sporf man in high school - and lens for 38-y +0 F Swa +ha+ and play l'O b1 and 1 form Ieller buf c ball. ur Ill. 1d lo el 1e er Sls HARRY K. WARREN. +he cap- +ain of +he I5I Red and Blue. was hampered by pre-season injuries. buf s+ill managed lo have a fine punfing average and commendable performances as a de- fensive halfback. He Jtied wifh Bosseler for mosf inierceplions wil'h six and had a 38-yard kicking average. Alfhough invi+ed +0 play in +he Norfh-Sou+h ga m e, 1' he Swarfhmore. Pa., gridder declined in order +ha+ he could devofe more fime +0 sludies and his new fiancee. l ORMAN T. WILDE'S concus- l sion. suFiered during pre-season praciice in I950. w a s n of enough +o keep him ou+ of +he lineup. "Deuces," who loves +0 play cards. was called on in every game +0 bolsfer +he offensive leff end posilion and always came +hrough wifh a line per- formance. The Haver+on. Pa., iunior earned leHers in +hree major sporis in high school. bu+ confines his aciivifies af Penn +0 fool- ball. HARLES F. SMITH. prepped a'r Cen+ral High in Philadelphia. and was an All-Public League iackle. He came +0 Penn wilh +he hope of some day being a successful salesman. A summer job in a warehouse kepf him in shape for football and also for irack. Charlie's assei +0 +he line was proven +his season by his siariing assignmenis as offensive lackle. OEL F. SCHMIDT'S bad luck and head iniuries failed +0 keep him ou+ of +he sfarfing lineup +he pasl' Jrwo seasons. Bofh an offensive and defensive playerI he divided +he quarierback dufies wi+h JaFFurs and held down +he regular righi' halfback posifion. where he iniercepied +hree passes. Being a iunior. +his former Wesf Cafholic afhlel'e has ano'rher year +o perform on Franklin Field. ARL SEMPIER. who is Coach Munger's exfra poinf and kick- off specialist doesn'+ confine his a+hle+ic abilily +0 foofball. buf is also a hurdler on +he +rack ieam. His long kickoFFs and a record of l6 conversions ouf of 2i fries since he filled in for +he iniured Herb Agocs in +he I950 Virginia game, leave liHle fo be desired. Being a junior. "Sandy." his ice. and his Greaf Dane dog. "Ripper." will be back for anofher season. OBERT E. PAGE has always had one suppressed desireelro be a V hockey player. Affer playing bofh hockey and foofball in high school. his hockey career was +hwar+ed because of +he lack of facil- i+ies and players a+ Penn. He probably won'+ have an opporfuni+y in +he near fu- +ure eifher, since Uncle Sam is sure +0 call. AHer ihaf. Bob looks forward +0 +he fields of selling or purchasing. ONALD J. ZIMMER logeiher wi+h Joe Varai+is combined +0 give ihe Quakers +w o h a r d charging, rock ribbed iullbacks. Don averaged five yards per carry +his pasf season and his ou+s+anding play was a 70-yard run on his iirsf play in +he Columbia game. The "All'I New York Cify fullback of I948 is a greai s+ory-+eller and pinochle fan and has one more year remaining ai Penn. ...-.a swwaL g... s- , .. , GEORGE BOSSELER Safefy Man CHET CORNOG Tailback GERRY ROBINSON Tailback 123' m JACK SHANAFELT A Defensive Tackle 5f , 0' 4 ' M w my," , JOE VARAITIS Fullback XX C y. 5 W' , '. 5n? , i. ?1 .J I95I FOOTBALL TEAM IST ROW: R. McGinley, J. Bushek. J. Seeley. V. Me+allo. J. ShanafeH. D. Faher+y. J. Russell. T. Franklin. R. Clappier. J. Gallagher. 5. Haggerfy. C. Cornog. 2ND ROW: M. McLaughlin. Trainer; 6. Munger. Head Coach: J. McGinley. J. Evans, H. O'Neil. R. Fox. R. Page, C. Smiih. H. Warren. A. JaFfurs. D. Murray. 6. McAndrews. L. San+a Maria, T. Hanlon, J. Laino. R. Crow+her. Line Coach. 3RD ROW: W. Talarico. Back- field Coach; J. Holland. R. Evans. C. Sempier. N. Boudreau. E. Bell. N. Wilde. J. Flanagan, C. Conaway, 6. Adams. N. Schmidt 6. Olekszak. J. Willcox. J. Varai+is, G. Bosselerl R. Engler. P. Riblet End Coach. 4TH ROW: T. Hladun. D. ZimmerI D. HoveyI W. Deuber. C. AssiH, J. Moses. B. Borkowski. J. Avignone, E. Surmiak. C. Sam- marco. J. Cannon. 6. Robinson. J. Kahl. A. CuginiI E. Gramigna. R. Rosenbleeih. R. Yard. Freshmen Coach. 0 Hm W4un lap I i 7 at v E ' i. Adams s+ar+s moving for yardage. BEARS WIN, 35-0 The pre-school filf wifh Jrhe Golden Bears of Cali- fornia was a biHer Inifiafion for +he Quaker sopho- mores. Reporfs had Jrold of a powerful Cal ground squad. buf early in Jrhe game Jrhe Bears unleashed a Jrricky aerial aHack. Downfield. spof. and flaf passes opened Jrhe Penn defense. Then +he Bears came down +0 earfh and roared Through Jrhe line. Sparked by AH-American Les Richfer. Cal's defense held fighf and gave The visifors a 21-0 lead af +he half. In +urn. Penn's defense appeared weak and inexperi- enced. and +he offense seemed never +0 be abTe +0 susfain Jrhe advanfages if did get The Red and Blue sophs were Jroo green for a highly polished and experi- enced squad from Jrhe Coast The final score. Cah- fornia 35, Penn 0. dispelled mosf +hough+s +ha+ +his would be Penn's big year. The game however. served as an excellemL probe 0F Penn's weak poinfs and did far more +han a "brea+her" could have done +0 whip +he Quakers info shape for The season ahead. His line already in ac+ion and four men pulling ouf in front Glenn Oufmanned. buf no+ ouffoughf, Penn gamely sfrikes back wifh Adams doing mos+ of +he fofing. John Moses snares an Adams' pass. affer Two +hirds of +he defensive lef+ side of +he line are seen in ac+ion as having eluded fwo defenders, and sfaris +0 Ed Bell and Bob Evans spring +0 bring fo +he furf a speeding Hanover scamper +he resf of We way for a TD. gridder. The California game lessons were well learned. for againer a defermined Darfmoufh eleven Hwe inexperienced ' backfield hif ifs sfride. and +he line held like a sfone wall. Sparking Hue offensive play. Glenn Adams complefed eleven 0qu of fwenfy passea four of which became six- poinfers when +hey landed in +he arms of ends Hanlon and Moses and Quarferback Jaffurs. Sophomore fullback IN D IA N S D u M PE D, 3 9 - '4 Joe Verai+is regisfered for one T.D.. and Bosseler, on an in+ercep+ion and 38-yard refurn. scored Penn's sixfh fouchdown. Defensively fhe Quakers buckled down and applied +heir Cal experience +0 hold +he Big Green +0 fwo Jrouch- downs, as +hey rolled up Penn's inifial vicfory. 39-l4. A small hole opened up and "Bones" Adams speeds +hrough for a TD. .m-nm-mm Laino having been blocked ouf of +he play. Charlie Assiff. assisfed by Chef Cornog. halfs a run by Nassau's pride and joy. Dick Kazmaier. as Schmidt Fox, and Shanafeif come up from behind. PRINCETON '3 . . . PENN 7 No+ only +he Penn line +ackled hard fha+ day, as +his back was quick +0 discover. Princelronhs Tiger, in Jrhe form of Kazmaier e C04 roared onfo Franklin Field and found he had +0 ciaw harder +han ever before +0 preserve Old Nassauhs l5- game winning sfreak. The CaldweH-Munger baffle of +he single wings ended wifh Penn's friple +hrea+ tailback ernn Adams. and boJrh Evans's suffering injuries +haf were Jro hinder Jrhe Quakers aH +hrough Jrhe season. Single-wing line play s+ole fhe show. buf cou1d nof dim The lusfer of eifher Dick Kazmaier. Princefonhs All-Amer- ican back. or Penn's sophomore sensahon. Joe VeraHis, who plunged 72 yards in I9 carries. Wifh Adams missing mosf of The second half due +0 iniurles. +he balance of power swung heavily in Princefon's favor. Nof fearing Pennhs passing. Jrhey were able +0 move Jrheir backer-ups aimosf +0 +he line and +hro+He +he Quakers running af- fack. Chef Cornog enfered info +he limehghf wifh his T.D. pass +0 Moses, bu1L if was nof quife enough as +he Red and Blue bowed l3-7. Who has +he ball? A bif of single wing hickery is shown as Deuber UZL Bell mu. Schmidf QU, Verai'ris BU. and Moses Her righ'd could each have fhe bali. Princefon's damage +0 Penn's manpOWer was no+ suf- ficienf f0 keep Hwe Quakers from Jrieing up +heir season 2-2. Jrrouncing Columbia Hue following week. Penn's afw +ack shiffed +0 The ground +0 compensafe br +he Poss of Glenn Adams, as he and cenfer Jack Evans 5mL +he game ouf. while Bob Evans clocked only a few minufes on Jthe field. Columbia's Mifch Price complefed shor+ passes wifh phenomenal accuracy. bumL fhe Quakers' pass defense. vasHy improved since Hwe firsf game, allowed no long complefions. When We Red and Blue goal line was neared. +he defenders were able +0 come up and half even Hwe shorf passes, forcing Hue Lions +0 rely on fheir ground game and allowing Coach Crowfher's linemen +0 Wifh Adams injured. Ches+er "Crazy Legs" Cornog rar. Columbia dizzy. gaining six yards per carry. repeafedly sfop Columbia's running aHack via brillianf goaI-line sfands. Chef Cornog. subbing for AdamS. gained 126 yards in 2! carries and dropped an aerial in Ed Bell's hands for a fourfh quarfer T.D. "Jonn' Joe" Varaifis' +hree plunges for six-poinfers rounded 0qu He Quaker scoring and gave Penn +he vicfory, 28-I3. preserving Coach Munger's record of having beafen Columbia I l consecuh've games. COLUMBIA BOWS, 28-!3 Wifh fhird down and one yard +0 go. Quar+erback JaFfu unexpecfed and +hrows a long pass +0 end Moses for H1 NAVY SCUTTLED, l4- The annual parade of Midshipmen in fu" dress pre- cedes +he JtracWrionally hard-fougH encounfer. rs does Jthe e firs? TD. 0 A combinafion of briHianf defensive play for Jthree quar- fers and a fine offense in +he lasf quarfer broughf H19 Quakers a vic+ory over Hue Midshipmen from Annapolis. The aler+ness of Penn's forward wall was responsible for Hue recovery of +hree Middie fumbles. while bofh backfieids were +rying +0 seHle down. Plagued by eighf fumbles. +he Red and Blue backs needed all fhree quarfers before Hwey began +0 click. Quarferback Alex JaHurs Jrurned Jthe fide of H16 game wifh a 27-yard pass +0 Jack Moses for We firsf score. and Don Zimmer plunged for We second +0 sink Hue Middies 14-0. Coach Munger's decision +0 have Penn kick off insfead of receive 6+ fine sfanL of H16 second half paid off as +he defense confained +he Navy +hrea+ and kepf Hwem boHled up in +heir own Jrerrifory. FiHing in for +he Injured fallbacks. Adams and Cornog. soph Gerry Robinson piled up I34 yards in fhe air and on +he ground, complefing seven ouf of l3 passes and showing greaf promise for fufure per- formance. Penn's sharp defense proved +0 be Hue Navy's downfall as +he Middies were con+inually +hwarfed on scoring drives. QUAKERS SURPRISED, 2042 Tom Hanlon leaves +he ground 'ro haul down a Jaffurs-erown pass on a rainy affernoon af Franklin Field. Wifh sophomore Bushek leading +he way, Bill Deuber scampers around end for a few precious yards. . Wk A ,a a VA Wm; Even +he goal-pos+s were Ios+ +0 +he sur- Alfhough warned in advance of +he power of +he William and Mary aggre- prising invaders from Soufh of +he Mason- gafion. +he Quakers seemed +0 have Jrheir minds on +he following filf th Dixon Line. Wisconsin aH +hrough Hue confesf. and nof unfil Hwe final gun sounded did Hwey realize +ha+ +hey had really bowed +0 +he genHemen from Williamsburg. The Red and Blue forward wall was baffled by +he splif-T formafion offense William and Mary employed. Meanwhile Hwe offense of Hwe Quakers fared well! bu+ could n01L score. Affer Hue hahc +he Penn defenses held. buf now +he Quaker groundgainers became IneHeCfive. Due +0 +he Virginians' fine ground defense, +he Red and Blue fook +0 +he air. where IO passes neHed I32 yards and bofh six-poinfers. JaHurs and Robinson splif Hue passing honors. buf if was +he former who connecfed for bofh scores-one +0 Hanlon. Hue ofher +0 Moses. By +he Jrime H19 Quakers began +0 roll in Hue fourfh quarfer. 1+ was +00 lafe. and +hose who had Thoughf William and Mary +0 be easy picking quickly reconsidered. Jerry Robinson. spoHing John Moses unguarded. shoofs a shorf pass over lhe line for a firsf down. Anofher shorf passI Penn's mosf consisfenf offensive gainer, nefs a few yards before Moses is halfed. The people of Madison, 'Wlsconsin. awoke one Salurday morning +0 find +he Red and Blue had hil fown. Nol+ only had parfs of +heir slaclium been painfed by a confingenf of loyal Quaker fans. bu+ +ha+ alfernoon +hey learned Ivy League foolball was no+ 50H. The Big Ten leaders In nearly every offensive and defensive deparfmenf found lhemselves in a real scrap. bmL +he breaks were all againsl' +he visil'ors from +he Easl. While +he Penn defense held magnificenlly, +he offensive unif was plagued by load breaks. and as a resull +he Wisconsin defensive squad scored all +he poinfs +ha+ day. A loose ball in Jrl'1e end zone. a lrapped runner. and an ln+ercep+ion againslL fhe Quakers proved +heir undoing. Wifh Hmeir firsf fwo failbacks slill on fhe Injured lisf. flue Red and Blue fried valianlly lo Jrriumph, bul Hue one +oucl1down, 6 Robinson pass +0 Tom Hanlon for 65 yards. was r101L enough and Penn was defealed. l6-7. BADGER DEFENSE TRIUMPHS, l6-7 An unidenfified Quaker momenfarily slops a Badger back. as Schmid+ l2ll and AssiFf lbll rush in +0 Finish +he lob. Penn's ace placemenf boo+er. Carl Sem- pier. sends +he pigskin +hrough +he uprights +0 give the Quakers a 7-6 vic+ory over +he hard-Flghfing Cadefs. CADETS LOSE, 7-6 End Tom Hanlon +ries +0 clear +he way as wingback Deuber shains +0 break away from a would be fackler. H was Hwe conversion by Carl Sempier fha+ brougM Hue Quakers Haeir 7-6 margin of vicfory agains+ Pne Black Knighfs from We Hudson. Alfhougb +be Pennmen oufrushed fbe Cadefs 230 yards +0 96. +be dd fumbhng bug came back +0 baumL +bem by sfopping +wo scoring drives. Varaifis' plunge for He oMy Red and Blue score came affer +be much debafed subsfifufion penaHy againsf Army. which changed +be Quakerys fourfb down wifh one yard f0 go on +he eighf-yard Hne +0 firs+ and 90a fo go on fbe +hree. The defensive squad, weakened eaHy in +he game by iniuries +0 BeH. Bossler, and Scbmldh sHH played ifs usual solid game, and Hue men of '52 finally wifnessed a vicfory over Hwe Cadefs. L w 31:? o $1 A Wifh +he season's wins and losses lied al four. lhe Quakers had +0 Crush +he favored Big Red from Cornell +0 mainlain George Mungerls record of never having coached a feam wifh a losing season. Playing inspired ball. +he Pennmen had full confrol oi +he fill from Jrhe slarling whislle +0 +he final gun. ll was only Jrhree min- ules afler +he kickoH +ha+ i'JoHin' Joe" Varaifis sliced +hrough l'ackle. cuf for +he sideline. and raced for 35 yards and six poinfs, Penn wasled many scoring Chances, bul +his TD. plus Sempier's placemen+ sel Jrhe score in HS final slol', 7-0. The defensive squad handled ifs assign- menl perfecHy. never allowing fhe Cayugans inside Penn's 25-yard line. and keeping Cornell inside +heir own +hir+y mosf of Jrhe second half. The offensive group added i+s share by gaining 176 yards on +he ground and 99 in +he air lo +he Big Redls 55 and IS, respecfively. Special menlion is due Bob Clappier. who sel up +he Brillian+ defensive backfield play. led by Cap+ain Harry Warren and Bob Clappier. keeps +he Quakers ou+ of frouble. Everyone execufes his assignmenf as fullback Va- raifis slices +hrough The line. cu+s for +he sideline. and wifh Deuber leading +he way. races for +he mosf imporfan+ fouchdown of +he season. 7 Kym; ii ,;.' LN Bell, who applies a solo Jtackle a+ +he Iasf second. VlCTORlOUS FINISH, 7-0, only Jrouchdown on a +hrilling 56-yard punl refurn. Billy Deuber was Penn's mosf consisfemL gainer, having +he be51L per carry average for +he season. while defensive linemen Ed Bell. Bob Evans. Charlie Assiff. Bob Fox. and Jack Shanalelf. backed up by John Laino and Gerry Mc- Ginley. played superbly +hroughou+ +he season. By +he close of +he 5-4 I95I season. +he green Penn backlield had gained i+s much needed experience. and lhe line. held logel'her by +he old-fimers when +he going gof rough, had been manned for long periods by +he juniors and sophs. Excep+ lor ifs firsl Jrwo encounlers. +he Quaker feam held all opponenfs scoreless in +he second half. while shuHing ou+ Navy and Cornell. The Red and Blue prospeds in 52 are bright even +hough +he schedule is difficulf and lhe opposifion, including Nofre Dame. Penn Safe, and Georgia. is lop llighf. OVER CORNELL A fiHing +ribu+e +0 a greaf coach. 7 . "V w: , M .. .r .. MWW -,.'. 'vvviv 'M m A Cornell naked reverse fools all +he Pennmen excepf Ed ISO lb. FOOTBALL The ISO-pound Foofball Team. under Hue leader- ship of Co-Capfains Chase Hunf and John Tucker. 4 k complefed an improved buf losing season, Playing . a difficulf schedule consisfing of Princefonl Rufgers, I I f Navy and Cornell. Coach Charles GauH's hard. 1 fighfing aggregafion could show no more +han a l 1 6-0 win over Princefon and a heartbreaking I4.l3 defea+ fo Rufgers. Working from a spread T-Forma- +ion wifh a variafion of fine +wo plafoon sysfem. +he Red and Blue proved +0 be +ough opposifion for all ifs opponenfs. The hard running of Dale Summer. bell and +he dependable pass receiving of Ralph Meacham sparked fhe lighfweighf feam +hroughou+ +he I951 season. High up in+o Hue air goes Ralph Meacham +0 snag Chase Hun+'s pass and six poinfs agains+ Cornell. Charging Quaker blockers mo- men+arily hide +he balI-carrier as +he Iigh+weigh+s fighf againsf +he Big Red. 328 Penn defenders close in +0 half a high-si'epping enemy back aHer a ground-gaining pass play. End Ralph Meacham and back Dale Summerbell ngred consisfenHy in Hwe scoring for Penn, resulfing in +heir elecfion as Co-cap+ains for H19 I952 season. Co-cap+ain Chase Hunf. above, worked hard +0 pu+ +he Red and Blue in H19 black, as did John Tucker. H16 o+her half of Hwe captaincy. A..r,.,,,... , ...5-.J. .7...-.n-.,... 7.. . . ems.- m-,-z.- 5 A 4M BASKETBALL Coach Howie Daiimar, former Penn Ali-American and Warrior proiessional sfar. eniered his iourih season as coach of +he Quaker hoopsiers wiih perhaps his s+rongeg+ Squad. In +he past Coach Dailmar had good dubs. bu? none which showed more pofeniial ihan +he '52 aggregafion. Lasf sea- son. Penn iinished +hird in +he Ivy League behind Columbia and Cornell, bui boih +hese squads suffered Jrhrough gradua. Hon while fhe Red and Blue, alihough also losing some men! had +heir siar performers and good replacemenis reiurning. To cep+ain +hem +hrough +heir diHicuif schedule. which in- cluded l5 away games. +he ieam Chose Donald Scanlon. A produdL oi Larchmonf, New York, Don was promofed +0 +he vargify midway Jrhrough his sophomore season and has given Don hif his peak in Jrhis year's Harvard game when he scored 2i poinis. a good accounf of himself since. Coaching his fourth year of bail af Penn- sylvania, Howie Dallmar produced an ou+- standing feam which was hard +0 bea+ anywhere. The Quakers launched Jrhe season boasiing perhaps +he mos+ ou+s+anding player in Jrhe East Ernie Beck, who in I950 led +he couniry in rebounds wiJrh an average of 20.9 per game. and he fur+her increased his value by scoring 558 poinfs wi+h a shoo+ing average of 4370. H was figured +ha+ sophomore Dick Heylmun would back up Ernie under +he boards. Dick. sfar oi lasf year's freshman squad, proved him- sehC a ferriiic rebounder despi+e +he fad +ha+ he is only Capfain Don Scanlon. Bobby Brooks and Tim Despiie ihe loss of Tom Davis, Dick Dougheriy and Puncky JeHries +he six ieef +all. Holf gave +he Quakers Jrhree fine Hoormen. feam could coun+ on Dick Harfer, Alex JaHries and Larry Masiers as able repiacemen+s. Under Coach Dailmar's guidance The squad deveioped in+o a fine group oi shofs Jr0 insure +hai none of Jrhe re- bounds grabbed by +his relahvely shorJr Jream would be wasfed. Accuracy from +he foul line provided +he margin of vicfory in six Close games. noiably +he 67-66 viciory over Noire Dame ai +he Palesira, when Quakers made good l9 ou+ of 20 free +hrows. AH-American candidafe Ernie Beck and Captain Don Scanlon leap high +0 +ake +he ball away from +he Darfmou+h IndiansI +wice bea+en by the Pennmen. 330 Torn Holf, sfar playmaker, goes up for +wo poin+s in +he opening game againsf Maryland. Regular guard Bob Brooks poin+s for his Ieff hand she? againsf +he easily bea+en Swarfhmore five. Capfain Don Scanlon was largely responsible for Hue Quakers' splendid record. playing a hard defensive game and accoun+ing for plenty of fallies. Through the Season Wifh Jrelevision refurning +0 Hue Palesfra. Pennsylvania gof +0 6 hsf s+ar+ wifh five sfraighf vicfories before being knocked of? 6+ Nofre Dame. Affer Hle Chrisfmas frip +0 Florida. Hwe Quakers ran up a sfreak of six vicfories. includ- ing a win a+ Columbia Hwaf ended +he Lions' home winning sfreak af 29 games. Ivy League fifle hopes were dimmed by losses +0 Cornell and Princefon. and in We Infracify game againsf LaSalle. Hwe Quakers wen? down affer Eghfing valianfly againsf Hue gianf Explorers. Wifh +he refurn +0 form Bobby Brooks, +hings looked brighfer. especially affer Hue vlcfories qver Penn S1afe, Columbia, and a +hrilling 67-66 win over Nofre Dame. Dick Harfer's one-hand push shof provided Hue margin of vicfory +ha+ made up br Hue earlier defeat Dick Heylmun and Ernie Beck. who wen? over Hwe I,OOO poinf mark and scored 45 poinfs aJr Harvard. combined +0 give Penn 6 double scoring punch, which, in Hwe lasf +hree weeks of Hwe season broughf +he Quakers info confenfion for Hue Ivy League crown. Cen+er Ernie Beck lived up +0 expecfafions b'y seffing a new Ivy League scoring record and was named +0 Hue AWAmerican ranks. Record-breaker Ernie Beck, cenfer. leis one go in Ace baIl-handler Bobby Brooks se+s for a quick shof Jtrue championship sfyle. . . . or a decepfive pass. -' 1" i x . i I ' Forward Dick Har+er eyes +he hoop before unleash- Sophomore sensa+ion Dick Hey!man moves fast as ing his accura+e one-hand shot second high scorer on +he feam. Tom Holf kepf many a game ou+ Fare wifh I Guard Alex Jaffurs was under +he boards +0 annoy his deadly sef shofs. and ouffighf +he opposifion consisfenfly. AMYLWQ W; m jv x 3 'MWSYLVAIZI QWWLVM FIRST ROW: R. Har+er. R. Aiper, G. Cummings. N. Lyons. R. Heylmun; A. JaFfurs, G. Goeringer. E. Beck. L. Masfers' D. Scanlon. F. Vi+e++a. R. Brooks. T. Holt W. Grey. M. McLaughlin, +rainer; L. Tansur. assisfanf coach. SECOND ROW: H. Dallmar. coach; W. BoH, manager; Don Scanlon sh'ains for possession of +he ball againer a Sharpshoo'rer Dick Har+er drives +hrough for a Iay-up surprisingly sfrong Maryland Jream which bowed 53-52. score in Hue second Penn-Darfmoufh clash. Maryland .................. . . . Muhlenberg .............. . ..... Swarfhmore .V ............ ...... Piffsbgrgh ................... Michigan ..... ............ Nofre Dame ..... . ........ . . ; .. Tampa ..... , . .... u.... .. Deiaware ............ ... . ., . Darfmoufh . . . ............. , Bainbridge Navy ..... Cornell ........ Harvard A . . . . ......... Prince-l'on . . . . . LaSaHe ........ , . , , . , . Navy ............ . , L The baske'rba" feam had a very successful Penn Sfa+e ............ . . ' ' 59650". Paced by "18 new 'VY League Columbia ..... ..... g ' - ' , , scoring champ, Ernie Beck. and hard-playing Nofre Dame . . . . . . . . . .. . . .. guard. Capfain Don Scanlon. Harvard ' ..... . ......... . Syracuse ..... Come" ......... ' ..... . Yale......... ' Princei'on . . .r . Sophomore whiz Dick Heylman. second in scoring for +he Quakers. finds he is no ma+ch for +he fall marksmen of La Salle as he paws for +he ball. , ' ,- ,,,.. ., .,. .. , . -VH.... M.....x- H ..... 9-..... ...--. I952 VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM IST ROW: A. Adams, J. Evans. Capt; E. Oppenheimer. H. Leeds. 2ND ROW. Trainer J. Brennan, C. Assiff. E. Agnew. Coach C. Ridenour. M. WooHil J. Cozzolino. J. Thomas. Head Mgr. WRESTLING Coach Charles Ridenour. +hree Hmes iniercoliegiafe I28 pound champion 5+ Penn S+a+e, leads +he Red and Blue grapplers in +he +ask of rebuilding. One of +he newesf members of Penn's coaching sfaH, Charles Ridenour. has broughf with him n01L only years of experience as freshman coach for Penn Sfafe, bmL a resurgenf inspira+ion +0 +he wresHing +eam which in recenf years has noi been foo successful againsiL ifs opponenfs. The wresHing feam is led by John "Rocky'i Evans. who. in one of Jrhe mogf s+irring mafches of Jrhe year. deieaied +he son of Lehigh's Coach Sheridan. In addifion +0 Capiain Evans. ofher seniors on +he Jream include Marvin Woolf. AI Adams. and Eric Oppenheimer. However. a sirong Fresh- man bam led by Russel Down, undeieafed in ali his mafches, is expeded +0 compensafe for +he loss of +hese men. "CHARL" ASSIFF, +op hevyweigh+. works ou+ on one of +he squad. In addifion +0 his maf performances. Assiff holds down +he Firsf s+ring defensive guard slof on Hue foo+ball ieam. VARSITY WRESTLING SCHEDULE Jan. 5-Wes+ Ches+er S+a+e Teachers 3l Penn Jan. l2-Princefon 29 Penn Jan. l6-Lehigh 27 Penn Jan. l9-Cornell 27 Penn Feb. 9-Brown 25 Penn Feb. Ib-Yale 27 Penn Feb. 23-Columbia 27 Penn 3 March l-Rufgers 24 Penn 5 March 8-Navy 26 Penn 4 March lklnfercollgiafcs af Lehigh March l5-ln+ercollegia+es af Lehigh Ed Agnew and Marv Woolf learn +he Jfiner poinfs as Coach Ridenour demons+ra+es on his pupil. Hours are spenf each day by +he new grappling coach +0 +each Hie men +he Iafes+ +ac+ics. Jay Cozzolino. l23-pounder. finds himself in Jtrouble as he is forced fo manuever minus fhe assisfance of his righf leg. Jack Evans. cap+ain of +he wresflers. is Hue dependable firsf s+ring offensive cenfer for Penn's foo+bellers. SITTING: H. A. Sher. A. Sonnenblick. J. Fleming. J. Casani. 2ND ROW: C. Alvarezl G. Balbach. 6. Clark, Capt; T. Halpin. P. JanneHa. 3RD ROW: R. Rambo. Diving Coach; B. Bowlus. Mgr.; W. Hunt J. DuBois. E. Conway. D. Abrahams. l. Peregoff. J. Medica. Coach; J. RorerI Mgr. SWIMMING Under Hwe expemL Jrufelage of Coach Jack Medica, an Olympic champion and former holder of Hue world s 400 mefer record. We Penn swimming feam has consierenHy shown well againsf sfronger and more experienced oppo nen+s Led by Captain Gene Clark. one of +he naHon's fore- mosf divers. +he Jream also feafures Wally Hunt an ace diver: Carlos Alvarez. a breasfsfroker: and Pefe JanneHa. a shorf-disfance free-sfylisf. This year has shown +he rise of Jrwo promising sophomores. Tom Halpin and John Casani' who fogefher form We bulwark and nucleus of The swimming feam of coming years. Coach Jack Medica in one of his rare poses ou+ of his usual garb . . . ba+hing hunks and fowel. W mywwycwwmm Tom Halpin has developed info +he bes+ sprinfer a+ Pennsylvania in a number of years. He has been +he feam's high scorer +his year. Carlos Alvarez from Havana is oufsfanding in + h e 200-mefer breas+s+roke and has been one of +he mosf consisfenf poinf winners on Hie I952 squad. The mermen pull a+ +he wafer and kick Hrelessly as Huey churn +he lengfh of Hufchinson Pool. Swimming Capfain Gene Clark execu+es a iack-knife as he seems +0 hang from +he overhead s+ruc+ures. THE I95I SOCCER TEAM IST ROW: D. Morrison, J. Devaney. Capt P. Marcuson. D. Alexander, J. Dahme. 2ND ROW: Mgr. D. Schmidt D. Dekan. P. Hollenbeck. Coach C. Sco++, H. Clifford. B. Anderson. T. Alverez, Asst Coach A. Binns. 3R ROW: J. Bruno. W. Eve, C. Wile meih. W. Youngblood. J. Buffs, L. Sorikian. D. Housfon. Coach Charlie ScoH's l95l Quaker boofers finaHy ll jusfified his faifh In +hem by Complefing one of +heir mosf : successful campaigns in recenf years. The squad hash- E E 3 J I 9 ioned an impressive six and four record againsf some of +he finesf Infercollegiafe compefifion In +he East As a furfher +ribu+e +0 +he calibre of play. sfellar lineman Joe Devaney. a junior, was rewarded for his oufsfanding per- formances by being named +0 Jrhe All-American feam. AHhough +hey finished ouf a highly succeszul season. E +he Pennsylvanians had +0 s+ar+ th +heir backs +0 the wall. Plagued by numerous injuries The Jream was beafen in ifs firer Jrhree con+es+s. Desperafe for a vic+ory, Coach ScoH gambled on stching leH oufside Devaney +0 the cenfer forward posifion. The swifch worked and +he feam. headed by Devaney and Danny Alexander. broke WA ..,.. mmmaye-. A. Coach Charlie ScoH stands wifh +eam Capfain Paul Marcuson as +hey view +he Quaker boofers in pracfice. SOCCER ouf in a rash of goais and copped five consecufive games. The sfreak was fea+ured by vidories over such powers as Navy and Princefon. and an especially Impressive friumph over Norfh Carolina. champions of +he Soufh. The boo+ers nexi' +raveled up f0 Wesf Poin+ w'nere +hey were downed by a narrow margin by a feam +ha+ was rafed one of fine mosf powerful in +he counrry. HoweVer. +he schedule ended in a blaze of glory as +he Quakers. led by haf Jrrick man Alexander, +rounced a never-say-die Cornell club in He Jrradifional windup game for bofh feams. A Tiger and Quaker clash in a fesi of "no hands" ball Leading scorer. AIl-American Joe Devaney. handling. "Jumpin' Joe" Devaney sends fhe ball neiwarrii. chalking up one of his fwelve markers. LACROSSE S+ar goalie and beam cap+ain, Dave McCahan. leaps info +he air +0 sfop a po+en+ial enemy score. Four Pennmen bear down on +he elusive ball in a pre-game prac+ice session. Under H16 capable fufelage of Coach Percy BeHieid and We leadership of capfain and goalie, Dave McCahan. +he I952 lacrosse feam fielded one of Hue sfrongesf Penn squads in many years. A hosf ob re+urning leHermen and a few promising men from Hue freshman squad enabbd +he Quakers f0 fake on a rough schedule headed by such feams as Princefon' Navy. and Yale. High scoring mid- fielder, Wally Hunt was ably helped by such other rea fuming ve+erans as Pefe Jannefa, Sfeve Levin. Bill Scher- merhorn. and Jack Hundermark. Freshman sfars Ted Hags+rom. Kip BeaHy. and Frank Gibson played like seasoned veferans and will debnifely be heard from in coming seasons. Lacrosse a+ Penn is gaining more recog- nifion each year as Hue feams confinue +0 improve. IST ROW: Kanerick. H.; Levin. 5.: Hunder+mark, J.: McCahan. D.I Capt: Schermer- horn. W.; Hagsfrom, T.: Riddle. R. 2ND ROW: Price. D.; Fuiman. R.: Thomson, F.: Marcus, J.; Dresslerl N.: Eskow. H.; Newmark. R. 3RD ROW: Lessig. L. L.. Mgr.; Ayres, J.; S+ern. 5.: Moore. T.: Bonsall. H.; Gibson. F.; Blumberg. R.: Joseph' 5.: KlineI J.; Belfield. P.. Coach. MISSING: Hunf, L.; Jannefa. P.; Brown. P.; WellsI F. X. Bob Parmacek. Olympic saber and epee man. cap- +ained +he '52 Fencers +hrough an 8-2 winning season. Maes+ro Laios Csiszar has builf a feam of champions in his few years as coach of fhe Fencing Team. I952 FENCING TEAM FIRST ROW: A. Levine, R. Parmacek. capfain; F. Barfone. SECOND ROW: P. Bossen. assisfani manager; I. Dushoff, l. Unger, Maesfro, L. Csiszar. coach; R. Goldman. H. Harkowifz. A. Pearl. assis+anf manager; B. Hayes. J. Dimens+ein. head manager. In Hue brief years H1a+ Maesfro Lajos Csiszar Has been af Penn. fhe fencing feam has risen from Hue? of 0 non- F E N Cl N G exisfing unif f0 a na+ional power which culminafeo lasf year wifh H18 copping of second place in +he NCAA lnfercolleglme Tournament This year. th an unde- feafed season looming. Hue fencing Jream hope; To wear H18 Champion's crown. Paced by Capfair Roberf Par- macek. a member of He U. S. Oiympic saber and epee squads. Hwe Jream also includes such s+ars as Hal Marlo, wifz, Al Selinger. and Achilles Nickles in foil, Frank Barfone and Sandy Levine in saber, and John Tor'H Al Puben, and Ira Dushoff in epee. "On guard!" Fencing is an art and no+ a "50H" spori. Arms and legs ache Harough long prac+ice sessions +0 ready +he fencers for +heir opponenfs. VARSITY FENCING Rufgers I9-8 ..... VYale Ib-Il LafayeHe 23-4 , . , . Haverford l8-9 Prince'ron l8-9 ...... Columbia I0-l7 Navy 1542 ........ Lehigh l7-I0 Virginia 20-7 V , , New York Univ. IO-l7 GOLF FRONT ROW: R. Lipsey. G. Pra+cheH. cap- tain; G. Ma+hison, T. Leibo. BACK ROW: R. Hays. coach; E. Wallace. W. Pequigno+. F. Keiferrer. R. Ollivierre. manager. w x xwxmxx x iqullfzI - . Penn's aH-veferan I952 golf squad iusfified +heir pre-season acclaim by again driving in an excellenf season score. Coach Bob Hayes. who has for severah years Jrurned in +he bes+ wonhlosf record in +he Quaker Afhlefic Deparfmenf, claims if was one of fhe besf Jreams he has ever coached. Refurnlng leHermen Tom Leibo, Gerry Mafheson. Dick Lipsey, George PrafcheH, Fred KeHerer, Arnold John, and Bill Pequignof formed an experienced aggregafion, Nong wiJrh sophomore Ed Whallace. former N. J. Junior Champ and Dick Ollivlerre. playing-manager. rounded ouf fhe '52 squad. The Red and Blue. early Jroqued as +he +eam +0 beaf on +he Easfern lnfercollegiaha link circuit fumed In fine performances bofh away and on +he home course af Valley Forge Counfry Club. George PraicheH capiains +he Penn gohc in a fine '5l record +0 earn his posi+ion as head of +he Iinksmen. u wanm m April 4 LafayeHe May 2 Princefon April 5 Dar+mou+h May 3 George+own April l6 Swarfhmore May 5 Delaware April I7 Lehigh May 8 Franklin and Marshall April I9 Navy May l4 Drexel April25 Haverford May l6 Bainbridge May I Wesf Chesier May 22 LaSalle Number one man on +he +eam. Gerry Mafhison. displays some of +he form necessary +0 compefe againsf +he +op golfers of +he eas+ern schools. Regu- lars Tom Leibo. Cap+ain PrafcheH. and Iasf year's capfain. Dick Lipsey, look on. I952 TENNIS TEAM FIRST ROW: L. Apo'rhaker, J. Rose. H. Clifford R. Levy. SECOND ROW: 3. Sweeney, Coach W. Johnson. D. Lewin. Mgr.; C. Byerly. R. Sugar. ALSO: J. Whif- moyerI W. EveI A. Klingeman, R. Kully. OH +0 a slow s+ar+. Coach Wallace Johnson's l95l nefmen picked up sfeam in +he middle of fhe campaign and rushed on +0 a blazing finish. pro- ducing one of H19 finesf records in recenf years. In addifion +0 producing an almos+ ?awless record in mafches oufside of He Ivy League. +he feam compiled a much improved rafing in Hue difficult League mafches. againsf +he Jrop Jreams of Hwe Easf. Oufsfanding In lasf year's success were Capfain Clin+ Packard, Jim Whif- moyer, Hank Clifford. Warren Eve, Bob Levy, and Charles Byerly. In addifion +0 Hwe laHer members. SI squadman Jeff Rose and frosh s+and- omL Ellis Klineman should add s+reng+h +0 H16 '52 squad. YA C H Tl N G . The Penn Yachf Club is made up of H18 Universify's undergraduafes who HRST ROW: Roberf Rl.ddle' Bruce GJOFd- are inferesfed in yachfing and boafing. Sailing and yachfing feams are com- van, Paul ElgggNF6anlsg$haggrzg'rd lug?- prised of Club members who fake an acfive parf in infercollegiafe regaHas eargmwmiam Callahan Cimarles Siewart represenfing Pennsylvania. Their chief acfivify of Hue pasf year was We Eernlard MacFarland. originafion of +he ln+er-Fra+erni+y RegaHa. Anchorman Bob DewiH s+eps ou+ +0 hold Penn's precious 5-yard lead as sideline followers urge him on during +he 0 college mile relay in Franklin Field. . Over 3000 afhlefes from 500 schools. colleges. and universifies swarmed Info Franklin Field for +he fiffy-sev- enfh annual Penn Relays Carnival. The fwo-day session on +he new Jrwere lane Jrrack produced such record- breaking momenfs as Shea's 0Wesf POEM 9zl L9 fwo-mile friumph and Sfanfield's 0Se+on HalU 25, V4" broad-iump feat r ManhaHan's +hrilling upsef of Morgan Sfafe In +he sprinf relays highlighfed +he feam evenfs, buf Hwe highiy +ou+ed Wilf-Gehrman-Bannis+er baffle for He Ben Frank lin Mile was +he evenf of fhe carnival for mosf of fhe 30.000 fans. Roger Bannis+er made his frip from London well worfh his while by capfuring +he confesf in 4208.3 +0 close +he Red and Blue Carnival. Up and over +he bar goes a Quaker high-iump arHsi in an efforf +0 cap+ure honors for +he feam. Briiisher Roger Bannis+er receives +he winner's irophy from Penn's Direcior of A+hle+ics, Francis T. Murray. for his vicfory over Fred Wilf and Don Gehrman in Hue classic Penn Relays mile. PENN RELAYS The 1952 Cindermen were very hopehM of improving upon lasi' yearhs rafher dismay showing. The poor record amassed by +he 'SI squad was due in large measure +0 Jrhe graduafion of +he previous yearhs sfandoufs, sfars who had phayed such an insfrumenfal parf in Pennhs uncanny success In +he Relays oh +ha+ year. However. despife Jrhe feamhs poor performance in dua1 meeJr compehfiony Jrhe charges of Coaches Ken Doher+y and JeH Kirk had a few accomplishmenfs oh which To be proud. The Zemlle relay Jream pieced +hird in Jrhe Perm Refaysy and +he sprinf and disfance medley reiay Jreams Jrurned in commendable performance in Jrhe Norfh Carolina Relays. Much Is exoecl'ed Jrhis season hom Van Zimmerman a firsf ra+e pde vauH prospect who has aheady deared +he bar af l3 Beef. in +he ofher held evenfs. John Thomas I; In good physicai shape +0 fry +0 break more lavehn records. and Arf Faqu a good sprinJrery shomd be very valuable in +he broad jump. Capfaln Dave Sf. George along wIJrh Zimmermah is a dependable pole vauher ano hard worker for +he Cindermen. The hack evenh are abundanf wifh falenf. Among Jrhose expeded +0 be heard from are Paul Raudenbush. a sensahon in eHher +he +housand or half mile, Bruce WH- liams. who is sfeadi-ly Improving in Jrhe mile, Bob DeWiH, who sef a new Polar Bear meef record in +he l.0007yard run, and George Rieder, an excellenf quarfer mife prOSe pecf. The squad should be weH rounded omL by hur- dlers Pau! Keogh and foofbaHer Cad Sempier, phJs +he oufsfahding sophomore Charles Emery. who has Jrossed Jrhe discuss excepfionaHy weH. TRACK Coach Ken Doherfy has a big 1013 +0 fill +he gaps leH by recenHy graduafed Penn s+ars. However, +he +eam is improving sfeadily and +he Quakers should reach Haeir peak nex+ year. I952 TRACK TEAM IST ROW: D. Harshaw. R. Dolan, mgr.; A. Faulk. J. Thomas, P. Keogh. D. 5+. George. capt; L. Maxwell. K. Nelson. R. DewiH, L. Nachman. 2ND ROW: K. Doherfy, coach; R. Erdos assoc. mgr.; B. Bauer. C. Sempier, C. Emery. J. McCallum, G. Rieder. P. Levy. V. Zimmerman, P. R audenbush, J. Kirk. assist coach; L. Levine. Trainer. 3RD ROW: ' ' ' ler G. Ohn+rup. . G . D. HorenshrelnI G. Gilmer. B.Torruel1a. R. Cu+ . ER. ?gignfb 4TLIl-IJSTQOW: H. Kamene+sky. B. WiJiams. J. Rosenblum. J. DushoFf. C. HoHensfein. S. Higiey. R. Lebow. Penn's +wo-mile relay ieam. composed of DeWiH. Roudenbush, Dodd and Levy, jogs around +he frack in a workout Cindermen Work . . . Sprin+ers George Rieder and Ken Nelson Ief off s+eam and pradice bafon handling PolevauH arfisf Dave 5+. George cap+ains on Hwe Franklin Field hack. the up and coming Red and Blue h'ackmen. Top sprin+er and broadiumper. Ar+ Faulk sails +hrough +he air in con- ques+ of a Penn First A former New Jersey S+a+e high school champion. Bob DeWiH has developed. +hrough his firs+ +wo years wifh fhe Quakers. info a fine haIF-miier and disfance man. Bob sef a new record for +he IOOO-yard evenf in Hue Polar Bear Meef +his year, doing +he dis+ance In 2:l7.4. M . "M A Andy Kirk. las+ year's hack capnl'aln1 , . 1 clears fhe bar neaHy +0 s+ay in +he running. WWII! nXW,' IC4A champ in many a yearI John Penn's only shof McCallum, demonsfrafes how +0 puf +he In his firsf year af Hwe hewm ow +he Quaker oarsmen, Coach Joe Burk did a marvelous job. Nof only did +'ne '51 crew give a good accounf of Hself +hroughouf Hwe regular season, buf for Hue firsf Hme in several years placed as high as 5+h in Hwe annual regaHa. held Iasf year af MarieHa. Perhaps H18 oufsfanding feaf of a highly successful season was fhe varsify's courageous Childs Cup victory. over Prince+on. Hue Jream which had swepf +he river in aH Jrhe previous races of H16 day. Among +he varsify s+alwar+s helping +0 bring abouf such an improved season were lrv Miller. Sfeve LiHauer. Beef McCall. Dan Piccone. Curf Gager. Dick Johnson, Arf Houlihan. Charley Armbrusfer. and Coxswain Bill Chapman. Ou+ of +he boa+house come Hue oarsmen carrying one of +he "shells" foward Hue river for a +en-mile pull. In his second year as coach of +he The squad: D. Piccone. C. Gager. P. MacNamara. Houlihan. I. Miller and J. McCaH. Pennsylvania crew. Joe Burke is doing a fine job keeping +he Quakers ou+ in hont C. Armbrus+er. S. LiHauer. A. A jiml 1. Coach Burke gives a few Iasf bifs of advice and ins+ruc+ion 'ro varsi+y coxswain Bill Chapman before +he boa't heads up +he river. On the River The pracfice boa+s churn by +he boafhouses along Riverside Drive during an early fall workout Vicforious Universify of Pennsylvania Iigh+weigh+ crewmen +oss coxswain Rober+ Robin- son in+o +he wa+er af+er winning +he Thames Challenge Cup a+ +he Henley RegaHa in England. July 7I I95I. ISO lb. CREW Allhougll lorced lo meel emnmeg lhemselve: lhe l95l llghlwelghlg P, The mosl succegslul s by Odmed eason of any ISO-lb. brew since lhe sporf was inillaled al lhe Universily. Winning +he Easlern nglwl. welgl'll Championship was only lhe begin- ning for flue '51 record breakers. Aller remaining unbealen in flue Uniled Slales Coach Al Lewn's oarsmen invaded Europe. Here +hey reaped even grealer laurels, going undelealed +hrough live heals lo caplure lhe Themes Regalla: lhen as a crowning achievemenf lhe l50's lraveled +0 Hamburg and emerged as viclors over all opposilion. FIRST ROW: R. Dorsch, W. KaHerman. S. Joy, W. Wells. and B. Doyle. SECOND ROW: Varsi+y Coach Joe Burk. R. Pendall. F. DuBois lcapr, R. RobinsonI and AI Lawn. lighfweighf coach. Humilnmn," , :, gin- ffer afes ype. Pela +0 5 a Jed wer 1 CHAMPS ND l A+hle+ic Direcfor Franny Murray congrafulafes Capfain Frank ! DuBois of +he l50-lb. championship crew as Coach AI Lawn looks on. Shown on Hue +able are several of +he feam's frophies which Huey acquired in +heir inferna+ional conquest Bri'rish specfafors are seen wa+ching H1e Henley Regaffa on +he Thames in which fhe Penn lighfweighfs were friumphanf. BASEBALL Enfering his lourlh year as Quaker diamond menlor, Coach Howard Dallmar has prospecls of an exlremely successful season. The I952 club will be sparked by Caplain Gene SaHler and reluming velerans Daniel Alexander. Ken Baum- ler, and Connie Mack. Lasl season's 'lhol and cold" mound shall conslsling of Bob Brooks, Tom Hanlon, Bob Dembar, and Ralph Meacham will all be back plus +he addifion of Freshman slandouf Larry Maslers. Coach Dallmar's a5- piranls began spring praclice early in February and con- Jrinuecl Jthese indoor drills unlil +he middle of March when Hue wealher permiHed +he Jream lo go ouldoors. The veferan ball club is presenfly anxiously awailing spring recess when +he Jream will embark on ifs annual Soulhern Jrrip opening up Jrhe I952 "diamond" campaign. Coach Howie Dallmar +urns from baskeiball +0 baseball in +he spring fo guide +he Quaker diamond squad. x Penn's Connie Mack +ouches second and +hrows fo Hrsf for a double play. as Ken Baumler hi+s +he diri during a prac+ice game. The boys relax before faking OFF on +heir annual Spring Recess iaun+ which .s'raris +he season. The preHy airline hos+ess gefs a few Hps on "how +0 make a hit" A Villanova man is Jragged ou+ a+ +hird by Baumler as he +ries +0 sfre'rch a double. 2,2???9x44719f ' , , M ,, m 747 MWWMWM 4m xx xx mem mx Mw . ,m, V'le A WWW xxxxw www.vQ N $ hi Leffy Bob Brooks does plenfy of hurling for Howie Dallmar, and shu+0u+s seem +0 be righf down his alley. Affer +he opening I7-Il +riumph over LaSalle. which feafured Fifzpafrick's 4 bagger in +he six run sevenfh inning. +he '51 Quakers began Jrheir sporadic season. Such highligh+s as Tom Hanlon's Jrhree hif friumph over Wesf Chesfer and Bob Brooks' 2-0 shufouf of Army were offsef by blowups such as Cornell's l4-5 romp over Jrhe Red and Blue in which four separafe Quaker hurlers allowed II runs in Jrhe lasf fhree innings. As Jrhe season drew +0 6 close Jrhe Dallmarmen showed Jrremendous improvemenf as Jrhey swamped Harvard 8-2 and edged Darfmoufh 6-5. A "pick-off" is aHemp+ed by Jrhe Prince+onians. bu+ +he aleri' Penn runner scampefs back in fime. I952 SEASON Second baseman and captain of 4M 1he Quaker nine is veferan player th Gene SafHer. Gene played fine ' i 44 ball 1651' year and has a good squad 1; 3; ., of refurning leHermen +0 back him +his season. Firs+ sacker Paul Fiizpahick dis- poses of a pofenfial Wildcaf score. Jm inh Org INTRAMURALS i i T0 Mr. J. A. GIascoH, direc+or of Inframural Afhlefics, sfands in fronf of fine Roll of Honor in Hufchinson Gymnasium. Name pla+es of +he winners of +he various sporfs are displayed here. Under +he direcfion of John A. Gbscoff. Pennsylvania enjoyed a successful lnframural Sporfs program fhroughouf Hwe l95l-52 aca- demic year. As in pasf years some of H18 oufsfanding a+h1e+es in several of Hwe mlnor sporfs were discovered in Inhamural compe+E- Hon. Besides fhe program's value +0 coaches 1ooking ?or maferial, if afso sfimufafed frafemify and dormifory spirif +hrough i+s varied afhlefic even+s. In some of Hue Individua sporfs such as WresHIng and Track, we see 1tra+ernlfy men and independenfs aer HgMIng for H19 AH-Uni- versify champiomships of his parchlar confesf. On +he ofher hand, in feam sporfs, compefifion Is sflmuia+ed by +he awarding of frophies +0 Hue wInning squad. Joe Sh'verman Undergraduafe Manager of lnframura! Afhlefics. was insfrumenfaV In making Jrhe arrangemenfs 1tor guiding +he pro- gram +hrough one of H3 mosf succesmcu;I seasons. This year +he lnframurak accompHshed fheir chid goal: To give aw Penn studenlrs an equal opporfumfy +0 parficipafe in sporfs during +heir leisure hours. Joe Silverman, undergradua+e manager of inframural afhlefics, has done much +0 organize and promofe +he a+hie+ic program a+ Hue UniversHy. m. .....r-......,..'...u,..a... .M w . .. ,-: man, ,. -. . . ........... ...4. A- IST RC son! R R. Pagt leYI .C' J. Dlmi er. ' Greenb Adams! Hunt I Ungar. K. W fauer' hanJ'Y- E 5, Rth Marvin.- ren. J. Mose s. HoFf c, Hill. SchnePF The Hufchinson Gym is Hue scene of hard-foughf dorm. fra+erni+y and independen+ clashes +hroughouf In +he fall. six man foofball games are a big aHrac- +he winfer. fion and +here's no room for +he chap who doesn'f like +0 "rough if." The squeeze is on as +he Iigh+weigh+s vie for +he Universify individual weigh+ fi'rles a+ sfake. VARSITY CLUB IST ROW: M. WoolfI R. LevyI P. Marcu- son. P. Keogh. T. Henlon. Pres.; G. Smurlerl R. Page. C. Smifh, H. O'NeillI R. McGin- Iey. C. Sempier. 2ND ROW: D. Scanlon. J. Dimensfein. D. Deakine. R. Oppenheim- er. C. Assiff. R. Har+er. D. Hovey. D. Greenberg. S. Hagger+y. D. Zimmer. 6. Adams. F. Brown. J. Evans. 3RD ROW: W. Hunl'. D. Lipsey, D. Dolan. R. Erdos. L. Ungar. B. Parmacek, R. Dorsch. J. Dahme. K. Baulmer. D. Murray, C. Cornog. S. LH- +auer. 4TH ROW: D. Piccone. J. Dele- haniy. B. Clappier. G. Pra+che++, W. Adair. S. RiHer. J. Govi, D. Summerbell, M. Marvin. D. Alexander, W. Bowlus. H. War- ren. 5TH ROW: N. Schmidt K. NelsonI J. Moses, A. Jaffurs, J. Tobin. C. Mellen. S. Hoffs+ein, C. Mack. Ill: J. Lesiig. Jr.; C. Hill. Jr.: P. Dennonf, D. McCahan. J. Schnepp. The Varslly Club al Perm, boasling membership 01' leHer-holdlng alhleles from bolh major and minor sporls. fos+ers +he advancememL of all sporls on campus. In Jrhe enaclmenJr of lhls policy. Jrhe club ulilizes lwo melhods of approach. Realizing +ha+ many minor sporls receive liHle allen- lion. +his group allempls +0 promole publiclly in all possible ways. ll places emphasis on inlerdormilory. inlerlralernily, and inler-class sporls compelilion by pre- senllng awards +0 various Jreams. VARSITY CLUB .1 5;? W 1' J'QW. x 4A The Club also malnlains lhe slalus of spokesman lor all alhleles al Penn in whichever way if is needed. The Varsily Boal Club exlsls lo encourage more sludenl lnleresl in rowing and lo sllmulale aclive parlicipalion in +he sporl by +he undergraduales. Composed of Jrhe enlhusiaslic and splriled oarsmen ol Jrhe Unlverslly. lhe Club confinues llS high spirif Jrhrough regular socials and meelings in which problems ol +he sporl are discussed. VARSITY BOAT CLUB VARSITY BOAT CLUB J. Delehan+y, J. Tobin. S. LiHauer. D. LeFF. W. Meyers. R. Maser. SlTTlNG: C. Mellen, l. Miller, D. Picone. ROW: R. Dorsch. R. Johnson. R. Dempsey. P. Dennanf, W. Clapp, B. S+oke. M. Trouf. 3RD ROW: A. Exner. 5. Joy, W. Jackman. SPIKE SHOE CLUB Penn's Spike Shoe Club provides Jrrack and cross counfry parficipanfs th an organizah'on in which fhey may exchange friendship and good Hmes wifh sfudenfs of similar in+eres+s. Through parfies and oJrher socials. H fosfers +hese aims and. in realHy, Jrhe group is +he social frafernHy for Jmack and cross coun+ry acfivifies. GRAPPLERS CLUB SITTING: S. Cohen. Mgr.; R. Wie- mar. V. Pres.; M. Wolf, Pres.; J. Thomas. Mgr.; J. Evans. Capt 2ND ROW: P. Posmanfur. Mgr.: A. Adams. H. Leeds. A. Sklower. ABSENT: E. Hyman. J. Cozzol- Iino. C. Assiff, C. S+ewar+. M. Arch. SPIKED SHOE CLUB SITTING: B. Brause. R. DeWiH, D. Sf. George. L. Maxwell. P. Keogh. Pres.; G. Rieder. B. Dodd, K. Nelson, A. Thompson. 2ND ROW: A. Kaminsky, L. Nochman, A. Faulk, H. Graff, A. Rose. J. Gaspari. R. Lebou. N. Sfevens. R. Dolan. Mgr.; K. Horfon, P. Raud- enbush. 3RD ROW: B. Marfin. R. Erdos, C. Hoffensfein. J. Torruella, N. Greene, B. EnnisI G. Ohan'rrip, J. BriHan. GRAPPLERS CLUB Members of Jrhe various Penn wresHEng feams have Jrhe addifional honor of being eligible for +he Grapplers Club. The aim oh +he club is +0 promofe inferesnL in wresHing af +he Universify. Many gueSIL speakers. weH known for +heir parffcipafion in wresHing. were presenf af club meefings +his year. 6L 51m L. Ur Pres: IB DeWiHhI we", P, . Dodd, . 2ND achmanI lose, J. vens. R. . Raud- :rfin. R. :rruella. hanfrip, GLADIUS SOCIETY SITTING: A. Markowih. L. Ungar. F. Bar+one. Pres.: P. Permacek. GLADIUS CLUB The Gladius Club co'nsisjrs of +he leading members of +he Universify's lnfercoHegiaJre Fencing Team. l+s purpose is +0 sfimulafe an in+eres+ in fencing among Penn sfu- denfs. Each year Jrhe Club conducfs a Gala Nighf of Fencing. which is +he club's main acfivify on campus. The Managerial Board has a +wo-fold purpose: To serve +he Jream and +0 aid +he coach in carrying 0qu Jrhe sporfs schedule. Hs principle fundions are +0 Hme and MANAGERIAL BOARD MANAGERIAL BOARD score confesfs. handie equipment plan Jrrips and disburse funds. There are many benefifs gained while serving as a manager. They include experience wifh +he oufs+anding afhlefes of Jrhe Universify, earning a varsify leHer, and helping fhe Universify in Infercollegiafe Acfivifies. Surely Jrhe sfudenf body owes +he Managerial Board a vofe of +hanks for a iob well done. SITTING: R. Ollivierre. C. Hill. W. Bowlus. Pres.; J. Tobin. R. Lewis. 2ND ROW: W. BoH'. J. Thomas. C. McKinney. L. Lessig. J. Demensfein. ABSENT: D. Schmidt R. Dolan. Posed on Franklin Field, leff +0 right are: C. Faunce. J. Rench. R. Sandler. Head Cheerleader S. Fuess, D. Jacoby, and R. Cra+on. The Cheerleaders Suppoang +he +eam is. nexf +0 playing +he game, +he mos+ im- porfanf elemenf of success in fhe afhlefic confesf. Throughouf Hue foofbaH season. ' ScoHy ' Fuess and his boys did a grea1L job keeping +he Penn sfands alive and JeHing +he boys on Hwe field know we were righf wifh Hwem. The Baske+ball season again broughf Hue cheerleaders 0qu +0 back Hue ream. and "Lef's Go Quakers ' replaced "Hang JeFF Davis," sfill cheering H18 Red and Blue fo vidory. Spirif is imporfanfefhe cheer- leaders did a good job. An amplifier helps ScoHy s+ar+ +he cheers and ge+ +he s+uden+ body foge+her. Even af Wisconsin. our only away gridiron clash. ScoHy was on hand. screaming +0 a handful of Quakers for support An Army cheerleader shares +he Cade+'s mule wi+h Bob Sandler during halffime af Franklin Field. The Ivy Ball of 1907 was held in Weightman Hall where the decorations helped to hide the ejfect of being in a gymnasium. These lovely OJ damsel: were a few of of the co-eds of 1919 at Penn who were the cause of much dispute concerning coeducation. The dispute still rages. It seems as though every ball room or party has its cozy anterooms. The gen- tleman in this picture is evidently un- afected by the quarters. From the RECORD of 1887: "It has been the popular belief for the past three years that only the young blossoms, With a small sprinkling of 'budsf would endure the inconvenience of a ball in West Philadelphia; hence the present custom of setting apart the hJuniorh hPromy for the youngsters, and for the benefit of the full-blown buds, giving the Senior ball in town. Agreeable to this idea, ,87 gave her 'Ivyh on April the eleventh in the Annex of the Union League. The crowds of dancers and the great financial success proved the wisdom of the policy. The walls were deco- rated by tasteful masses of flowers, and the trophies of Our Victorious teams; while the magnified badges of the Fraternities lent a bewitching air of mystery to the font ensemble. With such a lavish hand had the supper been prepared, that a menu was presented far beyond com- parison with any previous occasion? Class Day was a big event, back in 1919, when the ladies still wore long skirts, and the men 51lgered uncomfortable Hare Ibo students and parents enjoy tbcnzselres 011 NJ: green of the Big Triangie. suits. rrwl t .BV The charming group of ladies you see posed here are a group of co-eds who are planning a dance for the men stu- dents. Mme: llw H4" The dormitory area was just as popular y a spot for taking a stroll with your date in 1919 as it is now.. The rules con- cerning women in the dormitories them- selves, however, were much more strin- f, , gent. Daily social activities often en- tailed no more than a walk or a soda in those days where as today they could include three or four parties a week. Walk 124 flit Park at see who "What is so fair as a if dame on a - a 1 l stu- g b a g c frllrkw If is dmhulf to imagine flan! women dressed in garb like this would Broke any notice or at- tract wolf-ralls, but judging by H79 evidence, they did. The Junior years later. Prom of 1926 was held in Wcigbtman Hall and attended by a throng that would rival fbe crowd that went to tlae Prom in 1951, twenty-fit'c iy Appla - gliarlgstm -. Moxt of us' are old enough to rcmcmbcr the wild fl't'lux over Tommy and jimmy Durwyg thc grcttt popularity mt Glenn Miller, the rise 0f Bing Crosby and thc suddcn hunt- of Frank Sinatra. XVC can recall without much difficulty songs like "Alexandch Ragtime Band? "W'hOP", "Inter- mezzo? "Deep Purple? and the beginning of tho ridicw lous, nonsensical dittics like "Hudsut RnltonH and "Mares Eat Oats? Some of these things Will come back tn us in real life; stars and bandleadcrs often make comebacks, songs, plays and movies arc revived, but most of it WL' shall have to leave to memory. The RECORD hopes that these pages Will keep some of the merrier things in our lives alive. However, for before our time, WC will have to rely on what history tells us. In the last century, so much of our advancement, both scientihcally and culturally and so- cially, has come nbOut within the last four decades that WC would barely recognize the kind of life our grand or great grandparents lead :15 resembling our own. His was the day before the movies, television, and jukc boxes, but his was not a boring existence, by any means. 0019, la la! This picture, in 1920, was mp- tioned: "Four reasons wlay Hamilton Walk is popularf, Today we can find more and better reasons. nu of mm JIU ELT- cu- arcs s in :ks, wc hat our on our 50- :hat i 01' hNIIS but The first Interfraternity Ball was held in 1920 "to promote a closer association among fraternitiesy This year, with an elaborate program for an entire week of interfraternity events-and a special Brotherhod program prove that Today finds the our predecessors were not without cause or imagination. ympathetic fraternities at Pennsylvania much more unified in purpose and s in spirit of action. .fo :4 q; ;C; "u c a m f re m ch All-Amcrican fooball plzgers, hn his day, is flanked here 10 two debutants Frank Reagan, one of Peunk few active and popular man on atmpus l attending the Mask and Wig show. ugw- u-FM - Frank Gary, editor of the Daily Pennsylvanian, dances with a coed after a fashion show to boost Bundles For Britain. It hardly seems a decade ago. 12119 2341455! With the prospective of one hundred years to look back on, we can see that despite fads and fashions, old songs or new dances, strict chaperoning or Wilder living, the basic things in our social lives have not changed. The temporary features of social affairs have proven unim- portant. It has been largely the companionship that we have found at Pennsylvania in our daily living, rather than the big event in the social season, that have made life so enjoyable for us. Perhaps under the veneer of that flipancy that is so char- acteristic of youth we have also grown up. We have not been so oblivious to our times and environment so as not to learn something from them. We have learned to accept and be trusted With the extra responsibilities that more social freedom, given to us both by our parents and by our University, entails. We are fortunate to have achieved such a fine beginning in the art of living With others. This Junior Prom, unlike that of 1926 on the previozls page, was not a flapper dance by any means. By 1940, when this picture was taken, song-lovers had "ont-grown" the Charleston and had turned instead to the smoother music of Vincent Lopez. Here be conducts the orchestra as the couples watch, regis- tering di'gerent reactions to the Lopez style. Held in the West Lounge of Houston Hall, the Fresh- man Formal of 1940 featured George Sommer and his band. A fast-moving program of informal enter- tainment added highlights to the occasion, the climax of which came when Saint Nick interrupted the pro- ceedings to distribute gifts. um m .,. MONROE TROUT. Presiden+ of +he Junior Class. and Maan Rosemarin. weekend chairmanl presen+ Jthe "Junior CaneIl +0 Dr. S+assen. TOM SCOTES and Dick Sherbahn bear The flags as +hey lead +he Junior Class in +he +radi+ional "Cane March" along +he Big Quad. The Juniors march +hrough mos+ of +he campus and conclude +he ceremonies wi+h a chapel service in Irvine Audiforium. The highlighf of +he fall social whirl was Junior Weekend. Beginning wifh +he Junior Cane March on Thursday and ending quife properly wifh house parfies on Safurday evening. Penn men and +heir dafes had a fime long +0 be remembered. Many hundreds joined in +he fradifional march +0 +he Chapel. The nexf day. aHer a series 01: pre-dance cockfail parfies. +he JuniorsT as well as all ofher sfudenfs. danced +0 The music of Freddie Marfin and his orchesfra. who en+er+ained wifh a large variefy of dance and noveHy funes. The neer morning +he campus awoke +0 find colorful pos+ers being displayed. urging Jrhe Jream on +0 vidory. The fen finalisfs in +he posfer con- +es+ paraded on Jrhe field before +he game wifh Jrhe Zefa Befa Tau posfer adjudged +he winner. During Jrhe 'nahc Hme. Miss Barbara Lou Klopp. Junior Weekend Queen. presenfed an award +0 +he presidenf of +he winning frafernify. The Pennsylvania vicfory over Navy made +he weekend doubly sweet Happy Pennsylvanians re- furned +0 Jtheir affer-game parfies +0 ceTebrafe Jrhe friumph and bring +he weekend +0 a TiHing close. EMA :mmmmm wt; - f T THE MEMBERS of Kappa Nu fra+erni+y display +heir BARBARA LOU KLOPP. Junior Weekend Queen. pre- posfer in +he finals of +he Junior Weekend Posfer Confesf. sen+s +he Posfer Con+es+ Trophy +0 Byron Sachar. Presi- The winning posfer was crea+ed by Zefa Be+a Tau. denf of Ze+a Be+a Tau frafernHy. JUNIOR PROM Queen hour" in Hous'ron Hall. W;saa--. . . ,,...... .--.;-4-. THE FIRST couple arrives by faxi a+ +he Broadwood Ho+el for +he Iarges+ aII-universify social affair of H1e season. SEVERAL couples "make merryll a+ fheir frafernify +able during +he firsf infermission. COUPLES s+ep OFF Hue eleva+or on +heir way +0 +he main ballroom of +he fashionable downfown hofel. DANCING +0 Freddy Mar+in's music highligHs Hue nighf's fes+ivi+ies. TV s+ar Cindy Lord. a+ Penn for +he weekendI is Hue guesi vocalist W... H...- 94541, f, THE SIX FINALISTS for Queen of +he MilHary Ball pose an a coHee hour in +he Chrisfian Associa+ion +he aHernoon before +he dance. THE MILITARY THE CADET OFFICERS and +heir ladies pass under crossed sabres during fhe grand march. DR. D. LINCOLN HARTER presenfs +he "Harfer Gar+er" and a cup +0 Queen Marilyn Mur+agh. who +hen disposes of +he cup's confen+s -milk from Dr. Harfer's'favorife cowl Buffercup. LADIES and +heir escor+s crowd around +he bands+and +0 enjoy Jrhe capers of Tony Pas+or and his band. For +he firsf Jrime a+ school +he MiliJrary Ball wenf big +ime. wifh +he dance being held af Towne Hall. Dancing +0 Jrhe music of Tony Pasfor and his orchesfra. plus +hb infermission music of Chuck Gordon's band. +he Army. Navy. and Air Force R.O.T-.C. cadefs crowded +he ball- room along wifh +heir dafes un+il Three in +he morning. A well aHended and highly successful cockfail parfy was sponsored by +he Navy's Quar+erdeck Sociefy during +he dance. Parf of +he evening program Included a grand march by +he newly appoinfed R.O.T.C. cade+ oHicers and +heir ladies under an arch of crossed sabres. Following +his. +he Queen of +he Ball. Marilyn Murfagh. was presenfed wifh a cup. a corsage. and a "Harfer Garfer'h which was fas- Jreneol +0 her by Dr. D. Lincoln Har+er 01C Jrhe Polificai Science Deparfmenf. EVERYBODY relaxes be- fween dances af one of +he many fraferniiy boofhs around Hue dance oon TOWNE HALL shakes when Hwe coupfes whirlvland damp Haeir fee+ +0 H10 popular ' Mexican Ha? Dance. Six young damsels vying for Hue queen's +i+Ie relax ai' a coffee hour given in +heir honor in Housion Hall. Kay Con- nor. +hird lady from H1e leff. was finally crowned a+ +he Ball. Twinkling +oes and shuf-fling feef blend as +his lively couple polish off a fas'r number in modern fashion. lNTER-FRATERNITY WEEKEND y: The l-F Ball, held on Friday evening. dimaxed a highly successful In+er-Fra+ernify Week, under Hwe general chair- manship of Bloor Redding. The Songfesf, won by DeHa Tau Delfa. Bes1L Piedge Confesf, +opped by Acacids Fredrick Dodge. and He l-F banquet Chapel, faculfy Jreas. exchange luncheons. and Hwe Queen CoHee Hour kepf Pennsylvanians busy during H19 week unfil Hme for +he big formal splash af +he Broadwood. From pre-dance cockfail parfies over a Jrhousand couples invaded Hue Broadwood Ho+el, jus+ a few blocks hom Cify Hall. The music of Sammy Kaye and MaH GiHespie filled +he ballroom for +he five-hour brawl. th Jrime ouf +aken +0 crown +he ,queen and presen+ awards +0 Hue Bes+ Pledge and Song- fesf winners. Breakfasf was served in Hie hofel from mid- nighf +0 four. and many sfragglers finally reHred as We sun rose over a sleepy Philadelphia. Safurday affernoon. aHer "Bromo Hour," Bill Davies' Dixieland boys sfaged a +op nofch jazz concerf in Housfon Hall. 'Dinner was nex+ on Hue agenda af H19 HHouse." Maurice's. McShay's, Torello's, or +he like. A record crowd of nearly nine +housand jammed +he Palesfra In +he evening +0 wafch Hue Quakers, led by cenfer Ernie Beck. drub +he defending Lion champs. 77-7l. ShorHy aHerwards, fra'fernify parfies became Hue core of acfivify. bringing +0 6 close 1he annual colorful "Fesfival of Hue Greeks." One of H19 Ieas+ crowded +ables af +he dance depicfs +he average scene-emp+y ice bucket full ash +ray and fading refreshmenfs. 31. w . 1.5 M - 9 . M ,, r Sammy Kaye and his orchesha provide +he incenHve for smoofh dancing 'fill 3 A. M. in +he Broadwood's main ballroom. IST ROW: A. PoHs. Banquef; R. A+kins, Sfeering; B. Redding. Gen- eral Chairman: P. Yurchak. Coffee Hour; J. Newman. Jazz Concert 2ND ROW: R. Fenrick. Tickefs; B. Lewyl Luncheons; H. Van Sciver, Publicify; C. Packard. S+eering; H. Warren. Sfeering. 3RD ROW: L. Bard. Pledge Award; J. Brownback, Queen: N. Sfevens. Sfeering: D. Conliffe, Arrangemenfs. Also on +he commiHee were A. McComas. Chapel. and R. Sherbahn. Songfest Penn coeds deser+ Weir books and "preHy up" 10 celebrafc H-r: weekend whh Me men of Pennsyl- vania. , ,I. ah.- ;....... -....q.-...-n- w' - Nearly five hundred couples crowded Hue dance floor fo fox frof and rhumba +o Hie sfrains of Chuck Gordon's band. On +ap ai Hue bar was coke and, for +hose who qualified. a sufficien+ quanfify of home brew. Highlighfing +he evening was +he crowning of +he Queen a+ ll:00. Soph H0p Music-maker Chuck Gordon and his band accommodafed +he "Soph Hoppers" wifh some fine arrangemenfs for easy dancing. Mr. Gordon is known as a "friple +hreaf" man. since he plays +he +rombone and +rumpe+ in addi- +ion +0 doing vocals and +he ar- ranging of fine numbers. Providing H1e feminine fouch for his band was Doris Aliier, a provocaHve young lady wi+h pleniy of Jtalent The Penn Sheraion Hoiel, iusf 0H campus.was+i'1e seHing for Jthis year's Soph Hop, held on Friday evening, March 2!. The semi-formal dance las'red from nine +0 one. under Hwe chairmanship of Henry H. Bonsaii. On Sa+urday aHernoon af four, Bill Davies and his four cohorts gave 0qu wifh some well-received noise for a Jrwoahour jazz conceri in Housion HaH. The firsf hour was sfricfly for 113+ening. whiie +he second hour was ufilized by a goodiy number of sirong- hearied and long-winded iiHeibuge and Hwe iike. Tha+ evea ning mosf everyone adjourned +0 Hie various irafemify socials for some serious dissipaiing. Crews s+rain and Quakers cheer Coach Burke's oars- men as +he boafs near +he Finish line. Thousands of spec+a+ors crowd Hue easf bank of +he Schuylkill River of a crisp Sa+urday aHernoon +0 aness +he Frosh. J. V.. and Var- si+y con'resfs, climax of Skimmer Weekend. The "Roaring Twen+ies" come back fo life as sfraw ha+s and bonnefs +op wind-blown en+husias+s in +heir oufdafcd "machines." The frafernify boys and +heir dafes enjoy a IiHIe reheshmcnf along +he river be+ween races. Skimmer Weekend is rc'ach .' dar. FormerIy 'Cd 3;; Da, years, Rug; Cdbw wa: abng wah a crew r3 , Friday; MgI'Hr and Dh'e- amav on Samrda; +he:e crew "3:5: He core 3; a grea; mec-e': The dancing chorus of +he annual Frosh Wiggers show poinf +heir foes and smile as +hey ge+ in shape for cur+ain Hme. Thirs+y dancers fill up wi+h punch and cookies during a break in +he program. Couples mafch sfeps during one of +he slow numbers a+ +he "Hop" on Safurday evening. Frosh Weekend Freshman Weekend is +he Jtime for +he firsf year sfudeni's fo officially + a k e o v e r +he social limelight S+ar+ing on Friday affernoon wi+h +he preliminary Penn Relay games, which aHraci' +he besf infercol- Iegiafe frack and field feams in +he couniry +he evenfs coniinue wifh +he Frosh Mask and Wig show Friday evening. Penn Relay finals Safurday affernoon. and +he Frosh Hop a+ +he Penn Sherafon Hofel on Safurday evening. The class flag is unveiled as Freshman Class Presidenf A dummy in pleasan+ surroundings is Hwe confer of Phil Tobin officially fakes over his pos'r. affracfion in +his bif of comedy. IVY WEEKEND Wifh Hue end of anofher giorious year of college in sight +he lasf social evenf fook ifs bow May 23. Headed by Ron Golub, +he Ivy CommiHee pbnned a memorable weekend. wifh Hue Friday nighf formal a masferpiece of young dazzling vfhings in gorgeous gown. escorfed by +heir dashing Romeos sporfing pre-season fans. Many Safurday aHemoon picnics, lawn parfies. and ofher such "fresh air" sorfies came before Hue popular house formals H161" evening. Soon anofher Ivy Weekend be- came a memory: ano+her page of hisfory in H16 social diary. IVY WEEKEND COMMITTEE FIRST ROW: 6. Minds, +icke+s; R. Golub, general chairman: J. ThompsonI band. and H. Carver. publicHy. SECOND ROW: B. Lewy. sfeering: J. Evans, +icke+s; D. Knapp. special eveMs. and E. O'Brien, queen. ON IN celebraf year +ai ballroor PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY Dan+e N. Piccone Bar+on M. Lewy Q TREASURER Charles K. Russell Lesfer L. Lessig. Jr. P anv ,6 7'1; E Q 8mmn:m Q .,4 ON INTO THE EVENING couples dance and ceiebra+e as +he Iasf All-Universify dance of +he year Jrakes place af +he Broadwood. COOL, CLEAR BEVERAGES help keep +he merrymakers smiling in +he warm and crowded ballroom. AHendance was limifed +0 allow reasonable space for dancing- and breafhing. The gradua+es 's+and and sing in +ribu+e +0 alma ma+er. "Hail Pennsylvania." This happy Penn graduaie is rewarded by a hug from his sisfer as his proud paren+s look on. Dr. H. Sfassen, Dr. A. H. WilliamsI Dr. C. Read. Governor J. FineI and Rabbi W. Fineshriber preside a+ +he graduai'ion exercises. During +he one hundred years +he Record has fold +he sfory of our days af Pennsyl- vania, +he meaning of commencemenf has nof changed. To us. if is sfill +he end of a happy and rewarding porfion of our He. infellecfually. socially. and cuHuraHy. H is also Jrhe beginning of a "new" life. in which we will have +0 pave our own separafe ways. make our own discoveries. and chance our own misfakes. Then I91L us foamL our alma mafer. and +he memory of "dear old Penn!" Second Annual RECORD Awards The RECORD Award i'o Jrhe Senior whose coniribuiieriio +he in +he field of afhieiics, has broughi honor and recogmhon +0 Jrhe .Umxier- sify. and whose leadership and devofion +0 his sporf has been an Inspira- Jrion +0 his feammafes. . ALEXANDER J. JAFFURS was chosen for +his award because of his oufsfanding per- formance as quar+erback of +he Diamond Jubilee fooiball +eam and guard on fine Pennsylvania baskefball ieam. As a player and leader he displayed +he qualifies of abiiii'y and leadership, s+ill keeping scholar- ship formos+ and +hus serving as an in- spira+ion and credif +0 his teammafes and he Universiiy. . CHARLES K. RUSSELL was chosen ior ?his award because of his sincere and unrivaled work in preseniing +he news +0 Pennsyl- vanians. as edi+or-in-chief of +he Daily Pennsylvanian; and for his superb Ieader- ship of flue Universify undergraduaie or- ganizafions. serving as chairman of fhe Undergraduafe Council. . The RECORD Award +0 +he Senior whose confribufion +0 +he Universi+y. m non-afhlefic exira-Curricuiar adivifies. has done +he mosf +0 iurfher +he inferesfs of +he Universify. and whose diligenf work and enfhusiasm has been an inspirafion +0 his class. 388 Advertisers . .. 389 QUALITY FIRST . . . a P5176? Palicy FROM THE MOMENT it is conceived to the mnmvnt it is dvlix'mwl. m: ry Philco product is huilt t0 the most rigid standards, ut' pt-rt'nrnmm't- and dependability. In every step of its design and nmnuf'zu'turv. thv tint consideration is quality No reductiun in mst. nu mmmmy mt prndm'l inn is permitted that makes the slightest t'Hlnernli hility. T0 the end that. for the price ynu pay. you hm; hm- mmntmw gix't's yuu thv twmnxnu- wt Hm Sbtk'ilh 1111.1ltlyurl't'ltm that the Philc-u name mm mm prmhtt-t tinest quality your money um huy. PHILCO CORPORATION .1- -v t TICLICVISIHN - ICAI'IH - lilil'llltilftlk'ltl'RV '1511H Hilt IIXWJ h - : .; :JIH, FLICVTIIHXIV l'IZt'wl't '18 Mill INpt'StEJ K x t:: THE BALFOUR 5?5.... ,. STANDARD g; , CLASS " RING THE BROADWOOD HOTEL takes pride in saying: Truly, a worthwhile investment in grand liVing - a gift to set Pulsmg "The I 12y Ball, I nter-F raternity the Red and Blue blood of all Sons of Pennsylvania - a flttmg reward Ball, Ium'or Prom, and other to climax four full years of educa- tion and extracurricular activity. . . . . Unwerszty soczal affairs there k have been held in our ballroom L- G- BALFOUR CO- for four consecutive years? 1 60 1 Chestnut Street PHILADELPHIA 3, PENNSYLVANIA -The Broadwood Hotel 8. S. Brown SPruce 4-7078 UNION ELECTRIC CONTRACTING COMPANY CERTIFIED ELECTRIC CONTRACTOR ir 1 7 0 8 - 1 0 CALLOWHILL STREET PHILADELPHIA 30, PA. RIttenhouse 6 - 3 1 4 0 392 So You Want to Go Into Business! Have you ever thought of going into Several Businesses at the Same Time? Unusual thought? Perhaps, but the Property and Casualty Insur- ance held protects virtually every type ofindustrial and commercial enterprise. Factories, stores, schools, churches, hospitals, homes, represent only a few kinds of property being protected by the North America Companies. Careers in Underwriting, Claims, Field Representation and other services are open to the young man challenged by xmrk involxing analysis. judgment and business decisions. If you are sincerely interested. contact H. PAUL ABBOTT Director of Education North America Companies 1600 Arch Stteet Pmladelphla 1, Pa. PROTECT WHAT YOL HAI'EE NORTH AMERICA COMPANIES Insurance Company of North America Indemnity Insurance Company of North America Philadelphia Fire and Manne Insurance Company Congratulations and Good Luck to the Class of ,52 i' SMOKEY JOES wimuun w 3x91": IIIIIIiill'"::;.':1II , "IllinillhuT-imt ill? me'ITI'm WEBB 8C COMPANY "Catering to YOIlr Photography Needy, Camera Films and Motion Pirturc Sllblllies 48-170m- Finisln'ng Service Slide Rules and Engineering Supplies i' 3425 Woodland Avenue PHILADELPHIA 4, PA. Phone: EV 2-2896 Congratulations to THE RECORD on its One Hundredtb Anniversary THE KITE AND KEY SOCIETY FELIX SPATOLA BC SONS Established 18 80 Fresh and Frosted Fruits and Vegetables i' Reading Terminal PHILADELPHIA 7, PA. 394- Jfoustm flail THE FIRST STUDENT UNION Houston Hall Has Served Pennsylvania Undergraduates and Alumni Since 1895 i Houston Hall Dining Son ire MAIN AlikTLRIA Houston Hall Store Book - Stztfiam'rry - Gifh BAIJ ONY CAPLTRRIA POST OFFICE BARBER SHOP NOTARY PUBLIC CHECK CASHING SERVICE IVY ROOM CAHzTERlA SODA GRILLE PRIVATE. DINNLRS "1 '19: :02; :39": 3'81'2 '.914 :9:: :6::::::6:9:6::.: 16:9:62 :6::: 3:6 :6 .9. . ' C? I; This Ad Appeared in 1895 Record '5 u. J. G. BRILL COMPANY 6'; 9 . PHILADELPHIA . . :4 3.? Builders of Railway, Tramway, and 1;; M 514 13.; Electric Cars and Trucks 1;: " s1; of All Classes 31' :91 5:; Au." 1;. " 2:": Works reached by Traits from either Broad Street ??f Station or B. 8: 0. Station, Twenty-fourth and :6: Chestnut Streets :6: 3.: .936; .6:. :6: .62. :6: :6: .:6: :62: :6: :6: 6.9 :':.:9Z..:1?:.:?i..3'z '9:6 1-19; Phone: EVergrcen 6-3944 HAMILTON BAZAAR Hardware 3944 Market Street Vk "Where Penn Fraternities Buy, 100 Years Serving the American Theatre VAN HORN AND SON Theatrical Costumers Established 1852 PHILADELPHIA 7, PENNA. :k Costumes to Rent for Plays, Operas, Pageants Costumers for Mask and Wig :k Special Rates to Catholic School and Colleges Send for Costume Plot and Estimate i' Rollin W. Van Horn, Pres. ROSEDALE COAL CO. Morgantown, West Virginia Established in 1 917 Producers of Bituminous Steam Coal President J. L. HATFIELD Vice-President T. J. JOHNSON Secretary-Treasurer I. L. VAN VOORHIS J. E. KUNKEL GulfFuelOil Oil Burner Service Mgc Per Gallon Discount 63rd and Market Streets AL 4-2800 FL 2-2888 RHEINHA RT, INC. Venetian Blind Suppliers to New Wharton School i: KI 5-5600 21st and NAUDAIN ST. SILVER MOON CAFE "Finest in Food and Drink Served in 0 Pleasant Atmospbe1 e i' TV for Your Enjoyment friars $211M gammy Extends t0 Elbe 332mb Congratulations on Its One Hmzdredtb Anniversary 7-X 9" tile' ,v m-. .' '1' o More Nuts 0 More Fruits o More Cordials 0 More Flavors this Hunscom selMgn of Miniature Chocolat ; ranacom AADtt'Hll CHIDNOFF STUDIO 550 FIFTH AVENUE New York 19, N. Y- FAMOUSFOR QUALITY SERVICE DEPENDABILYPY SINCE 1927 Official Portrait Photographer 19 S 2 RECORD 398 'F Congratulations PHI KAPPA BETA U. of P. RINGS Charms 0 Pins - Keys of the Campus Organizations Honorary, Scholastic and Athletic Makers of the Varsity Buttons ,3 J. BERGER 85 SONS J. E. CALDWELL 8: co. A?N'm'm . jewelers 0- Silversmitlas 3 Stationers Televlyoniy- service Vk N. E. COR. THIRTY-SEVENTH AND Chestnut and Juniper Streets WALNUT STREETS PHILADELPHIA 7 RIttenhouse 6-3300 Phcne: EV 6-3000 QUALITY GLASS co. Van Voorhis, West Virginia i' PRODUCERS ILLUMINATING WARE Owners: I L VAN VOORHIS HAROLD OSBORNE J. R. VAN VOORHIS EMMETT LYNCH MRS. J. M SMITH IT STARTED IN 1952 . . . The Class of 52 witnessed the dawn of the Universityhs future. It saw the rise of Dietrich Hall, new home of the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce . . . of the Thomas 8. Gates Memorial Pavilion and Medical Alumni Hall, new ad- juncts of the University Hospital and Medical School . . . and of the War Memorial Flagpole. No class ever had its time and place in Pennsylvaniahs 212-year history more tangibly marked. These are only the first products of a plan to transform 136 acres into a great, new heartland of learning. Ground already has been cleared for a new Physics Building. Next will come a new University Library. a nursess home, completion of the Chemistry Building, a new in-patient building for the hospital, physical improvement of the Law, Towne and Fine Arts Schools, the Botany and Psychology Depart- ments and the menhs dorms, a campus for women . . . and a Uni- versity Tower. Bigness and beauty alone are not the goals. The plan is functional, conceived because the Universitvhs mission has outgrown its resources. It also contemplates a more ade- quate endowment of teaching and research. Nineteen Fifty-two saw great buildings materialize. It also saw a force set in motionea force to be kent moving bv the energies of the Universityhs alumni and friends. The Class of 52 is welcomed to these ranks. UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA DEVELOPMENT FUND GEORGE WM. McCLELLAND HAROLD E. STASSEN Honorary Chairmen THOMAS S. GATES, Jr., Campaign Chairman HENRY B. BRYANS, Gcncrul Chairman Space Donated by The Class of 1952 rte iene ewxiw 400 I Jl ASSEN airma" 1 X -Di4 J. B. VAN SCIVER CO. Good Food Camden, New Jersey at i' U I , Consult Vrm Sciver s Contract Department for J N OR S LUNCHEONETTE the Furnishing and Decorating of Dormitories 3717 LocuSt Streeet and Fraternity Houses i' i' Telephone: LOmbard 3-6200 Fast Service '---- ------O--.- O---..-. ---------. ----------- --------.1 WM. 7W KEIW M We 9? KEEP roucu WITH THE KCAMPUSWYOUR FRIENDS THE BALL GAMES AND THE BIG WEEKENDS ----- ' '5 A UTAH?! LDAILY RPENNSYLVANIAN IL ETTE 0 U WHEREVER vou ART Y0 R HOME dPPLICATION FOR SUBSCRIPTION The Daily Pennsylvanian 3443 Woodland Ave. University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia 4, Penna. . Please put me on your Subscription List for next wem- I ester or yean. The rates are 2.75 a semester or $5.00 a year. NAME : ADDRESS l . U I will send my check for to The Dally . Pennsylvanian at the above address. : J --------- --- ---------nn-Qq 40! NEW YORK 4, N. Y. BALTIMORE 2, MD. 2626 Whitehall Bldg. 1525 Mathieson Bldg. Winslow-Knickerbocker Coal Company Anthracite 5 Bituminous COAL General Oj?ice 1 11 S Broad St. Station Building PHILADELPHIA 3, PA. BOSTON 10, MASS. 505 Chamber of Commerce Bldg. FONZO5S 48 3 9 Chestnut Street I talicm Restaurant i' "Where Prices Are Born Not RaisetV i Home of Annual Football Banquet MArket 7-58 5 5 METROPOLITAN FLAG 8C DECORATING CO. "756 754? Wow of ,4W4" Manufacturers of University and Fraternity Flags it 632 RACE STREET PHILADELPHIA 6, PA. EDGAR E. HECSH Flowers - Gifts 3 4 0 7 Walnut Street PHILADELPHIA 4 5k Bonded Member - Florists, Telegraph Delivery Asphalt and Rubber Tile Venetian Blinds and Linoleum MODERN FLOORS, INC. Composition E5 Resilient Flooring f 1537 s. BROAD STREET HO 5-0183 Philadelphia 47 79:5. 249;; 7.192.: 2: :.,, w: :9, 2:95,, 2.3:, 3:929, :9: 3:92,, 901032.02: :3; :2 5,1 This All Appeared in 1901 Record :i 51 ?.3 GILBERT 8c BACON ;.; v ;.; Leadmg Photographers g; Vi I'd 903 t?! Finest 9.4 ,y x. . . M ,g Spcumcns 1n .3; 5.4 Pastels, 3L;- 9'; Water- a 3.? Colors and 2;; Miniatures :0: 5,: iii:- "5' I'd .5! V i5 9; Special :9; :3 Rates to . 5; Students 8 '33; Group g; 3.1 Work a k ".5 Specialty 9 1:. A n 5 V w "5 II 1 0 3 0 Chestnut Street 3...; :1: 35': H 5.4 w, 'o .,' I," ,8." '90., VM, 5 LL ,,, '5 ,, . m, 5. w. .959 o, g g o . . . K ,c55 ,c5cr'5krossa'5xxo' , .9. N .0. ,,.. . ,, 0.0.0,, 9.0;. 9.0.... .9. ,v; 3.0.0, A .05 e. aqmeone. 402 I Rum .s-mtu 1:. m. $32330... .N : 510.. . 's A :m 3 ' ' - . . . ' ,, .0 - v 5.0:? x $ 3 V .9:- vor iO1- THE INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL of THE UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA ACACIA ALPHA CHI RHO ALPHA EPSILON PI ALPHA SIGMA PHI ALPHA TAU OMEGA BETA SIGMA PHI BETA THETA PI DELTA KAPPA EPSILON DELTA PHI DELTA PSI DELTA TAU DELTA DELTA UPSILON Congratulates MEMBERS KAPPA ALPHA KAPPA NU KAPPA SIGMA LAMBDA CHI ALPHA PHI DELTA THETA PHI EPSILON PI PHI GAMMA DELTA PHI KAPPA PSI PHI KAPPA SIGMA PHI SIGMA DELTA PHI SIGMA KAPPA PI KAPPA ALPHA PI LAMBDA PHI THE RECORD On Its One Hundredtb Edition PSI UPSILON SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON SIGMA ALPHA MU SIGMA CHI SIGMA NU SIGMA PHI EPSILON TAU DELTA PHI TAU EPSILON PHI THETA CHI THETA XI ZETA BETA TAU ZETA PSI PHIL S MEAT MARKET 5 545 Master Street TRinty 7-7511 it Leading Supplier of University F raterm'ties i Personalized Service Complete VIRGINIA BAR AND GRILL 3901 Walnut Street The Finest Flowers at the Lowest Prices DREXEL FLORIST 3505 Lancaster Avenue "Inst Around the Corner from Pen1W 4 a 4 U. U FAVORITES WITH EVERYONE x 1 -: 44$x O we PHILA. DAIRY PRODUCTS CO., 890 NO. 47th $T., PHILA. 39, PA. INC. MCSHEA,S Famous for Sea Food Snapper Soup and Steaks 31 SOUTH 16TH STREET Owner john P. Mchea POSMANTUR,S, INC. Buffalo, New York "Western New Yorkk Leading Clothiers, 404 Air Conditioned RED AND BLUE DINER 36th and Walnut Streets Open 24 Hours Patronize Our Advertisers. They Patrom'ze Us! SCOTT SMITH CADILLAC COMPANY 1 3 8 5 Ridge Avenue PHILADELPHIA 23, PENNSYLVANIA STevenson 7-2000 Sales Service J. EDWARD LINCK SHEET METAL WORKS Slate 9 Tile 9 Metal Vk 2951 N, Marshall Street PHILADELPHIA 33, PA. Philadelphia, Pa. Washington, D. C. BElgrade 6-0579 Frances Rapinesi, Prop. SPRINGFIELD BEER DISTRIBUTORS 5 9 01 Springfield Avenue PHILADELPHIA 43 , PENNA. TONY 86 ALS 1 l 3 BAR jumbo Sandwiches i' 113 S. 36th STREET Class Rings Only $36.00, Tax Included CAMPUS JEWELERS 3707 Spruce Street Compliments of WATSON 8c MCDANIEL CO. Manufacturers of Steam Traps and Reducing Valves i' Philadelphia 23 , Pa. 1; This Ad Appeared in 1874 Record :9: WILLIAM H. OAKFORD ;' I03 53 5a,; . 1.4 2;; Fashionable H utter f: 926 Chestnut Street 926 g 53: Ce PHILADELPHIA. :3: 732 1-3; 3: ' ' M :4 ,OAKFORD. hsmounsu HAT TzRN? 926 CHESTNUT St.PHIU 32.115 .40le AGENT9 0 ,. AMIDON 8: DUNLAP'S NEW HATS. 531 EU: 1;; Cdlene Hats. Bands, and Mortar Boards. 312 Q4 7 .s.. oft, .H, LN. xv." Wu 1?: 35333:: T533??? 3.120392513033776 1503297,. .3103373322, 3169,., s9 T JOSEPH R. FARRELL, INC. Commercial .- Industrial .. Institutional Builders 4424 MARKET STREET PHILADELPHIA 4, PA. A Typical Project . . . St. Helenak Church, 5th and Godfrey Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. fMSMUUIH SAILING Coll CAMPUS on Y0ur next Yearbook. Leorn m this Organizo'ion is the Largest Producer of Fine School and College Annuals. 4 4 4 CAMPUS PUBLISHING I420 WALNUY 51., PHILADEKPHIA 37 WALL 51., NEW VORK ART SERVICE - ENGRAVING - LETYERPRESS AND OFFSET PRINYING 406 ll V l 4 . . Centimetres G3 The Tiffen Company, 2007 l Cyan Green Yellow Red Magenta Whi e 3 Color Black 9."? wwv- L' $: : -.v w- u ru-w :1: UV 1:7 :; :7 u :y:; .., :vauuu47 ; -,., :v, ,5. , - J a 9L 17L 8L 8L W A O

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University of Pennsylvania - Record Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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