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N ET 'se J 2.51, xg '1 'Q' I7 K A-H V ' l fix D ' A ' ?f'A9XJ'f if N f l4Jf -fwff g 1, I , ' W 'fwg 4 7 ' f Wi ,I 1 f fa' 'H RRWNS XX X 4, -' , XX A ' A,,l',-1 ,ifxfs f 7f "1" x " 'xQ f sf I 0 KQXXQK- f 1 f ga' iyylffeff ,ai 454 ,,fJ 44114-1 A 1-411, X fi' . WL- ' . h N L-xwf1 - v 1 H A- - , 1 M , x F' .1 ,Aj x 93,4 'R 'f f" TAVT 'ii-IJ? b, i I CLASS CCDRD TI-I E C LASS RECORDZ 5-NNClx'XXX VIuQ or TNEVNIVERSITY or PENNSYLVANIA + fxff,wf4s'!fA9fx14yfAxvQ2A.x74xV C'3OP'YF2.lGH'TED'B'Y JAMES W. MARVIN Editor-in-Cbief ALFRED D. WEINBERG Businexs Manager ' YAVfA5N'QKY4XYfAf7'f+NW W-PX uretnurh EQIFE calls to 'Youth "Come buy!" 'Youth answers, "Have you Fame, or Love, or Power, or Riches in that peddler's bag of yours?" She answers shrewdly-and offers us what she knows we want to buy. But her answer is never sweeter than when she says-A "H ere are Memories !" Qin Gut mothers J. MCNEH. WMISTLER I I T TWV .- EQQ ii THE 1926 CLA 4 fro I If XA fe L2 Q KA 4 Al- W ,-" - - in . , , . ss ' I' 'RECORD- -BOARDW 2 X ' 'IT I .,,.. ' ' Q-Gl.Q!G.Q.Q,GP.S JAME5'W'IvIAIkVIN ' --" EOWIN'IRrIv1OIl.INE" - - - JAIVIES'A'GILIFFIN Q ----- ALFKED-D - IVEINEJEKG PLOIBEIQT -W NOBLE HENRY-I-ILOPLIN -1 ---- THEODOILE'G'KICI'I 0 - - - QIQZQZQZNIQZQIQ Q... 0ZQ.ID.Q.Z.Z.IZ.U ' ' ' EDITOIL,-IN-CHIEF ' ' MANAGING EDITOR, CIKLULATION MANAGER., ' 'BUSINESS MANAGED,- ' ' ' ' ALT - EDITOR.: ADVEILIISINC1 MANAGER., PHOTOGFLAPI-IIC EDITOR: DZDZZZEZWZZZZIU -1 EDITOILJS 0 IkOBEIkI'N ISILIGGS' "WII.LIAM'H'CULbER.TSON GARNEIQO FLETCHEPO- 'JOSEPH 5 XVILE 0 ASSOCIATEEDITOILS - J'STANLEY ' ADDIS ' JOSEPH 'APPLEBAUM '- HIILAM'P- BAMISEILQEL H ' DONALD ' F ' MS DERMOTT WILISVIL' N ' BAVGHMIAN ' 0 JOSEPH' F- ISILENNEKJ ' PAUL'J' IBVECHLEIL '- LOGELS M' DILEW - ' KOIBEILTE- GUGGENHEIM I-IAPJMAN'b-I-IEPOIb Eomomo-B-QUILLIN Q JOHN- LI RANDALL 4' ILVING ' H 'SILBEILG ARLHIBALD C'VOILIS 'JOHN PWVILSON ' " BUSINESSASSOCIATES '- ILUPPEILT ' LING!-IAM f' BERNAILD-B-EICHHOLZ. - Q EARL-LIEVER.: 1 AILNOLD'S'NASS CAILLTON- N' ILLUTEY ' 1' WELLINGTON 'J ' SNYDEILJ WILLIAM P- LAWS ' ' S ' BURTON 'SPIILT - AILT ' ASSOCIATES - J ROY-CAPXROLL - - CLARENCE-B' LITCHEIELD FRANCIS -,If CUBBEKLEY ' WILLIAM - L- SHENTON - PI-IOTOGKAPI-IIC ASSOCIATES - WILLIAM'S'GOLDSTEIN ' - MAUK,lCE'IL'M-MUILPIIY QIQTQZQZEZQZQIQ .,.p,.f. Qzazmazzzzrercrb . , Q'i.vO"L!1i,f .pu rugs!! my M WT' t '31-MCONTENTS nmmminn N5 ' W NW W Q CAMPUS Q 551 'CLASS 5225 Q .4 ll ORGANIZATIONS my FX gllmi MU5lC6-DRAMA am. PLi3'1lfQfRNS o 0 4 Q FRATERNIUES Q f tsl' ll Ph-f!4'5-'0f'SJof'S-f6f'Q-l0f-Q-fi THE CAMPUS N hours of rest, the Pennsylvania graduate looks back and visions scenes of his college life. The years pass by and details and incidents pass into the forgotten, familiar faces, even, fade away and pass from memory. But ever stronger and more majestic appear the pictures of his campus. Its ivyfcovered build' ings, its familiar nooks and crannies, and its traditional places and walks take a bigger place in his reveries and become dearer and dearer to his heart. New buildings, of which We are justly proud, may arise, many of our vvalks merge into more spacious ones, but all merge into the old, and the same Pennsylvania atmosphere continues on forever. It is the campus that lives on in increasing glory in the memory and affection of the graduate. l12l FJ fn, 'fwfr T iff L lit QL Li I nl Ln, COLLEGE HALL LOGAN HALL FRESHMAN DORMITORIES . 44, W,....r' f f 4 .I J r. f. if V ,, 4 2,-...4 WEIGHTMAN HALL THE LIBRARY 44" QL rn avfqfaka 1 . J' l e, , n f :"'!S'2!':Q9' 9 ,, fr. K-V Q ,, .1 ' -,'-i .255 , -. a wk v . ,ig ol . ' X A N 1 . ' '- ml PROVCDST TOWER CRAIG DCRMITORY I 21 I AN ENTRANCE TO THE QUAD i221 UNIVERSITY MUSEUM I23 1 MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1926: T THE threshold of the University, with your faces turned toward the world, you may well ask yourselves what has been gained as a result of the years spent in study. How do you differ from the youths who entered the institution four years ago fresh from school? You have had many contacts with life, you have had experiences of all sorts which have enabled you to interpret life more intelligently, because you know more about it. You have been brought into contact through your courses with various fields of human learning. You have been under the influence of teachers who have imparted to you not only information concerning their several subjects, but also something of themselves, their enthusiasms, their views of life. With such preparation and training you are able to take up the problems of your own lives, and each of you will strive to apply experience and knowledge to the problems by which you will individually be confronted. If you have used your opportunities, you realize that the subjects studied in classroom are not the only contributions that the University has made to your life. Among yourselves you have formed associations and 'friendships which have given you a broader conception of the world. You have disf covered that it is not necessary that men should be absolutely in accord on all subjects. You have discovered that there are certain broad principles of thought and of conduct which educated men and women have in common. Those who have been educated can see further than those who have not been educated. The University of Pennsylvania has been to you a mother during your undergraduate days. The University has nourished and cherished you, and you will look back to her with affection, with loyalty, and with gratitude. May I extend to you, both personally and officially, my affectionate good wishes, and may I express to you the hope that what you have learned in the University may be merely the foundation for lives of usefulness and happiness. Faithfully yours, l24l ' . .,f4,,?"1 1 .... . .. , ,,.,,,,.. , .,... ., ........ , , "'DN'WQ-if ,.,., . ...... . ti M , ffm , . .. .,,. .HM , , , , . , .. ,.........,.. ...WH ,n,.,..1 ,,,,,.:. Ii 5 J ! I ij N ' s r 1 . 'z , 11 I V 1 1 rl' E ii 1 li , f , I a i. 5 f 1 I ,, 1 1 . I I- v ' A ....AA A V ' l- -A V , .,, .., , A. ,.... . ,A , 1 . , - - PRESIDENT PENNIMAN l 25 1 THE CLASS MESSAGE HE timefhonored custom of leaving a message of parting to the fair mother of our university career now confronts us and finds us at a loss how to put into words the emotions that crowd about our final days at Pennsylvania. Inexpressive aspour words may seem, still we hope that they will in a measure express the genuine feelings of the Class of 1916 toward the farffamed institution to which the members are now obliged to bid farewell. It is a sign of marked affection to declare publicly that here at Pennsylvania we have experienced a development and stimulation that we believe we could not have hadlelsewhere. Within four brief years our Alma Mater has most freely proffered us the fruits of her interest and concern. Enveloped in the cosmopolitan atmosphere of her campus, we have come to look on life with a broad eye and a distant vision. Seated in her, halls, we have heard priceless words fall from the lips of seers. In the wide range of her activities, we have met those rare friends whose like we shall never meet again. The Class of 1926 has been unusually fortunate in being able to play a part in the inception of a huge plan for the expansion of Pennsylvania. It is gratifying to note how far our University has already advanced in this movef ment. We take this opportunity of reassuring her that we shall continue to assist her in her lofty ambitions by responding with devotion to any future summons she may give. With justified pride in calling Pennsylvania our Alma Ivlater and in being called in turn Pennsylvania men, we turn away with lingering steps from her halls with these affectionate words on our lips, "Ave atque Vale!" Wm? 70 l26l 5 l CLASS DAY - Tuesday, june 15, 1926, 2. 30 P.M., Dormitory 'Triangle Overture ..... "The Red and Blue" Salutatory .... History of the Class . Selection .... Class Prophecy . Class Poern .... Presentation of Honors Spoon Man . . Bowl Man . Cane Man . Spade Man . "Alina Mater" Valedictory . . Planting of the Ivy Ivy Oration .... "Hail Pennsylvania" . PROGRAM . . QRCHESTRA . . . . . THE CLASS . WALTER F. O,MALLEY ' CLARENCE M. FREEDMAN . . . . . . ORCHESTRA . . ISADORE CLASTER . . PAUL J. BUECHLER . .WALTER E. O7MALLEY . . . KARL E. ROBINSON ROBERT A. EICHELBERGER . . . EDWIN R. MORINE . . . . . . ORCHESTRA MAURICE K. M. MURPHY IVY CEREMONY I291 , . WALTER E. GQMALLEY . , . GEORGE EICHNER . . . . THE CLASS r X, v , . wg.. i .2 s gy Z J HIST DRY 'P 'O - "'F- '-xv ' lzlf golf L X ""' I j'J ,E xlhll uma 7 Q if -I f 5' f , 1-3 V ' V Y .1-L, 'Q' L1 EK T 4- 1 - T-N Qi!!-', as J. L - T ,.? lk?" E "QM -vw ai'-9. " .N -1+ -'-r l --J ISTORY is but the unrolled scroll of prophecy. So will the history of '26 ever be-whether inscribed in the traditions of Pennsylvania or eternally woven into our memories-a record of promise fulfilled, of dreams come true. In reviewing this history let us bear in mind that no historian can depict those bonds of friendship formed, the joys attending success, the anguish following defeat, and the fleeting visions that come to men aspiring to greater things. These and much more my pen is unable to portray, but when we are far enough from our active days to catch in retrospection a truer picture, it will be these that stand out. Four short years ago the Class of '26 came to Pennsylvania. Those Hrst few days of long registration lines left us quite bewildered. We wandered about the campus awed by the greatness of it all. Then came the Field Welcome. The Sophomores, true to tradition, entertained us right royally on Franklin Field Early was the calibre of '26 recognized. i'Pennsylvanian" editorials gave official form to the general approbation with which the Class was regarded. Especiallyswere our friends, the Sophomores, solicitous as to our welfare. They inquired after our health and warned the other classes to keep away for we belonged to them. Never was a class more disappointed.- From the very start '26 established a reputation as a fighting class. Hard as nails Full of tricks Pennsylvania ' Twentyfsix was indeed descriptive of the mettle of our Class, and the Sophomores found themselves outfought and outwitted at every turn. Indeed, we even dared carry the fight to them, with such dire consequences, that the Philadelphia police joined with the P. R. T. and the dorm cops in demanding that these 'Lrowf bottomsl' be abolished. So went forever that great tradition of underfclass rivalry, always to be ref membered with delight. Realizing that the success of the Class as a unit depended upon organization, we elected temporary oiiicers. Arthur K. Brown became temporary President and Maurice A. Gilmartin was named temporary SecretaryfTreasurer. A Class song, to the tune of uGallagher and Sheanf' further served to unify the Class and impress the Sophomores with their own inconsequence. Swiftly and from myriad sources the spirit of Pennsylvania permeated our ranks. Activities and friendships, the fondest associations of our college lives, came to make us happy in new' found enthusiasms. Heelers heeled furiously and wrote volumes, athletes 'kmisteredi' the coaches until they landed a place on the teams, wouldfbe musicians, actors, youthful political geniuses, and com' mittees swarmed everywhere and kept Houston Hall, the hub of campus activities, jammed to the doors. , , L V , , The Class of '26 was ever ready to give its all Frog Pond for Alma Mater. The death of Andrew Lang, l30l quarterfback of our championship Freshman football team, was marked by a solemn tribute paid by the entire class. The Flour Fight, which had replaced the Poster Fight, was the first big event after our welcome. Officers, heelers, and athletes of '25 were collected to do honor to the Cavaliers of '26. Victory was reserved for us until a later date. Meanwhile we had elected permanent officers. The men who led us through to the end of that most memorable year were: Noel Eddy, President, M. A. Gilmartin, VicefPresidentg Frank B. Murdoch, Treasurer, Melvin Sims, Secretary, Edward Buckley, Historian. Ruppert Bingham served as Chairman of the Executive Committee. The Hrst social function of the Class was long to be remembered for its spirit. With Houston Hall packed to capacity, the best talent in oratory, harmony, and dancing entertained us at our Freshman Smoker. The Pants Fight was conclusive proof of the Sophomores' leadership in the 'iback to nature" movement. lt brought to us victory and the Penniman Bowl. Our glorious year was ended by a banquet held at the Hotel Majestic. Nearly all of our Class of hfteen hundred were in attendance. From the journey down in chartered P. R. T. trolleys to the ignominf ious repulse of the Sophomores, who tried to rescue their kidnapped president, everybody evidenced unrestrained delight that so much was included which the program did not specify. SCPHCMCRE' YEAR We returned in our Sophomore year as full of energy as ever, eager to renew old friendships and to make new ones. Under the able leadership of the Vigilance Committee, chairmaned by M. A. Gilmartin, we gave our Freshman debutantes a reception in the Big Quad. Besides bathing them amidst the frogs and lilies when occasion demanded, we administered various nocturnal treatments. Later we provided for their ediiication and enjoyment in the Flour and Pants Fights from which we emerged victorious. Again we won the Penniman Bowl, this time by an overwhelming score, being the first class ever to win it twice in succession. As a mark of friendship and appreciation, the Bowl was presented to Walter F. C'Malley, Chairman of the Committee who for two years had led us to victory in the greatest attainment which we as underclassmen could achieve. Meanwhile progress had been made in many other ways. Elections had been held and E. Scott Lower had been chosen President, with Hiram McKee,VicefPresident, Edwin R. Morine, Treasurer, George W. Farabaugh, Secretary, Albert B. Hager, Historian. From every source, by the end of the year, came reports of the conquests of Q26. Varsity teams felt added strength and impetusg publications were learning why everything had been run wrongly before the advent of '26, and how things should be run. The ranks of the famous Mask and Wig were swelled with fifteen sterling performers of 526, full of ambitions of the Hrst order, making "Thats That" a most captivating musical comedy of Palm Beach worthy of the reputations of its predecessors. The Smoker, with its successful repulse of the invading Freshmen, the banquet, which held everyone bubbling over with enthusiasm and whose bubbles cost us over three hundred dollars, and the Sopho' more Prom, were class functions which passed in rapid' succession and served to strengthen and solidify us as a class. Hey Day and the Love Feast, the last of those great getftogethers at which lower classmen formally bury the hatchet arrived at the same time and we were no longer underclassmen. JUNIOR YEAR The happiest days of our college career, our underclassmen days, were things of the past. We had grown from an unorganized mob into a perfectly disciplined body and had swept ob' stacles before us as a tidal wave. But best of all, . we had come to love Pennsylvania with an everf p A , lasting devotion Vigilance Committee l 31 l Junior elections once again brought our political geniuses to the fore. Walter F. O'Malley was elected President, Leonard R. Eayle, VicefPresidentg George Eichner, Treasurer, Hart E. Van Riper, Secretary, Edward Shuey, Historian. With our President in active charge, plans for Junior Week progressed rapidly. Committees bustled here and there, and before we were aware of it the glorious time had arrived. With full realization of our dignity as an upper class, we received into our keeping the Junior Balcony. To the rhythmic swing of the canes, which testified to our newffound honors, we marched to chapel services. The Smoker followed, arranged by "Art"' Curtis. Then came the banquet managed by ujackv Holaf han. The Cornell game was replete with all the thrills that only a Cornell game can have. The 2o-o score was sure testimony to the supremacy of our team which earned the championship of the East. To fill our cup to overflowing, the Prom was a glorious termination to a week of laurels and unqualified pleasure. It was the supreme occasion of our junior Year. The remainder of the year was a furious whirl of activity. Managerial and publication competitions continued and at last came to an end bringing with them the joy of effort well rewarded. With our greatest year yet before us, we realized the urgent necessity of choosing as a leader one who held the respect and admiration of the class. Such a man was Walter E. O'Malley, our Junior President. His refelection, breaking a 25fyear precedent, has been fully justified for he has continued in his Senior year the work of making '26 a leader among classes. The Undergraduate Council elections placed L. E. Eayle, E. E. Bailey, J. Evaul, R. Bingham, A. Thompson, and R. A. Eichelberger in office. On Hey Day, the Senior Honorary Societies gathered into their folds those of '26 who had most ably served Pennsylvania in her many fields of undergraduate activity. SENIOR YEAR We had supposed that as the years of our undergraduate life passed we would lose some part of the enthusiasms with which we had begun our career as Freshmen, but such was not the case. On the conf trary our Hrst enthusiasms had grown and developed into a fine loyalty to our great Alma Mater, which reflected itself in the glorious list of achievements of our Class. - The remaining Class ofhcers elected were john Wright, VicefPresidentg Frank H. Massey, Treasurer, John Harron, Secretary, Clarence Freedman, Historian. We settled down to enjoy this year, with that keen sense of appreciation which comes to maturity. This year marked the culmination of three long years of steadfast endeavor and hardy effort. On the gridiron Captain 'joel' Willson led a great Pennsylvania team in a successful season. The satisfying victory over Yale, at New Haven, was the first ever attained by a Pennsylvania team over the Blue. The magnificent exhibition of spirit from over 3o,ooo rooters, who filled the entire east side of the Yale Bowl, will remain one of our cherished memories. Well might '26 boast of her part in that victory, and thosenwhich followed, with Karl Robinson, Emid Thomas, Njoew Laird, "Al" Leth, L'Dick" Snyder, Len Sorneson, Emil Heintz, and "Zip" Long as our representatives. "Art"- Thompson capably managed the team, with Graeme Frazier as his associate. l32l 1 The cinderfpath found Captain Ray Wolf, Everett Lommasson, L'Lans" Taylor, "Bud" Casson, "Pete' Lewis, and "Mel" Sims performing meritoriously for the Red and Blue. "Tex" Graham was Manager, with "Les" Cassidy as Associate Manager. "Dick" Bailey captained the crossfcountry team for two years. Baseball included the following among the stars of the diamond: Captain "Zip" Long, Paul Chace, 'kRog" Lindsay, and 'LDave" Reiter, with C. O. Axley Manager and "Hy" McKee assistant. The basketball team, with uRed" Sherr as pivot and "Bill" Ramage and 'LRog" Lindsay to flank him, played through a hard schedule successfully. M. A. Gilmartin was Manager, assisted by 'ljerryn Evaul. Crew, that aristocrat of all sports, found enough Varsity squad men in the Class to fill two boats. Those who won their Varsity "P" were Grashof, Fayle, A. Johnson, Irmiger, Jordan, Reeve, Redway, Willson, Schaeffer, Elliott, L. Johnson, and Pf1ugfFelder. R. Sinclair was Manager. Captain Hans Boos, AllfAmerican for two years, led the soccer team to within one game of winning the championship. His able associates of '26 were Dougherty, Gentle, Lewis, Child, and Stewart. 'ljimw Crawford was Manager and "Lay" Redden was Associate Manager. Our Minor Sports teams were uniformly successful. Frank J. Valgenti captained the rifle team, which won the Intercollegiate Championship for two years. Captain "joel Applebaum "foiled" all comers from behind mask and rapier and for two successive years was Intercollegiate Champion. Paul Wilson dis' played such good form in his swimming that he was elected Captain of the team. Captain Kraemer, Rich, McCalla, and Stafford "tumbled" all opposition to win the Intercollegiate gym championship. 'LHank" Koplin managed the champions. L'Ed'l Morine held the world's record in the plunge in his Freshman Year. Under the expert guidance of '26, Pennsylvania publications flourished as never before. There were fortyfnine men of '26 upon the various boards. "The Pennsylvanianu moulded campus opinion and showed how mighty was the power of the press. The wielders of the pen included R. A. Eichelberger, EditorfinfChief, George Peterson, News Editor, E. Scott Lower, Managing Editor, and C. K. Elliott, Features Chairman. The remaining pages were taken care of by W. A. Withus, Business Manager, M. K. M. Murphy, Pictorial Chairman, J. P. Crawford, Pictorial Business Manager. The Ladlers of the Brew who produced a MPunch Bowl" worthy of its title as a champion of the college wits were: Clarence B. Litchfield, EditorfinfChief, Bernard I. Comroe, Managing Editor, Henry Roberts, Art Editor. It takes money to run even the L'Punch Bowlf' and these material but necessary things were handled by Colin W. Mathieson, Business Manager, and Alfred D. Weinberg, Advertising Manager. "Red and Bluel' provided our Alma Mater with embellished records of her magnanimity. Seymour B. Waldman headed the board, assisted by Layman Redden, Managing Editor, J. Paul Wilson, Business Manager, Kahlman Linker, Advertising Manager, Robert Gugenheim, Circulation Manager. The NClass Record" under the guidance of James W. Marvin, EditorfinfChief, introduced many new features and is a Etting memorial to embody the accomplishments of '26. Edwin R. Morine was Managing Editor, R. Noble, Art Editor, and 'LTed" Rich, Pictorial Editor. Its publication was made possible by Alfred W. Weinberg, Business Manager, Henry I. Koplin, Advertising Manager, and james Griffin, Circulation Manager. The Arts Association, headed by Frank B. Murdoch, had one of the greatest years in its existence. is -am , p- . .:-aaf.f,a..1-fray 45.-,f ,.af:a:.g mfs, .pq-1. a. + . s.sf..g.f.,-sv aa:sQg"an --f1a,+,1iM::wsf?:"rM+r,g -.rv-fairing!2S'i3gea.r-himA ,sw-,, .pa ilfsloffq -1,951 Fszzfkyfwz hwfzxlsz-sg?"'vfgS:w!,gf-1.s.-re',3wx-,- If -awfqrv-7-15,15 dwg: ,:..a'-'Q'-It-'1'-Q55 ' - sm. mf. fa i . asa. ii has fwoaawfii P ,wit 5m?lvf4:gF.y:g,ff1?5'f 'mar-021+-'v4z?1'z'J4h?1w9z2' 4'mz,4"332f 'Q 'arrrifw-twJ,3 :ly M2191-rw: W-V A.1-'we' 1455- ' - : , . - 'f " M, - 'Sf' ' aw -. -' " 3 -J F " J t'7'?i413 'T-,3?f'f1"'1 , " x , .-- -.ff-'-g"::w'11-2f'-f-'i522a,:1'-f-tx I ' - ' U., , T. ... .. ' 1 .,, -L """? A " :ff 1 '- .-, 'L "" ffs . fr ' -. We "4 X QQ :im "fx .Q :..' "'.s4"' v i 4- ,fmf -. ' 1 I .' aj' ' Qxiafrs ,. 'TQ ' I . 1 H. F 'T 'I 'sq' l wf ,- 'Kr N ,, v ,.,.. .. , - . f I nw . . I We 'f v 3 ff 1 W M 'Y 1 - M.. gv ' V 5 H ' l33l Its speakers included Alfred Noyes, Hamlin Garland, Loredo Taft and others who spoke before the largest audiences in the history of the Association. The Musical Clubs-the Orchestra, the Instrumental Club, and the Band-claimed for their own more than threefscore of our hardy serenaders and embryonic symphonists. When Pennsylvania's mighty band, in colorful array, came majestically up the center of Franklin Field to the strains of the marching song, it was then that '26 was supreme, for at its head, with - W.. - s pq, V stately tread and lordly mien, was none other than our own , Shorty Marsh, the diminutive sixffoot seven Drum Mayor. f'i?,i1f A ' - - - - - '- y' ., Lg Geor e Eichner ave of his time as President of the Christian , ,., .,,. ,of .aft :l . g Association to mana e the Clubs. The Debating Team. captained by Bill Kennedy, won ' V ' . 5 . ..' - - - - , . almost all its debates, including a victory over Oxford, and had 3 most Successful Year- . , 1 - - - - 11, fi The Senior luncheons, held on Frida s, and the inau uration ..... - - .5 of Red and Blue blazers were successful innovations on the part ,,,, of the Class. With all competitions ended, rivalries forgotten, and - . . . . . . . . the interests of individuals lost in solidif in the Class, we ....-J, ,,,. ,rw QA ..., . T .. carried on to the finish as a unit. Elections for Honor Men disclosed four true Pennsylvanians .,r.. worthy to represent the best in 26. We acclaimed Walter 'ET' .'.'i v . O'Malley, Spoon Man, Karl Robinson, Bowl Man, Robert '?1e5w:- i'f,g:r::aa,.-fem.: f , ,g.,.a-7243.144 ' -3 ' f-0:1 Aa, "GJ-7 : 'Sf' 3 ia Eichelberger, Cane Man, and Edwin Morine, Spade Man. For Class Day, that most venerable of Pennsylvania tradif r . . . . . tions, we chose Maurice K. M. Murphy, Valedictoriang George ..,15,3.W3,:,x g..,-,ff - f Q , r,.r . f ,. f ,,,r Eichner, Ivy Crator, Paul Buechler, Class Poet, and I. Claster, Class Prophet. Ivy Week came in state, the climax of our undergraduate careers. George Farabaugh was General Chairman. It was a farewell such as only '26 can boast. The Ivy Luncheon found us gathered at the festive board for the last time and fittingly served to usher in the affair we had looked forward to for four years. For the first time in several decades, the Ivy Ball was held away from the campus. The ballroom of the Penn Athletic Club seemed to have been converted into a veritable fairyland. The memory of its magnificence will ever remain in our minds. The Class of '26 is the last of the "oldftimers." New traditions are being founded-traditions which will owe their inception to this class. Rightly will '26 be termed a harbinger of a new era in the history of the Red and Blue Today, as we bid farewell to our Alma Mater and to her rich memories, we are confident that we will continue to win, as we have done here. Our history of the future shall be as our history of the past, a prophecy truly fulhlled. We go out to conquer in broader fields. And so, ever mindful of our debt to Pennsylvania, may '26 prove that Ther achievements within college walls were but the merest foretaste of future victories in the struggle of life. We are not really leaving Pennsylvania, for the associations formed here and indelibly traced upon our hearts and minds will remain with us and make us loyal Pennsylvania men forever. , ., , , A ., .,., ..... , V A CLARENCE M. FREEDMAN I 341 AWN 'Ti v' an sn Ely . PROP HECY I X j x X .i- Y QW I, -:.fI Q 'E' 3 1 ,' nf, , ,N , - e,, 104- T , X 1 3? Q xhll 'ln - ' ' f i . - - - nil .-6' --.2 N-3 'V F- . BX -Z n-- -j ,X fqsrbgi 49 3' J. -J - ni sl?" 1 ' .04 fi' W ,LZ ' . cv x: --17 . J I - f- -P - , A r --A TIME-A.D. 1946 S A representative of a large newspaper syndicate, I was on my way to get the first interview from the newly elected Provost of the University, and my former classmate, Dr. George Farabaugh. When I got off at the new West Philadelphia terminal, the construction of which was supervised by 'LI-Iank" Steinhoff, I intended to take a cab up to school but, on second thought, I decided to wait for the street car. My trolley came along and, as I got on the car, I was surprised to be hailed by Paul Crawford. L'Paull' told me he had made so much money as Chairman of the Ivy Ball that he has lived a retired life ever since, and merely drives a street car for diversion. ' At 34th St., I said goodfbye to 'lPaul," and started on my way up the Campus to the new College Hall. As I entered this beautiful building, I could not help but think of the changes that had been brought about in this University. I located the directory and found that Dr. Farabaugh's oiiice is on the fifth floor. As I walked into the elevator, I was greeted by the elevator man. Cn looking around I immediately recognized 'SEd" Connoly. "Ed'sM mustache was as beautiful as ever, and he still needed a shave. As soon as I saw George he began to tell me about some interesting work he was doing. I-Ie was engaged in compiling a directory of the present occupations of all the living Alumni of the University of Pennsylvania. Fortunately, he had been working on the members of the Class of 1926. I-Ie ref marked that the class had widely separated since graduation, but he was glad to say that most of them were getting along pretty well. Naturally, we started talking about the varied occupations of some of our mutual friends, and 'LCeorge" mentioned these interesting facts. 'LWalt" C'Malley is now District Attorney of New York City, and is also leader of Tammany Hall-a feat hitherto never performed. 'LWalt" certainly has a habit of breaking traditions. Griffin is the general manager of the Statler Hotels. The smile that was so well known on the Campus is just as well known today among the traveling public. "Ed" Morine is selling passage for a trip to Mars, and he reports that his task is a much easier one than selling radiators to Freshmen. l35l "Monk" Weinberg has capitalized Paul Wilson's fame as a swimmer and is now his business manager. Paul has taken the country by storm with his many record' breaking swims. 'LBob" Eichelberger is editor of one of the more notorious yellow "scandal sheets." The motto of his paper is, "What is, is wrong." L'Bill" Withus is the business manager. The old combination still holds good. Paul Buechler has decided to bob his long, flowing locks and be a little different from the usual run of wouldfbe poets. just recently Paul returned from a trip to the South Sea Islands where he was inspired for one of his new poems. ' "Rupe" Bingham is now sojourning in Paris with his wife where he is selecting what the smart Miss will wear this coming fall. L'Mike" Murphy and "Ted" Rich have capitalized their Beta Gamma Sigma keys and now head a large correspondence school. "Charley" Elliott prints all the diplomas. Frank Massey has just recently returned from an extended tour of the country. He is one of the remaining few who still preach prohibition. Frank was always a strong partisan on this question. Ray Wolf has at last hurdled his way to success and is the head of the messenger boys for the Fayle Telegraph Co. "Dick" Bailey is Raysnrst assistant. "Art" Curtis is the sole owner of the Barnum E99 Bailey Circus. "Tex" Graham conducts the "Hot Dog Stand." Joe Willson has charge of the wrestling show conf cession. F. C. W. Paton, Jr., did not let his training as a songfleader go to waste, for "Jack" is now the fearless snakefcharmer. "johnny" Wright draws large crowds to the main show by his deft use of the megaphone. c'Gus" Funk is posting bills for Jack Coyne's travel talks. 'LHans" Boos holds a position as juggler. "Art" Thompson won his place in the hearts of the members of the A. A. Council. He now holds the position of "towelfboy" down at the gymnasium. "Chuck" Kimber keeps pace with time in his father's watch factory. Karl Robinson deserves all the credit that has been heaped upon him, for perfecting the new rubber lacrosse sticks which have reduced the mortality among lacrosse players almost fifty per cent. "Gil" Gilmartin now runs a large string of beauty parlors. He has performed some startling results in these parlors. "Gig5' Gordon had his face in for repairs at one of L'Gil's" shops, after "Gig" had an unexpected encounter with someone who took offense at a remark made in his column, which has replaced Jay E. House's "Cn Second Thought." Harold Merrick has charge of the models in one of Fifth Avenue's best ladies' Shops, Owned by L'Les" Cassidy. Earl Liever laments the fact that he cannot sell any more life insurance. since he has sold almost every one he knows. l36l Rev. George Eichner has made a wonderful reputation for himself. Every Sunday his church is filled to capacity with people who come from all over to hear George's famous short and snappy sermons. L'Don" Irmiger is coach of the University of Arizona crew. One of the country's most eminent and successful divorce lawyers is 'Ljimw Marvin. "Zip" Long won four games for Axley's g'Lumber jacks" in the last world series. g'Rodg" Lindsay is business manager. Emid Thomas is sporting Editor for the Sunday Transcript. He writes up all the big games on Franklin Eield because he says he can write them up better than anyone else, and, besides, its a good way to pick up an extra five dollars. George Peterson is news editor of this paper. A Gne of the sure signs of spring around the University occurs when "Lew" Chapman brings around his novelty jazz band in the form of a hurdyfgurdy. Roy Carroll, as University architect, is still planning to build a Wharton School. We hope Roy is more successful than his predecessors. NEO" Quillin heads a publicity bureau, having gained much valuable experience from his work with the Kite and Key Society. LLThe Ed Lower Annual Erolicsi' get much publicity because of uBo's" work. New York Gity just recently held an L'Old Home Week," and the treasurer of this affair was "junior" Gugenheim. "junior" offered as his qualifications his experience as treasurer of Ivy Week. L'Doc" Rogers has founded a syndicate of chewing tobacco factories. L'Matty" Mathieson has combined Hot Dog, Snappy Stories and jtmto into one publication. jack Murray is his sales manager. L'Shorty" Marsh and "Plug" PflugfEelder have formed an acrobatic team. The doctor was about to tell me about someone else when he was interrupted by the ringing of his telephone. After he answered it, he told me that he had just been notified that he was to leave on a long trip in the interest of the University that after' noon, and that he would have to cut short the conversation. Gf course, I was sorry but I realized the importance of his going away. I bade farewell to him and assured him that I would surely return. A ISADORE CLASTER l37l Il QyKNx ""' ' W Y WWW XXX X X! 'P PCE ., 3,1 X NT. -.:f' S ' E' ' ffl V sw, i ak i lg" ' ,, , ' ,Mx "val: Q 1- , ll' s 1 y .X s Ll f Qs- i as if as 93: - i - - Q 1: A N .1 ' 3 'W it 1 .1 '- ,, , .ff SX ' 5 Ei ' " -' Q ,if Q. ' fx 3- Q- "' , ' +- J CLASS POEM 'Neath purpled tinge of fading dusk, Warm fires from cheery hearths blaze- Casting, mayhaps, vaguest shadows, Of sweet starlit dreams lost in maze. Nor heed, nor thought of the present, Still sighs of some past to remind- Old grads drift alone reflecting Qf one wondrous day left behindj Tho' North winds whine e'er dismally, Carving their paths 'twixt huge trees- No sound can break that perfect spell, Wherein man nor hears, nor sees. Four fleeting years of laissez faire, Remain fast treasures full blown- Dividing the seasons evenly, . Ah! Welcome wild oats thus sown. In springtime's fancy Freshmen delight, To dance unrestrainedly on, The piper's price seems far removed, When hearts beat young, their ships roll calm, i331 Then su1nmer's passion shows itself, With Sophomoric thrusts of Ere That cease ere love has flamed a span, While ideals totter stained with mire. E'en bitter dregs cannot endure, When Junior faiths hang highg From Autumn's peace, contentment comes, False hopes dissolve, black standards die. The stately Senior pauses at length, Romancer, realist, fine none the less- Each man a vast pride unto his class, A tribute to Winter's achieved happiness. Such whirling tides of hckle fate, Gnce lapped the silvery sandsk But long since spent and run their course, Have touched new foreign lands. Like life itself in constant change, First ebb then full in turn- Mad memories glow in ashes white, Dim past reveals each burn. Across deep seas the dreamer roams, Watching the waves dart into shore- Gliding along on swifter wings, Now mindful of forgotten lore. The trend of successes and failures, Down through all centuries must mix- In courage unshaken and confidence bold, Let triumphs attend 'Twer1tyfSix. PAUL BUECHLER l39l msg . rv' yvn ' I I in .. I IVY OR ATION P T V Gig: 1 '75 5 1 ' i, 1 2': 't Q 'I' fig ' ' T ,Uk 0' T - A l P if ' P ' nllf N ' . . so ' 'ai f 0' ' , : F1-.. 'r L PX - .- - 5 aw? 491 J s. - A - 1 Jiffy -1 ffl- 40- 3-: - , - A , - -5 - A -,ad ,U E - Af.. -A Q g I A x --,,,-1 52 I ffx .' , ' ' x f , N - Z T: S .1 . ll N- '- - ' - ' 1 IVY oRAT1oN, 1926 LASSMATES, we have come together for the last ceremony which we are privileged to observe before our graduation. We have come, not to speak of our regret at the partings which so soon await us, the partings which in many cases will separate us forever, nor have we come to display in boisterous fashion the glorious spirit of loyalty which has made our campus such a haven of pleasant memories. Rather we have come to give a physical expression to the desire we all feel, the desire to place a permanent record of our passing in the ivyfgrown walls of our Alma Mater, and to plant nearby a bit of the ivy which has become to us an embodif ment of the firmfrooted, upwardfreaching ideals of the University of Pennsylvania. That office now is done. It remains only for the few words to be said that aptly convey our emotions as a Class at this moment. Can one man hope to express them all? This is no time for glowing generalities, but a time for sober contemplation, we feel as the poets must feel as they consider a subject near to their hearts, we thrill to the possibilities of our thoughts as we gaze upon this last expression, this lasting memoir, of our Class. Perhaps we are looking back-back to the first sight of our campus, a picture made poignantly grotesque in the recollection of our incredible inexperience in the ways of a great university. Then we gaze through the ensuing years as they passed, happy and rich in friendships, some shoulderftofshoulder striving for some goal, often capped with the incomparable thrill of success. Those years, too, are shot through with little unf forgettable hours: the rhythm of the dance, the suddenly revealed beauty of a poem, and the benign influence of scholarly men. Perhaps we are thinking of those years as we gather here. Or perhaps we are turning our faces to the future, the land of opportunity and fulfillment. What we say matters little to that spirit which will carry us on and up to great achievements, or down into the tragic descentqof a life thrown away. Which will be ours? Like this ivy, nurtured within sheltering walls, aided in its growth by hands 1401 that knew the most eflicient means of giving it the strength it needs now, we are facing a life in the open world of affairs for the Hrst time. If we have grown a few sharp edges and an effective coating to our character, like these ivy leaves, so much the better, Both will be able to withstand the bitter winds of adversity. Let us turn from ourselves as individuals and consider the significance of our Class allegiance as we see it in this little sprig of ivy. It is entering a new life of usefulness where it will delight the eye as a thing of beauty for the entire world. So must our Class, stepping out from the threshold of graduation. True, it will not in all probability be a thing of arresting qualities, this success that we hope to gain as a class. But then the ivy is not arresting to the eye. Its virtue is in its consistent growth, its steady climbing to the summit, adding each year by its quiet beauty to the old crannies which it covers with its leaves. Let us hope that our progress, too, shall be everfexpanding, reaching its end only when there are no more worlds to conquer. One more thought must arise in our minds as we take our leave of this newly planted symbol of the Class of 1926. We see it for the first time resting against the- walls of our Alma Mater. It will never leave them, classmates. It will creep slowly up and across the face of our Ivy Stone, it will continue to cling to the wall year in and year out, so long as we live and long thereafter. Will that be characteristic of us, too? We, also, are bound to these walls with the bond that binds us in one fraternity, the great brotherhood of .Pennsylvania men, cherished by the love of our University. To her we dedicate this Ivy and this Stone. God willing, we shall never desert her! GEORGE EICHNER I 41 l l1 KNKRE Yr' p D? -" m l Ac , VALEDI C ORY X, aw xg '! -.:f 'I w' ' I ri,-, , .n 4 . 5- - Nh 3 1, N -'5 gp X -V 00' 7 -. A 4 E , lllll 02 - - 1 1 3 1 l " 'X perxg .f Lt' i 5 mi 'iff 12+ .wi 'hgag 7 IRQ .. lj- , A a- ,ij . A- - 1 'LX s - - fr l., - 'QA F V - N' Z' - I ' A HIS afternoon marks the close of the undergraduate days of the Class of 1926 and brings us to the commencement of a new period in our lives. Four years ago we entered as Freshmen determined to avail ourselves, in the finest possible way, of the great privilege of attending the University of Pennsylvania. Let us sincerely trust that we have, in a measure, fulfilled this desire, and that we are leaving behind us something that will help those to come. As we look back upon the days spent here, they fashion themselves into one great vista filled with the men and the events which have surrounded our Fdaily lives over a period of four years. We have spent many happy hours together, we have also had our struggles and disappointments. Gut of it all, however, we have gained new exf perience and greater courage for what may lie before us. We have had presented to us new ideals, we have gained knowledge, we have made true friends. All of these have wrought in us a development which should materially assist us in assuming a more constructive leadership and at the same time deriving the truest happiness from living. The time has passed rapidly and much of it we have spent in thoughts, hopes, and dreams of the moment that has now come-the moment when we should be ready to leave these ivyfcovered walls and set forth to serve humanity better because of our education. The realization that this moment is at hand should fill us with a sense of the new responsibilities we are assuming. Let us bring to them all that Pennsylvania has given to us. - Until today our paths have led along the same general route, tomorrow they sepaf rate and we shall be traveling down different ways, alone. Before we do so, we shall do well to stop and consider the methods by which we hope to attain our ends, ref membering that the allfirnportant thing is not the achievement but rather the manner of achievement. Are we going to use our priceless heritage of an education in a way which will uphold the noble purposes for which Benjamin Franklin founded this great University and the traditions in which those purposes are preserved? Until now we have received liberally-henceforward we must be prepared to give in like manner. I4-21 The gifts of knowledge and inspiration which we have received here must be put to the finest possible uses. It is our duty to our University, which has bestowed upon us these giftsg it is our duty to ourselves to give unstintedly to further the interests of our fellowmen wherever possible. We have only to gaze about us in our everyfday lives to see what education, combined with a zeal to do good, has brought in the way of true benefit to the world. We must always strive to do that which is the finest, being mindful that oftentimes the most praiseworthy acts go unrecognized. We must remember that in the end the results of our actions will always be in evidence, either commending or condemning us. If we search through the pages of history we shall discover that those who have been truly great are those who have lost themselves in the interests of others-who gave more to the world than they took from it. Likewise, true success will come to us in the same degree that we render sincere service to others. At this time we are not bidding a final farewell to our University, we are only about to change our status and become members of the great graduate group, We shall always be Pennsylvania men and should never cease to do real constructive work for her benefit. We must endeavor to keep before us, and live up to, the lofty standards of our Alma Mater and by so doing we shall, in a way, repay her immeasurable beneiits to us. What we do will reflect either for the good or for the detriment of her name. In carrying on as sons of Pennsylvania, we should try to show by our deeds the prof found gratitude we shall always feel: first, to our parents and friends whose confidence in us and whose aid and encouragement have been necessities to the successful comf pletion of our task here, secondly, to the faculty who have inculcated in us thoughts and ideals from which shall henceforth spring the finer actions of our lives. As we leave here this afternoon filled with grateful emotion for all that Pennsylvania has meant and shall continue to mean to us, let us remember that she will always be an inspiration to us such as that of which Wordsworth has written: 'LWheii the stream Which ofuefrflowed the soul has passed away, A consciousness 'remained that it had left Deposited upon the silent shofre Of memory, images and precious thoughts That shall not die, and cannot he destroyed." Z r ga, Z F 1 ' X 4 I - -- :swf Q 'hw' A-f.'Wff"FvikV-'Y1,Vfu sw 73'-1 vi...-922 M '25,'V swf- V. - V -V V 1 -"- 1 1, "N ' , g".5PfVQ"Ql1Z:lY."?f?7aT1 :sift V55-Qi'V-'fi.i1,m:.'f gifs. 'Efisff . 1 ,gr V,-1 Mila, 5 , 1 ,53 ' , Q-14g,W,:g..., .a .f 131 X ' ff. :-VVV :af-:. 1- V-VAVI4-QQ' Afkh. -'KVZQK-'iw wg ' -5izg,S1Nffuv54.1!1gigglg.'H3S3x1:5g 'V .. .mr 'Sy ., ' +gj2..VW V " . :5rV,1?"h .si ' avi-fi? S 1V V ,,.. K Vx a g V - ' "' J A - , " -L"' '25 V 5: - , .3 In f ' 5 V " 2 VZ.-' -If.. ,V WV: '5 'VA ' 1 i X V - V, Q. f ,, 3 g2s's.fU g . ' .eff . 3923 ag. V' Y wg . n f ,V ,. 2, - " -C . 1 .Q . Q.. . 1' ' 'K k ,j , - , 5-'. 'I ,. f' 2 25.81, J T 3" Q 1 ' ' ' X. . -- I 'L V 'Q f- ,ffl K f x" A . fm " , . ,. ' 'V L . 5 ' 'ffi' .Ik . P ' f 5' - f V 'AM Fi :V ,fu K' -' ' .. I ' - ff . 'vw Q '. -f .ff ,,,: 'f:if g '1f- Vi'-.n 'V '15-V I ' -', - x :,' if 1 f 4 If! f-'YS an gs V - ' ' 2 . , V Wg I - . , V X V . :I , s U fi"' "V V 'N 'f .. V . V N A , T . 1 fd' Q Wx X - 1 ,.V, 5 I , . , mu , , , WQ NVS-QV? :lf - -. V V .V ' V . V f V' ,N-'Q f V - 155.5 WE -. V ' ' f 5 . : " 5 , . . , . ' 5 .15-' V. ' w7f'z:-ijfix IQ V ' fl T' fT11Wf.aff."' be . Zi ff? ififfr-'v ff Vf-:,1:,f1Q: . Vbgfrif' 4 31' 34' fl 1 if 'L'V gm. T' 'Yi V f E-"Q "'Z? ' igieii ' ' .f " ' V fx- nf ':Y '. , , '. f, 'I ' lv,-, ' V, 5 . , - '-'hi wiv, .-1 '2 XvV,:N. fV5..-- Xa Ji '3 F! ' V ' V- , - - I 'f V. rf, mi f I" .. 'gif fig.. V1 VM13 , ' . ,V .--f Q z ,. V, Pg. xf L -:Q 5'.ff?1,GT f - -'-if 'fr 3:1 ui? sr"-:sf .zgit--' I ' . X- . .. . . ., 1 ' . .X '- :fi -i.. VV-V , .Z ,s' "2-11 :.,- " 5 ,. -' ' fiiffwiig' V . - f"'1i V. ' '1 V ': . 1 . f-1715: " " flew! 71 51+ f L..:.g.,..,,.,4.L.....-4-.,,.f .L..p.--.,,L...1g-:,....--Q..,.g,:.. 4.4,J.,:.iL.' I441 J IN M IAM AN DREW LANG -s-JAM as M. msn gif-441-fQ rkfY'QiQ'5f 9 'Q' -Bowyer . 4 , , , , w K i v s - 0 In 'snwwm EM I HONOR MEN K , al - O 011-iid? O SJ I 3 . l!O O i156 Q Q g g g , x. , 3gl5FR.Lsl-:MAN SQPHOQORE . , I v 4 0 1.4 ,i wY:a 11 , 4 1 4 . 0. ' U g W C , .4 '. H.. 1 1 Q 'Zi Z. 4 ' 9 IjI O E.L if EDDYL loEDWAilD'S"LGWER" 5 K 3 V 4 P 1 S f i E N I 0 N ' 3 O '2 4- --3 Y R CLASS PREs1DENTs le N-1 4w-54'-xoN:9spinug4 5-n.4W-Los-qosnlsowa-xounuscwdkb K R z LT iz-F-o M-AISLEYE 0 I. RICHARD ADELIZZI I4I9 S. nth St., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE Girard College. Circolo Italiano. ALLAN JOSEPH ADELMAN O A T Weehawken, N. J. COLLEGE J. STANLEY ADDIS 9 E "Stan" "joe" lvyland, Pa. WHARTON Hatboro High School. Baseball Team QLD, Basket' ball Team CID, junior Varsity C25 C35 QQ, Editorial Board H1926 Class Record", Assistant Manager Rifle Team QQ. JAMES P. AGAN slim.. 216 W. Madison Ave., New Castle, Pa. WHARTON New Castle High School. Junior Week Come mitteeg Newman Club, Executive Committee C21 QD C4lg Dormitory Representative QQ CD. DAVID ALBERT 'kDave" "Al" 669 N. 45th St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON West Philadelphia High School. Orchestra QLD CED fgjg Glee Club QLD. CARL EDWARD ALLERSMEYER ' K A Union, Mo. COLLEGE Phillips Exeter Academy. - JULIO JOAQUIN ALVAREZ Havana, Cuba WHARTON Kingsley School, Essex Fells. N. Y. Newman Club, Circulo Espanolg Spanish Club. l48l RAYMOND PERRY AMMERMAN HRW.. 47 Montgomery Circle, New Rochelle, N. Y. WHARTON New Rochelle High School. FRITHIOE BERTRAM ANDERSON' H K N "Fritz" "Andy" 513 N. 9th St., Camden, N. I. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Camden High School. American Institute Elec- trical Engineers Q15 C15 C35, Publicity Committee Chairman C45g Camden Club. JOSEPH APPLEBAUM E A M aloe.. 30 Mt. Vernon Ave., Pitman, N. J. WHARTON Glassboro High School. Fencing Team 125, Captain C15 C35 C45g Intercollegiate Epee Champion CZJQ Pennsylvania State Sabre Champion 0.5, Pennf sylvania State Foil Champion C35 QQ, Pennsylvania State Epee Champion C35 C45g Editorial Board H1926 Class Record," L'1unto" C25 C35 C455 Varsity Club C35 C454 Glee Club C15 C35 C45- HAROLD W. APPLEYARD A 2 115 'kApple" "App" "Heggs" 313 Price St., Jamestown, N. Y. WIIARTGN Jamestown High School. RICHARD MANNING ARCHIBALD A E 112 A ..Dick.. High St., Waynesburg, Pa , WHARTON Waynesburg High Szhool ISADORE S. ARKIN E T 119 RDOU.. S3 Winield Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Easton QPa.5 High School. Endowment Drive Committee 135. GEORGE TURNER ARMSTRONG A Z2 111 ttATmy1- 405 16th St., Canton, Ohio WHARTON McKinley High School. l49l JESSE GODFREY ARON K N njeff.. 584 7th St,, Brooklyn, N. Y. WHARTON Erasmus Hall High School. LESTER BLOCK ATLAS iv A "Les" uBlock" II4 E. Market St., Scranton, Pa. WHARTON Central High School. Menorah Society. JAY JACOB AUGER T E 111 "Jack" 'LRed" Worcester, Mass. WHARTON Worcester Classical High School. ORRELL OTHNEAL AXLEY A E 111, 112 K B "0.0." "Bula" Southern Lumber Co., Warren, Ark. WHARTON Western Military Academy. Sphinx Senior Society, Assistant Manager Baseball QQ, Manager f4jg "Punch Bowl" Czj QD C4Jg Sophomore Prom Committee CQ, Memorial Halli-Drive Committee C4Jg Varsity Club. ERNEST EDGAR BAILY A E CID, CID K B "Dick" no W. Mt. Pleasant Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Germantown High School. Track Team C15 Czj QQ C4Jg Cross Country Team Crj Czj, Captain QD C4Dg Cross Country Time Prize Cal 141, L'Punch Bowl" Czj QD C4Jg Treasurer Undergraduate Council C4Jg Christian Association Cabinet. HARRY BAKER Trenton, N. J. WHARTON MORLEY WATERFIELD BAKER A E fb "Pres" "Moral" Q31 N. Front St., Harrisburg, Pa. COLLEGE Harrisburg Technical High School. Mask and Wig 1501 I 1 ' 5ffQ7'xS1.xjJN HEX 'fn 1'-.'w:21s:sff9 X ...Liv wxif 1 My ,- rfsjisgg-gsif 'iq 3. Ns.-a,'.2Qgg'f Lis 4 .lgvfw ,Ml , r' il... . 1.1, ii l HIRAM PAUL BAMBERGER Z A "Bamhy" Lebanon, Pa. COLLEGE LebanonlHigh School. Scabbard G9 Bladeg Def bating Team C4Dg "Junto" C2Dg Editorial Board H1926 Class Record," Arts Council C4DQ Senior Luncheon Committeeg Football Dance Committee C4Dg Endowment Committee C3D, French Clubg German Clubg Philomathean Society C1D C2D, Treasf urer C3D, Recorder C4D, VicefPresident Christian Association C4D, Finance Committee C1D C3D C4D, Silver Bay Delegate C3Dg Green Lane Councillor C4Dg President Interscholastic Debating League C4Dg Ivy Ball Committee C4D. HARRY JEROME BASH Z B T 1606 Mineral Spring Road, Reading, Pa. WHARTON Reading High School. f HENRY COLEMAN BASKERVILLE A XI' 3,10 S. Boulevard, Richmond, Va. ARCHITECTURE Episcopal High School of Virginia. Architectural Society, Fencing Team. LAURENCE JESSE BAUER GP A 9 uLa'rry" 269. Mountain Way, Rutherford, N. J. WHARTON Rutherford High School. Cross Country Team CiDg Track Team C1D C2D C3D C4Dg Cooperative Com' mittee C 1D. WILBUR NORMAN BAUGHMAN A X A II3 Magnolia Ave., Tampa, Fla. WHARTON Hillsboro High Schoolg Vanderbilt University CID. Crew Ca.D C3Dg igoflb. Crew C4Dg Editorial Board M1926 Class Record." HAROLD JONES BEAN E Z, A E P, A B X "Beano" Charles Road, King's Manor, Bridgeport, Pa. WHAiz'roN Phoenixville High Schoolg Norristown High School. Debating Team CzD Cj,D, Manager C4Dg Debate Council C4Dg Picture Committee C4D. JOSEPH R. BEAR ' fr 1: rr aloe.. 146 Marvin Ave., Akron, Ohio WHARTON West High School. Ohio Club. l51l WILLIAM DEFORD BEASLEY Z I1 "Bill" "Beasel" Colerain, N. C. COLLEGE Caroline High School. KENNETH WILLIAM BEATTIE A I1 E, E T itKen1, 600 Warwick Road, Haddonfield, N. J. CIVIL ENGINEERING Collingswood High School. Civil Engineering Society, Treasurer QD, VicefPresident C4Dg Lions Engineering Clubg Compass and Chain Society. EDWARD C. T. BEAUREGARD 9 X "Chap" "Beams" Darien, Conn. WHARTON Stamford High School. Lacrosse Team CID CED QD f4l5 Christian Association Drive Committee, Co' operative Committee. ROBERT BRUCE BEITH' 9 X, A B X "Bob" Woodbury Heights, N. J. WHARTON Woodbury High School. MILTON ALLEN BELL "Milt" 5901 Terresdale Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE Frankford High School. Simon Muhr Scholar' shipg Students Medical Society, Frankford Club. GEORGE MCNEELY BELSTERLING Q Z3 K "Bel" 7 Bala Ave., Bala, Pa. WHARTON Central High School. THOMAS A. BENITEAU A II E .iq-Omna .iq-ex., E. Highway and City Line, San Benito, Texas WHARTON Frankford High School. Zelosophic Society, Master of Archives QD, VicefPresident C4Dg Rocky Mountain Clubg Spanish Clubg Frankford High School Club, Endowment Drive Committee QD, Christian Association Settlement CID. I52l STANLEY EDWARD BENFORD H A CIP "Stan" California Road, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. WHARTON Mt. Vernon High School. Basketball Team Cr1. Junior Varsity C21 C51 C415 Football Team CI1g Co' operative Committee C113 Vigilance Committee C215 Penniman Bowl Committee C11g Endowment Fund Committee C41. WILLIAM HENRY BENNETT, JR. '12 B K 4437 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE West Philadelphia High School. MILTON BERGER 1950 N. 6th St., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE Central High School. HUGO ROBERT BERNER Dayton, Ohio WHAETON Stivers High School. ' EDWIN HAROLD BERTUCH III A 9 "Bert" 258 Rockaway Ave., Boonton, N. J. WHARTON Stevens. Friars Senior Societyg Varsity Cheer Leader C31 C41g Mask and Wig Singing Chorus C41. JULIUS BESONDER fir A "julie" 308 Delaware Ave., Palmerton, Pa. WHAMON Palmerton High School. GEORGE NICHOLAS BIGGS, an E fb E 1645 5th Ave., Huntington, W. Va. WHARTON Peddie School. Scabbard and Blade Societyg West Virginia Moonshiners Club, Glee Club C21. I53l RUPPERT BINGHAM E A E uBing" "Rube" 414 W. Granite St., Butte, Mont. VJHARTON Culver Military Academy. Penniman Bowl Teams C11 C1113 Business Board H1926 Class Record," Chairman Executive Committee C11g VicefChairman Hey Day Committee C11g Vice-Chairman Smoker Committee C115 Cooperative Committee C113 Banquet Ticket Committee C213 Chairman Sophof moreflireshman Love Feast C213 Steering Committee Junior Week C31g Banquet Committee C31g Chairman Blazer Committee C41g Varsity "P" Promenade C415 Undergraduate Council C413 Chairman on Elections C41g Interfraternity Council C31g Chairman Ticket Committee Ivy Ball. RAYMOND BLACK A X P, B 1' E 1669 Unity, Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Frankford High School. Banquet Committee Cz1g Frankford High School Club. GEORGE WILLIS BLAND E fb E 421 Green Terrace, Reading, Pa. COLLEGE Reading High School. Berks County Club. JOHN F. BLOMQUIST Naugatuck, Conn. WHARTON Naugatuck High School. Baseball Team C113 Picture Committee C31g Ivy Ball Committee C415 Dormitory House Representative C41. ALEXANDER HENRY BLUM E A II, fb A E UAV. 872 94th St., Woodhaven, N. Y. COLLEGE George Washington High School. REUBEN BLUMENTHAL "Bloomy" S14 Reed St., Philadelphia, Pa. BIOLOGY South Philadelphia High School. Menorah So' cietyg Spanish Club, Der Deutsche Verein. ' PAUL REAP BOHAN ...Yorks 48 William St., Pittston, Pa. COLLEGE St. Johns High School. Luzerne County Club. I54l DAVIS THOMPSON BOHON B 9 H Harrodsburg, Ky. Kentucky Military Academy. WHARTON HANS F. BOOS "Pete" Tientsin, China WI-IARTON Marist Brothers College. Friars Senior Societyg Soccer Team KID Cal QQ, Captain C433 AllfIntercolf legiate Soccer Cal QD, Captain C4Dg Varsity Club. BENJAMIN ARTHUR BOURNE Z II "Ben" "Red" 631 W. York St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Northeast High School. JOHN BOWER 9 E Chicago, Ill. ARCHITECTURE MERRILL HILLARD BOWLES "Whitey" Sl Poplar St., Bangor, Maine WHARTON Dean Academy. Rifle Team Czjg Picture Com mittee fzjg Endowment Drive QD. GEORGE HERBERT BOYLE, JR. "Herb" 104 York Ave., Towanda, Pa. WHARTON Towanda High School. ROBERT BRADBURY 210 Shunk St., Philadelphia, Pa. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING l55I JOHN A. BRAINERD A 2 db 303 Keystone Ave., Sayre, Pa. WHARTON Sayre High School. Track Team Q0 C11 QQ Q4Jg Musical Club CID Qzj QD C4Jg Mask and Wig Glee Chorus C4Jg Christian Association Cabinet C4J. MENDELL DAVID BRAVEMAN "Mandy" 18 E. rst St., Corning, N. Y. WHARTQN Corning Free Academy. Endowment Com' mittee QQ, Varsity "P" Dance Committee C4J. JACKSON DAVIS BREAKS B 9 TI ajack.. Q 414 E. Wabash Ave., Crawfordsville, Ind. WHARTON Phillips Exeter Academy, Wabash College CID CQJ. Hoosier Club. JOSEPH BRECMAN "Cody" "Flock" 57.35 N. 5th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Coruacn Central High School. Students Medical Societyg Arts Association. JOSEPH FIDLER BRENNER T A 112 aloe.. 4oo Willow St., Lebanon, Pa. WHARTON Lebanon High School. Associate Editor H1926 Class Recordf' Junior Banquet Committee, Ivy Ball Committeeg Christian Association Drive Com' mittee QQ C4Dg Endowment Drive Committee. PETER DOCK BRICKER, zo K 2 "Pete" "Magor" Q24 Pine St., Scranton, Pa. WHARTON Keystone Academy. Scabbard and Blade Society, VicefPresident Q4Jg Lackawanna County Club. CARL LYTLE BRIGGS A XII ajiggsu R. F. D. 3, Waterford, Pa. VETERINARY Waterford Vocational School. Veterinary Medi' cal Society. l56l ROBERT NATHAN BRIGG ' A E 119 "Bob" 376 Main St., Oneonta, N. Y. WHARTON Oneonta High School. Editorial Board H1926 Class Recordf' Glee Club C15 C25 Q35, Secretary Treasurer C45. ALEXANDER ZACHARY BRISTER II M E UAV, 4860 N. Sth St.. Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE Central High School. JOHN DAVIS BRITTON A 111 E I23 Ridge Ave., York, Pa. WHARTON York High School. OLIVER WOLCOTT BROCK A XII "Brooks" Rydal, Pa. COLLEGE Abington High School. Junior Varsity Football: C45: Golf Team C35 C45- SAMUEL B. BRODER Dorogogitsnaia, Kieff, Russia COLLEGE Gymnasia. SAMUEL MAXIME BRODSKY ' Sam" Q59 N. 7th St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Central High School. Dues Committee C154 Menorah Society. HOWARD SEARIGHT BRUGH, JR. E Z L'Bamey" "Home" 4714 Warrington Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON West Philadelphia High School. Banquet Com' mittee Cr5g Picture Committee C154 Sophomore Prom Committeeg West Philadelphia High School Club, l57l JAMES ARNOLD BRUSSEL lib A E ohm.. E. 17th St. and Cortelyou Road, Brooklyn, N. Y. COLLEGE Erasmus Hall High School. Students Medical Society: Glee Club Cijg Orchestra Czjg Band CO Cal C35 C49- EDWARD HARDY BRYANT, Ja. NET, 108 Park Road, Llanetch, Pa. WHARTON Haverford Township High School. BERTRUM HOWARD BUCHANAN A P Bert 166 Van Buren, Passaic, N. J. WHARTON WILLIAM D. BUCKLEY "Buck" 82 Blackhall St., New London, Conn. WHARTON Berkley Preparatory School. Cane Committee Cgj. PAUL J. BUECHLER II A GD "P" "Buecl'1" 186 Park Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. COLLEGE Brown Preparatory School. "Red and Blue" C31 C455 Editorial Board H1926 Class Record," Hey Day Committee Cilg Sophomore Prom Committeeg Junior Week Poetg Ivy Ball Poet, Endowment Drive Com- mitteeg Christian Association Drive C4DQ Ivy Week Committee. EUGENE CHARLES BURKE II T "Dusk" 2614 Capitol, Cheyenne, Wyo. , ARCHITECTURE Cheyenne High Schoolg University of Kansas Scarab. A. LINCOLN BURSTEIN "Red" "Ted" 6225 Carpenter St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Perkiomen Preparatory School. Crew C13 Perkiomen Club, West Philadelphia Club, Menorah Society. l58l WILLIAM COWAN BURTON E A "Bud" "Bill" 173 Merrimon Ave., Asheville, N. C. WHARTON Asheville High School. Endowment Committee ISD! Junior Week Committee QD. HARRY BUTEN "Misha 6245 Osage Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Central High School. Class Track Team CED, Menorah Society. ALBERT WILLIAM BUTT, JR. ..AI.. 74 Ogden St., Denver, Colo. ARCHITECTURE West Denver High School. Architectural Society. KENNETH LEVERNE CALDWELL CID I' A "Ken" 1 172 Main St., Suffield, Conn. WHARTON Suffield Preparatory School. Football Team CID. PAUL COLVIN 1811 Eutaw Place, Baltimore, Md. WHARTON Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. ANARGYROS EMMANUEL CAMARINOS "Cammie" 4oo W. 3d St., Williamsport, Pa. WHARTON Dickinson Seminary. Lycoming County Club, Secretary C215 Treasurer C4Qg Orchestra CID. ANTHONY R. CAMERO IIB B K 3069 Kensington Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE South Philadelphia High School. Circolo Italiano, Treasurer C31 C4Dg Sophomore Honorsg Arts Assof ciation, Secretary QQ, The Le Cercle Francaisg Basf sini Surgical Society C4jg French' Play QU. l59l WALTER HOUGHTALING CANON S X S533 Hunter Ave., West Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGB Dickinson Seminary. ARTHUR LAWRENCE CAPLAN "Cappy" rr A 111, fr: A E 81 Morning St., Portland, Maine COLLEGE Portland High School, MALCOLM F. CAPLAN E A II "Mac" "Cappy" 33 Talbot St., St. Michaels, Md. WHARTON St. Michaels High School. Varsity UP" Dance Committee. BENJAMIN CARLSON E A II "Swede" "Blondie" 49 Gothic St., Northampton, Mass, WHARTON Northampton High School. Banquet Committee Cal. WILLIAM B. CARROLL "Bill" 283 Sargeant St., Hartford, Conn. WHARTON Hartford High School. WILLIAM LEONARD CARROLL "Bill" 330 N. 4ISt St., Philadelphia, Pa. FINE ARTS West Philadelphia High School. Cross Country Team an cn. 3 J. ROY CARROLL, JR. 1803 S. 57th St., Philadelphia, Pa. ARCHITECTURE West Philadelphia High School. Managing Editor, "The Pennsylvania Triangle" C35 C4jg Art Associate H1926 Class Record", Undergraduate Council C4jg VicefPresident Architectural Class C3jg Student Council Cal QSDQ Secretary Student Body Association C3jg Architectural Society C35 C4Dg Christian Association Drive QQ. l60l EDWARD W. CARTER A E P ..NiCk.. First and East Aves., Pitman, N. J. WHARTON Woodbury High School. Debating Team CQ C4jg Winner' Frasier Public Speaking Prize Cgb. LESLIE MARTIN CASSIDY A T, fb K B "Les" 37 Isabella Ave., Newark, N. J. WHARTON Newark Central High School. Sphinx Senior Societyg Kite and Key Societyg Associate Manager Track Team C4jg Manager Cross Country Team C455 'The Pennsylvaniann CID C23 Cgj C4Dg Vigilance Committee Czjg Chairman Interfraternity Ball C4j. HAROLD DAVIS CASSON E A M "Bud" "Brother" 1236 Beacon St., Brookline, Mass. WHARTON Brookline High School. Track Team Crj Cal C31 C4Ig Football Team Crjg Penniman Bowl Committee C rjg Vigilance Committee Czjg Sophomore Prom Committeeg Varsity Club Cab C31 C4j. PAUL CHACE A E fb "Fugnboo" Sea Cliff, N. Y. WHARTON Berkeley Preparatory School. Swimming Team C25 C33 C4l, C2-Pfaifl CIIL Baseball Team CII C13 CSI C453 Winner of Biddle Trophy CID Czjg Leading Hitter Quaclrangular Leagueg Varsity Club. JULIAN CHAMBERS ACACIA Clothier, W. Va. WHARTON Greenbrier Military Academy. Chairman Junior Picture Committee. WILLIAM HERBERT CHANDLEE, IR. E II "Herb" 4930 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. ARCHITECTURE William Penn Charter School. Lacrosseg Chair' man Vigilance Committee Architectural School Czjg Property Committee Architects' Ball. LEWIS WESLEY STEPHEN CHAPMAN New Britain, Conn. A A CIP, B I' E WHARTON Wesleyan University. Kite and Key Societyg Mask and Wig Troupe Czj Cgjg Mask and Wig Show l61l EDWIN CHARLES A T Newark, N. J. WHARTON Baseball CID CED C31 145. BENJAMIN CHIH CHEN 7.1 Li Shih Hutang, East City, Peking, China ARCHITECTURE Tsing Hua College, Peking. Chinese Students' Club KID C11 QQ, Manager QD, Glee Club QD. HENRY LLOYD CHILD fb E K, 2 T "Skipper" Larchmont, N. Y. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Flushing High Schoolg Haverford School. Varsity Clubg Hexagon Senior Society, Third Soccer Team Czj, Junior Varsity Cgj, Varsity C4j, AllfState QQ, Football Team CID, Departmental QD, Tennis Team CIJQ Endowment Drive Committee C3jg Whitney Engineering Society, American Society Mechanical Engineers. I PETER D. CHIPOURAS "Chip" Sparta, Greece WHARTON Perkiomen Preparatory School. Capital City Club CED Cgjg Zelosophic Literary Society CID CED. Graduated February, 1926. GEORGE E. CHISHOLM ACACIA 351 Silver St., Boston, Mass. WI-IARTON High School of Commerce. Glee Club Czj C31 C4,jg Scale Society. HENRY W. CHUBBUCK A X A "Hen" "Chubby" 411 Pembroke Road,'Cynwyd, Pa. COLLEGE Episcopal Academy. Freshmen Crewg Igoflb. Crew C21 C35 QQ, junior Prom Committeeg Sophof more Prom Committeeg Vigilance Committee, Varsity Club C35 LQ. MICHAEL CICENIA A 41 A Newark, N. J. WHARTON I62l ISADORE CLASTER NIS.. 46 W. Bald Eagle St., Lock Haven, Pa. WHARTON Lock Haven High School. Hey Day Committee Crjg Junior Prom Committeeg Varsity 'LPN Dance Committee C415 Christian Association Drive C413 Class Prophet f4DQ Ivy Ball Committee. ALEX GLENDAY CLOUDSLEY A 115 E NAI.. 727 S. Beaver St., York, Pa. WHARTON York High School. LEROY W. CLEMENCE E A II uLe" "Clem" 4812 N. oth St., Philadelphia, Pa. CHEMISTRY West Philadelphia High School. Priestley Chemi- cal Society. ALBERT STEPHEN CLOSE "Al" "Benny" 414 Fulton St., Sandusky, Ohio COLLEGE Sandusky High Schoolg CulverM ilitary Academy. JOHN EDWARD COBLE, JR. 9 E 5106 Willows Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. . ARCHITECTURE S. GERALD COHEN T E fb "1 erryn Hotel Alamac, New York, N. Y. ' WHARTON Far Rockaway High Schoolg Cornell University CID. "The Pennsylvaniann Pictorial Board Cgj C41 PAUL COHEN Moorestown, N. J. COLLEGE i631 WALTER HORACE COLE, JR. Q T CID "Red" "Bull" 211 Stiles St., Elizabeth, N. J. COLLEGE The Pingry School. Heisler Anatomical Society. BERNARD ISAAC COMROE 112 A E, fb B K "Bernie" 748 S. Duke St., York, Pa. COLLEGE York High School. 'Punch Bowl" C15 QD, Managing Editor C4Dg Arts Council CQJ, Treasurer C35 C4Dg Sophomore Honorsg Franklin Societyg Students Medical Society. ARTHUR J. CONWAY A "Pat" 159 Springheld Ave., Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Germantown High School. LOUIS COPLON Schenectady, N. Y. WHARTON STEPHEN WEBSTER CORNELL K KID K "Steve" 3o62 Richmond St., Philadelphia, Pa. EDUCATION Frankford High School. Education Honor Code Committee C4jg Endowment Drive Committee fgjg Education Club, President C4j. CLIFFORD GEORGE CORNWELL "Clif" 2 Z, B T E Riverhead, Long Island, N. Y. WHARTON Riverhead High School. Green Lane Councillor C57 CO. ' DONALD HOLDEN COURTER E II etDOns- 29 Gould Ave., Caldwell, N. I WHARTON Caldwell High School. E641 AMERICO VESPUCCI CORTESE 908 S. 8th St., Philadelphia, Pa. ' WHARTON Central High School. Circolo Italiano. Q THOMAS ANTHONY COWAN fi? E A "Tom" 2311 Moore St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Roman Catholic High School. MARVIN ELLSWORTH COX E N L'Marv" 774 Pine St., Camden, N. J. WHARTON Camden High School, Lehigh University C114 Franklin and Marshall College C21. Crew Squad C31 C41- JOHN E. COYNE rib A T .Jacks 1824 Pittston Ave., Scranton, Pa. WHARTON Scranton Central High School. Junior Cane Committeeg Lackawanna County Cluhg Newman Clubg Ivy Week Committee, CHARLES TURNER CRAVENS A T "Charlie" 22oo Douglas Blvd., Louisville, Ky. WHARTON Louisville High School. Swimming Squad C21g Crew Squad C11 CBDQ "Red and Blue" C21, Photo' graphic Editor C31 C41g "The Pennsylvanianu Picf torial C31, Photographic Editor C413 Mask and Wig Show C11 C213 Undergraduate Mask and Wig Com' mittee C31 C41. JAMES CRAWFORD fb Z K uhm.. 6110 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE West Philadelphia High School. Varsity Clubg Soccer Team, Assistant Manager C31, Manager C41g L'The Pennsylvaniann C11 C21 C31g EditorfinfChief, 'ijunior Annals" C31g Chairman Varsity "P" Dinner C 413 Arts Council C31 C41g Philomathean Society C11. 1. PAUL CRAWFORD E X "jay P" "Crawf" 814 S. 57th St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Philadelphia High School. Friars Senior Societyg Franklin Societyg "The Pennsylvaniann C11 C21 C31, Pictorial Business Manager C415 Class Treasurer C21g Vigilance Committee C 215 Freshman Reception Committee C21 C313 Christian Association Drive C11 C21 C31g VicefPresident Christian Association C31 C415 Student Advisory Committee, Wharton School C413 Chairman Ivy Ballg Mask and Wig Singf ing Chorus C41. l65l WALTER MITCHELL CREE A T SZ 'LWalt" 5525 Kentucky Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. WI-IARTON Peabody High School, Lehigh University. Scabbard and Blade. PHILIP DOUGLAS CREER fb E K "Phil" "Pee Dee" 5026 Willows Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. ARCHITECTURE West Philadelphia High School. "Pennsylvania Triangle" C31 C41g Fine Arts Student Council C11 C21, Treasurer C31 C41g Finance Committee Architectural Ball C31g Christian Association Drive Committee C41. OSBORNE COATES CRESSON fb K Z, E T "Os" L'Osie" "Oscar" 126 Valley Road, Ardmore, Pa. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Haverford Preparatory School. Mask and Wig C31 C413 Band C11 C21 C31 C413 Soccer, Third Varsity Team C21 C31Q "Men About Towne" Club C31 C415 Whitney Engineering Societyg American Society of Mechanical Engineersg "Men About Towne" Show C11 C21 C31 C41- - JOHN HEAD CROWELL "Johnnie" Edgemont, Pa. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING West Philadelphia High School. Ice Hockey Team C11, Varsity Squad C215 Departmental Football Team C31 C41g American Institute of Electrical Engineers. FRANCIS JOY CUBBERLEY Z Z "Bud" 6624 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. ARCHITECTURE Germantown High School. Art Associate H1926 Class Record." WILLIAM H. CULBERTSON 2 N "Bill" 325 Fairmont Ave., Zanesville, Ohio WIIARTON Zanesville High School. Crew C11g Editorial Board H1926 Class Record", President Cooperative Committee C113 Junior Prom Committeeg Banquet Committee C11. LESLIE HAND CUMMINGS A X P 26 Florentine Gardens, Springfield, Mass. WHARTON Central High School. Christian Association ?SiE1eD C213 Glee Club C11 C21 C31 C41g Wedge Club 3 4 A l66l ARTHUR WILLIAM CURTIS "Art" L'Cu1t" ' Fillmore, N. Y. WHARTON Fillmore High School, Westbrook Academy. Gun Team Czjg Chairman Picture Committee C15 Czjg Pipe Committee Cijg Dues Committee C155 Cane Committee C315 Smoker Committee CQ, Prom Comf mittee, Endowment Drive Committee Cglg Blazer Committee C435 Newman Club, Secretary Czj, VicefPresident Cgj. RALPH J. DALBEY X XII "Cotton" ' 305 42nd St., Des Moines, Iowa WHARTON Wisconsin University Crj Czj. LAWRENCE RICHARD DALLETT "Larry" A X Z, E T 201 Cleveland Ave., Riverside, N. J. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Palmyra High School. Alembic Senior Society C453 "Men About Towne" Club C4jg Priestley Club, Lion Engineering Club, Engineers Show Cgj C4 - GEORGE FILSON DANIELS fb K NIJ Visas" KelfMor Apartments, Atlantic City, N. J. COLLBGE Atlantic City High School. Sphinx Senior So' cietyg Coxwain Crew Cijg Cheerleader Cgjg Head Cheerleader C4Dg Mask and Wig Show Cgj. ALAN BEHREND DAVID fb E II "Bozo" 2834 27th St., Washington, D. C. WHARTON Central High School. Capital City Club, Dramatic Club. LOUIS EDGAR DAVID, JR. 4412 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Northeast High School. AYLWARD WALTON DAVIES, JR. E 'ID 2 . "Walt" ' 309 Vernon Road, Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Central High Schoolg Drexel Institute. l67l JAMES G. DAVIS B e rr 1608 W. Lehigh Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON DANIEL DE BRIER 411 E A, A E P "Vic0mte" 138 S. Maryland Ave., Atlantic City, N. J. COLLEGE Atlantic City High School. Debating Team Q25 QQ f4Jg VicefPresident Arts Association QQ, Generf al Chairman NonfSignatory Fraternities, Christian Association Drive QQ Q4Jg Varsity EP" Prom Coma mittee QQ. WALTER DE FRANCOIS E A E L'Dukei' "Walt" 159 Market St., Nanticoke, Pa. COLLEGE Nanticolce High School. Spanish Club CID Czjg Luzerne County Clubg Le Cercle Francais C41 JOHN LEONARD DENISON ACACIA Carrollville, Wis. WHARTON JOSEPH JOHN DEUCHER aloe.. 7913 Superior Ave., Cleveland, Ohio ARCHITECTURE Loyola High School. Newman Club. M. REESE DILL S122 Willows Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. ARCHITECTURE FREDERICK WESLEY DITTMAN "Wes" 3762 N. 18th, Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Northeast High School. Northeast High School Club, Secretary QQ, Presbyterian Commuters Club. l68l WILLIAM WISE DONNELLY T B H 'kBill" "Don" 3,5 Chestnut Terrace, Philadelphia, Pa. CIVIL ENGINEERING West Philadelphia Catholic High School. Scab' bard and Blade, Compass and Chain Societyg Def partmental Football QED C3D C4Dg Engineering Student Council QD, Secretary C4Dg American Society Civil Engineers CID CED Q5D, Secretary C4Dg Newman Clubg Van Nostrand Prize, Ivy Ball Committee. CHARLES WILSON DOUGLAS B 9 H St. joseph, Mo. WHARTON PHILIP WORTHINGTON DOWNES, ja. NPILIV' CIP A T Denton, Md. WHARTON Caroline High School. JOHN SMITH DRAIN 5017 Pentridge St., Philadelphia, Pa. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Brown Preparatory School. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Student Branch. ROGERS MUNRO DREW E 412 E ..ROg,, 144 Lovering Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. WHARTON Lafayette High School. Assistant Manager Golf QD, Manager C4Dg "Punch Bowl" C2D QD C4Dg Editorial Board HIQZO Class Record." DONALD WATCHORN DRUMMOND "Bulldog" E A E 182.4 N. 13th St., Philadelphia, Pa. WI-IARTON Central High School. Basketball Squad CID, Varsity Basketball Squad CED QD. NORMAN RALLA DUTTON . lib I' A .I mm.. N ZIQ Cove Road, Merchantville, N. J. COLLEGE West Philadelphia High School. Track Team C1D C25 C35 647. ' E691 HARRY MCCASLIN EASTON B 9 II uHaTry" 73 N. Arlington Ave., East Orange, N. WHARTON East Orange High School. Business Board, "Red and Blue" CID C3D C4D, Christian'Association Cabinet C33 C4D- MELVILLE UPTON EATON B 9 11 "Mein" 249 Midland Ave., East Orange, N. D. WHARTON East Orange High School. "Punch Bowl" C1D C5D C4D- FORREST CLINTON EBRIGHT E H ..Eby.. 9.136 Perkiomen Ave., Reading, Pa. WHARTON Reading High School. Endowment Drive Com' mittee C3D, Berks County Club. NOEL EDDY A T S2 228 S. 39th St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Class President CID. BENJAMIN ALEXANDER EDWARDS "Ben" A E KID 1404 Cass St., Lacrosse, Wis. WHARTON Lacrosse High School. Junior Varsity Football CQD C3D, La Crosse Team CID, Glee Club C2D. CHARLES BLUMHARD ECOLE "Charlie" - 119 E K, A X Z, Z T 2803 N. Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Northeast High School. Alembic Chemical Society, Priestley Chemical Society, Treasurer C4D, Northeast Club, "Men About Towne" Show Cg,D C4D, Priestley Show C5D C4D. ROBERT ALEXANDER EICHELBERGER xIfT,q:KB,Brz,AEX 'LBob" "Ike" Saxton, Pa. WHARTON Chestnut Hill Academy. Sphinx Senior Society, Franklin Society, Assistant Manager Basketball Team CBDL Band CID, Orchestra CID, "The Penn' sylvaniann CED C3D, Editorfinfchief C4D, Vice' President, Eastern Intercollegiate Newspaper Assof ciation, Chairman, Class Endowment Committee C3D, Editor Freshman Handfbook C3D, Member Christian Association Cabinet C3D C4D, University Camp C2D C3D, Chief Councillor C4D, Chestnut Academy Club, President C3D, Undergraduate Council C4D5 Council on Athletics, Council on Welfare, Special Committee Ivy Week C4l: Cane Man. 1701 BERNARD BENJAMIN EICHHOLZ K N uBixi5', 1416 Bull St., Savannah, Ga. WHARTON Polo Squad C11 C21g Business Board uIQ26 Class Record", Varsity "P" Prom Committee C41g Banquet Committee C215 Ivy Week Committee. GEORGE EICHNER Acacia Mikes 2800 Orleans St., Baltimore, Md. WHARTON Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. Priars Senior Society, Christian Association Cabinet C31, President C41g Class Treasurer C31 Assistant Manager Musical Clubs C31, Manager C411 Undergraduate Chairman Memorial Fund Drive, Ivy Oratorg Student Perf sonnel Board, Wharton School C41g Vigilance Com- mittee, Scale Society. JOHN CHANNING ELLERY KID M E 2434 N. Marshall St., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE Norristown High School. Chess Team C21 C31 C41g Spanish Club C31 C415 Classics Club C31 C415 Or' chestra C313 Glee Club C41g Ivy Ball Committee. CHARLES KINDRED ELLIOTT 115 I' A, B I' 2 ISOO N. 15th St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Penn Charter High' School. Sphinx Senior' So' cietyg Franklin Societyg Crew C11, Junior Varsity Championship C21, Varsity C313 "The Pennsylvan' ian," Head Columnist C41g "Punch Bowl" C11 C31 C41g "Red and Blue" C31 C419 Steering Committee, Junior Week, Ivy Ball Committee. FRANK B. ELLIS, JR. fb K NIJ 66 W. Tulpehocken St., Germantown, Pa. WHARTON William Penn Charter School. Tennis Team C11 C21 C31, Captain C412 Scrub Football Team C31g Assistant Manager Boxing Team C31, Associate Manager C41g Chairman, Patroness Committee, Junior Prom. THEODORE ELWELL dv A T K'Ted" 143 Oakland Ave., Springield, Mass. Central High School. Junior Prom Committee, Musical Club, Orchestra C11 C21 C31 C41, Librarian C21Q Newman Clubg Le Cercle Francais, Springfield Club. KARL EMMERICH K A 1847 Calvert St., Washington, D. C. WHARTON Western High School. Capital City Club, Treasurer C21, VicefPresident C 31. l71l ELLWOOD L. ENGLANDER 1630 N. Franklin St., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE Central High School. Philomathean Society 145. DANIEL EPSTEIN "Dan" 'LDanny" 1228 Eckert Ave., Reading, Pa. WHAKTON Reading High School. Varsity Rifle Squad QQ, Berks County Club. MICHAEL ARTHUR ESPOSITO A KID' A Mechanicville, N. Y. COLLEGE HERBERT ESTRADA T B II, H K N "Herb" 3,242 W. Allegheny Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. X' ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Northeast High School. Hexagon Senior Society, Moore Honor Scholarship QQ QQ, American Inf stitute of Electrical Engineersg "Men About Towne Club"g Lions Engineering Societyg Mask and Wig Show C35 UQ, 'LMen About Towne" Show C35 C4j. JAMES L. EUSTACE E X ajim., 6643 Whitby Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON West Philadelphia High School. Football Team CID, junior Varsity C2j C32 QQ, Ice Hockey Squad Q2j. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN EVANS 'iBcn" ' 1513 Mulberry St., Scranton, Pa. WHARTON Scranton Central High School. Zelosophic Society, Christian Association Drive QD QQ. JOHN HYDE EVATT CID E A "jack" "Howdy" 78 Washington St., East Orange, N. J. WHARTON East Orange High School. l72I JEROME OSBORNE EVAUL E if E "Jerry" "jersey" "Bus" 203 2nd Ave., Haddon Heights, N. J. WHARTON William Penn Charter School. Friars Senior So' cietyg Undergraduate Council C45g Chairman Rally Committee C45g Chairman Fights Committee C45, Undergraduate Representative, Council on Athf letics, C45g Assistant Manager Basketball Team C353 Associate Manager C453 Tournament Manager C455 Christian Association Drive Committee C455 Varsity "P" Prom Committee C453 Varsity Club. WILLIAM MATTHEW EWADINCER fID E K "Bill" 1224 Washington St., Easton, Pa. WHARTON Easton High School. Lehigh Valley Club, Presif dent C35. ARTHUR RAYMOND EWING "Art" 280 Shefield Road, Lansdowne, Pa. WHARTGN Central High School. C'est la Guerre Club. EDWIN 5. FABER A X A "Eddie" 1567 Union St., Schenectady, N. Y. WHARTON Albany Academy. Scabbard and Blade, Co' operative Committee C15g Vigilance Committee C253 Junior Prom Committee C35. GEORGE WILLIAM FARABAUGH A fir E "Cardinal" 1808 8th Ave., Altoona, Pa. Course Altoona High School, Brown Preparatory School. Chairman Freshman Smoker Committee, Cooperaf tive Committee C15g Chairman Refreshments Com' mittee Sophomore Prom, Class Secretary C252 Secref tary Undergraduate Councilg Executive Committee C'est la Guerre Clubg Chairman, Board of Governors Undergraduate Endowment Fund, Arts Council C 3,5 C45g Der Deutsche Verein. PAUL RUNKLE FARLEY E Z 1129 Vine Ave., Williamsport, Pa. WHARTON Williamsport High School. LEONARD R. FAYLE fi' E K L'Len" 968 Muiriield Road, Los Angeles, Calif. WHARTON Harvard School, Los Angeles, Calif. Friars Senior Societyg Crew Varsity C25 C35 C453 Freshman Numerals '26g Class VicefPresident C35g Methodist Vice-President Christian Association C35 C45g Chairf man Wharton Senior Committee on Memorial Fund Drive C35 C455 Undergraduate Council. l73l VLADIMIR JAROSLAV FEWKES Riegrovo Namesti, Nymburk, CzechofSlovakia WHARTON State High School, Nymburk. Endowment Drive Committee Cgj. SAMUEL FINESTONE 436 E. Rockland St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Frankford High School. Menorah Society. CARL VAUGHAN FISHER E fb 2 Sabina, Chio WHARTON Kemper Military Schoolg Wilmington College CID C23- LOWELL HOFFMAN FISHER ACACIA "Fish" "Dutchie" East Lancaster Ave., East Downingtown, Pa. Downingtown High School. FRANK FISHMAN 1220 Chestnut St., Harrisburg. Pa. Harrisburg Technical High School. Squad C4D. GARNER CDELL FLETCHER HDEW, 1430 6th Ave., Huntington, W. Va. Huntington High School. Squash Squad ,f4jQ Editorial Board 661926 Class Record." WVHARTON WHARTON Wrestling 2 '-19 E COLLEGE HAROLD M. FLIGG 310 Burlington St., Fairfield, Iowa Parsons College. I74l WHARTON MAYER FLOCKS A F M 1555 N. zoth St., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE Central High School. Students Medical Society. E. PAUL FLYNN A CID E 24 Havens Ave., Auburn, N. Y. WHARTON Auburn High School. JOHN ROBERT FORD A 2 112 ajack.. 301 Sedgwick St., Germantown, Pa. WHARTON Easton High School. EDWARD FRANCIS FORREST ..Ed.. 2214 Lombard St., Philadelphia, Pa. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Roman Catholic High School. Departmental Football Team C453 American Institute Electrical Engineers, Newman Club. Q ROSLYN B. FORTUIN K E "Forty" 3,54 E. Center St., Nazareth, Pa, WHARTON KENNETH WICKENS FOUCAR if I' A "Ken" 119 Duke St., Hamilton, Ontario, Canada ARCHITECTURE Hamilton Collegiate Institute. SecretaryfTreasf urer Special Class in Architecture. . LAWRENCE EDWARD ERANKEL "Larry" 1651 S. 54th St., Philadelphia, Pa. WI-IARTGN West Philadelphia High School. i751 B. GRAEME FRAZIER, JR. CY' F A acap.. 4005 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE West Philadelphia High School. Cross Country Team C113 Vigilance Committee Czjg Associate Manager Football C415 Track Team Crj Czj C55 C4Dg Varsity Clubg Arts Council C35 C435 Chairman Sophomore Banquetg General Chairman Junior Week. CLARENCE MAURICE FREEDMAN 5307 Berks St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Central High School. Boxing Team C05 Class Historian C4jg Dues Committee Crjg Penniman Bowl Committee Crjg FreshmanfSophomore Love Feast Committee CLI, Cane Committee Cgjg Prom Come mittee C333 N-Iunior Annals", Endowment Drive Committee Cgjg Luncheon Committee C433 Central High School Club CID CED C35 C4jg Menorah Society Crj Cal, Treasurer Cgj, VicefPresident C4jg Ivy Week Committee. MARTIN I. FREEMAN, Jr. Q E II 46 Mallery Place, WilkesfBarre, Pa. WHARTON Wyoming Seminary. Luzerne County Club. ISRAEL FRIEMAN 1700 S. 15th St., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE Central High School. GEORGE OTTO FREY 105 E. Upsal St., Philadelphia, Pa. Music Girard College. FRANK EDSON FULLER, JR. P' C 685 State St., Springfield, Mass. WHAR1-oN Central High School. MELVILLE WHITAKER FULLER "MelI" 6834 Anderson St., Philadelphia, Pa. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Frankford High School. Engineering Associaf tiong American Institute Electrical Engineers. I76I j'OHN CHARLES FULLING E X slack., 4641 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON West Philadelphia High School. AUGUSTUS GEORGE FUNK A T 'lGus" 83 Prospect St., Bristol, Conn. V WHARTON C 4SuH:ield School. Track Team CLD, Squad C11 C35 4 - E ALAN COVERT GARDNER E X "Al" "Gard" 32 New Hanover Ave., Meriden, Conn. WHAETON Meriden High School. Freshman-Sophomore LovefFeast Committee CID, Glee Club 141. EARL SUTHERLAND GARDNER "Shorty" "Kid Woolworthn "Reds" S437 Windsor Pl., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE Tome Institute. Band Cab fgj C4j. JOSEPH FRANCIS GAUGHAN aloe.. 1602 Widener Pl., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE Shenandoah High School. Newman Clubg Le Cercle Francaisg Dramatic Club, Spanish Club. WALTER ARTHUR GAY, JR. SZ XII 'If ..Wag,, 532 N. 58th St., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE Central High School. Debating Squad 441. JOSEPH GELEHRTER UIUC.. 1141 Fairmount Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE Central High School. Departmental Football Team. l 77 I JAMES CUTHBERT GENTLE A T "jimmy" "Fly" 6 Strathmore Road, Brookline, Mass. WHARTON Brookline High School. Varsity Clubg Varsity Soccer Team C3,D C4D, Intercollegiate Champions C5D, Junior Varsity CZDQ Mask and Wig C3Dg Track Squad CID C2D C3Dg Football Team C1Dg Sophomore Prom Committee, General Chairman. CLINTON PARKER GEORGE A 112 E 'gClint" Fairport, N. Y. WHARTON Fairport High School. BENJAMIN GESSHEL "Ben" "Reds" 1325 S. Lambert St. WHARTON South Philadelphia High School. Menorah Society. - FRED MASON'GILLESPIE E X 'kFerd" X- S. Wells St., Sistersville, W. Va. WHARTON Sistersville High School. "The Pennsylvaniann CID C2D C3D C4Dg Sophomore Prom Committeeg Chair' man Football Committee CID. LLOYD BRIGHTBILL GILMAN Z X "Gil" - 218 Cocoa Ave., Hershey, Pa. WHARTON Hershey High School. Basketball Squad C2Dg Christian Association Committee CID C2Dg Sophof more Picture Committee C2Dg Glee Club CrD C2D C 7,D, Vice-President C4Dg Zelosophic Society Play CID. MAURICE ANDREW GILMARTIN, JR. "Gil" gp A 9, Qi: KB 259 Stewart Ave., Garden City, N. Y: WHARTON St. Johns School, Manlius, N. Y. Golf Team CID C2D C3D C4D: "The PCUUSYIVHUQUN CID C23 CSD C4D: "Punch Bowl" C2D C3D C4Dg "Red and Blue" C2D C3D C4Dg Class VicefPresident CrDg Chairman Vigilance Committee C2Dg President Parietal Committee C4Dg Sphinx Senior Society, Presidentg Phi Kappa Beta, Presidentg Franklin Society C4Dg Kite and Key So' ciety C2D C3D C4Dg Varsity Club C4Dg Manager Basketf ball Team C4D. DOUGLAS WILKINSON GILMOUR A T A I-Dougwf 4712 Penn St., Philadelphia, Pa. , ARCHITECTURE Frankford High School. l78l MATTHEW GINSBURG "Mun" "Marry" zo7 Pine St., Johnstown, Pa. COLLEGE Johnstown High School. Band Crl C21 ROBERT SHOTWELL GOE Z H "Bob" Grindstone, Pa. WHARTON Uniontown High School. MELVIN HAROLD GOETTEL Surnneytown, Pa. COLLEGE Collegeville High School. Der Deutsche Verein. EMIL P. GOHN 1848 N. Leithgow St., Philadelphia, Pa. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Northeast High School. Departmental Baseball Team C55 C4jg American Society Mechanical Engif neers. MORRIS AARON GOLD 961 State St., Schenectady, N. Y. WHARTON Schenectady High Schoolg Union College. JULIAN GOLDBERG .Ju C.. 22 N. 6oth St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON West Philadelphia High School. Debating Team CLD C21 Cgjg Cross Country Team Cijg Cross Country Squad Cal Cglg Dramatic Club Cgjg Le Cercle Fran' caisg Menorah Society. MAX SAMUEL GOLDBERG K N "Mac" S409 Woodcrest Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON West Philadelphia High School. West Phila- delphia High School Club. l79l SAMUEL GOLDBERG "Reds" Monroeville, N. I. WHARTON West Philadelphia High School. Track Squad C25 C355 Symphony Orchestra C15 C25 C35. WILLIAM S. GOLDSTEIN II A lib "Bill" "Goldy" 1934 N. 3d St., Harrisburg, Pa. WHARTON Swimming Squad C15 C25g Lacrosse Squad C25g "The Pennsylyanianm C25 C35, Circulation Manager C45g Photographic Board H1926 Class Record"g Vigilance Committee C153 junior Banquet Committee. HERMAN MARCUS GOLOVE "Midge" 3201 S. 84th St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON West Philadelphia High School. Menorah Society. GARDNER MAURICE GORDON A E da "Gin" "Gig" X' 66 Orchard Pl., Battle Creek, Mich. WHARTON Morgan Park Military Academy. Winner L'Penn and Ink" Contest C15g Editor "Penn and Ink" Column "The Pennsylvanianw C35 C45g Sophof more Smoker Committeeg Junior Banquet Commit' teeg Endowment Drive Committee C359 President Tripod Clubg Class Presenter. THEODORE GORE fb B A "Ted" "Dyke" 1512 S. Norfolk St., Tulsa, Okla. WHARTON Tulsa Central High School. Rocky Mountain Club C15 C155 Dramatic Club. LEONARD A. GOTTLIEB 21 'I' 112 "Len" 5026 N. 1oth St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Northeast High School. Junior Week Committeeg Menorah Society, LEON HENRY GOULD L'Lee" 3859 N. 17th St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Northeast High School. Le Cercle Prancaisg University Forum. E801 HARRY GRABOSKY II A fb ..GTay., Wissahickon and Cliveden Aves., Germantown, Pa. WHARTON Central High School. "Punch Bowl" Q21 C31 C41. EDGAR ALLAN GRAHAM XII T, B I' E "Tex" Dallas, Texas WHARTON Bryan Street High School. Sphinx Senior Societyg Wrestling Squad Q21 C51 c41I, junior Varsity Foot' ball Team C41Q Manager Track Team, President I. C. A. A. A. A. HAROLD SINCLAIR GRANT 'lI7'iSl1" II BI E, CID M 2 3458 Palmetto St., Philadelphia, Pa. V COLLEGE Frankford High School. Varsity Cricket Team C21g Soccer, Third Team C31 C41, Class Team C31 Q41g Chess Club C31 Q41. , CARL HENRY GRASHOF, IR. A X A "G1a.ssy" 2060 East Ave., Rochester, N. Y. WHARTON East High School. Varsity Crew C21 131, Swim' ming Squad f21g Junior Varsity Football Team C31g Second Freshman Crewg Varsity Club. BRADFORD GREEN 9 X "Brad" Shrewsbury, Mass. COLLEGE North High School, Worcester, Mass. junior Prom Ticket Committee, Sophomore Prom Ticket Committeeg Vigilance Committee Q11. DAVID MOSES GREEN E A H "Davy" "Dip" 149 E. Cedar Ave., Wildwood, N. J. , WH.ARTON Scrub Football Team GERALD M. GREENCLAY H A fb "ferry" 1060 Emerson St., Denver, Col. WHARTON East Denver High School. ' l81 l WALTER EDWARD GREENWOOD "Walt" "Ed" "G1eenie" 331 E. Chestnut St., Coatesville, Pa. WHARTON Coatesville High School. Freshman Smoker Com' mittee C15, Glee Club. HERBERT P. GREGORY 6 E "G1cg" "Herb" 116 Linden St., West Pittston, Pa. WHARTON West Pittston High School. Prom Committee C35g Endowment Drive Committee C35g Memorial Hall Fund C45g Luzerne County Clubg Taylor Society. KENNARD WILLIAM GREGORY E A l'Ke'n" ' 254 Roslyn Ave., Glenside, Pa. CIVIL ENGINEERING Abington High School. Civil Engineering So' ciety C35 C45g American Institute Electrical Engineers. JOHN W. GREINER "johnny" 51 New Haven St., Mount joy, Pa. ARCHITECTURE Orchestra C15g Glee Club C15. JAMES ARTHUR GRIFFEN. JR. 2 N, B F E 'Ljin-L" ' 309 Plant Ave., Tampa, Fla. XVHARTON Hillsboro High School. Manager Boxing Team C455 "Punch Bowl" C25 C35 C455 Circulation Manager 'LI926 Class Recordug Sophomore Picture Commit- tee Cz5g Junior Banquet Committee C35g "Junior Annalsug Varsity "P" Dance C453 Spanish Club. WILLIAM R. GROSSBERG 9 A KI, "Bill" 415 N. 11th St., Reading, Pa. WHARTON Reading High School.. Menorah Society, Berks County Club. ' CHARLES GOULD GROSSCUP T B II MGH" "Charlie" 4830 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. CHEMISTRY West Philadelphia High School. Priestley Club, West Philadelphia High School Club. I82I CONSTANTINE S. GROUZES "G'ruez" 306 W. 14th St., Wilmington, Del. WHARTON American International College, Springfield, Mass. Secretary Tripod Club. MATTHEW WILLIAM GRUSETZ "Matty" 933 Myrtle Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Course Brooklyn High School. WILLARD J. GUCKER , E N "Bill" 3540 Lake Ave., Rochester, N. Y. WHARTON West High School. Soccer Team CID, Glee Club Cal. RALPH CARL GUENTHER N11 T 1306 Lincolnway, Laporte, Ind. WHARTON Laporte High School. Mask and Wig Club C4j. ISAAC GUGGENI-IEIM, II E A M "junior" - A Hotel Ambassador, New York, N. Y. WHARTON Hamilton Institute. Ivy Week Treasurer. ROBERT EMIL GUGENHEIM LID E II "Bob" Kemper Lane Apts., Cincinnati, Ohio WHARTON Hughes High School. "Red and Blue" Business Board Q15 QD, Circulation Manager QQ, Editorial Board H1926 Class Record", Junior Cane Committee, Memorial Hall Fund Committee l4ll Ohio Club, Glee Club QD C41 RICHARD ALOYSIUS HAGGERTY n .. Dick., 9.27 W. Drinker St., Dunmore, Pa. Course Dunmore High School. Treasurer Newman Club. l83l GEORGE KELLOCK HALE E II "Kel" "Red" ' 29.25 W. Tioga St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Northeast High School, Varsity Cricket Team CID Qzjg 'LRed and Blue" Editorial Board QD C423 Dues Committee Qrbg Le Cercle Francaisg Northeast High School Club. I. LOUIS HALPREN E A M ..Pat., 4946 Walnut St, Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON West Philadelphia High School. Wrestling Squad Cal QD, Varsity C4D. HOMER WARREN HANSCOIVI A T A "Tank" 28 Byron St., Bradford, Mass. WHARTON Haverhill High School. "The Pennsylvanian' C35 C42 Cooperative Committee CID: Glee Club CID Qzl C4jg Scabbard and Blade. EDWIN DANA HAPGOOD .C K A 111 ..Hap., 109 Westminster St., SpringHeld, Mass. WI-IARTON Central High School. Glee Club CID C25 C31 C4D. A. ALBERT HAROOTUNIAN 55 N. Yewdell St., W. Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE St. Paul's College, Tarsus, Alicia, American International College, Smyrna, Asia Minor. Glee Club C42 Philomathean Society C41 CARL C. HARRINGTON H K N' "CfSquave" 122 W. Penn St., Philadelphia, Pa. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Departmental Football Team C35 C4Dg Departf mental Baseball Team QQ C455 American Institute Electrical Engineers. ' Y JOHN JOSEPH HARRINGTON .jacks 147 Longview Ave., Fairfield, Conn. WI-IARTON ,University School. Newman Club. l84l GILBERT G. HARRIS "Gil" 6036 Christian St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Southern High School. Secretary Menorah So' cietyg Freshman and Sophomore Honors. MYRON VICTOR HARRISON 5820 Hazel Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE West Philadelphia High School. Menorah So' cietyg Classics Club. JOHN FRANCIS HARRON A X E "johnny" 5028 Ridge Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Scrub Football Team Czl Cgjg Class Secretary C42 Priestley Clubg Newman Clubg Roman Catholic High School Club QLD Czj QD, President C4j. FRANK HARTMAN, JE. E Z 6356 Sherman St., Germantown, Pa. CIVIL ENGINEERING Germantown High School. Compass and Chain Society C35 QQ, Civil Engineering Society, Zelof sophic Society. JAMES WILEY HARTMAN, JR. B 9 H "Bugs" 322 Main St., Latrobe, Pa. COLLEGE Latrobe High Schoolg Washington and jefferson College. WILLIAM HAROLD HARTMAN "Mite" 328 Market St., Tamaqua, Pa, ARCHITECTURE Tamaqua High School. DAVID HARE HARSHAW E A "Dave" 2226 Christian St., Philadelphia, Pa. WIIAETQN West Philadelphia High School. Track Squad C35 C03 Departmental Football Team QD C455 Smoker Committee C319 West Philadelphia High School Club Secretary Cgj. l35l EDWARD T. HAY, JR. CIP E K "Ed" u'Tim" 1518 S. Cedar St., Spokane, Wash. ' WHARTON Shattuck School. WALTER T. HAZLETT A B X "Walt" 318 Loney St., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE Northeast High School. SAMUEL HEINEMAN T E 111 "Sam" 515 Chestnut St., Columbia, Pa. COLLEGE Tome School. Swimming Squad Crjg Water Polo Squad QQ, "Junto" C21 Advertising Manager QQ, Business Manager C4jg "Junior Annalsvg Junior Prom Committeeg Junior Cane Committeeg En' dowment Fund Committeeg Arts Council Q35 C4jg Chairman Dues Committee Arts Association .C4jg President jewish Students' House Association QD C45 ' EMIL HARRY HEINTZ A 'I' ..Em.. 5229 N. Front St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON West Philadelphia High School. Crew CLD, Championship 15oflb. C21 Third Varsity fglg Foot' ball Team CLD, junior Varsity Czj, Varsity Squad QD, Varsity CEQQ Varsity Club. FRANKLIN STERNER HEISS T B H, H K N l'Frank" L'Bcn" 1 931 Foulkrod St., Philadelphia, Pa. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Frankford High School. Departmental Baseball Teamg American Institute Electrical Engineersg Moore School Honor Scholarship C4jg Christian Association Drive Committee Q4j. " JONAS BECK HEIT NIM.. 3,78 Chestnut St., Springfield, Mass. WHARTON High School of Commerce. "Punch Bowl," Assistant Circulation Manager C413 Banquet Comf mittee Cglg Prom Arrangements Committee Cgjg Varsity "P" Prom C4lQ Christian Association Drive Committee f4Dg Taylor Societyg Springfield Club, Dormitory Senate. JOSEPH HEMPHILL, III fb K 2 2o5 W. Gay St., West Chester, Pa. COLLEGE West Chester High Schoolg Pennsylvania Milif tary College. Varsity Rifle Team QQ, First Lieuf tenant R. O. T. C. 1861 FREDERICK HERBERT HENDEY, IR. "Bert" S2 Prospect St., Passaic, N. J. WHARTON Passaic High School. ROBERT KROHN HERBST "Bob" "Chilly" Fargo, N. Dali. WHARTON Northwestern Military and Naval Academy. Officers' Club Cal QD. WALTER AMBROSE HERLEY "Irish" 911 E. Main St., Coatesville, Pa. WHARTON Coatesville High School. Zelosophic Societyg Newman Club, Le Cercle Francais Play Qglg Vice, President Chester County Club f4l. HARTMAN BURRELL HERR 'kBud" Salona, Pa. WHARTON Central State Normal School. Editorial Board NIQI6 Class Record", Junior Banquet Committee. HARRY W. I-IERRIOTT A XI' "Chewy" Hickory, Pa. VETERINARY Wrestling Team CID C35 C455 Veterinary Medical Society. WILLIAM PHILIP HEUCHERT 119 Z A "Bill" "Uke" 738 W. Jefferson St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Central High School. Scholastic Honors Qlg Der Deutsche Verein. WILLIAM JOSEPH HINDMAN T B II "Bill" 1203 68th Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Roman Catholic High School. Christian Assof ciation Drive Committee, Roman Catholic High School Club, President ISI: Newman Clubg Priestley Clubg Engineering Association. l37l LEWIS IRVING I-IIRSH if E II "Lew" 912 Ponce de Leon Ave., Atlanta, Ga. WHARI-oN Marist College. 'LRed and Blue" C25 QD QQ. EDWARD WARREN HOAK lil E K 1721 Bushnell Ave., South Pasadena, Calif. ARCHITECTURE South Pasadena High School. PAUL RICHARD HOFFMAN CII II CP uPuss" 259 Chestnut St., Pottstown, Pa. WI-IARTON Pottstown High School. HARRY ATKINSON HOGAN "Sandy" 160 Elm Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Mount Vernon High School. Class Football Team QD C42 American Society Mechanical Engif neersg Whitney Society. JOHN JOSEPH HOLAI-IAN Hack.. 4 Rundel Park, Rochester, N. Y. WHARTON East High School. Chairman Ticket Committee Freshman Banquet, Chairman junior Banquet, En' dowment Drive Committee QQ, Class Dues Com' mittee Cal, Glee Club Czjg Rochester Club, Secretary C31 President C4jg Dormitory Representative C4Dg Ivy Week Committee. " HAYWARD JANES HOLBERT 111 I' A "Hobby" 3,07 Gaston Ave., Fairmont, W. Va. WHARTON Fairmont High School. - MILTON LEWIS HOLLAND E fb E "Milt" 3104 Clifton Ave., Baltimore, Md. WHARTON Baltimore Friends School. Pictorial Board "The Pennsylvaniann Czj C35 C42 Editorial Board "Punch Bowl" CBD C47- 'I881 JOSEPH STRAUSS HOPKINS aloe.. 370 Hawthorne St., Orange, N. J. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Orange High School. "Men About Towne" Clubg Band CID CED C3D C4Dg Symphony Orchestra C3Dg Instrumental Club CzDg Engineers' Show Orchestra Leader C 3D. LEON EUGENE HOOGSTOEL 83,0 E. Schiller St., Philadelphia, Pa. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Brown Preparatory School. Priestley Club. GILBERT FRANKLIN HORNE 'il II 112 "Gil" "Harms" Donaldson, Pa. WH.ARTON Pottsville High School. RODNEY BARTOO HOTCHKIN E Z "Rod" "Hutch" 72 Grand Blvd., Binghamton, N. Y. WHARTON Binghamton High School. Band CID CED C3D C4DQ Orchestra CID CED C3D C4Dg Christian Association Cabinet C4D. DANIEL EUGENE HOUGHTON T B X "Dan" Westtown School, Westtown, Pa. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Westtown School. American Society Mechanical Engineers. HARRY ALBERT HUNSBERGER E X uI'IuntZ,' Bay City, Mich. WIIARTON Ferris Institute. Cross Country Team CIDg Golf Team CID, Associate Manager C4Dg Penniman Bowl Committee CIDg Hoosier Club. WALTER STANTON HUNTER K A fb Swedesboro. N. Cl. WI-IARTON Woodbury High School Woodbury High School Club C IDg Endowment Committee CBD: Band C2D C3,D C4Dg Orchestra CED C3D C4Dg Instrumental Club C23- l39l JACOB HURWITZ 315 Ritner St., Philadelphia, Pa, WHARTON South Philadelphia High School. Menorah Society. CHARLES CECIL HUSTON K A 112 422 Louisa St., Williamsport, Pa. WHARTON Williamsport High School. Glee Club CO Cal QQ C45- NATHANIEL S. HYMAN K N UNM.. 1312 Atlantic Ave., Atlantic City, N. J. WHARTON Atlantic City High School. CLEOPI-IAS JOSEPH IGNATOVIG "Butch" "Ig" 329 Sunbury St., Minersville, Pa. WHARTON Minersville High School. Newman Club. DONALD KENNETH IRMIGER CID E K ...Dongs 138 S. Adams St., Green Bay, Wis. WHARTON East High School. Friars Senior Societyg Varsity Crew CQJ CQ C413 Freshman Crew, Varsity Club. FRANCIS WILLIAM IRWIN "Fran" I9 N. Maple St., Lansdowne, Pa. COLLEGE Lansdowne High School. JAMES FISHER IRWIN CP B K "Jim" ufimmyu 634 Snyder Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. ' COLLEGE South Philadelphia High School. l90 I WILLIAM FRANCIS IRWIN "Bill" 634 Snyder Ave,, Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON South Philadelphia High School. S. LEON ISRAEL "Lee" 4825 Leidy Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE West Philadelphia High School. Dramatic Club C3Jg Menorah Society, Secretary C4J. SAMUEL ISAACMAN A E II Harrisburg, Pa. ' WHARTON GERARD HARRY ISAACSON fi? A 600 Jackson St., Gallitzin, Pa. A ' ' WHARTON Gallitzin High School. Track Team CLD, Basket' ball Team f1Jg Prom Committee Cgjg Varsity "P', Prom Committee Q4Jg Spanish Club. LOUIS JACOBS "Lew" 1614 S, Lawrence St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON South Philadelphia High School. Menorah Society. WILLIAM ALEXANDER JACK, 3d HBH!" "Billy" A X 2, '1' B II 2250 Cathedral Ave., Washington, D. C. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Central High School. Swimming Squad CIXZD QD Q4Jg Rifle Team Crjg Christian Association Drive C4Jg Engineering Student Council QD C4Jg Priestley Chemical Club KID Czj QD f4JQ Capital City Clubg Cast Engineers' Show Q4Jg Cast Priestley Chemical Club Show C3J C4J. CLYDE W. JACKSON ' B 9 II 3181 Monmouth Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio WHARTON University School. I 91 l CLINTON A. JAMES A T S2 alms.. roS Edgar St., Kane, Pa. VVHARTON Kiski Preparatory School. MATTHEW MITCHELL JASNER 'LJaz" "Matty" 4621 N. Warnock St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Brown Preparatory School, Pennsylvania State College. Taylor Society. CRADDOCK PEDER JENSEN K A fir "C.P." 818 Hawthorne Ave., South Milwaukee, Wis. WHARTON South Milwaukee High School. JOHN THOMAS JONES X "Jack" "Shun" 267 E. Church St., Nanticoke, Pa. COLLEGE Carbondale High Schoolg Pennsylvania State College. Luzerne County Club, Treasurer C4jg Spanish Club QQ C4Jg C'est la Guerre Club. ROBERT FRANCIS JONES "Bob" 8 Bellevue Ave., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. COLLEGE Poughkeepsie High School. Spring Regatta fzj. ARTHUR G. JOHNSON E E X ..ATt-. ...I-Iossu 510 Richmond Ave.. Point Pleasant, N. J. WHARTON Priars Senior Societyg Crew CID, Varsity Cal QD C455 Varsity Club, Christian Association Cabinet. HAROLD PARKER JOHNSON E C11 E New Milford, Conn. WHARTON Junior Prom Ticket Committee. l92l LEWIS MASSEY JOHNSON 119 B H 'LLew" "johnny" 131 W. Washington Lane, Germantown, Pa. COLLEGE Northeast High School. Varsity Club, Freshf man Crew, Junior Varsity C25, Varsity C35 C45, Class Crew C15 C25 C35g Heister Medical Society. CLAUS GUSTAV JORDAN A X A "Santa" ujoen 1111 Franklin St., Wilmington. Del. COLLEGE Real Gymnasium, Cologne, Germanyg Salesianum. Crew C15, Varsity C15 C35 C45g Philomathean Society C153 L'Academie Cosmopoliteg Der Deutsche Vereing German Play 3. REYNARD LIGHT JOSEPH Z B T "Dink" 181 High St., Denver, Col. W1-LARTON East Denver High School. HAROLD LEONARD IUDOVICH A E H njud., njudy., 3300 Baring St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Central High School. Junior Varsity Football C35 C453 Sophomore Prom Committee, Junior Prom Committeeg Cane Committeeg Endowment Drive Committee C35g Blazer Committee C45g Varsity "P" Prom Committee C45. J. HERMAN KAHN 6110 Catherine St., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE Central High School. CARL WILLIAM KAISER, JR. E A "Happy" "Bob" 756 N. 43d St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON West Philadelphia High School. Rifle Squad C255 Track Squad C35g Glee Club C35 C45g Zelosophic Society C35 C453 West Philadelphia High School Club, Song Leader C25. HARRY F. KAISER fb N "Kane" 1517 S. 6oth St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON South Philadelphia High School. Menorah Society. I93 I JOSEPH ALOYSIUS KANE aloe.. 868 N. 48th St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON West Philadelphia High School. Newman Club. ABRAM KANOFSKY "Kid" 1630 Point Breeze Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE South Philadelphia High School. Le Cercle Francaisg Menorah Society. SAMUEL KAPLAN ..Kap,. Sammy.. 1542 N. 7th St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Central High School. Menorah Society, Central High School Club. CHARLES BURTON KASS 6 X, 2 T "Charley" 374 N. Park Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Northeast High School. American Society Mechanical Engineersg "Men About Towne" Clubg Lions Engineering Society: Northeast High School Clubg Band Czj C31 C4D. JOHN JACOB KAUFFMAN A 2 as "fake" , 211 Clairmont Ave., Ashland, Ohio WHARTON Ashland High School. L'Punch Bowl" C15 QQ, Circulation Manager C4j. , Q ERNEST STEINMETZ KAYLOR A T "Ernie" "Liz" 906 Washington St., Pekin, Ill. WHARTON Culver Military Academy. Culver Club. ICHN M. KENNEDY, III A CID njack.. I 2018 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON William Penn Charter School. Endowment Drive Committee, Student Vestry, Episcopal Chapel. i941 WILLIAM FRITZ KENNEDY 112 B K, A Z P "Bill" zoog Pemberton St., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE Central High School. Varsity Debate Team Czj Cgl, Captain C455 "j'unto," Editorial Boardg Sophof more Honorsg Merrick Debate Prize C415 Philo mathean Society Cal CQ, Moderator C4Qg President Phi Beta Kappa Chapterg Arts Council C4j. WILLIAM RICHARD KERN "Bill" 642 Prescott Ave., Scranton, Pa. WHARTON Technical High Schoolg Pennsylvania State College Crj Cal. Boxing Squad Cgjg Dormitory Rep resentative C4jg Glee Club C10 C4j. THOMAS KERR 3433 N. Front St., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE ARTHUR F. KEPLINGER E A E HAH., ..Kep.. 150-173 88th Ave., jamaica, N. Y. COLLEGE Yeates Schoolg St. Stephens College. Junior Prom Committeeg Mask and Wig Club CQ C4D. GEORGE MATTHEW KEVLIN if E A "Slim" "Kev" 5317 Thomas Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. ' WHARTON West Philadelphia High School. Cane Com' mittee Cgjg West Philadelphia High School Club, President C4Dg Chairman Ivy Tea Dansant Committee. JAMES DINWIDDIE KILGORE E A E "jim" "limes" 1507 Hillsboro St., Raleigh, N. C. ARCHITECTURE Raleigh High School. Art Editor "Junior Annalsug Banquet Committee. CHARLES RAYMOND KIMBER A E CID uCl'11.LCkM 212 E. Cleveland St., Spring Valley, Ill. WHARTON La SalefPeru High School. Vigilance Committee Cal. l95l GEORGE HERMAN KINEMOND A 'If Hickory, Pa. VETERINARY Hickory Vocational School. Veterinary Medical Society. SIMPSON CHU KING Poashan, Shanghai, China. WHARTON Tsing Hua High School, Tsing Hua University, Pekin, China. Chairman Boarding Committee, TvventyfFirst Annual Conference Eastern Section Chinese Students' Alliance, U. S. A. CQ, Philadelphia Chinese Students' Banking Club, Treasurer C4j. DONALD BEACH KIRBY "Don" zI9 State St., Harrisburg, Pa. ARCHITECTURE Harrisburg Academy, Schenley High School. Crew Squad CID, Pageant Committee Egyptian Ball C332 Second Frank Miles Day Memorial Prize Cal. CARLTON NEUCKS KLUTEY X "Colonel" 1305 and St., Henderson, Ky. WHARTON Barret Manuel Training High School. Business Board HIQZG Class Record", Endowment Drive Committee Cgj, Memorial Hall Fund Committee C4DQ Taylor Society, Glee Club CID C3l, Kentucky Club: Mask and Wig Show Cgj C4j. ISADORE L. KOHEN E T 'iv HIS.. 9.508 N. 19th St., Philadelphia, Pa. ARCHITECTURE Central High School. JOHN BOWEN KOHLER A K E Chicago, Ill, ' WHARTON HENRY I. KOPLIN K N "Hick" 515 S. 8th St., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE Central High School. Freshman Baseball Team, Assistant Manager Gymnastic Team Cgl, Manager CQ, Franklin Society C4l, Advertising Manager HIQZG Class Record" C4j, Philomathean Society' Varsity Club. l96l SAMUEL KQPLIN "Sam" "Katie" 306 E. Broad St., Hazleton, Pa. WHARTON Hazleton High School. Boxing Teamg Inter' collegiate Boxing Championship, Izgflb. Class. ALBERT ELIAS KOVARSKY UAV, 76 Center St., Freehold, N. J. COLLEGE Freehold High School. Menorah Society. MANFRED KRAEMER I8 Nairn Pl., Newark, N. J. COLLEGE South Side High School. Gym Team C1D CID, Captain C4Dg Varsity Clubg National A. A. U. RopefClimbing Championship C3Dg Middle Atlantic A. A. U. Flying Rings Championship C3D. FREDERICK WILLIAM KRESS 338 Tioga St., Johnstown, Pa. WHARTON Johnstown High School. Open Hearth Club. ADAM KUHN A CI? Z, B I' E 'kBud" 239 E. South Temple St., Salt Lake City, Utah WHARTON East High School. Lacrosse Team CID, Editorial Board "Punch Bowl" CzD C5D C4Dg Cooperative Com' mittee CIDg Welcome Committee CID, Sophomore Prom Committee, Endowment Committee C3Dg Rocky Mountain Club: Chorus Mask and Wig Show CLD C4D4 GEORGE C. T. KUNKLE A E fb 29 S. Yewdell St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON West Philadelphia High School. Glee Club CID Ca.D C3Dg Mask and Wig Club, Cast Mask and Wig Show CID C3D C4D, Chorus CzDg University Quartet C27 C3D- JOSEPH CHARLES KURKA aloe.. 42,7 E. 58th St., New York, N. Y. WHARTON Mt. Herman School, Cazenovia Academy. Lacrosse Team CID, Squad C2Dg Mt. Herman Club. l97l YAU KWAUNG KWAAN Hankow, China WHARTON LELAND RALPH LAIN "Lee" 165 E. Main St., Port Jervis, N. Y. WHARTON Port Jervis High School. ARTHUR J. LAVELLE 42 Orchard St., Scranton, Pa. WHARTON Scranton Central High School. Newman Club. WILLIAM PARSONS LAWS C12 E A L'Bill" - 110 N. Baltimore Ave., Ocean City, Md. WHARTON Ocean City High School. Wrestling Squad C1Jg Swimming Squad C1Jg Business Board HIQZ6 Class Record", Endowment Drive Committee C3Jg Board of Governors Class Endowment Fund C4Jg Christian Association Finance Committee C31 C4Jg Foreign Students' Committee C3J C4Jg Memorial Hall Fund Drive C4DQ Varsity "P" Dance Committee Zelof sophie Society C1J Czj C3J. JOHN SWAN LAWSON 111 E A 559.7 Mascher St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON DAVID AARON LEABMAN "Dave" 501 N. 6th St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Central High School. Menorah Society. MICHAEL F. LEAHAN "Mike" 607 Mahanoy Ave., Girardville, Pa. WHARTON Girardville High School. Newman Club. I98I ALLAN JESSE LEASE A 2 wiv NAV. 114 E. Tioga St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Frankford High School. Philomathean Society C11 C11 C315 Frankford Club, President C11 C31. THOMAS STUART LEE E A E Wyalusing, Pa. WHARTON YOUNG ON LEE 2 Wood Rd., Wantsai, Hongkong, China ARCHITECTURE Canton Christian College. Chinese Students' Club, Treasurer C31, Manager C415 Orchestra. MILTON SELIGMAN LEIDNER B 2 P "Reds" "Strawberry Blonde" S. E. Corner Park and Grange Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE Central High School. Track Squad C21 C314 Golf Team C113 Varsity "P" Prom Committee C41g Anthropological Societyg Central High School Clubg Classics Club. DANIEL LEITCH, JR. "Zeke" 127 Essex Ave., Narberth, Pa. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Narberth High School. Class Football C21 C314 American Institute Electrical Engineers. LEONARD KARSLAKE LERCH II K A "Len" 159 Cottage St., Lockport, N. Y. WHARTON Lockport High School. Varsity Riie Team C41. ALFRED LETH A T 3,319 Church Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. WHARTON Erasmus Hall High School. Football Team C11 C21 C31C41g Varsity Clubg Lacrosse C215 Varsity Club Scholarship C31 C41' I99l MOREY L. LEVY 1266 Clinton Pl., Elizabeth, N. J. WHARTON Battin High School. Endowment Drive Com' mittee LEROY LEWIS A T "Pete" 212 Stanbridge St., Norristown, Pa. WI-IARTON George School. Track Team C25 C35 C45g Basket' ball CI5, junior Varsity C55, Varsity Squad C25 C455 Soccer, junior Varsity C35, Varsity C45. RICHARD ANTHONY LEWIS 'LDick" Church and Earnum St., Beverly, N. J. WHARTON Burlington High Schcol. Taylor Society. ROBERT ERSKINE LEWIS "Bob" mon Mt. Royal Terrace, Baltimore, Md. ARCHITECTURE Baltimore City College. Dormitory House Rep' resentative C453 Historic Ornament Medal C35. A. RAWDON LIBBY ..R0yf. 4741 N, roth St., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE Central High School. WILLIAM LIEBLICK E A H "Zeke" "Bill" 119 Preston St., Hartford, Conn. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Hartford High School. Fencing Squad C35 C453 Vigilance Committeeg American Society Civil Engineers C45. PAUL ALLEN LIEBMAN 'iPaul" 717 W. Butler St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Frankford High School. Endowment Drive Com' mittee C35g Menorah Society. 'l1001 EARL LIEVER "Politician" 1712 Mineral Spring Rd., Reading, Pa. WHARTON Reading High School. Business Board H1926 Class Record", Chairman Junior Cane Committeeg Junior Banquet Committee, Endowment Drive Committeeg Blazer Committee C453 Senior Luncheon Committeeg President Berks County Club C4j. F. RODGER LINDSAY E A E, iii K B 3908 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Friars Senior Society, Varsity Clubg Baseball C15 C25 C55 Co. Basketball C17 C15 C39 C4D. JOHN BOWEN LINDSAY H K N "johnny" 445 Hansberry St., Germantown, Pa. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Germantown Academy. "Pennsylvania Tri' angle"g Lions Engineering Society, American Inf stitute Electrical Engineersg "Men About Towne" Show, Cast C4J. KAHLMAIE LINKER E A M, B F E "Lin " 1417 S. ad St., Louisville, Ky. WHARTON Louisville Male High School. "The Pennsylvanf ian" Czj C31 C4Q, "Red and Blue" Cal C31 Advertising Manager C4lg Kentucky Club. ARNOLD BERNARD LINTZ Shawmut, Pa. WHARTON Central State Normal School. JOHN JAY LIPSKY 'kjoen L'Lip" 1747 W. Venango St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Catasauqua High School. Tennis Squad CIU Czj CBD. CLARENCE B. LITCHFIELD E Q5 E "Linh" 432 E. ad Ave., Mitchell, S. Dak. ARCHITECTURE Mitchell High School. Sphinx Senior Society "Punch Bowl" Czj C3j, Editor-infChief C455 k'Red and Blue" C31 C4JQ Editorial Board H1926 Class Record", President of Franklin Society. C1011 ROBERT GEORGE LITTLE A XII ..B0b.. 515 Market St., Williamsport, Pa. VETERINARY Williamsport High School. Lycoming County Clubg American Veterinary Society. CHEUK SUEN LO Pohang Bank, Macao, China WHARTON St. Stephens College, Hongkong, China. Chinese Students' Club. DAVID ALLAN LOCKE B I' 2 NAV, 632 S. 52d St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON JAMES GRIER LONG 1307 W. Sth Ave., Spokane, Wash, ,W WHARTON Lewis and Clark High School. Endowment Drive Committee C3Dg Rocky Mountain Club, Spanish Club. HOWARD TUNNELL LONG A XII, 'ID K B amp.. 4638 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. Coruzca Episcopal Academy. Sphinx Senior Society, Kite and Key Society, Varsity Club, Baseball Team Crl Cal Cgj, Captain C4jg junior Varsity Football Team Cal Cgj, Varsity C455 Christian Association Cabinet C415 Episcopal Academy Club, Senior Advisor. WILLIAM A. LOUDERMILK "Bill" Halifax, Pa. WHARTON Halifax High School. EDWARD SCOTT LOWER, JR. "Ed" 'kScotty" B 9 II, fr: K B 818 Wynnewood Rd., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON West Philadelphia High School. Sphinx Senior Societyg "The Pennsylvanianu C1D Cal Cgj, Managing Editor C4jg Class President Cal, Vigilance Commit' tee C213 Chairman Penniman Bowl Contests Cglg University Council on Welfare and Student Activities C4DQ Senior Dormitory Advisor C4DQ President lnterfraternity Council C4lg Mask and Wig Chorus C1D, Cast C41 I C1021 JOHN PATERSON LUKENS H K N ..Luke.. 1212 Lycoming Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Northeast High School. Captain Moore School Football Teamg American Institute Electrical Engineers CID Czj QD, President QQ. LESTER LUXENBURG fb B A "Les'l Houtzdale, Pa. COLLEGE Houtzdale High School. JOHN GILLIS MACDONALD 0 A X l'Mac" 520 N. Main St., Butler, Pa. WHARTON Butler High School. Sophomore Prom Ticket Committee, Junior Prom Ticket Committee, Taylor Society. WALTER EARL MACDONALD 3312 N. I5'th St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Central High School. ALBERT BRADFORD MACKAIN 4711 Springfield Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON JAMES CHARLES MACLEAN 9 X "Mac'1'avish" New Kensington, Pa. COLLEGE Robinson High School. C'est la Guerre Club. DONALD BREMER MACNEIR E 112 E 1oIo S. 48th St., Philadelphia, Pa. ARCHITECTURE l103J JAMES BARTON MACPHERSON A X A "Bart" "Mac" 3407 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHAR1-ON West Catholic High School. Picture Committee C113 EreshmanfSophomOre LovefFeast Committee CED, Vigilance Committee Cal. MAX MACNES "Mark" 207 Harrison St., Paterson, N. J. COLLEGE Paterson High School. PETER HUGHES MAHONY K fID K "Pete" Monticello, N. Y. EDUCATION Monticello High School. Honor Code Commit' tee C4jg Education Clubg Christian Association Drive QD, Ivy Week Committee. CHARLES H. MALONEY 15 Washington St., Riverside, N. J. W1-IARTON Central State Normal School. BENJAMIN MANN 63,8 Amboy Ave., Perth Amboy, N. I. COLLEGE Orchestra QLD Cal. GUY EDWARD MANN B 9 II Linwood Ave., Maple Shade, N. J. WHARTON Penn Charter School. Zelosophic Society CID C215 Mask and Wig Show C35 141. THOMAS NORMAN MANSELL "'I'.N." 'LNorm" 7030 Marsden St., Philadelphia, Pa. ARCHITECTURE West Philadelphia High School. H041 ABRAHAM C. MARCOLIS "Abe" 2448 N. 54th St., Philadelphia, Pa. . WHARTON West Philadelphia High School. ARTHUR LAWRENCE MARLOWE K A fb HTG.. 17 Ridge St., New Haven, Conn. WHARTON New Haven High School. C'est la Cuerre Club C25 C35 C45g Newman Club. HENRY FREDERICK MARSH A T "Shorty" Brighton Station, Rochester, N. Y. WHARTON Tome Institute. BandfLeader C25 C35 C4-5. FRED FRETZ MARTIN E H 153 Shewell Ave., Doylestown, Pa. ARCHITECTURE Doylestown High School. JAMES WHITNEY MARVIN uhm.. Andalusia, Pa. COLLEGE Central High School. Franklin Society, Secref tary, EditorfinfChief M1916 Class Record"g junior Banquet Committeeg Junior Prom Committee, Endowment Drive Committee C35, Philomathean Society C35 C45g Glee Club C25 C35 C453 Arts Council C35 C455 Mask and Wig Glee Chorus C3,5g Scale Society. SAMUEL MARX 810 S. Cecil St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Central High School. Junior Banquet Com' mitteeg Student Advisory Committee C455 Menorah Society, President C45g Central High Club C45g Ivy Week Committee. ANDREW BASIL MASCCLO 5950 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Pa. EDUCATION Central High School. 1051 FRANK HOGAN MASSEY 2D A X A "Frank" 410 Preston St., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE West Philadelphia High School. Swimming Squad CID Czjg Banquet Committee CID, Penniman Bowl Contest C233 FreshmanfSophomore Love Feast Cal, Chairman, Favors and Programsg Junior Prom Cgjg Arts Council C415 Treasurer Senior Class C43- SIDNEY PRESTON MATHES A X "Sid" IO Ellicott Ave., Batavia, N. Y. WIHIARTON Batavia High School. Cornell University CID. COLIN WILLIAM MATHIESON E N "Marnie" 938 Kensington Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah WI-IARTON Salt Lake High School. Friars Senior Societyg "Punch Bowl" CID Czj Cgj, Business Manager C455 Franklin Societyg Manager Lacrosse C4D. WILLIAM LEWIS "Bill" 409 S. 7th St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Central High School. Track Squad Czj Cgjg Le Cercle Francais. WALTER C. MAYER E CD E "Wallis" 561 Wahl Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. WHARION Culver Military Academy. Culver Club. THEODORE HART M'CALLA 3D "Mac" 'L'1'ed" 15I3.N. 17th St., Philadelphia, Pa. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING St. joseph's High School. Gym Team Czj C315 Numerals Cgjg Newman Club, A. S. M. E. ' HERBERT PAUL MCADAMS Clementon, N. J. WHARTON f1o61 FRANCIS D. McCALL 112 Z A "Mickey" "Mac" 6052 Kingsessing Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON West Philadelphia High School. Junior Prom Committee, West Philadelphia High School Club. University Forum, Ivy Week Committeeg Cercle Francais. FRANCIS JAMES MCCARTHY, JR. if K XII 691 Lovejoy St., Portland, Ore. WHAR1-oN Lincoln High School, University of Washington. Rocky Mountain Club, Newman Club. DONALD MCDERMOTT Q A 9 ..DOn,. 21 Highland Drive, Seattle, Wash. WHARTON Queen Anne High School. Football Team Qrjg Editorial Board H1926 Class Record." JAMES GREGORY MCDONOUGH "Mac" 22 Poplar Ave., Carbondale, Pa. WHARTON Carbondale High School. Wrestling Squadg Newman Club, Lackawanna Club. ' JOHN HIRAM McKEE E fb E, 112 K B 5227 Kensington Ave., Richmond, Va. WHARTON John Marshall High School. Sphinx Senior Society, Swimming Squad Czj QQ C4Jg "Punch Bowl" fzj fgj C03 L'Red and Blue" C25 Cgj QQ, VicefPresif dent Qzjg FreshmanfSophornore Love Feast Com' mittee Crjg Hey Day Committee CID, Chairman Sophomore Prom Committee Czjg Assistant Mana' ger Baseball Team QQ, Freshman Manager C4j. JAMES WRIGHT MCLEA ..-lim.. 1732 Harrison St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Frankford High. VicefPresident Commuters Club c4JQ Board of Education Scholarship, Frankford High School Club. CHARLES M. MEREDITH, JR. A X P, A B X "Charlie" Quakertown, Pa. WHARTON Perkasie High School. Christian Association Drive Committeeg Alpha Beta Chi C3J, VicefPresif dent f4l5 Glee Club QIJ OJ QQ, President QQ. 11071 HAROLD ELY MERRICK A X P, A B X ..HaP.. 11 Hillcrest Heights, Amherst, Mass.. WHARTON Tilton Seminary. Banquet Committee CI5Q Vigilance Committee C254 junior Prom, Chairman of Arrangements C35g Mask and Wig Club C35 C45, Secretary C451 Alpha Beta Chi C35, Treasurer C45. RANDOLPH WALLACE MEYER E fb E "Wally" West Willington, Conn. W1-1A1xToN Augusta Military Academy. Penniman Bowl Committee C95 C255 Vigilance Committee C155 Prom Committeeg junior Prom Committee Cg,5g Kite and Key Society C15 C35 C455 Associate Manager of La' crosse C45. MARTIN D. MEYERS 'Iv E Il "Marry" 3254 N. 17th St., Philadelphia, Pa. WPIAIKTON Northeast High School. "Punch Bowl" C25 C35 C45g Northeast High School Club. A. EDGAR MILLER E A Il "Dutch" 723 Cholsan Ave., Flora Villa, Cincinnati, Ohio WI'IARTON Wa1l11t1t Hills High School. Fencing Squad C15 C25 C355 Endowment Drive Committee C353 Ohio Cluhg De Molay Cluh. NATHAN MILLER "Natcy" 6129 Carpenter St., Philadelphia, Pa. W1-IARTON Central High School. Football Team C351 Base' gill Team C151 Menorah Societyg Jewish Students ouse. THOMAS BURCHINAL MILLER AKTIIIUII Soo. Benton Ave,, Helena, Mont. WHARTON Helena High School. Dues Committee C15Q Penniman Bowl Committee C155 Junior Prom Com- mittee C35g junior Smoker Committee C355 Rocky Mountain Cluh C15 C15 C45, Secretary C35. THOMAS GUY MILLER E 111 E Elkhorn, W. Va. Wnfxivrox Blair Academy. 11031 JOHN ARTHUR MILLS, an - .jacks Clarion, Pa. WHARTON Punxsutawney High Schoolg Staunton Military Academy. Cross Country Team C31. JULIUS MINTZ "jules" "fake" 1925 7th Ave., New York City, N. Y. WHARTQN High School of Commerce. "Junto" C31, Circuf lation Manager C415 Junior Smoker Committeeg Banquet Committee C315 Endowment Drive Com mittee C31g Spanish Club C21 C51, Dormitory Repref sentative C413 Ivy Week Committee. JAMES FREE MITCHELL, JR. A X P slim.. 413 St. David's Rd., Wayne, Pa. WHARTON Radnor High School. Soccer Squad C21 C31g Christian Association Drive C41, OSCAR AARON MOLDOWER A E IT 'LRoy" "Muldoon" 1610 Ruscomb Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE Central High School. Band C11 C11 C31 C41. FRANKLIN M. T. MOOBERRY ACACIA "Moo" Li ncoln, Neb. ARCHITECTURE Architectural Society. THOMAS WHEATON MORAN "Tommy" Fayetteville, Ark. WHARTON Fayetteville High School, Chattanooga High School. CARL HAMILTON MORGAN 111 B K L'Doctor" 4511 Regent St., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE West Philadelphia High School. Christian Assof ciation Cabinet C413 Zelosophic Literary Society C11 C:.1, VicefPresident C31, President C41g West Phila' delphia High School Club C113 Orchestra C11g Green Lane Council C41. C1091 JACOB I. MORGANSTEIN ajgck.. IIO5 Marion St., Camden, N. 1. ARCHITECTURE Camden High School. Camden Club. EDWIN RUSSELL MORINE A K E "Ed" "Mitzi" Imperial Hotel, Detroit, Mich. WHARTON Culver Mil. Acad. Friars Senior Societyg Scab- bard and Bladeg Franklin Society, Swimming C15 C255 Water Polo CI5 Cz5g Asst. Mgr. Fencing Team C35g National A. A. U. Plunge for distance chamf pion C15, World's Record 83 feet 6 inches C25g "Red and Blue" C25 C35 C45, Manag. Editor "Record" C455 Chr. Cooperative Com. C15, Chairman Hey Day Com. C153 VicefChaiIman Vigilance Com. C253 Class Treas. C25g Prom Ticket Chr. C353 Treas. Junior Week C35g Endowment Drive Com. C35 C453 Interf fraternity Council C35 C453 Undergraduate Council, Com. Class Affairs C45g Gen. Chr. Varsity "P" Prom C45g Varsity "P" Banquet Com. C455 Ivy Ball Exec.. Com. C45g Treas. Culver Club Cala Treas. Spanish Club C455 Varsity Club, Spade Man. THEODORE MORRIS T B H ..Ted.. 6251 Wister St., Philadelphia, Pa. CIVIL ENGINEERING Germantown High School. Compass and Chain Society C35 C453 Civil Engineering Society. CHARLES E. MOSER 2 II 'LChucIq" "Dutch" "Charley" Lafayette Ave., Moundsville, W. Va. WI-IARTON Moundsville High School. Wharton Football Team C35 C45g Washington and Lee University C15 C25- ROBERT E. MOYLAN Scranton, Pa. WHARTON Scranton Central High. RAYMOND AUGUST MUNDER 119 1' A HRM.. 116 Osborne Ave., Catonsville, Md. WHARTON Catonsville High School. GEORGE C. MUNGER KID Z K ..Bud.. 621 Woodlawn Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. WHARTON Hutchinson Central High School. Junior Varsity C35g Christian Association C45. C1101 FRANK BRITTON MURDOCH, IR. Surrey Hall, 42d and Pine Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE Brown Preparatory School. President Arts Assof ciation C4j. JOHN WILLIAM MURPHY "Murph" 620 McAlpine St., Avoca, Pa. WHARTON Avoca High School. Sophomore Honors, Lu' zerne County Clubg Newman Club. MAURICE K. M. MURPHY E X, B I' E Jamestown, N. Dak. WHARTON President Friars Senior Society, Franklin Societyg Pictorial Chairman, uThe Pennsylvanianng Photo' graphic Board H1926 Class Recordug Valedictorian. SIMON MUSTOKOFF ' 'kMusty" "Si" 2042 N. Front St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Northeast High School. Menorah Society. SHAMOON NADIR nShamie" Surat, India ARCHITECTURE School of Art, Bombay. Architectural Society. ANTHONY AMBROSIO NARDONE liNa1dy'l uSl101ty" ISII Tasker St., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE South Philadelphia High School. Departmental Football Team QD, Basketball Team CQ, President Circolo Italiano C454 Le Cercle Francais, Newman Clubg Bassini Surgical Society. ARNOLD SIDNEY NASS K N 23, S. 94th St., Allentown, Pa, WHARTON Allentown High School. "Red and Blue" C21 CQ C42 Business Board H1926 Class Recordng FreshmanSo homore Love Feast Committee 1 ' P ' C la .Hey Day Committee CO5 Soph. Picture Committee fzjg Junior Banquet Cornmitteeg Endowment Drive Committee Cgjg Christian Association Drive C4jg Lehigh Valley Clubg Chairman Senior Picture Committee. H111 FRANCIS NEWBERGER NATHAN Liv E II "Frank" "Nemo" Q33O Market St., Parkersburg, W. Va. . WI-IARI-oN Parkersburg High School. "The Pennsylvanianu C3D C4Dg "junior Annals", West Virginia Club University Dramatic Club CID Czj, Business Managerg C35- FRANK JOSEPH NAUMANN 111 A T, B I' E 'LF1anl'qie" 451 E. 84th St., New York, N. Y. WHARTON De Witt Clinton High School. Baseball Team CID, junior Varsity Czj C4Hg Academic Honors C3Dg Newman Club. EDWIN H. NEIL K CIP K ..Ed.. 3018 Howell St., Philadelphia, Pa. EDUCATION Frankford High School. Education Club C31 C4DQ Frankford Club C3D C4j. MATHIAS HERBERT NEISS T E CID "Mity Nice" "Marry" 178 Seymoure Ave., Newark, N. bl. WI-IARTON Barringer High. Cricket Team C3j, Sophomore Banquet Committee, Glee Club CID C25 C31 C4j. RALPH VERNON NEWCOMER CID E A Maytown, Pa. - . WHAIITON JAMES F. NICHOLAS XII T, H K N ..NiCk.. 5335 Wayne Ave., Germantown, Pa. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Germantown Friends School. Hexagon Engif neering Society, Soccer Team CID, junior Varsity Football Team Cczjg Swimming Squad CID, Germanf town Friends School Club, American Institute of Electrical Engineers. , GEORGE NICOLAIDIS 50 N. 36th St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON H121 FREDERICK WATSON NIX "Nixie" NF. 108 Elm St., Elizabeth, N. J. WHARTON Pingry School. Dormitory Representative C43. ROBERT WARREN NOBLE E E, T E A 2224 Estaugh St., Philadelphia, Pa. . ARCHITECTURE Art Editor H1926 Class Record"g Architectural Societyg "Pennsylvania Triangle" C23 C33. Art Editor C43. WALTER DWIGHT NOSTRAND 9 X "Dooley" Conklin St., Farmingdale, L. I., N. Y. WHARTON Farmingdale High School. A. LAWRENCE NOVECK KID E A "Larry" 1 Everdale Place, Far Rockaway, N. Y. WHARTON De Witt Clinton High School. JOSEPH MARCY O'BRIEN "Obi" Grand Rapids, Mich. WHARTON Hollywood High School. JAMES JOSEPH O'KEEFE, JR, A T "Jimmie" 2050 Wermouth Ave., Atlantic City, N. I. WHARTCN Atlantic City High School. CLARENCE WORTH OLCOTT A CID "Chat" S7 5th Ave., Nyack, N. Y. WHARTON Nyack High School. Crew CI3, Class C23, 150 lb., Intercollegiate 150-lb. Championship C13, Third Varsity Cgjg Swimming Squad C335 Varsity Club C23 C53 C434 Glee Club C23 C53- I 113 1 GUSTAV VERNON OLSON CIP II CID "Put" "Shorty" Ludlow, Pa. WHARTON Ludlow High School, Washington and Jefferson College Crj. WALTER FRANCIS O'MALLEY 9 A X "Walt" "The Tuflf' ISOOI 88th Ave., jamaica, New York City COLLEGE Culver Military Academy. Friars Senior So' cietyg Scabbard and Blade Czj C31 C42 Penniman Bowl Committee, Chairman CID C22 Permanent Custodian Penniman Bowlfor Class of 1926 C42 Cooperative Committee C12 Banquet Committee C12 Vigilance Committee C22 Junior President C32 Senior President C42 Chairman Undergraduate Council C4l3 Council on Athletics C4DQ Council on Welfare C4ll House Committee Houston Club C42 Board of Directors Houston Club C42 C. A. Cabinet C42 Strategy Committee C42 Soccer Committee C42 Track Committee C42 Spoon Man C42 Wharton Personnel Committee C452 Senior Advisor C42 Salutatorian C42 Culver Club CID C42 President C15 C32 Arts Association Executive Committee C42 Polo Club C32 Second Lieutenant Chemical Warfare U. S. R. WALTER ORLOFE A E II Brooklyn, N. Y. COLLEGE Boxing Team C3j C42 RALPH THEODORE OSTERLOH LIP I' A "Ruff "Afterglow" 'Lfoplirf' 409 N. Byers Ave., Joplin, Mo. WHARTON Joplin High School. Manager Class Track Team C22 Orchestra C11 C22 Band CID C12 WALTER VINCENT OVERBAUGH 824 N. 64th St., Philadelphia, Pa. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Northeast High School. Rifle Team C12 Priestley Club: Northeast High School Club. VICTOR MARTIN PARACHINI ACACIA Oakley, Calif. WHARTON HOWARD FRANKLIN PARK, -IR. K A Lancaster Pike, Overbrook, Pa. WHARTON William Penn Charter School. I 114 1 EDWARD J. PARNUM "Eddie" Waco, Texas. ARCHITECTURE Waco High School. President Second Year Special Class Architecture 5.6. SAMUEL ROBERT PASTERNAK E A II "Pasty" "Bob" S108 41st St., N. W., Washington, D. C. WHARTON Central High School. Banquet Committee C3Dg Taylor Society. I FRANCIS COOKE WARD PATON 413 K N11 .jacks 3180 Elsmere Rd., Cleveland, Ohio. WHARTON Heights High School. Friars Senior Society, Varsity Lacrosse Squad Czlg Freshman Lacrosse Numeralsg Kite and Key Society C4Dg Mask and Wig Vaudeville Troup C31 C4j, Chorus Czj, Dancing Chorus C35 C4jg Undergraduate Mask and Wig Club C33 C4Jg Undergraduate Chairman C4Qg Song Leader C45- HENRY DOUGLAS PAXSON, JR. A N11 'IDoug" 1036 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE William Penn Charter School. Soccer Squad C3D C4jg "Junior Annalsng Christian Association Drive CLD, Orchestra CLD, Mask and Wig Dancing Chorus C4D- . BENJAMIN CHARLES PERGAMENT "Ben" 4129. Ogden St., Philadelphia, Pa. f W1-LARTON South Philadelphia High School. WILLIAM BRYANT PERRY, -IR. A Q A "Bill" 1311 S. 18th St., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE Central High School. GEORGE EDMUND PETERSON if F A Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE West Philadelphia High School. Eriars Senior Societyg "The Pennsylvanian' CID C21 C3j, News Editor C41 H151 GEORGE WILLIAM PFLUGFELDER A X A "Spark" 6104 Oxford St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Northeast High School. Freshman Crew, Varsity CQD C3D C4Dg Canadian Senior Eight Champion- ship C3Dg National 145flb. Senior Championshipg Northeast Club, Varsity Club. WILLIAM NEIL PIERCE CID M E "Bill" 42 Church St., Camden, N. J. WHARTON Camden High School. Chess Club C1D C9.D C4D, Treasurer C5D. NATHAN POALL "Nat" "Paul" 1812 Fitzwater St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Central High School. Glee Club CID, Menorah SOCIUY C2D C35 C43- DANIEL BROOKS POWELL IQOQ E. Montgomery Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE Northeast High School. 'kjuntou Literary Board C55 C45- ALFRED WILLIAM PRICE "Fred" 2008 N. Washington Ave., Scranton, Pa. COLLEGE Bethlehem Preparatory School. Zelosophic So' piety C7.D C3D C4Dg Spanish Club C3D C4Dg Classics Club 4 . ELI KIRK PRICE A XII 17OQ Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE Episcopal Academy. Soccer Squad CID, Third Team C9.D C3D, Inter Club Champions C3,D. Chairman Patroness Committee Sohpomore Prom, Philo' mathean Society C1Dg Episcopal Academy Club CID CED, Treasurer C3D. WILLIAM J. PRINCE, JR. E X "Quincy" 2100 Vermillion Rd., Duluth, Minn. WHARTON Duluth Central High. Ice Hockey CID, Varsity C2Dg Crew CiD CQ.D. 11161 ROBERT S. PRINGLE, Ja. "Bob" "Bud" 9 W. Corydon St., Bradford, Pa. WHARTON Bradford High School. MILTON MORRIS PROPPER E A II k'Sleve" 546 E. Walnut Lane, Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Nazareth Hall Military Academy. EDMOND BOWEN QUILLIN A T S2 HBO., Berlin, Md. WHARTON Buckingham High School. Manager Fencing Team Q03 Editorial Board MIQZ6 Class Recordug Sophomore Prom Ticket Committeeg junior Banquet Committeeg SecretaryfTreasurer Kite and Key So- ciety Qgj, VicefPresident C4j. GEORGE ALAN RADZ "Fuzz" "Duke" Pinewoods Ave. Rd., Troy, N. Y, WHARTON Troy High School. LEON HENRY RAESLY A II E i'Duke" "Raisins" 1,14 Dauphin St., Riverside, N. J. COLLEGE Palmyra High School. ROBERT KUTZ RAISLER fb E H 202 Riverside Drive, New York, N. Y. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Clark School for Concentration. Swimming Team Q25 QD Q4jg Business Manager "Pennsylvania Triangle" C414 Dormitory Representative C4jg En' dowment Drive Committee Cgjg American Society Mechanical Engineersg "Men About Towne" Show, Cast C4j. LENORD JOSEPH RALSTON "Len" 38 Copley Rd., Stonehurst, Pa. WHARTON West Philadelphia Catholic High School. l1171 WILLIAM JAMES RAMAGE ..Biu., 119 W. Penn St., Germantown, Pa. WHARTON Germantown High School. Basketball Cij, Varsity Squad QD, Junior Varsity QD, Varsity 541. SEYMOUR LEROY RAND E A M HSV. S114 Parkside Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON West Philadelphia High School. JOHN LEAVITT RANDALL if T "johnny" 2320 DeLancey Place, Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Chestnut Hill Academy. Business Board L'The Pennsylvanian' Cab QQ C4Dg Editorial Board LLIQ26 Class Recordvg Vice-President Christian Associaf tion C4Dg Dues Committee Crjg Banquet Committee C0 C153 Chairman Chapel, Junior Week. SAMUEL MORRIS RAPOPORT T A 411 uSkimp" 814 N. 7th St., Allentown, Pa. WHARTON Allentown High School. Junior Prom Commit' teeg Endowment Drive Committee Cglg Varsity HP" Prom Committee f4Dg Ivy Ball Committeeg Lehighf Northhampton Counties Clubg Orchestra C0 Cal. IRVING RAPPS Passaic, N. I. WHARTON Hasbrouck Heights High School. FRANK MEINHART RATH A T "Benny" "Mouse" 18 Ricord St., Newark, N. J. WHARTON Central High School. Track Team CO, Squad ful QQ C4jg Owl Club Cal QD C415 Assistant Manager Football Team QQ. ' FRANKLIN RAUDENBUSH "Rowdy" 6701 Marsden St., Philadelphia, Pa. Aacnmzcruxa Frankford High School. H181 1 .. -as awww.'pf-:wa:.,1,:.:4-2.-sam,-s.-sa-n.1..-.-.W.. A f ..,, .' -:I 1:-r v' rl' i ' 2' '+..1:, tri: .. f- ' '- "" ' Zi- wiiziitz.: 3: 4 ' , . jf K, . ..e5.:gEEs:sf: 'mvwi' 'ss' .J N ' .' . w e , , ' ' LAYMAN REDDEN A T SZ, 41 K B "Red" "Lay" 3,04 Market St., Denton, Md. WHARTON Caroline High Schoolg Blair Academy. Sphinx Senior Society, Assistant Manager Soccer C31, Associate Manager C41g Member Winning Crew, St. .Paul's Cup Race C113 "Red and Blue" C31, Managing Editor C415 Hey Day Committee C11g Banquet Com' mittee C11g Franklin Societyg Varsity Club, Blair Academy Club, SecretaryfTreasurer Pennsylvania State Intercollegiate Soccer League C31 C41. ROBERT STAR REEVES A T 'iBob" "Rugged" 40 Hamilton Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. WHARTON Yonkers High School. Freshman Basketball, Captain Ci1g Freshman Tennis C11, Varsity C21 C31 C41g Junior Varsity Basketball Cz1, Varsity Squad C31 C415 "The Pennsylvanianw C21 C51 C413 Sophomore Vigilance Committee. CHARLES FREDERICK REHBERGER K E "Charlie" 12,7 Midwood St., Brooklyn, N. Y. WHARTON Exeter Academy. Baseball CI1. LEO HERBERT REICHMAN fp B A MLCK.. 1262 49th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. WHARTON Erasmus High School. JOSEPH JOHN REILLY aloe., 206 W. 18oth St., New York, N. Y. WHARTON Clason Military Academy. Newman Club. PHILIP JOSEPH REILLY, JR. "Phil" 264 Riverside Drive, New York, N. Y. WHARTON Clason Military Academy. Newman Club. DAVID REITER Z T KID, H M E "Dave" 215 S. Vermont Ave., Atlantic City, N. J. Civir. ENGINEERING Vineland High School. Baseball Team C21 C31 C413 Crew C11g Towne'Football Teamg "Pennsylvania Trianglewg Varsity "P" Dance Committeeg Senior Luncheon Committeeg Menorah Society, American Society Civil Engineering. H191 GEORGE W. RENNEISEN ISIQ N. Felton St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Central High School. JOHN LENORD RICCIO "Ric" "johnny" 83 Hillside Ave., Meriden, Conn. WI-IARTON Meriden High School. Boxing Team gl C4D. THEODORE G. RICH fID E A, B I' E "Ted" I4oo Ave. S., Brooklyn, N. Y. WI-IARTON Erasmus Hall. Varsity Wrestling Squad CLD Q35 Q4j, Wrestling Team QID, Winner Penniman Bowl Wrestling! Match CID, First Place Novice Gym Championship QQ, Photographic Editor H1926 Class Record", Photographic Editor, "Junior Annals", Varsity HP" Banquet Committee QQ, Gym Team 141. JOHN NOBLE RICHARDS "Rich" 'ljaclf' . 711 Noble St., Toledo, Ohio V GARCHITECTURE Scott High School. President First Year Special Class Q42 Architecture Pageant Committee QD. FRANK RICHARDSON 7205 West Chester Pike, Philadelphia, Pa. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING HIRAM WARREN RICHMOND, JR., X11 T "Hi" "Rich" 57.9 Hansherry St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Germantown Friends School. Freshman Soccer Team, Junior Varsity Cal, Varsity C35 145, Varsity Club C25 C35 645. HORACE FOSTER RICHTER A K E "Rick" 239 Washington Ave., West Haven, Conn. WHARTON Suffield Preparatory School. Football Team 415425, Baseball Team Cal QQ. 11201 EDWIN RUSSELL RISTINE A K K "Ed" "Rim" IIQ Maple Ave., Westville, N. J. COLLEGE Woodbury High School. D. Hayes Agnew Surgical Society C4l. MAITLAND ROACH "Main" 2905 Columbia Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Central High School. Departmental Football Team Cglg "Moore School Record", Engineering Association, American Institute Electrical Engif neers. ABNER ROBBINS ' A M E "Abbey" 'gRobbie" 1352 47th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. COLLEGE Miami High School. junior Prom Committee. ROY JOSEPH ROBBINS 'LRobbie" 619 Beechwood Ave., Collingsdale, Pa. WHARTON Williamson Trade School. Junior Prom Program Committee, Chairmang VicefPresident C'est la Guerre C4jg Band C21 C55 C4DQ Glee Club CID. HENRY ROBERTS, 2D KID A 9 "Robbie" "Hen" 67 Kensington Ave., Northampton, Mass. COLLEGE Northampton High School. "Punch Bowl" C2j fn, Aft Editor C452 "Red and Blue" 433, Art Editor C4jg Penn Relay Reception Committee CID, Eddy Meetings Committee C253 Chairman Decorations Sophomore Prom CZJQ Junior Endowment Com' mittee, Vice-President Christian Association Cgjg Mask and Wig Club C31 C4j, Cast, L'That's That" CZDQ University Dramatic Club CID C2J, Cast, "Nan" Cll- ,IOHN ERNEST ROBERTS 4.837 Hazel Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING FRANK JOSEPH ROBERTSON "Robbie" 44 School St., Westerly, R. I. . WHARTON Westerly High School. 11211 JOHN EDWARD ROBINSON T B H "Berry" Q54 E. 32d St., Brooklyn, N. Y. CIVIL ENGINEERING Manual Training High School, Brooklyn Polyf technic Institute. Compass and Chain Society, President f4Jg American Society Civil Engineers. KARL EMORY ROBINSON A K E "Robbie" I 116 Alexander Ave., Greensburg, Pa. WHARTON Greensburg High Schoolg Mercersburg Academy. Sphinx Senior Societyg Track Team QIJQ Lacrosse Team CQJ C3J QQ, Football Team CID C3J Q4Jg Sophof more Prom Committee, Chairman Senior Christian Association Drive, Bowl Man C4J. EDWARD LLOYD RODERICK 9 .I X ..Ed,.- 741 W. Diamond Ave., Hazleton, Pa. WHARTON Wyoming Seminary. Freshman Football Team, Junior Varsity Cal QQ Q4Jg Junior Cane Committee: Luzerne County Club. JOHN BARCLAY RODGERS 9 A X "Doc" Chagrin Falls, Ohio .V X WHARTON Northwestern Military and Naval Academy. Seabbard and Blade. f FRANCISCO RODRIGUEZ S2 T fb "Frank" "Rody" Calle de la Moneda, Cartagena, Colombia, S. A. COLLEGE San Pedro Claver. Newman Club. JOHN ALLYN ROGERS A T Blue Grass Road, Bustleton, Pa. V VETERINARX' Swarthmore Prep School, Swarthmore College Cijg Pennsylvania State College Cal. Veterinary Medical Society C41 BENJAMIN ROMAN "Ben" 225 W. Diamond Ave., Hazleton, Pa. , WHARTON Hazleton High School. Luzerne County Club. 11221 HERMANN DIEDRICH RCSCHEN, JR. E A "Harm" "Adolpl1e" L'Heinie" 214 Fulton Ave., Baltimore, Md. WHARTON Baltimore City College. Orchestra and Band Czj Cgl C4jg Zelosophic Society C25 Cgj, President C415 Fencing Squad Czj. LESTER ROSENBERGER E T fb t.Les-1 .LR-O-Sign az8 S. Melville St., Philadelphia, Pa. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING West Philadelphia High School. Soccer Squad C11 Czjg Wrestling Squad Czjg Departmental Football Team C3D C4jg Treasurer jewish Students' House Association C31 C459 Menorah Societyg American Society Mechanical Engineers. GEORGE LEWIS ROSENBLOOM LID A "Ganga" "Rosie" 119 Congress St., Portland, Maine WHARTON Portland High Schoolq Boston University CID. ARTHUR ORVILLE ROSENLUND 2 N uRosCejy" Lewistown, Mont. WHARTON Fergus County High School. Polo Team CZDQ Mask and Wig Club Czj, BERNARD RCSENTHAL lil A "Bernie" i'Rosie" 603 25th St., Reading, Pa. WHARTON Reading High School. PERCY MORTON ROTHBERG 112 N "Parc" "Mort" 515 Tasker St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Southern High School. Menorah Society. EDWARD ADOLPH ROTHENBERG "Rosy" Maple Place, Keyport, N. I. WHARTON Keyport High School. Coxswain Crew Crjg Menorah Society. C1231 ALFRED ALOYSIUS ROTHMANN "Dutch" 3,03 Washington St., Hempstead, L. I., N. Y. ARCHITECTURE Clason Military Academyg Pratt Institute. Lacrosse Team Crl Cal Cgj C4D, Freshman Captaing Chairman Properties Committee Architectural Ball Cgjg Architectural Society C4jg Newman Club. NATHAN ROUTMAN B 2 P "Nate" 103 S. Main Ave., Sharon, Pa. WHARTON Sharon High School. Endowment Drive Com mitteeg Orchestra C11 Cal CBJQ Band CD. DAVID THOMAS ROWLANDS "Dave" H A ELK-IIJNK 8 Abbot St., Plains, Pa. EDUCATION Plains High Schoolg Mansfield State Normal School. Chairman Educational Club Banquet Com mittee CZDQ Education Club CQ, VicefPresident C413 Chairman Honor Council C4jg Luzerne County Club 649- I HARRY LEON RUBEL A E II 2828 Marvine Ave., Scranton, Pa. ' X WHARTON Central High School. Crew Squad C11 Cgj C41 WILLIAM LANGTON RUBIN "Rufus" "Reds" 1631 goth St., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE Central High School. Baseball Squad C179 Track Squad Cilg Le Cercle Francais. ALLEN PAUL RUBRECHT 7o5 N. 63d St., Philadelphia, Pa. EDUCATION CHESTER TOWNSEND RUDDICK "Chex" 115 Simpson Rd., Ardmore, Pa. Cormier Lower Merion High School. 11241 EDGAR BERNARD RUDIN E '15 E "Ed" "Bozo" "Rudy" 318 Penn Ave., Irwin, Pa. WI-IARTON Norwin High School. Wrestling Squad C31g Zelosophic Society C115 Orchestra C11 C21 C31 C41. FREDERICK LEWIS RUNK, JR. "Fred" Lancaster Ave., East Downingtown, Pa. WHARTON Downingtown High School. Track Team CI1g Chester County Club. JOHN HENRY RUSHTON 9 E, A X E, E T "Rush" "Jack" 112 Runnymede Ave., Wayne, Pa. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Radnor High School. Alembic Senior Society, Lacrosse Team C11 C21g Squash Racquets C41L "Men About Towne" Club C31 C41g Engineers' Show C11 C51 C41g Priestley Club Show C21 C31 C41. DAVID WESLEY RUSSELL K A "Red" "Dave" 1171 S. Overlook Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio WHARTON East Technical High School. "The Pennsylvanf ian" Board C21 C31 C413 Freshmen Banquet Committeeg Sophomore Prom Committeeg Junior Prom Com' mitteeg Endowment Committee C31g Philomathean Society CQ.1g Ohio Club. PETER H. RUSTEIN "Pere" 6 Hampshire St., Easthampton, Mass. WHARTON Williston Seminary. JULIUS FREDERICK SACHSE, 2D Ventnor, N. J. A X E, E T CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Atlantic City High School. Hexagon Senior Society, Alembic Chemical Societyg 'Pennsylvania Triangle" C31, EditorfinfChief C413 Senior Luncheon Committeeg Endowment Drive Committee C31g Memorial Hall Fund Committee C41g "Men About Towne" Club C31, Vice-President C41g Lions Engi neering Society C31, President C41g Dancing Chorus, Engineers' Show C41g Mask and Wig C41. JOHN GEORGE SADTLER 9 X 409 E. goth St., New York, N. Y. WHARTON Central High School, Cleveland, Ohio. C'est la Guerre Club. H251 ROSWELL PRITCHARD SALISBURY asauy., Jermyn, Pa. WHARTON Jermyn High School. C'est la Guerre Club. JOSEPH M. SAMPLINER Z B T HIDE.. Hotel Commodore, Cleveland, Ohio WHARTON Grand Junction CColo,D High Schoolg Western Reserve University Ohio Club Cz? QQ, President i45- HENRY LOUIS SANDLASS "Sandalou.s" 4409 Maine Ave., Baltimore, Md. ARCHITECTURE Baltimore Polytechnic School. Architectural Society. HOWARD MORRISON SATTELE ' f' 9 A X L'Slim" 6375 Stanton Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. WHARTON Peabody High School. ALFRED VICTOR SAYDAH HAI.. 567 48th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. WHARTON Polytechnic Preparatory County Day School. Lacrosse Team CID Cal QQ, Captain C4j. HARRY THEODORE SAYLOR E A E 163 E. Roosevelt Blvd., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Central High School. Baseball Team Crjg Chair' man Sophomore Smokerg Freshman Handbook Czbg Vigilance Committee, InterfFraternity Council Cal. EDGAR SCATTERGOOD, JR. Wissahicken Apts., Germantown, Pa. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Lower Merion High School. Departmental Fcotf ball Q31 QQ, Radio Club. H261 JOHN SCHNELL 'ifolznnyn ' fIDZA 9411 Stenton Ave., Chestnut Hill, Pa. WHARTON Ambler High School. Ivy Week Committeeg German Club. GERRY B. SCHNELLE "Doc" Phoenixville, Pa. A A X, A NI' VETERINARY Phoenixville High School, Iowa State College Cij. Veterinary Medical Society, President Q31 C41 PAUL HERBST SCHRAER 444 N. 9th St., Reading, Pa. COLLEGE Reading High School. Lutheran Executive Comf mittee CED C315 German Club Czj, Treasurer QQ C415 Berks County Club Q31 QQ, German Club Play fzj. HOWARD LAYTON SCHUELE dv I' A "Howie" 10498 Lake Ave., Cleveland, Ohio WHARTON West High School. ' SIDNEY SCHULMAN 'KSid" 271 S. 60th St., Philadelphia, Pa. ' WHARTON West Philadelphia High School. Picture Com' mittee Cgjg Menorah Society. HARRY ALBERT SCHULTZ 219 Spruce St., Oil City, Pa. . WHARTON Oil City High School. GEORGE G. SCHWARTZ II K A 348 Gowen Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE Germantown High School. "The Pennsylvanf ian" Board Czjg Sophomore Prom Committee. H271 HERMAN COLMAN SCHWARTZ ..Hy.. 3113 Arlington St., Philadelphia, Pa. CIVIL ENGINEERING Central High School. American Society Civil Engineers. LEONORD SCHWARTZ Z3 A II "Len" "Schwartzee" 177 W. Chalmers Ave., Youngstown, Ohio WI-IARTON South High School. University Wisconsin Crj. Menorah Society C255 Spanish Club Czjg German Club CQ C4DQ Ohio Clubg Orchestra C21 Cgj C4j. MAURICE SCHWARTZ "Mike" 730 Bainbridge St., Philadelphia, Pa. WIIAR1-oN Central High School. HOWARD THOMAS SEAL 2105 Venable, Richmond, Va. . ARCHITECTURE Virginia Mechanics Institute. ' JOHN P. SEAMAN "Pete" "Sailor" Tuxedo Park, N. Y. WHARTON Tuxedo High School. Varsity Golf Team ROBERT PORTER SECHLER "Bob" "Doctor" 38 W. Houston Ave., Montgomery, Pa. Correct Montgomery High School. WILLIAM NORRIS SEERY ISO Mansfield St., Hartford, Conn. WHARTON 11281 ROBERT LINCOLN SEITZ 111 E K "Bob" S14 E. Brinton St., Philadelphia, Pa. WI-IARTON Frankford High School. Track Team QU, Tennis Team Assistant Manager QD, Freshman Manager C4D, Squash Racquets, Manager C4j. WILLIAM JOHN SERVOTTE "Bill" Q15 Doty St., Green Bay, Wis. WHARTON East High School. WILLIAM HYLLIS SEWARD A K K, 111 B K "HilIi" 'Bill' 40 Green Village Rd., Madison, N. I. COLLEGE Madison High School. Sophomore Honors, Philomathean Society C21 Cgj C4J. FRANCIS HORT SHARP fb E A "Frank" "Inks" QI East Ave., Bridgeton, N. J. CIVIL ENGINEERING Bridgeton High School. DAVID D. SHATZ A B X "Shame" 225 S. 57th St., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE West Philadelphia High School. Track Team KID C21 C31 C4jg Press Club. GIRARD SCOTT SI-IELDON 112 E K "Bud" 2515 Scottwood Ave., Toledo, Ohio WIIAIQI-oN Scott High School. WILLIAM LIGGETT SHENTON 9 E "Bill" 9.44 Beech St., Pottstown, Pa. ARCHITECTURE Girard College. Art Board UIQZ6 Class Record." H291 W. SAMUEL SHERMAN 'IP A "Sam" "Ty Cobb" 216 W. 1oth St., Reading, Pa. WHARTON Reading High School. Berks County Club. LOUIS SHERR A E II "Reds" 1628 S. 2oth St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Southern High School. Basketball Team C11 C31 C419 Dues Committee C11. EDWARD LEWIS SHUEY A T A ..Ed.. 425 Kenilworth Ave., Toledo, Ohio WHARTON Scott High School. Freshman Football Team, Varsity Squad C215 Lacrosse Team C21g Freshman Cooperative Committee, Class Historian CBJQ En' dowment Drive Committee C31g Ohio Club. ANDREW WINSTON SHUMAN "Andy" I2 E. 86th St., New York, N. Y. K ' WHARTON Townsend Harris' Hall. Swimming Squad C213 Junior Football Team, "Junto" C11 C21, Business Manager C31, Advertising Manager C41g 'gjunior Annals," Business Manager, Picture Committee C11 C21g Banquet Committee, Glee Club C11 C21 C41, SecretaryfTreasurer C31 Scales Society C21 C31 C41g De Molay Club CZDQ Ivy Week Committee. RAYMOND DESOUVILLE SHRYOCK A X A 2217 N. 52d St., Philadelphia, Pa. ' COLLEGE Mask and Wig Show C1, 2, 3, 415 Mask and Wig Committee. RAYMOND JOHN SICER 2118 E. Somerset St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON IRVING H. SILBERFELD "Irv" 780 West End Ave., New York, N. Y. , WHARTON Townsend Harris Hall. Editorial Board H1926 Class Record", Prom Committee C31. H301 RAYMOND LAWRENCE SIMMONS 801 Freeman St., New York, N. Y. I WHARTON Peddie High School, Hightstown, N. J. MELVIN SIMS 6 A XII ioao E. 14th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. WHARTON Erasmus Hall. Track Team C11 C21 C31 C415 Class Secretary C115 Dues Committee C115 Vigilance Com' mittee C115 Sophomore Banquet Committee5 Chair' man NonfSignatory Fraternities Endowment Drive, Junior Prom Committeeg Dramatic Club C21 C315 Varsity Club C31, President C415 played in "Dear Brutus" C315 uThe Lady in Red" C415 Dormitory Representative C41. ROBERT B. SINCLAIR K A "Bob" 314 Sherman St., Toledo, Ohio WHARTON Scott High School. Sphinx Senior Society, "Red and Blue" C21 C31 C415 Assistant Manager Crew C31, Manager C41. JOHN HUNTER SLATER A K E "Jack" "Johnny" oo Midland Ave., Montclair, N. J. WHARTON Montclair High School. Track Team, Freshman Ci1, Varsity C11 C31 C415 Editorial Board "Punch Bowl" C31 C415 Editorial Board L'Red and Blue" C 31 C415 Associate Editor L'Junior Annals"5 Junior Banquet Committeeg Christian Association Cabinet C31 C415 Endowment Drive Committee C41g Glee Club C11 C31 C415 Honor Award C31Q Chairman Awards Committee Glee Club C315 Interfraternity Council C41. BENJAMIN SLOBODIN uBen" S27 N. zd St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Central High School. Smoker Committee C315 Picture Committee C31Q Menorah Society, Central High School Clubg Jewish Students' Associationg Ivy Week Committee. ARNOLD MATTHEW SMITH 412 E A l.Af71IC15 4o5 Beach 141 St., Belle Harbor, L. I., N. Y. WHARTON De Witt Clinton High School. Football Scrubs C31Q Junior Banquet Committee. GEORGE L. SMITH 6809 N. Ioth St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Germantown High School. 11311 JOHN GIBB SMITH, ja. "johnny" 6701 N. nth St., Philadelphia, Pa. MECHANICAL ENGINEELUNG Northeast High School. American Society of Mechanical Engineers QQ C4j. WILBUR ANDERSON SMITH E E 808 Station Ave., Haddon Heights, N. J. COLLECE Camden High School. Scabbard and Bladeg Camden Club. WILLIAM H. SMITH Los Angeles, Calif. ARCHITECTURE KENNETH LEO SNOW fb E A ..NiCk.. 402 E. Penn St., Butler, Pa. Y . ' 'WHARTON Butler High School. Football Team C11 Qzjg Newman Club. HAROLD EMERSON SNYDER Q3 E A "Colonel" zoo Wallace St., Stroudsburg, Pa. WHARTON Stroudsburg High School. WELLINGTON J. SNYDER, IP.. E Z "Well" "Tun" 5339 Green St., Germantown, Pa. WHARTON Cheltenham High School. Managing Editor "Junior Annalshg Business Board uIQ26 Class Recordng Smoker Committee fzjg Vigilance Com' rnitteeg junior Prom Committee, Christian Asscf ciation Cabinet C25 C35 C4lg Christian Association Drive frl Cal Cgj f4lg L'Academie Cosmopolite QD C4jg Ivy Week Committee. ALBERT F. SOCH, JR. 2 A "Ted" "Red" "Socks" 40 E, Main St., Fredonia, N. Y. WHARTON Fredonia High School, Phillips Exeter Academy. I1321 HAMILTON H. SOCH 'LHam" 40 E. Main St., Fredonia, N. Y. WHARTON Fredonia State Normal School. RICHARD HEMSATH SOLOMON "King" 705 N. 63d St., Philadelphia, Pa. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING West Philadelphia High School. Departmental Football Team Cglg American Institute Electrical Engineers. JACK G. SOLTROFF "Murphy" 5133 Kensington Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE Northeast High School. Left school February, 1926. EDWARD BUNN SONNHEIM A II E, E T ..Ed.. 6103 N. Ogontz Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. CIVIL ENGINEERING Northeast High School. Towne Football Team C413 President Civil Engineering Society C4jg Com' pass and Chain Society Cgj C4Dg Lions Engineering Society Cg,D C4Qg "Men About Towne" Club CED C51 C4jg Glee Club C ID Czj C31 C4Dg Engineers Show CID C22 Isl- ' LEONARD A. SORNESON Z N, CID K B "Len" L'So'ry" Windham, Mont. . WI-IARTON Fergus High School. Football Team CID C25 C35 C4DQ Baseball Team Cal, junior Cane Committeeg Varsity Club. C. FRANKLIN SPANGLER E A "Karl" 'iSho1ry" I9 Locust St., Lebanon, Pa. WHARTON Lebanon High School. Wrestling Squad Cgj. LEWIS SPECKER "Lew" 'LSinbad" "Speck" San Francisco, Calif. COLLEGE Central High School. Wrestling Team Czjg Le Cercle Francais, Graphic Sketch Clubg Chess Club. H331 S. BURTON SPIRT T E fb 'LBurt" 129 Willow St., Waterbury, Conn. COLLEGE Tome School. H1926 Class Record" Busines Board, Varsity SP" Dance Committee C41g Le Cercle Francais C31 C41. RICHARD GORDON STAFFORD E T "Dick" 149 Sumac St., Philadelphia, Pa. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING William Penn Charter School. Hexagon Senior Engineering Societyg Gym Team C31 C413 Towne Football Team C413 President Engineering Associaf tiong VicefPresident Sigma Taug Chairman Presbyf terian Commuters' Clubg Endowment Fund Com' mittee C315 Christian Association Campaign Com' mittee C41, American Society Mechanical Engineersg Lions Engineering Society. AUSTIN C. STARKLEY 246 W. Upsal St., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE Lawrenceville Academy. MARTIN LEONARD STEIGER "Mart" s'Maity" 804 South St., Philadelphia, Pa. ig N ' WHARTON South Philadelphia High School. Wharton Foot' ball Team C31 C415 Menorah Society. JOSEPH M. STEIN O A T Aloe., 724 Central Ave., Camden, N. J. COLLEGE Camden High School. Endowment Drive Com' mittee C31g Junior Smoker C31g Clee Club C41g Camden Club. BERNARD S. STEINER Z B T "Bc1fnie,' 2173 Highland Ave., Birmingham, Ala. WHARTON Culver Military Academy. Crew CI1, 2d 1'-goflb. C21, Varsity Squad C31 C415 Culver Club. 4 n HORACE W. STEINHOFF H K N "Hank" 1916 Colonial St., Philadelphia, Pa. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING University School, Bridgeport, Conn. "Pennsylf vania Triangle" C21 C41, Business Manager C312 Undergraduate Council C41g Endowment Drive Committee C313 Christian Association Drive Com' mittee C31 C41Q American Institute of Electrical Engineers, President C41. I1341 WILLIAM JAMES EDWARD STEWART "Bill" I. "Stew" db Z A 1713 N. New Kirk St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Central High School. Endowment Drive Com' mittee CQ. ISRAEL STIEBEL 5648 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE Hebrew Seminary for Teachers, Jerusalem. Menorah Society. ALEXANDER STIEFEL "Grover" S829 Woodbine Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE Central High School. Junior Varsity Football CQ, Class C31 C455 Endowment Drive Committee Cgjg Menorah Society. MILTON STILLER B 2 P "Bill" 344 Huntington Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. WHARTON Hutchinson Central High, GEORGE HARRY STITELER 5640 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Episcopal Academy. Freshman Soccer Teamg Soccer Squad Qzjg Departmental Football Team C31 f4Dg Departmental Baseball Team QD. RALPH FRANK STOCKTCN XII T "Doc" 123 Princeton Ave., Swarthmore, Pa. COLLEGE George School. DELVIN CLAIR STORMER H K A "Sam" 401 Jackson St., Reynoldsville, Pa. WHARTON Reynoldsville High School. Lacrosse Team CLD. I 135 1 HAROLD CROUSE STOTT E A "Stony" 6023 Larchwood Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON West Philadelphia High School. PAUL M. STRICKLER Arthur Ave., Scottdale, Pa. WHARTON Scottdale High School. Glee Club C11 C21 C31 C41g Assistant Manager Musical Clubs C31g Board of Undergraduate Managers C41. HARRY STRIEB 8438 Bartram Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. ' COLLEGE West Philadelphia High School. Departmental Football Team C31g Undergraduate Medical Assof ciationg Menorah Society. JAMES KENNEDY- STROCKBINE A N11 "jim" "Strock" R. D. 1, Susquehanna, Pa. , 3 VETERINARY Hartford High Schoolg Dickinson College C11 C115 Veterinary Medical Societyg VicefPresident Chrisf tian Association C21. EDMUND T. STUBBE lib K NI' . "Ed" 26 Harmon St., Brooklyn, N. Y. WHARTON Blair Academy. "Red and Blue" Business Board C31 C413 Toastmaster Sophomore-Freshman Love Feast Cz1g Sophomore Prom Committeeg Christian Association Cabinet C31g Treasurer Wharton Assof ciation C31g Steering Committee Junior Week C313 House Representative C11g Senior Advisor C41. WILLIAM THOMAS SULLIVAN A K E "Bill" "Sully" 135' Thompson St., Springfield, Mass. WHARTON Worcester Academy. Football Team C11 C21 C41g Baseball Team C11g Newman Clubg Mask and.Wig Show C11 C413 Glee Club C11. ALEC CHARLES SUTHERLAND K A "jock" "Al" "BigfWoz" SSDI Wayne Ave., Germantown, Pa. ARCHITECTURE Cheltenham High School, Elkins Park, Pa. Architectural Societyg Swimming Team C11 C7.1g Water Polo Team C11 C31, Captain C415 Decathlon Winner C21g 'Pennsylvania Triangle" C31 C41g Architectural Pageant Committee C11 C31g Archif tectural Class President C11 C21 C31g VicefPresident Student Governing Association C31. President C41. H361 TOZO SUZUKI NTOZ., uzuk., Nishinarifmura, Owari, Japan WHAR-roN Rutherford High School. Japanese Students' Club, President C4J. OLIVER COULD SWAN 9 X "Ollie" Tarrytown. N. Y. WHARTON Raymond Riordon School. Assistant Manager Debating Team Czj, Manager CQJQ Sophomore Prom Committee QQ.Jg Christian Association Drive C31 f4Jg Debate Council C11 C41 FRANKLIN ADAMS SWAZEY KID Z A "Frank" 1122 S. 53d St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON West Philadelphia High School. WALTER JAMES SYMONS, JR. ...Syn 253 Scott St., WilkesfBarre, Pa. WHARTON WillcesfBarre High School. Luzerne County Club. THOMAS JEFFERSON TALLEY, 3D i'TOm" T B H, H K N 3315 N. 17th St., Philadelphia, Pa. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Northeast High School. Departmental Football Team C3J C4Jg Moore School uRecord"g Engineering Associationg American Society of Electrical Engif neers. JAMES LINDEN TAPPAN E Z "Tiny" 'gLin" "Tap" 1043 69th Ave., Oak Lane, Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Germantown Academy. Cooperative Committee Qrjg Varsity "P" Dance Committee C4Jg Christian Association Drive C4J. JOHN RUDOLPH TAPPAN A X P Hack., Hotel Walton, Altoona, Pa. WHARTON Altoona High School. Mask and Wig Q41 H371 JOHN HARVARD THAIN "Reggie" ' 49 Wayne St., WilkesfBarre, Pa. COLLEGE WilkesfBarre High School. Luzerne County Club, Secretary C3D, President C4Dg Le Cercle Francais. EMID ANTHONY THOMAS A E CID "Tommy" 2240 S. 66th St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Slippery Rock Normal School. Football Team C1D C2D C5D C4Dg Baseball Team CIDQ Chairman Favor Committee Ivy Ballg Varsity Clubg Lacrosse Team CID CZDI, Newman Clubg Druid Societyg Toastmaster Sophomore Banquetg junior Cane Committee. WILLIAM ANDREWS THOMAS LID B K Port Kennedy, Pa. Cortisol! Norristown High School. ARTHUR FRANCIS THOMPSON, JR. L'Art" ff' A 9, KID K B 259 Steward Ave., Carden City, N. Y. ' WHARTON St. John's Manlius School. Sphinx Senior Sof cietyg Golf Clubg Junior Varsity Basketball Tearng Baseball Team C1Dg Football Team C1Dg Undergrad' uate Councilg Penniman Bowl Committee C2Dg Assistant Manager Football C3D, Manager C4D. JOSEPH THOMPSON 115 N 2917 N. 23d St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON South Philadelphia High School. WILLIAM T. THORP, Dix. ACACIA "Bill" Grampian, Pa. COLLEGE Clearheld High School. A WILLIAM BOCOCK THREAPLETON "Bill" 111 A 9 5030 N. rrth St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Northeast High School. Fencing Team CID C2Dg Memorial Drive Committee C4Dg President Northeast Club C4Dg Mask and Wig Club C3D C4Dg Glee Club CID C2Dg Mask and Wig Show CID C2D C3D C4D. 11381 CHARLES A. ABBEY TIFFANY "Tiff" l"I'ujffAnnie" Scranton, Pa. WHARTON Mining Mechanical Institute. C'est la Guerre Club CID C23 C55 C45- FRANKLIN L. TINKER K A 6oo S. 48th St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON William Penn Charter School. CLARENCE EDWIN TOBIAS, JR. 'LToby" "'I'ubby" ACACIA, fb B K S252 Knox St., Germantown, Pa. COLLEGE Northeast High School. Naturalists' Field Club, President C415 Christian Association Cabinet C4Qg Philomathean Society CED Cgjg Scriba Cglg Der Deutsche Verein Play Cast Cal. , RAYMOND H. TODD n "Bob" 407 E. Lancaster Ave., Wayne, Pa. WHARTON Radnor High School. HENRY HANSELL TOMLINSON "Tommy" 864 Wynnewood Rd., Philadelphia, Pa. CIVIL ENGINEERING West Philadelphia High School. Compass and Chain Society Cgj, Secretary C453 American Society of Civil Engineers. HYATT FREDERICK TOOKE "Fred" 93 Court St., Westield, Mass. WI-IARTON Basketball Team CID. GEORGE T. TOOMEY A T SZ 1o4 Cornell St., Springfield, Mass. WHARTON Springheld Central High School. Cross Country Team CED CQ C4jg Track Team CID Czj C35 C4Dg Football Team CIJQ Vigilance Committee Czjg Dormitory Representative CID, Mask and Wig Club CIDQ Glee Club C15 C23 Cal. I 139 1 SAMUEL E. TOUB "Sam" 6222 Washington Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON West Philadelphia High School. Menorah Society. RICHARD DORNAN TRAINER A X P "Dick" 42 Meadowbrook Rd., St. Davids, Pa. WHARTON Radnor High School. Junior Varsity Football Team C413 Swimming Squad CLD CZDQ Wrestling Squad Cgj. KENNETH STEPHEN TREIBER "Ken" 133 E. 12th St., Erie, Pa. , COLLEGE Erie Central High School. WILLIAM AUCHINCLOSS TRUSLOW Z XII "Bill" Bedford Rd., Summit, N. J. A ' - ' WHARTON Summit High School. Foreign Students' Com' mittee Christian Association CLD C2jg Students' Vestry Episcopal Chapel CLD C25 Cgj. KWOK CHOI TSANG 48 Des Voeux Rd., Hong Kong, China WHARTON St. Paul's College, Hong Kong. Chinese Students' Clubg Chinese Banking Club. JOSEPH JULIUS TUCKER 967 Yonkers Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. COLLEGE Manual Training High School. DANIEL ROBERT UDITSKY T E fb "Dan" 629 Cliveden Ave., Germantown, Pa. WHARTON Central High School. I 140 1 CHARLES AUGUSTUS WOERWAG UHLE "Cha'rles" B 9 H 405 W. Price St., Germantown, Pa. CoLLEGE Chestnut Hill Academy. Mask and Wig Clubg Mask and Wig Show CED C31 445g Glee Club C2J C3J. FRANK J. VALGENTI, Jn. H K A "Val" Madison, N, J. COLLEGE Madison High School. Rifle Team QU CQJ, Captain C3J C4Jg Intercollegiate Rifle Champion CD C31 C4Jg W0rld's Record 4fPosition Match 400 x 4oo CQDQ National Intercollegiate Record SQ7 x 600 C4D. JAMES TRUXTON VAN ARTSDALEN "jim" T B 11 S811 Catherine St., Philadelphia, Pa. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING West Philadelphia High School. Departmental Football Team Cal C3J C4Jg American Society Me' chanical Engineers. GEORGE GLOVER VANDERVEER A fb E "Van" 48 Tekoa Terrace, Westneld, Mass. COLLEGE Saranac Lake High School. Debating Team C4Jg Philomathean Society LQ. DUDLEY N. VAN KLEECK 9 E MDMP. 41 Hooker Ave., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. WHARTON Poughkeepsie High School. Advertising Manager "Junior Annals"g Freshman Handbook Czj, Business Manager C3Jg Cooperative Committee C1Jg Smoker Committee frjg Banquet Committee QLJQ Ivy Ball Committeeg Ivy Poetg Poughkeepsie Club. HART EDGAR VANRIPER K E , "Van" Box 133, Buhl, Idaho COLLEGE Twin Falls High School. Christian Association Cabinet C4Jg Class Secretary CBDQ Rocky Mountain Club. JOSEPH ANTHONY VENUTO II K A 600 E. Girard Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. EDUCATION Central High School. Education Clubg University Forum, I 141 J JAMES RUSSEL VINSON E A E 1123 Broadway, Little Rock, Ark. WHAR1-ON Little Rock High School. ARCHIBALD CAMERON VORIS "Arch" 2 X, B I' 2 1305 K St., Bedford, Ind. WHARTON Bedford High School. Assistant Manager Tennis Team C31 Manager C4Dg Editorial Board LLIQ26 Class Record" C4jg Chairman InterfFraternity Scholarship Committee C4Dg Sophomore Banquet Committeeg Christian Association Drive C35 C4Dg Hoosier Club, President C4Dg Band CID CZDQ Instrumental Club C15 Czjg Symphony Orchestra CID Czj, VicefPresident Cgj. LEON WAINER CD A ..Lee.. 6224 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Central High School. Junior Banquet Committee. SEYMOUR B. WALDMAN Z B T, A B X "Sy" "Cy" "Waldy" 300 Riverside Drive, New York, N. Y. - WHARTON Morris High School. Franklin Societyg Member Board of Governorsg Soccer Team Crj Third Varsity Czjg Editorial Board "Red and Blue" C21 Cgj, Editor' infChief C4jg Vigilance Committee Czjg University Committee on Publicity C4jg Board of Strategy Menorial Hall Drive C4jg Special Committee Ivy Ball C41 LLOYD ROOSEVELT WALKER "jack" A H E, K fi K S07 Harris St., Sayre, Pa. EDUCATION Sayre High School. Wrestling Squad Czj, zd Medal Heavyweightg Endowment Drive Committee C3jg Christian Association Drive C455 Undergraduate Council C4DQ Chairman Publicity Committee School of Educationg Education Club, Secretary Cgjg Glee Club CID WILLIAM D. WALLBRUNN Z B T "Bill" 1244 Humboldt St., Denver, Col. WHARTON East Denver High Schoolg University of Colorado. HARRY JOSEPH WALTER A X A Whitney Point, N. Y. WHARTON Whitney Point High School. Fencing Team Crjg Glee Club CID Czj Cgj C4D. I 142 1 ROBERT EVERETT WATTS A E III "Bob" Frostburg, Md. WHARTON Beall High School, RICHARD B. WEBB "Dick" Lakewood, N. J. ARCHITECTURE Lakewood High School, Menorial Hall Drive QQ. DAVID REZNOR WEBSTER N11 T 109 E. Market St., Mercer, Pa. WHARTON Culver Military Academy. ALFRED D. WEINBERG Z B T "Monk" Alhambra Apts., 1 Lake Drive, Baltimore, Md. WHARTON Baltimore City College. Franklin Societyg Board of Governorsg Assistant Manager Swimming and Water Polo Teams Cgj, Manager C4Jg Business Manager H1926 Class Record", "Punch Bowl" Cal QD, Advertising Manager C4Jg Junior Cane Com' mittee, Varsity "P" Prom Committee C4j. DAVID WEISBERG Johnstown, Pa. COLLEGE MILTON MARTIN WEISS 9 A 'Ia "Milt" 5129 Germantown A ve., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON Germantown High School. Menorah Society, Ivv Week Committee. JOHN FOREMAN WELLS ..H G.. 1910 N. 13th St., Philadelphia, Pa. CIVIL ENGINEERING Northeast High School. Civil Engineering Society, "Men About Towne" Cluhg Northeast High School Cluhg Engineers' Show Cast C4J. 11431 FRANK HUBERT WELLER 9 E "Ted" Hillwood Lakes, Trenton, N. J. WHARTON Wenonah Military Academy. Instrumental Club Cal C313 Band Czl. HERMAN E. WENOGRAD fb N IAHCTTHII Ltwinnieiq 2440 N. 54th St., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON South Philadelphia High School. Departmental Football Team Cgjg Menorah Society. EDWARD' WERTHEIMER, JR. KID E II HEPPM NEPPNH Q I Q I 4075 Beechwood Ave., Avondale, Cincinnati, Ohio WHARTON Hughes High School. Glee Club Cgj C455 Ohio Club. GEORGE A. WESTPHAL "Westy" N' 224 W. Glenside Ave., Glenside, Pa. WHARTON Cheltenham High School. Boxing Team Czjg Lacrosse Team CID, Scabbard and Blade. FRANKLIN SWIGGETT WHARTON ..BuCk.. Dover, Del. VETERINARY Dover High School. Veterinary Medical Society. H. S. TAYLOR WHITE, JR. A A CID 'LWhitie" "Swami" 59 Warrenton Rd., Guilford, Baltimore, Md. ARCHITECTURE Boys Latin School. Gym Team CTD C31 . JOSEPH SABEL WILE Z B T aloe.. 605 E. Main St., Lexington, Ky. WHARTON Lexington High School. Editorial Board H1926 Class Recordug Endowment Drive Committee Cgjg Christian Association Drive C4,Q Kentucky Clubg Assistant Manager Rifle Team Cgl, Manager C41 H441 B. IRVINE WILKINSON A 111 E "Willy" A IO2, Beacon St., Portland, Maine A WHARTON Portland High School. Banquet Committee Crjg Sophomore Prom Committee, Junior Prom Com- mittee. EDWINE RUSSELL WILLIAMS E N "Rex" De Witt, Iowa WHARTON St. john's Military Academy. Mask and Wig Show C35 C4DQ Mask and Wig Club. PRESTON A. WILLIAMS fb K XII "Pit" "P" 246 Loca Ave., Youngstown, Ohio WHARTON Rayen School. Golf Cgj C4j. WILLIAM JAMES WILLIAMSON fb 1' A HBH!" 659 Chilton Ave., Niagara Falls, N. Y. WHARTON Newman School, Worcester Polytechnic Inf stituteg Assistant Manager Musical Clubs Czj, Executive Committee C4jg Manager Glee Club C31 JOSEPH PUTNAM WILLSON A KP, fb K B aloe.. Corning, N. Y. WHARTON Cazenovia CN. YJ Seminary. Sphinx Senior Societyg Crew Crjg Football Team C21 Cgj, Captain C45- BERNARD LORY WILNER fb E A "Bernie" "Willie" 1603 Connecticut Ave., Washington, D. C. WHARTON Central High School. "-Iunton C25 C31 C4JQ Capital City Clubg Ivy Ball Committee. DAN NIXON WILSON E fb E 'iBenny" "Wils" 58 Main St., Mt. Holly, N. J. WHARTON Mt. Holly High School. Burlington County Club, President C4jg Orchestra CID Czj C32 C4j. 11451 FRANCIS LEROY WILSON HID Z1 A "Ray" "Le" 4809 Windsor Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. CHEMISTRY West Philadelphia High School. West Philadelf phia High School Club, Treasurer C4Dg Priestley Club C1D C2Dg Newman Club. HIRAM BAER WILSON O A T "Hy" B." 325 Market St., Williamsport, Pa. WHARTON Williamsport High Schoolg Dickinson Seminary. Sophomore Banquet Committeeg Varsity HP" Prom Committee C4Dg Der Deutsche Vereing Lycoming County Club, Treasurer C2D, Secretary C3D, Vice' President C4Dg Symphony Orchestrag Ivy Ball Com' mittee. JOHN PAUL WILSON 2 fb E Metro Theater, Creenport, N. Y. WHARTON Greenport High School. Friars Senior Societyg Franklin Societyg Swimming Team C2D C3D, Captain CID C4Dg Cricket Team C2Dg "Red and Blue" Business Board C2D C3D, Business Manager C4Dg Editorial Board H1926 Class Recordng Freshman Cooperative Committee C1Dg Endowment Fund Committee C3Dg Vigilance Committee C2Dg Penniman Bowl Contest Committee CID C2Dg Sophomore Prom Committee C2Dg Christian Association Drive Committee C4D, Assistant Manager Hockey,,Team C3Dg Senior Advisorg Chairman Hey Day Exercises. MERRITT WILSON, IR. fir E K Elkins, W. Va. WHARTON Elkins High School. Junior Prom Committeeg Ivy Ball Committee. HYMEN ERWIN WINE if Z A ..Hy.. i.He7m,, 3565 -Pine Grove Ave., Chicago. Ill. WHARTON Lake Forest Academy. Banquet Committee C1Dg Vigilance Committee C2Dg Junior Week Steering Committee C3,Dg Endowment Drive Committee C3D. RUDOLPH WINSTON I A fb A uRudy" 4047 Aspen St., Philadelphia, Pa. Connor Central High School. ' JOHN HOWARD WITHEROW A XII "Johnny" 4Q3O Cedar Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON West Philadelphia High School. Basketball Team C1D, junior Varsity C4Dg Football Team CID C2Dg Mask and Wig Show C3D C4D. I1461 WILLIAM AUGUST WITHUS E N K'BiIl" Pleasant Hill, Ill. WI-IARTON Friars Senior Society. "The Pennsylvanianf' Business Manager C4jg Junior Week Steering Com' mittee QQ. ROY ALFRED WOLF "Royal" Stewartstown, Pa. WHARTON York High School. HORATIO CURTIS WOOD, JR. A N11 "Curt" I64 School Lane, Germantown, Pa. COLLEGE Germantown Friends School. Tennis Team CID, Fencing Team CID, Pennsylvania Novice Foils Championshipg Student Editor of 'kUniversity Chronicleug VicefPresident Christian Association C4jg Mask and Wig Clubg Germantown Friends School Club, Mask and Wig Show Czj fgjg Squash Team RALPH VICTOR HAROLD WOOD LIP K XI' "Woodie" "General" 234 Walnut Ave., Wayne, Pa. WHARTON Radnor High School. Scabbard and Blade, Treasurer QD, President f4jg Intercollegiate Rifle Team C31 C4jg Ice Hockey Squad CID CIDIQVHISILY Club. WILLIAM PARKER WOOD T B II 228 E. Beau St., Washington, Pa. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Washington High School. SAMUEL LAWRENCE WOODHOUSE, JR. "Laffy" qw A 2 647 Oakland St., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE Frankford High School, Frankford High School Club. JOHN DOWNING WRIGHT, JR. E A E "johnny" 3902 Maine Ave., Forrest Park, Baltimore, Md. . WHARTON Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. Crew Crjg Boxing Team C05 Sophomore Prom Committee Czjg Junior Prom Committee C32 Endowment Drive Committee Q53 VicefPresident Senior Class C413 Oflicer in Charge of the Senior Luncheonsg Baltif more Clubg Head Song Leader C4Dg Mask and Wig Show C39 C49- l 147-1 KYI TSANG YANG L'Small Toungu Chungkiang, China WHARTON St. j'ohn's University, Shanghai, China. Chinese Students' Banking Club, Chinese Students' Trans' portation Society. YUN TUH YANG "Freddie" 407 Avenue Foch, Shanghai, China WHARTON St. Iohn's College, Shanghai. Treasurer Chinese Students' Club, Treasurer Chinese Students' Banking Club, Secretary and Treasurer St. j'ohn's Alumni Association. JACOB YANOFF "jake" 'Ljacku 2515 S. 6th St., Philadelphia, Pa. COLLEGE South Philadelphia High School. Menorah Society. EDGAR LIONEL YORK 'iv E H ..Ed,. 734 Washington Ave., Carnegie, Pa. , , A WHARTON Carnegie High School. isoflb. Crew Qij f2jg Dues Committee CID, FreshmanfSophomore Love' Feast Committee CID, Sophomore Prom Committee, Penniman Bowl Committee C253 Sophomore Banquet Committee f2Dg Endowment Committee QQ. JOHN THOMAS YOUNG, JR. E Z 'ifolinnyu Tecumseh" 254 W. Wyoming Ave., Germantown, 'Pa. WHARTON Germantown High School. YUN SHIN ZEE Z E 2 Great Western Rd., Shanghai, China CHEMICAL ENGINEERING St. John's University, Shanghai, China. Chinese Students' Club, Priestley Club, American Chemical Society. - CHESTER J. ZIERNICKI 4173 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. WHARTON H481 'xv' - -- 'N 7 4 1 'B g 4 9' 4 3 3 1 4 Q W 8 Ir I Y CLASS OF 1926-SENlOR YEAR President . . VicefPresident Secretary . . Treasurer Historian . . . . WALTER F. O1MALLEY . . . JOHN H. WRIGHT . . FRANK MASSBY . . JOHN F. HARRON . . CLARENCE FREEDMAN Hard as nails, Full of tricks, Pennsylvania Twenryfsix. H501 CLASS OF 1926-JUNIOR YEAR President . . VicefPresiderLt Secretary . . Treasurer . . Historian . . , WALTER F. USMALLEY . . LEONARD R. FAYLE . . HART E. VAN RIPER . . GEORGE EICHNER . , EDWARD L. SHUEY 11511 CLASS OF 1926-SOPHOMORE YEAR President . . VicefP'resident Secretary . . Treasurer Hisrovmn . . EDWARD S. LOWER, JR . HIRAM McKEE . GEO. W. FARABAUGH . I. PAUL CRAWFORD . ALBERT B. HAGRR 11521 CLASS OF 1926-FRESHMAN YEAR President . . VfCC'PTCSid6HE Secretary , . Tfeasufer . . Historian . . NOEL EDDY M. A. GILMARTIN MELVIN SIMS . . FRANK B. MURDO EDWARD BUCKLEY Hard as nails, Full of tricks, Pennsylvania Twentyfsix H531 CK CLASS OF 1927 President . . . . . RALPH B. EATON VicefP'resident . . . DONALD K. SINGER Secvetavy . . . . PAUL B. CRAWFORD Treasurer . . . . ROBERT GLOVER Historian . . FREDERICK J. SULLIVAN Knock 'ein out Hand 'ein a lemon Pennsylvania Twentyfeeven l1541 5'2" xx-ski 2... 0 72. -5 0.2,-.fp l Xfl 'O -N0 fl- 5 1 Q f'g7 is wifi ?,,,Jo,,u...-4-,J Z,"'1LXen . I , -gj-,f f vm . Q jg-mxj. ', - M , , 5 . "-Ts ' I-IISTCRY CE THE JUNIOR CLASS D T WOULD be impossible to relate in detail the activities of the Class of '27, but we may briefly state the more important events and mention the names of those members who did most toward guiding the Class to its successes. Cur Class entered the University in the fall of 1925 with but one purpose-to be known as the greatest and best Class. The Freshman football team won all its games and fitted men for Varsity positions in later years. The other teams were just as successful. In the contest for the Penniman Bowl, the Sophomores won, as usual, but our Class can pride itself in the fact that only the trickery of the secondfyear men in the various fights defeated it. Thomas Shallcross and Samuel Parke were elected temporary President and Secref tary, respectively, in the first election. Later, J. Dudley Marks, Samuel Parke, Andrew Thompson, Arnold Mason, and William de Anquinos were chosen as the permanent ofhcers. I In the fall, after the summer vacation, most of the Class returned early, eager to get in on the Welcome, only to learn that the custom of hairfcutting was no more. But to make up for the tameness of the Welcome, the fights were keenly contested, with the result that we won all of them and so were the guardians of the Penniman Bowl. The men of the Class played a very prominent part in all athletics. Sidney Stall was elected President, with Erwin Steubner, John Butler, Vernon Kunkle, and Edward Whalen filling the remaining positions. By their efforts the Promenade and Banquet were successful. Junior Week, under the able direction of Ralph Eaton, newly elected Junior Presif dent, and jack Wolf, General Chairman, was our great triumph of the year. The week opened with the Cane March, followed by the Banquet and Smoker, and climaxed by the Promenade. These social functions were given the wholefhearted support of the Juniors, causing a successful Junior Week. FREDERICK J. SULLIVAN, Historian H551 President . . VicefPresident Secretary . . Treasurer . . Historian . . CLASS OF 1928 . . WORTHINGTON G. BUTTON . , . C. SUMNER DAVIS . . FRED. C. GOODWIN . . B. H. LOWY . . JOHN P. BERRY '1'ou're the 5811 We're the bait Pennsylvania Twentyfeight H561 MZ'-T fg f -X 'Pez-1-S '..s.,nvAl1'9 f7 nf' CAS . 'les ' - S ,f- f 4' f fi i '01 ' l Us fi c..,.?,' :-::2.., 6-I is Z., T f' ' I i A ii f 5 s. 7 w 4 ' ' I 2, I fx' T fl - .t 8 f SO P HUMOR E CLASS I-11sToRY, 1928 . HE last sad neophyte had run the gauntlet, and '28 was a Class of the University of Pennsylvania. By the time we became accustomed to the traditional "dink," we started planning to beat the Sophomores in the Flour Fight, which, true to tradition, we lost. We elected as temporary class oflicers Leonard C. Dill, Jr., and William J. Brennan, jr., President and SecretaryfTreasurer respectively. Qur Hrst opportunity to exhibit our Pennsylvania spirit was in the Endowment Drive. The Class of '28 did nobly, showing the support it would always give to the University. By the time of the election of permanent officers we were firmly established, as the Frosh. President William B. Dern, VicefPresident Joseph E. Podger, Secretary Jack J. McDowell, Treasurer Worthington G. Button, and Historian Philip Shore, jr., took care of the executive matters while we remained yearlings. The greatest cause for sorrow among the student body was revealed to us at mid' years. Many of us departed. With spring came the majority of the Penniman Bowl contests and the supreme Freshman delight-the Pants Fight. Though we won most of the contests, the Sophs had garnered the greater total in points and took the Penniman Bowl. After a summer replete with resolutions to study and become "campus greats," we returned with our gaudy neckwear as Sophomores. The first ofhcial act was one of revenge on '29 for the welcome we had received from the belts of 527. President Button appointed "Jack" McDowell to fill the chairmanship of the Vigilance Comf mittee and "Jack" started right after the miscreant Frosh. Once more, according to tradition, the Sophomores, by clever ruses and a good turnout, baffled the Freshmen in the Flour Fight. Thus began our intensive campaign to obtain the coveted Pen' niman Bowl. As in our Freshman year, we had an opportunity to give when the Memorial Hall Fund came along. The Sophomores, under the guidance of "Jack" McDowell, again showed their Class and University spirit by their generous contributions. Varsity teams, publications, and managerial competitions were all finding the serf vices of '28 men indispensable. We, as a Class, are gradually gaining knowledge, looking forward to the day when '28 will be at the helm of school activities. JOHN P. BERRY, Historian. H571 CLASS OF 1929 President . . . . W. A. MACDONALD VicefPresident . . . . REBSE DILL Secretary . . . E. CADBS - Treasurer . . . W. M. DONIGER Historian . . . . GRANVILLE S. CARREL 'You're our meat . We'll chew you fme Pennsylvania Twentyfnine. 11581 FTER the iirst stages of fear and the proverbial greenness had worn off we, the Class of '29, settled down to become members of this great University. Cur first action was experienced in the Big Quad the night of the Field Welf come. However, we soon became organized, and at the preliminary elections there was a goodfsized vote, when we elected Willis McDonald, temporary President, and William McCage, temporary Secretary. By this time, football was in full swing and the Freshman team was developing fast. They played four games which resulted in three victories and a o-o tie. Leon Westgate was Captain of the Frosh and Numerals were awarded to eighteen firstfyear men: Captain Westgate, McLaughlin, Poole, Schafe, Kaplan, Smith, Monk, Dill, Sullivan, Kushner, Eichleburger, Carrel, Forbes, Pine, Shober, Murphy, Naylor, Urbin. Here the permanent election was held and the following officers were elected: Willis MacDonald, President, Reese Dill, VicefPresidentg William Doniger, Treasurer, Edwin Cades, Secretary, Granville Carrel, Historian. The Frosh Soccer team played a long hard schedule and gave a good account of themselves. The 1929 Cross Country Team was composed of veteran high school and pref paratory school runners. It was one of the best Frosh teams produced in past years. The Class of HZQ led all others in the total amount of subscriptions in the Campaign Fund Drive for Memorial Hall. The Freshman Basketball Team has played eleven games which have resulted in ten victories and one defeat. Thus has started a season which will end in absolute success. The Class of HZQ has produced swimming, wrestling, boxing, and track teams, it is too early to predict the success of the baseball team. , We fought until the last gun in the Flour Fight. We will do the same thing in the Pants Fight. We have furnished good material for the Vigilance Committee and only through us have they been able to carry on their work. Cur greatest wish is to graduate having done something for our University and to be able to say that in our all too short college career we have done nothing to drag the name of our Alma Mater in the mire. GRANVILLE S. CARREL, Historian. 1 1591 6 O O O 6!iQ 959 O 0570 Qfif f'?-fOf'Q-afOA'Q-Y9f"i-r 1-l5,r9f-5,p'g,-sq-p.,il, I WHAQTON l AWHADTON i 1 1 '4 4 ' 4 Y 4 4 D4 ,4 4 4 4 I 4 4 4 4 D 4 4 K4 41 K4 A DQoE5oLomou5 HUEBNEP., L DQ. JAMES-If Younis, I ENGN-1E421NG. I EN A I 5 '4 '4 4' .4 4 4 4 4 4 4 I 4 I n PQOFWCLAQEHCECLEWELL. Pnos HAnoLoE.WA1.TEQ. TH ENIVIOSTNPOD ULARMDDOFESSORSL 9f'iJ0fT-f0ftnIOf1.1O1'iIOf?.fOfi-101-if 461 4 4 9 Wi, Q 4 , 4 .4 DP.. 4 , ,I NG Q4 'DRWILLIAYIPHAQBESON4 A T Faux E.ScHELx.1 g COLLEGE I4 I COLLEAVGE I 1 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 E FINE AQT5 V I COLLEGE Al '4 4 4 4 ,4 4 ' L4 ,I ,P A , ,, '4- 4 ,DQEDWIN 4"l.TWITl"4YER DQ. PAL: Ll? CQETN I THE-NOST-POPULAQ-PQOFESSOQS. Op-hur6fQ-lQf4i.IO1tiOfsf6f-iIOf'sfO1L-I 4164 im ORGANIZATIONS EAMQUS educator once compared the college student to a man sitting on a threeflegged stool. These legs he called scholastic activities, extraf curricular interests, and friendships. If any one of the three are allowed to weaken, just so much will the benefit a college career offers be lost. These legs are well represented at Pennsylvania by the scholastic departments, the undergraduate honor societies, and the intersectional and school clubs. Schof lastic activities center around the five main underf graduate units, College, Education, Wharton, Fine Arts, and Engineering, and here it is the student finds his main interests. These are the nuclei of the University out of which all other interests grow. Working hand in hand with these organizations are the undergraduate honor societies by whose membership those who have distinguished themselves in campus affairs are honored. Every student aspires to some day wear the emblem of at least one of these societies. Without the intersectional and school clubs one of the greatest mediums for the formation of lasting friendships would be lost. These organizations draw the students into intimate contact with men whose interests are similar to their own. The following organizations are representative of life at Pennsylvania and every student realizes and appref ciates the importance of the work they accomplish. H621 ar.......- -W--1 5 l 2 4 1 1 i .,,.. if H, r ' N LT ,.-,.w-..,., I N -'F ffiii gf Nu! '2 qv 4. v 1 JM.: iwinr ".A ' 'A 4 .. .nn ,hu-4-,a+ .xl -'ff' 415. Ewij 4 996. if 4 4 i'NO i5O F-vw-Nrqfsfof'-'oft-lvfvv'v DEPARTVXENTA L F' ' I 1 -N Xlill LMA qi' Q 'ii Q S HL x ' v'.1 Q'lIjX I I A X 5 WQQW' -wx ,... WRW391 X N776 - ,Qt , 5 f A , .Avia 4, NM, A ,thh 4 X KA . Z 1,,l .yf l C 'lllflni Nl n ,X 5 X N ?1-f-4 ARCHWAY ATO THE JUNIOR BALCONY 11661 WALKER BINGHAM FAYLE STEINHOPF ' l PRA11' CARROLL EVAUL FARABAUGH O'MALLEi' BAILEY EICHELBERGER UNDERGRADUATE CQUNCIL Chaivman . . WALTER E. OQMALLEY Secretary . . GEORGE W. FARABAUGH Treasurer . . ERNEST E. BAILEY Mem bers , ROBERT A. EICHELBBRGER HORACE STEINHOFF RUPPERT BINGHAM MINOT PRATT LEONARD R. FAYLE EDWIN R. MORINE JEROME O. EVAUL LLOYD WALKER A ARTHUR F. THOMPSON ROY CARROLL H671 COLLEGE N PAST years it might have been truthfully said that many a student in the College passed through his entire four years without ever hearing of the Arts Association. Although it was the nrst of the departmental societies, the Arts Association, because of lack of activity and publicity, had been merely a part of college background, known only to the few who took an active interest in its work. 1 During the past year, under the capable leadership of Frank B. Murdoch, president of the Arts Association, the organization has grown tremendously and the scope of its activities has been widened to stimulate interest, not only in literature, but in all of the hner arts. On October 9, 1925, a delightful concert was given in the auditorium of the College by Miss Margaret Eberbach, conf tralto, Elia Palma, baritone, and Signora Rosalinda Morini, coloratura soprano, all of the La Scala Opera Company. This was the first of a number of novel presentations by the Assof ciation, and the attendance and approbation were gratifying. The field of music was again represented in the lecture of Percy Alfred Scholes, celebrated English music critic, from Oxford, on October 14. ' Walter Prichard Eaton, a wellfknown dramatic critic and Dm Burke Professor of Drama at Columbia, spoke on k'The English Comedy of Manners" on October 21, and aroused a great deal of comment by his merciless flaying of the modern drama. One of the outstanding events of the year was the appearance, on December 16, of Alfred Noyes, beloved English poet and oneftime Professor of Modern Literature at Princeton. The auditorium of the University Museum was not large enough to hold those who came to hear him. Through the courtesy of the Philadelphia Opera Company, Miss Charlotte Lund, soprano, and N. Val Pavey, baritone and accompanist, presented a musical reading of 'LSamson and Delilah" on February 1 1. March 217, brought Lorado Taft, the eminent sculptor. General Peppino Garibaldi, famous Italian patriot, spoke on "The Future of Europeu on April 15. The nnal event of the year was the appearance of Hamlin Garland on April 22. He spoke on 'Contemporary American Literature." The most unique affair of our Arts Association was the Hrst college banquet of the faculty and students held on March 11. Daniel de Brier, vicefpresident of the Association, acted as toastmaster. The faculty speakers were Dr. Crawford and Dr. Quinn. The student speakers were Frank B. Murdoch, William F. Kennedy, and George Farabaugh, Thomas Prichett, '78, head of the College Alumni, also spoke. The banquet was a definite step forward in the direction of improving the relations between teacher and student, and its success presages many similar enterprises in the future. Much credit is due to Mr. George Nitzsche, Recorder of the University, for his wonderful cooperation with the activities of the organization. The officers this year were: Frank B. Murdoch, President, Daniel de Brier, VicefPresident, Israel Frieman, Secretary, Anthony R. Camero, Treasurer. The members of the Class on the Arts Council were: Frazier, Farabaugh, O'Malley, Heineman, Kennedy, Peterson, Crawford, Marvin, Dutton, Bamberger, and Camero 11681 J L ARTS ASSGGIATION President . VicefPresident Secretary . . Treasurer . PHILIP DECHERT, Chairman B. GRAEME FRAZIER THOMAS GATES, JR. GEORGE FARABAUGH WALTER 01MALLEY SAMUEL HEINEMAN WILLIAM KENNEDY WILLIAM QTTBY 1925-26 FRANK B. MURDOOH, IR. DANIEL DE BRIER ISRAEL FRIEMAN ANTHONY R. CAMERO Executive Committee 11691 GEORGE E. PETERSON JAMES MARVIN NORMAN R. DUTTON HIRAM BAMEERGER WILLIAM MCFADDEN BERNARD CAMROE GEORGE THAYBR JAMES CRAWFORD WHARTON HE graduating class of Wharton men have witnessed changes in their .school since they were Hrst admitted to the historic walls of Logan Hall. Other changes are planned for the near future to perhaps a greater extent than in any other department. The steady progress which has always marked the School of Finance and Commerce from the time it was started as the Hrst of its kind in the country has kept it far in the lead of institutions in this field elsewhere. A new and even better Wharf ton School is now the dream. The feature of the plan has been started in the form of a student per' sonnel department to establish contact between the faculty and the students. Dean Emory R. Johnson paints a bright future for this latest development which is under the direction of Thomas A. Budd. Keeping in touch with the individual student and his many needs from the time he enrolls as a Freshman Dean johnson until he receives a diploma and ventures forth for a position is a summary of the bureau's work. The physical features of Logan Hall, which have been the brunt of much campus humor, are to be improved during the coming summer and more extensively within the next few years. The traditional scaffold will soon have fulfilled its duty, and the walls will once more be in good condition and bearing the twining ivy. Old Room 322 is to be remodeled! In fact, that entire section of the building will be done over, and additions will be made in the space between the hall and Hare Laboratory, providing a social hall, a research library, and oflices. The architects plan is to have a new building for the school along Woodland Avenue in a few years, to be the best on the campus. In activities we can truthfully say that the Wharton School boasts of more men who have interested themselves than the remainder of the departments combined. Captains, editorsfinfchiefs, and business managers we have in great numbers, and, judging by our representation on the various publications, teams, and societies, it would seem that there are few organizations on the campus in which we do not have our men. A very good omen this is, for it is invariably true that those who have been the most active during their undergraduate days will be the alumni who will take the most interest in Old Pennsylvania in the years to come. H701 .1 N L n FINE ARTS HE 1925-26 school year is marked by a prevalence of scholastic activities over social. More atf tention was turned to the honor prizes than ever before. During the 1924-25 year, Pennsylvania was singularly fortunate in four major competitions. The John Stewardson Memorial Scholarship was won by John Lane Evans who is now touring Europeg the Henry Gillette Woodman Traveling Scholarship was awarded to Boris Riaboffg and Owen A. Lukenbach won the Scarab Prize. The Department of Music prize went to Harry J. Ditzler. This year, much to our surprise, it was announced that Pennsylvania had withdrawn from the Beaux Arts Institute competitions. Such good fortune has been ours in the past that we had contemf Dm Laird plated another year of victories in these competitions. The annual entertainment to the newcomers of the school was held this spring instead of the usual fall date. Everyone was well enough acquainted with the school to really understand and enjoy the humor of the many skits furnished by the various entertainers. The feeling is general among the men in the Fine Arts Department that the steps now being taken by the authorities to confine the activities of the school within the limits necessarily prescribed by the endowment of the University will place it in a most enviable position. This can only be a natural result of the selective principle which is now being introduced to allow only those of the highest attainment to continue their work beyond the Sophomore year. V Unceasing effort on the part of Dean Laird has put the Fine Arts Department in its H711 present position. He has added, within the last year, a new course in landscape archif tecture, designed for those interested in park architecture, golfflinks construction, and other forms of external architecture. This course, contemplated for some time, is under the direction of Professor Robert Wheelwright, noted landscape architect. We desire to record the loss that the school has sustained in the death, on February 6, 1926, of Assistant Professor William Powell Robins. He had a personal charm that peculiarly enhanced his influence and left his colleagues and pupils with a sense of the loss of a prized personal friendship. As this was not the year for the Biennial Pageant, Le Bal Impressionistique was held in the library of the Fine Arts School. The costumes were designed to create bizarre impressions. Primary colors predominated and gave a bold and dazzling effect to the ballroom. ' FINE ARTS STUDENT COUNCIL President . . . . . ALEX C. SUTHERLAND VicefP'resident . . . . Joruii .BOWER Secretary . . . . . M. RBESE Dru. Treasurer . . PHILIP CREEK H721 BUTERBAUGH BASKERVILLE CARROLL RICHARDS Fong S'rENHousE SI-IENTON JACOBSEN R01-HMANN W. F. BOWER J, A. BOWER NOBLE PAVLOPF URRFER SANDLASS Bu-r-rs COWAN MARTIN MOOEERRX ALLISON ARCHITECTURAL SOCIETY ACTIVE MEMBERS President . . BRITON MARTIN Secretary . . GEORGE BOGOS ALLISON Treasurer . . HERVEY P. CLARK GEORGE I-I. BUTEREAUGH JOHN THEODOR JACOBSEN HENRY LOUIS SANDLASS HENRY COLEMAN BASKERVILLE ALFRED A. ROTHMANN ALFRED W. BUTTS, JR. J. ROY CARROLL,' JR. WILLIAM FRANK BOWER, JR. CHARLES M. COWAN JOHN NOBLE RICHARDS JOHN A. BOWER FRANKLIN MERION T. MOOEERRY RICHARD C. FOLTZ ROBERT WARREN NOBLE THEO. BALLOU WHITE JOHN WARN STBNHOUSE NIKOLAS L. PAVLOFF ALEC CHARLES SUTHERLAND WILLIAM LIGGETT SHENTON DARWIN I-I. URFFER I 173 1 EDUCATICDN HE Education Club of this department has a very important role to play in the lives of men who have chosen educational administration as their career. Organized six years ago, the Club has become a vital part of the School of Education. The bewildered Freshman just entering the doors of the University for the first time finds both the faculty and student members to be good Samaritans who willingly aid him in orienting himself to his new college environment. It has been the policy of the Club members to instill in the minds of new matricuf lates the idea that they are among friends who are definitely interested in their careers. Dean Minnick, who is a veritable guardian father to the men in Education, has an undying personal V interest in the activities and affairs of the Club and rarely misses a chance to mingle with the members at their social and educational monthly meetings. Prominent educators, faculty members, and other interesting speakers feature the programs of the meetings. Educational topics of general interest are often discussed and debated upon. Perhaps the latest important activity of the Club was its participation in the successful launching of "The Honor Code," which was put into effect in the School of Education this year. The School has always supported and aided in carrying out the policy of the Club. For the past year, the Club has been capably headed by Stephen W. Cornell as President. i The need for competent teachers and administrators of education is attested by the fact that the School of Education is the fastest growing school in the University. Bennett Hall is the inevitable outcome of an unceasing demand for better trained teachers in schools, colleges, and universities. Dean Mirmick I 174 1 .1 N 1- GRAY BARONKOPF H. ROXVLANDS MAOLASRY AERAHAMS IVTEASUROLL LEISTER NEIL MAHOWEY RAAE SIMILIN SMITH INOENITO BIEBERMAN WALKER WORST CORNELL DEAN MINNICK D. ROWLANDS Ojficers President . . . . STEPHEN W. CORNELL VicefPresiderIt . DAVID T. ROWLANDS Secretary . . . W. D. WORST Treasurer . . H. HESS DR. J. H. MINNICK LLOYD R. WALKER EDWIN NEIL PETER H. MAHONEY WILLIAM GRAY WILLIAM D. WORST STEPHEN W. CORNELL DAVID T. ROWLANDS JESSE BIEBERMAN ALBERT RAAB HOPKIN T. ROWLANDS F acuity Members W. H. MAGILL PHILLIP MACLASKY SIDNEY ABRAHAMS BENJAMIN M. LEISTER JUSTIN H. HESS DAVID MEASUROLL WILLIAM SMITH DAVID INGENITO RALPH MCSHERRY H. FLIEGEL PI-IILLIP T. SIMKIN MCSI-IERRY MAGILL Hfss FLIEGEL PHINEAS E. BARONKOPF I 175 1 VETERINARY HE School of Veterinary Medicine was opened October 2, 1884, on the site of the present Medical Laboratories. In IQOI, the original buildings were torn down and the Board of Trustees purchased the lot at the corner of Thirtyfninth Street and Woodland Avenue and established a temporary school and hospital on the site. Subsequently, the present buildings were erected and equipped by appropriations from the state legislature. These buildings and the equipment provided are admirably adapted to the work of the Veterinary School and Hospital. Only two or three veterinary schools in the United States are as well housed and equipped and none is better provided for in this respect. The, School offers a fourfyear course leading to a degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. The location of the Veterinary School and Hospital is ideal. Within convenient access by automobile are many of the most modern and best stocked farms in the United States. As part of the course of instruction the students are regularly taken to these farms where they have opportunities to observe the symptoms of various diseases and accidents and the application of treatment by a member of the faculty. During the year IQZS, on these farms, 5,158 cattle, sheep, swine, horses, and chickens were examined Dean Klein and treated. A large number of horses and many pet animals, principally dogs and cats, are brought to the Veterinary Hospital for treatment. During the year IQZS, there were 9,547 animals treated in the hospital. About onefhalf the cases brought to the Hospital are treated in the free dispensaries and the fees charged for those remaining in the hospital amount to less than the cost of feed and care, while professional service is rendered free. The Hospital, therefore, renders a public service in treating these animals as well as providing facilities for the instruction of the students. Each year, in january, a conference of veterinarians is held under the auspices of the Veterinary School. At this meeting, veterinarians from Pennsylvania and neighboring states are in attendance. Specialists and research workers in the profession are secured from all parts of the country to present the latest advances in veterinary science. Demonstrations in new developments in surgery and therapeutic measures are given by members of the faculty. This meeting serves to promote a better feeling among practitioners as well as to keep them in touch with the advances of the science. The Veterinary Medical Society is an organization for all students in the Veterinary School. lt serves to stimulate interest in the science by the presentation of papers by student members, with free discussion, and also by securing speakers on subjects related to the profession. Each fall the Society holds a smoker to acquaint the new men with the traditions and customs of the University and so that they may also become better acquainted with the upper classmen and instructors. Dances are held through' out the year, and attempts are made by the Society to advance the veterinary student socially as well as in a professional way. 11761 J. N- L C. L. BRIGGS H. W. HERRIOTT H. M. CORENZWIT G. M. LEIGHOW H. APPELBAUM A. BACHRACH R. S. BEARDSLEE J. D. BECK L. M. ESH L. G. BARNWELL R. S. BAYARD P. BBBCHWOOD VETERINARY MEDICAL SOCIETY Officers - President . . . . . R. G. LITTLE Secretary ..... STBVENSON MOORE, JR. VicefPresiderIt . . . . G. H. KINEMOND Treasurer ..... H. W. HERRIOTT Honorary Members C. J. MARSHALL, V.M.D. JOI-IN 'W. ADAMS, A.B., V.M.D. Members I916 G. H. KINEMOND R. G. LITTLE C. E. MASSINGER S. MOORE. JR. J. B. HAGENEUCH M. W. HALE C. E. HUTT C. L. LAMMBY W. E. MARTINDALE G. A. DoEscH W. P. DOHERTY O. H. DRUMM W. S. MILLER J. C. ROBBINS 1917 L. A. PETERSON H. B. STEINBACH 1928 J. A. MEHAN J. A. S. MILLAR C. W. MILLER E. W. RACKLEY W. B. RAWLINGS 197-9 W. M. LUKENS J. V. MCCAI-ION W. E. MERRILL Special Students C. G. DANELIUS, D.V.M. CSwedeIIJ l177l J. A. ROGERS G. B. SCI-INELLE A. S. VANSANT - M. L. WBNDLER T. P. Rowa J. H. SCIIALL . C. F. STARKE C. M. STEVENS E. G. MORTON J. A. MUEPLY S. F. SCI-IEIDY E. D. DIEHI., V.M.D. J. K. STROCKBINE F. S. WHARTON E. A. WEBB M. L. SWEIGARD H. TAYLOR E. D. TUCKERMAN C. E. WATSON H. R. SEIBOLD J. V. SMITI-I F. W. TARNOW TCDWNE J N L HERE are three departmental engineering societies in the Towne School, the Whitney Society, the Civil Engineering Society, and the Priestley Club. The Whitney Society is the club of the mechanical engineers, founded about 1893, when the school of Mechanical Engineering moved from College Hall. It took its name from Asa Whitney, in whose name the Whitney Professorship of Dynamical Engineering was established by his son. Its outstanding activity was the installation of the Whitney Club as a student branch of the American Society of Mechanf ical Engineers in 1925, by which name it is now known. The Civil Engineering Society, founded in IQO5, is afhliated with the National engineering organizaf tion, the American Society of Civil Engineers. Every student who belongs to the Civil Engineering Sof Dean Frazer ciety holds a student membership. Dances and other social affairs constitute its activities, together with occasional addresses to the Society by wellfknown engineering men. The Priestley Club is one of the oldestdepartmental clubs in the technical schools of the University. Founded in 1893 as a graduate organization, it has since become an undergraduate body. One of the most important features of the Club is its annual entertainment which has grown biggerand better each year. The Priestley Club orchestra, with its newly acquired piano, is also an important part of the Club. There are assemblies every Friday, with stunt nights every month. The above three societies, together with the American Institute of Electrical En' gineers, representing the Moore School of Engineering, combined in 1921 to form the Engineering Association, consisting of two representatives from each of the four socief ties. lt has for its main purpose the fostering of better cooperation between the members and the faculty. The officers of the Association are President, Richard Stafford, M.E., '26, VicefPresident, Herbert Estrada, E.E., '26, and SecretaryfTreasurer, Charles Kass, M.E., '26. 11781 L 1 01 -+3-'f -1 ' T' ' - F md!-R - :-75,-Y , -13. -kl. ,- :V -.ggi . M.3.,!-, V ,Z - , , , Q , H I' N W ag 211' 'IZ-A Q , , K W , . . , j , . .AHTEEBEPQT A Q - ' . g - ' 6 , ,I vv V" L . , AAAA FE 157921 1- .- , I . 1 -1 :N -,sn ,,, ' " AMERICAN SCCIETY CE MECHANICAL ENGINEERS E. P. GOHN WM. J. DOUGHERTY C. B. KASS J. C. KENNEDY R. G. STAFFORD W. P. WOOD J. A. CHRISTIAN J. C. CLARK GORDON F. BLIZZAR WM. B. HAMILTON WM. E. HBNDRICKS RICHARD PRINCE S. D. REYNOLDS H. P. SPILLER D President . . . . . CHARLES B. KASS VicefP1-esidenr . . . . ZAOI-IARY T. WOBENSMITH SCC7CfdTy'TT5d8ll7ET .... WILLIAM H. STEVENS -1926 J. G. SMITH M. H. PRATT H. R. TARLETON L. E. ROSBNBERGER R. K. RAISLER J. S. DRAIN R. H. BRADBURY CARL E. JOHNSON GEORGE J. MEYERS ANDREW J. RANKIN A. H. REYNOLDS R. E. SEIEPERT FRANK MASI ELDRED C. BRAINERD G. I. KOONS 197-7 1928 H801 W. J. MACK J. J. MACK H. A. MCCALLA H. A. HOGAN D. E. HOUGHTON H. E. SCHMIDT CHARLES A. SAPIOT WM. H. STEVENS, JR. NELSON H. STEWART S. HOTIMSKY I. J. ARKIN T. J. POWER H. S. HOPKINS M. I. DE CON H. L. CHILD O. C. CRESSON B. E. L. DE MARE J. T. VAN ARTSDALEN ZACHARY T. WOEENSMITI-I H. L. PARLETTE C. B. MCINTOSH R. E. JONES WAYNE A. WITTE JAMES C. SHAW MCGRATH ZAHN VAN METER RUNK Cow.-mn FLETCHER CARNEY SCHAEPPER LALANDE FIELD BAUMGARTNER STARKEY CHAklBERLAIN SCHROY L. Bun J. Bun ALIBLER FITCH HILLBORN MERRITT MULLER EGOLP OVERBAUGH HINDMAN JACK DOI-IAN HOOGSTOEL FULLER HARRON SACI-ISE President . . . . . WILLIAM R. DOHAN ' VicefPresidenI: . . ROBERT B. MULLER Secretary . . . . . HUGH W. FIELD Treasurer . .... CHARLES B. EGOLF Members C. AMBLBR H. FLETCHER, JR. R. B. MULLER W. H. BAUMGARTNER M. L. FULLER W. V. QVERBAUGH I. BOOTH I. F. HARRON S. RALPH J. G. BUTZ W. G. HENSEL R. S. RUNK L. W. BUTZ J. E. CARNEY N. S. CHAMBERLAIN R. W. COWARD L. R. DALLETT W. G. DOHAN C. B. EOOLE H. W. FIELD R. M. FITCH H. HILLBURN W. I. HINDMAN L. E. HOOGSTOEL W. A. JACK, SD W. A. LALANDB I. T. MCGRATH W. N. MEAD J. S. MERRITT C. W. MOORE 11811 J. H. RUSHTON J. F. SAOHSE, 2D T. F. SCHAEFFER P. C. SCHROY E. SNYDER I. A. STARKEY R. B. VALLEB W. R. VAN METER C. ZAHN President . . . VicefPresicIent . K. W. BEATTIE FRANK BLOOM W. W. DONNELLY FRANK HARTMAN, JR. K. W. GREGORY ROBERT C. SHOEMAKER G. B. GILBERT M. GREENBURG J. Cox A. HALLOWAY W. F. NELSON W. F. A. FITZGERALD E. L. FISHER R. I. WOOD AMERICAN SCCIETY CF CIVIL ENGINEERS UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA STUDENT CHAPTER . . EDWARD B. SONNHEIM . . . KENNETH W. BBATTIE T. V. MORRIS E. MARCONE D. C. REITBR J. E. ROBINSON I. H. LEVY G. S. DOERR Ojficers Seniors juniors Sophornores H. C. WOOD W. E. EISENLOHR S. P. WI-IITTLE D. RAMEY W. A. ARMSTRONG I1821 Secretary . . Treasurer F. H. SHARP P. G. SMITH E. B. SONNI-IEIM R. G. STROBLB J. H. MILLER W. M. THOMPSON A. CORSON F .S. MAHEDY R. T. WALKER I. W. OGDEN E. I. OERTER G. B. GILBERT JAMES L. Cox G. H. TURNER H. H. TOMLINSON J. F. WELLS C. W. ZIGENBUSCH H C. SCHWARTZ C. A. ROSENGARTEN A. B. HAGER H E. MANN G. A. ROWAN J. L. TINGLE N. N. CREI-IOEE JAMES JONES R. MARTIN ARTHUR KEMP MCDCDRE N 1914 the Department of Electrical Engineering was established as one of the units comprising the Towne Scientific School. During the nine years which followed, steady progress was made in this Department along the lines which were outlined in 1914 as being the ideals of those in charge. Important as were the changes effected in 1914, which involved the establishment of a new Departf ment, of much more signiiicance was the formation of the thirteenth school of the Universityfthe Moore School of Electrical Engineering. Under the provisions of the will of the late Alfred Eitler Moore, the interest on 51,500,000 was to be used annually to assist any school of electrical engineering which could meet certain requirements. The Electrical Engineering Department at Pennsylvania fulfilled these requirements. Une of the conditions of the will requested that the school be called the Moore Dm PMC, T School of Electrical Engineering. In September, 1923, the Provost formally acf cepted the gift and called attention to the fact that space was available in the Engineerf ing Building for the new school and that modern laboratory equipment was also at hand through the transfer of the entire equipment' of the Electrical Engineering Department to the new Moore School. Not being tradition bound, the faculty has been able to institute many new courses. To all of us who are experiencing it, this transition period has been fraught with difficulties. One of the latest innovations requires that an engineering student spend two years in the College preparatory to entering the Moore School. The changes wrought by this plan have clearly left their mark on Engineering activities The whole atmosphere seems to have become more professional overnight. In spite of the increasingly greater demands made on the Class of '26 by the faculty, it has representatives in various campus activities. It seems like only a week or so ago that the historic Pants Eight was fought. Many will recall that glorious occasion when our class, as Sophomores, was in responsible charge of the Engineer's defense. As "Blossom" Seeley expressed it-the Moore School door was defended heroically, hydraulically, and electrically. 11831 J N L DEAN HAROLD PENDER PROP. C. E. CLEWELL PROP. C. D. FAWCBTT ANDERSON CROWELL ESTRADA FORREST FULLER DORTORT EOLEY FULTON BECK J. W. BROWN W. BROWN BAXTER CAPORALE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OE ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS MOORE SCHOOL OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING V STUDENT BRANCH Officers President .... J. P. LUKBNS Secretary .... J. G. HAYDOOR Treasurer .... J. B. LINDSAY PROF. PROP. PROP. Faculty R. E. BROWN MR. J. B. CLOTHIER N. MINORSKY MR. K. MCILWAIN C. N. WEYL MR. A. J. PYLE 1926 GILMORE LUKENS . HARRINGTON NICHOLAS . HEIss RICHARDSON LEITCH ROACH LINDSAY 1927 GLOVER MAYER HAYDOCR NEISSER LEAI-IY OLER 1918 DAv1Ds HAMILTON EBBLING LEE FLACK MAGUIRE FLBMING MANNING GRANDINETTI MOORE 11841 MR. W. S. THOMPSON, JR MR. J. G. BRAINERD SCATTERGOOD STEINHOFF STITELER TALLEY RINDLAUB RIORDAN VIEWEGER PALMER LOTz ROBOTTOM WILTZ Q 6Nnl 0k-? - iiikfxfkfk Comms SILVA WARD BECIQER SMITH FRAUNEERGER JOHNSON THONISON LEE FOWLER JOHNSON KURKA GREEN OTTINGER MERWIN SCHWARTZ HERRICK PEASE PARKE PENNSYLVANIA-MOUNT HERMCN CLUB Ojicers President . . . . MILES WHEELER MERWIN VicefPresidem . . . FRANK PARRISH SCHWARTZ Secretary . . . FRANCIS DUNCAN GREEN Treasurer . . . FRANCIS LEACH HERRICK Graduate Member WILLIAM NICKERSON OTTINGER PAUL OTTO BECKER FRANKLIN PIERCE COOMES Undergraduate Members FRANCE EDMUND DBNNISTON GEORGE SHERMAN FRAUNBERGER THEODORE ARTHUR HENDERSON ALBERT MELVIN JOHNSON SAMUEL HENRY JOHNSON JOSEPH CHARLES KURKA LYMAN LEE GEORGE GEARY PARKE EDWIN CHAPMAN PEASE JOHN ROBERT PRITCHARD, JR. FRANK RICHARD RUSSELL JOSEPH ALFRED SILVA EUGENE FREDERICK SMITH RICHARD KELLOGG THOMSON LAURENCE THOMAS WARD H861 E. H. ADAMS H. E. BUCHBR H. J. BAsI-I A. G. BINKLEY N. H. BLANKBNBILLER R. N. BREIDBNBACH G. CARABBLLO J. M. DAVIS F. C. EBRIGHT Z D. EPSTEIN D. B. FEGLEY H. H. FICK BERKS GGUNTY CLUB Offcevs President ....,. E. LIEVER, '26 VfC6'PT6SidCnf .... A. STROHBCKBR, Q27 Secfetaryffveasurer . . G. W. BLAND, '26 Members N. R. FRITZ W. R. GROSSBBRG P. J. HENRY I. E. HUYBTT N. S. HUMMEL G. S. HARRIS E. O. HAY H. KAPLAN E. LIBVER D. L. MILLER J. A. MILLER W. F. NAGLE I 1871 F. M. NICE G. E. PASKOPOULUS S. E. PELSON , K. P. RAMSEY H. W. RIBGBL T. B. ROTHENBERGER D. E. RIBBLE B. ROSENTHAL A. J. STROHECKER G. SEAMAN S. SHERMAN G. F. STEINROCK A. I. SCHWARTZ P. H. SCHRAER J. C. SPECKER S. F. SCHBIDY F. H. STRAUSS P. WERNBR G. W. YOCUM F. H. YosT J. L. BARRBN G. VAN LOAN G. W. BLAND If LEE CRAVEN PENNEY MCCOY SHEA JACK KOLB WILNER JACOB CAPITAL CITY CLUB President VicefPTeside11t . . . Treasurer Secfetcwy ARCHIBALD W. ADKINS WILLIAM S. BROWN LOUIS G. CARMICK, JR. PETER D. CHIPOURAS LEWIS H. CRAVEN ALAN BEHREND DAVID PEARCE DAVIS KARL EMMERICH . . . . JOHN GEORGE KOLB PHILIP V. PECK . . . WILLIAM S. BROWN . . JOHN W. JACKSON BERNARD CARTER HEATON WILLIAM ALEXANDER JACK JOHN W. JACKSON PERRY H. JACOB JOHN GEORGE KOLB ANDREW W. LEE EDWIN C. E. LORD GEORGE W. MCCOY H881 WILLIS N. MILLS ARTHUR QSWELL PHILIP V. PECK OWEN EUGENE PENNEY DENTON SAVAGE RITER BRANDON B. SHEA BERNARD WILNER DENEOE LEI-IMAN BANYARD SI-IERIEE HECKNIANN PAPALE THOMAS COOPERMAN HENSEL FERC H. W. COWARD STEIN ANDERSON R. D. COWARD ROGERS LIPKIN JANSSEN CAMDEN HIGH SCHCCL CLUB President . . . ROBERT D. COWARD VicefPresidenr , . . FREDERICK JANSSEN Secretary . . . ANTONIO PAPALE 'Treasurer . . . HAROLD W. COWARD FRITHIOF B. ANDERSON FRANK E. BIERFREUND ALFRED L. BANYARD WILLIAM M. BLASSER RICHARD T. BUCKLEY GEORGE W. BURROUGHS BENJAMIN COOPERMAN MARVIN E. COX ELIC A. DENBOE JAMES A. EEERLING GEORGE A. FOLEY PBNROSE V. FERG CHARLES P. HODTKE WALTER G. HENSEL JOHN H. HECKMANN JOSEPH LIPKIN FREDERICK W. LEHMAN CHARLES S. ROGERS 11891 HERMAN E. SCHMIDT WILBUR S. SHERIEE EVERETH R. SHOCKLEY JOSEPH M. STEIN K. E. THOMAS FRANK M. TRAVALINE, JR RICKARD W. WEEKS ROBERT N. VAN BLUNK DONALD J. ALLAN HAROLD BERK SAMUEL BOYD PAUL R. BOI-IAN HOWARD CURRY EDWARD J. CANTOR ALBERT COHEN ELI COPLAND CLARENCE J. CORCORAN ALBERT DREISBACH W. DEVANEY JOHN DIEDRICK LEO DECKER LUZERNE CCUNTY CLUB Offcers President . . VicefP'resident . . Recofrding Secfretavy . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer ..... DAVID T. ROWLANDS R. RALPH GLANKOPF NEUMAN HAWKE LOUIS SOHAEEER JOHN T. JONES . Members PAUL EPSTEIN WALTER FRANCOIS EMIL FRIBDMAN BEN GOLDBERG R. RALPH GLANKOPF WILLIAM GOECKEL WILLIAM GOURVITZ RUSSEL GRIFFITH BEN HORN G. H. HILL NEUMAN W. HAWKE ERNEST HERSKOVITZ RALPH JASPER H901 CLEMENT JABLONSKI JOHN T. JONES ISIDORE KRAKUSIN MORRIS KRAKUSIN WILFRED LANGLEY FRANK MAKARCZYK J. W. MURPHY JOHN T. MULHALL EDWARD MOORE BOWDBN NORTHROP JOSEPH REDINGTON DAVID T. ROWLANDS H. T. ROWLANDS WALTER ROSSER BEN ROMAN GEORGE P. SCHMIDT T. G. SHEEHAN LOUIS SCHAFFER W. J. SYMONS W. SOHUMACHER J. H. THAIN JAMES TURNBACH AL WASCALONIS WILLIAM WANDEL CPEN HEARTH CLUB OUECCTS President . . . . FRED W. KRESS VicefPvesident , . . ROBERT FRANKE Secretary . . . . HERBERT W. HAHN Treasmer . . . . PAUL MOCLOSKEY Members KENNETH AUKENY ROBERT BINGHAM CHARLES FURLONG JAMES GRIFFITH WAYNE GRIFFITH GEORGE HUDSON CHARLES MCGLAUGHLIN RICHARD MORGAN HOEART MILES ROBERT MILLER THOMAS ZBNDER H911 THE NEWMAN CLUB HE Newman Club, founded in I8Q3, has the distinction -of being the oldest denominational organization at the University. The club is for Roman Catholic students, and has an enrollment of 1,604 members. Its activities are very extensive in the fields of religion, education, and social service work. These include a student employment bureau, numerous social functions, and dramatics. It brings to the University men of national prominence to help in religious and educational work. Headquarters have been established at Newman Hall which contains St. Bede's Chapel, many clubs, readingfrooms, and living accommodations for fifty students. The property also includes the residence and office of the Chaplain, Rev. john W. Keogh, who is also Chaplain of the Federation of College Catholic Clubs. p The Alumni Association of the Newman Club of the University of Pennsylvania was organized in 1924 and has been very effective in assisting the undergraduate body in its various activities. Three meetings of the Alumni have been held during the past year. A large banquet is to be given in the fall.. The Association has been particularly interested in the work of the Federation of College Catholic Clubs, and has pledged its support to that group. The Philadelphia District Province of the Federation of College' Catholic Clubs held a convention from February I2 to I4 inclusive at Newman Hall, 38th and Spruce Streets. The activities of the Convention consisted of a meeting of delegates from Laf fayette and Princeton, south to Louisiana, an informal meeting of students and delegates, and an informal dance. The most notable feature of the Convention was the attendance at mass, said by Monsignor Joseph A. Whitaker, Chancellor of Philadelphia Archf diocese and the gathering for Holy Communion at the Catholic Chapel, 18th and Wood Streets, of several hundred Catholic students. Special services were held later in the week, at which addresses were made by Rev. I. W. Keogh, Rt. Rev. Mgr. J. A. Whitaker, and Dr. Theodore Grayson, director of the Evening School of Accounting and Finance. Settlement work has been an outstanding factor in the Club. In the downtown sections, social service work has been very effective among the colored and the Italian peoples. Scout Clubs have been formed and Bible subjects and catechetics are being taught. Medical and dental care is given in the settlements. The Club also has charge of the dental clinics in the Madonna House and the House of St. Simon, which it equipped and maintains. Cver 1,700 persons were treated. Philadelphia has been selected as the meetingfplace for the Eleventh International Conference of College Catholic Clubs to be held July 6, 7, 8. Cardinal D. I. Dougherty, D.D., will preside, and the business sessions held in the various buildings of the Unif versity, Philadelphia College, and SesquifCentennial will attract many delegates from Canada and the United States. 11921 President NEWMAN Oficers First VicefPresiclent . Second VicefPresiderIt . Recording Secretary , . Corresponding Secretary . . Treasurer CLUB THOMAS P. FOX BENNO W. KRAUS MARGARET M. ESMONDE WILLIAM A. CROSS JOSEPH F. GAUGHAN CARL J. SCHAEFER Executive Committee WILLIAM F. COLBURN JOSEPH D. CALLAGHER MICHAEL LEO THOMAS J. MCCORMICK JAMES AGAN I 193 J PHILADELPHIA CHINESE STUDENTS' CLUB BENJ. C. CHEN M. P. CHEN P. C. CHEN C. W. CHEN P. K. CHEN I P. H. CHENG T. Y. CHENG FELTON CHOW T. P. CHU THEODORE T. A. CHU W. I. CHUCK YIEN DUNG WM. FUNG S. WILERED HAN P. H. HO Y. J. HsIA H. C. Hsu QUENTIN K. Y. HUANG TIMOTHY T. HUNG J. C. JAO K. S. IUE S. H. KING SIMPSON KING EDWARD Y. K. KWANG I. C. KE P. L. KE CHENG LAM C. H. LEE D. B. LEE K. Y. LEE YOUNG O. LEE LYMAN LEE Y. C. LEE C. S. LO WM. P. P. LIANG MONSOON M. H. LIANG S. C. LIANG DANIEL LIEN E. L. LOW Y. C. MEI B. K. RO THOMAS C. T. SHIH L. I. SUN E. S. TAI W. T. TANG C. B. TOY H941 K. C. TSANG EATON K. C. TSAI M. L. TsE P. LINDEI. TSEN C. T. TSENG CHIUN TUNG N. WANG C. C. WANG C. L. WANG H. M. WHYNNE PETER WONG Y. W. WONG V. W. WOO CHAUNCEY K. WU S. T. WU K. T. YANG T. P. YANG Y. T. YANG S. L. YAO C. W. YEN STEPHEN S. C. YEN I. W. YOUNG Y. S. ZEE THE CHESTNUT HILL ACADEMY CLUB ST. MARTINS, PHILADELPHIA ' Officers President . . ,... THOMAS S. GATES BEAUVEAU BORIE THEODORE COOK ALFRED CHRISFIELD ALBERT CLATTENBERO ROBERT A. EICHELBERGER ELI EICHELBERGER EDWARD HELLER RALPH FARNUM RICHARD LEIBRICK T. MORRIS PEROT JOHN L. RANDALL CHARLES A. W. UHLE GEORGE UHLER GEORGE WILLIAMS II951 TRENTON CLUB President . CHARLES L. LAVINE VicefP'resident . WILLIAM G. BAHR Secretary . RUTH ROBINSON 'Treasurer . NOEL CHAMEERLAIN ESTELLE M. BERNSTEIN DOROTHY PERLMAN MAY R. BLANGRUND WILLIAM R. ARONSON E. L. WALDRON MORRIS APPLESTEIN VELT SAMS CUMILIARE CARABELLI ABRAHAM MOVSHOVXTZ ABRAM GOLDBERG SIDNEY STARK SAMUEL E. WATOV HENRY LEVIN NATHAN N. FINKLE NIOIQOLAS DI GIANNI WILLIAM COHEN HAROLD ROBINSON ALEX ADELMAN JOSEPH GOLDMAN GEORGE SOMMERS I. HEPBURN NATHAN LAVINE CHARLES COX H961 WISCONSIN CLUB President . VicefPresident Secretary . Treasurer . Ojfcers HENRY T. VANCE FRANK E. CORLIss CLAUDE E. ATKINSON CARL R. GEISLER Members JOHN F. CROFOOT JOHN L. DENISON B. A. EDWARDS E. A. GERHARDY TALBOT GITTINS JEROME GREBNBLATT ORREN H. INGRAM D. K. IRMIGER CRADDOCK P. JENSEN TRONDER H. JOHNSON HERBERT B. JUNBAU J. CLARKE LENNON WALTER C. MAYBR RICHARD S, PATEK FREDERICK SCHRAEDER, J WILLIAM J. SERVOTTE HENRY TIEFENBRONNER FRIDTJOF TOBIESSEN W. H. VOSKUIL ELSON C. WBIL H971 RCCKY MOUNTAIN CLUB Ojjllcers President .........., THOMAS B. MILLER VicefP1eside11t and Secretary .... WILLIAM T. CRUSE Members JUSTIN F. LUKER JOSEPH I. GRIMES ROBERT STRAUS WILLIAM B. DERN THOS. W. HARRIS WILLIAM H. SMITH HENRY FETZER FRED C. GEUTSCH DRIK HARTWELL RODOLFO L. MARQUEZ E. W. NEWTON WILLIAM WALLBRUN REYNARD L. JOSEPH BRADLEY P. KIDDER JAMES LONG E. J. HAY, JR. C. W. MATHIESON H981 WILLIAM 0. MCQUAID F. J. MCCARTHY F. L. SALLMONS H. E. VAN RIPER LEONARD R. FAYLE ROBERT LEOPOLD E. F. DAVY T. V. COOK RUDOLPH L. WILSON THOMAS A. BENITEAU ADAM KUHN HARRY C. TALPIS MILTON C. NAHM L. W. HARRIS GEORGE A. CRUSE NIXON S. PRZAER DONALD MCDERMETT DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN QTHE GERMAN CLUB7 President . . . VicefPresident . Secretary . . Treasurer . R. H. BAKER RALPH C. BUSSER, JR. LESTER L. CARLISLE CHARLES CULLMAN JOHN DIMUN S. IRWIN FRIEDMAN NATHAN FINKLE HAROLD M. GOETTEL JOHN HAFER L. B. HEILPRIN WILLIAM P. HEUCHERT ALBERT JOHNSON CLAUS JORDAN JOHN M. KURTZ E. N. MAYOR, JR. Ojjticers . HERMAN JORDAN . ELSIE DOERNENBURG . HIRAM P. BAMBBRGER . PAUL HERBST SCHRAER Members ALLAN L. RICE KURT O. RUNGE JOHN SCHMALTZ EDWARD J. SCHUSTER CLAUDE SHEIFLEY ALBERT J. STROHECKER, KENNETH TREIBER FRANZ G. WESTENDARP GALEN W. YOOUM MATHILDA HEIMEERGER M. R. MARTIN WILHELMINA SOMMERS ISABELLE WELSH ANNE ZANKEISEN MARTHA ZEEB WALTER ORLOFP H991 LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Pfresidemt . VfCC'PT6Sid6Hf Secretary . . Treasurer . MARGARET E. AHERN WALTER W. BEACHBOARD FRANK A. BONASI MARY CARROL HENRY H. CARTER S. HUDSON CHAPMAN, JR. ALICE G. CHENEY PHILIP COOLEY EMILY COX MARGARET E. CRUMRINE FRANCIS B. DOWNS FRANCES DREWES DR. FERNAND G. EEMAN JOHN M. FOGG, JR. ALBERT GALEWSKI NAOMI GILLINGER HORTENSE GOTTLIEB L. B. HEILPRIN FLOYD I. HUDSON ANITA JONES Officers ANDRE HENRI LE DOUX . EVALINA MATTSON . EMILY J. COX . EMANUEL M. WEIL Active Members ETHEL F. JONES AUGUST LOEB PHILIP MACLASKY JEAN C. MASLAND EVALINA MATTSON FRANCIS D. MCCALL DAVID W. MEASUROLL RODOPHE S. MELSON ALICE MITCHELL NEWTON A. KAPAMADJIAN PIERRE PURVES S. RALPH RUTH M. SCHWARTZ FRIEDA SMITH PHILIP N. STEEL ROSE STEIN JOHANNA SUSMAN EMANUEL M. WEIL RAYMOND WOODBURN GALEN W. YOCUM IZOOJ Guignol Claudia ' Gnafron Grippemaille Diahle "LE TRESCRM A PUPPET PLAY IN THREE ACTS By G. MAZUYER Adapted hy the guignolistes THE CHARACTERS . . . . . . . . . CHARLES A. VAURIE, Dent. ,lg . . EMANUEL M. WEIL, Wh. 127 MCRISPIN RIVAL DE SCN MAITREM A COMEDY IN CNE ACT By RENE LESAGE THE CHARACTERS Cin the order of their appearancej Valere . ............. PHILIP N. STEEL, Wh. ' Crispin . . WALTER W. BEACHBOARD, Col. 1 La Branche . . . . EMANUEL M. WEIL, Wh. ' Lisette . . . . . ELEANOR STEEL, Ed. 1 Angelique I. . . . . . FLORENCE CROWN, Ed. ' Madame Oronte . , EVALINA H. MATTSON, Ed. ' M. Oronte . . . . WALTER G. HENSEL, Ch. E. 1 M. Orgon ....... ...... N EWTON A. KAPAMADJIAN, CO1. ' SCENE! A street in Paris, in front of M. 0fOHtC1S house. TIME: About 1707. 28 29 27 28 29 26 28 28 Advisory Director . . . PROF. ALBERT E. HURLBURT Coach . . . JOHN LANGDCN JONFS Stage Manager ....., R. BRUCE LLOYD, Wh. 827 IZOII STEWART NAUGI-ITON ESTRADA BLAMPHIN S1.ocuM PRINCE FLACK GILBERT HAYDOCI: GILLMORE VALLEE BOOTH DALLETT CHRISTIAN STEVENS MULLER SONNI-IEIM BEATTTIE KASS Dm-IAN LINDsAI' SACI-IsE STAFFORD WQEENSMITH FLETCHER President . . . J. F. SACHSE Secretary . . . W. J. FULTON 'Tveaswrev . . . H. FLETCHER A. M. BLAMPHIN J. G. Boom J. A. CHRISTIAN L. R. DALLETT W. R. DOHAN H. ESTRADA S. F. FLACK G. B. GILBERT W. W. GILLMORB J. G. HAYDOCK C. B. KAss W. A. LALANDE J. B. LINDSAY R. B. MULLER J. T. NAUGHTON W. W. NEISSER K. W. BEATTIE 12021 R. J. PRINCE W. W. SLOCUM F. B. SONNHEIM R. G. STAFFORD W. H. STEVENS, N. H. STEWART R. R. VALLEE Z. T. WOEENSM JR. ITH G. F. BLIZARD, M.E. ANDREW CALLAHAN, Col. A. G. EICHELBERGER, Col. L. K. BAZILIAN, Col. W. H. DEMETS, Wh. A. J. FISHER, Wh. HARRY BALEN, Col. C. J. CLARRE, JR., Wh. MAX COHEN, Col. SAMUEL DRASIN, Wh. CHESS CLUB ?"Z Vim 9559 Q55 Sag, Bw EIQUQ' my .KRS gg R42-f ' Z S QE . Q 9- EFET' 559 Em Egg gm 7:5 . ' Z O Sa QED? UZ:-I S-:egg P-1 ww: QQ REC- :-:-' if 220 E 2. mi - :D-O , JS' 9-5 mph: fmgo Z ' Q V5 253 EH X1 O' 2' - S 'I FA Z M .335 Q' 5 :QQ5 ' FUZE. 2 '22 P' U1,,f.g3' . Q .. Z. - . Q . . P10 . P. IWANICKI, Col. JACOB LEVIN, Law A. KNOBELAUCH, Col. S. W. LISKOWITZ, Wh. I. LITWINSKY, Wh. A. H. MARCH, Col. J. P. FALLON, Col. C. H. GORDON, Col. I. F. HOLT, Law BENJAMIN LEVIN, Wh. JOHN GALLVAN, Col. W. A. GILFRY, Col. LEON GOLDSTBIN, Col. ARTHUR KAPLAN, Col. 1928 NATHAN RALPH, Col. F. J. STINB, Wh. H. TURRHEIMER, JR., Wh. 1929 SAMUEL LIPsI-IUTz, Col. LAZARUS MITNICK, Wh. S. J. RUGEL, Col. S. A. SEIGLE, Col. Izosl ADAM J. SMITH, CO1. '27 JOHN L. VANDERSLICE, E.E. '28 CLELLAND L. MITCHELL, Col. 127 LEON ROSENEIELD, Law G. DEL. MARcUs, Col. A. L. PALMER, JR., Col. S. I. PAYBS, Col. R. H. WATERS, Wh. D. G. WEINER, Col. LEICESTER STEIN, Col. M. H. VERNICK, Col. NEWMAN WALBRIDGB, JR., Wh. DAVID XVINER, Wh. EC.HR's?.T'AaNgA?5Q'.3 9 ITH the close of the scholastic year of 1926, there is also brought to an end one of the most momentous years in the history of the Christian Association. This agency throughout our stay at Pennsylvania has represented the true social and spiritual side of our University. With our graduation, we take from the Association men of our class who have worked faithfully and nobly for the strengthenf ing and advancement of this Christian organization. It is with pride that we take these men out into the world with us, for theirs has been a work well done. Realizing full well that the strength of an organization lies in its oflicers, George Eichner was selected to H11 the honored position of President and to serve with him as VicefPresident, John Randall. Both men have capably executed their ofiices and served efliciently the trust placed in them. In addition, Walter C'Malley, Rodney Hotchkin, George Munger, Leonard Payle, Paul Crawford, H. P. Bamberger, Pum Koo Park, Hart Van Riper, Howard Long, Arthur C. Johnson, Carl Morgan, John Slater, Wellington Snyder, and Robert Eichelberger were called from the Class of '26 to serve on the Christian Association Cabinet. , Of greatest significance was the Association drive for a new building-S'75o,ooo was to be raised, and the students, voluntarily contributed S53,5oo. In a campaign waged in january, our Class asserted itself and under the able chairmanship of Karl Robinson subscribed in full measure to the project. With the success of the campaign Green Lane M041 A 'Bit of Nature there is assured to the University and to the student body the realization of a great hope and ambition. The need for greater and more satisfactory quarters has long been felt by the Association, and with the fine new building to be erected shortly at 36th and Locust Streets, this need will be adequately met. Service, a prominent part of the Christian Association, finds its expression in the University Camp conducted at Green Lane, Pa., and in the University Settlement situated at 26th and Lombard Streets. During the past summer over 1,200 children were removed from their cramped and narrowing surroundings in the poorer sections of Philadelphia and transported to the Camp, where, under the leadership of Robert Eichelberger, Head Counselor, they were given the opportunity to enjoy the wonders of nature untrammeled and the unstinted fellowship of Christian men. The University House has also received the attention of College men and thought, and for twentyf three years students at the University have been serving in many capacities at this institution for the betterment and advancement of the people in the district in which the House is located. . To help develop a wellfrounded career, the Association offers to the University man the opportunity of participating in religious discussion and education through the formation of discussion groups organized by Donald Irmiger. In close alliance with this work is the administration of the denominational secretaries. Thevsix Assof Sleep Haven I 205 1 ciation secretaries act also in the capacity of University ministers and give special effort tovvard establishing a closer contact between the church and student. Freshmen and their training, always presenting an everfpresent problem, are also handled by the Chirstian' Association. Before the opening of the academic year, a camp restricted to Freshmen is operated at Green Lane. The incoming classmen are instructed in Pennsylvania's history and tradition and before making their debut upon the campus have had instilled in them the elementary principles that go to produce a true Pennsylvania man. The Freshmen are further aided by the issuance of a Freshman Handbook published by the Christian Association under the direction of student aid. It would seem that hardly a part of the students' existence is not touched by the Christian Association and its Work. Its place on the University's campus and program is not challenged and to it we owe much. The Class of '26 has truly and sincerely appreciated the merit and work of the Christian Association, and, in departing from Pennsylvania, realizes to the full extent that there remains behind an institution which will prove a noble inspiration to future classes as it has to the Class of '26. Good Sports-All I 206 1 BRAINERD IGLER TOEIAS WOOD SNYDER FAYLE JOHNSON MUNGER LEIGHOW WRIGHT VAN RIPER EASTON MORGAN O MALLEY BAMEERGER HOTCHRIN RANDALL EIGHNER PUM Koo PARK FOSTER EIGHELEERGER CRAWFORD CHRISTIAN ASSCCIATICN OFFICERS President . ....... GEORGE EICHNER, '26 First VicefPresident .... JOHN RANDALL, '26 Vice-Presidents Baptist . . . RODNEY HOTGHRTN, '26 Other Denominations . H. C. WOOD, '27 Episcopal . . . ARNOLD MASON, '27 Law . ...... JOHN DERN, '28 Lutheran . . . . GEORGE C. MUNGER, '26 Medicine . . . POM KOO PARK, '26 Methodist . . . . LEONARD R. FAYLB, '26 Dental . . PAUL L. DIBFBNBACKER, '28 Presbyterian . . . PAUL CRAWFORD, '26 Veterinary . . GEORGE M. LEIGHOW, '27 Reformed . . . H. P. BAMBERGER, '26 V Committees Social Service . . Deputations ..... Vocational Guidance . Conferences and Meetings Religious Education . . Fellowship ..... World Missions . . . Foreign Students . . . International Fellowship Freshman Commission Ex O-dicio ..... l207J HART E. VAN RIPER, '26 RALPH EATON, '27 HOWARD T. LONG, '26 ERWIN A. STBUBNER, '27 ARTHUR K. JOHNSON, '26 CARL MORGAN, '26 JOHN SLATER, '26 WELLINGTON SNYDER, '26 ROBERT A. EICHELBERGBR, '26 JOHN BRAINERD, '26 WALTER F. O'MALLEY, '26 any, l qu , , , , Up, f I , I 'Ali I n an 4 ,ass ' 4' I I i uljg K " INN' '5 -' . 0' 'I' - 'A X 1 Hp . F f ,hu DI f ill . I .U gig: wwf, - 1 1 ,, g 5 lx '-g:'f":l:'. ' f 1 ,H 3 ' ' Y' 1 1511451 ,fu 4 n I 3 M 'Mr "1 X 's.J N A X H' ' Ii' x 1T"' ' Wit? fn v 4 gx rlillrffiliil E ' iff - - Jw 2, --. 5 A - ufvwgulv B A l '7 ' ' " 'n n' 4 l r I fl, :fgul 1" 4' ' 4,0 , 515 1 1 a W ' I 1' l 1 I 'H' fl I 4 I' 'I , .1 ,' T' ' - ' " . T Q if 1 i.. .1 E .N I .r x .5 , . I it I' l . i"I:M,::v' . 1' ' ' ' J -, ' . nafnlzl ay 4 ,, ' P .1 ' .- . - , 1 CQ? ' - - K ' -13 ,55,ap,,5,g ,ffir --f- - -. . . . "-. aka? iJZLu!" ..Ml7g'f:ip1x?CW T IS with much pleasure that the Class of 1926 looks back at its entrance into the I Tr? Will'-'75'l"5I'5l 'a 5M'f!""h ' - it T 7 '7 m"a'ui'l5'I I v' :Wing ' --"mn"-1, -' W , ,,,,g,f:-2-:sm-.-f-: .- 42, I wi"z"r, llglzflirl ' fa 4? fl wx Gm, - 'swf is ff-f hm -- ffi' 'x"' Mila' 555 N 4 frif ' "l 1 I F I I :I N Q' Agn: 10951 5 :Llx 1, A, If K. ,. 1 In A' n,,fjgn,l'5l , I, V N". ,Vp , ill, ,ligjp eg 1 1 iilfffyar el Mg n -Swhfizi 'im' F1145 5?f2:f2'21"i' 1 4:fW"f1': '54 V-'fbi f f l' 91 ' fl' n'q,n 5,fffg1:'hfi"I If IQ ' 'U L35 4 I gin 1 If Q 5' ,lilgggi 5 gb, 1 4, '5, 5 1 If n ' up 1 Hgh, ,.,- !'2.15g?E"f sp!! ,,. Mug' 1: deli' 2 sf" ' 5 f fhffggv :I 0 Q "-'- V I ll I ll I I -fswrfsf' 1:-1:d:'w2:4a2zHf:f'-' - . I id:1wif.W':i::6Ef::!2:6Ef:.:1:-rf J up ,. A L ,K debating circles of the University. Early in the fall of 1922, a large number of our classmates attended the first prefseason meeting of the Club and signified their intention of contesting. The record that Pennsylvania teams of the past had acf complished seemed preponderous to us at Hrst. High on the ladder of fame waved the pennant of the debating teams that had gone before us, and it was a task, not easy in performing, that we took upon ourselves-the task of maintaining the standard. The Debating Team at this University has had a continuous existence since 1894, although previous to that time efforts had been made to form such an organization. At that time the major activity was an annual debate with our timefhonored rival, Cornell. These debates, so keenly contested, have formed the bedfrock on which the presentfday Club exists. By IQOO Pennsylvania's ambitions had spread to a greater degree and in that year the University of Michigan was added to our list of contestants. This began the period of expansion which has continued up to the present day when our span includes international debates. It is now a definite feature of the yearly program to have a meet with an English university, among which the most notable have been Westminster and Oxford. The Class of 1926 has done a great deal in this work. Bean, De Brier, and Kennedy were chosen as members of the squad the first year, and during the following year, Carter, Bamberger, and Vandever were added to the list of members. These men have been the mainstays of the team for the past two seasons and have been quite instrumental in the encouraging development that has occurred in that time. The significance of this activity has been carried not only throughout the universities of the country but also to the public schools, and much of this interest has been aroused by the various collegiate representatives. This year there have been fourteen debates of which Pennsylvania has been vicf torious in ten. As members of the Eastern Intercollegiate Debating League, we have met some of the best teams in the country. Perhaps the most significant victory was that over the widely known Oxford University team. The trips have increased during the last few years. Among those of the past season were visits to Columbia, Brown, Bates, and Harvard. These have proved of great aid in the development of close association between the various schools. The Delta Sigma Rho Honorary Debating Fraternity has long been an important part of this organization. The Pennsylvania members are De Brier, President, Kennedy, Carter, Bean, and Magil. This Fraternity serves to keep up the interest of the Club and fosters debates and public speaking throughout the country. l2081 . Y FIRST SAMELINER GRAMER SEGAL SNOKE DIAMOND' FURIA BAMEERGER CARTER BEAN KENNEDY DE BRIER INMAN GOLDBERG DEBATING DEBATE COUNCIL I925f26 EDWARD W. MADEIRA JOHN PELAUM, Zelo Representative JACK HART WILLIAM E. KENNEDY EDWARD CARTER HENRY INMAN NATHAN AGRAN GEORGE VANDEVER HIRAM BAMBERGER HARRY C. SNOKE HAROLD J. BEAN, WILLIAM E. KENNEDY, Captain of Team Teams JOSEPH FIRST BRANDAN SHBA HAROLD J. BEAN ELIAS MAGIL DANIEL DE BRIER FREEMAN ELDER BERNARD SEGAL 12091 Undergraduate Manager WILLIAM L. GRAMER JOHN S. ADAMS, JR. EDWARD W. FURIA EDWARD DRISCOLL JULIAN E. GOLDBERG FRANKLIN P. COMES, JR. I NEWMAN WALBRIDGE, 'HQNORARY FRATERNITIES Alpha Chi Sigma . Beta Gamma Sigma . Delta Sigma Rho . . Eta Kappa Nu . . Priars Senior Society Hexagon Senior Society Kappa Phi Kappa . Kite and Key Society Phi Beta Kappa 3 . Phi Kappa Beta . . Phi Mu Sigma . . . Scahbard and Blade . Scale Society . . . Sigma Tau .... Sphinx Senior Society Tau Beta Pi . . . Tau Sigma Delta . . Vigilance Committee 12101 214 218 22o 226 228 212 230 24o 222 216 224 232, PAGE 9-35 21-5 236 237 219 221 227 229 213 231 238 239 241 223 217 225 234 233 3 PHI BETA KAPPA HCNCRARY SOCIETY UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS Officers Presrdent . . . . . WILLIAM F KENNEDY V1cePreszderIt . . . . CLARENCE E TOBIAS R Secretary . . . . JAMES F. IRWIN Treasurer . . . A. A. MICOCCI Seniors WILLIAM H. BENNETT, JR ROLAND DONALD CAIN BERNARD I. COMROE ANTHONY R. CAMERO CARL H. MORGAN WILLIAM H. SBWARD RAYMOND DES. SHRYOCK JOHN E. SMALTZ WILLIAM A. THOMAS CHARLES K. ALLMAN Juniors CHARLES P. IWANICKI JOHN H. SKILTON PASQUALE A. CONTINI GEORGE K. STRODACH HORACE I. POLEMAN l212J IwANuu SMALTZ Sxcxnox Tx-xorsms STRODACH ALLMAN CAMERO MORGAN IRWIN KENNEDY SHRYOCK PQLEMAN PHI BETA KAPPA -H X , l2131 YYY Presiddrtx Seere1:zwy. '17r ecn514mevr vv Q ,N ,wx ' ix. .. . EICHELBERGER A . Da ,29iLL25iNf Loom GRIFFIN JR 53 - B., CHARLES 'Enmmii iIQInN'icER ' fET-ACK FRANK Ji. P. AAAAAAAAAAAAA Fri, E59 . ' P2141 Q RECORII Kur-is Voxus MURPHH' CORNWELL GRAHAM RICH Lmxuax BLACK SHEEHAN Gmffls Excl-IELBERGER Locxuz NAUM.-xx C1-ffxmmx BETA GAMMA SIGMA W' fm Z ,A.. 12151 SPI-IINX SENIGR SOCIETY President . Secretary. . Treasurer Ojicers . , MAURICE A. GILMARTIN . . EDWARD SCOTT LOWER, JR. . . ORRELL OTHNEAL AXLEY, JR Members. LESLIE M. CASSIDY GEORGE TILSON DANIELS RCSBERT A. EICHELBERGER CHARLES KINDRED ELLIOT E. ALLAN GRAHAM HAROLD T. GRAVES CLARENCE B. LITCHFIELD HOWARD TUNWBLL LONG JOHN HIRAM McKEE LAYMAN J. REDDEN KARL E. ROBINSON ROBERT B. SINCLAIR GEORGE LANSING TAYLOR ARTHUR F. THOMPSON, IR. JOSEPH PUTTMAN WILSON RAYMOND E. WOLF I216I ELLIOTT . GRAHAM WOLF DANIELS ROBINSON CASSID1 EICHELBERGER SINJCL-XIR LONG REDDEN MCKEE THOBIPSON GILMARTIN Lowsa AXLEY LITCHFIELD far .-,-mf wil -.?:" H -4 ' 4, fgw. ,, ' " Tw-W -if MM H L :K ' J EM 615' 1 ii- 1 nam am .E -vm 5' . ,- V -:WWQZLL - ' ' -A v " "MQW 7 5' W 9 ff M.-L ,,33,.q3. .L W',m.,1,,,, z' W, . ,,, ,- 'L Q- SPHINX SENIOR SOCIETY 5 "" A T E? 1, J ,E 1 if f 5 g ' 7 0 ,, 2 yi Y Q' , f if '5 9 1 bf , , , f f ' 4 K0 2 4L1f, -f-4-+4,-fu fi fin ,lf ifi v ff Q !" l2171 ERIARS SENIOR SOCIETY President . . . . MAURICE K. M. MURPHY Secretmy . . . . JEROME G. EVAUL Mewvlbers EDWIN H. BERTUCH HANS E. BOOS J. PAUL CRAWFORD GEORGE EICIINER JEROME O. EVAUL LEONARD R. FAYLE DONALD K. IRMIGER ARTHUR G. JOHNSON E. RODGER LINDSAY EVERETT L. LOMMASSON COLIN W. MATHIESON EDWIN R. MORINE MAURICE K. M. MURPHY WALTER E. OSMALLEY FRANCIS C. W. PATON GEORGE E. PETERSON J. PAUL WILSON WILLIAM A. WITIIUS I218J Lommmsox IRMXNGER XVILSON FAYLE JOHNSON O'MAL1.EY Excl-msn BERTUC1-I LINDSAY MATHIESON PATON PETERSON Wm-1 Us MURPHY Ev.-xuL Boos MORINR CRAWFORD FRIARS SENIOR SOCIETY fx-...fff I2191 I-IEXAGON SENIOR ENGINEERING SGGIETY President . . . . .JULIUS E. SACHSE, 2D Secreraryffreasuver . . JAMES E. NICHOLAS ' Members HENRY L. CHILD OSBORN C. CRESSON WILLIAM I. DOUGHERTY HERBERT ESTRADA RICHARD G. STAFFORD PAUL H. DOWNWARD IZZOI w CHILD Doucx-:Env CRBSSON STAFFORD SAC:-isa HEXAGON SENIOR ENGINEERING SOCIETY 'EQRIE cd qgvmegf ml! QM X W' WAI y Al- ix l2211 SIGMA TAU President . . VicefPresider1t Secretary . . Treasurer H. L. CHILD O. C. CRESSON K. W. BEATTIE W. W. GILLMORE C. B. KASS E. B. SONNHEIM R. G. STAFFORD I. F. SACHSE, 2d J. H. RUSHTON J. F. SACHSE, Ld R. G. STAFFORD C. B. KASS E. B. SONNHEIM Active Chapter L. R. DALLETT C, B. EGOLF H. H. TOMLINSON D. S. MERRITT R. B. MULLBR W. H. STEVENS, JR. W. E. HENDRICKS J. A. CHRISTIAN Z. T. WOBENSMITH W. JORDAN, 3d l2221 DALLEIT JORDAN MERRITT STEVENS Hnnmuclcs CHaxs'rIAN WOBENSMITH Econ ToMr.1NsoN CHILD BEATTIE STAFFORD SAC!-Isa KAss CRESSON SONN1-:Em SIGMA TAU www EQ ffm ni , I :H ll L ' F A -' !q:: : -.- V' V , 'gaq"- .1 . H231 TAU BETA PI DELTA CHAPTER OF PENNSYLVANIA President . VicefPresidenL . , . Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . Treasurer . THEODORE VIRGINIUS MORRIS MINOT HARRIS PRATT THOMAS JEFFERSON TALLEY, gd GEORGE HALLETT TURNER ROBERT HORT BRADBURY MARTIN LUTHER FULLER GERARD BROWN GILBERT CHARLES SCHUYLER DOEN WALTER JOHN FULTON 1926 199-7 WILLIAM WISE DONNELLY HERBERT ESTRADA WILLIAM ALEXANDER JACK JOHN EDWARD ROBINSON CHARLES GOULD GROSSCUP FRANKLIN DENGLER HEISS WILLIAM JOSEPH HINDMAN DANIEL EUGENE HOUGHTON JOHN JOSEPH MACK JAMES TRUXTON VAN ARTSDALEN WILLIAM PARKER WOOD WILLIAM ALFRED LALANDE ANDREW JOHNSTON RANKINE ROBERT EVERSON SEIFFERT RAYMOND GEORGE PURVELL ' I224J SEIFFERT FULTON Donn RANKIN RUWELL LALANDE F ULLER J. MACK ESTRADA N TALLEY RoB1NsoN Gnosscur Hmss TURNER HoucH'roN VAN ARTSDALEN JACK PRATT HINDAIAN Moxuus BRADBURY TAU BETA PI AQAQG W5 Q V PX Y r' f . 1 If I wa .. Ki' 4 1 'N I' f' 1, A ' Qi ,LQ 15 96, Q J KK 1 jf in 7 X Jw NJ Ba .J Q m M w qy, Af Q-1 W I2251 KAPPA PHI KAPPA LAMBDA CHAPTER Honorary National Educational Fraternity Officers President . . . JUSTIN HENRY HESS, 527 VicefPresident . . . STEPHEN WEBSTER CORNELL, '26 Recording Secretary . . . WILLIAM DILLER WORST, N27 Corresponding Secretary . . P i . EDWIN HUTZEL NEIL, '26 Treasurer ...... . . DAVID THOMAS ROWLANDS, '26 Hrstorran .......... HERMAN MAIER OLDACH, 127 Faculty Sponsor and National VicefPresident JOHN HARRISON MINNIOK, Dean of the School of Education Faculty Members DEAN JOHN H. MINNICK DR. FRANCIS M. CARVER DR. ARTHUR J. JONES PROE. WALTER H. MAGILL DR. EMIT D. GRIZZELL PROE. WILLIAM C. ASH DR. LEROY A. KING DR. WALTER T. WOODY Undergraduate Members - 1926 WILLIAM SUMMERFIELD GRAY ALLEN PAUL RUBRECHT PETER HUGHES MAHONY LLOYD ROOSEVELT WALKER GORDON EISENBERG GROFF 1927 7 LANE COOK ASH EMMANUEL MENCHY GOLDBLATT ARTHUR CECIL BINING ALBERT WILLIAM RAAB HOPKIN THOMAS ROWLANDS I 226 1 A Sexism RAAB GRAY W.-LLKEK STEWART Lowsa MULHERN Gluzznu. Mmmcr-x Bucmza 'TOMLINSON STOCKE11 Bnooks OERLEIN Voss Wzucnrsroua MILLER Woom' Wonsr Hess MINNICK CORNELL NEIL Rowmxns KING KAPPA PHI KAPPA ite Q I 227 I KITE AND KEY SOCIETY President . . . . . HAROLD T. GRAVES VicefP'residem . . . . E. BOWEN QUILLEN Secvetafyfveaswrer .... LEWIS C. CHAPMAN Seniov M embers MAURICE A. GILMARTIN RANDOLPH W. MEYER HOWARD T. LONG LESLTE M. CASSIDY JOHN PATON junior Members J. DUDLEY MARKS THEODORE S. FRIEDBERGER A JOSEPH PATTEN ALBERT NYLUND A. MOSELEY HOPKINS, JR. ALBERT L. KLOPFER, JR. I 228 1 MARKS Fauna ERGEK PATTEN NYLUND HOPKINS KLOPFER LONG Munn GILMARTIN QUILLEN CHAPMAN CASSIDY PATON KITE AND KEY SOCIETY ': l2291 PHI KAPPA BETA JUNICR SOCIETY President VI,CC'PTCSid6Hf , . . . Secretary Treasurer Historian " J. DUDLEY MARKS GEORGE C. THAYBR EDWIN A. STUEBNER ANDREW E. THOMPSON CLARENCE L. FIELDS PAUL P. DAVENPORT DONALD K. SINGER ROBERT A. KRANTZ ARNOLD D. K. MASON JOHN P. BUTLER FRANK ALBERT KRUEZ PHILLIP DECHERT RALPH B. EATON CHARLES E. WEBB H301 MASON FIELDS MARKS STEUBNHR EATON! KRANTZ Knunz BUTLER D.-xvrNPo1vr THOMPSON XXFEBB PHI KAPPA BETA aff-' A . -T51 1 A1 - .vlzard-'jgif f 42: 7 rt fig? - ' : J ' E' - -1 ., Wiiif 'sl'-' f "lr-A4 "r1i:1 + "T,-f--' Q-5: as Ap A f f,-if 2 4.3, , -gif f I -M1 1 " J. mam MEMBERS OE SGPHCMCRE VIGILANCE COMMITTEE 1925-26 Chairman Secretary E. SPENCER OWEN' , LEONARD C. DILL H. DORN STEWART BERNARD O. PONTIUS JOSEPH E. PODGOR ROBERT. D. WITTER WALTER D. ADAMS PAUL S. SAMUELS ROY S. RUNK JOHN T. STUART ALFRED ZBLTER ALBERT L. WERTHAN WILLIAM H. SMITH FRANCIS E. SMITH PHILIP SHORE, JR. MILTON A. DINER l2321 . JACK J. MCDOWELL . EDWARD S. IRISH DONALD B. MILLAR I. ROGER STEVENS NORMAN E. MALONE JOEL NASS SAMUEL J. ROBERTS J. WESLEY TILLOU DANIEL E. PRICE WILLIAM B. GOLDBERG GEORGE M. LINCOLN DAVID W. MEASUROLL J. FOLWELL SCULL, JR. WALTER A. JOHNSON BEAUVEAU BORIE, 2d WORTHINGTON BUTTON TOWNSEND BONGAARDT MARSHALL LEWIS BUTTON SMITH ROBERTS LEw1s STEVENS WERTHEN BONGAATLDT ZELTER SI-IOILE Izusx-I OWEN DINEE GOLDBERG WITTER PONTIUS J. STEWART MACINTYRE MALONE MILLAI1 SAMUELS SMITH ADAMS MCDOWELL DILI. H. STEWART PODGEE LINCOLN if 7fW"? Q , MEA? .aff x r2s31 TAU SIGMA DELTA Honorary Members WARREN POWERS LAIRD PAUL PHILLIPE CRET GEORGE WALTER DAWSON HERBERT E. EVERRETT G. W. HARDING FELIX SCHBLIDING E. R. CLARK R. TAIT MCKENZIE Active M embers JOHN A. BOWER WILLIAM F. BOWER, JR. DARWIN H. URFFER GEORGE H. ALLISON RICHARD G. FOLTZ ROBERT W, NOBLE HENRY C. BASKERVILLE FRANKLIN S. ROACH '23 EIIIIIIIIIMIIIWT I I Il., .I W m Ik . If Al2341 F F L. Burz Scr-mov AMEISEN V LEE SACHSE Co D LETCHER j D MULLER Econ RusH'roN HARRON M D K OHAN President . VicefP'resident . . . Secretary . ALPHA CHI SIGMA .....,.R.B.MULLBR Corresponding Secretary. . . Treasurer . H. A. AMBISEN L. W. BUTZ H. W. COWARD L. R. DALLETT W. R. DOHAN C. B. EGOLF .......D.S.MERRITT H. W. FIELD H. FLETCHER, JR. I. F. HARRON W. A. JACK, gd A. LALANDE W. M. LEE 12351 . . . . J. H. RUSHTON . . J. F. HARRON ERRITT AL D. S. MBRIUTT R. B. MULLER J. H. RUSHTON J. F. SACHSE., 2d P. C. SCHROY R. R. VALLEB DELTA SIGMA RHO Faculty DR. RAYMOND T. BYE DR. THOMAS D. COPE REV. JOHN R. HART DR. EDWARD S. MEADE ALFRED H. WILLIAMS DR. FRANK S. PARKER DR. JOSEPH H. WILLITS DR. JAMES T. YOUNG HAROLD N. BURT DR. JOHN DOLMAN, JR. Undergraduates President ........ DANIEL DE BRIER Sec1eta'ryfT'reas1,we'r ..... HENRY INMAN WILLIAM KENNEDY HAROLD BEAN EDWARD CARTER FREEMAN ELDBR CONWELL SNOKE ELIAS MAGIL I 236 1 NICHOLAS STEXNHOFF ANDERSON LUKENS Hmss HARRINGTON TALLEY ESTR,-IDA LINDSAY GILRIORE President . . . . . HERBERT ESTRADA VicefPresidem . . . JOHN B. LINDSAY Secretary . . . T. I. TALLBY, gd Treasurer . . . . WILLIS W. GILMORE Members F. B. ANDERSON n F. D. HEISS C. C. HARRINGTON J. P. LUKENS J. F. NICHOLAS H. W. STBINHOPP l237l HAROLD S. GRANT H. L. ARCHERY, JR. ALLAN H. MARCI-I ALLAN J. FISHER A. 1. SMITH C. L. MITCHELL W. N. PIERCE J. C. ELLERY PHI MU SIGMA President . . WILLIAM NEIL PIERCE Secretary . . CLELLAND L. MITCHELL Treasurer . . . . CHANNING ELLERY ADAM SMITH ALLAN H. MARCH HARRY LEE ARCHERY, ALLAN FISHER HAROLD S. GRANT GORDON F. BLIZZARD l2381 J BOLTE BIGGS FABER GIEEONS CREE FRYE DRAVO SMITI-I HANSCOM BRIcIcER WVOOD PRATT WESTPHAL BAMEERGER ELEY THE NATIONAL SOCIETY OE SCABBARD AND BLADE L COMPANY THIRD REGIMENT FOUNDED 1904-05 ESTABLISHED 1922 L. R. GIGNILLIAT, Brig. General, Gen. Staff, U.S.R. I. L. HUNT, Colonel, Q.M.C., U.S.A. JOSIAH H. PENNIMAN, Colonel, Special Service, U.S.R. OLIVER S. SNYDER. Lt. Colonel, D.O.L., U.S.A., Ret. CHARLES AVERY DRAVO, Major. D.O.L., U.S.A. WILLIAM ARCHER SQUIRES, Major, Medical Corps, U.S.A. 1 HAMILTON TI-IORN, Captain, D.O.L., U.S.A. WILLIAM STUART ELEY, Captain, D.O.L., USA. LLOYD S. SPOONER, Captain, D.O.L., U.S.A. RUSSEL B. REYNOLDS, Captain, D.O.L.,, U.S.A. J. HARTLEY MERRIOR, A.M. Officers Captain . . . . . RALPH V. H. WOOD Second Lieutenant . . WILLIAM W. DONNELLY First Lieutenant . . , PETER D. BRIOKER First Sergeant .... WALTER M. CRBE HIRAM P. BAMBERGER GEORGE N. Biccs ROBERT C. BOLTE EDWARD C. FABER PHILIP FRYE CARL GEISLER JOSEPH R. GIBBONS HOMER W. HANSCOM WILLIAM L. LOMAX EDWIN R. MORINE GEORGE B, WESTPHAL H2391 WALTER F. GQMALLEY MINOT H. PRATT WILLIAM B. SHAEFPER WILIIUR A. SMITH FRANK E. TERRELL SCALE SOCIETY UNIVERSITY CF PENNSYLVANIA CLEE CLUB Officers President ....... C. M. MERBDITH VicefP1'esident . . . . LLOYD GILMAN Sec'reta'ryfTv'eas1,wer . . . ROBERT BRIGGS Members R. M. STEVENSON PAUL STRICKLER JAMES W. MARVIN LLOYD CILMAN HOMER HANSCOM C. M. MEREDITH ROBERT BRIGGS EDWARD GREENWOOD ANDREW SHUMAN LESLIE CUMMINGS E. DANA HAPGOOD BENJAMIN CHEN I. RICHARD ADELIZZI E. B. SONNHEIM i240 1 GEORGE EICHNER WALLACE PALMER CARL JOHNSON GEORGE CHISHOLM ARTHUR BEAN JOHN MEREDITH CHARLES BENTLEY ELLERY NEWTON T. A. SANDQUIST JERRY FADDEN SAMUEL NEWMAN BENJAMIN HILL WILLIAM SHUSSLER C1-ns!-IOLM SONNHEIM EICHNER HILL BEAN SAN DQu1s'r Anfuzzx Cusv HANSCOM PALMER HAPGOOD FADDEN N EWMAN IoHNsoN SHUSSLER MEREDITH BENTLEY NEWTON STEVENSON STRICK Lia MARVXN GILMAN C. MEREDITH Bmccs GREENIWOOD SHUMAN CUMMINGS SCALE SOCIETY I il' g 5. ng.- V E13 H . I :uf If ' V I F UI' 'Q 1 X' . M ,- - . 35'- I2411 UNIVERSITY VI EWS CAMPUS SCENES From Freshman Cap to Cap and Gown" ExfProvost Charles C. Harrison A Scene for Fond Reflections Cut Pants Fight with the Class of 25' I 242 1 UNIVERSITY VIEWS CONSTRUCTION FEATURES Making Way for the First Hundred Thousand More Material for Freshman Rowbottoms .Fx , .-L' 5 'fi Q 1 1 .. ,fix . y" ,. A -7' ' fv 2' A ' V af-2 5 f, 4, 0,4 fa 1-I f ,, 'I 1 I 1. -Qs, gs, 2 1 'V W'-J , . Q, 51- n 52 f' . -N' - 21: -.i,'..f:Q'?."l2ii,"5Z ' "-' -..Fri-212' W. 'fc f 3. ,,.17'5-- ,H 533,15 ,gy , S. I 1 ,tus-,-,7 "Q ' my 'f'7' "TM ""' L-:ui J? iff ?"-,.f' gf QF' Ei? ,W ,,, , ,Y . 'Fr F , .I , i, - , If T" - We ' ,2-:a ii A -,f1si.f-' - 11'?..1f f, , , 1-- 'fnzzff-N., - i,,,-1-mga, .x4f-:wf- Y - - I WM fs-ff -- -.- -,,., - 'Hgf"' 5ff'-f I z'., , - .1-2 7 5, ',.,- L7 M' -- I 'The Site of Future Makefup Classes The Last Stand of the Power House I 243 I DRAMA AND MUSIC HE f-IHCI arts of the drama, of music, and of debating are not a part of the activity of every student on the campus. To the majority they mean merely the occasional purf chase of a ticket for a dramatic performance, or a plea for 'LSaXophone!" or an attendance at a debate. But there is a group on the campus to Whom these things are allfimportant, and who make them a definite part of their extrafcurricular activity. Those who engage do so for sheer love of the work. It is the separation from the ordif nary self in performance that makes their effort worth while. The memories of a glee club, of an adventure behind the footlights, or of a finely drawn point well turned are some of the dearest that one may cherish in looking back over a colored undergraduate career. 12441 p rvrg v Q nlf- Q 'N 4 3 ""' TO ' ,AQ 04's 1 . at ---.. , - -- -w- 1 CID f ' ' S. fx- . -P- sais . fi- -- l i I Q f ,gh Qbvinv 2493 1 "6 o h dizi ' 04 on i- M A Q K A N D VV l G 'A '1di?a,..g,055!v '."' 'S '51 :nv-P r '31 ' 9- ' W ' I I 4 - -'Umar' 9' . w iii 1 - - 4? "' - v 9 3' ' 1 7 1 1 5 5 '1l'i?o,. -,g. .5"!n..--,.a'J' l F. C. W. Paton 3-.f--'tif-A L F22 'aff' 'w 3 1 I I 4' 'Q ' ' "P 51- 1 Q . . I 7 E I l 5. v.-...ul'g l T' SALE and a Sailor" or 'QClory What Prices?" Those are words which will quicken the memories of men of '26 as long as they live. Such dancing, such singing, such acting, and such costuming! Clory! What a show! When the classmen are out doing about all but make the world go 'round, be it ventured that they will be heard whistlf ing softly a snatch of "Just Take a Look at the Rainboww or one of the other songs in the show, every now and then. Cr, when they are at the theater and something is especially good and similar, they will lean over and whisper to Mrs. '26, - L'That reminds me of something in LA Sale and a Sailor' when Ed Lower-" etc., etc., or "when 'Hap5 Merrick or 'Ray' Shryock or George Kunkle did so and so," and so on. From the days when Clayton Potterall McMichael started the Mask and Wig, back in '88 and '89, down through the student days of Clayton McMichael who was graduate chairman of the committee on production this year, and many other stars, to the '26 show, Mask and Wig has been steadily growing. After the last thirtyfseven productions, it has frequently been remarked, "Well, it was even better than last year. But Pm sure it couldn't be improved upon any more." 'Twentyfsix has also seen "Here's Howe," "That's That," and "Joan of Arkansas" since matriculating at this University-all very creditable productions. While the first mentioned, played, as usual, at Atlantic City, Wilmington, and New York, besides the customary week in Philadelphia, and several extra performances in this city, the itinerary has now been doubled and extended to the Middle West, and playing two weeks in Philadelphia has become the regular order of things. For the past four years the Mask and Wig Club has been contributing a new service to Pennsylvania through the organization of the Mask and Wig troupe. This group of students, selected from those who were prominent in the cast and chorus of the annual production, has entertained for alumni and at high schools and preparatory schools from which our students come. Cne of the most active members of the troupe, chairman of the Mask and Wig Student Committee, a member of the committee on production during the current season, and leader of the dancing chorus is Francis C. W. Paton. An article on current Mask and Wig is not complete without mention of Albert C. Miller, Ir., author of this year's book, cofauthor of last year's, and a real comedian. And no article on Mask and Wig would be complete without mention of Charles Snyder Morgan, Ir., the guiding light, to whom highest praises are due as coach of the show. 12471 FIRST ACT-"A SALE AND A SAILORH SECOND ACT-"A SALE AND A SAILOR l2481 THIRTY-EIGHTH ANNUAL PRODUCTION "A SALE AND A SAILORH or "GrlOry! What Prices!" By ALBERT G. MILLER, JR., '27. Music by CHARLES GILPIN, CLAY A. BOLAND, '26, and DAVID B. Zoos, '27 Produced under the direction of CHARLES SNYDER MORGAN, JR. THE COMMITTEE ON PRODUCTION CLAYTON MCMICHAEL, Chairman PAUL BURTON HARTENSTEIN FRANCIS C. W. PATON H. NEDWILL RAMSEY BRYCE BLYNN JOSEPH M. HEWLETT, JR. JAMES H. PROTHERO, JR. EDMUND H. ROGERS CHARLES GILPIN CHARLES SNYDER MORGAN, JR CHARACTERS IN THE ORDER OF THEIR APPEARANCE Gidgeon Spooner, retired sea captain and leading citizen of Nantucket ...... GEORGE C. T. KUNKLE, '26 Ann Sherman, a gossipy old woman ................ . . . FRANCIS I. CURTIS, '28 John Williams, a traveling salesman from the South . . . . . . . CHARLES W. BOECRLER, '29 Ezra, clerk to Miriam Coffin and jackfoffallftrades ....... . . . ERWIN C. MAGEE, '29 Marie. intimate friend of Ruth Cofin ............. . . . HAROLD W. ROY, '29 Miriam Cofhn, engaged in amassing a fortune at the expense of others . . HAROLD E. MERRICR, '26 Seth Spooner, Gideon's son ................ . . RAYMOND DES. SHRYOCK, '26 Briney, an old salt ................... . ALBERT G. MILLER, JR., '27 Abner Tobey. a young sea captain, recently returned to Nantucket . . . . EDWARD S. LOWER, JR., '26 Ruth Cojin, Miriam's stepfdaughter ................... BERNARD A. TOWELL, '29 Captain Boswell, a British naval officer in charge ofthe blockade ..,..... IRVING L. W. GLONINGER. '27 ACT I. Interior of Miriam COffIn'S Store in Town Of Nantucket. TWO Weeks before Christmas ACT II. SCENE I. Exterior of Nantucket Inn. Christmas Eve. SCENE II. Interior of Nantucket Inn. Christmas Eve Nantucket Maidens B. W. FRAZIER, JR., '27 E. J. SULLIVAN, '27 W. T. READ, JR., '27 N. P. SHUMWAY, '27 W. H. MAXWELL, '27 J. C. GENTLE, '26 ACT I Nantucket 'Youths F. C. W. PATON, '26 W. B. THREAPLETON, '26 J. H. RUSHTON, '26 J. F. S-ACI-ISE, II, '26 J. H. WITHEROW, '26 C. A. W. UHLE. '26 Mistletoe Maidens N. P. SHUMWAY, '27 Village Girls W. M. MCFADDEN, '27 L. R. DALLETT, '26 J. A. BUTTERWORTH, '27 B. ROCHE, '28 . B. EGOLF, '26 F. KEPLINGER, '26 POZ Village Boys E. R. WILLIAMS, '26 H. W. PARSONS, '27 A. W. SAWYER, '28 B. B. TRUITT, '29 I. R. STEVENS, JR., '28 S. C. PLUMMER, '27 Maids of Nantucket PU . S. MORGAN, '27 W. NORELEET, '27 H H. C. ANDERSON, JR.. '27 R. C. CUENTHER, '26 G. E. MANN, '26 S. B. PICRARD, '29 Sailors W. R. CLARK, '29 R. PRINCE, '28 G. C. THAYER, '27 I.. W. S. CHAPMAN, '26 Butchers W. C. ELWELL, '27 J. D. WRIGHT, JR., '26 H' 7 '-I S 'U 'U 2 2 M Ch U TU on E F' F4 E11 'sv kg. X1 QW . ZF U U ee E CQ Z '-EI 3 mu z so ,,. :J .2 .Zi '11 5. 3' 92 E UTS? ZEJFUZ EU 25 2 Sea Q gc . mo . FF SQ 5,8 T. CLADING, C. KLUTEY, J. W. HUGGINS, '29 A. KUHN, '26 Bakers 19 '26 R. S. MORGAN, '27 J. R. TAPPAN, '26 W. NORELEET, '27 D. P. SPILLER, '27 H. D. PAXSON, JR., '26 R. R. WIER, '28 Revelers Postillions Coachrnen W. C. ELWELL, '27 W. T. SULLIVAN. '26 J. D. WRIGHT, JR., '26 W. L. GOECKEL, '27 R. M. MCDANALD, '29 W. R. CLARK, '29 J. A. BRAINERD,'16 R. R. REEELE, '27 R. J. PRINCE, '28 British Sailors S. B. PICRARD, '29 E. H. BERTUCH, '26 T. B. GLADING, 'ZQ C. N. KLUTEY."16 B. W. FRAZIER, JR.. '27 E. J. SULLIVAN, '27 W. T. READ, JR., '27 R. M. MCDONALD, '29 W. L. GOECREL, '27 Candlestick Makers R. R. REBELE, '27 W. T. SULLIVAN, '26 Windmill Men J. A. BRAINERD, '26 J. P. CRAWFORD, '26 Alternates R. F. BROWN, '28 HERBERT ESTRADA, '26 R. B. MILLER, '27 J. T. SELLERS, '29 ACT II Tuletide Maids 'Yuletide Men W. M. MCFADDEN, '27 L. R. DALLETT, '26 J. A. BUTTERWORTH, '27 N. B. ROCHE, '28 C. B. EGOLF, '26 A. F. KEPLINGER, '26 E. R. WILLIAMS, '26 H. W. PARSONS, '27 A. W. SAWYER, '28 B. B. TRUITT, '29 I. R. STEVENS, JR., '28 S. C. PLUMMER, '27 W. H. MAXWELL, '27 J. C. GENTLE. '26 J. P. CRAWFORD, '26 Post Boys G. C. THAYER, '27 L. W. S. CHAPMAN, Men About Town P1 J. DALY. '29 MOEPETT, '27 . C. ANDERSON, JR. C. GUENTHER, '26 EO Z U3 2 SQ R " S 52 O 3 5? V' .CD NO OE M F :V Rx' Z so 'U F' LTI w S gi-rr: QQOOE1 Ep... 5425 Sz :E E. 33 t-J ON F. C. W. PATON, '26 W. B. THREAPLETON, J. H. RUSHTON, '26 J. F. SACHSE. II, '26 J. H. WITHEROW, '26 C. W. W. UHLE, '26 RAINBOW SPECIALTY Rainbow Girls Rainbow Boys B. W. FRAZIER, JR., '27 E. J. SULLIVAN, '27 W. T. READ, JR., '27 N. P. SHUMWAY, '27 W. H. MAXWELL. '27 J. C. GENTLE, '26 F. C. W. PATON, '26 W. B. THREAPLETON, J. H. RUSHTON, '26 J. F. SACHSE, II, '26 J. H. WITHEROW, '26 C. W. W. UHLE, '26 HARLEQUINADE SPECIALTY Harlequins J. C. GENTLE, '26 E. J. SULLIVAN, '27 W. T. READ, JR., '27 Columbines N. P. SHUMWAY, '27 W. H. MAXWELL, '27 B. W. FRAZIER. JR., '27 l249J Clowns W. B. THREAPLETON, J. H. RUSHTON, '26 J. F. SACHSE, II, '26 Pantaloons F. C. W. PATON, '26 J. H. WITHBROW, '26 C. A. W. UI-ILE, '26 26 27 1 2 '26 '26 MAXWELL SULLIVAN WILLIAMS READ GUENTHER UHLE SI-IRYOCI: MILLER FRAzIER FJZ. GILLIS J. F. GILLIS KUNRLE PATON ROBERTS TI-IREAPLETON WOOD UNDERGRADUATE MASK AND WIC CLUB Chairman . . FRANCIS C. W. PATON, '26 Secretary . JAMES C. BOHAN, JR. JOHN D. BOWEN ' CHARLES T. CRAVENS JOHN DERN, Ed BENJAMIN W. FRAZIER, F. J. GILLIS J. F. GILLIS RALPH C. CUENTHER GEORGE C. T. KUNKLB WILLIAM H. MAXWELL ALBERT G. MILLER, JR . HAROLD E. MERRICK, '26 ROBERT L. PITFIELD, JR. D. STEWART POLK W. T. READ, JR. HENRY ROBERTS, Ed WILLIAM R. SCOTT, gd RAYMOND DE S. SHRYOCK E. SULLIVAN WILLIAM B. THREAPLETON CHARLES W. UHLE E. R. WILLIAMS H. CURTIS WOOD, JR. EMMONS H. WOOLWINB l25OJ wil l a' i 1 E.LvyU5LgAlT -gg-1:JB:5.j N 1922 there were four competing musical organizations on the Pennsylvania campus, the Band, Clee Club, Symf phony Orchestra, and Instrumental Club. Today there is one organization, numbering two hundred and eightyffive students, all cooperating to give music at Pennsylvania the importance and popularity it so well deserves. In the short span of four years, marvelous strides have been made toward bringing the combined Musical Clubs of the University of Pennsylvania to the forefront of college musical organizations. Manage, Qwge gsm, During the past year especially, progress has been the keynote of the administration of Graduate Manager Clayton Mcf Michael and Undergraduate Manager George Eichner, and the organization has come to be one of the most popular on the campus. Much of the appeal of the football games would be lost were it not for the Band. The appearance at the south gate in Franklin Field of "Shorty" Marsh, twirling his baton at the head of the one hundred uniformed musicians weekly calls forth round after round of cheers from the multitude in the stands. Swinging down the field in unison to the stirring strains of the "Pennsylvania Band March" he brings them to a smart halt before the cheering section where hundreds of voices greet them with the familiar words "All Hail, Alma Mater!" It is a spectacle which warms the heart of student and Hold gradu alike. The Band has been particularly active this year. In addition to its regular schedule, it has played at the Alumni Rally in Providence on the eve of the Brown football game, at the Yale game in New Haven, and for a week's engagement at the B. P. Keith Theatre in April under the direction of student leader, Rufus M. Bierly. An innof vation was its appearance at the majority of the basketball games. The radio claimed its share of attention, and two programs of concert music were broadcast during the spring. Testimony that the Clee Club is indeed worthy of the fame it has achieved in past years was afforded when Walter Damrosch chose it to assist his New York Symf phony Crchestra in a program of Wagner compositions. This is the second conf secutive season Dr. Damrosch has selected the Pennsylvania Club from the large A f2511 Qi' number of similar organizations throughout the country. It l l T now holds the unique position of being the only college chorus to have gone on tour with a metropolitan symphony orchestra. As has been the custom during past years, the Cvlee Club combined talents with the University Orchestra to present a concert of classical music at the Academy of Music on Thanks' giving Eve. Coming as it does during Junior Week, this concert and the formal dance in the foyer of the Academy which follows it was attended by many members of that class. The Glee Club's rendition of Palestrina's 'gAdoramus Te" was exceptionally well received by the capacity audience, while the orchestra, under the able baton of Adolph Vogel won the acclaim of music critics throughout the city with its splendid reading of Brahms' familiar 'LHungarian Dances." Following a week's engagement at the Stanley Theatre and the annual tour in February, the Glee Club and Orchestra again "Show" Mmh cooperated in a new field for the Pennsylvania Musical Clubs. Gilbert and Sullivan's comic opera L'Pinafore" was produced on the stage of the Academy of Music, taking the place of the usual Academy concert at the close of the season. The reception accorded this endeavor will undoubtedly lead to the annual presentation of light operas of this character. The success of the Clee Club and Orchestra is due in a great degree to the efforts of Dr. H. Alexander Matthews and Mr. Adolph Vogel. Dr. Matthews has for several years guided the destiny of the Clee Club and is a familiar Hgure to all Pennsylvanians. Thomas Johnson and Clyde Dengler, the student conductors gave him able support in training the Club for its many concerts. Mr. Vogel, who is in his first year as director of the Orchestra, has in this short time given to it a high appref ciation of musical values and brought it to a position where it compares favorably with similar organizations throughout the vicinity. No one denies the value of the Musical Club nor its worth to Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania men. The Band with its martial airs awakens the patriotic motives among the students, while the Glee Club and Orchestra, through classical programs, attempt to educate their own highly specialized public to an appreciation of the finest kind of music. llf I2521 MEMBERS CE CLEE CLUB Student Leaders Accompa-mists T. A. JOHNSON W. LAWRENCE CURRY CLYDE DENGLER JOHN S. ADAMS, JR. HENRY F. KBRR JOHN A. ARCHER C. S. BENTLEY MEYER BLOCK LLOYD LEROY BOWERS E. S. BROWN B. A. CHEN GEORGE C. CLARK H. C. COLBORN JOHN J. COLGATE ZEHNDER CONEAIR JOSHUA COOKENBACH PHILIP COOLEY GENE DALY HERBERT A. AMIESON MITCHELL P. ANCRER, JOSEPH APPLEEAUM M. BACHRACH ' HAROLD L. BALLINGER ROBERT DEWITT BARNEY HARRY J. BARTON J. H. BASH ANDREW H. BAXTER ARTHUR BEAN GEORGE C. BOWKBR EDWARD W. BRIGGS, JR. ROBERT N. BRIGGS GEORGE E. CHISHOLM JOHN COMSTOCR C. T. COWPERTHWAITE CLARENCE DOUD JR. R. W. DELAMATER CLYDE DENGLBR H. DITZLER CARLETON B. DOANE, JR. M. DOUGHERTY ALBERT H. EASTWOOD GEORGE EICHNBR H. E. EVERDING R. H. GABRIELLIAN WALTER E. GREENWOOD, R. J. HAGGERTY MILTON R. HARR SEYMOUR H. HARRIS WILLIAM E. DUGAN IRVING DULEERGER HAROLD A. EDLUND JOHN C. ELLERY THOMAS A. ELLWOOD GERALD B. FADDEN G. K. FRANCIS E. R. FREDERICRS A. C. GARDENER A. GIBSON LLOYD B. GILLMAN JEAN A. GRUHLBR ROBERT C. GUGENHEIM LOUIS F. HALSTEAD HOMER W. HANSCOM E. D. HAPGOOD GORDON WEBB HARTSI-IO JR. RN TENCRS ALBERT A. HAROOTUNIAN W. L. LYONS JOHN H. HECKMAN J. JOHNSTON HOOTON CHARLES C. HUSTON W. S. JEFFREY F. J. JANSSEN WILLIAM JORDON. 3d WILLIAM R. KERN EDWIN A. KEEBLE NORMAN P. KISTLER A. W. KRONE ALEXANDER LEWIN BASSES MARTIN F. HATCH DAVID HAYMOND A. H. MARSHALL ELMER MANKIN J. S. MCKENZIE R. W. MEREDITH JOHN M. MEREDITH JOHN MULLICAN BURTON R. MORELY WILLIAM S. NAGLE ELLERY W. NEWTON JOHN EDWARD POWER H. B. PARDEE HERBERT G. RATNER JAMES W. MARVIN ROBERT R. MCCONNELL WALTER GERARD HENSEL ROBERT E. MIMS LOUIS C. HESSELDEN BENJAMIN D. HILL, JR. GRANBERY JACKSON. JR. THOMAS A. JOHNSON CARL ERIC JOHNSON R. L. JONES CARL W. KAISER, JR. HARRY E. KAUFMANN EDWARD T. P. KENNEDY PHILIP E. KIRBY F. L. LEWIS IRVING LIVINGSTON T. J. LUCE LEWIS MACDONALD I 253 J LEON T. MOORE JOHN F. MOTLBY M. H. NEISS SAMUEL H. NEWMAN J. W. NORRIS WALTER T. OTTO. JR. MARTIN J. PATTERSON A. STEWART PAYNE ' GEORGE S. PHILLIPS S. P. PICKARD KENNETH H. PRICE JONATHAN PUGH CARL SCHLACK JOHN SCHOLDERER RUSSELL R. REEELE D. W. REED MEYER RHEINGOLD THEODORE A. SANDQUIST CHARLES A. SEAMAN ANDREW SHUMAN A. T. SPITZER, zd J. M. STEIN J. WALTER VAUGHN ROGER ALLEN WINTERS RALPH J. WOOD RAYMOND H. YETTER JAMES STANLEY YOUNG WILLIAM SCHWARZMAN WILLIAM SHUSSLER E. ALLEN SNAPE EDWARD B. SONNHBIM R. M. STEVENSON JAMES A. STRATTON MAURICE TRAINMAN ROBERT NEAL TULLER WVILLIAM TUTTLE, JR. J. K. WAMPLER EDWARD WERTHEIMER AUBREY G. WOLIL HARRY WALTER ROEERT F. WELLMAN EDWIN WYNDEARO D. ROY YERGER ROBERT L. ZULLINGER MEMBERS CF BAND C. ALLANSON P. H. BEIDLER R. M. BIERLY, Director C. B. BLOSE, Cornet L. W. BOWEN, Alto Saxophone C. H. BRANDT, Trombone I. A. BRIJSSEL, Saxophone L. BURKI-IARDT, Trumpet B. CAPLAN, Cornet I. CADES, Alto Saxophone I. A. CHRISTIAN, Soprano Saxophone N. Cox-IEN, BfF'lat Clarinet C. D. COLLINS, Saxophone M. CONTINI, Baritone A. CONTINI, Clarinet E. CRAIG, Soprano Saxophone . C. CRESSON, Clarinet . B. CREW, Saxophone W. E. CLEAR, Drum M. DAVIS, Saxophone W. H. DEMETS. Trumpet F. DEPASQUALE, Cornet E. DOBBS, Baritone' J. C. DRESSLER, Clarinet G. B. DUBOIS, Trombone J. W. ENGLE, Clarinet A. FASSETT, Trumpet W. B. FREEMAN, Drum L. FINKLESTBIN, Alto Saxophone Uopzrv E. S. GARDNER, Drum S. A. GILLINGHAM, Baritone E. GILROY, Drum W. B. HAMMOND, Clarinet J. R. HARMAN, Cymbals WM. HAWKINS, Trombone L. H. HERGESIEIEIMER, Piccolo J. S. HOPKINS, Cornet R. B. HOTCHKIN, EfFlat Horn W. S. HUNTER, Cornet C. B. KASS, Alto Horn D. C. KERWIN, Clarinet W. R. KESSLER, Saxophone H. K. KEY, Trombone L. H. KIMMEL, Clarinet C. KEY, Clarinet CLI. LAMOUREAUX, Trombone MCK. LANCB, Baritone H. LEVIN, Alto Horn G. LINTON, Trombone E. H. LORENE, Trumpet E. MARTIN, Bass A. H. MANCILL, Bass Drum B. MAYERS, Saxophone J. A. MALIN, Bass Horn H. F. MARSH, Drum Major H. S. MAYNARD, Piccolo H. MEYERI-IOPE, Alto Horn M. A. MILLER, Alto Saxophone l254l T. S. MILLER, Bass Horn O. A. MOLDAWER, Alto Saxophone W. N. MOLDAWER, Tenor Saxophone T. MORRISSEY, Special Drums R. MIMS, Melody Saxophone V. A. MCKEE, Clarinet M. MAGID, Cornet D. B. OSI-IONNE, Melody Saxophone W. T. GTTO, Alto Saxophone J. A. PILLEY, Cornet A. B. PooLE, Clarinet R. C. POOLE, Trombone F. G. RBHNER, Alto Horn R. I. ROBBINS, Clarinet H. D. ROSCHEN, Alto Saxophone H. M. SCHAFFNER, Trombone C. B. SCI-IMICKLY, Trombone P. C. SCHROY, Trumpet J. H. SCOTT, Alto Saxophone C. P. SHOEMAKER, Corner: L. SILVER, Alto Horn W. H. SIMERAL, Drums W. W. SIocuM, Clarinet C. STEVENS, Clarinet I. L. H. TRUNK, Melody Saxophone D. J. WALKER, Soprano Saxophone R. T. WALKER, Soprano Saxophone W. H. WANDEL, Baritone Saxophone R. WEINSTEIN, Trumpet First Violin NATHAN C. SHAPIRO I. REINES SKIER PHILIP J. HODES WILLIAM GOECKLE EDWARD MANNE DAVID WEISBERG LEONARD FINRLESTEIN LOUIS SHULMAN ROBERT PATCHELL W. HAYDBN KUEHN LEONARD SCHWARTZ THEODORE R. GOTTLIEB ARTHUR C. RAUP CHARLES F. HAUSMAN PHILIP WERNER ARCHIE G. BARRON RALPH R' JASPER PHILLIP M. LEssIG BENJAMIN WORO DAVID F. SALAD H. EARL CRAIG WILLIAM V. WAX CHARLES S. RHBIN ORCHESTRA MARCUS W. SHOUP GEORGE HOEPENEERG Cello SAMUEL G. SHEPARD EDGAR B. RUDIN BERGMAN S. LETZLER ELLIOT HANSOOM JOHN P. REINTHAL JUsTUs LIEBIG Viola FRANKLIN M. NICE CLARK WILLARD Second Violin JOSEPH KAPLAN THEODORE ELWELL PERITE BERMAN JOHN A. BRAINARD HIRAM B. WILSON EMIL D. LAUPER SIDNEY STARK SOL J. GOODSTEIN JULIUS CANTOR MORRIS ROSENBERG OTTO MBIER, JR. EDWARD R. WHALEN HENRY P. FETZBR LEWIS H. GLASSMAN JAOOE KOVNER NATHAN CARESS R. WILSON ANDERSON GEORGE A. DEWEY LESLIE E. WEBB GEORGE J. CAMPBELL WALTER SI-IUMAKER YOUNG O. LEE HAROLD D. BERK Basses SAM W. GRUBER JOSEPH G. LUEOW JOHN V. MACE HOWARD MCCONNEL Flute HAROLD S. MAYNARD HAROLD M. THOMPSO J255J N Clarinets LEWIS H. KIMMEL ARTHUR POOLE Bassoon PAUL F. DONATH Altos RODNEY B. HOTCHKIN HERMAN D. ROSCHEN, J Cornet HARRY HARPEL , WALTER S. HUNTER ROBERT M. DILLARD 'Trombone ROBERT C. POOLE GEORGE LINTON WILLIAM B. HAWKINS Drums JAMES R. HARMAN ROBERT R. MURDOCK - 1 T T - - -u Y - -- ',,..- x - ' V V - v - 7' " -' . ' . ' - v gm'g'g:gg5::5gQ2"2 4 'CAD ' gmggzzgyzlageewz 5.6 4 A a,l,l vi S, 5.6 A Q q,j,l U 1 ' ' 1 gQ9pX - x x ff ,X y ' RQ: , 90' x I 99" ' X 30' s I .livi ,Q-' 'A pf 91 ' a it-' '4 0' 92 .Q 0, ' , g .Q Q, "4 'J' ' V . -' . 'fn "0 arf. -. ,, , . Qf asf. :QQ f 2- vi: -A s as f '. as 231 1-in 233- --6f2'f --L...9a:-.o:2::m,.g - D R A M I C S . -.L...Qa:v.os2::m--fi V ' - U . f JL V - A - '-A C ' YY 3, RAMATICS at Pennsylvania hold a position of prominence. Pennsylvania not only has a dramatic club, but also boasts of two active literary societies which include dramatics in their yearly program, and an engineering club. which produces an annual show. The Dramatic Club offers to both men and women an opportunity to improve their histrionic abilities. During the past four years many plays have been presented by the Club, giving an equal chance to all who are inclined toward the stage. Those who are interested but who have not yet overcome the effects of stageffright are carefully tutored in informal and enlightening discussion groups, presided over by Dr. Flaccus, C. Stuart Thompson, and Dr. MacDonald. Many humorous skits, written by club members, have been produced at these meetings, and one of these, "The Woman in Red" found its way to an outside audience when it was favorably received at a Houston Hall smoker. During our Freshman year, a series of onefact plays was produced, including "The Sunl' by john Calsworthy, and "Pantaloon" by J. M. Barrie. The latter was the winning entry in the Forum contest for that year. The next spring witnessed a most successful production of NThe Tragedyrof Nan," by John Maseheld. Then followed a modern play written by Karl Kopec, HR. U. Rf' This play was received so en' thusiastically in Philadelphia that an invitation was extended to the Club to play in New York. There it was lauded even more than in Philadelphia. Last year, "Dear Brutus," by Barrie, was staged. The ovation it was given was greater than that received by any of the preceding twelve productions. This year the Club conducted the hrst of its annual onefact play contests. The competition was open to all students at the University, and the winning play was 'LRefuge." Other plays produced this year were "Another Way Cut," "Fame and the Poet," "The Exchange," and "All Gummed Upf' Those who were active in the production of these plays have been rewarded for their effort by becoming eligible for election to Theta Alpha Phi, the national honorary dramatic fraternity. Each year, more and more students are becoming interested in the Club and as a result there is a greater amount of talent from which to hll the parts for the productions. MEN ABCUT TCWNE SHOW Although the .engineers are occupied from morn till night fathoming their g'hydros," curves, and many things best known to themselves, they find time to break away from the daily routine and give us'the yearly production of the g'Men About Townew Club. In past years the shows have been of the highest calibre and have always been enthusiastically received. l2561 The Class of '26 had its first opportunity to witness the results of the Club's activities in the production "Laying Letty Low." It was written by C. W. Manz and produced by the president of the Club, H. L. Vanderford. The production for 1923 was "Robin Hood E99 Co.," also produced by H. L. Vanderford. This play was considered the finest ever produced by the organization and set the standard for future plays. Last year "Two Dark Nights in Mexico" or 'LCeneral Villa's Follies," was presented. This year's show was L'Not by a Jugfulu or "Still Life in Kentucky." It was exceptionally clever and was well up to the level of former offerings. The four productions which we have had the privilege of witnessing have been a credit to the University and the Engineering School, a fact which undoubtedly accounts for the prestige which the Club now enjoys. THE PHILOMATHEAN SOCIETY The Philomathean Society, founded in 1813, is the oldest college literary society in continuous existence in the country. It has as its aim the advancement of the arts of selffexpression among undergraduates, and in this capacity it endeavors to train its members in debating, in dramatics, and in public speaking. The Society is not a fra' ternity, but exists for the sole purpose of providing college men with an opportunity for vitalizing or putting into effect the work which they receive in their formal classes. In the field of debating, the Society has engaged in contests with most of the uni' versities of the East and has been very successful. In dramatics, the Philomathean Society has during the past produced annual plays in the city, generally reviving for the purpose an Elizabethan or eighteenth century drama. The success of these plays is due to the fact that within its traditional walls there lies a wealth of dramatic material not excelled in amateur dramatic circles. The productions of the Society during the last four years have excelled all previous prof ductions because the Society has recently been devoting more time to their developf ment. During our Sophomore year the Society produced three onefact plays by Lord Dunsany, and in 1925 it gave a revival of Sheridan's play, "The Critic." This year we returned to Shakespeare, staging his 'kMerry Wives of Windsor." The Society claims the distinction of having been the founder of four of the leading campus publications. Its membership includes many who have attained eminence in this country and abroad during the past hundred years. THE ZELOSOPI-IIC SCCIETY The Zelosophic Society has for a number 'of years stressed dramatics more than its other activities, and that is undoubtedly responsible for the position which it now holds in Pennsylvania dramatics. It has stood for the best in dramatic accomplishment, but at the same time it has been able to maintain its literary activities. The first' play that the Class of '26 witnessed was MA Temperance Townf by Charles Hoyt, which was produced on the stage of the Little Theatre. The Society chose "A Came of Chess," by Kenneth S. Goodman, as its Forum play. The following year, "Nothing but the Truth," by James Montgomery, was given. This play marked a return to comedy. During the past fall a departure was made from the usual method of choosing a play, and one was selected from the pen of a European author. "The Cricket on the Hearth" by Charles Dickens was produced. l2571 MEN ABOUT TCWNE CLUB OFFICERS Pfesident ...... P. H. DOWNWARD VicefP'residenr .... J. F. SACHSE, 2D Secretary . . . . . W. W. GILMORE Treasurer . . H. ESTRADA Manager . . J. T. NAUGHTON, JP.. C. C. CRESSON P. H. DOWNWARD H. ESTRADA W. W. GILMORE J. S. HOPKINS C. B. KASS J. L. NAUGHTON W. L. NORCROSS J. H. RUSHTON J. F. SACHSE, 2D E. B. SONNHEIM P. K. WELCH J. G. HAYDOCK R. B. MULLEP. W. H. STEVENS, JR. Z. T. WOBENSMITH MEMBERS J. A. CHRISTIAN J. B. LINDSAY N. H. STEWART, JR H. L. BARNETT, JP.. W. A. JACK, QD W. S. EISENLOHR D. P. SPILLER H. W. FIELD L. R. DALLETT C. B. EGOLE W. R. DOHAN P. H. MAYER P. C. SCHROY M. GREENBURG ' J. H. LEVY S. A. REYNOLDS I. DIORTORT I IZBSJ ENGINEERS' SHOW --NQT BY A JUGFUIQ' of -'STILL LIFE IN KENTUCKY" CAST Alec O'Hall, A College Cutfup ........ . . J. A. CHRISTIAN, M.E Nancy Virginia Boone, A Kentucky Belle . . . . N. C. HENWOOD, E.E Nick O'Tinie, Alec's Chum ...... . E. C. LONGWBLL, E.E Sarah Lee Boone, Nancy's Twin Sister . Daniel, Colored Porter ...... Electricity, Colored Jockey ..... Pap O'Hall, Leader of O'Hall Clan . . Bill O'Hall, Halffwitted Son ,... Dan O'Hall, The Hard-boiled O'Hall . Sis O'Hall, The Mountain Rose . . . First Revenue Agent, Fair but Fearless Second Revenue Agent, A Useless One Jerry O'Hall, Agent Tater .... Sam O'Hall, Assistant Agent Tater . . . . . H. ESTRADA, E.E . . . . J. B. LINDSAY, E.E . J. T. NAUGHTON, JK., E.E . W. H. STEVENS, JK., M.E . N. H. STEWART, JK., M.E . H. L. BARNETT, JR., E.E . E. C. BKAINERD, M.E . . J. G. HAYDOCK, E.E . W. A. JACK, 3d, CI-I.E . . . R. E. JONES, M.E . . . . . W. S. EISBNLOI-IR, C.E DANCING CHORUS Boys J. H. RUSHTON, CH.E., '26 D. P. SPILLI311, M.E., '28 H. W. FIELD, CI-LE.. '28 J. F. SACHSE, 2cl, CH.E., '26 W. R. DOHAN, CI-I.E., '26 Alternates Girls O. C. CRESSON, M.E., '26 L. R. DALLETT, CI-I.E., '26 C. B. Econ, CI-LE., '26 R. B. MULLBK, CH.E., '27 R. J. PRINCE, C.E., '28 P. H. MAKER, E.E. '2'-1 12591 Moderator . First Censor Second Censor Scriba . . Treasurer . Recorder . Librarian . HIRAM PAUL BAMBERGER PHILCMATHEAN SCCIETY OFFICERS 1925-26 First Term WILLIAM F. KENNEDY JOHN STOKES ADAMS, JR. GORDON DE LEON MARCUS HILDING BBNGS JOHN A. MULLICAN RICHARD REEVE CHAMPION HARRY CONWELL SNOKE Second Term DONALD CAIN GORDON DB LEON MARCU EDWARD A. KNOBELAUCH W. ALBERT SANDERS JOHN A. MULLICAN HIRAM PAUL BAMBERGER WILLIAM E. KENNEDY MARTIN FELLOWS HATCH JOHN STOKES ADAMS, JR. RICHARD REEVE CHAMPION GORDON DE LEON MARCUS JOHN MARSHALL PHILLIPS WILLIAM FRITZ KENNEDY LAWRENCE MURRAY CRONLUND JOHN HAMILTON SKILTON ROLAND DONALD CAIN JOHN ALFRED MULLICAN LYMAN LEE WALTER HENNEBERG JOHN WESLEY YOUNG EDWARD AUGUST KNOBELAUCH HILDING BENGS FRANCIS BELLSTERLING DOWNS WILLIAM LAWRENCE CURRY WILLIAM ALBERT SANDERS JAMES WHITNEY MARVIN HARRY CONWELL SNOKE BEAUMONT SCHRADER BRUESTLE THOMAS ARTHUR ELWOOD HORACE IRVIN POLMAN GEORGE DECIUS MILLER ALBERT ABRAHAM HAROOTUNIAN MELVIN WILERED THORNER ELLWOOD ENGLANDER HENRY I. KOPLIN JOHN R. MAY NEWMAN WALBRIDGE, JR. WALTER WILLIAM BEACHBOARD MURRAY FORST THOMPSON SEYMOUR BLANKFORT MURRAY FRIEDMAN ALEXIS DENISOE ANDREW VOYNOW l260J ELWOOD THORNER BLANK FORT BEACH BOARD WALBRIDGE FRIEDMAN HATCH CURRY DOWNS CAMPIO HAROOTUNIAN SKILTON PI-III.I.IPs Voywow THOMPSON ENGL.-INDER SNOKE BR UESTLE BENGS KOPL KI: E S s L MARVIN BAUBERGER KNOBELAUCH NN nv CAIN ANDER MULLICAN PHILOMATHEAN SOCIETY L2611 ZELCSCPHIC SOCIETY President . . . HERMAN ROSCHEN VicefPresiderit . . THOMAS BENITEAU Treasurer . . . CHARLES L. WILBAR, JR. Secretary .... . . PERRY H. JACOB Master of Archives . . . THOMAS RUSSELL BIRCH Seniors BENJAMIN E. EVANS CARL KAISER ROBERT A. EICHELBERGER CARL MORGAN WALTER HERLEY ' ALFRED PRICE THOMAS BENITEAU Juniors HERMAN D. ROSCHEN I. RENINES SKIER SAMUEL LISKE THOMAS TURNER W. HAYDEN KUEHN EMANUEL WEIL Sophornores JOHN BOGDAN RCBERT WISE MATTHEW CRAWFORD CHARLES L. WILBAR, JR ALEXANDER LE FEVRE PUGH PERRY JACOB FREDERICK C. WAAGB THOMAS RUSSELL BIRCH Freshmen THOMAS FILES BLEDSOE DAVID JOHN ESPIE EUGENE E. LERCH l2621 HERBERT MARKS RICHARD STEEL JACK E. LERCH OGDAN TEEL SPIE B S E I. M KS Wan. CRAWFORD Lnncx-I KUEHN WAAGE S E M R W P K ORGAN OSCHEN ILBAR RICE AISER ZELOSOPHIC SOCIETY Z in 'QL wi VAX if t Al- P P IW, Q 11 in Ex l263l DRAMATIC CLUB President. . . . . MELVIN SIMS VicefPresiderit .... LAWRENCE SCHUMANN Secretaryfcfreasurerk J . ELINOR SMITH Faculty Member . .' . O. STUART THOMSON Executive Committee ELEANOR CHOATE EDWARD BEEGLE WALTER I-IENNEEERG BENJAMIN ROTHBERG MAUDE FRAME THETA ALPHA PHI HONORARY DRAMATIO ERATERNITY President . , Secretary. . . Treasurer . . Faculty Advisor ELINOR SMITH MELVIN SIMS ELEANOR CHOATE . . KATHREN ROMA MARY MONTAGUE PROE. DOLMAN Members ALVIN FISCHER MADELLA RIGBY I2641 A QUIET WALK FOR A QUIET HOUR H651 PUBLICATIONS EMARK as you please on the supremacy of the Class of '26 in every other 'department of campus activities, but remember the work of the Ancient Qrder of Scribes and Colyumnists who endeavor to uphold the dignity of our honored Class and University with all the borrowed ink in their fountainfpens. The ending of the school year of 1926 marks the close of one of the most successful literary eras the University has witnessed. Throughout the year there have apf peared in L'The Pennsylvaniann brilliant editorials and news articles. Nor have contemporary publications lagged behind. 'LThe Punch Bowl" has increased in popuf larity manyfold and has brought exceedingly favorable comment on its clever jokes and cartoons. Under the guidance of very able literary minds the "Red and Blue" has developed from a puny medium into a virile mouthf piece for allfimportant and serious topics. In the more technical field of endeavor the "Pennsylvania Triangle" still is the peer of college engineering publications. Last, but not least, is 'Ljuntof' which is the outlet for Penn' sylvanians who aspire to excel in the field of literary art. In summary, the most permanent "work" that a class leaves behind it is its contributions to the undergraduate publications. It is in these that we feel the true spirit of the class and find its interpretation of University affairs. I2661 PETERSON MURPHY GILMARTIN KOPLIN COMROE ROBERTS WILSON I. P. CRAWFORD REDDEN WEINBERG MARVIN WITHUS BUSHNELL LITCIIEIELD WALDMAN EICHELBERGER FRANKLIN SCCIETY President . . CLARENCE B. LITCHFIELD. VicefP'reside'rIt . WILLIAM A. WITHUS Secretary . . JAMES W. MARVIN Treasure? . . EDWARD R. BUSHNELL BERNARD COMROE MAURICE K. M. MURPHY J. PAUL CRAWEORD GEORGE EDMUND PETERSON ROBERT ALEXANDER EICHELBERGER LAYMAN REDDEN CHARLES K. ELLIOT HENRY ROBERTS MAURICE A. GILMARTIN SEYMOUR WALDMAN HENRY I. KOPLIN ALFRED D. WEINBERG COLIN MATHIESON J. PAUL WILSON EDWIN R. MORINE I 269 1 NTI-IE PENNSYLVANIANM S IN other representative activities, the Class of '26 played an important and prominent part in the pub' lication of "The Pennsylvanianf' When we arrived on the campus in the fall of 1922, one of the many posters which attracted our attention was the one extolling the advantages of wheeling" for L'The Pennsylvanianf' Cur wheeling" life passed on and HHHIIY elections rolled around. So thoroughly familiar had some of them become with the conf tents of the L'green'f book that in the spring Maurice Gilmartin, E. Scott Lower, Leslie Cassidy, George Peterson, J. Paul Crawf ford, and Fred Gillespie were admitted to the secret meetings of the Board and became Night Editors. In the meantime, Paul Crawford, John Randall and K. Linker had sold ads and subscriptions and were admitted to the Business Department. In our Sophomore year, more of us entered the competitions and at the end of that period Edward Buckley, James Crawford, Edward Malloy, Robert Reeves, David Russell, George Schwartz, Fred Seely, and Robert Eichelberger were added to the Editorial Board, and W. A. Withus, W. S. Goldstein, and H. W. Hanscom assumed responsibilities in the Business Department. Then the date for the election of the Board which was to manage the destinies of the paper during our Senior year passed by. A count of the votes decided that Robert A. Eichelberger was to be EditorfinfChief, with George Peterson as News Editor, Edward Scott Lower as Managing Editor, and M. K. M. Murphy as Pictorial Chairman. ' Cn December 15, 1915, we celebrated the Eortieth Anniversary of our campus daily. Two score years ago, men now leaders in their fields of work, published the first 'LPennsylvanian." It was in the form of a weekly eightfpage magazine. The outside cover contained advertisements while the news and editorials were found within. At present the paper consists of six pages in daily issues. In the meantime, the weekly had grown and because of increasing popularity a semifweekly was published. New features appeared in the paper along with changes in the management and polif cies of the Editor. The photographic editors have formed a separate board. Campus problems, such as the registration of all society keys, better accommodations in the students' ward, and better treatment of students in their request for football tickets have been solved in the editorials of the daily. Cther news features such as the - L'Gridiron Gossip," "Book Reviewsf' and . -Y Editor Eichelberger WIT? "l3NNU W,-VM 'Commentators' Columnu were added. The improvement of the spice and quality in uPenn and Ink" under the direction of Q I 1 Charles Elliott was very noticeable. "The Pennsylvanianw is recognized as one V I , of the foremost college dailies by other inf I A stitutions, and is an active member of the . Intercollegiate Newspaper Association. We ' are honored by having Robert A. Eichelf V- berger, our EditorfinfChief, filling the posif Facsimile ofDec. 15, 1885, issue lIiO1'1 of VicefPresident of the IAXSSOCI3-tioll Facsimile ofDec. 15, 1925issue l2701 "THE PENN SYLVANIANN EditorfinfChief . . . ROBERT ALEXANDER EIGHELBERGER, '26 Managing Editor .... EDWARD S. LOWER, JR., '26 News Editor ..... GEORGE E. PETERSON, '26 Features Board GARDNER M. GORDON, '26 CHARLES K. ELLIOTT, '26 EDWARD E. ELLIS, '27 Editors EDWARD L. BUORLEY, '26 MAURIGE A. GILMARTIN, JR., '26 DAVID W. RUSSELL, '26 LESLIE M. CASSIDY, '26 EDWARD C. MALLOY, '26 GEORGE J. SGI-IWARTZ, '26 JAMES M. CRAWFORD, '26 ROBERT S. REEVES, '26 FRED R. SBELEY, '26 Associate Editors RALPH B. EATON, '271 J. DUDLEY MARRS, '27 SIDNEY J. STALL, '17 JOHN S. WALKER, '27 SAMUEL C. FLEMING, 27 C. WINDLB MGMAHON, '27 ERWIN A. STUEBNER, '27 H. T. BONGAARDT, '28 A. M. GRAFMUELLER, '28 C. S. DAVIS, '28 L. C. DILL, JR., '28 C. H. WOODRUEE, '29 Photographic Editor . . S. G. COHEN, '26 W. B. HAMILTON, '27 PRED M. GILLESPIE, '26 S. P. BROIDA, '27 K. R. CLARK, '27 T. S. ERIEDEERGER, '27 W. D. ADAMS, '28 M. S. BANKS, '28 J. P. BERRY, '28 Assistant Editors ' ELI EIGHELBERGER, 'IQ D. L. MAGLEA, '28 R. S. RUNK, '28 WESLEY STANGER, '29 E. M. CORSON, '29 H. D. STEWART, '28 F. B. HESS, '28 R. L. LINGELBACH, 'ZQ H. W. OMAN, '29 E. S. IRISH, '28 D. B. MILLAR, '28 G. A. MERSHON, '29 J. J. MGDOWELL, '28 J. E. PODGOR, '28 Pictorial Chairman, MAURICE K. M. MURPHY, '26 CHARLES T. CRAVENS, '26 Pictorial Business Manager . . . J. PAUL CRAWFORD, '26 Assistant Photographic Editors J. F. MARQUARDT, '28 J. N. LACY, '27 F. N. NATHAN, '26 M. L. HOLLAND, '26 W. P. MCKENNEY, '28 E. D. MAAS, '17 Business Manager, WILLIAM AUGUST WITHUS, '26 Associate Business Managers JOHN L. RANDALL, '26 KAHLMAN S. LINKER, '26 Assistant Business Managers S. R. DOUGLAS, '28 A. M. HOPKINS, JR., '27 J. M. MONTGOMERY, '27 G. V. HORTON, '28 M. LEWIS, '28 R. B. SCOTT, JR., '28 12711 S. A. SLOAN, '28 J. W. SMITH, '27 P. L. SMITH, '27 E. A. TALBOT, '28 H. H. TIEFENERONNER, '28 D. M. WOOD, '28 H. W. HANSCOM, '26 P. D. GRAHAM, '29 J. L. SPIBGLEMEN, '29 A. V. COPLON, '29 W. M. CLARK, JR., '29 R. L. ZULLINGER, 'ZQ ff THE PUNCH BOWL" F l LTHCUCH the 18th Amendment was running full blast this year, the quality of the brew distilled on the campus was up to its usual standard of excellence. We mean the product of the Harlequins who work long and late in the office of this publication. Colin W. Mathieson was almost born with a "Punch Bowl" Spoon in his mouth, for he succeeded in making the business staff at the end of his Freshman year. Sophomore year found over a dozen men raised to the peerage of the Brewers in every department of the Bowl. Clarence B. Litchfield, Henry Roberts, ad, and Rogers M. Drew were placed on the staff through their Art work. ' Editorial Spoons were bestowed upon Bernard I. Comroe, Adam Kuhn, Milton Holland, james A. Griffin, M. A. Gilmartin, and Ernest E. Bailey, who supplied the endings to the "He" and 'LShe" jokes and other nonsense. Wharton School training will out in the end. So, after the smoke of battle had cleared, there were seven brandfnew Business Spoons in the Brew. They were: Alfred Weinberg, J. Herman McKee, Harry Crabosky, Martin Meyer, Melville Eaton, Sylvan Freund, jacob Kauffman, and Jonas Heit. Charles K. Elliott took his Editorial shingle in our Junior year. Later in the spring of IQ25, our ears began to buzz with rumors of Managing Board elections. With pocketed proxies and grim determination, the Board met and cast its vote. Next day "The Pennsylvaniann announced: Clarence B. Litchfield, Editorfinf Chief, Bernard I. Comroe, Managing Editor, Henry Roberts, zd, Art Editor, Colin W. Mathieson, Business Manager, Alfred D. Weinberg, Advertising Manager, Jacob Editov Litchjield Kauffman, Circulation Manager. With these names ' " if 'V Zwmsyfffdfxaafff 'ff Q -4 . . .4 6 'p' ..' M ' . ' 1-fi Q ra , A 1 I I . ,.-W,-at, , gracing the masthead of the Bowl, another triumphant year has passed for our college comic. Notable among its issues were the "Punch Bowl Almanac" and the L'Mask and Wig Number" which surpassed any previous issue of its ilk. It is the high standard of our huf morous publication in the Helds of edif torial and art work which has brought to it the famous slogan, "The Brew that Made Pennsylvania Famous." f2721 HERTEELD DUNLAP HILL SIMONSKI BROWN ELLIS DIMOND 'KLOPFER SAMUELS' FREUND SI-:NDAWROWITZ NAS5 COOKLXAN RUNR KLINRLE HUGHES FISCHER ANTHONY KRESCH BARNSHOW EATON YOUNG PALMER FISCH ER MCKEE DREW HOLLAND KUHN KAIILAN BAILEY HYASAN KALCH EIM ELLIOTT SLATER ROBERTS COMROE LITCHFIELD MATHXESON WEINBERG HEIT KAUEEMAN GRIFFIN THE PENNSYLVANIA 'C PUNCH BOWL" Board of Managers EditorfinfCliief . CLARENCE B. LITCHEIELD, '26 Business Manager . . . Managing Editor . . BERNARD I. COMROE, '26 Advertising Manager . . . Art Editor . . . HENRY ROBERTS 2d, '26 Circulation Manager . . . . Assistant Circulation Manager .... JONAS HEIT, JR. Art Spoons ROGER M. DREW, '26 ALBERT KLOPEER, '27 ROBERT BROWN, '28 JOSEPH N. LACY, '27 WALLACE G. PALMER, '27 GILBERT SIMONSKI, '28 BRUCE FORWARD, '28 JOEL KAPLAN, '27 A JAMES FARBBR, '27 ADAM KUHN, '26 MILTON HOLLAND, '26 JAMES A. GRIFFIN, '26 M. A. GILMARTIN, '26 ERNEST E. BAILEY, '26 WILLIAM KRESCH, '27 JOHN SLATBR, '26 J. HIRAM MCKEE, '26 HARRY GRABOSKY, '26 MARTIN MYERS, '26 MELVILLE EATON, '26 SYLVAN FREUND, '27 MYRON GOLDMAN, '28 Editorial Spoons ROBERT CIPCER, '27 ROBERT COWARD, '27 SIDNEY LEVINE, '27 KIRK TUTTLE, '28 CHARLES K. ELLIOTT, '26 HAROLD BARNSHAW, '27 HARRY EDEL, '28 ALVIN B. FISHER, '27 D. BENJAMIN KRESCH, '27 PHILIP K. ANTHONY, '27 VERNON KUNKLE, '27 THOMAS W. MCNARY, '28 DONALD MILLER, '28 Business Spoons ERETT DUNLAP, '28 ALBERT SAWYER, '28 RICHARD N. YOUNG, '27 RAYMOND SAMUELS, '27 ROBERT KRANTZ, '27 WALLACE CONKLIN, '17 l273J EMMET HYMAN, '27 JOEL NASS, '28 OSCAR STERN, '28 PERKINS BAILEY, '28 THOMAS A. HUGHES, '27 SAMUEL SBNDEROWITZ, '27 , C. WILLIAM MAIHIESON, '26 ALFRED WEINEERC, '26 JACOB KAUFFMAN, '26 CHARLES COWAN, '27 EDWARD ELLIS, '27 RICHARD HILL, '27 WILLIAM F. FISCHBR, '28 WOODROW DARROW, '28 REUBEN HERZEELD, '28 ROY S. RUNK, '28 NORMAN KALCHEIM, '27 SEYMOUR DIMOND, '28 EDWIN PHILLIPS, '28 ROBERT COORMAN, '28 SIDNEY KADIN, '28 JOSEPH CONWELL, '28 'C THE CLASS RECORD T' HE L'Class Record" has for some fiftyfsix years been existent for one main purpose. During the four under' graduate years of a student's life at college, a great many events have occurred, an enormous number of new acquaint: ances have been formed, and many ideas have been formulated concerning this University. The problem that confronts each member of the graduating class is how to bring together the memory of these associations so that the turmoil of the world of the outside might not wipe. out his knowledge of what exists at Pennsylvania. This, therefore, is what the "Class e- Record" attempts to do, and it has been for the carrying out of this purpose that this book has had such a favorable existence over this long span of time. Long years have passed since a Pennsylvania man has been unable to delve into the pages of his "Record" and conjure up the pleasant thoughts of this University in days gone by. With such thoughts in mind, we, as juniors, entered the competition for the different boards and began our work which was predestined to be the basis on which the L'Class Record" of 1926 was to be built. Predestined, too, to a goodly amount of hard work and exacting moments when it seemed as if at least the greater part of the work was placed upon our single shoulders. However, the work was, in most cases, quite interesting-it revived the spirit of our previous years, for we felt as though it were a sacred duty and obligation for us to carry on this traditional work so that the men of a decade hence could look back upon their classfbook just as some are now doing. To those who had the real spirit, therefore, it seemed all too short work, and board elecf tions came with surprising rapidity. The managing board was chosen with the necessary consciousness that these men were to be the backbone of the stlaff whose task it was to formulate the "Class Record" of 1926. The man chiefly known for consistency and literary ability was chosen Editorf infChief-James W. Marvin. In the business competition one man towered over the others, and Alfred D. Weinberg was the man for the position of Business Manager. Edwin R. Morine was chosen Managing Editor due to his fine selling ability, and James A. Griffin Circulation Manager. Henry I. Koplin was held as most capable for the position of Advertising Manager, while Robert Noble won the post of Art Editor. Theodore Rich was made Photographic Editor. Four Editors were also named at this time, G. Odell Fletcher, Robert Briggs, Joseph Wile, and William Culbertson. Stanley Addis, Donald McDermott, Bowen Quillen, john Randall, J. Paul Wilson, Rogers Drew, Wilbur Baughman, Hiram P. Bamberger, Hartman Herr, Archibald C. Voris, Robert Gugenheim, Joseph Brenner, Irving Silberfeld, Paul Buechler, and Joseph Applebaum, were chosen Assistant Editors. The Business Assistants were found to be Carlton Klutey, Ruppert Bingham, William Laws, Burton Spirt, Arnold N. Nass, Bernard Eichholz, Wellington Snyder, Earl Liever, and the Art Associates were J. Roy Carroll, Clarence Litchfield, Erancis Cubberly, and William Shenton. Maurice K. M. Murphy was rewarded by a position upon the Photographic Board. ' 1 Editor Marvin I 274 1 SILBERPELD APPLEBAUM KLUTEY HERR LIEVER VORIS MURPHY LITCI-IIIIELD CARROLL CUBBERLEY NASS BRI-:NNER SNYDER RANDALL QUILLIN LAWS SPIRT DREW BUECHLER BAMBERGER WILSON GUGENI-IEN NOBLE GRIFFIN WEINBERG MARVIN IVJORINE BRIGGS FLETCHER CLASS RECCRD BOARD Editor infChief . . . . JAMES W. MARVIN Art Editor ...... ROBERT W. NOBLE Managing Editor . . . EDWIN R. MORINE Photographic Editor . . . THEODORE G RICH Circulation Manager . . . JAMES A. GRIFFIN Advertising Manager . . HENRY I. KOPLIN Business Manager . . . ALFRED D. WEINBERG Editors ROBERT N. BRIGGS WILLIAM H. CULBERTSON GARNER C. FLETCHER JOSEPH S. WILE J. STANLEY ADDIS JOSEPH APPLEBAUM HIRAM P. BAMBERGER WILEUR N. BAUGHMAN JOSEPH F. BRENNER RUPPBRT BINGHAM BERNARD B. EICHHOLZ CARLTON N. KLUTEY Associate Editors PAUL J. BUECHLER ROGERS M. DREW ROBERT E. GUGENHEIM HARTMAN B. HERR DONALD F. MCDERMOTT Business Associates WILLIAM P. LAWS EARL LIEVER ARNOLD S. NASS Art Associates EDMOND B. QUILLIN JOHN L. RANDALL IRVING H. SILEEREELD ARCHIBALD C. VORIS JOHN P. WILSON WELLINGTON J. SNYDER S. BURTON SPIRT J. ROY CARROLL CLARENCE B. LITCHFIELD FRANCIS J. CUBBERLEY WILLIAM L. SHENTON Photographic Associates WILLIAM S. GOLDSTEIN MAURICE K. M. MURPHY l275J W' RED AND BLUE" HERE seems to be some peculiar spell which always prevents heelers from making the "Red and Blue" Board in their Freshman year. Perhaps it is due to their lack of campus perspective, inspiration, or perspiration, but at any rate it is true. However, once the troublesome year was over, there was a concerted rush for the Board which made possible the production of a bigger and better 'LRed and Blue." Now, as the ways of men are mysterious and their plans deep and darkjit was a distinct surprise to the members of our l Class when, at the end of our Sophomore year, the masthead i ' of the "Red and Blue" appeared to be teeming with 1926 classmen. There were writers of prose and poetryESeymour B. Waldman and, later, Maurice A. Cilmartin, there was a wielder ofthe paintfbrush -Henry Roberts ad, there was a lad snappy with the camera-Charles T. Cravens, there were numerous Nad" takers and subscription sellers-J. Paul Wilson, Harry Easton, Edwin R. Morine, Arnold S. Nass, Robert Sinclair, Robert E. Gugenheim, Edmund Stubbe, and J. Hiram McKee. Encouraged by the success of their mates, other members of the Class labored early and late for a semester or two and our Junior year found the following new men on the Board of the "Red and Blue": Editorial-Layman J. Redden, C. Kellock Hale, Paul Buechler, john Slater and Charles Kr Elliot, Art-Clarence B. Litchfield, Photo' graphic-Rodney B. Hotchking Business-Kahlman Linker and Lewis I. Hirsch. During this year Charles T. Cravens was Photographic Editor. But there is another story to be told. For our Senior year we needed the services of L'Red and Blue" men from our own Class to guide the destinies of the publication. Merit was given its reward and Seymour B. Waldman was elected EditorfinfChief and Layman J. Redden Managing Editor. Henry Roberts was selected as Art Editor and Charles T. Cravens retained his position as Photographic Editor. The matter of income tax was left in the hands of J. Paul Wilson as Business Manager, with Kahlman Linker as Advertising Manager and Robert E. Cugenheim as Circulation Manager. Although the "Red and Blue" is the acknowledged literary publication of the campus, ' f E r A its appeal goes further than to the small Editor Waldman yi J'-.'.:.e,, , circle of literary critics who may be found A "1" 1" l"l"'Wf V at most universities. It is a fullfblooded pi! periodical of student life, a collegiate .1 'LVanity Pair," with a message to every N 'li a-'r1"l ii loyal Pennsylvanian, and in the capable l T 5, - hands of Seymour B. Waldman and J. Paul .T . . Wilson this publication has certainly J established a reputation for itself and is lp unanimously recognized as the greatest , ,I "Red and Blue" since the days of Lorimer. l l2761 HOFFMAN ELLIS GRAFASUELLER SIMONSKI ANDERSON OWEN IRISH BUTTON YEATON RICE HOEEMAN CORNELL SALUS LEvI SCI-IWARTL STRAUS GSAND BENTLEY WOOD QUINN FARBER WALTON MCKENNY MAAS LOWE S. ROBERTS SCI-IOENEELD KATZ SALUS WEBB MASON MARKS REDWAY DRONBERGER HALE PALMER BROWN SAMPLINER HAYMOND SCHWARTZ BUECHLER KRESCH GEISVAN LAURONOE NASS SLATER EASTON MOKEE LICI-ITEIELD SINCLAIR CRAVENS ROBERTS REDDEN WALDMAN WIISON LINRER GUOENI-IEIM C' RED AND BLUE" EditorfinfChief . . . SEYMOUR B. WALDMAN, '26 Business Manager . . J. PAUL WILSON, '26 Managing Editor . . LAYMAN J. REDDEN, '26 Advertising Manager . KAI-ILMAN LINRER, '26 Art Editor . . . HENRY ROBERTS, '26 Circulation Manager . ROBERT E. GUGENHEIM, '26 Photographic Editor . . . CHARLES T. CRAVENS, '26 Editorial Board G. KELLOCR HALE, '26 HAL LOWE, '27 EDWIN C. PEASE, '27 MAURICE A. GILMARTIN, '26 FRANK P. SCHWARTZ, '27 DAVID KALINER, '27 PAUL BUECI-ILER, '26 D. B. KRESCH, '27 BEN LEVI, '28 JOHN SLATER, '26 CHARLES S. BENTLEY, '27 EDWARD S. IRISH, '28 CHARLES K. ELLIOTT, '26 BERMAN SCI-IOENEELD, '27 ARTHUR H. QUINN, '28 J. DUDLEY MARRS, '27 RALPH RICE, '27 Art Board WALLACE G. PALMER, '27 ALBERT L. KLOPEER, '27 JAMES FARBER, '28 GILBERT SIMONSRI, '27 RODNEY B. HOTCHKINS, '26 EARLE D. MAAS, '27 ALBERT FIELD, '27 HARRY EASTON, '26 EDWIN R. MORINE, '26 ARNOLD S. NASS, '26 ROBERT SINCLAIR, '26 EDMUNDE STUBBE, '26 LEWIS I. HIRSCH, '26 ARNOLD MASON,'27 Photographic Board ALBERT GRAFMUELLER, '28 CLAIR A. YEATON, '28 ROBERT D. STRAUS, '28 WILLIAM E. MCKBNNY Business Board E. ELDRIDOE SAMPLINER, '27 LGUIS LARONGE, '28 JESSE GEISMAN, '27 LOUIS D. CROSS, '28 WILLIAM S. HOFFMAN, '27 ARTHUR S. SALUS, '28 RICHARD REDWAY, '27 WALTER E. HOFFMAN, '28 G, HOWARD WALTON, '27 SAMUEL ROBERTS, '28 HENRY TIEFBNBRONNER, '27 ROBERT LBOPOLD, '28 l277J NORMAN MALONE, '28 FRANCIS I. CURTIS, '28 ROBERT H. HALE, '29 BERTRAM HALL, '29 EDWARD F. ELLIS, '27 BRUCE FORWARD, '28 BERNARD SCI-IWARTZ, '28 JOHN MARQUARDT, '28 HAROLD KATZ, '28 MARTIN L. MCINTYRE, '28 KENNETH STEAD, '28 EDWARD A. TALBOT, '28 ALLAN GOLDSMITH, '29 JAMES YO1-IE, '29 ff THE PENNSYLVANIA TRIANGLE " S THE official expression of student activity in the Architectural School, the Moore School of Electrical Engineering, and the Towne Scientific School, this pub' lication has added another successful year to the record which it began in 1914. With the enlargement of the University and the creation- of the Moore School, the "Towne Scientific Journal" saw a larger scope of expression in combining the above three school activities into one magazine, "The Pennf sylvania Trianglef' Editor same Under the able leadership of Julius E. Sachse, the new policy of distributing its circulation monthly instead of quarterly was adopted. This publication has again received official recognition by the Engineering College Magazine Association as the leading journal of its kind in the country and the policy of the "Triangle" was recommended to other similar magazines. Willard V. Merrif hue, last year's EditorfinfChief, was refelected Eastern Chairman of the Association. Its pages are made up of humorous as well as scientific articles, and the information it contains about the activities of the architectural and engineering schools cause its circulation of one thousand copies to be distributed not only to Pennsylvania men, but to alumni, undergraduates, and alumni of other universities. Of this circulation, two hundred copies are sent each month to high schools and preparatory schools to give those students some idea of the work done in these technical schools of the Uni' versity. "The Triangle" has featured building developments which have been prof posed for the University, such as the Christian Association's new home, the new gymnasium, Irvine Auditorium and the new dormitories. Through his ability .and untiring effort Julius E. Sachse gained the position of EditorfinfChief, in which position he has raised the standards of an already successful magazine. J. Roy Carroll, Jr., was appointed to the Editorial Staff in his Sophomore year, and his work was rewarded by appointment as Managing Editor of this year's pubf lication. P. I-I. Downward made the Business Board in his Ereshf man year and was elected Business Manager in his Senior year. . . . . Much credit is due J. T. Naughton as Advertising Manager, R. W. Noble as Art Editor, and R. K. Raisler as last year's Busif ness Manager. A. C. Sutherland, J. A. Bower, and P. D. Creer helped with the art work, while D. Reiter and H. W. Steinhoff helped on the Business Staff. This year "The Triangle" is made ,.p. E 'M up of numerous Seniors and all should be commended on their B ' i work in improving the magazine. The success of "The Trif '-migye we 'V 1 angle" in 1926 was due to the efforts of these men. H V, ,,fgw,L,, ,f , . :K Af' la ,5Qf2?5Zs5..:,. 25 aw:-,,':5 ,f L., ' qw ---,3ffg:':fgg:i94f,5,.if-9:25 4 l?YQ13F45'1f1Z4?"' 'M . 4Z:..:il3..::....l . . , Jplgfvj.: - - . i. . 4,g'E5:Pf: :g , , it , - ,,4 fsfgffiiii z I 1 411. 'f 1 5 ' 2 . 1 A' , ' ,gig ag -- . :wwf 'n 4.., 4 af 5 1 . .. '1.vkfafr:Q.::-.'.-:-534 ,Qs-1,-5 :- 1 .fQrsw,u5::a: gig?-gfgfs-gg L ., . fr a .: ,a-l.--1' l I278l D MAYER SUTHERLAND Bowan CREER REITER LACY BI..-IMP C S M C S N L N R ERRITT ARROLL ACHSE AUGHTON INDSAY OBLE NTHE PENNSYLVANIA TRIANGLE" J. A. BOWBR, Arch., '26 eww UCUPU EditorfinfChief ...... Managing Editor . . . . Business Manager . . . . Circulation Manager .... Art Editor ....... Board of Managers J. F. SACHSE, 2d, Ch.E., '26 J. R. CARROLL, JR., Arch., '26 J. T. NAUGHTON, JR., E.E., '27 J. B. LINDSAY, E.EL, '26 . R. W. NOBLE, Arch., '26 Editorial Staff J. A. CHRISTIAN, M.E., '27 E. M. BLAMPI-IIN, C.E., '28 P. D. CREEK, Arch., '26 J. N. LACY, Arch., '27 R. S. RUNK, Ch.E., '28 F. CARLON, Arch., '27 H. REYNOLDS, JR., M.E., '27 C. SUTHERLAND, Arch., '26 W. SLOOUM, M.E., '28 Business Staj' KK. RAISLER, M.E., '26 D. S. MERRITT, Ch.E., '27 W. STEINHOFF, E.E., '26 H. SILVERMAN, Arch., '26 RBITBR, C.E., '26 P. H. MAYBR, E.E., '27 C. C. DAY, E.E., '28 12791 CCJUNTO " ATE in the year 1922, a student quarterly periodical was established on the campus, intended as a vehicle for expression in all of the more serious literary forms. The paper was entitled G'Junto," after the society of that name which Benjamin Franklin had formed a century and a half before, and which became the nucleus of the Philadelphia Library and later of the University of Pennsylvania. During the first few months of its existence, the magazine suffered Edie' Adams from the criticism which must inevitably follow upon the heels of such an effort, but it commenced later to thrive when greater harmony was sought, not only among its literary competitors, but also with the other more firmly estabf lished publications in the eyes of the undergraduates. L'Junto," as one of its policies, essays the difficult task of selecting for publication such material as falls within the happy medium between what is mediocre on the one hand and needlessly fantastic on the other. The province of "Junto" is definitely recognized as the shortfstory, essay, criticism, drama, poetry, and pastel. That "junto" is fast winning commendation and ,,.,'--1f 5 t:."', ,,,t ilfiflf. t,.i, Qi-ifii ,.,,, favor from its readers may be seen by the fact that its circuf Q l'. lation has doubled annually since its founding. That there is a need for it from the viewpoint of young authors on the campus ' l h ., ' ,a,i ,.i,, jsiv, may be shown by the constantly increasing amount of 1 'ia' p manuscript material submitted to the editors. ,,V, j , ,,,A "Junto" has supplied a need which was only in part i,fi ,gis f 'iitf catered to by the existing organs of student literary effort, F . . . 't'.ti rva' M Q1fsMB1sR5t1,92s.f, and will no doubt serve as an active means for the develop' 3 ,t',VV , ,,rl iyj ment of campus menfoffletters. IZSOI PEARTREE BLANKEORT POWELL MILLER NATHAN MAAS GOLDBERG SPECTOR KALINER CAIN KENNEDY DOWNS HAYMOND HYNKAN IWANICK HEINENTAN ADAMS SH UMAN MINTZ WILNER APPLEBAUM 'CJUNTO " Committee on Publication Editor-infChief . . . JOHN STOKES ADAMS, JR. Managing Editor . . . Business Managev . . SAMUEL HEINEMAN FRANCIS B. DOWNS ROLAND DONALD CAIN ANDREW W. SHUMAN BERNARD WILNBR NATHAN S. HYMAN JOSEPH APPLEBAUM Board of Editors GEORGE DECIUS MILLER SEYMOUR BLANKFORT WILLIAM F. KENNEDY Business Assistants ARMOND W. PBARTRBE DAVID HAYMOND JULIUS MINTZ ROYAL S. MAAS l281J CHARLES P. IWANICKI D. BROOKS POWELL DAVID F. KALINER I. RAYMOND SPECTOR FRANCIS NATHAN JOSEPH GOLDBERG ATHLETICS T IS recognized that athletes today are playing a major role in addingito a University's .prestige and renown. And, certainly, Pennsylvania athletes have accomplished a great deal in spreading the fame of our University from coast to coast. Men of Pennsylf vania are known not only for their physical feats but for the true spirit of sportsmanship and courtesy with which they are imbued. No branch of activities receives as much support from graduates and undergraduates as athletics. Those unable to participate actively lend their heartiest moral support, while the fortunate wearers of the Red and Blue in the athletic field are prepared to strain themselves to the last point to win for Pennsylvania. And yet to be an athlete requires as much moral stamina as moral courage. There are long weeks of harrowing competition and weary practice before a man is privileged to represent his Alma Mater. This fact alone is a sufficient deterrent to seekers of personal glory. In the minds of the men, from the lowliest scrub to captain, there is but one motive-an allfconsuming desire to see their Unif versity's colors, the Red and Blue, wave triumphant in victory. l282l 1 ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION RACTICALLY every sport has its place in the athletic life of Pennsylvania. Football, baseball, basketball, crew-all have their group of ardent supporters, striving to make their team the best in the country. Back of all these diversified interests there must be some controlling power, some group of workers to coordinate the efforts of each team with that of the others. We have learned, through experience, that success in any one field depends in a large measure on the elimination of conflict with others. With the success which has come to Pennsylvania teams during the past few years we have seen how true this is. Too much has been said in criticism and too little in praise of the organization which has accomplished the cooperation of all our sports, the Athletic Association. Few realize the size of the task iindertaken by the Association-the intricate management necessitated by our multiplicy of activities. It must provide a stadium for football, baseball, and track events, a gymnasium for basketball and physical education, fields for soccer and lacrosse, and so on for all athletic activities, both large and small. Coaches and trainers must be secured, a trainingfhouse and table main' tained, and all facilities to aid in turning out victorious teams provided. Squash has been added to the list of minor sports. During our four years at Pennsylvania we have seen materialize the crowning achievement of the Athletic Association, the erection of the Frankliniliield Stadium, one of the largest and most beautiful in the country. Last fall we saw an upper tier built on this stadium, a silent testimony of the interest and respect Philadelphians have for Pennsylvania athletics. The River Field has been transformed into a worthy battleground for championf ship soccer teams. The creation of sixteen new tennisfcourts provides a better opportunity for University T men to give Pennsylvania the top rank in the tennis world. The progressiveness of the Athletic Association has been reflected in the success of the teams themselves. An undefeated football team, a baseball team which lost but four games in twentyfthree, a crew which won more victories than any university in the country, are accomplishments to point to with pride. Our gratitude is due to the organization which has enabled victory to come to nearly all branches of athletics at Pennsylvania, and any praise which might be given the Athf Umvemry Band as Tale letic Association is well deserved. 52851 WEARERS OF THE'P CREW FOOTBALL REDWAY WILLSON L JOHNSON,A. G ONG S ELLIOTT ORNESON L FAYLE ETH SNYDER JOHNSON, L. H IRMIGER EINTZ JORDAN TRACK REEVE PFLUOFELDER MACDONALD LEWIS TAYLGR VALGENTI WOLF GRAVES CASSON DOUGLASS BASEBALL SOCCER FENCING CHACE BOOS APPLEBAUM LINDSAY RICHMOND LONG - LEWIS GTMNASTIC BASKETBALL CHILD KRAEMER SHERR DOUOHERTY LINDSAY GENTLE RAMAOE STEWART M,ORINE 12861 MAJOR SPORTS 12871 CAPTAIN JOE WILLSON I 238 1 FOGTBALL R later years. Manager Thompson that Year' N -THE 1925 football season, Pennsylvania passed through all the triumphs and tribulations that the sport has to offer to its followers. It rose to glorious heights to win bitter struggles and faced defeat when previous victories pointed to more fortunate results. But let us start at the beginning. In the fall of 1922, a Freshman team . under the tutelage of Jack Keogh established a wonderful record that augured well for its members who would play Varsity football in their These stalwarts who showed such promise during their first year were soon making names for themselves on the Varsity team in the season of 1923. The Varsity letter, symbolical of effort and achievement, was awarded to Sorneson and Thomas who were prominent in the victories of In our Junior year these same men played on that famous team which, because of its record, won the approval of coaches and followers 'of the sport throughout the country. The new Varsity men that season were Flues, Leith, Willson, and Robinson. It was on that memorable trip to California that joe Willson was elected to lead the team for the 1925 season. When the schedule for the 1925 season was made public, the general opinion was that our team could never go through such a season undefeated, and although this prediction came true, defeat was never due to a lack of that spirit which has made football at Pennsylvania what it is. The game with Ursinus proved to be a good start, as usual. A new deceptive offenf sive which Coaches Young and Bell had devised was working well. Swarthmore, more determined than ever, put up a noble fight and were it not for the heroic play of a substitute Penn center, Boltz, the game might have ended disastrously. The final score of 26-13, however, showed our superiority. The following week the team traveled to Providence, accompanied by the band and a group of loyal rooters. In a driving storm, that might have been more suitable for a movie thriller than a football game, our team waded through to victory. A total of nine points was garnered against none for Brown. Whenever the victories of 1925 are recounted, that over Yale will stand foremost in the telling. Generally conceded to be the weaker of the two teams, Pennsylvania went to New Haven with practically the entire student body, and, for the first time in its history, the Yale Bowl reechoed with the famous locomotive of our school. Unf leashing a powerful attack in the Hrst half, our team fought through two magnificent periods. Leith, Kruez, and Rogers led the onslaught. The comfortable margin of thirteen points amassed in the Erst half were suiiicient to offset the belated attack which Yale, with the aid of several substitutions, opened up in the second part of the game, and, with the Hnal whistle, this Pennsylvania team went down in history as the first Red and Blue aggregation to beat Yale. Then came an invasion from the west. Chicago, fresh from victories on its own I 289 I Coach "Loan 'Young is an , A a,..,w 'xs- Www I' W if . x an 3 has 9 ye? - , .,,. ., Snyder Heintz Laird Long soil, presented her vaunted team for our approval. Despite the strain of the past weeks and unfavorable weather, this worthy opponent was shown by our team how they do things in the East, to the tune of 7-o. But the West was not to he denied There came another Saturday, and Franklin Field was filled with one of the greatest crowds in its history. They came to see the galloping phantom of the gridiron, he of icefwagon fame, "Red" Grange. The lads from Illinois, with their giant band, were out to avenge early' season defeats. Pennsylvania's defense, the bane of many an aggressor, held during, the early minutes of the game and then the absence of several of our stars from the linefup, the grind of the previous weeks, and the sensational playing of Grange and his teamfmates began to tell. "There he goes!" was the cry from the stands, as Grange, in an open field, evaded wouldfbe tacklers and sprinted for a touchdown. To show that this was no fluke, "Red,' repeated. Pennsylvania's only score in the 24-Q. game was on a safety, when Thayer blocked an Illinois punt which rolled behind their goalfline. It was truly to a superior team that we bowed in defeat. Haverford could do little to stop the Red and Blue the following Saturday, and we rornped up and down the field at will. It seemed as if the team had recovered, and our defeat, 14-o by Pittsburgh, in the next game .was a distinct surprise to all, as it ruined our chances for the Eastern Championship which went to Dartmouth. The Thanksgiving Day Classic gave gloomy i'Gil" Dobie something to be really gloomy about, for Pennsylvania followed its practice of the previous year by defeating Cornell. The game went scoreless until the last min' OHM Wffshf Paton utes of the final quarter when Rogers picked Sons LEADERS up a Cornell fumble and, protected by l2901 Robinson Thomas Sorneson Leth Willson, raced across the goalfline. Kruez added the extra point and 7-o was the dessert to the day's turkey. With the passing of Walter Camp there has been no undisputed chooser of AllfAmerican Teams. Grantland Rice, who selected the AllfAmerican Team for Colliers, placed our own George Thayer, captainfelect, at one of the wing positions, while Kruez, Rogers, Sieracki, Robinson, Pike, and Butler were chosen on many honor teams by various coaches all over the country. There is no doubt that Pennsylvanias schedule was one of the most diflicult of any college in the country, and the remarkable showing which our team made is due to the efforts of Coach Young and his associates and Arthur Thompson, manager, and to the fighting spirit of every man on Joe Willson's team. Wilmeth Webb Bertuch Daniels Koons Little CHBER LEADERS l2911 THOMPSON, Mgr. Fxmznsa, Asst. Mgr, Hus Hman THOMPSON SCULL FONDE LENZNE11 WRAY, Asst. Coach Ydurec, Coach XVASCALONIS Hsmrz LONG Lfxum BUTLER ODIORNE PARKE BRYDON Flaws T1-:Avian Knsuz Ronmsou WILLSON, Capt. LET:-1 SNYDER Rosens SINGER 2 -B ' N:-:,f-sl-',-lp .-M: 2-1 !'?F5"'.1vE' WH: ',.L.E.1-.LA-A-W . .- . . , ,.,. .+- owEv,::v:-- -f 4: .4 , . .mag-.-3.3,-,,,,g,:p,,,.'.:Az...M.....,.:.....:.1-fu ,V ,.....,.5-:im-W5-.,,f--3,-.1-g,.m:1.ggswsigv, .. , ., . ff .,1Z11FiS"1jQf 'Z :f ' 959115 1.1 gil- . -' zf".,Z'.""f 'iff' 02, 'Eli'-33,41-'4 ff'-"".2'1 - . 4" . . -A :I feiifffrfyail- fmcwvc 'cz .1 5,53--L' L.-1 if,-1 55v ne.43'r4a4rm'.w,zM:.-1.1-4'.s-:iwszffz-M.:ffmzffff?+2:.:,-1:awww'--,,k.f,4. nmrwwfa,2s4'!,.,a4-e....m.szf,f:i-1-mmm...f'-f-f.zu...ff,- haf' f"Um:i':.. .,.4f: :W.,.:a95-9441:-1imaiv--v-.Y.fp-ua:f-fl: :ff-' -0.572-i'H-a1-'f'E-fr:.1i:5"a'- wt '..,,f--.ff gfmmffm ww. .-f..-:fm ' .-ww-..m..::--A .+4.fn.m. :.:Q.., -ww z -.-.:f. ,vffvsw rf.,.,.,.4 .,5?,q..,4M,2. nf. QM-ln.-,.,..mK,,.... ,....,-my 1+ ....--M.,V-x-V-.-4-mx-ig.,4-.-:...,4ww- ve f wh-WM, .ju-:!.,Q:,-X fy qs Jam WWW'myarf.-1,A.,,.M.Q?w+, .Q-mv: ishiw n..1.m:,-.w..1..,a,A,, .moz x.,y..,.. f-'ax - f- 1 14 .,g M, S., :gf Jpmgf, ,,gW,.,,.,.-W.-IfZ.:n.:,4.,,.9Q...A-ff: Q-.-:-AM .m4,g,,4-wwlw-ffcxw.--,-.w-,f1affw-V-1-.MM...vw w'-'W 0 64 +'5fw f5A5fv+ N.. me mwfvfiuw Www asf.:-w w -W' 1 -0-r: 1301.01-:W--'-Zwf-wi f 24- 9 wx' .V -sdf:.v-'W fav: .. f -en'fm:..w:w-'fx 'f-A'-:raw me-szi':Mf6',Q4,:2 ff- 1 1-'.:4:Z:"':v? 21 1.-f w 414:535.12141' mt 2f,:,-4211242-2wTEgg:ff:,.m:'qi-1-flaw.-w-1-1 af: AEN ..a-.v-wiff j 'A 5 - f f ,W , f..:..,1 , 'Q-3-. fe.-ff 2: .e:?,:L..'4.5g..'ff, 22--1-,.a,x.vgg. -. y. ,L gg, fd 1fn.,L,f:'I" .. . ,ffgifr ' - :f , ' f.fi3x. .0gf .. . 4. 05 .., , 4' f.--A -. V' ' ' II' - 1 .' E- fI'f p .2-'I...'f W WIfi-..'35.fsQfr:5Z.:-1 'W739 '-2':'."ff4f-335 221,-f f- ,z g,-+Q,fQ754e,ffwf-.1-fxwgw. 1- ' fm-: 5- f'- : ,G L -' ' MQ? mf' . ,- ww.. . . .. ,. V -,.v,vy,f-da..-. . f ..,. .. Q4 deg ,-.,3.?v' v ,Madge A . Q .,,. ,,., mm., ,. .,. Wl.,.Q..,f.,.x,.-vu? .g,2,p.. ,f. , . . V. ,, si, ,if ff- 1 ,gzqqa 5 JQ J W? YJ- ' ff' ' ig V ' V f ' f., g:f.' -I 'X":-Ag-:W-13.-.g fgzrA,,.9,LLf1:5":g-.ii:bw:"4:9-4':15!7f',Aj-'g,,,,,.3nZ3.,.2L'l x .4-'WYE '.'1Gi3l'i7E?'f'- "f3':Cv.:c ,.,fY12mi'1"3hA"h .s. G7 T-F . fa.. 1141 gi' -Ngvdf-ff"-Mw:x.:f-up '5"'f,zx1J,-4'::zi.:,2-G-.W-'mvfmwforf 1'-'51'913-'.,':,1-1--:Q-5'l.4:u::,' -.-'Q-.fn-.-2 ,ag f. V. ,,' f 4. .1 J. 'A 1 1' -1, ii-:?.af5p,JJ,,y:.f:fgg.a V- a-F 52233.512-"'k'r'v1.F7"f3"'f'V'f1,'f? f f Through the line in the Chicago game I 292 1 FCCTBALL CHRCNICLE Captain .... JOSEPH F. WILLSON Manager ...... ARTHUR E. THOMPSON Assistant Managers: JOHN M SCHAEFFER Associate Manager . . . S. GRAEME FRAZIER WILLSON T ALPASS LETTER MEN End, GEORGE THAYER Tackle, JOSEPH WILLSON Guard, RICHARD SNYDER Center, KARL ROBINSON Guard, JOHN BUTLER Tackle, STANLEY SIERACKI End, DONALD SINGER Quarterback, ALFRED LEITH Halfback, CHARLES ROGERS Halfback, CLARENCE FIELDS Fullback, ALBERT KRUEZ Halfback, JESSE DOUGLASS End, FOLWELL SCULL Tackle, EDGAR FONDE Guard, ROBERT PIKE Center, STEWART BRYDON Guard, SAMUEL PARKE Tackle, EDWARD HAKE End, EMIL HBINTZ Quarterback, JOSEPH LAIRD Halfback, RICHARD QDIORNB Halfback, THOMAS FREEMAN Fullback, HOWARD LONG Fullback, ALFRED WASCALONIS Fullback, LEONARD SORNESON Quarterback, ANDREW THOMPSON End, JOSEPH LENZNER COACHES Head Coach, LOUIS A. YOUNG Assistant Line Coach, CARL THOMAS Backjield Coach, BERT BELL Freshman Coaches: CLARK CRAIG ' Line Coach, LUD WRAY FRANK DBWHIRST End Coach, HOWARD STEVENS ALFRED LANGDON Scrub Coach, JONATHAN K. MILLER Trainer, LAWSON ROBINSON Tearn Physician, DR. ARTHUR LIGHT SCHEDULE Sept. 26. Ursinus College .... Oct. 3. Swarthmore College Io. Brown University . . T7. Yale'UniverSity . . 24. Chicago University 31. Illinois University . . . Nov. 7. Haverford College . . . I4. University of Pittsburgh 26. Cornell University . . . Opponents Varsity o 32 . . I5 26 . . O O . . I3 I6 . . O 7 . . 24 2 . . O 66 .......I4 O .......o 7 All games played on Franklin Field, except: The Brown game played at Providence, the Yale game played at New Haven l293J CAPTAIN KGDONN IRMIGER I 294 1 .Ai . 6. ' Z-f-f V , 9 A y X. l nnnlllf HE Class of 1926 has been noted in every branch of sport and has made a reputation for itself in all its activities, but in none more than in rowing. A retro' spect of our four years of service shows an enviable record of enthusiastic support, and Coach Ered Spuhn can testify to the part we played. Freshman crews in the fall always present the same apf pearance, and we went through the same experiences as many before us. Swish-Slap-Let 'er run. Another crab caught, another bent rigger or a broken oar. There, beneath the scornful gaze of the upper classmen who, of course, were pastfmasters of the art of rowing, was crew history in the making. At first we could absorb only the fundamentals, and the workfouts were rough and stormy. ln the Class races held that fall we had to bow to our traditional enemies, the Sophomores. But the will and the spirit was there, and when ' rowing was resumed in the spring of 1923, our Class crew found itself in the following form: Bow, Jordan, No. 2, Thomas, No. 3, L. Johnson, No. 4, A. B. Johnson, No. 5, Willson, No. 6, Reeve, No. 7, Elliott, Stroke, Irmiger, Coxswain, PflugfFelder. This crew captured second honors on the Schuylkill in the American Henley. As the fall of 1923 rolled around, the men had renewed vigor and were fighting hard. When the final selection was made the Class of 1926 was ably upheld by Irmiger, Stroke, Willson, No. 3, Reeves, No. 6 and Jordan, No. 7, in the Poughkeepsie Varsity. ln the Olympic Varsity was A. B. Johnson, while L. M. Johnson, Eayle, and Elliott rowed in the Junior Varsity. With these men playing major roles, Coach Wright was deterf mined to develop an Clympic representative. The results of an intensive training season were apparent, for in truth he nearly made good this Pennsylvania threat. In the Henley Day Ref Coach., Luft ,md gpm, l2951 Wil A. johnson Heimtz Reeve Gmshof I L. johnson gatta our Varisty crew Won both the Childs' Cup and the Stevvardls Cup, defeating the Navy for the first time in many years. With an undaunted spirit and the laurels of the Red and Blue to uphold, the 1925 season found the crews all primed for "victory or bust." From the results it is evident the men "gave their last ounce of devotion." With D. Irmiger, C. Jordan, R. Reeve, ug ' . kv:-1, W - - 'Yi ag? .wx L,,:::v4r Q A - ' lb 7:1 f , '1 .A ...rwwagk ?jf'MffMwy.w?'g an , , .Mg wwf 2 3, ...A xg... - . .3 .,,, Q is Q .gf za A V ,ffm V ' - 2.2 Fayle Redway Eliott Pf1us'Ff1dff I 296 1 1916 casw SQUAD L. Fayle, C. Elliott, and B. Redway on the Varsity crew, Pennsylvania swept to victory over Columbia and Princeton to win the Childs' Cup again. Seven Clays later, ' in the American Henley, the crews made a remarkable showing, including two second places by the Varsity and Junior Varsity respectively. In the junior Varsity shell were Reeve, Jordan, and Irmiger. Uur last chance to row in a Pennf sylvania shell has come, but no season ever looked more auspicious than this. We contend with the best and we expect to vanquish them all. We shall have good reason to remember 1 926, Hthe year we shall sweep the river at Poughf keepsiem- as Manager Sinclair put it, and the honorable part our Class took The CHQ, Bwge in it will live long in our memories. l2971 JOIIIJAN MITCHELL NEVIUS RENNIE CUTLER ADKINS MASON SPURDLE Juno I SOPOUND CREW SPRING PRACTICE ON THE RIVER f2981 May I May S May 22. May ZQ May 31 June 28 Varsity Junior Varsity Freshman Bow, L. M. JOHNSON SWAN BAILEY 2. ELLIOTT REEvEs JORDAN 3. A. JOHNSON NYLUND GENTSOH 4. REDWAY MAODONALD MCGEAN . HENSEL GOETZ JOHNSON . WOODRUEE GRASHOF CHENEY 7. FAYLE JORDAN SEBASTIAN Stroke, DOYLE IRMIGER SWEETSER Coxswain, RosE PFLUG'FELDBR BERRY 5 6 May 2 May 9 May I6 May 23 May go June 22 CREW CHRCNICLE 1926 Captain ..... .... D ONALD K. IRMIGER Manager ..... . . . ROBERT B. SINCLAIR Assistant Managers .' . . T. S. FRIEDBBRGER, R. C. BAKER Head Coach .... . . FRED SPUHN Freshman Coach ...... MAX LUFT 1926 CREW SCHEDULE Pennsylvania versus Naval Academy at Annapolis, Varsity, Junior Varsity, Freshman and Third Varsity. Pennsylvania versus Yale and Columbia at New Haven, Varsity, Junior Varsity and Freshman. Pennsylvania versus Harvard and M. I. T. at Cambridge, Varsity, Junior Varsity and Freshman. Childs Cup Regatta at Princeton, Pennsylvania, Princeton and Columbia, Varsity and Freshman. American Henley, Schuylkill River. Junior Varsity, Third Varsity, Igofpound. Pennsylvania versus Syracuse, Varsity. Pennsylvania in the Poughkeepsie Regatta. Varsity, Junior Varsity and Freshman. 1925 Captain ..,. .... H ECTOR MACDONALD Manager .... .... M ADISON W. PIERCE Assistant Managers . . . ROBERT B. SINCLAIR, J. B. KOHLER ' Coaches ........., JOSEPH WRIGHT, JAMES RICE SEATING CF CREWS AT POUGHKEEPSIE V 15ofPouncl RENNIE MASON ADKINS MARTIN SPIGLER NEVIUS JORDAN BORIE BERRY SCHEDULE FOR IQZS R Yale, Columbia, and Pennsylvania, Schuylkill River. Varsity Race, won by Yale, second, Pennsylvania, third, Columbia. Time, 7.35. Junior Varsity Race won by Pennsylvania, second, Yale, third, Columbia. Time, 7.38. Quadrangular Race, Charles River. Varsity Race won by Harvard, second, Pennsylvania, third, M. I. T., fourth, Cornell. Time, 9 minutes, II seconds. Junior Varsity Race won by Pennsylvania, second, Harvard, third, M. I. T., fourth, Cornell. Pennsylvania's Third Varsity and I5ofPound Crews defeated Naval Academy eights. Childs' Cup Regatta, Harlem River. Varsity Race won by Pennsylvania, second, Princeton, third, Columbia, 1'5ofPound Race won by Pennsylvania, second, Columbia. American Henley Regatta, Schuylkill River. Varsity Race for Steward's Cup, won by Navy, second, Pennsylvania. Junior Varsity Race won by Syracuse, second, Pennsylvania, third Harvard, fourth, Navy, Iifth, Princeton. Third Varsity Race won by Yale, second, Pennsylf vania, third, Harvard. Freshman Race won by Syracuse, second, Pennsylvania, third Navy. 15ofPound Race won by Pennsylvania, second, Harvard, third, Yale, fourth, Princeton. Poughkeepsie Regatta. Varsity Race won by Navy, second, Washington, third, Wisconsin, fourth, Pennsylvania, fifth, Syracuse, sixth, Cornell, seventh, Columbia. Junior Varsity won by Washington, second, Cornell, third, Pennsylvania, fourth, Syracuse, fifth, Columbia. l299J CAPTAIN RAY WOLF l3001 TRACK N THE starry Hrmament of old Pennsylvania's Athletic glory can be found, among the greater and lesser heroes of the past, the names of Ray Wolf, Everett Lommasson, Harold Casson, Leroy Lewis, Ernest Baily, Lansing Taylor, Melvin Sims, and many others of the Class of '26 who have carried the colors of their Alma Mater ably on track and field, Perhaps no one of these is comparable to the Merediths, Lippincotts, and Crtons, whose fame is international, but all Manager Graham have achieved a sufficient share of renown in intercollegiate comf petition to be classed as consistent pointfwinners in any meet. In January, IQ23, these men were initiated into the mysteries of the trackfroom as a part of the group of seventyfiive who answered Lawson Robertson's first call for Freshman track candidates. It is in that trackfroom that the strong and supple fingers of "Billy" Morris have prepared for the race many ,, L ,. r bygone makers of Pennsylvania track history. A ' After a thinningfout process there emerged from these embryonic stars a OnefMile Relay Team comf posed of Van Allen, Slater, Mooney, and Wolf who were selected to represent us in the Relay Carnival of 523 This combination placed fourth in a race won by Yale. Subsequently, in the New York Athletic Club games, the selectQon fared better by taking second aga nst a highly competitive field. The Class of '26 wound up its season w th a pair of dual meets against traditional rivals. Mercersburg won out against us despite the efforts of Wolf, Taylor, Lewis, Casson, Steward, and Supplee, who scored individual victories for Pennsylvania. We redeemed Coach R,,be,,,,,,, f301l 1 Taylor MacDonald ourselves however, by striding to victory over the Cornell yearlings by a score of 85 to go, this being the final meet of the year. In March of the following year, the Red and Blue finished an excellent indoor season by w nning the Indoor Intercollegiates for the second time in succession, with a total of ZIM points, on the boards of a New York Armory. Yale and Pr nceton were close bef hind in a tie for second honors. Among the nine pointfwinners for Pennsylvania were three Sophomores, ' Lanse'7 Taylor with a second in the ggfpound weight event, and Casson and Hubbard who tied with seven other men for second place in the high jump. Cn the crest of this brilliant indoor season, we launched into a notable outdoor record. In the Relay Carnival, Ray Wolf was part of the quartet which won the I-Ialff Mile College Relay Championship of America. Lommasson also upheld the laurels of the Red and Blue and of 526 by performing in enviable style on the team winning the Distance Medley Championship. Cn the field, Lansing Taylor outthrew many more experienced men and won second place in the hammer throw. Soon after in the Triangular Meet, Yale and Dartmouth were vanquished at New Haven, the Eli's finishing a quarter of a point behind our score of 55M points. Wolf, Lewis, Taylor, and I-Iubbard were the Sophomores who added points to our victorious total. The annual Dual Meet with the big Red Team at Ithaca was the first setback of the season. Cornell staged an upset and we bowed by a narrow sixfpoint margin. 13021 Fx.-wks GREEN Coz.soN SAxoN BARNSHAW Lowv Scum. Moonz HENDRICKS GRAHALf,Mg7. ROBERTSON, Coach Ce.ssmv,Assoc. Mg S S M P MCCLEAN Rooms BAILY Bnmxznu SLATER Lzwxs WoLE,CapL. C.-xssorr Sms S S G S 1926 TRACK TEAM 29311 gpg f iK'f"f""" 2 W' 'IAKAE' 'Q Qx 1 br: ,I Nj f3031' Casson Lo-mmasson May 31 will always stand out as one of the greatest days in the history of Pennsyl' vania athletics. Red and Blue crews swept the Schuylkill at the American Henley Regatta, winning four out of the five races in which they were entered, the Varsity speeding across the finishfline to win both the Steward and Child cups from eights representing Navy, Syracuse, Princeton, and Columbia. At Franklin Field the basef ball team scored a notable victory over the little brown men from Meiji University, of japan, and up in the Harvard Stadium, where the 48th Annual Track and Field Championships of the l. C. A. A. were being staged, a Penn team, udopedl' for a fourth or fifth place, surprised veteran trackfmen by bettering scores of the vaunted Lelandf Stanford and University of California Varsities, to finish in second position, just one point behind the victorious Yale team. Of our Class, consistent Ray Wolf ran fourth in the raofyard high hurdles and Casson tied with four others for second place in the high jump. Q Nineteen twentyfflve ushered in a somewhat disappointing season after the ones which had gone before. We showed a good deal of form in the early part of the indoor season, showing to advantage in the Municipal A. A. and in the Csteopathy games. In the Indoor lntercollegiates, which we had captured the past two years, we were forced to be satisfied with third place, following Georgetown and Harvard in that order. Taylor, Casson, Sims, and Wolf of '26 scored their share of points for the University. B041 raw M, W '. ,t ,,fw gg ,, fa, , , -. ' h w,.:f',.-5-.. wfiffk 4 'f -5 J Lewis Sims The outdoor season opened optimistically, with the men of '26 giving their full measure of support. Ray Wolf on the quartet smashing the Relay Carnival record in winning the CnefI'IalfflVIile College Relay Championship, Taylor repeating his success of the preceding week in the Ohio Relays by winning the hammerfthrow from a strong field. In the Triangular classic, we finished rather badly, nearly thirty points below the Blue. With the Cornell meet came the crowning event of the season for us. For the first time in several years, the Ithacans were nosed out in dual track competition, by a 7o-65 count. Five first places were credited to '26 trackmen: Wolf took both hurdle races, Lewis hurled the javelin, Casson slipped over the high jump parallel at 6 feet, and Taylor won his fourth straight victory of the outdoor season in the hammer throw. After this our showing in the Intercollegiate seemed only an antifclimax, for we could take no better than fifth place. Wolf hnished second inthe low hurdles and fifth over the high sticks. Seniors at last, we started the fall of 1925 with a team made up largely of new men. Our prospects seemed worse than they proved to be after the indoor season got under way. We entered in the Milrose A. A. Meet, the Newark A. C. and the Csteopathy games, performing in veteran style. In the banner meet of the board season, the Indoor Intercollegiates, the green 13051 Shatz Brainerd Toomey Pennsylvania team finished third to Harvard and Georgetown by taking points in nine different events. The coming outdoor season now looms before us. Under the expert tutelage and guidance of Lawson Robertson, and piloted by Captain Ray Wolf, we can safely predict a most auspicious season for the tearn. "Tex" Graham has managed the affairs of the team most skilfully. As head coach of the 1914 United States Olympic Team and as coach of Pennsylvania track teams for the past dozen years, Lawson Robertson is, and will always be a leader among men. H061 TRACK CHRONICLE . . RAYMOND WOLF . . E. ALLAN GRAHAM . . LESLIE M. CASSIDY . . LAWSON ROBERTSON Captain . . . Manager .... Associate Manager Coach ..... 'RESULTS OF THE INDOOR TRACK SEASON, 1926 NEWARK A. C. GAMES, February Io, 1926. Ray Wolf, Second, 7ofYard High Hurdles. NEW YORK A. C. GAMES, February 25, 1926, MADISON SQUARE GARDEN. Lowy, Second, 6ofYard Handi capsg Ray Wolf, First, 6ofYard High Hurdles. Onefmile College Relay Won by Pennsylvania, Mary' land, Second. GSTEOPATHY GAMES, February 27, 1926. OnefMile College Relay Won by Pennsylvania CLoInmasson, Greene, Rogers, Scullj. TWofMile Run won by Payne. 5ofYard Dash, Lowy, Firstg Shatz, Second. INDOOR INTERCOLLEGIATES AT NEW YORK, March 6, 1926. Pennsylvania, Third, With 23M points. Slagle tied with Durfee of Yale for Second place in the PolefVault at I2 feet, 4 inches. McClean Second in the ShOtfPut. Casson second in the Running High Jump. Wolf Second in the 7ofYard High Hurdles. Lovvy fourth place in the Running Broad Jump. SCHEDULE 1926 OUTDOOR April 23 24. THIRTY'SECOND ANNUAL RELAY CARNIVAL AT FRANKLIN FIELD. May 1. TRIANGULAR MEET WITH YALE, DARTMOUTH, AND PENNSYLVANIA, AT FRANKLIN FIELD. May 8. DUAL MEET WITH CORNELL AT ITHACA, N. Y. May 15. ANNUAL SPRING HANDICAP TRACK AND FIELD MEET. May 28-29. FIFTIETH ANNUAL INTERCOLLEGIATE AMATEUR ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION CHAMPIONSHIPS OF AMERICA AT CAMBRIDGE, MASS. RESULTS OF THE OUT DOOR TRACK SEASON 1925 April II. OXEORDCAMERIDGE RELAY TEAM. First, Cambridge, Second, Pennsylvania, Third, Oxford. April 15. ANNUAL SPRING HANDICAPS. April 24-25 THIRTY'FIRST ANNUAL RELAY CARNIVAL AT FRANKLIN FIELD. May 2. TRIANGULAR MEET WITH YALE, DARTMOUTH AND PENNSYLVANIA, AT NEW HAVEN. Penn' Sylvania, 46M, Yale, 74M, Dartmouth, LIZ. May 9. DUAL MEET WITH CORNELL AT FRANKLIN FIELD. Pennsylvania, 7og Cornell, 65. May ZQ-30 FORTY'NINTH ANNUAL INTERCOLLEGIATE AMATEUR ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION CHAMPIONSHIPS OF AMERICA AT FRANKLIN FIELD. University of Southern California, 33, Princeton, 29M, Yale, 26Mg Georgeton, 25, Pennsylvania, 22. 13071 CAPTAIN "ZIP" LONG fsos 1 R' X 2 . B A 5 E B A L L. TANDING prefeminent among other spring sports, basef ball has for many years claimed a major part of underf graduate interest at Pennsylvania. Devotees of the national game anxiously await the call for candidates, while winterfweary fans delight to see aspirants "warming up" in the Big Quad or having a catch in the middle of some public thoroughfare. The present graduating class appeared to have a goodly number of both players and fans when the Freshman Manager O- O. Axlfy team of IQ23 started its season. Proof of this lies in the playing of Lindsay, Charles, Richter, and Chace who formed a fast and smoothfworking inneld, while 'LZip" Long, Addis, and Koplin bore the brunt of the pitching. With Sorneson, Reiter, and Anderson in the outfield, a well balanced team was completed. The season was a successful one and established the prestige of the Class of 1926 upon the diamond. In the following spring, the first call for Varsity candidates found Richter, Sorneson, Reiter, Chace, Long, and Lindsay with the ju- - A P squad at Atlantic City. This season was A a banner one in Pennsylvania baseball hisf ig, I tory. At the close we were again found to be V 'H .V 'TE i ff leading in eastern collegiate circles, winning ppzg 2 Auvip A g eighteen of the twentyfthree games played e ' QA and tying one. Due to the excellent playing , of those men who had composed the Varsity , team for the past two years, it was a difncult T task for the 199.6 men to obtain regular f if.- i 5 berths on the team. i f V "Zip" Long blossomed into a pitcher of l309l Coach Cariss L - 'xvtwggiim . ,J 1 ...V , fm, - - ,gf-R , 2 - H -1, 53 ,X we 'QS' fl ,,4 ' m ' 'iv 'v I v P, .rv yfmif M 5 , 2 ,, 4 , gay' G5iaf'..m.:a. f w 0' 'f " ' -' T::',.a.WWe:'i4 1: Chace no mean ability, and it was largely due to his wonderful work on the mound that Pennsylvania was ranked as the leading team in the East. Cn "Straw Hat Day," our old rival, Yale, went down to defeat at the hands of "Zip" who pitched a remarkf able game. Colgate, Dartmouth, and Cornell were also among the leading teams who bowed to the Red and Blue that year. With the coming of the 1925 season, Pennsylvania decided to change its policy and send its warriors back to the South as of old. At the close of the training period in Virginia, a 1926 battery of Long and Chace was picked to lead the way in the coming season. The results proved that Coach Cariss' choice was a good one, as 'LZip" Long was unanimously chosen as one of the leading pitchers in the East, having won twentyfone of his twentyfthree starts in two seasons. He was largely responsible for Pennsylvania's winning the Quadrangular Cup, having defeated Dartmouth, Columbia, and Cornell. Roger Lindsay proved to be a very versatile player and performed credibly at every position in the infield, nnally winding up as a regular at third. Paul Chace, the other 1926 letter man, did well in receiving the offerings of "Zip" Long. At the close of the 1925 season, Howard T. Long was chosen Captain Few realize the problems that faced Coach Cariss when he re viewed the material with which to mold a team for the season of 1926 With every position on the inheld left vacant by graduation is it any wonder that both mentors and undergraduates alike should have been skeptical of the team's success? 'Eddie ' Farrel, now with the New York American team Sensenig and Qchuff were men whose places would be hard to H11 However the wealth of battery and outheld material somewhat discounted the loss of the inield of 1925 and Dr. Cariss found the solution to his problem in men from the Freshman team and substitutes from last year s Varsity. Lindsay at first Hummel at third Cole at short and Armstrong or Goldblatt at second formed an infield that promised to surpass our fondest hopes. and C. C. Axley and "Hy" McKee, Manager and Associate Manager, respectively. l . , . - - , 3 , fi la S , 'fx 'sv or 3 7 7 At the present writing the team has just returned from its southern trip and proved that it was rounding into condition. l310l Lindsay P M C Ch R S C T H K Lo Aruss, oac E11-nn Axiom CONNEL BISHOP DAVENPORT Axuzy, Mg ummm. Run Nc, Cant, CHACE Firms LINDSAY KNOBLAUC D THOMAS THOMPSON GOLDBLATT Anmsraoxc TAS 1926 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM .Mamas mffai x EESYX l3111 f 2 n - ' ' awww , , .rx mp.-114' t Q , M:f.Qs.' V ' Y W .4 -. 'Q .ww f' , ' ,TF C2 i?"1i2'1 ' ,.-M2353 Q-.5 -' , aw, ay-12-Q -': 2, 3 .. - Ragga-6 'A' ' 4 9 '-" . , , V Reiter Richter Captainn Long, is again bearing the brunt of the pitching while Paul Chace and "Pudge" Davenport can be depended upon to take care of the catching assignment. The team's showing in the opening games gives evidence that Coach Cariss has again put a Winning Red and Blue team in the field. The greatest appreciation is felt by Pennsylvania men for the efforts of Dr. Cariss and "Danny" Coogan, the Varsity and Freshman coaches, together with Manager Axley, who have done all in their power to promote baseball at Pennsylvania. L3121 BASEBALL CHRONICLE Captain . , HOWARD T. LONG Assistant Managers . CHARLES A. ALLEN Manager .... ORRELL O. AXLEY PHILIP DEGI-IERT Associate Manager JOHN HIRAM MCKEE Coach .L,..A DR. WALTER CARISS TEAM Catchers . . . CONNELL, CHACE Third Base . . . HUMMEL First Base . . . LINDSAY Left Field . . . , THOMAS Second Base .... ARMSTRONG Center Field . . . TREMPER Shortstop ..... COLE Right Field . . . FIELDS Pitchers ...... LONG, KRUEZ, SANFORD, BISHOP, KNOBLAUCH Substitutes Outheld .... DEUTCH Second Base .... TASHJIAN, GOLDBLATT Shortstop .... THOMPSON Catcher ..... DAVENPORT Center Fielder ...... REITBR SCHEDULE SEASON 1926 Penn Opp. Opp Mar. 27 Drexel . . . . 3 9 May 4 William and Mary 31 Virginia .... . . 3 9 6 Lehigh . . . . April I Virginia ..... . I 3 8 Harvard . 2 Washington and Lee . . 9 8 II Ursinus . 5 Washington and Lee . . 6 4 I4 Dartmouth . 5 Richmond ....,. 8 S 15 Harvard . 6 William and Mary . . . I S IS Rutgers . . . 7 Maryland .,... . 3 6 2o Penn State . IO Army ..,..... 3, S 22 Dartmouth . I4 Franklin and Marshall . . 5 IO 26. Gettysburg . I7 Columbia ..,.... 8 5 ZQ Syracuse . 20 Swarthmore . . . . 7 O June 2. Columbia . 23 Brown . . . . 2 4 5 Colgate . . 24 Yale . . . . . 6 2 II Cornell . 29 N. Y. U. . . . IO 4 I2 Princeton . May I Yale . . . . 4 5 16 Cornell . I3131 X .s Q, CAPTAIN HANS BOOS I3141 Manager Crawford once became the most soccea HE sixth year of Soccer as a major sport finds it more deeply entrenched than ever in the hearts of those who have fostered this sport since its inception at Pennsylf vania. During the years IQZO, 1923, and 1924, Intercollegiate Championships have been won, a factor which is largely ref sponsible for its popularity at the present time. The Class of 1926 had its first opportunity to turn out for soccer in the fall of 1922. The Freshman team of that year won every contest and ended the season in a blaze of glory by defeating the 1922 Varsity in a game that still recalls the excelf lent playing of "Hans" Boos and "Charlie" Stewart, who at conspicuous players of the Freshman aggregation. In our Sophomore year we were represented on the Varsity earned for them the right to fill the places vacated by graduation. Their playing contributed largely to Pennsylvania's winning the Intercollegiate Championship that year. by Boos and Stewart, whose playing the previous fall had The fall of 1924 found several positions open to members of the Class of 1926. "Jimmy" I 1, Gentle capably hlled inside left, a position which he has held for the past two years. Another Intercollegiate Championship came to Pennsylf vania in 1924, the second in succession. The formation of a team during the past year, capable of maintaining the reputation earned by its predecessors, was a most difficult problem to solve, inasmuch as only two veterans remained after the process of graduation and ineligibility was completed. Four more members of the Class A S mm Cond, Gould of 1926 stepped into Varsity positlons and took 13151 Coach Stewart alll, xi ., J by :J 351, ,Li , Y. , V if ,sv n " wifi, ,dw ,-,-, :V , ,170 ..,., Q Q ' -2 'S J -.-ry, 1 A . ri i Q 'g::.f - .' gl? f .: ,L,, j E, X 2 -If .321 g g i af ' f f , ' .las 'lf Gentle Richmond Child it upon themselves to "carry on." 'lPete" Lewis filled the position of fullfback, Child and Dougherty occupied halffback and outside left respectively, and Warren Richf mond became goalfkeeper. The season was a fairly successful one. Cnly the defeat by Princeton prevented us from winning our seventh championship in eleven seasons. After a valiant fight the Tigers overcame us, with a score of five goals to three. We defeated every other member of the Intercollegiate League. Out of a total of eleven games played during the season but two were lost. The other defeat was at the hands of the Altoona Shops, one of the strongest amateur teams in the East. Among our victims were Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Haverford, and Navy. The Navy game was somewhat of an upset, for what usually has proven to he a thorn in our sides was easily converted into a victory by the score of seven goals to one. The Varsity "P" was awarded to the following men: Boos, Richmond, Calder, Wood, Lewis, Child, MacDonald, Shelmire, West, Binns, Gentle, Dougherty and Pratt. Of these, Boos, Richmond, Lewis, Child, Gentle, and Dougherty are members of the Class of 1926. ' y Crawford survived the final competition for the managerial position and to him is due a large portion of the credit for the excellent manner in which the team was handled. To Layman Redden, Associate Manager, is due the credit for the success of the Second Annual Interscholastic Soccer Tournament. This event, inaugurated during the season of 1924, has as its aim the fostering of soccer among preparatory schools. We cannot close our chronicle without a word of praise for Douglas Stewart. This year marked the completion of his fifteenth season as head coach of soccer at I3161 GOULD, Asst. Coach A SHELMIRE CALDER STEWART Bmxs WEST PxATT- STUEBNE11 MACDONALD CHn.D Rxcx-moms Boos ' GENTLE DOUGHERTY LEWIS Wooo VARSITY TEAM w After the Ball Goal I317l ,-1-'ffi fr in Br , 1 , 5 K 'fifiilv P 237 ,fggfex .. vii,-, 141. fiat-1f1'. wi- -'-1 -. ,Q Lewis Dougherty Pennsylvania. Since the formation of the Intercollegiate League he has been successful in bringing six championships to Pennsylvania. Wherever soccer is discussed or played, Coach SteWart's name is held in reverence, a fact which is due to his excellence as a player in England and Scotland, as well as to his success as a coach in America. Assisf tant Coach "Davy" Gould is another familiar figure and the combined efforts of these two men have brought success to soccer at Pennsylvania. In closing, the Class of 199.6 wishes to express its appreciation for their interest and services. W P A Closefup I318 I SOCCER CHRCNICLE Head Coach Assistant Coach . . . . Manager . Assistant Managers . . . Captain . Goal, RICHMOND LINEfUP Right Fullback, WOOD Left Fulllnaclq, CALDER, LEWIS DOUGLAS STEWART DAVID L. GOULD JAMES CRAWFORD ERWIN A, STBUBNER ARNOLD D. K. MASON ROY E. SLAGLE HANS E. Boos Right Halfback, WEST, PRATT Center Halfback, MACDONALD Left Halfback, CHILD Outside Right, SHELMIRE Inside Right, Boos Center Forward, BINNS Inside Left, GENTLE Outside Left, DOUGHERTY RESULTS Englewood Field Club Altoona Works . . . Montclair Field Club Crescent Field Club . Harvard ..... Yale .,..... New York University Princeton ..... Cornell . . Haverford . . . Naval Academy . I319l PD 4 O 7 CAPTAIN PAUL DAVENPORT I 320 1 , , Q r 2 , ic h BASKETBALL .v W I L C HE Class of 1926 entered Pennsylvania to uphold the basketball supremacy which the University had acf p quired for six consecutive seasons, the first five years of which they held the League Championship. Then out of the West came that great Chicago five, challenging our supremacy. Yet, when the final whistle blew we were the victors and the "National" champions. The last year Pennsylvania held unf disputed league leadership until the last and remaining game with Princeton. We lost. After a bitter struggle in the playf Manager Gil-martin off of the tie, Princeton came out on top. Such was our basket' ball heritage. During the past four years, no sport has made more progress at Pennsylvania, and the Class of '26 has taken a lively part in it. Not only have we been represented on the team itself, but the Class as a whole has supported the team well. While the Varsity was making an enviable record in 523, our own Class was roundf ing out in real Pennsylvania spirit. We won twenty of the twentyftwo games played. "Bob" Reeves was captain that year, and his teamfmates were Ramage, forward, Sherr, center, McNichol and Lewis, guards. Such teams as Cornell Freshman, Peddie-the interf scholastic champions of New Jersey, Catholic High School-the champions of Philadelphia-all bowed before our victorious aggression. With the opening of basketball in our Sophomore year, prospects of success were very bright inasmuch as the radical changes in the rules and the other departments of the game gave us an advantage which we lacked in weight and height. Although we started out well the winning streak could not last, due to injuries to Leopold, i Morris, and Captain Carmack. Because of the midseason l slump, our chances of hnishing away up on top seemed CUM MCNM01 53211 sv! K W -L 'lul j e i 'j X 'Tv 4 1 f' A, Qs, Lindsay Ramage rather slim. The Class was ably represented by Lindsay on the Varsity, with Ramage and Drummond as reserves. Some of the best hves met defeat at the hands of the Red and Blue, including Chio State, Yale, Lafayette, and the Navy. The record made the following year was nothing short of remarkable, and Coach McNichol cannot be given too much credit for it. With Sherr, Lindsay, and Ramage, "' ,frm 2490,-'Vs L f:i'7'?5f zf -' 4'-an 1 ,swf vf 1415 if f iwm zz-,a f' .1 My fi L 611: 4,1 ,. R. Reeves Drummond I 322 I Gn.MAR'riN, Mgr. VJALXER CHAPMAN MCNICHOL, Coach Man-xiws CONNELL THoMPsoN EVAUL, Asst. Mgr. FIELDS RAMAGE Sr-nam. DAVENPORT Lnsos.-xv GOLDBLATT LUKASXVITZ on the squad, a great team was built up. The scalps of Lafayette, Queen's College, and Yale dangling from our belts made us feel that prospects of a championship team were very bright, Gradually this encouragement flickered as Columbia, Cornell, and Dartmouth beat us. But, as the old saying goes, "You can't keep a good man down," so the team hnally found itself and played havoc with its remaining opponents. The brilliancy of the rejuvenated team completely overshadowed our midseason reverses- Pennsylvania tied for' second place in the Intercollegiate League. Decisive victories were won by virtue of extraordinary skill and speed. With a veteran five, the past season proved to be a thriller. Before the first league game the reports had it as a threefcornered race between Columbia, Dartmouth, and Pennsylvania. Columbia, however, carried off the lion's share, losing only one league game, that being at the hands of the versatile Red and Blue aggression. The five rose to dizzy heights and displayed uncanny ability, both on the offensive and the defensive, by the manner in which it humbled the New Yorkers. By virtue of the victory much enthusiasm was arousedbecause of a tie with Dartmouth for secondf place honors. To maintain that position, Princeton had to be beaten. In a most thrilling game, the 'LTiger-sl' nosed Pennsylvania out by a lone field goal during the I3231 ' . ik? l Shen Addis Benford Waning minutes of play. Score 34-32. Sherr, Lindsay, and Ramage played their last game for their Alma Mater in a most creditable manner. "Menchy" Goldblatt of the junior Class was chosen for the AllfCollegiate Five. He developed into one of the best collegiate guards in years and certainly the best in the league. When Gold' blatt played Loeb to a standstill in the Columbia game he was given one of the greatest ovations, on leaving the floor, ever accorded any player here. So the Class of '26 played its part' Well in the held of basketball. Its name will ever conjure memories of indomitable fight and the neverfgivefin spirit that characterizes Pennsylvania teams. l3241 Dec. Jan. Feb. April BASKETBALL Captain . M anager Assistant M anagers .... Coach . PAUL DAVENPORT F. RODGER LINDSAY EMMANUEL GOLDBLATT LOUIS SHERR WILLIAM J. RAMAGE 5. Muhlenberg . . 12. Lafayette , . 19. St. Josephs , 29. Syracuse . 1. Yale . . 2. McGill . O. Dickinson . 13. Princeton . . 16. Dartmouth . 26. West Point . 3O. Ursinus . 6. Cornell . 12. Columbia . 13. West Point . 20. Cornell . . . 22. Swarthmore . . 27. Columbia . . 2. Penn State . . 6. Dartmouth . 13. Princeton . SCHEDULE PAUL DAVENPORT MAURICE A. GILMARTIN ROBERT KRANTZ ARTHUR JOHANSON EDWARD MCNICHOL LETTER MEN CHRONICLE L3251 WILLIAM J. LUKASWITZ HARVEY MATHEWS RAYMOND P. WALKER ANDREW E. THOMPSON CLARENCE L. FIELDS Penn ..27 .19 ..3I .,25' ..3o ..27 ..17 ..2O ..27 ..32 ..24 ..27 ..23 ..16 ..28 .i.23 ..23 ..24 .19 ..32 Opp. 16 I2 14 BO 19 18' 23. 7-3 32 31 18 16 34 II I2 15 20 16 22, 34 11 ,.,,, ,-+ F' f - i CLA S RECORD ...A - V - ,Golf A' ,. iBGJlG5: 1, . I I . -122-491 fy? 1' Aw 1. 7 ,VL ,5 , ,. VV 'VVV KAAAAAAAAAAAA ' ai. ' ,--pgfg Li 4 fx' ' -'. ff .- N 1 1 ' 'fi . , - . '1-3. , MINOR SPQRTS I l327I -,EZ MINOR SPORTS LTHOUGH there is no storm of applause constantly following the activities of the Minor Sports, yet in the unfrequented and littlefknown parts of our extensive University these groups of men work hard, receive little credit, and yet give to the University part of its international reputation. Those larger sports which have taken up most of the college interest in previous years have nearly swamped the lessfknown teams, but lately, and in particular this season, the minor sports have crept up in interest. Now the student body shows interest in various meets and a spirit that probably has never before been equaled. An increasing number of men appear to battle , for positions on the teams, while the number of candidates aspiring for managerial positions has become much larger. V Mr. Thomas B. Prichett is the 'graduate chairman of the Minor Kmfmffl Gym Sports Committee, and through his unceasing interest and his personal visits to the teams much of the increase of interest can be traced. This year has seen the introduction of a new team to the group of Minor Sports. Squash has appeared and been sanctioned by the Athletic Association. Mr. John Hendricks has been selected as the coach, and has already made great progress with the team. It has been entered in the Philadelphia lnterfClub Squash League, which comprises most of the country and city clubs in and about town. The only meet which this new sport was able to secure for the season of 1926 was with Yale, which the latter won by the score of 6-o. The Minor Sport season at Pennsylvania was opened this year by the swimming team in winning a meet with Columbia University. George Kistler has been for many past seasons the successful coach, and this year he brought the team through a particularly good season, winning several meets and placing third in the league standing of the Intercollegiate Swimming Association. Paul Wilson was the captain and a consistent winner throughout the year. Chace, Randall, and John Rhein wereother representatives from our class, the latter being a record holder in the breastfstroke event. The water polo team, capf tained by Alex Sutherland, won four games this year and lost two. Under the skillful guidance of "Bunny" Servais, the wrestling team valgmrf, Rifle 13281 completed a very good year, beating Princeton, Lafayette, Syracuse, and the Army. Captain Wight and Herriot were the members from L ,A ii-,ff-es , our class, and both of these men reached the finals in the Intercollegiates. McDonald, in the izgfpound weight, KZ performed well throughout the season and succeeded in taking second place in the Intercollegiates. Of all the sports this year, there is, perhaps, none that can boast of a more unfortunate season than the boxing team. Coach George Decker, not once or twice, but nearly a dozen times, had to find new men for his meets on the eve of the battle. Some were taken ill, others became ineligible, and misfortune seemed to trail the boxers all season. Cut of this darkness, however, came at least the comfort that many inexperienced men in the lower classes were broken in, and the prospects look good for .v', Z LZ' X Y ' QI W , ,M A 6 I , jaw? ff? fyy I4 fig!! if K 'gf i Z L: ff: , LZ 7 fi f , ff? 2 ff , 4' I , N I V 5' ff f ,L A. -zv.m.+.,.- V., - -- M- s -' - ' Mem: Golf E next year. Captain Schmoker, a clever boxer in the 145' pound class, was unable to appear in any of the meets due to an injury of the previous-season, and Sam Levy, a new man that performed well in the rzgfpound weight, took the lead. Besides Clair Schmoker, the Class of 1926 was represented on the team by Walter Crloff, J. L. Riccio, and H. Pomerantz. In the Intercollegiates, Clark, of the unlimited weight, reached the finals and Levy was edged out in the semiffinal round. 5, Fencing is a sport which requires hours of tedious D practice, and it is not until after many months or years Q f," ,i., of hard work that one acquires the necessary skill to credit is due to Coach Terrone for the success that he has had this year. Syracuse, Princeton, Harvard, Cornell, New York A. C., and the Saltus Fencing Club were all outfduelled. Captain Applebaum, of our class, helped greatly in the meets by being a consistent winner. Apparently the gym team does not know what it means to have an unsuccessful season, for in the five years which the team has been in the University it has always flourished. Coach D'Eliscu is largely responsible for the success. This year was no exception, for the gym team lost but one meet, and against ChiofWesleyan captured l3291 ms, Tennis handle the foils, saber, and epee of this sport. Much :iii if ?,m,,,: ,1 , .. x . ' x Mi, X , ' ?' "1 F' - . , ..., . .,.. ,,,. , .- Q V ., Applebaum, Fencing Bailey, CTOSS'CCUHtTy other of the Minor Sports. I Frank Ellis will be captain of the tennis team for this year, and the prospects are very pleasing, The men from our class who helped last year to make the team a success, and who will undoubtedly perform well this year, are Colburn, Reeves, and Murphy. The golf team this year will be led by Dan Merritt, of last year's White, Wrestling every first place. Manfred Kraemer is the captain and one of the star performers. The team took Hrst place in the Eastern Intercollegiate Gymnastic League, and also three individual Intercollegiate championf ships. Ehrman won the championship on the side horse, while Kraemer took first place on the flying rings and holds the Intercollegiate record for ropefclimbing. ' ' The lacrosse team for this year is composed chiefly of Sophomores and Juniors. Although being defeated in the early part of the season by the combined team of Oxford and Cambridge, and then by the Army, Coach Fries will undoubtedly have a fine squad to work with when these newer men have had more experience, Alfred Saydah is the captain and of our class, but an inf jury prevented his participation in the first games. Much interest has been taken in lacrosse this season, and a larger squad turned out at the first call than for perhaps any brilliancy. Many matches are scheduled with the Interf collegiate League, of which the golf team is a member. Cliver Brock and Dan Merritt will represent the Class of 1926 while the playing of Morrow and Haven is exf Saydah, L acfo 5,5 pected to bring good results. Much may be said about the rifle team, for in the last few years it has always been of the first rate. This year it boasts the unique record in not having lost a match, and is the Intercollegiate Championship Rifle Team. Frank J. Valgenti, Jr., the captain, is undoubtedly one of the best marksmen in the country. I-Ie is the holder of the National Inf dividual Intercollegiate Championship for the last two years. He holds the World's EourlPosition Record, in which match he made a perfect score, 4oo points out of 4oo. He has been captain of this threefyear Intercollegiate Championship Team for two years. Valgenti, I-Iarold fsaoi 0 4 f' gyffz, of .fzzw il iz' :-. Twig! x f R f I 1 xii 3 2 ,ff I 4 ' , pd, Qfflflf . M A 5 ff'?f4f1', F 1' I xx M , 4 f if f 5 6 Z 1 "L 53.1. 22' 'ftfil flffv QW si-Q, 74 Q' 2 J 'U Zh . 3 i f '1 ' -r wcffiil' .f ' . 453 ' -4 W P22 Sutherland, Water Polo Wilson, Swimming Graves, Charles Douglass, and Leonard Lerch from our class are on the team. The cross country team was led this year hy "Dick" Bailey, the only member of our class on the team. Although We hear very little from this squad, We know that their training is most strenuous, and there is, prohahly, no sport, especially among the Minor Sport group, which requires more patience and hard vvork. In the quadf rangular meet with ACornell, Dartmouth, Columbia, and Pennsylvania, we received the last place, but in the Intercollegiate, Glenn Won a place, which gave Pennsylvania a ranking. Glenn received the muchfcoveted letter for the sport and was elected captain for the coming season. 13311 ROTI-IMAN, Asst. Coach HAIIE A. jol-INANSEN FROI-ILICI-I BUTTON NATHAN WILSON FRIES. Coach STERLING BucIcLER MILLER DEANGUINOS BEAUREGARD NOCTON LABOYTEAux MOORE JOI-IANSEN TEAM Captain ,... ALFRED V. SAYDAH Assistant Managers . . . F. B. HUEER, J. WAZELBAUM, JR. Manager . . . C. W. MATHIESON Coach ........ W. H. FRIES Assistant Coach ...... A. ROTHMAN TEAM MEMBERSHIP C. I. BEAUREGARD D. FRANK W. P. MILLBE W. BUTTON D. N. HOPKINS M. MOORE W. DALEY W. W. JACHENS G. MUNGER M. DINER A. F. JOI-IANSEN M. I. SINGER H. M. DARBY H. J. LEVY M. WYATT W. DEANGUINOS C. C. MACNEELY C. B. EATON SCHEDULE April 6. OxfordfCaInbridge CMerion Cricket Clubj IO 17 24 May 1 . Army CHomej . Penn State CHOmej . Cornell Clthacaj . University of Maryland fHOmej ' SCORES. D. O. ORCUTT J. R. TAYLOR R. N. GRIFFETH D. L. BUCKLER L. C. NUNGUESSER D. H. CHANDLBE J. FELDMAN H. H. FROHLICH H. G. EVANS B. G. LABOYTEAUX R. I. OPPINHBIM May 5. Stevens Institute CHomeD 8. Yale CNew Havenl 15. Johns Hopkins CHomeD 19. Swarthmore CSwarthmOreJ zz. Lehigh CLehighD OxfOrdfCambridge . . . . I6-2 Cornell ......... 5-I Army ....... . . I4-O University Of Maryland . . 9-1 Penn State . . . . . To-6 Stevens Institute . . I. . . 9.-8 l3321 CROSS COUNTRY it Ill 1 . . Q ., . . . - . . , - BARR, Asst. Mgr. CARROL CAssIm', Mgr. STARRATT BAILEY, Capr. GLENN TEAM Captain . ERNEST E. BAILEY Manager . LESLIE CASSIDY Coach . RUSSELL PAYNE Assistant Manager . JOSEPH BARR WILLIAM GLENN ROBERT STARRATT WILLIAM CARROLL GEORGE LIEBERMAM SCHEDULE OCTOBER 31. Pall Handicap Meet-Cobb's Creek Course. Won by King, 127. Time Prize, Ernest E. Bailey. NOVEMBER I4. Quadrangular Meet-Cornell, Columbia, Dartmouth, and Pennsylvania-at Van Cortlandt Park, New York City. Won by Columbia, Dartmouth, secondg Cornell, third, Pennsylvania, fourth. NOVEMBER 15. Intercollegiates-Van Cortlandt Park, New York City. Won by Syracuseg Pennsylvania, eighth. l3331 fo l - . sf- GORDON, Asst, Mgr. PHILLIPS BALL HEMYHILL WRIGHT, Asst. Mgr. XVILE, Mgr MCLEISH LERGH Woon VALGENTI, Captain PERRY DOUGLAS HENDERSON Captain .... FRANK J. VALGBNTI Assistant Managers . BENJAMIN GORDON Manager .... JOSEPH S. WILB DONALD WRIGHT TEAM MEMBERS i FRANK J. VALGBNTI LEONARD K. LERCH WILLIAM A. BALL CHARLES W. DOYJGLAS WILLIAM B. PERRY WILLIAM J. MCLEISIi RALPH H. WOOD EDWIN! M. PHILLIPS JOSEPH HBN1PH'ILL, gd LEWIS F. MCCLELLAND SCHEDULE Feb. 7 William and Mary College . . .. . . 1381 Pennsylvania , . . . IQOO Feb. I4 University of Maryland . . , . 1886 Pennsylvania . . . . 1891 Feb. 21 Navy ,......... . . 1851 Pennsylvania . , . . 1924 Feb. 28 Virginia Polytechnic Institute . . . 1898 Pennsylvania . . . . 1922 March 7. Georgetown University . . . . . 1879 Pennsylvania . . . . 1932 March I4 University of Delaware .... . . 1805 Pennsylvania . . . . 1940 March 21 George Washington University . , . I923 Pennsylvania . , . . 1946 l334J -.I -. I l YVILLIARIS Captain . OLIVER BROCK GEORGE MORROW April 23 May 4 May S May 8 May I2 May I4 May IS Georgia Tech Swarthmore . Dartmouth CAM. Williams fP.M., Lafayette . . Princeton . . Harvard CA.M.j 5 SEAMAN SRIII-I-I HUNSBERGER DREW, Mgr, MERRI-rr, Capt. MoRRow BROWN h . . , . DANIEL MERRITT Manager ...., ROGERS DREW' Assistant Manager ,.... ROEERT REBELE ARTHUR HAVEN WILLIAM SMITH MORLYN BROWN JOHN SHAMAN PRESTON A. WILLIABIS HARRY A. HUNSEERGER SCHEDULE , . Philadelphia May IS Yale CP.M.D . . . New York . . . . Philadelphia May 21 Colgate . . . , New York . . . . Philadelphia May 22 Boston University New York . , Philadelphia May 18 Columbia . . . New York . , Easton May ZQ Wesleyan . , . New York . . New York May 31 Brown , . New York . . New York B351 . 'Y A 'K' I xf 1 ji L f 1 r . "hr ' I . sv. Horxcms, Asst. Mgr. MANDLER EHRRIAN DR. DVELISCU, Coach KOPLIN, Mgr. RICH KLOPPER, Asst. Mgr. KURNITSRY STAFFORD KRAERIER, Capt. GARDINER KRUEGEK MCCALLR SMANIOTTO Captain . . . MANPRED KRAEMER Assistant Managers . . A. L. KLOPEER, IR.. A. MOSELBY HOPKINS, IR. Manager . . HENRY I. KOPLIN Coach ....... DR. M..FRANCOIS DNELISCU VARSITY TEAM MANPRED KRAEMER, Captain FREDERICK KRUBGER JOHN F. MANDLER LOUIs GILBERT HESSELDEN MERRILL G. El-IRMAN SAMUEL KURNITSKY RICHARD G. STAFFORD LOUIS SMANIOTTO GEORGE KING GARDINER THEODORE RICH THEODORE H. MCCALLA SCHEDULE Feb. II Ohio Wesleyan I2 .Pennsylvania 33CD6ldwd7C, Ohiol Mar. 13. M. I. T. . . I2 . Pennsylvania 42 CCambridge, Mass.j I2 Purdue . . . . Pennsylvania CLafayette, Indj 18. Princeton . zz . Pennsylvania 37. CPrinceton, 31.1.5 fExhibition Meetj - zo. McGill . . 7ZPCl'1flSylV3l'lia 28M QMOHETCEI, .Qual zo. Temple , . . 95 Pennsylvania 44gCHOTl1C, 24. Chicago . . 25 . Pennsylvania ao CHomej 27 Haverford . . . Pennsylvania qHdU87fO1d, Paj 7.7. Intercollegiates at Weightman Hall. CExhibition Meetj 31. Army . . . 24 . Pennsylvania 31 CWest Point, N. 'YJ Mar. 6. Dartmouth . . 24 . Pennsylvania 30 CI-Ianover, N. HJ , Pennsylvania Eastern Intercollegiate League champions. Captain Kraemer individual champion on flying rings and rope climb. Ehrman individual champion on sidefhorse. l3361 - l LN F E News X MODEL, Asst. Mgr. BooxI.ER SCUILLO QUILLIN, Mgv. VAN METER CLEMENTS, Asst. Mgf. LESLIE APPLEBAUM, Capt. TERRONNE, Coach CLARK GAUDIN Captain . . .JOSEPH APPLEEAUM Manager . ...... E. BOWEN QUILLIN Coach . . . LEONARDO TERRONNE Assistant Managers . . . HERMAN MODEL, WILLIAM E. CLEMENTS TEAM Foil: JOSEPH APPLEBAUM, Captain Epee: JOSEPH APPLEBAUM February I2 February ao. February 27 March 6 Syracuse . . Fencers Club CHARLES LESLIE TRUBSDALE CLARK Sabre: MORTON BOOKLER DANIEL GAUDIN Syracuse Chornej Yale CawayJ Fencers Club CNew Yorkj Harvard and Princeton Chornej . . . 7 Pennsylvania . . . . . 5 Pennsylvania . . Yale . . . IZ Pennsylvania TRUESDALE CLARK Substitutes: PHILLIP HADES JOHN SCUILLO HENRY VAN METER SCHEDULE March 13. Cornell fawayj March zo. Semiiinals at Annapolis, Foils March 17. Semi5nals at Annapolis, Epee and Sabre April 2 and 3. Intercollegiates, Hotel Astor, N. Y. SCORES . IO Harvard .,.. I6 Pennsylvania .... I7 . I2 Cornell ..., 7 Pennsylvania .... IO . . 5 Princeton. . .I4 CTriangular Meetj 13371 ii' SWIMMING ...' A - - : , WEINBERG, Mgr. RANDALL KISTLER, Coach HOSTERATAN, Asst. Coach KERRIGAN WEBB, Asst. Mgr. VON UFFEL MCKENNEY RHEIM J. P. Wi1.soN, Captain BLEECKER T. JOHNSON SHERMAN Captain . . J. PAUL WILSON Assistant Managers . CORNELIUS WEYGANDT. CHARLES WEBB Manager . ALFRED D. WEINBERG Coach ...... GEORGE KISTLER VARSITY TEAM - J. PAUL WILSON ROBERT RAISLER JOHN S. BLEECKER HERMAN STEERMAN JOHN H. RHEIN JOHN RANDALL THOMAS JOHNSON NIXON SUPPLEE E JACK HOSTBRMAN W. J. MCKENNEY E SCHEDULE, SEASON 1926 Penn. Opp. Penn. Opp. Penn. Opp Jan. 8. C. C. N. Y. . 48 18 Jan. 23. Army . , . 41 21 Mar. 6. Yale . . . . II 5o 15. Columbia . . 48 I4 Feb. 12. Yale .... 18 44 12. Columbia . . 411, IQ zo. Princeton . . 16 46 19. C. C. N.Y. . 48 14 zo. Brown ..., 51 31 22. Princeton . . 8 56 ' Intercollegiate Swimming Association: Yale, firstg Princeton, seconclg Pennsylvania, thirdg C. C. N. Y., fourthg Columbia, Hfth. l3381- WATER PCLO WMNBERG, Manager KISTLER, Coach STERN Mirosn WEYGANDT,ASS,E Manager KERRIGAN, Ass'c Coach MOORE BEROMAN MOGEAN, SUTHERLAND, Capt. FIAMILTON voN UFFEL TEAM Captain . . . ALEXANDER SUTHBRLAND Assistant Coach . . KERRIGAN Head Coach . . GEORGE KISTLER Manager ..... .ALFRED D. WEINEERG Assistant Manager . . . . . C. WBYGANDT GEORGE VON UEEEL ' Forwards .... J. HAMILTON Backs . . . M. J. MITOSKY LEE MOGEAN A. C. BBRGMAN Center ..... ALEXANDER SUTHERLAND, Captain Goal ...... BERT P. IVIOORE Ian. 8. Jan. 15. jan. zo. Feb Substitutes .... JOHN BOWER, W. BLAND, P. BRODSKY, N. SUPPLEE SCORES FOR 199.6 C. C. N. Y. ng Pennsylvania 18 Feb. 19. C. C. N. Y. 30g Pennsylvania I3 Columbia IIQ Pennsylvania zz Feb. za.. Princeton 66g Pennsylvania II Princeton 735 Pennsylvania 16 Mar. 6. Yale sog Pennsylvania I7 Yale 55g Pennsylvania 7 Mar. 12. Columbia 3Q Pennsylvania 34 B391 2 'J B ox I N G BUCHSEAUR1, Asst. Mgr. DECRER, Coach POMERANTZ L. Rrcclo J., RICCIO GRIFEEN, Mgr. Orr, Asst. Mgr. ORLOFF Goomurz REINTHAL Levy CLARK ROTHENBURG Captain . . . CLAIRE L. SCHMOKER Assistant Managers . .. . ARNOLD BUCHSBAUM Manager . , . JAMES A. GRIFFEN, JR. H. BURTON OFF Coach . . . GEORGE DECRER TEAM 115-lb. Class .... J. L. Rlccxo 145flb. Class .... GEORGE GOODRITZ 125flb. Class . . . SAMUEL LBVY 16oflb. Class .... WALTER ORLOEF 135flb. Class .... L. L. RICCIO, POMBRITZ 175flb. Class .... JOHN P. REINTHAL Heavyweight Class . . . E. H. CLARK, EDWARD HARE SCHEDULE February 13. New Haven, Yale 4Q U. of P. 2. March 13. Annapolis, Navy 55 U. of P. 2. 20. Home, Colgate 4Q U. of P. 3. 20. Home, Penn State gg U. of P. 2 27. Charlottesville, Virginia 6g U. of P. 1. March 26 and 27. lntercollegiates at Annapolis. Won by Navyg U. of P. 4th l3401 ,- '. , . 5 0 I ' WRESTLING! L. SERvA1s HALPREN CRBE STROHM Caoroor MCDONOUGH ARMSTRONIG MACDONALD PRATT WIGHT C. Sfxvms HARGADINE MARTIN Rum: Captain WIGHT Assistant Manager . ELMER ARMSTRONG Manager . HAROLD GRAVES Coach .,.. . . L. J. SERVAIS TEAM SPRAGUB LILIENFELD BUCHANAN WIGHT SERVAIS HARGADINE CROFOOT HERRIOTT MCDONNOUGH MARTIN HALPREN PRATT MCDONALD RUNK CREE STROHM SCHEDULE Pennsylvania ,.., 8 Columbia . . . I9 Pennsylvania . . . 18 Army . . Pennsylvania , , . . ra Princeton . . , ro Pennsylvania . . . 21 Lafayette . . Pennsylvania . .. . . TI Brown . . . . IS Pennsylvania . . , 5 West Virginia Pennsylvania . . . 5 Cornell . . . .15 Pennsylvania . . . 6 Syracuse . . Pennsylvania ,... 6 State . . . IQ' lntercollegiates, 6th place, 6 points. l3411 a I l XJ' 2 f,:7 . 'S .1-!..2'n.. HENDERSON ADLER KRAF1 HOFRIN SEITZ, Assoc. Mgr. COLBORN MURPHX' ELLIS, Capt. Rrrvxes VORIS, Mgr. TEAM, 1926 Coach . ..... J. D. HENDRICKS Manager ....... ARCHIBALD C. VORIS Y PHILIP PECK Assistant Managers . . lGEORoE D. MCDONALD April 25. Dickinson CHomeD April 28. Lehigh CHomej April 50. Rutgers QHOmej May 5. Washington and Lee CHOmeD SEITZ Captain ..... . . FRANK ELLIS , HAROLD COLBORN ,MAURICE MURPHY ROBERT RBEVES MILTON HOFKIN WILLIAM KRAFT V CURTIS WOOD SCHEDULE May TO. Haverford CHomej May 22 May 12. Princeton CAWayD May 25. May 14. Maryland CHomej May 28. May Lo. Colgate CI-Iomeb May ZQ May 21. Penn State CI-Iomej May 6. Dartmouth CHOmej l342l Cornell CAwayj Swarthmore CAWayj Columbia CAWayj Navy CAWayQ . I ' V X SQUASH . 1 ' I , h t A V . N l EID ETMAN UTLER R G B Snrrz KVOOD COLBORN Rus!-rrox B Manager Coach . REID GETMAN BUTLER February March . . . . . . .ROBERT SEITZ . . . . . . .JOHN HENDRICKS VARSITY TEAM V WOOD RUSHTON COLBORN BROCK THAYER SCHEDULE 13. Cverbrook Golf Club. zo. Merion Cricket Club. 9.4. Cynwyd Club. 27. Germantown Cricket Club. 6. Princeton Club. 12. Yale. l3431 THE INTERFRATERNITY AGREEMENT HAT SQME form of agreement regulating fraternity rushing of Freshmen at the University is essential for fraternity welfare meets with almost unanimous approval. just what should be included in such an agreement, what should be permitted and what prohibited, has always been a muchfmooted question, but Pennf sylvania without some form of regulated rushing would be materially weakened. The existing Interfraternity Agreement, the one which regulated rushing during the past year, has withstood the test of two seasons. It is the outgrowth of several preceding regulatory pacts and was written and amended by a thinking group of men, guided by the hectic experiences of the past, who intended that it should best satisfy the interests of all concerned and promote a better understanding and a greater spirit of cooperation among the fraternities. The agreement is not without its weaknesses, but it has done much to accomplish its intended purpose and to clarify what might otherwise be a chaotic situation. p The right to bid Freshmen at any time during rushing season still meets with apf proval and removes a regulation which in previous agreements was most flagrantly violated. Preliminary rushing smokers, no longer a new thing, have given both the various houses and the Freshmen an opportunity to limit their later observations to a smaller group and thus form better final decisions. In general, the fraternities have endeavored to comply with the provisions of the agreement. However, one part of the rushing code has received but slight consideration. "Preseason rushing" in the dormitories, contrary to a regulation forbidding it, is still the practice, and the privilege of rushing in the dormitories during the season has been greatly abused. It is our hope that these weaknesses may be corrected, for until then the Agreement is not working at its greatest efficiency and we are placing a stigma on that which is our own. During the past year there has apparently existed a commendable spirit and underf standing among the fraternities. With this as a basis much can be accomplished to increase the respect for the agreement. May fraternity relations in the future only add to the glory of the fraternity world and the University. L3441 Acacia .... Alpha Chi Rho . . . Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Mu Sigma . Alpha Phi Delta Alpha Psi .... . Alpha Sigma Phi . Alpha Tau Omega Beta Sigma Rho . . . Beta Theta Pi . . . Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Phi .... . Delta Phi Sigma . . . Delta Psi . . . Delta Sigma Phi . . . Delta Tau Delta . . Delta Upsilon . Kappa Alpha . . . . Kappa Alpha Phi . . Kappa Nu .... . Kappa Sigma . . . . Lambda Chi Alpha Cmicron Alpha Tau Phi Alpha .... . Phi Delta Tau . Phi Delta Theta . . Phi Epsilon Pi . . . FRATERNITIES PAC . 390 . 376 .426 .446 .4oo . . .414 .364 .442 .360 .38o .348 .450 -354 .396 .378 .368 .41o .438 -4247 .372 .408 .436 .44o .366 .412 Phi Gamma Delta . . .362 9 7 ES 391 377 427 448 447 401 417 367 443 361 381 349 471 377 397 379 369 411 439 427 373 469 449 437 441 367 413 363 13471 Phi Kappa Psi . . Phi Kappa Sigma . Phi Sigma Delta . . Phi Sigma Kappa . Phi Sigma Lambda . Phi Beta Delta . . Pi Delta Epsilon . Pi Kappa Alpha . Pi Lambda Phi . . Psi Upsilon . . . Sigma Alpha . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Mu . Sigma Chi .... Sigma Lambda Pi . Sigma Nu .... Sigma Phi Epsilon . Sigma Tau Phi . . Sigma Phi Sigma . Sigma Pi . . . Sigma Zeta . Tau Delta Phi . Tau Epsilon Phi . Theta Chi .... Theta Delta Chi . Theta Xi . . . Zeta Beta Tau . . Zeta Psi . . . PA 378 3527 42o 382 459- 428 398 432 388 370 384 416 376 444 374, 386 422 394 4o2 454 430 434 404 418 4o6 392 350 7 7 7 GES 379 373 421 383 473 429 399 433 389 371 476 387 417 357 447 377 387 423 397 463 477 431 437 497 419 407 393 371 Brita SBIJI jfraternitp Gita Qlhaptzr Founded 1827 Established 1849 Inactive 1872-188 5 3,453 WOODLAND AVENUE Faculty Members E HOLLINGSWORTH SITER, A.M., M.D. ISAAC A. PENNYPACKER, B.S., LL.B. WILLIAM HENRY FURNESS, 3,D, M.D. THOMAS W. HULME, B.S., C.E. ALEXANDER VAN RENSSELAER, A.M. GEORGE B. WOOD, M.D. CHARLES N. DAVIS, A.M., M.D. ARTHUR C. HOWLAND, PH.D. CLARENCE WORTH OLCOTT, 2D CHURCHILL WILLIAMS, JR. WILLIAM WILSON LONGSTRETH, JR WILLIAM MIFPLIN LARGE H JOHN PRICE WETHERILL, BD JOHN MCC. KENNEDY, 3D SCHUYLER FISHER THOMAS ANTONY HUGHES WILLIAM SHBRWOOD WHITE SAMUEL HARPER COLLOM, SD ROBERT DAEERON, JR. HOWARD DUANE, A.B. DANIEL CHARLES DONOGHUE, JR. JOHN CLAXTON GITTINGS, M.D. AILTHUR H. HOPKINS, A.B., M.D. CHARLES MERRIUM WHARTON, B.S., M.D ST. GEORGE L. SIOUSSAT, A.B., PH.D. JAMES HAMILTON CHESTON, A.B., LL.B. KNOX MCILWAIN, B.S. IN E.E. ROBERT C. HILL, A.B. COURTLAND YARDLEY WHITE, A.B. Active Chapter l3481 HENRY HAVELOCK HORROCKS, JR. EDWIN CHESLEY ESTES LORD, JR. HAROLD ADRIAN MCTIGUE LAWRENCE WILLIAM ORR WILLIAM ALPHONSO ROLIN, JR. FRANCIS JENKINS TUCKER, JR. GEORGE HENLEY UHLER, 2D FREDERIC HOUSTON WILLIAMS BOISE PENROSB, A.B. EDWARD PARK LEWIS CUMMING HARRY HOWARD BENT WILLIAM WATTS BALL WILLIAM MORGAN PHILLIPS ni w A 5- x V ' .E? -ff-ff Ei Q Q55 ff' 5152 X -1: 2 X Aiffag. 'P ' Wai: 'Y' 'L 1 1 1 w E252 -651 ' T Q31 Zeta SBSI jratzrnltp Sigma Qlbapter Founded I847 Estabhshed I8 50 3,337 WALNUT STREET Faculty M embers CHARLES WILLIAM H. DUBARRY LOUIS BORIE, JR. ELDRIDGE LYON ELAISON, M.D. FREDBRIC FRALEY, M.D. SPARTA FRITZ, JR. JOHN MCARTHUR HARRIS, JR. CHARLES CURTIS HARRISON JAMES ALAN MONTGOMERY F. CORLIES MORGAN ROLAND SLETOR MORRIS THOMAS RUNDLE NEILSON, M.D. GEORGE WHARTON PEPPER WILLIAM PEPPER, M.D. CHARLES CHAUNCEY SAVAGE Active Chapter GEORGE NELSON ALLEN ROBERT WHITE BARKER FRANCIS ALLEN BARTOW JAMES LAWRENCE BILLINGSLEA BEAUVEAU BORIE, BD JAMES GORDON CAMPBELL, JR. CHARLES TYLER COWPERTHWA JOSEPH BAKER COWPERTHWAIT FRED HAEELE CRAWFORD JOHN MILNES DYSON RICHARD WINGATE FOSTER ALONZO GARTLEY THOMAS SOVERBIGN GATES, JR. ROBERT M. GIRVIN, BD E. LEE GOLDSBOROUGH H. V. L. HARRIS IT , JR. WILLIAM BEETLE HUSTON SYMINGTON PHILLIPS LANDRETH, J ROBERT LANE LINGELBACH DAVID HARTWELL LUDLOW JOHN BARNARD MITCHELL JOHN BUCK MORGAN JAMES ALAN MONTGOMERY, JR. JOHN MEAD MONTGOMERY DICKINSON SBRGEANT PEPPER ROBERT COMLY SHOEMAKER LANCELOT FALCON SIMS, JR. SIDNEY JOSEPH STALL WILLIAM AUCHINCLOSS TRUSLOW ALLAN DINSMORE WALLIS EDWARD MELLOR WILSON OWEN JONES WISTER GERALD BRUCE WEST l350J WEST Gmvm Sms BARKEE Bmvrow GATES PEPPER BILLINGSLBA C. COWPEETHWALT LINGELBACH CALIPBELL LUDLOW CRAWFORD SHQEMAKER J.IVI.1V1ONTGOMERY SPUHN J. COWPERTHWAIT Gowsnonoucx HusToN Hfuuus WILSON WALLIS MITCHELL GARTLEY STALL TRUSLOW ALLEN BOEIE WISTER DYsoN , -1 5- K 1,11 ' ffuff -iL:,,. ' X-A7yf5:jk ,315 vs agg- ilbilg vm WSE. ""? :sf '-1 ' ' I, " ,f' ff.L vuf W L l3511 SE 1913i ikappa 5igma fraternity Qlpba Qlhapter Founded 1850 Established ISSO T 1 1' A ' J' I . "' fd' if' 4: d'dA ff ',', 3539 LOCUST STREET Faculty M embers JAMES HARTLEY MERRICK, A.M. EFFINGHAM BUOKLEY MORRIS, A.M., LL.B. JOHN MARSHALL GEST, A.M., LL.B. CHARLES ROOT TURNER, M.D., D.D.S. JOHN NORMAN HENRY, M.D. BARTON COOKE HIRST, A.B., M.D., LL.D. WILLIAM DRAPER LEWIS, LL.D., PH.D. GEORGE SUMNER CRAMPTON, M.D. ADDINELL HEWSON, A.M., M.D. THOMAS SOVEREIGN GATES, PH.B., LL.B. RUSSEL DUANE, A.B., LL.B. WILLIAM HEWSON, A.M., M.D. WARD BRINTON, A.M., M.D. JOHN COOKE HIRST, 2D, A.B., M.D. HAROLD WALDRON HOW, M.D. PAUL CONNER WAGNER, A.B., LL.B. JOSEPH MARCHANT HAYMAN, JR., A.B., JOSEPH STOKES, JR., A.B., M.D. KARL MUSSER HOUSER, PH.B. GEORGE WILLIAM NORRIS, A.B., M.D. MAX LUFT, B.S. Active Chapter CHARLES MONSON JUSTI, B.S. LAWRENCE MEREDITH SMITH, A.B. DAVID STEWART POLK, A.B. JOHN HOLLINGSWORTH WHARTON, A.B. EDGAR BARTOW MULLER OSBORNE COATES CRESSON DANIEL SMITH MERRITT JOHN HANCOCK WILLING RHEIN ELLISTON PEROT BISSELL, JR. PHILIP JAYNE CHAPMAN ROBERT FRANCIS COLESBERRY RALPH FARNUM JOSEPH HBMPHILL, SD CHARLES VINAL HULICK HARRY PARDEE KELLER, A.B. CORNELIUS NOLEN WEYGANDT CHARLES TINDALL ROBERTS ROBERT MILTON SHIRBY B521 CECIL IDBLL CROUSE, A.B. WILLIAM ERNEST PARKE, ED, A.B. WYNNE JAMES, JR., A.B. LOUIS BORSCH LAPLACE, A.B. HAROLD DAVID ROEERT CRUMRINB RICHARD LEIGH HUNTER THOMAS MORRIS PEROT, BD HENRY DAVIS SD LOUIS MOORE CHILDS, 2D CAEELL GWATHMEY DAVID LAWSON RAGLAND LEWIS ABBOT STARR, B.A. HENRY STUART NEWBOLD CASTLE WILLIAM CHALFANT, 3D GEORGE HARVEY DAVIS JOSEPH HARDING DUEEIELD WILLIAM 'DOUGLAS FRANCIS JOHN GREGG HAND, B.A. M Q 'Sia n ,Tj .fi E? IWW Q 'KgE'QU'iS5 1 I 353 I The :Fraternity uf Brita 195i Brita Qibapter . Founded 1847 Established 1850 5637 LOCUST STREET F aculty Members WILLIAM ELLERY ALMY, B.S. IN ECON. FRANCIS HERMAN BOHLEN, A.B., PH.D., LL.D. ARTHUR LATHAM CHURCH, B.S. ROBERT DECHERT, A.B., LL.B. JOHN FRAZER, A.M., PH.D. CHARLES HARRISON FRAZIER, A.B., M.D. GEORGE HARRISON FRAZIER, A.B. ARTHUR HOWELL GERHARD, A.B., M.D. JOHN P. CROZIER GRIFFITH, A.B., M.D., PH.D. FRANCIS CLARK GRANT, A.B., M.D. CHARLES PREVOST GRAYSON, A.B., M.D. ELDREDGE SNYDER, A.B., B.S. IN ARCH. THOMAS HART, A.B. SAMUEL FREDERIC HOUSTON, A.B. EDWARD WALTER MADEIRA, A.B., LL.B. THOMAS NOLAN, B.S., M.S., PH.B., A.M. CHARLES CAMBLOS NORRIS, M.D. GEORGE STUART PATTERSON, B.S., LL.D. RALPH PEMEERTON, M.D. WILLIAM POWELL ROBINS, A.B., F.G., CA.D.G.J ARTHUR RINGOLD SPENCER, B.S., LL.B. ISAAC STARR, JR., B.S., M.D. WILLIAM DANIEL STROUD, B.S., M.D. CHARLES DAY Active Chapter 1926 HORATIO CURTIS WOOD, JR. HENRY DOUGLAS PAXSON, JR. OLIVER WOLCOTT BROCK HENRY COLEMAN BASKERVILLE ELI KIRK PRICE RICHARD HENRY REEVE HOWARD TONNEL LONG 1927 BENJAMIN WEST FRAZIER, JR. PHILIP DECHERT GEORGE CHAPMAN THAYER 1928 I JOHN STEARNS BLEECKBR, JR. CHARLES CORSON DAY WESLEY VAN NOSTRAND ROBINSON 1929 HENRY KUHL DILLARD ELLASON DOWNS A WILLIAM GEORGE GERHARD PIERRE MALOT PURVES GEORGE CLAY BOWKER CAMERON COURTNEY STINEMAN B541 FLOYD TALLMADGB STARR RICHARD WILSON CHURCHMAN LOUIS OCTAVE DE BRANGES DE BOURCIA HARRY MANNING ROLIN JAMES FRANKLIN WADDILL DAVID STUART CRAVEN mg -' l1.-4n-A. , 1:-li, ,ak Faculty Membefs EMORY RICHARD JOHNSON, PH.D., ML., SC.D. CLARENCE E. CLEWELL, WENDELL PHILLIPS RAINE, B.S. IN ECON., M.A. CLARENCE NEWELL CALLENDER, B.S. IN ECON. CARL HENRY MONSEES, JR., B.S. STANLEY J. FOLMSBEE, B.S. Active Chapter bgma hi fraternity Phi fbi Qlbapter Founded I8 5 5 Established I87 5 5809 LOCUST STREET 1926 FREDERICK FULTON CAROTHBRS JOHN CHARLES FULLING HARRY ALBERT HUNSBERGER ROBERT ALLEN CAROTHERS ALAN COVERT GARDNER ARTHUR GLASPEY JOHNSON J. PAUL CRAWFORD FRED MASON GILLESPIE MAURICE KLAUS MICHAEL MURPHY JAMES EUSTACE, JR. LLOYD BRIGHTBILL GILMAN WILLIAM IRA PRINCE, JR. ARCHIBALD CAMERON VORIS 1927 THOMAS ARTHUR CAWTHRA RALPH EDWARD CULBERTSON HARLAN SMITH DE VOE ARTHUR FRANCIS DILLEMUTH EDSON DEMAREE DRONBERGER WARD CURTIS ELWELI. JOSEPH PATTERSON BINNS WILLIAM BROWN DERN HAROLD MORRILL FARON WILLIAM JORDON, gd CHARLES JOSEPH LESLIE CARLTON GRNDOFF MACNEELY CHARLES WINDLE MCMAHON GEORGE TELFORD MORROW 1928 FREDERICK BRUCE FORWARD THOMAS JEFFERSON JOHNSON JACK RAYMOND NAYLOR SAMUEL COLLINS PLUMMER JAMES FREDERICK SPIGLER HAYWARD WILLIAM STRECKER NICHOLAS R. WEBER RICHARD NEALE YOUNG ROGER WOLCOTT RBMINGTON WILLIAM GOLFORD ROBERTSON ERRETT DUNLAP, JR. JOHN FREDERICK MARQUARDT WALTER WARE SLOCUM FREEMAN ELDER CHARLES TAFT PORTER JAY WESLEY TILLOU ROBERT NEAL TULLER 197-9 FREDERICK DE WITT DANPORD MBLVILLE REESE DILL BARNEY FEAGIN, JR. PHILIP CLARK FISK SYLVESTER SUTTON HAMILTON JAMES RUSSELL HIBBS JOHN LEWIS HICKS JOHN COLUMBUS WILSON, l356J JOSEPH ROLLAND KELLY WILLIAM THAY LOGAN JOHN S. MILLEN DENTON SAVAGE RITER JOHN HEYWOOD SMITH JOHN WILLIAM TAYLOR RICHARDWHETSELL JR. WEBER Hmss WI-IETzELL KELLEI' ROBERTSON FEAGIN DERN WILSON MILLER RITER Locfw Sxm-I-I DILL DANFORD TAYLOR FISK RERIINGTON MARQUARD1 DUNLAP FORWARD TULLER TILLOU '1-.JJOHVSOXI ELDER SLOCUXX FAROKI HIcRs DILLEMUTI-I ELWELL DRONBERGER STREQKER YOUNG SPIGLER GARDNER DE VoE MoRRow CULBERTSON CAWTHRA IORDAXI MACNEELY WRIGHT MCMAHOV EUSTACE R,CAROTHERS GIIRIAN HUNSIIERGER A. G. JOHNSON PRINCE GILRIORE VoRIs MURPI-II GILLESIIIE F CAROTI-IERs S IGM A CHI +51 ,I 'HIS YL vg -Y Ea- X I 55322 Hr-R.. I Ng KI v 'WI -:I 'I 5-.ff AQ Z?-32 wp :IQ- , ,R B ,ljq 13 'cm- .fgsw E-S' If-' .I 'L -' ' XII! Tr e Mfg! 1 SIC: 13571 WILLIAM MARTIN COOPER, JR. JOHN STOKES ADAMS, A.B., LL.B. GEORGE H. BICKLEY, B.S., A.D.F.G. THOMAS ALIBONE BUDD, B.S. IN ECON., MORRIS LEWIS CLOTHIER, A.B., LL.D. SENECA EGBERT, A.M., M.D. FREDERICK EHRENEELD, PH.D. EDWARD HARRIS GOODMAN, M.D. EDWIN R. KBEDY, A.M., LL.B. P. KEEPER, A.B., B.S. HEILNER MAXWELL LANGDON, M.D. WILLIAM HENRY LLOYD, A.B., LL.D. PAUL HOWARD MUSSER, A.B., PH.D. CARL WILLIAMS, M.D. Founded 1852 Phi kappa 195i jfraternitp Rennsplhania iiuta Qibapter Established I877 3641 LOCUST STREET Faculty M embers A.M. WILLIAM R. NICHOLSON, A.B., M.D. GRAYSON HOWARD MCCOUCH, A.B., M.D. HENRY KUHNRATH PANCOAST, M.S. JOSIAH H. PENNIMAN, A.M., PH.D., LL.D. HENRY MCKENTY ROTHERMOL, A.B. JOSEPH SAILER, M.D., PH.B. FELIX E. SCHELLING, PH.D., LITT.D., LL.D. ALLEN JOHN SMITH, A.M., M.D., SC.D., LL.D. EDGAR FAHS SMITH, PH.D., SC.D., L.H.D., LL.D M.D., LITT.D., CHEM.D. CALVIN MASON SMYTH, JR., M.D. GEORGE SCOTT STEWART, A.B., LL.B. THOMPSON S. WESCOTT, A.B., M.D. Active Chapter 1926 FRANCIS COOKE WARD PATON GRAHAM VEALE GEORGE FILSON DANIELS FRANK BURKHART ELLIS, JR. -JOHN HOEEMAN MURRAY JOHN STOKES ADAMS, JR. HUGH CRAIG ANDERSON, JR. RICHARD COREIN FORD WORTHINGTON GIRARD BUTTON DAVID WOLEE COATES WOODROW DARROW ALBERT LOUIS BERNDT HAROLD FINDLEY CLOKE TALBOT DOUSMAN GITTINS DAVID ROCKEFELLBR JARDEN EDMUND LIEDGE STUBBE SAMUEL HAROLD SUPPLEE GEORGE LANSING TAYLOR 199.7 RICHARD SESSIONS REDWAY ALFRED NIXON SUPPLBE JOHN SCOTT WALKER 1928 ARTHUR WILLIAM LOEHR WILLIAM HENRY MAXWELL LEE PHILLIPS MCGEAN 197-9 ROBERT FREDERICK MORRIS RALPH EDWARD MONK RALPH LEROY PECK, JR. l358J PRESTON ADAMS WILLIAMS RALPH VICTOR HAROLD WOOD RICHARD GARDNER WESTERFIBLD HAROLD MARSHALL SOARS JOHN THOMPSON SHAFFER ROLAND BEADBL POND IRVING ROGER STEVENS, JR. MARCELLUS EUGENE WRIGHT, JR. THOMPSON JUSTUS ROUND JACK KENNETH WAMPLER JOSEPH KREAG WHITE FRANK WHITE WOLSTENCROFT 12 "'f:' 7. A L v ' U . .. if 4 'G , I , . ' . I L , L . . Z 15 51 ,.... .3 DLE JW, "wi f 31-.L 'IJ JQLI ,'. .V H5 -HEL' 1 ' 1 :II Z W 151-- ,Ii T 1.- fl 1 fr .4 ..iS Y ,fl . Q: , '!T.,': 1 4 I, -f I I- ,J 3 1 171 GE , ,Iv -W 1 -Va L I I Q m I Esta Theta, Ri fraternity 1913i Qlbapter Founded I83Q Established T880 2,529 LOCUST STREET F acuity M embers ARTHUR HOBSON QUINN, A.B., PH.D. JOHN GOODRICH CLARK, M.D. ROBERT H. FERNALD, M.E., A.M., LL.B. GEORGE FRANKLIN COLE, A.B., PH.D. ALBERT DUNCAN YOCUM, PHD., PH.B. BURTON' MORLEY, A.B., M.A. Active Chapter 1926 DAVIS T. BOHAN JACKSON D. BREAKS CHARLES W. DOUGLAS WILSON T. ALLPASS CHARLES S. BRYDON RICHARD S. CHAPMAN ARTHUR M. HOPKINS, JR. FRANCIS B. HUBER MELVILLE U. EATON HARRY M. C. EASTON CLYDE W. JACKSON JAMES G. DAVIS 1927 HOWARD M. KIRK, JR. ROBERT A. KRANTZ SAMUEL W. PARKE JOSEPH F. PATTEN ERWIN A. STUEBNER , JR. GUY E. MANN E. SCOTT LOWER, JR. CHARLES A. W. UHLE DONALD K. SINGER WILLIAM M. WOOD DONALD K. WRIGHT WILLIAM PEPPER WILLIAM G. MOORE, JR 1928 LEONARD C. DILL, JR. GEORGE B. PASSMORE, JR. STEPHEN R. DOUGLAS ARTHUR H. QUINN, JR. JOHN M. GREENE FORBES A. RYDER HOWARD W. LINK HENRY W. SCHMIDT MILLER MOORE EDWARD A. TALBOT, JR. RAYMOND F. MULLER PHILLIP SHERMAN MUMFORD LAWRENCE M. SCHOFF . 1929 DEWITT CHAPPLE ARTHUR F. COLLING, JR. JOSEPH W. GLOVER F. SIDWELL HART NATHAN B. HUNT GEORGE M. LAWLER GEORGE A. MERSHON ROBERT E. MIMS I360J S. BELL MORSE CHARLES F. MUTTART JOHN F. RICE HAROLD W. ROY E. WALTER SCHMIDT BELEORD W. SHOUMATE BIRNEY B. TRUITT WILLIAM S. WHITEHEAD MORSE Txurrr MERSHON HART WHITEHEAD RAY CHAPPLE COLLINS MUTTART SHOUMATE Mms Rica GLOVER LAWLER Lmx Scmunr Dm. M.MOo11E S. R. DOUGLAS TALBOT Rynmz QUINN PASSMORE MULLER GREENE Mumoxn ALLPASS Kuu: PEPPER BRYDON STUEBNER KRANTZ Smcea W. MOORE FAME Hunan WOOD HOPKINS CHAPNKAN PATTEN Wxuox-IT BOHAN MANN DAVIS U1-ILE C. DOUGLAS LOWER EASTON Bamxs EATON A BETA THETA PI wi, ' 'gnzw iii? 4 -M M ,. wang- W ,V 'gfvng 'R ' , J A A M ,J- 7' ' '1 ' ':'-T TM' Ui? I' 'n 5? vp I Q,- l3611 R 'F' Aiki- . 'T ".'f' . , -. ESR 1 '+- . J1-1:-A-I Blk--'6E".', . 'P ' 5 -day ,Q 11 f . '09 R , "'?Tgg X . ' "1-1192 1 1 I .4 L "1 ' 52 , w e - ie. 5.51 , 'gk " ,F la-Ijrr , 2325? is? , . EI TTI , gn N ' 5' ,C-at 1 41 f , If , ffgig.-It . 4 1 I 5 Q'. it ' Y I - - 14:14 .9355 , ,V 5 0, L A I .,,. -.-,.-.,..v.-.ASTM I . A-4 +1 U 5 .,y5.,,, , , , I . .., X .,L..,,.,. .,,, , , -s::1.f:3:1:yb-WeWEE, ...:I,-.1.-mga. mf---E E. E:--.L-.1.. f .. A I W GI, JAMES ADDISON BABBITT, A.B., M.D. 1 DIMNER BEBBER, A.B., LL.D. GEORGE WALTER DAWSON, A.E.D. GEORGE MORRIS COATBS, A.B., M.D. J. CHARLES HICKEY, D.D.S., M.D. ROBERT CHARLES LIGGETT, A.B., LL.B. MATHIAS ADAM SHAABER, A.B. STANLEY PULLIAM SHUGERT, A.M., PH.D. A HENRY LAMAR CROSBY, KENNETH LEVERNE CALDWELL EDWARD BENJAMIN DOUGLASS NORMAN ROLLA DUTTON ARCHIBALD WILLIAM ADKINS LANE COOK ASH WILLIAM THOMAS CRUSE EDGAR CRAWFORD FONDE WILLIAM SPROUL BROWN CLARENCE BUXTON CALDWELL ROBERT IROSE CARSON GEORGE ANDREWS CRUSE KENNETH WICKENS POUCAR JOSEPH HOLLINGSWORTH HUSTON ERNEST WALDEMAR BORKLAND NORTON POTTER BOWLER WALTER DEAN BROWN ,V S , S - V 51's .M., PH.D. 1913i Gamma alta Esta Qlbapter I I I gf Founded 1848 Established I88I 3619 LOCUST STREET . Q,4f.,x, I' f Faculty Mem bers LEWIS HENRY ADLER, JR., A.B., M.D. HAROLD HAVELOCK KYNETT, B.S. Active Chapter 1926 CHARLES KINDRBD ELLIOTT BERTRAM GRAEME FRAZIER, JR. RAYMOND AUGUST MUNDER WILLIAM JAMES WILLIAMSON 1927 PHILLIP VAN WAGENEN PECK LYMAN BREWSTER IVES JOHN JOSEPH PENNEY GENE STANLEY NORTHROP 1928 HUBERT GEORGE LANE DONALD LATOUR MACLEA ROBERT KENNETH MACLEA DONALD BEATH MILLAR JOHN W. HYLAND 199.9 SYDNEY STONE FIELD ALAN BIRNEY FISHER JOHN QSWALD HALSTED WESLEY ALAN STANGER l362J THEODORE JULIUS GRAYSON, LL.B. STANLEY F. COOPER, A.B. FREDERICK L. HARTMANN, A.B., M.D. HUNTER WATTS SCARLETT, A.B., M.D. WILLIAM FREDERICK MOORE, M.D. ELMER SANDER JOHNSON, B.A. RALPH A. YOUNG, B.A. DAVID T. HUSTON, A.B., M.D. RALPH THEODORE OSTERLOH GEORGE EDMUND PETERSON HOWARD LAYTON SCHUELE SYLVESTER WILDING RENNIE GEORGE EARLE TIPPIN WILLIAM WILSON WELSH CLYDE FAIRFAX WILMETH JOHN PARSONS ROBERTSON RICHARD MORRIS WORRILOW ROBERT HOLDEN SCARLETT, JR JAMES ALLEN PRESCOTT, JR. JOSEPH LAWRENCE HEINL ROBERT MUMPER HUMPHREYS ORRIN HENRY INGRAM ' WILLIAM LAWRENCE LOMAX ji f! 15 A .I F W V 4 'Is 4: 1 I, ' ii . , , 11 ' 'G fr nl x . rl '1 T5 1. J - 94 I E- A 'fn' in 1: 1 1 ,-I .g' 'I' 1. , uf 'H . H -2 QI Ai' .75 E1 .41 I F? 'I ' Q -M 1 .51 . :H Q It JI in F-9 A ' ' fi .,5 ,:, -1. fi? rf! , ..I I I n. xl .-n ' -J, ": fi u 1. fx 1 ' . El' 'H .I .fig X El JA?-Qi Qlpba Qian Q91nega .fly I.. gpg. ,ES ,Lg fraternity i gqtggir A -.I If emeizase 52? C QE 1 "5"'f'4'lF""1Si-55 I.-4 Pennsylvania Eau Qlijapter I .M .... .. U- , I, W W Founded 1865 Establlshed I88I u 1 'L - vw. .. -M-1-I - ,--.... .,'.,,. ,. , .c- T- . , . , L, W -V -:AQ W,.gfn-gy. F- .-7!," "1i"'- 'J' 1 .. ...ich I. ' E " - X, . .Ai-E. Q5 Li ,Q .IS I Q -." 'J' - ."2.'.7 ,g -1 -qi.. -gpxx-I .Q fr- .'r:.-, ,,.y.f , ' -,. 5 f 13159-1 I - :f1:'I.,,:u--:.1.1-SHIV '71, ,fm - . 'E,,f"'1 S .QQ 1 sg, n V-,fgcff WL -, I E, -4-3, ,. -.-x:f,: .1 .x , I . -,QQ T' ur" . 'Dr Xilinx. I' 1 93 fl 1l:.' . . . -A-' , . fn. , -is f- I I I I I A I I - ev hi 228 SOUTH THIRTYfNINTH STREET Faculty Members JOHN ROBERT KLINE, M.A., PH.D. HENRY SHERMAN CEERLY, A.B., PH.D. LOUIS ALONZO YOUNG, B.S. J. H. S. BOSSARD, M.A., PH.D. A. H. WILLIAMS, B.S. IN ECON., M.A., PH.D. GEORGE BARNWELL, B.A. KARL G. MILLER, M.A., PH.D. PAUL R. GRR, B.S., M.S. Active C ha pter ' 1926 WILLIAM THARP SIMMONS EDMOND BOWEN QUILLEN WALTER MITCHELL CREE NOEL EDDY LAYMAN JONES REDDEN GEORGE THOMAS TOOMEY CLINTON ALPHEUS JAMES 1927 BURRILL MYERS GETMAN EDWARD RICHARD WHALEN SAMUEL LEHMAN NYCE CLARENCE ADDISON BUELL WINEIELD DE WITT NEVIUS RALPH HAROLD COLSON CHARLES DOUGLAS GRANGERS JOHN MITCHELL HAYES ERWIN WEDEMANN EDWARD FRANKLIN ELLIS' WALTER PIERRE WELLS WILLIAM IRVING BRUSH 1928 RALPH SHAY ESTUS STANWOOD CHANDLER SWEETSER FREDERICK JOHN PFEIFFER CHARLES SETH KEENE ABBOT VERNON EUGENE DUCKWALL ROBERT LOCKWOOD JONES EDWARD SCHAFER LAUGI-ILIN ROBERT BINGHAM RAITHAL EVERETT JAMES STOCKMAN 1929 I 364 1 DOUGLAS EDWARD MCNAMARA WARREN LESLIE HUNTER JOHN TODD STUART INGHAM MARVIN ALFRED ANDERSON HARLEN GRAHAM DUDLEY HENRY HUGO LANGE DONALD M. PARRISH RICHARD HAZEN SAMSON RICHARD HENRY BRAUE ABBOTT Sfmsorz LAUGI-lux Srocmmx Joxss LANGE Ba.-ws Rfxm-nay. Axnnnsox Nvcs STUART DUCKWALL INGH.-xxx MCN.-uma.-x Swesrsen HUNTER PARRISH DUDLEV Eraser: BUELL Consox XVEDEBIANN Coxxouv Tooxm' JAMES BRUSH EDD! REDDEN Esrus Nfvrus Ox.-mcnxs ELLIS GETAiAN Cam: Wzus XVI-1,-mix QUILLEN . gran. . ,:,. ,3 .lima-n 'l 4 'Q Ns: jtsirtl 3 B. W'-w pw J' v fx 6 -Lt... , - A :-. '1? ' '?'- l 1 1:24335 5531: H ' yin , ,--- xl. 1365 1 3513i alta beta jfratemitp Bennsplhania Znta Qlhapter Founded 1848 Established 1383 3700 LOCUST STREET Faculty Members DANIEL BUSSIER SHUMWAY, PH.D. ROBERT RHODES MCGOODWIN, B.S. IN ARCH J. VERNE STANFORD, B.S., M,E. LAMBERT CTT, JR., B.S. IN ECON., LL.B. EDWARD ADAMS SHUMWAY, B.S., M.D. JAMES MORTIMER WEST, 3D, A.B., LL.B. ARTHUR H. RICHARDSON, A.B. GEORGE W. BAUMEISTER, B.S. IN ARCH. FLOYD ELWOOD KEEN, M.D. -9 PostfCraduate Member GEORGE MILNER NORTHROP, A.B. Active Chapter T926 MERRIT FRANCIS PROSS HAROLD THEODORE GRAVES. JR. DONALD FRANCIS MCDERMOTT HENRY ROBERTS, 2D ARTHUR FRANCIS THOMPSON, JR. LAURENCE JESSE BAUER EDWIN HAROLD BERTUCH WILLIAM BOCOCK THREAPLETON MAURICE ANDREW GILMARTIN EMMONS HICKS WOOLWINE 1927 JOSEPH MILTON BARR GEORGE DOUGLAS MCDONALD WILLIAM THACKARA READ, JR. EDWIN AUGUSTUS KBEBLE ANDREW FRANCIS THOMPSON GEORGE NEWMAN SPRAGUE CABLE MANNING JOHN ALRICH BUTTERWORTH ALBERT BERTRAM HAGER, JR. ALBERT LYMAN GUSTIN, JR. T928 J. RODMAN CLENDENNING WILLIAM NELSON MEAD ALBERT MILTON GRAFMUELLER EDWIN SPENCER OWEN RICHARD HENRY HILL WILBUR MATTHEW PERRY F. CLARK MARTIN PAUL SIDNEY PROSS EDWARD ROBERT MCKINLEY JOSEPH MINOR STEVENS JAY FRANKLIN STRAWINSKI, JR. 1929 HAROLD S. FASSBTT BATES JOHN KEATING, JR. JOHN ALBERT BUTLER GRANVILLE STOKES CARREL WILLARD COPE DAVIE l366J TAYLOR BECHTOLD GLADDING MOLEAN FORMAN WHITCOMB LEE OFPUTT, Ed HOWARD FUSSEL NIXON HUGH YELVERTON TURLINGTON CARREL KEATING DAVIE BUTLER GLADDING OFFUTT NIXON BATES Wurrcoma TuRr.1NcToN NORTHROP STEVENS OWEN MEADE GRA!-'MUELLER MARTIN MCKINLEY PERRY P. PRoss HILL AND. THOAIPSON BARR GusTxN READ KEEBLE MANNING MCDONALD BUTTERWORTH SPRAGUE ART. THONXPSON BERTUCH H,AGER MCDERBTOTT WOOLWINE Roszms' THREAPLETON BAUER M. Pnoss PHI DELTA THETA A A 51 , ,qw iy lav ikvaepvw TE? N Q A A , ,1, 1 rx g 2 TM M 6fTTB'?: 4 I3671 HENRY GIBBONS, A.M. HENRY V. AMES, A.M., PH.D. EDWARD S. MEAD, PH.D. BENJAMIN A. THOMAS, A.M., M.D. SEYMOUR DEW. LUDLAW, B.S., M.D. JOHN H. GIRVIN, M.D. WILLIAM O. MILLER, A.B. JAMES E. CARMACK EMIL H. HEINTZ CHARLES T. CRAVENS JAMES C. HOWGATE HENRY F. MARSH CHARLES F. STEWART RICHARD SNYDER GRANT N. BISHOP EDWARD L. COFFEY THEODORE S. FRIEDBERGER CHRISPULO D. GOIZUETA JACK F. CROEOOT HAROLD M. DARBY H. SPENCER EVANS, JR. J. DONALD BEAN EDWIN R. FAIT SAMUEL C. FISHER PAUL A. HASSEL WALTER E. HOFFMAN CHARLES H. HYDE Balm Uipsilun Bennsplhania Qlbapter Founded I834 Established 1888 3614 LOCUST STREET F acuity Members JAMES H. AUSTIN, B.S., M.D. HOWARD H. MITCHELL, PH.D., PH.B. FREDERICK W. BEAL, A.M., PH.D. CHARLES H. MAXON, A.M., PHD. HENRY I. HUMPSTONE, A.M. ARTHUR B. LIGHT, M.D. . GEORGE B. ROORBACH, A.M. WALTER B. CHADWICK, A.B. Active Chapter 1926 LEROY LEWIS FRANK M. RATH AUGUSTUS G. FUNK EDWIN H. CHARLES JOSEPH P. WILLSON JAMES C. GENTLE LESLIE M. CASSIDY T927 ARTHUR F. JOHANSEN JOHN M. SCHAEFFER CLARENCE L. FIELDS ALBERT F. KRUBZ 1928 EDWARD W. HAKE ALBERT C. MAGEE HARRY T. JOHANSEN, T929 LLOYD E. MONKS FRANK P. MULLIGAN EDWARD J. OJKEEFE GILBERT R. OTT EDWIN C. PEREGO 13681 J ROBERT S. REEVES RAYMOND E. WOLF ALFRED LETH JOHN H. WITHEROW JAMES J. QJKEEFE, JR. ERNEST S. KAYLOR CLIFFORD F. DUNCAN NORBERT J. CLURE OTTO A. ZIEBELL L. EMERSON NUNGESSER EDWARD S. IRISH FINLEY B. HESS CLAIR A. YEATON WALTER C. PINE THOMAS M. POOLE SHERMAN B. PICKARD RICHARD H. POTTER GARDNER L. WHIPPLE FREDERICK F. WEISEECK WE1sEEcx Porrsn Pxcxmun OTT FMT BEAN P1NE HYDE HASSELL MULLIGAN E. OQKEEFE Momcs Pzzxuco HOEEMAN MAGEE Ixus!-x YEATON HEss Cnoroor EVANS HAKE H. JOHANSEN D.-may F151-:En Wx-UPPLE BISHOP FRIEDBERGER A.joHANsEN SCHAEEEEP. GOIZUETA DUNCAN COFPEY FIELDS Knulsz NUNGUESSER ,I.O'KEEEE W1LLsoN LEWIS SNYDER Cnmvsxs STEW.-KRT HOWGATE MARsH Cfxssmv KAYLOR FUNK GENTLE CHARLES RATH REEvEs LET1-1 Em "" I Ll V 'ENE-E Z! 65x N f E EE Y - a.E. E ,.., 22: 32 TF' l3691 Faculty Members LAYTON BARTOL REGISTER, B.S., LL.B. RICHARD SAUNDERS STOYLE, PH.B., LL.B. MILTON HAMOND STANSBURY, A.B. ROBERT GRANT TORREY, M.D. EDWARD THEODORE GRANDLIENARD, C.E. JOHN PERCY MOORE, B.S., PH.D. JOHN WILLIAM ADAMS, A.B., M.D. LEMUEL BRADDOCK SCHOFIELD, A.M., LL.B. Ei Ukipsilnn jfraternitp Eau Qllijapter Founded 1833 Established T891 3OO SOUTH THIRTYfSIXTH STREET WILLIAM AUGUSTUS WEIDERSHEIM, A.B., LL.B. CLARENCE GRIFFIN CHILD, A.M., PH.D., L.H.D., LL.D. HENRY HERBERT DONALDSON, PH.D., SC.D. WILLIAM PAGE HARBESON, B.S., PH.D., LL.D. HARRY BROWN VAN DEVENTER, A.M., PH.D. ALBERT DRAPER WHITING, M.D. Active Chapter HENRY PAUL BROWN, JR., B.S., M.D. 1926 GEORGE HENRY BUTTERBAUGH JAMES FORSYTHE NICHOLAS ROBERT ALEXANDER EICHELBERGER JOHN LEAVITT RANDALL EDGAR ALLAN GRAHAM HIRAM WARREN RICHMOND, JR. RALPH CARL GUENTHER RALPH FRANK STOCKTON DAVID REZNOR WEBSTER 1927 EDWARD OSCAR GERHARDY RICHARD WOOD JESS JAMES DUDLEY MARKS FRANCIS IRVIN CURTIS GEORGE ALEXANDER GADE FREDERIC CHARLES GOODWI WALTER ALBERT JOHNSON N LUCIUS ARCHIBALD ANDREW, JR. EDWARD GORDON ASHLEY ARNOLD DALE KERFOOT MASON WILLIAM MOFFAT MCFADDBN WILLIAM PAINTER MEEKER 1928 JOHN ALBERT KOCH SAMUEL JOHN MCCOY BERTRAM POWELL MOORE 1929 ROBERT HOMAN CRAFT ELI EICHLEBERGER FRANK DORAN GRAHAM ALBERT MORRIS DILWORTH CASSEL WILLIAM MINOT CLARK LEFFERTS SUYDAM HOFFMAN JOHN MORRISON CLEMENTS THOMAS READ HULME BERNARD AUGUSTUS TOWELL 1 570 1 HENRY BARTON GFP FREDERICK EUGENE PERFECT NORMAN PRICE SHUMWAY HARRY TODD PARK HENRY ALEXANDER ROWAN, 3D GEORGE FOSTER SANFORD, JR. WILLIAM JASPER SIMS WILLIS NATHANIEL MILLS CHARLES STOWE MYERS JAMES TOWNSEND SELLERS CHARLES MILLER SHEAFFER FREDERICK JEROME SCHROBDER F. GRAHAM TOWELL SELLERS HOFFR-IAN ASHLEY SOHROEDER HULXIE CLEMENTS MILLS SHEAFFER CLARK CRAFT KOCH SANFORD McCox PARK E Elcl-IELBFRGFR Azmmaw GOODWIN MOORE MASON OFF PERFECT Jo:-xNsoN MLERER SHUNXWAY MCFADDEN TAYLOR BUTTERBAUGH RTCHMOND A. GRAHAM R. Elcz-LLLBEROFR XXVEBSTER GUENTHER S1-:ARF MARRS PSI UPSILON X mm' L JL vii F a I- y NN EL X E CNEPX ' fflfzezwvf I-371 1 ru..- in EE: , ah. , ' 9.2! 5 "fr i 4. IL 2 , P n l 5: "f ig -1 -" - -1 22 ' A ' f'T'7f 19, -I fi ,f It 'M "" ' fr " 'Ar ' A F - i- . lr h 3' ,ZWQN , kappa Sigma fraternity Zllpba QEp5iInn Qlbapter Founded 1869 Faculty Members GEORGE WILLIAM MCGLELLAND, A.M., PH.D. FRANCIS HUGH SHIELDS, A.B., LL.D. ARNOLD K. HENRY, M.A. JOHN ROBINS HART, A.M. OLIVER EDMUND GLENN, A.M., PH.D. Active Chapter Established 189 3706 LOCUST STREET ARTHUR BOASE, C.E. GEORGE HOWARD EHLERS, M.E. LEON MORRIS PEARSON, A.B. ARTHUR DOUGHTERY REES, PH.D. PAUL GEMMILL, A.B. 1926 PETER D BRICKER CHARLES REHBERGER HART E. VAN RIPER ROSLYN B FORTUIN GEORGE D, SHOUP JOSEPH KIVLAN I927 WILLIAM N. BUNN PAUL CRAWFORD PAUL LEWIS J PAUL BROWN FREDERICK HERMAN ARTHUR FLACK E OSBOURNE COCHE JAMES MORRISON ROBERT HASLETT LOUIS DINGLER 1928 PAUL B. JOHNSON CYRIL STEIN GLENN CHARLES WALL CAIRO TRIMBLB WILLIAM LUKASWITZ S. JOHN DIBLENSCHNEIDER GEORGE KINGSTON WILLIAM TITZEL EDWARD HENNBSSEY CHARLES SUMMERFIELD SUMNER DAVIS ,RICHARD THOMSON WALLACE GILI., JR. GEORGE MAHANEY ROGER SCOTT WILLIAM WINANS THORNTON TRAVIS 1929 WALLACE TAIT CHARLES SCHANLEY J. ROLAND FIERO LLOYD STORANDT BARTON SENSENIG NORMAN MARSHALL JAMES PADGETT I 372 J SAMUEL GARVIN JOHN HOCH MARCUS SHOUP HENRY EAVEY LUIN DEXTER FRED DEARDOREE Txmvxs WINANS P.-mG1'r'r IVIAHANEY WESTGA1'E STORANDT SUMMERFIELD EAVEY TAIT Srmsnmc DEARDORPP DEXTER FIERO Glu. Hoc!-i M. SHOUP MARSHALL THOMPSON GARVIN WALL Trrzsl. HENNESSY SCOTT Txumxaua SCHANLEY Luxfxswrrz CRAWFORD Srsm M.ATTHEWS DrE1.ENscHNz1Den FLACX JOHNSTON BUNN DOUGLAS Lewis BROWN Moxuusox KIVLAN HASLETT Bmcxmx VAN Rufzx REHBERGER G. SHOUP FORTUIN COOKE X '- 2, X F mx ,yfx ,La O ,yf DN , FA Q my 5 X 5 Au -rf f fflh -X yay, X 5 .gif , wx ff? Q. x R , F1 V' 4: if . f -xv gm ,, .1 V 1 ELK!!! 13731 :if .11 l l- Qt. Eli-H fl- Rf 'PAT' ATIJQ TLNTJSL 'Sai i H u .. . REQ 1 , 5 gill . ' 1 5.3" J'5i 'E 4 f,J H , ,ft Q'-., FX' y t P ,Q ta nm ' .LI 5' 2 2 PS2 Rf ffi' ff!-1 I '- QV 'I ' 1.3-Jlu..,, v Sr 3 5- ,APS ,. -5 j fe.: E,- A : M 1 2- r f ff .,. .. 13119. '2.',f'.'T'v x - 55 ' ef ' 4 . , , .As j' -.3-,fv h .4 . -Am - , .gd w,,7Qjx..v 1' Esta 3131313 Cllbapter tl FL- ffgffiglz-5-..""""':Ff2::s.,15:1aj.'ff"!Y.2',g .gf ,J . I - Founded 1869 Q L w Zim ' --11,57 " E " SSIQ WALNUT STREET . : ' F- -""f,f11 ' 'J' P' +2 . W , - - -,3,,,,,. ...L C, I .. L, . Faculty Members ALLAN CHESTER, A.B. GEORGE GORDON MAHY, JR., A.B. JOHN HARVEY, M.D. HOWARD THRUNE HOVDE, B.S. IN ECON Active Chapter 1926 KLAYPOLE ALOYSIUS BOLAND MARVLN E. COX WILLIAM HOWARD CULBERTSON EDWARD LEONARD BUCKLEY, JR. JAMES ARTHUR GRIFFIN, JR. WILLARD JOHN GUCKER GUY EVERETT MACMILLIN COLIN WILLIAM MATHIESON LEONARD ARVBY SORNESON EDWIN RUSSELL WILLIAMS WILLIAM AUGUST WITHUS ROBERT CECIL BAKER SAMUEL CROZIER FLEMING FRANK ,EDDY KIEFFER ROBERT SPRINGER MORGAN 1927 ALEXANDER JOSEPH NOCTON ROBERT RUSSEL REBELE THOMAS SHALLCROSS, 3D JAMES WILLISON SMITH, JR. ROBERT CHARLES TODD DONALD FRANCIS BOOR EDWIN T. BAILEY PERKINS BAILEY ROBERT ROLLEN COOKMAN, JR. ROBERT JACKSON FULTON EDWARD ALBERT KIRTLAN WILLIAM BENNETT KRAFT, JR. PAUL TEGLER MEYER DONALD LIGHT MILLER GEORGE 'HENRY BARTH JOHN FRANCIS BARUCH EUGENE JOSEPH DALY ALFRED CONWAY EDWARDS HANS WALTER HECKMANN 1928 1929 RALPH HOUSTON RICE, JR. LAWRENCE BRADFORD RUSSEL ALLEN WAKEMAN SAWYER PHILIP SHORE, JR. SAMUEL ALAN SLOAN, JR. JAMES' ALAN STEPHENS JOHN GODFRED WALBER, JR. DEAN CAVIT WILSON LAURENCE CLARK WOOLMAN NELSON MORRISON HOUGH FRANK BECK LOHMAN WILLARD JULIUS SCHULTZ STANLEY BARTLETT SMULLEN, JR. EDWIN LUCIUS WEYMAN, JR. GEORGE PHILIP WENTZEL 13741 Established 1894 GRAI-IAM LOHMAN BARUCH BARTI-I Fos'rER SRIULLEN WEYLIAN P. BAILEY RUssEL MILLER BooR KRAFT EDWARDS SHORE COOIIRIAN MEYER KIEFEER BA RER SORN Esox BOLAND Cox GRIFFIN MAHY RICE S'rEPHENs WILSON KIRTLAN HOUGI-I SHALLCROSS FLEMINC Lown SLOAN FULTON E. BAILEY XVITH Us MATHIESON CULBERTSON GUCIQER MACMILLIN -agw 1-rf' iz. Qi , 5ExffAu l3751 , f A QI E ' R r ' . p a I bn ra Izrmtp - 19319131 fibantfr Q Q' , Founded I8Q5 Established 1896 '1'1 ' ZIQ SOUTH THIRTY'SIXTH STREET if , ' Faculty Members . ,ISAAC JOACHIM SCHWATT, PH.D. PERCY VAN DYKE SHELLY, A.B., PH.D., A ROBERT VINCENT BOLGER, B.S. IN ECON LEE NELSON GULICK, B.S. IN M.E. GEORGE ARTHUR MACFARLAND, B.S. IN ECON. OWEN LOUIS SHINN, B.S. IN CHEM., PHD, PHILIP CHILDS PENDLETON, B.S. IN ECON. HAROLD SAEGBR STINB, A.B. EDGAR LEROY POTTS Active Chapter 1926 JOHN RUDOLPH TAPPAN HAROLD ELY MERRICK ANAN JAMES FREE MITCHELL, JR. RAYMOND BLACK FRANKLIN FOUCHE TRAINER, JR. RICHARD DORNAN TRAINER BERTRAM HOWARD BUCH LESLIE HAND CUMMINGS CHARLES MOYER MEREDITH 1927 JOHN BOWDEN NORTHROP EDWIN CHAPMAN PEASE ALEXANDER HARDCASTLE REYNOLDS, JR THEODORE WESLEY -STEVENSON WILLIAM THOMAS WHITE JOHN WILLIAM BUTTS ALBERT RUSSELL DREISBACH WILLIAM BERRY HAMILTON JOHN LLOYD LISTER JOHN MOYER MEREDITH 1928 HERMAN LANGE, JR. LESTER FALLER LANGE EDWARD SKILLMAN LANNING HENRY QWENS NORTON WILLIAM ANDREW THOMPSON MALCOLM HUGH STONHAM CHARLES ROBISON ALLEN HAROLD ALLING EDLUND KENNETH GARABRANT FAHS RUSSELL CONWELL GRIFFITH PAUL MORTON HEWETT REUEL STEWART KAIGHN 199.9 PAUL KELVIN ADDAMS JOHN ANTHONY ARCHER ROBERT BROXVN ARNOLD DONALD CROCKER BEERS CHARLES HUGHS CONNELLY, JR. JAMES ROBERT DODGE JACK CLAY DRESSLER ALFRED GEORGE ENGELHARDT EUGENE JOSEPH GUENARD JOHN CHARLES GREGORY RALPH ROEHRIG JASPER RAYMUND JOSEPH KERNER GEORGE WALTER MCCOY JOHN FELIX MULLEN l376J .M PHELPS MULLEN ARCHER KERNER CONNELLX' ADDAMS McCoy ARNOLD GREGORY ENGELHARDT GUENARD JASPER NORTON THOMPSON LANNING KAIGHN H. LANGE L.LANGE ALLEN EDLUND STDNHAM DODGE DRESSLER Gmurfm-I HEWITT LISTER J.MEREDITH DREISBACH TAPPAN PEASE Burrs HARKILTON REYNOLDS Non-rx-mu? BLACK STEVENSDN TR.-XINER MITCHELL Msmucrz C. MEREDLTH BUCHANAN FAHS Cuxmmcs :4 I N .1555 iff 'W' K4 " e 'Qgf 'E' el., g m ' 'E1??",sif ' V' , f. g, L Q MF .L r, ,f ' .f ,E A? Q as 'ff V QM' X . 09' l377I 32.-- --N-..1.E.f -f.w LE:1BL.,, , alta Eau alta :fraternity Founded I 8 SQ QBmzgga Cibapter Esmblzshed 1897 3533 LOCUST STREET Faculty Members JAMES P. WICKERSHAM CRAWFORD, A.B., PH.D. THOMAS POTTER MCCUTCHEON, A.B., PH.D. EDWARD R. FOSTER WILLIAM CALVIN HOOVER SLAGLE Active Chapter T926 WILBUR LINCOLN HUNG HOMER WARREN HANSCOM EDWARD LEWIS SHUEY 1917 RICHARD JOHNSON KOONS CARL ROBINSON KRIEG JOHN WALTER VAUGHN ROY EDWARD SLAGLE FREDERICK JOHNSON JAMES FREDERICK MACLONEY WILLIAM ASHLEY HANSEN A T928 WILLIAM FREDERICK KUEHNE CALDER PEARCB SINCLAIR WILLIAM JOSEPH BRENNAN, JR. HARRY ROGER GILSON JOHN DALY KERRIGAN THOMAS WINDSOR HARRIS WILLIAM JOSEPH DOWNBY ROWLAND BRADLEY SCOTT JACOB MAYER FRANK MAURAN CORNELL WALDEMAR FERNANDO LEE PETER JOSEPH COLE DONALD GUNN CALDER SINCLAIR IQZQ HAROLD LAWRENCE BALLINGER NEWSOM COOPER CHARLES EDWIN HABICH ROSWELL BEERS MILLIGAN WILLIAM DESMOND 0,HARA JAMES ALBERT STRATTON DAVID DANIEL PALMER 13781 ALFREDO JUAN TORRUELLA DANIEL CARLYLE GILMARTIN ROBERT GERARD MORONEY JOSEPH EDMUND OQHARA WILLIAM DINSMORE REINHALTER FRANK EWING TERRIL JOHN FLETCHER MCKEAGE D. SXNCLAIR GILMARTIN TERRELL MARONEY BALLINGER HANSEN LEE C. SINCLA111 J. E. O'HfmA W. D. O'HAxA REINHALTER STRATTON TORRUBLLA MILLIGAN Coomin TUTTLE COLE BXENNAN Hmmxs CORNELL Dowxmf Scovr KUEHNE Gmsox JOHNSON SLAGLE KRIEG Huss SHUEY Hfmscom KooNs VAUGHN WOOD DELTA TAU DELTA qw- x , wif, - 2 ,MZ w1, ,g'i?'P"'x ff? if' '-x ,143 5-gillllllfwm 'W ? 2 ,'rAu-f 13791 4c" F' jpg, fi . R. A5 , f ' I., alta appa psilnn ui'-' -I ZBeIta kappa Qibapter ,. I Founded I844 Established 1899 , , , ' LJ - 5 . L1--f' IE A ' I .ff 3906 SPRUCE STREET ,. I -.....,,,,, Lil' ,ffgw It H' ' FMT '51 2-- ,Y I 1,41 J! 1,63 , , . Y aww Faculty Members GORDON BLYTHE ANDERSON, B.S. IN ECON., PH.D. THOMAS APPLETON COPE, A.B., M.D. HIRAM CAULKINS, B.S. IN ECON. LINCOLN WILKINGTON HALL, B.S. IN ECON., PH.D. HERBERT SPRUCE HARNARD, A.B., PH.D. LUTHER ARMSTRONG HARR, BS. IN ECON., PH.D. SHERMAN LANDERS, B.S. IN ECON. WILLIAM JACKSON MERILL, A.B., M.D. DANIEL EDWARD OWEN, A.B., PH.D. JOHN HUNTER SLATBR, B.S. IN ECON. Active Chapter 1926 HORACE FOSTER RICHTER JAMES WILLIAM KENT EDWIN DUDLEY GARDINER HENRY CLINTON PARENT KARL EMERY ROBINSON JOHN BOWEN KOHLER EDWARD JAMES SULLIVAN EDWIN RUSSEL MORINE WILLIAM THOMAS SULLIVAN BENJAMIN MILTON OWEN RICHARD WHITNEY TAYLOR KENNEDY BROWN BAILEY, zd JOHN D. BOWEN 1917 JOHN HUME COUPER JESSE THOMPSON NICHOLSON FRANCIS WALTER DALEY WALLACE GROOM PALMER, JR RALPH LEIGH HALL HAROLD WILLIS PARSONS ELVIN FOSTER FREY ' IQ28 WILLIAM DE REVERE COMSTOCK RICHARD REEVES ROSS . 1929 LEE MANTEL BERGER MARTIN BRILL CHANNING ROGERS CHILDS HARRY HALL GERE MILTON KLINE HARR RICHARD DRUM LAIRD RUSSELL WILLIAM LANGSENKAMP I38OJ ALEXANDER DONALD MILLER WILLIAM HAMILTON NIVEN JAMES MARK PRENDERGAST WARREN DAGGS TUXILL GEORGE TOWNSEND UNDERHILL JAMES NELSON YOHE ROBERT LAWRENCE ZULLINGER TUXILL NIVEN MILLER ZULLINGEIL YOIIE GENE BILILL UNDERHILL HARR HALL CHILDS PIIENDERGAST Comsmcx KENT LAIRD PALXIER PARENT DALEY PARSONS FREY COLIPEIL GARDINER E. I. SULLIVAN OWEN KOI-ILER W. T. SULLIVAN MOIAINE RICHTER ROBINSON SLATER J,-nies A. Hmvss TAYLOR DELTA KAPPA EPSILON ,I-' f?M?,,-2.235.221 " ml HUM' ' , I 9-Rm. AW-f+f f'F . .....-U, qv :Sify -ZI,1...Z rffflu "" +1 41 was . a' Wy "' 'vt' U I N xx ff ,A gf ' Q 4-. ,-Ifil ' V A . , I ,,,. ,W L fix.. IWJIIV E I . .fidwl ,. . xx I New ' l381 1 A 1913i Qigma appa jfraternitp 531111 Qibapter Founded T873 Established IQOO 3618 LOCUST STREET Faculty Members THOMAS CONWAY, JR., PH.D. KARL WILLIAM HENRY SCHOLZ, B.S., A.M., PH.D. LEIGHTON PAXTON STRADLEY, LL.B. JAMES HERBERT HORNADAY, B.S. IN ECON. G. LLOYD WILSON, A.B. JOHN FINTON HUMES, A.B., M.A. SIDNEY SANDERSON, M.A. MERRITT WILSON, JR. GEORGE MCNEELY BELSTERLINO GIRARD SCOTT SHELDON ROEERT LINCOLN SEITZ WILLIAM M. BUCHANAN PAUL PERINCHIEF DAVENPORT LYALL WILLIAM BOWEN JOHN RUSSELL KELLER BENJAMIN NELSON GUNNING JAMES AEEOTT FRYATT DONALD COURTNEY STRBBVBR CHARLES EDWIN BARNARD ALVAN FASSETT WILLIAM ANDREW LINDELOW LAURENCE LITCHFIELD CLARK JAMES STEWART BECKLEY Active Chapter 1926 EDWARD T. HAY, JR. JAMES ALEXANDER CRAWFORD CHARLES BLUMHARD EGOLF LEONARD RAY FAYLE GEORGE CONRAD MUNGER ROEE NEELY KEYSBR I Q27 GERALD STALEY WILSON CHARLES THOMAS MAXWELL, JR. ALLEN GROVE CRESSMAN IQ28 NORMAN SIDNEY HUMMEL , IRVING LIVINOSTONE W. GLONINGER WILLIAM BERNER ANDERSON CHARLES IVAN WURSTER T929 PHILIP STUART THORNTON CLIFFORD IRVING LAMOREAUX ARTHUR BROWN POOLE ROBERT STANTON BARBER l382J PHILIP DOUGLASS CREER WILLIAM MATTHEW EWADINGER DONALD KENNETH IRMIGER HENRY LLOYD CHILD EDWARD WARREN HOAK RICHARD PAGE AIKIN JOSEPH STANLEY LENNOX WILLIAM ERNEST KENDRICK NORMAN EDWARD MALONE GORDON SMITH JOHN EDGERLY BARNES JOHN PLAKIAS JAMES BIEHL ZELLER KENNETH VIRGIL ANKENY Poow CLARKE Smrn LAmoREAUx BARNARD BARBER THORNTON 'ZELLER KEYsER Bzclcuay LINDELOW FASSETT PLAKIAS ANDERSON Hummel. MALONE FRYATT KENDRICK Gu'-NNG STREEVER ANRENY BARNEQ CRESSMAN WHITE Bowsx Anim Mfxxwnu. Lswox H,-xx HAGGERTY WURSTER KELLER ScHoLz Wn.soN IRMIGER BUCHANAN BELSTERLING FAYLE CRAWFORD EWADINGER CREER MUNGER Snsmox Saw Saxnmsow Humzs PHI SIGMA KAPPA gm- fn me-':'f f' .Lvumf iff 11. Hqfri- .-f.--J r. fig Sq? h ' my RA-.fiixfiuxt 1' ff,f:,1j7 Y:-315. 5 . fi' Ariz' I3831 Founded 1856 Faculty Membeys Sigma Zllpba psilun Bennsplhania Ulibeta Qllbapter Established IQOI 3998 SPRUCE STREET DONALD R. YOUNG, A.B., A.M., PH.D. JOHN LANGDON JONES, A.B. ROBERT B. MITCHELL, B.S. IN ECON. Active Chapter 1926 DONALD WATCHORN DRUMMOND ALBERT HOLMES SWING FRANKLIN RODGER LINDSAY THOMAS STEWART LEE CHARLES THOMAS HILL JOHN MORTIMER LITTLE JAMES BARTLETT WOOD MONTGOMERY W. CHAPMAN JAMES JOSEPH MCGINNIS ALAN MOSER RICH DANIEL OSMAN MERRICK JOHN HUBLEY SCHALL MARSHALL LEWIS HORACE LISTER BASS JAMES CHADBOURN BOLLES FRANK ELDRIDGE CORLISS WALTER EDWARD DENGLER JOSEPH CHARLES DEY, JR. ARTHUR FENNER KEPLINGER JAMES RUSSEL VINSON HARRY THEODORE SAYLOR 1927 THEODORE GUSTAV KNAUBLAUCH ROBERT FENTON WELLMAN WILLIAM THOMAS COTHRAN JOHN THOMAS SHILLINGFORD I Q28 DAMON NICHOLAS CHURCH THOMAS PICKERING PRATT, JR FRANK GORDON BLEE, JR. RICHARD ROYAL WEIR CYRIL DENNIS WAGNER KARL JAMES KRAUSB T929 FREDERICK CARL DIETERLE WILLIAM EMIL FORMAN WHITMAN PEARSON CYRUS JOHN RINSLAND WALTER ELLERY STEVENS THOMAS MAGNER 13341 JAMES DINWIDDIE KILGORE ALLEN WILKERSON ELLIS JOHN DOWNINGWRIGHT, JR. WILLIAM E. GEORGE MCDONALD JOHN PETER BUTLER EVERETT LOOSER LOMMASSON OSCAR DONALD AMEY EUGENE JOSEPH CONNELL BERNARD OSCAR PONTIUS HERCULESE DORN STEWART JAMES M. CUSH WILLIAM MICHAEL THOMPSON JAMES BLACKBURN TRUXELL EARL STANLEY VOLLMER FRANK EUGENE WILKERSON HOWARD SWEBZEY MOSHER B S EVENS WAGQEE. Foaxmw BOLLES Pmnsow RINELAND DEY Coauss THOMPSON XVILKERSON Ass T . . . . CHURCH STEWART PoN'r1us COTHRAN WAGNEE LEWIS MILLER SCH.-xu. KRAUSE BLEE DENGLEE MOSHER KNOBLAUCH Rrrcrx MACDONALD Woon EAKIN CHAPMAN Ln'-:LE Him. SHILUNGEQRD MEnxxcx: Enus LEE Vmsox Dnummoxn WRIGHT Loxmfxssox S.xY1.o1z LINDSAY KILGORE SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON I-3' .1 ,131 . .. ' I 59 , ig' A kg L1 , 'G 321:41 'W , Q95 I 385 1 Abi? A P in r I I . buggma ELBIJI C1EpS'1Iun ' ,II 5' -- k p 1.5251 - f I , -+ riqfgw ' J ff- . - ff , iBznnEplhama ZBeIta Qibapter . 'Q ' 1 111' 'STE . : gig ,VDV Founded I8QQ Estabhshed T904 2 . - ---' , 43 .... , . - ' 1- ., ' . gL E, ,g 5909 SPRUCE STREET VW' A , A f1'9'9' . ,-.A--F54 , el V .AH - .::ig,I.:z.K 51:2 ff-f .. S '...,L.S1.,zg.-,,K,R,,.....Se,.-1 L f KM,A..w5Lm:kxi if ..,I. 'L+--.. CARL KELSEY, PH.D. CHARLES DEON FAWCBTT, B.S. IN E.E. ROLAND LAIRD KRAMER, A.M., PH.D. MATTHEW WILSON BLACK, A.M. WILLIAM BATES, M.D. JOHN FRANCIS BRIDGEMAN, B.S. IN ECON., A.M. JOHN PAUL WILSON JEROME OSBORNE EVAUL CLARENCE BUSHNELL LITCHFIELD CHARLES PROCTOR GIVEN JOHN FREDERICK WOLF CARL WILLIAM GSAND WALDEN JONES RICHARDSON HOWARD IRVING DILLINGHAM JACK CUMMINGS HOSTERMAN CHARLES ALBERT BEHRINGER, JR. JOHN DAVIS KING ANTHONY DRESSLER HBRBST ADDISON MANNING VARNEY ALFRED HILLIARD BROADEENT WILLIAM CRETZ, 3D STANLEY JAY HARRIS Faculty M embers - STEPHEN BANNINGTON SWEENEY, B.S. IN ECON. ALFRED IRVING HALLOWELL, MS., PHD. JONATHAN HOWE PUGH, B.S. IN ECON. HARRY BELL MCCLURE, B.S. IN CH.E. WILLIAM HERBERT BLACK, A.B. Active Chapter 1926 MILTON LEWIS HOLLAND ROGERS MUNRO DREW MARTIN LUTHER LONG 1927 VERNON HORACE KUNKLE HAROLD HENRY FROHLICH CLIFFORD HENRY BUX FREDERICK ADAMS FISKE RICHARD JAMES REILLY 1928 KENNETH RIAL STEAD ROY SWARTZ RUNK 199-9 FRANK WADE MARTIN JAMES WIEGERING WILSON, JR. EDWARD THOMAS EVANS HOWARD WHITE OMAN l386J FRANK GOLDSMITH SPECK, A.M., PHD, STOCKTON GLYNN JOHNSON JOHN HIRAM MCKEE GEORGE WILLIS BLAND CHARLES EDWARD WEEE FRANK MAXON ALLEN JAMES WELLFORD WHITE CHARLES STUART RAMSAY ROLLO BRUCE LLOYD ROBERT JOHN CIPCBR' MARTIN LUTHER MACINTYRB FRIDTJOF TOBIESSEN LLEWELLYN FOGEL DRYFOOS CHARLES HUSTON LACLAIR, JR. RICHARD FREDERICK STEEL STEPHEN JOHNSON POTTER EDWARD MAHLON CORSON 1 Gxuzrz STEELE Iii,-mms OMAN Mmvrm LA CLAm EVANS Dmxroos VARNEY Consorfr Hmwsr I. WILSON POTTER BROADBENT TOBIESSEN MACINTYXL LLOYD Rum: STEAD B51-nuxcm CIPCER KING FLLQLICH BLAND WHITE ALLEN Daxaw DLLLLNGHAM REILLY Bux Flsma HOSTERNXAN RICHARDSON WEBB WVOLF GSAND LITCHFIELD McKEE HOLLAND Jo:-mscm EVAUL P. WILSON KUNRLE GIVEN SIGMA PHI EPSILON 0 'wgafawf ' f J -f- Q i ' 4 ' A L+' , L 1 'wif T , VIL' , V cv 'wr -Lg , W 2 Lg- ' 'Lf ff' f-SM .- .- El?iIuj,gff,1,1EV'lmQy6 H871 PAUL BUECHLER GERALD GREENCLAY STANLEY BENFORD GEORGE SHULOE JOEL KAPLAN ARTHUR COHEN DANIEL PRICE MAJOR STERN LESTER STONE EDGAR STERN SIMON KAPLAN SAMUEL STERN EDWARD STBIN HERBERT LUDWIG iBi lamhha i,Bhi ,fraternity Zeta Qibapter Founded 1895 Establzshed IQOS 3800 LOCUST STREET Active Chapter IQ26 WILLIAM GOLDSTEIN ARTHUR CAPLAN HARRY GRABOSKY 1927 NATHAN FEIST SHEPHERD SCHWARTZ RUSSBL LEVIN LARRY SCHUMANN IQ28 SYLVAN ROTHSTEIN BERNARD STURZ ABRAHAM WILSON JOSEPH FULD ALAN ROTHENEERG 1929 , B881 ALAN SCHENKAN HAROLD STEINMETZ HERBERT RATNER LEON KAMINSKY SCHENKAN S. STERN STEINMETZ Rxmox LEAVITT Roszmannc MELNICK S. KAPLAN KAM1Ns1cY Luuwlc Ro'rH51-mx STONE Lsvm S1-EIN Pxrcf F5151 E. STERN Gmxaowsxx' Scx-iw.-xxvrz GREENCLAY COHEN J. KAPLAN BENFORD If , 9 " x . , ' " 5? - w. 'V 37145 f my 49 522 l 'M L ' 'ff J 1 1 f H, 05 1 ' U , E U Q l'f,',,Qs2s! 1 my 3' 'fi I hw 'Yes rm I 389 1 Quanta jfraternitp jfranklin Clllijaptzr Founded May Iz, IQO4 Established May 3, IJQO6 3907 SPRUCE STREET Faculty M embers SOLOMON S. HUEENER, M.S., PH.D. EDWARD LODHOLZ, M.D. GEORGE E. NITZSCHE, LL.B. WILLIAM ALBERT CAPON, D.D.S. DAVID B. JBREMIAH, A.M. WILLIAM ROY HOCKENBERRY, A.M. J. RUSSELL DOUBMAN, B.S. IN ECON., LL.B., M.A., PHD. JOSEPH JOHNSTON SUTTON, B.S. IN ECON. JOHN FRANCIS JEREMIAH, B.S. IN ECON. ROBERT REIGEL, PH.D. RAYMOND MORGAN, PH.D. JULIAN H. CHAMBERS GEORGE E. CHISHOLM CLYDE R. DENGLER JOHN L. DENISON E. RANDALL BEATTY WILLIAM A. BURNS DONALD G. CORBETT JOHN R. BELL SAMUEL S. DIEHL GORDON W. FINDLEY WILLIAM D. I-IARKINS, A.B., LL.B. GEORGE HERVEY HALLETT, PH.D. WILLIAM ZERFING, D.D.S. GWILYM EMYR OWEN, PH.D. JOHN REINERT WHITAKER, B.S. IN ECON. PHILIP SAMUEL STOUT, M.D. COLLIER FORD MARTIN, M.D. BENJAMIN A. THOMAS, A.B., A.M., M.D. EDWIN M. FOGEL, PHD. LEON ELRANAH SMITH, B.S., M.A. LELAND JAMES GORDON, FRED DICRSON WOOD, D.V.M. JOHN R. WHITARER, B.S. IN ECON., M.S. IN ECON Active Chapter T926 GEORGE EICHNER MARION G. FIELDS LOWELL H. FISHER F. MERION T. MOOEERRY CHARLES CECIL WALL T927 GRVXLLB E. DIMMICK NORMAN P. MORTENSEN HOPRIN ROWLANDE 1928 ALEXANDER G. HARRIS J. TORRY LUCE 1929 B.S. IN ECON., M.A. VICTOR M. PARACHINI WILLIAM T. TI-IORP, JR. JOHN G. TINKLEPAUGH CLARENCE E. TOBIAS, JR. HAROLD B. RAMSAY T. FOYE SHUMAKER EDWARD P.-SMITH THEODORE S. MILLER BENJAMIN SPARKS DENNIS B. STOLLINGS ARTHUR D. COLLINS THOMAS A. JOHNSON l3901 SIIUI-IAKEI1 ROLLINS Tonms SMITI-I HARRIS BELL DENGLER DIMIIIICI: JOHNSON FIELDS STOLLINGS WALL FINDLEY DIEI-IL MORTLNSEN CI-IIsHoLIII MOOBERRY DI3NIsoN CHAAQBERS CORBETT TI-Ion? PARACHINI TINKLEPAUGH EICIINBII ACACIA I1 I 1, ! I 'S -J QW P ' I O? EL I I I !......z . F WW W? P I 4 'I 1 "IW: f,IfaITJIfXI.d' , H ff' I x Uaqfggfwff-T,f Ill ' .wig EIN F VQU, If i. Y. N ' f?Fi!lw W A -. ,. .Ig-575,54 1, g I ibw,ffI'W,'. W-MEI' -1- I Tw" l39ll HARRY J. DASH IRVING J. GRIMES REYNARD L. JOSEPH Faculty Members NORMAN S. ROTHSCHILD, MYRON ZACKS, M.D. Active Chapter IQ26 JOSEPH M. SAMPLINER ALFRED WEINBERG 1927 ARNOLD BUCHSBAUM MARION DAVIS RICHARD K. EINSTEIN HENRY H. HECHT JACK HELD SIDNEY 0. LEVIN EDWARD G. BAKER BERMAN SHOENFELD T928 ABRAHAM L. BASHWITZ WALTER BIBO LEON BUTLER JOSEPH I. GRIMES CARLYSLE HELD JOSEPH S. LEDERER JUSTIN F. LEEKER FRANK BARRON IRVING GLASSBURG ROBERT H. HALFF WILLIAM HANSTEIN ALLAN HERBERT ALFRED ZELTER 1 929 FRANKEL WOLF I 392J Zeta Etta Zllau fraternity Ulijeta Qlbapter F oumded ISQ8 Estabhshed T907 3819 SPRUCE STREET HERMAN B. COHEN, M.D. M.D. JOSEPH WILE BERNARD S. STEINER SEYMOUR B. WALDMAN WILLIAM D. WALLBRUNN HENRY A. LEVY, JR. ARTHUR LILIENFELD S. ELDRIDGE SAMPLINER WARREN SAMUELS AMSON TABOR JAMES S. ULLMAN JOSEPH B. LENZNER DAVID LOWENSTEIN ALFRED ORNSTEEN HARRY W. PFEIFER, JR. EDWIN M. PHILLIPS ROBERT D. STRAUS HENRY H. TIEFENBRONNER WILLIAM S. WOLF BERT KATZENDORF RICHARD LEVI MILTON LIVINGSTON ARTHUR VICTOR CHARLES WOLF WOLF HANSTEIN HERBERT GLASSBERG KASSENDORF WOLFF B.-IRON Lev: LIVINGSTON HALF? ZELTER LEEIQER LOWENSTEIN BAKER ORNSTEEN BUTLER VICTOR PFEIFER EINs'I'EIN SAMPLINER PHILLIPS SAMUEIS Levy SCHOENFELD BIBO STR.-xus DAVIS WALDMAN XVALBRUN XVILE josnm WEINBERG BAsI-I BUCHSBAUM ULLMAN - V:v7W"?' 1 5 9 G17 V' -gm ig 'Rf-f' "" , Y N' M,:4 '-3 QII IIIHYKQW' 0 I IWQIIIII-...Ig .112 ., -2 , 'Qfff Mg ' 14 33 555. f Q -ffrhiw sa-If .4 .I G2 3 " .2 5.4 J f :mr Qi 33 93 is ei 'A E39 W1 Ib ' 9 5 wwf! I WB if 42W'E B T If 'Tj f W .mei-aw I 393 I Sigma 1913i Sigma fraternity Qlpba Qlbapter Founded IQO8 Established IQO8 3914 SPRUCE STREET Faculty Members - WALTER WOODBURN HYDE, A.M., PH.D. EDWARD POTTS CHEYNEY, A,M., LL.D. MORRIS JEFFERIS BABE, B.S., PH.D. WILLIAM EASBY, IR., C.E. WILLIAM HARRISON KAVANAUGH Active Chapter T926 A. WALTON DAVIES HARRY G. BROWN RANDOLPH W. MEYER DONALD L. BUCKLER HENRY MONCRIEE RALPH W. FOSTER T. GUY MILLER ALBERT C. LOHMANN GEORGE N. BIGGS HAROLD P. JOHNSON G. ODELL FLETCHER WALTER CHRISTIAN MAYER E. BERNARD RUDIN DAN NIXON WILSON CARL V. FISHER 1927 ALBERT L. KLOPFER, JR. HARTJE RIDDELL CHARLES P. DAVENPORT ELROY P. WALKER CHESTER C. SLAYBAUGH GERALD GABRIEL EDWIN R. KYLE STANLEY W. MICHAEL CHARLES E. MIDGLEY HENRY LEE ZIEGLER ROBERT G. FARRINGTON CARL R. NELSON J. HARMON WILSON, IR. T928 HOWARD T. BRENNER GEORGE E. TAYLOR HERBERT V. LOESCH RICHARD WEEKS FORD MCD. MARTIN ERNEST A. FARRINGTON MAHLON K. ROBB NORMAN WOODWARD 1929 ERNEST H. SLAYBAUGH ROBERT C. FOULK BIRCH B. PHILLIPS MERWIN W. JENNINGS CHARLES E. KLINE, JR. B941 Roan E. SLAYBOUGI-I FOULKE JENNINGS KLINE J. WILSON PHILLIPS WALKER Woonwfxnn TAYLOR MARTIN BRENNER Losscx-I E. FARRINGTON MICHAEL MIDGLEX RUDIN C. P. LOHMANN DAVENPORT BROWN KYLE R. FARRINGTON NELSON C. SLAYBAUGH RIDDELL ZIEGLER FISHER D, WILSON MILLER M.-IYER MEYER FLETCHER GABRIEL A. C. LOHRIANN Bmcs SIGMA PHI SIGMA ravi I F ,fm M QW N lf '- xiii".- fi m.Qmv444fwfwqwH 233 M3'.f, TKfl.QMy5Vp Q 1 - GMQ .5 1-L ",1F:552 7 333 5 -2 'i 1 'sc .I 1 CMVf5if?E5!sA? - , 08 .' ' e -L---ff: X. -... WMI." El, 4.2: I ' Br pqoefif' 1 l395I ' 3 alta Sigma bi :fraternity 'X-ar. S -J:zE...:: Q' I.. M- ,-g-,,.-fr-'5- 4, 54 -na-ki H-JE " 'fr o .nu I " K4 iota Qibapter W ir- H Founded I8QQ Established I9O8 IIJZC1 'S-3. .. '--74 ,. E 202 South Thirtyfsixth Street 1? 4- -+"? IE" MH ' "Ef5:-11E1I- 'W ' J- 5 " AQ.i7f" '7 '-f ..'1., 'Q ' . --. Q1' 1 -11 35. 51. M - ZF: .'11u. - u p, ,IT 64 ms- ,pf 4-A -'I' ' A :r Tr,-ALT ' Faculty Membevs CLYDE LYNDON KING, A.M., PH.D. FORREST B. ASHBY, B.S. IN ECON. CHARLES EDWIN CUNNINGHAM, A.B. JOHN BIRELY CLOTHEIR, B.S. IN E.E. EARNEST MINOR PATTERSON, A.M., PH.D. WILSON CONRAD MARSDON, M.D. ARTHUR KENNETH GRAHAM, A.M. Active C haptef 5 IQ26 EMIDE ANTHONY THOMAS GEORGE CLIFFORD THOMAS KUNKLE MORLEY WATERFIELD BAKER GARDNER MAURICE GORDON ALLEN JESSE LEASE HAROLD WHITE APPLEYARD 197-7 ROBERT LESLIE PIKE JAMES JOSEPH KELLEHER WILLIAM ELDRIDGE MASON GEORGE HOWARD WALTON JOHN HARRY MILLER LEONARD LEGRANDE HUNTER WITHEAT THOMPSON CUTLBR FRANK WILSON GOADE GEORGE ALBERT RODEMAN EDWARD POWELL BAILEY, JR. GLENN SCHROER ERDENEERGER EDWARD JAMES FOLEY CHARLES SCHUYLER DOERR EDWARD ALBERT BERG JAMES REGINALD HARMAN CLYDE GREY GOODMAN EDWARD WINSLOW BOWERS I928 ROBERT DAVIES WITTER WILLIAM FOSTER MCKENNEY ALEXANDER BYRD MCDOWELL ANNESLEY MORTON STEWART ROBERT FRANKLIN BROWN JOHN WILLIAM MENCH ARMAND JOSEPH PEARTREE MORLEY PAUL LUTZ ROBERT CAMERON HUTCHINSON, JR. EDMUND JACOBY OERTER GEORGE JOSEPH SCHREINBR HENRY FRANCIS LEUTHOLT RALPH ILIFF WOOD MORLEY PAUL LUTz ' GEORGE N. J. SOMMER, JR. KENNETH WRIGHT GLIDDEN JAMES LOUIS BARREN ALAN CORSON T929 PAUL VINCENT MURPHY WILLARD GRANT LAUTBRBACH DANIEL ALTEMUS DHAMOUR JOHN JOSEPH SHOBER JOSEPH GEORGE SCHAAE CRAIG ELWOOD ELLIS LEROY JOHN HBPBURN WILLIAM HACKETT SULLIVAN HITE BOWMAN MORGAN l396J MORGAN HEPBORN LAUTEREACK MURPHY D'Axxoun SULLIVAN SHOEER OERTER Scmzsmnn XVITTER PEARTR EE MCKENNEX' Soxuma GLIDDEN LUTZ MENCHV Woov HUTCHINSON STEWART RUNYON - BAILEY HARMAN McDOWELL Consox Blanc LEUTHOLT AMBLER CQMPBELI. BARREN LEASE APPLEYARD GORDON MASON WALTON BEXTRAM Bowans DELTA SIGMA PHI .l X aims -.. Q..- TIN 2: Wig w x - X 1 W lv l3971 ..f .....- N5 1Bi Eelta QEpsiIun Qlpha Qibaptzr Founded I908 Estabhshed 1908 3,699 LOCUST STREET Faculty Member DAVID F. ROWLANDS, B.S. IN ECON. Active Chapter . T926 ARTHUR M. BRITTINGHAM NORRIS D. BUNN FINLEY E. CAMPBELL JUDSON C. BRIGGS FREDERICK F. KAHN EDGAR M. MYERS CHARLES J. RELLER HAROLD C. CARSON JAMES C. CREW FLOYD G. DAVIDSON CHARLES A. DICKENS KENNETH S. DAVIS HENRY A. FANZ WALTER F. SPARKS WILLIARD E. WEITEEL HERBERT S. FERREE 1927 T928 1929 I 398 J FREDERICK' G. DAVISON DONALD 1. RUMNEY WALTER W. RELLER4 WILLIAM J. RUSSELL GEORGE W. SMEDLEY JOHN C. WHITE J. WAYNE WILSON T. ALLEN GLENN HENRY W. HILLIARD NBWMAN HAWKE GEORGE E. JONES J.-FRANKLIN SLOTTER PAUL D. SPANGLER ARTHUR H. WHITELOCK H. HARLAN WILSON E. EDWARD MOUL 4 C. RELLER JONES Fsxuuaa Wx-m'ELocx Russu SPARKS RENEREW W. RELLER I, W. WILSON DAWSON D1cxES1s GLENN WHITE Wenzel. FANZ Q DAv1s SPANGLER DAVIDSON TI-IATCHER H. WILSON BUNN Hfxwxn PI DELTA EPSILON l S ILVIIIIIIINH - lm 'im l3991 Qlpba Rst jfraternitp Qipsilun Qlbaptzr Established IOO6 Chapter Chartered IQOS 3803 SPRUCE STREET Faculty Memhe rs E. T. BOOTH, v.M.D. A W. J. LEE, v.M.D. Active Chapter 1926 CARL L. BRIGGS ROBERT G. LITTLE HARRY W. HERRIOTT JOSIAH C. ROBBINS GEORGE H. KINEMOND GERRY B. SCHNELLE JAMES K. STROCKBINE 197'-7 GEORGE M. LEIGHOW LYNN A. PETERSON CHARLES E. MASSINGER ALLEN S. VANSANT STEVENSON MOORE, JR. EDWARD A. WEEE M. L. WENDLER T928 RUSSEL S. BEARDSLEE ERNEST W. RACKLEY JOHN D. BECK WARREN B. RAWLINGS LEE M. ESH JEAN V. SMITH M. WENDELL HALE CHARLES F. STARKE CHARLES E. HUTT CLARENCE M. STEVENS CLAUDE L. LAMMEY HAYWARD H. TAYLOR WILLIAM MARTINDALE CHARLES E. WATSON CLAUDE W. MILI.ER MELVIN L. SWEIGARD 1929 PAUL J. BEECHWOOD GORDON A. DOETSCH QRVILLE H. DRUMM WILLIAM M. LUKENS JAMES V. MCCAHON 14001 WINSLOW E. MERRILL JAMES A. MUFFLY TAYLOR P. ROWE SAMUEL F. SCHEIDY H. RUDOLPH SEIBOLD DOETSCH LUKENS SCHEIDY SEIBOLD MCCAHON DRUMM INAUPFLEY WATSON MILLER SMITI-I SWEIGARD HIITT STEVENS LANIMEY EsI-I Rows RACKLEY VANSANT BEARDSLEE MOORE Bxuccs LITTLE PETERSON Da. BOOTH HARRIOTT KINEMOND STROCKBINE SCHNELLE ALPHA PSI o , A, , I1 VIVIM I-Lgw u , , " x Q 4. 50. -iw xx -I . x . T I ""'t' sul x. I I4oII Founded I8Q7 1926 WILLIAM DEFORD BEASLEY BENJAMIN ARTHUR BOURNE DONALD HOLDEN COURTER ROBERT S. 1927 FRED FRETZ MARTIN CHRISTIAN H. BRANDT GEORGE HAROLD LLOYD FREDERICK GUSTAVE REHNFR PHILIP F. T928 JOHN MACK LEONARD H. BLAND LLOYD HILE ELLIOTT SPENCER AUCUSTUS NORRIS 1919 WILBUR STEVENS JEFFERY KENDALL SWINT EWBR ROBERT LINCOLN WHITTAKER DAVID JOHN ESPIE FRANKLIN PIERCE COMES, JR. Sigma QBI jfraternitp ZBeIta Qibaptnr 3616 LOCUST STREET GEORGE KELLOCK HALE, JR. CHARLES E. MOSER FORREST CLINTON EBRIGHT GOE . FREDERICK M. MENTZER RICHARD MASKREY WILSON CALVIN WELLS DAY ELLIS RIVOLA WARING FRY JOHN ROBERT PRITCHARD,J ROBERT MORTON SANKEY LARUE SIDNEY WAGENSELLER HOWARD LINCOLN SANDS GLENN LESLBY PALMER FRANK JOHN STRASSNBR WILLIAM OSCAR KAISER Established IOOO J DANIEL FREMAUX DE BEIXEDON DANIEL HENRY ORT COLIN WAYNE LEACOCK H021 Ewan jsrfay LEACOCK WHITTAKER PALMER Esruz KArsE1L Coulvrsx BRAND1' Wu.soN SANDS SAN KEY Mosm C012 MACK DAY REHNER HALE WAcENsm.1.z5x Noruus PRITCHARD Mem-zsn RY WARING EBRIGI-rr BEASLEY SIGMA PI ,. gl 75,111 ,A uv 2 W VW MN fm H M , f Q WL kgz n A LN I1 A Sa, 'ff f eff? gi' W9 ,Av 1 ' V. new-A x,Ex A As- x X Wg, -A -H.-AJ l4031 Founded 1856 Faculty Members GEORGE PHILLIP WILLIAMS, JR., A.B., LL.B. MICHAIL MICHAIL DORIZAS, A.B., M.A. CHARLES ANSON RANDLETT WARDWELL, B.S. IN ECON., M.A. SAMUEL HOWARD PATTERSON, PH.D. Ulbeta Clllbi :Fraternity kappa Qlbaptzr Established 1912 3,817 SPRUCE STREET WALTER REICHNBR FARIES, A.B., LL.B DANA GREENLEAE HOW, B.S. IN ECON JOHN ROBSON SKEEN, B.S., M.A. HOBART STEVEN PERRY, B.S. IN ECON, JOHN HAYES CARTER, B.S. IN M.E. Active Chapter 1926 WALTER DWIGHT NOSTRAND OLIVER GOULD SWAN AUGUSTUS SHAW GOETZ JOHN GEORGE SADTLER ROBERT BRUCE BEITH CHARLES BURTON KASS EDWARD CHAPMAN T. BEAUREGARD 1927 WILLIAM MCCANDLISS LEE WILLIAM WINTERBOTHAM WOODSIDE ROBERT BERNARD MULLER JOSHUA ALLEN CHRISTIAN ,WILLIAM EDGAR CLEAR, JR. MYRON EDWARD ROBERTS WILLIAM HARRIS STEVENS, JR. GEORGE KING GARDINER WINFIELD MACLURE MCALISTER FRANK PARRISH SCHWARTZ ARTHUR MERRICK BLAMPHIN JOSEPH FOLWELL SCULL, JR. NORMAN BUDD ROCHE JOHN EDWARD BOSWELL HOWARD TOWNSEND BONGAARDT PAUL THOMAS SCULL DWIGHT HEYWOOD BOYDEN ALFRED S, BUTZ, JR. HAROLD W. MEAD WILLIAM HENRY MCKEEVER, JR. CHARLES ERVIN MCGLAUGHLIN CHARLES FRANCIS WRIGHT, JR. ALLAN THOMPSON HOLLOWAY CHARLES STAGG ROGERS HERBERT ANTHONY AMEISEN WILLIAM EUGENE HENDRICKS 1928 JOHN CLIFFORD WELCH WARREN THOMAS NAGLE SAMUEL FELLOWS NBWMAN HENRY IRVING DUNN JOHN MAYER KURTZ ROBERT WALLACE FORCIER 1929 DONALD SEELYE GALBRAITH WALTER EDWARD PRICKITT FRANCIS HAINES YOST JOHN JAMES DOUGLASS, JR. MORGAN SCOTT MACDONALD FRANCIS DUNCAN GREEN CHAMBERLAIN HOYT WOODRUEE 14041 ADOLF KREUTZER VOGT JOHN HENRY BOOTH, JR. WILLIAM JOHN COX, JR. HAROLD MILTON POST JAMES ALEXANDER WILSON ROBERT WORTHLINE JOHNSTON WILLIAM JOHN GEGGIS, JR. ARTHUR CARL RODE WALTER HERMAN SWETTMAN WALLACE GOODWIN KNIGHTS WILLIAM HENRY BREHM HUGHES GEORGE HENRY THAYER ALEXANDER CAMPBELL MUIR RAYMOND LESLIE WOODBURN JOSEPH HERMAN BELAVAL ROBERT BERKHOUT JOLLY GREEN BOYDEN MCGLAUGHLLN MACDONALD WRIGHT KNIGHTS Butz Muxx Doucmss Woouaunx BELAVAL JOLLY Pxucxcarr MEAD T1-1.-wax HAWLEY HUGHES P. T. SCULL GEGGIS NAGLE Cox Kunz Roamvrs Woonxurs Yosr GALBRAITH NEWMAN Iouxsros SWETNIAN BLAMPHIN MCKEEVELL Voc'r XVELCH FORCIER BOSWELL Roma J. F. Scuu, Rocrsxs HOLLOWA1' HENDIQICRS STEVENS CHRISTIAN Kfxss Scnwucrz GARDINEP. ABIEISEN MULLER Boom LEE WILSON SADTLER Woomsmz NOSTRAND BEAUREGARD SVUAN MCALISTER CLEAR Bram-1 BONCA.-uwr DUNN LEWW SQ Mit lb Mm ,I . wwg- f I , .120 'lt' , 71- , 1' r A' II, 'JV' M N21 'EY-x.-X 1'fzJ1'fiE11t1 L ' 152 6 f 'ggggm ilizfsazaluwf L -QL B N Y" T Thx' 1154 W, 'n,, 'M MM M I if X " efpup naw l405l r anal? 'vlli iam ia I IIE 5 IIE ,f .. f V I.. . U ..nn. lim E ' , K ' 'J .,n.:g4?ffQXxl,, nan: ff- new X .,,- f . V 1 Ffefffr .I if A I. . Lf .I. . fm ,- , Il, . . fi-"5 ffiil . y . ,I .. . tt, ,z 45,7 D- . .J ,. . A . 1 ,W , ' - I 3' za xfpff. ri I .. 'Hif . , , X. i. ,..f, .,,.. ,. , Q PM- .' .. N 'I 7"57t':'c':"ffff'E ij 'I ' Qt1","' ""if"-if-?:Eii3'ff5L,..,:-.7 A 'V X- gr' I l?'p,1'.x,. -'-fe,5T,,:. 'P ' ' ' 'XG x. 1 V 4 fi S F I 5 , 'bf' I1 J L, T 1' E AEE? bl ,T F K kr -I ---QE. v 'fd "' 4-Z "' L,, 1 ARTHUR HOLMES, PH.D. HAROLD PENDER, PH.D. - C. CANBY BALDERSTON, B.S. IN ECON., M OTTO E. ALBRECHT, B.A. W. F. BOWER, B.A. JOHN R. AEERSOLD, B.A., LL.D. J. STANLEY ADDIS JOHN HENRY RUSHTON JOHN ARNOLD BOWER MORLYN LEROY BROWN JOSEPH MASON HERSHBERGER HENRY THEODORE INMAN JOHN GEORGE KOLB ALBERT NYLUND JAMES BERTIE WILLAN EDWARD ANTHONY DRISCOLL ROBERT HUBBR BAXTER ESTEBAN ANSELMO BIRD HOWARD CLEMENT MATTOX RALPH EUSTACE SCHNEIDER JOSE MANUEL CALDERON CHARLES ALMON GILES WILLIAM RUSSELL CLARK MARSHALL MITCHESON SMITH EDGAR HOWARD REDINGTON Ulibeta Xi jfraternitp QBmin:run Qlhaptszr W Founded I864 Established IQI2 3930 SPRUCE STREET Faculty Members CLAIR WILCOX, B.S. IN ECON., M.A. CORNELL M. DOWLING, B.A. .A. J. LAWRENCE DAVIS, B.A. EDWIN FREDERIC PIKE, B.S. IN CH.E., M.S., PH.D W. L. SHENTON J. A. BOWER Active Chapter 1926 HERBERT P. GREGORY DUDLEY NEAR VAN KLEBCK IQ27 EDWIN MAURICE HOPKINS WILLIAM KENNETH KASTNER JOSEPH SAMUEL MALLORY KIRK STAFFORD WIGHT CLARKE LIVINGSTON WILLARD WILLIAM FOULKE SATTERTHWAIT DONALD PERCIVAL SPILLER 1928 ANDREW WHITE LEE BENJAMIN MEREMEECK JOHN-ROCK SEBASTIAN - LEO PAUL MORRISSEY WILLIAM HARLIS SMITH IQZQ RICHARD PEASLEB WARD LUCIUS BOARDMAN MORSE JOHN MCCORMICK MCCLELLAN GEORGE SHERMAN FRAUNBERGER l406J REDINGTON Monsn CLARK SPILLER MCCLELLAN GILES SCHNEIDER MEREMBECK LEE SEBASTIAN CALDERON SMITI-I MATTOX BIRD BAXTER WILLARD BROWN KASTNER RUSHTON XVILLAN HEIISHBEILGEIL MORRISSEY VAN KLEECK DRISCOLL MAI.I.oxy Kona INMAN NYLUND Aoms WXGHT GREGORY THETA XI ., A ' AC, Af' il l vl 1 ...,. 5195 " U f ,I ,G FN If , - I ,Ml 3' -FIA-I :W f '1 X R ' I N I X X I 407 I Founded IQOQ FRANKLIN EDGERTON, A.M., PH.D. GEORGE DEPUE HADZITS, A.M., PH.D. ALFRED HERMAN GUMAER, B.S. IN ARCH. CONRAD VELDER HAHN, B.S. IN M.E. WALTER SEILER, B.S. IN ECON. WILBER N. BAUGHMAN HENRY W. CHUBBUCK EDWIN J. FABER CHARLES S. BENTLEY FREDERICK D. CRUM JOHN L. HAMILTON, JR. JAMES W. JACOT JAMES V. JORDAN W. PALMER KING GEORGE D. MILLER ELWOOD M. BARRON WILLIAM H. GLENN EDWARD EVERETT HALE HERMAN J. JORDAN GEORGE M. LINCOLN WALTER W. BEACHEOARD WARNER M. BOUCK ALDRICH W. BOSS EDWARD J. CANNON Faculty Members lamhha Clihi Zllpba :Fraternity QEpEiIun Zeta Clllbaptzr Established IQI2 9.25 SOUTH THIRTYfNINTH STREET HARRY JAMES LOMAN, B.S. IN ECON. BERWIND PETERSON KAUFMAN, B.S., A.M. DONALD ASHCROFT HILSEE, B.S. IN ECON. DAVID MCCAHN, B.S. IN ECON. CHARLES CARROL ROHLFING, B.S. IN ECON. D. SUTHERLAND DAVIDSON, B.S., A.M. Active Chapter 1926 CARL H. GRASHOF, JR. CLAUS G. JORDAN J. BARTON MACPHERSON RAYMOND DE S. SHRYOCK 1927 J. MERLIN MCLEISH WILLIAM A. MOBIUS ROBERT W. NAUSS HAROLD D. NEUMAN DANIEL A. SOUTHWELL JOHN H. TAEFFNBR ROBERT CALLAHAN 1928 WINSLOW E. MERRILL HARRY J. ROBINHOLD AMHERST T. SPITZER, Ed ROY S. VOLLMER 199-9 DONALD L. FLOYD RICHARD L. HANSEN EDWARD HERRBRA EUGENE E. LERCH M081 FRANK HOGAN MASSEY, Ed ALBERT G. MILLER GEORGE W. PFLUCYFELDER STANLEY L. TRUMBULL HENRY T. VANCE W. CHESTER WAGNER ARCHIE C. JOHNSON GEORGE W. HALE, JR. ALLAN R. DIMELOW IRA REGINALD YOUNG HENRY S. THOMAS FRANKLIN C. HUTCHINSON E. WALLACE WESTON CARL R. GEISLBR C. CLAYTON MILLER THOMAS MORRISSEY, JR. JAMES G. ROSE JOHN A. WILLIS -I-HOMAS Bouczc WADE JORDAN MILLER GEIsLEIL R01-ILFING HENSEL SNAPE Bownn LEILCH ROSE BEACHBOARD H.-INSEN JOHNSON FLOYD G.HAI.E CALLAHAN MERRILL HUTCHINSON SPITLEI1 TILIILIBULL WILLIS WAGNLR SOUTHWELL McLuIsI-I ROBINHOLD EHALE BENTLEY VANCE HALIILTON HAFLR Rrrz XVALTER BAUGI-IMAN GILASI-Ior Cnuuaucx PFLUG'FEl.DER NEUAXAN Nfwss M.-ICPI-ILI1soN Mfxsssv KING FABEIL Caum LAMBDA CHI ALPHA -X X ,L -I I , I ,LQQBEEE . Gel? I If 4, Y -I i ,wk 1 43: .ir -dh L , .A 1 15 if -"' W I gmfgihz' ga' M V Vx A,,V I, - I L film I409 I Founded I825 imp a Qlpba bmzietp Esta nf Rennsplhania Established 1913 3,537 LOCUST STREET Faculty Member ARTHUR HAGEN MILLER, A.B., PHD. Graduate Member FEDERICO A FRANCO MAUCK, A.B. Active Chapter 1926 A CARL EDWARD ALLERSMEYER DAVID WESLEY RUSSELL KARL EMMERICH ROBERT BRUCE SINCLAIR HOWARD FRANKLIN PARK, IR. ALEX CHARLES SUTHERLAND FRANKLIN LYLE TINKER ' 1927 FRANK LONGSTAFF BAXTER DAVID BRUCE CREW TRUESDALE CLARKE JOSEPH WARK HUGGINS 1928 RALPH WILLIAM DAVIES H- CHARLES TILLYER TREGO THOMAS STONE FILES HOWARD STORMS WHEELER PHILLIP WARREN GAGE WILSON WHITE, JR. T929 EDMUND HOWARD BROOKE KENNETH BLACK ELLIS VIVIAN WILSHIRE HARCOURT ARTHUR RICHARDSON OSWELL NEWMAN WALBRIDGE, JR. IVAN DUDLEY WILBUR GEORGE MADISON WOLFE ANSON ATWOOD WOODRUER, JR H1101 1 N OSWELL WILBUR TR'EGO Woonxurr WHEELER WALBRIDGE WOLFE HUGGINS BROOKE BAXTER Hfmco um' ELLIS CLARKE W1-xms GAGE DA v1Es Fu.Es CREW PARK EMMERICH ALLEras:x1Ex'Ex SxNcL,-un Lm usa SU1-HE1u.AxD KAPPA ALPHA I 41l I 1913i QE Founded 1887 Faculty Members psilun Bi jratzrnntp Cllita Qlbapter Establzshed IQI 3 'jQ4O SPRUCE STREET ISAAC HUSIK, PH.D., LL.B. JULIUS BAYLINSON, A.B. JOSEPH R. BEAR ALAN B. DAVID MARTIN I. FREEMAN, JR. ROBERT E. GUGENHEIM LEWIS I. HIRSCH CHARLES K. ALLMAN B. PAUL BROIDA WILLIAM B. FREEMAN HENRY M. FEDER ALVIN B. FISHER CHARLES H. FLEISHMAN HBRMAN BBNSDORF SEYMOUR DIMOND JOSEPH FBLDMAN S. P. FISHER, JR. PHILIP FULD L. D. GROSS REUBBN HERZEELD ALBERT BEHREND IRVING FBIST MAURICE FLEISHMAN, JR. JOSEPH FRANK, II CLARENCE KOHN Active Members 1926 ROBERT K. RAISLER RICHARD LOWY MARTIN D. MEYERS FRANCIS N. NATHAN EDWARD WERTHEIMER, JR EDGAR L. YORK 199-7 IQ28 1929 14121 WILLIAM S. HOPEMAN, JR. LESLIE M. LIFSON JOHN P. RBINTHAL A. WEIL ROSENAU GEORGE C. STBPPACHER AUBREY C. WOLK DAVID W. LEDERMAN WILLIAM E. LEHMAN, JR. ALBERT LIEBERMAN, JR. BERNARD H. LOWY OSCAR N. STERN RUSSELL I. OPPBNHEIM ALBERT L. WERTHAN EDWARD A. LIEBENTHAL ROBERT H. STROUSE ALLAN C. ULLMAN ELSON C. WEIL FRANK BEHREND ULLMAN XVEIL FEIST LIEEENTHAL M,F1.E1sx-m.-xN Srxouss STEEN FELDMAN L1EaEExfAN S.F1sHEa Lowv KOHN LEHMAN LEDEEMAN FULD Gnoss WEMHAN HERZFELD BROIDA REINTHAL ALLkiAN C.FLE1sc1-mAN HOPP5iAN XVOLK FEDER LIFSON FREEMAN ROSENAU STEPPACHER D.-win MEYERS Yom: NATHAN M. FREEMAN BEAR XVERTHEIBIER Hmscu A. FISHER PHI EPSILON PI ,Qi if if, - N,-:qg-,.k bgfsigrfff-c H U lf UI m + U 'I w w 14131 JOSEPH H. WILLITTS, A.B., A.M., PH.D. CLEMENT VOLLMER, A.B., PH.D. WILLIAM DUNCAN GORDON, B.S. IN ECON., A.M., PH.D. RALPH B. ALLEN, A.B., M.A. ALBERT F. HURLBURT, A.B., A.M. JOHN J. KAUFFMAN ROBERT E. WATTS CHARLES R. KIMBER ORRELL O. AXLBY JOHN R. FORD WILLIAM L. MORGAN GEORGE M. WITHINGTON HARRIS F. BROWN ROBERT R. VALLEE CHARLES N. MOEEETT GEORGE W. JAYNES FLOYD L. BOWERS CHARLES J. PHILLIPS THOMAS W. JARBOE HARRY A. FISK, JR. GRANT W. NITRAUER ELLSWORTH LORMS RALPH STONEMETZ ALFRED L. BOTTUM, JR. Zllpha Qigma 1913i fraternity QBminrun fllibaptzr . Founded 1845 Established 1914 3903 SPRUCE STREET Faculty Members CLARENCE L. ECKEL, B.S. IN C.E. GEORGE F. RICHARDSON, B.S. IN C.E. FRANKLIN G. CONNOR, B.S. IN ECON. FREDERICK B. SCHELL, JR., M.E. CARROLL R. DAUGHTERTY, A.B., A.M. Actwe Chapter T926 ERNEST E. BAILY GEORGE F. ARMSTRONG JOHN A. BRAINERD LYLE L. SHBPARD 197.7 DAVID B. JAMES, JR. WENDELL L. BRIGGS CARLTON O. TREMPER RALPH B. EATON WILLIAM L. DE ANQUINOS ROBERT L. BUSWELL 1928 G. VRBELAND HORTON DARYL JONES CARL C. HOFFIRAANN RAY W. TURNER 1929 JEAN A. GRUHLER CHARLES R. HINDLEY JAMES T. KITSON ALFRED B. BENNETT I4141 LESTER E. KLIMM, A.B. ROBERT N. BRIGGS PAUL E. CHACE BENJAMIN A. EDWARDS JAMES P. FOLEY RICHARD M. ARCHIBALD ELMER C. ARMSTRONG, JR. HAROLD D. BARNSHAW STEPHEN F. SNYDER CHARLES L. WHITE HENRY G. ARFMANN JACK J. MCDOWELL JAMES R. BAILEY JOHN E. GILMAN ROBERT L. WAY EDWARD G. WAY, JR. NEWTON C. HAWLEY RUDOLPH W. DELAMATER RAYMOND E. WALKER Lomnzs STONEMETZ Gaul-TLER BENNETT TURNER DELANATHR BOTTUM R. Wm' HLNDLEY WALKER BOWERS GILMAN JONES J.BAn.EY HORTON Frsx MCDOWELL JARBOE Asn HOFFKIAN P1-unuvs ARPMANN SNYDEE WITHINGTON EATON G.ARN1STRONG VJ.-XTTS TREMPER E, ARMSTRONG Ds ANQUINO5 E. WAY E. BAILEY BRATNERD Form SHEPARD AXLEY Cr-:Ass Four ARCHIBALD Enwfuws ALPHA SIGMA PHI . cf 'T-' V, mk.'E'5vl55.,.7fi,g, I' fs .' 'fiffik 1 X Q. ' X 'f3E25. ' 1 A 'H 1 -5 Mars? ,vp 40 H.: gy ,X , foswh MAJ' TE7'-'VISQYJFV 'vm l415l J ik Sigma Qlpba 5111111 :Fraternity HAROLD CASSON 711513.-:ta Qllbaptzr Founded IQOQ 3817 WALNUT STREET Active Chapter 1926 ISAAC GUGGENHEIM, 2d JEss GEISMAN EMMBT HYMAN NORMAN KALCHEIM JAQUES SOHOLLE ARTHUR BROWNSTEIN MILTON DINER EARL KATZ HAROLD KATZ ALEX ABLE ROBERT ATLAS HAROLD BURNSTEIN LEO LBWINSON JACQUES LEVINSON GEORGE MINTZ SEYMOUR RAND 197-'7 IQ28 SIDNEY NBLITSKY I 99-9 WILLIAM MORSE L 416 1 ISADORE HALPREN KAHLMAN LINKER PERCY SMITH HERBERT TITELMAN HAMILTON LIEB NELSON BERNSTEIN DANIEL LOWENTHAL MORTON SINGER DAVID SILBERMAN IVAN SMITH BURTON COHEN WILLIAM DONIGER JULIUS JACOBSON LOUIS SINGER DITMAN SPEIGELMAN LOUIS TRAXLER Established IQ I4 . I 'TRAXLE11 DONNIGER Monse JACOBSON Lx1v1NsoN ABLE Lswmsox ATLAS SPIEGLEMAN COHN HALPREN Livm Smcan Bum I. Smrrx-1 Lswrs H. BEaNs1'BxN LUWENTHAL SILBERMAN E. Km-z Mxmz Lnza KALCHEM TXTELMAN Gfxuswsxr Br.owNs'rE1N HYMAN P. SMITH M. Smear, Dmea Unrrsxcv Sc:-1o1.1.E APPLEBAUBI Guscnm-rem GEISMAN H. KATZ N. BERNWEIN H.ALPREN RAND Lmrzsn SIGMA ALPHA MU S X X nur' 1 IW it 4'-PA it -W 1 it if ' A .f M171 Ulbzta alta bi 1913i ibeuternn Qlbargz Founded I847 Establzshed IQI5 3608 WALNUT STREET Faculty Members EDWIN BURKET TWITMYER, M.S., PHD. ARTHUR S. CALLEN, M.E. CARL LEWIS ALTMAIER, A.B. EDWARD MARVIN TWITMYER, A.B. Active Chapter 1926 THEODORE VARNEY BACON WALTER FRANCIS O1MALLEY JOHN GILLIS MACDONALD EDWARD LLOYD RODERICK JAMES FRANCIS OJHEA JOHN BARCLAY RODGERS HOWARD MORRISON SATTELE 1927 HOWARD ARTHUR DEER THOMAS COURTNBY PATTERSON IRVING WILLIAM DOWNING THEODORE ABNER SANDQUIST THOMAS EMMET FREEMAN ISAAC MULFORD SMALLEY EDWARD JOSEPH MCALBNNEY JOHN RANDOLPH TAYLOR CHAUNCEY LEEDS MITCHELL CARL LINDON WELLINGTON I 1928 WALTER DAVID ADAMS WILLIAM SWETLAND GOULD, JR, MILLARD SEYMOUR BANKS EDWARD KILLIAN HALBLIEB JOHN PHILIP BERRY GEORGE LAING POLLEY HARRY HULDREICH EDEL DONALD MINUSE WOOD PAUL BYRON WYANT 199.9 GILBERT FREDERICK FREI EVERETT BAILEY HOLLANDS WILLIS ALEXANDER MACDONALD HERBERT GRAY MARVIN NEWTON CLARK MCCULLOUGH, JR JAMES GARRISON STRADLING, JR RALPH MILTON TOMPKINS J418J MARVIN STAADLING Fur MCCULLOUGH W. MACDONALD HOLLANDS Tomvxms BANKS HALBLIEB EDEL GOULD SMALLEY SANDQUIST Dum Dowwmc Mxrcunu. MCALLENEY Fnmsxmw Poun PATTERSON O'HEA SA'r'rE1.E Ronmucx J. MACDONALD OVMALLEY Roncms TAYLOR WEu.1Nc'roN THETA DELTA CHI q v W -f wwf W J fy , QM .,.., f , If f? V i a ' x. X x E J H Q ' 'H " a'g4OIaT'- vi - 'wif I4-191 1913i Qigma alta jfraternitp Zeta Qllbapter Founded 1909 Estabhshed IQIS 3824 SPRUCE STREET Faculty Member MEYER SOLISCOHEN, A.B., M.D. Active Chapter 1926 PAUL DAVID DALSIMER THEODORE GOTTLIEB' RICH DANIEL J. DE BRIER ARNOLD MATTHEW SMITH A. LAWRENCE NOVECK BERNARD L. WILNER HYMEN ERWIN WINE 1927 RAYME DAVIDSON GRANT NATHAN MARGOLIS IRWIN HOROWITZ NATHAN NORMAN NAIMAN HARRY WALLACE KAMIN MANNY C. ROTTENBERG IQ28 ALFRED CECIL BEROMAN ALEXANDER LEWIN HOWARD LEONARD BERGMAN YONNIE JACOB LBIBOWITZ HARRY DAVID DERMON IRVING WILLIAM PERLMAN BERNARD DEUTSCH PERCIVAL A. ROBIN MYRON SEYMOUR GOLDMAN ALVIN SYLVAN ROMANSKY SYLVAN HEILERUN ALFRED ROTTENBERG IRA KAUFMAN ARTHUR SAMUEL SALUS LOUIS SYLVESTER LARONGE PAUL SPENCER SAMUELS EDWARD SPIEGEL 1929 PAUL BENEDICT SIGMUND MEILLER COHEN CHARLES LEONARD ENGELHARDT MAURICE FELDMAN SANFORD LEE GELLNER LEWIS W. HAUSMAN BENNETT MARCUS HIRSH HAROLD LAMBERG NORMAN LEONARD LORCH DAVID FRANK MAGAZINER MYRON CONDE NAST MORRIS ROSENBERG JOSEPH SAMLER SCHAPIRO JEROME SILBERMAN SE WALTER F. WI H201 I , GELLNE11 HAUSMAN WISE ENGELHARDT BENEDICT FELDMAN LAMBERG SHAPIRO MAGMINEI1 Rossmasnc HIRSH Nfxsr SXLBERMAN LORCI-I Com: H. B I N EILGMAN A.BERGMAN LEWIN Daaxfox SA:IIuEIs LARGNGE SPEIGEL SALUS LEIBOWITZ ROBIN PERLMAN RoxI,xNsI:Y A.Ro'r1'BNBEI1.c GOLDMAN KAUFMAN HEILDRUNN DEUTSCH MARGOLIS KAMIN Rorrzxnsnc DALSIMER SMITH XVILNER Novscx XVINE DE BIAIER RICH GRANT NAIAIAN Hoxowrr: PHI SIGMA DELTA - : 'JV HA!! - X H4 KI XY Im 7 X SY' i 13.91F E ' 14 S1GMPs0 l421 I Sigma Qian Phi Jfraternitp Qlpba Clllhapter Founded 1917 Establzshed 1917 3 5 3 3 WALNUT STREET Faculty Members GEORGE W. RAIZASS, A.M., PHD. BERNARD L. OSER, B.S., A.M. FRANK BLOOM ISADORE L. KOHEN HBRMAN L. BRENNER S. STANFORD CANTOR SIDNEY R. CATSIFF JO. W. GOLDENERO IRA HIRSCHEERG SOLOMON KAPLAN I. RAYMOND SPECTOR SAMUEL BAOKER SIDNEY B. GOTTLIEB SEYMOUR H. HARRIS I. ALLAN ARONOWITZ MORRIS EIOAN LOUIS FEINSTEIN MILTON B. GLICKMAN JOSEPH A. GETZOW HAROLD S. GURVITE Active Chapter ' 1926 DAVID REITBR 1927 1928 197-9 JACK SHORR 1422 I LEONARD A. GOTTLIEB LESTER ROSENBERGER HAROLD G. MOSKOVICH ISADORE PERSKY EDWARD M. ROSENFELD I. EDWARD ROSENBERG MORTIMER B. ROSENBERGER HARRY M. STEINBERG A HARRY SILVER NORVAL LEVY SAMUEL LEVY PAUL ROSEN ALFRED A. HARRIS SIDNEY B. KOI-IN A' ALFRED L. MATERSON ALBERT J. RUBIN EDWARD G. RUBINOFF RBNE M. SCHENKER A. M. HARRIS GL1cxMAN FIGEN C01-IEN GOTTLIEB Scrxoxuz RUBEN SCHENKER MATFERSON ARONOWITZ Guxvrrz Hmuus Glarzow ROSEN S. Levy B4-xcmm Flsmsrxarx Pfasxy C.-mrozz HIRCHBERG Mosxovxcx-1 Rosnmzuac STEINBERG GOLDBERG Runmorf M. Rossxnsncsa KAPLAN KOHEN BLOOM L. Rossmaunczn Remax Cfvrsnrf L. GOTTLIEB ROSENFELD Smacron 1 1 .- .- r , ff' if Zi 41. ,L 1 v.- i ,V 'IV . I ! 1 I x Q xx I 423 I it .3 Q a . - A -",H -' C31 I1f?W 12EI1iiIff ,.,.m'5Af-QE 'W RMEJA E A Ap-mv 5 QM Founded 1911 nz-921 lf' 5540 i iq, F' 5-Afwnvgjf vfi if w " 'K' " -'uv-qi " ' L1'SEZ 1 9'-6 ,4 f . V V 41 A I, . S 1'iff,li4i 4 Splglh? 1 W .gfif 53,1 ' ,nw zz 1 f 'A , ,QE - - 1 uf . fwgigf , ' ,-,IE 1"' 1116 ? Q A , A - L4 A , , - Jfifvf -' .S A59 ' fc fi A, 315 :fe A p f-1 .'- ,A it I Y WM , Vggnci! A144 -QVU7 "ff'12l :l. ' g1F'I'd+' :S - 'awzffsw .. 9.1-w .4 ff il EAJJYQRJ H55 53 , af., 1 A A ggfiif ,ei Q Wm L Z' ' gf"': - appa u fraternity 3211 Qlhapter Established 1919 2,703 LOCUST STREET Active Chapter ARNOLD SYDNEY NASS NATHAN S. HYMAN 1926 BERNARD BENJAMIN EICHHOLZ HENRY I. KOPLIN JESSE GODPREY ARON MAXWELL GOLDBERG 1927 BENJAMIN SAMUEL GORDON RAYMOND SAMUELS ARTHUR SAMUEL HECHT SYLVAN FREUND SAMUEL JOSEPH SENDEROWITZ 1928 THEODORE EDWARD SHAPIRO JOEL NASS RICHARD PAUL EFROYMSON SIDNEY NATHAN PHILIP COHAN DAVID FRANK HARRY LEOPOLD, JR. ROBERT STUART HOLZMAN ALVIN V. COPLON DAVID FRANK TIPP SAMUEL BERNARD HORWITZ 1 929 M241 CHARLES LOUIS SONNEBORN, JR. HENRY MORRIS SCHAFFNER SAMUEL J. ROBERTS BENJAMIN A. CHOROSH SIDNEY STANLEY KADIN ARNOLD MELVILLE FLEISHER HAROLD KAMBER JESSE I. FRIEDMAN MORRIS JOSEPH ZACKS JULIUS SAMUELS LAWRENCE GORDON ROCKMAKER C1-xonofr NATHAN Hoawrrz LEOPOLD ZACKS TIPP SAMUELS FR1ED:ymN COPLON HCLZMAN KAMBER EFFROYMSON FLEISHER FRANK J. NAss KADIN Col-mx PENLER CI-'IOROSH SONNEBORN SCHAFFNER ROBERTS SHAPIRO SENDEROWITZ GORDON FREUND KOPLIN A. NAss EICHHOLZ SAMUELS Heel-rr HYMAN Ka a, Q WQA4 S855 .fbi 'X ' Nz? , L75 '-22.112 V., M5, . qs'gEw:'h3Zgg.Q2- Y f'3m- ww A 21 1 in M251 X . F 3 42? ,Q j'zg? ta rar iii 'S ali' Q J Aa! .,1. , , x , .-x ,XXI Y It . A , . . ' :L A ' JI' A,-3,f,Qf3i:g3L.., l 952154 D 4:..3L1...2. . I g-3.45 -x' , It-"55!fLffv1 LQ'i3Ef+yL.. 2 .Agn-A,.' ' S04 :S QU 'A'-i,..' f- A"i?'2 VV "' as Y xx " L '. E-Q .Q,,,gfAmL4Ag:rQ:.sI-. - '45 9 I -'ggi' ,WH 3515 211 If LAf....5.?1- f' I-1,'g'!-Efggjfiiefh ' ,:51:wI3"2'..jj'2' ' Founded 191O Zllpba psilun i Gamma Qlbapter ' Establzshecl 1919 3,745 LOCUST STREET Faculty Member ABRAM GRLOW, B.S. IN ECON., LL.B. MORRIS BERMAN SAMUEL ISAACMAN HAROLD L. JUDOVICH LEWIS SHERR DAVID CADES IRVING DOLLINGER MATTHEW B. EHRLICH BENEDICT BERKOWITZ CECIL FELT DAVID GLICKMAN EDWARD ABLE 'SIDNEY BORSCHOW DAVID BOXER EDWIN CADES BERNARD CO1-IEN SAMUEL COHN HERBERT HOEE Active Chapter 1926 1927 1928 ROBERT I. LEOPOLD IQZQ I 426 1 OSCAR A. MOLDAWER WALTER ORLOFF HARRY L. RUBEL ALEXANDER ROSBNTHAL NATHAN N. FINKLE LEON B. TRAUB BENJAMIN LEVI WILLIAM B. GOLDBERG MILTON HOFKIN BERNARD MASTER BERNARD FUERSTEIN LEWIS FEINBERG PAUL FINEMAN ABRAM GOLDBERG SIDNEY GOODSTEIN SIDNEY STARK IRWIN LANGEL r GOLDBERG FELNBERG Boxax Hoslcm FELT MASTER Fusnsmm FINEMAN Kon' LANGEL STARK Boxsci-low E. CADES S. CQHN B. COHEN DOLLINGER Ex-uu.1cx-1 D. CADES FINKLE TRAUB Lnvr BERKOWITZ GOLDBERG LEOPOLD GRLOFF ISAACMAN RUBEL Sz-:Emu junovrcx-I MOLDAWER ROSENTHAL ALPHA EPSILON PI A 14271 1913i Esta alta jfratemitv THEODORE GORE MILTON KOSSACK LESTER LUXENBERG EMANUEL GOLDBLATT WALTER GOTTLIEB HARRY GREEN BERNARD E. JACOBSON RALPH ADLER LEONARD H. ARNOLD GERALD N. FRANK BERNARD ILLOWAY CHARLES L. LAVINE LEONARD LEVINE ISAAC BEOKER JOSEPH GOLDSTEIN ALVIN LONDON SHBPARD TRAUBE Qffta Qlligaptzr A Founded T903 Established IQIQ 3815 WALNUT STREET Active Chapter T926 1927 1928 1929 IRVING FELT I4281 LEO REICHMAN ABRAHAM TOBIAS HARRY W,OLE CHARLES C. LEVY HERMAN M. MODELL RAYMOND A. ROSENTHAL WILLIAM V. WAX ROBERT MILLER SYLVBSTER MILLER HAROLD MARCH SAMUEL MOSKOWITZ NORMAN PERLSTEIN SIMON PROPP MONROE SHAFF MORRIS SCHINBMAN WILLIAM ROSENBERG ARTHUR SIEGEL S. MILLER GORE ADLER Rosexa ERG Brenna TRAUBL S1-LAFF Wmwnx Levy SCHALNMAN LONDON GOLDSTEIN JACOBSON XVAX MOSKOVITZ MILLER Pxorp Monzu. PERLSTEIN ARNOLD RELCHMAN - Tosms GOTTLIEB Luxextaenc WOLF ROSENTH,-KL GOLDBLATT GREEN PHI BETA DELTA 62.55 E Yi Q l XXI 'bfi Qu U M291 1 N . d 1 u A D ". I q EV mf V4 K I ERXLUWS 5 E2m5?s fl :E S E ' Wm mm P www QI I-.S- .hx .Q ,Jr . E MSW . , r I Eau alta 1931 jftatermtp -1 ' lzfTifIiig4!i1I,igfi iiuta Qibapter f Founded IQIO I 'S 61' LOCUST STREET f 3 0 Faculty Members FRANK B. BLOCK, M.D. JOSEPH F. ULMAN, M.D. Graduate Member S. B. GOLDBERG, B.S. IN ECON. Active Chapter 1926 JOSEPH FIDLER BRENNER IQ27 BEN JAY DLUGACH U ALBERT RHEINSTROM ECKMANN MEYER RUBENSTEIN SAMUEL MAURICB RAPOPORT GILBERT STANLEY SIMONSRI MILTON M. SUSSMAN HASKEL ELIOT WINSBERG SIDNEY LOUIS SHRIRO T928 HERBERT K. BASKIN FRANCIS DAVID KONIGSBERG HERMAN COHEN HERMAN LEONARD MASH REGINALD ALFRED HIRSCH LOUIS BURNEY RIFKIN BURNETT ISENBERG BERNARD .SAKOWITZ HENRY JAY KANNENSOHN T929 SIDNEY STANLEY ALTMAN HARRY BUEGELEISEN CHARLES KUNSTLER 14301 LESTER LEVINGSON HENRY SILVERSTEIN HERMAN MATHEW WEISMAN Establrshed IQIQ LEVINGSON VJISEMAN BUGELEISEN ALTMAN SILVERSTEIN KUNSTLER DLUGACH Sussm,-an Komcssa EKG BASKIN SIMoNsxx ISENBERG KANNENSOHN SA Kown' Cox-1 EN RuBENs'rEIs ECKMANN WINSBERG BRENNER RAPOPORT S1-1 RIRO GOLDBERG XY Q9 , 'am' :ua E556 ' Y HIIIIIIIQHII II" 7 I ' 'Wm All jiiifvllrlmlriihiim L4311 iBi kappa Qlpha jftaternitp Esta Ei fihaptzr Founded 1868 Establzsbed IQZO no SOUTH THIRTYfNINTH STREET Faculty Members MERLB MIDDLETON ODGERS, A.B., M.A. ALEXANDER GARRISON, FEWELL, A.B., M.A. HAROLD EDMUND WALTER Graduate Member ALBERT LEWIS WADE Active Members . I 26 GEORGE JACOB SCHWARTZ, JR. 9 HARTMAN BURRBLL HERR DELVIN CLAIR STORMER LEONARD KARSLAKE LERCH FRANK JOSEPH VALGENTI, JR. 197-7 ALFRED EDWARD READ JOHN FREDERICK JUDD, JR. CHARLES ALFRED ALLEN RICHARD STEEL MACKENZIE HOWARD GRAFTON BRUSH HAROLD CLEMENT MBRTES ALLEN COURTNEY BUDD THOMAS JOSEPH STAPLETON WILLIAM EVERETT CLEMENTS REGINALD FRANKLIN STERLING 1928 WARREN LARUE COBB EDWARD GRAVES HARDENBROOK ROBERT MCELLIGOT DIC-BY WILLIAM DBMARBST HUYLER JACQUES PIERRE DU VINAGE, JR. ROBERT STANLEY PILAND EDWARD S. FISCHER RICHARD MARCEL SNYDER GORDON MCKAY FISCHER 1929 ALBERT EDWARD SCHOBER PEARCE DAVIS MARTIN PATTERSON MARSHALL LYMAN HARRISON CHARLES CHRISTIAN LURICH, JR. PAUL JOHN RITTER WESLEY HALSTED BECKWITH JOHN GREEN BONNIWBLL KENNETH CLAYTON BONBOEY I4321 CLELIENTS STERLING HARDENBROOK RITTER Pxumn DUVINAGE BONNIWELL DAVIS PATTERSON Sc:-IOEEE. G, MCK. FISCHER HAmusoN DIGBY HUYLER WADE Bunn ALLEN READ Jump BONEOEG MERTES ATLEE Lumucx-I E. L. Fxscnsn. LEECH VALGENTI Cosa M.iCKENZIE BRUSH Sromrm STAPLETON HERE SCHWARTI 'Lx PI KAPPA ALPHA I E3 ' , ' 1 I' f "l vi -.',. 'L 1 7 is ,V a ljf-' N559 ' r A .gli yzwfw X l Xjfl 1 ' '12 I ' '4'Y25q'.11f?5ge?' "' nvikpg ' Wx !,3sa:,g! 16:-1.1534 x 14331 J. JACOB AUGUR S. GERALD COHEN SAMUEL HEINEMAN R. RALPH GLANCKOPE HERMAN A. LOWE EARLE D. MAAS MARCUS EDELSTEIN LEONARD FRIEDBBRG J. EDWARD CANTOR WILTON H. CAHN -PAUL L. EPSTEIN DAVID G. FELDSTEIN D. EDWARD FRANK Ulau Epsilon 19131 331311 Qihapter Founded IQ IO Establzshed 1920 Active Chapter 1926 199-7 LUDLOW COURT MATHIAS NEISS S. BURTON SPIRT 'DANIEVL UDITSKY ROYAL S. MAAS ROBERT L. SCHILDKRAUT JESSE W. WBIXELBAUM BENJ. W. GOLDBERG 1928 , 1929 J434JK PHILIP FIERSTEIN ELI E. REICH ROBERT M. RUBINSTBIN BENJAMIN HORN JOSEPH T. MARC-OLIN SAMUEL I. ROTHENBERG MORRIS A. TARGER MARGOLIN Cm-IN FRANK FEy.Ds1'E1N HORN ROTHENBERG EPs'r1s1N CANTOR EDELSTEIN FIERSTBIN E. MAAS GLANCKOPF Lowa REICH FREIDBURG SCHILDKRAUT WEIXELBAUM Nsxss UDITSKY HEINENIAN Smvr COHEN Aucun R. MAAS TAU EPSILON PHI 'J ' ,-., A Qi 4 ' N x, 4 ' v , I . Q if " XX Eqtpm . , P X X wi 9 . M- 14351 LEE WAINER LESTER B. ATLAS JULES BESONDER J. J. DICKSTEIN DAVID LEVINSON J. A. RIESE GEORGE CHARNEY WILLIAM SCHWARTZMAN HARRY STRAUSS 1913i Qlpba fraternity kappa Qlibapter Founded IQI4 Establzshed T921 3512 WALNUT STREET Active Chapter 1926 1927 HERBERT KAPLAN JOSEPH SNOWISS JACK PATIKY JACK WINER LAURENCE WURMAN MILFORD SALNY NATHAN GREISLER 1928 SAMUEL GENEL 1 97-9 I I4361 JOSEPH LEVY BERNARD ROSJENTHAL GEORGE ROSENBLOOM SAMUEL SHERMAN V G. H. ISAACSON MAURICE A. MICHAEL ERNEST HERSKOVITZ HARRY SABLOSKY MANUEL STEINBERG SAMUEL YATES JULES GOHEN MORRIS EPSTEIN M. J. FINKEL GEORGE HOFFENBERG SOL WEISER HOFEENBERG Ersrem Wsmmv. Yfvrus GENEL GREISLER SHENBE111: Fmxsl. C01-IFN SCHMEXSER Pymnv Wfxumms SALNY SNow1ss RIESE STEINBERG ScHwfxR'r:MAN MICHAEL KAW..-xN ATLAS Sz-xzzmmx Hsxsuovrrz Lsvmsou CHARMEY Levy W.-uxsx Srxuus Rossxamom Ros1aN'rH,-xl. Bssosuzn Isfmcsox Dxcxcsrfm LEVITAN PHI ALPHA X C' X74Q.J Q 5 W QGQDAQ X. ff if X W f' X T 55' N N xk ,rigxwag 14371 Qiieappa Qlpba fbi jfraternutp Founded 1920 Faculty Members Esta Qlibaptmf Established T921 5924 SPRUCE STREET . S. S. HUEBNER, PH.D. F. GYRIL JAMES, A.M. E. L. MCKENNA, PH.D. WALDO E. FISHER, A.M FRANKLIN R. CAWL, A.M. Active Chapter 1926 WALTER S. HUNTER E. DANA HAPGOOD A 1927 E. W. NEWTON ' A. G. GIBBS FRANKLIN M. NICE, JR. GEORGE M. MORRISON 1918 WILLIAM H. WANDEL CHARLES F. PLANKENHORN SPENCER E. MERRY MAXHAM METCALE JOHN S. MCKENZIE GEORGE T. KATTERMANN DAVID B. OSBORNE 1929 G. MARVIN HAYES ALBERT G. KATTERMANN GEORGE A. DEWEY, JR. GERALD G. CRIST I-4381 CRADDGCK P. JENSEN CHARLES G. HUSTON MILTON J. REED GEORGE W. GEUDER EARL H. KOCH GERALD R. RANSOM WILLIAM H. GOODE HUBER M. GEMMILL GERALD B. FADDBN FRANK L. ELLIOTT ELLSWORTH DOEES JAMES L. MCCAULEY JOSE O. BRAVO WILLIAM M. LAME A. VINCENT LESAIUS GEORGE E. KERN, JR. KERN WANDEL MCCAULEY Donas Gooms FADDEN Lssmus DEWEY OSBORNE HAYES ELLIOTT BRAVO MERRY PLANKENHORN KOCH GEUDER MORRISON G.KA1"rERMANN GEMMIL1. A. KATTERMANN R,-wsom CRIST METCALP GIBBS jENsEN HUNTER New-1-oN H,4PGODD HUSTON REED NICE A 'ILIP I I: , Q , ,f C2819 Tu A mm I, ll L W T 80'9OMNIP5Nx M391 1513i Z1BeIta Eau Qlpba Clllijapter Founded 1921 Established 1921 SQIZ SPRUCE STREET Faculty M embers ERNEST VICKBRS, D.D.S. FRANK J. NAUMANN, B.S. IN ECON. 1926 WALTER T. BROWNSON THOMAS P. FOX D. EDWARD BURNS JOSEPH D. GALLAGHER JOHN E. COYNE PAUL E. LAWLER PHILLIP W. DOWNES J. MARCY OJBRIEN THEODORE ELWELL RICHARD CGDEN, JR JOSEPH F. WHITE 199.7 DOUGLAS R. KIMLIN JOSEPH D. MOORE FRED W. LUIGART FERDINAND SIEGHARDT THOMAS J. SULLIVAN 1928 JOHN W. ANDREWS JAMES A. KELLY ALFRED V. AGRELLA JOHN P. CJNEIL KENNETH W. BALDWIN CHARLES J. OJREILLY GRSEN DECKER ANDREW J. PLANDING ROBERT C. DEVINE CARL J. SCHAEFER CLARENCE J. FLAHERTY RAYMOND SZCZUROSKI DANIEL G. HOGAN KIRK C. TUTTLE GERALD D. HOWE JOSEPH VAN HORN ALFRED WASCOLONIS 1929 JOHN D. ALLEN SYLVESTER S. MCGRATH LEROY NELSON M40 J MCGRATH BALDWIN NELSON ALLEN SIEGARDHT SULLIVAN Howe Fox AGRELLA Dncxcna Dzvms Turns MOORE ONREILLY PLA NDING KELLY KIMLIN WASCOLONIS SCHAEPER FLAHERTY Szevunosxl BURNS OBRIEN ELWELL Wx-n-rs COYNE LUIGART ANDREWS LAWLER DowNss PHI DELTA TAU l441 I Founded IQIO Esta Sigma Bbu fraternity Rznnsplhania Qipsilun Qibapter Estabhshed IQ22 3610 WALNUT STREET I Active Chapter T926 NATHAN ROUTMAN MILTON S. LEIDNER MILTON STILLER MEYER I. BLOCK 199.7 IRVING 0. LIVINGSTON S. MALCOLM STRAUSBERG SAMUEL KELLAR GOLDSTEIN IRVING L. DULEERGER ISADORE W. ARONSOHN HENRY J. LEVY HARRY YOLKEN MORTON PEARLSTINE 1928 HOWARD L. FRANKS FRANK ROSENFELD HERBERT EZRA KAUFMAN MARTIN ROTMANN LAWRENCE BOLLAG ERWIN SATINSKY EPHRAIM R. BERNSTEIN 199.9 SIDNEY JACOBSON EMMANUEL WIENER ALLEN KANDELL MURRAY KAPLAN HAROLD STARK I4421 A ,4- -7 KANDELL Sw-.RK Wim an J.-xcoasox FRANKS WI-rry ROTMANN YOLKEN BeRNs'rE1N Sfxnusxcy ARONSOHN S1'1L1.Ev. Rosfxrun KAUFMAN FRANKS PEARLSTINE Lsvv STRAUSB sac DULBEM: an Rounmx COLDSTEIN LIVINGSTON BLOCK bo1.1.Ac frlzgxkx ' Ax H X. ff? gl? if' II Milf" iq-I '59 32 .rzt igy t yciji 'fT1'w.1j9 Ara E' QQ . 1' 41 X :Q " f' ' 9. .Q0m j' 'ln I l ?J-'xml ff Q iraq fx S f agar -'-' H x3 l443I Sigma iiamhha ilBi Beta Clllbapter Founded IQI2 Establzshed 1922 3732 WALNUT STREET Faculty Members YALE SAMUEL NATHANSON, B.S., A.M. Active Chapter 1926 HENRY H. BECK DAVID M. GREEN ALEXANDER H. BLUM MURRAY A. LAMBERT MALCOLM F. CAPLAN A. EDGAR MILLER BENJAMIN CARLSON LEONARD SCHWARTZ LEROY W. CLEMENCE SAMUEL R. PASTERNAOK MILTON M. PROPPBR 1927 SAMUEL B. BRENNER ISRAEL SILVEREERG WILLIAM HERMAN MELVIN B. SCHWARTZ MORRIS C. PERLMANN NATHAN L. WEINSTEIN 1928 S HERMAN M. CHAPMAN LEON SILVER MAURICE FINE EDWARD S. SONDHBIM MILTON H. HAUSMAN RICHARD E. SWART MARTIN I. RAEINOVITCH HAROLD G. PINCUS SIDNEY L. RABINOWITZ 1929 LAURENCE G. QOHN BERNARD S. JACOBSON PAUL S. DWORSKY JOSEPH G. KRONICK GORDON KEISTER 14441 RABINOVITCH Pmcus KEISTER Knomcx Dwonsm' jAcossoN PROPPER M. Sc:-xwAmz HEXMAN PERLMANN BRENNE11 SONDHEIM YQABINOVUIYZ SILVER CAPLAN L. Scnwmvrz GREEN IVIXLLER LAMBERT CLEMENCE CARLSON BECK PASTERNACK f " X :EEG:'-iuaaimwiivif .,,....... .. ........ Azz: Q fy 4'4- , A f 2 h .1 MOV' Q . , f I4451 Qlpha 1513i ZBsIta 'ilamhha Qlbapter Founded 1914 Established 1922 224 SOUTH 38th STREET Facultf M embers DOMENICO VITTORINI, LITT.'D. PASQUALE SENECA. A.B. SALVATORB C. CONIGLIO MICHAEL A. ESPOSITO SILVESTRE BATTAGLIO LOUIS PINTO JOSEPH ERRIGO GUY DE FURIA PIETRO A. ROSAMILIA MICHAEL SORIANO MICHAEL NOLE ANTHONY GATTOZZI RAPHABL REMONDELL LOUIS J. PELUSE Aetive Chapter 1926 1927 1928 1929 ABNER P. MITCHE H461 MICHAEL CICENIA ANTHONY A. NARDONE JAMES PARADISI AUGUST K. DE MAYO ANTHONY DI STASI NELSON POLICASTRO VINCENT DE BENEDISTTO SALVATORE LA ROCCA NICHOLAS DI GIANNI HORAQE GOFFREDO FRANK J. MEGARO ANDREW VIRTUOSO LL PELUS1 REMONDELL1 POLICASTRO MEGARO DE BBNBDETTO LA Rocca. Vnvruoso PARADISI Emuco Noua Dx GIANNI SORIANO ESPOSITO ROSAMILIA TETI PINTO CICENIA DE MAYO Comcuo ALPHA PHI DELTA ,0- , 220, 5 Q1 15 W 06 f W WIA PHI B29 M471 PRICE WEINSTEIN H, BLOOII WINORSKY T. Bwom GOLDEN Coz-IN KURNIIS KY ROBBINS BUSH FINE MASER NIALESTER KRUPNICL Qlpba 5111111 bigma fraternity Founded IQI4 SOL C. BRECKER JACK BUSH HAROLD W. PRICE WILLIAM K. MALESTER WILLARD ALEXANDER SIDNEY E. COHN JOSEPH GOLDEN Eiumhha Qlbapter 3812 SPRUCE STREET Active Chapter 1926 MARVIN FINE ABNER ROBBINS 1927 THEODORE BLOOM SAUL EEEENBERG 1928 SAMUEL KURNITSKY ARNOLD BAER KRUPNICK 1929 RBUBEN N. WEINSTEIN DAVID WINORSKY Post Graduate Members LEON A. SOBEL 1 M481 Established IQ22 MORRIS M. MASER HERMAN BLOOM GEORGE SELTZER ABRAHAM WEINSTEIN BENJAMIN F. KAMSLER HEYMAN GOLDBERG FLEISCHMAN SA LAD GL.-XSSMAN GOLDEERG BERNSTEIN SLAVIN AERARISON RALPH ZUCRER LIFSCHIT WEINTRAUB MELNICX GREENSTEIN LEVINE FISHER QBmic1fnn Qlpba Eau :Fraternity Founded IQI2 ALLEN J. ADELMAN SAMUEL M. CAPLAN PAUL ABRAMSON MILTON CAPLAN WILLIAM ELEX B. SLAVIN HARRY W. RALPH SYDNEY GORDON GOLDBERG HARRY FINKELSTBIN MURRAY FLEISCHMAN lamhha Qlibapter 4040 SPRUCE STREET Active Chapter 1926 MOE FISCHER JOSEPH M. STEIN 1927 CHARLES WBINTRAUB 1928 SAMUEL J. BERNSTEIN JOSEPH LIFSCHITZ JACK SCHATBR 1929 L. HARRY GLASSMAN H. JEROME GOLDBBRG DAVID SALAD I44-91 Established IQ2 3 HIRAM WILSON MORTIMER S. EDELSTEIN MILTON OSWALD ZUCKBR N. NORMAN SOLOFF BERNARD STEINER SIDNEY HEYMAN HARRY LIGHT Founded IOZ4 alta 1513i bigma Established IQ24 3640 CHESTNUT STREET Faculty Members FRANKLIN BRUNELL KRAUSS, A.B., A.M. FREDERICK MILTON WORLEY, B.S. IN ECON. Active Chapter 1926 JOHN DAVIS BRITTON CLINTON PARKER GEORGE ALEX GLBNDAY CLOUDSLEY ADAM KUHN GEORGE WILLIAM FARABAUGH GEORGE GLOVER VANDERVEER EDWARD PAUL FLYNN BENJAMIN IRVINE WILKINSON 1927 PHILIP KARL ANTHONY JOHN UNDERWOOD GRISSINGER ARTHUR WILI.IAM BEAN WILLIAM A. HARGADINE WILLIAM LOUIS COECKEL. JR. KENNETH EUGENE STBINARD MILTON ADAIR WILTSE IQ28' PAUL EDWINIBIXLER -JOHN FASSETT MAHER CLAYTON LIPPINCOTT BROWN, JR. WILLIAM DONALD MARTIN FRED CHRISTIAN GENTSCH JOHN DRYSDALE REID T929 SAMUEL THOMAS BRICK ELBERT DELOS CLARK EDWIN HARRISON HALL FRANK BERNARD KECK LAWRENCE FOSKETT KENNEY DONALD' THOMAS LANGHORNE LAURENCE SORVER MOYER QSCAR JOHN NICKEL f45OJ CHARLES RUSSELL NOYES CHARLES HOBART PARSONS WILLIAM LIVINGSTON PECK CARL VINCENT PETERSON JOSEPH JOHN REDINGTON WALTER ALLEN SEAVEY ANDREW FRANK SNIVELY JAMES BARR WELLER Pmxsoxs BRICK SBAVEY KECIC SNWELY Mover, WELLER Noyas LANGHORNE HALL REMNGTON KENNEY Peck PETERSON ANTHONY NICKEL MARTIN BROKWN Blxusn Run GENTSCH GRISSINGEIL BEAN MAHE11 WILTSE FARABAUGH CLOUDSLEY VANDERVEEN B1ur'roN GEORGE FLYNN Kxmuss Wu.x1NsoN HARGADINE DELTA PHI SIGMA Q 0000000 Q L4511 Founded IQ24 CHARLES ATMORE THOMAS COWAN JOHN H. EVATT W. B. HAMMOND HARRY Z. HEAPES GEORGE KEVLIN WILLIAM P. LAWS FRANCIS MCCALL CHARLES ATMORE RICHARD AYER bi itgma Yiamhha Qlpba Qlhapter Established 192 5 3807 SPRUCE STREET Active Chapter 1 926 T927 HARDEN P. GALBRAITH JULES MORALES HENRY CARTER L. C. MESSICK HOWARD MUNRO 1928 RALPH NEWCOMER JOHN SCI-INELL FRANCIS SHARP KENNETH SNOW WILLIAM STEWART FRANKLIN SWAZEY FRANCIS WILSON CHESTER ZIERNICKI RUDOLPH MARQUEZ JOSEPH MECHAN JAMES R. GIBBONS FRANK DUANE- WILLIAM MOUAT FRED SCHMUCKER THOMAS J. SNEE FREDERICK JANSSEN ' 1929 C. ALLEN SHIELDS PAUL RAFFERTY THOMAS CALLAGHER STANLEY BROWN FREDERICK UNGER I l4521 Gmnoxs SNEE R.-xrrmvry SHIELD5 GALLAGHER JANNSEN MOUAT DUANE Cs.-KLBRAITH MORALES Ayn. SCH Mucxmz CARTER Musno Snow Lnwxs Evmr WILSON Ksvux SHARP - Hmrs COWAN A1-Mom: LAws MCC.ALL SCHNELL SNYDEK ZIERNICKI Hsucx-x sm' Srsw.-uvr Haxmoxo Nnwccmlaa 5,-a G :VL fry I fl,- f v QQ f Pau C -Y L I" bigma Zeta jfraternitp yd Nun It I Q.,,,?ZiT QEIJ1 QEIJ apter JS .5 Founded IQ22 Established 1926 Tfmfkkwq I 3' 3,615 LOCUST STREET I 5 All 5. ..L...1.g.-L,.g.l..Lx 'uf f , elf faasar-5 ' S 4. ,L L .. LA .-l I -it 'Q-Q-Singgx-H . '115'234!,57"' I 'Q-:i'..:31 TV 1 .4 ,Ski-'5:f2'fL?lb' --1:4 .gfZ:ga.,.,Y .315 51-5:14:31 - --'E--mg-w :JS - , 1.52:-F. ta.. 'asf S H 3 5' wM53s.J I .1153 Y Q :IQ-in, fn A I I H5222 51241 ..e-Zl , f I .,,., 'LA 'L . 'fsfaj vjfl- 2 Faculty Members HENRY EDWARD EVERDING FRED RAYMOND PIERCE Associate Members PAUL RUNKLE FARLEY JAMES LINDEN TAPPAN Active Chapter T926 HAROLD JONES BEAN L FRANK HARTMAN, JR. HOWARD SEARIGHT BRUGH, JR. RODNEY BARTOU HOTCHKIN CLIFFORD GEORGE CORNWELL WELLINGTON J. SNYDER, JR. FRANCIS JOY CUBBERLEY JOHN THOMAS YOUNG T927 GORDON F. BLIZARD BROOKS LA BOYTEAUX WINCHESTER BRITTON, JR. DONALD ARCHIBALD NORMAN GEORGE HIRAM CARPENTER JAMES HAROLD SANFORD WILLIAM DE HART RAYMOND P. ULMER HUGH GIBSON EVANS MARSDEN TRUE WOODRUFF . 1928 STEPHEN HOOKER BILLINGTON WILLIAM RUDOLPH KESSLER FRANK MILTON CREIGHTON THEODORE LIMBRECHT KOOS THOMAS LEWIS CHRISTIAN DERWIN BLAIR LAWS WILLIAM LINDSAY GRAMER JOHN WHITEHEAD LINNEMANN JOHN LEONARD HALLSTROM WILLIAM HENRY NEUBECK CHARLES WILLIAM RANK 1929 DAVID LEWIS ANDERSON PHILIP SUTTON JELLEY HERMAN HEYDE WILLIAM EDWARD KEYS WILLIAM LOUIS MUMFORD I 454 1 RANK LAWS GRAMER HBYDE LINNEMANN Aumaxson KEYS MUMPORD CHRISTIAN Cuxcnrow Ksssuin Nsvaisclc Koos SANFORD EVANS LABOY1-EAux Woonxurr BILLINGTON Bxrrrox BEAN Comxxvsu. TAPPAN SNYDEP. HOTCHKIN YOUNG BRUSH Cuuanxusv HARTMAN 14551 I STOTI- BOI-IMER BOHN WORMAN KEAR SCI-ILACK V Y HIPPLE DERR LAMBERT FRANCIS MELSON TRUNK DOUD WILBAR BINRLEY BREIDENBACH MERWIN SOCK QUICKSALL DONATH HORTON FLACR BAMEERGER KAISER ROSCHEN SEASIAN HARSI-IAw BURTON SPANGLER GREGORY COLBORN Sigma Qllpba jf ate lftp Founded IQ24 Established 1924 KENNARD W. GREGORY CARL W. KAISER HAROLD CLAYTON CHARLES C. STOTT HOR-I-ON A. SBAMAN ALVIN G. BINKLEY CHARLES L. WILEAR, JR. JOSEPH F. DERR JOHN Y. MAGE PERCY L. HIPPLE CHARLES W. BOHNER CARI. E. BOHN 232 SOUTH THIRTYfNINTH STREET Active Chapter l 1926 WILLIAM C. BURTON DAVID H. HARSHAW HAROLD C. COLBURN C. FRANKLIN SPANGLER 1927 J. BRADBN QUICKSALL RODOLPHO S. MELSON 1918 CARL SCHLACK PAUL F. DONATH STANLEY G. FLACK 1919 BOYD R. KBAR GEORGE FRANCIS, JR. OLIVER LAMBERT, JR. I4561 ALBERT F. SOCH HERMANN D. ROSCHEN, JR HIRAM P. BAMBERGER MILES W. MERWIN ROYDEN M. BREIDENEACH CLARENCE DOUD IOI-IN L. H. TRUNK JOHN F. WORMAN DAVID C. REED 'S N s I 'N A D D INDEX TC ADVERTISERS 1926 CLASS RECCRD A Ace Fruit and Produce 467 Market . ' ...... fEtna Life Insurance Co. . 480 Ainsleigh ....... 473 Ajax Rubber Co., Inc. . . Alexander, Inc., Gus . . . AmericanfOriental Rug Ref novating Co ...... Atlas Wholesale Grocery Co. 482 477 478 481 B Bailey, Banks E99 Biddle Co. . 487 Beaston's Sons, P. .... 479. Belz Co., Chas. A ..... 466 Bender, Wm. A. . . . . 485 Blauner's ........ 466 Bonsall's Sons, Wm. S. . . Brooks Brothers ..... Broadway Confectionery . 481 483 459 C Clad Co., Victor V .... 482 Clearbrook Ice Co. . . . 473 Cohen Bros. . . . . . 484 College Shop, The . . . 468 Cotrell E49 Leonard . . . 484 D Direct Coal Co ...... 468 Dormitory Hand Laundry . 485' Dunlap Printing Co .... 484 E Edward Tailoring Co., Inc., The ......... 483 Elliott Co., The Chas. H. . 468 F Fairmont Laundry, The . . Finchley ......,. Elerning's Ltd. .... . Francisco, Michael .... Frank Brothers ..... 473 Ereedman's Quality Market House ........ 483 464 463 465 466 G Geibel, Carl A., . . . Geuting's ...... Gommy ....... Great Lakes Transit Corp. Grille Lunch, The . . . Gunther, C. G. . . . . . H Hoover 8? Smith Co., The Hotel Adelphia .... Hotel Pennsylvania CPhila.j Houston Hall . . I Ideal Plumbing Co. . . . Integrity Trust Co. . . I Jenkins Bros. . . . Jones, P. M .... . K Kendig, Whelan, Mason . Kirkeby E99 Hand, Inc. . Kollhoif, Edmund J. . . Kresge, D. H. . . . . L La Palina Cigar .... Leach, George E. . . . Lotz PhotofEngraving Co. Loyal Cleaners and Dyers Loyal Hand Laundry, The M McCray Refrigerator Sales Corp ........ McFarland Co., Horace N New York Life Insurance Co. O C'KeefefMcCoy Org., The Orr, Millard R ..... Otten E98 Otten .... l4581 465 472 462 479 48 1 488 482 469 479 466 465 47 5 482 466 475 467 472 471 473 467 489 489. 467 474 491 479 485 471 476 P Penn Drug Co. . . . . Penn Pocket Billiard Room Penndashery ..... Pennock's Meat Market . Peoples Bank and Trust Co. Perry 69 Co. .... . Pforzheimer, C. H. . . Pforzheimer, W. . . Pyle E99 Innes . . . R Radbill E99 Son, A .... Reed's Sons, Jacob . . . Reubens ..... . Riegel Ei Co., Inc .... Ringe, May, ' .... . Rosenberg Co., Arthur M. S Sarnese, A. ..... . Sarnoffflrving Hat Co. . ScottfPowell Dairies . . Sempliner ...... Shoemaker, B. H., Inc. . Shoyer's ....... Shredded Wheat Co., The Smyth Bros. .... . Splendid Restaurant, The Stanley, The ..... Stilz E99 Bro. Co., Louis E. Strawbridge E99 Clothier's SuppleefWillsfJones Co. . T Tapley Co., I. P. Tull Bros. . . . . V Van Horn Es? Son . . W Waffle Studio, The . . . Walter's ....... Warren's, Inc. .... . Watson EG? McDaniel Co. Williams, I. G. . . . . Z Zamsky, H.. . . . Zullinger, A. H. . . 484 465 461 464 460 486 473 465 485 484 464 474 477- 461 479 474 461 463 461 478 467 471 475 467 485 48:4 476 481 469 481 483 465 461 480 484 464 490 485 ESTABLISHED IBIB SQ Sf 5313! 3 Cjieiei eieleseo 3 rlmmiri gfurnifnidg nina, MADISON AVENUE COP. FORTY-FOURTH STREET NEW YORK " ., -Q -gg -f.5,,W,I '12 M P of , .m , ' 5592 fi-Ni54i7k33' ,i 1. J Q- -Aff, ., .ml-.5 . ' 1 'EKU Wx-3 ' ' aim: G EMA, ll: , In A 7. ,f , 1 wygw...-2 .- -Q 'L ,,,.,A-v I V- A' ,ff?"g,5 f f- 'K-X, wtf o - -f I 412- 5-.5-X' . ,4,,-gow for ,fill 3 55' 'QT' l fw"fZ mg S " q4'fV0'fi:,7f-. 1-7 1 H ,.:-fy . k Pc l f e' wwf, " 4 fl ' I ll -'WN Q? X- 51 4:91-' 11372151 W ' . , " .,.-. rg v -3.5-y grgfgwg- , X , firm, ., 4, , f' I 1 415115 .2 '2,w'Ef5f,1-,j4.u2j-,." ' ".'cgQ1. ,L I- ' IW:-,cw-f N l ,.7 ' f f ,401-5 4 ' W'-.5 ' , 1 ,X 4' fl, , f r 5 ffff, ,--Q. f ,N , fn f ffl, If 4775, .t,4,ih Ouoeuuaunl - I Clothes for School and College Specialty Send for BROOKSJS Miscellany BOSTON PALMBEACI-I NEWPORT LITTLE BUILDING PLAZA BUILDING AUDFIAIN BUILDING Tnzuowr con. Bons-ron C o u n 1'v R o A o 220 Bcuzvuz Avsuuc M591 6? he M699 OSQ4 DAY8f NIGHT 4 s E nvlcs 'Pve 9 i Whenever You Think Of this Bank Remember- O That if we have your business, it is greatly appreeiatedg if not, it is most cordially invited. V PEOPLES BANK and TRUST COMPANY MATN OFFICE FIFTEENTH STREET BELOW MARKET OTHER OFFICES GIRARD AVE. AT SEVENTH BAINBRIDGE ST. AT FIFTH WOLF ST. AT SEVENTH 4 1- Main OILHCQ Open until Midnight Daily - K .l I I .. yn IPL , I .1. HQ fli 496 'f-'wx ram 1-im-Ta W5 l -if 'rw ,fr , . 4' Eff! TEL -1 ,E T52 'iigh- -f TLEIELEP tuilln - JET as mn. tiff' TO ALL THE GRADUATES! We thank you for the patronage you've given us. We congratulate you on your graduation and wish you success, wherever you locate. A visit will always be welcome. Igvnnhzmhvrg COLLEGE MENS APPAREL 3713 SPRUCE STREET "MERCHANDISE THAT EXPRESSES PERSONALITY WALTERS DELICATESSEN - A N D - RESTAURANT 221 SOUTH BROAD STREET Best Food in Philadelphia OPEN ALL NIGHT AND SUNDAY A Place Where 'You Will Meet Your Friends SEA FOOD SPECIALTIES SEE OUR WINDOW DISPLAY MAY RINOE CANDIES 3603 CHESTNUT STREET D' PHONE, Evergreen 8560 I FI? El E THE CAMPUS SHOP 116 S.THlRTYfTHlRD ST. l305 WALNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. OVER ONE HUNDRED STORES READY WITH SAR OFF-IRVING FIN E S TR A W S THREE PHILADELPHIA STORES 1034 Market Street 802 Claestnut Street 109 East Street l46ll lVIen's Wear of Distinction ff.. J - ., L5 " I I fa fax! i f i, , x gl 1 f ', f . K .' K. 'Y ,,-. , , I W 4 f , f 5 X 1, wl , , 'IMF If " f.- L' 2-P - lf if OMM U. of P. Campus PHILADELPHIA, PA. l6i Compliments of WALTER PFORZHEIIVIER I20 BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY x 'Lf' if ii 6 Il I 'QTY . Ixu IRI- ' 4 'gl I 1 W NN vi U1 J 1 , 1 5 V- 1 ORTING UL SCOTCH TWEEUS AND I-loivisf CEPTI AL IIERRINGBUNE ND LAIIJ E CTS, RE57'RlCTED T I-IIS CE SPOR T5 SIXTY DOLLARS mvn ,vans 1-5,111 r- ro'Pa'ro,v TAILOKED AT FASHION PARK Flflh Avenue at 46" Smzet NEW YORK E. MEMOIRS '26 Remember . . , the cry UROWBOTTOMU and the crash which IoIIowed. . . . those eight o'cIock classes with only erough time for a nourishing miIIt shake. . . . the midnight treats of a bottle of miIIc during research and "exam" pre- paration. . . . the nights you raided the fraternity ice box for a tempting gIass of miIIc. Remember . . . the integraI part in your Univer- sity Iife of the miIIc, "fresher by a day. " SCOTT-POWELL DAIRIES 14631 U QI Good Appearance is readily attained at moderate cost if you deal at the right pIace. Suits Sc Top Coats 535.00 and upward. jmeom Ramos Some gs!! 'Q i B424-26 Chestnut sc. 5 Phil a a e 1 p hi a I 1 is ff ss., - J.- I I Pennock's Meat Market The FAIRMUNT L AU N D RY STUDENT SERVICE HARRY R. ENDICGTT 247 South 37th Street WEST PHILADELPHIA, PA. Fancy Selected Meats BUTTER, EGGS AND POULTRY EVERGREEN, 7l40 3914 MARKET STREET 4 CLASS PIPES ALL KINDS Pipe Repairing I. G. VVILLIAIVIS S. E. Comer 37th and Locust Streets PHILADELPHIA, PA. I4641 25865-5' l'-4022 S? I IemingZ:4 ith. IT HAS BEEN A GREAT SOURCE OF SATISFACTION TO US IN THE KNOWLEDGE THAT WE HAVE BEEN ABLE TO SERVE SO MANT OF YOU, AND SINf CERELT HOPE WE MAT CONTINUE TO BE OF SERVICE IN THE FUTURE 922 CHESTNUT STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA. 'EZQPUI FQQSEF FISHING TACKLE LIVE FISH BAIT Eat and Be Merry at We Waffle Stuclio Service That Satisjies CARL A. GEIBEL Gunsmith 208 South 36th Street soo Marker st., Philadelphia, Pa. Bell Phone Re-Stoeking and Re-Finishing Our Waffles Are Second to None LOMBARD 6073 Hi-Grade Guns a Specialty Registered B ll Evergr 5252 Ideal Plumbing Co. Plumbing and Heating SPECIALIZED SERVICE TO FRATERNITIES 3404 Market St. Philadelphia, Pa. WORLD'S GREATEST INDOOR SPORT PENN POCKET BILLIARD ROOM CROSEN BRos.J Where Gentlemen Play the Game 256-58 South 37th 6011-13 Market Street Street l4651 DURING THE 'YEAR JUST PAST HOUSTON HALL' Had the privilege of the support of the Class of 1926. Our doors will always be open to Welcome you when you return to the campus. The facilities of our business departments are at your service as Alumni. We operf ate a mail order department for your convenience. Books Stationery Victor Records g'F1om Freshman Cap to Cap and Gown" I M E AT S VVG specialize on furnishing Fraternity Houses I' lf you have trouble with your meats see us Clothes for the Discrirninating -- College Man P- M- JONES MICHAEL FRANCISCO 1549 lVlNE STREET TA IL OR S PHILADELPPHA PENNSYLVANIA 214 s. Eleventh st. PHILADELPHIA, PA CHAS. A. BELZ CO. ENGRA VERS DIPLOMAS FRATERNITY CERTIFICATES 1507 ARCH ST. PHILADELPHIA, PA. Compliments of BLAUNERS MENS oLoTH1NG STORE The Logical Store for Men 837 MARKET ST, PHILADELPHIA, PA. M661 Kirkeby CE, Hand 7 INCORPORATED 1674 Broadway, NEW YORK P- -4 Managers for CALIFORNIA RAMBLERS GOLDEN GATE ORCHESTRA LITTLE RAMBLERS VARSITY EIGHT VAGABONDS r--ll+ Also CALIFORNIA RAMBLERS INN On Pelham Shore Road, N. Y. Telephone: Bar. 8780 WORK CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED PROMPTLY fl7ie Loyal Hand Laundry 3711 SPRUCE STREET IEASEMENTI :No Mending and Darning Free West Work on the Campus 5251532 '?lIl'ii THE GEORGE E. LEACH Splend1d Restaurant WHOLESA LE Butter - Eggs - Cheese 7170 Berkley Road CUpper Darbyl PHILADELPHIA, PA. Sherwood 5120 ' Lansdowne 2035 Our success is based on Cleanliness, Courtesy, and the Best Food in the market. We do our own Baking 3645 Woodland Ave. - Philadelphia Bell Phone: Market 3677 Keystone: Main 9637 Shoyer's Famous Hotel and Restaurant M. GOLFUND. Prop. Special Catering to Fraternities for the last 50 years 412 Arch Street, PHILADELPHIA ORDERS DELIVERED FREE Hee Fruit and Produce Market 218 South Fortieth Street PHILADELPHIA, PENNA. Phone: Evergreen 5462 School Catalogs and' Illustrations Leather Dance Favors and Covers Dance Programs and Invitations Fraternity and Class Stationery The Chas. H. Elliott Co. The Largest College Engraving Hoare in the World Commencement Invi tations, C l a s s Day Programs, Class Pins and Rings Seventeenth Street and Lehigh Avenue PHILADELPHIA 'A Weddiiig Invitations Fraternity and Class Calling Cards, Menus Inserts for Annuals iooe iooof sooo? l Cf 7 an l..B.SchoHelcl,'l3 T.M.Schonour,'l2 ' a, ' , President Vice-President In the annals of the whale' ' man, that old refrain rings out Dlrect -as to the Senior on the threshold of a new journeyfe Cgal Qglnpany and so to us, as we anticipate the establishment of an even better service as an Institution for Campus Wear The C0lLlLlEGlE SHUP 36413 Woodland Aveo CO 9GGf KEGG? 36061 30th and Race Streets 1344 Belmont Ave. I PHILADELPHIA PENNA, A Specialized Service Rendered to Fraternities and Campus Organizations H681 Men of Penn: As the only Penn Grad who is the Owner-Manager of a Philadelphia Hotel, I extend to you a cordial invitation to Hotel Adelphia. . i You will End here an Alert and Vigilant Service, Modern ' Conveniences, and Superb Guest Rooms. Facilities for Banquets, Fraternity Meetings, and Class Reunions are excellent. And the Friendly Spirit that pervades our I-Iostelry will I make you feel "at home." - CHARLES ELLIS GooD1N, 'o5C - HOTEL ADELPHIA Chestnut at 13th, Philadelphia ' " aETZ:"xff-N . 61 41 , V 1 z'. ,...- 91, Us L V, H Sn 7 3g' 5 i ug gHg,g,E:? ' .L f i , -Eiiaffw P tm 'W sn W .fsiif-5 ,X ,Q ' ' A- aa.-mf P1 251 ga I V' VV H 3 5 , A f e fy 9955 R 1 ff . 23 5 Q "On the Beat X35 " Street 4 ' f 32: -M,-. V :il Ani-,C K.. . Busies: I Comer" m lujgff' S W 2 13 if ,Q I igigaygi 3 3523333 ON FRANKLIN FIELD AT THE PENN RELAYS Most of the large universities of the country are represented by athletes. So, too, are they represented in our bindery by their annuals. J. F. TAPLEY COMPANY BOOK MANUFACTURERS LONG ISLAND CITY NEW YORK I4691 New York Life Insurance Company President Coolidge on "Life Insurance" "Insurance is the modern method by which men make the uncertain certain, and the unequal equal. Gilt is the means by which success is almost guaranteed. Clflt is part charity and part business, but all common sense. Gfrllhrough its operation the strong contribute to the support of the weak, and the weak secure, not by favor but by right, duly purchased and paid for, the support of the strong. Clflivery insurance policy is a decla- ration of independence, a charter of economic freedom. flflie who holds one has overcome adversity. "The principle upon which this proceeds is all very plain. Glflt has its foundation in thrift. ClfEveryone knows that it is not what is earned, but what is saved which measures the differ- ence between success and failure. ClfThis is a difference so slight from day to day as to seem unimportant and of no con- sequence, but in the aggregate of even a few years it amounts to a sum of great importance. Gfffhe ability to save is based entirely upon self-control. ilfThe possession ofthat capacity is the main element of character. Gflt passes over at once into the realm of good citizenshipf, Life Insurance Not a Commodity But a Service For Further Information See Campus Representative MORRIS C. PERLMAN WHARTON '27 3732 Walnut Street Philadelphia, Pa H1701 X iil2.fl-if:-ijEA, EAT ALL YoU WANT SHREDD ON,T BE AFRAID OF IT-it is the whole : ,,..,,, 2 v--' ,... -"'- 3 wheat cooked in steam, shredded eHomeof 1-fm PW and baked-the most real food with the SHREUQEU "'A least tax on the digestion. I - H SHREDDED ' illlw . H ' WHEAT is the favorite food for study or play-it is on the training table of every school and college, Two Biscuits with milk make a perfect meal-but lots of college lads eat half a dozen at a sitting and then 'fhollern for more. It is delicious for any meal with sliced bananas and other fruits. lf-'Q Q 'X U I4 ,A ,, """lllllllll!ulw , ' I nf I I ' I X-.JIM Pc I V 5 'Z 2 : bm GFI: '-T1 rfhln ' ,nk I' WHEAIX ,I wi, . 37-FEI Q I- Mm TL., .As A A E ' snow WHEAT fl Ms of SHN W' l THE H941 W" ' MADE BY THE SHREDDED WHEAT COMPANY Niagara Falls, New York , D. H. KRESGE D. M. KRESGE Life Insurance I .? I affix' of QUALITY College Men The "Kresge Idea" has always been to provide CLOTHES for those who ff H . . have learned the True Economy Wrzfg mmemmg Om, that lies in "Quality" and for those ypggml plgmfm- whose good taste forbids Jfllffwff 'C Extravagancen CWND . ,i , , MILLARD R. ORR Exfluxzve Tfzzforx Jznce 1896 H: Bld PI 'I d I I I P PHILADELPHIA, PA. PRINCETON, N. J. UOW9 le mon g" U a 6 pm, 'I 3710 Spruce St. 62 Nassau St. l471l The Paper Used in the 1926 CLASS RECORD IS - DILL Es? CCLLINS CO.'S OLD IVORY CCATED BOOK Distributed by RIEGEL 599 CO., INC. 140 NORTH SIXTH STREET PHILADELPH IA, PA. STYLE Q 52 Years On the Campus COMFOR T ' P. BEASTON'S SONS "NUI: SEDU THREE WORDS SYNONYMOUS VVITH 1230 MARKET ST. IQ S. ELEVENT GEUTINGS The Stores of Famous Shoes EDMUND J. KOLLHOFF 1308-1310 CHESTNUT STREET EXCLUSIVE F00TWEAR H ST. THE STUDENTS' STORES' 14721 ' 3611 WOODLAND AVE. PHILADELPHIA, P COMPLIMENTS OF CARL H. PFCRZHEIMER E99 CO. 25 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK CITY AINSLEIGH, INC. NOW AT THEIR NEW HEADQUARTERS AT 21 WEST 46TH STREET NEW YORK CITY SPORTS APPAREL F O R M E N NOW ON DISPLAY AINSLEIGH, INC. 21 WEST 461-H STREET NEW YORK CITY ITRANR RROTIHIRRS EfIhAvenue IB001' Shop: Between 'HQ and 482 Streets.New'YorIc Exhibit Shops in all the Large Cities BELL PHONE, EVERGREEN 5 87 COURTESY ALWAYS CLEARBROOK ICE CO. CHAS. B. WINN. Proprietor ICE FOR SALE AT OFFICE OFFICE no DE KALE SQUARE PHILADELPHIA, PA. I4731 "FROM A SANDWICH TO A NATIONAL INS'I'I'1'U'I'ION" Compliments of 'I'I-IAT'S ALL DELICATESSEN SHOP AND RESTAURANT I 213 SOUTH BROAD STREET, PHILADELPHIA NEW YORK SHOPS MADISON AVENUE AT SQTH STREET - BROADWAY AT SIST STREET M FYCQ 'Q ,Q Y! QUALITY R EFRIGERAT ORS FOR ALL PURPOSES LOOK FOR THE NAME fill-f K H IIII X X V EETPE,...T.....,E Y .WIIW Q gb' ' iffEi2i5i5?i"lf:5:j:55 ,gp ,3 X VI 1 mf? au? 0 - Ib nm I? 3 I " rf, ' ,f 1 ?f" ?iii I ..,.. ......,,., . fun '-3' I1 f,.aA-gal ! . 'I 5-. -I--,EN f I SIA, f' . u My ,,.f....aEiFvm 4 X, E jgg- 4 'gggssrq' T .aim Superior for Ice or Machine Refrigeration MCCRAY REFRIGERATOR SALES CORP. Thomas L. Perot, Representative 206 South 11th St., PHILADELPHIA, PA. Ph Pennepacker 7669 arnrnr air C96 FOR DANDRUFF AND FALLING HAIR O69 Keeps the Hair ' Combed C7047 lmnnsplhania 2Barher jabup A. SARNESE 3655 Woodland Avenue 14741 INTEGRITY 'W .Minn - Z jf Y 'Q f j, Q 7 f ,T u.....EAR 11 el 1, f A - -5 ' 5- N I f -1 N f f T MWA IWI CAPITAL AND SURPLUS, 34,250,000 Inte grily Trust Company and Green STS. PHILADELPHIA, PA. 717 Chestnut St. KENDIG Paint WH FOR ANY AND ALL PURPOSES MASON . RIGHT C601 5 Here 1207 Walnut Street SMYTH BROS. Philadelphia, Penna. 37TH AND MARKET STREETS PHILADELPHIA, PA. H11 . Ilbirkb am SUITS AND QP CQATS HATS and SHOES Quality unsurpassed. Style of outstanding distinction. Fabrics out of the ordinary in patterns and dependable to the last allf wool thread. Clothing you will wear with pride. Prices you will pay with pleasure. Like many other good things, WICKHAM CLOTHES can be obtained only at STRAWBRIDGE E5 CLQTHIERS EIGHTH AND MARKET STREETS, PHILADELPHIA, PA. E. K. OTTEN F. G. OTTEN MEATS CCDTTIEZN at OTTEN Wishes to thank the boys for their valued patronage OREGON R332 I4?,O'32 SoUTH STREET l4761 AQEAWEE TIRES In this age of youth, freedom and happiness, one is apt to forget the Work and hardships that those before us had to endure in order to make our present comforts possible. Your appreciation of the joy of motoring would be much keener if you knew of the work involved in the making of the tires which make your driving a pleasure. Liquid rubber brought here from the un' civilized tropics and developed by modern skill and science into a product that combines the rugged' ness of its nature with the finished polish and perfection of American manufacture. . AJAX RUBBER co., Inc. Factories: General Ojice Racine, Wis. 220 West 57th Street Trenton, N .J. New York City I4-771 THAT WELLfDRESSED FEELING There is no greater comfort than knowing you are wellfdressed. Always showing the latest in English Woolens which we know will please. The right quality, the right style, and above all, the right price. THE GUS ALEXANDER COMPANY NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT Showing every Thursday and Friday at PENN DRUG, 3701 WOODLAND AVENUE Every Wednesday at PARK AVENUE HOTEL, NEW YORK DAVE ALEXANDER, Representative I Benjamin H. Shoemaker INCORPORATED -A-lull 1 vm itll lil ll' ll A IH ll ll ll PLATE GLASS I gg WINDOW GLASS 77 WIRE GLASS ribssazvazizgzsa if ETC- think ofl., P 1' - lm cigartha m d g d 'li a nation by p g ll dope on how flavorful a mouthful of smoke could be. CONGRESS CIGAR COMPANY Philldelbhia Li PALINA CIGAR Every Descriplion of Glass Required in Consfrucfion of Buildings 205-211 North Fourth Street PHILADELPHIA TELEPHONES BELL, Market 641 KEYSTONE, Main l020 M781 PHILADELPHIA CHESTNUT and 39TH STREET H 0 TEL PENNS YL VA IA Z? A A ,eff . .., .1 ., :ey 258.5 i 5 - v::?T "'1 ' fgii ,, . l .:.: - -. - I -f-' . , rx .. - Qi :Emil re-iff!-Tr A EIREPROOF GARAGE UNRESTRICTED PARKING .5 V. af.. 600 RQOMS 500 BATHS Rooms with running Water from 332.50 per day Rooms with private bath and showers from 33.50 per day 4 .rib 'I tH'inJi'i Nl E 'I rip' I- gi,.1.,,. ,I-.1 we I -- 1 tif fl im ,g,..,.- W -,-is. E', 'nl-" in -4+ '-.Xu a r l' 7' .Ii A ff "'- . ' 5- . - I--in I ff, B H. ""-. , . Zi.: HERE.. 'Ig I K l nf yfwwlnl 'IE' In lun-I ' . .. fi 'lf' ' qu. nn 1 ,I l ' I NV H ,w, .. .- - -I U!-rl I I:-. ... , sei 'i' v 3...!."'j twirl., . --. i'5"Mamr5',m ' if A'-Axjail' L 5. , ,AW :A ' , - -- vi 4 + 'L '1 .Q it , . as I yt ' .. I fi J :g ,im 'li-L, .ms E g ....... - I 1 .- :a 'z....-.,.'.. .s ..-.: 1: -ii -gf--.W .-2. K "Lai .srsgi 'I :M W . 2' Q ..Y.:Z3,...-,":iw,-355, 'JI -Q. , i, Wm . 5-fn 1Q'Wli5Frl hi is " 9""""',x 'QV U f-LW ni" 'X "fgai,,,g' rr 'Y 5 a.-as 'Y ' A S-,J M KVAEV , FOOD AND SERVICE H 'ii 'N Near West Philadelphia Station, Pennsylvania Railroad OSCAR W. RICHARDS, Manager University of Pennsylvania, Franklin Field Great Lakes Cruise The steel steamships, Tionesta, Juniata and Qctorara of the Great Lakes Transit Corporaf tion sail every three days from all the principal ports on Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Superior. 2230 MILES of incomparable scenery on luxurious ships- a World renowned cuisine and the finest of sleeping accommodations. Meals and berth inf cludecl in fare. Crchestra - Dancing Rosenberg Tailoring For :Chose Who Y-Jiscriminaie PREEMINENCE in any field of effort is only achieved Where quality is the preolominating factor. For many years the name Arthur M. Rosenberg in a college man's clothes has stood as a guarantee not only of correct design but as the ultimate in material and workmanship. 'J V . . , . 'Y For further information, tickets and reservations call any Tourist or Railroad Ticket Agent, or THE x es wrcb f I Co J. F. c0NDoN, P. T. M. -,Q -I-AILOR5 Great Lakes Transit Corporation - E 223 Erie Street I 0 u EAST 472 sv. IOI4 CHA:-ELST. BUFFALO, NEW YoRK New vonn N EW H AVEN' CONN. M791 WARREN' S Inc. Importing Tailors 3425 WALNUT ST. . PHILADELPHIA, PENNA Compliments of AETNA LIFE INS. CO. W. R. HARPER, Gen. Agent 712-25 Widener Bldg. PHILADELPHIA, PA. i301 SUPPLEE ICE CREAM + GOLD MEDAL MILK UNEXCELLED BELL PHONE EVERGREEN 7672 Eva 33273328-3329 TULL BROTHERS SEA FOODS Special prices to Fraternities, Restaurants, and Boa'rclingfHouses FREE DELIVERY 4013 kdarket Street PHILADELPHIA, PA. SHAD AND CRAB MEAT OUR SPECIALITT The Very Place to Eat THE GRILLE LUNCH .OYSTERS AND CLAMS SEA FOOD A SPECIALTY PROMPT AND EFFICIENT SERVICE 3613 Woodland Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. Broadway Confectionery CIGARS AND TOBACCO ICE CREAM SODAS FRUITS Best Sandwiches on the Campus Try Our Own DeIicious Home-Made Candy 3661 Woodland Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. REPAIRING AND STORING PHONE, EVERGREEN 5948 EXPERT CLEANERS OF ORIENTAL AND DOMESTIC RUGS AND CARPETS Special Attention Given to Cleaning and Storing of Fraternity House Rugs American-Oriental Rug Renovating Company Cor. Cuthbert and Lowber Sts. CRear 44 North Thirty-Eighth St.j mu JENKINS BROS. 133 North Seventh St., Philadelphia, Pa. 000 Manufacturers of 'UalUes, Packing M eclvanicai Rubber Goods A FAIR OFFER If you will put a Jenkins Valve on the worst place you can Gnd, where you cannot keep other valves tight, and if it is not perfectly tight or does not hold steam, oils, acids, water, or other fluids longer than any other valve, YOU MAY RETURN IT AND YOUR ' MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED THE HOOVER AND SMITH COMPANY Ojfcial College Fraternity fewelers Rings - Class Tins - Jbfealals Prizes - Trophies BRANCH AT STUDENTS' STORE 712 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Bell, Spruce 3797 Keystone, Race 4360 Atlas Wholesale Grocery Co. A. s. MILLER, Prop. ' Hotels, Restaurants, Fraternities and Institutions Supplied 1723-27 WOOD ST. PHILADELPHIA, PA. L O YA L CLEANERS AND DYERS Repairing, Altering, Pressing French Dry-Cleaning Daily 4069 MARKET ST. 262 S. 37TH ST. Bell, Baring 8214 Bell, Evergreen 6506 VICTOR V. CLAD CO. 119 and 121 South Eleventh Street, Philadelphia, Penna. MANUFACTURERS OF KITCHEN EQUIPMENT - FRENCH RANGES For Colleges, Institutions, and Fraternities FREEDMAN'S QUALITY MARKET HOUSE MEATS, GROCERIES, AND PRODUCE COR. SUSQUEHANNA AVENUE AND WOODSTOCK STREET PHONE-COLUMBIA 6082 SPECIAL PRICES TO FRATERNITIES ERATERNITY AND VAN SUN fw C O L L E 'J E Theatrical Costumers Costumers to the Leading Colleges-Univerf sity of Pennsylvania, Harvard, Yale, Columbia, I I I A Cornell, Princeton, and many others Gaps and Gowns to Rent 12th 81 Chestnut Sts. Philadelphia, Pa. SQ Wm. S. Bonsa1l's Sons 3826 MARKET STREET .p .4. ' E. tilz Bro. Co. HEATING LOUIS S 82 R O O FI NG 155 NORTH FOURTH STREET ,S P Q U T I NG PHILADELPHIA, PENNA. Evra 7050 R E P A I R S EDWARD CLOTHES S28 . 75 QEIQQRERCZQTQ TIQQSZQ 38 . 75 Our Mr. Geo. H. Grim displays at Houston Hall Store regularly during college year THE EDWARD TAILORING CO., INC., 1724 Market St., Phila. M831 PRINTERS OF THE "q31,mCl1 fB0wl" ' PRINTERS BINDERS RULERS SQ DUNLAP PRINTING COMPANY N. E. Cor. Iuniper and Cherry St PHILADELPHIA, PENNA. fiutrell SE Eleunarh ALBANY, NEW YORK Caps Gowns Hoods FOR ALL DEGREES Tlakers to the Students of American Universities Intercollegiate Bureau of Academic Costumes D RUGS The McDaniel Steam Trap is the dividing une , between steam and STUDENTS Water. Steam cannot SUPPLIES blow throughg water PENN DRUG COMPANY Opposite Dorms cannot stay ing and the cost is small. ,Vx N. 'Rl 1':"' "12' b , .- M,:ef1:E,, ,,., ' Q - ibm WATSON Sz McDANlEL CO. 146 North Seventh St. Philadelphia, Pa. The coal yard that is operated by Penn Men A. Radbill 8: Son LEHIGH COAL Woodland 4010 84th Street and Bartram Avenue Philadelphia, Pa. "Makes ho! fires and warm friends" BELL, EVERGREEN 0987 KEYSTONE, WEST 1607 COHEN BROS. DEALERS IN ' Meats, Fancy Ffruits and Produce S. E. CORNER 36TH AND MARKET STS. Fraternities Supplied PHILADELPHIA, PA. M841 DIRECTION STANLEY COMPANY OF AMERICA I a . , I A i QF' ' I A I 'ti f I 1 at f b 3' .+-" NNVNQ-XJ' -.wvwxw-..s-'x .-, ,... wkwe wt l9th and lVlarlcet Sts., PHILADELPHIA, PA- Siands Foremost Among Pl-IGTOPLAY THEATERS of the World The 0 ' Keefe-McCoy Organization PENNSYLVANIA BUILDING California Ramblers Whitey Kaufman White Fleet Jean Goldlcelte Obtained through this Ofce PHONE: RITTENHOUSE 093 I-2 A. H. ZULLINGER PHARMACIST Prescriptions Compotmded by Graduates in Pharmacy Only BELL, Baring 83f7o KEYSTONE, XVest 69115 Spruce and 40th Sts., PHILADELPHIA Our Best Wishes to the Class of '26 PYLE E99 INNES LEADING COLLEGE TAILQRS 1115 Walnut Street Compliments of DORMITORT I HAND LAUNDRX 3707 SPRUCE STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. EVERGREEN 4677 ESTABLISHED 1878 WM. A. BENDER. IR WM. A. BENDER The Best Butter, Eggs, and Poultry Sixth Avenue, Reading Terminal Market. Twelfth and Arch Streets BQTH PHONES PHILADELPHIA, PA I4851 UNIVERSITY MEN throughout many years have Come to regard Perry's big Progressive store as Head- quarters for all Clothing needs Nr Perry 8: Co. N. B. T. 16th and Chestnut Streets PHILADELPHIA, PA. University Men's Department I I BAN KSGQBI D AI ezvelers Silversmiths stan J ESTABLISHED Issz 0n9rg PHILADELPHIA . T5l1e Gift Suggestion Book Mailed Upon Request, illustrates and Prices JE WELS, WATCHES, CLOCKS, SILVER, CHINA GLASS, AND NOVELTIES From Which May Be Selected Distinctive WEDDING, BIRTHDAY, GRADUATION AND OTHER GIFTS TVVENTYUSIX REMEMBER YOUR ALMA MATER IN YEARS TO COME SUPPORT THE ENDOVVMENT DRIVE l4871 14 Q ,J , ,.. ,ffm ,, , , www- :vg ,, M. . tk 4 , , y ff '2 E l 1'L,5f6ff9'?N,bf .Eff V '- N3 6,521 ' J, f X 'xx X X 1 N sr, 4 rf f Mg X Qu x it Y gggw ,X A Az? f J N at 9 A, ,. we 1 ,, , H X M g,3X,,,,h f .Wgggm , Q - ig, x 'iq Ax 54? Y ,,,., 4 QQ- . C a mp gil S , . , Q 4,41 gat, W WH il sz z f f Q QW , fa, , x J . 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H Photographs m this Record are a in A sample of our product and skill No Prints Given for Publication Without Patron's Written Consent moo 1 CMAQ 'RANT ,1' , cF -"Wx af QW' E v 4 rr-,A Ne- !.gJwilWD .te n -5 +" TTYYTYY 4 'T if - ' f 'Q 5:2 N, i'sJ.:ffl l' j Q, 46 , Q. 4 '-, ? .f' - gmuxlit.. .1:1lv..? gHARRlsBuRc.. PA. Am...-..-1.1.-,.v.1...-.J -- lnipfrint on a College Annual or on a technical book or booklet means: FIRST. A pleasing page plan. SECCND. Careful editorial supervision. THIRD. Excellence in all mechanical details. We will Welcome the opportunity to discuss your printing problems with you at any time. owo J. HCDRACE MCFARLAND CO. Harrisburg - Pennsylvania M911 'J' . - X .-4"," 'iff ' Y - ",4.'- 177-f.' I '1 '9',17 Xxxffb xx P. 4 45 Q ,uf IMI. ff NQQIQQKGN ,I k ' ' 1 'ia ,fly .KX , 4 N fv ff Y J ffl-wvy- X :Q f A- r flvf J lfflv SX. .L ', 4 QXQ T ' , A k X: S Q K FZ -xg 7. 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