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. .5 'EJ 4Xm1 ' Qui' I i. R LTHT rrfuifliivi WE' 1i"l'i gg 77' TT' if I .X FE I IL-LC. 'k,,.,' 1- ,...,ii, IIKLCCKI-lilg.. J ' E W L Wilma' IIEREIVI 'bl I- -I Eu 1. 1 tAf-J'--1. ms In S13 7- CQ .QQ - hl I L f 'gk 3 , :3,5.,Af'5"J WL -. 1 Ali., 2:23101 my .itl l -V I QOE f 1 , ...v-"""" ,..,. ,,,. .-- .... .. ...,., ....,. . . mmfmm,,....,,.. ...,, M n,,.-.,,,,..,,,...., ..,-ff-"""""'W 1 5 R 1 E 1 V i is M., J --vw..w-.v-0-.- Y-..-A--u T Fifi! Q xi X Q" .., ,A. N, - K , , 3, - - --f-' -M- , x ,sf-4-Fnu. . : if Em Qi , f -.-. , ' S 5 . ,hw h W + fxff,gf4xv4xv4vfmvAxvf.,5ZA7 ' GOP'YR.lGH'TED'B'Y HARRY C. TEMPLE EDITOR-IN CHIEF DONALD M. SWAN BUSINESS MANAGER ' mvgxmgwvpvgmvgvp 'THE ' RECORD ' DOARDE is yslssznmzusze ztsuxszuszmrrsl 'HARRY-C-TEMPLE --'--'-- 'EDITOR-IN-CHIEF' 'HARRY-NV-ALLERSU ""'- 'v MANAGING Eonox -MOPLTON - R- HERR """-' CIRCULATION MANAGER' 'DONALD-M-SWAN """' "BUSINESS MANAGER- -'DARWIN-H'URFFEPx '--""- 'HART EDITQPX' 'I?AUL'M-TYROLER "" PHOTOGRLPHIC EDITOR' 'ROGER-XV CLIFF """" ADVERTISING MANAGEK- SINZSISZHS fy 18282826128 - EOD T TQO 5 Q - Q-FRANK P HUQFFT ' DTEAEL E-JARRELU - RUDOLPH 'A-GEKLINGEK' 'ASSOCIATE' EDETORS ' 'MORSE-G!?xRV7OOaDv0 6 -QEMZL-E WHITE' 'H'LEE-JONES' V- 'BENJAMlN'TEPf'EPx' ' BUQINDESSS 'nA.ESQC'IP5,TES - 'MORTON STONE MfXX'E'KLEEMAN' 'LEMOlNE'C'WHEE'LER- HENRYJNSKILTON' 'CHARLES E'DAC'1lT' 'C ALBERT WILSON' 'IRVING-VSUMMERS' 'HOMEK'O'ACKER5TROM-' 'SlDNEY'M'KLEEMAN' 'JOHN 'P'MITCHELL" 'GMI NSQOQATEHS ' 'VWILLIAM' E BOYIEKJL- STEWARTAA-PIKE' -' GEORGE -H-BUTEREAUGH ' FHQTQGRAPU K? f555O9'fXTEf sz: -'cHAriLEs'-E'-GRAFMUELLEIQ zz -D H U THE CLASS RECURD 1925 51-3? Q ! jlzuremurh IT IS THE AIM CF THIS FIFTYFIFTH VOLUME CDF TI-IEVCLASS RECQRD: To stamp witli pefrinanence tlie fleeting events of College yeafrsg to gifve to tlie futiwe tlie facts ancl faces of the pfresentg ancl to aolcl to the annals of Pennsylvania tlie contributions of tlie Class of 1925. THE SIPDHIRQIIVII' CCDIF: PENNSYLVANHAQ ,3g-,,q9 n taken uf our sinners: respent anti ahmiratiun, tmz, the Qlilass of 1925, habitats this iKenuriJ nf nur unhztgrahuate bays to Giihmzp QEmlen lgutrbinsun ' '88, Qlullege ilupalsun ui iBennsplt1ania,tnlJu has taught for lm' name un the atbleti: tielh, uplgzlh it in manifnlh tnallxs of alumni life, anti, as Qlljairman of the Qlouncil on Hltbletics, when tnhulz: bearish Bernice tu the sutcess uf , Pennsplhania atljletits 10 SIDNEY M. HUTCHINSON I1 THE CAMPUS i -- i FTTIMES to every Pennsylvania graduate comes the desire to ! . !-.-.-..-i gn 5 once more gaze upon the ivy- - - covered buildings of old Penn. During his four years in college he fails to appreciate their beauty, their grandeur, and only after he has received his diploma and goes forth into this hectic world and is whirled and tossed in the maelstrom of her caprices and fancies does he realize what ancient traditions surround the walls of his Alma lllater. He does not stop to think how he will miss his old environments and he will never cease to cherish fond memories of her silhou- etted towers. All hail, then, to the Penn- sylvania Campusg may it ever grow more dear to the heart of every loyal alumnus. 14 1 MEMORIAL TOWER 11' HAMILTON WALK 17 DORMITORY ENTRANCE FROM WITHIN 18 COLLEGE HALL I9 PROVOST TOWER Q0 THE LIBRARY 21 MEDICAL HALL 22 THE TRIANGLE 23 LOGAN HALL 24 A CORNER OF THE TRIANGLE 25 HOUSTON HALL 26 BOTANICAL"-'GARDENS THE CLASS MESSAGE HE CLASS of 1905 has entered upon a new era in its history For four years have we labored and striven and learned, that we might now enter the realm of life-work and good citizenship, to lay our just rewards as a tribute at the feet of her who has sponsored us-our Alma M3tS1'. A career at Pennsylvania, all too short, has inspired in us deep reverence and a true respect for the great University whose heritage we claim. Our undergraduate days have been marked with high aspirations and sincere endeavors toward a righteous ideal-that of serving Pennsylvania. If we have succeeded-and that is for others to judge-then we may retire with a true feeling of satisfaction. If not, it has not been for a lack of devotion, and we are unfeignedly thankful for that which we have done. .. During the four-year undergraduate career of the Class of 1925, Penn- sylvania has entered upon a new epoch in her activities. She has emerged from a period of quietude and embarked upon a tremendous building program, developed an adequate endowment campaign, and set forces in motion, all bent toward accomplishing a more centralized and efficient administration, undergraduate and graduate. VV e are happy that good fortune has granted us the opportunity of participating in 'these efforts toward the constructive development of our Alma lVIater. I Our graduation unveils even a greater opportunity for Service and respon- sibility. lVlay we remain intact in spirit and in loyalty, if not in body, that we may, working as a. unit, accomplish deeds of achievement that will redound to the benefit of Pennsylvania. lVIay we forever reverence her venerable age, her glorious history, and may our affection for her ivy-clad walls, and that for which they stand, be as deep-rooted as our souls. I lVo1'cls fwafil little, but our m.e.s'.s'age is- t'Pennsylfzvcm'iai, true love for tlzeef, QMGWJ W ,.. .W w1:g,gqxS-i,' SV " Y 'Ag w syn WF.: 211555311 gif' 'f Lflzff i QV, .V ,Q r ,gQ.f,,,,, K fi 125' gggx Q 1 9x iV4MEMgDRlA1VI- 1 JOSEPH DENJAMIN BURKE 1 MARK FISHBEIN if V if if S M wumzxm EIMS own 1 W M V AN ' 31 Qin the Glass ui 1925, Qbreetingz HE GOAL of graduation is in sight, the long race is nearly completed, and at Commencement you will receive the diploma, indicating that as a result of the preliminaries, you are qualified l l for the final. Education, however broad and deep its foundations may be, must throughout your lives be increased by the building on these foundations of a beautiful superstructure. lNIen are judged not so much by what they know, as by what they do with what they know. lVIere knowledge, like gold locked up in a chest and buried, may be intrinsically valuable, but practically useless. Knowledge, however, that is kept in circulation, and is, therefore, constantly benefiting the owner and others with whom he may be in contact, is the most valuable thing in the world. "Knowledge is poweri' is an old proverb, but it requires good character, clear thinking, and unselfish interest in others to utilize power aright. During the years of your association with the University, you have, doubtless, been impressed by the fact that college days are not only a preparation for life, but they are life itself. It is probable that your position in the world in relation to other men will be similar to that which you have .maintained toward your classmates in college. If you have been faithful, reliable, and earnest in all that you have done in college, and have invariably chosen the right ends, and the right means to accomplish those ends, it is likely that this will be characteristic of your lives after you have left college. I believe that the Class of 1925, with which I have been somewhat closely associated, is characterized by the qualities to which I have referred, which are faithfulness, reliability, and earnestness. hlay every blessing attend you on your way, may every honorable ambition be attained, and may peace and happiness dwell ever with you. I S. Presiflem' 32 PRESIDENT PENNIMAN 33 'SENIOR' 'JUNIOR' F 'IZ-A-STREETER' 'J'I.'PATTDN-JR- -50Pl-l0MORE' -FRESI-INAN x -G-w's1l2vENs- J-w-wfxlmi Rf . 15, SvApg r1AN ROBERT STREETER ' Svironi rlAN REA MCGRAW ,f x, X. CANE MAN EDWARD MCGINLEY. J1-.4 , tif 3 QWL MAN WIUIAM I.iNGEfifAfffi. Jr. Q VAVAVA A AVAVAUAVAVJHYAV Viv v VAVLV v vAv4 v v v v VAVLVAVAVAVAVA Wx 4 " rvvv vvvvvvv vvvvvvvv yvvvv vw ? A A A A E A A A A Q , EQ If 'gf' Of J. 23..- ....- -era ' 1 A 4 Q! LD J Il L .496-. l H Tuesday, June 16, 1925, 2.30 PJVI., Dormitory Triangle Overture ...... "The Rezl and Blue" . Salutatory ..... History of tlte Class . . Selection ..... Class Prophecy . Class Poem .... Presentations-Honors Spoon Man . Bourl lllan . Cane Man . Spade Man . . Hfzunorozzs Presentations . . "Alma Mater" .... Valeclictory . Planting of the Iry . I ny Oration . . . "Hail, P67127-S1jll'Cl?Z'1JU,, . PROGRAM . ORCHESTRA . . . . . THE CLASS . . . ROBERT A. STREETER . JOHN E. MCGOVERN, JR. . . . . . . ORCHESTRA . . . LEWIS K. DXVORICIN . MALCOLM BAILEY .ALLEN . GEORGE WARREN STEVENS . , . . . . RAE NICGRAW , XVILLIAM E. LINGELBACH, JR. . EDXVARD F. NICGINLEY, JR. . . . ROBERT A. STREETER . ROBERT R. OSBORN . . . . , . . . ORCHESTRA . XVILLIAM E. LINGELBACI-I, JR. IVY CEREMONY . . . . . . . . . . . ROBERT A. STREETER . JAMES M. PIENDERSON . . . . THE CLASS 36 QW TQQV' " E! H E E r ' 'f 5 '1 A 5, E D 'Q I h I A ! 4 I mp- -wgehiggps E ' 9' NSW ix ,5. 4 J ll Q ' fm- AAA.- Aim v V v Q vw vvv 4 fQ A rvvv vvv vvvvvvvv rv vvv a cw EAAAAAAAAAAAA H E CODIE to the last outposts of the familiar time which we have lived together and tomorrow we shall go forth alone, seeking fulfilment of the dreams that we have dreamed. Farewells are always brief, unworded intervals, shadowed by the ghosts of other hours-hours of labor and achievement, hours of summer idleness, the upsurging strophe of cheers when the team started down the Held, thin October sunshine in some dusty laboratory-hours that cannot be retold except in friendship, loyalty. It is ever so-no record is made true, no history complete. ' In a real sense, there cannot be a History of 'Q5. Four years have held so many things that will not marshal themselves into an orderly procession, because they were four years of eager, contradictory youth. -There are but aspects, single hours stepping almost at random from our campus life, which we can fix in words. Not long ago, as people think of time, but at the other end of our worlds-four years ago-the Class of ,Q5 came into being. VVe remember the strangeness and glamour with which this new world was vested, and whenever we see a forlorn Freshman wandering out Wloodland Avenue the feeling returns. The first days, a boy was quite alone. Then came the halt beginning of knowledge, and we were swept by the wings of enthusiasms which we did not comprehend. There was a Field Welcome, and garden hose maneuvered by Sophomores, which taught us that we were not an amorphous lot of boys who happened to be studying the same things at the same time, but a Class, if only in self-protection It was swift and imperative, the organization of the Class, yet it did not lack precision Anker Bailey Henningsen we elected temporary President, and Eldon S. Chapman temporary Secretary-Treasurer. , A few swift weeks played monitor for the traditions of Pennsylvania. Those associa tions which, if their telling be out of place in a history, are still the fairest guerdon of campus life, quickly matured. Vile found the things we wanted to do, and the Freshman teamsisprang into exuberant life while an army of heelers and aspiring actors, debaters musicians and political conjurers went quietly about the foundation of renown. So the Poster Fight was encountered by a Freshman Class as united as any of its precursors. The posters Haunted their objectionable presence at vantages all over the campus then, not merely in the Quad, as now. The rear of College Hall saw the flood tide of combat g and College Hall suffered damage thereby, so that the Olympians refused to render a decision as to the victor. Other incidents of rivalry are too numerous fol recounting. VVe found triumph in the venerable Pants Fight, and bereft the Sopliomores of their President when they held their Asiatic Night, the last of such, and we sat down in memorable banquet to celebrate it all, until the rafters of Green's rang as rafters rarely do. 37 . These were the gay incidents. But progress had been made in many other lines. Wie had chosen Joseph lVestbay VValker as our permanent President, Allen G. VViggins was Vice-President, B. J. Tepper, Secretary, Eldon S. Chapman, Treasurer, and lllilton Hecht, Historian-'25 had become a class. In every campus activity our strength made itself felt, and the climax to a year of activities was the winning of the Fenniman Bowl in the rather handy fashion of 15 points to 4. It had been a golden year, and, if our story of it seems woefully incomplete, perhaps that is as well-each man re- members what the year meant for him, and all its failures and accomplishments. He remembers the team, the winning of his numeral, the key which crowned a year of ignominious heeling, the new fraternity pin-a hundred victories. And he re- members, over all the things that year , . gi' brought him, the new spirit which suiused i A in if Hey Dciyiflrercises his life, the new name that he had learned to love-Pennsylvania. The fall of 1922, if it discovered ranks depleted somewhat, found the Class of '25 emerging into the full radiance of power.' It was not like the fall of 'QI-strangeness and uncertainty were vanished, and we came back with warmthfand high resolve. A color and rhythm pervaded the new year and all the conquests We had planned seemed possible. The Vigilance Committee, with Charles VVeinstock as its chairman, admonished and reproved, as is the way of Vigilance Committees. But we think ours did it just a little better than the others, and surely the Freshmen were shown how to be of use to themselves. The episodes of this tutelage we fear to linger on. They are of the merry bagatelles which lure historians from their tasks and leave them roaming in endless merriment to their undoing. It is enough to mention what we all remember very well, that after the smoke of the traditional rivalry lifted somewhat, the Freshmen had captured the Fenniman Bowl by a margin so narrow as to verge on the miraculous. They were days of rivalries-hearty, full-throated contests lit with the glow of friendliness-and we remember them with pride. Sometimes we wonder if thesheer glory of combat will ever return as we then knew it-a glory in effort and honorable achievement which was never dimmed when the other fellow won. .It was not winning that we treasured. The Sophomore elections made George Vllarren Stevens our able President, with Hugh King as Vice-President, E. Paul Norris as Secretary, Samuel H. French as Treasurer, and lllilton Daus, Historian. The swift current of the year swept onward over Thanks- giving and the game, over the usual cycle of the scholastic year, into the backwaters of the lllid-Years. It seems, now, that we never could have been idle an hour that year. Hey Day arrived, and the Love Feast acknowledged that all men are created free and equal. Spring must have been insidious those days. 'We can recall storming around in lllarch 38 and buying cough medicine and galoshes. Then suddenly it was the last Friday April had, and a beneficent committee had been deux ex machina under the admirable direction of J. Lee Patton, Jr., in making the Sophomore Prom a social and financial and esthetic conquest, where it had only been a social conquest in other years. From every sentry-post, now that the year was closing, came reports of what '25 had done. Her men were already integral upon every Varsity team. They were being heralded among things Thespian as promising lVIask and Wig men. The lordly publications were finding them essential in the business of telling people things. VVherefore, the Sophomore Banquet at the Majestic was a merryfeast, a confirmation and an augury. Then we were Juniors. It just happened, and we wondered if we ever had been Freshmen. There expanded an air of reserve and concentration among the classmen. The first new thrill of loyalty had given way to confident labor. No longer did we fumble through October thinking of last August, and uncertain how to begin. VVe had much to defend now, many structures to augment, a goal to be attained. The Junior Society came forth in full splendor. Grant VVestgate became President, with James Carmack, E. A. Hamer, Rea lVIcGraw, Robert A. Streeter, Eugene lVI. F lues, John J. Doyle, George VV. Stevens, J. Lee Patton, VVm. E. Linglebach, Ernest Scott, Norman Pancoast, Robert VV. Zehring, Elmer McLane, and A. L. Papworth forming an able body. Elections were revolutionary. They brought an air of tense uncertainty which was like wine to those of us who liked to test our strength. Sullivan introduced a new verve in the ancient party lines. The best part of it was that we knew nothing serious could happen, because the candidates were, without exception, worthy of the dignity. So when Lee Patton was acclaimed our President, and Frank Dewhirst, Vice-President, with Win. Ship- ' g ,-,p In g f way, Secretary, a Treasurer in Murrel J. ,Evil -1 ,"i' p Ades, and Richard J. Kelly for Historian, if 3 we knew that the frail craft of Junior 'LMA i f zv vi.. dignity W-as Safe- Q The crest of the third year-Junior VVeek-followed long anticipation. We "4. . j had entrusted the chairmanship full con- V W' 1 , 1 - Hdently to S. H. French, and chosen h E. M. McHenry, Jos. VV. VValker, and -f' J , .J if ' F' W .a - ' V rf e -:i ,-,'.p' 1 ' , 3: .- .' .' Y 1 5,11 . 1 I .,,,7Q4.., Y- Al".f"515.k5 A H. E. Kelley as the Steering Committee. g a The rest of us prepared the canes which would mark us apart from other men and thought of the Cornell game and the attendant festivities. Anticipation merged into realization almost imperceptibly. WVe found ourselves receiving the Junior Balcony from the Seniors and knew we were at last an 'cupper class." Wie were marching, to the swing of canes, to chapel services arranged by Harry VV. Allers. Wie were seated in banquet mood at the Rittenhouse and someone was making a speech about how all the world was J uniors. Vigilance C077Z.I7lliflL'0 39 uz.e-..- l. ' "A?x,S?s2J'- , .v, A cu.. .za . M A-4 .9, , ' " " ' 4 . f 3"'Yt'," -za? I ' C . g""- A. .1VL!fJLfKE.-..'-. ... '- fp-J Hanja min F'I'fl71lCli'lL and all Juniors were the world-or was it that? Another day, and the Smoker was engineered to success by J. S. Lancaster, free from the ancient interruptions of the other Smokers we had known-a little peace at last! Came Thursday, and the Cornell game. There may be many Cornell games in our career as Pennsylvania men, and we hope there will be-but none of them will be so right as that game was. Rain, mud, and defeat conspired to take it from us, and they failed. It was our game g we would rather see Penn lose as she lost that day than go through twenty undefeated seasons. Then followed the Prom, crowning Junior Week with the most orderly and yet the gayest revelry a Prom has ever known. E. H. Panek had prepared everything, from lights to music, as it should be done, and he and his committee have our gratitude. The life of the campus seemed to move at a pace even more accelerated now. The managerial competitions took place, and it seemed hardly a month until, in the spring, the elections to the Undergraduate Council were under way. Joseph VV. Wallier, William N. Freyer, Francis VV. Sullivan, John Headley, George W. Stevens, Robert Osborne, James Swarts, J. WVayne Wrightstone, William A. Haddock, John,Ryan, S. H. French, C. E. Dagit, with Robert A. Streeter as chairman, composed the Council. WVe had chosen Robert A. Streeter as President for our Senior year, and that was a choice well made. 6'BobU has fully proven the confidence which we reposed in him, as a leader and as a man, and the Class owes, in a real measure, many of the triumphs of our Senior year to his unfailing services. The Mask and Wig produced "That's That" in splendor, augmented by the men of ,Q5 who starred and danced and became notables. Another group of notables realized their ambitions when the Senior Honorary Society elections were announced. So, in content and fair promise, the year came to its ending. Summers have a manner of contracting, as our school career advances, and the summer of 19241 was perhaps the briefest andimerriest. An August moon, or twofand then we stood upon the threshold of our last year. The minor Class officers were duly uncovered in LeMoine C. Wheeler as Vice-President, Edward S. Panek as Secretary, John Gordon as Treasurer, and John E. McGovern, Jr., as Historian. 1 VVe had attained full stature, and the world was ours. It was a mellow season and, could scribes be critics, we might term it the best year of all-Our Year. But who shall say? Wle cannot ever forget the midnight caprices of the earlier years in the maturity of our ambitions. VVe merely write "It was a golden agef' and say no more. Out on the gridiron, to the crescendo of 'Tenn-syl-van-I-A!,', the men of 325 had conquered all their world and given us a stainless season. Rea McGraw was no longer the ' 40 mere idol of a class-he had transcended into the heights of football renown, and a true Pennsylvania captain. "Ed,, lHcGinley had found the plenary might of All-American tackle-the best tackle of his time, and one of the truest sportsmen. And there are all the others we have cheered and loved and prayed to, when the ball was on the ten-yard line-6'Ted', Fairchild, "Bill" Coleman, Clarke Craig, "Ain Papworth, "Jake,' Kauffman, "Gene,, Flues, 'Edu Bennett, and Frank- Dewhirst. There could have been no prouder manager in football than Eldon S. Chapman. The Varsity soccer team had achieved another Championship, and the following Seniors shared in that glory: Captain 'cBill" Lingelbach, "Jimi, Anderson, Russ Schuler, "Norm" Pancoast, "Jimmie,' Downs, "Chris" Sensenig, Newlin Bailey, 6'Joe,' Brandschain, and lVIacDonald. Lester Sharp managed the team. The basketball team strode gaily through stern opposition, with "Bill', Kneass at the head, 'iliinmyi' Carmack, former leader, "Billy,' lVIorris, "Benn Dessen, 6'Jackv Doyle, Harvey Block, and "Sami, Kohn representing 325 as well as Manager Pancoast and his able associate, J ones. VVell might ,Q5 boast of her contributions to Pennsylvaniais track prestige when one's mind counts over Hill, our Intercollegiate Sprint Champion g "Ben,7 Owens and Nelson Sherrill, two famed pole-vaulters, Elmer McLane, "Bill" Coleman, Ray Fisher, hflanus lVIcHugh, and other lesser lights. nJim" Swarts was our able manager, assisted by g'Bob,' Streeter. , Baseball saw an almost complete '25 team in the field. Captain "F,ddie,' Farrell, "Eddien Allen, Henry Schuff, 'cChris" Sensenig, g'Jack" VVilliams, "GeneH Flues, Grant VVestgate, and Rea lVIcGraw were members of this great Pennsylvania organization. Rowing-the aristocrat of all-with Madison W. Pierce in the position of Maiiager, and Hector NIacDonald holding the Captaincy, found a wealth of material in the Class. 'llacki' Doyle, Frank Hensel, "Gus,' Goetz, Johnson, "Bus', Beach, "Johnny,' Bergen, c'Eddie,' Bennett, Don Swan, and many others pulled the Red and Blue blades of old Penn. Our minor sport teams were largely selected from the ranks of '25, in fact, if we were so vain, we might shudder with the very thought of their fortune when our men are gone. WVe live and hope and pray that they may prosper when we are far away and cannot aid them. v, iz, l 5 is ,- - . , ,,: .mi vi 4' A i .,!.f'L7j'Q.,,,,1. sg' if , A, .,gL . ,- .393 5,13gQr,',f f Jfriff' ik 'g , J? " Wwfm - - ' ..l' , yin, 'WE52 gafgfel. ," if Mgr . r..'..,,.. ' ztdzfhii Vi 1 '-at i V- .HJ fly N- - ' 1 .Pf9'.'L' 'fd' H, ,pf gn ,V .. ' 'J ' .5,. -.- 'p l 4" 'i 14 . 2.1 9 A. ,. -la g. A ll ml a sf .-,, 5 ff . . . 1 ,L . , If V ,AL-,,-sl? A Y' .- A 1 -..-. 44 Vg, I az1'5i1,,l,f,E-Vg,,1,,V,,,,ui, ,,,,,,,,,l,M ,afqa"",,.f45fQ3f:w,4 . f- ' V 1 ' , f:a..:fg:1 2-152,41,.-Q-'lwfffcfn 1, J , ,'f5z2:'VA 1. ,-f ,V, "gf,..Qp1- 2, fs . A' '5'z?45,1j,...' 'Q ,-gig':,ff-- Zjafpgf an , 1. if - .: ,V '- . . -Cry '- f -was " 1 ,w ' ' ' 1 .,. . f ' . 1'-fwlizf. s4f"2,,2V, ' 'arf 3, ' ' ' ' .' ' ' .. 1 -'-- Q-1' .V If f , , fV V- . -1- , -. Z +L., ' 1' ,gf2f:3jg,'qf.ff-Q gg :-1m.1., ' .1 jl5,,f-Q15 V ,gf E ' V .es ' -' 1" -1-1-J. 51:-V -"' 1 -'ff' 1--.12H'.'.3q':.1f,-24354 2 " f " A 'H-'51-M:- 3-extra' 1 ' - . . 1 --. 1-- 4- an .-'.-r--11f.111',1,-- .V ."af+"zU-- 1 V, -, Band "P" 41 The story is long, and we are proud that it is. It cannot be completely told in a chronicle which aims at some meed of brevity, if it is to be heard at all. The Class of ,Q5 does not have to reward with words those men who have carried her to fame, they have other sweeter trophies of their conquests. T he Penrnsylravzian alertly ,squired us through our four years, and under our regime the veteran daily prospered, and added a Pictorial Section. The '25 men who led the Board were: Editor-in-Chief. George VVarren Stephens, lVIanaging Editor, James IVI. Henderson, News Editor, L. Everal Tennant g Column, R. K. Osborne 3 Pictorial Chairman, C. Edward Grafmueller. The Business Board was headed by Elwood F. Altmaier, with lNIurrel J. Ades handling advertising, and Paul J. Schmidt, circulation. VVe made merry with the Punch Bowlls Brewer, and congratulated him on winning the College Wits, Competition Bowl. Elliot K. Gilroy was Editor-in-Chief, John E. lVIcGovern, Jr., Managing Editor, and George G. Stevens, Art Editor. The exchequer was controlled by Irvin Summers, C. E. Dagit was Advertising Manager, and Eugene Arnfeld, Circulation Manager. , The Red and Blue went rolling on under C. Edward Grafmueller, with D. Barlow Burke as hlanaging Editor, Joseph VV. VValker as Business Manager, "Ben" Tepper, Advertising lVIanager, and Milton Daus, Circulation Manager. A 'fClass Record" more than worthy to recount our achievements comes forth, due to the noble eHorts of Harry C. Temple, Editor-in-Chief, and his able assistant Harry VV. Allers, Managing Editor. Darwin Uffer was Art Editor and Paul Tyroler, Pictorial Editor. The financial folk were headed by Donald M. Swan, Business Manager, with NIorton R. Herr, Circulation Manager, and Roger Clipp, Advertising Manager. I The last "VVeek" of our career came all too soon. In all its splendor, Ivy WVeek presaged the crowded festivities of the year's closing from afar. A smoker, the banquet, and sporting events but led to the social aim of our four years. The ball may only have seemed the best Ivy Ball there ever was-but it was a semblance which we still believe, even if we were the parties of the first part. S. H. French marshalled the Committee, Charles Larkin saw that Vlleightman Hall looked less like Weightman Hall than it ever has, and there sounded music such as man has never heard. Laughter and lights and the rare wine of youth which can be Frog Pond 4-2 Harlequin and Villon and Xavier at once-then the Ivy Ball flickered into the half-world of things which are remembered sometimes about the fire in club-rooms, or in construction shanties on the slopes of the Andes. Crowding each other now, come the chords of the prelude to our last J une, when the Class of '25 becomes of age and stands among its Seniors, and these things are too near for any Historian to balance. The story has been liinned but poorly. The Class of '25 came into being when the University yet resounded to the last footfalls of the war, and our heritage was in some part uncertainty and disruption. VVe have lived through a time which has not only brought back concord and surety, but places the Red and Blue upon the highway to a new significance. We have participated, not dis- creditably, in the formation of a defined and already successful student government. The Undergraduate Countil began its labors in our Freshman Year, and has 'f e '93 1 ,ga 1 Liam.: fi' i, Iv 2 -hgh . 1 V . . ,,-'lf A, A- ff ' f w i ' ' .' 41. ' I V f , 797- ' ' f V J ,- , ,Kg 1 E E 5 ' f ' X . iq f .7 , is v V 5116? gf L, - 'E .. P- , "' T ' 'F Hn. ' H f 3 -Q , , . f , C1 , . - ,, , , ...Hi Q 1' A,Cf,..,.. i. r, L is ,Q r .E...,'4- ' -. 3 i 7 5 ' L , ' Snake Dance come to its present highly representative and efficient form during our time, and under the leadership of our men. The stadium and numerous other building achievements have come during our stay. Athletics have changed policies and advanced to national promi- nence, and the lwask and VVig grows stronger every year. The Endowment Campaign has at last begun its great labor to broaden and fortify our resources. Truly, ,25 has been privileged to move among great things, and lend its strength to Pennsylvania in a fuller measure than many classes. ' VVe have finished. The hastening days in which we move with elan and color of campus life, are the language of a very great farewell. Our stature has been molded these four years in friendship and in loyalty, and we are better for it than we could perhaps have made ourselves. The Class of '25 will have no other monument than that which Time shall give us in a last fulfilment of the honor and the friendship and the memorable deeds which we have lived together. Tomorrow we go out, alone now, seeking the Grail of that fulfilment. And, somewhere for each of us, it will be found, deep in some quiet valley, or upon the ringing heights which front the world, or where men dream and bargain in the dusty market-placeasomewhere. YVhen we have found it, then will the history of '25 be written in a nobler script and by a firmer hand than ours can ever be. 2 fi -1-3 ' 4 J yy-' -mfs E HmW B w rw E L f N I I xx 4 'Q bv V, MSX J I N ' - MEQM Wm km like ,Sims A c J LL Q Q, . . 4 J Am H EI ANmw0xxmH A The painted leaves of autumn fellg The birds flew toward the sung The northern wind with chilly blast Blew from a sky of dun, And we were born in Oetobery Nineteen and twenty-one. From far beyond the seven seas Thy sons have gathered here To seek the wisdom you impart And garner of thy cheer, For thy name is a friendly light That all who know revere. F or four short years we have received All that you have to given' Q The fruits of thy hard-earned fame Have taught us how to live And led us on with high resolve Toward things contemplative. 44 Now that the time for parting comes YVe,ll not forget thy name, But go forth to the Waiting World To glory in thy fameg It shall be spread through hill and dale VVith brightly burning flame. Four times the trees have leavedg The bees have left the hiveg Four times the flowers of spring have bloomed And all things are aliveg Four years We've stayed, but go in J une, Nineteen and twenty-ive. MALCOLNI B. ALLEN 45 itfgf' "'t'iQj!la I H We' ff? 25.-a 4 V 0 'ta' gil f Q J rs :S .. l K Q V gn V-I in b Q r A 1 b 6 g gi, R' C Q r.l.G3fZr.1., H ,ansiwull "You never can tell, Sir, you never can tell." ' -GEORGE BERNARD SHAXV Listen, dear classmates, and you shall learn Qf the future after you adjourn. Ashes to ashes, clust to clust, I may be wrong but mln God I trustf' HE DAY of realization had at last dawned. It was in the year Q7 A. V. QAfter Volsteadj-twenty years since it was Class Day. It seemed just yesterday that someone was telling us that we had reached the final outposts of our college career and now must face the sterner problems of life. A man who loved Alma lVIater was speaking of loyalty and of our debt to Pennsylvania. The history was read and an apology was oiered in recognition of the fact that a history could never in the real sense picture the record of 'Q5. But verily it was not yesterday, nor was it yesteryear, but rather twenty years ago. The youthfulness of the occasion might be viewed with undue enthusiasm by anyone else but myself. The Board of Governors of the 1925 Endowment Fund had announced that the undergraduate fund had already matured and that formal ceremonies would mark the transfer of that fund to the University. The slogan "T am loyall' had actually materialized. To me the occasion was viewed with the thought of "Vent, Viclfl, Viet," because of my membership on the Board of Governors. But I was more overawed with joy at the thought that here was an ideal chance to meet once more my former colleagues. Sweet were the memories of bygone college days. Regretful was the day of Commencement-the day which plunged us into the struggles and turmoil of life., Knowing that many of you who were unable to attend this occasion desire to learn how the "old boysl' are "facing the music,', I am glad of this opportunity to relate in a casual way about those who had so long ago finished their carvings in marble and passed into the realm of "Old Gradsf' George Stevens and Barlow Burke are filibustering in the Senate for the purpose of Hkilling' Senate Bill 144251 which proposes to carry out the fundamental principles of birth control. They are doing this at the instigation of 'cBud', Chapman. Those two worthy disciples of Dr. Hess, c'Bob', Woodruff and "Willie,, VVheeler, are telling people the secret of longevity by selling them life insurance. 46 "Pete', Hiestergis the proud father of four altos and two Sopranos-a rather harmonious seXtette according to "Ellsworth,' Clark. "The VVeak but Deadlier Sexn is the caption of the thirteenth novel written by 'gErnie,' Scott. gllimw lVIcVey is the manager of the Shubert Theatre and is taking care of the legal as well as the moral side of the "Follies" 'llaken Kauffman is turning out winning elevens at Vassar College. The "Three MLlSli3t6C1'S,,, c'Joe" VValker, c'Sam,, French and 'cBill,' Freyer, did not look prosperous at the occasion but they claimed to be making lots of dough in "I-Ianki' Schuff's bakery, in spite of the fact that the "Ivory Ball" is a memory. Harry Allers is writing limericks for the Baltimore Sun. Wlitness the following limerick about two popular classmen: Bill and F rank, the Sullivan twins, Who now are makers of violins, , Look so alike, Like M ike and Ike, H ard to tell apart-like two pins. A unique slogan has been adopted by "Bohn Bierley, "Lou,' Ingber, and "Cliffn Irwin for their famous novelty dance orchestra-"'VVe Carry Our .Own Pianof, A c'Booze', Brewington was recently elected lNIayor of lVIillville, N. J., without the use of Fifth VVard politics. He is also a co-owner with "Joe', Hughes of an airplane route from Philadelphia to lVIillville for the express benefit of "Ardent Youth." George Hill is running the crooks out of Lansford at a fast pace, rivaling Butlerls bandit chasers of many years ago. A ' It seems as though "Bob,, Osborn is sorry he did not graduate from the VVharton School. c'Bob,' has to light the candle at both ends to make both ends meet. "Lefty', Jarrell isin dire need of mortgage funds to finance his operations at Vllashington and offers to mortgage the Capitol. He expects a real estate boom there in the near future. "Norm,, Pancoast told me that Jarrell may be left-handed but he is always right. In rendering decision in the matter of Harry Temple's eighth divorce, Judge Zehring has decreed that he will have to pay his wife not alimony but all the money, thus sustaining John Venman, counsel for defense. '4Nels,' Sherrill and L'Ben,' Owen have patented a diminutive all-metal airplane and it is currently reported that these machines will soon be produced in great numbers and marketed at prices likely to put them within the reach of almost anyone who yearns to fly. g'Lee,' Patton, who is heading a banking syndicate, claims that the project will necessitate "high Hnancef' Undoubtedly this will afford "Bill,, Coleman and 'iilimn Swarts the opportunity of living a high life at low cost. 'cBen,' Rau is thinking what will happen when people take to the air to escape dry-law enforcers or when they begin to fall into the streets while c'Bob7' Pilch is merely using his imagination. 47 P. R. T., with 'cLes,, Sharp at the helm, has felt the keen competition of the Nloon Air Passenger Service with the result that "Tom" Hodgson in charge of "Service Talksw has begun an advertising campaign by placarding the trolleys with the following verse, bringing to mind "Harold lVIore,, and "Eddie lVIoken.,, Gflve a cheer for "Scotty" Noone, Who never travels in a "lllo0rt," Fair from a freaky close to a slzeikg He rides in trolleys seven days ct week. Another uchip off the old blockf, "Bill', Lingelbach is Professor of History at Radcliffe College. Htliml' Henderson was chosen Chairman of the Alumni Drive for 398,000,000 in re- cognition of his work in the Undergraduate Endowment Campaign. With the strategy of two of the best football brains in the country on the coaching staff, Clark Craig and "lVluggsU lVTcGraw, Pennsylvania's football team has achieved National fame as the 'gPeerless Eleven? "Charlie,, Dagit and Gilackn Headly are building houses at the rate of one a day by having the walls and floors made in the factory and then shipping them to the operation. For diversion after the formal ceremonies, the following brain teaser was displayed and solved by Grant Wlestgate. Vllltll 2 5 ltlllll Blllll Slllllt ltllllllll lalllllll ACROSS Senior Class President-now University Trustee. Best Journalist on Campus and Class Historian-now publisher of Chester Times. Undergraduate Council-now prominent fight promoter. Business Manager of "The Pennsylvanianu-still a perpetual redhead. Spectacled ball player-now successor to Dr. Cariss. Our contribution to Walter Can1p's All-American-now Head- Coach of Pennsylvania's football team and prominent local banker. D OWN Phi Beta Kappa and Undergraduate Council-now first Democratic Governor of Pennsylvania. Midget of the football team CFrank Dewhirst describes him as "the fellow who walks on his knee-s"j-now with the "Follies.', Junior Class Treasurer and Advertising lVIanager of "The Pennsylvaniann-now President of the High Sea Billboard Co. Editor-in-Chief of 'fPuncl1 Bowl"-now sole owner of Police Gazette. "lVIack' Allen recited some of his latest poetry. The following verse brought a great round of applause. P Three long rays for Eddie Cox, Small but clever as a fox, On Franklin F ielclg in M ash anrl Wfig, To tell the truth, heis really big. "Ed,' Graimueller is in charge of the Spooning Bureau in Houston Club where the students can get the names of girls who pet and those who donlt. This is not very romantic but it saves a lot of time. '4Don,' Swan, Ed's assistant, says that when a Freshman goes on a petting party with a co-ed, he has to turn in a report as soon as he gets back. It also saves a Senior a lot of guess-work in case he ever takes her out. He carries the Freshman,s report in his pocket so that he cannot make any mistakes. As was expected, '4Eddie,' Farrell recently won the National chess championship owing in no small measure to "EddieU Schissel's ability as a cheer leader. "Bill,, Kneass was in charge of the tournament, 4 Because of the increased popularity of air passenger service, Madisoii Pierce, President of the Camden Line, has raised the fare 'ga la lVTitten,', Some months later, Public Service Commissioners Mitcliell, Wlilson, HBuck,, Summers, and "Jack', Gordon declared that this was not fare. c'Ben,, Tepper says that the latest scandal is contained in 'cMilt,' Nahmls latest play, "The Foibles of Co-Edsv and Harrison Kildare,s latest play, 'gThe Foibles of College,Men." The repeal of GF6Sl131H,S Law was being promulgated by G'Bob', Streeter in Congress after a consultation with his political boss, 'clilddiev Allen and his associate, McGuire, but the matter was iinally dropped after a court decision, rendered by Judges lWcDonald, Downs and Bennett, sitting en bane, declared the law unconstitutional. g'Sheriff,' Kohn and "Jack', Doyle have attained an enviable reputation as authors of mystery stories, even while at college. It was not generally known then because they have always used the pseudonym HConan Doyle"-Kohn and Doyle. Nly space being limited, I must of necessity close with the ,thought that three thousand years ago, Esop said- - Who seeks to please all men each way, Anal not hi'rnseU' oj'encl,' He may begin his work today, But who knows when he'll end? Liewis ITAI-IN DWORKIN an H925 EW WWMEWEW Allkeggsam fir! J pg C ,:..., s wmnsQwQKXfXwQQD . ,A z--""L,:5 1 Sx. - :nl?l QE:-T c 2' Fellow Classmates and Friends of the Uftfivers-ity.- VVe are gathered together to perform one simple last ceremony at the shrine of our great love, before we are blown and scattered as the golden brown leaves of autumn by a sweeping gust of wind-a ceremony symbolic of the completion of another cycle in the Universityls life of serviceability and denoting the exodus of the Senior Class of 1925 from her halls into the business and professional world that will soon absorb its members. Rather than sad meditation at the parting of the ways, this occasion should be one devoted to introspection and an anticipation of what the future holds in store. Our experiences along the path we have thus far traveled we may look back on as a sermon ever-present to motivate our actions. These four years have brought to all of us abundant experience of mutuality in forming judgments, which implies having onels most analytical thoughts criticised and refined. As we turn from the life of giving to the life of getting, we realize that we have been given a foundation for a focalized and concrete outlook that years and experiences must still further develop. WVe, like the ivy, have been thus nurtured and developed to that point where we may independently further our own existence, and where we have reached an appreciable degree of serviceability to thought and achievement. Now the ivy, as ourselves, is about to be transplanted into a new environment, with its more complex problems and difficulties of existence. Its early training and careful nurture will be tested by the degree of success in this adaptation, and consequent sur- vivability. Ever growing, ever aspiring to greater heights, 'it becomes a sermon of beauty and inspiration to future servants of Pennsylvania, growing and entwining its way about these walls and about the hearts of those who testify to it as their symbol of devotion. For every individual there is a Vocation of living, that he is here for a purpose or pur- poses that he is to find and make his own, and that his education should help him find them and appropriate them. This is a broad assumption, of course. One might organize a whole philosophy of ethics, of religion, and of history around the concept of a man as such, and, of course, the heart of any general philosophy is just here. Life is for something, and education is for life. 50 As we step out into larger fields, let us then, as this ivy plant, cling to those things that are best and finest in life as we grow upward and spread our tenets of contact-never losing those spiritualities and loyalties that inspire our growth in the proper manner. VVithoi1t these latter, growth is as the temporary flare of a weed, but the plant shrivels up and dies. VVe, as educated men, must retain loyalties to -those important organizations of society, such as one's family, one's country, one's university, one's church. VVe must retain those spiritualities that are unseen. Edward Everett Haleis 'fMan without a Countryi' was internally undeveloped, a victim of spiritual deprivation before the woes of his external plight began. Our duty to Him who gives us life and being is a reverence and worship that will justify our creation. As spade breaks earth, then, may we as dynamic disciples of Pennsylvania, take a silent and solemn pledge of lifelong loyalty, as a fire whose flame will ever burn bright and never smoulder in the maze of other things that .will confront us. And may this ivy remain, growing more beautiful in its solemn splendor and admired and revered by future genera- tions as a symbol of devotion of the Class of 1925. J mms M. HENDERsoN N1-elm fl fqmhn, if-fi" A, X 1, ,,, .- X '. - '1-'ag , H li, ..4,",., "-13. .f ' '-sa-' if N V, 1:4 .' . ' -.Lv5,ggeg,""--I j. iw,-: 'I ,.7,'.1-f-4.if,,Gg-A ,Ti-3: 35,5 Meera.: 53 ' '4e 3T' 5: - 1g: :,1, - 1 . ::. --! "' 4 ' Taxi, '1Je 9 s"'f'a- so .-aff., V ', 'A ' ,,.Q--,yffqg-fi' .fi--A .,- - - 'f' Vg- A .g5g-q.s,5f - .r. , -4 wif, 1:5 .1 .- .' I A ' 'R .J 51 ffm,-1.6, V Y Y ' m Qr ' -' v v Y v v Y V c' " ' , 'ffxfftf 99,3 '7 V In -frafiyl I T Q C1 six 34 9-' 15 msgxy, ll ' J . fl ElmiHv...., Q'I...iR3!J 4 4 A A A A ISTORY and prophecy-our past and our futurek-have just been reviewed for us Wie have heard our Ivy Orator, and our Class Ivy will henceforth mingle its leaves with those of other classes, symbolic of the unity and the loyalty of Pennsylvania men, be they graduates or undergraduates. To say farewell after four years of intimate college associations arouses complicated emotions that are difficult to analyze. There are regrets, and there is the pang of parting, but superior to these and stronger than they is the pleasurable satisfaction of a college course successfully completed, and the consciousness of the increased capacity and power our University life has brought us. The history to which we have been listening bears eloquent testimony to the fact that one of the most cherished possessions of our life will be the memories of college days. Not that they have always been entirely pleasant or easy. Even now we recall that the process of getting educated has had its painful sides, too. There have been failures and disap- pointments. Like the broader life on which we are about to enter, life at college has had its ups and downs. There have been hard knocks, stiff opposition, often temporary defeat, though rarely without the hope of ultimate victory. What better evidence of this than that we are here today, confident and full of hope for the future? Most of us came to college ready for the work that lay ahead in the classroom and the laboratory, but few, very few, I am sure, expected the inspiration we found there in the teachers, the men whom we will always remember as the embodiment of this great Uni- versity. VVe half suspected, but learned only with real experience, of the stimulus of college contests and competition in the forum, and on the athletic Held, of the depth of feeling and of loyalty engendered by the traditions and the stirring songs of Pennsylvania. We have gathered knowledge, gained experience, made friends, and occasionally, at least, caught a glimpse of the vision that comes to men aspiring to do bigger things. Not only manhood but leadership has been in the making. The hard work, 'the discouragement and occasional defeat, whether it was in the classroom or for the honor of the team and Pennsylvania has served to harden the muscle, to stiffen the resolve. We have learned that nothing is impossible to the man who makes up his mind. . Through the multiplicity of experience in college life, increasing in intensity with each year, we have learned to understand more clearly the real spirit of our University. We 52 ' have come to appreciate that liberal democracy which is characteristic of her and which extends equality of opportunity to all without fear or favor. But we have also been shown the reverse of the medal, the side that reminds us that benefits conferred and advantages enjoyed also impose obligations. There we find the positive, the constructive element in the Pennsylvania training. It reiiects the practical application of our university work in everyday life. In its essence it is service, service of the highest types which in turn means leadership. And this is the real spirit of Pennsylvania as it relates to her graduates- leadership through service. Pennsylvania stands for service in every phase of its complex and varied life. It appears in the industry and untiring devotion of her faculties, her fine hospital staff, her administrators and trustees, and her alumni. Leadership based on service has been the keynote of her policy from the days of Franklin, our founder, to our own. And no university could set for herself a higher or more worthy purpose. The role of leaders in state and National life is, in our day, assuming an importance greater than ever before. VVith the tremendous advance in science and the amazing extension of man's control over nature, eliminating space and time, statesmanlike lea.dership becomes an imperative necessity. It was Cicero who said: "Such as are the leaders of the state, such will be the statefii University men of the country are under permanent obligation to the nation. To no other group is that superb phrase of the French, noblesse oblige, so applicable. To us has been vouchsafed the training, the associations, and the ideals of this fine old University. It will be our business to use them to the best advantage, remembering that opportunities rarely come twice. They must be seized as they present themselves, and this can only be done by constantly fostering the habit of thinking ahead and thinking big on lifeis possibilities. Our coaches tell us that to aim at nothing is to hit nothing. This holds true in life as in sport. Action that is worth while can only spring from thoughts that are worth while. Ideals are the inspiration of all worthy achievements. Only by the faithful observance of these, her' precepts, can we hope to repay the debt that we owe our University. VVe can make our contribution to the uUniversity Fundug we can be one hundred per cent loyal, but we really make the adequate return only if we increase the ultimate standard of achievement of Pennsylvania men. And as we separate to go our individual ways let it be with the will that there shall be no failures on this score. Then this Class-Day will be a real commencement on the road to progress and success for each one of us. We have been given the talisman-the key to success-and we can now go out with confidence, to carry on in a wider field of activity. Fellow classmates, in bidding farewell to Pennsylvaniais campus and its rich memories, may I take the liberty to acknowledge again on your behalf our gratitude to the Uni- versity and to pledge anew our devotion to the ideals of our Alma Matei'? WILLIAM E. L1Nc1zLBAc11,JR. 53 , ..-. . ... 1 . .- V .... . a 9' 3331? Q ' -ffe 6 I' We Qt , A . e fe 3 2 A Y Q, ,, if W' iz., . ,f , ti i A -. 1 -a. YIM-1 Q LS. aw-cw, f - . - - ' ,I . . Q7 ' 1 A 3 . . , ' yr' 1 ' ' f - 'if ff gf, x ., ABRAHAM ALLEN AARON l5Ab67J GCAZ5! 9207 Oakland St., Springheld, Mass. Wharton Springfield Central High School. RANDOLPH A. ABBOTT 520 E. Belgrade St., Philadelphia, Pa. Mechanical Engineering Northeast High School. Whitney Engineering Society.. HOMER ACKERSTROM E A MAGIC!! iGAckey!7 1 Benefit Terrace, Worcestei', Mass. ' Wharton W0l'C6St9T Commerce High School. H1925 Class Recordl' Business Board: "Red and Blue" Business Board C35 C4Dq Senior Week Ticket Committee ,093 Taylor Societyg Zelosophic Literary Society, Secretary f4Jg German Club. Died April 7, 1925. MURREL JULIAN ADES Z A M 1369 S. lst St., Louisville, Ky. - Wharton Louisville Male- High School. "The Pennsylvaniann C2l CBJ, Advertising Manager C433 Assistant Business Manager "Junior Annals?'g Treasurer Junior Classy Sophomore Banquet Committeeg Chairman Freshman- Sjciplgomore Love Feast QZJQ Kentucky Clubg DeMolay ll . EDWARD NICHOLS ADOURIAN E A CK-Andy!! lSEddy3J CGEIZJS Williamstown, N. J. VVl1arton West Philadelphia High School. , Endowment Corn- mittee Kfllg Christian Association Financial Committee 355 Taylor Society C33 f4j. WALTER BOYD ALEXANDER ' 209 E. 4th St., Media, Pa. . 'Education . Williamson Trade School 1 i l GEORGE MLERVIN ALLEMAN W l 40412 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. , I i Wharton , ' Randolph-Macon Academy. Zelosophic Literary A ' ii Society. X 1 54 EDGAR CUNNINGHAM ALLEN A E CID "Eddie" 2201 Gaines St., Little Rock, Ark. Wharton Little Rock High School. Friars- Senior Society: Base- ball C15: Varsity Baseball C25 C35 C45: Varsity Club. MALCOLNI BAILEY ALLEN K A iEMac37 HAL!! 80 Spruce St., Portland, Me. , lfVharton Portland High School. Class Poet. HARRY WAIDNER ALLERS E A E 3903 Brookline Ave., Baltimore, Md. lfVharton Boys Latin School. Friars Senior Society. Managing Editor 1925 Class Record. GEORGE BOGGS ALLISON B e ri "Boggs" 925 Lock St., Tarentum, Pa. Fine Arts Tarentum High School. Student Council, School of Fine Arts C45: Architectural Society C35 C45. SYDNEY K. ALLMAN, JR. "Syd" KID E H, A X E Wyncote Rd., Jenkintown, Pa. Chemical Engineering Jenkintown High School. Hexagon Senior Society: Alembic Senior Society: Golf Team, Captain C45: "Pennsylvania Triangle," Circulation Manager C451 "Men about Towne" Club, Business Manager C45: Musical Clubs C25 C35 C45:PresidentPriestley Society C45. ELLWOOD F1ELD1NG ALTMAIER e A X ffnqfzsr 12 Owen Ave., Lansdowne, Pa. College Lansdowne High School. Friars Senior Society: Frank- lin Society, Secretary C45: Varsity Tennis Team' C35 C452 Assistant Business Manager "The Pennsylvaniann C15 C25 C35, Business Manager C45: "Junior Annals" Board C35: Banquet Smoker, and Picture Committees C15: Smoker Committee C25: Sophomore Prom Committee: Junior Week C35 : Episcopalian Vice-President. - FRANCIS EVANS AMBLER E A "Mac" MQ N. 2d St., Harrisburg, Pa. Wharton Harrisburg Academy. Gym Team Squad C35. 55 JAMES MAIR ANDERSON A X P "Jimmy" , 210 E. Upsal St., Germantown, Pa.. College Frankford High School. Soccer CID, Junior Varsity C2-J, Varsity C35 143. Baseball Squad. Q3l, QLD. Varsity Club. GERHARD O. ANGERMANN I CGeWy53 x 2509 Harlan- St., Philadelphia, Pa. Education Central High School. CHARLES LODGE A12-KER ' "Charlie" T B II, H K N 41932 JN. Mervine St., Philadelphia, Pa. Electrical Engineering Northeast High School. Northeast Club.: American Institute of Electrical Engineers. ALVIN FRANK APPEL A E H "C'harlie', 1011 8th,St., East Las Vegas, N. Mex. Wharton New Mexico Military Institute. Class Relay Team i215 Rocky Mountain Clubg Taylor Society. NATHAN APPLEMAN E A M iINateY7 SHAW!! 203 E. Sunset Drive, Tulsa, Okla. Wharton 'glilsija High School. Tennis Team Cljg Rocky Mountain u . EUGENE J. ARNFELD H A, Q CiU6y77 1 ClGene7I 5620 Marlbor Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa. - Wharton Schenley High School. "Punch Bowl" 121 CSJ, Girou- lation Manager C4J. N ong-Signatory C. Ar. Committee co. HARRXDROBERT ARONIS fb B A ocl' 601 S. Warren St., Trenton, N. J. ' 'College Trenton High School. 'V ' 56 ,., ..., Q .'."- 2-f I . . 5-25 6:1 Yfi' ' 14.55 -cw 5. . Q4 .. f.. 1 vi .wr .... V' N 1 A . . Q., 1, ,I , 5 --in ..,. V., iw--,..g'..:. 42. F :V fm.-igzeeg-.3 A, , 3: . it , 21 ,f,rjf., -'Xe :WA . if 2 5 15 ' -, i2e...'W1::f-g'a1i' if 5' .'E"4aQ if ,'...Q 5, -1. --1... aa Ifkrief g at af, r a 6 V f v ,Pr ma 4. 1?f' my 9' .'Z. Pfibmf.. . w". ' K' 'WT' lu ' I 'N' gf a ll M.. . .. ,,4.,WiL M V fzff 333' v , fc r 'rfgtf ,Q y X , r we 5 5 Q 9' v wx 'af as 4 2 .Q f . P fx., 4' 55' if V+ Q . 4 ,O nr , Q ff . .f 0 4, x 5 a 4 e , f Egg ' 3 2 M-4 H af K' N, 4 ve.: ,gs . 5 , aft ff N , gf gf Q 55, 4 1 3 gf 1 .A Ja 0 S 3 if CHARLES BACHE fb K E 2102 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. V , College Episcopal Academy. EDWARD HAROLD BAER ' "Eddie', 125 Lancaster Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. Wharton Buffalo Hutchinson Central High School. L. RAEFORD BAILEY, JR. iGRae77 ' 1320 Alameda Drive, Portland, Ore. Wharton Jefferson High School. University Arizona C115 Uni- versity Oregon K21. Rocky Mountain Club. NICHOLAS NEWLIN BAILY "Sam" Z XII, T B 11 124 W. Penn St., Germantown, Pa. I Civil Engineering Germantown Friends School. Hexagon Society: Fresh- man Soccer Teamg Junior Varsity 'Soccer Team. C215 Varsity Soccer Team C31 C415 Engineers' Dance Com- mitteeg Germantown Friends School Clubg Civil En- gineering Societyg Compass and Chain Society C419 Varsity'Club C31 C41. HARRY NORMAN BALL KlHan73 6125 Market St., Philadelphia, Pa. . Wharton West Philadelphia High School. GEORGE EDGAR BARBOUR 56 E. King St., Shippensbiug, Pa. Y College Shippensburg High School. J. MCCLURE BARCHUS ccMac1a W Elk Lick, Pa. Wharton Salisbury High School. Staunton Military Academy. 57 1 L V7.7 lf-'.-1 5vag.,f.fgasi1' 5 r'S5fMw5'l3kfQ27 A , . .. f .f,.,f3. 9, e . ., , g 1. gf .. W .fed .,.,' c,,:.:,W.3f,., 'A -er - wg. ..447.f ,152 Q, t .W f f ?4:', " Masggg f - ,r ' 5ff4g:g:ag.-' - U 3j': .HIS . 1 QQ 4" ' 57 4. fs 1 54 A f. I Ms' 9 f 5 sa Q56 25 5+ P af 2 Y P af' J , of fifa' , I f , . ii - P :wiibllf H59- 1- H, T l . FREDERICK EMMETT BARRY 6iFTed!! 16 Marchant St., Gloucester, Mass. Wharton Gloucester High School. FRANK J. BASTIAN, Jn. 110 E. Mahanoy Ave., Nlahanoy City, Pa. - Wharton lX'1ahanoy'City High Schoolg Lehigh University. PAUL BRADFORD BA'l".l'ERSBY . A E113 "Bat" 1 -, 4635 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Pa. V , Wharton West Philadelphia High School. ALEXANDER SINIPSON BAUER A X A "Pete" 1426 Somerville Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. College Central High School. Track Team C15 C251 Scrub Foot- ball Team C353 Junior Varsity 645. BRUCE CRESSWELL BEACH "Keren HB66fh0U67l.H V"Batonsls.i" 4616 "D" St., Philadelphia, Pa. , Fine Arts Girard College. Swimming Squad C353 Honors in Music: Conductor-University Symphony Orchestra: Musical Clubg Girard Club. RANSIPORD MASON BEACH 2? X "'Buss', 5052 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. - ' W har l' on West Philadelphia High School. Crew Q15: Junior Varsity C255 Varsity C3515 Championship 150-Ib. Crew KQ5 C353 Varsity Club. , F. MILNOR BECHTEL, JR. K 23, B I' GBM., 5135 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. ' Wharton West Philadelphia High School. Swinnning Team C125 C35 C455 Junior Banquet Commi'tte'eq Senior Endow- ment Committee: Lacrosse Manager Cfij. 58 '- fi-sr Sf "1.,..'1i:LE?Q:Li':.1,r:.:. -S mx, ww-1,-sie. Wm-.W -A.-qw--wav: -Y ' - , ' ,.sQ2g22hi:e:Q-al by .42 Home -I: . . X-::ys':.:-or sr:-1 if .-w.x:mA'i:- 'V .T f -pn .6-155: af -...N ., . pq. meigxv 1 . cw -ai: . X. A 5 1 . , N " 'fmt wr.. X2 X. i ,e Xmffwzev . HENRY HERMAN BECK E A II "Hearty" "Blo1zdvfe!' 24112 S. Orkney St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton South Philadelphia High School. Varsity Wrestling Squad my 443. ROLAND J. BECNEL C11 A 'I' "Beck" St. Gabriel, La. Wharton St. Gabriel High School. EDGAR TVVEEDY BELDEN, JR. K A " Tweedy" 7 Somerset St., Vilorcester, Mass. i Wharton Englewood CN. JJ High School. MAX L. BENDETT 69 Mechanic St., Norwich, Conn. Wharton Norwich Free Academy. ' SABATO MORAIS BENDINER usavbu UBMH 469 Abbotsford Rd., Germantown, Pa. Vvharton Northeast High School. "Punch Bowl," Editorial Board: Philomathean Society: Menorah Society, Vice- President C4J: Northeast Club: President C-43: Dramatic Club: University Forum. EDWARD HAVEN BENNETT Z A E, E T FGEIF7 519 E. Girard Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Civil Engineering Central High School. Friars Senior Society: Hexagon Senior Society, President: Football C23 CBJ 445: Crew C22 G35 145: President, of Engineering Association. STEPHEN MAURICE BENNETT "Steve" 703 8th Ave., Belmar, N. J. Wharton Asbury Park High School. 59 iflyfie -1 . w. .15 f" " " VT ' -'W' 'JE' ,a . ., '- f- it A AL.. 1 'r s i gi 545,23 s f of fy " 4' Q f Q 'viz f im' 5 , 1' ,xv , 4 U: 141 sh? f A v 4 1 it ' ,gf f t f ' ' 997, ,If rpg, 1 ff W 7? , 1 W , Z., I V., . . ., -, f -.z , A .,f-V5 , - ig. , ic.. , M . I .r ev SQ ' , x 1, , aim. iq .n- .,c fi. 1 -- Q .:zz:.fa-,fire-1, Leg! - -V w' '-1-'ivy' 'I -1 ' . '3 '. .fZ1.J".7:ElFE'H:.7.l. ' 1.4, ff - ,f ' 1- 22.22-5,'-:gr..,:,.,f,1 m... .V w. - 1- - A: vzgw.: twirl :- '. 'Z.., :ff , V ,nw W' if ' ' . ' 5 .- ,. ' u V nw. P: h , .I . ,Y .V,,,:, f .E -if-, - x . . -i ' ' .-Vai. v 'I YQ 5- 'T , ,. 5,'5gg'xk,, 2.1.1 A A. - f : 3145 3 31: .V i. Lu., J . 1: I LOUIS OSMOND BENOLIEL CID E II KOS!! 347 S. Highland Ave., Merion, Pa. 3 ' Wharton 4West Philadelphia High School, Cornell C33. Track Squad C335 Track Team C439 Musical Club f33 C43g Orchestra C33 C435 West Philadelphia High School Club. E. MAX BEREN A E H "Lightnin,' Parkersburg, W. Va. ' Wharton Parkersburg High Schoolg University of Illinois C13. "Junior Annals" 1335 Editorial Board "Red and Blue" C33 143, Picture Committee K43. ALBERT BERGER "Milos" 1119 Caledonia St., Butte, Mont. Wharton Rocky Mountain Club, Secretary C333 Assistant Manager Golf Team K33. JACK MANUEL BERKOWITZ K KIXK "Berk" . , -3' ' 'fl 808' W. Montgomery Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. .Education Southern High School. Wrestling Squad: Education Clubg Menorah Societyg University Forum. G. WILLIAM BERNTHEISEL "Berniei' V , 1229 W. Lehigh Ave., Philadelphia,.Pap ., Wharton Girard- College. Girard Club, Vice-President. ISADORE SHARON BIGG C15 B A 'fDort" -"Shania" ' 512 Brinker Ave., Latrobe, Pa. ' Wharton Latrobe High School. JOSEPH HYMAN BINDER 41 B' A "Big Six" "Chief" "Joe" . '771 E. 102nd St., Cleveland, Ohio Wharton Central Institute. 60 WARREN T. BLEASE 268 Washington St., Hartford, Conn. Wharton Hartford High School. Band CD CZD. ARTHUR BOYD BLIN N SEAM!! cspetesr 33 Tuscan Rd., Maplewood, N. J. College East Orange High School. Naturalists Field Club: German Club C4D. ' HARVEY TEMPLE BLOCK II K A "Ho,r1f' ' ' 58 Brantford Pl., Buffalo, N. Y. Wharton Hutchinson Central High School. Freshman Basket- ball Team: Varsity Basketball Q35 C455 Varsity Club, Christian Association Committees. . EDWARD THEODORE. BLOOMBERG "Eddie" 18 Addison St., Gloucester, Mass. Wharton Gloucester High School. ' BURTON KUNKLE BLOSS K E ECB t7! 121 E. fltliilhve., Roselle, N. J. Wharton Roselle High School, HARRY BLUMBERG dv B A ' I rcMaz:,1 ccjulussn V 14117 Washington St., Charleston, W. Va. Wharton Charleston High School. Freshman-Sophomore Love Feast Committee C235 Mountaineers Club. WINFJIELD EPHRAIM. BOGARDUS "Tick" 9 II A 405 S. 4th St., Fulton, N. Y. College Fulton High School. Colgate University 635. 61 JAMES CHARLES BOHAN, JR. r.Jim,, 5 YV. 91st St., New York, N. Y. Wlharton DeWitt Clinton High School. Vigilance Committee: Mask and Wig Shows: "That's That" C35, "Joan of Arkansas" C45. OSWALD LEE BONNEY, JR. E Liv E Hozzyn V 718 VV. Princess Anne Rd., Norfolk, V a. Wharton Maury High School. Freshman, Sophomore, Junior Committees. EDWARD RUSSELL BONSALL 9 X "Russ, 121 Melrose Ave., Wvestmont, N. J. Wharton West Philadelphia High School. Cross-Country Squad C15 C25 C35 C455 Track Squad C15 C25 C45g West Phila- delphia High School Clubg University Settlement House C35 C45, THOMAS FUSSELL BOON A 2 4: "Toni, - 215 Green Lane, Manyunk, Philadelphia, Pa. VVhart0n William Penn Charter School. "Punch Bowl" Editorial Board C35 C45. . JAMES HECTOR BORBIDGE "J'i1n" "Health 5910 Cedar Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton West Philadelphia High School. West Philadelphia Club: Newman Club, C'est la Guerre Club, ADRIAN VICTOR HARALD BORCHERS "Adi" A X A 7018 Greene St., Philadelphia, Pa. - Mechanical Engineering Germantown Academy. Vice-President Engineering Association: Whitney Society. WILLIAM FRANK BOWER, JB. 9 E, 'I' E A "Pete" 99 Carnegie Ave., East Orange, N. J. Fine Arts East Orange High School. Architectural Society C35 C45, Treasurer C453 Varsity Rifle Squad C255 Art Asso- ciate "Class Record" C453 Class Treasurer C353 Student Council C353 President Student Body Association. iigchitectural Department C453 Frank Miles Day Prize GQ LESLIE JOHN BOWLER A Z if "John" "Less" 49 Ohio St., Bangor, Maine Wharton Bangor High School. RAYMOND T. BOWMAN E A llRay57 1627 S. 56th St., Philadelphia, Pa. VVharton West Philadelphia High School. West Philadelphia High School Club. DANIEL R. BOWSER Summerville, Pa. Wharton New Bethlehem High School. FRANK NI. BRADIGAN 232 W. Oak St., Shenandoah, Pa. Wharton Shenandoah High School, STANLEY FULLER BRADING 23 X "Tank" "Stan" "llIol' 213 E. Unaka Ave., Johnson City, Tenn. College Johnson City High School. FORREST WILBUR BRAINERD 217 High St., Bristol, Conn. Chemical Engineering Germantown High School. "Men about Towne" Club: Priestley Clubg Lions Club: University Band C21 C33 141. JOHN GRIST BRAINERD H K N :'JohrL" 3623 N. 15th St., Philadelphia., Pa. Electrical Engineering Northeast High School. 63 JOSEPH BRANDSCHAIN .rJ0e,, 421 Grange Ave., Philadelphia., Pa. Wharton Northeast High School. Soccer C155 Junior Varsity Soccer C255 Varsity Soccer C35 C45 5 Varsity Club5 North- east High School Club, Treasurer C45. I-IERMAN M. BRASOF lCHeTm37 552 E. Wyoming Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton Central High School. EDWARDISRAEL BRAUDY "Steve" ' f 500 N. 61st St., Philadelphia, Pa. Civil Engineering West Philadelphia High School. Soccer C35 C455 Civil Engineering Society5 American Society of Civil Engineers. 1 MARION VERNON BREWINGTON, JR. "Booze" "JcLck,' B 9 II, B I' E 104 Isabella St., West Salisbury, Md. V Wharton Tome School: Gilman Country School. Swimming Squad C155 Wharton Association Dues Committee C155 Smoker Committee C155 Chairman Executive Com- mittee C255 Vigilance Committee C255 Junior Prom Committee C355 President Wharton Association C455 Endowment Drive C45, Ivy Week Committee, C455 Banquet Committee C25. HOWARD K. BRIDGES 442 N. Wabash St., Wabash, Ind. Wharton Wabash High School. ALLEN MARCUS BRODY "Zeke" "Steveif "Al" 4809 Grand Ave., Des Moines, 'Iowa Q Wharton North Des Moines High School. Christian Association gcgmmittee C35-5 Iowa -C1ub5 Dormitory Representative JOHN GILMARY BROSNAN A II E "Bo-oz" 524 Vine St., Scranton, Pa. Wharton Boxing Squad5 Spring Regatta Crew C35. 64 BLANTON J. BROWN K A C11 "Brownie" "Jaden "BeJ ay Bee" ' 814 Napier Ave., Macon, Ga. Wharton Waycross High School. HARRY WILLIAM BROWN CIP E K "Brownie" 665 Farmington Ave., Hartford, Conn. Wharton Hotchkiss School. Hockey Squad C353 Sophomore Dues Committee C25 Q 'Smoker Committee C255 Junior Picture Committee C355 Mask and Wig Club C453 Mask and Wig Show Glee Chorus C15 C25 C35, Glee Club' C25 C353 Instrumental Club C25. IRVIN BROWN "Brownie" 457 Washington Ave., Clarksburg, W. Va.. ' Wharton Washington Irving. ROBERT FRANKLIN BROWN ccB0b:x W - 2835 N. 20th St., Philadelphia, Pa.. V Wharton Northeast High Sehool. Scabbard and Blade. WARREN AUGUST BROWN "BTOwnie"' 87' N. State St., Concord, N., H. Mechanical Engineering Frankford High School. Whitney Engineering Society. JAMES EDWARD BRUCKLACHER K A 111 :eJims: - I Hepburnville, Pa. Wharton ' Harrison Valley High School. Lycoming County Club, Preeident C45. LOUIS FRANCIS BRUNER Gi,Lou'7? Vincennes, Ind. Wharton Vincennes High School, C'est la. Guerre Club, Vice- President C353 Newman Club. 65 0 S 2 0 vi 2 , 0 wa F5 ' C ,Q fi M J gf if , i 45? cf 1,5 ,ga 5, , 5 f as-:.22z?1::GV": wigs! gqiyggywlg, y i ,' 4 f I 1 My is ,,,. , .ef , .. Q.. f.-.fe 1 :-,:::,g-1. ,zu W Qea:.fw'z -fi af .,, . f6Sf,fy,?yve,,. rf , i t A 'ima 5 Q J. LEO BUCKLEY II K A, A 2 P "Buch, 862 Hoffman St., Elmira, N. Y. Wharton Elmira High School. Captain Freshman Debating Team C155 Varsity Debating Team C25 C353 Assistant Manager Gym Team C35, Manager C455 Junior Banquet Committee: Band C1-5, Instrumental Club C25 C35. JOSEPH ROBERT BUFFLER HBOF, 19 E. Cedar Ave., Merchantville, N. J. - ' Architecture Germantown High School. Baseball Team C15. YVALTER C. BULLOCK Bangor, Maine Wharton Bangor High School. Junior Varsity Football C25. DANIEL BARLOW BURKE Z A "Dan" HD. BY' 4610 Cedar Ave., Philadelphia, Pan Wha1'ton West Philadelphia High School. Franklin Society C459 Debating Team C15g "Red and Blue" Board C15 C25 C35, Managing Editor C459 Freshman Handbook C255 Chair- man Undergraduate Endowment Campaign C45q Junior Publicity Coznmitteeg Christian Association Committee C15 C25 C353 Class Dues Committee C255 Presbyterian Student Committee C25 C353 Senior Picture Committee C45, Zelosophic Society, President C453 West Philadel- phia High School Club, Secretary C35: University Dramatic Club C15. FRANKLIN C. BURK, QD A E fb "Frank" 4545 Pulaski Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Mechanical Engineering Germantown High School. Swimming C15 C253 Crew C253 Engineering Dance Committee C351 Engineers' Council C453 Whitney Society. JOSEPH D. BURKE "Joe,' 2547 E. Clearfield St., Philadelphia, Pa.- Mechanical Engineering St. Joseph's Preparatory School. Endowment Fund Committee C453 "Lien about Towne" Club C35 C455 Whitney Society C15 C25 C35 C455 Engineering Associa- tiong Engineersl Show C355 Newman Club Show C35. LAWRENCE BURKHARDT, JR. "Burkie" Q1 High St., 5Voodbury, N. J. College Woodbury High School. Treasurer Woodbury High School Clubg Band C15 C25 C35 C45. 66 , ' . ei V., C -ze:-no 1-A,e-:-Merry'-Wt - iw ' s' cnt:-V '1::,::rai, . Q V ., .: 1 s-f':i"46'1.'::fI-'S,.,4 .,.- f 1 71?f5ff?,g' 'fig z,.,, K' A-19 Miz.. :g:1r,.5s:.f , Fl., aa' 1 GEORgL5.VY. BURROUGHS fb A 2, CID B K zm ' 1634 Broadway, Camden, N. J. College Camden High School. President Cmuclen Club C33. FRANK A. BUSHEK "Frank" Knights Rd., Torresdale, Pa. Wharton Frankford High School. Frankford Club. RALPH COX BUSSER, JR. Kesmelclon, Thorn Park Rd., Mannamead, Plymouth, England College Kings School, Chester, England. Philomathean "Garret Gazette" C33, Editor-in-Chief C435 Interna- tional Students' Committee C337 George Schleicher Prize for German C233 Philomathean Society, Treasurer C235 Freshman Bowl Orator C133 Debate Team C23 C335 Chinese-American Forum C333 Cercle Francais C13 C23, Treasurer C33, President C433 German Club, President C23, Librarian C33, President C43, L'Acac1emie Cosmo- polite, Treasurer C43. ARTHUR CLYDE BUTERBAUGH rf r HAM 710 Wieldon St., Latrobe, Pa. . College Latrobe High School. Mask and Wig Club: Mask and VVig Chorus C23 C33 C43. GEORGE HENRY BUTERBAUGH if T 710 Weldon St., Latrobe, Pa. Fine Arts Latrobe High School. Architectural Societyg 1925 "Class Record" Board: Student Council C43. THOMAS BUTTERWORTH 4: B K, qw A 2 "Tom" "Tommy" 1003 VV. 7th St., Chester, Pa. College Chester High School. GEORGE WESLEY CABLE New Castle, Del. Chemical Engineering Penn's Grove High School. Priestley Club. C57 ll we er. 'Q' . -'?""1'I5 - .3 1 'GK' fi! lil ' - - -f "7 l ef .4 -f M-ae ' 7 11 "1 fi W ' fb - Q' . ii , .. wk- , .. , , WW. so - I 1:4 -:r :W A :nf-. 1 f " re.: 5 . .9557 , Q? "" 3 JULIUS CADES - "Jules" 16 South ConnecticutAAve., Atlantic City, N. J. College Philadelphia Central High School. Sophomore honors. Instrumental Club C153 Band C35 C45. NORMAN FREDERICK CALDWELL "Red" ' Z B T Tiptonville, Tenn. , Wharton Culver Military Academy. Freshman Cooperative Committee C153 Dues Committee C153 Prom Ticket Committee C357 Endowment Fund Committee C455 Culver Club. WILLIAM EMMETT CAREY CCBill3, Zieglersville, Pa. VVharton West Philadelphia 'Catholic High School. Newman Club: Endowment Committee C45. FREDERICK CASCIATO . KID M E Cfcfassff llFTed77 551 Marlyn Rd., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton West Philadelphia High School. Varsity, Chess Team C15 C25 C35, Captain C455 Chess Club C15 C25 C35 C453 Classics Club. CLARENCE R. CASE A 113 E GGBOBJ7 21 Linderman Ave., Kingston, N. Y. Q ' Wharton Kingston High School. Junior Week Committee: Christian Association Committeeg Ivy Week Committee LAAP KONG CHAN Kin-Tai-Loong-Hong, Bonham St. West, Hong Kong, China Wharton Canton Christian College. Chinese Students Clubg Chinese Students Banking Club. ELDON SEELY CHAPMAN if 'I' KCB,ud!? 109 Horner St., Elmira, N. Y. Wharton Elmira Academy. Sphinx Senior Society: Football Manager C45g Undergraduate lvlask and Wig Club C35 C459 Board of Governors C453 Dancing'Chorus "Mask aid Wig" C355 Varsity Clubg Joan of Arkansas Chorus 68 ELMER BURTON CHRISTIE 112 B K "Chris" "Parson" A 4003 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. College Palmyra High School. HARRY WILLIAMS CLARKE, JR.. 'IJ A 9 169 Proctor Blvd., Utica., N. Y. VVharton Dean Academy. ROGER WILLIAM CLIPP GCBILLIZJJ 112 Broadway, Hagerstown, Md. WVharton Hagerstown High School. Advertising Manager 1925 "Class Record." RICHARD SAMUEL CLOVER CIDick!9 1605 N. 13th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton Northeast High School. Scabbarcl and Bladeg Uni- versity Band CZD C319 Northeast High School Club. SAMUEL COHEN - T E CIP Punxsutawney, Pa. , . College EDWIN DITMAR COLE 2 dv E lCEd7! fflshreuxdil 40 Faneuil St., New Rochelle, N. Y. Wharton Choate School. YVILLIAM THOMAS COLEMAN XII T Ki-Bill!! 458 W. lst St., Elmira, N. Y. VVharton Elmira Academy. Sphinx Senior Societyg Football C23 C35 C455 Track C25 C31 C455 Pennsylvania Record Discus Throw: Mask and Wig Undergraduate Club: Mask and Wig C13 C33 C43- G 9 EDWARD LIVINGSTON COMPTON nEd:a s:Edd,ie:: 4:00-mpgs: Mauricetown, N. J. 1 - . Wharton Port Norris High School. ' GEORGE STARK COMPTON 103 Atwater St., New Haven, Conn. Wharton New Haven High School. C'est la Guerre,Club. JEWELL HOWARD COOK 9 'E 734 Taylor St., N. W., Washington, D. -C. Wharton Washington Business High School: Emerson Institute. "Punch Bowl" Board C23 C33 C435 Sophomore Prom Cornmitteeg Capital' City Club. RICHARD WILSON COOK B 6 II "Dick" 65' IVhittlesey Ave., East Orange, N. J. Civil Engineering East Orange High School. Towne Scientific Football Team C433 Dormitory Representative C135 Freshman Member Dormitory Executive Committeeg American Society of Civil Engineers. ELIAS JOSEPH CORNER. ' K N CCECZVI fGPuSS57 317 S. Franklin St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Wiliarton VVilkes-Barre High School. Luzerne County Club, Secretary C333 Band C33 C433 Musical Clubs C33 C439 C. A. Drive C433 Luzerne County Club President C43. JOHN BAIN CORRIN, JR. E H "Jack" 1341 Singer Pl., Wilkinsburg, Pa. Wlharton Wilkinsburg High School. Assistant Manager Sym- phony Orchestra C33. CHARLES EDWIN CORT A X A "'Deacon" Clifton St., New Haven, Conn. - ' Wharton! New Haven High School: Butler Preparaitory School. C'est la Guerre Club: Nutmeg Club.' 70 vatlii? ' " ' v: m-zezwixxame 1 Q .- I My ,,., -, .V .,...,. - .,.11e:,.V., .JT si C .rx ,Kb . Nw? 1 if ' 'Q 2- , ' 1f.3'W e it , . 5 fawiszie' qv " .lm - -.-.'-1:-is veg-., V..-: at A. , ,.,. .,,. ..,. .. .. . "'Q1ikz2.rt:-. . . . . .. 815' , 1'-N '--" ii.:-. ,- '.q..:. J Fl aw - ' . V C.o, . . C 1.6, ' Q J... . ay.. -ill' X ' 2 .-a zz? , hw H -'G WX-il-ii' ' i :-s 1gi,.f:g"w, . Q .aa . - JOHN ANDREW COVVAN K 'iv K "Jolmny"- . Q . 32 Cedar St., Bridgeton, N. J. ' F Education Bridgeton 'High School. University Debating Team C453 Education Clubg Philomathean Society C25 C35 EDWIN ROWLAND COX, JR. 9 X K'Edll'irf' "Sunshine" "Sm'iles', Q3-18 Reed St., Philadelphia, Pa. Whartjon Southern High School. Friars Senior Societyg Under- graduate Mask and Wig Club C25 C35, Chairman C455 Kite and Key Society C453 Cheer Leader C35, Head Cheer Leader C459 Vaudeville Troupe Kite and Key Society C35 C45g Song Leader C25g Mask and Wig Show CU C25 C37 C45- CHARLES FRANCIS CRONIN . K A YD "M'ilce"' ' ' 514 N. Center St., Corry, Pa. Vilharton Hyde Park High Schoolg C01-ry High School. Scrub Football C255 Newman Club: Erie County Club. ARTHUR THONIASCULLEN K A LIP "Art" 77 Westminster St., Springield, lVIass. - Wharton School of Commerce. Glee Clubi C'est la Guerre U. . CHARLES SAMSON CULLMAN ' 800 YV. Thompson St., Philadelphia, Pa. 5 'College Central High School. Track Team: Cross Country Team: Der Deutsche Verein. 5 . CL JAMES JOSEPH CUNNINGHAM A X11 "Jvlmmie', l537 Orerington St., Frankford, Pa.. 1 1 Veterinary Medicine Frankford High School. Veterinary Medical Society. CLELLAN DELOS CURTIS AE fir Kicflellf! GCTuTp!5 Klaurth Johnson St., Richfield Springs, N. Y . Wharton Richfield Springs High School. Banquet Committee C159 President Wedge Advertising Club C455 Glee Club C15 C25 C35 C455 Band C15 C25 C35 C453 Mask and Wig C35 C455 Symphony Orchestra C353 Instrumental Club C15 C25 C35- 71 CHARLES EDWARD DAGIT E-112 E 5 "Charley, . 4527 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton West Philadelphia Catholic High School. Sphinx Senior Societyg "Punch Bowl" Board CD C25 C3D, Ad- vertising Manager C4J5 "Class Record" Board5 Under- graduate Council C4J 5 West Catholic High School Club, Vice-President C3D, Secretary C435 Mask and Wig Show C25 C35 5 Franklin Society. LENNOX DANIELSON- A T A CfDanny57 Litchfield, Minn. College Litchfield High School. Swimming Team C2j C35 C4j. MILTON THEODORE DAUS fb 2 A "Milt" 766 S. Irvine Ave., Sharon, Pa. Wliarton Sharon High School. "Red and Blue" Board CID C25 C3D, Circulation Manager C455 Cooperative Committee CD5 Class Historian. C215 Junior Prom Committee C335 Endowment Committee C4D. EDWARD JAMES DAVIS fCEd!7 2021 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Chemical Engineering Northeast High School. Lions' Club5 Priestley Club. JOSEPH LAWRENCE DAVIS 9 'E D IiLaTTy77 20 Dudley Ave., Lansdowne, Pa. College Central High School. Editorial Board, "The Pennsyl- vanian"5 Kite and Key Society. WILLIAM KASE DAVIS, JR. 312 Honey Moon St., Danville, Pa. V Fine Arts Danville High School. WILLIAM JOHN DAW ' CID A E, rib B K "Bill', 14 Manhattan St., Ashley, Pa. A . College East Stroudsburg Normal School. William Pepper Medical Society5 Philomathean Societyg Naturalists' Field Club5 Luzerne County Club. 4 ve LYELL C. DAWES A CID 2 lKTedH 700 N. Holden St., Warrensburg, Mo. VVharton C'est la. Guerre Club. WILLIAM HERBERT DEALE, JR. K A fb iCB,ill3! 112 Fire Island Ave., Babylon, N. Y. 1 Wharton Babylon High School. EDWIN JOHN DE BEER 2 IE, T B H ..Ed,, 1254 N. 28th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Chemistry, Towne Scientific School Central High School. Priestley Chemical Club. EDWARD S. DEEMER 3803 N. Darien St., Philadelphia, Pa. , Wharton Central High School. GUY DE FURIA A fb AN, IP B K 4127 W. 3d St., Chester, Pa. ' College Chester 'High School. Secretary Chester Club C33 C459 President Circolo Italiano 145. RICHARD JOSEPH DELONG, QD T B H flDick77 f!De57 6544 Woodstock St., Philadelphia, Pa. Mechanical Engineering Germantown High School. Whitney Engineering -Society. VICTOR EUGENE DEMERS K E ' CQV' 79 400 Wurtetlje St., Montreal, Can. Fine Arts Montreal High School. Wrestling Team KID CZJ. '73 ARTHUR EDWARD DENNIS lib A "Denny" 186 Essex St., Bangor, Me. Wharton Bangor High School. EDWARD COOK DENNY K A fb "Edu "G1'amp" Sardinia, N. Y. lfVharton Griffith Institute. Christian Association Committee C119 Zelosophic Societyg ,Glee Club C21 C31 C413 Taylor Society C315 Settlement Work C11. ' FRANK RUSSELL DEWHIRST ' 9 A X, 119 K B 63 Washington St., South Groveland, Wlass. l WVha1-ton Irving School. Friars Senior Society: Football Team C11 C21 C31 C41, Captain C119 Sophomore Vigilance Com- mitteeg Vice-President Junior Classy Steering Com- mittee. . RUSSELL VAN ASLEN DIEVLER "Deen" 7704 Union Ave., Elkins Park, Pa. ' College Germantown High School. Germantown High School Clubg Spanish Club: University Forum. GEORGE ANDREW' DOBOSH . "De Bash" . Catawissa St., Nesqrlelioningl Pa. V I College Munch Chunk Township High School. - MANNING WADSWORTH DODSON 28 Park Pl., Kingston, Pa. . V Mechanical Engineering Wyoming Seminary. Scabbard and Blade: Rifle Team C41 : C'est la Guerra Club. b CARL RICHARD DOLIVIETSCH 2 411 E "Dutch', HB67l,8Cl7:CIf,, "D0lly" Hamlin, Pa. i Towne Scientific 'School Honesdale High School. Hexagon Senior Society: A-lembic Chemical Senior Societyg "Towne Scientific School Journal" C219 K'Pennsylvania Triangle" C31 C4,1, Managing Editor C31 C413 Cane' Committee, Junior Week: Priestley Chemical Society, Treasurer, C414 "Men about Towne" Club, Manager C413 Der Deutsche Verein: Priestley Club Show C11 C317 "Men about Towne" Show C21 C41. 74 GREENEJZHRY WVILLIAM DONOVAN, Jn. 1 6209 lllarsden St., Philadelphia, Pa. Civil Engineering Frankford High School. Civil Engineering Society: American Society of Civil Engineers: Engineers' Show C33 C435 "Men about Towne" Club. JOHN M. DOUGLAS B 9 I1 2808 Frid Blvd., St. Joseph, Nlo. Wharton JACK ALBERT DOWNING A 111 E Sea Cliff, N. Y. . Wharton Sea CHE High School. JAMES R. WOOD DOWNS A XII "Jim" 5916 Greene St., Germantown, Pa. College Germantown Friends School. Friars Senior Society: Varsity Soccer Team C33 C435 President Germantown Friends School Club. JOHN JOSEPH DOYLE K E, Kb K B "Jaclc', 506 N. 341th St., Philadelphia, Pa. i lVhart0n West Philadelphia Catholic High School. Friars Senior Societyg Basketball C13, Junior Varsity C23 C33 C435 Crew C13, Varsity C23 C33 C435 Dues Committee C135 Banquet Committee C235 Cane Committee C333 West Catholic High Club, President C33 C435 Varsity Club. DANIEL RICHARD DRAKE CSDQTL77 223 Elm St., Edgewood, Pa. I ' Wharton Edgewood High School. GEORGE CAMERON DROHAN B 9 II "Geordyf' , 106 Park Ave.,"Schenectady, N. Y. Wharton 75 ERNEST ALFRED DUMAS 114 Liberty A-ve., Atlantic City, N. QI. , Civil Engineering Atlantic City High School. American Society of Civil Engineers. LEWIS K. DWORKIN "Lew" "P0l'iticicm', 2228 S. 6th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton Southern High School. Undergraduate Endowment Committee C43g 'Picture Committee. C439 Luncheon Committee C433 Taylor Society: Menorah Society: University Band C33 C431 University Orchestra C43: Senior Prophetg Permanent Board of Governors -1925 . Endowment' Fund. ROBERT JOHN IDWYER' ccB05rs - i 228 Main St., Manchester, Conn. - - - - Wharton ' 1 . Scgubh Manchester High Schoolg Boston University C13 2 JAMES PEARSALL EARP A X A lCJim37 Drew Forest, Madison, N. J. Mechanical Engineering Madison High School. "Men about Towne" Club: Zglitney Engineering Societyq University Band C23 C33 HENRY DAVID EBN ER CKIIGTLJQ 'G6Eb37 Glassboro, N. J. b .College , ' X Glassboro High School. Zelosophic Society. N SHELDON FRANCIS ECKFELD 'iEck" u V 271 Hudson Ave.,-Newark, h Wharton Newark High School. Glee Club C13 'C33 C439 Mask and Wig Show C13 C33 C43. NATHAN L. EDELSTEIN fC!Nat!2 Y 1023 Wingohocking St., Philadelphia, Pa. V ' ' Wharton , V ' South Philadelphia High School. Menorah Society ' ' University Orchestra C23. ' ' '76 JOSEPH EHRENREICI-I 1740 South St., Philadelphia, Pa. Chemistry Central High School. Priestley Club. HAROLD NELSON EKVAL "Ecky,' "Pro-fe.sso1", Q42 Apsley St., Germantown, Pa. Electrical Engineering Germantown -High School. American Institute of Electrical Engineers: Engineers' Orchestra Conductor. HERMAN MANUEL ELLIS "Harm" 2227 N. 33d St., Philadelphia, Pa. - Wharton Central High School. Menorah Society. REUBEN EMBER A E II "Ginger" , 3305 Elgin Ave., Baltimore,'Md. Wharton Baltimore City- College. Banquet Committee, CBJ: En- dowment Committee C4Jg Luncheon Committee C425 Taylor Society: Baltimore Club. JOHN WILFRED EMLING T B II, H K N lfB,l:Zl!J 415 W. 10th St., Erie, Pa. Electrical Engineering Erie Central High School. Coxswain 150.-pound Varsity Crew C35 il Class Crews C23 C35 : "Pennsylvania Triangle," Editorial Board: Moore Honor Scholarship C453 Zel- 'osophic Society: American Institute ' of Electrical Engineers, Secretary C4D: Varsity Club: "Men about Towne" Cliib. ' ' 'I . CHARLES HENRY EMMERLING A K E "Charl'ie', "Chick" "Chuck" 425 Pacific Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. f W College- Peabody High School. Hockey Team C25 CBJ. . JOHN NIORTON ENTWISLE 'fJolmny' ' , , ' 420 Lyceiim Ave., Roxborough, Pa. ,Mechanical.Engineering Germantown High School. .Class Banquet. Committee C375 Whitney Engineering Society. V 77 JOSEPH ANTHONY LOUIS ERRIGO 'flatly' "C11rly,' Molitclianin, Del. I College A. I. DuPont, School. Department Football GU: Asso- ciate Editor "Newman Quarterly" C25 3 Circolo Italiano: University Forum: Newman Club. HAROLD B. EVANS 2Q7.Chestnut St., VVatertown, N. Y. Wharton Watertown High School. JAMES KING EVANS "Jim" A . A 6310 Stanton Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. I, , ' Wlharton Peabody High School. Glee Club C359 Taylor Society. JOHN CLARENCE EVANS A "Ja'um' ' 422 Bartlett Ave., Ridley Park, Pa. - i Wharton Commander C'est la Guerre Club C21 JACOB FAIN flake" . I , 10Q0,E. Tioga St., Philadelphia, Pa. si ' Electrical Engineering Northeast High School. American Institute of Elec- tgrgcal Engineers: Class Baseball CED: Class Football C35 4 . JAMES STAR ,FARNUM , -an K 2 101 VV. Gravers Lane, Chestnut Hill, n Philadelphia., Pa. A ' -College Chestnut Hill Academy: HF-Bar Ranch School, Wyoming Freshman Fencing Team CU. FREDERICK REEVES FARROW, JR. A - 'cfFrecl" 2842 Columbia Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. i ' ' ' . Mechanical Engineering Central High School. 78 JOHN HENRY FATZ 4939 N. 5th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Electrical Engineering Northeast High School. Class Football C35 C4Jg Amer- ican Institute Electrical Engineers C4J. ROBERT RUSSELL FAY X A A CCB0b77 KCFayi5 2502 Eld Ave., Altoona, Pa. ' VVharton Altoona High School. International Students' House Committee C475 Senior Luncheon Ticket Committee C4j. HARVEY LEWIS FELL A XL' "Ha7'v,' "Riding Blaster" 1025 N. Clayton St., Wilmington, Del. ' Veterinary Wiliningtoil High Schoolg University of Delaware. Veterinary Medical Society. E MORGAN WHITTLESEY FELT "IVIorg" "Felty,' , 39 Curtiss St., New Britain, Conn. A lvl'l.'ELl't0ll' New Britain High School. Cricket Team C315 Assistant Manager Ice Hockey Team C35 Q' Taylor Society. JOSEPH VINCENT FERDINAVND "Joe" "FercZie" 816 Carbon, Freeland, Pa. Mechanical Engineering Mining and Mechanical Institute. Class Football C455 g1reyvtC3J C413 Baseball C23 C35 C4jgWhitney Engineering ocie y. - NELSON LATSHAVV FERGUSON "Fergie,, 133 Laurel Ave., Ben Avon, Pa. Wlharton Ben Avon High School: University of Pittsburgh. JOHN WILLARD FERREE B 9 II ilB,ill!5 1213 VV. 3d St., Marion, Ind. ' A College Marion High School: Wabash College. Hoosier Club. 79 n--aaziefiiniir A il, E ir' ,,. . ,5.4.,,,., f v A 1 A L 'wximzs-.11 - Y .rf L., . . STANLEY BOUTELLE FESSENDEN XII T . Hstanu Townsend, Mass. Wharton Harvard Military School. EUGENE FIELDS' FKGGREIS 486 Nirnick St., Sharon, Pa. Wharton Sharon High School. Freshman Cooperative Com- mittee C135 Junior Banquet Committee C335 Senior En- dowment Committee C435 House Representative C43 Secretary, Dormitory Executive Committee C43. GERALD PAYNE FINCKE A XII Efferryi! KGDOCD Moreland Ave., Hatboro, Pa. V - Veterinary Hatboro High School., Veterinary Medical Society, R. SMEDLEY FIRTH "Smead" , . 3227 Wharton St., Philadelphia, Pa. Civil Engineering Southern High School. Class Crew C23 C33 C435 Class Football C335 Class Basketball C335 Civil Engineering Society, Treasurer C33, Entertainment Committee C13 C23 C33- MICHAEL W. FISCH "Milce" - 5700 N. 12th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton Northeast High School. Crew C13 C23 C33 C435 Dues Committee C135 Cheer Leader C135 Northeast High School Club: Newman Club. , WILLIAMZ ALLEN FISH HBE fi I 88 Clinton St., Salamanca, N. Y. Wharton Salamanca High School. Crew C13 C235 Ivy Ball Com- mittee. In ALVIN H. FISHER . E E 'CC-Al!! Q01 Blair Ave., Reading, Pa. I A ' ' ' ' Fine Arts Reading High School. . . . , . V , - 3 U' -.r. 80 J. RAYMOND FISHER K A KID .1 Rayn 100 S. 8th St., Newark, N. J. - Wharton gcghgjgl. Cross Country C11 C21 C311 C417 JACOB FITELSON - Cftiackii 2336 S. Mildred St., Philadelphia, Pa. Chemical Engineering South Philadelphia High School. Priestley Chemical Society, Engineering Society. HERBERT WILLIAM FITZROY, JR. 111 B K "Herb" :'F'itz" 4355 Lauriston St., Roxborough, Pa. 1 College Germantown High Schobl. Lacrosse Team C115 Manag- ing Editor "Junto" C41g Philornathean Society: Uni- versity Forum: Rlxymers Club: Germantown High School Club, Classics Club, Vice-President Y. M. C. A. CHARLES E. FLAXMAN "Charlie" 6901 Oxford Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.. , Veterinary South Philadelphia High School. Veterinary Medical Society. ERHARD JOSEPH FLEISCHMANN 'gDutch,' "Fleisch" ' T B II 6926 E. Woodlawn Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.. Civil Engineering Roman 'Catholic High School. Compass and Chain Society, Secretary C415 American Society oi Civil Engineers, Vice-President C413 Roman Catholic High School Club, Vice-President C415 Engineers' Student Council, Secretary C419 "Men about Towne" Club C41. VERNON FREE FLEMING "Vern" 947 Hepburn St., VVilliamsport, Pa. A - ' College Williamsport High School. V ' CLYDE ARTHUR FLORO' "B'rickley', Van Meter, Pa. , - College Conncllsville High'Scl1ool9 Augusta Military Academy, Fort Defiance, Va. Football Squad 'U-P C212 JUYH01' Varsity Football C413 ChesS4Club C31. ' 81 EUGENE MANNING FLUES "Garten 'II T, 415 K B 2130 Scootwood Ave., Toledo, Ohio ivharton Lake Forrest Academyg Scott High School. Friars Senior Societyg Football C11 C21 C31 C415 Baseball C11 C21 C31 C413 Freshman Penniman Bowl Committeeg Ohio Club: Varsity Club. JOSEPH MICKLE FOX, JR. .X 111 5GF0:vy79 Torresdale, Philadelphia, Pa. Electrical Engineering Episcopal Academy. Swimming Team C21 C31. CLARENCE ADOLPH FRANKENBURG "Frankie" 9 E 2045 Chestnut St., Harrisburg, Pa. ' Wharton Harrisburg Tech. ' CARROLL HARVEY FRANTZ "Dutch', Newtown, Pa.. Wharton Newtown 'High School. HERMAN MERRICK FRANTZ "spike" - Newton, Pa. - 1Vharton West Chester Normal. ALBERT H. FRENCH A X E :GAIN h 303 Levering Mill Rd., Cynwyd, Pa. .2 A Chemical Engineering Lower Merion High School. Priestley Club. SAMUEL HOOKER FRENCH K Z iiSam!5 Bowen Ave., Woodstown, N. J: X Wharton Woodstown High School. Sphinx Senior Society: Assistant Business Manager "Pennsylvanian" C21 C31, Associate Business Manager C415 Sophomore Vigilance Committee: Sophomore Treasurerg General Chairman of Junior Week: ,Undergraduate Councilg, President, Interfraternity Council C413 Chairman Ivfy Ball C415 Council on Welfare and Student Activities. 82 WILLIAM NORMANN FREY ER "Bill" 2 X, B T 2 S767 115th St., Richmond Hill, Long Island Wharton Richmond Hill High School. Chairman Picture Com- mittee C23: Chairman Banquet Tickets C335 Advisory Board Endowment Drive C43g General Chairman Ivy Week: Undergraduate Council Treasurer. EDWARD FRIEDMAN KCNHYJU CiP!inlGyS! 11 5 Union St., Punxsutawney, Pa. Wharton Punxsutawncy High School. EDWARD LEE FRIEDMAN 111 B A "Edd'ie', 2102 Jefferson Ave., Newport News, Va. Wharton Newport News High School. SAKURO FUKAGAVVA "Fulci" Sayanomotomachi, Saga, Japan WVl13.l't0I'l Saga High School. Kiskiminetas Springs School. ROBERT HUNTINGTON GABRIELIAN I I J 4038 Powellton' Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton West Philadelphia-High School. Glee Club C23 C33 C433 Quartet C23 C33 C439 Scales Society, JOHN ROBERT GAILEY New Park, Pa. Wharton York High School. HERBERT H. GALINSKY "Herb" 425 Columbia St., Utica, N. Y. Wharton Utica Free Academy. S3 SS RICHARD J. GALLAGHER GlDick! . 7607 Parkview Rd., Highland Park, Pa. Wharton J oseph's Preparatory School. Swimming Squad C11 EDWARD GALLNER 2 T CIP HECZU ..Edd,ie,, 17 New St., Bridgeton, N. J. Education Bridgetou High School. Prom 'Committee C315 Re- freshments Committeeg Education Societyg Jewish Students Association. ROBERT' T. HOUSTON GARDNER "Bob,' "Bull Frogs" 239 Brookdale Ave., Glenside, Pa. Wharton Cheltingham High School. Band C11 C21 C31 C41. EDWARD GARFINKEL KID B A "Eddie"l 4 S. Surrey Pl., Atlantic City, N. J. Wharton East High School, Columbus, Ohio. FRANK FLETCHEPJGARLOCK b XII. T "Fletch,' 29 Strathallen Park, Rochester, N. Y. Wharton East High School. Tennis, Assistant Manager 131, Freshman Manager 641. ELMER ELLSWORTH GARRETT, JR. Newton Square, Pa. H K N, T B II, E E ' Electrical Engineering Cheltingham High School. American Institute of Electrical Engineers. HENRY LOUIS GARTN ER "Hanlon 9233 Jeliif Ave., Newark, N. J. Wharton South Side High School. 84 MORSE GARWOOD 2 A, iv M E 544 South Melville St., Philadelphia, Pa. V Wharton Massanutten Academy. Crew Medal, Fall Regatta C233 "Class Recordf' Philomathean Society. DANIEL W. GATES ANI! Howard, Pa. Veterinary Williamson School, Bellefonte Academy. Veterinary Medical Society. DAVID REED GEER A H E "Colonel" "General" 505 West 10th St., Wilmington, Del. Wharton Culver Military Academy. Scabbard and Blade. President C415 Culver Clubg Cadet Officers Clubg Scout Club. JOHN HENRY GEERING "Jack'i, 1505 7th St., Eureka, Calif. Fine Arts California School of Mechanical Arts. GREGORY ALFRED GENS csGTeg:: I 3917 Torrance Drive, Toledo, Ohio V lVharton ScottVHigh School. Ohio Club. RUDOIQPH ALLEN GERLINGER V tCRudy33 ' Fostoria, Ohio S Wharton Fostoria High School. "Class Record" Board: Junior Prom Committee, Ivy Ball Arrangements Committeeg Debate Council C35 C435 Zelosophic Society. ERNEST RUCKER GILBERT f'C',' "Ghibert'i" Forest Hill, Riclimond, Va. Fine Arts .login Marshall High School. Symphony Orchestra C35 4 . 8.3 WILLIAM H. GILBERT lib K N11 "Bill" 3641 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. VVharton Haverford, Harvard 'Military School. Manager Tennis Team. THONIAS M. GILHOOL 407 Ridge St., Archbald, Pa. College St. Thomas College, Scranton, Pa.. Newman Club. FRANK RODNEY GILLESPIE "Rods" Q26 S. Hawthorn St., York, Pa. . College York High School, ELLIOTT KISNER GILROY E CID E "Gil" A'Buclcly" 610 S. 48th St., Philadelphia, Pa. WVharton Central High School. Sphinx Senior Society: Franklin Sclmscietyg "Punch Bowl" C13 C2-3 C33 C433 Editor-in-chief AUGUSTUS SHAW GOETZ 9 X, A X E CSGILSYF 874 4th St., Ocean City, N. J. Civil Engineering Ocean City High School. Alembic Senior Society: Varsity Crew C23 C335 Executive Committee, Sopho- more Classg Senior Endowment Committee: Junior Prom Ticket Committeeg Priestley Chemical Society. MICHAEL GOLDBERG "Mike" 2629 S. Philip,St., Philadelphia, Pa. ' Electrical Engineering South Philadelphia High School. SOLOMON B. GOLDBERG T A dv "Bmw "G'olcly" 92551 Madison Ave., Baltimore, lVId. Wharton Baltimore City College. Freshman Lacrosse Team C13, Varsity Lacrosse Team C23 C333 Sophomore Picture Committee C235 Junior Picture Committee C335 Fresh- man Reception Committee C335 Baltimore Club C13 C235 Varsity Lacrosse Senior Luncheon Committee. 86 VICTOR N. GOLDBERG' A E 11 , "View 119 3d St., Elkins, W. Va. ' Wharton Bordentown Military Institute: ' SIMONSAL GOLDSMITH CID E TI 1" . 2335 Eutaw Pl., Baltimore, Md. ' Wharton Park School. . ' HERMAN LEON GOLDSTEIN II A fb "Harm" 1934 N. 3d St., Harrisburg, Pa.. Q Wharton Harrisburg Technical High' School., Varsity Boxing Squad- C455 Freshman Lacrosse C153 Musical Clubs C25 C35 C455 Instrumental Club C25 C355 Symphony Or- chestra C25 C35 C45. Lied April 23, 1925. MILTON EMANUEL GOLDSTONE "C'h'ic,' "GQldy"A T A '15, B"I' Z 1652 N. Appleton St., Baltimore, Md. Baltimore-City College. "Junior Annals" Subscription Committee C353 Senior Endowment Drive Committee C459 Baltimore Club. DAVID WILLIAM GOLTMAN fl' E 11 .1 D 0 C., 1500 Union Ave., Memphis, Tenn. ' - Q College Memphis University School. Swimming Squad C153 Gym Team C35 C45. ABRAHAM , ALLAN GOODMAN fCG00dyI 3 6049' Washington Ave., Philadelphia., Pa. A Wharton Central High School. Central High School Clubg Menorah Society C25 C35, Treasurer C45, President C45. JACK ARNOLD GORDON -iv B A 'Uaclciei' I 313 25th St., Newport News, Va. 'Wharton Newport News High School. Interfraternity Basket- ball League C25 C355 Picture Committee C153 Sophomore Prom Committee C259 Sophomore Picture Committee C25 9 Chairman Junior Banquet Committeeg Junior Prom Ticket Committee C853 Treasurer Senior Class'C45g Senior Endowment Committeeg Menorah Societyg Virginia Club. 87 Wharton' gir- A I' 5 5 f r if 1 , M, . . I . f I ' i 1 f J E if ig' V' fe: KP v I if i J' fl 1 5' l X f V 1 f 20, 4 , ' ff . J Mali. i 2 we mx ff y i 94' sei:-ziffzfees 5 Hf ga Qgffgzygl-'r,gi, I ff ef' 5:12 ' 'W 3 , W g:1427gf'3T3" M., . 2125-' KM .12 ff g , .g,,.? 1 A 5 3 , 51- -1. at 4 ,, -7, f 4 , sy. n f-4 :Bi 11151 : I t urf. 1' , .g - ,, 33 :21,-, ' Z ,nfl 1 '-',f ', Qf fv' "l".L'.vi .Ji -1 11315 " fs' 'kim 1' ,f'.zfL::fX.:?Z gl ADOLPH CONRAD GORR 112 B K 44:6 Stevens St., Camden, N. J. College Camden High School. Sodalitas Classica, Treasurer C31, Vice-President C415 recipient Greek Composition Prize C115 Honorable Mention Schleicher Prize C115 recipient of Jasper Yeates Brinton Prize C215 recipient of George Allen Memorial Prizein Greek C315 German Club C21 C315 Camden Club. CHARLES EDWARD GRAFMUELLER HECK, uEddie,, ..G,raf,, QA 9 273 Montross Ave., Rutherford, N. J. WVharton Blair Academy. Sphinx Senior Society C415 Kite and Key Society C31 C415 Franklin Society C415 Varsity Tennis Squad C315 Freshman Baseball5 "Red and Blue" Board C21 C31, Editor-in-chief C415 "The Pennsylvaniann Board, Pictorial Chairman C415 "Class Record" Board C415 Freshman Picture Committee5 Freshman-Sopho- more Love Feast Committee5 Sophomore Vigilance Committee: Sophomore Executive Committee5 Sopho- more Prom Committeeg Publicity Chairman Junior Week Committeeg Senior Endowment Drive Committee Blair Academy Club, President C31 C41. WILLIAM FORD GRAVES ' CID A 9 'iBill" 5041 4th Ave., S., Jamestown, N. Dak. - 'Wharton Jamestown High School. Assistant Manager Musical Clubs C31, Associate Manager C41. HARRY WALKER GRAY E nib E 2112 Mt. Vernon St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton Seng!-al Manual Training High School. C'est la Guerre u 5 . RAYMOND WILLARD GRAYSON :cRays: - 55 Maplewood, Ave., West Hartford, Conn. Wharton Hartford High School. Freshman Crew5 Dramatic Club C1115 Glee Club C41. ROBERT MCCAY GREEN 112 E K 1"7 E. Newfield Way, Cynwyd, Pa. Wharton West Philadelphia High School. Smoker Committee C211-5t Prom Committee C315 Endowment Drive Com- Hll BB. MARTIN GREENBLATT ' "Martie" 337 S. 6th St., Philadelphia, lla. Wharton Camden High School. 88 ,muse A 64 'Ni ' X 4 s 3 .-iz ai. 67 2 , ...,4...,. +.,.W: 'iff . - af M, -. -were -aw'-5 " M-.,.. .gp rv., C 1- A -65:3 -if , . .C -4 -.r .1-at -w . - ..C... Q, ,. , ,:1 ,5f,-PH.. , V ' "3 ,P .. -we., ,l. .::5a':..a,-:vii '5 aw:-: -V , -.wife F -v W X - .. 1- -1 wa f:3:.5'.,:..g:s " 13 'EIEEEEIIEGIIZWZI' 5, 2-Q' - -' -zef:::g::..,.54az:z5i1, .,.,,.f,., ., ,Q . .. .y-1-.S A, -. ,-,:,Qm:..,:..-1-:-:Vsag. , -.IQ-I-'Z Q-5' x'-.'I' ' 135: s". ' C '-'-Zu::2S55:f'51 ' fa. 0.5 4... f ,. -.,.,,..ra.-,,-...Q 9 ...f 15 -.zz .W ,. ..... .. ...H .-. in 579 i?'fA' -2533 . ., Ji. Y-em--. me 'Hr w tg, .ff 4 -WY . .CA E af :E,:..4...,, .A ee 15 . ,J-K ti f' r: 5- . :1.v.'- 1' -. we , 1.1.9 R: ' QXC :-9 , X . 1-, rf xii SAMUEL GREENSPAN A M E "Sam" ".Green'ie" 45 Sargeant St., Holyoke, Mass. 'Wharton Holyoke High School, Ivy Week Booth Committee5 German Club. HAROLD GEORGE GREGG A X P KiHap79 30 Claremont Ave., Port Chester, N. Y. Wharton Port Chester High School. Glee Club CD Mask and Wig Show CD C35 C415 Mask and Wig Club C35 C4J. GEORGE RICHARD GRIFFIN E N "Dick" . , 309 Plant Ave., Tampa, Fla. Wharton Hillsboro High School. THOMAS FREMONT GRIFFITH f-If K E .fT0m,, MGMT, Ebensburg, Pa. ,Wharton Lawrenceville School. "The Pennsylvanianf' Board C25 C33 C415 Sophomore Prom Ticket Committee C255 Wharton Association Dues Committee C255 Open Hearth Club. ROBERT ARMAND GROFF "Bob" ' A 2 '15, 119 A E Southeast cor. Broad and Venango Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. College Northeast High School, LOUIS WILLIAM GROTTA Z B T SSLOUDJ 46 Farley Ave., Newark, N. J. IfVha.rton South Side High School. HENRY THOMAS GRUBER E E, T B H .1 H e no 69 VV. Essex Ave., Lansdowne, Ea. Civil Engineering West Philadelphia High School. Compass and Chain C455 Freshman Dues Committee C135 "Men about Towne" Club, Treasurer C415 Civil Engineering Society, Secretary C3D. 89 LOUIS JOHN GRUEHN T 'B II liP0p!Y 741 Cator Ave., Baltimore, Md. . l Civil Engineering Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. Gym Team C31 C4Jg Compass and Chain:.Orchestra C4j. SAMUEL RHEN GUNDRUM '9 X "Rennie" V 5326 N. 12th St., Philadelphia, Pa. ' . Wharton ,Northeast High School. Cross Country Team CID C4113 Xarlsgity Track Squad C25 C31 C455 Northeast. High School u . CARL ALBERT GUSTAFSON A 609 Newland Ave., Jamestown, N. Y. V ' ' Wharton Jamestown High School. MILTON R, GUTMAN cp z A HMM 23 Nfanchester Pl., Buffalo, N. Y. Colle e g Lafayette High School. Varsity Fencing Team C2J C853 Class Executive Committee CD. . HERBERT WILLIAM HAHN I Johnstown, Pa. Wharton GEORGE THOMAS HALBERSTADT "Tu'ck', A X 2,f'r B'1Ig 2 E Southeast cor. Chelten and Park Aves., Phila- delphia, Pa. Chemical Engineering, Germantown High School. Priestley Club. ALBERT' HENRY HALL K A CD cfcBud:: c:Alss 113' S. High St., West Chester, Pa. iwharton West Chester High School. - - 90 A., ,gc A.. -V - .. 5.53 ., .: .. f . aim 26. -fe A 5- 4 ,ie Kg-51 w' 1- 'Agra A j -,-W' 142, ::i'::f-:2-'- -few MPr2a':fsw-,.- .f Aa: 'P' is-aryl," f ' AVE:-4. 'w2.e H,-.7. f . , AjQa59f?QSfswvz. .1. ' . f 452:25-55222, F' Sfff ' W H75-9V'23'f 'sIDNnjg.lsTENETT HALL cw T Z ,, I 42 Cambridge Ave., Dayton, O. Wharton Moraine Park School. Freshman Baseball Team: Assistant Manager Swimming Team 130, Associate Manager C415 Mask and Wig Show 123. CHARLES JACOB HALLER, QD E CIP E y "Charlie" "Jake" , 419 W. 10th St., Erie, Pa.. ' YVharton Erie Central High School. RAYMOND FOREST HAMMANN FiRay7, Germantown, Md. lNl1arton Cast la Guerre Club. ARTHUR HAMMER II A fir GCATMGQJ 205 W. 89th St., New York, N. Y. ' vVh3.1'l'.Ol1 Horace Mann. Junior Varsity Baseball Team 125 1355 First in 125-pound Novice Wrestling Tournament 621. GEORGE J. HANLEY 455 Washington St., Freeland, Pa.. , lVharton JAMES EDWARD HANNA A 2 qw, B r 2 AIJ'im37 421 VV. State St., Media, Pa. Wharton West Philadelphia High School. Varsity Swimming Team 123 C33 MJ: "Red and Blue" Boardg "Junior Annals'g" Zelosophic Society KU C235 Mask and Wig Show CZJ, 'Cast 643. ' HERBERT GUSTAV HANNEMANN "Herb" . Burlington Ave., Delanco, N. J. Wharton Palmyra High School. 91 H. RICHARD HANO . YP E H "Dick" Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Philadelphia, Pa. , Wharton Kingsley School. Swimming Team CD C2j. STEIN WILDBAHN HANOLD ' A X A liHa7Lney7! SEP!! 615 Centre Ave., Reading, Pa. Wharton Reading High School. Swimming Squad Clj C33 C459 Ticket Committee Freshman-Sophomore Love Feast CD5 Ticket Committee Sophomore Banquet C215 Ticket Committee Junior Prom C355 'Berks County Club, Secretary C4j. EDWARD EVERETT HANSCOM, JR. ..Fd,, 6600 N. llth st., Philadelphia, Pa. . Wharton Northeast High School. Pony Polo CD CZD C3-D, Captain C439 Junior Varsity Football C413 Glee Club C23 CBJ Cflj. FRANKLYN ISRAEL HARBACH A X A "Mooney', "Sch1naltz" 450 VV. Oley St., Reading, Pa. Wharton Reading High School. Sophomore.Prom Committeeg Junior Prom Committeeg Berks County Club. EARL THOMPSON HARKE11 A X A A "Feet" 49 Wall St., Trenton, N. J. V Wharton Trenton High School. Freshman Basketball. FRANK LIICHAEL HARLEM "Shortyl' "Miken 805 Walnut St., Mt. Vernon, Ind. , Wharton Deerfield CMass.J Academy. Football C25 C3JgWrestling Cljg Lacrosse C259 Senior Endowment Committeeg Hoosier Club. ARTHUR MITCHELL HARRISON A E II csATtiee: 3745 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. - Wharton Southern High School. University Orchestra'C1D. 92 .. vt 29 : QW wie-5:51, '. c . I-'i - F5522 ' ' XII-'fr' 'f S a . Q? of- w g e feat? , . ,Q -. 1 '- -'li ' 'A - -. r 'Q "L- fix . weft-F?-' ' Us 'l I ,H -t '- - I-IERF9l1?Dd,REED HARTMAN X A A ee 1319 N. Redfield St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton West Philadelphia High School. Varsity Rifle Team C335 SWlYYiIHlHg,SCI112Zd C13 C23 C335 "Punch Bowl" B0Pl1'fl C431 Business Board 4'Junior Annals"5 Junior Banquet Cornmitteeg Junior Prom Committeeg Presi- dent West Philadelphia High School Club C335 Secre- tary-Treasurer Taylor Society C335 Manager Varsity Rille Team C43. WILLIAM FORD HARVEY A if 2 K "Ford" 3712 Patterson St., Washington, D. C. Wharton Washington Central High School. Swimming Team C235 Capital City Club. PAUL MARTIN CONRAD HAUSER A Q E "Dutch" 43 Windsor Ave., Highland Park, Pa. College Central High School. ' CLAUDE SCOTT HAZEL E E, E T 814 11th Ave., MOO1'C, Pa. Mechanical Engineering Ridley Park High School. Glee Club C23 C33 C435 "Men about Towne" Club C435 Whitney Engineering Societyg Engineering Show C435 American Society of Mechanical Engineers. CARROLL RUTHERFORD HEADLY "Jack" 2 112 E 3913 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. - Chemical Engineering West Philadelphia High School. Hexagon Senior Society5 Alembic Senior Chemical Societyg Under- graduate Council5 Vigilance Committee C235 Mask and Wig Club C33 C435 "Men about Towne" Club: Mask and Wig Show C13 C23 C33 C435 "Men about Towne" Show C23 C33 C435 Luncheon Committee C43. CARL SAMUEL HEDSTROM K fb K "Swede" 1614 Wallace St., Philadelphia, Pa. Education Temple University. Education Club. JAMES MALCOLM HENDERSON 9 EI, AB X IiJimJ7 5208 Larchwood Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. lfVharton West Philadelphia High School. Sphinx Senior Society, Varsity Basketball Squad C235 Varsity Football C435 Managing Editor "The Pennsylvanian"5 Editor-in- chief "Junior Annals"5 General Chairman Under- graduate Endowment Campaign C435 President Chris- tian Association: Kite and Key5 President Middle Atlantic Division Christian Associations5 Permanent Chairman Board of Governors 1925 Endowment Fund5 Athletic Director and Counselor Green Lane C13 C23 C33 C435 Chairman Social Service C335 Silver Bay C23 C33 C435 Indianapolis Convention C335 Chairman Board of Admissions Eastern Intercollegiate Newspaper As- sociation5 Ivy Orator. 93 AXEL THEODORE I-IENRY 1820 'N. 18th St., Philadelphia, Pa. i ' 1 ' ' ' I Wharton FRANK GERARD- HENSEL A X A, Z T V "'Hensel"' 403 N. Cove Rd., Merchantville, N. J. A -' Mechanical Engineering Camden High Schoo Freshman Crewg Junior Varsity Crew C253 Varsity Crew C35 C459 Junior Cane Com- mittee: Glee Club C35 C453 Camden High School Club: Engineers' Show Orchestra C35. CARL SAMUEL HERBST' E A 24,37 N. 8th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Electrical 'Engineering Northeast High School. Social Committee of American Institute of Electrical Engineersg Northeast High School Club. MORTON RAYMOND HERR . , "Buddy" K N, B 1' 2: 207 S. Market St., Muncy, Pa. Wharton Muncy High Schoolu Circulation Manager H1925 Class Record": Fencing, .Assistant Manager C359 Banquet Committee C355 Chairman Ticket Committee Varsity HP" Banquet C45. RICHARD FREDERIC HERR 'II A KCD7:ck!7 37 Curtin St., Bellefonte, Pa. V Wharton Bellefonte High School. Wrestling, Assistant Manager C355 Christian Association Committee C3519 Senior En- dowment Committee C45. H. LAWRENCE HERRING n Z A M CCLaT,ry9! 498 W. End Ave., New York, N. Y. Wharton High,School .of Commerce. ' RUSSEL DOEDE HERSHEY A II E ccRussr: :cRDn AI Elizabethtown, Pa. I ' - - Wharton Elizabethtown- High School. Zelosophic Society C25 C35,'Secretary C45g Lutheran Vice-President C45. n . - g 947' EDWARD HERBERT HERSKOVITZ "Eddie" "Herbs" , , , Hotel Peter Stuyvesant, New York, N. Y. . Wharton DeWitt Clinton High Scliool. WALTER HIESTER 9 E "Pete" "Bill" "Jackie" ' N. Wayne Ave., Wayne, Pa. Vllharton Radnor High School. Wrestling Team C11 C21 C31, Captain C41. EUGENE LEWIS HIGER HGBTLBD 1002 lfVashington Ave., Port Huron, Mich. Wharton Staunton Military Academy: Fessenden School, Boston. "Punch Bowl" Board. , GEORGE LEROY HILL A X A 206 E. Bertsch St., Lansford, Pa. Wharton Lansford High School. Friars Senior Society, Track Team C21 C31, Captain C41: 100-yd. Intercollegiate Champion 19249 220-yd. Intercollegiate Champion 1924, Fourth Place, 200 Meters, Olympie.Games, 1924, Varsity Club. WILLIAM HILLER "Bill" 30 Center St., Gowanda, N. J. Wharton Gowanda -High School.. JULIUS SPENCER HINCHMAN X A A ccefudyuv cctfay SI1: 2218 6th St., S. W., Canton, Ohio - Wharton McKinley High School. Wedge Club, Secretary- Treasurer C413 Football C11 C319 "Junior Annals' Business :Boaz-dg Dues Committee C113 Luncheon Coni- mittee C415 Picture Committee C213 Banquet.Com- mittee C315 Endowment Committee C415 Ohio Club C21, President C31 C415 Mask and Wig Cup Competition, Second Place C31. v MOTEL HINDIN K CP K lGMutt55 978 N. 7th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Education Central High School. Education Club, Menorah Society. 95 ABRAHAM LEWIS HODES SK-Al!! KSHGZS7 520 Fernon St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton Central High School. Menorah Society. MAURICE VVILSON HODGSON K A 'ID Cochranville, Pa. Wharton Cochranville High School. THOMAS SALKALD HODGSON A T A "Sock', 26741 Prairie Ave., Evanston, Ills. . Wharton Culver Military Academy. Sphinx Senior Society, Swimming C25 CD C433 Pony Polo C15 C239 Swimming Meet Medal C23 135, Baseball Manager C453 Freshman Cooperative Committeeg Penniman Bowl Committee 1239 Culver Club. HENRY G. HOFFMAN Oxford, Pa. Chemical Engineering VVater Polo C23 131 013. LOUIS C. HOFMANN A Q E ..H0fy,, 848 Main St., Wheeling, W. Va. Wharton Wheeling High Schoolg University of California 131. Moonshiners Club. HOMER LEROY HOOVER E A X CCCGVC77 967 Ash St., Johnstown, Pa. Wharton Johnstown High School. Wrestling Team, 135-pounds C4jg Open Hearth Club. SAMUEL C. HORNING A X E, E T ifSam77 .1549 N. 57th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Chemical Engineering West Philadelphia High School. Alembic Senior So- cietyg "Men about Towne" Clubg Priestley Club. 96 JOHN FREDERICK HORRISBERGER "Johnny" 2 cp E 217 W. Wyoming Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Mechanical Engineering Gerniantown High School. Whitney Engineering Society. JAMES JOSEPH HOURIGAN "Jimmie" 1034 5th Ave., Troy, N. Y. Wharton Troy High School, L DONALD KEARNS HOWE Z Q E ..D0n,, 3609 N. 21st St., Philadelphia, Pa. Engineering Northeast High School. ' A. DELNO HOVVLET T A X P r.Del,, 1025 Lincoln Way, W., Mishawaka, Ind. .Wharton Mishawaka High School. Hoosier Club, Secretary- Treasurer. ARTHUR WENDELL HUBBARD KCAMSI 519 S. 45th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Civil Engineering West Philadelphia High School. American! Society of Civil Engineers. FRANK PIERCE HUFF, JR. E Q E KCH74U'y!3 Hobie!! 134 E. lVIain St., Rockwell City,'Ia. Wharton Rockwell City High School. Editorial Board H1925 Class Record" C433 Senior Endowment Committee C455 Wrestling, Assistant Manager C3j, Manager C4J. JOSEPH M. F. HUGHES K E Carbondale, Pa. College Assistant Manager Boxing C3J, Manager C415 Penn- sylvanian Board. 97 DAVID W. HULBURD E . Germantown, Pa. Wharton O. LEE HUMMEL "Brute" "60 'inchesi' 1118 Mahantongo St., Pottsville, Pa. , ' 'Wharton Pottsville High School. Crew Coxswain C15 C25 C355 Picture Committee C453 Reformed Students' Committee C25 C35 C453 Christian Association Finance Drive C25 C35. A JAMES HEYWORTH HUNTER "Jimmie" . 9 X, A X E Primos, Pa. Chemical Engineering West Philadelphia High School. Water Polo C455 Priestley Club. ' EDGAR WAYNE 'HURFF H K N V l6HuTme77 56 Fayette St., Bridgeton, N. J. Electrical Engineering Bridgeton High School. Banquet Committee of Moore Schoolg American Institute of Electrical Engineersg "Men about Towne" Club Cast C35. HERMAN I-IUROWITZ Ogontz, Pa. Wharton Cheltenham High School. Spanish Club. EDWIN M. HYDEMAN 49 E II CCEd77 iiDex!7 622 S. George Stg, York, Pa. Wharton' Tome School. Freshman Tennis Teamg "Red and Blue" Business Board C15 C25 C35 C453 Wharton Dues Com- mittee C15g Dues Committee C255 Prom Ticket Com- mittee C25 C355 Picture Committee C255 Senior Class Endowment Committeeg Ivy Ball Committeeg Franklin Society: York County Clubg C. A. Campaign Com- mittee C455 Class Day Program Committee. JESSE HYMAN G T E fb "Jess" 161 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. , Wharton Wilkes-Barre High School. "Junto" Business Board C35, Circulation Manager C453 Dues Committee C15 C255 Junior Cane Committee: Freshman-Sophomore Love Feast Committee C15 5Endowment Fund Committee C45 9 Luzerne County Club, Vice-President C35 g President C45. 98 WSW 2 2 4 'X 22 A ..::'f' 5 s.:E':'E.. sr. '-5-.fig " ii' 2155315525233 4 1.. .- sg-1-l., '21, 312-Zfi.-45.-2.1.2151".-'1 , v-5z1.1f5'I '5, 2 ' 1 ' 2551" :fi i, -'-: 1-:,.f:,.57m:-ga.-:,gg ,5z1'.,:: ' - :H Q TS . " 2:2-1 1. ' my . ma.: r ' ig- '29 - FRANK THOMSON HYPPS 2120 Catherine St., Philadelphia, Pa.. Wharton Southern High School. 'C'est la Guerre-Club, Executive Committee C15 C25 C35 C45. LOUIS INGBER "Lou" "Saxophonel?, 5854 Larchwood Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. ' Wharton West Philadelphia High School, Band C15 C25 'C35 C45. LOUIS E. INKER llInky7! I l 872-.N. 6th St., Philadelphia, Pa. . Wharton Central High School. Chess Team C25. CLIFFORD NIOORE IRVIN II K A - ccclif-ri a:B0otSar I 321 W. Rio Grande St., El Paso, Tex. Wharton El Paso Hi h School. Band -1 . 2 3 4 Orchestra C25 C35 my 3 instrumental Clubc dylan ctzip .C -7 5 DAVID IZENBERG A 11 601 E. 23d Stl, Paterson, -N. J. College Paterson High School. NATHAN LEONARD JACOBS 112 B A "Nat" 2 28 W. 31st St., Bayonne, N. J. Wharton Bayonne High School. WILLIAM HOWE JAMESON IIKA, QPBK, TBH, EE A'Jimmie" "Bill,' 220 S. 39th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Civil Engineering Jenkintown High School. Van Nostrand Prize f35g Compass and Chain Society, President C452 American Society Civil Engineers. 99 KARL E. JARRELL 9 E "Leftyf' 1420 Ingraham St., Washington, D. C. lllharton Central High School. Baseball Squad C113 Track Squad C11 C21 C31 C413 Cross Country Squad C21 C31 C413 "Class Record" Editor C413 "Punch Bowli' Board' C413 "Red and Blue" Board C413 Vigilance Committee C213 Pants Fight Committee C21Q Students' Relations Committee C213 Treasurer Wharton Association C313 Social Service Committee C312 Ivy Ball Committee C413 Kite and Key Society C31, Vice-President C411 Capital City Club, President C413 Fund News C413 Class Day Committee C4 . HOYER A. JENSEN E A E aHy,, 2700 lst Ave., Cedar Rapids, Ia. VVharton Cedar Rapids High School. Track Team C11 C31 C41. FORREST CROSSETT JOBES H A E liJ0by7! 352 N. Willow St., Bordentown, N. J. Wharton Bordentown High S.chool3 Trenton High School. Rifle Squad C213 Zelosophic Society, Treasurer C411 Burling- ton County Club, Treasurer C31, Vice-President C413 Zelosophic Society Key C41. SHIRLEY THEODORE JOHNSON A T A Reed City, Mich. Wharton Reed City High Schoolg Hillsdale College C11 C21. ' THOMAS ARTHUR JOHNSON f5.T0mmy77 CCDOCBS 1500 Clayton St., Wilmington, Del. College Wilmington High School. Glee Club C312 Student Leader C41. V JOHN REID JOHNSTON 7932 Fillmore St., Fox Chase, Pa. 3 Fine Arts Northeast High School. HAROLD LEE JONES E N "Eddie', Saxton, Pa. Wharton Saxton High School3 Harrisburg Technical High School. Associate Editor H1925 Class R9COYd,,Q , Assistant hiantagg Basketball C313 Manager Basketball Tourna- men . 100 EDMUND JAKE KAHN fir E A "Eddie" ' 2509 S. Boulevard, Dallas, Tex. Wharton Forest Avenue H' l S h I. F h C S dg Third VarsityCre15lC2D? 00 res man ww qua SIDNEY KAHR 920 Riverside Drive, New York City College Stuyvesant High School. SAUL IRWIN KAMIN 111 E A Hsin 5605 Marlboro Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa. Wharton Sehenley High School. Sophomore Vigilance Com- mittee C2Jg Dues Committee C155 Chairman Music Committee C353 Staunton Military Academy Club. ALBERT DAVID KANRICH' H A fb '4Joe" "Duke,' 780 West End Ave., New York, N. Y. Wharton DeWitt Clinton High School. Freshman Crew: Junior Varsity Crew f2jg Freshman Welcome Committee. LOUIS KAPLAN E T Q, db A K 946 Poplar St., Philadelphia, Pa. College Central High School. Students' Medical Society. JOHN GROVE KAPP CID A 9 , "Joh1my', Bluffton, Ind. Wharton Mask and Wig Club C33 MJ. JOHN WVILLIAM KARBOSKI "Jack" 340 State St., Nanticoke, Pa.. Wharton Nzmticoke High Schoolg Bucknell University. l Ol ALEX KATZ CCAV7 Elmore Ave., Englewood, N. J. Wharton Englewood High School. HAROLD F. KATENSTEIN , 2203 Linden Ave., Baltimore, Md. ' Wharton JACOB KAUFFMAN c:Jalces: 1626 Champlost St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton Central High School. Football C155 Varsity Football Q25 C35 C455 Wrestling Team C155 Boxing Team C35 C455 Endowment Drive Co1nmittee5 Intercollegiate Heavy- weight Boxing Champion Q45. THOMAS JOSEPH KEAN aT0m,, 95 Plymouth St., New Haven, Conn. ' Wharton New Haven High School. ROBERT LOUIS KEANE SCBOIIYD 6361 Drexel Rd., Overbrook, Pa. Electrical Engineering West PhiladelphiaiHigh School. Class Football C35 C5155 Class Baseball C255 Moore School Athletic Chairman5 American Institute of Electrical Engineersg Newman Club5 Engineering Association. JOHN JOSEPH KEEVERS K A fb "Jacky "Blau" 1558 Blvd., -West Hartford, Conn. , - WVharton Endowment Drive C455'G1ee Club C25, Vice-President f35, President 1455 C'est la Guerre Club, First Vice- Commander C355 President Advertising Club C455 Song Leader 625. HAROLD 'ESTON KELLEY E IIB McClellandtown, Pa. Wharton German Township High School. 'Prom Ticket Come mittee C255 Banquet Ticket Committee C255 Steering Committee C355 Ivy Ball Arrangements Committeeg Endowment Committee- C45. ' 102 LEO MICHAEL KELLY qw A 9 CC-Mil6895 fCKelZH Phillipsburg, N. J. Phoenixville High School. Brown Preparatory School. RICHARD JAMES KELLY "Dick" 3515 Beechwood Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa. College ginzrihzi.-Ix1toPrep Cgichgol. CYig,ilag1ceNCommitE5e C25: rxan. g 5 KZ, KQV President My ee u C 5 ewman nb C15 'FRAN CIS JOHN KEOGI-I A .fb E 48 Avondale Pk., Rochester, N. Y. Wharton Aquinas Institute. Rochester Club. MATTHEW' E. KEOGH 6 A X "Hiatt" 70 Bridge St., South Hadley Falls, Mass. College Hebron Academy. Track C15 C25 C35 C45: Executive gimgmittee Arts Association: Varsity Club: Newman Ll . HARRISON GILL KILDARE "Killyl' e X, fb is K 258 S. 46th St., Philadelphia, Pa. , College Washington Central High School. "Red and Blue" Editorial Board C35 C455 Glee Club C35, Vice-President C45:'lPhilomathean Society C35 C45: Baptist Vice-P1iesi- :lent C45: Field Song Prize C35: Co-Author "Joan of Arkansasug President of Glee Club C45. .JAMES ROSER KINNEY A XII Netcoiig, N. J. ' Veterinary Netcong High School. Veterinary Medical Society. NIAX EICHBERG KLEEMAN Z B T ilMaa:97 Hotel Deming, Terre Haute, Ind. Wharton Normal High School. Photographic Staff, "Red and Blue" C25 C35 C45: Business Assistant, H1925 Class Recordu: Dues Committee C15 C25: Prom Committee C255 Freshman-Sophomore Love Feast Committee C25: Photographic Editor, "Junior Annals": Junior Banquet Committee: Hoosier Club: Culver Club: Boy Scout Club: DeMolay Club: Social Service Work, Christian Association. 103 SYDNEY M. KLEEMAN KID E II ffsidil I 1424 Virginia St., Charleston, W. Va. Wharton Charleston High School. Business Assistant, H1925 Class Record." ROBERT KLINE :cpatsa ccpatsyss vc:B0bn 252 Main St., Gloucester, Mass. Wharton Gloucester High School. Boxing Team C25 CBJ. MARTIN CHRISTOPHER KNABE, 3D 816 14th Ave., Moore, Pa. T B II, E E' Civil Engineering Ridley Park High School. Compass and Chain Society. OWEN BEALL KNIGHT, JR. fb A 9 HO. B." "0ssie" 5417 N. 6th St., St. Joseph, Mo. g Wharton Phillips Andover Academyg Roxbury Tutoring School. Banquet Ticket Committee C153 Picture Committee C255 Cane Committee C-D. RAYMOND LUCIUS KNIGHT A X P CGRay7J 207 Jay St., Olean, NL Y. Wharton Olean High School. FERD. S. KNOWLES, JR. "Fwd" - 517 Tome St., Ridley Park, Pa. Wharton Ridley Park High School. JULIAN M. KOBACKER f-if E 1.1 "Kobie" ' 92311 Glenwood Ave., Toledo, O. X Wharton' Scott High School. 104 if :Q 4. ,...,,,, N . ,i tz i-2 2' :?5.-:v.2:- 'f ' -14' V' "'1-. ,, gg K ': : 1:21 11. 1 4 '- ' L . il ' if N " 2? -:w4.'.,.- 4' , 'QE' f 5, " " 2' Q PAUL J. KOCH E II "Charley" New Waterford, O. Wharton Columbiana High School. Band C11 C23 C353 Instru- mental Club C25 C3J. HISATSUGU KODZU "Him" 670 Tengachaya, Osaka, Japan Wharton Lawrenceville School. President Japanese Students' Clubg Committee of International Students' House. WILLIAM FREDERICK KOELLE, JR. "Billy 6424 City Line, Overbrook, Pa. Civil Engineering Friends Central High School. Department Basketball Team C35 CLD: Swimming Class Team CD: Civil En- gineers' Entertainment Committee C355 Civil Engi- neering Societyq American Society of Civil Engineers. STACY PANCOAST KOECNEMANN, Jn. "Staci, "Ken" A II E 56th St. and Central Ave., Ocean City, N. J. - College Collingswood High School. Zelosophic Society. DANIEL D. KOHLER A N11 YKDOCSD KiDan75 55RucZy33 42 S. Reading Ave., Boyertown, Pa. I Veterinary Boyertown High School. Veterinary Medical Society Vice-President C4j. SAMUEL KOHN Z A M fCSam5! ifsammyfl 29'Whittier Ave., Trenton, N. J. Wharton. Bordentown Military Institute. Basketball, Junior Varsity Basketball C21 C3b, Varsity Squad C455 Christian Association Drive Committee CSJ. SIDNEY JAMES KOVNER i CID E A "Kane" 85 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, N. Y. lvharton Commercial High School. Freshman Football Team. I 05 SYDNEY ALEXANDER KRAMER O A T CCJit37 43 Columbia Terrace, Weehawken, N. J. Wharton Emerson High School. Wrestling Squad C25 C35. FREDERICK KRIN G E T "Fred" gKK7'7:7LgiG,, 921 Cedar St., Bristol, Pa. , Mechanical Engineering Bristol High, School. Swimming Team C255 Junior Varsity Football C35 C459 Crew C255 Department Foot- ball C35 C457 Department Baseball C25 C35 C455 Engi- neering Dance Committee C35 C45 5 Whitney Engineering Society, President C45. J IN NOSUKE H. KUMAZAWA Kvimu Kobe, Japan Wharton Shoko High Schoolg Keio University. Gym Team C25 C35, Captain C455 Zelosophic Literary Society C35 C455 Japanese Students' Club. CLARENCE FREDERICK KUNZLER "Dutch" "F1'ifz" "Butch" 910 Buchanan Ave., Lancaster, Pa. ' Wharton Franklin and Marshall Academy. GEORGE HARVEY KURTZ 312 W. Mahoning St., Punxsutawney, Pa. Wharton Fignxsutawney High School. Zelosophic Society C25 C35 4 . JOHN S. LANCASTER A E 419 "Jack" 113 Onondaga Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. Wharton Syracuse Central High School. Penniman Bowl Com- mittee C15g Vigilance Committee C257 Prom Ticket Committee C255 Chairman Junior Smokerg Ivy Ball Committeeg Interfraternity Ball Committee: Secretary- Treasurer Interfraternity Council: Band C35 C459 Banquet Committee C255 Freshman-Sophomore Love Feast Committee C25: Endowment Committee C45. ROBERT S. LANGE 4234 Redbud Pl., Cincinnati, Ohio Wharton Hughes High School. ' 106 1' J,- ri' ,'-ef . 49 , f f .. -W? .. .C ..,..,.. , , , ft at f 4? f YG 4 H - B. "125'I ?.C 5' ur.'.f, '-w ' +4 0 QE"-,L . l lf -vga-ae-. - .t -f :- ti as - - - ' an 1.:,:,:gg5 4, 'fe " ?gfiH::,-f'f:,Zjg ' ' . CHARLES LARKIN, Jn. 1 Cobleskill, N. Y. . lVharton Cobleskill High School. MARVIN J. LARONGE 111 E A 'Ullurphn 3824 Coventry Rd., Cleveland, Ohio Wharton Glenville High School. Sophomore Prom Committee: Class Dues Committee C235 Class Banquet Committee CD5 Cleveland Club, President C4j. RAY E. LATSHAW "Latch,' 323 Church St., Royersford, Pa. Q VVharton Royersford High School: Lehigh University. Taylor Society. BURTON RANDOLPH LAUB 2 II "Demon" "Smiley" "Burt" 2105 Peach St., Erie, Pa. 1 . 'Wharton Ei-ie Academy High' schooi. crew 4195 Third varsity: 150-pound Crewg Picture Committeeg Ivy Ball Ticket Committee: Erie County Club. CHARLES E. LAUDENSLAGER, JR. E T "C'harliei' 1416 Wyoming Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Civil Engineering Germantown High School. Class Basketball C33 C459 President Civil:Engineering Society: American Society Civil Engineering: Roaring Lions Club. S. FRANK LAVESON 2211 N. 33d St., Philajdelphia, Pa. VVha1'ton Central High Sohool. Menorah Society C35 C4D. ROBERT LEE HBOU, HHOPH 30 E. Center St., Woodbury, N. J. Wharton yfoodbury High School, Junior Varsity Football CBJ 45. 107 A5 ex f,,f M J uf I gf 1 f f .. .,,,,,.,.,,. .,..,. if-1, ':l!,-v.1:f.:-25'-1.g,",1 ' 13 ' 1.414131 uf 2'4":v. - . . 1,.,.,i1-G:-i-: X255 ft-' -6:3 fairy: '-'- ff - Z9 'C .7 .... .. I , 0 if 4 2 .4 f V V f - , S2 if fy 'la ALBERT ERROL LEEDS fb M 2 HAZ!! ECDUCSY 304 W. School Lane, Germantown, Pa. Wharton Westtown School:4Olivet College CD C2D. Third Soccer Team C335 Chess Club, Vice-President C404 STANLEY LEESER 112 E II "Stan" 6733 Merrill Ave., Chicago, Ills. Wharton Englewood High School. Editorial Board, "Red and Blue" C35 C4j. 2' WAINO AUGUST LEHTO 716 Acorn St., New Castle, Pa. Wharton Suomi College Academy. LOUIS ISRAEL LEIMBERG ffLil73 Ci-Lou!! 3048 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Civil Engineering Northeast High School. Civil Engineering Society CD C25 C31 C4jg American Society of Civil Engineers. SHVION LENSON CIF B A .foyn 2301 Broad Ave., Altoona, Pa. Wharton Altoona High School. WVILLIAM JAY LEON A E A "Pence, 9928 N. 66th St., Philadelphia, Pa. . WVharton West Philadelphia High School. Boxing Squad C11 C25 C35 C415 Team C4DQ Ivy Ball Committee C405 West Philadelphia High School Club. LEO FRANK LEONARD 4.Lee,, HDOCH 308 Oak St., Scranton, Pa. College St. Thomas College. Der Deutsche Vereing Spanish' Club. 108 4 Q? 1- 2 'MN 2225 gre 5,2 N m v Mews 44 ' 2 'ISF .. ..,, X xy . I, 'Q S Q4 'Sf off' 4' X1 -SX za as. 'iv . SW. aw N2 x fly.: 1, XV 2 CMU N1 5 J' 5 1 , 1 v . Q. 'QQ , E, ge, ' X' 4 4555: .. -1 mms' , - M :v?"L. . V Q ""' lE' :?i'5t ' "" 'iE752524iEEi42:i: x . 25 f iiiiir -X ,321 :f a 1 - - " S is ' .-21, " ::. ,. 'ff:1:E'i:,. is-1 X i l C C lx A w VICTOR S. LESSER II A if ulyicn 600 W. 113th St., New York, N. Y. Wharton DeWitt. Clinton High School. Tennis Team C155 Tennis Squad C25 C353 Water Polo Team C25 C35 C455 Winner Fall Tennis Tournament C25. HARVEY DUDLEY LEUIN' T A CID :cRedn ccRusty:: 214 Norwood Ave., Long Branch, N. J. Wharton DeWitt Clinton High School. Crew C15 C25 C355 Glee Club C455 Delllolay Club C35. ABRAHAM LEVIN G CAbe7 7 7835 Brewster Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. West Philadelphia High School. HARRY L. LEVIN 835 W. State St., Trenton, N. J. Trenton High School. Track Squad mittee C159 Picture Committee C15. LEROY M. LEVINSON "Henry" "Levie,' b 163 Grant Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. Vandergrift High School. MAURICE LEVITAN - - :cMauTy:: cclvloeas C 3044 lflth St., N. VV., Washington, Central High School. HSIEH CHEN LI HE Z.. Shansi Bank, Tientsin, China Tsing Hua College. Zelosophio Society. 109 1 4,lf,ef ff QM fix P LIP. A f I 1? f '7 f 4 Wharton W " 1 ff f fu, -,,. . .. " fqj Z B T it . ...Ali-i-1354,:tfwfilfilr-if-52" . 57-122255-f1.i:'I 'f-.'2l13.'!iE?7':'T-'-'1 4 - ' ' .g.,ri-q,,'12g1.:af-:.1:f.1ff.1:-51-2-1' if f 2 , .V -- ' '1 'I:."jf:'j:I:IF5I5-1'- izfjf -f -Y ' Aa?'Q.1gipQg-.V , 0.24 Vag::sZ:?gg:Q.HE'E-jzi432:g ag, 4,4 ,vwf-wh, 4 11 ...aff-2 ' PEC' .. '- .4 -4:51.....f:p1:-.swf -2:-,peaiii ' 1.5, g 1:27 V if 2 1:-1.21:-.5:s1-:-321: , V 1i' :.:..::z.azE.3- if 11 ' I 1 fa .gs .5f:v2'f f12'f':'E':f:E. . ' ww! 3 of 4- -15 2. '-:5-1.3 . fygijfg gf fr, . 1, , f ,. 9, ,eff :f 51: ai., .1 Wharton Pipe Com- Wharton CIDA C. Wharton V Wharton ish. DAVID MAISH LIDDLE E N "Dave" 105 Foster Drive, Des Moines, Ia. Wha1'ton West Des Moines High School. ' THEODORE LIDLE 414-6 Parrish St., Philadelphia, Pa. 4 College 4 Southern High School. A HARRY JAY LIKOFF - T E 112' 6117 Carpenter St., Philadelphia, Pa. - Wharton West Philadelphia., High School. Endowment com- mittee C43. ALFRED G. LINDBLAD, JR. Ve E 1 A Q SIBUCICBY 824 Aldine Ave., Chicago, Ill. Fine Arts Lewis Institute. Architectural Society. WILLIAM EZRA LINGELBACH, JR. 3 Z W, cr B K, cr: K B ccwillyra ccEZv ' 4304 Osage Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. College West Philadelphia High School. Sphinx Senior Society: Tennis C13, Captain C23 C33 C431 Soccer C13 C23 C33, . Captain C433 Debating Team C33 C1135 Class Soccer . Teamg Class Tennis Teamg All-American Center Forward Soccer C23 C33 C433 "Red and Blue" Board C23 p C33 C439 President Arts Association C43, Secretary C339 . Ud dtPh'BtK ClbC43 President n ergra ua e 1 e a appa - u 3 President Religious Education C433 Chairman Com- munity Center C33g Valedictoriang Bowl Man. JOHN MORROW LINTON ' V iIJudge73 2059 N. 62d St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wliarton Altoona High School, ' ' l ABRAHAM H. LIPEZ ..Abe,, V A 333 S. Fairview St., Lock Haven, Pa. . I Wharton' ' 'Lock Haven High School. 110 MORDECAI LIPKIN Jerusalem, Palestine Teachers' Training College:'1-Iigh School of Commerce. Schleicher Prize f3Jg Menorah Society. SIDNEY JUDAH LIPSON i T .E fb Kish!!! 1912 65th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Wl13I'tO1l New Utrecht High School. ROBERT' RAYMOND LISKEY "Bohn "Jaow" , Harrisonburg, Va. ' lfVha1'to11 Harrisonburg High School. Virginia Club. HERMAN LIVEZEY 4218 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. College "Junto" Editorial Board C27 CSD, Chairman C455 Philo- mathean Society, Librarian C21 C35 C415 Rhymers' Club C15 C2D', Chairman C35 i413 C'est la Guei-re'CIub: Chinese-American Forum. GEORGE TRUMBO LOCKE KEDDCH 1311 Gallia St., Portsmouth. O. 'Wharton Porwrnouih High School. Ohio Club, JOSEPH LONIAX T B H, E E KFJUB77 5916 Jackson St., Wissiinomiiig, Pa. , Chemical Engineering Frankford High School. Priestley Chemical Society. HERBERT TROSS LORENTZ E N 4 ICHETZIIQ 231 Lincoln St., Johnstown, Pa.. Wharton Igogmstown High School. President Open Hearth Club 4 . 111 OWEN A. LUCKENBACH 6 A X "Luke" "Luckie" 29 E. 'Wall St., Bethlehem, Pa. Fine Arts Nazareth Hall Military Academy. Lacrosse 111: Architectural Ball Committee C41. CHRYSOSTOM JOHN LUCKETT "Doss" 1213 17th St., Altoona, Pa. - Wharton Altoona High School. Ivy Week Committee C41: Newman Club. PAUL ROHRER LUTZ E T 'gStmngler,' - 1014 S. 49th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Mechanical Engineering West:Philadelphia High School. Wrestling Team C11 C21 C31 H413 Third Place 158-pound Class Intercollegiate Championships C313 Whitney Society: "Men about Towne" Club: American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers: Engineers' Show Q31. HENRY JACOBS LYMAN fKJaclc37 Ci-Ly!! 5914 Carpenter St., Philadelphia, Pa. VVharton Lower Merion High School. ISAAC SERRELL LYSTER, JR. HECIGU A E CIP, E T 159 Midxvay Ave., Lansdowne, Pa. Mechanical Engineering Lansdowne High School. Whitney Society: Glee Club C31 C41: Engineers' Show C31: "Men about Towne" Club: American Society of Mechanical Engineers. HECTOR EDWARD MACDONALD E X "Moen "Malcolm" . 6-lf Amherst St., East Orange, N. J. -V Wharton East Orange High School. Sphinx Senior Society: Foot- ball C11, Junior Varsity C21, Varsity C31: Crew C11, Junior Varsity C21, Varsity C31, Captain C413 Sopho- more Vigilance Committee: Ivy Ball Committee: Varsity Club Q31 C41: Student Vestry. HARRY I. MACLEAN K A Q "Mac" 28 Dellinger Ave., Batavia, N. Y. Wharton Batavia High School. Instrumental Club: Zelosophic Society, Secretary 131. 112 SAMUEL WILLIAM MAGITSON if A iinlaggylf 619 N. Eugus St., Pottstown, Pa. Wharton Pottstown High School. MICHAEL EDWARD MALFARA 'Wlikcl' 617 Center St., Johnsonburg, Pa. VVharton J ohnsonburg High School. Newman Club. X ROLAND .FRED MALLON - 9 X SCROZPY I 816 Roosevelt Blvd., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton Northeast High School. Sophomore Dues Committee C235 Chairman Junior Banquet Committee C353 North- east High School Club: Song Leader C319 Ivy Week Committeeg Mask and Wig Show C4j. ANDREW DURLAND MAPES E LID E fi-Anclyli 1222 Nebraska Ave., Norfolk, Ncbr. Wharton Kemper Military School. Wrestling CD C413 Rocky Mountain Clubg Band C11 CZJ C3j. SIDNEY MARBIN iisitlil 6016 Cobbs Creek Parkway, Philadelphia, Pa. - Wharton South Philarlephia High School. ROBERT S. MARCUS K N CfB0b77 ilAtlaS3! 23410 N. 3d St., Harrisburg, Pa. Wharton Harrisburg Technical High School. Football Team C15 C23 C35 C413 Wrestling C21 C333 Picture Committee C259 Endowment Drive Committee C414 Varsity Club Cflj. LEONARD NIAREIN 10 Argyle Park, BuHa1o, N. Y. Wharton Lafayette High School. Water Polo Team. 113 RICHMAN STANLEY MARGESON CID T A 1381 South St., Portsmouth, N. H. Wliartoll Pedclie School. ABRAM MARGOLIS A E TI "Sheik, "Abd, 75,1 S. 5th Ave., Coatesville, Pa. College Coatesville High School. STANTON G. MARQUARDT A T A Commodore Apts., Des Moines, Ia. Wharton Wes? Des Moines High School. University of Iowa 15 25. LLEWELLYN CHARLES MARTIN E db E ccLewss ' 9 Norwood Ave., Rockport, Mass. VVharton Gloucester High School. Scabbard and Blade: RiHe Team C35 SAMUEL MARTIN, JR. H K N Clsamli Lee and San Marino Aves., Bryn Nlawr, Pa. . Electrical Engineering Lower Merion High School. Junior Varsity Crew C-355 Class Football Team C35 C455 Chairman Engineering Student Council: American Institute of Electrical Engineersg Varsity Club. HOBART REINOLD MARVIN K A 419 flHObey,l ' 450 Front St., Addison, N. Y. . WVharton Fencing Team C25 C35, Captain C45. KENNETH CARVER MASSEY "Ken" "Canute" . M 42 York St., Larnbertville, N. J. Wharton Lambertville High School. ' ll4 MARSHALL GROVE MATHENY B 9 II "IVIzke" 322 E. Wallace Ave., New' Castle, Pa. I VVha.rton New Castle High School. "The Pennsylva.nian" Busi- ness Board C35 C459 Business Manager "Junior Annals" C359 Sophomore Vigilance Committeeg .Sophomore Executive Committee: Sophomore Prom Committee: Ivy Week Committeeg Manager Instrumental Club C353 Manager Musical Clubs C45 MICHAEL ALLAN MATLOCK T B II "Mike" 414 W. Race St., Pottsville, Pa. Civil Engineering Roman Catholic High School. Compass and Chain Society C152 Civil Engineering Societyg American Society of Civil Engineers. GEORGE MAXMAN 6212 Wfashington Ave., Philadelphia, Par. Wharton Frankford High School. Wrestling. Team C15 C253 Championship Wrestling C-15 C25 C35. YVILLIAM LEWIS lVIAY 1912 Poplar St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wlharlon Coatesville High School. ' THOMAS CANMNG MCBRIDE, JR. 2 'r ' ' Tommy' ' --C 210 VV. Chelten Ave., Germantown, Pa. ' Mechanical Engineering Germantown Academy. Engineers' Dance Committee C353 Vice-President "Men about Towne" Club C453 Mask and Wig Club C353 Whitney Society C15 C25 C35 CQ5, Secretary C35 3 Engineers? Show C15 C35 C455. WILLIAM S. MCCAHAN CID M E FlMTac!7 214 Ed St., Huntingdon, Pa.. Wharton Huntingdon' High School. Varsity Debating Team C45, Philomathean Society C35 C45, Treasurer C355 President of Interscliolastic Debating League of Philadelphia High Schools. JAMES MATTHEW' MCCORMACK "Mack" 507 Bloom St., Danville, Pa. Wharton St. Joseph's High School. 115 KENNETH HERBERT MCDOWELL "Ken" "Mac" A T A 235 Armington St., Providence, R. I. Wha1'ton New York Military Academy. "The Pennsylvanianu Editorial Board C25 C35 C453 Freshman-Sophomore Love Feast Committee C153 Sophomore Dues Committee C253 Sophomore Picture Committee C25 3 Chairman Publicity Committee Sophomore Prom C253 Junior Class Picture Committee3 Senior Endowment Drive Committee. EDWARD F. MCGINLEY, JR. A T A Killlaciy Chester, Pa. VVharton Swarthmore Preparatory School. Friars Senior Society3 Junior Varsity Football C25, Varsity C35 C453 All-Am- erican Tackle C453 Varsity Lacrosse Team C35 C453 Varsity Club3 Cane Man. JOHN EDWARD MCGOVERN, JR. Chester, Pa. Wharton La Salle College Preparatory School, l'Punch Bowl" Board C35 C453 Managing Editor C453 "Red and Blue" Editorial Board C453 Class Historiang Senior Advisor3 Franklin Society. REA MCGRAW A T, CIP K B ffDIugS!! 50 Carmel Rd., Buffalo, N. Y. lVharton Lafayette High School. Sphinx Senior Society3 Baseball C15 C25 C35 C453 Basketball C15 C253 Football C15 C25 C35, Captain C453 Sophomore Vigilance Committee3 Bowl Contest Marshalg Scalp and Blade3 Kite and Key Society3 Varsity Club3 Spoon Man. FRANCIS MORRELL MCGUIRE A 2112 liMac!7 509 Linwood Ave., Buialo, N. Y. V Wharton Lafayette High School. Pony Polo C15 C25 C35 C453 Golf Team C453 President Scalp and Blade3 Assistant Manager Golf Team C353 Manager C453 Head Song Leader C45. EDWIN M. MCHENRY E N rcpeteu I 525 Adair Ave., Zanesville, 0. - Wharton Zanesville High School. Sophomore Vigilance Com- mittee3 Steering Committee Junior Prom C353 General Chairman Freshman-Sophomore Love Feast C253 Fresh- man Cooperative Committee C15. WALLACE LINCOLN MCINTYRE 9 E CiWaZly!5 flMac77 35 Hawthorne Rd., Brookline, Mass. Wharton Dorchester High School. 116 RANDOLPH THOMAS MCKELVEY "Mac" 9 A X 611 S. 48th St., Philadelphia, Pa. College Wilkinsburg High School. ELMER O, MCLANE A E fb, fb K B Fort Cobb, Okla. Wharton Central Normal School, Edmond, Okla. Friars Senior Societyg Track Team C15 C25 C35 C45, Captain C155 Cross Country C15 C25, Captain C355 Indoor Intercollegiate Two-Mile Champion, with Record C255 Member 0174- Mile International Relay Team C15. WILLIAM Zi MCLEAR E X Si,B7:lZ7J I 401 Midland Ave., St. Davids, Pai. Wharton Radnor High School- EDWARD A. MCTAGUE CCMGCSI 732 N. 24th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Viiharton Brown Preparatory School. Newman Clubg Roman Catholic High School Clubq Wedge Club. JAMES 'LEWIS MCVEY XII T l6J7:ml7 5935 Wayne Ave., Germantown, Pa. Wharton Germantown High School. Sphinx Senior Societyg Swimming Squad C25 C359 Assistant Manager Baseball C35, Freshman 'Baseball Manager C5155 Crew C15: "Red and Blue" C15 C25 C35 C459 Dues Committee C15 .Q Banquet Committee C155 Prom Committee C259 Cane Committee C355 Endowment Committee C459 Glee, Club C453 Mask and Wig Chorus "Joan of Arkansas" C45. RICHARD RAMSAY MEAD A T "Dick" 249 Harvey St., Germantown, Pa. College Doylestown High School. Glee Club C25 C35 645. WILLIAM PAGE MEALING ACACIA 425 Lincoln Ave., Williamsport, Pa. Wharton Williamsport High School. Junior Banquet Ticket Committee: Ivy Ball Ticket Committee: Lycoming County Club, President: Zelosophic Society. ' 117 WILLARD VINCENT MERRII-IUE "Mei-ry' "Bill" 9 X, E T5 Q X E 59 Atlantic St., Carteret, N. J. Chemical Engineering Easton High School. Hexagon Senior Societyg Alembic Chemical Societyg "Pennsylvania Triangle" C21 ,C31, Editor-in-chief "Q X 2 News" C413 'President Priestley Chemical Society C415 1-'resident Alernbic Senior Chemi- cal Society C413 President Lions Engineering Fraternity C21 C31 C415 Eastern Chairman of the Engineering College Magazines Associated C413 Chairman of the Engineers Dance C315 Entertainment Chairman for Freshrnan Engineering Smoker C413 Executive Com- mittee Engineering Association C41: "Men 'about Towne" Clubq Engineers? Show C413 Chemical Show C31 C415 Editor-in-Chief "Pennsylvania Triangle" C21C31C41g Author of' Chemical Show of 1925. FRANK N. INIILLER 125 N. Grand St., Waynesboro, Pa. 'Wharton 'VVaynesboro High School. JOHN WESLEY MILLER "Irish" ' 133 Queen Lane, Germantown, Pa. Wharton Germantown High School. ROBERT LEONARD MILLER A E if ifgobii 1009 Lexington Ave., Altoona Pa. ' Wharton Altoona High School. Manager of Debate C315 Prom Ticket Committee C315 Ivy Ball Decorations Com- mittee C41g President Debate Council C31. WILLIAM R. MILLER, JR. , A K -E "Bill" ' 119 Kentucky Ave., S. E., Washingt'on, D.UC. ' 'Wharton Eastern High School. J. 'CHESTER MILLEY A II .E Harnnionton, N. J. . VVharton Hammonton High School. CONRAD FULMER, IVIILLS A X A "Cormie,' 4424 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton St. Albans School. 'Scrub Football C21.. 118 ROBERT LEONARD MILLS 9' E' CiB0bH 30 W. Sth St., Chester, Pa. V Electrical Engineering Chester High School. Swimming Squad C21 C31: Class Football C31 C41: Baseball C21,g- Chairrnanilingiiieers' Dance Committee' C31 C413 Engineering Association Secretary-Treasurer C41: Chester Club: American 'L114 stitute of Electrical Engineers. J. ALLEN MINNICI-I ' K 113 K CHAI!! liDean!l CGDOCH, ' Hegins, Pa. I . Eduvsation Franklin and Marshall Academy, West Chester Normal School. Education Clubg President C41g'Gerni:m Club. JOHN ARTHUR MITCHELL XII T, B 1' E "Jack'i 5401 London.Rd., uluth, Minn. ' Wharton Duluth Central High School. Manager Freshman Tennis Teamg "Red and Blue" Boardg "Class Record" Business Associateg Junior Week Committeeg Under- graduate,Eudowment Cornmitteeg'Mnsk and Wig Club C31 C415 Mask and Wig Show C31 C41. RICHARD PAUL MITCHELL 5 A m cpm" fuvfuchu C 128 Crafton Ave., Pitman, N. J. , College Glassboro High.School. Assistant Manager Rifle. Team C313 Arts Association ExecutivevCoinmittee C315 Freslu man Cheer Leader C11. CLARENCE LEE EDWARD MONROE "M0nnie,' ' . SZ XII 4? 33 N. 42d St., Philadelphia, Pa.. 1 College West Philadelphia High School. Rivas Bacteriological Society. 1 OLIN JONES MOORE. 5553 'Webster St., Philadelphia., Pa. Wharton Atlantic City High School. JESSE ALBERT MORGAN 47 Seaton Pl., N. VV., Vllashington, D.'C. Mechanical Engineering Central High School. 119 ... . , 5:1 "" ' N gicllklifiiiziii2.5plfZE5.v.f3:E'f7l5" ..p,.: .V 1 ff if 53931524::'E3'2ZEf'55:l5' .- ,, I... " wif:-1. 1...- -1 me-. -.1 W..-p1.2.':. 1. , Q 35. 9' ivy .-va4G.,. fs., LQ..-,.-:wy..:,.g.,.m.g.-s.f: f 5 J. C21-'xiii 42:1-:.f w:.s:s:f5f -..,f I I V 4, :.. fini." , i"Z11jj,, M.: .Q 1.- -sa. " - xi , '1:- Cuffs!-E " 5 -.J "i'iE2'12:E?FZI.1'1'- 142:22 ! .- .fs5g0j?i'7 fb? A' 15, Zi, G 1 9 .4 fl ff? If a f if K' if ,nr Ji' ,,jgM,a,g'Q M W W "' I ..-1.,.:,--1 ffiifi 'iam " 5 ' ' :ss ..z'-,.-.7 257 ,, V ma , 2 V . . , ,,,.. . . fa . .4'- 2 ff "Gi ,- ,,,. ,--f- , . A , W y , ,. . ., 4 'W M -. f ' ..:.f5,.g .a . - ,Lf V - 1 .ww any -' 4, ,.fw,., .W .,,,gz.,, W if V' ,Q iv., -' jf 3- MQW ff, V , -- f- .g:':z.i:5.2.4:. .iizwf N ,fff I V :55g..5g?:A..:.:.:.,.l 1. Q41 - .- , . Hifi 4 -,-4 'uf' -H3 ' i-421 A 5 , mfxaf 4 'A ...' ... 'M 1- wp-:,:.,f:-f.f .swag ff if 24 ff' 4 f-Q X.-f if-2. ,-1af-.s:3--'fi-'-f+'.- fer me-eziL 3 47 - -. 'L ,gf.f,,Q:wjW5 Y 5, Q 1 frfff r 34 I , 33,2 ,fax 1 W ,, f , 1 Q Q If f I.. , , Y L 4 Q- f QQQ 1' - aa oa an ALBERT J. MORRIER ' r 117 Meadows St., North Adams, Mass. Wharton Drury High School. French Club, Treasurer C25, Presie dent C355 Dramatic Club C259 Orchestra C25. A WILLIAM WIDENER MORRIS 112 E K ' CGBilly33 fCBill97 835 N. Front St., Reading, Pa. I D ., Wharton Reading High School. Friazjs Senior Society: ,Basket- ball Team C154 C35 C455 Lacrosse -C153 Chairman Refresh- ments Committee Ivy Ballg Varsity Clubg Berks County Club, President C45. EDWARD W. MORRISON lCEd57 1 2l5'Ontario St., Cohoes, N. Y. ' ' Wharton St. Bernards' Academy. WILLEY BONHAM MOTISHER A X E lSB7:ll5! k Mantua Ave., Sewell, N. J. X Chemical Engineering Woodbury High School. Executive Committee Priest- ley Club C455 Roaring Lions Club: Orchestra Engineers Showg "Men about Towne" Club. EARL E. MOYER 710 N. 6th St., Allentown, Pa. VVharton Iola CKans.5 High School. JERRY JOSEPH MOYER 134 S. Franklin St., Allentown, Pa. VVharton Allentown High School. Lehigh-Northampton Club. DUDLEY GREGORY MURPHY 2 II 629 W. 10th St., Erie, Pa. Wharton Erie Central High School. Erie 'County Club C15: Manager University Baud C35 120 JULIUS MYERBERG n Z T 42 3631 Liberty Heights Ave., Baltimore, Md. Fine Arts LEONARD ROBERT NACHMAN 111 A "Levi, 4513 Upshur St., N. W., Washington, D. C. Wharton McKinley Manual Training School. Baseball' C135 Track C135 Banquet' Committee C13 C235 Love Feast Committee C235 Asiatic Night C235 Junior Week C335 Endowment Drive C435 Sophomore Prom C235 Junior Cane Committee C335 Ticket Committee Ivy Bally Menorah Society: Spanish Club5 Capital City Club. MILTON CHARLES NAI-IM CID B K KIDOCH 1019 Douglas Ave., Las Vegas, N. Mex. College Las Vegas High School. Crew Squad C13 C23 C33 C435 Crew Regatta Medals C235 "Junto" Editorial Board C23 C435 Sophomore Scholastic Honorsg Spanish Club, President C435 Rocky Mountain Club: Co-Author Mask and Wig Prize Scenario C435 Co-Author "Joan of Arkansas." JOSEPH S. MICHAEL NATHAN "Joe" "Muff 1327 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. . Wh3.Tt0ll Central High School. SYDNEY J. NEEDS A E fin, E T, E E GCSyd35 426 S. 42th St., Colwyn, Pa. Mechanical Engineering Darby High School. Hexagon Senior Soeietyg Track C13 C23 C33 C435 Banquet Committee C33 C435 Varsity Clubg Whitney Engineering Society C23 C33 C43. LEON A. NEFSKY Z B T 19410 S. 25th St., Lincoln, Nebr. Wharton Lincoln High Schoolg University of Nebraska C13 C23, BERNARD AARON NEVAS HB no , 57 3Voodu?ard Ave., South Norwalk, Conn. Wharton Norwalk High School. Class Football C135 Baseball C135 Nutmeg Club. l'ZI ..,. -' ' ,, :I-'gz-1:f':-Beg' .-.,,'L:tk2"2y.- ' " ,ii-:-Z ' "J ' ' 1 "-Vzop-P . i I X , .4,.. Legg., . V ' H J :ff '--'ww '- 3 5 3 . 's z a H ,5- ..Q. ., 4. 'L-3'-IgE'Y' , 1" z,eg:, .,a. N. . a- pg, :fy -C NATHANIEL NEWMANN Newark, N. J. A Wharton DAVID NIRENBERG B 'Z P a:N?:Tyss ccDa,D6sn ccB6!rkn 1919 Newkirk Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. ' Wharton Erasmus HallfHigh School. Lacrosse C15 C259 Endow- ment Committee C453 Senior Picture Committee: Erasmus Hall Club. PEARCE NOLAND, JR. 817 S. Dakota Ave., Tampa, Fla. . Wharton Hillsborough High School. Rifle Team.C15 C25 C35 C45 Dancing Chorus Mask and Wig C35. LAWVRENCE H. NOLTE A II E "Milce,' 630 Bridgelore St., Riverside, N. J. , Q A Wharton Palmyra High School. ' ROBERT ,SCOTT NOON-E ccB0b:: ncscottyv 312 lst St., Conemaugh, Pa. - " Wharton Conemaugh High School, Football C45: Endowment Committee C45: Open Hearth Club: Wrestling C35 C45. WILLIAM JOHN NORTH "Lord North" "Bill" 49 Kay St., Newport, R. I. I . College Rogers High School: Tufts College C15. Cross Country Squad C35 C452 Rhymers' Club C25. . JOSEPH OMINSKY ICJOGTI 5 1121 N. 40th St., Philadelphia, Pa. VVharton South Philadelphia High School: Drexel Institute: Evening Sehool. Menorah Society: University Forum. I 122 LEONARD ORLOFF "Len" - 4203 Girard Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. , ' Wharton Central High School. Central High. School Club: De- batingeCommittee Chairmang Menorah Society. ROBERT RANDOLPH OSBORN HQZU "Babu 2 A E, Z T, H K N 1524 State St., New Orleans, La.. I p Electrical Engineering Collingswood High School. Sphinx Senior Societyg Hexagon Senior Societyg "The Pennsylvanianu C33, Feature Editor and Columnist C439 'flied :and Blue" C33 C435 "Pennsylvania Triangle" C33 C43g Undergraduate Council C43. BENJAMIN MILTON OWEN A E ani' Viiesthampton, L. I. ' I Wharton Westhampton High School. Sphinx Senior Society: Track Team C13 C23 C33 C435 Intercollegiate Pole-Vault Champion .C23 C33g University of Pennsylvania Pole- Vault Record C335 United States Olympic Team C339 Endowment Committee C435 Varsity Club: Council on Athletics C43. VINCENT ALFRED PADULA A LID A Q24 Prospect St., South Orange, N. J. Wiharton South Orange High School. Endowment Committee C433 Zelosophic Society. GEORGE 'l'HOMAS PANCOAST7 E 1112 Forestdale, Chester, Pa. Wharton Chester High School. Ivy Week Committee: Glee Club C13 C23- NORMAN LESTER PANCOAST A fl? K XII, CIP K B, B I' E "Norm" "Paving" 2600 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, Fla. VVharton George School. Sphinx Senior Society: Soccer C13, Junior Varsity Soccer C23, Intercollegiate Champion- ship Soccer Team C33 C433 Christian Association Cabinet C435 Varsity Clubg Basketball, Assistant Manager C33, Manager C43. EDWARD STANLEY PANEK A X A UECF, 99 Crown St., Meriden, Conn. .I College Meriden High School. Editor-in-Chief. "Newman Quarterly" C13 C23 C335 Chairman Junior Prom Coin- mittee C33: Sophomore Prom Committee C23g Picture Committee C131 Secretary Senior Class: Newman Club: Nutmeg Club. 123 JAMES LINDSEY GILLESPIE PARSONS "Jim" "Bon ACACIA 802 W. Mahoning St., Punxsutawney, Pa. Wharton Punxsutawney High School. MAURICE PATT "Patrick" "Moish" 960 N. 6th St., Philadelphia, Pa. A College Central High School. Menorah Society. JAMES LEE' PATTON, JR. Z XP, fb K B li-Pat!! ' 262 Harvey St., Germantown, Pa. College Germantown Friends School. Sphinx Senior Society, Football CD C23 CLD: Soccer CD5 "Red and-Blue" Boardg "The Pennsylvaniann Board: Junior Class Presidentg Chairman Sophomore Prom Committee C2j3 German- town Friends School Clubg Glee Chorus Mask and Wig Show C313 Student Vestry, Church of Transfiguration. WILLIAM HENRY PEAK' A E CID "Billy 853 President St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Wharton Commercial High School. Cross Country and Track Teams CD C23 C3J. EDWIN DAVIS PEAKE ' 304 Huntington Rd., Kansas City, Mo. Wharton Westpo1't High School. . AUGUSTUS .BROWN PENRY GG ? 5.18 Pearl, Denton, Tex. A Wharton, Denton High School. Rocky Mountain Club, Treasurer C435 Assistant Manager Pony Polo C3b. WILLIAM PEPPER CIP A 9 ngiuf, HPEPS, , 2015 N. 18th St., Philadelphia, Pa. College Centra1'High School. Menorah Society: Musical Club C15 C21 C35 C455 Central High School Club, Symphony Orchestra'C1J C23 C35 C4j. A 124 HORACE EMILE PERRET A II E GfH0b7Y 410 Farnsworth Ave., Bordentown, N. J. College Bordentown High School. Scabbarfl and Bladeg Bur- lington County Club. MARTIN P. PETERSON "Pete" 76 L. Maskavas iela, Riga, Latvia ' Civil Engineering Riga High School. Departmental Basketball C3D C435 Civil Engineering Society: American Society of Civil Engineers. - A GLENN ORRIN PETTY 'fb M E 203 Bellevue Ave., Trenton, N. J. Wharton Trenton High School. Chess Team CD C25 C35 C433 En- dowment Fund Committee C453 Vice-President Chess Club CSD, President C4j. JOHN CHRISTIAN PFLAUM 27 A "Jack" "Jolm', 8445 N. 63d St., Philadelphia, Pa. ' Wharton West Philadelphia High School. Track Team CD5 Christian Association Committees C35 C4jg Zelosophic Society C31 C4jg DeMolay Treasurer C339 West Phila- delphia High School Clubq Vice-President C4Jg Christian Association Finance Campaign C455 Endowment Com- mittee C4Jg Debate Council C4J. JOSEPH ROSS PHENEGER S. Main St., Bellefontaine, Ohio ' ' VVl1arton C'est la Guerre Club. DOUGLAS MERRILL PHILLIPS 9 A X iED0ug77 KiPhiZ77 134 Lucerne Circle, Orlando, Fla. Wharton Rollins High School. ' THEODORE N. PICK Hotel Riviera, Newark, N. J. Wharton 125 EDWARD ETHEGELBERT PICKARD HEUF, .rpickn 2218 W. Allegheny Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. - Wharton Northeast High School. Northeast High School Club. MADISON WESTCOTT PIERCE XII T 'Wfadu "Hiatt" 10 Portsmouth Terrace, Rochester, N. Y. , Wharton Phillips Exeter Academy. Sphinx Senior Soeietyg Varsity Crew, Manager C419 Dormitory Representative C133 General Chairman Freshman Banquet: Chairman Sophomore-Freshman Love Feast: SophomoreLgQVigi- lance Committee. STEWART W. PIKE ACACIA "Pike" 1953 Ashland Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. Fine Arts Technical High School. Associate Art Editor H1925 Class R.6G0l'ClH'Q Architectural Society. ROBERT ROWLAND PILCH 296 Bloomfield Ave., Bloomfield, N. J. Wharton Bloomfield Higli School, New York Military Academy. General Endowment Committee C435 C. A. Drive C33 gj4bMusical Club C25 C3Jg Publicity Manager Musical u . LOUIS PINTO A KID A KGLOUS7 1624 S. 10th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton South Philadelphia High School. Circolo Italiano. SAMUEL ALLEN PIPPITT A T g'Sam,' Wissahickon Ave. and Queen Lane, German- town, Pa. Wharton Asbury Park High School. Sophomore Prom Com- mitteeg Freshman Reception Committee C315 Chairman House Parties Committee Junior Weekq Ivy Ball Com- mittee C4Dg Capital City Club. ROBERT LUCAS PITFIELD, JR. A XII "Bob" "Pity 5211 Wayne Ave., Germantown, Pa. College Germantown Friends School. Prom Ticket Committee C353 Germantown Friends School Club: Mask and Wig Cli1l?3g4? 7Board of Governors C435 Mask and Wig Sh ow 1 . 126 15554 ai fic 'Seit e 45546 W X 'A Qi O :SK QQYQ X 1 x N Ay as x X if f :-..f-: ac . ' ' gi?" ' A-gt ,iffy 'l -V L- N ' ' -'-is:-r 'egg -1,5 . . . C, ,..,.,,. , , .,:,, - . h25:k::::5:j.35:::q15 Igf-. - :f5:,......3: .2 Q58-S 53 -:.g.:.:,1gx.'.. is ts CHARLES POLIS , "C'hink" "CholZy" 1218 W. Girard Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton Central High School. Track QU C23 641. WAYNE ARTHUR POTTER K A fr "Petit Wellsville, N. Y. VVharton Allentown Union School. HAROLL3 L. POWELL Ci us!! , . Grandview Ave., Hubbard, O. Wharton gtfqgzn School. Crew CD 121 C355 Ohio Club: DeMo1a.y 'll 1 WALTER EASTBURN POWELL II K A "Pete" - 207 Dartmouth Ave., Swarthmore, Pa. Electrical Engineering Frankford High School. "Men about Towne" Club: American Institute of Electrical Engineering: Engi- neers' Shown Orchestra C27 C31 MJ, ' RICHARD 'PRETZ dw E K iccD,icku . 714 W. Washington St., South Bend, Ind. Fine Arts Mercersburg-v Academy. Cricket Team C313 Mercers- burg Clubg Hoosier'Club. THEODORE PRIGGE E fir 2 .4 nTeds,a 477 VV. l4Qd St., New York, N. Y. Wharton Barnarcl School. HARRY ALBERT PROTZMANN "Happy" "Protz'ie', 513 Central St., Union District, Endicott, N. Y. Wharton Union-Endicott High School. . IQ7 RUSSELL C. PULLINGER "Russ" "Pullie" Flour Town, Pa. Wharton Ambler High-School. Baseball ill. WILLIAM MCCLAIN PURSELL "Bill' 716 Qd St., Portsmouth, O. Wllarton Portsmouth High School: Culver Military School. Ohio Club: Culver Club. TAI-TSING QUO 'K T-Square" Hupek, China Wharton Nauyaug College, Shanghai, China. Philadelphia Chinese Students Club, Treasurer fill, Secretary C3J: Chinese Banking Club, President QLD. ' HAROLD JACOB. RAPPAPORT KID E A C6Rappy!7 895 W. End Ave., New York, N. Y. Wharton Far Rockaway High School. BENJAMIN RAU E A M ccBenn ccRitZyrv 312 Clifton Ave., Lakewood, N. J. ' Q Wharton Lakewood High School. Lacrosse CD C2j C47: "Junior Annals" Business Board: Freshman Cooperative Com- mittee Clj: Sophomore Vigilance Committee: Sopho- more Prom Committee: Junior Banquet Committee: Sophomore Smoker Committee: Senior Endowment Committee. BENJAMIN RAU A XII ..POp,, . Erdenheim, Pa. Veterinary Girard College: Temple University. Veterinary Medical Society, Presidente WALTER LEROY RAUDENBUSH CG'WaVltH llRaudy7! . 1006 Sterling St., Coatesville, Pa. - VVharton Downingtown High School. " 128 BERTRZAM DELROY REARICK, JR. - .. Mt., V . Saranac Lake, N. Y. . College Germantown High School. THEODORE DORN REDUCKA E 412 E ..TyTed,, ..Ted,, HBO.. 300 Burritt St., New Britain, Conn. Wharton New Britain High School. Swimming Squad C233 Pants Fight,Committee C213 Christian Association Committee C215 Junior Cane Committee: Nutmeg Club: Glee Club C25 C3Dg German Clubg Zelosophic Literary Society C23 C355 University Dramatic Club CSD. ' THOMAS RAWSON REDWOOD A wiv Z 6CTomm?yJ, GReddy!! Bay Pond, N. Y. Wharton Franklin Academy. ALFRED O. REED K A Q HDOCV7 South 9th St., Olean, N. Y. W Wharton Olean High School. ' FRANKLIN HARRIS REEDER, JR. 3932 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. College West Philadelphia High School. Philornathean Society C31 C415 Naturalists' .Field Club, Vice-President C2j C355 German Club. FRANCIS LAUGHLIN REILLY 111 A T "Frank" 908'N. St. Bernard St., Philadelphia, Pa. College West Philadelphia Catholic High School. EMERSON GERALD REINSCH II K A "Jeri-yi' ' . 7th and Lowe Sts., Stuttgart, Ark. ' VVliarton Kentucky Military Institute. 129 SAMUEL RESKOF "ReSs', "lJ7hitey" 2167 N. 11th St., Philadelphia, Pa. College Central High School. Class Track f15 Q25 C35. CONRAD BAUGER RHEINER X A A i!W'Tenl! GSCOTLIY 3040 N. Bambrey St., Philadelphia, Pa. VVha1'ton Central High School. International Students' House Committee C45 g Winner of Silver Cup in Mask and Wig Undergraduate Dramatic Competition: Dramatic Club C453 Boy Scout Club. CECIL MERRIMAN RHODES E A E 5:08657 iGDustyI3 405 S. 9th St., Estherville, Ia. VVharton Estherville High School. Crew Squad C455 Crew Regattas C25 C35 145g Iowa Club, Secretary 125, Presi- dent C35 C455 Mask and Wig Show C45. V JOSEPH LEE RICE, JR. E 111 Z, B 1' E 811K W. Park St., Butte, Mont. Wharton Helena High School, Kite and Key Society, President C45g Manager Fencing C45. PHILIP RICHMAN E T 111 "Phil" 1641 N. 33d St., Philadelphia, Pa. Ivharton South Philadelphia High School. Water' Polo Squad 135: Menorah Society. WILLIAIVI ABRAM RIEGEL, JR. E A 51116673 CEJOCOI9 27 Front St., Catasauqua, Pa. , College Catasauqua High School. Lehigh-Northampton County Club, Secretary C25. JACOB ATKINS RIESE CIP A ffJack!D V t 595 Bergenline Ave., VVest New York, N. Y. College Town of Union High School. Dramatic Club C153 Students' Medical Society C45. A 130 f- -3 ' 1a :s V1.5 .: 7 . .,. ..V.M,,tN3 ,. QQ., f,.E.g . -' - wear' A. 0 ..7. Mu.. ,QM M- -if' Sax fifsw ..s -Ja-meg i . new A: Q, v vi 1 X . . f 1 efafs-rf -. x,,.,f.. :N fm " ' -'Q his-A 1. 11. ,. . -!-X y -2 5: X ox Xp c :Asif 3 L' 4 :fa-: . Nr-M . fl we ' -- -.,:: N21-1,.1-s.-::.i-.:av215:i:ssa:.- ,L "4 - 'X gkfsgzs - . ' , 1.5 vf, "5:3::1,:gj Z ' WALTER ALDAY RH-IL , T B H lfWalt7Y 2348 E. Norris St.L Philadelphia-, Pa. Civil Engineering Northeast High School. Department Football C313 Basketball C415 Northeast High School Clubg Civil En- gineering Society. WALTER J. RITCHER - Z1 KID E "Jimmy" V . 115 S. lst Ave., The Heights, Lebanon, Pa. Wharton Iiebanon High School. JOSEPI-LRITTER ' sz T fr, rc A K 211 Poplar St., Philadelphia, Pa. C . College Central Higl1fSchool. Junior Smoker Committeeg Box- ing Squad C11 C21 C313 Orchestra C21. WILB UR HIRAM ROBERTS GtB0b75 ' 209 E. 8th St., Erie, Pa. VVharton Erie High School. MURRELL QORTON ROBINSON A XII CCRobbyl7 S22 Preston St., Phi1adelpl1ia,'Pa. Veterinary West Philadelphia High School, Veterinary Medical Society. ROBERT ROCKAPELLOW "Bob,' Forest Grove, Pa. Wharton Doylestown High School. JAMES EDGAR ROGERS A X A "iG'rundy,' 1542 Frederica St., Owensboro, Ky. Wharton Owensboro High School, Swimming Squad C113 Cox- swain Second 150-pound Crew C319 Varsity Crew Squad C413 Picture Committee C213 Junior Prom Ticket Com- mitteeg Kentucky Club, Vice-President C31. 131 ALBERT BERNARD ROSENTHAL :cR0-gays: scAlsy 445 N. Duke St., Lancaster, Ba. U College Franklin and Marshall Academy. Wrestling 'Ifeam CSD. LOUIS C. ROSENSTEIN A ..R0sy., ..L0u,,, 2131 W. Ontario St., Philadelphia, Pa. Mechanical Engineering Northeast High School. Whitney Society, Officers Club. RAYMOND FREDERICK ROSS X A A KiRay7! 1515 Peck St., Muskegon, Mich. - - ' Wharton Muskegon High School. PAUL L. ROTHSTEIN KCPaul3! iiT0b 99 fl! 676 Stuyvesant Ave., Irvington, N. J. N . Wharton Irvington High School. WILLIAM AUGUSTUS ROWAN, JR. 301 Park Pl., Brooklyn, N. Y. Wharton Manual Training High School. HENRY HERBERT ROYER "'Herb', 242 Mather Ave., Jenkintown, Pa. i Wharton Jenkintown High School. BERNARD RUBINGER "Bernie" :'Rube" 924 West End Ave., New York, N. Y. ' Wharton 132 RAYMCEXIQ, SEYMOUR RUBINOW ay 128 S. 50th St., Philadelphia, Pa. . . College Townsend Harris Hall, N. Y. City5 Universite De Lausanne C155 College of City of New York C255 Univer- sity Forum, President C455 Philomathean Societyg Le Cercle Francais, Treasurer C35. CONRAD R. RUCKELSHAUS E X "B'ruz" 2835 N. Meridian, Indianapolis, Ind. Wharton Brookes School. Junior Varsity Football C25 C35 C455 Swimming C25 C355 Hoosier Club, President C45. 'CHARLES DELBERT RUSH - E II SCBMZZSI I West End Hotel, Uniontown, Pa. . Wharton Uniontown High School. Sophomore Prom Ticket Committee5 Junior Prom Committee. MAX RUTTENSTEIN B E P 5CRut7S GGMUICIV 44 Crestwood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. Wharton Lackawanna High,School5 Hutchinson High School. Banquet Committee C25. JOHN RYAN 5 6381 Church Rd., Ove1'brook, Pa. 1 College Saint Joseph's Preparatory School. Undergraduate Council. CLIFFORD LEE SALINGER fb A asdllyn Valencia Apts., Cincinnati, O. Owensboro High School. Football C155 Track 1 5 Freshman-Sophomore Love Feast Committee 2: Asiatic Night, C155 Kentucky Club: Ohio Clubg Menorah Society5 Spanish Club. Wharton J . HERMAN SALLEY Liberal, Kaus. . Education Kingman High School5 Fairmont College. 133 ' . ,. ,M M .K 34 43.1, . V . f 33 'E - -1::'f'::.W' , ' - V " , if 2 '. Cf-M29 Q 3.5: ze- " MORTON H. SANGER fir 2 A "Marty" - 1806 Washington St., Waco, Tex. Wharton Waco High School. ALPHONSO SANTANGELO - 349 E. Main St., Norristown, Pa. I College Norristown High School. Wrestling CD C25 C35 C41 3 Glee Club C3J C435 Newman Clubg Circolo Italiano. RICHARD DARLINGTON SCATTERGOOD "Dick" k K E 115 S. High St., West Chester, Pa., 4 Vllharton Westtomfn Schoolg West Chester High School. Glee Club C21 C31 C415 Taylor Society.,I KENNETH ROBERT SCHAAL E lib E iCK6nn5S iiG0ZdyY, ' 1693 Buffalo Rd., Erie, Pa. Wharton Erie Central High School. RICHARD SCHACHNE, JR. Z A H "Dick" "Shack', 88 W. 5th St., Chillicothe, O. Wlharton Chillicothe High School. Ivy Week Decorations Com- mittee: Ohio Clubg DeMolay Club. BENSON SCHAIVIBELAN 5136 Woodcrest Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. ' College West Philadelphia High School. RAYNIOND ELIAS SCHILLING E CA II "Two Bitsn "Big Boy" "Ray" HR. Eff 856 YV. Granite St., Butte, Mont. VVharton Butte High Schoolg Montana State Normal College: Ohio State C2J. Christian Association ,Committee 'Clj C355 Freshman-Sophomore Love Feast Ticket Com- mittee CQDQ Endowment Drive Committee C4Jg Rocky Mountain Club: DeMolay Club, Vice-President C335 Fund News, Undergraduate Editor C4Jg Wedge Club C4J. 134 -- ,f e -1-"Y " -'5 555' 4 :11l::,"1 f -K . x-ff-f'- 'EW' We 2-:v:.4af.1:14u-f-:wiv .-:p1.+:2fs2:34:.i11 u:3 510 If 1- 1:: i13::1: -I ., . ,,-, , .. ..-,,, ,,. ,.,. . . .. ,,,., , ,.., ,., 1: - .fi . my eff: E26 ff" 4r:6:-M"-ff-B1-' 411112 1-. Q' .5-113532, 'C 2212 "" "" , 29,41 if-1'-. LOUIS SCHLISMAN IC-L0ul7 4236 Parkside Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton Central High School. PAUL JOHN FREDERICK SCiHMITT "Schmitty,' V B' 9 II 2206 Jederson Ave., Toledo, Ohio Wharton Scott High 'Schoolf 4'Th'e Peimsylvaniann Business Board C21 C31, Circulation Manager C41gPenninia11 Bowl Committee C215 Advertising Manager filunior Annals" C315 Wharton Dues Committee C113 Franklin Society C215 Buckeye Club C21. ISRAEL .L. SCHOENFELDT 611377 GC-Izzy!!! lCBlondy77 237 Mulberry St., Reading, Pa. Wharton gfeaglixlg High School. Menorah Societyg Berks' County ll . RUSSELL CHARLES SCHULER "Russ" 508 Waring Rd., 'Elkins Park, Pa. W7ha1'ton Germantown High School. Junior Varsity Soccer' C219 Varsity Soccer C31 C415 Endowment Drive Committee C315 Germantown High School Club. ROBERT MORRIS SCHWARTZ H' A. fir "Bob" Brainerd Rd., Chattanooga, Tenn. ' Wlharton McCallie Preparatory School. Wi'estling Squad C21. ERNEST SCOTT Z XII, CD B K, CID K B "Scotz"ie', 1917 Panama St., Philadelphia, Pa. ' College The Kent School. "The Pennsylvaniaif' Board C11 C21 C31 C415 Senior Advisor C419 Football, Assistant Manager C31, Associate Manager C413 President Dormitory Senate C41. ROBERT DAVIS SEAGRAVES A X A ..BOb,, 419 Sloan Ave., West Collingswood, N. J. ,Wharton Collingswood High School. Ivy Ball Ticket Committee. 135 GEORGE FINK SEBASTIAN A '11 Hsebyn I Rehrersbultg, Pa.. Veterinary Reading High School. Veterinary Medical Society. NIILTON SEGEL K N "Illilt" . 11 Arcade, New Britain, Conn. Wharton A New Britain High School. Dues Committee C215 Smoker Committee C215 Prom Music Committee C255 Junior Cane Committee: Minor Sports Committee C335 Manager Rifle Team CBJ. CARL E. SEIFERT K fI2 K uoyu V 5741 N. Laurence St., Philadelphia, Pa. Education ' Revere High School gfWest Chester State Normal School. C Y - Education Clubg German Club. l FRANK SEITCHIK , T A CID if Sy!! 6035 Carpenter St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton Media High School. Baseball Cljg Junior Varsity Base- ball C3Jg Basketball CBJ. JAMES MORGAN SEWARD KGJ,im75 316 Belvedere Ave., Cambridge, Md. Wharton f- - Cambridge High School. ' ' ' It " SAMUEL F- SHAEFFER 5498 Hays St., Pittsburgh, Pa.. X' ' College . l Peabody High School. Baseball CD: Varsity Baseball Squad C2J. 'fb , , ' A "" -."'-'.. E ELI SHAPIRO K N ,Q Qiififlyi 14 Jewett Pkwyl Buialo, N. Y. - Wharton Masten Park High School. 136 MELVIN M. SHAPIRO T E Q "Shapp'ie" V 861 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, N. Y. Wharton Shamokin High School. "Punch Bowl" Board: Sopho- more Banquet Committeeg Junior Prom Committee. LESTER JOHN SHARP E A E KLZSBI ' 127 S. Duluth Ave.. Sioux Falls, S. Dak. Wharton Washington Hi h Scho l. Friar ni ' ' Assis- ., g o s Se or Society, tant Manager Soccer C35, Manager C45 5 Varsity Club. DONALD WEAVER SHAW ..DCm,, A Main St. and Whitehall Rd., Norristown, Pa. VVharton Norristovvn High School. Taylor Society. SAMUEL GODFREY SHEPHERD ifSam!7 ClShep!! 5609 Girard Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Fine Arts West Philadelphia High School. Crew C153 Musical Clubs Executive Committee C355 Symphony Orchestra C25, President C35 C45. JOHN EDWARD SHERIDAN . "Giza" "Sherrie" "Irish" "Lqfly'i "Jack', 17 W. Farm St., Waterbury, Conn. Wharton Crosby High School. Nutmeg Club, Vice-President: Newman Club. ' ' ' NELSON B. SHERRILL, JR. XII T "Nels" "Spider,' '76 Amherst St., East Orange, N. J. Wharton East Orange High School. Track Team C15 C25 C35 C457 Joint Indoor Intercollegiate Record Holderg Indoor Intercollegiate Pole-Vault Champion C25 C353 World's Indoor Record Holder, 13 feet C453 Prom Committee C255 Ivy Ball Committeeg Dues Committee C15 C25 C353 Varsity Club. WILLIAM REMSEN SHIPWAY E A E CKBill,, 92 Union Ave., Lynbrook, N. Y. Wharton 137 WESLEY HORNING SHIRK "Doc" 2506 Brown St., Philadelphia, Pa. Electrical Engineering Friends Select School. American Institute of Electrical Engineers. ARTHUR FRANKLIN SHOTT "Art" -3551 'Bogart Ave., Cincinnati, 0. Wharton Hughes High School. KENDALL HARRIS SHOYER A X P i5Ken73 415 VV. Chelten Ave., Germantown, Pa. College Germantown Academy. LAUREN CE SHUMAN E T B3 Wissahickon Apts., Germantown, Pa. Mechanical Engineering Frankford High' School. "Men about Towne" Club: Whitney Engineering Society: Engineers' Show C2j CSD CAD: American Society of Mechanical Engineers. BARNARD KRAEMER SICHEL 69 Shanley Ave., Newark, N. -J. Vlfharton Barringer High School. HARRY SILVERMAN 1 144 E. 4th St., New York, N. Y. Wharton MENDEL SILVERMAN Q 112' E A "Mickey,, Lake Court Apts., Baltimore, Md. Wharton Baltimore City College. 138 2 , . i.':1fv5J":'1-:ffl . EI -"" -- ' ,rw 1 "' '54-w:3,.f.v, . " - - 4- ' ,. ,C A - Y 8 2? -+z.ff?:-:x:r:- fgxlfif' 4- ft- ' f 2- "'. F WILLIA M Sl LVERMAN hisilvyli KCDOCH 405 E. 3d St., Bethlehem, Pa.: College lgitgigegruiligh School. Northampton County Clubg WILLIAM THARP SIMMONS A T SZ usyn u!Billn 522-1 Larchwood Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton West Philadelphia High School. Swimming Squad C13 C235-Wrestling Squad C33 C433 Football Squad C33 C435 Chairman Publicity Committee Asiatic Nightg Chris- tian Association Board C23. ABE ALLEN. SIMON A E n, B r 2 HAZ!! 1443 South St., Philadelphia, Pa. 'Wharton Central High School. Picture Committee C433 Menorah Societyg Glee Club C23 C33 C435 Taylor Society: Song Leader C33. MAURICE FREDERIC SIMON fb B A 21 N. Main St., Butte, Mont. Wliartou RICHARD KATZ' SIMON "D'icIc'l 2236 N. 18th-St., Philadelphia,!Pa. Wharton Central High School. RICHARD LOWENSTEIN SIMON II A 111 "Dick" "Pete" 1316 Gilpin St., Denver, Col. Wliarton East High School: University of Colorado C131 Rocky Mountain Club. MATTHEWS MALONE SIMPSON E A E fGSimpi7 502 N. Wood Ave., Florence, Ala. Fine Arts Coffee High School. Secretary Special class in Archi- tecture C13g Chairman Class Stunt Committee C233 Class Treasurer and Secretary C239 Editorial Board "Pennsylvania Triangle"g Architectural Ball Commit- tee C23g Architectural Society C23. l39 fr ,iafffa fe., 441 5268 Mffgf XL., f 5 9 2' "v'-1 anv i l' g., Cwe.,..1f,.,,,,.f-'zu , - -nie' 1: an '- .. -"- 4- ia! lgagze. . . 3:135- fQ'sf'?f. 'Q",. '- ' i'f51"1 I .: 2 4'I5l'2f'g1:'il 4321.-. .ff ,ii .2- 1 I . 1 ,6 , ,, 5 3 fa N . ' 4 X 'I I ff 4 3: 1 M34 ' .vt f QMQQ fa , 4 4 , Y , ! .9 Z X 2f'fSf'.'vv , '1 43-V. " ' ' ' 'V ,Mil ' ' C: !-:- 4 riizuh Q 21, A595567 4: - 'ff . X Y '23 2-all wa ' ff.. ROBERT LOVELAND SINGER B 9 11 lCB0b73 413 E. Lancaster Ave., St. Davids, Pa. Wharton Radnor High School. Wrestling Team H159 Squad Q25 L35 C453 University 135-pound Wrestling Champion C15 Banquet Committee C25 C35 9' Luncheon Committee HENRY ALSTONE SKILTON 'lf T "Hank' ' Cheshire, Conn. College Tower Hill School. H1925 Class Record" Board. AARON SCHENITZ SMITH 6759 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. . I Wharton Central High School. C'est la. Guerre Club. w DONALD A. SMITH K A 111 "Donn 325 Glover St., Woodbury, N. J. ' Wharton Springfield High School: Central High Schoolg Wood- bury High School. Track Squad C25 C35 C455 Freshman Track Team.C15. Glee Club C25 C35 3 Student Leader C45. LYMAN -SHIREY .SMITH 'H A E "Jim" "Shi'l'y', H 45921 N. 5th St., Reading, Pa. ' Wharton Reading High School: Reading Evening 'Extension School, Berks County Clubg Undergraduate Editorial Boardof Fund News Q45. 0 LEO SMULEKOFF I if E H f'S'm,ule" Q 513 Knollwood -Dr., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. ' Wharton Washingtoxi High Schoolg University of Iowa f15. HENRY FIELD SIVIYTH, JR. "Smitty" T B IL A X 2, 2 E. 307 Wayne Ave., Wayne, Pa.. X Chemical Engineering V Radnor High School. Priestley Club. 140 JAMES LOVELL SMYTH "Jim" "J'immie,' 219 S. Scott Ave., Glen Olden, Pa. . Wharton Swarthmore High School. Q THOMAS JAMES SMYTH lfT0m!3 14 Cummings Rd., Newport, R. 1. ' College Rogers High School. A i EDWVIN ALLEN SNAPE, JR. A X A ..Bud,, .fsmwpn 318 VV. Logan St., Germantown, Pa. ' VVharton Germantown High School. Glee Club C33 C4D. NATHAN J. SNELLENBURG Z B T "Shelly, Bellevue-Stratford Hotel, Philadelphia, Pal Wharton Wenonah Military Academy. Football CID, Junior Varsity Football C355 Pony Polo C3j. CHESTER B. SNIVELY A X P "C'het', 112 W. Blain, St., Waynesboro, Pa. Wharton Waynesbo1'o High School. Picture Committee C355 Lutheran Students' Executive Committee C415 Senior Endowment Committee C4Jg Glee Club Crib. LEON SOBEL A M E "Lean W - 57 49 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton West Philadelphia High School. EARL RAYMOND SOUTHEE 228 Court St., Binghamton, N. Y. 1fVharton Awards Committee Musical Club C435 C'est la Guerre Club, Vice-Commander C3J, Commander C4Jg Dormi- tory Representative C4Jg Glee Club C25 C35 C4J. l-Ll MERLE LOUIS SPEER A E II 10902 Pasadena Ave., Cleveland, Ohio Wharton Glenville High School. Prom Committee C251 Banquet Committee CZJ: Taylor Society. HAROLD THEODORE SPITZNAGEL "Spitz" T 2 A, 2 E 120 S. Euclid St., Sioux Falls, S. Dak. Fine Arts Washington High School: Chicago Institute of Art. Architectural Society C31 C453 President Class in Archi- tecture CD. ARNOLD JAY STEELE 412 A 9 ccslimlys Adams, N. Y. Q A 'Wharton Castle Heights Military Academy. Lacrosse, Assistant Manager CSD, Associate Manager C4D: Sophomore Dues Committee: Junior Banquet Committee: Junior Prom Committee: Chairman Senior Luncheon Comm ittee: Undergraduate Editorial Board of Fund News C4J. VVILLIAM SAMUEL STETN 2 A TI "Bill" 1641 S. Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa. VVliarton South Philadelphia High School. C. A. Committee C4j: Undergraduate Editorial Board of 'Fund News C45. FRANK LYNWOOD STEINBRIGI-IT "Lynny', 'I' B TI, H K N 636 Stanbridge St., Norristown, Pa. Electrical Engineering Norristown High School. "Men about Towne" Club C21 CSD, Secretary C4J: American Institute of Electrical Engineers: Engineers Show CD C23 C31 C4j. JOHN WARN STENHOUSE Z N11 "Jack" 4824 Pt. Lorna Blvd., Ocean Beach, Calif. Fine Arts Kent School. Architectural Society: Junior Varsity Soccer Team C3J C4J: Architectural Class, Vice-Presb dent CD, President C21 C31 C4J: Chairman Ivy Stone Competition: Varsity Club. RUSSELL F. STEPHENS 112 E K "Russ" "Steve" 821 Water St., Lewistown, Mont. , VVharton Fergus County High School. University of Montana CID: Rocky Mountain Club C2D C3j, President Celj: Glee Club C25 C35. 14-Q ROBERT STERLING Q A "Bob" 5912 Christian St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton Central High School. Junior Endowment Committeeg Le-Cercle Francais: Menorah Soeietyg Musical Club C25. GEORGE GORDON STEVENS ,fb A 9 "Stevie" 318 S. Elmer Ave., Sayre, Pa. Wlldl"tOU St. Agnes School: Sayre High School. Lacrosse Team C153 "Punch Bowl" Board C25 C35 C45, Art Editor C455 "The Pennsylvanianu Board, C453 Newman Clubg Assistant Manager Pony Polo C35, Manager C45. GEORGE WARREN STEVENS ' A T SZ, fll K B 246 VVyncote Rd., Jenkintown, Pa. lVharton Mercersburg Academy. Sphinx Senior Societyg Golf Team C25 C35 C45, Captain C15 C359 "The Pcnnsylvariianw Board C15 C25 C35, Editor-in-chief C455 Sophomore Class Presidentg Chairman Sophomore Vigilance Committee: Franklin Society: Undergraduate Council C453 Athletic Council C453 Senior Advisorg Council on Welfare and Student Activities C45. ANDREW J. STEWART CfAnfly75 221 VV. Rogers Ave., Merchantville, N. J. College Camden High School. Glee Club C45: Camden High School Club. C JAMES DONALD STODDARD E 11 "Donn 501 N. .Market St., East Palestine, Ohio - Wharton East Palestine High School. Band C15 C25 C353 Instru- mental Club C25. BYRON JOACHIM STOLAROFF' Z B T V lczstollyn rcByrs M1-vexxa 160.1 N. Campbell St., El Paso, Tex. Wharton New Mexico Military Institute. Soccer C155 Rocky' Mountain Club. EUGENE THEODORE STONE fb A E 68 S. WVasiliitngton' St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. College Wilkes-Barre High School. Luzerne County Club: Students' Medical Society 1-L3 MORTON STONE I1 A 112' CC-Kzppy!! K 135 Cent-ral Park INest, New York, N. ' 5 Wharton DeWitt Clinton High, School. Tennis Team C15 C35 C455 Business Associate' H1925 Class Record"5 Freshman Dues Committee5 Sophomore Prom Committeeg Junior Prom Committee5 Endowment Committee. CHARLES E. STOVER ..Zac,, 1003 3d St., Juniata, Pa. AWharton Juniata High School. ROBERT AUGUST STREETER A "Bohn K A, il K B 717 Frost Rd., Waterbury, Conn: V Wharton Crosby High School. Sphinx Senior Societyg Freshman Track Teamj Freshman Cross Country Team5 "Red and Blue" Board5 President of Senior Class5' Chairman Undergraduate Councilg Wharton School Honor Ex- amination Committee C35 C455 Council on Welfare and Student Activitiesg Council on Athletics C455 Associate Manager Track Team C455 Spade Man. ' CARL OLEWILER STRICKLER "Stride" ,"0lc', 1003 E. Market St., York, Pa. WVharton York High Schoolg York County Academy. DONALD WESCOTT SUDELL "Don" T B II, E' E 4-76 Gerhard St., Philadelphia, Pa. Mechanical Engineering Germantown High School. Sigma Xi5 Whitney Societyg "Men about Townef' Club. FRANCIS WILLIAM P. SULLIVAN "SuZly', "Frank" 1608 Jenny Lind- St., McKeesport, Pa. Wharton McKeesport Technical High School. Football C15, Sorub C255 Junior Varsity C35 C455 Boxing C15 C25 C35 C455 Baseball C155 Winner Penniman Bowl Boxing Contests C15 C255 Undergraduate Council5 Chairman Picture Committee C455 Chairman Decorations Junior Smoker5 Endowment Committee C455 Freshman, Reception Committee C455 Vice-President Newman Club5 Chair- man.Senior Class Committee of Newman Club Dance: Chairman Class Fights C45. JOHN PAUL' SULLIVAN ' A T Q "Jack" "Sully" 43 Passaic Ave., Passaic, N. J. ,Wharton Passaic High School. Junior Banquet Committee. 144 WILLIAM FRANCIS SULLIVAN, JR. "Sully" "BilV' 1608 Jenny Lind St., McKeesport, Pa. Wharton Mclieesport High School. Football C11 C41, Junior Varsity C21 C19 Freshman Reception Committee. IRV IN I. SUMMERS K N ...Bucks 817 Hamilton Blvd., Hagerstown, Md. ' Wharton Hagerstown High School. Lacrosse C119 "Punch Bowl" Board AC21 CQS1, Business Manager C413 Endowment Drive Committee C415 H1925 Class Recordng Franklin Society, Board of Managers. LEWIS W. SUTHERLAND A E KID "Blank" - 168 Gibson St., Canandaigua, N. Y. VVharton St. John's Manlius. ' DONALD MACKENZIE SWAN 9 A X ..D0n,, Hancock, Md. Wharton Hagerstown High School. Friars Senior Society: Frank- lin Literary Societyg Freshman Football: Freshman Crew: Pennsylvania Olympic Crewg Water Polo C31 C415 Varsity Crew C31 C415 Business Manager H1925 Class Record"5 Freshman-Sophomore Love Feast Ticket Committee, Christian Association Subscription Driveg Chairman Novelties Committee, Junior Banquet. H. JAMISON SWARTS - , A Z1 dv ClJim?7 516 Pennsylvania Ave., Elmira, N. Y. Wharton Elmira Free Academy, Mercersburg Academy. Sphinx Senior Societyg Track, Assistant Manager C31, Manager C413 Undergraduate Council C41. JOSEPH HASKELL SWEET J 0 111 Colby St., Rochester, N. Y. V ' Wharton Rochester East High School. Senior Week Committee. ABRAHAM ARNOLD TANNENBAUM "Tawny" "Arnie" KID B A 125 Third St., Lakewood, N. J. ' ' VVharton Lakewood High School. 145 EARLE CHADLER TAYLOR Kennett Square, Pa. VVharton FREDERICK CHESTER TAYLOR ACACIA "C'he.s"' 512 W. 9th St., Chester, Pa. VVhaarion Chester High School. 1 JOSEPH C. TAYLOR 112 K' E "Jef Wayne, Pa. College Chestnut Hill Academy. Chestnut Hill Academy Cl ub, President 135. ' PAUL EDWARD TAYLOR CSPet75 620 Quincey Ave., Scranton, Ba. Scranton Central High School. Taylor Cercle Francais. ROBERT BOYD TAYLOR CG-Bob!! Q9 Lincoln Ave., Lansdowne, Pa. Lansdowne High Sch ool. HARRY C. TEMPLE "Monk" - Lewis, Iowa VVharton Soeietyg Le A T Wliarton E N Wharton Lewis High School: Shattuck Military School. Track Team CD3 Editor-in-chief H1925'-Class Recordng Ticket Committee Ivy Bally Franklin Society. LINUS EVERAL TENNANT A 'I' WED!! V 4817 Cedar Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. College West Philadelphia High School. "Pennsylvanian" News Editor: Executive Committee flbg Prom Committee C35- 146 BEN J. TEPPER Z B T "Tammany" "Ben" Fort Wayne, Ind. Wharton Culver Military Academy. Franklin Societyg "Red and Blue" Board C25 C35, Advertising Manager C455 Asso- ciate Editor "Class Record" C453 Secretary Freshman Classy Freshman-Sophomore Love Feast Committee C253 Banquet, Chairman Speakers C255 Vigilance Com- mittee C255 Prom Committee C253 Chairman Tickets Junior Prom C359 Chairman Non-Signatory Fraternities Endowment Drive C45 3 Senior Advisor C453 Culver-Club, President C455 Hoosier Club. NICHOLAS FRANCIS TETI A fb A 641166173 iCN,l:clc75 1131 Christian St., Philadelphia, Pa. lvharton Central High School. Circolo Italiano. CHARLES HOWARD THOMAS il 3 921 6 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. College Frankford High School. Philomathean Society Moderator C45. ROY ALLEN THOMAS, J R. 503 Haws Ave., Norristowvn, Pa. . College Norristown High School. WILLIAM. YOUNG THOMPSON "Whif1ie" ' 2030 WV. Ontario St., Philadelphia, Pa.. Mechanical Engineering Germantown High School. "Towne Scientific School Journal" C25 C355 "Men about Towne" Club: Whitney Societyg American Institute of Electrical Engineersg Engineers' Show C15 C25 C35 C45. FARRAR TILNEY, JR. 450 Park Ave., Leonia, N. J. Wharton Manual Training High School. JULIUS HENRY TOLSON E T KID, A B X ccliulen 2205 N. Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa. . School of Education . H' hS h 1. L C 1 F ancaisgNortheast gliggileisllendiih iSoCC:iiety:eEde1ini::aEl:ioi1 Clubg Football Squad C15g Gym Team C15 C25 C453 Crew C27 C43- l4'7 I ef! :egg Rim wage 4349: 1 'Q Afslf z W 'Q 2 44 35? IQ gif? W 5 as 9 ,, Vi 41 Q' fl Aiifivil '? K 1 xl 4 ' ,.am:-,ap . mm:-.,,b -121,4 H' i - ' - . ,sb ' - -f . gag s1''1:f'm f' sa- f 'C i q-2EZf?.5f5E1-1.f3-2:21 ' 1: ' vw Q H ll L.-22: . '1 '1 3- "fs ' a Q E.. 2-xv -- ff X 4 ,WL If ,V , CHARLES SAMUEL TOMLINSON K Q K f'Tommy', 539 Arthur St., Fox Chase, Pa.. e Education Frankford High School. Education Club. ' REGINALD AUGUSTUS TOOKE II K A EGREQH EtRedH Munnsville, N. Y. Whartoli Munnsville High School. Varsity Lacrosse 141. MANUEL TRACHTENBERG "T1'acty" "Mannie', 4 3221 Monument Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. College Central High School. Boxing Team CBJ, Captain Cjljg Arts Association, Vice-President C453 .Central High School Club. EMANUEL MARKS TRAGER CK Red!! 3863 Reading Rd., Cincinnati, O. v vVh21'tO11 Hughes High School. - FRANKLIN FOUCHE TRAINER, JR. "Doc" A X P 420 Meadowbrook Rd., St. Davids, Pa. College Radnor High School. Swimming Squad' CZD C35 141. CLARENCE TREEGER H A QI, "Claw-ic" "lVIac" "General" Hotel Hamilton, 143 W. 73d St., New York, N. Y. ' Wharton DeWitt Clinton High School. Sophomore Picture Committee. GEORGE VVEAKS TROUSDALE A T A 117 Hudson Lane, Monroe, La. , VVharton Ouachita High School. 148 PAULslg. TYROLER Z B T yn 2323 Juliet St., Los Angeles, Calif. , Wharton Los Angeles High School. Photographic Editor H1925 Class Record"9 Junior Cane Committee: Rocky Moun- tain Cluhg Non-Signatory Fraternity Representative C. A. Drive C45. ROBEBE' IIS. ULMAN II A fb 0 ,, 405 W. 3d St., Oil City, Pa. Vllhartou Oil City High School. Crew C15 czpg Band C15 C25 C33 g1I5libi5Sli1Dh0f1Y O1'ChG5tl'FIf C25 C35 C45Q Instrumental DARWIN HECKMAN URFFER T E A f.Tiny,, ..Edf0bu,, 2937 Nicholas St., Philadelphia, Pa. Fine Arts Central High' School9 School of Industrial Art. Archi- tectural Society C35 C455 Art Editor H1925 Class ge5ord"9 Chairman Pageant Committee Architects' a . HYMAN URKEN 23 A M "Hy" :'Butch,' 932 Bellevue Ave., Trenton, N. J. A Wharton Bordentown Military Institute. HARRY LEROY VANDERFORD A X P " Van" 1225 Herbert St., Frankford, Pa. Mechanical Engineering Frankford High School. Hexagon Senior Society9 Pictorial Board "The Pennsylvaniann C45Q "Pennsyl- vania Triangle" C25 C35, Publicity Manager C459 Banquet Committee C155 "Men about Towne" Club C15 C25 C35, President C459 Musical Club C25 C359 Sym- phony Orchestra C359 Band C15 C25 C359 Mask and Wig Show C454 Whitney Society. JOHN PHILIP VAN DERHOOF "Phil" 34th St. and Powelton Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton .Butler CPa.5 High School. JOHN HAROLD VENMAN B I' Z, A E P cctfohnia 692 Buffalo St., Jamestown, N. Y. Wharton Jamestown High School. Debating Team C25 C35, Captain C455 Philomathean Society. 149 Q I I I I I I I I II I I I I il I I I II I I ,I I I I I I I I I I II I -I LI II 1 I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I JOSEPH ELLIS VOSS CID K II, K fb K "Ellis" - 2549 E. Indiana Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Education Roman Catholic High School. Smoker Committee C353 Zelosophic Societyg Education Club, Newman Club. CHARLES MAYNARD WAGNER K A CID "TublJy" 2016 Kennedy Ave., Baltimore, hid. C VVharton Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. Baltimore Club: Glee Club C35 C45. JOSEPH WESTBAY WALKER CID K 'Il "JoeT' 606 Beechwood Ave., Carnegie, Pa. 1 l V Wharton l Carnegie High School. "Red and Blue" Board C25 C35, - Business Manager C45: Class President C153 Vigilance Committee C253 Undergraduate Council: President Franklin Society' C455 Chairman Senior Endowment Comifnitteeg Assistant Manager Ice Hockey C359 Steering Committee Junior Week C35, Senior Week C455 Interfraternity Ball Committee C45. STEWART MCCULLOCH WALKER CC 3 Stew ' 1861 VVynnewood Rd.. Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton West Philadelphia High School. WVILLIAM WOOD WALTERS ACACIA- "Walt" Turner Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. ' Wha1'ton . " Q ..,, JOSEPH WILLIAM WALTON XII r St- Davld S, Pa- . ' Haverford Schoolg Pennsylvania Military College C25. N 1 X 2 ' . SAMUEL WANDER I 131 7th Ave., McKeesport, Pa. V ' ' Wharton McKeesport High School: Duquesne University. 5 I MAJ 150 NING WANG . Peking, China ' Wharton GUY ST. JOHN WARNER. I A fp 2 120 5th Ave., Roselle, N. J. , Wharton Roselle High School. 1 EMANUEL WARTELS f ' I I 95'W. 119th St., New York, N. Y. " f f A V 'S fWh'arton DeWitti Clinton' High School. ' "Ma1z1ty"- i ' . AJ. 4 . 'WILLIAM HERBERT WATTERSON ' , ."BilV' . . A XA 1969 E. 82d St., Cleveland, Ohio ' ' ' ' ' A V College Mount Herman School, Football Squarl CD' C25 ?.Swim- ming Squad C4Dgl Endowment Fund Committee, C4Jg dent 4 l ve and Club Penn-Hernion Club,,I'resi, C J: Ce l , , Vice-President C411 Fencers' Club C23 CBI. . LINDSAY MURIE WEBSTER E A GiLin75 EKDan!7 6CNOa4h97 209 Crescent St., Harrisburg, Pa. College- Harrisburg Technical High School. Christian Asso- ciation Drive Committee CD. FRANK C. VVEILER 2 I1 Q4 E. Walnut St., Reedsville, Pa. College Reedsville High School. CHARLES JUCH LWEINSIOCK A T A 155 E. 22d St., New York City VVharton New York Military Academy. Track CD. C3lg Soccer CD5 Puneh Bowl Board C25 C35 C413 Dormitory Repre- , sentative C115 Executive Committee CD3 Love Feast Committee VCD: Banquet Committee C251 Chairman Sophomore Vigilance Committee: Rally Committee C2D. 151 JOSEPH WEINTRAUB "Joe" "We'inie', , , 4927, Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. ' n I Wharton Central High-School. N MILTON WEIXELBAUM T E Q "Slim,' "Weixe" VVesthan1pton Beach, Y. - 'f '- 4 Wharton High School of Commerce. ' CLAYTON' SOUTHGATE WETZEL E II "C'layt,' "Rein , '. ' ' V 115 Walnut Ave., Wayne, Pa. , ' X ' f . .. VVharton Radnor High School, Wayne. Picture Committee C255 Glee Club C25 C33 C415 Musical, Club C313 Mask and Wig Chorus C3j. , ' LEMOINE C. WHEELER , E, ,- ,A TASZ . ffwtma' ' . ' 57 Dorchester Rd.. Browncroft, Rochester, NEY. Wharton St. John's ,Manliusf Military Schczol. 'f1925 Class Record" Board C413 Vigila.nce"Corninittee C213 Prom Committee, CSD: Vice-President Senior Class C415 Gen- eral Chairman Interfrateriiity Ball C43 g Rochester Club, President C4D. ' COURTLAND YARDLEY 3D A Q -V rccyouirtxa Hogg: , Q Lf- 6611 N. 10th St., Oak Laney Pa. - U 1 " ' A' 4 'College Central High School. "Junto" Literary Staff C39 C499 Fraternity Endowment Committee .C4J'7 Frank V-Miles Day Prize C2l. , - EARL E. WHITE X A A "E. E." "Wh'itey', -Redwood, N. Y. YV ' ' ' ' -A ' -- - 3 ' fWharton Redwood High School. Associate Editor H1925 Class Record." ' ' , . JAMES DARLINGTQN'WHITEi X, is ritz "Jim', . -. ' - , 2, Q I, 337 ,Charles St., Coatesville, Pa. , - ., ' ., , , '.'. 'Wharton Girard!College. Girard Club, President.C4Qg Glee Club C47.u A Y 7 1 U' 1 152 JOSEHI-3 ANTHONY WHITE , oe" 4009 Haverford Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. ' , , ' Civil Engineering West Philadelphia High School. Departmental Crew C35 OU: Football C455 Newman Clubg "'Men about Towne" Club C3J f4Jg Civil Engineering Society. WILLIAM PETER WHITE EV X 211 S. Virginia Ave., Carrolton,.Mo. - V 'A V I Wharton LOUIS HENRY WHITEI-IEAD X "Louie, "Whitey" Burlington, Pa. - Wharton Troy High School. Zelosophic Literary Society. HENRY RALPH 'WI-IITEMAN ccljauln Y - Q7 Ferry St., South River, N. .I. Q - 4 Wharton South River.High School. Band Cllg Orchestra Q19 123. HENRY COIT WILLIAMS iii' K X11 "Hanlon - Q4-6 Tora Ave.,,Youngstown, O. - - Wharton Rayen High School. Golf KD ISD C415 Assistant Manager Swimming Team C3j, Manager 145. JOHN. RASMUSSEN' WILLIAMS, JR. XII 'I' 120 E. Walnut Ave., Merchantville, N. J. Wharton Varsity' Baseball C33 OD. LEO FRANCIS WILLIAMS CGDOCU , 58 Spring St., South Norwalk, Conn. , VVlia.rtQn Norwalk High School: Columbia University. Nutmeg Club: Newman Club. l 53 DAVID POND CWILLIS E A E 205 Crestmont Terrace, Collingswood, N. J. ' Wharton Collingswood 'High School. Football C139 Kite and Key Society, President C43. - C. ALBERT WILSON E CID E HAZ!! SKC' A-95 115 Front St., Greenport, N. Y. Wharton Greenport High School. Friars Senior Society: Water Polo C33, Captain C433 Business Board "Red and Blue" C33 C435 Business Board H1925 Class Record"g Sopho- more Prom Ticket Committee: Junior Prom Trans- portation Committeeg Chairman Signatory Fraternities Senior Endowment Fund Comrnitteeg Wharton Cabinet C33 C433 Franklin Society: Glee Club C239 Mask and Wig SLBOW C23 C339 Assistant Manager Cricket C33, Manager FRANK GOVER WILSON, JR. A K E SCREW, 6137 Columbia Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton West Philadelphia High School. Football C13: Editor "The Pennsylvaniann C13 C23 C33 C43. GEORGE A. WILSON E X 210 S. Main St., Middletoivn, Ohio' Wharton WALTER WILLIAM IVILSON dv A9 Topeka, Kans. Wharton Topeka High School. ALFRED CORRIN WILT NAZ1: ccGasSyra A 710 13th St., Franklin, Pa. ' Wharton Franklin High School. Glee Club C33 C435 Instrumental Club C13 C233 Orchestra C23. MAXWELL J. WINDERMAN lfwindyif 545 Moore St., Philadelphia., Pa. Wharton South Philadelphia. High School. 154 ROBERT L. L. WINDSOR KIDOGH 329' Cascade St., Fergus! Falls, Minli. K A li? Wharton Shattuck- Schoolg Peddie Institnteg Fergus High School. Chairman Junior .Prom Decoration Comrnitteeg ,Are rangements Committee Senior Luncheon 013. H ELIAS WINER MEMS! 3 I 618 Carlisle Pl., Chattanooga, Tenn. QA ' ' Architecture Chattanooga High School. ALBERLEFC. WINTERS 6803 N. 11th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Germantown High School. Scabbarrl Germantown Club. HOWARD ANDREW WITHEY , "Krick" f'Whiihey', 135 Maple Ave.,,Wellsville, .N. Y. Wellsville High School. BYRON LEE WOOD 829 Boyd Stl, Watertown, N. Y. Watertown High School, College and Blade: KAI? Wharton A E 415 VVharto11 FRANK B, WOODFORD ' A T A, A B'X 654 Hazelwood Ave., Detroit, lVIich. Wharton Detroit Northern High School. Hillsdale College. ROBERT NORMAN WOODRUFF K A SKBOIJQJ ClW00dy!7 iKN0Tm!B Boston Post Rd., Fairfield, Conn. Wharton Pennington School. Football CD9 Third Varsity Crew C373 Junior Varsity Crew 1395 Senior Endowment Com- mitteeg Nutmeg Club CD, Secretary f2Dg Dramatic Club 131: Varsity Club 141. l 55 ' " " 'swan 6. f , X... ix. ,s- .-'Jyz Y 1,-X "1 r- ., -- ve. 'su-, ,, - I J. fl, -r rw mf-Il F l - A -xx- l ws -'mx 1 , l Q... , 1,5 4 W, E I ' 4E'f5ufQ..4 ,.f--Q . Q 'E,Llf1l'.'f 1' ' '-."'1aEt'. i, Nagy . Q J. WAYNE WRIGHTSTONE "Jay', A H E,-jK 'IYK Shiremanstown, Pa. ' ' 5 . . A A . Education Mechanicsburg High School. Undergraduate Council 2455 Endowment Committee C455 Luncheon Committee 455 Smoker Committee 'C355 Reformed ViceLPresident of Christian Association C455 Personal Work Committee C455 Eddy Committee C355 Zelosophic Society C25-C35, President C455 Education Club5 Football C355 Varsity Lacrosse C25 C35. JOHN WUERTZ " ' , I4 Penn Ave., CollingsWOQd, N. J. A ' Chemical Engineering Hammonton High School. WILLIAM PLATT YANKAUER Z B T "Billie" A Far Rockaway, L. I., N. Y. - ' Wharton Far Rockaway High School. .Football C155 Lacrosse C15 C255 Hoekcy.C25.. I g 1 ROBERT WILLIAM ZEHRING "Bohn HZGCIH ' 411 K WP, Q K B 33 Oxford Ave., Dayton, Ohio A Wharton Steele High School, Sphinx Senior Society: Soccer Assistant Manager C35, Associate Manager C455 Presi- dent ,Penn-State Soccer League C192455 Business Board "Red and Blue" C15 'C25 C35 C455 Social Service Comf mittee C35 C455 Ticket Committee Freshman-Sophomore Love Feast C255 Speakers' Committee Sophomore Smoker C255 Class Dues.Committee C255 Intercollegiate Conference Committee C255 Secretary of the Wharton Association C355 Speakersl Committee Junior Banquet: Chairman Fraternity Committee5 Eddy-Campaign C355 Dorm Representative C155 Chairman Senior Advisors C455 Kite and Key Society C35 C455 'Ohio Club, Vice- President' C35. ' PHILIP ZINMAN I E A 4001 York Rd., Philadelphia, Pa. ' Wharton Central High School. A SAMUEL ZOLLET T . ' ,, "ZoZl"' ' . 2035 E. Moyamensing Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. . , College Southern 'High School. French Club 5' Spanish Club. A 156 'ffiglggis my EZ ,N V J '28 V47 ft C X 'tt '5 1 1'-5 - vi i 1 .gs :, 'e5k ,Q ' at ve if C l 1 I ! i I F 31 N, In ,x 1 l 5, 1 1 1 -H Y F-. 1:-M N, ,, 7 119- g1:'.AI,'T1 . .. -:1,-A -1-X-.ez---.1-., -" -,- -2--Izcwff'-sc --4 f.1!52fff: 4-A - ,s r,:, ,,,:,, -H,-.--. . . , , . ,, 1 X 'fr -mr ,.o'- wp- -.wzn . - - ff'-11 --Q: :f f :-' vw- -- -1 1 wrfulsrvzi: i:-mf . ,V .- ,,,. M f.-ffm-::i:2,. -4-S g- 151.1 X ':f,"i7LQ,' " K u52.L-W" ': 'r":-ifr-.1'2'vr-'Jw-F2 .x.. 1 x , ,,. ,. ,.v,f -3? I 3 ,f,,f. x -V -A 12,45 ff .-QA 1 fy--.-.3331-.1-yjgw fwmgh:-51' S -- .1-: af. .... - .W .-.-K.-,-,ug CLASS OF 1925-SENIOR YEAR Give 'em hell, Skin ,em alive, Pennsylvania Twenty-five. 158 CLASS OF 1925-JUNIOR YEAR fig? 01 fi ll K n w N .....,, , ' ... , . 1 5 CLASS OF 1925-SOPHOMORE YEAR IIMM f NN jf .,5, + 1 9 Q 5 4 CLASS OF 1925-FRESHMAN YEAR . Give ,em hell, Skin ,em alive, Pennsylvafnia Twenty-fifve. Nil CLASS OF 1926 H a1'cl as nails, F ull of tniclcs, Pennsylvania Tweniy-six. 162 J I MN Ill HID HR CLAff OFFICER! R E S I D E WALTER E 0 MALLEY 5L',?eB.,E.,?.,l.,Q.,EoN,T, LEONARD R FAYLE 5 E S,.3QEDIb!iX.B.Y I-IART E. VAN RIPER T.5,E.,!5.,?a.U 3 GEORGE EICI-INER au..-u-noun nnuauuqoguouuuu-aaa., EDWARD L. SI-IUEY . 4Bl9258P IFS CLASS OF 1927 Knock 'evn om, H and ,em a lemon Pennsylvania Tweniy-seven I 641 5 CLASS OF 1928 Yozire the fish We're the bait Pennsylvania T wenty-eight. 166 7 ORGANIZATIONS e ai men s an 10 iz 1 s d t t d o gan at on lav a i 1 leading role. The four chief under- i IN THE life of all students the different -----------! graduate units, College, VVharton, Fine Arts, and Engineering, are the main divisions of scholastic activity in the lives of Pennsylvania men. Intersectional clubs, too, draw the students and faculty into close relation, and serve to promote better feeling toward our University in the various preparatory schools from which the men come. These clubs are the medium through which the advantages of Pennsylvania are set forth before these schools, and the best men obtainable are induced to come here. Honor societies, as Well, share a place in the firmament with these organizations. It is the ambition of every student to some day place after his name the coveted mark of one or more of these societies. Taken altogether, these clubs and organizations are the acme of undergraduate life. 168 mX , U v v 1Xr3f521fer- ,,XlA.d,,X,X.,..XX.,-H,XXX-XX. XV .X VV , , V VV V L V V Vi Vi VJ V V VV. V X .VVT v:XfEAi:ifVX Xa ..V.. :V !i FV VVVVVXVQZLV-VVVVV . J . - -, X X , -ff M,,:..iX.XX,5X2'u:-Q 5.1 -. -3 35, gf- ,,,,-,X VV -X 57.5, 4--4, gi 3.V.X,q..6,1 X1 , -gsgri.-A-igi5:gX!1f 1 A V VTVVEXVV' X A 5 . fV V: J.- -.ffX--g.XVP.-me-1 4- Xf.. 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Xwhwh tl1er.n1fmX 1XX 1 iw- A . 2955 - ' X A X X 2 . 'W ' X' -- X X ' 4 X ' i ' ,X XXI XX'-X X-.Xfse -Xfrfggz, L. 11.27-'HMA' X X X, . 5 j:.,', . , ' 1 XX X. X X .X" X X 1 XX X XXX -9- ,V X -VV VV VM " X-XX -H. iff' Af f pug' XX- X These Xelxrkrsn the mQd1umXXih1f0MXgh1'XWl1M5hX f :X 15 X X aeimmqmta gof' ,P?e111Sgs--fI'w3f1fm1.- X-are set sfolvthi. 1liwefm'e' -X XL- fl -X. ,,'y,,iy , , X .. .. X . . I .1,....,H ,X 155-:Z X 7- AQ f gjii L -X AXX?-TT XA . 32.2 XXXXXXXMXXX-f X JXXX-11--'ii amil X Xfffriiz. - A XX X .X A. X J. XAAX'f5XYXXV'1-'A.XX I X X. fl X-X515 I11Ch1XfBESW!?A13X0fX h61?0LA . 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A' -X 1 X A 'f XXEA?-A3A'Xl-wiXXX!A:,.i-XL new X X X X EX' X-..X,X2X. iZi?-Xv22a3KiX:i"iLf5f'f X XX Xi .- ' X .,.I5fI2I:,'?LlA?7." " . EH'-AAAf5i'i3if '45PAAfP'?b AAAXXQA' A-:A"FE.g'-731:-lTE', Xl' 'fwlffbfl :Lg-EACHXI X51 -X ' L' -WA ft- X FRENCH STEVENS OSEORN WRIGHTSTONE HADDOCK DAGIT WALKER RYAN STREETER FREYER SULLIVAN UNDERGRADUATE COUNCIL Qflicers 0126777771071 . . . ROBERT A. STREEJTER Secretary . . . JOHN RX'AN Treasurer . . . WILLIAM N. FREYER CHARLES E. DAGIT SAMUEL H. FRENCH WVILLIAM A. HADDOCIi CARROLL R. HEADLY ROBERT R. OSBORN Members 170 A GEORGE W. STEVENS FRANCIS W. SULLIVAN HUGH J. SWARTS JOSEPH W. WALKER J. WVAYNE WRIGHTSTONE Av HART A N ' 1IFM1lEN1lVMQU N? 'A ?'5'5 'E V4 5'1'5 5 '1'5 '5'?'Z 'BIZ 'Z-PEFZET1'-ZZZ:E'lZ?E'2Z52Fm'-Z'E'H'E'l'!'nZ'I 1l'.l'-n'4'1' dia' fl' 4'x'.K'Z' 4 ' 1' 1' 4'4" I A -H' IIE'-Z'-Z' A ,rr 7 wr 1 1-I 1 ea v rv W V in 1 . K 1 . .Q .. , L , 4 1 7 v t if Q 9 is A 1312- mL QL--5 iffii' Tf-- . -.:'7'l'," ' . . "'- l"1.:' M J 4 1 -l.,-g-ef,ee1w , ,1 ff., A Qi- ,,., , ,l yo., , fun-141-' I KA- 1 r W iw aa rom it nt tf5W"'efvt twmif JPN? .-ze' 'Ear gr - -af' f H? 4 Ji I A if c 4 :i 4 S' J 'li i 5 4 i. Jk.a- A -f - 1 e - e 1 ,A ,a- ier, yqpqi Z . x ' ..... , - - '- .. . f'ldh 'de 'l - W., . mm... af ., a...1...,f mi I I J., " -' ' 'af I I in 589 . M greater spirit of friendliness among the undergraduates. later in the year. addressed us on the subject of "The Inside Story of Journal spoke on the "Folk Lore of the Kentucky Nlountaineers., Dum Burlw James Stephens, the great Irish poet, talked on the subject of 'cMy Own Stuff," on February 24. For the first time in many years, every seat in the auditorium was taken and many were turned away. An entire evening was given over to the Arts Association J ollitication on January 17, probably the most successful everheld. James Montgomery Flagg, of Life, and Frank Godwin of "Vignettes of Life' fame of the S atufrclay Evening Post, held the audience spellbound by their stories and talks. Following them there were exhibitions of magic, musical numbers, singing, and plenty of refreshments. The class has always taken a large part in the work of the Association. In our irst year, J. L Patton and E. Scott were appointed to the Executive Committee. In the second year, W. Lingel bach was added to the number. Our Junior year found us with Lingelbach as Secretary and Keogh and Nlandes on the Executive Committee. IVhen the time for elections rolled by, at the end of our third year, WV. E. Lingelbach, Jr., had been elected President and IVI. Trachtenberg, V ice-President: lXIitchell, Scott, and Patton repre- sented us on the Executive Committee. On account of the illness of the President, the affairs of the Association were for a time managed by Frank Murdoch, its Secretary. With his recovery, President Lingelbach once more took the reins and steered the way to the achievement of one of the most successful seasons in the history of the Association. 172 IVIONG the many changes which have taken place during the past four years is the Renaissance of the Arts Association. This organization, the earliest of the many departmental societies, has for years .brought many famous lecturers to Pennsylvania and has served to foster a During the past year we have been fortunate in having a series of lectures which proved to be popular and worth while to the student body at large. The first of these was Clayton Hamilton, dramatic critic, who spoke in the auditorium of College Hall on November 4. His subject was "The Plays of Sheridan? This lecture was much appreciated and served to arouse the interest in the speakers who followed On November 18, Thomas L. Masson, former editor of Lzfe ismf' On January 14, Percy MacICaye, poet and dramatist FRAZIER MURDOCI-I LINGELBACI-I DE BRIER COMROE I ARTS ASSOCIATION Presiclcrzt . . Vice-Presyfclent . Secretary . Treasurer . VVILLIAM E. LINGELBACH MANUEL TRACHTENBERG FRANK MURDOCH BERNARD COMROE Executive Comrnittee GRAERIE FRAZIER, Chairman ERNEST SCOTT J. LEE PATTON CHARLES E. RILEY, JR, DANIEL DE BRIER J. VVHITNEY MARVIN PHILIP DECIIERT SAMUEL HEINEMAN 173 DECHERT its acienffdei EMBQEQQMK eg IWMAMTMNI Q sa 1 A wg 'l A If is W9 Qtr a rw CU H ' Q9 5 is l tw 1 'S 'or -A4--. ' "f:i1?'5fl' SQ f flu. V 5 G'gQ5"i'il'fit- . E nqY4 l ' , -.',--1a2vw!- "Rn Y! f 1761.1 J! Lil ,X f '-!- CH' 'I .H . I Q, . G! rear-S ,S ' 'tif 2- X. "LM f .ev gb 4 4 rfvf .r 4-I v I2-za Y af :wwf faf Arn-IZ I LJ' O L -J .QT JPG 1-7.7 r:r.r n 4 .W - ' ea. N l O THOSE of us who are now leaving the Wh2L1'tO11 School, after spending four pleasant, and, we hope, profitable years, comes a realization of the real worth of the Wfharton Association. 'When we entered the University as Freshmen, in IQQQ, most of us paid our dues and joined the Association because it was the thing to do or because we did not know just what the upper elassmen would do to us if we did not part with our dollar, anyway, few of us realized then what it was all about. YVe soon came to learn of some of its merits, for it was only a short time until a smoker was held, primarily to get us, as Freshmen, together and become better acquainted with each other and with our instructors and to learn something about the school. In addition to the smokes and refreshments, several good speakers were present from the faculty and everyone enjoyed the evening. I A As time passed, during the four years that we have been here, many lectures have been given under the direction of the Association. The lecturers were usually prominent business men from the city or vicinity, brought here for the purpose of better acquainting us with our work and the problems that we will come in contact with now that we are through with our work here. The lectures were always fairly well attended, and it is to be hoped that many of us received suggestions from them that have proved, or will prove, beneficial to us. One of the primary objectives of the Association was to help conduct the Honor System which, at the end of our Freshman year, the faculty and undergraduate body decided to suspend temporarily. Since this has been taken away from the Association, it has been attempting to make itself as useful and beneficial to the student body as possible and also looking forward to the time when it will be considered advisable to revive the system. During the past year the organization has been under the leadership of lVI. V. Brewington, President, and a Secretary and a Treasurer from the Junior class, and although not particularly active, it has, nevertheless, contributed its bit to the betterment of the University. One of the high spots of this year's activities was a debate between the Phi Beta Kappa and Beta Gamma Sigma fraternities on the respective merits of the College and VVharton School. This, we are proud to say, was ably won by our own Wlharton honorary fraternity, which proves the worth of that particular department. Dean Johnson 1741 Q? '4 5'5'5'7 'A 7-'E'i1PL 17155 '5'5"lXcZ 'E-!fEP '71Pl'5H5':Z:I4?,E'2'2f2'7K'2'72'EZ:Z!5'T49i!H'Zl'iZ?J'Z472 A' 1' J' I 4Z:Z'Z'5' 4 IZ 4 ' 4' 4' 411' 1:Z'I1'5JE:E:5:K2F" :AFT ' I I Ia 'Q s- Ef vf.,- f-.. - fait' t ""K--- , I' I - EPs..39Qe..wi 'Vg' 'li' MN ll MQIVE dl ref"-it f sf? HE SESSION of 1924-Q5 is still rather young, and we can make but a short report. In the Beaux Arts Competition we find in the first projet fifteen first mentions awarded and eight second mentions. In the second projet, Holcomb scored with a second medal, while ten others received first mention and five second mention, In the third projet, J. A. Bower received a well-earned second medal and eight others received first mention. Wlhile the third projet was in progress, several took an archeological projet and in this, Yang received a medal on an exceptionally fine drawing while five others received awards of first mention. The Wlarren Prize Ca short three- day problemj was won by Yang, and Evans received a mention. The second preliminary of the eighteenth Paris , Prize has recently been held and our competitors are Kahn, DmnLwird Evans, J. A. Bower, and E. Snyder. The fourth projet, which includes the NIunicipal Prize, is now under way. The Ivy Day Competition was won by Richard Pretz. Our position of leadership is largely due to the inspiring teaching of our faculty. Dean Laird, Doctors Cret, Dawson, and Everett, and Professor Gumaer have unselfishly devoted themselves to the school. The Engineering and Graphics Department are well taken care of by Professors Nolan and Wlhitney and Assistant Professor Parker, while Professor Wlheelwright, a new member of the faculty, is giving a course in Landscape Architecture. As is customary, this department held a Freshman Smoker which also includes a little entertainment by the Vigilance Committee. ' The annual Smock Fight was held between Sophomores and Juniors. In spite of a violent attack upon the part of the Juniors they were overcome by the weight of Vlulmbcrs of the Sophomores plus the use of two smocks. 17.3 The event of the year, the Fine Arts Grand Pageant and Ball of April 17, meant Work for everyone. The large drafting-room of the Fine Arts Building was used and was dec- orated entirely by the students, managed by Darwin Urffer. , John Lane Evans Won the competition for the scheme of decorating the drafting-room. The Committee on Decoration was composed of Nlartin, Nadir, Pownall, Tucker, Jacobsen, Knight, Pavloff, Ellis, and Evans. Unusual decorating effects were used to create the atmosphere of a court scene before, a temple in ancient Thebes during festivities to the sun god, Amen-Ra. The Walls of the drafting-room were decorated in a vivid and colorful manner. For the most part, shades of red were used for the Walls, which varied from the warmer tones near the base to lighter shades abovef These colors Werecontrasted with deep purples and yellows, making a scene of startling beauty. In order to enhance the coloring, numerous lighting effects were employed, which Were supplemented by many colored streamers and banners, making a glorious scene and Wonderful dance long to be remembered. FINE ARTS STUDENT COUNCIL President ..........,......, FRANK Bownn Vice-President . . . .ALEX C. SUTHERLAND Secretcwy , . . . .J. RAY CARROLL Treasurer . , .. .PHILIP W. CREER 176 ARCHITECTURAL SOCIETY President . . . . .ELDREDGE SNYDER Vice-President . . . . X7ERLE L. ANNIS Secretary . . . . . VVARD W. FENNER ' Treasurer ....... W. FRANK BOWER, GEORGE B. ALLISON JOHN C. MACCALLUNI GEORGE H. BUTERBAUGH BRITON MARTIN HERVE1' P. CLARK TRUMAN J. TVIATHEWS JOHN L. EVANS SHAMOON H. NADIR HOWARD KNIGHT IRVING B. PARSONS ALFRED G. LINDBLAD STEWART W. PIKE 177 JR. AARON A. SPENSER HAROLD T. SPITZNAGEL JOHN W. STENHOUSE ERNEST F. TUCKER, JR DARWIN H. URFFER 1, Pa- rPr.-2: A Avis? 1- 1- 4- 4- . 4- 1-12-'T 'gig 63 gem- 412 'r A X' fs.. llrstisnlalsn Q '47 at 1,1 Sym - f-lax W-JL Y il' Q A3 s Q 15 4 I K H 1 '.gs . Aa. 1--L Ax H . A fe- Af' .rv "'-11 Q Q-FQ vm' " 1 F'---1-W rf 8 ' " idea ' ' AM S N 1921 the four departmental engineering societies decided no longer to go their way alone, but to combine into a single organization. Two representatives were appointed from each society, and the Engineering Asso- ciation was organized. Its main purpose is to foster better cooperation between its members and the faculty. The four societies that comprise the Association are: The American Institute of Electrical Engineers, The Wlhitney Society for lVIechanical Engineers, The Civil Engineering Society, and The Priestley Club for Chemical Engineers This Association includes among its members the com- paratively newly formed Nloore School of Electrical Engi- l neering. The creation of this school in 1921 was made possible by the bequest of the late Alfred Fitler lVIoore, and is now a distinct unit in the engineering group. The I present Senior Class in this school holds the unique position of being the first one which has completed four years of study in the lVIoore School under the capable superintendence of Dr. Harold Pender, who was formerly head of the Electrical Engineering Department in the Towne Scientific School. This de- partment is represented in the Engineering Association by the American Institute of Electrical Engineers mentioned above. Dean F razor An Executive Committee consists of the presidents and secretaries of the four societies, and a president, vice-president, and secretary-treasurer elected by all the members. The officers of the Association are: President, Edward Bennett: Vice-President, Adrian Borches, Secretary-Treasurer, Robert NIills. The Association gives to all the new men at the beginning of the year a rousing re-. ception in the form of a smoker. The new men are made to feel at home and are given an opportunity to get acquainted with their classmates. During the year many lectures on engineering subjects are given by men whom the association obtains. Now you have an idea of the close cooperation and organization that prevails. Not only does the Association boast of its organization, but also of its active men. A list of these will refute the popular conception that engineers are too busy to do their bit in campus activities. 178 ENGINEERING ASSOCIATION P-resident . . . . EDWARD H. BENNETT, C.E. V ice-Pfre.s-ident . . . . :IDRIAN BORCHERS. M.E. Secretary- Treaszmr , . ROBERT IIIILLS, EE. EAII6CZ,lf'li'lJ6 Covnmiftee IV. V. INIERRIHUE C. L.-LUDENSLAGER H. IV. STEINI-rom' F. KRING 179 ' The engineers that we point to with pride are: Edward Bennett: "Eddie, is known the campus over for his work on the varsity crew and football team. As evidence of his popularity and ability he was elected to Friars Senior Society. His brother engineers made him President of Hexagon Senior Society and the Engineering Association. ,He is also a member of the Sigma Tau honorary fraternity. Robert Osborn: Bob has a wealth of humor and per- sonality. He is the far-famed "Oz,,' columnist of the daily "Pennsylvanian." Also an editor on the "Red and Bluew and the "Pennsylvania Triangle." He represents the Nloore Electrical School on the Undergraduate Council, is a member of the Hexagon and Sigma Tau, and is President of the Eta Kappa Nu honorary engineering fraternity. He is a member of the Sphinx Senior Society. VVillard lVIerrihue: "lWerry', accomplishes a tremendous Dean Pemlffr amount of work for the University. He is Editor-in-Chief of the "Pennsylvania Triangle" and has brought it to a position where it won the intercollegiate cup for technical magazines. He is President of the Priestley Chemical Society, a member of the "Men about Townei' Club, and is Presi- dent of the Alembic Chemical Society and the Roaring Lions Club. He was elected to the Alpha Chi Sigma and besides he has had honors of Hexagon and Sigma Tau conferred upon him. Carroll R. Headley: C'Jack', represents the Towne Scientific School on the Under- graduate Council. His record of four years in the Nlask and Wlig show is an enviable one. He has also been in the engineering show two years. Nlany important committees have fallen his way during his college career. The highlesteem in which he is held culminated in his election to Hexagon Senior Society. A Others who have forged to the front are numerous, but we can only mention a few of them. Leroy Vanderford, President of 'cMen about Towne" Club, editor on "Triangle', and "Pennsylvanian"g Hexagon Senior Society. Gus Goetz and Frank Hensel: Varsity crew. Sam Baily: Varsity soccer and Hexagon. J. VV. Emling: Crew coxswain g and other leaders in activities. . A This year a campaign was made to get every man in some form of activity. The Asso- ciation has been instrumental in maintaining the present high scholastic standing of the Engineering School. These are the things in which the Association is interested and it believes it can accomplish its aims by promoting harmony and understanding between the engineers and the rest of the University. 180 J. N. E. E. R. G. K. F W K. A. G. G. L. J. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA STUDENT CHAPTER . CHARLES E. LAUDENSLAGER Secretary . . . WILLIIM W DONNELII Vifve-Preszfdent .... E. J Presidwzl .... . B. ARCHER N. BAILY H. BENNETT I. BRAUDY W. C0011 DER. ABRAIIAMIAN IV. BEATTIE BLOOM W. DONNELLY- W. GREGORY CoIzsoN, JII. T. FI,IIvEI.I, B. GILBEIIT H. BUCIQI-IoI,Imn C. Cfxssm. J. L. Cox W ' ' S. RISEN I.oII15Iz FI.EIscHnI,INN G. W. DONOVAN E. A. DUMAS R. S. FIRTII E. J. FI,EIsr:IIIx1ANN H. A. F E. T. W M M S. W E. J. A. T. GRUBER W. HUBBAIRD IIARTIIIIAN C. MIIIWONE V. MORRIS L. Noncraoss GREENBEIQCI W. HAWES E. LASCI-IENSIQI F. FITzGEII.xI,D - .' . I IIORYINC' D. JONES D. KEAII' Treasurer . . . KI3IxIxI:TII VX BIWTTII3 W. H. JAIIIESON M. C. KNIIBE W. F. ICOELLE C. E. LAUDENSLAGER L. I. LIMEBERG D. REITER J. E. ROBINSON . F. H. SILIRP E. B. SQNNIIEITI Sophomores J. H. LEVY H. E. RIANN C. K. MII.I,I:Ii, JR. F 'rash men F. H. M.xmI.xIeI-1I,LI: A. PIQIISIGI. J. B. Pm J. R. SIIITII ll WHITNEY ENGINEERING SOCIETY President . . . . . .F. VV. KRING, JR. Vvlce-Premldent . . . . F. H. PENNELL Secretary-Treasurer . . .R. G. STAFFORD Illembers R. A. :XBBOTT A. V. H. BORCHERS IV. A. BROWN F. A. BURK, Qd J. D. BURKE R. J. DELONG, Qd NI. VV. DODSON J. P. EARP J. TNI. EJNTXVISLE F. R. FARROXV J. V. FERDINAND C. S. HAZEL F. G. HENSEL J. F. HORRISBERGER D. R. HOWE P. R. LUTZ F. S. LESTER T. C. IVIOBRIDE, JR. W. H. MITOMI J. A. MORGAN S. J. NEEDS L. C. ROSENSTEIN L. SHUMAN :Z F. W. KRING, JR. D. VV. SUDELL W. J. THOMPSON H. L. VANDERFORD J. R. RULON D. M. STACKHOUSE B. E. DEMARE R. H. BORGENSEN H. C. HOGAN R. H. BRADBURY O. C. CRESSON T. MCCALLA J. G. SMITH, JR. I. S. IARKIN C. KASS W. J. NIACK L. CHILD F. H. PENNELL L. ROSSENBERGER H. TARLETON J. W7AN ARSD.-XLEN R. G. STAFFORD Z. L. VVOBENSMITH . WHITNEY ENGINEERING SOCIETY Wy X ? ' Q eu, Mu m s ...,4 g s '.,,. if f +19'sigw 25 S. F. G. E. E. C. J. J. A. A. G. C. S. J. J. J. W. J. W . A. E A. H. J. Y. L. PRIESTLEY CHEMICAL SOCIETY President . . . . . VVILLARD V. MERRIHUE Vice-President . . . . JOHN H. RUSHTON Secretary . . . . . ROBERT R. VALLEE Treasurer K. ALLMAN W. BRAINERD W. CABEL J. DAVIS J. DEBEER R. DOLMETSOH EI-IRENRIGHT FITELSON H. FRENCH S. GOETZ T. HALBERSTADT R. HEADLY C. HORNING H. HUNTER LENVIS LOMAX V. IXTERRIHUE J. MESSINGER B. NIOTISHER L. OMOHUNDRO F. REESE J. SAUKITIS F. SMYTH L. JVUERTZ S. ZEE R. W. CLEMENCE . . CARL R. DOLMETSCH Ezfeeutive Committee WV. B. MOTISHER G. T. HALBERSTADT J. F. SACHSE W. R. DOI-IAN H. A. AMEISEN ' B. MULLER Me'1fzbers L. R. DALLETT F. J. SHROY W. R. DOHAN E. S. SNYDER C. B. EGOLF R. R. VALLEE C. G. GROSSCUP H. G. HILLBORN J. F. HARRON W. H. BAUMGARTNER W. J. HINDMAN J. E. CARNEY L. E. HOEGSTOEL N . S. CHAMBERLAIN W. A. JACK H. B. CHAMBERS WV. J. JKINDERMAN H. VV. COWARD W. V. OVERBAUGH P. J. DOWD J. E. ROBERTS H. W. FIELD J. H. RUSI-ITON R. M. FITCH J. F. SACHSE J. FULD F. W. VVILSON E. R. FREDERICKS C. M. AMBLER W. G. HENSEL H. A. AMEISEN T. JOHNSON J. H. BOOTH W. M. MEAD J. P. BUTTON J. T. TVICGRATPI J. G. BUTZ C. W. MOORE A. F. CRISFIELD R. S. RUNK H. FLETCHER J. A. STARKEY W. A. LALAND R. N. VANBLUNK W. M. LEE W. R. W7ANMETER D. S. MERRITT C. ZAI-IN R. B. TVIULLER J. A. JRALPH J. CONNON T. F. SCHAEFFER 184 PRIESTLEY CLUB QQ? umm 'H E AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS MOORE SCHOOL OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING STUDENT BRANCH Officers l3I'l!8Z.ClC7lf ..,., H. II'. STEINIIOEI' Secretary ..., J. W. EMLING I7'l.C6-PFHSZICIUIIII . . . J. T. N.-IUGIITON. JR. T-reasmcr . , . F. L. STEINBRIGI-IT Seniors C. L. :IPKER E. E. GIARRETT. JR. S. RTARTIN, JR. J. G. BRAINERD BI. GOLDBERG R. L. NIILLS IIT. G. COOK C. S. HEREST L. MOSS H. N. EKIQILL I. L. HOROIIVITZ R. R. OSBORN J. III. EIILING E. III. HURFI' IV E. POWELL J. FAIN Ii. S. IQALMAN III H. SHIRK J. H. :FATZ R. L. KEANE F. L. STEINBRIGI-IT J. M. FOX O. I. LEWIS J. IIVESNEESIQY Juniors F. B. ANDERSON F. D. HEISS F. RICHARDSON . S. R. CATSIEF N. C. HENII'OOD, JR. III ROACH J. H. CROWELL J. MCD. HOIJTZINGER W F. SATTERTIIWAIT P. H. JDOIVNIYARD R. J. KOONS E. M. SCATTERGOOD H. ESTRAD.-X D. LEITCII. JR. R. H. SOLOIIAN G. A. FOLEY J. B. LINDSAY H. IIT. STEINHOFF E. F. FORREST E. C. LONGIVELL G. H. STITELER M. II7. FULLER J. P. LUKENS T. J. TALLEY. Sd IV C . . II'. GILIIORE C. HARRINGTON J. T. NAUGHTON. JR. J. F. NICHOLAS 186 IV P . D. IVEIKEL ' K. IIIELCII g6LE3fQfV' N my 316129 Q IT Ywxm fffisaxms' Wu ' I QD M? 7 Q J' 415 ga' ' f . .0 'o n6. " 0 xi' , W ie' J U ' Ji .S if' T ! ' if JI, fi ' :XX S - ' X J I 'fffsi' 3' , 1? . , s We , 1 in I! ' if? 0 Cf' If 44 7' fl ,1"' Jil' .-. , .I LQ... , -1 ,v5,a1f'j'-,A ng I ,111 I , ,' ""' an ., ?"'g'f ,.f'r'a"'Ig4f43 ' . 4992 , s law, , Qy . .71 ,- I 4 I .Q N 1, J - F! l Wygg , 'nu-79 , sg - ' f' , 0001-1 I 1 ' . ff A M f Q , ' 1 Q Kx' Am ana? If I '-A Q '17 ff! A. .as -: if ie 6 'E-32' 5 0 f . 0 ' Q , 0 W +R '01 CJ Q 153 J CQ Q XP CAPITAL CITY CLUB President ....... KARL E. J ARRELL ARCHIBALD W. EXDKINS XVILLIAM S. BROWN P. D. CHIPOURAS HAILE CHISHOLM FRANK COOK JENVELL H. COOK ALAN DAVID KARL EMMERICII ALLEN R. FOSTER CHARLES P. GIVEN JOHN T. HARDING FORD HARVEY WILLIAM JACK JOHN W. JACKSON KARL E. JARRELL JOHN G. IQOLB ANDREW LEE EDVVIN C. E. LORD, JR. XVILLIAM R. MILLER, JR. 188 LESLIE C. MITCHELL JESSE MORGAN PHILIP O. PECK XVILLIAM REESE SCOTT BRANDON SHEA BERNHARD G. SPILLUE HUGO H. THRAN MAX WEYL CLYDE F. WVILMETH . G2 - A A , .,1,o.-.. .Q . ' ,ff ' "ff 5 I " l, 5 , N M- 1 X A Y ,.,. '4 . , 4 w..,,..,',f1 x .V nf .If Q 'y L Q g ,QQ 1 s l 4- v ..,N.YLQlm P! vi. wmfkfhiuh J. ' ' , .Ax ' :,, ,-.F v ' 2 ' I ' .V is 4 - ' ' N" ' K S' . " ' .4 1.-4, A .. V , N. . " . X ' f"'1Uff '. J I' 1 , -If 4 : : . K ' . A 1, 1. . xg' , -,1"fS,,51 g r - A A , JL ww 5. I 1. THE CHESTNUT HILL ACADEMY CLUB President Secretary- ALLEN BARTON BEAUVEAN BORIE SAMUEL COLLOM ALBERT CLATTENBERG ALFRED CRISFIELD HUBERT I. DU PONT ST. MARTINS, PHILADELPHIA Ojicers . . . . . . ROBERT A. EICI-IELBERGER T rcasufrer . , CHARLES A. W. UHLE ROBERT A. EIOHELBERGER JAMES S. FARNUM RALPH FARNUM INHOMAS S. GATES RICHARD LEIBRICK T. NIORRIS PEROT ISD JOHN L. RANDALL EDTVARD A. SIBLEY PERRY H. STEVENS-ON JOSEPH C. TAYLOR CHARLES A. W. U1-ILE GEORGE IJIILER CLEVELAND CLUB Presirlcnt . . . V ice-Presicicnz' . Secretary . Treaszrrez' . WM. B. ANDERSON ISLENNEDY B. BAILEY WVALTER W. BECKER JOSEPH H. BINDER RIILTON NI. BRUDNO CLEMENT W. CHANDLER JOSEPH J. DEUCI-IER ROBERT W. DUDIIE1' HARVEY FOSHMAN JAMES L. FREE ANTHONY GI-KTTOZI WAI. A. GILL LOUIS D. GROSS EDYVARD E. HALE GEORGE W. HAIIE SOL N. HELLER YVM. S. HOPFINIAN JACK C. HOSTERMAN CLYDE YV. JACKSON EDWIN :KYLE LOUIS S. LARONOE MARVIN JOSEPH VLARONGE HOWARD W. LINK ROLLO B. LLOYD .XRTI-IUR YV. LOEHR HEIKBERT Y. LOESCII EYERETT L. LOMAIESSON EARLE DOUGLASS BIAAS Qficers BIARYIN JOSEPH LARONG-E WILLIAM R. WVINGATE EDXVIN RAWSON NIOUNTCASTLE XVALTER XV. BECKER Jlefznbers ROYAL S. RIAAS LEE F. NICGEAN CLAUDE B. NICINTOSII HAROLD C. NIERTES JOHN S. MILLER JAKE BIINTZ . ffl-IORTON XV. NIORRIS EDWIN R. NIOUNTCASTLE FRANK ORAM HAROLD WILLIS PARSONS FRANCIS C. W. PATON EDNVARD S. ROGERS DAVID W. RUSSEL JOS. NI. SAMPLINER ELDRIDGE S. 'SAAIPLINER XVII. O. SCI-IROYER H. SCHEULE JOHN R. SEBASTIAN NIERLE L. SPEER ERNEST STAU RICHARD XV. VIWAYLOR GEORGE R. 'FI-IOMI-'SON HENRX' E. WAREWICK XVII. H. WVATTERSON YVILLIAM R. WVINGATE WM. S. WOLF SIDNEY J. ZWVEIG JULIUS SYCKLE 190 J OHIO CLUB Officers Pre.s1'zlz'uf . . . . . .JULIUS SPENCER HINfQ'I'IAI.kX Vice-P1'c.wirlc1zf . , . . ROBERT XYILLIAM ZEHRING Sec'rctcu-y-Trcrzsurer . S. .ELDRIDGE SAMPLINER SIIELDON BEN ACKERMAN WILLIAM ISERNER ANDERSON GEORGE T. ARMSTRONG JAMES RUSSEII BAILEY KENNEDY BROXVN BAILEY LESLIE JOHN BAILEY WARD LESLIE BARNES JOHN THOMAS BARTLEY YVALTER XYILLIANI BECKER HUGO ROBERT BERNER JOSEPH HS BINDER JAMES BRUCE BIRGII SIMON J. BLATTNER BTORTON BLOf-R HTONVARD TRUOG BRENNEN CARL HERZVIJKN BROXVN LIAROLD FALCONER CAMPBELL ALBERT STEPHEN CLOSE ROBERT EDXVAIID COLE .FOREST WILLIAM COX GEORGE HENRY CRANE VVILLIAM H. CULBERTSON .ROY ALONZO CURL ROI CLAYTON DAVIS FRANCIS WELLS DAVISON JOSEPH JOHN DEIIOHER ROBEIQT VV. DITDIIEY SHELDON F. IQCKFELD GLENN SCHROER IERDENBERUICR ALVIN BAUMAN FISHER CARL VAUGI-IAN FISHER IIARVEY FISIIMAN EUGENE TVIANNING FLIIES JAMES L. FREE ILOBERT IQIENARDT FREED ANTHONY GATTOZZI GREGORY GENS TLUDOLPH ALLEN GERLINGER WILLIAM AMBOS GILL WILLIAM SHULER GINN LOUIS Dl'DI.I'IY GROSS ROBERT EMIL GUGENHEIM EDWARD EX'ERE'1"I' PIALE GEORGE XYRIGHT' ITALIC. JR. SIDNEY STERRE'1"l' HALL FRANCIS NORMAN I'TARTMAX JOSEPH LIUVRENFE LIEINE SOL NA'1'HAX IJELLER Jl1LII'S SPENUER HINCIIMAN XNTILLIAM SIMON TIUFFMAN CVMAILNGS JAIJIQ HOSTERMAN FRANGIS BERNARD HUBER C'LYDE XVIGNIORE JAURSON Dfembers JOHN PJLMER JOSEPH JOHN F. JUDD IJENRY JAY IGANNENSOIIN JOHN .I ACOB KAUEEMAN TJONALD LEIGH IHAUFHOLD GEORGE LINCOLN KING JULIAN MILTON KOBAIJRER PAUL J. Koc-K THEODORE LEMBRIGIIT KOOS LLOBEKT ALBERT KRANTZ - EDWIN ROGERS KYLE HERBERT GEORGE LANE DAA'ID ITENRY LANGE ROBERT S. LANGE LOUIS SYLVESTER LARONGE WIARVIX JOSEPH LARONGE LLOYD J. LISTER PLOLLO BRUCE LLOYD GEORGE T. LOCKE VVILLIAM NICIQINNEY LOCKE ARTHUR WVILLIAM LOEBR HERBEIIT V. LOESCH EVERETT LOOSER LOMMASSON D.kVID I. LOWENSTEIN RALPH WVIIITEEIELD LUETHI WILLIAM JOHN LUKASXVITZ EARLE DOUGLAS MAAS ROYAL SHELTON MAAS LYNN ROLLAND RIANSELL GEORGE ERSRINE NIAYNARD LEE PIIILLIPS' MCGEAN EDWIN MADISON WICLIENRY CLAUDE BURTON MCINTOSII ITAROLD CLEMEXT RLIERTES GEORGE FREDERICK METZGI-:R ADOLF EDGAR MILLER JAKE BCIINITZ, JR. LELAND ELLSXVORTH RIOREE THORNTON XVILSON NIORRIS EDXVIN RAWSON N1OI'N'1'EAS'l'IE HAROLD XVILLIS PARSONS FRANCIS COOKE YVARD PATON JOSEPH ROSS PHENEGER ALLEN AUGUS-'1'l'S POST HAROLD LESLIE POAVELL JAMES BENJAMIN POXVELL XYILLI.-XM NIC'fwI,.AIN PITRSELL PAUL YIVTOR PEIN.-ARTZ JYILIil'R RJARTIX REAIY JOHN NOBIE ILICILXRDS JOIIN JAMES RICDGLE NIYROX EDWARD ROBERTS JOHN BARr'LAY RODGERS lfll EDWARD 5. RODGEIZS DAVID W ESLEY ILUSSELL WALTER AUSTIN RUTLEDGE CLIFFORD LEE SALINGER JOSEPH M. SAMPLINER S. ELDRIDGE SAMPLINER RICHARID SCHACHNE, JR. PAUL JOHN FREDERICK SGIIMITT WILLIAM OSBORNE SCHROYER LEONARD SCHAVARTZ ' EDAVARD EYERETT SCOTT JOHN ROCK SEBASTIAN GIR.ARIJ SCOTT SI-IELDON ARTHUR FRANKLIN SHOTT GEORGE DANIEL SHOOP EDWARD LEWIS SHUEY T. FOYE SHUMAKER JOHN NIILLER SIEGEL ROBERT BRUCE SINCLAIR ROY EDWARD SLAGLE - LIAYAVARD WNILLIAM SLOECKER RLIERLE LOUIS SPEER JAMES TIERBERT SPENCER AMHERST TIIOMPSON SPITZER FRED JOHN STAHLHEBER ERNEST STAU CYRIL CLEMENT STEIN JULIUS E. SYCLE ITICHARD XVI-IITNEY TYXYLOIQ GEORGE ROBERT THOMPSON IEMANUEL BKIARKS TIIIAGER LTARRY ELLISON XVARXVICK XYILLI.-XM HIQRBERT TVATTERHON WVILLIAM WILSON TVELSH EDAVARD TVERTHEIMER. JR. THOMAS A. YVHITE, JR. AYLAVYX PENNELL WILLIAMS TIENRY COLT WILLIAMS PRESTON ADAMS TVILLIAAIS GEORGE A. XVILSON GERALD STALEY WILSON WYILLIAAI R.XYRIER XYINGATE GEORGE MEAD XVI'1'IIINfi'l'ON ROBERT DAVIS AYIT'I'EIi XYILLI.-XM S. XYOLF -FIKANFIS CLARK WOOD JAMES BARTLICT'I' WOOD XYILLIAM ARNOLD XYRIGIVI' ROBERT WIINXIFII JYOLXG TLOBIQR1' AX-II.LI.-XM ZEIIRING IJAYID BERESIN ZOOR SIDNEY J. ZXYICIH LUZERNE COUNTY CLUB President . . . Vice-President . . Treasurer .... Record-ing Secretary Ojicers F irst Term . . .J. HYMAN . ...J.J.EVANS' . . . . .S. BOYD . . . .R. GLANCKOPF Correspomling Secretary . . . B. NORTHRUP S. BOYD E. CORNER W. DAW C. DAVIS A. R. DRIESBACII J. J. EVANS BI. FREEMAN YV. FREEMAN Members W. GOECKLE R. GLANCKOPF G. GABRIEI1 J. GIBBONS J. GILLIS F. GILLIS A R. GRIFFET11 B. GOLDBERG B: ROMA 192 Second Term E. CORNER S. BOYD M. FREEMAN B. GOLDBERG W. GOECKLE J. E. J. J. B. T W . E. HYMAN KANTER LEWIS N EUBERGER NORTHRUP MOORE SYMONDS RODERICK LYCOMING COUNTY CLUB Ojicers Preszdents .J. E. BRUCHLACHER Secretary . .HIRAM B VVILSON W, PAGE MEALING A Treasurer , . GEORGE MORRISON ' Members EDWIN O. AIPP PAUL FARLEY JOHN FISHER E. E. FELKER A. CAMARINOS J. E. BRUCHLAOI-IER CHARLES HUSTON IIIRAM B. WVILSON' J. W. BIENCH CHARLES PLANKENIIORN H325 W. PAGE DIEALING WILLIAM S. WAY CHARLES W. WEBER GEORGE MORRISON ROBERT LITTLE GEORGE IQLUMP CHARLES YOUNGMAN CLARENCE HAYES EDWARD KET"PE W. LAMONT ALIORGAN LEHIGH VALLEY CLUB Oficers President .... ,WILLIAM EWADINGER Secretary-T-reasurer . STANLEY W. IVIICI-IAEL Members RAYMOND EDELSTEIN IQENNETI-I FAHS ANDREVV FATULA NELSON GUNNING RAYMOND fi.RAN'I' EARL H. KOCH PAUL NIAURY .XRNOLD NASB JOEL NASS MORRIS PERLMANN 19-L SAMUEL SENDEXYURTZ CARL SOHMICKLY THOMAS J. SULLIVAN LEON SCI-IREIBER 0SC7AR CFALLMAN S. :RAPPAPORT JOHN YVANDELL WILLIAM XVORTRING WILLIAM SCHAI-IEEE EUGENE J. CONNEL H. J. J. H. S. R. H. L. B. R.. L. H. J. R. W R . M R. A . L. A. HOOSIER CLUB Ojicers President . . . . .C. R. F., RUCKLESHAUS Vice-Presiclevzt . . . . A. C. XLORIS Secretary-T1'eas'zn'e2 . .A. D. I'IONVLETT Mem bers L. BROWN H. A. HUNSBERGER P. BROXVN F. lvl. HARLEBI D. BREAKS J. JV. :KENT K. BRIDGES J. S. KAPP M. BADGER G. W. IQELLER W. CLARK DYKHUIZEN M R. DINGLES DRONBEIZGER :EFROYMSON ELLIOT FIEDLER FERREE FORD FITTS FOLTZ GOLDMAN GUENTHER PIONVLETT HUBITSLE. JR. YORIS 151.3 E. IKLEEMAN I. LEOPOLD H. IiNAPP G. LOTZ P. MOORE BIANNING RIERSDORFF J. PFEIFFER T. PARK E. PERFECT H. PRETZ R. RUCIiI.ESII AL D E. SMADEL N. r1NULI.ER F. SPIGLER TEPI-ER CAMDEN HIGH SCHOOL CLUB Officers President . . . CHARLES S. ROGERS Secreiary . . . XVILBUR H. SMITH Vice-President . . FRANK G. HENSEL Treasurer . . . ROBERT D. COWARD Dlcmbeirs FRITHIOF B. ANDERSON ISRAEL BARBELL CASPER BEIDERMAN FRANK E. BIERFREUND WM. M. BLOSSER RICI-IARD T. BUCKLEY GEORGE W. BURROUGHS BENJAMIN COOPERMAN HAROLD W. COWARD MARVIN B. COX JAMES A. EBERLING GEORGE A. FOLEY HENRX' GOLDSTEIN ADOLF C. GORR MARTIN GREENBLATT CHARLES P. HODTKE WALTER G. HENSEL FRED J. JANSSEN ROBERT B. JOHNSON KUBE :KRICHOVETZ JOSEPH LIPKIN LESTER LICHTENSTEIN EDWARD J. LOSKI JACOB M. NIALAMUT ALBERT B. JVIELINK JACOB MORGANSTEIN 196 ANTONIO PAPALE JOHN H. REINERS, JR. EDWARD SCHELLENGER HERRIAN E. SCHMIDT EVERETT R. SHOCKLEY ALEXANDER SOLIACKI JOSEPH M. STEIN ANDREW J. STEWART WM. THEGEN FRANK M. TRAVALINE, JR. RICHARD W. VVEEKS ROBERT N. VAN BLUNIC S 1 l PHILADELPHIA CHINESE STUDENTS CLUB President . . Vice-President Secretary . . A Treasurer Manager . ODQCBTS 197 T. P. YANG DORCAS KWOIC EATON K. C. TSM YOUNG O. LEE BQ C. CHEN NEVVMAN CLUB HE Newman Club is the oldest denominational organization at the University, having been organized in 1893. Its work is the care of the Catholic students, and last year numbered on its roll over 1,500 members. It brings to the University many persons of national and international prominence for the religious and educational work it does. It engages in many social functions and dramatics and conducts a student em- ployment bureau. The Newman Hall which it occupies is the largest denominational headquarters at Pennsylvania, and contains St. Bede's Chapel, many club and reading- rooms, and living accommodations for fifty students. The property also includes the residence and office of the Chaplain, Rev. John YV. Keogh, who cares for the students of lVIedicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy through the Newman Guild of St. Luke. He is also the National Chaplain of the Federation of College Catholic Clubs. The Club interests itself much in social service among the colored and Italian peoples in the downtown settlements, teaching scouting, forming Scout clubs, teaching catechetics and Bible subjects. Medical and dental care is given in the settlements, and in four charity institutions of the diocese, also at the Catholic Bureau of Charities, where the children are examined before committing them to the various charitable institutions of the diocese. The Club has charge of the dental clinics in the hladonna House, and also that of the House of St. Simon, the latter of which it fully equipped and maintains. ' The Alumni Association of the Newman Club of the University of Pennsylvania was organized last year and has begun an eiective organization for assisting the undergraduate body in its various activities. The Association tendered in Newman Hall, on the eve of the Cornell game, a notable reception to His Eminence, Cardinal D. J. Dougherty. The Association also brought to Newman Hall, James J. VValsh, lVI.D., K. St. G., one of the organizers of the Newman Club, the founder of Newmanism. The most notable event of the year was a club dinner to Edward lVIcGinley, all-American tackle, a member of the Club who received in its name a very handsome gift. Some of the prominent undergraduate Newmanites who felicitated McGi1ileyf were "Eddie', Farrell, captain of the baseball team, Hans Boos, captain of soccer, and "Eddie,' Q"Chick"D Gardiner, acting captain of the swimming team and captain of lacrosse. 198 NEWMAN CLUB 0 cars rrI'IOMAS P. Fox BENNO W. KRAUS NIARGARET M. ESMONDE HARRY A. DURNEY JOSEPH J. REILLY H JOSEPH F. GAUG1-IAN CARI, J. SCI-IAEFER Emecutwe Committee IOSEPH D Gx1,L,xG1-IEH I mms P XGAN XRTI-II, R NX CURTIS LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Ojicers President ...., RAIJPII BUSSER Secretary . . . . ADELINA RUETER S. J. ABRAHAM S. ALBERT W. H. ALBERT G. APGAR F. BONASI S. G. BURTON R. C. BUSSER, JR M. BERNHARD G. BLEY H. BAMBERGER E. COX M. COOPER W. COHEN M. CRUMRINE A. LE DOUX A. DENSMORE F. JDREYV B. ELFRONT A. EMURIAN W. A. FONTAINE J. M. FOGG O. FLEICHMANN G. GILLE M. HASTINGS L. B. HEILPRIN W. G. HENSEL S. HARRIS T. N. HAINES G. HURTNIAN C. P. IWANICKI R. JOHNSON F. IQENDRICK N. IQAPAMADKIAN A. ICUDER A ctive lllembers A. LOEB 200 A. H. A. J. A. G. E. D. J. E. E. J. J. H. B. J. H. P. R. J. S. A. J. J. M. E. P. D. E. J. S. A. NI. R. LENTZ E. TVIANN J. NIARRIER NI. MACMILLAN INICIVIURRAY MARCUS MAIJLOY W. TVIEASUROLL NIASLAND NUSSBAUM J. PHILLIPS A. PRATT PORTNANAR PRICE PHIPPS PATTERSON G. RICHARDS N. STEEL STARRAT J. SEIDNER B. SPIRT STROUSE SALTER SEISMAN SIMALZOHN THORNTON EL TAYLOR WVARWICK M. AVRIL B. YVILLAN E. AWATOV ZANKEISEN ZEEB ZIPPLER LE MONDE OU L'ON S'I-ENNUIE Francois , , . Lucy Watson . . Jeanne Raymond . Paul Raymond , . La Comtesse de Ceran St. Reaull ...., La Duchesse de Reville Bonne ...... Roger de Ceran . . Suzanne cle Villiers Bellac ...... Madame A rriego .... Madame de Loudan Madame de St. Reault Tonlonnier .... Le General cle Brflais Virol ......, llfladame de Boines . Nlelchior de Boines . Gaiac ...... Des Blillets . . , CAST OF CHARACTERS Un the order of their appearancej . . . . . . I . . . . . . . NEWTON A. KAPANIADJIAN, C . . . . . . . . . , . . . . EVALINA H. MATTSON, Ed . . IXIARGARET E. AHERN, Ed FRANK A. BONASI, C . ELIILY J. Cox, Ed . EMANUEL M. WEIL, Wh ADELINE KUDER, Ed . . . DOROTHY HAMILTON, Ed , . ANDRE HENRI LE DOUX, C . . . MARY G. TYVINING, Ed . . RALPH C. BUSSER, JR., C . THEO TUZINSKI, Ed MARY ,L. FUGATE, Ed OLGA M. FRANCIS, Ed , , WALTER A. I-IERLEY, Wh FRANCIS B. DOWNS, C PHILIP MACLASKY, Ed ALICE MITCHELL, Ed N. F. GALLICCHIO. C . . . . . . . . . . , . HERBERT V. OPPENIIEIM, Wh SYNOPSIS OF SCENES , Time-The Present JOHN H. SKILTON, C ACTS I AND II-Salon in the Chateau of the Comtesse de CCFEIII ACT III-Conservatory in the Chateau Advzsory Director , . PROF. ALBERT F. HURLBURT Stage Manager . . Ii. BRUCE LLOYD NUI 27 Coach ..,. . .JOHN LANGDON JONES A.ssz'stunt .,... P1-IILII' MAI-LASRI I I P7 Q01 DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN CTHE GERMAN CLUBJ President . . . Vice-President . . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary . Treasurer .... Librarian . . HIRAM P. BAMBERGER EDWARD BEEGLE ARTHUR BLINN HAROLD B. BUSSER RALPH C. BUSSER, JR. CHARLES CULLMAN THEODORE ELXVELL NATHAN FINKLE HERBERT FRI ALI FUAD HAROLD M. GOETTEL JOHN HAFER COLIN HERRICK EDYVIN HERZ WVILLIAM P. HEUCHERT CLAUB JORDAN HERMANN JORDAN J. HAROLD IQAUFFELD EDWARD KNOBELAUCII L. F. LEONARD ROBERT S. MARSDEN GEORGE S. MOYER JAN NOVOTN1' Ojieers Q . . :RALPH C. BUSJSER, JR., ,Q5 C. . . ELSIE DOERNENBURG, ,27 ED. . . CLAUS JORDAN, '26 C. . . OTTILIE FLEISCHMANN, '26 ED. . . PAUL H. SCI-IRAER, ,Q6 C. . . HAROLD B. BUSSER, '28 WH. Members VVALTER ORLOFF FRANK REEDER, JR. JOHN RHEIN ALLAN L. RICE SPERO SINOVCIC PAUL H. SCHRAER ARMIN HANS STERNER CLARENCE E. TOBIAS ELIZABETH BRYANT RUTH DIEST ELSIE DOERNENBURG OTTILIE FLEISCHMANN JANET LEVITT MIRIAM LOWENTHAL EDNA MCALLISTER ELSIE SCHAAF ARLENE SCHLOTT ELSA SPIRO XVILHELMINA SOMMERS ISABELLE WELSH MINNIE WILKINS MARGARETE WOLFF MARTHA ZEEB Q02 VETERINARY MEDICAL SOCIETY V Ojicers President ...... G. P. FINCKE Secretary . Vice-President .... G. F. SEBASTIAN Treasurer Honorary Members DR. C. J. IVIARSHALL, V.M.D. DR. J. W. ADAM J. J. CUNNINGHAM H. L. FELL G. P. FINCKE C. E. FLAXMAN D. W. GATES J. R. KINNEY D. D. ISIOHLER BENJ. RAU M. O. ROBINSON G. F. SEBASTIAN C. L. BRIGGS H. W. I-IERRIOTT G. H. KINEMOND Active Members R. G. LITTLE WM. MILLER J. C. ROBBINS J. A. ROGERS J. K. STROCKBINE G. B. SCIINELLE F. WIIARTON H. CORENSWITZ G. M. LEIGHOVV C. E. MASSINGER S MOORE. JR. L. A. PETERSON E. W. RACICLEY H. B. STEINBACH 22 A. S. VANSANT C. E. WATSON E. A. VVEBB M. L. VVENDLER R. BEARDSLEE J. D. BECK H. APPELBAUM L. M. ESR M. W. HALE C. E. HUTT C. LAMMEI' E. H. INIINER C. W. INIILLER J. A. S. LIILLAR . . .WM. MILLER . . .J. R. ICINNEY S, A.P., V.M.D. L. J. ' E. W. A. W. J. C. C. M H. E. H. MICHAEL A. MEEIIAN MORTON E. MARTINDALE J. OSINSKI RANVLINGS V. SMITH STARKE M. STEVENS T. SWEIGART SCIIALL D. IIYUCKERMAN I-I. TAYLOR CHESS CLUB Ojicers President . . . . . GLENN 0. PETTY, Wh. '25 Treasurer ...... ANTHONY S. GIBSON, Col. '26 V ice-President ..,. ALBERT E. LEEDS, Wh. '25 Team Captain .... FREDERICK CASCIATO, Wh., '25 G. F. A. G. J. P. BLIZARD, M.E. EICHELBERGER, Col. FALLON. Col. FRIEDMAN, Col. ARCIIEY, JR., Wh. B. . FRYE. Wh. A. F. H. L. P P. H. T A. J. JACOB, Wh. . M. GINSBERG, Col. FISHER, Wh. Secretary ...... J. CHANNING ELLERY, Col. '26 Other M embers MORSE GAR11'0OD, Wh. S. GOLDBERG, Col. 1925 WM. S. MCCA1-IAN, Wh. 1926 W H. S. GRANT, Col. WM. N. PIERCE, Wh. N. H. BRACHMAN, Col. LEON J. ROSENFIELD, Law S. T. PAYES, Col. 1927 JACOB LEVIN, Law SAMUEL LISKOWVITZ, Wh. I. LITXVINSKY, Wh. 1928 L. K. BAZILIAN, Col. F. ELDER, Col. C. H. GORDON, Col. H. E. GOLDBERG, Col. BEN LEVIN, Wh. 204 ALAN I-I. MARCH, Col. G. L. MARCUS, Col. C. L. MITCHELL, Col. SAMUEL KURNITSKY, Co I. RODOLPH S. MELSON, Wh. L. MITNICK,4Wh. S. RUGEL, Col. F. STINE, VVh. ANDREWV PALMER, Col. J. M. ROBBINS, Law ADAM SMITH, Col. J. L. VANDERSLICE, E.F MORRIS V ERNICK, Col. E. P. WARD, Col. D. G. WEINER, Col. S. CHAIKEN, Wh. YN . J: . x ' f 'ffpxxx N 5 X , Xxx XX 2: X X K ,H IIWQMM' 32 X X X mash .,.. X X .XX y L,--f fgsf x-ya 1- fyfff 9-if XXV' ek 1' ffrf fffiq QigX 2?JQ 3f+73gf 2Eg xXx X 'I L9 17'-L 'f ' - -vez ? X11 if- Pu ' 12 uf 34 5-:.:v'Tyf '.,. fl xt all , A!! I E' 4, V ,,V. ,J -i"-T'if?'Ak-15 1 1 1555 "' - ff-:X f ' jg MFE? -3 QQ' ,,-1 ie, if. N 'T . fl, f ER M , "If 1- -. .ffm -', .: ' ' - A W. X S .21-. Q " X I ' -w--.QQ L N I lj ffuf. j'UFi?ufg'Kl'?g? 1-D.R,cfff,L,, H 6 'W "L NWI! Willa u ,K ' fgx ' -:Xb xffsfixp: 15 W1 ' -'Karr' Ui" 'WQTW-r oQmqwy",I, W- XQQ' 'A JM MDD-35' XX I , 1 205 HONO RARY FRATERNIT IES Alembic Chemical Society . . Alpha Beta Chi .... Alpha Chi Sigma . . Beta Gamma Sigma . . . Eta Kappa Nu .... Friars Senior Society . . Hexagon Senior Society . . Kappa Phi Kappa . . Kite and Key Society . . . Lions Engineering Society . . Phi Beta Kappa .... . Phi Kappa Beta . . . Phi Mu Sigma .... Scalobard and Blade . Sigma Tau ...... . Sphinx Senior Society . . Tau Beta Pi .... . Tau Sigma Delta . . 206 PAGE 223 230 229 218,219 223 210,211 212,213 231 224,225 227 216,217 214,215 233 232 220,221 208,209 222,223 234 SPHINX SENIOR SOCIETY Ojicefrs Presiflent . . . ERNEST SCOTT Secretary . . . JAMES NICVEY T'l'8lLS'1LT6'T . . . HUGH J. SVVARTS MeImbe1's JAMES CARMACK ELDON S. CHAPMAN WILLIAM T. COLEMAN CHARLES E. DAGIT EDNVARD S. FARRELL SAMUEL H. FRENCH ELLIOTT K. GILROY CHARLES E. GRIXFMUELLER JAMES M. HENDERSON THOMAS S. HODGSON VVILLIAM H. KNEASS VVILLIAM E. LINGELBACH, JR. HECTOR MACDONALD ROBERT W. ZEHRING 208 REA B. MCGRAW7 JAMES L. MCVEY ROBERT R. OSBORN BENJAMIN M. OWEN NORMAN L. PANCOAST JAMES L. PATTON, JR. MADISON W. PIERCE EDMUND SCHISSEL ERNEST SCOTT GEORGE W. STEVENS ROBERT A. STREETER A HUGH J. SWARTS GRANT WESTGATE FARRELL CHAPMAN COLEMAN OWEN OSBORN ZEHRING GILROY DAG11' PANCOAST LINGELBACH WESTGATE SCHISSEL GRAFMUELLER HENDERSON lVIACDONAI,D STREETER STEVENS SNVARTS SCOTT MCVEY P.-LTTON FRENCH SPHINX SENIOR SOCIETY Q09 FRIARS SENIOR SOCIETY President. . . -. . CLARK W. CRAIG Secretary . . . . C. ALBERT WILSON M embers EDGAR C. ALLEN HARRY ALLERS ELWOOD F. ALTMAIER EDWARD H. BENNETT CLARK W. CRAIG FRANK DEWHIRST JAMES R. W. DOWNS JOHN J. DOYLE THEODORE H. FAIRCHILD EUGENE FLUES GEORGE HILL EDWARD F. MCGINLEY ELMER MCLANE WILLIAM MORRIS HENRY SCHUFF ' CHRISTIAN SENSENIG LESTER J. SHARP DONALD M. SWAN C. ALBERT WILSON EDWIN R. COX, JR. 210 NICLANE 1X1CGINLE!' ALTMAIER SCI-IUI-'F ALLEN RIORRIS FLUES SENSENIG SWAN DowNs Cox DEWHIRST DOH'LE WILSON CRAIG HILL SHARP BENNETT ALLRRS FRIARS SENIOR SOCIETY -2- vm in . - 3155? L-, 211 ' A , -- .-.,. 1 4-1. ,..,...g, - .q-,.L'-..'.,.' L v.. -,N.,, ....,, A.. .4 ' .. . , f-- J- ' :H Y Q, "E- .f :F 7 f' - -' -- '.- -,1 . 5 'N WW? hr- f ,.v,1.-, La r 1' ' " 4' . 1 J ' 1 - " I "' ' ua' C 'I g W , -D' .g n J . 4 " N"' Nn'.3". Q"5W 'L"-EL 4 L , ,4 -T . AY 5 , I-+ ,-w.1.x.. ,. ,.. 1-FU. 1LIl.1"?--L . .rlq lui 3, . fr ' 1r 1 4. ,. . V .,,.:., - ,-, , f .- 1, ,,-, .t -:Pres:i2Zezztj . . E . ,. A. . . U v V ' , ' Q' : . E Q - K-4 LQT ,5 Fl -1' -1 1 . 'M'-U' '-ffi,i'h-i-l- f,...v Q. 2 ' -. K A .311 A . -. - ,H 'ia-25. i1..11iQL2n...4J..'5LEa'H- "3..-fs-'1.M.,E.1m.' .....'.1L....,..,.4nk' ' -. - V '-L FI .Q F K A x w 4 ' ' 1 M ' T bi 4 ' , I " , V U K xn W I 1 , 2 Hn Y A 1 - gy'-'Q V, I . , I . . ziiix-Q Pi. . aes .. 5 " ., ' ' ' 1 1. 'A' ' an -- P .4 W ' ., ff.. ., 1, 1 . X p . if ,LLL XL' 7 .-Z , , lv-. 'b Q 1- '.i.zf1' c .:.:,,' - ,, :.,L H-,n -uni, , 4, A X v un -' vzw M , N BAILY XIANDERFORD HEADLY BENNETT HEXAGON SENIOR SOCIETY SQQX- X' i m XX wb QW K : W u X IW W xxx .,a. l ly 1 + 1 2 lo-H-al y l' PHI KAPPA President . . Vice-President S ecretavy . . Treasurer . . Historian . . BETA JUNIOR SOCIETY . .M. A. GILMARTIN, JR. . . . .EDWARD L. BUCKLEY, JR. . . EDWARD SCOTT LOWER, JR. . . ROBERT A. EICHELBERGER . . HOWARD TUNNELL LONG F. RODGER LINDSAY, JR. G. LANSING TAYLOR ARTHUR F. THOMPSON . CHARLES F. STEWART ORRELL O. IAXLEY I ERNEST E. BAILEY LESLIE M. CASSIDY J. HIRAM NICKEE JOSEPH P. WILLSON LAYMEN I. REDDEN LEONARD A. SORENSON 214 AXLEY MCKEE BAILEY SORNESON THOMPSON W1 LLSON LINDSEY TAYLOR ' CASSIDY REDDEN LONG LOVVER G1 LMARTIN BUCKLEY E1cHELB1-:RGER PHI KAPPA BETA JUNIOR SOCIETY W . '4A 1 'ax , ' sis 215 PHI BETA KAPPA HGNORARY SOCIETY UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS Ofcers President . . . . . , WILLIAM E. LINGELBACH, JR. Vice-Presiclent . , , . THOMAS BUTTERWVORTH Secretary . . . . HARRISON BKILDARE T reaszwer . . . H. XV. BLANK Active Chapter HARRY VVILLIAM BLANK GEORGE VVASHINGTON BURROUGHS - THOMAS BUTTERWORTH ELMER B. CHRISTIE WILLIAM JOHN DAW HERBERT FITZROY GUY DE FURIA JOHN MILTON FOGG, JR. ADOLPH GORR SHAPLEY HIGHLEY HARRISON GILL KILDARE WILLIAM EZRA LINGELBACH, JR. ABRAHAM B. MAGIL MILTON CHARLES NAHM - KOPPEL SHUB PINSON JOHN RYAN ERNEST SCOTT FRANK BALTZER SI-IALTERS LINIUS TENNANT LEO ZIPPIN QTG RYAN DEFURIA Mxccoccx COMROE F000 TOBIAS Frrznoy THOMAS TENNANT SEWARD IRWIN NAI-IM KILDAHE LINGELBACH SHALTERB C1-mxs'r11-1 HIGHLEY SCOTT PHI BETA KAPPA AHF' JSA , - f:x 217 Cm., 31 rn. J rv-wr' 1, 6 5 '45 3 ce Q 44' mpg Q1 M 4 f Lg l .Lf " A-1' GSA L7 CLAS ,. ,rx-Y...h.1-f.,., .Presiileritv . , EREYER 4 ,Sfecretcmyq . .' .ABE , GQLDSSEONE: ' VJ. Rm JAMES- Di. WHHE A -fn, ' .'vi!1AnEf.-L'4:,'-V4 r 114.3 un ualatilif :J.Eif1lfL..f ' I '4.'.i1l. WHITE GoLns'roNE VENMAN HANNA BECHTEL BREWIN GTON PANCOAST RICE NIITCHELL FREYER Doscl-mn S1MoNs BETA GAMMA SIGMA 7 A271 1:12 , V iw f Z ,joel WW? i f 219 SIGMA TAU President. . . Vice-President Secretary. . . I Treasiwev' . C. MCBRIDE C. KRING LUTZ H. BENNETT R. OSBORN V. MERRIHUE R. LAUDENSLAGER L. NEEDS HENSEL S. LYSTER ..T R. S. ..E Active Chapter 2920 .H. C. MCBRIDE R. OSBORN L. NEEDS S. L G C. H. R. C. E. B. B. BENNETT HAZEL CHILD STAFFORD KASS SONNHEIM K. W. BEATTIE J. F. SACHSE O. C. CRESSON S. C. HORNING L. SHUMAN BEATTIE HORNING SACHSE KASS STAFFORD LUTZ LYSTER SHUMAN HAZEL CRESSON CHILD SONNHEUT1 LAUDENSLAGEB. MERRIHUE OSBQRN MCBRIDE NEEDS KRING BENNETT SIGMA TAU WW NX Sy QNW14 f - 3 K 5414. .. QN -A -. , ff ii lgij " 5 Q ? ' 1 if .i'-L?--.-?i- 3' 1555- w w V 'W 221 Presiclent Vice-President .... Corresponcling Secretary . . TAU BETA PI DELTA CHAPTER OF PENNSYLVANIA LOUIS JOHN GRUEHN . . HENRY THONIAS GRUBDR . . DONALD VVESCOTT SUDELL Recording Secretary . . . . HENRY FIELD SMYTH, JR Treasurer . . . . CHARLES LODGE APKER Cataloguer . . . . JOSEPH LOMAX Associate Editor . . . JOHN VVILFRED EMLING NICHOLAS NENVLIN BAILY EDWIN JOHN DE BEER RICHARD JOSEPH DELONG WILLIAM WISE DONNELLY QCIESS of 19265 ERHARD JOSEPH FLEISCHMANN ELMER ELLSWORTH GARRETT GEORGE THOMAS HALBERSTADT WILLIAM HOWE JAMESON MARTIN CHRISTOPHER KNABE MICHAEL ALLAN MATLOOK WALTER ALDAY RIHL FRANK LYNWOOD STEINBRIGHT 222 :KNABE FLExscx-IMANN GAHRETT DONNELLX' Dx-:BEER HALBERSTADT JAMESON BAILY STEINBRIGHT RIHI, NIATLOCK Iouxx - SMYTH APKER GRUEHN GRUBER SUDELI, EMLING TAU BETA PI fxm imh -A F ff 'N 1 f AHFVS A rg ' X ,IJ Q L umm X? L, pg 'KAW fi s h f,! xW 1 ww f -ff IL- MLW: , '4 f AQ iq, Wap K F ?' 'il , Q V w ' W' ffl. , :Q 4 -' ff 'V bhp U jf i 2, SM ,V 4 ,LJ . 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TALLEY FT 226 HAYDOCK BEATTIE DAv1s FLETCHER BOOTH SONNHEIM GILBERT FULTON BJULLER STEVENS STEXVART ' LALANDE BRAINERD MOTISHER DOHAN NAUGHTON LAUDENSLAGER STAFFORD WOBENSBIITH VALLEE BUTTON PENNELL HORNING IQINDERMAN DOWINWARD DALLETT MERRIHUE WEI.cI-I KASS 'SAcI-ISE LINDSAY LIONS ENGINEERING SOCIETY W. V. IVIERRIHUE P. K. WELCH P. H. DOWNWARD J. T. NAUGHTON J. B. LINDSAY J. G. HAYDOCK, JR. S. G. FLACK W. J. FULTON J. P. BUTTON R. B. MULLER W. B. MOTISHER H. FLETCHER, JR. President . . . . . VVILLARD V. MERRII-IUE Vice-President .... WALTER J. KINDERMAN 'Secretary . , . . . PAUL H. DOWNWARD Treasurer ...... LAWRENCE R. DALLETT R. R. VALLEE W. J. KINDERMAN L. R. DALLETT E. J. DAVIS W. R. DOHAN J. F. SAC!-ISE S. C. HORNING W. RITTER W. T. 'VAN HORN F. W. BRAINERD J. H. BOOTH, JR. W. A. LALANDE, JR. Q27 C. B. KASS R. G. STAFFORD F. 'H. PENNELL W. H. STEVENS, JR. T. FVOBENSMITH, Qd B. SONNHEIM E. LAUDENSLAGER W. BEATTIE B. GILBERT H. STEYVART J. STEYVART HEADLY Hmmme Do LM sTscH MERMHUE ALLLIAN GoE'rz ALEMBIC CHEMICAL SOCIETY W. V. MERRIIIUE. Po-esvklent 1 A. S. GOETZ C. R. DOLMETSCH C. R. HEADLY S. K. ALLMAN S. C. HORNING Q28 DR. LUcAssE SACHSE DOHAN KINDERMAN HORNING ALLMAN BUTTON JA CK DALLETT EGO LF MOTISHER OMOHUNDRO HARRON FRENCH SMYTH RIIERRITT MERRIHUE DR. SHINN DR. TAGGERT DR. NIUELLER DR. LUKENS ALSENTZER HALRERSTADT Olficev-s President . . ALLEN L. OMOHUNDRO Vice-President GEORGE T. HALBERSTADT Secretary . . . JOHN H. RUSHTON Treasurer . CHARLES B. EGOLF SYDNEY K. ALLMAN, JR HERBERT A. AMEISEN J. PARKER BUTTON LAWRENCE R. DALLETT WILLIAM R. DOHAN CHARLES B. EGOLF ALBERT H. FRENCH AUGUSTUS S. GOETZ GEORGE TQ HALBERSTADT JOHN F. HERRON SAMUEL C. HORNING JAMES H. HUNTER WILLIAM A. JACK WALTER IQINDERMAN. JR. WILLIAM M. LEE XVILLARD V. MERRIHUE QQ9 DANIEL S. MERRITT WILLEY B. MOTISFIER ROBERT B. NIUELLER ALLAN L. OMOIIUNDRO J. HENRY RUSIITON JULIUS F. SACHSE HENRY F. SMYTII ROBERT VALLEE WYOOIJFORD BEITH BICGOVERN LOWER NIEREDITH S1-xA'rz A1.'rMAxER TOLSON BEAN EICHELBERGER HENDERSON ALPHA BETA CHI Ojicers President . . . . HAROLD J. BEAN, Wh. '26 Vice-President Seereiary and Treasurer . . . FRANK B. WOODFORD, Wh. '25 ELNVOOD F. ALTMAIER, C. '25 CHARLES MEREDITH,, Wh. '26 DAVID SHATZ, C. '26 . ROBERT A. EICHELBERGER, Wh. '26 . JULIUS H. TOLSON. Ed. '25 Members JAMES NI. HENDERSON, Wh. '25 EDWARD S. LOWER, Wh. '26 HAROLD E. MERRICK, Wh. '26 JOHN J. MCGOVERN, Wh. '25 ROBERT B. BEITH, Wh. '26 230 KAPPA PHI KAPPA LAMBDA CHAPTER Honorary Educational Fraternity Presciclcnt . . . Vice-Prcsiflcnt . . . Recording Secretary OHJCBT-S Correspovzding Secretary. . . . Treasurer ..... H'z'storzfan . . DEAN JOHN H. NIINNICK DR. AUTHUR J. -JONES DR. EMIT D. GRIZZELL DR. LEROY A. KING CHESTER C. O'NEAL JACK M. BERKOYVITZ MILTON BROOKS JOHN A. COWAN MOTEL HINDIN EDWIN H. NEIL CHESTER G. STOCKER, '25 J. ALLEN MINNICI-I, '25 CARL E. SEIFERT, ,25 J. LAWRENCE STRICKLER, 125 CARL S. HEDSTRORI, '25 JONAS W. BUCHER, '25 Faculty Members DR. FRANCIS M. GARVER PROF. VVALTER H. MAGILL PROF. XVILLIAM C. ASH DR. VVALTER T. WOODY Graduate M embers Q. A. W. ROHRBACK RALPH B. SHARER Active Members 1925 KARL F. OERLEIN CHARLES S. TOMLINSON ELLIS J. VOSS J. WAYNE VVRIGHTSTONE 1926 HERRIAN NI. OLDACH LLOYD R. WALKER 1927 JUSTIN H. HESS 231 WooD CREE BRIOKER BULLIB CI.ovER SMITH PERRET WINTERS BERRY GEER MORINE DoDsoN BROWN THE SOCIETY OF SCABBARD AND BLADE L Company, Third Regiment FOUNDED 1904-05 ESTABLISHED 1922 L. R. GIGNILLIAT, Brig. General, Gen. Staff, U.S.R. I. L. HUNT, Colonel, Q.M.C., U.S.A. JOSIAH H. PENNIMAN, Colonel, Special Service, U.S.R. OLIVER F. SNYDER, Lt. Colonel, D.O.L., U.S.A., Ret. WILLIAM ARCHER SQUIRES, Major, Medical Corps, U.S.A. HAMILTON THORN, Captain, D.O.L., U.S.A. WILLIAM STUART ELEY, Captain, D.O.L., U.S.A. LLOYD S. SPOONER, Captain, D.O.L., U.S.A. J. HARTLEY MERRICK, A.M. Ojieers Captain ..,.., D. REED GEER Second Lieutenant . . I. LEELAND HUNT, JR First Lieutenant . . . WALTER F. O,MALLEY Fifrst Sergeant .... FRANKLIN H. BERRY FRANKLIN H. BERRY GEORGE H. BIGGS PETER D. BRICKER ROBERT F. BROWN LEWIS V. BULLIS RICHARD S. CLOVER WALTER N. CREE MANNING W. DODSON VVELI-IAM W. DONNELLY D. REED GEER ALBERT C. WINTERS 232 I. LEELAND HUNT, JR. WALTER F. 07MALLEY EDWIN R. MORI'NE HORACE E. PERRET WILBUR A. SMITH SMITH ELLERY GARYVOOD LEEDS ' PIERCE AIARCH AZICCAHAN C.'1SCI1XTO PETTI' GIBSON PHI MU SIGMA GLENN ORRIN PETTY, Wh. '25 FREDERICK CASCIATO, Wh. '25 WILLIAM S. MCCAHAN, Wh. '25 MORSE GARWVOOD, Wh. '25 ALBERT E. LEEDS, Wh. '25 233 ANTHONY S. GIBSON, Col. '26 JOHN CHANNING ELLERY, Col. '26 WILLIAM NEIL PIERCE, WVh. '26 ADAM J. SMITH, Col. '27 ALLAN H. NIARCH, Col. '27 TAU SIGMA DELTA Honorary M embers WARREN POXVERS LAIRD PAUL PHILLIPE CRET GEORGE WALTER DAWVSON HERBERT E. EVERRETT G. W. HARDING FELIX- SCHELLING E. R. CLARK R. TAIT NICKENZIE A ctive Members JOI-IN ARNOLD BOWER WILLIAM FRANK BOWER, JR. JOHN LANE EVANS JOHN CRAXVFORD NIACCALLUM ELDREDGE SNYDER HAROLD THEODORE SPITZNAGEL DARWIN HECIQVIAN URFFER , TING PAO YANG 'Q V1 :M A . , -2. !:ff1mf.I1r.u1. ' uf'-gil W 1 ,IEJHIIIIIIEWEIIRA 234 f 4' '31, . F x f ,ggi-I 17.-:F i A' 'MSW V , Q 7' I, ,A . '5 mi' i 1. U ": .' :I ur MQ sf M , :va V , Ns ,fl-rr.. 1 fm C, . 4 '33, I ,- u' Ng, w. W '33 fin' -' ' s ,,-, ll A J 7, In ' -,, I: , , z in Il-L x J - 0!..f1,f- 'I f afili U 1' l 7 f IL' F' A ,Q -,, WVU J "' R 'Qu fl ,jf 41 fr ,I 'x,LffK.l:f. W 4, PQ. 4' L 4,13 j X M141 W-M 125 Q55 mfrw , rf in fi k i , , f r- ni, I5 fm'-. sl Misiffslgls Ti ' -. lll.' la 1: A fwjy A , MII. 11, ,,,,Lajw,.ig fri if 5521 ' ' 1, '?aKf.iQ.,' X- H1 455 . ., I 1 N-axgnpb,-15N "'s.a,,Ba!q Q35 x DRAMA AND MUSIC i iHE Goddess of lVIuse was ever known to hold sway in the hearts of college men. Athletics, studies, l l and other college activities all have their charm and appeal, but who has ever known a true University man Who can resist the call of music? To those who have no ability as scribes, or to the ones who are not athletically inclined, this form of participation in college activities opens a pleasurable field of endeavor. Here, too, the men Who would imitate Booth or Barrymore may cast their lot with the dramatic clubs, and the debater may find suflicient opportunity to express himself in his chosen sphere. VVe may truth- fully ask, What school, either great or small, is complete Without her debaters, dramatists, and musicians? 9.36 Il , -' ' ' Z if In L- . - I Y A F H - S 'L -.. .-. g.:5,,,'.:.::,.--. IELDING to its increasingly- popular demand, the current production of the Mask and Wig Club, "Joan of Arkansas," played to capacity houses in Philadelphia for two full weeks at Eastertide. By the arrangement of the schedule, the Easter recess was so ingeniously made a part of it that the members of the cast lost only about one week of actual school. From a modest beginning thirty-seven years ago, to be exact, on June 4, 1889, in the Chestnut Street Opera House, the Mask and 'Wig Club has elevated its name to a distinct place among college theatricals. Having reached its majority, and having attained some measure of prominence with the years, it launched forth unhesitatingly this season on an extensive barnstorming trip into the Middle West. Detroit was the outer frontier of its influence last year-Chicago this year-and doubtless the administrations in the future are just wondering where the line can be drawn. The annual production of the Club is a strictly under- graduate affair-it is played by undergraduates, the book is written by undergraduates, and it has largely gained its fame through the efforts of those struggling manfully for their sheepskins. The coach, so to speak, of the production for many years has been Charles Snyder Morgan, who first burst forth into the Thespians Limelight back in 1897 with the Wiggers in the production, "Little Red Riding Hood." - Apropos of its strictly undergraduate birth, growth, and fruition, to be a member of the Mask and Wig Club is the ultimate height for any Pennsylvanian, next to wearing the coveted "P" of some Varsity team. More than 150 students applied for places in the dancing, chorus, which demanded twelve, and when the inevitable cuts came, they were deeply felt. Charles S. Morgan The Erst play, produced by the organization almost forty years ago, was put on with fear and trembling. The players borrowed the requisite costumes from their fathers, mothers, grandmothers, sweethearts, and even from their sweetheart,s brothers. Old trunks were ransacked, heirlooms were dusted off and carried Hbackstageng the University was in a turmoil. The founders of .the Mask and Wig Club probably built better than they knew, pouring into the world in a ceaseless Hood a little more of the happiness and joy of existence, taking. from it a trifle more of its gentleness and its deeper unplumbed things. The fool in his motley is not too much the fool after all. ' Q38 PITFIELD CHAPMAN LIERRICK MITCHELL REILERS HE ADLLX BROWN BUTERHAUGH P.-LTO? -BOWEN ' GREGG IXAPP ROBERTS CR.-XVENS J. F. GILLIS COX, Pr-eszvdent F. J. GILLIS WOOD XICBRIDE MASK AND WIG UNDERGRADUATE CLUB .JOHN D. BOWEN HARRY W. BROWN A. C. BUTERBAUGH ELDON S. CHAPLIAN WM. T. COLEMAN EDWIN R. COX, JR. CHARLES T. CRAVENS JOHN DERN. QD F. J. GILLIS J. P. GILLIS HAROLD G. GREGG C. R. :HEADLEY JOHN G. ICAPP 2 CHARLES E. KENWORTH1' GEORGE C. T. KZUNKLE HAROLD E. TWERRICK JOHN A. MITCHELL THOMAS C. NICBRIDE FRANCIS C. W. PATON ROBERT L. PITFIELD, JR. D. STEVVART POLK EDWARD H. PRESTON, JR JOHN REINERS. JR. HENRH' ROBERTS. QD H. CURTIS YVOOD, JR. EMMONS H. WOOLWINE THIRTY-SEVENTH ANNUAL PRODUCTION cc ,, JOAN OF ARKANSAS By IIARRISON G. IQILDARE, '25g ALBERT G. NIILLER, JR., '27, MILTON C. NAHM, '25 Costumes designed by EDWIN M. LAVINO Produced under the personal direction of CHARLES SNYDER MORGAN, JR. THE COMMITTEE ON PRODUCTION CLAYTON HTCNIICIIAEL, l'hairman J. BEDFORD FRENCH PAUL BURTON HARTENSTEIN EDMUND H. ROGERS BRYCE BLYNN CHARLES GILPIN H. N EDXVILL RAMSEY CHARLES SNYDER IVIORGAN, JR CHARACTERS IN THE ORDER OF THEIR APPEARANCE Larry, the Ranch foreman ,,...................,..... J. CECIL HOLM, '28 Bee W insome, the soubrette it-ith "King's Jesters" .,........... RAYMOND DES. SHRYOCK, '26 T heophilus King, a traveling shozoman, owner of "King's Jester.s" . ..... IV. R. SCOTT, SD, '27 Fernandez Canada, a wealthy ranch-owner, uncle of Joan ,... . . GEORGE C. T. ICUNKLE, '26 Snow Flakes, the maid of all work ............. . . ALBERT G. MILLER, JR., '27 Yellow Peril, the Chinese cook ............. .... J AMES E. HANNIX, '25 Pedro, leader of a M emican army, Ramonls right-hand man . . . . HERBEIQT ESTRADA, '26 Ramon, suspected of being an American. outlaw .....,.......... JAMES C. BOHAN, JR., '25 Joan, from Arkansas, F ernanrlez' niece, on a oisit lo Casadobe .......... EDWIN R. COX, JR., '25 Miss Muscle Shoals, a Physical Czzltu-re Direetress, chaperoni-ng size zlebutantes on their first trip to the West IJAROLD E. MERRICK, '26 SCENES: ACT I. Courtyard of Fernanclez' Ranch at Casaclobe. ACT II. Casadobe Dance Hall ACT I ACT II Haneho Roses Broneho Busters Indian III aids Indian Braves H. G. GREGG, '25 F. C. W. PATON, '25 H. G. GREGG, '25 F. C. W. PATON, '25 -1 G. F. DANIELS, '26 J. D. BOXVEN, '25 26 S. S. HALL, '25 B. W. FRAZIER, JR., '27 E. H. PRESTON, '25 Blusic Hall Girls J. G. KAPP, '25 W. T. READ, JR., '27 5' N. B. ROCI-IE, '28 O. C. CRESSON, '26 A. F. KEPLINGER, '26 E. J. SULLIVAN, '27 E. S. CHAPMAN, '25 C. A. W. UHLE, '26 W. B. TIIREAPLETON, '26 H. C WOOD, JR., '26 J. A. IVIITCHELL, '25 Music' Hall Boys E. R WILLIAMS, '26 A, C. BUTERBAUGH, '25 J. C. GENTLE, '26 C. D. ORANGERS, '27 J. H. VVITHEROVV. '26 R. F. MALLON, '25 G. F. DANIELS, '26 E. S. CHAPMAN, '25 J. D. BOYVEN, '25 C. A. W. UHLE, '26 S. S. HALL, '25 W. B. TI-IREAPLETON,, B. W. FRAZIER, JR., '27 H. C. WOOD, JR., '26 E. H. PRESTON, '25 J. A. MITCHEIIL, '25 Mexican Senoritas Dlexiean Senors J. G. KAPP, '25 E. R. WILLIAMS, '26 W. T. READ, JR., '27 A. C. BUTERBAUGH, '25 N. B. ROCHE, '28 J. C. GENTLE, '26 O. C. CRESSON, '26 C. D. ORANGERS, '27 A. F. KEPIIINGER, '26 J. H. AVITHEROVV, '26 E. J. SULLIVAN, '27 R. F. MALLON, '25 Indians Illexican Generals J. W. IVIARVIN, '26 B. G. SPILLE, '25 C. R. IIEADLY, '25 J. L. MCVEY, '25 F. I. CURTIS, '28 A. G. IIARRIS, '28 G. W. TROUSDALE, '25 W. E. S. LANNING, '28 J. Ranehmen B. G. SPILLE, '25 H. J. L. MCVEY, '25 G. W. T. COLEMAN, '25 J. Cowlloys R. C. GUENTHER, '26 J. R. B. MIILLEIQ, '27 C. H. I. DUNN, '28 C. J. L. IIEINL, '28 A. C. B. RI-IEINER, '25 G. R.. J. PRINCE, '28 C. Allernates J. S. FARNUM, '25 H. W. H. WIAXXVELL, '27 T. T. COLEMAN, '25 H. W. ALLERS, '25 G. H. BUTERBAUGI-I, '25 D. FVRIGHT, '26 W. ALLERS, '25 H. BUTERBAUGH, D. FVRIGHT, '26 H. RUSHTON, '26 N. KLUTEY, '26 M. RHODES, '25 KUHN, '26 E. IVIANN, '26 D. CURTIS, '25 A. MILLER, '28 J. MCBRIDE, '25 '25 Cheyenne Belles J. C F. A G E J. C C B J. W. IVIARVIN, '26 R. HEADLY, '25 I. CURTIS, '28 G. HARRIS, '28 W. TROUSDALE, S. LANNING, '28 s H. RUSHTON, '26 N. KLUTEY, '26 M. RI-IODES, '25 Rodeo Contestants R. C. GUENTHER, '26 R. B. IVIULLER, '27 H. I. DUNN, '28 J. L. HEINL, '28 C. B. RHEINER, '25 R. J. PRINCE, '28 Ranchmen A. KUI-IN, '26 G. E. IVIANN, '26 C. D. CURTIS: '25 Character Attendants . G. SPILLE, '25 L. MCVEY, '25 W. T. COLEMAN, '25 HBUENO Argentine Girls H. G. GREGG, '25 G. J. S. B E F. DANIELS, '26 D. BOXVEN, '25 S. I-IALL, '25 . W. FRAZIER, JR., '27 . H. PRESTON, '25 H. W. ALLERS, '25 G. H. BUTERBAUGH, '25 J. D. VVRIGHT, '26 S AIRES" Argentine Boys F. C. W. PATON, '25 E. S. CHAPMAN, '25 C. A. VV. UHLE, '26 W. B. TI-IREAPLETON, '26 H. C. VYDOD, JR., '26 J. A. MITCHELL, '25 "I WONDER WHAT WED DO WITHOUT THE MOON" "The Man in the Moon," B. G. SP ILLE, '25. Silrerg Moon"-Cake Wlalk Girls: J. D. BOXVEN, '25g S. S. HALL, '25. Cake VValk Boys: IV. B. THREAPLETON, '26g C. A. W. IlIILE, '26. M Once in a Blue Moon"-Columbine, HAROLD G. GREGG,' '25, Harlequin, F. C. IV. PATON, '25, Pierrot, H. C. XVOOD, JR., '26. HarvestMoon"-Country Girl, E. H. PRESTON, '25, Country Boy, J. A. NIITCIAIELL, '25. "II!llL'fl1i1'ClIlJIOOIl"-IIZIIVEIIIZIH Girls: G. F. DANIELS, '26, B. IV. FRAZIER, '2'7. Sailor: E. S. CHAPMAN, '25. FIRST ACT-"JOAN OF ARKANSAS" SECOND ACT-"JOAN OF ARKANSAS Q1-1 f' C1 1 .' H . J S .L lff ., 5 HE SEASON of 1994-Q5 will long be remembered as a red-letter year in the annals of the lVIusical Club. It has made marvelous strides since its inception, three years ago, and especially during the past season, under the capable guidance of Clayton lVIcMichael, Graduate Manager, and Marshall G. lVIatheny, Undergraduate Manager. Chief among the successes registered by the Club were the concert given in conjunction with the New York Symphony Orchestra, the two Academy concerts, the band trip to California, and the annual winter concert tour. It is a rare privilege to do anything in a musical way under the baton of VValter Damrosch. The Glee Club's rendition of Beethovenfs "Ninth Clayton McMichael Symphony" with lVIr. Damrosch and his orchestra was acclaimed by him and the audience which filled the Academy to capacity, to be a wonderful piece of work. He was so delighted with the performance that he is considering inviting the Glee Club to accompany the New York Symphony Orchestra on its tour next year. Pennsylvania's Glee Club is the second collegiate organization to attempt such a feat. A great deal of credit is due Dr. H. Alexander Matthews, the Director, whose untiring eHorts have brought the Glee Club to its present high standard. 4 A The Hrst concert, on Thanksgiving eve, was a well-rounded program by the Glee Club under Dr. Matthews and of the Orchestra under Hedda Van dem Beemt. As in former years, it was followed by a dance in the foyer of the Academy which was well attended by members of the Junior Class, for this concert has always been one of the important features of Junior Week. The second concert, presented on lVIarch 4, resembled the first one in type of program, except for the presentation of an entirely new repertoire. At this concert the Orchestra was conducted by J. W. F. Leman, of the Philadelphia Orchestra, who so admirably assumed the direction of the Orchestra after the death of Mr. Van dem Beemt. . In Mr. Van dem Beemt's death, the University, as well as the Club, has suffered an almost irreparable loss. It was his efforts which made possible the high development of our Symphony Orchestra and brought the Band to its present standard as the recognized leader of all other college bands. He was untiring in his work, picking the men on their ability as musicians and training them to become accomplished in the playing of their respective instruments. Shortly before his death he was appointed to a position on the faculty in the Department of lVIusic. It was his aim .to develop a real appreciation for music in the University and to bring the Musical Club to a point where it represented the highest standard of musical presentation. Wfhen the football team went to California for its game on New Year's Day, the Band ac- companied it, managed by P. Burton Hartenstein, then acting Graduate Manager, and led by Robert 242 Bierly of the Class of 1925. At every football game last fall the Band furnished inspiration to the team as Well as to the throngs in the stands, proving that without it a football game would be a relatively dead affair. At various stops en route to the coast, concerts were given and Pennsylvania songs broadcasted throughout the nation. It has achieved a reputation of being the largest and 1, I w. 1 A f best organization of its kind in the country, a fact easily appreciated by anyone - .9 - who has watched it between the halves at a football game. A great deal of H comment has been caused by Henry F. C"Shorty"j Marsh, whose seven feet in 1' uniform present an imposing sight as he swings his baton when leading the Band y q on Franklin Field. The great popularity of the Band throughout Philadelphia V A , at large is evidenced by the crowds vs hich thronged the Fox Theater when the Band appeared there during the latter part of March. A 1. The last week of February marked the annual winter concert tour of the . xl i i ' E 1 . C E s Club. Binghamton, N. Y., Reading and Allentown, Pa., Wilmiiigton, Del., W 5 5 i Washiiigton, D. C., and Atlantic City, N. J., were visited by the Club. The 5 fy! Symphony Orchestra accompanied the Glee Club to the first two places, while K 7 the latter appeared alone in the others. Large audiences attended the concerts ' in every instance. The great number of encores proved without doubt the pleasure of the listeners. At VVilmington a joint concert was held with the members of the VVilmingt0n Orpheus Club, while at Atlantic City the Club was the guest of Haddon Hall. There is no doubt but that the type of program offered by the Glee Club has inet with more and more approval every year. Each season the trips are longer and the audiences more enthusiastic. An annual event is the appearance of the Glee Club at the Stanley Theater. During the past season this took place in the week of December 1, when the usual success was scored. Among other events of the year may be mentioned the Glee Club concert at the Philadelphia Normal School in March and the appearance of the Band at the basketball games and Pennsylvania Relay Carnival, Where it played the same part as in the football season, when enthusiastic rallies are only possible because of its efforts. As in former years a concert was given by the Glee Club at the Harcum School, Bryn Mawr, where the usual good time was enjoyed by the pupils of the school as well as the members of the Club. Normally the Glee Club numbers one hundred and thirty men, the Band one hundred, and the Orchestra eighty-ive. Only necessity makes it imperative that this number be reduced when a trip is taken. From its rapid and organized development, it is evident that the Nlusical Club is acquiring a position of importance in University life and musical circles. A brilliant future is ahead and the time is not far distant when the Pennsylvania Nlusical Club will occupy a preeminent position in its Held. 4- . JICGYIZTTC, Song Leader Q43 F irsf Bass H. K. AMEISEN ANDERSON J. APPLEBAUM K. V. CAMPBELL G. E. CHISHOLM Z. H. CONEAIR R. D. COWARD L. H. CUMMINGS H. A. EDLUND C. B. FADDEN E. R. FOSTER E. R. FREDERICKS P. E. GrU'1'ENKUNST M. E I'IATCH B. D. HILL, JR. C. W. -JOHNSON T. A. JOHNSON J. J. KEEX'ERS E. T. ICENNEDY N. P. KISTLER C. N. KLUTEY H. D. LEUIN J. W. LIPP I. W. LIVINGSTON J. W. MARVIN J. L. MCVEY M. NEISS A. SANTANGELO A. SIMON R. M. STEVENSON P. M. STRICKLER C. T. TREGO J. T. TURNEY F. M. VARNER J. W. VAUGHN W. W. WALTERS E. VVERTHEIMER C. S. WETZEL J. B. VVILLAN Second Bass A. W. BEAN H. BLANK R. N. BRIGGS A. W. CARPENTER I. DULBERGER G. O. FLETCHER L. B. GILMAN R. E. GUGENHEINI E. D. H.APGOOD W. P. HARBIN D. I'IAYMOND F. G. HENSEL W. G. HENSEL GLEE CLUB J. JOHNSON W. KAISER A. PARLOUR H. PUGI-I T. MOORE H. SCATTERGOOD H. SCHALL H. SLATER A. SNAPE B. SNIVELY B. SONNHEIM F. STEPI-IENSON P. STEVESON J. STEWART IV. SXVEIGERT E. ROUND B. THREAPLETO TRAIMEN D. WAGNER J. WVALTERS WOLK F. VVELLMAN First Tenors M. BADGER J. COLGATE C. C. CURTIS S. F. N'EXVMAN R. M. RUBENSTEIN L. G. IIESSLEDON C. E. JOHNSON W. L. CURRY J. C. DARSH Q44 N D. DENNY J. DITZLER A. H. EASTVVOOD S. ECKEELDT G. EICHNER H. E. EVERDING R. H. GABREILLIAN W. E. GREENWOOD R. L. HALL J. H. HUSTON A. HOWES E. A. KEEBLE H. G. KILDARE C. M. MEREDITI-I W. NAGLE L. J. RALSTON M. RHEINGOLD A. SHUMAN D. A. SMITH E. SOUTHEE C. M. WAGNER J. D. WHITE A. C. VVILT Second Tcnors C. S. BENTLY M. I. BLOCK J. L. BROXVN R. B. BUzzEL W. E. CARRUTH B. C. CHEN H. J. COONEY' W N. CREE C. C. DUGUENNE R. W. GRAYSON E. E. HANSCONI S. J. HARRIS C. S. HAZEL C. C. HUSTON E. HORISEY W. R. KERN L. C. LINN I. S. LYSTER R. R. MEAD J. M. MEREDITH A. G. MILLER C. N. MOEEETT B. R. MORLEY E. W. NEXVTON C. W. OLCOTT W. G. PALMER T. A. SANDQUIST C. SEAMAN C. T. TQOMEY E. J. WAGNER W. J. WILLIAMSON R. A. WINTERS P. C. WITMER S. J. YOUNG OH!" ADELIZZI, Trombone . VV. BOXVEN, Alto Saxophone . B. BLOSE, S aconal Cornet T. C. BONNEY, Drums F. W. BRAINERD, First B-Flat Cornet ROBERT N. BIERLY, Tuba, Leader R. NI. BIERLY, Euphonium C. H. BRANDT, Trombone H. T. BRENNER, Saxophone F. E. BRENS, Cornet J. L J. B J. R A. BRUSSEL, Saxophone . BURKHARDT, Trumpet CADES, Saxophone . CAPLAN, Cornet C. CASSEL, Cornet OBERT COLE, Saxophone O. D. COLLINS, Saxophone PASQUALE CONTINI, Clarinet L. COPLON, Alto Saxophone ELIAS J. CORNER, Saxophone A. P. CRISFIELD, Baritone Horn JAMES H. CROSS, Trombone FAYETTE CRUTCHER, Trumpet C. CURTIS, Piccolo CARLO DEMARCO, Clarinet F. H. DEPASQUALE, Solo Cornet J. P. EARP. Tuba A. M. ENGART, Drums JOHN W. ENGLE, C Saxophone G. YV. FINDLEE, Flag Bearer VS l. T. FEDKO, Solo Cornet BAND YVM. FREEMAN, Drums PHILLIP GAGE, Second Cornet EARL S. GARDNER, Drums R. T. VV. GARDNER, Bass Horn JACOB GREENBERG, Drums ED. GILROY, Drums WV. B. HAMMOND, Alto Saxophone J. R. HIARMAN, Cymbals W. E. HARRISON, Cornet WV. HAEKINS, Trombone J. S. HOPKINS, Solo Cornet ' R. B. HOTOHKIN, French Horn. W. S. HUNTER, Solo Cornet L. INGBER, Saxophone C. M. IRNVIN, Drums C. B. KASS, Alto Horn. D. KERWIN, Clarinet J. LANCASTER, Drums GEO. LINTON, First Trombone JESS MALIN, Bass Horn G. S. NIALLORY, Drums A. H. MAKNCILL, Bass Drum H. F. NLARSH,Bt17ZCl'll7.ClSl0'7' LYNN NIICHAEL, Saxophone MYER A. LVIILLER, Saxophone THEODORE S. MILLER, Basslllorn WM. D. NIINNICH, Drums OSCAR A. MOLDOIVER, Clarinet WL VV. RIOLDAYVER, Saxophone ROBT. B. NIOORE, Saxophone A. MORIVITZ, Alto Horn 245 D. H. MICHAEL, Cornet DAVID NEUBECK, Drums DAVID OSBORNE, C Saxophone A. C. PATTERSON, Solo Cornet WM. H. PEAK, Cornet R. C. POOLE, First Trombone F. G. REI-INER, E-Flat Alfo Horn J. P. REINTHAL, Alto Saxophone ROY ROBBINS, Clarinet HERRTANN ROSCHEN, C Saxophone S. D. ROSENBAUM, Snare Drum H. SCHAFFNER, Trombone - C. B. SCHMICKLY, Trombone P. C. SCHROY, Second Cornet JUDSON H. SCOTT, Saxophone LEON SILBER, Alto Horn ISRAEL SILVERBERG, Clarinet YV. H. SIMERAL,DT1l'7i13 R. M. SLIDMORE, Cornet W. W. SLOCUM, B-Flat Clarinet EDNVARD P. SMITH, Flag Bearer STUART M. SMITH. Cornet DAVID C. STUMP, C Saxophone ROBERT S. -ULMAN, Solo Trumpet RUSSEL T. VVALKER. Alto Saxophone VVM. YVANDEL. Baritone Saxophone CHARLES E. WEBB, Trumpet R. WVILKINSON, Drum DEAN XVILSON, Cornet H. VV. VVILSON, Drum STANLEY H. VVOODBURN, l"z'r.vt Trombonz 5I 5 S5 'Ute 3 ' at 41 be E fl 30 of at O ,Q r E 'Q ,Q 5 55 P f 3 if ,41 fl Q- 43 L ,fl W rj Qld stay Q. ,p ,4 L Q 6' 5 . ft 4 n 251 n VAVAVA AVAQA EJ 274 A'A'.e.'a'A'4'b'A"A A A Q".Q'A'A'A A'A"oV4 E ENNSYLVANIA offers us an education not only through books and lectures, but also in its wide field of campus activities. hlinor Dramatics have long been promi- nent among university activities, offering to those of histrionic ability rare oppor- tunity for development. lVIembership in the Dramatic Club is open to everyone, both graduate and under- graduate, and it is the only society on the campus that includes women students in its ranks. In our Freshman year "Mrs. Bumpstead-Leighv was given at the Philomathean Club. The spring of the same year the Club presented 'cThe Yellow J acketf' at the Plays and Players Club, a charming example of Chinese Drama. The next year several one-act plays were produced, among them, "The Sun," by John Galsworthy. "Pantaloon,', by J . lVI. Barrie, was the winning entry in the Philadelphia Forum Contest. 'iThe Tragedy of Nan," by lVIasefield, was the annual Spring production given by the Club, and was staged in a most successful manner. Last year the Dramatic Club produced "Pu U. R.,', a modern play by the famous Czecho-Slovakian playwright, Karl Capek. The production was coached by Professor Dolman and Nh: lVIerritt Hubbard, and their efforts were re- flected in the enthusiastic manner in which the play was received by Philadelphia and New York audiences. In this, our Senior year, the Club gave its twelfth annual pro- duction, g'Dear Brutusf, one of the famous works of Sir James Barrie. The familiar Barrie touch runs throughout the play, and is marked by sparkling conversation and laugh- provoking scenes. Wle can see, therefore, that the Club has been an important influence in student life at our beloved University. MEN ABOUT TOWNE SHOW The busy engineers find time each year to devote some of their energies to Terpsichorean and dramatic pursuits. Our first year the 6'lVIen about Townei' Club produced "All for Lovef' or "The Plumber's Bridef' by C. S. Simon, Ch.E. '22 The following yeari"Laying Letty Lowf, by O. YV. Manz, Jr., was presented in a most humorous way. Our Junior year the "Bien about Townev Club produced c'Robbin Hood Sz Co.,,' written by L. R. Vanderford. It eclipsed all previous productions with its galaxy of stars, and its humorous Q46 lines. This year the Club produced "Two Dark Nights in Mexico," or "General Villafs Folliesf' The well-trained dancing chorus was coached by Joseph Hewlett, a former member of the hlask and Wlig show. LeRoy Vanderford, '25, NLE., president of the Club, was awarded the prize for the best play in the competition. THE ZELOSOPHIC SOCIETY The Zelosophic Literary Society has been most successful in its production of important American plays. During our Freshman year the Zelosophic Society produced "Charles H," by John Howard Payne, two major performances being given in Philadelphia and two in Harrisburg. In our Sophomore year Charles A. Hoyt's comedy, 'CA Temperance Townf, was staged at the Little Theatre. As its entry in the Forum Contest, Zelo pro- duced UA Game of Chessf' by Kenneth Sawyer Goodman. The year following the Society produced "Nothing but the Truthf, by James Montgoinery, a comedy filled with clever and witty lines, providing interesting and amusing entertainment. J The Society has always stood in the fore among student activities. THE PI-IILOMATHEAN SOCIETY The Philomathean Society is primarily a debating organization, but also engages in dramatic and literary enterprises. Another branch of the Society sponsors the Inter- scholastic Debating Society of Philadelphia, comprised of the debating clubs of the high schools of the city. Our Freshman year the dramatic section produced an Elizabethan play, "Old Fortunatusf, by Thomas Dekker, an out-of-door production given in the Botanical Gardens. The next year the Society had for its Forum Contest play, "Bound East for Cardifff' by Eugene O,Neill, which was given in a most capable manner. The Junior year of our class, Philo produced three original one-act plays at the Philomathean Club: a satire, i'Mai'celle Arisef, by J. Kennard Skellingg a comedy, "WVhen the Book VVorm Turns," by Paul B. Chancellor, and 'cSocial Debtorsf' by Al. Harbage, all of which were excellently staged and produced. Q-L7 W. S. C MEN ABOUT TOVVNE CLUB President . . Vice-Presiclent Secretary . . T reasmer . . OFFICERS . . . H. LEROY VANDERFORD . . . THOMAS C. MCBRIDE . . . F. LYNWOOD STEINBRIGHT . . . H. T. GRUBER MENIBERS Qin order Of electionj E. POWELL K. ALLMAN R. DOLMETSCH W. E. EMLING H. ESTRADA J. E. FLEISCHMANN T. C. NICBRIDE W. W. GILNIORE F. L. STEINBRIGHT J. C. HAYDOOK H. L. VIKNDERFORD C. S. HAZEL W T. THOMPSON J. S. HOPKINS J. BURKE S. HORNING P. H. DONVNNXVARD F.. W. HURFF J. P. EARP I. S. LYSTER H. TL. GRUBER . LUTZ C. R. HEADLEY MERRIHUE C. B. KASS MOTISHER J. T. NAUGHTON ' MULLER L. SHUMAN NORCROSS E. B. SONNHEIM H. RUSHTON J. F. WELLS SACHSE J. A. WHITE F. W. BRAINERD P. J. SMITH O. W Z. CRESSON G. DONOVAN N. H. STEVENS D. W. SUDELL P. WELCH Z. T. WOBENSMITH Q-18 I ENGINEERS SHOW FOR 1924 GENERAL VILLA'S FOLLIESM or "TWO DARK KNIGHTS IN MF YICO H. RUSHTON, CH.E., '26 R. DOLMETSCH, CH., ,25 J. C. Firing Squad PRINCE, M.E., 528 L. S. LYSTER, M.E., '25 B. EGOLF, CILE., '26 . W. SUDELL, M.E., '25 I-I. C . D 2-L9 CAST Babcock, Colored Porter , . . .,... . . J. E. FLEISHMANN, CL Wilcox, Second Colored Porter . . , . . J. NAUGHTON, E.E Rex Holmes, College Student . . . . . C. S. HAZEL, M.E Jack Potts, His Room-mate . . . . . C. R. HEADLEY, ML Helen Hope, A Darlington Girl . .... J. D. DORSEY, ML Lila Sonora, Her F riencl . . . . , WM. S. EISENLOIIR, C.E Bliss Hope, Helerfs Aunt ..... . . . R. R. RAISLER, ML Tiera del Fuego, A Sentry ....,. . . E. B. SUNHEIM, C.E General Villa Nova, 1-U'63J'lCL17L Ojicer . . . . W. V. MERRIHUE, CHD Cactus, The Generalls Bodyguard . . . .... E. VV. HURFF, EE DANCING CHORUS Boys Girls T. C. JNICBRIDE, '25 H. L. VANDERFORD, M.E.. '25 L. SIIUMAN, '25 R. B. NIULLER, CILE., ,27 F. L. STEINBRIGHT, EE., '25 H. IESTRADA, EE., '26 Soldiers ALLMAN, CILE., '25 J. SMITH, C.E., '26 W. J. DONOVAN, C.E., '25 L. R. DIXLLET, CILE., '26 P. XYELSII, '26 ZELOSOPHIC SOCIETY F 'irst T erm Second T erm Pmszdent . . . . J. WAYNE VVRIGHTSTONE D. BARLOW BURKE Vzce President . . . D. BARLOW BURKE CARL H. MORGAN Secretary . . . RUSSEL D. HERSPIEY HOMER AOKERSTROM Treasurer .... . FORREST E. JOBES HENRY EBNER blaster of Arclzives . . THOMAS A. BENITEAU I'IERMAN D. ROSCHEN Seniors HOLIER ACKERSTROM GEORGE ALLEMAN D. BARLOW BURKE EDWARD DENNY HENRY EBNER A J. WVILFORD EMLING RUSSEL D. HERSHEX' lil-IOMAS A. BENITEAU ROBERT EICHELBERGER BENJAMIN F. EVANS WALTER A. HERLEY JONATHAN PUGH JOHN REID THOMAS BIRCH ZEHNDER CONFAIR CARL FISHER Juniors Sophomorcs Freshmen 250 FORREST C. JOBES STACY L. P. IQOENEMANN HESUI LI JAMES :KUMAZAWA JOHN PFLAUM ELLIS VOSS J. WAYNE VVRIGHTSTONE CARL :KAISER WILLIAM P. LAWS CARL H. MORGAN HERMAN D. ROSCIXEN PERRY JACOBS SAMUEL NEWMAN CHARLES AKVILBUR ZELOSOPHIC SOCIETY ff l i l l l X ESM lu Q 19 Eg Q 5+ 1Uodcmio1' . F irslf Censor . Secohcl Censor V PHILOMATHEAN SOCIETY OFFICERS 19924-Q5 F irst T erm HERBERT W. FITZROY. JR. JOHN H. W7ENMAN YVILLIAM F. IQENNEDY Scriba . . . JOHN STOKES 1-ADAMS, JR. Treasurer . VVILLIAM S. MCCAIIAN Recorder . HARRISON GILL KILDARE Librariavz . MORSE GARWOOD Second Term CHARLES HOWARD THOMAS YVILLIAM F. KENNEDY JOHN STOKES ADAMS, JR. WILLIAM H. SEVVARD HIRABI P. BAMBERGER SABATO M. BENDINER HERBERT W. FITZROY, JR. MORSE GARWOOD JOHN HAROLD VENMAN HERBERT VVILLIAM FITZROY,'JR. RALP1-I COX BUSSER, JR. WILLIAM SETTLE MCCAHAN HERMAN GROVER LIVEZEY HIRAR1 PAUL BAMBERGER SABATO MORAIS BENDINER ALLEN JESSE LEASE JOHN ANDREW COWAN XVILLIAM OSLER ABBOTT CHARLES HOWARD THOMAS WVILLIAM JOHN DAW GEORGE HOWARD VVALTON VVILLIAM HYLLIS SEWARD SERGIO GONZALES R. JOHN RICHMOND TVIAGNEY FRANKLIN HARRISON REEDER, JR. LYMAN LEE WALTER HENNEBERG JOHN VVESLEY YOUNG HENRY ALEXANDER NIILLER EDWARD AUGUST IQNOBELAUCH HAROLD BATES BUSSER EDWVARD FRANKLIN ELLIS JOHN STOKES ADAMS, JR. RICHARD REEVE CAMPION GORDON DE LEON MARCUS CLARENCE EDWIN TOBIAS, JR. JOHN NIARSHALL PHILLIPS HARRISON GILL KILDARE WILLIAM FRITZ ICENNEDY LAWRENCE MURRAY CRONLUND JOHN HAMILTON SKILTON RAYDIOND SEYMOUR RUBINANN' ROLAND DONALD CAIN HILDING GEORGE FRANCIS THOMAS EXRVID BENGS GLOVER TVANDERVEER BELLSTERLING DOWNS DALEY LAWSON RAYMOND DE SOUVILLE SHRYOCK ROBERT DAVIES WVITTER W. LAURENCE CURRY W. ALBERT SANDERS ANDREW VOYNOW H. CONWELL SNOKE JLVIARTIN HORACE JOHN ALFRED IMLULLICAN F. HATCII P. CAMDEN, JR. A n PHILOMATHEAN SOCIETY gggwx IW W!! H WM 1 ...... a , ..,,. W Q 5 A 4 X cHu A A'LAL' CHRISTIAN ASS HE Christian Association has been chief among the agencies engaged in the spiritual and social advancement of our student body. Throughout our four years at Pennsyl- vania this organization has exerted a profound influence toward that end. ' Our first introduction to the Christian Association Was in the fall of 1921, in the form of an invitation to attend the Annual Freshman Camp at Green Lane. A large number of our body availed themselves of this privilege, and the inspiration received from the contact with campus leaders wasia big influence in shaping the destinies of the Class of 1925. In the spring of 1924, James M. Henderson was elected President of the Association, and he has conducted his administration in a most ambitious and praiseworthy manner. The success ofthe Work of the past year must be largely, attributed to his splendid effort and his administrative ability. In this work he has been ably assisted by Herbert Fitzroy acting in the capacity of First V ice-President. Robert Streeter, James Henderson, Herbert Fitzroy, Harrison Kildare, Russel Hershey, VVayne VVrightstone, 'William Peak, VVilliam Lingelbach, 'Barlow Burke, a.nd Ellwood Altmaier represented the Class of 1925 on the Christian Association Cabinet. The Cabinet, with the advice and counsel of the Secretaries, has initiated and planned the Work to be done and has carried out this Work through various committees and sub- committees. In the spring of 1924, the Northiield Conference was held at Silver Bay, on Lake George, and James Henderson, Harrison Kildare, Herbert Fitzroy, Russel Hershey, and Vilayne Wlrightstone Were among Pennsylvania,s representatives. Great value is to be derived from such close association with great religious and social leaders, and those Who attended felt more than repaid. During the summer months more than a thousand youngsters, who would other- wise have been unable to have had an outing, were g 1 1291221 . . . V, entertained at the Universit 'Summer Cam at Green . . .. f., 5 - - ay Lane. Among the Counselors We find the names of f ',,3gL13gr-' y 2 Robert Zehring, John lVI1tchell, WV1ll12l,H1 Fnchel- 2 . berger, and James Henderson. Such opportunity jr X ' 3' HE. 53.21. -wzffezt. ,, its-,Em M -.ff I . U if 2:5 , ' , - , f ' for contact with college men of strong Christian gt. Z5 rw .gif i'?.- .asf-eh , ,44 V' aff ' . . X . . . " . r ,. ' , . f , t.,, personalities means new opportunities, Worthier ,Qpp ambitions, Wider outlook, and finer manhood . 4 generally for thousands of underprivileged Phila- Gfwl LW camp delphia lads. 254 Baptist . . Episcopal . Lutheran. . P1-cslzyicriau Mcftlzorliszf . liqformerl . IJT6-S"ldUI1,f ..... CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OFFICERS JAMES M. HENDERSONQ First V vfce-Presirlezzl . . . , IIERBERT FITZROY. 325 Vice-Presidents . HAIIIIISON IQILDARE, '25 Other Derzowri-nafz'on.w . , HENRY ROBICli'l'S, '26 . ELLWOOD F. ALTMAIER, '25 Law .....,... THOMAS B. K. RINGE, '27 . RITSSEL D. HERSIIEY, '25 Meflicine . . , W. HIAROLD STORM, '25 . . J. PAUL CRAXVFORD, '26 Denial . . . . IQORMAN J. IVHITEIHLL, '25 . LEONARD M. FAYLE, '26 V cicrinary . . . JAMES K, S'rROc'KmNE, '26 . VVAYNE WRIGHTSTONE, '25 C'0mmitlee.s' Social Service . ...... . , R. W. ZEI-Iruxc: lJc'putr1fiorzs ..,. Vocfuiional G111'rluu.z:0 . SPf'C'llllAlI!?l2l1:I1gS . . E11-zmaiion , F'1.llfIIl.Cl' ..... l"z'lloz1'.sl1Nij1 , . . World Ali.-v.w1'o11.v . I"0I'l'l.gIL SfIllIt'7l,fH . Inlm--1-uc-z'al C0lllIIl1.SSI.0II . l'l.z' Qffi c'1'0 ..... Q55 B. BURKE W. S'1'EvExs, N. L. I'.xxvO,xs'1' , .D. G. IVILLIAM PEAK . .W. N. L. P.xNr'O.xs'r H ERBERT FRITZROY H. S1..1x'rE1i W. SNYDER R. A. EIVHI'1l.IH'lliGI41If E. LINOE1,E.u'1-1 ..J. . . Rrmrzltzxrr S'l'RliI-I'l'ICIi As the time for the opening of school rolled around, the Association invited the men of 1928 to attend the Freshman Camp at Green Lane, where many of the more prominent members of our number aided in acquainting them with the various traditions and ideals of Pennsylvania, even as we had learned them four years before. As a further aid, the Freshman handbook was published, with John Abersold acting as Business Manager. James Henderson and Barlow Burke had served on the Board of the 1923 publication. On September 27, prior to the Ursinus 'football game, the Christian Association was again host to the Freshmen. A luncheon was held in VVeightman Hall for the first-year men, after which they snake-danced onto the football field to witness their Hrst game as undergraduates. Throughout the year the Christian Association has sponsored denomi- national dinners and banquets as a stimulus to interest in the work. There has been a steady advance in religious education in the University, both in numbers and in the kind and quality of the teaching. This has been accredited largely to the increased popularity of the numerous discussion groups which are held in the dormi- tories, rooming-houses, fraternities, and among commuters. There are more than sixty such groups at the present time, and their inHuence is being widely felt. William Lingelbach has charge of Religious Education, and we must congratulate him on the splendid results achieved. , Among the many activities promoted by the Christian Association, the Settlement House stands out as the most prominent. Robert Zehring, Chairman of the Social Service Committee, was among the first to enroll in this work. He was soon followed by many others of the Class of ,25 who have been associating and working with the men and boys "across the rivers, assisting them in finding health, fun, education, and higher ideals than they could otherwise attain. The men have acted as leaders in the Gym, in classes and clubs, in games, and in manual training. In their work at the University House, the men have aided in building up the bodies, arousing boys to the importance of education, strengthening their weak or weakening moral backbones, vitalizing their religious faith and training lads for constructive leadership among their pals. The service they have performed is inestimable. 1 ' . To the Christian Association, we owe a deep debt of gratitude. The spiritual stamina strength- ened, the personal habits changed, the new out- looks provided, the re-centering of interests, the constant upbuilding of the student morale, and the countless personal touches that mean mental and moral rehabilitation-thus has the Christian Association been instrumental in increasing the true worth of every man of 1925. Grggn Lane Camp Green Lane Cam p 256 E Jawa? me AVQX AVA AVA E1 I' W 45 N5 4 D 1 K Y 5 ,L l L Q 13 L D a.a:'-lil IB .7 V V ,Q 'X O Q 4 sawn W 4 J :L c bi fjIlGX7nz-.5 'H' 211413 E: H MAGIL SEGAL AGRAN INMAN DRISOOLL VANDERVEER ELDER BEAN KENNEDY VENMAN SWAN WITXX'ER NICCJAHAN JACK HART VVM. F. KENNEDY. Philo. Representative EDWARD W. MADIERA JOHN VENMAN, Captain Qf Team JOHN PFLAUM, Zelo Representative OLIVER G. SWAN, Undergraduate Manage-r Team JOHN H. VENMAN VVILLIAM F. KENNEDY HENRY INMAN HAROLD J. BEAN NVILLIAM S. MCCAIIAN EDVVARD DRISCOLL DANIEL DEBRIER ALBERT N. JVITWER, JR. EDWARD CARTER GEORGE VANDERVEER NATHAN .AGRAN Q57 ELIAS NIAGIL JOHN COWAN ROBERT D. WVITTER FREEMAN :ELDER BERNARD SEGAL DRAMATIC CLUB ,Executive Committee President ....... . . . Vice-President . . . . Secretary- Treasurer . . . Business M fmagers . . . . ELIZABETH COOKE MELVIN SIMS ELLA FILEMYR FRANK NATHAN ELINOR SMITH NIADELLA RIGBY VVALTER HENNEBERG T HETA ALPHA PHI HGNORARY FRATERNIT Y PROP. JOHN DOLMAN, JR. MERRILL HULBURT WIELVIN SIMS NIADELLA RIGBY ELIZABETI-I COOKE Q58 ,591 L N I9 Q5 iw W' 'QM N, 1' 69 PUBLICATIONS OMMEN T aroused from the mind of the i austere Ph.D., or laughter founded upon the shifting sands of collegiate humor, has l l Wrought a path none the less devastated than War-torn regions of France. The impression has been not nearly so damaging, but just as impressionistic in every event. T he Pennsylvanflan, a daily with the record of being just a step ahead of the motley throng, lends freely the information that so deeply reaches into the hearts of undergraduates. It is the chieftain of campus organs, per- haps, but to assume it as far greater than all other rivals Would be unfair. The old Brewer with his champion, Punch Bowl, has taken the smoky taste out of the bacon over many a campfire, While Real and Blue has provided Alma Mater With embellished records of her magnanimity. Testimonials might be tendered, yea lavished, upon our major publications. It is not our intention to do so. Pennsylvania feels that T rlcmgle, recognized as the leading technical magazine, and even Jtmlo, must be included in our toast. 1 The test of blood is the one to make-us great, and yet there lingers in our minds the thought that Alma Mater conquers more by the pen than by the unleashed sword. Q60 , numw - W..,ff-1:x,:,a,-.,.:., ,M 1,w.,v.mH .w,x.vf fL-1a,f:.x....i...:.,,,41y.M,,ps- Jn . .Mqfa mg'-,..-., X9 I ATI W BURKE WILSON DAGIT TEPPER HEL DERSON SUMNIERS Sw AN ALTMAIER WALKER BUSHNELL STEVENS GEAFMUELLER TEMPLE fe FRANKLIN SOCIETY President . . JOSEPH VV. WALKER V1fce-Presiclemf . GEORGE W. STEVENS' Secretary . . ELLWOOD F. ALTMAIER Treasurer . EDNVARD R. BUSHNELL GEORGE W. STEVENS ELLVVOOD F. ALTMAIER LINIUS E. 'TENNANT JAMES M. HENDERSON ELLIOT K. GIIJROX' IRVIN I. SUMMERS CHARLES E. DAGIT HARRY C. TERIPLE DONALD M. SWAN HARRY W. A-LLERS BENJAMIN TEPPER EDWARD GRAFNIUELLER JOSEPH W. WALKER IL C. ALBERT VVILSON JOHN E. MCGOVERN 1 Q! O Q63 mU gh., ILALIQ A Lfiil Ach llCAl'l0 l " HE PENNSYLVANIAN " FTER perusing our first copy of "The Pennsylvanianf' we noticed a call for heelers for the Editorial and Business Boards. Those of our class who nurtured a secret desire to be "NapoleonsU of the campus learned that this was the sure way to fame and notoriety. . Accordingly, many of our number signed up to write campus news items, others, to chase the elusive Hadsf' Our ambitious embryo journalists, after serving a long apprenticeship as heelers, finally received the recognition for which they had worked so ardently. George,Stevens, Wfalter Whitney, L. Everal Tennant, Ernest Scott, Evan Christie, Lee Patton, and Frank Wilson were elected to the positions of Night Editors. After the second competition, additional Night Editors were elected 5 namely, James Henderson, Lawrence Davis, Joseph Hughes, Kenneth lVIcDowell, and Thomas Grifiith. The increase in circulation and the galaxy of advertisements of clothing establishments and dancing academies indicated action on the pa.rt of our aspiring classmates in the Business Depart- ment of the daily. Ellwood Altmaier, Nlurrel Ades, Samuel French, lVIarshal Nlatheny, and Paul Schmidt were selected as Assistant Business Managers. The Board, together with the entire class, mourned the death of Evan Christie, which occurred during our Sophomore yea.r. The day for the election of the Board which should manage the destinies of this illustrious paper during our Senior year having rolled around, George VV. Stevens was proclaimed Editor-in-Chief, with James lVI. Henderson and L. Everal Tennant holding the positions of Managing Editor and News Editor respectively. Ellwood Altmaier having proved the "Ponzi,' of the Business Board, was elected Business ilflanager, with Paul Schmidt as Circulation lVIanager, and Nlurrel Ades managing the advertising. These men aided materially in placing the publication on the solid iinancial foundation it now enjoys. Robert K. Osborn was elected to the Features Board to guide the destinies of the 4'Penn and Ink Columni' and to supply the fispice of lifen to the "tired college studentf, His efforts have been most successful and "Penn and Inkw has maintained its already enviable reputation as a heralder of mirth. Editor S tcvcn .s Under the leadership of Stevens, a weekly Pictorial Supplement was inaugurated as a feature. This newly created division was placed in the hands of Edward C. Grafmueller as Pictorial Chair- man, and it has marked another step in the advancement of "The Pennsylvanianf' The Supple- ment has been a means of introducing the most prominent and active members of the University to the student body at large and is an invaluable addition. This and many other progressive measures may be attributed to the efforts of the Nlanaging Board of the Class of 1925. "The Pennsylvanian' is a mighty factor in our campus life, and its influence has been j udiciously directed. Q64 "THE PENNSYLVANIANH Editor-ivz-Chiaf . . GEORGE VVARREN STEVENS, '25 Managing Editor .... JAMES M. HENDERSON, '25 News Editor ..,.. L. EVERAL TENNIKNT, '25 Features Board ROBERT R. OSBORN, '25 EDXVARD F. ELLIS, '27 Eclitov-S THOMAS F. GRIFFITH, '25 K. H. IMCDONVELL, '25 J. LEE PATTON, '25 JOSEPH F. HUGIIES, '25 J. LATVRENCE DAVIS, '25 FRANK A. VVILSON, '25 EDWARD L. BL7CKLEY, '26 LESLIE M. CASSIDY. '26 JAMES CRAXVFORD, '26 JOHN XVALKER, '27 RICHARD SAMSON, '27 SIDNEY J. STALL, '27 C. XVINDLE MCNIAHON, '27 Photographic Editors Associate Editors ROBERT A. EICHELBERGER, '26 EDWARD C. MALLOY, '26 NIAURICE A. GILWIAXILTIN, '26 GEORGE E. PETERSON, '26 E. SCOTT LOXVER, '26 ROBERT S. REEVES, '26 Assisfarzt Eclitors EDXVARD H. WALKER, '27 J. DUDLEY MARKS, '27 ROBERT C, TODD, '27 EDXVIN A. STEUBNER, '27 Pidorial Chairman, GEORGE G. STEVENS L. K. VANDERFORD S. CROZIER FLEMING RALPH B. EATON VERNON KUNKLE ARTHUR M. FLACK, JR., '2 EDXVIXRD GR.k FM UELLER CHARLES CRAVENS M. K. M. MURPHY D.-AVID W. RUSSELL, '26 GEORGE J. SCI-IWARTZ, '26 FRED R. SEELEY, '26 C. SUMNER DAVIS, '28 LEONARD C. DILL, JR., '28 FRANK J. VFUCKER, '28 EDXVARD IRISH, '28 LLOYD M. FAUST, '27 THEODORE ARNOLD GERALD COHEN Iiizsiness Manager . . ELLWVOOD FIELDING ALTMAIER, '25 AfI1Iarlisir1g Manager . . . lVl'L'IiREL J. ADICS. '2 Circulation Manager .,., PAUL J. F. SCHAIITT, '25 Associafc Bzzsiness Jlanagcrx NIARSHALL G. RIATHENY, '25 SAMVEL H. FRENCH J. P. CRAXVFORD, JR., '26 F. IW. GILLESPIE, '26 W. A. WITIIUS, '26 A. M. HOPIQINS, JR., '27 Asszfxfuizl BIISLIIK'-VS Jfanagzfrs JOHN L. RIXNDALL, '26 K. LINKER, '26 P. LOI'IS SMITH. '27 B. P. BROIDA, '27 T. S. FRIEDBERGI-JR, '27 JOHN M. MON'rumu':m'. '27 W. S. GOLDSTEIX, '26 XY. WV. WELSH. '27 R'I.-XHSIIALL LEWIS. '27 BTENXETH R. CLARK, '27 J. XYILLISTON SMITH, '27 H. W. I'IAxSr'OxI. '26 Q65 "THE PUNCH BOVVLH - T C ANY of our members in their early University days heard the "Call of the YVild" and responded as heelers to the only safe and sane outlet for their enthusiasm, the "Punch Bowlf' The humor of Elliott K. Gilroy was quickly appreciated and the c'Punch Bowl" took him into its arms in his Freshman year, awarding him a coveted gold key. Charles Dagit, Leslie Hano, Irvin Q"Buck,'j Summers, Eugene Arnfeld, Melvin Shapiro, and Charles Weinstock were elected Business Spoons by applying l VVharton School education to the campus shopkeepers and getting Editor Gilroy large amounts of advertisements. Paul Pennock was awarded an Art Spoon in his Freshman year, while George Stevens and J. Carrol Anthony were both awarded keys a little later. This year "Gil" is Editor-in-Chief and his qualifications for the office can be easily seen by glancing through a "Bowl.,' "BuckU Summers is our Business Manager and has handled the financial affairs of the "Bowl" very creditably, while George Stevens has concentrated his attention upon the art work. Charles Dagit has very capably Hlled the capacity of Advertising Manager, and John McGovern is keeping a check on the editorial material in the position of Managing Editor. Rare humor and wit may be found whenever John McGovern, S. M. Bendiner, Thomas Boon, Recd Hartman, Jewell Cook, and Karl Jarrel get together-the Class of 1925,s representation on the Editorial Board. Since there was no college wit competition this year, 'Tunch Bowlv once again will keep the cup awarded annually by Judge to that college magazine which maintains the highest standard of wit and humor for the year. This cup was won by the Brewer in the season of 1923-Q4. lVIost unusual of its many novel numbers was its celebrated Girls Edition. Once in every five years a competition is held open to the feminine humorists of the nation in which the keenest competition takes place. Thousands of jokes are submitted and from an examination of this number the award of a "Punch Bowl' key is made to the one who sends in the best material. The decision isbased on both the quality and the quantity of the material. A second keyyawarded on the same basis, is given to the winner of the art competition among the fair sex. Another number possessing great pop- ular attraction was the annual 'clVIask and . VVigU issue which lived up to all tradi- tions established by former copies in by- gone years for originality. VVhatever the issue, 6'Punch Bowli' has maintained its reputation as the leading publication of college humor in America. 266 LASCELLES ELLIOTT LACY KAUFFBIAN BAILEY FREUND EATON WEINBERG LEUTHI .WIATHIESON GRABOSKY GILRIARTIN HOLLAND DREW BICIQEE LITCHFIELD GRIFFIN COMROE IVIEYERS ANTHONY JARRE LL COOKE HARTMAN SUMMERS GILROY DAGIT ARNFE LD STEVENS MCGOVERN THE PENNSYLVANIA "PUNCH BOVVL" Board of Managers Editor-in-Chiqf . . . ELLIOTT K. GILROY, '25 Business Manager . . . , IRVIN I. SUMMERS, '25 Managing Editor , '. . JOHN E. MCGOVERN, JR., '25 Advertising Manager . . . . CHARLES E. DAGIT, '25 Art Editor . . . . . GEORGE G. STEVENS, '25 Circulation Manager . . . .EUGENE J. ARNFELD, '25 Art Spoons J. CARROL ANTHONY, '25 CLARENCE B. LITCHFIELD, '26 HENRY ROBERTS, 2d, '26 JOSEPH N. LACY, '27 JEXVELL H. COOK, '25 THOMAS BOON, '25 I-I. REED HARTBIAN, '25 S. M. BENDINER, '25 OLIN ' . A HIES N, '- C W M T O' 26 .NIELVILLE EATON, '26 ARTHUR P. LASCELLES, '27 JACK HIXNN, '25 JACOB KAUFRMAN, '25 Editorial Spoons KARL A. JARRELL, '25 BERNARD I. COMROE, '26 ADAM KUIIN, '26 MILTON L. IIOLLAND, '26 Business Spoons J. HIRAM NICKEE, '26 ALFRED IYEINBERG, '26 ORRELL AXLEY, '26 RALPII LUETIII, '27 267 JAMES A. GRIFFIN, '26 M. A. GILMARTIN, '26 CHARLES K. ELLIOTT. '26 ERNEST E. BAILEY, '26 CHARLES WEINSTORK, '25 HARRY GRAEOSKY, '26 SYLVAN FRETND, '26, NIARTIN NIEYERS, '26 "RED AND BLUE" T YVAS not until our Sophomore year that the 6'Red and Blue" felt the influence of the Class of 1925-an influence which, though small at the start, rapidly grew as the class progressed. During this progression the "Red and Blue" has undergone a complete change, from a strictly literary magazine to what it is today, a modern cosmopolitan whip of student life, sports, short stories, photographs, dramatic reviews, art sketches, and campus topics. Editor Gmfmwuer The first to be rewarded with editorial keys were D. Barlow Burke and C. Edward Grafmuellerg while business keys were won by Robert A. Streeter, Robert W. Zehring, and.M. B. Allen. Later in the year, the editorial strength was reenforced by VVilliam Lingelbach, Lee Patton, and James Hanna, while James McVey, Joseph W. VValker, Milton T. Daus, Edward H. Hydeman, and Ben J. Tepper were added to the Business Board. During the next fall our Class made a renewed attack, with the same determination to succeed that we have shown before and since, ending in the award of editorial keys to lXIax Kleeman, Robert R. Osborne, Stanley Lesser, John lVIitchell, Max Beren, Harrison Kildare, and Maurice Hollander. Not only were our editorial warriors successful but among the 'tad chasersf' C. Albert Wilsoii and Homer O. Ackerstrom were awarded business keys. The title of Photographic Editor was the accomplishment of C. Edward G1'fif1HLlCllGI'. So as we come into our Senior year we find our campus-periodical in the expert hands of C. Edward Grafmueller, Editor-in-Chief, and D. Barlow Burke, Managing Editor. Joseph VV. VValker has been given the key to the bank and full charge over all financial matters, while Ben J. Tepper takes care of the advertising. lVIilton T. Daus handles the circulation of the publication, VVith two such capable leaders, as C. Edward Grafmueller and Joseph VV. VValker, with the cooperation of their fellow members, hardly enough praise can be given, because it is to them that the firm position of the 'gRed and Bluev upon the campus has been main- tained not only as a periodical but in the eyes of the student body. 268 .lisa ' . f"?"' inpi f- 1 -' Q I'1CiiBlLUG 'P 1 l 55,55 U 9 H 5 QQ ? ,i ,, ,Villa .gli l y ,EEV 5 3'..,x.,.:-. 7:3 M THE "RED AND BLUE" g Board of Managers Editor-in-Chief . . . C. EDWARD GRAFMUELLER, '25 CWh.D Business M anager . . JOSEPH W. VVALKER 25 GMU Managing Editor . . D. BARLOW BURKE, '25 CWh.D Advertising Manager . BEN. J. TEPPER 25 CWhj Photographic Editor . CHARLES CRAVENS, '26 QWh.j Circulation Manager . MILTON T. DAUS 25 K Wh D Board of Editors . WILLIAM LINGELBACH, '25 CCOIJ J. LEE PATTON, JR., '25 CCOLJ MAX BEREN, '25 CWh.j JAMES HANNA, '25 CWh.j ROBERT R. OSBORN, '25 CEng.j MAURICE A. GILMARTIN, '26 CWh.j LAYMAN J. REDDEN, '26 CWh.j JOHN MITCHELL, '25 CWh.j STANLEY LEESER, '25 CWh.D HARRISON KILDARE, '25 CCOIJ MAX KLEEMAN, '25 CWh.J SEYMOUR B. WALDMAN, '26 CWILD RODNEY B. HOTCHKINS, '26 CWh.D NIAURICE HOLLANDER, '25 CWh.j KARL E. JARRELL, '25 CWh.J JOHN E. MOGOVERN, '25 CWh.j G. KELLOCK HALE, '26 CWh.D EARLE D. MASS, '27 CWh.j Business Assistants ROBERT A. STREETER, '25 CWILD ROBERT W. ZEHRING, '25 CWh.j JAMES B. MCVEY, '25 CWh.D EDVVARD H. HYDENIAN, '25 CWVILJ C. ALBERT WILSON, '25 CWh.j HOMER ACKERSTROM, '25 lWh.J ROBERT GUGENHEIM, '26 CWh.b KAHLMAN LINKER, '26 CWILD HARRY EASTON, '26 CWh.J J. PAUL WILSON, '26 QWILJ EDNVARD R. NIORINE, '26 CWh.D LEYVIS I. HIRSCH, '26 CWh.j J. HIRAM MCKEE, '26 CWh.J ARNOLD S. NASS, '26 CWh.j ROBERT SINCLAIR, '26 CWh.j EDMUND STUBBE, '26 CWh.j WVILLIAM S. HZOPFMAN, '27 CWh.J JESSE GEISMAN, '27 CWh.J EDWARD VVAGNER, '27 CWh.D WVENDELL BRIGGS, '27 CWILJ "THE CLASS RECORD" UNIORS! After two years of work we could proudly call ourselves Juniors. This was the year that we had been eagerly looking forward to, regarding it as one in which we would have many idle hours to spend in the pursuit of pleasure. W7e had reached the goal toward which we had been striving for the past two years. Now we could rest on our oars and drift for awhile with the stream. But no, one task yet remained, that of writing the record of our class, and we could not rest until this was accomplished. Our class had won many laurels, in the field of Editor Temple sport, of drama, on the various publications, and other under- graduate activities but as yet no record of these laurels had been compiled. This was the task that now confronted usg, this was the task that we must accomplish ere we could rest. A Accordingly we entered the competition for the "Class Recordf' and assisted the editors of the 1994 Yearbook in writing the history of the Class of 'QHL Hard work was our lot, yet we endured it cheerfully. VVhy should we not? It was by means of this hard work that we were fitting ourselves for the task that faced us. Night after night we sallied forth, armed with subscription blanks, and cajoled reluctant students into purchasing the "Record.H Day after day we descended to the '5Class Recordw office where we compiled lists of clubs and societies, or wrote of the stirring deeds of our various teams. The work was hard, yetwe did not mind it, and before we knew it, the work was over. Hey Day arrived, bringing with it news of the elections to the board of the H1925 Class Record." Harry C. Temple was elected Editor-in-Chief, and to him was intrusted the task of compiling the history of our class. Harry VV. Allers was elected Nlanagingi Editor, and Morton R. Herr, Circulation lVIanager of the 'cRecord.H The important position of Business hlanager was placed in the capable hands of Donald lVI. Swan, and Rodger VV. Clipp was chosen to assist hiin with the advertising. Darwin H. UrHer was made the new Art Editor, with W. F. Bower, G. H. Butterbaugh, and Stewart A. Pike as his art asso- ciates. Paul lVI. Tyroler was elected Photographic Editor, with C. Edward Grafmueller as his -assistant. Rudolph A. Gerlinger, Karl E. Jarrel, and Frank,P. Huff were elected Editors as a fitting reward for their labors while Nlorse Garwood, H. Lee Jones, Earl E. VVhite, and Benjamin Tepper were made Associate Editors. The men elected business associates were Mortoii Stone, LelNIoine VVheeler, Charles E. Dagit, Irvin I. Sumners, Sidney NI. Cleeman, hlax E. Cleeman, Henry A. Skilton, Homer C. Ackerstrom. C. Albert VVilson, and John P. Mitchell. P270 SUMIHERS :KLEEMAN JONES PIKE BOWER WILSON DACIT BUTTERBAUGH MITCHELL SKILTON ACKERSTROM GARWOOD WVHITE TEPPER STONE JARRELL GERLINGER CLIPP A SKY,-KN TEMPLE HERR TYROLER URFFER HLPF Editor-'lin-Chiqf . .Q :HARRY C. TEMPLE Art Editor ..... . DARWIN H. LRI PER lllcmagi-ng Editor ,... HARRY WV. ALLERS Photographic Editor . . . PAUL NI. TYROLER Circulation M anagor . . . MORTON R. HERR Aclvertis-ing lllanage-r . . ROGER NV. CLIPP V Business Wlanager, DONALD BI. SXVAN Editors RUDOLPH A. GERLINGER FRANK P. HUFF KARL E. JARRELL ' Associate Editors LIORSE GARWOOD BENJAMIN TEPPER H. LEE JONES EARL E. XVHITE B usiness Associates MORTON STONE IRVIN I. SUMMERS HENRX' A. SKILTON LEMOINE C. WHEELER SIDNEY M. IYLEEMAN HOMER O' ACKERSTROM CHARLES E. DAGIT MAX E. IXLEEMAN JOHN P. MITCHELL .411-1 --lssociates WILLIAM F. BOWER STEXVART A. PIKE GrEORGE C. ALBERT XYILSON H. BUT'I'EHBAljGII Plzotographic .elssoc1'aie, CHARLES EDNVARD GRAFLHLELLER Q71 "TI-IE PENNSYLVANIA TRIANGLE" I H HE Towne Scientific School Journalf' a magazine repre- senting the Towne Scientific School, had enjoyed a most i VVith the forming of the llloore School of Electrical Engineering prosperous career since it had been established in 1914. from the Department of Electrical Engineering of the Towne Scientific School, the Board of "The Towne Scientific School Journal" saw that by extending its scope it would be meeting a need for an official organ representing all the schools of scientific nature. This need resulted in the blossoming forth of "The Editor Mmihw Pennsylvania Triangle." This new magazine is the medium of expression of the Towne Scientific School, the Moore School, and the Architectural School. Under the able leadership of VVillard V. Merrihue, this publication has come to be recognized as being the leading magazine of its kind in the country. At the last meeting of the Engineering College Magazine Association, the "Triangle', received official recog- nition as the best college technical magazine. n Under its new policy the "Triangle" has enjoyed an unusually successful year. Its scientific articles cause it to be distributed, not only to Pennsylvania men, but also to the undergraduates and alumni of other universities. Its quarterly circulation of over 1,500 copies is attributable also to its humorous articles and the information it contains con- cerning the activities of all the architectural and engineering societies and fraternities. Willard V. Merrihue successfully finished his competition in his Freshman year and made the editorial staff. This year, as the "Triangle's', Editor-in-Chief, he is responsible for the unusual success which it has achieved. C. Pt. Dolmetsch was appointed to the Editorial Board in his Sophomore year. As a Junior, he became Managing Editor and he has held that position for the last two years. S. K. Allman was also elected to the Board in his Sophomore year, and as a Junior he became Circulation Manager. This year he held the same office and his eHorts have been a very important factor in the success of the 'gTrianglef' H. L. Vanderford made the "TriangleH Board in his Junior year. This year his efforts were rewarded and he became the Publicity Manager. R. Rf Osborn and J. IW. Emling both were selected for the Board in their Junior years and they have aided materially in its success. The Seniors of the "Triangle', are to be congratulated on their good work in this publication. For it is due to their efforts that it holds the high position of being the best college engineering publication in the country. Q72 555 .'f9i?'I-XX'i-I-!.1'if.Cf'332'L'I5t5 "3i5:f3?:2??IQlT537 "A2'F'-iff' my-.x:t..q::'::-: ,. 91- 5-.iz-gr--Q -5 :L:-'is-mpg, -1.1--1.1-gr., I- Wt. cq'g.'I+! 5 "5 'Zia-1143, 1"-1"-4.':I.'-L. -:fffv-.S"' - -'71"f"?fI iilaleeg1few:-2::r-'ss-zssfiftfbfagff , bfi:-1-ii.27:2-alias "-12 ff " ISI rs.-,:. fire: 11 ' V ' , +1'ffL,g.', "1-S'4x.wg'fg 51 ii .Z1kJ"E"i-A " I V Eiaixiea .sz Xu-f I E N ly S C C i if i , 52 1 3 - 4 ' as 1 2 .9 ii-A-v-mf"--.M -- sm 1 .r '1 ' Y sw ." 'GY-Inffasfffkxw . ' ar ......, ' - . .,... . '- rg .agz ' . 1 ":f"' P' --V 5' -' "' - .' ,I SIMPSON CEEEE DOWNW.-mn WELCH NOBLE CARROL SACHSE STEINHOFF NAUGHTON EMLING RE1TE1z BOWER SUTHERLAND OSBORN ALLMAN VANDERFORD NIERRIHUE RA IASLER DOLMETSCH " THE PENNSYLVANIA TRIANGLE " Editor-in-Chief . Managing Editor . Business Manager . Circulation Manager Publicity Manager . W. J. EMLING, E.E., '25 . . WILLARD V. NIERRIHUE, '25 . . CARL R. DOLIVIETSCH, Ch., '25 . . . ROBERT K. RAISLER, M.E., '26 . . . SIDNEY K. ALLMAN, Ch.E., '25 . . . H. LEROY VANDERFORD, M.E., '25 Editorial Staj' ROBERT W. NOBLE, Arch., '26 ROBERT R. OSBORN, E.E., '25 JULIUS SACHSE, E.E., '26 A. C. SUTHERLAND, Arch., '26 J. A. BOWER, Arch., '26 J. ROY CARROL, JR., Arch., '26 R. H. BORGERSON, M.E., '26 H P. D. CREEK, Arch., '26 Business Stay? DAVID REITER, E.E., '26 JOHN NAUGHTON, E.E., '26 PAUL DOWNWARD, '26 D. S. NIERRITT, Ch.E., '26 HORACE STEINI-IOFF, Ch.E.. '26 273 BORGERSON 7 7 ATE in the year 1922, a new literary journal was proffered to the vagary of st.udent taste. Projected originally as the 'fLotus,', its publishers shortly adopted the title of g'Junto.', This title they deemed more appropriate because of the close affiliations with Benjamin Franklin and old Pennsylvania tradi- tions which it bore. Thus, the new literary quarterly was launched, not without some degree of biting comment from the more firmly established contemporaries. Edif0rLiUmy A Wfhile the opening numbers of "Junto,' possessed a distinctly artificial tone, the magazine soon swung into a healthier stride and definitely took its place on the campus as the champion of literary endeavor. Here, then, was an outlet for the pent-up belles-lettres efforts of those who strove to answer the call of poet, novelist, or critic. The early growth of the quarterly was fostered by Paul Rosen- baum, Chairman, and Philip Livingston, Managing Editor. The merits of this literary offering were readily acknowledged, and the second volume received an auspicious start through recognition as a University publication. Offices were secured in Houston Hall, and the four issues for that year werelpublished under the guidance of Paul Chancellor, Chairman, and Frederick Mann, Business lVIanager. During that year its purposive scope was more fully attained through valuable contributions on the part of faculty members of the University. Furthermore, a constitution was also drawn up, conformable to the regulations of the Committee on Publications. Greater harmony was sought, not only among the literary competitors, but also with the other publications in the eyes of the undergraduates. e The present volume has Herman Livezey for its Chairman, VVilliam Power, Managing Editor, Andrew Shuman, Business Manager, Samuel Heineman, Advertising M3113g61', and Jesse Hyman, Circulation Manager. The other members of the Senior Class on the "Junto" Board are: Herbert Fitzroy, A. B. Magil, Courtland VVhite, Milton C. Nahm, and Edward Hinton. Each one of the four numbers issued, ranging from 36 to 48 pages in length, is pleasingly full of variety and quality-interesting and progressive, yet nothing outre. That 6'Junto,' is fast winning commendation and favor from the Pennsylvania man is clearly revealed when it is shown that the circulation this year has increased 250 per cent over that of last year. VVho knows the limits of suchia journal? The province of 'lluntov is definitely recognized as the short-story, essay, criticism, and poetry. It has supplied a need which was only in part catered to by the existing organs of student literary effort, and will no doubt serve as an active means for the development of campus men of letters. I Q74 'S V - 'AK init eg-f 52: Qi . ' Qf?"'ff NX TW Q X M ,P -'f if if- gfuw 3 ,137 ml K? 'aaa Eff! xy- l'N -Qqff Wi? n f-'A M fe Www m y aw-1 QU. 11451449 we 2, W rf A ' Y . '?'r y?f.Tfj?'?f gang 9 7: qi! 153 ip JM. v If Yfff 1, L Q45 ' H .K L lm 1 o"'.x.x A 7 m ATHLETICS i i T HAS been said, and truthfully so, that no school is complete without her i , f i-..-.. -i athletics' and what is true of other institutions of learning applies also to Pennsylvania. This great University has always been known for her powerful teams, and, coupled with this, no other school can surpass her in the sportsmanship of her players. Each man, from the captain of football, that greatest of all college sportfsjdown to the sub- stitute on the least-known minor sport team, fills a niche all his own in this particular sphere of college activities. He is not paid for his efforts but instead throws himself wholeheartedly into the task at hand in order to make his team a success. Little do the onlookers realize the intensive training preparatory to one contestg and seldom does the athlete complain of injuries or fatigue during a game. He will always be found in the midst of the game, fighting for Pennsylvania and the proud traditions which surround the Red and the Blue. , A3 276 M11 ff l. -sr vqf-Pl ,a n 6 8 ,SS ATHLETIC AJJOCIATION '33 L T , K I 1' Q H 1924-1925 S WE read of Pennsylvania's victories and athletic triumphs, little thought is given to the wonderful organization which makes possible these results. Back of all the athletic activities, large or small, stands a group of staunch and faithful workers of whom much is said in criticism and too little in praise. Yet the Athletic Association is the very heart and soul of all of our sports. Success in athletics at the University depends in a large measure on the results produced by the activities of the Association. That the IQQ4--Q5 season has been successful cannot be doubted. Perhaps the best proof of this can be given by a resume of the results in the various sports. Overshadowing all in the 1994-25 season of athletics is the triumphant record of Penn- sylvaniais football team. A total of nine games won and one game tied is ample proof of the superiority of our team over any other in the East. Pennsylvania,s most notable victories occurred late in the season when the strong Lafayette team was defeated by a 6-3 score, and the following week when Pennsylvania was victorious over the strong Georgetown aggregation by a 3-0 score. 1VIemorable always in the minds and hearts of football lovers will be the Penn State game on November 15, when Pennsylvanials football warriors held the invading Penn State athletes to a scoreless tie upon a muddy field. No thought of football in the past season is complete without mention of Pennsylvania's brilliant victory over the ever-menacing Big Red of Cornell. Mute testimony of our supremacy is shown by recalling the winning score of Q0-0. Our only defeat came in the post-season game with the University of California, and this may easily be attributed to the effects of a long, tiring trip, change of climate, and strange environment. The soccer team maintained the high standard which University' teams have set in previous years by again winning the championship. This year's soccer team had the honor of being unclefeatecl during a series in which eleven games were played. Junior Varsity Q78 Soccer may also lay claim to distinction by reason of the championship won in the Junior Varsity league. ' Pennsylvania may point with pride to the achievements of her basketball team this year. While the team did not reach its top form early in the season, the results of the games in midseason, and especially during the latter part of the season, show that Penn- sylvania had a strong, aggressive team capable of beating the strongest of its opponents. In spite of early setbacks, Pennsylvania forced herself into a second place tie with Columbia and Dartmouth. During the latter weeks of the season three undefeated teams bowed to the superior playing of the Pennsylvania basketeers. In crew, Pennsylvania scored more victories than any other university in the country. Three crews, the Junior Varsity, Third Varsity, and 150-pound, won college champion- ships in their class. The Varsity took the Stewardis Cup from Navy and Syracuse, the Childs Cup from Princeton and Columbia, defeated Columbia, Harvard, M. I. T., and finished ahead of Syracuse and Columbia at Poughkeepsie, in addition to winning an autumn race from Princeton. On the diamond a remarkable record was established. Pennsylvania's baseball players accounted for eighteen victories and one tie during the 1924 season. But four defeats were suffered in a series of twenty-three games. Good pitching and hard hitting were prime factors in achieving baseball excellence. On the cinder path and in field events, the track team made a creditable showing. One point kept the Pennsylvania track stars from tying Yale for first place in the outdoor Intercollegiate Championships. Yale and Dartmouth succumbed to the superior ability of our track men on another occasion, while Cornell succeeded in defeating Pennsylvania in a dual meet. In the realm of minor sports there has been a decided improvement. By dropping cricket, polo, ice hockey, and the gun teams, the Athletic Association has been able to concentrate more closely on the remaining minor sports. One feature of the added at- tention to minor sports has been the enlargement of the coaching staff. Wrestling has been helped by the engagement of Coach Servais, former Pennsylvania star. Swimming received an addition to its coaching staff in the person of Assistant Coach Anthony. Lacrosse has a new mentor in Coach Fries this year, and prospects for a strong lacrosse team are excellent. Q79 Prominent in the successes of the minor sports are the two individual championships won in boXing, one in the heavyweight. division and the other in the 125-pound class. Rifle team was again placed on the list of minor sports this season, and a remarkable showing was made, so that the future bids fair for a continuation of this phase of sport. Tennis, in the 192+ season, was handicapped by Weather conditions. Numerous scheduled matches were postponed or called off due to inclement Weather and muddy condition of t.he various tennis courts. A notable feature of the Athletic Association activities was the Varsity NP" banquet which was given this year under the Athletic authorities in honor of those athletes who have Won their letters. The affair was a huge success and Will no doubt become an annual one, in future years as a means of showing the student appreciation of the efforts of the various athletes. From the results given it Will be seen that success has come to Pennsylvania in nearly all lines of athletics. Tribute is due to the Workers in the great organization Which enables each sport to be run smoothly and Without conflict with other branches. Our Athletic Association is deserving of any praise which may be given it, and here, as in all else, we find cooperation of Pennsylvania men toward the goal of Success. KooNs D.11.NIE1.s -Cox Scmssm. BERTUCH Cheer Leaders i Q80 ' 'YYQ ou' 0 vlnq ' if 356110690 xgdvlf 1 Y1 '1!47W JNCI Md. ' I ,v.4 'Sz ,A-1 fwwz-ww 5, ll 4' f ' Lax 111.gif fem JW W W 'J' H V 'lair Q7' ww id ' ' 4 ' 1' ' I , , Ig ,a v a .J ',4 1 W QQASXPJDLI E . VW I V 0015? My 1 Q - HZ . 1 0176000 1- ' -A 'I . LSQOU00 4 X 1 - . V' -I 007, 0 . D 0000 555, 0 0 Jw 1 ' 0h"TJaac ' , ze? o 0-Q 0613? I 03850 5302 90 H -' ' .'11,i':Lfk?f- Z fx wo 025 ' f piv 000 H f ff"jf5f?2 W5 ' ,.' A... A . 4 V .,,. 5 ..,,..,- ra ,N i 4 1 f f -, ga . f, , , ,v ,v p U 2- , Kofi ,. 4559.52 90513 . 2' V m 'g-If: 5 'vi 900 ' . ' 5 V 227 , " O 'Qf I U U Ea va N 0OJ,, l'l l4l l4l l ,. '11 l I I 'fl has- QC ll -'Ill ' .r-yu - - 'X' 5 J f , . i H f j A I - 4 W 'M 1 fvvwov onof: I A I ' k 1 fooooooonooooooq -?35f 9 f ,ff 5w" " - - 1 f OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO . I l' l s I If N ..., ., .,....,, :tOQQQ,,.,......., ...,.. ......,.,. , , ...., ..,., ,..... . . .. A AI I . N:0QQog9oooooo0' - 5. Qty.. A4444 A1-B 00944 OQ'vv0 A-l,. 1 g l V lvlll "v..L ,.'.,. ' Goo 'OQOOOQ oozfzynoq ' I NuouQ"' .0909 050099, DQOQOQ Q ' v 0095.8 00 "'94Q QQ V - ,.,. 90:00 " 4005 Obs.. A ' . 5 l ,I V, J A VH' . lllxfflib l ' ' ' . 6 , - . I l, "' ff J-4 ' f'V.0g'1 .15 1l,,1 P I' , U, t - . 5 4g .4 . C. L1 rf? M' 4 V ' , fl, . 43, 0' . ox 4, Md , OOO' 1523: 4 -X -aj, ' "-if P AJ' , .'f7'-fw ID -A 4 '77-7' f' . H , 'vi I' I fl Nu n, H fx . I , Y L Y, ,IIN 1, ',.., ,, .1 I- ,V I fTNF1JI0R, SFI7GER,TQS I 'I' ' If ,Vp V, Pl J g Jo VJ jX1yM1Zffomf,,41flm4j 02 1 Ufiffxg f rom 1 WMQ If' I 0 4vg N4 Wu alum' 'fit Q'1H1fjf,!" ,JUN ,'f w IW 'I wJ -Vupfnw ' Y w , , U H f I x y I Q! v0JUJ'u"ga' Ujmfgz Mi 11552335 U6 M Jw W '1 1 AU V! Mud I' I I vgb JMJ Q3 Wfmfad pJJU'u!J1l7g0! HIM " YQ' l x ir!! 'UJWJA 'I 1? ' , M ow WMU' W V A M5 Qu 4 I fm W W M f W I fm 'V I f 00 0 0 1107 J " 1141115111 ' rl ' ' . - ' f UU V X , . f .f 5. pf I ' ! DUGUU lava? and My dmv ful! 465 4' Kirk' IA 5 ,XD P Mg 'rw lm zyfmq UQ j 3, J , 0' 1 fd M Q sv . 5 1, ,-' , iam JD VD J 1 at .9 I I A' I 571 ' 'll I 'A 1 1' J J JV0 50 1 fw 4 M no , - oo- up 4 vw J- v 1-of A U U w 5+1 Y 0 11 ' V . V 1 I VD Q ls D OW V at ? ' 06 iw I 0 ' 1 :M 9 I I U x,l K , I 1 I lg, evo g 1 A V -S50 Vg 1, 1,0 15 03 - -- .' ..f , 4 'W X J Q 911 .Hp -1f'. i Q a . A f 00 05:1 y 0 aw- . 1 K w ,I 0 If Le ow JD f 0 f f W if ' ' Q 1 H5500 u, .,-1. 0 f , ' r .K I f M7 Q70 o f x0 ' lg. I is 3 fo I Lfgf. 133559004 ig N I n J -lx' L Q! EQCQJQOQJ A 9003 dgib : 5 K , ,. Y, I . J 095 ,O , W 355, 0 It X me A. l 930 LD, J R' X f 4 1 gn o J 54, fo P 1 L 41 , OJ '4- ' , f 9 5 . pf W 1' ' ., f . W,f " 'V JO J iff af, 56 ng Q ,J 53 , - - 7 ,, 5 . L xv , X I XXX 'H ' QQ L Nm!! ffl I AL if J - ..- ' IN my ,,,, .., , Q ' ' v . 0 J 1, N, xx Li 525053 . ' . MW D3 f i X' vn I ,a 0 1 ' Qu 1' - Y 1' J N - , , -..:, -.,. f- 'N N I ,X I .K f,.Zlgu'i' - ,Qu 0 OLJAWQ, 'I 0. 'A ogw mmm Q '9,'7Qd5-A' g5:uL,ac UL jp, 1 v ' YQPJUIXUM V , f. , , V, ,, 1 1 , , x1f1f,,ff,1f11, H-ff' X ' - lf1'1"'- ' f ff ' l A 7 I X X , Ro . v 35 4 m , M E ' lx ' I xx ' eh NZM' H N ' , I I cw "1 'NX MJ1, ', 1 I ' ' ' 4, v if 111:11-:.3.J,:2:-:1F.i MU I1 ff 7I,,ff, 4 ,, lv I , Q 4, WJ lftmlx -Yl"l' 'vfux' mul 'Avril V f M. lf ' fl ' ' nj ' V , rn mln 1 I 'lf 1u,f IX r, J H My u UW: f Q 'Lip ' .' ,,'4.:c7j'J4.:,'vf7' PM Salim' ,L 1, 1 rl fy 1 I ' 'I Jf g'j',Ql11,,,A3 'I N uf, , M11 fx!! KIM. mufxlnl I yrxhu H 1 ll, ,1,'11lA:m1il",I, 'Hog I 95 J fc I I Q-x ,iff ll lin ,I QNX : 11x l,,'1",7',HxIl I fh,'H'?'m f 'nu' "' 11111141 L Q f'f lf' ll! '. M1 ff ,"f G17 "W Hf1' "ao ' Nw.-U s"w1.Iu -vflo It fffffflff f' f fx-'nf 'MIM' af 'M ily 'HX Y" MHH1' y" "A, 'K 5' gff' 'f fl ff ill ' x 1' 1 'I tl fm! 'Hx ' .K X1'f'1f,V ',.x,H1'n1',,"u.,,, l"l1'I1,7 ,1'1. , A All ' u ,I 1 'f ' nf. AH 13 -1 1. 1. " Y 281 f N' . YN ro OTBALL I TR A cg K M C GQAW I HILL COLEMAN V ' W ' SHBRQILL CQAIG ' 4-E OWEN DEWHUQST P V Qi F MC LANE FAIQQHILD ' A COLEMAN FLUE5 A 4 F FISHER KAUFFMAN n ' JEIRSEN MARCUS , f ' A F , BOGH MQGINLEY ff. kl V C R pAD'VVOD.T'H f - bl T ' 'lx A SWAN BASEBALL 7 A A .Q W A f , HENSBL FAQQELL l I N BENEETT WILLIAMS A F G OLTZ Sci-LUFP 1 , X MAEQZTQLD ALLEN 4m nm, X VVOQDQUFF SENSLNIG . MARTIN Mc GRAW WESTGATE Ilmlln b Almmfl BASKETBALL my I I ggijgjg-fgT A KNEAS5 I SCHULLR ACAQMACK Us Jil BQANDSQHAIN , DESSEN 1 DOWNS M ORM S OF THE Smwsnmcf B LOCK Dau' '? I9 H P U 25 CH BAILV QMS .,. , yfi- ' f fs, af , AW A . , 1 A 7 .V ' 5' f z' in -iff "if, .- - :P -:1L'EHf"2"l1' :- VF -: 1 "Ei15,3:i'?'E1'1?'5'72ff -1-:'-,r 412111 - '- af :2"1JA2r-' 'r f "f55::f.-:2:L.1. :L -xzr .: "-1 4 , ,L 5:-rv 5 -':-.ff':'.- 2: 11. ',,, 4 . KW , sf' ' MY' " gif f5mfZf.a:3?-?vQ-fin?1.:1,1gggQ3Qga-53,15-W, nh 4,13 ,wif ., W CAPT. "MUG , gas' .4 V .-vv' ..-594414 QW- .-V151 sw SIE" 284 ' Qi ' MCGRAW C Si I, N 5 . 'QP Q 'lf 'ur' 'U F o o T B L L I - Y ss : E i. ' 7 1' c 9 HS... .9 OUR years ago, the Freshman football team of the Class of ,25 began their preparations for Pennsylvania's undefeated team of 1924 by going through the season with but one defeat. During the Sophomore year, the men who had made such a glorious success the year before continued their exceptional work. The result was that five of their number received the coveted football letter-Craig, McGraw, Papworth, Dewhirst, and Wfestgate. The season of 1923 saw these same men playing Varsity football, with the addition of Coleman, lVIcGinley, and Fairchild, but it was particularly in the past year that the members of the Class of 1925 shone brilliantly. Rea McGraw was elected Captain of the team, and with such a leader it is not to be wondered that Pennsylvania can point with pride to its undefeated team. The Class of ,25 in particular can boast of the members of its class who were instrumental in giving us such a team. The season began rather auspiciously, with victories over Ursinus and Drexel. Franklin and hlarshall was turned back by a Q6-0 score, and Swarthmore, always a hard team for us to defeat, proved inferior to us to the extent of 225-7. It was then we began to realize the true strength of the team. The Columbia game was our first real test. Under the guidance of the late Percy Haughton, the New York team had made rapid strides, and was regarded as one of the really powerful teams of the East. The first touchdown of the game was made by Columbia from the kick-off, after which our team - proved its strength by coming from the rear and winning 10-7. On the following week, we entertained Virginia, and defeated them Q7-0. One of the hardest fought games in years developed when we played Lafayette, hitherto undefeated and heralded as the most powerful team in the East. l i By dint of playing hard, sound football, and by stopping the famous backfield, we won the hardest game of the season, 6-3. There was a very natural reaction after this game, and Georgetown held us to a 3-0 score. Penn State next visited us and succeeded in putting the only blot on our record. The game was played in a sea of mud and ended as it began, 0-0. However, mention should be made of the fact that ours was the first team this year to score more first downs than State. The most glorious victory of the whole season came in our annual Thanksgiving Day game with Cornell. For three years previous we had succumbed to S'Gil" Dobie's machine, but this was our year. Wfe proceeded to give Cornell her worst defeat of the season, shutting Manager Chapman XQQFL 25-. . . . . . M her out Q0-0, in a game replete with all the possible thrills of such a contest. ,5- And so Pennsylvania came to the end of an unbeaten season, viemg with 'iyiz aa -i,,,Q,4,j?- ff Yale and Dartmouth, also undefeated, for the eastern crown. Pennsylvanias 311-0,',,1,,y-,111,1,,,,.,,'f,,,, 285 Dewhifrst Coleman F lu es Fairchild defense, in particular, has been the miracle of the season. In our ten games only seventeen points were scored against us. Our hats are off to the men who made such a team possible: to Coach Young and his assistants, to Eldon Chapman, the Manager, and, most of all, to Rea McGraw and the members of his Hfightin, team." The close of the football season found Pennsylvania men waiting anxiously to see McGinley,s name appear on 'Walter Camp's All-American team. In this they were not disappointed. McGinley succeeds to the All-American first team tackle position held by Thurman in 1922. ,In addition to this individual award, the Pennsylvania team was awarded a cup for being the best team in the East. The Football Committee of the Veteran Athletes' Association selected Pennsylvania in preference to Yale and Dartmouth, because of our greatly superior defense. The most prominent authorities in the country have lauded the Pennsylvania team as being the best defensive aggregation in the country. . January 1, 1925, was -a disappointing day. Even though our team had been weakened by the ,. , ., , , , . , , ,,., , ,...,., -A..,. . A ' K 15 . K ,l . . a , -2 f " g",1'f n 5 2. t , . L ...,., V ' Jef- .'ggj. --.aff-' gl Q4 - . . V 1 : '-253.14 1 -'Fl' rg... ' ' 14 1 " " " " ,,, ' 9 71?1-'Qi- -'Hifi-22.:,,:-1 . ' " .w ',..'T-.. .-fi qi ' ,ef 2 1 gg 1 ,-ef' D Y' .35 vzgdtwlfbggiw- :Yan 'rival 4: . ., 4 ,. J' ff.: w. fini, A 3ff,B:'J,. :n..xg6'W',f ww, Slam-ge. .-'v.'f4wiS3.59 v..-,..:,ggx-1,1-s,.fA4yi-, , ,ff,..,,ge Q .. .4 .V ,as ,,,,.,.-- ,,14,.fgfpyya,g..f,,. .fsf'-EA-xgq,.1'.wm . fx'a.4v..gZ 55 -5gggg.2 fsiilinf- ,--vs .1...!mwg, 529353, Nglgguf P- K,-iz .P ..: ., In , A ., , . . , si., ,,,,.4. ,M-xx,-Wh '::1,1qg,.,.,3,-wi' .v,qf,yg.i,,,.1,t MM-..i,5-5-4, '-agiyhngf Ptigfkvii Magix -l d' ff 5 .f-,,,f mf r-wy1ff'5:q5..,Ls'. f Mmagzri q-,.fQfh..:.2-.1A-aww-Y..-.--.A 1 'Q' A, . mmf. fr 1'-I' 44 agp' gf vw. 1-'gp' vw-.fn'11.4w-.1",bise .,,..,4':tFea,. git'--Qamys' as -t s wfafif -ffI2.fl?2....JSa5ff?24i'gif, f-sf ' -Sgi.1i9'1'f' . ze., ' ' w V: ,' .- , :.a:'::.,.m .sggjwg-3,4:-'Q'tq..ig1.:-f fy . Q- ' . -V a ,. f- 51' .- . --1-7-q:,,vfw-. -.zfrzgz .-W-asf' .-fQ"i'b'ea.:-,i QQQM gags, 4-fwafff , --'Wi '-few? -'4' ,.,, - 1. - A. V' -, .-1. V , , - ...-. .. 4.--M .... - .,.. . ,-.,.,.,,1.,.v .v.. is , . W- Pemz 10-Columbia 7 286 CI-IAPMAN, Mgr. FLUES FIELDS KRUEZ SINGER THAYER LAIRD DOUGLAS LErH THOMAS YOUNG, Coach DENVHIRST VVILSON KZAUFFMAN PAPWORTH MCG RAW RICGINLEY ROBINSON COLEMAN CRILIG f B UTLER Capt. - MfXRCUS VARSITY TEAM Laird scoring wuchdown in Penn-Lafayette game. Penn 6, Lafayette Q87 FOOTBALL CHRONKIED Captain ..... REA BTCGRAXV Uanager . . . ELDON S. CHAPMAN Assistant Jlanagcrs: ARTHUR F TONIPSON laaoczate Manager ..,. ERNEST SCOTT B. GRAEME FRAZIER LETTER MEN End, CLARK CRAIG Tackle, EDVVARD BICGINLEY Guard, WILLIAM COLEMAN Center, KARL ' RIOBINSON Guard, ALTON PAPVVORTH Tackle, JOE XVILSON End, TED FAIRCHILD Quarterback, JOSEPH LAIRD Halfback, REA BICGRAW Quarterback, JESSE DOUGTJAS Fullback, ALBERT KRUEZ End, GEORGE 'TI-IAYER T acklc, FRANK DEYXVHIRST Guard. JACK BUTLER End, DONALD SINGER Quarterback, ALFRED LETH Halfback, CLARENCE FIELDS Guard, ROBERT BIARCUS Quarterback, ENID THOMAS Halfback, EUGENE FLUES Guard, JACOB ISTAUFFMAN COACHES Head Coach, LOUIS A. YOUNG. Assistant Line Coach, KARL THOMAS Line Coach, LUD YVRAY Scrub Coach, JONATHAN K. BIILLER Bachficld Coach, BERT BELL F reshrnan Coach, DR. JOHN J. KEOGII End Coach, HOXVARD STEVENS Trainer, LAXVSON ROBINSON Team Physician, DR. :ARTHUR LIGHT SCHEDULE ' - Sept. Oct. Nov. 21 Jan. Ursinus College , . . Drexel Institute . . . Franklin and lVIarslIall , Swarthmore College . Columbia University . . University of Virginia . Lafayette College . . Georgetown University . Penn State College . . . Cornell University . . . University of California . . , All games on Franklin Field except the California 288 Opponents Varsity . . 0 3-1 . 0 .52 . 0 Q6 . 7' 25 . 7 C 10 , 0 27 . 3 6 . 0 3 . 0 0 . 0 20 . . . . . 14 0 game, which was at Berkeley, Calif .Craig Kaufman Pa pworth M arcus loss of Craig, Fairchild, Captain-elect W7ilson, and Kruez, loyal Pennsylvanians had hoped for a victory over California. As events transpired, our hopes were not to be fulfilled. California, coached by "Andy', Smith, former Pennsylvania coach, handed the Red and Blue a 14-0 set-back. There is little doubt that California was the better team that day. Without attempting excuses, We can only wish that the game could have been played in the middle ofthe regular football season. SUTHERLAND ISTEOGH STEVENS THOMAS YOUNG BELL VVHAY Rounxvrsox Head Couch FOOTBALL COACHING STAFF 289 CAPTAIN HECTOR MACDONALD 290 ug Z 3, Y , ' ,2'XvZ'X - T 5 ' if c R E w f fxfxfx , fxf I xfvfg 4 fgifff VW fi xy!! xxx lt xfwf it f g f' 4-he F ALL the sports at Pennsylvania, the most popular with the student body is rowing. This was clearly shown in the fall of 1921, the dawn of our Freshman year, when a great number of the men of '25 reported to Coach Wright at the new boathouse in Fairmount Park. The Freshmen were a particularly promising squad, and no time was lost in instructing them in the intricacies of good oarsmanship. The fall rowing season, which served to give the men some much-needed experience, ended with a small regatta in November. "" Af, if JW 39" . . fir ' 1 M ' af-,fag 1,-z - - 4-m1,.:.:',.,.2f... :.:, . 4 1 , . z,-4, 1:1- zz? llfanagar Pierce 1 In early January, the men were placed on the rowing-machines to remain there until the weather thawed sufHciently for them to take to the water. On the Schuykill, work started in earnest with approximately iifty Freshmen actively fighting for positions in the first boat. When the time for the Poughkeepsie regatta drew a light and a heavy crew struggling for the right to represent the near, there was ' ' it Univei s light crew finally triumphed, so that the Freshman shell at Poughkeepsie y. The Bennet! lined up as follows: Bow, Doyle, No. 2, Laubg No. 3, Hawsg No. 4, Beattie, No. 5, Kanrichg No. 6, Mattos, No. 7, M6tZg61'Q Stroke, Beach, and Coxswain, Rose. This was one of the lightest crews ever to row in the historic regatta and they made a very creditable showing. The spring of 1923 found a number of our men fighting hard for places in the Varsity boats. When the final selections were made, Jack Doyle was at stroke on the Varsity and behind him rowed A. S. Goetz, Dick Haws, and "Bus" Beach. The Class of '25 was also well represented on the Junior Varsity by "Alu Kanrich, Frank Hensel, L. H. Nletzger, and Cough Wggh, 291 Swan Lau b A. Rose, coxswain. In addition, 'gBus', Beach stroked Pennsylvania's championship 150- pound crew to another string of victories. The season of 1924 marked one of the high spots in rowing activities at the University. "Jim" Rice was secured to aid "Joe3' Wlright in the task of coaching the oarsinen, and these two able tutors were determined to give Pennsylvania a winning crew. Their hopes were realized only after an intense training season, made notable by the inspired fighting A ' W - in 8- f W f , Beach W00d,,.1q7- Q92 WRIGHT, Coach BENNETT SYVAN JENKINS BQDE, Illanayer 1.924 ASHTON BERGAN MEDHOLT, Capiain 1.924 HENSEL Y JOHNSON . SHUMYVAY. Cofrswairz ' 1924 OLYMPIC VARSITY CREW Poughkeepsie Rfgatffz Q93 Goetz V I Hansel spirit of every man. The results were soon made apparent, for, in the Henley Day Regatta, on the Schuykill River, our Varsity crew Won both the Child's Cup and the SteWard's Cup.- Victories were also won by our Junior Varsity and Third Varsity crews. Later in the season two Varsity crews were formed, one to row in the Poughkeepsie Regatta, and the other to row in the Olympic trials on the Schuylkill. The latter crew was stroked loy "Edclie,' Bennett, and also contained Frank Hensel at No. 7, and "Donn - W, ,M 3, Marlin Doyle 294 ,X Fifa' yn 'H V PIERCE, Mgr., 1925 JORDAN Rlcm, C'oach WRIGHT, Coach GRASOF BODE, Mgr., 1.924 REDWAY REEVE MACDONALD, Capt., 1.925 IRBIINGER GOETZ WILLSON PFLEUG-FELDER 19241 POUGHKEEPSIE VARSITY , .732 BOAT HOUSE 295 Q. P. VVILLSON 4. H. E. IVICDONALD 5. A. S. GOETZ. 6. R. REEVE 7. C. G. JORDAN 3. J. Stroke. D. Corswairi, Nlay 3 lVIay 10. lVIay 31 June 21 Varsity CPoughkeepsiej Bow, B. S. REDWAI' C. H. GRASHOR CREW CHRONICLE SEASON OF Captain .....,...... Nlanager ..... . . Assistant Illanagers . . . . Coach . . . . . . 1994 HOVVARD A. NTEDHOLDT PAUL C. BODE MADISON W. PIERCE JOHN M. DOUGLAS JOSEPH WRIGHT THE CREWS Junior V arsity L. M. JOHNSON S. MARTIN C. K. ELLIOT J. T. SHAEFFER W. W. NEWCOMET R. N. VVOODRUFF L. FAYLE IRMIGER J. J. DOYLE G. PFLUG-FELDER A. ROSE THE SCHEDULE 150-Pound IC. OLCOTT E. CHUBBOCK R. L. HENN B. R. LAUB E. HEINTZ J. BEATTIE H. M. TEAF R. M. BEACH - J. W. EMLING FOR 1924 Varsity C0lympic Trialsj J. J. ASHTON A. G. JOHNSON S. V. JENKINS H. A. TVIEDHOLDT D. M. SYVAN BERGEN G. HENSEI. - H. BENNETT A. SHUMWAY J. A. F. E. E. Yale, Columbia, and Pennsylvania Triangular lVIeet at New Haven. Distance, IM miles. VVon by Yale, Pennsylvania second. Junior Varsity won by Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania second. Freshman, Harvard Regatta. Harvard and Pennsylvania. Distance, lk miles. Varsity, Pennsylvania first, Harvard second. Junior Varsity won by Pennsylvania, Harvard second. 150-pound won by Pennsylvania, Harvard second. American Henley at Philadelphia. Distance 1 155 miles. Varsity won by Pennsylvania, Navy second. Junior Varsity won by Pennsylvania, Third Varsity won by Pennsylvania. 150- pound won by Pennsylvania. Freshman won by Princeton, Pennsylvania third. Pennsyl- vania awarded Childs' Cup and Steward,s Cup. Intercollegiate Rowing Association at Poughkeepsie- Varsity, 3 miles, won by YVasl1ington: Wisconsin second. Junior Varsity. 2 miles, won by Pennsylvania. Freshman, Q miles, won by Pennsylvania. SEASON OF Captain , .,.,.... . . Manager .,.., . Assistant Blanagors . . Coaches . . 1995 . HECTOR NTACDONALD ,VTVIADISON PIERCE . ROBERT SINCLAIR J. B. ITOHLER . JOSEPH TVRIGI-IT JAMES RICE SCHEDULE FOR. 1925 hlay 2. Yale, Columbia and Pennsylvania at Philadelphia. lNTay 9. Harvard, Cornell, lVI. I. T. and Pennsylvania at Boston. lVIay 23. Childs' Cup Race at New York City. Nlay 30. American Henley at Philadelphia. June QQ. 296 Intercollegiate Rowing Association Regatta at Poughkeepsie. 5132 PIERCE, Mgr., 1.925 ELLIOTT RICE, Coach WRIGHT, Coach NEWCOMET BODE, Blgr., 1.024 VVOODRUFF BAYLE DOYLE R L. JOHNSON BTARTIN SCI-IAFFER oss 1924 POUGHKEEPSIE JUNIOR VARSITY Swan at No. 5. In the Varsity crew which rowed at Poughkeepsie were A. S. Goetz and Hector lNIacDonald. uJaclc" Doyle, 'gBob', YVoodruff, and HSa1n,' hlartin rowed on the J. V., with "Gunny" Rose as coxswain. The 150,s had another successful year, due in no small measure to the work of "Bus" Beach, stroke, Emil Heintz, "Burt', Laub, and J. YW. Emling, coxswain. This year prospects are exceptionally bright. Hector lVIacDonald, of the 1924 Varsity, is Captain and Hllladn Pierce is lVIanager. The same old fighting spirit is there and we expect great things for the coming season. Q97 CAPTAIN GEORGE HILL 298 --Wi, A 0 .'...,Q'.,. 3 , ..,,,,,..,,.,.....---'--,h----- by ga. T R A c I4 5, .Al , . C . M - 1 N YOUR MARK! Get set! Bangiv Thus is the aspiring Freshman candidate for the Freshman Track Team initiated Y' BC into the mysteries of speed and stamina. Pennsylvania for the last decade has been fortunate in having for its coach Lawson Robertson Who has brought the Red and Blue many victories and who was also head coach of the 1924 American Olympic Team. The Class of 1995 has made as brilliant a record for itself in i this sport as any. When the hrst call for track was issued by Manager Swarts . Coach Robertson, it brought out, about seventy-five youths clad in their various togs of prep-school days. Among these ambitious youths were Elmer McLane, "Ray', Fisher, "lVIatty,' Keogh, "Charlie" VVeinstock, "Bill" Peak, "Benn Owen, "Nels" Sherrill, "Alu Papworth, "Bill,, Hayes, "Lefty,' Jarrell, and c'Hy,' Jensen. Later Q these men developed into the most consistent performers of the class. The fall handicap meet further proved that these men were capable of carry- X i ing the banners of IQQ5 to victory. i The Annual Relay Carnival Was the G first competition for the team. The Q Freshman Relay Team was victorious in their race in the games. The team was y composed of Keogh, Fisher, Hayes, and l Jensen. Next on the schedule Was lVIercersburg. Pennsylvania presented a Well-balanced team but due to the lack of sufficient second place Winners the meet Was lost by a close margin. Cornell was next encountered at Ithaca and here again the team met defeat. This con- cluded our activities in our Freshman Shmigg year and although no meets were won Coach R,,1,g,f,,0,l Q99 ..,, Si? M cLane Coleman F isher the individual work of the members of the class stood out and they showed that they were quite capable of taking the places vacated by the Varsity men who graduated. Dur- ing this time a team had visited England and competed against Oxford and Cambridge. Pennsylvania placed second in this meet. The class was represented on this team by lVIcLane, an honor which seldom falls to a Freshman. The Sophomore year found the boys eager to get out on the cinders again but first we were to place the Red and Blue in the van of the countryis colleges by capturing the Indoor Intercollegiate crown. No small part of this was due to the fine work of Owen and Sherrill, who tied for first place in the pole- vault and NIcLane in the Q-mile, where he not only won the event but also set a record for the distance. The prospects for a successful outdoor season loomed up large. The relays, as usual, were the first real com- petive work. Pennsylvania took first in the 440-yard relay and took second in two others. The dual meets with Cornell and Dartmouth were lost and won respectively. The Intercollegiates were to be held at Franklin Field this year, and the men were pointing for this premier event of the season. Although the final score showed Penn in fifth place, the outstanding work of 'cBoots,, Lever in winning the 100-yard dash and the uncovering of a future star in George Hill helped to lessen the sting of defeat. lVIcLane placed second in the Q-mile, as did Owen in the Ozrezz pole-vault. Juniors at last, and another chance to put the Red and Blue colors out 300 MACDONALD SQHNEBLEY ROBERTSON, Coach ROGERS Lozxmfxssozr Woiir' Relay team which ran second to Cambridge in flze Oxford-Cambridge-Pemz relay to -the fore! The indoor season opened auspiciously, and a team composed of Martiii, Hill, lVIcLane, and Kerr Won the Distance lVIedley Championship of America. Then followed several invitation meets in which We received our share of the spoils. The indoor championships Were Won for the second consecutive time. This was due to the all-round work of Owen, Sherrill, and lVIcLane. The outdoor season opened as usual with the Relay Carnival. Pennsylvania retained her supremacy by winning the 880-yard relay With a team Com- posed of Hill, VVolf, Keogh, and Mar'tin. The distance medley was also ensnared by Lommasson, Fisher, Kerr, and McLane. Fourth place was obtained in the 4-mile relay. "Bill,' Coleman, a football star, reported for the Weight events and proved his ability by Winning his event in the Yale-Dart- mouth lVIeet and placing in the Cornell games. The Tri- angular Meet resulted in a victory for Pennsylvania, While We J ferns? 44' had to be content with second place in the annual battle with if Cornell. However, we were to gain revenge on them in the ',q:. Intercollegiates, to be held this time at Cambridge. Going into the meet with all chances against them, the men dis- played that fighting spirit for which Pennsylvania teams are noted and came through with second place. In these games A 1 George Hill pulled the greatest upset that the sport has known Kmgl, V for some years. George won both the 100 and the Q20 from a ,1,,,,,,,,, 301 TRACK CHRONICLE Captain . . . . GEORGE HILL lVIanager ..... . . H. JAMISON SWARTS Associate M cmager . . . ROBERT STREETER Coach ...... . . LAWSON ROBERTSON SCHEDULE 19241 . April 15. ANNUAL SPRING HANDICAPS. April 25-26. THIRTIETH ANNUAL RELAY CARNIVAL AT FRANKLIN FIELD. May 3. TRIANGULAR MEET VVITH YALE, DARTMOUTH AND PENNSYLVANIA AT NEW HAVEN. Pennsylvania, 56, Yale, 55, Dartmouth, 35. May 10. DUAL MEET NVITH CORNELL AT ITHACA. Pennsylvania, CHM, Cornell, WZ. May 30-31. FORTY-EIGHTH ANNUAL INTERCOLLEGIATE AMATEUR ATHLETIC CHAMPIONSHIPS OF AMERICA AT CAMBRIDGE, MASS. Yale, 28, Pennsylvania, 27 g Stanford, 242, Princeton, 23. RESULTS OF THE INDOOR TRACK SEASON 1925 XVILCO A. A. MEET, February 16. George Hill, First, 125-Y ard Dash, Dave Shatz, Third, 100-Yard Dash Chandicapj. GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY MEET, February 21. University of Pennsylvania, First, Mile Relay, Keogh, Lomasson Rodgers, and IVIcDonald. COLLEGE OF OSTEOPATHY MEET, February 23. 50-Yard Dash, George Hill, Second, Dave Shatz, Third. Mile Relay, Won by Pennsylvania QSchnebly, Lomasson, Snyder, and McDonaldj. INDOOR INTERCOLLEGIATES AT NEW YORK, March 1, 1925. University of Pennsylvania, Third, with 22M Points. Nelson Sherrill established a new indoor intercollegiate and World record in the Pole- Vault. Height 13 feet. Benjamin Owen tied for Third in the Pole-Vault. George Hill, Second in the '70-yard dash. Raymond VVolf, third in the 70-yard High Hurdles. G. Lansing Taylor, second in 35-Pound Weight-TlI1'oW. Hubbard and Casson tied for second in the Running 'High Jump. lVIelVin Sims, fourth place in Running Broad Jump. SCHEDULE 1925 OUTDOOR April 11. OXFORD-CAMBRIDGE MILE RELAY TEANI. April 15. ANNUAL SPRING HANDICAPS. April 24-25. TI-IIRTY-FIRST ANNUAL RELAY CARNIVAL AT FRANKLIN FIELD. May 2. TRIANGUIIAR MEET WITH YALE, DARTIVIOUTH AND PENNSYLVANIA, AT NEW HAVEN. May 9. DUAL MEET WITH CORNELL AT FRANKLIN FIELD. May 29-30. FORTY-NINTH ANNUAL INTERCOLLEGIATE AlVIATEU'R ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION CHAMPION- SHIPS OF AMERICA AT FRANKLIN FIELD. - 302 fast field. "Benn Owen contributed his share to the points by winning the pole-vault. The showing of the men of ,25 during the winter of our last year was indeed creditable. George Hill captured more than one first and Keogh ran on the winning mile relay team at Georgetown. Although we failed to win the Indoor Intercollegiates for the third con- gy secutiveg time, nevertheless our showing was very good. Nelson Sherrill established a new Indoor Intercollegiate and world's record in the pole-vault , by leaping 13 feet, while "Benn Owen added his bit by tying for third in this event. George Hill's sturdy legs carried him to a second place in the 70-yard dash. ' fy f ji As for the coming outdoor season, a most auspicious one is predicted for the 'Red and Blue. The team, led by George Hill and coached by Lawson Robertson, bids fair to make a good showing in the Inter- i i collegiates. Needs No small part of our victories has been due to the men of the Class of ,Q5, and the names of Hill, Owen, 'NIcLane, Sherrill, Keogh, and Fisher will go down in the archives of the sport as ranking with the stars of bygone years. MACDONALD HILL OWEN Pcnnsylva'nia's Olympic Rc'prescmf11f11rf's 303 CAPTAIN "EDDIE" FARRELL 304 E .ir Q 'ta V ev S , A IW! ' x Ill ol . num 5 A 'WMM X T L H HIS major sport, embarking in the Red and Blue ship, has ridden the crest of the waves of baseball seasons for so I many years that its reputation for this institution has be- come highly respected. Brilliant players of this National sport, with enviable records behind them, have made the University of Pennsyl- vania baseball team one of the most formidable in college ranks. And so, with the coming of each class to Pennsylvania, baseball turns an eager eye to the material with which it hopes to carry on. VVith the 1922 spring call for yearling players, the Class of 1925 responded with an unusual wealth of material. Early in -Vf""'W' H0f1W"' the season, Coach Yates realized the possibilities of such a turn- out, and quickly fashioned a fast and smooth-working nine which earned for itself a record of which any Freshman team would be justly proud. Through a season of twelve games, a well-drilled infield composed of Schuff, Allen, Buffler or Schaeffer, and Sensenig, and a dependable outfield, Vilestgate, Flues a.nd Kneass, supported the battery of 'Williams a.nd Farlly, or Teague and Wlestgate. The almost flawless work of the infield was to a large de- gree responsible for the string of ten victories and only two defeats turned in at the close of the season. These victories included triumphs over the Princeton Freshmen, LaSalle Prep., Peddie, and Lawrenceville. The outstanding Work of this class did not go unrewarded. WVay down South. early- season practices in the following year found Schuff working out on first base, Allen covering second, with VVestgate, Flues, and hIcGraw in 5,1 the field, while John Vililliams was supporting the hurling staff. Early season victories at Atlanta, ' ' P' ' " 'fi Ga., gave the Pennsylvania nine a flying start. " Throughout a season of difficult games, the A A sterling defensive work and the timely hitting " of these men played a large part in keeping the ' -4, . Red and Blue baseball record up to those who ' wx-Q V 1 laid claim to the collegiate title. Coach Cariss A, 1 ' 3 saw his team triumph over Pittsburgh, Cor- lgvx gell A A . . i f nell, Navy, Dartmouth, and Columbia, in clos- . 2' Q ing a successful season. if i t A' ' J Lx A change of policy found the Pennsylvania p,,f,c,1, p,,,,g,,t 30.5 . X.. , ,mSYLv4b ., ,us mm. 5 , '. A Qi? lit, ' f ff fffa fp X ""' - 'lui Q7 L fl 1 Vw , . h . I 1 , , iff. f , Z i? Y ' 1:3 1T'1:L5 've , ff 1 5. ,Af ' We K , ei: . '. W , "1-, . -i 1 I-4.27 1 1? , 1-, v, 75 ' , If -' , 1- " if? 55- 2, " 'i lflf.- 'W' H I f . ds. - .. 1 Sensemg Schuj' Allen baseball squad warming up at Atlantic City at the opening of the 1924 season. The results of the early games were highly encouraging and predicted another banner year for the Red and Blue team. As the season wore on, the brilliant work of Henry Schuff once more on first base, Allen, already familiar to second, Farrell at short stop, and Sensenig around third base, was a mighty factor in pushing the victories far in excess of the defeats. Here, indeed, was an all-,25 infield of all-round qualities. Sensenig closed the season with a record of only three errors, while the work of Edward Farrell proved that he has no peer as a short-stop in college ranks. Rea McG1'aw, Grant Westgate, and Eugene Flues were catching "flies,' in the field with monotonous regularity. When the balance of the games played was struck at the end of the season, Pennsylvania was again a leader in eastern collegiate records, winning eighteen games out of twenty-three played, losing only four and tying one. In the annual Straw Hat Day game, Yale was defeated in a fast, snappy game, and the season was brought to a close with the downfall of such strong nines as Colgate, Dartmouth, and Cornell, in the order named. A Coach Cariss has every right to expect an even better record for 1925. With only three men lost from last yearis Varsity nine, everything points to a zenith year in Pennsylvania baseball records. Manager Hodgson, with Captain Edward Farrell leading the Red and Blue team, is taking the squad down in Virginia for the spring training. There, in early practice, Henry Schuff will doubtlessly be occupying the first sack again with little com- petition. Edgar Allen will be on second base, and the short-stop position could not be more ably filled by any other than Captain Edward Farrell himself. Sensenig will un- doubtedly hold third base down once more. In the field, McGraw, Flues, and VVestgate will find some competition, but can always be counted upon. On the pitching staff, John Ywilliams will be warming up along with Howard Long, Albert Kruez, Jesse Douglas, and others, while Chace and Davenport will take turns behind the bat. The schedule is well distributed among teams of the South, East, and New England. Prospects are of the 306 MCVEY CAsst. Illgz-.J FLUES LONG LINDSAY CHACE ANDERSON J. VVILLIAMS SORNESON CARISS CCoac1zJ BECK Ulflgrj 1924 SCHUFF WESTGATE NICGRAXV ROHHE1! GOLDBL.-LTT fCapl.J HALLOWAY RUTH .ALLEN ' FARRELL RICHTER REITER L. WILLIAMS SENSENIG 1924 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM , ,W .. ,,. 307 April 5 hlay June BASEBALL CHRONICLE Captain . . lvlcmager .... I . ,1ssfi.s1ta'rzt Blanagers . . Coach ..... Freslzvnan Coach . . EDXVARD FARRELL THOMAS S. HODGSON O. 0. LLXXLEY HIRAR1 MCKEE DR. TVALTER CARISS, DANNIE COOGAN SCHEDULE SEASON 1924 Penn Drexel Institute . . Williams College . Ursinus College . . . Catholic University . . Lehigh University . . Rutgers ...... Fordham University . . Brown University . . Yale University . . Georgia Tech . . Yale University . . . Swarthmore College . . Wlilliams College . Army ....,. Brown University . . Navy ....... Columbia University . ltleiji University . . Columbia University . Lafayette ..... Colgate ...... Dartmouth College . . Cornell University . . Total ,.... Games played Games won Games lost . Games tied f ..Q3 12 ..12 ...1-M . .23 . .18 . 1 Opp 1 1 6 4 Q Q 6 at 1 4 5 1 Q 6 3 Q 3 3 3 4- 2 Q 4 74 ,J 'I' ' i 3: , a K x g f,4 .4 it Z I lv it ggi at f .. ,,,, , r f K '7ff?" 'a 242' fi s, .fafwfizf 5323! 5 'S ..r'f 'ei ' . 'fe.w1v .- .:,:-pu , . ' ' .- ,, fa. 'lv .. ., ,,. - -2.1, 'ff ' fs - ' V fi" 7, I fl . f ' ' if -f L4-, fe I':f.,,L, V 153 ' ' + W 6' -.4 4 , , , I 4,1-se-. ' vfff . - .sf " f n-. 1 .fair .V 44' , 'X f"L'Cr':'L' 19' ' f gy :E - f M75 f 12' i t f 43 A Ax 5 4 5197, 17 :.,,r 4 D ,.v.,,.,, we -. zzz-I-.wif-5' 1 1 - - . -. if ,, ,, , B-ff-.1 ., ' ,gr mf , 'fv:,:,fQ,fQ511 ?K+4 "' 1"1q,'g3,',s-5" ' ,-:isle - N -M Mcflrrzw Westgate finest, and with them are the hopes that the 1925 Baseball Collegiate Title will rest with the members of the Red and Blue nine. Success cannot be attributed to the playing team alone. To Nlanager Thomas Hodgson, the greatest of appreciation must be extended for the untiring efforts on his part in the interest of baseball success, While to our coaches, Dr. Cariss and "Dannie" Coogan, only the highest coniniendation and respect are due for obtaining praiseworthy baseballhonors for Pennsylvania. .M 59.3, Q - Elk K ,.,, H , ,, - 1- -Ms , -' H ,,,,Q.E .. .A A - ' f , fi 1,, wtf ' fe: '3,:3'-14 . uf 5- -IJI451f':"':'.w'iT.f- 5 I-if Yf - K "J 4 U ,f A Brawl. lVl'l1l'll77l.Y 3023 CAPTAIN 4'BILLw KNEASS 310 C sf My ETBA L L 'IU L HF, Class of IQQ5 entered Pennsylvania at a time when that institution reigned supreme in the realm of basketball. The University had been represented on the court, by quintets which had brought glo1'y to their alma mater by winning the Intercollegiate crown four consecutive years. In our Freshman year this winning streak was broken by Princeton only after a tie and play off. This was the basketball heritage of the Class of 325. In upholding this wonderful record on the court the 1925 ' Manager Panmst F Freshman team got away to a flying start, losing only to such strong teams as the York Collegiate Institute quintet and Princeton frosh, while chalking up an imposing array of brilliant victories for the Red and Blue. The team was led by c'Jimmy', Carmack with Kneass, Farley, Berman, Paine, lVIorris, and Block as his running mates. ' In our Sophomore year, Coach lVIcNichol was faced with the difficult task of organizing an entirely new team. Graduation had deprived the University of three of the greatest players who ever wore the Red and Blue. However, '25 gallantly responded to the call for candidates and 'ilimmyw Carmack and 'cBill', Kneass won regular berths on the team. In spite of the low standing of the team in the Inter- collegiate race, ".Iimmy,, made a name for himself in basket- ball circles, being regarded as one of the most dangerous forwards in the League. Because, of his brilliant playing in the previous season, Carmack was elected to captain the team during his Junior year. Others of our class on the team were 'cBill" Kneass, Harvey Block, and uBilly" fMorris. In our race for the championship we were handicapped by the loss of Captain Carmack who, early in the season, suiered a broken leg. However, the team rallied and impressively defeated the strong Yale team, champions of the year before. Princeton fmf-I1 ,lIl'.Vl'f'lH7l 311 'yd 731 - 1' is js 'fi f 1 ,-.- ' N . ' , 421, Y X 'fmfssur y im -X ' wikis' "" . E fer - -E ' - 1. ,gggh .- 'jw "fi -1.,- q' - .. t 'A i. 7.4 ., Y. 14,5 ka V ..,, . if 1 ,.,. . ., . .'E94'? 'F':5 5 A' ' ' f'5?-259111315-: we .-f . -Q' ' .' ff - "7'.3 3:15-17:-,r .""':7f':- nfri 'iff g..,' ,-33:--5, ,.14,.'-:P 'P' 1- fam.-.-wngfmip, , is.,-mf M I 'xi "M"t"'i' Dcsscfn, G'llflI'IZ Block, Center also went down before the Red and Blue to the tune of 23-22 in one of the hardest fought games of the season. c'Bill,' Kneass proved to be one of the most valuable forwards of the League, standing second in individual scoring honors. Wlith the opening of the basketball season in our Senior year, prospects for a successful team were unusually bright. Six letter men were back, and the Freshman team of the previous year gave promise of some excellent material. Although the team was rather light and comparatively small in stature, it was hoped that 'gEddien lNIcNichol would be able to mold together a successful combination. The season opened auspiciously enough, for we beat both Lafayette and Queen's College in our early games, and we were also successful in securing our first League victory by defeating Yale. However, Columbia came down and administered our Hrst League defeat, and our prospects were further dimmed by another defeat at the hands of the Navy. Cornell was sent back to Ithaca at the short end of a Q41-19 score, but we in turn were as unsuccessful when We ventured to Hanover to encounter Dartmouth. Our hopes were rekindled by soundly trouncing Navy to the tune of Q4-10 and with a second victory over Cornell. All this time Coach lVIcNichol was trying to find the best combination that he could put on the floor, but before his efforts met with any real success, both Columbia and Princeton had taken our tossers into camp. Then, with a brilliancy of play that could not be denied, the team Went on a rampage. Syracuse was the first victim, their undefeated team being stopped by the brilliant team- work exhibited by the Wearers of the Red and Blue. Penn State was the next to succumb, and their hopes for an undefeated season were also blasted, for they were thoroughly 312 BICVVILLIAMS, Asst Coach IICNICHOL, Cuur'1z DESSEN BLOCK DRUMMOND LINDSAY HANCOCYK, Dr. PANCOAST, Jlgr . GOLDBLATT SHERR IXNEASS, Capt. CARMACK Momus DM'ENv0n'r VARSITY TEAM F ranklfin Field '31 '3 1 1 Dec. Jan. Feb. hlarch BASKETBALL CHRONICLE Captain ..... Manager .... Associate Manager Assistant M anagers .... Head Coach . . Assistant Coch . Freshman Coach . Junior Varsity Coach . . . Forward, Forward, Center, Guard, Guard, WILLIAM H. KNEASS NORIVIAN L. PANCOAST H. LEE JONES JEROME 0. EVAUL NIAURICE A. GILMARTIN, JR. EDWARD J. NIONIOHOL ALLIE NICWILLIAMS DANIEL lVIONICHOL JONATHAN K. MILLER A TEAM JAMES CARMACK PAUL DAVENPORT ' LOUIS SHERR WILLIAM MORRIS EMANUEL GOLDBLATT WILLIAM KNEASS BENJAMIN DESSEN HARVEY BLOCK ROGERS LINDSAY, JR. 1 DONALD DRUMMOND Substitutes: Drexel . . Lafayette . . . St. Joseph .... Queen's University . . Yale ...... Columbia ..... Navy at Annapolis . . Cornell ....... Dartmouth at Hanover Navy ........ Dickinson ...... Cornell at Ithaca . . Columbia at New York Swarthmore ..... Princeton at Princeton Ursinus ....... Syracuse . . Penn State '... Dartmouth .... Lafayette at Easton . Yale at New Haven . Princeton ...... FRANK DAWSON RECORD Varsity Opp one 34 11 27 21 341 18 35 15 Q9 17 11 141 17 20 Q4 19 16 QQ 24 I 10 V Q5 14 17 15 Q0 Q2 37 17 20 35 30 Q0 Q1 18 36 Q4 20 13 Q41 13 141 11 Q9 Q8 'Won 17 -Lost. 5 314 , ina. V 1 o fa ' i f I 'i 2 ,V - I 1 . :V 5 A e . .wma '-X Poms ' .T ' f 'ffl Illorris, Forwarrl Ca rm ack, Forward vanquished by a score of 36-24. Dartmouth, Lafayette, and Yale were next met in brilliant battles, and they, too, were forced to lower their colors before the superior playing of our rejuvenated team. Finally, and as a fitting climax to so great a spurt, Princeton came down to play its last game of an undefeated season, and it was represented by a team that had already clinched the League title. Few spectators Will ever forget the game in which our team turned back the Orange and Black. The outcome was in doubt throughout the game, and we only defeated our traditional rival of the court by the small margin of one point. VVith such a victorious final drive, the brilliance of the finish completely overshadowed our early reverses. Playing with all of the courage and fight that is characteristic of Pennsylvania teams, they finished the season With a rush and Were successful in tying for second place in the Intercollegiate League. The Class of '25 can assuredly be proud of the edorts of its representatives, for the able leadership of Captain Kneass, and the sterling playing of 'ilimmien Carmack, "BillieH lllorris, 'fBenU Dessen, andVHarvey Block Were the largest contributing factors to the successful season. 315 55+ . 'sf ', ,Y 'Ramm- CAPTAIN "BILL" LINGELBACH 316 3 Q Q Su IJ 3 X, N F! ft 4. Y Ev l IVE YEARS as a major sport and three Intercollegiate championships during this period is an enviable record, and it has fallen to the lot of Pennsylvania to put out championship soccer teams in 1914, 1916, 1919, 1920, 1923, and 192-1. In 1921, our Freshman year, many men turned out to form a Freshman team. It was at this time that the spirit and fight of Pennsylvania was instilled into their hearts, so that after four years of untiring efforts they have been able to give our Jlanagrr Sharp has created among the student body. and throngs of students filled River Field to cheer the team on to victory over Princeton in the final game of the season. "Bill,, Lingelbach advanced to the Varsity in his Sophomore year in the capacity of center forward and has held this position ever since. WVe nearly added another championship that year, but on the play- off with Princeton, because of a tie, We were defeated. In our Junior year We found several positions open because of graduation and five more men of the Class of 1925 moved up to the Varsity. They Were, 6'Jimmy" Downs, USamH Baily, Norman Pancoast, HJi1n1ny', Anderson, 'fChris" Sensenigg and "Billy Lingelbach. The Class of 1925 can be justly proud of this contribution to the 1923 soccer success because in this year 1 the title again returned to Pennsylvania, largely through the playing of t.hese men. At the opening of the 1924 season we found these men alert and anxious to uphold the old traditions, and the championship of this year has brought showers of praise from students and alumni. 'SBill,' Lingelbach, through the combination of such characteristics as a posi- f,'II1lf'hSfI'Il'IlI'l Assisfunt COIIPII Gould 317 University another team of champions. This infant major sport has been showing a steady increase in the interest that it Q ., Pancoast Downs S chzzler B ra nd schain tive personality, clean sportmanship and untiring efforts, has been one of the outstanding figures in this wonderful machine. ' The Varsity MPH was awarded to the following men for soccer: Captain "Bill" Lingelbach, Richmond, Pancoast, Baily, Schuler, Downs, Brandschain, Stewart, Boos, Gentle, Sensenig, and lVIacDonald. "Bob,, Zehring was elected Manager, but found it necessary to resign, and "Les,' Sharp, Associate Manager, was then elected to that position. His capable management contributed much to the success of the season. Much credit must be given to Robert W. Zehring for the inaugurating of the First Annual Interscholastic Soccer Tournament. The idea of this is to increase the popularity and interest in soccer. Leading preparatory schools of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and hiaryland participated. This is the first time any such thing has been attempted in this sport. The winning team is awarded two silver loving cups, one, the Henry H. Houston IH challenge cup. in honor of the only Varsity soccer player killed. in the war, which will be fought for annually, and another cup which becomes the permanent possession of the winning team. ' An account of the soccer season is not complete Without a word about Douglas Stewart, Head Coach of the soccer teams. YVords of praise should always be thought of in con- junction with Mr. Stewartas name. Hissuccess as Coach has been outstanding in college soccer in the United States. WVe are justly proud of his connections with Pennsylvania. Another familiar figure in soccer is Assistant Coach David L. Gould, a worthy aide: The combined efforts of these two coaches have brought great success to soccer at Pennsylvania. And so, the Class of 1925, wishes to express their deep appreciation for the interest and services of these two men. 318 SHARP, Mgr. MACDON4xLD STEWART Boos SrEw.mT, Coach, GENTLE SENSENIG RICHMOND GOULD, Asst. Coach BR.-XNDSCHAIN SCHULER DOWNS LINGELBACH, Capt. P,v.Ncos.sT BAILY ANDERSON VARSITY TEAM 5 -, f ' sz K V . . 555' --i' 1 ' 1 f . - ir?-.. : ' .,,,.'.:v1f.'2::::,'.'1f"7"- : . " ' "" ."" ' IA, ".?'- U 5 1-552-fl,-1-39 1' -, "'ff'H' ' : " 1: SSW? ' +4-'f - " " f" ' f5'7fJ'3Tf'f' fr.fff'H ff--,1 ,:1vSf4:1f-21---.A.f.,.,..-1 .Y-.wp " . Pf4'f,1afZ'.2 :, Avg- ' .:f-j MM- 4-:sth 1' ', ,.'- ,1,. f ,- rm -mf.,-at vm. nm: 'F :sf-:fi-?.lf'.a-3' .1 -9 " f " "4 f"'2'f?i QL: in ffvzi fW5'ug3, fm 2 fm' v f-mar'-41''.,.Q'-zr,zkf.G:.--1-' .- J- ,. ..fs,f 'H Q - - , w' - 1, -g, , .. -' 14, fa.:i'ff-fri1-wT"'2"mi-?1?i2fiw--QA -1 - 'fm M 319 SOCCER CHRONICLE fm Head Coach .1ssistc1.nt Coach . . Manager ..... . Assistant Managers . . . Captain . . . LINE-UP Goal, RICHBIOND, ANDERSON Right Fullback, PANCOAST Left F ullback, BAILY . DOUGLAS STEWART . DAVID L. GOULD . LESTER J. SHARP . EDWARD L. BUCKLEY, JR. JAMES CRAXVFORD LAYMAN J. REDDEN . XVILLIAIN1 E. LINGELBACH Right H aU'baek, SCHULER Center H abfbczclc, DOWNS Englewood A. C. Autocar . . . MO11tCl2LiI' A. C. Harvard . . . Crescent A. C. . N. Y. University Yale ..... Cornell . . Haverford . Princeton . . Navy. . Left H abfback, BRANDSCHAIN Outside Right, STEWART Inside Right, Boos Center Forfwatrcl, LINGELBACH Inside Left, GENTLE Ozctmfcle Left, SENSENIG RESULTS 320 Yau-sity Opponents 7 0 . . 3 3 . . 7 3 . . 5 0 . . 5 0 . . 5 1 . . 9 1 . . 41 Q . . 3 Q . . 6 0 r Buily A nrlcrsrm . 9' - " Y A 3:21 Scnsenig . Jr I n I 'o . U T T cz 1-I F T E L Q, f'l'NIl'N0R,'QS'ePOR,T5 MINOR SPORTS INOR SPORTS in our four years of college have given their share of championships to Pennsylvania, and the Class of 1925 has supplied its quota of men. The past four years have been only fairly successful, as there has been a lack of interest and appreciation shown by the student body, alumni, and the Council on Athletics. Candidates failed to respond to the call which offered them so little prestige and no support. This year the impetus and stimulus have been provided to the men as never before. The tryouts for each squad have more than trebled in attendance, while the assistant managerial positions have been swamped by seekers. Nluch credit for this welcome change can be traced to lVIr. Thomas B. Pritchard, Chairman of the Miiioi' Indoor Sports Committee. Through his influence, efforts, and timely suggestions, minor sports have come into their own. Wlith the coming of "Bunny,f Servais, former 1 15-pound intercollegiate champion, as coach of the wrestling team, the wrestlers have had a most successful season. Captain Wlalter S. Heister easily dominated the 115- Gf""1f'w'- LW0-W pound class, while the work of Herriot in the 175-pound class and Schehr in the heavy-weight division was notable. Frank Huff did excellent workin managing the team and contributed materially to its success. Captain hlanuel Trachtenberg, with the help of George Decker, led the boxing team through a long, difficult season. In the Intercollegiates, which were held at Wleight- man Hall, Pennsylvania annexed two championships, Kaplan winning in the IQ5- pound class and Kauffman in the unlimited class. The managerial organization is headed by Joseph hi. Hughes, who is one of the most capable managers in the history of the team. Coach George Kistler, aided by his assistants, John Anthony and Wlalter Faries, again turned out a swimming team which Pennsyl- vania may well be proud of. Captained by "Eddie,, Schissel, the team had a very success- ful season, ending with the Intercollegiates at Yale. The Class of 19Q5fwas well represented on the swimming team by L. Danielson, T. S. Hodgson, E. hi. Bechtel, S. Highley, L. Rheim, i E. D. Gardiner, J. hi. Fox, and W7illiam Bowden. On the water polo team, captained by C. Albert VVilson, 19Q5,s banner was upheld by Gardiner, Swan, Nlarein, Lesser, Hoffman, and Bechtel. Both teams were ably taken care of by H. C. Wlilliams, manager, and S. S. Hall, associate manager. Fencing is primarily a contest of skill and dexterity. Speed, quick wit, and the ability to outguess the opponent constitute the finer points of this ancient sport. Hobart hiarvin Wf1,,,,,,, y.g'f,,-011010 32-L THE? . vm ' 2. - ',-. ,....s....-A .... ,-.., ,.-. . -.,-.4 - . ...W is sf, A ' 71 , , K, 41 . A 2 e 1 5 156 11,2 4 1 If f l f expr ,659 X M f , yf 4,6 " ff? A J KA I 7 4 I C f 3 I as 'M r f ' M' ,W mf ' f 1 f A 1? 1 x g we ,, C A 15 Z-6' ,fu , ef, R. 3 T V f iii' 4 56251 6 ss . 1 -.. ,- li ll . - .. X '35, ,S b we Scfhisscl, S1.nzf1nmii'11.g Heister, T'VI'B.5'Iliill.g Bailey, Cross Country Trclchtenbery, Bo.z:i1zg captained the team until illness made it necessary for him to resign the leadership. Basker- ville, Allers, and Earp are the other representatives of our class in this sport. J. Lee Rice is the hard-working manager of fencing. The gym team under Coach D,'Eliscu has had the most exceptional prosperity through- out our four years 'of undergraduate life. In our Junior -year, Julian S. Long won the all- round intercollegiate championship. This year James Kumazawa captained a Winning team and was assisted by Merrill G. Ehrman, George K. Gardiner, lVIaurice Kraenrer, H. S. T. White, Dave Coltman, and L. J. Gruehn, While J. Leo Buckley had charge of the managerial duties. The tennis team is captained by VVilliam E. Lingelbach and managed by YV. Gilbert. Elwood F. Altmaier and lVL Stone are the other representatives of our class on the team. Our class has made an excellent showing on the lacrosse team. The team was captained by E. D. Gardiner, and he had the able support of his classmates 'gBen" Rau, 4'Jaclz', Bowan, Robert Ross, "Edu lNIcGinley, Clark Craig, :'Joe', Keady, Robert Dudley, J. YY. Jwrightstone, Kenneth Bailey, S. Goldberg, R. A. Taylor, and R. B. T ooke. The season has beenivery successful, and much of this success is due to the work of Coach Powers. E. Nlilnor Bechtel is the manager. Our rifle team has held the intercollegiate title-for the last two years. Last year, under L. P. Wlilliams, they won the National Rifle Association Intercollegiates as well. The Class of 19Q5 is represented on the rifle team by Captain Frank J. Valgenti, NI. TY. Dodson, and Pearce Noland. Captain Valgenti is holder of the Intercollegiate Four Position Record. and is considered one of the best shots in the country. 32.3 vi I, GX -I 5 Off "" -Q- 5535? . if? BECI-ITEL,lifIg7'. Faouucu PARKE LEVY BEAUREGARD JOHANSEN FR1Es,Coach REILLY RJHL STORMER WHIGHTSTONE LABOYTEAUX FARRELL NIATHIESON, Asst. Mgr Ross SAYDAH FITZPATRICK TOOKE GARDINER,Cl11.7l. ROTHMAN RAU ENES GOLDBERG HOWE TRUBIBULL NUNGESSER GRIFFIN TEAM Captain , . . EDWIN D. Gr.-XRDINER Assistant Managers COLIN W. MA'rH1EsoN, XVALLACE MYERS .Manager . . , E. MILNOR BECHTEL, JR BEN. RAU R. A. Ross S. B. GOLDBERG A. V. SAYDAH Coach ..... A. A. ROTHMAN R. A. TOOKE SAM PARKE C. BEAUREGARD YV. H. FRIES J. FITZPATRTCK 0. D. ENES H. H. FROHLICH TRUMBULL SCHEDULE-SEASON OF 1925 U. P. April 9. Cornell Chomej . . . . . Q 0 ' May 16. 22. Stevens Chomej . , . 6 3 23 25. Rutgers Cawayj . . . Q 3 27. May Q. Johns Hopkins fawayj 9. YVest Point Cawayj . 326 Nlaryland Cawayj . . Lehigh Chomej . . Swarthmore Chomej Penn State Cawayj 1 D I I -' CFQOIJ' UNTFQY ,ba N .b JW STREETER, Illgr, CARROLL TOOMEY NICLANE, Coach BUELL GUNDBUM LIEBERMAN CASSIDY, Asst. Mgr STARRATT BAILY, Capt. FISHER Captain . . ERNEST E. BAILY Manager . .ROBERT STREETER Coach . .LAWVSON ROBERTSON TEAM n ERNEST E. BAILY, Capiain J. Ii.-XYMOND FISHER ROBERT STARRATT C. ADDISON BUELL WILLIAM CARROLL RHEN GUNDRUM JOHN A. NIILLS SAMUEL LIEBERMAN GEORGE TOOMEY SCHEDULE OCTOBER 25. Fall Handicap Meet, Cobb's Creek Course. Won by Sinclair, '28. Time prize-Wlilliam Glenn, '28. NOVENIBER 1. Quadrangular Meet-Columbia, Cornell, and Dartmouth, at Van Cortlanclt Park, New York City Dartmouthg Columbia, Qdg Cornell, 3dg Pennsylvania, 4th, with 93'points. Captain Baily, 5th. NOVEL1BER 25. Intercollegiate Meet, Van Cortlandt Park, New York City: Pittsburgh, lstg Pennsylvania, 12th. 327 Won by HUFF, Mgr. GRAHADI IVIOUNTCASTLE SERVAIS, Coach WAXELBAUM C. Giuvns H. GRAVES, Asst. Mgr MACDONALD WIGHT HEISTER, Capt. LILIENFELD HERRIOT Captain . . . VVALTER HEISTER Assozfizzte Managers . . . HAROLD T. GRAVES, RALPH GEUNTHER Manager .... FRANK HUFF Coach ..... . . L. J. SERVAIS TEAM 115-lb. Class YV. V. S. HEISTER, Captain 145-lb. Class .... YV. YY. HOLLfXND 125-lb. Class G. D. IVIACDONALD 158-lb. Class . . . P. R. LITTZ 135-lb. Class A. J. L1r.1ENF1-:Ln 175-lb. Class ..,. W. S. HERRIOT Pennsylvania . Pennsylvania . Pennsylvania . . Pennsylvania . . Unlimited , . .,.... S. SCHEHR WRESTLING RESULTS, 1924-'25 Princeton .... .10 Pennsylvania . . . 16 Columbia . . . 11 Syracuse , . . 6 Pennsylvania , . . X Army . . . .' . F. and NI ..... 5 Pennsylvania. . . . -. 16 Cornell . . . . . 13 Penn State ' .... 29 Pennsylvania .... 6 Wlest Virginia . , 16 In'fe1'collegiates, March 20, 521. at Columbia: First, Penn Stateg second, Yale: tliircl, Lehighg fourth, Pennsylvania. i'Pennsylvania-Army ccallerl off. 3528 EI.I.IS, Asst. Mgr. RICOIO Cox-IEN HUGHES, Mgr. SCI-IMOIQI-:Im GRIFFIN, Asst. Mgr. ORLOOF IQOPLAN TRACHTENEERG, Capt. DECKPJR, Coach IQAUFFMAN Capfczilz. . . . MANUEL 'TRACI-ITENBERG .fl.s'.sisIa1zt HIKIILGHUVS . . J. A. GRIFFIN, JR. Illavmgm- , . .JOSEPH M. F. HUGIJES FRANK ELLIS TEAM 115-lb. Class . . WM. LEON, JOHN RICCIO 1-1-5-lb. Class . , Bl.-XNUEL 'IlRACl'I'l'ENBERG 125-lb. Class . . SAMUEL KOPLIN 160-lb. Class . . ARTHUR COHEN 135-lb. Class . . CLAIRE SCHMOKER 175-lb. Class , . . GEORGE TIIAYER FRANK SIYLLIVAN Heavyweight Class. JACOB K.-IPI-'I-'MAN SCHEDULE, 1925 - FGlD1'1li11'y 14. Away, Yale 33 Penn 3. Blarch 7. Home, Colgate +L: Penn 3. 21. Awav, Armv: won by Penn by default. 11-. Away, Penn State 5: Penn 2. QS. Honle, Waslxington and Lee 3: Penn 3. 21. I-Qway, Navy 13 Penn 3. March 27 and QS. Intercollegiates at PCI1I1SylVi1l1lil lvon by Navy, 23 points. Sec-onrl, Penn State. 11 points. Tlmircl, Pennsylvania. 10 points. SQ9 -Zg-,.L.f-s..,.F-X-,s'.5-Z'Zi,,5f'X.f- 1 5 f I 'Vi I I J A X33 ' Zlxlzx 'AX K l -f ii Z 7 N-' E L H IYISTLER, Coach HANNA BARRERE SUPPLEE BECHTEL Fox WILLIAMS, Mgr. REPI1 RYAN CHACE SCHISSEL, Capt. WILSON DIANIELSON BOWVDEN Captain . .EDWARD SCHISSEL Assistant Manager . UP. D. XVEINBERG Manager . . HENRY COIT YVILLIAMS Coaches .,.... GEORGE KISTLER, CHARLIE CARRIGAN TEANI E. SCHISSEL P. VVILSON B. BOWDEN J. RYAN L. DANIELSON N. SUPPLEE C. BARRERE E. M. BECHTEL P. CHACE E. REPP J. Fox E. R. .WIORINE SCHEDULE-SEASON 1925 U. P. Opp. U.P. ODD- Jan. 16. Columbia at home . . .47 15 hlar. 7. Yale at home . . . . 17 45 23. Princeton at home . . , . 21 41 13. C. C. N. Y. at home .... 419 13 Feb. 14. Yale at New Haven ..... 10 52 20. Columbia at New York . 38 24 20. C. C. N. Y. at New York . . . 43 19 21. Brown at Providence . . Q8 34 23. Princeton at Princeton , . . Q2 4-0 330 MA Sis-1 'il- X-xii Q , , Y . fx,- I. I T C IKISTLER, Coach WINER BARRERE FARIES, Ass'l Coach BAUM 'WEINIIIPRG Asst Mgr BAILEY BIAREIN GARDINER WILSON, Capt. SUTIIERLAND LESSER Bon ER TEAM Captain . . . . C. ALBERT WVILSON Coach ..... WVALTER FARIES Head Coach .... GEORGE KISTLER Manager .... H. XVII,-LIAMS Assisfant Manager . . . A. VVEINBERG Foru'ard.v . . . C. ALBERT XVILSON, Captain Backs ..... LEONARD NIAREIN ALEXANDER SUTHERLAND DONALD M. Su AN EDNVARD GARDINFR Center . . . . VICTOR LESSER Goal ....., LYAIAN BARN, III S'llll.S'f'ifllfL'S .... CLAUDE BARRERE, K. B. BAILEY. JOHN BOWEII WATER POLO SCORES-1925 Jan. 16 Columbia 343 Pennsylvania Q0 Feb. Q3. Princeton 503 Pennsylvania 13 Q3 Princeton Q75 Pennsylvania 17 Mar. 7. Yale 583 Pennsylvania 10 Feb. 14 Yale 59? Pennsylvania 7 13. C. C. N. Y. 303 Pennsylvania 37 20 C. C. N. Y. 353 Pennsylvania 36 20. Columbia 511 Pennsylvania IS 331 my P BUCliLEY,1lfy1'. LEI-IMAN vPENSEL D,ELISCU, Coach BENEDICT STAFFORD ICURNITSKY BERKOXYITZ Ii0PL1N,ASSf. Mg: IUIUEGEE WHITE IXRAEMEH KUMAZAW,-., Capt. Ci.-KRDINER EHRNIAN ATLEE GOLTl1AN RTCCALLA E SMANIOTTO Capfain . . . JIMOSUKE H. KUMIxz.IwA I-l.sszT.viant Manager-.w . I'lENRY I. IQOPLIN, ROBERT HJXSLETT .Uanrzgvr . . .J. LEO BUCKLEI' JIMOSUKE H. Kun-1.xz.uva, Clczplain DLIANFORD IQRAEMER NIERRILL G. EHEMAN February QU. Chicago . . March Q1. Minnesota . 21. Wisconsin . 27. Dartmouth , 7. Princeton . . . lil. 21. lntercolleviates C M. I.T. . . . alzoz ml Coach ....,.. VARSITY TEAM GELJRGE K. CQARDINER HENRY S. T. xv!-IITE DAVID W. GOLTMAN SCHEDULE I , , 769 Pennsylvania . . 631 Pennsylvania . . 585 Pennsylvania . 21 Pennsylvania . 18 Pennsylvania . . 215 Pennsylvania M. FRANCOIS D-ELISCU FREDERICK KRUEGEIL XVILLIIIM R. LOUIQ J. GR . .6-L1 . . 605 . .506 . 33 .36 :XTLEE UEH Cllhirugol QMafl1'so11, lVis.D CMf1rI'i.s0n, lV1'.s.D CHo'mcj CHom cj . . . 3QMf0Cl7Il1J7'1-IIQUD H . . D Navy, 573 Dartmouth, 12: Pennsylvania, 7: Princeton, lg M. l. T., 0. 332 yn 2' I MORINE, Asst. Mfgr. Cl.-XUDIN BEXSKERVILLE RICE, Mgr. NICICRIJXN QUILLIN, AML. Mgr. LESLIE APPLEBAUM, Caplmn, TERRONNE, Conch CLARKE BOOKLER Captain . . .JOSEPH APPLEBAUM Manager .,... . J. LEE R-IFE. JR. Corwlz , . . LENARDO TERRONNE Asszsfczvzt .llanugvrs . .EDWIN R. NIORINE. E. BUXVEN fQlILLIX TEAM JOSEPH APPLEBAUM, Crzptazfn IFRUESDALE CLARKE CHARLES J. LESLIE IIENRY C. BASKERVILLE Substziutcs DJXNIEL GAUDIN CHARLES NICKM.-xx NIORTON BOOKLER SCHEDLLE February 1-L. Army rs. Pennsylvania Cawayj Foils 7-Q Blarcli 1-I-. X. Y. U. rs. Pennsylvania fllomol Fails Epee Q-2 lipee February 20. Yale rs. Pennsylvania 01011103 Foils 6-3 March QI. Navy rs. Pennsylvania Cawayj Fails Epee 2-2 lipcc February QS. Cornell rx. Pennsylvania fliomel Foils -L-5 March 528. Hamilton rs. Pennsylvania fawayj Foils ,Epee Q-Q Epoc- b'IZll'Cll 7. Columbia rx. Pennsylvania Cawayj Foils . , 8-1 April Q, 3. Intercollegiales at New York Epee . . 2-2 Captain AIJDl6lJ2'llll'l1 won the Intercollegiate Epee ffliampionsliip and Pennsylvania team plac-acl second. U. Jn 6. 14 .Q ffQ2 CAMPBELL ELLIS STONE LINGELBACH ALTMAIER COLBURN GILBERT Nfgr, - Capt. . Asst. Ivfgr. TEANI-1924 Manager . . . THEODORE A. CAMPBELL Assistant Ikfanager . . . JOHN MITCHELL Assistant Mavzager .,... VVILLIAM U. GILBERT XVILLIAM E. LINGELBAOH QCaptainJ ELLWOOD F. ALTMAIER Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania FRANK B. ELLIS 2 West Point Q Lehigh. . 0 Princeton 4 Haverford MORTON STONE HAROLD B. COLBURN TENNIS SCORES 1924 . . . 'T Pennsylvania . . 2 Dartmouth . . . 41 Pennsylvania . . 3 lVilliaIns . , . . 9 Pennsylvania . . 3 Swarthmore 334 ..3 ..3 J .af N545 E1 sas ix gs iaife A! 3 U 1 6 FM-. ,- C 4 QQ . T 6 mi WEYL ' SEAMAN BROCK Monaow 4 STEVENS ALLMAN, Capt. DICGUIRE, Mgr. MERRITT HUNSBERGER, Asst. Mgr. GOLF CHRONICLE Captain . .,.. SYDNEY K. ALLMAN Manager ...... FRANCIS M. MC'GUIIiE Assistant Managers ..... ROGERS M. DREXV, HARRY A. HUNSBERGER SEASON OF 1924 May Q. Harvard . Pennsylvania . . New York May 3. Princeton Pennsylvania . . New York May 10. Penn State Pennsylvania . . Philadelphia May 16. Columbia Pennsylvania. . . New York May 17. lvilliams . Pennsylvania CA.M.j . , New York May 17. Dartmouth Pennsylvania fP.M.J . . New York May 24. Yale . . . Pennsylvania . . New York SEASON OF 1925 May 8. Columbia . . . . .New York May 15. Harvard . . . . New York May 9. Williams CA.M.j . . . Montclair May 16. Princeton . . . New York May 9. Dartmouth fP.M.D . . . Montclair May 23. Yale . . . . New York 335 U 'Q uw., 4 L I T C H ll N x se DOUGLAS ADDIS, Asst. Mgr. HARTMAN, Mgr. HOULBERG LERCH LISKER FEASTER VALGENTI, Capt. N OLAND WILLIAMS CHRONICLE OF RIFLE TEAM Illanagar .... H. REED I-IARTMAN Assistant Managers .... JOSEPH S. VVILE Captain . . . FRANK J. VALGENTI ' J. STANLEY Anms TEAM MEMBERS FRANK J. VALGENTI NIANNING W. DODSON S. LISKER CHARLES W. DoUGLAs HAROLD T. GRfkVES JOSEPH F. FEASTER, JR. N. PIOULBERG I.. K. LERCII ALXVYN P. WILLIAMS PIERCE NOLAND RALPH V. H. WOOD SCHEDULE Feb. 14. N. Y. U. . .... 1908 Pennsylvania 1898 Feb. 21. Penn State . . . . 1904 Pennsylvania 1936 Feb. 28. Columbia .,........ 1827 Pennsylvania 1937 March 7. Princeton .,........ 1757 Pennsylvania 1957 CNew worlcl's intercollegiate recordj lVIa.rclI 14. Syracuse ......,... 1897, Pennsylvania 1957 March 21. BuH'alo ........... 1822 Pennsylvania 1959 S CN ew world's intercollegiate recordj Marelx 28. C. C. N. Y. ......... 1902 Pennsylvania 1941 Indoor Intercollegiates at New York, April 18. Outdoor Intercollegiates at Annapolis, May 18 336 7 THE INTERFRATERNITY AGREEMENT S THE President of the Interfraternity Council, it is my duty .to review the. present agreement among the fra- E ternities for the rushing of Freshmen. ? 5 E During the past year there has been less criticism of the '-"-"-"-' agreement than in previous years. This is due to but one thing-a better spirit and understanding among the fraternities. The progress made in this line is worthy of special Commendation, but the success of the past year also proved the possibility of further improve- ment. The achievements of the past should only serve to inspire us to a greater effort in the future. The preliminary rushing smoker served Well its purpose of giving the fraternity man an opportunity to Hlook overn the Freshmen prior to the regular rushing, and by so doing lessened the temptation to the over- zealous fraternity to overstep the conditions of the agreement. The right to bid Freshmen any time during rushing season was tried for the first time. This served to legalize what had previously been the bane of the agreement's existence. The problem of "pre-season rushing" in the dormitories has not yet been satisfactorily met. In this particular, more than any other, the present agreement seems lacking. It is rather difficult to draw up an agreement that is specific and yet meets with the approval of the signa- tory fraternities. But the abuse of the code of rushing in the dormitories is still evident and reflects adversely on the effectiveness of our agreement. The Interfraternity Council is not merely an administrative body for the purpose of dealing with the conditions of the agreement. It should further its position by the giving of sound criticism and constructive advice that would result in a spirit of fair play such as is necessary in so serious a matter as fraternity relations in University life. It is our hope that before the present term' ends, the few remaining problems will be solved and the entire agreement will be so respected by all fraternities that the Whole policy will tend to the glory of student fee-fair relationship at our University. 338 FR,2RTER,I'XITlEES' i X F r r I 9 L E 4. 7 - 5 14A M5 V11 'A I i x 1 1 2 5 I 3 1 ? ' 5 , , , i . X lfii ii! ?w,2 !i': ,., ,F ,, Q! I 5 1 f I K . E l i 4 ,3 aff? si :IQQ if: ik, gj ,auxin Acacia .... Alpha Chi Rho . . Alpha Epsilon Pi . . Alpha 1VIu Sigma . . Alpha Phi Delta . . Alpha Psi .... Alpha Sigma Phi . . Alpha Tau Omega . Beta Sigma Rho . . Beta Theta Pi . . Chi Delta Alpha . . Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Phi ..... Delta Psi ..., Delta Phi Sigma . . Delta Sigma Phi . , Delta Tau Delta . . Delta Upsilon . . Kappa Alpha . . Kappa Alpha Phi . Kappa Nu . . . Kappa Sigma . . . Lambda Chi Alpha Omicron Alpha Tau Phi Alpha ..... Phi Beta Delta . . Phi Delta Tau . . Phi Delta Theta . . FRATERNITI ES PAGES PAGES . 384, 385 Phi Epsilon Pi , . 406, 407 . 370, 371 Phi Gamma Delta . 356, 357 . 490, 491 Phi Kappa Psi . . 35Q, 353 - 443 Phi Kappa Sigma . 346 347 - 438, 439 Phi Sigma Delta . . 414 4,15 ' 394, 395 Phi Sigma Kappa . 376 377 ' 408, 409 Pi Delta Epsilon. . , 392 393 ' 358' 359 Pi Kappa Alpha . . 426 427 ' 434' 435 Pi Lambda Phi . . 382 sas . 354, 355 Psi Upsilon . . 364 365 ' 440' im Sigma Alpha . , . 445 . 374, 375 ' 342, 343 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 378 379 I 348, 349 Sigma Alpha Mu . . 410 411 U 446, 44,7 Sigma Chi .... 350 351 v 390, 391 Sigma Lambda Pi . 436 437 1 372, 373 Sigma Nu .... 368 369 V 362, 363 Sigma Phi Epsilon . 380 381 , 404, 405 Sigma Phi Sigma . . 388 389 . 432, 433 Sigma Pi . . . 396 397 . 418, 419 Sigma Tau Phi . 416 417 . 366, 367 Tau Delta Phi . . 424 425 . 402, 403 Tau Epsilon Phi . . 428 429 . 444 Theta Chi .' . . . 398 399 . 430, 431 Theta Delta Chi . . 412 413 . 4292, 423 Theta Xi .... 400 401 . 442 Zeta Beta Tau . . 386, 387 . 360, 361 Zeta Psi . . 344, 345 S Jw W 0 my Q96 S Q A V Q Q My Wm -3 Q' Q Qu W Q' , Q 0 Q 7 y f Cx l: RATEp.NlT IIS 'If ARD' ANGIQD IN TIIIQGIZDIQR TE ESTAIQLISIIMENITT THE VNIVERSITY QT i. E. HOLLINGSWORTI-I SITER, A.M., M.D. ISAAC A. PENNYPACKER, B.S., LL.B. WILLIAM HENRY FURNESS. Sd, M.D. THOh'IAS NV. HULME, B.S., C.E. ALEXANDER VAN JRENSSELAER,A.B1. GEORGE B. WOOD, M.D. . CHARLES N. DAVIS, A.M.. M.D. Eelta ilBIJi fraternity Qlita Clllbaptzr A F ozmclecl 1827 Established 1849 Inactive 1 872-1885 3453 WOODLAND AVENUE ARTHUR C. HOWLAND, PH.D. JOHN CLAXTON GITTINGS, M.D. ARTHUR H. HOPKINS, A.B., M.D. CHARLES MERRIUM WVHARTON, B.S., M.D ST. GEORGE L. SIOUSAT, A.B., PHD. JAMES HANIILTON CHESTON, A.B., LL.B. KNOX NICILWAIN, B.S. IN EE. Active C'lLap1fe'r 'fl-IOMAS STINSON HORROCKS FREDERICK LEWIS WVEHR EDVVARD HUGIiES GLIDDEN, JR. COURTLAND YARDLEY VVHITE, 3d JOSEPH NIICKLE FOX, JR. CLARENCE WORTH OLCOTT, Qd CHURCHILL YVILLIAMS, JR. WILLIAM WILSON LONGSTRETH, JR WILLIAM NIIFFLIN LARGE JOHN PRICE VVETHERILL, 3d SCI-IUYLER FISHER THOMAS ANTHONY HUGHES JOHN IVICCALLA KENNEDY, JR. WILLIAM SHERWVOOD WHITE SAMUEL HARPER COLLOM, 3d ROBERT DAFFRON, JR. DANIEL CHARLES DONOGHUE, JR. HOWARD DUANE HENRY HAVELOCK HORROCKS, JR. EDYVIN CHESLEY ESTES LOJRD, JR. HAROLD YADRIAN IVICTIGUE LAWRENCE VVILLIAM ORB WILLIAM ALPHONSO ROLIN, JR. FRANCIS JENKINS TUCICER, JR. GEORGE HENLEY UHLER, 2d FREDERIC HOUSTON WILLIAMS v- 342 ,1 6 1 1? -5 : F. , Y' 55? J Q- -2-if, in if Qi 5-f-F 1 il 'Mill' ' ffl :I+ " xy.. ma P "' 4s""'qrS I-,Sgr-,'Z Sys. ., fx Zeta si :Fraternity -za--4. 'IQ nga-. ' 41 A R .xgi nl I 1: 49 In ,M yn -4-.... KP' af- . W FN"i?'i-a.44.'X H13 2' QA K . -. Qigma Qlhapter Founded 18.47 Established 1850 :sq AWA I if Ki! 3337 WALNUT STREET ,New was F av 2354? 'EVE-:WWF . .235 P -.fin A., . fax. I, jg-HREITIZ - ui..-343. :ffl f'r:7S'e..S -" - . .- ,m-LA.mfg-gg--Sir-S.g,,.,.,.,,,-3' V ,, I : ii-,3 I,Z:,',Q: 13.57.-.QQ ' 'Q "f.'.,f.,,g'- .W . pf .u.- ..:, . . " 'Aff' 'Smeg f,','-.JP ., . - ,L f af. .fam fqji gm "6 '- iw :Bere-LFG 1-ffm 5' " " S1251 ' rf- - E":-Li: F, :RESET TNQ,"-z'g. " 'Ma 1- '22 PERM?" " 1rff:wA..m I W ,,. 14 S Auf' :za V , - ' ,S-. .., --4'4:ug3QQ:i5g1I5 'SQL if ggi-Eq I an an 1. if . - I .W1L,HhL :wRRS5Q,f Ayn' GSR: R RPR JYRS .. 1 A ' A . Wa-.. QA- .f I Q- .' -f --:1'L3::a1:a. '.:::::i'C511I Wi... '-. 'F-zi. if " 1 P" 3. mcp,g7v...5.: ... Yefggzmhssssaf 1.4 A A A2127 .Aj ff :-. " 'AE?'.,.,. .-A iizfqf-W U , . . a. A-ff I ,Eg ::ai::::'a'..f2 " qlwziff.-:-A '- - 151775 uhh ir., ,- . ' Rf C, Q f f 1 wi " I I 7.11.1 wi ' 1 f1f'tZl.2::!M' '- N255 P295 - f 22.15 . X 1:1 ff: 1 '25 f Anza:,m GAA., -, . -1-' -r:.:n..:1 . f -fu ' IJ , .. . . " My " PA A... f ,A -1' - A-A ....,x. ,E , .T,,,, Q A, Faculty M embers CHARLES LOUIS BORIE, JR. XVILLIAM H. DU BARRY ELDRIDGE LYON ELIASON, M.D. H FREDERICK FRALEY, M.D. SPARTA FRITZ, JR. JOHN MCARTHUR HARRIS, JR. CHARLES CUSTIS HARRISON CHARLES CHAUNCEY SAVAGE JAMES ALAN MONTGOMERY F. CORLIES MORGAN ROLAND SLETOR MORRIS THOMAS RUNDLE NEILSON, M.D O. H. PERRY PEPPER, M.D. GEORGE WHARTON PEPPER WVILLIAM PEPPER, IVLD. Active Chapter 1925 NICHOLAS NEWLIN BAILY ROBERT STAFFORD BRODHEAD HERVEY PARKE CLARK WILLIAM EZRA LING 1926 NVILLIAM AUCHINCLOSS TRUSLOW JAMES LEE PATTON, JR. ERNEST SCOTT JOHN WVARN STENHOUSE LBACH, JR. CHARLES W INTHROP LEA . 1927 ALFRED PEARCE CRISFIELD RICHARD TOWN ODIORNE FREDERICK HOFELE CRAWFORD ROBERT COMLY SHOEMAKER MILTON BENNETT MEDARY, Sd SIDNEY J. STALL JOHN MEAD MQNTGONIERY 1928 ROBERT W. BARKER F. ALLEN BARTOW JAMES F. BILLINGSLEA BEAUVEAU BORIE, 3d JOSEPH B. COWPERTHWAITE ALONZO GARTLEY, JR. THOMAS S. GATES, JR. 344 WILLIAM B. HUSTON DAVID H. LUDLOW R. WALLACE MCCLANAHAN JOHN B. MITCHELL HARRY T. SALLMON GERALD B. WEST OWEN JONES WISTER WEST HUSTON LUDLOXV GARTLEY BARKER SALLMON BARTOW Bonne: GATES BILLINGSLEA MITCHELL WISTER CRAWFORD CRISFIELD ODIORNE MONTGOMERY ' STALL SHOEMAKER NICCLANAHAN B.1.11..Y PATTON CLARK TRESLQW SCOTT LEA LINGELBACH STENHOUSE ABBOTT ZETA PSI .i '37 5 ff-- 'A", ,.. :T x- 7153. Q. V' fi. 25 5:1 'Q A ' Qi W' KN D' J 1? EK K V T-M X'-Q, - 345 I ,. SAS A 555 E gf Founded 1850 I ' 'Emmm mx f M . '. .-yy' 1' - . L gmvg' PMS' Jig,-Sax.. Ri ff xhl ,H 1 iw, , .- . .qt . A.-3 'E Egg Q ' gf ' P K ss 3 3, R56 ,E " I MI L I V--4-1 N X'i'P+,, I mi 4 Qi- -' 34- -f ,.",f, ' - Y -G " .mv 4,101 r,fa:7f,.-11f'A?1N R' - - ' A . , HA .. ,gferg A . ' A ' if sw-fJg1:4qg:5q+fzgi., ,zgwxf-4-13 Faculty J. HARTLEI' NLERRICK. A.M. RANDAL MORGAN, A.B., A.M. EFFINGHAM BUCKLE1' MORRIS, A.M., LL.B. JOHN BARNARD GEST, LL.B., B.S., M.E CHARLES ROOT TURNER. M.D., D.D.S. J. NORMAN HENR1', NLD. ' BARTON COOKE HIRST, A.B., M.D., LL.D. RICHARD HICKNIAN HARTE, M.D. VVILLIAM DRAPER LEWIS, LL.D., PH.D. GEORGE SUMNER CRAMPTON, M.D. IXDDINELL HENVSON, A.M.. M.D. 1913i Zkappa Qigma fraternity Qlpba Chapter Established 1850 3539 LOCUST STREET M embers RUSSEL DUANE, A.B., LL.B. WILLIAM HEWSON, A.M., M.D. WVARD BRINTON, A.M., M.D. JOHN COOKE HIRST, Qd, A.B., M.D. HAROLD WVALDRON HOW, M.D. PAUL CONNER VVAGNER, A.B., LL.B. JOSEPH MARCHANT HAYNIAN, JR., A.B., M.D. JOSEPH STOKES, JR., A.B., M.D. EDWARD CLARKE LUKENS, A.B., LL.B. :KARL MUSSER HAUSER, PH.B. EDWARD ABBOTT SIBLEY, A.B. GEORGE VVILLIAM NORRIS, A.B., M.D. A ctizfe HUBERT IRENEE DU PONT, A.B, CHARLES EDWARD JKENWORTHY, A.B. FRANCIS DRING YVETHERILL LUKENS, A.B. JAMES BRYANT TVIASON. A.B. VVYNNE JAMES, JR., A.B. WVILLIAM E. PARKE, A.B. Chapter DAVID STEWARD POLK, A.B. JOHN HOLLINGSWORTII VVHARTON, A.B. CHARLES MUNSON JUSTI, B.S. IN HARRY PARDEE KELLAR, A.B. JOSEPH CLIFFORD TAYLOR, A.B. LOUIS B. LAPLACE, A.B. ECON. CECIL I. CROUSE, A.B. CHARLES BACHE JAMES STARR FARNUM . JOHN HANCOCK VVILLING RHEIN DANIEL SMITH TVIERRITT ELLISTON PEROT BISSELL CHARLES VINOL HULICK CORNELIUS NOLEN VVEYGANDT XVILLIAM WILSON YOUNG T. MORRIS PEROT THOMAS FREMONT GRIFFITH , OSBORNE COATES CRESSON JAMES MAURAN RHODES SINKLER JOSEPH HENIPHILL WVILLIAM REESE SCOTT, 3d PHILIP JAYNE CHAPMAN ROBERT FRANCIS COLESEERRI' RALPH FARNUM RICHARD LEIGH HUNTER 346 f Q? 532 Ex Qx Q Y Sidi? Zim QW 5' SEE E , nh L' 4sQ.5QwgQ5Q??'- - -1. .:" ':::: - g .1::f aa' ...A., ma y 'Lf f 4 fi!! I 347 QS! Ulibe fraternity nf ZBeIta 1951 ZBsIta Qibaptzr Founded 1 8.47 Establishecl 1850 3637 LOCUST STREET Faculty M embers 'WILLIAM ELLERY ALMY, B.S. IN ECON. FRANCIS HERNIAN BOHLEN, A.B., PH.D., LL,D. ARTHUR LATHAM CHURCH, B.S. ROBERT DECHERT, A.B., LL.B. JOHN FRAZER, A.M., PH.D. CHARLES HARRISON FRAZIER, A.B., M.D. GEORGE HARRISON FRAZIER, A.B. ARTHUR HOWELL GERHARD, A.B., M.D. JOHN P. CROZER GRIFFITH, A.B., M.D., PI'I.D. FRANCIS CLARK GRANT, A.B., M.D. CHARLES PREVOST GRAYSON, A.B., M.D. ELDREDGE SNYDER, A.B., B.S. IN ARCH. JAMES ROBERTS WOODS DOWNS HENRY NEILL PAUL, JR. VVALLACE LEONARD ALEXANDER, HORATIO CURTIS WOOD, JR. ROBERT LUCAS PITFIELD, JR. OLIVER WOLCOTT BROCK ELI ICIRK PRICE, 3d HENRY DOUGLAS PAXSON, JR. BENJAMIN VVEST FRAZIER, JR. PHILIP DECHERT GEORGE CHAPMAN THAYER EDWARD KING MCCAGG WVARWICK POTTER SCOTT JOHN STEARNS BLEECKER, JR. JOHN KENNEDY EWING, 3d JAMES SPEAR HATEIELD THOMAS HART, A.B. SAMUEL FREDERIC. HOUSTON, A.B. EDVSVARD WALTER MADEIRA, A.B., LL.B. THOBIAS NOLAN, B.S.. M.S., PH.B., A.M. CHARLES CAMBLOS NORRIS, M.D. GEORGE STUART PATTERSON, B.S., LL.D. RALPH PEMBERTON, M.D. WVILLIAM POVVELL ROBINS, A.B., EG., CA.D.G.j ARTHUR RINGOLD SPENCER, B.S., LL.B. ISAAC STARR, JR., B.S., M.D. ' WVILLIAM DANIEL STROUD, B.S., M.D. A ctive Chapter 1 9525 A.B. 1926 1927 19928 348 ERIC ALLAN MCCOUCH. A.B., LL.B. JOSEPH SILL CLARK, A.B. MORRIS DUANE, A.B. HENRY COLEMAN BASKERVILLE RICHARD HENRY REEYVE K JOHN DURR BUEMMING HOWARD TUNNELL LONG AVERY BORRODELL CLARK DAVID PENISTONE SCOBIE JOHN PHELPS VOORHEES BERNARD PENN-GASKELL NLCGRANN CHARLES CORSON DAY HERRIAN KRENIER GRANGE .Qii,.,...,, K- 1. 3-L9 Sigma Qibi jfraternitp bi 1913i Qllijapter Founded 1855 Establzshed 1875 3809 LOCUST STREET Faculty Members EMORY RICHARD JOHNSON, PH.D., M.L., SC.D. HAROLD SAVIN SHERTZ, B.S., LL.B. CLARENCE E. CLEWELL, E.E. ' WVENDELL PHILLIPS RAINE, B.S. IN ECON., M.A. CLARENCE NEWELL CALLENDER, B.S. IN ECON. GEORGE ARTHUR YVILSON JOHN P. MITCHELL VVILLIAM NORMAN FREYER HECTOR EDNVARD MACDONALD STANLEY FULLER BRADING J. PAUL CRAWFORD FRED M. GILLESPIE ARCHIBALD CAMERON V ORIS JOHN CHARLES FULLING Active Chapter 1925 1926 CONRAD ROBERT F. RUCKELSIIAUS MAURICE K. MICHAEL MURPHY GEORGE TELIPORD MORROW EDSON DENIAREE DRONBERGER JAMES FREDERIC SPIGLER HAYWARD WVILLIAM STRECKER RICHARD NEALE YOUNG SAM COLLINS PLUMMER HAROLD MORRILL FARON ARTHUR FRANCIS DILLEMUTH JOSEPH PATTERSON BINNS VVILLIAM BROWN DERN ERRETT DUNLAP, JR. FREEMAN ELDER FREDERICK BRUCE FORWARD THOMAS JEFFERSON JOHNSON 1927 1928 350 IALTON LEROY PAPVVORTH RICHARD ISLIRK SNIVELY RANSFORD MASON BEACH NVILLIAM ZIEGLER MCLEAR LLOYD BRIGHTBILL GILMAN ALAN COVERT GARDNER HARRY ALBERT HUNSBERGER JVVILLIAM IRA PRINCE, JR. ARTHUR GLASPEY JOHNSON JAMES EUSTACE, JR. CHARLES WINDLE MCNIAHON WARD CURTIS ELWELL THOMAS ARTHUR CAWTHRA CHARLES NICKOLAS KESSLER, CHARLES JOSEPH LESLIE WILLIAM J ORDON, Sd RALPH EDWARD CULBERTSON HARLAN SMITH DEVOE JOHN FREDERICK MARQUARDT EUGENE RICHARD MOORE CHARLES TAFT PORTER WALTER VVARE SLOCUM JAY VVESLEY 'FILLOU ROBERT NEAL TULLER J R BiA-LRQUARDT BINNS T. JOHNSON TILLOU PORTER D1-:RN ELDER TULLER MOORE SLOCUM PLUMMER FORWARD FAHON CULBERTSON YOUNG CAWTHHA SP1GLEn Molmow DRONBERGER STRECKER A1Chi.-11-ION DUNLAP HUSTLEBY ICESSLER FULLING PRINCE EUSTACE DEVOE GARDNER GILMAN GILLESPIE ELWELL BRANNG BXIURPHY Vonls NIITCHELL D4ACDON.ALD BEAOH YVILSON RUCKELSHAUS R'ICLEAR JOHNSON, GILMOHE HURFF SIGMA CHI 5? . ' ' 51 , , nfs 2-Q' 41153-Q Lad' rw. ,Q f X A-., We' - ,, 1-1 rngflf' '-1',-fiiiflvqj., , Q "1 U, Xiifirif -4 ' .-"'ZJ'fCf'-L uc: 'QQ'3i59i 1 'e Hr! E Y' . Q N . , -, I A.,- rhgjiilw ,ULU wx ,234':4gX ,Y nf Vx , gfmfffg 33 ' 'fm ,,-fm, Q 'l' gf! fb III i5ff'?':.frf9 FHL N '- gngii-f ' lg., fx .U , x " A -4 SICQIIU 3.31 JOHN STOKES ADAMS, A.B., LL.B. GEORGE H. BICKLEY, B.S.. A.D.F.G. THOBIAS ALIBONE BUDD, B.S. IN ECON., MORRIS LEWIS CLOTHIER, A.B., LL.D. SENECA EGBERT, A.M., M.D. FREDERICK EHRENFELD, PH.D. EDWVARD HARRIS GOODMAN, M.D. EDWIN R. IQEEDY. A.M.. LL.B. P. J, ICEEFER, A.B., B.S. A HEILNER MAXWELL LANGDON, M.D. WILLIAM HENRY LLOYD, A.B., LL.D. PAUL HOWARD NIUSSER, A.B., PH.D. CARL XVILLIAMS, M.D. Founded 1852 Established iBIJi kappa si fraternity Rennsplhania lata Qiijapter 1877 3641 LOCUST STREET Faculty M embers WILLIAM R. NICHOLSON, A.B., M.D. GRAYSON HOWARD MCCOUCH, A.B., M.D. A.M. HENRY KUHNRATH PANCOAST, M.D. JOSIAH H. PENNIMAN, A.M., PH.D., LL.D. HENRY MCIQENTY ROTHERMOL, A.B. SAILER, M.D., PH.B. JOSEPH FELIX E. SCHELLING, PH.D., LITT.D., LL.D. ALLEN JOHN SMITH, A.M., M.D., SC.D., LL.D. EDGAR FAHS SMITH, PH.D., SC.D., L.H.D., M.D., LITT.D., CHEM.D. CALVIN MASON SMYTH, JR., M.D. GEORGE SCOTT STEWART, A.B., LL.B. RAY BEACH WALLACE, B.S. IN ECON., M.A. THOMPSON S. WESCOTT, A.B., M.D. Active Chapter 1925 EDWARD GEORGE HARTJE, JR. WILLIAM HOMER GILBERT NORMAN LESTER PANCOAST ALEXIS HUNTINGTON BOSTWICK FRANCIS COOKE WARD PATON ROBERT WILLIAM ZEHRING JOSEPH WESTBAY WALKER WILLIAM MARTIN COOPER, JR. HENRY COIT WILLIAMS 1926 GEORGE FILSON DANIELS GRAHAM VEALE FRANK BURKHART ELLIS, JR. RALPH VICTOR HAROLD WOOD PRESTON ADAMS WILLIAMS GEORGE LANSING TAYLOR EDMUND LIEDGE STUBBE SAMUEL HAROLD SUPPLEE JOHN HOFFNIAN MURRAY , 1927 RICHARD CORBIN FORD THOMAS XKVILLIAM HOUSE, JR. ALFRED NIXON SUPPLEE JOHN STOKES ADAMS, JR. RICHARD SESSIONS REDWAY JOHN THOMPSON SHAFFER JOHN SCOTT WALKER HAROLD MARSHALL SOARS 1928 LEE PHILLIPS MCGEAN MARCELLUS EUGENE WRIGHT, JR. WVOODROVV DARROW JAMES L. FREE XVORTHINGTON GIRARD BUTTON JOHN THORNLEY HARDING 352 DAVID VVOLFE COATES ARTHUR WILLIAM LOEHR IRVING ROGER STEVENS, JR. ROLAND BEADEL POND WILLIAM HENRY MAXWELL LL.D p l'11 ' ' -"W" fm Esta Theta 1Bi :Fraternity hi Clllbaptzr Founded 1839 Established 1880 3529 LOCUST STREET J Faculty 111 embers ARTHUR HOBSON QUINN,.'X.B.,1JH.D. JOHN GOODRICH CLARK, M.D. ROBERT H. FERNALD, 1XI.E., A.M., LL.B. GEORGE FRANKLIN COLE, A.B., PH.D. ALBERT DUNCAN YOCUM, PH.D., PHJB. THEODORE CALDWELL EDWARDS, A.B. BURTON NLORLEY, A.B. Active Chapter 1995 NIARION VERNON BREVVINGTON RICHARD WILSON COOK JOHN MACF.ARLAND DOUGLAS GEORGE CAMERON DROHIAN NIARSHALL G. BI,-XTHENY XVALTER AUSTIN RUTLEDGE PAUL JOHN FREDERICK SCHMITT ROBERT LOVELAND SINGER J. WILLIAM FEREE 1926 DAVIS T. BOHAN CLYDE VVIGMORE JACKSON CHARLES WILSON DOUGL.AS GUY E. MANN MELVILLE UPTON EATON EDWARD SCOTT LOWER, JR. HARRY NICCASLIN EASTON, JR. CHARLES :XUGUSTUS VV. UHLE J. STANLEY YOUNG 1927 WILSON TRAFFORD ALLPASS LFHEODORE H. ARNOLD CHARLES STUART BRYDON RICHARD STEPHENS CHAPMAN ARTHUR MOSELY HOPKINS, JR. FRANCIS BERNARD HUBER HOWARD MANNING IQIRK. JR. JOHN CHARLES ANDERSON WVARNER RAINS CLEVELAND LEONARD CARTER DILL, JR. STEPHEN RALPH DOUGLAS JOHN NLERCIER GREENE HOWARD WILLIAM LINK MILLER MOORE RAYMOND FREDERICK NIULLER 1928 ROBERT :ALBERT KRANTZ SAMUEL WILLIAMS PARKE JOSEPH FIELDING PATTEN ERWIN A. -STUEBNER DONALD KIRK SINGER VVILLIAM MEREDITH WOOD DONALD KENNETH VVRIGHT GEORGE BIRDSAL PASSMORE, JR. DONALD EDWARD PRATT ARTHUR HOBSON QUINN, JR. FORBES ALFRED RYDER HENRY WVILKENS SCHMIDT LAWRENCE NIARKWOOD SCHOFF BLAINE WAHAB SCOTT, JR. EDWARD ARTHUR TALBOT, JR. A PI-IILLIP SHERMAN NIUMFORD 354 ATALBOT LIUMFORD SCOTT NIULLER QUINN D1LL M. MODRE GREEN RIDER PRATT CLEVELAND ANDERSON SCHMIDT R. DOUGLAS PASSMORE PARKE WOOD HUBER D. SINGER W. MOORE CHAPh1.NN PATTEN.WRIGHl' KRANTZ ALLPASS H01-Kms BRYDON :KIRK STUEBNER YOUNG DAVIS M.ANN EATON BOHON EASTON LOYVER C.DOUGL.AS UHLE JACKSON R. SINGER DROHAN COOK FERREE BREYVINGTON ADAMSON -I.DOUGLAS RUTLEDGE BIATHENY BETA THETA PI .Tex ' RAE? , K 4' 6 ,JMR- -w.5 D 1 51X In ln'? l ii. Y RQ I 77 J .iEi.. S.v: -. 15334, ' '1"i'7fLf? 1,li4i,i2., Quit 355 A ' V -:Sh if fx 5r,,,...-v-sfrzy 1 11 1 'V 1' 1 ,Q bi Gamma alta N5 'kfwffb E .DN Eg EAW Aa WA A . ,142 :RQMKGR " , , wg. j Founded 1848 --- .--- " Q.. 1' fa , ,.,. .,.,.,, 5, M 52 ' L 'VC-1 .Jw x ,4 , . H2155 '3 1 : :f i 45,5 - Kiwi' it---... ,A W a .. rib-' f AR F 233 iff YQ A gag 1 A 'A A QI. , s- -f 43? 11 .ZZ :4W?- 5 if . ig 5 .515 f4i'Q'-.4 77 ' f 'S' ' v , ' '. 35? H' f AhmL"' 2 L' f fibm EI ' .K f 3 'G I, 1, V 1 :if A, ps y 0555: " " ' ' 1: 1,2 f C ' 125' ' ' 5 W f'f'ff, ,Q 5 fy A FL U nf A A A .,, ESQ 1 I Ae? ,, A ff fd ,gf , A JAMES ADDISON BABBITT, A.B., M.D. GEORGE WVALTER DAWSON, A.E.D. GEORGE NORRIS COATES, A.B., M.D. ROBERT CHARLES LIGGETT, A.B., LL.B. STANLEY PULLIAML SHUGERT, ANI., PH.D. LEWIS HENRY ADLER, JR., A.B., M.D. TITEODORE JULIUS GRAYSON, A.B., LL.B. STANLEY FENIMORE COOPER, A.B. ' , , I H , '-.,: .5 Faculty Members Graduate Members Beta Qllbaptzr Established 1881 Q619 LOCUST STREET DIMNER BEEBER, A.B., LL.D. ALONZO TAYLOR, M.D. J. CHARLES HICKEY, D.D.S., M.D. ' NIATHIAS ADAM SHAABER, A.B. HENRY LAMAR CROSBY, A.M., PH.D. HAROLD HAVELOCK KYNETT, B.S. ROBERT DREW GERSTENLAUER, A.B. N ORBORNE ROBINSON CLARKE, A.B. XVILLIAM JAMES MACINTOSH, B.S. JOSEPH BIDDLE PRIESTLEY, A.B. JAMES TAGGERT PRIESTLEY, JR., A.B. GEORGE HUESTIS FONDE, JR., A.B. EDYVARD DANA MITCHELL, JR. GEORGE STEPHEN BENNITT XVILLIAM ALBERT PIADDOCK IQENNETH LEVERNE CALDXVELL NORMAN RALLA DUTTON BERTRAM GRAENIE FRAZIER, JR. ALONZO JOHN HAMMOND, JR. ARCHIBALD WILLIAM I-XDKINS JOHN LOUIS BLAUL SPENCER DEMING EDDY XVILLLAM OLIVER MCQUAID JOHN JOSEPH PENNEY XVILLIAM SPROUL BROWN CLARENCE B. CALDXVELL ROBERT CARSON GEORGE CRUSE :KENNETH XVICKENS FOUCAR JAMES FOX SCHELL, A.B. Active Chapter 1925 XVILLIAM :KNOXVLES EVANS, JR. 1926 HOWARD LAYTON SCHUELE DANIEL MORRELL STACKHOUSE, JR. EDWARD BENJAMIN DOUGLASS CHARLES KINDRED ELLIOTT 1927 FRANCIS RANDALL SALISBURY GEORGE EARLE TIPPIN LANE COOK ZASH VVILLIAM THOMAS CRUSE LYMAN BREXVSTER IVES 1928 J. PIOLLINGSXVORTH HUSTON HERBERT G. LANE DONALD L. TVIACLEA R. JKENNETH MACLE.A DONALD BEATH TVIILLAR J. LAWRENCE HEINL 356 RICHRIAN STANLEY TVIARGESON BERNHARD GEORGE SPILLE RAYNIOND AUGUST NIUNDER GEORGE EDMUND PETERSON LAURENCE E. SWANSON VVILLIAM JAMES WVILLIAMSON PHILIP VANXNIAGENEN PECK SYLVESTER, VVILDING RENNIE VVILLIAM NORTH SHEDAKER WILLIAM WILSON WELSH CLYDE FAIRFAX VVILMETH GENE S. NORTHROP JOHN PARSONS ROBERTSON ROBERT H. SCARLETT, JR, ERNEST CHARLES WATSON RICHARD MORRIS XVORRILOXV is Q, , , ' - 1.-ff. .4.":::-..',fi.Q: :gp gm , E -ff.:-pm - 4'-J W ., . .'t.f ' wr- ' -' f ,f mv .ff f f, , 5 MQ 1 J 4 ,J fr J. 1:2 3125 Q- ' - Q 'T L ffl ' V v v bw tj ' I1 5 A 'K , Ir: . if A 05 Q. W 6 L 545 1 ' fy ,Q nl ,J 2. 5 lp 0 A 4 I I0 Du: 'YQ f 1 I fp S ll L U in X If 1 fb iz A N 3 . r 1 -. a 37" vi--uni-q31i - .A 1 '- :ar - . '. S -h ...F :Af --A-V ,EL -HRS A A- AAAI 'R-J Alpha au Qbmega .1 55' 3- WH 5" A 'WZ , , ...MELA jrarernlrp fge Wagkfagggf -.J A MARKER, Rigid' I ' HHHIMEISA.. in-1 Rennsplhanla illau Qjibapter Founded 1865 Established 1881 Faculty Members Fi, wgwf ..f--1-H 028 SOUTH THIRTY-NINTH STREET 'fx ., ,IATAQ -. -M2 , 'rf'.g..-.amz :-J'-: 4-fe'P-'E !"' v 7 I . V1 X-:g,g31:.7aA 'I'--,,5:' N J- . Q: ,- H: f-1--K - '- Qfgzfi: '. T fi. I -'f ' -A .. Jr vw "' avr' A-AAR , ,f " , R-I In A ,xv . -fi ,z f, ,I ,-I-45:11 1 3-:za A, tg '- Al "WBA 'Eff' -.1 I-rg. . ' I filff' 91:-we? xfvzifr. -H:-1:1 "- E M iv - , ' , A L 4 iifii V - - ry iam, ., 'I ASI.. 1,Q',.',' f ' ' f- f. " S R-Lil-r. lf. ' 1:-:.fff:.:f2 ,JH 725 F. ' "MIT ', -- , q --"ff 4,512 , . . ,.3 LF ' "1 I, ,, Q-'R L- -25, - fee - H11 . u- , I 'f.-A-A-vf:.,'.2::f'z4 ' "I" ' -fi' -, 1, " ,.2eg.L1 '-'1C,jS55:5 1.-Ag M MA m - -W' . ,,.w-w-gm-ww.-.-.if A-H-A11?.,,.,,..,T A. H. WILLIAMS, B.S. IN ECON., M.A., PH.D. J. H. S. BOSSARD, M.A., PH.D. KARL MILLER, M.A., PH.D. SHERMAN OBERLY. A.B., PH.D. J. R. IQLINE, M.A., PH.D. GEORGE BARNWELL, B.A. LOUIS ALONZO YOUNG, CH.E. PAUL RUDBERT ORR, B.S., M.S Active Chapter GEORGE VVARREN STEVENS JOHN PAUL SULLIVAN WALTER MITCHELL CREE NOEL EDDY EDMOND BOWEN QUILLEN LAYMAN JONES REDDEN ALFRED DUBAN BRUCE WILLIAM BRUSH CLARENCE ADDISON BUELL CLINTON ANTHONY CONNELLY BURRILL MYERS GETMAN LEMOINE C. WHEELER VVILLIAM THARP SIMMONS KEITH GARRISON SCHNEBLEY GEORGE THOMAS TOOMEY IRELAND FIELDING MILLER CLINTON ALPHEUS JAMES CHARLES DOUGLAS ORANGERS VVILLIAM HARGLEROAD SHANK, JR ALVAH WOOD STUART JAMES TURNEY ERWIN VVEDEMANN JOHN MITCHELL HAYS JVINFIELD DEXVITT NEVIUS SAMUEL LEHMAN NYCE MERIDETII LUCKENS ADDY JAMES HURREIJL DAWVES, JR. 1 925 1 996 1927 JKVALTER EDWARD EDWARD 1 998 DICKSON CHARLES PIERRE WELLS RICHARD VVHALEN FRANKLIN ELLIS JAY HARTWVELL SETH INGHAM HOLLAND ESTIL RALPH SHAY ESTUS HOWARD CLAIR ETESON NORMAN LAMBERT FIMPLE JOHN AMON GEIGER WARREN LESLIE HL'NTER 358 BURTON MESCHTER KRIEBEL DOUGLAS EDWARD NICNJAMARA FREDERICK JOHN PFEIFFER HOWARD FINGER PORTER JOHN TODD STUART STANWOOD CHANDLER SYVEETSER NICNAMARA HAETWELL ESTILL ETESON A.STUART GEIGER DAWES PFEIFFER ADDY SWEETSER J. STUART FIMPLE IKRIEBEL ESTUS HAYES BRUSH CONNELLY INGHAM ELLIS BRUCE TURNEY HIUNTER NYCE WHALEN COLSON SULIJVAN WHEELER STEVENS TOOMEY Sf'HNEBLY BUELL WEDELIANN NEv1Us PORTER ORANGERS GETMAN IVIILLER SIMMONS REDDEN Cm-:E QUILLIN WELLS JAMES ALPHA TAU OMEGA ,-. 525 'E Q 1-f.-if? f 'fifii " A fgiiggf iiifff' 4 . J L?-,QL L 3 5 9 115' f"'-I 45 1 SBIR Belts: Zllibeta fraternity I REQ iBenn5pIhania Zeta Qlibapter V15 5 I? f-f F C1 d 1848 Et bl' h fl 1883 ? huqi Oun g s a 'Ls e 1 l"...-.. Q!" -I.. 4i'. :,.f-ef 1,', 3603 LOCUST STREET Faculty Members DANIEL BUSSIER SHUMWAY, PI-LD. J. VERNE STANFORD, B.S., M.E. EDWARD ADAMS SHUMWAY, B.S., 1VI.D. ARTHUR H. RICHARDSON, .A.B. FLOYD ELVVOOD IQEEN, M.D. ROBERT RHODES MCGOODWIN, B.S. IN ARCH LAMBERT OTT, JR., B.S. IN ECON., LL.B. JAMES NIORTIMER WKVEST, 3d., A.B., LL.B. GEORGE W. BAUMEISTER, B.S,, IN ARCH. Post-Graduate .Members GEORGE MILNER NORTHROP JOSEPH FRANCIS GILLIS, JR. FRANK JOSEPH GILLIS Active Chapter VVILLIAM FORD GRAVES JOHN GROVE IQAPP OWEN BEALL KNIGHT, JR. 1925 CHARLES EDWARD GRAFMUELLER WALTER WVILLIAM WVILSON GEORGE GORDON STEVENS HARRY WILLIAMS CLARKE, JR. EMMONS HICKS VVOOLWINE GORDON SYDNEY SCREATON I LEO MICHAEL KELLY ARNOLD JAY STEELE AUSTIN HOLLOWAY BELL 1926 .WIERRIT FRANCIS PROSS DONALD FRANCIS TVICDERMOTT ARTHUR FRANCIS 'FI-IOMPSON, JR. EDWIN HAROLD BERTUCH MAURICE ANDREW GILMARTIN 1927 JOSEPH MILTON BARR WILLIAM THACKARA READ, JR. CHARLES ALLEN BARTLETT, JR, ANDREW FRANCIS THOMPSON 1928 J. RODMAN CLENDENNING ALBERT MILTON GRAEMUELLER RICHARD HENRY HILL A F. CLARK MARTIN EDWARD ROBERT MCKINLEY WILLIAM NELSON MEAD 360 HAROLD THEODORE GRAVES, JR. HENRY ROBERTS II LAURENCE JESSE BAUER VVILLIAM BOCOCK THREAPLETON CABLE MANNING GEORGE DOUGLAS MCDONALD EDWIN AUGUSTUS IQEEBLE GEORGE NEWIVIAN SPRAGUE EDWIN SPENCER OWEN WILBUR MATTHEW PERRY PAUL SIDNEY PROSS - JOSEPH MINOR STEVENS JAY FRANKLIN STRAVVINSKI, JR. PROSS OWEN MEADE GRAFMUELLE12. MCKINLEX' MARTIN CLENDENNING PERRY HILL STEVENS BARR SPRAGUE F.G1LL1s READE KEEBLE MCDONALD BUTTERWORTH THOMPSON STRAWINSK1 THOMPSON GRAVES G1LMAnT1N NORTHROP ROBERTS MCDEHMOTT THREAPLETON Pnoss BERTUCH BAUMEISTER GRAVES BELL SCHEATON WILSON GRAFMUELLER ICNIGHT STEELE STEVENS ICELLEY CLARKE KAPP PHI DELTA THETA 5 fffg x, .4 tg ,','- Av gluw, ' .au-, f 'jx , ESF- A T: E , - S 2.3 13 ra- i g -qi , . ,x.,..,g QQ! 1 1 A A ? gr , ., A Ev' my-F ,wa ' 361 1925 HENRY GIBBONS, A.M. HENRY V. AMES, A.1VI., PH.D. EDWARD S. MEAD, PH.D. BENJAMIN A. THOMAS, A.lVI., NLD. SEYMOUR DEW. LUDLAW, B.S., M.D. JOHN H. GIRVIN, M.D. WILLIAM 0. MILLER, A.B. Balm Ulipsilun Rennsplhania Qlbapter Founded 1834 Established 1888 3614 LOCUST STREET Faculty Membe1's JAMES H. AUSTIN, B.S., M.D. HOXVARD H. MITCHELL, PH.D., PH.B. FREDERICK W. BEAL, A.M., PH.D. CHARLES H. MAXON, A.M., PH.D. HENRY I. HUMPSTONE, A.M. ARTHUR B. LIGHT, M.D. ' GEORGE B. :ROORBACI-I, A.M. VVALTER B. CHADVVICK. A.B. , Active Chapter JAMES EDGAR CARMACK VVILLIAM H. KNEASS REA B. MCGRAW EDWIN H. CHARLES LESLIE M. CASSIDY NORBERT J. MCCLURE AUGUSTUS GEORGE FUNK JAMES C. GENTLE EMIL H. HEINTZ JAMES C. HOWGATE EDWARD L. COFFEY GRANT N. BISHOP CLIFFORD F. DUNCAN CLARENCE L. FIELDS THEODORE S. FRIEDBERGER HERBERT SPENCER EVANS, JR. HAROLD BI.-XNDEVILLE DARBY HPXRRX' THEODORE JOI-IANSEN LINUS E. TENNANT SAMUEL A. PIPPITT 1926 ERNEST S. KAYLOR ALFRED LETH JOSEPH P. WILLSON LEROY LEWIS HENRY F. MARSH ROBERT S. REEVES 1927 CRISPULO D. GOIZUETA ARTHUR F. JOHANSEN RICHARD M. SAMSON JOHN M. SCHAEFFER LOUIS E. NUNGESSER 1928 JACK FARRINGTON CROFOOT A FINLEY BAIRD HESS EDWARD SIMMONS IRISH EDWARD WILLIAM HAICE 362 RAYMOND SHEEDY EDWARD S. FARRELL RICHARD R. MEAD FRANK M. RATH CHARLES F. STEWART RICHARD H. SNYDER JOHN H. VVITHEROW RAYMOND E. WOLF CHARLES T. CRAJVENS JAMES JOSEPH OSKEEFE, JR. RICHARD K. TOWNSEND OTTO A. ZIEBELL ALBERT KRUEZ EDWARD H. WALKER STUART H. WALKER, JR. LAWRENCE HENRY :NIURPHEY ALBERT CARLTON MAGEE CLAIR ALFRED YEATON CIxoFoo'I' NIAGEE Hxzss IRISH JOHANSEN NUNGESSER DARBY Evlws NIURPHX HEATON HAISE O KEEFE TOWNSEND ZIEBELI. KRUEZ FIELDS COFI-'EY WALKER DUNCAA SCHAEFER FRIEDBERGER T01-I,wsI:v BISHOP CLUS1: RATI-I SAMPSON WILLSON LEWIS HEINZ CASSIDY WOLF LETH REEVES CHARLES SNYDER ICAYLAR MARSH CARMACK HOIVGATE CRAVENS FUNK WALKER TENNANT PIPPITT SHEEDY FARRILL RlEADE DELTA UPSILON I 1v+W 'af 'V-:fr a 4 we " 3.71 .. ,- I Q Q pil' if ' H T 3 V 4 M I f ig-5 g.3f 'g:,If, fi::'I7g:3f1 I 1 1152215 I n , W . C QHRIQ nasmin 363 LAYTON BARTOL REGISTER. B.S., LL.B. RICIIARD SAUNDERS STOYLE, PH.B., LL.B., MILTON HANIOND STANSBURY, A.B. ROBERT GRANT TORREY, M.D. EDWARD THEODORE GRANDLIENARD, C.E. JOHN PERCY TVIOORE, B.S., PH.D. JOHN WILLIAM ADAMS, A.B., M.D. LEMUEL BRADDOCK SCHOFIELD, A.M., LL.B. ARTHUR CLYDE BUTERBAUGH ELDON SEELY CHAPMAN WILLIAM THOMAS COLEMAN, JR. WILLIAM SVVEET EICHELBERGER STANLEY BOUTELLE FESSENDEN EUGENE TVIANNING FLUES FRANK FLETCHER GARLOCK GEORGE HENRY BUTERBAUGH ROBERT ALEXANDER EICHELBERGER WARD VVADSWVORTH FENNER RALPH CARL GUENTHER EDWARD OSCAR GERHARDY RICHARD WOOD JESS ARTHUR PATRICK LASCELLES FRANCIS IRVIN CURTIS GEORGE ALEXANDER GAGE FREDERICK CHARLES GOODWIN, JR. XVALTER ALBERT JOHNSON Faculty Me'1nbers WILLIAM AUGUSTUS VVEIDERSHEIM, A.B., LL.B. CLARENCE GRIFFIN CHILD, A.M., PH.D., L.H.D., 195i Uipsilun fraternity Eau Qllbapter Founded 1833 Established 1891 300 SOUTH IIHIRTY-SIXTH STREET HENRY HERBERT DONALDSON, PH.D., SC.D. 'WILLIAM PAGE HARBESON, B.S., PH.D., LL.D. HARRY BROWN VAN DEVENTER, A.M., . . PHD ALBERT DRAPER VVHITING, M.D. NIERRITT HULBURD, 3d, A.B. Active Chapter 1925 HENRY PAUL BROWN, JR., B.S., M.D. SIDNEY STERRETT HAIIL JAMES LEWIS MCVEY MADISON WKVESTCOTT PIERCE JOSEPH WILLIAM WALTON NELSON BUCKLEY SHERRILL, JR. HENRY ALSTONE SKILTON JOHN RASMUSSEN WILLIAMS, JR. 1926 JAMES FORSYTHE NICHOLAS JOHN LEAVITT RANDALL HIRABI WVARREN RICHMOND EDGAR ALLEN GRAHAM 1927 WILLIAM NIAFFETT NICFADDEN JAMES DUDLEY MARKS 1928 JOHN ALBERT KOCH WILLIAM PAINTER NIEEKER JOHN ARTHUR MITCHELL BERTRAM POWELL MOORE 364 GEORGE THOIVIAS SHARP RALPH FRANK STOCKTON DAVID REZNOR WEBSTER NORMAN PRICE SHUMWAY ARNOLD DALE KERFOOT MASON HENRY BARTON OFF FREDERICK EUGENE PERFECT HARRY TODD PARK HENRY ALEXANDER ROWAN, Sd GEORGE FOSTER SANFORD, JR WILLIAM JASPER SIMS LLD GOODWIN GA GE SIMS ROWAN SANFORD BIOORE KOCH PARK CURT1s LASCELLES SHUMYVAY OFF GERHARDY JESS MASON BLEEKER B1CFADDEN SI-IAHPE GARLOCK GRAHAL1 EICHELBERGER RICHRIOND GUENTHER WEBSTER NICHOLAS 'WALTON AKITCHELL G. BUTERBAUGH SKILTON SHERRILL FLUES FESSENDEN CHAPMAN P1ERcE VVILLIAMS NICVEY HALL A. BUTERBAUGH PSI UPSILON ju? p .mx 5, 54? -1 A 'g,,,,g' X " H f . . ri 5 l' 15 -34 H S I ls I L A l f I 1 , L , .. W. 1 A 5 f V- E4 Ill' " M653 1 ' V z - 'E 5 .55 L- fl ' wg - Y Wd , h h 'AV ' Z Q 'Y A 'fr 9 47 .mx W577EZEZW5?k 365 Faculty M61nb67'S GEORGE WILLIAM NICCLELLAND, A.M., PH.D. FRANCIS :HUGH SHIELDS, A.B., LL.D. ARNOLD K. HENRY, M.A. JOHN ROBINS HART, A.M. OLIVER EDMUND GLENN, A.M., PH.D. Active Chapter 1925 E. NIILNER BECHTEL BURTON K. BLOSS JOHN J. DOYLE VICTOR E. DEMERS SAMUEL H. FRENCH JOSEPH M. HUGIIES 1926 PETER D. BRICKER ROSLYN B. FORTUIN DAVID H. FULTON EDWARD C. MALOY CHARLES REHBERGER A 1927 J. PAUL BROWN VVILLIAM N. BUNN CARL L. BUCK EMMIT O. COCKE 1928 CHARLES SUMNER DAVIS SIGMUND JOHN DIELENSCHNEIDER WALLACE GILL, JR. EDWARD MATTHEW HENNESSY PAUL BOYNTON JOHNSTON GEORGE PAUL KINGSTON WILLIAM JOHN LUKASWITZ ALFRED COOKMAN MARSHALL, JR. 366 kappa Sigma fraternity Qlpija QEp5iIun Qllbapter Founded 1869 A Established 1892 3706 LOCUST STREET ARTHUR BOASE, C.E. GEORGE HOWARD EHLERS, M.E. LEON MORRIS PEARSON, A.B. ARTHUR DOUGHERTY REES, PH.D PAUL GEMMILL. A.B. RICHARD D. SCATTERGOOD CHRISTIAN C. SENSENIG AUGUSTUS E. STALEY, JR. GRANT JKVESTGATE FRANK G. XVILSON, JR. FREDERICK R. SEELEY, JR. DAVID M. SHEERER GEORGE D. SHOUP HART E. VANRIPER EDXVARD REPP PAUL CRAWFORD FREDERICK B. HERIVIAN ' JOSEPH KIOVLAN JAMES MORRISON HARVEY C. MATTHEWS WVILLIAM HENRY REESE RODGER MATTHEWS SCOTT A CYRIL CLEMENT STEIN WILLIAM JAMES TITZEL CAIRO DAKIN TRIIVIBLE GLENN CHARLES WALL LUKASVVITZ STEIN NIATHEXVS MARSHALL REESE ICINGSTON DAVIS SCOTT TRIMBLE HENNESEX' JOHNSTON TITZELL DOUGLASS BROWN CRAWFORD BUCK B1ORR1SON COCKE G1LL DIELENSCHNEUJER WALL BUNN HERMAN BRICKER FULTON MALOY SEELEY FORTUIN XIAN RIPER KxovLAN REHBERGER SHOUP DOYLE FRENCH SENSENIG SCATTERGOOD HUGHES DEMERS BECHTEL W11.soN BLoss STALEY WESTGATE SCHUFF KAPPA SIGMA 1 " '91 'A X2 fi ' f' -JC? .1 ',r:?2Q'i X A A A-'fi X, ,A X si , 'IE' 9 xxumigipyf 367 Sigma u In z r ,f , . I . is A-111 1.-,.. - A I j,ia.'ygfd.,-Iftf' .f " -. . '-e' , . 4' " Z,i?IdfI'f-53-ft. ' -, , If X- A , .jf'fI f R 'Ir 1 I ' 5 afwwxf If-F.-L f , 3 v T . .:, ,I L? 1 .gl 5 , - M s . A 'I . ,ik , YQ " -.752 I -'14-grfi A YW? ' scar +I .1-+L .I I , X 1? ir ZF 'mv-At H ,."w5:v- aj. i Q ',' yy' I. gi 14, 151.91 , .v A ,- , . I Q 1. 'Q .HJ ., ,.Aj,jf: .Q L '-' ?i R-'ka ,ff 'A ' , "3.g,S.f ':,fiK1f'Ij..f 0. A K . V 4 afsgi ck I 'VMI :5.,.,i-A ff, wt "- . E::, :. I " ..9f'.,fa. , if , ASL ' ' A 'S Z.. "' 1 -46532 1' .'a'aff.'-fffhuqalyg-TL' "w,3:. - . A ' So' .-rl' 'qQ.- ,, f-'.A.5S1!! Sr.rff.: 5 -.' .nm .. - rg-' BS-.,.,,,,'g3j ,Agp - -A' "' .ww '- .- -, A- ' .ff x.. f' .JA-W L'-I ,' ' A .: ' '-rf'-. ..,. " -A. .I -1 1, ,., Q ..,, ... ,- M i g S A 1 - , A f: -' , .Vi '- - 1 ygsmiiz "7- A . 'r' " I A. " ' Q E I: 1: 2' , " : ' " ' "'1!3!:!'4iZA?-f:.1:f2:1-21:1.'f"'-1'-.'1".f"'. , 1-1 .I EB--M1 S- H597 'ggi455'5g!g,gM512,,1ffgfgZ,,5-,1fL:I':.,I5Laj,,hpx .,Y.Q'fi ,X ' L- A A1 "Q , iwfyi51251fi?5.f,2fA,e,g5Q5iIL,E5i ' '- -vu ' a ' ' r'- 11f,.5l' - ,.,, . ..f..:.-f M , L c-L. ., ' 4 " . ww A 4 L..-fr M-.A 42 A :rw I . I , . . , mu. . h,,4,,,,,S, - ,Aw LFQFW' A .g5HMvgE:?5gr3'fI jratmutp Esta 33110 Qibapter Founded 1869 Established 159.4 3819 WVALNUT STREET Faculty lllembers ALLAN CHESTER, A.B. JOHN HARVEY, M.D. GEORGE GORDON MAH1', JR., A.B HOXVARD THRUNE HOVDE, B.S. IN ECON Active Chapter HARRY CHILDS TENIPLE GEORGE RICHARD GRIFFIN DAVID MAISH LIDDLE WILLIAM HOYVARD CULBERTSON IRVING ENSIGN FRYER EDWARD LEONARD BUCKLEY, JR. JAMES ARTHUR GRIFFIN, JR. VVILLARD JOHN GUCKER GUY EVERETT TVIACTVIILLIN COLIN WILLIAM MATHIESON 19275 1996 RICHARD REDWOOD RICHARDSON, JR. ROBERT CECIL BAKER SAMUEL CROZIER FLEMING FRANK EDDY KIEFER RALPH FVHITEFIELD LUETHI ROBERT SPRINGER MORGAN ALEXANDER JOSEPH NOCTON DONALD FRANCIS BOOR CLARENCE VAN NESS BUSH ROBERT ROLLEN COOKMAN, JR. JAMES HOUSER DUNBAR ROBERT JACKSON FULTON EDWARD ALBERT LKIRTLAN VVILLIAM BENNETT KRAFT, JR. WALTER ALBERT LOWE FRANK NIILES IVICNIFI-', JR. JOHN FRASER RTAHY 1927 1928 368 EDWIN MADISON MCHENR1' HERBERT TROSS LORENTZ -HAROLD LEE JONES ARTHUR ORVILLE ROSENLUND LEONARD ARVEY SORNESON EDWIN RUSSELL WILLIAMS VVILLIAM AUGUST WVITHUS HARRINGTON SINES MESSICK MARVIN ELLSWORTH COX KLAYPOLE ALOYSIUS BOLAND ROBERT RUSSEL REBELE THOMAS SHALLCROSS, 3d JAMES WILLISON SMITH, JR. ROLLA ELMER STEPHENS ROBERT CHARLES TODD PAUL TEGLER MEYER DONALD LIGHT MILLER RALPH HOUSTON RICE, JR. ALLEN VVAKEMAN SAWYER PHILIP SHORE, JR. SAMUEL ALAN SLOAN, JR. JAMES ALAN STEPHENS JOHN GODFRED WVALBER, JR. DEAN CAVIT WILSON LAURENCE CLARK WOOLMAN INICNIFF MILLER DUNEAR COOKMAN :KIRTLAN RIAHY KRAFT VVOOLMAN WILSON BUSH FULTON SAWYER RICE Boon WALBER MEYER LOVVE SI-IALLCROSS SLOAN FLEMING REBELE STEPHENS SHORE MORGAN TfIEFER BOLAND BAKER IXIATHIESON NIESSICK Cox MAC1X1ILLIN WILLIAMS NOOTON LUETH1 TODD BUCK LEY WITHUS CULB ERTSON MCHENIIY RICHARDSON LIDDLE LORENTZ GRIFFIN JONES TEMPLE GRIFFIN g .ia , -. A I ff 5? 2 xx U 7' J-1 ki J 369 fix ,.,A ,J 31 4v""?e-L '33-E ol 5731452-Qc-QYJQ 1 V 593. if , .:":'1i '.f'2:E2S1f:.w .-.Q " W4-z1xsF,2y,d1:1s'aZ111 11: . ' is A .E-,irq-: ?aSiQ3?iv535fi2 Q .A .17-1:-':4g,-542' '-'fini -.g:g1':- 1.51 -5 Q12:E1:E2v- .' .F-' 34-if '19-51 -1417 t ' F' :TEH if f QV, -51 , "'-- . -was 9512.12 5,3 - 'A' -. .. --.f--'is-5:-. J 71- ,,...A yn .. i.. . fav . Yaffg, :A 'TS : . Age: 5 .. fllfi 29 115 - F-if 13252, 'Til -if --. ff' 95 .1 g- ', . '- ..:-,'.1,':f3L:Ai1 i?E557Pl'.'f Lag.: :.L...L.-zggag 'I-Q-gig .5 Aj, .---K Y - ...,,zY,5,...,5 ZAEE5.-4 -in 1. i g .args ,5.,-1:33, a'-Agia' 1 4. ii 5 . warg' A UT. 3 fa 4 1? -1121. 5 Ez, .V J' 'T' f m .:1 'x"i'1" g1 . 3' f ap' 'qi' xl',:l E : 1 f F, . ,1 I Sf A- "4 ' .I cr 1 ,KI-, 15 -5 . f,.. - H-,W v kf",':11c1I ii 14. - -U W .' --51,1 p1 Ea. 'iff -- A '- e g l . if '-3 .,-w 5 .3 Aff- .:fj.,. :. E .. -..U .' ff:-I-,. f f-5:7 ',--, U ., ..-:5.A1:.':eL..:J.i5 :fag fu:-'F " "1 1-Ea' -'-gr '2 -A' -4 Q f-H.,-T 3 A . ' '- M R?j,1,,., if .Af RJ h gy-1-u-ai" W:- " 'A .SVI +2 E-.IEEE Zllpba Qllbi bu jfraternitp bi 1513i Qlibapter Founded 1895 Establzshed 1896 Q19 SOUTH THIRTY-SIXTH STREET Faculty .Members GEORGE ARTHUR NIACFARLAND, B.S. IN ECON. PHILIP C. PENDLETON, B.S. IN ECON. HAROLD SAEGER STINE, A.B. R. V. BOLGER, B.S. IN ECON. PERCY VAN DYIQE SHELLY, A.B., PH.D., A.M. OWEN LOUIS SHINN, B.S. IN CHEM., PH.D. LEE NELSON GULICK, B.S. IN M.E. ISAAC J. SCHWATT, PH.D. A Active Chapter 1925 JAMES MAIR ANDERSON HAROLD GEORGE GREGG AURILLIAN DELNO HOWLETT RAYMOND LUCIUS KNIGHT 1926 RAYMOND BLACK LESLIE HAND CUMMINGS BERTRAM HOWARD BUCHANAN CHARLES MOYER MEREDITH 199.7 SAMUEL AUGUSTUS BOYD EDWIN LESLIE BOYER JOHN WILLIAM BUTTS ALBERT RUSSEL DREISRACH VVILLIAM BERRY HARIILTON 1928 MALCOLM HUGH STONEHAM W. SPENCER LEE WILLIAM BOWMAN BOYER HUGH EDWARD RUSSELL XVILLIAM ANDREW THOMPSON, JR. 370 KENDALL HARRIS SHOYER CHESTER BONEBRAKE SNIVELY HARRY LEROY VANDERFORD BOYD WILSON HAROLD ELY MERRICK JAMES FREE MITCHELL JOHN RUDOLPH TAPPAN RICHARD DORMAN TRAINER JOHN L. LISTER JOHN MOYER MEREDITH EDWIN C. PEASE HERBERT NEWTON SCHWATT THEODORE W. STEVENSON RUSSELL C. GRIFFITH KENNETH G. FAHS HAROLD A. EDLUND PAUL M. HEWITT GRIFFITH STEVENBON HEWITT FAHS LEE PEASE W. BOYBR RUSSELL EDLUND STONEHAM THOMPSON BLACK BOYD NORTHRUP SCHWATT L. BOYER J. IVIERIDITH L1sTER HANIILTON BUTTS-L TAPAN CUMMKNS TRAINOR MITCHELL DRIESBACH MERRICK SHOYER HOWLETT GREGG SNIVELY C. NIEREDITH ANDERSON BUCHANAN ALPHA CHI RHO .fu 6.212 - "' I if XXX is fx' ' .xx ,A 45.55-f' ' A ' wk . V 3. ,M 'Q v f L N W . ,fqnyi-1. 371 l ZBeIta Eau Reita fraternity QBmega Qlhapter Founded 1859 Establvshecl 1897 1 3533 LOCUST STREET Faculty M embers JAMES P. XVICKERSHAM CRAWFORD, A.B., PHD. THOMAS POTTER MCCUTCHEON, A.B., PHD. EDWARD R. FOSTER WILLIAM CALVIN HOOVER SLAGLE ROBERT NELSON BIERLY , LENNOX DANIELSON THOMAS SALKALD HODGSON WALTON EARL CARRUTH RICHARD JOHNSON KOONS YVILBUR LINCOLN HUNG AUGUSTUS MOSES FULK HARRY ROGER GILSON FREDERICK JOHNSON VVILLIAM JOSEPH BRENNEN, PETER JOSEPH COLE FRANK NIAURAN CORNELL THOMAS WINDSOR HARRIS JOHN DALY ICERRIGAN Active Chapter 1925 1926 1927 1928 JR. 372 KENNETH HERBERT TVICDOWELL GEORGE WEEKS TROUSDALE CHARLES JUCH WEINSTOCK STANTON GRANT MARQUARDT EDWARD LEWIS SHUEY CARL ROBINSON ICRIEG JACOB NIAYER ROY EDWARD SLAGLE WILLIAM FREDERICK IQUEHNE, JR JOHN WALTER VAUGHN RAYMOND COPELAND HALLIDAY THOMAS ANDREW HALL, JR. ROWLAND BRADLEY SCOTT BRENNAN KERRIGAN HALL COLE HALLIDAY CORNELL DOWNEY SCOTT :KUHNE VAUGHN KRXEG CARRUTH FULK SLAGLE HANSCOM KOONS HARRIS MAYER JOHNSON DANIELSON SHUEY HUNG TROUSDALE HODGSON BIERLY MCDOWELL WEINSTOC!i DlARQUARDT DELTA TAU DELTA xp Q -' "nf, um E Mmm 9 4W S , X L m Hmmm 373 Brita 3Kappa ClEp5iIcm Reita iliappa Qibapter Founded 1844 Established 1899 4040 SPRUCE STREET Faculty lllembers GORDON BLYTHE ANDERSON, B.S. IN ECON., PH.D. THORIAS APPLETON COPE, A.B., M.D. HIRAM CAULKINS, B.S. IN ECON. LINCOLN VVILKINGTON HALL, B.S. IN ECON., PHD. HERBERT SPRUCE HARNARD, A.B., PH.D. LUTHER ARMSTRONG HARR, B.S. IN ECON., PH.D. SHERMAN LANDERS, B.S. IN ECON. WILLIAM JACKSON MERILL, A.B., M.D. DANIEL EDWARD OWEN, A.B., PH.D. Active Chapter 1925 EDWARD HOWARD PRESTON, JR. KENNEDY BROWN BAILEY, 2d JOHN DOSS BOWEN ROBERT WVARREN DUDLEY HAROLD DANIELS HUXLEY GERALD JOSEPH KEADY WILLIAM ROBERT MILLER, JR. 1926 JAMES WILLIAM ALLSTON OSWALD DORR ENES JOHN BOWEN KOHLER EDWIN RUSSELL NIORINE KARL EMERY ROBINSON JOHN HUNTER SLATER 19927 CARL HERMAN BROWN JOHN HUME COUPER FRANCIS VVALTER DALEY ELVIN FOSTER FREY RALPH LEIGH HALL 1928 WILLIAM DEREVERE COMSTOCK 374 BURRIS MILO MITCHEL BENJAMIN MILTON OWEN CHARLES HENRY EMMERLING ROBERT ANDREW ROSS CHESTER LAWRENCE OLSON EDWIN DUDLEY GARDINER EDWARD JAMES SULLIVAN WILLIAM THOMAS SULLIVAN RICHARD WHITNEY TAYLOR HENRY CLINTON PARENT JAMES W. KENT JESSE THOMPSON NICHELSON VVALLACE GROOM PALMER. JR HAROLD WILLIS PARSONS THOMAS NIMMS RICHARD REEVES ROSS Coormn PARSONS FRE? BROWN DALEY HALL Comsfrocx R. R. Ross PALMER EN1-:S KOHLEF. W. T. SULLIVAN ROBINSON SLATER RICKTER Mo1uNE E. J. SULLIVAN IZMMERLING HUXLEY R. A. Ross BOWEN GARDINER PRESTON KE.-my MILLER TAYLOR DELTA KAPPA EPSILON ':::::::: "1w?q.' swf' xx'-V ' 7595 2- 121222221 HU V M! 4 " ,JZ nf, ' ' L J ul Wa Lfi fig? ' : i'i?3l'P: ' a Z. 'I ff! , H X Q QS M 375 .LI iBIJi bigma appa fraternity jliilu Qibapter Founded 1873 Established 1900 3618 LOCUST STREET Faculty M embers THOBIAS CONWAY, JR., PH.D. KARL WM. HENRY SCHOLZ, B.S., A.M., PH.D. LEIGHTON PAXTON STRADLEY, LL.B. JAMES HERBERT HORNADAY, B.S. IN ECON. JOHN FINTON I'IUMES, A.B. G. LLOYD WILSON, A.B. SIDNEY SANDERSON, M.A. ROBERT DANIEL KEITH WILLIAM FORD HARVEY HARRY WILLIAM BROWN NIERRITT VVILSON, JR. GEORGE MCNEELY BELSTERLING GERARD SCOTT SHELDON ROBERT LINCOLN SEITZ WKVILLIAM M. BUCHANAN HANLEY MANUEL WHITE PAUL PERINCHIEF DAVENPORT LLEXVELLYN LESLIE CHAMBERS LYALL WILLIAM BOWEN JOHN R. KELLER B. NELSON GUNNING JAMES ABBOTT FRYATT DONALD COURTNEY STREEVER VVILLIAM BERNER ANDERSON NORMAN SIDNEY HUMMEL Active Chapter 1995 ROBERT MCKAY GREEN VVILLIAM VVIDENER MORRIS THEODORE HIRAM FAIRCHILD 1926 . JAMES WARREN HARRIS EDWARD T. HAY, JR. JAMES CRAWFORD LEONARD R. FAYLE GEORGE C. MUNGER 1927 RICHARD PAGE AIKIN GERALD STALEY WILSON ' CHARLES THOMAS MAXWELL, JR. CHARLES B. EGOLF 1 928 VVILLIAM RUSSELL FREDERICK STEPHENS PENNINGTON COPE WITMER FRANK SCHOBLE, JR. PHILIP DOUGLASS CREER WILLIAM M. EWADINGER DONALD KENNETH IRMIGER EDWARD VVARREN HOAK HENRY LLOYD CHILD GERALD MURCHISON ALAN CRESSMAN LLOYD FAUST STANLEY MANUEL WHITE ERNEST KENDRICK FRANKLIN ERNEST KENDRICK IRVING LIVINGSTONE WILSON GLONIGER 376 FRANKLIN SELLERS PATERSON JEROME KEESE CHENEY NORMAN EDWARD MALONE GLONINGER HUMMEL PATERSON STREEVER KENDRICK GUNNING. FRYATT IQELLOR CRESSMAN DAVENPORT ANDERSON MALONE CHENEY FAUST AIKIN MAXWELL EGOLF G. WILSON IRMIGER CREER CHILD SEITZ BELSTERLING SHELDON OLSON MUNGER HAY HOAK M. WILSON WHITE CHAMBERS CRAWFORD FAYLE EWADINGER SCHLUEDERBERG BROWN MORRIS HARVEY GREEN STEPHENS SANDERSON WITMER PHI SIGMA KAPPA M QW' M, ,tiff 'L S gn- - aa-g " xlwffrk- I-L g g7Qd1fx"' 'FK up If 1: if v.,M. VV ,M Am'-Qxwf 37 7 HARRY W. ALLERS LESTER JOHN SHARP HOYER JENSEN WVILLIAM R. SHIPWAY J. D. WRIGHT J. R. VINSON RODGER LINDSAY E. H. LOMMASSON EDWARD J. WAGNER A. H. SWING OSCAR DONALD AMEY FRANK GORDON BLEE, JR. XVALTER LEON COURTNEY JAMES MARTIN CUSH GENE JOSEPH CONNELL DAMON CHURCH CHARLES FOX GORDON KARL JAMES KR.AUSE Founded 1856 3908 SPRUCE STREET Faculty Members DONALD RABISAY YOUNG, A.B., A.M., PH.D. JOHN LANGDON JONES, A.B. ROBERT BAKER MITCHELL, B.S. IN ECON. THOMAS JAMES MURPHY, B.S. IN ECON., A.M. J. LANSING JONES, B.S. IN ECON. RUSSELL HENER, B.S. IN ECON. , Active Chapter 1925 DAVID P. WVILLIS EDWARD H. BENNETT RICHARD P. MITCHELL 1926 T. S. LEE A. V. PROESCHOLDT RUPPERT BINGHAM WILLIAM F. MACDONALD 1927 JOHN M. LITTLE THEODORE G. KNOBLAUCH R. F. WELLMAN 1928 MARSHALL LEWIS EDWARD M. LA MARR DANIEL OSMAN MERRUCK JAMES JOSEPH MCGINNIS HENRY LOCKWOOD MILLER THOMAS PICKERING PRATT. AJR. BERNARD OSCAR PONTIUS , 378 Sigma Qllpba Cllipsilnn Bennsplhania Theta Cllhapter Established 1901 CECIL M. RHODES CLARK W. CRAIG M. M. SIMPSON ROBERT OSBORNE DONALD W. DRUMMOND ARTHUR F. KEPLINGER JAMES KILGORE ALLAN ELLIS C. W. HAYES HARRY T. SAYLOR ALAN MOSER RICH HERCULES DORN STEWART JOHN HUBLEY SCHALL JOHN EDWARD TRAYNOR RICHARD ROYAL WEIR EDWIN ASHFORD JKVOOLLEY CYRIL DENNIS WAGNER JAMES BARTLETT WOOD Osaorm MITCHELL SHIPVYAY ALLERS- U H N Y' K Y CRQFIWQEW W-Y SHARP JENSEN RHODES BEVNET1' SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 5 gg . ': Mn ' I sl- V ll . diwg- QD' x J-K . , ,ff 2 Q , 4 , AE bg I 5 at ,I 1, 1 KJ .. .4 3 x"d.n'Dl'g ' Q - 3, 'W-9.6571 A' ,f' .Jw 15: me " " FT-'Eh " ' Q 379 .-ff' K I .. . ' Af., :pl Y, ff --' , . A 314, A II Sigma iBiJi Qiipsilun Rznnsplhanla ZlBeIta Qlhaptsr Founded 1900 Establzsheci 1904 . A' "" - A:" ' Nz:'L'3kjl4 I 3909 SPRUCE STREET ,,,, Faculty M embers CARL IQELSEY, PH.D. STEPHEN B. SWEENEY, B.S. IN ECON. D. D. FAWCETT, E.E. ROBERT ANDREW KEILTY, M.D. FRANK GOLDSMITH SPECK, PH.D. ROLAND F. KRANIER, PH.D., A.M. MATIiEW WILSON BLACK, A.M. JONATHAN HOWE PUGH, B.S. IN ECON. CHARLES EDWARD DAGIT ELLIOT KISNER GILROY CHARLES JACOB HALLER CARROLL RUTHEREORD HEADLEY ROGERS MUNRO DREW JEROME OSBORNE EVAUL MILTON LEYVIS HOLLAND FRANK .NLAXON ALLEN THEODORE CHAPIN BONNEY JOHN STRONG BONSALL CLIFFORD HENRY BUX ALLAN CORWIN DAVEY FIOYVARD IRVING DILLINGHARI VERNON HORACE KUNKLE CHARLES ALBERT BEHRINGER, JR. JAMES HARRINGTON CROSS HARRY B. MCCLURE, C.E. Active Chapter 1925 JOHN FREDERICK HORRISBERGER FRANK PIERCE HUEF, JR. DONALD KEARNS HOWE 1926 STOCKTON GLYNN JOHNSON HAROLD MANCHESTER JOHNSON CLARENCE BUSHNELL LITCHFIELD 1927 GEORGE NEAL DUSENBURY FREDERICK ADAMS FISKE HAROLD HENRY FROHLICH CHARLES PROCTOR GIVEN CARL WILLIAM GSAND BURTON PAUL NIANSFIELD 1928 WILLIAM FREDERICK FISCHER, JR. CHARLES RUSSELL HILTON JOHN DAVIS KING 380 DONALD BREMER MACNEIR ALLEN LLEWELLYN OMOHUNDRO KENNETH ROBERT SCHAAL CHARLES ALBERT VVILSON MARTIN LUTHER LONG JOHN HIRAM MCKEE JOHN PAUL WILSON THOMAS WALLACE MCNARY RICHARD JAMES REILLY WALDEN JONES RICHARDSON CHARLES EDWARD WEBB JAMES VVELLFORD WHITE JOHN FREDERICK WOLF CHARLES STUART RAMSAY MOYER ROBERT MILLARD KENNETH RIAL STEAD I BEHRINGER HILTON CROSS MILLARD FISCHER STEAD HQSTERMAN BLAND DXLLINGHAINI REILLY :LVIANSFIELD GSAND RICHARDSON KUNKLE WOLF FISKE WEBB BUX WHITE DUSENBURY BONNEY DAVEY GIVEN DREW P. WILSON JOHNSON HOLLAND LITCIIFIELIQ- McKEE DAGIT GILROY A.WILSON HALLER HUFF HORRISBERGER SCHAAL HOWE SIGMA PHI EPSILON Q " ' T 55551 61319 ' ' 1 I QALZ' 0' 5 Av: 4. . Q 5 IL' . . 1 , F 4 Iliff" I IQ ' ' i 2534. NE G' 'i Xlnr 1'-f .-1' fi' 5.--.-.YJ L ev yu' ff Qt Ig img v,,. 381 ilBi lamhha iBbi jfraternitp Zeta Cibaptsr Founded 1895 Established 1905 3800 LOCUST STREET Active Chapter EUGENE JOSEPH ARNFELD ' HERMAN LEON GOLDSTEIN ' ARTHUR HAMMER ALBERT DAVID KANRICH VICTOR S. LESSER STANLEY EDWARD BENFORD PAUL JOSEPH BUECHLER ARTHUR CAPLAN ARTHUR COHEN ALLAN S. DAVIS NATHAN FEIST' NATHANIEL GEORGE KANRICH REUBEN BACH JOSEPH H. FULD RUSSELL N. LEVIN DANIEL E. PRICE ALAN B. ROTHENBERG' 1925 1926 1927 1928 382 ROBERT MORRIS SCHWARTZ RICHARD LOWENSTEIN SIMON MORTON STONE ROBERT SIMON ULMAN CLARENCE B. TREEGER HARRY GRABOSKY WILLIAM SAMUEL GOLDSTEIN GERALD M. GREENCLAY GORDON ARNOLD OGDEN GEORGE FERDINAND ARTHUR SHULOE A. RICHARD STERN Q SHEPHERD BERNARD SCHWARTZ SYLVAN B. ROTHSTEIN EDGAR STERN 'NIAJOR L. STERN LESTER STONE BERNARD V. STURZ STERN IQAPLAN LEVIN OGDEN STURZ LKANHICH FULD STERN STONE F1-:IST EACH PRICE ROTHENBERG GRABOSKY GOLDSTEIN LESSER STONE BENFORD CAPLAN HAHIMER SCHWAHTZ DAv1s STERN SIMON TREEGER COHEN BUECHLER ARNFELD SCHWARTZ GREENCLAY ULBIAN KANRICH PI LAMBDA PHI 192-x,,'N 54829: N , V ai. '- - , -L...: f 1 V M d 321' xr .' A- Aram. H b 0 5. I, 17 ,J iz' Q 'TEE U Q 62,4 Qgg jj , ,Y J K 4 . et . Al glg-46 .. 383 Qcacia Jfraternitp, jfranklin Clllbapter F ozmclecl Blay 12, 190.4 Established Dlay 3, 1906 3907 SPRUCE STREET Faculty M embers SOLOMON S. HUEBNER, M.S., PH.D. GEORGE HERVEY HALLETT, PH.D. EDWARD LODHOLZ, M.D. XKVILLIAM ZERFING, D.D.S. GEORGE E. NITZSCHE, LL.B. GWILYIVI EMYR OWEN, PH.D. WILLIAM ALBERT CAPON, D.D.S. JOHN REINERT WHITAKER, B.S. IN ECON. DAVID B. JEREMIAH, A.M. PHILIP SAMUEL STOUT, M.D. WILLIAM ROY HOCKENBERRY, A.M. COLLIER FORD NIARTIN, M.D. J. RUSSELL DOUBMAN, B.S. IN ECON., LL.B., M.A. BENJAMIN A. THOMAS, PH.D. JOSEPH JOHNSTON SUTTON, B.S. IN ECON. H EDWIN M. FOGEL, PH.D. JOHN FRANCIS JEREMIAH, B.S. IN ECON. LEON ELKANAH SMITH, B.S., M.A. ROBERT REIGEL, PH.D. FRED DICKSON WVOOD, D.V.1VI. RAYMOND ZMLORGAN, PH.D. LELAND GOODLANDER EDINGER, B.S. IN ECON., M.A. LELAND JAMES GORDON, B.S. IN ECON., M.A. WILLIAM HARKINS, B.A. WILLIAM D. HARKINS, A.B., LL.B. JOHN VVHITAKER, B.S. IN ECON., M.S. IN ECON. Graduate Member JOHN KNOX PATTERSON Active Chapter 1925 ROYAL JEROME SMITH FREDERICK CHESTER TAYLOR LEONARD CHARLES HAIVIBLOCK C25 Med.j ROBERT HARRIS GEARHART, JR. CGrad.j EDWIN OLIVER APP NORMAN WVEAVER CLEMENS CGrad.j STEWART WILSON PIKE EDWARD LYON ICEYTE C27 Medj JAMES LINDSEY G. PARSONS DONALD GLENN CORBETT LEON THOMAS MOORE C25 Gradj EDWARD JACKSON THOMPSON C25 Lawj NVVILLIAM WOOD WALTERS JOHN RAYMOND KAUIPFMAN QCCTJ HAROLD FREDERIC STEPHENSON HAROLD B. RAMSEY C28 Lawb LVILLIAM PAGE NLEALING 1926 . VICTOR MARTIN PARACHINI GEORGE EICHNER FRANKLIN MERION TARBELL MOOBERRY JOHN COOPER TINKLEPAUGH JOHN LEONARD DENISON JULIAN HORNE CHAMBERS GEORGE EDWVIN CHISHOLM LOYVELL HOFFNIAN FISHER VVILLIAMJIXRUMAN THORPE, JR. 1927 HARRY VVARDEN WILSON ORVILLE EBER DIMMICK THOMAS ROBERT JOHNSON EDNVARD PAUL SMITH CHARLES AUGUSTUS KELLEY 1928 1 GORDON WALDRON FINDLEY DENNIS BLACKBURN STOLLINGS NORNIAN MORTENSON SAMUEL SYLVESTER DIEHL THEODORE STARK MILLER T. FOYE SHUMAKER WILLIAM A. BURNS 384 MILLER FINDLER DIEHL STO LLINGS FRASER DIMMICK K . .1, S I 1 A 1 E? 'FQ P13 ma an :fs P-3 in fm or Wa U S1 SU Em Sw HU! Z, Qs 5 Ov- wi F50 :uw 53 E U0 Ez 55 3 ix W . gg f CU cu bv? H go 'N P 3 an H 2 Sw Env C13 QF! me ,do 92 :1 Z 551 z HQ 5 EE: ws E an 2? V3 E :su mm 3 an Fir! mm S Q U7 S 1 T , y fit' f x ' :visit ' N - 41 'lgylgx , A1 521 Q N Q ' AN,Pf5SI?!jx .... . A A n ,-is -ws I r H ... 7 ml' 2 up ' My f ' ,M . 1.,. ,, , ,W ,W ,haf f, 'L ,,,, - "f""2:f,,,rW' V " MWF 7' .,,.,g,.! -f,Wa:',nL"!f5Qf' ' g 2w1ffW1 385 Zeta Beta Clan :Fraternity Qlihzta fibapter Founded 1898 Establtshed 1907 3819 SPRUCE STREET Faculty M embers HERMAN B. COHEN, M.D. IRVING D. ROSSHEIM, B.S. IN ECON., LL.D. NORNIAN S. ROTHSCHILD, M.D. MYRON ZACKS, M.D. Active Chapter 1925 NORMAN F. CALDWELL LOUIS W. GROTTA MAX E. IQLEEMAN HARRY L. LEVIN PAUL M. TYROLER 1926 HARRY BASH ROBERT BREGMAN IRVING J. GRIMES REYNARD L. JOSEPH JOSEPH SAMPLINER JOSEPH WILE 1927 ARNOLD BUCHSBAUM MARION DAVIS RICHARD K. EINSTEIN HENRY H. I'IECI-IT JACK HELD JAMES S. ULLMAN 1928 ALFRED ZELTER HENRY H. TIEFENBRONNER ROBERT D. STRAUS ABRAHAM L. BASHWITZ JOSEPH S. LEDERER EDWARD G. BAKER DAVID LOWENSTEIN HENRY A. LEVY EDWIN M. PHILLIPS 386 JACK M. SAKS NATHAN J. SNELLENBURG BYRON J. STOLAROFF BEN J. TEPPER BERMAN SCHOENFELD BERNARD S. STEINER SEYMOUR B. WALDMAN WILLIAM D. WALLBRUNN ALFRED WEINBERG JOSEPH B. LENZNER ARTHUR LILIENFELD S. ELDRIDGE SAMPLINER WARREN SAMUELS AMSON TABOR JOSEPH I. GRIMES SIDNEEK O. LEVIN WILLIAM S. WOLF' HARRY W. PFEIFER, JR. CARLYSLE HELD JUSTIN F. LEEKER ALFRED ORNSTEEN LEON BUTLER LGRIMES VVALDMAN HELD WEINBERG LEDERE11 G.G1uMEs BASHXVITZ BUTLER OHNSTEIN BAKER WOLF ZELTEH PFEIFER LOXVENSTEIN GLUCK J. SAMPLINER SCHOENFELD JosEP1-I H.LEv1N SAKS CALDWELL GROTTA STQLAROFF TEPPER TYROLER BAS:-1 STEINER WILE STRAUS LENZNER DAVIS TABOR LILIENFELD EINsTE1N S.LEv1N SAMUELS ULLDIAN ELSAMPLINER BUCHSBAUM'I'IECH'1' WALLBRUNN ZETA BETA TAU V Swv GZ h x - qkggxw. f.ATff"2? g l .M W' ,f . "Hffum ...m5b Q5 - qi 'ggmb Y 5,4 , 4 !?,?iif', A S, 1 A 4 .4 'J 'Ao 4' 1 e .1 1 QA 'sfo ' if .w .g '. .'W" ' yi 1 uk Q! ' '+ gf wh Q if g wa vwzy , ig ' 1895 387 1 5. 11:1 L Sigma ilBiJi bigma fraternity Qlpba Qlbapter ' Founded 1908 Established 1908 I 3914 SPRUCE STREET Faculty Membe1's WALTER WOODBURN HYDE, A.M., PH.D. MORRIS JEFFERIS BABB, B.S., PHD. EDWARD POTTS CHEYNEY, A.M LLD WILLIAM EASBY, JR., C.E. WILLIAM HARRISON KAVANAUGH Active Chapter 1925 WILLIAM ARTHUR HAZELTON ANDREW DURLAND MAPES HARRY WALKER GRAY OSWALD LEE BONNEY THEODORE DORN REDUCKA LLEWLYN CHARLES MARTIN 1926 HENRY NEVIN ROBB AYLWARD W. DAVIS, JR. RANDOLPH VVALLACE MEYER HENRY SHAW MONCRIEF THOMAS GUY MILLER GEORGE NICHOLAS BIGGS GARNER ODELL FLETCHER EDGAR BERNARD RUDIN CLYDE ALEXANDER PEARCE 1927 FAYETTE CRUTCHER ALBERT LEE KLOPFER, JR. CHARLES FREDERICK DAVENPORT CHESTER CARTER SLAYBAUGH STANLEY W. MICHAEL 1928 HOWARD TRUOG BRENNER HERBERT VINCENT LOESCH FORD MCDERMOTT MARTIN MAHLON KIESTER ROBB 388 MAURICE LEWIS CAMPBELL JOSEPH LEE RICE, JR. EDWIN DITMAR COLE JAMES CARROLL ANTHONY THEODORE PRIGGE GEORGE THOMAS PANCOAST DONALD LINDSEY BUCKLER RALPH WESLEY FOSTER ALBERT CARL LOHMANN HAROLD PARKER JOHNSON BENJAMIN LISTON BOWDEN CHARLES PERKINS LOHMANN WALTER CHRISTIAN MAYER DANIEL NIXON WILSON '. CARL VAUGHAN FISHER EDWIN ROGERS KYLE CHARLES EDWARD MIDGLEY, J ELWOOD PERCY WALKER GERALD JAMES GABRIEL HENRY LEE ZIEGLER GEORGE EMERY TAYLOR CARL RICHARD NELSON RICHARD WILLIAM WEEKS, JR ERNEST ALBERT FARRINGTON, JR ROEB FISHER LOESCII F.MARTIN NELSON WEEKS GLOKSIN ZIEGLER EFARRINGTON TAYLOR ,X ff -i 'im 'J .. -0 LOHMANN WVALKER DAVENPORT IKYLE IQLOPFER SLAYBAUGH RFARRINGTON BROWN NIIDGLEY BRENNEE MONCEIEE HAZELTON PANCOAST FLETCHER BIGGS FOSTER JOHNSON RCIAYER WILSON REDUCKA RUDIN L. NIARTIN NIEYER BONNEY DXIAPES RICE CAMPBELL COLE ANTHONY NIILLER SIGMA PHI SIGMA WI. "X pw " ..Q 1 .E QL 3- "" ' ? I 'fa'gIjl PM ski Q: z :cream -x .- 1 I 1 f I . ,y ' 5-LE X X 1, :l x ' NTifF1":vE:ti.'5g V, I I ev I , '- ' Q 139 93, 1 5.1"-p":5'r-nrfjffa-H-If I B? pfgbslpe 389 Faculty M embers alta iigma 1913i jfraternitp Zinta Qlhapter Founded 1899 Established 1908 9202 SOUTH THIRTY-SIXTH STREET CLYDE LYNDON ICING, A.M., PH.D. CHARLES EDWIN CUNNINGHAM, A.B. EARNEST MINOR PATTERSON, PH.D. JOHN BIRELY CLOTHIER, JR., B.S. IN ARTHUR IQENNETI-I GRAHAM, B.S. IN CHEM. FORREST B. ASHBY, B.S. IN ECON. A ctire Chaptev' 1925 LESLIE JOHN BOVVLER ROBERT LEONARD MILLER LEWIS VVISNER SUTHERLAND ISAAC SERRELL LYSTER 1996 GEORGE CLIFFORD 'FI-IOMAS KUNKLE GARDNER MAURICE GORDON NIORLEY VVATERFIELD BAKER GEORGE ALBERT RODENIAN 1927 ROBERT LESLIE PIKE GLENN SCHROER ERDENBERGER CHARLES SCHUYLER DOERR CLYDE GREY GOODMAN TVILLIAM ELDREDGE MASON JOHN HARRY MILLER XVITHEAT THOMPSON CUTLER PHILIP GREGORY LEWIS, JR. PAUL IRWIN BERTRAM ALAN CORSON, JR. 1928 HARRY CONARD AMBLER EDWARD JAMES HUNTER, JR. ROBERT CAMERON HUTCHINSON, JR. HENRY FRANCIS LEUTHOLT 1V.1:0RLEY PAUL LUTZ ' ALEXANDER BYRD MACDOW'ELL HENRY ALEXANDER MILLER EDMUND JACOBY OERTER RICHARD ANDREWS OGDEN WILLIAM HERBERT OTTEY 390 FRANKLIN CLARK BURK PAUL BRADFORD BATTERSBY JAMES EDXVARD HANNA ALLEN JESSE LEASE HAROLD VVHITE APPLEYARD EMIDE ANTHONY THOMAS JAMES REGINALD .HARMAN FRANK WILSON GOADE ROSCOE BASIL BUZZELL EDWARD POWELL BAILEY, JR. HOBART RICHMOND VVIMBLE LEONARD LEGRAND HUNTER GEORGE BIRNEY SALISBURY GEORGE HONVARD TVALTON EDVVARD JAMES FOLEY ARMAND JOSEPH PEARTREE MALVIN VVALTER RUNYON GEORGE N. J. SOMMER, JR. RALSTON FOSTER SUMNER DAVID CHARLES STUMP ROBERT DAVIES WITTER RALPH ILIFF WOOD ANNESLEY MORTON STEXVART JOHN WILLIAM MENCH ' STUMP OTTEY LU'rz RUNYON SOMMER MCDOWELL STETVART NIENCH SUMNEH E,HUNTER WOOD OERTER WITTER PEARTREE SALJSBURY FOLEY DOERR B:klLEY BERTRAM BUZZELL CORSON HUTCHINSON LEUTHULT GO.ADE ERDENBERGER OGDEN HARMAN H.M1LLEn WIMBLE WALTON LEWIS PxKE J. MILLER CUTLER MASON GOODMAN LHUNTER RODEBIAN APPLEYARD LYSTER BATTERSBY THOMAS R. MILLER BOWLER SUTHERLAND GORDON BAKER LEASE JEFF1-ms DELTA SIGMA PHI 1 K Z-Mm aIfj ' Q ' 5 EGTA 5 .PMP 391 Q . I 1 A N Founded 1908 Bi ZlBeIta Qkipsilnn Qllpba Qllhapter Established 1908 3609 LOCUST STREET Active Clmyoter JAMES K. CASSEDY HARLAN CONLY VVALTER F. FUNSTON STEWART B. HARKNESS EDWIN W. HART E. DELROY HOLMES FORREST C. JOBES GUSTAVE LOEBER 1995 VVENDELL E. MERCER HAROLD S. O,BRIAN WILLIAM H. ROBERTS DAVID T. ROWVLANDS OSCAR O. SCHREIBER WILLIAM J. SMEDLEY WILLIAM G. SIMPSON LYMAN S. SMITH A. W. THATCHER, JR. JUDSON C. BRIGGS WILLIAM C. COLBERT ' FLOYD E. DAVIDSON ROBERT J. BOYD ARTHUR M. BRITTINGHAM NORRIS D. BUNN FRED T. KAIN 1926 ANDREXV DE MIN GEORGE L. SCHOENBERG ALBERT N. WOODROFFE, JR 1927 RAYMOND J. NICHOLS CHARLES J. RELLER YJ DONALD I. RUMNEY J. FRANKLIN SLOTTER GEORGE W. SMEDLEY FINLEY E. CAMPBELL HAROLD L. CARSON JAMES C. CREWV HENRY WV. HILLIARD 19Q8 EDGAR M. MYERS WALTER W. RELLER PAUL D. SPANGLER ARTHUR V. WHITELOCK HENRY H. WILSON 392 BUNN C. RELLER W. RELLER CAMPBELL CREWV CARSON LIEYERS BRIGGS SLOTTER BRITTINGHAM MINN DAVISON CASSEDY WHITLOCK WILSON HART SPANGIIER O'BRION SIMPSON NICI1OLS FUNSTON MERCER PURCEE SCHREIBER SIMPSON R.OVVI,ANDS PI DELTA EPSILON : N 'ix 393 Qlpba 195i jfratermtp Qlipsilnn Qlbapter Established 1906 Chapter Chartered 1908 1 3803 SPRUCE- STREET Faculty M embers DR. E. T. BOOTH, V.M.D. DR. W. J. LEE, V.M.D. A ctive Chapter 1925 J. J. CUNNINGIIAM J. R. KINNEY H. L. FELL D. D. KOHLER G. P. FINOIQE BENJ. RAU D. W. GATES M. O. ROBINSON G. F. SEBASTIAN 19926 C. L. BRIGGS R. G. LITTLE H. W. HERRIOTT J. C. ROBBINS G. H. KINEMOND J. K. STROCKBINE G. B. SOHNELLE 1927 G. M. LEIGHOW E. W. RACKLEY C. E. MASSINGERY - A. S. VANSANT S. MOORE, JR. C. E. WATSON L. A. PETERSON E. A. WEBB M. L. WENDLER 1928 R. S. BEARDSLEE J. D. BECK L. M. ESH M. W. HALE C. E. HUTT C. L. LAMMEY ' E. H. NIINER C. W. MILLER W. E. MARTINDALE W. B. RAWLINGS J. V. SMITH C. F. STARKE C. M. STEVENS E. D. TUCKERMAN H. H. TAYLOR 394 STARKE BECK STEVENS LAMMEY TAYLOR SMITH MARTINDALE ESB BEARDSLEE H.-ILE RAWLINGS WATSON STIIOCKBINE lX4ILLER NIINER RACKLEY SCHNELLE PETERSON HUTT NIOORE LEIGI-Iow DELANO WENDLER VANSANT MASSINGER BRIGGS FELL KOHLER ROBINSON RAU FINCKE SEBASTIAN HERRIOTT CUNNINGHAM LITTLE KINNEY IQINEMOND GATES ALPHA PSI -raw If f f...., 395 ,NS-.,.,..,A IJ Isp J' f I --' '- A A 4 r ' .5 V gr ' 52 -'E Jil . .,..., , .,..-. ,Wd " ,J fhhgaa .',W1?f"',,: ref - -1-wwpf' ixyf 'f..L.-1.a'f?Qi3' .sfqlit 454 'iqiif' 'LFE--'fi -Hifi 5'.:":Et L-fy 4i5E:.ilf2w,fy' mm 'i-pf--+:Lf':7' ' .wages lxik: Jfxgginyiumg 7 IT' H1 it vi 7 'I imzli 4: 1' I ' I' r' ?2--- V.--I---'23 ... ',A Sigma Ri jfraternitp Reita Qibapter Founded 1897 Establzshed 1909 3613 LOCUST STREET Faculty Members DANIEL L. WALLACE, DR. IN CHEM. ALBERT E. MCIQINLEY, PH.D. IQINGSLEY E. DEROSAY, B.S. JVILLIAM J. CROMIE, A.B. Active Chapter 1 925 JOHN BAIN CORRIN, JR. HAROLD ESTON KELLEY PAUL JACOB KOCH BURTON RANDOLPH LAUB 1996 FRED FRETZ MARTIN MALCOLM FAIR WANDLING GEORGE KELLOCK HALE, JR. DONALD HOLDEN COURTER BENJAMIN ARTHUR BOURNE I WILLIAM DEFORD BEASLEY 19927 VVILLIAM DOUGLAS RANIBORGER CHRISTIAN HAROLD BRANDT FREDERICK METZ MENTZER . 19928 G. HAROLD LLOYD ROBERT M. SANKEY A LA RUE S. WAGENSELLER DONALD W. BYERS SPENCER A. NORRIS 396 IN CH.E. DUDLEY GREGORY MURPHY CHARLES DELBERT RUSH JAMES DONALD STODDARD CLAYTON SOUTHGATE WETZEL JKVILLIAM HERBERT CHANDLEE FORREST CLINTON EBRIGHT ROBERT SHOTWELL GOE DONALD VVAYNE SCHROEDER ROY ALONZO CURL PHILIP FRANCIS FRY FREDERICK GUSTAV REHNER RICHARD MASKREY WILSON WARREN W. HUTC1iESON IXNDRE H. LE DOUX JOHN M. SUMROW, JR. EDWIN F. TAYLOR Mosmz LE DOUX BLAND BRANDT BOURNE HUTCHESON Nonms WAGENSELLER STANLEY SUMROW SCHROEDER RUSH IQELLEY STODDARD RAMBORGER MURPHY EBRIGHT LLOYD WANDLING CQURTEB. FRY Wmzm MEN1-zmn WILSON BEASLEY HALE R1-:Hman CURL Kocz-1 SIGMA PI M 'vW'f"i'F" W Mxwfiw ls- '.1fm,"f ,fn Qxgwx f Vi' fbi Q w Z X X LC? MP1 W 'Ari' gf lxxiiw i V X' A' , Y. K ,J w ' 'ff' r P - ff" I ' 42, J gm Fw, 397 Gtbeta Qlibi jfraternitp ifiappa Qlbapter Founded 1 856 Established 1912 3817 SPRUCE STREET I Faculty M embers GEORGE PHILLIP VVILLIAMS, JR., A.B., LL.B. .NIICHAIL NIICHAIL DORIZAS, A.B., M.A., PH.D. CHARLES ANSON RANDLETT VVARDWELL, B.S. IN ECON., MA. SAMUEL HOWARD PATTERSON, B.S. IN ECON.,,M.A., PH.D. Active Chapter 1 925 EDWARD ROLAND COX, JR. ' AUGUSTUS SHAW GOETZ HARRY HIRT ROTH ROLAND FRED MALLON HARRISON GILL KILDARE AYLWYN PENNELL WILLIAMS 1926 JOHN GEORGE SADTLER WALTER DWIGHT NOSTRAND OLIVER GOULD SWAN JAMES CHARLES MACLEAN 1927 WILLIAM HARRIS STEVENS. JR. GEORGE KING GARDINER XVINFIELD MACLURE MCALISTER FRANK PARRISH SCHWARTZ WVILLIAM YVINTERBOTHAM WOODSIDE ALLAN THOIVIPSON HOLLOWAY ROBERT MULLER 1928 ARTHUR M. BLAMPHIN J. CECIL HOLM J. FOLWVELL SCULL, JR. NORMAN B. ROCHE JOHN E. BOSWELL H. TOWNSEND BONGAARDT JOHN C. XVELCH 398 , WALTER REICHNER FARIES, A.B., LL.B DANA GREENLEAF HOW, B.S. IN ECON. JOHN ROBSON SKEEN, B.S., M.A. HOBART STEVEN PERRY, B.S. IN ECON. JAMES HEYWORTH HUNTER SAMUEL RHEN GUNDRUM EDWARD RUSSELL BONSALL WILLARD VINCENT MERRIHUE ALBERT M. WITWER, JR. CHAPMAN T. BEAUREGARD BRADFORD GREEN ROBERT BRUCE BEITH RALPH CHARLES PFENNIG CHARLES STAGG ROGERS SANFORD FREDERICK WILLIAM MCCAND,LISS LEE EDGAR CLEAR, JR. TVILLIAM HERBERT ANTHONY AMEISEN WILLIAM E. HENDRICKS VVARREN T. NAGLE SAMUEL F. NEWMAN H. IRVING DUNN JOHN M. :KURTZ ROBERT JOHNSON ROBERT MCAFEE JAMES WILSON WELCH MCAFEE JOHNSTON WILSON ROCHE HOLM BONGAARDT AMEISEN GARDINER WOODSIDE CLEAR NEWMAN DUNN SCULL NAGLE Kunfrz BOSXY'ELL HENDRICKS BONSALL NOSTRAND GUNDRUM NICLEAN GREEN BExTH WITWER HOLLOIVAY STEVENS PENNELL MULLER MICRRIHUE BEAUREGARD GOETZ SADTLER W1LI.IAhIS MALLON SWAN RUTH K1LnARE B1CALTSTER LEE THETA CHI Q If I fa ff if X ' x v ,Q -'I' x WM , "" QI mm cg .Y 2--1, .' if p., R WPEHHGE-,i ' 1 'lg',':'1t'fn ggi LJ , HMJMIEL X' Q W G L XQE ' WJ' ' 'ff f r . ,,V, , fiffkf ' '51 ' 399 Ulibeta Xi fraternity QBmicrnn Qlijapter Founded 1864 ' Establuhed 1912 3930 SPRUCE STREET Faculty M embers HAROLD E. PENDER, A.B., PH.D. ARTHUR HOLMES CARLOS BERGUIDO, A.B., LL.B. CLAIR L. WVILCOX, B.S. IN ECON., M.A. C. CANBY BALDERSTON, B.S. IN ECON. EDWIN F. PIKE, B.S. IN CH.E., M.S. OTTO E. ALB'RECHT, A.B. Active Chapter 1925 JOHN EDWARD COBLE WALLACE LINCOLN MCINTYRE CLARENCE ADOLPH FRANKENBURG WILLIAM LIGGETT SHENTON WILLIAM FRANK BOWER, JR. . ROBERT LEONARD MILLS 1926 DUDLEY NEAR VAN KLEECK WILLIAM F. SATTERTHWAITE KERYL VELMORE CAMPBELL FRANK HUBERT VVELLER 1927 WILLIAM KENNETH KASTNER JAMES BERTIE WILLAN EDWARD ANTHONY DRISCOLL HENRY THEODORE INMAN 1928 CLARKE 'VVILLARD JOHN KOLB ESTEBAN BIRD JOSE CALDERON ANDREW LEE HOWARD MATTOX NIELBOURNE BEEBEE 400 JEWEL HOWARD COOK KARL ENNALS JARRELL JAMES MALCOLM HENDERSON WALTER S. HIESTER J. LAWRENCE DAVIS ALFRED G. LINDBLAD, JR. HERBERT P. GREGORY JOHN HENRY RUSHTON JOHN MCCALLISTER SHARPE ALBERT NYLUND WILLIAM EVERETT FAITOUTE KIRK S. WIGHT ROBERT BAXTER EUGENE LORENZ RALPH SCHNEIDER LEO 1VIORRISSEY BENJAMIN MERENBECK JOHN ROULSTON JOHN SEBASTIAN CALDERON RIEREMBECK KOLB SEBAQTIAN RoULsToN LEE BIRD SCHNEIDER D.-w1s BEEBE Momssny WILLARD WILLALI RASTNER LMTOUTE INMAN NYLUND BAXTER HEISTER LXICINTYNE WIGHT JARRELL SATTERTI-lYVAlTEy HENDERSON RUC!-ITON BROVVN SHARPE FRANKENBERG BCIATTOX CABLE Dmscou, LINDBLAD GREGORY VAN IXLEECK SHENTON BTILLS COOK BOWVER THETA XI . 44: 7 'Ag 11- , f 43 if 9' ,. , af MEAL gt' Z A gy cg? GE wx Q 9 We x -1-01 x-1 .A .. . FRANKLIN EDGERTON, A.M., PH.D. GEORGE DEPUE HADZITS, A.M., PH.D. ALFRED HERMAN GUMAER, B.S. IN ARCH. CONRAD VELDER HAHN, B.S. IN M.E. WALTER SEILER, B.S. IN ECON. ALEXANDER SIMPSON BAUER ADRIAN JVICTOR HAROLD BORCHERS CHARLES E. CORT HOWARD J. CARROLL JAMES P. EARP EARLE THOMPSON HARICER W. N. BAUGHMAN HENRY VVILLIAM CHUBBUCK MICHAEL IGNATIUS CUNNINGHAM C. H. FABER CARL HENRY GRASHOE, JR. HERBERT EUGENE BAILEY CLAUDE BARRERE FREDRICK D. CRUM EMMET NICIiOLS GARRIS JOHN JACOB HAEER JAMES WATSON JACOT GEORGE DECIUS MILLER GEORGE W. FERGUSON JAMES 1V. KASE EDXVARD E. HALE YVILLIAM GLENN GEORGE HALE f Founded 1909 Faculty M embers Jiamhha bi Zllpba ,fraternity Qipsilnn Zeta Clllhapter I Established 1912 225 SOUTH THIRTY-NINTH STREET HARRY JAMES LOMAN, B.S. IN ECON. . BERWIND PETERSON KAUFMAN, B.S., A.M. DONALD ASHCROFT HILSEE, B.S. IN ECON. DAVID MCCAHN, B.S. IN ECON. CHARLES CARROLL ROHLFING, B.S. IN ECON. Active Chapter 1925 FRANKLYN ISREAL HARBACH STEIN W. HANOLD FRANK GERARD HENSEL GEORGE LEROY HILL CONRAD FULMER MILLS 1926 JOHN L. HAIVIILTON, JR. CLAUS GUSTAV JORDAN XVOODRUFF PALMER KING EDWIN CLINTON LONGWELL JAMES BARTON MACPHERSON 1927 JOHN NIERLIN 1VICLEISH HAROLD I. NEUMAN DANIEL A. SOUTHWELL STANLEY JOSEPH SIERACKI ARTHUR SELLERS ALEXANDER NICKNIGHT SYKES 1928 NIILLARD G. SCHRAM AMI-IERST T. SPITZER, Qd GEORGE M. LINCOLN ELWOOD BARRON 402 WILLIAM CUTTING MISSMER EDWARD STANLEY PANEK JAMES EDGAR RODGERS EDWIN ALLEN SNAPE, JR. ROBERT DAVIS SEAGRAVES VVILLIAM HERBERT WATTERSON FRANK HOGAN MASSEY, 2d ALBERT GRIFFITH MILLER RAYMOND DE SOULVILLE SHRYOCK GEORGE PFLUG-FELDER HARRY J. WALTERS, JR. RUDOLPH E. STEFFL HENRY T. VANCE C. D. VALENTINE J. FREDERICK RITZ YVILLIAM C. WAGNER JOHN HALLMAN TAEFFNER WILLIAM A. MOEBIUS ROY S. VOLLMER HERMAN JORDAN HARRY ROBINHOLD ROBERT BROWN BARRON SCHRAM MILLER LAEFFNER SPITZER BARRERE SOUTHVVELL SYKES LINCOLN E. E. HALL: LYSON GLENN BROWN VOLLINIER K.-ISEROBI-NI-IOLD FABEH Rrrz PFLUG-FELDER JACOT W.AGNER BCIOBIUS H.J.JoRDAN K.G.JORDAN CUNNINGHIKBI BIACPHERSON CRUM HAFER VVALTER HAAIILTON BAUGHMAN SHRYOCK SHRYOCK MILLER NIASSEY NEUMAN FERGUSON ROGERS EARL' HARBAOK PANEK COLE SNAPE HANOLD GRASHOF W,ATTERSON HENSEL Boncmzns H.ARKER COHT CARROLL BAUER LAMBDA CHI ALPHA ,,ff9:iiQEEsOQ- I , .I . 4. mp, "-A. A uw g f if i9 A A K A31 'V X' A x,VI, gI 7a u IX M 403 Esta nf 3 Faculty lllembers . kappa Qllpha Snniztp Rznnsplhania Founded 1825 Established 1913 3537 LOCUST STREET ARTHUR HAGEN MILLER, A.B., PH.D. NATHANIEL EDWARD GRIFFIN, B.A., PH.D. Graduate Me1nbe1' WILLIAM EVELYN MAGEE POOLE, A.B. Active Chapter 1925 MALCOLM BAILEY ALLEN ROBERT AUGUST STREETER ROBERT NORMAN VVOODRUFF 1926 CARL EDWARD ALLERSMEYER HOWARD FRANKLIN PARK, JR. ALEC CHARLES SUTIIERLAND ROBERT BRUCE SINCLAIR 1927 FRANK LONGSTAFE BAXTER DAVID BRUCE CREW 1998 RALPH WILLIAM DAVIES TI-IOIVIAS STONE FILES PI-IILLIP WARREN GAGE 404 EDGAR TWEEDY BELDEN, THEO BALLOU 1vHITE KARL EMMERICH DAVID VVESLEY RUSSELL FRANKLIN LYLE TINKER L JOSEPH XVARK HUGGINS TRUESDALE CLARKE EDWARD SMYTHE HALL CHARLES TILLYER, TREGO JAMES SAVAGE VVEBSTER 1513i QEpsiIun Bi jfratermtp F ounclecl 1887 QEta Qlbapter Establzshed 1913 3940 SPRUCE STREET Faculty M embers ISAAC HUSIK, PH.D., LL.B. JULIUS BAYLINSON, A.B. SYDNEY K. ALLMAN LOUIS O. BENOLIEL SIMON A. GOLDSMITH DAVID W. GOLTMAN JACK S. GOLTMAN HORACE R. HANO JOSEPH R. BEAR ALAN B. DAVID Active. M embers 1925 1996 MARTIN I. FREEMAN, JR. ROBERT E. GUGENHEIM LEWIS I. HIRSCH ROBERT K. RAISLER CHARLES K. ALLMAN B. PAUL BROIDA WILLIAM B. FREEMAN HENRY M. FEDER ALVIN B. FISHER CHARLES M. FLEISHMAN AUBREY WOLK EDGAR A. ANSPACHER RUSSEL I. OPPENHEIM BERNARD H. LOWY ALBERT L. ,WERTHAN DAVID W. LEDERMAN 1927 1928 406 EDWIN M. HYDEIVIAN JULIAN M. KOBACKER SYDNEY M. KLEEMAN STANLEY LEESER NATHANIEL RATNER RICHARD LOWY MARTIN D. MEYERS FRANCIS N. NATHAN EDWARD VVERTHEIMERJJR EDGAR L. YORK WILLIAM HOFFMAN- JOHN P. REINTHAL GEORGE G. STEPPACHER JOSEPH WAXELBAUM MAX WEYL LESLIE' LIFSON ALBERT LIEBERMAN, JR. JOSEPH FELDMAN SEYMOUR DIAMOND L. D. GROSS REUBEN HERZFELD Lowa' LEDERMAN OPPENHEIM GROSS HERZFELD LIEBERMAN WERTHAN ROSENBAUHI LEHMAN ANSPACHER STEPPACHER FLEISHMAN FADER BROIDA WOLK FREEMAN LIFSON WAXELBAUM ALLMAN FELDMAN FISHER HOPFBIAN RAISLER FREEMAN GUGENHEIM DAVID BEAR WERTHEIMER HIRSCH YORK RIEYERS NATHAN :KLEEMAN GOLDSMITH IiOBACKER HYDEHIAN HANO GOLTLIAN BRAV BENOLTEL ALLMAN PHI EPSILON PI I .-!- ... E f 7 , Wi' MW A , 1' ,, A U MH H NK i'3?'11 E Hlw My my W .A ' Aff-'U'.'V, Ml Il A! 407 Qlpba Sigma 1913i jfraternitp QBmirrnn Qlhapter Founded 1 8.45 Established 1 91.4 3903 SPRUCE STREET Faculty M embers JOSEPH H. AVILLITTS, A.B., A.M., PH.D. CLEMENT VOLLMER, A.B., PH.D. AVILLIAM DUNCAN GORDON, B.S. IN ECON., A.M., PH.D. RALPH B. ALLEN, A.B., M.A. ALBERT FRANCIS HURLBURT, A.B., A.M. CLARENCE L. ECKEL, B.S. IN C.E. GEORGE F. RICHARDSON, B.S. IN C.E. FRANKLIN G. CONNOR, B.S. IN ECON. FREDERICK BOLEY SCHELL, JR., ME. Active Chapter 1995 CLELLAND D. CURTIS EDGAR C. ALLEN EDMUND SCHISSEL XVILLIAM H. PEAK CLIFFORD MCKAIG THOMAS F. BOON JOHN S. LANCASTER H. JAMISON SVVARTS 1926 ROBERT E. XVATTS CHARLES R. KIMBER ORRELL O. AXLEY JOHN R. FORD ERNEST E. B.AILY BENJAMIN A. EDWARDS JAMES PRATT FOLEY 1927 GEORGE M. VVITHINGTON HARRIS FOSBINDER BROWNN ROBERT RYERAS VALLEE ROBERT LANGSDALE BUSWELL CHARLES NELSON TVIOFFETT DAVID BUSHROD JAMES, JR. XVENDELL LINCOLN BRIGGS C OVERTON CFREMPER 19228 GEORGE VVAITE JAYNES GEORGE JACOB BOLTZ GURDON XVEBB HARTSHORN FLOYD LEROY BOWERS CHARLES JOSEPH PHILLIPS CIJHOMAS WADE JARBOE HARRY :XBIJAH FISK, JR. G. VVREELAND HORTON 408 JOHN PRICE ROBERT A. GROFF JOHN J. IQAUFFMAN F. WILSON CARRAWAY ELMER O. NICLANE FRANCIS M. MCGUIRE WILLIAM W. MCKENDR1' JOHN A. BRAINERD LYLE L. SHEPARD ROBERT N. BRIGGS EDGAR DELANGE PAUL CHACE RICHARD TVIANNING ARCHIBALD RALPH BULMAN EATON WILLIAM LAWRENCE DE ANQUINOS ELMER C. ARMSTRONG, JR. HAROLD D. BARNSHAW STEPHEN THONIAS SNYDER CHARLES FVHITE HENRY GEORGE AOFMANN W. LAMONT MORGAN DARYL JONES CARL OTTO HOFFMAN NORMAN HASKELL ASH RAY VVENDELL TURNER JACK J. MCDOWELL JAMES RUSSELL BAILEY JOHN EMIL GILMAN DAVID XVARNEWRIGHT BOWMAN I 1: - ---ff' Ira H . - f.-A-ff - -- , , , I . I J iigma Zllpba 531111 jfratermtp Qlbzta Qibaptsr Founded 1909 '1-1 Amzuummnnnl, . 513 3817 03'.F?E?'f?igizfm:'., ff.,5ei5?', S' ff A A .,Q. I X , ,,LNv, ' --1 S3 , A W2 I 1 1074. , , i f illi . jx I f W IS ' -. 1 1 Y- jj A' -if-I 4 .-.., f '1L1E1:iF 'L 3 J A V e 0' If V l ff 2 1 ..r-fn-f,4f:' ,-,..,.. . . , -,-I-pg., -.1-Q.--:ix -,,5 1, ,I-,, A , ,,,, ,I W.. 5252-16. ..M,.A, ,, -, MURREL J. ADES NATHAN APPLEMAN Active Chapter 1 995 MURRAY FRIEDLANDER H. LAWRENCE HERRING JOSEPH APPLEBAUM 1926 ISAAC GUGGENHEIM, Qd ISADORE L. HALPREN 1997 NELSON R. BERNSTEIN JESS L. GEISMAN EMMET H. HYMAN HERBERT TITELMIAN RACY SCHOLLE MORTON SINGER IVAN SMITH MORTIMER BESUNDER IRVING KLEIN 1998 410 Establzshecl 1914 WALNUT STREET BEN RAU WALTER H. WEINSTEIN SAMUEL KOHN HYMAN URKEN KAHLMAN LINKER SEYMOUR RAND HAROLD D. CASSON LEE HIRSHBERG JAQUES SCHOLLE P. LOUIS SMITH NORMAN KALCHEIM- HAROLD KATZ DAVID SILBERMAN DANIEL LOWENTHAL MILTON DINER BROWNSTEIN RQTHMAN SINGER IiATZ DINER I. SMITH LOXVENTHAL BESUNDER SILBERMAN GUGGENHEIM P. SMITH HIRSHBERG TITELLIAN IKALCHEIM IQLEIN HALPREN HYMAN LINKEII SCI-IOLLE GEISMAN HERRING RAU KOHN BEIINSTEIN CAssoN RAND UHKEN Anms APPLEBAUII SIGMA ALPHA MU' E ' ae: 12 - " ae: r M -l-11 I Theta Belts: Qllbi Phi ibeuternn Qlhargz Founded 18.47 Established 1915 3608 XVALNUT STREET Faculty Members JAMES J. KEOGH, D.D.S., AB. EDWARD MARVIN TWITMYER, A.B. EDWARD BURKET TWITMYER, M.S., PH.D. ARTHUR SPENCER CALLEN, M.E. A ctive Chapter 19915 ELLWOOD F. ALTBIAIER THEODORE VARNEY BAOON DONALD M. SVVAN RANDOLPH T. MCKELVE1' ALFRED W. ALVINO 1926 HOWARD M. SATTELE JOHN B. RODGERS XVALTER F. O,MALLEi' DAVID DENMAN 1927 HOWARD A. DEER THOMAS COURTNEY PATTERSON JOHN R. TAYLOR IRVING W. DOWNING THEODORE 1-XBNER SANDQUIST EDWARD JOSEPH NICALENNY 19028 WALTER DAVID ADAMS DONALD MINUSE WOOD VVESLEY MULHALL HUGHES HARRY HULDREICH EDEL EDYNVARD KILLIAN HALBLEIB JOHN PHILIP BERRY 4-12 DOUGLAS M. PHILLIPS OWEN A. LUCKENBACH MATTHEW E. KEOGH FRANK R. DEWHIRST JAMES F. 0,HEA JOHN G. MAODONALD EDWARD L. RODERICK CARL L. WELLINGTON P VICTOREY D. SWEENEY 1 C. LEEDS MITCHELL THOIVIAS E. FREEMAN ISAAC MULFORD SMALLEY GEORGE LAING POLLEY MILLARD SEYMOUR BANKS WILLIAM ELTON HARRISON PAUL BYRON VVYANT HERBERT GUNDRUN FREI PVILLIAM SWETLAND GOULD WYANT ADEL FREI BANKS Woons HARRISON HUGHES ADAMS BICALEANEY GOULD POLLEY WELLINGTON DOXVNING SVVEENEY HALBLEIB SANQUIST SMALLEY DENMAN PATTERSON RODERICK SATTALE TAYLOR MITCHELL FREEMAN DEER O'HEA RODGERS SNVAN DEWHIRST ALVINO OWVIALLEY MACDONALD ALTMAIER PHILLIPS INKCIXELVEY KEOGH THETA DELTA CHI ' V L 4931 Q -A ggi'-"' wyajkgefgaxw A N- me , ' x' wiki ' JHQQQ WS' -L13 1913i Sigma Eelta jfratermtp Zeta Qllbapter F ozmdecl 1909 A Establzshed 1915 3824 SPRUCE STREET Faculty Member DR. MEYER SOLIS-COHEN, A.B., M.D. MILTON BRUDNO MILTON T. DAUS MILTON GUTMAN EDMUND J. KAHN SAUL I. KAMIN VVALTER J. BERGMAN PAUL D. DALSIMER' DANIEL J. DE BRIER A. LAWRENCE NOVECK CARL A. BRUKENFELD RAYBIE D. GRANT ALAN A. GREENSPON IRWIN I. HOROWITZ HARRY IQAMIN EDWIN M. STRAUSS ALFRED C. BERGMAN HOWARD L. BERGMAN BERNARD DEUTSCH HARRY D. DERMON MYRON S. GOLDMAN SYLVAN HEILBRUNN IRA ICAUFMAN LOUIS LARONGE Active Chapter 1925 1926 1927 1928 SIDNEY J. KOVNER MARVIN J. LARONGE HAROLD RAPPAPORT MORTON H. SANGER NIENDEL SILVERMAN THEODORE G. RICH. ARNOLD M. SMITH BERNARD VVILNER HYRIEN E. WINE SAMUEL LEVAUR ARTHUR H. MAISNER NATIIAN MARGOLIS MILTON MILLER . NATHAN N. NAIMAN ALEXANDER LEWIN YOUNIE J. LEIBOWITZ IRVING W. PERLMAN ALFRED ROTTENBERG ALVIN S. ROMANSKY PAUL S. SAMUELS ARTHUR S. SALUS 414 I HEILBRUN DERMON SAMUELS BERGMAN GOLDAIAN SALUS ROTTENBERG LARONGE PERLMAN LIEBOWITZ ROMANSKY BERGMAN DEUTSCH NAIRIAN- WILNER RICH Honowrrz GRANT STHAUS IQARUN B1ARGOLfIS WINE DEBRIER SMITH DALSIMER BRUKENFELD MIXISNER KOVNER GUTMAN RAPPAPORT IXAMIN DAUS LARONGE KAHN SANGER SILVERMAN BRUDNQ NOX'ECK PHI SIGMA DELTA .xv HR. .I . I S 0, Y- GMP' 415 E542 imma Tlliau 1913i :Fraternity n lf U43 Zllpha Qibapter gang, Founded 1917 Established 1917 7 ggxwgmlw 3333 WALNUT STREET f 5 fi A. . .Ea .V . ,' N-M4 .fav -1. 'ig jffri, . , - - '-i1,,,y . 'i LL in J.-E'Q'f,w-T: la:-1... if' 1' flggffg. ew" - . '- " "" ',.:w.-R. Y 53. ' . -,i 3 ' HH, H... 4' - ,j, lj-Q 717f""F.. 'f - - A ., ---' I su",. ss . wif- 'I' 1 -1: 55.551 'ec MN? , ,, Wfftni H1 .B .,- - v'-wif -mf'fq-...- JW E! ,.,-,Q 7,15-1QQg45wAg.'Z5 A V5.5 P I f I- I-'-1w.f,f'f-.w 11' 1 ?fZEwwawQ 55EE In :mf I -I ' ,ir Q 1 A- 'EQ T -- nz,.,,:f .. ..,. 1 1 In rf 2 nz. E.. . I .I , - x Y ,I ag, Ill: ?'1u,-Nil if EIT13uHmI,'1f ---- ' ' :'f,.11j."'?Hi: ff ,I u.ITT..,1:. ...., L. '1 '5 441-42 1 ' Faculty M embers GEORGE WV. RAIZESS, PHD. BERNARD L. OSER, CHEMISTRY Active Chapter ' 1925 JOSEPH RITTER ' JULIUS MYERBERG EDWARD GALLNER PHILLIP RICHMAN LOUIS IQAPLAN JULIUS H. TOLSON 1926 ISADORE ARKIN LEONARD GOTTLIEB LEON REIBENBERG SAUL KAPLAN FRANK BLOOM ISADORE L. KOHEN SIDNEY CATSIEE DAVID REITER LESTER ROSENBERGER 1997 JOSEPH GOLDBERG MORTIMER B. ROSENBERGER IRA HIRSCHBERG EDWARD M. ROSENFELD EDNVARD K. JACOBSON HERMAN BRENNER EDNVARD I. ROSENBERG HARRY SILVER ISRAEL I. SPECTOR BEN VVARSHAVSKY HARRY STEINBERG ISRAEL PERSKY SOLIS CANTOR 1928 NORVAL LEVY SAM LEVY 416 WARSHAVSKY CANTOR PERSKY BRENNER STEINBERG S. LEVY, N. LEVY, JACOBSON SPECTOR ROSENFELD TRAIMAN GOTTLIEB KOHEN HIRSCHBERG GOLDBERG COHEN ROSENBXERG M.RosENBERG1-:R, CATSIFF ARKIN TOLSON RICHMAN RIETER RITTER NIEYERBERG L. ROSENBERGER, G.ALLNER CAPLAN IXAPLAN SIGMA TAU PHI .r gf A Vf Q 3 , 140 ' x 'fi A"' " ' ' :' 4" E2Q fQ. .SQ , 417 Active Chapter 1925 IRVIN I. SUMMERS ELI SHAPIRO ELIAS JOSEPH CORNER Ziiappa 5211 jftaternitp 3Bu Cibaptet Founded 1 911 Established 1 91 9 3703 LOCUST STREET MORTON RAYMOND HERR ROBERT SAUL MARCUS MILTON SEGEL 1926 JESSE GODFREY ARON JOSEPH HELLER WEINTRAUB NATHAN S. HYMAN HENRY I. KOPLIN MAXWVELL GOLDBERG BERNARD BENJAMIN EIOHHOLZ ARNOLD SYDNEY NASS NATHAN ROSENFELD SYLVAN F REUND 1927 LYMAN BAUM, JR. SAMUEL JOSEPH SENDEROWITZ RAYMOND SAMUELS ARTHUR SAMUEL HECHT BENJAMIN SAMUEL GORDON SHELDON B. ACKERMANE ' 1928 PHILLIP COHEN . EDWIN HERZ JOEL NASS CHARLES LOUIS SONNEBORN, JR. SAMUEL J. ROBERTS BENJAMIN ALLEN CHOROSH 418 LYNNJ RALPH PETTLER HENRY MORRIS SCHAFFNER DAVID FRANK ARNOLD NIELVILLE FLEISHER SIDNEY STANLEY KADIN CORNER SCHAFFNER J. NAss COHEN Fu-:ISHEH ICADIN CHOROSH FRANK ROBERTS SONNEBORN SANDEROWITZ GOLDBERG EICHOLTZ ARON FREUND SAMUELS KOPLIN HYRIAN ACKERMAN BAUM HECHT ROSENFELD WEINTRAUB CORNER MARCUS HERB SUMMERS SHAPIRO SEGEL N.ass ROSENBERG KAPPA NU P3 f-7'6" 1-gg' Xxf' J ,Q f 9 nm.,-. QL2ff1,v' AY '11 if X' 1 31.3 4 ' 0 wif' fw . 'if gf f f f wx , wg -,1-f gm ' 0 N 5 mfg' f 7 ,. bf! T1' N I9 II "N 4-19 A-If 4"' A Qlpba X 'FAS 'I 11538-Qfwwlyhs hivmbvilr K 41 :pays I 4 Illjlgh in-'Q 5 A, A 23 ,C -X 1 Q S- ,-gm 'lt?ffg -- . ' .-'22:'f1' 5 f - A. H1w,fw'f?T'J4 ,Wg 1, ff-,br Y:Q3.?f:A 4,53114R,flji1'2-,MH-'ff'---:1: - ,T fgv 'A-151-i'f,,:'I "' A e A. V Ig... e ig In 4l?P"'lAf 1 I I 17. Tl i,, AVEEEYQRIT' 55' .. A .., Faculty M ember psilun iBi Gamma Qlibapter Founded 1910 Established 1919 3745 LOCUST STREET ABRAM ORLOW, B.S. IN ECON., LL.B. Active Chapter 1925 BIORRIS BERMAN MAX ERVVIN BEREN ALVIN FRANK APPEL REUBEN IEMBER 1926 BQLATTHEVV BENJAMIN EHRLICH SAMUEL ISAACMAN HAROLD LEONARD JUDOVICH 1927 IRVING DOLLINGER NATHAN NORMAN FINKLE 1928 WILLIAM B. GOLDBERG ROBERT LEOPOLD LOUIS FELSENTHAL HARRX' TALPIS MATTHEW EHRLICH 420 VICTOR GOLDBERG ABRAM MARCOLIS ALLEN SIMON MERLE LOUIS SPEER OSCAR AARON MOLDAXNVER LEON BERNARD TRAUB HARRY LEON RUBEL MARTIN KREMER ALEXANDER ROSENTHAL JULES RUTTENBERG N. NORMAN FINKLE BENEDICT BERKOWVITZ SAMUEL OSTROFE BENJAMIN GRAITZER LEV1 BERKow1'rz LEOPOLD GRAITZER OSTROFF FELSENTHAL W. GOLDBERG TALPIS TRAUB KREMER RUBEL ORLOFF DOLLINGER ISAACMAN JUDOVICH SHERR MOLDAWER EHLICH ROSENTHAL F1NK1-:L HARRISON APPEL BEREN EMBER SIMON MARGOLIS SPEER V. GOLDBERG ALPHA EPSILON PI S ' -L91 Y 1913i Esta alta fraternity QEta Qllbapter Founded 1903 ISADORE SHARON BIGG' JOSEPH H. BINDER HARRY BLUMBERG EDNVARD LEE FRIEDMAN EDWARD GARFINKEL J ACK ARNOLD GORDON THEODORE GORE MILTON E. KOSSACK LESTER LUXENBERG WALTER HERBERT GOTTLIEB EMANUEL M. GOLDBLATT BERNARD E. JACOBSON CHARLES LEVY LEONARD ARNOLD EDWARD BAYER ISAAC BECKER HAROLD MARCH ROBERT MILLER 3815 Active Chapter 1925 HARRY ARONIS 1926 1997 SOL FREEDMAN 1998 NORMAN PERLSTEIN 4,22 Established 1919 WALNUT STREET NATHAN LEONARD JACOBS SAMUEL PHILLIPS LAVINE SIMON LENSON I MAURICE FREDERICK SIMON HARRY WOLF A. ARNOLD TANNENBAUIVI LEO HERBERT REICHMAN ABRAHAM TOBIAS HARRY AARON GREEN CHARLES L. LAVINE HERMAN MODELL I RAYMOND A. ROSENTHAL WILLIAM VERNON WAX GERALD N. FRANK SIMON PROPP LEONARD LEVINE SAUL FREEDMAN BERNARD ILLOVVAY BECKER PEARLSTEIN PROPP FRE!-:DMAN L. LAVINE ARNOLD BAER ILLOTVAY BJARCH R. MILLER TOBIAS GORE S. MILLER WAX JACKSON GOTTLIEB ROSENTHAL GOLDBLATT C, LAVINE LEVY LUXEMBERG GARNNKEL FRIEDMAN GORDON BIGG SIMON S. LAv1NE WOLF GREEN BLUMRERG BINDER JACOBS PHI BETA DELTA QMW S Q Tiki RH' Mm X 0 D K I Eizekll 1455? J 1 1 2 Digita' S I . W. 5 sin 5 'ff R 1 2 5 - K Q Zin HKS ' 2 4 x 'QI' W ww mf 4-QS Ulau ZBeIta bi :Fraternity Zluta Qllbaptzr Founded 1910 Established 1919 3906 SPRUCE STREET Faculty M embers FRANK B. BLOCK, JOSEPH F. ULMAN, Active Chapter 1925 MILTON EMANUEL GOLDSTONE HARVEY DUDLEY LEUIN ' 1926 JOSEPH FIDLER BRENNER 1927 HASKEL ELIOT WINSBERG BEN JAY DLUGACH MAX ALBERT RIES ALBERT RHEINSTROM ECKMANN SIDNEY LOUIS SHRIRO 1928 HERBERT BASKIN HERMAN COHEN REGINALD ALFRED HIRSCH BURNETT ISENBERG 424 M.D. M.D. SOLOMON BUSTER GOLDBERG FRANK SEITCHIK SAMUEL MAURICE RAPAPORT NORMAN LAWRENCE ROBINSON MEYER RUBENSTEIN MILTON M. SUSSMAN GILBERT STANLEY SIMONSKI SAMUEL RIEKIN HENRY JAY KANNENSOHN FRANCIS DAVID KONIGSBERG HERMAN LEONARD MASH BERNARD SAKOWITZ COHEN Hmscii BASKIN IQONIGSBERG KANNENSOHN ISENBERG RUBENSTEIN DLUGACH Rims WINSBERG RAPAPORT SUSSMAN SHRIRO ECKMANN BRENNER LEVIN BLocK GoLDs'roNE ULMAN GOLDBERG Smrrcmx TAU DELTA PHI if 2? H"!! 'W 1u4iIrIf K if irq, 4, '-195 Faculty M embers 1Bi Zkappa Zllpba jfratermtp Esta 1Bi Qllbaptzr Fozmdecl 1868 Establzshed 1920 Q20 SOUTH THIRTY-NINTH STREET HARRY MERRILL GEHMAN, A.M., PH.D. GEORGE DEWEY HARMON, A.B. MERLE MIDDLETON ODGERS, A.B. HAROLD E. SCHOFIELD Active Chapter 1925 HARVEY TEMPLE BLOCK J . LEO BUCKLEY CARLTON FREDERIC DOSCHER RICHARD FREDERIC HERR 1926 HARTMAN BURRELL HERR JOSEPH KEEN RULON GEORGE JACOB SCHWARTZ, JR. - EDWIN RAWSON MOUNTCASTLE 1927 CHARLES ALFRED ALLEN VVILLIAM REEL ATLEE RUSSELL GEORGE BENZ ALLEN COURTNEY BUDD VVILLIAM EVERETT CLEMENTS NITON HOULBERG JOHN FREDERICK JUDD, JR. 1928 EDGAR H. BENEDICT CLEMENT W. CHANDLER WARREN L. COBB ROBERT M. DIGBY JACQUES P. DU X7INAGE EDWARD S. FISCHER 4-26 A CLIFFORD NIOORE IRVIN WKVALTER EASTBURN POWELL EMERSON GERALD REINSCH REGINALD AUGUSTUS TOOKE CLARENCE WARREN SPEIGHT DELVIN CLAIR STORMER LEONARD K. LERCH JAMES MILTON KENT RICHARD STEEL VMACKENZIE HAROLD CLEMENT MERTES THOMAS J . STAPLETON REGINALD FRANKLIN STERLINI ALFRED EDWARD READ HOWARD GRAFTON BRUSH EDWARD G. HARDENBROOK WILLIAM D. HUYLER R. STANLEY PILAND FRANCIS E. SMITH RICHARD M. SNYDER DIGB1' :HUYLER SMITH COBB BENEDICT DUVINAGE CLEMENTS ' PILAND IQENT BUDD ALLEN BENZ .IUDD FISCHER CHANDLER SNYDEII STAIDLETQN READ STERLING SCHTVARTZ SPEIGHT HOULBERG'1XfIACKENZIE ATLEEA REINSCH R. HERB Doscmm BLOCK IRTVIN STORMER EIUCKLEY TOOKE B. Hmm PI KAPPA ALPHA I Ib QL ,Eff L ., 9 'awlfgfwigfv Q ' ' ' -A 5355- '522zQ22f " 'gklifffg Am 'IN5-fav li3,l-2111-X Silk ' '32 -I-27 E fu?f-?31g5, ' f?3ffi'f gn' ,pm - px- fn i' ,A .3-15 .- gif? 1:3 Wy 1 i lii f . 3- ' .ffl 2? I I fa K , , ' if 3 M FE in may "f'Yf"4 0 XA ' .fy :fi 5' L , 1 .- - W-W -4 -'fa if Eau QEp5iInn 1913i 331313 Qllhapter Founded 1910 Established 1920 A 3605 LOCUST STREET I Active Chapter 1925 SIDNEY J. LIPSON MELVIN M. SHAPIRO JESSE HYMAN HARRY J. LIKOFF - SAMUEL COHEN MILTON WEIXELBAUM 1926 SAMUEL HEINEMAN S. BURTON SPIRT DANIEL R. UDITSKY S. GERALD COHEN NIATHIAS NEISS 1927 JESSE WEIXELBAUM ROYAL S. MAAS ROBERT L. SCILDKRAUT SAUL SAVITZ BENJAMIN W. GOLDBERG R. RUDOLPH GLANCKOPF HERMAN A. LOWE 1 SEYMOUR A. BLAUNER EARLE D. MAAS I 1928 - ROBERT RUBENSTEIN HERMAN S. GOODMAN ELI E. REICH 428 EDWARD CANTOR PHILIP FIERSTEIN GOODLIAN R1-:ICH LOWE MAAS GLANCKOPF RUBINSTEIN MAAS Nmss GOLDBERG FIERSTEIN CANTOR UDITSKY WIMXELBAUM HEINEAIAN SKOLNICK HYMAN LIPSON COHEN WEIXELBAUM LIKOFF COHEN SPIRT TAU EPSILON PHI ,-xx .4 X G ' S4J5f'5i2 ' yax.-an 'E' ' 'ff?3i.7?P-m- ' v ' "5" 1 "'1?f'f an 1- 1- " " m'los.:l:f-ls: -LQ!! 1913i Qlpba fraternity kappa Qllbapter Founded 1 91 A Established 1921 3312 WALNUT STREET Active Chapter 1925 NIAURICE ALBERT MICHAEL ARTHUR EDWARD DENNIS JACOB ATKINS RIESE ABRAHAM LEVIN MAURICE LEVITAN 1926 LESTER BLOCK ATLAS GERARD HARRY ISAACSON GEORGE L. ROSENBLOOM LEE WAINER 1927 GEORGE GLENDENNON CHARNEY ERNEST HERSKOWITZ MANUEL MORRIS STEINBERG WILLIAM SCHWARTZMAN JACOB M. PATIKY 1928 4130 SAMUEL W. MAGITSON LEONARD ROBERT NACHMAN CLIFFORD LEE SALINGER ROBERT STERLING ' ELIAS WINER SAMUEL SHERMAN BERNARD ROSENTHAL JULIUS BESONDER ISIDORE REINES SKIER A A HARRY SABIOSKY HARRY STRAUSS HERBERT KAPLAN SAMUEL GENEL ATLAS PATIKY ISAACSON ROSENTHAL SCHWARTZMAN LEv1NsoN BESONDER SHERMAN M1cHAEL STEINBERG Ii.-KPLAN STERLING SCHMEISER WAINER SALINGER SKIER OLLSWANG DICHSTEIN CHARNEY ROSENBLOOBI NACHBIAN BURNS STRAUSS Lx-:v1TAN DENNIS RIESE WINEH NIAGITSON LBVIN Ku QP is K L 712' if iff Z? N1 f M , XKwg11? ' JMX 'SQ' 431 kappa Zllpba ilBIJi fraternity Beta Qibapter Founded 1920 Established 1921 39924 SPRUCE STREET Faculty M embers S. S. HUEBNER, PH.D. EDVVARD LANVRENCE MCKENNA, PHD. FRANKLIN R. CAWL, A.M. Active Chapter 1925 BLANTON J. BROWVN JOHN J. KEEVERS JAMES E. BRUCHLACHER HARRY 1. MACLEAN C. FRANCIS CRONIN HOBART R. MARVIN XVILLIAM H. DEALE, JR. WAYNE A. POTTER EDWARD C. DENNY ALFRED O. REED J. RAYMOND FISHER DONALD A. SMITH NIAURICE W. HODGSON C. MAYNARD VVAGNER ALBERT H. HALL ROBERT L. WINDSOR HOWARD A. WITHEY 1926 WALTER S. HUNTER E. DANA HAPGOOD CHARLES HUSTON CRADDOCK JENSEN 1927 GEORGE W. GEUDER A. GARDINER GIBBS FRANKLIN M. NICE ELLERY W. NEWTON EARL KOCH 1928 NIAXHAM 1VIETCALF CHARLES PLANKENHORN 432 GERALD R. RANSOM MILTON J. REED WILBUR H. WOLF GEORGE MORRISON GEORGE KATTERMAN NVEXVTON RIXNSOAI BRONVN ICATTERMAN PLANKENTHORN JENSON METCALE POTTER KOCH NICE WOLF GEUDER MORRISON HUNTER REED SMITH GIBBS WINDSOR WITHEY DENNEY HAPGOOD BRUCHLACIIER KAPPA ALPHA PHI A I 0 ' 11: 4 C'-:P AL ' " mm UT a IUH OPOMNIWX lllll 11-33 Esta Sigma Bijan fraternity Rennsplhania Cllfpsilun Cibapter Founded 1910 A Establzshed 1922 3610 WALNUT STREET A czfive Chapter 1935 DAVID N IRENBERG 1926 NATHAN ROUTMAN A A A. MELXVIN SIMS BIILTON S. LEIDNER 1927 SAMUEL KELL.AR GOLDSTEIN IRVING C. LIVINGSTON IRVING L. DULBERGER S. MALCOLM STRAUSBERG 1928 IIOXVARD L. FRANKS ROI C. DAVIS ISADORE D. ARONSOHN FRANK ROSENFELD HERBERT E. KAUFDIANN MORTON PEARLSTINE SEYMOUR BROXVNING 434 MAX RUTTENSTEIN KERNY EISENBUD MEYER I. BLOCK ISADORE D. ARONSOHN MORTEN PEARLSTINE EUGENE NOGI HARRY YALKIN HARRY YOLKEN MILTON STILLER ERWIN SATINSKY I EUGENE NOGI MORTON ROTMAN EPHRAIM BERNSTEIN :KAUFMAN BROWNING BULLAG PEARLSTINE YOLKAN SATINSKY FRANKS ROSENFELD DAVIS BERNSTEIN ROTMAN LIVINGSTON STILLEII AHONSOHN NOGI STRAUSBERG. DULBERGER GOLDSTEIN Llsvx' LEIDNER ROUTMAN NIRENBERG RUTTENSTEIN BLOCK ARCH BETA SIGMA RHO frfr' JUG J f nw Q5 X 2 Q jf'mL R 061525 X ,fig I ,J '5'1I-QLUHEHHT R1 "X 'IS' 5.331 2' ,qw . 415 L ' aigiff' ,wp 1 ,jf ff, 321 5" XZXJSSY' .. 'ua , , ? , 2,5 Exif,-. 75: Vw ' WN Jr. Ji, ' 2.515 -"I " .QW l mn-- 435 bigma lamhha 1Bi Esta Qbaptmf Founded 1912 Established 1922 3732 WALNUT STREET Faculty Members YALE SAMUEL N'ATI-IANSON, B.S., A.M. Active Chapter h - 1925 HENRY HERMAN BECK b RICHARD SCHACHNE, JR. MURRAY ADDISON LAMBERT RAYMOND ELIAS SCHILLING WILLIAM STEIN 1926 MALCOLM F. CAPLAN ' WILLIAM LIEBLICK BENJAMIN CARLSON A. EDGAR MILLER LEROY WALTON CLEMENCE SAMUEL ROBERT PASTERNACK DAVID MOSES GREEN MILTON MORRIS PROPPER LEONARD SCHWARTZ 1927 5 . SAMUEL BERNARD BRENNER IRVING SILVERBERG 9 NIELVIN BENJAMIN SCHNVARTZ EDWARD SAMUEL SONDHEIM NATHAN LOUIS WEINSTEIN 1928 JOSEPH HILLARD BOMSTEIN MILTON HENRY HAUSMAN LEON GILDENBERG HAROLD GRAF PINCUS SIDNEY LOEB RABINOWVITZ 436 RABINOWITZ 31.301-IYVARTZ WEINSTEIN PASTERNAK SONDHIMM L. SCHWARTZ HAUSMAN BHENNER SILVERBBRG PROPPFR LAMBERT BECK Mn LER GREEN CAPLAN CLEMENCE CARLSON LIEB LICK STEIN SCHACHNE SCHILLING SIGMA LAMBDA PI lfwfflwzf ,fum-W 4.1 Jw? ' pa , +l x 6 Q' m I I Fnwrnss -Q vwmus w 'D H - 2 ffl, ...Q NER gi mx xiii if! Q T 1 ' 15.31 E A 4-37 'IW Founded 1914 Qlpba 1913i Belts! lamhha Qllijapter Established 1922 224 SOUTH 38th STREET Active Chapter ' 1925 LOUIS PINTO LEOPOLDO H. NIAZZOLA VINCENT A. PADULA GUY DE FURIA ALBERT D7ORAZIO NICHOLAS F. TETI 1996 ICHAEL CICENIA SALVATORE CONIGLIO M MICHAEL A. ESPOSITO 1927 CHARLES E. DONINI AUGUST K. DE MAYO FRANK M. TRAVALINE, JR. HARRY J. DRAGONET'Jf1l' JAMES A. PARADISI 1928 ANTHONY DISTASI PIETRO ROSAMELIA 438 MICHAEL NOIE MICIT.AEL SORIANO Mfxzzo LA D'ORAz1o Nous DISTASI PARADISI DONIN1 DE MAYO SORIANO PINTO ESPOSITO TET1 DRAGONETT1 CICENIA PADULA CONIGLIO ALPHA PHI DELTA . OL - F7 QJV Q . wo -55 01 S W na -,791 wv 4DHA PHI 4-39 Clllbi ZBeIta Zllpha Qlpba Qlbapter Founded 1922 Established 1922 3327 WALNUT STREET Faculty M ember HENRY E. EVERDING Active Chapter 1925 ROBERT R. FAY H. REED HARTMAN JULIUS S. HINCHNIAN 1926 HAROLD J. BEAN HOWARD S. BRUGH, JR. CLIFFORD G. CORNWELL FRANCIS J. CUBBERLEY JOHN T. YOUNG 1927 GORDON F. BLIZARD WINCHESTER BRITTON, JR. GEORGE H. CARPENTER WILLIAM DEHART HUGH GIBSON EVANS ARTHUR W. HOWES, JR. 1928 STEPHEN H. BILLINGTON, JR. FRANK L. CREIGIITON THEODORE LIMBRECHT KOOS CHARLES VVILLIAM RANCK CONARD B. RHEINER RAYMOND F. ROSS EARL E. WHITE PAUL R. FARLEY FRANK HARTMAN, JR. RODNEY B. HOTCHKIN WELLINGTON J. SNYDER, JR. BROOKS LABOYTEAUX DARRELL HOWARD MICHAEL JAMES H. SANFORD CARL S. UHRIG RAYMOND PRESTON NULMER MARSTON T. WOODRUFF JOHN LEONARD HALLSTROM WILLIAM LINDSEY GRAMER EDWIN STEVENS QUINN DERWIN BLAIR LAWS WVILLIAM RUDOLPH IQESSLER 4-L0 LAWS Koos GRAMER HALSTROM QUINN B1 LLINGTON RANK KESSLER CRExGHToN :LVIICHAELS BRITTON CARPENTER U1-mls WOODRUFE EVANS ULMER SANFORD BLIZAHD BEAN CORNWALL F, HARTLIAN FARLEY DEHART BRUGH SNYDER CUBBERLEY LABOYTEAUX YOUNG Rl-xE1NEn FAY Ross WHITE EVERDING PIOTCHKIN HINCHBIAN H. R. HARTMAN Q ,..-'ilifx ' llli 5 lm W X X f f f fwamlu. Illllllldlll 1 1Iilllllllluliilllllllllllllil . ,jzyvikl ul 'I IN ,ix uvmuffov 44-1 hi Z.BeIta Qian Zllpba Qlbaptar Founded 1921 Established 1921 3912 SPRUCE STREET Faculty M ember ERNEST W. VICIQERS 1925 ROLAND J. BECNEL EDWARD T. BOWEN MARCUS J. LYDON FRANCIS L. REILLY ' FRANK J. SCHAUMBURG 1926 WALTER F. BROVVNSON D. EDWARD BURNS ARTHUR J. CONWAY JOHN E. COYNE EUGENE N. DALY, AJR. PHILIP W. DONVNES, JR. THEODORE ELWELL THOMAS P. FOX JOSEPH D. GALLAGIIER F. HERBERT HENDEY, JR. ' 1927 LEO T. CREGAN DOUGLAS R. KIMLIN FRED W. LUIGART HORACE F. TVICCONNELL 1928 JOHN N. ANDREWS ROBERT C. DEVINE JOHN S. FITZPATRICK DANIEL G. HOGAN ERNEST A. HOMSY 442 PAUL E. LAWLER FRANK J. NAUNIANN J. MARCY 0,BRIEN J. RICHARD OGDEN, JR. FRANK J. ROBERTSON JOHN E. ROBINSON EDWARD V. TOLAN WVILLIAM V. VVALSH RICHARD VVEBBER JOSEPH F. WHITE JOSEPH D. MOORE CHARLES J. O,REILLY ANDREW J. PLANDING THOMAS J. SULLIVAN GERALD D. HOWE JAMES A. KELLY JOHN P. O,NEIL CARL J. SCHAEFER CHARLES H. SCHREYER IiURN!TSKY MA LESTER :KRUPNICK B LOOM RUBEMSTEIN BUSH EFFENBERG SOBEL BTASER ROBBINS FINE - IXAMSLER PALEY SELTZER Qlpba jlfflu Qigma :Fraternity Founded 191.4 SAMUEL F. GREENSPAN SOL C. BRECKER SAUL EFFENBERG JACK BUSH WVILLIAM BARENBLIT SAUL EFFENBERG ilamhha Qlbapter 3606 LOCUST STREET Active Chapter 1925 LEON SOBEL 1926 MARVIN FINE ZNIORRIS NIASER 1 927 GEORGE RUBENSTEIN 1 928 SAMUEL KURNITSKY WILLIAM NIALESTER Esfablishecl 1922 BENJAMIN F. KABISLER VVILLIAM PALEY ABNER ROBBINS MORRIS FULLMAN MORRIS NIASER GEORGE SELTZER ARNOLD KRUPNICK THEODORE BLOOM 443 Gminrnn Qlpba Gian fraternity lambha Qllijapter Founded 1912 Esfablislwd 19,93 3399 xv.-KLNUT STREET Active Chapter 1925 SYDNEY A. IQRAMER . NIORTIMER S. EDELSTEIN BENJAMIN' ADELMAN ALBERT B. IVIELNIK BENJAMIN GREENSTEIN 1926 ALLEN J. ADELM.kN JOSEPH M. STEIN EMANUEL H. NICIQMAN 1927 JOSEPH LIFSCHITZ 1928 VVILLIAM E. B. SLAVIN S. LAVINE 4-H HIRAM B. WILSON SAMUEL M. CAPLAN MOE FISCHER PAUL ABRAMSON BERNARD STEINER HUBBARD HATCH BJELSON HAGENBUCH FRYE WILBAR BURTON ACKERSTRORI FOSTER BINKLEY GREGORY AMRLER STOTT GARWOOD JOHNSON SEAMAN ROSCHEN BOWVM.-LN DERR PFLAUM LEON BURKE COLBURN RIEGEL ADOURIAN HARSHAYN' WEBSTER KAISER Sigma Qlpba fraternity Founded 192.4 A Established 1924 EDWVARD N. ADOURIAN RAYMOND T. BOXVMAN KENNARD W. GREGORY CARL W. KAISER HAROLVD C. STOTT PAUL P. JOHNSON CHARLES A. SEAMAN ALVIN G. BINKLEY 9232 SOUTH THIRTY4NINTH STREET Active Chapter 1925 WILLIAM JAY LEON HOMER O. ACKERSTROM LINDSAY WEBSTER FRANCIS E. AMBLER WILLIAM A. RIEGEL I JOHN C. PFLAUM FRANK W. ZIEGLER 1926 XVILLIAM C. BURTON HAROLD C. COLBURN HARRY C. HARSIN NICHOLAS C. DEV. HENWOOD DAVID H. HARSHANX' CHARLES S. HUBBARD 1927 CLIFFORD A. SIMONS MELVIN G. DEARTH KARL B. HAGENBUCH RODOLP1-IO MELSON 1998 CHARLES L. XVILBAR. JR. JOSEPH T. DERR MARTIN F. HATCH JOHN Y. MACE BENJAMIN P. FRYE 4-45 D. BARLOW BURKE MORSE GARNVOOD CARL S. HERBST HERMAN D. ROSCHEN, JR CHARLES FOSTER JOHN BRAYDON QUICKSEI, alta hi Sigma F ouncled 192.4 Estfzblislwfl 1924 3439 CHESTNUT STREET Faculty Members FRANKLIN BRUNELL IQRAUSS, A.B. FREDERICK 1VIILTON WORLEY, B.S. IN ECON. Active Chapter 1925 CLARENCE REGINALD CASE LOUIS CHARLES HOEMANN LYELL CLARKE DAWES FRANCIS JOHN KEOGH JACK ALBERT DOYVNING THOMAS RAXVSON REDNVOOD GUY ST. JOHN VVARNER 1926 JOHN DAVIS BRITTON CLINTON PARKER GEORGE ALEX GLENDAY CLOUDSLEY ADAM KUHN GEORGE WILLIAM FARABAUGH 1 GEORGE GLOVER WRANDERVEER EDWARD PAUL FLYNN BENJAMIN IRVINE VVILKINSON 1927 BIAURICE NATHAN BRIDGES WILLIAM A. HARGIADINE JOHN UNDERWOOD GRISSINGER WILLIAM LOUIS GOECKEL PHILLIP ANTHONY MILTON WILTSE ' 1998 . PAUL EDWARD BIXLER XVILLIAM DONALD MARTIN FREDERICK C. GENTCII ELMER FRED DAVEY FREDERICK N. FARREL 446 MARTIN GRISSINGEH BRIDGES GENTSCH FARRELL ANTHONY BIXLER VANDEVEER FARABAUGH CLOUDSLE1' FLYNN GEORGE BMTTQN WILKINSON HARGADINE DAWES KEOGH REDWOOD ' CASE Knfwss WARNER DOWNING DELTA PHI SIGMA ,Q 447 INDEX TO ADVERT A Alexander Co.. Gus. . . Alsberg Co.. YV111. . . . Atlas Wholesale Grocery Co B Beardsley X Son . , Belz Co., Chas. A. . Bender, IVm. A. . . . Berben Insignia Co. . . Bonsall's Sons, IVm. S. Breyers Ice C1'eam Co. . Broadway Confectionery Brooks Brothers . . . C Campus Barber Shop . Campus Delicatessen . Clad Co., Victor V. . . Clearbrook Ice Co. . . Coca-Cola ..... Cohen Bros ..., Cotrell K Leonard . . Cozzi 8: Bellano . D Davis lk Young . . Derian, Osgan .... Direct Coal Co. . . . . Dormitory Hand Laundry . . Dormitory Shoe Repairing Co. Dougherty Sport Shop . Drive-It-Yourself Co. . Dunlap Printing Co. . Dykeman, Loeb Sz Co. . E Edward Tailoring Co. . Empire Hotel .... Endowment, Senior . . Ermilio 8: Co., L. R. . F Fairmount Laundry . . Farren, Thomas, V. . . Francisco, 1VIichael . . Franklin Fire Insurance Co. . Frascati Restaurant . . Frings Bros. Co. . . . G Goldberg,J ..... Gommp '..,. Groll, IYm. E. , Guilford . . . PAGE 475 465 473 468 473 464 471 464 458 478 451 478 '468 470 463 455 464 472 469 474 473 461 478 461 475 476 466 470 467 454 478 476 463 477 469 467 469 47Q 465 479 461 483 H PAGE Hamilton Bazaar . . . 47 3 Hamilton Grocery Co. 476 Hoffstein, B. I-I. , . . 456 Home Life Insurance Co. . . 471 Hoover K Smith Co. . 471 Houston Club .... 457 J Jenkins Bros. .... 462 Jones K Co.. P. IVI. , 467 K Kelley, Jos. V ..,.. 477 Kendig, Wfhelan, IVIason 463 Keystone Printing Co. . 473 Kresge, D. H. . . . 459 L Lancaster Restaurant . 463 La Palina Cigars . . . 458 Lausterer,WV. L. . . . 474 Laws, Arthur . . .... 459 Liberman Sz Son, Jacob 461 Life o'Grains Baking Co. . , 468 Luttrell, Thomas J. . . 477 M Mann, IVI. J .... . 476 IVIurphy, D. T. . . . . 470,473 1VIusi Boot Shop . 475 V Mc McCaha11 Co., The VV. J. . . 470 McCarthy, Henry . . . 477 McFarland Co., J. Horace . . 48Q N New York Life Insurance Co. 45Q, 453 North Philadelphia Trust Co. 465 O O,DonnellCooperageCo.,N.8LH.472 P Penndashery ..... 455 Penn Drug Co .,... 467 Pennsylvania Barber Shops . 459 Pennsylvania Hotel . . 472 448 SERS PAGE Pennsylvania Punch Bowl . . 483 Peoples Bank and Trust Co. . 450 Philadelphia Bag Co. .... 469 Philadelphia Photo - Engraving C0 ............ 481 Provident hlutual Life Insur- ance Co. ......... 460 Pyle 81 Innes . . , . 469 R Radbill 8: Son, A. ...... 461 Real Estate Title, Insurance, and Trust Co. ...... 472 Reed's Sons, Jacob . . . . 466 Ritz Jewelers ........ 468 Rodgers, NI. E. ....... 473 Rosenberg Co., Arthur IVI. . . 458 S Scott-Powell Co. . . . . 465 Shredded WVheat Co. . . . 457 Shoemaker, Benj. H. . . . 458 Smyth Bros ..... . . 455 Stanley Coal Co. . . . 470 Stanley Theater . . . , . 474 Stetson, D., Tailors ..... 475 St. Lawrence Dairy Co .... 461 Strawbridge 8: Clothier . . . 464 Strong, D. C. ........ 478 Supplee Ice Cream Co. . . . 463 Supply Co., R. K. . . . 476 T Tapley Co., J. F. . . . . 466 Tuell Brothers. . . . . 46Q V Van Horn 3: Son ...... 476 Venturi Market House . . . 474 VV VVarren's Inc., Tailoring N. . . 477 Watson Sz McDaniel Co. . . . 469 Wells ik Son, C. F. ..... 464 YVhite House ..... . , 456 Wfilliams, I. G. . . . , 465 Winston Co., J. C. . . . 456 Z , Zamsky, H. . . . . . 480 Zullinger, A. H. . . . . 456 af? ri DH N M 9 y E., ., . I ,, ,G I of ina," I Isl J. . mv I Q xfl C6 Q V Lv X ' VW Sw 2 .p aL.,.4 .UO Nl" I GD Q 1 1 ,M I " Q N N X I ' f v 5,1 0 ,, x T 1 Z N 'S 9 ' C3 Q55 if 'll 'I' 'lv 4' Q NN GJ ez .4 ' 1, A 0lv,,,!J fly 'WV - : X cm , . J R. C :: Q Q :: V 0 4 , A 6 532, 3. rl xr kr 9 9:3110 fb Q Q ,gf U COMPLETE BA KI SER ICE Commercial Accounts Business Counsel q Personal Accounts Investment Counsel Savings Accounts Foreign Exchange Safe Deposit Boxes Tourist Service Trusts, Wills Loans, Titles Resources Over fBlI8,ooo,ooo 5 Cease ,fl mxva NIGHT 44 gee E RVIC 169 sms 6-4 DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE Eeuples 25ank anh rust u. Member Federal Reserve System Main Oflice: 180.2 South 15th St. n PHILADELPHIA, PENNA I Seventh and Girard Avenue OTHER OFFICES: Fifth and Bainbridge Streets lSeventh and Wolf Streets 450 ESTABLISHED 1818 CQ? Qvnilrmrxii Sgnrnishiitg 11055, Complete Outfits for School 85 College B 0 S T 0 N PALM BEACH NEWPORT AUDRAIN BU! 220 BELLEVUE WHY I AM INTERESTED IN TI-IIS BUCK G40 AM the father of children, two boys and a girl. Providence has permitted me an unusual success in my profession, in spite of a limited I education, acquired through hard and grueling experiences that a proper eduf cation would have avoided or at least SAMUEL PERKIN3 ALLENTOWN, PA, have made much easier. I do not want Mfmbff 01' fhf 5200000 Club, New Wk W0 my children or others' children to be Insurance Company limited by the same handicaps. Success in life does depend, other things being equal, on education, and the colleges have contributed more to individual success and happiness than have the institutions of learning in the lower grades. Experience is the best teacher, and knowing what my life has missed it is my desire to explain to others a way to avoid, if possible, such hardships. ' My suggestions are not made in a moneyfmaking spirit but are the outcome of a desire to put a workable plan for an education before as many people as possible in order that they may enjoy the advantages which my life has missed. One of the officers of my Company has put the case, it seems to me, very nicely on another page, which I hope many will read and ask me about if they feel at all interested. I i Read Mr. Buckner's remarks on the next page. 452 BETTER THAN STGCKS QR BONDS R. WALKER BUCKNER says, HI always like to say to a father, 'You may want to give your boys or girls something in life. You may think it is a great thing when they reach fifteen or sixteen years of age to give them some bonds in their own name or some stock. Now we have something for you that is a great deal better than that. Bonds and stocks will teach children extravagance, because they are getting incomes which they never have earned. Life insurance will teach them thrift and economy, because you are giving them something regarding which, when they get to the position where they are earning money, you can say to them: L' 'I-Iere is a contract I put on your life eight or ten years ago. This is something you can never get again in your life at that price. If you have the money you may buy other things, but here is a thing of great value that never can be bought so cheaply again. Under all circumf stances keep this contract in force. Don't ever give it up. Some day it may be the means of helping your son or daughter to get an education., 'LBy doing that the father has taught that boy or girl thrift and economy. This plan costs the one who buys it a relatively small annual outlay for 310,000 at ages 15 or 16, and if the dividends are left to accumulate those policies mature as endowments for these young people when they are still in the prime of their lives." An interesting story. By dropping me a card to Allentown, Pa., I can tell you about an Institution with two million members, now celebrating its 8oth Anniversary, that has helped thousands of young people in its long career to secure college and higher educations. SAMUEL PERKIN -L53 -4 4 I N. xg X Q9 N 1 NexOYJ1'lfs Newest Q my it ?,11dmpsl2b3aL1?11gugly 11-XX N-11 , 1 ' ufms e oe -' 1 N X +1 , H . Tw' 1, YJ A3 acg'mEJn:gv2P1cgdat1ng 1 -A fig'-,EE-X .1 ,,ff,f'N uests - u Q G v I 7 I 1 R21 h y ' is I- fl B 2 i gif x -Ee? x R xg il 5 X f EWU Z f,ff-E-Fm--gi, E 33 N i1 111 41 K :E-H? ' Ni 1 .. E11 11515 1 E '11 R 3555510 fy? P CDM WITH ESQ RIVATE 1 f 62 S1 1 -- I191E1E-F.E1. - 1 P121vArEw1T11 . 1 5 5 BATH A . W' '..,,A-II? TP1AMmQ5Ej7s"1th1n X UQRZESID 1. .. MS EQUO1 D1s1on4 WQ1k1f1g - 1 GGnr2jsCg1lvi1n1IaST- ilfldjxwnx 1q111t,.Oggg,.,Og5gg1S DISYCITICG o 111165 Of OLJI' door. B1'O0CiwC1g 0165251 ' gfmEIlI'1 EIC Lgqni of' o um 115 114: CN CC 1- IP -14645 N513 7?'2Laf'd fhnierpngncgi ggpO1'Tr?nT- MGUUQKGI' .mofor objechve in The world. 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' ll it ta es, overcharges, or unworthy results Q- ,C qi Q, 1 it - QE in your printed matter, vvhy not end your g annoyance novv hy communicating ,vvith us? 1 Our expert service lifts all your printing troubles off: your shoulders. VVe can devise 1 1 styles to suit your taste and carry them through all your vvork. VVe specialize in 1 educational printing. Catalogues, monographs, examination papers, bulletins, foreign languages, school and college magazines, CLASS RECORDS, stationery-work that is "all Greek" to most printers-all are handled by our large organization in a way that has pleased many of the bestfknovvn institutions the East. Some have employed us For 35 years THE JOHN C. VVINSTON COMPANY 100611016 ARCH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Compliments of WHITE HCUSE GXQO Thank You! Fm Still Here! 1 A. H. ZULLINGER PHARMACIST Prescriptions Compounded by Graduates in Pharmacy Only BELL, Baring 83-70 KEYSTONE, West 6915 Spruce and 40th Sts. Philadelphia B. HQ HOFFSTEIN Zllputhetarp anb fihemist The Fashion Tailors Cleaners and Dyers WHERE CHESTNUT STREET CROSSES 37th PHILADELPHIA, PA. -L56 -N 15525539307 A ,f , Wxrf-'m'fisgiQ. sgiX te am" , a -, f? Nzgggfw - --12.3, XX, V X XT , 'sf' ,, " X XXW- Nflm My Sig N is up -, XX. XX 'Arm ,i--- -A fi NN himhll i g t We l M. wilzf-" ii. l .X - -. 4 1 li, .ihxipxlifgf- '3, .ry '. rg -:x- B , X, x 44- if "Ni'32i?y flf em Q ,X NRS , al 7.1 if f - ., fkbxlv' wif ' f ' N A :-Jfli -ff , . .1v,-, i-- ' EAT ALL YOU WANT Don't be afraid to eat all you want. lt. contains all the muscle-building,-brain-making elements in the whole wheat grain made digestilnle by cooking in steam, shredding and baking. lt is the most real food with the least tax on the digestion. SHREDDED WHEAT is the favorite food for study or play in all schools and colleges. Two Biscuits with milk make a perfect mealhbut lots of youngsters eat a half dozen at a sitting, and then "holler" for more. TRISCUIT is the Shredded Wheat Cracker-a crisp, snappy whole wheat toast-a nourishing pick- me-up for any time of day. Lots of food in condensed form. Delicious with butter or soft cheese. Made by The Shredded Wheat Company, Niagara Falls, N. Y. THE HOUSTON CLUB Invites both Alumni and Undergrad- uates to make use of its facilities and assures them of excellent service and highest quality SUPPLY STORE - BARBER SHOP - SODA GRILLE ARCHITECTURAL STORE HFROM' FRESHMTAN CAP TO CAP AND GOWNH -L57 Benjamin H. Shoemaker PLATE GLASS an M 46 T5 M WINDOW GLASS JH IH IH TIN! T WIRE GLASS k ETC. Q95 Whenever you hear f records being sh tt d think of La Palin h Every Description of Glass Required in Cigartfhifgn d gt d g R Construction of Buildings Sorglligcszri lgewiil fdlb a mout 0 Sfno CCOU en 205-211 North Fourth Street PHILADELPHIA TELEPHONES BELL, Market 641 KEYSTONE, Main T020 I N - - V - 1 I f 0 co. 'TAILORS I - u .MM ORDERS-In -1014 CHAPEL STREET' NEW HAVEN - SATISFAQTORILY EXECUTED ' II EAST 472 STREET ' NEW YORK' ' . !tfal'c'1LgQi5fnarfbufQ115er1f71014' Uofaffgjr Coffey? Mn . A , -. qs:s: 2 f',.:,E:52:p,., 4, '--,' M af' I 3 ' . I A v4-A--' P :EEE 5::::-:3.3.:3. fjj.- ,,- . ...-4. V: . A l ,, .K vri P! -' nlt' A' T r,4, 'I 'r" 4-58 D. H. KRESGE l Q D. M. KRESGE 'I api '4 il i s A 45:55. D. H. KRESGE LEADING EXCLUSIVE TAILOR FOR COLLEGE MEN IN THE EAST Desires to announce that on or about .Iune 25th they will occupy their own building Cnow under construc- tionj at 3710 Spruce Street, where Pennsylvania men will find upon returning to College in the fall, a building so constructed as to meet every requirement of college men and housing "The World's Finest Fabrics" for STRICTLY CUSTOM CLOTHES, as well as Specialty Ready To Wear Garments. As specialists, identified with the "actual productionn of Conservative College IVIen's Clothes during the past twenty-nine years, we bring to Pennsylvania men the benefit and protection of such knowledge and experience as will tend toward making the "House of Kresge" an indispensable institution for the "Better Dressed Pennsylvania Nlanf' INSEPARABLY ASSOCIATED WITH QUALITY COLLEGE CLOTHES SINCE 1896 PHILADELPHIA, PA. PRINCETON, N. J. amass air Wil ARTHUR LAWS CATERER FOR DANDRUFF AND 236 soUTH 40th STREET FALLING HAIR I UNDER THE MANAGEMENT OF SHROEDER BROTHERS Keeps the Hair Combed III Pennsplhania 25arher bbups A' SARNESE First Class Work at Moderate Prices 3643-Woodland Avenue-3655 4-59 RoFEssoR HUEBNER, of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, has Performed a Public service in stressing the importance of fCHuman Life Valuesfl With the realization of the Human Life Value, men also realize that the necessity of Protecting it adequately by life insurance is at least on a Par with the necessity of Protecting Property values. There is also a growing realization that in each individual case it is vitally important that the life insurance Provision should not only be adequate in amount, but that the Policies should be so drawn as to be fitted carefully to each special need of the individual. To see that the insurance its the individual need is the function of the modern life insurance man. 000 RICHARD S. DEWEES 111 South Fourth Street. Philadelphia, Pa. PROVIDENT MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY -L60 L.. B. SCHOFIELD '13 T. M. SCHONOUR '12 'president Vice-President DIRECT COAL COMPANY 30th and Race Streets ST. LAWRENCE MILK ST. LAWRENCE DAIRY CO. READING, PENNA. WILLIAM E. GROLL PHILADELPHIA, PA. and A specialized service' rendered to fraternities and Campus Organizations 24-26 South 33.1 sheet Philadelphia, Ph. DO RMITORY SHOE REPAIRINC COMPANY WE RECOMMEND O'SULLl VA N'S HEELS 267 South 37th Street Philadelphia, Pa. COMPLIMENTS Uur fraternity representative nnitt catt on you A. Radbill SL Son LEHIGH COAL Woodland 4010 84th Street and Bartram Avenue Philadelphia, Pa. "Makes hot fires and warm friend " Compliments of ' Jacob Liberman Sz Son 621 Broadway NEW YORK CITY Compliments of a Friend COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND BELL, BARING 7672 BELL, PRESTON 33273328 TULL BROTHERS SEA, Foons Special prices to Fraternities, Restaurants and BO07dfHg'HOMS6S Free Delivery 4013 Market Street PHILADELPHIA, PA. UCRAB MEAT" THE YEAR 'ROUND JENKINS BROS 133 North Seventh Street PHILADELPHIA, PA. MANUFACTURERS or Valves ana' p Taaezrzg BRASS GATE VALVE ' New Standard for 125 pounds working steam pres- 1 2 sure. This is the latest addition to our line and is constructed along the lines of our medium pressure and extra-heavy iii patterns. Keodig VVI1eIan Mason 'C5aiIoIs 1207 Walnut Street Philadelphia, Pa. We Falrmount L a u I1 CI 1' y STUDENT SERVICE HARRY R. ENDICOTT 247 South 37th Street WEST PHILADELPHIA, PA. XM B zz Pl ICE FOR SALE P Stow 87 AT OFFICE WX SUPPLEIE ICE CREAM 1' ZY1 I Q a ug RIEDALQI 5 F1 LK 5 --I xxxxxl ' X. x ' E 'no ice' efavbr' Clearbrook Ice Company CCHAS. B. WINN, Proprielorj OFFICE: 220 DE KALB SQUARE SU PPLEE PHILADELPHIA, PA. IC E C R EA IVI 0 O Phone: I Q B ing 7114 I G O I- D Lcmcastefr fIQstcLwrc1frI1:s M E ZZQ SOUTH 4oTI-I STREET MIL K PHILADELPHIA, PA. Branch: 4 5 L NCASTBR AVENUE ONE ORGANIZATION BEHIND BOTH ' PII BMW 3186 g 0 lleidabam SUITS A D oP CQAT HATS and SHOES Quality unsurpassed. Style of outstanding distinction. Fabrics out of the ordinary in patterns and dependable to the last all: wool thread. Clothing you will Wear with pride. Prices you will pay with pleasure. Like many other good things, WICKHAM CLOTHES can be obtained only at STRAWBRIDGE Es? CLCTHIERS EIGHTH AND MARKET STREETS, PHILADELPHIA, PA. I REPAIRS Preston 2765 ALTERATIONS ESTABLISHED 1878 BOTH PHCNES XV . . QL. ,-IF. 1132115 84 Ginn M A BENDER The Best Butter, E ,cL d Q3 lt CARPENTERS ggs H Ou W AND BUILDERS Sixth Avenue, Reading Terminal Market, Twelfth and Arch Sts. 124 SOUTH 36TH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. WM, A. BENDER. JR. PHILADELPHIA, PA. BELL, BARINC o987 KEYsToNE,WEsT 2607 I V , p Ilbulham 65. 2Bum:-fall 5 buns C o H E N B RO s . DEALERS IN RC C P I N G M eats, Fancy Fruits and Produce S. E. CORNER 36TH AND MARKET STS. Fraternities Supplied PHILADELPHIA, PA. FURNACES - RANGES 3826 Market Street Philadelphia, Pa. 4 scon A MILK J. GOLDBERG FRUITS and PRGDUCE 3627 Chancellor Street Philadelphia, Pa. CLASS PIPES ALL KINDS Pipe Repairing I. G. WILLIAMS S. E. Corner 37th and Locust Streets Philadelphia, Pa. Managing Estates The character and value of securif ties alone do not determine the value of an estate. The care and skill with which it is handled means as mucheperhaps more -to your heirs. Many large estates clwindle unf der careless executorship While small ones left in competent hands increase materially. Suppose We hold a conference, in conidence. . NORTH PHILADELPHIA TRUST COMPANY CQMPLIMENTS Qompliments of WILLIAM ALSBERG 820 Broadway B oad Street, Germantown and Erie Avenues Above Erie Avenue PHILADELPHIA, PENNA. -L6 I All qllrine fabrics in unusually attrac- tive patterns and colorings, Reed's I Standard of Tailoring and mod- erate prices make Reed's Cloth- ing especially desirable. Suits, Top Coats, Qvercoats 535 and upward X. JACQB REEDES UNE 1424-26 Chestnut SE. P In i I a d e I P lm i as v i To MAKE A KRECORDW UNE - MUST EXCEL ,. Cut Record has been made in the field of Binding College Annuals GWXD J. E. TAPLEY oo. Metropolitan Building LONG ISLAND CITY NEW YCRK Binders of the Leading Annuals of the Country PRINTERS EINDERS n RULERS PRINTERS OF TI-IE I 'wpuncfz Bowlu DUN LAP PRINTING COMPANY N. E. Corner Juniper and Cherry Sts. PHILADELPHIA, PA. 4166 ORGANIZED 1829 CASH CAPITAL IsI,OOO,OOO T PRCDTECTION RE U T SERVICE STRENGTH I 3 INS Gi l- , .L , ' " i P . TW 2 QP? Qt., P 5 P,.'..lx5M:m W - Q Ki QIIMKE EH T' no Auf! Jw 0 'X ,415 A I-I ev HILADED? THE FRANKLHN FIRE HNSURANCE A COMPANY UP PHILADELPHIA l . N ELBRIDGE G. SNOW, PRESIDENT T 1 P. M. JONES sz Co. DRUGS MEATS STUDENTS' XY p alize on furnishing, l t t I If I t ll tl t e us. PENN DRUG COMPANY 1514 VINE STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Oppme Dom Clothes for College Men 5 'HWADE FOR YOUH 328-75 SUIT OVERCOAT TUXEDU 338-75 THE EDWARD TPPTETJORING CO. All Wit RITZ JEWELERS OFFICIAL IEWELERS TOR ibuntb 2ButnI iietnrh f2Bennett jlaetns 34OQ PVQZHMX Sfreef T'6z'lq1z'c'!pbz'rz, 7351. LIGHT LUNCH SANDWICHES GYO Qlampus Eelinatessm Poplar 0693 P k 1452 ESTABLISHED 1890 A. BEARDSLEY 81 SON Contracting Painters The TRAINING HOUSE 'If'fCfi0f ' Exfefiof Serves Life O'Wheat Bread E . Delicious and digestible, Comiiiiiig in ofthe Sixteen elememsfoundifl Wheat 1217 North Eleventh Street LIFE O'GRAINS BAKING Co. Philadelphia ii-,mi im 468 PHILADELPHIA BAG COMPANY PHILADELPHIA, PA. COZZI 81 BELLANO TAILORS PHONE, Walnut 1884 264 SOUTH IITH STREET PHILADELPHIA PENNSYLVANIA The McDaniel Steam Trap , ffe" f K is the dividing line , ff' M in between steam and I - ,ff x water. Steam cannot X AIsi -Vf--V :.,,:V.! blow throughg Water cannot stay ing and the cost is small. WATSON Kc lVlcDANIEL CO. 146 North Seventh St. Philadelphia, Pa. PHONE, LOCUST 3337 PRIVATE BOOTHS Our Best Wishes to the Class of ,25 Tae ' , I PYLE si INNES Frascatl LEADING COLLEGE TAILORS 1115 WALNUT STREET Restaufant fxawzy- ff F2 -:Way Clothes for the Discriminating College Man MICHAEL FRANCISCO T A I L O R S 214 S. Eleventh St. PHILADELPHIA, PA. E. SCHIAVONI, PROPRIETGR Evevytlaing that Makes the Italian Supper Famous 1727 ARCH STREET PHILADELPHIA PENNA. STANLEY CQAL COMPANY I Z6-I 36 Washington Ave. Northeast Corner American and York Streets PHILADELPHIA, PA. BOTH PHONES "Coal :Chalk a Treat for Heai,' LESTER W. DVREMAN ' D 1: J. LOE DYKEMAN, LGEB Sl CU. Converters of Cotton Fabrics 931 MARKET STREET PI-IILADELPI-IIA, PA. 45 EAST ITTH STREET, NEW IYORK CITY D. T. MURPHY 419 SOUTH 40TH STREET I PHILADELPHIA, PA. Cigars Magazines Tobacco THE W. J . MQCAHAN SUGAR REPINING AND MOLASS ES COMPANY ioi SOUTH FRONT STREET PHILADELPHIA PENNA. Victor V. Clad Co. IIQ AND I2I SOUTH 11TH ST. PHILADELPHIA PENNA. MANUFACTURERS OF Kitchen Equipment French Ranges Por CoIIeges, Institutions and Fraternities -L70 CALVI COOI .IDGE Says: 'iLife Insurance is the modern method whereby the uncertain is made certain and the unequal equal. It is the means by which success is almost guaranteed." W7hy not guarantee your success by securing a Life Insurance estate now, and on a plan combining saving with protection? The Life Insurance profession offers splendid oppor- tunities for the young man who is above the average CLARENCE A. WRAY, General Agent I-IOIVIE LIFE INSURANCE CO. 524 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. TH E . "If if is made of metal, we make il" Hoover8ZSmith Berben Insignia Co. COLLEGE, SCHOOL AND FRATERNITY INSIGNIA Official College Fraternity I OF MERIT gmglgrg anufacturing RiNGs CLAss PINs MEDALS PRIZES TROPHIES N, Diamonds, Watches, ana' feweiry of every ciescripiion 616 CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA ' V 733 Walnut Street Philadelphia, Pa -L1 Qluttell 8: lean ALBANY, NEW YORK atb Caps Gowns Hoods FOR ALL DEGREES Tlakers to the Students of A . . merzcan U nzbersities Intercollegiate Bureau of Academic Costurnes WHOLESALE Cigars, fpipes, Cigarettes, Tobacco Candy, Chewing Gum 3134 Market Street Philadelphia, Pa. The Real Estate Titl 6 . Insurance and Trust Com an P Y OF PHILADELPHIA Total Resources Over 315 000 000 , , .00 523 Chestnut St., Opposite Independence I-Iall Pa lcard Building, 15th and Chestnut Sts. THE OLDEST TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY IN THE WORLD HOTEL PENNSYLVANIA EVER Philadelphia, P enna. Y ROOM WITH BATH GYO TRANSIENT RATES: SINGLE-353, 553.5 0, 34, and S5 DOUBLE-56, 5157, and S58 GYXO Appointed Official Hotel of th Al e unini Association of the Un' 1 ' itevsity of Pennsylvania N. 81 H. O'Donnell Cooperage Co. Jlfanufaciurers of SLACK BARRELS Moore Street Water t S 0 WaI'1SOl'1 PHILADELPHIA, PENNA. Thiladelphia A New Yo rk -L KEYSTONE PRINTING -COIVIPANY FINE PRINTING OUR SPECIALTY --Qin AQ.. IZ South IOth Street QW,.Yf,f','1"if876D PHILADELPHIA, PA. Bell, Sprt1ce3797 Keystone, Race 4360 rtmftsgig: IMPORTER OF Atlas Wholesale Grocery Co. Oriental Rugs A. S. MILLER, Prop. I'Iotels, Restaurants, Fraternities and Institutions Supplied CLEANED, REPAIRED, DYED AND STORED Cleaned by C pressed Aw-the Safesz: Way LL, Pmasron '5IIl 3727 Walnut Street 1723-27 Wood St. ' Philadelphia, Pa. D Philadelphia, Penna. D. T. 'MURPHY M. E. RQDGERS CIGARS TOBACCO l qtafgfgf MAGAZINES 419 S. 40th St. PHILADELPHIA, PA. 4038 Locust St. PHILADELPHIA, PA. CHAS. A. BELZ CO. HAMILTON BAZAAR ENGRA VERS . HIGH-GRADE HOUSE DIPLOMAS FURNISHINGS, CHINA FRATERN ITY CERTIFICATES 1507 ARCH ST. PHILADELPHIA, PA. FRA TERNITY A CCOUNTS 5oI.Ic1TI5D 3944 Market St. PHILADELPHIA, PA. 'Dizeclion Stanley Company of ,Hmerica me .Q fi J' 4 ,f if f!! ,p.,,,'.,f.,a-+ 4, .y-'Wx l9th and Market Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. Stands Foremost Among Pl-IOTOPLAY THEATERS of the World FOR BETTER SERVICE CALL Davis 8: Young Coat and Apron Supply Co. T J. BURKE, Manager Bell Telephones: Preston 1357, Preston 5481 ' 3202-04 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. W. L. Lausterer Dealer in SELECT TABLE BUTTER Pennsylvania Eggs and Poultry 4704 Parrish St. Philadelphia, Pa. R.Venturi 82 Bro. Dependable WE have been for years earning the right to put that word unf der our name as Eood Dealers, but it is now an accepted fact by our friends and we appreciate their def pendence on us for we try to render a real FOOD SERVICE. Edward K. Otten Francis G. TAKE this opportunity to thank the Fraternity boys for their patronage in the past and pledge ourf selves anew to give the best MEATS, etc., at the most reasonable prices possible. ASK THE BOYS WHO KNOW -+64 E++- Venturi's Market House 1430-32 South St., Philadelphia, Pa. WE SPECIALIZE IN SUPPLYING GOOD FOOD TO HOTELS AND INSTITUTIONS hat KVellfDressecl Feeling There is no greater comfort than knowing you are wellfdressed. Always showing the latest in English Woolens which we know- will please. The right style, and above all, quality, the right the right price. THE Gus ALEXANDER Oo. NEW HAVEN, CONN. Showing every Thursday and Friday at Cinalli, 372 3 Spruce Street DAVE ALEXANDER, Every Wednesday at Park Avenue Hotel, New 'York Representative e in! College men everywhere are fast turning to Stetson D because here at last are Clothes lvhieh meet ebery requirement MUST BOOT SHOP Exclusive Footwear 3611 Woodland Avenue PHILADELPHIA of style, wear and price. K 22 S. Howard St. - Baltimore, Md. Dougherty Sport Shop 424 SOUTH 52D STREET Opposile Black Oak Park EVERYTHING FOR THE ATHLETE BASEBALL, TRACK, FOOTBALL, SOCCER, BASKET- BALL, C-YM OUTFTTS, BATHING PANTS, PENNANTS, PILLOW TOPS, WALL BANNERS AND SPECIAL LETTERING, T E N N 1 s R A c K ETS RE-STRONG 475 FORDS DODGES BUICKS WILLYS-KNIGHTS HUPMOBILES RENT A CAR DRIVE IT YOURSELF Pay by the Mile Dr1ve-It-Yourself Co. LOCUST 2200 1830 Market St. Plxiladelpbia, Pa. Lombard 3617-3618 Main 8034 R. K. SUPPLY CO. VV I-I O L E S A L E QUALITY IVIEATS 22124 South Delaware Avenue PHILADELPHIA PENNSYLVANIA "WE DELIVER THE GOODS" Sandwiches of Quality Fraternity Kitchens Supplied HAMILTON GROCERY CO. PHONE BARING 90l6 37th AND SANSOM STREETS M. J. MANN TILE WORK REPAIRED A SPECIALTY Stone and Brick Fronts Renovated, Brick Chimneys Re- built and Painted, Rough Casting and PIastering,Cement Pavements, Stone Steps Rebuilt, Cut Stone, Masonry and Brickworlc, Cellar Floors Laid and Repairecl BELL PHONES PRESTON 4210 AND PRESTON 1783 4206 Chestnut St. WEST PHILADELPHIA, PA. VAN 81 SON THEATRICAL COSTUM ERS Costumers to the Leading Colleges-University of Penn- sylvania, I-Iarvard. Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Princeton and manv others CAPS AND GOWINS TO RENT 921 IValnut St. Philadelphia, Pa. L. R. ERMILIO A. D. ERMILIO L. R. Ermilio 8: Co. TAILORS 1117 Walnut Street PHILADELPHIA I PENNA. 335555 55513553 Zlfflilfy See WALLY CONKLIN JOHN M. CUNNINGHAM,Vice-P d T Our Campus Represent t' W ARRE N ' S Inc. o Ta 110 rs I Tuxedo Coat, Trousers, and White DoublefBreasted- Vest, S4o ThreefPiece Suits, S35 FourfPiec:e Suits, 345.50 Fine Worsted Suitings, S45 3425 WALNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. THOMAS V. F ARREN Upholstering WINDOW SHADES, AWNINGS, SLIP COVERS, CURTAINS 3722 Walnut St. Philadelphia, Pa. HENRY MCCARTHY Plumbing and Heating 246 South 40th Street PHILADELPHIA, PENNA. JOSEPH V. KELLEY SHEET METAL AND GENERAL ROOFING 40th Street and Lancaster Avenue Philadelphia, Pa. THOS. :abliIZHgI'TRELL HEATERS, RANGES, ROOFING SHEET METAL WORK General .Iobbing ESTIMATES FURNISHED. BELL PHONE 3725 Walnut Street Philadelphia, Pa. CC 1925's PLEDGE LIT THE TORCH that is blazing the way to an adequately endowed Pennsylvania! Our Responsibility Sl25,000 in 1945 If you pay 55 a year, our promise anai piecige will be ful- jiiieci-or lV3 cenis per day . . . Is your Uniuersify worth as much to you as the price of a ciaiiy news- paper? Your Class Has Pledgeci It, ' BOARD OF GOVERNORS D. BARLOW BURKE GEORGE W. STEVENS CHRISTIAN SENSENIG J. LEE PATTON, JR. RICHARD HANO ROBERT A. STREETER JAIVIES IVI. HENDERSON, CHM. Your University Expects It" Compliments of D QRMITQRY HAND LAUNDRY 3707 SPRUCE STREET A PHILADELPHIA, PA. 5 BARBERS MANICURE The Campus Barber Shop PAUL BOCCELLA 3607 Woodland Avenue PHILADELPHIA, PA. For ihaf neat Hair Dress GLORIA HAIR OIL Broadway Confectionery 366I Woodland Avenue PHILADELPHIA, PA. CIGARS and TOBACCO DQC. STRONG HAT CLEANING. and SHOE SI-IINING FRUITS PARLCR ICE CREAM SODAS l- . - 258fA South 37th Street Best MllkShGk6S on the Campus TRY OUR OWN DELICIOUS HOME-MADE CANDY 478 f - - --rr., ,f if A ,Z gf .s fi'-Z1 x -1'f'7' " f. F, , r 12.4 9- .-1 ,.-pa-S :El-:jf Q5 , A I 1 I 1 - E .1 .1 91.1.11 xhocn 5 ABYORDFK ,, f NDSTQW 3 muah CKLHI 1. 7 ' A .,r -fm In., mm ,bv iv.. QI' ,H , S, , xx Ffa ...QM 1 A 61, X -T..-.1-.HV THE NAME MGOIVIIVIY' STANDS FUR E THE BEST TO BE HAD IN COLLEGE WEAR ow Lf A I , , , GMM V Rx ' ,xx ' 'Q EMENSWEAROFDISTINCTION '.', mx W fk if xg N ff Uoj 13. Qampus ' l i I Cl cf e Z p lm i a 4 K u 0371671711611 7519284 J1925 J' IIALITY BNGRAVLNGS PUR CLASS ANNUALS 8' OTHER PUBLICATION S' Cyranklin qzofo-Ehqravinqfbuse -504, -AIQIJH' sT-pH1LLA-pA- Slttlmgs by Bell 'Gelephone Appointment Walnut 3987, 3988 I-I. ZAMSKY 902 Chestnut Street PHILADELPHIA, PA. PORTRAITS OF DISTINCTION Ojictttl Q-Dlfzotogmpltev of the IQZS Recofrcl u COLLEGE ANNUALS A SPECIALTY I 50 pet cent discount to all students' clubs ancl fraternities NO PRINTS GIVEN FOR PUBLICATION WITHOUT PATRON'S WRITTEN CONSENT 0 Philadelphia Photo-Engraving Co DESIGNERS PHCDTO- ENGRAVERS 'v X-A I 0 ,f"- -k X 'f ,ff l gs N , ,- gtg Si 'Q aff' - W .59 ggi elf, fy If E ' 7' 14.1 "' . 7-C' 35" 5 U ., u--""' ?3 f Skt..-- " .if ' i- 3 ' I 2-iiasiiih 5 Xp Lf 'fwiir' , - 4 vi Z I E3 iii. ' 1 . ri-9" I 11 1 -251, E1 E ,L 395. E' x 5, 51 , I . , I ii if ,I 'g- Q Q ,-:-. V' .-,... 4. :rl fr 5, .--: Q, I J.. gt ,si T-, . X, -vi . ....v... .. , I ' ' zz, :ig j .,- : - 'HIE I ,jg-LH ' X, -1i+::1:1...i 4' 'X - , E' N f K ,ff xx XA if 124,112 "' Li... G! :gy!?lgExi5 ! l ' ' - , f...n-vw "HL, if-:?4'i52?9.B 3 M. ' 3. an rm'-.-5 ,, LQ 29 North Sixth Street PT-IILADELPI-IIA 181 4' -l' CoLLEoE ANNuALs Catalogues, Text Books Trade LIQIS Perrodrcals or Prrvate Pubhcatrons LL THESE and many other klnds of Prlnted Products come from our Presses To customers who appreuate parnstaklng efforts and attent1on to deta11 we can render an unusual servrce I Horace McFarland Company ,illlauunt Pleasant TQYBBE HARR1sBURo PENNsYLvAN1A 3 . 21 K . silk! ki? "Q: , U 'I' 4' 482 HABERDASHERY STORES and 7 for CLGTHING MEN The Campus Shop 3649-51 WOODLAND AVE. C1355 GuilfOrd's Stores are, and ever have been, appreciative of gf I your kind patronagep We feel as though a part of our very 5 Own family were leaving the fold when you graduate. Cur heartiest hest wishes-for good luck--long life and prosperity -is extended to each and every one of you. It is our hope that you may permit us to serve you in the Best future, as We have in the past. Each of our ia stores extends a cordial invitation to you, in addition to their hest Wishes. Benjamin Franklin Hotel LIST OF OTHER STORES 27 South 15th Street 9th and Chestnut Streets 1225 Market Street 1540 M k t Stre , 1518 Market Street N.E. Cor. 5th 81 South Sts. 1030 Market Street 1305 Market Street ar e e' 149 S. Broad Street Cor. Broad 81 Girard Ave. SENIORS SHE 'LL want the good old PUNCH BOWL Nexi Year. Wlin Her Favor by Subscribing Before Graduation 53.25 PER YEAR MAIL CHECKS TO THE PENNSYLVANIA PUNCH BOWL HOUSTON HALL, UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA PHILADELPHIA PENNSYLVANIA -1-83 I 1 5 -I' nn-nl Q? .1 1 ' 1 L . -Z L ,r -no l Q -ni-I 41' Thi -nv-' Qu.. M ng--vi ' - i .,,

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