University of Pennsylvania - Record Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA)

 - Class of 1923

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University of Pennsylvania - Record Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1923 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 523 of the 1923 volume:

X 'll X . I X 1 f 's v. - - V 1 ,' Q ' u,X , X -X j X. , 6 N 5 A , I XX , I X I ,V n .'. P N X X I 'Q 4 ' X ,,X - . X A V ,Xi 'Q , ' V . Xb 4 , ,r -. L :X r. X X . ,L A - X . , N .4 V , 1 V X X ' 4 Q f ' V if 7 .N ' l X, ' 'XV fi. 1 ' " I ' 9.1 X It XY 4 X .H- , , 1 . '-f I1 Y '1 1 X 1 2? 1' , , U ,' . ff , , . hi X. . 5 . X . Al ,X . ,, I Q 'f 'X , - TX le, X T l X . ,F ,Q . X . ll A w ' I S 'W ,J ' .L df 'ET ' .f .,,,1-- -,-,- :- 134 , ' Q-LA.-. slflggg , V IRQ," 'pa f .1 ' I If '.-,, 'wi M .,:4',.' -. 4 4 -33:12. ' 'iv' L-793' .'J. ',..:?f jf. ,,,-gr"-, V'-QLQH , 315155 A'47Q35'5f1 . ,' fn, . HEI' M: 1 --,dim .A,5m4.?,4 .. M 53-15 53'-L- 1. if . 5. v 1. jr , X Eff, ,- . ,W 7 lj: ,W , V 5. . 51:51 . , ALL 55,9 ' 'Q :J if, '51 ' W ,5 .mp 1 ,fp . V: . 'K - itil? ,,- , , . A ggiff' f W? Te, -iff . :ze ff- , 4- L15 ' 7.41 f 7 b ',, - ff 1. ., .-41, Q- - ' - K r ' ' 'L ' ,gf 'jf 1 4 . sf' - Q- : 4.53 y nk, ',,.. ' -1: 14- fs 2- fx.--x, lwi L - P --JA.. X 5. .- ,Z . N -. 4. - ..- , - . v 1.1.-mm. - A .. iikilvff ,ww ,4 , .,,L'L'r., ..-f , ...Q -,.- -. , . , N., fa, - i v,., ' F A .tj 1441 A 1 -iiiarz'-,'.-re A-H-L1?Q'.,,1 , ,- ...W P ' Q ,A A ., ' -iq .47 . , b . i. - - J A ' ig .. 1 igvgfv., - r , .V ,z-A4 -rl r -, -, ':' ,. ,ga-f? , ' - 7 J- 2 ,. --Cn .-JC! ,, - .-.,.M ' , f',Tz " ' J .,,1f -' -14'-f::'u. " ' ' ,, - ' A .- A-4.51154-4'yfg f , ul 1 ' , -.fb ' - :EIiLf"" 41- , rflw, r -Q' , -- V- A i 11' . fr ,hi '1" "JJM .5i','l' -l H.: V - I ,. ',-W, ,3 .Q-wg?-7,-If ' - 3- 5, 5 Qs-3 - 'rf ,- -N . 1: ,. fx, -' fp f ,'.., neg, Kg'-1-!a4G 'eQ ny! ' J' - 51? ':.,.- Wi,-3 - I 23 -'P ' ',:s:21,4ff-'ffflgfi .1vX1'H:'.' 1,-I - , -'le gg mzy "f TI! fl A ."-, , Y, L. -t :U-.-55: - . -.g , , A I rf Q-i, L .. - N.: . If .'5g.g,f., v:: . - '5-- wl".,f4 fi'-Finn - V L - 1- . --figs - " ' . f .. -fE7'11-2536-25122 1 if ' ' , Q7f45+f'f "1 'yrs 1" "'L'L:1'4'3' 1--1 y .. A ,. ru-1 V sz nf ' '-5ff'."" -, '?riE27f"fffL . ' gg 3 T'3Q,EsQ1-Qin ' ,552 , .rf 'ns-1-::2qw. , ,, 1 V . - 1 11' U 91'--A2v'f:r.1 -rl -kr -. Q .- ,L ', an f ' .1 ' 'A '-yt' ' J- .1i2,s'F'f', '?2:..g:1sP'iESfi15' , I W H315 if -"z9v..,,-ig..-Q..-"?,-A , L a. :gm THE RECORD Cfzzss of IQ23 UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA l ,, 7 , , , - I I D 9 0 Q11 1111111111111111111111111111111.1111.11111lU"'11U'llUW1"1n11M1111111m1. 1.3 g-1W5WP'?9??4?H+IYiHHl51F3WfH1?fHilHWff1H+W'H111111111111111111L111u1111+111'1i1111! -1- 11---111-A 1 -111'r':T'.' 1"'Ti:n."--- - g111I11IH111T1111 1 1 11111111 illilli 11.111 1 il I11l , . 511 3 , """"va1uv'm:mnv' --1 Il .1 11 : E ,N 5 1 1 'x I' w g: 15 I 1 fffyx 1' : F.-123, 9 l'.'.. 1? -"""'1111111,111W' 15 'W?9, :,,,,1111! ' j1 '11 :Z l: , .M 1 ' ' ,,. , ' E 1H!' I 1 ig E N -A 111 1 1 Q- Z 1 11 1 E Y I X- Tqff ff QQ-KECQX 'f i' 2 l 2 1 '11111 -1-1, 11 'M a w ' - .-1. 5 E, 1 5' i ' '1 :1'11..f . - ' 4 .. EV .,.. n : P : . 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W 5 - f ' M. 1-7, ' --W ' -ag fgjffr-'j, , !.g,f.1.'--: , 1, f :'i.J?Jf?"?4I-"Y 1 'E'g g.: .,Sg ggi:-lm , . V .. , .. , . .45 fr, ,.,., W N ,. ,Q Ex,.f.,.g1J wir., ,,.i.a'-JJ 3, , - ,Aj U ,vm 1, , 51: f " " ""' ,-ffh., X+" fg' "" ,-ff" ., . -- . m..,-.XXI ' Egg -' 41,5 -M45 .,g: .. 'fm W' MN... ' v -'J ' - T19 -31, 'if' "u Saw tW'fr, .. 1 , 'V A'-maxi. L" 111: ' ' 511,53 ' 2 f. 1 A - 7 l"' ..-, ----.w---'pg ,ggi-' 1 . ,, - I,-....,. , - ' '. 4 Q-If x ' '5fil"'g:--F " W " '-'Q - -1' Y- S' , M iff .,,,...... . - ' 5,9 ' :Er I5 fi fi: pw 5111425 55 A-3214.155 . ---15:5 '-?1'.Jf!'T'Yi1 izzi pc 52' 33 ,av fswf 1Ly2l,fi?7 HQ31-5 ' ' V ,.,,v.5,Jj: .Q RX! ' A-.-Lg xr?" fg'f'f.f':f, 5-u??ffff" .aff ggi 'f ia I "'8I'-.- ' 'B ,ff J' p": Tiff ir? I .,x',5:vlff '- Nl' 7 '7 -- "'.g4 fQ1'Q2f.i Q? 'M' . . - ul ' ""' -7 . ' 'Q ' . ,a 'VJ .'."',-f ' .sf ,ff:A 'gl If-if -LH' , , .lf2r',-',"','f .-:sig I Aj-'fl gif' Q - r 4- R-i33'2!", tg-7-:ye J :iff 1113? 1 -:'JfsfA5'E4, ,i.,, f',3.L 'MQ Q :E-5? gil. - 1, Siifisg, W, al I ig 15135 , Lg? : pf! I ki 5 " 'ij 1' 2 i., 1,25 , "ji ' 1 , Q' fm? fi '2,',x,,P Q ,4le.,.9 if ' F , 5 may i 5111- .HH 73,281 ,ifiaa A. ir 5 l X " .:5.:..,.-ff.: Ag- ggw- 1 w-gf' " ff 4 V ' ' ' ' 455 gf ai 3 I 'L E FJ51- 35551 F22 . if 'fa A-ff-4 "wif ri? 1, . -.. 3 'vm-53g..,.,' - , -' -- "" 4 .- -if ' xml M", Q " 45142-f-1'." . - A ,-T313 53 i if fin 14-- V '1" 1'- .,, - Lvl' -'wr 'f . 3tr:'-:-,.-IA::--x:.T..- I-'r " 5' -- 5. 'Y , fi " i:,'Q-1-3 . '13 ,,' .." . ' f' - I 1 SQL' -4-T-55-iygyq,11'-Lv-:.:c.v111Qf,ff yr-1: N 1 2 .' nw" ' :Q -J , fi?-fgzff'-', .357 ' I 1 f. f '- 'xlf A-:,'-Pf-V3 "."'A ' . "'N1"f5'2, ..,- N. ,,,...,-7 fm? -1 Y ..,, -V H1147 7,g,,g,..n-A.:-, f ' U X 1 41 1 75 " ,N I CLAS V, '1 'J ff 'f 'J '1 '. -1 ' " '1 ",'.' 'fN'Tf"-""" ""'-""""7" OF '2 3 I CLASS RE ORD O BOARD O EDITOR IH CHIEFH WALTER E.CARTER MANAGING EDITORH WILLIAVI N.O'REILLY BUSINESS MANAGER -- PAUL BOWNIAN ROOT ADVERTISING FIANAGER- VERNON STOUEEER CIRCULATION MANAGER-' LEON N.EPSTEIN ART EDITORH ROY E. LARSON PHOTOGRAPHIC EDITOR' ' HENRY R BORIE EDITORS" JONN W. PRICE R H. SCNLOSBERG R.A. SMITH ASSOCIATE EDITORS" WALTER C.f'IILLER T. B. l'i.RINGE JAIYIES ILTITLOW H. EREW WAIDNER WILLIAVI J. A.WATT ART ASSOCIATES" HARRY B. DORREL GEORGE E FREDERICK AARON HSPENCER BUSINESS ASSOCIATES " RICHARD BEUCIILER SEYMOUR COHEN JACOB H. EROELICH ALLAN B.GOULD H. BYRON GERVIN 21 THE CLASS ITH the publication of this book, a record of hard, loyal work for a great and well-loved College, the Class of 19223 drops the role of an undergraduate body, and, passing through the gates of graduation, takes its place as the youngest of the Alumni, loyal as of old to the support of Pennsylvania and to all things for which it stands. Twenty-three was born amid the unrest and excitement that filled the country during the troubled years after the war. The spirit of conflict gave to it its fighting spiritg and the days of its life were red-letter days, all of them, because of its enthusiasm for all that tended to the welfare of the lfniversity. Deeds of glorious achievement have filled the short time between the fall of 1919 and the spring of 1923, deeds that have lifted high the name of Alma Dlater because of the undaunted spirit of the class and its individual members. And this last brief year has topped them all in bringing forth to its fullest expres- sion once more the Pennsylvania Spirit. Such a record the Class leaves behind it-a glowing, a wonderful inspiration for each member as he looks into the future years: a feeling of deep reverence and thanks for the College that has made him, and made him happy: a love for the old traditions signified by the colors Red and Blue that will grow brighter with the years and touch with a glow of reverence and deep affection the name of the University of Ben Franklin. Qiiwasiexxeage 23 05 NATHAN A. ABRAMSON 'IP E II JOHN EELDEN ADAMS 6 X HN tn fe ackv Waterburg, Conn. Wharton Glens Falls, N. Y. Wharton Glens Falls High School. ROLAND TAYLOR ADDIS A T A i'BIick" "Bud" Philadelphia, Pa. AI'Cl1liBCtlll'C ERNESVIW S'rEIJI1EN AALLSOPP A T A Protestant Episcopal Academy. Golf Team C21 C33 C453 Junior 'Varsity Soccer Team Mb: Manager Freshman Soccer C359 President of T'ennsylvn.niu I. A. F. L.: Sophomore Ball Committee: Jubilee Committee. "Jack" -ll Leslie St., Newark, N. J. Wharton Newark Aeadeniy. Wrestling CBJ. Transferred from Cornell in 1920. I-IERMAN AI.TSlIi'LER K N ALFRED WILLIAM ALVINO 9 A X "11z'rm" ".-ll" "AU" "4ll1'glzl" SSS lilligon St.. Paterson. X. J. Wharton 187 Winyaii Ave., New Rocliclle, N. Y. Paterson High Sr-lmnl. RICHARD ANTHONY AMEISEN "Dz'cL"' 437' Park Ave., Collingswood, N. J. Chemistry Collingswood High School. Pricstley Club. Wlmrlon l'Iumilton Institute. Bus:-lmll C153 Pipe Committee C235 President Hamilton Institute Club. BAYARD STOCKTON AMELIA A T Trenton, N. J. Wharton George School. Phi Kappa Beta. Junior Societyg Sphinx Senior Society: Football Team C153 Basket- ball Team C115 Soccer Team C23 C3J, Captain C495 All-Intercollegiate Halfback C-LJ. Cliairniani Fresh- man Smoker: Vigilance Committee. I ERICH OTTO ANGERMANN JOHN J. APONICK Z' A E 2509 Harlan St.g Philadelpliizu, Pa. 212 E. Green St., Nanticoke, Pa.. lVhaTlOU lvlllilflllll Central High School. Q Nanticoke High School. Luzerne County Club. WALKER ARMINGTON, SD 9 X ARNE PAUL ARXESEN GCATmy9! '25 lvoodland St., WVorcester, Mass. . Wharton South High School. Worcester Polytechnic Insti- tute. Fencing Squad C415 Junior Picture Commit- tee: Musical Clubs fGlee Cluhj f4Jg Mask and Wig Preliminary Show CZJ. l'A'r-nc" 2930 N. 2-ith St., Philadelphia, Pa. Mechanical Engineering Northeast. High School. Northeast Clubg Whitney Engineering Society: "Men about Towne" Club i4ggcEg1giueers' Show 123 C33 C-LJ: University Band K2 3 Kill. i JOHN LEROY ARNOLD ERNEST ARON --Royu HDOCH Lebanon, Pa. College 175 lflnstcrn Parkway, Brooklyn, N. Y. West 'Clwstnr Stair: Nnruinl Sc-lmol. Pliilmmitlu-ini Nvlli1l'lOll Society: Naturnlisls' Field Club' Dnr Duns:-he xi-owing Eddmtionnl Club. ' ' Manual Training High School. CHARLES JOHN ARTHUR "Charley" 4-04 YV. Cumberland St., Philadelphia, Pa. Electrical'Engineering Northeast High School. Brown Preparatory School. "Men about Towne" Club C21 139, Secretary My CHESTER ALEXANDER ASHER, Ja. "Chas" "Bailling Alexander" 5520 Wfayne Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 'Wharton Germantown High School. Scabbard and Blade. Picture Committee CSU: President Cadet Officers' Club 1453 Captain Penn Chapter of Scabbard and Blade K-Q5 President R. O. T. C. Rifle Club C455 Zelosophic Societyg Cadet Officers Club: Cast Zelo Plgmy 0155 Cadet Captain R. O. T. C. IBD, Adjutant 14 . c .TTT -If ,' f . ll' 1. , illll, ll 1, liwllm, wiv' 1 5 "1 ,l 'fl ivwlmllq, li l- I 2 HARRY G. BANZHOFF K A fb "Banzyi' 1101 4th Ave., Altoona, Pa. Wlliarlon Mercersburg Academy. Instrumental Club f2D l3J C'est la Guerre Club. CHARLES LAURENCE BARBOUR "Larry" X A A 244 W. School Lane, Germantown, Phila- delphia, Pa. Wharton Gernautown High School. Pennsylvania Military Collc ge. Scabbard and Blade. ROBERT A. BARBER "Dad" "Bob" 1750 Union St., Allentown, Pa. VVharton Chairman Executive Committee 1355 Vice-President C est la Gucrre Club. .losism ouvisn .BARNES K EI --Jaw 1538 S. 58th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton West Philadelphia High School. Night Editor "The Pennsylvanianu Ill, Associate Editor f2J, Editor 135. News Editor HJ. Class Executive Com- mittee, Chairman flip Dartmouth Trib Committee CD: Toastmaster Freshman Banquet C135 Suh- Chairman Freshman Snicket Committee Ill: Sub- Chuirnmn Sophomore Asiatic Night 125: Sub- Chairnmn Sophomore-Freshman Love-Feast KU 121: Sub-Chairnmn Junior Prom Committee 137: Freshman Cotlperutive Committee QU. i IRWIN BARON Z B T "B'ucl:" 1 W. 94-th Sl.. New York C'ily Wlmrlon Mmxunl tliftllllillll Hiizh S4-hool. Ifreshnmn Soccer Tenm: 'X :irsity Sm-r-or Ti-nm C31 C-llg Class Snow-1-r Team C23 CIN C421 Sm''l1von 'I'iv:kr:l Com- inittr-ng 'Varsity Club: Anvil Club. IYILLIAMS ABR.-X115 li.-XRRON Z B T "Bill" "il'1'l1lilIr1r1" 180 High St., Porllzincl. Maine Wharton Hebron Academy. Freslunxlii Football Team: Junior 'Varsity Football Tenm C21 C333 Dues Committee C13 C233 Cooperative Committee C135 Smoker Conunittoe C13 C233 Teller Sophomore Elec- tions: Asiatic Night Committee: Campus Jubilee Committee C13 4,21 C313 Sophomore Prom Com- mittee: Fights Committee: Love-Feast Committee C2Jg Sub-Chairman Junior Week Committee: Junior Luncheon Committee: Maine Club CU C2j, Secretary-Treasurer C2i: Junior Representative XVharton Honor Court C3J. MILLER FRANCIS BARRICK A E fb "Fam" "Slzrrdow" 1526 W. Lehigh Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton Northeast High Sehool. Freshman Truck Tenmg 'Varsity Trunk Tr-mn: Freshman Steering Commit- telcgl Freshman Cooperative Committee: Sophomore Vimlrirwc Committee: Asiatic Night Committecg Junior Ifrom Committee: Junior Banquet Commit- toe: Junior Dues Committee. Class Presenter. CHARLES VICTOR BARRY K A UVic" ".lI1mzblcr" 3537 Locust Sl., Philadelphia, Pa.. VVharton Elyria High School. Sphinx Senior Societyg 'Varsity Club C433 Freshman Track Squad: Junior 'Varsity Basketball Team CZJQ Assistant Manager of Crew CBD, Manager C-lj: Rowing Committee C35 CAD, Secretary C335 Undergraduate Council CLD: Mcrzlmcher Club C25 C33 WILLIAM BATER, 211 2228 W. Diamond St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharlon ERNEST D. BAXTER B G YI "Ernie" '71 Oxford Ave., Cambridge. Mass. V Wharton YN orcester Academy. Glce Cluh. ROLAND STANERT BAUDER 517 Garheld Ave., Palmyra, N. J. - School of Education Pelmyra High School. Phi Delta Kappa C35 C415 Civil Engineering Society KU f2l: Educational Club f3J I-11. FRANK COX DIE BAXTER dr' B K "Bacchus" 4904 Chestnut St., Philarlelphia, Pa. College Brown Pr:-pnrutory School. Alumni Membership Committee fill Sophomore Composition Prize: Philomathcan Societyg Philomathean Cust, Pro- duction Manager: University Dramatic Club Cast 621 C311 Nuturalists' Field Club, President C335 Clusics Club: R. O. T. C. 2d Lieutenant C335 lst Ineutcnunt 0173 Assistant in Zodlogy Q21 i315 Axis- umt Instructor HJ: Student Editor "Alumni Register." Ji.7Lii'S C. HAYLINSUN fl' PI Ii. fl' ll K 655 YV. 160th Sl.. New York Cily. . Folic-ge MUFHS Hill! School. So mhomore Scholastic Honors: Nriturulists' Field Club: Swimming Sqmul Ill Crew 121 133 f-D. EARL LEROY BAZHKIORIC A E fb "Busy" West Palm Beach, Fla. College Palm Bench County High School. Freshman YVel- come Committee 635: Junior Prom Committee C333 Chairman Silver Bay Committee f3Jg Chairman Senior Election Tcllers LAD: Christian Association C473 Bible Study Committee C23 C-ij 3 Sherwood Eddy Meetings Committee KBJ: Gilkey Meetings Com- mittee MJ: Christ-ian Association Financial Cam- paign I-Og Arts Association f2J C32 MJ: University Dramatic Club 1213 Zelo Society 123, Louder ISD: University Camp Counselor. GRIER RATCLIFF BAYNUM A T A 303 S. Walnut St., Milford, Del. VVharton Milford High School. Secretary C'cst la Guerre Club 135. LEIGHTON RODNEY BEALE H K A i4L6,ight77 21-1 Redman Ave., Haddonfield, N. J. Viiharton Haddonfield High School. DAVID FLEMING BEARD XII T "Dawn 5043 Pulaski Ave., Germantown, Phila- delphia, Pa. Mechanical Engineering Germantown Academy, Freshman Soccer Team C135 Third 'Varsity Soccer Team C235 Junior 'Varsity Team C33 'Varsity Soccer Team C431 Class Soccer Team C13 C23 C333 Junior 'Varsity Basketball Team C433 All Inter-Collegiate Soccer Forward C-135 Mask and Wig Club C33 C431 'Varsity Clubg Merzhacher Club C23 C335 Dani-ing Chorus "Toll Talcs"g Hexa- gon Society, GEORG E HENRY BEA YDRY "Bonzai" 132 W. Q0th St., Erie, Pa. lVharlon Central High School. Sr-rub Football Team C33: Junior 'Varsity Football Team C433 Third 'Varsity Crew C333 Night Editor "The Pcnnsylvaniann C33, Associate Editor C33, Editor C433 Associate Editor "Junior Annals"gExecutive Committee C433 Dues Committee -C13 C233 Freshman-Sophomore Love- Feast C13 C233 Banquet Cormnittee C13 123: All- University Dane-e Committee C-13: Chairman Fresh- man Pipe Committee: Class Elec-tion Teller C33 Franklin Society C33 C435 Eric County Club C23 C3 C43, President C33. ROBERT BEATTY A 2 411 "Bob" ' 2308 E. York St., Philarlelphia, Pa. Civil Engineering Northeast High School. Northeast High Sehool Club. JOHN BYRON BECHTEL Acacm "Beck" 3016 lil. Lehigh Ave., Philadelphia. Pa. Wharton Central High School. Senior Class Luncheon Committee. v LL0Yl?Bll3lylll'lll'l'S lll'X.'ll'l'lfl. K TI Gl"5'l'AY Flll'lDl'lll.lCK BECKER T B 11 . , 'l . . ' "Gus" lilo Pano ht.. l'lnlnclvlplnu. Pu. lllmrlon 4-7Q1 Onklanrl Sl., llrankforcl, l'l1ilz1clelpl1iz1, FVQ4-sf gllllznmls-lfzlxiixlIigh Svluhml, 1-'wsllnllrxn Swim- Pu. Cll6lTllSlI'y mm! vnu: 1 : :rsll ' S - ' '2 I . . ,, . . I w , Nl: flzun- C-'I7IlllIllIl1':' H3355 I.lllllllllllnl-llllrl'rnlnllllltml tial. DHij:fil'llII3-x?I,E.l:,RIIllrnnkford CHARLES P. Bl'll'Kl'lTT IIILTON J. BEERE T E fli nf'l1c1rl1'z"' 'Hllilf' Newfleld. N. J. Wharton Anderson St., Mt. Jewett, Pa. Wharton Clayton High School. Mt. Jcwett High School. 33 LELAND W. BEHR ARTHUR BEREN Ci,Lee'Y llATtJ! 147 Division St., Amsterclam, N. Y. 3745 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton Wharton Amsterdam High School. JOSEPH HENRY BIBEN "Joan 4 . - 4 w .- N , 5621 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton LLOAEERQEPRT BILMLL ACAUA C tlH'hS.h l. Altl'h'lClb:'V 'tj r v - '- '. C?1IiibxiaFreimaii Kgiootbalcl 'lllitrsilly Foliltlylull 401 A' W' alnut bt" L mon Clty ' Ind' C25 CBJQ Lacrosse Team f2J 432g Dramatic Club KQ2 - lvllilrtoll 133 f4Jp President Menorah Society 643. Union City High School. Indiana Club. l 34 X ROBERT RVSSELI. BLACK dv 22 K S0 Park Ave., W., Mansfield. Ulnio Wharton Unihvcmitf Svhool of Clow.-lnml. Mzumgvr Gym- nasium Tcxun I-lb. E. DAVID BLECHMAN fb E A "Bleclcy" 122 32d St., Newport News, Va. College Newport News High School. THEODORE A. BLAKE fb K N11 "Ted" Wlhitney Point, N. Y. Wharton Binghamton Central High. Teller Senior Election gil: Mak-nl Clubs 123: Manager Freshman Soccer Pllfll 1 . JULIEN EDWIN BODLE E KID Z, Z E, T B H uliudgen Q42 Winona. Ave., Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. Chemistry Germantown High School. Wrestling Squad H22 C35 415 Priestley Chemical Society. , , v l 1 N l , l JOHN CLAYTON BOGAN, JR. NI' T LKJGCAYSV 618 Upsal St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton Germantown Acacleiny. Sphinx Senior Society5 Cricket Team C155 "Red and Blue" Board C15 C25 C35 C453 Sophomore Prom Commit,tce5 Sub-Chain man Junior Prom Comniittecg Ivy Ball Committee: Chairman Intcrfmternity Ball Committee C455 Merzbacher Club C25, Vice-President C355 Assist- :zmbt Manager Track Team C35, Associate Manager 4 . LINCOLN BOUILLON E K N, T B Il, A K E 1729 Ravenna Blvd., Seattle, Wash. Electrical Engineering Staunton Military Acmleniy. Rocky Mountain Clubg A.I.E.E. l HENRY PETER BORIE Z ill "Pete" '6Hank" Ryclal, Pa. College St. Paul's School. Chestnut Hill Academy. Fresh- man Crew C155 'Varsity Crew C355 Class Crew C15 C25 C35 C455 Photographic Editor 1923 Class Record C455 Patroness Committee: Junior Prom Commit- tcc C355 St. Paul's School Club C15 C25 C355 Chestnut Hill Academy Club C15 C25 C35 C455 Franklin Society C455 'Varsity Club. FRANCIS R. BOYYLER "Frank" 4 Sampson St., Spencer, Mass. lYhai'tou David Prouty High School. Football Squad C25 C355 Junior 'Varsity Football Team C-155 Wharton School Relay Team C251 Sophomore Prom Com- mittee C251 Smoker Committee C355 Junior Prom Committee C355 Senior Dues Committee C452 Ivy Brill Committce C-15: Newnmn Club L15 C25 C35. President C45. JOHN .XLllI'X l3OlVNIAN ARTHUR RODGERS BOYD Jaclcshoro. 'la-uri. 2475" Wllflflflfl 107 YV. Vilasllington Lane, Germantown, Pa. Jn:-ksborn' High Svlmul. Carson :mel Newman Civil Engineering College' Germantown High School. Student Chapter, American Society of Civil Engineers. PAUL MAXWELL BOYER HARRY MARTIN BRADIGAN, JR. 116 Llanfair Road, Arilnxorc, Pa. 932 W- Oak 5L-, She11af1d0'3h- Pa- Wharton ' Wharton Lower Nieriou High School. Shenandoah High School' 37 JAMES FRANCIS BRADLEY ROBERT VINCENT BRANION X A A "Jim" "Bohn 1313 N. 57th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 61 Kinderhook Sh, Chatham, N. Y. Architecture Wharton West Philadelphia. High School. Architectural Chatham High School. Societyg Vice-President Architectural Class 141. FRANK P. BRAVERMAN "Frankie" "Bran" 4171 N. Fairhill St., Philadelphia, Pa. YVILLARD HENRY BRLEDE Wharton 3731 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wilmington High School. 1Vl1ill'l0U 38 HAROLD ELIAS IZRIGIIT E II MEYER ROBERT BRODY "Brighl1'c"' "Slave" 524- Dolilglass St... Reading, Pu. G25 Jl'eH'erson St., Pliilmlelpllia, Pa. Wharion Wharton Rmidiug High Svlmol. Freshmzin-Soplinnmrc C4-nlrail High Svliool. Loye-FcasL Committf-c fill: Chribtiam Aruwviamtimi Drive Committvo Kill: Bvrks County Club 113 125 fill HD. Svcrvlury fill: Cllupl.-l Urxgunist Ml. ERNEST NEILSON BROWN JOSEPH ELLSWORTH BROWN "Bf0w7-lfgn "Joe" T B H, H E, 2 E 50 W. Stratford Ave., Lansdowne, Pa. 6302 Morton St., Phi1adelphia,Pa-I I D Chemical Engineering Mechanical Eugmeermg ' ' .' l l. 'V ' F ' T N th tHi hS h ol. S or,Seni rEngineers' lE1'3n?1i5'Z'Y'fE42iil- Fzilllom f2'?'?5Syf4nf3"c"'g Tgiv if N051-he3S?C1ubl'0uS O 39 MATTHEW STANLEY BROWN "Brownie" "ilIaZtie" Cedarville, N. J. Wharton Bridgeton High School. 1 MURRAY WILLIAM BROWNSTEIN 620 George St., New Haven, Conn. ' Wharton New Haven High School. Penn-Cornell Concert Committee IBD: Nutmeg Club. WVILLIAM ISAAC BROWN T B II "B-rown'ie', Vilashington Ave., Berlin, N. J. Civil Engineering Haddonfield High School. Civil Engineering Socief-y i2l 13, fill. LOUIS A. BRUNNER, Jn. A Z7 111 "Bots" 4-7 Belmont St., Carbondale, Par. Yvharton New York Military Academy. "Punch Bowl" C25 Q33 HB: Lutheran Vice-President Christian Axociationg Sophomore Prom Comniitteel f2D: Freshman-Sophomore Love-rFeast. C213 Chairman Song-Fest Committee QQJ: University Symphony Orchestra C31 K-D: Leader of Band HJ. WILLIAM PI-IILLII' BRYANT ZZ A E DAVID VINCENT BUCK Q11 Shasta Ave., Roseville, Calif. 208 S. 36th St., Pliiladelphia. Pu. , Architecture Wharton Spark I-Iigli' School, Spark N-ev. -University of Nevada. I.'nn'ers1ty of f'llllI'Ol"lll1l. Columbus lwnivnrsity. FREDERICK SILAS BUCK 9 A X I -fF,i,,-V HENRY HOMER BUCKELMUELLER , 2 J ,- if f 'feuclw A T 32 E. Pearl bt., Ylellsulle, N. X. vvharton 18 Holland Pl., Buffalo, N. Y- V Wellsville High School. Green Lame Camp Com- ' Wharton mittee- f2j, Lafayette High School. 4:1 WELLS SACKETT BUCKINGI-IAM - "Bzzck'? . E A E Apt. 210, "The P01'tl1CI',H Washington, D. C. Wharton Western High School, Wkishington, D. C. Crew C25 C35 C453 Winning Crew, Fall Regatta C453 Capital City Club C15 C25 C35, Secretary C45. CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM BUEI-IL "ClL7'' 5360 N. 15th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Chemical Engineering Northeast High School. Football Squad C25 C353 Baseball Squad C15 C25 C35 C455 Northeast Club C15 C25 C35, Vir'c-President C453 Priestley Club C15 C25 C35 C455 Engineering Assoc-iation C15 C25 C35 C45. RICHARD KLEIN BUECHLER n A fb "Diet-U 754 Clinton Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. IVharton Bridgeport High School. Milford Preparatory School. 'Varsity Tennis Team C25 C35 C451 Fresh- man Tennis Team C153 H1923 Class Record" C455 Jubilee Committee C253 Cremation Committee C251 Class Dues Committee C25 C35: Class Executive Committee C35: Junior Prom Committee C355 Chairman Entertainments Junior 'Luncheon Com- mittee C353 Vkfliarton Assoc-iation Dues Committee C-l5g Nutmeg Club. PHILIP L. BIIRGETT A S 42 "Phil" Montezuma, Iowa. lvharioli Montezuina High School. Grinnell College. Assistant Manager Gun Team C35: Iowa Club C25 C35 C-L53 Baud C25 C35 C453 Orchestra C-15. NORMAN GLENN BURLAGE BENJAMIN ll. BUSCH, JR. Fredoma., Y. "lim" Wlmrton '2022 .xl'l'll Sl., Plmilmlclphin, Pa. grefloqla High Sclxucgl. Sophaumrc Puxlisllriulmt Arts inmnnttea 1235 Sopmmore. 'rexqntion Ecction gl. J 5. yn p .: l . Sm L S I C Y 'loner lm: 'lumor Bm"lu"" C"'nm'm00 lm' Wilxlnllrggprlfq Furllp lzlltlo J11x1iE:l'mlElectll2llL Connnittr-1' C333 Junior Pic-turc Committev 1133: Arts Aeuuf-intiuxx fly CD 131, Excuutivo Commxttvr: HB: Newman Club HJ fill CD I-ll: Scope and Plan cj0lllllllflL'4" L-ll. HOWARD BUTCHER III ELLIOT CADES 3337 xvilllllllfl St., Philadelphia, Pa. QQSO N. 29th St., Philaclelpllia, Pa. lVh2u'ton Wllarton 43 CHARLES EDWARD CANE 9 'E K'ChoIey" Coudersport, Pa. Wharton Couclersport High School. Secretary Wharton Association C43g Ivy Ball Committee C435 Mask and Wig Club C33 C433 Cast, Preliminary Show, "Persian Nights" C235 Cast, "Somebody's Lion" C233 Cast, "Tell Tales" C333 Cast "Here's Howe" C43. WALTER EVERETT CARTER B 0 H "Wa11y,' Taylor St., Chevy Chase, Md. Wharton Emerson Institute. Friars Senior Sorietyg Editor- in-Chief H1923 Class Record" C433 Capital City Club C13 C23 C33 C435 Board of Managers, Franklin Society C43. HYMAN S. CAPLAN vncuppy.. 842 'Walnut St., Lebanon, Pa. Wharton Lebanon High School. ROBERT SCOTT CARY E X "Bob" 'iBuzl" 203 Albemarle Ave., S. W.. Roanoke, Ya. lliharton Roanoke High School. g 1 DAVID F.-Kll.Ql7l'IAll C,'.NYl'1llS "Dara" B I' 22, A T :EQ Clarqmonl. Ave., lillll-Zllll. X. Y. Wharton Hutrliinson-Central High Si-hunl, BulTulu, X. Y. Sphinx Senior Society: Phi Kappa Beta .lunior Soviety: Funk-inf.: 'Fcum 6123 xiii: l'rL-slnmin Fl-:wing Tuum 117: "The Pi-nnsylv:mi:in" 1,21 CBJ. liflimr- in-Chief K-U2 "lied nnml Blue," Bmircl of Editors U23 133 HJ: l'lilitor-in-Cliis-f "Junior Annals" 133: Scalp uncl Bluclc: Franklin Soviulyp 3Iun'ibr'r limlvrgrnclimie Cvuncil: llcniber Atlrlelifr Counf-il: Axistant Mnrlzigvr uf Iniuruxwv Tvmn 133: l':il0dir-- toriun, General Chaiirnmn lim-rmllvgiuu: C'mnl'er- enre 1'-47. KI WON G CHAN WILLIAM EDWARD CHAMBERS "Bill" uL1'7IliL'u 9 E 1-I-U1 X. Hilh St., Pliilzulelpliia, Pa. Wharton Cuniml lligh School. Freshman Crew HJ: 'Varsity Croix- 121 C39 L-il: Class Crf-ws Q27 Q33 MJ: 'Varsity C uh. Banggeng R Co., Swntow, China SH,AN CHAN CHANG Wharton China Diocesan Boys' School. Hong Kong University Wllarton Chinese Students' Club. Chinese Students' Club I SOM CHARATSING ccsoynn Bangkok, Siam . Vifhartou Suan Kulnrb School, Bangkok, Siam. Phillips Exeter Academy. JOHN HOMER CHASE B 9 II "Jack" 1735 P St., Washington, D. C. Wharton Friairs Senior Society: Freshman Crew QU: 'Varsity Crew C22 139 C-13: Manager Boxing Team 1435 Board of Editors, "Red and Blue"g 'Varsity Clubg Capital City Club. WILLIAM CHARLTON B 9 H "Bill" 427 Kathmere Rd., Brookline, Delaware County, Pa. Wharton WVest Philadelphia High School. Freshman Foot- ball Team: Editor, "The Pennsylvanianng Franklin Society: Executive Committee C175 Banquet Com- mittee CIJ: Sophomore Vigilance Committee 1235 Sophomore Prom Committee C233 Sub-Chairman, Junior Week Committee 135: Dues Committee KU 133: Senior Class Luncheon Committee I-ij: YVest Philadelphia High School Club C13 C23 f3J 141. KARL PORTMAN CHESNEY CI' A 9 "Karl" New York City, N. Y. Vvharlon Kansas City Vfcstport High School. University ol' Missouri. Freshman Crew: Championship 150-lb. Crew C31 f-Hg 'Varsity Club. F ELTON CHOW nJl10ll.3'if'Ill' Chow" lll Queen's Road. E.. Hong Kong, China Wlmrlon Canton Government Scholar, University of llong Kong: Holder of Nanyang Corporation Scholarship to .-Xnioriva: Chinese Students' Club CJD, Sec- retnry Ml. NORBORNE R. CLARKE, Jn. "Newly" fb I' A. A M H SZ, fl? B K 451 Government St., Mobile, Ala. College University L-iilitary School, Mobile, Ala. Boxing Team C233 William Pepper Medical Society. HENRY NEITZ CHUBB fb IJ K ' ' Ilmfrzje' ' Roslyn, Pu. Wharton Alwinizton High School. WILLIAN2 REYNOLDS CLARK A T "Bi I" , 5032-Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton West Philadelphia High School. Friars Senior Society: Freshman Foot-ball Team C193 Rifle Team CBD: Gun Team C355 Chairman Banquet Ticket Comniittee C372 Chairman Assembly 'Committee C4l:Vocational Guidance Committee C35 C415 Glee Club CM: Undergraduate Musk and Wig Club C25 C35 C455 West Philadelphia High School Club CU C25 C31 C455 Cheer Leader C321 Head Cheer Leader CKLJ: Mask and VVig, Cast, "Don Quixote, ESQ." CU: Cust, "Somebody's Lion" C235 Cast, "Tell Tales" C313 Cast, "Here's Howe" C453 Manager Gun Team C33 C4l: Secretary Minor Sports Coni- llllttee g l C , Yi l ll JAMES STEPHEN CLIFFORD, Jn. "Jim" H K A 5710 Thomas Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.. Arts La Salle Preparatory School. Assistant. Basketball Manager 435: Associate Manager C455 Sophomore Cremations Committee5 Clizxirxnan Junior Prom Committee C355 La Salle Club. LLOYD LEE COCHRAN A 22 fb "Cocky" "Kid" 135 Cottage St.. Lockport, N. Y. Wharton Lockport High School. Phi Kappa Bctu Junior Society5 Class Dues Committee C15 C255 Wharton Association Dues Committee C255 Social Service Committee C25 C35 C45, Chairman C455 Class Execu- tive Committee C25 C35 C-15. Chairman C35 C-155 All-University Picture Committee C255 Columbia Trip Committee C255 Sub-Chairman Sophomore Prom Committee t255 Basketball Dinner Com- mittee C255 Class Fight Committee C255 University Camp Committee C255 Jubilee Committee C255 Students' Relations Committee C355 Chairman, Junior Week Committee C355 Glee Club C15 C25 C35 C455 Mask and Wig Show C155 Undergraduate Musical Clubs C35 C455 Leader, Glee Club C455 Interfraternity 'Couneil5 Sophomore Cremutions Orator C255 Class Cheer Leader C15 C25 C355 'Varsity Cheer Leader C35 C455 Member Undergraduate Council C45, Treasurer C-15. WILLIAM LLOYD CLUSH "Burry,' WCOIOTIBIN 337 hfarket St., Sunbury, Pa. Wharton Sunbury High School. C'est la Guerra Club. THEODORE L. COHEX "Ted" 130 Elmer Ave., Sclienectutly, N. Y. Wharton Fonda High School. C'est la Guerre Club. ELMER HOPKINS C'Ol,.l'I 1:1 X "Lunky" StQ'xgfant Apts.. Hlnnvoml Ave., Bullzilo, Whnrlon Bliffnlo l.ninyr'lto l-ligh Svlionl, lic-iissvlncr Poly- torrhnur Instituto: l..:n:ros:4c Squad C21 C35 Colurnhin Trip Committcv 425: Junior Prom C'oininiItr.-1: C333 .lunior Luncheon Coniniittvr: C313 Whnrton Amocin- tion Duqs Coniuiiltvc Cflig Mnior Duns C'ommiltr-0 C451 Jubilqo Conunitlvc CID: Su-nip :inrl l-linda CU C27 C3l,.vll'K'-i,l'CSlLlCllL MJ: Glvo Chili C-Hg Nlnsk and Xvlg Show, "lIerv's Howto" I-LJ: Assistant Song Imxnlr-r IM. NELSON HALEY COLLINS "iVz'Ixe" "Bolsa" 19 Lincoln Ave., Rutherford, N. J. Wharton Rutherford High School. Vifatcr-Polo C21 C35 C415 Captain Freshman 1Vater-Polo CU: Bronze Medal winner in Dr, Thomas A. Biddle SSO-yd. Swimming Championship C335 Dartmouth Trip Committee C3J. Gl'iH.XLlJ Cl.'LLlCN COLEMAN E X "Jerry" 1317 Coil Ave., E. C.'lc-velaml, Ohio Wharton Shun" llinh Sc-huol. Sphinx Sonior Society: .lnnior 'ilnrsity Foothnll 'FOHIII C22 C32 C-LJ: Ivy Bull Coin- niittvc MJ: Sub-Clinirinun .lunior Vifcek Connnittve C315 Suh-Chnirninn Sophomore. Prom Connmttoc 127: l"rosldr'nt Inter-Fraternity Conn:-il CD1 SuI,m-Chuirnmn Christian Association Fmmirrinl Drivn-3 Senior Advisory Board, Student Relations C'0IllIlliliL'l'f Sophmnorc Pants Fight Coinniitii-me: Sm-izil Sm-rvif-c C'orninittvc--, Christian Assorrmtlon. JAMES DRAKE CODIPTON "Jim" 111 K ill, B I' E 201 Central Ave., Dayton, Ohio lN'harton Steele High School. Phi Kappa Beta. Junior Socictyg Sphinx Senior Societyg Financial Director of May Day Jubilee C233 Student Relations Com- mittee C23 C335 Musk and Wig Club C3j C435 Football Committee of Council on Athletics C33 C455 Assistant Manager of Football C353 Manager of Football C-ll: Mask and Vilig Show C35 C-45. CHARLES DANIEL CONNELL 'iDe1my" "Connie" 317 Stuyvesant 1Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. JOSEPH EDWARD CONNELLY A X A "Irish'! Q26 Perry St., Trenton, N. J. Wharton 4 Wharton New York Prep- Glee Club up C27 645: Mask and Trenton High School. Trenton Club. Wig Show C21 C33 C413 Mask and Wig Undergraduate Club f3j C4j. JOSEPH A. CONWAY ROBERT EMBIETT COOK E A E "Joe the C. P. A." "Doc" 2503 Carpenter SL., Philadelphia, Pa. Apt. 30, The Robinson Apts., Chattanooga, Wharton Tenn. South Philadelphia High Schoolg Secretary C'cst , W'llf2U't0l-1 la Guerra Club 123' Cen Lrnl High School. 50 l l 4 E. LOUIS COOPER A I' Rl 155 W. Girard Ave.. Pliilaulc-lpl1i:i, Pu. College Cl-nlrul High School. Clwss 'l'o:im Lil Clip r-U. WINDSOR FRANKLIX COUSINS "Doc" "Cons" "ll'1'ndy" 11113 K 226 Oneida Ave., Warren, Pa. College Warren High School. Chairman Arts .lollificiition Coniniittoe l3Jq Treasurer Arts Association QU: Eclucutional Coniniittce. C.A., H35 Q-D5 Luoheran Executive Coniinittcc Q33 C-DQ Secretory W arren County Club CD 1253 Philomathean Society Q35 HJ. HUBERT ANTHONY CORISE hflulf' 3120 N. Park Ave., Pliilarlelpliia, Pa. College Northeast High School. Crew L-U: Physics Club ill 1233 Northeast Club KID Q21 GU C473 Arts Associa- mm up 423 my my. GEORGE JONATHAN COVALT 5121 Regent St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton San Diego High School. University of Southern California. Secretary Zelosophic Society 643. GEORGE ERNEST COWDEN ROBERT SMITH COWPERTHWAITE "Cowdie" "Boll" "Cop" fb B K, II M E North VVarren, Pa. 127 Atlantic Ave., Haddonfield, N. J. wv.lZl3I't0I1 College Warren High School. Freshman Rifle Team: Friends' Select School. Freshman Soccer Teamg Presbyterian Committee C313 Vicc'rPres1dent War- Junior 'Varsity Soccer Team i215 'Varsity Soccer ren County Club 621. Team C433 Class Soccer Team QD C25 135 HU: 'Varsity Club C-Hg Philomatheau Society 137: Arts Association C15 C25 Q35 f4l. JAY ANDERSON COX ACACIA .iAndy,, 530 W. Spring St., Lima, Ohio Wllarfon N Lima High School. Junior Prom Publicity Com- G' T' CR055 , mitteeg NVhart.ori Association Dues Committee. n'h2lI't0l1 52 11 f . l RICHARD HOWELL Clfl3Bl'lliLl'IY HENRY POOLE CULLEN E A E uDl.f'Ix'u "Pie" "l?1'r'l1" "Cub" "lIanlc" 662-L Gormnntown Ave., l'hiluclelpl1iu, Pa. 1-l-I-L Bert Ave., Trenton, N. J. A x 2. X A A College Cllemiffnl Ellgilwcring Trenton High School. Froshnmn Baseball Team. Qt-rumuntowp lliuh School. Alvmbit' Sucivtyg 'Vur- ' Sify l'V'0Slll1U-Z TPIUII Q33 C-U: lilvctriculCummittvc Pfl0Sfl0Iv' Club .Show C335 Privstlcy Club: Engi- ncorlml .-Kssovinuon. DAVID JAY CULVER HUGH V. CUNNINGHANI U A X A 1135 Allison St., N. W., Whshinglon, D. C. 227 ,Main St., Johnstown, Pa. College Cfluege Washington Central High School. "Heel and Blue" .l0l'lHStQXVD High SGIIOOI-A ODQH HCHFUI Club? Bonn-1, Executlve Commxttce C23 CSD. 53 ROBERT OVERTON CUPPY A X A SAMUEL IVLERRITT CURRAN E fb E "Bob" HR. O." "Shrimp" "De-merit" 521 Kossuth St., Lafayette, Ind. 301 Grove St., Haddonfield, N. J. Architecture Vlfharton Jefferson High School. Transferred from University Haddonfield High School. Senior Dues Committee: of Illinois 137. Gym Leader Clj CZJ C39 145. THOINIAS EPWYN CUSHING DANIEL SUTHERLAND DAVIDSON "Gush" "Tom" 4-Sud" A X A 233 Bal-:er Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 108 Saratoga Ax-eq Cohoes, N. Y, 1 E E--T B H' .H E lVharton Mkchamcal Engmeermg Egberts High School. Junior lveek Committee: Boxing Squad. University Band KU 121 C33 Cell- 54- XVILLIAM EDWIN DAVIES K E "Brill" lYest Clinton SL., Frankfort. Incl. ' Wharton Frankfort High School. "Tho Pnnrxraylvrmimf' Bmlrcl C29 Gil Nl: liusinox-x Munugnr "Frc-sliniun Handbook" C333 Christian Association Campaign Committee 111 l2J C319 Claw Dues Committee IIJ Q-ll :Jubilee Colniriittvc C23 1 Junior Prom Comnxittoeg Ivy Bull Cllllllllll-lL?0I Frcslinmn Pipe Committee: l.m'c-Faust. Conuniitr-c' 1'2l:llnnsic-r Club Ill C25 1-lj. ELMER DEAN. JR.. 9 A X "Drfcmie" 802 W. Water St., Elmira, N. Y. Wharton Elmira Free Academy. ABBOTT SABIPSON DAVIS B 6 H "Abbie" "Hot" 24- Bramhall Sl.. Portland, Maine lvharton Purtlunrl High Svlmol. Maine Club. H. BARTON DEVINNY B 9 A "Bari" 1869 Selby Ave., St. Paul, Minn. YVhar'Lon St. Paul Central High School. University ol' Minnesota. Undergraduate Mask and Wig Corn- mittee C255 Musical Clubs C253 Mask and Wig Shows: Preliminary Show, 19203 "Somebocly's Lion"g "Tell Tales," EDWARD GLENN DICKSON BRIGHTON C. DIEFENDERFER c:Ed:v uDiqf11 30-L5 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 1626 Chew St., Allentown, Pa. Wharton VVha1'ton Central High School. Scrub Football Team CID Allentown High School. Muhlenberg College. 125 f3Jg Crew C255 Wrestling Team f2J C31 C-LJ. Lehigh-Northampton County Club. DONALD TYNES DILLON fl' K XII "Dill" JULES NEVILLE DIRAC 1601 5th St., Portsmouth, Ohio '6Frog" Wharton 34-L20 N. 20th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Portsmouth High School. Junior Banquet Com- Architecture Ymtfee- West Philadelphia High School. l 56 LEONARD C. DOBRANSKI "Horace" 4221 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia, Pu. Wharton Germantown High School. Vice-President Sigma Delta Sigma Club 137. PAUL P. DOSBERG B E P 'iPccp" 96 Vilatson St., Buffalo, N. Y. Wharton BuEalo Technical High School. Freshman Smoker Committee 1175 Sophomore Fight Committee 1275 Junior Banquet Committee 1375 President, Buffalo Club 137 1-17. JAMES NEELY DODSON, Jn. A 'I' A ".Iiim" 540 Briar Pl., Chicago, llls. Wharton Culver Military Academy. Wharton Dues Com- mittee 1475 Secretary, Culver Club 1275 President, Culver Club 1371 Musk and Wig Preliminary Show 127. CARL SMITH DOW A E fb, A E P 180 Hillsdale St., Hillsdale, Mich. Wharton Glen Ellyn 1Ills.7 High School. Hillsdale High School. Captain Junior 'Varsity Debating Team 1275 'Varsity Debating Team 127 137 147, Captain 1375 Episcopal Committee 1275 Vestry 137 1475 Bible Study Committee 127 1375 "Kids to the Country" Campaign 127: Christian Association Dues Committee 1375 Eddy Campaign Committee 1375 Senior Class Dues Committecg All-University Dance Committee 1475 Social Service Committee 1-L55 Deputntions 127 137 147: Debate Council 137 14 , President 1475 Student Finance Committee 1375 Delegate to Springfield Debate Conference 1475 President Delta Sigma Rho 1-17: Jubilee Committee 1275 Gilkie Meetings Committee 1475 Chairman Special Publicity5 Philomathean Society 127 137 1475 Recorder 1375 University Dramatic Club 1275 Cast. "Old Fortunatusu 137: Philo Plays 1475 University Discussion Group Leader 127 137 1475 Ivy Oratorg Manager Debate Team. ROBERT NORTON DOWNS 3D A XII 5916 Greene St., Germantown, Pa. A z ' Fine Arts Germantown Friends School. Friars Senior Sodietyg Freshman Crew: Soccer-,Squad C23 C33 C435 'Varsity Soccer C33 'C43: Assistant Manager Cricket Team C33, Manager C43: Ivy Bull Committee: Germantown Friends School Club C13 C23 C33, President C431 Mask and Wig Club C23 C33 C435 Board of Governors C43: Dancing Chorus, Mask and Wig Shows C23 C33 C43. WILLIAM JOSEPH DOYLE fb A 'I' K'Bill', "Larry" 28 Lexington Ave., Greenwich, Conn. VVharton Greenxyieh High School. Junior Prom Ticket Committee: Newman Clubg Nutmeg Club. LEONARD J. DOYLE 4429 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. Yilharton HARRY J. DRAGONETTI A 411 A "Drag" "Sl1oriy" "Shrimp" 1615 S. Broad St.. Philadelphia, Pa. Wiharlon South Philadelphia High School. Cirvolo Italiano. K. K NATHAN A. DRETZIN fb E A IRWIN DUBIN A I' M 75 Fort Washington Ave., New York, N. Y. "Dugan" "C. P. A." , Wharton 238 Catherine St.. Philadelphia-1, Pa. DeWVilt Clinton High School. VVhi1l't0U South Philadelphia High School. Class Basketball Team: Truck Team: Swimming Team: Asiatic Night Committee C233 Menorah Societyg Spanish Club: Sophomore Vigilance Committee. JOSEPH WILLIAM DUFTON Z X LLOYD FRANK ECKHARDT "Joe" 306 E. 25th St., Portland, Ore. West Market St., Clearfield, Pa. Wllarton Wharton Washington High School. Oregon Agricultural Clearfield High School. College ill- 59 . X .3 .1 , ly! , WN! Y, . .. 'l,,,'l ,'l,,,.z?',.l,u1 .. 'lull lwli ,ww ,r rn.. CHARLES F. EFROYMSON WILLIAM M. ELBERFELD B 6 H "CIz11ck" "Luke" "Eph" "C'hollcy" "Bill" 3627 N. Pennsylvania St.. Indianapolis, Ind. Columbus Ohio Wharton Wharton Shortriclge High School. Butler College, Indiana- polis. Hoosier Club. EDGAR STITES ELDRIDGE, JR. 4-921 Royal St., Philadelphia, Pa. 2 E' Chemical Engineering Northeast High School. Northeast Club CU C27 C33 GD: Pricstley Chemical Society CU 129 l3J HJ Whitney Engineering Society QD C2J. HOWARD EDWARD EMMONS A K E "Howie" 1515 5th Ave., Huntington, W. Va. Phillips Exeter Avnclcxny. Wharton LEON NILES EPSTEIN K N CARL ll. ERTRESVAAG A K E "LW" "15ppy" "Erly" "Swede" "Bug" 294 Grave Sl., Rocky Mount, N. C. Botlineau, N. Dak. Wharton VVharton Edgemont High Sn-liool. Circulation Manager Shattuck School. Phi Kappa Beta Junior Society: H1923 Claw llc-corcl": Cxilltii Duns Committee Q33 Sphinx Senior Societyg Football Team QD C27 C33 QU: Junior Prom Qonuniltce 133: lVhnrlon .-Xsu40eni- tion Duc-s Comnnttec I-UQ Southern Club C13 C25 C-U: Frnnklin Society HD. 'Varsity Clubg Rocky Mountain Club. EDWARD LOEB ESPEN MEZZ,- 6601 N. 11th St., Philadelphia, Pa. THOMAS ELLSWQRTH EVANS Mechanical Engineering 225 S. 39th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Cheltenham High School. 141: Entertainment Committee Junior Weekg Wharton 61 JOHN EXTON "JacIcl' 242 Centre St., Trenton, N. J. Wharton ating? Model School. Trenton High School. Trenton u . ERNEST EDMUND FARRELL Q11 Spring St., Trenton, N. J. Mechanical Engineering Ohio Northern University. l JACK MOE FALK ' "John" "Buck" "Cap" Spink-Arms Hotel, Indianapolis, Incl. C YVharton Shortridge High School. Junior 'Varsity Basket- ball Team C22 C315 Golf Team C29, Captain C353 Wharton Dues Committee CD: Publicity Com- mittee Junior Week C333 Junior Luncheon Com- mittee C3Jg Junior Prom Committee C353 Class Dues Committee C113 Hoosier Club CD CZZJ. ROBERT HOOLE FAYFIELD K A "Bob" "Hooley" 507 YV. Delevan Ave., Buffalo, X. Y. Wharton Lafayette High School. Wnshingtoim and Lee University. Polo Team 125. Assistant Manager C35, Manager C-D: Cricket Team C32 C-LJ: Track Squad CU C21 C331 Swimming Squad CU C231 Track Team C11 CZJ: Class Dues Committee CU C21 CBB: 'Wharton Dues Committee: Jubilee NVeek Conimitteeg Freshman Banquet Committee: Sophornore-Fresh- man Luncheon Committee: Scalp and Blade C15 CZJ, Secretary C3J, Treasurer CH: Freshman Instrumental Club: Mt-rzbncher Club: Representa- tive Member of Indoor Polo Asocimion C-15. FRANQLS HQQLL FEE LORRIN EMMETT FLJLDKAMP i1""1'1k w I A -1-Q7 Preston St., Philadelpluia, Pa. 3383 Clmeslguut bt... Plulmglelplna, Pa. Wharton Arts La Salle I"rnpumtory Svhool. Exnrutive Committee- Arts Asocintionz Lu Sullc Cluhg Newman Club. JOSEPH GEORGE FELDMAN dv 2 A "Joe" Y ZELL GERALD FENNER ' 444 S. 57th St., Philadelphia, Pa.. 23 E. lVasl'1ington St., Colfax, Iowa V Wfharton Wl121I't0D South Philarlelphin High School. Freshman Foot- Colfax High School. Grinnell College. University ball'1"eamg Ticket. Committee 433. of Colorado. Iowa Club: Gym Loaders Club.- fnlx 7 H ",'l'f.i. " Q '7 1 ,. , , . 1 1 3 :yi Ls lr! Y 63 HERMAN FERGER, Jn. A X P HARRY S. FIELD Ferger Place, Chattanooga., Tenn. 3945 Pennsgrove St., Philadelphia., Pa.. Wharton Wharton McCallie Preparatory School. Fourth 'Varsity Vlfest. Philadelphia High School. Crew C353 Third Varsity Crew C453 Sophomore- Freshman Love-Feast C25: Junior Luncheon Com- mittee C359 Junior Cane Committee: Green Lane Drive C353 Assistant Manager of Wrestling Team C353 Class Dues Committee C453 Wharton Dues Committee C451 Southern Club C15 C25. CEDRIC FERRE FINLEY B 6 H LORAN FISCHER A '1' S2 "Chick" "Fish" "Bud" 412 N. Washington St., Wheaton, Ills. 5th and Spruce Sts., Wamego, Kaus. Wharton Wharton Lake Forest Academy. Wamego High School. G-LA LIXDALE CA RSON FISIIEII "Bild" u1'l1.NllN K A CSoulhern7 Wyoming. Del. Wharton JOSEPH LEO FLEMIXG H K A "Red" 225 Fairview St., Pottsville, Pa. Wharton Pottsville High School. Villa Nova College. ROBERT Ll VIN GSTON FLATHER "Bob" B 9 I1 2129 lst St., N. W., Washington, D. C. Wharton Central High School, hV!1Sl'1i!'lE,fOl'l, D. C. Friars Senior Society: Jubilee Committee CU C2J: Wharton Dues Committee C173 Junior Prom Corriniittce C315 Wharton Smoker Committee C353 Class Dues Committee C435 Ivy Ball Committee C413 Assistant Manager Baseball Team CSJ, Manager C495 Capital City Club C13 C25 C31 C4J. YVILLIAM P. FOLEY "Bill" "Pat" 111 E. Mahanoy Ave., hlahanoy City, Pa. VVharton Mahanoy City High School. Football Squad C21 C315 Track Team C21 C39 C413 Freshman Track Teamg Newman Club. WILLIAM STEPHEN FOLEY "Bill" Adams Ave. and Boulevard, Philadelphia, Pu. Mechanical Engineering Frankford High School. Glee Club C255 Engineers Show C153 Whitney Engineering Society C15 C25 C35 C455 Frankford High Club C15 C25 C35 C45. CLARENCE JENNINGS FOX 2 A E "Fong" Emlenton. Pa. IfVharton Perkiomen School. r ,J HERMANN FORTIER "F'renclLy', 8 De Salaberry Ave., Quebec, Canada Yvharton Quebec Seminary. Hockey Team C25 C353 French Relay Athletics Reception Committee C253 Junior Week Committee C355 Assistant Secretary Le Cercle Francais C25, Treasurer C35, President C451 French Plays: "L'Etincelle" C25, "La Poudre aux Yeux" C15, "Le Retour Imprevuu C25. "l,'Amour Meclccinn 25. FREDERIC JULES FRANCAIS C "Fritz" "Freddie" Westhampton Beach, L. I., Y. Wharton Wcsthampton Beach High School. Cornell Uni- versity. Freshman Lacrosse Team: Lacrosse Team C35 C-L51 'Varsity Club. l ARNOLD S. FIIANK Chester. Pu. l'lulri In z 1: Cul Engineering Choslvr I-huh. A.I.E.lC. 415 Q21 Q33 HJ. JULES M. FRANZEN 104 Hall St., Akron, Ohio Honor Man of Class. Fine Arts BENJAMIN LIC VIN FRANKEL A F M "Sonny" 2643 S, Alder St., Philadelphia, Pa. lrVharton South Philuclclphia High School. Class Track '1'e:uug Junior Week Committee Gil: Menorah Society. GEORGE FRANCIS FREDERICK 27 E 9 Belmont Circle, Trenton, N. J. Architecture State Model School. School of Industrial Arts. Associate Art Editor H1923 Class Rerrorcl" C453 Greek Ball Committee 1155 Florentine Ball Com- mittee f2J: Spanish Ball Committee f4Jg Winner All University Ring Competition 121. v w l w , l l MAX FREEDIVIAN ENIANUEL FREENIAN A E H 409 Essex St., Salem, Mass. "ilIanny" Wharton 1227 Market St., Wilmington, Del. Salem High School. lvlTiU'f0Tl Vililmington High School. HOWARD MILTOY FREYV . -1 Dutchn 1 ' JESS ITRIDMAN cp 1: A 415 Moody Ave., New Castle, Pa. Fnd-V Wharton Barnesboro, Pa. New Castle High School. Staunton Military lvhm-ton Academy. Grove Cit.vCollege. Footb:1llSquud C313 Bnrnc-sboro High School. Open Hearth Club C19 Band Q2Jg Staunton Club. C21 C31 149. 68 EDWARD H.-KRMON FRIEL A X A "Harm" "S11o1rboy" 163 States Ave., Atlantic City, N. J. Wlmrton St. Joseph Prcpurntury School. Trunk 'l'Pum C27 Gil K-U: Crow Country Tcfun Q21 L35 1'-ll: Junior Wfeck Committee 433. CHARLES E. FROHMAN nclldflllffn "IIinz.s'cU" Sandusky, Ohio Wharton Sandusky High School. Philocritic Record 133 HJ: Cust Quill and Baub1e's "He and She" f3Jg "The Admirablc Crichton" fill: "The Yellow Jacket" C353 Philomathean Society: Vice-President Buckeye Club C331 Deutsche Vercin C-tj: University Dramatic Club fill, Treasurer 435, President 143: Theta Alpha Phi 1455 Manager "The Sun" Actors' Fund Benefit Play: Manager "Pantaloon"g Winner The Philadelphia Forum Contest. JACOB HENRY FROELICH A E KID "Jalan" 4508 Maine Ave., Baltimore, Md. Wharton Augusta Military Academy. Business Board H1923 Class Rccorcl": Smoker Committee f2Jg Dues Committee 137: Chairman Decorations Com- mittee Junior Banquet 132: Luncheon Committee 133: Chairman Fraternity Public-ity Gilkcy Meet- ings: Secretary and Treasurer Interfraternity Council MJ: Southern Club C13 f2J C333 Franklin Society C-IJ. SAMUEL R. FRY 9 A X "Sam" 18 Trent Ave., Wlyomissing, Pa. Wharton New York Military Academy. Swimming Squad KU C25 C333 Polo Squad 131: Berks County Club C15 f2J C32 C4J, 'Treasurer 633. JOHN JOSEPH GEOGHEGAN "Ja6k', "Joan T A F, E E 811 E. Chelton Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. I .. Chemical Engineer Roman Catholic High School. Roman Catholic High School Club. EDWARD P. GEUTHER .rFd,, 139 N. Ferson st., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton Girard College. President Girard Club C33 MJ. HARRY BYRON GERVIN fb F A lKBy77 204 W. Locust St., Johnson City, Tenn. Wharton Johnson City High School. Acting Manager of Tennis Team 135, Manager 4435 Associate Business Manager H1923 Class Record" C415 Junior Prom Committee i393 Class Election Committee 632 C415 Franklin Society MJ. WILLIAM GILDERBLLMNI "Bill" "Blondy" 1204 Poplar St., Philadelphia, Pa. College Central High School. Leaders Corps Club K25 C33 C-D5 Central High School Club C25 C35 C-D, ,v LORUMBRE MANUEL GARZA FEDERICO D. GAVIOLA 3438 Walnut St.. Plliluclelpliin. Pu. "Gang" , ' Wharton Maasin, Leyte, Philippine Islands Wharton Manila High Schqol. Limbo de Mmzsin. C'est la. Guerra Club: Vice-Presiclcrxt American-Filipino Friendly Association. HERMAN P. GEIGER T E fb WILLIS RALPH GEHMAN 116 WV. Summit St., Alliance, Ohio ' Souderton, Pa. Hlharton Wllarton Alliance Preparatory School. Junior Prom Gom- Frankliu and Marshall Academy. mittee C355 B1-1Ck6f5'0 Club: C11lV0Y Club- l , , l v ll lil l X X 1 ,i ,i 1 1 'l, , ',XlMH,,, f 1, Ml 71 LOUIS IRWIN GILGOR EARL AUGUSTUS GILL Z 112 E "L0u', v i Patton, Pa. 1231 S. 4th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton Wvl1Zll'l'.OI1 Patton High School. -Track Team C21 C313 Fresh- South Philadelphia High School. Treasurer Pocket man Track Teami Sllrmt Medley R919-Y Champion' Billiard Championship Tournament Committee. Ship Team 121 i373 Newman Club' JAMES BOYD GILL K E "Ji'nL'my,' 4324 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton West Philadelphia High School. Phi Kappa Beta Junior Society3 Sphinx Senior Society: "The Pennsylva.nian" Bourd C25 C3J, Night Editor C2J, Associate Editor CBJ, News Editor C335 Freshman Bible Editor C213 Assistant Manager Hockey Team C353 Wharton School Honor Court C25 C3J, Secretary C253 Class Historian C15 CZD, President C333 Franklin 2ociety3 Bargglugp Cggmmittee CDL Plgsbyteriun ornmittee C 3 iairman Smo er on iitto A If . C233 Chairman Refreshments SophomoreYnConf IVILFIEED PONRILLL GUJLEN Exittee C2j3c9JChgrma.nL Soplgnnore Cregngitiion th Gllly ommittee .. : reen ann ommittec 1 25 64 5 -y A ' C323 Dartmouth Trip Committee C13 C353 West St Bangor' Nlame vvharton Philadelphia High School Club, Treasurer CD, President C3J. Bangor High School. University of Maine. JOSEPH A. GLASNER 2538 S. 8th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton South Philadelphia High School. Menorah Society: Zionist Society. GERALD ANTHONY GLEESON W title?-Ty!! 718 E. Westmoreland St., Philadelphia, Pa. , - College Roman,Catholic High School. Baseball Club C133 Roman Catholic High School Club, President K2 5 Newman Clubg University Dramatic Club. MARTIN THEODORE GLASS- HNI. T." 3710 Market St., Philadelphia, Pa. Civil Engineering South Philadelphia High School. Sophomore Honorsg D. Van Nostrand, Prize H355 Physics Club g?gk1VQeJnorah Society C23 C35 C451 Chess and Checker u .. . ROBERT JACOB GLOCK 3809 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton I l ROLLAND ROSS GLOVER II K A "Rue" 216 N. Wall St., Joplin, Mo. Wharton Joplin High School. MORRIS H. GOLDSTEIN fb B K ' HM. H ." 719 Berks St., Philadelphia, Pa. College Central High School. Henry LaBarre Jayne Com- position Prize CD3 Honorable Mention Sophomore Composition Prize i253 Sophomore Honors: Rhymersg Der Deutsche V erein, Vice-President 645. SOL NATFAN GOLDER USO H , 1723 N. 42d St., Philadelphia, Pa. ' ' D Arts and Science Central High School. Brown Preparatory School, Philadelphia. Menorah Society. BERNARD GOLDSTEIN 803 W. Girard Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton 4. p , ui ROBERT J. GILLETTE fb K il' WILLIAM THYNNE GILLINDER, Qu "Bob" 'Hlfoosd' "Bill" A 'I' A 358 Main Sl., Winona, Minn. 23 Sullivan Ave., Port Jervis, N. Y. Wharton Wharton Winona High School. Football Team Q23 131: Port Jervis High School. Freshman Football Team: Freshman Crew: Teller Committee f-LJ: Minnesota Club QU. CONSTANT ARTHUR GILLIS KECOHV! KGGITH I 884 S. 14-th St., Newark, N. J. CHARLES GINSBURG qu B A lvharton "Chap-Zig" East Side High School, Freshman Football Teagn: Q07 Pine SL, Johnstown, Pa. Freshman VVuter Polo Team: Junior 'Varslty Vvharton Football Team C25 Q35 645: Banquet Committee-CID: Ticket Committee KD 125g Decoration Committee f27. Johnstown High School. Open Hearth Club YD f2l 435 Q45- ALFRIQIXIJIOHN GORDON E A E 6426 Drexel Rd., Philadelphia, Pa. lVharton Central High School, Junior 'Varsity Football Team CZJ C31 MJ: Vice-President, Senior Class: Chairman Cremations Committee 123: Class Picture Committee 1435 Banquet Committee 423. JULIAN FRANCIS GORDON "Slz0rty,' 223 N. Prospect St., Massillon, Ohio Wharton Massillon High School, University School, Cleve- land, Ohio. Buckeye Club 133. DAVID BERNARD GORDON A I' M "Reddy" "Reds" "Curly" 423 Ritner St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton South Philadelphia High School. Junior 'Varsity Football Team: "Economites" Literary and Debating Society: Leader South Philadelphia Library League. WILLIAM HENRY GORE K A fb HBH!" 1707 S. 17th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton Pot tsvil le High School. ALLAN BRYANT COULD A 3 'IP "Al" "G'0ulr1y" "Sh1f1fl:" 56 Anderson Pl.. l3nl'falo, N. Y. lvhnrton Buffalo Lnfayollte High Svhonl. H1923 Class Record" Bonrwlz Sophomore Cremation Committee: Scalp and Blude C17 Q23 137, Prvsiclcnt K-ll: Instru- mental Club L25 CSJ: Mnnngf-r of Glen Club K-lj. LAWRENCE GRACEY Glenside, Pa.. FRANK DATSON GOULD A X P Wesllmrnplon Beach, LII., N. Y. Wharton Wcstliampton Bench High School. Freshman Track Team: 'Varsity Truck Team C215 Scrub Football Team f2J 1351 Junior 'Varsity Football Team MH: University Band C17 f27. WILLLAINEZJENNINGS BRYAN GRACEY LtBi 77 321 S. Jefferson St., Mount Union, Pa. Wharton Mount Union High School. Huntingdon County Architecture Club. l l l ROBERT VVILLIAM GREENE "Greenies" "Bob" 32 Elm St., Canton, Pa. Towne Scientific School Canton High School. WRIGHT GRIFFIN A T 4.Grw-U 34 S. 21st St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wlharlon Nichols School, Buffalo, N. Y. Scalp and Blade Societyg Track Team CU. ELMIER EDVVIN GRIFFIN 9 E IKGHWT' , ' New York, N. Y. Wharton De Witt Clinton High School. YVILLIAM HENRY GROETZINGER, JR. '-111m-y" '-amz" 27 fp 2 5904 Girard Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton West Philadelphia High School. Freshman Foot- ball Tcamg Hfslnuan Track Team: Swimming Sgjungg Junior Cane Committee: Glen Club JACOB GROSS rl: B A ".larflr" "Slim" 300 Keystone Ave., Crcsson. Pa. llilmrkon Crffsson High Sclxool. Dormitory Buskc-tbnll Team CIP: Caine Comnnttee CBB: Jewish Advisory Coni- mnttee C-IJ: Open Hearth Club C11 C23 C35 C-lj. JOSEPH HADJELHI HJOEU 64th and Malvern Ave., Overbrook, Pa. LOUIS RICHARDS GROVE A XII "Babe" "l?u1nbino" 128 Broad St., WVoodbury, N. J. Wharton William Penn Charter School. Sphinx Senior Society: Freshman Football: Scrub Football Team C253 'Varsity Football Squad C33 C435 'Varsity Club C435 Mask ond Wig C31 C455 Board of Gover- Ears C453 Musk and Wig Dam-ing Chorus C17 C25 II. L. HAEBERLE lfvharton 1947 N. 29th St., Philaclelphia, Pa. West Philadelphia High School. Civil Engineering 15Zi:..w'1 QH2zE'f:.p:-'zaeZvTExwfi5'Q'4'4f - A ' . ,: - - - .1 ' - 2555:-15:4531-::ief:gf'l.. 4. ' J .- --Ei Q A l 1 1 i MERLIN I-IAGEDORN l HARRY A. HALL "Hayley" "Halley" 601 Turrentine Ave., Gadsden, Ala. SIQ S. 40th St., Pliiladelpliia, Pa. I Wharton Wharton Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Alu. West Philadelphia High School. NATHAN HAMBURGER Z B T i'Nale" "Ham" HARRY RICHARD HALLORAN Q50 S. 17th SL, Philadelpllia, Pa. fflrlaln Wharton 332 W. Earlharn Terrace, Philadelphia, Pa. Civil Engineering Hazleton High School. Sophomore Debating Teamg Secretary-Treasmrer Civil Engineering Society CSD: "Men about Towne" Club: Newman Clubg Engineers' Show C435 Glee Club 145. Cheltenham Preparatory School. "Punch Bowl" C23 C35 C-Hg Wharton Dues Committee ill f2H CBJ: Sophomore-Freshman Love-Feast Committee: Class Dues C17 CZDQ Philadelphia Orchestra Drive L11 121 133: Junior Prom Ticket Committee Gil: Prints Fight Committee C213 Asiatic Night Corn- mxttee f2l: "Jubilee Barker" 1213 Franklin Society. R. D. HAMILTON Z il' "Hob" S337 Walnut St.. Pliilzirlelpliin, Pa. Wlmrton Merrersburrz.Aczirlemy. Phi Kappa Bum .Iuninr Society: Spliing Senior Society: 'Varsity Club C-ll: Mask and Wig Show Q21 L3l: Manager of Soccer HJ. CHARLES EDYVARD HARRINGTON "Charlie" "Shrimp" Mead Ave., Coscob, Conn. Wharton Greenwich High School, Coscob, Conn. VVrestling Squad CZJ C311 Clam Dues Committee: Newman Club C21 C35 141, Secretary 133: Newman Club Executive Committee: Nutmeg Club. IRVING EUGENE HAND A 'T' "Ira" "Irv" ll-12 Evergreen Ave., Plainfield, N. J. Wharton Plainfield High School. Freshman Travk Team: Freshman Football Toning 'Varsity Track Team 125 C335 Sr-rub Football Team f2J: Sophomore Prom Committee. PAUL EUGENE HARRIS ACACIA Hlzloracei' 123 W. 3d St., Blansfield, Ohio lvhartou Mansfield High School. Campus Concert Ticket Committee 1235 Lutheran Committee C335 Christian Association Campaign Dues: Buckeye Club: Scout Club. ROBERT CHARLES HARRIS A T "Bob" 7003 N. 12th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton Northeast High School. DANIEL HARRISON H A fb Lincoln St., YVaynesburg, Pa. Wharton Waynesburg High School. Sophomore Cremation Committee C257 "Jubilee Barker" C393 Clam Dues Committee CU: Junior Prom Committee 1333 Sophomore Prom Committee 623. WILLIAM THEODORE HARRIS T A fb GKMIDY 865 VV. 180th St., New York, N. Y. Yvharton Townsend Harris Hall, New York, Y. Sopho- more Debating Team. PAUL BURTON HARTENSTEIN A T "Bm" 398 Sumner Ave., Springfield, Mass. iiihzirton Springfield Technical High School. Sphinx Senior Society: Phi Kappa Beta Junior Society: Class President 123: Junior Week Committee 133: Chair- man Sophomore Vigilance Committee: Ivy Ball Committee Q-il: Chairman Student Relations Committee: Mask and Wig CU Q21 435 HJ: Under- graduate Mask and Wig Club C31 I-LJ: Musical Club fl? f2J LBJ: Undergraduate Council Q23 I-LJ. WILLIAM CHARLES II.-KRYICY E A IC "Bill" "Sonny" 1-P23 Alta Vista Blvcl.. Ilollywooal. Calif. Wlmrlon 'Nilkiiislaiirg lligh School. Cla-v Club fill: Musk :md Wig Show QCD. DONALD WALTER HEAD 9 E UDOIIH Hornell, N. Y. lllharlon Hornell High School. Friurs Senior Society: Freshman Cross Country Team: Frvshrnan Track Team: 'Varsity Cross Country and Truck Tvnm L23 C3J K-il: Four-Milv Relay Team cnrnpeting in England: Captain Cross Country Tvam C33 Q-U5 Chairman Personal 'Work Committcu Christian Association. GEORGE T1-IAWLEY HAYMAN B 9 I1 "Doc" 153 E. State St., Doylestown, Pa. Wharton Doylestnwn High School. .lubilce Committee C11 gllzo Transferred from University of Missouri in ll.. . JOSEPH BERNARD HEARN .1 J 0 an 1526 N. 56th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Yllharton West Philadelphia High School. West Philadelphia High School Club IU C23 C37 C435 Newman Club. A. RUSSELL HEATON O E S. LESTER HEIDORF "Russ" "Les' "Jake" Ferris Lane, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 50-L Broadway, Saratoga Springs, N. Y. Wharton Wharton Western School. Freshman Soccer Team. Hudson Falls High School. Q HENRY LEO I-LEINBMAN K A Q "Heine" 83 W. LaCrosse Ave., Lansdowne, Pa. WVharton C'est la Guerre Club, Treasurer QD, President LID: Dramatic Club. B. L. HELLMAN 3419 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton CIIARLES N. l'IlCNlJlCRS1'I0'1' 119 S. 59:1 Sl.. Pliilnclelpliizi. Pai. ' Wharton State Nurnml Svlinuln Iilufunslmru, Pn. Senior Class liunvheon Curnrnilive. WALTER CARI. HERRMANN -flrrwf' -'Pena' FRANKLIN LELAND HERDEG 9 X "Frank" Maltbie Heights, Gowanda, N. Y. Wharton Gowunda High School. Freslunan Wrestling Teemg 'Varsity Wrestling Team C23 C33 C433 Interfraternity Tennis Team C133 University Wrestling Champion C135 7ouncls3 C233 Novice Meet Champion C135 pounfis3 C233 Captain Freshman Wrestling Teamg Christian Association Dues Drive C13 C333 "Kids to the Country Campaign" C235 Presbyterian Com- mittee C235 Sophomore Prom, Committee C233 Junior Dues Committee C335 Junior Prom Com- mittee C333 Social Service Committee C33 C433 Eddy Committee C333 Gilkey Meeting Committee C43: Manager of Freshman itiusical Clubs C131 Zclosophie Society C13 C235 Freshman Musical Clubs: Instrumental Club C23 C33 C435 Glee Club C433 Undergraduate Music-nl Clubs C43. 416 Oak St., Johnstown, Pa. College HARRY B- HERSHEY , . . . Johnstown High School, Clnss Banquet Committee 1229 W ' Lehlgh Ave" Phlladelphla, Pa' C13g Open Hearth Club C13 C23 C33 C433 Lutheran Wharton District Executive Conmzittee. Northeast High 3011001- HENRY BENJAMIN HESTON A T "Hen" "Heinie" 25 School Lane, Ardmore, Pa.. Vilharton Lower Mcrion High School. Business Manager "Punch Bow1g" Member Freshman Constitutional Committee: Chairman Ticket Committee, Sopho- more Prom: Member "Junior Annals" Board. CHRISTIAN HEURICH, JR. A E lb "Clif-ix' 1307 New Hampshire Ave., N. W., Washing- ton, D. C. . Wharton Western High School. Junior 'Varsity Basketball C25 C35: Capital City Club. HERMAN STRECKER HETTTNGER "Hell" "Harm" 9 X, B I' E 1325 lNIineral Spring Road, Reading, Pa. Wharton Reading High School. Delta Sigma Rho Honorary Debating Society: 'Varsity Debating Team C15 C25 C35 C-L55 "Red and Blue" Board C25 C35 C45, Managing Editor C455 Chairman Foreign Students Committee C25 C35 C-15: Philomathean Literary Society C15 C25 C35 C455 First Vice-President Christian Association C455 State Fencing Champion, 1923. JOSEPH MITCHELL HEWLETT, JR. "Joe" E fb E, E T 3639 N. 19th St., Philadelphia, Pa. A Mechanical Engineering Northeast High School. Executive Committee Priestley Chemical Society C152 Whitney Engineer- ing Society C15 C25 C35. S0Cl'C'U1Y3",Tl'?BSl1l'9T C45 : Executive Council Engineering .-ksocxation C-153 Clam Dues Committee C25: "Men About Towne" Club C453 Northeast Club C15 C25 C35 C45: Dancing Chorus Mask and Wig Show "Tell Tales" C35: Dancing Chorus Engineers' Show C-L53 Hexagon Engineering Society. HARRY K. HIESTAXD A T Q 1-1-U Blunlivim Sl.. Gerrnzinlown, Pu. lvliarlon Germantown High Sc-lmnl. Soc-ond 150-Pound Crew KSU: Swinuning Squad QU: Art Spoon "Punch l3owI"AL3l f-Sl C Senior Luncln-on Commiltvc C-UQ Franklin Snr-ivty Q31 I-ll: GL-rnmntown lligh School Club CU 121 f3j K-lj. JOHN F. E. HIPPEL H K A "Johnny" 4627 Oakland St., Frankford, Pu. College Frankford High School. Football squad 121: Crew K2J CBJ GU. Junior Prom Ticket Committee 131. WILLIAM J. HINDS E fb E "B1'll', 624 State St., VVZLLCTLOWII, N. Y. Wharton Wlfatvrtown Higli Sr-hool. Sophomore Prom Com- IIIILUECAQQJQ Junior Prom Committee f3Jg Auditing Committee 623. 1 LEONARD FREDERICK HIRSCH "Lon" wiv 2 A 1127 Rockland St., Philadelphia, Pa. Chemical Engineering Northeast High Scliool. "Towne Scientific School Journal" C3 DMD, Business Manager C-L75 Sophomore Honors: Priestley Clubg Northeast High School Club: Engineering Association: Associate Member Franklin Society. HENRY VEGHTE HOAGLAND 111 I' A CHARLES FRANCIS HOFFMAN "Pop" "Charlie" Colorado Springs, Colo. 218 6th Ave., Altoona, Pa. WhaTiOD Wharton Asheville School. Friars Senior Society: Business Altoona High School, Assistant, "Red and Blue" 113 123, Circulation Manager 1339 Sophomore Vigilance Committee 123g Sophomore Dues Committee 1235 Junior Dues Committee 133: Chairman Sophomore Honor Code Committee 123: Chairman Wharton School Voca- tional Week Committee 1333 Senior Luncheon Committee 143: Rocky Mountain Club 113 123 133, Vice-President 143. LOVVELL A. HOLDEMAN B 9 H "Phebe', DAVID HOLMES 513 Garfield Ave., Elkhart, Ind. 4-4Q6 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton Education Elkhart High School. Freshman Swimming Team. Education Club. 88 N l ADDISON FINNEY HOPKINS E A E "Happy" "Sticks" Tasley, Va. ' Wharton Virginia Military Institute. Sophomore Prom Ticket Committee C235 Sophomore-Freshman Love- Feast Committee 127: Junior Dues Committee IBD: Junior Banquet Committee 1355 Southern Club ID 125 G53 f-D. DAVID REYNOLDS HUDSON 3900 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton MORGAN CHARLES HOUSEL A E fb KCM0Tg!! Lake St., Bergen, N. Y. Wharton Bergen High School. Rochester Business Institute. Gun Team 112303, Captain C31 f-D, High Gun Man 133g Junior anquet Committee 133: Rochester Club, President C215 Newman Club, Secretary C2J, Treasurer 635. P. BOLAND HUGHES Arts MERRITT HULBURD, II 7016 Greene St., Mount Airy, Pa. ll' 'T Wharton Germantown High School. Cricket Team ID 621. Assistant Manager Music-al Clubs C535 Chairman Concert Committee, Junior Vveek 135. JOHN DESMOND HUNTER "Jawn" "Dizzy" Q89 Park Ave., Newark, N. J. Barringer High School. lVlmrton JOHN FINTON HUBIES 111 2 K "Jack" "J. Fintonf' "Johnny" "IIumL'sy" 1734 Middle St., Sharpsburg, Pa. College East Liberty Academy, Pittsburgh, Pa. Friars Senior Society. Freshman Football Team KID: Varsity Football Team Q25 C33 C-D: Presbyterian Committee KU 123 CSD, Christian Association. Dc-nominationnl Vice-President. C-ll. Cabinet f4l, Financial Drive Committee f3l C-ll: Y21fS5lIv' Club C37 H35 Presbyterian Affiliate Club C-LJ. IRVING BRIERLY HYDE X A A "Doc" "Irrl' Stoltx-ille, N. Y. lvliarton Pittsfield High School. Sophomore Asiatic Night Committee 423: Junior Banquet Committee LBJ. PHILIP J. HYMAN A E H RALPH EDGAR IRWIN T B H, 27 E 6201 Reedland SL., Plxiluclelphia, Pa. 350 W. Court. SL., Doylestown, Pa. Wharton Electrical Engineering West Philadelphia High Sm-hool. Soccer Team ill: Doylesmwn I-Iipzli School. Penn Leaders' Corps Junior Varsity Soccer Team 433: Glen Club OD: C15 l2J Q37 MJ, Secretary 027, President 433. West Pliiluclelplria High School Club C11 C253 Menorah Society 113 125. JAMES BRIGGS IVES IVIOSES JAFFE "Ji1n" "Jimmy" "Moe" 153 N. 21st St., Philadelphia, Pa.. 131 Broad St., Keyport, N. J, Wharton Wharton Central High School. Kcyport High School, 91 GEORGE JAGGARD T B 11 IHIRBERT CHARLES JANUARY "Jack" "J'iggs" "Herbie'l HH. C." Pemberton, N. J. 214 Pearl St., Suffolk, Va. Chemistry Wharton Collingswood High School, Collingswood, N. J. Jefferson High School, Suffolk, Va. Priestley Club CD KQJ C37 MJ. LOUIS ROBERT JEFFREY T B II KC., if GEORGE HUHN JARDEN 430 N. Biffmev st., Dunmore. Pa. 4728 Cedar Ave., Philadelolxiu, Pu. u ' MeCha11iQ31EggiD3ering Electrical hngmeermg Dunmore High School. Rifle Team Q31 C495 YVhitney West, Philadelphia High School. "Men About Engineering Society: "Men about Towne" Club: Towne" Club. Glee Chorus, Engineers' Show 015. 52 JAMES E. JENNINGS Wharton RAYMOND WEEKS JEWELL 2 N KGRay'J 3 Springate St., Utica, N. Y. Wharton Mercershurg Academy. ARTHUR WALLACE JERREMS, JR. HAH" A K E 224 Linden Ave., Highland Park, Ill. Vllharton Culver Military Academy. Freshman Fencing Team CD5 Pony Polo Team Q25 132, Captain 1415 Freshman Banquet Committee ID: Sophomore Prom Committee f2Jg Culver Club. THADDEUS BOSTIC JOHNSON "T. B." 136 E. Ave., 45, Los Angeles, Calif. Architecture Los Angeles Polytechnic High School. Archi- tectural Society. VICTOR E. JOHNSON CLARENCE A. JONES 706 S. Helen St., Sioux City, Iowa. Wharton Architecture Architectural Society. JOHN PAUL JONES A E Liv "Dick" , "., B . f , P . GOMER EDWARD .JUNES A 2 Q 70 Pleasant bt md Ord 3 Wharton 193 South St" lvarrior - - Bradford High School. St. John's Manlius. Fresh- W1 ngmeermg man Track ffeuxn 1155 Writer Polo Team C-U: Hanover High School. Hillman Academy. Civil Sophomore Vigilance Commlivtec CZJQ Junior Prom Engineering Society. Conimitteeg Manlius Club, Vice-President HB. N , 94- STANLEY ADDISON JOY A 'I' SZ CHARLES JOHN JUSTICE HSHIIIH uillr. Allllffflln 'hfugfi uflhgyi' 1920 Pacific Ave., Atlantic City, N. J. 5903 Keystone St., Pllilarlelphia, Pa. Wharton Electrical Engineering Atlantic City High Svhool. S1-ruh Football Team Frankford High School. C271 Swimming Squncl IU C25 KID MJ: Water Polo Team Q23 CD HJ. FRANK KAHN "Kaluzy" v SQ States Ave., Atlantic City, N. J. FLOYD PEHLIP KARG B F E Electrical Engineering Delanco, lx- J' Atlantic City High School. Atlantic City Club. . . Yvharton President 433: American Institute uf Electrical Mt. Holly High School. . Burlington County Club, Engineers: Engineering Association. - - . Vice-President CBB. President 145. 95 CARL ADOLPH KARSH dv B TI "Doc" "Carl" 560 E, 21st St., Erie, Pa. College Erie High School. Freshrnan-Sophomore Love- Feast Committee CD: Advertising Committee C115 Erie County Club C23 C3J, Corresponding Secretary C333 Arts Association C15 C23 C315 Christian Asso- ciation CIJ C21 C3J, Settlement House C3J. ALFRED KAUFFMAN fb E 11 NAV, 942 S. Hohxnan St., Hammond, Ind. Wharton Hammond High School. House Representative C353 Indiana Club C43- WOLF YVILLIAM KATZEN 412 B A S2307 Beale Ave., Altoona, Pa. Wharton Altoona High School. RICHARD JOHN KEARNS, JR. Z XI' "Jack" flake" 39.6 Sunnyside Ave., Toronto, Canada College University of Toronto Schools. Phi Kappa Beta Junior Sonic-ty: Sphinx Senior Society: 'Varsity Hockey Team CD C25 C33 Cell: Arts Association Executive Committee C25 C355 Chairman Junior Cane Committee C3J: Asistant Manager Track Team CBJ, Manager C-43. ROBERT PRICE KEI1Z'l'H 915 Elm St., Van Wert, Ohio Wlmrion Vnn Wi-rt High School. LUTHER H. KENDALL 9 X "Lula" 786 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 3Vliarton Lafayette High School. University of Buffalo. Scalp and Blade, CARLTON KENIPER E II "Kelly" 1484- Monroe SL., 3Vashir1gton, D. C. Mechanical Engineering McKinley Manual Training High School. Capital Kglu?DC13 C235 Whitney Engineering Society WALLACE KIMBALL fb z K "Wally" 1324 W. 9th Ave., Spokane, Wash. Wiharton Lewis und Clark High School. Phi Kappa Beta Junior Society: Friurs Senior Society5 Christian Association Drive Committee C335 Chairman Religious Education, Discussion Groups C435 Christian Association Cabinet C43 5 Spirit Committee C-135 All-University Dance Committee C435 Secretary Freshman Class C13: Chairman Banquet Committee C133 Chairman Freshman Cooperative Committee C135 Sectional Clubs Chairman, Jubilee C13 C235 Chairman Vigilance Committee C235 Wharton Memorial Committee C235 University Reception Committee C235 University Regulations Committee C235 Sophomore Honor Committee C235 Student Relations Committee C235 Chairman Sports Divi- sion C335 Chairman Freshman Field Reception Committee C235 Chairman Speakers Committee, Junior Week C335 Junior Luncheons Committee C335 Princeton Trip Committee C33g Zelosophic Literary Society C13 C235 Rocky Mountain Club C13 C23 C33 C43, President C235 President Senior Board of Proctors C435 Assistant Manager Basket- ball Team C33, Associate Manager C-113. l CRESTON ALEXANDER KING WILLIAM ALEXANDER KING "Terai, 1410 S. 10th St., Camden, N. J. 917 Woodlawn Ave., San Antonio, Texas Wharton Wharton Main Avenue High School. University of Texas. Rocky Mountain Club. ERNEST O. KISTLER. '15 A 9 , "Ernie" PIERBJQRTBAY KINLEY K A fb 129 N. Iiickofy st., Mt. Carmel, Pa. I NIM, Wharton 326 vs' Nlam St" Lock Haven' Pa' Allentown High School. Sophomore Prom Com- Wharton mittee C213 Junior Prom Committee C353 Junior C'est la Guerra Club. Dues Committee C333 Le Cercle Francais C2l. 98 RUDOLPH KLAUDICR A E fb. 'l' B fl "Rude" '74-47 Devon St., Plliluclclpliiu, Pu. Civil Engineering Chestnut Ilil-I Avmlc-xny, Chestnut Hill, Pu. Junior Week Puhlimty Curnxmttof- 133: Rifle Team 113 123: Rifle Club 113 123. Secretary 133: "Men about Towne" Club 133 1-13: Enginecrim: Awoeintion: Chestnut Hill .-Xvnclrniy Club: Civil Engiinfering Soriety, Melnbm-rslnip Fonunitteo 133 1413, Exeeutive Committee 143: Enzineers' Show 133 1-13: Musk and YVig Show 133. ALBERT EDWARD KNECHT H E 37 Pear St., Palmyra. N. J. Wharton Whitney Engineering Society: Priestlcy Chemical Society: Burlington County Club: Insnrurnental Club 113 143: Musical Club 1-13. ISADORE KLEIN uh., 511-32 Chancellor SL., llliiladelphia. Pa. Wharton South l'hilmlelpl1i:v. I-Iigli School. Sophomore Honors: Menorah Society. FLOYD A. KNOLL 54- Gates Circle, Buffalo, N. Y. Wharton Lafayette High School. Gun Team 123 133 143, Captain 123: Polo Team 123 143, Temporary Captain 123: President Intercollegiate Trapshooting Asso- ciation 133: Scalp and Blade. WILLIAM BRUBAKER KOONTZ 5108 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa.. lVharton Tancytown School. Central High School. WALTER RAYMOND KURTZ, Jn. ..Ray,, 418 VV. Stafford St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton Chestnut Hill Academy. Christian Association Dues Committee C315 Chestnut Hill Academy Club CBJ, Secretary and Treasurer KD C21 C415 Freshman Orchestra: Symphony Orchestra 147. RAYMOND ELMER KREIDER C4Ray1, Kltlackii 201 E. Main St., Palmyra, N. J. Wharton Palmyra High School. Juniata College. Christian Awociation Cabinet MJ, Vice President "Other Denominationsn Group: Dramatic Club: Cast, Zelo Play C315 Leader, Boys Club under Christiar' Association. CHAN KWVAN KWOK Hong Kong, China Wharton Canton Christian Collvgfe. Chinese Students' Club. FRANCIS AYENEL LAISAW fb I' A "Bow" Hotel Albernmrle. Atlantic City, N. J. Wharton Vineland High Sc-hool, Yiuclnnd, N. J. Frinr Senior Society: Fl'f'Slll'llI'lll Crow Country Team C151 'Varsity Track Squad C25 C355 Freshman Truck Teaiug Jubilee Week Conmiittee C353 Junior Prom Committee: Vocngionul Guidance Committee C35 C45: Spirit Committee C355 'Y:irsit,y Cheer Leader C35 C-U. HAROLD JOHN LAMM -'IP K N11 Hoy" 110 Glendale St., Bellevue, Ohio Wharton Case School oi' Applied Science. .1X'Iask and Wig Club: Glee Club C253 Mask and Wig Shows C25 C35. ROBERT HAYES LAIRD, JR. A X A "Bob" 1426 W. Ontario St., Philadelphia, Pa. Civil Engineering Germantown High School. Editor, "Towne Scieniihc School Journal" C455 University Dramatic Club C25 C35 C455 Germantown High Club C15 C25 C353 Pricstley Club C15 C25 C353 Civil Engineering Society C35 C455 As:-iociatecl Member Franklin Society CQ15. BERNARD DAVID LANE "Bernie" "B. D.', E A M 1361 E. Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio Wharton High School of Commerce. OhioiSiate University. Class Dues Committee C15 C25 C353 Love-Feast Committee C15 C255 Pipe Committee C155 Cane Committee C355 Teller, Junior Elections: Buckeye Club C25 C35 C455 Cleveland Club C35 C45. JESSE EDWIN LAROSE "Jess,' 2133 S. 13th St., Philadelphia, Pa. College South Philadelphia High School. Rifle Team C23 C33, Captan C437 Intercollegiate Champions C33' 'Varsity Club: Band C13 C23. LEROY GOODWIN LEAP E 42 E 410 Monmouth SL, Gloucester City, N. J. Wharton William Penn Charter School. Freshman Football Teamg Freshman Track Team: Scrub Football Team C23 C335 Freshman Reception Committee C-L3. ROY FRANK LARSON A T, T E A. E E 3109 E. 83d St., Chicago, Ills. - Archiltecture Bowen High School. Friars Senior Society: Art Editor H1923 Claw Recordng President Tau Sigma Delta C331 President Architectural Society C33 C437 Greek Ball Committee: Florentine Ball Committee: Spanish Ball Committee: Insurance Committee: Ivy Bull Decoration Committee. HAROLD BRANDENBURG LEVER A T "Boots" "Lucky" 1-L Spring St., Ilion, N. Y. Wharton llion High School. Merccrsburg Academy. Sphinx Senior Society: Track Team C23 C33, Captain C13 C433 'Varsity Football Squad C333 Junior 'Varsity Soccer C335 Sophomore Relay Tex-im: Holder World's Record for 60 yards C13 C333 National Junior 60- yard Champion C13: Southern Collegiate 80-yard Champion C13: Holder 1Vorld's Record for 30 yards C433 Holder of Intercollegiate and World's Record for 70 yards C-13: Intercollegiate Champion, 70 yards C432 Middle States Champion. 50 yards and standing Broad Jump C433 Intercollegiate Point-Viiinner C23. Indoors C33 C435 New York State American Legion Champion, 100 yards C43: National American Legion Champion, 100 and 220 yards C-13: Member of Chzimpion 440-yard and Sprint Medley Relays C331 Track Committee C433 Social Service C23 C33 C-113: Mercersburg Club C13 C33 C-43, Chairman C233 'Varsity Club C23 C33 C-13. FREDERICK IRVIN LEYY Z B 'I' "l.ur'A'y" "C'ol0m'l" Seelhach Holol, Louisville, Ky. Wharton McKenzie Svhool. "Pune-li Bowl" Busincsa Spoon QU 123 131, Arlvurtising Mnnzuza-r HJ: "Junior Annals" i3J:-".lulwilr1n- Burk:-r" 229 l3J3 Freshman Dues Connuittec-3 Froshxnrm Cuiipvrativc- Coin- mittce: IN'ushnmn Banquet Comniittcv: Asiatic Night Committne 623: Publi:-ity Cmnmittuv Sopho- more Prom Al2lg Wharton Ducs Committcv: Senior Dues Committee: Krrntuvky Club: Franklin So:-icty. KOK NYIEN LI 1730 Park Road, Shanghai, China LEONARD PHILIP LEVY B X P "Luz" 3151 Frankford Ave., Pl11lil.dClIJlllZL, Pa. Wlllarton Frankford High School. Track Squad 127: Wres- tling Team HJ 3 Junior Smoker Committee C3J:Junior Prom Tickvt Connnittcc C319 Senior Dues Com- uiittcc 015: Fmnkford Clubg Wharton Association. RUNDOLPH EDISON LIFSON - YVh:1rton , . . St. John's University, Shanghai, China. Chinese 3940 Spruce bt" Phlladelphla' Pawvl Students' Club Q27 C35 141. larton IRWIN HENRY LIGHT "Doug" "Irv" Avon, Pa. 3 . 5 ,, , , ' Wh rt Lebanon High School. JOHN LINDSAY A E KID, E T "Jack" 3301 Arch St., Phlladelphia, Pa. Civil Engineering Central High School. Scrub Soccer Team KU C239 Cricket Team KQJQ Sophomore Soccer Teamg Junior Soccer Teamg Editor, "Towne Scientific School Journalng Ticket Committee, Philadelphia Orches- tra 135: Civil Engineering Society, Membership Committee CSD, Executive Committee CSB, Presi- dent. C411 Executive Committee Engineering Asso- ciation K4D: "Men about, Towne" Club, Play Com- mittee 145g Franklin Society: Engineering Asso- ciation: Hexagon Engineering Society. l SAMUEL F. LILLEY, JR. ..Sam,, '615 N S'denha.m St Philadelphia Pa a on Central High School. Rifle Team C13 K2J C35 1455 Central High School Club. CARLTON FRANK LINEK A X A "Cal" 3822 Carlyle Ave., Cleveland, Ohio Wharton Lincoln High School, Cleveland, Ohio. Ticket Committee Sophomore Prom C253 Publicity Com- mittee Junior Prom 131: Cleveland Club. ELMER CHAO-TANG LING JOSEPH VVILLIAM LIPP 75 Chi-ho-lee. Hengfoong Rd., Chapei, "Bill" A X 22, T B 11, 23 E Shanghai, China. 139 E. Washington Lane, Philadelphia., Pa. Wharton Chemistry President, Chinese Students' Club M35 Secretary Gerumntown High School, Alcmbic Senior Society: Philadelphia Chinese Students' Bnnking Club HJ. Manager, Engineers' Show 0175 Pricstlc-y Club C19 121, Vice-President CSD, President C4Jg "Men about Towne" Club C22 C33 C415 Glee Club C4J. SAM LIPTON . , 103 College Ave., Des Moines, Iowa SIIRtEIlI5k1LiTEgE1? Wharton " y ' ' ' North Des Moines High School. Drake University Boys' High School. Wharton 105 PHILIP ATLEE LIVINGSTON JOI-INT LLOYD, JR. "Phil'l i'Li11y" "Johnny" 108 Chestnut Ave., Nm-berth, Pa. 17 S. South Carolina Ave., Atlantic City, College N. J. Narberth High School. Philomathean Society 131, lvharton Recorder C433 Le Cercle Franqais C2jg Naturalists' Atlantic City High School. Field Club C25 135. President C-LJ. RALPH LOUIS LOCHNER A 'l" A EDGAR JEROME LOFTUS A T SZ csLd-tyas uEudd-ie-1 15 Birks Place, Newark, N. J. 2413 N. Main Ave., Scranton, Pa. Wharton ITharton East Side High School, Newark, N. J. St. Thomas High School. 106 MICHAEL JOSEPH LOFTUS GRAEME LORIMER ill T "L0fiy" "Hari" 332 E. Norihuniptou, Wilkes-Barre. Pa. Church Road, Wyncote, Pu. Wharton College Luzemecountychlb' William Penn Charter School, Sphinx Senior Society: Cricket Tvum C315 'Varsity Crew Squad CSD K-D3 "Red and Blue" KQJ, Marinzing Editor CSD, Editor-in-Chief HJ: Associate Editor, "Junior Annals" Cfijg Prr-sidont Franklin Society C-tl. RIDGE LOTT Eddington, Pa.. Wharton GEORGE BACON LOUGHERY, JR. g1':nkf0gfgigl1USQl100l. Prfgident Fmgliiford Sigh 112 W. Johnson St., Philadelphia. Pa. c oo u g ni ' rsit' t.' bg t, - ' ' ' Philoniathcan Soc-iliziy Iglayslallglglc Foxllsunatiiii' El6Ct1'lC2llEI1g1l'l6eI'1I1g "The Tempest." Northeast High School. A. I. E, E. C11 C21 C35 145. 107 FRANK TURNER LOUX "Lou" 5235 Catharine St., Philadelphia, Pa.. Chemical Engineering West Philadelphia High School. Priestlcy Club. RALPH DOUGLAS LOVENDALE "Pele" C12 E K 421 Blair St., Salt Lake City, Utah Wharton East High School, Salt Luke City. Boxing Team C253 "Punch Bowl" Q11 l2J GD. Circulation Manager 145: President Rocky Mountain Club I-ij: Glcc Club QD: Mask and NVig CID. GEORGE I. LOVATT, JR. Z N UG. J: I ," 49 W. LaCrosse Ave., Lansdowne, Pa. Architecture LaSalle Preparatory School. Coxswain, Crew fly: Senior Class Luncheon Committee C415 Under- graduate Council K-D. GEORGE GRAFLEY LOWER Q A K Q34-2 YY. Tioga St., Philadelphia, Pa. Education Brown Preparatory. Education Club. Executive Secretary 139. President C493 Naturalists' Field Club, Secretary C439 University Scout Club, Secretary 145. GEORGE BRAINARD LUCAS 101S S. -L7t,l1 St., Philadelphia, Pa. Whurlon St. Joseplfs High School. Musk und XVig Club Q21 C37 C411 Dnncing Chorus, Musk nnrl Wig CU Q21 C31 K-D: Golf'1'cum C23 CID. DALLAS BLAKE LUMPKIN E N "Andy" "Lump" 826 N. Carrollton Ave., Baltimore, hld. Wharton St. John's, Annapolis, Md. Freshman Lacrosse Teamg Sophomore Ball Committee: Junior Week Committeeg Junior Luncheon Committeeg Senior Dues Committee. HAROLD F. A. LUDEWIG "Lu1Irly" "F. A." 587 4-lh St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Wharton Mnnlius School. Freslinian Laprosse Team: Fresh- man Dues Connnitxcc: Mzinhus Club. Secreta nnd '1'rr-:isiirvr C23 131, Prvsirlent HJ. YVILLIAM lVILSON LUPTON 1719 Euclid St., N. W., lVa.shington, D. C. -Wharton Central High School, VVs1shing,ton, D. C. ARCHIE H. MACFARLANE HERBERT A. MAHAFFEY EX "Mac" "Arch" 3809 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. 4320 Osage Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton Wharton West Philadelphia High School. Lacrosse Team 411 C25 CSD, Ca tain C-LJ, Intercollegiate Champions f-33: Concert Cjonxmittee Junior Week C555 Senior Luncheon Committee: 'Varsity Club. JAMES J. MALONE "Jim" NIORRIS MAX NIAMOLEN fb B A 1128 Divinity St., New Haven, Conn. "Max" "Mac" Wharton 203 Allegheny St., Jersey Shore, Pa. New Haven High School. Nutmeg Club: C'est la lVll3l'l.0D Guerra Club. Lycoming County Club. 110 OTTO W. MANZ, Jn. II K N "Oils" 6 Christiana Apt., Atlantic City, N. J. Electrical Engineering Atlantic City High School. A. I, E. E. KD K2 HSD, President I-lj: "Men about Towne" Club 139, Treasurer 4473 Dancing Chorus. Engineers' Show C35 C-0: Hexagon Engineering Society. FRANK BERNARD MARKRITER "ilIark" E A E Apartment 87, 1740 Euclid St., N. W., Washington, D. C. Wharton Central High School, Washington, D. C. Crew C353 President Capital City Club. LOUIS MARION "Lou" "Marion" 504-2 Baltimore Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton West Philadelphia High School. Menorah Society. E. EVERETT MATHER, JR. B I' E "Elin "Cotton" 328 Riverview Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. Wharton West Philadelphia High 'School. Sophomore Honorsg Cadet Officers' Club of R. O. T. C.: Roh serve-Officers' Training Corp ill C21 L31 C4J. Captain. GORDON ELLWOOD MATTHEWS 403 Grove Ave., Elmira, N. Y. Acncu I Wharton Athens High School. JOHN HESS MCCOMB E N, fb B K "Mac" 1707 Tioga St., Philadelphia, Pa. College Northeast High School. Secretory Undergraduate Council C435 Vice-President Arts Association C333 Northeast Cluhg Presbyterian Commuters' Club, l?resxdent C433 Dramatic Club, President C335 Lead- 1ng role, Dramatic Club's Play, "The Admirnblc Crichton" C23, "The Yellow Jacket" C33. JOHN MQALLISTER 2 A E "Mac" Elizabethtown, Pa. lliharton XVest Philadelphia High School. Freshman Foot- ball Teamg "Punch Bowl," Editorial Spoon C435 Chairman Refreshment Committee C135 Dues Committee C13 C23 C431 Junior Prom Committee C433 Chairman Ticket Committee Junior Luncheon: Chairman Senior Class Luncheon Committee C413 West Philadelphia High School Club. SAMUEL KERNS MCCONNELL, JR. "Sam" "iliac" O E -1-305 Aspen St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton Northeast High School. Freshman Wrestliiig Squad "Punch Bowl" Busines Spoon C23 C33 C431 Chris- tian Association, President C433 Undergraduate Council C431 Dues Committee C135 Jubilee Com- mittee C13: Class Executive Committee C231 Audit- ing Committee C231 Sophomore Prom Committee C235 "Jubilee Barker" Committee C23: Methodist Committee C233 Class Treasurer t33g Sub-chairman Banquet Committee C333 Chairman Social Service Committee C333 Christian Asociation Cabinet C33, Chairman 143: Chairman Dues Committee C433 Rally Committee C435 Chairman Undergraduate Elections Committee C43: Northeast High School Club C13 C23 Cf-13. Treasurer C335 Zelosoghic Society C13 C23 C43, VicefPresident Q33: Fran lin Society C23 C33 C435 University Camp, Green Lane. Coun- sellor C23, Athletic Director C33. FRANCIS E. MCDONALD A T Q "Mae" 1634 Oneida St., Utica, N. Y. Wharton New Mexico Military Institute, Roswell, N. Mex. Assistant Manager Crew I35. .-Xmocinte Manager C-15. NATHANIEL CRENSHAW MCELROY :fMack,v uslwrlyu Z CI, 2012 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. College E ' l Aca lemy. Freshman Tennis Team: J.piicgrriZcer Teiam C3l1'Varsit3: C3l C453 All Intel'- collegiatc Outside left C35 C412 YHTSIW Club- EDWARD GEORGE MCFAYDEN "Mac" "George" E fb E 17 Willowlawn Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. Wharton Lafuyr-ite High School. Freshman Baseball Team: Baseball Squad C35 C455 Hockey Squad C455 C'est la Guerre Club C455 Scalp and Blade C25 C35 C455 Leave of absence, 1018 to February, 1921, on war duty5 Lieutenant in the U. S, Marine Aviation Corps. BEN Sfl'REE'I'ER MCGIVERAN fb A 9 "licfn', 817 3d St., Hudson, Wis. lVharton College of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minn. Phi Kappa Beta Junior Soc-iety: "Red and Blue" C15 C25 C35 C455 Temporary Freshman President: Freshman Presi- dent5 Dormitory Representative C155 Under- graduate Council C25, Secretary C155 Vigilance Committee C255 General Chairman Junior Prom Committee5 Decorations Chairman Interfraternity Ball C355 Chairman Undergraduate Council House Party Committee C155 Pants Fight Com- mittee C255 Attorney, Sophomore Crema,tions5 Chairman, Pennirnan Bowl Committee C355 Entertainment Committees of Sophomore Smoker, Asiatic Night C25, Junior Banquet, Junior Luncheon5 Mask and Wig Club C35 C455 Musical Clubs C35 C455 Franklin Society C15 C25 C35 C455 Northwestern Club C15g Wisconsin Club, President C25 C355 Writer of Lyrics "Fight on Pennsylvania" C255 Author of Bookand Lyrics of Mask and Wig Preliminary Show "Persian Nights" C255 Cast, Mask and Wig Show C15 C35 C455 Glee Club C15 C25 C35 C455 Class Poet: Class Day Committee. X JAMES H. MCGOWAN "Mac" . 765 Gotham St., Watertown. N. Y. Wharton Watertown High School. Syracuse University. Newman Club, Secretary 641. WILLIAM GORDON MQKELDIN 108 YV, Bank St., Athens, Tcnn. McCallie School, Chattanooga, Tenn. B O II Wharton DOUGLAS LIVLNGSTONE MQINTYRE "Doug" "lilac" G E Q3 Robinhood St., Dorchester, Boston, Mass. YVharton Mount Vernon High School. Swimming Squad OJ: Boxing Squad f2l f3J. EDWARD WVILEY MCMULLAN UBIUCB' 9 E. T B II 24-52 Nicholas St., Philadelphia, Pu. Chemistry Central High School. Alcmbic Senior Society fill: 'Track Team CU f2J: Mile Relay Team C31 GD: Member of 2-mile Indoor and Outdoor YVorld's Record Holders Relay Team: Priestloy Club CD f27 433 MJ, Executive Committee: 'Varsity Club 131 Hy: Central High School Club t2J Q35 CLD. CHARLES ROBERT RIEISNER 79.45 Limekiln Pike, Germantown. Pu. Electrical Engineering St. George High School. Tcehnicnl College, Hamburg. Germany, JOHN MEYERS 103 S. Glst St., Philadelphia, Pa. Mechanical Engineering West Philnclelpliin High School. Glee Club. HW'-x GEORGE FRANCIS MEREDITH A K E 5350 Cedar Ave., Philaclelphia., Pai. ' Wharton Mercersburg Academy. Phi Kappa Beta Junior Society: Sphinx Senior Society: Freshman Truck Team: Freshman Cross Country Teamg 'Varsity Truck Team 423 fflj C493 Member of World's Record 2-Mile Indoor also Outdoor Relay Tcamg Chairman Sophomore Executive Committee 121: Decorations Committee, Junior Prom C373 'Varsity Club: Mercersburg Club. PHILIPPUS MILLER A 111 C I ! St. Davids, Pa. Wharton St. George's School, Newport, R. I. C'est la Guerre Club. r 0 WARREN JENNINGS MILLER 9 E "Wang" 1608 Lincoln Ave., Berwick, Pa. Ivharton Berwick High School. "Punch Bowl"g "Jubilee Barker" 423: "Junior Annals" 137. H. S. MINSTER 111 F A 3619 Locust St., Plmilaclelphia, Pa. ' Wharton WALTER PAWSON MILLER, JR. "IValt" 'N Z XII, E T 422 XY. Upsal St., Philadelphia, Pa. Mechanical Engineering Germantown Friends School." 'Hexagon Senior Societyg .Iunior 'Varsity Soccer Team C21 C-LJ: 'Varsity Soccer Team C315 "Red and Blue" 121 L31 I-ljg M1923 Glas Rccorclug "Towne Scientific Journal," Circulation Manager C-D9 Senior Class Luncheon Committee: Germantown Friends Club, President 135g 'Varsity Club 147: President Engi- neering Association. BENJAMIN MINTZ "P eppfrm i nts" 1057 Hoe Ave., New York, N. Y. Wharton Stuyvesant Preparatory School. Freshman Base- ball OJ. JOSEPH VINCENT MISSATT S. SY. Cor. 63ml and Race Sis., Pliilaulclplxia, ai College RAYMOND THEODORE MOOCK K E .Ray-, 1132 Veuango St., Philadelphia, Pa. Electrical Engineering Northeast High School. Editorial Staff "Towne Smentihc School Journal," AUGUST L. MITKE 3799 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton MORGAN FRANCIS MOORE II K A 701 N. 8th St., Shamokiu, Pa. Wharton Shamokin High School. Mask and Wig Under- graduate Clubg Musical Club: Mask and Wig Show C21 C355 Glee Club CU L23 C35 143, Secretary and Treasurer. JAMES EMILE MORAN iCJim,!7 iiJ7jmmy71 660 Cooke St., Waterbury, Conn. Wharton Crosby High School. Freshman Tennis Team: 'Varsity Tennis Team f21 131 1415 Junior Banquet Committee C315 Newman Club: Nutmeg Club: Secretary and Treasurer Federation of College Catholic Clubs: Dormitory Representative I41. ERIC W. MORGAN 41 W. Green St., Nanlicoke, Pa. Wharton Nanticoke High School. ANDREW' SCHINIMEL MORGAN "Andy" ' 314 W. Seymour St., Germantown, Phila- delphia, Pa. Mechanical Engineering Germantown High School. Hexagon Senior Society Prcsidentg Tennis Team C11 C21, Captain C31 141: Class Constitution Committee 111: Vice-President Tennis Association C315 Wliitney Engineering Society f11 I21 631, Vice-President 1415 German- town High School Club 01 C21 631 I-11. NEWTON MORTON "Newt" 700 Garfield Ave., Palmyra, N. J. Wlharton Palmyra High School. Burlington County Club, President f21g NVharton Association. EVERETT LIONEL MIIGLER K A "Mug.v" "Er" 51 Board Avo.. Buflzilo, N. Y. Wharton Hutchinson Central High Srhool. Sphinx Senior Socioty: "Hard mul Blum-" 1121. .-Mlvcrtisimg Mnnuxzur 135. Businvw Manager HJ: Juhilm- Conxinittvr- KU i233 Dues Conunittvu flj fill: Sophomore Pic-ture Connnittve 423: Suphornorv Prom Com- mittoc C233 Students' Rc-lxilioris Conmiitico 433 irllj Chairman Novelties CTOTIIIIIHICQ' Junior Bunquclg Scalp :md Blxiilv Hb GJ, Trvmmror 425. Yic-0-I' dont, 137: Franklin Soi-ir-ly KQJ fill. Board of Di- rectors Ml: Bnskctlmll Manager, Junior 'Varsity Team i3J. 'Varsity Tcum I-U3 'Varsity Club. JAMES WILLIAM MATTHEW MURPHY "Jim" 410 Park Place, Brooklyn. N. Y. JOHN P. MURDOCH, JR. K 2 ".lol1nny" 54-Q3 Cedar Ave., Philzmdelphia, Pa. Engineering West Philadelphia High School. Hexagon Senior Society: Freshman Swimming Tc-am YD: 'Yarsifiy Wntcr Polo f2D, Captain 6233: "Towne Sclientihc School Journal," Managing Editor f3J, Ed1tor-1n- Chief f-113 Alumni Committee. Wharton JESSE NAYHOUSE Erasmus Hall. Amherst College. Wharton l , l OSCAR SEVERINE NELSON B I' E ALBERT NEYVNIAN, JR. Z B T "Nels" 1115 Wood Ave., Colorado Springs, Colo. 503 S. 5th St., E., Missoula, Mont. Wharton Vvllarfon Colorado Springs High School. University of Missoula County High School. Treasurer, Beta Missouri' Rocky Mountain Club' Gamma, Sigma G05 Zelosophic Society, Treasurer f2j, Business Bfanager Show "The New York Idea" C313 Rocky Mountain Club: German Club: Presbyterian Commutcrs' Club: Gym Leader 125 cal el. p CALVIN ARMAND NICHOLS B I' E "Ninn "Cal" The Stonehurst, 45th St. and Osage Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. JOHN GRANT NEWMAN XV1131-ton 4542 Hazel A'-'C-1 Pllllfldelplllfll PH- Y west llhusaelphia High School. west Philadelphia llllarlon Club ill C293 University Band KD C21 C31 C-D3 West Philadelphia High School. Vniversity Orchestra l-lb. l 120 S l ROBERT JOHN NICHOLS WILLIAM E. NORVELL, Jn. B 9 H "Bob" "Nick" "Bill" "lfV'z'1lic', Bustleton Ave., Bustleton, Philadelphia, Pa. 303 High St., Chattanooga, Tenn. Wharton Wharton Frankford High School. Baseball C419 Frankford McCallie Preparatory School, Luwroncevillc,Ten11. High School Club C13 C25 C33 C-LJ. Tennis Team CU C33 C433 Golf Squad C315 Instru- mental Club C3J: Southern Club: Mask and Wig ' Show CID. PAUL DAVID N U BER SAMUEL BOHUMIL NOVOIVIESKY ffpaupf "NOW" 1308 W. E' A ., Pl'1.dl h' ,P-. 175 E. Kinney St., Newark, N. J. me ve H rl ep la Qvharton Wharton Northeast High School. Coxswain, Sophomore East Side High School, Newark, N. J. Gym Team Crew C213 Northeast High School Club C15 C2J, C21 C35 CQ. Secretary C3J, President C-LD. I 121 EDYVARD STEPHEN OKDONNELL 168 Pearl St., Holyoke, Mass. Wharton Rosary High School. SANIUEL PLUMER OFFICER E A E "Plum" 918 Elk St., Franklin, Pa. lvliarlon Franklin High School. l LEON C. OESTREICHER E A M MLM, 5422 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. lVhar'con VVest Philadelphia High School. 'Varsity Boxing Team 125 C33 1455 Junior Picture Committee Gil: Sophomore Dues Committee C271 West Philadelphia High School Club. ARTHUR DONAL CHL Williamsport, Pa. Wharton Williamsport High School. IQQ CARL M. A. OHLSON "S-wade" "Rnd" 702 Pine St., Johnstown, Pu. Wharton Johnstown High School. Baseball Squad C21 C375 Freshman, Baseball Tcnmg Open Hcnrth Club CD C23 C35 HJ- FREDERICK GURNEE OUTCALT "Fritz" T B II Corner Union and Burlington Aves., Delanco, N. J. Civil Engineering West Philadelphia High School. Camden High School. 150-pound 'Varsity Crew C25 C31 C415 Freshman Class Crew CID: Civil Engineering Society: 'Varsity Club C4Jg Camden High School Clubg Rifle Club CZJ. WILLIAM I-I. O'REILLY 9 A X "Bill" "l.x'uckH "Dutch" 227 Claremont. Ave., Mount Vernon, N. 'Y. Mount Vernon High School. De Ln Snlle Institute. Frmrs Senior Society: Ice Hockey Team C25 C31 C4liTI'l1K!li Squad 139: Scrub Football Team C25 C355 Junior 'Varsity C475 Won lteath Trophy C215 Fall Crew Race-Winners' Boat C153 Managing Editor H1923 Class Record" C437 Vice-President Wlhnrtnn Association C-U5 Class Executive Com- mittee C325 Vilignnce Committee C2Jg Chairman of Athletics Campus Jubilee: Sophomore Prom Committee: .lunior Prom Committee: Newman Clubg Franklin Society. JOHN WOODWARD OWEN Park and Oakland Aves., Maple Shade, N. J. College Moorestown High School. Burlington County Club Glee Club C4J. LORIN DRESSER PAINE 2 A E JOSEPH PANTALEONE HP7f7llf1'UH Q04 S. 37th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 306 Church St., Berlin, N. H. Wliarton Berlin High School. Le Cercle Frang-axis C2J. RICHARD JAMES PARTRIDGE "Dick" "Pat" fb B K 3935 N. Franklin St., Philadelphia, Pa. X College Northeast High School. 'Varsity Soccer Team C3J: Junior 'Varsity Soccer Team C213 Baseball Squafl C355 Freshman Baseball: Class Soccer Team C13 C25 C39 C455 'Varsity Clubg Northeast Club. College ERNEST ALBERT PATCHEL, Jn. "Pat" "Doc" Q4-25 S. Rosewood St., Philadelphia, Pa. College South Philadolpliiu High School. Christian Asso- Fiunncial Committeeg Glee Club, Baritone ROBERT LEYBURNE PAT'l'EIiSON MBOIIU A T 327 Cooper St., Camden, N. J. College HOUSTON RANDOLPH PAXSON 4308 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Pa. H K N, T B H, 2 E Electrical Engineering NVeSt Philadelphia High School. A. I. E. E.g En- gineering Association. FREDERICK YVESTON PAUL K A CID .ilfredn 136 E. Allegheny Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. VVharton Northeast High School. C'est la Gucrre Clulm. WILLIAM MCCARTHY PENFIELD "BUF, "Pen" E fb Z 187 E. 6th St., Oswego, N. Y. Wharton Ridley Park High School. Scrub Football Team C21 C35 C413 Sophomore Dues Committeeg Junior Dues Committeeg Junior Cane Committee: Senior Election Tcllerg Undergraduate Council Election Teller: Executive Committee, Senior Class: Senior Luncheon Committeeg Empire State Club. ,.. ROBERT PENNOCK A T HB0 ,, 13247 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio Wharton Ashville High School. Freshman Football Team: Freshman Crewg Football Team C25: Crew C35: Ashville Club: President Cleveland Club C35. WALTER WILLIAM 0. PESTKE "Gus" "Walt" 300 Wilkins St., Rochester, N. Y. Wharton East High School. Freshman Truck Team: 'Varsity Track Squad C25 C35 C453 Christian Association Financial Drive C35 C453 German Club: Rochester Clubp Lutheran Executive Committee C35 C-15. 'WILLIAM ELWOOD PEREIRA lCB,ill!! 2015 N. 3d St., Philadelphia, Pa. Mechanical Engineering Northeast High'School. Northeast Club C15 C25 C35 C453 Glee Club C455 "Men about Towne" Club C452 Iinggigzcgg Show C455 Whitney Engineering Society K ' - WILLIAM WALTER PFLUG 2 n 'SB-ill" -SJ. sv Lafayette St., 5Vhite Plains, N. Y. - u Chemical Engineering WYhite Plains High School. Priestley Chemical Society: Engineering Association. l CYRILI. HENRY PFOHL 117 Belews St.. Winston-Salem, N. C. Arc-hileclnre Tinsley Military Institute. Southern Club C29 KID' Band V23 C37 C433 IHStI'LllI1Clll3lC1LIbC31 CA17. JOHN DAVID PHILLIPS "Doc" 3711 Hamilton St., Philadelphia, Pa.. College West Philadelphia High School. Band Clj C25 C35 C4Jg Instrumental Club C453 Chapel Orgamst C31 C411 Arts Axociation CD CZD CBJ. BERNARD JOHN MONAGHAN PHILLIPS "BcrniU" 2230 S. Broad St., Philudelpllizi, Pa. Vvharton South Philadelphia High School. CHARLES MAXYVELL PLAISTED "Blum" Z 11? E Court St., Utica, N. Y. VVharton Wellsboro High School. Sphinx Senior Society: "Punch Bowl" C13 C2J, Art. Editor CSB, Editor-in- Chief C413 Art Editor "Junior Annals" C355 Art Board "Jubilee Barker" C215 Freshman-Junior Committee C155 Sophomore-Freshman Luncheon Committee C135 Sophomore Vigilance Committee: Sophomore Smoker Committeeg Sophomore Ban- quet Committee: Chairman Publicity Sophomore Prom Committeeg Freshman-Sophomore Love-Feast Committee: Steering Committee Junior Week C831 Franklin Society CD C25 C3D, Vice-President, C4D. CHARLES PLOI-IN E A M HERMAN POLSS "Clzarl1'e" 1021 lVIcKean St., Philadelphia, Pa. 240 VV, 981:11 St., New York, N. Y. Architecture Wharton Clark Sg:hoo1. Swimming Squad C22 C31 C4jg Fresh- mhan Swimming Team: Sophomore Dues Comnutteeg Picture Committee. ALFRED EASTON POOR A q, WILLIA3I'QUSTAVE PGRTER 35 E. 69th St., New York. N. Y. I 'Gifs' N . A1-Chitecture 19 High bt., bouth Paris, Me. ' ?:AgSi?5I1f1?:,.School. Architectural Society, Vice- South Paris High School. Wharton 128 FRANK HARDESTY PRAEGER HSIIIIIIU 2 II, T B H Washington, D. C. Meclianical Engineering Mcliinley Mnnunl High School. Capital City Cluh Priestlcy Club: Whitney Engineering Society. HARRY PRICE 2522 S. 6th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Chemical Engineering South Philadelphia High School. "Towne Scientific School Journal" C83 1433 Priestley Chemical Clubg Engineering Associatiom University Dramatic Society: Franklin Society C33 C433 Cadet Officers Club C33 143. HAROLD TI-IOMPSON PRENTZEL "Prc'Izr'l" i225 Copley Rd., Stonehurst, Upper Darby, Pa. WVharton W'f'st Philuclclphin High School. Junior 'Varsity Lax.-rosse Tcum 4233 Third 'Varsity Soccer Teuni C33 H33 Methodist Conimittce 113 1333 Christian Association Campaign Committee I23 C3331 Coun- selor ut University Camp C23 C333 University Settlement I-louse C13. JOHN WALTON PRICE 9 X "Johnny" 3615 Locust St., Pliiladelphia, Pa. Wharton West, Philadelphia High School. Friars Senior Societyg Lacrosse Squad C233 Editor H1923 Class Record": Undergraduate Council 1433 Freshman Smoker Coinmitteeg Asiatic Night Committee i233 Junior Cane Comnxitteeg Junior Election Teller3 Episcopal Committee f13 I25 C33 i433 SGHJOF Cl?1SS Luncheon Cornmittee3 West Philadelphia High School Club, Vice-President 1333 Mask and Wig Dancing Chorus "Tell-Tales" 133, Dancing Chorus "Here's Howe" C433 Ivy Ball Ticket Committee. JAMES TAGGART PRIESTLEY WILLIAM MORRIS PROPPER 3619 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. 467 Lyceum Ave., Roxborough, Pa. Arts THOMAS MORGAN PRYTHERCH 3809 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton Wharton FRANCIS PATRICK QUIGLEY KKPUIYF 328 Atlantic Ave., Atlantic City, N. J. Electrical Engineering Atlantic City High School. Scrub Football C21 L33 4431 Freshman Football QU: Freshman Crew Squad C113 Swimming Squad: Newman Club 117 l2r f3l 1455 Atlantic City Club 1315 Whitney Engineering Society IU: Electrical Engineering Society C13 H21 R333 Student Member, American Institute of Elec- trical Engineers. E JACK RABOFF . ' A I' M CALVIN HAGAN RANKIN 1811 S. Broad St., Plnluclelplnu, Pa. "Cal" B 9 U, B 1' 2 Wharton 223 Buffalo St., Conneaut, Ohio South Philadclpliin I-ligh Sc-hool. Mc-nornh Society. Wharton Connenut High School. "Jubilee Barker" G33 3 Under- graduate Manager Combined Musical Clubs lily. NORMAN SOLOMON RAPOPORT WILLL-131 NATHANIEL RANSOMZ O X "Rap" "Nat ' "Rams 814 N. 7th St., Allentown, Pa. 3910 34th St., N. VV., Cleveland Park, D. C. . 'Wharton VVhaI'lLOI1 Allentown Preparatory School. Lacrosse Team C255 Western High School, Washington, D. C. Lehigh-Northampton Club CBB, President 141. 131 ALBERT CORNELIUS RAYNER "Al" T B II 1320 E. VVashington Lane, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. Civil Engineering Germantown High School. Civil Engineering Society. FRANK GEORGE RECKUS 9 A X "Rock, 21 Oxford St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Wharton Hanover High School. Mansfield State Normnl School. Football Team Q31 4415 NVrestling Team 1315 Freshman Football Team: Freshman Baseball Team: Freshman Excrutive Committee: Freshman Banquet Committee: Frcshman Cooperative Com- mittee: Sophomore-Fra-sliman Banquet Commit- tee C115 All-University Picture Committee C21 Q Musi- cal Club 1213 Green Lane Campaign 121: Sophomore Cremation Committee: .lunior Prom Games Com- mitteeg 'Varsity Club: Newman Club C11 121 Q31 i415 Luzerne County Club 111 I21 C31, VicePresi- dent C41. CHARLES BECHDOLT REALEY V i'C'harliey' 708 Blackshire Rd., Vililmington, Del. Yvharton Media. High School. F reshman-Sophomore Debate Council C213 Philomathezm Society C11 621 Q31 141, Treasurer C31, Scribe Q41, Editor "Garret Gazette" C313 Deutsche Vert-ing Moderator Philomathean Literary Society. LYLIQ ELLIS REPLOGLE --mp" Yellow Creek, Pa. A lvharton lfrunkliu and Marshall Academy. R. O. T. C. Officers' Club: Cnptnin R. O. T. C. 141: Philo- mnthean Society: Scnbbard and Blade: Christian Association. RALPH HARVEY REYNOLDS E N WILLIAM REYNOLDS, Jn. "Rolf" D "Bill" ROXlJllry. N- Y- ' 114 Linden Ave., Rutledge, Pa. ll harlon Civil Engineering Junior .'Vursity Baskntlmll TL-:un 4,211 Grven Lune Southern High School. Civil Engineering Society. Campaign llj Q21 K3J:Campus Jubilee C113 University Settlcnment Work ill gill. 1' GORDON BELL PASSMAL RHOADS "Dusty" "Lzfly" 4639 Hazel Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton West Philadelphia High School. Freshman Basket- ball Team: Freshman Baseball Team: Junior 'Varsity Basketball Team L25 C355 'Varsity Basket- ball Team HJ. CLAYTON SYLVESTER RICH "Clate" ACACIA Q47 Rhode Island St., Buffalo, N. Y. Griffith Institute, Springville, N. Y. Wharton l l EARL KEEN RICKER A T A "Ric" 2341 Woodford St., Portland, Maine Wharton Exeter Academy. 'Varsity Crew Squad C253 Junior 'Varsity Crew C353 'Varsity Crew C453 Class Crew C25 C35 C453 Crew Medal C451 Teller Committee: Class Day Elections: Ticket Committee Senior Banquet: 'Varsity Club. WI LLIANI ERWVI N RIEMEN- S C H N E I D E R 1509 5th St., Milwaukee, Wis. Architecture Architectural Society. DEALTON JOHNSON RIDINGS 9 A X "Jack" '4DeAlt" 116 Ruskin Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. Wharton Syracuse Central High School. Henley Regatta C353 Assistant Business Manager "The Pennsyl- vanian" C15 C25 C35, Advertising Manager C453 Assistant Business Manager "Jubilee Barker": Business Manager "Junior Annalsf' Wharton Dues Committee C35: Alumni Home-Coming Committee C253 Episcopal Committee C25 C353 Students Rela- tions Committee 2.353 Faculty Lecture Committee C353 Junior Lune eon Committee: Senior Class Luncheon Committee: Syracuse Club C15 C25 C353 Senior Banquet Committee. LEYVIS KERR RIMER A E fb "Lawn 2239 Penn St., Harrisburg, Pa. Wharton Harrisburg High School. Suimming Team C35 C455 Freshman Debating Team: Sophomore Debating Team, Cnptning Winner Dr. Thomas Biddle Trophy SSO-yard Swimming Championship C355 Freshman Debate Committee, Chairman: Sophomore Debate Committee, Chairmang Debate Council C15, Vice- President 125, President C35, Treasurer C-L5: Grchestra. Committee C25: Green Lane "Kids to the Country" Committee C251 Jubilee Committee C25: Reformed Committee C35: Christian Encin- tions Deputations C251 Zelosophic Society C15 C25 C35 C453 Dauphin County Club C15, President C253 Cast of "In the Zone" Cl5, "The New York Idea" C25, "Charles Il" C35. , if l C I, i fl .1-s 81 w .,, Q '1lfIORIx2SBIDDLli KENILWORTII RINGIL xp T " Tom" Three Tnns, Pa. Wlmrlon Episcopal Aeamlclny, Sphinx Sr-nior Sociz-tv: Sm-rub Football Tumn filly 'Ynrsity Iioothnll Tunm 135: Manager Frcshnmn Tennis Tm-nm 129: Fresh- man Football Tenmg Awovinte Editor H1923 Clow Recorcl"g Vigilance Cornlnitlve 427: Chuirmnn Sophomore Banquet Committee 121: Chairman Punts Fight Committee 1233 .lnninr Week Steering Committee C335 Vice-Clmirmain Students' Rclnlions Commitvtec C371 Governing Bonrml llouston Club C-U: Chief Counselor Linivf-rsily Cxunp Ml: Chris- tian Association Cabinet HJ: Governing liourd Franklin Society I-ll: Council on Athletics I-U: President Senior Clnss: Chnirnmn Unmlcrzrudnntc Council f4l:Episcopul Acmlr-my Club fl? C23 C33 fell. President Gil: Committee on Welfare MJ. FRANCISCO RIVAS iKPdI1Cll0l, Calle Amunalegui 253, Santiago, Chile ' Wharton Colegio de los Sugrndos Corazoues. and Tokyo- American School. Junior 'Varsity Soccer C333 Soccer Squad, 11,5 C25 C33 MJ: President Chilean Students" Associationg Vice-President Latin-Amerv can Students' Association. WALTER M. RITTER 416 VV. Washington St., Sandusky, Ohio Wharton University Sr-hool. HAROLD COOPER ROBERTS CID B K Q31 W. Tulpehocken St., Philadelphia, Pa. College Abington High School. Classics Clnb f2l f3l i4l Sophomore Honors. RELPH ROBERTS A XII "Robbie" 1520 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. College Episcopal Academy. Friars Senior Society3 'Varsity Club3 'Varsity Crew C23 C33 C433 Second Freshman Crew3 Sophomore and Junior Class Crews C23 C333 Member of Championship Crew Spring Regatta C133 Member of Championship Crew Fall Regatta C33 C433 Sub-Chairman Junior Week Committee3 Senior.Dues Committee: 1923 Endowment Fund Committeeg Senior Class Luncheon Committee: Vice-President Episcopal Academy Club C333 Chairman Senior Luncheon Ticket Committeeg Senior Honor Committee. MALCOLM WHITTEMORE ROCKETT "Malo" 'KJody" fir K XII 18 Mountainview St., Springfield, Mass. Wharton Central High School. Dues Committee C233 Sopho- more Prom COIHlDlttGCQ Provost Smith Commemo- ration C233 Picture Committee C233 Chairman Music Junior Prom: Cane Committee C331 Dormitory Representative C333 lnterfraterliity Council Delc- gate C33 C433 Jubilee Week Committee C333 Asiatic Night Committee C233 Chairman Music Interim- ternity Ball C43. l ABRAHAM ROBINSON A X Z "Robby" 5649 Larchwood Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Chemical Engineering Central High School. Alembic Chemical Society3 "Towne Soientic School Journal," Managing Editor C433 "Men about Towne" Club. President C433 Engineers Show C23 C33 C431 Priestley Club Show C13 C23 C33 C433 University Dramatic Associ- ation Production C33 C43. PEDRO RODRIQUEZ-QUINONES "Pete" "Rodin 'sThe Slwilf' Atocha 2-L, Ponce, Porto Rico lvharton Ponce High School. University of Porto Rico. Newman Cluh3 Le Cerclc Fmngaisg Spanish Club. CHARLES CARROLL ROIILFING "Charlie" A X A East Orange, N. J. Wlliarton NVcst Pliiladelpliin High School. 150-lb. 'Varsity Crew C21 C335 'Varsity Crew C315 Junior 'Varsity Crew 1335 Scrub Football Team 121: Junior 'Varsity Football Squucl CSD: Member 150-lb. Intercollegiate Crew Champions 137: Pipe Committee C215 'Varsity Club: West Pliilaclclpliin High School Club. n SANFORD H. ROSE "Rory" "G'oogy" 11415 Durant Ave., Cleveland, Ohio Wharton East Technical High School. Glee Club C433 Buck- eye Club. PAUL BOWMAN ROOT E -'D E "Pinkey" 2124 Sassafras St., Erie, Pa.. lVl1arton Central High School. Business Manager H1923 Clues Rccorclf' Junior Prom Committee: Franklin Society, Board of Managers. MARVIN BIEYER ROSEN "Mike" "Mafrve" 446 William St., Buffalo, N. Y. YVhart0n x HARRINGTON JOHN ROSENBERGER ISADORE ROSENBLITH "Jack" E N "Rosie" Vllest St., Doylestown, Pa. 54 Spruce St., Ashtabula Harbor, Ohio College YVharton Doylcstown High School. Member Olfrccrs' Club. Ashtabula Harbor High School. Menorah Society R. O. T. C. ID C23 C31 143: Buckeye Club 141. DAVID ROSENTHAL , . . "Romsey" 1 f ' l , . uALT?I2Sjl: ROSEINBLSH Acfcu 467 Broadway, Buffalo, N. Y. 3Q3 N. Walnut St., Union City, Indiana , , Wharton xvharton Techmcul Hxgh-1School .of Buffalo. Track Squad C235 - I . U H I CFOSS-COUTIUD' bquad l-25: Freshman Crux-Countryg mon my u xc 'xg . c oo. oosxcr u . 'res man e u mg enmg ym 3 ers .u L1 , U CtPblII hShlH Clb I' h Dbt T G Led 'Clbj 138 HOWARD ROSS E 3 "Doc" 4818 Frankford Ave., Philadelphizi, Pa. Mechanical Engineering Frankford High School. PAUL ARTHUR ROTH E II! E "Paulie" "Abc" K'Ham" "Gravy" "Pal" 251 Linden Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. Wharton Buffalo Lafayette High School. Class Treasurer C25: University Settlement-House NVork C15 C255 Chairman Wharton Ticket Committee C153 General Chairman Sonhomore-Freshman Luncheon Commit- tee C15 C25: Dues Committee C15 C25 C35 C-L5 7 Students' Relations Committee C355 Columbia Ticket Com- mittee C253 Poster Fight Committee C15 C255 Ban- quet Committee C25 C355 University Dance Com- mittee C35g Pants Fight Committee C15 C253 Flour Fight Committee C253 Picture Committee C253 Class Luncheon Speakers Committee C355 Junior Prom Ticket Committee C353 Luncheon Committee C453 Scalp and Bladeg Senior Class Luncheon Com- mittee: ,Basketball C15. V CLYDE C. RUTH Z T 104- Windsor Ave., Highlznncl Park, Phila- delphia, Pa. I Civil Engineering West Pliilnclelpliin Iligh Sr-hool. "Towne Scientific' Svhool Journal" C35 C452 Vice-President Civil Engineering Society: Exec-utive Council Engineer- ing Amoeintionp W1-st Pliilndclpliin High School Club: As-sovinlv Mi-rnher Frnnklin Soc-iety: "Men ubout Towne" Club. EDWIN WISE ROTHSCHILD "EcIdie' "Baron" 1314 4-th Ave., Columbus, Ga. Niiliarton Columbus High School, Junior Dues Committee: Dormitory Representative Provost Smith: Southern Club: Crew Squad C15 C25 C35 C-15. JOHN MARSHALL ROYVE 9 X KENNETH GUY ROWNE "Jack" "Ken" "Dulcen 90 Dartmouth St., Rochester, N. Y. 214 N . Martin St., TiU1SViUC, PH- VVharton Wharton 1 ' Titusville High Schno West High School. University of Rochester. Rifle Squad f4J. DANIEL THOMPSON ROYVND QD K XII "Diving" Pleasant Valley, Wheeling, W. Va. Wharton Augusta Military Academy. Golf Team C21 1353 Winner of Fall Golf Tournament C235 Moonshiners' Club, Vice-President CSJ: Daisy Club 145. C. V. RUEGER 102 S. 33d St., Philadelphia, Pa. Architecture l JAMES A. HUGH B 9 II "J-im," 413 N. Jefferson St., New Castle, Pu. Wharton Staunton Military Academy. Freshmen Crewg.lunior 'Varsity Crow C25 CID: 'Varsity Crew Hb: Font- lmll Team C23 C311 Chairman Teller Committcv: Class Day Election: 'Varsity Club. EDWARD WALTER RUPINSKI E A E 6lR7:p57 ICRMPEVY snEd!l 2836 W. 36th St., Chicago, Ills. Architecture Tiltlen Technical High School. Architectural Societyg Class Secretary and Treasurer C35 C453 Spanish Ball Construction Committee. ORLANDO lllllt'l'I'lRD RITMBOLD "0bl'r"' fl, 2 K 1052 Clinlon St., 'll0f'lZlWi1I'lCl1L, N. Y. Wharton Nichols Prenarntory School, l3uiTzilo. N. Y. 'Varsity Football Tmun C21 CFU: .luninr 'Varsity Football Team C-19: Lacrosse Tmun C29 C33 HJ: Intercollegiate Chmnpionship 'fiesnn C353 Freshman Football Tcmn CID: Ifreslnnun Buskvtbnll Team CU: Scalp and Blnrlc: 'Vnrsity Club. JOHN REGINALD SABINA 902 S. 47th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Towne Scientific Kings College School, London. England. Eta Kappa Nu C3J C455 Swimming Squad C33 C495 Secretary of A. 1. E. E. C455 "Men about Towne" Club C33 C435 Chairman Construction Committee "Spanish Ball." LEON SACKS A I' M "Lon" "Lee" 1145 S. 60th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Vllharton South Philadelphia High School. Freshmen Foot- lgillgseamg Southern Club: Menorah Society CD IRVING LEONARD SAPERSTON "Irvl' "Sup" "Sappy" Z B T 130 Dorchester Rd., Buffalo, N. Y. Wharton "The Pennsylvanianu C11 C23 CBJ, Assistant Business Manager C-13, First Assistant Business Manager C133 Assistant Manager "Jubilee Barker" C213 Business Manager "Jubilee Barker" C315 Assistant Manager "Junior Annals" C355 Freshmen Dues Committee CD: Wharton Publicity Committee C215 Junior Dues Committee C395 Junior Week Refresh- ment Committee C3Jg Junior Prom Ticket Com- mittee C3J: Wharton Dues Committee C433 Senior Picture Committee C-My Franklin Soc-iety C11 C25 C39 45. HENRY SALVATORI A fb A 2133 McKean St., Philadelphia, Pa. Electrical Engineering South Philadelphia High School. Secretary, Circolo Italiano: A. I. E. E.: Play by Circolo Italiano C3D. GEORGE BRANDON SAUL A E fb Shoemakersville, Pa. Q Arts and Science Onte-launee Vocational High. Executive Com- mittee C3Jg Rhymcrs' Club C2l. President C31 C471 Classics Club C2J Q CHARLES ALEXANDER SAYLOR, QD "Bus" K E 1558 Mineral Spring Road, Reading. Pa. Wharton Reading High School. JOHN SCI-IELL E X ".lolznny" "Sprogie" 9 E. Union St., Somerset, Pa. Wharton Somerset High. Sphinx Senior Society: Associate Manager Basketball Team HJ: Manager Inter- seholastic Bnsketbnll Tournament Q31 HJ: "The Pennsylvnnian" Q25 135, Bnsinrss Mnnager Q-ljg Christian Association, Cabinet C-U, Chairman Committee on Special Meetings and Conferences C415 Rally Committee C433 General Chairman Junior Iiuncheons Committee CD: Chairman Junior Vifeck Publicity Committee KSJ: Students Relations Committee Q25 C31 L-Dg All-University Dnnce Com- mittee llijg Sophomore Prom Committee 123: Asiatic Night Committee C233 General Chairman Gilkey Committee C-il: General Chairman Senior Banquet Committee C-Hg Franklin Society 121 C35 i433 Board of Managers C4J. l WILLIAM EDWARD SCANLAN E N "Biff, uSli'lll7IOI'll 112 Walnut St., Johnstown, Pa. Wharton Johnstown High School. Freshman Cooperative Committee Q33 Secretary Inter-Dormitory Council l1J:.Clnss Xicc-Presiclent 123: General Chairman .Innmr Banquet Committee L3l: President Wharton ghlgolchifgemoeisition H13 Presiclent Open Hearth EVERETT JOSEPH SCHENK Camden, S. C. Wharton Camden High School. PHILIP HENRY SCHLOSBERG XII T HENRY FREDERICK SCHMITZ Kiphfilw Klcarpli 41 Carleton St., Portland, Maine 22 Liberty St., Auburn, N. Y. VVharton VVharton Exeter. Entered from Bowdoin CZD. Editor H1923 Auburn Academic High School. Assistant Manager Class Record." Rifle Team C23 C335 Central New York Club. ALBERT HARTMAN SCHOELL 4524 N 19th St Philadelphia, Pa.. -. N 7 4 - . ., V NATH51?i'rte.lpSl:,PH bCHhEIDER School of Education - - Nth tH'l Sl l. Shmre Honorsg 1911 N- 31st S1-, Pllllfldelphlfl, PH- Y Piorkleiixs Epsaiifi Kiilixliclxemnticqsp xaffernim 1.251 villa-l't0l1 Phi Delta Kappa.. Tau Chapter C315 Education Central High School. Clubg Northeast High School Club. I4-4 EDWARD JOHN SCIIROEDER K E ,,Ed., 1748 Holyoke Ave, Cleveland, Ohio Wharton University School. Junior Prom Ticket Conunittce Glee Club i215 Musk :mal Wig Show C27 f3j, I LEON JACOB SCHWAB, Jn. lKLeeD 4405 Lindell Blvd., Sf. Louis, Mo. Wharton Jackson Academy, St. Louis, Mo. IRVING SCHUGAM E A M "Irv" Norfolk, Va. VVharton Maury High School. Freshman Rifie Team: Iiumnwt Committee C21 1375 Sophomore Prom Committee, Asiatic Night Committee C233 Dues Committee C23 Gil: Junior Week Committee: Wharton Assof-iatiou Dues Committee 137 MJ: Ivy Ball Committee: YVhurton Smoker Committee Q23 1333 Sophomore Freshman l.ovc-Feast Com- mittee: President Viriziniu Club 127 C315 Alctheo- phile Club. HYMEN SCHWARTZ li 1 5853 Cedar Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. - Wharton West Philadelphia High School. I I A i -xxxfwwm THEODORE L. SEDWICK Z X .CTGCIU ..H0Qr,, 2249 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, Ind. Wlharton Technical High. Purdue University. Third 'Varsity Crew I-13: Instrumental Club f3J MJ: Hoosier Club C23 IBD I45. HORACE JAY SELIG E fi? E "Hobie" 920 N. 16th St., Harrisburg, Pa. YVharton Harrisburg Central High School. 'Varsity Fencing Squad C22 Q35 K-133 Assistant Manager Fen:-ing Team C333 Christian Association Tellers' Committee C215 Zelosophice Soviety KD, Secretary f2J, Treasurer 132, President MJ: University Dramatic Club i235 Cerrfle Francais CU: Spanish Club C233 Program, Arts Jollification i339 Casts of Zelosophic Literary Society plays: "The Wonder Hat" KD, "Potpourri, 1920" 623. "The New York Idea" K2J, "The Merry Monarch" 135. RALPH SHERVVOOD SEELEY "Seal" Washington, Conn. Wharton Gunnery School. Nutmeg Club 137 143. LESTEIE HOADLEY SELLERS A NI' " vs" Glenn Rd., Ardmore Pa. Arts and Science Lower Marion High School. Rifle Team 125: Fresh- man Rifle Team QD: Whitney Engineering Society 1233 Rifle Club QD 125. BENJAMIN SEROTA 1510? E. Dauphin Sl.. Philadelphia. Pa. School of Erluezition Nortlienst- High Srhool. Pliilzulolpliin Normal School. MORRIS N. SHAEFFER db E II "SlIaejff" "JIorry" 5-L98 Hays St., Pittsburgh, Pa. lYharton Peabody High School. 'Varsity Basketball Team C455 Junior 'Varsity Basketball Team fill 131: 'Varsity Baseball Team ISD: Cremation Speaker: Senior Advisor. JOHN WI-IERRY SI-IADLE, Ju. "Doc" II K A S11 McKean St., Kitlarming, Pa. College Kittnnning High School. CLINTON HUGH SHATTUCK B 9 II "Clint" 336 VV. Culver, Phoenix, Ariz. VVharton West Division High Si-hool of Milwaukee, Wise. Friars Senior Soviety: Beta Gamma Sigma, Presi- clentg Track Team GJ CBJ K-LJ. Letter in 133, 145, Numeruls in C153 Chuirman of Committee on Faculty Foreign Students' Relations: President Spanish Club f3l: 'Varsity Club. JOHN VVILLIAB1 SHEEHAN GEORGE AUGUST SHELLAS, JR. "Bill" 4-18 Stuyvesant Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 282 Essex St., Bangor, Maine lvharton lVl12L1'tOH Adelphi Academy, Brooklyn, N. Y. Pants' Fight Bangor High School. Maine Club, Newman Club. ALBERT BERKELEY SHERNIAN "General" "G. S." A T Q Luray, Va. VVharton Mercersburg Academy. Southern Club C25 C35 C453 Virginia Club C25, Vice-President C355 Mercersburg Club C25 C351 Associate Editor "Penn and Ink Column," "The Pennsylvanianl' C45. Committee C255 Zelnsophic Literary Society. DAVID JAY SHLENKER ..DaUe., 2511 Caldwell Ave., Birmingham, Ala. Central High School, Birmingham. Ala. Wharton I PHILIP SCOFIELD SHOEMAKER ISERTRAM B. SHRIER 1100 Spruce St., Philarlelphiu, Pa.. "Bert" Wharton 2508 Derbyshire Rd., Cleveland, Ohio Yvharton lrlzist High School, Cleveland. Christian Associ- ntum Dues Crmunittou- fill: Dormitory House Representative MJ. I GEORGE ROGERS SIDWELL "Sydcl" FRANK SIANO 27 Orchard St., Port Jervis, N. Y. ffpmnkov Mechanical Engineering ' ' '2 1. PtJ 'H'lShl.S 'hClbC2J:Cdt 930 Nrountam St" Phllalg-?lRlfE' la - Olilicergrglfub lil fgjfgtuclelanliranch A. I. Eli E. W1 ngmeermg CD f2Jg Whitney Engineering Society MJ: First South Philadelphia High School. Civillingineering Sergeant, R. O. T. C. IU, Second Lieutenant C27, Society. First. Lieutenant 133. Captain C-D. 149 JOHN WALTER SIKORA E A E Oak St., Boonton. N. J. Wharton Boonton High School. DAVID G. SKALL fb E H A "Dave" 1387 E. Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio Wharton University School, Cleveland. Freshman Banquet Committee: Wharton Association Committee I-Q: Dues Committee 117 C27 633: Freshman-Sophomore Love-Feast Committee. VV. LEWIS SIMPSON K E "Lew" 3900 Wlalnut St., Philadelphia, Pa., Vlfharton VVest Philadelphia High School. Freshman Base- ball Team: 'Varsity Baseball Team C31 K-ij: Scrub Football Team C25 f3J C-LJ: Freshman Smoker Committee: Dartmouth Trip Committee: Sopho- more Vigilance Committee: Junior Prom Publicity Committee: Attorney, Sophomore Cremations: West Philadelphia High School Club: Assistant Manager Wrestling Team 435, Manager I-lj: Intercollegiate Wrestling Association: Member of American Olympic Association. SAMUEL SMALLINE "S'1nc1Ileyi' 17 Martin St., Rochester, N. Y. Wlharton East High School. Rochester Club: Menorah Society. 150 CEDRIC VIVIAN SMITII "C. V." "f'f'rl" "Snzz'Ily" 59 Pillolt Pl., West Orange. N. J. Chemislry Gaston Strr-et High Sclmul. Privslluy Chcniicnl Society. EMANUEL AINSYVORTH SMITH "ilIaImy" "Sm1'tl1y" 7020 Wloodland Ave., Philaclelpbiag Pa.. Woodbine High School. Woodbine. N. J. COOPER SNIITH Z XII "Poop" 6700 lviSS11lIiCl'i0ll Ave., GCFll1ZLl1t0XX'Il. Pa. College St. Puul's Sr-hnol, Concord, N. H. llorzkc-y Team C21 133 C-IJ: Class Crew Ill: Assistant Manager Iimwlmll Tnmll Gil: Assoviaue Manager Baseball 'll-uni 145: Sophomore: l-'rom Cornmittc-vc Christian Association Jnlnilvv Commitloc- C253 Ivy Ball Putrones-4 Connnittec: St.. Pnu1's S1-howl C'lub 613. FRANK LESTER SMITH A E fb KCLIZSF! H05 Powell St., Norristown, Pa.. Wharton Norristown High School. 151 Ne 'Y f JAMES ROSE SMITH A T A GiJ,im77 Lone Oak Rd., Paducah, Ky. Wharton Culver Military Academy. Teller, Junior Elections C353 Music Committee, .Junior Prom C355 Culver Club C15 C25 C35 C45: Southern Club C25 C35 C455 Kentucky Cluh C35 C45. LAWRENCE MQEREDITH CLEMSON SMITH fb K E "Sam" Deepdale Rd., Stradord, Pa. College Haverford School. Phi Kappa Beta Junior Society: Sphinx Senior Society: Freshman Football-Manager C355 "The Pennsylvnnianf' Night Editor C15, Associate Editor C25 C35, Editor C451 Chairman Publicity Committee, Junior Promg Merzbacher Club: Haverford School Club: Mask and Wig Clubg First Chorus, Mask and Wig Show C25 C35 C-15. JOSEPH J. HARRISON SMITH "Smitty" E H, A K K 231 Reed Ave., Monessen, Pa. College Monessen High School. Secretary, First-Year Medical Class C453 Zelosophic Literary Society C25 C353 University Dramatic Club C25. M.ERLE EUGENE SMITH "S-m1'Ity" Rockwell City, Iowa. Wharton Rockwell City High School. Wrestling Team C25 C35, Captain C-L55 Freshman Wrestling Team: 135-lb Middle A. A. U. Champion C253 Novice Championship, 1-15-lb Clam C15: University Cham- pion, 15S-lb. Claw C353 Presbyterian Committee C35 C451 Chalnel Committee. Junior Week C353 Personal Wor' Committee C-153 President Presby- terian AH'i1iat.e Club C453 Iowa Club C15 C25 C35, President C453 University Settlement House C155 Reading Deputntion: Chester Depntation. NICOL HAMILTON SMITH UN'l'Ck" A X IS, 'I' B II, E E 3036 N. 7th St., Pliiludelphin. Pu. Chemistry Northeast High School. Sophomore Honors: ,Priestley Chemical Society. THEODORE SMULOIVITZ 253 S. 36th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Ihfhzinf on RISGINALD A. SMITI-I fb 22 K "Rag" I-L09 E. Grantham Ave., Sl. Paul. Minn. Wharton North Central High Sc-hool. Spokane, Wash. Scrub I"uot,bull Team C21 131: Junior 'Varsity Football Team I-U: Freshman Football Team: H1923 Class Iles-md" Board: Rocky Mountain Club 111 Q2l 1333 Master of Archives 133: Senior Pir-ture Com- niittve 141. FRANCIS SLAUGIITER SMYTH "Fas" KID K N11 2117 Spruce St.. Plliladelphia, Pa. Wharton Germantown Academy. Freshman Football Squad: Freshman Track Team: 'Varsity Track Team 123, Squad C313 'Varsity Swimming Squad C415 Chairman Wharton Committee Christian Association Drive 4235 Gilkey Meetings Committee 1455 Ticket Committee, Ivy Ball QLD. X xiwilx 1 W l ' i I il i i i ' 3 LEONARD ROGERS SNYDER "Len" Elkins Ave., Elkins Park, Pa. Wharton Cheltenham High School., , GEORGE NELSON SOEDER A X I 834 S. Cecil St., Philadelphia, Pa. 1 ' Chemical Engineering West Philadelphia High Sc-hool. "Towne Scientific- Sehool Journal" Board. GEORGE SAMUEL SOBEL T A db HBI1ffen 2904 Grand Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. YVharton Temple Preparatory School. Scrub Football Team C23 i315 Track Squad C-ily Second Place, Discus Throw, Spring Handicaps 1455 Junior Dues Com- initteep Junior Banquet Comniitteeg Vifharton Association Dues Committee 045: Rocky Mountain Club ill 125. LELAND FANNING SPALDING A X P "Lee" Q73 Indiana Ave., Providence, R. I. Wharton Technical High Sehool. 'Varsity' Football Squad 123: Suimming Squad 135: Sophomore Prom Committee: Green Lane Committee: Cremation .XFYSIIHEDIOIIIS Cnrumittee: Sophomore-Freshman Love-Feast Connuuttee: Junior Class Dues Com- mittee: Junior Prom Committee: Christian Association Drive Teller, VVharton Association Election. l5-l- EDWARD GAINES SPEARS B 6 I1 "Ed" 307 Lindsay St., Chattanooga, Tenn. Wharton McCallie School. Frzshman Football Team: Scrub Football Team C21 Ml: Jubilee Comlnittee L11 till: Wharton Dues Committee t2J t3J Q-ll: Junior Lunch- eon Committee: Mask and Wig Club, Secretary HJ: Mask and YVig Show C22 Gil 1-lj. JOHN HUNTER SPEICHER A T S2 "Spike" Somerset, Pa. , irVl1arl:on Blair Academy. Second 150-lb. Crew f3J: Asiatic Night Committee 125: Dues Committee C23 GD: .fhnior Week Committee i373 Tellers' Committee MORRIS HARIIY SPECTOII "Spar" ' 3846 Kensington Ave.. Philadelphia, Pa. Xiiharlon Central High Svliool. Asiatic- Night Committee C233 Yigilnnz-is Committee 627: Spanish Clulmg Drnnmlic Club. AARON HOSTETT ER SPENCER 9 X "Spruce" Lancaster, Pa. Architecture Franklin and Marshall Academy. .-krellitectural Soriety L-LJ, Treasurer QLD: Assistant Art Editor H1923 Class Record" Q-Og Architectural Class, Vice- President C13 , Ser-rotary-Treasurer CPD. President Q-U3 Treasurer Student Body Association,Architectural School f-ii: Sec-onrl Frank Miles Day Prize 121. 155 THEODORE NELSON SPENCER K'Nnllie" "Ted" 906 S. 48th St., Philadelphia, Pa. lvleclianical Engineering lVest Philadelphia High School. "Men About Towne" Club: Whitney Engincering Society: Dancing Chorus Engineers' Show K-ll. SPIEGEL 3745 Locust St., Pliilaclelpliia, Pa. FRANK SPENO, JR. Ithaca, N. Y. Wharton Cnscadilla School. ROBERT EARL STAFFORD E X i'Bob" "C.'lz.inl:'l 2405 N. llfleridian St., Indianapolis, Ind. Wharton Shortridge High School. Purdue University. Swim- ming Squad kill Q33 145: "Punch Bowl" CD G37 C471 Art Editor "Red and Blue" Q-LJ: "Jubilee Barker" 121: Art Editor, "Junior Annals" f3Jg Hoosier Club. President K-lj. 156 GEORGE LESLIE STARK WII,Ll.'iNl FRANCIS STARSINIC "Jack" 596 S. Srl St., Sleclton, Pa. 1713 Grande Ave., Cartilage, Mo. lVhzu'ton A 4 Y5'llI1l'l0ll Gr-orgmuwn University. Newnizm Club: Field Dover High School. Sfrcrm-tary, Fc-:lc-ration of College Catholic Clubs. DONALD STEELE QS03 Queen Lane, Germantown, Pu. Wharton Penn Charter School. Temporary Class Secretary C155 Permanent Class Secretary C155 Banquet Coni- mittee C15 C353 Vigilance Committee C15 C255 Sopho- more Ball Committee C255 Junior Prom Committee C353 Soccer Squad C25 C353 Class Soccer C25 C359 Third Soccer Tearu C251 Baseball Team C155 Tennis Team C25 C35 C451 President, Tennis Association. CHARLES GORMLEY STEHLE 9 X, A X E 5010 Penn St., Philadelphia. Pa.. Chemical Engineering Frankford High School. Alembic Chemical Societyg Priestley Chemical Society, Treasurer C25, Execu- livc Committee C45. l 1 HENRY STERN WVALTER G. STERN 4606 Westminister Pl., St. Louis, Mo. 4606 Westminster Pl., St. Louis, Mo. WVhz1rton Wharton Soldan High School. Washington University. Soldan High School, Washington University. ROBERT BLAIR STEWART "Stab" 501 Whashington St., Huntingdon, Pa. Wharton Huntingdon High School. Svruh Foothall Team 121 C431 Huntingdon County Club. MILTON DONALD STILES "Don" 717 S. Main St., Athqns, Pa. .-Xlhons High School. Wharton 153 l- N- 5'l'l'l'l'ILl9ll K 23 YICILNON IilGlCl,UW H'I'0I'l,"l"l'IIl E A I-I :tNf'Plff" , - . "Slqf" "Sl1url.-I" 1311 Cloveluml Avo.. XXNUIIIIRSIIILQ, Pu. IHII3 i.'liI'lon Rd., C'lm'4:Iuml,OI1i0 xvlllll'l,0ll Whurlon Rvnslimr High Snhnul. JOHN ICDWARD STRAIN E fl' IC .L ., .lack 5030 Cedar Ave, Pllilzulclplliu, Pu. Mcvlmmcul l':Ilgil'lCCl'ill1.: Clllllflil lgliuh Sl'h'nul. .lfriurx HL-ninr Sm-i4-Ly: Huxu- on Somor Mllgllllflfflllll Snvuftyz Umlvrgrmlunlo Zfuunuil 1425 Chuirnmn .luniur W4-uk Smoker CID: Whitncy lf,mzinm-rim: Society, Sc-cramry-'l'rv:murm' FD, I'l'rrrsirAlvIlt f-D: Mxmk und Wig C'luIy fiijg Glen: lluh ISSJ: ElllLilU!1'l'Bv Slmw C23 GH. lfuivc-rr-ily Hvhuul. Amlvvrtinimz Nlilllllllfl' "NZM IHHHH lhr0nr4l" HJ: Huplurmmrn- Prom ffmlulunlivu- QLD: .Iuuiur l'rom C'ummiLt4'1' 11115 Nlxmllllwr Musivnl iflulm Wugruln Hb: hllUllllLl'l' Hymplmny im-In-afru C-H: 1xNNIll'iIl'l' Munmzvr ffra-xv Iitl. CIIARLICS VlC'l'0R H'I'lIAl,l'IY A DJ fl' "Pala" Hl,'ljl'lfIlII'n Ripley, W. Vu. Hiplr-y Ilifgh Nvhuol. Wllurlml 159 DONALD WILLIAM STRAN G 9 A X "Gmflly" 13919 Lake Ave., Cleveland, Ohio Wharton Culver Military Academy. 'Varsity Polo Team CBJ C415 Junior Prom Committee CBJQ Sophomore Cremations C235 Sophomore Prom Committee 4217 Freshman Banquet Committee CD: Poster Fight Committee CD: Acting Manager Polo Team i273 Culver Club: Buckeye Clubg Cleveland Club. HOBART AUGUSTUS STROUP A E fb acgobdyva uflljoeu 368 E. Main St., Bradford, Pa. Wlliarton Bradford High School. Track Squad C3J MJ: Dues Committee QD 123: Sophomore Prom Committee: Junior Prom Committee: Banquet Committee KU: Asiatic Night Committee 6274 Smoker Committee C25 C37- WILSON HOLLOWAY STREETER "Sweeter" 5 E. Kingsbridge Rd., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Chemical Engineering William Penn Charter School. Priestley Chemical Societyg Engineering Society. FERDINAND HOWARD STROUSE :CFU dh 123 West r Gravers Lane, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa. Tllharton Germantown High School. Spanish Club C332 Gerniantown High School Club. WILLIAMQLINUS SULLIVAN PAUL DILWYN SUMMERS fb A O "Bill" 354 Park Sl., Walla Walla, Wash. 137 N. 6th Sl., Olcan, N. Y. Wharton lYllI1Il0l'l Walla Walla High Svlmol. University of Vlfasliiiig- Olezm High Snllrml. N1-wmim Club. ton. Polo Team Gil 4-ll: 150-lb. 'Varsity Crew f3l: .Iuninr Prom Cnmmittm-3 Rocky Mmmtuin Club. THORLAF MAURITZ SUNDT II K A 1900 Sth St East Las Vevas N Mew STANLEY ROSKAM SUNDH1-:IM " ' U l AgCgite'Cgu,,, 612 S- 341th St-i 'philadelplliav Pa- ' East Las Vegas High School. University of New lvharlnn Mexico. Architectural Society. 161 THOMAS WILLIAM SWVEENEY "Tom" KID E K 400 WC. 153d St., New York, N. Y. Vilharton Dwight Preparatory School. 150-lb. Crew C133 Cooperative Committee C133 Asiatic Night Com- mittee C233 Luncheon Committee C233 Vigilance Committee C233 Junior Prom Committee3 Wharton Association, Chairman Election Committee C33, Dues Committee C33. GEORGE WILLIAM TAYLOR B F E "George" 5033 Saul St., Philadelpllia, Pa. lvharton Frankford High School. Sophomore Honors: Senior Honors: Frankford High School Club, President C333 Debate Council C233 Philomatheun Literary Society, Treasurer C23, First Censor C33, Chairman Play Committee C23 C33 C433 Playshop Cast: "Irish Players," "The Tempest," "Old Fortunutusf' "Bound East for Cnrdiff3" University Dramatic Club C33 C43 Cast: "Mrs Bumpstoad- Leigh." VICTOR VALENTINE SWEENEY "Vic" 112 K NI' Cleveland, Ohio Vlfharton Shaw High School. Freshman Football Teamg 'Varsity Football Squad C23 C331 Junior 'Varsity Football Team C431 Lacrosse Squad C333 Editor "The Pennsylvaniann C33 C433 Class Secretary C23, Treasurer C433 Toastmaster Freshman-Sophomore Love-Feast C233 Banquet Committee C333 Dues Committee C-133 Luncheon Committee C433 Editorial Board, "Red and Blue" C433 Class Prophet3 Toast- master Senior Banq uet. MACY ORVILLE TEETOI-l A X P "ilIr1ce', Hagerstown, Ind. Wharton Hagerstown High School. Swimming Squad C133 Campus Jubilee Committee C13 C231 Chairman Miclwinter Frolic Program Committee C23: Junior Prom Committee: Musical Club C13 C23 C33 C-133 Leader Instrumental Club C333 University Band C13 C23 C33 C433 Symphony Orchestra C431 "Men about Towne" Club: Hoosier Club, Engineers' Show C13 C233 YVhitncy Engineering Society C13. 162 LAUREN IIALSTEAD TIIAYER I! U 11 ' ' La fry' ' 332 lfl. Lincoln Avo., New Castle, Pu. Architect ure New Czlstlv High Sc-hool. .'xSSl5lllllt. Maximizer Fencing Team QBJ. Munugcr Q-U: Blush- Crunmittcr- ill: Sophornoro Prom Cl0lllUlliUfUQ .-Xrc'liilor'ts' Bull Comnnttec lvfl l-O: Clllllflllllll Ars-liitvvturul Entertmnnicnt Ciminiiltvc 131: Inslrumvutul Club Executive ClIU1ll1ltiPf' K-U, Luiulvr C-ll. Prc-sim,lvnl C-U: Symphony Orvliostru l-IJ: Vnivm-rsity llzuul ill. PAUL WALTER THOMAS H X "Bunny" Q17 S. 513k St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton West Philadelphia High School. Glen Club f2j Q31 C-U: Mask and YVig Dancing Chorus C23 135 C453 Musical Clubs: Mask and Wig Club: Frcshnmn Cheer Leader: 'Varsity Song Loader C-ll. l FRANK PRI+INTlCI'I THOMAS K 23 " Tommy" 1220 S. Main Sl., Hopkinsville, Ky. Wharton Hopkinsville High School. MILLARD CRUISE THOMPSON A T Q "Tommy" Johnson City, Tenn. Wharton Fitzgerald and Clark School. Trinity College. giniaor 'Varsity Football Team IBD C-IJ: Southern u . O. STUART THOMSON, JR. fb B K fcstuss 5221 Catherine Sf., Philadelphia, Pa. College West Philadelphia High School. "Junta" Editorial Board 143:.Physics Club, President 113 1233 Philo- mathean Literary Society 183 1435 Rhymers' Club 133 143: Der Deutsche Verein 1435 Naturalist's Field Club 133 143. JOHN COCHRAN TH URMAN . "Big John" 3603 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton Sphinx Senior Societyg Freshman Football: 'Varsity 4 All American Tackle 1922 Football 123 133 1 33 ' g 'Varsity Track Team 133 143: Point Winner I. I. A. A. A. A. 143. ROBERT WILLIAM THOMSON Acfxenx 573 W. Elm St., Lima, Ohio. Wharton Tennessee Military Institute. JAMES KLINE TITLOW A X A "J1'711." 127 W. Greenwich St., Reading, Pa. Wharton Reading High School. Track Squad 133 143: Asso- ciate Editor H1923 Class Record" 1435 Dues Com- mittee 133 143: VVharton Dues Committee 133 143: XVharton Association Election Teller 133 1-13: Junior Week Committee: Chairman Picture Coni- mittee 133: Luncheon Committee 133 1433 Class Executive Committee 1433 Berks County Club, Treasurer 123 133. LOUIS TONG KONOGY E 'I' 'll "Tonic" 4-31 S. 56th St., Pliilarlelpliiu, Pa. Arc-lnilcceturc 1Vcst. Plxiluflclplxin High School. Junior Cum.- Committcc 131: Ari-lxitcvturnl Cla.-Ls 1-Iistorinn C15 125 C31-GU: Clllllflllllfl Arvllitr-vturzll Class Vigzilnnco Committee 121. LOUIS A. TORRACA HLWU Q7 Hoyt St., Danbury. Conn. Mechanical Engineering Danbury High School. Gym Leader: Circ-plc Italiano, Secretary 1315 Whitney Engineering Society. J. R. VENDRELL TORO fb X .X "Joe" 3 Amor St., Ponce, Porto Rico Wharton Pom,-c High School. FRANK M. TRAVALINE, JR. A fb A "Travy'l 1117 S. 4th St., Camden, N. J. 1Vha1'tou Camden High School. Camden High School Club, President!-11: Clrcololtalianog Gym Leaders' Clubg University Band C17 f2J C83 C-173 Musical Clubs C-13. GEORGE G. R. TRAVIS Travis Heights, Tulsa, Okla. lVha1'ton Tulsa. High Sr-hool. Rocky Mountain Club. THEODORE TURK 111 E .X " Tedflyu 208 Wyoming SL, Bluefield, W. Va.. Wharton Beaver High School. NVrestling Squad C233 Sopho- more Cremations Committee: Junior Prom Com- mitteeg Dues Committee HJ: Moonshincrs Club Treasurer 631. LAWRENCE RAMSER TRIMBLE "Laffy" "D0ug,' A T Q 1212 Qd St., Moundsville, VV. Va. YVharton Qggnundsville High School. Manager Golf Team ' HJ- ANDREXV G. UNCAPHER 9 A X 184 Washington Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. Yifhartou Culver Military Academy. Freshman-Sophomore Love-Feast Committee KU: Cane Committee ISSJ: Culver Club. MILTON EARI-IART UNCA1'l'IlC1l, Jn. "Unk" "K1cf1g1r" 0 A X 18-L Washington Ave., Ynnclergrift. Pn. Wlmrlon Culver Military Arnclmny. Pipu Gnninittw: Ill: Sophomore Prom Conimitlr-v: C'uIvcr Cluh. STORM VANDERZEE dv K N11 4'Vun!' 45 Washington Rd., Springfield, Mass. Wharton Central High School. Asiatic Night Committee 1215 Mask and Wig Show C22 C33 K-ij: Mask and Wig Club C33 Gijg Musical Clubs 133. LLOY D JOH N SON VAI L Gmeiiwicli, Conn. Greenwich Iligh School Wharton CHARLES WILLIAMS VAUGHAN "Charlie Young" 505 WV. Market St., Cartersville, Ga. Cartersville High School. Glee Club 141. 2 fb E Wharlon LOUIS JOSEPH VENUTO MAXWELL EUGENE VERLIN "Leif HVenoot" I I 8042 Eastwick Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 600 E. Girard Ave., Philadelphia, I - VVha.1'ton Chemlcal Englneermg west Philadelphia High School. Menorah Soeietyg Central High School of Philadel hia. Priestley Chemical Society C13 123 131 143 Sight-Singing Society. gj University Band Ill f2J f3j 141. MILTON SEEKINGS VINE 2 112 E "Alai" "Milt" JULI0 VIGHfDfXVILA , I 151 Washington Highway, Buffalo, N. Y. Ave., Indepenclencla 9, Mexico City, Mex. Wharton Archllevture Baseball Squad UD: Class Dues Committee C113 University of Florida. Philomathean Literary Wharton Dues Committee 1115 Scalp and Blade Society: Le Ccrcle Frnnqaisg Spanish Club. Sc-vretnry 145. K l 168 VARA VIRAKORN KVM-ay. Naradhip Rd.,- Bangkok, Sialn Wharton Cascarlilla School, Itlmen, N. Y. Le Corvle Frnnqais 113 i251 Instrumental Club I-LJ. DONALD CALVERT XYAGNER "Don" "Wag" "Hans" E fir E, E T 717 N. Front St., Reading, Pa. I Civil Engineering Reqding High School. 'Varsity Crew CBJ C455 'Varsity Club: Civil Engineering Society: Berks County Clubg Hexagon Engineering Society. J. FREDERICK VOLLMER E, A E "Frerll' 3760 N. Bouvicr St.. Philudelpllia, Pa, Wharton Northeast High Svhool. Junior 'Varsity Soccer Team gJg'V:1rsity Soccer Team C33 M55 Sophomore Dues ommittecg Senior Lunc-hcon Ticket. Coni- niiltce: 'Vnrsity Club. vs'1LLr?w1Z,if:cK WPQGNER 2 N 1111 s. oth st.. 'mfg inure, Ind. Architecture Architectural Society. I-I. FREW WAIDNER Z N, B 1' E ' 'iHarry" 2408 Roslyn Ave., Baltimore, Md. Wharton Baltimore City College. Freshman Crewg 'Varsity Crew C23 C33 C431 Associate Editor H1923 Class Re- cord" Board C435 Freshman Banquet Cominitteeg Sophomore Ball Ticket Cemmitteeg Junior Prom Ticket Conimittee5 Social Service Committee C433 Senior Dues Committeeg Chairman Interfrnternity Scholastic Cup Committee C435 Chairman Christian Association Dormitory Committee C435 Chairman Wharton Senior Insurance Committee: 'Varsity Club5 Franklin Society: Marshal Football Rallies5 Chief Counsellor University Camp C435 Sphinx Senior Society. HOWARD PRATT WALL 'iPralt" N, E T, A X E 119-L S. 48th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Chemical Engineering Episcopal Academy. Secretary Sigma Tau Hono- rary Engineering Fraternity C435 Alelnbic Chemical Soeietyg "Men about Towne" Club: Priestley Chemical Society, Show C33 C-13, Treasurer C435 Instrumental Club C13 C23 C33 C-13: Undergraduate Musical Club C33 C435 Engineers' Show C33 C43. 1 HENRY WILLIAIVI WALKER 9 X CSHa.rry!3 . 7010 Pennsylvania Ave., Bywood, Pa. Engineering Swarthmore Preparatory School. Vice-President Engineering Association C435 Plays Committee Engineers' Shows C33 C435 Mask and Wig Club C33 C435 "Men about Towne" Club C23 C33 C435 Whitney Engineering Society C13 C23 C33 C435 Combined Engineers' Society C13 C23 C33 C435 Mask and Nvig Dancing Chorus C23 C335 Engineers' Show C13 C2-3 C33 C-135 Hexagon Engineering Society. EDWIN R. WALLACE CP E K "Eddie" "Wally" "Baldy" Monroe St., Stroudsburg, Pa. Wharton Stroudsburg High School. Assistant Manager La- rrose Team C33, Manager C-135 Sophomore Prom Committee5 Sophomore Cremations Committee. WILLIAM HOGAN WARD THOMAS WILSON WARDLE 2 fb E 3900 Walnut St., Plxilaclelphia., Pa. "Rell" "Tom" Wlmrlon 357 Owen Avo., Lallsdowue, Pa. Wharton Fppcr Dnrby High School. Junior Weak Song-Frst Crmnnittcc: Vice-Prvsirlr-111 of lfnclcrgrauluatc Glve ' I H72 Glcc Club l 2 I3 MJ: Sunshine Chu 1 I l J J Qunrtc-ltc HJ 127 fill. JAMES ROLAND WARE fb B K . v I --Ji,,Z,,w-v EDWIN COULBODRN WARFIELD 1709 Filmore St., Camden, N. J. , Wflrf Lddw College Westmmlster, Md. l I U Camden High School. Sophomore Honors: Classic Electrical Engmeermg Club, Secretary l2J, Treasurer 137, President GD. VS'estcrn Maryland High School. 171 ' WILLIANEZ J. A. WATT Z X "Bi " . 911 Delmont Ave., Schenectady, N. Y. VVharton Schenectady High School. Associate Editor H1923 Class Record" C413 Franklin Society. DEAN JEWELL WELIB A '1' S2 45 Upton St., Battle Creek, Mich. Wharton Battle Creek High School. Banquet. Committee Ill! : Senior Dues Committee. JOSEPH WEINTROB Z T fir ...Inav 44 N. Rhode Island Ave., Atlantic City, N. J. Electrical Engineering Atlantic City High School. HARRY WELTCHEK 502 Bond St., Elizabeth, N. J. Wharton Buttin High School. Dues Committee ill. 2 HENRY WILLIAM WENDT "Harry" Gloucester, N. J. Mechanical Engineering Gloucester High School. "'l"oxync Scientific School .lourm1l:" ".Iuntog" Dramatic Club: YVhx!.ney Engineering Society: Philonmthcun l.1Ler:iry Society. YVILLIANI NORRIS YVESTCGTT u-,Vevgtyn 4sBill:a 704-3 Ridge Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Chemistry-Towne Scientific School Germantown High School. Glee Club C425 Priestley Chemical Society CD 125 C31 C435 Germantown, High School Club. IIANS WENIGER "Law" 1016 S. 51st St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton Central High School. Baseball Squad C233 Glee Club 643. EDWARD STERN WEYL "Edu II M E, 'P B K 6506 Lincoln Drive, Philadelphia., Pa. College Germantown High School. Freshman-Sophomore Debate Committee fill: Philomathean Literary Society C33 143, Scribe f4J: Physics Club Gil: Rhymers' Club Gil C433 Phi Beta Kappa. Gig Germantown High School Club. ii in vi lj . l A . l "Z 1 il 1 i EDYVARD XVHEELER A T A, E T GEORGE ALDRIDGE YVHITLEY E N 'SELF' "Senator" 5806 Pine St., Pliiladelphia, Pa. Mechanical Engineering West Philadelphia High School. Sphinx Senior Society: Hexagon Senior Engineering Society: 'Varsity Crew C25 CD, Cuptnin C-IJ: Vlfuter Polo C4J: Class Vice-President 1335 Glec Club . 4 . WADSWORTH WHITTIER B 9 H "Bus" 73 N. Arlington Ave., East Orange, N. J. Wharton East Orange High School. Jubilee Committee KU C255 Sophomore Proin Connniltcvp Wharton Dues Committee 623: Junior Prom Coimniltcce. 189 Barrington St., Rochester, N. Y. Wharton East High School. Associate Manager Polo Team f3J 143. CARLOS KEEN EY WIEST "Ca rl" Richland, Pa. V 1 Wharton Rim-hlund High School. Albright College. President Dormitory Governing Committee C451 Zelosoplue Literary Society, Treasurer 435. Nice-President HJ. 4 EYVINGS E. VVILLCOX A T Q HARRISON BRAINERD YVILLIARIS uliobl' "DMC" "W-ill" X A A 138 23d St., Elmhurst, L. I., N. Y. 7 Murray St., Binghamton, N. Y. College E Wharton Temple High School. Rico Instituto. University Blnglmlmon Central H-lgh Sflmnl- of Texns. PHILIP TUTTLE WILLIAMS A T A "Phil" 3917 McKinley St., Washington, D. C. Wharton Central -High School. 'Varsity Crew f2J GD C415 Subiflhairniiin Junior Prom' Committee: Dues Committee M15 Southern Clubg Capital City Club' W. KENNETH VVILLIAMS 401 Brooks ' Wharton 1 . 3 , i iv X !l,lNNK X !,l. .,l,-, .Al Yi. 5 ORV AL ELBERT WILLIAMSON 9 A T "0rv" "Bill" 1113 Olney St., Indianapolis, Ind. Architecture Arsenal Technical Schools. Architectural Society: Chairman Class Executive Committee: Spanish Ball Construction Committee. JAMES RENNIE WILSON E dv E "Jimmy" 92844 Wisconsin Ave., Washington, D. C. Architecture Los Angeles Polytechnic. George NVashington University. Gym Team KU f2J C31 MJ: President Junior Architects: Architects Honor Committee: Chairman Sniock Committee IZJ: Orchestra Com- gitgoe 621 K3-J: Architects Show CBJ: Capital City u . ROBERT MORGAN WILLIAMSON csB0b91 AXA 4711 Pulaski Ave., Philadelphia., Pa. College Germantown Academy. University Band. RICHARD JARRETT WOLF "Dick" 1319 Nedro St., Philadelphia, Pa. Ccntrnl High School. Civil Engineering I OTTO WILLIAM WOLTERSDORF "Count" "Dutch" "OH" 2411 Duncan St., Frankford, Pliiladelpliiu, Pa. College Frankford High School. Der Deutschv Yvrcin Frankford High School Club. LEWIS JOHN WOOD E X 28 S. Irvington Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. Wharton Shortrirlge High School. Butler College. ALIVIIED WALKER 'WOOD, JR. 2? A E "Sizzix" 805 E. 7th St., Hopkinsville, Ky. Wharton Iloplailngvillo High School. Assistant Manager Swimming Team CBJ. Manager C495 Assistant Manmgcr Water Polo Team C37, Manager 143. CARL B. WORKMAN "Work" "IVorlcie" Lititz, Pa. ' Wharton Lititz High School. HSIAO PO YANG HH. Pf' Jan-Jer-Chow St., Chungking, Szechwan, China Wfharton St. .Tohn's University, Shanghai. Chinese Students' Club C15 125 C35 441: Chinese Students' Banking Club C33 M33 St. Jolm's and St. Mary's Alumni Association in America KD C25 f3j, President MJ: Cast, "The Willow Pattern Plate" f2j. THEODORE YANKAUER, JR. Z B 'I' "Teddy" 36 'Neilson Ave., Fur Rockaway, N. Y. ' Wharton Far Rockaway High School. Assistant Manager Riflc Team Gil, Manager C433 Executive Committee I. A. A. R. C. HJ: Junior Picture Committee C31 PEI-CHANG YANG Shih Ho Lee, Tientsin. China Wharton Tsing Hua College. Chinese Students' Club flj f2J C35 C455 Chinese Students' Banking Club C35 Oil. HOWARD EDWARD YARNALL, JR. Wallingford, Pa. ' H M 'E V Arts Westtown High School. Enrllnom College. Rich- mond, Incl. Pi Mu Epsilon. uf A 1 - CALVIN A. YOUNG, Jn. "Cal" 810 iYalnuf St., Philnclelphin, Pa. Wharton JOHN FREDERICK ZINIBIER 0 X uziwlss 14 Hooker Ave., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Wharton Poughkeepsie High School. Third 'Varsity Crew 1233 Junior 'Varsity Crew 133, 'Varsity Squad 1433 Freshman Glas Crew 1133 .Junior YVeek Committee 1333 Foreign Students' House Committee 133 1433 SubjChai.rman Smaller Denominations Committee, Christian Association 1433 Vice-President. Debate Council 1433 Dormitory House R-epresentzttive 143. TOWNSEND BARR YOUNG fb I' A "T.B." 'tfI'ubby" 908 S. St. Bernard St., Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton West Philadelphia High School. Friurs Senior Soci4:ty3 150-lli. Crew 133, 'Varsity 143: Winning Crew, Spring Rcgnttn 1233 "The Pennsylvanianf' Night Editor 123. Associate Editor 133, Editor 133, Managing Editor 143: Editor, "Junior Annals" 133: "Reel and Blue," Editor 133 1431 Editor-im Chief, "Cornell Pictorial" 1333 Sophomore Prom Committee 123: Students Relations Committee 1333 Junior Prom Connnittec 133: All-University Dance Committee 1332 Rulliy Committee 1433 Executive Committee, Musica Clubs 1-13: Chair- man, Finance Committee, Christian Association 1-133 Christian Aww-intion Cabinet 1433 Ivy Ball Committee 143: West Philadelphia High School Club 113 123 133 1-13. ALBERT 'WALTER ZIMMERMANN 'izlln E T, A T A 1512 YV. Allegheny Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Bieellanical Engineering Germantown High School. Sphinx Senior Society Hexagon Senior Engineering Society3 Freshman Soccer Team 1133 Junior 'Varsity Soccer Team 1333 Freshman Class Soccer Team 1133 "P. A. F."3 Sophomore Prom Committee 1233 Undergraduate Council 1433 Secretary Senior Class: Mask and Wig Clubg Glee Club: Whitney EngineeringrSooiety-3 Sigma Tau Honorary Engineering Fraternity. .,..1 3 -j,.f!f'1. 'H ' 1 ii' M' Jliiwli'-1 v iv FRANK JEREIVIIAH ZININIERNIAN "Jer-ryn 4534 Regent St., Philadelphia, Pa.. Wvharton West Philadelphia High School. Freshman Soccer Team C133 Junior 'Varsity Soccer Team C217 HP. A. F." C233 Junior Banquet Committee. MILOSH ZMEJANOVITCIZI Ruma-Jarak, Srem, Jugoslavia Wharton Prepared at. Budapest CHu1igaryl. Schaesburg CRumaniaJ, and University of Belgrade CSerhiaJ. International Students' House Committee. 1 NAT ZISERMAN "Peanut" "ZisH "Tiny" 322 N. 2d St., Philadelphia, Pa. - College Central High School. Menorah Society: Central High School Club. DAVID ZOOB K N ':Dm'c' ' 185 S. Balch St., Akron, Ohio College Akron West High School. Axociatc Editor, "Junior :-knnnls" CED: Banquet Committee CD C25 C351 Sophomore Prom Committee C273 Junior Prom Committee C3J: Dues Committee CD C25 CSJ: Vocational Counsel C-O: Claw Music Committee C113 Class Historian C33 C413 Green Lane Camp Councillor C313 President, Arts Association C473 Zeloso hic Literary Society CD C21 C31 C4J:Buckeye Club 81 C25 C35 C471 Glee Club C27 C31 C435 Music for "Fight On, Pennsylvania," '23 Class Song, and Prize-Winning Junior Prom Song Aletheophile: Mask and Wig Preliminary Show C2J. ' IH EHORIAM L'u'n'n"u'u'u'n'i'u'fn'nFu"n'n'n'n FRANKLIN BACHE JK. LOKIH PLHAYS WIEIAVL EBKIQGS WILL-LAVL D. HGLVIES WHLLAH EBKIHES FKEDEKIC LJEHKLNS LEWIS MSKUHHEK WIIEIAVI E VHEEK GEORGE H. ELCDYD WILHAVL 3. VLIEIKIH WALTER K. PKVDEH WI-IARTON SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIENCE FINANCE AND COMMERCE CLARENCE GRIFFIN CHILD SOLONION S, HUEBNER A.M., PILD., L.H.D., LLD. NLS., PI1.D. 'fl MOST POPULAR PROFESSORS S' SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS TOWNS SCIENTIFIC SCHOOL ' if WARREN POWERS LAIRD ' RICHARD E. BROWN SLD, E.E., M.M.E. 182 EIHWEIEETUEIEH LAL.: La L.Il.ILIL1LIl,'Qlg2IJIJL.ln.lL.ln..ln.lIJ-J..l EHIEIEETEUIEH SENIORS ITETEEEIEH LIE.-lLIl..lLlI.LlLlImLll.l BIJLILIIJI-Il-II-IIJIJIJ Q EH - a THA a I II CLA S5 GFFICERS P R ESI D ENT THOMAS b.K.RINGE VICE PRESIDENT m m 3 'A 3 I I 1 , .1 3. ,I VW 31 EL" VI' 5 IX' 3 MON g 1 Ill J 1 N I,,Il J ' I , ALFRED.J.CIORDON SECRETARY 3 if 23 ALbERT.W.ZIMMERMAN TR EASVR ER Dig: is-, ' E VlCTOR.V.SWEENEY 5 IT." L .1 .Ip L 3 .II ltfgg g EJ-IIIII ,I E IHIISTORIAN n PQIJIMIII U 3 E DAVID zoob J 1 -IL: 'E J E' L Q BI HI L -JJ EXECVTIVE COMMITTEE 3 E CHAIRMAN 355 ' E .1 , L -3 L 5 I HQ 5 LLOYD.5.COCHRAN in Q45 3 5 c3EoI'Ic3E.II.IsIiAv DRY 3 HA '9 5 3 ZIME WlLLlAM.H.PENFIELD 3 E 'gf - Eim , I 'E JAME.S.lL.TITLOW Z'1fII, ' L J 'I 31 lb . . . , A- E EHIEIEEIEIIEH EIIEIEIQIEIEE 1 52459 21 fi: Iii ? Swv? E J fs " ' ,,. I g ' 1 15' E Q wi g . II E J f nj 1' MII J. 45 1 E' .,,, 1'I, QL, E mPFPPPBP r'I-.:II"KZfIf'I"IfI"I'1fBZ"IfI'+'I'I'1 183 CLASS OF 19Q3-SENIOR YEAR 'I' -'.,.f- -- - N ' . l"- '. CLASS OF 1923-JUNIOR YEAR , XX Q , ., , , -IET- ASS Ulf' 19253-SOPIIOMORIC YEMI x-v ..,ju?- ,Q .mf ..'.3, ,sv f--fy A A .kxx f 2-,.x.zxe+ 1 XV-M +,1i.Q": ' Maggy -, 'gf L4 SS Ol" 1923-l"RlCSlIM.XN X CLASS Ol" 192-1- N-L 3 A J -7 I MII JI QIIXIII ??':IbIn IJI J LN ,I 3 L if gmmmqm mymmmaqg Q E ' 1 'Iv -J Em E QLA55 OFFICERS 1 Q 1 UYTNQ H Ex ::: n U E. PVTIPLS L -'I lT:::. 'J I fr: PPLSIDLNT Pjlxrjx 31 5 -j!III5 5 MALC:OLM.L.vvILLlAM5 gg '-IIVII 51, IIE - xv E E vucxa PRESIDENT E -IIN!-'E E usfmf'-2 E FREDEPICIL.H.MERSHON 1 TI--I-1 J EII EH sec: R E TA RY - 1 Ii' -11.4 L 3 J 5 J rtfuixj-T11 L n 535244 xx J i I V, L A ,I I L -1 yfvff L QIIIIII 5 J ITU L il - J ' A L .1 I ' E: L J 1 -J-if L HEI Icx9?!5y --1: ', 4 . -4- gy- L L L L El E L L ra El L L L lt X OMARJQDOYD TREASVRER J. BERNARD ZISSER HISTORIAN BARRETT H CVLIN EXECVTIVE COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN ERNEST.A.HAMER GEO RG E. F. BROWNJR EPHRAIM.H. DROWN HARRY. UMECLVRE n I we Z L1 A ' .1 3 J YR31' 1 lf' ' -Q? n .3 , Luv E J is E I-.I IIIIE- EH J ' N IE J II 5 J b I I L I .S','.' JI37 ' L J 'I L gn W In EIIKIHE ?IIuI 1 XI f I 'I '1rWgx4,Ii I ff J ' ' ' L X JQII I L ! I JN x BX :AI I I X 1 :N -I , 1 I l l 1 .arm-j-:'gA Fl"'Pl"'I"KxII"F'I"l"'i" "I "l"I"'l"I""lm"1"l"'l"I"l ,'E"'ef2eT? ,F 'S ff ? I A" X "'n K - ' J' , ff Q fe: fx' A 'eff' :S ' fav 1' nfl' 1. 'Hn' 1. 1 X-my V -x IEETEIIE r"r'r'r'Pilrfr-r-'n-.1r'E2f'l"a"l,"l"l"lISZ"rfv"l'l"l 189 s:a J A' L 5 A V J J T L "'1':-are-inn-a-wf -Q CLASS OF 1925 EHHEIEIEQEI3 SOPHGMCDRES Q L. L' r L IT F F L' E' E E L L L L L r. L L L r. L Q E3 F 7?- P f E3 E3 IEH EEl EH rs-qsg,-,lf mu 2-L 1- ' 'vt . 12 " ff" fi r .- W L --A 1' QSN- vi' we fqqf-1-4 1 in N, - -V-554, S 3 3 A f L. 'L f ,fi -5,-Sfffzql if ' 1 .-.-c? '-in ij?-" l"'i"i'fQ'2?3 ' gl 1 'QQ-Tff-L W- JJ... E E E E E 71 'v 2. 7 F .1 x .ad-an 1 ' . 2 X F 'J X?-Q ' 'J 'J 'is 'J rn E . Q A QV 5? Q 0 X Cx 0 E 1 Q ' 455 rn l'f1 cn 4 ,-1, I... L- ,-, . U 3 O 3 r-11 - 0 '- yur-2-,5,1 2 Zo 4 - A - Q, 0 701 P r ,sfhfn-J f-PPG,-,zz -4 Tl:-E 47' g"".i:m 071 V, 5 ., L -yx,..w'J 70 cf, P .. U. rn I-f, 4 Q rn CA r 1 'fm '1 3 O . 71 4 O -1 Z, 0 'D F' .. T- P I' ga F again!-1? Z Q 0 mm F' 20 iw 2:-rv 12' 2- O iiwwh IWNES cw 1'-40-1 52 M' -11 E Jw xml. -r-11:0 P 0 U1,."'f' If - -+"' "1 L 2 71 2 ... J 1 1-EK -J 2 "H '1 2 33' 2 70 F' 2' U "" 2 L ' 4 I'l'I IN Q 3 4 rn 71 77 O ,-.1 4 -4 O L -7 J -4 vv "" '4 rn .Zi J J '4 4 O 3 2 Cf' Z 2 r-n L ffmipk-X 9' 5 2 2 ji 0 -4 an 77 L f- I cj? L J MJ tgg .1 Q -4 5 J M W: J 7, Q E 'K' 1 J j rrp A KE -J N L J 'usivb' J I'- E3 mu-uuu:uubJauhuw E3 Kwik- Y f 1 X' -Y XG: ,.4-1, L 'L,,L 4 L ' fi? W? 1' ....."' 4-'Hx r. 5.-- , . I lk J , -ff " -T' .ff .3 I" -JL,.l2'L' L 'Q PL L S - -- i'f:'fff"fe'S: " Luzliiwf-' ' . ' x x' ?L'- "' ' 7115, . L-1' '-Q, EH Elf- nwErrrwBvwPPE E E 191 CLASS OF IQQG 'fwmmw E Hj L.:..l..l..l..L.L.L.L.l.':1L':lg3.J.JL1Ll..1..lL1..1.J..n.J E Q FRESHMEN EHITETEEFEIEH Ei XL L IJ T Jfhxx IT r':'fzlUifnl L L L IL U L L L L U L L L r.. E3 L L L L U L r. L L U L L L L LASS CDFFICERS ' 3 X .J a L H PRESHD1-:NT NO E L EDDY '-LKQQEIB 3 Mya :JJ I "I.l'l 31 VICE PRESIDENT M.A.GlLMARTlN ' " L.LJlJm..ls1lJL.ls1lJL. gzg..1L1L1.J..1.l..l..1..1..nfHIEIEJ'E1El1Ej3 3 1 C 4- -1 5 35 SECRETARY 3 Muvm sums 31 533613 rings, 1 an TREASVRER kan xx .J fc VIL I 'I " '7f J LI. if FRANLB. MVRDOCKJR. 3.F??f1Qj,E J '-,Y hi J 1' ' HWX L HISTORIAN agfy!.:f'f,1 5 31 EDWARD BVCKLEY 3 117114 Q .-J.1' 4 .',l-ni -'.. ' .- 3,1 EXECVTIVE COMMITTEE E EH E3 E J ..1-I L f '-, L -1 L CHAIRMAN imap, 1' L .1 I- L .1 r. 5 5 RVPPERT DINGHAM 3 5 L J 13.4-', E Ig ARTHVR THOMPSON jififfa E J My-XE c,LoRc5L.T.ToofvxEY 3 vig L xx .Wifi--1'zx as L. as J ip , L' L fvx.P. WOOD Rvrr J L J 7 L J :A C. J L L J bl .- L .1 L. .. .. L , L WL-LL E3tL1E1E1E1.l E3Im51515lE3 1 Q'-cfm ees ea. L L- nf: 25 LYWQL L J -,aw X ...jk I ,, A f .4 0 45 L Q EW U H -3 fav I-:bl'1E J. nf .Kwik A-L L E H Prr'r'r'E2r1r-r-rul"KZf1-'a"l"1'-l'1' "1"1"1L'm 193 SCLASSI D Ye Y A25 Y- A12 X mfg Y A22 M QL I 415 I qi, Y- .15 I .QQ 525 A 'H AM A 'As Am A 'n Am Ani A WP Am A07 Tuesday, June 19, 1923, 3 PM. Senior Arch PROGRAM Overture ...,4 ....,,... . ORCHESTRA "The Red and Blue" , ..A,, TIiE CLASS Salutaiory ..,. . TFHOMAS B. K. RINGE History . . ,... DAX'ID ZOOB Selection A . ..... ORCIIESTRA Prophecy . . . . VICTOR Y. SWEENEY Poem . . A A A . BRN BICGIVERAN Pre.a-erztm'z'orz.s- , . BIILLER FRANCIS B.-XRRICK "I-llma JIa1'er" Valedicfory . Transfer IU' U1 Ivy Ode . . , A...... ORCHESTRA . , . A . . . A , DJXVID F:x11C2L'I'I,XR CAVERS e Pap and Gown IVY CEREMONY . . A . . A A . . . . . GEORGE BRANDON SAUL The Planting of flze I ry . . . . D.-kX'ID F.'x.IQQUI'I.'KR CAVERS Ivy Oratiozz A.... , . . CARL SIIITI-I Dow 4'Haz'l, P8IlIlSjjlIxll7ZZifl', . . A . TFHE CLASS 194: ig 5 ,L is '-,,i,LigiL,iaiggpiagpipipiripipsriai FROM THE ARCHIVES "lV1'ld and woolly-011 ll .vp1'cc. 1901111-.vyl-1'c1-nfueTzrczzly-fl11'f'c'."' ELLED out by the largest collection of embryo athletic heroes and literary geniuses it had ever been the good fortune of the University to contain at one time, our class yell was sufficient notice to the world at large. and to "Twenty-two" in particular. that we had arrived. The Sophomores, true to the traditions of former years, entertained us right royally on Franklin Field during the first week of school. They did this with such a pure and whole-hearted enthusiasm. coupled with a complete lack of dis- crimination, that it was beautiful to behold. lYe were all intensely interested before our reception began, and came away afterward duly impressed with the warmth of their unrestrained delight at our matriculation. Desirous of getting organized, in order that we might plunge into the midst of the myriad activities that Pennsylvania has to offer, we elected Ben S. hic- Giveran temporary President and George L. Rosenfield temporary Treasurer and Secretary. Their actions after this election merely continued our suspicions as to their wort.h, so we retaliated by making their respective offices permanent. To round out the list, George Champaigne was elected Vice-President, Arnold YV. Chapin, Secretary, James B. Gill. Historian, and Barnes, Sawyer, Charlton, and Reckus were elected to the Executive Committee. Under the able leadership of these men, "Twenty-three" rapidly came to the fore, where she has remained ever since and always expects to remain. During the first year we were frequently annoyed by the solicitous attentions of 6'Twenty-two." After cleaning up the Soph dorms and giving friend Custer of the Vigilance Committee a well-deserved bath in the Frog Pond, affairs quieted down quite a little. In spite of this foretaste of our power, "Twenty-twoff by means of a satanical ruse, managed to outstrip us in the Pants Fight. Our indignation at this ingratitude for our heretofore careful consideration toward wayward Sophs came to fruition on the battle-ground of the Flour Fight, which took place at lVIuseuIn Field, where We bared their defections to the World. Taking advantage of our first opportunity to do anything at Penn, We started 'things right by turning out a "Fresh" football team which Went through a- hard .schedule undefeated. Gur basketball team was also a world-beater and encoun- 195 tered the best teams in the country with nary an entry in red ink. Soccer, with the aid of a couple of our men, captured the Intercollegiate Championship and brought it to Penn, where it belongs and has belonged for the greater part of the time that it has existed. Our baseball team and the crew kept up the good work and rounded out a particularly successful Freshman year in athletics for g'Twenty-threef' Fire, brimstone, and devastation broke loose for a period of three weeks, all knifing and strangling being done according to the rules of the Inter-Fraternity Agreement. After a few weeks of pledgeship, conditions resumed their normal course, and the favored ones among us took their respective places in the ranks of their chosen fraternities. A great many of our budding songsters and musicians made the grade and became members of the Glee and Instrumental Clubs, eighteen of our class- mates being the main reason for the successes that the Clubs scored that year. The bright ones among us moiled and toiled as heelers for the various publi- cations, with rather surprisingly good results. "Sam" Smith, "Dave" Cavers, "Ed" Horan, Don hIcComas, Otto Rhoades, "Joe" Barnes, "Joe" Dugan, "Johnny" Abersold, "Jimmy" Gill, Ridings, and "Johnny" Schell made the various boards of The Pennsylranian. Ben lIcGiveran and "Jack" Bogan were elected to the editorial and business staffs of the Red and Blue respectively. "Doug" Downie, hlax Plaisted, Wiarren lliller, "Fred" Levy, "Bots" Brunner, Ralph Lovendale, and "Sammy" Mc-Connell represented us on the Punclz Bowl boards. The fame of the Blask and Wig having inspired quite a few of us with an unholy desire to at least get into a show, if it was only to say "Dinner is served, hI'Lord," a goodly number from our midst came out for the various parts in the show. Although he used a large basket, "Charley" lforgan was unable to keep our shining lights under cover. "Billy,' Clark cavorted gaily as 'iRosinante," that matchless steed with the flirtatious glance, while "Beeby" Brause, "the world's worst actor," played "Beppo, the village barber." Lucas, Grove, Jennings, and Prytherch pranced in the Dancing Chorus, and so many of us made the Glee Chorus that it is impossible to mention their names in this account. Ben NIcGiveran, as "Aladdin," made the hit of the show in his feature number which was the climax of the performance. "Don Quixote" was indeed without its peer throughout the land, and "Twenty-three" can lay claim to no small part of the credit of its marvelous success. lVe had very little difficulty in routing the Sophs and putting over a corking good Freshman banquet at the Normandy. Everyone enjoyed the food, in- cluding the 'Sasparagrass with Soph dressing." "Joe" Barnes, as toastmaster, told some cracking jokes, and during the evening the Class Song, music by "Dave" Zoob and words by Ben S. hIcGiveran, was introduced with great, success. At the beginning of our second year at Penn we all came back to school full of pep and energy, anxious to renew old friendships and make new ones. Sad to relate, great gaps were apparent in our ranks, due to a difference of opinion 196 existing between some of our classmates and the faculty as to their respective abilities along certain lines ol' educational activity. tYith the major part of our college career still ahead of us, 'there was little time for grieving over our lost comrades. tYe set our faces to the front and carried on. "Burt" Hartenstein was chosen as our leader for 'the Sophomore year, and the Class of 'Q-lt, whom we trounced uumercit'ully in all the inter-class contests, can best testify to the fact that "liurt's" leadership was of the right sort. In token of our superiority in these class fights mentioned above, our Class re- ceived the Penniman Bowl in recognition ol' its worth. The other officers of the class who so ably seconded 'Al3urt's" leadership were "Billy" Scanlon as Yice- President, "Yic" Sweeney as Treasurer, "Jimmy" Gill, Historian, and hleredith, Cochran. Calder, and Mc-Coimell on the Iixecutive Committee. Once the momentous task of electing class oliicers was accomplished, the Class turned its attention toward the coming football season. hliller. lilrtresvaag, Thurman, Cochran, Yoeglin, Sullivan, liibeu. .1 . 4. , Sweeney. Lenham, Lucas, Reckus, Langdon, Hinge, - Grove, Humes, Greenwalt, and Spaulding caught l the attention of 'the new coaches, and all made good, T either on the first team or as substitutes. The 'Varsity quintet fell all over itself welcoming Miller, Voeglin, and Sullivan and decked them out in trick sweaters with a big blue P on the left side. Oh, yes! The 'Varsity with these three additions won the Intercollegiate Championship. Coach tvright. after first making sure that they possessed the quali- fications necessary for a good oarsman, namely, a strong back and a weak mind, adopted Leifeld. Roberts, Wlaidner, Wiheeler, Coxswain Chase, Borie, hlattison, Wiilliams, and Young into the various 'Varsity boats. The redoubtable "Boots" Lever, who makes up in speed what he lacks in height, was a sure point-winner in the sprints with the track team. George ltleredith, Don Head, Gill, Blchlullan, Foley, and Thurman were out on Frank- lin Field daily, pounding the track, playing hare and hounds, and throwing grape-shot at each other and the bystanders. Llewellyn, ltlahatfey, NIcNIullan, Stout, Sullivan, and W'hitehill all made good on the diamond, where they chased fame and baseball with great success. hlany of us who were interested in social service work found a wonderful organization in the Christian Association, through which we might accomplish the maximum good that lay within our power toward the betterment of those who lack the opportunities in life to which we have access. Of course, life was not a continual striving for honors on the campus. 'We indulged in a rather hectic Asiatic Night at the St. James, about which a great many of us retain only a rather indefinite recollection, due to the confused state of mind that some of us were in on that memorable occasion. At our Sophomore 197 Ball, the first social event of our career as a class, we set a high mark for other classes to strive to equal. No small measure of the success of this affair is due Don lVIcComas, who was Chairman of the entire Ball Committee. It is not necessary to go into the details of our subjugation of the incoming Class of ,Q4f. Suffice it to say that "VVallyU Kimball, the Rocky Nlountaineer of' the vivid personality and the Hashy horsemanship, took charge of this valuable department of social service and performed his work with that admirable thor- oughness and dispatch which had by now become characteristic of the achieve- ments of our Class. It was during our second year at Penn that our new football song, g'Fight On, Pennsylvaniaf' was adopted and used with great success. The music was written by "Dave" Zoob and the lyrics by Ben S. hIcGiveran. During the Hrst semester, the hlask and XVig staged a preliminary show in order to round up some promising material for the big show at Easter-time. The play, "Arabian Nights," with book and lyrics by Ben S. McGiveran and music by "Dave" Zoob, proved to be very fine and had a very successful run at the llask and Wig club house. Mask and lYig's show went across with a bang, and we can truthfully say that this was due in no small part to the further inroads of its ranks made by members of our Class. "Charley" Cane, Mackenzie, IIC-Evoy, Hartenstein, and "Billy" Clark were in the cast, and. ot course. the Glee Chorus and Dancing Chorus were composed mostly of our men. "Burt" Hartenstein as "Zulz, the little Sea Vamp," made the big hit of the show and will, on the slightest provocation burst forth in the strains of his l1it number. "Jimmy" Gill and Calder Brooke were elected to the Sophomore Honor Committee and did yeomau service in preserving the standard of the Honor Code. Paul Hartenstein was a member of the Yndergraduate Council. while "Jack" Kearns, B. B. Brause, and "Sam" Smith officiated as members of the Executive Committee of the Arts Association. Junior year rolled around as Junior years will do and found "Twenty-three" prepared to stay in the lead, with "Jimmy" Gill as President, "Ed" lYheeler. Vice-President, "Larry" Davis, Secretary, "Sam" Mc-Connell. Treasurer, "Dave" Zoob, Historian, and Cochran. O'R.eilly, Buechler, and Gordon comprising the Executive Committee. Junior Wleek is the big time of the Junior yearg we made ours the best ever. Lloyd Cochran was general chairman and a real pep-instiller he proved to be. VVe began the week with exercises on the Balcony, after which we all attended the chapel services. In the evening we had an old-fashioned song-fest with the Freshmen in the Big Quad. followed by a real good time and plenty to eat. at our 198 - smoker i11 Houston Ilall. under the leadersliip of "Jack" Strain. NVQ Dllt through a eorking good banquet at the Rittenhouse, where huge quantities of rolls and food were 1-onsuuied by all, allliougli "Billy" 5f'IllIl0ll 'tried his best to convince us that there was soniethiug real to eat, if we NVOtllllUl1l.V let, up for a few minutes. YYednesday night was Junior Night al the Cornell and Pennsylvania Combined hlusieal Clubs' com-ert in the big ballroom ol' the Bellevue-Stratford. The loss of the PCIIII-fl0I'Ill'll football game proved soinewhat of a llZl1IllIJCllCI', but we solar-ed ourselves with thouglitsol' revenge and went O11 with tlll'fl2l,IlC'0-lQllC11211106 being the Junior l'1'o1n which was enjoyed i11 Xvidglltlllllll Hall under the com- petent supervision ol' Ben S. Bll'filVL'I'2lll. .X few among us who had exceptional vitality struggled out lo see the l,t'Illl-fi0l'll0ll soccer game on Saturday, but most of us reinained i11 the arins ol' Morpheus until the following day wl1en we heaved many sighs ol' re111i11is1'ent joy and regret. The "Junior Annals." which were distributed at the banqiiet, were llillltlfillllllxlj' llllllllfl i11 red moroc-co witl1 the l'e1111sylva11i11 seal stumped i11 gold o11 lhe 1-over. The coniinents, under t.l1e able supervision of "Dave" C'avers. were far beller illlil more interesting tllilll ever. Patience illlfl industry liaving lJCCl1 illllj' recogiiized at last, bits of jewelry dangled from the NY1ll4'll-l'll2IlllS 0li.hl7l'l'SUl1l, Barnes, Cavers, Dugan, Gill, Sinith, illlll Young. thus signifying to the world that these gentlemen had become members of The lJt'IlIlN.lj1I'flIlI-llll liditorial Board. In the meantixne, Davies, hlclivoy. Ridings, F-aperston, and Schell had perfected gilt-edged alibis t.0 prove why everything was run wrongly before their advent a11d how they had changed conditions: result was election to T110 l'1'1111.sy11'1n11'11n Business Board. 1IcGiveran, Graeme Lorinier. Cavers. and Hettinger made the 11011 111111 131110 Editorial Board, while Frank Bailey was also tolerated O11 the Board because l1e ow11ed a Graflex- Bogan, Chase. Hoagland, and llugler kidded enough corporations into adver- tising in the 11011 111111 131111' to make the Business Board. YVarren hliller thought up enough saffron-hued jokes to make the Pzmclz 13111111 Editorial Board, while hlax Plaisted and Bob Stafford illustrated them. Brunner, Heston, Levy, hic- Evoy, Lovendale. lIcConnell sold enough Arrow ads to also put their spoons in the Punch Bezel. Fifteen o11r of tl1e thirty-six 111611 comprising tl1e Glee Club were members oft our class. while "Mace" Teetor was leader of the Instruiiiental Club, which is no small honor for a Junior. Lloyd COCl1I'QII1, "Billy" Clark, and La Baw were appointed ,Varsity Cheer-Leeders-the first time that Juniors were made mem- bers of the regular 'Varsity Cheer-Leaders squad. "Jack'l Kearns and George Saul represented us on the Governing Board of' the Arts Association, while 'gBillH Barron and "Jimmy,' Gill had similar duties with the XVharton Association. We marked finis to our Junior year by electing Tom Ringe as President for our Senior and banner year. Three months of so-called vacation went by, and back we came, to gather up our respective duties and obligations for the last time. The election for the 199 other offices of the Senior Class resulted in the choice of "Al" Gordon, Vice- President, Zimmerman, Secretary, Sweeney, Treasurer, Zoob, Historian, and Cochran, Beaudry, Titlow and Penfield on the Executive Committee. "Davey Zoob as President, "Johnny', lVIcComb as Vice-President, and Cousins as Treasurer, took charge of the Arts Association, while the VVharton Association was headed by HBillyU Scanlon, and "Bill', O'Reilly as Vice-President. The names of lNIcComb, Hartenstein, Zimmerman, Lindsley, Cochran, Mc- Connell, Strain, Cavers, and Ringe appeared as our representatives on the Undergraduate Council. ' A last look at our major athletics: ':Poss" hliller was captain and "Jimmy" Compton manager of football: '6Boots" Lever and 'cJack" Kearns were in charge of track, George Sullivan and "Bob" Flather took care of baseball, VVheeler and Barry looked after the crew, Amelia and Hamilton managed soccer, while "Al" Voeglin and lllugler took care of the basketball quintet. In the minor sports we find "Vic" Holst heading the swimmers and Blorton hleyers the water poloists, while 'Wood ofticiated as manager. hlerle Smith and "Lew,' Simpson took care of wrestling, "Heian" Hettinger and "Larry" Thayer of fencing, Hunter and Black of Gym. Yankauer of rifle, YVanamaker and Butcher of hockey, Lucas and Chase of boxing, 3IacFarland and Wiallace of lacrosse, Gervin of tennis, Jerrems and Fayfield of polo, Downs of cricket, Trimble of golf. hlajor and minor sports from football to cricket have lured our classmates from the peaceful gymnasium class and have transformed them into what T he Pennsylranian is wont to term football huskies, matmen, foilsmen, tankmen, riflemen, stickmen, puck chasers, raqueteers, diamond adornments, speedsters, booters, etc., and all its relations. Although the lists of our classmates who are winning honor for their Alma hlater as her representatives are too long to include in this Record, yet not a day passes without their deeds being extolled in the columns of the newspapers and periodicals of the Nation. The last year of publications saw "Dave" Cavers as Editor-in-chief of The Pennsylvanicm, hlax Plaisted in charge of the affairs of the Punch Bowl, Graeme Lorimer at the head of the Red and Blue, and Wally Carter bossing the minions of the "Class Record." There are many of us who had various positions on the publications, but our names will have to be left to their personal notices. The Class of '23 has the unique honor of being the first class in recent years to raise the standard of the Ivy Ball back to the position of social prominence and importance that it used to occupy in days gone by. "Sam" Smith as chair- man did wonderful work, both for his c-lass and his University, in performing his task so ably. The class banquet was held at the Rittenhouse, under the leadership of John Schell, and everybody had a real good get-together. Preceding the banquet by a month, a luncheon was held on the campus, with Don hIeComas as ringleader. This also was a very enjoyable affair, and it might be remarked that there were even some who said afterward that they had had enough to eat. After the Q00 luneheon, we 1111 went over t11 the 1,11JI'2lI'y steps 111111 111111 Olll' pic-tures taken 1'or t11e last ti111e as tl hflusieal Z11'fZl1l'S flourished this year 11s never 111-fore i11 the entire history of the l1I11VPI'S11y. This was clue i11 no s1111111 part. to the 1'C0l'QQ2lll1Zll11U11 of 1111 the hlusieal Cluhs on 1111 entirely 11i1'1ere11t 111111 wider 1111sis lllilll 111111 1Il'I'?1101i01'C existed. The 111e11 111' nr1lNY0ll15'-'1Q1ll'C0U IJlZlyl't1, 111' t'0lll'St', t11e 11-111li11g role i11 this new work, and C2111 rightly lay 01111111 to 11 great 110111 111' the credit 111111 honor 410110 the U11iversit3' 11lI'OllQll t11eir C'OllQ'Cl'1S. The C11I'lS1Q12lll .'xSSOt,'1il1Q1011,lll1t1Cl' t11e 1111111 1e11111-rship of "Sam" 1X1f'flOllI1t'11, f1111etio11edwit11 l11Ol'C 1111111 its 11511211 l1l'1'1li'f'1101l i11 this, 11111'Se11iorye111'. ihlilllj' of' our C1i1SSI1l2l1CS did woiitlerful worli 1lo11'11 at the 1li1'1'e1'e11t S011l1t'1llC1l1 houses i11 the city, 211161. of course, i11 tl1e l'11i1'ersity's 111111 set'l1e111e11t. 111 11111litio11 to t11is work i11 t11e 1-ity we were well represe11te1l 115' t11e 111011 who 111-ted 11s eouiiselors at Green l,1111e duriiig the 511111111011 lt is just this s11rt 111 unselfish, disiiiterested work. whit-11 the clllI'lS11ilI'l .Xssoc-i11tio11 is doing 111111 1111s clone, that ll1Rl1COS 21 1111111 proud that he is 11 ll1GIl11JQl' of it, 111111 only t11o gl1111 to he 111110 to 1111 2t1lj"11111lg.f 11t 1111 'to 1.tt1'1,l1?l' the 11llI7IDl11G'SS of the poor ll111?0l't1ll12l'1GS whose lives it tries to II1il1iC a little happier illlfl hrigliter. Blask and 1Yig, with our Class 11s le111li11g p111'tieip1111ts in its sl1ow L'Here's Howe." Could not help hut l1e 1111111.11 511011111 heathe BEST EVER! 1,I'ilCtlC211ly tl1e e11tire east 111111 the 1111111 of t11e 1,-liorus are iJFXYCII15'-111111611 111911, 111111 i11 this, our last perforn1a11ee, PC1ll1Sj'1X't1Il1211S rep11t11tio11 i11 college shows more than held its own. 1Ve feel quite safe i11 saying. 11s the ilC1VGI't151I1g.f 1111111 111111111 have it: '61Ve lead-the rest follow!" It is our unique pleasure to he the first 1-lass to gr11du11te since Otll' 11111111111otl'1 new Stadium on Franklin Field has been eompleted. I11 recognition of tl1is fact, and in the hope tl1at "Twenty-tl1ree's" fighting tl'LIC11t10l1S may 11e t11e source of inspiration to t11e Red and Blue teams of t11e future, we have p6I'l112111GI1tly endowed a flagpole and flag to be placed high 11p over tl1e Stadiiim wall with o11r class numerals en111lazo11ed o11 t11e Red 1111d Blue flag of our :hllllil 1NI11ter. "Twen- ty-t11ree" hopes that it will aid and inspire tl1e big Red and Blue teams to an ever greater and greater HN ever say DIE" spirit! The Class 11eld its last election at Pen11sylva11i11 wl1e11 it chose 1VIcGivera11 for Class Poet, Sweeney for Class Prophet, Dow for Ivy Orator, Saul to write the Ivy Ode, Cavers to deliver! t11e Class Valedictory, and Barrick as Class Presenter. Our brief cycle of years at Pennsylvania is now closed, and we, as the Class . ., , . 1.,,.1 1. , ' A 1' ' ' 12114 ' "L11.-:fy 3' J 'cw-.'1 ,11'-,,.1,.a1 if - ' . FL15 --fp-S5131 . np- 521. "1M"f1"..w,' ' .11-1? ':p":"it' Q" " .I , 4w! 1:i2'-3445 5441.19 ' 5 ,11 6i1i1Q'1"" ies f1 ' -4L -- 11311:-qss-- --13, 1 Q: 11 fi 'H --Sa,-1 ' t is 1 'i 44.- f 4:1715 ' "V f-C " 2-:Q-s-faffi s f '1 - 1- - "w?"'f 3?i" " 1- '- 1' 4' 5 A " " 201 of '23, shall exist on the campus only in the pages of history and tradition. Four years of the keenest soul-making competition that it has ever been the good fortune of any of us to enjoy, have made their indelible tracings on our minds and hearts. VVe entered these famous walls of dear old Penn a heterogenous mass of individuals with separate ambitions and hopesg-under the watchful guidance of our Provost We have gained that whole-hearted enthusiasm and high-spirited pride that makes for the true Pennsylvanian the World over. So it is that, in closing its record at Pennsylvania, "Twenty-threel' chose to dedicate its hope and aims toward an ever greater and better Pennsylvania to Provost Josiah H. Penniman, the living personification of the University of Pennsylvania. Dlay we ever keep him as our standard and guide to ever greater and better things. Pennsylvania first-Pennsylvania last-ALXVAYS PENNSYLVANIA. vt., Lg' T 5 it , 1, iff, ian ae. gy F53 -A SS' -" ' xv' 'f "'11 iff: 'fig :sf X 7 lt' N 'fe 5 fe 6 Wi? JL , 4f2'AliWlf'g9wgu Q l..'-551, gk xlgglgji 35225 fx- 'E if' " C41 vt- gf -I Q ii i 'ahgd 'xr .N f f: 1' c G il X ffxk JMJ4. f mf W A K ig ., 'll -' dia i Ui if l B., J I o QOQ LA S POEIVX Y 11 1 l l U I Q O 0 O 0 0 0 Out. of the sinoke of the guns wc C'2lllll'. Fresh from 1l1e lmllle glare: Some of us Cllllglllllg Zlllil 501110 ul' IIS l11111e, llosl of us older, lmt 11ll ol' us gzune, And ull of LIS llC'Yll-Illily-K'ill'4'. YYe've gone tl1l'0llpQll the l1l11c-li days. the l11'igl1t days, the gray cluysg lYClI'C welded at lust into 11110. lYe've worked and were fo11gl1l illlil we'x'e played ill the liey-cluysg lYe're each IJCllIlSYlX'illll2llS son. Over the tliresliold were wulkiiigr towz11'd life- lvzilliiiig with confident tread- Out from still waiters and into tlie strife, Into the world with imlmroglios rife, On with best wishes were sped. Out of the rapids We stugger to rest, Fresh from the battle glareg Here were we girdecl and sent to the test, Out midst the whirlpools that we must bestg So on toward life we fare. Wlelve taken from hands that were loving and tender, And We'll give our all in returng For our Alma MH-t61', with undying splendor, Forever our love will burn. -BEN S, MCGIVERAN 203 PROPHECT 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Q NE evening, recently, it so occurred that my good friend and room- mate, the illustrious "Jerry" Coleman, took me out to a party at which they served Ivelsh rarebit, among other things. I knew that if I tried to do away with it that I would be in for a bad night, but to save "Jerry" from embarrassment I gave in and took a chance with the dish that was before me. On the way home "Jerry" and I began to discuss the various members of our class and attempted to for-etell what the futures of the men, who did so much to advertise Asiatic affairs, would be. So the IVelsh rarebit and memories of Asiatic Night had a telling effect on me. The following was my nightmare: Time: 5,000 A. D. Place: Somewhere beyond the River of Doubt. One of the high dignitaries in the Great. Beyond came up to me and said, "You have indeed been accorded a great privilege. It has been decided that you are to be sent back to earth for three months and in that time you are to do whatever you think would most greatly benefit mankind. But. remember. you have only three months." And with that I was transported back to my old habitat. Finding myself in Philadelphia. I hastened to the spot where the Ivniversity of Pennsylvania had once stood. Despite the fact that I could not understand the language of the girls who surrounded me. I could easily discern that I was on the campus of an institution that was attended largely by women who showed nothing but contempt for the few male students. I could also tell that they claimed that there was no co-education at this school, although they did admit that they allowed men in the Teachers' College. I lost no time in locating the old site of the Houston Club and immediately started an excavation project to unearth the old building, so that I would gain access to hIr. Bushnell's office and thus find out something about my class. You see, I had died as a result of my Hrst day's work after leaving College, and in later years none of the members of '23, after they had departed from Blother Earth, had come to the place at which I was hanging out. So, partly to satisfy my curiosity and partly to reveal to humanity the achievement.s of these great. Q04 I 111611, I worked feverishly so that I could 214-coniplish my purpose ill three short months. Finally, we lll11.'0V0l'0ll the old C'luh, Zlllil after a diligent search about the place I found a cow' ol "'I'IIlC Al,IlhlNI RICGIF-'l'I5R" dated BI2lI'Cli, 1950. Here is what then was spread all over the world as the greatest 'find since the Tut. excavations. iiR2?C'f3l'lfl of the Class of 199.3 as 'laken from Circat Kiaiiuscript that has been found." .Iohn Schell was recently elected l'l'0SlClC'llt of the Soinersct Soft Drink company. Herbert hIahafl'ey is working o11 il neu' proposition. Graeme Lorimer, after years spent in the literary field, has finally been made Editor-in-Chief of the Police Uuzctfc. Lloyd Cochrane has been appointed Head QXIIIIOUIICCI' llll, the Broad Street Station. The University can truly claim to have started fl0f'lll'2lIlC o11 his career 011 account of his early training on Ffillllillll Field. Iiiilliam Scanlon, the great politician, has at last reached tl1e pinnacle. He is now Chief of Police in Johnstown. "Sam" Smith and Victor Barry own the controlling interest in the Beauty Massage Cream Company. Robert Norton Downs, Qd, is the demonstrator for this concern. John Bogan has just finished his latest work. It hears the title of "Etiquette for the Dian." ".Ierry,' Coleman '23, ,QL '25, '26 is now Chairnian of Executive Committee of the VVharton School. Storm Vanderzee has left the stage and is now conducting a dancing class for youngsters at the Ritz. "Benn IVIcGiveran is writing poetry for W hiz Bang. Thomas B. K. Ringe has given up his attempt to reform the world and is now proprietor of the Three T uns Inn. "Ain Zimmerman, after finishing l1is engineering course, Went with the Pennsylvania Railroad and is now running the Paoli Local. George Sullivan recently retired from big league baseball after breaking the home-run record. "Bohn Gillette and John Thurman, those famous acrobats, are still on the Keith circuit. "Dave" King, the candy merchant, was elected president of the Hershey and King Candy Company a short time ago. "BobU Hamilton is still explaining how a soccer team should be properly managed. ' 205 "Bert', Hartenstein has never 'figured out whether or not the cracks about hi1n in the Red and Blue were meant to be mean digs. Henry Heston is still in Europe. All the Business Nlanagers of the Punch Bowl go abroad after they graduate. "Pop" Hoagland and "Tubby" Young are still trying to pass Spanish 2. "Jim" Compton has given up efficiency work in disgust and is now on the Dayton police force. "Bob" Flather is manufacturing baseballs. "iVally,' Carter has issued a bulletin in which he states that all Seniors must have their pictures taken for "The Record " by hlay, 1956. "Bob" Fayfield is grooming horses. "Bill" Norvell is manager of the Walton Hotel. hlalcolm Rockett. has started an uproar with his articles on "Should a College hlan Fall in Love?" "Jack" Kearns is learning how to skate. "Dan" Rownd has become a missionary and is now working on the natives of lllheeling, lil. Ya. "Jinx" Smith is head waiter at the Lorraine Roof. John Speicher is seriously considering going to work after he gets a bit more rest. "Ted" Hughes is teaching co-eds in the Vollege Course for Teachers. c'Babe" Grove has nearly finished his research. "Dave" Zoob still smokes a pipe. "Fred" Levy is in the fur coat business. "Bill" O'Reilly is now in charge of the Dorm cops. S'-loe" Barnes has gone into business with Doctor Goodspeed. "Ain Gordon has written a book, the title of which is. 'lNow, lYhen I lYaS at Central High." "Jun" Titlow is managing the Studio. "Bill" Penfield is helping Titlow. George Beaudry has become a public speaker so that he can have larger audiences. "Charlie" Cane is looking for a job. "Sam" lVIc-Connell is working for Charlie Cane. lVIax Plaisted is doing the art work of the La Vic IJClI'ZiSl.CIZ7l.E. Everett llflugler is blowing up basketballs for Spaldings. "Dave" Cavers is covering Camden for the Associated Press. "Bill" Clarke is dealing in horses, lions, bears. and other animals. "Lew" Simpson finally moved to lVashington to save traveling expenses. Q06 ".Iinnny" Gill is still explaining how he QI'ilLlll2l.lQC4,l in 'three years. "Boots" Lever is the fastest inessenger boy in the service of the Wlestern Union Telegraph and Culxle C-llllllllillly. "Ed" lVheelei' is eoueliing 'the Ueecrliwoorl crew, zuifl George Nfereditli is eozieliing the track team of the Jenkintown institution. Buircl Amelia is ll11lllllfilClQlll'lllg llilll' tonic-. Lloyd Bechtel is posing for ,XI'I'0XY flillllll' zlcls. And with that the ularni went oil. I hope that sonietiine I will he able to Continue the drezun so that I c-an foresee lhe greul heights to which the other ineinbers of the Class will rise. For instalnee I would like to know if "Johnny" lNIeG1.1i1'li will ever grzulllzlte. oi' il' "I5z11'l" Ivixxvillllj' ever will flo ziwziy with the foliage on his upper lip. Anywziy. lel's go on to the next stop. -Vicvron Y.xi,icN'r1NE SWEENEY K 5 TN , wtf- 4- il' i UH L. I Elie? 'lk im a 4 I i ,I in 1, 'S B? gi llllltllill' :EQ ,- Hu 1i2Y'fvll+'l 'll lmigi llllf?-iii-ii ,V ,p g m-1 4 ix ' 44-Q Lf' 'I ll. Af.M"'lgPuf-'77 207 Y I 'CDDEL 2 o s The urge that cries for beauty burns In faith that hopes for memory: Symbol in which a youth returns, You are a path from what shall be. Ivy: a bond that thought shall fix As something certain of the past For us who turn and pass and mix To take the burdens of the last XYho left the late familiar ways And walk with question by their side Yntil the rude Caprice of days Has taught them quietness and pride. For ours is no uncertain road And no despair of weak delay: Wle know that Time shall be our goad NYho walk between the dawn and day. We know-yet we shall question, dream The same mad towers of dust and foam That Carthage dreamt before the scream Of jaekals marked the path of Rome,- Q08 The ll10l'llll wonder o11 our lips And i11 our hearts the 2lIlC'lC'Ill pride Of StI'0llgJQlll f0I'0SllilIlOXVCll by eelipse And proinise horn to he denied. For He who holds tl1e night at rest And winds the stars about His hair- Who is He?-And we take tl1e quest That leads, hut leads we know Il0t where. lvhile you shall grow and feel the spark Of inner life and vague desire And grope, unfaltering, from the dark Against the sensed, eternal fire, Knowing no glory but il day And quiet in a secret won: The Hxed futility of clay, Or some new lovelier dream begun. -GEORGE BRANDON SAUL 9209 lj ef ' Iii :ES Iii iqffffifi . Q .5. .H 1:1 J! xx YZ ORAHGH f ,fx f xx - K fxvi f X K X ll' K: ft E ?,r-.Il -, I rg ,1 V If XX l up ,D Fellow Clcz.ss11zc11'es, and Uflzer FI'ZiUllIfS of 1110 l'111'1crs1'fy.' Wle are 111et together at tl1is time to render a few words of appreciation i11 tl1e 11211116 of tl1e glory of our heloved Alina lfater. During a period of the last. four years. tllkt Class of IQQS has been plodding ever onward. Every huilding and walk of our I'niversity has coine to l1ave ia significance near and dear to the hearts of all loyal classnien. At this ti1ne we are standing LIIJUH tl1e threshold of life. i11te11t 1117011 clainiing our rightful places i11 t.he world of today. lYitl1 four IJCIlI1SylY2111lil years as a hackground, tl1e Class will go forth i11to tl1e various channels of life. and, hy tl1e l'-I't1itS of its e11deavor it will ai111 in at. least some slight extent to show its appreciation for all that this great University llilS given 11s. Today tl1e historical plaiiting of the Ivy is taking place. For generations each class has loft this syniholie token of its ever-growiiig regard. I will ask you to look witl1 me for a IIIOIIICIIT at the Ivy. All that we see today is a few leaves a11d a cluster of roots, hut i11 its innerniost recesses is an all powerful something 11ot visihle to tl1e eyes of man, its great potentiality for growth and expansion a11d heauty. 'IlllG roots planted i11 tl1e right type of soil and properly nurtured will, in tiine, hecoine a IIIZIQIIIIICQIII vine. spreading ever onward a11d outward, endeavoring to reach, with ever-clinging tentacles, the highest attain- .ahle places. Tiine Ollly adds to its usefulness and hea11ty a11d strength. Tl1e potentialities for growth i11 tl1e Ivy are practically lllllllllllinfl. It is this token of love and loyalty and heauty wl1icl1 the Class of 1923 leaves to tl1e University, as practically the last of'Heial act of it.s 1111dergrad11ate life. It is a beautiful thought to consider the siinilarity hetween this little sprig of Ivy, with its powerful roots, and tl1e Class of 19:23. As we stand here today as a class We are little inore than tl1e unpla11ted Ivy.. The super-vine covering so beauti- Q10 fully the walls of our historic buildings represents our ideals. The class has the potentialities for growth, received within the walls ol' this glorious institution, and with this training will step into the PIlX'll'0ll'll1CIll propitious for develop- 1nent and growth. The men of our ranks will spread themselves into the four corners of the world, and will, by their worlc and acc-omplislnnents, do their share to continue the immortality ol' l'ennsylvania life. Bly Cl2lSSl11Cll. as individual members of this class we are wealig as a class we become strong. and. finally. as inemhers of the t'ar-reaeliiilg body of Pennsyl- vania men, we become powerful. As today we plant this Ivy, the challenge to every loyal elassman is to step forward and ever onward in upholding the mag- nificent traditions of generations of Pennsylvania men. -Xt this lllG1l1Ol'2llll0 time in our lives we are atliliating 1101 Ollly with those loyal l.,Cll1lSylV2lIll2lI1S who have gone before us, but with the great hody of all college and university n1en throughout. the world. Unless we perpetuate that spirit which Pennsylvania has awarded as o11r heritage. we are disloyal to that .-Xlma llater which has been such a great force in o11r lives. ,Ks tl1e silver spade severs the sod in preparation for the planting of that token of our undying loyalty. let us heartily resolve that tl1e growth in our strength and service will far outdistanee the untiring growth of tl1e laudable Ivy. Bly Classmen, the entire world lies before us, and it is for us, the Class of 1923, to place ourselves in such walks of life as to bring only honor and glory to this grand old place of learning which has been the pleasant training-ground of so many men. As the years roll by, our numbers will decrease, but what is lost in quantity will be gained in quality, and as we continue in the surging sea of life, we may ever glorify that institution we love so well. As loyal members of the Class of 1923 let us heartily resolve that as individuals we will promote only those ideals which glorify our beloved Pennsylvania. 211 N fx L!4' vfiltnlcroiii ,HE past four years have quickly sped, but into their hours has been crowded much that is fine and noble. Beneath the shadow of thy walls, O Alma hiater, we have found friendship, knowledge, and a love of things worth while. The ties wrought by our close coinradeship and our common loyalty to our common ideals cannot be severed by the word "Farewell.', Scattered we shall be on the morrow, but today we realize that wherever we may be along the thousand separate paths we soon shall tread, there shall there be some- thing of Pennsylvania. Our studies, our activities, that daily routine which invades even college life, may have obscured from us the knowledge of this fact, but now, with a vividness born of the solemnity of this moment, we sense its truth and its signifi- cance. Wie are sons of Pennsylvania. children of a benign mother. No idle coiner of words was he who first chanced upon that happy phrase "Alma llaterfi Indissoluble as those of blood are the ties by which we are bound to her. Upon our minds, in our souls, is the indelible imprint of her hand. Pennsylvania, we are thy sons! Unused are we to voicing in high-sounding phrases the devotion for Pennsyl- vania which has been ripening in our hearts. Rather have we striven to express it in our deeds. Lust for popularity, praise, and selfish gain has not been the incentive which urged on our efforts on field and campus, but rather loyalty and a desire to serve her whom best we loved. But. today, a vaster prospect widens before our eyes. College life will soon recede into the past, a fondly treasured memory. Sterner tasks than those of the campus await us who with pride have declared ourselves Pennsylvania men, and we must dedicate our- selves to their achievement. VVe are called to loyalty to the ideals for which Pennsylvania stands and has ever stood. In our hands will be their keeping. If we would be faithful to our trust we must recognize that claim to the very best. within us which our Uni- versity, our Nation, and all humanity by right possess. Wie must learn to serve. Q12 H1111' 1'11i11 21 11l1llQ 11'1111111 1111 11115 111111111111111 111 11'1111-11 11'11 11111'11 111111111111 1:0llI' 51111115 of 11111' 5'1111111 11' 11 11'111111 11111 21 1111111111111 111111111i11g IIS, 115 i1111i1'i11111115, 111 11111511 111111- 51111'115 21 511111111111 11ig11111' 111 11111 11111111111 1111155 11'i11111111, 51111111f115115' 11111111111'1111i11g 111 1111511 11111 1111'111 111' 11111 11'1111111. S1l1'1l Zlll 1111111-11111111 11'1111111 1111 115 1'i1'111115 115 1111111111- 11111111 11111111111 1'11i1'1111'5'. 1111 115 1111111111 115 1111111511111 11'i'11111111 111111. V11155111111115, 11'11 1'11111155'11'1111111 1111111 1111151 1151111111 111 1.f1'11111111' 1111ig1115. NYC 1111151 11511111111 11111 51111111 1111111 1111111 115' 11111511 gI'l'111l'S1 511115 111' 11111' gX1lll2l X1111C1' 11'11115e 11111111111'5' 11'11 1'111'111'11 111111152 '1'11115' 11'111'11 11111 1111111 11'1111 11'1111 g111r5' 115' 51111-5111111111195 T11115' 11115511551111 11 1111111111111 211111 il 1111111111111 11511111 211111 11111 111111115 11'1111111 1'11111155'11'1111i11 111111 1111111111111111 11'i111i11 11111i1' 111'1111515. .X1111 11111115' 11111' .X1lllil 311111111 15 r1111k1111c11 g11c111. 11111 111111111 11111-1111511 111' 111111 11'11i1-11 51111 15 111111' 111-111111'i11g. 11111 1101-1111511 of the 111111111 111111115 11'1'1111g111 111 11111 111151 115' 11111 11111111151 of 11111' 511115. 1111 1-111111111511 11111 il 511115111 1-11155. 11111 of 111111153 11111. 21 cQ111111'5' 111111ce, God g1'2lll1' 111211 1'11111155'11'1111i11'5 111111111 5111111 1111 i1111111111011 115' 11111 5e1'1'i1'c 111111 1o5'11115' of 51111111 111 115 111111' 111111111 111 111111111 11111' 11111115. .XIIK1 111111' 11115, Olll' c11115e1-111111111 111 Pe111155'11'1111i11 111111 111 1'11111155'11'1111i11 i11e1115, 1111111 11 1215111111 11111111 1101111911 us 11'11i1-11 5111111 F1111111111 11155 5111'1'1111'f111 '11111 11'1111115 11'11i1-11 11'11 1111151 111111' ll'11CI'. "1'111f', P1'1111511I1'1111111, 1'11l11."' D,11'111 F,111Q1'11,111 C'.11'1sI1s . .. 151 rg lil: ig Wgl-'xii-T'151 1 ' 1 - --J .'- zg. f if H 1, .112 1 . 3 ' ff-11 -1 1791 4 1 2 pa iff, GK 7 'Q 4Ei'E'1.FQ Q13 R LW: 1 6,355 pfx hh TJ' wp f wp im, M..f ,i': .n WE, RFE? Twskxg ". ' I .5 QW QW k..:2?fN, H 'jf .il 583 r' Nmif a "'- U L-R' , f " ' 'W ww Q QW ff' ' f' 4- A ' , ww xp hs? " "" 'f ' gnfdfgi vm-:' ' - .' J .1i jQ, K t I La W ,S Nlvfm. V1 Aqg,.y..f:,ai. n xl .hzcyw A .EQ .x-,..m.D' wk . . . . N 'f A N 'rv I' Q' A' z X' Ke' -1 .-1 .4 ,ETF-5 'ln E, - v I 'L . 4- ' ,- l" x Film ,ww wwf-1 S nl 5 -, . 1422 -iff-3 M, zu 5 h rg 'Lt- ?11g?w5, ,N?gf 4 ii A 2. X A WISP +i'lJfl?'q 1 - ggi- 1 WM 'fel 5415 6 ff'-5 " ' I ,sz Z. 1. K A WN .1 n if- ' "' , ,Y ' , I 3 -Q,-51 L!-. T. . Vi Fx 5 3 L Es 2623:-bgmf ,lu l Q 5 . E Mg 4-4- , 1 'VZFC-fl - .,-mx..-.,, 5-,A-vifig -N 2 N- - .- A w - xy-f--:gf-nw -w. 7 -. . , -Q' 41 "A -,,:,J,-,,,,......,:. 1 lf .J- u- A 2-2. -".e7:w'17F A.- va., 'T.3T:-Tv 'G 4 .Q 110 ,941-:fd . F- Ts. gin .-1 -JM: KJ-5, ',,, Q ,DOOR of 214 .ME 215 al PENNSYIVANHA Y 1 v v v.. -J ' ' an v Jn 0 9 Q v To the Class of 1923, Greez'ing.s-: Q It is a great thing to have had 5 a good start in life, first, by hav- I ing been born in America or by having lived there: second, by hav- ing had the opportunity to coni- plete the course of an American - high school, or preparatory schoolg 1 l and third, by having attended and graduated from the University of I Pennsylvania. Anyone who has Y had these three privileges, owes to the world a higher and a better kind of service than do others not equally fortunate. I like to think of lite as a great opportunity and J also as imposing corresponding re- A sponsibilities. The spirit of Penn- l sylvania is that of unselfish service. The I'niversity as an institution i I asks nothing for itself. except the Pm,i,,,t1 11,-,,,,,',,,,,,, means of serving well the world through the students who take its courses. and through its contributions to knowledge as the result of research by its faculty and students. The students are actuated by the desire to increase, through education, their power to render service to the world. I congratulate the class of 1923 upon the success that individually and collectively they have already attained and I desire to express to them my grate- ful appreciation of what they have done for the University as undergraduates. IVIy personal relations with the members of the class will ever remain among the precious memories of a life spent ' in association with college students. W ' , K ' 0-4A"0A H. GMA: 216 x I-"Ai v 1'11.'. UNDERGRADUATE COUNCIL THOMAS B. K. RINGE, Clzaifrman PAUL B. HARTENSTEIN JOHN H. MOCOMB, Secretary GEORGE I. LOVATT, JR. C. VICTOR BARRY SAMUEL K. NICCONNELL, JR DAVID F. CAVERS JOHN W. PRICE LLOYD S. COCHRAN JOHN E. STRAIN' ALBERT W. ZIMMERMAN 217 1' v ,Mi ARTS ASSOCIATION PfU.Sl'lIt'IZf . . . I'yZ'C'U-IJl'C'Sl'dUIll' . Sec-rcffary , . Trvaszcrcr . . vers D.-XN'ID ZOOB, '23 JOHN MCCOIIB. '23 GORDON MAIIY. '24 XVIXDSOR COUSINS, '23 Eavecutive f"0I7ZI7Zil'f6'6' F F 23 RANCIS '- BENJAMIN BUSCI-I. '23 GEORGE FONDE. '24 DANIEL ROTIIERMEL, '2-L 218 XVILLIAM LINGELBACI-I, '25 ERNEST SCOTT. '25 JAMES P.-XTTON, JR.. '25 SI'I,v.aN FREUND, '26 11 . I 1115 A50 10 - - LPTTTTTT'-11.29 HE c111i110111 Dr. 01,1110 211111 his f:11111111s Slllgfilll, "l'1v01'y 1121112111 cvcry way I 21111 getting better 211111 1101t0r," h21v0 given rise 111 111111-11 ri1li1'11l0 211111 llILlQl1'lfCl'. l-l1111'eV0r, 1110 i1lc21 1121011 111' 1l1is Illill1j.fIli'11 saying is 21 50111111 11110. It is very evi1,le11'1 111110011 111211 1110 Arts .Xss111'i211i1111 has 11111 into 211-t1121li1y 21 saying that until 111111' has 21l11'21ys l1CCll 1'1111si1l01'01l lllCl'0l'V ll1011r01i1-211. 'l'l11-rc is no L1GI11V1l'111 tl1e fact that 1110 .Xrts .Xss111-iz1li1111 11218 i11 cvery way lJC'C'0lIlt' l101t0r 2111d better 1111111 t111l21l1' it stands RIS 11110 111' 11111 f11r1r11111st 11rg2111iz211i1111s on the c211npus. The Ass111'i21ti1111 started things 1111 with 21 llilllfl. In 1111- very llftgllllllllg of the year, one of the 11111st S1lC,'CCSSflll l11CllllJCI'Sl1lI7 1lriv0s in its history was recorded. Over fo11r l11lllC1I'GC1 111011 were C'0l'I'lll1C1,l by 21 vigoroixs dues C,'OIl1ll1lt'1.66, and with tl1is nucleus tl1e Arts Assoc-i21ti1111 lJl'0QQl'i1ll1 was ready to be 12111111-lied. The first speaker to start the PFOQFQIIIIIIIG of the year was Bertram Peacock, a former Pen11 man. whose subject was "Opera i11 English." hlr. Peacock 112111 the leading role-that of Franz 50111117611-111 tl1e operet'1.21 "Blossom Time" a11d proved 11i111self as capable 21 talker as 110 was 21. singer. These accomplish- 1ne11ts, 218 all those who saw "Blossom Time" will testify, put hlr. Peacock in 21 class with Nlark Antony, Patrick Henry, Prof. Harbeson, and other 11I11l10I'1',2t1S. On December 5, or three weeks after hir. P621-COC1i,S talk, the Sunny South sent 21, representative to historic Room 200, College Hall. Frederick H. Koch, Professor of Dra- matic Literature at the University of North Carolina, gave an illustrated talk on "Folk Playmakingf' Though he did not know it Cand undoubtedly is still ignorant of the factj the eminent southern Professor estab- lished a record that will stand for many, many years. For the first time in history, Room 200, College Hall, was packed to the Dean Robert 3, Burke doors-and not aslumbering soul could be found. 219 January 9 saw Joseph C. Lincoln, the dean of story-tellers of the sea, come to us through the auspices of the Arts Association. Mr. Lincoln, who wrote "Shavings' and other universally known stories, spoke on g'Old Cape Cod and Its People." So enthralled were we during Mr. Lincoln's discourse that dingy College Hall seemed transformed into salty, misty Cape Cod, while the clattering street-cars changed into fishing-smacks outward bound for the Grand Banks. Nlr. Lincoln's talk, interspersed with many quaint bits of humor smacking of the sea, dealt chiefly with the customs of the old New England coast villages already made famous by him in prose and verse. Following lVIr. Lincoln came iVilliam W. Ellsworth with an interesting illustrated lecture on 'Wloliere and His Times." January Q3 was the one hundredth anniversary of Boker, author of the famous play "Francesco de Reminif' The Arts Association celebrated accordingly, and Wfalton S. Pyre, formerly a member of the faculty of the University of Wisconsin, was secured. lVIr. Pyre, who gave some intensely interesting dramatic readings from "Fran- cesco de Reminif, was eminently qualified for the subject as he had co-starred with Otis Skinner in this play. - Like Napoleon, the Arts Association did not believe in dividing its forces, and consequently did not hold a smoker the first term. But this was more than made up for by the ever-to-be-remembered affair given at the beginning of the second term. One-act plays, farces, singing. and eats galore were enjoyed by the entire membership of the Association. One of the main causes of the success of the Arts Association this year was the active interest and hearty cooperation of Prof. Robert B. Burke, Acting Dean of the College. It was primarily due to him and President Dave Zoob that the interesting speakers, with their varied topics, were secured. Dean Quinn, although on a leave of absence, continually kept in close touch with the Association and provided many helpful suggestions. During our entire four years the Class of 19Q3 has been most active in the doings of the Arts Association. None of us served in an official capacity during our first year, but our Sophomore year saw Jack Kearns, Bernie Brause, Laurence Smith, and j Martin Quirk on the Executive Committee. During our third year, Jack Kearns and George Saul pro- vided the Executive Committee with the fruits of their colossal brains, while in our Senior year David Zoob was elected president, Johnny lVIcComb served as vice- president, Windsor Cousins as treasurer, and Francis Fee and Benjamin Busch were on the Ex- ecutive Committee. Q20 WHARTQN OUR years ago, as l+'reslnncn. wc joined the Wharton Association. A horde of upper classmen seemed to surround us and with practically one swoop con-alled us into the Association. NYC surrendered our fifty cents, only too glad to get oft that easily, and in turn rec-eivecl a little tag that we mentally consigned to the scrap-heap. lint for once it may be said that ignorance was bliss, for the one and only time in our lives, our unsophistication and igno- rance, instead of harming us, caused us to join an Association that for all time we will remember with pride and pleasure. From l"reshman to Senior year the Wlharton Association has always been an aid and a stimulus to us. This year. under the able guidance of "Bill" Scanlon, the Association has been as active and helpful as ever. An extremely successful smoker held at the beginning of the school year was a good omen with which to start the season. To this smoker, at Houston Hall. came Freshmen and Seniors alike. Not one went home disappointed. The inimitable Dr. Grayson, with his Huent tongue and cheery smile, the grim but humorous Dr. Nloxey, who always has a couple of "new ones" on hand. and our silver-tongued registrar, "Tommy" Budd. all helped tremendously towards the success of the evening. Also mention must be made of the vast quantity of food that was "stowed away" and the Hsmokesi' that gave many a Freshman his first taste of tobacco. As The Pennsyl- vanian would put it, "a good time was had by allf, A very good plan for helping all Wharton men was put into effect by the Association this year. There are myriads of Wlharton men who have absolutely no conception, or, at the most, a very hazy idea, as to what they intend to do in the future. To aid these men in choosing a career, the Wharton Association allied itself with the Vocational Guidance Committee of the Christian Association, and, as a result, leaders Dggy1,J01m,g0yL 221 OFFICERS OF THE WHARTON ASSOCIATION Presiclent . . . . . WILLIAM SC.-XNLON. 'Q3 P71-l'6-IJFC-9Z'Cl671,f .... IVILLIAM O'RE1LLY, '23 Secretary . . . . .XLBERT ROSE, '24 TreasIurer . . . . I-IERBERT B1NG1A1,xM, '24- 222 in the various lines of industry were brought to Houston Hall to explain to our embryo mentalities the ups and downs of the different vocations. The first of these speakers was Dr. Holmes, who spoke on the "Psychology of Choosing a Profession." Following this, hflr. Hopkinson dealt with "Law as a Professionf' and then our own "Sol" Huebner told us of the advantages of insurance. hir. I-I. H. Kynette, of the Atliin, Kynette Advertising Agency, and a Penn man, gave us the inside information on "Advertising." Finally, Nlr. R. F. Perrott spoke on "Industrial hiIanage1nent." One of the concrete examples of the work of the Association is the obtaining of the new YYharton library. Now harassed students looking up the intricacies of the Federal Reserve System are no longer bothered by hearing Co-ed Olive tell Co-ed hfluriel how she "turned .lim down last night." and then having to listen to friend B'Iuriel's description of "the perfectly wonderful fellow with the gorgeous yellow Stutzf' At. last Vtiharton men can walk into the library, and. in- stead of entering a modern Tower of I 4 Babel, can find themselves in a. room where they may studygand study in peace. A is further help of the Association was the donating of a large, suitably engraved clock to the library. Furthermore, the conference system was instigated this year by the Association. Every Freshman, before definitely choos- ing his course, was urged to have a talk with the head of the group he intended selecting. In this way the Freshman was told exactly what the desired course was and the Professor had a chance to personally interview his future students. Thus, as Dr. Hess would say, "the right Freshman with the right spirit was in the right coursef' N ow there are merely enough required subjects in each group to give the student a thorough back- ground, while he can elect such courses as suit his individuality and personality. Through our entire four years the Class of '23 has always been a firm supporter of the VVharton Association. VVe have always actively helped all its plans and have been in thorough accord with its policies. In our Sophomore year we were represented on the Honor Committee by James Gill and Calder Brooke. In our Junior year, Jimmy Gill repeated on the Honor Committee. Charles Kane was Secretary, while Paul Hartenstein, as Treasurer, collected the elusive dues. In our Senior year Bill Scanlon, as President, and Bill O'Rei1ly, as Vice-President represented us. 223 ARCHITECTURAL SOCIETY Pres iclcni .... . Vice-1'rc'.v1210111. . Secretary . . . Trcfaxzzrer . ROI' F. L.-IRSON I-IERBERT G. HII.I. CARL F. GIIOAIMI3 HENRY J. TOOAIHS H. B. DOPPIQI, JOE F. BOOTON DOUGLAS G. BRIIIIQ D.-XVID C. CLELANIJ XYILLYS P. WAGNIJII WAI. E. RIISIIIQNSCIINIQIIJIEII OIWAL E. WII.I.IAIIsoN L. YOUNG JAS. F. BIIAIJIHQI' ALI-'REII E. POOR . T HOM.-XS XYHARTON . TI-IOIuI.I' M. SUNDT . A.-IRON H. SPENCER SI-IIQN CIIAO I-IENIIY E. M.-IDDON. JR SIIIRLEI' C. HOIZSLEX' '1'IIAIIIJEI'S B. JOHNSON EIIWAIIIJ W. RL'I'INSKI H. B. TKNIGHT GHOIQGE A. ROBBINS .XI.BEH'I' L. H.-IWES C1I.A.IzI.IsS Y. IXFEGER BORIS ILIABOFF S. IQENDRICK LICHTY .IOIIN LANE EYANS HAIIOLIJ H. WI-:ISSE XLICTOR E. JOHNSON ARCHITECTVRE OST of the campus inhabitants rarely see the architect, except at night. Then he is staggering under the weight of several tremendous drawing- hoards, T-squares, triangles. and water-pans'-hound for the dorms, where he will spend the rest of the night bending over a board in putting the final touches on a problem. The architect is little known outside his department, but in the world of art and architecture the Pennsylvania School of Architecture is known as the best.. There is a Hne spirit of friendliness and cooperation among all the students. This is fostered largely by our system of instruction. Younger men help the Beaux Arts men in doing the simpler drawing on their problems. In return, the older men help the Freshmen and Sophomores. This is easily accomplished since our entire school of Q30 men work in the same big drawing-room. Men of the Architectural School are still upholding the high reputation of the past.. In Beaux Arts design we have been getting more than our share of medals. In the first three problems assigned by the Society of Beaux Arts Architects, Pennsylvania won one first medal and thirteen second medals. Three men are at present trying for the coveted Roem Prize, with another Penn man placed second in the First Preliminary Paris Prize Competition. Our position of leadership is largely due to the inspiring teaching of our faculty. Dean Laird, Doctors Cret, Dawson, and Everett, and Professor Gumaer have unselfishly devoted themselves to the school. YVe suffered a deep and irreparable loss in the middle of the year by the sudden death of Prof. John VVyncoop, who was an Assistant Pro- Dean Laird fessor of Design. He was a former winner of the Q25 Paris Prize, an architect of no little reputation, and a kindly and devoted teacher, loved and respected by all the students with whom he came into con- tact. His loss will be keenly felt. The event of the year, the Spanish Pageant and Ball, meant Work for every- one, from the Dean of the faculty to the youngest Freshman. Kindly advice and encouragement in the undertaking by Dean Laird, criticism and help in building and in designing the decorations by Professor Cret and other members of the Design staff were cheerfully given. Most of us sacrificed our Easter vacation in order to paint scenery, build scaffolds, and sew upon costumes. 'When the night came we were all tired, but satisfied that we had given our best efforts to make this pageant even a more glorious success than the previous ones. The pageant represented the return of Columbus and his mariners to the court of Ferdinand and Isabella. They disembarked from their ships, which were cleverly represented at one end of the room, and marched through the cheering populace to the throne of the king and the queen. Columbus knelt before their majesties, but was told to rise and be seated in a position of honor while he told of his adventures. Knights, ladies, hidalgos, monks, inquisitors, and peasants were all there. lYe seemed to be re-living some previous existence in the Spain of Ferdinand and Isabella, so real were the decorations and the costumes. No member of the school, no matter how tired he was from preparation, will ever forget the thrill of pleasure that was his when he danced in the sunlight of the square of the beautiful Spanish seaport of his own building. QQ6 ENQHNEERHNQ viz 1 df 'P '44 wi ug, my wg rg v2 v, v n, ag ,A 1 x IJ ' 141 ' Z1 Z: 'S if " Z. 'Q fgf " if "' Q27 'S 2, HAPPY balcli of aspiring and ambitious Freslnnen l1l2lfl'lCllli1lLGf.l in September. 1919. all of vvhoni in their blissful ignorance and unsophisti- cation. fondly believed that in four short years they would be turned out full-fledged engineers. But. oh, xvhat a rude and sad awakening awaited them that was only the more cruel l7CC21llSC of-its ahrnplness. The disillusion- nient was sudden and complete. Almost overnight. from a happy, confident, care-free group of animated youngsters we changed into a studious, worried, anxious class of embryo-very ernbryo-engineers. .Xnd so we struggled through our first year. To he sure there were those who figuratively "hit the dust" or caught the Wanderlust fever and so disappeared from our classic halls, but Cand we admit it ourselvesj the Class of '23 is blessed with more than its share of brains and so the great majority of us finally managed to pass the first year's work. However. we were so busily engaged in keeping our heads above the scholastic waters that we had no time for outside activities and none of us had a chance to show our powers of leadership. lVe returned the next fall a smaller but we hope also a wiser class. Knowing what confronted us and having finally become accustomed to working all hours of the day and night, we determined to show the rest of the campus that we knew as much about activities as we did about our old friend and plaything, the helpful slide rule. Soon our leaders began to assert themselves. Eddie 'Wheeler decided that anybody who could pass Chem. 3 or Calculus could easily pass anything on the river, and accordingly went out for crew. Eddie had passed both his Chem. and Calculus. Needless to say he was a fixture on the crew. Al Zimmerman, he of the golden voice, warbled lustily for the Glee Club and also made lVIask and Wig. The rest of us went merrily on our way. We had but little leisure, due to our efforts to obtain that magical and ever desired bit of sheepskin, but the little spare time we had was more than taken up in keeping wayward Fresh- men upon that narrow and beaten Cexcruciatingly Dean Fraser 227 ENGINEERING ASSOCIATION Qfficers President. . , , .XYALTER P. BIILLER, J Vice-Preszklerzt . . . HARRY W. XVALKER Secretary-Trea.s'z1Err'r . . FRANK SI-IELLEY Q28 R beatenj patl1. NVhat was lllOl'0 iinportant, we were laying tl1e llOtIIlKl21tl0ll for our successes ol' the next two years. ln our Junior year we forged strongly to the front. Ed Wfheeler, as expected, pulled a lusty llllIl1l1Cl' four oar on the crew. .Xl Zlllllll0l'll121Il repeated l1is ,Mask a11d tYig successes and also scored heavily for the Glee C'lul1. tValt Miller aided tl1e soccer team i11 winning several well-earned victories. .lust to show his versatility. lYalt decided to RIIIIIISC and 0llU'I't2llIl the campus hy 111921115 of his educated pen. .-Ks a result. a Her! um! 111110 key soon adorned l1is vest. As 2111 engineer, lYalt knew the llIlIJ0l'tZtIlf'0 ol' correct balance Zlllfl accordingly a "Record" key S0011 C011llt0I'l72ll2lIlC'l'tl the Rez! and Blue one. TYQ canie back for our senior year to find :1 new honor bestowed llptbll Dean Frazier. He was chosen as the l'lXC'lltIlIgli' l'rofessor i11 l'lI1f1lllGCl'lllj2Q to France. Though we were proud ol' l1is glory we also were saddened by l1is enforced absence. l'rol'essor Vlewell. as .Xcling Dean, S0011 wo11 l1is way i11to o11r hearts. and though we will ever regret being deprived of the aid Zlllfl advice of Dean Frazier. this loss was greatly alleviated by the helping hand Zllltl magnetic personality of Professoi' Ulewell. Tl1is year has indeed been a successful one for the lQllg.flIlGC1'lI1g School. The different societies were more closely welded together than ever, and as a result each one benefited through its closer COIltilC't with the others. The "Bleu About Towne" gave their usual SllC'CC'SSftll show entitled "Laying Letty Low," or "The Tale of tl1e Yellow Dog." It is I'lIHl0I'Ctl tl1at -Xl Robinson who snperintended the show just turned down an offer from Flo Ziegfield. As for tl1e men who took part in the production-it certainly speaks wonders for tl1e hold that Engineering has upon llllelll, for 11ot 0110 of tl1e IIIIIHGTOLIS theatrical offers was accepted. The Engineering Association held a series of meetings which culminated on February 27 when there was a combined gathering with the Vocational Guidance Commit- tee. Here the problems of Engineering as shown by tl1e outside world were discussed. A ten-day series of lectures upon "Topography" was given by Pro- fessor de Margerie, the French Exchange Professor. These lectures were intensely interesting and instructive. For some unknown reason the scholarship of the school was suddenly raised and the membership of the honorary societies, Sigma Tau and Tau Beta Phi, soon showed tl1e effects of this phenomenon. One of the best features of the year is the success of the Towne Scientific School Journal. This is due in a large part to the herculean efforts of Johnny lvlurdoch and Len Hirsch. Our outstanding men this year are Ed Wlheeler, captain of the crew, and Frank Sutherland, star tackle on the football team and member of the Glee Club. Al Zimmerman and Jack Strain are on the Undergraduate Council while Al is now leading the Glee Club and starring in lVIask a.nd VVig. In summing up we would like to state that while our hopes are not of the same exaggerated rosy hue as they were just before we entered, neither are we as downcast as we were after looking at our first lesson. Fortunately we have chosen the happy medium. VVe believe that while we may never bridge the Atlantic nor build a second tower of Pisa, still we are on the highway of success. 229 I-IEXAGON ENGINEERING SOCIETY ANDREW S. BIORGAN, President IVALTER P. RQIILLER, JR. JOHN INIURDOCK JOHN E. STRAIN 1 EDVVARD WHEELER ALBERT ZIMMERMANN 230 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA BRANCH President ..,.., O. IV. MANZ, JR. Secretary ..,.,. J. R. SABINA Vice-Presideni .... J. J. I-LINAW Treasurer . . . , A. R. HORNER Scvziors G. AIRHART A. S. FRANK F. KAIIN F. P. QUIGLEY C. J. ARTHUR H. V. HURLBRINK T KENNY E. W.-.RIIIELD L. BOUILLON R. E. IRYVIN G B. LOUGI-IERY, JR. J. AVEINTROB F. CR.-WEN G. H. JARDEN R T. MOOCK R. W. GREENE F. L. FLEMING C. J. JUSTICE H R. PAXSON Juniors G. V. CRESSON R. A. KRAUSS G C. POWVERS, JR. A. VVOLF' T. EIIDRIDGE H. LANGSAM . G SMITH A. ZAMACONA R. KINKINER O. ORTLIEB A. VVILLINK Soplzomores C. L. APKER K. W. GREGORY E. B. MIDDLETON J. G. SMITH, JR. I-I. N. EKVALL R. L. KEANE R. R. OSBORN W. Y. THOMPSON J. FAIN Freshmen F. B. ANDERSON M. W. FULLER D. LEITOH S. W. OLMSTED N. I-I. BRACHMAN H. ESTRADA J. P. LUKENS G. H. STITELER S. R. CATSIEF G. A. FOLEY R. A. MCIVIANN T. J. TALLEY C. R. DIVAN C. C. HARRINGTON J. T. NAUGHTON A. S. WALL P. H. DOIVNWARD C. F. KUDER R S. NICKERSON F. B. WARREN, JR E. F. FORREST AMERICAN SOCIETY 0F CIVIL ENGINEERS UNIVERSITY OF PENNsY1.x:xN1,x BRANCH President . . . . .JOHN LINDSAY Vibe-President . . . . CLYDE C. ROTH Secretary . . . . Louis M. STEINBERG Treasurer . . . GEORGE B. SHELDON Q32 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS S0711-UTS C. S. ARNOLUSON. JR. J. R. I'I.IRTx1.xN ROBERT BE.v1"I'I' A. R. BOYD W. I. BROWN M. T. GLASS H. L. I'IAEBER1.E H. R. II.I1.LOR.-IN J. J. ASI-ITON H. O. BOYER A. E. I'JOnI1NQI'Ez IV. J. DOUOIIERTI' R. J. ENIJRISS E. J. IIURNVITZ W. H. JAAIESON J. B. ARCHER N. N. BAILEY R. W. COOK G. IV. DONOXIAN. J R. S. FIRTI-I J. A. AVI-IITE A. M. BAILEY K. IV. BEATTIE E. O. COOKE IV. IV. DONNELL1' F. E. ESTEVEZ H. F. F EIN G. H. FETTUS AV. J. GLUCKERT A. B. HAGAR, JR. M. W. HAWS M. G. HEVLI RIfImO1.v11 Iil..-IUDER E. M. IQRIQIN R. I-I. L.xmD, JR. T. IC. LEU' Joux l.1xDs.u' J ll II IIIJIUS' W. Ii. IQINKEAIJ ID. J. I..-IAIONT A. A. M.-xuox R. Ii. BI.-XIITIN F. B. RIILLER' H. L. NIELSOX I-I. J. IiARI,I'IW'SKI Soplm mares H. T. GRUBER M. C. IQXABIS. SD W. F. IQOELLE. JR. L. I. LEIAIBICRG C. J. BICGINLEY, JR. Fresh nz en N. A. INDAIIL J. J. IQELLEI-IER E. T. LANDERS 'W. L. BICNAMES J. E. BTICI-IELMORE C. K. IATILLER, JR. C. K. BLIOOREHOUSE T. Y. MORRIS W. L. NORCROSS A. C. ROBERTSON J. E. ROBINSON C. G. ZIEGLER 233 F. G. 0U'rr'.xL'r A. C. R.u'NER WM. RI2:YNOI,IJs, JR C. C. IIOTII FRANK SIANO IJ. C. WAONER R. J. WOLI-' W. W. NI-:wc-OAIET A. F. S.-mural.. JR. G. B. SIIICLIJOQN, JR L. M. STEINHERG C. W. ,IIEST H. B. AY.-'II.TER N. P. WELLER G. Y. MIIRPIII' M. P. PETERSON W. A. R-IIIL , J. A. SIIIELDS F. F. TAYLOR J. F. WELLS F. H. SHARP W. III. SI-IOEM.-IKER J. R. SIIRYOCK P. J. SMITH E. B. SONNHEIAI H. SPRINGEL R.. H. STROBEL A. Y. 'FI-IORP H. H. TONILINSON G. H. IINURNER G . J. AVI-IELAN . WI'lI'l'NI+IY I'ING1NlClCRING SOCIlfI'l,'Y -X WHITNEY ENGINEERING SOCIETY J I'rz'.2'irlm1I . . . .Jonx IC. S'r1:.x1N I'z'r-r-Pr1'.vz'rI1'nl . . . . .Xxmu-:w S. NIu1cc:.xN Svnwlury-Trr-u.vur1'r . . ,Jusmfu BI. III-:ww-:TT B. I". ALLEN S. I'JUl,I'IY IlUSICNI3I'2lHil'Ili . . P. Auxrgsox NI. FIUAXZI C'. llrmsxcxsrllzlx P. W. I3.xliEu GUIIY K. lirmx A. L. B.-xxTI5Iz V. II.xzlsL IS. RVLON, JR. D. F. BICAIID fy. III-INSI-II. W. Slllilllli' C... BEL"rTIzNA1l'LLxa1z .L Ilocux hnmxxx P. R. Bmux BI. Ilmfrzxxulslz V. SIl'1GHIS'l' R. H. Bmmlznsox li. I'IUl'liIl'I'O?C R. SIDWI-ILI. R. H.'nY R. .I1-:x-'mr-ix' K. I-lxlvr-zm' J. E. Bnowx IC. -IOIINSUX X. SPl'IXf"I'IIi Y. C'I1Lu'ER1cLLI R. IQING ll. ST.X1'KlIUI,'Sl'I E. R. C1-IILD B. Kms G. ST.xlf1f:'m1m I-I. VIIILD J. Kosuvsxx' B. Sr'r1Ix4:lzL.-mlb T. E. Cvsmxu S. LYSTXQR Sxfrxlx' J. A. CIIRISTI.-KN C. WIVBRIDIC S. 'I'1I1cnx1cls1: G. M. COLE . J. M.wK Y. 'l'uoMPsoN M. COZZOLI A. 3-IANLY .L '1'0n.xc12 M. W. Donsox . P. NIILLER. Jn. T. VAN Am'srmL1cN J. D. DOHSEY P. RIFRDOCII, J W. WALKER WM. J. DOUGIIERTY . E. PIQREIR.-x WALL J. S. DRAIN Ioxxlux B. VVARREN J. P. EARP I-I. Prmramclz W. WENDT J. M. ENTVVISLE PURYES W. VVINCIIIQSTER E IC. A. J. L. ESPEN E. FARRELL M. B. FAURE V. FERDINAND S. RIFE A. I". RIEIILE IV. Ross Ross 235 H . P W WILSON W ooo . ZIMMEINAN l'lS'l'LIC Y 1'IfIIC1Vl If 'A I, SOCI R J. G lr J. C R E J. L. W F A. 11' 1. H W A. N C. C. G W C . L. 'SN W J. N I. A THE PRIESTLEY CHEMICAL SOCIETY G . V 1 Ilmzrnrury 1'r1'.v1'1l1'nl . . . 1711. l'I11c:,x11 l".x11s 5111111 1,I'l'Nl'll1'llI . . . . . ..I. XYll,l,l.XXI L11'11, C111-111. '23 I'ir'r'-Prvsi1lc11l. . , . Synxx-lx' K. .-X1.1.x1.xN, J11.. f'Il.l':., 'Q-1 Svrrrlury . . W11.1,1.xx1 l,1'z1-:. V111-'11 , 2.1 Tn-u.v11r1'r . . IIuw.x1111 l'. W.x1,1., f11.l... 'l.1 A. Axrmslax l'xIS1'llI'1li S. Z1-21-1 E. 130111.15 l'c1s'1'1f:11 fJllUHil'l.'I' I". B14:c'1c14:11 IIc11'c:11'rr1x R. l'1,1sx11-:xm'15 N. Bnmvx l'I l'1BIl'l,l4I li. Voxxm: W. BKEIIL IIOXY.fXll'l'lI l"1s111-31: I-I. C1'1z1m111,1:1' il Km-11 li. licom-' E. Ii1.111u1J1,s14: Kx111z1..x1'1'11 l'11'T1x1: J. G1cc1c,1111cG.xx F. I,.xx11s . l".x11x1'A1 J. I-I11csc'11 1.1-:WIS II. Rl'Sll'l'lbX Cf. Lucsox N1c'I1,x'.x1x H0111-:11'rs J.xc:c:.x1111 B. NIf.'cwLl'lHi . R. Dc.111.xN T. Lovx 310111115 II,x111u1x P. M.xzz.x W. 3Ic"NI L'1.L.xx Pnufm J. P1'1.L'c1 L. Romxsox X. W1.'11s1' R. DfDl.NIIi'l'SI'lI W. B11.x1N1:1111 R. D.x1,1.1c'r G. 131913151511 C. LOWM .xx . J. IFKIXGER J. I-I1x1m.xx W. 111111211 H. C,'ox1i1,1NG. H. SMITH E11u15x111c1c:11 I". BUTZ V. 51111111 F1'1'121,sox B. EALER G. Sowmn S. Goxfrz H. Klissxmz T K. SOEDER H. S'1'1113ET1a1z G. STEIILE Y R. H1a:.x11L1iY Cf. LIURNING T. I'I.-x1,1zE1zsT.1D'1' C. PYLE N1c'11o1,,xs SM.-XLLING J. VENUTO Y. JONES A. JACK 3. XYESTCOTT J. K1Nn1am1.xN F. S.x1'11s1a BARBER LQMAX F. L1v1:NT11.x1. M. CASTLE R. Nonm GELBAC11 B. DONOVAN L. OAIOHUNDRO R. WE'1'11ER1L1. P. D1u'1s T. VAN HORN L. XVILSON H. FRENC11 XYCERTZ CARVILLE 237 ETA KAPPA NU BOUILLON L. FLEMING R. I-IORNIQR R. SABINA V. CRESSON A. KRAUSS Seniors J zm iors 238 Y W R E C. HIYRLBRINK BIANZ. JR. P.-xxsox IRWIN POWERS, JR WOLF 'I THE TOWNE SCIENTIFIC SCHOOL IOURNAL Board of Manager.9 Editor-in-Chiqf . . M anaging Editor . Business Manager . Circulation M anager H. LEROY VANDERFORD CARL R. DOLMETSOH XVILLARD V. JONES ARTHUR WILLINK HARRY PRICE L. M. STEINBERG G. NELSON SAEDER CLYDE C. ROTH Q39 JOHN P. MURDOCII, JR. ABRAI-IAM L. ROBINSON LEONARD F. HIRSCH WALTER P. MILLER, JR. R. H. LAIRD, JR. RAYMOND T. MOOCK JOHN LINDSAY H. W. VVENDT ROBERT RAISLER SIDNEY K. ALLMAN, JR C. S. RIFLE ' VVILLIAM M. LEE N X . 'x 1 4 XX R Y X X X . ,g45gisQ: f A X Jap fi x N, 1,1 X QQ A XQ Q xx- '. ,-V, 2,135 0 ,,..,.--- ' f.' Ln. af 'Qi nfs' V 7" x 1 Vlf fry' - 1 N f f. 72" H- H 'X fy 'E WE 7'f' X 4+ Q? f ff 1 f,ff 1:4-14-334 1 ,W 1,3 4 ---H, ff 'D--..-WI XZZTHT ' Q' MR g rf 'I -lfqt 5l..1,Q 0-'sn m ffl,-FL -vggmggwggggxro-n.,,, .. I -.-5 i ,Xu ixmbgaifx ' ' , hw, Hx . N 240 VV g .V Vg: ,- AV VV V Vff1A---Y--'nf VV ' -:-- --- ""f""-4'-V-'-'H-'--' 'W V.ffC:,. '- V J' .5,'V-'VVQ V V-,ffVVV,' -A V 1 ' . V V V MVS-" pen: 'QFIVVSE VVS-QEVSQ-1.q'V'.V',Ia:3j:'VLQ:N' 5' -' .V V . V V Vgg'?:' " C VQIVVF-I!-lf? fr ' -,!t5igz..'-1'5" 'H . - '-1' . Q V V .Vw VV .,, V"f'F"'?"f, V V 'V V V V ig, JV? 7,1 VA ,VX ,VM3.,xV,:-V Y cvglfffg, .VW ,VMVV1 V ,V Y V I V A H ..V V V V' N I V V V, .A .V . V VL. V V1-m, .- - , M, ,VA .V V V 4 V.-,...,,,,..,,.,.....,.....,...,-.......V ...,,,.,,-,..,.. .V...V..V,.---.. -W... V- -,- V V V -V V .V V V. V . -fr! Vu qv V' V- V 'V - 'V ' V 1-F, fl-Varfsf,--I-V1,'2VV. V V V -" . " ' "2 1V 'V'3'.2 ,J .V21 :VV 5 V VV! V. V V V1 ,gp 1 V 'Q GV-31"-'i21gVV:--' Vw V SV 2 .UN ' 'iz'- M-1 V -1-VV- J 'V V VV l?'f'1Tl'V'v'VL' ' v.V.-V V1 V- . 3?:Sf'.'V 'VI1' xi ,V 1 ji V VC ,V R, .V W2 M :I " V. VV "" ' 1 - V IF , ' V V L ' ' -V ' 1 V V f V I 'VE 'Q ' ' V 5 'L f'V V VVJ. I' V ' - gg-, ' yVV I V -4jA V ri V 5'fif V V ' 'A I V V 'V I V VV ,V V V V r- ' ' V ' F VV L V QV VV, V V AMAT I b y F,-1-'r' ff V R 4 1 Nw QLAVVVQQEI Lanai TWWWF 'iv +V 'P " V VV ,VM W VV -me Q' X-QQ w J baxisiwwg' ,u 4 2,075 I 7 h,a2us"VVb,1 L, mera mr, V E, 4 M,,M,,L V ,, Y'-VV W . . V ,i ,VV -V V X .V V LV. 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T110 llasli 111141 Wiig 1111s QCl1CI'0llS1j' 411141114141 its 1Dlll'S0 111141 s41111e 31011000 l111s 11411141 for gifts, lJ111lf11l1gS, 111e11141ri11ls. 111141 141 41tl141r s41111'4-es 111111 liave asl4e4l for 11 1'lClIlll1XLf l1111'14l. Tliere 4-1111 be 1141tl1i11g sel11s11 i11 tl1is s11le1141i41 loyalty 111141 spirit, for it l111s 4f41111e 11s readily 11s 1111s 11141 YCSIJOIISO 141 41114-41res. During tl14' f4111r years spent llC'I'C i11 4'41ll4rg4', 4111r 4-lass-tlie 1112155 of 1923- 11215 1111tiri11gly 111141 gladly 4-4111t1'ib11te4l its Sll2lI'!? t4111'11r4l tl1e s11le1141i41 goal set for tl1e111 by their 11re4le4'41ss41rs. Our 4'l11ss got 1111 early start i11 ltasli 111141 1Yig, 111141 XVllGl1 Easter 411' ISJQO 4-a111e 21111111111 we saw uT5it1'11CyH Br1111se 111141 "Bill" Clark i11 tlie cast: tlie latter for tl1ree years f41ll4111'i11g set 1111 Cl1Y1i1lJl0 I'OC'0I'K1 by 111114-1111: i11 tl'1e 4-asts 411 "S41111eboC1y's Lion," "Tell Tales," 111141 "Here's I'IOXYG.u UBHIVIICX-1 Brause missed "Tell Tales." 1X1tl14111gl1 George I,114'11s was 41111' 4111ly I'QIJI'GSG1112111VC i11 tl1e first 4'l141r11s that year. lie 41141 so well tl111t 11e f1lle41 tl1at part for t.l1e next tliree procluetions. He is one 411' tl1e best 4-l141r11s-111e11 we have seen 111141 1111s 176611 tl1e 111ai11st11y of tl1e first chorus. Ill the sec-4111cl C11Ol'tlS our C'1i1SS11121tGS. "Babe" Grove, "Jim" Jer111i11gs, 111141 T. BI. Prytlierelq "sl14141k their dogs" to tl1e tune of some catchy strains. Supplying most of tl1e 111el4141y to this Cllilfllllflg pr0ducti011 were "Ben" 1X'ICG1X'C1'i1l1, D. NI. Ferguson, J. BI. Davis, "Burt" Harteusteiri, 111141 "Al" Zi111111er111ar1, who graced the glee chorus. The music of "Don Quixotel' is considered by some to be tl1e best of any of the Nlask and 1Vig shows. "lNlhe11 'We Have tl Castle in Spain," and the specialty feature, "Alad- dinf, Will always be remembered. 243 " ' " PHoTo'5 sNnPPED ESPEUALLY F012 MEN OF H923 M T0 BE USED IN ENTERTAININQ GWRNDCHILDREN ON Rl-NNY RFTE N99N5. I. I u I1 I 'U I A ll I V I I 1 H . M M !!! , . , M ,. L '- V MQW Hamm ll' A I im If M ill jyffg fwlf- ffl ' 'I f f1gfW1?jx H w - , I ul ' ' 1 ff W Uwfmu ,lf MQ gg 1' 1 f y 1 HI' ,1 5 ' 1 L Y Y T, 11 102' K' 'H CLRRK HND HRNNA cnuew IN me QFIRSTD ac I QMWW M 1 ,L 'lfiiiqq 1::.i4.:N .h...,lX X Q V, amuse B1.os5oM1Ncf ou i .,-, FEE -5-Vi. . 1 3 Qygzmgb- Ag Q G01-9 MEpgL,-. eg J . 'lp Flu N. 'H H Q -" . Q X H -3- U I , BOUND5 MAKING FLONNERJ. ' ,. 58. EYES AT G0'DNR fx W I Boors 8 TooTs Qfnmf-10-wr PM-0 a H I N15 N2-fn M -, wi 1 ' - ,xx , AN ' Q A K Ji N .... LT: A MXN fl! SH.NvH5Y! BERT HQRTENSTEIT -I 415' W X K same coureur Q ., CMT: KDE OF fi f as VWNEY Arvo ms WHITE MU,-Ep I PPRIYIRNENT' MUSTAQHE Y gm x, f Oo-o-o H -Loox A- U 513315537 m 1-HAT HAND some fm - Q 1 1 1 1 1 I 'xx' , f E Zpffiil MAN....., QQ , ' - . -X , ' -Q s 'P Q, U11 E 1 H MV., -F .l.i.,"'Eh BEN mc. GQVERAN USING THE ' 1 .LQ - H... ' 5 I r oppom-UNH-pf 'ro Q,UEfVCH SOMEBDDYS SCARF ,f Q-ns THIRST ,ffnfi IS cnwmw CLOPTON Q ' ' - . V, x 1UL- , ' ' .7 1 'V X, J , ,NX 4. fj':' - 7 14,3 W, , Q 3,45 C1 1 ' 3 '1 f ' wh WP "1 f A 1' ' f 54 - ' ' H . ' A X' , K . A yu , I!! K V I I dfltfl,--Z, X . QQ. lu g th Ll .. v , bfi X : I A PENN Mm: As 3? :u E' A Sr-MTH G-IRL. - . E AN ANIMRTED -pfqLMQLmvE AD. Evgsfziik Q-I-L Then came the tliirty-tllird animal pro- duction, NS0lll0IJ0ClylS Lion," which from 2111 arlislic viewpoint probably olrtshono all lJ1'Ul'0fllIlQ lDl'OCllIi'tl0llS. Clint we say that 1 C2lf'l'l time a new one appears.Q "Son1ebody's Q Lion" was especially noted for the exceed- l ingly well CXl'C'llt0fl iillllI'l'0l' ClZlIll'GH and for the liI'llX'l"I'Sll.y of PCIlllSj'lX'2ll1l21 interpre- talion of the lfokine Ballet. The Class ol' '23 awoke to the fact that they could show their c-lassniates that it was not iinpossible to niake the cast, as some of the c-ynics were wont to prophesy. Not only did several make this cast. but also walked away witl1 the lion's share of tl1e honors. "Bill" Clark was "Leo" the lion. "Charley" Cane, "Burt" Hartenstein. "Larry" Mc-Evoy, "Bart" DeVinny, and "GazZam" hlackenzie were right there wl1e11 the curtain finally rested after the seven- teentl1 encore. In the first chorus we again find George Lucas, accompanied by "Babe', Grove, Storm Yanderzee, "Jim" Jennings, "Sam" Smith and "Charlie', Kellen. In the second chorus Paul Thomas, J. E. Lonergan, H. W. TValker, "Eddie', Spencer, "Bob" Downs, C. T. Adams, and "Ed" Spears were present. The song-birds among old 'QS were "Ed" Schroeder, "Benn Shupe, "AIM Zilnmerman, BI. F. hloore, "Charlie" Connell, Ralph Lovendale, g'Bob" Hamil- ton, and "Si', Lamm. The thirty-fourth animal production was a delightful Swiss play, "Tell Tales," where tl1e audience came with the hope of seeing VVilliam Tell, Jr., take the part of a target. William, Jr., however, proved to be a dynamic sort of chap and soon had the tyrant Gessler under his thumb. "Ben' hIcGiveran took the lead and brought down round after round of applause by his melodious singing and clever acting. "Barney,' Brause, as the Soothsayer, "Charlie" Cane, as "lVIina.," and "Burt" Hartenstein as "Tina" outdid themselves. "Bart" De- Vinny, as "Stefan" sure sounded good to critical ears and we could not get enough of him. "Bill" Clark as, "lVIo,' and TVI. A. Johnson, as "Meeniel' acted as Gessler's bodyguards. The "Opera Bluesw and 6'Palm- istryl, were decided hits and came as a complete surprise. . Dancing in the first line Were, George Lucas, "Ed" Spears, "Larry, 215 Walker, J. E. Lonergan, "Sam" Smith, '4Charlie" Killen, Storm Vanderzee, "Bob" Downs, and "Jim" Jennings. The Class of '23 in the second chorus were "T" Hyatt, Paul Thomas, "Johnny" Price, "Joe" Hewlett, "Dave" Beard, "Jim" Compton. Among the warblers were "Bill', Harvey, "Ed,' Schroeder, 'GAIN Zimmerman, "Bob" Hamilton, "Charlie" Connell, llerritt Hulburd, "Sin Lamm, "Jack" Strain. "Jerry" Coleman, and BI. F. hloore. 6'Here's Howe," the Mask and Wig production for 19Q3, was notable for its tuneful lyrics. clever ensemble dancing. ingenious sets. and albeit. for its many beautiful chorus girls. The locale of the 19Q3 show was placed in Philadelphia. during its period of occupation by General Howe in 1776. The action of i'Here's Howe" took place within the confines of two elaborate scenes. Many special features added to the excellence of the production. The Class of IQQS was unusually well represented in the cast of i'Here's Howe." The leading man was "Ben" 1IcGiveran, the second lead was ably filled by "Bart" DeYinny. "Burt" Hartenstein made a very entrancing leading lady. "C'liarlie" Vane was just as acceptable as the ingenue. C. I,aFarge, Thaddeus Hyatt. "Bill" Vlarlie, and "Barney" Brause were others who had leading parts in the 1923 show. In the chorus the following of our class appeared: George Lucas. J. E. Lonergan, "Babe" Grove. "Ed" Spears. Paul Thomas. "Sam" Smith, "Bob" Downs, "Jim" Jennings, Storm Yanderzee, illlll "Jim" Compton, while in the second chorus we were represented by J. XY. Price. It is said by many that the dancing was comparable to the English dancing ballet which appeared in Fred Stones "Tip Top" some time ago. In the glee chorus we were glad to see "Bill" Harvey, "Larry" BIcEvoy. "Si" Lannn, B. H. Cole. "Charlie" Connell. and E. li. Keyte. who are our classmates. This production saw the stag- ing of two particularly good "ex- tras," a Sicilian specialty and a sketch entitled: "There is Noth- ing New on Earth." In both of these our classmates figured promi- nently. In closing we want to say that 2-16 -1. A H- 1 :co K the smlendid sue:-ess of these various mrmluetions would have been hardlV l L p0SS1l7lG wxthont the lll1tlI'll1g2Q efforts und rust knowledge of "Charlie" Mor- gan, Charles Gilpin, und E. RI. Luvino. To the Class of IQQ3 we say that they have left Z1 permanent stepping-stone to future Pennsylvanians whereby the latter may curry on. 247 HERE'S HOVVE IN THE SPIRIT OF '76 BY DARREIJL H. SMITH and the Committee on Production. Based on Scenario by HOWARD K. MOIIR Music and Lyrics by CHARLES GILPIN Costumes designed by EDWIN M. LAVINO Produced under the personal direction of CI-IARLES S. IVIORGAN, JR. THE COMMITTEE ON PRODUCTION EDMUND H. RODGERS CIIARLES NIORGAN, JR. EDWIN M. LAVINO JOHN H. MCYFIXDDEN, JR. TIOXVARD K. NIOIIR CIIARLRS GILPIN, Chairman CHARACTERS IN THE ORDER OF THEIR APPEARANCE Bouncls, proprietor of tlzc LOIIKIOII C,'qU'c1' House .,...,.......... C. LA FARGE, '23 Boots, llll ordzfrly lo the Gencfrfzl ......... . TlI:XDDEIfS HYIXTT, '23 Ge111'r11l Knyplzaz1se11, H1fs.vz'1111 ................ . . . B. B. BILXUSE, '23 Colonel O'Har11, ll BfI'll'.9ll officer 071 Lorrl II07l'l?'N .Haj .,..... . BEN S. MCGIVERAS, '23 IV7:ll1'll7TZillfl Smillz, 1l1111gl1I1'r 111' Proms! Smillz 111111 ll .vzzpposcvl Tory . . ...,. C. E. CANE, '23 Cy1Lll11'z1 801111. l11fr 11111z'1l1'11 Illllll, a Tory .vy111p11ll11'z1'r ..,.... . J. I-I. PROTHERO, JR.. '24 Gizzseppi f'lll'Sllfl'0, 1111 Il11l1'1111 . .......,. ...,. . . . J. R. I-IANNA, '24 Go-Diva, Cl bear l111Iy , ..,........ . . W. R. CLARK. JR.. '23 Tools, fl llClT77ZCl'1'll 111 ll11' I1111 . . Jonc1ll1f111 IVy1I111', 1111 olrl Q1111l'1'r . . Colzlcnl,l11'.s11i1'1'1' . . Robcrf, U111'1'1'rs1'fy Sl21Ill'IIl C11pl11z'11 Jol111 Cloplon, If of l'.. Ac'T. Peggy Sl1l'12llCIl . Dolly IV 1111 ison . IYIIIIQU Ufjjlllll' . . 117111 1?l'lll'llllOllNL' . Dolly IV11y111' . Sully IV1'.vI1'r . W. B. SEYERN, '24 D . D. Wv'1'ATT,'Q-4 J. W. I'RIr'1c. '23 IV. C. I'IARVEY, '23 C. S. IPRIPXER. '24 E. J. SI'I.I.1v.Ix. '26 H. W. BROXVN, '25 F. W. G1"I'I1R1Ic. '24 C. A. XYILSON, '25 G. B. LI11'As, '23 J. E. LONERG.-KN. '23 L. R. LIROVE, '23 King T111-A11l'l1-A111611 G. B. LUCAS, '23 J. E. LONERGAN, '23 L GROVE, '23 C. D. CONNIQLL, '23 .R. 'X . . . . EI'GI:xI: FELT, '24 GEORGE C. T. KINKEI., '26 l'.xI'I. B. I-I.xRT1:xsTIA:Ix, '23 . . , I-I. B. DEX'1xxI', '23 .06 1776, 11 C'0l0IlI'lll llff1'1'1'r . .... A. K. BROWX, .. SCENES A1'T. I. Interior London C,'OH'ee House. Pliiluclelplliu. 1778. II. The Misc-lliurizzz, :It Mrs. W'lIzIrlOn's estate on the Delaware FIRST C'HORI'S . , . G. R. L1'1'As, '23 l'1111l.ll11:11r1l . . L. NI. C SMITH, '23 . J. E. LOxI:111:.xx. '23 I'11pl.I'rl1-r.v , . . R. N. DOWXS. '23 . L. R. GR11I'I:, '23 I.1'1'11l. Illlllllllflll . . J. E. JI-JNNINGS, '23 . E. G. SPI-I.XR!i, '23 Glllll. .l1ulr1? , . STORM XLXXDERZEE. '23 . . E. R. f'Ox14:, '24 l.1'1'Ill. Lylll1'l11n . . . YY. E. .XI.MY.'24 . . P. W. 'I'IlO5l.XS, '23 I'11pl.13r1111-11l1111' . J. D. f'11MP'l'OX. '23 HI'X,'OXD I'IIORI'S E. X. I'I1I::-ITON, '25 I. J. G1I.1.1s. '24 C E. D.u:1'r. '25 F. S. SMYTII, '23 J. I". GII.I.1s. '24 H. I'I.I-I1-:L1,I:Ri1.Ix, '24 W. W. PITTS. '24 J. L. I'IAM1I.'rOx. D. S. POLK. '24 GLEE I'IIORl'S C R. I-II:DI.1iY, '25 W. K. Exixxs. '25 II. J. LAMM. '23 J. G. K.xI11', '25 C D. i'I'RT1s. '24 E. S. LOWER, '26 L. J. WIf'I':YOY. '23 T. f'.K5II'I3I-ILI.. JR., 24 H. W. PADDO1'K. '24 H. R. 1l1'l'I.I'RI:, '24 E. II. 4'OI.1-1, '23 W. E.'I'1IR1sAPI.I:TON. '26 E. H. XYU0l.WIXI'l. '25 C. D. VONNI-:I.I.. F. P. SI"1'I1I:RI,AxD. '24 .-X. If. RVT1-:RII.xI'1:II, '25 G. T. TOOMILY, '26 W. M. XYRIGIIT. JR.. '24 SICI LIAN S1'EC'I.X LTY E. G. SPICAIIS, '23 L. M. ff. SMITII, 2.3 STORM X',xxDERzI:E. '23 E. R. CIJXIC, '24 R. X. DOWNS. '23 W. E. .'X1,MI'. '24 P. W. ,.I'IIOM.XS, '23 J. E. JIsxNIx1:s, '23 J. D. f'OMP'I'0X, '23 THERE IS NOTHING NEW ON EARTIAI GEORGE C, T. IQYNKEI1, '26 Tlzv Lruly Ql'Il11' .Yilv . W. C. I-IARVEY IJIIKITUOII'-Y Son ..... BRN S. RICGIYEIIAN, '23 E. G. SPEARS, '23 L. M. C. SMITII, '23 STORM YAxDRRzI-312, '23 E. R. COXE, '24 R. X. DOWNS. '23 W. E. A.-XI.Mx'. '24. P. W. r1'I'IOMAS, '23 J. E. -JENNINGS, '23 J. D. COMPTON. 23 G. T. TOOMEY, '26 W. B. T1fIRI:AI1I.I-:'I'Ox, '26 F. P. SI'TIIIsRI..AxD, 24 24-8 UNDERGRADUATE P ras-ir! 0111 .... S0c-1'0lf1ry- Trr'r1.v11rc'r IJ.-XYIIJ E. BEARD BERNARD B. BRAI'sI': XYILLIAM E. ALMY CII.-IRLER CANE XYILLIAM CLARKE CII.-XRLES D. CYONNIELL HARRY L. CURTIS JAMES D. COMPTON H. BARTON DEXYINNY ROBERT DOWNS EUGENE C. FELT FRANK J. GILLIS JOSEPH F. GILLIS LOUIS R. GROVE PAUL B. EIARTENSTEIN MASK AND WIG CLUB L. M. C'. SA-IITII EDwAIm G. SPEARS VFIIADDICUS T. I-IYATT JAMRN JENNINOS CHIARLES IQIGNXVURTIIY JO I-I N E. LO N E R O AN I'I.-XRULD J. LAAIAI GEORGE LUCAS BEN BICGIYERAN NIORGAN FRANCIS MOORE J AMES H. PROTHERO, J R. FRED B. SAIILLIE L. M. C. SMITH EDXVARD SPENCER PAUL W. THOMAS STORM YVANDERZEE HAROLD W. VVALKER ALBERT WV. ZIMMERMAN 219 MVSICAL CWB 5.1 .r.1.l.1.r..rZrT.i.r.r.r .1 F THERE is one thing in which every college Freshman thinks he is truly accomplished, that thing is singing, and we of the Class of 1923 were no exception to the rule. But for the niost of us, just one interview or war- bling tryout with "Pop" Scales forever convinced us that our voices were nothing of which to boast. However, a few fortunate ones gave forth such silvery for were they golden?j notes, that they were welcomed into the Glee Club with open arms. Likewise, many 1923 men worked their way into the Instrumental Club, which was led by the energetic "Dick" Weaver. This was the first year after the S. A. T. C.. and we had the first real musical organization since the war. Under the guidance of "Jack" Hart and Dana Wiright, ,graduate and undergraduate managers, we saw a very successful season. The joint Pennsylvania-Dartmouth Musical Clubs concert at the Hotel Pennsyl- vania, in New York, on the evening before the Dartmouth football game, was an occasion never to be forgotten. Later, concerts were given at Orange. N. J.. Beechwood School, Scranton. Girard College. and in several Philadelphia schools. The annual Cornell-Pennsylvania combined concert brought out a large and enthusiastic audience. The following season, 19Q0f2l, again found "Jack" Hart at the helm 'as graduate manager, with "Swede" Carlson as undergraduate manager. The season opened at Devon llanor School. on November IQ. Then came the New York trip, for a C'oluml1ia-Pennsylvania combined concert held at the Hotel Astor. Following in almost breathless succession were the Thanksgiving concert at the TXTU.l1llfl1C'tllI'GI"S Club. concerts on the campus. concerts at the Germantown Cricket club, . the Harcum School, Beechwood, Girard College, West Point Military .-Xcademy, iYashington. Hvilson College. and Harrisburg. That schedule was more pretentious and interesting than it had been for some years. As Juniors we saw almost a repetition of the previous year. Practically every audience before which we had appeared in 19620-Q1 was anxious to hear us again. "Jack" Hart and "Bob" Riley arranged for combined concerts Mr. Geo, E. N1'f2SC110 with Lafayette, Dartmouth, and Cornell during the foot- Q50 SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA AND GLH111 CLVB ball season. WVe again went to VVashington, the Harcum School, Devon Manor, and Beechwood, not to mention quite a few concerts given in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Our successful season, however, was sadly interrupted when, on February 13, 1922, we lost our old friend, Burton F. Scales, director of the Glee Clubs for fourteen years. It was our privilege to work with "Pop" Scales for three years, and he earned a place high in our esteem, both for his outstanding personality and for his great ability. This year closed a period in the history of the Pennsylvania lVIusical Clubs. Before going on it might be well to stop and see who, in the Class of 1923, were numbered in the lVIusical Clubs' ranks. In the Glee Club we had Harry Haberle, and VVilliam Harvey carrying first tenor parts, with "Bart" DeVinny, Paul Hartenstein, and Paul Thomas on second tenor. "Benn lVIcGiveran and "Jack" Strain sang first bass, while 1923, with S'Bob" Hamil- ton, BI. F. hloore, T. IV. Wardle, "Ed" 1Vheeler. and "Al" Zimmerman, nearly had a monopoly of the second basses. Besides this, the "demon accompanist" was our own "Dave" Zoob. In the Instrumental Club, 1923 boasted of the following men: "hIaceH Teetor, leaderg G. IV. Haley, Frank Herdeg, H. M. Irvin, T. L. Sedwick, Storm Vanderzee, Howard lVall, and J. O. lYoodling. tenor banjosg L. H. Thayer and C. H. Pfohl, saxophones1 T. N. Catujian and Allan Gould, violins: BI. T. Harrell and Lester Hergesheimer, flutes. Thus it can be seen that in three years 1923 had acquired a large representation in the lIusical Clubs. In the spring of 1922 a movement was started among prominent and inter- ested alumni, the ultimate aim of which was to effect a complete reorganization of undergraduate musical activities, and to give the Musical Clubs a permanent graduate body somewhat after the idea of the Graduate 3Iask and 'Wig Club. After organization plans were completed, the man chosen to carry them out was Dr. H. Alexander hlatthews, the well-known organist., composer, and director. :Associated with him were Richard L. lYeaver as director of the Band, Orchestra and Instrumental Club, and George E. Nitsche as graduate business manager. In the fall of 1922, with this trio at the helm. the new "AIusical Club of the University of Pennsylvania" was launched into a most successful season. The following units were organized: a Glce Club of 165 men, University Band of 92 pieces, Symphony Orchestra of 80 instruments. Instrumental Club of -10, and a large Sight-Singing Class, each with its own organization and officers. The classes of membership in the new hIusical Club are active, associate, graduate. and life. hlembership includes admission to all concerts of the Club or of any unit. besides receiving a. special rate on tickets for various plays and musical entertainments in Philadelphia. Calvin H. Rankin Several prizes have been founded by int.erested alumni, 252 -I' MUSICAL CLUBS IfND1f:Rc:R.-xDI',vrE Olflfrc'1.-x1.sI-me-2:5 I'ravirIm:I .... Vz'r'e-I"rrw1'1lz'lll . . Seerzdury- Trr'u.w1rr'r Learlrr ..... .Ilunngrr .,.. .-I .s'.v1'.vlm1l .II n n flyer Lihrrzriun ..., l'rf'.v1'1lz'lll unll .Ifflllf I'il'C-lift'-Y1'Ill'Ilf . . Sz'c'rc'ln ry- Treuszzrer SfIl!II'I1,Lt'llf1l'I' . Drnrn Major . . .-I.vx1'.viz11:l IIIIIIIIIQFI' GLICIC I'I,I'II . . . . . .ALIH-:RT W. Zlxmx-1lm.xN, '23 ' w , , I. TXIISUN HAIIIJLIS, 23 . ..NIc mrmx I". NIOOR1-1, '23 . . , I,Lm'D S. 4 UVIIILXN, 23 . . . . .XILAN IS. I.O1'l,n. 253 GPKIIIKSIAI NI. XOm'uRO1'. '24- . . . . . . . , . IIICIIIII-IIVI' II. S'rODD.x1m,'2-I- ' I I'NIYICI!SI'I'Y IMND :yer .......... I.Es'r11:R A. IXIIITIC. 23 , , . IIUIIICIFI' N. IIIEm.Y. '25 . . . IIAIIIIY V. Llax-1. '24 , . I,Ol'rs A. IIIIVNNI-ili. '23 I NI I' ' ' ..,4. . . 'ORRI4:s'r, 23 . . JOHN M. SE.xxl.xx. '2-I Lilrrrrrirzn ..............,. I,I'I7I,l-IY ff. WIVICPIIY. 2.1 SYNIPIIOXY OIIf'IAIICS'I'II.X Pre.vz'f1e11I ....,........... IIrm'.-um S. II.x'r1-'1lf:LD, '2-I- I'l'l'C'-I"I'l'A'I'lIL'Ilf and I,I'lIl'llI'l'llIl . . I2llN,XI,ID IvY.k'I"I'. '2-I Scerelrrry-Tr4'r1.wnrzfr ..., . , f'1.1FI"UIID W. IRWIN. '25 Illmzczger .,.... , . VICIIXON Y. STOI'1f1f1f:R. '23 .'1.v.s1'.wlunl .Ilnnager ............ W1LL1.m B. I'I,XI,I., '24 Jlanagcr . Leader . . First Tenor . . . Second Tenor . . Baritone . . . Second Buss . President . . Secretary . Treasurer' . . Blarzager .... fI'S.S'1'8fH7LI' Managers INS'I'RI'NII-2X'I'.XI, K'I,I'B , . . . . . . . . ,GEOROI-: W. NOR'ruROI-.'24- Uluzx 'I'1I.xY14:R. '23 FRANKLIN QI'.XIi'I'ETTE . . . . . . . . . . .I.'l.YDE R. DExOLER,'25 . . ARTHUR CIABRIELIAN, '25 , . I'IARHY W. BLANK, '25 . . . . , . . . , . . LEON T. MOORE, 'QI SIGHT-SINGING SOCIETY , . , . . . . , , . . TI-IEO. N. SPENCER, '2-I , , FRANCIS R. BTILLS, '26 ..L. B. STEGURA, '27 'J . , HOR.XK.'E F. BTCCONNELL, '2-I l H J. J. B. CORRIN. JR., '25 R. GAILY, '25 SONG LEADERS-FRANKLIN FIELD E. HOPKINS COLE, '23 ClL7:Cj4PAUL IV. TIIOAIIXS, H. L. HABERLE, '23 '23 R. M. COOK, '25 HOWV'ARD S. HATEIELD, '24 EDWIN R. COX, '25 H. HEDLEY, '23 EUGENE FELT, '24 FRANKLIN L. HERDEG, FRANK J. GILLIS, '24 JOHN J. KEEVERS, '25 T. WILSON VVARDLE, '23 253 PAUL F. KILBURN, '2I BEN S. IXTCGIYVERAN, '23 GEORGE U. MARYOTT, '24- MORGIAN F. MOORE, '23g BERNARD G. SPILLIE,'Q4I1 to be awarded annually for the best Pennsylvania songs. The Club and its various units have given monthly concerts in Weightman Hall and the Academy of Music, followed by formal dances, and the attendance at these functions has been very encouraging. The Instrumental Club, Band, Orchestra, and Glee Club have broadcasted radio concerts through the Gimbel-Ledger Station. Besides these, the following concerts are worthy of notice: Janu- ary 17, 1923, University Band led by .Iohn Philip Sousag A January 31, combined Princeton-Pennsylvania lNIusical Lauri-1, 11, Tlmypr Clubs Concert at the Academy of Blusicg Blarch 3, Glee Club at Annual Intercollegiate Glee Club Concerts, New York. Concerts were also given at Altantic City, N. J.. Binghamton and Buffalo, N. Y., and Ardmore, Pa. In this greatly enlarged hIusical Club. the Class of 1923 played a leading part. The extent of 19Q3's leadership can be realized by one glance at the list of of'Hcials of the various clubs. This year has seen the dawn of a new era in the history of University of Pennsylvania music. It was our fortune to be part of the bridge spanning the gap between the old and the new, and we may justly and proudly claim to have done much in the establishment of this new regime. Slay 'this first season, with its huge successes and great campus popularity. be only the forerunner of a truly brilliant future. .31 if 'XZ i . Z K l L' tl 4 4 C l 1 B Pllllf Tlzomuv 2541 UNIVERSITY BAND .,,. -vmf .,-. -S ,. 12" A 'ILP up "um ' .'1f'w. iff. 51",- I 4 fn' 'L PN" - '- ' - ua. , l-J"' f '55, fhxrf' -' ., Mr. . -:aw I 'W , Vs . . 'su ,it -'adyflvl' L , :rf-wha, Egg, 'aff -M . , 1 fw.w.v+ M W' , -' V' r A ' -1 fcffir ' ? fe - ' e',H1?bq 5-,fl'Q gw,?!.f A ,f -15 3 QQLJ W- E',if1441fZ71,gE2'f' 'f'-Q5 . x - 4" -fhfiffiisfgg' .- J 4 5,5gs, .1111 -.:-,I - - - 111.-ff' Wvl fw V .Limigf . ii ili:lli'!:'q"l:-'.:'P ' -1 .591 ' .H-"'1'D?H J' f .,iL5i-.:V5C1l1"'-V Q wi 2- ,AK'4"""2'E""I-Q.."-N-1- -:ar f-'i,1f"f,.. .1 A 'J 5-I L- '-4MX,ffL-, L' -, 57 -Mx-Z A N" "' x-A-fgwl '-'SN .w-g,TTi"5'e'fI 4256 MIHUK DRAMAHC S'l'l'l'7liNT at Pennsylvania can easily find. ainong the great number of activities fostered by the Ivniversily, some special one that seems best adapted to himself. Wvliat the sports offer lo the would-be athlete, what the publications give to the novice in the field of journalism and writing, what the Mask and XYig holds for the aspirant to terpsiehorean honors, the minor dramatic organizations of the l'niversity promise to the neophyte seeking histrionic glory. The l'niversity Dramatic Flub made its first bow lo the theatre-going element of the Lniversity in our Sophomore year when it presented "The Admirable Crichton," by J. II. Barrie at the Little Theatre Know known as the "Plays and Players C'lub"D. The Dramatic- Club filled a long-felt need at l,'ennsylvania by offering membership to both men and women students in an organization that had as its sole object the production of plays and the fostering of a keener interest in the drama of today. Professor Dohnan of the English Department, by his untiring work in the Club's behalf. has done much toward making it a permanent addition to University activities. Last year. "lbs, Bmnpstead- Lee" was produced at the Philomusian Club. and for its annual spring production the Club staged "The Yellow Jacket," a charming travesty on Chinese drama by Hazelton and Benrimo, at the Little Theatre. In this. our Senior year, the Club has produced several one-act plays, among them "The Sunf, by Gals- worthy, for the Ac-tor's Fund, and "Pantaloon," by J. BI. Barrie, as its entry in the Forum contest at the Academy of Music. "The Tragedy of Nanf, by lVIasefield, has been chosen for this year's annual production at the Little Theatre. This spring also saw the formation at Pennsylvania of a chapter in Theta Alpha Phi, a national dramatic fraternity Whose membership is open to active members of the University Dramatic Club whose work has been of a certain caliber demanded by the fraternity. 1 The Zelosophic Society, which has set for itself the unique task of producing only significant American plays, has a long list of successes to its credit. In 1920, under the title of "Potpourri 1920,', three one-act plays by American authors were produced, and later in the same year a revival of Edwin Forrest's greatest success, "The Broker of Bogota," by Robert lVIontgoniery Bird, a Philadelphian, was staged. The Society,s contribution in 1921 was "The New 257 York Idea,', by Langdon lVIitchell, also a Philadelphian, and the son of the late Dr. S. VVier Mitcliell, a former trustee of the University and eminent physician and novelist. Last year saw the reproduction of "Charles the Second," by Wasliington Irving and John Howard Payne, and this year Charles A. Hoyt's charming comedy, "A Temperance Town," staged at the Little Theatre, was a timely production, bearing as it does on a popular act recently passed by our legislators at Wlashington. As its entry in the Forum contest, Zelo produced "A Game of Chessf, by Kenneth Sawyer Goodman. The Philomathean Society created quite a stir among the latent playwrights of the University in our Freshman year by inaugurating a competition for the writing of original one-act plays. Early in the spring, the four plays awarded the first four places, "The Broken Horn," "Her Biggest Scene," 'glade and Ivoryf, and "Oh, Eau!,' were given. The same spring witnessed the production at the Academy of hiusic of four one-act plays of the Celtic Renaissance: "The Rising of the NIoon,'l by Lady Gregory, "In the Shadow of the Glenn," by John HI. Synge, "The Singer," by Padraic Pearse, and "The Land of Heart's Desire," by Wlilliam Butler Yeats. In the spring of 1921, Fhiol, taking advantage of the natural setting obtainable in the Botanical Gardens. staged an outdoor production of 6'The T empest," by Shakespeare. The effort was so well received that last spring "Old Fortunatusf' by Thomas Dekker, was produced in the Gardens before enthusiastic audiences. "Bound East for Cardiff," by Eugene O,Neill, has been chosen as Philos entry in the Forum contest at the Academy of hlusic. The Engineers' Show was always an animal event before the war, and when the "Bien About Towne" Club was established in 1919, the revival of this miniature hlask and lYig organization was greeted with approval by all who had witnessed its previous performances. The first performance attended by the Class of 19Q3, as Freslnnen, was "All For Nuttin'," by "Charlie" Simon, who was president of the Club in 1921, and who also wrote that year's produc- tion, 'EAU for Love, or The Plumber's Bride." This year, "Laying Letty Low." the music of which was written by "Robby" Robinson, who is also president of the Club, was given before an enthusiastic audience which gazed spell-bound at "Bill', Lipp, "Ot" hlanz, "Nellie" Klauder, and others of the nimble toe. Le Cercle Francais, primarily established to promote interest in French, also gives an annual play as one of its activities. In 19Q0. "La Poudre aux Yeux" was given at the Philomusian Club, and hIoliere's "Les Femmes Sav- antes" was produced at the Bellevue-Stratford. Four short plays were staged during 19Q1: "L'Etincelle,' and "La Grammaire" at the Philomusian Club. and 'gUn Caprice" and "Le Retour Imprevu" at the New Century drawing- rooms. Last year, in honor of Moliere's tercentenary, Le Cercle et Salon Fran- cais presented "L'Amour hledic-in" at the Philomusian Club. Q53 THE "MEIN ABOUT TOVVNEH CLUB l'1n'1'rr.v1'ly QI' l,l'lllI-VjjIl'llIlI.ll lV'rr'.w'nl.w ULAYING l,E'l"l.'Y LOW. OR TI-IIC 'l'.Xl,E OF THE YELLOW DOG' By O. W. Nlxxz. Ju.. I'I.lC.. '23 Spur-iul .xlllllllli l,1'l'l'UI'lllIlIN'C. 174-c-mnlwr 145 Pulmllr' Pixfllll'llHlIlf'4'S'l,Cl'l'l1lllCl' I3. lvl. I5. 11122 lixcalxl-:I-:luxe lilxllmlwra CA ST Gzrmzclolyzz-Parlor Maid ,..... ..... . K. R. ICXOBLAUCII. CH.E., Ambrose-Ice-mlm ......... . . . . . . S. V. JENKINS, ME., Oszralrl S7lI'C1.7lg1I'-1'lTl'SllIllflll. al College . . . ........... H. S. '1'HoENEBE, ME., Betty-His Sister ..............,........... G. H. JARDEN, EE., M rs. Letitia S1lI'C7:1lgIC1,lI0I'llf!f of Belly mul Oswald and Boss of lhe Rcnzch . H. W. PARKER, ME., Dr. Amos Surcingle-Rciirerl Vmfrirzary .........,....... J. NV. LIPP, CH., Bill 0'1'wf1T6-COIIUQC Boy in Low with Belly ...,...,..... H. P. RCICCLURE, CH.E., Kitty-The Hosiess of "The Yellow Dog" . . . ...,. . . C. R. DOLMETSCH, CH., Mr. Airozlulc-Proprietor of "Tho Yellow Dog" ........ . H. L. H.-XEBERLE, C.E., DANCING CHORUS Boys Girls O. W. NIANZ, JR., '23 H. W. W.u.KER, M.E.. '23 C. C. ROTH, C.E., '23 R. KL.XLTDER, C.E., '23 S. K. ALLMAN, CHE., '24 T. N. SPENCER, M.E., '23 A. L. ROBINSON, CH.E., '23 J. M. HEWLETT. JR., M.E., '23 ' .flllcrnales L. SHUhI1XN,'R1.E., 325 C. P. O'TooLE, M.E., '24 C. R. Do1.m1E'rsCH, CH., '24 GLEE CHORUS H. R. HALLORAN, C.E., ,23 C. R. HEADLEY, CH., '25 W. S. GRIFFITH, CH., '25 C. B. SONNHEIM, C.E., ,25 B. C. KOCH, M.E., '25 S. L. GERHARD, CH.E., '24 L. R. JEFFERY, M.E., '23 W. E. PEREIRA, M.E., '23 259 THE ZELOSOPHIC SOCIETY "A '1'EMPERANC'IC TOWN" 'ARCH Com-im' ux' f'1I.-XRLES A. I-IOYT. LITTLE r1'IlI'I.XTRl-I-JilIllllll'j' 19. 20. 19 3 lvIl!ll'7' flz'rc'1'lz'm1 of SARA F. 'l'. Plein: Reza Hardman . . Lancclnl J omnv . . . Sl. Julian Jonas . . . "Genll0ma11 Jul'k" Worlll Sf1ll'1'7'l' Bfflcher ..., Kneclarzrl Pray . Frank Ilarrlman . . Frcrl Oalclzursl .... Dr. Calrlzvell SClI1'yt'I' , Uncle Joe Viall . . . William Pulnam . Wes Perry . . . . Jurlge Graham Doc . LKUTIICCZ Sprigy . . U'1'll Peake , . . Sharif .... Ruth ....... Pufimzcc Harflnzan . Rozcanna ..... Arabella Doc . . . Diary Jana Jones , , THE CAST 260 S.xm'r:1, T. BIILLER. '26 C. f'II1-IS'I'I-IR A, .-Kslmu. JR.. '23 WH Iilmcmlz B. Rrmx. '26 C. Gm' E, BIANX. '26 Wu. W. W. W'xcx1.r:R, '24 C. Xolumx W. CLEMEXS, '2-l- C. C'n.xRLlcs A. LAXG. JR., '26 Wu. LLQYD B. Gxmux. '26 Wu. C'.uu,os K. XYIEST, '23 Wu. Grzormm H. Kvmz, '2-L Wu. '1'IlE0. D. Rx2m'c'K.x. '25 WH. RIFIIARD 11. I'31Tx12R. '26 Wu. Tmso. H. XITSCIIIC. '24 W1-1. I-IoR,w1: J. SELIG, '23 Wu. .IMIES E. HANNA. '25 Wu. R. A. GEIYLIXGEIC, '25 Wu. DIARY PAUL BURNS, '23 ED. RIARGARITA Cx-Lmpxox, '24 Eu. M.xRC..xRE'r L. SVHELL, '23 ED. M.-un' E. Mrmrfonn, '23 En. ELIZABETH K. B.mTEx. '25 ED. CHRISTIAN "'-'- r SSQCQIATIGH IQFORIC we came to l'ennsylvania as Freslinien. there cznne to ns little black books containing worlds of inforination-the Freslnnan Bibles. These were the first oflif-ial. yet personal, welcome to Pennsylvania- and they eznne froin the i'ln'istian Assoc-ialion. It was through these books that most of ns first heard of the "if but since onr eoining to the Ifniversity it has been a constant influence in our claily living and activity. A HIUIHGIIIIS thought will show that most leaders on the campus are leaders in, or are vitally interested in, Vliristian Association work. Our own leaders of the Class of ISJQ3 have clone ninch in this line. and through their efforts have benefited themselves and their class, as well as the Christian Association. "Sain" 1IeC'onnell was elected president of the Association in the spring of IQQQ and has carried tlirough an ambitions and praiseworthy program. Through opportunities offered by his position he has certainly been an inltuence for good on the campus. This year, a new office has been created-General Vice-President -and Herman Hettinger. long connected with the Association through foreign students' work. fills that position. The first real activity was the intercollegiate conference at Silver Bay. 'The 19223 men who attended were "Herm" Hettinger, Paul Thomas, "Johnny" Price, Earl Bazeinore. XValter Pestke, "Arch" hIcFarlane, and "Charlie" Vaughn, 'every one of whom will testify to a well-spent and profitable week. Immediately afterward, the University Camp at Green Lane opened. In the five boys' camp periods and the one girls' period, Dana How had almost a thousand of the less fortunate children of Philadelphia. The Class -of '23 had many "angels" who helped to run this paradise at Green Lane. "Tom" Ringe was chief counselor and "Sam" NIcConnell served as athletic director. Other counselors were Frew Wfaidner, Hans Wfeniger, Paul Thomas, "Louie" Rimer, "Johnny, Abersold, "Jerry', Coleman, Earl Bazemore, and Harold Prentzel. In September, just before the first term opened, the annual camp for Freshmen was held at Green Lane. Sam McConnell 261 CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President, SAMUEL KERNS NICCONNELL, JR. General Vice-President, HERM:IN S. HETTINGER Vice-Presidents Baptist, EARL BAZEMORE Methodist, E. D. BAXTER Law, JAMES PATTERSON Episcopal, PATRICK M. MALIN Presbyterian, JOHN HUMES Medicine, J. VERNON ELLSON Lutheran, L. A. BRUNNER Reformed, ROBERT H. SHANK Veterinary, J. S. HOGG ' Dental, ALFRED LANGDON Other Denominations, RAYMOND E. KREIDER General Secretary REV. CHARLES O. WRIGHT Chapel, Vocational and Episcopal REV. JOHN R. HART, JR., Social Service DANA G. HOW Presbyterian and World .Missions REV. CHARLES A. ANDERSON Methodist and Religious Education. REV. E. GUY CUTSHALL, PH.D. Secretaries Dean of Pennsylvania M edieal School, Shanghai, J OSIAH C. MCCR:ICIiEN Baptist, Special Meetings and Conferences REV. FREDERICK B. IGLER, M.A. Foreign Students A REV. A. XVALDO STEVENSON Lutheran and Personal Work REV. ROBERT H. G'EARIIART, JR. Reformed REV. CLAYTON H. RANCK TVomen Students MISS IVIADELEINE ERSIQINE China Cornrnittee Chairmen Foreign Students, A. P. WVILLIAMS Finance, CFOIVNSEND B. YOUNG Personal Work, DONALD HEAD Religions Education, VVALLACE KIhIB.ALL EZ Social Service, LLOYD COCHRAN, CARL S. Special M ectings, JOHN SCHELL Vocational Counsel, STEPHEN SWEENEY World Missions, GORDON NIA!-IY D0 W About 125 Freshmen attended what was considered as the best camp ever run by the C. A. Those who attended were given a full share of Pennsylvania spirit and ideals by "Je-rryl' Coleman, John Schell, "Dave', Cavers, Paul Hartenstein, "Tom" Ringe, "Don" Head, and others. "Sam" lVIcConnell was director of this camp. One of those who helped make this camp a success was Dr. Holmes. Dean of lVIen. Coming from Drake University to fill this newly created oflice, Dr. Hohncs has time and again found it in his power to aid the Christian Association, and his help on such occasions cannot be overestimated. Another annual affair run for the Freshmen was the reception, on September 30, before the Franklin and lVIarshall football game. About a thousand Fresh- men were the guests of the Association at a luncheon in Wleightman Hall. This same week, the various churches on and near the campus held their annual receptions, banquets, or "open houses" for students. On November QQ, Q3, and Qi, Charles Gilkey led a series of inspirational meetings in Wfeightman Hall. These were a great success, largely due to the efforts of the manager, John Schell. Soon after came the dormitory and fraternity discussion groups. This year there were over Hfty such groups and there ca.n be no doubt but what they exerted a strong influence on campus life. The last outstanding C. A. activity was the financial campaign. This was managed by "Tubby,' Young, and the results were ex- ceedingly gratifying. The energetic ' committee secured 954,000 in cash and pledges for 341,000 additional. Year in and year out there goes on a great work-a strong institution that carries Pennsylvania's name farther and farther. This institution is the Uni- versity Settlement House at Qfith and Lombard Streets. Here, all day long and well into the night, Pennsylvania men are giving instruction, guidance, and leadership to the less fortunate. The service department of the Christian Associa- tion, Which cooperates in this work, was led during the past yea.r by Lloyd Cochrane and Carl Dow. "Frew', Waidner and Frank Herdeg have also done praiseworthy work in this connection. Before closing we must note some changes in the C. A. personnel. Rev. Robert H. Gearhart is the new Lutheran Secretary and Rev. Clayton H. Ranck represents the Reformed Church. Both of these men have quickly and easily assimilated their tasks and have worked themselves into places high in the students' esteem. We cannot express too emphatically our appreciation of the cooperation and help accorded us by the Christian Association secretaries and by the Christian Q63 Association in general. The existence of such an organization as this is a large factor in the maintenance of high standards in every phase of University life. The Class of 1923, in leaving, takes with it much that has been received through the C. A. and its Work, and which will serve as a mighty influence in the future of every man. '. - R f --f7"I:f... A- - Z.-1.1. 4, iv. I 2 V' , .,. ' ' A 2- ,. . gf" -., ,HJ , .. .- " .. :I3"ff:':'g-:E -W . :+.-.-ff:..f1,'.y.,.,-,5 1 -va. -V, :Lug -,z Jap-.wzaz Y"-0 ' ' ' - za.-If-nf-s:"'fw-ex M. ' .-azz.. , ' " fi News ".. Q-:21:f:1::::-.:.- . 1-If , ,. we - -'. , A bw .. 2. YQ- X . H,-, - W . -. 3-If ,fer -- F ' ff,,i--gs . 1 wt.. gg ' af ,' -,w f " 'N .. 41. w , .lf-4. l In I Q V 'W 'J' r t ' I ' p ' X -f' .- 5. , -f' A V . ' gy.- fr- . - f' ,... . A . 25-if-. ,. A fr 1 ev n g .. . . . L in J If . , : 5 - -- ' V ' H 1 ., f::g,, w . 5f,.fv'.5, . Q, ' 5 . -- ?5'f53?f?511z ?-,:f"f'w- ask L. s - . -if . 'f K - f , 4 ig? i lm it S ,K iii' X A 4 'E' , - , ' fl S. 5 L- -,... ., .:.'-ya-, mf., wg- . I 1- ,sd .3 as gig pf asf' v .- i '- 2641 . DEBAHN . l SURVEY of the debating activities for the second term of 1921-Q2 and the first term of IQQQ-Q3 reveals a large percentage of victories. During the spring of 1922, Pennsylvania's forensic representatives met and defeated Syracuse, George Washington, and Columbia, losing to Cornell and Bates. Taken with the earlier victories over Pittsburgh and North Carolina, these contests composed a season of five victories and two defeats. Coincident with the opening of school last fall, a debate was arranged, after protracted negotiation, with the Oxford representatives who were touring the East. W'eightman Hall was crowded, and the Pennsylvanians succeeded in securing the majority of their hearers, votes. The University team upheld the negative of the League of Nations question in this international contest. Early in October the Debate Council joined the Eastern Collegiate Debate Association, comprising nine colleges and universities, each of which will have four series of triangulars during the year. Pennsy1vania,s first contest was with VVilliams and Amherst, the negative team defeating the former and the affirmative succumbing to the arguments of their Mlassachusetts rivals. In the second term the team faces Yale, Dartmouth, Brown, Wlesleyan, Cornell, and Columbia in triangularsg probably Pittsburgh, North Carolina and Batesg possibly a trip through the hliddle Wlest during Easter recess, as well as proposed feature debates with Temple and Vassar, and one in the national capitall under the auspices of the National Literary Society. The participation of the Class of 1993 in debating centers largely about the persons of Herman Hettinger and Carl Smith Dow. Hettinger has been on the team all four years, starting as alternate in his Freshman year and ending as a member of the group which met Oxford last October, and sandwiching in two years as one of the captains. Dow was on the Junior 'Varsity his Sophomore year and a captain on the ,Varsity the following season, also debating against Oxford. In addition, these two men were members of the Debate Council their last two years, Dow serving as president the current year. Lewis K. Rimer and Frederick Zimmer are two other Class of 19Q3 men who have served on the Council, the former having been its head during his Junior year. At the time of writing, a proposed revision of the personnel and work of the Council is before the Provost for his approval. 265 'VARSITY DEBATE COUNCIL AND TEAMS 1922-1923 OFFICERS OF DEBATE COUNCIL Manager ......... CARL S. Dow, XVI-I. ,23 Assistant lllanager . FREDERICK ZIMMER, WH. '23 LEWIS K. RIMER, WH. '23 . . ARTHUR T. GILLESPIE, WH. '24 NORMAN S. CLRMRNS, WH. '24 PATRICK M. MALIN, WH. '24 HERMAN S. HETTINGER, WH. '23 JOHN H. JVENMAN, WH. '25 REV. JOHN R. HART, JR. 'VARSITY DEBATE TEAMS Ajirmative FRANK SCHOBLE, C. '24 ARTHUR T. GILLESPIE, WH. ,245 Alternate JOHN S. COWAN, ED. '25 W. C. JASON, JR., C. '24 N egative PATRICK M. MIALIN, WH. '24 JOHN H. X7ENMAN, WH. ,25 Alternate DAVID C. COLONY, C. '24 EDWARD BIBRRMAN, WH. ,24 266 DELTA SIGMA RHO Faculty DR. :RAYMOND T. BYE FRANK S. PARKER DR. THOMAS D. COPE DR. JOSEPH H. JVILLITS REV. JOHN R. HART DR. JAMES T. YOUNG DR. EDNVARD S. MEADE HAROLD N. BURT ALFRED H. JVILLIAMS THOMAS J. MURPHY Unclergraduates President .... . . CARL S. DOW Seclretary-Treasurer . . PATRICK NI. IVIALIN HERB'IAN S. HETTINGER J. LEO BUOKLEY PAUL SCI-IULTZ 267 PHILOMATHEAN LITERARY SOCIETY PHILCMATHEAH P55'H11r:llHP4fUJ VJfIUFlHl!fJUIF22f3H1rJlUIf3fHlE3llh V-UHF-'HlEif.'i Dloderafor . First Ccnsor . Second Ccnsor Scriba . . . Treasurer . . Recorder . Librarian . . OFFICERS First Term FRANK C. BAXTER DAvID C. COLONY ALFRED B. HARDAGE CHARLES B. RE.ALEY PAUL G. CIIANCELLOR PHILIP A. LIVINGSTON PAUL W. BOXVMAN S envfors Second T erm CHARLES B. REALEY ALFRED B. HARBAGE HERBERT W. FITZROY, EDXVARD S. VVEYL RALPH C. BUSSER, JR. JOSE BERGUIDO V THOMAS C. BALLAGH HERMAN S. HETTINGER ' GEORGE W. TAYLOR JOSEPH K. SKILLING CHARLES B. REALEY JONATHAN H. PUGH FRANK C. BAXTER CARL S. DOW CHARLES E. FROHMAN JOSE BERGUIDO THOIVLAS C. BALLAGH PAUL G. CHANCELLOR DAVID C. COLONY ALFRED B. HAIiBAGE AYLVVYN P. VVILLIAMS MORSE GARXVOOD VVENDELL B. EKI-IOLM JOHN H. VENMAN Juniors Sophomores :HERBERT W. FITZROY, JR. HENRY W. XVENDT PHILIP A. LIVINGSTON WINDSOR F. COUSINS PAUL ROSENBAUM O. STUART THOMPSON, J. LEROY ARNOLD EDWARD S. VVEYL LYLE E. REPLOGLE FRANKLIN C. BING. PAUL W. BOYVMAN XVILLIAM M. LEE RALPH B. SHARER EDXVARD G. YEOMANS CHI LIEN HSU RALPH C. BUSSER, JR. VVILLIAM S. MOCAHAN HERMAN G. LIVEZEY NIARC BLITZSTEIN SABATO M. BENDINER Freshmen HIRAIVI P. BAMBERGER JAMES CRAXVFORD REDPORD R. H. SARGENT ELI K. PRICE, 3d.L 269 JR. ZELOSOPI-IIC LITERARY SOCIETY GFP' ZELO OPHI .L1lll1lli1lll 1yll1llLI1l1IEl3I1LHlL ill IHLINL IILLIIUI President . . . Vice-P-reszllezzt. . Treasurer . . Secretrzry ..... Master of Archives . Fzfrsz' Term. IIORACE J. SELIG CARLOS K. XVIEST NYORMAN YV. CLEMENS VVILBUR C. PEARCE LESLIE J. BOXVLER Second T erm CARLOS K, XVIEST NORMAN W. CLEMENS XYILLIAM PAGE TVIEALING GEORGE J. COVALT RIIDOLPII A. GEIQLINCQER. HORAXCE J. SELIG CARLOS K. WIEST CHESTER A. ASHER, JR. GEORGE A. SHELLAS NORMAN W. CLEMENS ORVILLE E. WEBER S en iors Jzm io rs FREDERICK W. DEININGER GEORGE J. COYALT DAVID ZOOB SAMUEL K. NICCONNELL OSCAR S. NELSON DANIEL G. ROTHERMEL THEODORE H. NITSCHE IJIARDLD L. JONES THEODORE D. REDUCKA GEORGE M. ALLEMAN VVILBUR C. PEARCE WILLIAM P. JMIEALING GEORGE H. KURTZ EDGAR B. RUDIN GUY E. MANN DONALD N. CAMERON LLOYD B. GILMAN S ophomores RUDOLPH A. GERLINGER JAMES A. I'I.-ANNA D. BARLOVV BURKE VICTOR E. DEMERS RUSSEL D. HERSHE1' THOMAS R. REDXVOOD Freshmen HENRY H. JACOBS JOHN T. SCHAFFER THOMAS S. LEE VVILLIAM P. LAWS Q71 EDWARD C. DENNY K. W. CHAUN PHILIP R. SCHUMAKER CLIFFORD M. IRVING J. VVILFRED EMLING SAMUEL T. MILLER LOUIS G. ZAMACONA CHARLES H. LIORGAN HARRY' F. WALLS ,XVI M X L? Rus 1' S, 1 f. T'-4-. .. '--.5 , I .. ,, " A f'1.gj3-,ij I 9 'ism.., " -FC Z -- ,X 4 '-1,1 5. f 'i!',-?fe2,5, EIT? S S , rg 1 -H Q, In mi! Y' MII L qu ff' -- lui' .I f4Nxgp- . I :W - ,.Q'?,1.Q3!f , XV f' A n S 3 Q!-,ssssiifglf ., , 5 ' ' Why ,QW J. 2-ff. Q 3 "' 1 :' 4' Jw- A " " icy ,W NL-, k MEA f:..nXnr':" wh-W, ' yW NhM 72? V, 4 if-X 1. Q I EQRQQZUMQAQQLQET, '- . 272 fllwllwallmdlzwdllmlw1Vl waVlwAflwiVlwaIlwd1llPLUi1fiIlEelll ALETHEOPHILE CLUB DAVID ZOOB MORRIS N. SIIAEEFER IRVING SIIUGAM JOSEPH BIBEN SYDNEY JELLLNEK LEWIS R. GOLDBLATT Q74 BURLINGTON COUNTY 'CLUB President . . Vice-President . Secretary . . Treasurer . . JOI-IN W. OWEN ALLEN FENIMORE ALBERT IQNECHT NEWTON MORTON THOMAS P. DYSON FORREST C. JOBES HORACE E. PERRET GUY NIANN Ojicers . . FLOYD P. KARG . . J. XVILBERT SNYDER, JR. . . LAWRENCE H. NOLTE . ALBERT VVORTH LEON RAESELY DANIEL XVILSON RAYMOND SALTZMAN RICHARD LEWIS HERBERT HANEMANN .ADOLPH LARZELIERE GEORGE XIANSCIVER STANLEY PERKINS 275 CAPXTOL CITY CLUB President . . Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer. . WALTER E., CARTER JOHN HOMER CHASE CHRISTIAN HEURICH BERNARD SPILLIE JESSIE MORGAN WM. R. MILLER, JR. J. H. COOK JOHN LUPTON FRANK B. NIARKRITER CARL JARRELL WVELLS S. BUCKINGHAM EDWARD HORNADAY ROBERT L. FLATHER F. B. SMILLIE GEORGE BROWN ' LELAND HUNT CARL EMMRICH EVERETT RICHARDS E. JACK EDWARD ALTEMUS 276 A 5 if-hz 9 ' A ri y' ,,w.g,g , :1.-ima . uf :!,:j'i7,1Q:nj"f::f,' . M ' ff . Nil. x .J --gpm ,. ,,:...IW1. .,,a"',, ,fjkf - f .g.,'454'lQj.-Navy .19 1- ' 1 y,-' y , J! A -il' -' fn. "f3"'j9iEii23?f4f'fIiEQ3l 5522531 !1SJggn1x1aesnf3g5:nnc3.,, . Laggfcxgilwfisfjf ., 1,1 1 Q ..f.., . V -.-- .. ,.- -- ,.-,. -,- .u na ,,, - . - 1 ,f ,AIR :1 .,: A Y': f2.1z+.f:sfy4i5 " 'A Qffrlfi 'M in Wiz? ' -ifwfwffifigi ?"7'Y'q , ff- E. 1 -A ' '- -f " V P "fp -T r, 1-'JN ' '.l"1 'W , .' -'I' - ,:Z'15-'.:-''141'f'Ef"'-I.: z, 4 '.z.f"' 4 F71-ff " "' 72' ' , ' 5' .. y lwgwkwavgi Qs, " A 2 ' 'H7'l'1"':""75".i"'51'."I1'?51iQC 'k"' ' f' ig" 1-'3 il'i1'1I'Z" 711-14'f?ff':+':'Zf1ZElZl--A+' 1," 1' liil--3'l?:"' 'FIV' f 'Aff 'vi "l'-,..'A.lZ'f1f Que' 1 A ' wif: " . . .... z," f .l F9 ?sf1!fHI'Hf-QA? A " fff- I :'f11"?fEff If 1 ' .11 ----, ff' ,ww -2 .qw-,g "aff . , ' 2A..:."'1.1 C-'-aww , . .f ' ' f af f- 3 521 :fc-f". A If "I A 1 .A4f:,f?f?555Qfw2-,wx ggeq-rgg. yfef-Wh., if-wg? 317 ff- -1 J' Ja.-ev s4'.f5...:w -f. f,.,7. .. ., . ' ,-,:.::wf13f'-?4',Twf1 . R, 31g A. Q 35,41 " .. .-., ,- 4 - -114,3 - - V " . X-..f b'g,,. ' V. ' ' ' 1f"'lf'r,f, , , ., fd' , ,gf 1, ff ,xv-f' uf CHESTNUT HILL Presrklent . , . Vice-President .... ACADEMY CLUB . GILBERT IVIEGARGEE . JOSEPH C. TAYLOR Secretary and Treasurer . . WALTER R. KURTZ, JR. HENRY P. BORIE RUDOLPH J. MANDERSON CASTLE HUBERT I. DUPONT ROBERT A. EICHELBERGER JAMES S. FARNUM HOYT G. GRIFFITH CHARLES A. UHLE 277 KLAUDER WALTER R. KURTZ, JR. GILBERT MEGARGEE JOHN L. RANDALL HARRY G. SIEGRIST JOSEPH C. TAYLOR C'EST LA GUERRE CLUB V. O'BREIN THE C'EST LA P1-esiflaut .... First Vice-Prcsiflani . . Seconrl V z'ce-P1'e.91'fIc11t . Sacrciary . . . T reasurcr . . T. W. AGNISXX' C. C. ALCORN B. F. ALLEN V. L. ANNIS JOHN C. EVANS WM. K. ILHODES E. R. SOUTHICE E. H. SAILE J. J. TVIALONE GUERRE EJEL'Clli1JUl4 Comnzittee A CLUB H. L. FIEINEMAN, Chairman WAY GOBLE ARTHUR L. M:Xl2LOXVE NOEL EDDY SOL JACOBSON P11I1lir'iz'y Officer .... HARRY XV. GRAY CI-IAS. J. HAINES R. F. HAMMAN M. IIARRIS A. A. HAIVKINS H. G. BANZIIOPE G. R. BAYNUM H. C. BEST D. M. BLUM J. H. BORBRIDOE B. J. BROWN D. V. BUCK J. J. BUCKLEY K. L. BLY J. A. BOXVMAN G. S. CALLOXVAY A. YV. CHAMBERLAIN VV. G. CHRISTOPPERSEN T. COHEN -G. G. COLE E. R. COLEMAN G. S. COMPTON J. A. CONXVAY C. E. CORT A. T. CULLEN VV. J. CURLEY S. NI. CRISP W. L. CLUSH J. E. DAY J. L. DENNISON J. A. IJOUGHERTY E. R. DUCKERING M. P. EATON N. H. EDDY G. EICHNER J. K. EICDAL J. C. EVANS G. W. FARABAUGH L. M. FORREST C. P. FRANK W. D. FULLER R. F. FLECK, M.D. XV. GOBLE J. E. GODETT H. W. GRAY H. F. HIXMEII L. FIEINEMAN R. HZEISER N. FIENDERSHOT T. LIENRY J. ITEPPERLEN F. HILL H. HIPSON J. HOTCEIKISS T. I'IYPPES B. HODGES JACOBSON M. JEPPRIES O. JOHNSON G. JONES J. IQEEVER T. KELLY KHUEN-KIIYK S. KLOSS KOTZKER F. KUTZ C. LOXVER J. LYNCH F. LINEK A. TVICCARMS J. TVICCARTY C. NIACLEAN A. BCIACDIAMARA G. MACFAYDEN TVIACMENAMIN MIALONE L. TVIARLOWE K. M,XRX'IN TVIAY MELAN MERSHON MILLER MILLER MILLER S. TVIOYER MURPHY K. MUSSELAIAN 279 R. H. N EWMAN C. H. M:XLONEY' E. E. MCKEE T. F. O'DEA I. F. OESTE F. PAUL J. R. PI-IENEYER H. E. POTTER J. NV. REBER J. L. REILLEY W. K. RHODES F. RICHARDSON R. J. ROBBINS C. S. RICH R. IiUHNKA S. RUBRIGHT E. H. SAILE E. P. SALISBURY G. P. SAVAGE J. J. SCHEERING G. B. SHELDON, JR. W. H. SHOEMAKER A. S. SMITH E. R. SOUTI-IEE L. I. SPOONER A. G. STEXV.-KRT R. W. SHERRY A. SULLIVAN G. M. SAvANSoN E. F. 'THOMPSON C. A. TIFFANY G. R. TOUCHSTONE A. C. TOTTNE F. B. 'TRESCHER H. A. D. WACKER H. D. XVAGONHURST J. R. WALKER 0. JVESTGATE A. NI. XVI-IITAKER B. H. VVILDERMUTH D. A. XVILLIS J. T. FVILLIS R. VVILLIAMS, REV. CHINESE STUDENTS CLUB Presidezzt . . Vice-Presiderzt. . Secretary . . Treasurer. . Manager . W. CHAN T. Y. CHANG CHAO W. CHAUN H. CHEN S. CHOU CHU T. CHUN C. CIIUNG K. HUANG L. HSU Y. HSU K. KWOK C. LEE W. LEE T. LEE Oficers .......ELMERC.LING , . P. C. YANG . . FELTON CHOW . . T. T. QUO ......T.C.LIU Members K. N. LI M. H. LI T. C. LI E. C. LING S. M. LING C. M. LIN J. C. LIU T. C. LIU C. S. Lo VV. Y. Loo, JR. J. Y. LOUIE S. Y. LOWNE MARARET MAH T. T. Quo M. C. SUN L. K. SUNG 280 L. C. S. P. L. S. K. S. S. M C. T. NING H. P. P. C. T. P. C. Y K. I. F. Y. H. H. Y. S. TAI TONG TAI TUNG V oo VVANG WANG YANG Y'ANG YANG YAO YU'NG T. YOUNG ZEE ZEE A. M. r:f1:bpb9DPt1!'4U:vr1maf bf-4 CIRCOLO President ..... Vice-Presiderzzf. . . Secretary ..... Treasurer . . , A. MIcoccI COZZOLI JNLAZZOLI A. PISACANE L. DE PASQUALE J. CROTTE U. DRAGONETTI PINTO MOGAXVERO SANTANGELO CONIGLIO IVIAZZOLA A. PINTO NARDONE GANDELLI DE MIXRCO DI BELLO FERRUCCI IT ALIANO DrXNTE PIGOSSI HIIXRRY J. DRAGONETTI HENRY SALVATORI . PHILIP FRANZESE M embers J. A. L. ERRIGO L. J. DE NOTE C. F. BUEALINO M. ESPOSITO J. D,EMILIO D. L. FANTE G. P. SELLA P. MAZZA R. DERAMO P, JMIANDES V. CHIAVERELLI N. TETI J. NIOBILIO S. MICELI C. FLORO J. Fuoco J. W. DE LISI F. M. TRAVALINE Q31 G. A. M. S. A. A. J. C. A. E. W A. J. F L. A. L. G. DE FURIA CAMERO FERULLO IVI. FLEMMA F. ADELIZZI DQORIKZIO D. TURCI-II DE LUCA C. DI GIOVANNI BEVILACQUA A. MISLFIXRJX PERELLA TERACCIIIA SIIINO TORRACCA IVIAGAZZU D. MOLLII CICCONE THE EPISCOPAL ACADEMY CLUB President , . . . Vice-President . . . Secretary . ,ROBERT Treasurer , . . EDVKVARD Bfembers CHARLES BACHE 4 CARLOS CARDEZA THIADDEUS DALY, JR. JOSEPH FOX FRANCIS HALSEY DAVID KING HOWARD LONG CLINTON LONGWELL DANIEL MERRITT PAUL MOORE N. CRENSHAWV ,NICELROY H. DOUGLAS PAXSON D. STEWART POLK 282 JOHN XVHARTON BENJAMIN FAUCETT SCOTT SHUMVVAY ELI PRICE ABBOTT RIEHLE THOMAS RINGE RALPH ROBERTS ERNEST SCOTT COOPER SMITH STITELER TAYLOR WALL GEORGE FRANCIS HOWARD PHILIP WALLIS . JO1-IN VVILLIAMS, JR WILLIAM YOUNG FRANKFORD CLUB PT6SZ'Cl0flf . . Secretary . . E.ve0utz'zwe Comm 1'tz'ee , DAVID LOUIS .ABEL JAMES BIAIR ANDERSON GUSTAV FREDERICK BECKE HARRY PAUL BECKER HILTON FRANCIS BICKING FRANKLIN CHURCH BING HARRH' GILBERT BLAIR JAMES EDWARD BOWMAN THEODORE H. BUTTON CLINTON M. CHERRY CHARLES E. CONNON ALFRED BENNET HARBAGE EARL G. HARRISON THADDEUS JASKOWIAK CHARLES J. JUSTICE HAROLD F. KRANTZ JOSEPH LOMAX HOWARD R. LOTT NORBIIAN B. MCCULLOCH CHARLES G. STEHLE WILLIAM H. STEYVART RENIBRANDT D. SUMMERS LEROY H. VANDERFORD HENRY B. WALTER MILTON A. BELL . HOWARD R. LOTT R Q VVILLIAM H. STEWART 'JAMES ANDERSON OTTO XVOLTERSDORF XVILLIAM STEVVART THOMAS A. BENITEAU HAROLD S. GRANT HENR1' J. LEVY JAMES W. MCLEA SAMUEL L. AKVOODHOUSE ALLEN J . LEASE MELVILLE W. FULLER FRANKLIN D. HEISS OTTO VVOLTERSDORF ROLAND D. CAIN XVILLARD G. COOK JAMES J. CUNNINGHAM JOSEPH W. IQRADOSKA GEORGE NIAXMAN VVARREN A. BROWN GREENSBURG W. DONOVAN LAWRENCE SHUMAN JOHN STORCH LAWRENCE J. MCEVOY CHAS. H. THOMAS RAYMOND BLACK LOUIS G. FLITTER CHARLES S. TOMLINSON GEO. W. TAYLOR GERMANT OWN FRIENDS SCHOOL CLUB 1J7'U.S'ljCZ67'L7f . . . Vice-President . . Secretary . . Tv'easurcr . DALE PURVES WALTER PAWSON MILLER, JR. EDWIN PAUL PATTON SPARTA FRITZ, JR. CHARLES ROBERT TRUITT NICHOLAS NEWLIN BAILY Officers ROBERT NORTON DOWNS, Sd HENRY LAWTON RUSSELL ELWOOD FRANKLIN REEVES, JR. ROBERT LUCAS PITFIELD, JR. Wlembers JAMES ROBERT WOOD DOWNS ALFRED PARSONS HULBIE JAMES LEE PATTON, JR. ffl-IOMAS HOMER ATI-IERTON, JR JOSEPH GRANVILLE GOFF JAMES FORSYTHE NICHOLAS HIRABI XVARREN RICHMOND Q84 HOOSIER CLUB PTO.S'7:d'fIli ...... ROBERT E. STAFFORD Secretary-Treasurer . MAURICE L. H.kRRELL L. BOXELL EDGAR W. BECKMAN EDWARD M. BRESETT CLAUDE CURTIS DOMER E. DEYY'EY NEIL S. ESTABROOK JOHN W. FORREC STANLEY L. GUMBLE J. HARTINETZ FRANK L. HAMILTON MAX E. KLEEM.iN MARION A. PIKE RICHARD J. RUSSELL L. L. SEDXVICK W. P. VVAGNER WVILLARD N. BREIDE M. R. BICKLE VVARD L. BARNES M. EUGENE CLARK WILLIAM E. DAVIES C. F. EFROYINSON HENRY J. FRENZEL A. D. HOWLETT HOWVARD H. HATEIELD ALFRED KAUFWIAN CHARLES H. MARTIN STEWART W. PIKE WALTER ROSENBUSH NIACEY SECTOR ORYAL WVILLIAMSON Q85 FRED H. BECKMAN KIRK L. BLY IIOXVARD K. BRIDGES JAMES N. DE.-XKIN. JR. HAWTHORNE DARBY RICHARD G. FOLTZ RALPH C. GUENTHER FRANK M. HARLEM HARRY A. HUNSBERGER J. G. KAPP RICHARD H. PRETZ W. D. PLATTER C. R. RUCKELSHAUSE ARCH C. VORIS LEXVIS J. WOOD IOWA CLUB P-resident . . . . . DIERLE E. SMITH Vice-President . . . . Ross VVALLACE Secretary . . . . CECIL M. RHODES Treasurer .,..... HYLIAN DAVIDSON Correspondence Secretary DAVIS CHAMBERLAIN STERLING ARCHER T. J. I-IANLEY HOWARD A. BRODY F. P. HUEF PHILLIP BURGETT ROY DALBEY Z. G. FENNER GEORGE FRAKER A. L. FITZGERALD LEONARD FRISBEE F. B. GODDEN LAX7ERNE B. HERRING C. HALFORD 1 D. M. LIDDLE HIRARI MUNN SIDNEY ORANSKY J. PRIESTLEY H. JENSON Q86 J. H. PUGH BERTRAM W. STRAUSS H. O. SUGG JOHN F. VVHELIHAN BURON R. PINNEY W. F. HARRNIAN EDWIN R. WILLIAMS ARTHUR MOLYNEUX H. C. JENSON LE CERCLE FRANQAIS Ojqcers Presideni . . 4 . . HERRIANN FORTIER, WH. 'QS Vice-Presz'dent ..... JosE BERGUIDO, W1-1. '24 Secretary . . . . , FRANCIS HENRY TAYLOR, C. 'Qi T-reasureir . . , . ALBERT JOSEPH NPORRIER, WH. ,Q5 Director . . . PROF. ALBERT FRANCIS HURLBURT E CERCLE FRANQAIS was organized in 1899, and has for its purpose the study and the cultivation of the French language. lVIeetings are held monthly in conjunction with Le Salon Francais, the Women's organization, and a play is presented each spring. At these meetings promi- nent men, exponents of French culture and thought, address the societies in French, after which discussion ensues, and the evening is terminated with an informal dance. These gatherings take place at the International Students' House. This year the following men have addressed the club: Dr. J. P. Wicker- shain Crawford, on "L'origine du Cercle Francaisvg Prof. A. F. Hurlburt, on "Maria Chapdelainevg M. Emanuel de Margerie, on "Les Auteurs Scientifiques Modernes"g and Prof. Giroud, on 6'Les Poemes d' Edmond Rostandf, lylari- vauX's classical and piquant eighteenth century comedy, "Le J eu de l'Amour et du I-Iazardfy was successfully produced in May at the Plays and Players, Theatre by members of both societies coached by Prof. Hurlburt. 287 LUZERNE COUNTY CLUB J. J. APONICK W. J. BECKLEY, JOSEPH BERK THOM. BOYD M. CANTOR R. N. COLLINS E. J. CORNER C. DEMARCO J. B. FLANAGAN T. J. FINNEGAN L. B. FREEMAN D. GREENWVALD A. C. HEIIM PHILIP HERTZ President . . . Vice-President. . Treasurer .... C01'TCS1707lll'i71.g Secretary . . Recorclhzg S ecrelary W. GRIESMER JOSEPH GILLIS R. A. DORSCH FRANK GILLIS DAVID JONES E. HUNGERFORD JR. JESSE HYMAN GOMER JONES J. WV. JONES J. P. KEATING J. S. KULP JOSEPH LEWIS M. L. LYDON M. LOFTUS CHARLES F. LONG JULTAN LONG D. R. MAJOR A. H. NIILLER EVAN WILLIAMS 288 J. M. NIILLER ERIC MORGAN J. G. MORGAN F. PUGLIESE FRANK VVREKUS J. O. SCHMITT T. SMULOVITZ E. T. STONE FLOYD STOUT LLOYD WADEMAN CHARLES POXVELL FRANK FRETHAVVAY EDYVARD RODERICK FRANK LEVI MENORAH SOCIETY President . . . . . JOSEPH H. BIBEN Vice-President , . . , REUBEN MAGILL Treasurer ........ . . JOSEPH FELDMAN Co-rresponding Secretary . . . GERTRUDE BUCHMAN Recording Secretary ...... BERTHA HEIDELBERGER Executive Board JACK AVERBACH MORRIS LIEBMAN JACK FELT HELEN TEITELMAN 289 MOONSHINERS CLUB Ojicers 1 E. K. 0. M. . . I S. K. 0. M. . . G. 0. 0. C. . MAX BEREN LOUIS HOFBIAN VICTOR GOLDBERG F. N. NATHAN F. M. GILLESPIE J. S. CHAMBERS S. M. KLEEBIAN G. N. BIGGS D. T. ROWND R. DONAVAN H. E. EMMONS . . .ARTHUR BEREN . . A.- S. EMMONS, JR. . . M. A. MENDEL . . MORRIS BERMAN Roll Call of M oonshfiners HARR1' BLUMBERG F. D. DODDRILL R. J. E. K. E. F. C. V. L. B. THEO. E. C. REED HARTLE1' MOSES STRADLEY TRIMBLE TURK ARMBRECHT F. J. ANDERSON I. P. BROXVN Q90 C. SULLIVAN D. ERVIN M. XVILSON ODELL FLETCHER T. WEBER L. GLUCK J. P. POLAN R. C. LAW E. C. YANCEY E. F. FRYER H. H. ONVENS NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL CLUB Ojicers Presiflenl . . . . PAUL D. NUBER Vice-Pre.s-zklent . . . CHRISTOPHER W. BUEHL Secretary . . . J. FRED X7OLLMER TTl'7f1SIlI'C7'. . . IJOXVARD NI. T EAF. JR. RANDOLPH F. ABBOTT ARNE P. ARNESON JOHN J. fXSHTON FRANCIS M. BARRICH M. H. BAUM ROBERT BE.-XTTY EDWARD BEISTER S. M. BENDINER HARRY H. BERNTHEISEL F. A. BONASI BENJAMIN A. BOURNE JOHN BRAINERD JOSEPH BRANDSCHAIN MILTON BROOKS JOSEPH E. BROWN ROBERT F. BROWN E. BUOHHOLZ CHRISTOPHER JY. BUEHL PAUL G. CHANCELLOR GORDON H. CLARK R. S. CLOVER ROY L. COHEN HERMAN COHN HUBERT A. CORBE L. E. DAVID, JR. HOXVARD E. DETURK F. WESLEY DITTMAN J. D. DORSEY CHARLES B. EGOLF H. V. EICHMANN E. S. ELDRIDGE, JR. RALPH ENDRISS HERBERT ESTRADIA JACOB FAIN JOHN FATZ JOHN M. FEENY NIICHAEL W. FISCH EDWARD L. FISCHER .JOHN GALBRAITH GEORGE G. GIX'EN EMIL GOHN L. H. GOULD CHARLES GREEN, JR. ROBERT A. GROFF S. RHEN GUNDRUM PAUL E. T. GUTENKUNST G. KELLOCIQ H.ALE, JR. E. E. HANSCOM, JR. BIORTON HARRIS ROBERT HARRIS JOHN R. HARTMAN XVALTER T. H.AZLETT BENJAMIN H. HELLLIIAN JOSEPH M. HEXY'LETT, JR. ROBERT HILL LEONARD F. HIRSCIi DON:XLD K. HOWE HARRY HUF ELIHU J. HURNVITZ LEXVIS M. JOHNSON CHARLES B. KASS HARRY KERR CHARLES S. KIEFER, 3d RALPH A. KINCKINER RALPH A. KRAUSE CHARLES F. KUDER J. S. LANVSON LOUIS LIPSOHUTZ GEORGE LOUGHERY JOHN P. LUKENS XVILLIAM A. MIKCKIE ROLAND MIALLON GEORGE W. NIARTYN, JR. JOHN H. MOCOMB SAMUEL K. MCCONNELL, JR. EDWARD NICLAUGHLIN 291 HEIZBEIRT H. NIIDDLETON RAYMOND T. MOOCK WALTER MORRIS LOUIS MOSS SIMON BJUSTOKOFF 'FHEODORE NITSCHE ROBERT W. NOBLE PAUL D. N UBER WALTER OVERBAUOH RICHARD J. PARTRIDGE F. XV. PAUL VVILLIAM E. PEREIRA EDXVARD E. PICK.-XRD G. W. PFLUG-FELDER D. BROOKS POYVELL JOSEPH P. REA GEORGE C. READ GEORGE RITTER LOUIS ROSENSTEIN A. H. SCHOELL H. M. SHARKIS RAYMOND SICER ELMER SMALLING C. S. SMITH JOHN G. SMITH, JR. PAUL R. SMITH EDXVIN B. SONNHEIM XVII.-BUR STELTZER ARTHUR U. SUFRIN T. J. TALLEY, 3d SARKES TARZIAN TIOXVARD M. TEAF, JR. TVILLIAM B. THREAPLETON J. H. TOLSON KARL TSCHOPP F. G. ULLBERG J. FRED VOLLMER L. E. TVEISBECKER THE NEWMAN CLUB THE'denzf ....... First Vz'cc-Przfszfzlalzf . . Secforzcl Vice-Pre.vz'dent . Rzff'0rrIing Sacwfrlrly . . C01'1'c.sp071rII'ng SC'CI'CflII'y . Trcaszzrw' ....... Chaplain ..,.... NEWMAN CLUB Qficers MARTIN F. VLARLEY 'FALBOT H. DIZESSEN-LDBLANIC EIARY M. GALLEN WILLIAM J. DOYLE JAMES H. MCGOWAN E.-XRNEST C. SCHNVILK REV. JOHN YV. IKEOGI-I HE NEVVIVIAN CLUB is the club of the Catholic students at Penn sylvania. It was founded in 1893 and has the distinction of being the oldest, largest and Inost active denominational club at the University. Its activities are very extensive in the fields Of religious, educational, athletic and social service work. It also holds numerous social functions, engages in dramatics and conducts a student Employment Bureau. The club is now occupying new and spacious buildings Which contain St. Bede,s Chapel, Newman Hall, many large club rooms, and accommodations for fifty students. The property also includes the residence and Oflice of the chaplain, Rev. John W. Keogh, who is also National Chaplain Of the Federation of College Catholic Clubs. The following is the representation Of the Club in the diHerent athletics. BASEBALL FOOTBALL GOLF VVILLIAM C. IMIAHER WILLIAM T. C ULLEN THOMAS CONTE HENRY D. ROIIRER FRANK R. lDENVHIRST OSWALD H. ROTH JAMES DEXVHIRST TRACK WILLIAM L. SIMPSON BASKETBALL EUGENE C. BONNIVVELL. JOHN V. BREXV JAMES E. CARMACK JOHN J. DOYLE JAMES P. IAJCNICHOL JAMES S. CLIFFORD, JR WILLIAM SULLIVAN BOXING JOHN A. BRESLIN JOHN H. CHASE THOMAS COVVELL JOHN A. LUKAS J EDXVARD A. FARRELL EDXVIN J. FEENEY JOSEPH F. GILLS FRANCIS GRIAF NOEAL A. HLTBER XVILLIAM T. KELLY THOMAS A. .WICINIAMARA WILLIAM H. OVREILLY FELIX PIEKARSKI MICHAEL ILAEDEY FRANK G. RECKUS JOHN H. REINERS GEORGE H. SULLIVAN FRANCIS SULLIVAN IEICTOR V. SNVEENEY NVILLIAM VVARD XVITOLD XTADUSKY FERNAND E. ESTEYEZ YARMOND G. FISHER XVILLIAM P. FOLEY EDXVARD H. FRIEL EARL GILL MATTHEW E. KEOGH GEORGE F. MEREDITI1 JOHN WM. MOONEY ERIN C. SMITH WATER POLO .JOHN P. IVIURDOCK WRESTLING SAMUEL B. HADDEN FRANCIS L. KIEP BASKETBALL QFRESHJ CREW RIFLE JOSEPH J. :KIVLAN EDWARD MITCHELL BKIORGAN C. HOUSEL ROBERT M. MCCLENN.AN JOHN E. IXJCNICHOL HOCKEY SOCCER ARTHUR F. THOMPSON HERMANN FORTIER RICHARD J. KEARNS, JR. LACROSSE EDWARD L. BROWN JOHN T. CLOSE ANTHONY A. FLECK GEORGE B. STEVENS IJANS F. BOOS VVILLIAM J. DOUGHERTY THADDEUS M. JASKOXVIAK EDYVARD MCLAUGHLIN FRANCISCO RIY'AS TENNIS JAMES E. IVIORAN JOHN M. VANNEMANN 293 JUAN N. TORULLA FOOTBALL CFRESHD JAMES EUSTACE EDYVARD MCGINLEY JAMES F. O'HEA ROBERT E. POLOSKY KENNETH SNOW WILLIAM H. SULLIVAN SCALP AND BLADE Presiclent . Secretary . Treasurer . CLIFFORD IVICKAIG REA MCGRAXX' LUTHER KENDALL EVERETT MUGDER JAMES BRYDON JAMES BUCKLEY EDWARD CLISSOLD ORLANDO RUMBOLD ROGER DREWV VVILLSEY SHERWIN . ALLAN B. GOULD MILTON VINE ROBERT 29-L H. FAYFIEL-D FRANCIS MCGUIRE EDYVARD DICFAYDEN FLOYD KNOLL PAUL ROTH HENRY BUCKELMUELLER DAVID CAVERS ELMER COLE VVRIGHT GRIFFIN WELLS MCCORMACK JOHN CARY ,mxnu fm 'n SIRZQHPHIN - - ..- Q93 il , qllligihll' Ill f IAIIIHIENII Il! gwlllt nmnuh ml u55ffiiH5E2I!.h ' . - -451 Munn ls 47.5551 . '- '11 1. -Q ?:m,,.-, ' . 1' 7-bn' 3142 ' . J ig, f -' :I+-'J Ln. 'U' lflfiilfll ' ' 1-afrw'safe'.4' Q 5 A ,midi Wm MHP. nlll s , lsnqifwilmmn .f i'Q.'.lllifll.f-ff ' . . ,X rl A li xx i If 4 ,wr w fu Lak .::."' fig 5 . 'z': ZW: it S' L Uytii 52, AL 1 ,i'Vi A x Q 55 N ,N E 295 ROCKY MOUNTAIN CLUB President . . . .RALPH D. LOVENDALE Secretary . . . .J. M. SEAMAN Treasurer . ..... PAUL D. SUMMERS B. N. TVIITCHEL M. F. SIMONS A. NEWMAN, JR. J. STANLEY YOUNG C. B. BECK NOEL EDDY R. A. SMITH RUPPERT BINGHAM M. A. BERGER, JR. DONALD HEINIAN ADAM KUHN R. F. STEPHENS JAMES G. LONG L. NI. PRAGER TED GORE KENT LUDY RALPH JESAS D. G. CORBETT R. D. KEITH O. F. SHEPHERD T. B. MILLER J. LEE RICE CLIFFORD IRVIN H. WILSON ROGERS M. C. XNAHNI COLLIN W. MATHEISON 296 L. F. ECHARDT G. A. FAYLE A :RICHARD SIMONS HART E. VAN RIPPET T. MILLER EVAN CHREIE A. O. ROSELUND LEONARD SORENSON MAURICE SIMON A. F. APPEL C. L. WVELCH E. T. HAY, JR. O. B. PENRY UNIVERSITY DRAMATIC CLUB Presirlelzt IIICG-P7'Lf-Yliflffllf , , . . Secretary- 7vI'f?llS1II'C'!' . Business Mmzczger , . EJl7C'?C'I,lf'li'l'C? Cbmmittee CHARLES E. I+'RoHMAN IJOROTHY L. BLACK ELIZABETH COOKE IIALPII B. SIIARER Director . , . ..... JOHN DOLMAN, JR. LEILA BARNES PAUL IEOSENBAUM GIVJIYIJIPN VVJXRE PIENRY .R,OBE.R'I'S M. T. ANCKER EMMA BEVAN EDNVARD BIBERNIAN D. .IAY CULVER FRANCES K. DREW' 1le1'1'1'e Members Qlllarelz Ftzfrstl J MARK ITARRIS SAMUEL I-IIRSCH HARRY IsAAc's EMILY LONG EL1 ECIARCOYITZ ouN H. MCCQMR ESTIIER NIACNEIR NIURIEL SCHOFF GEORGE TAYLOR MARY TWINING ROSE VVIMENETZ PRODUCTIONS OF THE CLUB "The Admirahle Crichton." Little Theatre, May 16-21, 19221. "Mrs Bunipstead-Leigh," Philomusian Club, November Q-1, 1921. "The Yellow .Iaclcetf Little Theatre, May 1-5, IQQQ. "Tragedy of Nanf, Little Theatre, April Q6, 27, 28, 1923. ONE - ACT PLAYS L'The Constant Lover" "Enter the Hero" "Lima Beans" "Suppressed Desires" 'KAnatol,' "He and She' OTHER PRODUCTIONS "The Sun," Forrest, Garrick, and Broad Theatres, February 2, 1923. As pa-rt of the Actors' F und Benefit Program "Pantaloon,', Academy of Music, March 14, 1923, Ufinner of the Philadelphia Forum Collegiate One-Act Play Contest. Membership in the Club is open to graduate and 'LlILfIc'!7'gTC!ll1.lC!f0 stuclerzts, members of the faculty, and friends of the University. Active membership is at reward for service to the Club. THETA ALPHA PHI HONORARY DRAMATIC FRATERNITY PENNSYLVANIA DELTA Open to Active Membe1's of the Club VVinning Distinction in Drzunaties. Members JOHN DOLMAN, JR. FRANCES K. DRENV PAUL ROSENBAUM DOROTHY L. BLACK CHARLES E. FROHMAN GORDON W. WARE ELIZABETH COOKE IVIURIEL SCHOFF Joi-IN H. MCCOMB 297 -vf A Nga ' ' J 1 - . ' ff" - YENWIT? ' ' 1 f- "1 fix -g'y:-it if 13- - igug xg , -- 5 ,Xgfw ,E ,W X34 5-W. , gb , if If v. nifvni., qgibfimf ' ni .2-Q., - f My -V W- mgfg M wt riff 5, --,, J 'M'-41441 V-:I Nav- 4 5929? ".5wmi6!1 .J - i s aa. WQAE- 1,,.f-35-"5' ' - mgfM' mi, I- - sa: g J.M.fg"YQ. '- 298 . ---f' li?-F' ,xi "THE PENNSYLVANIAN " BOARD Editor-in-Chiof .... DAVID FARQUHAR CAVERS, '23 Managing Editor . . . TOXVNSEND BARR YOUNG, '23 News Editor . . . .J. T. BARNES, '23 Editors V. V. SWEENEY, '23 L. M. C. SMITH, '23 G. H. BEAUDRY, ' C. R. TRIIITT, '24 D. F. GIJEPKNER, '24 C. B. REEY'ES, '24 23 VVILLIAM Associate Editors S. FRITZ, JR. G. G. MAHY, JR., '24 Night Editors M. L. WILLIAMS, '24 CHARLTON, '23 P. M. MALIN, '24- J. H. WHARTON, '24 W. T. HOBSON, '24- H. H. MIDDLETON, '24 C. H. ORR, '24 E. SCOTT, '25 L. E. TENNANT, '25 J. L. PATTON, JR., '25 G. W. STEPHENS, '25 W. F. WHITNEY, JR., '25 F. G. WVILSON, JR., '25 J. M. HUGIJES, '25 J. M. HENDERSON, '25 K. H. MCDOWELL, '25 J, L. DAVIS, '25 Business Manager . . . ..., JOHN SCHELL, JR., '23 Advertising Manager ......, DE ALTON J. RIDINGS, '23 Circulation Manager .,..... WILLIAM E. DAVIES, '23 First Assistant Business Manager . IRVING L. W. SAPERSTON, Assistant Business Bifanagers L. J. MCEVOY. '23 J. W. JONES, '24 A. S. MORSE, '24 H. DAVIDSON, '24 C. J. HELDAIAN, '25 F. ALTMAIER, '25 J. ORR. '24 M. L. CAMPBELL, '24 M. J. ADES, '25 S. H. FRENCH, '25 P. J. F. SCHMITT, '25 300 P BLICATI aaaqaaahaqqtnQonasaoaaaaaasaasaaianaA pvvvVvv0'v9Q9vvQvV0'Qv,9v9vvVv9v..,y,g,.,3g,,Nip,,,Fg,,, .pgs HE ending of the school year of 19Q3, marks the close of one of the most successful literary eras the University has witnessed. Throughout the year there have appeared in The Pennsyl-vanfian, time after time, brilliant editorials and news articles concerning our campus life and affairs of the outer world. Nor have contemporary publications lagged behind. The Punch Bowl has increased its circulation manyfold and brought exceedingly favorable criti- cism on its clever jokes and quips and cartoons, that are worthy of our best National humorous magazines. Under the guidance of very able literary minds the Red and Blue has developed from a puny medium of campus expression to a virile mouthpiece of all-important and serious topics. And in this book-this "Record!'-much effort and interest have been displayed in making it an asset to our University. Even before we were well settled at the University, we were attracted to The Pennsylnanian. We had heard so much about the wonderful possibilities open to heelers, and were told that even though we didn't make the Board, the experience gathered would be suflicient to repay us for our elforts. After passing through a maze of splendidly fitted editorial offices, we soon found ourselves before the spacious burnt walnut desk of the Chief. In terse and precise language we were told what not to do. However, it took a lot to discourage us those days, and with hearts filled with joy and pens with ink we wrote and wrote and wrote. But, modestly speaking, everybody has not the ability to write, so several of our more phlegmatic classmates essayed the business departments. One of our tasks was to go out every night when on duty and get the printing force some coffee- at least they said it was codec, but we could get it at one place only. Maybe it wasn,t coffee. Everybody volun- teered to deliver Pennsylvanians in the mornings, and from that great number it was necessary to choose a few fortunate delivery boys. "Dave" Cavers, T. B. Young, and "Sa1n,' Smith, be- lieving in that old motto "a rolling stone does not glitter," soon had their H30 points" written and were so well known among the illumini and to other high lights on the Cavan 301 THE PENNSYLVANIA "PUNCH BOWL" Board of M anagers Editor-in-Cliiqf ..... C. MAXNVELL PLAISTED, '23 Managing Editor . . . REGINALD M. BUDD, '24 Business Manager .... HENRY B. HESTON, '23 Circulation Manager . . . RALPH LOVENDALE, '23 Advertising Manager . . . FRED LEVY, '23 Art Editor ....... W. THORNTON MARTIN, '24 ROBERT E. STAFFORD, '23 J. SEATON HUFF, '24 JOE SHULOF, '25 WARREN J. MILLER, '23 JOHN E. LONERGAN, '23 ALFRED HARBAGE, '24 J. MCALISTER, '23 SAMUEL MCCONNELL, '23 LANVRENCE MCEVOY, '23 LESTER I'IANO, ,25 JOHN HANN, '24 CHARLES WEINSTOCK, '25 Art Spoons I'IARRY K. HIESTAND, '23 PAUL W. PENNOCK, '25 J. E. ANTHONY, '25 Editorial Spoons HOWARD A. NIEDHOLT, '24 ELLIOT K. GILROY, '25 FRANK EUSTACE, '24 Business Spoons LOUIS, A.l BRUNNER, JR., '23 NATHAN HAMBURGER, '23 CHARLES DAGIT, '25 EDYVIN EDELSTEIN, '24 JOHN J. KAUFFMAN, '25 302 JOHN L. EVANS, '24 GEORGE STEVENS, '25 GEORGE D. MULLEN, '24 GEORGE MCCLINTIC, '24 S. M. BENDINEH, '25 GALEN S. HOLSHUE, '24 CLIFFORD ORR, '24 IRVIN SUMMERS, '25 EUGENE ARNFELD, '25 MELVIN SHAPIRO, '25 campus that they were elected as Night Editors, serving thus during their Sophomore years. G. H. Beaudry and "Bill" Charlton took a little longer to catch up with their classmates, but they gradually rose to the position of Editor in their Senior years. "SamU Smith ended his career on The -Pennsylvanian as Editor While "Dave,, Cavers Was the Editor-in-Chief. V. V. Sweeney, a man to be "loved and feared but never ignored" was the power behind the "Penn and Ink Col- yumf, and one of the Editors. "Johnny" Schell, the 'SNewsboys' Pridef, De Alton J. Ridings, 6'Bill" Davies, 'SIrv" Saperston, s and "Larry" lVIcEvoy, all rose from the ranks, as it were, and in their Senior year we find them swivelling in the following chairs: Schell, Business Nlanagerg Davis, Circulation hflanager, Ridings, Advertising Nlanagerg and Saperston, First Assistant Business lVIanager. J lVe do not make it a habit to talk about our classmates, but we want to say this one time that they did themselves proud under the excellent leadership of 'cDave,' Cavers, and will go down in the University annals as worthy Pennsylva- nians. As official organ of the student body of the University, the Red and Blue had, in passing years, grown stronger and finer, and if its excellence were to be perpetuated a need for new and virile pens was imminent. And this need was filled by several of our literary and artistic classmates, who saw in this publication an admirable medium for ex- pression of their divers abilities. The Red and Blue was growing bigger and better and here was a chance to get in and carry off some of the glory of success. Graeme Lorimer, genial, with facile pen and no end of originality, took the reins of lVIanaging Editor into his hands during his Junior year, and had little trouble in reaching the coveted post of Editor-in-Chief, in this, his Senior year. Wlhere the Red and Blue had formerly voiced the subtle lines of poets and dramatists, with only an occasional picture of some athletic event, she now became a medium for everything that was of campus interest: pictures of personalities, of teams in action, book reviews, serious topics on economics, science and the arts, profuse drawings, comic and serious, short stories, verse and-even Plaigjggl 303 THE "RED AND BLUE" Editov'-in-Chief . Alflllllgillg Editor . Art Eclitor ..... Board of WALTER P. MILLER, JR., '23 DAVID F. CAVERS, '23 BEN S. LVICGIVERAN, '23 T. B. YOUNG, '23 SAM M. HIRSCH, '24 EDXVARD ALTEMUS, '24 FRED SMILLIE, '24- B71-91-HE?.S.S Jlanagfv' . . Circulation. Dlanager . :'1!Ilff37'fI.Sillg Dlanczgcr . Business JOHN C. BOGAN, JR., '23 LOUIS SCIIWARTZ, '24 JOHN HOBIER CHASE, '23 A. R. XYHYLY, '24 HAROLD HECHT, '24 C. R. TRUITT, 'Q-L GRAEME LORIMER, '23 HERMAN HETTINGER, '23 ROBERT STAFFORD, '23 Editors W. THORNTON RIARTIN, '24 CLIFFORD B. REEVES, '24 .FRED QUINN, '24 D. BARLOXV BURKE, '25 L. DANIEL BLANK, '24 E. D. L. FISOHER, '24 JAY CULVER, '23 L. M UGLER, '23 EVERETT R. L. HO:XDLEY, '24- . F. Al REIXAI, '2-L Assistants R. STREETER, '25 R. XV. ZEI-IRING, '25 LEICESTER E. SALOMAN, 'Q-L C. EDWARD GRAFNIUELLER, '25 M. B. ALLEN, '25 J. NV. xv,-KLKER, '25 JAMES M CVEY, '25 304 a beauty contest. But let us stop there. Herman Hettinger, who has very little trouble writing on things of vital interest, became an Editor in his Junior year. That Herman was not dozing over .f l ' his pen is evidenced by his succeeding to the W position of lVIanaging Editor. Herman, however, 56 has acquired an executive turn of mind in his last 2, p year at the University CWharton School will do ' y ',r' Q itj and now has enough heelers writing for him to keep the Red and Blue brimful of good news until 1 i", I e Q the end of school, so you see, after all, that he does handle his odice well, VValter P. Nliller and 0.Qf3JM David Cavers made the board as Editors in their Junior year. "Benn NIcGiveran, outside of his business hours, writes most delicious verse, and if you've subscribed you can verify what we say. T. B. Young, who won undying fame for himself through his article, "Public Disgrace, and How To Bear It,', became an Editor during his Junior year. D. Jay Culver didn't join until this year, and though we wondered where he had been for the last three years, his work was liked so well fm and he was so generous in giving it that the best thing that could happen to him did in the shape of a. Real and Blue key. W'hile Graeme and Herman and the rest of the boys were spending money as rapidly as they could, Everett lVIugler was trying to make it- and in his Junior year was made Advertising Nlanager. It is said that he was so industrious and would send the heelers to such remote and danger- ous places for advertisements that many of them never returned. Anyway, the Board thought highly enough of Everett to elect him Business Manager. John Bogan, who got an early start, having made the Board in his Sophomore year, became so popular in other circles that even a small share of his time on the Real and Blue was acceptable during his Junior and Senior years. "Bob" Stafford is one of those chaps who is so modest about his work that he has to be shoved into the limelight. XV e, his classmates, are certainly proud of "BobU and think his covers are great. Especially were we glad to learn that he ihad been made Art Editor during his Senior year. Perhaps there's just enough pathos in every Freshman to make him a true humorist. Anyway, some of our class- mates saw many funny things happening around the campus, even though the Vigilance Committee furnished RED AND BLUE r , I Qi' f If?5z" .f' f H ":' 4'V7 A , , s r ', . X .::."f13 .ugiffp 19,1 . s Chi . i. e:ef5" n . r r -r :" 3':L:.:f1 ---.. ,K . ' ,Q N lifH,f5. isa'-" .- X" , i ,wi 'zwv' 'rr' - .ilxivrrk , ' Jie? lt :Hp ..-41212 uwwzf-.i., .. 'l , 23,-L, 1 h Av I 41, V '2XlY5q:z'?,' H. ff if ft is N. - ,ew ' ff . . V 'Wm-rzfeii 1 'N'?.fK5Q1: 'ffx ,T 5115231-113. My Larimer 305 THE H1923 CLASS RECORD" BOARD Editor-in-Chief . . Managing Editor . Business M anager . Circulation M anagor Advertising M anagcr Art Editor .... Photographic Editor WALTER E. CARTER WM. H. O,REILLY PAUL ROOT LEON N. EPSTEIN V. STOUFFER ROY F. LARSON HENR1' BORIE Editors K REGINALD SMITH J. W. PRICE P. H. SCHLOSBERG Associate Editors T. B. K. RINGE W. J. A. WVATT K. K. TITLOW J W. P. MILLER H. FREYV WNAIDNER Art Associates A. H. SPENCER G. F. FREDERICKS H. B. DOPPEL Business Associates A. GOULD B. GERRIN R. BUECIILER S. COHEN J. FROELICH 306 the aforementioned pathos, so the Punch Bowl was picked on by these. The committees they have met since would make any Vigilance Committee appear mild, but more of that later. C. Nlaxwell Plaisted, to be correct, but we call him "hIaX,', began drawing startling pictures during his Sophomore year and was made Art Spoon. WVith a change in womenls style of dress, "Maxi, was better able to depict current feminine daintiness to the extent of being made Art Editor the following year. This year "Max" was Editor-in-Chief, and a good one, as the Punch Bowl of 19923 will bear out. Henry Heston was Business Spoon when a Junior and now is Business lVIanager. Ralph Lovendale didn't let his spirit grow cold and went out for business, making the Board in his Freshman year and holding it until he became a Junior. Fred Levy, to quote Alger, had a meteoric rise from Business Spoon to Advertising Editor. "Bohn Stafford "drew', a key very readily with his clever art work. Harry Hiestand drew such good automobiles that he just naturally drove into the office and a key. VVarren J. Miller got an early start, becoming an Editorial Spoon in his Sophomore year and continuing through as a Junior and Senior. John Qnot pronounced "Jawn"J E. Lonergan waxed so humorous during his Junior year that the only outlet was through the Punch Bowl, so he was also made an Editorial Spoon. Samuel NIcConnell, Lawrence J. lVIcEvoy, and Nathan Hamburger sold enough advertisements and subscriptions to merit the coveted gold key. 'CNate,' retired, however, before graduation. Louis A. Brunner was a Business Spoon while a Sophomore, Junior, and Senior. After chasing around for several weeks trying to find the g'Record,, office, our efforts were finally crowned by success, a.nd thenceforth some very hard work. VVe were all given some lengthy assignments and assisted generally around the office under the direction of the 1922 Board. Competition increased as Hey Day approached, all of the eligibles were on edge until the good news was announced. Then! VValter Carter, who rounded up subscriptions running into the hundreds-or was it thousands?-was, because of his everlasting good nature and good sense elected Editor-in-Chief. Due to his etlicient super- vision this H1923 Class Recordw has been put before you. William O!Reilly was, as Managing Editor, "VVallyH Carter's first and most able assistant. Paul Root, one of the "goldites," was elected Business Manager. N. Stouffer was chosen Advertising lVIanager, while Leon Niles Epstein was chosen Circulation Manager. The positions of Art Editor and Photographic Editor went to Roy F. Larson and Henrie Borie, respectively. To J. YV. Price, Reginald Smith, and P. H. Schlosberg went the positions of Editors. Conferred upon the following was the title of Associate Editors: T. B. K. Ringe, J. K. Titlow, W. J. A. VVatt, VV. P. Nliller, and H. F rew 'Waidner. The Art Associates were A. H. Spencer, H. B. Doppel, and G. F. Fredericks. Then came the Business Associates and they were: A. Gould, B. Gervin, J. Froelich, Richard Buechler and S. Cohen. Time and toil forsooth are small I f you but a goodly judgment make. 307 iiffiw 5 1' 'I 5,155 j ij A ., 5 JL 5' . ' f N 0 ml J ig, I ,f :OZ '59-xii C Xxx I X ' K S -3. J . , Muna THEIIQEDKCELU-Ln + , 5 3 'lmnaalm HEELEQ HINTEQYIENWYS? f Lf ,N gf . A 'WMC 5051. AD is ff 5sQwaQwaY52'sUfH25' 3 J if , s EA 0 . 4 ' , A Tvpucm. COLLEGE VW " '-'iz' X , MQW- X W 5, 1 , QF' , A !! -'AS ff,-3 55 'X f avr. ' - " ' -i 3' 1 " 1 404 '. I " 'QECOQD EDITOQ NNv W me TO Gl:T mer or 5l:NIOQS ATTAMNMENTS WHILE'-'r A , .V X N gig, .. f X i HEELEQ more GDAPHS TH E HAXJGHTY BOY' E QW xv, X lull I x 6 R J J? f S A E xl l 1 Q IF X. Puls, wil Q w f J 1 L- N N-M f4 HVENNSYLVANlAN" X 1 VAINLT Arjimvr A V v W . V -'f""' X ' M l f if QEMQ -lggk 308 THE FRANKLIN SOCIETY Board Qf Mcznagers President .... Vice-Presiclemf. . Secretary-Treasurer XVALTER E. CARTER DAVID F. CAVERS HENRH' B. HESTON JOHN SCHELL 309 . . GRAERIE E. LORIMER , . C. NIAXVVELL PLAISTED . EDNK'ARD R. BUSHNELL EVERETT L. BIUGLER THOMAS B. K. RINGE PAUL B. ROOT TA 'iff A f'hMv'T'f'f 'W - J 77 jig.: fw L 'nigga PM 'MA -'F-'fu ' .,,, , gi ,L QAM 1 ' 1- ' I .t' 4 gli I, KL xi ga' I HE lbldfl-7 ,ffl ' ,, l,'.l -I - ju- 5 '- vmri 7 mv! N Vi I .yi . ,rf-':'.Y3, 5 W v SH' . In 4,4 , xi IQJQ. 1 R f 1 3.3.12-U-, W -Az, 4 X. . - ,M f. j . 1, .gxfilff Z Ig! H- li" fx? 1 ?'lIjQl5'fyg1E XE rm f ll 63? L? ,, 7 C 173- hggs A jp Hx We . " ,lag - 4: . li ll N w: 'iqwjq lf ' 1, 'lgliz X' X-gl V F3 ,illlzx nj ill' if Q I N. ' 2 .-'.U1-j,"' , . Tj-1 -nb-ull -I I T7 .fy " 19, uf 151243411 Q. 1 , Egg, 522 mf, ' Q wx" . -V" ll 'N' ,M !1: Vff l1I,.':'P A: -QJ .. 1 1 , ,-. Q4 ' ' U , Q . J NwI,jfm If XQLLT, il.-,f?s.?3:"'-A Q ix 4 f 'u1v:5fg1s ' 4? 'N '-QL . SJ- I - it .N.iL' -X k41.nI"'i-F51 310 y--U ,, ,-,:H-'w-ff:f- 1 gaps-1-'fr' ,u:4N.e. .- . V M V M ,, .,., 7gi.5EJn.x .Z .I . . , V V Q V, V A Q b! I E559 1 9 ' L - ' f 69,51 U, S- .. D . ,-,w.-.- , -,V , -f ,V Q ., . I 5Lqi,ii:E:,., '- me , vig .1 W., V. - Q . Y , 2,--3 , , X, - 1 ,- .f f W . V , , Q M V,, 'V ., px, Q23 21, .F ' -1: n Wiz: Q I - ' ' xx f 1' , if'-- 'Q , V- ' 1' 5 1' 1' , 'Q 'Q . , I 1 '.,, X E "1"L.' ' 1 ' f + w 7 rf, nw WT f 4 Xa 1 N 1' fx ' Y ' Q gf 1 ' EV , ,, - ' f W! 1 ,U W f, . "E , I , , , .. fzqfi' w iw I ag, , ,- ' ' . Y -5 ,M I si , , a ' " f 4 2' ' ' Y , 2 . ' ' M 1 1 f . ,, N t , 15,-, ' A X - I , , 4 ' - I :w I -' - A ' ' N 1 41: , , , . 131- ' W A K h - ' 1 FL, . K 'T Y 1 ,l fi' g ' . W ' I Q " pf' '. , ' X QQ Y 'L ' V. :1 V , . I ,, - N pf ' As' ww, f - H- ' 's ' ' 5,5,a,fL:,f Q", 1 rf X , ,N , , , . .. ,. , L ,,N, 11 , n , 1 ffl 51 3-:ffl gg '3,y's-- - 1 ,tv 1 1, .1 1 ur K1 '- 1 ,w -- 3s r- 11-r -1,- ., if v,gy'7,g,.1wg.-111: -5!j.'e:t',,g,'t-jp-1, gqwyf-14, y-rf-17 -r My 1 - "L 1' -1:1-.' " QT W- " " - , fivjazj ,,, LL."1,9f- 2 L34 '- " f V J-1' ' ' f' ' N ' ' '- Vi" .- 4, lf'-'V 1' .' 1 ,iff 'f"'fiHf' FE 'WF 17' 'wr-H1'f3 'EW WS' W? +15 Mx PHE if V134 51,35 j . ' ' ,, ,, , . ,,, ,,. x . X. ,. ,, R . 4,1 . A.. , ,Mt ,,.,, W ,V ,M , , ,, , , . J - " , ' ,, . . ,, L ' '- f-'.' wf '. " N'-L 'mp :Za -ual L1 .11 fif' "g ' N ' V' , "W w Y ' ' if . V , V ' V . A, ,I 1 3.,.:x..L.mg4A,fu,.,..1.,4.?...,,Q'..,Q..p..--..,.Q.1..4,.4W..,.g........LL..p T'Q.:QiL.-4Q,1..',p,sgiL,.4-,.z.m..iagi212M.i:..,.n-T-,,-...'....,,., QA , X , , A , ,,,.,,:., my X. ..,,5K::gT,.7..,.-....,......,..,.. Y...,V.....,..,Y M- Y.., .. ,... -W . ..,.,,,,,.,.,...,.,..,,, ,,.,A .,,,-,.,...,,,,.,,..,., ., , . , -,Y..,..,,,,., ..A.,,,,,, ATHLETIC N APPRAISAL of the status of athletics at the University of Pennsylvania cannot be made with unlimited pride. Not one of the six major sports and thirteen minor sports has produced a championship team so far this year. However, three of the major sports and Eve of the minor sports have two months to go before completing their season, and success should come to Pennsylvania through at least two of these teams. , The new Franklin Field Stadium was far enough advanced in construction to accommodate maximum attendance from the beginning of the football season. This magniicent structure, seating 50,000 people, and costing 2B800,000, will be completely finished in time for the spring relays. The Stadium is of Italian Renaissance architecture and a beautiful work of modern engineering. Football naturally predominates in the world of college sports. The improve- ment of the Red and Blue gridders last fall over the team of the year before was, therefore, highly acceptable to the student body. The season, taken as a whole, was fairly successful, with five games won and three lost. Lacking a concen- trated and driving attack, but superb on the defense, the ,Varsity met not a single reverse by a decisive score. The early season games with Franklin and Marshall, University of the South, and the University of Maryland, were won with ease. Swarthmore gave our men more of a battle, but Pennsylvania triumphed by one touchdown. The brilliant victory over Navy was gained partly through individual playing, but more through the fighting spirit displayed by the team. Too confident of their ability, the following week, and expecting an easy game, the Red and Blue met defeat at the hands of Alabama. Pittsburgh and Cornell were classed among the Hrst five teams of the country. Pitt defeated Penn by the single point scored after touchdown. A week later Penn State, although consistently outclassed by our team, held the Red and Blue to a 6 to 'T score. Thanksgiving Day, Cornell, exhibiting the most powerful and well- timed offense seen on Franklin Field in recent years, and seemingly making Hrst downs at will, were held to a single touchdown and one field goal. With the wealth of material available next year, for football, and with fighting "Lou', Young as head coach, everyone expects Pennsylvania to get back where she has been-at the very top. The basketball season ended with Penn tied for last place in the Intercollegiate 312 League. Several games were lost by a single point, two more in extra periods. Yale, winners of the League championship, finally defeated our ,Varsity at New Haven in three extra periods, and Dartmouth scored a win in two extra periods. In every game Pennsylvania fighting spirit was supreme. Our men were never beaten and caused the best teams in the race worry at every turn. Pennsylvania basketball is in the process of reconstruction and we know that a few years hence she will lead the League once more. The Soccer team finished second to Princeton the past season, being de- feated by a close score after the two teams tied for the championship. Coach Stewart developed his organization at the beginning of the year from only a few certainties. hlost of the players will be back next year, and, with their greater experience, Pennsylvania has better than an even break to repeat her victory of two years ago. Wfhile no claims were made for championship honors in baseball, last year's nine held its own with the best of the college teams. Under the guidance of Coach Cariss and Captain 'SBilly', hlaher, Pennsylvania won sixteen games and lost eight. Two games were taken from Cornell and one from Dartmouth, the last after fifteen innings of strenuous play. Wlalter Huntzinger, pitching perhaps the best ball in college circles, turned in twelve victories in as many times on the mound. The Red and Blue nine should be strong contenders for the championship this spring. It has been years since as hard-hitting and experienced a team has been brought together. Difhcult as it is to judge by such of the early season games as have been played, at this time no winner is more likely than Pennsylvania. In track a.thletics, Pennsylvania did not quite measure up to the record made two years before, when the Intercollegiates were won. However, Captain "Larry" Brown broke two worldas records on Franklin Field, one in a special race of 1,000 yards, the other as an anchor man in the two-mile relay at the Pennsylvania Relays. The Dartmouth meet resulted in a victory for our track- men, but Cornell triumphed over them by a narrow margin. The team got no better than fifth in the Intercollegiates at Harvard stadium, due to the failure of the Red and Blue runners to perform up to their previous standards. So far this year, Pennsylvania has had a very successful season, winning the Indoor Intercollegiates, in New York largely through the efforts of the Held men developed by Coach Robertson recently. The annual Relays, to be held on Franklin Field the last week of April, will be bigger and have a wider repre- sentation than ever before. Pennsylvania should make a creditable showing in these games, but will be heavily handicapped by the loss of such stars as "Larry,' Brown, Bronder, Meredith, and Holden through graduation and ineligibility. The first crew race of the season was won by Pennsylvania from Yale, on the Schuylkill, last spring. At the same time the Junior 'Varsity and Freshman contests resulted in victory. In the Childs Cup Race with the 150-pound crew rowing as ,Varsity, Pennsylvania took third place. The Red and Blue placed 313 fifth in the Poughkeepsie regatta, the last race of the year. The 150-pound crew was the best in the country and developed such a reputation that no other crew of its class would compete against it. Pennsylvania should win more races this spring than last, since most of the 'Varsity of last season is again eligible to compete, and additional facilities at the new boat-house are bound to be re- flected in the development of new material. The showing of the winter minor sports has been very creditable. The boxing team lost the championship to the Naval Academy by one match, after winning every other intercollegiate meet. The swimming team finished third to Yale and Princeton in the League race. Ice hockey, after a late start, proved its worth to the management of the local rink and is firmly established for next year. Pony polo, another recent addition to the minor sports at Pennsylvania, among other teams defeated our traditional rivals at Princeton. The success of the outdoor minor sports is problematical. Perhaps the great- est chances for a championship belong to lacrosse, which tied for the title last year. There has been a re-birth of interest in this sport and at present Coach Powers has a squad of seventy men working out daily. From the standpoint of mass athletics, the University of Pennsylvania has had as much or more success than any college in the East. The policy of en- couraging each man to go out for some sport has long featured Pennsylvania's athletic program. Records show that of approximately 4,000 students on the rolls of the Department of Physical Education, almost one-half receive gym credit during some part of each year as a candidate or member of one of the nineteen major and minor sport teams. 1 314 EE E Y E XXXAJCDR E IE S PCDRTS Q v Ei 1Ll!1Aww'w'TxI1mwWW4W4iW0WVW4 o EE E bfwffwffw-fr'YfW'4 ocaeooooooooeooo ooo Ei LE, E Q E IE 'VET E 'E E :E El K7 T E Q xx . E ra X X V' m Q fm E IE :ie egg 9? . ae! 9ml4.?g,w: Pg? P' K - 'W' " QEEI WEARERS OF THE "P," 1923 -S5?15'1:??Ii76'1"9fHilSi4?-fw- "" -" T A I A X 507248 515 li 'MQ a. uvQIly4is Wh' .5 'uf -5 1-new A A - BQ Q E E E fel-'D -fel-Il ' . W E A K E K S el-1 2 OF -I-A-2 Q QQ if-gl-ul. V 2 FOOTDALL 50 CCE La f"l9'3 ' . ERTRESVAA cowps Tnw E .. Q ' 'B Qvfiforx G CREW Pfssfaxef? id' " Chl ? LANGDON wus E Len Me ELROY f"l13'? 0 voecsum Roos :ers AME LIA Q -'H amuse? avsqsfwaz zefesafa 51'-" Ew a 2395? 'SSEETLEL5 A8352 C"'-'ig gm GRAF WILLIAMS DLAIR. GMA K ge QECKVS SHAMMES NOLTE Q04 VTCAL las EEF? LA caossz EHOAYEIE DASEDALL QE?" P Wiffarln DA5:fLif:.HmAA A-A-2 Eu W V G VLLIVAN qfldls bib EN SVLL IVAN SFARRELL gems FLECK. MILLER, STOVT A- 3 ff-IEW? Q T RACK Q 'GMS "M Bw-1943 A-'E-H? csaL 'El S "1" RIFLE TEAM A Q "9 gage? LA ROS E gf-I9-3 R5 .a P FQXUQW K A E gd'-" A . - . , .'I.' V- . - . V 5 "" Ar !4- . fr 0 6 9 S' 'af ' 13 ' ' 9 '4 L M Z ' 'e 'Q lg -1 gfli 1.V .ff-'5 gxbrdg QLLA A ,n.LL L A -'A AL- 317 CAPTAIN MILLER 318 PF55 ' WS f F7 "gems" .1. .L and from N ' HEN the curtain r was raised on 'ft Franklin Field ' for the football season of 1919 the Class of Q3 reported in full strength. Dr. John Keough assumed the reins of Freshman tutor this year, the heterogenous mass molded 'L formidable combination. The team L-03335: X a f , Q 9 L A L came through with an unblemished record, scoring victories over such rivals as hlercersburg and Kiski, and as a result they were acclaimed the Champion Freshman team of the East. Next season we stepped into the hands of John VV. Heisman, 'QQ-C, who had this year returned to his Alma Nlater as 'Varsity mentor. "Poss" Miller, "Johnny" Thurman, and "Bug" Ertresvaag upheld the honor of 'QS on the gridiron in the Sophomore year, for which they were awarded the coveted HP." In our third year two more men of the '23 Class, "Al" g Voeglin and "Al" Langdon, secured berths on the 'Varsity Of nine games played this season but three were lost, and those only after the fiercest struggle. Under Compton Miller, th fame in the Senior year. Captain Nliller, Sullivan, Langdon, Thurman, Ertres- , vaag, and Pennsylvania's greatest team for years was constructed. It was the honor of this team to dedicate a new stadium .s the impressing personality of Blanager "Jim" and our dashing, inspiring Captain, "Foss" e Class of 'Q3 reached its pinnacle of football Graf were used as the bulwarks around which Manager Compton ' J. ' '4 fr .af ,V-in-....a..-i ,fs--... g -..-.-.- - ww-v .M -fy-:7:.....1,-i. 4. .al f -2.-in-v:f.fJ wwf . iz .. ..1,..f.-.f.-i Mn. ,.f if :.: ' fn' A.:4f9..:f1g.y-6.2595 .ww ' if Q-.f.f-,,f.,,,i.f:-23'S+.: is f. ax?-V112-i tif..f-5'-ei-'Q-1,'fPf'ff3fgt'-ff.-ge.- 131:-vlzf. V.-2 raw- rn-wi, ...f,".i.'Qr,- ,,a .Z. 2 f'.:'i,'-... ,, -. :zQ.5.z'f, 'air-5'g.I:i,5:3'gza 4af1a,zsf3,gi,,'V, 5.'a'1'1'3.f-,.'fg-3'tiara 2 fb,y3ff-,gxf:1:mfI. ,434-F,-"ayefg-5535-11:45gray-,f:, "qy.:1.5.-'gigs--f ' vgffpg: v,1?.L',1Q,,'ypgff,4 ,L 'w - .1-Ja 1-g.,.-: .5 :A f ,rfy:1':g, zu: '.,g::': "Lf we-is .:' 'H' :Y 't.f.'f-:Ui .P-xf"f.z'W . 4 2-'-43" I 'swim-1 ":f.' Hi- 'k a'...,.e -' .pw '.4,...'ff' .. v-, I, 95" 4' 4,9 -. - if-.1-A -v Q-. 'Ma-w-2-+ 1- -:-iw 1. ,L-11.21-gs: hw- M. ' -few' er-a Al s. " ,Ms f-.J-.w . - f '. -' it '-"4 'ff.'.-44 s- 'f f:,:-.'.'.--f - ' -:f.1."5'. ' 5' f' -,sry.2.1f112a1f:ggWQ-..fgff'Z2 ?'i:'i.'Q-Qu 3126.121 "",v1I:l f !:,!9ri':ffh::','1., 25'-rfinii?W'.'1?fi'ZdQZHW' f,.,:1,,'f if f ,Q-9 ,3i,Qg"j? Y - . ,, ,, Us-,f,e,2f'? 4w.4,s1:,a1r-K f, aw, 5,4.-,faq-i'.:,,,3g4511, .- :eff-.Q .-2.-a..::S,f2.-f "LQ-1:fxeafafe-:.1-'.a?-shizwqnt . E-'ww' - :flu-'G"s','.' agp. +, aw s i-naifzfg.-.:f.-f....'. Muff.-,-','f,1 1, -2 .23 5.E,.,j, Q.-'Jai wtf-1 Ewa "L qw A 45, 1. ,, 2. -fir.-1 j 'fp -'-.-14.21.-?'gf,"!w .' 5.541-fi-wL,! f' - 2' -- : ,P .1 .fy ,X Q . fa' -1 -1 5 'ft -. ' " .Wk ry 1 , ::-1, . ,4',,'.1-- 1 .,.'.,'1. 11' 'K - ' is -2' A ,., - - - X " X' " '-.rg-, , , -V " :ff 'l,.L'4l"f1'-N s. aaa in H... 'iz1"f-.' if 1- 4 r 55 --'-f ,0 'f ' . 3-" afar:-.fri 1,-:4?fw,Q?f .5.+p.?,5r'-fa 'i5'h'2'e'5Z".-5 2 Q. " 1" . n ' m fg 1'.2' .: A .' . 3 ' ' '. '1'2:"'3-. - ff' -. . " .ff ' .-f'. f+1" ,f-Wa. 7 S,,,,.,,? g,,15E' -. i ff? 'iiefpfi-:-'T fli':S:. , " gr-' I 12' "7-b31l":-. 5" "'. 'PF '2v2'3?" " '- ?'. '- ' ' 1' 4 ' -H4 - 7 - ' ' '- .f -' ' ,," b v' 'sf-.- ' Navy-Perm Game 319 1 922 FOOTBALL TEAM opened this season for the first time and capable of holding 55,000 people. The way they performed their task may be judged by the following synopsis. Franklin and hlarshall were the first taken into camp by the tune of 14-0. The University of the South followed and a Q7-0 victory was turned in. Our next invaders, the University of lVIaryland, were repulsed by a score of IQ-0. Swarth- more visited Franklin Field, and by means of an on-side kick were the first to cross our goal-line this season. But, by a reversal of the same tactics, Pennsylvania retaliated and emerged victorious by a Tllilrmflll SC0re' Erlrcsuaag The strong U. S. Naval Academy were entertained on the following Saturday in one of the Hercest combats of the season. There is no one, I believe, who will ever forget the keen rivalry between the two institutions, the splendor of the stands, and the struggle of the teams displayed at this game which resulted in the fifth straight victory, 13-7, for our team. As a reaction of our success, over-confidence set in and enabled the University of Alabama to hand us our Hrst defeat of the season, 9-7. The powerful Pitt team were our next visitors, and although the result was disastrous for us, it was by a margin of only one point that they were able to secure victory. The intensity of the battle is evidenced by the close score, 7-6. if VW ws, ' "4 - 4. Jw-"ag .' Rf..-H211 , ... ,., . H. -, ef f M.. .w-aa-gg, '..-13.-A fig-in ,L 1- V AT, ,. Johnson Reckus Graf 321 Sept. Oct. Nov. FOOTBALL CHRONICLE Captain . Manager .... Assistant Managers Coaches , JONATHAN K. NIILLER JAMES D. COMPTON WM. E. ALMY NOEL R. HUEBER FRED B. SMILLIE JOHN WV. HEISMAN F. HAROLD GASTON DEXTER YV. DRAPER BERT BELL LOUIS A. YOUNG DR. JOHN KEOUGH 'THOMAS MCNAMARA THOMAS DAXVIES Left End, FAIRCHILD TEAM Left Tackle, SUTHERLAND Left Guard, IQELLY Center, DERN Right Guard, GRAIP Franklin and Nlarshall Right Tackle, TI-IURMAN Right End, ERTRESVAAG Quarterback, LANGDON Right H atfbaek, SULLIVAN, NICGRAVV Left H abfbaek, NIILLER CCAPTAIN7 F ullback, HABIER SCHEDULE . . ,Franklin Field University of the South . . . Franklin Field University of lNIaryland Swarthmore ..... U. S. Naval Academy . University of Alabama Pittsburgh ...... Penn State . Cornell . . . . . , Franklin Field . . . , Franklin Field , , . . Franklin Field . . . . Franklin Field . . . Franklin Field . . , Franklin Field . . , Franklin Field . 322 'Varsity Opponent . . . .141 0 97 0 . ..1Q 0 ...ll 6 ...13 7 . . . 7 9 . . . 6 7 . . . 7 6 . . . 0 9 In our next game the tables were turned and the Warriors of Penn State proved victims for our team, after a pitched battle, by ai score of 7-6. Our annual classic with the mighty, undefeated Cornell team took place, as ' usual, on Thanksgiving Day. The big ,,, Red team threatened our goal-line on ' Pf i i j i several occasions, but our valiant fighters ' uii' '5'i permitted them to cross once only. The if outcome was a 9-0 victory for the visitors. However, we have the distinction of being the only ones to hold Cornell to a single- figure score during the season. VVhereas defeat was tasted thrice, due 371,11-Mn to the narrow margin of the victors, the ' i2,,lg,,0,L ii' season is regarded as the rnost successful in recent years. Our team was given third place among the eastern elevens by 'L prominent sports writer, and Walter Camp selected Johnny Thurman as his choice for all-American tackle, with honorable mention for Captain "Foss llliller. This year marks a rejuvenated school spirit for football, the perpetuation of which will place Pennsylvania in its zenith as a football power. - Kaw stopped in Cornell game 323 -1. 'F 1 Nia Y as f, f ,WWX A xo i N Q O V. , X XX 4 9 K sgv 1:-W 1.1pf::2:Q1-fa4:92ff:.f' ., re-sfwfg. pm,-.,4,-.3-.441-,Q :g:,gf5g-::a,:- .mf , -f: fqw- NWN-AM . X X '- : --.mga 5mqg,,5:,,:2,,:-,--.www-,..-.-f.,, .MX - 2 ' ' f- rvrv-e:,',-sf.1f.::.'.Is':Ef,rgm?5v-1If' aw.-'A M A' A .AMX 7:-Q. . 1 - J 53: , .,,. gg-2.:sf::-15122-f.:,s:.3-.5-12556212856 X X fm : a- ----" 'L ' g fix X is ci WW sv .X ,. ZW W ,.,, I 1 .f:1:-1X.f:- " . :Q f .e. . .: X- - V ' f 'g 1 " 221:52-1-1' e 'few - .Q 1' L' "Q f' 1:25 f ' '- :ia 5. XX X? X fm 2 3 Xsy .ig 1 X X 4 52 V X X XX X Q , , , as f X' Q , Xj Q iwxi 32 v X. X 4 V' 1 W Q, Q 2 X. X X . Q fx y , f XX X 4 X i-,X Q 1 Q2 2 X PQ Q X y - ----'- MA 4- ,W Xf X' Q Q' N AQ X fs? X X 'F' 2 N, X , X Q X, 4 ,df vs Xw X ,5 X 2 X 'A X w X, 5 X T' QA ggi Q X Q A 4, wg X ,S v 0, X M X f X X ge S. 4 Z ' X P 'X , Y M X 434 X 932, X 2, X I Q X J ,fx if., A f 5 9 Q +39 x 5 Xi Q R4 1 , X 1 4' J Y v qs, 1 , 1 1 Y C 4 if I . W' E25 Sf' 't' : ' 2- ' 'gig-. : , 4 5: A X 413.53 :: :Q cam-safsf-.Q 1 DX . A,:5.j:'g' . ,4.,? +2 H - X:,..:,--H, . 1 53- .3 ,.- CAPTAIN WHEELER 324 fl E W 5.4. WISI-I! Slap! Let er run! Il1y Anotherucrabucaught. And there is another bent rigger -B+ or a broken oar. This great nn. '-- e - 4'f53E"'C3Fe- 'K 3 .4 "' aquatic event on the Schuylkill may have resembled, because of the splashing, a water polo game, but it was really the first fall practice of 1919, when the famous Class of 1923 made its debut. There, beneath the scornful gaze of the upper classmen, who, of course, were "past-masters" of the art of rowing, was crew history in the making. At Hrst we could absorb only the fundamentals, and the workouts were rough and stormy. In the class races held that fall, we had to bow to our traditional enemies, the Sophomores. But the will and the spirit were there, and when rowing was resumed, in the spring of 1920, our 1923 crew found itself in the following form: Bow, "Billy Chambers, 2, "Matty,' Mathewson, 3, "Babe" Lieiield, 11, "Pete,' Borie, 5, 'gRosie,' Rosenburgh, 6, "Jimmy" Rugh, 7, Frew Waidner, Stroke, "Vic" Eva, Coxswain, c'Jack', Chase-seven of whom in later years saw service in 'Varsity or Junior 'Varsity boats. This crew had only two races and made a creditable showing in both. Because of the importance of the regular workouts, Coach Wright did not permit the "First Freshn to row in the spring class races. But our second crew, meeting all comers in a series of races, won the interclass championship. This crew was made up as follows: Bow, Downes, 2, Roberts, 3, Smith, 4, Ireland, 5, Sexton, 6, Williams, 7, Wheeler, Stroke, Outcalt, Coxswain, Zimmer. When, as important Sophomores, we returned in October, 1920, no 'Varsity crews were picked, but, just before Thanksgiving, a class race was held, in which we again had to bow to a superior crew-this time the Seniors. As in all fall practice, however, the most important thing was the Hspottingv of men for the next spring's big Manager Barry Coach Wriglzt 325, 1921 'VARSITY CREW 'X Ax 9 K Qgf.'g:..-'li gf" A L .. , 3?-all if vs S- ' '-1-sc-rn 51? if in "1f'5T. we 3 J 'fi' X 8, s x" 4- ' r' NA' sa:.f:s-:aes . F' ' - Q -ws., 4gi-15se1f:-:.a:-a- my .p R ' A End of J. V. Race, Princeton, May 13, 19.22 f i I .I is, ' , , 9 l A crews. Among the many 1923 men there were a f 1 , . number whom Coach WVright recognized at once as 'Varsity material. J, ' ' -, -,-zz In the spring of 1921, after a hard struggle for ' Ooxsgbain Chase places inthe big crews, six 1923 men found them- H,aidng selves "in the seats of the mighty." On the 'Varsity were Relph Roberts in Bow, "Ed" VVheeler in 4, and Frew VVaiclner in 5. And in the Junior 'Varsity boat were "Babe" Liefield, "Jimmy" Rugh, and "J ack" Chase. In the fall of 1921 our new boathouse was formally dedicated. These new quarters accommodated a record-breaking number of candidates, and Pennsyl- vania can now boast of the largest and best boathouse on the Schuylkill and one of the finest in collegiate ranks. In place of a class race that fall, the dedicatory exercises were made the occasion for a series of encounters between several specially picked crews, in all of which 1923 was well represented. The 1922 season was the most successful for Pennsylvania since the war, and 1923 can proudly point to her share in the success. The 1923 men on the 'Varsity were Wheeler, WVaidner, Roberts, Chambers, Williams, and Chase, while Ricker and Rugh were the Junior 'Varsity representatives of the class. These two crews came through the dual races with a string of victories, and in the Henley, held on the Schuylkill, the 'Varsity gave the famous Navy eight a hard, spirited ight. During this season, too, Coach "Joe" Wright developed a fine 150-pound crew. This crew won the 150-pound championship, being undefeated in its class, and established a new record in the Henley. It was also selected to represent Pennsylvania as 'Var- sity in the Childs' Cup Race, and as a Junior 'Varsity in the Henley and at Rygh Poughkeepsie. On this crew were the fol- Rgbgrtg 327 1921 JUNIOR 'VARSITY CREW lowing 1923 men: "Don" Wagner, "Ches' Chesney, '6Chollie', Rohlfing, and "Fred" Outcalt. Fall rowing in 19622 saw the sport rise to greater heights of popularity. The class race was post- poned until the following spring, but in the boat which won the intra-mural race, there were many 1,923 men. Now that indoor work on the machines has begun, speculation is rife as to this season's out- come and the makeup of the crews. This year there are in the University nine men from last year's two ,Varsity crews, all but two of whom are 19223 men, and only the stroke of last year's 150-pound crew has graduated, leaving a good combination which includes four 1923 men. So a Chambm very good season, with IQQ3 well represented, can Ricky be expected for this, our last year at Penn. Rowing, among sports one of the most aristocratic and yet one of the most popular, is daily advancing at Pennsylvania. The greater share of this is due, no doubt, to 'iloew VVright, a capable and popular coach, and, in his time, a great oarsman. Under his careful and expert guidance, the great Pennsylvania rowing traditions of the past are fast being turned into the realities of the present. And, in this development, 1923 can proudly claim to have had a large part. For the last three years, the names of Captain "Ed" Wheeler, Frew Waidner, and Relph Roberts have remained on the ,Varsity crew lineup. Changes have been made, others have come and gone, but those three remain as almost a fixed part of the 'Varsity boat. And 'cPhilU VVilliams, "Bill,, Chambers, "Jimmy,' Rugh, Earl Ricker, and "Jack" Chase cannot be forgotten when the rowing history for the past few years is recorded. VVe can but look forward with hopes for their continued success in their last, and what should be their best season of rowing at Pennsylvania. 'Varsity Race, Poughkeepsie, June 26, 1922 329 1921-150-POUND CREW CREW CHRONICLE SEASON O F 1922 LAWRENCE MIXNSFIELD ROSENBURGH CHARLES GORDON COOKE CHARLES VICTOR BARRY . .JOSEPH WRIGHT Captain .... ,,,,, Dlanager ..... . . Assistant Dlanager . . , , Coach ..... THE CREWS 'Varsity Junior 'Varsity 150-Pound Freshman Bow, R. ROBERTS L. M. ROSENBURGH D. C. XVAGNER J. J. DOYLE 2. P. T. WILLIAMS E. W. DAY J. H. BEATTIE B. R. LAUB 3. H. T. SWAN T. D. FRENCII R. L. HENN R. R. HAWS 4. W. E. CHAMBERS G. B. SINGER K. P. CHESNEY W. D. BEATTIE 5. H. F. VVAIDNER M. W. MUGGLEII C. C. ROHLFING A. D. KANREICH 6. E. WHEELER J. A. RUGH F. G. OUTCALT D. B. BIATTOS 7. S. JELLINEK E. K. RICKER H. M. TEAR L. H. METZGER Stroke, R. B. NIA'1'TISON H. A. BIEDHOLDT L. F. BARNHART R. M. BEACH 'Co.rswain, J. H. CHASE N. B. DAYTON E. A. SHUMXVAY A. M. ROSE SCHEDULE April April 'May 'May 1VIay .J une 15 29 13. 20 27 26 Yale at Philadelphia. Distance, li miles. Wton by Pennsylvania, time, 6.53. Junior 'Varsity: YVOH by Pennsylvania, time, 7.02Z. 150-pound: Won by Pennsylvania, time, 6.45. Harvard at Cambridge. Distance, 12 miles. Won by Pennsylvania, time, 7.06. Junior 'Varsityz VVon by Pennsylvania, time, 7.03. Childs, Cup Race at Princeton. Distance 1M miles. VVon by Princeton, time, 9.20, second, Columbia, third, Pennsylvania. Junior 'Varsityz 1Von by Princeton, time, 9.54, second, Pennsylvania. Freshman Cdistance, 135-5 mileslz YVon by Princeton, time, 7.25, second, Pennsylvania. Columbia at New York. 150-pound crews only. Distance, 13 miles. Won by Pennsylvania, time, 6.30. American Henley at Philadelphia. Distance, li Iniles. 1rVOn by Navy, time, 65.282, second, Pennsylvania. Junior 'Varsityz YVOH by Princeton, time, 6.38M. 150-pound: VVon by Pennsylvania, time 6.41 Cnew recordj. Freshman: VVon by Navy, time, 6.43M, second, Pennsylvania. Intercollegiate Rowing Association Regatta at Poughkeepsie. 'Varsity C3 mileslz VVOH by Navy, time, 13.33M Knew recordj, second, WVashington. Junior 'Varsity Q2 mileslz VVOD by Cornell, time, 9.45M. Freshman C2 milesj: XVOII by Syracuse, time, 9.27, second, Penn- Sylvania. SEASON OF 1923 Captain ......... . . . . EDVVARD WHEELER Manager .... . ........ CHARLES VICTOR BARRY Assistant lvlanager . . . . PAUL CARL BODE Coach ...... . . JOSEPH VVRIGHT SCHEDULE April 21. Navy at Annapolis. April 28. Childs' Cup Regatta at Philadelphia. . May 5. Triangular Regatta at Derby, Conn., Yale, Pennsylvania, Columbia. May 26. American Henley at Philadelphia. June -. Intercollegiate Rowing Association Regatta at Poughkeepsie. 331 :NQQU SP'-W-D, CAPTAIN LEVER 332 f-5,555 the colleges and universities of the country a great number of those who had left to enter the service. The war now safely out of the way, education could again be given its place, and so we find a decided increase in the number of students at Pennsylvania. A natural reaction to the years of war Was the general re- vival of all forms of athletic activity, and track received its due share of attention. It is a curious thing that, though other sports seem to have "on,' and 'goffi' years, track at Pennsylvania has maintained a consistent standard. It is an uncommon year when some record is not broken by Pennsylvania men, and the fame of the annual Relay Carnival on Franklin Field has spread to all parts of the world. France, Canada, and England have sent representatives to compete with American teams in previous years and this year the Australian University of Sydney, New South 1Vales, Australia, is contemplating joining , T ff A c K In X 1 ' N TI-IF, fall of 1919, there returned to J.L.E. the ranks of foreign claimants for honors at the relays. It has been given to the Class of 1923 to witness this revivification activities, and to follow the progress made during the last four years in the realm ruled by the stars of track. Names of those gone before-like Berry, Meredith, Lip- pincott, Dorsey-inspired the Class of 1923, as Freshmen, With some sense of the great heritage that was theirs as Pennsylvania men. In their Freshman year, the Class of 1923, barred, of course, from the 'Varsity, made an enviable record. "Don" Head, as a member of the cross-country team, Won the annual cross-country meet With Me1'cersburg. Running on the track team, he Won the mile event in the Nlercersburg meet, finished first in the 2-mile at Cornell, and captured Hrst place in the mile in the meet with the combined high and preparatory schools. "Boots" Lever, captain of the Freshman aggregation, was foremost in the dashes, being the national junior 60-yard champion, holder of the Worldis record for the 60-yards, and southern collegiate 80-yard champion. Shattuck also made the runners of Cornell, Hill, and the combined high and preparatory schools do a bit of hustling to keep him in sight. McMullan, as a middle-distance man, ran splendid races in the quarter- and half-mile events, as did George 333 in athletic Coach Robertson VARSITY' TRACK SQUAD Mereditli, who was also a member of the cross-country ' team. Reynolds, as a high' jumper, carried first honors in the meets with Hill School, with the Cornell Fresh, and with the combined high and preparatory schools, while "Big" John Thurman's mighty efforts with the shot against M6TCCTSbl1Tg and Cornell added more points to the "Penn Fresh" side of the score-sheet. In 1920-21, the Class of 1923's Sophomore year, the heroes of the Freshmen track team were seized upon by the 'Varsity. "Donn Head now occupied berths on both the 'Varsity cross-country and 'Varsity track teams, and justified his position by winning the 2-mile in the meets with Harvard, Columbia, and Dartmouth. "Boots,' Lever this year was a mem- ber of the A. F.. F. track team, the Inter-Allied track team, and Intercollegiate point-winner. George Mereditli and lVIclVIullan continued their Freshman work as contenders for quarter- and half-mile honors on the 'Varsity, and Shattuck also drew a place on the 'Varsity. In the field events, Thurman and Reynolds showed the same pep that had characterized their Freshman Manager Kearns year. Thurman kept his husky opponents at the shot on edge in the Cornell. and Harvard meets and at the Intercollegiates, and Reynolds, in the high jump, won his event at the Penn Relays, took second place in the Dartmouth meet, and tied for first at Cornell. As Juniors, still higher honors fell to the Class of 1923. "Don', Head visited England as a member of the University of Pennsylvania relay team, which brought home second place in the meet with Oxford and Cambridge. This was the first meet of its kind between three great universities of two great countries, and it is to be hoped that the future will see a growth in this spirit of athletic- rivalry between nations. "Donn was also captain of the ,Varsity cross-country team in his Junior year. The world's indoor and outdoor 2-mile relay record team this year wore the Red and Blue of Pennsylvania, IXfIcMullan and lVIeredith bringing to the Class of 1923 its full share of honor. Thurmanls mighty frame .,.. , tr . - . , : ,- 1- , s . . ,, , if .Zi " , 1 - , f f '1 IE-Im.,-. ft .. -3.4 -.ff ' '. . - ., ..... .2.,.a1"z--::s:w:vf'-, -,:hs:-..- .ss-1. wr' -:mi-wow-4 - 2" rw?-ef.i11g1s:4:ef sf :.?:,sr-r:2:f-...a-.J-jf., 4' L4 mlrlizfs-fr-',:v' - . f - 2 . ,. , - , - ...,. . -"- 1 . V- r . . . ,. I P ,Q ff. N . z ,,..... , V as s:f:v 'M.s 1,--,wwww .2 1,-:-,..4.s4 '2 s. " v , . Broncler Thompson of Dartmouth 335 April 3. April 28-Q9. May 6 May 13 Bday 26-Q7 Feb. 3 Feb. 10 Feb. 17 Feb. Q1 Feb. 24 Mar. 3 Mar. 14 April Q7-Q8 May 5. May 12. May 25-26 TRACK CHRONICLE Captain . . . . . . HAROLD B. LEVER, WH. ,23 Manager .... . . RICHARD J. KEARNS., JR., ARTS 523 Associate Manager . , . . JOHN C. BOGAN, WH. ,23 Assistant Managers D V 1 W. ALBERT SMITH, WH. 324 OMAR K. BOYD, WH. ,24 I Coach ..... . . . LAIVSON ROBERTSON SCHEDULE 19202 OUTDOOR INTERNATIONAL RELAY RACES AT CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND. IVon by Cambridge, Pennsylvania second, Oxford third. Time, 18.723 TWENTY-EIGHTH ANNUAL RELAY CARNIVAL AT FRANKLIN FIELD. VVon by Pennsylvania: Two-mile American Relay Championship. Time, 7.492 fNew Recordl. One-quarter-mile College Relay Championship. Time, 432. College Sprint NIedley Relay. Time, 3332. DARTNIOUTI-I DUAL IVIEET AT HANOVER, N. H. Pennsylvania, 78Mg Dart- mouth, MSM. CORNELL DUAL NIEET AT ITHACA, N. Y. Pennsylvania, 55Mg Cornell, 79 M. .INTERCOLLEGIATES AT CAMBRIDGE, MASS. Won by California, 405 Pennsylvania, fifth, 16. ' INDOOR TRACK SCHEDULE 1923 MILLROSE A. C. MEET AT NEIV YORK CITY. Lever won 50-yard, second in 60-yard dashes. VVILCO A. C. IVIEET. Lever second in Sprints, McLane first in mile. NATIONAL INDOOR CHAMPIONSHIPS AT BUFFALO GEORGETOWN A. C. INDOOR MEET AT WASHINGTON. Lever made new world's record Cindoorj in the 30-yard dash. Time, SM seconds. Lever won 40-yard dash, second in 50-yard. JOHNS-HOPKINS INDOOR MEET AT BALTIMORE. New York A. C. at New York. McLane second in Baxter milef Lever won 50-, 60-, and 70-yard dash. IVON I. C. A. A. A. A., AT NEW YORK, CHAMPIONSHIP WITH 29 POINTS. Lever made new Worlds and Intercollegiate Record of 730- in the '70-yard dash. lVIcLane, Rose, Sherrill and Owen each made Intercollegiate Records in their events: the two-mile, Broad jump, and Pole Vault, respectively. TEAM WON MIDDLE STATES CHAMPIONSHIP OUTDOOR TRACK SCHEDULE TWENTY-NINTH ANNUAL RELAY CARNIVAL AT FRANKLIN FIELD DARTMOUTH DUAL MEET AT FRANKLIN FIELD CORNELL DUAL MEET AT FRANKLIN FIELD INTERCOLLEGIATES AT FRANKLIN FIELD 336 Indoor Intercollegiate Champions still spread terror among the Cornell and Harvard forces, and among contend- ers for shot honors at the indoor meets. Shattuck showed his mettle as a dash man by winning the 440 at the relays, and finishing second in the 100-yard dash in the dual meet with Dartmouth. He also ran the hundred and two- twenty at Cornell. c'Bootsi' Lever again ran in the front ranks of the dash men, being a member of the champion 4140 and sprint medley relay teams, and once more setting a worldis record for the 60-yard event. "Boots,' is also the New York State American Legion champion in the 100 yards, and National Ameri- can Legion champion in the hundred and two-twenty. This year, the last to be spent at Pennsylvania by the Class of 1923, presents even more auspicious prospects than previous years. Captained by Lever, whose record in the past has been one of high achievement, the 'Varsity track team faces a promising season. Before football, before baseball, almost before civiliza- tion itself, "foot-racingn was known and esteemed as a true indication of athletic prowess. The Olympian Games of Greece, living today in the International Olym- pics, were, perhaps, the most important event of the ancient Grecian year, and great were the rewards given Bggan Assistant lllanagcr 337 N, 1 X 8 . 45.3 i ' ' NS? 1 . E f :ii A i -i - Q 5 y ' , '. . n f f-'.- ai i Gill Head Shattuck to the victor. No chance for trick plays, shifts, secret signals-but unhampered trials of speed and endurance between men-track, the oldest form of sport. To Pennsylvania the Gods of Olmypus have been singularly kind: other teams have come and gone, living for a time in the sun of fame and victory, and then sinking for a time into defeat, but track has been consistent in the standard it maintains. Pennsylvanials track teams have become settled facts, like things of old tradition, and the Class of 19Q3 has done a great deal toward keeping that tradition alive and flourishing. 2 A - . Q? ' - + , Q - L W W A - .au 11 " 41- H.,-Q , .. ,- . ,. we-.,.,,,, 1 .,:.,,,,:, .,s:b::1::a.:. .. , - 1 4:54-1.-3 ' , 321 "sf ' difixfiih ' --.wal ' 17145 "" A ' f ' 112 , izif-, Z , ,. 1 " : - ' " ' ' N51 ' 2 2 w i, " Q. -2 ' I 2 , - ,, .4LegQagezas4i V -V 1 breaking the 'LUO7'ZIl,S two-mile relay record 338 WSH xii.. K v--,Ep-f 1.12 X51 fu X 1 3' any e W5Ai'4'H'?5Y'Li.2fa4' e X ff ? mx f :gees- . I 1? WmW1'11gv,fS'1 ff 'l,'-EQ'EuI?i.,4g2Lgg, , 4, ' ""'--A-L r- 7. r' K .1 Z AMI fzr u1mw.f,, :Tiff 11.1. ...- J - A f-b ff"ZiW'1 fi 1 .E 'f f my '- 4-1- . wi,11ffi1,,'-giiafthiff' :i"f"tfM AFL if f 2:5-f?-5 X .6 QQ,-Ar. 7.1-0.- 7'x' 'KA Z5 Qc. f 5:3 '?.,:,m.Bg.,i- - 'Af 339 CAPTAIN SULLIVAN 340 'fcbae o 1 B SCBALL v4 Q N writing up the history of the baseball teams in the past, it has always been natural and logical to say that each class has had the best team, but beyond a doubt the Class of 1923, in their Freshman year, had the best yearling team that has ever entered the University of Pennsyl- vania. This team not only beat all their opponents .. of that year, but the lowest score that they regis- tered against their rivals was 10 to 2. This, how- ever, is not all, some of the other reasons are players like George Sullivan, who held down the "Keystone Sack," "Ed,' Farrell at short, Hinkle at third, and Shuster at first. This was a winning combination in itself. Then, too, out in the "garden', were the able players, lVIiller, Mahaffey, MclVIullan, and Simpson, who did much to stop any rallies that their rivals might have attempted to make. However, the success of that year was largely due to the batteries and well do they merit praise. There were three pitch- ers who helped to account for the undefeated season, namely, "Chick" Passon, A. C. Breslin, and VVilson. VVhile "Billy,' lVIaher, aided by F. Reckus, was on the receiving end. Finally, but not least, was the man who whipped this combination into shape, namely "Eddie" McNichol. To him much credit is due for the initial development of these men who soon formed the nucleus of the ,Varsity Then came the season of 1921, when the men of the Class of 1923 came under the tutelage of Dr. Cariss, coach of the ,Varsity baseball team. It was not long before this able mentor saw the abilities of these newcomers, and gave many of them regular berths on the 'Varsity. Captain Meyers, who headed the team this year, was well supplied with pitchers-Larson, Stout, and Llewellyn. Larson turned in eleven victories. Again the catching was done by "Billy,, Maher who successfully handled his pitchers. A group of heavy hitters composed the inield. "Mike" Whitehill and Conrey held down the "initial sack," while Shriver played shortstop, and the All-American third baseman, George Sullivan, played his usual position. In the outfield, there was Mahaffey, McMullan, Simp- Coach Cams .ILL 3" 1.334112 'LN .1635 .0 S 'S 341 7 s - 1 ,ix S. 1922 BASEBALL TEAM son, and Miller, who took care of the high ones very capably. VVhen Dr. Cariss issued the call for baseball in the early season of 1922, the Class of 1923 contributed her share of players. 'WValt,, Huntzinger was the pitching ace, with a sum total of fourteen victories, too much cannot be said for the brilliant performance of Mold Huntzn during the season. The infield did not change much from that of the previous year, as it was composed of the clever coin- bination of 'Whitehill, Sullivan, Farrell, and Hinkle. In , the field, there were lVIcNIullan, Nlahaffey, and Simpson. Manager Flwflwf This team turned in a total of nineteen victories over some of the best college teams in the East. Victories over Dartmouth, Columbia, Navy, Army, Cornell, Brown, and Swarthmore were a few notable ones. Let us now turn to the prospects of the year of 1923, which will conclude the appearance of our class on Franklin Field. The leader for this year will be Captain George Sullivan, who will play at his favorite "sack,', namely third. In addition to him there are Conrey, "Ed" Farrell, '6Herb,' llflahaffey, 'iMilce,' NIclVIullan, and "Lew" Simpson who will make up the biggest part of the infield and outlield, While the pitching ace of 1922 Will be back. Besides Huntzinger the veterans, Floyd Stout and 6'BillH Llewellyn, should help to turn in a long string of victories. Never before has a baseball team of the University gone South for spring training, but this year, lVIanager '6Bob,' Flather is going to take his squad to Atlanta, Ga., to meet such teams as Georgia Tech, University of Georgia, and Dartmouth in five pre-season games. This trip should help a great deal to put as Z -, Ns! S - :,. ? sf 5 Q-4, 1,59 A 4 .9 4 s in A 5 9 f rw' Q ,W , 6, -' if 1 , he 33' ,Q i Q 3 eff? ,V X .,,, G ..- g 2,3 ., '---axmcd .. Maha-Hey Sclzaejer Slout 343 7 April Nlay June BASEBALL CHRONICLE Captain .... Manager .... Freshman M anager Coach ,.... Freslrnzan Coach . GEORGE SULLIVAN ROBERT L. FLATHER COOPER SMITH DR. YVALTER CARISS DR. ROBERT YATES SCHEDULE Fordham ....,...... . . Franklin Field Catholic University . . Franklin Field Ursinus ..... . . Franklin Field Penn State . . . Franklin Field Wfilliams . . . Franklin Field Lehigh ..,., , . Franklin Field Princeton E .... . . Princeton, N. J. Franklin and Marsliall , . Franklin Field VY illiams ..., Yale ...,,. Columbia .... Yale QStraw Hat Dayb . Swarthmore . . . Dartmouth . Vermont . Wlest Point . Navy . . , Lafayette . . Boston College . Holy Cross . Cornell . . , Pittsburgh . , Columbia , . Lafayette , Columbia . Cornell . . Lafayette . , Dartmoutl: , . . Williamstown, Mass . . New Haven, Conn. . . New York City , , Franklin Field . . Franklin Field . . Hanover, N. H. . . Burlington, Vt. . . Wlest Point, N. Y. . . Franklin Field . . Franklin Field . . Boston, Nlass. . . VVorcester, lVIass. . . Franklin Field , . Franklin Field , . New York City . . Easton, Pa. . . Franklin Field . . Ithaca, N. Y. , . Franklin Field . . Franklin Field our boys in ine condition so that when they return to Franklin Field after the Easter holidays they should be a winning combination. The schedule for this coming year is one of the longest and hardest that a team has ever undertaken. There are about thirty games, not including the pre-season games, and on this list there are several new opponents, some of them being Catholic University, Franklin and Nlarshall, Boston College, and Pittsburgh. On Straw Hat Day, Penn is to meet an old rival, namely Yale, and this should be a big day. Before closing, a few words of appreciation are due to the never-tiring efforts of our able coach, Dr. WValter Cariss. From the first day of the base- ball season to the last, this man gives all he has to turn out a winning ball team. He is not only a capable coach, but a leader of men. To Manager '4Bob', Flather much credit should be given for his able efforts in managing the team of 1923. Dr. Robert Yates, the coach of the Freshman team, also deserves much praise and thanks for his unselfish efforts in assisting Coach Cariss on the baseball diamond. P ,. ,4f1?E7'i,l'eL.g Y'-t :iF"i" iqf ,133-Bly 5 'fl 2 -, 54,0 fs, fair ,, W 2 -f X- H1 t "1 ,NN X. 31- gl' I .nhfyc-wx 4- , gm 52 Qf ha 'Q M ' X ew ifmiElg,s - --fT 5 . A ,,, .. -,. I X xkf l i- X. u-E-'E-L?-4424 51,--gala l, xg I . . -lm,-:L-' , .. i ff ' ' f .gy va. -f ,.,xi:L-5,-in im 55-,X F 'ix F: 34-5 ff", CAPTAIN VQEGLIN 346 ,saab . .2 -me ug, 1 of .1 -la if 0 'BASKETBALL PA URING our undergraduate years the basketball team has twice won the intercollegiate championship, was once the league runner-up, and in our Senior year occupied the cellar position in the league. It was in our Freshman year that Chicago challenged Pennsyl- vania to a three-game series to determine the collegiate championship of America. Though defeated in the Hrst game at Chicago by a close score, the 'Varsity came back in whirlwind style, defeating Chicago in Philadelphia and again at Princeton in the game that made us American champions. The twelve hundred loyal Penn rooters that saw the play-05 game at Princeton will never forget that wonderful victory and the celebration that followed. Not until dawn, after hundreds of policemen had occupied the points of vantage around the campus, did the celebration end. VVhile the 'Varsity was winning the American championship, our own class was setting up an admirable record. Wle won fifteen of the sixteen games we played. "Al" Voegelin was captain that year, and his team-mates were Passon and Nlathewson as forwards, Greenwald, center, and lVIiller, guard. Of this quintet only two are graduating with their class. Greenwald graduated in 'QQ while Mathexvson and Passon failed to return to college after their Freshman year. During 1920-Q1 Voegelin and lNIiller played on the 'Varsity, captained by "Danny" lVIcNichol. George Sullivan was a . substitute on the 'Varsity squad. These men of our class did much to bring the intercolle- giate championship to Pennsylvania for the fifth consecutive year. VVe defeated Dart- mouth in the crucial game of the year at Hanover, 31 to 16, thus clinching the title. Princeton fell before the Red and Blue in the final game of the season 27 to 20. Pennsylvania this year won nine of her ten league games. In our Junior year the basketball team was captained by "Bill" Graves. "Al" Voegelin, "Poss" Miller, and George Sullivan were stellar performers. The 'Varsity lost to Cornell at Ithaca but atoned for this defeat in a return game which we won 30 to 28, after a p hectic extra period of play. Dartmouth threw 1 a scare into our camp, losing only after a ix' nr. ' 347 1922-23 'VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM hard fight by the close score of 24 ' to 23. Pennsylvania had undis- puted league leadership with one more game to play, and that with Princeton. Wle lost to Princeton which caused a tie with them for the league leadership. Thirteen hundred strong we journeyed to Tigertown for the post-season play-off game to de- termine the championship. After a nfmmgm- illugler bitter struggle Princeton Came out on Associate DIl'l'llClgL'T top, beating us 28 to 23. Igmbflll The championship cup, held by Pennsylvania for five straight years, was presented to Captain VVittmer of Princeton at a banquet given in honor of Pennsylvania's fighting team. Losing three of the greatest players who have ever worn the Red and Blue, namely, Graves, Rosenast, and Huntzinger, Coach "Eddie', lNIcNichol started an uphill light to whip a representative team together for the 1922-23 season. Captained by "Al" Voegelin, Pennsylvania fought hard but was victorious in only three league encounters. ive defeated Columbia at New York, 22 to 165 threw Cornell from league leadership by administering a 30 to 25 beatingg and downed Dartmouth 33 to 23. It is noteworthy that Pennsylvania won three of the Eve iinal league games, Ending her real strength only during the last leg of the race. 'We lost two league games only after extra-period play. Yale de- l - ' Varsity Clwerr Leaders 349 BASKETBALL CH RONICLE Captain .... . Manager ....... . Assistant Manager . . . . Junior ,Varsity Manager . . Freshman Manager . . , Tournament Manager . . Head Coach ...... . Assistant Coach . . . . Freshman Coach .... . Junior ,Varsity Coach . . ALVARD VOEGELIN EVERETT L. DJUGLER JOHN E. MOELING WALLACE IQIMBALL JAMES CLIFFORD JOHN SCHELL EDWARD MCNICI-IOL AL NICWILLIAMS DANIEL MCNICHOL WILLIAM C. GRAVE TEAM Forward, JAMES CARMACK Substitutes: GEORGE JAMES Forward, GEORGE SULLIVAN JAMES NICNICHOL Center, WILLIAM KNEASS WM. LEOPOLD Guard, ALVARD VOEGELIN M. SCHAEFFER Guard, J. K. MILLER RHOADES RECORD Dec. 9 13 16 20 Jan. 1 3 6 10 13 E20 Q4 27 Feb. 3 7 10 14 17 QQ Q4 Q7 March 3 7 10 17 St. Joseplfs . . Drexel . . . Ursinus .... Wfesleyan ,.... 1N1CGill University . Muhlenberg . . . Dickinson . . Delaware . . Navy ...... Princeton ..... Navy at Annapolis . 1VIercer ...... Syracuse .,... Penn State .... Cornell at Ithaca . Yale at New Haven . Columbia ..,... Swarthmore .,... Dartrnouth at Hanover . Columbia at New York . Cornell ......., Yale ........ Dartmouth .,.... Princeton at Princeton . . YThree extra periods TExtra period 350 'Varsity Opponent . 29 17 . 48 16 . 33 9 . 35 17 . 39 22 . 31 12 . 23 25 . 37 7 . 25 24 . 17 Q7 . F20 31 . 37 18 . Q4 17 . 23 30 . .14 28 . Q8 327 . 18 Q3 . 39 16 . 17 191' . 22 16 . 30 28 . .17 29 . 33 23 . 19 32 feated us at New Haven 32 to 28, only after three extra periods had been played, while Dartmouth beat us 19 to 17, but, only after the game had gone into extra time. VVe were greatly handicapped by the lightness of our team as compared to the other league contenders. Only three men from our class have won their HP" in basketball, but these men have had a large part in Pennsylvania,s victories. All are major sport captains, Voegelin of basketball, lVIiller of football, and Sullivan of baseball. Their names will e'er conjure memories of indomitable tight and the never- give-in spirit that characterizes Pennsylvania teams. ., S fi H4 It A-f,aQF2t,g. 2 ikifsae- Q tb wtf Joe '1' V- "A?':. .1 za 9 JH NQ' wif, 1.1 ' ' ' . I. EEF ':" ' . ij" '.'9"'i mglzxk mi -in i" Qu--f 1-:.:1:::"'i,':' 41.-at 'wif fr, -ll - h. g gffrv- , - ' ,g5T'f:asf' V511 ff . Ffa 1 I V"-it-ii ,' iiiym it L 1 -'Z ji., .1-l"-lil' Q?-M75 X- '.'-- wha!-'l'.lllI1l lawn .5 4- - 3---1-Iillt--1-lv' -' fir' dmrl C2 I-lx. ,lh-ww., ,agus li., nm ' ' . ,, x' IV 5 hi' 1 via em- wlfvlllaxlr ll .. 1:11-3:11:13-K-: ' I 1 xp.: -ii 1 ----. . , j j'-?fF,,MI1fs22ais:. 'L I 7 l-LNLQ- ..-L 35 X i-- - . core- 'DEC -Dock, of 351 3 Q Q A CAPTAIN AMELIA 352 661 S O C C C R OR four years Soccer has been a major sport here at Pennsylvania. Enthusiasm for this English game has increased every year, and it has successfully held its place with the other JLL major sports. In our Freshman year, we saw the organization of the Intercollegiate League. Many men turned out for the X Freshman team in 1919, and the Class of 1923 had a very successful season. Bayard Amelia and g'Joe" Heywood were our contributions to the 'Varsity team in our Sophomore year. Following in the footsteps of the previous eleven, our team again brought fame to the old halls of our Alma Mater by winning the Intercollegiate Championship. A great deal of interest in the sport was displayed by the entire student body, and if the old players, who kept the colors flying years ago, could have seen the throngs of students crowd Franklin Field and cheer for our victory over Princeton, they would realize that their efforts in the beginning were not in vain. In our Junior year, nine places on the ,Varsity line-up were left open by graduation. This meant that nine men from the Class of 1923 might be picked to step in and uphold the wonderful record which had been made by the grad- uating members. The competition waged hot. Coaches Stewart and Gould had a big job on their hands, and, with the hearty cooperation of the players, they built up an eleven which proved themselves in every way a great credit to the University. Due to an injury to Captain Paul Patton, Bayard Amelia acted as uskipperl' for the greater part of that season. He held the position of center halfback and, to say the least, was the mainstay of the team. Vollmer, Baron, McElroy, Miller, Nolte, Downs, Partridge, and Blair were the other representatives of the Class of 1923 who played 'Varsity Soccer in their Junior year. The showing made in the league that year was very good considering the inexperience of the men, and, though a championship team was not turned out, we claimed the second berth. lVIuch of the success of the past season is due to Captain Bayard Amelia. Because of his excellent leadership and untiring egorts, the team was a very stiff competitor for the championship. Of all of the pilots that have ever fought for the Red and Blue, fi? 3511. 7 -D , 'E . AQ? Coach Stewart 353 1922-Q3 SOCCER TEAM we can feel safe to say that Bayard has had more pep-more of the "old fightv-and has done more to instil the spirit of determination into his team than has anyone so far in this still infant major sport. "VE VVe as a class appreciate his efforts and only hope that he will be an i example that the leaders to come will follow. One of the first games on our schedule our last season was the one with Toronto University. It was a hard-fought battle from start to finish, and the interest of the spectators was held to the final whistle. Though the "Canucks" were the champions of the Dominion, they were held to a tie, 1 to 1, by the excellent teamwork of the wearers of the Red and Blue. Soon after this game came the ight with Haverford. Our worthy contestors of the Maiii Line 4 f proved themselves a very capable team, but not sufficiently capable, however, to down our now smoothly working machine. One minute remained to play and the Haverford boys were ahead 3 to 2. "ShortyU NlcElroy, our outside right, in a final grand rally, shot the goal that tied the score. An extra period was played in which our 'Varsity triumphantly upheld the colors and won by a score of 5 to 3. In Ithaca, the following week, another great struggle took place, but again the Red and Blue were too much for them, and Cornell went down to defeat by a 5 to 3 score. The end of the season found Pennsylvania and Princeton a tie for the cham- pionship. On December 13, it was played off at Princeton, and after a terrific struggle in the bitter December wind, the Red and Blue went down with flying colors. We finished up our schedule with a victory over the Navy by a score of Q to 1. Despite the fact that soccer with the Hmiddies' was a newly organized sport, they put a very formidable eleven on the field. The 'Varsity "PH was awarded to the following men of our class: Bayard Amelia, Cowperthwaite, "Davev Beard, "Bobby,' Downs, "Bill" Baron, 5' ' "Freddy,' Vollmer, "Harry', Blair, Nolte, "Dick" Partridge, A' "Shortyn lVIeElroy, "Walt,' Miller, and "Bob', Hamilton, ' 0- lVIanager. Bayard Amelia, "ShortyH McElroy, and "Dave" Beard were elected to the mythical All-American Eleven. 0f the thirteen men who compose the ,Varsity team this year, ten have played their last soccer for Pennsylvania, and so to those of the Junior Class who have been with us through the ups and downs of this last season, we entrust the reputation of this noble sport for the coming season and with the best of success, and may they uphold the Red and Blue with all their power. "Bob,' Hamilton proved himself a very capable and efficient manager and merits any praise that may be accorded him for Nolte his work. -A " A survey of the soccer season is not complete without a Baron word about Douglas Stewart, Head Coach of the soccer teams. 355 Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. SOCCER SEASON 1922-23 Captain . . . . . . Manager ..... . . . Assistant ltlanagers . . . Head Coach ..,. . . Assistant Coach . . . . Freshman Coach . . . . BAYARD AMELIA g ROBERT D. HAMILTON J. NASH DALY CARR F. PROSS J. MARSHALL VANNEMAN DOUGLAS STEWART DAVID GOULD C. RUSSELIJ MURPHY 'VARSITY LINE-UP Goal, COVVPERTHWAITE Right Fullback, BEARD, R. DOWNS Left Fullbach, CASTLE Right Habtback, BARON, REEVES Center H ahfback, AMELIA CCAPTJ Left H abpback, VOLLIVIER Outside Right, NOLTE Inside Right, BLAIR Center Forward, LINGLEBACH Inside Left, PARTRIDGE Outside Left, IVIOELROY SCHEDULE ' 'Varsity Opponent 1 0 Crescents A. C. of Brooklyn, at River Field . , . . ' - Toronto University, at River Field ..1 1 Staten Island, F. C. at Staten Island . . . 7 Q Montclair A. C. at River Field ...... . . 0 0 Yale University, at New Haven . . . Q . . . . 5 0 Philadelphia Cricket Club, at St. Martinis . . , . 1 1 Haverford College, at Haverford . Cornell University, at Ithaca . Harvard, at Franklin Field . Princeton, at Franklin Field . . Princeton, at Princeton . . . Navy, at Annapolis . , 356 ..5 3 . 5 3 ..3 0 ..1 Q ..1 3 ..2 1 Throughout the soccer circles of the country Douglas Stewart is thought of with a great deal of respect. It is with pride that we associate the name of Mr. Stewart with that of Pennsylvania and justly attribute the success of the late season to his tireless efforts. Another familiar figure who could be seen every afternoon on the Held was Assistant Coach Gould, the right-hand man of Coach Stewart. And so to these men, not only do the Class of 1923, but the entire student body, express deep appreciation for their interest and services. as lk l lil - .lf Sk if if wi a Beard Vollmer 357 ,GQ W Q' 7-q"'7. Je if ga 2 3 -X311 J is 4 fy MQ Q? SAQGJ- --dz! 3' I fi' J- .4-"" :Z-ii' 41,5 1 S H 8 J ' QP V g' AFI lla . if ,fig -11 A Y' 4, 5,5725 N1 2 Bzjlqdz Q ' 4, ' 1 -w x . f r . ' " -3 EEXQQYQUQ Q lx lmf X1 0 4 ? 4' ' wi f-1 .4 2, F fs'- JW2 55 C53 4 .5 ' L' 3 Ti k A , fr 445- ' , 358 EEI ml lvmlmm ulmw llnfl lmslml l E.'3 LE fxxnNOR E SPCDRTS SPORTS URING the past few years the many minor sports at Pennsylvania have received more attention and have achieved greater successes than ever before. The "sports for all" program at the University has been adopted by these worthy sports in a truly aggressive manner, opening to all the oppor- tunity to engage actively in some branch of competitive athletics, regardless of previous ability or knowledge. The 1923 men have, from the very start, taken advantage of this opportunity, and are largely responsible for the renewed interest in minor sports. In the tank, '23 was ably represented by Lloyd Bechtel and "Lew,' Rimer. In the dual meets of the 1923 season, arranged by Manager Walker VVood, the swimming team was very successful. Practically the entire team of the sister sport, water polo, was from '23-Captain "NIort" lVIyers, "Toods" Cowlbeck, Collins, J oy, and Jones g and before crew duties took him away, "Ed,' Wfheeler was one of the mainstays of the team. The wrestlingteam went through a good season only to meet with hard luck 1 ' i 44 Captain Lucas ? . ,. ,.,,,.. toward the season's close. Frank Herdeg, of the 135- pound class, was taken from the team by a broken leg received in practice, and others were laid OE due to ineligibility. Thus the team was greatly handicapped in the Intercollegiates at Ithaca. The management of this team was in the hands of Lewis Simpson. Under the leadership of 5'Johnny" Lucas, Penn's boxing team came very close to a championship in 1923. The glove-wielders won all but one of the dual meets scheduled by Manager "Jack', Chase, who put across one of the best seasons in the history of the sport at Penn. The lacrosse team has bright prospects for another big year. In 1922, "Arch" MacFarla11e, HJoe" Biben, Rum- bold, and "View Sweeney represented ,23 on the team and squad, which was awarded the Intercollegiate champion- ship. N ow, with "Arch,' as captain and ':Ed" Wlallace as manager, last season's performance should be repeated. I 360 Captain llIacFarIane Captain Smith Much is expected of, and no doubt much will be accomplished by the new and first paid coach, "Eddie" Powers, who takes care of both lacrosse and ice hockey. Two relatively new sports at Penn are ice hockey and pony polo. Both are rapidly gaining their share of popularity despite the many handicaps under which they are played. Captain Percy Wananiaker, "Bill,' O'Reilly, and Manager Butcher have certainly, through their efforts this last season, won for ice hockey a permanent place in the minor sports world at Pennsylvania. In pony polo, Captain "ArtU Jerrems, Paul Summers, "Gil" Strang, and the rest are accomplishing the same under the guidance of Manager "Bohn Fayfield. "Eddie', Atlee led the gym team through a fairly successful season that was arranged by 'tBob', Black, who managed the team for the past two years. Golf and tennis are more widely known at the University as recreational, rather than as intercollegiate competitive sports. Intercollegiate tennis has attained some notoriety, and 1923 is ably represented on the Penn team by Captain "Andy" Morgan. Byron Gervin is manager for the 1993 season. Golf is not on such a firm footing, so that Captain Thomas Conte and lVIanager Trimble have cut out for them a task that is none too easy. This season,s fencing team has, under the leadership of Captain "HermH Hettinger and the tutelage of Coach Terrone, accomplished more than ever before. Throughout the season "I-Ierml' Hettinger and 'cDave" Cavers have been the team's greatest strength, and both should do well in the Intercollegiates. Manager Thayer, with eight meets to arrange for, has had his hands full, and much of the teamls success is undoubtedly due to his ability. The rifle team this year had a high standard set for it by the previous season's team. Captain "Jess" LaR0se and Manager Yankauer planned and executed a 361 comprehensive schedule and placed the team well up in the intercollegiate competition. The gun team likewise followed a season that was very successful and, while their meets are hardly in full swing, everything points toward a repetition of last season's showing. At any rate, Captain 'cMort,, Housel and Manager "Bill', Clark believe so and are working hard with the rest of the team to accomplish it. With "Donn Head as captain for the third time, the cross-country team went through another good season, ending with the Intercollegiate Meet in VanCort- landt Park, New York, where all of the Pennsylvanians placed well up on the list. From this review of the thirteen minor sports it can be seen that 1923 men played no small part in this field of activity. They built up reputations for them- selves and for their University, they have benefited physically, mentally, and socially, for the companionships of the athletic field cannot be equaled. In all, they have added to the equipment necessary to play the game of Life. May their successes in this greater game equal-nay, double and treble-their suc- cesses of undergraduate days. 1 A+? -' f 1 f f .sg.,fe:: : . Aw , Q .,... g 931 " ' 'ef "-"" , 'z ffm fi , -'f,'fifL'Y 7 .ww my - ztmzxx asm-.-tw Cczpfai 11 H olst 362 v 5 vfjfl :FMS 4 ' if , ff '. ff .. ax 51945: 2 ' iii? :Fe "HP: gb. ":g!1,1.1sXQi1 .,,i ig... V Q f . Q -lf W m NV! n:!p,,k.yN' R , ' 5 0 V, , ' ' 1 rv ' f' QW- A, , Q 'Z' - 1" f ' Zyl' YY? f--. 4 vf4'221zfp:m-9 1. f F 'U-11 23:4 iiffa. u ma, :wg I MN ,I - , 2 My MI f.!1.nLwH S26 mm' 7. 291-f w a QM- Q 3 WV NWN --N.. ,- , " ' ,yay 1-..a:.,-gk , ' as ln ! x . E , ' , , 'WLM Ms: J.Nff1.ff'hff 1 -L - 363 1922 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM 1 sa- ss covNTnY JLE C'apzfaz'n . . . DONALD NV. HE.iD Manager . . . . JOHN C. BOGAN, JR. Coach , . . LANVSON ROBERTSON TEAM DONALD W. HEAD, Captain XVILBUR H. VAN DINE ELMER O. NICLANE CHARLES S. CULLMAN SAYMAN IQERR FREDERICK H. BATES J. RVAYBIOND FISHER EDXVARD R. FOSTER YVILLIAM H. PEAK SCHEDULE NOVEMBER 4. Handicap Meet at Cobbls Creek. Won by Bailey '26, Head YQ3. Qd, Van Dine ,245 3d, Fisher '25, ith. NOVEBIBER 11. Quadrangular lVIeet with Columbia, Cornell. and Dartmouth at V an Cort- landt Park, N. Y. YVOH by Cornell, Columbia, Qd, Dartmouth, 3d, Pennsylvania, Llth. McLane, Qd. NOVENIBER 27. Fourteenth Annual ,Varsity Intercollegiate and Third Annual Freshman Intercollegiate Championships at Van Cortlandt Park, N. Y. 'Varsity Race: Syracuse, '75, Yale, 108, lVIass. Tech, 113, Columbia, 118, Cornell, 119, Maine, 1415, Dartmouth, 158, Princeton, 169, Harvard, 182, Penn State, 211: Pennsylvania 227. Freshman Race: Penn State, 40, Princeton, 71, Yale, 90, Syracuse, 91, Cornell, 118, Pennsylvania. 155. 365 SWIMMING TEAM H. FONDE D. GARDINER SCHISSEL RIMER CARDEZA S. HODGSON VICTOR HOLST, Captain J. E. HANNA UE. M. BECHTEL M. HAYASI-11 J. M. Fox - W. F. HARVEY A. G. VVIGGINS 366 Mt sw ,171 crm 41.16 w- pry, 1 jf Dec. Jan. Feb. Feb. lVIar lVIar lVIar Mar. Captain Manager IMMING A.ssz'sta11.t lllanagers , Coach . C. C. N. Y. Princeton . Yale . . . Princeton . C. C. N. Y. Columbia . Yale . . Columbia . VICTOR HOLST A. 1vALKER WOOD, JR. WARREN 1VRIGHT ALMOND HUTC1-IINSON GEORGE ICISTLER SCHEDULE 367 Pennsylvania. Opponents . . . 42 20 . . 19 413 . . 12 50 . . 17 +115 . . 50 12 . . 4:3 19 . . 19 43 . . 43 19 New York Princeton Home Home Home New York New Haven Home WATER POLO TEAM MORTIMER MYERS, Captain H. D. COWLBECK . G. J. FRIEDMAN J. P. JONES N. H. COLLINS S. W. JOY Subsfitutes J. SHULOFF L. MARIEN 368 .F E52 55f5?:f 549. 25' Ugg. Wie?-,atv lk... 1 . T Y l . 1' .I.L.I'. Dec. Jan. Feb. Feb. 1VIar Mar Mar Mar. 15 10 19 23 Q 3 9 16 Captain Manager . 4 NIORTIMER MYERS . . . . . . .A. WALKER Woon, JR. Assistant Managers . . XVARREN WRIGHT Coaches C. C. N. Y. Princeton . Yale . . Princeton . C. C. N. Y. Columbia . Yale . . Columbia . ALMOND HUTCHINSON . . GEORGE IQISTLER, XVALTER SCHEDULE Pennsylvania Opponents . . . 21 31 . . 4 '76 . . 6 48 , . 12 41 . . 5 12 . . '7 36 . . 5 54 . . 15 54 369 CH POL FARIES New York Princeton Home Home Home New York New Haven Home 1923 WRESTLING TEAM 115-lb. 125-lb. 135-lb. 145-lb. 158-lb. 175-lb. Class, Class, Class, Class, Class, Class F. L. KIEP, Acting Captain RICHARD CUBBERLY FRANK L. HERDEG GEORGE MAXMAN CASPER ROBINONVITZ P. R. LUTZ Heavyweight Class, J. A. KAUFFMAN 370 J an. 27 Feb. 3 Feb. 1 0 Feb. 1 7 Feb. Q3 Nfarch 3. f"?v?,l'eQ .4 -.. P-5 - - GIG RCSTLING Captain , . NIERLE E. SMITH Manager ..... . . YV. LEWIS SIMPSON Assistant Wlanagers . . . . REGINALD NI. BUDD XVILLIAM STEVVART Coach . . . J. LEONARD NIASON DUAL MEETS Pennsylvania . . 15 Princeton , . . . 10 Pennsylvania . . , . 8 Lehigh . . . .23 Pennsylvania . . . . QQ Virginia . , , . 9 Pennsylvania . . . . 0 Penn State . . . . 26 Pennsylvania . . 0 Yale . . . . . 25 Pennsylvania . . 6 Cornell . . . . 16 371 1922 TENNIS TEAM ANDREW S. MORGAN, Captain ORRIN L. MANGUN ' WILLIANI E. NORVELL, JR. JAMES E. MORAN W. JAMES MACINTOSH J. MARSHALL VANNEh'IAN, JR. H. BYRON GERVIN 372 'ME 1 J L L j . A ill .'..-.5-...J I cffizfzfiitf' igigigiff , , . . School of Osteopathy University of Virginia . . Country Club of Virginia Vaj ......., Baltimore Country Club . Lehigh University . . . Yale University . . . Swarthmore College . . Syracuse University . University of lVIichigan . U. S. Naval Academy . . Harvard University . . Dartmouth College . . T C N N I S SEASON OF 1922 Captain ...... ANDREVV S. BIORGAN M anagefr ..... ARTHUR B. SEEGER Assistant Manager . H. BYRON GERVIN F'FGS1LfI'ZllII Illanager . THOMAS B. K. RINGE Coach ....... NVILLIAM T. SPILDEN, Qd NIATCHES . . . . . . 2 Pennsylvania . g, . . . . , . . 0 Pennsylvania . . . CRlChH1011d. . . . . . . EZ Pennsylvania . . . . . . 8 Pennsylvania . . . . . 3 Pennsylvania . . . . , 8 Pennsylvania . , . . . 1 Pennsylvania . . . . . 1 Pennsylvania . . . . . 3 Pennsylvania . . . . . 3 Pennsylvania . . . . . 5 Pennsylvania . . . . . 6 Pennsylvania . . . SEASON OF 1923 Captain Manager Assistant March 31 . . . . ANDREW S. MORGAN . . . . . . . H. BYRON GERVIN THEODORE CAMPBELL, JR. Mana ers. . . g F. FLETCHER GARLOCK SCHEDULE . Country Club of Norfolk at Norfolk April 2. Country Club of Virginia at Richmond 21. Columbia at New York 25. Lehigh at Philadelphia 28. Baltimore Country Club at Baltimore May Q. Princeton at Princeton 5. Yale at New Haven 10. Harvard at Cambridge 11. Dartmouth at Hanover May 19. Cornell at Ithaca 373 3 , 1923 GYM TEAM EDWARD ATLEE, Caybiain HAROLD B. MOCLARY GEORGE V. CRESSON JAMES R. WILSON JAMES KUMAZAWA SAMUEL NOVOMESKY - JAMES PARSONS JULIAN S. LONG 3741 G91 A 5029 Q. I Captain . . . . EDNVARD ATLEE' Manager ..... . . ROBERT R. BLACK Assistant Manager . . , . G. GORDON lVIAHY, JR. Freshman Manager . . . DAVID A. GRIMES, 3D Coach ..... . . G. R. HE:1P SCHEDULE Feb. 10. Navy . ..... QSM Pennsylvania . Annapolis Feb. 16. M. I. T. 29 . . Ha.1'va.rd . . 11 Pennsylvania. . Cambridge Feb. 17. Yale . . .... 23 Pennsylvania. . New Haven Marcll 10. Army at 'West Point. March 23. Intercollegiates at Annapolis. 375 G Y M am 12 22 HOBART MARVIN FENCING TEAM HERMAN S. HETTINGER, Captain DAVID F. CAVERS DONALD THOMPSON K E. NEILSON BROWN MILTON GUTMAN Substitutes J . H. PUGII 376 HARRY W. ALLERS 4! JL FCNCING Captain . . , .HERNIAN S. HETTINGER LAUREN H. T1-MYER LINDSAY Y. IPHOMPSON WILLARD J. DAVIS Manager ..... , . Assistant Managers . . . . E. Y IV Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb . 3 12. 16 17 24 Coach ...,. . . LEONARDO TERRONE SEASON OF 1923 Fencers Club of Philadelphia. Foils-Pennsylvania 5g Fencers Club LL. Columbia at New York. Foils-Pennsylvania 5g Columbia -1. Sabers-Penusylvauia 3g Columbia 1. Epee-Pennsylvania 1g Columbia 1. Dartmouth at Hanover. Foils-Dartmouth 53 Pennsylvania 4. Sabers-Dartmouth 33 Pennsylvania 1. Epee-Pennsylvania 1g Dartmouth 0. Harvard at Cambridge. Foils-Harvard 5g Pennsylvania LL. Epee-Pennsylvania 1g Harvard 1. Navy and Massachtlsetts Institute of Technology at Annapolis. Foils-Navy 5g Pennsylvania 4. Pennsylvania 6g IW. I. T. 3. Sabers-Pennsylvania 23 Navy 2. IVI. I. T. 3g Pennsylvania 1. Epee-Navy 23 Pennsylvania 0, Pennsylvania QQ M. I. T. 0. March 2. Columbia at Philadelphia. Foils-Pennsylvania 5g Columbia 4. Sabers-Pennsylvania 3g Columbia 1. Epee-Columbia QQ Pennsylvania 0. March 9. Yale at Philadelphia. Foils-Yale 6g Pennsylvania 3. Sabers-Yale 41g Pennsylvania 0. Epee-Yale 1g Pennsylvania 0. 377 1923 LACROSSE TEAM A. H. IVIACFARLANE, Captain RODGERS KOVACHY RUMBOLD CLOSE ALTEMUS BROWN MCANALLY STEVENSON WITTMER PRIESTLEY FLUK PROSS F. E. C. W W B. W A. R. C. B. W VVEHR ADANIS GARDENER ISIELLY MATTHEWS RAN STEVENS PRINGLE HEINZE WRIGHT ZISSER YANKANER 6. C9479-'f-u, V5n':f3a?F?.:' P59152 ws bak 6 LACROSSE X sw Manager flsszstavnf Managers . . . A H NIACFARLANE Emxnx R VVALLACE P SEASON OF 1923 Captain ......, '. . WYLQE i ....... 4 ' T . Josisrn ICALBACH lVLxLCoLM WILLIAMS State College April 7. Cornell. . April H. Penn State SCHEDULE April Harvard . April Philadelphia April Navy . . lvlay Stevens . lllay Hopkins . lVIay Swarthmore lVIay Army . . May Lehigh . . May Mt. Washington . . Lacrosse Club . . SEASGN OF 1922 SCHEDULE Cambridge . . . Pennsylvania Navy . . . . 17 Pennsylvania Harvard , . . Pennsylvania Cornell . . . . Pennsylvania Crescents . . . . Pennsylvania Syracuse . . . Pennsylvania Stevens . . . Pennsylvania West Point . . . , Pennsylvania Swarthmore . . Pennsylvania Hopkins . . . Pennsylvania Lehigh ..,.... . , Pennsylvania Mt. Wlashington ..... Champions of Southern Division. Pennsylvania Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia Annapolis Philadelphia Baltimore Philadelphia WVest Point Philadelphia Baltimore ..0 ..0 ..0 ..0 5 ..1 ..'7 ..4f .,6 5 ..1 5 1923 HOCKEY TEAM Left Wing . Right Wifng . Center . . . Left Defense Right Defense Goal .... . . .P. W. VVANAM AK . . .W. O'RE1LLY . . . A. C. PRINGLE . . A. G. LCFURRAY . I. . R. J. KEARNS . . .D. B. CAMINEZ Substitutes - ER, Captain C. SMITH H. FORTIER G. C. NEAI 380 GQ- Zhi! .wo at 'ahve H9 4-9 6. 11.4-ve' H O C K C ' Y Mig A Q il Jan. QQ Feb. 6 10 QQ Mar. 7. Captain . . . P. W. XVANAMAKER Manager ..,.. , H. BUTCHER, 3D As.s'is1fa1ztZl1anager . . . . G. B. HASTTERSLEY Coach ..... . . EDWVARD POWERS SCHEDULE Opponents Pennsylvania Columbia University . . . . . Q 0 Philadelphia Swarthmore Hockey Club . . . 2 3 Philadelphia . . 11 1 New Haven Yale University .,.. Cornell University . . Princeton University . . 381 ..Q 2 Philadelphia 6 2 Philadelphia 1923 GOLF TEAM THOMAS J. CONTE, Captain GEORGE STEVENS R. ADDIS R. ROWND G. A. GRIFFIN H. C. WILLIAMS 382 X :Saga N 1 Springhave Dartmouth Cornell. . Amherst . Yale. . . 'Williams . Columbia Philadelphi April 28. May 5. May 10. ltlay 12. May 19. lVIay Q6. June Q. G O L F SEASON OF 1922 Captain . . . JACK M. FALK Manager , , , . . L. R. TRIMBLE u C. C. . . Pennsylvania . . . . . 6 . . . , Pennsylvania . . . 1 . Pennsylvania , . . . 3 . Pennsylvania . . . . 8 Pennsylvania . . . . 3 . . . Pennsylvania . . . . 0 . . . . . Pennsylvania . . . . 3 a C. C. . . Pennsylvania . . . . 2 SEASON OF 1923 Captain .... Manager ........ Assistant Managers Penn State . . Harvard . . Columbia . Princeton . . Williams . . Cornell . . Yale .... Dartmouth . . Lehigh .... Pittsburgh . . June 26-30. Intercollegiates THOS. J. CONTE LAWRENCE R. TRIIVIBLE XVALLACE B. ENGLEHARDT LESLIE B. CIZEK . . . . . . . .Philadelphia ' New York . . Trenton ' New York New York . . Bethlehem, Pa. . . Philadelphia, Pa . . Siwanoy 1923 RIFLE TEAM JESSE E. LA ROSE, Captain P. WILLIAMS R. JEFFREY M. STROUP C. VANDER BENT I. DU PONT . H. A. HAUSER H. T. GRAVES J. VALGENT1 NOLAND M. PERRY Gag , 0 fin.. e' 1 2 .ILE fr,-f 4 -9 agfq., 15" we 2 bv - - 4 ,4A , . Q - Captain Manager Coach . FLCT . . JESSE E. LA ROSE . . THEODORE YANKAUER C A , . CAPTAIN HERDIAN THORIAS TEAM STANDINGS, SEASON OF 19QQeQ3 Preliminary N. R. A. Position Team IVIatches: Prone . . . Sitting . . Kneeling . . Standing . . Intercollegiate N. R. A. Match: 493 . .490 . .484 443 495 499 481 449 499 500 487 451 University of Pennsylvania ,Varsity . 993 987 900 986 Dual Matches: V. P. I. ,Varsity . . M. I. T. 'Varsity . Columbia 'Varsity. . . Intercollegiate I. C. A. A. R. C. . .1787 . . 500 .....496 Match: University of Pennsylvania .... 385 1487-7 th 1489-Ist 1452-Qd 1343-Ist 3886-4th Pennsylvania 'Varsity . Pennsylvania ,Varsity . Pennsylvania ,Varsity . . 1588 1586 Place Place Place Place Place 1918 500 500 1 15-lb. 125-lb. 135-lb. 145-lb. 160-lb. 175-lb. Heavy THE BOXING TEAM Class . Class . Class . Class . Class . Class . weight Class 386 LEON OESTREICHER ALBERLI NICKENZIE GEORGE BENSEN HAROLD DAVIS JOHN LUKAS, Captain VVILLIAM XCADUSKY FRANK SUTHERLAND THOMAS COWELL ,K O X I N G I Captain . . JOHN LUKAS Manager ..,.. JOHN HOZVIER CHASE Asszlstant Managers . . EDWARD CLISSOLD ALBERT L1ssBURGER Coach . . . GEORGE DECKER SCHEDULE February NI. I. T. at Pennsylvania. lVI. I. T. QQ Pennsylvania 3. February Army at IVest Point. Army 3g Pennsylvania -lf. February Penn State at Pennsylvania. Penn State 3g Pennsylvania 4. Blarch Colgate at Pennsylvania. Colgate 33 Pennsylvania 4. NIarCh Navy at Annapolis. Navy 4g Pennsylvania 3. 387 PONY POLO TEAM ARTHUR JERREMS, Cqptafin CHARLES D. BRIDGEMAN PAUL SUMMERS ROBERT H. FAYFIELD FLOYD KNOLL - 388 P EEE :- A I C R A JN I Dec. Feb. Feb. Feb. 1VIar. lVIar 1VIar. lt 3 10 Q92 3 10 17 1 I, Captain . . .ARTHUR JERREMS Manager ....... ROBERT I-I. FAYFIELD Associate Illanager . , . GEORGE VVHITLEY Assistant Managers . . CHARLES LYONS, BARRETT CULIN LIITCHELL HTARRIS O L O Coaches . . . DR. HORACE ALLEMAN, FOSTER REEVE SCHEDULE Pennsylvania Opponents Virginia 1VIilitary Institute . . . . -1 5 Lexington Cornell University .... , . 10 11 Philadelphia Norwich University . . , . 4 JAZZ Philadelphia Princeton University . . , . 10 Q Philadelphia VVest Point ..... . 5 8 West Point Yale University . . . 3 13 New Haven Troop A .... . . 4 5 Philadelphia 389 1922 GUN TEAM M. C. HOUSEL, Captain FLOYD KNOLL ALONZO F. KNIGHTS J. ROLAND LOWER T HOMAS KNOWLES 390 GVNT.CA.M 11 ,.! X X , F J N., Q ."l Captain . . . .M. C. HOUSEL Ilffanager . . . YV. R. CLARK, JR. SEASON OF 1922 Intercollegiate Trapshooting Meet .... Third Place Princeton at Pennsylvania . . . . .VV0n Pennsylvania at Princeton . . . .lVon 391 . Wy q 9f " f . - V " ' 692.001 - :il 'I ,I cv' X Rx K, l x 11 gif, If IX , , M A , X riffs 4' 7 .' FiN.Q ..--"':'tLE w mZ. lg- '::LLLQQp i F--i xgiifiel fp?-b f Q '- ,J ' mi Je' 5 Q '57g75535" - . . 'fQ. "lei 1 N ., TF 1 --.fav J 442 if - .. infix- l , - f Lin v -I Q g 3l:f1-T? Unix- 3.1 ' - '91 D 1. 1 -2' 1 nu 11' . A315 X F lgxz- I was 5 f KA 1 if , ff if ' . A 5 "xx 'sf 'fig gag' W -5 A 5 1 -ua: ' 'f y ' ' ' A433252 in WG- -:4:g""' . "" 1 392 ,...... W.. M Xu V Jima:--' Wpf- 4 -- V , V v E X ' U ,, WX! fk'l 1,7J'yjxqJx"l"Qvj wp' 'vnu A 3 Ewgfw E Q5 W , L' e Z W , .. ' - 'A -1-4 ' '- ' K ,H 1,3 -like 1 'fi , . QA- f 3 Q 1 , ,,, , f 1 - fi - 152. .f l f 25- QU-1 mi. f pw' 2 THE INTERFRATERNITY AGREEMENT HE present Interfraternity Agreement has been in vogue at Pennsylvania since 19Q0. Ten years previous to that date the first agreement was drawn up. Since the adoption of the present agreement various attempts have been made by the fraternities signatory thereto to strike out or modify parts of it. The thing uppermost in a fraternity manis mind is to speak to, or "look over,', a Freshman. If an agreement is drawn up that prohibits this, it is sure to lead to deception. You will seldom find a man who admits that HE is doing the deceiving, it is always the other fellow. It is rather difficult to draw up an agreement in which every clause has a narrow and strict interpretation that will suit each signatory fraternity. VVith the present agreement, the Council has endeavored to provide for one interpretation of any clause that may come under particular consideration. Fraternities which are signatory to any agreement must cope with a strong temptation to take advantage of "the other fellow" at critical times, but this is the point Where the spirit of the agreement is tested. There has always been a certain jealousy that has existed among fraternity men, and in their eagerness to get the best men for their respective organizations, they overstep the lines drawn up in the agreement. Here at Pennsylvania an agreement should be adopted that would permit a legalized period or periods in which the fraternities could "look over" the men of the yearling Class before the prescribed Rushing Season in February. The agreement could also be amended as to the illegal use of the dormitories in "pre-season rushing,', an abuse that is becoming more pronounced year after year. The Interfraternity Council should not only exercise such administrative powers as deal with the agreement, but should give its attention to constructive ideas and constructive criticism that would make for a better University. Interfraternity relations could be much better on our campus. If a better spirit of cooperation could be arrived at and maintained among the fraternities in the agreement, there would not be so much of a tendency to violate it. Let us hope that by the time this book has come off the press there will be an agreement adopted that will not only be respected by the fraternities, but one that will bring the fraternities to the fore in a bigger and better constructive policy. January 27, 1923 fi 39-1- Y ' 7 '-, ' fa 'H,"'01 Q m I -DFP :V Y W AN , v - 'fb ' f f TX ' PN . K "E Q In Ji Mx ' .L , ' f K X44-! l + A Q!! 'rf xg, ' ,, 'Y -11 PR TER ITIES ARRANGED IN THE orqnxm OF ESTABLISHMENT f-fir AT THE UNIVERSITY ov PENNSYLVANUX W-'3.l" w ffef ix P ' ' 729' ,S A' 56' '35 ...-" 6' fwf , U3 39 JOHN CADWALADER, A.B., A.M. E. HOLLINGSWORTH SITER, A.M., NLD. ISAAC A. PENNYPACKER, bB.S,, LL.B. WILLIAM HENRY FURNESS, 3D, M.D. ALBERT PHILIP FRANCINE, A.M., M.D. THOMAS W. HULAIE, B.S., C.E. ALEXANDER VAN RENSSELAER, A.M. alta bi jraternitp Qlfta Clllbaptzr Founded 1827 Established 1 81,9 I nactive 1 872-1 885 3453 WOOD LAND AVENUE CHARLES NATHANIEL DAVIS, A.M., M.D. ARTHUR CHARLES HOWLAND, PH.D. JOHN CLAXTON GITTINGS, M.D. ARTHUR H. HOPKINS, A.B., M.D. CHARLES NIERRIUM XVHARTON, B.S., M.D. ST. GEORGE L. SIOUSAT, PH.D. JAMES HAMILTON CHESTON, A.B., LL.B. A ctfive Chapter JAMES DONNELL TILGHMAN, B.S., NLS. WILLIAM TVIEADE FLETCHER, JR., LITT.B., LL.B. 1-ALLISON HARTER MILLER MUSCOE RUSSELL HUNTER GARNETT GEORGE ARMISTEAD ARMISTEAD CARTER RANDOLPH LEIDY JOHN CHRISTIAN VVIEGAND JOHN COXE VVINDER SKINNER STEPHEN DUNCAN COLHOUN HERBERT THRELKELD-EDNK'ARDS, JR. FRANCIS T. CHAMBERS KNOX TVICILWAIN, B.S., M.E. THOMAS RUNDEL NEILSON, JR. JOHN BAKER BISPHAM WILLIAM WILSON LONGSTRETH ALAN REED YOUNG ROBERT VVALTER YOUNG SCOTT GAMBLE LATROBE, JR., A.B. ALFRED EASTON POOR, A.B. JOHN FORBES AMOR1' 'PHILLIPUS MILLER ROBERT PEMBERTON IGNACIO GONZALES MENDOZA THOMAS STINSON HORROCHS EDWARD HUGHES GLIDDEN, JR. E FREDERICK LEWIS XVEHR COURTLAND YARDLEY TVHITE, 3D JOSEPH TVIICKLE FOX CLARENCE WORTH OLCOTT, QD CHURCHILL WILLIAMS, JR. JOHN PRICE JVETHERTLL, 3D WVILLIAM NTIFFLIN LARGE 396 ,.-L'- . ..j'4'- .-,,- H 4, v ,f : r- ' , , , ,Y , ., - f ' ' ET f' - r:lfi ig: 1 ,,. Q., 'N Q9 -' 9 -' -, QL . ,Lu 1 5-ill -f--g9' i ,gh 1, H , ,. , , V -- I 1 'Qi Q . :H 5- ' , V A ? . w V l , W 4 ,M ,V 1 'Q w ' 9 5 , w ' fi , 'J ' : " - 4 HE -f i ' , , 9 5559? ' 9 A I Qs fy? T 1 , ' PQ4. 5 ,. ,J 36 A . .M 4 V-, T + , ,, -f 1 N 1 ,Y fr. 2 fx f ' ' tw? , ,M Qyl., , A 275131. 1 Q N ,n .- -T ,,,. ,. .. , .-.ies-kf " - 1 - 891' l N' A1 R' r Zeta 3551 'W K5 2 I .. jratzrmtp aww E, ww.. ,J ik-a.,,4 13 'wb Sigma Gbapter S F ozmdecl 18.47 Established 1850 H53 SLCC gf '11 W 3337 VVALNUT STREET 6 RZ' 'fa-rg EJAAMKYQ 'SQAQRM 357 'S KLM.. 151:--gaffgwzf..'w3.:'wg1-f. "Fifi 4s5?s.:??F Q. ,L v.,.- - ..- ..A.,. P.. ,, . .,,, 4.4-.R ...I-',..,. AR... ..:f-.-fllkmlf 221, ' fr, .fc SLg:.ff7G:m5RS:,g5Ee1-S. .mg,...w21asa':s,R:g:Sgrwzsfff' r ' ----ff. A-fwgglivbaaisitirw-IFQQ-I.s 5.2.5-42:2'Y?"N13Mv?Itg:Y'f-WZZF' ,i:gi-fY:?f- we .L Gmq.4jf5e:.,I:.4.-A.-1 4:3 -:AGQIQG Sami, : .,:P:z152. . - '- Ig: .- qs. ,. Siem,-P-w:N 'a::..1:'ifQgx-i-3: ' warm-.":1 , ,,, R "-'-12 If r 1.-. -....., M- -'V5'A ..f.', -3 ,icy ,NM i'35',,5. --Q ef... ...,. ,. - ...T-- ii - - :S ' Paz.-aw. -- , '-2 -'Tr-.f ' cf. : ' Amr I rl ...C 3- S W ma ' 1 'MY ' I--.-v 'Aff 23-.WSU - 1: 'arf 3- 1.4553-2 S-' "N ---fu.-.vw-vgfgs. - f, ,- ' ei Ig - . 141 . . 2: 'ir W- 2.2 1 .2 a if 5- .. . ' :iw . AS. 2,4 51 ,1 .gh . , . QW.. .A . .I Qi a' is-2. f':f4':'f5'. r47'.:sZ242 V 531' ' 1. I -I , . -A 1 Pf" if:'fii" ""A-ff Y-1 1 72535 . '-"N I ET: ,. .M ---- - . :: 3 ': - f f. 5 -:-f.:f-naar! ,215 - " -' ?' :wi JS' ..Q :.: EIC W.. 21, af-4- ---,- -11 . Z - " " 'J J l CHARLES C. HARRISON, A.M., LL.D. GEORGE WVHARTON PEPPER, D.C.L., LL.D. CHARLES LOUIS BORIE, JR., A.B. F. CORLIES NIORG-AN, A.B. WILLIAM PEPPER, A.B., M.D. OLIVER H. PERRY PEPPER, B.S., M.D. JAMES ALAN MONTGOMERY, PH.D., S.T.D. CALEB F. FOX, A.B. J . SOMERS SMITH, A.B. FREDERICK FRALEY, A.B., M.D. ROLAND SLETOR MORRIS, A.B., LL.B. I GEORGE V. STRONG, A.B. MORGAN B. CUSHING, A.B. H. OSBORNE WALTON, A.B. JOHN MCARTHUR HARRIS. B.S. Active Chapter PAUL V. NEALL, A.B. EDWIN P. PATTON, A.B. CHARLES I. THOMPSON, A.B. HENR1' PETER BORIE ROBERT S. BRODHEAD HOXVARD BUTCHER, 3D ROBERT DRENNING HAIVIILTON RICHARD JOHN :KEARNS NATHANIEL C. NICELROY THOMAS P. NIIKELL VVALTER P. MILLER COOPER SMITH REYNOLDS D. BROWN ROBER SPARTA FRITZ, JR. ,ARNOLD H. JENNINGS, A.B. GEORGE N. ALLEN NICHOLAS N. BAILEY HERVEY P. CLARK, A.B. LINDLY M. COXVPERTI-INVAIT DAVID J . HAIVIILTON WILLIAM E. LINGELBACH, JR. VVILLIAIVI U. MCCLANAHAN, A.B J. LEE PATTON, JR. ERNEST SCOTT JOHN W. STENHOUSE FREDERICK V. HEBARD, A.B. T S. BURNS " 3 r 1 f Lf f," X-.Y A-v',.f. N I T113 115 Vw A 'EGFR SW L Al 'Q-ax 7? ' -5.1: 7 4: -V' Sari - -'L b X. .ef R1 L ag-1-A , 399 : ' LHS. , A. 1-L' - ,. .1 Nixw f . R-uhm .,S-Slf-Miami.. -4. ,. Q 1 Rv ' 53 5321 N3 A SS' Q A -W ,A Mo 'Q v' ,N X I N5 A gg A , 11 va g',u1mSfHx 'HI 8 , f Bl '35 ' ' A R+ ' ' IS .1 , -, g.. . 4-wr A .. ..,, ' W--I - 3513i appa Sigma .I . A I A . A' z . SJ' TA 'S ff" ., . ffff-'511.1vfijf-gnu3:-mm-awe.:fzwivrww.14 ---' I Founded A Rf-Wwlffriii?-"fx--..I .-Q X fir- 'Z'-Ti9JI55f3l3' Y-:TQ I. . seg .gfszzm I, ' Q .SI -,v:...-:a.I1:Th,.A,- i.:AgXwA wewssx-.A RANDALL MORGAN, A.B . EFFINGHAM BUCKLEY MORRIS, A.M., LL.B. JOHN MARSHALL GEST, A.M., LL.B. CHARLES ROOT TURNER, M.D., DD.S. RICHARD HICKM.kN HARTE, M.D. BARTON COOKE HIRST, A.B., M.D. JAMES HARTLE1' JAMES BRYANT NIASON, JR. CHARLES EDVVARD ISTENVVORTHEY, EDWARD ABBOTT SIBLEY, A.B. JAMES TVIANDERSON CASTLE, JR. HUBERT IRENEE DUPONT :fraternity Zllpba Qibaptzr 1850 Established 1850 3539 LOCUST STREET XVILLIAM DRAPER LEWIS, LL.B., PH.D 'GEORGE WILLIAM NORRIS, A.B., M.D WVARD BRINTON, A.B.. A.M. HENRY' XVINSOR, M.D. LESLIE NIETZGER CARIER, D.D.S. THOMAS REATH, JR., A.B., LL.B. ETERRICK, A.B., AJVI. A.B. EDWARD SHIPPEN VVATSON FARNUM. JR. LAWRENCE MEREDITH CLEMSON SMITH GEORGE VAUX- CRESSON GEORGE WEBSTER GRIFFITH, A.B. ROBERT JAMES TAIT PAUL, A.B. DAVID STEYVART POLK JOHN HOLLINGSWORTH VVHARTON JAMES STARR FARNUM CHARLES BACHE 400 WILLIAM BEATTIE CARLOS BTARTINEZ CARDEZA YVILLIAM CRAMP FERGUSON, JR. THOMAS FREMONT GRIEFITH FRANCIS LUKENS , SIDNEY MONTGOMERY EDGAR BARTOVV MDLLER JOSEPH TAYLOR PHILIP XVALLIS OSBORNE CRESSON GRANVILLE GOFF DANIEL TVIERRITT JOHN RHEIN JAMES SINKLER xv QQ ? 4552 if 1 Q -15 3. 6, 352353 Q - szsrfgq! s - ff' s Mics -Www 4 9 ,EQ .- 401 RALPH PEMBERTON, IVLD. THOMAS NOLAN, B.S., NLS., PH.B., A.M. JOHN FRAZER, A.M., PH.D. JOHN P. CROZER GRIFFITH, A.B., M,D., PH.D. ARTHUR LATHAINI CHURCH, B.S. CHARLES PREVOST GRAYSON, A.B., M.D. SAMUEL FREDERIC HOUSTON, A.B. ARTHUR HOWELL GERH.ARD, A.B., M.D. ROBERT GRIER LECONTE, A.B., M.D. FRANCIS HERMAN BOHLEN, A.B., LL.B. FRANCIS CLARK GRANT, M.D. 05132 fraternity uf , ZBeIta si Reita Qlbapter Founded 1847 Established 1850 3637 LOCUST STREET GEORGE HARRISON FRAZIER, A.B. GEORGE STUART PATTERSON, B.S., LL.D. CHARLES CAMBLOS NORRIS, M.D. VVILLIAM POWELL ROBINS, A.B., F.G. QA. D.G.j JAMES CURTIS BALLAGH, A.B., PH.D., LL.D. CHARLES HARRISON FRAZIER, A.B., M.D. XVILLIAM DANIEL STROUD, B.S., M.D. ARTHUR RINGOLD SPENCER, B.S., LL.B. EDWARD WALTER MADEIRA, A.B.. LL.B. ISAAC STARR, JR., B.S., M.D. Active Chapter CHRISTOPHER LAFARGE JOHN BLAIR BARNWELL, A.B. JOHN HEARD HUNTER, SD, B.S. IN ARCH. THADDEUS MARTIN DALY, JR., A.B. RELPH ROBERTS ROBERT NORTON DOWNS, 3D DALE PURVES LOUIS RICHARDS GROVE LESTER HOADLEY SELLERS HENRY JOHNSTON TOOMBS FRANCIS HENRY TAYLOR HENRY BRINTON COXE, JR., THOMAS XVI-IARTON, A.B. JAMES HAY BEATTIE HARRY HAKE, JR. WILLIAM ELLERY ALMY ALFRED REEVES HUNTER A.B. HORATIO CURTIS WOOD, JR. f OLIVER XVOLCOTT BROCK FRANCIS CARROL GOLDSBOROUGH CREIGHTON BIRD PEET GEORGE ELMER FRAKER, JR. ELI KIRK PRICE, 3D EDVVARD SYDENHAM PAGE ALFRED PARSONS HULNIE ELDREDGE SNYDER HENRY NEILL PAUL, JR. SAMUEL BROWNING IRWIN VVALLACE LEONARD ALEXANDER HENRY DOUGLAS PAXSON, JR. HENRY CLEMAN BASKERVILLE RICHARD HENRY REEVE JOHN DURR BUEBINIING JAMES ROBERTS WOOD DOWNS HOWARD TUNNELL LONG ' 402 E 1 g 5 - 2 51541 A 403 EMORY JRICI-IARD JOHNSON, PHD., M.L., SC.D. MILTON BIXLER HARTZELL, A.B., M.D HENRY XVOLF BIKLE, M.A., LL.B. HAROLD SAVIN SHERTZ, BS., LL.B. NIERKEL HENRY JACOBS, M.A., PH.D. flctive GEORGE LOUIS LEFEVRE HERBERT ASH MAHAFEEY YVILLIAM J. A. XVATT GERALD COLLIN COLEMAN ROBERT SCOTT CARY JOSEPH WILLIAM DUETON JOHN SCHELL THEODORE NIUFFETT HUGHES JOHN DAX'IS MCGURK THOMAS MORGAN PRYTHERCK CLIFFORD ORR CHARLES DAVISON BRIDGM.-KN CHARLES JAMES JONES, JR. GEORGE ARTHUR WILSON VVILLIAM NORMAN FREYER WNILBUR DAVIS TAYLOR HECTOR EDXVARD MACDON.ALIJ ALTON LEROY PAPWORTH :RICHARD KIRK SNIVELY JOSEPH CROSS XVILLIAMS RANSEORD NIASON BEACH JKVILLIAM ZIEGLER MCLEAR JAMES PAUL CRANVFORD, JR. FRED M. GILLESPIE ., LL.D. bigma bi fraternity 1913i iBiJi Qliijaptet Founded 1855 Established 1875 3809 LOCUST STREET CLARENCE E. CLEXVELL, E.E. VVENDELL PHILLIPS RAINE, B.S. IN ECON., M.A. CLARENCE NEYVELL CALLENDER, B.S. IN ECON. LELAND DUREEE JUDD, B.S. IN ECON. JAMES H. HIRBEN, B.S. Chapter NIEL CRANE ESTABROOK DONALD WILLIAM FORSYTH SEYMAN KERR GEORGE PERCY SMITH FRANK BANGS SUTHERLAND CLARENCE DAVYS DEXXVEY HUSTLEBY ROBERT S. HAY ROBERT THOMAS JONES JOHN DERN, QD. ROBERT JACOB GLOCK GEORGE SULLIVAN ARCHER CAMERON VORIS JOHN CHARLES FULLING CONRAD R. F. RIECHELHAUS DONALD ALBERT MILES FLOYD BRIGHTBILL GILMAN ALAN COLVERT GARDNER RICHARD EUGENE BICBRIDE HARRY ALBERT HUNSBERGER WILLIAM IRA PRINCE, JR. JAMES EUSTACE, JR. ARTHUR GLASPEY JOHNSON EVAN W. THOMAS, JR. THEODORE ALBERT REHM 404 .4 311391 . 1 V- , . V ,A xN'V, -Q A., V 4, 'W b i ig 1. lk , . , ijeml, lbkaliiik r J 'W A- .- P 3,31 , L 1,-4. , JI 1 F 1 Uv. J 525 + V g. . K in 5m,xh i'0 I , . 1 St. w, 1 W 1v ,l zsggy , ,fpsi in , nfs, 1 - 1 K waz? Lv. xg ii' 'Z' f. 'g1Y:f'54,, if megs ' 1 ,,-X. , X,-f?7P,..7 4- ",f,L-.f, ' k "ff xg, Jag! , 21:1 4' xr. Wy! ' rf: I- r I 4 XII?-TH E' . . A X Y x .. I S, 1 , 4 ,,. A, . 1 PH! ' 1 9 ' if 13 H " jg ,gi Wim - , . F N5 l M2 ww A g.. 1 EEL ??Z9F9fQ', .HHH ? JW 5 -lf' 6' 'V W . th.- Af. ggi., s-K. 1, - 4 -film 41. . l U 'Z 1135. MQ Q .Pj H mg Jalfsii' EE Pali-vig u , i W. V W " Yr: Z - v 1 ,gig 1? il -Q W .T s -A. J, His V. ' Il' w 4 V 1 I ME 555 JG .N .Qi 'a .z. .W I 1 3y?Ef??f W I .ff-1 V. W' I 1, V ., Wai if Jang 'ZH JK r -an 3133 j ,N-1 , ,Z :J 2 55? F9 ., HN 'if'1 -J I 1 ,.1 , .1, -' w --.Y-..-vi XA-,,.,. . 1, 1.v4 rv' -, ,.-- In-. v , -V uv'-1 TV ,:.-vm fy T A i ' - "' '- u , .,.. v - V ., , fn w, 1' . V, , , , ,r ,- f Q 'iiiif ww f"J -My I 'Q 1:5 I Lf ,gm 4051 sg 4 WILLIAM C. SPROUL, A.B., LL.D. JOSIAH HARMER PENNIMAN, A.M., PH.D., LL.D. EDGAR FAHS SMITH, PH.D., SC.D., LH.D., LL.D., M.D., LITT.D., CHEM.D. JOHN MARSCH11LL,NAT.SC.D., PH.D., M.D., SCD., LL.D. MORRIS LEWIS CLOTHIER, A.B.. LL.D. FELIX E. SCHELLING, PH.D., LITT.D., LL.D. ALLEN JOHN SMITH, A.M., M.D., SC.D., LL.D. FREDERICK EHRENFELD, PH.D. JOSEPH SAILER, M.D., PH.B. HENRY KUHNRATH PANCOAST, WILLIAM HENRY LLOYD, A.B., LL.D. EDXVIN R. KEEDY, A.M., LL.B. SENECA EGBERT, A.M., M.D. THEODORE ANDREXV BLAKE STORM VANDERZEE VICTOR VALENTINE SXVEENEY FRANCIS SLAUGHTER SMYTH HENRY COMEGYS SMYTH MALCOLM WITTEMORE ROCKETT JAMES DRAKE COMPTON DANIEL THOMPSON ROWND ROBERT JOSEPH GILLETTE VVALTER BROWN NEILL DAVID ANDERSON GRIMES, JR. ROBERT KLING BECK RICHARD LEONARD HENN PAUL CARL BODE JOHN HAMILTON BARNES ALFRED WILLIAM JONES ilBbi kappa si :Fraternity Rennsplhania Ziuta Qlbapter F ozmclecl 1852 Established 1877 3641 LOCUST STREET HEILNER JNIAXXVELL LANGDON, M.D. WILLIAM R. NICHOLSON, A.B., M.D. CARL VVILLIAMS, M.D. JOHN STOKES ADAMS, A.B., LL.B. GEORGE H. BICKLEY, B.S., A.D.F.G. EDXVARD HARRIS GOODMIAN, M.D. P. J. IQIEFER, A.B., B.S. PAUL I'IOXVARD MUSSER, A.B., PI-LD. GRAYSON PREVOST MCCOUCH, A.B., M.D. CALVIN MASON SMYTH, JR., M.D. GEORGE SCOTT STEXVART, A.B., LL.B. M.D. RAY BEACH XVALLACE, B.S, in ECON. ALLAN VALENTINE, A.B. HENRY RICKENTY ROTHERMOL, A.B. THOIVIPSON S. WESTCOTT, A.B., M.D. Active Chapter ROBERT XVILLIAM ZEHRING FREDERICK BJCKEE CAMPBELL CLAUD C. CURTIS SAMUEL BALROCK CROWELL, JR. JOSEPH VVESTBAY WALKER WVILLIAM BOYD TUCKER RICHARD GARDNER VVESTERFIELD WVILLIAM JNIARTIN COOPER, JR. EDWVARD GEORGE HPXRTJE, JR. NORMAN LESTER PANCOAST FRANCIS C. W. PATON ALEXIS HUNTINGTON BOSTXVICK HENRY COIT VVILLIAMS WILLIAM HOMER GILBERT GEORGE LANSING TAYLOR FRANK B. ELLIS, JR. VVILLIAM ALBERT SMITH, JR. 406 RALPH V. H. WOOD JOHN WNINTHROP CLAGHORN BASIL HUBERT COOPER JAMES MCCREAY BECK HENRY JOHN FRENZEL DREW EBERSON JACK MURRAY S. HAROLD SUPPLEE GRAHAM VEALE W. N . SEYMOUR COFFIN GEORGE F. DANIELS JACK SIMMONS CHARLES S. HIGLEY PRESTON A. WILLIAMS EDMUND F. STUBBE ROBERT J. PRINCE 4 4,,, ," K .fill X Qvammfig 401 5 I sf HJ' WWAWS.. QA-GAS.. A . W ' .. flag 'QAEW 'ugfxigv 5 six 323 N 2. -,im Q5 gg ' I Ax it QASUAX' - A .z f N.. 03326-Vi SQQAQ 1 ein. ,Q Q L, ,Miexgig E? W k' W XF Esta Uibeta B1 bi Cllbapter X TES- I ' 4.5" -- lfoundecl 1839 Establzshed 1880 F . . ..:, ,., , el R ?fAf4e1::f541:33cv.2iA2 -3' Am-E323 -- - .,, , , . rx - . ' w...,..,.....L,.... 5 ., . f - f P- ww. 1 . ' 'H 1, A-fad Y. I .L-"-"Rf 'lf' . A fl: -,Aux . Ya vg-2' A- S- ' " I gwyqgg--Sig-W mmm uhh., W- L M.. Sw I 2...I...,. -- A A , wx, vi, A Q , ge 5 ilu f swf-'J - A X A JM P' X4 I . . 5 " I . if 'Ii' .. A A Af. , W .. fs. A f f A Q , 'f sf' V I 1? .. .,, .W V, ANgvww-,-Aw-S:::.-5:21 ,. ..,. . X N ww ua... 35Q9 LOCUST STREET ROBERT H. FERNALD, NLE., A.M., LL.B. ALBERT DUNCAN YOCUM, PH.B., PH.D. JOHN GOODRICH CLARK, M.D. GEORGE FRANKLIN COLE, A.B.. BURTON R. MORLEY', A.B. LOUIS PLACK FISHER, B.S. IN THEODORE C. EDVVARDS- A.B. Active Chapter PH.D. ECON. GEORGE THAXVLEY HAYMAN VVALTER EVERETT CARTER WILLIAM CHARLTON JOHN HOMER CHASE H. BARTON DE W7INNY CEDRIC FERRE FINLEI' ROBERT L. FLATHER WILLIAM GORDON MCKELDIN WILLIAM EDWARD NORVELL, JR. CALVIN HAGAN RANKIN JAMES ALEXANDER RUGH CLINTON HUGII SHATTUCK EDWARD GAINES SPEARS WADSWORTH WVHITTIER LAUREN HALSTEAD THAYER JAMES WALKER BRYDON JAMES H. DEAKIN, JR. HORACE WVILLARD PRUNK HOWARD SHELDON HATFIELD JOHN WILEY JONES JOHN THOIVIAS IQVQRALL FREDERICK BRANDON SMILLIE C. ROBERT TRUITT JOHN WOODS WATT ERNEST D. BAXTER HERBERT RICHBIOND STODDARD JAMES RUSSEL KNISELY HERBERT STANDLEY EYRE MARION VERNON BREVVINGTON RICHARD WILSON COOK JOHN M. DOUGLAS WVALTER VV. LATHROP BERTRAM SCHILLER PFAU PAUL JOHN FREDERICK SCHMITT ROBERT LOVELAND SINGER CHARLES ADAMSON, JR. JOSEPH HERTZLER CULVER CHARLES WILSON DOUGL.AS NIELVILLE UPTON EATON HARRY' NLCCASLIN EASTON JAMES LA SALLE HOOD CLYDE XVIG-MORE JACKSON EDWVARD SCOTT LOWVER, JR. RICHARD LEWVIS NIEALAND PHILIP 'WILLIAM NIORGAN WILLIAM BURKS PURSE LEMUEL HAMILTON STEPHENSON FREDERICK NELSON STEVENSON CHARLESVAUGUSTUS VVOERXVHE UHLE JULIAN DWIGHT WVALTER 52 :ff -, ' V5 V if 12 :I 02 ,sg 5,5 W13? , vf gf .V 3-21 Wx' 5' W . .'?'f115WT:i3 ,Q "wiv V -f"'Z2 M Y 1 mf' .' K I Y I ex 0, T -- A" 409 POWELL STACKHOUSE, 3D NORBORNE RICHARD CLARKE , l :I -55527. .J 13 sf f x...2 ww-M -grid .. , 3,1 , ,..., E. -fi .- W '95 MAJ. .'.', 25,9555 1.11.--1 . ., ... ,A . A .A . , A27 ,. . ,. A A JE uf , "whisk Sb:-1:-'.fr7.iY3?' ' A: :- 2 S........A...,.. . ff? 5 ,lv , fr.. .A WW 32,5 " Z, H: 75, g:.'f'.,y - 1 -..-'1 My-ff:f-., V I M: - . s ,1 " -vw ' W 1 'H ., R514 5 '4 wi W - A ff ., ' 1. A elk . f if ' A 1 .f 5 iii I QP f e f ' ' if 44, 'f ,J if' s? , iff A ' Q A N . R10 A ,f y A QM f 2 5 ,yi 1 s 1-'. A ' ' ,V. S ,c .. . - ' - ' .I-,awmh :W -Sf bi Gamma alta Esta Qihapter Founded 18.48 Established 1881 3619 LOCUST STREET JAMES ADDISON BABBITT, A.B., M.D. EARL S. HARRIS, A.B. FRANK HORACE REITER, A.M., PH.D. STANLEY PULLIAM SHUGERT, A.M., PH.D, DININER BEEBER, A.B., LL.D. RGE XVALTER. DAWSON, A.E.D. ALONZO TAYLOR, M.D. MORRIS BOOTH MILLER, M.D. GEO GEO ROB RGE MORRIS COATES, A.B., M.D HENRY LAMAR CROSBY, A.M., PH.D. DAVID CLARK CABEEN, A.B., A.M. LEWIS HENRY IADLER, JR., A.B., M.D. CHARLES GAUGER, A.B. HAROLD HAVELOCK KYNETT, B.S. THEODORE JULIUS GRAYSON, LL.B. J. CHARLES HICKEY, D.D.S., M.D. ERT CHARLES LIGGET, A.B., LL.B. MATHIAS ADAM SHAABER, A.B. Act PARK XVEED WILLIS, JR., A.B. ROBERT GERSTENLAUER ive Chapter HENRY VEGHTE HOAGLAND JAMES TAGGART PRIESTLEY HARRY BYRON GERVIN THEODORE DOREMUS SAMUEL MCCARTNEY' JACKSON EDWARD D. MITCHELL LEWIS SNYDER BERNARD GEORGE SPILLE GEORGE S. BENNITT W. ALBERT HADDOCIC HUGH RODGERS KING A HENRY S. NIINSTER WILLIAM WATSON SWAN KENNETH LEVERNE CALDWELL JAMES GEORGE CROCKETT EDWARD BENJAMIN DOUGLASS CHARLES KINDRED ELLIOT LUCIUS CARL HUNT RAYMUND AUGUST NIUNDER HOWARD LAYTON SCHUELE FRANCIS AVENAL LA BAW TOWNSEND BARR YOUNG WALTER GREGORY BASKERVILLE GEORGE HUESTIS FONDE I'IQXVARD ACKERBIAN MEDHOLDT WILLIAM JOHN ORR JOHN TUTHILL JAMES SCHELL W. KNOXVLES EVANS ROBERT MEIN HADLEY RICHARD S. NIARGESON TRUMAN OLIVER MORGAN VVALTER FROST WHITNEY LOGAN CLARKE WVILLIAM CALVIN DENNY NORNIAN RALLA DUTTON BERTRAM GRAENIE JOSEPH TRAPNELL KLOMAN RALPH THEODORE OSTERLOH DANIEL ,NIORRELL ITRAZIER, JR STACKHOUSE, JR Wd Y V' 'Af fl if' f' QQ, 5,3 A09 1: -:gg,y . 1 f 1 43 5112261 Wg: TPZZZI' 'fb' M319 411 ' 6 NL 'Af Qlpba illiau Qbmega ,QA . ff ..,,. ,, 4.:i AC' -- .,--.., A :fruternlty 'A TF" . 1 Rf' 'R A R , ennsplhama au banter -- Founded 1865 T Q28 SOUTH THIRTY NINTH STREET A. H. WILLIAMS, B.S. IN ECON., J. H. S. BOSSARD, lNI.A., PH.D. IQARL NIILLER, DLA., PH.D, SHERMAN OBERLY, A.B. J. R. KLINE, M.A., PH.D. GEORGE BARNYVELL, B.A. Active Chapter M HARRY KOCH HIESTAND VVALTER HENRY HUNTZINGER EUGENE FRANCIS NIACIDONALD JOHN HUNTER SPEICHER MILLARD CRUISE THOMPSON FRANCIS WVILSON VAN DER JVEER LORAN ROBERT FISCHER ALBERT BERKELY SHERMAN DEAN JEWELL WVELLS EDGAR JEROME LUFTUS EWINGS ELMO YVILLCOX KIRK LONGFELLOW BLY SAMUEL LUKE HART BURK ORRIN CALVIN FARNSWORTH FREDERICK KENNETH FOLSOM JOHN MCWWVILLIANIS MCCULLOUGH JOHN SMITH SCURFIELD FREDERICKS GRIFFITH XVANDALL JOSEPH LONG KALBACH STANLEY ADDISON JOY 412 OMAR KLAUDER BOYD FRANK ANTHONY LOFTUS GLEN CLAFTON CLARK JOHN BEACHY NIEYERS GEORGE WARREN STEVENS LEMOINE C. YVHEELER ARMAND M. ROSE WVILLIAM CERRE DOUGLAS XKVALBORN VVORTHINGTON NEYNYCOLIET JOHN SULLIVAN HARRY SAMUEL EISENBROWN NOEL EDDY EDGAR JVVILLIAM HEELAS FREDERICK W. IMMOOR IRELAND FIELDING NIILLER EDMOND BOWEN QUILLEN LAYMAN J. REDDEN CHARLES MONTGOMERY SULLIVAN GEORGE T. TOOMEY LELAND ELLIOTT VVHEELER f f Siifff' G: 'EEE Effff' Q5 '177l,N1 F' H3 IQWW T fbi alta illbeta :Fraternity ennsplhania Zeta Qlbapter F ozmclecl 18,48 Established 1883 3400 WALNUT STREET DANIEL BUSSIER SHUMWAY, PH.D. J. VERNE STANFORD, B.S., ME. EDXVARD ADAMS SHUMWAY, B.S.. M.D. ARTHUR H. RICHARDSON, A.B. FLOYD ELWOOD ICEEN, M.D. ROBERT RHODES NICGOODNVIN, B.S. IN ARCH. LAMBERT OTT, JR., B.S. IN ECON., LL.B. JAMES TVIORTIMER WEST, 3D., A.B., LL.B. Active Chapter KARL PORTMAN CHESNEY THADDEUS HYATT ERNEST ORLANDO KISTLER LAWRENCE JOSEPH MCEVOY BEN STREETER MCGIVERAN PAUL DILWYN SUMMERS GEORGE EDYVARD ALTEMUS FRANK ROSE BAILEY THEODORE CAMPBELL, JR. HARRY WILLIAMS CLARKE, JR. TREADWELL DOWNING COVINGTON ARNOLD JAY STEELE EDWIN HAROLD BERTUCH HAROLD THEODORE GRAVES, JR. DONALD FRANCIS NICDERNIOTT WILLIAM ESTABROOK MURDOCH MERRITT FRANCIS PROSS ARTHUR FRANCIS THOMPSON, JR. VVILSON THOBIAS HOBSON, JR. WILLIAM THORNTON NIARTIN GEORGE NIILNER NORTHROP CARR FREDERICK PROSS EMMONS HICKS WVOOLNVINE XVARREN MOORE WRIGHT, JR. DONALD DEAN VVYATT FRANCIS ALFRED CRAMER CHARLES EDWVARD GrR.-AFMUELLER WVILLIAM FORD GRAVES JOHN FORD KAPP LAWRENCE JESSE BAUER JNIAURICE ANDREW GILMARTIN ALBERT BERTRAM HAGER, JR. ARCHIBALD MCGREGOR VVILLIAM EDWARD POTTINGER HENRY ROBERTS WILLIAM BOCOCK THREAPLETON t e , +i 'Am K, 'N Q? ' ' ' I I PNB 115 ' x 415 3?-I 'Q'QF9" 5335? mvvwnnf-'vmrb.fsovw.x'9'w S- Xb ,ma M 2 .. :I R -' ' -:aff-E.: 155:25-:5 A ., - A --Ez -,-- 1 ,,,, I A ,:V,. , x... . iff l' . VA . ' A I' ff' V. '21 I ,EF 5.'1f:?':'.1,.fZ: A.: . if v ' . ...x.,.. ---Li MA, .. , - , ,,M.....,,G HENRY GIBBONS, AJVI. HENRY V. AMES, A.M., PH.D. EDWARD S. TVIEAD, PH.D. BENJAMIN A. THOMAS, A.M., M.D. SEYMOUR DEW. LUDLAW, B.S., M.D. JOHN H. GIRVIN, MJD. WVILLIAM O. JNIILLER, A.B. alta Ukipsilun ennsplhania Qllijaptzt I Founded 183.4 Establishecl 1888 3614 LOCUST STREET JAMES H. AUSTIN, B.S., M.D. HOWARD H. MITCHELL, PH.D., PH.B. FREDERIC WV. BEAL, A.M., PH.D. ' CHARLES H. MAXON, A.M., PH.D. HENRY I. HUMPSTONE, ALI. ARTHUR B. LIGHT, NLD. GEORGE B. ROORBACH, A.M. EVERETT T. SMALLEY, B.S. BAYARD STOCIQTON AMELIA HENRY HOMER BUCKELMUELLER XVILLIAM CLARK DAVID FARQUHAR CAVERS XVRIGHT GRIFFIN PAUL BURTON HARTENSTEIN HENRY BENJAMIN HESTON IRVING EUGENE HAND HAROLD BRANDENBURG LEVER THEODORE LEVERCH LENHAM JOHN KREISER MILLER ROBERT CHARLES HARRIS ROBERT LAYBURNE PATTERSON ROBERT HAINES PENNOCK CLIFFORD BATCHELDER REEVES FRANK PAUL VVITTMER WILLIAM SEWARD TVIILLENER EDWARD STEPHEN FARRELL ERNEST STEINMETZ ISTAYLOR JAMES CUTHBERT GENTLE CHARLES EDWARD STEWVART LESLIE MARTIN CASSIDY AUGUSTUS GEORGE FUNCK ALFRED LETH RICITARD HASLER SNYDER RAYMOND EDNVARD VVOLF YALE BELCHER ALBERT TENNYSON CANDY JAMES EDGAR CARMACK CHARLES TURNER CRAVENS EBIIL HARRH' HEINTZ VVILLIAM HENRY KNEASS GRANT LINCOLN BTILLER EDWVARD PAUL NORRIS PAUL AVILLARD PENNOCK SAMUEL ALLEN PIPPITT LINUS EDRAL TENN.ANT R. R. MEADE L. HOWGATE A. NICICENZIE EUGENE RALPH WESCOTT NIATHANEL ICIRBY HARRIS HENRI F. F. PRUNARET, SD REA MCGRAW DONAL CARL JOSEPH FOX JOSEPH PUTMAN YVILSON ROBERT STARR REEVES FRANK LEROY HENRY EDNVIN TVIEINHART RATH LEXVIS FREDERICK MARST HENRY CHARLES JOHN LIONVARD WITHEROW 4116 GJJWJ 3-J MJ 0 mc,z4z4'1 .:,, " ' 5. ww?wf:m -v'A , ,270 Tg..l,., 'f f ' "' ' 5 ffiiyibw :gr ,,., ,Q Fx Er 71 ' JM n ff X X X x V x g , f f ,. i'An.f,x:. fnoenvingbigigg 4I7 195i Ublpsiilun fraternity Eau Cllbapter Founded 1883 Established 1891 300 SOUTH THIRTY-SIXTH STREET JOHN WVILLIAM ADANIS, A.B., M.D. HENRY PAUL BROWN, JR., B.S., M.D. ' I " I CLARENCE GRIFFIN CHILD, A.M., PH.D., I' EIQEI f L.H.D., LLD. LAYTON BARTEL REGISTER, B.S., LL.B. HENRY H. DONALDSON, PH.D., SC.D. RICHARD SAUNDERS STOYLE, PH.B., LL.B. WVILLIAM PAGE HARBESON, B.S., PH.D., LL.B. MILTON HAIVIIVIOND STANSBURY, A.B. JOHN HERR NIUSSER, B.S., M.D. LEMUEL BRADDOCK SCHOFIELD,A.M., LL.B. WILLIAM AUGUSTUS JVEIDERSHEIM, A.B., ROBERT GRANT TORREY, M.D. LL.B. EDWARD THEODORE GRANDLIENARD, C.E. HENRY BROWN YVAN DEVENTER, A.M., PH.D. JOHN PERCY MOORE, B.S. PH.D. ALFRED DRAPER WVHITING, M.D. Active Chapter DAVID FLEMING BEARD GEORGE WASHINGTON BLABON JOHN CLAYTON BOGAN, JR. TVIERRITT HULBURD DAVID KING GRAENIE ENNIS LORIMER THOMAS BIDDLE KENNILWORTH RINGE PHILIP SCHLOSBERG VVILLIAM EICHELBERGER BENJAMIN FAUCETT EUGENE CURRY FELT FLETCHER GARLOCK FRANK WARREN GUTHRIE JOHN WVESLEY HIGHTONVER GEORGE BENJAMIN HULL RALPH LATHROP KELLY CHARLES JEFFERSON LYON ROBERT LINCOLN PARKINSON, JR. JAMES WHIPPLE PERRY FREDERICK EMIL QUINN OSWALD HERMAN ROTH RALPH THUDIUM SCHOBLE WILLIAM BUNN SEVERN :EDVVARD ADAMS SHUMXVAY, JR. LOWELL SHUMNVAY THOMAS ARTHUR CLYDE BUTERBAUGH GEORGE HENRY BUTERBAUGH ELDON SEELY CHAPMAN VVILLIAM THOMAS COLEMAN, JR. STANLEY BOUTELLE FESSENDEN EUGENE MANNING FLUES SIDNEY STERRETT HALL HARRY LAYTON KINGSTON JAMES LEWIS NICVEY MADISON WESTCOTT PIERCE NELSON BUCKLEY SHERRILL, JR. HENRY ALSTONE SKILTON RALPH STOCKTON JOHN RASSMUSSEN WILLIAMS, JR. THOIVIAS HOMER ATHERTON, JR. EARL HAMPTON WRIGHT BARTLETT ROBERT ALEXANDER EICHELBERGER EDGAR ALLAN GRAHAM RALPH CARL GUENTHER JAMES FORSYTHE NICHOLAS JOHN LEAVITT RANDALL HIRAM WARREN RICHMOND JOSEPH WNILLIAM WALTON DAVID REZNOR WEBSTER 4118 -J KA. ' 5 1 51 , . -,11 1-' : .tx wwf-K 1-lr. ' .1ffff 7"".1?f"'ff 145 5 29, AGO ,l.. . .a wh o X XQ " S, 'Zio W3 ' "Wins i4:nhPYim 4-19 appa Qigma ,fraternity Qlpba QEp5iIun Qlbapter Founclecl 1867 Established 1892 3900 WALNUT STREET ARTHUR BOASE, C.E. GEORGE HOWARD EHLERS, M.E. PAUL GEMMILL, A.B. OLIVER EDMUND GLENN, A.M., PH.D. JOHN JAMES M. ARTMAN LLOYD ROBERTS BECHTEL EDGAR MILNOR BECHTEL JOSEPH OLIVER BARNES ELWARD NIORTON BRESETT THOMAS COWELL JAMES NASH DALY WILLIAM DAVIES VICTOR DEMEERS L. DEARDORFF SAMUEL HOOKER FRENCH LOUIS VICTOR HOLST J. M. HUGHES JOHN LUKAS NORIVIAN BOWMAN MCCULLOCH RAYMOND MOOCK HERBERT JNIIDDLETON JOHN P. MURDOCH WILLIAM REYNOLDS CLARENCE STELLE RIFE CHARLES A. SAYLOR CURTIS BRUCE :ARTHUR DOUGHERTY REES, PH.D. FRANCIS HUGIi SHIELDS, A.B., LL.D. GEORGE VVILLIAM NICCLELLAND, A.M., LEON MORRIS PEARSON, A.B. ROBINS HART, A.M. Active Chapter RICHARD SCATTERGOOD EDXVARD JOHN SCHROEDER VVILLIAM LOUIS SIMPSON AUGUSTUS STALEY ISAAC NEXVTON STITELER FRANK PRENTICE THOMAS WILLIAM WARD GRANT VVESTGATE JOHN YOUNGMAN ROBERT MATHEWS BACHMAN CHARLES FREDERICK REHBERGER DAVID NIATHEVVS SCHEERER JOSEPH JOHN KIVLAN ROSLYN BERNARD FORTUIN PETER D. BRICKER . LOUIS ROTHAN DENNIS ROBERT ALEXANDER HASLET H.A.RT EDGAR WVAN RIPER FREDERICK ROSWELL SEELEY EDWARD CHARLES NIALOY GEORGE DANIEL SHOUP PLATT 420 PH.D xT '- mms vyjw aj .X My 1,-,f,, 1 ,- KA A ?'YT'i4:ff" 45 l'5!--15,3215 ,ax m?i.4,gQ.,, -,5,,g4,., X jlfff Nix, 9 X -E K Q' ,, .4 i2 421 Rf - - -. . ' U i. if Q ' - f ff' . -A .,A- " I IETUH 11 .gg ,,.. .. I - G. 1 A A 1. I f H ff. '55,-. -+4 fm, :-15.4 A .. -A '- w ,.".f , .1:f,,:17QqE:E3:5Eg5f5Q A if - -A f.. : -:. A. ,--.., A. :-- - v- -- r .I ,, L, 1 .gy g A, fr 1... .. .W 47,5 - 1. 1-.1 . Lg A . -' A 1. ' f- V- 1'1'?f:f'fI-I:-:FEEQEZZ 5 . 1. . 4 - ' , -... - '- ' f - 1" - ' .N A . ,... .. . . in V A If I f Rafi? 1' if Q 2 I um 5 I LY f B ' . 1 . .Z ,. aff- -'fm -1- 1 ,I I .gy 7 igi F f 2,5 ' A-,Q fe ,,,, -5513325 5 , .5 , V- -f ' w i' A 2 ':..:.-r9-.-5,.- ' ev I if ' '- ' 1 ' I' if , f i'fn '1. " ' ' , fe,-5 f - 5' 3, 22 2 I A A , 1:5 55.5 Hai . 1. . .2 .Ys.--1-aw yi .., 1,5 ,H 3,-:4.,.f ...-..Mfw-.-,,,.,w,..14A.-.9-1.-nz . WN., ,,. ,, 5.f-:iw - " :.,,.25-A ' .' f ' JJ '-M1542-f.J .'?".2?i5 '1'.'-qawglw f 'lf :?fff"-71, ,lffizijfg1172'E'AI3E5:-A3E1:fEfi1:EE1fLE5I3:.:'E'f':'Lii?'3:-xi-:Zi?57f:''I'"Iii . ' . . . 1 9" 2523:-.52.?2f"?" f4 f -W fz i V ' ' . . ' " :Fraternity I Esta BKIJU Qlbaptzt Founded 1869 Establishe 3819 WALNUT STREET SAMUEL S. HERRIANS, B.S. IN ECON. HARLAN UPDEGRAFF, A.M., PHD. ALLEN CHESTER, A.B Active Chapter LOUIS W. JONES GEORGE I. LOVATT JOHN H. MCCOMB WILLIAM C. GRIESMER D. BLAKE LUMPKIN RALPH H. REYNOLDS WILLIAM SCANLON H. FREW 'VVAIDNER HOWARD P. WALL GEORGE A. WHITLEY CALVIN A. YOUNG RAYMOND W. JEWELI. WILLYS P. VVAGNER VVALLACE H. ENGLEHART JOHN F. FERGUSON JOHN L. LATIMER GEORGE D. MULLEN JOHN MURREN H. WATSON PADDOCK SIDNEY C. WHITE GEORGE G. LVIAHY LEONARD A. SORENSON IRVING E. FRYER G. RICHARD GRIFFIN DAVID M. LIDDLE EDWIN' N. NICHENRY HARRY C. TEMPLE HEBERT T. LORENTZ ROBERT C. BAKER WVILLIAM C. BAIRD EDWARD L. BUCKLEY HARRY K. CLARK ROY L. DALHEY JAMES A. GRIFFIN 'VVILLARD J. GUCKER JOSEPH M. HARRIE H. CHOICE ICIESTER, JR. GUY E. NIACMILLER COLIN W. MATHIESON YVESLEY MCC. MORRIS STANLEY S. REEVES R. REDWOOD RICHARDSON ARTHUR O. ROSELUND RUSSEL E. XVILLIAMS WILLIAM A. VVITHUS LLQQ d 1894 N fr x Q w 423 f F ouncled 1895 Established 1896 fx A --RWE, N-:affix 'EN ,,-sf.--.szfiiy . yffgxf .1 ij, Naww' If --sw Q MAA? A -f, A-SSWEQ f A11 fAa,2'2'A4f,kQs aww " 0 Riff, ' -pp--v, PM "-s "-as 'P' Af. Ag, si V? vagina af' K' 1 :Egfr 4952? '-yah HQ' ,-Arm? SH' iBIJi IBM Qlijapter Qlpba bi bn fraternity W Q19 SOUTH T HIRTY-SIXTH STREET SA F' W I 15....1,,5-,:Wp5:'w"' .AE'!Pfg5:,g " "wi-A :f31rE2f?1?1?ii5:5? "' 2T.aL, 4f:' ' "f""','?":if4s: Y:"?"Er, ' -' ' -, -"":':4y',,-.::1:Lf- Ili."-Q':"cf, ,fi . -',L..Ix 4' 'ESQ 61255519 ,L-gf-+A'-f-1'-3: 'wir'-fx' :4S'f1::F:" . -:"".'-R'-FQ ffl ':.1r'5'?: A.:,.,f, A ...W ----.pq -.M 1. mo- Q, 4. 'R ' Q: ', . :fr,v:1::::2w:ff ' 55547 ?- 2i::.:1,r', Am :ff-:'-.5-, fa- ' :2':f':E21 , 2',1::.sA4gyw'.q3xz4L . '- -- ' , -1252154195 af:e12:s 11' -'S . MSE ifrfahl. .1 4, :',.:.:f p--2.1, 1 . -.3-'.,, U . 5555252-E:55:, 1E VE"" 1 L ' :swfsefisiv-51595 4.0 A ,fry ' aw E1:rf.f sE:f1rI , - if E3 2: 7293 Ai 1: QF 3'?25:""'5'f?l'h3f5.'C:77": '.,":':2 " V ' . HQJ- 0NN'EN LEWIS SHINN, PH.D. ISAAC JOACHIM SCHVVATT, PH.D. PERCY VAN DYKE SHELLY, A.M., PH.D. GEORGE ARTHUR NIACFARLAND, B.S. IN ECON. HAROLD SAEGER STINE, A.B. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN SCHAPPELLE, PH.D. LEE NELSON GULICK, B.S. IN M.E. I JOSEPH MAYLIN PICKERING Active Chapter MACY ORVILLE TEETOR HERMAN FERGER, JR. JOHN STEWART :KULP HAROLD GREGG CHARLES POWELL AMOS GEORGE BERNARD RASER CHARLES EDWARD DINSMOOR LEE WILSON SCHADT HAR.RY LEROY VANDERFORD CHARLES PADEN CARSON REUBEN GOEBEL KUGEL RALPH HARTNIAN SCHMIDT WILLIAM BATER, QD FRANK DATSON GOULD PHILIP RODES ANDERSON LLOYD JNESMITH VVOODARD RAYMOND LUCIUS KNIGHT JAMES GILLINDER JNIASLAND JAMES IVIAIR ANDERSON HERBERT JVESLEY EVANS .AURELIAN DELNO HOWLETT IQENDALL HARRIS SHOYER BOYD YVILSON JAMES LEE MITCHELL HAROLD ELY NIERRICK LESLIE HAND CUMMINGS RAYMOND BLACK JOHN RUDOLPH 'FAPPAN CHARLES MOYER IVIEREDITH, JR RICPIARD DORNAN TRAINER JOSEPH EDNVARD ARCHER GLENN WALTER DIEHL 'is . 4 wb ' A M , Xxx , x MEI!! JP M f' 9- 1 idk QV 1 w2Qwf4ew1 , 5 if 'N ' 'EW ' XAN' T '1 w wf "'. f i ? X 'a + v,.5- .2 42:3 .i .,,,.,,,,MM - alta Gian alta QBmega Qibapter Founded 1859 Established 1897 3533 LOCUST STREET Faculty .THOMAS P. JVICCUTCHEON, PILD. JAMES P. WVICKERSHAM CRAWFORD, PH.D. .NLORTON MCCUTCHEON, A.B., M.D. VVALTER S. CORNELL, M.D. LANE NV. LANCASTER, A.B., MA. R.,AY KINNEY, B.A., M.A. SAMUEL H. PATTERSON, B.S., A.M. Active Chapter ROLAND TAYLOR A.DDIS JAMES NEELY DODSON, JR. JAMES ROSE SMITH MAURICE TIGER HARRELL EARL KEEN RICKER GRIER RATCLIFF BAYNUM ROBERT NELSON BIERLY WILLIAM VVALTON HALL WVILBUR LINCOLN HUNG FRANK EHLEN ROWE CHARLES JUSH WVEINSTOCK HENRY LUCULUS BRADLEY MALCOLM POWERS CATTIN, JR. HOMER WARREN HANSCOM RUSSEL LOUIS SHELTON HENRY VVILLIAM STEINKAMP PHILIP TUTTLE WILLIAMS VVILLIALI THYNNE GILLINDER, QD ALBERT WALTER ZIMMERMAN DAVIS SYDNEY CHAMBERLAIN, QD ERNEST STEPHEN ALLSOPP EDWARD VVHEELER LENNOX DANIELSON THOMAS SALKALD HODGSON KENNETH HERBERT MCDOWELL ' ROSS WVALLACE CHARLES EGERTON ALLCOCK, JR. WILLIAM CROSSMAN CHAPMAN BRANDLI ADOLPII GRAUER LAVERNE BARLOWE HERRING EDWARD LEXVIS SHUEY RICHARD VVEBBER LOWDEN RICHARD WILLIAMS 4-26 Q' '5 yW:1"f,-nfo,fM fiif K A ES N9 WQQ X - 2 H vw Q: QHEEX TAU Q' ' WW ,M HWQYM11 5 427 fg 1,, .- mfr '01 .ei 2: 1 gg - .1 wig .W A AAS-'1 :.-.: -A ,si zz.,-ww.-4 sf -1.-:S IM A .AA . N 1 9 A+. lfrmz-. : 311.22 iZ:!f:,., A V , ...',,.,..- H- :Am-A:f.eQL er 1 'ff' , Y ,..,, . Q - - ' S ' f J I .3 534- ' 13, L 563- 2. W 5' A ,- Xe i f f- J.. A. F-A I , H : Arg ' ' W 'V 1-N. a R K I Zfifif aff 1 , A A - Amw- -' V aff ' -SX ' RA W ,. .5121 RX .Ay- .A . . , I AAA . 'JS NX, i X A. MMV' alta appa psilun Reita kappa Qlhapter Founded 1844 Established 1 3603 LOCUST STREET A if KX 5 3 AQ 1 if:-1 2,1 'i fl US ww 1" K + . 4.1 . 1 1. Q 3,,g55,5Qg1: 1.1 xy Faculty GORDON BLYTHE ANDERSON, B.S. IN ECON., PH.D. THOMAS APPLETON COPE. M.D. HIRAM BURCHARD CALKINS, B.S. IN ECON. LINCOLN VVITHINGTON HALL, B.S. IN ECON. HERBERT SPRUCE HARNARD, PH.D. LUTHER ARMSTRONG HARR, B.S. IN ECON. WILLIAM JACKSON MERRILL, A.B., lVI.D. DANIEL EDWARD OWVEN. A.B., PH.D. SHERMAN GEORGE LANDERS, B.S. IN ECON. JOSHUA E. SXVEET, BLD. Active CARL MARTINUS ERTRESVAAG HOWARD EDWARD EMMONS ARTHUR WALLACE JERREMS, GEORGE FRANCIS MEREDITH MORTIRIER WRIGHT .NIEYERS JOHN COCHRAN THURMAN EDGAR WVILLIAM BECKMAN FRANCIS DAVID MACLEAN EDWARD HOWARD PRESTON, KENNEDY BROWN BAILEY JOHN DOSS BOWEN ROBERT WARREN DUDLEY EDWARD DUDLEY GARDINER MANUEL GUSTAVE HEVIA HAROLD DANIEL HIJXLEH' GERALD JOSEPH KEADY WVILLIAM ROBERT MILLER, JR. BURRIS MILO MITCHELL JR. JR. Chapter BENJAMIN MILTON OWEN ALLAN GATES XVIGGENS JAMES W. ALLSTON FRED H. BECKMAN CLARK BRILL :NLETLER COX OSWALD DORR ENES GUSTAVE ANDRE FAURE JOHN BOVVEN JKOHLER CARLOS LVIANUEL MORALES, EDVVIN RUSSELL NLORINE FRANKLIN LEE PAYER HORACE FOSTER RICHTER ICARL EMERY ROBINSON JOHN HUNTER SLATER EDWVARD JAMES SULLIVAN WILLIAM THOLIAS SULLIVAN RICHARD WHITNEY TAYLOR LEROY HERRIAN TUTTLE 428 899 JR, fr r 195 "' GEEK . ,AA . 41 fr PEE? l-in 91 1-I " ? IM ' 3 3. 95 ffia .41 W""'W m g? I", , 4:2 '1 ,SW .L T5 ..,,.s1,-1-p l , f - -1 1 J, f,f, .L x '59 31 ,f ' 429 ' 'Av THOMAS CONNVAY, JR., PH.D. 1513i Sigma appa fraternity 531111 Qlbapter Founded 1873 Established 1900 3618 LOCUST STREET KARL WILLIAM HENRY SCHOLZ, B.S., A.lVI., PH.D. LEIGHTON PAXTON STRADLEY, LL.B. JAMES HERBERT HORNADAY, B.S. IN ECON. THEODORE A. SMITS, B.E.E. FRANK GEORGE SCHOBLE, JR. JACOB HURSH WIASTINE REGINALD ADRIAN A. SMITH HENRY NEITZ CHUBB ORLANDO BURTERD RUMBOLD WALLACE ICIMBALL EDWIN READING VVALLACE 4 JOHN FINTON HUMES FLOYD CUTHBERT STOUT RALPH DOUGLAS LOVENDALE THOMAS VVILLIAM SWEENEY FRANKLIN EDGAR SHELLY, JR. RAYMOND ANGUS MCDOUGAL EPHRAIM HOLWAY BROWN CHARLES MORGAN POWELL ROBERT D. IQEITH ROBERT RUSSELL BLACK THEODORE HIRAM FAIRCHILD FRED EUGENE HORNADAY WILLIAM FORD HARVEY HARRY WILLIAM BROWN GEORGE ALTON DAVENPORT GEORGE C. TVIUNGER WILLIAM M. EWADINGER Active Chapter ROBERT MCKAY GREEN WILIJIAM VVIDNER MORRIS EDMUND KEARSLEY HARTLEY DAVID MATZKE HASLIT ROGERS CURTIS W. VVILSON RICHARD PRETZ LINDSAY PARKER THOMAS ARTHUR :KENNARD BROWN PENNINGTON COPE WITMER MERRITT WILSON, JR. GEORGE NI. BELSTERLING GERARD S. SHELDON ROBERT LINCOLN SEITZ JOHN H. CARY VVILLIAM M. BUCHANAN STANLEY M. WVHITE JAMES WARREN HARRIS FRANK B. XVINEGAR, JR. EDWARD T. HAY, JR. JAMES CRAWFORD LEONORD R. FAYLE PHILIP DOUGLAS CREER RUSSELL FREDERICK STEPHENS if:'.S1ffQg-O -135 6 . 75 ' I 'A - - "' ' as V Fx ff'XgfE,5 X gm .71 2151: 215, 'f D.fwf..f 431 1 .- bigma Qlpha psilun Rennsplhania Ulheta Qlibapter F ounclefl 18-56' Established 1901 DONALD :RAMSEY YOUNG, A.B., I-LM. ROBERT BAKER MITCHELL, B.S. IN ECON THOMAS JAMES fMURPHY, B.S. IN ECON J. L. JONES, A.B. A ctizfe Chapter 3908 SPRUCE STREET VERNON BIGELONV STOUFFER WILLIAM CHARLES HARVEY, J ALFRED VVALKER JVOOD, JR. JOHN VINCENT BREW GORDON BELL HATTERSLEY ERNEST ALEX HABIER LESTER JOHN SHARP HARRY XVAIDNER ALLERS DONALD FOVVLER GLECKNER CLARENCE JENNINGS FOX ALFRED JOHN GORDON JOHN FREDERICK VOLLMER WELLS SACKETT BUCKINGHAM ROBERT EMMETT COOK JOHN NICALLISTER FRANK BERNARD IVIARKRITER ALVARD MILTON W7OGELIN SAMUEL PLUMMER OFFICER WVILLARD SLOCUM BAINE ADDISON FINNEY HOPKINS LORIN DRESSER PAINE NVILLIAM WVVALTER SIMMONS, JR. HENRY CULLEN BAXTER WVOOD HERBERT IVIACKAY BINGHAM EDWARD MILTON LANCE R. HARRY CAMP LEE WILLIAM FRANCIS LEOPOLD JOHN EDWARD MOELING GEORGE HAWLE1' ROBERTS H.AROLD POWELL SMITH PHILIP RICHARD SMYSER ALBERT VAIL PROESCHOLDT JAMES PATRICK MCNICHOL FRANK ARMSTRONG REEVES WILLIAM REMSEN SHIPWAY RICHARD PAUL MITCHELL CLARKE CRAIG CECIL NIERRIMAN RHODES DAVID POND WVILLIS GERALD JOSEPH DOOLITTLE EDWARD HAVEN BENNETT DONALD WATCHORN DRUNIINIOND RUPPERT BINGHAM FRANKLIN RODGER LINDSAY, JR. XVILLIAM HAROLD RIGGS THOMAS STUART LEE CECIL EDWARD ROSS HARRY THEO. SAYLOR GEORGE WALLACE SLOAN ALBERT HOLMES SWING JAMES RUSSELL VINSON JOHN DOWNING WRIGHT, JR. 432 ,H QMMG? wgggimwgjw 'JW 155-'E' "" 1.2,f f " v 1 44 fi ff f:,,fgX:- ik X21 L 'v i' N f. vi W 'n'5 Xa- if m 'IA I- -Q ,YI X 1 , if 73g 5:51, f f Q-5 - 4 A' 433 Sigma bi psilun I znnzplhama Reita Qiijapter . rfb" . 1.1" A, ?'x.5.. 5 ,,'-' f . V 3111555 C 4.,.1k Founded 1900 Establishes! 1901, 4 ,g l A XF. ...iffw I A- 1 2 ,xx ,.,.- 291,59 ' - .1E '5'.,j fT"'f -. 3909 SPRUCE STREET '-,, CARL LELSEY, PH.D. ROBERT ANDREYV KEILTY, M.D. W D' D' FAWCET1 EE' .,,."' MTA 1,. If I ' FRANK G"OLDSMITH SPECK, PH.D. . - ..-..,.LVN........,mKR WW... A .-Ag. 1: . .. 1 . . . I l..,..,..4,... x N ,5-M - .M THOMAS WILSON WVARDLE JOHN EDNVARD STRAIN EDYVARD P. MITCHELL. JR. EDWARD GEORGE .MACFAYDEN MILTON SEEKINGS VINE PAUL ARTHUR ROTH CHARLES WILLIAM VAUGHAN WVILLIAM JOSEPH HINDS PAUL BOWMAN ROOT CHARLES MAXWELL PLAISTED FREDERICK HENRY DONER JONATHAN HOWE PUGH DONALD CALVERT WAGNER EARL GILL JOSEPH JAMES QUINN HARRY BELL MCCLURE RAYMOND LOOMIS HOADLEY JAMES JOSEPH BUCIiLE1' EDWVARD MALCOLM CLISSOLD WILLIAM NIARTIN PAREIS FLOYD ARLYN PIPER ALBERT E. ROSE CARL RICHARD DOLMETSCH JAMES BERNARD BRADSHAW CHARLES RUSSELL VVYKE JOHN FREDERICK HORRISBERBER NIATTHEVV VVILSON BLACK, A.M. ROLAND F. ICRAMER, B.S. IN ECON. STEPHEN BIMMINGTON SWVEENEY, B.S. IN ECON. ROGER TAYLOR RUSSELL KING JOSEPH MITCHELL HEYVLETT, JR. FRANK PIERCE HUEE VIRGIL ARTHUR GOOD JOHN TONIPKINS CLOSE KENNETH ROBERT SCHAAL JOHN ADAM SCHMITT ALLEN LLEYVELLYN OMOHUNDRO EDWIN LAVVRENCE DOUSSEAU CHARLES ALBERT WILSON DONALD RALFE CASETY CARROLL RUTHERFORD HEADLEY CHARLES JACOB HALLER, Qd FRANK PIERCE HUEF, JR. ELLIOT ISTISNER GILROY DONALD NIACNAIR EDNVIN FRAYNE NIMMO ROGER NIUNRO DREW JEROME OSBORNE EVAUL MILTON LEWVIS HOLLAND STOCKTON GLYNN JOHNSON CLARENCE BUSHNELL LITCHFIELD JOHN HIRANI MCIQEE REDFORD R. H. SARGENT JOHN PAUL VVILSON 434 ff 1 WM W ,f 1 "'i:4'?ix ' 1 f, ,,, Y 34:12 WK 2 !lQQ:TW,jf2 r ffl 192- E14 I-L-F 12" 435 s Bs P AR A EEA ,mm- 'S uw 'Sv-, M A RX , ,,,. . ..,. I I., 13, I -2255 . ..,14., ,..1. ,,,,...:1,., 3 ..4,1.., I I :,' ,.,.N,,' 1 - " 'I':g::Sw-'-'A w iBi Jlamhha 1513i Zeta Qlbapter Founded 1895 ' Established 1905 3732 WALNUT STREET Active Chapter EUGENE JOSEPH ARNFELD JACK PAUL BACHARACH LEWIS BEAR RICHARD KLEIN BUECHLER I. GEORGE CAPLAN LAWRENCE MILTON DAVIS RICHARD ALEX.ANDER DEE LANVRENCE JEROME ENGEL ENIANUEL JOSEPH GARSON BERNARD JEROME GREENBAUM DANIEL HARRISON JULIUS LIORTON HARRISON GEORGE E. HART MARION ELKUS KOHLMAN GEORGE HARVEY LANDAU FELIX LATZ LIPPMAN HAROLD :KRIEGER MOSS SIDNEY EDMUND POLLACK HYAM LEE RATNER ROBERT NLAURICE SCHXVARTZ .JOSEPH KAHN SHULOF MOSES LOUIS SICKLES MORTON STONE CLARENCE ROY TREEGER ROBERT SIMON ULNIAN EDGAR SIIENSEN XVILKOFF STANLEY EDWARD BENFORD PAUL JOSEPH BUECHLER ARTHUR CAPLAN GERALD MALCOLM GREENCLAY HERNIAN GOLDSTEIN .JAMES DAVID HABER ARTHUR HAMMER ALBERT DUNCAN KANRICH VICTOR SOLOMON LESSER RICHARD LOWENSTEIN SIMON SAMUEL SLAFF DOUGLAS TRULY WARNER rfill u l' X QM 4 , iq :Q Riff E525 5 .V "- 1,f-1'2r"'95,,.f.,:f wr aff f -0 f 1231 lt ' '10 ,F Q3 M zwgf gd fa tm .iwgiiv i 6? 4' '70s MN -1-37 In ,x 5 tl Anim' Dlembers Mmwiqki? Aw 4 f'?2J5f5Es3ifVs I WMM 'Ni"'-mn, 11 '12 any 'f 49 wi I 'li' A gvbr- M I ,, is.SiQ.,,,gf,-:AS AE A Q f I 1 BE? -.... I if liggggyj, Q, A A -s r V IIA, 2 Emi :Tn un ,.F'9'?.f?"ff'!m'w"' P' 'wwf p ----g -... , 'A 1'-1 . ---P-f" I ...T-V--1' . - -'I' A Hy, ., .uw """ T' .. . f e. - -I' ' 'S' 4 ' YQ? - Q' ' If C' -1 ' Z,.3liE::f- f ' 3 Aw -' 9,92 . 2. A- :,., 1 "".,-Av, , ' ' gf- 'ali '3'SS,,4'9 'QQ .2 QiN,.f,,, 6' A ' 14:4 -I f ' 2-:lg ' -16:1 Z'E5'g'3 ,A-wi-I1,.QL'1S'A " -A x wig-fm - A -fxhiipme-S' . ..Iw.'- 78,-.:.',.'--J., vm-' ': ,gn 'EL-. I.-.-Fw S ..'r:-'-'f- -1-'.I '. ' - - HR: 1 - - zfuiif. H.. I'-'::zE:5E! ar X x xv A 0 A A , Q,,wy,A M mf ww , GEORGE ERASMUS NITZSCHE, LL.B. EDNVARD LODHOLZ, M.D. GEORGE IIERVEY IJALLETT, A.M., PH.D. WILLIAM ALBERT CAPON, D.D.S. DAVID BOXVEN JEREMIAH, B.S. IN ECON., A.M. J. RUSSELL DOUBMAN, B.S. IN ECON., LL.B. JOHN FRANCIS JEREMIAH, B.S. IN ECON. WILLIAM ZERFING, D.D.S. GWVILYM EMYR OYVEN, PH.D. JOSEPH J. SUTTON, B.S. IN ECON. WILLIAM BENSON HARER, M.D. 'il' Qnania fraternity Q , Jfranklm banter Founded 1901, I Established 1906 3907 SPRUCE STREET Faculty Members u SOLOMON S. HUEBNER, M.S., PH.D. PHILIP SAMUEL STOUT, M.D. COLLIER FORD NIARTIN, M.D. EDXVIN M. FOGEL, A.M., PH.D. WILLIAM ROY HOCKENBURY, B.S. IN ECON., A.M BENJAMIN A. THOMAS, A.M., PH.D. ROBERT RIEGEL, PH.D. LEON ELKANAH SMITH, B.S. RAYMOND MORGAN, PH.D. LELAND GOODLANDER EDINGER, B.S. IN ECON. A cteizve THOMAS EVAN SCHAADT CLAYTON SYLVESTER RICH CARL ERVIN BELLES RAYMOND SPENCER SHORTLIDGE KENNETH MUNSON CRANE ROYAL JEROME SMITH THOMAS CARSXVELL NIACKIE CARL PRESTON FRANK WEST ELLIOT BLAIN RALPH STERLING POSSINGER GEORGE EARL JAMES LEONARD CHARLES HAMBLOCK' EDXVARD HARRIS WARD JAY ANDERSON COX JAY HALL KEYES PAUL EUGENE HARRIS GORDON ELLXVOOD MATTHEWS ROBERT WILLIAM THOMPSON EARL GEORGE LUDLAM GEORGE RONALD BEVAN SAMUEL WILLIAM PRICE HARRY WILBUR WILCOX HAROLD FREDERIC STEPHENSON LELAND JAMES GORDON, B.S. IN ECON. LEON ROBERT BICKEL JOHN BYRON BECHTEL EDXVIN OLIVER APP KARL WILLIAM JVENDEL STEWART WVILSON PIKE JAMES LINDSEY GILLESPIE PARSONS LEON THOMAS MOORE WALTER H. ROSENBUSH LORIN NELSON HAYS, JR. JOHN COOPER 'TINKLEPAUGH VICTOR JNIARTIN PARACHINI FRED DICKSON WVOOD GEORGE EDXVIN CHISHOLM PAUL ERHARD XVERNER CLYDE LIONEL XVELSH WILLIAM WOOD WVALTERS XVARREN PAUL BUSH DOUGLAS MARSH BLUM GEORGE EICHNER DONALD B. KEAT LIOXVARD ELLIS BROVVN EDWVARD LYON KEYTE DONALD GLENN CORBETT 438 . 5 FA Ri . L NX2- f 1 ' .M M 933 QW , S59 r Af mf ? I ob f frll :L I 1, 1 71 ,fm Y , 5: W WL ,, I x W . JM ., W 1 Ywflf' I ' - r 1- 'ffm - ' '?n 'f'. ' pc' h x' 7 lp N w w f' V1 ' QQQ WMMWZ , , ' M V' i J f.. . Jfwbffil 'K ' ..- , 439 HERNIAN B. COHEN, M.D. Q' Zeta Esta Eau fraternity Tlibeta fiijapter F ozmdefl 1898 Established 1907 3819 SPRUCE STREET NORMAN S. ROTHSCHILD, IVLD. IRVING D. ROSSPIEINI, B.S. IN ECON., LL.B. A ctive Chapter IRWIN BARON XVILLIAM A. BARRON FREDERICK IRVIN LEVY, JR. ALBERT NEWNIAN, JR. IRVING L. W. SAPERSTON THEODORE YANKAUER, JR. EDWIN DAVIS EDELSTEIN HAROLD NIICHELL HECHT LEO KEITH STEINER, JR. BYRON J. STOLAROFF ROBERT A. WACHSMAN A. ROBERT WEILER NORMAN F. CALDWELL DANIEL E. FINKLESTEIN LOUIS GROTTA HARRY LIONEL LEVIN LEOPOLD HIRSCH NIETZGER JACK M. SAKS NATHAN SNELLENBURG RAYMOND JACK SCHEUER BEN J. TEPPER XVILLIAM PLATT YANKAUER HARRY JEROME BASH ROBERT LEE FOX LOUIS GLUCK IRVING GRIMES REYNARD LIGHT JOSEPH CHARLES J. LANG, JR. SAMUEL H. LEBENSBURGER JEAN DONALD LEVY ALVIN NEUBERGER SIDNEY AMOS SOBEL BERNARD S. STEINER ALFRED D. AVEINBERG JOSEPH SABLE VVILE 360. CP 44 D wr: -J' -9 33 K . 2 92 w 'Hs 1 a J ww 1' , 4 e -.ZA 33 Q9 4 9 ' A 'f, Q 00 ,N A . .r .1 t X ff ZZ B T , Q 'lm V: . f ' - A muh 0 r J, ml rg , -Q Q52 2 ' Ski 'irii -me :EAR- ., E ..-WW? , 1" Sa t, X - -7,5-' ,- sw! -' 5 Q2 zigiu. 3 -7 415925 F i ' ' V BEM' 4 s 3 0.5-int f 1 . I fl , . X - . , . 4, 9 Q.. b-1 of u, ' v ' ' -, 9 Q '1 Aw GQLZWMV il C, ix, T " ,nr gf -1--L1 Sigma iBbi Sigma fraternity Qlpba Qlbapter Founded 1908 Establisherl 1908 3914 SPRUCE STREET WALTER VVOODBURN HYDE, A.M., PH.D. MORRIS JEFFERIS BABB, B.S., PH.D. EDXVARD POTTS CHEYNEY, LL.D. WILLIAM EASBY, JR., C.E. WILLIAM HARRISON If-'KVANAUGH Active Chapter PATRICK F. LAMB JAMES R. VVILSON FRANK J. ROCHE WKVILLIAM M. PENFIELD CLARENCE A. JONES DAVID S. KLOSS, JR S. MERRITT CURRAN SANFORD F. BEAUGE GORDON W. WARE MAURICE L. CAMPBELL ARTHUR S. EMMONS, JR. MALCOLM L. WILLIAMS ALFRED B. LYONS ELLSWVORTH E. IQELLEY HORAXCE J. SELIG CHARLES A. GILL VVALTER C. TVIACFARLANE VVILLIAM C. DICKINSON ANDREW S. TVIAPES JOSEPH T. WIVILLIS OSWA HENRY N. ROBB THEODORE D. REDUCKA THOINIAS W. SCOTT THEODORE PRIGGE H. MERRITT CURRAN LLEYVELYN C. MARTIN J. LEE RICE, JR. EDNVIN DITMAR COLE JAMES C. ANTHONY GEORGE PRYSE THOMAS AYLWARD WALTON DAVIES, JR RANDOLPH WALLACE TVIEYERS HENRY SHAW MONCRIEF CHARLES HADLEY KELSEY, JR. THOIVIAS GUY MILLER GEORGE NICHOLAS BIGGS, JR. GARNER ODELL FLECHER EDGAR BERNARD RUDIN WILLIAM XVHITE THOMPSON HARRY W. GRAY LD L. BONNEY, JR. 44:2 wr fix , QBSEK 1 3, A K 'K 'S AK 4+ AW k fx X fe ' aqlioaaswe-'41 V f 4 h '71 5, Lg ' ,V qi' "ii gg? . 71 . fi' 144, '-G 12 M v. H ,,. ,.1 ff- - W Q. " Sw 'aff ' '- 7 'a ff if' 2 "1 1 WW- ' 1 - - ,A 53:5 if - .gf-f f A A' 1 QA, ,-f -,SL-51,51 , if yu .A . 443 ,L X2 S2 I 9 Km Yan S' Ja'--R 189 SK""-S5 4 Q. B alta bmggma 33111 jratztnltp iluta Chapter I9 ozmded 1899 Establzshecl 1908 ASAE I IAI NATM -I 'X '-f5'3"'ivJa-35?-1.11f::-:JX?f?'4EE33'?i 35 ' A -' ' DO- SOUTH THIRTY-SIXTH STREET f' "" CLYDE LYNDON KING, A.M., PH.D. ERNEST MINOR PATTERSON, ANI., PH.D. THOMAS DENIS OSBOLGER, A.M., PH.D. GILBERT NIALCOLM FESS, A.M. ARTHUR KENNETH GRAHANI, B.S. IN CHEM. JOHN VVENDELL COOPER, A.B. JOHN BIRELY CLOTHIER, JR., B.S. IN E.E. Active Chapter JAMES PATTERSON, A.B. MILLER FRANCIS BARRICK ROBERT BEATTY PHILIP LELAND BURGETT CARL SMITH DOW JACOB HENRY FROELICH MORGAN CHARLES HOUSEL LEWIS KERR RIMER GEORGE BRANDON SAUL FRANK LESTER SMITH CHARLES VICTOR STRALEY GEORGE EMIL BERNER, JR. BERNARD BROWN BRAUSE PHILIP CARLTON CHALMERS LEWIS IRA COLE THOMAS ERNEST ELLIS ARTHUR THEODORE GILLESPIE OLIVER VVOLCOTT HALL, JR. GARDNER ANDREW HUFF LEWIS FRANCIS KENDAL-L, JR. SYDNEY JOHN NEEDS GEORGE ALBERT RODEMAN NIARCUS LELAND NORVELL ROBERT PALMER ROWLEY PAUL HERMAN SCHULTZ GEORGE BELLEVUE SHELDON RICHARD VVAGNER WVEISER ALBERT MCCONNELL YVYNN PAUL BRADFORD BATTERSBY LESLIE JOHN BOWLER FRANKLIN CLARK BURK JAMES EDNVARD HANNA ISAAC SERRELL LYSTER ROBERT LEONARD MILLER GEORGE CARLTON NEAL JOHN X. PANTALL XVILBUR CATRUP PEARCE EDGAR M. SLONAKER LEWIS VVISNER SUTHERLAND MORLEY WATERFIELD BAKER EDWARD XVINSLOW BOWERS JAMES TALFORD IJURI-IAM GARDNER MAURICE GORDON GEORGE CLIFFORD THOMAS IXUNKLE +3 1 X I , . . ff 2 'ilfff 445 'S A 3 -'V Sgvxtfp v.?"i" ,",Azm+ if-' w J' R Qlpha Qibapter F ounclcd 1908 Establzslzed 1908 2.-:r...,15.:gS:SrE - -4, 3609 LOCUST STREET ,- . , -,,. I ' 5 .,. f?:E..fL:1:.-,:E .1 .. , 4, , 155 ' ' I Q 4 , vwssif fi,-1.55"-:1:L:aI-'x: -,fi 2:1-'.f5fx53'3157i3F.5 ce"-"i......s:,:5:5-5-229' f 13532: A - Wg pf... ...A , .M 1 wi' , :N A. 4 +35 Q I 4 'Aw Av-A, , ...RTE ..,...v....xx-A. V.. Sy .vm M A - M 1 L , gg, ,S "'fk4'SP?WJ+w4vzQ-fwfm wj3' J 'V F. A. BLAKESLY HUGO BRIEDEN R. J. H. W. D. S. A. S. N. H. H. G. W. V. BROWN D. BRUCE, JR. C. BYERLY S. DETWEILER G. JONES C. ICANE, JR. M. KULP K. LANDES S. LITTLE W. MCCLURKEN H. NICCONNELL R. ZEIGLER IVAN SIMPSON EMMETT BIDDLE RICHARD HARTNIAN A. G. TVICCONOMY VV. F. NIAXWELL H. S. O,BRIEN J. A. OKIE E. C. STOUT, JR. T. H. TAYLOR A. W. THATCHER, JR VV. W. THOBURN F. L. TROXELL CRAIG TURNER J. VV. WVHARTON H. W. WVILSON S. R. XVORTHINGTON WVENDELL MERCER SAMUEL PURCELL HOWELL G.ARRETT A. M. VVOODRUFF, J ? ww htm l f g H , .N..........,..,..-....,,.,, M.:-A44 , .4 A A ,..,,. -A' A ' aa , . ., iz W ' 5 ' ., . A fa - W.: WF? , 1 ls P .-.f-...4w....f..,......... ,. ..9f2..f'g2af wma ' f- A 1' .- Qspstaaw--v - 1-AA-'ga-1 . QA L. ,. , ibm J, A.-Jzyyg ii . 'MW A -,,"" , A H., fa, . ..- Q.. . 2512115 . ge 1152 15... N, J H 5555 Ir. - W f. ?Q:J72Hlg92'i,iz1i P . fy-ex-A ff A 1-:fm-f +.3 .' 'h w - 1" . rig-Y A:- -1.2 WV., - f3..m +- E: GEORGE PHILLIP WVILLIAMS, EIICHAIL .NIICHAIL DORIZAS, CHARLES ANSON RANDLETT SAMUEL HOWARD PATTERSO HAROLD ALBERT FELLOWS, WALTER REICHNER FARIES, DANA GREENLEAF HOW, B. JOHN ROBSON SKEEN, B.S., A ctizre ELMER HOPKINS COLE CHARLES GORMLEY STEHLE HENRX' WILLIAM WALKER JOHN WALTON PRICE FRANKLIN LELAND HERDEG HERIVIAN STRECKER HETTINGER WALKER ARNIINGTON, 3D JOHN MARSI'IALL ROWE AARON HOSTETTER SPENCER ADOLPH EDWARD KREBS HARRY DONALD COWVLBECK JOHN BELDEN ADAMS GEORGE IRA FIELDING NLOAH PAYNE HOFFh'IAN ' LINDSAY YORKE THOMPSON LUTHER HICKLE ICENDALL FREDERICK SILVERTHORN EIANN FRANK ILXVERILL QUINTARD WILLIAM NATIIANIEL RANSOM JOHN FREDERICK ZIMMER RUSSEL CLARK PARIS, JR. ARTHUR SAMUEL LEISRING BARRETT HARDEN CULIN RICHARD LESLIE WVOOTTON HONVARD MORRIS FFEAF, JR. Gibeta bi :fraternity iiiappa Qlibaptsr Founded 1856 Established 1912 3615 LOCUST STREET JR., A.B., LL.B. A.B., BLA. AVARDVVELL, B.S. IN ECON., NIA. N, PH.D. B.S. IN NLE., BTA. A.B., LL.B. S. IN ECON. lVI.A. Chapter EDNVIN ROLAND COX, JR. ARCHER STUART CAMPBELL AUGUSTUS SHAW GOETZ WALTER ANDERSON SUTHERLAND HARRX' HIRT ROTH GILBERT THOMAS ECKELS LYONS ROLAND FRED MALLON HARRISON GILL KILDARE WILLIAM MCCANDLESS LEE HORACE WILLIAM THORP PAUL WALTER THOMAS JOHN GEORGE SADTLER VERNON CRAVATI-I HALE AYLVVYN PENNELL WILLIAMS JAMES IIEYXVORTH HUNTER SAMUEL RI-IEN GUNDRUM JOHN CLIFFORD OMMERLE WALTER DWIGHT NOSTRAND RALPH CHARLES PFENNIG ELMER SMALLING, JR. OLIVER GOULD SWVAN JAMES CHARLES MACLEAN EDWARD CHAPMAN T. BEAUREGARD STEWART WEAVER CFOMPKINS BRADFORD GREEN 448 - 3: 1 u1 f Qc, :ia xv' Q .,'1l'3u, -X ii 61171-4 X 449 .AA .- Q- 'I ip '. uma img emma .IN 2' A I-f5S.NE?"ez-2 33 F 'A V k 1 L, .I -W--.,.,.4.1 fi ,wif-SNK: Q- 54,34-fze X . --Q.- I 1-H " I . , -- :VZ ,. 43, . Rn O Ei 3 A fo QL. H Q 2 A MS' rv G Q IS. Q SK S I "" cf Q an PF 'B Q m SY, 4-9 2 3 Q Q4 is R ' ' M N: U' 3930 SPRUCE STREET HAROLD E. PENDER, A.B., fPH.D. CARLOS BERGUIDO, A.B., LL.B. C. CANBY BALDERSTON, B.S. IN ECON. EDWIN FREDERICK PIKE, B.S. IN CH.E., MS. Active Chapter ADNA RUSSELL HEATON JOSEPH PILLING REA DOUGLAS LIVINGSTONE MCINTYRE SAMUEL KERNS IVICCONNELL VVILLIAM EDWARD CHAMBERS CHARLES EDWARD CANE HERBERT ARTHUR ALKIER ELMER EDNVIN GRIFFIN JOHN RUSSELL ABERSOLD JOHN EDWARD LONERGAN, Qd DONALD FOOTE ROBERTS ROBERT SAMUEL BEAL RALPH EMERSON VAN KLEECK CURTIS GEORGE TRIPNER GEORGE ALVIN VVERNER RICHARD HENDRICKS SCI-IEFFEY ROBERT LEONARD MILLS JEWELL HOWARD COOK GILBERT NIEGARGEE THOMAS HICKS HUGHES GEORGE WILLIAM HADELER, JR. FRANK HUBERT HARRY GEORGE HADELER FRANCIS LAWRENCE KIEP EDWARD WILEY MCMULLAN DONALD WALTER HEAD WARREN JENNINGS NIILLER VVALLACE LINCOLN MCINTYRE CLARENCE ADOLPH FRANKENBURG WILLIAM I. SHENTON W. FRANK BONVER, JR. WILLIAM NEAD PITTS KARL E. JARRELL THOMAS E. NIALONEY JOSE BERGUIDO WALTER S. HIESTER J . LAWRENCE DAVIS JOHN STUART MEADER DUDLEY NEAR VAN ICLEECK WILLIAM FOULKE SATTERTHWVAIT IQERYL V. CAMPBELL ALFRED HILL COOPER HARRY WHITCRAFT WILLIAMS VVELLER 64112 1 fk ' 9 x "U f' fha 3 5 . albeit, 43' X Ilya 4-5I Ylamhha Clllbi Qlpba :Fraternity QEp5iInn Zetax QEIJ apter Founded 1909 Established 1912 Q25 SOUTH THIRTY-NINTH STREET FRANKLIN EDGERTON, A.M., PH.D. GEORGE DEPUE HADZITS, A.M., PH.D. ALFRED HERNIANN GUMAER, B.S. IN ARCH. WILSON LEON GODSHALL, PLS. IN ECON., PH.D. HARRY JAMES LOMAN, B.S. IN ECON. BERVVIND PETERSON KAUFBTAN, B.S. IN ECON. DONALD ASHCRAFT HILSEE, B.S. IN ECON. VVALTER SEILER, B.S. IN ECON. Active Chapter EDWARD SIEGFRIED BUCKI-IOLZ JOSEPH EDWARD CONNELLY THOMAS ELLSNVORTH EVANS CHARLES CARROL ROHLFING JAMES KLINE TITLOXV CARLTON FRANK LINEK DANIEL SUTHERLAND DAVIDSON EDWARD HARMON FRIEL FRED BYERS TRESCHER ROBERT OVERTON CUPPY WVILBUR NEWVTON STELZER GEORGE CLARENCE POWERS, JR. HORACE OSWALD BOYERS FREDERICK HILTON MERSHON DANIEL GRIM ROTHERMEL STEWART CUTTING EASTWOOD HOXVARD JOSEPH CARROLL SCOTT ALVIN ALLISON CHARLES CAMPBELL EDWARDS ALEXANDER MCCORMICK ENGART HARRY J. WVALTER, JR. HENRY W. CHUBBUCK WVOODRUFF PALMER KING RAYNIONDDE S. SHRYOCK JOHN ADAM FOCHT JAMES BARTON MACPHERSON JOHN CHARLES DOUGLAS HARDING FRED RANK, JR. JOHN FRED SPEER MATTHEW STANLEY BRONVN HUGH VINCENT CUNNINGHAM GEORGE OTTO IQRETZ EARL THOMPSON HARKER JAMES EDGAR ROGERS FRANK F INLEY TAYLOR TVILLIAM HERBERT YVATTERSON CHARLES EDWIN CORT CREED ALEXANDER ERICKSON VINCENT PAUL MURRAY FRANKLIN ISRAEL HARBACIi DILLER PERCELLE XVIERMAN STEIN XVILDBAHN HANOLD EDNVARD STANLEY PANEK ERNEST LANVRENCE, JR. FRANK GERARD HENSEL LESTER LYNN ERB CLAUDE BARRERE EUGENE F. JOHNSON F. CLINTON LONGWELL ALBERT GRIFFIN MILLER, JR. FREDERICK H. LAUBACH, JR. JOSEPH RICHARD SI-IRYOCK 452 - Q5 '11 -- ,QNX 1 fjg9Yf" Xgziiji- J 4 .Y 'uplxx ' tx ,W r-4f 'Kimi 3 f apr . '+V 5, Q, X f N .. .ay , p,y 1hQgQ ?, i3 -SQ 2 Z7 ' is . Y i f ' 453 I The kappa Qlpba incietp Esta nf Bznnsplhania Fozmclecl 1825 Established 1913 3537 LOCUST STREET CHARLES VICTOR BARRY GILBERT SMITH EVERETT L. NIUGLER HORACE BASS ROBERT H. FAYFIELD A HARRY MARSH XVARREN ARTHUR KRAFT DAVID RUSSEL GEORGE MCCLINTIC CARL ALLERSMEYER EDWVARD SPENCER ROBERT SINCLAIR MALCOLM ALLEN FRANK TINKER ROBERT WOODRUFF ALEXANDER SUTHERLAND ROBERT STREETER HOW'ARD PARK ' THEODORE B. VVHITE 454 KA 1 Active Members RUDOLPH LIFSON JULIUS BAYLINSON NATHANIEL ABRAMSON MORRIS SHAEFFER EDWARD BIBERMAN ROBERT SHIRE MAYER WOLK FRANK WEBERMAN SIDNEY ALLMAN LOUIS SCHWARTZ RICHARD HANO SIMON GOLDSMITH HENRY SMITH JULIAN KOBACHER EDWARD SPAYNE DAVID FELIX ROBERT GUGGENHEIM MYRON ROTHSCHILD PHILIP BUXBAUM RICHARD LOWY ALLEN DAVID OLIVER SABSIWITZ FRANCIS NATHAN NATHANIEL RATNER EDWARD FRANK 456 1913i flipsilun iI,Bi fraternity Founded 1887 Establzshed 1913 3940 SPRUCE STREET ALBERT KAUFFMAN DAVID SKALL STANLEY SUNDHEIM SAMUEL HIRSCH LOUIS MONTAG BERNARD WERTHAN SIMPSON MATHIS ERNEST BRAV JEROME KRIMKE LESTER HANO CLARENCE HELDMAN STANLEY LEESER SIDNEY KLEEBIAN DAVID GOLTMAN FELIX LOWENSTEIN EDWARD WERTHEIM LOUIS HIRSCH CARL SOLOMON MARTIN FREEMAN ARTHUR WALKER JOSEPH BEAR EDWARD YORK FRANK LEVI ABRAHAM BERG ':"'W if " -, 1 1 ., . my rilwnlm W4 ' Q' -. lbw M N TL' I nu 4 'T' X, MH Ligiiy g i' V L : 'CI -',5z1,g E, j: '- Q .--1-if 457 E f-v,1a:'-54141-1--':2':-'': rx, ,l""'s - View J? was Sigma i Jfratemitp .HL f fl ZlBeIta Qllijapter ,RQREAXQYAW Founded 1897 Established 1909 is GSA 4 R, 3613 LOCUST STREET .1 A- V. V- .. . A--' -zz '14 Q Q '3 'fi- f -? M 35 -f ., ,,,,..,.,..... . .Q .,.....,..A, A .,T.....,........-. 3772. , sm- "P .- ...:'-.Fxfek 44 fgI.?m-' Q.y1a:1mv.w I -..-A2fm..- W- .' "':.f:ze s"'F"m' 5'f M241 6-sf-:-f--. : .'-WL! "SAT-I ' F 32125 5135? J '-'DEF ',. ' Ag, .wg . Qx,.,'y3f'f-:-3535 if 555, ' DANIEL L. AKVALLACE, DR. IN CHEM. ALBERT E. NICKINLEY, PH.D. FRANK A. FOX, D.D.S. KINGSLEY E. DE ROSAY, B.S. IN CH.E. ROBERT CLAYTON, D.D.S. WILLIAM CLAYTON, B.S. IN CH.E. WILLIAM J. CROMIE, A.B. Active Chapter HAROLD C. APPENZELLAR BENJAMIN A. BOURNE DONALD A. COURTER EDGAR L. FROWNFELTER RUSSELL B. HUNSBERGER SCHUYLER V. JENKINS J. KELLOCK HALE, JR. CARLTON KEMPER BURTON R. LAUB DONALD W. MACDOUGALL FRED F. MARTIN WVILLIAM S. NIXON WILLIAM W. PFLUG JOHN L. RUSH CARL B. SCULL F. CLIFFORD J. SPIKE HOWARD C. THOMPSON MALCOLM F. VVANDLING AVARREN W. WALTON ARTHUR A. VVEIDNER CLAYTON S. VVETZEL HAROLD E. BRIGHT ROBERT H. C. COE CARLTON L. FAUST DONALD E. HOLLWAY EDWARD A. HIRS HAROLD E. KELLY PAUL J. KOCH HENRY J. KUNTZ GEORGE H. LUSH WILLIAM A. MACKIE GRANT H. MILLER FRANK H. PRAEGER WILLIAM D. RAMBORGER CHAS. D. RUSH JOSEPH J. H. SMITH J. DONALD STODDARD PAUL A. UNGER EDGAR S. WALLACE J. KENNETH XNHEELER FRANK C. XVEILER X, .X VI, I f, W, . X ,,,1p.,p. lf',f,,,,g x -.Aw :f i H19 X -- QM 1- , ff! ,QM N .1 x A " 216m AE? Q 20' ww e X 1 E Sa xx ' ii 'e gg X W gi Nc- ?5 N 57 r w ,. lj '1 - ?'!' 1, .,.V '11 A a "4 , -, - 1 .33 3' 52 xl' 1 4, M .Sf Q V-L T' ML 'fizf 4-59 iw 52 S. .xii ,qui my "n" ff Aim EH .., an ww. 11. . .REE Q.. . R- QM P1143 Q z - S w, .- 'f. .-.-, .. JK V 1 N -A :TYR 1-:+:-:-5: X , 'RPN 1 4 A wg 2s f:f f .f 'X H MFEN A w -- -. R- Ma... H A .,.,A,, .. - , . 'C-X-. .- -SRASRA R. .,,. 'si .R-f? -- - um. AEASEA-' ----- I 'gi siii'-gg. , "": E Qlpba Sigma 3-BUT fraternity QBmi:1fun Qlbapter Founded 1845 Established 1914 3617 LOCUST STREET JOSEPH H. VVILLITTS, A.B., A.lVI., PH.D. CLEMENT VOLLMER, A.B., PH.D. WILLIAM DUNCAN GORDON, B.S. IN ECON., A.M., PH.D. ALBERT FRANCIS HURLBURT, A.B., A.lVI. CLARENCE L. ECKEL, B.S. IN C.E. GEORGE F. RICHARDSON, B.S. IN C.E. Active Chapter HENRY LEHMUTH STODDART BERGEN BROWE STONE HOBART AUGUSTUS STROUP CHRISTIAN HEURICH, JR. ALLAN BRYANT GOULD RUDOLPH KLAUDER CLELLAN DELOS CURTIS GEORGE U. MARYOTT HARRY WILLIAM TUTCHINGS NATHAN BOYD LOWE THEODORE A. PHILLIPS EDWARD CUNNINGHAM ALLEN WILLIAM K. PEAK THOMAS FUSSEL BOON HUGH JAMISON SWARTS MYRON DEAN MATTHEWS JOHN JACOB KAUFFMAN ELMER ORLE MCLANE ROBERT E. WATTS CHARLES R. KINIBER ORRELL O. AXLEY JOHN REBERT FORD JOHN ANDREW BRAINERD ROBERT N. BRIGGS BYRON LEE VVOOD JOHN LINDSAY LLOYD SEE COCHRAN JOHN PAUL JONES LOUIS AUGUST BRUNNER EARL LEROY BAZEMORE GEORGE FIQUETTE BROWN, JR. THOMAS HULETT JUDSON FRANK BERTRAM MILLER REGINALD MASTEN BUDD RICHARD PLATT PETERS PAUL J . CUPP EDWARD SCHISSEL CLIFFORD NICKAIG JOHN SAYWELL LANCASTER JOHN B. PRICE ROBERT ARMAND GROFF FRANKLIN VVILSON CARRAWAY XVILLIAM WALLACE MCKENDRY HAROLD BURTON BRIGGS NIERRITT OAKLEY SMITH ALBERT DAVID VAN ALLEN ERNEST EDGAR BAILY LYLE L. SHEPPARD EDGAR DELANGE FRANCIS MORRELL MCGUIRE 460 51"-r TV I Y r? 3? 4 IK -' 'x:"'s, g , i-gif-11: Q "iffy -X A - X fa exe' 4 , 9 qu'-'ilf ' bt., X: 511,46 o . 1 1 5 '-47' vas '- 461 Sava AAL 11 l .V "' bigma Zllpba 5111111 j:I'HfBI'l1fQ9 Zlliijzta fllbaptzr Founded 1909 Established 191.41 3817 X'VALNUT STREET Faculty SAMUEL H. KOHLMAN, M.D. Active Members IRVING SCHUC-AM SAMUEL J. HALPERN JACOB GERSOHN-COHEN CHARLES B. PLOHN BERNARD L. LANE MORRIS FRIEDLANDER EMANUEL KAPLAN ALBERT E. LISSBURGER MILTON I. MORSE JULIAN E. SIMON SAMUEL KOHN BENJAMIN RAU HAROLD D. CASSON ISAAC GUGGENHEIM, QD H. LAWRENCE HERRING HAROLD L. DAVIS CASPER S. RABINOWITZ GEORGE J. FRIEDMAN LEON C. OESTREICHER ARTHUR N. BLOCH WALTER H. XVEINSTEIN NIURIEL ADES ALFRED L. .NIORSE NIARK L. ROSENBLUM J. BERNARD ZISSER RALPH GESAS HYNIAN URKEN RALPH NI. SHANEDLING JOSEPH NI. OTTENHEIMER EMANUEL GOLDSTEIN :NIARVIN GOLDSTEIN 4162 qw XWXX Q5 X 5 and M9 swf X ' x '3 5 77 W MA: ' " VR 1 ' ' X ' I .i,NXX Qk,: ' , f. .N W En- ' ,Qgx 1' ' - njgvdf ,, ' A , + f ANNA 46 3 ff Theta alta hi 934 3 4 1 'Ai W 5 A55-3' ,I ' qi 69.3 525 19131 euterun barge fi F 5 Founded 1847 Established 1915 Ana? 9 'R 'X EDYVIN BURKET TWITNIEYER, M.S., PH.D. iw E ROBERT BINES HUTT, A.B., LL.D. -1 ff 1 .1-2:::5,:,:,. ,SL ,J Y- '5:5 QEEZ 1:5 f,1fv25 - wi .I H -5 25 Y ' '14 ' '+3!3f'. i- :i'v5 A -AG - -V A-A ' ' . may .f,.W. E:. . " N ' I- 4 ' N. Q ' ARTHUR S. CALLEN, M.E. Active Chapter FREDERICK SILAS BUCK ALFRED WILLIAM ALVINO JOSEPH FRANCIS ICEARNS FRANK GEORGE RECKUS WILLIAM HEALEY O,REILLY DEALTON JOHNSON RIDINGS DONALD WILLIAM STRANG SAMUEL ROEDER FRY MILTON EA,RI-IART UNCAPHER ANDREW GALLAGHER UNCAPHER TITOMAS EDWIN H'ALLORAN EDWIN FISK COMSTOCK EDWARD, MARVIN TWITMEYER DAVID DENMAN RICHARD COWING LYMAN JOHN GILLIS NIACDONALD JOHN BAREHY RODGERS ROBERT PRATT HIDDEN CHARLES IQELLER, JR. VVILLIAM DONALDSON STEXVART HERBERT OLNEY SUGG DON MORELOS ICENNY JANIES VVILLIAM DEXVHIRST FRANK RUSSELL DEVVHIRST RANDOLPH THOIVIAS NICKELVEY ELLWOOD FIEDLING ALTBIAIER OWEN AUGUSTUS LUCKENBACH THEODORE VARNEY BACON DONALD NIACKENZIE SWVAN MATTHEYV EDWARD KEOGH EDWARD LLOYD RODERICK WALTER FRANCIS O,MALLEY DOUGLAS NIERILL PHILLIPS OLIVER MONTGOMERY SLIFER HOWARD MORRISON SATTELE s J N 5, f fp- gg i f eqoiglkyjgiovrc A 465 A c GERALD D. SPERO, A.B. NATHAN J. BONX, B.S. NATHANIEL H. ROBIN HENRY J. TUMEN THEODORE TURK JEROME STULMAN LEONARD F. HIRSCH JOSEPH G. FELDMAN NATHAN A. DRETZIN BENJAMIN BLITMAN MITCHELL E. SHACK YVILLIAM LAIKS E. DAVID BLECIIMAN SOL M. HIRSH WALTER J. BERGMAN PAUL T. DALSIMER DANIEL DEBRIER A. LAWRENCE NOVECK 1513i Sigma Bnzlta Jfraternitp Zeta Qllbapter Founded 1909 Established 1915 3900 SPRUCE STREET tire Chapter TVIAURICE CHARLES IQRAMER RICHARD S. LIEBMAN JACK B. POLAN IRVIN E. ROSENBERG MILTON T. DAUS MILTON R. GUTMAN EDMUND J. :KAHN SAUL IRVIN KAMIN SIDNEY J. KOVNER MARVIN J. LARONGE HAROLD J. RAPPAPORT MORTON H. SANGER NIENDEL SILVERMAN MILTON BRUDNO . BERNARD WILNER HYMEN E. WINE NIELVIN P. CHERNIS LESTER GUTTERMAN 466 24 iq Sgfzgzyrww G+ H ,fp 4-:fm ik 1 -Q-.zsfsfffm . 'f mf., 4 .. , .-.,...,F,,,.-. Wkqyh wif'-' "LGU .ff Dfigzl 13162.90 f H' . M ' X61 W? fi 16" " 'M 1-115 ' ,y::! T V ' f , .fl 1 1.95524- IF , I N ,"l4LC'gNQ.." W?-jx N f Wd., --..:-, ,-:rf-:::. ' :' '5 X . ,,:'-ffmgg M--"',7"' V-Q,,.::.Ig1':g,,, Env -, '4 A ,fisr f 4: ., ,ff ,,.,.I,iC H ' ,mi .J v Q - ,rf ' Qi ,...'.. , , .-1-cn'-e-1 -' .. , , V -,ww ..y-.V g 1 :.,.g.:1 t'a:r A51 f Nik, -AP ri -5211: 467 aj' Is F' , ic-3923 'Q 5' fx- A--M 701 f Af W fr A Sig T " 1 4 lv" vi 1 wa H :WA ' V- iilfilif ff' .- ,f, iz sw 40' K 1 I 1 -3Wgf,- VSAT.-I 1, :S Z?-' ' ,,,'-.ff . " ZH 1.1,-guy-33 ,If 4 f xml my YQ -1 , J , ,V A f. wi Y 1 D I .A , ' H 1 1 4 , , T44 f f Y 6,77 fl 31+ E1 I Established 1 91 7 ls , , I T., M S g au 19131 :Fraternity Qlpba Qllbapter Founded 1917 3333 WALNUT STREET . GEORGE W. RAIZISS, PH.D. Active Chapter TOBIAS EDWIN LEVY SYDNEY JELLINEK LOUIS TONKONOGY SAMUEL FINK JOSEPH VVEINTROB ARTHUR J. TOBIAS MORTON ICLEIN FLEISHMAN S. MORTON GARTMAN MORRIS ZIMMELMAN SYDNEY C. JELINEK ALBERT FREEMAN ABE LAOHMAN 468 LOUIS MIANN STEINBERG JOSEPH BREUER EDNVARD GALLNER DAVID REITER LEON REIDENBERG JULIUS MYERBERG ISADORE BIRNBAUM LESTER ROSENBERGER SOLOMON ICAPLAN ISADORE S. ARKIN ISADORE IQOHEN JOSEPH RITTER yxlv 57: AQKRIJQ. ff-'F 1 'Vff Y-fs'."'3 ji 5? 52 'ff Q ,-.flivf-35N . ,fm L M: 1-1. .,L,9!'fW' fa XQH' '-.W W Q, r., W ... Q ' , ' ' '1v':Q. 5., ' nf in. 3K 'HSV' P we mf if Q mm? , sa 5 i f -5 , ,,A, 1 , 5 469 . A-L Maj iff. HERMAN ALTSHULER LEON NILES EPSTEIN DAVID ZOOB JULES GLADSTONE GEORGE ARONSON BUTLER ALFRED JAY PLECHNER HAROLD LEON STRAUSS LEON STEINBERC. A. LINCOLN SANOXV JAY BERNARD ROSENZXXVEIG LEICESTER ARTHUR SALOMON MORTON HERR ELI SIIAPIRO ELIAS J. CORNER SAUL AVNER Xbigf , M appa u jfratetnltp f M ' 31211 Qllbapter F oundecl 1911 Established 1919 3703 LOCUST STREET. mn - IRVING SUMMERS ROBERT S. MARCUS MILTON SEGEL NIILTON ROTH JESSE ARON BERNARD EICHHOLZ SYLVAN FREUND NIAC GOLDBERG NATHAN HEFFNER NATHAN HEYMAN HENRE' ICOPLIN NATHAN ROSENEELD LEONARD WVEINBERG JOSEPH XVEINTROB ARNOLD WILLIAM NASS f . ' v fi? f g N .af-wrzdfp J 2, P :H-' 'T-K 3 Q A - 1 ,D EV iN Q ', X, f- nf , A " ' '22 , 5 'm MM31 ' I9 Il -LTI ' Qllpba Qipsilun Bi LMA A W? fx, sky Gamma Qlbaptnzr wo Hmmm ' Founded 1910 FEES S X . ' . , A We . .z'j'r:P-r- A .,,. X I I -'C f ., sg .. XL," -jk.-+4 A ' f'xY'fv."X . v Y- I ' af ' ,s5f+12- if 'ff pvwzfsgri--f'-,v.. .4 -A 15.9 1 Iam-fl 'L 'I f. Q fa. gs - Q5 4, ft . 5. 5 ik 5- I ,7'l""-.....:. 5 'WA -'.-. ",-1'ii'L-2- psi" .4-' , ' , ' AQ: ,... ' .. ' Established 1919 3745 LOCUST STREET I. NATHANIEL TREBLOWV, B.S. IN ECON. Active Chapter ARTHUR BEREN EMANUEL FREEMAN PHILIP HYMAN SOL SPIEGEL DAVID GREENWALD MARVIN HAVRE NELSON KLEIN LOUIS B. LEVINE ISADORE MILLER SHEUDAN H. TYSER LESTER LICHTNSTEIN ABRAHAM SIMON 472 ISADORE PIZITZ ALEXANDER R. RUBIN FRED STASHOWER LOUIS STERN MAX BEREN MAURICE BERMAN VICTOR GOLDBERG ARTHUR HARRISON MOERLE SPEER FRANK APPEL HAROLD JUDOVICH Q mama, ,K I ISIDORE SCHXVEIDEL, .JESS FRIDMEN JACOB GROSS MORRIS M. MAMOLEN JOHN FRIEDMAN MAURICE LUXENBERG HARRY BLUMBERC JACK ARNOLD GORDON MAURICE SIMON HERRTAN COIIEN ELKIN H. VVALCOFF ARNOLD TANNENBAUM SAMUEL P. LAVINE 1913i Esta Betta Founded 1903 Established fraternity C!Eta Cihaptet 3312 WALNUT STR EET B.S. IN ECON., LL.B. CHARLES GINSBERG WILLIAM WOLF JKATZEN JACK FELT LEO LIPMAN IRWIN VVEISS EDXVARD LEE FRIEDMAN SIMON LENSON HARRY VVOLF ISIDORE BIGG EDWARD G.ARFINICLE THEODORE GORE . NATH.AN JACOBS LEO REICHMAN 474- 7919 M x A ' A D 1: ' 5X ' X -gxxy-IL 'Was I , . Q -.-5 5 : : E ll S : E 3 pw X mf X 9 M439 101' Cf? 475 i Ziiappa Qlpba :Fraternity Esta i Llibapter F ozmclecl 1868 Established 1920 220 SOUTH THIRTY-NINTH STREET HARRY MERRILL GEHMAN, A.M. HAROLD DONNAN GLOVER, B.S. IN ECON. GEORGE HARMON, A.B. NIERLE MIDDLETON ODGERS, A.B. JACK EDWIN POMFRET, A.B. HAROLD E. SCHOFIELD Active Chapter LEIGHTON RODNEY BEALE JAMES STEPHEN CLIFFORD, JR. WILLIAM MEZICK DISHAROON JOHN FRED EARL HIPPEL HARLAND MACNIILLAN IRVIN JOSEPH LEO FLEMING EUGENE CAHILL BONNIWELL, JR. THEODORE HAMMOND BUTTON ALFRED BETTS CALDWELL DEHAVEN DEVELIN PATRICK MURPHY NIALIN JOHN SWIFT MARVIN CHARLES ICENNETH MILLER WVALTER EASTBURN POWELL DONALD MACGREGOR THOMPSON HAROLD BENJAMIN MCCLARY JOHN FANCHER ENDICOTT ROLLAND ROSS GLOVER RICHARD FREDERIC HERR DELVIN CLAIR STORMER CLIFFORD MOORE IRVIN HENRY HERMAN KELLER EMERSON GERALD REINSCIT VVILBUR HAROLD VANDINE J. LEO BUCKLEY JOHN VVHERRY SHADLE, JR. WILLIAM ALLEN FENIMORE CARLTON FREDERIC DOSCHER REGINALD AUGUSTUS TOOKE MORGAN FRANCIS MOORE HARVEY TEMPLE BLOCK MICHAEL JOHN BENNETT BTERRITT GAMBRILL DAVIS HARTNIAN BURROLL HERR ALFRED EDWARD READ JOSEPH ICEEN RULON XVATSON BIRDSALL RULON, JR. GEORGE JACOB SCHWARTZ, JR. WVILLIAM MORRIS SHOEMAKER CLARENCE VVARREN SPEIGHT 4176 N f Hv 17 Mfw If Q3 I WW fly' 1 ll MQQQA A A l"'5':J' " 6 'W nviltk 9-i"" ?' I I . 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SCHIRO ELIAS XVINER IRVING VVINTER ROBERT STERLING JOSEPH LEVY 478 x Usa ws fy Q ik GPA fr f MB:-N x N . lui. X , 479 Gian ZBeIta 19131 jraternutp iiuta Qllbapter Founded 1910 Establzshed 1919 3703 CHESTNUT STREET FRANK B. BLOCK, 'NLD DAVID R. STOCK, B.S. Active Chapter MILTON J. BLUESTEIN JOSEPH F. BRENNER SOLOMON GOLDBERG MILTON E. GOLDSTONE WILLIAM T. HARRIS DONALD HEIMAN VICTOR R. LEOPOLD HARVEY D. LEUIN JESS N. LEVITT JACOB D. LINDY ROBERT V. SAGER GEORGE S. SOREL A. H. JVATERMAN, JR. 480 l!l5f?I3'55Hf5lIII " -M ,. .Jn nth.-e" Qj"'HH MMV is 48l F ou MILTON J. BEERE HERMAN P. GEIGER BERNARD GOODMAN JACOB FLAX JERALD JACOBSON WILLIAM VVILENTZ NIAURICE S. CANTOR HYMAN DAVIDSON MORRIS ICLEVVANS JULES I. LEVENSTEIN FREDERICK R. NIANN LESTER SKOLNICK Qian psilun ilJBIJi Rho Qibapter - ncled 1910 Established 1920 3709 CHESTNUT STREET ARTHUR BAMBERGER JOSEPH BERK S. GERALD COHEN SAMUEL COHEN JESSE HYM.AN SIDNEY J. LIPSON NIELVIN SHAPIRO STUART A. CHERTOCK EDXVARD MAUNE ARMAND SPITZ MILTON VELOSHAN THEODORE VVASSERMAN 482 ,:LTn ,. xy. ,- nan- . X .,., e EEL uh, 24 K 'M vw 0 T v 5 F 31, ' 4 E r . X M w x ' x '-r., t fb.m,,,,5g X'-5.--,-f 483 Esta Sigma 33130 :Fraternity igennsplhania Qipsllun Qllijapter Founded 1910 Etstablzshecl 1920 3805 WALNUT STREET Active Chapter PAUL P. DOSBERG LEONARD P. LEVY DAVID B. CAMINEZ DAVID NIRENBERG MAX RUTTENSTEIN HENRY J. LEVY A. MELVIN SIMS MORTON M. GERSON IRVING B. SCHRANK NATHAN ROUTMAN MEYER SCHAFFER LEONARD LURIE 484 ,JL X X xmgfdm Mf g u' gwfg i :cya LK' R if P f 'iam mpikf M Illllhvl 'WEEE 4 ,x jaw jf' ATWMQXH -fx. .'pL,Lf,- is' K: rflfik ' ' 'E' "M - A ' af- Q6 ,434 4? 2:9 'lm ,5 -.Ai .mn ' "'Nunr1.-safi . qv? 'Jr 'rm F? QQEE' 'xx- W I ' '. 'I 11, "" 1 ,LL , . ,, 485 Founded 1 91 L, Qlpba iabi Eelta Hlamhha Qllbapter Established 1922 FRANK M. TRAVIAXLINE, JR. ANTONIO P. MAZZA HENRY SALVATORI HARRY J ., DRAGONETTI PHILIP FRANZESE DANIEL N. DRAGONETTI RODDY DERANIO SAVERIO FLEMMA CHARLES DELUCA SALVATORE CONIGLIO 4-86 ji QF. fraternity F ounclecl 1913 Establzshed 1921 H. S. CHOU FELTON CHOW PIN CHU C. Y. HSU K. N. L1 J. Y. LOUIE T. T. QUO Active Members 487 L. C. TAI L. S. TAI S. M. V00 C. C. WYANG H. P. YANG C. Y. YAC ALFRED X7EP 1913i Esta kappa ZBzIta Qibaptzr uf Rennsplhania Founded 1776 Established 1892 OFFICERS President Vice-President WILLIAM NICHERSON BATES HERMAN VANDENBURG AMES Secretary- Treasurer JOHN COOPER MENDENHALL Executive Committee JAMES P. XVICKERSHAM CRAWFORD XVILLIAM O. HARBESON EARL GRANT HAIiRISON ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors FRANK CONDIE BAXTER JULIUS C. BAYLINSON THOMAS CASSELBERRY BENTON NORBORN R. CLARKE, JR. WINDSOR FRANKLIN COUSINS ROBERT S. COWVPERTHWAITE HAROLD HISER GLENN MORRIS H. GOLDSTEIN JOHN H. MCCOMB RICHARD JAMES PARTRIDGE JAMES T. PRIESTLY, JR. 0. STUART THOMPSON, JR. HAROLD C. ROBERTS JAMES ROLAND JKVARE EDWARD STERN WEYL -L88 Eilmx LAX 5- xi! -Fimx x wy ,ie ' il ' ' 1 ' 1 1 e ff' 5 , .Q 489 mail: U?" V. Esta Gamma Enigma iiannnr jfratermtp Zllpba Qlbaptzr uf Rennsplhania UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA Founded 1906 Established 1917 XVILLIAM D. GORDON, BS. IN ECON., A. HERBERT N. HESS, A.B., PH.D. SOLOMON S. HUEBNER, M.S., PH.D. CARL KELSEY, PH.D. GEORGE A. NIACFARLAND, B.S. IN ECON M. ROBERT R-IEGEL, B.S. IN ECON., A.M., PH.D. GORDON B. ANDERSON, B.S. IN ECON., A.M., PH.D. JOSEPH H. VVILLETS, A.M., PH.D. JAMES T. JYOUNG, PH.D. THOMAS A. BARTLEY, B.S. IN ECON. H.AROLD N. BURT, B.S. IN ECON. THOMAS CONWAY, JR., PH.D. CHARLES D. FAGLES, B.S. IN ECON. LOUIS FLOMENHOFT, B.S. IN ECON. DEAN EMORY R. JOHNSON, PH.D., SC.D. CHARLES K. KNIGHT, A.M., PH.D. CHARLES ARTHUR KULP, B.S. IN ECON. RICHARD H. LANSBURGH, B.S. IN ECON., A.M. JAMES P. LICHTENRERGER, A.M., PH.D. H.ARRX' J. LOMAN, B.S. IN ECON. EDWARD P. MOXEY, JR., A.M., PH.D. FRANK PARKER, B.S. IN ECON., LL.B. THEODORE R. SNYDER, B.S. IN ECON. EDWARD N. XVRIGHT, B.S. IN ECON. ARTHUR T. CAMERON, B.S. IN ECON., A.M. HARRY BAXTER, B.S. IN ECON. Undergraduate Dlembers HERMAN HETTINGER CALVIN A. NICHOLS OSCAR S. NELSON E. EY'ERETT BJATI-IER, JR. DAVID F. CAVERS CLINTON H. SI-IATTUC CALVIN H. RANKIN JAMES D. COMPTON GEO. W. TAYLOR H. FREVV JVAIDNER VVILLIAM L. SULLIVAN FLOYD P. :KARG K ffm WZ 47 W ff WW X X S . if E mx 491 TAU SIGMA DELTA HONORARY ARCHITECTURAL FRATERNITY Founded 1908 Establzshed 1918 Honorary Members WARREN POWERS LAIRD PAUL PHILIPPE CRET GEORGE WALTER DAWSON HERBERT E. EVERETT G. WV. HARDING FELIX SCHELLING E. R. CLARK R. TAIT MCKENZIE Active M embers CARL F. GROMME DAVID C. CLELAND ROY F. LARSON WILLIAM F. XVILLNER DOUGLAS G. BRAIK S. CHAO SHEN HARRY DOPPEL THOMAS WHARTON LORENZO S. YOUNG WILLIS P. XVAGNER JOSEPH F. BOOTON JOHN L. EVANS 492 .I T I s- ,, v , QETBFF -:nr-K 1, 'Q 3 "'- 1 ' 'A WTF, LFPT11 ',g.5?"i'3?'1-'-' PR 'Ely .si PG-5 di.--EE,-fqfz cfm.,-gf fx 'xi ,I X . , ,N '41 - '1' V a, ., , U F ' 4 ' .1 ' ,.1' . ' 4 D w " Mi Q "' . , 162 3 , u A , -W TQ . nr V K . Q, WHIWIIWWITPMUIJIIT ff' 4' Mmmvumwmawmmnran i I ly . ,. +5 ' U v , In " . fu .nv , F , Q ' L Wy, w - 1 , 1 T f 1-1 1 "M be ' V sy 'V JK , W P Jn! 4 W .-,A V . 1 W -I , V Y l i 7. V - -- Q , K : ' fx - 1 4 , '- ,- V . W 5 'Q .':'W1':N- T FQ -...' -sff g ' ' , ' " -- . ' ' , "' 32" - " -..rigfi '2 .7 ' , 15" Hi., f - urvm -. . iw ' , .- Q , -icf1EL, if 5 A.' J'-vzk f-if:-I ,JF-1 .1 ,. I 1-.. ' ,NT ,,, Y Ag, , - 1 A. -1 , .. ' ' - ' ' 'r' 156:'iLif'N-'J-fhwvifffrlg-Piibrtffzfffvlf" -."5l'2FLFfP'-'- GEN- 'Ei YP-Yi 'ffiff fig " . - ' P ' J A . nz- 14l'iQ,414.n--G Ii flil-. T' 9 b X , """-- - '- "fb fj Y -'- 1 A e -wi 11- V' L 45 V . ' ,.l ,. I V l H E A v 41 , fi 'H .Q . . - . -'Q , 1 ,' , ' H, 1 5 F ,V , .f , , , N gr , ,, ,: " ' . I - V a ,. ' ' I L - I 4 im, , 1 .X N ml T ,bw V ' . - 3-, , , ' y if ' Q. ' l N. . r ' Q , ' I ? 115 V ' , ,, I , . 1,54 ' . 'E I ' ' - . 2 'V' X. ' 1 ' . 5 WPI F - Lf, Y I -3, , . , -1:4 l,:,..f ,., , ' iw vcr-xxanvry aw-I ' " 'Q ' 7 "- xl ' w " -' ' I f 5' k ,, , X , , - - . 'ul ' Nl- 14 H ' ' 'X 1 J " M ., ifgEgi, 'f'1 , fi yi' . W f I ' ' X35 :ffm ,- , X .lf . 4 N FJ! 1 1: w 'g ' Q I W 1' , I Q . '.-3 f f " " ' , -' QW ' V iii: 'Iix LQ, If-1 ii -' : ' ,. l u I I r.. L. H. J. C. W E. C. W W SIGMA TAU ENGINEERING FRATERNITY GAMMA CHAPTER Founded 1903 Established 1911 S. TARLTON, B.S. IN M.E. C. BERRY, A.B., B.S. IN C.E. XIERNE STANFORD, B.S., M.E. E. CLEXVELL, EE. . S. PARDOE, BA. SC. T. GRANDLIENARD, B.S., C.E. L. ECKEL, B.S. IN C.E. . H. BARTON, B.S. IN C.E. . T. LEGGO, C.E. President . . . . I'y'1'C9-PT8S1.CZ67lf . . . . Secretary . . . . . . . . Treasurer ....... Corre.s'pond'ing Secretary JOSEPH HEXVLETT OTTO NIANZ HARRY M CCLURE C LYDE ROTH 494 H. C. RICHARDS, B.S. IN C.E J. C. RHODES, BS. IN CH.E. F. D. CARVIN, B.S. IN C.E. A. M. DICKEY, BS. IN C.E. A. J. BOASE, B.S. IN C.E. JOHN CLOTHIER, BS., EE. JOHN H:XRRIS, BS. IN CI-LE. A. L. DUNL,-XP, B.S., M.E. H. SELTZ, B.S. IN CH.E. ALBERT ZIMMERAIAN JOHN LINDSAY HOIVARD WVALL . EDWARD WHEELER WALTER NIILLER EDXVARD SHUMIVAY FRANK SUTHERLAND DONALD VVAGNER QMJMW fi x Q En 'W 4:95 TAU BETA PI HONORARY ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded '1885 Established 1921 DELTA CHAPTER OF PENNSYLVANIA 'FFFFPTSO EFFEUWHF FQQESE QWZEQF wZrI' of FFFWPUI ogivfingan cn... ' mpgz' 2 ZZQ Q F Z .Om E., STANFORD, M.E. H. C. BERRY, B.S. IN C.E. H. PENDER, PH.D. Faculty ll! embers IV E. VV H. R. W C C. A. G. E. CROFOOT, IN M.E. E. BODLE J. N. H. SMITH J. J. GEOI-IEGAN J. W. LIPP A. C. RAYNER T. E. CUSHING J. E. BROWN F. G. OUTCALT H. R. HALLORAN G. F. BECKER A ctifve M' embers E. H. R. G. W. R. L. W. W F. L. BOUILLON 496 . S. PARDOE, BA., SC. T. GR,-INDLIENARD, C.E. T. TAGGART, PH.D. B. EVANS, PH.D. H. FERNALD, PH.D. H. KIAVENAUGH, M.E. E. CLEIVELL, E.E. L. ECKEL, C.E. J. BOASE, C.E. W. MCMULLAN R. PAXON E. IRWIN JAGGARD I. BROWN KLAUDER R. JEFFREY REYNOLDS, JR. A. LARSON H. PRAEGER r I rl 1 -'.v,-V1 f 'WU 7 W a ,, Hi 1 'Y 5 f" piq- l,,, r', '. L. i A r f 1 s 1 r K i . 9 1 X1 ix I 'YQ r .V Q3 is . y.. 4321 1, ,, -.fu 1. VF? iff: 5f55"1 up 1 Aw W S H' ' s if ' I , 4- 9 - 34 4 i 5 A SS, I N. . "Y'1.T K-hl iv F E 2 151 S E ' Miiaf I ' ww 'J wf Rim " l 'N , . 5 i H1 lx I 31 irldmniw' , Q!! 3 lu I HH E 1 if ? 'raven' swim' lm G . ngyf 7 .-'A ...- R A:-A-,. , .- .25f192L55.',fj121fiiffzf- -1, -.Q . ' .iF1".2-. ir. Eiiif -33 I ggi! law' n ' lgnggg svwsqa Q11 niiifiii "iff ' X- , " :'.''S'VUEii?fg555r3'EE5f'l??'5hi2rPi'-6:-3 I ma 4 ' " , H5 u 2-Q I if If, :A Q rip'-f f 2 I 5 ll ' Y HE Ref s! ' 4, IE- 12 . " I gn, 'ff : :-53. I Aww 1' -.-,.,.. .f. 4:.'C? "ifi.,..., . 1 ifnmns imma Swim Muni Arlin flunxlg. i lnnunzus TOVVNSEND BARR YOUNG XVALLACE KIR'IBALL FRANCIS A. LABANV CLINTON H. SI-IATTUCK WILLIAM R. CLARK JOHN H. CHASE P. W. JVANAMAKER H. V. HOAGLAND ROBERT L. FLATHER WALTER E. CARTER FRIARS SENIOR SOCIETY RELPH ROBERTS ROBERT N. DOWNS ROY F. LARSON DONALD W. HEAD JOHN F. HUMES JOHN VVHITEHILL JOHN LUCAS JVILLIAM O,REILLY JOHN JVALTON PRICE JACK EDWARD STRAIN 4:98 'Av - .uw -. ,. Wim f 499 SPHINX SENIOR SOCIETY BAYARD S. AMELIA CHARLES V. BARRY JOHN C. BOGAN, JR. GERALD C. COLEMAN JAMES D. COMPTON DAVID F. CAVERS CARL M. ERTRESVAAG JAMES B. GILL LOUIS R. GROVE PAUL B. HARTENSTEIN ROBERT D. HAMILTON RICHARD J. ZKEARN, JR. HAROLD LEVER GEORGE F. IVIEREDITH JONATHAN K. MILLER EVERETT L. NIUGLER CHARLES M. PLAISTED THOMAS B. K. RINGE JOHN SCHELL LAVVRENCE M. C. SMITH GEORGE SULLIVAN JOHN C. THURMAN ALVARD M. X7OEGLIN HARRY F.-WAIDNER EDXVARD WHEELER ALBERT W. ZIMMERMAN .uw V' I-Z9 ' 1 " M. my av , ff x! A, if fy S--x. ,W ,QV Iii Q Q :-me ,Af 9- -HJ-ll' 'T"f2'i1:g ' 4 fif'Z,73z?i n 4- M -ff V-rw ff- .f c, -fl JW -Ezifa WP - . W ,.. , L ....,,,., . .4 ,. 4..,,-1- -i' ' A f ' ff 1 , , J, 1 f ' W! 74? ,ff X , ff? Ox lf ! 4 4- , .N-,QA - 501 PHI KAPPA BETA JUNIOR SOCIETY HOWARD A. MEDHOLDT VV. THORNTON MARTIN W. JOHN ORB REA NICGRAXV FRED B. SMILLIE FRANK B. SUTHERLAND VVILLIAM E. ALMY CLIFFORD B. REEVES SPARTA FRITZ, JR. JOHN DERN FRANK R. BAILEY J. MARSHALL XTANNEMAN ALBERT E. ROSE FRANK P. IVITTMER MALCOLM L. WILLIAMS -1, 'arid' ,,,.,,, -f 9I.F"".e-. v...f r gg.-Q-9 DL- in 551' f'Qx 2 W fx.. E 'Asif'-1, -I - j il'7f1f3: fi! :wifi , ' fl-2: .. A '53 . . i ,,i:'f' +3'f'iii1,gf , E 503 x X , XQX L l gf Xyg X NWN " X QX ai? -M an --..'::-.Tr-' '.-1,L 5, . 1,1 : .7 .- -'uv ' -" V-:1.f ,.. 1411, --f 'V LSJQL.-J ... -'tai-1-.E P ' '1 in -,,..,,,.n.--L , ,G . - C. rf- -gm ,.f, - -cnc., 1- ?35fEi ,,.fA- Q- , X N 1 WARE? f,-A X X x 5 4. 1 5, , wwf lg' T Rf 143 I ,Ji 3 1 J fx E El 1, wk " l El?-'AWA 1, -i, q. . , " 4 L if , -if' QA7'-x .,,. A A , i M5 2, TL My ,f.- - f, NL , I 4 Aafafmnki-Q M, ,, :-' ":""":-A- -- X A. WP 5 f g Nile w-f,?nE,?ie.1Q v-R-cf ffff 1- a I X. X 1 Immun 24. -.. -WI i6mfwE1f"5'- - TN' .. AY 'WwSl.,x , Niflwsxi -2-aw r, Vqmwwsa W I 'Eff omqwmg qynnnez .,,- 5 ng, - .A :M Nqr 4' T up. R. . X xx 504 lllllnlllnuluuluallnullaulunnlulallllnlllln : Qdbertising ' .."lll'llllllIlll'lllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII XVHERE THE PENNSYLVANIA GAZETTE WAS FIRST PUBLISHED be ilaennsplhania agette STABLISHED in 1729 by BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, founder of the Uni- versity of Pennsylvania, is the graduate weekly magazine of the University. As such, it publishes throughout the academic year a complete illustrated account of the news of the University, alumni, and graduates. The Commencement Issue, in particular, will be a supplement to your own "Class Record." It will give an illustrated account of all the events of Com- mencement Week. , Beginning this fall, it will also publish each week a news budget of your class. This will, in effect, be in the nature of a weekly class letter. It will be a feature that you cannot afford to miss. The double Souvenir Commencement Number of THE GAZETTE will be included free with all subscriptions. Subscribe now before you leave, in order that the paper will begin its Weekly visits next October. ' Subscription price 54 per year. Editorial Office: HOUSTON HALL 506 1? CQQEESEQ tlemenh urnislqing nina, MADISON AVENUE COP. FOPTY'FOUR'l'H STREET NEW YORK a BRooKs V ll, J , .,, . in In oNLY A BROTHERS' , ., STEP F ROM ' '. . L' T I V Building , gf Grand Central, Telephone ' Subway and Murray Hill many leading 8800 Hotels Clothing Ready Made or to Measure Evening Clothes, Cutaways, Sack Suits Sporting Clothes, Ovei-coats, Ulsters English and Domestic Hats and Furnishings Boots and Shoes for Dress, Street, and Sport Trunks, Bags and Leather Goods ' Send for " Compmirons " BOSTON NEWPORT TREMONTCOR. BOYLSTON 220 BELLEVUE AVENUE 507 ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-FIRST YEAR MILNIJZSX , V92 5 K er f? g Q We it fe ff ,-Magik if Z T, , J 17 9 2 ns!! I 'NI' '-f' 19 2 3 5343 Af 5 . x ., N 4-N: . ,4 4 . xi 'f ' bw? lg, 'G X nf iq QW 0 ?Q'?Z "Oldest American Fire and arine Insurance Company" Founded I 792 Insurance Company of North America PHILADELPHIA and the Indemnity Insurance Company of North America write practically every form of -insurance-except We YOUR OWN AGENT OR BROKER CAN GET YOU NORTH AMERICAN INSURANCE 508 O xr Cl-'.S'T0.V Fl.X'lSlg' ll ITHOUT THIS A XUVO V,-I VCE UF A TR V-O 'V READ J '- T0-PL TON THE COA SERI'-177175 ELE IIE N T IS THE FOREUOST ITEAI l V CLOTHES DEI 'EL OPED EOR COLLEGE WEA. IVHIL E PERFECT COA SIDER- .HIODELIA C I AL UE IS OF FIRST HIPOA TAA CE H0 TH LIS REC.-4RDS A TTR.-lCTlI 'EVESS 4IAD SEA I ICE. FORTY DOLLARS AAD IIIORL' HBUNCCHULIEY Dwest 4-6 th. Street NEW YORK W F A R 1 C A Kg, V 1 'I 1 r .1 I A 1 KT gb xx K ' V 216 UN X ' JXE15 A NON 11,45 Hl:'l:'N GIVEN TO THA' fxjqk I X ' r f I f 7 I, Xl Q Lf W 6 A L ' , 1 1 wx I A 1 , 1 7 1 ' VX PA COTRELL sl LEONARD L A A ALBANY, N. Y. , U , A ' , FT1Y"6'-' 'A-'V 'T-VT? riff-v if THE QUALITY CIGAR lT'S JAVA WRAPPED Makmof CQNGRSEEEKEFEAR co. CAPS ' H0005 PHILADELPHIA Intercollegiate Bureau of Academic Costumes 509 WICKHAM SUITS mm' ToP COATS Quality unsurpassed. Style of outstanding distinction. Fabrics out-of-the-ordinary in patterns and dependable to the last all-Wool thread. Clothing you will Wear with pride. Prices you will pay with pleasure. Like many other good things, VViclcham Clothes can be obtained only at STRAWBRIDGE 81 CLOTHIER EIGHTH AND MARKET STREETS 7726 Kendig FAIRMOUNT h l LAUNDRY W 6 HH Mason Student Seffvice TAILORS Q , 040 HARRY R. ENDICOTT 247 South Thirty-Seventh Street WEST PHILADELPHIA I 207 Walnut Street Philadelphia W i if W 65565 nl fgfff? M l lf' we M if ,u :ww H: s2.'fw:2f1' ' '-::5f"h5- 4 :2 iw -51 'E' ,W is '1:-2,s.:.fg,,.:1e::f'gm ,, 1 f it w iw: 1 P ' ' ' 'gin :gf-urs:-f" " " Wim 1 11:-51.1.2-.4-:Qi ff .M -1 , 1- E, . MIN we-: ,www ir -: f..-as . 'B' Y-12. 'P-sfil-15 1 R"?iI':i,Si-h -.:f .3 ., The initials of a friend You will find these letters on many tools by which electricity works. They are on great generators used by electric light and power companiesg and on lamps that light millions of homes. They are on big motors that pull railway trainsg and on tiny motors that make hard housework easy. By such tools electricity dispels the dark and lifts heavy burdens from human shoulders. Hence the letters G-E are more than a trademark. They are an emblem of service--the initials of a friend. GE lE lElLlEQTR,lIC 511 " There is a recognized besl in every line" Auld Fraternity and Club Emblems The Standard of quality among College Greeks for more than a half century Q12 THE D. S. AULD CO. Jffanufacluring fewelers COLUMBUS - OHIO Manufacturers of Class Record Keys Philadelphia Ofhcez 8 Drexel Bldg. The NINETEENTH AND MARKET STS. Stands foremost among PHOTOPL Y THEATERS of the world Storage Under Highest Class Ideal Conditions Appointments Exide Service Station Repairing and Recharging THE BLENHEIM GARAGE Lincoln Highway Compliments of P. BEASTON'S SONS 3628 Walnut Street Philadelphia, Pa. 3701 Spruce Street Prompt and Efficient Service Day and Night Telephones Repairs CLCDTI-IES FOR CCDLLEGE MEN Imported 'and Domestic Woolens Fashioned into Clothes that Fit and are Distinctive Moderately Priced C. T. BARBIERI 85 CO., Tailors 1111 WALNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA 51Q I 'A..V. QQ Q A ,5 I, 5 - Q MBI- Q pgs , Q, :sf g ,- The great thing is-you get so much for so little when you Dunk Dehcxous and Refl eshmg Mi? 'STAN av X 3 W gAl"""-Q1-i f. YULK M ff if WQWDW' Xff'!5fE lj In , . . . I V 1':.ezs,g141.,, . Y . 0 ' . O .SJPQWSSWWQ va 'Ji QE? ., .W W ,.,. ,,q,. , .,,, K , , ' Q ...V, 1 ' if-Jn ' M fi ' , mn ' . l'G J i I H -'Af if ixqgl 'I , 4' - I '-'M ' w,'l:n,Qf!I'!' .ml CSXK 7 ' J V , I "J 45:1 is A' :Q 'M-THQ REU 575' X fx 2, V T-E..ii . TT? I lIi3mTENT5GFL.0ZQ f lfgl' !'- Qff ." H f . 'ff' . -" - I " - ' hjgaii.: '.,2Q' B V j-25 I 4 Q Q . f . nlll. - N .. , . ,X , ., . 4: . . ' . f Me. ' Ye .r 11' ' X W ' ,1 X f '- '34 A ,. 3 I A J .1 I m O 1 The oca-Cola Companv, Atlanta, Ga- '-sg3 2 e32 e 3gsw55SgQ3 3Q53i?22 2 2 2 ? e i e1e e eeee e f eeee 1gg Q535325255515l 1 5 The Drovers and Merchants National Bank 3110-16 Market si. Directly opposite West Philadelphia Station Pennsylvania Railroad Company Capital ..... 3500,000.00 Surplus and Un- divided Profits 173,000.00 Total Resources 2,795,000.00 Let Us Demonstrate Our Kind of Banking Service lil SENDING MONEY ABRGAD We sell exchange on all parts of the world and invite you to use our service. Bank of North America SL TRUST COMPANY Member Federal Reserve System PHILADELPHIA 307 Chestnut St. City Hall Squat LL of the buildings of the University of Pennsylvania and a great majority of fraternities are heated with coal from Geo. B. Newton Coal Co. Answers the Burnin Question I P iiii 'Q H H 27 Yards.-One in every section of the city' and suburbs Main Ofnce, Franklin Bank Building, 1415 Sansom Street - -. . .-'mu:...y,, ,.., ., . , ,, U. ofP. Club-N.Y. mul if Y e ,ir Y X f ' I L 'K '- rl' u unuu Illlllllul-LLL a'!?'I""" """i 1. QI" A f qmfnmgjfggzl X!!,!!,!x!,1fle!!gg!5!E!!! - uN1v.PrNN.cLUs l 2,42 " Mlllglaugvqursll-,, " .E 5 ll umnm, Q' if-Jil L 2 ,it gdusigg f 4 K , Jgll., . rw ' , 'J Vg! lr l l H' 1 Q I I I N ss d' QM, 4l4- - fy I v Xf:l , OIIZ 01 0177117 GN your Way to or from the New Club stop at the McCreery F1fth Avenue Men s Shop It 1S convemently located on the second Hoor and eas1ly reached by the spec1al Arcade Entrance at 366 F1fth Avenue between 34th and 35th Streets Here you w1ll ind complete assortments of clothmg as well as hats caps and the famous All Leather slloes You vv1ll also fmd that for mer chandrse of quahty our PIICCS are sur prrsmgly modest T333 McCreery Men s Shop F FTH AVE 54 'DTQE ET DE N N STATION STQEET 'A Hg. 01 9 '93 MAD SO AV DAQK AV I. X NGTON 9 g1QgQo 230 J T N AV 7457 W vii? U lg!! I ,g!, ,l Zfz I 24 7 XI ff l ff ifmqii. C rw mtbeMes5h FIFTH AVENUE 8 U I 35TH STREET 515 , . ,. . . . 1 X, 4 -1 - . . U Us N A ' -K . K -a - I ' ' I o 1 x : w - X ' I , I lu v ol N rl , 5-5 'tw' -N,-:iigl-:T-??15f3:f5:5E - - 2 'UN it ' ' E- ' 1 l..l . 5 N ,av-WN h 'Q 0 e--W-, " Jaxx r tvs A 'S' IP, gsxgixi 1- - i - - X . ' Yu E. 1 E fwxsermrc' 5 'Q 1 ,xx-mixer XE m I ' qdizarl-:Big -', E I E o ' Q 4 The -' ' 'Q' HH - i lay' 551 'Q Ns 'UQ "Should auld acquaintance be forgot" COLLEGE BOOK AND SUPPLY STORE CCo6perativeJ 3425 Woodland Avenue -++24E++- Buszrzess Books We can handle your orders for Business Books, after Graduation, by either mail or phone, and give the same satisfactory service you received during your College Days. ARTHUR LAWS Qllaterzr 236 SOUTH 40th STREET PHILADELPHIA First-Class Work at Moderate Prices B ll Bering 8452 Come In Again N IFTY BEN 'S SMOKES and PERIODICALS Billiard Parlor, IO Brunswick Tables, Soda Fountain, I2 Seats 33d and Chestnut Sts. Philadelphia I' F. TAPLEY CGW Book Manufacturers BINDERS OF COLLEGE ANNUALS TRADEMARK LONG ISLAND CITY NEW YORK lVIen's Wear of Distinction ff f. ,. ff 0 7 ' 1 I v 7 , . , - 1 M! fix ,. V V z Jq' 2 Y, X . 1 Lain "'-fbi! if NX f f I mi Y f i S ., ix H QC.P.8CO. ll 1 Q4 gf , fe Qef' -- U. of P. Campus PHILADELPHIA PENNSYLVANIA BARBER SHOP AL. SARNESE 3643 Woodland Avenue 3655 Woodland Avenue Most Sanitary Shops on the Campus Sarnese Hair Oil for Dandruff and P-urely a student shop E-xcellentqualitymercbandise N-ever too busyto do a favor N-o trouble to show our "stuff" D-istinguished haberdashery A-visit by you is most Welcome S-erviee a Hxture H-ouse of satisfaction E-verything guaranteed R-easonably priced Y-our convenience paramount Merchandise Zbat expresses personality Falling Hair The Collegiate Shop MANICURING 11 BARBERS 3709 SPRUCE ST. PHILADELPHIA The McDaniel Steam Trap if . A is thedividingline V. ,fi K r , between steam ' 7 I, -A ff? fe-1 and water. Steam S If C a n ' t b l o w 0 t li r ou g lu 5 Water .," can't stay ing and 'P the cost is small. .WATSON Sl MCDANIEL CO. 3415 WOODLAND AVE. 146 North Seventh Street Philadelphia THE co, IOI4 CHAPEL STREET NEW HAVEN 505 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK !,f?A'6'l5xQrc5lIIc?1'llbl1f Conserlfibw Cfofkgjor College flkvz ff .iff Gilbert 81 Bacon Ehutugrapbs nf Quality L Gfiicial Photographers for 1923 Class Record 1923 Dental Record Nurses Record Benj. H. Shoemaker PLATE GLASS WINDOW GLASS WIRE GLASS, ETC. Every description of glass required in construction of buildings 205-211 NORTH FOURTH ST. PHILADELPHIA PHONES Bell, Market 641 Keystone, Main 1020 White'House Cafe R. MILLER We Merril the Cfczss gf 1923f0r ffzeir patronage 3657 WOODLAND AVENUE Oppoxile Dorms JENKINS BROS. 133 North Seventh Street PHILADELPHIA, PENNA. Manufacturers of Valves and Packing BRASS GATE VALVE New Standard for 125 lbs. working steam pres- sure. This is the latest addi- tion to our line and is of our medium pressure and extra-heavy patterns. 5 we constructed along the lines PENN DRUG COMPANY Opposite Dorms Drugs Smdenff Supp lies SERVICE ESTABLISHED 1895 Louis Kolb TA IL OR 1 S H 0 p S 3700 Spruce Street 11- Basement Store X 10 Memorial Tower N1 1+ Lx we r in ei?-, -it ., er 53' 'Ki' rt X --u s, ' -ar-' -a v-Q5-. gh ' QF ., 1535331 52 YLQQ' I E 1 .Y ' University of Pennsyl- Master Tailor vania Dormitories Q1QS1Q A':5:z0-.w1EoS'm l 2 5 E C fabrlcs, properly caxlored, dnstincrive in appearance. vet not freak h. ll l 6 5 Q LOTHING made fam Q 5 Reasonably prncecl at S30 and 5 Lapward for either Suivs or 4 9 Q JACOB IRIEEDQS SQNS 4-24 ' 26 CHESTNUT ST. I 6'4v5QG'Q.Vh- .9IfV9r 5 5 All Frank Sz Seder ASK FUR Eleventh and Market Sts. V S E 'i lv 73fzz'lacfe4196z'a,y ,Caczcfzhg Y-Dolfmlazf 'Priced Szofe WHERE YOU SEE THIS SIGN For W0men's l f- I JM27fs,Y30yy, and Girls' fl l effpparel l i SUPPLEE 1 l- Q Frank 8: Seder, 5,1554 'g d QL ' X'-, 521 BLACK HITE Coated Book y The ideal paper for University, College and High School Annuals Proof of its excellence may be found by its specfqicatlion by many of the leading un1fve1'sit'ies of the country III BLACK 8a WHITE 6 x-I' Q '40 P PHILADELPHIA N EW YORK CHICAGO BALTIMORE BOSTON ROCHESTER N.B. The 1923 Record is printed on Black 81 W7hite Coated Book 522 SERVICE Not something for nothing-but doing what you want done in- telligently, economically, and promptly Hranklin QIJutu:Gng1fahing House 632 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. ENGRAVERS FOR PUNCH BOWL SINCE 1904 BELL PHONE, WALNUT 18-7 KEYSTQNE Pnntmg Company PRINTING , COMPANY f"1?ff5 2B1nher5 P ' t S1'afioners,rT,iizjngrapfzers 151118145 and Engravers N. E. Corner Juniper and Cherry Streets Philadelphia, Pa. ic 12 SOUTH TENTH STREET PHILADELPHIA Printers of the Punch Bowl 593 FRANKS SANDWICH SHOP C' Sare Are Good " Everybody Likes These Yummy Sandwiches Closest to Campus WINDSOR GARAGE 221-23 South 36th St. Day and Night Opposite the Dorms Service Instant Delivery H Baring 1922 STORAGE REPAIRS 3711 SPR UCE STREET ACCESSORIES AFTER THE GRADUATIUN ibntel Stjiames Do not hesitate to call upon us for the fulfilment of your requirements. You are assured of the same efHcient service that was rendered to you as an undergraduate. Houston Club Book Store The place Where your party will go off with a bang O ' Dancing every evening I0 o,Clock cig- 13TH AND WALNUT STS. BROWNING KING AND COMPANY A National Institution UNIVERSITY BRANCH 3709 Spruce Street Clothes do not make the man but go a long Way toward making the opportunity that makes the man. IYe give you the style you needg just the fit you require in ready-to-wear or made to measure. Also Furnishings and Hats at moderate prices. BROMLI-EY'S MANUFACTURERS or Conferwzizrve Clotfzef FOR THE College Campus 817 BROADWAY, COR. 12TH STREET NEW YORK CLASS PIPES ALL KINDS Pipe Repairing I. G. WILLIAMS S. E. Corner 37th and Locust Streets JOHN H. ROELOF .fraternity Qllatering Phone, Woodland 4515W S Battery Repairs It's on the Campu TL Frozen Radiators a Specialty X 7 Manufactured and repaired. S E .IESEEEEL Fenders and all metal Sarts for 55555155555 b'l . E tan prompt 'EEEEEEEIIIEE gtlttsriiliiJn1.eSVVoicl?iralled for and 35555552551 delivered. New Ford Radiators igoircgllirariizvjst Pflces' All 3627 Walnut Street Lincoln Highway Auto Radiator Co. 3633 Walnut Street Preston 4803 E. P. HERSH, Prop W e exieno' io the Clow o f IQ23, Um've1afz'zj1 o Pefmfy!21o71z'o, our l2eorz'z'e.fz' eongroz'zzlofz'om emo' gooo' feoiffief W e foie pleofmfe in ilze foe! fflolf ol! o f the picture! in they Reeore! o your Clow oreprzhieel ffom engrezvzhgf mode oy our Company, and if if our fzope ffm! flzefe pieizzfef moy prove Zo oe pleoying remzhelerf o f fzoppy eioyf 1 PHUTQSENG NG QUMPANY UNK: BeN3f FIQXNKLIN jfAM.9' . - 614 CHESTNUT STREET resident LE 92 -i ia 0 i -29:-at-ET-a e TW d ob To 'AM X 1 Lo.

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