University of Pennsylvania - Record Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA)

 - Class of 1916

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University of Pennsylvania - Record Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1916 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 436 of the 1916 volume:

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Q fl- SA'WI'--- ' .TS . . ,fn 5'i3fiiI7F'i'ua,lwulwluu ll lwwhlvluunllm lw I l lw lwlImwI.nuIl IW IWIWI I nIIII:I'IlIII i I III lululu IVIIIIIIUAIIIIIIIII4null!IIIIAIIIIIIIUnIIIIHIIIIIIIHIulllllullmlullullullllul - EEEWEIRIEI Es RECORD HIHHIUHUHHIPQ 5 1 Ill5lElW:EllWl1IllWE'Ill1FllU:1-5 " 5 - fin E ' C7 5 5 L in E E r-. lg , E EDITOR-IN-CHIEF i E ALBERT HAWLEY LUCAS E Q41 E EE E E I BUSINESS MANAGER ' E QEE ARTHUR MURRAY WEIRICK EE E E :Z 5 "' E 5 : - ART EDITOR rr: L ru- A ALLEN DYER CORNELL E E FE E 5 E E MANAGING EDITOR E E 1 E HOLSTEIN DEHAVEN FOX E ' "" ' E 5:- - .E E ADVERTISING MANAGER E E Q '.:- E CLAUDE WALTER DUDLEY 1 E E - E E A s E - E E ' ASSOCIATE EDITORS E E - E I. R. Breitinger E. W. Haines -5 S Z 5 R. Dechert G. A. Hardwick E 71- 5 E L. Y. Graham - F.S.SchofIe1cl E 3 """ P. W. Willis, jr. EE Es , E E 'T E ART ASSOCIATES .. rr--1 E E B. Tanner E. L. Walters L E 3 :ii E BUSINESS ASSOCIATES g E E - W. T. Buck R. A. Gibbs E E 5 :E E E s L EE E Z, Emu IMIIEIJEIHHIMIDI HRl!!lFlllL'lllHHlHllMl!Hl'llH!IH'll!lHlIIllWlFllVFl!llE 3 THFTUTTUFUYTTUUFUUUYUHTHTYWTUHTYNUUUW F I ....................... ............... , ............. H ................................ , ..I. ....... I Z grew:-Q .Al-l.A,A"I H 'A'A ' T"A G" , If-hw. L I I . ,.I 75 L L I LT L L LL -- I I I I..II fi' ' I l 19 , -,, f ,,,p,.'q ry ,W W.1,,:-f- ,. ,f,,,:m,:,,y:,:-' ffgyw ,gm fm'-,,,4Q:g' -,WA -I ., ,,A. 1 , ,,...,W, A ll C f fw ll The Class HHN the Class of 1916 entered the University in the fall of 1912, a group ot' boys, ambitious, hopeful and confident of the future, we found ourselves divided, by the undergraduate departmental system, into three schools. It was only natural therefore that departmental pride and rivalry should cause separate organizations to flourish with the same men who had fought together in the class scraps, pulling for their respective departments and, in their Junior and Senior years directing the attairs of the three organizations which have come to be a great factor in departmental activ- ities 1916 very soon, however, came to realize that Pennsylvania spirit did not consist in boosting oneas own department at the expense of the others, but that the strength of Class spirit lay in the ability to turn that force, in time of need, to the accomplishment ot' big things for the University. It was, there- fore, with the dawning ot' this realization that we became cognizant of our real purpose and aim: that we might, as a class, promote and perfect the greatest possible unity that we might in turn become more ettieient and effective as a force for the advancement ot' the best. interests of our Alma Mater. 1Ve were t'ortunate in early establishing a strong class organization, this furnishing a basis for our activities in University affairs, ably directed by our strong, faithful class leaders who from the start were recognized as loyal sons of Pennsylvania. 1Ve worked not as individuals, nor as departmental units, but as Pennsylvanians proud of our University and our Class. 1916 came to the University and became a part of it, and having partaken of its bounties, its joys and its sorrows, we are about to leave it and we become fearful lest we have not given to our Alma hlater as plentifully as we have receivcdg but we are, in a measure, consoled by the fact that we have ever stood for a greater unity and the perfection of a higher type of manhood thus bastening the recording ot' the ultimate realization of the University,s highest and noblest ideals, in Pennsylvania's now glorious history. 1Ve worked together, but now we go forth, not from the University, but as its sons striving singly to better serve Pennsylvania and mankind in general today, tomorrow and forever. it -9, ,,w,,m . 1.4.4 wg 20 W I K ,, , , - IIIII I I III IIIIIII I I IIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIII 0 1 0 qg,.LLij,X 0 l a A I: X n n 1 W T n n s U' 4 H I Q55 Q Q Q e ss l i I -m f , u ui me i u ! L W s se lf, ,, My QM , lb U 4, A L " wif Q fg,.g U -. L., , ,,., , A., , gig fjf?E!"v7 HA x QU ,J fl TXTTVW-3: cl, x-UQ L, my f Hr f s IWQ fi- wi Hfify M25 QD 557' 4, ,p-.ox Q-5 : ggoi x r W 93? WW .x ru in .n n- .A-if IEORDQN A.HARDwucK-SENQOR I IARTHUR LITTLETON-JUNIOR I X 1 , 'Kr-1, , may QL4, my QM Nix Al-K Lxxf-'Q I-Je xirlzgik -J QKQVWQ .1 6 ff ax ki ' JS.. ' gi.. 'll my -' 'if '11 7 ! ff . .... ? I Qi? if-'W P ' :i-ga ,,,, W , 'W vi 1 ,af L4 '42, heoeear M, GOTHAM-som-uomoae I 1 EARL HLJMPHREY5-FRESH MAN 1 ....,A. ...k.x...g....,Q....1,'..x.......A........x.V.....f..7UTLT29 A 1 I - Q - I 1 Q I C LAS S s Q I 6 , I 6 V ,Q , 1 ' g , .,.-, ,. . ,,.. , ,U V .1 , H .. .... ,,.I, II,I , I,II ,.,. , I, I I K WMI M JW 444011 Wll Sri' 4 .ff iffitv ifwffwfff'-A we v, r:Wa4"1'2'1:w f Q .4 .vlwmwwW.:.1wM5fwMff,2ff -i ' u gm-rffwrff-:WH-1'-,wg .f -- ,. M, , , Q: . V 5 A LF R ED ABR A H A M A B RA MS --fi 1" -vibe" 4640 Greene Street, Germantown, Ea. Electrical Engineering Central High School, Brown Preparatory School. Philadelphia, Pa. NVl1itney Engineering Society: Member of Electrical Engineers' Crew C313 blue Chorus of Engineers' Show ill. JOHN KENNETH ADAMS A E eb "Ken" "false" "J.K." East Clinton Avenue, Tenally, NJ. ' Chemical Engineering Englewood High School. Smoker Committee HD: Priestley Chemical Society: XVhitney Engineering Society: llormitory 1'iepresentative 135: Electro- chemische Verein C433 Alembic Chemical Society C-lj. FREDERICK XVILLLAM ADAMS AKE "Fred" "Freddy" 2445 Rohinwood Avenue, Toledo, Ohio. XVharton Toledo Tligh School. Sphinx Senior Society: Phi Kappa Beta junior Society: Manager Football Team L-U: .Assistant Manager KSJ: Football Com- mittee C-U: Ivy Ball Committee C-H: Junior Ball Committee 633: Chairman Banquet Committee LD: Class Executive Committee 1313 Dartmouth Trip Committee C415 Chairman Princeton Trip Com- mittee I-U: Mask and VVig Glee Chorus CU C25 Q31 C-ll: Mask and Wiig Club C35 643, Secretary I-ll: Preliminary Show, Vnsl-c and XVig 1155 Glee Club Ill t2J: Accompanist 125. VERNON F. ADKIN "Vern" "Ad" 47 East Avenue Road, Pittsford, N.Y. lVharton East High School. l l ,y',--f,- ,M ,M A, .,V. ,,D.,,... W, ..,.,,.a .. , ' i f v .Meg ew, :aw-4 -,sf'..- away,--pez ,. f--.74-1,3 fm ff- 1 M 3 fo, ww , A-- , 4 t ,M .k ...H , l i 5 ff 1 f Wg 122 Q l SI 1 4 I i 4 I l '4 A 4 -1 1 'ffl ,ii 'i KE 5 A M C 'i '1 2, ,W f 1 f f Wifi .V ,, ' "f':zfrw:':i, 45' ,.- n C U K f.f,..i.f.. l I FRANCIS HEED ADLER fl! A 9 "Frank" The Belgravia, Philadelphia, Pa. l Arts DeLancey School, Philadelphia. Pa. Mandolin Club C15 C255 Entered Medical Department C45. STANLEY GARNER ALLEN A T A "Stan" "Bull" 9 Woodbridge Avenue, Chatham, N.Y. Wharton Mount Pleasant Military Academy Entered Pennsylvania from Syracuse Universityg Fresh- man Foothall Teamg Football Squad C25 C453 New York State Club, X , ' W, N , ,,,, 1 - 1 ,,,,W"': ,,,,,-ww 4 s V, ,V f on irfe 7 , i. W. , ff-, Aynf-.Wf. Um: , , , ,f , X A X , Z! ,f . gf- f,,, C21 I gf, KGB uf? QQ iv, ml 375 IJ 5-xg: Z 1,52 ,gf w ,f 9 ' .2 i 5 C.LAYTON ALLEN 2 H l rILaylJI 2400 VVillard Street, VVilmington, Del. f Chemical Engineering 2 Wilmington Friends' School. Smoker Commit- tee C455 Priestley Chemical Club C15 C25 C35 C45. 7, .-,I Y K 1-W Z? Lf ofa 247 Hifi: Lay 54 1 1. fi f f ALOYSIUS FRANCIS ALLXIVEIN 4284 Frankford Avenue, Frankford, Pa. Electrical Engineering Northeast Manual Training High School. North- east Cluhg lVhitney Engineering Society C35 C455 Electrician, Engineers' Show C35. . afzf fm - few vw V ,, ,- v,l " I , if A ,Q . + , nf, af, , 1 Wf,,,'! , ' f ,X 1 . AW f ,, 7, . I f if ff J, ,W M, ' awyf, Q MW,,,lf f 9 C avr, ,, ,.f , I f f 3 L ,WLM ,V 4 ,yn .4 ,W , 1 4 1, ,MW , ,Z ',' V, f ' ,,,,fZM,a iz f V 1.73, 1,5 A HL' . ,,,,, . ,,,,.., ,X .,.. M W , . .,,.,, ,, . ,,,.,. ,,,. fZ,s:e.2ffC my f wa y:,w,x54 - , ,.,- . , - fi , Z., ,, 4 1 f ,4 rfvaz,-, 4,11-gf ,i f lgemy f f C' ' C' ' , .. ,,-.W-,I f qf3,fx42"f,, 9 f f 23 ff---,M1f"'2"--'imgwr' , f 'W"'if"" CW? U - ,f 'I .1 J,1!f,1, M .. i f 1, 'F I if fi? if 2 -ff? Ai z i .1 A if XM :yi 5 2 4516 f f Ja, ,f, ,Qi WI Qfifi .55 5 Q .4 W 5 ? .f, f C' f . mg f - ff? 71. sg,-ff, 1 - . Z' I ALFRED EDGAR .XNDREXVS "Judy" Bethel, Conn. XVhnrton Danbury High School. Smoker Committee C451 Metlmqlist C'nmmittee C453 Dormitory Representa- tive C453 Executive Connnittee C451 Musical Clubs C25 C35 C451 '1'r:msportnlinn Club 135 C-ll. FRANKLIN ATLEE "Cupid" 2039 Pine Street, Philziclelphia, Pa. Arts DeT.ancey School. Picture Committee C453 Greek Composition Prize C153 Greek Siglit-Reading Prize C253 George Allen Memorial Prizes in Greek :intl Latin C355 Pliilonintlienn Society C25 C35 C453 Delancey School Club C15 C25 C353 Xklirqlggg Club C25. EDXX-'ARD RUSSELL ANSCIAIGTZ it-NYCd." Fort 'XVzishington, Pa. Arts .-Xemleniy of the New Church. Bryn Athyn, Pa, ROBERT HUGHES AUSTIN E E "'B0b"' 146 XVhite Street, Danbury, Conn. . Mechanical Engineering Danbury High School. Hexagon Senior Engi- neering Soeietyg Foreign Missions Committee C472 Chairman XYhitney Entertainment Committee C-45: XYhitney Executive Committee C452 Glee Club C152 Engineers' Show C453 Wiliitiieb' Engineering Society C15 C25 C35 C-45, l l wr --...,. ,.,,.. ,, ,, ,, y145f4249ZWL-fZ'zQ?g'Wff?1--,,,,. ww W - " " Z . . f . . , .,,, .,., ..,, ,,. ..-.., . ,..... ....,,,W.,...E,.27FT,,....7......., f 5, sy gg : ,A-f:.,3w. M V W. 5. M ,f ' zz: :-. nz 4 WW .-fa ll IW, , llf 7 IZ Z I 4 21? nf Wa W, zz 44 wa 25 , Q ':':- ,tv W 14- :sxsssavwsfvvssif'S N sf..f:vsixf - - - - S1 k f A A A 4 X A 44. A A A v 4 W. A -?.......- 4, NNY 'AN 2 OA , - w .. U. Q ... Z Pd G 'L no 1 X . ,1 -P ,.. lv .... -, . 2 N uf 5 VO ,., Q V... an G : , Sw RN U"':I 3 '-OT' U' gl 7 ,7,- .w PU 5 as 4 - 393 fl Z 5.2 2 1 5 1: m vo 2 9- rf! 5 . "' an 2 S E L-1 ffm 27,1 Ln 53 Zi- v-' . 2 mi' 2 ff G W H If-"'n-1 "' ' , A P .., fu Q ., Q Q wx 5" Ls: 4 - : fn FT -105 U7 - - 1- -f - 2- "df f '12 ' .1, S- ED A U7 4C gf ': :T f 2 0 QA Z 0 :. .-. L' I N LSW T V- Z :Q T ' EO 'EG '11Q.::5 '- ME '12 :VS-' T1 :fd QQ B' M Z L :.'.. v. 5 'N ,f M me M :'-f' fn . -.. N- UI cd cn : +2 75 2 A. si: ff --V ' 1 ' - M5 :2 - EL O : -- r-o A - vm wg -1 fw ,A Q- L - ' Z 9 0 rn A If A E' Q-f f, 4 E 1 'f 23:-Q H - ' 4: xv 'f W -'-- If '-2 UPS' 55. . , SX ww. K Q N v . Q, 1 :,:.: 0 , 37 4 is EF" x ww TQ , 2' 5 F1 :5 TE,-" 2- - - w: ex-4 Q fi X ' Q ' A.. : ,, N 3 X X ., 9 Q Sip X fm 5' 73 555 : n. :' Q? I X N ., Q2 QP - El O : E f ,eg Q , ,- :A .. , . ' 'AE--:lg xx 1- 'f ' QE' E Em 4- 5 8 I I ' Q1 Sv: Ax X ,b 'S Q. N, w fg fi Q, Y fr D I "' x , N' -as Ne: -'4 rv -4 : Tv : P9 Q f'1J.'-N53 Xi -1, f A i , . QC ,N wc my-:Q Ns 1 AR X mf f 21 :iv .QQXQQV Q fw ,LW W F .2 XX I Q . if - ,. .er is 'f F .N : x, 5 i .- H Q 9 X Q '53, X ,3 -N -r P A . 5 Q -,Y N 3 5' -s XR-'Q' . N 5 gf? v-' 'iq 3-.tbl-.a 1 3 i-1 vi -fx " 35:51-f ,E .X XS x ' , f E 5 5 XO O F' E. VV," - fb C' X: 252 vrs YN X f Q-:X ,LX x ff- UQ A -- 0 ' Exe ' . -X Q 2 5 CD Eg Cf f-, 03. 3' Z -' 555 ii K2 ' ' N A Q H fs Fi E E.T4"'5O 9' m ' ' 5: X 50,4 fb 'U 5 c-9 FW fb ef -1 s,.V'11?l gv I N" Y. Q-fs' , 3 -E1 - ... 2 44 W -- sw -4 0 H i X V : za G sf. 2 m :, M2 m X, :Q 1 A 1- N - .1 X 5-5 ... Q- --,O C, '.. W ,- .2 X f ff-2 H 'Tl Q 5 FQ - S w Z Q Q:-L 2 A ., N 0 ra T' - Ln 9, i. 5' Q . A . fvggp sv V :Am L..,Q .1 H A xsw ' ' H '-'- " - ra- 4 . v wg 3 Q 3:5 wail ENE P wg S22 Y to EAHAUE E'5.fu 5' E A ,, N, -. -. - F- H V E N, 5:g3:.,a'!1 w-1 U -gifs 0M"1l '-' QQ' :O..2f'4H '-G O -1 :- '12 Q L-4 E 1 : . 9 cf.. W PU: an Q 0,4 w fu -fp-4 F5 A , iw 21. wzw . U H1 '-:LH '---. vw wiv! Ulf-1"' Q- -. "' V ,--..1',J. 001-3 f 5515 2,5 C- fb r-4 SZ O nm ,D O O ,- N :Gm Q, f-- ' :gy Ou ---. f-f. 71 U95 Q. ,-4 ag 5 : o '-1 -- Z Sai' :. '-' 3- 2 535 5' 2 lf.-12 ' 5' gn X- Ho Hia :D Q2 " oi' - As HMS Vg' " 2 Z' '-X. Ui O O-ILT' P 3 5? 'U "U 59' V: S IT! Q' u:4.-1 99 D Ofj..,... Q. I Em' - AJ: 0591 5 5 ,M , H. -, 34-15 :Aa 2 Q.. 2 ,.3'l.n 5. .... "' "' Vo -1 "", Z3 SKS ,T 'S' mifswi Q 9 ,351 my ,J A -1 V, of V O "f M U1 o Y '1 NX .yas f-.WH f-r S- 0 'J ... f- ,-. 55.6 O H ' EQ 2 225 S S0 1,1 . . s 3 rw G-.6-1 14 VE' UQ .: QW X1 -1 . . I I X .wi ,4 W. S ,AA, I " f l l - - 'if ' we ,,5:A5'g ,. ,. , 1'-gf ,, , 3 . , 'far' ' ,, ,,,,1 31, Y ar., .,., , .V , . ,, 4 l , , Q' :el if t 4 v 1 , l Q z 1 i 4 fl ,L . we ma wwe Mffwff? f fe fs! 32 M. 42 34? ,re - 5 if 7, . fe We m if 4 in V2 al P Ml My -fu z 4 ' 2 ALEXANDER BALFOUR E A E DANIEL TURNER BALMER f "Allie" "Dan" "Dannie" 1 ' 233 East Penn Street, Germantown, Pa. 211 M2111 511661, BYOOkV11lC, P21- XVharton NVharton Germantown Academy. Punch Bowl 133 543: Brookville High School. Punch Bowl C23 f33, Class Executive Committee tl3g Banquet Lom' 113112181112 i3d1,101' f-U3 Presbyterian Committee - mittee L13 4235 Pipe Committee C133 tilee Club lol R-US -Social Service oumntmcr x-+15 All' tl3g Executive Committee, Wharton Association Pc-misylvania. Picture Committee C411 Cap and C335 Christmas Tree Committee t33g Freshman l'0W11vC0111111ll1eC HJ: 591050111110 SOCICU' CU. C21 Reception Committee 1333 Wharton Smoker Lom- l3J 147. S2Cl'f'!t211'.Y C23, Treasurer C32, President V mittee i333 Chairman, May Day Committee QU: U51 1011115 H0Dk111S.DCb21fC C333 Ursmus Debate ' Manager lioxing Club 443: .Xssistant Manager 1:68111 C433 -52105091110 Plays 123 135 i439 Cross 1 C33: VVharton Reception Committee K-13: Picture Country Club C23 .C33g Franklin House Repre- Committee QU. sentative 44360 President Board Dormitory Rep- resentattves . HENRY EISCHLER BAMBERGER XVILLIEXRI KENNEDY B.-XRCLAY, IR. U all-Iarryn rrBiHn .-.Tipiw 3222 North Carlisle Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 4044 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Civil Engineering VVharton Northeast I-lilzh School. Track Squad C13 C23 133 XYilliam Penn Charter School. Swimming Squad 143: Civil Engineering Society. Dance Committee tl3: XVrestling Squad C33 C433 Second Medal 145 5233 Faculty llall Committee C231 Northeast llieh Pound Class Novice Wfrestlinq Meet: XVhztrton School Club H3 '73 C33 C431 Civil Engineering Dance Committee C433 VVharton Banquet Com- Society f13 C23 C33 C43. mittee C43. ? it Q - , f, lelly ..... , , my W - .W - I wtf 4 A f 1 7 ., ,..., . az N'ff'Q"757ixq5'f" we X GEORGE SANDS BJXRKER "Rats" 1703 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Mechanical Engineering Episcopal Academy, Philadelphia, Pa. Hexagon Senior Engineering Societyg Gym Team C13 C23 ' C33 C43, Captain C335 Eastern Middle States Champion Tumbler 1333 Musical Director of I , Engineers' Show, "The Purple Mask" 143. VVILLIAM HENRY B.-XYLES T K B 5 NBNIJI 3754 North 18th Street, Philadelphia, Pa Civil Engineering ciety. f f K ,cf ij ,. ,, f 7 if 5 fn? . 1 I ,E ,W i ,f My ,, ,, , -"" 9,2 ' pm 1 ff 'W of fwfr ff W' ' L 'fbi f 2' 7" x 'Z' 'W f.,7f7. fwfr - 1' f we lf' 4 '- Northeast High School. Civil Engineering So- - f ky, Z l!y,wVV'7 7 of wry, , l 1 i 1 1 1 STENV.-XRT CHARLES BARNETT XE "Stew" "Maja" 1617 Oxford Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Civil Engineering Central High School, Philadelphia. C. E.-'16 Baseball C233 Leader of Episcopal Orchestra f33 C435 Sophomore Honors C233 University Band L33 C433 Engineers' Show C33 1435 Civil Engi- neering Society t13 Q23 C33 C-13. SAMUEL I. BECKER E A M jewish Hospital, Logan Station, Pa. lfVharton Central High School, Sophomore Honors C23. 4 'fi' Z "f fp 3 , ' cz: ,, ,, ,,,,. V ' my, -1: pzfzjrm ' " Ci I l .,,, ,,.. ,, I I ew 722 , l if M ,Q 1 A Za? ,lf 'Ja 1. . wr' JON.-X'1'1-IAN M, 121211, A X P JACOB lR.-X111 RELLOXV A E A "j11l1,," "Hush" "Sl1riu1p" 1230 Perkicnnen Avenue, Reading, Pa. 5100 P21l'lf5lflC -XVUUUC. Pl1ll21d9lDlll3. P21- :Xrchitecture lVl1?L1'fOl1 Reading lligh School. .Xrchitectnral llonor Com- mittee 131 17-l1: President llonm' Cmnmittec 141: Class Day Committee 141: .Xrchitectural Society 131 141: Vice-Presinlent Berks County Club 121 131: Dormitory Representative 1-11, Central Manual Training High School. Fresh- man Football Squad: Bowl Fight Committee 121: 1ilee Club 111: Menorah Societv 111 121 131' L'nix'ersi1.y Band 111 121 131: University 'Peace League 131: lintcrerl Law School 121. MORRELIQ GOLDSMITH BIERNBAUM . ,. f ".lIn.r" "Bvrrv" "Bier1zv" T K B OSEPH SMITH BENNEJT HI IX W . , ' . ' . J ..-1- 'U ...R U ' , ' 1834 Diamond Street, Plnlaclelplna. Pa. ' mlm-l OPC Civil Engineering 3703 Baring Street, Pliilaclelphizm, Pa. hlechanical Engineering Moravian College. Engineers' lianquet Cmnmir- tee 111: 'Executive Committee, XYhitney lfngi- neering Society 1413 XVhitney l21'lgi11CL'l'illg So- ciety 141. lYilliam Penn Charter School. Swimming Team 111 121 131 141: Inter-Collegiate Swimming Cliznnpion at llreast Stroke 131: Engineers' Ban- quet Connnittce 121: Cercle Francais 111 121g Civil Engineers' Orchestra 1213 Engineers' Orchestra 131: Civil lfngincering Society 111 11.1 131 141. , ,. 1- 11:2 1 1 mg M--, ,- v 1 14 ,J,,, 1 W 2, f,,,wfw,,m V--,W f,i., , ff 1 " 7 1 " f Je. f Wwyf-reg ww I ll , llt Lf, r 4 , L , l 1 '.. 1 I , , X I K M 4 555 fa .... ,L- .,, .. , ,, :,,..,, L, . fl i FZ ,Z -P f -A , .mf'mf1:-,ef B' ' ' r ' 1. I if -Qivfiff Q 'C f I I fans XYTLLT.-XM 13lSPl4l1-XM BL.-XCK if K ll' "Bill" 4901 Cedar Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. Mechanical -Engineering Del.ancey School. Engineers' Shoiv 131: Mask and lVig Show C311 Undergraduate Member Mask and l'l'ig Club C-U. JACKSON BLANK, IR. A E 113 "Chief" "BrigIz,feyesy' 3431 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, Pa. . Vlfharton Central Manual Training High School. "Gym" Leader C113 Inter-Fraternity Track Committee 125, Wharton Association Banquet Committee 141, Entered September 1911, Absent on Leave ' 125 and Second Term Q3J. WILLI.-XM ERNEST BLACKVVOOD - "BIacky" "'Er11ie" 55 Newton Avenue, NVoodbury, NJ. 'Wvliarton 2 Woodbury High School. Picture Committee C4J. 5 Q GEORGE ELMER BOSWELL Q ,j 5308 'Walton Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. V Arts 2 1 Brown College Preparatory School. 1 I pp, ff, , f .- f V f 41 f e I . M 'qt ,IJ ,, 1 , H , 1 ' ,f 7 Wy. J, 2 , V , 7 f, Q .mlfgf Q ,f"',, L," 'J' "",l4f'.'- "' , if " 1 fa ' ff 'f 1 'Jn' ' 2, 4. ,f f 4 -' ig," 2 1- ,1 ' t Q, 'j',f"'V"fff f I' V , , Q, 14", ff . ffff A ty' , ,, . 4, , ,, f . I Q' ,f"',1 ' mf' 11,7 -y, iw' ,, 5 f X I 1 1' M '!,f , ff f iff! arf f f 'f Cf 'f..'Zl , 1 X ,, V1 j ,V .5 W :ff 42,41 C 'ff' -if ,f f ' . V , . gg W v 4 ,, . .. f V ,WM -, -Q f 7,1 AZ" M 'i H 1 , ff X f f My! I V ,ff QW , 1 , ff avi? wk, ,' . 1, . e -1 , ,,,,, W, ,a,,f,,. ffm.,.:",,ff1, . l l V ,w7,,,,m,,,,Y:W,Z ,,,374?5 A M ,ff4gaf,,,, , 1, V! A V A. WL., ,. ,, ,Mira ,,,,, .,., ,L - ,, XVJWW ffffff Wfffffyfvfdfff f if X 5 , if-,ff ,fy-75 V ,W-me E-377, ,,.,,,.,f, .,.r.,,f,-ff 5 ar fr, pr weft' ', 1270- vp' W wg Lf? 134359225-,"'43p? if " ZAwb5'2QiZQ1.f3 f,Q,,,-f "1 'fr 1, 'Q ' f 1 - ,f 1 - l I 29 aw l l . .- , W 1 , Q . , 1 . f l it ' if Ji MAITLAND BoTToMs o X HAROLD JOHN BOWMAN A T Q g i "Mail" "Gale" 'i'B0mz,-ic" 3601 l1Valnut Street, Philaclelphia, Pa. l-lotel Colonial, North East, Pa. Civil Engineering XVIHITYOYI Friends' Central School. Civil Engineering Foot- North East High School. Manager Rifle Team ball Team C23 C53 C433 Civil Engineering Soe C473 Sophomore Dues Committee C253 Class Day ' ciety C11 C25 C33 C-U: l"rEem'ls' Central Club. llnnce Committee C-U. C ' i ' 1 ' i I ' V i 1 -I 1 17 ' 4 v v RCBERT THOMAS BOYD, IR. fl? A 9 -lOl-IN RUSSELL BREITINGER 'Y T ::B0b:r aj. Ros 1:16115-Yu uBrFi,1: 4306 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 7040 Chew Street, Mt. Airy, Pa. T' Wharton AWS NVilliam Penn Charter School. llnnquet Com- Chestnut Hill Academy. liall Crew C3lZfNSS0Cii1fC Q mittee C11 C255 Sophomore Cremation Speaker Editor H1916 Class Record" C4J:.Cremat1on Com- ' C233 Social Service Committee C-H: Wharton mittee C215 Junior Ball Committee: Ivy Ball ' Christmas Committee CID C23 C375 Princeton Trip Committee C451 Marshall Poster Fight C475 Chest- g Committee C435 Transportation Club CBJ. mit Hill Academy Club- I f if i T fi t T 5 1 : so l if . . fl-' it I ' f f,... l I 72 Z 'Z , Z' M , sf W ss,-2 . ,, W, W i i I I 'l i if , i ir, , W. if r til il lf' iii 2: flf it l .C .U .-1, 'VI ji. 93. f x -' rl Q14 l 1 t ella f 731 'MQ 31 121, , , hi- ? ma i-Q .-l l fl -1 'rr l 1 l nf Y i at ts fic 5 ,A 5,23 Q2 ,C ,142 e 4 7 5435 ,A , 4.5 f CH.-XRLES M. BROGAN Philaclelphia, Pa. Civil Engineering 'WILLIAM THOMAS BUCK K 2 "Bill" "Bush" 6609 North Eleventh Street, Oak Lane, Pa. 5Vhart0n XVilliam Penn Charter School. Varsity .Fencing Squad C25 C355 VVinner, Captain's Fencing Cup C25g Assistant Business Manager "Red and Blue" C35 C455 Business Associate H1916 Class Record" C453 Cremation Committee C25: Picture Committee C35 C-l5g Vllharton Christmas Tree Committee C45. 6 . oft? y-:uw ,ff-3,,,. f 1- wr- 45 ff ,ff if fa V , if 2 , fff f , Y A wifi, , fjyy JY! I Q - C f I ,,, , JW, ' ' iff. 7 , Z wfw.7,,,2, f 'f' A . in 1' :ff ', A ,V , 4, , ,5 fa, , ay, iQi,i,, B .i:, C 5 , ' ff ,f ci" b .,Z.,t,V,,.,,V,i,,h, 1 1 V ., f 7 CQ I, ,I my , , ,Q ,V 7'-M., ,,ff,,f4 5,f ., 67, ,, f GEORGE CLARENCE BROSIUS K E "'Bro"' 533 South Fifth Street, Terre Haute, Ind. Wliartoii XViley High School. Manager Fencing Team C459 Class Football Team C151 Freslnnnn Track Sfluarl CI5: Assistant Business Manager "Red and Blue" C15 C255 Circulation Manager C35, Business Niem- ager C455 Class Historian C15 C25 C35 C453 Picture Committee C153 McCracken Fund Committee C15g Poster Fight Committee C255 Sophomore Dance Committee: Banquet Committee C259 Cane Com- mittee C35: Annapolis Trip Committee C453 Class Day Committee C455 Press Club C455 Hoosier Club C15 C25 C35 C45. Secretary-Treasurer C35, Vice- President C455 Civic Club C25. ROBERT BUCHEY BURKE E T If-Bob!! 4252 Regent Square, W'est Philadelphia, Pa. Civil Engineering DeLancey School. Civil Engineering Society. L' 'f ,ff ,' 'f , ' I , 0 - ,M V Q inf nfl' 'C I at ,L .JW I , iffy, qv 3, 2, Y 1 f, ,140 ,, Z ,, 5 ,ff '-ff,""'Qg ' C 1!fl"Q,,,, ' L' ff' 'C "1 L ,J in W 47 ,fiwy i ,f,,a,,,, qffv . , .WJ-5,7 1, 5 if f MW. z,f',,Q, imwz- M, :Aww :4.i.f,m an ,mf-5 f ,, wWr1"f' .:wfwwf2f":M'ffLz- th-ifxf' ,':'fff'- :Mfg n,,',fegw" '.2'Wfc ,L"11iv2f9fc' mvffzfvff XWC V MEZZ .,v..,,w f , , fs! 31 l 1 1 k, if if 2 4 2,55 X231 My l , T, We aff l W JL aw f QM, , W f W .,A,, v ll fll hz. I H 'gym " ,V f, 4 .4 W . ,, ., .wi ...,,. J, , ,,.,.,, U Ht... V , ,, Q ' ' l W, ,,,. 'F 1.1 l ' GEORGE VVILLI.-XM BURNS E X "Rookie" 20 Newbury Street, llangor. Mc. hVll11I'l1Oll Georgetown Preparatory School, hYIlSllll1gf0l1, D.C. Mandolin Clulm ill ill 131 141. Lender fill? X'iee'Presirlent New England Club K-U3 Class Day Dance Committee 1-ll. GEORGE GRIFFlTH BYLER 3 5516 Hunter Avenue, Wfest Pliilzlclelphia, Pa. Chemistry 1 Central High School. Pricslley Chemical Club. R.-X LPH XVI-IERRY BYE HBSJU Yelmle .-Xvenue, Delair, XJ. Mechanical Engineering Cnmclen High School, Camden, XJ. Xllhitney Engineering Society. ARTHUR ALEXANDER CAMERON "'.-lr!" "Cammy" H K N 684 Prospect Avenue, Buftalo, N.Y. Electrical Engineering Ilutchinson Central High School. Nlfhitney En- tertainment Committee: Scalp and Blade: W'hit- ney Engineering Society tlj L25 C33 GJ. ., ,,,, , W l'f7f?.53i7 - I ., 41 ' .' 4 3. 'Q if, 7 tif 2 5, 1 I i I, I 1 v Mc 4 r l W? ' , , .,,.. I vga V 1:5 W Mft my ,f -W : : in . it get l l C 1 il , Qfx 1 i l 'C ' l Eh, 7'4" ' A ' ' 1 ws l l 1 l 1 1 l LUTHER ROY CAMPBELL A E CD RALPH ROBERT CAAIPBELL f' ' "Slim-"' "'Soufv" ffgobff i . . I 1 39 Second SYFCCT, Sl21UUSt0U- PH- Sll Fifth Avenue, New Kensington, Pa. ! . 'XVharton Arts , , , . , A E' 't L'l 't' A .d ', P'tt l l P . Slatington High School. Xl harton Investigating db Um 5 Cl em, 1 Smrgl' a 1 Committee C-U: YYhzirton Christmas Tree Com- mittee C431 Chairman Presbyterian Committee ' C-U: Class 'Day Committee C-Ll: Philomnthean X ' 1 Literary Society C33 C473 Yice-President Christian l Association C47 3 Delegate Eziglcsmcre Conference I fan: civic Club can c-n, f f I 1 .S iitf . A W V "tl 1. ROBERT MAXVVELL CARRERE z 111 ,P - f - "BW PEDRO G-QUINONES CARRASQUIU-0 E X 137 East Seventy-third Street, New York 3 "P," "C 01Hl-ff, f Afchltecfufe VICQUCS, Porto RICO Q Bethlehem Preparatory School, South Bethlehem, 1,2 4 A1-ts 'I Pa, Architectural Show Chorus Cljg Architectural A j' ' Show-C313 Mask and NVig Preliminary Show C433 ,gg Engineering Preparatory bchool. Rifle Club C239 Dormitory Representative C433 Architectural Cosmopolitan Club Clj C25 C35 C4D. ff Society- 1553 I rf 1 "rg p 4',,. f' f ,:f':.,f ' up N: f, ' 1 " , 2 n V nf, VU! 'rf' f,X!"' ,,:,,fV2j!pif ffl 1 i fi 772 in ff ' ,if4?'? ' ' Vg? Mfr K 1 M,,,,Gg,,yjQt:f f,Q,,5,-f fy, 1 ,,yy A 1 V I I f , M f 9355? f f ' f " 7 I I 1::'7"r'ZWWw , , f ,'f1a7'1p'm17g:gwyg:" rwffiyiwfgwf,'g2QQ1f1'g"W f - .,m.I.X2,t:x taeffiffliwffwmy ,1 ffz4!..tL.fef.mA. an -Q ray, 1'1wmv:1"2:z'11'fVwrww-'-L'f ' me , ' ' ' ' rr H --nw W-,'-"f4':vw,if,wf ff 'iv J" " "N" v: V- f I ikliee 1: fi 'iw V f N 'ef , 5 ,. 'Y-'inf 'Q 0 ,A , ,, M , gf- '- V - ,N ., , v '7 4 s I fa f wf M527 Z ffZff?WMJ5Z I I I I-I 2 - 'fri if 7 V fs E7 'lil if A . o , , T MARIO DE SOl.lZ.-X CARV.eXl.l IQ E I' FR-ANIQ D-ANA CARVIN 2 T KL Tres Coraqoes, Minas Geraes, Brazil HDOCH CMI E112111GQf1Hs' 1234 S. Fifty-third street, Philadelphia, Pa. l Igio- de Janeiro Statue Boaiid. Ciyil Eiiiginecging :Mechanical Engmeefmg fi m?ft1gc?l4y.mlmnnn Sammi mxmcuon HPS Om' Southern Hiuh School. Class liiaseball Team 123: ll Mechanical. Engineers' Crew Q3Jg Wireless Club ' gf ' C13 KZJ, President C233 NVhitney Engineering , 4: SOCiCtj' ill Q22 C33 OU. LEROY NORTHROP CASTOR DAVID PENN CHABROXV "Dewey" "ChaZ1bie" 7 3204 Frankford Avenue, Holmesburg, Pa. 3221 Turner Street, P11ilP1El:911??iI55g P?-- . Vvllzlrtfbn W1 inglneeflng Northeast Manual Training High School. Varsity Southern MHUU211 Training High SFh00l- ,CiYil ' Trac1E:lKi3J CSD 691255 Committee H53 NO,-111. lgngineerig? Sogiletgg Menorah SOCICYYQ Zionist , f east U3 - . ociery: mess u . 4 0 SQ 1 ,, wwfffwwz Pf'Wzz1w'v: 1-f www "" ' Q' ff I I f 2 r f I I 01 ' ' " f"Ww:" MANN K. Cl-l.'XU Canton, China lVharton Canton Christian College. Second Soccer team C215 Rifle Club C31. XVILLIAM ELBRIDGE CHICKERING "Chick" 2 A E 3213 Clifford Street, Philadelphia, Pa. lfVharton Central High School. Phi Kappa Beta junior So- ciety: Sphinx Senior Societyg Freshman Crew, Varsity Crew C21 C31, Captain C415 Class Crew C11 C21 C315 Assistant Manager of Tennis Team C31, Manager C41g Associate Editor "The Pennsyl- vanian" C31, Editor C413 Class Treasurer C31, Class Vice-President C415 Pipe Committee C119 Banquet Committee C215 hlorning Poster Fight Committee CZ1g Chairman Cane Committee C312 Chairman VVharton Entertainment Committee C413 Orchestra Committee C31 C41g Marshal Poster Fight C415 Senior Representative Wlharton Honor Committee C415 Banquet Committee C41: Head Marshall Bowl Fight C413 Varsity Club C31 C41g College Boat Club C31 C41g Rowing Committee C41g "Bowl Man." . X 2, YV: X ,f, V, ' ii I 2 ,gi , :f 17 ,, f- K' 2, gf' iff- 'miq fp' i- 1' 7 ,, I I ,, , ,, H ,,,. . ,,.. e,,,., , .,L, ,W W. . Q, ,,,.g,,,.,,,, U ,.w,,,, ,,f, ,W ,Wg ., ,,l1:.f,,m:ff w,4nw2gu,,a-nf wt 'wr HM, W: ' 1 .-mil, 1 A f , F., . I nl, ,f , ' Pl-l1LlP XVEI CHEN Yungting, Fnltien, China Wharton Tsing Hua College, Peking, China. DAVID MACLAREN CHURCH A T "Dave" Oxford, Ma-ss. Wharton Pittsiield High School, Pittsfield, Mass. Associate Editor "Punch Bowl" C21 C31 C41g Pipe Com. mittee C11. ,i,,,,, ,, , fp, .,,, f , f Q X j 2 ,wt f f, 4114 ,, , at yy, '51 , f Q , . ,I 0 2,4 K Ll, f X vf 1 K' " f , , nf V, . 4 ,fa tl - 15,7 f, fa fy -,,,,,,a ,,,, N V, , , .,, ,,,. ,. ,C 2a1..Lf,zg,.,,,,ff f' ' " ' " w,xz2iLiliZ.2i4.' V .L..:J..L.' ' MNKWY' iwfra f',f,",,,',.izww wg yr ,ef-1-my-1, fr' ,1 Mag. 'jf - - 1 ww1.,fwv ,MW-tffaie'1zfzf'fzw-ff,f" z :af .uv--,,,, -., if f,51fififfvf gf I XVILLTAM ALEXANDER CLARK, JR. "Bill" "gVick"' "FalI1m"' A ll' 51 Wfest State Street, Trenton, XJ. Architecture Lawrenceville. llanquet Committee 1451 Pre- liminary Show Mask and XYig C351 Architectural Show i333 Architectural Society C-UQ Mask and XYig Show 1-O. SPENCER CLINTON, JR. A K E "Spence" 85 Highland Avenue, Builalo, XX. VVharton The Nichols School. Swimming Squad ill C351 Varsity Basketball Squad L472 Class Picture Com- mittee Cllg Senior Picnic Coinmittce C435 XN'l1ar- ton Dance Committee HJ: Scalp and Blade: Cheer Leader C451 Dancing Chorus Mask and XVig Preliminary Show C233 New York State Club: Boxing Club IZJ CSD. FRANK BAILEY CLIFFE B I' 2 lvyland, Pa. VVharton Northeast Manual Training High School. Fresh- man Super-Advisory Committee Mb: Sophomore 'glrgnorsg Senior Ilonors: Northeast Club flj C21 Q35 4 . D.-XVIS JGNES CLOXVARD 9 E "Daw" "D. Jones" 712 XV. Twenty-sixth St., XVilmington, Del. Civil Engineering llaltimore Polvtechnic Institute. Plumb Bob Senior Society: Captain and Manager Civil Engi- neering Football Team 1233 Civil Engineering Football, Baseball and Basketball Teams CD Q23 Q31 l-U: President Civil Engineering Society: Holder of john Clarke Sims Memorial Scholar- ship: Transportation Club. l W f,,7,:,.,Vh,,,,,, W., ,M frm., ,,,, I , V.,,, .,, . H Wy, f-M v- ,awww-:Q ,wh J ,f,g4Qu,f,z! . 4 , 'WAR , H, ,K 4f,u',, :Fa V, ,, in ,L 1 im, K, N. ,W . , ,, 36 4, , N ,,,,,T ,W ,,,,, A az yr' f ' a v i l I. ALBERT CODDING E KD E, E T "AI" 23 East Third Street, Duluth, Minn. QArchitecture Central High School. .Xrchitectural Society: Mandolin Club C15 C25: Picture Committee C4J. RALPH LESTER COLTON 'If T ' 2 UM 0 use" Bryn Mawr, Pa. 4,2 , W, , ct-IARLES CLIFTON COLBY . 0601" "El-iff' ,IR.EE 913 Chcrry Street, Erie, Pa. I Electrical Engineering Erie High School. HERBERT C. COMSTOCK, IR., X KID "Herb" "Cammy" ., f W Archltecture 25 Kenmore Place, Brooklyn, N.Y. 5 DeLancey School. Varsity Cross Country Team 'V Wl73ft0n C35 C45g Varsity Track Team C355 XVon "P" in , Q , 1 f' Cross Country C353 Cross, Country Club C25 C35 . Erasmus Hall High School: Dartmouth College C453 .DeLancey School Club C15 C25 C35 C455 1912-13. International Polity Clubg New 'lorlc j nrclutectural Society C45. State Club. F ,,,, .,,, . .,,,,,,. , , X Z 2 ' M A I I fi ' f " :W , 4, W 1 1 if 4 M . ' 2 , W L V 5 aff C ' A G 'I Wf 7? 2 f ' fffff fe, ' I W, W. L., " f- 5f-Q .... Wm.-,, .,.., , , ,.,. . .,., .,... , ff '---- . - l I ,,,. "fv ri A ,,-, ,V f l l .... fftt wttf ff 37 I I , ' -r - f r , " 'Hg-:ffm.4.1 ,- ::J,ZL.,4L'i..,.f:24L.,.L..-,.4........g.., . La, -' aff ' V f jig -719,41 f - Y - - fu IOSEPI-I PAGE CONLEY E N "Seuai0r" "J" 501 East Clinton Street, Frankfort, Ind. W'harton Frankfort High School. President Indiana State Club C4D. i EDGAR COPE, JR. A 2 Q 1 HEdH 5920 VVayne Avenue, Germantown, Pa. VVharton Germantown Academy. Freshman Fall Crew Squad: Freshman Basketball Squadg President Civic Club C35 C4Dg Delegate to lntercolle iate Civic League Convention C23 C335 Student Cam- paign Committee C212 Wlharton Association Fi- nance Committee C3J C4Jg Fencing Squad C451 Executive Committee of International Polity Club C455 Cap and Gown Committee C-U3 Councillor, University Camp C21 C333 Civic Club CZJ C35 CHD. r-ff. 1 fl fi C. ,J l i i i i CARL LONG COONS B I' 2 "C70011sic"' "Cub" "Nig" 77 XVest Ross Street, Xlfilkes-Barre. Pa. VVharton Harry Hillman Academy. Swimming Team CU Czj C31 .C-43:1 Freshman Swimming Team: Sopho- more Swimming Team, WILLIAM HAROLD COPE :rc-op ien 211 East Freedley Street, Norristownh Pa. Chemistry Norristown High School. l 1 C l l I . . - i . .',, X , , , I, ' Q . .M7Vf'632Q1,1, Um"g'L"'2""'ff'fi.g:rvf'w""F.W11 'raw :vffyH"7f'r"r-1w"'r"t"L'Ti'fr' "'t ' , ,av -ff, xv, ,,,n,,,,w M ,... ..,,. . .,... .,.,,. M. ,, ,w,.,,L..,,,,..... I I zffafzf-,f4,y,f f m2i,wa1ie1J,:Q gif-I3 M1 :. .. :ts ' ff '-iI':f:' N. ' i 0 I - . 4 ., fm ff -tw . ., .,,4 ,,,,,-We ,V . 4-, M, fav., . . .I . .tm-.ff L..a...,.....,-.,.,, V. 1,2 M .M ,ff ,,,u l i ALLEN DYER CORNELL A T A "AI" u.C0l'IlfC'U 725 Vernon Road, Mt. Airy, Pa. Architecture Germantown Academy, Germantown, Pa. Friars Senior Society: Architectural Society: Press Club C415 Assistant Manager Lacrosse Team C31, Man- ager C415 "Punch Bowl" C21 C31 C415 Art Editor "l916 Class Record" C411 Pin Committee C115 Annapolis Trip Committee C413 Ivy Ball Com- mittee C415 Class Day Committee C415 Allied Sports Committee C41. EDWARD CREDE 2 E r'PlGfl"ll1't171, ' "Che111ist" 5523 North Third Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Chemistry Southern High School, Central High School Priestley Chemical Society. ",,, 1 , f 'T , ,, E "fbi ff' ' f 'f , Qvzf rf ,ff f,,-,,j 1, M ,J W' ff , if :ff 4 I .I df, ' ,fa A , ,f,f.,4:v' yi: . f - 4. :Lt,f.f -f rw. , ,, , ,, ,, at -" 'ffwfzawgZ1::avf,a:x::tp1,f2z..."e.'f,i,r5iaa,.af.zmia.., ,fc in .,,....i.,,,aW....,. ,, . f 1 93,1 , ' Z ,W -:fu 4 , was 1 ',,,.f,3f,fyw, ,J f H, , W, 421,54 4 .. 1 Z " y' :M ', x0 , J, M .1 f,,f,f-,ff , ff., . , , ,jf 4' ff L 2 mf ' f ' ,, . I ff I ff V ff ,Z f ,iff 1 ,1 , ,, , 4., 5, , 1, ,A FRANCIS JOHN CREAMER YI! 'I' ."farle" "F1'a1zle" l37 N. Twenty-hrst Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Architecture Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, Pa. Varsity Swimming Team C11 C21 C311 Swimming Team C11 C215 Freshman Crew Squad C115 Architectural Crew C115 Track Team C213 XVinner Medley Championship 'Cl1: Third in Intercollegiate Championship, 220 Yard Swim C215 Second in College Championship, One-Half Mile Swim for Biddle Trophy C11 C215 Second in Middle Atlantic Lliampionship C11 C215 May Day Sports Committee C111 Mask and Wig Pre- liminary Show C115 Obtained leave of absence C31. A. HAVEN DALE 'IJ K 'P Y rr-Hz: Scranton, Pa. I Architecture Vlfyoming Seniinaryg Lafayette College. Presi- dent of Architectural Class C115 Chairman Archi- tectural Banquet Committee C315 Chairman Archi- tectural "Smoke" Committee C21g Architectural Society C31 C415 Architectural Show C215 Assist- ant Stage Manager Architectural Show C31. 5,511 ,, f ,f f vw : ' , m z 1 . 'jf f ,Q ' ,W , f 2 13 ff' 1" 4 - Qi ff " " 7 wff mth H, I , 7, 7 0 , my WM 4 af .M-sf, it 1' . 1 aww- - . .,,,, W, ,I .Y ,,,, N .,,M.7 , A ,, -fy, , f,f,,,+y,fy V, , fa l ,V Z, 17, f ' ll -- v -l ii' -' 1 . Cl-IARLES DAVID 1960 St. James Street, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Architecture Ecole Polytechnique, Universite Laval. Cercle Francais 133 143: French Play 133 143. STEPHEN l-lOlVEl...lQ DE COURSEY 238 Berkley Street, Germantown, Pa. XVharton Northeast l-ligh School, Philadelphia, Pa. 'W 1 WWW - I ROBERT DECHEITT A 311, Q B K "Bob" "Devlin" 3930 lValnu.t Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Arts Lawrenceville School. Sphinx Senior Society, Phi Kappa lleta junior Society: Assistant Man' ager Baseball Team 133, Manager 1435 Second Soccer Team 113: Editor "Red and Utne" 113 123, Managing Editor 153, Editor-in-Chief 1433 .Xssociate Editor "Pennsylvanian" 113 123, Editor 1333 Editor "Record" 143: Secretary of Class 133 143: Secretary of Arts Association 123, Vice- President 133, President 143: Chairman Annapolis Trip Committee 1-435 Chairman Chapel Com- mittee 1-l3: Marshal Flour .lfiglit 143: Junior Ball Committee 133: Sophomore Cremation Com- mittee 123: May Day Snorts Committee 1l3: Press Club 133: Board of Directors Athletic Associa- tion: Class Day Dance Committee 143: Chairman Ccntral Military Training Committee 1433 Chair- man Plattshnrg Committee 1435 Managers Com- mittee 1-l3: Sophomore Honors. ALBERT DE M.-XCEDO A X A A'IA1Jl 4'l'DeJJ IIDEIIIOI! 3925 Poplar Street, Philaclelphia, Pa. Electrical Engineering Central Manual Training High School: Electrical Engineering Crew 153: XVhitney Engineering So- ciety: American Institute of lzlcctrtcal Engineers. 1 4ZN,.73543wfG,7,W..:!w,,.,,,:,,.vZ.:,, VT. , U, lm, ,... . ,.,,,, . .,3,...,,3e .,,,. , ,, T ,L 7, .,., , , ,.,,,. ,,.....,,...,..,..,,.., fff! ti f 1' " " ' 1' ' ' ' x " f :ww ,V 3 lift ' " . " I ' , 2, f' Neff' " F-ffm! N f -f fy' 1., e.-sy, 1 fe f , f y. .. ... - GEORGE MOl'7l:E'l'T DlLl-lNGl-l.-XM I-GflIL'l't11'l ".llaas" K A CSouthernD 9 Orange Street, Charleston, S.C. Civil Engineering College of Cllarlcston, ILS. 1913. Plumb Roh: Civil lnngmccring Society 131 1-Hg Southern Club, CLAUDE XV.-XLTER DUDLEY E N "D11dl' 453 South Jackson Street, Frankfort, Incl. VVharton Frankfort High School. Freshman Debate Teamg Freshman Debate Prize: Sophomore Debate Team, Advertising Blanager H1916 Class Record" C453 Sophomore Debate Committeeg May Day Sports Committee i233 Banquet Committee CSDQ Class Day Committee C435 VVharton Dance Committee H73 Pliilomathean Society C23 i352 Phll0l112Vfl1Cf5lH Debate Team KQJQ Hoosier Club QU Q33 i43- 7' ,.,...N.,.t,Vyf- f, HARRY C. DODD AQKI1, EAE "Doddic"' 772 Fairmount Ave., St. Paul, Minn. l1Vharton Mechanic Arts High School. Captain Freshman Debating Team: Philomathean Society CU C212 Transportation Club HD. RAYMCND T. EICHELBERGER A KE "Bud" "'Eiclz" Everett, Pa. 'Wharton Mc-:rcersburg Academy, Mercersuurg, Pa. Varsity Baseball C23 C353 .Class Baseball Team Clbg May Day Sports Committee C235 Cane Committee C3D. TQ. . ff f ff' 6,2 Q 1 ., , X f I f alfa If 1 V ' fin! .,., ..., , . .,,,.,.,,. .,., A -tqf M f - f I I ,QAM ,wf:1ff9f,,2,.y.' ' get X , ,fr f M V , ,..,..,.. ll M My ,... ,, ,zfx .,,, ,, , 2 '. i X ',,,,,i,,,1 :,,m4:S,muf-,mf' ,, V , f- , GEORGE HARRISON EISENH.-XRDT rrlilisyu ulglaru 3101 Diamond Street, Philadelphia. Pa. Central Manual Training High School. CLIFFORD LEVERING FENTON "Clif" "Doc" A X A Hatboro, Pa. ' I Electrlcal Engineering Hatboro High School, I-latuoro, Pa. Towne Sci- entific School Journal 64,1 Chairman Fall Smoker Committee C435 Cap and Gown Committee C451 Whitney Engineering Society CU C25 C35 C453 R:-fsbyterian Committee of Christian Association i N , wi 'Sz i ii of 1 , A l, fy .-.1,..R:-,,. ii 2 '. ,775 in i, fi i 4 W5 ' ha? 14 4 . FRANK .-XLLEGRE EPPS K E 3608 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Mechanical Engineering VV'hart0n x , , , Central Manual Training I-Iigh School. Hexagon Senior Engineering Society: Towne Scientific School journal C35 C413 Freshman Debate Com mittceg Freshman Poster Fight Committee Cljg Class Day Dance Committee C473 Mask and Hug Dancing Chorus CSE: Engineers' Show Danc- ing Chorus C3l, Cast C4J. DAVID FINE "Dave" 1913 Christian Street, Philadelphia., Pa. Civil Engineering South Philadelphia High School. Civil Engi- neering Society Clb C25 C33 C451 Menorah So- ' ciety C13 C23 C3j C431 Southern Club CD: Civil 1 Engineering Track Team C455 Sophomore Honorsg D. Van Nostrand junior Prize. i l . C i . 1 ' l , 1 ,Q l l it .,r.. . ,,,,,, - 1 ill, 'C ' ., 555' 'fff I I I I f 7 QQ.:-in " I I fa-an -fy -'cWw':ff'.',f Q,-:H-'gf ,., ,.,, ,, - '."'1. . F' T " ' "" 11 P, f' - - l i h H I I F'.1g4g,g,t,,-,, : wi, l , .74 .f - sf? l -, M' 61 I ,. M, 'I ,R gf! ' w ' i142 fl O ' . 5 ,I ,, ' l I Q iii 1 , I C . y , l f - i l E P , v 1 ggi I ,- '- il is ' ee ' 4 -' PAYMOXD EUGENE FITZ 1 fe - Q X nm H GERAU-2 X JAMES JOSEPH FITZPATRICK A .1 H' I hr -' rrFZtv:: ' I 141 Broad Street Salaman N Y - ' M . . ' Ca' 'wvhm-ton 2044 VV1lltC1' Street, Philadelphia, Pa. , Chemical Engineer S l 1 . H' I l . - . . V N ngtiggmii-S. lg' Sclool Wharton Dance Com Roman Catholic High School. Priestley Chemical ' L Club Q. XVh1tney Engineering Societyg Electro- chemische Verein C4l. l I V 1 il :xi JOSEPH FLACK IULIAN BOONE FLEMING 2 "foe" "Nemo" ' "Wa-wan" ,W -5. ff-HI Grenoble, Pa. Pasadena, Cal. M T, - Wharton If Architecture 7 Hatboro High School, Hatboro, Pa. Cross South Pasadena High . S5Il1OO1. DHUCIUZ Chvrus Country CD5 Track ' CU C235 Cross Country Maslc and Wig Preliminary .Show Clhg Cagt If Club Banquet Committee C433 Senior Picture Architectural Show C253 DHUCIHE .Ch0f1-IS AYCI11- ' Committee C4Jg Cross Country Club CD C29 C31 tectural' Show C333 Cercle Francais C21 g' Rocky ,c , C4j, Mountain Club C33 C4J. P ui y C , Ei, init, W I y 7 " , 1, f f Q, ,ff ,, ' ' 3 A wif, fffwua, " 4 'f ff f if -ff if gf, ,.,,, ' ,,.,, ff , f Q Lf' ff' ,f if if fi ,ff f ' Tiff an - V if ' iff! 7 ffl! ' ,ffmf W!,2f?!f,yz.,z ,V fm ,Z f y ' If,: f:,1wfw,22z.wW mmm,f,N,,.::,,,:,.'., ng :ff 'W Wff M W ',f' "" l l A ,, C. .C l I 7 1--1 A. 1. ,, f- rr- .Wy---f,,-W-mf-H u - W lf f- -ffw :4 p- :C-my V . 4 . I l .M 5 5 5 I , . . V. . . ,.,. . -M ,, ,,. ..,.,, , .. . FRANK H. FORSTER A T "Baba", 16 Laurel Street, Buffalo, N.Y. 5Vl1arton Masten Park High School, Bultalo. N.Y. Ran- quet Committee C,l51 Chairman Picture Commit- tee C251 Smoker Committee C451 Dancing Chorus Preliminary Show C151 ljancing Chorus Mask and NYig Show Cl5 C25. THOMAS LANSFORD FOSTER "Tom" K A, H K N 302 Springheld Avenue, Chestnut Hill, Pa. Electrical Engineering Chestnut Hill Academy. llanquct Committee C455 Mandolin Club C353 XVhitney Engineering Society C15 C25 C35 C453 Chestnut llill .Xcaclemy Club C35. ADDISON I. FOSTER E CI! E "'.-md" S96 Main Street, Darby, Pa. Wliarton Brown College Prep School. Coxswain Fresh- man Crewg Coxswain Varsity Crew C25 C353 Cox- swain Class Crew C15 ill: Coxswain Interclepart- ment Champions C351 Bowl Fight Committee C153 Banquet Committee C211 Chairman Banquet Com- mittee C35: Marshal Poster Fightg Brown Pre- paratory Club: Civil Engineering Society C15: College Boat Club C351 Varsity Cluh C35. THOMAS ALB ERT FOULKE "Tom" 505 Forest Avenue, Ambler, Pa. Arts George School. Philomathean Society C15 C25 C35 C459 Gym Leaders' Clnh C255 Boxing Club C35 C451 International Polity Club C45. fwfr? "fl'7"'f:W7-Q, I I QZMZQM -'am X "I , l 0 fr Wa WK? W2 KF iff 2133 rw? Thr- iff? Lat -J, l l , ,. , 'll C I .. 1 . .4.,.Lr,.. W- ff-1:w f 1 4' 1 1 -9'-,ww .1 ir.,-,,7,,f4 ,ff W- ,- ....,.,, .A ,..... . 1 Y -7'-w.q,wZ57,Ww,::,-f.A.a . .. ...... ,. ,,...., z 4f -W ......,. f r Agn. Ili 2 2 .4 ,. l if if 5:72 W ,Ji ya Wh ff W Q if hm at-Q i M . HOLSTEIN Delrl.-XVEN FOX "H0Is" ".S'tvifiy" 2035 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Arts Blight School: llehancey School. Second Cricket Team flj CU: Managing Erlitor "l9l6 Class Rccorclnz Chairman Picture Committee 433: lipis- copal Church Committee I-ll: Class Dax' Coni- mittee 143: lDCLZlllCCj' School Club C13 125 133, Vice-Presirflcnt 431: Ccrclc Francais 4-0, Assist- gint Stage Director l-H3 Friars Senlbr Society: Class Fund Committee UU: IIIICY-PLllJllCZlfiOl1 Banquet Committee C4J. JOHN SAMUEL ERANKENFIELD 'fDutch" "Rabbit" 236 N. Fifty-third Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Civil Engineering Central High School. Civil Engineering Society, Picture Committee QZJQ Engineers' Orchestra. ' C f- I, ij, , , .A l ff Si, ij ,rf ' , 1 ' 4 l V' rf, I ff' f 'wink W ' ,an ,M 5, QW 0 I ,fm 5 Qi' mafszh. Zim? I I f M- f X 1 l BERNARD LOUIS FRANKEL CD B K "'F1'auIc" 1925 N. Thirty-third St., Philadelphia, Pa. Arts Central High School. Cercle Francais. ARTHUR BENJAMIN FRIEDMAN "Artie" Z B T 2880 Broadway, New York City, N.Y. Wharton Peekskill Military Academy. z., t.L.:..i4....1.' ..-J " V1-5 ...,. , ll, I I .C+ 4 , ' , 4 iff f, A : V if if l 5,51 , 5 ,,q - vw 4' W.. 1 ' wi 1 , l if I it - 1, V l ,- ' '1 C 3' Y A 'fi ' ii i li ROBERT McCORNllCK GANTERT "'Bob" ill K YP 3 Asbury Terrace, Oak Lane, Pa.- Electrlcal Engineering Central lligh School. Hexagon Senior Engineer- ing Society: llanquct Committee C131 Chorus Engineering Show C335 Chorus Mask :tml 33'ig Preliminary Show Cl35 3Yl1itney Engineering So' ciety. FRANK ROBERT GEIS . "Caine" "Hans" BFE Southmount, Johnstown, Pa. ' Wharton Johnstown High School. Second Freshman Crew C135 Varsity Crew Squad C23 C335 Class Crew, University Champions C331 Varsity Four-Oared Crew C335 Tug of XVar, May Day Sports C235 Banquet Committee C33 C435 Chairman Xvharton Banquet Committee C435 Second Prize, Iunior Oratorical Contest C335 Open Hearth Club C23 C33 C43, Secretary C23, Treasurer C335 Dormi- tory Representative C43. JAMES HENRY GAY, IR. A K E "Jim-" "'Ji111111y" 345 Pelham Road, Germantown, Pa. Wliartoii William Penn Charter School. Golf Team C23 C33 C433 Varsity lncloor Track Team C33 C435 Junior Varsity Soccer Team C33 C435 Track C13: Pin Committee C132 Sophomore Dance Commit- tcc5 Junior Ball Committee: Marshal, Bowl Fight C435 Banquet Committee C435 Dancing Chorus Mask and 3Yig Preliminary Show C231 Mask and XYig Show C23 C33 C435 Mask and 3Vig Under- graduate Club C33 C43, RALPH ALVIN GIBBS CID E K HR. A. G." "Gibbcy" 1931 Tuscarawas Street, 3Vest, Canton, O. W'harton Canton High School. Business Associate "19l6 Class Record" C435 Picture Committee C33 C435 YVharton Christmas Tree Committee C435 Mask anal Glee Chorus C235 University Glee Club 1 f 4 ,- , ',iW,.w,.L f 1' ll , l - f ,,,.74fW,e.M, ,.,,,.. .,., ,..,,M.- ,.,, ., ,Q ,.f,,Q,'f , w.-t,,ftM, -Joey' f ,W 57Z'l,.,,,., ' f f Q I-i " f. , f ,Q ?f"4 f f ,,.ff,mf, "Vff'4.a17QZQHm?4at," .wa f f - .,,,:.:.23ffw'4,s. 5 of Vi i C7 fee: lf if :22 Q52 W, Z W 5 fu Q ,ff ., Q 'tw Cf we f ess IR, 1 , fn fl ff. lj," f 5 I Q . 3 , . l, i . l 1 4 ' i l , . . i l . 1 1 Q iff iff' I il .1 E- 1 I ,l x 'I lfl .: , l 1l Nl E in M 1 il. .l ffl 2 l ill 52? rl 'Si 2? 4 L' we y 1 wg Ziff , ., ff ff? i QW g.,L,, ,E . L- .. , i'3I7ffl,.,.i2,f... .77 ,. fn 1 ,J 2 4. H, ,V 425 7. 7 , .5 .. Z I 4' --4-N' .. - J-.. -M l l w, .A.. .,, Wi L4 - f' if gal ar - dy I1 j . ' ,' W. "F gif Lili l - W' .- l an , , l ' V 2.2 " i K N Q gf lf . - - X 2 f' 1- l Q, ll ' H I 'i' . . S. . ' wif JOHN I-IGLLENB.-XCK GIBSON if A 9 BERNARD SIGMUND GOMPRECHT If "Jack"' "Gibb "'GiIJIJic" l "D0c2'o1"' 'rGM77Z7'l1fjVI, ti X ' 3601 Chestnut Street, Philaclelphia,. Pa.. 3329 Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore, Md. i 5 Mechanical, Engineering 5 Wliarton fi? I DeLancey School. - Picture Comiuittce 1255 Cap E 1 Baltimore City College. Sophomore I-Ionorsg 5 l and Gown Comm-tree K-ll: Rifle Club HD: Maryland Club. 1' " " ' Delancey School Club C25 C3D: Vllhitney Engl- , neermg Society 423 145. if 1. 1 ' al ' .J ,.' , 2 fe' ' 32 iii' PAUL ERN EST GONSAR in 5 MAURICE GOOTMAN rrpopu ' 1rGufsJ,' 1856 N. Twelfth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 5901 Torresdale Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. 4 Civil Engineering Wharton Northeast Manual High School' Civil Engineer- Mg Northeast High School. Northeast High School ing Societyg Northeast Manual Club. Club! Menorah Society. 4 ,mfg-' iid fd W, ' , ,,....- ,..W.-,W,,.,,,':.. my My , --Qmiwg-'fi fr., - Q 'Z fe fra :ice ,fw',f.g 5 :,"?,'f4 . . ,.ltf Z 1251.3 -0- '. 'f "" 2 ,W-ff: 1ff.1f'f?f4 '.-Z-W 'W M.. .f4.I'gm.- fwm3..:f.W2:m:X l W g'f:' - . we t 2 - 1' iz ww'-f-+ve . ., ,ffm ,f--f ""' if l I I I nl 47 N ,,,.4t,,,4hma H HW, . 1, gg 1 1, l l VVILLIAM DUNCAN GORDON A 2: fb, "ll", D." BPS 4712 Richmond Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 5Vharton Central High School. lixecntive Committee NVharton .Xssociation C451 Class lfnnsl Commit- tee C451 Sophomore Honors: Senior llonors. ERNEST CURTIS GOULD I1ja3'JJ 241 Central Street, 5'Vatertown, N.Y. XVharton 5Vatertown High School, Varsity Debate Team C35 C451 Freshman Triangular Debate Team: Sophomore llebate Team: Sophomore Football Teamg XVharton Christmas Tree Committee C451 Chairman Sophomore Debate Committee: Election Teller C451 Poster Fight Committee C451 Picture Committee C451 Faculty llebate Prize C251 Philo- mathean Society C25 C35 C451 Civic Club C35 C45g Executive Committee C451 Delegate to Intercol- legiate Civic Club Convention C351 President In- ternational Polity Clnb C451 Secretary Empire State Club C45. ROBERT MERRITT GOTHAM CID A 9 IKBOZJU l37 Paddock Street, 5Vatertown, NX. XVharton 5Vatertown High School. Phi Kappa lleta junior Societyg Sphinx Senior Society: Freshman Crew: Varsity Crewi Navy and Child's Cup Races C25 C551 junior Varsity, Poughkeepsie Regctta C25 C351 Fall Crew C15 C25 C351 Inter-class Champions C351 Slay Day Sports Committee C151 Undergraduate Committee C25 C35 C451 5Vharton Christmas Tree Committee C351 Class President C111 -Iunior llall Committee C311 Class Executive Committee C351 lvy llall Committee C451 Chairman Red Letter Day Committee C-45: Head Marshal, Chanel Fight C451 Class llay Presenter: Chairman Smoker Com- mittee C45. lrl,-XROLD SUHLER GOULSON A E Q "fIr11'0Id" Nffaln The Normandie, Philadelphia, Pa. 5Vharton Brown Preparatory School, Varsity Debate Team C451 XVharton Dance Committee C451 Philo- mathean Society C15 C35 C35 C452 Philomathcan Play C251 Dormitory Representative C353 Polity Club C45. ll ' ..,, ,, f 7 ll"' ,, ,, , ,V . ,, -Q-. swf. fgfiewfii ., if W, fe: if , , . f vi- fi,fem.,.W.e .f,,h- ,, if fa . :li i . ,ii I . i l I . i l I. 2 lil. .V , EDVVARD BENJAMIN GOXV.-XRD 1616 Marshall Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Arts Central High School. Sopliomorel Latin Prize: Sophomore Honors JOSEPH FRANCIS GREENE foe - 1816 N. Tweniy-third si., Philadelphia, Pa. Chemical Engineering Roman Catholic High sciioqi. Whitney Engi- neering Societyg Electrochemische Verein C4J. , A f ,E I f ,lv-N, i , , : f ai ff' .al ,M ' iv : l, 'tu fy? I ff f iw 1, - f wi., we V :Wa ,M f fi ,W M . f . ,I , M, , -7 va , y, , YW 7, " ,f I , ,,. mi -, - ff '42, , 31" 'UM 'c' Uhf, 4 'f fn' W6 " X MM, Qmf, ff ,Q we ,f . X X A .i,, . We , me Z 4 I X, WW , f swf Q ' ff Q if , Z 4622 QC f .im ,gf -,,, ...., i. :1gwmrm:e:fj, gy, 'wi - l ,fi , . 1 am' f A i 9 :Q w ,gf 1,-A ,Af 5? :MM iwfemg X f Msinze LOYAL YOUNG GRAHAM, HI ZCIJE "The Fat Priest" "Hoi" "L, Y." 3745 Spruce' Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton Lower Merion High School. Friars Senior So- cictyg Freshman Track Teamg Editor "Punch Bowl" C2Dg Managing Editor CSDQ Editor-in-Chief C425 Editor "Red and Blue" Cdl C411 Associate Editor "l9l6 Record" C435 Class Executive Com- mittee C4Jg junior Week Committee C335 Flour Fight Marshal C415 Class Poet: Class Day Dance Committee C435 Press Club C35 C4l. HORACE THORN GREENVVOOD, IR. "Wl1itie" KID A 9 4724 Leiper Street, Frankford, Pa. - Wharton Penn Charter School. Sophomore Dance Com- mittee C2jg Junior Ball Committee C355 Whar- ton Executive Committee k3Jg ivy Ball Com- mittee C4jg Picture Committee C495 Chairman Wharton Dance Committee C413 Glee Club CZJ C405 Mask and Wig Preliminary Show C3Jg Varsity Cheer Leader C453 Mask and Wig Glee Chorus C4J. , I f yff'MQ7 4 ', f i f 2 f f 7 Q ,L , ,, , , , , , , , , ,.,.,,, ,,,,, ,, . M, ,WV ,.,, f.,,., M fif- ., ,i My Q, mf 4, 1 2, Wi ,ff , 5 ' 1 f. ff f ,. ,wtf ,W 24, 'rf W .4, l l ' s f ' - - Q. .Y gf. .11 t ' - l I I .:f..f,,,f 1,:..p:s. it it I I 4 W - ii 12 W A f . Mr? " t - --Q 4 it of-fm 15? ,f ls' as x. .. 3 '41 if-L,.,,:a?'2'I',+f ,P lf Maul 5 if ts xi 1 .Z ,J i S il? ,iv 22,3 Cf. 'l3p.g'2' -ii , nw av S Az +1 'i ft 224 a:1 'Nf f' , 9: -1.frQ'f N-.QKM .git 'ff' 5 ,. Q1 'fr -1. V. -f . .3 C, .4 .4 if .fm 1. fi 1 in, VC. 1,f .nw , . V .f ,. 5, ' J if CMAJ- 4' fff"ZfHl'T Vik -Q-' H71 "7 f C if R., WA' A iv ,144 'L A ,Y F it f 5 1 X. ,ft ",f LJ? A fi-fig fff' Sv Z 252 " .Lf A if 1 J fiiqz x ' -ff - V ez-3 wg: J ,-' I - -- L . ..-1 'f-- K f in C. "Qin 4 ' f f ici- 1 f, gm..-,-. Q 4 ,Sa '37 ii, l V. l If 1 - ff-we - 1 rf: 1 ' , , iff, T' fi iff- - We I '. ik 'K ,. V gif ml . lx, oy.: r Q . 4 . .N E25 't f . :pf 'ii ff' V ' A. , , , ---' ti, ,1 .. .17 f ' . 'f'f.:f,r 3- L4 4 ' W ' " AH' L' V' f, F 51 . 'I iffy, C... 3 T f I I gf I-gl WALTER LURTON GREENWOOD H , EMIL GRETZR-IAQHER Acama W 'i "Gin V" "Green " 1 ' ' i ff " 93" ,ga ' 'J' 3 Gre ts at fi 2202 Amber Sffffef, Ph1lHf1QlDl112l, .P21- . ' I 'I . 2555 N. Thirtieth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. ji iv Civil Engineering 5 Xyharton , Cenffal High SCIIOOI- Varsity Baseball 54111311 135- QLEIQ Northeast High School. Zelosopllic Society C21 i In 7 1.-f ll C31 u C-U5 Deutscher .XIEYEIH C11 C21 C35 C41 g N.-". , Chairman Play Committee C4131 Golf Squad C313 . ' 5 Lutheran Undergraduate Committee C22 C33 C419 5 ' gf-A .4 Settlement XYork C3l. f ., f Q 3 ' .V f A , , J.- V . N Y L ,, -.P YT l rf x . Ki. 1 gb 1 x I C, . . 1 N' f Lg? LESTER CAPELL GUENTHER T 5 . ELBERT BLACK GRIFFITH o A X V ' . "LH" WTBF2 2. 3 "Gfij" ' z 724 Irving Avenue, Astoria, Ore. Q 1. .5 Zi A7uSa Cal XVll3.I'tOl'l i ' F ' 51 XlVl1Z1l'tOl1 5 La Porte High School. Junior Varsity Crew 635: L- , I . , . 2 Champion Fall Crew C375 Banquet Comnuttee C312 Citrus Union High School. .YVhartou Christmas Q Dartmouth Trip Committee C433 Marshal Bowl ,QQ IWC COIUUIIUCCZ Dues' Committee C433 Orchestra . C ,.' Fight C413 Rocky Mountain Club C355 Treasurer ag Committeeg XVharton Dance Committee C4j. C-15. gg . . ' X 1 Y fn - ,V . ' -ff 1391 Y l gif? t if W v V 1 ' ' 'i 5 i ii t JZ I . ""t if ' ' , I , ' Ziff ff l 1 liz? W via l . M7 ' ,r 'A 3 I V WZ. ' - X 1 X Q ,," ,f ,, Vg ry' f W .N f , 0 ,.., 'f l l l l - I HL? I I 50 ,l r- rv Ki EE '1 . -1 i .nl 'I 3 ,. 4 i if ? if M W. 5, fiwii ff an f W CK? 'li J, "ww l I l l.,, fi 1 it X. .it lil r , ii i Ma W Wiriagi I I ' E :4-- 1 ...W.. .,,. ,, f mm?-MH .KT - , ., ,, ,.e.-.-,..t.r.,.E..- .. I I - K 4 Y. . , -' M V-1, ,, -W.'s:Ea:f.,lf-Q, s'::f,.W-,,w' w,,fv-wW,- , ,,,. , Z 1 , E 3 . " JJ' Jug W .i 4 ' 'C ,f AQ7. , . . ISAAC SONNENBERG GUEST "fGue.rt1'e" The Marquette, 'Wilmington Del. Chemical Engineering YVilmington High School. Rifle Team C35 C452 Priestley Chemical Club C15 C25 C35 C45g Rifle Club C35 C453 Electrochemische Vercin C45. ELVVOOD LINDSAY HAINES A E CII Ilsill IIE!!! R.F.D., No. 3, Swedesboro, NJ. Arts Wfoodstown High School, Wfoodstown, N. I. Sophomore Debate TCQHIQ Sophomore 'Debate Prizeg First Prize Iunior Oratorical Contestg Associate Editor "Red and Bluei' C25 C35 C455 -AA, . Nl' .l, v f LEE NELSON GULICK A X P - "Nels" 1245 E. Chelten Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. Mechanical Engineering Central High School. Hexagon Senior Engi- neering Societyg VVhitney Engineering Society C15 C25 C35 C455 Secretary-Treasurer C45. FRANK CURRY HAMILTON IIB I' A 2 "Yank" If 2260 N. Sixteenth Street, Philadelpliia, Pa. Mechamcal Engineering V, f -Y if gf M f ew- 1 1 Cf? + kv ff 1 gf W WZ ng , , , , , . . . Editor "Punch Bowl" C35 C455 Associate Editor -Y Friends' Central School. I-Iexagon Senior Engl- H1916 Class Recordug Emscopal Chqrch Com. 5 neering Societyg Towne Scintific School Iournal mittee C455 Smoker Committee C453 Philomathean H C35 C45 , Asslftafxlf Buslness llanaiger C35, Busfnqs Society C15 C25 C35 C45, Moderator C45g Varsity yi Manager C45, Marshal Flour ight 'C45, Engl- Debate Council C35 C45, President C45g Philo- ' HQCYS Smoker C0mmlffCQ 625135: f'lCf11fC COFH' mathean Debate Team C255 Philomathean SOC1Cfy I CILZQ IIIIUQC C459 5fV1llf11SY Engineering SOC1ety C35 f45, Plays C25 C35g Ivy Poet. X 1 PreS1dCf1rC4J- - f f f' 'V f ggvq. ' A :gm i-'rE' E i U 'f,f'f'fIW 4 ,Q X525 2, Ara, he , r igyfk, fi? ff! p Vqwffff, 1 vw H wyfffpi X: Ka: V, wa CM 21 .,,,. . 2fj,,,,,,f My Eff? ei if 170 ' V5 , 6 011' ,, if f --e , ,,.. ff ff - 'W 2 - if Z I I I I C 51 W-2 uf 441 cgi f f , gg ..1,,,, 5 ',jIj,i,f,f:L, 3, - ,Z I Ali, ,.,, .. , .tri 4, I! ,- ,CWA-qn,.,.,.,,,i 1 if l-IARRIS ALLEN I-IAMLI N "Ham" 295 Rutter Avenue, Kingston, Pa. VVhartori Wiyoniing Seminary. Philomathean Literary So- ciety C11 C215 l.1orniitory Representative C41. GORDON ALWARD HARDWICK "Cord" "Al" C'Ha1'dy" E X Fort Dodge, Ia. Wharton Fort Dodge High School. Sphinx Senior So- eiety3 Phi Kappa Beta junior Societyg Varsity Basketball C21 C31 C413 Varsity Soccer C411 Freshman Basketballg Advisory Editor "Penn- sylvanian' C413 Advisory Editor "l916 Record" C413 Sophomore Dance Committee C211 junior Wleek Committee C313 Wlharton Honor Commit- tee C213 XX'harton Association C11 C21 C31 C41, Secretary-Treasurer C313 President C413 Under- graduate Committee C413 President Senior Class: President Christian Association C412 Basketball Committee C411 Head Cheer Leader C413 Director Athletic Association C413 Social Service Commit' tee C313 University Camp Committee C313 Iowa Club C11 C21 C41: Class Salutatoriang Varsity Club C413 "Spoon Man." w.. , , ,, ,, , , x 3 1 I ff W9 r ' ,iii il ,i 'J l WALTER SA KIUEL I-IARE "'WaIt" l3OS Fourteenth Avenue, Altoona, Pa. 'Wharton Altoona High School. FRANCIS LIEBER HARLEY AXP, IIDEHCU 5224 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Arts Central High School. Freshman Crew C111 Iunior Varsity Crew C21 C312 Class Crew C21 C313 Pic- ture Committee C213 Junior XVeek Committee C313 Marshal Chapel Fight C411 Cap and Gown Committee C413 Glee Club C313 Christian Asso- ciation Representative C41, l f-' r , I ,,,,4, , ,,,t.,. f in , ,, ,Zh 5, . K A , i 1 1 i 4 QW? "ffl v fm af Qlffj .33 iff W wk -Q'7' W, I I ,Q f P A l i ll i I l l if l, V. 3 ti fi ,-. ,, ,W . 2. ,, .,..,..,,.. , .... esp. . . .,,.,,. . .,.,, ,.., , .,.. . .,.,,-..,, I - , Vey :rg www ,f A . , f' A imifitf.. .,., MJ. .J f.3.,a.e4ffv.3n em ' : , . i 1 .Az ' " 52 at EDXY,-XRD D.-ir 1-1.-mais z uf --md" Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa. Mechanical Engineering Episcopal Academy. Phi Kappa licta Junior So- ciety: Sphinx Senior Societyg Hexagon Senior Engineering Societyg Varsity Track Team C25: Varsity Football Team C25 C35, Captain C451 Class Football Team C15 C255 Class Track Team C15 C253 Bowl Guard C251 Pipe Committee C155 Sophomore Dance Committee C25 Chairman, ju- iior Ball Committee C351 Chairman, Ivy Ball Com- 'nittee C45g Head Marshal, Poster Fight C451 Class Executive Committee C455 Class Day Dance Committee C45. FRANK 'VVAXTER HASSON CIVFA, E E KIDOCJJ '- 32 Fairview Avenue, Lansdowne, Pa. Civil Engineering Baltimore City College, Iohns Hopkins University. Varsity Lacrosse Team C25 C35 C455 Baseball C153 Football C155 High Man in Strength Tests C155 Civil Engineering Society. X .,,V, . ffff M ,. ' fi' 'fl ,V Q: gf' '.f haf, .f f off? W 'C f ff, ,f,4J.,f'WWWAy,m:zf457t, awp' wi t L+ fa , 1 - . 5 f f , .Z f fri?" 7' ,f I, C W' if " 5 if 5 .f M, my., f' 5,5 P -"I a 'V g: tg, ' ,fx ga ' 2 "ff 1 '. f ,f.,g , ff f f, 1 r f-,W 4 ,,, fy ff , 0 , : !Hw,,,.5f ,V ' , . J 1 -Zifg ,f f A, 1 ,am F jf .gf , f ff f 2 pw' 5, A n f f g, ,, f Wj-',,f,, f , ,if gy W, 4 'Cf , " 'ff M. Q 3245 2 vw, Q V 1 , , L ,Q an 1 f ., ,lt H W ,. ,c f f ,f , ., ,, THOMAS HART A ll! 'lSui'c'Iy" "Build" "Tom" 335 S. Twenty-hrst Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Arts Episcopal Academy. Friars Senior Society. Second Cricket Team C353 Chairman Pin Com- mittee C153 Sophomore Poster Fight Committeeg Sophomore Dance Committee: Iunior Rall Com- mittee: Ivy Ball Committeeg Orchestra Committee 445g Executive Committee, hlask and lVig Club C452 Senior Nominating Committee: Undergrad- uate Member Hask and lVig Club C35 C453 Treas- urer C451 Cast Mask and XVig Preliminary Show C153 Le Cercle Francais C15 C25 C35 C45, Secre- tary C25, Treasurer C25, Vice-President C35, President C451 Cast Mask and Xllig C15 C25 C35 Episcopal Academy Club C15 C25, Vice-President C35 C45- THERON HOLBROOK HAVVKES, IR. HTMU A T 210 N. Sixteenth Avenue E,, Duluth, Minn. Wliarton Hotchkiss School, Lakeville, Connecticut. May Day Sports Committee C159 Minnesota Club C15, Vice-President CZ5, President C35, Graduated june, 1915. 5 'fVi,,'. ,,,.,,, f J: , I I 4 V i '-f' l l .. , . - G - 1 rf: -:vwfvwfw-2'w7-Y2frrw,1-f"r'- - 5 I I "f-f"i'-,aw -we-:f :f'32 I I A 'W' xi Vx ' C A A ie Zi MERRILL L.-XXVRENCE HJXXVKINS CARL GOERES HAYSSEN Q K 2 1416 Niagara Street, Denver, Colo. 432 Newberry Building, Milwaukee, W'is. Architecture lvharton East Denver High School. S. D. H. S., Milwaukee. Entered in Iunior Year from University of NVisconsin. BERNARD HELLER T "I-ftll-67" HARRY ROOSEVEI-T H3155 622 XVl'lZl1'tO11 Street, Philadelphia, Pa. "H em ey" Arts 209 I-Iouy Street' Cranford' N'-I' Delancey School. Organization Committee Zion- ' VVhaft0Y1 ist Societyg City Scholarship in Competitive Ex- , I , aminationg Honorable Mention Junior Oratorical Cranford High 50110015 Lafayette College- CIVIC Contestg DeLancey School Club: Civic Club: In- Club C439 PONY Club UU- tc-rcollegiate Polity Club: Menorah Society. I ,. Q I Zi' 21 2? ffl I if , 2 45 i u 9 See Q25 1, L' W me .451 326: l V.,. ll!! v'f WL Wx' ia 1 14' ' i My , my ! 5 .1 Q62 ,Jw - f If 2:1 f,. M2 W ,I ,awww 2,wf"f,fW,yzwWww" f-fa-l4M7fmW" a'pw W, f Wm.. lu W7 WWW .M N 7 gf, ry, ma ZW W 1 5 .7 ,r :Z W- ,S Q: Q?,ZZ5ggg,Zg1ff. .,,,, .,. W., ,, .,., w,,,,,m ,...,,,. MMM ,.... s.,.i:k7W,:,,r,.g.C,N,..,WW,,..W...? ' ,,,,, .iff . ' ' f C f, ya. f'Q4." ' 3. . "" "iff Q 'mf ifwxg, ' M ff? s ' f ' 1' 'Q 4265 1, . f W 5 l 'Q C A .. ,,,. , ,. eil' PRESTON BUN1 ON HILL B O H EDGAR OGDEN HOLDEN E KI? E "-P, B." "'HilIy" MPM" , Heddfgf' ' ,gl ' , f . V W, 124 VV. Baltimore Avenue, Lansdowne, Pa. 2337 N. Twenty-seventh Street, Phila., Pa. if Arts Il ' Arts N Central High School. ,,.g 55 Brown Preparatory School. U Flreslunan Baseball Team: Mask :mfl Wig Preliminary Show C33 9 4+ Cast, Mask and Wig Show C33 C4l. my F35 W! A' ,fm Q? Qg. Q55 yy :QI Y' l I' CHARLES RAYMOND HOLLENBACH ROBERT LEONARD HOOVEN A 2 115 C it ,f 1:11171 Heyy: Q B uLen.u 5l9 Market Street, Perlcasie, Pa. Tenafly, NJ. Arts Wharton VVest Chester Normal School. Freshman Debate Englewood High School, Englewood NJ. Swima Team: Sophomore Debate Team: Plulomathean ming Squad CID : Class Day Committee C41 5 Society C23 C35 C4D. Boxing Club C233 Chess Club C255 Rifle Club. i W, W 2 i lm ,ICN 1, .H . ,,,. . W. ' C L . . I I ' I I I .".. ff E ' " I I 56 -1- if .. K . . . .. I I i. ,Y f. i1 I ali ,, . I il i ,i vw i 5 . ? . i V l bi . . i' V i . l 1 tl , , .i li be Q. 'l . , il' l l Jil - i fl ?l 5 i il 5 ii ' -li -.P 1 5 - l i i i 5 l 1 l . l i i i Y . . VW? 'ff f? f DAVID XV:XLTliR l'lOPlilXS CDAG, E E "lIopfvy" "Daw" River Drive, Beverly, NJ. I v Mechanical Lngineering llughcs High School, Cincinnati, O.. Pliilliappa lieta junior Society: Sphinx Senior Abocietyi Hexagon Senior Engineering Society: ljresliinan Football: Scrub Football C15 C151 Yrirsitl' l'oot- lmll C35 C453 Lacrosse 1351 Sopliomore l5:ini:e Committee: Class Executive Cfommittee: junior Cane Committee: Ivy Ball Connnittee: Poster Fight Marshal: Class Funil Connnittee. C-H1 XYhitney Engineering Society: Director ot .Xili- letic .Xssociation C45. HARRY THOMAS HUFF E YD E Rockwell City, Ia. Ytfharton Rockwell City High School. Friars Senior So- ciety: "Punch Bowl" C25 C35 C45. LlFCUl51U011 Manager C35, Business Manager .C35 C-H: Press Club C35 L-55: Executive Committee lntercolle- giate Comic Association C353 lU1U0f Week COW' mittee C353 Dartmouth Trip Committee C451 Class Treasurer C453 Marshal Bowl Fight C451 Class Fund Committee C45: XVharton Dance Com- mittee C451 Methodist Student Secretary of Christian Association C35 C455 51C.f-PfCSlflCl1Y C451 Chairman Yesper Service Committee C35: Iowa State Club C15 C25 C45. Secretary C259 'Wharton Association: Yice-Presiclent C45: Llass Pr0Dl1Cf- "" V me 5 j , , ,vw W. 4. 5 . Cv X , . ,,, ,. i i HENRY I-IOWARD HOUSTON, II 'IIIUIII1-YN Z 51' Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa. 1 Arts Chestnut llill Acarlemy. Second Soccer Team 115: Varsity Soccer Team C25 C35 C451 Episcopal Church Committee C35 C451 Sophomore Crema- tion Committee C253 Junior liall Committee C353 association Football Committee C453 Marshal l'il0UF lflglll C451 Ivy llall Committee C45g Var- sity Club C451 Chapel Committee C453 Chestnut Hill Academy Club. EARLE M,fXRSl-IJXLL HUMPHREYS HIJIIIIIPI' "Earle" A T CD B K 5373 Belllield Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. Arts Central High School. Varsity Track Team C25 C35 C-lil: Yarsity Cross Country Team C25 C35 C45. Captain C451 Freshman Track Team: Cape tain Freshman Cross Country Team: 'Editor "Red :mtl Blue" C25 C35 C451 Class President C153 Class lzxecntive Committee C25: Sophomore Dance Com- mittee CZ5g Iunior 5Veek Committee C351 Sopho- more Cremation Orator C253 Head Marshal Flour Fight C453 Untlcrgraclnate Committee C15 C25 C35 1.45: Dmifiuct Committee C45: Chairman, Cap and Goivn Committee .C455 XVinncr, George H. Frazier Prizeg Arts Association, Executive Committee C155 Central High School Club C15 C25 C35 C4j, Treas. urer C353 'ross Country Club C25 C35 C45, Presi- dent C45. ,Q 1 Q? f f i I VT C ff '.,---- ,M 5,4 y, igzzsmzfw ' fi 'l f f m"t5-2 5 1 .,.,, ,V ., . ,, ,M,,,, My 5 f W , lf' 4ff'4? ov w,,y,, ...Nm 1' 'V , Q, 'C C ffffdzfaf -at 1 .5 i f 7 1 4 fff I I 'off ' Jw-f 7 2Z:.f3'W21fffZ7LiWS?' TWT'1'fff7iV-'WW:.7"af'f'a2'.gwf::1psvm" .411 :5'f-We .gray ll.. . , .aaa . V ll Hi 4, . ,,,,3,y:. 4, Y .,,.,. . V... .... ELM . .,..,m isfwiznfifg i i ' 1 1 i I l i ,ll f .,,. 1, EDVVARD LESLIE HELXVIG 5 1r'Eddieu rrLex12 1810 N. Twenty-sixth St., Philadelphia, Pa. , - Chemistry l Q Central High School. Priestley Chemical Club. 5 X l ,l l . .W 12 y T! 'I 5 'Qi ci 1 3 RUSSELL ALBERT I-IICKS ' 304 Madison Avenue, Grand Rapids, Mich. Wharton , Lake Forest College. f v , , fly", . ,, ., 14 ffm, e ff H 1 9. .f ,af ,f 1 f ff" in 1 , 1, .. X, f, 47. ,if ' EMM f , I ., -V W f Q 1' L55 . I ,C 6 .1 .. .,,wf 4. ., 1, 2 Muff 'f ' ' ' ' 1 .' fu Mil' vi , S , 21 1 V . ft':'.?: lp .4 KL Y. 1 ff ,f.'f5'. , 1 nw '. ,. ir, , 1 ir' 4 f . x ff: .i, f vi. 7 V ' ' 'vfwh 4' f, V V., . v .f 5 'Jw' . ., ,W A , ., .fi A 3 EDNVARD JOHN HERATY CID K 111 ' "Ted" "Mike" 217 Center Street, East Mauch Chunk, Pa. VVharton Mercershurg Academy, Mercersburg, Pa. Swim- ming Team C15 C35 C45g May Day Boxing C155 Swiinmingg Third in 220-yard National Breast Stroke Championship C15 C35g Middle Atlantic A.A.U., First in 200-yard Breast Stroke Cham- pionship C35 C455 First in 220-yard Canadian A.A.U. Championship Breast Strokeg Second in Panama-Pacific Exposition Breast Stroke Cham- pionship C35g Sopl1omore'Fight Committee C25. HOWARD HOMER HILDEBRAND - fb A 9 320 Louella Avenue, Wayne, Pa. Arts Radnor High School. Friars Senior Societyg Freshman Crew C153 Junior Varsity Crew C25 C353 Scrub Football C353 Freshman Fall Cirewg Sophomore Fall Crew: Picture Committee C153 Banquet Committee C25 C353 Marshal Chapel Fight C453 Delegate, Kansas City Student Con- vention C25. we--1 4 . rf ' f , 174 'mn 'Q 'w:Qfi- .V 1 Wriff ' , ff, ' ,, 1 1 af Z ' 1 5- i., if f Q 5 if " M v 1 ' ,,f vs I ' 4"t' ff J f' 1 y i mi Liz' .,,,.,. , , ,,.. .,, ., W ,i.,i.,a..,,i,fi-f .wif ..,- ,Af f f v f,f, ff f '..f' wa " ' " ' " ' " " fitgfffi' I l Kelf' .-.-. 7 1 1 'WW' '9"rWlfit?CH2C"i'51W ..La:1..L . .,. - I A 5.19, fi I .ii ., i., RALPH E. HUGHES Treclyffrin P.O., Pa. Chemical Engineering Tredyltriu Eastown High School. Priestley Chem- ical Cluhg Wfhitncy Engineering Society3 Alcmbic Chemical Society C45. EDVVIN OLNEY JONES A 11' IIQVLII ATO!!! fi'-Ed!! 422 VVest Stafford Street, Germantown, Pa. Mechanical Engineering Episcopal Academy. Hexagon Senior Engineer- ing Societyg Second Varsity Track Team C253 Second Varsity Cross Country Team C253 Yar- sity Cross Country Team C35: Second Varsity Cricket Team C253 Freshman Traci: Squad: Cane Committee C353 Class Day Dance Committee C453 Cast of Engineers' Show C25 C353 VVhitney En- gineering Society C15 C25 C35 C453 Cross Country Club C15 C25 C35 C45. , 1 - 'a'j31:jgwtrfj'i"fZ,f , T1 - rf, 1 ,. fi i UIQ 'ff 1, Wargcfff 1, ,,,,i1gt,,:.:,'gL ' W"7'f"', f,'.,,,,,.,, ..,,,-lf - . L z .. L-f.Wm,f:, ttf.-.fszfa ,,,, .s,,..x,f z ,J ffm: ,N,441lff,,, ,, ,-,ffm tmli I . ijt, ,,.,, .N W 1 GEORGE PARSON S JACKSON II.,acleJl 1914 Kater Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Architecture Central High School. LESLIE XVELLS JOY A 'I' t'1'LesJ1 47 Brevoort Place, Brooklyn, N.Y. W'harton Peekskill Military Academy, Peekskill, Sphinx Senior Societyg Marshal, Flour Fight C455 Wharton Christmas Tree Committee C453 Banquet Committee C353 Cremation Committee C255 Poster Fight Committee C255 Chairman, Class Pipe Com- mittee C153 Banquet Committee C453 XVharton Dance Committee C453 Musical Cluhs C15 C25 C35 C453 Leader, Glee Club C459 "Sunshine Quartetteu C25 C355 Sextette C451 Undergraduate Member, Mask and XVig Club C453 Glee Chorus. Mask and NVig Show C15 C25 C35 C45g Varsity Song Leader C45- 1 woyififfw , f,,W.fwnaf 11 'wiv -- -f-1'-- --awww ., - 1-Wm-,-W mffif,-1,1 nf ,, H ,nf y 4 5 m.:,A:.Z,,,Mw ,zzf,1f7cw?2?w 'A M f'i:'f',Jf,,,,,,,g 'rg Q- f. ,ig 5- y -fu , ,yr ,,--Q ,ww ,-,iw . at 5 , R W .li I f A fi fa., mf f if I , ' o JOHN BROXVN IUDSON, IR. CD A O "Yaris" "f'1zddie" , 20 Kingsborough Avenue, Gloversville, N.Y. 1 Wfharton . Gloversville High School. Chairman Cremation ' Committee C233 junior lVeek Committee: Or- chestra Committee C4Jg Marshal Secret Poster Fight C455 Class Day Dance Committee C451 New York State Club C23 C35 C431 Transporta- tion Club C3l: Glee Club C155 Mask and NVig 1 Glee Chorus CD. LEON WETHERILL KAUFMAN V fl 117-edu ' fa 495 W'est State Street, Trenton, NJ. 1 Wliarton , L.: New Iersey State Model School. - f '1 2, 2 . 1 wb I f f, V . ,. . I . 4 . X .fi .J 11 0' 'Z ,,, 1 2, kg fo. ' , , 3 L .J Q M, , f J , 12 2 ff ' 7 f 4: mf 4 . .fer I.. ' .y 5 215 76 1 it ' ' ,QQ fs. QL 1 4771 r . 1, f,,44fLL ' ,. I-2 ' f ,Z 2 X s M M ,M 1,1 fem f , ., i I 5,4-Maxxf.4M,aMi,z1mm:sW::t,,.gf, ,M ff - l l 59 'fe I JACOB ABRAHAM KAPLOXVITT 2210 Arctic Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ. Arts Atlantic City lrligh School. Honorable Mention, "The George Allen Memorial Prize" CLatinJ C335 Deutscher Vcreln C11 C3j C43g Member Cast, Ger- man Play C353 Menorah Society CZJ C33 C4jg Secretary C455 Zionist Society C4J. FRANCIS KEALLY W T "F1'ank" Rice Institute, Houston, Tex. Architecture University of Pittsburgh. Architectural Societyg Elected Art Editor, H1916 Class Record"g Grad- uated in August, 1915. A 12 , 1 w, V 5, .. in ' 2 L13 ,A z I ' :.. ,,.f. ,S p I I I l l M :,,..,-n-NM.r S W-. Vi l I I N f 1 f fi ' iifj ' . ,, P . ,,,. A l if l , i ffl WY l ffl fl l, l ffl RALPH CULLISON KEEPER lx E. ED GENE ALBERT KEGLEX A K E Q " "Kgf" "Kgef" H K N "Gene" . 24 T Street, Northwest, XVashington, D-.C. 803 Flftll -'X-Venue, Cedar R3DiClS, 121- Electrical Engineering NVharton 1 lllclfinley Manual Training School. XYhitncy C1-?d21f Rf1IJifl5 High School- iV31'SitY T1'3Ck Team Engineering Society. QD OH: lfreglnnan Track '1 eam: Banquet Com- mittees May Day Sports Committee C115 Picture Lommittce C475 Iowa Club. i DAVID SI-IETTER KEISER A'!Da'Zje4'I IIKKLSJI T . 36 North TCHH1 Sfffgiegf?Cfi11HginE?neerinU STEPHEN ASHKEN KEVORKIAN D B "Kc'v0rk" Reading High School. Swimming Team CU C213 Y lx, ' ' Freshman Swimming Team: Sophomore Swim- Guy Iahle' Scutar' Constantinople. ming Teamg Vice-President Christian Association Afchltecture , UU. linrharizm College. 5,32 , f . A X . , Q Ile , .W -1 'Q' K 5 .. i i i l , , i l 1 in ..g 1 i 2 2 1 f of ' 5 ,Q W 53 Wi? if JOHN XVILLIAM KEYES K E "Jack" "J0hnie" 5802 Greene St., Germantown, Phila., Pa. Architecture Swarthmore Preparatory School, Swarthmore, Pa. Architectural Society C35 C412 Freshman Track Team C155 Associate Art Editor "Punch Bowl" C35 C455 Class Pipe Committee C155 Architec- tural Smock Committee C253 Secretary and Treas- urer Junior Class of Architects C355 Banquet Committee C355 Picnic Committee C451 Architec- tural Show, Dancing Chorus C255 Program Man- ager C45. JOSEPH SELLERS KITE A T zrsellyn 3929 Baring Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Wfharton Central Manual Training High School. Assistant Manager Gymnastic Team C355 Manager C455 Pipe Committee C155 Poster Fight Committee C255 junior XVeek Committeeg XVharton Entertainment Committee C355 Vlfharton Reception Committee C355 Class Day Committee C455 Xvharton Dance Committee C45. 1 f f XV.-XTSON KINTNER ,"Ki11 t:"' " lfVat50" 1505 Summit Avenue, Scranton, Pa. Chemical Engineering Scranton High School: Priestley Chemical Clubl Vtfhitney Engineering Society5 Electrocheinische Verein C45. JOHN XVALLACE KITTS GJ X 1'.7ack" 1421 Potter Street, Chester, Pa. Chemical Engineering Chester High School. Crew Squad C25 C355 Chemical Engineering Football Team C15 C255 Alembic Chemical Society C455 Priestley Club C15 C25 C35 C455 VVl1itney Engineering Society. :fi 'mf' I "Q:,f25'ZfLW ' ' iii iff? .-..,, S, , ,UQ 4. , . V .W ,..,,,, ,, f I I KI l , W A l I g fl, 23 if lgjyxifs: .,,. 7 P L 5 , i f . to l lVILHELM FREDERICK KNAUER JOSEPH JARRETT fKNOlVLES 9 X "'N0w or Nweri' A E 'Il "jog" Holmesburg, Pa. Old York Road, Hatboro, Pa. NVharton llfharton Northeast Manual Training! High School. Sopho- Central Manual Training High School, Smoker more Foothallg Iunior Picture Committee C315 Committee C453 Mask and llfiq Preliminary Representative XVhztrton School Honor Commit- Show C255 Cast of Philomathean Show C4D. tee C335 Smoker Committee C-U: Civic Club t2J CSD C-D, Vice-President C355 Northeast Club CID C21 C35 C43 President C3l. EUGENE KOHN 2 E f-GMU PAUL KOHN . , If 'JJ If ' JI 1621 E. Passyunk Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. U HN KU?-YW Chemical Engineering 493 High Street, Newark, NJ. A I ' Southern I-Iigh School. Class Foothall Team -6232 ircutecture C1455 1335915311 ,Team 4335 Music Commltffeef Imperial and Royal State Technical High School. Pflestley Chemlml C1917 C425 .Faclflty 1,3267 Architectural Vigilance Committee CU: Deutscher Sophomore Honorsg Whitney Engineering Society. yemin: New Jersey Club. 4 , I I ,.,,. ZfQ"2ll!,,. .1 I I ' w ,M ,V , ,H N, ,W , ,wwi Wvx.,w,,,'G'2,1 'iif' 'Q PEW WGW' TT" ff, I l l I . .-,Vw We M. LOUIS KROMAN E A M "Lon" 'lfvfJ'071l'lC'u 1325 N. Twenty-fourth Birmingham, Ala. Architecture Birmingham High School. .Xrcliitecturnl Show C15 C25 C351 University Band C25 C35 C451 Menorah Society C25 C35 C45. HAROLD GORDON LAGY 411 1' A "Skeef,r" 743 North Seventeenth Street, Phila., Pa. VVharton Central High School. Class Day Committee C45. , WV w:fy,V!W,f 1 fvffi ' ' if J GEORGE G. KURTZ A 'I' V "North" 804 Third Street, Reading, Pa. Wharton Reading High School. Freshman Indoor Relay Team Cl5g Freshman Track Team Cl5g VVharton Association Banquet Committee C455 Dormitory Representative C35g Picnic Committee C45. GEORGE EONTAINE LAEFERTY "Pete" E CD E 260 S. Eleventh Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Architecture Central Manual Training High School. Bowl Fight Committee C153 Chorus, Architectural Show C253 Minstrel Specialty, Architectural Show C35g Musical Clubs C15 C25 C35. 5 355 Q ,jg if Q ' ff, , ,im 3 ' Vu Z, , "fmt V , V ' f f- if gf me A yf, gf ,V5 f 4 , , ,V 1,4 ,, ,V .iff ff' 1' "1 'ffflzf-'1'V, , X 2 ,V f- ,, fig T KM 1 of V 72 ff fe , V Q' wx gg. ' "mm MH j,V44 f, My Wg. M1 ff i my M ..,,,.. .... , ,, . ., ,. ' ,v'f1L'5'yz'cLj'7:gv4:'?qzzfbf,, V"'f'ff'2't u , V f il . I 1 ff.f.:LJ---off C A im. . V, ,. . 7 4 1. V 'va tpa,,51'ff'6 fi , ff'-f f -oi, . wi W -v r f, 7 :Wag I 2 I 1 f 1 ROBERT LONG LA M KIN "Bob" South Main Street, Athens Pa. Vtfharton Athens High School. Zelosophic Society C21 C31 C415 Civic Club Q21 C31 HJ: Secretary Inter- national Polity Cluh C411 Dormitory Representa- tive C31. EDWARD JOHN LAXV E cp E lfEdJl 1408 Chestnut Street, Spokane, XVash. Architecture Madison ClVis,1 I-ligh School: Spokane High School, ,'Xrchitectural Society C21 C51 C-41: Ar. chiteets' Crew C31 441: President Architectural Sqofwly CLD- TfC21SUl'0fnC3Il Vice-President Spe' cial Architects C2-11 Xice-President XYashington State Club C215 Picture Committee C41, JOHN SCOTT LANSILL CD A O "Icicle" 2462 Main Street, Buffalo, Vtfharton Masten Park. Phi Kappa Beta Junior Society: Sphinx Senior Societyg Assistant Manager, Bas- ketball Tcam C315 Manager C41g Associate Editor "The Pennsylvanian' L11 1.21, Editor C31 C415 Class Treasurer C215 Pin Committee C113 Poster Fight Committee C213 Chairman Bowl Fight Com- mittee C21g Orchestra Committee C21 C31 C415 Band Committee C31 C411 Chairman Junior lVeek Committee: Judge Sophomore Cremation: Toast- master, Junior Banquetg lVharton Dance Commit- tee C315 Chairman Christian Association Finance Committee C413 Managers' Committee C415 Alar- shal. Poster Fight C415 XVharton Association Ex- ecutive Committee C41g Chairman Princeton Trip Committee C315 Banquet Committee C41g Scalp and Blade. JOHN LAXVSON, JR. B O TI "Johnnie" "Beef" 367 Green Lane, Roxborough, Phila., Pa. NVharton XN'illiam Penn Charter School. .May Day Sports Committee C219 Banquet Committee C313 W'har- ton Association Banquet C41g Smoker Committee C41- ,,.t , . i,.. ,,W-,..., ,,,, ..,.... , ,, ,, , 4 ,Z A ' 4 wolf Z 4 296 W r -' s 36-Q ., ,J ' .40 -YY .. . . ...v, ,,,.., .. 4 . ,,, . - 'wr' r" f' . .f J., W ..,fmf,. 1. A ..,,-,,.. f ,Ml wk :M 3 f ,f:, W w fi . 5 Q .,1 .fa 4. 'C 'fl " J .J 4 1 5 y ii 'ii if' ii' , l .gi 4 T- 5 . .i A i . 'j ..1 4 f. ,J I '. . I I il '21 1 , -- 1 w 3 g,.l 3! ig' il thai , Q l F 'I 1 .1 ,Q l -2-S i l 5 , , g i gi L52 ,M Q-412 ffl C 2 wi: 4 if ZS 2462 'ff W f 3252 wi ,zz ff 1,-'if fx? wa ff . l I .ix P1-ULLER LEE QD K E MARTIN HENRY LEHMAIER A 2 QD "I-31,510 ."illa1'ts" "Mart" 3 Booth Lane, Haverford, Pa. NOFWZIHY, CONN' , Arts Wfharton Haverford School. Phi Kappa Beta Junigr io- 31119 kCljl9f1fC Sgiooggjllfglinsszforgl, CSU?-5 Sjejcond 'tg S 1' A- 5 ' S 'tg V, -'ty 1-'C-er l'Z1C'. cam .. g occer qua l 5 enn- 'cllgahi CliHC3f qaflifyi Mgiifger C33r:rCaptainIC-135 sylvania Alternate Delegatek ,Convention of Civic Freshman Football 'team CU: ljarnquet Commit- ClUlJS of J3mCl'1C21U,-UUIVCYSIUCS C333 C01meCticut tee C135 Dance Committee C235 lzxecutive Com- :Siam Cl11lJ7C33: Civic Club C23 C331 Graduated , mittee, Arts Association C23 C331 Sophomore U1 JUn10f 362111 Cremation Committee: Band. Committee C335 Iunior Ball Committee: Minor Sports Managers' Committee C33g Ivy Ball Committeeg Marshal, Bowl Fight C433 Picnic Committee C435 Mask and lVig Dancinxr Chorus C13 C23 C33 C435 Cast. I Mask and Wig Preliminary Show C135 Under- graduate Member Mask and WVig Club C33 C43, Chairman C433 Assistant Stage Director, Mask and KN-'ig Club C33 C433 Varsity Cheer Leader C435 Hayerford School Club C13 C23 C33 C43, f Vice-President C33. ST AAYLEY LEVY i if 4 FREDERI K LE P LD R. if , - U .-1 4 C HFMQBJ QDMZIL H Pud' "Cupid ifhadowi' - 3122 DeLancey Street, Philadelphia, Pa. East Shawmont Aveige, Roibirough, Pa. Eiectricai Engineering iemica angineermv' L32 D 3Venclell Phillips High School. Chicago, Ill. NVliit- Northeast Manual Training High School. Priest- ney Engineering Societyg Vice-President, VVire- I' ley Chemical Society C13 C23 C33 C43: Wfhitney less Clubg Menorah Societyg Cast, Engineers' Show Engineering Society C23 C33 C433 Northeast Clul C33g Left at beginning of Senior Year on leave C13 C23 C33 f43, of absence. i W I 5 1 f. 4 lrl., , ,ef,WM"'f1i if f . fy' VW ,L MQ "'l i " ilffyv K i , ' "'L C C 6 . 'Q , f 1 mf Q 3. 1 LM mi? in v gffi f f f WW, f47W"',f,, ,, , 1773, 7 "C ' ' .,Zf,Z,W,7M,,m,, ,W ..!- .,.. , .My-4 M., 4 I ' I e2gg.",1-t t,p,,x yr. 'MAIN' ,W 7 ,t , ft be - f .,' -A ,. lt GEORGE M. D. LEWIS l0S Marion Street, Scranton, Pa. . Architecture Technical lligh School, Scranton. Pa. Architec- tural Societyg Photographic Editor "Red and Blue" C335 "Towne Scientinc School Journal" C431 Yice-President, Christian .Xssociation C331 President, Lackawanna County Club C43. JOSEPH EDVVIN LOCKKVOOD ana - ffm" 38 XV. Johnson St., Germantown, Phila., Pa. NVl1arton Germantown Academy. Phi Kappa 'Beta Junior Societyg Sphinx Senior Society: Freshman Track Team: Varsity Track Team C23 C33 C434 Under- graduate Member Track Committee C431 Inter- Collegiate Point Winner C23 C333 Member XVorld's Record One Mile Relay Team C33: Mar- shal, Poster Fight C433 Cane Committee C331 Picnic Committee C43. wwthewi W f'f:, ,. ,,, V. I .W .5 ,wirggvu M.. C M . . ,.f.wtm V M '11 M V ff- ' 143 712 Miz QQ .+: Z 4 1 rv - - ' I I , Q. ARTHUR LITTLETON 2 KD E, fl? B K 1-'filrtu :rAtn l8l9 X. Thirty-third St., Philadelphia, Pa. Arts Q' Central High School. Friars Senior Societyg Phi i Kappa Beta Junior Soeietyg Varsity Crew C233 Freshman Crewg Manager, Wfrestling Team C33 , C433 Swimming Squad Cl3: Sophomore Crew: President, Intercollegiate 3Vrestling Association C431 Class Secretary C13 C235 Class President C333 Class Executive Committee C435 Bowl Fizht Com- mittee C13 C231 Poster Fight Committee C233 Chairman, May Day Sports Committee C233 Mar- shal, Poster Fight C43: Band Committee C331 Orchestra Committee C431 Managers' Committee ' C433 Allied Sports Committee C433 Honorable " Mention, Phi Kappa Sigma Prize C235 Chairman, ' Banquet Committee C431 President, Inter-Fraten nity Council C431 Glee Club C13 C23 C33 C431 Undergraduate Committee C33 C431 Valedictorian. C431 "Cane Alan." HOR.-XCE HARRY LOCKEM.-KN "Scout" "Lucky" 521 lrVest Princess Street,'York, Pa. I Mechanical Engineering York County Academy. Wlhitney Engineering 9 Society. ffl, 1, S I , I .-. , .1,,...,... M .. . 2 .,.. 1 . 3 l l V+-,.i V A.-1-1 .l' Y ALBERT HAXVLEY LUCAS A 51' "Al" "Luke"' "Bishop" 329 S. Eighteenth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Arts Episcopal Academy. Friars Senior Society: Editor-in-Chief H1916 Class Record" C453 Ban- quet Committee C153 May Day Sports Committee C25g Iunior Rall Committee, Ivy Ball Committee: Freshman "Bible" Committee C453 Vice-President, Christian Association C455 Chairman, Episcopal Students' Committee C453 Executive Committee, Arts Association C459 Band Committee C453 Mar- shal, Flour Fight C45g Press Club C459 Episcopal Academy Club C15 C25 C35 C45: Ivy Orator. JOSEPH FRANCIS LUTQ "foe" "Shenandoah foe" 2703 Orthodox Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Mechanical Engineerinq C153 Civil Engin- eering C25 C35 C452 Central High School. Civil Engineering Society. , S IX.,,,,,A fa V f 1 f 1 r I f ,QW 'if 'zwfgcvf "" f2" f1""f' , M GEORGE GODFREY LUNDBERG ' "Lundy" if 2 K 208 North Eifth Street, Olean, N.Y. Wliarton Olean High School. Varsity Football Squad C35 C453 Vllharton Ylanquet Committee C455 Treas- urer, New York State Club C45. CHAUNCEY HUBBELL MCCANN 'fMac" "Sass" "Red" 425 Broad Street, Salamanca, Nl. Wliarton 7 Salamanca High School. C , 2 f f f f .i:ii,1, " i 1 " 7 ' Aff Q .1 if r ,W I - - af H - I LUDO BENT MCCREA Fair Haven, N.Y. XVharton Fair Haven Iligh School. JOHN FINDLAY MCGONIGAL "iliac" "QlffiCkuy" 4336 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Mechanical Engineering Central Manual Training High School. Riiie Team CD. z 7" ff' .. .,,. RK EDXVIN FRANCIS JOSEPH MCGLYNN 1711111611 1500 lVolf Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Chemical Engineering Roman Catholic High School. Wfhitney Engin- eering Societyg Priestley Chemical Club. CHARLES I. MCINTYRE E H If-Alfacll l709 Christian Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Arts Southern High School. f 47 5 M . l , Z . ' r i , -,,, M , ,,,f. ., . , I CV 16 QQ QW ,fa zfgc fl, W 5 za 'Pi' ,Yi '21 il .Y .Z 9. i :X Q X as . 193.1 lflll 212109 4,144.4-1,5,7w.'wr2tf41,w,g',,,,,Qginrg: ,ww-. , ,rg ,-. W-ffwwvfwffw f -V---W ,. W-W ,. . WWW1':wy1M vf:1fwv'.-,Mw'::- ef. ,ww .ff WM- .. , ..., W, ., . .. . ., , . .. . . " "M AH" 1' "M "M iwawff f Qwwhfw, g,gQ4w1-2421? ff:MMiff:iMfW 'wyfw WJMw,1",fwJw,i4,' fr' 1 :az Wan mir-ff,qw'-vgvgmrwfczrzw.,--.fx ,Wi-, 1 -- Vg W. mf, 1, W.: I ,Q ff' Y., XVILLIAM EDMUND MUQIXXEY ri-Alacu :rEd1: 126 XV. Mt. Pleasant .-Xve., Philadelphia, Pa. ' XVharton Northeast Manual Training High School. Class Picnic Committee C4J. POVVELL STACKHOUSE MacCALLA HMM" 3919 Locust Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Electrical Engineering Penn Charter. Mandolin Club CD C3j. mvmn.. Z, f,, 'WC V 1 ,ff -, 4- , A,,tt,.,,f,f.q, ,f, 7 51" 'il Inj' ,I f W Elf ,f if fy .W , f My-,, gi: ,Q ff, lf, 4 G ,. ., gi 7 ,W c W1 f f, TQ ' 'f f. ,. 'Qui' qi 4 vi ' Jjimrf. 2 "W fa! af G af V, 2, W Q 4 ftm' 4.73 H ,f ff, my ." 3 gf . 2 ' f JOSEPH IGNATIUS MCNICHOL "Yib,vi" 2 A E, Z T 222 N. Nineteenth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Civil Engineering La Salle College. Plumb Bob C-U: Civil Engi- neering Societyg Civil Engineering Basketball and Baseball Teams. JOHN DOUGALD MQJJNAUGHTON "M'ac" "Doug" 821 N. College Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. Wharton Grand Rapids High School. M JW, , . W u,-If A212 yfjfiyf , "W 5 fiffip . , Wifi ff ff"f"beZ2l :fm 11. fue .. fz . 0 ,,,. , 0. 17.3, f ,. 1 ,i fe ' YY ,uf I ffl 7 1 7, , ',, 5 wif! yy, .f :pn , K , Y f , . fn WV 'V' f ' ,, .- fa M -,ga 4 . 4 ,fd 'V , "L, , A, 'I if fZfff'79fW' 5 af! I, 1- ,,g44f"' ,Mft 32, :,, V :A V. X 4 TK- ' fre ,,. fr .fl , .,:i:'.,..l "fu--N-1.1 -1 :inf ., ., ., 'G' x -wf."n4z,' fwwrrmgyfzgywfl--fwwriff-Mf -at ,V , 1--fvwwf,--f,,..,,, ,,.. . , -M. ,.. , ,M , .. V - .v. Am.-f.a2J.e.e1,a...f -afWaf2?2:..f.': :uf f ' f ' 1 f '- , " 1 ' ' .Q HW' ' . :ww-.Q .ee a,fx.,...w,.' mmm. wr 1 1 ffffff-f,1gQ,-fzwvfw ww wmv- fzyxwwfw-rv"f7' 'na 7- it - I H r,-,ra-Wfsttr-, ,YW W -455m V3 ,, if ,-M11 1 fl , l i 1 93: in 12,3 ffl lil Q, 'VW . l f CRAXVFORD CLARK M.-XDEIRA A W JOSEPH A. MALCON A X School House Lane, Germantown, Pa. "Sk1m11110" "Two Gun," ANS Chester Pike, Sharon Hill, Pa. gIgildgeseX1School. Colncorsl, glass, lgzirsity afoot- Clvll Ellgllleerlng a quar 135. Scru: 4 3 econc occer 'am . , . ill K-U: Cricket Squad 131: Junior Yarsity Cirew N' 105011115 Prepamtgrl' School, Hqly Cross' St- CZJQ Class Football Team ill C231 Class Crew tlj ivscllll ,tollega Lwltl . Eglgnleernlg liootball Q75 Executive Committee fljg Pipe Committee Teflm ffl Sw 4c'DE.CW1l. Lpglngermg baseball 125: May Day Sports Committee C13 1235 Poster Mm V7 VJ C J- wil hngmeermg Soclew' Fight Committee t2Jg Marshal. Chapel Fight C433 Sophomore Dance Committee: Junior Hall Com- mittee: Ivy Rall Committee: Chairman, Class Fund Committee C435 Episcopal ,Xeademy Club HJ Q21 C33 145. OTTO Pl-IILTP IVLHXNN MAURICE HENRY MASLAND A E 'IJ "Tow" "il1a:"' HJ'llIIi07'U Farnum and Pine Streets, Beverly, NJ. Newtown, Pa. VVharton Wharton , Fzirnum Preparatory School: Cast .Zelo play Northeast High School. Philadelphia. Assistant 'Trmce of Partlnaj'.f3J: Lclosophic Literary So- Boxing Manager 635, Manager C455 lllharton Ad- ciety KZD C333 Civic Club CSD, Secretary C333 visory Committee L-U3 Northeast Club L13 Q25 X Left to enter Law School at curl ol junior Year. Q52 OO. - l E a i l 1 l , 2 ' 1 5.4 ., f , A , 5 , , t i I ,,,, ,.,. ll- , ,W fm my-W'rrf7 1: ' JZnU.:Zf42Z.lLY"QL, .fS4:mQgiZ.' W !"jfI,:f'iffi4,ffyf ' 5' in ,QQQZi'fL.f1.LJ,LCf,4,'L'.', .L...,.,L . . -f .f, ,Hi.L.J , i . 51:51 7 f' v - - GEORGE BAKER MA YER 2017 Cornell Road, Cleveland, Ohio Architecture Shaw High School, East Cleveland, Ohio. Cerclc Francais C21: Co-author "The Topaz Tulip," Ar- chitectural Play C311 Dormitory Representative C319 Cleveland Club C31. JAMES EDWIN MEREDITH A K E ffTedJ! 438 S. Fifty-fourth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 1fVharton Mercersburg Academy. Phi Kappa Beta Junior Societyg Sphinx Senior Societyg Varsity Track Team C21 C31 C415 Freshman Track Team: Cap- tain, Freshman Track Teamg Captain, Varsity Track Team C41g Banquet Committee C11 C219 Junior Ball Committeeg Ivy Ball Committee, Pic- nic Committee C41g Vice-President Iunior Classg "Spade Man." f 'Af ,r 1 ff . , , 1' K' 2 1 " .fn I ig f t if '4 Q I ,mg . 2511. taxa., ffl' I ff Za: 1-1 , 7 if fr ,. , 1, wa L' " 5 1 V1 i,M'N1,w W' '11 fjitw z2ffZ,.f,'?1I" , rip ,WL ,..,, N . . I ff iff' , ' 1 I . ELTON RAYMOND MEAD - "Squi1'e" "Doc" 42 Second Avenue, Union City, Pa. VVharton Union City High School. Football C113 Dormi- tory Representative C31 C415 Zelosophic Society E31 CCSM Zelosophic Play C31 C41g Civic Club 31 . XVILLIAM PEARSE MICHELL, JR. Quincy, Fla. Q Mechanical Engineering Gadsden County I-Iigh School, Engineers' Crew C313 Varsity Crew Squad C31 C41g Chess Club C11 C215 Florida Clubg Seminole Club C213 Whit- ney Engineering Society C11 C21 C31 C41. C . X A lf W -W -f Mp 1 it W Mwmiwfr f f 1 t m . 1 X , ,M .. ,W ,,,,14,w,,, 1 , , , ,A zf waz fwzffr, ,, w w, 44,1 :f,f,,,,f1,. ii , . can ,,, ,mt-.rff,f,, 'Q ' ,WWm?f5f W4W '- H ff 'QVC' " f " 'f r 4' f V 121 , 9f iff: Ex ll ell ' " ' 42.4415 ."L4.a6af.4..i.4uaaas . .E w.+r'r,-.:..e' '::1,W,",it mmm .mt ..-.. ,. , ., - ,L - ...L-...Y . .W J.. - ! 'fmJ1x':'f7-,' -J . i- 'L ' N Z .5 W,5.,.,v,.,..,,,.. .F . . . . , .. .I V, . , Ui ,.,- j " ,I JOHN WALTER MILLER B G H "'f41cle" 3435 Cornell Place, Clifton, Cincinnati, O. h'Vl12lI'tOl'l I-lughcs High School. lliharton Executive Com- mittee Qlj t-Og Class Executive Committee U35 Chairman, Poster Fight Committee C223 Banquet Committee 1253 Bowl Fight Committee ill: Junior Rall Committee 135: AlZlfSl1Z1ll Howl Fight K-Hg Chairman Class Day Dance Committee K,-U: lfask and XN'ig Preliminary Show CU: Mask anal lVig Glee Chorus C33 147: llenihcr Mask and XYig Cluh 145: Manager Musical Clubs C455 Class Fund Committee C4l. HOXVARD TYRRELL MITCHELL "Mike" "'.llitclz" 2 A E 6371 Rockaway Avenue, Cincinnati, O. XV h arton University- of .Cincinnati, Institute of ,Xpnliefl Arts, Cmcmnati, O. Crew Squad C23 C351 Com- pleted course in three years, Smoker Committee C4 1 l 1 ,,. .vv-f-1--vfwv, f Q If 4 MARTIN BERNARD MILLER CIP E H "il1frz1't" "'gllarty"' "Shorty" i9 Baldwin .-Xvenne, Newark, XJ. Arts Barringer High School, Newark, XJ. Class Fund Committee C-U9 Sophomore Honors: Menorah So- ciety HJ C25 LSD 4-ll: Deutscher Xerein 133 C439 'l'rt-asurer Q-ll: German Play, NVILLIAM CLAIRE MOFFATT B I' E 1237 W'est Erie Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. W'harton Central High School. x .,,,,,,,M ,5,.f,..,l754,,,,1q, , A .M F, W 1- X V- .' .WV - f--.Q-1-,-wwf--1-wg:-M-nv V if . M, WW ,.,. N. .W . .. .,.. fo.,-h ,.., +V . ,nw ', wx I I ,,,., , v JOSEPH GILLl NGHAM BREARLEY MOLTEN CIP K E "Joe" 3539 Locust Street, Philadelphia, Pa. ' Arts Lawrenceville School, Lawrenceville, N. J. May Day Sports Committee CBJ: Ivy Ball Committee C412 hlask and XVig Preliminary Show C113 liask and Xliig Dancing Chorus C21 C313 Mask and VVig Undergraduate Club C41, LAXVRENCE CORLIES MURDOCI-T "Laurie" "ll4fu1'dy" ZW, QBK 200 Lippincotte Avenue, Riverton, NJ. Arts Episcopal Academy. Phi Kappa Beta Junior So- cietyg Sphinx Senior Socictyg Varsity Football Team C21 C31 C412 Varsity Baseball Team C21 C31 C413 Class Football Team C113 Class Base- ball Team C113 Freshman May Day Sports Com- mittee: Sophomore Cremation Committee3 Iunior Banquet Committeeg Ivy Ball Committee: Picture Committee C41. m:tfiW"?A""7'fff'2 P i 1 4 'V " wx Q' 5: l A 'Jw 7V 45 L fa, , V , 7 w ffwiitigfff ,zf .gg 1 ,' Cf f"faf,f ,MQ ,x ,J Q I , ,, .- 7, I I ,V M, ?f""'.! 1? " gf' I 'I ,, ' , T af iff., 4' . ,ff w ,WW ,f if pf 1 , , Q it ' fr , , 7 . 4. W , 3, H ' ,MW V , DAVID MORRIS , "Dave" 1705 Atlantic Avenue, Atlantic City, N.I. Wfharton Atlantic City High School. International Polity Club C41QLF1'6Sl'Il11U.l1 Crew Squad: Dormitory Representative C313 Graduated at end of Iunior Year. CHARLES RUSSELL MURPHY A X P "1lafzt1'f111," "R urs" 1227 Fillmore Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Architecture Central High School, Varsity Cricket Team C11 C21 C313 Varsity Soccer Team C21 C31 C41, Inter- collegiate Champions C313 Freshman Track 'lxeamg Picture Committee C111 Junior Cane Committee: Marshal, Bowl Fight C41g Banquet Committee C41g Cast, Architectural Show C113 Urcnestra, Archi- tectural Show C213 Co-author Architectural Show "Topaz Tulip" C313 Architectural Society C31 C41, Secretary C412 President Architectural Class C213 Central High School Club. . ..,,,, t 71 , ,V ' l df , if f , ,,,. . Y 0 W My why! ,n ' f , . , ,, ,,,, ,, ,,.,. .,,.,. , ,. ,,, ., H, .-,.,.,-.M: s..m.,Ni,,,1, , . , . , .,.. ,.,,..1,,. H 'X , ,Q f ' ' . . 'ffl-,f -Wi. se vt. l H.-XSSAN ALI K1-IAX MUS.-X Tabriz, Persia Wfharton Easton Academy, Easton, Pa. Ccrclc Francais, Play Committee Cljg Cosmopolitan Club. HARRY ROSENGARTEN NEILSON "Nellie" A 'If St. David's, Pa. , Arts Episcopal Academy, St. Paul's School, Concord, N, H. Second Soccer Team Clj C3j C-U, Cap- tain C4Dg Picture Committee C113 Sophomore Dance Committee, Junior Ball Committee: Class Day Dance Committee C431 Cast, Mask and NVig Preliminary Show C133 Dancing Chorus, Mask and Wig Show CID C23 C332 Undergraduate Member Mask and Wig Cluh C31 C4J, Executive Committee C455 Musical Clubs Cllg Episcopal Academy Club CID CZJ CKJ C-ll, PAUL HOXVARD M,USSER CIP K 'If "Doc" Q B K S04 XVynnewood Road, Philadelphia, Pa. Arts Mercershurg Academy. Franklin and Marshall College. PHILIP NORMAN NUTT "VP, Nutt" 3609 Locust Street, Philadelphia, Pa. XVharton Central High School. Transportation Cluh C335 Deutscher Yerein C355 Gym Team C35 C4Dg XVres- thng Squad CU. ,J assi , .a 505 W me ,.. .ff ,E ,,,.. 11,9 77 I I M asa... ,,.,,.. .. , W. ....,....,..,,, .... , ,,..,,.?,,,,, .,.-...., ,,,fi1.,1.117fggWw,,1-:,,,,mcef,W ,ia 4, . me ,,,,gg,aw fox 51,1 'Vx v P ' , M' W 'fr-so f i QKMLEZ4 fMi'v,f57ff 'f,:.ierzQfif'W"'-"7f.zifff.''fgaiiifk ,V f ?".,..f':' .y.i,gQ'aQpg, LIB ll. Ill l - - -.,.,.., I .3 ,tl ..,. TWT, ,,,, .Z,Vy,..,-fu W,,,.,, .,,7,,.,.3.W I Recon! . 3 S7 BENJAMIN V. OGDEN E H "Ben" "Bennie" 739 S. Twenty-second St., Philadelphia, Pa. 3 Wfharton Southern I-ligh School. Gym Leader C13 C25 C31 C433 Marshal Flour Fight C433 Senior Picnic Committee C433 Student Assistant Gymnastic Inf structor C4J. JACOB BROVVN OTTEN HEI MER ffott-vu 2028 Linden Avenue, Baltimore, Md. Mechanical Engineering Baltimore City College- Lacrosse Team C133 'Whitney Engineering Society CID. HAROLD MITCHELL OSGOOD EAE "Ossie" "Oz" S84 XVest VVillm Street, Decatur, lll. Wl1arton Decatur High School and James Millikin Uni- versity. VVater Polo Team C2Jg Assistant Man- ager Swimming Team CSD, Manager C453 Class Xhfater Polo Team C23 CSJ C413 Junior Week Committeeg VVharton Finance Committee C353 Minor Sports Manager Committee C413 Picnic Committee C453 VVharton Dance Committee C453 Secretary and Treasurer of the Intercollegiate Swimming Association C413 Illinois Club CZU. GEORGE GRQZER PAGE A QD "Pagie" "Ge0rgie"' Upland, Delaware County, Pa. Arts DeLancey School. Pipe Committee C133 Class Day Dance Committee C4Jg Picture Committee C-U3 Dellancey School Club. i 0, , VL , i f av'-amz" 4g:7w":-tw-zvgrr-rwzg vw z '-ffl' f f fu -1 mg, 9" ' ' M 12M?,7W'32f"i2'fif'f,'.:4-f.iu'.w,, W ,iam pm 'fit' 'J iimilfiffikf. 5 1: ,, , cas., ::- v :img , H Vgld YV , ,,,, , A MU. . ,.,, W2 et wif Y if MQ 'Ww4y?,2vw - - liiiiiiiiiiwiiiiiiisiw iii' ii vii 'e' " .2 . ...W ..,. M.. ..., .. .,n, ,,.nb,. -,. ..,n,, , 1. ,.-M I I .2 ., . , ' , , N- 'K , , , - -14 ,, rf., ., . .. , , . . ,e ,M ,' newf.,..awwefsxxf-.141ww..f:ff,.,,,w'w.i..,a.W4fw,f1aMfQ?4'g We 1 ,-.422 flffl fv. 'ws W7 .1513 ,V 34 , ,W 'vi ' . .M sl, 4 s 1 Q 4, 1 , -MK ., ,4 ,,, f 5 View A if! 'iii ,Q A ,ze ,M . HSIEI-1 AN P.-XN Shanghai. China. XVharton St. Iohn's University, Tsing llua College. OLIVER HOXVARD PAXSON, IR. "Paar" 2414 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. Electrical Engineering Central Manual Training High School. Towne Scientific School .lournm Hjg Engineers' Show. ,E l lv 'J ., ,0,, M ,W .,., .,,... ,,,,,,,,,. . ,,,,,, gvby, , y,,i.,,,,5..W ,.,q,,, 4 ...V ,..... , ,,,,., ,,,, . . H .,,, W.. .1,fff:."W 1 f rw f- fr - f ww M' 1 . I ,Mmm ff-:mf , f g,5I,Lv-ggi ROY LEON PARKER, "fej"' "Park" 22 Pocasset Avenue, Providence, RI. W'harton Providence High School. New England Club. XVILFRED AL.-KN PENDLETON E N "Pen" "'Tol" Bryn Athyn, Pa. Arts Bryn Athyn Academy. Varsity Debate Team 1:33, Captain. Varsity Debate Team 1352 Swlmlflmi' Team C353 Freshman Debate Teazng Class llhater Polo Team Q25 Q31 Q-Hg Bowl Fight Committee ill: Sophomore .Debate Committee C231 Philo- mathean Society LID CBJ LSD OU, x l f l i ""',. 1 . f I we fwfr' ,1,. it.,- ff- iw Wk aff' fe? 221, W, Wy: W W .ff W. ,322 ,L ff 1 l 4 3 ' . 2 ill GEORGE XVHARTON PEPPER, IR. ZW 1730 Pine Street, Philadelphia, Pa.. Arts and Architecture Episcopal Academy. Phi Kappa Beta Jnior Society: Sphinx Senior Societyg Football ilCZ11ll C355 Scrub Football Team CZ5: Varsity Crew C359 Class Football Team C155 Class Crew C153 Class Treasurer C153 Chairman Sophomore Dance Committee C253 Junior 'Ball Committee C353 Ivy Ball Committee C453 Football Committee C359 Treasurer Arts' Association C35g Episcopal Acad- emy Club, President C451 Director Athletic Asso- ciation C35 C455 Marshal Poster Fight C45. RAYMOND LA RUE PORTER Garber, Okla. - Arts Oklahoma State Preparatory. fvff 572 170 C- ' 'W"L, fwp: wwf fn , 1? fe ,- WPI I ' ' ' . L, "li',M' 4 1 ,f , X'-L1 f Q 'A W, , ,f ny 2: ,,-4-ffv ,W .--o.,,..,,,,,, .,., ,f f 4 a ...Q-..' if Qwfieitllffi f fy .7 n , 1 CALVIN PHILIPS, JR. O A X Q "Cal" "Duke" 532 Harvard Avenue, North, Seattle, Wfash. 'Wharton Tacoma. High School, Tacoma, VVash. Trans- portation Club C35 C45, Treasurer C453 Wfash- ington State Club C15 C25 C35 C45, President C351 gockpi ?iountain Club C25 C35 C455 Vice4Presi- ent 4. HAROLD COVINGTON POND QD F A "Yah" UP0IId3'U 715 Grand Avenue, Keokuk, Ia. 5rVharton Keokuk High School. Phi Kappa Beta junior So- ciety: "Pennsylvanian," Assistant Business Man- ager C145 C25, Business Manager C35, Circulation Manager C453 Sophomore Dance Committee C255 Wharton Co-operative Finance Committee C25g Publications Banquet Committee C25 C35, Chair- man C253 Junior Week Committee C353 Orchestra Committee C15 C25 C35 C45, Chairman C453 VVhar- ton Entertainment Committee C45g Ivy Ball Com- mittee C45g Chairman Picture Committee C453 P1555 Club C35 C45g Iowa State Club C15 C25 C35 4 2 2 'mm Pww gw-Pffffz' W5 f M 9,- f' 4-iw' ,, 6:11, A -f..,,w v , 111 GH"W-' WWE ,Z M ., ,,..m"'fg.,.,f-ew.Z . .Le 1 I iii r 452 - 3 :mei i ' i fn.: ' Haj 'l gm, sw 1 . ig! . 5 , gui . . 5 ii l ' f' "5lzw'n1" H K N, E E L , 1932 E. Superior Street, Duluth, Minn, X, . Electrical Engineering ,i A Q - Duluth Central High School. Mandolin Club ' Q15 L25 C35 C455 Leader 149. i l l 5 , 4 1 JAY CURTIS PURPLE "Pam" Newark Valley, N.Y. tj Electrical Engineering 5 lfVaverly High School, VVaverly, N. Y. I in i E, if 1 l 1 4 ROGER SHERMAN POWELL 9 X Rl-'SSELL FIELD PRUDDEN ockport, N.Y. XVharton GUST.-XV ADOLPH RACKEL UG'1t.YH "'Spikc" S33 N. Twentieth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Architecture Central Manual Training High School. Deutscher Yerein. - J , N lip iagg' 1, Q2 :V - mn ' fi , 1 'Iii ml We f. 2, JW? i, "aw.,2't"" 'mzfrw -'f-- wwf' A A ""' " "" W-:'r5"'t1Tw:W A ' I I Q.-fffmffffffzf.mfg11iffw4,fWW: " wiil",i,.tff.Nf 7' wfffw 'wff:'z,a1W f,.f-azz' ,r fzff. 7 - ' iwvf X, ' uf I I ttf f Y I ' X- . ffffw H L er f 'WX :N 92 if Q Q , Q3 l , l A , x I ' W .. , .X .M , .0 , ,,,..,,-W am, ff', W ,.:,5.V l I , of A GEDRGE E. RAND, IR. A T "Dva'z'cr" 1014 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY. ' 'Wharton Lafayette High School, lllufiialo, N. Y. Smoker Committee HJ. ALFRED MERRILL REDDING ' QE, HKN 547 S. Forty-ninth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Electrical Engineering Central Manual Training High School. Wlhitney Engineering Society, Band CID 133. ,, ,,..,.. 'ff 7931, ff:.ff,f"Q, ' ,, , ,M ,f if 32 . Q3 22,7 , f -I-1-r-315-57-W-33 -tyt v:W5,w,,5:q,, J, ,, 2 X f X 1 ,, .Q ff: fe' If ff' ft - -if, .2 T ' ff ' " ,V f f ff f if , of ,. f 4 ' ' if il 'I fy , 5 ' 1 ., f f f X WALTER EDGAR RANKIN KID E K , " Wa lt" 1001 South Fourth Street, Pekin, Ill. VVharton Pekin High School, University of Michigan. WILLIAM HARVEY REEVES A E P ' "Haro" 205 George Street, New Brunswick, NJ. Arts Rutgers Preparatory School. Philomatllean Debate Prize C353 Philo-Zelo De- bate C355 Smoker Committee Q4Jg Philornathean Society C35 C433 Cast Philomathean Play C33 C4D, Moderator C4J. ,A f 4 , y 3.4 . ,yr 2 1 I ,, ,,-.ur if-www-W. .,1- -yfwg af- ,-r-ff" oi , I I , , ,, pew! ,, W, if MM f5,,,m,f , , M , ,Q VII x . HAROLD A-X. REITZ 305 I-Iill Street, Sistersville, XV.Va. VVhz1rton Sistersville High School. HILARY BAKER REX Z 11' "Hickey" "Billy" 8836 Crefeld Avenue, Chestnut Hill, Pa. Architecture Chestnut Hill .-Xczuleiny. Gvmnastic Team t3l C-ll, Manager C351 Banquet Committee C453 Archi- tecturzll Sorietv: Architectural Plziv CZH C3jg Mask and XVig Preliminary Show C4J. Y :H ,,,,., , ,, M, ,, C f- N.: , M hi'2'f"FiZ"'v v of ,T CHARLES PAUL RIENNINGER A T Q MCllUl'l1'C'v 'fRe1111" 1 22-l Mt. Carmel Avenue, Glenside, Pa. Civil Engineering Cheltenham High School. Plumbob Senior En- gineering Society: Engineers' Football Team C21 C323 Engineers' Baseball Team C335 Engineers' Banquet Committee C131 Dance Committee C313 Show Committee C433 Engineers' Freshman Re- ception C43: Civil Engineering Society CU C23 437 C-45. THOMAS TREGOXING RIDINGTON 2 TI, B F E 157 South Broad Street, Lansdale, Pa. KVhztrton Prospect Park High Schoolg Pierce School. we ,W mv Sf! z yy, 4 wx J L kim :ff . llf ll ,..,. . , , . ,.,, ,.,,f.- l - 1 I IULES CECIL ROBBINS "Robby" 813 Dickinson Street, Philadelphia. Pa. Arts, Chemistry Southern High School Chemical Basketball Teamg Baseball Team: Priestley Chemical Clubg Southern High School Club. WILLIAM FREDERICK ROMMEL, III "Bm" . 2 T 604 Benson Street, Camden, NJ. Civil Engineering Camden High School. Plumb Bob Senior Engin- eering Societyg Civil Engineering Societyg C. E. Football Team C21 C31 C41g C. E. Baseball Team C313 C E. Crew C31. ffffcfqf f " j ,fbjh fu? 51:3 ,,, e 3:1 ,3Qa,f.,f,, f " dxf ff I ' 1 ' V2 .if HY! if ' Zygo 5 gf . ,f , 2 1 if "'f me ww, WW.. WM.. ,..M.,..w.,f,. , ., ., .. f ,, ,, ., any 4-f,f7W57Q,y, Z,e,Z:,,,L7 .,,, I .4,w,W,.,Y "et .,,,t.fgw,1f.-1-W' gym, ,,, .. f W. Off. MA' 4 .i f i ,tw f.4,..,, ,af . '- .f 'ff 2' W 1 Y f f, . , . , mg: ,gi f 7 CC 1 if fl 7 4 ,pa V' iffy r,2, V f. ,. 'T' 1, ff, , 1 2 ' ff ' ' 4 , 4 . W, IW, .,., W, .4 , A " gw' ' ig, 5' 1 ,, ww" - 'Z ,W , jf I, , , 1, 'f af 2 .U ,. 1 7, , f . f N RAYMOND ALEXANDER ROBINSON lnleayu rrleobbicv 4604 Kingsessing Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. Arts Central 'High School. Combined Musical Clubs C11 C213 Zelosophic Literary Society C11 C21 C31 C413 Central High School Club. ANTHONY ROSA nj-Onyv 835 Catharine Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Arts Southern High Schoolg Central High School. Cir- colo Italianog Cercle Francais. ' H -NME' ' fa G45 .pf 'W 955. ,ii XZ, 75 eu, ' I V iff fl Q ,W mi -ff W, W Wx Liv 271. 4, 7.1, f fra, ,421 W H' 2222 1 4' W K. - I E221 ., X ' V25 ' W 2' M, if 7 A f' .1 4 .f, M in Z. , S 1, X: ' W: -,,,., y , . he Af., fi N-ig-1 , 1 aff ' l :W r':1 1 if 5 ' ' ISADORE RUSENBLATT E A Bl GORDON LEE ROSENTHALL ,. , ,. ., T N. , -' ls' Kasey 539 North Ififth Street, Steubenville, O. .ir if 205 lV21Sllll10'lCOl1 Street, lNilmington, Del. Wliarton b v . . Chemical E-Ugmecrmg Steubelnifille HighASchool. -Dormitory Representz-iA lNilmington High School, ll'ilu1ington, Del. tue C J' International Pomy Club HJ' Priestley Chemical Club: NVhitney' Engineering ' Societyg Iilelaware State Club Q-U5 Izxecutivu Committee Q-U. 1 51 fl 1 L li ri X' SINION HENRY ROSILNTHAL EDXVIN L. RQTHSCHILD Z B T ff ---H H , 1, H J, H ,P A 51' R0-WJ' Rocky ' Ba.1'o1'1 857 R- TWeUfy'fh11'd St-, Ph1l21dC1Dh121, Pa- h in 1201 South Akard Street, Dallas, Texas lvhaftml Architecture 1 A: in Central High School. Dallas High School. I ' Y" " ' Q" wg, ji Q,,I ' , Q f ' 'il' ' , 7 , J' ' it 6' ef , , -VK S . f 'l it . ' ' Q i , , , f i f zmzinm, ,-.M,f:f,lsW A-,,--.V ,,,w11Q,fN...WL2 ,1 ,.,. vm.. ff.-, I l 'ff' 1, ff f" ,f r'w':w'W'7'5'e:f' ,-rv: .4 ,f -- : 1 'ff wh- my f V ' I I ' f v 4 WW" 3 I H , 4, , ffm, , .4mm,l, WI, ,,.,,. K ...,, f-dh . an! VW 774- . 1'1" - "'X 4' "' if 1- , 30 J' ' 'VF " ff"?34'5vifMHW" 'wfvb ff'7' ,w.7-,iw ww' Awffff my ff: -f :r up-'zz Aw 1 - . -: rr: rw pM ,ffv pl-' M- -. ., .,f.,.-.. . .W , --vvfv-A - f- - - .--f- 1 f - l I 82 FELIX ROTHSCHILD 2242 Linden Avenue, Baltimore, Md. Wfharton Baltimore City College. Sophomore Honors. HAROLD JAMES RYAN A 2 P KIHGIIVQVI, "Chul1bie" 326 VValnut Street, Spring City, Pa. - Arts Spring Citv High School. Varsitv Debate Team CSD C4D. Captain C4Dg Frazier Debate Prize C3D: Vice-President, Zelosophic Society C33 C435 Catholic Students' Organization Committee C4jg Debate Committee C4J. 1 4 4: ' Www", ,' 7 7 'ii if X ff I wx, 1 xv, 'iw ,4 M , any .,,,W,'a:a Q. 1 fl?::'f'f' ' W ,fi Y, ,. Q ,L 1.2.16 fa,--.if..'-wwfv. ff W.-:."zN..- ',",a"w-'m.-fatf'wf.- Q H ' "" , ew, fiwnnf? 2 , .J 'cz T?" -"of" 'gafff 441.4404 ..g, 2'.g ,z.5:' 1 .,f,,,' , , ' 3 ff ff' 1 , ,X - f,,,-,.. it . 1, ,, ,T ,Wg gg f ,ff f M "?f,f,'ts A 74, f,, f, If any ,off Q .1271 ,, , . 1, i 3 . f 1,5 I-,,, 451 ,415 1 ,Wy ,C 5 1 ya. :gf , , z f. 1, f ,wav , , 4 ,, 'fy , yym, 1. f, , ' , 7' 2 'ffyfi ' W, ,V I f ,fx W, V f fntzv, f 1 f f, ,f ,V yy f ot? W f, 'J 7'w',, f " M ff W fi ,.,- ,,,, V ,V 1' Z mf, ,, 7.0, J MJ, . -,U VW. W, EDVVARD CLARENDON RUSSELL . "Unk" A T Mansheld, Pa. lfVharton Mansfield State Normal School. Football Team C23 CSD C495 Lacrosse Team C25 C33 C431 Class Football Team C13 C2Jg Tug-o-War C133 Captain Sophomore Football Team: Class Executive Com, mittee C275 Pipe Committee CD3 Banquet Com- mittee C2Jg Cane Committee CSD: Poster Fight Committee C235 Bfarshal Poster Fight C411 Bowl Dian CZDQ Banquet Committee C453 Varsity Club C23 can co. , JACK FREED SCHEETZ E N Crescent Road, VVyncote, Fa, i I Electrical Engineering Cheltenham High School, Elkins Park, Pa. Hexa- gon Senior Engineering Society, Whitney Engie neering Society Entertainment Committee C153 Engineers' Show Committee C3J C453 Engineers' Dance Committee C353 Engineers' Banquet Com- mittee C3Dg XfVhitney Engineering Society CU C23 C37 C45- . .WW 'V ,ya A, .K , . ,fyf . , . 'ff 7 - 1 ., ff f,-f.,,,r' , , M 'C ,Wx fz , ' .7 -K' gg. , f , ,- .. ,, ' : - ,' " f' 'f - i 1 - - ,..,. , .. ,.....,-,,. .. W, .-H,,,,, '. 'ff 4..'f44zW.Zl'Q 4f2y105Qf4'ff2fyfwf CHARLES H. SCHER "1lfark" "Chat" 1127 East Lexington Street, Baltimore, Md. W'hz1rton Baltimore City College. Second prize "State Banks and the Federal Reserve System," LUCIEN HENRY SCHIMPF 111 E If rrlloun f.RCd:, 414 TVest Granite Street, Butte, Mont. VVhz1rt0n Butte High School. Varsity llaschzill Team KD C339 Class Baseball Team 425: NVharton Re- ception Committee 123: Marshal Flour Fight 141: Smoker Committee Q-U3 Rocky Mountain Club. I, Y, A A, .,., A . fm T I 'T' I , .fi 1,5 ', :af ,fd ' Z i J , CHARLES ALBERT LOUIS ' SCHEURINGER 9 X "Dutch" "ScIic1'ry" 631 Olney Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. Architecture Northeast Manual Training High School. Gym Team 125 C33 C-11: Lacrosse Team C37 4433 Afflhl- tectnral Crew 137, AN DREW ARTHUR SCHOENBERG "ScI1oc1zy" 519 South Fifth Street, Philadelphia, Ba. Civil Engineering l Ln X11 High School. Civil Engineering Society: hlaiizliger Civil Engineering Baseball Team C355 Manager Civil Engineering Basketball Team t4J. l l 1 . l V, W, , . Y .e.,...,....,,,,. , .,,,, , , , . ,, . , , I i i 4 - l A .. ,,.. ., , . .,,K ,.... N . ,, ,...- -, -Y N, ,. I l 7 w, u I 5 1 ll .Qt E 31: ,431 1 1 341 , 225 I li 6,114 1,135 ,,f. we f wi Q t 1. :Hi ftfi gg. ,3 jf I 5 J 9514 iz' 'T 4 5, ,, gf? M, 5 iz! Wg 9145 LMS ff f J 'lit l - 1 1 3 , , ,ff r FREDERICK CARL SCHOENHUT "Scl10eny" "Freddie" A 2355 E, Cumberland St., Philadelphia, Pa, NVharton E 111 Northeast Manual Training High School. XVhar- ton School Christmas Tree Committee C415 Cap and Gown Committee C415 Northeast High School C11 C21 C31 C41. ARTHUR FREELAND SEAVER CD E K ".H1m" 1038 Eighty-third Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. VV'harton Manual Training High School, Brooklyn. Varsity Lacrosse Team ,C11 C215 Assistant Business Manager "The Peiinsylvaniarf' C21 C31, Business Manager C41g May Day Sports Committee 6215 ,OID- Banquet Committee C31g Dartmouth Trip mittee C413 Relay Reception Committee C312 Com- Clubg Orchestra Committee C21 C31 C413 Picnic mittee C41g Press Club C415 Empire State V' f 1 I FREDERICK SEXNALL SCHOFIELD "'F1'ifz'J A T A 1517 Oxford Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Arts XVilliam Penn Charter School. Associate Editor H1916 Class Record" C411 Mav Day Sports Com- mittee C11g Banquet Committee C31 C413 Or- chestra Committee C41. 1 Wilfitf , 7' .ff MAX EUGENE SELTZER "B1'0m0" "Gene" 716 Snyder Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. Mechanical Engineering f , , be ff' Central High School. Engineering Orchestra C31 Anvil Club, President C41. ,225 C41 5 Menorah Society C11. ' f tjjiiwga '- cmfffffwmm , f ff' "' WJ ' M 5 , , 0 grew? j ,129 fw -' , f :hy 352. if wry -' . , ww ri 5 "-f, , 2 f ,-of-' ff 4 9 N if ,v l11..,.,Wj1Qi , 25,1-Z' K ,-it -. , 3 31,7 1,1 -Q 'fgyljyg it 3 4 T ,' Z MLW ,I ! 1' W fffa- f f 1 v1.21 ff f f' ' , IMCM , 1' iff C' wymx .,m,.,ff,f, 1.1 " - f CMC .ff 1:0 ' 1 ff H. ' 'W' f aw. A y W . , 4-vw--We .,,.,,.,..,,,,,, .,,,,,,,...1. ..,, , ., W,.t...W,, .saga ,wtf - WKWGW1 '4 Lf. , f uw, I 1 ' ,., , 1 X 2 ., in X, . ! ,a ,, H.: Qfw,f4w,' ' f ....: , . ,. . ff" Y f if ' " ffwyfaf MW 22 f"' . E 4 . aff ' ff ff i., M12',-fa'-r1i,f'. ' I "' A I ? ,ff-" ,ff 6" ,ae 0' .- 'fr ' ii" . .77 , ,jg ,. .. 'V J 4. . g ,LT.,.,:.,. .. ,. 'W' 'W .X ', .. .. .. , . 1-:'.:.:-:,'.'-E.:-at-Lis. J my 4-qzwrsti.iieg1f.12.a.s1,ffr,e5zg:g:1::1gv:y:g'-.'1'2s7:',2:3.j.y-:gl vw-zf.-V.-wr-VM:-:-:-w.,m ' '-Wvzaf ' . . ff f ",l95',ff' , .::,,..f,g, ,1 '2'v2P,?f,2f '- i:1::1i.if3iZ?4 ,' 15'-6, '. '41 4 , :H-1,-1f1 fQ: 44? Piiikzzm-1 7913: ' ' -' ' - 'rv' -:-.1 -4:4 .I 1-?l --.1-1-.-.3,a,.f:.,,,,,4,z - 4: '- -.1 s.'aw-,- I. 2 v...4m-.N,:,:.?,95 - 5 M-I fm: 'MW M. 13212 -1 J S'-IEW :Z-iwfwJ".231'Ii -f4 1:ffE:f:ff?4r.:f' , , M, f ,W . ww f 1 Q f 1 W? ' 1 ' 9 W, ff f ' j 71 f A ffl, 1 1 f P ,S ,f ff 1 Z' ' 1 f, W wwf, 1 f. In-1-.:.z:fa::.1sz-.:1:f , .1 164, , f- 'C A C 'C " rw, ,,,- I .wg1g,,.m,,we,,,,,vv,M , ' 85 Ji 11 - 1 1, Z5 N iff fe , v f . 1 Q72 035 T132 WM E817 ,112 iw W: wi fe? Mm we ga ive ff A f wif W2 fy., L63-. VT W 'W QI QL. ?7 ' - ' 1' Tw! 'f' ' "U W " -C1571 P"' 702,42 ' 'T,,1ih.if' J n CHARLES ALEXANDER SERVICE, IR. "Tod" Z ll' City Avenue, Bala, Pa. lVharton Episcopal .Xcarlcmy. Pin Committee LID: Or- chestra Committee HJ: Class llay Committee f4l1 Dancing Chorus Mask and Vlfig Show C23 C33 C-H: Cast Preliminary Show CU: Uncle-rgrarluate Member Mask and lllig Club KSJ 141, ALDEN RIEKIE SEXTON E T "Al" 5114 Newhall St., Germantown, Phila., Pa. Civil Engineering Central High School, Scconcl Soccer Team CID C23 C35 4453 Cricket Team CD 121. EDXVIN LAXPHEARE SEVVELL ATQ "Ed" "Eddie" 1212 East Colfax Avenue, Denver, Colo. Arts East Denver High School. Friars Senior Society: Track Team QBJ f3J 1435 Class Track Team C155 May Day Sports Committee ifljg Sophomore Dance Committeeg junior Ball Committee: Mar- shal Poster Fight C-Ug Ivy Ball Committee: Mask and XVig Show 415 C255 Undergraduate Member Mask and VVig Club Q35 C413 Glee Club C433 Varsity Club 131 143. FRANK FOSTER SHANNON A E CD "Fritz" 32 lVyoming Street, Carbondale, Pa. XVharton Carbondale High School. ,f J I ll DGNALD Del1VITT SHE.-XRER 'KDOIICJ 'i'D1lft'1L'J 327 Colton Street, Millvale, Pa. . Arts Pittsburgh Academy. Sophomore Honors. JAMES NOBLE SHRYOCK 6 E "Ji11z111ic"' "lf-im" 4509 Regent Street, Philadelphia, Pa. VV'harton Central Rlanual Training High School. Friars Senior Society. Varsity Swimming Team C15 my C35 449, Captain C35 C454 Niarsny Water Polo Team up C25 C35 445, Captam C459 Half- Mile University Championship C15 Q21 C355 Class Pipe Committee C154 Banquet Committee C359 Varsity Club C453 Class Day Committee C45- XVILLIAM E, SI-IMIDHEISER "BNI" "Sh111iddy" 3221 Berks Street, Philadelphia, Pa. XVharton Central Manual Training I-ligh School. PAUL EUGENE SIGMUND A X P Iisigeyll 2301 Fairmount Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. Civil Engineering Central High School. Plumb Bob Senior Engi- neering Societyg Civil Engineering Society C15 C25 C35 C455 Varsity Track Team C25 C35 C455 Two Mile Relay Teamg Cross Country Squadg Freshman Cross Country Tcaing Freshman Track Team, Circulation Manager, Towne Scientific School Journal, Pin Committee Cl5: Secretary Civil Engineering Classg Marshal Bowl Fght C453 Picture Committee C455 Central High School Clubg Cross Country Club C15 C25 C35 C453 Boxing Club C351 Glee Chorus Engineers' Show. If ' If I li V,fi5E e1' if " f "" ff 1 1 1 , ,. ,V ..,,, ,.,, , .,,,,,..., . . . V, H ,, 7,5711 ,V-W. V1 , .1 MZ, 51.05 1 1 .il l. R11 me Q 4 l . . 7'l I I .. l ifl .bl 2 4 l:'- i I A lie ,, 1' 1 fi' ny' lvl ff! f l lil ful -J! 'll ,. fi lil .rl , l 1 1, - 3 i ga Ai ,rf .fe me v, . 'z .R L if -.v - P , 4 ,...V E E-, f . .,., ,, x,, W- 1 , ,yi i ' ' 4' W 3, I 4 iff PW' Zi: :fi W 'eg L-fi ,, gs -V 4 .v.. . V-H . ' ' .. - 1' , ' 'I .i 1 ' - - , EDWIN TX- SMIL1?1'Edu JACK BASS sixitfri-I Q: A o ' ff ' U 57031-lavcrford Avenue Phil'nlelphi'x Pa ' - lim - . , U 1 lzlyton Street, BlI'l'HlI1gl1aTI'l, Ala. ff Chemical Engineering Architecture ff-' A LH' '- -. '1 1 1, lf f 'rf 3 411 ,Q V . . . V5 .. EZllElf1BiLL5,L1iS?S5'm 42?E'L'E5Sa,5ii""fi.3i lo. 1'sg1P'qi23'fg l"g'l 2Chf'f"p Efen13ff0'y Cofnmlffee Si Chemical Engineering Football Team UD: Chem- Phi. '13, l4C4cJilmS0uS::,geE 61 ,bf E' ilrchifecturlll iii ical Engineering Baseball Team C33 C-UQ Novice U3 C27 ' V U v CYCC YHHCSIS 'fs iz Fencing Cup C253 VVinner Fencing May Day ' is-i,f'j Sports C233 Secretary and Treasurer Fencing S.-Lg Association 139, Vice-President Q-UQ Philadelphia E l": City Scholarship: Prestlcy Chemical Club ill ill fflixf C35 C455 Xvhitney Engineering Society 147g Alem- '- bie Chemical Society CBJ HD. Q' 4 'N or TY r. it? ,. . 9 JOSEPH SMITH 2 A M HSCI'L'llIiI'fyH 144 East Market Street, Lewistown, Pa. Arts Lewistown High School. Sophomore Honorsg Deutscher Verein. RQY LINDLEY SMITH ET, HKN "Steve" 17 E. Coulter St, Germantown, Phila., Pa. Electrical Engineering Northeast Manual Training- High School. Whit- ney Engineering Society C47. Zimilmi .Q f?3Vff'f"f7"'7'V'W7'f ,, TV' f,.,M2f'P7"7"'f ' if ' . ' "iVM'74W,,, '7"'Hf g f , V, , Q 1 7' W r -png... 124 A , '4 J Q me! s. 1 -c. wf 7 1 ..,3 , Wa? -gif if irq- f!.l I ' . i.. , TL fig, .CJ- fl 'Q' .4 117' ,dl . ill it H Y all l '- li .1 . gf. i?f' EL r,!: . 5.1:- .59 as 1 ill li? ? :N if, ,Q li? ini f-1. 5411 El -13' 9 - ., le, l hi: LQ 1 W1 EQ 2 W5 9 .5 ' 5,15 fm I ' f,. gd ii aff iff: ,fa . V ffif 4 Q? 11, .4 . We v 5--Af"-Y W ---- A ---M 4 , Q, .. if alfa? - I ' --if e - A -mi.,-541 .5411 I C' 7 N- 2' T Wyfvff W ww ily' - Tl l C, il 1 1 1 1 T 1 Y C Y g 1 ,, CQ ,,,- 'ep ' -f j'c3:.1Cff-eff..-:le EDVVIN LEE SORNBORGER E qw E 1' , I RALPH SOUDER, ll! T C"5wede" 5' A 319 S. Forty-third Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 208 Lancaster Avenue, Buffalo, N.Y. gin 7 ' AHS . vXVl12l1-'LOD lQpiscopalVAcailemyL Sjconrl Seulccerrlffealni C13g Buffalo Lafayette High School. Dues Committee ' Ulfslgliph' 'Est lngifbquattt 139837, cmclf Tfalu C413 Mandolin Club C135 Scalp and Blade. VP... , Committee Clgggm15a5eDanCE L Episcolpal Ariiglciny Club C13 C23 C33 C435 Wres- , 3 ting eam . EUGENE HENRY SOUTHALL 9 A X ' "'Ge1ze" "S011tlzy" 1f,'..!3,,. 1 209 East Tuscaloosa Street, Florence, Ala. lelaiff 'ff.: Arts Alabama State Normal School, Florence, Ala. Phi Kappa Beta Junior Society: "The Penn- sylvaniann C13 C23 C33 C43, Associate Editor Cl3 C23, News Editor C33, Editor-in-C'l1ief C433 Executive Committee, Association of Eastern Col' lege Newspapers C433 Cremation Committee C233 Junior VVeek Committeeg University Summer Camp Committee C333 Dartmouth Trip Com- mittee C43g Head Teller Senior Electiong Or' cllestra Committee C33 C433 Chairman "Freshman Bible" Committee C335 Class Day Dance Com- mittee C435 hlarshal Bowl Fight C435 hlanflolin Club C13 C233 Press Club C33 C43g Undergraduate Committee C43. Entered Law School at end of Iunior Year. l.., , Q -f.. 1 s. a- W. 1 i ,WJ A E ew 9 .4 1. an fe. 1 ' .Of '- fZ'f:"4f?r-f X .. A My iezgfa 'ff .. an ,, 5 i V- f?'5 1 Lama :'f"'-F yarn 'V 1 9,m4,jC,, 'L 4 M1 3 Wh DAVID COMYNS sPooNER, JR. Z X11 "Dave" "Diff 106 S. Thirty-eighth St., Philadelphia, Pa. Electrical Engineering Episcopal Academy. Soccer Squad C13 C23 C331 Scrub Football Team C43g' Class Football Team C235 Bowl Committee Cl3g Whitney Dance Com- mittee C235 Marshal Poster Fight C43g Chairman Class Day Committee C433 Whitney Engineering Society C13 C23 C33 C435 Episcopal Academy Club C13 C23 C33 C435 Polity Club C43. gy. ..,, A 3 . ,M ,,.f -f,,, , ...,,.s.. .,.. , ...,,,,.:o I ,,,.. ,,,. . 3 Z ffwafwm' ' " if ,gf ,.1fM'f245ff.,Wf', 7, V, 3, eff WCM? C Wwfl, yr 5 -' 7 f, q 4 W W,-13' 31 ' , , yea-, fi is. 42.51.712 5 .2 2? ,gf xv 7, igkwfafffyzaafy 73. 7.53 11,2 ff , '1 W, VH. ,ye-,.e3 Y C ,Zz Q 1 '-ff . . e 251 '. M M' ff .2 3 5? 2Eft'4ft' C7447 ,. 1, 3 :W at 'QQ .17 wt. 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AXP, CIDBK AYTS 1 1417 Xorth Fifth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Central High School. 1 Arts 1 Cezatral High School. Treasurer, Phi Beta Kappa Clin. 2109 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, Pa. l L l 1 HOVVARD STOERTZ OXVEN MEREDITH STOLZ 6 A X 4741 Rosehill Street, Philaclelphia, Pa. "Dinah" Chemical Engineering R.F.D. 15, Dayton, 0- I ,, Northeast High School. Priestley Chemical Club: Archltecture 5' President Northeast High School Club. Stivers High School. fa jf' , i , L f 4' Y 25, i Q L" lf. 'f " :L -f fw. WWW- .V-9 f. ,,, ,. , , 4 A I Mn , 1 .. .wgvl l X n - 90 Ili ll 11,5 QM, We .tg f ff KM ' '11, 11. ,it.,:a1Yf4gi:..Wag '. fmhm. Q ..4J5fQQff ' 'Mau-4 :wt , , M . ., , ,, 5 . 1 f A W MW - fi. 'V-W", fy X155 'VY '7fff"QiiY?" - , ,W f f W , t. .,,. - ,, , 1 . M if fm ..,:: , Ami- Um, -'M 1 any ,1.,m:fzf1m4L.n,QZxpA y n If " ' 1 'pi Fifi I' 1 l ' 3 1 , 33 , A Q. I X 1 A Q 1 ff! ' 1 - 1 ' l 52, 1 QMILTON BERNARD STONE Z B T C1-IRISTOPHER VAN ARTSDALEN Hfl'1,0'lf3'U SUB ERS E T, H K N 141 State Street, Northampton, Mass. "Benny" "Van" "C11yi5" K V Northampton High School. 1 Whartoll ASlllJOUTUC, Pa. g , . 9 . Electncal Engineering 3 Cheltenham High School, Elkins Park, Pa. Whit- , ney Engineering Society C25 C3D C4j, Ai 'G f 1 ,Z A 1 JACQUES MICHAEL SWAAB A E GD "Jack" "J ack M" 88 Central Park West, New York, N.Y. Wharton Sachs Collegiate Institute., Varsity Track Squad C21 C339 Class Basketbalg Team C1Ji2?las2IhTrack ' A' Team C173 Bowl Fight ommittee g arton 1 , 3 Christmas D TreI3hComn1igee C39 3 Orcltgtra Com- SAniUEL NORMAN SWARTLEY 1 Z mittee C4 3 arton 'ntertainment omml teeg 34 E F'f Central High schooi Club cn czn psy C495 Ciyic ast 1 fh StfeetfEgJa12SF1age,EPj: . U Club CZD CBD C41 9 Leave of absence in Senior ' ec U53 nolneerma Qi? Year. Albright College. gf f rfrr frrv N fffffff, ' ff ' f ,aff i K 'WZ all 12,79 -,,..Wi2ff' ri ' fy" ' 74 g , ',Qf'Q 5,4 ' 'C 7' ' 5 ,tg -lr, , ' it i U ,,fg7" f , 4251 ' - I I ,lf -rtr I I I I I I movq ' it 1 y vii iii? ff ol LR' 5 . ., 5 4 30 11- af. , H, 1 la? tl i L lf A 5 ,l 5 ,Q 2, .1 mr. W 1 E232 . , me 2 6 tfii 24? 75 V ici! 9 i Wi lift ig-if til IW l V i tial Q? ,4 ,Qi 'if' ima 4:3 'W-if Q il L 'i iii C ,I , iii , ji 'iii ll iii A., 2,1 . lil ,WJ lad D ir iii :M gd i ti LQ my lv ei 1172 if spat 1:3121 45222 fig? l M2 MW -ff? ?if'?f'w'f"W3-' I , 1 ' 4, ., ,,.a.., , !.,,,, 4 ,. v,,A ,., . Tgzzw it ' , ,V M, J.. 'V ' i I f 3 J A., A I , is L, . i L ' 'A Q A , V. ,'. , ,N . Z .I I ' ,l . as , l v i L PHILIP TABER A T Q "Phil" "Taber" 136 XVest Swissville Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa. Wfharton East Liherty Academy, Pittsburgh, Pa, Scrub Football Team C23 C33: Varsity Football Squad C431 Lacrosse Team C331 Sophomore Football Team: Won May Day Micldle-weight Boxing C13 Cane Committee C335 Marshal, Poster 1-'ight XVILLIAM RANDOLPH TAYLOR E E 1340 N. Twelfth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. :XYTSS Northeast Manual Training High School: NVilliam Penn Charter School. i 1 x i , i JOHN R. TANNER , A P X IfRyeIJ Flora, Ill. Architecture University of Illinois: Springfield High School, Springfield, Ill. Associate Art Editor H1916 Class Recorilug Architectural Society C43. JOHN BORLAND THAYER "Jack" J ." "'I-lic" AW Haverford, Pa. Arts Haverford School. Phi Kappa Beta Iunior So- ciety: Sphinx Senior Societyg Soccer Team C13 C33 4435 Cricket Team C13 C33 C-43, Manager C433 Assistant Manager Crew C33, Manager C439 Ad- visory Editor "Pennsylvanian" C433 Banquet Committee C133 Sophomore Dance Committee: junior Ball Committee: Managers' Committee C335 Chairman, Dartmouth Trip Committee C43g Allied Sports Committee C33 C435 Ivy Ball Comnntteeg Undergraduate Member, University Committe on Athletics C432 Director Athletic Association C33 C431 Varsity Cluh C33 C433 Crew Committee C433 Military Committee C43. VM-. ,.,. i ,i e Nwfwfil'f'ff1fF'Wg:sv,yggywi--H I F ll il iii i 2 A 45' hi' A WA iff is M' r i Ft PF 111 , lm ei ieti all lilli "il Lie: . -1 vt . ti : E435 L fi ig- C... 5 . 51. 2 iifl - i 51-1 S M f . i . A 4 . ,fa 732 21: 9, ,. Mp. , . at :M mg IW. 1 2 .52 at 1 ,re , i ' s iv j lei i 1 Z: iii iii: 5 i . i iii :ii ,ri if Tli A Q 1 ,l i ll ,. ,X l Iw- .4 'M' 735' 177'-8"',' 3l775'f"Tf"77e'1:. '7 " m -'r1f1D""1-.., N N 4 15:3 : earliest fm' f ARTHUR TQMEY 5213 Cedar Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. Arts Battery High School, Elizabeth, NJ. Member Christian Association Cabinet. CASPER VV. B. TOWNSEND Z W, "Cap" "Moose" III B K Overbrook, Pa. Arts St. Mark's School. Phi Kappa Beta Junior So- cietyg Sphinx Senior Societyg Assistant Manager Golf Team C33, Manager C433 Captain Golf Team C433 Assistant Manager Track Team C33, Man- ager C433 'Treasurer Intercollegiate Golf Associa- tion C23 C331 Executive Committee I.C.A.A.A.A. C335 Board of Directors Athletic Association C43: Associate Editor "Pennsylvanian" C13 C23, Man- aging Editor C33, Editor C432 Student Editor "Alumni Register" C33 C431 Sophomore Dance Committee: Junior Ball Comniitteeg Ivy Ball Com- mittee: Dartmouth Trip Committee C435 Orchestra Committee C333 Track Committee C431 Managers' Committee C431 Eugene Delano French and Ger- man Prize C13: Secretary Cercle Francais C23: Press Club C33. .mf CHARLES SPRAGUE TOMLINSON "Tommy" H K E ZS South Center Street, Perry, N.Y. Mechanical Engineering Perry High Schoolg Buchtel College of Liberal Arts of the University of Akron. Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Arts from the Univer- sity of Akrong NVhitney Engineering Society. LE'WIS I. D. TRUHAN E H "Dutch" "Louie" 1610 Wh Columbia Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Mechanical Engineering Central Manual Training High School. Engineers' Fall Smoker Committee C433 Wihitney Engineering Society: Gym Leader. I , l l .1 2? if mt SZIQ I I 3 .24 . aw.. .J ,. .. 1 I NMA V f z',n,.., .L.iZL...,.....!' " ' " ' ' if ' ' , V- I "fLfv'zf V '- aw4..o f,,m.gifw.W,'7 ag.4:4,m2 .,':..i:e,:.'g.?Z?i:fwf V, r ni 5 PARK BARR TURNER '-P. ff." 1525 Christian Street, Piiilatlelphia, Pa. ilrts Southern lligh School. Varsity Track 'l'e:nn L23 C555 Class Track Team U31 Picture Cnniniittee 133: Philonialhean Society Q53 Q-ll: Pliilomatliean Play t33. HENRY BUTHFER VALIEAXT "Thick" A A K E Norwalk, Conn. lVharton Harstrom School. Phi Kappa Beta Iunior Socictyg Baseball Squad 123 f33 C431 Class Football Team 113g Class Baseball Team Cl3. I , , f ' J , 7 "df" r , , I-4-f-,7-M www! ,...,,,,,., -WW wyffjfa -lff 7,-ff -fm-WZ,---H -'f- f 'W-aytyy-f-N,,j7--, ., Yr MW . ,paw ,QW-V2 g, 4, H737 Ja- fm V e aff- ,111 ,.j1fff,v.:1 1 f ypifxjffgzmfgf if LW. .M 1.2! W mi ,. WW .,,. . l- l GEORGE GORDON URQUHART "Roll" EI A E, 2 E 4217 Pine Street, Philaclelphia, Pa. Chemical Engineering Nl'illiam Penn Charter School. ,Xleinhic Senior Chemical Society C431 Philomathean Society C131 Hihitney Engineering Society L13 Q23 133: Priest- ley Chemical Club tl3 123 Q33 f-15. GEORGE VAN BUSKIRK K E ""B1i.r" f'Va11" 164 North Hanover Street, Pottstown, Pa. Arts Hill School: Haverford College. f V' ,V ,, f 'W 1,7 , f . , M 1 ww f .. . " mf W6 7 ,631 j:,'W?Lf,gjf335Mf,V 7:f,v'jf'Lf,.-'Zi ' 'Zv""fw'wwv-4-'nz'g'7"C7" ,W , f af"f'1gf'L t ff we " g"f':yr':r"s.-f 'af ':z.1.'tg4arwf4v4 :,:f'v'A-.1f',-gcyarriwf Wfiihiigjw 42:'7'W'5'1z"jw'zW""' 14:1 ,1',"z,-at-, yi w,7,2 ,if f ff, , I I - .. :s1w,,,.- f 71 P12RCiV.LxL TI-IEEL ' "" Iarrettown, Pa. X Chemistry Central High School. Priestley Chemical Club. EMIL THORSCH ' QD B K Hofstallstrasse 5, Vienna, Austria Arts BENJAMIN SHEPPARD THORP, IR. "Ben" E CD E 5012 Penn' St., Frankford, Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton Northeast High Schoolg Friends Select School. Pin Committee C155 Banquet Committee C355 Wharton Banquet Committee C4Dg Class Day Com- mittee C-lbg Northeast Club, Secretary and Treas- urer C3J. FRANK T. TIGHE 9 E WVoodstown, NJ. Civil Engineering St Ioseplfs School. Varsity Football Team C25 C33 C435 Class Football Team CU. f 1 7 , 4 Q' ,fm ., .W . V fi 1 ,!.., , f ,,,, A , , ,,-- f ,Q ff. ef V .,, V, .ff fi Z 9. 2, 1 Q ff te.. II 2 f .alll FREDERICK XVARREN VAN NAME A K E 897 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. Architecture Brooklyn Manual Training High School. Archi' tectural Societyg Architectural llonor System Coln- mittee C35 C4J, Secretary C459 Orchestra Com- mittee C4Jg Class Day Committee HJ: Glee Club C333 .Architectural Orchestra C35 C433 Co-composer Architectural Play Music f3l. AUGUST LEXVIS VIEMEISTER E N ncruyu rrlfeeu 35 Clifton Place, Brooklyn, N.Y. ' Architecture Manual Training High School, Brooklyn N.Y. Lacrosse Squad 425: Anvil Club: Cercle Francais: Cast, Cercle Francais Play ill: Architectural Show Cljg Cast Mask and Wiig Preliminary Show CZD. f K E 1 .S fl MOR.-XLES C.-XSSERES VENDIG H K N "Morey" 1922 North Twelfth St., Philadelphia, Pa. Electrical Engineering Central High School. Rifle Team C3j 441. K EUGENE XVOLGAMUTH XVALL B T' E, "fudge" E E 1539 Erie Avenue, Pliiladelllllifii P21- XVharton 1' -I ., NL .l Taining High School. Sopho- Digi-gliliutntirsqlqj 453: Northeast Clubg Priestley Chemical Society- ,... V.,, ,, .,,. W. . 7 V' J, L ,V aff . . .W,M32-:.,..,m.,ii EDXVARD BALDY XVATSON, IR. K A "Ed" "Eddie" 3936 Wfalnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Arts Episcopal Academy, Prize in Greek Composition 1153 Class Day Dance Committee C455 Episcopal Academy Cluh. HAROLD MORRISON VVEIL lilf-Ia!!! 5718 Bartlett Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. Arts ?i'StSlJLlI'gl1 Central High School. Musical Clubs l . ,M ,f .,., M , , f sw. M. . JOSEPH W. ANTHONY WEIGER "Joe" 1015 NValnut Street, Reading, Pa. Chemical Engineering Reading High School. Alemhic Chemical Society C-i5g Priestley Chemical Societyg Whitney Engin- eering Societyg Berks County Club. ARTHUR MURRAY VVEIRICK CID I' A NAMU Hfmhv 827 lrVest Park Street, Butte, Mont. Wharton Butte High School. Sphinx Senior Society: Coxswaiu Iunior Varsity Crew C35g Freshman Crew C153 Fall Crew C155 Business Manager H1916 Class Record" C453 Press Club C453 Morning Poster Fight Committee C253 Wharton Executive Committee C35g Treasurer Sophomore Dance Com- mitteeg Junior Ball Committeeg Ivy Ball Commit- tee, "Red Letter Day" Committee C453 Chairman Band Committee C45g Treasurer Rocky Mountain Club C35, President C453 Secretary-Treasurer Ingerfraternity Council C45g Varsity Cheer Leader C4 . ! X31 3 5 li I iff I 5 5 , , ll rt f .,,. . ,.,, 1, , 0 W'ARREN MacPHERSON XVELLS "Le11gtlzy" A K E 3212 Wfallace Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Wfharton Central High School. Soccer Squad C35 C453 Freshman Fall Crewg "Punch Howl" Board C11 C25 C35 C455 Circulation Manager 135 C453 Fresh- man Bowl Fight Committeeg Sophomore Poster Fight Committee: Nllharton Advisory Committee C459 Picnic Committee C45: Glee Club C35 C453 Undergraduate Member Mask and XYig Club C455 Mask and Wfig Glee Chorus C35 C45. BRUCE CHESTER NVENNER 9 X "B, C." "'Cl1cs" 3805 Baring Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Architecture Central High School. , L ,V ,,,, .,,,, Alf, .. , L . ,,,,, ts 2 I I HAMILTON H. 'NVENDE A T "Ham" lO3 Lancaster Avenue, Buffalo, N.Y. Wharton Nichols School, Buffalo, N.Y. Assistant Man- ager Soccer Team C35, Manager C453 President Pennsylvania State Intercollegiate Association Foot- hall League C455 Freshman Banquet Committeeg Poster Fight Committee C253 May Day Sports Com- mittee C25g Iunior Ball Committee C35g Ivy Ball Committee C453 Princeton Trip Committee C453 Mask and XVig Preliminary Show C151 Cheer Leader C451 Scalp and Blade C15 C25 C35 C453 Mask and lVig C25. JOHN CECIL XVI-IITAKER 9 X "liebe" Nfaclcu 4735 Leiper Street, Frankford, Pa. Mechanical Engineering Northeast Manual Training High School. XVhit- ney Engineering Society. .4 i t T -- - 5. ., wr H U .,N,.U.,y,,,,, 3, ,F N.,,,, .,,,V,.! VVVV I V, V , 1 ,fy jk 'jd mfg ' To 6 :ij i,qfg5j2f5f5jgV?" .rf'3?H't7Z?": fff5Zt'3,',"C'f,:1y5fZCQi,bfffffz V f f V E t fi 3' Y new , 1" 1 ' lf 'lb I I Hi ANDREW' ROVOUDT XVIGHT, IR. uG0at-vu 5930 Pulaski Avenue, Germantown, Pa. VVharton Germantown Academy. VVILLIAM JOSEPH VVILLIAMSON "Bill" "Billy" "Joan A X P 500 S. Forty-second St., Philadelphia, Pa. VVharton Phillips Brooks School. Basketball Squad C255 Varsity Basketball Team C35 C455 Class Basket- ball Team. C15, Captain C155 May Day Committee C155 Wharton Financial Committee C15 C255 Pic- ture Committee C355 Wharton Advisory Committee Marshal Bowl Fight C455 Banquet Committee CHARLES EDWARD VVILLTAMS AT "Pop" "Baldi" "Irish" 5126 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton Central High School. Assistant Manager Fencing Team C359 Secretary-Treasurer Intercollegiate Fencing Association C355 Associate Editor "Penn- sylvaniann C355 Associate Editor "Punch Bowl" C355 Associate Editor H1916 Class Record" C459 Bowl Fight Committee C155 Class Executive Com- mittee C155 Bowl Fight Committee C255 Picture Committee C255 Poster Fight Committee C255 XVharton Executive Committee C255 Class Execu- tive Committee C35Z Iunior VVeek Committee C355 VVharton Entertainment Committee C355 Freshman Advisory Committee C355 llflask and Wig Prelim- inary Sliow C255 Graduated at end of junior Year. PARK WEED VVILLIS, IR. KID I' A :rs-pideyrn rr-Docu rrWeed'i1 1316 Columbia Street, Seattle, Wasli. Arts Broadway High School, Seattleg Whitman Col- lege, Walla Walla, Wash. Friars Senior Societyg "Pennsylvanian" C25 C35 C455 Associate Editor H1916 Class Record" C455 junior Week Commit- teeg Annapolis Trip Committee C455 Chairman, Picnic Committee C455 Chairman Episcopal Com- mittee C355 Episcopal Committee C35 C45. 5 yy AP.. , Hi 1'i 1 l l ALBERT KNEEDLER NVTLSON .OAX "ffl" "TubI1ic" 2241 N. Thirtieth Street, Pliilaclelplna, Pa. Architecture Central Manual Training High School. ROBERT BRUCE XVILKINSON -lB0bJ! 5915 Pulaski Ave., Germantown, Phila., Pa. lfVharton Germantown Acarlemv. Vlharton Dance Commit- tee C453 Musical Clubs CD. l EDW.-XRD ROSS WILSON A 2 KID SOS S. Forty-eighth St., Philadelphia, Pa. Xhfharton Central High School. Picture Committee C455 Wharton Collegian Baseball Teamg Central High School Club. P.-XUL XVINDOM 2 111 E 1723 De Sales Street, Washington, D.C. Architecture Western High Schuolg Washington Collegiate School. Art Associate, "Punch Bowl" QU CZJ, .Xrt Editor C33 Q43 Banquet Committee Q4Jq Cercle Francais 125' 13Jg Secretary HJ: Press Club 433 H33 Architectural Society C-ljg French Play CSD: Southern Club CD. :.,:7 1 ' wwfwffa M IH WILLIS DAVID VVITTER 2 E Route No. 2, Frederick, Md. Mechanical Engineering frederick Boys' High School. W'l1itney Engineer ing Society. RALPH EDWARD YOUNG "R, E." "Young-e" 5122 Greene Street, Germantown, Pa. ' Civil Engineering Northeast Manual Training High School. Civil Engineering Society Clj CZQ C33 C415 Civil En- gineering Football Team C3j C4D. f ' f 1 if yy, A I Pri X I. BEDFORD XVOOLEY E ID E "Bed" "J, B." 4629 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Architecture Swarthmore Preparatory School. Architectural Society C33 C4J, President C455 Varsity VVrestling Team CU C25 CSD, Captain-elect 43, Captain C453 Wlrestled in May Day Sports C255 May Day Sports Committee C235 Band Committee C4Jg Iunior Cane Committeeg Architectural Show C335 Leave of Absence C4D. BENJAMIN YULSMAN "Ben" 735 South Fifth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Wharton Southern High School. X 1 fit 101 ll Cl D. LOUIS ZIMMERMAN C0 E H "Doc"' "Zim" 616 Bainbridge Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Vllharton Central High School. Class Cross Country Team Class Basketball Team C123 Pipe Committee VVILLIAM ZIMM-ERMANN "Bill" "Zi1111l1." 1512 W. Allegheny Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Chemical Engineering Central High Sehool. Priestley Club: XVhitney Engineering Society: ,Xlembic Senior Chemical Society C455 Third Soccer Team C3J. .i'7'iZ?WI1"Z7ff 1 4' i 'wffwwW'yf"f" fi 'f ,mp RICARDO ZAPIOLA ZIMMERMANN "Dick" "Zim" "IfV0p" A IP Parana 1225, Buenos Aires, Rep. Argentina Mechanical iE11g1I1CCI'11'1g Instituto Libre cle la Segunda Ensefianza. Hexa- gon Senior Engineering Society C4Jg Cane Com- mittee CSQQ Vice-President XVhitney Engineering Society C453 Manager Engineers' Show C412 Class Day Committee C435 Undergraduate Member Mask and XVig Club C4Jg Glee Club C23 C335 Mask and XVig Glee Chorus C25 C35 C415 Cast Engineers' Show C3j C4D. CONRAD ZITZER, IR. "Zim" 5815 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Civil Engineering Central High School. Civil Engineering Society. ,. New fi . f V . f ,, Kwan! bpenials ann Qbunnhams of the Glass of Hineteen Sixteen gi - 5 W 4 .. K? W 1 l I 5 ff ' ' II ' - he f f 1 HOWARD STANLEY ATKINSON CLAUDE L. H 1411 Lombard street, P1111ade1p11aa, Pa. . . , CNW Architecture Sault Snnons Island, Ga. Wharton V C l NI l T ' ' ' ' . emra 1 anna mmmg High School Mount Hermou School, Mount Hermon, Mass. HENRY DANDURAND DA,XGIT, II JOHN BALLINGFEJBJAILEY, IR. K E 4527 Pme Street' Phlladelphia' Pa' . 249 South Eighteenth Street, Paris, Tex. Arclutecture Central High School. Architecture Q 4 f n .-.' ,, "1 U A A . ff ff ,. .,,,..,, f - I 104 XVALTER CLAY DAVIS QD K KP "Da'Uie,' "lfVc1lt" 59 South Fifteenth Street, Richmond, Ind. Vtfharton Earlham College. Class Executive Committee C155 Bowl Fight Committee CD. EDVVARD EMANUEL EICHENBAUM - "Bids" 2240 E. Seventy-third Street, Cleveland, O. , I , Architecture Central High School. F Q31 n f 4: f ,f EDXVARD CHARLES DU BOIS "Ted" "Dubey" 1839 Broadway Avenue, Fort Wayiie, Ind. Wliarton Fort lVayne High School. Hoosier Club C13 C253 Transportation Club CZD. NELS SIDNEY IACOBSON "Dutch" 151 South Street, Owatonna, Minn. I Architecture Owatonna High School. ,ff F i ,,,, 6 ,f ii 6 I I 'f'f if 4 - . Q gas. S se QW 221, CARL GERTH LEl-lh'lfXNN A T Q HARRY CUBIRIINGS hIChlULLEN "Dutch" "iliac" 2 113 2 317 South Ninth Street, Newark, NJ. 1026 Lindley Avenue, Logan, Pa. XVharton Architecture Barrington High School, Newark, Nl: Mt. Pleas- Philaclelphia Trades School. Chairman, Smock ant Academy, Ossining, N,Y. Freshman Swim- Committee 00. ming Team: Varsity Swimming Teamg Holder Intercollegiate Plunge Record. WALTER 1WERZ E X HU,-any JOSEPH JEROBAIE NADHERNY 53 W. Eighty-eiginh Sr., New York, N.Y. 1345 Mlllafd Avenue, Chlcagof QU' . . rchitecture Xhfharton Groff School, New York. Crane Technical School. Architectural Show C4J. f Q, 1 f I l H an ' - -1f--fi "fY'9fa'-Y ,1 .W vi ww in P ' 1 s sf 1 Sf 1 M155 I - g, We Kwggd ia . i if -- CHARLES HENRY OPPENHEIMER "Charlie" 2221 E. Seventy-ninth Street, Cleveland, O. lfVharton Cleveland East Technical High School. Boxing Club. CLARENCE I. PARMAN ' llparll 29 Rosalind Place, Toledo, O. Q Architecture Toledo Central High School. ff f , 5-i V X IAMIESON PARKER K A "Jim" 374 East Fifty-lirst Street, Portland, Ore. Architecture Portland Academy, Portland, Ore. Architectural Society CU C213 Architectural Orchestra C11 CZJ. JOHN WVOOLER PLATT, IR. A 2 117 "'Cha1'les A" "Nat" 436 Seville Street, Roxborough, Pa. Architecture Philadelphia Trades School. WI - E ' ' .J if"1YZW9?Z3'.! I .. ,, 1 f . 5 -"' 4,,f,.wfffw?f0Q,nw,-'fm1,mf" ,, 5,54 - XVILLIAM RUSSELL SOUTER NBHZU :r5'Pik0u 149 George Street, Hamilton, Ont., Canada Architecture Hamilton Collegiate Institute, Yicc-Prcsimlent Special Architects KSJ. CHARLES MIDDLETON T1-XLLEY , 2536 N. Thirty-lirst St., Philatlelphia. Pa. Philadelphia Trades School. ' A-Xrcliitecture LA XCELOT XVILLIAM SUCKERT 2638 XVoodley Place, Wfashington, D.C. Arch1tecture lletroit Eastern High School. Architectural Show CU: Arcliitectural Society C459 Master Director, 'llyzantinc Ball HJ. C.-XRL RAYMOND TRAVER "Squinf" 422 Plymouth .-Xvenue, Rochester, N.Y. Architecture West High School. Treasurer,. Special Architects L-U: Chairman, Banquet Comnntteeg bym Leader. Q' , rw ,,,1 my ,N A V, ,, ., U ,.,,.,,3 , xg ,,,, wc iw Q .JL we CLEMENT VINCENT TILLION 474 Jefferson Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. Architecture Boys' High School, Brooklyn, N.Y. EUGENE L. WALTER 1301 Michigan Avenue, Buffalo, N.Y. - Architecture Technical High School. Secretary, Special Archi- ffcts dC45g Associate Art Editor H1916 Class ecor f' ,,,,..,,,,,, .,., X ff . 1 5 yy! .,,, ,. 4, "yy ' Q Y .Vg , f rl jf Lff lf, ZWWC 2 za, 1,1 9 A ,, Af ,Zi , f 1 fy U ,G :jeff af! : ,L C 'X f , "v f, 'Y -uit Qif':,,,a W -L, .U f f ' Z it f , If 'i 53' NWT ifwf' f5'iWffft?W ff f f1f?'m"52 1. W1 "W '37 ..WLft:.1mtt, a,1,4,,1ns,,W a1.tMf'a .a.cL,:...,t.., X , f I Lffygrcf 9,1 y X JAMES VAN ALST, JR. "Van" 481 Fourteenth Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. Architecture Pratt Institute. Track Team C15 C253 Architec- tural Show C15 C255 Architectural Society C25. ALBERT EDWARD WESTOVER, IR. "Count" "Bert" A K A 114 VV'estminster Ave., Merchantville, NJ. Architecture Penn Charter School. Chairman, Banquet Com- mittee C35g Vice-President, Special Architects C455 Glee Club C355 Cast, Mask and Wig Preliminary Show C45. f f 4, f ', 7 1 .fr ' of fm Q., V, .. ,Q i " 19:1 ww, fb', u ff ,i,,www,ww.v,-W, , ....,,...,.4.aa...,,, 0. ,W A K f FERD. EM.-XNUEL AXDIZRSON E N ".-ludj"' lVahoo, Neb. lVhz1rton 'Wahoo High School. Varsity Lacrosse Team C215 Combined Musical Clubs tl! 121: Secretary Nt-- braska State Club KID 423: Luft at enil of Sopho- more Year. MALCOLM CAMPBELL, IR. E A E "Mal" "5'l10rty" 510 Connecticut Street, Bulifalo, N.Y. lliharton Lafayette High School. Class Crew CUC Scalp and Bladeg Left at encl of Junior Year. FRANK HARRIS BORDEN KD A 9 "F1'anlc" 4622 lVayne .-Xvenue, Germantown, Pa. lNharton Northeast Manual Training l'ligh School. Varsity Swimming Team Ill KD: XYater Polo Team U55 Pipe Committee C153 Left Sophomore Year. EDXVARD BURD PEALE CARRIER "Bud" E X 406 S. Sixteenth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. llVl18.1'fOII Central Manual Training High School. Pin Com- mittee CUQ Mask and Vllig' Preliminary Show CU: Mask and XYig Chorus C11 C353 Left at end of junior Year. E. MONROE FISHER K E "Fish" Lawnton Avenue, Oak Lane, Pa. XfVharton 'William Penn Charter School. Left at end of Sophomore Year. LUCIEN ALBERT HADSLEIN O E IILHII HA!!! 48 Fry Street, Denton, Tex. ' - VVharton Denton High Schoolg High School, Northampton, Mass. Left College at end of Iunior Year. HOXVARD SPENCER GRAHAM, IR. "F H." A 'P 203 Chestnut Avenue, Chestnut Hill, Pa. Wllarton St. George's School, Newport, R.I, Editor "Red :md Blue" C251 Cremation Committee C253 Left Sophomore Year. NVILLIAM HAROLD KELLY fIJ K 'I' "Kell" 414 East Third Street, Duluth, Minn. WVharton Phillips Exeter Academy. Phi Kappa Beta Iunior Society: Varsity Football C251 Track Team C25g Freshman Football and Track Teams, Freshman Relay Team: Sophomore Banquet Committeeg Minnesota Club C15 C25, Treasurer C253 North- western States Club C35g Wharton School Execu- tive Committee Cl5 C255 Left junior Year. ,nw ff ' ' n M f f 7, llg, -ll i I I I ROBERT HOWELL LAEEAN A T Q "Bob" i'DlIfL'f1', "York" 1001 XVest Market Street, York, Pa, XVl1ZlI'fOl'l York High School. Pipe Committee 115: Picture Committee 12Jg Left at end of Sophomore Year. XVILLI.-XM HARVEY LOVEMAN "Bill" 8915 St. Claire Avenue, Cleveland, G. Wfhztrton Glenville High School. Left Sophomore Year. ALBERT EVERETT LEE E N "Bob" Mount 1-lolly Avenue, Beverly, NJ. XVharton lizirnmn School. XVrestling Team 123 133: Second Freshman Fall Crew: Sophomore XVrestling, May llziy Sports: Placed in Intercollegiate lX'restling Meets 123 MJ: May Day Snorts 1215 Iunior Cane Committeeg Left Senior Year. XVTLLI.-XXI ROBERT MATCHETT "Bill" "Prt'sid'c11t" "Luke" 1501 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Wfharton Southern Iligh School Varsity Baseball Team 123 1311 Class Baseball 111 125: Class Footabll 111 1233 XVhztrton Entertainment Committee 131: S0- cial Service Committee 1355 Left at end of junior Year. EDXVIN H. ROACH A T Q "Ed" "Eddie" "C0cky" 208 VV, Euclid Avenue, Springlield, O. Architecture Springfield High School and Wittenberg College. Left at end of Sophomore Year. JOHN S. VAN VOORHIS "Van" Reading, Pa. Arts Schuylkill Seminary, Reading, Pa. Left at end of junior Year. f... my .-,.-,. , V A, I pig-zfggggi f 2 'H PI' fp C.. . f 2-efzywz. N , D -. f -yf.-vf.i,'.-:'4V:+,--:- .i:,:- 1 .:1iQ...2r3'5fe'-1:-.. ' f ff a. 5.-e,am,gy,gy.:, 4 f ,f 4 .,,.,. 4. . ff . A- C 4 V, f,.,i,,,.,:Q,,,-,E 9:-.W .r ., ., . ,JM " 21-35?: " l1-3.13 'V off . 'f g i W, zrn1sz-f:f,:wg',g:5- j'.,l-2:5233 -f:-M1, '4: ' 'f ' 1 ' Z X ' " V r f f wi W , af' ae Lf ffxf vi " Q Q H fx, ,f ffl e, X: V 'av , CA, 1 9 ,Q , Y Zi? 1 4 iw? 4 1 ,C f 'SM' ,- f , sa 1 no , ' -J.-, . 'mi Q '-'f ' A Q , ff -v.-Q' , I 4 ', . .QC , es-.2 f fi? Q SCC, , , fy, 35.2 'E A 30,1 Wm 144, Il , 4, , ,A of , , ,Q C I f , ., , , :,.,"' v ff JOHN OLIVER SCHMIDT E X "Dutch" "Schmidty" 929 lVashington Street, Shamokin, Pa. Wharton Shamokin High School. Track C255 Freshman Track Team: Banquet Committee C153 Poster Committee ill C252 Glee Club C15 C255 Navy Club, Left at end of Sophomore Year. CHARLES GHRISKEY VVATSON KA "Gris" "Ghrisle" "Wats0" 3936 'Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Mechanical Engineering Episcopal Academy. Soccer Squad C253 Dancing Chorus of Engineers' Show C359 Episcopal Acad- emy Club C15 C25 C355 Whitney Engineering Society C15 C25 C359 Left at end of junior Year. iid? n C 1' 1 , ,iw ,. . af .2 I 1 4 f X ' ' J , 77, .I 1 f f ., S ffl yu 11 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE A1 I E IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII llIllIl1IlllllllIll ffm 1 g 'JAR x.,,gIlllIlllll!lIllllM' M 2,1491 MII., IW 99,19 yfff X19-11-.v.5' ' an gl 3. .av ,SE ,i 2 E IE IME ADDISON HARILEY MCCULLOUGH .SEPTEMBER 11893 JANUARY 17 1914 OCTOBER 30 1892 NCVEMBER. 16 1915 1 JUNIUS .SARUM RABQTEAU APRIL 14 1891 DECEMBER ze 1915 HARRY EDWIN WATTS MAY 13 1892. DECEMBER so 1915 MALCGLM WARD JULY 25 1993 JANUARY 5 1916 X9 an Qi' X 'IL II II IIIIIIII I ,IIIIIIIIII I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I . 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A1'1'l111r Littleton 'fIlANSl"liIiRIXG Or' CAR ANR GOWX The Campus Ivy ODE .......... ................. .... E I wood Lindsay Haines PLANTING TIIE Ivy Ivy QJIKATIOX . .... . .....,.............. ...Alllmrt Hawley Lucas CL.-XSS DAY COMMITTEE IDAVID Conlyxs SPOONEIKJ JR., Clllllflllflll -' JOSEPH BALD1, QND FREDERICK XVARREX JVAXNAIXIE JONATHAN M. BELL 13EXJANIN SHEPPARD TI'IOllP, JR. GEORGE CLARENCE Buosws JAMES NOBLE SHRYOCK L. ROY CABIPBELL CHARLES IXLEXAXDER SERVICE, JR. LEIROY NoR'r1fIRoP CASTOR I-IAROLD GORDON LAcy ALLEN DYER CORNELL RO13I2llT LEONARD HoovEN l CLAUDE WAI.TEll DUDLEY I-101,51-my DE I-Lwlgg Fox x RICAIIIJO ZARIOLA ZIMMERMAN ' l l I A i j I ' "'I fi I l 126 N I, ,-'. -.. --V- 'z ,- N 'it A ' J D. C ROM the dawn of college history, custom has ordained that every gradu- ating class have on record an account of its progress and achievements. In obeying this decree, it must be borne in mind that the historian can- not depict those bonds of friendships formed, the joys attending suc- cess, or the anguish following defeat. The lines about to follow form a bare skeleton of four happy years, with the names of those men most prominent in activities and the events of import to the class as a whole. It will no doubt. be more discreet to pass over our first appearance on the campus, the complications involved in matriculating, and the welcome at Col- lege Hall by solicitous publication candidates, from whom we either effected a skillful retreat or else submitted peacefully to their eloquent appeals. Our first assemblage, as you well remember, took place the night before the opening of college in the vicinity of the Bi-Gardens. It was our first clash with the Sophs and we were rehearsing our newly-invented war-cry before several Juniors, un- able to calm our blood-thirstiness, who instructed us in methods of procedure. Vyithout respecting their advice we charged blindly into the savage mass of Sophomores, struggling for over an hour, ultimately going down to defeat in our initial battle of the year. After having the finer points in the art of battle from the Poster Fight, and with our minds set upon revenge, the Chapel Fight following the opening exercises was an easy victory, the blow of a whistle-ea short mix-up-a few groans-and an hilarious shout announcing that 1916 had ucome back? At the Freshman Reception, an impetus towards activity was easily pro- vided. As usual, the keynote of all the speeches emphasized some form of serv- ice to the University, and we did not delay in acting upon the suggestions of- fered. Franklin Field soon became dotted with blue-jerseyed football aspi1'- ants, the Schuylkill was made use of by ambitious O9.1'S1T1GD, while those destined to become Editors and Advertising Bianagers commenced chasing news and signing contracts for their respective publications. I , 127 ll ff ll " ll By the time the Christmas holidays had rolled around, the process of moulding this heterogeneous mass of raw material Cas we were styled in an edition of the Punch Hotel dedicated to our welfare, was past its elementary stages. The problem of establishing an intense class spirit had been solved, the majority of us had bid farewell to two precious dollars, rid ourselves of the familiarity of Class Dues Collectors, and exercised our privileges as certified members of the Class of Nineteen Sixteen by electing Earle Humphreys as OU1' first president. Although the Freslnnan Football Team did not succeed in startling the sporting public, it did produce its share of gridiron heroes, who at one time or another thrilled the stands by a sensational dash for a touch-down, or by a phe- nomenal tackle of a dangerous opponent. "Ned" Harris, later elected Captain of the Varsity, Hopkins, Tighe, Murdoch, Russell and Pepper were members of the Team who have since distinguished themselves by making the Varsity. Besides the ordinary program of our daily routine, the chronicle of events for the first year contains numerous incidents over which it is well worth while to reminisce, as we grow older. An unexpected holiday came to us with the spectacular victory over Michigan, which was celebrated by a bonfire and snake-dance, that would make Old Siwash g1'een with envy. In the early morn- ing Poster Fight we were represented by but fifty shivering Freshmen, who were forced at last to return to warm beds and dream over the bitter sting of defeat, so rudely administered after such a ferocious struggle. The Push Ball Fight afforded us the opportunity for retaliation, and with the inspiration of a battery of moving-picture cameras, we conquered in the fourth and next to last encounter. The percentage of victories and defeats was now an even five hundred, and in order to win the honors for the year it was necessary to triumph in the Bowl Fight. Subsequent to a thorough canvass throughout. the class for volunteers, enough recruits were enlisted to insure our adversaries a battle royal, and after due mobilization, a conflict took place of so riotous a nature that it was in vain that the Class of Nineteen Fifteen made its attempt to resist. VVe were conceded to be the scrappier class of the two, so hostility towards the Sophomores was consigned to oblivion, and we concentrated our attention upon matters more civilized. Innnediately following the llid-years, the mortality figures were posted and there was nothing to indicate that not enough live ones remained to per- mit the first Class Banquet to be an event, of spirited good fellowship and joy unconfined. The llajestic was chosen as the rendezvous for this notable occa- sion, of which success a description is unnecessary, there being evidences of it in the indispensable ash-trays, autographed menus, and scrap-book accounts, that remain to tell the tale. 128 .. Gi ,, How many members of this class experienced the unique sensation of sen- tinel duty in the neighborhood of 310 Quince Street, it is difficult to ascertain, but for those who might. have happened to spend a sleepless night among Ryan's gang of soap-hox politicians, the fact that they did is worthy of mention. Needless to say, a war on this extraordinary means of ticket distribution was strenuously waged, finally ending in the abolition of the famous and notorious Mask and YVig line. And ever since, it has no more been a puzzling situation to get an orchestra seat to view such stars as Mason VVright, Philler Lee and "Tom', Hart, who so often have awakened many a youthful imagination to the thrills and romance of stage-land. In searching the hack numbers of the Perrzfn.9ylz'fmia11, no trace of the out- come of the Dean's Trophy Contest can be found. Up to a certain point, keen rivalry existed between the two classes, but for some mysterious reason the years passed hy, until our rivals departed from the classic. walls, leaving behind the determining game of cricket unplayed. As for the contests with which we are credited, the way to victory in the dual track meet was paved by such powers on the Cinder path as Meredith, Lockwood, Bacon and Kelly, who had already brought fame to the class by smashing a world's record for Freshman teams in the one-mile relay. Led by 'cJimmie,, Shryock, we showed our superiority in the realm of aquatics, while in the great national pastime our success was principally due to lfordoch, Eiehelberger and Schimpf, the only consistent mainstays of the class on the diamond to-day. Our first year at the University drew to a close, and those of us fortunate enough to escape a session at the Summer School, migrated to less tropical sec- tions of the country. The newspapers told us of "Ad" Foster's determined but futile effort to push our shell into first place at the Poughkeepsie regatta, and along towards the close of summer, post-cards urged us to be on hand for future conflicts with a Freshman class rumored to be both large and unruly. Having grown discouraged in my pursuit of available synonyms for the words ubarbaric" and "ferocious,,' which characterize the descriptions of Class Fights for the preceding year, abstinence from detail is my only choice in treating those scraps occurring during the period spent as Sophomores. In- stead of the customary Push Ball Fight, what is known as the Flour Fight was instituted, but for whatever purpose the change, the loss of undergarments showed no visible signs of decrease, and brutality was as conspicuous as ever before. As uBolo,' Gotham was rapidly gaining recognition as our most conscien- tious oarsman, he was elected President of the Class, and his first display of re- markable foresight was in the selection of "Freddie,' Adams as Chairman of the Banquet Committee. VVhether '4Fred"' was given the football managership because of his skill in conducting the Sophomore Banquet, or whether his musi- 1 2,9 l 1 a l l cal ability qualified him as a most efticient executive for a banquet, we hesitate to conjecture. It is sufficient to state that the class was furnished a treat, where enthusiasm ascended so high that the fountain of youth was bubbling over with mirth. As a climax, it was not many weeks later until the entire Uni- versity was in danger of "hitting the trailn with "Billy,' Sunday of evangelis- tical reputation, on the firing line, when the student body exhibited pitiful symptoms of the most deadly emotional weaknesses. Recovery was swift, bow- ever, and under the skilful direction of George VVl'lZ11'tOl1 Pepper, Jr., the Sopho- more Dance took place, so far as we know without the circulation of an object- ing petition by horrified converts. Violating the rule t.hat Hsilence is goldcnf' 4'Jack,' Lansill and his eoterie of judges dramatically condemned three members of the faculty to a cruel and instantaneous death. The victims, Callender, Hoekstra and Shelly were shown no leniency and the solemnity of the tragedy was but slightly impaired by the necessary burning of the traditional black caps. On our return to the University, the authorities noting that the morning chapel exercises only interfered with our breakfast, decided that it would be a far better plan to inaugurate compulsory chapel at the noon hour and deprive us of luncheon instead. Then class politics caused a stir, and after allong and drawn-out cam- paign "Art" Littleton assumed charge of our destinies. "Jack" Lansill, of Cremation fame, no longer the impartial judge, took the role of toastmaster for our third banquet, and narrated episodes which could trace their lineage to an antediluvian age. However, "Jack,' made Junior Yveek a period of joy and delight, culminating in one of the most brilliant dances ever staged in VVeight- man Hall. Just to show the versatility of our class members, 'tBob" Dechert, Earle Humphreys, "Art" Littleton, "Larry" Murdoch and "Cap" Townsend, having secured honors in one or more forms of activity, pursued the curriculum to its highest point and became members of the Phi Beta Kappa Honorary Society. "Ted" lleredith and U-Joe" Lockwood were members of the famous one-mile relay team that annexed a new worldis record, Gordon Hardwick and 'cBillie" VVilliamson were shining at basketball, and uEllie', Chickering was selected as Captain of the Crew. It would seem, holding the year in retrospect, that all our members were engaged in some form of amusement. Minor sports attracted many, editorial members engaged in an interpublication track meet pronounced by spectators to be an "awful success," some extremists petitioned for eight oielock classes, and it has been stated on fairly reliable authority- that no small number accumu- lated a mess of cuts, while displaying keen interest in a cert.ain "College VVidow" posing for camera men. 130 :: K :: The leaders of our first three years in athletics, managerships, and sundry other activities, now assumed control. The Senior election, though more formal and awe-inspiring than our first meetings, evidenced development in loquacious- ness on the part of many members, and the result was Gordon Hardwick's speedy appointment as pilot of class affairs. Our Ivy Ball, with its Hawaiian scenery and strains of weird but entranc- ing music, was the blue ribbon event of ou1' career, while our Senior Banquet, though lively in every way, aroused us to the solemn reality that but few days re- mained before farewells to the campus, classmates and friends must be said. Let us hope, fellow-classmen, that these few lines of brief review will not be the last page of our class history in the University. As alumni, t.he same degree of interest in our Alma Rlater should be demonstrated as in our under- graduate days. Let us try to make the members of the class stand forth as the most illustrious alumni in the time to come, and may the friendships and associa- tions whieli have taken root here form and mature with the passage of time. GEORGE CLARENCE Bnosufs. My 1 .---... ...M- 0 , 'WI fir! i N 45" . , 2 -X nv -as :Y N at 'istftifiiii gfeaif'-2 fi ., ,wf-1 ..., ' - 2' 'U' fr, 9f,f"ii'W 131 ' ' 4 X R7 . :. - . .' - , . . - . . A' . . . - I----'.-2 . . - ' -- di "R!".Ep - N? .'-. 1' ' Q 'i 1 If i'1'l's1'.v, I'1'1' 12l'l'II r1.slr1'1I fo 'iL'l'ifL' ,vo1111' OIL fl wry fllllllllla' 1'Z11,s'.s- Tl111f'.v about fo livin' This lvlli-'E'L'l'-Si-ft'l'j So if you, do not lilri' flzvnz, I hope tllllf you will IIIIIIIIL' Tlicsc' 1'z'1'.s'i'.s' on flu' vlilss, 111111 not on mv. Four y1'ur.v ago, in A7iIlFfl'l'lA T2c'1'II'1' 11 v I't"l'lII17If I"1'0sl11r11"11 TCC' zrrri' svvzl: 11,1111 now Imliolzl, fond 1,Il'.S' 1111-rl .U11'.s-, The Senior Clzzxs, Avl7It'fl'l'II' bhlfllll. Of f'o11rs12 '1j0Il"'i'l? 71011111 of 4U1'1'1'fIi1'l1, That 7lIlI1I'Z'L'l of H10 irack, .-11111 C71ickc'ring 7C'7l0,S Cllpffliilzy of fill' C'r1'u'q While Hm'1'i.s', Lockwood, Scwvll, Sliryoclf, 17718 IIIIIIZIIVZ1 fish, Arc rlowbzflms' -1111 mfs lmofvzi, irony wall to LUOLL. The Nivzctcmi Siwfvmi, 6cDOl'IIIil?S,, look 1-is if some one 111111 871015 ,mrzig Tlzcij vzcrm' hit H16 1111-:U 'zmitil 7, They gizfe thciv' "Yen, Rorvboftoiiz. 132 ' " ' gl 293 an g . : is I 5 1 I I . . K :: "Art" Littleton- and Robert D. A re morxcrs in o-ur class, lVith, Gordon H., who throws the S.O.S., And down in Architecture One gay George lVharton P. lVas lrrzozvn to save a- lady in- distress. lVe'z'e rained our digestion, frierncls, lVith lVhite H oase flinners after teng Our future wires mast really put Us lnaclr in proper shape again, Our party isn't quite as large As 'fzoas four years agog A deadly fi-re of '6F,s', has thinned the ranlfsg But we the bold survivors Will welcome our discharge- lVhic7z. costs as twenty "seecls,'-with profuse thanks The College turns out literary hacks, TfVrist-watch reformers, now and then a scholarg Towne gives as Architects and Engineers, The sons of Wharton snare the elafsive dollar. Apart from the wide world welzve been Within these cloisterecl halls, W' here svnrohing is forbiclden by the Deans g lfVe"oe worked and played together, And done our little parts In different roles and many changing scenes. A lot of as have learned to use Diplomacy and politics, Bat most of as are friends because- TV ell, in-ost of as know how to mix. 133 K mv, -,.. f lVc'z'c had our fling-zce realize That best of flicnrls must part, lVr'rz' going bfzrhf fo fight the world Ilg1ll7Lj Our Alma M f1fer's tau-glzt us, Slzchsf tzzlzglzf us how to figlzt, To fight mul elif' as Pc'1111sylz'rmi11 IIIU7l. lVitlz, all that Ht'Ollllf-lJIlL'ln'H 1'ig'0r .-If our l'l'Il'l1l0lIS zur will sing: Ah! flozzfing 1l0'1c'11 fhv hulls of time Om: SUFIIIS fo lll'1lI' fha' c'l101'11s ring. Tlwrf' is Illllvyll' in the city, In- our ulcl lVc',s'f Philly rify, Avllll?lf'l'll' Si.1'lz'f'111 is 1'z'1'111'nZ1zg From flu' nzoznzfzzinv rl-ml Thu shore, All the irivfl hf1ll.s- ure' snziling, Smiling frilh, ll snzilz' lmgzzilizzg, lllllllllr fhcy thinly of hon' ihvy'll greet Thi' " 'IIT' you 11g'.vfz'1's as of 'IjOI'6. All flzc f'11111p11.s- flags arc' flying, Up Ilg'IllllSf The lnlzw fl1c'y'1'r' flying, B7'lIlg'll1g 'IIICIII-0l'lC-Y fhnf linger' Afnrl the lzopcs that Allawi' rliv: 4-llnm JInfc'r'.s softly .vilzgizzg H up py is the song' shr's -S'l7lg'l'1I'g', As' she f'la.9p.s' hm' loyal som witlzin. H cr Zozivzg arms 0-nw more. Yes, tlze1'c's mzwic: in th-cr ci-ty, In our old lllcst Philly city, In the qzmint rmzfl 'IlIl?hl07C7 City, By the Sclzl-ulyllu'ilZ's smmy shoreg Afnfl thc izvicfl walls are sm-iliflzg, Smiling with 11A smile l1c'gz1iZi4zg, F or old Si-.'L'f66'I'L,S 7'C?fZlf7'7'1h7'Ig, Rezmitecl as of yore. IJOYAL YOUNG GRAHAM, III. 134 f w ' ! -. f is 4 1 . K ' ' 0 19 Y travels had taken me to many parts of the world, and time after time the thoughts and memories of our College days were brought to mind as I visited with various members of the Class of 1916, many of whom I had not seen for some twenty years or more. So when I arrived in Philadelphia I betook myself at once to the home of 'cLarry" Murdoch, now General Secretary of the Alumni, in order to get in touch with the several 1916 fellows still in the city. Here I found "Larry" talking foot- ball with his nineteen-year old son, a Junior at the University. After meeting lNIrs. Blurdoch we retired to the spacious sitting room and made ourselves comfo1'table before the fire-place. 'tIt has been particularly gratifying to many members of our class whom I have seen recently, to know that the affairs of the Alumni are in your hands," was the way in which I expressed the oft heard opinion of many of the fellows. ' Accepting the statement very modestly, "Larry,' replied, HI have con- sidered it a most acceptable duty to do what I can for Pennsylvania, but I regret that I am unable to keep in more direct touch with the men. I have anticipated your visit in order to learn of many of the fellows, whom you wrote you had seen, for my intimitate connections are principally in and around Philadelphiaf, "Well, to me it has been a piece of good fortune to renew many old friend- ships, and to see many of the fellows happy and contented in their family and business lives. However, I have saved the best part of my travels until now, when I shall see so many of the fellows here in the samei old city where we spent the four years together. Just how are all of the boys doing ?" For the next few minutes I was mute with interest as I heard "Larry,' tell of the many fellows. ltlention of their names brought back to mind many cherished memories of our days together. 135 :: K :: "I dontt know where to beginf' he said, "but our class is certainly well represented among the prominent and successful men of the city. 'Bob' Dechert is now the Editor-in-Chief of the 'Public Ledger, and between him and Park IVillis, who has charge of the Publicity Bureau of the University, it is gratifying to know that Pennsylvania now receives more considerate treat- ment through the public press. You will probably remember that Park was married soon after graduation, and, having decided to remain in Philadelphia, he took up the publicity work ot' the University. "George Pepper completed his course in Architecture after our class grad- uated, and recently has designed several ot' the most beautiful buildings ever erected in 17llIl2l.LlCl1llli2l1-'-2I.IIlOI'lg which is the new Broad Street Station. By the way, I suppose you know that 'Jack' Thayer and Tap' Townsend now hold the controlling interest in the Pemisylvania Railroad. They both have splendid suburban homes and are still active members of the Merion Cricket Club. ttfapts' eldest son was recently elected President of the Sophomore Class at tbe University. I have seen Pbiller a great deal around the Cricket Club. He is still single and seems to enjoy the society life as much as ever. He really seems to be quite a 'social lion' in spite of his age. "Gordon Ilardwick has been particularly successful. He is at tl1e bead of one of the leading llI2lINlliilC'tll1'lllg concerns in the city and is one of the most interested and influential of our Alumni. I guess he seldom misses a game at the new stadium, Qthe much needed improvement for which he worked untir- inglyj. "You will remember that some ot' the fellows entered law after graduation. Z-Xrt., Littleton soon made a name for himself and has been elected a Congress- man from this district. I-Ie is also chief counsel for one of the largest corpora- tions ot' this city. 'Gene' Southall began bis practice in Philadelphia and has become a specialist in Insurance Law. He is now attorney for the Provident Life and Trust Company. HSeveral of the fellows are still directly connected with things at the Uni- versity. 'Elliet Chickering is President of the Athletic Association and bas done much to keep Pennsylvania Athletics at the top. 'Ted, lleredith bas for several years been coaching the track team, and this last spring turned out a championship team for the third consecutive year. tAd' Foster got mixed up in politics soon after he was out ot' school and is the 'biayor of Darbyif However, he bas not lost interest in Pennsylvania and spring always finds him out helping with the crews on the river. "A number of other fellows are located here in Philadelphia, some of whom have done very wellg but for some reason I dontt seem to be able to keep in very close touch with them. But what are the fellows doing whom you have seen recently P" 136 "YVell, I just came up from VVashington where I spent a day with 'Al' Lucas. 'Al' prepared for the ministry and has made a most rapid rise as a minister. I-le now has the largest Episcopal Church in VVashington. While in the Capitol City I also saw 'Al' Cornell, who has recently completed the plans for several new govermnent buildings. From all appearances he has been able to get most of the gorermnent architectural work of late. "For the past. six months I have been working eastward from the Pacific Coast. YVhile in San Francisco I met Jimmy Shryock. Jimmy wandered about for a few years after finishing school but finally entered into the adver- tising business, where his original philosophy and psychology have rapidly brought him to the top. "In Denver I spent a day with 'Ed' Sewell. 'Ed' has one of the finest hotels in Denver and says he sees Pennsylvania men quite often as they come through on their western trips. George Brosius is also in Denver. He married shortly after graduation and settled in Chicago, but later started in the publishing business in Denver. "YVhile in Chicago I had the opportunity of seeing 'Mase' Wfright in the leading role of his most recent play, 'The VViggers.' You no doubt see him here in Philadelphia occasionally, for he is certainly among the most popular actors of the day. "I took occasion to run out into the rural districts of Illinois to visit 'Billy' YVilliamson who has made a big success as a farmer. 'Billy' started farming in New Jersey but the opportunities were too limited so he moved with his family out into the hliddle Wfest. where he has a wonderful farm and home. "At Toledo I saw 'Fred' Adams. 'Fred' went into the milling business with his father and the business has grown until 'Fred' says they are selling .flour in seven different countries, but that the quality of their flour is such that the demand is far in excess of their greatest possible output. "You have no doubt heard of the achievements of 'Ned' Harris and 'Dave' Hopkins. I saw them at Niagara Falls and they took me' all through that mar- velous power plant of theirs by which they are now supplying electricity to Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit and hope to reach Chicago soon. "One of the most pleasant stops was made up among the Thousand Islands. 'Bob' Gotham made his fortune on the New York Stock Exchange and then retired. He now has a magnificent home and a wonderful family on one of the most beautiful islands of the St. Lawrence. He is the same old 'Bobf loving the out of doors and spending a great deal of time in motor boating. "You perhaps remember that Loyal Graham prepared for the ministry. However, he seems to have found the life as a 'pious' minister somewhat out of accord With his nature so he has got into the work of writing lighter literature and is now with the Life Publishing Company in New York. 137 "I regret that while abroad I met but few of the fellows. Several went into the branch offices of the Standard Oil Company and branch banks of the National City Bank but I saw very few of them. VVhile in London I did see 'Lest Joy, who is at the head of a large English Steamship Company, and I permitted him to provide me with transportation to Buenos Aires where I had a good visit with 'Art7 Wfeiriek who is now in charge of one of the branches of the National City Bank of New York. I-Ie said that practically all of the fellows had made good who had taken up this work with the New York Bank. "I made plans to see a number of others hut in many cases I missed them because of my short stops in most places. However, I inquired after them and usually heard only gratifying comments as to their business and families. Many were anxious to hean of the others and to know everything interesting re- garding the University. In other eases where their sons were in the University, I learned many things of interest." c'If you will not he disturbed hy the rest of the family we shall be glad to have you dine with us," was the cordial greeting of Mrs. Murdoch as she came into the room. YVe aeeepted most willingly, still continuing our discussion of Pennsylvania men and interests, for each of the family seemed to cherish a personal concern in these things. It was well nigh midnight when I reluctantly departed from their welcome fireside after promising to meet them on t.he fol- lowing day to see the Michigan game, in which "I,arry's" son was to play. HARRY T. HUFF. an -ar 1-i nfo' 4 Q4 Ss. ipod, gal' - - -6 -,,, ga . g iv A W me -fm f iv. ll ll ll ' ' ll 138 Kccazzd ...l lv i .Lu,uu11uuLuuuuUl""fE F s - Q- V i 'E-EE! it 'Q -5' ,..E' I' F- I " 'li Fl.. . "5" 5 '.L: .5+5 y- , -x- v5 f3. iz.-.-:l E 'E-'i":'..:.--sl - -, E u Q -g , -, l E sl :q Q? tl T-ge ,255 :I ii I I.- l T is with a peculiar sensation of something different, of events about to change, of our normal course of life for four years soon to be altered, that we gather here to-day to say 'cFarewell." For us, it is not only the time of '4Good-byev to Alma Mater and to college asso- ciates and associationsg it is the period which marks our drop from the ideal world back to earth again. For four years we have lived in our own distinct microcosin-COLLEGE, more or less unmindful of the world outside. Few events of national consequence have been so important as have our foot-ball games, our banquets, our publications. Our interests have been intensiveg our tendencies, introspective. To-day marks the close-and, we believe, a glorious one-of this tiny world. From now on, we fill our places again in the group which we left back there in nineteen hundred and twelve. And as we take this breathing spell, -this Class Day, which marks that transition, the natural query which forces itself to our minds is: uVVhat has it all been for? For what purpose and to what end have we spent four of the best years of life in college PM Some would like to have us believe that it has been a useless waste of timeg others, that it has filled a need for a period of pleasure and of freedom from care which is every 111211173 due. But I believe that our time here at Pennsylvania has been spent in the pursuit of that which is vital to every individual: a sincere sense of how to live best with our fellow-men. To-day, in another part of the world, there is being waged a mighty con- flict, which will determine whether democracy is stronger than absolutism, and which will decide whether men who rule themselves are more capable and per- sistent than those dominated by an individual. The success or failure of popu- lar government is at stake. The proper relationship of man to man is being established on the battle-field. 139 K pe Here :it home, we have at struggle just :Ls giganltic even if not so tragic. From now on, we are inclivicluzils whose will selects the executive, whose repre- sentatives make the laws, whose power is sovereign. It is for us, these individ- uals, to prove by our actions, that such ai democracy is the best form of govern- ment. No state is any stronger than its individual citizens. Its physical power is the sum total of their fitness and readiness? its mental worth is reckoned by the zimount of their diligence :incl eft'ortg its moral strength is the direct result of their attitude one townrcl another. Here ut Peimsylvziniei, we have learned the need of uppliczition and stucly: we have felt the stimulus of physical train- ingg but if we have not. lezirnecl the principles of true rlemocrucy, then college for us has been 11 failure. '1'oleru11ce without patronage, the ability to see things through :mother mzufs eyes, :L sincere outlook on the worlcl with prin- ciple :mcl not policy :is ai lmsis-these are more necessary than Latin :intl chemistry, and more potent than ai strong hack zincl arms. A democracy can thrive on neither snohhery nor servility. A clemocrucy needs men. So to-clay, as we stuml before our Alma Mater for the lust time as under- gmcliizites, :incl :Ls she grasps us hy the hzuirl :incl bicls us, t'Yz1lel',, let us look her straight in the eye :incl vow that, in whatever walk of life we direct our efforts, our lzihor will he the luhor of love for mnukincl :ind our purpose the making of ai more perfect :uirl sincere citizenship. Yule te, Alma Hater. In all may we prove ourselves true Pennsylvanizmsl A R T H If H L ITTLETON. ' l 0 '1 U: 'Hx I 4:5293 1 1554. : Ill 140 gl ' ' 1 A nun n Q E fx 'T"L--YQ dmv gp V 1 I "H l 1 4 f 1ul,' L' vl' fl' QW!!! fl ft 7 gf! I I lxlll ll mpllfllyfllltf Q 'll lll lI'l ,1 tue t M , ....A,.. ....... ..... .... .... .'."' IHNIIIIIIIIIIIIIU' 'tl-gi ll- , v- ' - , V , 4, , -Mfl"'IlN' Jwblglk U llllllllllllllllllllllHI 'L Zllllllllilll :Ag all Q l il lnll Il fiulilm - I? " v'-. Wu- . 'yy H :L fl 1 HH Ulfmyl. X 45f'1I,,l,I H, rl11!llH,IIf' sllliIllllmhlnnllmmllfllf1 :I lll lr: . ei , I UI 1,f , . Yr - Ill ll ,Q ,f fu- 1 L y, A I n:.l.l 4.1 1,1 I1 lj III I , u .I ,..y ,, 'bn ll' ' "4' !l 1-I fl 'Ill' 1-1'l'llf3HI ""'K'll'N :fi H2 H' KI aff 5 l HH H!! Nl, i My neg -1 '-4 -,H ,g:1:,-,flmggflll In 1- 53 '- tm uw IH tt rn, ft 1 H 1 55? fl 3 F' als' 'till WH IM JRR iI'f"'ilffW " .41-' , lil, t ' ,I",lDl1' :I " ,l 'll I : -ll. , W .ml Hi! ,I .VIIIIE-Al filza? 1 1 ,Ilglu , I lu: ,ml Hymns, 'YH.lg'lmll.1n1u1mM,,,ln!f, lm I Q WI Ilmm 1 IllllflfmIZIIMIIISIIIIWIhillIt:Ilia 1 fill V flllff fl 'sr ,, mx -17:-11 L :F-2:2 1'-N: -1 Theres a sort of fathomless feeling That eonzes with a glimpse at lifeg I t's gripping us 'now and rezuealing The Truth whose tongue is a. knife. For the monster mould of Tonzorroze, Close shrouded ln- funeral grey, Has clouded the soul with sorrow That once nzoelfed at the grave of Today. For what waits beyond in the Future Is hidden in- random surmise: The plague of the Past is upon us, The Present is gowned in disguise. The travail of loss that comes after A sojourn of joyous erlthrall, Has crowded this daly set for laughter lf'Vith the sadness of thoughts that appall. The places beyond us are calling,- The sea, of the wise, old worldg Our untriged heels are expectant, And the spotless sails unfurled. Though we ha-we no wild foreboding Of the realms that extend before- Let us hold up our voyage a- moment, E 'er we venture out from the shore. 141 Mgr f, Should there not some token be planted At the edge of this world 'zm.lm0wn, Some symbol of fealty be g-muted At the slzrine of the Ivy Stone? That may flourish in memo-ry ever lVi-th the Arise and ebb of the tide, llfllffll we are scattered forever To the ports of the fm' and wide? So we have e1zslirim'iI in 1'l'7IlUlIIl27'Il'71C8 The sign of the Ivy Viizeg lVe are plnntilzg' it here in the senzblflnee Of the love that is yozzrs mul niivze. Though time and tide may sever l.77ll"lIlIlI1g' imtiovzs of men, Yet the Ivy will flzrivi' forever To the honor of fleur olfl Penn.. r .l1Ill'l'C' is only one sun to lighten All Corners of erlrtli and sm. That will mzllfe this Ivy lzriglzten With the rays of sympntlzy: Avid these 7't'fll'C'fIlIg' l1f1i'l.'u'11rd.s, Will be part of the sun agiiin To spreflil the light of devotion O'e1' wastes of sea and plain. Erich year ns the Ivy gr0'za's gree-1'1e7' the fiilvevit of Springtime and sim-, 071-1' love will wage fin-er mid clemler And vfziizgle all souls into one. And just ns its fingers 1'6IICll up1c'a1'd And clasp the cold stofne of the wall, So our lzearts will be bo-zmd. by the tenirlri-ls And be beclrmzeil bnelv by their coll. i fe fiWff"'l2 l I , 'W' Z.lLE..Q7,kZ ., xiii 2,g:.xWZ?1Z,QQ 'fi , 1 Y 142 Kwan! The flutter of rain on the corniee, The whisper of winds in the leaves, lVill be wee voices that travel On- the breast of the Summer breeze. And when the brain is a-weary And we're sich' of the turmoil and pain, Ilfay the nzefnzory of old Alma Nlater Grant -us strength for the battle again. And this is the token we offer, E 'er we push our craft from the shore-H The Ivy inzwnzortal, to cherish The love which has bee-ni our store. lVhat fear have we of the breakers, Or the spufmy threat of the sea lVhile a token! of love is our fetish, To guard us eternally? This morn we are sailing light-hearted Right into the soul of the sun, Our sails are one with its golden gaze, Though our voyage is scarce begun. The pain of leaving our loves behind Is lost in the thou-ght of the lands to find, Of the wars to fight and the worlds to win- Battles with yin-ance and struggles with sin. And the heart of our Alma Mater Is wrapped in our enterpriseg To her we owe the power to sail Far more than we realize. May the thought of the tiny Ivy, Struggling on in the sun, St-ir in. us wisdom to master the reefs, Rouse in us courage to conquer our griefs In the land that is to come. ELXS'OOD L. HAINES. ff-yoj af - 143 qnvfr 4'1',,.4j 4 1 hifi' ' ' gr., ' 1 sail' - yvu.1..,, UST t'o1'tv-two years ago, 21 1-lass elected to CU1l1ll1C1llO1'ELtC its graduation by tlie planting ot' 21 sprig of Ivy on tlie walls ot' College Hall. From tliat first l71'ilI1Cll and otliers lantecl ve111' bv veal' has 0'1'ow11 EL vine 1 . . . 1 :J of n1111'velons beauty, wliieli l'Clll1'llIlS 1111 lnstoric token of tl1e Oiltll nien took to 11icl and support l'en11sj'lv11ni11. So t1'2Illll'l0ll lias cleC1'eed tlie planting of tlie Ivy as tlie final united 11etion of llIIilL'I'gl'ililllilIL' life. Let us stop for ll nioinent to eonsiclei' tlie expression "united aetionf' VVl111t does it cleniancl of ns? 'I'l'1e slender Ivy b1'11nel1 that twists and creeps up the walls tl111t 111-e so well l-cnown to ns is but 1111 i11divid1111l part of tl1e foster- ing vine. And eaeli twig and lent' tl111t forins El part ot' tl111t ln'anel1 are relative to tl1e pliysieal lllillilf-UID of our indivicl1111litv. Yet it is tlie lJ1'ilHCl1 tliat, in tlie encl, lllilliL'S tlie vine, by tlie nnitecl action ot' all its parts. lVe, tlie Class of Nineteen Sixteen, for foni' wonclerful years have lived 21 life i11 wliieli nnitecl interest has do1nin11ted ns 11ll. 'I'o-niorrow we go forth to pursue tlie iiiclividnal life, and ininiediatelv it beeoines tlie responsibility of each to clen1o11st1'11te liis loyalty to I'e11nsylv1111i11. United action depends upon tlie positive attitncle of tlie I1IfllVlflll2ll to1v111'ds tlie group,-tl11'owing the weight of one's personality, purpose and 1'ep11t1'1tio11 to establish 21 PC1'1Hf1DC11t bond between Pennsylvania and tl1e Class of Nineteen Sixteen. Tlnougli tlie ditI'e1'e11t eliannels of College life, tlie academic and athletic, tlie friendly competition, tlie daily eontaet witl1 111en wl1o111 we 11dn1i1'e and respect, and niost v11l1111ble of all, tlie frieiidsliips fO1'l1lOCl,l'tl11'0llgl1 all these, tlie moulding of tlie boy into tlie 1112111 prepared, we End ourselves at tl1e tl11'esl10ld to wliicli tlie day brings us. Sons of Pennsylv11ni11l-That. is our title, hence- forth. lllay we well deserve tl111t honor! May it be said of eacli of us in the years to come,-"I-IE DID VVI-IAT HE COULD I" ALBERT HAVVLEY LUCAS, 144 mg my M 5 imsumt a f , anim' 1916 5 ANY classes are remembered for great undergraduate achievements, both athletic and otherwise, while others, such as '87, live because of the later attainments of their members. VVe of the Class of Nineteen Sixteen have already 63 "lk 'w' ' . . . c 1'-in . ,O 'gi i ' M " I l' I flii-IEW - ft "Yi" . H ... i, lf., s ,., ,. .LH mx. . l- ,641 :ff-ff ,. . 2,1 - 5' 'r-5' W 1 , 4. 243:- . ,. H-' ' if''':""!iAwE6'1f4'-:2f'7S.'-QL 1 Mg.. , f ,., 1- ..., ,- -E' a. W. 1. . - --.2 . ' F Q ,. rr: -- - N' 1 J' ' bn, ' - gff 'isis , ' , ea me +1 - .4 " ' 1 M1553 zv vb" ,- -E V ' gs'f:Jfw,,sQi's f ff El 'fr 1 fggi iv: si-- l . ' 2-awsax, 11 fe . - :- 'fig'-be . Q: . .ages V Y left as a heritage to younger Pennsylvania men not a few unforgettable episodes from our college career, and we hope to add to our sub-- sequent history a record worthy of our ambi- tions. That our, achievements of student days may be remembered in future years, We set forth here a brief account of our many ac- tivities. After all, we do come to college to absorb education, and we are expected to get much of it from books. Those of us who have kept this before them fmore or lessj, and have done more than 'tcrack a book before exams.,', have well earned the reward of election to Phi Beta Kappa, and the societies of other departments. Those of us who wear the little gold key with the pointing hand upon it are Dechert, Frankel, Harley, Humphreys, Littleton, hlurdoch, Blus- ser, Polish, Stine, Thorsch and Townsend. Sigma Xi has .honored Austin, Barnett, Crede, Hasson, 4 Hopkins, Kohn, Powell, Urquhart, Wall and Witter. Beta Gamma Sigma, a much needed chapter of which was established in the Wharton School during the past year, initiated Cliffe, Coons, Gordon, Guenther, Geis, hioffet, Rummel and Wall. The success that these men in particular have made of their class-room Work and the honor attained 145 ll W Z4 I - I ' is not more than commensurate with the constant attention and effort that they have devoted to this most important side of college life. In the somewhat more pleasurable pursuit of ath- letics our class has been quite as successful, bring- ing to Pennsylvania the champions, laurels in sever- al ditt'erent sports, during the four seasons that we have contributed to each. Un the gridiron the Varsi- ty has not always been suc- cessful, but for three years our members have been an important factor in the line-up. This year the eleven was led by "Ned" Harris, and included at vari- ous times Tighe, Murdoch, Hopkins and Russell. Among others who have filled the moleskins, are Pepper and Madeira. "Sonny,' Mann was chosen to lead the baseball nine, but was unable to return for his senior year, and i'Sannny" Moore tilled the position to perfection. Murdoch took his turn in the outfield and Schimpf. lVisner and llatchett each held down their re- spective territory for two years. On the river the oarsmen were headed by 'tlillyw Chiekering, who also aspires to fame as manager of the tennis team! Foster has guided and encouraged the Yarsity eight for two years, ably seconded by lVeirick. Breitinger, F. Geis, Guenther, Gotham, Harley, Hildebrand, hladcira, Littleton, Pepper and others have held seats in the Varsity and Junior Yarsity crews at various times. And of the Blajor Sports, last but not least we come to Track, which means first. writing the name "Ted,' ltleredith, and thinking of the t greatest middle-distance runner in the world. No wonder that a Pennsylvania team secured the one- mile championship in 1915, with our Captain and Lockwood running for us. Nor will we ever for- E get the brilliant feat that "Ted,' performed last i year, when he took two races in quick succession if sf 4: 146 from the finest runners in Intercollegiate competition. Yet nothing can over- shadow the steady though less showy work done by others of our track athletes, Sewell, Humphreys and Colton among them. The Minor Sports have been quite as well supported by us, and the team could not be found that did not have as one of its star performers a member of '16. On the basket-ball floor, VVilliamson has found few his equal as a forward, while for three years Hardwick played a strong consistent game at guard. On the soccer Held more men represented us, for Hardwick, Houston, hiurphy and Thayer appeared at coach Stewartfs request in most of the ushejjuldv games. Captain Shryock has each year won points for the tank men, while Lehman only recently developed to a high state of efficiency his ability to float like a log at an average rate of more than a foot per second. VVhile the aquarium was being agitated by the mermen, other parts of the Gym- nasium were equally active. Rex and Barker had many occasions to show their proficiency on the Hying rings and tumbling mats re- spectively while other members of '16 were wrestling, fencing, Ulacross- ingv and doing many other things. Our most active men were not satisfied to compete in athletics only, so others besides Chickering turned their additional energy to managing teams. Adams, Dechert, Thayer, Townsend and Lansill each handled one of the hlajor Sports teams and its finances creditably. Others who have performed similar duties among the Elinor Sports are Wende, Littleton, Osgood, Co1'nell, Kite and Brosius. Another activity intimately connected with athletics is that of cheer-leading. During and after football season, under-graduate enthusi- asm was largely aroused or directed by Hardwick and his assistants, Clinton, Greenwood, Lee, VVeirick and Wende, with 'cLes,' Joy leading the singing. In both the Deans' Trophy Contests and Class Fights, '16 just about 147 if ll broke even. The Trophy Contests were on the downward path when we came in as freshmen, so that although we struggled with the upperclassmen, we never played oft' the contests with 1917. In our freshman year we won and lost three contests with 1915, and the cricket game to decide the title was never played. However, we had ove1'come the sophomore class in three out of Five class Hserapsj' and so felt that the superiority need not be fur- - ther proved. The next year 1917 lost two of the fights to us, the Poster Fight and the newly instituted Flour Rush. There was just a smack of sentiment and romance in the atmosphere of our Sophomore Cremation, back in the spring of 1911: the smoking oil torches gave enough light to see the half open gates of Franklin Field, and the dim figures gliding through. Around the small platform, lighted by improvised arcs, our class and its friends were gathered. Then the victims were haled before "Judge" Lansill, and the infamous tyrants were soon convicted by our able attorneys. lVe did a snake dance around the fire while the persons of Messrs. Callender, Hock- stra and the famous , v- X' X "Bl .D." w e 1' e -thoroughly inciner- ated. 3 , O t h e r l e s s clandestine enter- tainments have been provided for us by the hard-working Christian Associa- tion. For some of these, such as the visits from "Billy" Sunday, we were not, quite sure whether or no the Christian Association assumed full responsibility, while for such speakers as Mr. Eddy and Hugh Black we were quite willing to give credit where credit is due. In our senior year, Gordon Hardwick was president of the Christian Association, and Lucas, Campbell, Huff, Littleton, Dechert, Lansill and Toniey each contributed towards its success. ' 148 .. Keicazd .. Turning to the stage, we find that from the very start '16 took an active part in all the dramatic enterprises. For lack of space, however, only the Mask and VVig can be considered. Each year, when the chorus and cast lined up before the footlights, we were there in numbers, hidden behind: a umake- up" or under someone else,s auburn locks. Last fall the Prelim. Show was turned over to VVright. and f Lee, who put the beginners through a c o u r s e of sprouts: then uhlaccl' helped write the big show, and , KPhil', joined forces with coach Morgan, and polish- ed up the dancers. Among the many others who work- ed long and hard Qand en- joyed itlj were Hart, Joy, Service, Blolten, Neilson, - 1 Sewell, Gay, Wells, Zim- mermann, lliller and 6'Freddie', Adams, the "ivory wizard." In the Musical Clubs we were indeed a host, forming the back-bone of the clubs in our senior year. Led by Joy and Burns, with the careful management of hliller to see that we got the1'e on time, we covered the usual round of 'cone- night standsfi and some others. The five leading pub- lications have much for which to thank 316. From the time when as sopho- mores, we uheeledi' the Pemzsylvrmfian or aground out stuffn for the P.B., until we really came to control them all, our influence has been of the greatest. On the Pennsylvainifan, 'cGene,' Southall guided the destinies during the past year, and introduced seve1'al lasting improvements in the various departments. Pond and Seaver, both '16, took charge of the business end in our Junior and Senior years, respectively. llany others of our class- mates were members of the board at some time during their career. ,. ,,., 11' ,,,- ,,,,' , ff - - t'L.Y." Graham, VVindom, Huff, Balmer, Cornell, Haines,-all are names associated with the Plllltfll Borel and its Hnoggin io spice" which developed under Graham's regime, culminating in that hoard's final challenge, the Campus Sup- plement, run in the Topsy Turvy munher. Just as definitely do we associate the names of "Boh" Deehert, Littleton, Humphreys and Brosius with the much improved Hn! mul Blue' that appeared at regular intervals throughout the terms. Then on the Towne Seimztifc Jozzrnzzl we count as classmates those most energetic leaders, Skerrett and Sigmund. The volume to which we will most fre- quently refer for knowledge of our own class, was, as is now customary, edited en- tirely hy '16 men. "AV, Lucas, Editor-in- ehiet' ot' the Class 1i,t'f'0I'CI, was ahly seconded hy Holstein Fox, as Managing Editor, while lVeirieli and Dudley handled the finan- eial end hetween them. Cornell stepped into the hreaeh when Keally failed to return for his Senior year. and handled the Art material most ahly. Advance sales were such that at the last minute the order for Ifc'1'ord.v had to he greatly increased! ii? il? Philo and Zelo gave ' those of us who were fortu- nate enough to have eu- rolled in one or the other. a feature ot' college life that we prize very highly. For some of us, the mental stimulation was ot' first im- portance: for others, it was the means ot' overcoming our inahility to express our- selves easily and clearly, while to many Philo and Zelo have meant the found- ing of warm and lasting friendships. From an educational standpoint, the two literary societies meant much to us, and, we fell that they, like some other activities, had quite as much to do with the broader education A"'ll -F- .I I 150 as did the class-room work. Being a good member of Zelo or Philo is no Hcinchvg it means taking part in the debates, and long training for the dra- matics which are given every year. So many of our class were enrolled in these two societies that it is impossible to enumerate them here. 916 BK ue During our freshman year our entertainments on the campus had largely been limited to fraternity rushing and the M freshman banquet, so it was with keen an- , . rf' V . ticipation that we looked forward to the Sophomore Dance. On April twenty-second, the date announced by Chairman Pepper, the Gymnasium presented the appearance of an old Colonial garden with rich shrubbery, B and flowers screening the bare walls. VVith the royal red and blue overhead, we danced joyously from nine to three with only a short intermission at midnight, for the delicious supper served in the rowing room. Our Junior Prom. was staged with remarkable success in a realistic HSouthern Italyv atmosphere, and here, to HerZberg's best strains, we maxixed, hesitated and fox-trotted with Philadelphia,s fairest for six unforgettable hours. "Ned,' Harris' financial success in handling the Prom. was not the least satisfactory feature! So well pleased were we that in Senior year he was again chosen to manage our dance, and he made the old adage that "practice makes perfectu come true, by giving us the crowning dance of all for our Ivy Ball. We tripped our last as undergraduates, amid scenes of Hawaiian summer, while the patronesses looked on from the deck of an ocean greyhoundg nor are we likely soon to forget the 1916 Ivy Ball. The Class Banquets opened with I y yd a "bang-up revelv at the hiaj estic, 5 ,V ,,.. and closed with a 'fserious get-to- "" Q "'A 'p' f i n gethern at the Rittenhouse. We did ,Q J and said many foolish things at the "" first two spreads, but we have learned "'V I Vnfw , zlpi by experience that 'call that glitters is .,y. not gold." The Junior and Senior H ,' .g " A . Banquets were all that could be ex- pected, and marked a real step forward in the progress of the class. And now we must end our brief resume, in which we have been able to 151 A, -. 3- ,V ., M, II K l I: suggest only 41 few of the many 'cdoingsl' of Nine- teen-Sixteen in the past four years. Just as this nc-count imperfect, so must the class still be in nmny ways imperfect. But we know that the Class of' Nineteen-Sixteen will progress, and that in due course of time these imperfections will disappear- nncl then we will stand forth, as is our hope and aim, us one of I'ennsylv:lni:.1's greatest classes. In the mean time, we have fought il good fight, and we hope that the men that follow will strive still l121l'KlL'l' for the honor and glory of Pennsylvania. -f"- - ' rv 3 r - a 'f x- K -ef 'L -2 11.3 iv 152' i ii ecazxz' K .. ' x my X xx xx xx S K X X 4 X x ix QX X , A X X , ,-:--LT. X if"EIli1 X X k m: n .luui X X X X x N 9 if X ' X X I X X X ' 1 ? x X x ,xv Q xxxx xs x Q v'-'- . E QSXQX' 1 Q xg xx X xx Xxx K J, f-X . X K .2 QN K X fx , X 8 E Fx H I., is Q f f WN, x G Q ,ff X-'ff A-'u"nr .Lw xx x xx I' f'-'QM S K X 1 4 l.fbff1.f.-! x x V X X 1 ' W' ' ?1f X ' -f'-54.-22 .' ' Y" I h QI 'il I f I - ...-'-! l - -I L. Y 1 X r M. , 1 IT.. 'v . Km Af , W f H . - A m -ea '. : ' ' "f'r.2f:Q,1vC--,- ' 1' 1 - Zihravye E , ,Ax x g "u itil- N51-79WlQ'0?iL'? J 5 ,Hp GTS . ,-.fuif M191 .nzifi ' ' - ' 5 5' '- Z - N 2 .fffi1'?' H10 'UWQZQZQ1!919112.25975P?51e'3f9QJ42' E -Fleas' -' - L - , , Lf, , , ..,.,,., QL ,.A. l - 153 ' jfs 2' I fi 'f'fdf'q P' 4 .1 'Q LV 5, X 'ff 3. , PE .5519 M37 "1 ,if f QW-, f T, Q-3: . Q! iw me fri? ZS, " A QQ ' "Q , 1 - L- ff.. j --'fx fi " x..,,. Lf I . .v" . 1. - y-.J , gg. 15 ., , .X n --J f. " . U, i , ff, . 2 ' Lx -v fe -1. A' ' ' ,.,-141. 11'-' g,gj,.'1 ,Q .J l, 4 ', L , , " K 41 , .52 ,Q ,1"ffU1 1.4f -292' , -, 9-.Si 2 - ' ,Az 72 4 11: gg! fir. .2'1?1:"f -'7" "' 2f W' - : G 1 - Af .Me Til. V -I...-Af - . 'L f- xrg, -I M ' 4 ag p .. fiipif. , , ! , ' 1'1" 'hr' V X. i S:i'1?: ' J ' f- rw: P- fm 1-Vs V .f -. , V -6 X ' wg Q 4- "" -. 1. 1,1 --V ' JN sn' QWI: I 4 I , hi.. - Mn. Y A , X L . 4 1.-1 3. A I N KVX ,If 1 fflew.Ax...:1N'..- ' ' 'e ' Emilia? QEWUJ5 154 xx C" .'.' -W: 5 "'f.f' , ll I, f '.""",' . I- nX,,W,,.. l f HENRY T. HUTT JOSIAH H. PENNIMAN EDWARD ROBINS Treasurer Vice-Prov ost Secretary G 1 . J ARTHUR H, QUINN JOHN FRAZER ROSWELL C. MQCREA College Dean, Towne Scientific School Dean, Wharton School ' 'W l' l LJ I7 155 ... K :: i 1-" : x0Q'M0"Zi"l'ff i i QAM M 2 i rg- 1, f - ---,,, , w e sg: R r ., - .1 :--Q.----se, " -, 'if ,ia m ' e ' 2 -S amilw ' l" H I' m- .O bzilgs,-Jag., f -V lmullllll sql - I T . ,Il UH - if-.wx f,p,Q,,, g ff A :le LM, i ll' M A 'K' ' "' lmgl-.lll.itQrffrL,'79'ie'r ' 15 A X ui' l - - ' Y 7 L W PENN YLVAN , N my ottice there hangs a little picture representing General Peter Muh- lenberg, standing in a pulpit in the act of removing his clerical robes, and laying bare to the people before him the uniform of a Colonel in the t'ontinental Army. He was one of "ours," and had been chosen Colonel of the Yirginia Militia. As a minister of the gospel, he preached to congregations scattered along the Yirginia frontier. It was about the middle of January, 'l'TT5, and the rude country church was filled to overflowing with the hardy people of the mountains. liven the clmreliyard was filled with stern, excited men. Muhlenberg arrived. About his shoulders was his clerical gown -but beneath that was a military uniform. After stirring his congregation with the story of the wrongs the people had sutt'ered, he said: 'tln the language of Holy XVrit, there's a time for all things-a time to preach and :1 time to pray. but those times have passed away." And then, in a voice which rang through the church like a trumpet, he cried: c"lll'lCl'C,S a time to light-and that time has now come l" Thereupon he stripped the clerical gown from his shoulders and stood be- fore his people a girded warrior. Descending from the pulpit, he ordered the drums to beat and his people gathered about him in enthusiastic, patriotic de- votion. Nearly three hundred men of the frontier churches were that day en- listed under Muhlenberg's banner. In the Battle of Brandywine, Muhlenberg commanded the Virginia Blil- itia. I wonder what his emotions-what his thoughts were, when he realized that his brother commander, Mad Anthony VVayne, another son of the Uni- versity, was leading the opposite wing of VVashington's Army, which comprised the men of the Pennsylvania Blilitia. 156 Then there was that third loyal graduate, Thomas hlifflin, occupying the same 1'ank as Muhlenberg and VVayne. He became Major General under lVashington, and presided over Congress when VVashington resigned his posi- tion, and received the sword of VVashington. He was one of the most brilliant orators in all the Colonies, and VVashington frequently called upon him to go out into the Colonies, and infuse patriotism into the hearts of the Colonists, in that way filling up the ranks of the Continental Army, which had suffered greatly from desertion. One cannot read the life histories of these three men without acknowledg- ing that the part they played in bringing independence to the struggling Col- onies was, indeed, very great. It was upon the field of battle that they gave their service. Blany of their College brethren were with them, in minor posi- tions, as well as in the ranks. And when we turn to Congress in Philadelphia, which was planning and arranging the affairs of our then mutinous govern- ment, we find in the honorable position of Chaplain, first Duche, then VVhite and Patrick Alison, another trio of Pennsylvania's sons, who were making their contribution to the common causeg while in the actual assembly of representa- tives there were twenty odd of their College brothers. The picture which looms up before us with these facts in mind proves con- clusively that the early College was, indeed, 'fBlest Institution! Nurse of Liberty P' in the words of the gifted Francis Hopkinson, 1757 College, whose witty and satirical contributions in that period had their own profound effect. :tHe found relief from the solemn stiffness of public business in his eseapades of ,fancy and mirth. The cause of the Revolution at nearly every stage and emer- gency of it was rescued from depression, was quickened, was pushed forward, was even strengthened by the vivacity of this delightful writer." And it was his son, Joseph Hopkinson, who wrote for the world 'fColumbia! Gem of the Ocean!" VVe cannot omit Benjamin West, a classmate of Hopkinson, artist of in- ternational reputation, President of the Royal Art Society, whose splendid pic- tures are studied to-day. Nor should we overlook John Stuart, who, in those early days, spent his life among the Indians of New York and Canada, and later became the father of the public school system of Canada. His memory is enshrined in the hearts of the good people of that neighboring country. And, as the first of grammarians, we present our Lindley hlurray. 157 V l l W ,Q fi' , ,www Q Reflection upon these men and their life work, to si degree, tells the story of our University. The spirit which animated these soldiers, jurists, mission- ers, artists, sweet singers, passed down through the decades, animating the souls of sons of the University who, in the forum, pulpit, halls of legislature, on the field of battle, in the councils of the nation, in the cold and icy regions of the North, in the jungle forests of fni'-away lands, have borne testimony to the real worth of the College of their devotion anal love. And thus the his- tory of the University is written in the rleecls of its nanny sons, who have lived through 21 eentury :Lncl tllI'CC"llll2l1'i'L'l'S, since its floors were first swung wide to receive the earliest umtriculzuits. ' 'lux r ll Il K ll 158 7 ,:f,. .uf ,- , I 5 1 U x ' ,'. 1 ,fn , 4 44. is ,X . iamhost Qlingar :fans Qmith 159 DL! fl 1 f E13 55 UE oo UU 57:5 125 N YX Nl llffkl, fi In xl S+., lg 'El R9 H X, xi-N-A Kyrslf 38,73 lxxyxlrg CHUUEITQUHUUHYB QIDUIHIICYBB Thayer Konantz Woll Clarke IX'laLtl1cws Nevins Littleton Gotham 1-Iarclwicl: Southall Humphreys g mm l QU mm . U13 Q! fy 6ie,cozd. - gin 6, Blllltligg ore IZATIO 5 , i sg .fi ffii HOUGH guided by comparatively brief experience, the three depart- mental Associations have, during the past year, shown constant pro- gress toward the ultimate goal. This goal is of triple character, for it consists of bringing the campus into touch with big men of the outer world, of stimulating matriculation from the best school element, and finally, of bringing about a closer bond of social fellowship among the many members of each department. As might be expected, the Arts Asso- ciation has done more than any other or- ganization to bring before the students of all departments noted men of letters. The year started right with a big smoker in Houston Hall, at which Dr. J. P. W. Craw- ford was the chief speaker, taking as his subject "Student Customs, Old and New? ' Among the other speakers were T. A. Daly, the "Ledger Columnn poet and humoristg Dr. Samuel M. Crothers, the essayistg Dr. Victor Sabary and Dr. Felix E. Schelling, of our own faculty. It seems hardly necessary to recall or remind of the tremendous enthusiasm which John ltlasefield aroused among the students and friends of the University. During the past year alone, the class of 1916 has contributed its full share of representatives in the Association. Robert Dechert headed the list, ablv filling the presidential chair, and on the Executive Committee were Albert Lucas and George VV. Pepper, Jr. 4 -JF: il? HG BIG -X In addition to the purposes common to its sister organizations, the Wliar- ton Association has as its very foundation, the Honor System, which it is de- signed to uphold and promote. This system, founded when Joseph VVharton's 161 I I f "i"f"'1 'W' Y ' l l, K f f WL Qltti Qwzociation OFFICERS Presidenl, RCJliP2lKT IDECIIIAIIITA, '16 Vice-Prnsid011l', SPENCER SWEET Sxmxxox, '17 Tl'0H.91lI'0l', XVALTI-:R S'1'S'I', '17 S'm'rnfm'y. FRANCIS PIIELPS TODD, '18 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE GEORGE XYIIARTOX PEPPER, JR., '16 ALBERT I'1-AXVLEY LUCAS, '16 ROl!Ell'f TI-IOBIIXS 1Vn.soN, '17 IJEONARD IJEBERKNIGTIT EYSTER, '18 IRVING ERNEST BALTHAZAR, '19 I I , f 162 54, p Wir. We W, ,W aj: Zz my V2 ,215 R V ,J ,- Kecazfd . . .r school of finance was far from its present proportions, needs the constant super- vision of the ablest men in each class, that it n1ay be maintained in the face of rapidly increasing numbers. Thus it is that each year the of- ficers and older members of the Association must pass on to the incoming freshman classes the traditions and ideals that make it such a powerful factor in the making of men fit to face busi- ness as it is. Among other features of the VVharton Association's ac- tivities were the Christmas Tree frolic, and the second annual dance. But overshadowing all came the first Annual Banquet, held at the Hotel Adelphia just before the holidays. Decidedly the feature of this dinner was Dr. Scott Nearing's farewell speech, but the affair carried greater signincance through be- ing the first of a series of similar rousing "get-to-gethersf' A long desired and much needed complement to the Asso- ciation was the installation of the Beta Gamma Sigma honorary scholastic society. Charter members, carefully picked from the faculty and Senior class, were initiated the night of Tuesday, January fourth. With Gordon Hardwick at the helm, the Association 2 22 W advanced always well-balanced, giving conservatism only the power needed to keep progress thoroughly under 8 control. In this and other respects the president was ts lg Sgt Q , 'if i ' ' '? - S - JFUQ W .,.'11e" -f'-gsgs " .L if is. ip: - f: ig 'P' 'w -ii:3'L55:7..P3"f5'-Aix255' we-17: mf'-"L 1i-'v'J- 'z-E. "av..vr-x3JJ"'i'.,:ef?Eh-f-if-M'sEQ1f:k".' -3" . I.-,:1s.ayzJs.'fi,g,ga , 31117 , , 1 .lf 'lm-':.11? -1? 2515 sw .- .-Q ,S-s.Mabf.,,.i'f gn. . FTW-4 21 - 4 g'Z"ie-nays? gif 1 ga-" ff ., , ...A . . ,V A . . safgsasi 552 4 -,..:.-g-,e1,.xgyg."' 1 21.2.55 li at " it f e..:g:. , .Q -.1 'wwf , ably assisted by Harry Huff, vice-president. John Scott Lansill and VVilliam E. Chickering held, respectively, ,gil Qt 3, positions on the Executive and Honor Committees. WCM, Through the faithful persistence of Frank C. Hamilton 'iffy and his co-Workers, an amalgamation was finally effected, 1' M joining the interests of the formerly competing organ- W Q K Y izations of the Towne Scientific School. When the Wliitney Engineering and Civil Engineering Societies . . . Alb sf-vw 163 . ' ' wg, - we 4'i21v:41w7'f"ww , 74111. V! ,mv . ww 1" ww nw -'fi 44 M" VT 'QW' 1 1 Wharton Qssoctatinn OFFICERS P7'0SffIU71f, Gmmox I'1A1l111V1C'K, '16 Vive-P1'r'sifIr'1zl, I-I.xnux' 1101-'F. '16 S0c1'elcr1'y, JOSEPH A. Rvssnu., '17 Trefz.wurm', IQAYJIOND D. Swsvxlzxs. '17 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE JOITN S. LANSILL, '16 Anonvu XVOLL, '17- 9 1V1L1.I,mr D. Gonnox, '16 SABITJEI. MCCLUHE, 18 L. PARSONS. '19 HONOR COMMITTEE 1Vn.I,Lx1r E. CITTCKERTNG, '16 Noun-AN S. SAYRE, '18 5 CI-mums H, Lov12'1'1', 17 Muxrox STMNER, '19 - - W., ,..,,,,,. A .,.., , .,,, If .,.. J .,,.f1 if ,Q , 164 I I :: K :: formally decided to hold discussion meetings and smokers together, the way was opened for greater progress and utility than had heretofore been considered possible. The Fall Smoker was the first of the regular series of monthly entertainments held under the auspices of the coalition. Here the freshmen met the upper classmen, heard a few able speakers, and were thus enabled to get a truer perspective of their course and of the University than is afforded by the endless round of lectures and quizzes. As is now almost traditional, the f'Show" was a success, and it even ad- vanced the standards of excellence set by former classes, showing men of other departments that students who become adept with slide rule and "log,' can also hit the high spots with sock and buskin. VVhitney very naturally chose Hamilton for president during the past year. R. Z. Zimmerman was elected vice-president, and Lee N. Gulick was picked to fulfill the double duties of 'cSec. 'N Treasf, Zimmerman also pre- sided as chairman of the Show Committee, while Lee Gulick, Robert Austin and James Bennett served as members of the Executive Committee. The Civil Engineering Society was headed during the first term by D. J. Cloward, who was succeeded during the second semester by J. hiallon. These men, with G. BI. Dillingham, F. R. Drayton and J. Dallas, have borne much of the brunt of carrying on the work mapped out for the year. 165 EU UE 'J CJ gm whitney Engineering Qocietp f,,.1 If X x XX UE ff . N 5 is fxgx YU NNQ A -DU UE - .Em D' 'U sz Q ff Q Q : -X . 'TJ as 3' Z F1 9 E 'P 5' -. .. r' f-1 o Z FU5f't"'7-'??' Fmimwwgpamrrwwwavowpeb W. J. A. J. :dg?'5s?'OS'1f:J:vi-ag whitney ngimering buttery OFFICERS Vice-President, RICIKIIIJO Z. Zmnrnnnrhxx SENIORS A. Abrams K. Abrams F. Allwein H. Austin F. AZHZII' S. Bennet, III B. Black W. Bye A. Cameron D. Carvin C. Colby DeMacedo L. Fenton J. Fitzpatrick R. Foley L. Foster M. Gantert H. Gibson F. Green N. Gulick C. Hamilton E. Hughes S. Keiser Kintner S. Leeds Leopold H. S. Lockeman S. MacCalla F. J. McGlynn F. McGonigal P. Mitchell C. Purple M. Redding F. Scheetz H. VV. Skerrett R. Smiley F. Smith C. Spooner V. A. Subers S. Tomlinson J. D. Truhan W. Weiger C. Whittaker D. Witter Z. Zimmermann Secrela1'y-T1'erz.s"u1'c21', LEE. N, GUUQK MEMBERS JUNIORS N. C. Bye J. Carll. Jr. VV. R. Clothier J. A. Costa A. L. Dunlap G. H. Evans J. P. Fisher G. D. Fowle F. K. Freehafer F. N. Ginsburg E. H. Greenberg F. J. Holzhauer R. B. Jones C. McMichael C. C. Meyer J. J. Murphy R. E. Newcomb E. A. Schrader M. C. Smith J. S. Janvresey M. A. Thomas H. C. Thompson, Jr. V. A. Tilclen A. S. Vlfeeks R. W. Wilson H. R. Wharton, Jr. J. F. Wolff SOPHOMORES J. H. Abrams E. P. Bartman H. M. Berry A. E. Billstein G. W. Birkinbine O. WV. Birkinbine B. Blynn F. T. Brooks M. M. Burstein J. V. Calhoun H. E. Cassel J. E. Chiquoine P. L. Dietz F. Eble W. S. English J. S. Erichson J. F. Fisher 167 C. Fox-Smith A. A. Getlin C. C. Glanz H. L. Godfrey S. Goldman W. M. Gormley S. M. Gray G. C. Grissinger E. H. I-lance. III H. F. Heineman G. G. Herrick C. B. Irmer, Jr. J. VV. Jones S. S. Knox I. W. Lachman B. R. Mackey W. L. Marston W. C. Melclmer J. W. Mencke F. W. Miller S. Monici W. I. Newstetter N. W. Periue C. Schaum J. S. Skelly R. E. Swan S. S. Tarleton F. Tatnall S. G. Tilclen H. Weaver FRESHMEN J. B. Austin T. R. Barker E. A. Bertolet F. Berning J. C. DaCosta, I H. A. Fellows E. W. Mears F. E. Paul F. D. Reck G. C. Rowe L. S. Somers J. A. Truitt J. C. Stalker C. A. Wray C. A. Yost II I Ll L, VT V1 I Quinn mngfmvfng Esuctetp LW l I ' J V Ll EU Qliinil Engineering Qnnietp Presidezzt, Josrzm-1 A. M.xu.oN, '16 Viz'v-l'resz'de1zl, EAIILI-IiXBI BRYANT, '17 C'm'resp0nding S0c'reta1'!l, GEORGE M. IJILLIXGI-IAINI, '16 Treaszu'er, FREDERICK R. DRAYTON, '17 Recording Secrefary, JAMES E. DALLAS, '18 SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES H. J. Bamlzerger G. E. Blair C. J. Hartenstine S. C. Barnett T. E. Dougherty F. fleP. Amarante YV. H. Baylis J. M. Doyle XV. L. Butler M. G. Biernbaum F. R. Drayton I-I. Dietsch, Jr. J. E. Brighthill S. Fragelli R. Kohen C, M, B1-Qgan G. C. Frey D. T. Finney R. Burke XV. Hoyle A. H. Hirsh D. P. Chabrow E. L. Davis J. E. Dallas D. J. Cloward E- B1'Y!1Hf N- Z- Zee D. Fine VV. H. Barton, Jr T. S. Berrien J. S. Frankenfield XV. R. Dewees 0. C. Wagenknight P, E, Gongal- M. Fein J. F. Vogcles, Jr. F. Hasson J. R. Farrell R. E. Peoples J. F. Luto J. S. 'Doran H. C. Wood J. McNichol F. W. Campbell J. Seigle, Jr. G. M. Dillingham G. A. Cunney W. Hamilton R. E. Young F- VV- HOCY M. S. Carvallho J- Becerra FRESHMEN Vvm. Rommel S. VV. Rudolph J. B. Bechtel C, Zitzer E. Apfelbaum J. W. Borden I. Sigmond A- B- Rillldall VV. M. Bradley C. P. Ren!-linger E. J. McNicho1 C, A, Coulomb J. Stinson E- P- M01't0fl F. L. Galloway P. E. Sigmund E- M211'bll1'g- JF- L. H. Hench F. T. Tighe L- L- Lessig C. S. Franzen J. A. Mallon F- B- Milligllll M. J. Hess I. G. Zuniga D- MCNight J. H. Wolfe, Jr. A. A, Schoenberg E. L. Shoemaker 0, N, Collar R. H. Sherman P. A. Reichle W. Z. Jacoby l l I I l l l 169 K UU QQ. x ' . 'A EU DE EE Qrclgttectutal Qvnciety 'FY' Y"- v-l-wi- JX I rll.g"" XQQQJ . f. -,rf wsu 'xii X , fi rj gd vw Y, I XY N5 UE UE .. K ,, 1? i L L: L5 -5 F if E V9 ELL? 5 "- ?:"'Mvwl1l1mg1llfw2 .-S m . . .'i51'..T 4?X..f??f.,."1- "L "H- R a 1 S9101-lf!!-LV? ' I I '23 3 fl. VFEUW JLGJ. ---si" - A v'4.Qu.n,xv1w4w unw1xsJ:JR1gvu,ly.1.'SJ-hwy TJ' P ' bl. If I I Yfffl' ill! 'FQWPI 41111 J ' i- 1 Lg,..xU G ll ff W jf Hflrfffg, ..H,mIl!f11fjl,y!!! If I kgvg 6 ff inlay' IIII l'f',gjfl74' IL L f'1UW?W'W4 .. X ll 1 N I II 3 1 Il Il X aj XP V LN l WMM!!! MJ if flglxxx XJ "M!lQZ9fl2p'lI MAE 'Amlf""'V Q I K m!H!l', 1 I . 1 'I 'JU Ill! lwf 1.1, .WJ-mf 1 H23 H1 f 'nw mel. , fy Vjllz , X , If Il! lil' If S C WAWh!47Mf9Fbofwm?.WWW .Urrsn f3?f5a1e1..LRlE'fv bfMiRe452?4f2?JLB2R2 . K ? 1 1 'Al IIIII - - JL- I : vsiamww-' ' 'A fmmiwxwswmmmswidmwmq ' 0: " "l I I 'I ELW OFFICERS P1'eside1zt, EDWARD J. LAW, '16 Vice-Presidelzt, JACK B. SIXIITII, ,l6 Secretczry, C. RUSSELL MUR1-HY, '16 Trans-urez' RALPH L. CoLToN ,16 1 J ACTIVE MEMBERS X A .Ulf f 'Wi I .1 If 'mf lg: WILLIARI CREIGHTON G. M. D. LEWIS PAUL M. HESSER J. K. NIASTEN J. L. SCI-IILLINGER C. S. PAYNE J. WV. X7AN ALST J. PARIKER K. C. XVELCH VV. H. PARKER C. S. BfXKER H. B. REX J. BELL L. WV. SUCKERT R. M. CARRERD F. XV. XTAN NAME VV. A. CLARK PAUL VVINDDM J. A. CODDING J. B. XVOOLEY A. D. CORNELL L. G. BALDWIN J. VV. KEYES C. L. BORIE, III I I N ' II I - ' I I 171 The Qrclgitectural Eonorarp Qocietp HE Architectural Honorary Society was organized to encourage scholar- ship among the students of the department and to Create an under- graduate hody which would have the idea of furthering the interests of the School of Architecture always in inind. Our key, denoting nieinhership in the Society, is awarded to men in the Senior class, Junior and Sec- ond Year Special classes who have shown not only ability in architectural work, hut who have, by participating in Vniversity or Departmental activities, done most to keep the School of :X1'CllltCCtU1'C hefore the University and the puhlic. Our Society was formerly the moving p i r i t of the Architectural S h 0 sv , which previous to this year was presented annually. The Society inen supplied the otlicers for the play and assumed inanageinent of the production. The Annual Snioker ot' the Department was one of the gala events of the year. The occasion was niade noteworthy hy the pro- duction of an allegorical farce, 'tBlueheard," which satirized conditions in the Architectural School. It is said that a lofty T sense of taste and heauty was expressed in the splen- dor of this year's Byzantine Ball. VVeelcs of preparation l transforined the drafting room into a veritable trop- ical garden. Bizarre pa- geants in niotleys of green, red and heavy gold, caravans of sheiks and princes, and files of black Slaves, which surrounded the high Emperor Connenus on lliarch sixth would have made Abdul Mejid Sultan turn purple with envy. 1 172 'C Hexagon Qlfzngineettng Qocietp FRANK CURRY HAMILTON EDXVARD DAY HARRIS DAVID WALTER HOPKINS RICARDO ZAPIOLA ZIINIIWIERDIANN :EDXVIN OLNEY JONES XVILLIADI BISPI'I1XIVI BLACK MEMBERS JACK FREED SCIIEETZ FRANK ALLEGRE EPPS GEORGE SANDS BARKER LEE NELSON GULICK ROBERT MCCORBIICIC GIKNTERT R,oDER'1' HUGHES AUSTIN ROGER BALDYVIN GARVIN - ZLL," vyzgjz, , 1 . :,x1,.J.Qf.f,4C2,.2JL1I! 3, A - ...7,,,.:,,,,w,..,,.- 4. . V ,, I I 173 'xl ' I 1 I 1 1 QQ I 'H 6 QM, qblumh ZBDIJ Qtngtneetiug Eaocietp DAXVID .Tomas CLOWARD MEMBERS GEORGE Mor'FEfrT D11.I.ING1-IAM Joslu-11 Icxlvrws MCNICHOL C1-IARLICS PAUL RENNIXGER S'1'Ev12N S. XVHITBY XV1 LLIAM FREDERICK IQODIMEL, S,xnlL'12I. XV. RUDOLPH PAUL EUGENE SIGDLUND ITRANK T1-Ionms 'l'IG1-IE p ,x,, I L M i I 174 ecard f -- f 2 f ll ,f Qlemhic Qlihemical Qrluh JOSHUA PUSEY EYRE PRICE JOHN WALLACE Knvrs EDWIN ROBERT SBIILEY, JR. WILLIAM ZIBIDIERMANN MEMBERS , fm, JOSEPH W. ANTIi0NY WEIGER E. A. SHRADER GEORGE GORDON URQUIiART EDWVARD CREDE .. w..uwle.,,,:,,.,L..-..., 175 UUA . UE UE. f . . Q xr xx, N C ,lil fix U Q33 Xx Xl T ""' . - Q. f.--.' ' 5. - U b qbtiestlep Qllgvmical Qlluh E1 nm E113 i EE ,xx S. X. xx M XX! 1' X, Cs s f Z QW? W . 4 ,772 fm fe ihriestlzp beminal Qlluh 1916 1917 1918 1919 1916 John K. Adams C. Layton Allen George G. Byler Edward Crede Charles R. Engles James J. Fitzpatrick Joseph F. Greene Isaac S. Guest Edward L. Helwig Watson Kintner John W. Kitts Eugene Kohn Frederick Leopold, J Edwin F. Glynn Joshua P. Price Ralph T. Pfeil Isadore Rosenblatt Edwin Smiley Howard Stoertz Percival Theel George G. Urquhart Eugene W. Wall Joseph VV. Weiger Ol"l"1CERS l'1'1'sirlwn.l, J. P. E. PIIICIC, '16 .. .V w - 1 lI'!'-lJl'l'NlIll'IIl. It. A. :H1IltADli1l, '17 .Sm':'r'fary-Trr1n.wrrm', J. 1-1. C.xuTnn, '18 EXECI,"1'lYE COMMITTEE Enwix SJIILHY. Josi-:I-il XV. A. XYEIGER. c,llVlI.Ll5 C. 1'1U1.l.0PE'l'l7Ill. Joirx 1-I. I'10I-TBIAX. Joirxsox N. 1'1I'NSllEllC-ER, Ju. S1611 Uxn G. Kicvrizmzii. MEMBERS 1917 William K. Clayton Samuel W. Epstein John H. Hoifman Stuart D. Kerr Stanley E. Kerr Augustus E. Kraver .lulius M. Kovachy Walter M. Raskam Alfred P. Scull, 3rd Edward H. Ten Broeck William H. Wilkinson 1918 Henry A. Adams J. Leo Baney, Jr. Harold D. Beisel Herman Brown James H. Carter Samuel Cohen William S. English J. Kissel Kessler E. Roland Schoch Wallace F. Super William S. English 177 1919 Lewis E. Beitler, Jr. Samuel K. Cleaver George Cummings Charles E. Cunningham Stanley Dubell Arthur K. Graham Arthur M. Hahn H. Morrison Hancock Alfred Hand George Henderson, Jr. Myron J. Hess David S. Joffe Sigmund G. Ketterer Herman K. Kimble Charles L. Kofke Jolm A. Levering Roy S. Lyster F. C. Mitchell Jolm C. Rhodes Howard W. Robinson Edmund Roland Frank Sadker Harry Y. Skinner Philip A. Teah Duncan G. Thomas Frank R. Walker Noel White Edwin Wolford UU EES DEI Cl mash ann wig Cfinnevgranuate Qtluh Molton Shannon Wells Sewell Black King Weisback Zimmermann Gay U M CM ichael Service Miller Adams Lee fChairmanJ Wright Nexlson Joy UE l UCI l . flip, x QQ Cl, A G Ml Em SN CIE f U Inf' I-'ff f f , II 'DV' TH, fl- 4. 5-1 L, ,C-" i X 3 ', L, 4' jjQ, X i,f'Lf' LH lj ,Q lfjf-' --:- Li, 1 Q-.. E EE, 179 UE EU EE UM EE , .. vi' HAGERT STEVENS WITHEROW DOUGI-IERTY VVRIGHT FIELD and the "BROTHER MULESH .ED EE! i . .MX QPQ X x XXX .fi VN J 1 f HJ W X X, QQ Q3 XID is SQ RYE mm yum 'Aiijlfil UE K .. . ,L ,L ,igglllggilsigigf-iii-, , -- S 7 V v tw: H ' QQ W MASK an wie . Q Alb., e c s as "' l l HE Mask and lVig has a reputation. Not only among disinterested people, but also in the theatrical profession, it is regarded as the most successful amateur theatrical organization in existence. The Club spends money and time lavishly on its productions, and the success of each annual show is the result of years of experience, combined with the spirit of untiring labor and industry that exists among its members. ' Nineteen Sixteen marks the passing of the Clulfs 28th year, and its promise to be not only an active year, but also a successful one, has been well carried out. The title of this yearls show, "VVhoa, Phoebeln, showed promising signs in itself. Its origin is clouded in mystery. Author there is none. Authors? There are thirteen men on poor Plioebe's chest! That is, the com- mittee on production w1'ote t.he show, although they are modest about saying so. ullasev VVright starred this year as Lula, the bareback rider from the circus. uhlasev started out four years ago as a barmaid in c'Maid in' Gerinanyfl The knowledge of bars gained in that show has enabled him to sing happily ever since. Doomed to play female parts, he appeared the next year in "The Royal Armsi' as a brazen adventuress, Eufge-nie Fofntafine. In "Paradise Prison" he was again the low-brow vitriol thrower as Polly flnftlrzls, and later Diary Piclrrforcl. He has stuck to the heavy female parts. c'Tommy', Hart, the dainty ingenue, made his debut in 4'Maid in Germanyv as Gladys Sterling, following up the next year as Roberta in '4The Royal Arms." His career reached its zenith when he played Penelope Peck in 4'Para- dise Prisonf' c'Tommy" aged remarkably that year, and it is rumored that the trips were too much for him. His activities in Mask and VVig were cut short in 1916, however. Due to serious illness he was unable to appear in "Wlioa, Phoebe P, His enthusiasm and beaming countenance were greatly missed by everyone. 181 f f Q f gm fy. f W7 emhew of ast uf "whoa iblgoehef' MCMICHAEL BELL HILL W ff W DOUGHERTY i MMM? J1WvLWW'1 me ' m'c,,,',,0, A W.W,,,ff7y,, r I ,V A ' -4 V fm' I I fa. Mmm swim. 'WI' t ' .A,,.. ll 182 W M' A' .. 65 .. "lNIaid in Germanyn saw the class of Nineteen-Sixteen grace the boards for the first. ti1ne. That year D. E. Rorer, u',l.lOlllll1y,, Hart, and 46Mase', VVright played freslnnan parts. "lid" Carrier and '4l'hil" Lee also llurst into the first chorus. "l'hil,' certainly did carry the cutaway suit with a jaunty air that year! And then 6'Harry" Neilson, "B:-1he,' Forster, 4'Fred', Sutor, and "Eddie" Sewell also managed to intlict themselves on the second chorus. uBabe', made the smartest-looking manicurist that ever sliced cuticle at twelve dollars per week. "Les" Joy, Hliillf' lVhalen, t'Jnd" Judson, Caldwell Harris and "Fred" Adams screamed admission into the glee chorus. "Les" and uFrecl!' made the most noise, so they have exercised their tonsils for four years, although neither intends to become a professional Hsingahf, On the trip that year we took the 'tllaid in Germany" to Harrishurgh, Pittsburgh, lvashington, New York, and Atlantic City, beside the regular Easter YVeek 'X showing in Philadelphia: and the show was a x ,ix distinct success every time. cm ' IP The following year we moved to new 0 quarters, and presented HThe Royal Arms" Q at the Forrest Theatre. The show was J X J Hriotf' and the house was sold out to capac- 75 'fx ity at every performance-even standing A '49 room was lacking. Wlith the week in Phila- 'lfs X delphia over, the company ventured far into the wild and wooly west to present its show K in Cleveland. A royal welcome awaited us, and everyone was extensively entertained. ' 1 From Cleveland we journeyed to Pittsburgh, I XX X X and thence to VVashington, where the charm of that delightful Belasco Theatre struck us. The night was hot., the stage was hotter, and the cellar was hotter than-any cellar we have ever been in. VVihnington turned out in swarms, and clapped until the palms of their hands stung. They made a loee-line for the Theatre as soon as they heard us coming. They appreciate the Clulifs performances, and the Club likes VVihnington. CVVC im- port our powder from there.j New York welcomed the show with open arms, and the ancient atmosphere of the famous Wa.llaclc's Theatre inspired everyone, especially "Ned'7 Rogers and Judge lXIellon. The death of our devoted coach, Judge hiellon, was a blow to the Club. His sincere interest and enthusiasm won him a warm place in the hearts of everyone. I ll ll ' 183 l I ' Rf ,.1wm,,,f my H .W ,J ,, I I f d f Z f f f I I VVRIGHT FELT 8: LEE FIRST CHORUS GIRLS 184 .. Gi .. In our Junior year "Charlie'7 Morgan returned to take charge of the show. This alone assured the success of 4'I'aradise Prisonf' The glee chorus actually danced! They progressed to such :L point that in "Paradise Prisonw they were able to walk, march and sing at the same time. Marvelous! In unison? Oh my, no. That. word is foreign to them. You should say in harmony. A new recruit, a little one, greeted the eye in the cast of "Paradise Prison." HP. Bf, Hill tri ned on the 'uvcnile role that Morris left lvine' ahout and L . C3 7 NP. B." decided to :L 1 near hefore the mhlic clad as a vouno' ladvg hut he didn't l 1 . z-. ,, fool the innocent public-they knew he was a man. I-larry Neilson crept into the first Chorus when nobody was looking, and flung his fat leg around with reckless abandon in the Russian division of the "My Lady's Dressv number. iiJll1l,, Gav and Hl"l1il" Lee have decided to remain in the chorus and the still . v Y squabble as to which shall he end man. But. 6'Tod,' Service said he refused to he one of the motley chorus crowd. He was looking for crowning glories. Beware of Hllhil l" "Joe" Molten had the audacity to play Chinese in the ally Lady's Dressw number, and had the physical strength to move his fingers with 4'Saint Denis" grace. I have never seen him so active since. "Joe" claims he has talent, hut they won't give him a chance. Blessed he 'ithcy V' '4Frankie" Epps joined the gang in i'Paradise Prisonf, and his female oriental beauty became the 'ealous 0'ossi J of all the other chorines. J D l Mask and Wfig deserves a great. deal of credit. So do the men who make it. They work harder, and sacrifice more pleasures and time than do the men in any other activity on the campus. There is a great deal of drudgery con- nected with the staging of a show, and there is a great deal of sleep lost in worry and otherwise, but the reward of success is the greatest satisfaction. hlask and VVig men work hard so the play can succeed, and the encouraging hands of previous years never fail to pat us on the back when we do make good. Long live the hlask and VVig, and may it ever prosper! -K9-:7e"'?".?-, it 185 Philler Lee, '16 PROFESSOR BA LA A M T. MORTIMER XVI-HP "GRIM" ................. WILLING HACKER, M. D. .. KLINKER .,............ JACK STERLING ........ SYLVIA PANKERTON . LULA ................. ANN BALAAM ......, PRISCILLA ALDEN PHOEBE ............. Men M. cleC. Freenmn, '13 Szirnnel Bisphznn, Jr., '18 H. R. Neilson, '16 Jones, '16 Blynn, '19 R. B. Bryce Men E. I.. Sewell, '16 McKee, '18 Kneass, '18 Brenizer, '19 Maelnnes, '13 Karges, '18 R. J. G. B. XV. S. D. A. E. F. J. XV. Miller, '16 R. C. Vonnegut, '18 H. T. Greenwood, Jr., '16 L. A. Harr, '18 Grove, '18 Zimmermann, '16 L. VV. Joy, '16 F. YV. Adams, '16 W. M. Sistare, '17 J. DuP. Graham, '15 V. M. Knox, '19 R. A. Smith, '19 L. S. R. Z. The Qlast FIRST CHORUS SECOND CHORUS GLEE CHORUS W. BELL, R. DAUGHERTY, J. FIELD, .....O. C. XVAGENKNIGHT, D. STEVENS, D. TYLER, ....R. E. MCMURTEIE, ....w. M. VVRIGHT, JR., B. HILL, ...... .C. RICMICHAEL, ....K. C. XVITHEROXV, Girls J. G. Carpenter, '18 C . A. Service. Jr., '16 C. Bl King, '17 A. M. H A . Nord, '17 J. Hayden. Jr., '17 H. 1Veisl.v:1eli, '17 Girls J. H. Guy, '16 Nornmn Ellison, Jr., '19 H. T T T AVCl1l1G1', '18 XV. Pearce, '19 L. Keeler, '17 B. Epps, '19 R. H. l'IZll1li111S, '16 J. M. Sparks, '17 S. G. Davis, Sp. J. H. Mosse-r, '19 WV. M. 'Wells, '16 S. J. H. H. NV. A. P11 S. Shannon, '17 R. Merrill. Jr., '16 E. Felt, '17 M. Gehman, '19 H. Lewis, '18 VV. Kolb, '18 ul Hunter, '19 '18 '17 '18 '18 '17 '19 '19 '16 '16 '17 '17 Il ll 186 II 'f W' .W ,I F Q , , , , , , , , r ' Y I i v I Y 1 v , -, X if fl, 50 ,IV 3: aijf if ' fgf' ,gli 121 44:2 7 13 tml? Hmllla IB 41 gg? :m'7f57WWZlE?4f7"'iWtV5Z7?1"'Zi'W',7'?,3"'?7'f,,,f 7551Elffflf'53-,,9Z?L 33fZ1f,3f?4Z7'9fV5f9fffZff7qff7 'fQ7Q U 'W611 'LUV' ' L ' IWW q2'vW22f1".-IAWZ' 321. nf?" 7' 'iifii 4,51 V5 'iz' .Q HP ,MW ff' I nf J: - - l I ' " 2 1 f 1 ,f W Q ff ,lf fn fm ,"' f ..,f::.'f .,,i,.wif2m.m. AAL, fy - 2 ffm' :far I I 187 4 N .Y is u X Y X f A X xii A N Q 1 ,.x,.:.J-,,.m omhinen musical lub X N yxgmvg X X x my S ., I I ' 5 f.S1a4' fi fx 5 .- will X 'Www K X WN i S - .Xe , ax fs! ' sf: A ,W . 51, Y iii? by S Sli E1 g fi N0 Q Y if S E 9. 5 Q: 32 2 A 2 'Q Sfiz 234 XSS 'SZ :: K :: ssl 4599 22 a f if MUSICAL' CLUBS , .sy --eff: eg. Q i -' Jays?-li'-'.,1 fm R031 the night we went with fear and trembling and faced that dread triuinvirate-'Topit Scales, Paul Eno and Harry Connor-to have our voices and playing tried out, down until our last concert this year, we have felt that the Musical Clubs was one of the bright and happy spots of our college career. Nineteen sixteen has always had a great represen- tation in both Glee and Mandolin Clubs, and a glance at the programs of past seasons shows that in our Sophomore year we composed one-third of the Com- bined Clubs. Many who were Frcslnnen with us have departed hence long since, but it is good to recall their names and to 1'C11lClHlJC1' how we used to take turns lugging the bass-drum around and carrying all the rest of the incom- parable Vreeland,s traps. Among the Hrst tenors there were 6'Fatty', Bellow, whose smile was always of a happier quality than his voice, and 'tPud" Ivory, whose death came as a shock in our Sophomore year. "Allie', Balfour, the only Freshman to essay a high silk hat, and "Caldy,' Harris, who deserted our class for the Law School, made up the 1916 contingent in the see- ond tenors. Fred Adams was al- ways put among the first basses but we much preferred to hear him at thee piano, and still do. "Ollie" Schmidt's blond head always was conspicuous among the first basses also. Down deep among the Hbassos profundon we had "Al" Hod- shon, the Connecticut lean man, '4Dick', Holmes, the wrestler, ales" Joy, who was destined for far greater things, and "Art7' Littleton. Nor could the Mandolin Club do without Freshmen either. Steady old 'cSherm,' Powell and "Al" Codding, George Burns, uPete" Harjes, MI-Iali' Weil, Frank Adler, g'Gene" Southall, "Stew", Foltz, uPete" Lafferty, "Al" Peaslee-all disported themselves on the concert platform and in the railroad trains that first year. V 189 ' f wa 2,7 ' X 1.401 We kids didn't come in for many of the trips. We eavorted down at the VVest Chester State Normal School with an all-feminine audience, we took little excursions to Ardmore, P.R.R. Y.M.C.A., up-town churches, and such places and a few of us eventually made a flying trip to New York. But Sophomore year was reserved for the real beginning of our journeys. That was the year L. Howell Davis came in as Graduate llanager and, as a result, many 1 old faces were missing and many new ones were noteworthy. The architects consti- tuted 6'Ben', VVade and "Bed,' VVooley to the first list, Harry Neilson and "Dick', Zimmermann made fine second tenors, 4'Norm', Gardner, Ralph Gibbs and Homer Hildebrand passed as first basses, while ' "YVhitey'7 Greenwood and M-Toe" Probasco strengthened the clubis foundation-the second basses. "Stan" Keteham, Wfade Judge, Betzer, Rowe, Robinson, Layton and "Al" Andrews played in the Blan- dolin Club that year. That was the season that Charbonnier, the yodler from the Swiss Alps, caused the usually high color to flee from 'gSam" Guernsey's cheeks, by balking on a high note at the Girard College concert. Vife sang to both the Annapolis "Middies" and the Wlest Point 'cCadets', that year and those were great trips. At Annapolis, the pallet beds and thin covers caused all sorts of fun when the weather changed to freez- ing in the middle of the night. The Wfest Point trip followed an agonizing effort- or rather fourteen efforts-to make a phonograph record in New York, and it was certainly a relief after such a strain to bombard the Graduate lNIanager with snow- balls from the VVest Point parapet. Other concerts were the annual Bellevue concert with Cornell the night before Thanksgiv- ing, the Reading trip and our first appearance in the Intercollegiate Glee Club Contest in New York. Junior year Fred Van Name, 'cAlice,' VVells, KAP' VVestover, "Deak', Har- ley and "Bish" hlelntosh joined our ranks. That year the experiment of giv- ing our pre-Thanksgiving Concert without the Cornell Club was tried and it cannot be said to have been a sueeess. The trip to VVashington and Annapolis was a good one, but the New England trip was the best of our career. Spring- W I Y' , Y 1 Wmfcvzfwifasr. -1 . X, f , f fmfifaw fz - I I , 2 f I I W' f' I I 190 , 1 I ii l .fi r f J I K 1 vie fag me ,PM of A VW '42 'W ffl wr WW x 'M 17 42? ZZ M ., field, VVaterbury and VVest Point received us-each one better than the last. York, New York and Brooklyn heard us later in the year, and the wind up came with the Intercollegiates at New York and a little outing at Atlantic City. This past season has been decidedly our best one and 'tJack,' BIiller's man- aging of the clubs is in a great measure responsible. t'Les" Joy and "George" Burns as our two leaders have had something on all preceding baton wielders we have seen. VVQ plucked uEd" Sewell from Nhlask and VVig,' to strengthen the second tenor this year and he is the only addition to the club from our class. YVe were all glad to have Cornell back with us at Thanksgiving time, particularly as critics say that we sang them off their feet. Again we went to VVashington and Annapolis, and to New England. The final joy came in winning third place in the Intercollegiate Contest in New York. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to have been with the lWusic- al Clubs all four years-and they are 'cLes" Joy, "Art" Littleton, "Sherm" Powell and George Burns-feel that our time spent singing and playing has been the happiest of our college life. Of the rest of us, those who sang in the first years regret that other duties prevented them from joining the clubs again, and those who have joined us late, must needs deplore the fact that early in their life as Pennsylvanians, they had failed to realize that in those practices, trips, and concerts lay the making of friendships that will never break. - ., I I sim ri' 1:'7t 197 ew , " I f - ni 1 f X I X I 1 X 1 i X LMME - 4 324, Nfl: ' , mf-7. we -.ff 'e,f'fw,,p . 4'-'m4f1?fI? P"Ciif ' 1 '5w,:a1:zf4 ' 'L1fv'W?Wf"' f' W" rwmt M' 4:"vgZf'fmf 1 WWW Wiii, 191 ?'5'5"F'P?'?"3 s-wer D. E. E. H. FIRST TENORS E. Felt, '17 J. Flynn, '17 I-I. Hankins, '16 F. Howe, '17 H. Lewis, '18 R. Moore, '17 M. Sparks, '17 A. O'Haru, Jr., '17 SECOND TENORS Butler, '19 D. VV. Carrigan, '18 G. Davis, '18 G. Dugan, '19 D. Graham, '18 FIRST MANDOLINS H. Hafner, '17 B. Keffer, '18 D. Latimer, Jr., '18 S. Powell, '16 VV. E. Race, '18 T' G. A. G. F. F. P. R. P. SECOND MANDOLINS B. Flood, '19 D. Fowle, '17 Heyburn, '18 E. Konantz, '18 W. Moore, '17 C. Royer, '17 THIRD MANDOLINS A. Hein, '19 S. Henke, '19 L. SchaefI'er, '18 fdiustral Iuhs Graduate Blanager L. HUWELL DAXIIS Mmzager Joilx XV. M11.1.r:1i, '16 GLEE CLUB LCIIKIIH7, I.I'2SI.IIZ XV. Jov, '16 Di1'm'lor, Buivrox T. SCALES .'I!'l'0771lJCIl11iSfS C. C. SJIITIIJ '17 R. C. Voxxr:Gi"r, '18 W. Kolb, '18 .M Marvott '19 X F . , , E. S. Sewell, '16 li. C. Vonnegut, '18 FIRST BASSES A. P. Barney, '18 F. L. Ford. '19 N. E. Gardiner, '16 C. M. King, '17 J. D. Moore, '19 .l. H. Mosser, '19 51. W. Richter, '19 1 '. M. Sistare, '17 R. A. Smith, '19 J. G. Tlirner, '19 MANDOLIN CLUB L0flIIl'l', GEORGE YV. BURNS Di1'ec'Im', PAUL Exo FIRST VIOLINS H. E. Clark, '19 H. D. Gutlirie, '18 C. V. Johnson, '19 E. R. Purves, '18 SECOND VIOLINS P. Harjes, '17 D. M. Hastings. '17 C. V. Longstrect, '19 R. F. Reeves, '19 THIRD VIOLIN A. E. Andrews, '16 FLUTE A. B. Marcy, '17 CLARIONET R. D. Kennedy, '17 192 XV. M. 'W H. L Lf E. A f 7' ' I I M. Wells, '16 C. Wilson, '19 SECOND BASSES P. T. 13aughina.n, '18 T. Greenwood, '16 S. Grove, '18 A. I-Iarr, '18 S. Henry, '19 Littleton, '16 sf P. McConnell, '19 J. R. Merrill, '16 P. Price. '19 S. S. Shannon, '17 J. MCC. Titzell, '19 GUITARS J. H. Carter, '17 I-1. H. Elliot. Jr., '19 A L. Gillespie. '18 J. L. Layton, '16 E. T. Moyer. '19 A. G. Pringle, '17 'CELLOS P. Doinville, '17 H. W. Hoke, '17 DRUMS L. M. Parsons, '19 W. H. Walker, '18 PIANO A. M. Nord, '17 :: K :: K . . t Sifllnxif slut' AX D V x l GR DRAMATIC5l 5 Q- Q7 5 f t , -DW" T is no matter whether we speak French, German, Italian or English at Pennsylvania, so far as the college dramatic world is concerned. If those of us who are actors desire to speak French alone, there is await- ing us the dramatic opportunity afforded by Le Cercle Francais in its annual produetiong if no allied tongue appeals to us and we must needs make use of the Teutonic, there is membership in the Deutscher Yerein at our command, and should either or both of these organizations fail to fill the bill, there is always ull Circolo Italianofa in whose annual performance we may prove that we are actors. As for the numerous dra- .JL matic organizations of Penn- . ,fs I .. JJ: Sylvania for which English is P "l'7 the happy medium of expres- H J, sion, who has not heard of y Philo, of Zelo, and of the En- 6: 'ju g1l1CC1',S Play? 'I' .f:i1' The Plnlomathean Soci- raih, A y W Cty, a debatin g society as well, with a history and tradi- tion back of it that brook few rivals, is this year prepared to surpass itself in its contribution to the celebration of the Shakespeare Tercentenary. VVhereas last year, Philo contented itself with three successful performances of Thomas Dekkar's "Shoemaker,s Holiday," this year Philo has decided that nothing less than a weekls run of t'The Comedy of Errorsfa to take place in a temporary Elizabethan theatre, would suffice. VVith the aid of Dr. Schelling, who is Chairman of the Tercentenary Com- mittee, this theatre, with a seating capacity of eight hundred, was planned to be constructed on the campus strictly according to Elizabethan style. The name chosen for this structure was 4'The Globe" and plans called for it to be in readi- ness to unfold the adventures of the two Dromios early in May. The interest in the Philo Play developed to such an extent that upon the 193 ff ll qbhilomatlgean 5110111 "Que jgnlguemahws ienlinayf' DRAMATIS PERSON.-TE. SIR. ROGER OATLEY, Loral Mayor ot' London .... ......,.... SIR HUGH LACY, Earl of Lincoln ROWLAND LACY, Otherwise Hans SIMON EYRE, the Shoeniukci' ....... MARGERY, his wife ................ ROGER, commonly 4-:lllcrl I-Iorlgre, I FIRK. RALPH, I JANE, wife of Ralph .............. DODGER, SE:l'V2lIlt to Earl of Lincoln ROSE, daughter of Sir Roger ..... SYBIL, her maid ............. BOY ................................... MASTER HAMMON, citizen of Lonf SERVING MAN T0 HAMMON .... KING ......................... AT'I'ENDAN'1'S . . . SOLDIERS ..... l Ey1'c's jonrneyincn. ...ALFRED BAKER LEIVIS . . . . . . .. .PARK B. 'TURNER , . . .ARNOLD DE O. BELCHER . . . .ERNEST F. HAUSSER ... .E. RALPH CHENEY ELXVOOD L. HAINES CHARLES C. BUTTERIVORTH RALPH E. CLELAND ... . . .ERI B. YVALTON ...ROBERT E. SPILLER R. C. FRETZ VV. KOLB .... .EDGAR M. LUTTGEN .NATHAN P. ARNOLD ......ROBERT A. ARRISON .......WM. HARVEY REEVES .....,.M. A. THOMAS, D. R. JONES I-IORACE ROSS, FRANKLIN ATLEE 194 .. 51 .. advice of Provost Smith and Dr. Schelling, Philo decided to open the cast to all Pennsylvania students, making it thereby more representative ot' the University. To take the prominent parts, such men as Ernest Hausser, Elwood Haines, A. W. Kolb, and Park 'l'urner, all of last year's cast, gave signs of promise, as well as many new men who showed remarkable ability along 6- the dramatic line. The Zelosophic Literary Society, or Zelo, as it is hetter known, has likewise branched out to a considerable A extent, for it has departed from the heathen paths of its Q' ancestors and has now ente1'ed upon the up-to-date policy E' 1 T of giving two plays a year. Zelo has now definitely de- f termined upon its field of future dramatic endeavor. In tj! ' the presentation of American plays, it has entered a field, J both interesting and educational, not alone to those who take part in these productions, but also to the may friends and supporters of native dramatic literature. 8 Q The New Century Drawing Room was the scene, on December 9, 1915, ot' the first of this year's plays C when Bronson Howard's 4tSaratoga,' was given to a large audience. HSaratoga" was a hit of 1870, mark- xi ing a revival of American drama after the Civil War. IU Last year Zelo gave the first American tragedy, 'fTho Prince of Parthiav by Thomas Godfrey. Here we must speak of the faithful service of Zelots President, g'Dan,, Balmer, to whose untiring efforts as President for the first term of 1915-16, much of the success of the society is due. Of the other members of the graduating class, R. A. Robinson has specialized in dramatics, making an admirable hero, while H. J. Ryan has debated his way into prominence. VVhereas the two debating societies, Philo and Zelo, have thus undertaken steps to further the drama along very distinct lines, the members of the Towne Scientinc School Dramatic Association or in modern English the members of 3 Q 7 the "Engineers' Show," content themselves with "proving conclusively that a hard working bunch of Engineers can find time to do something as a unit for their department and for the Universityf, The first production a year ago was given without much thought of making the organization a permanent institution. Not that there were ever any doubts in the minds of the stalwart Engineers as to the successful outcome of any of their undertakings, but it was not then known that the public would interest itself in their work to the extent that two years of dramatic history have proven to be the case. 1 " ' if A 195 1 3 I ,. ff ' ll ll Zelosnpbic Enom, "f:-:atatnga" MR. ROBERT SACKETT CA ST A. ROBINSON 16 Arts JACK BENEDICT ...... C. HAYES 17 Law PAPA VANDERPOOL ........... RUSH-BROIVN 19 Arch THE HON. XVILLIAM CARTER A. GRINE 17 Arts REMINGTON ......,............ R. UMSTEAD 17 Arts SIR MORTIMER MUT'I'0NI.EG .... H. HAMILTON '19 Med. MR. CORNELIUS 'XVETHERTREE . . . L. ABT '18 lVh. MR. LUDDINGTON XVHIST ......... ISRAEL '18 Arts FREDERICK AUGUSTUS CARTER A. FELLOIVS '19 M.E. FRANK LITTLEFIELD ............. P. MANN 18 Law GYP ......................... .l. SERVAIS 18 Wh. PETE, Bell Buy of The Grand .. C. KERR 18 Arts CLOVER, Bell Boy ......... . S. DUBEL '19 Wh. DAN, Bell Boy ............... T. BALMER '16 XVII. G. VVASHINGTON. Bell Boy ............ R. MEADE '17 'Wh, EFFIE REMINC-TON, Belle of "Union" B. SCHIVONOVER '17 lVh. LUCY CARTER, Bride of Pe!'iUcI ....... P. KNIGHT '19 Med. OLIVIA ALSTON, Widow of Period .... P. EVANS, Jr. 19 Arts VIRGINIA VANDERPOOL, Pet of Union B. GILMORE '19 Wh. MRS. VANDERPOOL ..................,. A. R. WARDVVELL'19 Wh. MRS. GAYLOVER .... S. BAILEY 19 Arts MUFFINS ............. R. BRAMER '19 Wh. LILLY LIVINGSTONE M. KEEFER 19 Wh. AG. OGDEN ............ J. RYAN '16 Arts . .,... I ll ,. .Q . , 196 As 11 is, 1916 1lil5 sn-011 1110 CUll'1'1llll2l1lCC of 1110 h1i11g11lL'C1'S7 Sl1ow,,, 211101 1110 11011-10p1110111 of 11s o1'g2111iz2111o11 by EL 11ro211l0r llliLI'l2lgClllCl11. Now 1110 11121-y is C110SL'1l 21s 1110 rcsult 01' 1110 co111pc1i11o11 for 1110 11051 SCL'll2ll'1O, 1110 11'11'1110r of 11'111c11 for 1916 was "'1'1-111' .1'lcl11'21r1ls. T110 SCL'1'l2l.1'1O OIICC c11os011, 11 l'C1112l1l1CC1 11111 for c'1L'l1Cl'll1 AIZLIIQLQCF, "D1c1i', Z1lIllllQl'I1I2lllIl, 'fo issuc 1115 C2111 for C21s1, C1lO1'l1S 2.11161 21ss1s121111 111211121g01's. 11 was 10 110 110 s111211l IJl'0C1l1L'1'101l 1111s yc211', 11 sccmcd, for R111 1110 "1Vigg01's', 111 1'llL' 11L'pil1'1lllU1l1 211 01100 1'US1J0lK1OL1 10 1110 C2111. 1111115 11'0r0 1110 11211110s of "Jllll1O1'N Mc'L'21ll, 'iB11l" B121c14, Oscar Xxrilglflllilllglll, 1I'1l'2l111i 1111, W nmnmu , in .f:-wgfrlhllnllllllnlllllllll A III 1111 I . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 111. 1IIlllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIY ' .,. 131111121110 Xssoc12111o11 NIC C111 p1o1'1c1 2111 21410111 412100 111211121g11, 1111111 13121011 001 111110 111111s111 1110 0'1fLCC of '1 sc-001111 XIO1gr111 111 11l11p P1110 1110 C1l01uN 11110 SIILPG T110 sp0c11l1v MT110 Gul 111 of 1110 C1 011 11111g 21011101 011101115 Dick L1111111011112111 111.1010 f1 X011 1.1112101110 lc21c1111O 1112111, 211111 O11 Jones .1g21111 10014 1111 p21r1 of 21 gi1'l of 1110 VSOT161. C11y1011 11IcM1cl1210l 111215 1110 1111 of 1110 1111010 s1101v as Al- p11011s0, 2111 0X-11'211101', 11110 112161 111 some way 21cc11111ul2110d -1 fortune 2111cl posed 21s E1 c0u111: Fr21111i Epps made EL 1110s1 fas- c111211111g g1r1, 211101 Oscar VV21- g011k111g111, E. A. Sc111'21d01', J. A. L0110ri11g and E. J. D211- Epps 211111 C'l21y1o11 McBI1cl1211-1 2111111-11 10 1110 ros1cr of' 1110 To11'110 Scientific School Q , 'lf ' 'L ' 1 " 6 'LIX V 2. .V., , ' 1 , V- JC 1, 1 I 'ini I 1 on ' Q: cal , .1 an ' , ' - " '11 1 l 1 1 '14 . -Mvmxikkk 1110 Purple llusk, was 0110 4 aw rf f . 1 za ' g X 1 ' , ca as , , ,, 'lu 2 I llllllllll J' 1 1 ' 1 1::11::m::. uw: ::11::111::m 'll 1 l12111d10cl 1110ir p21r1s. 121s proved f11Cl11SClVQS w01'111y of 1116 11211110 by 1110 way 111057 T110 well 11'21i110c1 Orc110s11'21 lcd by G00rg0 Barker, 11110 W1111 "Pop" Hoey Wro10 1110 lUL1S1C, 11121110 '6T110 Purple Rlaskw 2111 21l1110s1 pr0f0ssi01121l 0110111 1I1l1'OL1g11- 0u1 11s 1111'00-day run. N01 10 110 0u1c10110 by 1l10i1' English co111p01i1ors, 1110 1110111l70rs1o1' L0 Cerclc F1'2111cais C1GtG1'H1111GC1 111211 1110y, 100, would produce so1110111111g 1V01'1i11Y of 11010, and finally s0l0c10d "L'Avoc211 P2110l1n,3' E1 1110111011211 fE11'CG of 1111141101101 ?LLl1f1101'S1l1P, 1V1'1Jf1G11 21bou1 1110 YGZJJ' 14159. 197 i I -vwwff I I The Engineers' snow, "Wye ieurple JEIHBBH Scenario by Music by .. Lyrivs by MONTY LEIGHTON .. DOROTHY ......,... ALPHONSE ......... JACK LEIG1-ITON MILLTCENT ....... STRANGER .. AMELIA ....... A. B. KIDDEM DANCING CHORUS Girls W. B. Black. M.E., '16 G. C. B. Rowe. E.E., '19 M. Smith, M.E,, '17 S. Bxsplmm, M.E., '18 Men M. Freeman, ALE., '18 J. V. Calhoun, E.E.. '18 W. H. Milrshall, M.E., '19 CA ST . . . .Enuxmn M. Enuiuxns, NLE. S J. V. Hom. cn ' HY G. S. BAR1iI5R.1I.E. ....W. H. W. S1cERRETT.M.E. ... .R. Z. ZIMMERMANN, A. EPPS. O. JONES, .......C. F. MCMICHAEL. O. C. XVAGENKNIGHT. M.E. M.E. M.E. C.E. M.E. A. SHRADER. Ch.E. . . . .J. A. LEVERING. Ch.E. E. DALLAS, C.E. GLEE CHORUS AVIIEIIGI1. Ch.E.. '16 P.'E. si,-gmunfi. C.E., 'us 'l'. Brooks. A-LE.. '18 W. Campbell, EE., '18 1-1. Baker. C.E,, '18 B. Garvin. M.E., '16 E. Chiquoine, M.E.. '18 H. Austin, M.E., '16 Alternate Prow, M.E., '17 ll ll 0 Il ll B. Blynn, KYLE., '18 Alternates A. T. Lukens. E.E., '18 F. E, Paul, EE.. '19 198 v The New Century Drawing Rooms having been engaged for hlarch thir- teenth, work on the play was early started, under-the direction of Mr. Joseph Seronde, of the French Department. A call for candidates was issued and a cast of eleven finally selected to portray the examples of fifteenth century life in France, as seen through such astute eyes as those of the lawyer Patelin and the draper Guillaume. i 4'L,Avoeat Patelini' appeared on the night selected before a large audience and met with an enthusiastic reception. The title part, was very capably taken, on extremely short notice, by Emile Malalcis, a veteran of former French pro- ductions, while Charles David, likewise a veteran, scored a hit as Guillaume, the cloth-merchant. As the Judge, Bartholin, 4"l'ed', Edwards in his bright 1'ed robe, was clothed in the full majesty of the law. Colket, Meyer, Smith and Tremblay in their respective roles added to the success of the production, one of the features of which was the excellence of the French spoken by the actors. To Mr. Seronde, the stage director, must go much of the credit for '4Patelin,s" success. He was ably assisted by "Tomy Hart and Holstein Fox. Under the direction of B112 Karl Scholz, of the German Department, the 'cDeutcher Vereinw com mleted their arrano'ements to resent earl ' in Bla f an . 1 Q' '. : elaborate reduction of two one-act comedies '4Der Ixno fi' and Ein Amerikan- 1 P isches Duel ', bv which the members of this or0'amzation ho ed to enable Deutcher 7 . CJ Verein to end the season la 1 showin 0' the entire Held a tlnnoo or two. 3 is D , Thus, at Pennsylvania there is plenty of opportunity for the student with dramatic aspirations, and he is unfortunate indeed, who, possessing dramatic ability, cannot End some outlet for it among the many organizations boasting dramatics as one of their chief aims in life. 199 PATELIN ..... GUILLAUME . . . VALE RE .... AGNELET .. BARTHOLIN ........ MADANIE PA'l'EI,lN COLE'l'TE ....,...... . DEUX PAYSANS .... DEUX ARCHERS .... '1'1'iSt1':un C. Algernon li. Clnpp Milton J. Heller Benjamin Lee, H Emile Blalnkis .. nf KQCUIICZ' f f" in Qllercle francais The Cast of "L'Avocat. Patelini' Presented By Le Cercle Francais MALAKIS 17 C . ..... C. DAVID, 16 Arch A. TREMBLAX 19 XX h .. , . .J. H. MEYER IQ Dent ....l3. M. EDXVARDS 18 C. COLKET, 7nd M. C. SMITH 1: HILL, '1S C. and A. V. H . . .BL J. HELLER. '17 1Yh. and J. M. CLARKT' 17 C PLAY CUNl1ll'l'EE Collcet, Il, Clmirn'mn and Stage Director DR. JOSEPI-I Smxoxnm A ssislanl Sluge D ireclo TIIOBI.XS PIART HOT.HEIN DEH. Fox Business Blzlnzigel' 3l2ll'Sl1illl C. Smith Paul XVind01n Charles David Thomas Hart, Ex VS Oihcio 200 'lee Hwflillesl T was President YVoodrow XVilson who recently said that a modern community can be udged by the degree of its interest in the Christian Association. According to such a standard Pennsylvania is in the front rank of American Colleges and Universities. At one point or another the undergraduate body almost in its entirety becomes, either consciously or unconsciously, a part of this quiet but effective force in attaining character and in searching for the truth. The category of its enterprises is one of great diversity, ranging from the support of Joe Mc-Cracken, VVill Cadbury, and Frank Slack on the Foreign Missionary field, to the picturing of Pennsylvania's best traditions and ideals to the High School graduate before l1e matriculates. The daily Chapel and Sunday Church Services, Student Discussion Groups, Social Service, Employment Bureau, Foreign Student and extensive Dcputation work, have all become popularly known. An unusual feature was introduced into the work this year, which called for prominent national leaders in moral, social and religious questions, to visit the University for an entire week and to conduct all daily chapel and Sunday services. Not only did students gain inspiration and knowledge from such well founded public addresses, but opportunities were afforded for meeting the expert personally in private interview and discovering how the message could meet more concretely their problems. During the year five such weeks were enjoyed when Professor Henry B. W1'igl1t, of Yaleg John Douglas Addam, of Hartford Theological Seminary, Harry E. Fosdick, of Union Theological Seminary: Hugh Black, of Union Theological Seminary, and Edward A. Steiner, of Grinnell College brought vigorous messages. , No longer is the Christian Association considered as a separate activity on the campus, but rather the dynamic, the inspiration and the guiding spirit of all activities. Its freedom from prejudice, its willingness to face fa.cts in the light of truth and reason, make the Association not only a legitimate, but a national and powerful, University Organization, 201 . ',,: R, f ll Qlbttsttan Qssnriatinn Qbtficers Pl'l?NiiIl?11l, GORDON A. HRRDWICR V1 CE-PRICSIDE NTS L. Rox' CixM1'1zm.I,, Presbyterian AALBERT H. LUCAS, Episcopal HJXXIIIY T. HUFP, Methodist HAROLD D. SAYLOR, Lutheran Doxixm M. Lovn, Baptist HAROLD C. STOKER, Congregationalist DAX'ID S. Kmsm, Reformed CoM111T'1'12E CIYIAI MEN R ROIIIZIRT DECI'IEJK'F, Chapel JOHN S. I,,xNsiI,L, Finances F. D. Enus, Foreign Students A. M. MILLIGRN, Foreign Missions Joi-IN M. CLARKE, Service IXRTIIUR M. TORIRY, Student Volunteers EiXllI,E M. I-IUMPHRIES, Inter-denominational PHILIP 'W. CHRX, Chinese Students Christian Association f ,ZW-UQ ,-I fi ,.,.f . 1, , .,.,p.v,,. I l f R - l l 202 As a unified factor in the great growth and expansion of the Christian Association in the past four years, nineteen-sixteen has played a very important part, with practically all of the prominent members of the class being more or less actively interested in association work. Beginning in freshman year, "Art" Littleton, Earle Humphries, Albert Lucas, "Bohn Dechert, George Pepper, Harry Huff, Homert Hildebrand, ttDan" Balmer, Elwood Haines, Harold Stoker, Parke VVillis, George Lewis, Gordon Hardwick, and many other '16 men were ever to be found engaged in making the life at the University better and more worth while, as a result of their individual and collective activities in social service or religious work, as the needs of the Association might dictate. Settlement work, boys clubs, Bible classes, deputations, church work, all received their share of attention, while the Inter-collegiate Student Conference was always well attended by 1916 men. Earle 1-Iumphries, "Bill', Gordon and Gordon Hardwick all served as counsellors at the University Camp, the latter serving two summers and being chief counsellor in the Junior year. t'Art,7 Littleton very ably raised the necessary funds from the undergraduates in that year. Earle Humphries was also head of the Student Employment Bureau in the Junior year, and sought and dispersed jobs like a regular Hageneyf' with only the professional touches, and the local color missing. In Senior year f'Jack" Lansill became famous for the success of the Association's financial cam- paign, which he originated and conducted with the aid of his loyal cohorts, and forever linking his name with that of uStudent Budget." VVhen it became time for election of officers for Senior year, Gordon Har- wiek was made president, with Roy Campbell, Harry Huff, and Albert. Lucas as vice-presidents from 1915, and 4'Art" Littleton was appointed Fraternity Bible Class Secretary. These with many more of 191635 most dependable men Were on the ob throughout Senior year and helped' to make one of the brightest chapters in the Christian Assoeiation's history. I I H -' 203 UU. ,Dm U3 EIU:- UE , flbehattng 32811115 Witkin Lewis Mr. Arnold CCoacl1j Coulson Potland Gould Ryan Haines Sabel Ragetto ,.1 .jj-IQ , -71 5 If -X xx A . .X - ,. x F,-Q: KNN1 3 'll YN X ' iii? DE UE RAY NIL HEN the call for platform aspirants was issued our freshman year, there was the customary response from the unsophisticated and the nearly-great," to the number of a score or so. On the teams selected as worthy to represent 1916, such men as Pinola, Gould and Pendleton, later of varsity fame, contended the cause of Commission Government with brillianey and aggressiveness quite appalling. Under the careful tutelage of Dir. Child, the inimitable forensic advisor who made English 20 famous, 1916 put up a doughty battle against her hereditary enemies, the Sophs, though not in manner convincing enough to win the judges' decision. . In our Sophomore year, the verdant freshmen were overpowered by a team composed of Gould, Henry and Haines, in a debate which will always be remembered for '4Earl,' Henry's remarkably abroad" interpretation of the word, "sweat-shopsw: and the fact that Gould and Haines took two of the three prizes, in arguing against the Literacy Test for Immigrants. Junior year again found Gould, Pendelton and Pinola out for the team- this time for the Varsity. 'cIt was only after great deliberation,v to quote the unfailing words of the judges, that it was discovered that Columbia had outwitted this team in the Varsity Triangular Debate, on the Armament Increase question, in a contest which must have stirred the Houston Hall spirits considerably. Pennsylvania was again tied with Cornell and Columbia this year for the Tri- angular Championship, while Tulane University, the alleged champions of the South, were defeated at New Orleans. In our Senior year, Gould, Goulson, and Ryan, ascended the rostrum to uphold the honor of 1916. The season was made a crowning success by victories over Cornell and Columbia, which gave us the Triangular Championship. The question for all of these debates was that of the proposed administration policy of armament increase. VVith such a record behind her in the line of forensic endeavor, 1916 has done a great service on the platform for Pennsylvania. 205 Uljy Q g E351 The qehilumatlgean Eaucietp UE ,M .x 5. C xj El tffx f', "' If 2-f, Kf1'YjQ53 K xx., 6 fi, QQ-gt 5 1 xg-L GAY KX U E LI E -Q 1 x iES0iCIE lj! 1 ' ' . Moderator .... First Censor . . . Second Censor .. Secretary ...... Treasurer .... Recorder . . . Lib1'El1'i2lll . . E. R. ANsCI-IUTZ F. ,ATLEE J. C. C. IXVERY L. R. CABIPBELL N. P. ARNOLD A. DE O. BELCHEII YV. C. CHADIBERS W. F. CONNELLY A. R. ELSIKSSER L. B. FREY G. J. .ARNOLD C. E. BACHIIAN E. R. CHEYNEY C. E. HITNE11 R. C. BELVILLE A. EDIPERLE F. LE BCIASTER OFFICERS 191.3-1916 First Term E. I.. PIAINES .. XV. H. Hlalcvlcs . R. E. SPILLER . XV. C. CJIIAIIBICIKS P. M. GAIIELI. . P. G. TIWIXER .. .. A. M. RILEY . MEMBERS Seniors A. FoUI.IcE C. GOULD S. GOlYI.S0X L. PIAIXES Juniors M. GIAIKELL F. HIXUSSER R. HoI.r.ENImcIfI C. ICEAN F. KEIKRNEX' L. IQOETI-IEX Sophomores XV. Komz O. BIILTON F. LJADANSKY M. RILEY Freshmen L. NooN C. PARLIN . M. POLLARD V .,.,,. I . ' 207 XV M P. A E. H C. H R. E. C. C. F P. R. A. Se .. XV. .. A. .. P. .. P. H. REEVES A. TI-IOBIIXS B. 'FURNER B. LEWIS M. LUTTGEN C. IQAFETTO WV. RITTE11 Ross E. SPILLER F. RII.1cY E. SE.xsIfIoL15s E. SOMMER B XVALTON PRICE A. SBIITIAI cond Term H. RREEVES F. H.xIIsER M. IJCTTGEN R. Er.s.xssER M. GAHELI M. RILEY PIIICE EE EQ ' 2 . k ff--., Q! 'ix 4, X Ex' X - , X, s XLT' ' ' ,173 X f 2 5 is . ii Qi - 512-Q NN Q The Zeluzuplgic Quctetp ij U ' Lim H R D R M . D 1' H . E H. v A. 1' H NI. H 'I K :: IFIETI IQYEIEIEJEEIIQJQIQIEIWEIIEIEI - IT! ELO GPH IC CIETY EELE OFI' ICE RS I"i1'Sf '1'0l'lll, 1915-1916 vszclznl Dunn T. B.XI.1llil! 1 ua lJIt9i!1If1lf. H.xIIol.II J. RYAN NK'I'l'I'flll'!f, J. IQUSSICI. LVMSTED :l'I'HfISlll'0l',, RAYJIONII .L ROBINSON C'01'l'081IUII!HlI'If Sef'1'vlr11',11. XV. ROSS SILNI NS Jlnsiw' of .-1rr'I1i'1fn.s', Cum C Ixrnn Plfszdmzf R nwroxn A. ROBINSON SOCOIII1 Term, 1916 T zcc P1 rfsicfent, XV. Ross S'rIcI'ENS S0c'1'elm'y, PI.InIn' L. .XIIT 1v?'0lISlll'lf1', JUSHPIT C. HAIITAIAN COI'l'0.Yll0IIfl1lL'ff Secrelwy. LOUIS J S1111 us Master of .f1rclIive.v, Cum' C Ixnnn IXBT A I.I.I2N A I.Ex.xNnEu . L. . C. . F. ,. A. AI.I.INcToN S. B.X11.EX' . T. B.XT.BIER . H. BATES . S. BENNETT H. BURT . E. BISIZING M. BLANK . R. BIRAHIEII . BUSH-BIIOWN . S. DUBEI. O. EIIDBITXN . P. :EVANS . A. FELLOXVS VV. GAIIELL . A. G1I.lIORE GRETZBTACITER E. . A. GIIINE H. HTXBIILTON L. J. CARR J. F. LONG A. D. M. HfXUSEDIAN MEMBERS J. V1 R 11 J . C. A R 1 C. I-LIIITMAN . C. PIAYES 1SII AEIL '. S. JONES M. K EE FEI: C. IQERR P. ISNIGIIT L. LAMKIN XV. V. LEE O. E E. D H L. T. L. B. XV R. J. B. C. GRADUATES 209 G. S. P. MANN K. TVIANSIIIP R. NIEADE M. PERKINS J. RYAN M. HOUSE A. SAIIIN J. SEIIVAIS B. SCI-IOONOVER R. STEVENS P. SWAN R. UBISTED F. XVILTSCIIECK A. VVARIJWELL P. VVILLIAIIS SZLAPKA S. W, f 'fav , I i17f,KZW'2Z"i? , .ff,TQf4f N JY0'l'S1:I'Z6IldC41' ........... Selcrelrir .... Sclzalzmeixler .. I'I.xn.ux' B. A1x1zoT'r R. GEuH,xRT :XI.ImECH'1' G. J. BAIl'1'I-IOLOMENV R. C. BxzLLEvn.L1:N BIKYCE D. I3L.AKEI.EY EDW. S. BHADLEY BEHTRAM F. BRUMMER EARL L. BURLCY R. B. CADJIAN E. B. CUNNINGI-IAM MAX E. 'EGENDIAIER FERDINAND ELB1-3, Jn. A r.r:xAND12az Emlflznrns NIORRIS FREED G. GOEBEL IXRTTIUII N. HINICEL ROY. E. M. HINKEL M. JAPFE J. KAPLOVITZ E. J. IQASCI-IENBACLI f, If 1. Q" V4 wi W .43 W 'Q mn M iq ? x r. ff 'v ,.,. . jfffy yi W Z , L 'K . . . er number min H1312 Qgfflglilffll ..... .C.xur. H. Kmascxr, '16 C. StilI'zve1'l1'elm1rIe TyUI'h'if1l'I'- ,.'Xll'1'IfII.'lK S. WEEKS, '17 M.E. ...PAUL L. SCIIAEFFER, '18 C. . .M. B. BIILLER, '16 C. MEMBERS ' ROLAND M. KL1:-mmm P,u'x, IQOHN ERNST G. Ku.xUsE Oswrxum R. IQUEHNE H. Lnoc1cEn1.xN PJDGAR M. LUTTGEN A. MCC.m'rx' XN'xr.L1AM D. M11.I.12R. Jn. P. NUTT G. P.v1'TEusoN D. G. PAUL GUS RACKEI. 9 Faux RQTI-xscl-r11.n , f C. Goxmox Rown A J. NVA1.I,.xc12 SAUFLR J f Howmm 'W. ScH.wm3u if W DONALD D. SHE.-XRER J osxzru M. STRAUCH VV. E. 'I'rN1'mm. T1-11201501115 B. Vox GERICHTEN is f I I 210 -1 .z 4 K ,Zi V ,os , Y. .,.,.... rl, , ,. 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SPOONER I'IAROLD L. COIJNIERLY ROBERT L. ICETCIIANI RALPH SOUDEII . SAJIUEL CULBERTSON XVILLIIXDI G. IIARZELERE C. XV. B. IIQOXVNSEND Q I ISAAC R. DAVIS H. A. LINCOLN ROGER TOWNSEND ERXN'IN I. FIERO ALBERT H. LUCAS IEDWARD B. XVATSON T. K. FINLE'1'rER C RAWEORD .IUAUEIRA C. G. XVATSON GEORGE D. FOWLE JAMES S. INJERRITI, JR. RICIIARD N. XVATKINS MOIIILIS DEC. FREEIXIAN :EDWVARD H. MORRIS HENRY F. XVALTON, JR. ROIZERT L. GILL RONALD J. NICCARTHY STANLEY WVELSI-I 'THOINIAS PIART CLAYTON MCMICI-IAEJ. JAMES B. IVHARTON L HENRY REDWOOD XVHARTON, JR. .V Sf .. If I If . Q. I 75 ' 'if f I I I 7 'WLZ X I I 214 -: . . Qixetzrinnnher Qlluh OFFICERS President ..,.. . .. .. .XVILLIADI A. QUIGLEY T7l:66-IJT9-S'ilI0'l1'f . . . ....... J. CARPEX EER Sec:1'etao'y ..... .. .XVILLIS E DAX IS Treasurer .... JAMES H. MECUM f MEMBERS YV.xr.DEM.xR L. BERG J. P. HI1'PI,E J. CARPENTER JAMES H. MECUM E. COLE HAROI,D GREY NEELY XKVILLIS E. DAVIS RQRERT E. O'DoNovAN JABIES H. GAY, JR. XVILLIABI A. QUIGLEY ,ALEXANDER GODFREY K. 'IAYLER EX'EllETT P. HACKNI-:Y SIDNEY TI-IAYER u u ,e f . .. J. I I 2 I I 6 I . n. ..., ,f.,:,- ng ,Q ' ' Z?4?C'2if?? Tiff I I f , I I OFFICERS .P1'0SfCZOIll, Hxaxnx' Crum' '1'Hc,m1'sox ' T'ic'0-l'1'zfsi1l1nl. JKTSICPII J IiRl'1BII,X1l 3IL'lkPH'x' RM'01'1Ii:1y S1'1'1'z'lu1'.11. Jour! C. CAAIPHELL C'o1'1'1f.vpnnfliny .S'r'r'1'al11ry. lionxm' E. SNOW Trmmzrzfr, C. Homms BICIJOXALD MEMBERS H. B. Bmm J. J. BIL'R1'I'IY J. C. C.xMP1mr.L S. PIGGOT E. Y. C1-IAPIX, JR. P. PURSE G. M. IDILLIXGIIABI E. Sxow J. S. DIES P. SIYIUGERT VV. VV. F1XI.ICIiXEll R. SWEENEY C. H. NICIDONALD C. 'THOMPSON J. H. MCDUFFIE, Jn. C. AWING VVM. E. MIICELL B. H.XRRAII I I , 1 ,,.,.. H E AF? - vi ' V H I 216 .. gi nukp J-Efluuntain lub Presiclenl ........ I'-ic'e-P1'0si1lv11! . Secfrelary . . . Treczxzrrcr . DONIXLII ,-XsIfI'I'0X 11-OLAXD CRAWFORD FENXER JOSEPII BOURD FLIGJIAN JoI-IN S. FLOYD JEIROINIE S. FRIEDBIAX LESTER CAPELL GL'ENTIlER NIERRILL LAWRENCE PIAXVKIXS XVALDO I'1Eh1P1III.'L RowE IJAVIS IQEXNE-DY ..,'XR'rI-IUR BIUIIRAY XVEIRICK . . .CALVIN P1'III.l.I1'S, JR. . . .JUSEPI-I IQEXDALI. NIASTEX ..I,1CSTl-ZR CAPELI. CIUENTI-IER MEMBERS .JXDKIX XVALLACE IQIXGSBFRY, JR BIITCTIEIII. LUTHER OXX'EX I'I1XD1IARSH PERRY EAUIETT JAMES PETERSEN LUCIEX HENRY SCIIIAIPF IJERI FREDERICK SINGER DONALIJ LEXX'IS SUI-IR ROIIEIIT LOXVELI. XV,-XTKIXS ARTHUR MURRAY XVEIRICK PARK XVEEID XVILLIS, JR. E I I ,M -0 .1 ,., .f Z f W f 3.32 ,wa 1. 'Q M ' 1 , y .Lg 1 ' We ii '-7 . 11 ,I 1 fm ,. , 12, fi f 'WI .yd F , ,V . 'THA 'f 05. iff. 'K 2 .iz ' .,, W ,Mm ,f ,ff fm 124 2. Gigs :JW .Q 17 .1 .ill ffg 34' ,212 332 J. ,f 4 if 14. f U5 ini W2 fm . z ' ' .. M?" ' J X f 1 Wag! gi Zuma Qlluh Presicleul, Jonx W.u.r..xc1z T'i1'e-Pres'ifIe11t, Lows ICELLEHEJI Secrrelury, JOHN XV. Bnoolcs Treasurexr, L. REG1x,x1.n GAYNOR MEMBERS ASA BAKER Joux XV. Bnoolcs E. P. C1-msn JACK T. DYKE A. B. Enrsnx' HAROLD D. FENXER H. 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B. N. VV A. C. P. W. F. N. R. R. F. ICARJES W. MCCULLOUGH Mmzcmn S. Mofrr M. PYKE F. PYKE R1XINIER P. 'RHEUBY J. R-,UDIDIE'LL T. Tonn E. V ONNEGUT C. WINSLOW -f i .Q f f 2 1.9 f .A y 1 4 ze V -f .f Q fl, A K -4 62 2.911 1.4 N' fff Q., Q.. Q. gq: Qi W2 Y ZZ if J.. f kj M We .4 , 2 431 174: l ELL .EIU ,- ,1LL L LL LL L EL! ,lb EU ibutmitotp liieqawscntatihes fflib ik M mf wx iw, Y mix X31 Kiwi Q' A fb? Hx 1 Rciq 3? 'A " U U U E fig U .. gawm, ,, nrmitnrp Representatives OFFICERS P7'!'SiliI'II1, D. T. B.xr.ni14:n Vi r':' -l'rr'.virl1'11l. NV. M. CAIIIIOLT. Ncr'rf'ln1'y, A. M. Miuioixy I.g.I'l'f'lIffl'l4 Crlllllrzillffrg A. E. ANDREXVS PA RIli'l'.'XI, COMMITTEE D. E. CUSTER J. M. BELL Du. Flnwmm C. lillili, Clznirnzfuz Mn. J. R. l9'l'rz1',x'r1zlCK Dn. E. M. Foam. Du. XV. I'I.xunEN1zx:nc Du. T. D. Coma Du. XY. T. 'l'.xoc,xn'r, Sewelrrry Baird .. .-.. I-I C. Pnrrxnr Baldwin . . . . . C. XV. ITITTICR ' Birthday ...... . . . G. L. RCJSENTIIIXL Bishop XVhite . .. .. . F. R. Gms Bodine ........ .... L X E. Axnunws Brooks .... e X E. COLMIAN Cari-nth .... A J. MARKS Class of 'ST .. G. I.. MENTLEY Cleexnan .. . .. . S. Buorxlmwmr., JR. Coxe .. ..... Craig ....... A Vi. M. Mrr.uG,xN M. C,x1moLL E. F. Smith ... ...D Momus Fitler ....... . . . D E. CUSTER Foerderer . . . . . A BIEDERDIAN Graduate . . . . . . C. S. PIGGOT Hopkinson . . . . . J. A. GRINE Leidy ...... . . . M BARON Lippincott . . . . . E. R ME-An Mask ilk 'Wig ... ,,,S, G, DAVIS MCKC-:an ,........ , , , F, VV. GLAZE Memorial Tower .. ...V E. D. BRAGG Morgan ........., . . . R. M. CARRERE Morris ............. , , ,H A, HAMLIN New York Alumni . . . . , . G. K. BAn'rHo1.oMEiU Provost Smith ...... , , , J, M, BELL Provostis Tower . . . . . A ERDMAN Rodney ......... , , , R J, WVALL Thomas Penn .... ,, , R A, HICKS XVi1son ...... , , , H XV, FUXK I I I I l l l l 221 24 5 I iff. f - I 1 . 5. 5 1 I .1 J. I.. 553 .. 6 - i 5 21. an 14 4. 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VVHITNEY VVAYNE JOHNSON Q22 vi f 2 If z' IE It 1 , E 1 IES- A . . . If . . I . 1. . . . I ., , QI 1 I ,I . ,. 1 f 1 1 9 ,. 4 , I I , f f . . I . , , , K . .3 I iw . 4 I , . . . . . :E , . J N w i Qi 1 fi gx -Q E195 .1 ' L11 ggi? ,W ,. Q 'ffi .ZR Z y W4 ff l f 1, va ,.. 'Q www,'7..WLW,f45.-wwzMrzm,m-,M fwL...4M I I . . . . W ffwwfx V-pw rvzf! -M .M R., . M .M- , ..,, I A I , A W, . It f I 1 , . ' x , . Scalp ann 3BIahz A ' ' X A 1 2 OFFICERS ' President, JOI-IX S. LANSILL Vice-President, DEAN P. BENSITEX' Secretary, I'IARVEY E. BIERDIA T'1'0Cl.S'lM'67', LEONARD J. IQUGEL MEMBERS JOHN S. LANSILL RRXYBIOND STEVENS HAMILTON H. NVENDE IXLFRED EDNIE GEORGE RAND, JR. GORDEN O. SPAULDING IXRTIYIUR CABIERON SIMON T. XVENDE Vw: MM! FRANK FORSTER VVILLIAISI D. BARR E. LEE SORNRERGER GEORGE RURIBIAGE STEXVART EI.DER IXRTI-IUR LANSILI. DEAN P. BENSLEY NORMAN VXTALTER HARW'EH' E. BIERMA PAUL NIILLER LEONARD J . KUGEL DONALD HINKI.EY WESTON M. CARROLL ROBERT CIIALMIERS CARLTON C. 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STEVENS ."XI.FIlED XVILLIARIS R,xNDOLP1fI ADAMS L. ROY CABIPBELL M. K. GOE L. B. Fluzx' I-LxIzO1.D GOULSON H. R. HEINS R. L. IJABIKIN E. C. GOULD G. J. fXIlNOLD XV. V. LEE Du. L. S. ROWE. .4 M .4 .W e,ca.cd1 . K M I I f 4 I I 7 f .f - , ,M 'K Li. it VH! We HV: President, EDGAR C01-D, Jn. Qlillit 63111113 A OFFICERS Vice-President, YV. R. STEVENS H. T. MURRAY H. L. GARTDIAN B. DUNIIABI W. F. KNAUEII R. L. LAIKIKIN' H. A. BONVINIAN S. J. GURBARG J. KEISEII J. E. GAY E. R. MEADE L. R.. SEIWAISS L. J. BOND Cowesponrling Secretary, A. J. S1NIITIi T'I'6CLS1M'8'I', G. J. ARNOLD Efvecutive Committee: MEMBERS H. R. HEINS 225 O. P. MANN E. C. GoUI.D S. BEINNETT A. PHILLIPS M. ULLDIAN E. BACI-IINIAN R. CADIPBELL R. CIIEYNEY ATLEE E. ABBOTT M. HENSLEB HALOEIIT B. LEWIS C. PAIILIN UE I UD EE.. , ECI 45150525 YEUUIIKYU QEIIIU 5 NL .Nw N' Q X NQ N yt 5: EN? 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BONSAL DAVID PAUL EDX1'ARD BRADI.EX' HENIIK' REUKAUFE I XVILLIAIKI BRADLEY XVILLIAJI BOUNDTREE OLCOTT COI.I.AR LINCOLN ROEKT IXLEXANDER DICKEX' DONIXI.I7 RIIGEL AUGUSTUS FAIN MEYER SABEL FRANCIS GOSEXVICI-I E. ROT.AXND SCHOCH CLARENCE GRIIIISLEY JOHN SMUCKER JACOB HARTINIAN LESLIE TARLETON DAVID PIAUSEIKIAN EDWARD H. TEN BROECK ARTHUR HEERNER CFHODIAS TEAIXIER CARROL HANNAH IXRTIIUR XVATERS CHESTER IVORY DAVID XVAXISIAN RODNEY LEA JACK J. F. XNOLFF f I , .LLL . :Ff Q21 ""' 1 x f ,ffffif I I ...1 f' f .1" if ' gLQ.Qffffff..Q I I 228 I - P A X ff. -5 - 2 v.-:. 3 cw.: uf. v 5 5 .vw E11 11, ES aa mum'- -H n .1 vu .1 v I. fi hm. ..., em , I.. P9 'Wai' is .W 'R ik: Lp ,V 4 9 45 -zq , V 44- xr :J 8 ,K b ,, f s- K w ., " iD44:,,g4L,,.H.4.W!5igQgLqg.m..Y,45.4Q,Q4,,f4..d,.,41ps2,,....,,4g.1,,x,.g.,. . L,.,?LQL24.,L1Q,,Q' .lL1Q,.,. 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But let nobody think that quality has been sac- rificed to quantity: there an easy way to disprove that, by comparing the issues of the year we have ust completed with former onesg in every publica- tion the standard has been raised, and both material and appearance have im- proved under the direction of our five 1916 Editors-in-Chief, Southall, Decli- ert, Graham, Skerrett and Lucas. Into the dingy otlice at 3151 some twenty of us 1 .W ', trooped one September morning, almost four years ago, in " answer to the first call for Pc'11.'1zsyZ-varzian heelers. Of D' h course, there were celebrities among us, but we all had to A f have our baptism of tire just the same-a gruelling round It I ' of petty assignments, from Houston Club and Law School to Boxing and Gym. stories. Then the Board thought we .gliigll needed encouragement, and gave then' Annual Smoker for U. mtg candidates in H190 McKean," where we ate and smoked and Q were entertained by Samuel Rosenbaum, now a historic tig- ' .1 S'- TL ure, and of course, F. Harry Nack, who is still very far from being historic. Shortly after this came Harry's own smoker, the last of these memorable occasions. It was then that Harry told us that he was long overdue in the insane asylum, for according to him, a hier- ganthaler operator is only expected to last ten years, and he had already been working twenty. Needless to add, Harry is still setting up the paper with quite as good humor as ever, although he does say that " . . . the can- didates are a d- sight fresher than they was." , y W I! ll . 5 ll 230 Now the ability of some of the candidates began to make an impression, and Townsend, Lansill, McCullough and Green came to the front, closely fol- lowed by Dechert and Southall. It was a proud day for the 'cGent,leman from Alabama" when he was put in charge of the Annual Relay Carnival stories- one whole column a day for two weeks! Next fall found us at work as Associates, plus our classmates, Harold Pond and Arthur Seaver, who, i not having succumbed to glue poisoning, had licked their way Y to election as Assistant Business g 'N Managers. And we explained the requirements so well to our classmates that in February we were joined by Earl Henry, Park VVillis and Edgar Blar- burg, of the editorial staff. ...M ei, 'ff'-F Nineteen hundred and sixteen H 4 l' " .- rose still higher in the Bday 2,5 i I ' elections, when Southall and ' fi -. ww "i 5 Townsend were chosen to serve ' U 5.-an I as News and ltlanaging Editors, respectively, under VVinthrop VVilliams' administration. Soon after Chickering and C. E. Williariis were also elected to the Board, being, taken on as Associates largely through their ability in Writing up their respecive line of sport. Witli Winth1'op Willianis at the helm, and our own Harold Pond on the upper deck, so to speak, many things were accomplished during our Junior year. Not the least of these was the successful campaign to raise the Athletic Association dues to ten dollars. In addition, daily t'Gridiron Gossip" and other innovations began to liven up the paper. These, with numerous changes in the mechanical make-up were all appreciated, at least by members of the Board. Just after mid-year the ship of state hit a rock. Williams deserted, and '4Jimmy" Austin was chosen to perform the duties of Editor-in-Chief. Harold Stoker saw his chance, and slipped into the position of Associate, being the fourteenth and last man to make the paper. Then Harold Pond brought us safely into the financial port at the end of the year, and turned over a substan- tial balance. He spared us the problem of choosing between our two eflicient managers by declining a nomination for the second year, thus leaving the run- ning of the business department to Arthur Seaver. Another difficult choice was spared us when Townsend realized the size of 231 Kecald. Af 'iff QWWWC I af I . fi' Q." ry!!! K! 1 " be 3 mmapI1Jauian" oath Ezlilor-in-Clzivf IQUGENE 1-I1':N1xY SoUTu.x1.1., '16 Mmzaging Editor Joux Murmocxc C1..x1z1c1:, '17 News Ezlilor ILXYBLOND Doxam STHVENS, '17 Edilors XV. Jn.. '16 H. LEE, Qxu, '17 NY. .flxsorifsln Erlilors J. H.xYm:N, '17 G. T. EISSING, '18 H. V. IQDNII-I, '18 I.. LANG, '18 P. E. 1VION'I'GORIE1IY, '18 E. A. C. McC.x1x'rx', '19 Business Manage?- A1z'r11U11 F. S1z.xv1c1z, '16 Firsl I1.S'SfSl'Il11l5 JAMES H. MECUM, '17 A ssislnnl Business Jlanngers R. '1'. VVILSON, '17 H. A. COLLINS, '18 S. M. MCCLURIE, Ju., '18 232 C. SToKm1, '16 XYUST, '17 I.. I-IU1s1c.xnr11, '18 1E3I1lERIC1-I, '18 I.. Ex'sTE1x, '18 H. I-IUTCHINSON, '18 B. CUNXINGIIABI, '19 .. 61 .: his job as Track and Cross Country Manager, and so left the 1916 Editor-in- Chiefship for Southall. Others of us, claimed by the various positions to which we had attained, were forced to resign from time to time, so that by the be- ginning of the "home stretchn there were but four of us left-Southall, VVillis, Stoker and Seaver. Under Southalfs leadership we made good progress, notably in the for- mation of the new editorial system, which was put into effect immediately after Christmas. Instead of having the whole burden of editorial direction and writing fall on one man, a Board of Editors has been formed, composed of the Chief, the News and Managing Editors, and the Editorsg this board meets informally once or twice a. week, to consider situations needing editorial corn- -in: ment, decide on the policy to be followed, and assign sub- jects to the various members. This system, based on city 1 -.-' newspaper methods, should eventually form the basis for g 4-Lu a more united organization of and expression by the 'lg' X P0117zsyZz'a1z.imz staff. I lil N f'Those with whom we have worked are the men we re- v Il member best,', said an eminent college graduateg and so it '-fe c is that the hours spent in the dusty office at 34451 are among the most pleasantly recalled of them all-the hum and clang in the back room, the hurrying lowly candidates, the friendly calls from passers-by or the irate complaints of a subscriber who doesnat realize that he should 'fApply upstairs, pleasef' but above all the joy of creat- ing something that is soon to be spread broadcast, all these things have con- tributed in making the Penvisylzvmzian long to be remembered by us. sie -16 -Jlfr The Red and Blue felt the influence of 1916 from the very first-an in- fluence whieh, though small at the start, rapidly grew, as the class progressed through its University courses. Beginning with four men in freshman year- Robert Deehert and Stewart Foltz Ceditorialj, and Karl Zellner and Robert C. Trethaway fbusiness departmentj, we have contributed more than a fair yearly quota of members and work. Trethaway left us at the end of fresh- man year, but early in the next term six more of our classmates were elected to the staff. Earle BI. Humphries, Howard Graham and Elwood Haines won their places in the editorial department, George hi. Lewis became photographic edi- tor, and Charles E. Roberts and George C. Brosius proved their worth before election to the business staff. The next spring Howard Graham left us, later to become one of the edi- tors of a new magazine-.of verse. But Loyal Y. Graham now appeared, and did his best to replace the other maker of light verse, so successfully that he 233 l l . , f 1 , W2 4 4 1 9 The lieu ann 351112 math Editor-in-CI1ief HOBEIVI' DECHERT, 1916 COLLEGE Jlnlzugilzy Eflilor Phologrnplzic Editor XVALTEII YUST, 1917 COLLEGE RICI-IJXRD F. XVARREN, 1917 COLLEGE Editors EARLE M. I'IUJ1PHl1EYS, 1916 COLLEGE BIARX G. SAREL. 1917 LAW ELXVOOD L. HAXINES, 1916 COLLEGE ROBERT E. S1'11,1.EIll, 1917 COLLEGE LOYAL Y. GIIAIIABII, 1916 XVIIARTOX GEOIIGB F. IYIEARNEY, 1917 COLLEGE ARTHUR LITT1.ETON, 1916 COLLEGE LEONARD L. EYSTER, 1918 COLLEGE ARTHUR T. EISSING, 1918 XVI-IARTON B-zlsiness Dlanager GEORGE C. Bnosms, 1916 XV1fIAR'roN C"i'rcuZati0'n Managev' Assistant Business Manager X' CARL E. Gms, 1917 COLLEGE HAROLD G. NEELY, 1918 WIIIKRTON Business Associates X HEIRBERT B. XVEAVER, 1917 XVI-IARTON JOIEIN A. GRINE, 1917 COLLEGE WII,1,I1XBI T. BUCK, 1916 VVHARTON THOMAS B. JOHNSTON, 1918 XVHARTON A. GIIIAUD FOOTE, 1919 XVHARTON ' f f H -- , f 4 f ' - - - 234 I I f' :af be " unch 3BninI" Baath BOARD OF MANAGERS Loxxxr. Y. Gn.x1fr.x3r, 31111, '16, Edilrn'-in-C'l1ief I'I.xm:x' T. H UF141, '16, l3IINilIUSS DIUIIIIIUPI' 1,Al'L XVINDODY, '16. .-Ir! Eclilor Ar! Spoons IXLLPIN D. Conxnm.. '16 D.xx114:r. T. B.x1.n1EJ:, '16, 1V.x1uu4:x M. XVH Ar.u1cn'v F. SoxT11Eurr:1: '16 Joux XV. Klcvus, '16 CLYDP: PAYXE, '16 H.x1mx' J. I'1.xx'm:x, Ju., 1 '17 -Rrclfmlm XV. M1cc.xs1c1zx', '17 RAY RILTNG, 'IS CARL E. B.xc11nr.xN, 'IS Business Spoons '17 MILTON J. HELLER, DOXALD Lovlc, '17 I-Lxnm' AUSTIN, '17 Lrsoxmm FAY, '18 TI-IODIAXS YV. PEARCE, '18 236 Jlflllflgillfj Erlifor us, '16, C'iI'l'llIClf'i0ll Jlalzager Editorial Spoons M. SHANNON FIFE, '16 E. L. PIAIXESA, '16 DAVID M. CIYIURCII, '16 H. XV. 111-IINSTEINI, '17 XV. F. C-ONNOLLY. '17 Bxzxmnrlx Lrzzsx, Qnd, '17 'M M ff, Q made allowances for us, as we do not come up to the same standard as that under which he was trained-and we have lnatle allowances for himgso well that he filled the position of Art Editor during the past year with consunnnate skill and restraint. "Catch them young" seems to be a worthwhile motto for our Board to adopt, for the next men to make the grade were Loyal Y. Graham and VVarren YVells, who have since then, risen to the top as liditor-in-Chief and Circulation Manager, respectively. ".I,.Y.G.'l still appears in the body of the P.B., signed after his typically l'.l3.ian rhymes and .iinglesg his heaviest work, how- ever, consists in writing smashing editorials that stir the whole campus to . . yes, sometimes to taking them seriously. Harry T. Huff and Daniel T. Balmer also have the distinction of appear- ing with their names in heavy black type, as Managing Board members. Dan- iel has come to 'judge the piles of 'cstuffu that are turned in by candidates, with unurring accuracy, and we have heard it rumored that he cloesn't even have to look at some of it to know that it is 46 ready to he "canned" As for Harry-his success with 6 Wh Pzznclz Bozclfs finances during the past year is sufficient 2- warranty of his true ability as a business man. , Allen D. Cornell, Albert Sontheimer and John Keyes are our representatives of the facile and artistic pencil, , I and if you see PB. their signatures must be well known to you. Of the full pages and covers they have contrib- vxiif nted a full share-. 5' . The quiet chuckle department is largely handled by Elwood Haines and David Church, whose dry humor would fish make '4F.P.A.,, of The Conning Tower turn green with envy. They are masters of the solemn satire style which appeals to the more careful and discriminating readers. Through the friendly cooperation made possible by the P.B. f'Blow-outsv held once a month, the Board has been able to make great strides toward a real unity of action and feeling, which in turn has helped materially in making the past the biggest year Punch Bowl has ever experienced. -X BK SK When the Towne Scientifc School Joufrvml became a fact two years ago, C. R. Engles was the only man representing 1916 on the Board. Now, headed by W. H. W. Skerrett, the Editor-in-Chief, nine members of the class hold among them the most responsible positions open to the staff. In the mean- time, the Jouwzal workers have changed, and changed again in the regular course of progress. Engles was soon joined on the first staff by L. A. Hauslein, who was later ,,,vt,T1,r77T W , .....w.,..,,m, . ,..,..,,.,y,. ., H ' ' V f ' - - M Z X I . MZ. .,... .. 237 was soon rewarded by the Board. Then the May issue appeared with Dechert as Managing Editor. Shortly after, 19l6,s last representative, Arthur Little- ton, joined forces with his more experienced classmates. In the hands of Robert Dechert as Editor-in-Chief, and Brosius as Busi- ness Manager, the Red mid Blue made wonderful strides during our Senior year. These two capable leaders, with the cooperation of their fellow-mem- bers, brought the illustrated literary magazine into a position second to none. Its attractiveness has been multiplied many fold by the adoption of a policy calling for the use of the maximum number of halt' tones, many of them illus- trating articles, others featuring some particularly interest- f" ing campus occurrence, or showing some of the more prom- x -t inent at.hletes that meet our own teams on field or tloor. -u I4 Contributions from able members of other college per- 7X fx 'O' iodicals have served to broaden the scope and attitude of I --'G the magazine. It has thus been saved from any hint of " I provincialism which is so frequently the most striking fea- -.. ture of an undergraduate publication. From a literary ' viewpoint, the policy of the Red and Blue has been to reach 4 f t.he highest possible standard of literary excellence at the same time avoiding the 'ihighbrow" attitude. With this in ,- mind the Editors have secured during the past year a large 4 -7' number of articles distinctly expository in natureg these ar- ticles well or forcibly written foften bothj, dealt with many phases of University life, in addition to the usual number covering the then reigning royal sport. From our campus watch-tower have issued editorials that have carried, or so we hope, each some correcting or guiding principle, alike to the solons of the University world, and to the great mass of students who are working, quietly perhaps, but none the less sincerely for Pennsylvania. If We have sue- ceeded in stimulating or encouraging this work even for but one year or two years, we cannot but reckon our time given to the Red and Blue as well and gladly spent. Again we are able to boast of being a p1'edominating inHuence, for at the end of the season, with the ulllask and VVig" number in evidence, We can point to the proud group of eleven 1916 Spoons, gathered in the Punch. Bowl. These active Spoons bear much of the burden and share in the fun of ladling out to the campus at large sips of humor, clever art, and now and again a little tit- bit of spiced wit. Paul Windoni was the first of us to make the Board-way back under the gone-but-not-forgotten "Damn the Torpedoesn regime. Since then Paul has 235 ' ffff Q 'fwMW Wf l l 1 f i7 Q, ll " ' ' ' I" B be ntnne Ementmfnc Qcboul Zaurus: oath Eclifor-in-C'hi0f W. 11. XVu.l,11xMs SK14Il1ll1:IT'I'. 11.13. 'Ili .'Isx01'inl0 Eflilor-In-C'l1i1f Iivmzxxs 1. Gu,1xER'r. .".l!C11 SR. Depfzrlnzelzl Editors GEORGE M. D. IAEXVIS, JXRCI1. '16 EARL A. SHR1xnER, CI-I.E. '17 E. L. SIIOEJIAKER, C.E. '17 CLIFFORD L. FRNTON, E.E. '16 FRANK A. Ervs, NLE. '16 Business Mafmger Ci'rcufIat.Sorz Dlanageo- FRANK C. HAB1II.TON, M.E. '16 PAUL E. SIGBIUND, CE. '16 Assistant Business Managers I'IARllY V. RX'DER, E.E. '18 O. C. XVAGENKNIGLIT, C.E. 'IS Alzmzni Edifor J. P. EYRE PRICE, CH.E. '15 I I X l ll 238 .. ' replaccd by Marshall. At this time there were sixteen members of the class working hard as candidates, and of these nine eventually "made,' the Board, before Senior year. This year we planned to have BIarshall as a co-worker with Skerrett, the former to manage the Business Department, but as he deserted in favor of matrimony, we chose "I-Iankn Hamilton for the position. It has been largely due to his efficient direction that the Jon-rnal has successfully weathered the financial storms, and has appeared five times upon the cam- ,,g:::' l pus during the year. Hamilton seems to have an uncanny faculty for luring the advertisers into demanding Kmoren i' i ii" high-priced space. Another 1916 man, Paul Sigmund-as Q5 J,-7 Circulation Manager, has had much to do with the year7s -ij, " prosperity, for he seems to have boosted sales to such an ex- , J tent that even the office copies had to be sent out to sub- , scribers! Taken all in all, 1916',s contributions to the wel- ff fare of the Towne Scientific Jofuwml have been such as to produce permanent improvement, which cannot but be re- Hected by still greater advances in years to come. L C as 3 E "THE RECORD, NINETEEN SIXTEEN, UNI- VERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA." And now we come to the publication most distinctly our own. of all those issued to the campus, for every page, every line shows the directing inHuence of one or more of the Board, all 1916 men. And we are correspondingly proud of it. Competition for our places was of the keenest, when we started work in the fall of 1914 under Henry Lewis and Earl Stauffer who were chiefs of the Record staff last. year. However, twelve of us managed to survive the gruel- ling round of office Work, write-ups and proof correcting, and four more were eminently successful in securing many pages of advertising. Wheii the final elections took place, Albert H. Lucas secured the Editor-in-Chiefship, with Holstein Fox, Elwood Haines, Russell Breitinger, "Fritz', Schofield and Charles E. Williams as his associates in the Editorial Department. Francis Keally was chosen Art Editor. Arthur Wei1'ick landed the Business lVIanagerial chair, and Claude Dudley that of Advertising lllanager, with Ralph Gibbs and VVill- iam Buck as Associate Business hlanagers. Last fall we added to our staff by electing four Editorial Advisors, Rob- ert Deehert, Loyal Graham, Gordon Hardwick, ex officio, and Park VV. VVillis. This was all the more necessary as VVilliams had not returned to college. Then, Keally also having failed to return, we chose Allen D. Cornell for Art Editor, and John B. Tanner as assistant, thus bringing the Board to its final form. , ,Vi ,. ,V , .,yyZ37'4'j, 239 , 1 , 5 , f , F N N be "1916" scorn naw Edifor-in-Chief ALBERT H,xwI.E-Y LUCAS Bzzsixness Ilfnnnger AR'1'1fIUR NIURRAY XVEIRICK Art Edilor ALLEN DYER CORNELL Dlavzmgin-g Editor HOI.STEIN DEHIIVRN Fox A clve1'IisIi'ngm Manager' CLAUDE XVALTER DUDLEX' Associate Edfilors JoHN RUSSELL BREITINGER Gounox ALWARD HIXRDWICK ROBERT DECIAIERT Emvoon LINDSAY I'IAINI-IS , LOYAL YOUNG GRIXI-IADI FREDERICK SEYVALL SCI-IOFIELD ', PARK WVEED XVILLIS, J R. I Art Associates Jol-IN VIXANXEII :EDNVIN L. YVALTERS f Business Associates WILLIAM TI'I01NIAS BUCK RALPH IXLVIN GIBBS I I 5 N f , , ll 240 :: K :: Nineteen sixteen stands at least on a par with all other classes in loyalty, but above them in ability, when considered in relation to the publications whose histories have just been chronicled. Concretely-during the past four years forty-eight of the class have served as candidates and have later been elected to tl1e board of one of the major publications, six more members have held be- tween them a total of fifteen publication positions, on the several staffs. These figures speak for themselves of our class's endeavor and achievement. Our time spent thus has frequently been of the greatest help in various other university activities, and this is plainly shown by the remarkable num- ber of honors that have been won by board members. Our connection with the :annual and the periodicals has also brought us many good times, of which the smokers, 'tblow-outsw and the annual '4Puhlications Banquet" stand out par- ticularly. But more important than all of these, it has given us the oppor- tunity and the incentive to do Real Wlork with a very definite end in view, with sometimes a little praise, sometimes a little reflected glory, but usually just with the satisfaction of giving to our fellow students at Pennsylvania 'tthe best that we know how." 241 ,MM iw? Wf WMWW5 Q'5Z?25Z I l QS I l K 1 if 'LW wf' - ,W V . iv ."f'i'.x Q. 2,5 4 M z if Q' 1 mfs 'iii '4 gg V1 f I ieermsvlbanla 115. Zbattmouth I l f " , , A. l l 242 KECOZCI' jf-ill G fp .W F A I M fx 7 - fit:-gif ,X -.LJ A J m1r1glw1 M QQ if W M , -aff! 1 J-Fj33,6,,,S AJ 4 M - B VM, ,VVVV . I ..,,,,,M,.,,Wm ,, , , , , , UE EEF m f,'3'xN 1 f 'X xx X K NA f? QS gy. X 1 ,A Q SQ: Khin i 4 I r Weavers of the "ie" ' -ff wa A Lau QU MEI Q UQ E 4 3 If ,,,,,, U y I ll . Y, d ,, p 1 . x Q lwfpxi I 7 1 4 3,1 El , M Football Harris Hopkins Murdock Pepper Price Russell Tighe Basketball Hardwick Williamson Track Kroeger Lockwood Meredith Sewell le f Swimming Shryock Bierbaum Crew Chickering Foster Pepper 245 Cross Country Colton Soccer Thayer Murphy Hardwick Houston Cricket Lee Baseball Schimpf Murdock M atchett Wisner KJ HE Athletic Association of the University of Pennsylvania, as expressed in the certificate of incorporation, has as its ai1n to "further and pro- mote physical education and hygienic training of matriculates and graduates . . . and to foster and supervise athletic sports and gamesf' The corporation was created in June, 1883. The Association owns no real estate nor securities. Owing to the fact that the leasehold interest in Franklin Field is subject to mortgages, the Association is under a fixed expense of 519,856 yearly for its use of Franklin Field and the Gymnasium. Its only revenue is from membership dues and receipts from games. Only an adequate response from students and graduates by becoming members can enable the Association to meet expenses, and, indeed, to begin each new year with a creditable surplus. The Athletic Association docs not entirely control undergraduate athletics, a spread of power being granted by the University Trustees to the Faculty Committee on Athletics, whose duty it is to determine Pennsylvaniats athletic policy toward other institutions and to decide the eligibility of contestants. The business of Undergraduate Athletics does fall to the Association, and complete power with respect to this is invested in the Board of Directors of the Association. The Board of Directors, which is chosen by ballot, consists of nine graduate members and eight undergraduate members. The result of the elections, it is readily appreciated, depends on the balloting of the Undergraduate members of the Association, who constitute a large maj ority, though the trustees have the privilege of nominating a set of candidates, six of whom must be elected regard- less of undergraduate preference. Twenty-five members constitute a quorum at any meeting of the Associa- tion. The vote of three-fourths of the members present can amend the By-laws, provided the amendments have been regularly submitted. The amendments are subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees before they can become operative. ...M V.-WA ' .152 ,ya ll i f i ..- 246 . .... ......a..a, . . .1 Q 2, j x fi. -la .W W -. 4. V. -.-sl. on, Zi -v f 'f - .4 M we an 9. A w .4 r .LW . ,. X42 Zu - ! M 'N 4,41 . . f . .. 'gem flow - .,, I . . Ai .qi VVhen an undergraduate or graduate buys his A. A. Book, besides the ,I privilege of witnessing every game played at home by a Pennsylvania team, he gains the opportunity to become a member of the Board of Directors, which Q! is the power behind the Associationg he secures the right to elect Association . ' fx, Q Oflicers, and to make amendments to the By-laws. gk: Power and opportunity come with organization. For that reason solely if there is wisdom in organizing athletic activities. The perpetuation of such an organization is necessary, considering the great growth and unwieldy propor- 1 . , . . . . . WL' tions of University athletic problems, and the perpetuation is dependent on '45 " . . , . . . student interest. Judging from the avowed purpose of the Athletic Association ":'-' . . . . . r 3. .7 and its influence during the years of its existence, to purchase an A. A. Book it does not mean to help organize one football team or one baseball team or one of 'Z -1 anything a year. To buy an A. A. Book means to do a mite toward promoting ,X .V , ' G ' .. physical prowess among students by affording students a chance to compete L.. for organized teams. A .L r A' za , I , . l. ., ,. ,ML . .5 222 Zi' al' I 21411 ff .. . - . zz. , 3' I I "" I I I I 247 Ll Um EE DEI 1916 freshman Gleamb' ,--., ,,X. :XX QR 1 xv' .fl ijti mm Kacaca' 1 1-Pflajur spans HEY 111 al 1 C c Flt ier Time publishes his first edition of Pennsylvania athletics, it will be noted that the Class of Nineteen Sixteen has written one of its most brilliant chapters. These pages will recall to us familiar scenes wherein our class has played important roles, on the gridiron, river, diamond and track. Our class will always look back with pride on the athletic feats of its members. wwe , -JE HG -16 illzucthail Never since Pennsylvania has been classed as one of the Eastern uBig FOU1',, has her team been defeated so frequent- ly as during our four University years. Yet other teams have often come to Franklin Field expecting an easy victory, and have gone away beaten, for at no time has the Varsity been in such a slump that it could not "come back" at least a few times during the season. Sometimes we have been proud,-sometimes disappointed at our teams, but at all times we have respected their persistence and determination in the face of frequent defeats. Our class first came into action when, in 1912, the largest number that have ever reported turned out for the freshman team. Of these, many later developed into players of Varsity caliber, as Harris, Hopkins, Blurdoch, Russell, Tighe and others later appeared in striped ierseys. Although our freshman team proved no sensation, yet it was composed of players of real ability, as was rapidly shown to be the case when the call for ,Varsity ma- terial was issued in the fall of 1913. The season opened well, with six victories and a tie with the Indians to our credit, but Dartmouth finally checked us seriously, and we left the field beaten, 344-21. The following week we met the powerful Michigan machine, and our now shattered team suffered again, giving the maize and blue a 344-3 victory. Unable to recuperate from either the mental effect or the physical 249 42' ,, , J - H mfs ,V ,ff mm U F rw if fgfl, X25 Xsligxjyk. 9 Qlaptatn i9atti5 Li U A , UU ' ' DEI 250 Know c - c i 1 injuries sustained in these two disastrous games, the Varsity met' the HBig Red" team from Ithaca, and Cornell smothered us, by a +1-0 score, after waiting twelve long years for the opportunitv. In our Junior year, the line-up was found to include Harris at right tackle, Russell at guard and I-Iopkins at left end. Murdoch and Tighe carried much of the quarter and full-back work between them, and occasionally one or two other 1916 men would get in the game for a period. In the mean time, we as Juniors were doing at least our share of the work on the battered scrub eleven, and occasionally allowing the freshman team the annual pleas- ure of saying-f'VVe beat the scrubs this after- noonf' In the fall of 19144 the Varsity played an erratic game, but at no time did it show any great promise of strength. Although Gettysburg was defeated in the first contest, the eleven could not keep up the pace against stronger teams, and lost to F. and RI., later tying Lafayette. Then Navy, Carlisle and Swarthmore fell before the recuperated Vars- ity in quick succession, and again the outlook seemed bright for a successful year on the gridiron. But Michigan and Dartmouth repeated their triumphs of the year before with even greater emphasis, scoring 34-3 and 41-0 respectively, against us. Witli the feeling that a victory over Cornell would make the season a success after all, the red and blue eleven prepared to make a splendid fight-and they did. Cornell got off to a quick start, and secured a 10-0 lead in the first half, but she could not hold it, for Captain Journeay's team still had a reserve of power, and lots of Pennsylvania Spirit. But the stronger team won out in the end, for in the last few minutes of play, the Ithacans turned loose a terrific drive that could not be stopped by our now exhausted eleven. The final score of 241-152 was welcomed after the crushing defeat that the red and white had hoped to administer. The 1915 season found the same men reporting for the first call issued by Captain Harris, and around ..,. ,..,. . . ff,-aff ,,., at-, -s ,.,... .,...,, .,1,, N. ,.,, f ., .. ., , 1. 251 1915 football Guam E351 'ZT- W: fa N. . S .xss . yn: Q EJ Kccazd this nucleus of veterans a team was soon whipped into shape that proved too strong for Wlest Virginia, Albright, and Franklin and Marshall in rapid succes- sion. But possibly the power of the machine had been brought to its height too soon, and this, combined with the confidence . gained from a series of victories proved its undoing, for in the next game Penn State was victorious. In the Navy game, only our powerful defensive playing saved us from defeat, for time and again the middies worked the ball within striking distance, only to be thrown back scoreless. One touchdown was scored by each eleven. Pittsburg, next on the schedule, was accorded a surprise when the Varsity only allowed its unit machine a 14-7 victory. But the next game was disappointing to followers of the red and blue, for Lafayette ncame throughn and took seventeen points, holding the Varsity scoreless. Dartmouth met us in Boston, and played us a thrilling game which seemed to be decidedly in our favor until the last few minutes, but it was too good to be true, and the last. 'fbreaki' favored the green, so Dart- mouth returned to Hanover with the long end of the 7-3 score. Then we met the VVolverines on Franklin Field, in a hard fought and most spectacular game. Each team could throw back the other, when its own goal line was in danger, so the battle closed with no score and no decision. Enthusiasm ran high before the great Thanksgiv- ing Day game, forugthe stand made against Michigan showed the real power of the 'Varsity. Nor was this enthusiasm misplaced, for during three periods Penn- sylvania administered to Cornell the defeat which had become until recently almost traditional. Then Bar- rett., playing his last game for the red and white, virtu- ally turned defeat into well-earned victory by a series of brilliant runs and perfectly executed team plays, Hnally scoring Q-L to 9 points. Throughout, Cornell's Captain played such a game as has seldom been seen on Franklin Field, and loyal Pennsylvanians were forced to mingle admiration with the keen disappointment of a victory won and lost. . 253 I I 1 . I I I ll Zin., "Tr f f V diff iw? .Lf IIW ie' FCZOTBALL -r e m v r' Ktl' V -ia f. T. i "lu l l, "l.l,l null' Illrlllll lllwlvllllujlf-U1 , t 1 it J. , F Ill 2 I 1 1' Iliff' 5 ,ll-Q.. .1 ..-'ff jg .L-:15',j-Q., jeg? ' "F -I F J' "'l 4i'.""-A". 'L-'F' ':"'x""f"',""A,I "nj, 3 f ,, 4 X1 lla Me W- ' ' 0 - . I. J- 1"-7 'L' J i f .-..T...- I - ,Xml . 1 + 5 m "" - ' . l!'J I . i ll l TVlTllllTllF IHIHH 1916 Cuplnin. D. I-Lxnnis Dlr111.a1gm'. l'lIlllDl-BRICK NV. ,QXIJAAIS Axsisirznl Jluungwr, C1i.xn1.12s H. l.ovm"r Left End, I-lorxcrxs Qlnl,xwi.12x'j Qlunnocicj Left Tackle, Mxrifinws Lzffl G1uz1'd, I-licxxlxo Cenler, XVIIAY Riglzl G'll!ll'CIA. Nami. CPIIICED Right Tfwlfle, RL'ssiz1.r. CH.Xlll1ISJ QDi'N1..xrj Righl End. BIILLER CI'1zQU.xn'1'j CCLOTHIERD Sept. 25. VVest Virginia .. " 29, Albright .. ............ Oct. Q. Franklin and Mnrsliall ..... KC 9. Pennsylvania State College. .. " 16. Navy . .............. 2 . . . .. " Q3. Pittsburgh . . . . . . " 30. Lafayette . . Nov. G. Dartmouth . . . " 13. Michigan . . . " 25. Cornell .. . M, fffaw Q um'1'0rI1cu'k, BELT. QLOLYCKSQ Left Hczlflmrk, RoCKAFr:Li.En QT1G1-Inj Right Hulfbuck, Diem: F'u.llbm'k, XN'ir.r.I.xMs CROSSD CQUIGLEYJ Franklin Field Franklin Field Franklin Field Franklin Field Annapolis . .... . .Franklin Field Franklin Field .Boston ......... .Franklin Field Franklin Field W' , 2 54 VAR. OPP. .. 7- 0 . . 63- 0 10- 6 . . 3-13 .. 7- 7 . . 'T-14 . . 0-17 . . 3 7 . . 0- O . . 9-244 f mi Q , , 4 7' if W. lm I I W QW W, .Zz ff f mfg in Q, f' I I I I .. K 3 Gram 'When we responded to the call for freshman crew candidates in the fall of 1912, there were few among us who showed signs of being able in the future to "hold down" a place in the ,Varsity boat. But by the end of October we had been p r e t t y well licked into shape by ,: 5 a I.,...a.. .:',, ,,,,,,,, , W 17' Coach VVard, after QT, 'sW"'t'- 1, .f " fg-2 , 3 Q 'eva A .. f 1 lugs, ' such a r o u n d of . ,J Qi' ev 1 Pigs V 1 ' - V 'I . 'J '-- . 5 , 5,'f'ilfi" ' ' Wi' ', J' , . , I . gt . ,x E-N 63, .W ,A 'Q,,1..,I,d gift- soieness anc J isteis 5453-1 Y -F-X, . W ' ' . - 1 1 l iwis , ,- A 7: I ' X X-...Ni YH, f ., ,..- x- 1. 20, Y- . as we then hoped :fi 2 if '- 544' never to experience L U 1' , ' . ' g' - Y ' I ' 1' 1- 5 5 I f5j.,? . ,. affam. In the vari- es,-Leq-. SME.. - it p "' . .- P ' . 1 ous inter-class races ' . ' V - e -ffl we were moderately ,Llp-,,:' - P -:Q l ,3 ,,., or,, A A ', successful, winning a brush. with the architects, and later losing to the sophomores and seniors. This crew, which was the Hrst to represent 1916 on the water, was composed of Hildebrand, bow, Camp- bell, 2, Hodshon, 3: McGonigle, 41: Shepard, 5: Harjes, GQ Gotham, 7, stroke, Chickeringg coxswain, Foster. After a stiff short workout, the sp1'ing crew was picked, and to this fact may be attributed much of the subsequent success of the Freshman eight. Cliickering rowed bow, and the other berths were filled by Harley, Hildebrand, Pepper, Perrott, bladeira, Gotham and Littleton, stroke. Everybody sat up and took notice when this crew trimmed the Princeton Freshmen on Carnegie Lake by more than a length, this in spite of the fact that we were a shell length in the rear until the quarter mile mark had been passed. On hlay Qllth the annual regatta with the middies was held at Annapolis on the upper course of the Severn River. Here we got away to a beautiful start, and as the Plebes could not stand the hot pace that we set, we rornped in with a good lead. VVeirick held down the job of coxswain in this race,A,and did it well. A few days before the big Poughkeepsie races we had hopes of a Victory, but the results turned out otherwise, and we had tofbe content with fifth place, barely beating out Columbia. So ended our first year of rowing for Penn- sylvania, and for some it was full of much hardship and disappointment, but the bright spots that stand out, the races won or Well-fought-for, over-balances all and makes us remember the year with pleasure. , ,, 1' . x, - - ,, , I I 255 ,I I L ..,. f - - , aff: ,wwf I I V,,- V I U , 5:14 QL- S kW,..,,,.,,Qw7 H W , I lf f ,V y' -' f f -v" - - ..... Q we fm W' V4 ,I We 75:5 W? 1 . 1.4 X ,I W , b, ,5 ' ?, f wi 4 f 9 ' , f f , 4 , f f I :., ' ' f 111 f' I E bf? ' V f 'i QM, , 4 ' ' , f f 4 5 A ,, ! X , f f H mah, ' 256 Il' wa 1, A, 37 mf' me, 20 ' a ,f, ,W 5, , w 3, 3,9 4.11 ' f' :qv fi, mn '-1' :aff Kecozd 1 In the fall of 1913, Vivian Nickalls came to guide the ion mg destinies and dictate a new regime. He soon proved the soundness of his piineiples by tuininff out a winning freshman e1'ew in the fall meets. Then a new chapter in iowing history was written, when the Valsity, with with typhoid. The iaee was lost, and shortly after, Littleton also was taken from the eight tlnouvh illness Bladena represented us in this race. At Poughkeepsie this yen we at least had the f l C ll Tl J 7 satis-action of coming in second, well aiead of orne ic LUHO1 Yaisity came in third, manned by Harley, hladeira, Perrott, Gotham and Hildebiand of our class. In our Junior year we went out for the fall championship with a vim that carried us through for a victory over the Senior shell. January marked a burst of rowing enthusiasm, and a record turn-out of candidates. All went well until April second, when we rowed the fast Yale crew in a howling bliz- zard. This seemed just to suit the Sound-trained men, and they won handily after a close-fought struggle for most of the way. Chickering, Gotham, Pepper, Harley, and Foster-each contributed his best in this race. On lVIay first we partially vindicated oureslves by beating the Navy three and a half lengthsg the Junior crew also won their race. In the American Henley, held on the Schuylkill in ltlay, Pennsylvania was represented by the Junior 'Varsity which, after defeating all the Junior collegiate crews, "came through" and in their second brush of the afternoon also defeated the Union Boat Club and the Harvard Junior eights. A reorganized 'Varsity was sent to Princeton on May fifteenth, but this combination did not show any improvement, and had to be content with last place. 1 mea, .7,Q:a::ff,, ,:ff:1,.,,.m,, f , f ff 'f','f'W"1ff'Wf W'WlWWf f ,'We'fe'fff'tM?5ftf'i'b'i6f'i-,"'WfiT.Wffi"If,W??7C':Wf-'7f?Wit"'W3f!fZ3 Q29 1 nm!'aQ04a.a5z4m.m4' L2zf'f2,zwwf'f-.,,Q Y 4 257 Littleton, Gotham and foster in the shell trimmed the Navy s Scnioi eight by a Good two lengths. This eiew was wisely lept intact as long as possible, but a seiies of accidents and illnesses soon biolte it up and reduced its etlieienev manv times ox ei Just 1 wg 1 before the Childs Cup ILCC at Piineeton, Shoemaker, the Vaisity stiolte, came down :.f , X ' ':' '-.--, ,. - WSW- Q Xa 5 3,37-Q.: Z1 ,757-. 31 mf. 1 , 13 ag 1 M35 :Yi PP' 'ik' "T 1915 3951135012 452132511 Nickalls KCoachD Thayer 1Asst. Mgr.J Pepper Scott Boriu Davis qMgr.N Chickering Butler NICl'l'iCk KCLIDLJ Garvin SIIOCINHICC1' Foster ED EE! Fl W r M , X S R X a YE wi Fi "1 E Iliifllj 'fi QW fa. sw ,Q 1 f ff nf pf I we , ,f :L Z5 , ,M 'fin WMV7 V ,W J W i'i"'isIl'W2k2f' The final Varsity selection for Poughkeepsie showed Chickering, Pepper and Foster to be representing usg in the Junior crew we placed Grotham, Guenther, Hildebrand and 1Veiricli. This Junior Varsity led Cornell for the Hrst mile, but the pace set was too hot, and in the last mile the Ithacans pulled away and beat us by about a length. The ,Varsity was even more decisively de- feated. Thus encled one of Pennsylvania's most disastrous seasons on the water. No fall crew was held in 1915, and there was some talk of the advisability of dropping rowing. However, this was all dispelled when the Rowing Committee chose Joseph Wfright, former coach of the Argonauts of Toronto, t.o take charge of the University crews. In him we repose the utmost con- l fidcnee, not only because of his great success as coach of many victorious crews, but also because of the fact that this quiet man has such a spirit of determination that we know it is bound to refiect in the men that he trains. Thus the class of 1916 in its experience in rowing has been under three separate regimes. It is our fervent hope that this last one may have the privilege of restoring to Pennsylvania her old- time supremacy on the water. t IQSBBDHII 'tStep into them,', '4Loosen that arm up,'7 "Put a little snap into it," echoed and re-echoed through the Gym- nasium. Coach Cariss, standing to one side, was coolly sizing up each man as he came to bat. This period of trial for us and our freshman coach was not duration, for the knife soon fell found that our representatives of long and we on the Laughlin starring on the initial sackg "Bud" Eichelberger covering second, 'cSonny" ltlan 11 at short-stop, and "Chippy', VVilliams romping over the third bag. gliarryn ltlurdoch was elected shoestring catcher of the Texas Leaguers, Hartzell aeroplaning for flies in left field, with ccBilly,' Biatchett, future president of the uhlatchett Social Club," clouding the Sun garden. diamond were, Captain BIC- W 1 ,,. 1 1 ,4,,f2,zfi:r12fi 4. ,, H 'Ewan If - 7' f M W ws--7 ff f H 259 'W 7Y."i"?fQV?Q" f,r4m.,,Mg f -' Lg, if I l f W- GW? M J ,,, ,hi A ,K f X f f 7! , 4' wa f 2464 12 Ui W4 , if mil JA? 15 riff ,Z M 41 75- cf W. , , M Wy. 'wb WZ? 9 Z l aff H ,M 7 H H X 1 1915 Zluniot varsity mem mm mil F. Q . R Sl .. 2 3, gixx xv NN iii S52 N ,Az ,casa pn U EEE! .. gimmf l .. Valieant and Wlisner battled as to which one would deliver the sphere and get the batsmaifs alley in combination with "Big Toni' Monroe and Dolan as receivers. After a hard season of preparation our team played wonderful ball, defeat- ing Lawrenceville, Mercersburg and the speedy Pawling aggregation, Yale was the only team on the schedule that could touch our stars, winning the game 1-0. Coach Thomas now took our mighties into camp, and though a number of our class that scintillated during the first year had left college, we managed to secure a strong repre- sentation on the Varsity team. "Sonny,' Blann at the key- stone-sack, with 4'Lou,' Schimpf as a co-worker at short, gave a good account of the chances served to them. 'CChippy,' VVill- iams played third base and hlatchett developed into a 'Varsity pinch-hitter of no mean ability. VVisner, as one of the slab- artists, showed a good assortment, while Murdock, Valieant, V G'Bud', Eichelberger and Tom Munroe were allowed a longer period for development in the mysteries of the game. f The old squeeze play in their second year caused Yale to li ' 1-'ij' render up the ghost, and we tallied two straight wins, accord- . . L p A . . -Y 7. ing Princeton the same treatment and splitting exen nith Harvard. Though we lost out to Cornell and hlichigan, Pennsylvania's team was judged by baseball critics to be the v A, 4 ., 1 f.: 'N .. A, 4 ., , me '-'- J winner of the Eastern Intercollegiate Championship. ,,. ... The third year found the baseball members of our class shifted to and fro on the diamond, as Coach Thomas was trying hard to secure a combination that would make nine men play as one. Matchett secured a per- manent position as right field. Schimpf, after alternating periods of resting and playing, held down third. Dolan, of Freshman fame, returned to college ' and featured in a few games towards l:5E zzlzx ':,:,4.:: H The Gnd Of the Season' Wisner ' f -i---i' worked hard and f aithf ully, demon- H "i,: iti strating steadiness and good control , has 1:' ' at Crucial moments, While all-fL1'1'Y,' Mufdochf WSU known for his Strong arm, developed into a pitcher of promise- Valiant, '5Bud" Eichel- berger and Wisner' and Munroe aided in a few contests as utility men. The baseball season for Pennsylvania was hardly the success of the preceding year, but Coach Thomas?s patent on the squeeze play held out and worked over- time for a number of runs, on oneoccasion completely stampeding the Eli team. , .V fa 0 aryg, f ff' ,4 if ff, V 2 .ww--f , 261 1. 61 1- - Q 1 ,S ll :I ., 71 E M P S-:REVV '57 f. -ani: ""f x-',, y llhl ljqvlfij ll1L' N!Hv- i a ll I 1 1 H UI 1 1 J 11' gum M 1 5 ,V-X V1 4: ,'.,w1.-'wEZ1..f::1.-1L.3',:1,Z,i :.'- A-dxf' ' L, 9 - 4 -' I 'L E GAL? . E ...' 4 1-4 i iz v ,-"5 12 : - ' - ' . HH 5' 1.. - 4 - - Kal l 3 2 a f " f1'fff: ff I ,l I. 'T f'-til R T ' Q5 . . .. . P ,IEQ A: w A . .1 . ?Q l1 " j " 7f jf-MLUJU I HUILHXI EI Hllilflml ,IHIIH "Qian l llr 1915 Cllllfllflll J. Y.x1'u 3 , .ll1IIl!I1fl'I' " ' ' . .,4 IIN N11 lililik, .Sn I , llu,lm1-.NICK E. IJAVIS .-Ixxfslrllf 1 1 .lllIlIl!lf'I' I -V , I . mix B. Tx1.xx'1:n C'UII!'1l, XYIVIAN NIc1c,xr.I,s 1916 fwflllftlill. 11' lIAI.l.XlI Ii. Clllclcl-:RING .llfruayz'1', Joux B. 'l'1r.xx'1an .I.v.wislr111l .llulrrrgfm-. S'l'.XXI.liY H. 1?IlElI'IOI"l'fR fY'0II!'ll', Josl-21111 YYHIGII1' V.XIiSI'1'Y EIGIAIT-O.'XHl'ID CREW' Iiuzc-Chickcring 2--BIIJKICI' .3-Garvin T3-Svott fi-Blerrick 4-Pepper 7-B01-ie Siroln'-Slmocrlnzllcel' CU.l'NZL'llill-1'wUStCl' JUNIOR, VARSITY 1iIGI'I'l'-OARRD CREW Bow-C. Geis 2-Gotlmm .9-XY011 3-Kilyll 6-Schellens 4-GlIClI1fl1C'l' 7-HildelJ1-and Slrolflf-M2l1'Cy C041-szvuin-'Weirick VARSITY FOUR-OARED CRENV Buuf-Slmefchik 2-Pcrrot FRESH M A W QiI'Illl1t61' 3-Tilden 4-Von Beren Slrolre-Odge1'S 1 EIGHT-OA RE Bow-Gosewifcll Sirolue-Rose C'0a:swai1L-J ack 3-F. Geist D CREXV 5-Glanz 6-xVi1'k1T12ll1 7-Chambers .ll 1 ll 262 I- i ,T , ' l I M.-Q A look hright for a successful season. The loss ot' "Sonny" Mann, elected captain during the preceding season, will he deeply felt. Others who have left are Matchett and Wlisner. lVe still have with us Murdoch, Schimpf, Valieant and "Cozy" Dolan to help Roy round out a successful nine from among the many enterprising candidates. 'tSannny,, Moore was elected to pilot the team in our Senior year. lVith the cooperation of the material from the members of the other classes, coupled with Coach Thomasis and Manager Robert Dechert's aid, Penn- sylvania should enjoy a successful season on the , 4 , fi? 1 1 'W ff.. ,i 4 M Mi ,M af ff A f f 0, mi l i 4 f I M f 04 fa 72 171 4254 "W am 222 ,W ,J aff- .J v,, EMM LW ak yy 24 A, L72 5, Z ,521 My ww ' ,E W5 af, . ax, baseball diamond. Qlrarli ,,l .S ' Y . , l . T y l ns istoiy ot the Class of Bineteen-Sixteen scintillates with the name of the greatest middle- distanee runner in the world-'tTed" lleredith- , who has brought us honor and glory for four years. VVe will always remember the second day of the Relays, April 24, 1915, when with Bleredith and Lockwood ff of our class the one-mile relay team defeated the crack Harvard team, and smashed the world,s record, covering the distance in three minutes, eighteen seconds. the call Forty eager candidates answered for Track in the fall of our freshman year. Bleredith, Humphreys, Bacon, Sewell, Gay, Turner, Harris, Kelly and Lockwood, all these and several others soon came to the front among the likely point getters. In the spring Relays, our class was rep- resented loy Lockwood, hieredith, Bacon and Kelly on the Freshman relay team which hung A up a new record for the event. Soon after, 1 1 "Eddie', Sewell annexed a new pole vault ree- ord, and the stars of the team easily defeated the eomloined "Prep.7' and High Schools. Later in the dual meet with Cornell, the Ithaeans gathered their points early in the contest, and although hleredith, Lockwood, Humphreys, Sewell and Kelly secured first, we were unable to overcome the early lead. VWWWL L""W"?'FJ,VT"Wi":i'WQ' f5'Zf'WUVf" 7? f We 5 'Z'77'f7WZj7'WZZl1'5f'f" f W, "'7VTf7f1f7277?7fZllf'Wi-. '. ww- ww ::"f'F'4'f" 'MLW' f 9 "' f 263 f- Wm if F 1,1 H ,F :ni , W1 in 4 U SE l.J'iagi"! '4a. ' El E Qlaptain moore 264 E E31 U UE Our second year witnessed the famous Oxford relay match, with, Bacon run- ning for us, and Lockwood in the one mile college relay against Harvard. The Dartmouth meet soon followed and Lockwood, Meredith, Bacon and Sewell were largely responsible for Penn- sylvania's victory. The Cor- nell Warsity contest proved a stumbling block to continued s u c c e s s however, although llcredith and Sewell each an- nexed a Hrst. BIeredith's speed was seen to advantage R - Esta' in the Intercollegiates for the first time this year, as he won the 440 and placed in the 880, while Lockwood was a point winner in the 220. In Junior year the annual indoor Intercollegiates came around again, and of course "Ted" broke the tape in the Medley race long before his opponent recov- ered from the effects of his dust, while Sewell had to be content with a second in the pole vault. The famous "Relay Racesw were staged on April twenty- third, and on the first day we carried off' honors in the Sprint lledley Cham- pionship, with Lockwood running the second relay and Dieredith as anchor man. Wliat happened on the second day of the Relays has already been told. The class feels more than duly proud of its VVorld,s Champions, and the names of Bleredith and Lockwood are carved deep in the hearts of their' classmates. In the Dual Bleets we were again successful in taking Dartmouth into camp. Cornell, however, proved too much for us, and after a close battle the Red and Wliite captured the highest total. - Pennsylvania being slated to stage the Intercollegiates, Franklin Field was soon put into great shape for the many contests, culminating in the stellar events of the year. Again Bleredith proved himself 'a world-beater by taking the 4100 and 880-yard runs away in quick succession from the best middle distance men representing all the big colleges and universities. At the end of the season "Ted,' was unani- mously awarded the captaincy. 265 DEI ,EU EIU UE FAT-. YR. , 15 Q ia X , px QQ A . 1916 ibatsitp Bazehall Equan fi mm - -sim E E V if? :E U U KES? -,-.. ,, .N ill' '1 ii lLQ ll ,,4 L '51 W fa w ,W gf? .M 4 .i lil. , L .,, 1-.2 , 22 1,2 f, aw WI :ff YZ Ji 'wx ff vii H411 , f ,i W M ,- W, I I ga Md: Our last year in Pennsylvania was started auspieiously by Captain Meredith f setting up a new record to be striven for in the 660 Indoor race. And our fast relay team with bleredith and Lockwood had little difficulty in defeating its rivals. As this book goes to print, all indications point to a successful season, with a bright chance for winning the Intercollegiates in Biay. w we as er, 1 W , ! fi 'l FV And so, with a few exceptions, the story of the ' I X . . . vi ij big athletic contests during our four years at Penn- l if sylvania might well be summed up in Eve words :- X it RQ, DEFEAT-SPIRIT-HOPE-FIGHT-- VIC- fl T" TORY. Yet in looking back, we cannot help feel- ff 3 ing that the teams to which we have contributed our best will stand as worthy, in spite of their many defeatsg we believe that in sheer fighting spirit they i have never been surpassed, and that as an inspiration kj any to all future wearers of the red and blue, our losing iii I . l o fights will not have been in vain. X its - 7 fi 32 EZ af? X i 224 it 57 K f . - M, af.: af mf di ?Z Q2 Qi 32 iff? W, i 7 1 it 3? I I NU I I I I Q I I 267 ,, I xx Q B A S E B A L L X T F. M P f Y V .E g X., .fn i f"'l l f .',,l.llA lull Fl lm ll ll Mime l H J l UI ll I Il fl' irbuw i g : N 1'f,: 4- 52 i3fi'4 5: 1. 'iii-i'ea 2--if Q-fl ,Ill -A . , . nd,M,,,,.. 5 ,az . Q ----' 1 .1 - .x-.-,- -.-1 '----Ap -: f H ." ,L A I. E.. . ll, 3.1. 11 l ' f ,H -. . fy ' 1- , . ' 'r- '-41 i 44: swan: '7 N 1 1 LUN .1 UW lllllll ll se, Cuplrlilz, S.-ul L' ll: I. Bllhlllll-I Jlmzager, Roixiswr DECIIEll'I .-lssislunl J1!lll!!fH'1'v, J. Fnncrsox Morin Com-71, Rox' '1'11oni.xs 1916 Pilchers-Cromwell, Cross, Swiglcr, Spielinan. Third Base-Moore, Kane. Calclzers-Gilmore, I-Iocli, Dolan. Left Field-Sullivan. First lirzsrf-Smith. C'l'llf0l' Field-Berry. Second Base-Todd, Xllray. High! Illiflll-3llll'ClOCl1, Bennis. lll21l'Cll Q5 Navy ..... Shar! S1011-llilldflll. Schimpf. .Xlnmpolls ...... ... Var. Opp. ...0 Q April 1. Franklin and Marshall Franklin Field .Cancelled " o. Villa Nova ............ . . . Franklin Field . . .9 1 " 8. Lafayette ..,......... Franklin Field .Cancelled " 10. lVilliz1n1s , .. Franklin Field . . .4 5 " 13. Cornell .... Franklin Field . . .0 3 " 15. Haverford . . . Franklin Field . . .O 9 " 19. Holy Cross . . Worcester .... . . .6 0 M 91- Yale -------- Franklin Field . . . . . . .O 1 22. Swarthmore . . . Franklin Field . . . . . . . . .3 9 H 96- Columbia ---- Franklin Field .Postponed " Q9. Yzrle .......... New Hmfn May 3. V lllil. N ova. .... Fnmklin Field " 6. Harvard .... Franklin Field " 10. Swarthmore . . . Swm-thmol-C is P1'lHCCtOH .... .... P 1-inf-eton at 16. SWE11'tllIl'101'C ........ 1?1'11l'1li1i1j Field M 20. lVllCl1igE11l ............ I?1'f111k1i11 Field Q-L. Fourth Street Club . . . Franklin Field " QT. Cornell ............. Itlmca " 30 Princeton . . . Franklin Field June 3 Yale ...... Franklin Field " 7. Columbia .. New York City " 10. Harvard . . Cambridge " 13. Lafayette . . . Euston " 17. Cornell . . . Franklin Field I I I I I I A I I 268 W' -- ' 1' J M I f ww- ,rf rw H.. . ,M r-1 X -, rg 11" f'lbjf..,-1" -.l 4, , K A , , ,, , , , , , , L-x V UA . ,,.,, ,- M, L, ,- -XL, Lf f X -,xv-J V f,,..J ,. ., I"i ' gn., : if ,,,, QISPYHUT iffleffmila 269 mm mm ED UC 1 916 V Bswsity Gras!! Qquan CL X3 'J IIE QE 1 .-C' X N ESQ rf il. ii! -Q X. i 5 S1 DEI EIU :I K :: 1 - l f i I '-4-I" TSP- , H .I - -! T R A C K "l P.. . '1111 1' 11 1 1111M1'11111111111UU M j 1 1 11 ll 111 1 1 1 1 1 111111 1 ng LI A., T .5 ,.-- 51-.4 ,:l..:5..'..'. ,C -. 1-337-" ' F "4 ,, , ij ,l A ,,'. . -V 'g - -Q' 1.11 ,. .I l l IA' L. Q . 14 I - - F1511 1 E:- 2 Li.",- ,s X , . 1 lg TL Y 1111 5111 11 1 '11 1 1' t.1.-1L1.11111111T1'1 1111111 , E 1916 Cllljflllll, JAMES li. BIICIIKUITII A1l!IlIllfjl'l'. CASPAR XV. 13. 'l'owNsEND I-Ixsi.wlm1I Illunugcr, 5111-:NCER S. S1-IANNDN P 1915 April 23 and 2-L. 'l'wEN'rx'-rIRsT .XNXUAL 1iEl.AY 11ACES. 12011fHffIl0l1-13Cl'l'Y, first. .MU-Yard ffl!171,03-FC1'gllS0l1, first. 1,1 cmzmer TllI'0'iU?B'1lll'Pl1Y, second. Pole Vczzull-Newstetter, tied for first. Sewell, tied for third. ljixlaime Medley C.'l1z11nzpio1zsl1ip-Q15 Yale, Q25 Chicago, Q35 Pennsylvania, Q-115 Le- high, Q55 Princeton. Sprini Medley Clzrwnpiozzslzip-Q15 Pennsylvania, Q25 Chicago. l"l'I'Nll7'I'1fl2L Ovw-illile CilICl7Il,1Jl:071NlIi2JLc1D Yale, Q25 Pennsylvania, Q35 Columbia, Ulm-Mile CYlmmpio1z.wl1ip-Q15 Pennsylvania. Q25 Harvarcl, Q35 Missouri. Two-Mile Clzampionship-Q15 Princeton, Chicago, Q35 Yale, l1our-Jlile C'I1!177l1lf!lll8l1fIJ-Q1D Cornell, Q25 Michigan, Q35 1Visconsin, Q15 Penn- sylvania, Q55 Ohio State. May S. ,IJUAL NIEET XVITI-I ZDARTBIOUTII, AT I'IAXOVEll, N.H. Pennsylvania, 63 Qffig Dartinouth, 53 1f3. May 15. IJUAL AIEET WVITII CORNELL, AT ITIYIACA, N.Y. Z 1 Cornell, 73 2f3g Pennsylvania, 413 1f3. May Q8 and 29. FORTIETI-I IXNXUAL INTERCOLLEGIATE IXDIATEUR IXTHLETIC .ASSOCIATION 011' Q5 ' IXIXIERICA CIIAIII'IoNsI-III's, AT P'RANKLIN FIELD. 220 Yrarcls-Locfluvoocl, fourth. Patterson, fifth. f 4,40 Ycrrcls-1VIe1'eclitli, first. 880 Yfnrds-Meredith, first. if 120 Yards II1b7'tZl6S-FC1'g'llSOU, first. Hammer Tlzrozz'-Mu1'pliy, third. Qi Results-Q15 Cornell, MSM, Q95 I-Iarvarcl, 26, Q35 Yale, 25, QIL5 Tie between Princeton and Pennsylvania, 21. W 1916 April Q8 and 29. TWENTY-SECOND f1NNUAI. :RELAY RACES, AT FRANKLIN FIELD. May 6. DRSIKTJIOUTII, FRANKLIN FIELD. May 13. CORNELL, FRANKLIN FIELD. May Q6 and QT. 1'NTE1lCOT.I.IZG1ATElS, BOSTON. I WZ .1 :, . - - if Aww .. . ..1..,, 2 if 241. 271 ' DEE V CQ ii, minor Qpnvts Qliaptainf Ten Broeck Shryocl-z Baldwin Milliggm Barqol 1 qRif1eD fSVVilT1l11i11gJ fLacrosseD fXVl'CSt1111gJ QFCHCIIIQJ Townsend Humphreys McNicho1 Lee Hirst Replogle I-I agert qGo1fJ CCross-Countryj CBasketballJ fC1'iCkCf.J 1SocccrJ QTennisJ QGymj CIE 1 X El EE! iifz a E1IIl ,Elm T5 ,.,...,,1 N 4 .Tiff '-"i -'S':'-5? .- N?""'f?fZff-"l'-. . '.'- :QC ,'.-'- :V .'f. z'.1,f,':-I E " gm' '-f,'.'L" f-'.-A Qfzfgf'l'f-:'-'i.QZ'1ffz5i qzfgl- XY lx .,-5 'li'-1-.A -.'.f 1. '-., if . f Lx , 13,25 .--" -'.-.',' V 1 cv -L,. Q.. . . A '19 -iff: ':'., Qjgfjh " Y if , "':?E5igi'fff , ' 5 X .J I i naw 1 ,"A K ' ' " N. 'E' 1 V1 N 7 .,-giuzlgilji ' v Q5 2-:aff X ,-,.1 I' . ' 'I R ag fl ' - ' 3 " li V I I fv' - X 41.- V "1- M. 3 V' fly rx il-0 Vhvvllx iinnlw 1 L M 'mtl' i ---ff" W hut ' I yr . v, Y if-w .,f?' A I-'4 5' .--1-"'i1-'-' A v-:rl-s.ff?' 'E .S9F1.ovu.. ' '5' 273 52,4 fl .,. ' Ji .gif 5, ' 3 .p i , Q .2 Li 13 . 2 X , V it " 4 e 3 KWH j.'9Q 1 Z' 4 I f ? 'Q f ge . t f ig. . if it ' 54 2. 2 I Z .15 vig i , as ,vi M. , v ..,., .5 5, fs S' -f ,'-- ---... , , -3 yt A at -........ V I s , L , f, f I W a-..., la INOR Sports in our four years of college have given their share of championships to Pennsylvania, and the Class of 1916 has supplied its share of men to minor sports. Basket-ball, which would seem in interest and importance to be if classed as a major sport, 1'emains as a leader of the smaller teams. This year's wonderful record is a fit- ting climax to four years' " 4 effort. From the old fresh- man team of three years a g o, but two members graduate with the class- ' "B i l l yn Wlilliamson, the greatest point earner of that year, and G o r d o n 1 Hardwick, who got in sev- eral cf the games. Sophomore year, Hardwick was the only 1916 man to get on the squad and then only as a substitute. Note the poor team record of that qi year and draw your own conclusions. Wlith the advent of Lon Jourdet as E coach in Junior year, aBilly', VVilliamson once more came to the fore and Hard- fi wick again was on hand for relief work. Finally this year, after eight years of mediocrity, Pennsylvania has climbed to the top of the Intercollegiate League: after a thrilling victory over Princeton in a post-season game, thus breaking a tie. '4Billy" 1Villiamson, recognized by critics as one of the fastest for- wards in the league, 4'Vern" Jones, who succeeded after three years in proving himself a guard whose speed was of championship caliber, and Gordon Hardwick, the old reliable who could fill in anywhere and any time and whose consistency surpassed his ability , -these three men have written 1916's rec- .M I ord in Basket-ball. f Our other championship aggregation was the soccer team. In 1915, our Junior year, everyone was overjoyed one day to wake up to the fact that Pennsylvania had Won a football c li am i o n shi p. True enough, lt was the variety known as Asso- ciation-fbut it was football and it was a championship just the same. Cn that team 191.6 had 'cJack" Thayer, t'Russ" hlurphy, and 4'Hennie,' Houston. This year by one point, practically the same team lost the championship'to Haver- ford. Witli a nice consciousness of their worth, however, the Athletic Associa- '1 f.7 I ""',l'ff: W fi? 274 fa . 3- as 92. we Ft, ' ,. Z.: 4 4. fx 1 f at , ,gg . if , .st at ig- as -' .jig 1 Qiif 5 3 s t ig 53 li 1: if is l la if lat ,I at ii I, ia? .3 A at Raj ' E it ti I I 1' 1 1 --....,.-.,,1,-K .. tion awarded the varsity "PH to the seniors on the team. They were the same three men as in 19 15, plus Gordon Hardwick, who, although a novice at the game, was characterized by Coach Stewart as a "thoroughly respectable goal keeperf, Wlrestling had one bright spot-M. M. Dorizasg and he graduates this year. So, although a 5'P.G.,', 1916 can do well to claim him. He stands alone as a collegiate wrestler, the only man who ever completed his college career without losing a single bout. Others from our class have helped-"Bed" VVooley, winner of third place for two years in the 125-pound class, and captain for 1916 until his father,s death forced his retirement from college for a yearg Ralph Souder, who took 'Wooleyls place in the 125-pound weight and came through with third place this year, A. E. Lee, who captured third in the 135-pound class in 1914 and 1915, and Sykes Tucker, who was the only member of the class to make the team in our freshman year. Our freshman year saw the first championshxip for , f Pennsylvania in gymnastics. Stimulated by this fact George 1 Barker, 1916, came out Sophomore year and became such a star tumbler that he was elected captain for 1915. Along with him in Junior year came Hilary Rex, who was booked for the championship until an accident to his arm deprived the team of his aid. P. Nutt's club swing- ! ing this year has added an- other bit of 1916 skill to the team: and we are all look- ing forward to a champion- ship this year. '4Captain of the swim- ming team and captain of li the water-polo team" is the ff dual title of James N. Shry- 754 ock, 1916,s "human flslif, For four years he has repre- sented Pennsylvania in the poolg . and lns records are W: too 1'11lI'HC1'0US 3.1'1C1 involved f to recount here. Suffice to say that Coach Kistler never na: can get through talking about "Jim,s" skill, which is proof sufhcient that he is a worthy member of our class. Other members of f , . ' the team who made it the same year as 5'Jnn,' are '4Ned" Heraty and Bierbaum, I I f ' """ - I 275 JL' , ,J , - W ' my I ll XYILLIAMSON f"Gq'f' MCC.-XLL JOURDET LANSILL ' " T' ,' ' 33" I' " fn .,.. -Hy !" , 1 .f 'M 'e .ff 'f' sr"-1.41. ' C9114 --1 l.J"E4 ,fx - . ' 'ff' V va - M , A ,ff ' . .1 4 1 .4-:ali NJ " MAJOR-GENERAL XNVOOD AT PENNSYLVANIA ll 276 Ui the two breast-stroke swinnners, Creamer and Carl Coons, whose fancy diving has annexed many championships for Pennsylvania. Earle Humphreys, Paul Sigmund, 'cTed" Meredith, 'CAlex" Randall, George Bacon, and ufloel' Flack composed our freshman cross-country team. 'cTed's" work in the major line of track athletics, however, soon separated him from his "hill and dalew work. The rest kept up . , . H-www, their interest and this year all were on .X A . .I ,j, hand. Earle was the only one of the f Al l 'H -,f Q If " f"' " Freshman squad to make the team, but . . W H n ' "Olneyw Jones and Ralph Colton, also ' -vi' A I 1916 men, came throughg and Ralph's 1 . , ,S ' he ,-,N iz, work was of the stellar variety as he cap- . f - A . 1 . ' 5, . QQ tured two first places for the team. , fi .. P V Q t To Lacrosse, the youngest of our l lj, "' lk, ' ' sports, the class of 1916 owes much in .5 , gli Q Q that it was inaugurated in our freshman - 'i Y ' I - - year by 'cEd,' Kilgore, VVh., '15. From the first lacrosse gained our enthusiastic support. KVValt', Hopkins and t'Unc,, Russell of the football team were our particular representatives on the team-so adept were they in chasing the little cubic and waylaying their opponents' blaekjacks. Fencing is a growing sport at the University and under Coach Terrone, Captain Bartol and Captain Hanee a championship is predicted. "Al" Kennedy was 1916,s one bright light on the tennis team, captaining the last year. This year's team will miss him, as will our class at graduation time. X 277 , ,VL ,fr "AL 'X I ,4Wf74i , W - - ,f,w,fM,'1'4?ih ' ,.,. ' , , ' ,M ,wgfmzfggig I I ,m2:f"wW-f'wf fn 'N ,A :N 4 f,wW,ff5eff":f27f?5fMffL4 M W: I ,,,,,,W fzf-fffwgycf, J ly: w,'ye,fef.,kMzff nj ,xg , : '1Aiwz,2Wi2fz. ., , , As ,f .w K I ll f if A Y A L - - " W if 'g v W 1 . , 4 vf- by ml Y i .ff ' . I , 1 'VN QQ. iw -5 ' 1 1 M ,S 4 ,I ,, -, r MA K ni, , . Y ,.,,- A gm 5,5 y ,,: . , - 5' . - 'W -27 . 1 - ,, R ' 1: 'ff ., ,.. . 1 ,L 7' xi if - 'fs " ' X - Q 't'-hz -,j, -'f 'Y- ' f' FN':A 'ff 1 i - ' ' A 3 ' ' 4 ., ,D .7 N A my 1 E A 1 " , , .P .J... 1 F Z4 , ' Q, L , f, JW .fl n' fn", f, ,L , ,F L fi!! if ffl: rw ,V MW W1 M : W' fy jf ,J ,M Wx gag W" mg .wif fy? XM, ff? , ffm- -1 I l ,K QQ? ,Ll X ,, ' Q , ,, of, ww- ,,,-.,,,f-wsu-'..x,, y ' , M-fy -'A W W ff' U 4 f.,-,-,,fA--H M .- ,wwf y V1 , K ,, gl, ,4- 'c U W ,..,,.,-uv'-7 ff , 4, ' 2 f nf W' ' LU V ,WA ,, ' ..,f- ' ,115 , ,,,.,,,w5ww"fw71i,N7,',fig' Nw. vm H J' ,, ' ., ..., - - W ., 4,14 ,ff,e,,,n,,,' ' Q , -H-W 17w1,::2w"2 fm , ,V ww' -M ' , . FWZ' 5 4 ' "M f ' 'K 278 :: K is :: Finally we come to the ancient game of cricket, which persists at the Uni- versity in spite of inadequate grounds and an absence of spectators. '6Jack', Thayer, "Phil" Lee, "Russ" Murphy and Alden Sexton have represented our class in the annual championship 1 5 1 1dPlllf L hs A wane ai ii er ee a been awarded his letter for the best bowling average. It is a far cry from basketball to cricketg but "Minor Sportsf, of neces- sity, must include every- thing in the line of sport which football, baseball, crew and track exclude. And 1916 has worked hard in them all and has made Pennsylvania a better place because of the participation of her men. 'f"1'Q':'fQ.-Ewl3",f "'?iQ"l'E. f'f','tfT7?5:T7Z'5ff', 'WV ,73f'!,,3':flZ'fTI",YQ "3Q'5U'f2'f'7,'U1 3 E,:i'5?7 ' I I 279 Ell- l EE UCI XA 1 'E ,IBS 'AFI hiv S, 1916 Ul5a5BethaII mam Jourdet fCoz1chD Connolly Lansill fMgl'.l Hardwick McCall QAsst. Mgrb. Williamson Martin McNichol fCz1pt.l Jones Jefford Vllfl EU KN :SQ ' - ax. QW G7 fu ,.. x fx. X 4, 1 wk SS DEI LEE .. 65 .. . ""'w,1 : B A S K E T B A L L if l' E "' 1' 4 -fp! ' hm 'ff f' 1" , ug 1 lmjmlllf 4 UM , g V H , N , I H J U lf! 1' I H 1 ' lVl.H!H ., 1, l g w if' . ,- . -, .5 s-.-..,g..15,-1.7,--.5 ,V .gl,- Q-if ' J :I ' .. ' , 1 .1 . 9- . unnrslmmwuui V1 :, ' 1 A . . . ,, .-F' ' V -- gl. z 55.5. 22 :zvfqih N 1- E7 . 1- im ',-, 5 -' - ll Xxx ' 5 5 55 - I. , 7' I-' H 5' '. "'-ff 'f .Q"'j,"3. E W -.. . 1. 1-A4 I X 37 : gI.-I-.5-In .1--.,',:':.g, 14,1-my, ., Q'-1--....K '-- ,.,4,':A-J,....:'g.- 1 V ' I 2 ' E , ' A OC FLA. 3-.,.'41"i,ai:lg.:vj' g:ZANfQ'A".3j. '.4b'-,--:fi.,:.g.i.1..- 5 7131" i.: 'sfyf--.9 . f ,A fix ll: -nHl " - I .D 1 U 1 ml .IHHH 1 IE Captain, IEDWARD JOSEPH NICNICHOL Jlcnzrzger, Joi-LN SCOTT LAXSLLI. Assistant Il.lanuge'r, CARLTON Coo1c MCCAU. Coach, Lox JOURDET Forwards, VVILLIAZXISOX CCOXNOLLYD Forwards, BLXIITIX Cliomxsoxj Cenfers, JEFFORD CEBLED G'lLCll'ClS, DICNICHOL KGALLIENJ Guards, JONES CPIARDXVICKD VAR. opp. Dec. 11, 1915 ..... .. . Ursinus .... ... 3-L 13 Dec. 18, 1915 ..... . . . Muhlenberg .. . . . . 33 13 Dec. 30, 1915 ..... ... Navy . ........ ... 12 IS Jan. 8 1916 ..... .... C 01-nell ..... 19 17 Jan. 15i 191s..... .... Princeton Q6 Q2 Jan. 13, 1916 .... Yale ....... 17 18 Jan. QQ, 1916 .... .... D artmouth . . . . . . 23 9 Jan. 29, 1916 ..... .... S wartllmore 18 Q1 Feb. 4, 1916 ..... .... D artmouth .... 43 19 Feb. 5, 1916 ..... . . . Crescent A.C. . . . . 22 Q3 Feb. 12, 1916 ..... .. . Columbia. . ..., ... 25 Q2 Fl.19,1916 ..... ...Cl 1' ...Q 9 Fig. 23, 1916 ..... . . . Pl?i1?gl3'J0?1 .. . .,......... Q03 Q8 Feb. Q6, 1916 ..... Yale ..... .....,....... 3 0 17 Mar. 3, 1916 ..... . . . Syracuse .. . ..... fSC1'l1l3Sb 16 19 Mar. Ll, 1916 ..... . . . Rochester ..... CSCTIIDSD 31 35 Mar. 6, 1916 ..... ... Cornell . .. ......... .... 10 9 Ma1'.Q9, 1916 ...., . ............ Princeton ............... .... . . . 16 14 INTERCOLLEGIATE STANDING W. r.. l'.C. Pennsylvania .... .. 9 Q .818 Princeton ..... .. 8 3 .721 Cornell . ..... 5 5 ,500 Yale . ...... .. 5 5 .500 Dartmouth .. .. 3 7' .300 Columbia . . . . , 1 9 .100 l l ..,..." ..,... 9 I I 281 1915 0113055 QIDUUWY 71588111 Dr. Orton iCoachb Mit52I'1Gll Stevenson Kovthen Shannon CAsst. Mgxzj Jones Brooks Townsend CMgr.J EISCIC Colton Humphreys lCapt.3 McMichael Licbernmn Ulf! UU I . 2'5- CX-N xhf 'x 57 fx K Q 553, in EIU ecard Ui .. 14 -. , 1 . fi -'f"""Q? D CROSS COUNTRY -T E "' 4' K -E f. -r. f'lfI 1' llllv t,.,,'.,l lull' 'i blmllllll llrflfllll -1 I , lx ur I 1 fr ,nm 5 iz l vl z -Qgfgg lf.: j-g.',-if-il',-'fg-iffg fi. fiif 'j1 f,1f,1'1f5I1".gi -P gl, N , 7g ".,h1 . . I Q 1 if A ,I-.' ,E tn! l :F ' .,' 5.19. .I 'h 1- Q- S .,. ...A . ia WI 71:3 lj? 5 ' . . N . K f - 3 : l f'gi,:-'LP-'ffl'.1Zj1571 if-',.f",.:f5,.1.3g5.g , f i! ,- . 15 -ii-El owg p--.-,.. .203 5-, -. -'-- -5, -f..-2 --....-'- ..., .- .. ':-. .- -- . 0 N-A '- ' 10, ,H Q ,, iff " ,- 4 A " ' "1-xg " " !4Q 11111111 3 -- x I ll in x Nunn ,man me Captain, I5.xn1.E M. I'IUJ11'1IllIiiYS Dlanagpr, CASPAR XV. B. IIONVXSEXD Assislant Jlcznager, SPENCER S. SHANNON Oct 23. Dual B' Ieet with Dartmouth, at Fairniount Park, Philadelphia. Dartmouth, first 23, Pennsylvania, Second, 33. x 5 Nov. 6. Dual Meet with Princeton, at Fairmount Park, Philadelphia. Princeton, first, 243 Pennsylvania, Second, 31. Nov 13, Dual Meet with Cornell, at Ithaca, N.Y. Cornell, first, 36, Pennsylvania, second S4. Nov. 20. Seventeenth Animal Intercollegiate Cross Country Championships at Franklin Park, ' Boston. Qlj Maine, 51, QQJ Cornell, 5415 QSQ Princeton, 113, QM Dartmouth, 1153 Q55 Pennsylvania, 154, CGD Harvard, 156, QTQ Syracuse, 163g CSD Massachu- setts Institute of Technology, 173, CSD Yale, 208g OOD Michigan, 2534 Qllj Columhia, 3004 f12j Brown. 303. M B E ,, I ' .- 283 1915 Quant mam Wende lMgr.J Wcssman Hzwrlwick Nassau Bacon Stewart CCoachJ Stevens fAsst. Mgrj. Houston Thayer Hirst LCapt.J Murphy Mohr Edwards Buzby I EU UE rx., ,ri wi A 12 rm vii 5-55 Wi. EE CIE :: K :: -T iw--T ., ,Ii E S o C C E R I I ,, T E M P 1" fifimsg 7 .I Y l. , ' E f Y H V - J ILQIIII IWII 3' I I ir' W ' I I I III II I I 'I' IPIIIII HH I Illi- I ': "' x'iJ1j'f,," -if H' i fr- fi-,'Q'."' .'.- ."'L5IE-3. '- Q J I-1 'Q 33.15, Q1--7 EL 7 ' ' I I. , I I - I I, I. IIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIII I I 53. , I ' fr-,V I , I .lx ,ll-1 S V 'II T w: lgl I 22 ' I hI."- g m: 1, .N if .- ". -- I, -A ' A I, C 2 " :" 47f gif' -I I . ' I f . "1 Q '4" I ' T YI- : f -ll bl: --IA Y . I ' , : A V I -I 5' .i 1 Xx sf 1, 2- .Sis ' .jf y',i if'-7' fs, ' - . 4 X X . .. QE D, xg ,-.4, ami- gv. .I 1.- -.-.- '-5 .-', K.. .1 ,- .. .- ., . in x X .I .. wx ' - - - , W Y-, :I I I I II II I IIIIII IIIIIII I V I V ,ECE , Capiain, JOHN C. I'IIRST, QND Jlavmger, I'IA1NIILTON H. XVEINDE Assisirr-116 lllfl'IZClg6'J', RAYMOND D. STEVENS Coach, DOUGLAS STEXVART VARSITY 1915 ovp. PENNA Philadelphia, C.C. . . . . . 2 5 Merion Whites .... .. O G M001-estown . ..... 0 2 Marion Maroons .... 0 1 Philadelphia C. C .... 1 3 Vfest Phila. C. C .... .. 1 9 INTERCOLLEGIATES Cornell 1 +L Columbia. 1 O Yale .... O 5 Harvzlrd .... 1 2 I-lave1'fo1'd ... I I I I ....,,.. I l I 285 III 1916 wvestling Team .K- AE ffyfffx Y'-J 46 WD Z ff: r xy ix W -. x, ,-x SH SKB DEI mgvmmfkglxliillfl El! Ei EH I3 ----- , sw , y My I I.,.,--.. . , ! -eff. I I ., N f E f 'F Y i WRESTLING , 1 TEMP i 'E f',T'- E 'ulll l fk I qw-g lig ' I ,C li UI 1 I J I ' Illini l i ' is 1 2 en, -5 fu mg- .'. -I U - . J" 5 " - . A.: Z 5 - -'A, fs, ' EE'g2 oxASl Li':f. 514.11---,'.f-',"--f fI3'f-5'- '-'-"" A '-'55-f7"Ql-3 'I' .' ' I 5 H ,"" ' n iQ'J Hill 2llLTV1TYmTnn1i x 'mum Illllli me Cnpluilz, A. M. M1LL1G,xx r in DICIIIUQPV, .Xwrnriu L1'r'r'I.E'roX DUAL MEETS Feb Pennsylvania .. . 10 Navy ... . . . 21 Feb Pennsylvania . 9 Yale ...... 93 f Feb. Pennsylvania . . . 13 Princeton . . . . . 19 Mar. Pennsylvania . 9 Cornell ...................,. ....,.... 2 4' Mar. Pennsylvania ................. 26 Columbia ,... ........................... 1 - Mar. 17, 18. Intercollegiates at Columbia: Cornell, 24g Princeton, 14g Lehigh, 123 Pennsyl- vania, 11g Columbia, 1. 1NDIVlDUAL XVINNERS fi 115-pound Class. I Servais-In Annapolis meet. Sherman-Tn Yale meet. ifjfa vf 5 , 125-pound Class. as sg fm, 5 -, Souder-In Columbia meetg third at Intercollegiates. f , , 135-pound Class. 9 4 Kaiser-In Princeton and Columbia meets. 145-pound Class. - Captain Milligan-In Yale, Princeton, Cornell and Columbia meetsg Intercollegiate Champion. . l-4 Q7 ' CP Po O 'L' 5 fl: Q 'PJ U! CII Levin--In Columbia meet. 17:1-pound Class. 2. 2 J' Statler-In Annapolis and Columbia meets. Heavyweight Class. Titzel received draw at Annapolis meet. Dorizas-In Princeton, Cornell and Columbia meetsg Intercollegiate champion C3 yearsj. .,,4 - - " a I I "" ' 287 m,f,f.,,,,. E 1 Lx :fi fe vis. i3 1 SSM Q 55-1515 ii 'fafihil l ffig - M 0 , . 4 M ' 4' ' ' - rf- Q --il. sefs Q, i : 21 M samqtf, ami. QQSQ 5.1 S-RQ Q.. M - i - ,. .. . M N4 M we 0 X . fk . , X .X., - ,,.1,x11 .W xli- A.L.. :A: l. S 5 -L . W . X- L ..W . .W , 'E X f 5 Q M xii , M- - 4 Q- M - g .. -M 'M M MM Q . Q . MH:-M. Spd-g.. E ,, , ...L . is- br: fi! ax :ii .4 ' .V fl M 2.-fs fi X . 5 4 X . if Q, k fs: Qi - MMMMMMM M M M - -- - f I fy: v if mg! SSS Q' N' :iw M - .. . .. ,, . .A ..,., A . . . , . R X X X X X Q Q , X.. Q ...X ,Nw F V -is .- -. SWIMMING .,,',,... Ill' llIllll Ml 11 l l 111 1 1 1 ' lrlll l ,,,, E Z 1-f.: Q- 11.511-S1'.--fir'-2,1 I f -- ,a -, , ,.,. Wlllllllllwlllll --1- ,. ' 1: . J .1 . if 1. "'- "Q iff. "-. ,Q bla- 7 ' f e. -A-L -- .. "-. 0 5 ,' ' ll 5 11 " " - 5 7 11 , l-U 1 A 1lTTl Uapiain, JAMES N. Snnvocx Jlannger, I'lAIlOI.D M. Oscoon .flssislant Qllu11uge1', Homun H. Pvnnv Captain of IVater Polo, JAMES N. Sifmyocx Coach, GEORGE K1s'rL1m INTE RCOLLEGIATE SWIMMING LEAGUE Won Lost 5 VVon Lost Yale ...... . 7 1 Pennsylvania .. 4- 41 Columbia .... . 6 Q C. C. N. Y. . O 8 Princeton ... ... 5 3 SCORES OF SWIMMING MEETS Dec. 10, 1915 Pennsylvania, 443 C. C. N. Y., 9. Jan. 141, 1916. Pennsylvania, 20, Columbia, 33. Jan. 20, 1916. Pennsylvania, Q55 Princeton, 28. Feb. 7, 1916 Pennsylvania, 51, Pittsburgh, 90. Feb. 12, 1916 Pennsylvania, 33, Yale, 20. Feb. 18, 1916 Pennsylvania, 42, C. C. N. Y., 11. Feb. 26, 1916. Pennsylvania, 23, Columbia, 30. Mar. 3 1916. Pennsylvania, 214 Yale, 32. Mar 4-, 1916. Pennsylvania, 38, Amherst, 31. Mar. 17, 1916. Pennsylvania, QSM, Princeton, 2-1-15. SCORES OF VVATER POLO Pennsylvania .... 48 C. C. N. Y. .... 0 Pennsylvania .... 35 C. C. N. Y.. . .. 1 Pennsylvania .... 34 Columbia . ..... 13 Pennsylvania .... 18 Columbia 7 Pennsylvania .... 6 Princeton ..... 68 Pennsylvania .... Q0 Yale .......... 5 Pennsylvania .... 16 Yale .......... 13 Pennsylvania .... 0 Princeton . ..... QQ INDIVIDUAL CHAMPIONSHIPS ' 220 Yards-Sln'yock, second. Fancy Diving-Coons, third. 1911611-g8+L6l1IHZ1H, first. UNIVERSITY CHAMPION JAMES N. SHRYOCK I I ., 11: . x ,0,:.,M1. 289 - - 'Htl-mx NX Q X x X' .n- I - 2 Xe. llgwfix M ee .X .xv X: xx 4 z me ' " - Qi: Q: Ei X K, N X Q iff strsdf Xi 13 K' ? 3 ffj 1 ' 'X e e 19 1 5 Qlltichet mam 1 xl X Murphy Hawley Thayer Corkran 'I ownsend Malabre P. Lee Duncan A. Lee QCapt.j Gittens Rodman Qfj Likgi - H lf C X I X X . i he CJ Y -5'-I f-'f I f -E I, W Z - . I ' -3' HX T E M I' A WK!! 7 C R C K E T 'mu 'E A f' 'f- S ""'I I A l--I'Iql IIII I IIII II 'II A II C ' ,, I .. I . III I I I I I IIIII' Y " I I Z . V32 5 '.--- 1 1-1: 2- fa 11 ' 'P 7' I ... S f l,..f.xyi-'V I: Vai - l "" 1 - '.' "'.- 'X' "' " ""4' " "lt" .i 1545: N I , 1 I . , . -- .- , 1- ,I ., - ' 1 , - if 'IIIIIII III if I f uk if 1- EIII I I I II ILIIIIIIIIII II IIIII IPITlI .IIIIIII IE Caplain, AXLDEX 111212 Jlfuzuyar, PIYIILLISIQ 1,1121-I 1915 B ATT I N G High Not Innings Runs Score Out Aver. A. Lee .......... 3 11-L 0 33.00 l+'. L. Sturridge 1 24- 0 241.00 H. F. Malabre .... 3 29 0 21.33 VV. L. Rodman 3 211' 1 19.50 C. C. Gittens .... 3 265' 1 18.50 VV. A. Crane .. 1 12 0 12.00 Gr. T. Hawley .. 3 15 0 8.00 M. Duncan .... 3 15 0 6.66 J. B. Thayer ...... - 11 0 5.50 VV. XV. Corkran .... 2 6 0 3.00 R. R. Townsend .. 2 5 0 2.50 P. Lee .......... 3 5 0 2.00 5Not out. ' BOVVLING Games B. M. R. VV. Aver. P. Lee ..... .... 3 0 27 3 9.00 M. Duncan ..... .. 3 180 9 127 8 15.87 G. T. Hawley .. .. 3 63 1 '70 4 17.50 C. C. Gittens .. 3 S4 0 66 3 22.00 A1 Lee ...... .. 3 134- 3 86 3 28.66 J. B. Thayer .. .. 2 ' 66 1 V '77 2 38,50 XV. A. Crane ... . .. 1 24 0 13 0 ..... May 8 May 11 May 14+ May 15 May 22 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania SCORES, 1915 173 for eight wkts... Postponed .......... 58 ............... 158 . . . Rain .. 291 Delaware Co. C. C. ....... 98 All Scholastic ........ .. Haverford College .... . .... 241 Merion C. C ....,.... .... 1 75 VVest Phila. C. C ..... .. H ,Q-, I I , I 191' 1 W M i,-rg, 3 1915 TEBIIIUB 'QTQGEIIII Pringle CAss't M'g'rj Edwards Davis Chickering CM'g'rj Disston Rowland CCapt.j Replogle 5 ' ' ',.Q1ffQ.ff I I I I A d I I 292 i1.:,,g,,........ ...,, !5gQL,,5 4 E. W 1-Srqf --.-V .fiat 5 J5fwW"q'Kg5J'3 21 xy: J Q" 1,-ws! N 1-X:,0N,bXx - 5.5: I-i X A ,Il an XA QXQNQ. A xr E3iQQ3nmgig ignx :',,jf.,,,:,,g W V ,QIQ1-if-1' .'f3x'..5l1- iffy '-ml, i -.-'.,, , up 2 T, 1, L- ,l 1 4.','.'-f :..' . 1- 1 - , 'Z l'.' ' .jig -- . if 'jig' , .r h. ,I 1 SPE-T:j1f1 Hif 3'Q5 3...Q1E M 3 gifg- Qp - Z E 125: T, ' f"'1i V Z ' . -' 'j ' H .fVVffNWfT,P W flfff 5 1 1 Kg' ff," glujj sq 1, .fe ii.,..., W . ln Mlm . , , ,W - 1 - 1 .3 xx'-V X u -35. E jsvf I1mu'7""' 9 xx-UGS Wil' 1. 1' I I -f-i . ' 5 JN ixllllxlllliiim Y 1' 5 QL Aff- u ma May 7. May 8. M ay 1 1. May 144. May 15 M ay 20 May 28. 1916 Cnptrzizz, J. P. 1'1E1'I.0GI,Ii J1!IlIflffGl', XV. E. Clllclclzulxo Assisfrllll Jlrmrzger, A. G TH E TEA NI J. S. D1ss'1'oN, Jn. VV. E. DAVIS Pennsylvania .... Pennsylvania .... Pennsylvania .... Pennsylvania .... Pennsylvania .... Pennsylvania .... Pennsylvania .... Wimw J. P. Rr:PI.oGr.1z E. 31. :EDXVARDS J. R. ROWLAND 1915 2 ..1 6 4 5 6 6 Yale . . . Princeton Pittsbuiwli C PRIXGLE Johns Hopkins ,..... U. S. Naval Academy Michigan .......,.,.. Dartmouth . . . r of Uiziversily Tourzwment J. P. RxzPLoG1.1s SCHEDULE, 1916 ..LL .5 ..O O .. ..1 .. ..O ..O April QS. Cornell ...... ..... H ome May 13. U.S. Naval ACac1e1ny.Away May 3. Havevford . . . .... Away May 16. Princeton ..,........ Home May 5 Lafayette .... . . .Home May 18. Yale ...... .... 1 Xway May 10 Columbia ...... . . .Horne May 19. Harvard . . . ....i ' Xway May 12 Johns Hopkins ...... Home May 20. Da1'tm0u'cli . . . . ...Away ,,..w,TT-,.,.. , ,, X - - I I H V , 293 1915116 CIEPITI 51228111 L 1 , :P Y' YZ'- G Y M :t ix i T E m P -E f. 'f. ""'I 1l .f vlllulvn Ill' I IHH II1 M 1 I H J H UI 1 1 1 ' ' nun Q -1 -"' . . . , P ' '11 l '- "F ' :A gi- . gn: -',-3 ' - I , - . . :. . 5-v '1' ' 'N f " -211' 25 Q f ish- .li n 2 1' ,. :Z -' V. fi 1 '.. 1 ' 5: Il i f -"h 5 , I . . -.J J.. I '. Q'fT."3 Rx 5 - mum 1 1 in u nw :mms me 1 9 1 6 C'ccp!c1in, HENRY S. HXXGEIIT D.Ifl71Ug0l', J. SEr,LE1:s IQITE A flssislanl. Manage-r, E. J. POLLACK MEETS Feb. 11. Pennsylvania. Q75 Princton 27. At Philadelphia. Feb. 19. Pennsylvania, Rutgers Exhibition. At New Brunswick. Feb. Pennsylvania 27g Haverford 27. At Haverford. Mar. 4-. Pennsylvania 133 Princeton 21g Annapolis QO. At Annapolis. Mar. 11. Pennsylvania 385 Yale 16. At New Haven. Mar. 18. Pennsylvania 303 New York University 24. At Philadelphia. Mar. 31. Intercollegiate Championships. At Philadelphia. XVon by Princetong Brown Qnclg Pennsylvania Srfl. INDIVIDUAL SCORES Points ' Pgintg Sturridge .. ..... Q6 Barker ,,,,, 16 Rex ...... ..... Q 5 Taylor .,4,, 13 Hugert .. ..... 24 Nutt .,,4 3 Keifer . ...24 Votaw .H---1 137 295 UE QQ UU EE QQ X x X.. gf 1915 11916 iffB11Cfl1Q TEHIII Smiley Patterson Foshay Bl'OSiLlS CM'g'rD Bartol CCz1pt.j Tcrronc KCOZILCIIJ I-Inncc Murphy CAss't M'g'1' VL 'se U . mm EU , VJQJ ,W ,.,, ., ... H K F12 N C I N G 1 ,' 1 , l E M f aw 'E fn 7' A Wi l l ! l'lllll. Ill' I IIIIII I IA Il p, I , , I U III I I I ' ' IIIII' , I Q- l ii fl'Q1 .f-gg. . 3.--:ITT -5 ze-' i "' ' Q 9 2 fz". ':5.'j,i'3f' 'fx' :x. .3-4,.fw:-iff' .3 I-L 4 I 'f i efls l' I I . I I - n ew .1 lr l:5gl.l1l'- .- , f fi sg I I X I Q, -N wg. ' - .4 " , - 5, I ' S :1:l"'f'f'-.--.f-'2':l'.fflf? 171 jx I I, 1, 7 55,52 AQ .-,..v.-1 , -l,-I-,-. -,y,'- ,-my - : '- -a,.'- 5.7-.H I, P w t l5mHVwmgw5WHmI lIIII inmvml pmuunjfsvlww 1916 Caplrrifl, J. Gunn: ISARTOL flfmzfrger, GEOIKIIE C. Blzosrvs .-Ixsislfllzi Jlruzngrfr, J. J. 3'lI'llPHY Clonch. IJEOXARDO TERHOND TEAM Fon. J. G. Bluvror., Capiain E. R. Snuuax' G. B, PA'1Vr12I:soN L. FOSHAY SABRE R. T. HANCE, C'apz'ai'n J. G. BAn'roL Jan. 28. Harvard at Philadelphia. Pennsylvania, 5, Harvard, 4. Feb 5. Manrique Trophy Meet at Brooklyn, N. Y. Pennsylvania eliminated. Feb. 22 . A, J. Drexel Biddle Trophy at Philadelphia. Pennsylvania eliminated. Feb. 26. Columbia at New York. Columbia, 63 Pennsylvania, 3. March 4. Yale at Philadelphia. Yale, 5, Pennsylvania, 4. March 10. Cornell at Philadelphia. Cornell 5, Pennsylvania, 4. March 18. U. S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, Md. Navy, S, Pennsylvania, 1. April 21. Intercollegiate Championships at New York. 297 I I Cm mm Mm Lum 1916 ILS 4251701352 QQIIHFJ EU X V 'Txx x.,N,w --, fzif QQ G bk N Q 35412135 ES X If F: T3 ss? -Sw L A c R 0 S S E -:k j , iT 'e m if f f' J, -2 f. 1. ""'r ,l,l,l lull! I Illll ll dl 1 p H -. I . l , lfl I J I ' Ilrlllll i g - l it A -r fffi--.':'i:.'1.-, A' - 4 Qi.-uf ri' ' "C -' 1 up : f er bzn egfg 2 - gf- 1-- 2- -V -':- if -r 1' 1 "X -i g -:L-,T I-l -y'1' .l' 5 . I , .I -b 1 K. lim.: 5 55 .1 22 5- -' , '-Q . .M fi . - - f,-El ll 57 Q f f . ll swf" 'g - ,- 1. - ,, -.1 ., 1. is ll 1 li fi V-' j .. . .. -. f . V' . , 'Il I l f .lil 3 in I- . . - , A:--A . 'n I . Z- 1 2 - 1327 ,555 g..-N-.KElil,-.':::.:i, Rf-?TJf.,',:x?:',,.'.-Li, gl:.E-."Ji:'g-'.,l,..:,2 5.11.-:I I-.V-.,li,.4 X fb T iiz ow 'FU' .'-f ... 1:-5'-' -rw '-'--'If',1f5 -' '-""" :V ' " ' .. 1 , .b i am i 1 .2 l in l . . HW .lllllll ple Cclpluiii, I.. A. B.xI.nw1N Jlmzager, A. D. COHNELL .elsxislczlzl .llming-cr, L. B. Finn' C'0ll!'IIj C. H. CKOI.llSTllITII TEAM Baldwin Smith Ottenheimer Carrol 'Wessman Gurnsey Hassan Cahn Page Keppler Helsse Hattemer Ennis Mentler Rosaseo Kugel Miller Gage Seaver Henning Bevier SEASON OF 1915 I-Exx. orr April 9 Swarthmore .. .... at Swarthmore ..... 0 Q April 17 Johns Hopkins ............ .... Q it Baltimore ...... 1 5 April 21 Carlisle Indians .....,....... .... 4 it Carlisle ......... 0 8 May 1 Pennsylvania State College .... .... a it Franklin Field .. 1 1 May 6 Navy ....................... .... a t Annapolis ...... 0 5 May 15 Lehigh ...... .... a t Franklin Field .. 3 4 May 22 Swarthmore .... at Swarthmore ,... Q '3 SCHEDULE FOR 1916 April 13 Navy at Annapolis. April 17 Harvard at Franklin Field. April Q2 Johns Hopkins at Baltimore. April Q9 New York La Crosse Club at New York. May 6 Swarthmore at Franklin Field. May 10 Lehigh at South Bethlehem. May 13 Mt. Wasliington at Franklin Field. May 20 Swarthmore at Swarthmore. I , I -I 299 1916 131112 THRU! lj lj Q k EEE g1.., 5, 44. K R S5 in km 5w B ix ai EIU EDCI i Keenan' ? .-- - .E , -"' 'f n' Y Y: M P . iiff lxA,s "'aj .E f. 'f. "Il l ql'lll'qA Ill I zyiy ij aul y 1 A 1. up 1 1 1' ,mv H, P f - "" -Q 14-. A: .-'-' 4.'. . f . 3- - I lllllllllliIIIIHIIIIHII 1. My . :i,.l: I1ix..-f -x il, 5 'Ju ' ...:.1, -1: 'gx 'E '. . . .. . f-4.-- x 5i11 1 1 " " --t i l 7' 1 Nj . in ms IE Clllllfflillr, E. H. TEN Buoncu Jluzlflgzer, H. J. Bownmx rlssislfrill Jlrmflger, J. 5. IQICIIBIOND THE UNIVERSITY RIFLE TEAM B. V. Aimorr V. I". JXDKIN E. I-I. Cami-1sl5I.I. F. XV. CAM1-1nci.i. S. H. CIKBIPIIELI. B. L. Dovimnouina J. I. E N M R A. V. Enxns A . E Ysrrzu S. GUEST . H. TEN Bnoucx . N. '1'1fns'rEn . C. XIENDIG . L. XVATKINS INDOOR SCHEDULE, 1916 Jan 15. VVest Virginia University ......................... Jan. 22. Cornell University ....... Jan. 29. U. S. Naval Academy ..... Feb. 5. University of California Feb. 12. Norwich University ...... Feb. 19. University of Minnesota Feb. 26. University of Illinois ..... INTERCOLLEGIATE OUTDOO Massachusetts Institute of Technology .. Massachusetts Agricultural College ..... Norwich University .................. University of Illinois .............. U. S. Naval Academy ............... George 'Washington University ........ Kansas State Agricultural College .... Cornell University .................. University of Pennsylvania ................. University of Arizona ................ . ........ Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas.. R. CHAMPIONSHIPS, 1915 Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College .... University of Michigan ....................... --Y-W ,WU 3 if 501 v , .,f:f72-Z?,j1ZZ.f.,,, i ....,.,..... .. . PENN. 980 980 977 986 981 990 991 OPP. .989 .987 .9944 .9447 .998 . 969 .988 Points .838 .830 .825 .814 S11 .802 .802 .800 .798 .780 .770 .713 .667 Gi .. X . .,.. if lr data i . f u ul . I X , Q ,f rn X f 2, f' l"- rl-p . xwx ' E 'I I oA QE? 1 -LEXYYQ. J 4:,,,,! mH 1 SQ 'KH 5-:Sc lv if Zim W H I Egg Eg ' NM , f gg -Xe K 31 . 'Y f f SM S Hi ll f l 4 A l v I N - ' ! I , 'Q . iv WS- V N 5,91 0, 1 ' if if 77 ' M f jyzff '25 1 W - " , 5 A ' 1 - 'Pm fr. 55 , M sz . l NX , I ... K Q lt' 'IX NWK-MT. Sa ... 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The fraternity system accomplishes this. It takes the most prom- ising of the younger classes, trains and develops them by relating traditions and by advising from past experience, and instills in them the 'spirit of com- petition which leads ultimately to the advance and betterment of athletics, pub- lications, and all other phases of active college life. Here at Pennsylvania, however, it has been evident for some time that class organization and unity, those very necessary foundations of college spirit, were being neglected by the fraternity system. Early in the school year' the freshmen were divided into many small groups by reason of their being pledged to different fraternities. They became ac- quainted with upper-classmen, it is true, but they never got to know one an- other. As a result, class organization did not come until late, and when it did come it showed the ill effects of postponement-a weak treasury, petty politics, and lack of unity. It was evident that a change of system was necessaryg time must be given by the fraternities for first-year men to get acquainted and settled. But how long this time should be, was the question at issue. Each fraternity seemed to have a different idea. Finally, after two or three years of argument and com- promise, in the Spring of 1914, all the college fraternities at the University came to an agreement, the main provision of which was, that no freshman shall be entertained by any fraternity until the first week of the second term of school year. For two years, now, we have been living under this system: and the two classes who, as freshmen, have been affected by it, already show its benefits. Their organization is sound, their spirit, evidenced by class fights and teams, is rampant and of the best. And the founders of the interfraternity agreement cannot help but feel that they and their efforts are, in a great measure, responsible for this raising of the standard, and making for better Pennsylvania men. 1 306 Q , fX A X, 5 asv- If 1 u,- x ffm , Q 0 "V isa In ' Nugixw' - NX ,M , r 9 ! .Ts if W L ' TI' " X 'W - 3 ' 5 if 1' T 1' in IlHNWHHNUHHHi!NHHHNNHHHPINHWIWHHHVHHi!NHWHHNWilH!!NHHUNHMNiHHHH!MH1HHYWNNIHSHHWEWEWEHIHNiliiIlWS1HfiHi!NHHH1PHI3H!fNHflNllHPlHillilH51NHHNiHN3NHEINHHIINHHWNHEHI!HWNHHNHHHNHHHHiW!HUHHW1H Arrangvh in ihr nrhrr nf their eatahlizhment at ilu Hniuvmitg uf livnnzgluania ' 0 K- -X nf' -I , L ,Mr E ' A K Mm E4 ' w HJZ.. "' V' ' IDL- X 4 ' ,Q of 307 H .YV f JOHN C4XDXVAL,XDliR, ,-AB., AM. RICHARD DIXT.E BENSON, AB., 5X.lXI. J. LEVERING JONES, AB., LL.D. GEORGE QLIIN'I'.XRD 1-IORWITZ, .-X.lf3., .-Alf., LL.D. E. I'IOI-LlNGSWOR'1'H SITIZR, .-XB., MD. ISAAC A. PENNYPACKER, ILS.. LLB. ECKLEY BRINTON CONE, JR. NVILLLXM LIENRY FURNESS, 313, HD. THOMAS IQNIGHT FINLIZTTER, AB. JAMES 1'LXMILTON CHESTON, AB. JOI-IN GRIIER BARTOL, BS. in MB. ROBERT ITIANSELL PAGE, JR., BS. JOHN VVELSH DRAYTON GEORGE JASPER LIARDING GEORGE CROZER PAGE ALEXANDER COKE YARN.fXI..L EDWARD LAW JOSEPH FERGUSON NIOHR EUGENE BQIORRIS CHESTON CLARANCE BARTON BREWSTER NIAURICE NLCIKNIGI-IT HILL RICHARD LLOYD TILGHMAN TJURIXIJXN JOHN IRICK HOPKINS alta ibbi jfraternitp QEta Qlbapter Founded 1827 Establislzed T849 Inactive 1875-1882 3453 XVOODLAND ,AVENUE :ALEXANDER TAN RENSSEL.AER, ALM. ALBERT PHILIP FRANCINE, AM., M.D. CHARLES N.XTHANIEL DAVIS, PLM., M.D. :ARTHUR CHARLES I'IOXA'L.-AND, PI-I.D. JACK CLAXTON GITTINGS, MD. S1-IIPPEN LEWIS, AB., LL.B. :ARTHUR H. LIOPKINS, AB., MD. J. LEEDS B.-XRROLL, JR., B,S., AM. IQICHARD NEWBOLD PLATT ALGERNON ROBERTS CLAPP GEOISEREY TAYLURE I-IAWLEY PHILIP DURYEE BIICLWASTER, B.S. JAMES MITCHELL BECK, LITT. B. IQICHARD TILGI-I MAN LAWRENCE EALOYSIUS BALDXVIN JAMES JXLBERT BONSACK, JR. XNILLIAM I-IANSELL PAGE, JR. ERWIN AGNEW FIERO ROLAND CRAWFORD FENNER PHILLIPS LEE GOLDSBOROUGH, JR. BIEREDITH NIARSTON JACK XMILLIAM NATHANIEL DAVIS FREDERICK GILMAN SPENCER JAMES I'IlENRY :ROBERTS CROMXVELL , 51 'W ,,,, L2f1.::"1'..i2w'f2f:2" ' f . . , J W4 f 1 1: 16 Z itz :I .l M1 R2 mf 2 1 w IZ? gr .g1,-nu1z:f-- - - , :r-WF X X ,. .X X, . X...H7l',.X. .X H-X J.,-1' XM- .. ' fi X I W' ,KL 'X f... ...k I N f f' X 'X .X , . K " 'H . 3 mi! lv- f ill' X ,,., W. - A X. XX X X ' t X X ' i I L X W X 1:2511 X! - 1 S 3f..f'1 ' M1 X 1 'X V i g L 1. .Q -If 5. , -- E, .- -2: 2 Ab- ff '- 3' .JX ' vt i"."'9.'1: . "L ' ' :XX -X -'.r- . -5.-'11-f . X K I Y I V X I ' .,. 'gwiVx'.f-'- . 75 .J . ,VV . ' . If-i If Y -n 5. ' Q' X nga , - 1.5. ' .Q 81114 ' lil",-If " ' "' ' ' " ' X' .X . ,. - fi: ,bf '-1X'ff,- " 7 - ff: X..q11,w z .-mmf-L-Q-X. ,X if -,-v ,X Y- ,A - , X . ,,.X,X, , . . v- X .X. -- ,X XXX , XX. - X. 3: X N ' ' " 12 J' 'H A 'N XMI, ' ' 55, ' .-.. .. 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I 22:5 -7- : ' If 31 " ' ,.. -.,....- - .--ish ,,.. ,, .. ,-..:' JI- ' 32: E523 -4:.if:'i-11541 :LL .A - I 414-' Ni' I ' "' -i If .. .r..,-. 1 .,ff I.- LE:-.9 j'L'3i','fi ""v.Q'fq75' 'J '15, - 1 -' A ' .I -H .11'jT'g " 'ff K ill.. ' I A z K , W ' an 1 W QR S. 'NNW VV ,L iff. ' f CHARLES C. PIARRISON, A.M., L.L.D. GEORGE XVHARTON PEPPER, D.C.L., LL.D. THOMAS R. NEILSON, M.D. JOHN M. CRUICE, M.D. CHARLES LOUIS BORIE, JR. OLIVER PLXZARD PERRY PEPPER, BS., MD BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PEPPER, LL.B JAMES :ALAN MONTGOMERY, PH.D. S.T.D GEORGE AV. RICIQER, A.B. III HOWARD CLIFTON MCCALL, BS. LIENRY HOWARD HOUSTON, H VVILLIAM TTT.-XNNIS PEROT, A.B. JOSEPH RITTENI-IUUSE ROWLAND K LIILARY BAKER REX JACOB STEELMAN DISSTON, JR. RICHARD THOMAS ELLISON, BS. XVI-IARTON .ALLLEN , VICTORIO FRANCISCO VALDEZ, BS. CURTIS :ALLEN CASPAR VVISTAR BARTON 'TOXVNSEND ISAAC ROBERT DAVIS, JR. ' GEORGE VVHARTON PEPPER, JR. JAMES CAVERLY NEXN'LIN, JR. , CHARLES ALEXANDER SERVICE, JR. .ALEXANDER HEY'BURN EDWARD DAY ITIARRIS IQENNETI-I CAMPBELL KENNEDY VVILLIAM TTAGEN DLTBIXRRX' ALBERT LEONARD HOSKINS, JR. DAVID COMYNS SPOONER, JR. TRISTRAM COFFIN COLKET, H , LAVVRENCE CORLIES TATURDOCK RICI-IfXRD STOCKTON BULLITT f ATDBER1' EDWARD IQENNEDY, JR. SHEXVARD HAGERTY, JR. PHILIP MARVEL, JR., A.B. NORMAN H. MACLEIGH, JR. HERBERT IQEITH IQITSON EDYVARD RiAND.ALL, A.B. CHARLES LOUIS BORIE, 3D PLBRAI-IAM PENROSE ROBINSON ANYILLIAM EYRE ROBINSON NORMAN ELLISON, JR. GEORGE LEARLE ROBINETTE CLARENCE ALEXIXNDER VVRAY, JR. JOSEPH BENTON KTCCALL, JR. :KEMPTON POTTER AIKEN TAYLOR JAMES R. LUDLOW VVRAY FRANCIS LIONEL STEVENSON I I ll 'J Inl- GW' I'J, 'if '7Z"' T " "" -- I l fi 74. W- -I ' v 9 Ui QTY X 33 .13 " TI .fi in ET " 'i 9. '55 W 551 3 if, 'QQ gi 2 ci Vo 3' l . k , ,fi g 0 l F 3? W Y' N 1,5 Gi ,ry JI ' .ii hw ,am -fi ' 'Qi in 'S+ Civ 'ca ' fl if 2 Q, ,S sf :Z Zigi! .Q J? LW We - ' A P 1 52 I 2 iff? 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SAAIUEL F'RIEDERIL'K FTOUSTOX, AB. FRANCIS J'IERM'.AN BOI-ILEN, LLB. GEORGE FLXRRISON FRAZII-IR, AB. GEORGE STUART PATTIERSONV, BS., LL.D. CHARLES CAAIBLOS NORRIS, MD. VVILLIAAI D.'XNIEI. STROUD, B.S. JOHN CROMXVELI. BELL, JR., AB. THOMAS BICJQEAN DOWNS ROGER RAYNI-IAM TOWNSEND, B.S. CRAWFORD CLARK BLADEIRA JOHN BORLAND THAYER ALBERT PIAWLEY LUCAS VVILLIAM AI.EXI-XNDIER CL.-ARK, JR. ROBERT DECI-IERT HIARRY ROSENGARTEN NEILSON THOMAS HART EDWIN QLNEY JONES RICA-XRDO ZAPIOLA ZIMIIIERMANN CLAYTON MCMICI-IAEL FREDERICK ROGERS DRAYTON GEORGE DAASPIIELL FOWLE DONALD MARTIN LOVE FRANCIS CLARK GRANT, AB. bs glfratzrnitp of alta 5195i Ebeita Illhaptzr Fomzdrd 18717 Esmblislzcd I85I 3637 LOCUST STREET RALPH PEAIBERTON, MD. T1'ILJBl.XS NOLAN, BS., MS., PH.B, .ALM JOHN FRAZER, BS.. AAI., PI'I.D. IART H UR I1OWELLGERH.XRD, BA., MD. VVILL1'.XM POWELL ROBINS, AD., F.G. JAAIES CURTIS BALLAGI-I, AB., PHD., LLD. CIIARLES FIARRISON FRAZIER, AB., MD. 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CARL .AYNTOINE CHRISTIANI, BS. in CE., D.D.S. EMANUEL REYENTHALER XVILSON, B. S. in Econ. :RALPH EDWARD GIIIIIONS EDENHARTER, BS. in Econ. PIJXRRY LINCOLN ROGERS JAMES .HCUFF SI-IELLY XNILLLXM BISHOP MCINTOSH GORDON A.I-VV.XRD IEIARDXYICK RAYMOND EUGENE FITZGERALD ROBERT MILLER COCI-IRANE PAUL XVENDELL CAUEEIEL EDWIN GAIL HAMILTON EDWARD H. CAMPBELL FREDERICK WILLIAM CAMPBELL JAMES IiOWARD BUCECUM JOSEPH JEREMIAH AIURPHY DEAN POOL BENSLEY PAUL VQANGEVINE GOODMAN RODNEY ENGLISH SNOW RALPH FRANK GAY NEWVTON TAYLOR TODD LEWIS BENJAMIN SOARS SAMUEL MERLIN MCCLURE, IR. X I f X X vXV-XLTER EIERZ ROBI,XN GEORGE PIUBBELL GEORGE LOUIS LEFEVRE XVILLLXM BEURY GOODWILL JAMES IRVINE Vv'II.LIfRED IEMMETT RACE XVILLIAM STOLL FIOW.-XRD XM.-XLTON X-VALTER STANLEY LEE FOSI-IAY ARTHUR CLARK C. R. LEE P. C. NICOLAYSEN FRED. E. PAUL GEORGE RUDISELL, IR. NORMIXN STITLER DORSEX' E. STRAITIFF E. 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EDWARD JOHN I'IERATY CALVIN MASON SMYTI-I, JR. JAMES ALBERT HUGHES BEAGOUN, JR. BART NIULFORD JAMES ROBERT NICCORMICK GYXNTERT A. HHXVEN D.AXLE STANLEY ALEXANDER XNELSI-I CHARLES HILL LOVETT IQENNETI-I CLARRE VVITIIEROW, 2D GEORGE NN. XVAGONER, JR. HENRY SCI-IELL PLXGERT, 2D ROBERT VVILLIAM KINZIE ALLEN GRAVES XIVILLIAMS CHARLES WESLEY CARRIGAN AN ALTER CLAY DAVIS LEONARD LEBERKNIGHT EYSTER IRVING REAUS FAUVRE GORDAN EDWARD KONANTZ GEORGE BEATTY PATTERSON SAMUEL SOMERS ABM Ekappa 195i jfraternttp ibvnnspihania Zlnta Qlbapter Folrlzdcd H5752 Esfablislzcd I877 36-L1 LOCUST STREET XYILLLXM PIENRY LLOYD, AB., LL.D. EDMUND R. IQEEDY, MA., LL.D. TI-IOMESON S. NYESTCOTT, AD., M.D. XYILLIAII R. NICI-IOLSON, AD., MD. XVILLIA M CAMPBELL POSEY, ALB., MD. H. RIAXWELL LANGDON, M.D. GEORGE H. BICRLEY, AD., G.F. EDWARD HARRIS CEOODMAN, MD. P. J. IQIEFERV, .-LB., BS. JOHN BIUSSER, A.M., PH.D. R.ALl'H H. BLANCHARD, AB., AM. RALPH CLEMENS XYONNEGUT PIENRY FOSTER XY.-XLTONV, JR. JOHN GILES TURNER ALBERT CAREY .ADAMS GEORGE LEBRUN BECIQWITH SAMUEL I-XNGUS BURNS XVINEIELD TRUTH DOLTGHERTX' CHARLES EDWARD EMERY LAWRENCE GIBSON FELL JAMES PARKER HIPPLE RUEUS BISSELL JONES PAUL HOLLISTER JORDAN JAMES HENRY LITTLE JOSEPH HOEEER LXIOSSER ROBERT FUREY LUCBEURTRIE SAMUEL NELSON PARK ELLERY REDEIELD PURDY EDMUND ROXNJLAND HOBART ROXVLEXND ASHER LETSON WESTERFIELD I 4, , 393 ,W Z, W - I X .. W X - - ,uf z,. i,,,j I I f f 3 NIH, Tr 'A 1' ' 1- c f-AT. - - ik, WI-V , m y 41 Fixx, '1::'J"'-,fri .- V . 2 41 . 'v- Qi . .'2,fg.' I' Uaasaszssssxsssf ,' .' ' .' .' .' .' .' .' .' ' ' 3 - , -'-- - A '::s5ess':' -afeszaazf' . ' ..... -i n . .' . ,' 5 ,' 5 ,- 1 , , , --gl --... . wk -f . . , - "'ff:5:,. ' .' .' .' .' . 'SEEEEEEEEEQ ISE' .' " . . . . -'.,: . . . . . -:5::g5555' . 57. 42 1, 1" . . . . 4.5: ufgX,,:N W ' wg ' xmas ' K1 .ff V 4 'X ' 12 , 1 QM? W- X 47? ':1rv:mL PLATE amz.: .- ,, awe f VW Lg.. ' , ' ww.. 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LIARRY LINCOLN BIDDING GORDON SEYMOUR CARRIGAN SMYTI-I LIOWARD CLARK LIARRY CLINTON FRANCE ALBERT GABRIEL CI-IARLES LIOLBERT HANEOW LESLIE STOCKTON LIOXVELL ROBERT EARL IQERNODLE NORMAN RIETZGER P1-IINEAS STUART NEWTON PAUL RAINIER VVILLIAM LIURLOXV RIGBY JOSEPH ALEXANDER TRUITT 3 I I ffg ., ,, M ,f .f fff32f1'lfw 4' ,Lf I ' 1' - - 9' In ,qmw f, ,. ,f , fm , . J u,w.I4Maa ,wmmgfvfii 4 VfyfwgvZf2Z,:,xgK:-M, f - - A,f1I:,g'rE5f-ac- fm- , I :I ' 1 Z Fm , , I E Q L f nf Z W -1 I4 i rg , I A ' 1575 ' in LFE , I Wal' HW '1 ? un 14, 'SY' F5 1' i Z2 22 gs i ai, 6' ' 7125 ffi 21 ' fig .4 fig ii ?I 5 Q If 'v- ., , ! b a .ff 'Y"cJ"' N '-X fix 'J ' Q ':I111w1m1ii111nulla'i51Mnu f - f- 5: -.. I , ix I IM 1" - J-..,., 'I -f f, 1 IM74 . 5 : N l MMU , . N . if 1101"-411 'V 'W 5' u f fw msdlmra f f A '.X'i'B?" :P-HU, ' 321 ! .4 .z Q! Z W2 zz :ffl Y, ,I f? 5 .w 2 .1 E 5 3, WI ,i if 2 f I 2 W 93 "Zi 5? f W Z V.: '1'-ZW va I A M2 f M' "div 7.94 W . W., WZ. f , 'pr . 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NORD PIARVEY NAYLOR DESANNO JOSEPH IQENDALL TXTASTEN SAMUEL IQATHMELL MOORE DANIEL HARDY PIAFNER, JR. LEO AUGUSTINE JOSEPH DELONE EERDINAND EBLE, JR. LEONARD ALEXIS PAY VVALKER HAMILTON JOHN DON.-XLD RTATTERN RONALD JOHNSTON NICCARTHY .DONALD EWAN NIONTGOMERY XNILBER IRVIN NEWSTETTER OWEN PIINDMARSI-I PERRY MATTI-IIAS ICXDAM SHAABER THOMAS EDISON POPE NELSON XNHITEMAN PERINE CHARLES AUGUSTUS CRUIKSHANK, JR. EDWIN I-RAYMOND CULVER, JR. THEODORE NTACRAE DEXA"EX' CHARLES ELWELL DICKINSON, JR. EDWIN STANTON PIENRY, JR. LOUIS JAMES ICELLEHER ADKIN XNALLACE IQINGSBURY, JR. VERNON lXdUELI-IEISEN KNOX HARRY JOHNSON BIAYDEN, JR. NO12NI.fXN XMI-IITFIELD OYSTER fm. ,nf GIZRI'XRD LAWRENCE HUISKAMP VV ALTER STILLMAN SMITH, JR. 1 vw 'W' ,171 J- I f H74 , I I I I R A f f f ff 1 I I 322 ? as ii ""' -M wWwwfsf+-Qw'f-eww' L , ..1.f2f---Qefw-n:,:'r2..-, Mm. 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IRVING BLAKE :HAYNES PIOWELL BICLEAN CRAXVFORD HAROLD JONES DALTON BOYLES FALOON CHARLES PAUL RENNINGER GORDON NATHANIEL GUNNESON JOSEPH PARSONS REPLOGLE GEORGE XNAYNE JACOBS EDWIN LANPEARE SEWELL CRARLES FREDERICK KINDT, JR. JOHN PIIGGINS STEBBINS .-XSHDY BLYTHE PAUL PHILIP TABER .ALBERT MARCUS PYKE ALFRED PIECTOR VVILLIAMS CHARLES FREDERICK PYKE ARTHUR TRIOL EISSING DONRXLD CRISWELL PRESCOTT EVERETT PENNINGTON HIACKNEY FREDERICK FELIX RENNINGER TURBUTT LISBOA VVRIGHT XNALTER SCOTT PETERSON GEORGE WESTNEY VVALTON MILTON .ANDREYV TILBROOK HAROLD WEBBER NIILO DILLEY VVATKINS 1 4 'fIf ,L f 'f'IQI 324 I , I . . . w , , xl J , , 2 1 9 , 7? 9 E ,A sz'2',, 515 ,Q :F ' 'B 553 6 , 2, z., 5, 9 ,, V . In ' ,,-F I -' K f- L , f QQ , u u W I . , l , , m 1 -K , I- , ., , ., , - Z.. -4 p fs! 1 - .I F :Q-i: U' rm .' VT' 532 4' V , E 5- ,G 1,2 ee Wg 221 EEZ? 'li Wi if-ff ,251 5222 i Q, jr !, , 22 2,2 5 :, 252, Ei , Z ? li gl. sz? i 5 ? Q , 4 4, 2 .515 'iif 4 W- I-3 ag 4' , 52? 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JOHN I'IOLIENBACK GIBSON ROBERT BIERRITT GOTI-IAM JOHN SCOTT LANSILL JACK BASS SMITH FRANCIS PIEED ADLER EDGAR BIARBURG, JR. JOSEPH A. RUSSELL JOSEPH PIENRY VVARD BIINKSUN CHARLES DUKE PEARCE, JR. RALPIAI A. PENDLETON FREDERICK THOMAS JONES, JR. BIARCEL RL7DOLPI'I ZUTTER FAGAN HULL SIMONTON WZ: M7 W' L22 ff f I Pita BTH fraternity , I gpennypihania Zeta Qtbaptzr Fmrzzdrd 18.18 Establzklzed ISS3 3-FOO XNYALNUI' STREET LAMDERI' C. OTT, B.S. in E., LLB. FLOYD ELWOOD IQEEN, MD. ROBERT RHODES RICGOUDWIN, B.S. in .-ARCH. FREDERICK EMMERICH :ALTEMUS THOMAS NYIIITE PE.-XRCE :ALFRED XJOLCKMAN EDNIE ERXVIN DIXVID L.-XTIMER., JR. PAUL JOSEPH FIELD JACK CROSLEY TREDWELL HAROLD GREY NEELY BENJAMIN HARRY SMITH CHARLES CHRISTIAN SMITH ANILLIAM PROUDIFT OSMER, JR. GEORGE LINCOLN ROAT PIORACE FRANKLIN SMITH MARVIN COOK XNILSON ELMER VVALLACE SMITH QQUILLAUME SDANIJXL DELPR.XT1' XVILLIAM I-ARTHUR LANSILL JOSEPH COATES WALKER ROBERT CUSHMAN XNINSLOXV f mg I' 7 .f,, ,. ll Q .... . l I , . fr A , ,yu K L 1 J w . A x ' Nl ' ' ,sh 5, fi ur M2 3 5 ' G: 54? W E .fi 522 l l uf H J' , K 1 F A, fi 'S .5 1 . 7 ' Q 5 J Q! 1 1 V, , 1 e 22155 aegii 5322 gm Us WF? MQW mg fr A Z. 5 3:5 ' 1935 25? 4 i 1? --L www s 14 ww ,-.W -K - - -"7':'aii'A 3 if?" J m ix.. N : ..:f "" ' .W . .3gf,Q5i ,,,',i31T5, k j . , A - ' , ' X - Q ' K ' Au Q E WSRMB gunman-r sup sy nm 112.-rA mmf: rnngnmv fA,v:m5,:g-5am . ,.V, , 5' " , ,. - 327 l 5? IZ? af? :W gf' :elf 5 .W QM W W W: W Q, -ni , , ,W , W5 W1 fi fwf: 'ff A ff 4 1 ,Q W 124 .Z ,I M 5 :iii I 3: 4 r ff 1 Z2 92 4 ?f M4 M new 7 Z 7' M -fi W ? l HENRY GIEIIONS, AM. FTERMAN Y. fAMES, AM., PH.D. EDWARD SI-IERWOOD NJEADE, PH.D. JOSEPH I-RUSSELL SMITH, PH.D. BENJAMIN A. THOMAS, AAI., NLD. SEYMOUR DEW. LUDLUA1, B.S., BLD. JOHN FI.-XRl'ER GIRVIN, MD. ANILLIAM CJTTO BIILLER, A.B. GEORGE BYRON ROORBACH, AN. NVILLIAM CROMWELL ELY STEPHEN STURGES AN H ITRY D.'XX'1D RTACLAREN CHURCH FRANK I'-1-ENRI FORSTER THERON .FIOLBROOK HAWKES, JR. EARLE TA-IARSHALL T'IUMPHREYS LESLIE VVELLS JOY VVADE XV ILLIA MS JUDGE GEORGE GARTSIDE IQURTZ EDWARD CLARENDON RUSSET.I, FIAMTLTON HEATH VVENDE RICHARD BURCHAN FERRIS, HI CARLTON COOK MCCALL EDWARD GODFREY SI-IMIDI-IEISER JAMES TVIITCHELL SPARKS, JR. .AYDOLPH AAIOLL, JR. AW ILL fALBAN CANNON CHARLES EDWARD VVILLIAMS GEORGE FRANKLIN RAND, JR. VVALTER P. T. BAUGI-IMAN CLARENCE HZEALY BENHAM alta Wpsilnn ibenngiplhania Qlljapter Fozmdvd 1834 Established I888 3614 Locust Street JAMES HAROLD EAUSTIN, B.S., MD. HOWARD H. BIITCHELL, PHB., PH.D. FREDERICK A'Y:XLM BEAL, AM., PH.D. CHARLES I'I.XRTSHORN NIAXSON, A.M. FRANK IWCBIILLEN BRENISER, AB. GEORGE HENRY EALLEN, AM., PH.D. AV.-XLTON B. THCDANIEL, AM., PH.D. REXFORD GUY TUGWELL, B.S. in ECON. HENRY JUDSON FIUMPSTONE, AM. HENRY -JOHN MILLER LAWRENCE COOKE TEST SHERIDAN CARLOS AYAITE JA MES XVILSON ANALLACE RAYMOND RLAUIL YOUNG JOSEPH SELLERS KLITE REES IEICAGY BARKALOXY BENJAMIN .ALLEN FORDYCE CHARLES FRANCIS DUGAN GEORGE SMEDLEY WJEBSTER, JR. G. IQAYMOND THAI-IN EDGAR DOWLIN TYLER ALONZO REYEL HORSEY, JR. ROBERT A. NIERCER GRANT LIOBART LIGHT DON RAYMOND PIINKLEY LEE REGINIXLD GAYNOR JOHN CLENDENNIN BURNE EDWARD XV OOD LOUGI-IRIDGE XIVILLIAM BRADFORD THOMPSON PI-IILLIP AMOS THOMPSON -Z 4 :Q . 7' f' M1 QA if 1 ar W fa gn f an I I si -u 5 YF V4 fi f 4 1 - I -T v LL T g:f"1'LT- 7..4..,1E ll' " - " "Ji I 7 I 'X .ll 5 f V I 5 fl vi ,.-' NL" I F, V Til! 1 , , .... . . in I w s ,.., , A . , pas ---- wo if ,girl- . Q -V 7 "' gyf,'X?3 -12:2 .W ,- fig ' ' 'J Qi 515-.'2ji-9. mg'- Q? 'Ef f ' .:::.'.',-5. , -4- ff? J L, ::a-1.1 azz.:- H , M - Eamwfg nqenxni e 4 ,,., , 1- ,af we 'JA LJ: E. f Kamfri-:?ixg13.r.:?':w:n. 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GUENTHER ELLWOOD BAKER CUNNTNGHAM SPENCER SWEET SHANNON VICTOR .-XLBERT XYEISER XNILLIAM IQOXVLAND C1'.OTH1ER JOHN DOUGHTY RIOORE FRANCES SAMUEL HIASIEROT JOHN REED SMUCKER RAYMOND DON.XLL3 STEVENS JOSEPH XNILSON BORDEN ROBERT THOMAS W'1LSON FREDERICK LEWIS FREEMAN ARTI-IUR HIEDRICK XNEISBACH P.-xUL CHARLES BEIN RICI'I1XRD F,xIRE1ELD XNARREN DOUGLAS P.XKE.IX11NGSTON BRYCE BLYNN OTIS MASON POLLARD ELIOT XNARDEN DENAULT PIIERBERT XNILLIAM RICI-ITER JOHN PARNELL FIZENEY THOMAS RIASSEY, JR. JOHN HAROLD IfLxRGREfxvES XNILLI.-XM GNULBERT L.-XRZELERE VVARREN BURROXVS I-IAMTVTON J II I I , ,4,,lV.V ff - I 330 I ag IIlgs4:4.,.. 1 V W A .,,. ,A Q - I Q1 , F mf, . ,F j . 'Si v J' 'Jr 1 'ff .' Qty! nl! g 51, 1:51 iii Q ,fin Q5 l ,Q 1, if 352 1i. 14 ,P 1 'ik M! 3. 3' ., HE: ,W .. "ff , W A' new qw K 1 24 a , ' U4 if ,? , ,qv ,ap ,. 24' J- -g 2 , 1 .WA ... V Qgihww E- uf I-sw am ., " If ,J? '4"'1: Qiti L W. . 4 P 'I' , x '12 22 "ff . - 2 3 13, if 'A'-IN ,1:i44:'a:i3:. rf-.H V Y wig mmm U . . ... .u.......,.m.. 4......., .W.........m.u......., .mmmmmumlm WZ? mxnnunmnlygugggqugngnuuumunmmnmuul. I ,gngulgmnunulululxnn1ulggplglglygmlnnnmn.4a T' 1"'T Y. , ,-9: 13.235217 ,IZ U, ..... .. ,...uu,.....M .,...u.....,. ,... u.Mu..W..,..,..W.w..,... ..... b V+' Vg f 5 2, f 474, - 5' 'WF vim? ' ll ' UB Zi LM-mmwraMm4ov:conzwun. wi W' 4 JW .gf M ' mf 30' f 374 5.2 W W V4 . ,, ,, , f . ,-W f 1 ----' ', , ' 4- 1, of ' wfj, v ,- W "7 'ff ,fi jrf' ., ff 7 U' w' f1,w"'gff,f.f-f M1 gd: ,Wit :wg ff- 2474 .344 I I I I ' 331 144 W Zi? E26 if Q93 f Q, 5 , E74 was W? We W3 GQ? 4 fy wa fm .ff W? Qi vw pw WZ ffm W L: 2161 aw l I ff , c A wi Eff' JM Mi :W W4 ZW Q97 fff A M- . ,, , ' ,. ,.fT',,,If In OW I ,,,,..,,,,,,.,I-, ,I ,Z I ,H ,.,f.,, W , - - II' I . 4 . I If '-:EW 154, cfwwff if g,,I,If,y' Y y. M, I III' " "-4-' - .' , I ,O ,ww ,ffwff mffwf fffwwff -- l 53513135 5lEmH ,I Sdipba Epsilon Qtljaptzc 5 Fomzdcd IS67 Established 1892 3706 Locust Street EIENRY IHIOXVARD EHLERS, BS. in ME. GEORGE XNILLIAM BICCLELL.-AND, AM. OLIVER EDMUNDS GLENN, .-X.M.,PII.D. BYRON A. BIILNOR, BS., LL.B. HAROLD V1-x.4XGGliR'1' BIURRAY PIEXRY JOHN REUIQAUEE XNILLIANI THOMAS BUCR PIOXVARD IDILXVORTH FORWOOD JOHN XVILLTIXM IQEYES :XBBOTT XVESLEY FRANCE GEORGE CLARENCE BROSIUS CARL CHRISTIAN GLANZ EDXVIN JONATHAN POLLOCK CHESTER SCOTT IVORY JOHN CHARLES EARLE MCLENNAN ROY JOHN NICIQEE JOHN RIURDOCK CLARKE JAMES TODD PINE BRYANT ELBRIDGE VHCAZEN JAMES EMERSON D.XLI.,XS DAVID MANUEL ILLXSTLNGS ROY PIENRY JONES LEWIS CRAIG DICK RODNEY LEE JACK ALEXANDER BURTON R:XND.'XI.L DONIXLD ASHTON I'IERBERT BACHMAN XNEAVER HENRY :EIAINES BONSAL, JR. FRANK AI.LEGRE E1i'l"S JAMES CLARKE PIARRY RUSSELL .-AUSTIN THOMAS BYRD EPPS RALPI-I CULLISON IQEEFER JOSEPH NIELLAN FRONEFIELD, III K GEORGE V AN BUSRIRIQ MAURICE DYE GALLEI-IER RICI-II'XRD EVANS MYER ROBERT LEIGH I'IEADLEY JACK I'IIC'KM.-XN TANDY JOHN CHESTER NICCOLLUM IV HOWARD ROBE12T XV INTER JOHN NICCORMICK TITZEL IRA DANIEL BERTOLET, JR. OLIVER KAY XNINCHELL I I .,,,fI-., ...,.,. , ' ' I I I I .',-. 1 ,,1fI. IfII I ' 3 I I,I I !'! Y 'gg - A Z 'F -1' V F ,Q , K 1 , . D - W , , 44 , all 5 iii Y' in ' ' , 5 f Af U i f af ' 'r 'F - '.., .," " ..,-. ' ,g , ' M V N V ,.,v M W ' v.f- ' .-A-, -,-,-.- - -5- ,.. V, -97" .'-,v V H ' H I -rg' ' ---a' xx' Mg , :.'5,agv9,,y , -' 1 ' 'f . ' ,,. . ., K gf, W' ,,. " v - ,, " W - Y ' fly pl ' I I f. LQ MP , ....., M - 1 1 -A I V , U ,. gm w1:'., If :,sW.g'r+, 'qw' I wwf.:-,,,,1fff5 ,W af 'I Y if? I f 4. W fi' , YL CWS, fe, ww, WWWFW l I ll J 2 ,f Sf ma u 25m who fmgapm Fozzvzded 1869 Established 1894 3312 XVALNUT STREET T HARLAN UPDEGRAFF, PH.D. FRANK BTCGINNIS REGISTER, B.S. in FREDERICK JVILLTAM BRIEMIEIIERI, AAI. QUINCY JMRIGI-IT, ALB. C.E. TMTAROLD RUSSELL MCCLIJRE SHELDON FRANKLIN DOUGLAS 4 ELWOOD CORSON FISHER EDWARD MARCUS SMITH ' JOSEPH PAGE CONLEY FERNLEY THOMPSON BROOKS EXUGUST LOUIS XJIEMEISTER JULIUS R.XPI'IIXEf. JVAN R:X.ALTE , JACK FREED SCHEETZ FRANK ,ALF CRANE I JVILLLXM HERBERT MCELNEA TTTARRY XVILLI.-XM DEEGAN GUERARD PTIZYXVARD IPIOXYKINS ZXTILTON CLISTON SMITH PIOXVARD EVERETT FELT ROLAND BIIETZLER IQLEMME JMILFRED :XLAN PENDLETON SAMUEL PARKER BTCCONNELL GEORGE QUAY CALDERWOOD RALPH XVALDO EMERSON CHARLES XJEDDER AUSTIN EDWARD FRANCIS RILEY GEORGE VVILLIAM BURNS CHARLES G.-XRRITT YANGINKEL CLAUDE XV ALTER DUDLEY JOSEPH GARRITT XIANGINKEL BUIERTON CHARLES BARSTOW SAMUEL XVALDO FIEMPHILL CLARENCE REUBEN DAVIS XNf1LLIAM HAROLD T'IEMPI-ITLL CHARLES EUGENE MILLER JOHN TALBOT DYRE FREDERICK ORIMEL BOSWORTI-I CI-IAUNCEI' TYLER YOUNG DONALD ARMSTRONG TXICCLURE RICHARD JOHNSTON XVAUGH THOMAS JOSEPH JOHNSTON FRANCIS JOSEPH DORSEX' JWFESTON BIASSON CARROLL I I f 2 :I-2 , ..,,,,,, f '277 C I I I if ' ' 1 f "',,, f I I ,W ay? f V1 I" 1 A ni W' M gm W f f lik ff 1 M il' 4 Mir' Ay, in 1 W 'c V4 QW :V li Q, if if -:rf JW ,fw ff 43 JW ,fb fy, '4 ,, we ff, 74, W2 XZ fi? 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PERCY XYAN DYICE SIIELLY, .-X, XV ALTER XTUST PAUL EUGENE SIGMUND R.XL1JI'l BUCHANAN JONES XVILLIAM JOSEPH XMILLIAMSON CHARLES HENRY NTASLAND, H CHARLES RUSSIZLL FTURPIIY .ALFRED NN ALTER WOEI-IR FRANCIS LIEBER EIARLEY M X, ,,,.,- , ' ,f ,W I, mm ,M-WyWfgfgw-,,,f1. fi ' ff QIIJDH Qlbi bv 1913i 19131 Qtljaptzr Fmrzzded 1895 Established I896 113 SOUTH 37TH STREET ISAAC JOACIIIM SCHWIXAT, PI-I.D. GEORGE :XRTHUR BIACFARL.-XND, BS. in ECON. JOHN 'WILLIAM HENRY' KIENCKE HAROLD SAEGER STINE XV.-XRREN SPENCER BRENIZER .ARTHUR JOHN STRICKLAND BYRON VVHEATON SMITH OSCAR :XDDISON IQENNEDY HARRY Y ERGER SKINNER JAMES :XUGUSTUS LODER THEODORE CLAY UI-ILER XMILLIAM HENRY MCKELVY, II JONATHAN MOULD BELL XYERNON SKEIGHTLY GIMSON LEE NELSON GULICK CHARLES I'IOYT HYDE JOSEPH THOMAS BEARDWOOD, JR. FREDERICK S. VVOLL JAMES HERBERT TINSMAN BRYCE DREYEUSS BLAKELEY FRANK XNILLIAM MILLER, JR. ORYILLE GLENN POWVELL RALPH MAIR FI.-XRRY S1-IEPARD HUNT IAYLBERT XNELLINGTON DEL.LXND I I f ' ' f 336 21,34 f , ' ,-,,--.- fg.f, ,,,,., ,, , I I wh-3--L - - l l l -fl v W J. .M .N I sl 1 if - 1 ya: 11 Qgg 594: ff? fm 51? xg: W ,W , , ' y egg im f ,,' 'Z t Wei We 15 , .. . . M ,M . ,M " M. 'fy -.1 -, A -H N I, I 'fu 1211 511 f-. . A '-: u , 'Q M 5 Q 1 2,521 1 , .4 3 -W M 5 W FSH Fifi! Li qv V1 VE Y ' ff: L A agp -1 Q? WZ? 247 1 , iw f f' 1 .v if gg wif 1 QFN- Wi , ,fg ff' V . rm p v 1. QK lx X t ff 5 ' 'if ' f ' , L Z f 2 I Q, J X, , L Q- s i. '73 22,-5 ,. , H' I Q- ,j fs 7 4 ' I lub .W . -1, x , f,,,, , NK iii - l f ly' Zg ww, A ' V uw A 'F VL, V - A rm ' , " 1 N , fum .A N J ,T A , A ' . ' ,.-e'- A ' f .44 ,. - , , .. mi ' . '- N-A ' Qs fl Y f . W YQFKN J yi Q52 -W 'gf F ww sf - ' yp 1, VLQZQH Y av rnzfRfffvilR?Ein?b2:5iAmu ur-sn - QW A and ' ' 1 f.,f - ZW 1 W V M42 , M ,iz , y W ' 14 ff? isp, M , 1 f-W wwf 1. ,fwgfw - wwf 1,-'-,fw N H ,f J., 1- 4fy:.f,fy, . . ' WZ! " ,p. 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EDWARD BTCTQENZIIE FREIELAND STANLEY HERBERT F REIIAIOFER VVALTER BROWN F REII-IOEER TI-IOMAS CHARLES LOVE TQIEELER IOI-IN BRODIIEAD XNALLACE LTORACE MILLER BARDA LTOWARD BRIZVVSTER BARR XNIILLIAM CAVENY EBERLE VVI-IEELER GILMORE MCDONALD TAYLOR GREENE alta au alta Qbmega Qlbapter Fafzmded 1859 Establislzed 1897 3533 LOCUST STREET THOMAS POTTER BTCCUTCHEON, AB., PILD, GEKDIQCSE MORRIS PIERSOL, B.S., M.D. SIZTH ARTI-IUR BRUMXNT, B.S., M.D. IOI-IN T'lOXV.XRD HILL XVALTER SIBLEY BIOTT FRANKLIN LNTCTNTIRIZ SIMPSON CI-IARLES GUY STRONG NELSON CLAYTON XNING FRANCIS PI-IELPS TODD CARL FREDERICK BRANDFASS ANILLIA M V AULES GRIER ANDREW GIRAUD FOOTE GILBERT FLAGLER FOOTE, IR. TTOWARD ALVIN FOSTER SAMUEL RUNNELS T'TARRELL THEODORE BIRELY PALMER, JR. F ERNANDO ALBERT ROBINSON DOUGLAS TNTUSSER SMITI-I .ALLEN BENEDICT UNDERIAIILL ,wwf :emA",,zLM. ,,II:'f M .ef V. 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ALEXANDER JOIIN MCDONALD :LYIAX NEILXRING VVILLIAM HALL BROWN XIVILLIAM LLXROLD SMITH 1 'iz' 'WI . 14 ,M ..w4f,--,zmfzwf-wc. f 0,1 ,,,, fw ,.., h.4,zWm.:'m.,fT' E . . f I.-I W, IW... ,Wu ,,,,., . Lgymfn ::zfg..::f fc: fm En, f - - alta apps: psilun glftatzrnitp EDeIta iliappa fitbapter 871.1 Eslablislzed 1899 3603 LOCUST STREET AX'II.LIAM JACKSON RIERRILL, A.B., MD. HI-:RIIERT SPENCER LIARNARD, PH.D. DANIEL EDWARD QWEN, A.B., PHD. BENJAMIN LLXRRISON DERR EDWARD JACKSON RLTPIERT CARL 'WILLIS :ANDREWS ERNEST R,-X1-IEX' COLE LUT1-IER :ARMSTRONG JHARR LUTHER RUSSIEL GR.-XVESV, 2D GEORGE MILLER AMEED WILLIS ELPI-IINSTONE DAVIS EDWIN LESLIE BROWN LESLIE STYER GROVE CLARENCE .ALMON XVHITBECK PAUL EDWARD ROWSEY ANILL.-XRD LEWIS ADA MS HUGH GATES DUGAN CHARLES XNINSLOW' JUDSON W ILLIA M CAM MACK CARR ELLIS LOBAUGH VVEETER JOHN BOVVMAN STIRRATT THOMAS BROMLEY FLOOD INGOLF PALMER ERTRESVAAG XVILLIAM EDMUND BQATHER ROEHL 340 ar? ' Z .1-,QQ 'P xxx O 'E' ,ag ! 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J A BRYANT BROWN SCI-INOOVER EMMET JAMES PETERSON IQARL L. LUBRECHT XVALENTINE LIATTEMER, JR. RALPH FRANKLIN MOSS RICHARD NEITZ CI-IUBB 1 CHARLES CRISSMAN ROSE EUGENE LEWIS GIBES ROBIER'F LIARVIE XVESSMANN :HARRY SCHLUEDERBERG PAUL M. ROBINSON DONALD GOCHER PIENRY ALLEN LINCOLN XVILLIAM HENRY BIARSHALL, JR. GUSTAV ADAM M AASS, JR. HIARRY GEORGE ROSE HARRX' M. SASSAMAN EDWARD VVISNER BJEARS FRED LIUMBERT RICIIARDS GR.-XTZ EVERARD DUNICUM, JR. EDWIN LAWRENCE THOMPSON CHARLES LEON PIERCE HERBERT JOSEPH DAVIES DOUGLAS CAMPBELL BGINER RAYMOND GUY LAEEAN 'M M' 7,..,,,,W ,,,., , .W ,...,, .,,, ...,,. , .,,,.,, , ,.,,, ,.,, A ., ,,, ,,,, L' ' I f 1 ,f JIII 'II' Egg, 'I gill 342 ll 1 ' V4 2 ,A 2512 Wi Nw ,W ? wi W Q ,, f, f ,yy ,, ii, W2 ? 1 Wg, 'W Q Q, Jac Z4 ya, ,a W rf A151 QW ,W Q W ww ,da z., Qi 324 if am? gi 's iglf ' A. 1 , A-isa' ' ":gfxw.,f'w5xy.,:wma :wma7"',.1Vf1"y'v:1z7'pm1'g" zfmhwwfgf- W, . ,. ,,, ,, , , ,W W ,ll 1 ,V 4 f E 'HM gm ,M We 4. 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QFFICEII f DAVID A. BENNIS TRUMAN F. EXLLING LLOYD M. BRACKEN 'WILLIAM C. BCICCUNE, IR. W. ERTRAM ERB DAVID M. PATTEN WILLIAM FELIN A-fTTCI-IELL LUTHER J. VAN LAGGREN BUCHANAN HARRAR, JR. JOHN L. FLEMING VVILLIAM C. LONGSTREET 2 GEORGE T. NORRIS ELMER E. LITTLE HARRY D. GUTHRIE A. BALFOUR BREI-IM.-KN WILLIAM A. STACK NIERRICK VV. HELLYAR gg gf. I I P I I I I f' f ' I I 344 I - nv I ui I i, : wx 3 Wa: 1 1 W, KW qfvfv K-tiff 327 'Wi We 2' f W? V4 ii 'Z vw m-' 4 a Qi I-V2 l jgv w W. N, ,V ,Zig ,,,, sf: , 'fi w fc ,, qv Ka, 1216 ' Z ax J? :mf 'Z 'W ii? Q52 IW? wg QW Q42 EZ? 7 V Z' EW 5 1 - A X A , 1 1 ,fa fox K ff' - 7 51 ?1. If -Ng pw! , 1, ' Q M - , 1 H3 57 x , , I g . Z mqml vf 64 'flak ". ,Q v X C I W ff f f , lAA't W V ? 7533?-HQ 1-:f i r 'f X ., f""" "" 9' W Q lg . I Y WI , 'X.5gr:,.!v T 356, A ,J , .W 5 by ' L ' -r , , X Lf J-E5 ' I - ' . 1 -. ff lg". N V ' E 0 7 1 x-,f,u:f,,,, , " 'W-:L Jw' ff , ' K ,E'1- vu-HBH! 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Sigma 1Bbt psilun ibenngeplhania Ebeita Qlibapter Fllllilded 1900 Esfflblfislzed 3745 SPRUCE STREET FRANK SPECK, PI-LD. ROBERT T. AITIQEN, .-LM. LIENRY FREDERICK LIEINEMAN CARL FREDERICK IQEISER JOHN LAVALLETTE ICEHN RLTSSELL SHERWOOD POTTER MERLE CHESTERFIELD REED XVILLIAM PRENTICE I-QHEUBY R.XX'MOND JOSEPH R.ILING 'WILLIAM NORMAN SAYER XNILLIAM JOHN SHANEMAN CLIFFORD RAY THORDURN RONALD PATTON XVILDES EIENRY WILSON BROWN AMOS BARTON EMERY JOHN XMILLI.-XM ETSWEILER 1904 OSCAR BARNETT GARTI-IWAITE, JR. ELMER PERCY I'IOLLINGSHEAD HAROLD GEORGE ICREINER JOSEPH FRANCIS IQIEP, JR. LIENRY EDWARD LAUTZ JOHN ALBERT LEVERING JOHN RALPH BICCARTHY THEODORE R. MITCHELL lyygm g,w,'.4,w 4, W ,f 1 I I . WI A 4. I... IT A 'rf l 1, '7D',?Wf?k'Ww:' was ff" ,Imp .11 ,EIA I-. ,4:A.,g.f. ga fp ' .I W ,fir 0 I ff-Q '17WI,'M.m " rWaf'.4,A:2' 2 m34'1.f:ffi 12"1',:'.fi"f'w'1- www I . -zfzcvfffvrfif I I rg:-I . wfff"f:m-11. I Iv ,A I V' , I 27 'W fm L 'Q IE I D? .TI . 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D.-XVID B. JEREMIAH, B.S. in ECON. FRANK R. PURNELL EARNEST C. DREW IQENNETI-I D. I'IOLLINGSXVORTI-I JOHN W. PLATT, IR. XV. ROY HOCICENBERRX' VVILBERT C. CORNELL RIORG.-XN L. PIANNAHS I. JACOB SLIILLSLEY ROBERT B. HUTCHINSON ' If 15.1 , z ...,4EvfIf'24'.wguf2MB,'35ww','ww. -:f.gfwff,5-W.-Ii, V,.,,,,,, ,W ,I-,-AW, X f 1 I I 41, ," ' 'I V X '. X lard r' V - -' V 5. Y V I , ll gg ll ' w X 1 ,, 'N 3' X N 1 Y X ,,,, ,. f , , , , ' W , s I f . w . ' , f w ,,. if . , , 1 -' fy " .5-. ,5 fi 1 li? 5' 1, 4 I f U f . '- 352325 1 . ' K' z' 'V I' 'F EP zff '2 1 A if ' 42 Q 44213 - , all ez: F5 ,V,.,,. , ,, 1 . M 19 'f1"'4:, 2S1,f 4:5 1 ,, -1 5 ,31 gf, if L2 ,g,,E 55122 'W ' laiivie , ff wqfi 2' 2 1 3 Er ,.,. ,H fu W W- X ' is 4 f .. 1. V 3' NE lf .5 'im 'gg .33-3 2,155 .Y U - 7,24 .r-'--'-1 442- mg A:V..z1 , 1. 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POLLOCK PIARRY XV. REINSTINE II G S I ARZ . .XBEL HERBERT P. FRANK l I ' ' D. .ALVIN GERHARDT GILBERT LANG LEON F. SINGER P.-IUL D. XNEINGARTEN RALPH CAIIN IYIELVILLE CROLL JOSEPI-I F LIGMAN PHILIP F RIEDMAN SYLVAIN FRIEDMAN PIENRY EWOYER JULIEN SARS MILTON STEINER F ERDINAND STRAUS EDWARD NN EIL EDXVARD VVOLFERMAN JOSEPH FLOERSHEIMER EMANUEL SCI-IWVARTZ ' 350 l E L ? 'ax I .1 fi M bk QQ , gy .Qs .ij , Q, R? I ff. R1 qi: if 2? ,W ar. if -I I I . i ,. I I j ui :E VL T 3' I M5 I 1: 65' . 2 if 1 -AI 5 ii ai! If fa :ga Er? 'T .9 E11 l I I , 230 55 lg I Ii: E4 2 Zi. BQ' mf FP. 33 4 gi I? I W I 1' , 12,3 ,-I it -x 5 .fi iii R. Tk ., -I 21? 95. A 'a 41 -- Wynn' 1 f 'W 4f .. f, , , ,f f f f ,f V. A Hllm l-if A903900 Il - Mmm 2 . ' , 1 auf? ,ll S 2 'ffamiii - :J 13? lxxkwf A 0,,,,,Z:5' , f Jill! iiiiu N' ' lwflqllllllillllgb f f FE . Q at H, EM , Q-5.2 ' Q ' -ft EW, Wax? 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EDWIN LIERMAN IQRATSCI-I RICHARD IEIENRY IQLINE HENRY BENTZ RITCI'IER .EXRTHUR HENRY CHRISTIAN SHERMAN ERISMAN STEELE JOHN ERIC BARKER XVILLIAM HENRY PAHL ROBERT LOUIS GILL XNALTER JAMES RI1xCI-IER HAROLD DOERINO I GORDON XNESTLAKE SCHURCH IQENRY CUMMINGS MCMULLEN BENJAMIN E. M. SKERRETT, JR. I l f I l "Ziff I - f Zan A - I - - V- nv Y Y W my VNWWDM I W af , - - - , A - -- +m-XQW-M ,. 3.4.riwfii,4a'2ffw I I I fri'-:l1""AJmW Y TL, f Q I , ,M ' 7" I E Aff Z" V . zu ff z 22 rl H- fr L- 45 Ji if Q, . gf ,f 1, , - X? In ',3 15 ,ef , fa, w 3' 1 ,M ui , ,g gy, 1 MQ' fy if .3 ..,n: X ga, X W "H fbi? , '35 12 'T 393 W - jx 'gf 1z 55 - -4, i' '. xi ? ' I W' W - Q f ' !'ET'.:E, ,A ,JE nr 4, Y :ll V- 1 ,ia ,W ' , 1- ,ii iii 4 Fw - 4. "s I IlIl5UII gy? ,wha-N -1 -1 ,fr I HHH?-.V Eg 5 in IQ ,,.,-X w M 'S - . W K ,lIm '- .. M N . 'S ' -. Ill? 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JACQUES IWICIYIIXEL SWAAD RUSSELL JAMES BROXVNBACK GEOIZGE FREDERICK HUMIJI-IREYS JACK NIARQUSEE HENRY SILVER PARTRIDGE LOUIS LEO PROFUMO CHARLES SNOWDON BENNETT HARRY BERNARD LORENZ ARTHUR TI-IACHER LURENS VICTOR iXLOYSIUS MARTIN F REDERIC CI-IORLTON MITCHELL CHESTER .ALLISON PHILLIPS FIAROLD THURLOW RINKER .' 7 "f"M'72'7L'L2'5','VLI',. 1 7'6'Zv'Mw 5317... WW ""?J1?iZVf f WA-.I ,W .ff ,,,,w ' alta igma DiS Qbennspihania Zfuta filjapter F0zzna'f1d T899 Estublislmd IQO8 202 SOUTH 36TH STREET XVAL'l'I'IER M. FISCI-IER. AM., Ph.D. YINCENZO DI SANTO, AAI. EIARTIN IqENRY LEHIIAIER, BS. in Econ. NYILI-IELM F. IQNAUER, BS. in Econ. ROBERT BRIDENBAUGI-I BEACHLER FREDERIC CH.-XUNCY BULKELEY FRANK XV. C. LYON LEO WARD ROOTIIXN GEORGE EMMETT XNARREN ELWYN RAYMOND SHIRLEY PHILLIP JOSEPH LANDRY WILLIS XNINDSOR COSTON JOHN FREDERICK FISHER ROY SCHOFIELD LYSTER XNVILSON CONRAD BIARSDEN PLXROLD JOEL PICKERT JOSEPH IQENNARD XNEAVER JAMES NN. VVADDINGTON CHARLES RUSSELL BRAMER ELMER MILLER BUCKEY PIARRY STETLER ROBINSON ROWE DAVIS IQENNEDY. M -V5m.:yi..:5, E..E,....,...-.7., .... .,, II., .......,L,. .Yn.,,,.,Y.....W, 2.1-Q.,.-R.-,f,p4.:mAI, ,. ,, I f .-.I,. .Lu .. .. ,V .amz A W .I '57 S .X 'A "MT gi 1. J '. ff ' ..f,,,. Rf W? W Z 'fa 4 If Z A I 4 m f ,-.. .-, V f . VN!! 1 X , . 'uf-W Qui? .,l. y A..-,Aj 1911 , gm' ,. .W V JF, 5 V , . 1 2, 2 'g, ' 5 ev W ' 1 , , I, .Z 1:1 . " . T ' . .. 7 1 l ,Q ' f -2: ' - 1 x' V 4 -W , ,-.v , fi M. Inf ' ,,4."'2 -' , f .Q 5 1, . : win 4 i tz. 4 21 1 wjiw w x ' ,5 - f'5gff"fff : 'MFC .,,!,, .ny WML ,lf I W... fb y '- . 'f M Q' 1 i Rey - 3 'Liz iff? ' 7 X , 'A .1 1 Rik A if ,L:,,,1:fL1'QQ V- , g A 1: ' .if P46 2 '- .", is - . + gli - J' 'LA"f "JY ' ,',q: 4,i - . , -:P . 1 Q:--' "'X 1 V Q, A w-.1h"' ' I f ,?ffffg,:?pg:'.,- .Wag I L ' .Q 'I ,g ' , 1 - N ' ' 'H L4 W 1- . ,. . 'W 'F T:v:'d I I ll l W " -v" 1 ' .,,, , "'f2T' ! 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JOHN CECIL VVI-IIT.-XKER CHARLES .ALBERT SCHEURINGER ROGER SHERMAN POWELL JOSEPH JARRETT IQNOXVLIES JOHN VVALLACE IQITTS BRUCE CHESTER XNENNER EUGENE EVIERETT STOUT JNIAITLAND BOTTOMS EARL IKLTEMUS SHRADER JOHN SYLVESTER RICHMOND JOHN WILIIUR PIEISSE CHESTER JOSEPH BABBAGE CLARENCE EDWARD JOHNSON HUGH NEVIN WOODSIDE EUGENE VVILLARD MOORE .B. 3-L59 VVYALNUT STREET LELAND VVJILSON BENNETT, ROBERT PERCY SWAN , 3, ,v - H XVARRLN Low ER HINDENAC THEODORE HERBERT GRIRIRI EDGAR XIAIL FRIEND AZEL PACKARD BARNEY ROBERT ILXLLEN XVALTON JOHN RISSEL IQESSLER EDWIN JAY BAUM XNALDEMAR LEON BERG CHARLES HENRX' SOURBER ITIARLAND JERRY CORSON FRANK NIORTIMER Bi.-XGEE DONEXLD ROER COCHRAN VVILLIAM CURTIS FISHER ARTHUR FORREST JACOBUS, VVILLIAM CLIFFORD MOORE XNILLIAM NLILLAR MORRISON DONALD MARSH PERKINS HS. in M.E. JR. RALPH LOCKVVOOD SPAULDING EHARLAN BATEMAN BJCVVHORTER HENRY VVARREN HOLMAN My iz? 'aj 7 I 6' jf X i AZ? Li?i . . 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REEVES FRANK H. XVI-IARTON MARSHALL CI-IARLOCK SMITH LESTER R. XNIDDICOMBE W. T. SPROUL, JR. JOHN LT.-XXXVELL SMITH OTIS J. TALL WILLIAM SUMMERFIELD DUBEL JOHN S. TAWRESEY IALBERTO L. FERGUSON VAN A. TILDEN ASI-IDRTDGE SIIARPLESS HARRY DEITSCI-I, JR. J I H 1 , f "" I l I 358 I px 1 ,J 'I 'HV f ig, .Hg MPM, Qi- 5,522 57 4 iw wif' ,fix af' MKS W7 T112 W-I W TW ZW Q71 KM we 'W ,ga Mit? if 'wr' gm 'yff 2171? ,W M W4 W4 ,fy 4,4 WP? W4 W 13:2 qw 74 JM 212 'wx yg HM 2-.W : rf wi Z, wg wg W? , M f 'Bw w 1 KTM W W2 'W M , Ui 5 W 4 ,Mawr-:QM I . ,.., -..M wi ' W EW, TW W, Z6 1,2 wr' HZ my .fm WW ff, W -4 M W W. W, my .QL ,M 5 k z W2 ,Z QM ,W 0, 1, 22 , 112 W' in mv Q N- Qi.. 7 ,Q YN 'Ipit f . A 'Wu - --N 1' wg Vg? N L- , , W WW' J ' , ' ,-' fx lf N. H ' Q 7 r 'V V,'-P,QY K- , 3 Mi , , ' - Y -H - -- E15 .Q U1 . , -5 :5 Q .,, 15, g , ' 1 ri , , ' zz, f,,. ,X i j : yj 9 : A ' - EE H-N fl? 442 'NT I 2 31 LLQ2' gf? ., 2 QV ' " 11 4,5 ,rw L - 4 LX , ' will 'W IM-W mum iL - M. 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LESLIE CONRAD IXTRUSEN CDRVILLE CARL J'JOLLOPETER ROBERT EIMMETT 07D0NOX7.XN :HARRY JAMES LOMAN EARL LANE BREXVER WILLARD RAUGHT JEFFREY ARTHUR R. PIIEEBNER. if ,,, ,1 . . Y W , . fl 1 Q J 4 i- li ' x: I , , X Y w 'f . W f vL 1' ni T 3 in - . -2 M. L m n I v w I E gx f M ij 1 w A 1 F 5 1 , w w g, Ev: 1- Wil ' if 2- 2,5 25525 if 'K lei! L uf V' ' , X qw, 5? 652 Z! Hg 4 214 2 H: qv, 51295 32 M4 W 57 343 Q? A521 45 ?1i5f fgsii M 5 Z ,ua af' Q, Wg' 5,2 , .,,1 sag, 2 QM, A 2 QM 221232 W . 535 1 . , .. xi? 215 325 'xv " " , ',."':.faa:Fa-Qgdyft ., ,. .,.. . A --M - Y '--- ' A , . R XI II E ' A 'A -hf'vQ51a 4 ' Q . T fmw gx wif wx -4 4g,, fQ ' , i wry-xx' i al,-Ai '1C,,,gf! Y, A 1 1- , - YS if 53 lax ' 'I Y if 1. WV, -xwzf,-,,, 1 ' is 'Q a-if V a - ' 361 3 l I l I 3 l b xv U? -15 T- V 2 27? W if gvei M12 r-Eff img , E 5, A, ff? 112,15 ' is 1 z X . 55515 235 ggi 2253? 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EDWARD TI-IORNBURY BTOYER PAUL VINCENT BYRNES WILLIAM DOUOHTEN BUZBY JOI-IN GOURLEY BICFARLAND IOSEPI-I MARTIN PYLE XNALTER HOWELL HALLAGAN ELLIS P. Wf D. VVEAVER FRANK GEORGE STEVENSON EDXVIN FREDERICK SCIIAEFER Xl ,, l l ll PJ. ,I -4 -'.. fiir-3 " L v 5.52.1 ' -4 V DA1 , H Z, I ', Vw V , F ww w -1 L 3 1 , 1 i T ,, 3 Q' I r ' W , W , Q , , 1' t Qt' ' W 4 X u F A , . I , s I , 1 , ' if . . ,Q X, L , , . X , , , l , fl f ' fix j"3 ' , ,, , KE U , T113 nf X7 3 1 A A in 21 31, , 5- 'fiifif A f ' . .L li .'I'Z2 57 c f 551 5 ' w K Ze , ' f-1 ,Jw ,gl W VESE' ,Q ,.,, 2 EVIZ 1 ,, . . 1 ,. 72.1 5 . a W fr., 1, gc '. Y- .. ' A 1 E A ' J 52 W F M 2, j.w " 5 ,. . , , fr -QM . z !P:!! ili lW . , , WE. 159 ,ff , , Wig, ,,,-y,,,.,,,,, L ff I I I Wife ,E , ff' A A Qbzlta Qtbapter Founded l89fL Established IQI4 3329 XY.-XLNUT STREET DIXNIEI, LINCOLN XM.-XLLACE EDXYARD IH.-XZELHURST ICINGSLEY EUGENE DEROSAY CLYDE DEXVALD IQUICH BENJAMIN VIEI-IMANN QGDEN LENX'IS JOI-IN D. TRUIIAN ROBERT HAYES SHERMAN WILLIAM EXYE SCHXVEM CHARLES JOSEPH AICINTYRE JOHNSON NEWTON HUNSBERGER, JR. THOMAS TREGONING RIDDINGTON JOSEIAH FRANCIS LONG ENSIGN CI-IRISTOPI-IER BALCII ALFRED LEON HECIQ XMILLIAM IQAY CLAYTON JOI-IN STEWART CHARLES LAYTON ALLEN JOHN LKUNTZ JOHNSON JAMES EDWARD :HECKEL VVVILLI.-XM SHORTT FELL EDSON BAKER JUNKIN HAROLD DIEI-IL FENNER GEORGE BAUGII HECKEL, JR. CI-IARLES RICHARD PELLET STANTON' SAMUEL BICICINLEY GRAY I I f H I I I I ,, f , f f 'L,V ll 364 ,. ,, K ,? m ':, -1 f,. . 5. Y . ' 4 , 17 ' I 1? W lf' A, ll. 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ELWOOD LINDSAY LIAINES HAROLD SUHLER GOULSON RCJBIiR1' LEE GANGWISCH EDWARD PAUL BARTMAN XNFILLIAM HUGH XMILKINSON FREDERICK CARL SCHOENHUT PIENRY XV ALTER GR.-XVES R.XLPI-I ALONZO SBIITI-I LESTER NIALORY ROUSE DAVID XV ALTER PIUGI-IES ROBERT JEFFERSON FLYNN FRANK FOSTER SHANNON W7 ALTER PERCY BOOS XNILLIAM DUNCAN GORDON ' JOHN CASWELL CAMPBELL Rf I 1 Qi, I Ewa, , ref, 'iff .va we -I-aff' I I ., I I 'mlfwf f,w'ifcyv'wxff "'f1w7'w4,v f': Rf vw'-'w':"'Wfkfyfw'-ff11"1?1:i'xf'Ij, - I - - f 366 , . I f i , 5 a I , I , , i . . ' 1 4 , 4,7 W , , I I 4 'f ,LA, I AVAA , I .2 V .lx r E: Y.. I f I f , i , L :'x - f . , Q , I K f I , I 9 3 I v 4 f f ,, f My-2 .1 , .. 5723, W 1 'E '- , 5 ' 2 4 w W K 4 , , A W , ? 9 I 5 4 I Z I . , A .,,.V,1 , 1 1 1 1 l X K- f 1 cf .,:- g n ., .- :5,. ,f f ,',,:L, M y - Z.: ,. 1 12 ..1. I Q, VF A A,.,. , ,- 5 -. 1 A," 11v ,,,- .ge-15:11 V QA N W ---. , JEL- I-1,1 ..-- ,,, V , I-5 T v.'vl V w m A .I E. I ,. V Y.- SAMUEL J. BECIQER EDWARD EISENSTEIN SAMUEL IHIILL 14101-ILMAN M. LOUIS KROMAN HARRY G. LENZER LOUIS E. LEVINTHAL ALBERT S. ROSENBERG ISADORE ROSENBLIXTT JOSEPH SMITH HERBERT B. VVEINBERG LOUIS VVOLF ALVIN M. ANDORN ELMER J. BAUMGARTEN LEON H. HIXRRIS NIYER KAPLON LOUIS LEVIN JOSEPH H. LIIEBERMAN ,.,4,.Jgf 0? fa .fix fy, 91245,-,, I M, ryan: gf ,. X. tim? fm ' A sigma Qlpba mu psnngpihania ffililjeta Qtbapter Fozuzded 1909 Established 1914 3709 CHESTNUT STREET .-X. PIAROLD AIEYER BIEYER BIORTON ROBINSON LOUIS RUBIN BARNIE XNINKELM.-KN JACOB F. RI.-XD.-XNSKY ARCHIE ORENSTEIN VICTOR H. BLANC SANDERS E. DEMBERT HZARRY D. FELTENSTEIN MURRAY FINKLESTEIN PIERMAN J. 1-1.-XRRISON ROBERT M. HEILBRUN IRWIN J. LEVY IWYRON M. RUTSTEIN DAVID L. STEMER EDVVIN T. WEINSTEIN VVALTER ZVAITLER ,, .rv I W aff If. I Lg I I I f' A Il I l V ' ' x j 1Y,5:,W ir',g1 1 JL 1 , ll' ' "JF"-'-"' ' 'f' 1 1 4 .S H , ,.,. -- ,-.-..- f ..,..., . I l M' - A -'S1-L.A l ,f., I i .- 1:2 Q 1 32 6? Q " .31 , g ' if 2.1 l-1 ' - Si . 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CHARLES PIENRY XYEISEL EUGENE LIENRY SOUTIIALL GWEN AIEREDITH STOLZ ELBIERT BLACK GRIEEITII ALBERT IQNEEDLER AVILSON LOUIS BURDELLE KIOFFETT, -TOI-IN DEAN ARMSTRONG LEON BUCHER FREY CHARLES LOUIS EYANSON VANCE BUSHNELL ALEXANDER PIOLLIS GODFREY PERCY BHATHERS REDEIELD FLOYD ARNOLD CRISPIN HAROLD MADISON :KLAISZ THOMAS GIBSON DOWVNING LHOWARD CRAIG CAMPBELL EA'.'XRD STEVENS DODGE 4 JAMES .-ALBERT LLOYD HARRIS CHARLES LLOYD IQAMRATH IOI-IN CHRISTIAN GOELLIER, JR. LIENRY ADOLPI-IOS IQROPP, IR. GEORGE COMFORT PARRHURST RICHARD GEORGE PFEIFFER VVILLI.-XM IQUSSELL ROUNTREE, JR. IXIIXURICE BOTT SMYSER JOI-IN COURTENAY IQXVINAM, IR. HAROLD SMEDLEY VVEBSTER VVILLIAM HENRY LIVINGSTON I , M V' " ' I I 370 y ,ls 2, , 51 rv 51 Y 4. SJ 1 ,A . 2534 ,,, is-Q H12 Q-'E IT' I ww - V,-1 cl 455.3 'l 3 5 . , if , Ii .QW aff? iff? 2, Z f :1 5 I l ITF! 'al ld 531 M 1!':!' Ifix V '? 4 1 1' zu , A WT. , ig ,415 115 R, 134 :if sf? I,,1 TW 1 R? Mfr: M .gm fi MBV' 4? wi QW w 2? 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JOHN LESTER ARMOUR ROBERT BUCHEY BURKE RALPH XNERRY BYE NORDT.-XN CHARLES BYE SAMUEL ROBERT CAMPBELL NIARIO DE SOUZA CARYALLO FRANK DANA CARYTN JOHN ALBERT CODDTNO ARCIJIBALD LEE DUNLAP EDWARD PUOH FENIMORE DONALD SWAN NIACBRTDE BRENTFORD RODERIC MACKEY G. G. BIANKEY, B.S. in C.E. XY. S. PARDOE, BA. Sc. R. XV. RITTER, B.S. in C.E. J. A. RUSSELL, B.S. in C.E. C. L. XYARVVICK, B.S. in CE. G. S. XNHEATLEY, B.S. in ME. JOSEPH IGNATIUS RICNICHOL EDWARD JOSEPH BICRIICHOL EDGAR RI.-XRBURG EDWARD PERRY IWORTON :NIAURICE CORNISH NIELL PREXV XNILLTAM FREDERICK ROMMEL, SAMUEL VVEED RUDOLP1-1 fXLDEN RIEKIE SEXTON EDVVYN LEIBFREED SHOEMAKER ROY LTNDLEY SMITH CHRISTOPHER VAN ARTSDALEN SUBERS VVILLIAM JACOB ZIMMERMAN I I 4 A I I 5 K 155. "e f jkipjib NA.. , ' :gt'?7?1 1 V 12 ' .,.f 'QLA CI Mmmljanfsinwnarziidg-FaxEA, E 2222 QE i ---- f ifi 'W 'i':" 373 -44 I I T i , 3 I f l I D' is r ' mv I 5 ... n ' ig EDeIta nf 1-BB ngipihanla W Fomzdcd 1776 Established 1892 Qbffiners President PROFESSOR H. C. IQICHARDS Yiee-President PROFESSOR E. A. SINGER Seeretzlry PROFESSOR G. D. LIADZSITS Executive Committee MR. :NORRIS L. CLOTHIER PROFESSOR A. C. LHOWLAND PROFESSOR M. D. LEARNED QHIZIIIIJIZES JOHN EDWARD IXIASON RALI-H ERSKINE CLELAND A. CLYDE SCHOCK ROBERT EZNYING DENGLER RANDOLPH GRIZENFTELD ADAMS KARL GREENWOOD MILLER AVILLIAAI B. LAL-XCPHIZRSON ROY A. SHETZLINE 1 f RIJBEIQT DECHERT EHII. TI-IORSCH ARTHUR LITf1'LE'1'ON 1 CASPAR VV. B. TOWNSEND BERNARD FRANKEL CHARLES XQAY MOND IQIOLLENBACH EARLE LNIARSHALL HUAIPHREYS FRANCIS L. ITL-XRLIZY LMAXYRENCE CORLIES BiURDOCH LIARRY POLISH .LALGERNON ROBIZRTS CLAPI1 JOHN RIURDOCK CLARKE f PAUL :HOVVARD NIUSSIER ALFRED G. BAKER LEXVIS HAROLD SAEGER STINE SPENCER SWEET SHANNON ' WALTER YUST I I " ' I I 374 I irq: -qw'-I A'g.grhI,, uj1.'y'uv , M U., n -U ' 1 1' w , - mx 3.3" --, ,V QQ. .L' . ' ,. X ,wi , ' :ill .' . +11 mfs v Ufz 1 ,VI , ' 'ff ' , , :L gi , ,f ., 1' f -2- igin ,F Q! HJ- 'Z' ' Y f va K 7 X mfs- , , , 5, ' g r, g , Q ' '1 l " ,A ' 1 " . g ,- H I 1 N N ' , I 1 f 1 , , 2 1 V F ' I -. Y' .' if ? r 3' 'Q' M , n V ' u V -3 X v X! Qt . lil ' ' H '- ' '1 l- -3 r f f - ' ' 1 X , I ,,,, , J . 4 2 A , X '- fi x ' 'fi ' ii I X A V 4 ' 'I Y fg- I. ff , I , Z-. : , 1 , I K W' 1 , e 'mu , , , , , ,, -- '- , W ' ' '- . L. N 46 1 A my A f W , A Q, dL',t -. 'IJ A wx- l l f l I ll ff f iw J. eta gamma begma Zbunnr jrateemtp faruitp members ROSWELL CNEYNEY FICCRILX, XM., JAMES P. LrCH'rEN1zERGER, FILD. PLM., Ph.D. JAMES THOMAS YOUNG, PhD. GEORGE :XRTIIUR FLXCFARLAND, SOLOMON S. AHUIVIIINER, RIS.. PhD. BS. in Econ. ieniux: members THOMAS ANDREW BARTLEY FI.-XROLD DEY. FIOXVARD FRANK BAILEY CL11'-'EE XNILLIAM CLAIRE MOEEAT1' CARL LONG COONS THOMAS TREGONING RIDINGTON F RANK ROBERT GEIS FELIX RO1'I'I5C'IAIII.D VVILLIAM DUNCJXN GORDON FRED I. RLTBIBIE LESTER CAPIZLL GUENTHER. EUGENE XYOLCLXMUTI-I xy.-XLL QTunioe J-Biemhergi ALVIN EIGENBRUN COLEMAN FRANCIS ATOSE1-H GERARD DORSEY l I e..eV f . I ll 376 I 'I 711' 'IIN ' III, -- I H-' I' I 9 .I I I I I 'Iii I , 1 , Yr., I Ir!5,l. I ,I I , 1"" I I I -. ,I TI II , ' , T I' ' V ' I I I II K. Y II " . 7 E -I Q' I I I I I, I v I ,' I I W I W , I I I I . I I I , 'I I I I I I I I I I I I II ' I I I I II ,I X V' 'Q' 5" I I I I 'I 3 I 'W A Y I' Q, I I I I Q .,,. I ,I I ' O 'EZ 1 I 1 I IV A T A E- - ,I I, .. I . I I I V ,,,, ,,,. U U I , A ,F H , ,,. N V I , . . ' V , ' ,I . ' . ' . ,. ' I " Ji'I21'." 2' III. '- ' - I- I , I.. 1 ,NVLE Q w i W I I -I X V 4 V W ,,.. ' sw ' II f I I I I I II I III L I I :iv -T I il -9 51 Q 1 f I I I I Kp I f f I I I f f f f I I f 11 f f I f I f I f ' 1 I I f I I I 6. 5. I Ill Qpbinr Qmiur bncietp FREDERICK XNII.LII-ms .ADAMS VVILI.I.,xM ELBRIDOE CIIICKERING ROBEIQT DECI-IERT ROGER BALDWIN GARVIN ROBERT NIERRITT GOTI-I,x1xI GORDON PILNVARD I-IARDWICK EDWARD Dfw I-IARRIS DAVID VVALTER HOPKINS LESLIE VVELLS ,TOY 1916 -TOIIN SCOTT LANSILL P1III,I.ER LEE IOSEPII EDWIN LOCKXVOOD GEORGE XVI-I.XR'1'ON PEPPER, JR. JAMES EDVVIN MEREDITI-I LAVVRENCE CORLIES RIURDOCH IOIIN BORLAND TI-IAYER C,fIsP.,xR XRIISTAR BARTON TOWNSEND AIQTI-IUR RIURRAY VVEIRTCK l - ,WW ,W.,:,5f'1,f , - I 378 'T 'lu ' J" 'iq-P , . A ' I 'C , 'wf .I' ' H- -- , ' I V , ,4 m V H -4 z, . All , . , Q W ' r. 1: xiii!! 1 , , 3 J:-'rx X I, X , , A . I , H 1 1-,Z an W W I! xv W ' 1 -' 11 , , , R 4 Q - V 1 :f fl f T! 1 ff' ,4 1 ' X ' 1 f i' , ,igj f 5 A 5 ' ig ' 1 f-F' 7 if Y u 'ZZ ii n 1 , N , 1 A 5 g 2 1 g 2 xi .1 f w i Q ' 37 Siu, , ff 1 w 1 '- t- f rw' a ? , , i ,a 2 v ' H i 31 V 2.2 ' V f f 25? , g i: 5 f - iw ! i iii 5 Z A f M 2 ' -. 2 11 " " ie' fl- 'SQ Y Y 11 W 2 ,r 2 12 5 lvl! , X E rl fix .if iv.. L r1yL,,,m.,' , .434 f Lg pw Aff ,gy ag wmy 'I-'gg ww, 'f,fw'-fam' ' QW I I ' , f i K2 as wx 4 , A fm ll Wg 1' 'I Qty' R jriars senior Qoniztp 1 9 1 6 ALLEN DYER CORNELL LXRTHUR LITTLETON HOLSTEIN DEHAVEN FOX .A.LBERT HT,-XXVLEY LUCAS LOYAL YOUNG GR1x1-IAM CHARLES RLVSSELL lx-'IURPHY THOMAS H4-XRT XV.-XLTER LAURANCE RODMAN f HOWIXRD HOMER I'IILDEBR.XND EDWIN LANP1-IEARE SEXVELL HARRX' THOM.4xs HUEE JAMES NOBLE SHRYOCK PARK XVEED XWILLIS R, I vf W- 1 f f .zf'E":'wf 5-wFi',w f f f W - I . V, f ,. .,f,.zf- my Q ff, L Y 1 I x uv, , - ,1-f 1 ,-I Amt. .V 'lui-41 .zgfj r , . 1 2- '. f K . ,' W' 1' , 1-L . ' ,T , ' fiiigm v w . - wi 1. 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F211 Wi? we 'M ii' an ! gif if: J I' -A ,G R 1 SIM .F zfjl , 542 35 K CHAR-LES LOUIS BORIE, 3D STANLEY HERBERT FREIHOFER CHARLES SCI-TEETZ GOTYVALS DANI'EL HARDY PIAFNER, IR. CHARLES HILL LOVETT EDWARD JOSEPH NICNICHOL ffftzmhzts NEILSON 1XqURR.-XY NIATI-IEWVS JSSEPI-I .FERGUSON NIOHR SA1VI'UEL RATTHMELL MOORE SPENCER SWEET SHANNON RAYMOND DONALD STEVENS VVILLIAM KLE M M BEE CH ER URQVUH ART ALLEN GRAVES WILLIAMS if is 355 MFE fgqv aw im '15 225115 Em I iff gg: gel K A gilgw Z-. giiii 5 cali I I S-fff T i" ff:?Qf.L-. f1f4 1 Sw-M ff" ..... ,- A f-T-. R. LA - - ' --H -WW-Mwxfm --'-' , .. .... 1 . ,,,,Y, ,EW ,,,, 383 'e1.,, ,,,, W iii R -X E inf 'ff , ff.. QI Q53 4.1 3' 15:1 W ei.. 7525 52 4552 T35 i i Ei? si iii? 522 Shi' ,, ,lg ii: M . wif ff" 94? za V3 , A fi 'J 1? fa gz 1 lv' 5: J ' 2 iii ji Wig 19 5k Rf iff Em "ii Y 1 EV fig? Q- T! 34 di if iv 5232 953 E, f greg? lag ii? W 5 I I fl:--' ' 9.2121 I 1,8 ag 1 X814 F'-Ty 7, T K M ff? 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FORTY-FOURTH STREET NEW YORK l I k l - fi .3-., gqsizooics . , H? 5 ,i gg l oNLY A BROTHERS i STEP FROM - ' ZE4 A New Building 1 Grand Central Telephone Subway, and Murray Hill W many leading ssoo l Hotels if ,i."-A -.,ir 1 '-'- f "'f1 s Everything for Men's and Boys' Wear in Town and Country Suits and Overcoats ready made or to measure All Garments for Walking, Riding, Driving, Shooting Golfing, Tennis and Polo I Motor Clothing, Liveries and Furs English and Domestic Hats Shirts, Cravats, Collars, Pajamas, Underwear, Hosiery and Gloves Shoes for Dress, Street and Sporting Wear Imported Hand Bags, Suit Cases, Portmanteaux, Trunks, etc. Many useful Silver and Leather Novelties Semi for Illustrated Catalogue BOSTON BRANCH NEWPORT BRANCH '49 TREMONT STREET 220 BELLEVUE AVENUE I mmuuumnumumm 1vuiimuriinuuuwmmmmu wmummmm ii ADVERTISEJWENTS gunna 4 ' 4' .swsee eferas0canoes'-ease6GQ915999QQQQQQQQ-me-QQQQQQQQQQQQQQaswe-4-4-aQemQeo4af4a+eeeeQQ0oeaweeeeeeeooeoeoseew-5002 V I IllllIIIIIIlIIIIlIlllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllll'llllllllll I 5 EEE5EiiE5EEEE5EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEiE5F.E55EE5EEEEEE5EE5E5EE5E555EEEE5EE5555iiiE5EEEEEEE55555I::5:5:g5g555555gg555555:55::ggEg5:5:555:55:5:5ag55lain:I5lg:isi'55i'i'iiEi'i5""":i555'5i' 5 Q :::::---:5:5::-5:5555:555::55::::::::5:::5::::55::::::5:::5::::::5:::.::::::::::::::::::::..::::::::::::::::-.5 ......:..:5.....:.:...:..:.:.:...:: :sq mg gi I 5: Iglgs 5- 9 Q ::::: 5 :::5::5:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::5:::::::::::::::::::::::::::!::E::::'::::::5::::::::::.5:::::::::::::::::::'::::::' !::::.:...!ii 'sau 5- . .: :i.i.2 Q ::::55:::5::::55:::::55:::::5:5:::55:5::::5::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::55:55:::5:::::::::::::::::::a::I:::u55:55:55:l5u:55Ill:slnlIusI:l::5::::lli5::::l::nu sims! .l :mini gas: Q 3 geeQ-wasQofa-weveoooeooweeeaqzawoaaefmewfe-0+me-4weaoe-we-QQQLQwQQw6Q-256905-mwawsheefwoe-QQ!-me-wasaww: Q llllllill 7 I Q ::::::::: Q Q lilliiiii 3 9 lnllllll -I. -...I Q lllIlllll 3 ? ????????? 2 555555555 9 -f N4 o o m UQ -I-I 5- rv o- C: - Q. 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The above facts added to the splendid open- ings We have for the future make it possible for us to offer unusual opportunities to the young man who Wishes to make INSURANCE SALESMANSI-IIP his life work, The Equitable Life Insurance Co. of Iowa 801 Drexel Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. R G SLIFER G lA ECWIRTZ,U.fP 15S IA ADVERTISEMENTS gm!NHHIIINIIHIIUIHHIHIIIVIIHIIIIIIHHHHHHIIHIIIUHNIHHIHIINIIIHIHIIIHINIIHIIIHHIIIHIIIIllNIINHHIIIHUUI!HHHINIIINIHHIIIIHIllHHHHHHIHNIHHIHHHHNIlNillNllHllNIllHHHINIHNllNHINIHNIlNHHIllVIINIIINillHINVIINIHNIHHINIllNIIINIlNIllNIHIIINII!NIlNIIlNIllNIHNIINIllNIHNIllHiNIINHIlil!NllNHINil!NIUHINIIIHI!NIHll!NIliHHIIINIllNIIIllllIIHIIIIIIHIINHHIHHINIllPIHHINillllllllllIIIHHIIIHIIHIINIIINIIHIIIHHIIIHIINIHHllllllillHIIIIIHII!HI1III!Illllll1IllHIHIIJHllllliilllllllillllllg Z Quality Tailoring Co.,Inc. E of New York Clothes F or Made to College Measure Men AT LANDRIGAWS E EVERY MONDAY gillNIllNIIHHHHHill!IIINIIHIIINIllLlllHllHHillNIllNIIINIllllllllllHHIllNIlllllllllHIIllllHI!IIINIIINIHHHIIINIllNIllHHIIIWIIIIIlHIINIIINIIIHHIIINIIHIHHINHHIllKIllNIllIIINIIINIll7IIIHHIIHIllNIllHHIIINIIINIHNIllIIINIIHIIINIHHHIllNIllNIllIIINIIINIlllIHIIHIIIIIHiIHIII1IHHHHINillNIllHHHHIllNIllNIIIHINIIINIIIIIIIHHIIINIHNHIllHIINIHHHHHIIIHHllllIIHIIINIIIIIHHI!IIINIHIIIHHHHIIIIIII!IIIIIIIIIHllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIHIIIIIIHHHHHHHIllNIIHIHHIHIHVIHHHHI!IIIIIIHIIHIIIIIIHIIIIIIIHITE v THE 1916 RECORD 1 v i Earhrarh PHOTOGRAPH S DF DISTINCTION Made at your home, anywhere, Without additional cost 1602 CHESTNUT STREET Studios in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington and Baltimore We have made a special study of photographing children V1 ADVERTISEMENTS viiiiriiniiHii1iiviiiniiniinmmm-runninminimum1H.Uiriiii11I1i11iiiiw11wwr1iiviiniuiuiinumuiiuiiri1H1i11111iiviwwiv1riiuwuurwuuwmimm ' jllilarlhnrnugb Zlautrl Zmralh Square BROADIVAV-30111-37111. STREET 398511 Quark Qtitp Headquarters For U. of P. Students Witliiri 1 minute of the Penn. R.R. In the heart of New York, near all stores and theatres. No other hotel has such large and beautiful rooms at such low prices. Rates 51.50 per day and upwards. Special rates made to parties of four or more. OUR RATHSKELLER HAS A WORLD-WIDE REPUTATION A Cabaret Par Excellence is given each evening by New York's best artists. Our Restaurant Prices are Hfty per cent less than any other hotel in the city. Wr'1'Ze for Booklet. J. F. DOWNEY, Manager' E' EMIEDEHL Proprietors THE IQI6 RECORD AwmwmwwH+wHwwI1w1Iw1W11H11H1w,,,m.1111wnv1vuwwH1u111.11uW1.11XAw1wX11.41yn,Www.11N1HwWH1,1111I1wV.mwlmwmmmHHU11.w1U11V111I11nm-m1mm.u.mmfuw1V1ww1ww.4wHwwv,,wwmm11.111,,11.-4,1..1H,11.1X,1,,..11.4X..u...m.,wmmmumm-mfy,1.111,,11wmm.wm.,,.,w,m,1NX1H1K-11V111UH-.muy-mmm-wfl1V1H1.X11u1Hw1Iw11111I11XI1wum-mmmwm.uH11.111H1yu1M11v1Xwn11I41Uwwmmmvwwvmug Geo. B. NEWTON COAL Co. 1527 CHESTNUT s'rnEs'r inwInumrnwwnwsuwmmmwuwwnwwwmHanwanwinwnuunuwwnwmwsnumul1mwwInmnanwIn1m1inummwvu1WwmvmInwmwfuwruumnwwnwwunwuwmmu+uwrnwruwumumrnwnuruwInmunuwnwwuwmwunnmwnwmwzuminunuuwwnwnuunmnuwuunwmuanun1uruuanmumnuwuuwvuinwruuanwuuwnwmwuvuwmunnuwuwnuummuvwmmuwuumuwuvumwanmvunumwnuuvwuwwuwmumnf1munvunwunmmn1mymwnumunwmuW1inwinuvHrnmyunwunnumurwmmwmnuuf viii ADVIRJISFAILNTLS ILBERT TUDIOS 926 CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA PA OfflClal Photog raphers for 1916 Class Record A ww wwwm' Juh J WT xl? 7 J ii Q I 1 , . lk mmm THE 1916 RECORD TT mu vu T TT T T T mu T 4 A T T TT TT mu Oily Reductlon on all work to A Universit Y 926 CHESTNUT STREET IWNHLHMHNHiW'lHrHiiH1UH2HUJHHHIM!N1,lMINUHWHHNUHIHNIENU1NiNN14W1HE1U:1illU?H1 WWIWWUMiN!lHHHl1H1w!fHTIHJUTH,PHUU.N1T1i,.HT NIH' HTHMNIW EHQQHTN'NWViH.H1.HUH1HhWHwT1MH.!HcHlHL1WV'NWIWWW3WWV'W1PW11JWHlHflHiHiH!fWH1WNflNWIWWUWflNWW'WNWHWVH1THHHEHWIHIIHIIHENNIHNlNNN1NNHNNH1NHNHNI!NNH1NINNN11NNINNINHHHHVHNHNNHNNHNIHNHNIHNIlNNUNllNNIHFHNHNNINNVHNHHIHHHIHIIHEHHU EYE X 7 I Stl1Cl6I'ltS PHILADELPHIA, PA. . xmlwlrummm1uwmmumummwmunuvmmHITTuwT1n1rnmuumvumulm:uuuuwlvulwrTTHmnuuumumuuwuuummulmlwTTTuTTuTTuTTmuuumluuuuwuuummlm wnmmmmmuu wmmmn mm TTrvTTuTTnuanTuunmwumnununummmnuTTnTTuTuTTTmnnmwnummwETTuTTuwTnTTuTuTTuTTuunwTnTTnTnTTnTTuununmuwwmmummm TTnwnmmuwuumTwTTvwmuunumnww mnwumvwmw TT www www mmm ADVERTISEIWENTS JN IllrllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllIlllIllllllIllllllIllllllIllllll3llHllIllllllllllIllHlllllIlllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllIllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllIllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll' To ew Pafrons "Satisfied with my present tailor," you say? Very well, but are you absolutely sure that you have reached the limit of satisfaction, and that no one else can move this limit up a notch or two? When thinking about your new "togs" we want you to consider our service to the extent of giving us a trial. We fear no contradiction when we say that if you have never traded with us, you have not reached the limit of tailoring satisfaction. No matter what your taste in dress may be, you will find what you are looking for here-the finest ideas of the season, all the latest weaves and tones, comprising the best and newest novelties in stripes, plaids, and checks, with a full assort- ment of the good staple patterns. Our models are built on conservative linesg ultra-fashions, semi-ultra-fashions and especially for the younger men. WM. gl GEC. ZINDEL Tailors to :men 107-109 S. l3th Street, Philadelphia ilIllPIllIIllllllllllIllIllllllHllIlllIllllllIllIlllIllllNNIlllIlllllNIllHlNIllllllllNNlllllllllNllllIlllINNIIllIlllllllllHllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllHlNIlNlllNUlHNlNllllNlINNUlllNlllNNIllllNlllNVIllIlllIlNHllI4NlllNllNlIlNlllH1NiiNNIllil!NllNHIllIlll!NllllIllll!!Nll1lllllllllllllllllllllllllllli .H..H.,,,...,..,. xi , THE IQI6 RECORD gJlllIIlllIIJlIllllllIllllllllllllllIlllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllU!lllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllg E gllillk1lill1Hllllllll1llllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllKillllwlllllllllllllllllllilllillllllllllI1ll4llillllllllll'!lllllllllllNP1llIllllllllllllllillllll!lllIlll!llllllillllllllll7llllllllllill'lllIill5llll!lllllllllil1llllllllI1llillllllllllilllIlllilV11l3Hll!lllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllIlll!lllllllllllllllllllllIlllillllllllllilllllllilllllllllIllllillIllIllllllllllVIIllllllllllilllllllllllg g INTERESTING TO GRADSA E 2 FUF1ll'1lIlllfllldlllllllllllllilNEllRrHN1illlllllllllllwlllllllflllllllllHllllllfllllllllllll15lll3l1'llllllllllllWV7llIllllllLlll'lHllIlll1llllillilllllllllVUll'NlllllElllllll'llll1lllllllllflllill1'llS!lllllllllIxlllll.1lll'llllllllll!lllllllllI.lllfllillllllflllwl 2 E HAH Uncrowded Burz'12e.f.v" Explanatory Circular 2 E upon Request Dept. A, 107 Church Building Wilmington, Del. 2 illllllllllllllIllIlllllllll!lIlllilllilllllllIlllIllIlllllllIlllIIllIllll!lllllIIIlllllIlllllllIIlllllIIIlilllilllIlllllllllllIllIlllIlllIlllIllllllll!lII!lIlllIlllIlllIllllllllllllllilllIllllllllllllllIlllIlllIlllIlllllllIllll!lllllIlllIllllllllllIlllIllllllllllIlllIlllIIllIIlllllll!lIIllIIlIIIlIlllIllllllllllIlllIIllIIlIlllllllIllIIIlll!lllllIllIIIlllllIIlllllllllIllll!lIllllllIllllllllllIIIlIlllillllllllllllllllllllg E gilllllllllllIIIllllllIIllllllIlllIlllIlllIIIlIIIlIIIlIIIllllllllllllllIIllIIllllllIlllIlllIIlVIIlIIIlll!lIlllIlllIllllllIlllIIIlIlllIlllIIllIlllIllIlllIlllIlllIllllllIlllIlllIIllIlllllllIllIIIlIlllIlllIllllllllllllllIIIlIlllIlllIllllllVIIlIlllllllIlllIlllIlllIllllllIlllII!lIIllIIHIIllIllllllIlllIlllIllllllIIIlllllllllllllIllllllllilIIIlIlllIlllIIllIllIlllllllIIllIllll!lIllllllll!lllllllllIlllI!lllllIllllllllllIlllilllIIlllllll!lIlllIlllIllIlllIlllIllllllIlllII1lllllIIlllllll!lilllIlllllllIIlllllilllllllIlllIllllllIllIIIlllllll!lllllKI!lllllllllllllllllllllllg xii ADVERTISEJMENTS llllllllHHlHllHlHllllllllllIlllIllllllllllIIlilllIlllIllH1llllllllllllllllIllllIlNIllillllllillllIllllllllllIlllIlllllllllllllllllIlllIllllllI1llIlllIllllllIllllllIllllllilllHllIllNlllllllllHllIllIllllllHIlllllIllllllHllIllIIllHllIllV1llllllIlllIllIlllIllIlllIllllllIllIIllIlllIllllllIlllIllllllIllilllIIlllllllllIIlllllillllllilllllllIIllIllIlllllllllHHllllll1lllllillllllllllllllIlllIllllllIllllllIIllIllilllIlillllllllIlllIlllllllIllllllIlllllllIlllIIHIIlIlllHUIllllllllllIIIllllllIIlll!lIlllllllIlllIllllllll!HIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. Senior : ppreeiation Ben Kaplan extends a Word of Q rateful aeknowled ment to all ff 3 f g . . . Q X ,V of you, indivldually and collect- J ivelyffor your patrona e durin A' ' -, A your "little journey through PCHH-" We invite the continu- ance of your patronage as a graduate, and even '. l , A' unto your second and ' third generatlon. 9 Fifue Stores 1430 Chestnut St. 1038 Market St. 2436 N. Front St. Broad Sc Girard Ave. Landrigan's-Fridays Tlll!lIlllIlllIlllIllllllIlllIllllllllllIIIlIllllllllllllllllllIlllIllllllIIIlIlllIlllIllH1lIIllllllllllllHIlIlllIlllIIlll!lll!lIllllllllllllllllllIIllIlllllllllilllIlllllllllllIllll!lllllIllllllllllIllIlllIllllllllllllllllllllllIllIlllIIllIllllllllllIllllllilllIllllllllllIlllIIlVIIlIIllIIllIlllllllllH1lIlllIIlVIIlllllllllIIlIlllIlllIIllllllllllllIlllH1llllllllllllIlllIllHHH1lllllIllllllIlllIlllIIlHIlHHllllIlllIllllllVIIlVIIlIllHIllllllIlllIIlIIIlIIIlIIIlllllIIIlIlllIlllllllIllVIIlHIlIlllIIIlIllHIIlVIHVIIlllllIIIUIIlVIIllllHlllllllllllllllllllllll' A111 THE IQI6 RECORD WHITE HOUSE CAFE 3657 WOODLAND AVE,-Opp. Dorms Eating Headquarters for U, of P. Students GOOD FOOD AT REASONABLE PRICES I J. S. GREASLEY, Prop. SPECIAL DISCOUNT TO STUDENTS WE CATER EXCLUSIVELY TO COLLEGE MEN OPEN DA Y, AND NIGHT ADVERTISEMENTS gillMIINVHNH1NIHVIINNHNIllNIHNlilVIINVIHIHHHNIHNllNVIIHHNIHNIHNllNVHNIllNll!NIHNllNVIINVIINVHNH1VHNHHIllNIlNNllNVHNIllNIIINIINNIIHI!NIINHIHllHHHHNlNVllUHNIINH1NIllNIINNI4NIHNIINIllNIHNIINNI1NIHNIHNIlNIliNIllNIHNIHIIINIlNNIINPIINIHH4NH4NIHIllNWIlNVIINllNHINHiNllNNIINPIINllNNIINNIHH1NIHNIHNIHNIlNIliNH1NilNNlNIIHIIIHIUIIHUNIIINHNNIINHINVI1NIINHHIIINIllNIHNIllHINNIlNH1NIllNillHINNIMNIINNHNH1NVHNVHNllNNIHNIIHHNHHNllNVIINHHHHillNHNNNIHNIINNll!NNIHNVIINNIHNH1NII4Nll!NHHHHNNllliNUIHNNIlllNNIIIIWHINIIIIIIINIH E n 5 H' A , 2 ' ' an 2 The C ampm 2 West Nottingham Academy 5VHNVHNVHHHNVINVIHH1NIHNIHNIHNIHNIllNIlNNIINNIINNHNH1NllNNIINHINll!NIliNIllNIHNIHNIINHINll!NIHNllNNIINIllNIliNIllNHUHNNIllNIlNNIlNNIlNIllNIHNIHNIlNVIINIllNH1NNI4NllNNllNNIINNIlNHNNllNNIINXIINillNIHNIlNNIINNIINNIlNH1NH1NIINNIlNNI1NillNIINVIINNllNNHNHINllNNIHNllNIHNU1NllNIIHIllNH1NIHNIlNHINIliNNIiNIllNIINNIINIIINllNNIllHINNIINIHNIHNIllNIHNIINNIINHINIllNIllNIIINKHNIHNIINNIINNIllNIllNIHNII1NIllNKHNIHNIHNIllNIINHINNllNNIINMIINllilH11NHNVI!NNIINNNINNIJNVHNHUVIIINHHNHNNHIHIIHHII4NVIIINNIIIINNHIHNNNHIIIIIHHHHWHHHHillIlUUl XV IUH THE IQI6 RECORD W W WlWW!WWWWWWKWWWWWWIWWWWWWWWWWWWWllWWWWWWllWWWWWWWWWWW IWWKWWWWWWWWWWHWW1WWlWWWWlVWWWWWIWWWIWWE1WWIWWWWWWHWWIWWWWWWWWWWWWWWIWWWWWW!WWWWWW'WWWWWWWIWWWWWVWWWWWWWIWWWWWWW Wll WW W W WW WWW W WWW W W West ottingham Academy ONE HUNDRED .LVD SIJVENTY-SIXTII YEJR Located in Cecil County, Maryland, 60 miles from Philadelphia and 50 miles from Baltimore. May be reached by either the Media or the Maryland Division of the Pennsylvania Railroad. On the Newark and Connowingo automobile route. A Presbyterian school under the control of the Synod of Baltimore, and under the direct in- fluence of the famous old West Nottingham Presbyterian Church near which it stands. Offers thorough physical, mental and moral training for the development of Christian character. Small classes. Individual attention. Prepares for college or business. Teaches agriculture. An ideal country place. Large farm and beau- tiful grounds. Fine dormitory. Board and tui- tion EB225. Opens September 14th. Write for Catalogue Rev. F. Harl Huffman, A. M., Principal COLORA, MARYLAND WlIlWWWlWWiIlWilWWWlW IWWlWWWlWWlIWWlIWWIWWWIWWWIW IWWlllWlIWWWIlWWIWWWI1WWI WWHWWIWWWIWWIWlllWWIWWlIlWlIWWlWWl WWWWW WIlIIWWWIWIIWWWIWl1WWllWWIWWWllWlIWWIlWIWWIWWHWWIIWWIWWIIWIWWWIWWIWWIIWWIWWIWllWIIWIWWIIWWIWWIWWllWWWIWWI1WWWIWWIlWWIlWlIWWIIlWIIWWIWWlIWWWIWW WWllWWIWWlIlWlIWWllWWlIWlIWWlWllWWllWl W IIWWIIWWIWWWIWlIWWllWWIIWWIWWlIWWlIWWIlWl WllWIlWW WWIWWWIlWlIWWHWWI1WWIWWllWWIlW WWKWWIW WWIWW WHWWWWHWWWWWIWWWIWIWWWIWWIWWHWIIWWWWWIWW W WW W WWllWWIWWWIlWllWWWIWWillWlW WWIW WWWl lWWWlWlIlWWIWWlI WllWWlWWWI lWWIlW I V' ADVERTISEIWENTS Q1lIIHIIIllllIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllIIlllllllllllllIllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIllllllllilllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllIIlllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllIIllllllIllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllIll!llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllg - Compliments of 2 The Raymond Riordon School Highland, Ulster County NEW YORK A high grade preparatory E curriculum th e elements E - of manual, industrial and E 2 prevocational training. 2 SEJI7.07Z1OCtObCf first to 2 E May twenty-eighth E E Term: - - S700 inclusive E gllllllllllilllIllIIIlIllll!lIlllIllIIIlIlllIlllillllllllllll!lIIIlllllIllilllllllIlllllllIIlllllll4lIllIlllllllllllIIIlIlllIIIlIllllllIlllIIllIlllIIlllllilllIllHIlIIIlIlllllIlIIlllllllllIlllIlllIIlHIlllllllllIIllIIllIIlIIllllllIlllIIlIIIlllllIlllIIllIllllllIIIlIlllIIlVIIlH1lllIlIlllIIllIllIIIlIIlllllllllllllHIlllllIIllllllIIlIlllIIllIIllIIllIIlIIIlllllIIllIIllIIlHIllIllIlllllllIlllIIllIIllIlllIllllllllllllilIIIlIIllIIllIIIlIIllIIllllllIIlllllHIlHIlllllHIllllllllllIllH1lHilllllllllHIllllllllllIllVllllIllHI1lHHlIIHlllllllllllllllllllllllllm xvii E school incorporating in its 5 THE IQI6 RECORD gliHIIIHIHH1HUNHIHIHIHHHHHHNNllIH1NWUINIHKIHIHH1NIlNNIHNHVINIHPHNIHIllINHNIHUIHINHINH!NHNI:INNJIWNIHHIHIIHIWIINll!H!NNINNI1NNINHIHHHIHINIHNilN11NNEHllNNI1N!HHH!IHHHH1HNNIINUNNINWNlNHZHHHIUNUNUIIiINN!NM1NNINHIHHHIHNllNUNNI1Nll1NUNNlNHIWHHNNIlNHNNINNNINNNINHIHIHHHIllNllNNINNHINHNH1HIHHHIllIllNNINNUNllNNNINWHHHIHNllNIINNINNNINNIINHIHIHHHIllNHNHNNI!NNIlNHNHIHHHHNIINNNlNIHIIINNHHIWIHIHHINNIlNIHHINHIVIIHIVIIINIIHNHIIUINE 5 E THE PROVIDENT LIFE Sc TRUST COMPANY of PHILADELPHIA 2 "Bu5z'12e55 Imurance' Policies WRITE POR LEAPLET HOME OFFICE: Fourth and Chestnut Streets PHILADELPHIA 3? ilHllIUIIHI!HllNIIINHUIll!IllHllHIINHINIIllWIHNIllNIHIIIHIIHINIII!IIllIIIHIIUllUIHIllNIIHHUIlNHHIllNIHIllIIllHHIllUI!!IIIUIIHINVIHHHIllHINVI!NIII!HHIHHINHINHI!IlUIHIIINHINHHN1IIINHINHINVIHHNHI4UINHUVIHVHHHHINIIHIII!H1WillHINNIINNIINH!HI!UHNIINNIllH!MIINHINIllNllNNIlUllNIHNIHNIIHIHIIINNHNIINNIlHHUINNIINNIHillHINHINHI!HHIINHINHNNIIHIINIHNIHNIINIIlNlllNllNNIINllllllNNIHNIINNIHIllIIINHINHI!NIHVINIllNNIINHI!HHIHHINNIHHHHHVIIHIHII1HHHIHlIUINIIHIW Xviii ADVERTISEMENTS Sm1th's uality Meat Market OF WEST PHILADELPHIA H. F. SMITH, Pioprietoi 3632 Market Street We take this opportunity to thank those of the fraternity houses with Whom we have been dealing for their patronage, and wish to an- nounce that next year, because of improved facilities, we will be able to offer even greater privileges to our patrons. KEYSTONE PHONE 10 WEST iw..i .ii.. i.,i..., .,,i,..,, H .,,,. xix " 1 ,, 1 W 'i , ,ui mit' Will, ,',,,,',l!i11ii,ill,itl,l,ll THE IQI6 RECORD n V1cTRoLAs ms -MASTERS voice T has been our pleasure to supply " the University of Pennsylvania Musical Clubs and Band with their in- 33. I 7 5' fl JJ , ,, P 52 ii +31 M m l a , x ,i 'ea I if 2 4, if 5 i 5 V - 11. 9?5i'7ff2ff9',!!'9 ' Hs, Y 5 Keystone State -1 struments for many years-a pleas ure enjoyed because of our reputa- tion of over half a century of producing Musical Instruments of exceptional tone value--a distinc- E tive musical quality that is not found in other instruments. Pianos rented to students and fraternities at special terms. Victrolas and Victor Records at attractive values. Popular, Classical, Operatic Sheet Music. , to 4 0 III. ' , 'lg f .l' ' 1 -"2-3 rF"" 1 Q- 'fv nec us PAT OFFS' A' A4 ,194 "W ww w W Mandolute - "E VE R Y TH IN G M U S I C A L' ' I OI 0 Chestnut Street, Phila. lll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllll l llllll UMW lll llllll NNlIllllNIHNlllN1lNINHIHIWHHIHIHNIllllllllllllIWHIWIHFIHIHVH llllll llilllllllllllllll llll llllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllll llllllilllllll llllllllllllllllll lllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllg 'T 3 2' niuiiziinitmmmmwmnm1itVitiuivuiummwmmwmumwunmmmwiuwuwmfw XY ADVERTISEAIENTS vww14w1I111wwwi1wr1wwwImmmmnuumwmmrmim1wwim-imunmnwm-U14iww1ww1uwmwmiwwmfiww:iin1iiI1w:wwi.m.u,wu:w-m-wwfmm Renting of Caps and Gefwns te Gradaativzg Classes a Specialty E. R. OORE COIVIPA Y COLLEGIA TE CAPS C GOWNS and HOODS Distfibutors of CAPS and GOPVNS to the 1915 ami 1916 Classes of the University of Pevznsylvania i.. . ORIGINATORS OF ' Moore's Official High School Cap and Gown 93 2-38 DAKIN STREET CHICAGO u ru u mmulmnum ur vummmuvnnIummlmmmunummuumvmum THE IQI6 RECORD L B E R ' RIVER IDE HOTEL l1"iIIIIIIIIIfiW IIUWI1II.I"1: IIl3,I?f'I'5i1-NHL ,1:, iI?IlI'II'IIIII.iS'.I,IIIIa5!II1IIli1, I IIII!'III'i!31IIIIII!IITIII,II1IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIII51IIifIIIII2IEII1IIIIIIISIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ESSINGTON, PA. .BELLPHONE1 Rldley Park 326.1 'I J Y 'Iii Q ,. K ,rf . I fr '- " F: - xv. - ' QI'-vi ,gr 'hai-1i'E:"ir-fi' If -mf 4 , sr- 'N' -,P 41:3gf:,-,- ff- 2 91 '- .Simi if q Q ,: Iv:,.L,7,.H? TlJ,::,,+, L Fig- 1 PLANKING TI-IE SHAD IDEAL FOR FRATERNITY AND CLUB OUTINGS glIINIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllUllDIlIIlIUIIIIIIIlllIlllIIIIIIIITIIJIIIIIIIIIIlIlIlUIlIllllIlIllIlUIUIllIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIllIIllIIIIIII!IIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIII!IIllIIIIVIIIIIIIIII!IIIIIllIIIIIII1IIllIllIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHI4IIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIllIIIIPIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIllIIIIIillIIliIIIIIllIIIIIIllIII!III!IIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE Shore Dinners a Specialty EIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIULIIIIIIllllUHIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIllIIllIIllIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIliIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIlIIIIIIllIIIIIIl!IIllIllIIIIIIIIIIIlIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIlIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIE Illustrated Booklet, with Full Particulars, submitted on request nm numunmmInnumuumuxummmuoum 1 I 1umumnmuuuunrnm4 mumnumnu r nummmnmmmmuln nmu I v vnuI4mumnmmlmum nmnn :mu mm nu nwmumnm rx I nn m nu :In um: I In ADVERTISEMENTS T1II1ITnTTnIIT4IrnII1IInTnIInIII+IIIIInmlmmmnwmxuuwmmmwfn1I11II1IIIITTI4I1v111III11TI1IIvu1rv11V1IN1IuTIIIIIVIIHI1T111HI.41IHIH41nII14IIII1HIIII1IHI,nIH1IMmmlwmuuuvmmy THE J. M. AMWEG CO. MULTIGRAPHING ADDRESSING ,G 121647 REAL ESTATE TRUST BUILDING PHILADELPHIA, PA. All kinds of campaign Work handled with the greatest dispatch and accuracy lfliiiiligil vvmwywfw, WW vwumxvv-www ww:-u.,,1wwHMHTM I W, H ,W I ,, ,f,, N I w,w,, ,, W HH, ,,.1 I ,, ,, ,, I I I , , M1 up I ,T I ,, H, 1-H ,, 1ww.,w' ,-M ww ,I,,, NM ww UT,wm.w,,umw,.uuu.w ly MOST OF Us MARRY i DE C ORA TI ONS i bi WEDDINGS For Every Occasion FLORAL BROWN DECORATING COMPANY 'I8 SOUTH 7TH STREET, PHILADELPHIA IIIIIIIIIHTIn1II1wuTnTTnTTuTIuIuIIT1IInIIuIIuInIInIInIIIIIINnIII1II.11n11UT1T11nTTI1Tu111ITTII1uITHTnTTuTInII1TT14IIIIIuIInIInmmmumnmmmuIIIIIII4InITITInwwnummmmwuumuwmnwwm11IHIIKIII1IIuImIuIIuIInIIIIIrwIIuII1IInInuIIIIIrHIHIT1TwmInIIuInumvumuvnwmm THE 1916 RECORD U. of P. Ojicial Group Pfzologmjwlzw' luehenke btuhiu 2 20 Sz 22 SGUTH FIETY SECOND STREET Bell Phone: 388 Belmont CLASS : GROUPS 111111111111W11111111111 YOUNG MEN'S CLQTHING Designed by Young Men-Built by Young Men Constructed without padding, cut on lines that mold to the form-clothing that brings out the lines ofthe athlete. S15 5518 S20 5525 William H. Wanamakerls Young lVlen's Suit Department is filled with the newest fashions, the newest clothes and the finest values it is possible to buy. WILLIAM H. WANAMAKER 1217-19 CHESTNUT STREET ' 11111ui1n11111uv111111111111111111111111111in1111111111111111in11.11in1111in1ni1111vu111111uvinm11n111111111in1in1niin1n1111111111an1111m1uiiinwiiiniiimiiu111ni1u111111111in11111u11111in1iiiiumninunmiiu XXIV ADVERTISEMENTS ummmHI1IwmwwuuwtuvmmuwwmvmminIUIHII.111.1I-IIIit1IIIInuwzvumumvwmuluwww,wmnvmm I,wxIIHIuufm.u.wuwm Important Class Resolution Aft a meeting of the CLASS of 1916 of the University of Pennsylvania, tlzcf following rgsoliztions were passed: QBBSDIIJBII, that the Hotel Adelphia be defignated ax tlzf lzeadq11.a1'm'f of thif clan after graditation for the purpose of lzmzclzing and dining togethefx' l AND be itfurtltef' refolved, that the Hotel Adelphia be autlz,orized to advertife the aboof refolution. Qstwfbsttmt S fcrstary COM P LIM ENTS OF HOHLFELD MANUFACTURING CO. HAMMOCKS TI-IE LARGEST ESTABLISHMENT IN TI-IE WORLD DEVOTED ALMOST EXCLUS- IVELY TO THE MANUFACTURE OE HAMMOCKS OE EVERY DESCRIPTION . . itat., . 1 Y 5. '- :. -XA . Ll Fil -i-URINGCO '-N ,S A' ' t I FEL 'VIE-.iiEiclT??Q"'E'gg. ig - L!LLLt,L'1EfE'F'EE tl of HOHI. U1 ma su . U, Hg ,,, EE:?:::a.:isg,t3 2 it . itil L E:lf1-152555-1 ii E15 u,rxa.1.5 qi nh I ,QE H ,,-I J! 5,5553- It" M K ES - man .4 .. L- . -- ' fwvuy-wnlvzurmr TT! f J. swf ..n::::!n:mein:! ,ns 4:43 'LE tam H52 .aatqWfaezbrilliwmitwntlgtf EMO W? - ...,,..,2.L,L Y ELf,,,YP. V I 144 I .V L, :kt ? G HJ Z t .,.,, ..,..,, . lx, ,.., ,:j..,TTiz.w-'- V -i Ei? N Qrtl l,:.u7t.., 3- L --- HOHLFELD MANUFACTURING CO. ALLEGHENY AVE., NINTH AND TENTH STREETS PHILADELPI-IIA,'PA, NEW YORK SAMPLE Room-221 FOURTH AVENUE, CORNER 18th s'1'REET IinumIuwmIinIIuIu1iiuiIuIIuIinwminumIuIIIIIIIIIuIInIIuIininHinIuIIuIInIuIuIiiInIinmmm-ummuw IHIuummummmm1IIinImuumwmmummuwmuwmIIIIIIuIHnwmmmuwlmuIHIivIitinI.4I1IIII.4IluHininIIuImIinIu1uutwuIII1wIinmnmwnwmwu XYX THE IQI6 RECORD HE RY 8z WEST BANKERS Transact a General Banking Business. Fiscal Agents for Railroad and other Corporations. Members New York and Philadelphia Stock Exchange Direct Private Wires to Financial Centres. 'll 'll QU Dealers in High-grade Investment Securities. 'll TI Orders Promptly Executed in all Markets. 1417 CHESTNUT STREET, PHILADELPHIA We always have on hand a List of High-grade Bonds. Correspondence Invited. mmmf.wm,1y.:uw mmmuw,v1u11.11ummnmmwm,ww,1w1nw1U11.w1Hmmnmvvwmmmmu111w1uwnum1inwuw11wwmwnuu11wuIumwmmumwm Complimenzff of Kendig-Whelan-Mason Tailors 131 South Twelfth Street ' ,lust above Walnut Philadelphia YYV1 R235 ' V pgigb ' pggas . , , K , P12555 P11352 P' Ebb Yowx hswmuf Newygx C NEWYSLK Nsljifx WARD LANCHAR LP-NCHA ANCH c ,ga 5 M35 0 I3 mgs Rn gxpnssgxn Blfggiglgikn gLS:EgAR,, Yom: "EWY0"" NWYDHK Nvwvgx Nzwvgx New-Args 'CHA ANCH c 'QS RD BLPQQNQRD BLSJEEWD BLSZEQWD HLSJSEZWD BLQNEQARD V ' , o R mm Newrmur Pmwyw, NEWYSJ, Nwyguc NEWYSK ICHA CH ESS Rn BLANESQRD 5LANcHARD WANCHARD BLANCHARD LANCHAR 0 PRO P925 PRESS P13355 PRESS D ro-uf Nrwvwf Nmyom, AEWYQJ, Mygx, Ntwgx ICHARD LANCHAR LP-NCHA ,won NC ,Qs I3 Plugs n B PRE? :fn Blpniggakb 5LSREgARI, BLSESSARD YW' NFWYQRK Ne-wmv: N-vwxzmf NFWYO 0 - Qmf NBWYORK 'CHARD LANCHAR LANCHQ ,mcg NC ,Eg BNPRQ5 D B M35-an gLPREg51RD gagniggian 5Lg1:ggaq,, YORK EW Yom! 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E Q SH Ks BH Ng R3 Ns LA B 1 M: Z IJ 9 1 Nm IJ B 1 New Ll 5 1 'fm 1,1 B I Nm Ll B I Nm LF 5 r New 1, nw 'qv ' Guillen ADVERTISEIILIENTS iniinmuiniumrimrmmmmummmitiuiininiinimmmwnmmmfiiniiniiIiinriviiIIIwivmwwrmmiummm-mmwi: I iiilwmtniizww-wrrim-nwwwmim rIiHiiviit,H-iimwrwriivmrwIUrriIriiHInirvIII1iiitumrnmmnwmm1iiviiiniiniiniiriiiviieviiIiiniii1iniinivui1nrIriiitiinIiniIIIiiriiiIriuiiniitiHiiniiinwiiniiniuiuiiuiiiniinuninviniruiini+Iiiniiniiniiwriwnmmummi LOYALTY TO YOUR COLLEGE - OU can't make contributions to your class fund after your death, but you can guarantee them should that event occur. The Penn Mutual policy is especially well adapted to this purpose as Well as to give PERFECTION OF LIFE INSURANCE SERVICE THE PENN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY INDEPENDENCE SQUARE -:- PHILADELPHIA NOTE 'ro STuDlzN'rs: There is no more honorable calling than that of Life Insurance. In its practice there is the widest opportunity for mental growth and culture. It affords large rewards to intelligent and energetic workers. SAFETY -4- QUALITY ci!-Y PA T QQSSQ E I scorr-Po u. -1- SERVICE : CONFIDENCE THE 1916 RECORD ,TH 'mmm T 'H Tw Twwmt. MH WW TW,w,w,,T T,TTWw.mwWWHHwwwmmm4 O C 45:54 resign Qixclusihe Tailor for Qlnllege an 113 SOUTH SIXTEENTH STREET PHILADELPHIA 3190021 Walton ABSOLUTELY FIREPROOF EUROPEAN PLAN L ' Broad and Locust Streets - Philadelphia RIGHT IN CENTER OF CITY Near all Theatres, Shops, Railway Stations, Street Car Lines and Points of Interest -:- -:- -:- CAFE AND GRILLE UNEQUALLED Dancing Every Evening 350 Rooms Rooms without bath 31.50 a Day and up Rooms with bath 352.00 a Day and up WALTON HOTEL COMPANY EUGENE E.. MILLER, Manager 'XXX ADVERTISEIMENTS JAMES S. BATES COMPANY PHILADELPHIA Diftivlzrtiw Commfrcial and Social ' I r Q o o o . . igflllflng . . FRATERNITY WORK 144 N. TWELFTH ST. WASHEHO L. D. XVTLKTNSUN Desigvfzer, M 6177 ufclcmrer, I7'7'Zj507'f67' llllll lll lllllllllllllllllllllll llllllll Of l l ll l l llllllll FURNITURE, CURTAINS and INTERIOR DECORATIONS Consultations and Advice on Dilllcult Problems ofLigl1t and Color Effects Rugs, Carpets, Wall Treatment WARERQOMS and FACTORY in czffociation with J. E. EBERLE SC SON 13TH and JEFFERSON STREETS . BfIIPho1zf, Poplar 4876 and -l-877 Kfyflonr Pham, Keystone Park 49-32 D uwuwwuwnwwuww11wanwnwnwwuwwuwuwwnlwuwuwwuwuwwuwwnwruwulnwwuwluwuuuuuuuulIwuIwumwHwuuww1ll'IuuI1wwewwzuuwlwnummauww ww-um H 1, U wmwvu,ww11wvmmum.u:ur'u:v mann - wmwmlw 11wI1wzwmmmmw v v, m www XY THE IQI6 RECORD S5713 CONGRATULATE the class of '16 and wish them success. We likewise acknowledge the many benefits received, and thank you for them. Pyle, Innes 81 Barbieri COLLEGE TJIILORS 1115 Walnut Street Philadelphia MCMANUS-SIMONIN CQMPANY 1611 SANSOM STREET Illumiruztirig Erigineers 'lll'llllllllllllllflllllllll1ll1llTll1lllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll'llllll'l illllllIlllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllIlllIllllllllllIlllIHIllllllllllIIlllllIlllllllillllllllllllIlllIIllIllllllllIlllIIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllll Commercial Lighting Fixtures for Ojiees, Stores, Studios, and Special Projooritiorif Requiring Study ADVERTISEJWENTS,w,,.i.u,,,.w,. ru. 1 . , . 1 .. ww r.U..Maw-Wwm.m llllllllllllVFlllillllll1llHllllllillrallIIllllllllllllilllIllNlll!llVlUllllllllllHllil1lllllllHlllllllllllllIllHlllllPlllIlll1lllllHllUlllll:lllll1illl'llHllIllIlllQlllwlllllllllflllllhlllHlillllllillSH3lll5ll!lllI'Vllllillillfli'Hill'llilillill'lllliHll!1llIlll'llllllwlllllllllhllllllillllllllllllllllllllN1lllllllllllllllllllllIllHlHllmilllIlUilllilll4lllllIlllllll'll'lilillllllillllllllllxllllllll MAHOGANY COLORED CORDOVAN OXFORDS in plain or Wing tips iillll' ' iii ill ' 552.1 1 f-'iW'f'Whr:s . STRJCTLY HIGH-CLASS SHOES ,..f,.w-1,I1EP 99 tr-ni -..- , gglggggglvg ggggg-gg-ffl? fjf EOR COLLEGE MEN :g:g:'.1g::g 55 Slgfliii as e'.!ggg:!5,Qg2:gaf T FQ-:ill ' ti", I I E CUINNINCHAM Boor sHoP 441' in ' Broad and Walnut Sts. Philadelphia HE success of all social functions is due in a great measure to the decorative scheme that prevails. The Colonial Decorating Co. of Philadelphia makes a specialty of feature decorations for all oc- casions. And they have an efficient corps of expert decorators and me- chanics to execute any Work of this character. AMONG OUR MANY PATRONS ARE: Class of 1916, Ivy Ball, Reisenweber's, New York City Class of 1918, Sophomore Ball, Casino, Brighton Beach Cafe L'Aiglon, Philadelphia, Phila. Indoor Horse Show When you are considering the subject of Decoration for any occasion you can have the services of the following experts in their particular de- partments, to furnish you with designs and suggestions for any work you might desire by calling Bell Phone Fil. 3216g Keystone Race 4247. EDWARD PRIDDEY, 1l'lazmging Director PHILIP FRIEDLANDER, Tr-rh1zicaZD1'reftor EDVVIN W. VOIGT, Dirfclor of Properlifr AMBROSE B. REBER, ElUCfTfCd!D1-786707 CHAS. A. WEISHAUPT, Art Dz're'clo1' G 1131 Race Street, Philadelphia, Pa. . Room 711-290 Broadway, New York i mm1H1Hiniu1iIiiuiiitiiniiniiniiH1Hiiif1uiiuiiu1iIii1iWii1irin1.1mmmmmiiiu-ii ii-www ,ummlww H 'mmm ruulm-miiiiw i.ii-ww1i1riivii1U1n11HiiUii.1iu11uini1nrruiumniiim:wnmwi11:Ir.-i1ui1I111I1iHii1i11I1ii11iI1i1.1iHiiniiniiummnumummzn 1001111 THE IQI6 RECORD ww:-mlmHwnwunwmrurmHIHII4IInr1n1111wHIwI1I111vIwwluwwu4unu I-IIlvwwwn..Wmummmmmmn,rwwwW11I11IIrI1wwwwr.wvwI Established 1872 l-lere a Young' Man's Clothes itieals are realigecl Jacob Reeds Sons 'Clothiers- Haberdashers ' H atte rs ' 1424-1426 Chestnut st. Philadelphia, ,. ,,,,,,,N , ,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,:,,,,,,,,,,V.,,..,,.,,,,....N.,.,.,.l,..,,..,.,...,,..,.,.,,,. .. , Excelled by None E. A. Wright Bank Note Co. Engrawery, Prifzterf, Smz'z'0ner.f Offices and Factory Broad and Huntington Streets Central Store 1218 Walnut Street PHILADELPHIA, PA. Manufaczuref' of CLASS AND SOCIETY PINS, MEDALS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS DANCE PROGRAMS MENUS LEATHER SOUVENIRS WEDDING INVITATIONS mnmmmrmmnmuwmumm STATIONERY DI PLOMAS YEAR BOOK INSERTS NOVELTIES and CALLING CARDS xxxiv Our ADVERTISEJWENTS TITTHTTTTT1TTTuTT1TTT1TTUTT.4TuTTATT.TTuTTHTTITTT-TT-ITT.TTUTTITumuumwmumITTT.TTTvTTTTTnTTITTTI4TTTTTnTTuTT-TTnTTuTuTTT.T1T4TulTuTTTlTTTTmunuww-mm ' Clothes make the Man l A Let us make you the best dressed Man on the Campus. H. W. McNeill 81 Company Clofhey for Men 1105 WALNUT STREET - PHILADELPHIA r. Roller is at Beaston's every 'Wednesday ,rwALNuT seas ASK ouR ESTIMATE PHoNES:lnAcE149s FoR ENSUING TERM E'.lC3LHLHENTHLOTPlHTjHR CCKCDDIHDAANTTY FRATERNITIES, CLUBS AND HOTELS SUPPLIED WITH A T' S ltli. . 917-923 RIDGE AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, PA- XXXX THE IQI6 RECORD THE PAPER USED IN THIS BOOK IS DILL Sz COLLINS CO.'S TQ VL 40e My BLACK AND WHITE COATED TWO SIDES DILL Sc COLLINS GO. HIGH GRADE PRINTING PAPERS WITH AND WITHOUTTAI COJTED SURFACE Philadelphia VVarehouse: 140 North Sixth St. New York VVarehouse: 419 Lafayette St Boston Wareliousez 161 Pearl St. The specification of Dill Sc Collins Cofs papers places all bidders on the same basis and if used insures the best obtainable. Corf-efpovzdwzce Solicifrd ESTABLISHED 1857 Hamilton Trust Company 40th and MARKET STREETS PHILADELPHIA West Plzi!czdelpl1ia's Oldest Bank STUDENT AND FRATERNITY ACCOUNTS SOLICITED ADVERTISEMENTS IIuImlumnnnlullnlluvlnvluulllrulnluvlullnlmumullullullnllmnllnlnrlnlummnllulnlllnIuummmulrnlnllumwmnuummmmmmmu JoH . TROWER, Inc. Caterer and Confevfiofzer 5706 MAIN STREET Germantown Bell Keystone I elephone wmnmmmlm lu ww mm Hr- Hw.m.u,-llw..rlll RANK BROTHERS Fzfilz Avenue Booz' Shoji NEW YORK Builders of Smart College Footwear XXXVII Philadelphia ll ,,,., wawwww1:'lu.w-II.nlI.unrnllmlulnzlnllI41nIIvuIur,1rvmlnu11IlnlI11ImIIlunlmmmmvwmmuwluww SPECIAL SHIRTS at Special Pricff alwayf fa SCOTT Sc HUNSICKER Shirt fllakers and Fu1'nz'sfze1fs 108 S. THIRTEENTH STREET Four doors below Chestnut PHILADELPHIA 2 The SILK SHIRT SHOP Illnllululummumumuum IIIuIulwuIluIInIIullnlmImInllnlmlmm:lulIuIIuIIuInuIanmIrnImllnllrnlmlulnuluIInIInIInmIuIIuIrnIlnllullulvulu1IuIInlllnIanuuuwmwm-nun: THE 1916 RECORD M. vw, I ,I,.I,,m.,w, I wumulmw HI,m,w.wfmwIm-wwIHIIII.IItIUnwfmwuwwmwvm.mvwwwmumvmnmwuw.I,,.wmmI,wt HANAN 84 SON FINE SHOES 1318 CHESTNUT STREET. PHILADELPHIA THAN KING THE CLASS OF 1916 FOR PAST FAVORS AND WISHING THEM E VERY SUCCESS GEORGE J. THOMSON COLLEGE TAILOR S IuIIuII1IIIIII1IImI,1IIIIIIIII.1II1IIIIIInmwwmwu ummm!wvmw,u+Iwu, IIIIIIII.Iw,I,wmwnw ww ww It 1, .1 THE HooVm1asMrH1 COMPANY 616 Chestnut St., Philadelphia Diamond Mefchants Jewelers and Szfvevxvmiths PHILADELPHIA'S OFFICIAL FRATERNITY JEWELER "If you Want the finest pin made, and novelues of the best quality- We make ,em." Spgcialists in MEDALS PRIZES TROPHIES mmIIHIIIlmI1InIIInHumIHIIInunInIImuImIIuIImmIInIImHunII.IIImuIIuImmIIuIInuIIInIIuwmmII1IImuIIInImx.1unIInImuuuummwmtwv ' mmlunuuunmuvmmvvwmmnnu : num :mumnu Xxxviii HOP 3615 WOODLAND AVE. muwum,IIUII-IIIIII,IIIInIsIIInIIuIIuII1IInIINII11IuIIuIIIIIwIIIIIHIInIII-IINII14II4II1IIIIIIIwtwmuuvmlmunu IInmuunnnwwum The QEIIiut btuhius FOR Ebutngrapbs of quality at fair prices 1619 Chestnut Street 5614 Germantown Avenue PHILADELPHIA ADVERTISEIWENTS mnunmmmun IininuuiInIivIIuIIviIInIivwwnwuummu IuIinIinInInimmumuimmnIrnIuIuIIinIImummvimimmu Henry Rohner Go. HIGH GRADE Groceries Domestic and Foreign Specialties 2 N. E. Cor. Fifth and Race Streets Established 1833 PHILA., PA. Z "Our Special" Blend Coffee Superior Quality at a Moderate Price Facial Massage Manicuring Scalp Treatment Uhr Igvnnagluania ifiurhvr :Shun 3 6 4 3 Woodland Avenue Philadelphia BELL- PRESTON 6328 Six Barbers ms XXXIX giinIruimnwmmuwuinumIviIuIvuIIuImummuvuuumnn ITHE FAIRMO UNT LAUNDRY Student Serfvice HARRY R. ENDICOTT 247 South Thirty-seventh Street M , I , .U in-im. Nmiuzii., wi Wm mm, willIi:v,l,wm:,,,mul,H.mmminIIiimiII.,1HIininumIminimmmninumumlzzmmuiiimmruiin ,Nw M, i ,,,, ,I , ,I ww ,rwUi,,W,,,w-il,,.1i wvm,w mmmmm.m.iw,vi-nmIvu.wwwuwwi,lm LIGHTING FIXTURES PORTABLES FINE. SILK SHADES LLOYD GARRETT CO. Locust and Fifteenth Sts. II1IinIuInIInIInIIuIIIIIuInIIrlIInIinIrnIllIrnInIInIIvuIsnIInInIIuIuIIrllmiInIInIIliIinIinIIuIniI114InIIuInIIanIruIuIuiIlluvmwumuwlmu THE IQI6 RECORD W,Riwiwwiwi Rwwwiwwillii-wmwiiii-lim' iiiiwwiiwiiiw,,wwwummW-.iimwiw,,w ,miifiw 1 vi w if ii ii i 'ww ii willwmiiwwwu wiifimii-ww, mummy Established 1837 E. W. Clark 81 Co. BANKERS Finance and Manage Public Utility Properties High-Grade Bonds for Conservative Investment Nlembcrs of the Philaclclphizx, New York and Chicago Stock Exchanges 321 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia Chicago, Boston, Pittsburgh Frank l..Tartaglia TA IL OR Represented at the University by VVM. A. QUIG LEY i1iruiiniiuiiniuiiiiiininiinviiniiniiuiiniiniiuiiiiiiuiniiifini1uiiiiiiniiiiniwiunimuuiu iininiiniiniuiiuiininiiniiniuiiuiiuiniinirniiniiininiiiniiuiiniininiiuumiimmminmi SHOWING AT LANDRIGANS EVERY FRIDAY 9 s. 16TH STREET Rodney N. Landreth lllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllilllEll'lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllilli LOMBARD 4190 MAIN 4190 l l l ll ll ll llllllll lllllllill ll lll ll 434 WALNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA wiitRiiimiinwii-iiRiiifwwwiii,ii,iii,wwiiiit-ii1,-wwwmwiwwvwimmwwwiwiwiiiwmrwiiiui Gara-McGinley Co. 23 South I7ti1 Street, Philadelphia Eztectihe Bureau Information furnished about Your Roof All kinds of Leaks Detected Bad Leaks Arrested Loss from Leaks Prevented ADVERTISEMENTS IIuInIIuIInIIuIIuIivIIIIIInIinIIuIInIInIIinIInImIuImIInInIInmmnmmmumm CHARLES K. SCULL uIIIfIinInIinIInIIvIIruIurIuIInIinIIuIIuInIIvIIrHInIivIIIIIInIwmmumvmmiwmnmmnIIIuIIHIUIIImmwwwu-mmmwwwHvi-II-III11IIIIvwwwwwwvwuwwvw Selected Lehigh Coal uumnwInIuIInIvuInIinHuwuwIuIIuImIuIIIIIurIuIininmwmwmwmnu v:vm.,:1mv,.:i,:v-wi .ii my OFFICE: 3046 CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA '-,mnuw,m,,,u-fwmmmmi-wnwimw-,nnwww-ww umnumun mi nm. v EUREKA THEATRE Photoplays of Class and Distinction Daily Program in "The Pennsylvanianu A. F. Ervin 61 Sons Interior Decorators : : Painters : : l526 N. Broacl Street xli w,w.f1.n.f:.n.,. uiW,,w,i, J. iv 1.n.w-Mumnmvmvnnu Benj. H. Shoemaker 20 Pla te Glass Wz'11d0w Glass Figured Glass Polished Plate American and French WINDOW GLASS 5-211 N. FOURTH STREET PHILADELPHIA InIIIIIInIIuIInIIIIII,II4IIrvII.1IIHIIIIIlrvlill-,WimHIummlmwumumlIIIIIIllvi,IIllIu1Irw,lll, .,Mm..l,.,l. ,www mmm ,wwlI..ll.wmlIIIIIII.II.III'IIImlllmmullllmw, JENKINS BROS. Nlanufacturcrs of Valves and Packing M3..sf"f-, .LN "QP, JMW 2"""4"?4'x Qfffvas.15Q,1 Brass Gate Valve New Standard for 125 lbs. working steam pressure This is the latest addition to our line and is constructed along the lines of our medium prcssurc and extra heavy patterns 5 I - ummm-mmnluwwmmvnumim vlIu,.wImw in my Ivmuvlmrwl HE OLLEGE HOTOGRAPHER 1318 CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA lmluumn RECORD CARA lll lllllll JQNAS CONFECTIONER Lincoln Building 21505361 552222 Broad and South Penn Square PHILADELPHIA Eleilgrim ilaunbrp QED. Now includes French Dry Cleaning and Dyeing NORTH PHILADELPHIA Bell: Tioga 2460 Keystone: Park 417 Shere deliveries to all principal points K. ,mmmv xlii ADVERTISEMENTS mmmimmiimmmiiwiiviii11umiumuwmmu uiunmiimmr L-1iniiuiiniuiiuiinimiuiiniuiiuimvmiuiiuiniumimmiuunvvm ri I In Faculty and Class Teas, Banquets and Ball G Suppers we have a successful reputation. ,ARTHURiLHWS Cjaterer 310 New St., Phila. BELL PHONE First Class WOl'k at Moderate Prices Reliable Wliite Help Used LIT BROTHERS Specialize in the furnishing of FRATERNITIES, HOTELS, COTTAGES, CLUBS, and APARTMENT HOUSES We guarantee the services of experts and lowest possible prices for furnishings that are genuinely good, artistic and reliable. Estimates cheerfully submitted without charge. Address all communications to the Contract Department. MARKET FILBERT PHILADELPHIA EIGHTH SEVENTH mi.. mum xliii Prz'm'z'f1g JAMES M. ARMSTRONG 718 Sansom Street Philadelphia 1 ri i rmu: :mlmmiiumnmzimi vimmnmmmuw.4i wu1ii:.ii.mmm nm.iuwmiimmui mnuiummu .1 n You Are Mistaken If you consider all laundry work the same. Give us an opportunity to put our years of ex- perience in the laundering of linens to practice. MCDERN LAUNDRY 4089 Market Street uiuiiuiuiiiniiuiininiiiniuiiniiniiniiuirniiniinim1nlin11u1ruiiniiniinnuinunwuwwnmmu THE IQI6 R IrvmmII,IIIIIwIIIIIIII,Iw.II,,IIII ,'II,WI,IIIIIIIII,II I II,,II.w.,',II,I ,w,III,,,,I,I,I MI ,X11 IIE, W,,III.III,,I I,,,,,,,,,I,II ,,,, .I ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, CRANE'S ICE CREAM Costs the Dealer More It'5 Better cmd Richm' by Test Thais the Reason ,Z STORE AND TEA ROOM: 13th AND SANSOM STREETS Main OHice, 23rd and Locust Sts. DRUGS Prescriplions Sodas Cigars Candy Supplies SCHELLENGER'S fonly drug shop opposite dormitories, Drug Store 3701 Woodland Philadelphia IIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIE :Im xliv ECORD 'I I 'I MI III,IIIIIWIIII,IwI,IIIIIIII IIIMIII-IIMIIIIIIIII,III,MIIIII.IWIII,.IIIIIIIIIIII,ImIIImIWIIIWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Jopes Breads KLEEN-MAID Sc :md IOC Loaves HOLSUM IOC Z1 Loaf ALL-OF-TH E-WHEAT Sc Z1 Loaf PAN-A-MA Sc 21 Loaf SUN-MAID RAISIN IOC a Loaf Delivered Wrapped III I I I I I vrrr III,IIWIIIII,III,IWIIIIIIIIMI-IwwII,,IIIII-IIII II-II IIIIIIWIIIWIII,IIIwI.IIIIIIII,-IIIIIIIIww,IWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIImI.IIIIIIIII,IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIWIIIIIIIWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIInumIIIIIIIIInII4IIIIIIIII-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIuIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIum BENJAMIN EEMEIIY G. A P R I NTE R S W 12064208 RACE STREET PHILADELPHIA HHHIIWIHHUIHINIIHIIHIIHIHIIHIIHINIIIIlIllHIIHIHIIUIIVIIHIHPIHIHIIIIIIHIHIHIIIIIIHHHIIHIIHIHIWIUIIIVI IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII-IIIIII.WI-IWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII-IIIIII-IIIIIIII C A TA L o G Q n ci BOOKLET PRINTING HALF-TONE and COLOR PRINTING IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIfIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIfIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIImu. 'HHHHHIIHHTEHH24IlHHHNHHUHHHHHIIWEIIHHMlHt!!HHVWlIIUIHUIWSWIHIWIHIWIHHHHHHUHHHIHI GHE VERY LATEST AUTOMATIC MACHINERY AND UP-TO-DATE METHODS ENABLE US TO GIVE ROCK BOT- TOM PRICES AND HIGH QUALITY WORK IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIInIIInIIIIIuIIIIIIIIIII1III+IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII4IIIIIIIIuIIIIIIuIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIInIIIIII-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIInIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIInIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIwnwuwwnw ADVERTISEMENTS numH1ummuwvummm 1iu11uiniw1111111u11I11uv1u1nv1n11u11u1n11I111mmumuuwmuum11vmmumwimum mmumuuuw n1vi11wIiin1n1u1inum1n11I11u1ui1u11n11u1uwmnmwmmvm mwmrmmmum For Grooeriaf of Qualify IUDB1 39CRHHVPCUUD Stores in all Parts of Philadelphia and Suburbs wmv, ,-, ww, ,ii-1, w,,,,m,i, i,:.u,w,-H,-W i,,www,i,,m-1 1 ww wi, , ,mm.i, v, i,,,i ,iw i,, ,, ,,n .,,,,i,.v mi,,,,,wi,,,i,,,w,wm:,1,,w,-,,iv,:u:u wvl- nfnmvwnwnwwwzwuwmwi PASTEURIZED CERTIFIED WILL -JO ES 1511-1537 N. 26th Street CLEANMTLK CREAM BUTTERMILK NURSERY u,ww,w hw, 1, W,,wu,m,wiwww,wi,:mwn,mW ,Wi H ,Hm,,u,,, 1,-w 1,1 u,v,ii ,ni lu ,,' College and School Emblems designed and made by this House for the leading Universities, Colleges and Schools Prizes and Trophies for indoor and athletic events Illuftrazfea' folder upon requfft BAILEY, BANKS 81 BIDDLE CO. Diamond Merchants, fcwflfrf, Siloermzitlu, Hcraldifff, Stationfrf CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA 1uumxuiwmrmvuf ivmmmmmu xlv ni 1 mu 1iu.u,,q1,,11vmw,w1wnww,,mwum ,i:.wwi,umlm,ww,w:u,imHmu:1u.muinwmmm,,,imn,ww,,iuw,upw.,uw,f,:,uwuwmmmw11iniw1inim1ia1in11ii11HuummuiummmH1mvuwriivmmnnum Pennsylvania Seals IllllllllllH1l1111i111l1llll1l1llllllllillllllilllllfllllllllllIllHllHlHll!1liilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll1lllll1illlvl1llllllllllllfllI!ll1lllll1llllillilllIlllllllllltllllllllllHll1llllllIlllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllll Mounted on Oak Shields 11 X 14 INCHES Bronze - X3 . 50 lIIlIlllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllIlllIllIllllllllllIIIlIIllIllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllIIIlIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll HOUSTON CLUB SUPPLY STORE niu11n11u1niumuw1u11u1in1u1inumni1u11n11u11n1in1u1inuuivu11u1ui1ininummmmummm u1in11anin1in1nu1u1wuirn1rn1mmi1nu1n11n1rn1an1m1in1m1nunnumumnmuun v THE IQI6 RECORD i . . ii mi iiwiiiwiii. iiiiw,iiiiiiiiirwl Special Offer To Students NNOUNCING the arrival of a Splendid Assortment of Foreign and Domestic mate- rials for the coming season- All prices marked in Plain Fig- ures ranging from twenty-five to forty-five dollars-A cllrcofmzl of tm pm' fmt will be allowed to rtadmlr. FORWARD K CASACCIO 1328 WALNUT s'rR12E'r JACOB WIENER MILTON H. WIENER JACOB WIENER QEHITBIIZI' Hllllllllllllllllllillllllill!HHllllllllllllIlllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllll 866 N. SEVENTH STREET PHILADELPHIA fIiwwwiiuiivimimi,iiLiii4iiiiiiAii1iiiiii.iiiiwwiiiiwiwwwiimiuiiiii1ininiwiiiwwiiviiimmimi-wwummmiiiniwwnimyiiiiiiiiiiii.iiiimm ummm? inuwuv xlvi MARCE TUDIO 27 Special Rates to Staclea ls 1609 CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA Established 1880 Bell Phone Preston 3935 F. P. T. W llson Inc. P A I N T I N G AND niiriiuiiiIiiuiinumininiiniiniuiinuminiininiiniiuiviiiiviimmiiniininiiiniiiiiiviininnniiuiinuiiiminwiiuiiun INTERIOR DECORATIONS : : : SIGNS : : : PARQUETRY FLOORS LAID AND REFINISHED 106 SOUTH FORTIETH STREET PHILADELPHIA ADVERTISEMENTS AUGUSTIN 29' BAPTISTE Caterers .255-257 SOUTH FIFTEENTU STREET I tailor for the best dressed men at Pennsylvania. Ask them. R. HARRISON 1202 Pine Street Philadelphia P7eZ'7flfi7qg and E71g'7'gfUZ'71g SUITS MADE TO ORDER PHONE Whe1zP1'0mz'sed WALTER HU TER 61627250771 St. BoIl1Pl1011ef FULL DRESS AND TUXEDO SUITS TO HIRE LO U I S M. Tailor KOLB Storts 3703 Spruce Street PHtLxDELPH1A - : F r 3-lla Wloodland Ave. Ladies' and Gentlemen's Garments Cleaned, Dyed, Repalred, Pressed and Remodeled Ifsc Kolb? commutation pressing tickets. 3 suits pressed. 31.00 New Willard, Washington, D. C. Meyer Davis' Music ' ' Urcltestras Extraorelivtz ary ' ' For College Dances Bellevue-Stratford, Philadelphia Why Not Buy Your Butter and Eggs From PHILLIPY 3725 HAVERFORD AVENUE Spftinl P71-CFJ and flfferztiolz to .Frale1'1zitie.r Bell Phone Baring 1728 Hattevr to the College Man H. M. LAW 137 S. THIRTEENTH ST. The McDaniel Steam Trap is the dividing line between steam and ' 'P' ,i,, water E I aff S Steam CI1I1,t Blow Q -"': Through 5 Water I , I Can't Stay In, and E.-:-.- M the Cost is Small. WATSON SZ MCDANIEL CO. 146 N. 7th STREET PHILADELPHIA Xlvii THE IQI6 RECORD Meehan, Rankin Sc Company 1206 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia fefwelers mid Smtioviers Disiiiiciive Orchestra Class Pins Class Rings l"'lllill'lllllllllIllllll"ll"'l""'ll'lll'll''llllllll"'ll"ll'll'lll"l' 'l'l"l'l"l Engraved Stationery Invitations P ro g r a in s BVI L PHOXH. Schoiczrsliip ami Athletic Prizes I7I7 Chestnut Street MRLCV 2840 ESTW, ooHEN BROTHERS RET.-XILERS AND YVI'IOLESALE.RS IN TO ' SON - P' BEA5 N S S Meats, Fruits and S T UD E N T Vegetables S SPECIAL ixTr12NTioN AND 3701 SPRUCE ST. RATES TO FRATERNITIES S. E. Corner 36th and Market Streets, Philadelphia Both Phones IVA LUCE Specialist in Framing Pictures 4910 BALTIMORE AVENUE .Mizliztesm TAILOR 209 soUTH 13TH STREET OTTO SARONY CO. 1206 CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. - 5092, REDUCTION FOR STUDENTS Patterson 81 White Co. I Printers and i Piiblisfiers 140 N. SIXTH STREET, PHILADELPHIA PROCESS COLOR WORK A SPECIALTY Awarded First Prize, Printing and Allied Trades ' Exposition, Grand Central Palace, New York, 1914 xlviii ADVERTISEMENTS HAVE YOU EVER BEEN HELPED BY PHOTOGRAPHS FOR TRACINGS? Save time and money by using photographic enlargements for STAINED GLASS WINDOW DESIGNS, PLANS and DRAWINGS, OIL PAINTINGS ILLUSTRATING, SIGNS SAMUEL W. BROWN 8: CO. 915 SANSOM ST. E,fmbli,rlm1 1885 PHILADICLPI-II.-X. PA. J. H. Williams Sc CO. Successors to C. Williams Sc Sons CHAIRS,TABLES AND CANOPIES TO HIRE 235 South Twelfth Street Philadelphia I COMPLIMENTS OF CHARLES DIESINGER IlIflNUI7fICTURIA'C fE1fVELER and DIAMOND IMPORTER 720 SANSOM STREET, PHILADELPHIA RINGE'S CANDIES Alamy: Frexlz 3343 WOODLAND AVENUE WEST PHILADELPHIA GIFT BOXES Y PHONE BELL TELEPHONE Edward R. Williams Importer : Tailor 1306 WALNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA ' B RA N c H: R I V E RTOiN,l CLOVER CLUB WHISKEY JOHN MQGLINN DISTILLING CO. Comjbjjqnevzlf Of , TYPEWRITER Harvey R' PICTCC Company Light and uniform touch. Visible writing. Weight, 6 lbS.ig with case, T" ' SV lbs. Send for catalovue S UR G I C A L INSTRUMENTS 1801 Chestnut Street 4 tv ' soo STANDARD MARE MACHINES P R I C E , 312.50 to 335.00 Typcwriters Rented 1 4 Ivlonths. 35.00 LIBERTY TYPEWRITER CO. 911 WALNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA.

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