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UNH PHll THE REPORT CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-EIGHT THE LAW SCHOOL UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA PHILADELPHIA PENNSYLVANIA Editor-in-Claief . . BENJAMIN E. CARTER Business Manager . . . BERNARD M. GUTH , ,, ,. , ?gfzxtldw 3? i Wilt? 1'? 14? 1W, 5 ?x? g"; , , ?42.2.?4,?112; ,1? ilii?,2xixfz . 94w 4 ml? a 77x 1???? 24??!1111 ????,?z 77 ? 2x44n ,9, , 9 7 5.9.?girgezt?$,?ifitz;rl9;49$ MWWCJ y ayd 71 , , w Wm. WWWW mW IIMWKIIMmWAVn 74 MW: MV'WMWM7WMMM w M always MMA'M V I .w As I was driving home from the Law School one Sunday afternoon I turned on the car radio. A minister was talking with evident yearning about a millennium characterized by uniform goodness and perfect human felicity. Perhaps such a state of affairs is just what there should be in a future life, but I must confess that it presented little current appeal to me in this world in which we live and move. Maybe I am so utterly lawyer- minded that I cannot accommodate myself to a scheme of things in which there is no occasion for striving or for thought and work directed to the better ordering of human relations. Of course, we all know that we would be hard put in what we call our real world in evaluating human af- fairs were there not contrast and differenCCSewere there not good and evil, the sweet and the bitter. It is differen- tiation and discrimination, which help to give content to ideas and which afford us some basis for value judg- ments. How can there be intellectual traction without them? It is not purely academic to refer to these things, how- ever far we may be from the millennium. The point I am getting to is that the impact of an individual upon society is likely to depend more upon his discriminating judgment and the strength of his devotion to what he believes to be the good and the just than upon the quality of his vocational competence. In extending the very warmest good wishes to the members of the class of 1958 for both professional success and personal fulfillment, I am thinking particularly of the flowering of human character. I like to think that each member of the group has the basic formal training upon which to build high professional competence. Far beyond that, I wish for each member the unrelenting waging of the good hght through fair weather and foul. If he struggles manfully, according to his own best lights, to maintain the balance on the side of fair play and decency in human relations, the game will surely be worth the candle for him as well as for society. W 6. KM WWW V ' $ $ 4 y. g xxxw WE DESIRE, in the pages that follow, to portray pictorially some of the facets of the life of the law student at Penn, both curricular and extra-curricular, Which com- prise the three years spent in the Law School. As Will be seen, our emphasis is on photographs, rather than text, as a means of telling the story of What law school life entails. The rationale for this ap- proach is that the people Who are caught by the camerais eye are What really make an event dis- tinctive, and to make this Yearbook as interesting as possible, the limitations of the printed page were believed to be too constrictive. A book of this na- ture, showing law students and faculty members engaged in some typical, and some not so typical law school activities, will serve to remind the reader of his law school days, and should reawaken his memories of the persons and events Which made law school a unique and not-to-be forgotten ex- perience. Mwyw w$7yM W How many of these do I iill out? ...RENEWS OLD FRIENDSHIPS . .. m z XXX 7 xxx xxxxxxx xW 'm MAZM ...AND PRESENTS THE INEVITABLE MIMEO Common law marriages ARE recognized in Pennsyl- vania. TS I havenk read the case, Sir, but . . . W H , WC; KLWW W VA, , x kwww A, V147,!y $0 , mzlgw W Hw,,, , KAvaW7$V Not you, the man next to you! Who are you? Is that right, Greek CHORUS? You,re muttering. This, gentlemen, Will be your nugget of culture for today. I must have these by 4 oklock. face a tough Getting ready to afternoon. I take it that depends. But What does it depend on? Yes, I knOW -that s the horn- book answer. etiDS' 7 ix z Z i g X? i W ,, g? 2949,; lw I ??14 ,IZZVJ , gt354xeiz; 1011 . . relaxat he hub of law school life and more work Q LIBRARY is t a place for work l2 w W h ?????y25 WM 1 ACTIVITIES OF AN EXTRA-CURRICULAR NATURE . To introduce the Law Clubs to the First Year students the rushing smoker. Intra-mural sports-another aspect of club activities. 10118 on cross. Leading quest ? 1me a l o o h c S w a L e h t S e .w t study all the t m1 Bennett Club g d-Week break You boys don, The study of law is a full time job. Extra-curricular contacts. WWX 4 z gay ?;Mwm w yywx ? M X W . xii QXQ N V Xxwxw Coming in for a landing. W WW Ww A 5 4 w z??? x. . a m Ten minutes to n OUR SECRETARIES . . x. , . M wan . x g. ; Miss Rae DiBlasi, Dean Ford- hamk secretary, always eager to help the students. Mrs. Frances Stern, Secretary to the Admissions Committee, taking a well deserved coffee break. Mrs. Helen P. Feuerstein, secre- tary to Vice-Dean Husted, an authoritative source of advice on law school activities. V 'M K- 9Q ' V7$ 19p u g THE LAW REVIEW BENNETT I. BAnDFELM S. DAvm BRANDV? MARTIN EVELEV STAsNLEY FRANK' Human J. Jun HARRY A. Kym JOHN P. MCKENNA, JR. Mnmmr E' ADAM Pwmr G. AUERBACH DONALD BECKMAN MICHAEL A. Bennsnm GEMLD BROKER JAMES J. CASEY, JR. JOHN J. COWAN Rxcmnm C. Cswmn, JR. ALEX A. D! SANTI GERALD F. FLOOD, IR. Wanna J. SEEN Scnior Edimr Glass, Philip H. Osborne, Bennett 1. Bardfeld. Second Row: A. Wurman, James A. Perrin. DiSanti, David R. Tomb, Jr., Donald Beckman. UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA LAW REVIEW Formerly AMERICAN LAW REGISTER Founded 1 8 S 2 Member, National Conference of Law Reviews BOARD OF EDITORS JOHN G. HARXlNS, 311., Editor-in-Chief MELVIN D. GLAsg Managing Ediior HARVEY LEVIN, Case and Cmnmmt Editor DUFFIELD ASHMEAD, III, Aiticle Ediim and Book Review Editor Pram H. Osaonmz, Nola Editor ALLEN G. SCHWARTZ, Remircb Editor RAMON R. OBOD James A. Pawn JOHNr W. ROBERTS RONALD ROSENBERG JOHN L RUNZER WILLIAM J. Snaxxsw Rlcumo W. S'rmnms'? 11mm J. Wain Ev. an C. GOLDMAN an15 Ram MICHAEL P. KING RALPH J. KMXEC Davm L. MLLEX Grammy; F. REED HARRY K Scnwmxrz 310mm M. SEGAL Farm K. 501.345an IRA P, TIGER DAVID R. TOMB, J1. FRANKLIN A. WURMAE Front Row: Martin Evelev, Harvey Levin, Allen G. Schwartz, John G. Harkins, Jr., Melvin D. Ramon R. Obod, Margaret E. Adam, Philip G. Auerbach, John P. McKenna, Jr., David L. Miller, Richard M. Segal, Franklin Third Row: Irwin J. Weiner, Richard W. Stevens, John J. Cowan, Michael A. Bernstein, Ira P. Tiger, Lewis Kates, Murray C. Goldman. Fourth Row: Harry A. Kitey, George F. Reed, Ralph J. Kmiec, Peter K. Solmssen, Gerald F. Flood, Jr., Gerald Broker, James J. Casby, Jr. Back Row: John W. Roberts, Harry K. Schwartz, Alex A. William J. Geen, Richard C. Csaplar, Jr., Ronald Rosenberg, wmww. l ll'lllr i Illllliif ll '9 s T .A -K Q it 9, Seek and ye shall find. Publishing its 106th Volume, the Review this year included a relatively larger amount of student work. A portion of the increase can be attributed to the inclu- sion of projects such as the bail study in the March issue and the Investment Club symposium in the April issue. A wide variety of articles appeared, led off by a study of federal regulation of the over-the-counter securities market by Professor Frey. Contributions by Marc Ancel, Justice of the French Supreme Court, G. J. Balkenstein, Secretary to the Economic Council of the Netherlands, Arthur L. Goodhart, the Master, University College, Oxford, lent an international flavor to the volume. A new uart formh was introduced this year-the iicomment," a hybrid between the Recent Case and the Note, producing needed flexibility. Another innovation was the review of non-legal books such as Alvin Rubinsteinis review of Herbert Feisi book, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin. Creation of the position of Research Editor also marked a departure from prior practice. The activities of the Research Editor resulted in What the Review hopes was a broader coverage of legal subjects. The speaker at the annual Review banquet was the newly appointed Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Civil Rights Division, W. Wilson White, a former editor of the Review. The dinner, held at the Warwick Hotel, was attended by a large number of alumni and distinguished guests. Minturn T. Wright, III, also a former editor of the Review, addressed the Review,s luncheon for new ; members in August. : The Review was delighted to have the services of Louise Munn as business : i secretary this year. Through Miss Munn,s efforts the Review ended its year in a stronger financial position. Take a letter please, Louise. HE HONOR COMMITTEE THE HONOR COMMITTEE, consisting of ten members the student body, administers the Honor System ases 0f the studentsh conduct pertaining elected from which governs all ph to the Law School. Jesse H. Choper, Silas Spengler, George Reed, John G. Harkins, George B McNells, J. Harold Flannery, Robert P. Oberly, Herbert L. Olivieri, Raymonci L. Hovis. THE OWEN J. ROBERTS MEMORIAL LECTURE THE OWEN J. ROBERTS MEMORIAL LECTURE, annually presented by the University of Pennsylvania Chapter of the Order of the Coif and the University of Pennsylvania Law School, features prominent lecturers discussing topics of a philo- sophical or jurisprudential nature. Dean Fordham and Honorable Horace Stern, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania and currently president of the local chapter of the Order of the Coif, greet Professor Arthur Lehman Good- hart, this year,s speaker. Pro- fessor Goodhart, Who lectured on "Public Opinion and the Rule of Law," is Master of University College, Oxford. IN CLASSROOM AND OURTROOM C the emphasis is on the development of the funda- a mental skills of analysis and self-expression. m Sij PI 11! m4 fn Pei Dr. Watson sits in on Family Law class. Audio-visual aids for the seminar. An integral part of every Law Club,s program is a moot court competition for its First Year members. A problem case is as- signed, and the students in pairs prepare an appellate brief Which they argue before a court com- posed of Second and Third Year members. The winning teams from the various clubs Will com- pete against each other in the Spring for the Harrison Cup, a prize instituted this year. May it please the Court . . . The Court en banc. THE KEEDY CUP THE KEEDY CUP is an annual award given for excellence in brief writing and oral advocacy. Every year, teams of two men each from the second year submit brief and must be prepared to argue either side of a current controversial case selected by the Department of Legal Writing. The cup is named after former Dean, now Profes- sor Emeritus, Edwin R. Keedy. Dean Keedy presenting the cup to J, Harold Flannery and Peter B. Spruance, winners of the competition. i Judge Charles S. Desmond, of the New York Court of Appeals, congratulates J. Harold Flannery, Jr., Winner of the award for the best individual oral argument. Teammates Howard Gittis and Peter B. Spruance look on. .. . THE NATIONAL MOOT COURT THE NATIONAL MOOT COURT COMPETITION, annually sponsored by the Young Lawyers Committee of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, featured ninety-four participating law schools in this yearis competition. The Law School is justifiably proud of its team which brought the championship home for the flrst time. Wm i; 0;; w. The silver-tongued ora- tors with their sterling trophies. There seemed to be little mourn- ing at the buildings demise. The demolition process catches the eye of fac- ulty and students. An old building, neighboring the Law School, makes way for campus rede- velopment. Ites amazing what one man and a big crane can do. The new Law School quadrangle and dormi- tory accommodations. .ENEW We f MW, 422; e x! V 1' e 174;? W; e y Wan em "My V , ,I e The machine age speeds completion of the dor- mitories. 29 WWWWW EXAMINATIONS "You have five minutes in which to complete the examination? As exams are turned in, Mrs. Jackson checks the tickets identifying each studenths paper. In line to receive exam grades, a wide variety of emotions are manifest. hMM kaww VAN Q h SKN'N x xxx lNTER-CLUB COUNCIL INTER-CLUB COUNCIL,composed of two elected representatives from each club, is the student governing body Which also serves as a liaison between the students, the Dean, and the faculty. 4 h Hare Club Mcchm Club J William H. Eastburn, III Melvin Soll tSecretarw Martin Evelev John J. Runzcr tTrcasureQ Sbarswood Club Kent Club George B. McNelis Arthur Gorr tVice PresidenQ Felix Albert Robert P. Oberly Lewis Club Wilson Club R. Lamar Kilgore Vincent W. Campbell Joseph H. Savitz Walter 1. Hill William G. chnk, II, President Robert Oberly, Arthur Gorr, Walter Hill, Vincent Campbell, William Klenk, Felix Albert, John Runzer, George McNelis, Joseph Savitz. t .,.wmwwwois PROFESSORS EMERITUS PROFESSOR EMERITUS EDWIN D. DICKINSON i Professor Dickinson came to the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania in 1948, from the University of California Law School at Berkeley where he had served both as Professor of International Law and as Dean. He is past president of the Association of American Law Schools and of the Amer- ican Society of International Law. PROFESSOR EMERITUS EDWIN R. KEEDY Professor Keedy came to the University of Pennsylvania in 1915, and served as Dean of the Law School from 1940 to 1945. An authority on criminal law and procedure, he served as reporter with William E. Mikell on the Code of Criminal Procedure for the American Law Institute. PROFESSOR EMERITUS FRANCIS S. PHILBRICK A member of the faculty from 1929 until his retirement in 1947, Professor Philbrickk special interests are legal his- tory, property, and Germanic Law. In recognition of his scholarly attainments the University of Nebraska conferred on him the honorary degree of LL.D. FACULTY George L. Haskins, A.B., LLB. Professor of Law Property, Wills and Future Inter- ests, Will Drafting and Estate Plan: ning, American Legal History. Theodore H. Husted, Jr., B.S., LLB. Vice Dean and Assistant Professor of Law, Land Transactions, Real Estate Problems. Covey T. Oliver, B.A., J.S.D. Professor of Law, International Law, Federal Taxation, Confiict of Laws. X? Louis B. Schwartz, B.S., LLB. Professor of Law, Criminal Law, Free Enterprise and Economic Organization, Legal Problems of International Trade, Legal Impact of Atomic Energy. Clark Byse, B.E., J.S.D. Professor of Law Contracts, Administrative A. Leo Levin, Mu LLB. Prefessor of Law Civil Procedure, Evi- deuce. xwmmwm Carroll C. Moreland, A.B., B.S., LLB. Associate Professor of Law and Librarian of Biddle Law Library, Legal Writing and Advocacy. , , wxmwxm John O. Honnold, Jr., A.B., LL.B. Professor of Law Constitutional Law, Sales Sales Financing, Sales. James C. N. Paul, A.B., LLB. Assistant Professor of Law and Director of The Institute of Legal Research, Torts, Mass Media. s E. Leech, A.B., LLB. Noye Professor of Law . Creditor? Rights, Corporattons and Partnerships, Agency, Corporate Reorganization and Receiversbip. Douglas B. Maggs, A.B., S.J.D. Visiting Professor of Law Torts, Current U. S. Supreme Court Decisions. Philip Mechem, A.B., J.S.D. Professor of Law Agency, Bills and Notes, Restitution, Wills and Future Interests. ,- Atwmrx , A Clarence Morris, LL.M. Professor of Law Introduction to the judicial Process, Torts, Legal Philoso- phy, Insurance, jurisprudence. Paul J. Mishkin, A.B., LLB. Professor of Law Introduction to the judicial Process, Property, F e d e r a l Courts and the Federal System, Land Development and City Planning. $3 8;! aldti mgr Curti Assisi Civil Sales Curtis R. Reitz, B.S., LLB. Assistant Professor of Law Civil Procedure, Sales and Sales Financing. ,A x A WA W? QC M6XA2X WaaAA ' 2AA , Alexander H. Frey, A.M., J.S.D. Ferdinand Wakeman Hubbell Professor of Law Corporations and Partnerships, Corporate Finance, Labor Law, Civil Rights. Louis Henkin, B.A., LLB. Professor of Law Contracts, Constitutional Law, Consti- tutional Law Seminar. Andrew Samuel Watson, B.S., M.D., M.S. in Med. Associate Professor of Psychiatry in Law Law and Psychiatry. W. Foster Reeve, III, Litt.B., LLB. Algernon Sydney Biddle Professor of Law I Contracts, Trusts, Fiduciary Adminis- V tration. 7 l 40 Caleb Foote, M.A., LLB. Associate Professor of Law Family Law, Advanced Criminal Pro- cedure, Criminal Law. Paul W. Bruton, A.B., J.S.D. Professor of Law Constitutional Law, State and Local Taxation. F ed eral Taxation, mg, James Dav id ttb 1' Wayne s E II Brandow, G . Hammerl iftb Row Shrager, ! Salus, P Marsh ichard E F R w 3 x xxxx xxx xx Xxx xxx.xxxx $S Q $ Robert David S. iam T. Harrison, Peter W. Rowe, Frederick D. Wood, Samuel W $ w : $x Agxwww Q x Will Renneisen, Henry W. Lavine, Arnold H. Rosenberg, John L. Biester, John J. Aponick Schwartz, K. Abe H. Frumkin, Michael P. King, Richard L. Cantor. Shapiro, Keener, , Jr. Peter A. Zambelli, Harry Louis J. Adler, Melvin G. : John F. Dugan, Joseph F. Eckell, Harry, Row Michael H. William S. Murry 8 Second Row: Philip G. , Philip Cherry, Stephen E. Levin, Paul J. Sude, Michael J. Wherry, Harman, Jr., J. Hugh 5. Kirkpatrick, Stanley M. Shingles, Thomas A. Jr., Archie Wallace, W. William Robert Penn, John S. Hayes, Hart Rufe, J. Earl Epstein, o Rospond, Fourth Row ird Row . Carter. P. Richard Frieder, Harry A. Kitey, Robert Moore, William H. Jonathan S. Cohen, William R. Hawkins, David A. Mook, Henry Tb Ben E RAW in. Hager, III, Mark K. Kessler, Edward I. Dobin. Auerbach o irst Row Harvey Levin, Robert P. Mal Eastburn, Swope, Lee, F G Wyzmyxiixxxm nn'xrrpnnc ziv-r ekh Kirhhpnl t ------ 'f J- W e huge' W. Plze'f'klxlknrennlv Rn..,: Robe" u. km... '- iVIIl h. . llamlnwni 'I'ul v M . , , -. r ' Kh'nnlon . .' tar F. V ' John Sythhh'"- W; m..." 'hayus. an rt b J. Venn, OFFICERS President William R. Hawkins Vice President ........... Philip R. Frieder Secretary ................ Thomas Conlon T reasu rer David Mook First Year John J. Aponick, Jr. John L. Biester Edward I. Dobin John F. Dugan, II Earl D. Harrison Mark K. Kessler Hugh S. Kirkpatrick Henry W. Lavine William S. Lee Michael H. Malin Robert E. Penn Arnold H. Rosenberg Robert P. Rospond Peter W. Rowe Samuel W. Salus, II Melvin G. Shapiro Stanley M. Shingles David S. Shrager Michael J. Wherry Marvin M. Wodlinger Frederick D. Wood Peter A. Zambelli, II Second Year Louis J. Adler Philip G. Auerbach Paul E. Bomze Richard L. Cantor Philip Cherry Jonathan S. Cohen Thomas S. Conlon William H. Eastburn, III Murray S. Eckell Jerome E. Epstein George J. Feltovich Abe H. Frumkin Henry G. Hager, III Robert C. Hammerling William J. Harman, II James Q. Harty John S. Hayes Michael P. King William T. Lynam, III Frank A. McClatchy, II William T. Marsh Gordon W. Renneisen Matthew J. Ryan, III Harry K. Schwartz Joseph B. Sturgis Thomas A. Swope, Jr. David R. Tomb, Jr. Archie 0. Wallace Third Year David Blasbnnd Richard E. Brandow Simon D. Brandt James C. Brennan John H. Brydon Ben E. Carter Thomas E. Donahue Philip R. Frieder William D. Frizlen John J. Grauer Richard T. Gross William R. Hawkins Herbert J. Jaffe Joseph F. Keener Harry A. Kitey Aaron M. Kress Harvey Levin Stephen E. Levin Milo G. Miller David A. Mook Robert Moore Robert L. Pfannebecker William H. Rafe, III John J. Runzer Peter B. Spruance Paul J. Sude ' . u ,, lanohu'la nnlcnn. ROI. ha-' I' '1.... an Aln-lvu- If. "..u l 0'... .l... I-DI.-. 'Datlcl '4.;4 ay'IC' HARE LAW CLUB As the successor to the 01d University Law Club, the Hare Law Club was organized in 1890. Its name is derived from that of a famous Professor of Constitutional Law at the Law School, John Innes Clark Hare. The Club takes part in moot court competition, intramural athletics, and holds successful . . II ' ,, partxcs dunng the year known as hoohes . OFFICERS President ............ William H. Wolf, Jr. Vice President ........ Robert M. Abramson Secretary .............. John H. Lombard Treasurer ............. Garland D. Cherry KENT LAW CLUB Named after the famous American jurist Chancellor Kent, the Kent Law Club was founded in 1896, when the Law School was situated at Sixth and Chestnut Streets. The Club has an active moot court program, participates in athletic events with the other clubs, and has had great success with its parties, both during rushing and throughout the course of the year. The clubroom is a frequently utilized gathering place and has been recently redecorated by the members. First Year Felix Albert Jesse H. Choper Lawrence B. Custer Preston L. Davis Alfred I. Fiergang Charles J. Hair Robert J. Hastings Edmund G. Hauff Richard S. Hyland A. Peter Kanjorski, Jr. Edward Kessel Charles G. Kopp Margaret M. Noll Edward Robin George F. Robinson David E. Seymour Thomas J. Sorensen Charles M. Stonehill Michael F. Walsh John A. Walter Guy E. Waltman, Jr. Second Year H. Donald Busch Garland D. Cherry William J. Geen John P. Godillot Arthur R. Gorr Leslie B. Handler John J. Lombard, Jr. Clement J. McGovern, Jr. Robert L. Messick Robert H. Rubin Thomas L. Stapleton Third Year Robert M. Abramson Irwin Albert Ottavio F. Biondi Raymond L. Hovis Jay H. Kisloff Philip H. Osborne John W. Roberts Littleton W. Roberts, Jr. Bruce R. Ruttenberg Allen G. Schwartz William M. Steinbach Yorvar E. Synnestvedt Richard Udell William H. Wolf, Jr. Howard L. Yood Robert H. Zimmerman vA V3? 3' v z. xkaDN EIAILL kw Front Row: Thomas J. Sorenson, George F. Robinson, Garland D. Cherry, William H. Wolf, Jr., Robert M. Abramson, Leslie B. Handler, Arthur R. Gorr, Preston L. Davis. Second Row: John A. Walter, Michael F. Walsh, Richard S. Hyland, Margaret M. Noll, A. Peter Kanjorski, Edward Robin, Robert J. Hastings. Third Row: Ottavio F. Biondi, H. Donald Busch, Alfred I. Fiergang, Alfred E. Newman, Charles M. Stonehill. Fourth Row: Charles J. Hair, Edward Kessel, Charles G. Kopp, Lawrence B. Custer, Jesse H. Choper, Jay H. Kisloff. Back Row: John W. Roberts, Thomas L. Stapleton, Guy E. Waltman, Jr., Edmund G. Hauff, David E. Seymour, Raymond L. Hovis, Robert H. Zimmerman. .$ Kmiec, Bruce Hirshorn, Tom McBride, 0 scar Gaskins, Bill Eisenberg. Fourth Row: Howard Girsh, Sam Newman, Lee Solot,Allan Rattner, Dick Stevens, Bob Wilson, Carl Zucker, Ted Grashof. Back Row: B Ircy, Jack Wilson, Albert Michell, Marty Cohen, Lewis Gordon, Jack Older. Pranlc'rul OFF'ICERS w u ill Sutphin, Grant .T. GK enpKe, Enn -. K .nk V7 Q T .' i. Iv.-. Row: Lsmhc thgorn. Howng Sakhouglngsr. ahhcaKc. hhhh Khsnk. 39- Savltl. Phhh Cohcn. -2 wt VogQX. 3km $gVQrKGeQ, Lou T-r:.i Dick Seg-l J S' 1 k B v . h Mxtx-r. Third Rolv: m-txan Kurx-nd-r, n:nauux Luke, Leica- :5an; Rulzll Qurtnn er-ky. Arthur Scroud Ro-A': Bnh-rx Yottor. LEWIS LAW CLUB The William Draper Lewis Law Club was founded in 1946. for the purpose of furthering moot'court competition, and is named for a former Dean of the Law School. In addition to its moot c0urt program, Lewis takes part in the social and athletic functions of the Law School. Together with the Hare and Kent Clubs, an especially successful Christmas party was held this year at the Greenbriar Country Club. K "Ilot . First Year Lewis J. Gordon Maxwell B. Hirshorn Isaac G. Irey, Jr. Randall D. Luke Thomas J. McBride G. Wesley Manuel, Jr. Albert B. Michell Robert A. Miller Samuel W. Newman Ronald C. Scott Joseph M. Sirotnak Edwin L. Solot William T. Sutphin Brno- llhnluu .- qula': IIgnw-lr-I Kiir-In. Bub Wil...n. czar! Ztlckor. trod lrcy. Jack wil-on. Albert Miclaoll, . 1...". Mn nrlslo. 1,-a'nr ld-nkln-n. Dill Kinonl-ar-. 3n!!! Now-II-Ill. Ito- SID'IIK. Allatu Knit lllll hir5-gluujf. lf-urrt lJlrk Stovcaun, 11.1.74 Rout.- Bill Sucphln. Gr-nx Mnl-ty Cohen, Lewis Gordan. J-ck Olzl'r. OFFICERS President . Arthur T. Gillespie, Jr. Vice President ........ William G. Klenk, 11 Secretary ............ Howard Schlesinger Treasurer ............. Burton M. Mirsky Second Year James E. Beveridge William Congreve, III Frank J. Dumark, Jr. William V. Eisenberg Oscar N. Gaskins Howard M. Girsh August E. Grashof Lewis Kates Raymond L. Kilgore Ralph J. Kmiec Robert H. Levy Arnold R. Lieberman Joseph R. McFate, II Burton M. Mirsky Harvey P. Murray, Jr. Allan Rattner Charles P. Rife James L. Rosenbaum Howard Schlesinger Richard M. Sega! Allen P. Silverman Joseph R. Sparks Joseph F. Strain, Jr. Donald M. Tannenbaum Louis M. Tarasi, Jr. Herbert A. Vogel John D. Wilson Robert L. Wilson Robert E. Yetter Third Year Alvin M. Chanin Martin Cohen Philip Cohen Michael V. Franciosa Arthur T. Gillespie, Jr. Melvin D. Glass William G. Klenk, II Martin Kurlander David W. Leahy Robert W. Lentz William C. Massinger Jack S. Older James S. Palermo Charles F. Quinn Joseph H. Savitz Philip W. Sheeler Paul D. Solomon Richard W. Stevens Elliott Yampell Carl K. Zucker MCKEAN LAW CLUB Founded in 1904, the Thomas McKean Law Club is named in honor of a former Chief Justice of the Pennsylvania Su- preme Court. Its members conduct an active program of both academic and social activities, as well as encourage, with their participation, the intramural football and basketball schedules. First Year Edward L. Batoff Charles J. Bogdanoff Anthony J. Caiazzo David P. Cohen Frederick Cohen Leonard S. Ergas Frank Federman Cherie A. Gaines Gordon A. Gelfond Michael Goldman Chester H. Grant Frank E. Greenberg Allan Katz Gerald G. Kramer Aaron J. Levinson Frank H. Lewis Bernard H. Lundy Donald A. Marshall Stanley B. Nelson Deborah L. Nodler Leonard Orloff, Jr. Nicholas D. Vadino, Jr. Alvin M. Weiss Second Year George J. Alexander Joseph Beller Michael A. Bernstein Gerald Broker Joseph J. Carlin Alex A. DiSanti Seymour H. Feingold Mark N. Finston Melvin L. Fuhrman David C. Furman Murray C. Goldman Bernard M. Gross Charles H. Harris Selwyn A. Horvitz Herbert Josephs Samuel H. Karsch David L. Miller Harvey M. Mitnick John T. Mulligan Allen 0. Olin Herbert L. Olivieri Martin B. Pitkow Jack A. Rounick Louanne Schafer Bernard L. Segal Norman R. Segal Boris Shapiro Walter A. Smith Melvin E. 5011 Alan R. Squires Third Year Bennett 1. Bardfeld Harold J. Berger David R. Cohan Ronald N. Diamond Arthur M. Dolin Carolyn E. Temin Martin S. Evelev Stanley Frank Howard Gittis Howard Glassman Louis Goldhirsh Sander R. Gorberg Sidney R. Granite Bernard M. Guth Irving L. Hoffman Alan W. Margolis Thomas F. Morgan, Jr. Ramon R. Obod Harvey Porter Mortimer D. Rubin Allan B. Schneirov David J. Steinberg Howard Warshafsky OFFICERS President..................DavidCohan Vice President . . . Herbert Olivieri Secretary t . . . . . . . . . . . George J. Alexander Treasurer Joseph Beller WaKter A. Sxxxith Mc vin E. $0 A an R. Squires Front Row: Sander Gorberg, Howard Glassman, Harvey Porter, Deborah Nodler, J seph Beller, David Cohan, Herbert Olivieri, George Alexander, Cherie Gaines, Boris Shapiro Gerald G. Kramer, Allen Olin. Second Row: Frank Greenberg, Walter Smith, Norman Siegel,Jack Rounick, Bernard Gross, Howard Gittis, David Miller, Allen Schneirov, Thomas Morgan, Sey- mour Feingold, Gordon Gelfond. Third Row: Arthur Dolin, Charles Harris, Alvin Weiss, Martin Pitkow, Frederick Cohen, Bennett Bardfeld, Martin Evelcx, Aaron chinson, Alan Squires, David Furman, Alan Margolis, Irwin Weiner, Howard Warshafsky, Harold Berger. Fourth Row: Melvin Fuhrman, Harvey Metnick, Murray Goldman, Leonard Orloff, Selwin Horvitz, Anthony Caiazzo, Frank Lewis, Stanley Nelson, Chester Grant,Herbert Josephs, Jack Mulligan, Joseph Carlin, Michael Berstein, Melvin 5011, Alexander DiSanti, Ronald Diamond, Stanley Frank. Back Row: Samuel Karsch, Leonard Ergas, Jerry Broker, Nicholas Vadino, Charles Bogdanoff, Irving Hoffman, Alan Aberman, David Steinberg. Front Row: John C. Mueller, James W. Lillie, John G. Harkins, Jr., Frank C. McLaughlin, Duffield Ashmead, George Barnett McNelis, John P. Leem- huis, Robert P. Oberly, William F. White, Lemuel B. Schofield, II, T. Weldon Mcnteith. Second Row: John E. Hoover, Robert G. Kleckner, Jr., George F. Reed, Richard D. Monroe, Peter K. Solmssen, Richard D. Rivers, Peter C. Paul, William J. Sharkey, Roland Morris. Third Row: David Acton, Charles A. Heimbold, J23, John R. Hudders, Peter Pfund, David M. Jordan, A. Bal- four Brehman, Robert A. Martin, L. Gerald Tarantino, A. Thomas Parke. Fourth Row: John J. Francis, Jr., Edward Hoopes, IV, Charles E. Mather, III, K ; John W. Brock, Jr., Albert W. Laisy, Harris C. Arnold, Jr., Thomas B. Moorhead, John F. Salisbury, Lowell S. Thomas, L. Carter Anderson. Fifth Row: William H. Kinkead 111, Austin B. Graff, Sanford D. Beecher, Jr., Lindley M. Cowperthwait, Jr., Fred C. Aldridge, Jr., Henry R. Heebner, J12, Gerald F. Flood, Jr., Kevin M. Salisbury, Vernon Stanton, Jr., Harold S. O Brian, Jr. Back Row: John F. Loughran, Donald Kennedy, Jay F. Frank, J. Harold Flannery, Jr., Donald M. Leith, John S. Halsted, Ralph Clover, James A. Loughran, Hugh A. A. Sargent, William C. Smith, Silas Spengler, David Williams, Donald Beckman. OF F ICERS Claief Clerk ........ . Secretary ........... DufEeld Ashmead, III ........... John P. Leemhuis Treasurer First Year David Acton Ralph H. Clover Lindley M. Cowperthwait, Jr. Jay F. Frank John S. Halsted Charles A. Heimbold, Jr. Edward Hoopes, IV John E. Hoover Donald D. Kennedy, Jr. Donald M. Leith John F. Loughran Roland Morris Harold S. O8Brian, Jr. Richard D. Rivers Kevin M. Salisbury Hugh A. A. Sargent William C. Smith Vernon Stanton, Jr. Lowell S. Thomas, Jr. William F. White, Jr. David L. Williams George B. McNelis Second Year L. Carter Anderson Donald Beckman Sanford D. Beecher, Jr. John W. Brock, Jr. Wallace P. Cooney Joseph A. Damico, Jr. Gerald F. Flood, Jr. John J. Francis, Jr. Austin B. Graif John R. Hudders David M. Jordan William H. Kinkead, III Robert G. Kleckner, Jr. Albert W. Laisy James W. Lillie, Jr. Frank C. McLaughlin, Jr. Robert A. Martin Charles E. Mather, III Richard Dean Monroe Thomas B. Moorhead John C. Mueller Robert P. Oberly Peter C. Paul Peter H. Pfund Lemuel B. Schofield, II Peter K. Solmssen Third Year Fred C. Aldridge, Jr. Harris C. Arnold, Jr. DuHield Ashmead, III Amor B. Brehman, Jr. John A. Carpenter John H. Flanhnery, Jr. John G. Harkins, Jr. Henry R. Heebner, Jr. John P. Leemhuis James A. Loughran George B. McNelis Richard M. Marcks T. Weldon Monteith, Jr. Arthur T. Parke, III Ronald Rosenberg John F. Salisbury Edwin W. Semans, Jr. William J. Sharkey Louis G. Tarantino SHARSWOOD LAW CLUB On October 8, 1881, several members of the Law School classes of ,81 and 882 founded the Sharswood Law Club in order to promote moot court argument. The Club is named after the famous Chief Justice of Pennsylvania, George Shars- wood. To highlight the Clubts social activities, there are parties through the course of the year, and an extremely successful annual banquet. WILSON LAW CLUB The James Vlilson Law Club was established in 1900, and is named for the flrst professor of law at Penn, who was also w ,mwwvum," VAMMWMMH. N M an Associate Justice of the first United States Supreme Court. Since its inception, the Club has had as its primary objective the furthering of social and academic fellowship between law students, both during their law school days and after graduation. First Year H. Beatty Chadwick John R. Jakubowski Hugh D. Jascourt William F. Keating Kenneth F. Lee David 8. Morris William R. Mosolino Marvin L. Portney Alan B. Portnoff Daniel Rakov Samuel J. Reich Albert Ring Robert K. Staz Joseph T. Vodnoy Hillard N. Zebine Ronald Ziegler Second Year Vincent W. Campbell James J. Casby, Jr. George C. Corson, Jr. Richard C. Csaplar, Jr. Robert Y. Ellis Richard L. Goerwitz Jack G. Handler John R. Henry David A. Johnston, Jr. Carl V. Kapp Edmund H. Kase, 111 Robert W. Matz John B. Maybee Alvin 8. Moses Charles N. Ross Marshall A. Rutter Donald A. Semisch Oscar F. Spicer Katherine V. Sziklai Ira P. Tiger Ronald C. Unterberger Stanley C. Vass Carl F. Werley Adrian B. Winterfield Franklin A. Wurman Third Year Albert R. Beal Daniel Dinardo Jacques H. Geisenberger, Jr. Elwood J. Heerwagen, Jr. Walter I. Hill Reginald F. Hopkinson Baron E. Kessler Marcia L. Kitzmiller Charles F. Knapp George D. Knapp Michael G. Kurcias James A. Mounts, Jr. Howard Ian Oken Michael A. Orlando, III John H. Parkes James A. Perrin Donnell D. Reed Paul S. Roeder, Jr. Franklin J. Singer Marvin Weiss Robert H. Yaroschuk OFFICERS President Marvin Weiss Vice President ...... Richard C. Csaplar, Jr. Secretary ........... George C. Corson, Jr. Treasurer ....... Elwood J. Heerwagen, Jr. 31 Front Row: Marcia L. Kitzmiller, George C. Corson, Jr., Walter I. Hill, Marvin Weiss, Richard C. Csaplar, Jr., Vincent W. Campbell, Katherine V. Sziklai. Secoml Row: Frank Singer, John H. Parkes, Alvin S. Moses, Michael A. Orlando, III, Marvin L. Portney, Hugh D. Jascourt. Third Row: H. Beatty Chadwick, Friedrich J. Weinkopf, William R. Mosolino, Samuel Reich, Ronald Ziegler, Albert Ring, Stanley C. Vass. Fourth Row: John R. x? Jakubowski, Donnell D. Reed, James J. Casby, Jr., Ira P. Tiger, Hillard N. Zebine, James A. Mounts, Alan B. Portnoff, Joseph T. Vodnoy. Fifth Row: William F. Keating, Yves Grappotte, Jack G. Handler, Edmund H. Kase, III, Charles N. Ross, Ronald C. Unterberger, Michael G. Kurcias. Back Row: Kenneth F. Lee, Daniel Rakov, Robert H. Yaroschuk, Richard L. Goerwitz, Jr., Carl V. Kapp. Front Row: Jerome E. Epstein, Vincent W. Campbell, Leslie B. Handler, Philip Cherry Herbert A. Vogel, Lewis Kates, Frank J. Dumark, Seymour H. Feingold, Peter C. Paul. Second Row: Jonathan S. Cohen, Bernard M. Gross, John W. Brock, Jr., Michael A. Bernstein, Gerald Broker David C. Furman, James E. Beveridge. Third Row: Arthur R. Gorr, Michael P. King, David M. Jordan, Robert C. Hammerling, R. Lamar Kilgore, Ralph J. Kmiec, William J Harman, John J. Francis, Jr. Fourth Row: John R. Hudders, Abe H. Frumkin, Oscar N. Gaskins, James J. Casby, Jr., William J. Geen, Henry www m G. Hager, III, Alan J. Aberman, L. Carter Anderson. Fifth Rou': Herbert Josephs, Samuel H. Karsch, Edmund H. Kase, 111, August E. Grashof. Richard L. Goerwitz, Richard C. Csaplar, Jr., Richard L. Cantor. Louis J. Adler, Paul Edward Bomze. Sixth Row: Howard M. Girsh, Gerald F. Flood, Jr., Murray 5. Eckell, Joseph Butler. Back Row: Garland D. Cherry. Alex A. DiSanti, Austin B. Graff, William H. Eastburn, III, Carl V. hslpp, H. Donald Busch, Donald Beckman, George J. Alexander. NS L .J J.;J -. w 7; ammuwtav... wniyu. -... 3, ', f e I xx xx x N x xx: :X Vx' XXX ' 5;? Front Row: Louis M. Tarasi, Jr., Joseph F. Strain, J ., John C. Mueller, Thomas B. Moorhead, Albert W. Laisy, Martin B. Pitkow, Frank J. Pes- Lemuel B. Schofield, II, Katherine Sziklai, Marshall A. Rutter, Allen 0. solano, Jr. Fourth Row: Peter K. Solmssen, Arnold R. Lieberman, Allen P. Olin, Thomas A. Swope, Jr, David L. Miller. Second Row: Boris Shapiro, Silverman, Gordon W. Renneisen, Allan Rattner, Charles N. Ross, Bernard Jack A. Rounick, Frank A. McClatchy, II, George F. Reed, Harry K. ' L. Segal, Howard Schlesinger. Back Row: Matthew J. Ryan, III, John D. Schwartz, Charles P. C. Rife, Charles E. Mather, III, Archie 0. Wallace. Wilson, Joseph B. Sturgis, Robert H. Rubin, Robert W. Matz. Tbird Row: Richard M. Segal, Frank C. McLaughlin, Jr., Ira P. Tiger, M.Mwwx w a WM, Front Row: Frank.E. Greenberg, Melvin S. Feldman, Richara S. Hyland, Robert J. Hastings, Cherie A. Gaines, A. Peter Kanjorski, Jr., Gerald G. Kramer, Hugh D. Jascourt. Second Row: Alan Katz, Edward L. Batoff, Edward G. Isaacson, David Acton, M. Bruce Hirschorn, Rodney D. Henry, Gordon A. Gelfond, William S. Lee, John E. Hoover. Third Row Randall D. Luke, Alfred I. Fiergang, Charles G. Kopp, Earl Foster, Frank H. Lewis, Jesse H. Choper, Charles J. Hair, Bernard H. Lundy, Leonard S. Ergas. Fourth Row: H. Chester Grant, Earl D. Harrison, Hugh S. Kirkpatrick, John F. Dugan, II, H. Beatty Chadwick, John R. Jakubowski, Lewis Gordon, William F. Keating, John L. Biester. Fifth Row: Michael Goldman, Edward Kessel, Lawrence B. Custer, Preston L. D vis, Frank Federman, Jay F. Frank, John S. Halsted, EdwardII. Dobin. Back Row: Morton C. Hill, I. Grant Irey, Jr., Edmund G. Hauff, John F. P.Loughran, Ralph H. Clover, Donald M. Leith, Charles J. BogdanoH. Lindley M. Cowperthwait, Jr., Re neth F. Lee, Henry W. L vine, John J. Ap0nick, Jr., Mark K. Kessler. .wvmwwxxgwk - '- wxwxxXRKK-NX x . vi xXxXx$k quf :V $5ka xx S , wax $ WWW Front Row: George F. Robinson, Michael F. Walsh, Thomas J Sorensen, Joseph M. Sirotnak, Edward Robin, Thomas J. McBride, John A. Walter, Leonard Orland. Second Row: Charles M. Stonehill, G. Wesley Manuel, Jr , Michael H. Malin, Margaret Mary Noll, Robert P. Respond, Samuel W. Salus, 11, Robert E. Penn, David S. Shrager. Third Row: Hillard N. Zebine, Samuel Reich, Ronald Zeigler, Albert Ring, James P. MacLean, 111, William R. Mosolino. Fourth Row: David E. Seymour, Leonard Orloff, Jr., Stanley 0 an d x a x B. Nelson, Guy E. Waltman, Jr., Marvin L. Portney, Robert K. Staz, Stanley M. Shingles. Fifth R01 r': Nicholas Vadino, Jr., Marvin M. Wodlinger, Silas Spengler, William T. Sutphin, Harold S. O Brian, Jr., Peter A. Zambelli, . Alan B. Portnoff, William F. White, Jr. Back Row: Melvin G. Shapiro, L Joseph T. Vodnoy, Frederick D. Wood, David L. Williams, Vernon Stanton, Jr., Peter W. Rowe, Daniel Rakov, Donald A. Marshall, Samuel W. New- man, E. Lee Solot, Arnold H. Rosenberg. 58 ROBERT MORRIS IRWIN ALBERT ABRAMSON 105 East High Street 6510 Ogontz Avenue Carlisle, Pennsylvania Philadelphia 26, Pennsylvania BS. in Economics BS. in Economics University of Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania Kent Law Club Kent Law Club FRED CUTLER HARRIS c. ARNOLD, JR. ALDRIDGE, JR. 1894 Eden Road 115 Bloomingdale Avenue Lancaster, Pennsylvania Wayne, Pennsylvania B.A. B.S.C.E Haverford College Duke University Sharswood Law Club Sharswood Law Club DUFFIELD ASHMEAD, III 122 West Highland Avenue Philadelphia 18, Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania Sharswood Law Club ALBERT REYNOLDS BEAL 8765 Stenton Avenue Philadelphia 18, Pennsylvania B.A. Harvard University Wilson Law Club BENNETT I. BARDFELD 211 South East Avenue Vineland, New jersey BS. in Economics University of Pennsylvania McKean Law Club HAROLD S. BERGER 210 Griffen Street Pboem'xw'lle, Pennsylvania B.A. Pennsylvania State University McKean Law Club 59 OTTAVIO FRANCIS BIONDI 622 Vandever Avenue Wilmington 2, Delaware DAVID BLASBAND Lincoln Court Apartments Philadelphia 31, Pennsylvania B.A. La Salle College M.A. Boston College Kent Law Club RICHARD EDWARD BRANDOW 1.9 Kingsbury Avenue Bradford, Pennsylvania BS. in Economics University of Pennsylvania Hare Law Club A.B. Cornell University Hare Law Club SIMON DAVID BRANDT 1540 Kaiglm Avenue Camden 3, New jersey A.B. Princeton University Hare Law Club AMO'R BALFOUR JAMES C. BRENNAN BREHMAN, JR. 305 Smithfield Road 135 Cbeswold Valley Road Wallingford, Pennsylvania Haverford, Pennsylvania B.S. B.S. in Economics St. Joseplfs College University of Pennsylvania Hare Law Club Sharswood Law Club JOHN H. BRYDON JOHN ANDREW 128 Grove City Road CARPENTER Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania 101 North Eleventh Street B.A. Sunbury, Pennsylvania Allegheny College A.B. Hare Law Club Pennsylvania State University Sharswood Law Club BENJAMIN E. CARTER 920 Browers Point ALVIN M. CHANIN Lakeside Apartments Woodmere, New York Melrose Park 26, Pennsylvania B.S. in Economics University of Pennsylvania Hare Law Club DAVID R. COHAN 3206 Virginia Avenue Baltimore 15, Maryland A.B. Johns Hopkins University McKean Law Club 62 13.3. Temple University Lewis Law Club MARTIN COHEN 424 Emily Street Philadelphia 48, Pennsylvania B.S. Temple University Lewis Law Club PHILIP COHEN JOSEPH DAMICO 424 Emily Street 723 Irvington Road Philadelphia 48, Pennsylvania Chester, Pennsylvania B.S. B.S. Temple University Georgetown University Lewis Law Club Sharswood Law Club RONALD NORMAN DANIEL DINARDO DIAMOND 1013 Third Avenue 5428 Wyndale Avenue Corapolis, Pennsylvania Philadelphia 31, Pennsylvania B.S. B.S. Pennsylvania State University Temple University Wilson Law Club McKean Law Club 63 ARTHUR MELVIN DOLIN 6429 North Seventeenth Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania THOMAS EDWARD DONAHUE, JR. 1301 Devereaux Avenue B.S. Philadelphia 11, Pennsylvania Temple University McKean Law Club MARTIN S. EVELE 1815 Callowbill Street Philadelphia 30, Pennsylvania B.S. Drexel Institute of Tech McKean Law Club B.S. in Economics Villanova University Hare Law Club V J. HAROLD FLANNERY, JR. 906 Susquehanna Avenue West Pittston, Pennsylvania B.A. in History ; nology Wilkes College Sharswood Law Club -v MICHAEL VINCENT FRANCIOSA 1 East Mercer Avenue Llanercb, Havertown, Penna. University of Maryland B.A. STANLEY FRANK 4546 North Tenth Street Philadelphia 40, Pennsylvania B.S. in Education Temple University McKean Law Club Lewis Law Club PHILIP RICHARD FRIEDER 2 8 Latbam Park Philadelphia 26, Pennsylvania A.B. Dartmouth College Hare Law Club WILLIAM D. FRIZLEN 1007 South Forty-sixtb Street Philadelphia 43, Pennsylvania A.B. Lafayette College Hare Law Club 65 66 JACQUES H. ARTHUR T. GILLESPIE, JR. GEISENBERGER, JR. 625 North Mublenberg Street 40 Nortla Duke Street Allentown, Pennsylvania Lancaster, Pennsylvania B.S. in Economics AB. in History University of Pennsylvania Franklin 8: Marshall College Lewis Law Club Wilson Law Club HOWARD GITTIS MELVIN DONALD GLASS 4871 East Roosevelt Boulevard 105 East Ninety-fiftb Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Brooklyn 12, New York B.S. in Economics B.A. University of Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania McKean Law Club Lewis Law Club HOWARD T. GLASSMAN LOUIS GOLDHIRSH 1009 N. Sixty-fourtb Street 7115 Akron Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Plailadelplaia 49, Pennsylvania B.S. B.S. 4 Pennsylvania Staci: University Temple University McKean Law Club McKean Law Club SANDER R. GORBERG SIDNEY RICHARD 520 Lafayette Road GRANITE Merion Station, Pennsylvania 358 Raritan Street B.S. Camden, New jersey Temple University B.A. McKean Law Club Rutgers University McKean Law Club 67 JOHN JOSEPH GRAUER 642 East Brill Street Philadelphia 20, Pennsylvania B.A. La Salle College Hare Law Club RICHARD T. GROSS 6420 North Twelfth Street Philadelphia 26, Pennsylvania B.A. Pennsylvania State University Hare Law Club BERNARD M. GUTH JOHN G. HARKINS, JR. 1160 Oliver Road Waterloo Road Huntingdon Valley, Penna. Berwyn, Pennsylvania B.S. in Economics B.A. University of Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania McKean Law Club Sharswood Law Club 68 WILLIAM RICHARD HENRY REED HEEBNER, JR. HAWKINS 125 Woodside Avenue 3004 Satsuma Drive Narbertb, Pennsylvania Sarasota, Florida B.A. A.B. Yale University Swarthmore College Sharswood Law Club Hare Law Club ELWOOD J. WALTER IRVING HILL HEERWAGEN, JR. R. D. 1451 23 Meadowbrook Road Lafayette, New jersey Short Hills, New Jersey A.B. A.B. Tufts University Rutgers University Wilson Law Club Wilson Law Club 69 IRVING LEONARD REGINALD F. HOPKINSON HOFFMAN 138 DeGray Street 2001 North Tbi1'ty-19rst Street North Haledon, New jersey Philadelphia, Pennsylvania A.B. A.B. University of Pennsylvania Temple University McKean Law Club RAYMOND L. HOVIS R. D. 4:2 York, Pennsylvania B.S. in Economics University of Pennsylvania Kent Law Club 70 Wilson Law Club HERBERT J. JAFFE 5 7 43 Woodbine Avenue Philadelphia 31, Pennsylvania A.B. Dickinson College Hare Law Club JOSEPH F. KEENER, JR. BARON E. KESSLER 11 South Vendome Avenue 1011 High Street Margate, New jersey Pottstown, Pennsylvania B.A. A.B. Dartmouth College Princeton University Hare Law Club Wilson Law Club g N JAY H. KISLOFF HARRY A. KITEY 802 West 190th Street 2334 Seventy-seventb Avenue New York 40, New York Plsiladelpbia 50, Pennsylvania B.A. B.S. in Economics University of Chicago University of Pennsylvania Kent Law Club Hare Law Club 72 WILLIAM G. KLENK, II 5427 Wayne Avenue 2116 Pine Street Philadelphia 44, Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. B.A. B.A. University of Pennsylvania Lewis Law Club MARCIA LOUISE KITZMILLER University of Pennsylvania Wilson Law Club CHARLES FRANCIS KNAPP GEORGE DANIEL KNAPP 1020 Sbadeland Avenue 1020 Shadeland Avenue Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania B.S. B.S. in Economics La Salle College Villanova University Wilson Law Club Wilson Law Club AARON M. KRESS MICHAEL GABRIEL 805 Locust Street KURCIAS New Kensington, Pennsylvania 111 East Penn Street B.A. Long Beach, New York Dickinson College B.S. in Economics Hare Law Club University of Pennsylvania Wilson Law Club MARTIN KURLANDER DAVID WILLIAM LEAHY 1322 West Eighth Street 208 Grayling Avenue Brooklyn 4, New York Narbertla, Pennsylvania B.A. B.S. in Economics Brooklyn College Villanova University M.A. Lewis Law Club New School for Social Research Lewis Law Club JOHN PETER LEEMHUIS ROBERT WESLEY LENTZ 4715 Cherry Street 3512 Spring Garden Street Erie, Pennsylvania Philadelphia 4, Pennsylvania B. S. A.B. I Holy Cross College Lafayette College Sharswood Law Club HARVEY LEVIN STEPHEN E. LEVIN 4017 Baltimore Avenue 4902 Wyndale Avenue Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Philadelphia 31, Pennsylvania BS. in Economics University of Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania Hare Law Club Hare Law Club BS. in Economics 1 JAMES ANTHONY JOHN PATRICK McKENNA 1 LOUGHRAN 6117 Lawrence Street 1 601 West 188th Street Philadelphia 30, Pennsylvania , New York, New York BS. 1 A.B. La Salle College Fordham University Sharswood Law Club GEORGE BARNETT MCNELIS RICHARD M. MARCKS 1330 Sixty-fiftla Avenue 2140 Walnut Street will Philadelphia 26, Pennsylvania Allentown, Pennsylvania B.S. in Engineering B.A. a Princeton University University of Virginia Sharswood Law Club Sharswood Law Club 75 76 ALAN WILLIAM MARGOLIS 5040 City Line Avenue" Philadelphia 31, Pennsylvania WILLIAM C. MASSINGER 805 Main 'Street Pboenixville, Pennsylvania A.B. BS. in Economics University of Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania B.S.F.S. McKean Law Club Georgetown University Lewis Law Club T. WELDON MONTEITH, JR. 844 Black Rock Road MILO G. MILLER Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 109 South Newport Avenue B.A. Atlantic City, New jersey Williams College A.B. M.B.A. University of Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania Hare Law Club Sharswood Law Club DAVID ARDEN MOOK ROBERT MOORE 23 School House Lane 110 West Market Street Broomall, Pennsylvania Danville, Pennsylvania A.B. A.B. University of Pennsylvania Lafayette College Hare Law Club Hare Law Club IR. THOMAS F. MORGAN, JR. JAMES A. MOUNTS, JR. Curtis Park 503 Ruskin Drive Philipsburg, Pennsylvania Altoona, Pennsylvania B.A. B.A. Pennsylvania State University Washington 85 Jefferson College McKean Law Club Wilson Law Club 77 RAMON R. OBOD HOWARD OKEN 3051 Kensington Avenue 2024 S. LaCienega Boulevard Philadelphia 34, Pennsylvania Los Angeles 34, California B.S. in Economics B.A. University of Pennsylvania Hobart College McKean Law Club Wilson Law Club JACK STANLEY OLDER MICHAEL ANTHONY 1726 Mobican Street ORLANDO, III Philadelphia 38, Pennsylvania 903 Berlin Road B.S. in Economics Haddonfield, New jersey W 1 University of Pennsylvania A-B- , Lewis Law Club Princeton University Wilson Law Club INY rsey PHILIP H. OSBORNE 229 Nortla Lansdowne Avenue Lansdowne, Pennsylvania B.A. Swarthmore College Kent Law Club Sharswood Law Club JAMES SAMUEL PALERMO 32 East Diaz Avenue N esquebom'ng, Pennsylvania A.B. in Economics Franklin 85 Marshall College Lewis Law Club ARTHUR THOMAS JOHN HIESTER PARKES PARKE, III 1004 Woodland Avenue 800 North New Street Skaron Hill, Pennsylvania West Chester, Pennsylvania 13-A- A.B. Swarthmore College Princeton University Wilson Law Club JAMES ALLAN PERRIN ROBERT L. PFANNEBECKER 31 Woodlawn Avenue 751 Manor Street Collingswood, New jersey Lancaster, Pennsylvania A-B. Aan 1 Temple University Franklin 85 Marshall College N Wilson Law Club Hare Law Club Q HARVEY PORTER CHARLES FRANCIS QUINN Robinson Estate 5016 North Sixteenth Street Wilmington, Delaware Philadelphia, Pennsylvania A.B. A.B. University of Delaware St. Joseph,s College W McKean Law Club Kent Law Club 80 DONNELL DOUGLAS REED JOHN W. ROBERTS 3920 Sborebam Street 69 Pepper Ridge Road Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Stamford, Connecticut B.S. B.A. Carnegie Inst. of Technology Yale University Wilson Law Club Kent Law Club LITTLETON W. PAUL S. ROEDER, JR. QUINN I ROBERTS, JR- 23 West Locust Street 1 LI, Street 343 Cherry Bend Bethlehem, Pennsylvania WW Merion, Pennsylvania B.A. B.S. Lehigh University Washington 8: Lee University Wilson Law Club Kent Law Club ege RONALD ROSENBERG 7304 Woodcrest Avenue Philadelphia 31, Pennsylvania B.S. in Education West Chester State Teacher? College Sharswood Law Club JOHN JOSEPH RUNZER 2107 Seventy-fourtb Avenue Philadelphia 38, Pennsylvania B.S. University of Pennsylvania Hare Law Club A.B. WILLIAM HART RUFE, III 138 Green Street Sellersville, Pennsylvania Lafayette College Hare Law Club BRUCE R. RUTTENBERG 82 Hartsborn Road Providence 6, Rhode Island A.B. Harvard University JOHN FRANCIS SALISBURY 539 Manhasset Woods Road Plandome, New York A.B. Villanova University Sharswood Law Club JOSEPH HERMAN SAVITZ 6227 Larcbwood Avenue Philadelphia 43, Pennsylvania B.S. in Economics University of Pennsylvania Lewis Law Club ERG ALLAN B. SCHNEIROV ALLEN G. SCHvWARTZ 8210 High School Road 1701 West Third Street land Elkins Park, Pennsylvania Brooklyn 23, New York B.S. B.B.A. Pennsylvania State University City College of New York McKean Law Club WILLIAM J. SHARKEY J 630 South Bowman Avenue Merion, Pennsylvania B.A. University of Pennsylvania Sharswood Law Club EDWIN WALKER SEMANS, JR. 105 South Narberth Avenue Narbertb, Pennsylvania A.B. Princeton University Sharswood Law Club PHILIP W. SHEELER FRANKLIN J. SINGER 48-4 Revere Road 373 West Lancaster Avenue Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania Philadelphia 19, Pennsylvania A.B. B.A. Lafayette College Amherst College M.B.A. University of Pennsylvania Wilson Law Club SINGER er Amine Ege Sylvania lab I PAUL D. SOLOMON PETER BENTON SPRUANCE 53 Field Place 45 West Walnut Lane Newark 8, New jersey Philadelphia 44, Pennsylvania B.S. A.B. Rutgers University Princeton University Kent Law Club Hare Law Club WILLIAM M. STEINBACH DAVID JOSEPH STEINBERG 218 Logan Street 655 West Ellet Street Lewistown, Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania B.A. B.A. Amherst College Dartmouth College McKean Law Club . xsv PAUL JULIEN SUDE 546 Bergen Avenue jersey City 4, New jersey A.B. RICHARD W. STEVENS 6040 Dquield Street Philadelphia 24, Peimsylvania B.S. in Economics University of Pennsylvania Lewis Law Club Rutgers University Hare Law Club YORVAR EVAN LOUIS GERALD SYNNESTVEDT TARANTINO, JR. Fetters Mill Road 166 Cold Spring Street Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania New Haven, Connecticut B.A. B.A. Pennsylvania State University University of Pennsylvania Kent Law Club Sharswood Law Club 86 CAROLYN ENGEL TEMIN RICHARD UDELL 1930 Pine Street 60 West Eleventh Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania New York 11, New York B.F.A. B.A. University of Pennsylvania Reed College McKean Law Club Wilson Law Club 4 STANLEY C. VASS HOWARD WARSHAFSKY 351 Grant Street 5100 Fifteenth Avenue Phillipsburg, New jersey Brooklyn 19, New York A.B. AB. 1 Lafayette College Upsala College Wilson Law Club McKean Law Club 87 MARVIN WEISS 5537 Rising Sun Avenue Philadelphia 20, Pennsylvania IRWIN JOSEPH WEINER 5930 South West 19th Street Miami, Florida B.A. A-B- Pennsylvania State University Harvard University McKean Law Club Wilson Law Club WILLIAM H. WOLF, JR. ELLIOTT YAMPELL 201 East Sedgwick Street 415 Peyton Avenue L Philadelphia 19, Pennsylvania Haddonfield, New jersey 1 B.S. in Economics A.B. University of Pennsylvania Princeton University Kent Law Club 88 ELL uue jersey -sity ROBERT H. YAROSCHUK 3256 West End Avenue Trevose, Pennsylvania HOWARD LEONARD YOO'D 656 Barretto Street New York 59, New York BS. in Economics B.A. University of Pennsylvania Wilson Law Club ROBERT HARRIS ZIMMERMAN Park Drive Manor Lincoln Drive 5 Harvey Street Philadelphia 44, Pennsylvania A.B. Amherst College Kent Law Club , , V wi xxx X Trinity College Lewis Law Club CARL K. ZUCKER 5239 Arlington Street Philadelphia 31, Pennsylvania B.A. University of Pennsylvania Lewis Law Club Friedrich J. Weinkopf, Goler Teal Butcher, Yves Grappotte. GRADUATE STUDENTS GOLER TEAL BUTCHER A. B., U. of Pennsylvania, 1946. LL.B., Howard U., 1957. Phi Beta Kappa; Editor-in-Chicf of the Howard Law Journal. YVES GRAPPOTTE Dipl6me de Hnstitut d5Etudcs Politiqucs, Paris, July 1954. Licence en Droit, Paris, October 1954. Brevet de Terminologie ct dc Traduction juridiques, Institut de Droit Comparcg, July 1956. W'ILLARD D. LORENSEN B.A.. U. of Nebraska, 1952. I.L.B., U. of Nebraska, 1957. Fditor-in-Chicf, Law Review, 1956; Order of Coif, 1957. FRIEDRICH I. XVEINKOPF LL.B., U. of Marburg, Germany, 1954. Bernard Guth, Michael Kurcias, Benjamin Carter. Editor-in-Cbief .................... Benjamin E. Carter Business Manager .................... Bernard M. Guth Managing Editor .................... Michael G. Kurcias Stajf Jonathan S. Cohen Maxwell B. Hirshorn John F. Dugan, II Hugh D. Jascourt William J. Harman, II Bernard H. Lundy Robert J. Hastings Alan W. Margolis ,, M t MM M WM, .. M, MM M MMMMM, M, W xxx xx: xxxxxx . H! g ,MMMM, .y MM Mm, ,IM Uwumu MM; nm' MMMIIMM M, W MMMuwxMMMwMMMMM uwrMc-VWMMM WWM WMW x . anxmm M a a, MM 4M MMMMMM MM MMMMM, ti Mam a MMMM 4M , M M M u; IMMMMIMMM at MMMMMMMIM 4 MM M MMMM 4 WM M M M a MMM 7M Wm av, W M h WWW an ; , M Mm, MM WM, 4; M x M M , M g ' MM ,MMMMMM M M M . MW MMMMMMMMMMMM , MMWWW , c , M, ' , "ya , ' l I V QQMMMMMXZ MMMCMMM' M M , A " MMMMMMZMZWIV , VV '.' W W MMMM M W ; . MM, "WM yMwMgigaMZMz; M?MXMMZM ?M. M M , M M MMMMMMMWMMM MM M W Mxxx :V N M xx xx wvw - Max MM , MM. , M MMMMMM ,MMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM M 'VMMMMMMM mm M, MMMMMM AM 571M911 MMMMIM WMM MM M 127 M WMMMMMM 41M MMMM, M V MMMMMM MMMWMM MMMM M WM $VWM 7M2 WWMII MM WMMMMMMW WWHW MEVIKMZaiV W WJWM , M anMMMMxMMwMMMM M "MMMMMMMM MMWMMMW, 9y WAVKMQ- xm V MMMMMMMVIMMMMMMMMM MMM, MM, MMMMMMMMMMMM V , MMMMMflf mm, M1,, , 4 Kxxxwx 0V xx M wax E g m WxNSLN W mvggw4k$ Wk M k 3,; ,3 ng me C-QMKQ L , . ' W. M MMMM MMMM x 1 v I . . . M v , M g? ' w M Mg; M -$ M , ,,; MM M M 2;, v , WMMM 32 .v- ' , MMMM M MM , g 3:: , , WMMMM WMMMMY M3 X 5! p; 5., 1 $ y : '.' M WIMMZ; , f7 WM; , . I . 13' - ' MM M... M '- I M y W M y I" , r l 35 x ,2 QM M M E- ' 5g; ; L , a: M M M M 3' $ l7 . MM; r x x M M K? c; o MW e ' ' 'M ' . l a M 53 .. v i q; , .. MW MW I , M .. MMMMMMMMM M M x a M . s o o 7 M ;.1W"WWMM$V M ., M; vmowmw . , ,wM. m ,M mama I 3" .H ' M J M x, V; 1 . , C; y w a M M - ,qu 1 5 g i V L M v WWWWW K :M M uWUWuMWRM .1 an'w $ M w "W M WM ww ' . M w M - m.- , .M x x L , M ml i , ., v M L M w M. .. M ,, M x; M , L WMQM MMM- , .,.w-M;:Mw T'M Vi" V . a t n y W QM, . M - x :9 xxx wx M XX MM xxx Y xxAVQ KKK M xx xw xxiimi w M The 1958 Report acknowledges witla sincere gratitude the contributions of the following patrons and subscribers whose generous support has made this publication possible. Herman P. Abramson, Esq. Mr. Malcolm Adam Mr. and Mrs. Phil Auerback Mrs. Leonore F. Bardfeld Carol, Betsy, Mitchell and Lee Berger Mr. Norman S. Berstein Mr. Edward G. Biester Mr. Alfred Blasband Boston Shoe Stores Mr. and Mrs. A. Brandow Mr. and Mrs. Clarence H. Carter Mr. Philip H. Cooney Mrs. Helen M. Cowan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Damico Mr. Albert Ergas Mr. and Mrs. Yale Evelev Hon. J. Harold Flannery Mr. Joseph Franciosa Mr. and Mrs. Herbert S. Frieder Jacques H. Geisenberger, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Gittis Mr. Jacob Goldberg Mr. Morris Goldman . Walter W. Gorr . Joseph M. Granite . C. H. Grashof Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Guth Hyman A. Guth, Esq. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mr. E. Hammerling Samuel Handler and Mrs. John G. Harkins and Mrs. James R. Harman and Mrs. S. J. Hayes Henry R. Heebner, Esq. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Robert N. Jordan and Mrs. Jules Kessler and Mrs. Acy C. Kilgore William Kisloff and Mrs. Geo. Knapp Henry L. Kopp Frank J. Kress and Mrs. Irving Kurcias Raymond P. Leemhuis . Donald Leith . Martin L. Lewis . Milton Lundy . James P. MacLean . Meyer A. Margolis . William F. Marsh . Lewis E. Miller . Parker Monroe and Mrs. John W. Moorhcad John A. Sharkcy, M.D. AMA: Martin Mulligan Alvin Lester Sitomcr, Esq. Dr. and Mrs. H. Sherman Obcrly Mr. Daniel G. Smith Mr. Moses Obod Mr. and Mrs. Wm. B, Smith Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Penn Mr. JMk A- SOlomon Dr. Frank J. Pessolano Mr. Maximillian H. Sorenson Mr. and Mrs. Donnell D. Rccd Samuel M. Sparks, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Robbins Mr. W. P. Steinbnch Mr. and Mrs. Clarence F. Robinson Mrs. Joseph F. Strain Mr. and Mrs. Louis L. Rosenberg Mr. and Mrs. David Sudc Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Ross Mr. Wm. H. Sutphin Hymen Rubin, Esq. Mr. Thomas A. Swopc Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Ruttcnbcrg Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Tiger Dr. Edward I. Salisbury Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Udell Arthur S. Salus, Esq. Mr. Irving Vogcl Mr. and Mrs. Paul Savitz Mr. GUY 5- Waltman Phillip P. Wodlingcr, Esq. Mrs. Rae N. Wood Mr. M. L. Wurman Mr. Gregory anoschuk Mr. and Mrs. William V. Zambclli E. F. Schafer Mr. Harold W. Scott Mr. Bernard L. Segal Mr. Edwin W. Semans Friendly Greetings a lid Good Wishes WEST PUBLISHING CO. 94 these stuoles ape an Impetus to youth ano a Delight 1:0 age . they ARE an abonnment to qoob Eomune, newqe anb nehei m mOUBle . they enmch pmvate ano 00 net hampew DUBIIC Me -cnceno UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA THE LAW SCHOOL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM THIS SPACE CONTRIBUTED BY THE LAW SCHOOL ALUMNI SOCIETY I958 95 arm legal Zintelligemer ESTABLISHED 1843 The Oldest Law journal in the United States Publishers of DISTRICT 86 COUNTY REPORTS 1k ANNOTATED COURT RULES Compliments 0f THE HOUSTON HALL STORE and the UNIVERSITY DINING SERVICE 3k "Serving the University for the past 50 yearW 96 BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS FROM THE LAW CLUBS at HARE LAW CLUB at KENT LAW CLUB it LEWIS LAW CLUB i: MCKEAN LAW CLUB it SHARSWOOD LAW CLUB it WILSON LAW CLUB 97 Best Wishes Upon Graduation to the University of Pennsylvania Law School C l a s s of 1 9 5 8 it ROBERT LEVIN SCHOOL OF PENNSYLVANIA LAW" ir Prepare For Your Bar Examination in Air-Conditioned Comfort Vk Administrative Oijces School Building Suite 800 4112 SPRUCE ST. 20 SOUTH 15th ST. Philadelphia Phone: LOcust 4-0 1 3 3 Pennsylvania 98 Congratulations and Best Wishes for Success to the University of Pennsylvania Law School Class of 1958 it MAURICE H. BROWN LAW INSTITUTE i Air-Conditioned School Building 203 South 20th Street LEONARD SARNER, Director i' 6 PENN CENTER PLAZA LOcust 4-4 5 5 7 99 Best Wishes k FATS STEAKS i' 3251 Ridge Ave. 9th 85 Wharton Sts. i PHILADELPHIA, PA. MIKE,S TEXACO STATION at 34th and Chestnut Streets NEW DECK TAVERN i 3405 Walnut Street PHILADELPHIA 4, PA. COUSINS RESTAURANT I talian-American Cuisine i 3340 CHESTNUT STREET 3441 WALNUT STREET Imported and Domestic Clothing and Men,s Wear Vk JESS BUTZ 3403 Walnut Street PHILADELPHIA, PA. Compliments of a FRIEND LIBERTY FISH CO. it No. One Dock Street PHILADELPHIA, PA. I00 HR K xxx3;s x 5f; : : h. 34; $$ ;:x Leia U. 3;? '- . ' I. p . .ftWiW'BF NA' 3.x; - , I . ' . ' 2a: .mx ..-a tM- f'- '10. -- x 3N 53 - "! 54$ 2 i .V . k '- ,aA. 4. 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Suggestions in the University of Pennsylvania Law School - Report Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) collection:

University of Pennsylvania Law School - Report Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 54

1958, pg 54

University of Pennsylvania Law School - Report Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 45

1958, pg 45

University of Pennsylvania Law School - Report Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 16

1958, pg 16

University of Pennsylvania Law School - Report Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 16

1958, pg 16

University of Pennsylvania Law School - Report Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 98

1958, pg 98

University of Pennsylvania Law School - Report Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 8

1958, pg 8

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