University of Pennsylvania Evening School of Accounts and Finance - Closing Entries Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA)

 - Class of 1949

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University of Pennsylvania Evening School of Accounts and Finance - Closing Entries Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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A14 , A QS? W Q .IS if 5:: :."2.Qf5,-if -: :::::E . Q.v'Q fDWPm 9 Qi. ,.,., . ., ., ,. ..,,. ,,.,..,,,,., 1 , M21 11 g - ' . M --bv - 1 ' fx MW .v,w.1-Wm. M as QQ .mv V V qgpnwmxm av .EA To 'run RIEMBERS or THR CLAss or 19-19: The year 1949 marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of the livening School of Accounts and Finance of the L'niversity of ltennsylvania, The years that have ensued since the commencement of classes in 1904 have in increasing measure fulfilled the original purpose of oifering advanced in- struction in linancial and commercial subjects to worthy persons prevented hy their daily employment from attending regular day classes of the Vtlharton School. Upon the successful completion of your work. you will take your places among the 4500 men and women who now comprise the alumni group of the Evening School of Accounts and Finance, I wish to congratulate you on your fine achievement and for the manner in which you have lived up to the highest traditions of the University of l'ennsylvania. I wholeheartedly invite you to continue your participation in the affairs oi the University--for graduation in the larger sense. no curtailment of the relationship existing between you and the L'nix'ersity, nor of the L'niversity's interest in you. You have my sincere good wishes always for your continued success and happiness. Pl'I'.Yl'dL'lIf of H10 L'1z1'f'c1'51'fy. President Stassen chats with Seniors Five 4 Am Director Hiockenberry Addressing the Senior Class W. R. Hockenberry in conversa' tion with the Class President, "Bud" Watters lS f" 1 OF PENNSEQRTYNNE RSXTY HUNDRED DHNANCE UNWE NEWHN ms AN 55 OE N1 OF ACCO H , ,wi CLA NG SCHOOL Logan 1-ml Q5 'gnxXQ J"" VENX Boi 13' , Ya. - y hm 4- 552 Phihdep 10, vw' 2 ' June f Y W he 'med E - . 1-52 v BWQ1 1 at 1 For5Y'N1ne ward and 1,0225 'flzaxoy each uw Dear F8110 died for That dzybuxatlozement Oi c o . ' Ummm ve all 1 raduatg est Congihe achlgchoox' Y :uwwmm is ha would E heart! Ss for A cning I CMH .,wv"" hen we nd my g Cla the Lv lu:::.:v,M"""' day 'Nd 1 exilnirer of nth erxtefed h oi VS , . e - e e - L-::::Ia,,,.-ov til every tm the day' twat eafirears og' A .W--H" ,..1 a al Se s 350' iciency Lnfee ' Qui' 5 ,K ww' 1 a 301,31 year of Prof .mum of it L5 Y hours vm -m..o...,.,. ve ' . te Un . . E, ite L.,,g2S..G,','1,... Ks se The Cegtzregiisengsxjxdmsixcefttifd wiv il iiillvgefjfj, q 5 , ' ' I - -1 BOARDOFGOVSXIM s receive 5e1f dergataiained tfment' mOncy1'.oCKanberry XJ.. 1v:.P3,,.-ov xiii woggkcatlyofxivular emgjzlobiioftkskxiam R. . "U ,v e , ' wLIffwMH Vaniiil Vimilrih themzxaizeczgfovf way' O Serve - AWWLTEE' 12 be weilgrabitudixaing Us p1ea5u2ZQ21Y Qfiif E ' L O 11 S3 a 8 m ha ,mm K deb Sful e an 1 a you W --0' , aww-H a 5uCceS rivi-198 19149. that - been M..l..,- P 5 r I ve v. IWAMON for been 3 Polass o the -ngnfgutx-es 'na HHHUE' it ha5t of thc-amave ofmhan my H 5 yy-esideraw apprecyi ty-usiion. to expreiazmn l ixn and iiuuvon mmsafiscac V ortunimgyommittee tion Nj e ui' . Op? d . ian onferr d 1,0 YO Q-,h'L5 I-5 an 531.15 me ceriofme . no bake G0VGfnOtru1Y 3 At hh? Szxous 9 Q16 lxkeoifxcefs' it 'ash nnem- onsclenmne WO 1 f ' if ' C ff thinks 'c.o'o?a1we1x iznioi-Kedixzr for ngliorthiuzts and 3 D na S9 8 CC XSETS cog-easufe ul., to eve!-1 Svccezizixool of A a P mxafxk 12155 ton d c r far an any 00? 'Nha h tame,gmbo makerd of the nearest '15 O . eiizfrine rec a to you mg Zideavor' ginance- ting, 1 alta!!! your ever . s -in 1925 happlnes -H, yourio success 8 sincere idents Pres FRCDM THE CLASS PRESIDENT CLASS CJFFICERS Seated: Albert S. Munion, Treasurer: Katherine Bigelman, Chairman, Commencement Committeeg Charles M. Watters, President: Robert F. Mason, Vice-President: Fred R. Mc- Cartney, Secretary. Standing: William J, Finley, Chairman, Class Day Committeeg Herbert E. Moore, Chairman, Ring Committee, William J. Piersol, Chairman, Cap and Gown Committee, Arthur L. Gravitz, Editor, Closing Entries: Charles A. Fairman, Assistant Treasurer. Not Pictured: Robert G. Moore, Lantern Correspondent. i "The Winning Ticket!" l SCHCDGL Money and Cedit-Who Will Forget Ir! Frank J. Wright, Accounting I A 10-Minute Quiz in Commercial Law with Professor Cataldo A Tuesday Night Lecture on Markets and Prices SCENES Dr. Nelson-An Accounting System A Week! Quiz A La Dr. Rowlands Jeremiah Delivering a Lecture in Corporation Finance Cramming For Quiz The Speakers' Table at the Silver Anniversary Dinner of the Night Watch Honor Society First Game-1949 Evening School 33, Naval Air Material Center 35 The Editor presents a copy of "Closing Entriesl' to President Harold E. Stassen P5010 by O ' Gum It's 9:45, Joe! :Mo Quiet Please! A Typical Study Hour in Lippincott Library President Watters Outlining Class Plans at a Senior Meeting. At the close of an exam Two Hours-Too Short- Too Tough? Sinai-A , aww 0 Show Your Matric Card, Fella! tII".Iff.iiii.f"'...'.1 EVENING SCHCOL ASSOCIATION 'A' S'NE MoRiBUS A Tuesday Night ESA Meeting The goal uf the Ifvcning Scliiml .Xssuciatitmn has lmeen tu raise the plane of your "after-ltwurs" eclucatiwn aluvve that ul' siinilar institntiuns, hy enclmving it with the spirit and meaning tif eiillege life: anrl tu seek aucl encourage you to actively partici- pate in the attainment uf this goal. 'I'hey have spcmsn1'etl ancl prcnnutetl the clances which yuu attenclerl anrl enjoyed. .X typical ESA clance is picturecl on the next page. They gave you Vllllli l.,xx'1'iiRN, the liaslcetliall team anal the Debating Suciety. ancl urgecl yun tu take an active part in these activities. Not unly for the assistance you might rencler. but for the experience antl lienefit which vvuulcl accrue to you. A special nute of thanks is clue tw those vvlw took an active part, ancl tu all of you a sincere vvish Im' a successful career. lJl'l'.fitll'1If,. ,... . Iilmtnxle VY, Dni'i'1cIc1I, JR. Ifirt'-l'rv.vitlvr1I , . ., . FRANK EMQE III Stirrultiry.. ..,. ,. . . i ..'XRT11L'it L. GRAVITZ 'liI'I'll,YIH'l'l' , ., , i , , . .. ,.,. .,.,. ,.,. , , . ,. ., , ,.... ,.,, . . Ciiixizims M. VX'AT'rERs l.t1ult'rn C,lIll'I'I'.Yf1lIllffllli , . . . ..,.,, ,..,..,...,. . . ..,. .. .... ..... . ,. . ,,..,. ,..,. G IEORLQE M. TODD lloartl of liuvernurs: Iiarl Culp, Luuise Gruber, Ruluert F. Mason, Frank Moerder, Ilmvarcl Trevatlian. ts ix in t an t si if vi. 5t,east2i?1a'iKttix !'i:ift'ffwm uf fJzfnn5g1IfIm:i1x I K N INQIYA I3 ff,-testis:-'fits-fri 5 WI3lf,i'I. ii? ' ' ""' "X""""'t' 'X Edgar W. Dietrich, Jr. Www ' ' iigikfxfgv Z5 Preszdent mfr it fwifmtfff. In- -?A"'I'7'if5fM M its 5 Ev51v1NG .S'cHooL .S'7wEv1:s'01vLY SSH. DQIHCE 2 ,,. V,AL,.,A ffl-7"7m,, ,. , Saturdayljve. , ESAcaraAamns. Bennet1HaII . g Nov: I3,48 YouS.lGuesI 341'Walnu1 Ae- A Q if Q Lf ' 9 S-ith' :sis wi, 'if Q, M,i,,u, 1: ll f A 'S if Mi,-,!, Q? Y 5.1 aw -Y 54 N wb is gk Wx , 5 7 J 1 ' , l KN K gg Q 'gm '3 xy... M f ' H Q' 1 ..,...,.....,... - M- ,, .,,.,...,W THE LANTERN The covers of past issues of THE LANTERN will always help you to recall pleasant memories shared during your years at Logan Hall. This is so because THE LANTERN is such a signincant part of the whole program of Evening School activities. Throughout its twenty-seven years of existence, THE LANTERN has steadfastly pursued the ideals of its founding fathers. The essence of these ideals was the stimulation of extra-curricular activities among Evening School students to supple- ment their class work. Un the occasion of the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the magazine in February, 1947, Dr. George VV. McClelland, then President of the University, paid the following tribute: U. . . But to the student body and to the thousands of alumni of the Evening School of Accounts and Finance there is also owing on this occasion a debt of gratitude which I am sincerely glad to acknowledge on behalf of the entire University. For it seems to me the helpful and active interest displayed in THE LANTERN by alumni and students alike is truly symbolic of the ad- mirable spirit of devotion to their School-and to the University -of Pennsylvania as a whole-which always has characterized them . . . " THE LANTERN has always belonged to the men and women of the Evening School. Being of them it has never talked down to the student. but has always met him on his own level. The steadfast reader interest and devoted loyalty that are enriched by each succeeding issue are the result of consistent efforts to secure the best possible material, keyed to the changing years and changing student outlook. Future editors may be well guided by the record of the past years. Robert F. Mason, Editorg Nason B. Clark and Arthur L. Gravitz, Associate Editorsg and Charles M. Wlatters, all of the Class of 1949, leave their places on THE LANTERN Staff with a feeling of pride, in the knowledge that their efforts helped maintain one of the real traditions of the Evening School. riS25?R7'Z2HY'.Z3Z?E QE W zH6Gi'Ei-212993215 Seated: Louise J. Gruber, Robert F. Mason, Editorg Arthur L. Gravitz. Standing: Charles M. Watters, Frank Enge III, Nathan Margulies, George M. Todd, Earl Culp, Oscar Guenthoer, jr. my s ROBERT F. MASON Editor, 1948-49 M' ww, N N nkgl FRATERNITIES X3 Q, Gym i 'hsuswgw N ximikgww QQ Q Q-Q5 Qs G fe W , ,fg qfvqwg 1, L29 Q KQQLN-'N f' :xl ' If ' 'Q ,,5'g36?y Gfy F9 55 tax QLEQEPX A -J ,X If N-IQ G15 266' W is Killa ffu GV 17 L Q r- 41 f1?'J N-x 1 yy Q7 Q Q3 fa nys Civ A Q5 s f X W Q? QM f .QQ f If , Gy C3 Q Qx 'X ,im Xian Q V mx Rf ' N Y Jw cw 61 Q- N X' X 99, 0 cj Q Q x X K5 9 W gj jf QR X !.dv,,Q,QA ' Q, vxlx 3' fm 4 Q jw.: ' in ,S ,Q " Pfl ixij Yvxvq 'xx X I X X 1 if 4, Q fillflfflllll, . The Alpha Epsilon Delta Fraternity was fouudecl iu lUl7 at XX'hz1rtou Evening School. aucl siuce then has expzmclecl to the Iiveuiug Schools oi Tcmple Lfuiversity zuul Drexel Institute of Teclmology. Our :rims :mel iuotivzitiou are sct forth iu the Preamhle to our Constitution: "To iuculczue the principles of Justice. Cflia1'ity. Brotherly l.ove, ziucl Fidelity: to promote the XYclfare :mcl enhance the happiness of its members: to quicken the Spirit of American Patriotismg :md to cultivzlte Good Fellowship." lYe XVZllll to cougrzitulute the XYlizu'tou Evening School Class of '49 ou the successful completion of your courses. zuirl wish you luck iu your future euclezwors. ALPHA EPSILON DELTA llirtuloz '.... ..NORM.XX SUPIZRSTEIN C'lzmzfvllw '.,...,.. HSIIJNEY GOLDBERG , , , A ABE SOLOW .'Xl.l1l2RT SCIIXVARTZ JOSEPH FREILICK The Chi .Xlpha Phi Sorority was orgzmizecl in l92l. The ohject of the Sorority is to promote good fellowship among the womeu of the XYl1E11'tU11 Evening' School. Another purpose is to iucrezlsc the iuterest of thc womeu iu the work of the school, zmrl to improve the staudzircl of our activities at school zmcl iu husiuess. CHI ALPHA PHI Prcxidcuf. ...... .,... . RUTH N. GRAHAM Vice-1'resident ...... ELEANORE EVANS Rccorrling Secrefary ........ JANE MOORE Carr. Sec ...,..,....,... ELEANOR KERBER Treaszmvr . ...INEZ DONNELLY JVl1lPI'C6'II BANKING CLUB The Banking Club was organized in 1929, and since then has grown into a large and active organization. The primary purpose of the Banking Club is to enable students who are studying banking to come into contact with outstanding representatives of the bank- ing world. This is made possible by the regu- lar monthly dinner meetings featuring one or more prominent speakers. The members of the Banking Club con- gratulate the Graduating Class of 1949 and wish you every success in your endeavors. DELTA SIGMA Pl Beta Nu Chapter Delta Sigma l'i is a professional fraternity in the held of commerce and business ad- ministration. Our purpose is to foster the study of business in universitiesg to en- courage scholarship and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice 5 to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community. Our fraternity is composed of sixty-nine chapters located in recognized schools of commerce and business adminis- tration throughout the United States and Canada. Our total membership exceeds twenty thousandq Bach year at commencement exercises at all colleges and universities where a chapter is located. a gold key is awarded to that male student who has attained the highest schol- astic average of his class. Beta Nu Chapter extends congratulations and best Wishes to the Class of l949. Twenty 1iL'l1dlIIlI.Yl'c'I' ,. .S'f'11i07' I'Vll7'liC7L ....,....... I zmio 1' llfclrdelz Trca.rzu'm' ,,,.,... .S'vz'iIvv... . Chancellor ,,...,... IIl.Yf07'I'fI7l . .,., . HDAYIIJ L. POWELL C. DAIKELER CHARLES JL ANDERSON ...ROBERT E. GLADDEN ALEXANDER J. GRACE .,,........,...EDNVIN R. ELLIS . ,.,,.. FRANK L. STRONG HILLEL FOUNDATION The primary purpose for the organization of the I Iillel Foundation Evening Group was to afford evening school students the oppor- tunity to become affiliated with a well-known campus activity and participate in the various cultural. social. and religious programs of the foundation along with the students ofthe day schools. lt was felt that this group would be instrumental in providing for the activities conducive to good fellowship and lasting friendships. so essential as a supplement to purely educational studies. in the making of a more meaningful, and more satisfactory college life. The llillel Evening Group extends to the graduates oi the "Class of '49" best wishes for success and happiness in future years. 1'r'ux1'zIv11i . ...,. ,,. ,. .. .NATHAN XI.-XRflLfl.lES I'1't'c-P1'vs1'dm1f ,,...,,, ............,.,. B ERNICE KLEIN Rm'm'ding SCCl'J1'II7'j' .,.......,...,.,.,. ANX ROBERTS C0I'I't'A'f70IIdI'1lfj .S'4'z'1'0!r1r'3 '...... SAM COOPERMAN Tl'L'tI.VIl7'P7' ......,.., ,..,.., , . HM.-XRVIN KARUOFSKY l'1'vs1'dc:1f ........,..,.... .,,. , .. ELLIOTT M. XYELSH Jr! I'icf-Pwsidmzf ,... ,. . .JAMES J. XVALDRON 2111! I'z't't'-Pfzxvizlcxzl , .. MXYILLI.-XM BELL, JR. 7lI't'tI.YIII'CI 'i.. , .,.., ,. . .CHARLES P. ELTERICH Not Presentg jean McDowell, .S'ccreiary Ttumzfy-0110 MERCHANDISING ASSOCIATES Merchandising .-Xssociates is an organiza- tion composed of graduates of Merchandis- ing and Marketing courses in the Evening School, Organized in l932. it is growing steadily hy the addition of new members from each new class. lt is the aim of the organiza- tion to bring together a group of men and women who are interested in expanding their knowledge. through informal round-table discussions, of salesmanship. advertising and marketing. 1 I'1'v.fidm1f .. .,.,.. . . . JOHN T. DXYYER V1't'c-Prvsititrrif .,.........,..,, JOHN XY. EYR12 S L'L' rflarj '........, ARTHUR J. RlcGINX1S 7lI't'L1.YIl7'L'l '.,,., ,. .,...,..,, RA1.Pll 1.. JONES The Newnian Ciluh, founded in 1893 hy 'l'iinothy llarrington and four other students of the Medical School and named in the honor of a Catholic scholar. John llenry L'ardinal Newman, is the haven for Catholic students on the cannnns. is the oldest student organization here at l'cnn, and was the nrst Newman Cluh to he founded on any college campus. 'It has a three-fold purpose ol religion, education, and social activity including connnunion hreakfztsts. Lenten discus- sion groups. it gala Cliristnias party, and senii-inontlily meetings. Catholic nienthers ot' the class ol' 1949 are urged to continue cani- pus friendships hy joining the .Xhnnni Newman Cluh. l'z'f.rir1lt'l1f. . lst Vim'- NEWMAN CLUB JAMICS 17. ROIHYSON l'1'f.fidv11f .,. .. .XXX DJNNKEL 31111 Vit 1'-l'r'f.t1tic1zl CiUI'l'. Src NICHOLXS Rl. M.fXRS1NI ... CLEKIICXTINE PACQXNO ICM. .S't't'1't'lt11'y .....,.,...,,, IEICTTY HICHAN 'l'r'm1.r11r't'1' XlAD1il.lflXli E. DVYITR C'lmir1imn C1It1fl'1HtllI, C 4110117111111 clztzfvlriizz , .1lcmln'r's11ifv CtlIH7lIl1ft'I' JAMES J. CRAIG lt,t'lI'.f11'0lIS ,lcl1'r'iii4',i' ANNA XYQXLSH , .SAHFIVGI Cl1lllIlIIifff'l1 NXRJIZ T.X17.XNI RIQV. J. H. DONNIEILY, PhD. Founded in 192-l-. hy four nteinhers of that class-Charles J. lfdluncl, Frederick XV. Floyd, llarolcl Nl. liihnore and Xliilliant bl. llaslfinsfthe Night Xtatch llonor Society has grown over the span ol the past quarter century until today it nunth 143 1110111116145 and 5 honorary inentlmers. CYS Klenihcrship in the Society is limited to those lfvening School nien who during their underU'racluatc stay at the l'nix'ersity were outstanding leaders in the adininis- N tration of extra-curricular activities. To the leaders ol the Class of 19-19 the Society extends appreciation for their cooperation in helping forniulate and carry out plans for a very successful sil jubilee celebration. VCI' N IG HT WATC H HONOR SOCIETY Editor ........ HOXV.-XRD JACKSON, JR. Pulzlirzkf ..,...... JOSEPH li. lXlcK1fONVN Tfttmz fy-two il faffi ,. PI DELTA EPSILON l'ri1m1.r , ....,., FRANK REINIIOLIJ Pro f71'I'lIIIlS... . ..... JOHN HOLMES TSITIIIIIII7 ,....., ...,....... I JOXIALD MIILRS Qzzmxrtor .. ..,.Al.l3IiRT HAQXIILTON XEILL MAX Pi Delta Epsilon fraternity was founded on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania to ripen the casual acquaintanceships of the Evening School into life- long friendships. Since its founding the organization has been an active body in the scholastic and social life of the school. PDE is a professional fraternity in the held of accounting and through its membership in the leading accounting offices, it promotes high scholastic attainment in this ticld. SIGMA KAPPA PHI HONOR FRATERNITY The Alpha Chapter of the Sigma Kappa Phi fraternity was established at the University of Pennsylvania during January, l928, The purpose of this fraternity is to encourage and reward high scholarship among students and graduates of the Evening School of Accounts and Finance of the University of Pennsylvaniag to promote harmon- ious relations between graduates of the school and the business public-and for the assistance of its members in making contacts with outstanding men in the field of Finance and Commerce. Character and the attainment of high scholarship are the prime requisites governing election. The election takes place in February. Sigma Kappa Phi awards are made at the open- ing of school each year to the member of the Freshman and Junior class who in the opinion of the fraternity committee was the outstanding mem- ber of the class, both scholastically and with re- gard to activities for the present year. THE CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION One of the ideals of the Christian Association is to minimize all sectarian differences in the common endeavor to meet the religious needs of the stu- dents. At the same time the denominational loy- alties are conserved and unified. liesides its multi- tude of activities during the day. the christian Association also presents opportunities for lead- ership. study and fellowship for students in the Iivening School. The Christian rXssociation is located at 3601 I.ocust Street. just across the street from Logan llall. which makes it very desirable for a meeting place of students before and after class. All the facilities of the organization are open and available to livening School students, which includes dances. ping pong. reading rooms. study facilities. and rooms for holding meetings of church and school organizations. At the present time there are no organization officers. or representatives from the livening School to the Christian .Xssociation but the door is open for anyone who is interested in developing leadership and interest among evening school students to organize such a group to be associated more closely with the Christian Asso- ciation. Twenty-H1 rec BASKETBALL TEAM 949 Carson J. Thompson, Coach, Earl Culp, Manager, joseph Kirling, Captain 1313 Harry John- son 171, David Kent 1101, Lionel Flickstein 191, Bernard Paley 141, Arthur Rosenberg 1141. John Sweeney 181, Rodman Hicks 1301, John Test 1131, Ernest Noll 1211, Michael Durso 151, George Walmsley 1251, Thomas Snyder 1281, George Mauro. Discussing Plans for the Stassen Alumni Dinner. Left lo Right: William H. Clark, Carl W. Fenninger, Harry J. Markley, Harold N. Grier. T'Zu'i'IIfj' -four ALUMNI ASSOCIATION The livening Selinaol of the University of Pennsylvzinizt is new in its forty-tifth year, having stztrtefl its work in 190-l. Thus for a period of t'u1'ty-tive years the L'nive1'sity has servecl the business men zincl woinen of Phil- ziclelpliizt zincl surreunrling areas as an avenue tlirnugh which they might obtain the lmcneht of teaching, nn 21 L'nivc1'sity level, of many subjects of importance in their business lives. ln ziclclitinn. it has pwwiclefl an oppmtuiiity for social contacts which are of lasting lucne- tit. Vvhile still young in crnnpftrison with other lDEIl2Ll'flllCl'lIS ul the University, it is grow- ing inure :incl more into importance in the life nf the L,'lTlY6l'SlQ' :incl promises tn lic one uf the iinpnrtant factors in its clevelopnieiit. Grzlcluzites are urged to keep in touch with the University hy enrolling for ineinlmership in the Alumni Associzitiun. Certificate of Proficiency if ! -65933 .v -B 66-IQ-6 Gfzigoig 91712 G QW oven? T0 6 U asia nd x-NED 00 me 00 'mn TE O' 'New Bfduimw N 'W me CH'-Tmcfp M55 ANBS awecfw' Em, of T calf' ch' he ov' - 96.55 whom, uffgw' ?vaciEZ1JNn4G wait YXNANC5 the ,wr N THE E N AOGOUNTS fiona unch! zoqtb CDUBS K2 O ' gfS1xv SYBCKAL b on Q16 xo T dwvwv 1: and V' me ,at O Gwen aura vow vwS"'E" 4""7 of 0 sECFU""Y ,- l - , N S SENICDRS DAVID ABRAMS 1428 S. Sth Street Philadelphia 44, Penna. HARRY R. ABROMEIT 7331 Bingham Street Philadelphia 11, Penna. Public Accountant, H. Greenberg, C.P.A. JACK L. APPLETON 210 Lyster Road Oreland, Penna. Branch Achninistration, The Pennsylvania Co. for Banking S1 Trusts Pi Delta Epsilon Army WILLIAM E. ARCHER 414 S. 30th Street Camden, New Jersey General Accounting Staff, Radio Corpo- 0 9 ration of America: Twenty-six Sigma Kappa Phi Scholarship Cup, 1941-42 term Army GUY A. BAKER, JR. 7169 Georgian Road Philadelphia 38, Penna. Accounting Clerk, Luria Bros. Co., Inc. l 1 i WILLIAM J. BARNETT 5102 N. Carlisle Street Philadelphia 41, Penna. Paint Formulator, li. I. mluP0ut de Nemours Sz Co., Inc. Army HARRY BARON 1318 Stirling Street Philadelphia 11, Penna. Internal Revenue Agent, U. S. Bureau of Internal Revenue CLOSING ENTRIES Committee Navy i HELEN S. BARTH 2019 E. Pacific Street Philadelphia 34, Penna. Bookkeeper-Secretary, Philly Litho CO. Commencement Committee Chi Alpha Phi EVENING SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTS AND FINANCE Twezzfy-.vmwi IRVIN R. BARTON, JR. 6431 Morris Park Road Philadelphia 31, Penna. Insurance Broker, Barton 81 Barton Navy ESTHER R. BEITCHMAN 1718 N. 12th Street Philadelphia 22, Perma. Bookkeeper and Stenofzrapher Hotspot Electric Co. Cfaaa of 1949 Twenty-efglzi ALBERT J. BERKOW 1423 Conlyn Street Philadelphia 41, Penna. Owner-Operator, Penn Trailer Co. Navy KATHERINE BIGELMAN 2429 N. 32nd Street Philadelphia 32, Penna. Public Accountant Board of Governors, Graduating Class of 1949 Chairman, Commencement Committee CLOSING ENTRIES Committee THOMAS D. BISHOP, JR. Knowlton Road, Middletown Heights, Media, R. D. No. 2, Penna. Senior Clerk, Sun Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co. Army FRED V. BLACKWELL 1709 Pennsylvania Avenue Wilmington 154, Delaware Export Clerk, E. I. duPont de Nemours 81 Co., Inc. JOHN L. BOEMER 31 City Avenue Bala-Cynwyd, Penna. Cost Accountant, Crown Can Co. Phi Delta Theta Navy RICHARD F. BOESENBERG 1521 Powell Street Norristown, Penna. Senior Accountant, The B. F. Goodrich Co. EVENING SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTS AND FINANCE Twenty-1zi11e WILLIAM BOYLE 10 Ridge Road Green Ridge, Penna. Enforcement Examiner, Pa. Liquor Control Board JOSEPH A. BRADLEY 2607 Naudain Street Philadelphia 46, Penna. Auditor, H. D. Justi Sz Son, Inc. FRED H. BRENNER 1429 N. 15th Street Philadelphia 21, Penna. Custonmefs Man, Newbnrger 8: Co Lantern Army LOUIS BROWN 5879 Woodcrest Avenue Philadelphia 31, Penna. add 0 1 9 Salesman, Silray Fabrics Corp. Army Thirty HERMAN H. BRUNING, JR. 1401 Tyson Avenue Philadelphia 11, Penna. Tabulating Supervisor, Naval Aviation Supply Depot Pi Delta Epsilon Army SALVATORE S. CALDERARO 1515 N. 62nd Street Philadelphia 31, Penna. Junior Accountant, Arthur F. Morton 8: Co., C.P.A. Air Corps Thirty-one GORDON B. CALLAGHAN 434 S. 42nd Street Philadelphia 4, Penna. Asst. Trust Administrator, Provident Trust Co. of Philadelphia .Air Corps ALBERT P. CAMPANARO 413 N. 64th Street Philadelphia 31, Penna. Ollcnce Manager, W. H. Buntcn Army EVENING SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTS AND FINANCE JOHN J. CAMPBELL Pennsgrove, New Jersey Delaware Ordnance Depot Delta Nu Alpha Army KENNETH CARLIN 1117 W. Somerville Avenue Philadelphia 41, Penna. Ofhce Manager, Perley's, Inc. Army Cfaaa of 7949 Tlzirty-two WARREN CASSEL, JR. 19 E. Marshall Street Norristown, Penna. Chief Accountant, Norristown Herald, Inc Sigma Kappa Phi Army FRANCIS M. CASSON Cheswold, Delaware Accounting Section Chief, Veterans Administration Hospital Army JOSEPHINE M. CICARELLI 6563 Windsor Avenue Philadelphia 42, Penna. Accounting Clerk, Remington-Rand 81 Co. Evening School Association Commencement Committee Newman Club BOHDAN CHAWLUK 2417 Brown Street Philadelphia 30, Penna. Property and Supply Supervisor, U. S. Naval Base Navy HARLAN CLARK, J R. 326 Walnut Street Royersford, Penna. Accountant, Osteopathic Hospital Air Corps RALPH N. CIANCI EVEN I NG SCHOOL 1527 S. Juniper Street Philadelphia 47, Penna. O I: A C C O U N T S Secretary, W. I. Gustafson A N D F I N A N C E Ring Igommittee rmy Thirty-three NASON B. CLARK 272 Owen Avenue Lansdowne, Penna. Vice-President, Clark Printing House, Inc. Lantern Night W'atch Honor Society Army ROBERT F. CLEMENT 409 W. 20th Street Wilmington, Delaware Salesman, Smith and VVerner EDWIN JOHN CLIFTON 2932 Glenview Street Philadelphia 24, Penna. Bookkeeper, The Budd Co. CLos1Ncz lfNTRlI2S Committee Army Army JERRY COHN 5824 Cedar Avenue Philadelphia 43, Penna. Accountant, Danita Hosy. Mfg. Co Inc 0 1 9 Army Tlzirty-fozrf' FRANK JOSEPH CON CANN ON 5521 N. Marshall Street Philadelphia 20, Penna. Bookkeeper, Sylvan Seal Milk, Inc. Commencement Committee Sigma Kappa Phi Navy WILLIAM JOHN COTT ER 7607 Malvern Avenue Philadelphia, Perma. Accountant Thirty-Jive JAMES J. CRAIG 1545 S. Myrtlewood Street Philadelphia 46, Penna. Secretary, St. Charles School Newman Club EVERETT H. C'RANDALL 6117 Catharine Street Philadelphia 43, Penna. Assistant Treasurer-Ollice Manager G. Walker Jones Co. Air Corps EVENING SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTS AND FINANCE GERALD J. CUMMINGS 383 Marlton Pike Camden, New Jersey Senior Accountant, Morris Liebman, C.P.A. Army JAMES CHARLES DALY 4409 Decatur Street Philadelphia 36, Penna. Accountant, Carey, McFaIl, Inc. FRANCIS CHARLES DEDERICK 2400 Madison Street Wilmington, Delaware Accountant, Mack and Company Lantern Army HENRY J. DEVUONO 4912 N. 12th Street 5! Philadelphia 41, Penna. 0 1 9 Buyer, Sharples Corp. Army Thirty-sir JOHN HENRY DE WITT 7703 Union Avenue Elkins Park, Penna. Accountant, Edward P. Moxey and CO. JAMES DOUGHERTY 7428 Fayette Street Philadelphia 38, Penna. Field Accountant, United Engineers K Constructors, Inc, Air Corps Th irty-seven RICHARD F. DRINKWATER 6908 Dicks Avenue Philadelphia 42, Penna. Cost Clerk, The Stead 85 Miller Co. Army GLENN H. EASTON, JR. 5969 Springfield Avenue Philadelphia 43, Penna. Asst. Traffic Manager, Keystone Shipping Company Phi Delta Theta Sigma Kappa Phi Navy EVENING SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTS AND FINANCE JOHN FRANK ERDOSY 254 Spring Valley Road Darby, Penna. Statistician, Drexel Sz Co. Army THOMAS FRANCIS FENDELL 1822 W. Tioga Street Philadelphia 40, Penna. Army CHARLES A. FAIRMAN 1616 W. Erie Avenue Philadelphia 40, Penna. Accouhntant, Samuel A. Baron, Realtor Assistant Treasurer of Senior Class Ring Committee GEORGE WADAS FETTERS, JR. 5025 Pentridge Street 1 Philadelphia 43, Penna. add 0 9 9 Teller, Philadelphia saving Fund Society Army Thirty-eight Sales Representative, A. R. Baker Sz Co. WILLIAM J. FINLEY 157 Upland Road Havertown, Penna. Instructor, Philadelphia Naval Shipyard Board of Governors. Class Day Chairman Debating Society. Newman Club Night XVatch Honor Society CHARLES FRANCIS FLAMINI 225 E. Poplar Street Norristown, Penna. Senior Accountant, john E. Brogan, Public Accountant Air Corps Thirty-nine ROY K. FOCHT 6740 Wyncote Avenue Philadelphia 38, Penna. Supervisor of Tabulation, Ii. F. Houghton it Co. Navy JAMES FOOSKAS 87 Madison Avenue Clifton Heights, Penna. Cost Accountant, General Electric Co. Sigma Kappa Phi Air Corps EVENING SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTS AND FINANCE FRED FORDHAM 737 S. 63rd Street Philadelphia 43, Penna. Bookkeeper, Penn Fruit Co. Army DONALD J. FOTINAKIS 201 Ardmore Avenue Westmont, New Jersey Cost Accounting Supervisor, Radio Condenser Corp. Newman Club C6-wa of 1949 Forty MILTON GARDNER 5655 Diamond Street Philadelphia 31, Penna. Junior Accountant, Wm. E. Rosenblum, C.P.A. Army RICHARD T. GARDNER 5624 N. Mascher Street Philadelphia 20, Penna. Semi-Senior Accountant, Herr and Herr. Army JAMES J. GILLIGAN 1725 N. 7th Street Philadelphia 22, Penna. Accountant, Radio Corp, of America Navy ERWIN GASTON 392 E. Upsal Street Philadelphia, Penna. Comptroller, Samuel Lando 8: Sons Army JOHN J. GILMARTIN 3658 Jasper Street Philadelphia 34, Penna. Accountant, Hygrade Food Products Corp Navy S WILLIAM c. GEHRET EVENING SCHOOL 5flZiflZZTkfASfIIZ. 0 F A C C 0 U N T 5 Cost Accountant, ASrciggt Paper Company, A N D F I N A N C E F arty-one IRVING GITOMER 1928 Sycamore Street Haddon Heights, New Jersey Salesman, M. Herbert CReal Estatej Army WILLIAM GRABOYES 1624 N. 52nd Street Philadelphia 31, Penna. Proprietor, Trojan Home Equipment. Co. Army JOHN H. GRAVENSTINE, JR. 5309 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia 44, Penna. Dearnley Top Co., Inc. Navy ARTHUR L. GRAVITZ 1234 N. 6th Street Philadelphia 22, Penna. Agent, U. S. Bureau of Internal Revenue Associate Editor The Lantern Vice-President-Secretary, Evening School Association 0 Junior Class Officer C19430 F arty- two Editor, CLOSING ENTRIES Hillel Foundation Night Watch Honor Society EDWARD J. GRIBBIN 2108 E. Ann Street Philadelphia 34, Penna. Secretary, Thomas Fisher, Jr. CLOSING ENTRIES Staff Sigma Kappa Phi Navy Assistant I HUGH H. GROVE 8103 Ardmore Avenue Wyndmoor 18, Penna. Sales Manager, Calbar Paint 8: Varnish Co. F arty-three FLORENCE GRUDZINSKI 3238 Guilford Street Philadelphia 36, Perma. Auditor, Tradesmenls National Bank Chi Alpha Phi JOSEPH HAIMOVITZ 1013 W. Wyoming Avenue Philadelphia 40, Penna. Salesman-Receiver, Adelphia Industries Navy EVENING SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTS AND FINANCE ROBERT S. HANLON 65 Ralston Avenue Havertown, Penna. Salesman, Liggett Sz Myers Tobacco Co. Picture Editor, CLOSING ENTRIES Army RODMAN B. HART 1261 Kenwood Avenue Camden, New Jersey Marine Corps BRUCE V. HANSON 409 Cattell Avenue Collingswood, New Jersey Accountant, Sun Oil Co. Air Corps HENRY HAY 6815 Radbourne Road 19 9 Upper Darby, Penna. 0 4 Tabulating Supervisor, International Busi ness Machines Sigma Kappa Phi F arty-four Internal Auditor, Campbell Soup Co. JOHN J. I-IOOTEN 2921 Elbridge Street Philadelphia 24, Penna. Deputy Collector, U. S. Internal Revenue Service Newman Club Army JAMES L. HINDERHOFER 701 Union Square, Overlook Heights Chester, Penna. Accountant, American Viscose Corp. Air Corps EDWIN HUNTER 1234 Wycombe Avenue Darby, Penna. Buyer, john B. Stetson Co. Army JOSEPH A. HITCHINER EVENING SCHOOL 731 E. Madison Street Philadelphia 34, Penna. O F A C C O U N T S Cost Accountant, Elle? Corp. of America. A N D F I N A N C E F 01'ty-five WILLIAM J. JOHNSTON 3946 N. Sth Street Philadelphia 40, Penna. Stat? Accountant, Linvill Sz Parry, C.P.A.'s. Navy RAYMOND E. KAIN 914 W. Somerset Street Philadelphia 33, Penna. Internal Revenue Agent, Bureau of Internal Revenue Cap and Gown Committee Air Corps Cfafsfs of I9 9 F arty-six ALLEN C. KANE, JR. 69 N. Owen Avenue Lansdowne, Penna. Asst. Purchasing Agent, Frank H. Fleer Corp. Junior Class Officer Pi Delta Epsilon JAMES J. KANE 508 Solly Avenue Philadelphia 11, Penna. Manager, Export Financial Department, Sharp Sz Dohme, Inc. Air Corps MARVIN KARBOFSKY 107 S. Alden Street Philadelphia 39, Penna. Asst. Procurement and Supply Supervisor, U. S. Navy General Stores bupply Office Hillel Foundation Navy ALBERT G. KAY 804 Bethlehem Pike Philadelphia 18, Penna. Accountant, Fidelity-Philadelphia Trust Co. Army F orty-seven GEORGE W. KEYSER 7114 Rising Sun Avenue Philadelphia 11, Penna. Clerk, Provident Trust Co. Army JOHN KITCHENMAN 4618 Oakland Street Philadelphia 24, Penna. Accountant, Atlantic Refining Co. EVENING SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTS AND FINANCE JOHN E. KNOB 52 Branford Road Lansdowne Park, Darby, Penna. Tax Accountant, Drexel 81 Co. Marine Corps FRANCIS F. KOEBERT 5578 North Hill Creek Drive Philadelphia 20, Penna. Clerk, Philadelphia Gas VVorks Co. Army Cjfaaa of 1949 F orty-eight THOMAS A. LANDIS 1408 Powell Street Norristown, Penna. Production-Control Dept., Ajax Metal CO. Army HARRY S. LESKY 5518 Walnut Street Philadelphia 39, Penna. Clerk, Luria Bros. Co., Inc. Army JOSEPH A. LOVETT 646 Seneca Avenue Norwood, Penna. Sales Supervisor, Phila. Coca Cola Bottling Co. Air Corps RICHARD P. LLOYD 28 York Road, Deerhurst Wilmington, Delaware Auditing Department Representative, E. I. DuPont rleNemours 81 Co, Army l. LEE LOCKARD 5515 Chester Avenue Philadelphia 43, Penna. Accountant, Pennsylvania Railroad Co. Salutatorian Senior Class Transportation Society Commencement Committee CLOSING ENTRIES Staff Sigma Kappa Phi Navy F orty-nine i s JOSEPH A. LYNCH 8624 Midland Avenue Philadelphia 36, Penna. Administrative Assistant, Frankford Arsenal Navy EVENING SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTS AND FINANCE ROBERT C. MacFARLAND 17 West Front Street West Conshohocken, Penna. Accounting Clerk, Lee Tire Sz Rubber Co. Army MARTIN J. MALLOY 1643 S. 55th Street Philadelphia 43, Penna. Assembler, General Electric Company Air Corps JACK A. MACONAGHY 1024 Fillmore Street Philadelphia 24, Penna. Export Clerk, Rohm Sz Haas Co. Army GERARD A. MARGIOTTI 1744 S. Cleveland Street Philadelphia 45, Perma. 6555 0 I 9 Accountant, Veterans Administration Fifty CLOSING ENTRIES Staff Army ROBERT F. MASON 4605 Chester Avenue Philadelphia 43, Penna. Accountant, Candy Crafters, Inc. Vice-President Senior Class Editor, The Lantern C495 Assoc. Editor C485 ESA. Board of Governors Night Vllatch Honor Society CLOSING ENTRIES Staff Debating Club HARRY B. MASSEY, JR. 1002 N. Madison Street Wilmington, Delaware Clerk, E. I. DuPont deNemours Sz Co. Army Fifty-one FRED R. McCARTNEY 45 School Lane Springfield, Penna. Chief Clerk, Norfolk K VVestern Railway Company Secretary. Senior Class Night VVatch Honor Society JAMES M. MCCAULEY 3024 Tuckahoe Road Camden, New Jersey Zone Deputy Collector, Bureau of Internal Revenue Air Corps EVENING SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTS AND FINANCE DAVID R. MCCONNELL, JR. 42 S. Sth Street Reading, Penna. Scheduler, Reading Hardware Corp. Lantern Evening School Association HERBERT A. McGOWAN 1106 Atlantic Avenue Atlantic City, New Jersey Army CAM O! 1949 Fifty-two WILLIAM E. MCGOWAN 217 Marshall Avenue Coliingdale, Penna. Assembler, General Electric Company Army JOHN J. MCKEOWN 3516 Jasper Street Philadelphia 25, Penna. Oflice Manager, American Metal Specialties Newman Club Army EMIL J. MEDVIDIK 436 W. Somerset Street Philadelphia 33, Penna. Accountant, Charles S. Rockey Sz Co. Air Corps JAMES P. MCTEIGUE 6078 Regent Street Philadelphia 42, Penna. Credit Man, Radio Corp. of America Newman Club Board of Governors Valedictorian, Senior Class CLOSING ISNTRIES Staff MANUEL MILLER 5173 Columbia Avenue Philadelphia, Penna. Accounting Clerk, Reading Railroad Co. Army 33SfE'Zl,EgS"if2f.e EVENWG SCHOOL Pennsaukeri, New Jersey O F A C C o U N T S Account?:1lt6SiqrZeE1iar111IPECSQECO., Inc. A N D F I N A N C E Navy Fifty-flzrrc' BENJAMIN B. MITCHELL 606 Geddes Street Wilmington, Delaware Clerk, E. I. Du Pont De Nemours Sz Co. Navy HELEN E. MOCK 913 N. 43rd Street Philadelphia 4, Penna. Division Investigation, Industrial Insurance Co. of North America Commencement Committee Chi Alpha Phi Casa of 7949 Fifty-four JOSEPH T. MONASTERO 532 DeKalb Street Norristown, Penna. Bookkeeper, Philadelphia Steel Sz Iron Co. HERBERT E. MOORE 901 Lakeshore Drive Collingswood, New Jersey Accounting Clerk, Radio Corp. of America Ring Committee LEON G. MUSE 1240 N. Allison Street Philadelphia 31, Penna. Audit Clerk, War Assets Administration. Army ROBERT G. MOORE 1991 Church Lane Philadelphia 41, Penna. Underwriter, Keystone Auto Club Casualty Co. Senior Class Lantern Correspondent Delta Sigma Pi Air Corps JACK A. NACE 308 Washington Avenue Oaklyn, N. J. Accountant, Radio Corp. of America. Army ALBERT S. MUNION 2057 Snyder Avenue Philadelphia 45, Penna. I Deputy Collector, Bureau of Internal O F A C C O U N T S R TreasurerSVSIdhior.C1ass A N D F I N A N C E Christian Association Delta Sigma Pi Night Watch Honor Society Fifty-five ROLAND H. NASH, JR. 26 E. Hortter Street Philadelphia 19, Penna. Internal Revenue Agent, Bureau of Internal Revenue Cap and Gown Committee Marine Corps HENRY L. NEMORE 4923 Cedar Avenue Philadelphia 43, Penna. Public Accountant Army 66-444 o I9 9 Fifty-gif SAMUEL E. PARKS 234 E. Greenwood Avenue Lansdowne, Penna. Production Supervisor, General Electric Company Delta Sigma Pi Army NATHAN PERGAMENT 4626 Penhurst Street Philadelphia 46, Penna. Assistanft Bookfkeepcr, Quaker City Dressed Poultry Co., Inc. Army ROBERT JOSEPH POWERS 6617 Guyer Avenue Philadelphia 42, Penna. Accountant, The Atlantic Refining Co. WILLIAM J. PIERSOL 932 Duncan Avenue Yeadon, Penna. Agent, Bureau of Internal Revenue hairman Ca and Gown Committee' C , D Army FLOYD E. POWELL 2433 W. 18th Street Wilmington 47, Delaware Accountant, Veterans Administration Sigma Kappa Phi Army F ifty-Seve n Auditor, JOHN E. RENNER 4504 Pine Street Philadelphia 43, Penna. The Penna. CO. for Banking Sz Trusts Army EVENING SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTS AND FINANCE MAURICE J. RESNICK 731 Revere Road Yeadon, Penna. Accountant Army JOHN ROLFE 117 Bungalow Avenue Wilmington 182, Delaware Accountant-clerk, E. I. Dupont deNemours 81 Co., Inc. Navy STANLEY F. RICHMAN 501 Larchwood Avenue Upper Darby, Penna. Accountant, The National Drug Co. Delta Sigma Pi ALBERT BARNETT ROOP, JR. 3320 Hartel Avenue Cf 194 9 Philadelphia 36, Penna. 0 Accountant, Phila. Gear Works, Inc Sigma Kappa Phi Air Corps Fifty-eight WARREN G. ROSHON 4823 N. 12th Street Philadelphia 41, Penna. Junior Accrmiiiitaiit, Pa. Dept. of Public Assistance Qomincllcemcut Committee HARRY M. RUCH, JR. 110 Merion Avenue Aldan, Penna. Bookkeeper, Gold-Tex Fabrics Corp. Army Fifty-111720 A. LYLE SANDS The Kenilworth, Alden Park Philadelphia 44, Penna. Staff Accountant, Charles S. Rockey Sz Co. Army ROBERT L. SCHAAL 208 7th Avenue Haddon Heights, N. J. Payroll Supervisor, Campbell Soup CO. EVENING SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTS AND FINANCE HAROLD' R. SCHAFFER 1832 W. Penfield Street Philadelphia 26, Penna. Assistant Accountant, F. W. Woolworth Company Dance Committee Basketball Team Navy FRED SCHWARTZ 5040 City Avenue Philadelphia 31, Penna. Assistant to President, Schoble Hats, Inc. Hillel Foundation RAYMOND T. SCOTT 1427 Woodlawn Avenue Wilmington, Delaware Cost Clerk, Atlas Powder Co Navy Army MARTIN SHAPIRO 7623 Malvern Avenue Philadelphia 31, Perma. 0 I9 9 Agent, U. S. Bureau of Internal Revenue Sixty MILTON H. SHAW 7356 N. 19th Street Philadelphia 26, Penna. Accountant, Franklin Sugar Refinery Co. Sigma Kappa Phi Navy z WIN FIELD V. SHAW 3400 Kensington Avenue Philadelphia 34, Penna. Accountant, Sinclair-Curriden Oil Co. Navy Sixty-one MORTON E. SICKEL 1330 Foulkrod Street Philadelphia 24, Penna. Accountant, Climax Dental Supply Co. Army ROBERT F. SLADEK 3502 E. Wellington Street Philadelphia 24, Penna. Cost Accountant, Army Engineers, War Department Army EVENING SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTS AND FINANCE JAY N. SPONSELLER 130 County Line Road Hatboro, Penna. Loan SL Credit Department, Second National Bank of Phila. Sigma Kappa Phi Air Corps MORRIS B. STEVENSON 5233 Wissahickon Avenue Philadelphia 44, Penna. Investment Analyst, Corn Exchange National Bank Air Corps aan o 1949 Sixty-ffwo CHARLES E. STEWART 17 Sack Avenue Perms Grove, New Jersey E. I. DuPont de Nemours X Co., Inc. Navy LEWIS W. STOCK 4115 Berry Avenue Drexel Hill, Penna. Internal Auditor, General Motors Corp. Air Corps RICHARD C. STOUT 109 W. 33rd Street Wilmington, Delaware Traffic Clerk, Hercules Powder Co. Army l l J. LOUIS STURGIS STEPHEN M. TALAROWSKI 1247 Everett Street Camden, New Jersey Accountant, Central Duplicator 81 Typewriter Co. Newman Club THEODORE' TAUB 537-A E. Tabor Road Philadelphia, Penna. Credit Manager, H. Perilstein EVENING SCHOOL 500 E 1 Claymont Gardens Claymont, Delaware O F A C C O U N T S Office Manager, Worth Steel Co. A N D F I N A N C E S1gma Kappa P111 Sixty-three ROBERT H. TAUNT 614 E. Robbins Avenue Philadelphia 11, Penna. Systems Sz Procedures, The Budd Co. Air Corps JOHN P. VANDERVEER 627 N. 63rd Street Philadelphia 31, Perma. Clerk, Atlantic Sz Paciflc Tea Co. Cfaaa of 194 9 sixty-four FRANK P. VAVALA 248 Filbert Avenue Elsmere Manor, Wilmington, Delaware Accountant, Unemployment Compensation COII1I111SS1011 Army HOWARD L. VOSS 427 Cooper Street Camden, New Jersey Claim Adjuster, Continental Casualty Insurance Co. Army WILLIAM F. WALLACE 140 E. Chelton Road Chester, Penna. Accountant, Diamond Ice K Coal Co. Air Corps JAMES P. WALSH 118 N. Rodney Street Wilmington 163, Delaware Accountant, E. I. DuPont de Nemours Sz Co., Inc. Air Corps Sixty-jqf J. STUART WARE 421 Newton Avenue Oaklyn, New Jersey Accounting Department, I. J. Pocock, Inc. Army CHARLES M. WATTERS 11 Wellscrest Road, Route 16 Media, Penna. Cost Analyst, Radio Corp. of America Governor a11d Treasurer, Evening School Association Lantern Staff Vice-President, Freshman Class President, Junior and Senior Classes C1.os1No ENTRIES Staff Night Watcli Honor Society Delta Sigma Pi Debating Club EVENING SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTS AND FINANCE HENRY W. WHELAN 6838 Radbourne Road Upper Darby, Penna. Bookkeeper, E. I. DuPont Ile Nemours Sz Co., Inc. Navy WILLIAM R. WILSON 5832 N. 6th Street Philadelphia 20, Penna. Auditor, Corn Exchange National Bank Army BURTON M. WOSKOFF 5600 Catharine Street Philadelphia 43, Perma. Road Man, Phila. Daily News Air Corps CAMERA SHY SENIORS J. EMERY ALBERTSON HORACE W. BONEKAT JUSTIN H. BRENNER LAURENCE E. CAIN, JR. ARTHUR c. CARBONE JOSEPH H. DONNELLY WILLIAM G. EISSLER JESSE J. FREESE HERBERT R. KASEMAN WILLIAM E. KRALL HARRY LANGER WILLIAM c. MAR'TINDALE JEROME SEGAL 54... . 7949 Si.rty-sim WALTER T. WILLIAMS Polonius' Advice to Laertes From 'fHamlet" There,-my blessing with you! And these few precepts in thy memory See thou character,-Give thy thoughts no tongue, Nor any unproportion'd thought his act. lie thou familiar, but by no means vulgar. The friends thou hast, and their adoption tried, Grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steelg But do not dull thy palm with entertainment Of each new-hatched, uniledged comrade. Beware Of entrance to a quarrelg but being in, liear't that the opposed may beware of thee. Give every man thine ear, but few thy voice: Take each man's censure, but reserve thy judgment. Costly thy habit as thy purse can buy, But not expressed in fancyg rich, not gaudy: For the apparel oft proclaims the man. Neither a borrower nor a lender be, For loan oft loses both itself and friend, And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry. This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man. Sixty-smfaiz ON THE THE UNIVERSITY LIBRARY BENJAMIN FRANKLIN--FOUNDER PICTURESQUE HAMILTON WALK IVY COVERED COLLEGE HALL HUTCHINSON GYMNASIUM AND THE PALESTR CAMPUS LOOKING TOWARD THE UNIVERSITY MUSEUM SCENE OF OUR GRADUATION IRVINE AUDITORIUM FRANKLIN FIELD HOUSTON HALL BY DAYLIGHT AND SO: WE LEAVE THE UNIVERSITY . . Cfaaa .Maforg Perhaps every graduating class of the Evening School of Accounts and Finance is unique among other graduating classes in at least one respect: the members may have started their studies here four, eight, or possibly eighteen years previous to the year of their graduation. It makes little differ- ence. So it is with the Class of 1949. VVe must go back to September, 1941 if we were to choose a typical year of entrance for the majority of the class-a year which was anything but typical in our nation's history, as we were destined to learn. The effects of the war soon became apparent in the lives of those students who were here in 1941. As early as November of that year, for example. four of the ten males elected to serve the Evening School Association had already left to, "answer the Selective Service gong." Draft cards were the popular subject of conversations at that time, For popular diversion, before gas rationing, you may have traveled to Sunnybrook in Pottstown. Pa. to dance to the music of Charlie Barnet or Tommy Dorsey. At that time you may have been studying Ac- counting 1. under Professor George A. MacFar- landg Commercial Law 1, under Dr. C. N. Cal- lenderg Markets and Prices, under G. VVright Hoffman. or Money and Credit. with Dr. Frank Parker. In one of the columns of THIS LANTERN in March. 1942. we read, "Remember when we didn't have to worry about air raid warnings." and f'Donate a Pint of Blood." At home. these were the years of air raid sirens and black out curtains. One of the original founders of the Evening School back in 1904. Dr. Edward P. Moxey, Pro- fessor of Accounting. died on April 6, 1943. By the end of that same year the enrollment had de- clined to approximately one thousand students. It was decided at that time that Honors Seminars were impractical with that small number of stu- dents and they were dropped from the regular schedule. Things were still looking dark in May of that year as far as student enrollment was concerned. THE LANTERN urged. "just a word of advice-if the future looks doubtful next term, start school anyway- you won't regret it even if you have to leave in midterm . . ." Effective on june 30. 1944, Dr. Thomas S. Gates became Chairman of the University and Dr. George VVilliam McClelland, then Provost, became the new President. By March, 1945, forty-one ex-service men were back on the campus in civilian clothes. At that time everyone was standing in line for a very scarce item-remember Fatimas? On june 7, Dr. jeremiah Lockwood died. By ROBERT F. NTASON The big rush of ex-G. 1. students was wisely anticipated and plans were made to accommodate them. Logan Hall was in for a face-lifting. Con- stuction was started in Room 117, for example, and two new quiz rooms, 221 and 223, were built in the former high ceiling of Room 117. Room 110 was equipped with laboratory-type desks to im- prove accounting working facilities. Fluorescent lighting made a big improvement for the students, who now had difficulty finding dark corners in lecture halls. Along about this time, we were be- ing urged to, "Support the 7th War Loan Drive- Don't Let Them Down-Buy an Extra Bondf' By january, 1946, Evening School men had joined the Veterans Club and had already held a smoker and dinner, and a dance in Houston Hall appropriately called, "A Night in Hawaii." The influx of students that year filled the halls and rooms to capacity-if you didn't get to class early you didn't get a seat falmostj. By the end of 1946, Logan Hall was straining at its seams. Long lines of customers queued up at the few water fountains at intermission time. You may remember reading the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Issue of THE LANTERN which came out in the early part of 1947. And later, the elec- tion of its first woman editor, Miss Louise j. Gruber. 1947 was the year of many changes among the teaching staff. Dr. Callender, Commer- cial Law I. and Mr. Cameron, Accounting, both retired. Professor George A. MacFarland, Ac- counting 1, had to forego teaching in the Evening School in order to devote his full time to his newly acquired duties as Chairman of the Advisory Council for Veterans at the University. Dr. john rl. Sullivan, Commercial Law. and Dr. Edward N. Wright, Accounting. also retired. Dr. VVright has since been active with the American Friends Serv- ice Committee and is in Hungary at the present time. Another important change took place in Logan Hall in 1947. As the final step in the improvement of its plant, the old shoddy hues of sombre green gave way to the painterls brush, and a miracle was worked with plaster and paint. The fumes had a way of getting in your nose, whether you were in the basement or on the fourth floor. It was also news that year when we learned that a traffic light had been installed. after many long years, at the intersection of 36th Street and VVoodland Avenue. A Professor quipped, "lt used to be nobody cared how you got killed at 36th Street. Now you have to get killed according to the light." ln April, 1948, a testimonial dinner in honor of Mr. XVilliam R. Hockenberry was held to com- memorate his tenth anniversary as Director of the Evening and Extension Schools of Accounts Seveizty antl Finance. .Xn litlittirial in 'l'i-na l..xN'ri5RN, l9-W. saicl, "The rultltmlt for the flass of '49 at this writing is nut tim hright, Unless yuu wake up to the fact that there is inure tn higher eclucatitin than incre hunk learning . . . there will not he a Class of '-HJ." AX spirit was ltincllerl hy Nlr. QXlclieuwn's worcls, antl sown thercaliter an ui'ganizatit1n was plaunecl in view of the approaching election ul' umcers. The electipn resultecl in the appointment to office of inen ancl wfnnen who were willing to help as- setnhle the class ancl prucluce a plan fur ehfectively wurlxing nut the thuusanrl ancl une rletails which hacl tu he clone. Such things as ccliting anal pulmlish- ing this lmcmlq. election ancl wrclering nur rings. eul- lecting class clues. planning a cmninenceinent pru- grant, ancl planning Class Day entertaitnnent all hacl to he wnrltecl nut. The electiun of llarulcl li, Stassen as l'resiclent of the Lfniversity to succeerl llr. Klcflellancl, was annfmuncecl un Septetnher l7. VHS ancl pruviclerl us with a natural inspiratitln fur the clcclicatitmn of this eclitiun nf Llnsing lintries. The Silver ,lulrilee rXnniversary uf the Night XYatch lltmnm' Society XYI1SZLll4lIllCI'lllllbHI'l2lI1f1lIllC- stone in livcning School llistury tluring nur tinle here. .X hanquet was helcl un lfclmruary IO. 1949, at the L'niversity Clulm. Aniung niany clistinguish- erl guest speakers. the Night XYatch was litnnwerl to have Dr. Canhy lialclerstun, llean ul the XYhar- tfmn Sclicml. Thus we come to june, lil-lfl, the year cngravecl un our Certilieate of l'rulieiency. XX'e share lonal tneinories of the years gone hy-years clcvutecl tw a purpose, the fullillnient nf which has retluirecl the hest that is in us. These years have not passerl without a measure nf sacrifice hy all of us. as well as hy those who have helperl frmn tinie tn tiine tu pull us througli. 'Lfnquestionahly these years at Logan have heen valualmle ones in eclucatirmnal flee veluptnent. ancl this value will talte on arlclecl lustre as we join the vast ranks nt' altnnni nf the livening School and the University ui l'ennsylvania. ,Ns Alutnni. we are part tif a clistinguishefl grnup nt' men anrl women. Tlirnugh this afliliatiun we inay cnntinue to keep in cuntact with nur ahna inater. This is the Class uf l9-l9. liach anil every lace in the preceding pages shares a part of this class histurv. ,M X vw ' 'WM ...- ,Lg :ga--.5.7!z'C5...s.1,.:'-:-ra: 1---ru Jar:-,-.24:. .- .. ...M-1-'riivswtf:-v'?:rZ1'?1ir:a:1.e':'i41fEi--51: 11-:-:.-1 vf'1:.t14PH ..-,gr---gay,-.-.-fi'-:fx-:i'4i:,17G,3w.- ::::'.1:3y-. 1:11133-2,-'f'. Jezuj A . qzifi'-if?-E 2231- i2?P3Wl1'51HE ltfjifzzififfif I-52-1955 fiifff' i:i7?iZ5'Ql?fffa'l'f 1 ......'.. . .s 4, ..f..f 1 :.:f--:- ...--P1212-af,---:'5.n?5"::z-22-ex 519,135 5351: ?7fl'f-Wy' rg-gui 551:-'21 ,Q-4-.-. f23"fr Auf wg, , ..-. vs I v N ft -N . .. .-. .. Q.. .11 ., 1 t. . ., -.7:'a?.,.-:-zvzif-' .,.F,:,:, -1-.,ef.2: aw- :P--r new .f..f:.rwt nfs.. ' .f "iii-F?-'E' EES-5 T-EJB? 31315 f5r,f,:5. ,.f::f." .ca-. -'ffbif-' :Elf fiitfis-rf M .1 r ,frp:.-E-- -,,.z.1., pf-,..-te' ' We QP. '.-x.: -1- 15" -4 'L..g.gff -,af ':'1:. IT .. -'J-1 :-:L".-- -.-I.-5.1--.--LT:.'.,,-.,-.:,,Lf?-i-:---ybfvfr. r .e.' 'gtg-1. 'fs-. fr, '-3, ..:-4, 5- ....fg,:. -r,.f,1-,417--.5-at15,5-.1-,.-1 :-.!g:-.,,f',.-::.w'.-fair.,5,--,.,u,1.f..,z. eg-gt' -.,-.. ,Q -,f.- -,ly-T:-. --5,1-7 - 5- :V-gs. ?.-:.4..,.-.l,.:.:3.l- J.:-f,..,. , ...tu me-1':'E--1--fs-:-:w:::f,::.::-.11--ea.-war-4far..-ff--.,m-..rffH.':P..'-+:,--..:L--:-rf' - - J- nzir. :gm-:.T.'3:gitr'J:-?:.1--:-:!-:.-'h-1-.:'ssf:?-'-'-ar- ,..,,.4.1. --"f:-..'1-- -4. ' --- V , N.:-......,,1,,Q, ' --.-1. " ".'llff'Z D ef'-i " J wc.. wt' .'r.1'1'.:f.fI1w'-s' " ' 1:-1: -- ...xl-. M... , . ...,1.V,'1 :tif-'fs v- .W-:iffy s x 5 1- A fb., sg. The realization that graduation from the Even- ing School is in sight and that our formal education under the direction of the University will soon be complete, should serve as a twofold reminder. First, the goal for which we have spent years in preparation has been reached and the seemingly endless series -of excursions to Logan Hall, at least for most of us, has ended. Second, and far more important, should be the realization that the well- educated man is the man whose education never ceases. Education takes many forms. In elementary schools much of it is in the form of memory work such as multiplication tables, spelling, and gram- mar. High schools depart from this somewhat, and algebra, literature, science and other subjects receive broad attention. On the University level, however, attention is directed to fundamental principles and to the development of reasoning. Fundamental principles are those which have stood the test of time and upon which entire sciences are based. They have been built up by devoted scholars and eminent practitioners using standards of work. methods of accurate thought, and techniques with which the student must be familiar in order to appraise his own endeavors. The student must know where the frontiers of knowledge at present are, and what lies behind them, before he attempts to push those boundaries forward. The development of reasoning is the practice of the scientific method. The method proceeds by ex- perimentation, by making a disinterested search for truth, by obtaining facts and observing where they lead. Imagination leads in constructing the hypo- thesis and it is then surveyed from all angles to see if it works. i-f'f'l 'fikbfi Education on the University level, then, can give the student knowledge and reasoning ability, the product of which is tolerance and balanced judgment. Tolerance, so they will not condemn an idea because it is new or because it is old, and balanced judgment which is the real beginning of wisdom. If education never ceases for the well-educated man, and our formal education is ending, what can we do to keep the avenues of learning open? There are several answers. Une, is to realize the narrowness of the field we have chosen. The fields of philosophy, religion, political science, and literature are relatively un- explored territory for most -of us and should pro- vide an excellent complement to the principles of accounting and finance already acquired. Entire Departments and Schools in this University are devoted to Medicine, Law, Engineering and other curricula and we are but a small segment of those who leave this institution yearly with degrees or certificates in one of the many branches of study. Two, we can continue to use the educational facilities available to us, either by returning to the Evening School for further classes or by frequent use of the libraries for research and study. Three, we can use in our everyday life the rea- soning processes developed here. We can formu- late mature judgment in the light of changing con- ditions. All of us have seen, in the past ten years, our own nation go from a peaceful existence to a state of all out war effort and then return to the task of restoring our country to peace only to be disturbed by difficulties, domestic and foreign. Foreign aid and armed preparedness require con- siderable thought and expense. Such transitions are not made easily, either as a nation or as an individual, and it is certain that further changes will take place in the future. Mature judgment based on knowledge and the use of reason en- hances our value as citizens. businessmen, and in- dividuals, for a nation is only as good as its people. If these three broad outlines are followed, the term "well-educated" will take on real meaning. and not only shall our time in the Evening School have been invested profitably, but our entire lives as well. I. LEE LOCKARD Seventy-two . ,- -.'--'sf-",:Ff9'1':'Ga23-5121125 L?-1'-Tin., 1 ,'5:r:a-.':+..5r:- '.a::7"?::1'Q.-1""'-. 14 - -1'..r.-F,-".-:-..S'-1-Z'i:1'ri--'-.-if 7- L vig. -:N-'wi -1-"het-Q22 -'-"..:''.-43"-'J'5':.... :- : .---' :Hs--H: ',.:v':2-fri Jr: 14.. 4. 1-:::. 'I--:ga',::-55.54 , gi-TfJ:S:TgZ1-2'-14:il-':5.f.Q:b'1:3'1bfi? ' l"71:Si "" '15 'X '257535-2.-Tjgf-.1-3:23353-11-:'-'F'HJ,-:xl-9' 21321 E5-p ' .ff-?i-'vffiff'':'1l5.'Ei'V"'E:'Sf',f I-i'I.ff'f" .Y-'iii' Fw' iii!" fn" ' 5-735' ".'.E' 'FFL Q- . -'--1'-rwrw me,-f -'-3-'. Lg,-if ..,,.- .g..- --2 11:1 :. '.-.M -"- ".:-:ff .,.t,.,: ::-gh, QU. -:'. .,,. ,.1:z.'-,-gr my-.3 -,. ,-.,,- 1., .- --'-' '- '.-. 1- -- as : ..- f'- -.. --.-- -J.--.-1.-.: ' --..' ' :.-H .' -.1 .--.-..- wg-gan., --.:-,.: .-g f--. -.f-f.-1.1--..g-. vp-,-1 ff , .417 ..'4-.R.L21-.f. ' E173 .. 31: ' '.-. ,-:.-'- f:i'1f. f-'-1.:J::' .1L2:1. e, ".'.f:2v .ip-f---V-.-F. ,L ':-:-.:.',- ., gm- -.-f-:..::::-.v-1.5--2..:.-1::. 1.-1.--. sw, '..-wr::.51-"1":-.g--.-:1,- .',- '-::w'rQ'-12. -QEEQ. .-i1-fL.1,fk.gZ:r+f-gf,-.qwg12:2.c'-'j.:pa"i.E-.PI 'Tift-'-'fi-1':'1'L':-,4-:Z': p-L-1e...- f':f'---.iiiif zqygf y1'...5:ptf':T .- .-:4z,,'t:r.'-5r.1,.gsg,.1:.1:.:g.a.--,gg.t,:..,,,-,.fa-.1-...Au ...fs--.-ff..-,A: , V-.-.fn-, .-1,-.u,:., ,gm-..,. ,-.7,r,g-A.,,,.:1gg,-r- -1-.5 :-L.. alt 1:-tw,---f.'v 511121-' -':,':'.:..1.: - 1-H ::.f.'1i1'55""sF1'L-31' ft'lI:1-f'f:1"1""f3 :ruff .-.rli--wi:-I '-'11:.:- fl-11?-I-"' - M -f" ,...' 'fvggfy Q'7I-1515515'E'..w',-.2215 :Q-ji ',.2:,'if??5I,7T :".i- -l,2.Q5I.i'f-.'1i.P-'am fm Qf::g::3:af5.ffi.'f, E55-1119.117-:jlf ,i,-:5::.,,.,.25:-:lwfslfqf-:lag,...w..--. .. A - sr f r- . . 1- .- , 753537-:.z:v.. ' ' This moment belongs to us. Behind us are the long hours of concentrated effort and diligent ap- plication which are the prerequisites for induction into the proud army of W'harton Evening School graduates. This is no time to relax, however. Modern business has no place today for one who would rest on his laurels. We are endeavoring to win for ourselves a place in a world which moves at a tremendously rapid pace, a world which already is well-peopled with educated men and women. VV e have merely equipped ourselves with the weapons to give battle. We can consider ourselves fortunate in that most of us have already come to grips with the problems presented by the battlefield we have chosen. It was the recognition of our own inability to cope with these problems that prompted us to devote so many of our evenings to the study of the facts and Figures which have been assembled concerning them. It is appropriate that we express to the faculty our sincere appreciation of the patience, under- standing and constant willingness to help which they evidence at all times. We recognize that it is no easy task to instill knowledge in minds oft times dulled by the toil of the day. We regard them, not merely as instructors, but also as friends who have guided us in the proper direction. Let us, therefore, enter the struggle with all the vigor and enthusiasm we possess. Opportunities abound in virtually every walk of life to demon- strate that we, not those who have gone before, or those who will come after, are the individuals whose names will be inscribed on the pages of history as the leaders of our generation. Let us seek out these opportunities, and enrich the world with the benefits of the knowledge we have come to possess in these past years. "To the victor belong the spoilsf' But the victor must be determined that what he has won will never be taken from him. Only through constant alertness and never-ceasing perseverance can we be certain that the goal which we have reached today is an impregnable outpost on our march to SUCCESS. JAMES' P. MCTEIGUE Seventy-tlufee SENICDR COMMITTEES CAP AND GOWN COMMITTE Left to Chairm RING COMMITTEE Sealed: Katherine Bigelman, Herbert E. Moore, Chairman. Standing: Charles E. Stewart, Charles A. Fair- man. Not Present: John J. McKeown, Ralph Canci, Robert G. Moore. SI'T'C'llfj Front Row: Stephen M. Talarowski. William J. Finley, Chairman. Back Row: Kenneth Carlin, Charles F. Flamini, Joseph Monastero, William E. McGowan. Not Present: John J. Campbell. COMMENCEMENT COMMITTEE Sealed: Helen E. Mock, Katherine Bigelman, Chairman. Standing: Lee Lockard, Warren G. Roshon. No! Present: Helen Barth, Josephine Cica- relli, Frank Concannon. CLASS DAY COMMITTEE 'lille "Class lbllyu hilllllllllllki'1l1'gIllllZCIl and DYO- iiiwtcrl the main sciiiiii' social cvciit uf the "Flirty- Nllll'l'S.H This z1l'l'z1i1'. liclil zu lluiisimi llall, fen- turecl Z1 lilmerzilly stfickcrl uillHllSi4lllii flimici' with entrees uf Guest Sire-:ilu-1's :incl the ifxlllllllli Fol- lies." acrving tu crcutc :ui ziii' uf unity' wliicli will lung be 1'e111e111lme1'crl. 'L'1IfxX'-fi'2"4' CLOSING ENTRIES STAFF Seated: Robert Hanlon, Picture Editorg Robert F. Mason, Associate Editor Arthur L. Gravitz, Editor: Joseph F. Meade, Associate Editorg Charles M Watters, Stagg James P. McTeigue, Advertising Manager. Standing: James J. Gilligan, Stagg Harry Baron, Stagg J. Lee Lockard, Stagg Gerard A Margiotti, Stagg Edward J. Gribbon, Stag. Not Present: Katherine Bigel- man, Stagg Edwin J. Clifton, Stag. Seffcvzty-six Proofreading copy ff-"""A SEN1oRs: Here is your 1949 edition of CLOSING EN'rRI1':s! It has been the constant aim of the Editors to capture in these pages in picture form some of the memories you associate with the school. Many of you are members of the campus organizations iclentilied and pictured herein. All of us have enjoyed the benefits of membership in the Evening School Association. 'llHl-1 LANTICRN has kept us abreast of the various school activities plus the latest in college humor. The class history carries us from the average year of enrollment to the present time and its columns will bring back and date many events long since forgotten. This then, is a brief resume of the class record. It is my hope that you derive as much enjoyment in reading the book as was mine in its preparation. Thanks are due to Merin Studios, 1010 Chestnut Street, who have been more than generous with their time and effort in furnishing us with photography of the highest quality. VVe are also indebted to Nason ll. Clark '49, a member of the firm of Clark Printing House, our publishers. who, it is interesting to note, printed the year book for the lfvening School. Class of l9l3. A word of thanks is also due to joe Meade, and liob Mason, the Associate Editors, for their stimulating ideasg to Jim Mcrfeigue our Advertising Manager for a swell job. and to the many others who have assisted in producing this volume. M1254 Kiwi lfdifor Good luck to all ot you! Mr. Sz Mrs. Jacob H. Aaron Howard W. Ayers Vtfalter Barczuk, '42 Mrs. Sylvia R. Baron Congressman VVilliam A. Barrett Vtfilliam S. Bater Mr. Herman Bruning Mrs. Herman Bruning rl. L. Bush Mary J. Callahan Mr. Sz Mrs. john E. Caldwell Mrs. Alexander Campbell Celia Sz Larry Carlin XVilliam H. Clark Mr. David Clower Mrs. David Clower Mr. Sz Mrs. C. Gerald Copeland George J. Craig, '43 Betty M. Crawford Joseph Cullinan Michael N. D'Adano Madeleine E. Dever Edgar VV. S Christine Dietrich Mr. Sz Mrs. Robert B. Dunbar John T. Dwyer, '36 Robert A. Evans John W. Eyre, '24 Mr. Sz Mrs. Ralph Ealconero Louis Felton Carl W. Fenninger, '08 Gertrude A. Finley H. VVesley Fox, jr. VVesley B. Fox, M.D. David M. Franklin Mr. Sz Mrs. Walter J. Grace Mr. Sz Mrs. Jacob Gravitz Mr. Sz Mrs. Sidney Gravitz Louise J. Gruber Ann P. Harness Doris L. Hart Mr. Sz Mrs. George S. Hart Robert T. Henry, '13 William R. Hockenberry L. D. Holland Mr. Sz Mrs. Nathan A. Howe Howard jackson, jr. Edwin O. G. Johnson, '47 Mr. Sz Mrs. Herman R. Karafin Mr. Sz Mrs. Roger Kay Marvin A. Keller Mr. Sz Mrs. Douglas M. Klink John M. Kratzinger, '46 Kay Kratzinger I. R. Lawless John L. Lewis Pat:-om W. F. MacDonald A. Kenneth MacRae Mr. Sz Mrs. Nate Margulies james A. Matthews George A. McBride Jack McDonald Mr. Sz Mrs. George McGowan Mr. Sz Mrs. George McGowan, Sr Joseph E. McKeown, '43 Mr. Sz Mrs. J. P. McTeigue John Merlino, '37 Frank Moerder Mrs. Ida S. Moore Mr. S: Mrs. John E. Moore XVillia1n Mulgrew Anna M. Munion Mr. Sz Mrs. Charles T. Munion Edward H. Murphy Robert I. Murphy Clifton E. Myers, Jr., '47 William R. Orr, -lr., '42 Anthony F. Pagano Doris Pfifferling Mr. Sz Mrs. Joseph T. Purcell, '48 james F. Robinson M. Virginia Rosenfelder VVarren G. Roshon Mrs. A. Lyle Sands fThelma XV. Mr. Sz Mrs. H. Marshall Sands Mrs. Geraldine Schaffer James C. Schneck Mardiros H. Serposs jean Shapiro Madison J. Smith Mrs. Sarah Smith -lohn A Sonsini Thelma M. Spahr Charles L. Straub Harry Straub George M. Todd J. F. Tonkinson, Jr., C.P.A. VVilliam C. Walton, '47 Damon A. Watters Elaine Watters Florence XVatters G. Paul VVatters George C. VVatters Martha VVatters Roy G. VVatters Mr. Sz Mrs. Samuel Weakley Mr. Sz Mrs. John B. Webb Charles C. Weston Mrs. Marie VVolhnger Mr. Sz Mrs. Robert Yost, '47 -N 3. Wlrld leader in radio. rst ln, telems For over fifty years, the RCA Victor trademarks have represented a traditional standard of qual- ity in the reproduction of reeorded music. Today, these same trademarks also assure top perform- ance from radios, television receivers, and a great family of other electronic products. RCA ICTOR lOl! Scvclzfy-niazv Our congratulations to Robert MacFarIand Graduate Ciass of 1949 in Accounting Evening School University of Pennsylvania cage ire and! Hugger gorlaorafion I-ICDUSTON HALL YCDUR STUDENT UNION has served Pennsyivania students and alumni since Eighteen Ninety-Six 0 Make it your headquarters when visiting the campus Eighty 1102 1 L PROTECT :armani waz si uns co or Noun .Ania Insurance Company of North America, founded 1792, oldest stock fre and marine insurance company in the country, heads the group of North America Companies which Write practically all types of Fire, Marine, Aviation and Accident insurance, Fidelity and Surety bonds . . . through Agents and Brokers. UHTH ZIMEHIII . . pAl.f6lJ0fl9!li6l ik Insurance Company of North America ik Indemnity Insurance Company of North America 71? Philadelphia Fire and Marine Insurance Company ily The Alliance Insurance Company of Philadelphia .Eiglz fy-0110 Comigdzfe trust, banking and Safe deposir service at an address especially convenient for many Philadelphians. FIDELITY-PHILADELPHIA TRUST COMPANY Organized T866 BROAD AND WALNUT STREETS, PHILADELPHIA 9, PA. Blvuzlwr l"vzim'11I l7vfw.v1'f Ifzmmzzzfv CU7'f70l'Uf1'l711 Compkmenfd 0 .1 jfieml Eighty-two good luck to the CIMA of '49 "S UHEY JUE'3" Suutll 35th Street L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY "Known Wnerever tnere ore scnools ond colleges" Mokers of fine School Rings ond Pins Dipiomos Commencement Announcements Medois ond Trophies Official Pennsylvania Evening School Rings 1601 CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA 3, PENNA E1'g1zf-V-fI11'vc Compliments of F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. Public Utility-Railroad-Industrial SECURITIES New Jersey and General Market Municipal Bands 0 Electronic and Television Securities 0 Guaranteed and Leased Line Stocks ' Equipment Trust Gbligatians 0 Bank and Insurance Stacks CHARLES A. TAGGART 6' CO. INCORPORATED Investment Securities 'I500 Walnut Street, Philadelphia 2, Po. Klngsley 5-1716 Dime Building, Allentow Compliments of A FRIEND I Compliments of PATRONIZE National Church Goods OUR Supply Co. 821 Arch sneer ADVERTISERS Phila. 7, Pa. Efglzfy-fain' -:- Printers OFTHE l9LI'9 CLOSING ENTRIES -:- LARK PRINTING HOUSE,lNC 228 CHERRY STREET ' ' RHNLADELRHIA 7, RA Consuft us in planning next year's annuaf HE Q A-1 ,-1 F' f ,., fr, . Jw. ix -M agar I, W. r f- .1 'M my 4, 5, , ivf ws. ,ar - ,rv w gp? " ,Mrk lgksia. - , -.,., ,rw Q , ,ang . 591 53' 5, 7.4 I 4'i v y 1 ff , , X v Q , K , Y I A Mx .f, H . , 1 U 1 l 3 K r 1 w , fn , W X , N x 5 W , N v T 1 A ' - rf gf' , 12 'K gl. Q .--' inf: 4'v ,Q . .15 -V ,A , . .-"QP ,1f,.,. -Wx., ,,,. +V' 'QW I-'Y , 1, . , 1i .?a3'ffifiq ,H ..L.. ,. Q -,'s1,,-, - Ms., . ,,., ,, mg- MT !n,?.AM y. 1 5304- Q M, . , '1- 1 1 ' 1 11 1 Q 1 'a 1 1 1 1 1 14 l, , 1 -' 1 . 11 2 Q A 1 1 I , 6 1 ' . ' J ' 2 .5 1 y

Suggestions in the University of Pennsylvania Evening School of Accounts and Finance - Closing Entries Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) collection:

University of Pennsylvania Evening School of Accounts and Finance - Closing Entries Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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University of Pennsylvania Evening School of Accounts and Finance - Closing Entries Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 22

1949, pg 22

University of Pennsylvania Evening School of Accounts and Finance - Closing Entries Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 43

1949, pg 43

University of Pennsylvania Evening School of Accounts and Finance - Closing Entries Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 67

1949, pg 67

University of Pennsylvania Evening School of Accounts and Finance - Closing Entries Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 30

1949, pg 30

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