University of Pennsylvania Evening School of Accounts and Finance - Closing Entries Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA)

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University of Pennsylvania Evening School of Accounts and Finance - Closing Entries Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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Q 1 1 il -1 R ii A P? ii w we Q 15 lllllf in lllc llklfliglillllllil. Lcaling llllhllgll tlic pzigcs. at sltllf linloltls tlc ticztrcr to this once hazy goztlf-linztlly rcztcltiiig tliztt nntcli clcsitccl at in our ultinizttc clcsiic to equip rmttisclwa all as to lncttei' serve niztnki licginning our Evening, Sclmnl t2ll'L'i'l'. lllt' llllllll2llC Qual ztplmt-ztlml lung lmpcrcl lot' goal-thc prcsciitzttimi nl' llic Ccitiliczlte ul' l'i'olic'it-tiny at Lrztcluation. XVitli this lccling ol' having szttislitttmily tnntplctccl a step lkwwztttl tncl tltc wurltl, wc present ---- I quit-ting tlic lilo nl' tlic average stuclcnt zu lic strives tlttouglt tltc youu slowly swinging tlic gates ol' knnwlcmlgc: ztsitlc :incl getting ncztrci' an ntl ntl I 2-3 -1-5 6, 7 S-9 10-ll-I2 I3- I 16-I 18 19 211 21 22 23 2-1 25 26- 215' 29 311 31 32 ?3 31- 2 1-15 7 35 7 Cl0SI li L1UN'1'liN'.l'5 Ultl' f101I1 C1111t1'11lx IJff!11l,'Ilf1Ull l11t'ro11111'Iiu11-I1111110 f1z1111fl111'111111 C111111e11gcs 1111mi111s1f1'111i1111 P111 fe.sps'11 rs 111111 C l11s.s1'1111 1115 Arc You l111' TB'f11l'Il1 S1f111111' of 1917? S1f111111' f,ff1l'l'1IS' 111111 B1111111 111' G11111'1'11111'.s' S6'II101'S.' Allen, A111lr1fz11s, Alk1'11s, 111111 H1111 Se111111's.' B111111s, B111'f111'1l, B1f1'k1f1', 111111 13011111111 F1'1fs111111f11 111111 Al1111i111' C111.s's Off1I'If14.S' S1f111111's.' B1f1'1111111, B111111615 l31'111.s1'1', 111111 C. 1511111111 SI?I7I.O1' C1111111'11'll1'1f.s.' A1,111i1111g, Ring, 111111 C111111111'1111'1111'11l 811111111 ClHII1l'l111lf6'.S'.' 111153 111111 C1111 111111 01111111 S1f11io1's.' ll. H1'11z1111, l,. 1i1'11zv11, B1'111111g1111111, 111111 l3111'k1111111 S1f111111's: B1l11f1, Cl111'1:, C1'111ufo1'11, 111111 C1C'.5'11l1l11 C111.s'1'11g E11l1'i1fs Sluff-y-17 S1'111'11rs.' lJl?1x1Ill'I'U, Dcrr, 121621-1:go1'111, 111111 lJ111111l111'1'1 Sl'1l1ll1'.S'.' Duffy, IJ1111111j1, E11.s'tz11111111, 111111 l5111'1.s'11'i11 li1'11f11i11g Sl'lllN1l A.s's111'111111111 1-'l1'l1111t11'.s' 1.11 I.0f1'll7l H1111 S Nighl IfV11l1'11 H1111111' S111r11:1y 111111 S1g11111 Ayllflflll 1,111- S1f111111'.s.' 1'1l?1f1Hl1l1I, I"11'1111f1', l'.1.S'll1llfl1l, 111111 G111111g111'1 T111: I,1111t1f1'11 Slaff Published h the Senior Class of the EVENIN G 1 SlIH00l 01 ll IVERSITY UF PENNSHVA IA EIRIES 194 30 37 M' W! lll ll I2 l? l-l li lf: lf M' IU Sll Sl 52 S? il Si in 57 55' 'FU full ful 62 fr? frf 115 hh -V1 CION'lA1iN'l'S SI'lllUl.X'.' Glljzirl, flll'f'll, Hnlzw, mul llllrllwllf .S'wr11'rn'.s'.' Hnlmr'.s', Hn.sllf'1', Hvvrlr, rlnrl ll. lllflfxllll lllllwl lxfllllllllllllflll rlml .XVWZUIIIIIII Clllll SI'IllUl.N.' H. blrnlpsrnl. ulffllmnlz, H. lumix, null l'. lIJll!',S SlllIlllllOlj' S!'I1llH'.S'.' Kali, lx'c'll'x', lx'l1'11gr'r. nm! lm' l'1' lirlln l''lm1 rmrl llvlln Slglllll l'i l11lz':l:'rllr'1l111lx' .Jrl11'f1l1r'.v .SK'lIlf2l.S'.' l,I'IllIllIlllV, l.nn1'y. Jlr1r'l'.'zwm, null Alllglllll' S1'z1im.s'.' Alrkzly, Mirlfllwlflll, lllllfl, urlrl Alum' Clif qlljzlm l'lll rlml lirmlrillg Clzrll l'fllf'rll'1'lm'y SI'IllIH'.S' Ifl'.S'llllg .S'r'11im.s'.' Alfll'llIlll'l, .xIlllflllY, C. Alx'f'r.v, um! ll. ,Xlwms .Il llfmk .S'f'1lim3x'.' .Yimffl'zl1, O'lIm111f'll, ljllllllllf, mul lfrlwlf' .S'r'rllm'.s'.' Ifwll, R4'r'.s'1', lfwwmlfls, nur! Rlrlllllllll Sf'111'm.s'.' 1iul11'r1,sm1, .S'm'L'.s, .S'f1lr1rlfm', null .S'lmj1r'v IM 111 125' Sf'lll'IIJ'.S.' Slzlgo, Sl-lllflllr, Szlyrlwz, will Slflgllklfzn .S'r'11lm.s.' .S'lr'n'u:'l, Slllm, Tlml, will '1'l1r1lflfr'1 .S'r'2l1'm.s'.' Tmll, Trwrllrznlzlc, Tlrlllw, fmrl 'l'x'lw1 lfrml lm ll .S'f'rl1'm.s.' llvlllIl!'l'4, Ilhllmzf, Il'l11'l11l:1'r.fu1rl llvl-lhllll Sf'r1lm.x.' II'rmrl.s', Ynxl, lim1l.slmn', mul filllln .S'f'11lm'.s'.' S1'ylml1l, 'lwIIIlIll'l', flnzl Sllllllfl Sllv .S'r'l1im'.x' nl Plrlx' l,f1grm Hull llllll HfJll.S'lfl?l llflll Clwllififrllzf nl' l'1r1flr'fz'11r"x' Slllflkl' lkmm lllr' liflflmfs' l'ijn' xlrlW'l l1.w'1l11'l!l.x' SADH EEUU I PHHAIIHPHIA, PENNSHVA IA XfVe have all dedicated several years of evening school study to the future progress of our careers, therefore, it is altogether htting that we should dedicate this book to the future . . . to a tomorrow that will be brighter if we make it so. Let us hope our attendance at thc University will have made us abler citizens, with the foresight and fortitude to really build a happier community. The YVharton School courses have given us much practical knowledge. Many have acquired a background for responsibility in the complex business world. As the years rush by, our contribution in the world of coninierce will make it possible to produce more goods for more people. More goods and less want means a fuller life for all. ,r il If we are to become ellective arms in the push toward a brighter horizon, it will be because we have carried from Logan Hall much more than skill in a commercial field. XVe have had the advantage of knowing and being guided by academic leaders who are inspiring teachers. Hfhile leading us down the paths of "accounts and Iinancef' many of these men have given us a keener understand- ing of the most urgent needs of our city, our nation, and all humanity, YVe have learned the importance of harmony in filling these needs . . . whether it be cleaner drinking water, more equitable labor relations, or a spirit of international cooperation. YVe should now be able to make our decisions, not by echoing loud "patriotic" slogans, but by facing the facts about our needs, making an in- telligent survey of the means at our disposal, and working together, to use the best means for the good of all. lln a September Evening Q 7""w...n. fm, Un a September eve. some ten, nine, eight, or less years ago, we were introduced to the Iivening School ol'1Xc't'o1lnts and lfinance here in Irvine .Xuditorium. That lirst meeting now seems so long ago, but as we look back and see all that has transpired in the last ten years and reali7e the erucial period the world has just passed through, we are able to better understand the hardship ol' obtaining an education in the evening during such a period. Our goal then did not appear as something bright, and rosy on the hori- zon. XVC saw only the present and dreamed ol' a far distant future. Now that we are again returning to Irvine .'Xudit,orium this evening in june lSl47 to receive our awards for the hard struggle we have endured during these past years, time has melted away and that evening in September seems but as yesterday. Irvine ,Xuditorium will remain as our first and last impression of the livening School ol' Areounts and Finanre. 6 . X X 1-. JY.. t tl TY l 4 Q -1 15:1 gg. I f t ,Y . 75' 1 . :is -1? v I I The livening School program ollers greater challenges than that ol' earning the Clertilicate alone. A student's outstanding efforts are recog- nifed in several special ways. Sigma Kappa Phi is an Honor Fraternity which elects its members from Honor Students in their senior year. The fraternity committee ol' Sigma Kappa Phi also presents awards to the out- standing member of the Freshman and qlunior class. The Night XVatcth is the Evening School Honor Society composed ol' men who have been leaders in extra-curricular activities. The Night XVatch awards the Harold R. M. Gilmore Me- morial Key to the outstanding student ol' the graduating class oli each year. Delta Sigma Pi, the prolessional commerce lraternity, awards a gold key annually to that male Senior who ranks highest, in scholarship lor the Certificate of Proliciency course in .Xc- counts and Finance. .PX loving cup is presented by the .Xlpha Epsilon Delta Fraternity to the member ol' the graduating class. attending lour nights a week, who has the best scholastic stand- ing lor the lull t'0l1l'SC. The Pi Delta lipsilon .Xward is given to the Senior who excels both in scholarship and extra-curricular activities. The Lantern Literary Award is made each year to the student who contributed the best article ol' about one thousand words in "The Lantern". There are plenty ol' laurels in the livening School lor the ambitious student. XVill you ac- cept the challenge? 7 I-V . If tt 5 " ." 1, J- Milla. i fsuuf-" X Iv is yy X , s vt 6 4 L., 1 Aff s 1 X: ,afqifsms C '.- .Q ei xii t 4, l . Q-"3-. . 'fa-.A 1 I ' NY l U11 lfm'ly'two wars algo, the lfvcimiilg' 8011001 ol Xcumillils zulcl ifilllllltit' haul ils beginning, Il as begun to gin- young HIUII. mlcnicri hy cm' IJi01ll1Clll, the ulmlwnliiiiili lu enroll in day asses. Zl Cililllfl' lu puisiia- thc' sllltij ol' COIN' plicalccl husim-ss siihiccls lllIli4'l' thc zlhln' Ixcning Sclmul was umsnliclziicil with thc 1Yl1z1i'lm1 Sclioul ziml hc-gun zuhnitliiig wrmu-11 slmlvnts. i1iilQ'tKiUl'L' lf.CQi'z1ysm1 was appointee! is lliimluie nl liIlslllIlt'ilIl1i2liJiX llI2ll1ZlUL'li lht- , N iXl'llll1Q'sli1HUi until his tivlllil in 1937. Simi- Dr. fil'2lfSfllliN titillil. tht- work whirh hc hcgan has hi-1:11 i':n'i'it-ml on hy Dii'cc'lm' i xviiiiillil R. Iluckciilit-i'i'y. In his ICI1 years as imlancc' ol collt-gt' lnuh-ssms. Iii Wifi. thc PRESIIIE T GEORGE WILLIAM Mc- CLELLAND, AB., Ph.D.. L.L.D. Vice-President of the University 1925-395 Provost 1939-449 President of the University since 1944. ' ' L - ' - - ff' 1 'iv I ' , fsgfael MATRICULATION CARD UNIVERSITY 'NSYLVANM session: OF PH is A M I f Y' i hi Evening School of Accounts anci Finance " ndnlutocvtiytlutlhlnudurtnumcdonthcnvunidcohhhaad Musg- llhndlovthe km wud. Tlsheudhnotvclid untlhumpod byline Cnldlvol In mmu :Ida and signed with thc pcnonel llpohn of the . I lhls cud is lm! miles shadd be un! to tic Difzdcu hlnfdllitil I' ' DRECTOR fe-fe?-1' f' ig'-W A A ,f t.1:fffM"f M' W HIRECTUR WILLIAM R. HOCKEN- BERRY, B.S., A.M. Grad- uate of Wharton School of Finance SL Commerce 119201 Director of Evening and Ex- tensions schools since 1938. llircclor of Llic Evening School. NIV. Hockcn- berry has lreincmlonsly cnlmm-cel the rcpnlzl- tion and standing ol this lnznnll ul' thc Uni- vcrsity. HC has lmccn t'4lllSl2llllil' lIlllJl'0Ylllg' UJIITSCS and adding 0lilCl'5. :ls llic filklllgifx ol lmnsincss tcclmiqucs clcnizinclcil new Ilia-uric-s by which wc' cfxnlcl lac guiclcil. Dr. Gcorgc XVillian1 Nlclllellzilicl was clcc-lccl l'i'cmiclcnl 0 thc University in lflrlel. Fil' has slmwn cun- linnous il1IC1'CSl in the livcniilg Hclmol ul' .Xc- counls and Finance. XVC are all invilccl luictonlinnc our plc-ziszlnl relationships with thc UIliYL'I'hilj' :ls zicliw alumni. May gramluzllion sec all ul' ns Ima-unnc active. interested alumni ol' llliS grunt institu- tion. MONEY. F INANCE ACUUUNlINB GEORGE AARTHUR MacFARLAND ILS. In I',1rn1r1nm',x, ,l.,ll. Professor of Accounling l'r'oI'essor lXlac'l"at'lantl is known anal loved ln' all the livenittg Sfltool stnclents lot' his reacly wit ancl lnnnut' anal his clynatnic' persrmality. His pleasant intt'otlnc'- tion to the subject, ol' aeemttttittg leaves a lasting itnpression which is a leading' lactot' in inclnving stttclents to go on towarcl higltet' goals in the account- ing' lieltl. llis nntirinq ellkms ancl sac't'ilic'es have 1 t ltelpetl the ltvetttttg Selmol win ntany lrtencls. MARKETS A U PRICES GEORGE WRlGHT HOFFMAN tl..ll., l'fl.U. Professor of Insurance and Marlceling ing ancl Insurance, has lecl us effortlessly tlnottglt principles so well learned unclet' his tutelage l'm'tnenl riatiun ul' tnanx snhsc-qnent mtttses. Dt: Holltnan, ntilcl. capable l'ml'essot' ol' Market- the lunclatnentals ol' Markets and Prices. His ciotn- plete tnastetay of the sub-ject was evident to all. The the essential basis to an nnclet'sta.ncling antl an appte Mllllll BIISI ISS lllW CLARENCE Ni CALLENDER ILS. IH Izrmmrlzlrx, ,-l..ll., llf,IJ Professor of Business Law Di' C'z1llcmlc1'1ook us llll'0llQll mu liisi mm num . 1 . 1 into lllc IK'l'lJlCXlllglJl'1llllClllSHlil.2lXN l in 1 xnxx 'llmlc manner. XXX- arc always impussul In Ilia legal lJl'0liCSSlOIl zmcl Di. Clzillcmlci is ilu mix 4-mlmclimcnl ol what wc: llllllli :1 I: lw. lrruclcut, cmis01'x':1Ilxc'. :mil alum Ill Ill llxli ull, ll Ulllllll FRANK PARKER I, S. HI ffllllllllllls, I.l,.li,. l'l1.lJ, if Professor of Finance lliy l'zu'lwi is ai lllll'lll sp:-zllwi' wlw will lung lx' 'L1m'ml1c-xml Im lils ll'llllll'N Ill Nlmicx' :mil fltllil. llc-sirlcs limling out limi' lu sulw prola- lcms in lizmking :incl an-clit. zu slucln-nl is zissistccl in clnwc-lupiiig liis ingenuity :incl 1'c'solll'c'c'l'1llf ss. lizllzmu' :xml illilillixlk willi wllicli Ili. l'z lsr 1' lwls wc- ms- :ill clirluwml :mal czm flow-Imp, N Dr. Sullivan, Professor ol' Business Law, and senior member ol i the Evening School Faculty. Calmly, patiently. and carefully he has led hundreds ol' students like us through the intricate logic of the law. His distinguished history and his pleasantly judicial demeanor inspired our respect: his scholarship and careful instruction gave us a firm grasp ol' valuable legal principles and the art olf understanding the law. JOHN JAMES SULLIVAN Professor Cameron, fondly remembered lor his pleasant. .l..lI.,I.I..1i.,1.l..lJ.,1.1ll,lJ. informal, classroom manner. Auditing or Cost Accounting Professor of Business Law under "Cameron', has ever enjoyed the well deserved reputation ARTHUR T CAMERON of a gratifying and highly instructive experience. XVith a wide 13.8. in l2f'vr10H11r'S,,'l.,lI., C.1'.fl., and varied experience in accounting matters, he backed each 1'lf'IIII,Syl7'lII1fll Associaje Professor of Accounjinq theory with an interesting and practical 1llllSU'Zll1Ol'1. llr. leremiah, intent, l'ot'cel'nl, and lucid Professor ol' Corpora- tion Finance. One ol' the more colorlul lecturers: his manner ol' alternate pacing and then pausing to hammer home a line point will long be remembered by his students. ,Xs well remem- MA beied, too, are lns carelul and complete exposittons that lirst ' inspired many Il student to learn to reason intelligently. I, ,.,,. is se is -' sfwisief V -- Qsjfggcgfgg - - - "" ln lll classes, students will always remember the line, dis- fg- tinguished lecturing ol' l'rol'essor Cataldo, scholar and teacher. XVe shall always remember his ever-alert mind and exceptional personality. His thorough knowledge ol' the subject and pic- turesque presentation holds one spellbonnd and everyone who takes this course leaves his class with a leeling ol' complete understanding and mastery ol' the subject. 12 DAVID B. JEREMIAH ILS. in l'.cr1nr1n11c.s, ,l..lI., Ph.IJ. Associafe Professor of Finance BERNARD F. CATALDO .l.I3., I.l..ll., l,I...lI. Associafe Professor of Business Law Ill lllll lHl lll'lClll Sl lllll lll l947? ln the Class ol' V17 there are llll members. Ol' these, there are seven most charming ladies. Since they are in such a minority, they unl'ortunately must, be excluded lrom our search. Deducting the seven, leaves IO3 gentlemen. Oli these, 66 are veterans and, be- cause ol their tnahjority, the deduction is that the typical senior is a male veteran. Thus, we are well on the trail to find the typical senior ol our class. As to residence, there are 28 dillerent cities and towns represented. Philadelphia, with till delegates and 21 various postal zones repre- sented, leads. XVilmington is in second place with ll, and Upper Darby third with ti. Other l0WVllS 1'ClJl'CSCll ICKT 2ll'CI Aidan, Pa. Atlantic City, N. Audubon, N. Burlington, N. Camden, N. Cedars, Pa. Chester. l'a. Davisville, Pa. Collingswood, N. Drexel Hill, Pa. East Collingswood, Havertown, Pa. Lansdowne, Pa. Laurel Springs, Merchantville. N. Iyloorestown, N. Oreland, Pa, Prospect Park, l'a Secane, Pa. Sharon Hill, Pa. N. Trenton, N. Haddonlield, N. Wlestnront, N. Glassboro, N. QI. l Ulayne, Pa. 1 The deduction lrom this analysis is that the typical senior lives in Philadelphia. The class ol '47 began forming back in lEl2Ll when Horace I.. Allen lirst started school. Since that time, the class has built up as lol- lows: lEl28 lllfi-l N29 1935 l93O i936 l93l H337 H133 1938 N259 I5 lil-12 ti lllelll lil lllllfi l2 lllell l l lll'lLl 2 This tabulation shows most 'Ll7'ers started in 1937. Many seniors started around this time but their education was interrupted be- cause ol circumstances beyond their control. Those starting in ISP37 and eligible because of previous cptalilications are: Bill Murphy, Bill Hloods, -lim Brewer, lim Buckman, Gene Green, and Frank Holmes. Going next to the matrimonial status, we lind 54 in wedded bliss and 56 not so inclined. Being single, then, is another requirement. This eliminates lim Brewer and Frank Holmes. Still lighting on lor the title are Bill lvlurphy, Bill XVoods, jim Bucknlan and Gene Green. Various types ol' sports are the favorite hobby of most ol our class members. Of our lour survivors only Gene Green has no hob- bies, so he is eliminated. The diversification in hobbies is shown below: Advertising' I Amateur Radio I Architecture I Art 2 Badminton I Baseball 5 Basketball -I Bicycle Riding I Bowling I2 Bridge 3 Chess 2 Collecting Books I Collecting Coins I Collecting Alewelry I Collecting Records I Collecting Stamps 7 Credit Union Movement I Dancing EI Driving I I Family 2 Flying II Fishing ti Football 6 Gardening 2 Coll Hiking History Hunting' Model Building Model Railroads Music Painting I'hotography Pinochle Radio Reading Riding Rowing Soltball Sports Swimming 'Iennis Theater 'I'ravelling Veterans' XVolling Activities Young Peoples' IVork 'llris tabulation includes all hobbies each senior may have. Next, in our search lor the typical senior, we scan through the various occupations and Iind Accountancy by lar the chief profession. Bill Murphy is the only ac- countant in our surviving group. Thus we have at last lound our typical senior i11 the person ol' Bill Murphy. The various occupa- tions Iollow: Accountants SEI Advertising Managers 2 Analysts 2 Assistant ol Manager I Assistants to Presidents 2 Buyer I Chemical Engineer I Claims Examiner I Clerks ISI Comptroller I Corporation Oflicers 2 Department Manager I Iixpediters 2 Forms Designer I Insurance Age11t I Merchant I Ollice Managers Ii Printer I Receiver I I Salesman I Secretaries 2 Statistician I Supervisor I 'I'abulators 2 Trallic Manager I Unemployed 2 Xllelder I 'lo really clinch the title and show what Pl true champion he is, Bill lNlurphy also at.- tended Central High School, which is the lormer school listed most olten by our class. 'I'he other schools appear below: Abington Iligh I Allentown High I Altoona High I Atlantic City High I Audubon High I Baltimore City College I Beacom College I Benjarniu Franklin lligh I Camden High FI Central High Sl Chester High I Collingswood Iligh I Danville High I Iloylestown High I Frankford High 2 Freeland High I Germantown High 5 Girard College 2 Glassboro High I Haddonlield High I Hanover High I Haverford School I Lansdale High I Lansdowne High 2 Lincoln Prep. I Lower Merion High Z Media High I Michigan City tInd.j High I Moorestown High 'I Northeast High 7 Olney High 'I Overbrook High 5 Penlield High I Phila. High School lor Cirls I Phila. Trade School I Phoenix Union tAriz.j High I Prospect Park High - I P. S. duPont High 2 Radnor High I Reading High I Roman Catholic High .I Southeast Catholic High I South Philadelphia High 7 Springfield Township High I St. .Iohn's High 2 St. .Ioseplrs High I St. Leo's High I State ol' Penna. I Trenton Central High 2 Upper Darby High 5 Waverly IN. YQ High I West Phila. Catholic Cirls' I West Philadelphia High 'I XVm. Penn Charter I XVilming'ton High 'I Woodbury High I lX'oodrow W'ilson I Um' champ. pride and 'joy' ol the Senior Class, did lltll indulge in extra-curricular ac- tivities. Many seniors did. however, as shown: Banking Club I Class Olhcers I I Chi .Xlpha Phi 2 Delta Sigma Pi I Evening School .Xssociation S Hillel -1 Lantern Stall III Newman Club 7 Night XVatch Honor Society I5 - el Pi Delta lipsilon Propellor Club I llelving deeper into the livening' School Records, we come up with a lew more perti- nent facts about the H477 Seniors. For in- stance, the typical "+l7" Senior is 5'IIl" tall, weighs I65 pounds and wears size 7tQ l1at. liyf a strange coincidence, this is practically a de- scription ol Bill Murphy. The range ol height runs Irom our shortest, 5'l", in the person of Charles li. Brown, llr., to tl1e tallest, James L. liuclunan, who rises to the towering height ol ti'Ll". .X breakdown sl1ows: 5'l" I :'1"l" I 5'5" fl :'1'Ii" Ii 1'l'7I' I4 l Ll .wsu rr 5'9" l:'1 WIIV' 20 5'I I" I5 Ii'II" 5 Urlff 61211 I ti'-I" I Charles LQ. Brown. is not only our short est member, but also the lightest, bending the scales at an even IIIII pounds: while our heavy' weight -john D. Lee, tops a mere 2l5. ln view olf the foregoing lacts it is no sur- prise to lind that Charlie Brown also wears the smallest size hat, tim. His colleague on the photographing committee, Dave Ifislnnan. claims to wear the largest size hat in the Sen- ior Class Tm. The others are: tiifgl I I 7 Ill 28 71M II 7W im 7134 I Lastly, the average age ol the "tl7" Senior is ESI years. The oldest member being born in l90l and the three youngest in 1924. In conclusion we might say that the results ol' the loregoing lacts and Iigures add up to one swell bunch ol studentsHincluding the seven charming ladies previously mentioned. Good Luck Gang! ROBERT E. YOST Vifr'-l'r1fsi1I1Hl I MARTHA M. REESE S ecrel a ry JAMES D. RAYN E T?n!'!l.Y1l.1'U1' EDWIN O. G. JOHNSON Prrfsirlclll Sl Illll lllHlIlllS 'l'o my fellow class members-'l'he Class ol' 517: lt has been an honor to serve as president ol' our class. The various tasks which laced all the officers eight months ago are now about completed. XVe hope we have done them well. X'Ve know they would not and could 11ot have been done without the help ol' you, The Class. For this we thank you. Now that we are about to become "old grads" ol the Evening School, we can look back over our school years and be reminded ol the many times we thought about this occasion. For most ol us it opens new horizons. XVe HOWARD JACKSON, JR. Lazzlerli Cr1r1'c?,s'1Jolzrle1It ,.l l CHARES E. BROWN, JR. Gowrnar mul .l, Trca.iim'r B0 Illl Ill Blllllll HHS are better qualified lot' various uildeitakings and things which were Cast aside, because of the cionibined pressure of study and business, can be resunied again. It is niy wish that success and good luck go with all of you. Till we nieet again, Sincerely. QZMMJ HARRY DeMARCO li UY'!'l'llUI' ELAINE M. STEWART Govcrnm' WILLIAM C. WAL'fON Governor l CLIFTON F. MYERS, JR. Uovw'no1' HORACE T. ALLEN 1129 Chester Pike-Sharon Hill, Pu. 5C4'l'ClLll'f', l,l'C5lJylCl'lklIl Ministers' lfllllill I-111- IIICI' Sc-lwul, Pliilaclelpllia '.l4l'klilC Sclmol: lie- gan Evening Sclmol Ech1catio11, 192-1: XVil'e. llorolliyg Hohhy, Readingg Activities: C0111- lllCllLiCIllCll1, Cap and GiJX'X'l1, Class Day C0111- inillees. KENDALL R. ATKINS, JR. 6156 North Marshall St.-Philadelphia, Pa. .'xL'L'Ullll1kiIlf, l1lSlll'HIlifC Ctllllljicllly ol' North A111e1'iL:ag l:Ol'lllCl' Sclmol, Olney High Sclmulg Began livening Sdmol l.illl1CH.llOI1, l939g Vel- erang Single. S I N I S HONVARD B. ANDREWS 26 East Oak Ave.-Moorestown. N. Alitlllllllllll. XN'ehh Ma1111l'aciu111i11g Cu.: lfm- IIICI' Sc-lnml, AIUOICSUJXVII Pnhlic High Sttlmolg Began livening Scllool ljlllllijilllilll, H3365 Vel- e1'zn1: XVil'e, Mable: Hohhies: l'1lSl1illg, Swim- ming, Gulf. 501110111116 in the not lou distant Inline. .Xncli hoper- to lJClfUlllC u C.P.A. HENRY C. BALL 180 East Essex Ave.-Lansdowne, Pa. Claims lfXHllllllCl', Fire txSS0lfl2ltl011 of Phila- 1lell1hiz1g l'10l'lIlCl' Sclmul, l,2lllSllUWllC High Stilloulg Began Evening Selnml liclucatioll, 19383 Veteran: Single. ALFRED J. BANKS 1905 Scott St.-Wilmington, Del. Clerk, E. I. duPont de Nenlours le Co.: l"'Ol'lllCl' School, Wilmington High School: Began Eve- ning School Education, 1937: Veteran: Single. WALTER BECKER 6044 Walton Ave.--Philadelphia, Pa. Statistician, Naval Air Experimental Stationg FOI'lllCl' School, Northeast High School: Began Evening School Education, 19415 Girllriend, Ray Nachlasg Veteran: Activities: Hillel, Class Day Connnittee. X'Valt plans to become a linancial executive. RICHARD D. BARFORD 7134 Bryan St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Auditor, Liberty Title X: Trust Co.: Former School, Germantown High School, Began Evening School Education, H3393 Veteran: XVile, Esther, Hobbies: Goll, Chess, Stamps: Activities: E.S.A., CO111lIlC1lCC1llC11l Con1111ittee. Dick hopes to beconle a C.l'.A. CHARLES EDWARD BENDORF 271'Chestnut St.-Haddonfield, N. J. Analyst, Supplee-VVills-Jones Milk Co., For- iner School, Canlden High School: Began Eve- ning School Education, I943: W'ile, Lucy: Activities: A'Closing Entries" Stall: Hobbies: Photography, Painting, Fishing, Books. Char- ley's future plans are very diversified. S E ll S UH HHSHNIE IIHIIIEHS l711clc1' thc SlkllllillHllS qc ol' thc Night XX'zllm'l1 lllblltll' Smicly NIIIQICIHS lmzlllotlccl IIICUIRIF. but slmwccl mlcfinilcly, lhcil' in- lC'llllUllS lu cleat lu olhrc C.hzu'lc's M. Uvllllvls. I'rc-simlcnl: .X1-llmul' Nlcfiinnis., Vicar-l'l'wimlc11l: ulrwsclmlm I'uru'l. SCll'Cl2ll'y' ll'L'2lSllI'L'l zmcl Ralph .I0llC'5. Lzmlcrn C,o1'l'cspol11lc'l1l ull lu lmlcl .junior Class puma lm' ilu- your IU-lb-lf. lhc l'rcsh- mzm Claus results. wllicll. illiiilkflllilllf' ,. . lmrmccl il close Hum: Iouml XXIHIZIIH R. Kin-1. l.ilSl,l'CSiilCIll1c1ll2ll'lCSH2llkl'ih0ll, w . Yilt'-l'l'L?silil'lIll lf. .X. l3l'c'l1l1ilwcl', Suom- F1 lz11y?l'1'czmlx'cl' nml -lznm-5 R. ligzm. I.zu1- lt'l'll 140l'l'i'SIJllllllC'lll. l,C2iill'l'5 ol' both clusws zlml lfrank Mc1crmlc1', who .just misscci tllcr lfmsh pres- icln-mw wa-rc iIISIl'lllllCIlI2ll in lll!'illQgZl!.12lY , 1 1 f mnmwfl lo llulchinmn Gun lin' thc 1 fAIll'ISllll2lS Iizlll on llcwcllllxcl' 2I. S I t N I 0 ll S MILTON I. BERMAN 2512 North 34th St.4Philadelphia, Pa. Accountant, Penn Beverage Co.: Former School, lienjainin Franklin High Schoolg Be- gan livening School Education, lil-103 Single: Veteran: Hohhies: Swimming, 'l'raVelling. Milton, too, hopes some clay to he ahle to atlcl those three letters to his name4C.l'..X. HELEN IRENE BRINSER 2221 Germantown Ave.-Philadelphia, Pa. .Xcconntant, Logansport Distilling Co., For- tner School. Pltilaclelpltia High School lor Girls: Began livening School Fchtcation, H1281 Single: Hohhies: Music anal weekends in the country. -Xlter ccmmmencement Beattie plans to spentl more time with her lriencls anrl het ltoltlties. MARY R. BONNER 441 South 43rd St.--Philadelphia, Pa. Ollice Manager, South Chester 'l'uhe Co.g For- mer School, XVest Phila. Catholic Cirls' High: Began livening School liclucation, 19-ll: Sin- gle: .Xctivitiesz Class Day Committee, "Clos- ing l'Qntries": Ilohlmies: Swimming, Colonial .Xtclntectme CHARLES E. BROWN, JR. 1755 Bigler St.-Philadelphia, Pa. llookkeeper, lNlcI.ongltlin Bros.: Formet School, Roman Catltolic High School: Began livening School liclncation, lflslfig Single: Ac- tivities: "Closing lintries" Stall. Class Officer. Charley states his lntnre plans very simply "lo e:nn xt litingu. james D. Rayne fCl'iairmanj, Frank Holmes, and Howard Andrews. Alllllll ll ITUIVIIVIITTH This cntninittcc clicl a splcntlirl job nntlci' thc tliziinnzinsliip ol' thc inclttstriotts and hznwl workittg tt'tfasttt'c-ty .lim Rayne. assistt-cl In l"l'2lllls l'lUlllli'S :intl llnwarcl .-Xntltcws. lZllMMl IIEME l lIllMMIllll ClmnnicnccincntAwc hope is not thc lxnrial sct'vit'c lot' all smattcrs nl' learning! XVith this tliuttglit in mind, thc Clrnntnittce has workccl to make ours a Ctinnncncctncnt with clistinf- tion-an cttcottragitig scncleoll lot' the "unn- tncnceincnf' ol' a lilc El little inure intelligently lived and a strengthcnccl c'miliclcnc'c in our ability to sticcccicl. Harry DeMarco Qffhairrnanj, and Howard Jackson, Jr. Ill G lllllllllllllllll The Ring Clotninittcc, cliairtnannccl hy llatiy llctlxlatui antl stallccl by Huwzntl -lark- son. sttcrcc-clcfcl in obtaining' what wc hc'- lic-vc to lic a ring ol vary line worlunatisliip. In thc Cilass ol lfltll gnc-s the thstinftton ol' lx-ing' thc- litst to adopt an vntitmrly new and :itt1'ztc'tix'c' clcrsign. On one shank is tlcpictctl tht- nntch ll'ClIllL'llli'fl lngzni Hall, while on thc otltn:t'tl1ctt'c is tnonntc-tl thc new University ,V Stal. Ester Cresthull, Elaine Stewart fCl1airmanj, Robert Stiles, Horace Allen, Eleano:-c Evans, and Richard Barford. uw 'K g , Horace Allen, jack Pollack, Wfilliam Walton, fchair- manj and Robert Stiles. Not present: William Woods and Charles Bendorf. CAP A U BBW Clllllllllllllll liarlm S1-nim' :nu-ncling llw c'mnn1cm'L'- nmcnl cxc-raises l1acl In lx- nnllnlcml with a rap ancl gown. ll was llu' wmk nl ilu- Clap ancl Clown i'flHlIlllllt'L' that nmaclc' tl1is possilmlv. .Xlltvr p1'f1r'11rc'n1t'11l ol' ilu' vap and gown c'rmn'ac'l, lllt' lu-ight. wciglml. anrl lla! silc ul' will sm-nim' was cmlmlainvcl :incl slllJll1lllC'll 10 Illc' uml1'ac'- tmp lln' gannt-nns were llIl'll lailrmrccl. lmoxcrl. ancl lalmclccl l'C2l4lW' lm- 4llSll'llJll- llflll ornnlnn-l1c'c'n1cl1I nigln. lillicicnlly cawxing out lllc- almvc clulics, lllc unn- lnillct' also sl1pc'l'x'isccl thc Llistrilmtion 1 nl caps ancl gowns lmelmt- unnlnc-mt-1n0nl 'l1llCSClllOllfll2l55 llay.wl1i4'I1 is a traclilimlal allail' ancl thc nmsl inmpm-lan! one on ilu' Class calcnclzn' ol' social events. was lmclcl May Fl, NHT. in lluuslon Hall. 'llllc IllCIIllJCl'S nl the LOHlllllllL'C prcscnlccl a pmgranm consist- ing ol' a banquet. class ancl guest SIJCZllkCl'S. and entcrtaimncnl. 'l'l1t: clancc given In the live'- ning Sclmnl lXssoc'ialilm in lmnm' ol' the Son- imrs was a lllllllg' climax to an L-njmalmlcz QVC- ning. ancl luancllml llu-il' l't'llllLlI 1lllt'l 1l1t-cxcfr llSQ'N, MASS Illll CllNlIVlIllll Jack M. Feldman, Herbert Myers, Horace T. Allen, Gregory W. Stagliano, Mary R. Bonner, jack Pollack, Clifton F. Myers. Jr. CChairmanj. and Walter Becker. JOSEPH PEARSON BROWN 73 Springton Road--Upper Darby, Pa. .Xnditotg 1.ztwrence li. Brown K Co., CI.1'..X.: lfortner School. XVtn. l'cnn Clliztrtcrr School: Began lirening School liducation, 19385 Hlile, Priscilla, Veteran, Hobbies: Fishing, Golf and other sports. Joe holmes to earn suFHcient money to retire early. ROBERT WILLIAM BRITTINGHAM 907 McCabe Ave.-Wilmington, Del. Clerk, Ii. 1, dn1'ont de Nemours K Co.: For- tner School, l'. S. du1'ont High School, Began Evening School 1'1l1llL'2lllOIl, 19401 Hlife, Sue: Veteran, Hobbies: Model Building, Golf, Hik- ing. Cycling. LAWRENCE M. BROWN 1226 Manor Road-Brookline, Pa. .Xttcnds lctnple 11l1iYC1'S11yl lfortner School, Media lligh Schoolg Begun lirening School Education, 19313, XViI'e, janet, Veterang Hob- bies: Sports and Flying. Some day Lawrence plans to becoine rt lawyer. JAMES L. BUCKMAN 90 East Johnson St.-Philadelphia, Pa. .Mft Office Mgr., Container Corp. ol America: Former School, Gerinantown High Schoolg Began livening School Education, 19372 Ac- tivities: Pi Delta lipsilong Veterang Hobbies: Coll, Bridge, Stamp Collecting, Tennis, Pino- chle, Swinnning, Baseball, etc., etc. S l S CHARLES S. BUDD 57 North 33rd St.-Camden, N. J. .'Xcconntant, Sharp PQ Dohmc, lnc.: lfornicr School, Caniclen High School: Began livening School Ilclucation, H3375 Girllriencl, Elsie Strese: Veteran: Hobbies: Swimming, Tennis, Bowling, Dancing. Charley is a Mason and nieniber of Phi 'lflieta Pi. WILLIAM A. CRAWFORD, JR. 4138 North Reese St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Forms Designer, Sun Oil Company: Former School, Northeast High School: Began Eve- ning School Iiclucation, l9f1l: Cirllriencl, Mar- jorie Gordon: Hobbies: Music: Activities: "Closing Iintries". After Commencetnent, Bill plans to get a degree. HOWARD B. CLARK, JR. 2207 Pine St.-Wilmington, Del. Clerk, li. l. tlnl'ont cle Nemours K Co.: lfor- iner School, X'Vilntington High School: Began livening School Education, l937: X'Vife, Louise: Veteran. ESTHER CRESTHULL 427 Taylor Ave.-West Collingswood, N. Clerk, Veterans Administration: Former School, Mooreslown High School: Began Eve- ning School liclncation, l939g Single: Activi- ties: Connnencement Committee: Hobbies: Pliotography antl '1'ravelling. lislher plans a career of Accounting work. S E ll ll S -MON l YW l ' . a ffl' William Crawford. Advertising Manager Charles Benclorf. Business Manager w 5 l Slllff '47 Robert E. Yost, Editor Edwin johnson, Associate Editor Greetings-Seniors of V17: lt is with a feeling of pride aucl aecomplish- ment that THE STAFF of '47 presents 'Clos- ing Entries' to the seniors and the University. lf this reciorcl is acceptable due ereclit' should be given to the small group of hard working seniors that made it possible to publish this year's book. The business stall worked under extremely cliffirulti Conditions and changing trends. They buekecl the pressure of 'not acl- yertising' and Came out on top. The photog- raphy stall did a commendable job and cle- serve our praise. Bill Harris, our ofhciial pho- tographer, deserves credit. for the tricky shots found within the book and the splendid photographic job clone throughout the book. Below, from left to right, starting on the opposite page: James Rayne and Charles Brown, Treasurers. Photographic Committee: Eugene Green, David Fish- man, and Charles Brown. Assistant Editors: Howard Finally the editors and editorial stall' drew to- gether all the loose strings and prepared the finished record to be left for posterity and all the world to see. .Xs Fclitor, I wish to thank The Stall for a job well clone. XVithout your cooperation and assistance it would not have been possible to publish this rectorcl. To my fellow classmates of '-I7 here is your "Closing Fntriesu may it be as good as you expected and worthy ol your praise. Sincerely Jackson, Harry DeMarco, and Ben Katz. Editorial Staff: Martha Reese, Esther Cresthull, Dorothy Jack- son, and William Walton. HARRY DE MARCO 1409 South Broad St.-Philadelphia, Pa. lformcr School, Overbrook High School, lie- gan Evening School Education, lilflllg XVilic. -Ieang Activities: Lantern Staif, Newman Club, "Closing Entries" Stall, Class Officer, Ring Committee, Evening School Association. ALBERT M. DI GREGORIO 1820 South 22nd St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Real Estate Salesman, 1. DiCregoriog Former School, South Philaclclphia High Schoolg Be- gan Evening School Education, l940g Veteran: Single, Hobby, Chessg Activities: Lantern Stall, Newman Club, Delta Sigma Pi. Al plans to make a career olf Real Estate. CHARLES E. DERR 123 Broadway--Laurel Springs, N. Chicl' Accountant. Stat Stores, lnc.: Former School, Cirarcl College, Began Evening School Education, 19433 Wife, Florence, Hobby, Sports. Charles' future plans lay in his two sons, Charles and Richartl. FRANK J. DONATUCCI 1819 Miffiin St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Buyer, Colucci's jewelers, Former School, Central High School, Began Evening School Eclucation, l938g YVife, Edith Marieg Veteran. S I S S l ll ll S ROBERT H. DUFFY 404 Oreland Mill Road-Oreland, Pa. Chief Clerk, The Atlantic Refining Co.g For- nier School, Springfield Township High Schoolg Began Evening School Education, 19413 Hlile, Elizabethg Hobby, Sports. EDWARD G. EASTWOOD 29 "BU Erna Court-Upper Darby, Pa. .Xccountant, Sclienck, Fry X Schwerin, C.l'..X.g lfornier School, Upper Darby High Schoolg Began Evening School Education, l936g Vet- erang Activities: Delta Sigma Pig XVil'e, Claire: Hobby, Stamp Collecting. Ecl hopes to be- COIIIC a C.P.A. RALPH E. DUNLAP 1409 Delaware Ave.-Wilnlington. Del. labulator. E. l. clul'ont cle Nemours PQ Cog l"0l'lllCl' School, ll. S. clul'ont High Schoolg Bea gan Evening School Education, lflflllg Single: Yeterang Hobby, Collecting Stamps. Ralph plans to attend college lor a B.S. degree alter grzuluation lrom the Evening School. HERBERT EDELSTEIN 5007 "D" St.-Philadelphia, Pa. .Xgent 'john Hancock Mutual'e Insurance Co.: lfornier School. Olney High Schoolg Be- gan Evening School Education. H3391 Singleg Veteran: Hobby, Sports. Herb has no plans lor the innnecliate luture. NGS 'llirougb extensive ellorts on the part ol tlle ollicers ol' our Evening School As- sociation. a YN'Cll-Ol'glillllCll sotial seltetl- ule lor the school vear lllslti-+17 provetl popular ancl was enliovecl bv large nunt- bers ol' stutlents. .xllltlllg tl1e activities sponsored ancl supervisetl bv tlte stuclents themselves, lllltlllgll tbe li. S. A., were tlme Harvest .Xloon Dance in Houston llall, tlle cllll'lSllll2lS liall in Hutelrinson Gym, the Spring lfrolic anal the Graduation Ball to honor the Class ol' l9Al7. Also in lull swing was the revival ol' a spiritecl basketball team wllile every in- clination pointecl towartl tbe sponsorship ol' pingfpong anal tllfllllkllli' LCZIIIIS. Clreclit lor conclutting eapablv tliese extra-t'tu'riculars belongs to Presiclent Brute liratlv. X"iee-l'resiclent Frank Moercler, Secretary lilaine Stewart. Lan- tern Clorresponclent Howarcl llaclxson, and an acttive Boarcl ol' Governors which is t'OlIllJl'lhCll ol' lfflarrv ,lJeMareo, .Xl'llllll' fil'ZlYlll, litlwin O. G. -l0lll1SUll. Robert li. Yost ancl 'lOSCIJll l'. Foley. SSIICI llll Q fi' an M ia p ' A 5 wfwg 1 K A 97 L N 'J iii .- ' . , p Q f ' 3 X- , , . "' SQ' -X ,,,, ,WMF 3-, W W ' . W , ws, G gf-s 5 'i vi' w f 3 f is , ,LAW K L Y ! a X E E N i F K, Q J "ff -l A' -gf 1 Qs f ' is A FQ , W 7' A H W'1sf. , 'J Qi' . y fa' X, M5 " gl M-fffm uf .- 1 KM, ., , y,,,,m,g.., , IIIHI WIIIIIH HII IIII SIICIIII The Night lN'atch Honor Society is com- posed ol' those students who are and have been active in extra-ctnricular activities on the Evening School campus while at the same time they have maintained satislactory scho- lastic standing. lt was with the thought of giving public recognition to "after class workersn that the Night XVatch was lounded. The activties ol' this organization are prima- SIGIVIII IIAPI' PHI In january l928 a group ol' students in the Honors Seminar group banded themselves together and founded Sigma Kappa Phi Fra- ternity. The purpose ol this fraternity is to encourage and reward high scholarship among tl1e students and graduates ol the Evening School, to promote and encourage harmoni- ous relations between graduates and business people, and to assist its members i11 making contacts with outstanding 1nen in the lield olf commerce and Iinance. The officers of Sigma Kappa Phi for tl1e school year l9+16-47 were: President, Robert Caldwell, -Ir., Vice-President, Nathaniel A. Moyer: Secretary. Paul I,. llaleg '1ireasurer, Dominic A. DiSanti. rily concerned with the betterment ol the livening School. The Night lVatch holds it- sell' in readiness to help in any way possible the cause ol' the Evening School ol' Accounts and Finance. OH'icers lor the school year 1946- AI7 were: Cecil G. Compton, President: Rob- ert li. Yost. Vice-President, Edwin O. G. -johnson. Secretary: john M. Kratzinger, 'l'reasurer. Although the Evening School is primarily a mecca lor those who thirst for knowledge, we have among our student body members who Iind time and energy to engage in and enjoy the popular college sport ol basketball. Under the capable guidance of veteran Coach Carson 'I'hompson, the team renewed its activities this year alter having ceased playing during the war years. It was gratily- ing to watch these students play this fast. game and come out as good as they did against tl1e still' competition they encountered. Much ol' the credit lor the revival of this popular sport this year goes to their hard working manager lfrank Moerder. Ifrank is also Vice-President ol tl1e Evening School Association. JACK M. FELDMAN 706 South 4th St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Clerk, Pennsylvania Railroadg Former School, South Philadelphia High Schoolg Began Eve- ning School Education, 1939, Veteran, Single, Activities: Class Day Committee, Hobbies: Sports and Music. One of Jack's ambitions is to get a wife. DAVID DANIEL FISHMAN 502 North 2nd St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Accountant, Daniel G. Smith ik Co.g Former School, Central High Schoolg Began Evening School Education, 1942, Activities: "Closing Entries" Staff. Skippy plans definitely to take the C.P.A. exam and then get married in that order. LAWRENCE J. FICHTER 483 Gerhard St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Accountant, Turner Construction Cog For- mer School, St. -Iohn the Baptist High Schoolg Began Evening School Education, 19363 XVife, Ceciliag Veterang Activities: Newman Club, Hobbies: Golf and Bridge. PHILIP GALLAGHER 402 Wood St.--Burlington, N. Accountant, Riverside Metal Co., Began Eve- ning School Education, 1939, Former School, Phoenix Union QArizonaj High, Single, Vet- CTHH. S E S ' " 2.221 1 , va 7 ww , I , af E H ' A wwa Q M ww ....., A ...., , , W 9, W .:Q. if ..,,. 'Eff Q A Q Ae Z g 7 , M M 0 WW f 621 , , , ' .' 4 Nw Y, 'im , W Y 1 5558, ' M N g'ffg??f5q1, , f wwffiiw. WVK f""ww V ' M . - y ' lfwiibia, It Niifffy AW -,V :Way ,ipi?: lA,A,, V, ,ffffaw as , WA fra: A'MS'?l5,i5r?Hif" , V- , . 5?fQ,,5igEirgg5,f ANTER AWSQA V J. ii? f , .Q 'V 'vim ff K X 1 X' ' W 4' his P HQ Q. if 4, U, V, ia "1 p X L 4- ' .3?-ffyeg Y 0' . 0 if 0, Q Us ,k!,"'r 9' .fp os fy K Q,-00" , . Y 'KEN AK. Q H an 154 us w Z5lH ANNIVIRS Ill Ill THE lA llll lwentv-five vears ago, in Februarv of l922. a group of Evening School students kindled a flame-this flame has shed its "Lantern" light continuouslv since that time. Moreover. those who have faithfullv served The 1.1n1ler11 have made it much more than a symbol. Thr' 1.1111- lrrn, in its efforts to serve the school and to re- flect the activities ol' the student bodv, has devel- oped into an integral part of the students' lives. Only through the untiring efforts of loval and self-sacrificing students did The Imutffrrz over- come its earlv struggles for existence and reach its present status as an officiallv l'CCOgl1l7CCl and vital part of the Evening School. It mav trulv be said that The LfIIlff'l'IIi.S' luel has been the mid- night oil of its editors and staff for a quarter cen- turv. Editors of The 1,llllff'l'II who have guided it through the last two and one half decades are the following: 1922-23 George Reimenschnei- der, 235-24 Harold M. Gilmore, 21-25 Howard D. Fisher, 25-26 Albert R. Knoos. 26-27 Russell H. Van line. 27-28 George Stadtler, 28-29 lfred XY. Blerganthaler, 29-fill Samuel Knox. 30-ffl Curtin MacAI'ee, Bl-F52 Barclav Jones, E52-33 Various, 33-3-1 Frank I.. -Iacobson, fl-l-35 John S. '1'urner, 35-Fifi Monroe V. Mayer, Fifi-F57 H. Kenneth Hardie, 37-358 George F. Webb. 38-fill llohn l.. Scull, 39--I0 Robert R. Heck. -ltl-ll Earl E. Moore. ll-42 XValter H. Travis, -12--13 Ragnar Anderson. -13-all Xvilliam H. Clark. ll- I5 Robert E. Yost. 45-46 Leonard l'. Russell. -lti-lT Howard Jackson, The I.Il7Ifl'l'II presents a full picture ol' the life of the Evening School student with a complete coverage of the activities of all campus clubs, fraternities. and other organizations. Each issue also features articles bv outstanding men in all fields of business and industrv, as well as the lit- erarv efforts of members of the student bodv. Each vear the essavs ol' the latter are impartiallv judged and a gold key presented to the writer whose effort is deemed to be of the highest lit- erary quality. Members of the Class of '47 who have served on the staff of Thr 1.fIIIft"l'Il are as follows: Howard Jackson. liclflorg Edwin O. G. llohn- son, As.ti.s'h1nl Ifrfilor: Robert E. Yost, .-l.v.v'f.s'hu1l Iiflilorq Harrv DeMarco, .4s.vr1fi1ll1' Ijrlirorq Clif'- ton F. Myers, lr., Circllhllion ilIIlIlllg't"I',' IlIt'IIIflI'l', Efliloriaf Sfflflif XYilliam Crawford, mf'mhr'r, Iizli- loriaf Stuff: XVilliam .X. O'Donnell, NII'IIlfN'l', Elfffflfliflf Slufl: -lames Ravne, memhwr, Cfffllftl- limi Slrlffq Xvilliam XYalton, nwnlhcr, lflflifllflillf Slujf. The 1.llIlfl'H1 is the bewildered freshman's in- troduction to Evening School life: it is the com- panion ol' the undergraduateg and it is the grad- uates' closest tie to the school and its memories. .Xs The I.r1nlf'rn salutes the class ol' 'Al7, the class salutes The l.m1l1'rr1 and bids a fond goodbye. Xve leave, confident that our successors shall con- tinue to uphold the highest traditions of The 1.llIIll'HI-Illl5 to the credit of the school. the stu- dent bodv, and the men and women who serve. CLARENCE H. GILPIN 2605 Washington St.-Wilmington, Del. Clerk, E. I. duPont de Nemours EQ Co., For- mer School, State of Pennsylvania School: Be- gan Evening School Education, 1933, XVife, Virginia, Veteran, Hobbies: Photography, Model Railroads and Amateur Radio. ARTHUR H. HABER 2908 F. Pierce Drive-Philadelphia, Pa. Clerk, Philadelphia Signal Depot, Former School, South Philadelphia High School, Be- gan Evening School Education, 19435 Single, Veteran, Hobbies: Sports and Dancing. Art hopes to become a successful businessman. S E N I S EUGENE M. GREEN 2433 South 20th St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Office Assistant, Atlantic Relining Co., For- mer School, Southeast Catholic High School, Began Evening School Education, 19375 Sin- gle, Veteran: Activities: "Closing Entries". Gene sums up the future as he wants it with a good job, a good wife and a long life. ROBERT E. HILDRETH 2331 78th Ave.-Philadelphia, Pa. Accountant, Sharp and Dohmeg Former School, Olney High School, Began Evening School Education, 19415 Fiancee, Jean Bos- singerg Veteran, Hobby, Model Railroading. Bob aspires to the presidency ol a corporation. S E N I S FRANK E. HOLMES, JR. 2940 North Camac St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Circulation Supervisor, Capper Publications, Former School, Northeast High School, Began Evening School Education, 1937, Wife, Ce- leste, Veteran, Hobbies: Tennis, Swimming, Flying, Basketball, etc. Frank hopes to be- come an advertising executive. LOUIS J. HYDE 2001 Delancey Place-Philadelphia, Pa. Buyer, E. I. duPont de Nemours 8a Co., For- mer School, Woodbury High Schoolg Began Evening School Education, 1941, Wife, Patri- cia, Activities: Pi Delta Epsilon, Hobbies: Golf, History and Autobiographies. The field of foreigns commerce appeals to Lou. HARRISON O. HOSTLER 6001 Media St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Bookkeeper, Motor Parts Company, Former School, Upper Darby High School, Began Evening School Education, 1938, Wife, Mar- gie, Veteran, Hobbies: Baseball and Collect- ing Stamps. To be an accountant is Harri- son's goal. DOROTHY A. JACKSON 1519 Walnut St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Secretary, Samuel Elgart, Inc., Former School, Reading High School, Began Evening School Education, 1943, Single: Activities: "Closing Entries", Hobbies: Music, Drawing, Sports and Reading. Dot hopes to own her own dress manufacturing company. Hlllll lUll Illlllll Since 1893 when the first Newman Club was founded on the University of Pennsylvania campus to organize Catholic students to share in religious, educational and social activities, its members have always played a predominant role in undergraduate affairs. The destiny of the Penn Evening Newman Club during the school year 1946-47 was guided by the following: President-Arthur McGinnis, Vice-Presidents-Joseph Foley, Joseph E. Mc- Keowng Treasurer-joseph T. Purcell, Secretar- ies-Mary Dempsey, Terry Frankling Chaplain -Rev. John H. Donnelly, Ph.D. Since we came to W'harton Evening School, the activities of the jewish Students, Association and the Louis Marshall Society have come under the auspices of the new Hillel Foundation. The evening sessions group has been one of the most active, with a full program of social, athletic and cultural events. During our senior year, the jewish members of the class have enjoyed their newly opened Hillel House and its line facilities. The officers for the school year 1946-47 were: Paul Rosenberg. President, june Godick, Vice-President, Bernice Klein, Treasurer, and Shirley Levitt, Sec- retary. HOWARD JACKSON, JR. 2265 North Bancroft St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Retail Auditor, Sears Roebuck K Co.3 Former School. Germantown High Scltoolg Began Eve- ning School Education, l9t10g Single: Activi- tiesg Lantern Stall, Class Officer, E.S.A.g Hob- biesg Literature and History. Howie wants to retire on an annuity but soon. HARRY M. JONES 5853 Florence Ave.-Philadelphia, Pa. Acocuntant, .Joseph Adam X: Son Co.g Former School, Freeland High Schoolg Began Evening School Education, H3423 Married. EDWIN O. G. JOHNSON 3124 North 25th St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Bookkeeper. Fleming and Bates Cotnpanvg Former School, Northeast High Schoolg Began Evening School Education, ISHS: Girlfriend, Peg Carlson: Veterang Activities: Lantern Stalfg Class Officer, E.S.A., "Closing Entries" Stall, Night XVatch Honor Society. M. PAUL JONES 702 Highland Ave.-Chester, Pa. Receiver, Scott Paper Co.: Fornier School, Chester High Schoolg Began Evening School Education, 19413 Married. S E N I ll Il S Sllllllllllll When one speaks ol' the future to a graduating class of the Evening School, the same set phrases which are usually addressed to Day School graduates cannot be used. The old standbys, such as, "the increased responsibilities which lie before you," and, "now that you are beginning the battle of life," do not apply. Now that we have graduated, some of our responsibilities will be lighter, as we will not have our weekly assignments of school to worry aboutg and as most of us have already been in the "battle of life" for some time, we are under no allusions as to what to expect from this source. At one time the Evening School used an advertisement listing some of the graduates who had made an outstanding name for themselves in the business world. This list was quite impressive. The possibility ol the success of each of us should be as great as any of these. The fact that we are graduating guarantees us nothing. It will be by our own efforts alone that we shall succeed. lfVe have two advantages to our credit. First, the training we have received and the knowl- edge we have acquired will certainly give us a fuller understanding ol business and the world in general. Secondly, any individual who has had the desire and the perseverance to sacrihce his time and money to complete a course of this kind will not be a person who can be easily turned aside from his ideals and ambitions. NVhen one iszlooking toward the future of our country as a whole, there are several points which, in my opinion, should be given consideration. NVQ have all heard rumors of a coming depression. One of the principal causes of any depression is over production. YVe definitely do not have that at this time. In consumers' goods there is still a great shortage of heavy commodities, such as cars, washers, and electrical equipment. Another factor Qand the most importantj is the demand of industry itself. During the war years, it was impossible except under unusual circumstances for the nonessential industries to replace any of its worn out equipment or to make necessary repairs and improvements on its build- ings. That situation has created a backlog of orders which should amount to billions of dollars and which will take years to complete. Unfortunately we have factors on the other side of the ledger. There is a restlessness in a large proportion of the people. The war workers are discontented with the lower wages paid by peace time business and keep moving from job to job. There are also many veterans who are not returning to their former positions and who seem to be undecided as to what plans to make lor their future. This rest- lessness has a tendency to create a very unstable labor situation. It is my earnest desire that we assume our re- sponsibilities in this turbulent world and I am sure we shall all reach the goal to which we have aspired. JOHN F. McKAY 40 S E N I S BENJAMIN J. KATZ 1531 Courtland St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Assistant Manager, Julian G. Pollock Co., Former School, Northeast High Schoolg Began Evening School Education, 19413 Single, Vet- erang Activities: Hillel, Lantern Staff, "Clos- ing Entries", Hobbies: Private Flying, Swim- ming, Art. PAUL D. KLINGER 412 Lorraine Ave.-Oreland, Pa., Assistant Treasurer, General Smelting Co.g Former School, Allentown High School, Be- gan Evening School Education, 1940g Wife, Lillian, Hobby, Gardening. Paul plans to continue in Accounting work with executive positions in mind. JOSEPH M. KELLY 212 South 42nd St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Assistant to President, M. Kelly Co., For- mer School, St. John's High School, Began Evening School Education, 19393 Girlfriend, Anne, Veterang Hobbies: Photography and Bowling. JOHN DAVID LEE 922 13th Ave.-Prospect Park, Pa. Stock Analyst, E. I. duPont de Nemours Sc Co.g Former School, Prospect Park High School, Began Evening School Education, 1937, Wife, Nancy, Veteran, Hobbies: Golf, Tennis, Fam- ily, Duck Hunting. Dave hopes to get a posi- tion in Industrial Relations. Delta Sigma Pi was founded "to foster the study of business in universities, to encourage scholarship and the association of students for their mutual advance- ment by research and practiceg to promote a closer affiliation between the commercial world and the stu- dents of commerce, and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community." The officers for the school year 1946-47 were: Head Master-J. Howell Staleyg Senior Warden-john Boeshoreg Junior Warden-Charles Wattersg Treasurer+Frank Rabi- olag Scribe-Charles Cavellag Chancellor-Harold Fowler. P 'n I 1 I AE P I 1 0 N Nearly forty years ago, Pi Delta Epsilon fraternity was founded on the campus of the University of Penn- sylvania to ripen the casual acquaintanceships of the Evening School into life-long friendships. The or- ganization has steadily advanced, becoming an active body in the scholastic and social life of the school. PDE is a professional fraternity in the field of account- ing, and through its membership in the leading ac- counting offices, it promotes high scholastic attainment in this field. The following officers carried the fra- ternity through a glorious 1946-47 school year: Primus -William E. Colemang Pro Primus-W. Harry Swankg Tribune-John R. Longacreg Quaestor-Frank G. MacKenzie, Magi-Bruce Brady. Il I l I A In v W 1 1 ,ii Wifx- if x' N' 1 " in? K , gg1 fs wg . Qfwi Q , ,Y , 4 W ny is in Y M' ,iff 4 fi W fff! Q 35 ,?, V' 1 i , f 5135 Q-ff 5 A .. 3? ,,,f, 3 3 iff 5, ,,,., Q sk a' 5 1 f f gf ' -' ww-w iii fifh 44 ff up 1 is?-lwq gay' 4 ' si Q , 4 - .. .E Q, 0 2,2 K4 if wQ J 725.55 'C 'S "Q" g A' V X n l JOSEPH P. LENAHAN 910 Carver St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Cost Accountant, Budd Company, Former School, St. Leo's High School, Began Evening School Education, 1942, YVife, Miriam, Hob- bies: Football, Baseball. Joe plans to con- tinue Evening Courses, a hobby which pays large dividends. DONALD T. MacEWAN 517 Wales Road-Havertown, Pa. Expeditor, General Electric Co., Former School, Central High School, Began Evening School Education, 1937, YVife, Lucille, Vet- eran, Hobbies: Sports and Veterans' Activi- ties. Vague is the word for Don's future plans. S I N I S THEODORE R. LONEY 63 Silver Ave.-Glassboro, N. J. Asst. Manager, New Jersey Bell Telephone Co., Former School, Glassboro High School, Began Evening School Education, 1937, Sin- gle, Veteran, Hobbies: Basketball, Softball, Swimming. Ted plans to continue school for a degree. BERNARD L. MAGUIRE, JR. 2801 North Harrison St.-Wilmington, Del. Analysis Clerk, E. I. duPont de Nemours 8c Co., Former School, Wilmiiigton High School, Began Evening School Education, 1934, Wife, Betty, Veteran, Hobbies: Golf, Swimming, Riding, Football. Bernard hopes to be a travelling auditor for duPont. S l N I S JOHN F. McKAY 3422 Powelton Ave.-Philadelphia, Pa. Dept. Manager, N. Snellenburg 8: Co., Former School, 1'Vest Philadelphia High Schoolg Be- gan Evening School Education, 19313 1Vife, Martha, Hobby, Rowing. Salutatorian of our class. All -Iohn Wants of life is to make a liv- ing. LESTER W. MILLER Holly Oak, Delaware Supervisor, I. duPont de Nemours 8: Co.: Former School, Frankford High Schoolg Be- gan Evening School Education, 19423 1Vife, Loisg Hobbies: Fishing, Golf. To make a career of working at duPont's is Les' ambition. WILLIAM D. MIDDLETON 2023 North Lawrence St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Accounting Supervisor, SKF Industries, Inc., Former School, Lower Merion High School, Began Evening School Education, 19383 XVife, Janice, Veterang Hobbies: Hunting and Fish- ing. The auditing held ol accounting inter- ests Chip. THOMAS P. MONE 4706 Springfield Ave.-Philadelphia, Pa. Accountant, Beneficial Saving Fund Societvg Former School, Roman Catholic High Schoolg Began Evening School Education, 1939: IVife, Marv Janeg Activities: Newman Club, Bankers Club. Tom plans to remain in the held of banking. CHI MPHA PHI The purpose of Chi Alpha Phi is "to promote good fellowship among the women of the Evening School." The numerous social affairs held by this group include an annual tea, dinner dance, bowling party, and trip to the Poconos, This group has been an in- tegral part of the school life of many of the women students. The ofhcers for the school year 1946-47 were: President-Edith Narbeyg Vice-Presi- dent-Helyn Neibertg Treasurer-Ban bara Gunningg Corresponding Secref tary-Virginia Feyg Recording Secre- tary-Arlene Hollingsheadg Lantern Correspondent-Helen Barth. BANKI li lllllll The Banking Club was organized in 1929, and since then has grown into a large active organization. The primary purpose of the Banking Club is to en- able students who are studying bank- ing to come into contact with out- standing representatives in the Bank- ing world. This is made possible by the regular monthly dinner meetings featuring one or more prominent speakers. The officers for the school year 1946-47 were: President-Harry I. Markleyg Vice-Presidents-Michael Judge, Bruce Waldrong Secretary- Frances Edwardsg Treasurer-Norman Kneale. VAlfIlIlIlllIlY Now that we are graduated as the 1947 Class, XVharton Evening School, we know that we have reached another milestone in our lives. XVC have the solid foundation of the best economic training offered by any Univer- sity today on which to build our own econom- ic future. Wlien we view the future at long range and in a completely objective manner, there is one inescapable conclusion. This is that while the world is changing fast and drastically, the people of the world, who make up that world, are not changing to the same degree. VVe have electronic microscopes and calcu- lators, jet propulsion, television, penicillin and many other scientific developments and miracle workers. Nile are about to substitute the atom as a source of heat energy for the boiler. But we have not found any adequate substitute for human energy, effort and initia- tive, as well as personal loyalty, honor, sin- cerity and friendship. X'Vithout these human elements we could have none of these develop- ments. i Yet, while the world changes fast, the peo- ple change but little-want the same things from life-peace, freedom, security and happi- ness. lt is my belief that to obtain these we must apply the same principles of hard work and sincere effort to the problems of the fu- ture that we applied to the lessor problems of our classes. XVe, as individuals, must give our best, not just enough to get by, or what we may consider to be our share, nor depend on others to take the responsibility. This will apply equally to our relationship with our families, our friends, our employers, and to all mankind. VVhile the future belongs to those who pre- pare for il, leadership also imposes responsi- bility and obligations. There is a pressing de- mand today for dynamic leaders who can point the way to national economic stability. Industrial peace or war in the United States means the difference between prosperity and depression, a rising or falling standard of liv- ing, the preservation or loss of the American system of democracy, and a strong or weak potential of industrial power from the view- point of national security. As I see it, if our system -of free enterprise and competition is to survive, we must now demonstrate our ability to produce a sound labor policy with equal responsibilities to all, and an intelligent procedure to carry it out. WVe must never fail to teach the fundamentals of the balance sheet-of profit and loss, and the relationship of high productivity to a high standard of living. It will require the subordination of selhsh individual and special group interest to the public welfare, but it will lead to our goal of post-war peace and prosperity. Security has come to be of paramount im- portance to those people of many countries who for so long have lived in insecurity, in want and fear.. X'Ve cannot afford to be in- different to their problems, for history has taught us that the origin of revolutionary movements lie in the existence of large groups of dissatisfied and oft times hungry men. XVe have a tremendous advantage today in our search for security. The world has pro- gressed far in its peaceful aims, and with the United Nations Organization fully operating we can confidently look to honest agreement among nations when differences will be set- tled around a conference table rather than on a battle line. fC071,ff77uEd on Page 63j MARTHA REESE SE IIIIIS msn us RELAXATION STUDYING? Guess who ? ? ? YOU TELL ME! AT REST 1:4-Q , 1 S I S LLOYD S. MORTIMER 105 Owens Lane-Wayne, Pa. Accountant, Lybrand, Ross Bros. 8: Mont- gomery, Former Schools: Radnor High School, Taylor Business School, Began Eve- ning School Education, 1937, Single, Veteran. Mort attended University of Hawaii while in service. CLIFTON F. MYERS, JR. 3510 Shelmire Ave.-Philadelphia, Pa. Asst. Supervisor, The Bell Telephone Co. of Perma., Former High School, Central High School, Began Evening School Education, 1940, Veteran, Activities: Lantern Stall, Sen- ior Class OHicer, junior Class Officer, Com- mencement Committee. Clill plans to con- tinue on to College Collateral. WILLIAM H. MURPHY 2513 Aspen St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Accountant, W. A. Long 84 Co., Former School, Central High School, Began Evening School Education, 1937, Single, Veteran, Hob- bies: Football, Baseball and Basketball. HERBERT MYERS 4924 North Ormes St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Accountant, I. O. Brick Co., Former School, Overbrook High School, Began Evening School Education, 1940, Single, Veteran, Ac- tivities: Class Day Committee. I WIIIIK Our Director at ease. Working on The Lantern budget. If teamwork is what counts these boys sure have used it on that homework!!! Did you take the accounting VII exam-C.P.A. prob- lems? This chap did. ANTHONY M. NIOVICH 2111 South 2nd St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Accountant, Patrick O'Neill 24 Co.: Former School, Penfield High School: Began Evening School Education, 1939: Single: Hobby, Read- ing ancient history. Anthony's only plan for the future is to take the C.P.A. exam. IACK POLLACK 2502 South Sheridan St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Owner, Accounting and Bookkeeping Service: Former School, South Philadelphia High School: Began Evening School Education, 1940: Wife, Ann: Veteran: Activities: Hillel, Cap and Gown, Class Day Committees: Hob- bies: Radio Mechanics, Driving, The Phillies. S l S WILLIAM A. O'DONNELL 3610 Haywood St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Agent, U. S. Internal Revenue Service: For- mer School, Central Evening High School: Began Evening School Education, 19415 Y'Vife, Elizabeth: Hobby, Golf: Activities: Lantern Staff, Newman Club. Bill is the proud father of five potential agents. JAMES DURANT RAYNE 224 Manheim St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Accountant, Ernst and Ernst: Former School, Germantown High School: Began Evening School Education, 1942: Wife, Eleanor: Activ- ities: The Lantern StaFf, Class Officer: Hob- bies: Reading and Collecting Old Coins. HERMAN M. RECH 6026 Washington Ave.-Philadelphia, Pa. Cost Clerk, The Atlantic Rehning Company, Former School, Central Evening High Schoolg Began Evening School Education, l936g NVife, Sadieg Hobbvffennisg Activities: Advertising Staff of "Closing Entries". Herman is inter- ested in the Credit Union Movement. RICHARD B. REYNOLDS 2432 Franklin Ave.-Secane, Pa. Accountant, Pacihc National Fire Insurance Co.g Former School, Haverford High Schoolg Began Evening School Education, 19395 XVife, Sallvg Veterang Hobbies: Hunting and Travel- ling. All Dick wants is to lind an apartment. MARTHA REESE 4417 Pine St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Bookkeeper, Philadelphia Daily News Inc.g Former School, Altoona High Schoolg Began Evening School Education, 19413 Boyfriend, Harold: Hobby, Colecting -Iewelrvg Activities: Secretary of Senior Class, Chairwoman, XVel- fare Committee, Valedictorian of our Class. KENNETH W. RICHIVIAN S01 Larchwood Ave.-Upper Darby, Pa. Auditor, Indemnity Insurance Co. of North Americag Former School, Upper Darby High Schoolg Began Evening School Education, 19365 XVife, Betty, Veteran: Hobbies: Bowl- ing, Bridge, Golfg Activities: Delta Sigma Pi. To receive a business degree is Ken's goal. l S E N I S EDWIN H. ROBINSON 3711 Huey Ave.-Drexel Hill, Pa. Accountant, Lawrence E. Brown EQ Co., C.P.A., Former School, Upper Darby High School, Began Evening School Education, 1934, Mlife, Claire, Veteran, Hobbies: Golf and Bowling. BERNARD A. SALADOW 117 South Bellevue Ave.-Atlantic City, N. Accountant, Former School, Atlantic City High School, Began Evening School Educa- tion, 1937, Girlfriend, Helen Spiegler, Vet- eran, Hobbies: Fishing, Hunting, Wolfing. Bern hopes to go into business for himself. GEORGE SACKS Skippack Pike-Cedars, Pa. Merchant, Sacks Store, Forrner School, Lans- dale High School, Began Evening School Education, 1940, Single,cHobby, Stamp Col- lecting. Georges ambition is to continue working at the "Sack Store" in the country. RALPH SHAPEY 2633 South Percy St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Accountant, Gray, Levy X: Co., Former School, South Philadelphia High School, Began Eve- ning School Education, 19385 Single, Veteran, Hobbies: Sports and Radio. Ralph hopes to become a C.P.A. S l Ill I 8 W g 1 1 L -Q 'R 1. -Wzgmsgyik-L45 -v f , ,,,, ,qw ,L w nwxlfw ,Q M amy x 1 me 6 X X f 1 Y M NMS-if -nv fa fx 1 Q ' 3 2 Y .Q ,iv 4 QM M , , gym? M ,g K 4, ' :?"T:.,fw f-X.. A Wynn 'Y P3 Q, 5 3555. higgxm eww iv W ,, X? M- K we Q .fv W ' IOSEPH SHIGO 150 North 15th St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Insurance Underwriter, Veterans Administra- tiong Former School, Hanner Memorial Highg Began Evening School Education, 1933. HENRY D. SNYDER, 3RD 201 Washington Ave.-Haddonfield, N. Ass't to Manager, R.C.A. Victor Division Former School, Haddonheld High Schoolg Be- gan Evening School Education, 19345 Married. CHARLES STANLEY SIMON 379-A North 32nd St.-Camden, N. Former School, Woodrow Wilson High Schoolg Began Evening School Education, l940g XVife, Marjorieg Hobbies: Bowling, Golf. Charles would like to get into public accounting work and eventually become a Certified Public Accountant. GREGORY W. STAGLIANO 2204 South 20th St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Clerk, Philip Carey Manufacturing Co.g For- mer School, South Philadelphia High Schoolg Began Evening School Education, l939g Sin- gleg Veterang Hobby, Bowlingg Activities: Class Day Conunittee. Gregory is making plans to retire. S E ., A N I S ELAINE M. STEWART 30 West Mt. Pleasant Ave.-Philadelphia, Pa. Secretary, Ledger Syndicate: Former School, XVaverly CN. Y.j High School, Began Evening School Education, 1943, Boyfriend, "Tsch! Tschl, says Stew. Hobbies: Bowling, Tennis, Swimming, Musicg Activities: E.S.A., Class Of- licer, Chi Alpha Phi. MORISE THAL , 2624 South Perry St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Ass't to President, Regency Clo, Inc., Former School, Olney High School, Began Evening School Education, 19405 Single, Veteran, Ac- tivities: Hillel. S I S ROBERT B. STILES 606 W. Maple Ave.-Merchantville, N. Accounting Supervisor, New jersey Bell Tele- phone Co.g Former School, Moorestown High School, Began Evening School Education, 19443 YVife, Lydia, Veteran, Activities: Cap and Gown Committeeg Hobbies: Golf and Bowling. CLIFFORD R. THATCHER 1522 McKinley St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Manager, Phila. Agency for Loans to Service- men, Former School, Trenton High Schoolg Began Evening School Education, 19373 YVife, Katherine, Hobbies: Music and Golf. FRANK L. TOSTI 1853 South Rosewood St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Accountant, Goldsmith's Accountants, Former School, South Philadelphia High Schoolg Be- gan Evening School Education, l938, Girl- friend, Ann, Veteran, Hobbies: Baseball, Football. WILLIAM N. TUTTLE 2518 South 20th St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Accountant, Pearl Assurance Co., Ltd., For- mer School, Girard College, Began Evening School Education, 19395 Single: Veteran, Hobby, Piano. ALBERT F. TREDINNICK 7049 Passyunk Ave.-Philadelphia, Pa. Printer, XVescott 8: Thompson, Inc.: Former School, Lincoln Prep, Began Evening' School Education, 1941, XVife, Agnes, Veteran: Hob- bies: Advertising Production. Al is going to continue his studies. JAMES P. TYLER 2734 North Croskey St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Accountant, Lvbrand, Ross Brothers Sc Mont- gomery: Former School, Roman Catholic High School, Began Evening School Educa- tion, 19433 Single, Activities, Newman Clubg Hobby, Photography. Jim is another poten- tial C.P.A. S E S NIU GER lXPlAI S IHI BIG GAMES john M. Kratzinger-President class ,46. Lent a very much appreciated helping hand to the class of '47, Frank Moet-der, Vice-President, ESA, ,475 Manager of basketball team, 1947. Always assisting with some- thing around Logan Hall. 58 3 Q E N I S ERWIN WAINER 491 Chambers St.-Trenton, N. Comptroller, Stacy Sport Shop, Former School, Trenton Central High School, Began Evening School Education, 1939, Y'Vife, Rosa- lie, Veteran. ROBERT D. WHITAKER 30 Homestead Ave.-Collingswood, N. Clerk, X'Vyeth, Inc., Former School, Collings- wood High School, Began Evening School Education, l940g Single. WILLIAM C. WALTON Street Road-Davisville, Pa. Accountant, Phila. YVool Scouring IQ Carbon- izing Co., Former School, Abington High Schoolg Began Evening School Education, l944g YVife, Frances, Hobbies: Bowling, Fam- ily, Activities: "Closing Entries", The Lan- tern, Class Oflicer, Cap and Gown Committee. GEORGE IRVIN WILSON 32 South Glenwood Ave.-Aidan, Pa. Cost Clerk, Vick Chemical Co.g Former School, Upper Darby High School, Began Evening School Education, 1938, Wife, Janet, Veteran, Hobby, Photography. Irv likes to keep his family happy. WILLIAM FIELDS WOODS 2127 South 58th St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Production Expeditor, General Electric Co., Former School, West Philadelphia High School, Began Evening School Education, 1937: Single: Veterang Activities: Cap and Committee, Hobbies: Tennis and Travelling. WALTER W. BRADSHAW 47 Emerald Ave.-Westmont, N. J. Accountant, Edmond D. Bowmang Former School, Camden High School, Began Evening School Education, 19295 Married, Veteran. ROBERT E. YOST '1303 West Erie Ave.-Philadelphia, Pa. Accountant, Haskins 84 Sells, C.P.A.'s, Former School, Hanover High School, Began Evening School Education, 1943, YfVife, Kitty, Hobby, Reading, Activities: The Lantern, E.S.A., "Closing Entries", Class Officer, Pi Delta Ep- silon, Night W'atch. JOSEPH F. X. GILLIN 805 North 64th St.-Philadelphia, Pa. Clerk, Veterans Administrationg Former School, Overbrook High School, Began Eve- ning School Education, l938g Wife, Lucille, Veteran, Activities: Newman Clubg Hobby, Sports. S E N I ll Il S ROBERT TANNER 609 Fallon Ave.-Woodcrest, Wilmington, Del. Former School, Baltimore City College, Began Evening School Education, 19363 1Vife, Ethel. Bob hopes someday to be accounting oilicer for a small corporation. S E N I 0 I1 S HARRY R. SEYBOLD 211 South Logan Ave.-Audubon, N. Oillce Manager, Mantua Metal Products Co., Former School, Audubon High School, Began Evening School Education, 19403 XVife, Aliceg Hobby, Model Railroading. Upon the com- pletion of his studies, Harry hopes to get the coveted C.P.A. degree. SHIITTHI SHY SENIIIIIS HERBERT A. BRAUNN, JR. .prius 15. BREXVER NORMAN C. BUCKLES XVOODLAND COMEGYS YYILLIAM M. DOYVLING XVALTER E. HANCOCK FERDINAND T. KLOPSCH EARL F. MCCARTY JOHN A. O'BRlEN CHARLES A. RICKSECKER, 3Rn NICHOLAS ROIJIA MAX M. SOLOMON NORMAN M. STEXVART 61 Sl IIIHS AT HAY Training the eyes. Concentration-and not on books. The editor and his most valuable assistant-his wife, Wonder which Professorls joke they are laughing Kitty. about? 62 HllllSlll llAll fCUIIl1'II1lI'Il from Page JU It is our clay to day responsibility to impress upon the world our desire lor fair dealing, prove to the world we are ready to be a good neighbor to all. let all people know that they will lind us a dependable friend. that we share with theni a passionate desire lor liberty, peace and prosperity. As we say farewell. let us always re- nieniber that we can take lroin life no more than we are willing to put into it. That the greatest satisfaction and enrich- nients conie to those who are willing to put lorth sincere ellort to obtain theni. That .Xinericans today, as .-Xinericans in all eras sinee l77ti, are eciononiic individ- ualists. That Aniericia is still the land of opportunity where the lttttire ol' one generation is always brighter than the one preceding. Om' ul' Ilxc QIPZII lawx nl ilu- unixlcrsc ix lllL' l.zlw ul' clUII1IJCllS2lIlflllfuxs Y0l SUXY. SU Sl"llXl,l. Yill' Rl-Q.Xl"'. Nlzmy ol llN lJL'f'2lIl l lo S years agua SIK'llCllllQ 5 rum' ll'I'slll'C Illllt' Nlll1lXlIlg sulwycclx rclzitwl to lllc 'mlm wc mllcl m lllc mlm. XXL the IIIIIC llzmllx l'CZlllll'll that ilu' small sc-mls wc wcrv IllCll sowing slmulrl mmm clay. mlm- to nun IJClNlNlL'lll cullixzllirm :xml watering mxrr ilu' wzux, xpmul llnlll :xml mlcxclnp into 21 lull QHJXYII lllklUllIlJllNllIIlClll. Um' l12llXL'wl ix now ul lmml XX Q lmvc l'cu'lx'c'cl llu' amp :mel xlurcral II zlwzu wllvrc lN'llllL'l' Illllk' mn' IIICII 1 111 get all ll. Xml lllc- Claw nl '-l7 lmu' lIllllC'lNl0Hll zmml plmlicccl llIL' gin-all llzm' ul llmnpvxmxzlliml. Your clnwliny in the llllllll' :mal ltllll' puwilmiliticw ul ullimllc mum-xx will lx' limillcws il yuu lmul Ullllllllli' Illk' Iblllfllll' ul lhix QIVZII lam' you NO vznmwllx lulluwl-cl llw Inlxl lux wan. C.1Jllll!llll lo vm Nu xml will Hllllllllll ln map L-wr gl't'2llL'lk l'CX'.'llIllx in Ilw lllllllf. ful bMUlilL FROM 'l'llL lLlJl'lA0R'5 Pll'lC' 'lhc lllli Clm1'11Q l',11t1'1'1',s has hccn unlilwilcml with lhp ainccrc clcniic nl prescnliiig in Lhc sluclcnls. alumni, lui uln zincl liiencls nl' thc Uilivcisity 21 pcrinzincni piiling 4 ol cxcning mliool lilo :incl ziclivilics. XVQ hope that wg L ' hzu Q capiilitcl lxclwccn thc UJI'llCl'S ol' this hook the 'luis 1 Q Llcbiicm, trials. ZlllklkillHlllIJll5lllllCl'lI5HliOlll'CYCI1lIlg m'l1uul x . , , . . . E X 11.4 hlc. Il wc havc siuivccclccl in this ann than our piiipmg A i l hzu hcen lnllillcil. and the Stull can lccl .iunly Plllllil 111 ils work. lful' that ll1CllllM'li5 ul il1cC1lz1s5ol"17 thc Cl11.x1'11g li11l111'.s' hzlxc 21Iblllllfllllll'Slglllll izinic zinil ln' ns will lac cspccizillx clicrisliccl. li will hc thc 111111111011 lioncl than Q will in 1'cl1'usl1ccl,. nnilc us mlcc inure with our old lil'iCl1LlS ol evening sclinol lilc lL will. we trim, alwziyx haue a lmlzicc nl lls own nn our lmolasliclvcs :incl in mn licznls. NVQ hope than cvciw incinlacr ol' V17 will l'oi'cx'c1' kcclm lhc ClO.S'lIlQ li11l1'11'.i is il ll'L'1lslll'Cll miivciiii ull thc lung l1i1l'1n'gcllz1lJlc evenings at Q1 gicul L'11ix'c1'sily hlllf thc H917 Cl11.s111g li11l11'1'.s lac wnrlln olthisl1olJlcii1sliLl1li1m. licliloi. 'l7 Clmiirzg li11!1'11'.s 65 HOUSTON HALL The Uldest Student Union in the U. S. rl' Houston Hall Has Served Pennsylvania Undergraduates and Alumni Since 1895 x 'l' HOUSTON HALL STORE MAIN CAFETERIA BALCONY CAFETERIA POST OFFICE BARBER SHOP BEATY CLEANERS 86 DYERS 2253 Garrett Road Drexel Hill, Pa. Work Called for and Delivered TYPEWRITERS Repairing All Makes We Buy--Rent-Sell Ribbons 5.50-5.75 UNIVERSITY TYPEWRITER CO. 3421 Woodland Ave. BA 2-0892 Public Utility - Railroad - Industrial New Iersey and General Market Municipal Bands P Electron and Television Securities 3 Guaranteed and Leased Line Stocks 9 Equipment Trust Obligations Bank and Insurance Stocks Charles A. Taggart 86 Co. INVESTMENT SECURITIES 1500 Walnut Street. Philadelphia 2, Pa. KIqly5l7l6 Dime Building, Allentown Compliments of GLANZ, BEHM 6. HERRING. INC. Wholesale Floor Coverings PHILADELPHIA HARRISBURG 60 Compliments vf A FRIEND L0mbard 3-2753 Established 1920 PHILIP AGRONS General Insurance 620 Drexel Building 5th 6 Chestnut Sts. Philadelphia, Paz. Meet at PHONE: HA 4-6757 HSMOKEY IOE'S" EDMUND CARLSON Hamburgers U HSPQCWIWH Painting and Decorating , 6703 N. 7TH ST. South 36th Street PHILADELPHIA 25 L. ,. -..,,. -. 67 Phone: RA 5-6721 Suburban Homes. H. W. Berkelbach Farms Printing I "Service and Qlullityu 400 Bethlehem Pike Specializing in Church, Lodge and Club Work-Proqrams-Letterheads Bills-Envelopes-Cards-Tickets Placards Philadelphia 18 CH 7-6700 2807 N. 22nd St. Philadelphia 32 WINTER'S BEST WISHES The Biggest Little Drug Store Member 36th G Sansom Streets Class '27 Compliments BROAD MOTORS COMPANY 1603 Vine Street FORD Sales and Service LOcust 7-0503 BE BROAD MINDED 08 LINTON'S FRIENDLY RESTAURANTS O PHILADELPHIA COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND of the Class of '47 SAMUEL ELGART 1606 Locust Street Philadelphia, Pa. esignvr and Builllf' 60 AUTOCAR TRUCKS F OR HEAVY DUTY Superbly engineered and precision-built by Autocar. They cost less because they do more work. MANUFACTURED IN ARDMORE. PA. Serviced by Factory Branches and Distributors From Coast to Coast 70 For Fine Photographic Essentials Depend on EET ' ULRIGQ a SOUTH SIXTH STREET, PHILADELPHIA 6, PA. LOmburd 3-8616 3 3703 FABRICATED INDUSTRIES WH G0 ANYWHERE SH I-Im 691446 We Road MORRIS LESHNER 5. SONS Philadelphia 35, Pa. DECORATING General Woodworking-Plasiics PAPERHANGING PAINTING Novelties FLOOR REFINISHING PLASTERING "We W elvome Your Pulronagev sas s. som sam: Philadelphia 43, P GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES FLEMING SL BATES APPLIANCE DIVISION 3750 GERMANTOWN AVENUE PHILADELPHIA 40, PA. PHONE: BA 9-1848 71 THE MARKET STREET NATIONAL BANK Iuniper and Market Streets Philadelphia, Pa. Every Department of Modern Banking-Foreign and Domestic Acts in All Trust Capacities Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation BAring 2-9330 BArinq 2-4600 Compliments oi NORMANDIE GRILL AND BAR DANIEL E. F. MOERDER Finest Foods and Liquors ' Steaks G Specialty Public Accountant N. E. Cor. 36th and Chestnut Sts. 2923 N, Bambi-ey Sh-eef Philadelphia, Pa. Philadelphia. Penna. "Lew" Gold sAqumore 2-6575 lfnmplimvnts of a FRIEND 72 Complete Banking Service .N Many people find the easy W accessibility of this bank an t A J attraction when it comes to new E opening a Deposit or Check- gggn 51355 ina Account. Several other 55122 flfii factors, of course, deserve 55:5 99 your consideration in mak- Qjfffl lion,-pnipnfly ina a banking connection: III!! . iiiiff Locun-d Strength and stability, capi- ' ffffi tal and surplus in relation -Q-Q-ii1iv "ff to obligations, completeness . 1 and flexibility of service. for :M5..,f. 40, instance. VNOVSJ sg- On all these important QQ' points, you will find that Fidelity - Philadelphia m e e t s your requirements. FIDELITY-PHILADELPHIA TRUST COMPANY ORGANIZED 1866 135 South Broad Street, Philadelphia 9. Pa. Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Let Your Bank Finance Your Next Car and Let Us Insure It Properly We Can Make All Arrangements for You CHARLES F. KAPPLER Insurance Agenry Fire and lfnsrmlty Insuranre Fidelity, Contravt aml Court Bonds Harrison Building, 4 South 15th Street Philadelphia 2, Pa. RI 6-7008 Night Phone-DE 6-5871 G. C. KAPPLER '45 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND 73 Largest Rebuilders in the East oi GENERATORS - STARTERS - CARBURETORS - FUEL PUMPS DISTRIBUTORS - WINDSHIELD WIPERS - BRAKE SHOES AUTOMOTIVE UNIT EXCHANGE 3501-03-05 NORTH FIFTH STREET PHILADELPHIA 40 REqent 9-7777 CARDO PRODUCTS 74 WILLIAM F. HARRIS 403 North 63rd Street Philadelphia 31 OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS SHerwood 7-7449 1947 'tlflnsing EnlriPs" Specialists WEDDINGS CANDIDS PORTRAITS COMMERCIAL Sperial Rulers tn Stull I 75 Compliments of WALDRON AND COMPANY, INCORPORATED 1211 Chestnut Street Philadelphia 7, Pennsylvania "Creators of the new ring design as furnished the Class of 1947, 'IRIIIUIGII . . 3832-40 N. Iasper Street Congratulations Philadelphia 24, Penna. 0 and Llszrrznpm-:ss PHOT0'0FF5ET Best Wishes CATALOGS - BROCHURES 10 lhe BOOKLETS - PAMPHIETS PUBLICATIONS FOLDERS - LABELS Class Qi '47 DIRECT MAIL PIECES LETTERI-IEADS 5. ENVELOPES OFFICE Is 1 FACTGRY FORMS fromtheClassol 46 PHONE DES-asoo l l VITA CRAFT COMPANY 341 Pine Street Williamsport, Pennsylvania Opportunities for young men in Advancement to supervisory the sales field positions after 3 lo 6 months training periofl A fast growing Company in the Cooking Utensil Field 76 SERVING PHILADELPHIANS and Especially College Men POR 123 YEARS Since 1824 . . . more College Men have bought Ree4l's Clothes than ally other kind because they have founil Ree1I's tailoring, fit and long- wearing qualities to be best! Why flon't YOU profit by their experi- ence, yourself? wf1?Qt:dM 1424 CHESTNUT STREET PHILA. 2. PENNA. 1'lltl1l1l1'lpltf1l 's ULIIIQNT rlrlrl 1"U1t'lflllUNT flntllizrs fo lllfw flnrl lions-Sirlcr' IX!! QUALITY AND SERVICE Made The L. G. BALF OUR COMPANY The World's Largest Iewelers ot Fine Fraternity and Class Iewelry 1601 Chestnut Street Philadelphia 3, Pa. THE MOST ACTIVE DANCE AND SHCW BAND IN PHILADELPHIA i' Tfmlfayo 746 N. 64th Street Philadelphia, Pa. Glileenwood 3-8660 1 79 2 v I cw L pw Q 2 PR TECT COPYRIGHT I932 by ms co. or norm menu, INSURANCE COMPANY OF llll'lll AMEHIUA Insurance Company of North America, founded 1792, oldest stock fire and marine insurance company in the country, heads the group of North America Companies which write practi- cally all types of Fire, Marine and Casualty insurance Insurance Company of North America Indemnity Insurance Company of North America Philadelphia Fire and Marine Insurance Company The Alliance Insurance Company of Philadelphia 77 e Cam eye!! Your Tropergf On the same clay recently that we sold a Sl,800,000 oftice building, we also sold a garage for SlZ,500, a store property for S6,750, and a dwelling for S3,250. The same facilities that enable us to sell a large factory or business parcel are yours to command-to sell your home, your neighborhood or business property. No matter what size, type, or location of your real estate, please don't feel we are "too big" to handle it. We'll give it the same attention we give to the largest real estate holdings. And because our customer list is one of the largest-because we have offices in five cities-because our sales, leasing and management departments are unusual in scope and resources-chances are we can sell your property more quickly and at the highest obtainable price. For prompt, satisfactory, intelligent service, consult and list with ALBERT M. GRI-:ENFIELD at Co. PHILADELPHIA New York . Pittsburgh . Newark . Atlantic City GR 3-8600 FRANTZ EQUIPMENT COMPANY WYNNEFIELD AVENUE and 50TH STREET PHILADELPHIA 31, PA. E CONTRACTORS' 6. INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT SALES - SERVICE - RENTALS , 78 Henry N. Woolman '96 Samuel Gailey John M. Bainbridge, Jr. D. J. Crumlish H. N. Wollman, Jr. George J. Hauplluhrer Fred S. Kirk Eldon Morgan Roberl S. Calhoun Lloyd H. Heckendorn Nelson M. Davis Anfhony N. McGralh J. H. Troufman Dr. Vincenf C. Moyer William Dreihaus Frank J. Carabello Edward J. Kosin Harry E. Miller Fred E. Clever Harold A. Kluge Carllon J. Auslin, B.S., M.S. Clifford C. Malfhis Herman Thomas Bendorl Edward Bendorf Charles V. Knieblher Carl F. Saxon Thomas Gallagher Alex J. Fagan Mr. 8: Mrs. C. Philip Brown Mrs. Lesler D. Barlord Harry M. Ruedy Dr. Arlhur O. Weinerl' Harold R. Sloll Ellis C. Hulme Lina E. Reese Mr. 81 Mrs. Horace T. Allen Kay Kralzinger Frank Moerder Peg Carlson Ernie, May, Brill 81 Chrissy Wicklund Mr. 8: Mrs. Roberl E. Yosl' Mr. 8: Mrs. Oscar Johnson Uncle Arlhur Louis Grosso Waller L. Viski Joe Purcell '48 Mr. 8: Mrs. Charley Nicholson Edward A. Dages Nick's Service Slalion Arlhur S. Brooks NIGHT WATCH Herb 8: Harvey Slraub '46 John M. Kralzinger '46 Andrew K. Birch '28 Carl H. Zerr '27 George J. Craig '43 John F. Dwyer '36 Francis J. Hickey '37 Vilas W. Burns '37 Chris Leypold Elroy E. Simons '32 Alberl McDonald '34 John Merlino '37 Morris Ward '43 Howard L. Todd '30 Frederick W. Floyd '24 PATRONS Waller W. Hoffman J. A. Aikens Ronald Bader R. B. Brillon Jack Caplan Edward Glallhorn Edward Hoffman Marian M. Hoffman Carole R. Horlman Herberl E. Horlman George L. Lamberf W. J. Hughes Ralph Maurer George Ososkie Marshall Ososkie Francis Perrone Daniel Sweeney C. Richard Thalcher K. L. Thalcher Mrs. Nellie Thalcher Peggy McCollum Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Simon Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles M. Zane Miss Virginia Zane Mrs. Lucy Verdeur Mrs. Josephine Jordan Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold A. Rogers Mr. Arlhur Anderson Miss Mariorie V. Simon Mrs. Charles S. Simon Mr. John Huhn Michael Mason, Esq. Waller Abramson Leila Young Eclilh 8: Emma Berlram Vincenl 8: Belly Sprall C. R. Brinser Ida Fox John 8: Sadie Brinser Dorolhy Kneller Esfelle Marlin Dr. A. Wm. Goelz Fred Marschhausen Howard F. Ebersole Joseph L. Jones 3rd Howard Kern Roberl T. Reid Slanley A. Yocum Salvalore S. Calderaro William J. Kilgallen, A.B. Edward J. Eggarl, Jr. '40 Ragnar Anderson '44 Joseph L. McKeown '43 C. G. Complon '43 George C. Kappler '45 Waller Travis '42 Bob Yosl '47 BANKING CLUB S. Monroe Williams '2l Roberl B. Whilelaw '38 George C. Schulz '36 Michael Judge '26 Norman M. Kneale '4l Harry J. Markley '30 John J. McComack '37 Arlhur J. Shivers '35 John R. Edwards Edgar B. Rodgers, B.Sc. William D. Hogan Louis W. Marlin Slephen W. Pendergasl, A.B. Lillian M. Zveilel '48 George Vanderslice '50 Louise J. Gruber '50 J. F. Foley Frank Enge III Ari McGinnis '48 Mary Margarel Dolores Dempsey 65 Arlhur Gravilz '48 John Boeshore '48 W. R. Hockenberry Pauline lBeaverl Collins John W. Pelerson Edilh Olsson Ada Ericson Rudolf Johnson Anna Broslrum William F. Harris Edifh J. Narbey Belly Carlin Teresa Creany Michael Skellchock David Rosen John C. Hellerslone David McCahan George Wrighl' Hoffman Chesler A. Kline R. A. Niflinger Wm. A. Slinson R. deR. Kip Charles Kelley Knighl' Roland L. Kramer Adelina Di Nicolanlonio Gordon B. Callaghan '49 Mr. 8: Mrs. William J. Evans Mr. and Mrs. Everell' L. Miller Mrs. L. l. Eichel Emily Evans Henry J. Delviono '49 H. M. Fields '49 E. Tracy Ennis '49 Mildred L. Johnson '48 Anne M. McNul+y '48 Eslher Beilchman '48 William F. Phallenberger Mr. 8: Mrs. Floyd E. Slewarl Harold C. Lampe '36 Arlhur Tolclsmilh '23 Frances Edwards '35 James A. Cannon '23 HlLLEL FOUNDATION Beniamin Kalz '47 Morise Thal '47 Rulh Golde Bernice Klein Paul Rosenberg Shirley Levi'r'r Charles H. Reed Alberl Lobel Norris Sabul Sydney Schreiber , , tu , ew w111s1,,eyr Hfisfirisqsf w M sg, f I ef -+ V 1 -4,1-w,11ivfv,:uf9w v ,Z SIZE-x' f - Ls.ffe'if112Eig?'r,' 1 ' fm ,, K if img 7 :ff M Q FA M HP 'EM 3 ,Q 5 A Iz,2r14yf2l,,,rp,,rr,ggknfw we virfffgz-ffs1zvgfe,:2 'MW-,me ::g,ggy5grrg1g4, ., lxrifsg - I-hstgfgsxali I 'ii i - I., . . . are as neeessary in tlre Imuiltling ol a Iine yearlmoolt as they are in tlte eonstruetion ol' a slyyseraper. Ilere at Canrpus yye Iiaye gatlieretl, over the years, an organization of slyilletl artists anal iclea nren . , experieneecl printing, engraving anal protluetion inen . . . all yyelrletl into a teain tliat is rearly' to yyorlt u'ilI1 you and for you, to lielp Inuiltl your yearlaoolg into a Inetter antl liner pulmlieation. Cfainpus eonzplete seryiee enalwles you IUgCIfl'U111 a single souree ey ery thing neetletl to lmrocluee your Inoolt, all untler a single Inutlget control tliat insures you against unexpeetetl Hextrasf, This seryiee inelucles eyery lvliase ol' tI1e Violn Iirorn planning anal layout to eoyer- lllillxlllg anal Iinal printing anal Iuintling. Cfainpus ltas Iielpetl Irunclretls ol' stalls Iauiltl annuals tI1at will Ive nienioralmle for a lifetime. IQLICII year seyeral Lfaiiipusprotlueetl annuals talte top lionors in National eoinpetiition. Q IIAIVIPIIS I'lII5LIHHINl-5 The Iurgest lJeyiA51r1ers4n1rll'rnrI14eersol 7420 WALNUT STREET, PHHADELPHIA 2' PENNA. cjllliitllltlillg Yearbooks in fire larsl 37 WALL STREET, NEW YORK 5, N4 YA f PRINTING - ENGRAVING - OFFSET-LITHOGRAPHY - ART AND LAYOUT SERVICE MADTERPRINT l,AMPUb I LJBLI IIINK: I-ILO WALNUT T PHILA

Suggestions in the University of Pennsylvania Evening School of Accounts and Finance - Closing Entries Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) collection:

University of Pennsylvania Evening School of Accounts and Finance - Closing Entries Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


University of Pennsylvania Evening School of Accounts and Finance - Closing Entries Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


University of Pennsylvania Evening School of Accounts and Finance - Closing Entries Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 49

1947, pg 49

University of Pennsylvania Evening School of Accounts and Finance - Closing Entries Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 23

1947, pg 23

University of Pennsylvania Evening School of Accounts and Finance - Closing Entries Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 9

1947, pg 9

University of Pennsylvania Evening School of Accounts and Finance - Closing Entries Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 42

1947, pg 42

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