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1115132 wrists Qtlatb NDFUL that man is a creature of God destined for eternal happiness and that he is compounded of that which is material and spiritual, I believe that the better the corporal instrument the more excellent the production of the spirit. PROFESS that the oral cavity, an integral part of this marvelous body from which come forth ideas enunciated in the melody of speech, serves as the threshold and source to complete health. FURTHER PROFESS that perfect oral health is a means to the happiness of man and we, as guardians, must protect and maintain it. PLEDGE as a member of the dental profession to hold in gratitude my school and its teachings, ever appreciative of the inspiration of my classmates. However great my attainments may become, I well realize with humility that my skill is the fruit of the contributions of those who have preceded me. Conscious that I have contributed only a part of the expense of my education, I pledge myself to continue material support of dental education and research. PROMISE that although conscious of my right to equitable remuneration I will neither tend to selfish greed, nor deviate from the charity I owe my fellowmen. I will treat every patient with the same solicitude that I would have another show towards me. QEALIZING that the privilege of practicing my profession has been granted me by my fellowmen through constituted governmental authority, I shall conduct myself to merit the confidence which has been placed in me. DFUL that this high trust is only one of the many blessings that I have received from my country and that this has come through the travail, sacriice, and unselfish efforts of my forebears, I will perform my civic responsibilities so that future generations may continue to enjoy the blessings which I possess. ECOGNIZING that in all the endeavors of man, perfection has never been attained and in my relationship with other members of my profession honesty and charity will be my guide. In teaching and research truth will always be my purpose. PROMISE to hold service of primary importance, to promote health by the eradica- tion of disease, to relieve pain, to remedy malformation and to attain facial harmony. SOLEMNLY SWEAR to do all that lies in my power to promote the honor and dignity of my profession. IPS 1965 SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY PIIYSIEI fo I 4 4' Q S 0.45 5 2 Q 61 ."f-'2 5 s S' QQ 1896 9 4N FHAW UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC Chips Sfaff Edilor . . Assislanl Eclilor . Business Manager Assislanl Manager Cover Design . . Pliolograpliers lvlorel Fidler Richard Parodi Ronald Faulkner William Trussell Sue Cecclielini Alex Lulcasli William Ralslon Foreword Four calendar years is a seT lengTh oT Time which has no variaTion. Cne hundred years ago Tour years was sTill as iT is Today. BuT whaT a diTFerence Tour years can mean To diTFerenT people. To a Treshman sTudenT, Tour years To graduaTion is an eTerniTy. To a senior sTudenT, Tour years was such a shorr span oT Time. The Class oT I965 experienced Tour years oT denTal school as many classes have in The pasT, and as many classes in The TuTure will have To experience. l-lowever, iT is during This Tour- year span ThaT The class oT '65 diTTers Trom iTs predecessors and will prob- ably diTTer Trom TuTure classes. We enTered a school Tilled wiTh TradiTion and seT pracTices which had noT varied in counTle'ss years. In Tour shorT years The class oT '65 has ex- perienced a revoluTion in which al- mosT every way we Turn The old lines oT TradiTion have Tallen. We are Truly The "Class oT TransiTion." The '65 Chips holds Tor The sen- iors memories oT a year They realize was compleTely diTTerenT Trom The previous year, and memories oT The radical changes They experienced This year. Good, pad, or indiTTerenT. These changes are now a parT oT P845 and we as a class may Teel proud we weaThered These changes well. lvlorel Fidler I 5 L Zin jllilemuriam I. IRWIN BEECHEN, D.D.S., F.A.C.D. On January 5, l965, lhe career ol l. lrwin Beechen came lo an unlimely end. l-lis loss lo lhe College ol Physicians and Surgeons and lo denlislry cannol be measured lor he was a man ol many lalenls. As an educalor he aided in lhe lraining ol generalions ol denlal slu- denls in denlislry lor children. As an aulhor he was responsible lor published arlicles in his chosen lield in nalional and regional journals and ediled lhe seclion on Denlislry lor Children in McGehee, True and lnslcipp. As a leclurer he presenled more lhan 200 leclures, seminars and clinics lhroughoul Norlh America, Europe and lhe Middle Easl. As a cilizen he held responsible posilions in his communily and was an inspiralion lo his lellow lownspeople. As a man ol religion he conlribuled in guidance, leaching and lraining in his church. l-le was a leader in lhe Uniled Jewish Wellare Foundalion. As a parenl he imparled lhe values ol iuslice, humilily and honor lo his children. l-le was never loo busy lo help anyone in need or anyone who soughl his help. As a lriend il is wilh sadness lhal we say larewell lo a lruly greal man. Because ol his shorl slay here, lhe world is a lillle beller place in which lo live. -E.lv1.S. Q A L v edlcahon Dr. Tamirni received his Ph.D. in Microbi- ology al' lhe Universily ol Colorado in I957. l-le spen1'+hree years al Washinglon Univer- sily School of Denlislry and Jrhen came lo 'rhe College of Physicians and Surgeons in l96O. l-lis field of research deals wilh Jrhe gen- eral lield of Microbiology and Denial Med- icine. Numerous publicalions vvrillen on such subiecls as bacleriophage, baclerial en- zymes, vaccines, and organisms ol impor- Jrance in denlal medicine have kepl Dr. Tamimi aclive in his field. We, lhe class ol l965, proudly dedicale our yearbook lo Dr. l-lamdi A. Tamimi, who has exlended lo us a sincere inleresl. a warm friendship, and a helping hand. JOHN J. TOCCHINI Generally, iT is assumed ThaT The deans oT denTal schools are The TrusTees OT denTisTry's TuTure . . . and righTly so. This is The responsibiliTy The dean musT expecT and accepT. The dean musT puT aside his TradiTional leanings and musT devoTe his decisions To The besT inTeresTs oT denTisTry. He TuncTions on several levels. I-lis prime involvemenT is To graduaTe a body oT sTudenTs prepared To serve The healTh needs oT a public and To be equipped wiTh The excellence oT academic and clinical sTudies. T-lowever, To accomplish such aims, he musT search ouT and em- ploy a TaculTy which he hopes can successTuIly accomplish This purpose. I-Ie musT deal wiTh The UniversiTy adminisTraTion and enIisT Their supporT, he musT deal wiTh The adminisTraTive sTaTT oT The College, he musT deal wiTh The curriculum and TaculTy, he musT deal wiTh The sTudenTs, individually and colIecTively. I-le musT TuncTion wiThin The limiTaTions oT The purse sTrings. I-le is a represenTaTive oT The Alumni and musT aid and abeT all social TuncTions. IT all oT you, who have joined in devoTing your proTessional IiTe To The sTudy, educaTion and pracTice oT denTisTry, were To look down over my shoulder as I approach my several problems you would Tind me deeply involved wiTh proposals wiThin an aca- demic enrichmenT plan. You would Tind ThaT we are Taced wiTh The problems oT: A. Enlarging our TaculTy To accommodaTe The sTudenT capaciTy oT The new lmodernly equippedl school build- mg. B. Enriching and revising each deparTmenTal specialTy in clinical Teaching, basic sciences, research and meThod- ology. C. ObTaininq adequaTe Tinancial supporT To achieve "ex- cellence" Tor These goals. The key To The achievemenT oT This kind oT academic enrich- menT is "l:aculTy." FaculTy noT only in The sense oT number, buT more imporTanT, TaculTy in The aspecT oT qualiTy . . . again, noT qualiTy Tor "adequacy" buT quaIiTy Tor "excellence" We have no alTernaTive iT we are To bloom inTo our Tull poTenTial oT greaT- ness. Since "FaculTy" is The key To The achievemenT oT our enrich- menT goal, we are obliged To invesTigaTe The diTTiculTies involved in procuremenT oT such TacuITy personnel. Dean's Message FirsT, as we see iT, we are Taced wiTh a dire shorTage oT The kind OT TaculTy To Till our requiremenTs. Second, when and if The avail- abiliTy oT This kind oT personnel becomes opporTune, we musT be prepared To oTTer salaries adequaTe To The requiremenTs oT such people. The TaculTy member is a quaIiTied clinical educaTor who has gone Through years oT diTTiculT sTudies To earn The docToraTe in denTisTry and has conTinued his sTudies beyond The denTal degree in order To become a Teacher. The common sense economics oT This poinTs To The obvious TacT ThaT as a denTal pracTiTioner he can earn more Than Twice as much income Than he does as a Teacher, which indicaTes The ma- ior diTTicuITy we conTronT in our approach To The problems oT denTal educaTion. IT requires a greaT amounT OT dedicaTion and a "calling" To remain a scholar and educaTor . . . parTicuIarly in denTisTry. However, we musT make every eTTorT To encourage a new generaTion oT denTisTs inTo The proTession oT denTal educa- Tion. We musT oTTer a promising TuTure and adequaTe rewards Tor men wiTh This "calling," oT such TalenT. I'm sure ThaT we are all aware oT The TacT ThaT There are Teachers whose sTore oT knowledge and whose dexTeriTies are mosT saTisTacTory3 how- ever, They are incapable oT communicaTing This To sTudenTs, edu- caTionally. This is a serious shorTcoming. Then There are oTher educaTors who simply Theorize and whose clinical abiIiTies are somewhaT less Than ThaT which should be expecTed oT Them: Their only experiences in denTisTry are limiTed To The classroom, and They have had verv li++Ie personal conTacT or communicaTion wiTh clinical paTienTs. This Too is a serious shorTcoming. Also, There are variaTions on This Theme. For The purpose oT clariTying ThaT which we wanT Trom The "Academic EnrichmenT Program" we musT Tocus on some oT These shorTcomings and also on The essenTiaI posiTive require- menTs we seek in The enlargemenT and enrichmenT oT our TaculTy aT P. 84 S. IT is clearly essenTial ThaT The educaTors we bring To our school musT have The exceIIenT +aIen+s oT a pracTicing denTisT, The Theories and knowledge oT a scholar, The communicaTive abiIiTy oT a TuTor, The desire Tor inTerreIaTions wiTh all oT The oTher speciaITy deparTmenTs in The school and a common purpose wiTh The philosophy oT The school's aspiraTions. There is no doubT ThaT The TuTure oT denTisTry is dependenT upon The TaculTy oT Today and Tomorrow. As dean and chieT ad- minisTraTor oT P. 8: S., iT is my dedicaTed responsibiliTy To plan our new school in Ihe image oT The concepT oT "Tomorrow's" denTisTry, else, we cannoT survive. Every way and all means musT be developed To encourage and bring people oT high qualiTica- Tion To The profession oT denTal educaTor. NOT only musT Tunds be made available To aTTracT such TaIenT buT Time musT be made available Tor Them To enrich Their scholarship wiTh conTinuing sTudies. The changing world has Taken sTrides in The lasT decade. We marvel aT The ineviTabiliTy oT Things To come and we are amused aT some oT The obsolescense oT "yesTerday." Tomorrow's research, basic sciences, clinical insTrucTions, Theory, educaTionaI mefhadology, eThics, and philosophy, all, as They are relaTed To denTisTry, musT be reevaIuaTed in The IighT oT our changing needs in a changing world. We musT Tind ways To reduce The dispariTy beTween Theory, research and insTrucTion, and The ulTimaTe applicaTion oT The educaTionaI process. This dispariTy can only be minimized by producing TalenTed and capably qualiTied denTal educaTors To Till a TurbulenT vacuum. The TuTure oT denTisTry Tills me wiTh a greaT sense oT pride and opTimism7 I am conTidenT ThaT when our sTrivings have been achieved, all oT us will reap The beneTiTs: The increasing populace oT The world and The denTal proTession. PresldenT's Message DR. ROBERT E BURNS 5 Your sTudy oT denTal hisTory may seem incidenTal To your prolessional preparaTion. BuT such daTes as I839 and l84O carry special meaning in The hisTory oT This counTry as The years when The TirsT denTal school was Tounded, The Tir.sT denTal iournal published and The TirsT naTional denTal organizaTion esTablished. ln ThaT same era, you can poinT wiTh pride To I85I as The Touncling daTe oT The UniversiTy oT The PaciTic and I896, The year your denTal school came inTo being. BUT each oT you has been a parT oT an hisTorical momenT-January 2 I, T965-The day ground was broken aT The corner oT SacramenTo and WebsTer Tor The new School oT DenTisTry building. ln oTher words, hisTory cloes have real meaning when you are one oT Those parTicipaTing in The hisTory-making evenT. lvlore hisTory-making evenTs will come ouT oT The denTal proTession. Your TuTure and The TuTure oT your proTession depends upon iT. Wherever rising expecTaTions are examined, discussed and measured, iT is reasonable To anTicipaTe some oT The mosT signiTicanT accomplishmenTs will conTinue To come Trom graduaTes oT PaciTic's School oT DenTisTry. The "P8cS" Tra- diTion lives wiThin The UniversiTy oT The PaciTic-a univer'siTy ThaT conTin- ues To make academic hisTory Today. lT is a pioneering TradiTion. WiThin ThaT TradiTion is The opporTuniTy To make The hisTory oT your School oT DenTisTry and ThaT oT The ToTal UniversiTy one oT The greaT epics in higher educaTion. Dr. RoberT E. Burns PresidenT, UniversiTy oT The PaciTic Wh0 in hen is SuDerKrOl? I didn'+ wan? To ieach here noways Have you ever seen me do Herbie? "The Jock Doc" Happiness is flunking a Freshman Jerry's Lab Man a .2 ,. Ir S ,4 5 5 .Q ,......,,.,,m.,.,l,,WWWM.-B-g.,,m-Amr'-ww-Mummywmwwmw.,WAWmyn ,mm , ,www , ,L LMWW, , , ,,, Xmmwm .. M W .W jnwwm l. ,.. NW., K, W W A W fm,.W-W ,,m.MMM,..,,, , Y ,.W,Mi Dr. Miley Wesson Clinical Professor of Anafomy Chairman of fhe Deparfmenf Anatomy Comprehensive inslruclion in osleology, general and head and neclc analomy, qeneral and oral hislology is offered The freshmen and sopho- more men in order 'ro creale a foundalion of knowledge of lhe human body "as a whole." Dissecfion of cadavers and microscopic sludy ol lissue specimens play lcey roles in lhe eslablishmenl ol: lhis undersland- ing, and Dr. Wesson, who has been al lhe College since l928, conlin- ually slrives lo see lhal lhe sfudenls learn lheir lessons well. --f ' 'Jeri .1 All 4 f K Q, . Dr. Elmer Bricca Assisfanf Clinical Professor Dr. Nicholas D. Bonfilio Clinical lnsfrucfor Dr. William Clark Clinical Insfrucfor Dr. John Crampfon Dr. Roberf Durand Dr. Joseph Presli Associafe Assisfanf Clinical Clinical lnsfrucfor Clinical Professor of Professor Oral Surgery Dr. Eugene N. Solovieff Dr. Herberf Twede, Jr. Clinical lnsfrucfor Assisfanl' Clinical Professor Histology ancl Pathology General hisTology ol cells, Tissue, and organs oT The body sysTems are sTudieol and orienTed To The paThological changes in The body. These are Then inTegraTed inTo The clinical sTudies by The Junior and Senior sTudenTs. Dr. John Young Professor of Pathology and Hisfoloqy Chairman of The Deparfmenf Dr. Don Jose Auberfine Dr. Mary Margaref Dr. Charles Miller Lecfurer in Oral Caslle Assisfanl' Clinical Fafholoqy Clinical lnsTrucTor Professor Hamdi A. Tamimi Assisfanf Professor of Microbiology Chairman ol The Deparimenf Microbiology Dr. Tamimi lecTures and gives a lalooraTory course in The Sophomore year which includes a survey oi The causaTive aqenTs oT inTecTious diseases. ll d,,,i , Mrs. Marian Rose Dr. Paul Thomassen lnsfrucfor in AssociaTe Professor Bacferioloqy in Bacteriology and Pathology Oral Surgery Beginning af The sophomore level, sfudenfs are insfrucfecl in oral roenfgenology. general and local anesfhesia, exoclonfia, and ofher relafed phases of oral surgery: emphasis is placed upon fhe basic prin- ciples of surgical pracfice and fundamenfal concepfs of medicine. parficularly insofar as They relafe fo The requiremenls of a clenfal pracfice. Dr, John Roffinella Chairman of fhe Depadmenf Dr. Alberf Andrade Dr. James Campbell, Jr. Dr. John Crampfon Dr. Alberf Edgerfon Assisfanl Clinical Clinical lnsfrucfor Associafe Clinical Clinical lnsfruclor Professor Professor of Oral Surgery Dr.'Viclor Garfinkle Dr. Herman Kaplan Dr. Sanford Moose Dr. Elifo Zipponi Clinical lnslrucfor Associafe Clinical Clinical Professor Assisfanf Clinical Professor Professor of Oral Surgery sim' Dr. heyland Qfevens Dr. Paul Suler Dr. Donald Zimmerman Asslsfanf Clinical Associale Clinical Clinical lnsfrucfor Professor of Medicine Professor Orientation The maTerial covered in This deparTmenT is so orienTed ThaT The sTu- olenT may see The over-all denTal picTure. This is accomplished by a Tamiliarizahon wiTh The liTeraTure oT denTisTry, The workings oT public healTh, legal requiremenTs, managernenT problems, and eThics oT The professional man. Dr. Thomas Beare Miss Jill Sfevens Dr. Henry LeicesTer AssociaTe To The Dean Librarian Professor of BiochemisTry Dr. FleTcher M. Craig Dr. Zachary STadT Dr. Paul Thomassen Chairman Leclurer in AssociaTe Professor of DeparTmenT of Public Healfh Bacteriology Operaiive DenTisTry Dr. John Tocchini Mr. Ralph Bryan? Mr. Bo Wilhelm Skarsladf Professor of Operafive DirecTor of C.P.A,, LecTurer DenTisTry lPedodonTicsl Public RelaTions PracTice Manaqemenf i Dr. Flelcher M. Craig Chairman of the Deparlmenf Dr. Chrislopher Benlley Cperalive Dentistry The produclion ol a sell-disciplined, conlidenl Professional man wrlh a well orienled personalilyg and a Denlisl of lhe highesl order is The lile Clesire, and ambilion ol lhe Deparlmenl ol Operalive Denllslry Assislanl Clinical Dr. Charles Carara Dr. Charles de Guerre Dr Sebashan Greco Professor of Dr. Fred Barden Assislanl Clinical Dr. Cloyd Chamberlain Assislanl Clinical Dr. James Graham V Clinical lnslruclor Prosfhelic Denfislry Clinical lnsfruclor Professor Clinical lnsfrucfor Professor Clinical lnslrucfor iEndodonhcsl Dr. Bruce Donald Clinical lnslruclor Dr. William Loran Clinical lnsrruclor iEndodonhcsl , ri 'W 5 W f 'ri' Ti' P i I , 9 V.. if W 5: fs.--F 1, wana A X, -- Dr. Roger Hambly Dr. Henry Holand Dr. Charles Hovden Dr Hunfley Johnson Dr Joel Janis Dr Jose - - - - - . . -l Q . ph Kanler Clinical lnsfruclor Asarsgaensgglinical Clinical lnslruclor Clinical Insfrucfor Clinical lnslrucfor Clinical lnslruclor Dr. Lawrence J. l-'-l.dWi95efl. -l"- Dr. .Leland Nelson Dr. Irving Naimark Clln'C6l,Te5Cl'l'f1C! Dr. Flfion S. Mackley Asslslanl' Clin'cal Clinical Inslruclor Dr. Leland Nicholas Dr John Smqler Asslslanl Clinical lnsfruclor Professor lEndodonficsl Clinical lnsfruclor Assislanr Professor 'QS WJ 'M x L '15 5 Wir Dr. Emmelf Slanlon Dr. Paul Thomassen Dr. John W'H k D , B f W If h D l W If Assislanf Clinical Associale Professor of Clinical lnslrurgor Zx55:,Lil:fTCl51iEg1 n like gjhgirynvssg ci?,:fCTiti:!1i,E:ll,, P"0fe550f BdCfel'l0l09Y Professor of Deparlmenf lEndodonlicsl I6 Or'rhodonTics A review oT orThodonTics as a healTh service in Terms oi needs, re- sources Tor supplying These needs, prevenTive and inTercepTive meas- ures, TreaTmenT Techniques and research reveals such a large gap be- Tween needs and services ThaT There is no validiTy To The illusion ThaT iT can be closed wiThouT subsTanTial supplemenTaTion oT These services by The general pracTiTioner. IT is The obiecTive oT This course To provide Tor The denTal sTudenT an orThodonTic exposure ThaT will allow him To parTici- paTe inTelligenTly and acTively in diagnosing, prevenTing and inTercepT- ing malocclusions and in TreaTing simple cases. The knowledge and ex- perience acquired Trom This exposure will develop his abiliTy To exercise discerning iudgmenT in reTerring cases requiring services beyond his slcills and compeTence To The orThodonTic specialisT. Dr. Arfhur Dugoni Chairman of The DeparTmenT Dr James Brauer Dr. Richard Campisi Dr. Gaylor Holmes Dr. William Hopkins Dr. Richard Sulfer Dr. Gordon H. Osser Dr Richard W Badlef Clinical lnsTrucTor Clinical lnsfruclor Assislanfll Clinical Clinical lnsrruclor Clinical lnslrucior Clinical lnsTrucTor Clinical lnsTrucTor Pro essor Physiological Sciences Dr. Henry Leicesfer Professor of Biochemislry Chairman of The DeparTmenl The courses in This deparTmenT are designed To give a comprehensive undersTanding of The TuncTions OT The body from boTh The chemical and The sTrucTural sTandpoinTs, so as To arliord a basis of apprecialrion oT normal and paThological processes, Their responses To medicinal Thera- py, and The medicinal basis Tor Personal l-lygiene and PrevenTive lvled- icine. Dr. LeicesTer, who has been aT The College since l938, has an im- pressive record of achievemenTs in This Tield, and has developed a series oT mosT inTeresTing and inTormaTive lecTures based upon his rich back- ground oT experiences. Dr. Thomas Beare Dr. George Muller Dr. Henry Ralsfon Dr. Harold Young Leciurer in Public Associale in Physiology Professor of Physiology Clinical lnsfruclor Heallh DenTisTry and Pharmacology in Therapeuhcs Dr. Emmelf Sfa nfon Chairman of The Deparlmenf PedodonTics "l.iTTle can be accomplished Tor grown up people, The inTelligenT man begins wiTh The child," says GeoThe. The PedodonTic sTaTT sTrives To imparT in all sTudenTs The Teeling ThaT The child is imporTanT. Beyond The mere TacT oT care, is The realizaTion ThaT The child is an individual and musT be TreaTed as such. The TirsT conTacT wiTh clenTisTry is memorable and oTTen TraumaTic iT noT properly managed. Our aim is To insTru:T in The proper meThods oT caring Tor The child paTienT. IT we can imparT To our sTudenTs The imporTance OT TreaTing The child as an individual and The necessiTy of proper care wiTh eTficiency. confidence and compassion, Then we have succeeded in our Task. i i i ' S C T' r A ' Dr, Charles T. Askine Dr. Kennefh Cusick Dr. Winslon Edie Dr. Richard Garrick Dr. John Fifzsimmons Assigar? Clinical Clinical Instructor Clinical lnsTrucTcr Clinical lnsirucior Clinical lnsfruclor ro essor is V. L , ,: , I, E .. HA , ' T ff 1' ' ' ' T e T rc " i . -is L, I .,m:- I .,- .,.,, 1' ss. ' - 5 ? ' i ' A ' ii' ' .. i 5 fr . g s If . 51,9359 I, A x gl? X b A : ,Qtek .W-: ..., : 'Q , ,L A1 ' " iff? r Dr. George Grenfell Dr. Edward Hoffman Dr. Walfer Reichle Dr. Franklin Womack Clinical lnslrucfor Clinical lnsfruclor Clinical lnsfruclor Clinical lnsiruclor Periodontics The program of fhis oleparfmeni is builf upon a solid foundafion of anaiomy, hislology, physiology of lhe periodoniium and relaled sio- mafognalhic sysfem. The sludenl is iaughf lo loolc for and recognize incipieni clinical changes from normal: prevenfion of disease is a "prime obieciivef' All lrealmeni procedures are based upon an appreciaiion of lhe lissue changes underlying lhai parficular clinical problem. Dr. Moser, who has been ai lhe College since I963, is regarded by boih sludenls and faculiy members alilce as having done much fo elevafe periodonfics lo ifs righiful posiiion of imporfance along wiih lhe olher deparimenls here al school. Dr. E. Moser Chairman of the Deparfmenf Dr. Alexander Augusf Dr. Ernesf Baker Dr. Lloyd Boorfz Dr. Thomas Boofh Assisfanf Clinical Assisfanf Clinical Clinical lnsfrucfor Clinical lnsfrucfor Professor Professor Dr. Thomas Dunkin Dr. Herloerf Graham Dr. Roberf Hall Dr. Sfephen Kancir Dr. Robert Oslar Assisfanf Clinical Assisfani Assisfanf Clinical Clinical lnsirucfor Assisianl Clinical Professor Clinical lnsfrucfor Professor Professor i Y ary.. , I QI' ' fn C f 1 Q so , Dr. W. Don Pack Dr. Lowell Peierson Dr. E. O. A. Thomas Dr. Shaefer Dr. Richard Bryan Clinical Teaching Clinical Professor Clinical Professor Clinical lnsfrucfor Clinical lnsirucfor Assisfanl Dr. Edward Boero Chairman of fhe Deparfmenf Dr. Sfanley Bacon Assisfanf Clinical Professor Fixed and Removable Parrial Dental Prosthetics Comprehensive insiruclion in ihe biological, mechanical and psycho- logical principles as ihey relaie io compleie deniure consrruciion is covered in ihis deparrmeni. lis aim is 'ro inslill a high regard for The preservaiion of remaining siruciures afier 'rhe loss of The naiural ieelh while a+ ihe same lime aiiempling io meei ihe funciional and esihefic desires of ihe paiieni. Techniques in compleie denlure conslrucrion based on ihis concepl are offered ihroughoui The four years. Dr. Roger Boero Dr. Orland Caselli Clinical lnsfruclor Associate Professor hszisfwfi' J gigs s .I " + ar- L A -W . Z, 5 . -E we sg 1 ' SNA if the il' QV Q 2 :sf :Ns :fs Er Dr. George Casfle Assisfanf Clinical Professor Dr. Cloyd Chamberlain Dr. Guy Cochran Clinical lnsfrucior Clinical lnslrucior Dr. John Flinf Dr. Loring De Martini Assisfanl Clinical Dr. James Graham, V Clinical lnslrucfor Professor Clinical lnsfrucfor Dr. Wilfred Forbes Dr. Cleon B. Kunz Dr. Solomon Liberman Dr. Vicior Mafheu Assisfanf Clinical Clinical lnsfrucfor Clinical lnsfrucfor Assislan? Clinical Professor Professor Dr. Nemesio Paredes Dr. John Rhoades Dr. Henry Sufro Dr. William Pace Clinical Teaching Associale Clinical Assisfanf Clinical Clinical lnsfruclor Assisfanl' Professor Professor Dr. John Vogel Associale Clinical Professor Dr. Herberf Ward Associafe Clinical Professor Dr. Arthur Krol Chairman ofthe Department Prosthetic Dentistry The Department ot Fixed and Removable Partial Dentures is con- cerned with the development ot judgment and dexterity in the student to enable him to restore normal physiological tunction and esthetics in those patients where there is a partial loss ot ot dentition. To develop a philosophy ot maintenance ot the health ot the remaining tissues incorporating in the restorations sound biomechanical principles. This requires a knowledge ot the anatomical structures, physiology, and the mechanical principles to restore and retain a healthy dentition. Full Denture Prosthetics Dr. Jerry Annoni Dr. Shirl Fox Dr. John Allen Hughes Dr. Beniamin Reinke Clinical Instructor Assistant Professor Clinical Instructor Associate Professor Dr. Walter Rore Dr. Wilbert Peterson Dr. James Tackney Dr. Lorln Woodall Dr. Francis Romick Clinical Instructor Clinical Instructor Assistant Clinical Clinical Instructor Clinical Instructor Professor l've begged and pleaded wifh you guys Will somebody please pull my hands aparf You heard me, no exfraclions in the perio clinic Margo who? l know I could have qoflen the foil in, I don'f care whal' Wong said all I needed was more time Bo Wilhelm Skarsladl Hansine Fahey Shelagh McPar+land Lucy Poliakoff Adminislralion Olga Hankel Anila Monroy Slacey Guzman Alfreda Brooks Eva Vadesz Lillian Fayeife Miss Bigshol' Miss Rage Gerfrude Heany Wal'rerMorrison Mr. Ralph Bryanf Mr, Ed Harris Mrs. Frances Houqhlen Alice Lucassen Mrs. Rogers Lila Delaganfy Dorolhy Minlo ssociales Mrs. Pernille Houfz Mrs. Margaret Fleak Mrs. Bealrice Hunler Mrs. Lillian Yerex Mrs. Bessie Reilly Catherine Blakely, R.N. Pal While Diane Brennan Susan Henkel Mable Clayfon 1 Q1 Jill Sfevens Anne Weismann Marie Slill Mrs. Self 3 5 i 3 x 3 w Q 3 5 Q 3 E s 2 ? E 9 3 3 5 Q S 5 E S B E 'F ? 5' 2 3 E H 3 i ? E s 'E E E 2 5 'f V-F-1-fu-Mwwwwuuuu--H-M -mf Mfizarw--2-Qif '--ummm-WW -rv-X-'-ana--M-M .. , QQ H 52 ii' ZS if 2? i E . 2 6. 1? S E :Q sag .: .... . , , , ., . ., . , - V . , W X -, V . .. .. ,. f ., 28 .M ..,. ff s sfw-5 5? if W if .E ww 3 mx. E 2 1? .. .,.. W- .. . ..... sg ---,". 1 asf s ig if 5 72, F 522 -Q fs - 2:2 1 .A Lu Eff. P Ti 22525 M . 3 i i ' 5 'W K 1 2 :ess es , . -,, as -':..2 '- szgsey- 7 ' 3 I 1 : si-'f s . Y :H Zagfz. :, .... Mr A Wm fi W , ...,. ., .,. , , :E?Z,, , :: . - . s Fas Els 5' ag 5 gigs? We ,ma Sass sms M! 'X 'Y -3 4 x. Y x , .Q-"rLs lf: . ' 'Es-y..1 .5Q'.sQ'sss. mf Wes. Mgmw wiv an s. in if i vi ' K E . R ': f3?'EL?Ea E: -," f 552. Y : Elf if gf vg'f5.:5' . r Zi? is i f E52 . - I .AJ li 2 rs ,Q ice.. ew Q .. ,QE . Kiss? 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F551 gag s ' sr'- ss:. :TT -1": +6 X is f ss if 'ig ,.,,.s as s rs ss :" ss? s Sis E f H s 5. E 5 i 2 A132 2-If' -: V: if: yr xl 2 .,:::2':5iii:5s:s, s 'X i i i iQ fg 25ff5igi' ,-521- 55 2 gfsbl sf 5 s sw 2312232 is f 3 1? ' Q' as M X . :" 39 if 'iff' fs-if Z Z: -!'E:'2I-- 9 Q SVI' f X K X Q a sf, 5 i igiafsfis 5. 3 '21 shi, f . s E ? 2. .. Eg, fs . i s .isis 5 5 M as Q 2 fssfsf ss? igsfsg Q 'f s r 5 sig ss is f sa E253 :'- -' as S N . 2 Q ss 5 is 2 Q is Q is Q fs S ss Ss s ss sir assess ss S . is Ewa? s 'esss-f:,ssf?ff,1:ss5s2 s if ,fax X Hi Si 9 hs ., if Q 3 5 Q' lass isis iesfissirsfss if hi s EW wins M 5 Rwfgfgf Q 3 Zfsis l iss SBIR as , as ,Elia ss. as .1 Miss , f . iss, s 1, gg? Eiiggggfssglsii. as .. W 35 'x 3 .J . si Y f 5 a :Masks as fs. .s f R 5 f 9231 fgE figs L gg If Sw Egg Q ji5i g?55e ii SE 525 ggi '5 J, gismk i f :Suggs sis iss gas 2 s igi gwisssggrsrsa. ikagisisf sf .-1 s Q if E f ... ,.... if as Q ..., is H as M Q 5 . L 'i .1 Q ' ' 'A me N2 'ifw "' 11. g ssiifl . 3, i Zjfif YW IEE -M' ' Y - H1 53252.-2 5- W7 1. at -as:-:-' "" if s sas: R f ' Fm I .s Q , 512. 2 "Li: fr .Q as W N231 4 fi X N Z ig - ::E: S 'G sexi. :s.,:f : .sg :Q fs s 77 1 4' e Qs H si " 'f2?'!2!2f- .' .W- is Sr wi J is "s22?S5'9aiY fl fi-'Eff' misss 4 3 . f G . :.:'2:Z2: S 5 1 I . :Vis - E551 .X 'mf f 5 jfs .-'f!f'1- g . ' is ,Q 3 ' " gig .gs f-is figssssissigwifk ,sires X' Sas?-gi . sys ,iussaissi fgsssg, sf as i1is fsffe.:fsff ' ff! -ssiwile ssc. 2 Fsssssssfss si . .. ,Qvggss 13351515264 A gs, ,L sim ' H X 2 . 1sfsi3a,,. sisffsmssszsgisiw 151 le. 3 Assn? Q W. .fm s .. s A .. .NW fs. .Mas-.s.s.e. s .. . w 'L ..sss. ff if fswgw 213 : sg? Emi . .sl Y ' Zizfwffisg slf L, Veg? Vilils H fig at 4 . 53,2235 Maw' 5 ,1 Q. friifwssfissisi esfis -swf sl: Qs - ssiriffsi A wg-fzsfsgggs g . lik 7f5is2F212?i 3S?'mff':r 2 552.33 WM-5i'?ii'gff f1b"Q 2 H QW. -rf' 1 Q Qgwa sm... me .s 1 .s,?If. yssss .. as W ,dies N. , .9SEE,...S' .-is W. U H was 3, ' . ' . ' fs z222isgjg E gf33ZfEik"ff" 1 E,is A.L.E,E3:x.Sisi2.2EQ1 ,gs g.s?1"'Q.Q4Evg.,gQ,g'32255 ilfii s QQ ' , s , . , was 4 ffspgef f 1 Qies-as g svissisil gs? . -1 :-- .:. r-:sf gs: .-1 Q gig' A . 2 H BS ..E2: '22 ' 21 U UL :'2e2 -'- f i' F T his Lg Zlq, bf, eg. f ' -:gE2:i:' .' ss. ii :i f fi 3 f1sZfi.225T W' ef! . ,if faskg i :frifii .. 4. Q Csf ' sEg.:5: " .Jess as 'ff Y ,w'255f2s.:If:5:, ff? A 1. " . . - 3523 V RONALD FAU LKN ER President As we come fo fhe conclusion of our denfal educafion fhe fend- ency is fo look forward, nof backward, and fhis is as if should be. Buf lef us nof forgef fhe efforfs fhaf have gone info fhe accomplish- menf of 'rhis goal. Our efforfs are our only measure of fhe worfh of fhis accomplishmenf. Much has been expecfed and fhe spirif of fhis class has been fo always go a liffle be ond whaf has been asked. If is fhis spirif, if carried on upon gra uafion fhaf will make P845 proud and make us proud of ourselves. The friends we have made while af P815 have been molded under circumsfances which draw individuals fogefher in lasfing friend- ships. May fhese friendships confinue fo flourish fhroughouf fhe coming years. I frusf fhaf confinued success in our chosen profession, and a life full of rewarding accomplishmenfs will be fhe lof of all fhe members of 'rhe Class of '65. Ron Faulkner OFFICERS Pres. Ronald Faulkner, Vice Pres. James Meagher, Sec. Martyn Rosa, Rep. Douglas Dunn. 29 IROL V. ALLEN San Jose S+a+e A.B. Zip WILLIAM H. ASHFIELD San Diego Sfafe Zip i i Where's Auswacks? Dapper Fr 30 RUSSELL ANDERS Universiiy of California FRANK H. BEAL Universify of California A.B. Del+ -sw- Gof a Smoke? The Shiek Bah-loom SHERWIN J. BLACK Universify of Ufah JAY M. BLOOM Universify of California Psi-O GARY G. BOERO San Jose Sfafe ROSS L. BRADFORD Universify of U+ah B.S. Zip Whose parfial is Huis, O.J.? There will never be another ew Doclor Family' Nexf slide, Todd Bail me ouf, Dad ALLEN B. BROCKBANK Brigham Young Universily Zip NICK CARRA Pepperdine College A.B. Zip RO BERT T. CARY Sia nford A.B. Psi-O PETER A. CONROY Universi+y of California A.B. Psi-O Fisherman Speedy Child-Docfor LARRY D. CROSS Fresno S+a'l'e Psi-O PAY D. DAMERAL San Jose Siafe Psi-O MARK DETRICK Universify of California Psi-O FRED A. DIERCKS Sianforcl Universiiy B.S. I Zip Le+'s dance Fearless Freddy DOUGLAS L. DUNN Horace Wink Sfreich Ali shook up Universify of California af Riverside Psi-O R. JEROME ENNIS Univeirsiiy of San Francisco B.S. Zip RONALD E. FAULKNER George Pepperdine B.S Zip MATTHEW C. FEHN Universify of Soufhern California Zip Ge? a J-J-Job MOREL FIDLER UCLA Zip RICHARD S. FIFE Brigham Young Universify Fidler-Fife, Ha, ha B.S. Psi-O STEPHEN FLANDERS WhiHier College Deli' RONALD A. FORBES Universi+y of 'Phe Pacific A.B. Zip Lover boy Thanks, Dad Wire Bender Thanks, John DANIEL F. GENTILE Wl'1iHier College Zi I P GREGORY J. GRAHAM Universify of California ai San+a Barbara I A.B. Del? ARLEN HASKELL Fresno Shale Psi-O JAMES M. HERRON The cynic Carolyn's Boy San Fernando Valley S+a+e Psi-O Cassius" Hibbard E WALTER G. HIBBARD College of Idaho Psi-O Big Spender OWEN G. HUMPHRIES Brigham Young Universily 11 Z.P WILLIAM T. HUNTER Universify of California a+ San+a Barbara Psi-O JOH N L. KALIVAS Ivory Man rf' A A Bt f .- : L We Ns UCLA B.A. lv , Psi-O The Golden Greek 37 Nc Sweaf JOHN T. KUHNERT UCLA B.A. Psi-O af's M-A- Puffy WILLIAM D. LIVSEY Universi+y of Ufah Zip JAMES A. MEAGHER Universiiy of Oregon B.S. Psi-O RAYMOND J. MEGQUIER Universi+y of Nevada B.S. Psi-O Luddy's Buddy Grades are secondary I RICHARD E. MURRILL Universi+y of California af Davis A.B. Zip FRANK C. McCLESKEY San Jose Sfafe B.S. Psi-0 Gimp Newspaper man WILLIAM T. McCURDY, JR. Universify OISOUIIISFI1 CaIiIornia B.A. Zip JOHN V. McNEIL S+. Mary's College Zip I was iusi' wondering ROBERT L. PAWLO Sausalilo Surfer Mr. Wonderful The quief man UCLA A.B. Psi-O THOMAS R. PlTTS U niversify of Nevada Psi-O VERNON P. RABBACH Reed College B.A. Zip RICHARD E. ROBINSON Universily ofWasl1lng+on Zip Hair-Haf 1:-1 Sacramenfo Fais MA RTYN F. ROSA it The Spy Universify of California af Davis Psi-O CLAUDE W. ROWE Universiiy of Souihern California Deli' GORDON G. SEI BERT UCLA 8.5. Zip FRANCIS P. SENISE San Jose Siafe Psi-O I've go? a deal Social chairma The Sfreaker The Bouncer Shy Guy? RONALD G. SHRADER Long Beach Sfafe Psi-O DAVID N. STEINBAUGH San Jose S+a'Ie B.A. Zip TIMOTHY R. STOLL Humboldf S+a+e B.A. Psi-O BERNARD C. STOLZOFF San Diego S+a're B.A. 15 I Indian fighfer I I r. Prosfhefic ALVIN E. WARKENTINE Geronimo Fresno Sfafe CARL M. WHITE San Francisco Sfafe Ps:-O LLOYD M. WITTER Chapman CoIIege DeIf 2,000-year-old man COLIN WONG University of California Psi-O Ah-So 43 THOMAS K. WYATT Fly Boy Sha nford U niversiiy B.A. JOHN W. ZIEBER Sfanford Universify B.A. Absenfia ' Vip Y M V fa?.'2g 1 I, 'S 'T , :if 2,5313 Q L1 gygjpi-Z W gil Q iv V, " ' 2 fiwwi sgwlff W My , W Maiwziiiigp ,ww MM Well Margo. if's all sei Senior clinic-Paiienf view 1 No sweaf on Nafional Boards, fellows He bil me w 'mi ll: lo ' A 4' "' ff. . A H ..,. Y... . I ' 1515-ia J fl fi . ET. L "5 .V l 5 ii i i Orfho B F lBefore Flandersl Poor Guy, all those Class IIl's Aasnqquqnni' Ns-455 ww 'N www 2 35533, Q gr 5 6 252751, K' 5' il? -1- i 'QW Ei ii E W ,f Q f Q sf X 1, 9 sew. , N, say . YQ Hisssrigs 1 N, -M332 .wry A A A ' is .. " S4 556557, X A ' V - Hi ' if as ' :ii A 1??5?h?s ' bfi Q 2 1 Siiszf' ' V I 1 ,ex ,. Q, aff, ,f X iiiils-,aw f,,f,Dg J., ,, seq Z.. Y S ' Q ,May 7 .fLN,4s, i 2 ,SWA T sf an A w P. ' izsi, U 553,-Qi ls. we 93, -,sxgxs ,JE 4 a 1 'I?,fEix:f - UW, ,sw .L ,, as Al J ,,,, ., sz Y gm 3 f - as wks, ,, ge . -A ill Y 'aggagy 2 rf' if , .. :sage sf ng Q wgy, ,Jw ,Q so if away' NM, 4 ,, ,. ,,., Iv., , .. .:., s r RQ -i 1 V ss? f,,g ,.v M Q . . Q if if s fi' 'WGN V? .rw - f essgl gl , as- A K i 4 1' 'Lili V H A an , V' A 'Q f s A fiiisfzigisi w Tis W..-mf J I ssgsllg M 'gaze s 315 Us we f. sea 4 55,255 ffisiisi laji W W TS ' feel? F 21 2 'iv g 1 'sflszim r 1: euww avi, ,s'ff'i'2i A pgs: 4:2-QM Y, ' SM was sms? Y 522 gi ,- Y?'E'5i'leQg f 'Q V s 'Mg ' , 3 tm . 5 A V i 1 L liiffaffl i sip:-i ' A of l 's . J K , inf iisffl f , rss, Y 5-522 g , f ifsias ,M gps ,-girls i 2 L fillisfx ii we riff?-i Q v Q, .5 meg fs , if ,gif asf safe! H Fw ,,3,Q e.'l'?F-sv if 5 ' , gli ,S Q s if rs 'Y :II ' .' WILLIAM REDMOND Presidenf Al lasl, lhe hardesl year was over, or so we lnouqhr. Whal was leil ol our Class aller lwo rigorous years al FXS, was aboul lo rnerqe from lhe lheorelical aspecls of denrislry info lhe seemingly more excilinq clinical experiences. Aller rhe long resllul vaealion belween 'rhe sophomore and iunior year, we all arrived, looliinq forward ro a sornewhal more resllul year lhan The previous one had been. Wifri orienrarion behind us, each ol us sel our io rrieel' his "firsl palienlf' We were soon lo realize lhal lhe easy liie ei lhe clinic really waSn'l so easy. Wilh rhe hisrory and rhe CDT? cernplered, we were ready To place The rubber darn ior lhe lirsl rirne, l-low do you pul on lhis darn anyway? Which clan'1p?Ailer a clurnsy hour and a hall, irany of were quile dislurbed lo find rhal we had To rernove The dam because oi inadeduare aneslhesia, or because we had iorgollen lo give il allrcqerher. Pxlrer aneslhesia and d -rn placemenr w:s cornpiefed, we were ready lo pick up 'rhe handbiece, and wilh rnixed emo- lions beqin curlinq a caviiy preparalion or our lirsl live roolh. Some ol us were siill walchinq lor fha? puil of denlin dusr nwenly nninules laler. Finally The cavily preparalion was cornple'ed, and ailer close scruliny wilh Twenfy power loops lhe prepararion was checked oil and rhose much soughf afler words were ulrered: "ol1ay.lill il up." The looeh was reslored. and lhe whole operalion only foolc four hoiirsg noi bad for a class I arnalqarn. Jusl lhinl, only I942 uriiis lo qo. and in our lree rirne we Could qo our lo Endo. and rearn, or up lo Denlures and Check-bile 81 rennounl leheese, church, chewl. Bur, as 'rhe Junior year draws To a close, we are alrnosl as we began-49 rnenlally deranged individuals, all wondering how srnall lhe Senior class of lqbo will be. RON REDMOND Presidenr, Junior Class ,F F Y ? is , , ,N f OFFICERS Pres. Ron Redmond, Vice Pres. Garron Riechers, Sec, John Hifchcock, Rep, Stephen Thorne, Ron MacDiarmid. 47 JAMES T. BOWER Los Angeles, California U.C.L.A. Della Sigma Della JOSEPH W. BRONZINI Sunnyvale, California San Jose Sfafe Psi O JOHN S. CHACE Alfuras, California Universify of California GUY C. CLARK Sacramenlo, California Brigham Young Universify MICHAEL P. AARONSON Long Beach, California Long Beach Cily College Psi O SIGMUND H. ABELSON Los Angeles, California Los Angeles Sfafe Alpha Omega HOMER T. ASHTON Salf Lake City, Ulah Universify of Ufah JOHN K. BAIRD Fresno, California Fresno Sfafe Psi O BERNARD R. DALTON Novafo, California Universify of Texas KENNETH M. DEMAREST Palo Alfo, California San .lose Sfafe RAYMOND L. ERNST Los Angeles, California U.S.C. DAVID A. FAGAN Long Beach, California Long Beach Sfafe Delfa Sigma Delfa KENNETH FRANGES San Jose, California University of California Psi Omega JONATHAN E. FREMO San Diego, California San Diego Sfafe Psi O HERBERT W. GUNDERSON San Jose, California Universify of California Psi O WHITNEY B. HACKSTAFF Reno, Nevada Universify of Nevada Psi O RONALD J. IRIYAMA Sanfa Maria, California San Jose Sfafe MARTIN N. KATZ San Fernando Valley Sfafe DENNIS M. KING San Jose, California San Jose Sfafe Delfa Sigma Delfa JAMES A. KINSEY San Diego, California California Wesfern University ALLEN E. HINKLE Concord, California Chico Sfafe JOHN H. HITCHCOCK Sfockfon, California San Jose Sfafe Delfa Sigma Delfa STEPHEN C. HULL Redwood Cify, California Sfanford Zip JOSEPH R. HUSTON Pasadena, California Universify of Oregon PETER C. KNUDSON Brigham Cify, Ufah Universify of Utah Zip LANCE M. LARSON El Monfe, California U.S.C. ' Psi O J. VICTOR LO GRASSO Anfioch, California Sf. 'Mary's College Psi O ALEXANDER C. LUKASH San Francisco, California Universify of California Psi O RONALD 8. MACDIARMID Reno, Nevada Sfanford STEVEN A. MOORE Salf Lake Cify, Ufah Universify of Ufah Zip DAVID R. MORRIS Salt Lake Cify, Ufah ROBERT W. McCRACKEN Tacoma, Washingfon Whifman College GARRON RIECHERS Yuba Cify, California Universify of Oregon JAMES M. ROOD Monrovia, California San Jose Sfafe Psi O SEAN F. SARSFIELD Oakland, California Sf. Mary's College EDWIN S. SCHWEIFLER San Francisco, California Universify of San Francisco Psi O JOHN R. NARDONE Salinas, California San Francisco Sfafe Psi O CHRISTOPHER L. PALMA Monferey, California Monferey Peninsula College Psi O RICHARD A. PARODI San Francisco, California U.S.F. Psi O WILLIAM R. REDMOND San Bernardino, California lgnigersify of California af Riverside sn GERALD L. SCOTT Salt Lake City, Utah University of Utah LELAND SMITH Wafsonville, California Universify of California A.B. Zip ROBERT A. SPENCER Los Angeles, California gniversify of Michigan 'P GARRY L. STEWART Hanford, California Fresno Sfate Zip af Berkeley, Y. PAUL SUZUKI Seattle, Washington Pomona College Zip KENNETH A. SWENSON Marfinez, California University of California STEPHEN E. THORNE Ill Claremont, California University of California af Santa Barbara Psi 0 WILLIAM G. TRUSSELL Little Rock, Arkansas U.S.C. Zip GARY L. WEINER Los Angeles, California U.C.L.A. A. O. M. PENN WILEN Avenal, California University of California ai Davis ' a Junior clinic-Pafienf view McDairmid won? Mk Q I fhink fhe requiremenf is foo high I love you I said close- I AM closed Greyhound bus depc? ff, You can'+ check fha? out I Think Thaf's righi' 5 39 ii : ,i E 5121? i fsslszw- zz . -5 bs: i ffm' , - 1131. E 1 V Aspire-- f Q -3:2 12 Z2fi'1-rf. 2 fs , U - Filing' ' fgifff 3 Rf 12251 5522-i E 5 gf 2 6 5? ' Q A Good neighbor Sam When I was presidenf Pass The mustard Dr, Cochran,1ha+'s nof in fhe book Special Clinic The purpose of lhe special clinic is lo inslrucl lrhe Junior and Senior sludenl in The proper lechniques ol gold foil, inlay, and amalgam reslorarions lo aclequalely prepare him lor any pracrical board examinalion. Inlay special leam Whal you have here is a gross mechanical exposure Any favorife brand of cigar? See you Saturday Mulberry molars, Hu+chinson's incisors, saddle shoes Oh God! Wrong loolh rg! A' """" 1 s Q 3 Z X 9 52 S 2 E 58 Wl.s.,Wv .Mme M s -9.-.,....M.,........,.-.. s Y, . f, .'.f-5-ii RAY MEYERS Presidenf I . -, . A+ long lasr we have arrived. Afier Jrwo conniving years we are now in Jrhe clinical spoflighlr. We will now a ply laborafory 'rech- niques +o real flesh and blood! pafienis. H is diii-iicull 'ro believe fha? we have survived fhe firsf 'rwo years of menfal and physical duress. We begin our clinical praclrice wifh anlricipalion merged wi+h con- fidence due io our exceflenf iraining. Though reduced in number The men remaining shall become exper+s in The praclice of Denlrisfry. By each member slriving +o meei l'he school's as well as his own high slrandards, our class will perpefuale fhe clinical preslige so well deserved by P815 gradua'res. RAY MEYERS OFFICERS Pres. Ray Meyers, Vice Pres. Richard Dell Acqua, Sec. Dan Pearson, Reps, Kenneth Pieri, Lynn Gordon. 59 W. H. ANDERSON Universily of Oregon, B.S. S. D. BAKER Univsrsify of California al Riverside GEORGE E. BUNNELL Fairfield, California Universily of San Francisco Psi O DENNIS E. BURT Palo Alfo, California San Jose Slafe D. R. CALL Brigham Young Universify H. B. C-EIZLER San Diego Slate College R. H. CHRISTOFFRSEN San Francisco Sfafe College, B.S T. E. CLELLAND U.S.C., A.B. B. T. DIXON Brigham Young Universily K. L. DORSETT D. H Universiry of California al Sanfa Barbara K. EDMUNDS San Jose Sfafe College, B.S. . E. FULLER San Diego Stale College J. L. COOPER Unlversify of Oregon, B.S. C-5. DANIELSON J. R. Universily of California af Sanfa Barbara C. DANIELSON Universily of California af Berkeley R. DELL'ACQUA San Jose Siafe College, B.S. CLARK F. GARDNER Sall' Lake Cily, Ufah Universily of Ufah J. N. GARFIELD U.C.L.A., B.A. E. G. GIACHETTI Universily of Sanla Clara, B.S. E. D. GLASCO Chico Slate College, A.B. X L, F. GORDON San Diego Slate College Soulhern Melhodisl Universlly W. W. HANCOCK Brigham Young Universily, B.A. I. S. HANDELSMAN University of California al Davis B.S. K. D. HANSON I Universily of Oregon, 8.5. L. T. LAIS Pasadena College Sacramento State College J. LANDER U.C.L.A. T. E. LOVE University of Pacific G. A. MALOVOS University of Santa Clara, B.A. G. L. HOWARD Sacramento State College R. D. INGRAM S.O.C.E., B.S. J. J. KIRBY University of Santa Clara C. N. KLEIN University of Pacific, B.A. Zoology E. M. MATSUISHI Universily of Redlands, B.S. R. H. MEYERS U.C.L.A., B.S. A. T. MOSS Long Beach Sfafe College, B.A. H. L. McCONAHAY Long Beach Cify College, A.A. DAVID B. NIELSEN Los Angeles, California Los Angeles Sfafe J. J. PANAGOTACOS Universify of Pacific D. D. PEARSON Universify of California af Davis K W. PIERI Sf. Mary's College, B.S. G. S. SHERRILL Yuba Junior College Chico Slate College, B.S. R. K. SHIMASAKI Universily of California al Berkeley R. J. SMITH U.S.C. Zip G. P. SPENDLOVE Brigham Young Universify Universily of Ulah S. B. RAIKE U.C.L.A. w. A. RALSTON u.s.c., B.s. R. E. RUMNEY San Francisco Slafe College, A.B EDMOND P. ns Sr. GEORGES Sierra College Zip P. K. STALEY Universily of California af Santa Barbara H. TOKUNAGA M J. U.C.L.A., a.A. . WONG University of California al Davis G. WOODWARD San Jose Sfafe College, B.A. R. E. WYNMAN Cify College of San Francisco San Francisco Slafe College T. S. YAPHE U.S.C. X , ,Q WS o w b if Whal do you mean dc over, Doclor Hollenbeck ll 41 l we lm- W nm'mN li 11 Hard workung Torn Too compllcaled Lei Dr Pulz handle ni' Did you see fha? Oh, lhe lonely Sophomore life 3" QW' ik. ' 5 JOHN ARMOSKUS Presidenf Our Freshman year was filled wifh news-making and news-male ers, our class confriloufing in many imporfanf fields. Research: This secfion is declicafed fo 'rhose valianf researchers who were losf in fhe performance of dufy when fheir biochem unknowns proved fo be foxic. Rolfe blazed frails wifh his roclc and pully casf- ing machine which unforfunafely had already been pafenfed by Barney Rubble. Anafomisf Romley shoclced fhe world wifh his dis- covery of a second spleen 'rhaf lies oufside of fhe body. Communify Healfhz Chayes fools yef anofher sfep for fhe comforf of denfal sfudenfs by including a hand-warmer in fhe handpiece for fhose coolish mornings. Rips opened a special clinic for fhe advancemenf of ed- ucafion-Professor Orienfafion. Firsfs 8: Transifionsz The firsf parf-fime sfudenf program was sfarfed by Bearcaf. ln prosfhefics. an insfrucfor has accepfed fhe difficulf problem of consfrucfing a denfure for Moon Maid, and is currenfly sfudying picfures. The class will also be famous as fhe firsf class of Super- Crifics af PHS. OFFICERS . Pres. John Armoskus, Vice Pres. Barreff Parker, Sec. Richard Murray, Reps. Coragene Savio, Ralph Karo. 69 ALAN BERCUTT California Slale College al Los Angeles BARRY BERMAN U.C.L.A. JAMES CARTER San Jose Slale College Psi O JOHN CAVELLINI San Francisco Slate College JOHN ALKSNIS JOHN ARMOSKUS San Jose Slate Psi O JAY BALDWIN La Sierra College RONALD BARSANTI Humboldt Sfale College Della Slgma Della WILLIAM CHERRY Universily of Oregon Psi O GARY CROCKETT California Sfaie Polytechnic af Pomona Psi O ROBERT CROFT Universify of California af Berkeley WILLIAM DANA San Jose Sfafs College Psi O JOHN DAVIES U.C.L.A. Psi O WAYNE DEL CARLO Universify of San Francisco Psi O CHARLES DI BARI gniaersily of California af Berkeley si WILLIAM FARRELL Fresno Sfale College Psi 0 GREGORY FOX U.S.C. Psi O BURDETTE G-OFF San Diego Sfafe College REGGIE GRIM-METT Brigham Young Universily Delta Sigma Delia EDWARD HOM University of California al Berkeley GIOVANNI FAVERO Websfer Sfafe College, Ogden, Ufah Psi O DAVID FERRO University of San Francisco Psi O ERNEST FESSLER Universify of California MICHAEL FLYNN Universily of Ufah af Berkeley ALAN JOHNSON University of California af Berkeley RALPH KATO Universify oi Oregon Delia Sigma Delia BARRY KINNEY San Jose Slale College DARWIN KRAMER Universily of San Francisco Della Sigma Delia ROBERT KYLBERG Fresno Siale College Psi O RUSSELL LEE University of California ai Sania Barbara Psi O ROGER LUSCH Universiiy of Oregon Psi O CURTIS MADDING San Jose Slafe College Della Sigma Della GARY NELSON Universily of San Francisco Psi O LESLIIE OAKESON University of Ulah ROBERT OLIVER Whiffier College Delia Sigma Della JEAN PAQUETTE California Slafe al Long Beach ARTHUR MANZO Universily of Sanla Clara Psi O RICHARD MARILL Ealgornia Shale at Los Angeles Sl RICHARD MURRAY San Francisco Stale College THOMAS McGUlRE San Francisco Shale College Psi O BARRETT PARKER U.S.C. Psi O JAMES PIERCE Psi O WENDELL RASMUSSEN Ufah Sfafe Universify MICHAEL RIPS San Jose S+-sie College Del? JAMES ROLFE Universify of Oregon Deli VICTOR ROMLEY U.C.L.A. Psi O HERSH EL ROSS U.C.L.A. Psi O WINFIELD RUMSEY Universiiy of Oregon Psi O HOWARD SOUTO Sfanford Zip JAMES TAYLOR Pacific Union College Zip RICHARD TEVIS Universify of California af Berkeley NEAL TIMON Universify of California ai Sania Barbara Psi O DENNIS SASAKI Universiiy of California af Berkeley MISS CORAGENE SAVIO University of San Francisco HOWARD SCHOLZ Universiiy of Wisconsin Delia Sigma Delia THOMAS SHEKOYAN U.S.C. Della Sigma Delia MISS CAROL TITTLE San Diego Slate College JOHN VESCO San Francisco Sfale College JOHN WALSH San Francisco Slale College Della Sigma Della MICHAEL WASMUTH Long Beach Stale College TODD WIEKHORST Whilman College OFFICERS P es Thomas Piffs, Vice Pres. Paul Senise, Sec. Allen B ockba k T easurer Steven Moore, Sergeanl' ai' l Student Body THOMAS PITTS Presidenf This is lruly a year of aflainmenl for sludenls and all people aifilialed wilh P 81 S for on January 2 I, I965, ground was broken for our beauliiul new school. When if is com- plefed in l967, il will be one of Jrhe Tinesr Tacililies of ils lcind in The counlry. The sludenls musl be congrarulared for pledging of +heir own Treasures for ihis building. We, as srudenls of P gf S, are proud of our school and Teel 'rhai we are gerling lhe Tinesf denial educarion offered in 'rhe world loday. Our Tour years ar rhe College are mixed wilh many hardships, iruslrarions, undue criiicisms, laughs, lasring friendships, fun parries all iumbled info a veriiable array of joys and sorrows. Requiring more rhan a mere 40-hour weelc, each sludeni is pressed 'ro his emofional and physical limii. Complainls aboul rhe school, some iusfified and some uniusfiiied, musl be analyzed oloieclively by bolh srudenis and faculiy. There are cerlain areas where improvemenl is needed. l hope lhai we, as sludenls, and 'rhen alumni can be influenlial and meel ihese improvemenrs. The memories crealed al P 81 S are enduring and also maluring. I hope and sincerely believe lhal we will be amply rewarded in many ways as we slep inlo our professional career. THOMAS R. PITTS Sludeni Body Presidenl' Arms David Sieinbaugh. 1965 Chips MOREL FIDLER Edifor The Chips Slafl proudly presenls lhe '65 Chips lo lhe sludenls, lacully, anol alumni of P8cS. ll is our hope 'rhal 'rhe evenls, aclivilies, and memories ol lhis year can be relived again and again lhrough This publicalion. Morel Fidler STAFF Assisfanf Edifor Richard Parodi, Business Manager Ronald Faulkner, Assislani Manager William Trussell, Adverlising Manager Fred Diercks, Phofoqrapher Alex Lukash. Conlacl Point WALTER HIBBARD RICHARD MURRILL Co-Editors Conlacl Poinl is lhe ollicial monlhly magazine ol lhe College ol Physicians 81 Surgeons, School ol Denlislry. The publicalion presenls arlicles ol academic and social inleresl in an allempl lo mainlain a close relalionship and mulual unclerslancling belween lhe slu- denls, lacully and alumni. Now, as we make lhe lransilion lrom sludenls lo Doclors ol Denlal Surgery il is my hope lhal each ol lhe graclualing seniors ol lhe Class ol i965 will malce an allempl lo lceep each olher inlormecl ol lheir aclivilies lvia Conlacl Poinll and lhereby gel lhe class logelher, even lhough we haven'l been able lo gel logelher on anylhing else during lhe pasl lour years. Sincerely, WALTER G. l-l IBBARD STAFF Assislanf Edilor Gordon Seiberf, Business Manager Richard Robinson, Adverlising Manager lrol Allen. Tau Kappa Omega VERNON RABBACH President PRESIDENTS MESSAGE The siruggle ol learning denlislry precluded a very aclive social calendar for Tau Kappa Omega lhis year. The annual inilialion dinner was held in November and I5 new acrive members were elecled on lhe basis ol scholarship and characler. Dr. Flelcher Craig was inlroduced by Dr. John Tocchini as lhe honorary member ol Tau Kappa Omega for lhe currenl year. Dr. Craig also served as guesl speaker. ll is hoped lhal in fulure years wilh beller organizalion, Tau Kappa Omega may again become an aclive, viral force in lhe P 84 S comrnunily. TKO MEMBERS President Rabbach, Vice Pres. Bradford, Secrefary Shrader, Treasurer Megquier. SENIORS Bradford, Ross L. Delrick, Mark Fife, Richard S. Flanders, Slephen Genlile, Daniel F. Humphries, Owen G. Kuhnerl, John T. Livsey, David Megquier, Raymond J. Murrill, Richard E. Pills, Thomas R. Rabbach, Vernon P. Senise, F. Paul Shrader, Ronald G. Warkenline, Alvin E. Wong, Colin Zieber, John JUNIORS Abelson, Sigmund H. Chace, John S. Clark, Guy C. Dallfon, Bernard R. Fagan, David Lo Grasso, J. Vicfor MacDiarmid, Ronald B. Redmond, Wm. R. Riechers, Garron Thorne, Sfephen E., lll W" '? X l've go? fhis sfrange desire Have you seen my wife Freshman Recepfion Do the frug These fasfe like hell So do fhese Somebody cu? fhe cheese Freshmen RF W Chrisfmas Parfy Do you like my cavify Is H fhaf big? Sophomore RF Did YOU huff YOUV li+He PinkY? Throw me some foils? paper Which way's1he beer Line for Margo If'5 my belt Y l 298 lbs. and fhey siill kick sand in my face Brigham Young, Bring 'em all Silicone does wonders Just move +hefoo1ball, baldy Sure Ross, l'M a real buddy Ground January Breaking 21, 1965 Senior Farewell Alumni Banque? rad 0 lnferfraternify Council The lnlerlralerniiy Council consisls ol +he presidenis ol each fraiernal organizalion plus 'rhe Dean. I+ is Jrhe purpose ol lhe IFC +o prornole and rnainlain harmony among lhe various lralernilies. F.l-l.B. l.F.C. FRAN K BEAL President Sigmund Abelson, Jim Meg quier, Vernon Rabbach. if Q 3 E a E 2 3 3 V , N A Kwai fbug-gn wwgggr. W 1 A, N WMM Yww M U. 4 w,g..,MmMu . ,Tm .Mb -mW......Q , . W.. M,w,s'N,MM X W , ,. ,W ,. , 'f Alpha Omega SIGMUND ABELSON President ALPHA OMEGA The highlighl of 'rhe year for 'rhe Alpha Omega Fralernily was ils AO A-go-go rush parly. The evenl was highly successful, wilh over 'rwo hundred of lhe sludenl body al- iending. Alfhough fhe membership in Alpha Omega has been reduced due +o gradua- lion, The Chapfer owes considerable ihanlcs lo 'rhe Alpha Omega Alumni 'For supporl' in The various affairs and mainlenance of Jrhe house and laboralory faciliiies. The supporl' by ihe Alumni has been boih moral and financial and +o 'rhe Alumni 'rhe aclive chapfer owes Hs exislence. The goal of Alpha Omega is lo build professional men in bofh aHi+ude and desire 'ro confribufe lo denlislry. This goal has been mel' in The pasr and will be mel in lhe luiure. OFFICERS s. Sigmund Abelson, Vice Pres. Jack Garfield, Sec. Martin Kafz, Treasurer Gary Weiner. ALPHA OMEGA MEMBERS Sigmund Abeison Gary Weiner Arnold Moss Jack Garfield Sieve Baker Harold Ceizler Marrin Kafz Sreve Reike Don'f turn, Don't furn TI1af's no+ bad, you should see My musfache is cauqhf in ihe G-sfring Le+'s go down io The womb room the back of her head We lust came from The womb room We run fhe womb room I'II keep an eye ou? for you Delta Sigma Delta FRAN K BEAL Presidenf DELTA SIGMA DELTA The purposes oT DelTa Sigma DelTa are To help prepare The denTal sTudenT To become an acTive member oT The profession and To provide a social ouTleT. In doing This The DelTs have creaTed new bonds beTween The classes, beTween undergracluaTes and graduaTe DelTs, and beTween our ChapTer and The oTher DelT chapTers in CaliTornia. Under The able direcTion of our rush chairmen, Bill Anderson and Rich Dell'Acqua, we enjoyed a Tull social and professional calendar during I964-65. Some oT The more memor- able DelT evenTs included our monThly dinner meeTings aT various San Francisco ResTau- ranTs wiTh guesT speakers and nighTs on The Town aTTerwards, The DeI+ Ski ParTy aT Dr. Campbell's cabin aT Lake Almanor, The Pledge dinner and iniTiaTion, The DeI+ Fishing Trip, The annual skeeT shooT given by Dr. BuTler Tor senior DelTs Trom P815 and Cal, and The WesTern DelT Conclave aT U.S.C. The very acTive DelT wives club, headed by Barbara King, cooperaTed in making our SouTh Seas Rush dinner-dance a Tremendous success. We wish To exTend our appreciaTion To such men as Drs. FleTcher Craig, l-lerberT Ward. Clarence BuTler, Don Jose AuberTine and our hard-working advisor James Campbell Tor helping make This a greaT year Tor DelTa Sigma DeI+a. 5 2 Z S Q if , fx OFFICERS V I Lloyd Witter, Siephen Flanders, Denn s King Da d Fagan, John Woodward, Greg Graham DELTA SIGMA DELTA- Anderson, William Hari Barsan'Ii, Ronald Beal, Frank Bower, James Cooper, John Danielson, James DeII'Acqua, Richard Edmonds, Duane Fagan, Dave Flanders, S+ephen GrimmeH, Reggie Graham, Gregory Handcoclc, Wallace Hanson, Kerry Hifchcoclr, John Ingram, Roy Ka+o, Ralph King, Dennis Klein, Curfis Kremer, Darwin Lais, Terry Love, Tom Madding, Curiis Oliver, Roberl' I 964- I 965 Rips, Micheal Rolfe, James Rowe, Claude Scholz, Howard Shelroyan, Thomas Sherrill, Gary Sialey, Phillip Walsh, John Wilen, Penn WiHer, Lloyd Woodward, Jaclr 1 Don'? you piry our kids Keep your hand around my waisf Lors'd'ouveres are 'frying fo be served in the background This is ihe time Walt would prefer To be a Ieff-winger 11 rhumaww You sure you don'f wan? a leigh? Where are your hands, Tom? The Clan Which fwin has fhe fummy? Q1 'A 'b'--Q-..... LAGNAF Look Ma, I can do if backwards This isn'f Cepacbl Blue Flame ls ihal' your LO., Ernie? Seder Million Dollar round fable A hand in fhe bush is worfh two birds Anfi-Climax Tums for lhe Tummy Psi Omega JIM MEGQUIER Presidenf Our iraierniiy had a raiiwer aciive year. We acquired ine iargesi and wiidesi number of pledges in Psi Omega iwisiory. Managing aciiviiies iired our oiiiicers so much iiwey had io Take a weeic's vacaiion. Fuiure aciiviries promise noi io be as demanding. OFFICERS Vice Pres. Ron Redmond, Sec. Whit Hacksiaff, Soc. Chairman John Baird. SENIORS Bloom, Jay Cary, Todd Conroy, Pele Cross, Larry Dameral, Ray Delriclc, Marli Dunn, Doug Fife, Richard Forbes, Ronald Haskell, Arlen Herron, Jim Hibbard, George Hunler, Bill Kalivas, John Kuhnerf, John Mccleslcey, Franll Meagher, Jim Meqguier, Jim Pills, Tom Rosa, Marlyn Senise, Paul Shrader, Ron Sloll, Tim While, Carl Wong, Colin PSI OMEGA MEMBERSHIP JUNIORS Aaronson, Milne Baird, John Bronzizi, Joe Demeresl, Ken Franges, Ken Fremo, John Gundersen, Herb Haclsslaff, Whil' Hull, Slephen Larson, Lance LoGrasso, Vicfor Lulcash, Alex Nardone, John Palma, Chris Parode, Rich Redmond, Ron Riechers, Garron Rood, Jim Schweifler, Ed Thorne, Sfephen SOPHOMORES Bunnell, George Giachefli, Ernie Glasco, Dale Kirby, John Malovos, Gerry Ralsfon, William Gordon, Lynn FRESHMEN Armoslcus, John Car'l'er, James Cherry, Bill Croclell, Gary Davis, John DelCarlo, Wayne De Bari, Chuck Farrell, Larry Favero, Giovanni Ferro, David Fox, Greg GoFF, Jeff Kylberg, Roberl Lee, Russell Lusch, Roger Manzo, Arlhur Marill, Richard McGuire, Tom Nelson, Gary Parlrer, Barry Rasmussen, Wendell Romley, Vic+or Ross, Herschel Rumsey, Winfield Timon, Neal 'NN Jusf like This magic shield profecfs us Where's your husband? When will you be IB? Keep your hands above lhe fable Here's my urine sample l'II si? lhis one ouf There's a slag af my house nexf week l smell gas escaping I04 Q 1 They don'f look like 'they would ihrow food Lef's go ge? some fies Guess what I gof The arriving guesfs Hey, fill 'rhis up again wiih some of ihaf warm sfuff Down in the valley Noie large macrophage in cenfer of the field I'm a happy Psi-O Le+'s do fhis Iafer wiihour music One more rneafball and our fhey gc Le? us pray The Sting-Rays I+ was a greaf parfy and everybody came Take if in your ear Whose furn fo barf Feel berfer Puffy? Who ever heard of a Porfuguese fisherman Behold the miqhfy fishermen Where's all fhe fish? "Firewafer" Ha? ff-eel 5 I fhink I'm going fo puke Bail Forge? the shrimp honey, i'm coming home with The crabs L Xi Psi Phi VERNON RABBACH Presidenf This pasT year has been a very enioyable one Tor The Alpha Phi ChapTer oT Xi Psi Phi, The Fall QuarTer was highlighTed by The Reno Trip in which a small, buT deTerrnined group aTTempTed To chip a Tew Small pieces Trorn John Asguaga's Nugget A new TuncTion in The Fall was The T-lalloween cosTurne parTy which may well become an annual aTTair especially should The "r'nidnighT Swiml' conTinue To be an inTegral parT oT The TesTiviTies. The WinTer QuarTer Tound The chapTer Travelling To San ivlaTeo Tor The Rush ParTy, There in The smoke- Tillecl rooms oT The American Legion l'lall, a modern day cowboy and lndian TighT was waged. UnTorTu- naTely, The resulTs Turned ouT noT iinlilce CusTer's engagemenT aT The I.iTTle Big l-Torn, which only proves once again ThaT "sTraighT shooTers noT only never win, buT generally geT shoT Themselves." The Chioppino Dinner was The Alurrini's ouTsTanding eTTorT To begin The Spring QuarTer. IT was generally agreed Than an especially delicious brew was prepared by Dr. Beniamin Reinlce. Ira Handelsrnan, on The oTher hand. did his besT To corrupT Zip-Polish Hall relaTions. The Dinner Dance aT Alameda Naval Air STaTion compleTed The Tormal parTies oT The year and a good Time was had by all. NexT year . . . bigger and beller Things Tor Xi Psi Phi, parTicularly an all-ouT war on Indians. OFFICERS Pres. Vern Rabbach, Vice Pres. Reber? Spencer, Sec. Pefer Knudson, Treas. Dan GenTiIe. SENIORS Allen, lrol V. Ashfield, Wm. H. Bradford, Ross L. Broclrbanlc, Allen B. Carra, Nick Dierclzs, Fred A. Ennis, R. Jerome Faulkner, Ronald E. Fehn, Ma++hew Fidler, Morel Genfile, Daniel Humphries, Owen G. Livsey, David Murrill, Richard E. McCurdy, Wm. T., Jr McNeil, John V. Rabbach, Vernon P. Robinson, Richard E. Seiberi, Gordon G. Sieinbaugh, David N. ZIP MEMBERS JUNORS Ashion, Homer T. Dalfon, Bernard R. Erns+, Raymond L. Hinkle, Allan E. lriyama, Ronald l. Kinsev, James A. Knuclson, Pefer C. MacDiarmid, Ronald B. Moore, Sieven A. McCracken, Robin A. ScoH, Gerald L. Smiih, Leland Spencer, Robi. A. Siewari, Garry L. Suzuki, Y. Paul Trussell, William G. SOPHOMORES Cleland, Thomas E. Fuller, Harold E. Handelsman, lra S. Lander, Joel Maisuishi, Eddie M Meyers, Ray H. Pearson, Danny D. Pieri, Kenneih Si. Georges, Edmond P Shimasalxi, Robin K. Smifh, Ralph J. Toluunaga, Hiroshi Wong, Morris Yaphe, Tory S. J. FRESHMEN Souio, Howard J., ll Taylor, James F. Ross did wl1ai7 BesfKep'fsecre1' Yeah, well I liked if l Mob scene Original french fickler 1 l Marshall J. I ihouqhf you were a denfisl' Pu? my supper in this envelope The Munsfers Poca who? Check my riqhf arm Church, cheese, choose, sixfy-six You weren'1invi1ed Don"f fool wifh me baldy Chief Fugawi Many brave, one squaw Gay parly I quit l had my denlisfry done al P815 Social Climber The new leader Nobody loves me Thaf's funny, now gel off my fool ll2 Tha? liffle old wine maker, me I never gel drunk Don'f eat, drink Mr. Hollywood Hecfor My lab man Opfomefrislk ccnvenlion Mafia I lhink one of These guys is puffing me cn Dental Assistant Utilization Dental Assistant Utilization is now an established part ot the curriculum in most dental schools in the United States. The success ot the program depends entirely on the coop- eration and guidance attorded by the taculty, the slcill and personality ot the trained assistants, and the attitude ot acceptance by the students. We who provide that "extra pair ot hands" otter our congratulations to the graduates and thanlc you tor a very successtul year. Naomi Alden Mary Casagrande Charlotte Lilley Ollie Shettield Assisfanfs January ll, I965 The College oT Marin Two-year curriculum Tor denTal assisT- ing includes subiecT maTTer in The philosophy and eThics per- Taining To The pracTice oT denTisTry and iTs ancillary personnel. The Tollowing speciTic courses Train The sTudenT To become eTTicienT in The skills necessary To become a denTal assisTanT. An orienTaTion in basic sciences relaTed To denTisTryq anaT- omy oT The head and neck, TooTh morphology, chronology, oral paThology, denTal TherapeuTics, nuTriTion and TirsT aid. A course in The sTudy oT The bacTerial acTiviTy in The oral caviTy wiTh applicaTion To The Techniques and principles OT sTerilizaTion oT maTerials and insTrumenTs. DenTal oTlice procedures encompass bookkeeping, Typing paTienT records and reporTs, banking, and Tinancing OT The paTienT's accounT. DenTal roenTgenology includes The Techniques oT exposing, processing, mounTing and sToring oT The xray Tilm wiTh The skill in This Technique emphasized in a clinical pracTice siTuaTion. Chairside assisTing duTies are presenTed, demonsTraTed, and applied Through applicaTion in The classroom operaTory. DenTal laboraTory Techniques are presenTed wiTh applicaTion in The laboraTory classroom. Clinical pracTice is aTTorded The sTudenTs in The second year of Training wiTh aTliliaTion wiTh The College oT Physicians School oT DenTisTry in The sTudenT Trainee program and privaTe olllices wiThin The college communiTy. This presenTs The opporTuniTy Tor The sTudenT To TuncTion in a proTessional aTrnosphere in The process oT uTilizing her acquired skills and knowledge. Mrs. l-lazel 0. Torres, C.D.A. DirecTor-lnsTrucTor College of Marin City College of San Francisco This year of l965 should be a memorable one in 'lhe fine relalionship belween our lwo insfilulions. You al The College of Physicians and Surgeons have broken ground 'lor a new building: we al The Cily College of San Francisco have passed a bond issue assuring us a new, modern faciliiy for our denial- auxiliary programs. Togefher we are commillecl 'ro a conlinued efforl 'ro 'rrain young members of lhe denlal leam. We a+ Ciry College wish you, rhe Class of 1965 a happy produclive career and loolc forward 'lo an even finer associa- lion wilh your school. RUTH INSKIPP Teacher Coordinaror WY ,He DENTAL ASSISTING CLASS FEBRUARY I965 TOP ROW, left To righlz Mrs. Bonnie Kramm, Miss Toni Fruueffi, Miss Sharon Sfoecke, Miss Sherry Smith, Miss Carole LeRoy, Miss Sherry Walsh, Miss Susan Lorenzo, Miss Georganne Torgenson. BOTTOM ROW: Miss Diane Leimone, Miss Milene Lupien, Miss Susan Wong, Miss Susan Parker llnsfrudcrl, Miss Penny Benlon, Miss Carrol Anderson, Miss Cynihia Lawrence. These denTal assisTanTs are uTilized aT College oT Physicians 81 Surgeons in The pracTical applicaTion oT Chairside AssisTing. This class has compleTed a Three-semesTer course aT Laney Col- lege. Their curriculum has been designed To include: OTTice Management Chairside AssisTing, RoenTgenology and The specialTy Tields. Clinical pracTice is inTegraTed wiTh The classroom insTrucTion as The sTudenTs progress inTo The second and Third ser'nesTers OT Their Training. Laney College College of San Mateo The sludenls of The College of San lvlaleo salule you. You have made our year of clinical experience inforrnalive and enjoyable. You have increased our awareness and apprecialion of our role as denlal assislanls by your enlhusiaslic encourage- menl and cheerful conslderalion. We wish you lhe salislaclion of accomplishmenl in lhe pur- sui+ of your profession and loolc forward 'ro assisring you as members of your denial heallh ream. Denial Assisfanfs MARY CASAGRANDE NAOMI ALDEN Alumni DONALD R. BRAGG, D.D.S. May I congrafulafe each graduale of lhe class of l965 and exlend To you a very cordial invi'ra'rion To ioin lhe alumni associafion. The members of our alumni are proud of lheir college and profession. Through par- licipalion in The associalion +hey advance in knowledge and confidence. Mediocrify will nor be Toleraled, 'rhus your membership will aid you and olhers in The cause of beffer demlisrry. "Sponsors"1965 Chips Charles T. Aslcine Don Jose F. Auberline Ernesi G. Baker Milchell J. Bilaier Edward P. Boero Elmer C. Bricca Clarence E. Buller James A. Campbell, Jr. Orland J. Caselli Cloyd R. Chamberlain Michael C. Chase John P. Cramlolon Arlhur A. Dugoni Wilfred G. Forbes l-lerberl J. Graham, Jr. Roger A. I-Iambly Alvin C. l-lileman l-lenry S. l-loland George M. Flollenbaclc Franklin l-l. l-ludson Mrs. E. Frank lnskipp Dr Cleon B. Kunz Edward J. Lallig William Loran George W. Muller Leland C. Nelson Oleg N. Obuhoicl William M. Gdom John l-l. Parlcer Lowell N. Pelerson Benjamin C. Reinlie John P. Roiclinella Waller J. Rore Emmelr M. Slanlon Carl l-l. Sundahl l-lenry A. Suiro James F. Tackney l-lamdi A. Tamimi John J. Tocchini l-lerberl E. Ward Alberl Wasserman Frederick T. Wesl Joseph M. Yamamolo l-larold E. Young Acknowledgments A sincere Jrhanks lo all Jrhose who devoled Jrheir lime and energy To help make 'lhis publicalion possible: My pholoqrapher, Alex Lukash, wilhoul whose aid and consfanl readiness lhis book could noi have been a possibilily Richard Parocli, my assislanl edilor, who made valuable conlribuiions To lhis Chips volume Dr. Thomas Beare and Mr. Ralph Bryanl whose aid and advice lhroughoul lhe year is greally appreci- afed My adverlising manager, Fred Diercks, who han- dled rhe business por+ion of +he yearbook adeplly and conscienliously Ronald Faulkner, who did nolhing as far as 'rhe yearbook is concerned buf did help me pass lhis year Bob Ozias of Lederer, Sfreel and Zeus Co. for his assislance, help, and palience Thanks lo all wha conlrilouled +o +he '65 Chips for lheir cooperalion and promprness. Morel Fidler CHARLES Ichuaq TAYLOR OUR SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISI-IES FOR YOUR FUTURE HAPPINESS AND PROSPERITY THE L. D. CAULK COMPANY Division of the Dentists' Supply Company of New York General Aclminis'rraI'ive Office Menlo Park I27 Independence Drive 322-53II . Branches 420 Suller 2I74 Foresi SI. San Francisco I,Calii. San Jose 28, Calif. Sllller l-0552 292-7028 I706 Franklin 607 Easl Belnnoni Oakland, Calif. Fresno, Calif. I-llgale 4-8I47 485-0303 I 430 28Il1 SI. Sacramenlo, Calif. 452-4 I 2 I YOU CAN LOOK TO EDWARD FOR HELP IN BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL PRACTICE The Edwards Dental Supply Co. has served the dental profession since 1882-and the experience it has gained is at your service. you can look to Edwards for assistance in answering such important questions as these: What locations require additional dental facilities? What office design will best suit my needs? What equipment is available for the practice I have in mind? How can it best be financed? Edwards has eight conveniently located offices and supply centers to assist you-each is at your service. EDW RD DE TAL SUPPLY COMPANY San Francisco Menlo Park Oakland San .loes Fresno Stockton Sacramento Bakersfield "Climax" "B" Girl Four-Thirfy roll call Too many gammas make you sferile 5 1 lvlnn in , rl, J 3- in .... , ' ' -- r I f:1,,:. , . iEg?Ei ' Q iid Q Q' - U N1 4 ' , ? Mgwg V V MY ng., u. :M I forgo? To wear a whaf? I prefer the long cone ro the shori cone X991 liallmurl-1 of o reliublc product u guide for buyers of dental supplies Professional success in dentistry-reputation and acclaim-is earned by hard work presented with integrity. accomplished with skill, and resulting in satisfaction to patients. A dental nnuuifacturer wins success in the same manner. Research. product development, convenience packaging, advanced engineering ...fair prices for fine quality . . .supplies and equipment that satisfy dentists the world over because they contribute functionally to pro- fessional skill. The way to identify such products? lust look for this name and symbol: 5.5.VVI-IITEQ l l3O 4 l The 2nd best," thing your can do for your patie:-nits iewilm... 'FF I RS T, of course, is the important schedule of periodic visits to your oHice for an examination. SECOND, is your recommendation for regular home dental care with an ORAL B. Prescribe the brush that helps protect gums as well as teeth. This different brush brings important professional care into the home. More than 2,500T very small and flexible fila- ments encourage gentle care at the gum line, Where tooth troubles often start. The smooth-top design provides thor- ough cleansing of tooth structure plus gentle massage of gingival tissues With- out injury. Prescribe an ORAL B . . . the ori- ginal multi-tufted brush. It does what a toothbrush ought to do! t0RAL B so One texture . . . four sizes Q 2" ,f? ig '4""' 'Y ' f Q 0 ---,, -f-- E W - W 3 l N rite f0T QOUT' Q A Q professional samp e. , fe' 1-fe 2, x , je- K' 7 4 - 'fr--rwT,.,,,,,,-,S ' ii'-'K ii,-1-frfigitg-.,-.6933 -'mAlIyf,77f,VjfM,'M , Qwlfummmu f ORAL B COMPANY E Wwil San Jose, California o L ndon, Ontario Y ARS OF FAITHFUL SERVICE TO THE PROFESSI 3 X I l f 1 1Nl0l 3 N0 SS WW03 ACCREDITED BY ABORATURIES D NTA 04'ACCREDITATI0N V DENTAL LABORATORY The management of Pacific Dental Labo- ratory and our skilled technicians have constantly cooperated with the dental profession in every way. This has been demonstrated by our consistent achieve- ment of high quality standards, our exclusive use of tested and certified VitalliumQ cobalt-chromium alloy, per- fected techniques and namebrand ma- terials. All of these factors will result in trouble-free prosthetics for you and your patients. The satisfaction you provide your patient will be your most effective means of building your practice. ON Aerial view of fhe new school sife Sfudenf union Recreation area Promenade Sfack room Quad iii TEETH THE ENT of tooth That's why the ability" of colors color in the COLOR provides range of . . correlated markings for DEN TUBES. DENTAL COMPANY Si., PhIlld0lphla, Pl. 19139 PRACTICE PRECISIUN GIILIJ WORK! Advanced JELENKO pl'OdUCtS and teCI"II'IICS CASTING MACHINE build confidence and Ee competence . . . save .Q time and work. . . make it A A easier to recommend and execute gold inlays, crowns, and bridges where indicated. AUTOMATIC THERMOTROL IFC INLAY FURNACE HI-Fl BITE MATERIAL OM THE VERTICULATOR MODULAY U FIRMILAY ..,frn-' E , 1. F. IELENKU a co. mc. I-Tor comprehensive technical sww f LOOK To JELENKO FOR literature on all equipment and 3 PR operative materials, write to: .i i -ie OGRE-SS IN PROSTHETICS J. F. JELENKO 8: CQ., INC., 170 Petersville Road, New Rochelle, New York 17 ' if HAMILFLEX STORAGE Al. 0 H 9 MANUFACTURING COMPANY TWO RIVERS, wiscoNslN Aspirator - Working Top f Instrument l Panel Water Fountain Oral Evacuator Cuspidor Interchangeable Accent Panel Recessed Base you might just as wel! START OUT NEW WITH THE NEWEST ...ft costs no more S The new Midwest American Dental Unit was created especially for you, now that you are ready to equip your new ofiices. Because the Midwest American unit is so technically advanced in design it will remain current and up-to-date far into your future, with a protection against obsolescence that insures your investment. This sleek and efficient unit was adopted only after long research by time-in-motion study engineers to make certain that it could eliminate all non-essential movements for you and your assistant . . . and could accommodate multiple-position dentistry. Write or phone now for our Dental Unit Planning Guide plus some fascinating facts on burs, hand- pieces, and the new Denta-Glide. Standard Contra Angle Straight Handpiece Miniature Contra Angle Aquairw Syringe Adjustable Tray Arm Stainless Steel Tray Tray Height Adjustment Water Control Button -. MIDWEST AMERICAN DENTAL DIVISION OF AMERICAN HOSPITAL SUPPLY CORP 1980 NORTH HAWTHORNE ' MELROSE PARK ' ILLINOIS 60160 ' U.S.A. ,ww-V, fee K2 Atgz Sfolzof'f's proieges Don'f kick sand in my face WAY? Monkey island af ihe zoo These agar-agar medias aren'i' bad one more P655 This will never fi? The Blend Selector for Trubyte Bioblend is a unique patient education aid as well as a prosthetic aid. Your patients will quickly recognize the personalized denture service it makes possible. Show a patient how natural her denture smile can be, and you remove many of the psychological obstacles to the denture experience. And when you use the Blend Selector to evaluate the patient's tooth color requirements, you take the first and most important step toward final success of the esthetic restoration. nmmmitinla Q Multi-blended vacuum fired porcelain anteriors THE DENTISTS' SUPPLY COMPANY OF NEW YORK - YORK, PENNSYLVANIA The -'woNDER ELECTRIC MORTAR s. PESTLE" by - .BUG I G L is known to dentists as the "wonder electric mortar and pestle" for good reasons . . . It IS a wonder because it mixes alloy and mercury smoothly, uniformly, and quickly. Because it is electric it replaces the old, out-dated mortar and pestle method so vulnerable to human error. Because of the Wig-l-bug's unique, oscillating, figure-8, mix- ing motion it completes mixes in 7 to 10 seconds. Wig-l-bug mixes are fine textured, ready for insertion in the cavity. The result is a better, stronger, longer lasting filling every time. Your investment in a Wig-l-bug pays divi- dends from the very lst mix . . .Available in Beautiful Black Cat S7 5.00J, Ivory White or Pure White Kat 882.009, and your choice ofpopular colors Cat 888.00 to 595.001, .. See the Wig-l-bug at your dealer's. For complete details see your dealer or write today. CRESCENT DENTAL MFG. C0 1839 South Pulaski Road, Chicago 23, Illinois Good Study Models Make a Good Impression on Patients per Set - I Upper and I Lower No. RIX-Extra-large Size . . 55.50 No. Rl-Large ......... 4.75 No. R2-Medium . . . . . 4.75 No. R3-Small ......... 3.75 Catalog No. 33 describes many usetul models and accessories. It you do not have a copy, write tor one today. COLUMBIA RUBBER MODEL-BASE i FORMERS Make Neat Bases on Study Models To have pertectly smooth, symmetrical, nicely tinished bases on your study models, simply pour plaster or stone into tormers and mount anatomical casts. Atter plaster has set, a beautitul set ot models is easily removed trom the sott, tlexible model-base tormers. Directions tell how these tormers enable you to malce upper and lower models which occlude automatically. COLUMBIA DENTOFORM CORPORATION "The House of a Thousand Models" - and Home of Brown Precision Affachmenfs 'I31 EAST 23rd STREET NEW YORK, N.Y. 10010 Om I I Haagm ! As you enter your chosen profession, well like to extend our congratulations and, if possible, a helping hand. Crocker-Citizens. California's oldest national liank, will gladly assist you when you apply for credit. Quick financing is available for your working capital and your professional equipment. Here are some of the reasons we think you'll like rloing business with the most helpful liank ol' all: low rates, no down payment, long terms, no emlorsers We hope you'll stop by soon. OVER 240 STATEWIDE OFFICES GKE EGUTUZ S aniio an AWK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Once you're in you've go? it made In the beginning I made 'rhe maxilla above and fhe mandible below I fsf!-+vm1ixff:'i, I Thought fhey closed Ihose orfho correspondence schools Even Pearl won'I serve me Okay, no more ad-Iibbing, I said cheese, noi' Moose Colonel? His records show he was a privare 0 BETTER THAN TIN FOIL EASY-FOIL-THE SEPARATOR FOR PROCESSING ALL TYPES OF ACRYLIC RESTORATIONS NO CELLOPHANE NO TIN-FOIL CREASES FOLDS For Speed, Economy, plus Quality USED AND ACCLAIMED BY DENTISTS AND DENTAL TECHNICIANS FROM COAST TO COAST EASY-FOIL SAVES TIME AND TOIL AVAILABLE AT YOUR DEALER, DENTAL SUPPLY HOUSE OR Easy-Foil Company 245 Mateo Street San Francisco 31 California , .41-., ,,,.'fw,, i 4 4 5

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