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f fb 5233 Sf xi' gk NW! I 1 . L Staff John C. Jones . George H. SLOH' . Calvin Baker . . Larry N. Loveridge . Theodore Thom . Herberi Bronson . . Ediior . . Asst Edifor . . Business Manager Assi. Business Manager Adverfising Manager . Arr Manager Earl L. Sievens . . . Phorographer Lawrence R. Ludwigsen . Phoiographer Yoshio Nakashima . . . Phofographer f fx .-'ff C 1 'Kraft' :gig X' i . 'N -Q-'L ' ' Qi ggg at A X!!! Cv, .- ,. L:-nj X 1 L WW il I f X xv 1 - Q S S X 'Q ' v r N Q N' Y X vi :- 4 9 X x X X' X. K Table of Contents Dedication . . . Administration and Faculty . Classes . Fraternities . . Associations . . Activities . . Sponsors . . Acknowledgements . . Advertising . . . Foreword WiTh The beginning OT a proiecT such as This one we have Tried To choose a Theme ThaT would embody The school's acTiviTies and Tie every- Thing TogeTher. We Think ThaT in "X-ray" we achieved This end. WhaT is a yearbook anyway? When all The glamour is sTripped away, iT is no more or less Than a diary oT The year's evenTs. A look inTo The Things ThaT have Transpired Through The year. l-low can we. as denTisTs-To-be, look inTo a TooTh, a bone. or .a sinus: The X-ray has allowed us To do This very Thing. lT has done iT so well ThaT roenTgenograms are a sTandard and essenTial parT OT any operaTion in The clenTal oTTice. So. leT's look inTo a year aT P 84 S and see whaT goes on behind Those grey walls while Two hundred plus souls are sTraining, sweaTing and sTriving Tor ThaT common goal, The degree oT Do.cTor oT DenTal Surgery. We will see ioy, Tun. hard work. Tamiliar Taces, old haunTs. and many Triends. I Don'T geT discouraged, This book won'T be a serious Tome. We have Tried To garnish iT well wiTh humor-some guiTe spicy. We hope all will be Taken in The spiriT OT good Tun. Now, leT's embark on The year l96O-ol aT old P X4 S. Turn The page genTle reader. and prepare To be amused. John Charles Jones, EdiTor Dedicafion EDWARD P. BOERO D.D.S. F.A.C.D. The l96I Chips is dedicaTed To a man we have all come To respecT during our years aT P. and S. He has demonsTraTed a greaT knowledge OT denTisTry whic he is always willing To share wiTh The earnesT sTudenT. Members of The senior class will long remember The special Wednesday morning lecTures where many TaceTs of prosTheTic denTisTry were discussed and clarified. During his TwenTy-six years aT The school Dr. Boero has grown in The profes- sion as a respecTed clinician and Teacher. His experience began in Teaching fellowships in operaTive denTisTry and crown and bridge in I935 and I'-736. l-le progressed To head of The Crown and Bridge DeparTmenT, The posiTion he now holds. RecenTly he presenTed a paper aT a meeTing of The American Academy of Crown and Bridge. Dr. Boero's inTeresTs are noT limiTed To denTisTry. I-le is also an acTive sporTs- man. l-le enjoys hunTing, Training clogs and horses, and creaTing culinary masTer- pieces as a BarBQ chef. One of The highlighjrs of his vacaTion season is The Trek over old California Trails wiTh The Sonoma CounTy Trail Blazers, a group of Three hundred men dedicaTed To perpeTuaTing The color of The old Wild WesT. IT is wiTh pride and recogniTion of his service To The College and The Profes- sion ThaT we dedicaTe This ediTion of Chips To Dr. Boero. Clinician Technician Lecfurer Consulfani' a+ Seminar Oufdoorsman W x rf: xxxx xx x ml' xxx -xxx xx- .E x xx -Q, ., x H Sxilwfxvf Smgxgsx Sw xx ,xx Msg B xx WN xx xx H xxx xx 'xx xxxxs xx -x x xx -s., f. -H. +4 ,Lim x 1 'mv-.aa xx xxx, xxx xxxx xx xxx sm., xxx x U.. xx H' EH ga Maxx' xx Ying mx 1 xx x x x xxxx xxx. EE WE xxxx ms xx Bmxx'5'3g?gxxx W swam 51" ,.x.x .QHLE fx Wx xxxxmxx xx xxnx xx gxxx laxxs B xx xxxx nm xxxx xxx xxxx xxm- xxxx x Je xx- -x x Qg, ,L Q.. Adminisfraiion and Faculty a-T l'oday's sTudenTs may well remember The cry ThaT was heard aT The beginning oT World War ll regarding The number oT recruiTs reiecTed because oT poor oral healTh. ln order To obTain enough recruiTs Tor The armed serv- ices The sTandards oT denTal healTh had To be lowered. There was a greaT deal oT agiTaTion aT ThaT Time abouT improving The oral healTh oT The youTh oT our counTry. Many educaTional programs were developed aT The denTal school's, denTal socieTy's and The layman's level To prevenT This Trom happening again and an eTTorT was made To raise our denTal healTh sTandards. Children's denTal healTh weelc has been seT aside To make people more conscious oT The needs oT oral healTh, scienTiTic convenTions have been dedicaTed To This end, and much educaTional maTerial has been published and disTribuTed To The proTession and To The public, Television programs have emphasized The imporTance oT denTal care and denTal healTh. WhaT is The picTure Today? Has The siTuaTion im- proved in These eighTeen years? I-las denTal healTh educaTion had iTs eTTecT on The general populaTion oT The counTry? Do we Tind our youTh Today in a beTTer denTal healTh condiTion? Perhaps There has been some improvemenT and This, undoubTedly, will be Tound in cerTain isolaTed communiTies. l-lowever, in reading an arTicle published in a 1959 issue oT The Journal oT The American DenTal AssociaTion reporTing on The sTudy oT over Two Thousand Naval recruiTs To deTermine Their denTal condiTion, and The TacTors ThaT may have inTlu- enced This condiTion prior To Their enTrance inTo The Navy, one wonders iT our eTTorTs have accomplished much good. iT was Tound ThaT The average recruiT had Dean's Message I3.9 diseased, missing, or filled TeeTh. Only 20.870 oT The recruiTs were Tree Trom gingiviTis, meaning ThaT 79.270 had various sTages oT gingiviTis. In reading This arTicle one wonders wheTher our eT- TorTs oT The lasT eighTeen years have noT been in vain when we noTe ThaT The young men reporTing Today Tor miliTary duTy have such a deplorable denTal healTh con- cliTion. DenTal caries and The consequence oT The neglecT oT caries is sTill The mosT common healTh problem oT our young adulTs. UndoubTedly, The denTal healTh week pro- grams, denTal healTh educaTion, eTTorTs oT denTal edu- caTors, denTisTs, school nurses and denTal hygienisTs have had Their eTfecT To a degree, buT sTill The denTal healTh oT our young adulTs Today is a long way Trom whaT we Think iT should be. The American DenTal AssociaTion advises us ThaT There will be a TorTy million caviTy increase per year if we con- Tinue em loying The presenT meThods oT care. Yes, Tlie denTal proTession and lay educaTors have worked hard To solve This problem and musT conTinue To assume This leadership. GraduaTes oT This class musT assume Their place in This role and assume The respon- sibiliTy oT TurThering The cause OT improving The denTal healTh oT Today's and Tomorrow's youTh. WiThouT The supporT oT The young graduaTes The baTTle To improve The denTal healTh oT our youTh will be losT. We Teel cer- Tain ThaT The recenT graduaTe will assume his place in socieTy To help in This program and we Teel conTidenT ThaT as The years pass The sTaTus oT denTal healTh will JOHN TOCCHINI Dean improve immea su ra bly. ssociale Dean Charles A. Scrivener, D.D.S., F.l.C.D., F.A.C.-D. Board of Truslees LEFT TO RIGHT: Dr. Bernard C. Kingsbury, D.D.S., F.A.C.D., Treasurer: Dr. Frederick T. Wesf, A.B., A.Nl., +D.D.S., F.A.C.D., Secrefaryg Dr. John Tocchini, B.S., D.D.S., F.A.C.D., Dean, Dr. Francis J. Herz, D.D.S., F.A.C.D., Chairman, Louis P. Sfeller, Member: Harry H. Hllp, Vice-Chairman. Execulive Commillee FRONT ROW, Iefl fo righf: Dr. John K. Young, Dr. Charles A. Scrlvener, Dr. Jdhn Tocghini, Mrs. Arline E. Robinson, Dr. Henry Leicesler. BACK ROW: Dr. Paul R. Thomassen, Dr. Benramm C. Relnke, Dr. Alvin C. Hlleman, Dr. Jack Werner, Dr. Henry Ralslon. EI limi H455 L 'i2"c-'-if . X E 9 I2 a l a mfg, mei IQHSHF - 1 wma 535553-91' Mr. Bo Wilhelm Skarsfadl, C.P.A. Eva Vadagz Business Manager Adminislralive Mrs. Frances Houghfon Allce Lucassen FRONT TO BACK: Mrs. Bernice E. Sellers, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Adelaide C. 'Moore, Mrs. Lucille Mrs. Lydia Self. Chiefson and Mrs. Edna Frazier. Q., LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Margarel' Fleak and Mrs. Lillian Yerex. LEFT TO RIGHT: Margaref Hanson, Sue Henkel, Jean Mackenzie. S a a Mrs. Hansine Fahey Mrs. Beafrice Hunfer, Mrs. Pernille Houiz, M A . T 1 LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Lila Delahanfy, Mrs. Doroihy Minis. 'LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Valerie Toso, Mrs. Grace Rogers 2. A Y K -,A If Q,-,..e LEFT TO RIGHT: Ca1herine E. Blakely, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Gerfrude Erickson, Dolores C. Ham. Mrs. Imelda Quisfqard. Gerfrude Heany Walier Morrison Dr. Beniamin Reinke Professor of Prosthetic Dentisfry Chairman of the Department Dr. Thomas 'Beare Dr. Joseph De Faille Lecturer in Public Librarian Health Dentistry 'ev 11 1 :S "i Y ' 5 0 EJ 5 ,Q , ' 32' , Dr. Richard Reid Lecturer in Practice Management i I 1 Dr. Paul Thomassen Associate Professor of Bacteriology Crientation Insfruction in fhe several courses of this deparfmeni' is designed and Prevenfive Medicine. Dr. Leicesfer, who has been at the Col- fhe profession and the public and fo undersfand and appreciafe the place of ethical, economic, managerial, and legal considerafion in fhe conduct of a dental practice. Dr. Reinke, who has been at the College since l932, infroduces fhe senior men fo fhe business problems of a denfal practice in order fhat they may successfully meet The obligations of professional men. Dr. Henry Leicester Professor of Biochemistry Dr. Lawrence Ludwigsen Associate Professor of Operafive Dentistry .- Y . Dr. Charles Scrivener Associate Professor of Operative Dentistry Mr. John Rooks Lecturer in Jurisprudence l 4 -.! Dr. William Westmoreland Lecturer in Public Health Dentistry Dr. John Tocchini Professor of Operative Dentistry Uddodonticsl Analomy Comprehensive inslruclion in osieology, general and head and neck anaiomy, general and oral hisiology is offered The freshmen and sophomore men in order fo creaie a foundaiion of knowledge of 'rhe human loocly "as a whole." ,Disseciion of cadavers and rnicro- scopic siudy of lissue specimens play key roles in lhe eslalollshmenl of 'lhis undersianding, and Dr. Wesson, who has been al The College since l928. conlinually sirives To see 'rhai The siudenls learn iheir lessons well. m N 'V .'if':f" Y X V' ' W "'A""' 'c' " ' wx-1.-.area V , - is m ...ave 5 -:- l ' n. 5:1 v Dr. Elmer Bricca Dr. Mifchell Bilafer Dr. Nicholas D. Bonfilio Assisi-ani Clinical Clinical lnsfrucfor Associate Clinical Professor Professor Dr. John Crampfon Dr. Robert Durand Dr. Joseph Presfi Associafe Assisfanf Clinical Clinical Insfr-ucfor Clinical Professor of Professor Oral Surgery Dr. Eugene N. Solovieff Dr. Loren Tabor Dr. Herberf Twede, Jr. Clinical lnsfruclor Associafe Clinical Assisfanl Clinical Professor Professor Dr. Miley Wesson Clinical Professor of Anafomy Chairman of the Deparfmenl' . 5 E me " -K . me m mm m --r.. I :Ea .. if if e ii' :-if , gg .,.,:, : r- . is is as M s E N -. i zlz P zzz Z! ' " ':': in 4:': C -be m .1 H' m H Q'555'3'.. Dr. William Clark Clinical lnsfrucfor ' . 4 Q l 5 Q l ' 4 - Dr. John Roffinella Assisfanf Clinical Professor of Oral Surgery Dr. John Young Professor of Bacferiology and Pafhology lgimlpwgzlszifwi ' Palhology and Bacleriology The malerial covered by lhis deparlmenl conslilules a survey of lhe basic aspecls of bacleriology and palhology and of The disease slales which befall The oral regions and associaled paris. The course consisls of leclures, recilalions. and laboralory exercises. Dr. Young, who has been al Jrhe College since I93l, conlinually slresses Their imporlance in preparing a sound lounclalion for subsequenl' work in oral diagnosis. Dr. John Young Professor of Pathology and Bacleriology Chairman of fhe Department 5-r' ,Q . a xxx- is 7 fr: - Dr. Don Jose Auberfine Dr. Mary Margaret Dr. John O. Corwin Dr. Charles Miller Lecturer in Oral Castle Clinical lnsfrucfor Assisfanf Clinical Pafhology Clinical lnsfrucfor Professor 35532 Mrs. Marian Rose Dr. Charles Scrivener Dr. Handi Tamimi Dr. Paul Thomassen lnsirucfor in Associale Professor of Assislanf Professor of Associafe Professor of Bacferiology Operalive Denfislry MicrobioloQY Bacferiology and Palhology Physiological Sciences The courses in This deparTmenT are designed To give a com- prehensive undersTanding oT The TuncTions oi The body from boTh The chemical and The sTrucTural sTandpoinTs, so -as To aTlord a basis Tor appre-ciaTion oT normal and paThological processes. Their responses To medicinal Therapy, and The medicinal basis for Personal Hygiene and PrevenTive lvledicine. Dr. LeicesTer. who has been aT The College since T938, has an impressive record oT achievemenTs in This Tield, and has developed a series of mosT inTeresTing and inTormaTive lecTures based upon his rich back- ground oT experiences. Dr. Henry Leicesfer Professor of Biochemisfry Chairman of The Deparfmenf l 1 T if I Z , Dr. Thomas Beare Dr. George Muller Dr. Donald Myfhen Dr. Henry Ralsfon Dr. Harold foung Lecfurer in Public Associale in Physiology Clinical lnsfrucfor Professor of Physiology Clinical lnsTrucTor Heallh Denfislry and Pharmacology in Therapeulics O Th d T' ' 4 I . The aim oi The deparTmenT Through lecTures and demonsTra- :qi 'Vi' Tions is To prepare The undergraduaTe general pracTiTioner To of ffl A evaluaTe orThodonTic TreaTmenT. l-le is exposed To some oT The V 5 recognized diagnosTic Tools oi The specialTy as a basis Tor recog- Jfx m fi niTion and Timing of reierral of paTienTs. Clinical worlc is designed R, To supplemenTThaT TaughT in The PedodonTic clepar'TmenT wiTh The f -' enTire emphasis placed on prevenTion and inTercepTion of maloc- -,V clusion. Dr. Groves, who came To The college in l96O. has much ffli,-if Y To oTler The deparTmenT Through his sincere desire To imparT To Q Y 'T The sTudenTs The mosT recenT developmenTs in orThodonTic diag- Dr, Mum, Gmc, nosis and TreaTmenT. ' , Assisfanf Professor Chairman of The Deparfmenf T , if as Dr. Wilfred Forbes Dr. Gaylor Holmes Dr. Vlfilliam Hopkins Dr. Howard Low Dr. Walfer Mandler Assisfanl Clinical AssisTanT Clinical Clinical lnsfrucfor AssisTanT Clinical Professor Professor Professor Operative Dentistry . The department is divided into iour subdivisions, instruction is given in each ol the four years, and the sections are coordinated in order to afford the loesl understanding of the subject. The first two years' instruction is designed to give a groundwork preparatory 'ro ' the clinical practice of the junior and senior years. Dr. True. who r has been al the College since l928, is admired as a man devoied to the basic fundamentals oi operative dentistry, and his persever- ence in passing on these principles to his students is reflected in their desire to achieve excellence in their work. Dr. Harry True Professor Chairman of the Department Dr. Leroy Cagnone Dr. Cloyd Chamberlain Dr. Christopher Bentley Assistant Clinical Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry -if .. . 'ET' IQI . QQ. ' sei iss 3 iiiisggi Bal 'rv ii E is nl H as J .ri s s EEZ e l 3: , . VS, e' ai:- Efgrf f 52:1 'sf f s 1 H ix 'Q 1 me si' 8 "1 sa K a I 'l AA A x a "" Xa a me ii. rg-A A H :fs as e we M as I Dr. James Graham, V Clinical lnstructor Dr. Richard Kincade ' 2 Instructor ,sf .:. I BSS ms! V SSB HB5 s me i r , meer I Ears 5 ... K iii , ,R we .. M i, E Ei HE Dr. Sebastian Greco Dr. Jack Hoffman Clinical Instructor iEndodonticsl Dr. William Loran Clinical Instructor Dr. Charles Carara Assistant Clinical Professor Clinical Instructor N- s ea a s s e , News ,1 ,Q :q w-H '- ' ' al la . Y ...:.ZZZi 'fav i pigs , r 2.3 1 . Z ,.: E i , U.. i W V , , if 34 l f I Y s L was wif H me 5 we if is as-a is i E Ns :.:.i Z1 l 5. .ep s M s sk 5 we R E S H-1+ f X Dr. Henry Holand Assistant Clinical Professor Clinical Instructor Dr. Lawrence Ludwigsen Dr. Eldon S. Mackley Dr. Walter Culhbertson Dr. Charles de Guerre Dr. Arthur Dugoni Assistant Clinical Assistant Clinical Assistant Clinical Professor Professor Professor , ""' " " 'EIN l s- Q ' . 1 ' ' ' H ' . f' 7 ff' , .11 i. f. 11 gi. i x ' - - 1' ll. l A l ' 1 :i ii .. - Y, k , '-rA'Z.lf'4-a " i G' rp' .i L 12. Kiwi' "' - J J, VV , ' Y-'ravi - Q- ' K ll ' 5 J Pl, '. V' A Y -, .' .s- 1 LV A, G LQ.: - l +179 il is " " . E if M rg ,dnl 'Ir-F Fas, Gawain- 3 9, K ,.: H . : -:ra z ..,. 'T' ' V ,,r- " I 'F Dr. Charles Hovderi Dr. Stephen Jensen Dr. Huntley Johnson Clinical Instructor Clinical Instructor Clinical lnslrucfor Dr. Robert Millslaqle Dr. Leland Nelson Assistant Clinical Dr. Leland Nicholas Clinical Instructor lEnclodonticsl Associate Professor Clinical Instructor Clinical Instructor Professor Clinical Instructor age Us 1 H in " " .255 V H , - A V ' Q 5:5 ., ' ' 1-as :.- ,,. V A-,4 .-- 1 .Q Q -MV V NX ,Q Y g 5417. N l . ,V ss . H y - i ., s H L W .. s Y ' P' ' " , 1 a , .5 'il-v l5l'.,.gi'w..g,g,, : , r .sgcff - Ak -- 1 AEE, if ,JI M misss -' . -I K -A . :gps ,, sf -' - 7-Qiiia ' , , V , r H e 4 , , H? - s aaaag . .1 . A rc? 4 .,,, 2: i .IQ V , ,I 2 'a I H 13 .. VN J", P' A' ' 1,6 "nf I "5 W" 'Q i . 4 ' :W eis i 5 ' a SP' ' w ' . -, .:-1,-:J '-:fares i f .4 1 . i "s 1 ' - Dr. Kerrick Philleo Dr. Ferrall Pierce Dr. Walter Ruefenacht Dr. Charles Scrivener Dr: John Singler Dr.Carl H. Sundahl Dr. Emmett Stanton Clinical Instructor Clinical Instructor Clinical Instructor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Clinical Instructor Assiglacnflggglnical I8 . ' ' ' T. ' ' .- Ei ' ' 1. I ls -il. 1 ,plan wi "M 7' 1 , '- A . , . . - ir - X -, i .J K 'I .,, .... ,. rg A I .f ' ' if :': lf- F3 3 ' .-l ,Qi ww? knf . 1'f : : rw- 'wf .L , .M P ae . V Dr. Paul Thomassen Dr. William Tiltden Dr. John Tocchini Dr. William True Dr. Bertram Wolfsohn Dr. Waller Wong Assocrafe Professor of Assocrafe Clinical Professor Clinical Professor Associale Clinical Associafe Clinical Bacteriology Professor Professor Professor lEndodonficsi C Pecloclonl cs I ii lf J J. - . I 7 H 1 One of lhe lirsl challenges lhal' will confronl lhe graciuale on enier- l'1 'j ing pracilce is Jrhe child palieni. This challenge will conlinue fhroughoul ' s his career. The course in Pedoolonlics is designed lo prepare The Siu- . clenl' ro accomplish successfully 'rhe care of Jrhese pafienis wilh effi- - ciency, conliclence and consideralion for rhe child. Dr. Beechen, who AL. has been ai 'lhe college since I947, sincerely assisls lhe sluclenl cleniisi' Dr. lrwin Beechen Associate Clinical Professor x . G- 6' Lf , ,ls l ' , . 'I 3' 1' 1 AIP'-w V Dr. Charles T. Askine Assisfanf Clinical Professor " 1 y , ,res-in ,-A. .f..,,,,' . Q . wr,r?1?fE. . . It' I' l il A ' if .K , V W . J, '-33? ,' Dr. Francis Bushnell Assisfani Clinical Professor . , ,, F . . , ,.,..., . ,aiu .2754 ' '. "' J' , i I . F-,.-'-1 A , fx Y Vf jx . ,rf 3 l' i' . ,f r W. Q .-ffj IL Dr. Boberf Greer Dr. George Grenfell Cllnrcal lnsfruclor Clinical lnslrucfor wirh ihe problems peculiar lo lhe younger segmenr of his clinic experience. 1 A N if :IV l 'iii B A V? V 51 N gif' ,s " A,-: L , if, . 'Jw' x ' s A . .. Q, , 5 Dr. Kennefh Cusick Clinical lnsfrucfor 'lii I A l 1 l . rj 3 . ,. F' 'V 4 r Dr. Edward Hoffman Clinical instructor Dr. D. James Cavan Clinical lnsrrucfor MW, Dr. Winsfon Edie Clinical lnsfrucfor we rf ff- ama- Q Q gg s s . a a W ag a ' e 2 H E -we H 2 1.1 , H X ee . l- e H '- ,. ' 3.1ir.3..'r E , H e H e we ee s s H H 2212.2 H if -1:.7:....,,,Q,,:5:: iggrfn a na - mi J -M: l I Tfi' iii: :F i' E 'I' WE, , 1+ -.Ji : . P' ... lr i' j-j P P ' ...sis if l' -. I .- B ., .,.Z:LV::- ,al s 633 P ' . P' v Dr. Richard Garrick Clinical lnsfrucfor , ., Q i am X X lg? 52:5 . : -Ya 4 Ll - . 55: K 4 , 5: ' :.eQI, f ,, jr -:-1 f , - - .f ' ' ' ' - f W' .fif .... B am, as-l,fsg. 1- ' , J' 9 -if. S 4 Hx Nt :js 'xi ,V K 4. J A 1' ar :J .. Qr. Jack Julien Dr. Pierre Margues Dr. Emmefl' Sfanion, Jr. Clinical lnsfruclor Assisfanf Clinical Assisfanl' Clinical Professor Professor Dr. Howafd Gersfein Clinical lnsfrucfor 1 'i"' ::', f 'fE ""f 'i P ' L11 ' : , ' :?n.,.V,5.!V,.:: H : ., N r 4' J - sf . Dr. John Tocchini Professor I9 Dr. Alvin Hileman Associale Professor Chairman of lhe Departmenf W as if i' 'S' Q 2 : 1 e 'zme . .,, E , - ,- - . K D' I i I HE V 3 Si I af , 3 Q 1 im! ' 33 f D ilgiwfifi S K 45 I A iwrrra. -. 23: 4 f - F5315 ee qv Dr. Alexander Augusl' Assislanl Clinical Professor Dr. Ronald Cliff Periodoniics The program oi This deparimeni is buili upon a solid ioundaiion oi anaiomy, hislology. hysiology oi lhe periocloniium and relaied sloma- iognaihic syslem. The sludeni is iaughi To loolc for and recognize in- cipienl clinical changes from normal: preveniion oi disease is a "prime obieciivef' All ireaimeni procedures are based upon an apprecialion oi 'rhe Tissue changes underlying 'rhai pariicular clinical problem. Dr. l-lileman, who has been al lhe College since l958, is regarded by boih siudenis and iaculiy members alike as having done much io elevaie periodonlics io iis righiiul posiiion of imporlance along wilh lhe oiher deparimenis here a+ school. Dr. Ernesi' Baker Assisfanl' Clinical Professor Dr. James Dowdle Clinical lnsfruclor Dr. Lloyd Boorlz Clinical lnslrucior Dr. Thomas Dunkin Assistant Clinical Dr. Thomas Boofh Clinical Insiruclor Dr. Alan Bradley Clinical lnslruclor ew. 'Y' Dr. Roberl Hall Assisfani Clinical Dr. Vernon Hyde Assislani Clinical Clinical Teaching Assislanl Professor Professor Professor Q i W li ' f 'i' ' ml i , Ami , A , - . -. or " J life. ff f ' QP '- Qeea- is 1 .ef A -P ragga L'-' ff 4. g J 54422 , K' x ' N M' i aimiy , I Y "" Dr. Roberl Oslar Dr. W. Don Pack Dr. Lowell Peferson Dr. Roberl Roseberry Dr. B. O, A. Thomas Assisfant Clinical Clinical Teaching Clinical Professor Assigargl Clinical Clinical Professor FO ESSOI' Professor Assisla nl l Oral Surgery Beginning at the sophomore level, students are instructed in oral roentgenology. general and local anesthesia, exodontia, and other related phases ot oral surgery: emphasis is placed upon the loasic principles of surgical practice and fundamental concepts of medicine, particularly insofar as they relate to the requirements of a dental prac- tice. .. -F v-' Dr. Albert Andrade Dr.James Campbell, Jr. Dr. Hubert Donnelly Dr. Albert Edgerton Assistant Clinical Clinical Instructor Assistant Clinical Clinical Instructor Professor Professor ,,.,,- l- - ----1-w--- i l N ,ff-gr li' 415 I info 'I lx' is A W Dr. Owen Evans Dr. Kenneth Follmar Dr. Victor Garfinkle Dr. Robert Hertz Clinical Instructor Clinical Instructor Clinical Instructor Resident ft? fe ,T se ri' A , riff '-" ll M ' ' Pr. Bernard Dr. Joseph Osterloh Dr. Sanford Moose Dr. :lol-in Roffinella Klngsburyu Jr. Assistant Clinical Clinical Professor Assistant Clinical Assistant Clinical Professor Professor Professor Dr. John Crampton Associate Clinical Professor Chairman of the Department ?'i 'Pl' Dr. Leyland Stevens Dr. Ray Weinheimer Dr. Herbert Wilkinson Dr. Wilber Wirtz Assistant Clinical Assistant Clinical Clinical Instructor Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine Professor Professor Dr. Donald Zimmerman Clinical Instructor 4 iii M Y . Dr. Jack Werner Professor Chairman of the Department Prosthetic Dentistry Comprehensive instruction in complete, removable, and tixed par- tial denture prosthesis is oltered in this deparlment. Working in close cooperation with the periodontic, operative dentistry and oral surgery departments, students have been made to realize the importance ot a correct diagnosis and treatment plan it success is to be achieved. Dr. Werner, who has been at the College since l9l9, deserves much credit tor his outstanding worlc in this clepartmentg his students have richly benefited trom his practical application of tunclamental prin- ciples and good judgment. Fixed and Removable Partial Denture Prosthetics Dr. Stanley Bacon Dr. Thomas Atkinson Assistant Clinical Dr. Christopher Bentley Dr, Robert Bell Assistant Clinical Dr. Edward Boero Clinical Instructor Professor Clinical lnstructor Professor Associate Professor " N ' ' ' " 'Q B Qi N s ,. it ' EQ, H W . f , " ,r A V , ot: VNU? s 4 ' ' ' W 1' if i 0 1-:eff ' , A lil N if i fp N " E, 5 A ' Q ::- E :.J pq l 1 . N- as iff' 'V I -Q H rg 'las L- ::. Y 322 3.555 E gg N ri -if V' -jim ' X ,E i .:.:.aFf,Q yjif:-'sais a in f X if A ,' , .J 4 v j2.:,:,,: ,:3c .:f,i,,,,,,,, ' X 5, Q I 1' A l l 3 . .--1 4 Viv-n-n -w--w-nw-v--- Z f, I l s, -r P A :-:!-.-" Dr. Warren Brown Dr. Orland Caselli Dr. George Castle Dr. Cloyo Chamberlain Dr. Guy Cochran V Clinical Teaching Associate Professor Assistant Clinical Clinical Instructor Clinical Instructor Assistant Professor Dr. John Flint Dr. Loring De Martini Assistant Clinical Dr. Louis Geissberger DF- JBYTIGS Graham. V Dr- N0I'I'f1BI'l JEUSSEI1 Clinical instructor Professor Clinical Instructor Clinical Instructor Clinical instructor '29 iw, 1 'C' H-' ""7' Dr. Bernerd Kingsbury Dr. Cleon B. Kunz Dr. Solomon Liberman Dr. yictor Matheu Dr. liqbert Millslagle Clinical Professor Clinical Instructor Clinical Instructor Assistant Clinical Clinical Instructor Professor Dr. John 0'DonneIl Clinical Instructor fmi. . fi its X. X - , 5 'm T.,.f F1 I if Dr. Henrg Sutro Assistant Iinical Professor -sac Dr. Nemesio Parecles Clinical Teaching Assistant , lx ., f Q11 " , I In-PVP it ..4f1" 'l i I fa' I Dr. James Thompson Assistant Clinical Professor Dr. Kerrick Philleo Clinical Instructor Z .nr Z, fr, N65 ll x if ' I 'Q E3 85- I Dr. Francis Romick Clinical Instructor Dr. Charles Scrivener Associate Professor of Operative Dentistry Dr. William Tilden Dr. John Vogel Dr. Herbert Ward Associate Clinical Associate Clinical Associate Clinical Professor Professor Professor Full Denture Prosthetics Dr. Stanton Burns Associate Clinical Professor Dr. A. Stephen des Georges Clinical Instructor Dr. Myron Peters Clinical Instructor If r I f - Cyp fi,- ll ts-'V auf' is r,,.-v if' Dr. Shirl Fox Assistant Professor Dr. Baniamin Reinke Associate Professor , ,-megan si, . ,,.4 Dr. William Painter Clinical Instructor Dr. Walter Rore Clinical Instructor ,. -ali if-1-L Dr. James Tackney Dr. Jack Werner Dr. Jack Werner, Jr. Dr: Lorin Woodall Assistant Clinical Professor Assistant Clinical Clinical Instructor Professor Professor Special Clinic Carefully supervised praciice in 'rhe placemeni of amalgams and gold foil is given +o junior and senior siudenis in ihe special clinics. The iuniors are required 'ro use ihe hand mallef for foil condensaiion. Seniors are allowed io use pneumaiic condensors. There are ihree rnaior oloieciives: To acquainl Jrhe slrudeni wi+h ihe proper use of chairside assisianisg io encourage efficiency and perfeciion in operaiive procedures: 'ro prepare Jrhe Siudeni for Siaie Board Exarninaiions. JOHN JONES xx.. pf, .A .f 0 R V . T1 DR. HARRY TRU E T7 DR. ARTHUR DUGONI f+ DR. LAWRENCE LUDWIGSEN DR, CHARLES CARARA DR. WALTER WONG 'li DR. LEROY CAG-NONE DR. WILLIAM F. R. TRUE DR. CARL SAUNDAHL POSTS-RADUATE REFREST-IER COURSES AND CONTINUATION EDUCATION A sechon from The Pnnclples of EThlcs oT The American DenTal ASSOCI6llOD sTaTes Sechon I The rlghT of a clenTusT To professional sTaTus resTs In The knowledge skull and experience wxThwh1ch he serves his paTlenTs and soc1eTy Every denTlsT has The OblIg5'l'lOI'1 ol: keeping his knowledge and skull Treshened by conTln umg educahon Through all oT hrs professional e. The College oT Physicians and Surgeons lends cooperaTive supporT To The eTTorT of Conlrinua- Tion EducaTion by presenTing an aH'racTive program oT reTresher courses covering rnosT professional Tielcls. May all our sTudenTs and alumni realize The TruTh in The sTaTemenT by Dean L. R. Main, "He who graduaTed yesTerday and sTops learning Today, is uneducaTed Tomorrow." LeT us always sTrive To improve ourselves and our profession. -Dr. Charles A. Scrivener ss E M 1 mum pq X V. 123 q:f'1- , My-:V . '4 'vues as ENDOIPOILJTLICSXH I .IT lffl' fl'1 is Make FDM 45, '51 N E? un wi M-A. MWM-ba-su sims W ,Aww ywsw uf HE HH JH H.msgfSeEm.H?gEsy.ui?g f H 3 m.Hn gg If Hgjg?:g HH mnmmgggwxw N amusing BWHH H VEB Q BH. :gg nm: M m U E nm M HF MM Em B Emil L M, E MM E X R EEA H ig: Hhs mamggww 3 QR mm My 9-Q Mwgxggli 2 I M we H Nw.m.mu2,m, 1 " W L-55 Km-m-gqigg-:Q-um . En M, W H T 85 ii H Ki -3 V3 -PES -1 -2- H " M a A saw amafqf, Q Y! Mama H EH Ymmkixkigggg in H ri EH ,U M, :WN Q Ln E -Q55 5 .E H E W M Si M X81 M M my M E K W Em HE M XR M My , gfmbw H VB 1 M fumggxgw E 1 Ma? KWH KH .mu fawaifegb 'Q . H H ,H gf-Aw N-112 EZ- axial -Ara"P,r si -Rf Lain - 3-num-msdwigqqs asm , - Y- 'W 'warm mwz- M msn-as N ss S 1 mm E M -X VW M H i..-.E,., . 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ELLIS Presideni "Tis all e Chequer-board ol Nighis and Days Where Desriny wilh Men for Pieces plays: Hilher and Jrhiiher moves, and males. and slays, And one by one back in lhe Closer lays. Once Upon A Time-A Thousand years ago A Game of Games began: In a maze of plays. for endless days. Eferniiy and more: We wepf and wrerched, and crawled and cried- "Who pushed Me Thru lhaf Door?" Gods and Devils-and Devil Gods Ran rampanl, raged, and filled our view: They moved, and checked, and slayed, On bafiered lcnees we asked Them Please, -"How should This Game be played?" These Rules of Fools-And Fools wiih Rules Bared our Banal Minds Wilh secrel' Moves and Gambirs, They claimed lhem Juxfaposed, wilh logic noi inferior, Relaled wiih, beyond a doubt our very own Poslerior. Senior Class In laier years we wore a Pose- Lilce 'rhe Greer Mahmud who Knows He Knows, New and lhen a Thoufghr appeared No longer shunned, no longer feared: Wilh caulious Words our 'Tongues were Chrislened- And sure enough-Someone lislened. There-You see? Thar Beam of Lighr? The Moves we made were somehow Righi. Srand 'fall-and Bold-There are Seas lo Sail, A World 'lo be lalcen-by 'ihe Tail: Seven League Slrides lo lake so soon, The Sun is Ours-Why nor The Moon? "AI1,make+he mosi' of whai' we yel' may spend, Before we loo info The Dus'r Descend: Dusl info Dusl, and under Dusl, lo lie, Sans Wine, sans Song, sans Singer and-sans End! 'From The Rubaiyal of Omar Khayyarn FRONT ROW, lefr fo righf: James Lee, Treasurer: Jack Ellis, President Herbert Bronson, Vice President BACK ROW, Iefl lo rlghf: Alex Slepovich, Class Representative: Joel Janis, Class Rep- resenfafiveg Fred Lee, Secretary. JOHN V. ANDERSON Carmel Valley Cid. First on the roll, first in friends, first in line for the girlie shows. Severe wrinkles alonq the fontanelles express John's struggle which often results in an MOD inlay on his index finger. Bachelor John has surveyed, played, and parlayed the feminine field and has a record string of passes completed. Owner of the schooI's most notorious tie-an old school tie, John? RONALD L. ASTLE "Ron," for rongiers? From that metropolitan cosmopolitan capitol of Yootaw-Salt Lake City. He arrived at P. 8: S. with a return ticket to Yootaw. Of the winning smile, tall, erect, and steady SETH C. BAKER H 'I fom Bicknell Utah. Extriculated from that "other-'I university ar , in Ustali. Easy cloes it: as likeable as a St. Bernard. Diligence and dedication are the twin wheels that carry Seth. Did a fine report on Rampant NUG in Hamsters. WILLIAM N. ANDREW "Andy." A true native of San Francisco. "Y. A. Tiltle of P. 8: S.," but don't let his pictures fool you, the hair in front is bleached. Youngest old man in the class. As our president, his "brinksmanship" carried us through the stormy sophomore year. Ex-navy, Ex-president, Ex-athlete, and Ex-ceptional stature among his peers. N 1 1 EDWARD L. BALLANGEE Home: Taft, Calif. The voice of confidence. "Ask Ed," and one could be assured in decisive tones that the sun would rise in the west-as usual. Aggressiveness with a conscience. His means of transportation escaped from an entomology lab, you could still see the pin hole through the roof. WILLIAM F. BARES A Los Angeleno. Shouldered our initial plunge at P. 8: S. as president and politician-per se? Captain of R. R-angers. "Gee, it camenoul' iust beautiful-I iust lucked out, I guess." lndee'd we envious ones are forced to admit that his "luck" was based on a razor-sharp approach. Star performer in the "Cold Foil Capers." WILBUR J. BLAKE Somewhere in the Carolinas? Of the vanishing hairline. Quiet, unas- suming, "tread softly and avoid the Big Stick." Friend for many in need. This rebel had to live in SOUTH S.F. where mint iuleps originated. A Tiger on the highways, author of "Brakeless Driving and the Snow-plow Stop." ALAN C. BLEIER Original pad in North Hollywood. Shar enough to put two students through P. 8: S.-eh Charlie? Of the brilliant mind and golden patient selection. Athlete, esthete, complete owner of our only set of chrome nares-a huge smile for everyone-especially if you're wearing the "long white." CHARLES H. BONA, JR. Hillsborough, nuf sed? "Charlie," "Chuck" "Son"-Charlie learned to fall in, fall out, and stand to on the third tloor where he completed one year of his military obligation. Basketball artist, softball stunt man. Happy ways-only frowns for effect. Could sell dentures to a chicken, and get them checked off. HERBERT l... BRONSON Another Los Angeleno. ln charge of Senior Class Vice. Mr. Red Garter. Min'd like a steel trap-activated by Chanel No. 5. Capabilities and f' ld u limited, in or out of season. rom the cloth of Einstein, tailored by H. Al en mr ALD R COOPER DON . ' Los Angeles-again? Firm ties with the Big Red from down on the farm. Conscience and immovable sincerity. Has intimate knowledge of all exits from the Dean's office. Father of the Molar Menders-you didn't know? Composer of music to set teeth by. CHARLES COZZENS From San Berdu, Calit.??? Young man with a world or two already behind him and heading for outer space. Ex-paratrooper, Ex-missionary, Ex-lover. Pulls a 60-pound bow and a 400-pound bull. We almost forgot one Ex, Ex-ambulance attendant. His most famous quote, "Which tu e, nurse?" le S Tl I S 'th. Party boy, lover of the tuner things rn life. 4 'W' WILLIAM N. CREER Home stable in Spanish Fork, Utah-an' smile pardner. "Wild Bill" excels in everything except gunctualily. When Bill receives his degree. it will be when they rea'd t rough the roster the second time. JOHN B. CROFT Lo?an, Utah. Keeper ofthe ledger on the errant ones. Softball slugger. Sot and slow-spoken-one of his better quotes: "Mrs, Blakeley, when I walk in here, l get the feeling of impending pandemoniumf' Straight- laced with a halt hitch-counselor for the confused. JACK O. ELLIS San Francisco's most illustrious senior citizen. ln his twflight years, his stooped shoulders have carried the burdens of both iunlor and senior class presidencies. The father image of all 'dental students. Jack is the outstanding roduct of modern hormone therapy. The sentiments of the class towardgthis genuinely great guy can best be expressed in me oft-qhloted statement: "Jack, when we grow up we want to be lust 1 e you. JOHN F. FITZSIMMONS Across the bay, out Oakland way. Steady, rational, rockribbed con- victions tempered with T.l. Nector. Schussing and Emmelmans his forte-snow rat. Hol'der of many school offices. John still thinks the confluence of sinuses is an intersection ot ski trails. Three fourths ot a J renowned senior surgical team of two. O. L. FOSTER, JR. Flew down from Redding for his tour at P. 8: S. "Ole" . . . summer- time Hap Harper in motorcycle boots. One ot our "grand old men" of dentistry. Severe worker and proponent of tears, sweat and blood. Let his hair grow to tull bloom during the four-year stint. The only man to leave school with more hair than he came with. DAVID J. FRANKLIN Tulare, California. "Lovable Dave" is one of the best-liked of our clan, Blushes as readily as he smiles. One of our really young men, he gives many of us a father complex. Remembered tor the patient who of the iunlor bridge. GREGORY GENOVESE From the Tucson Territory. Greg, the patient survivor of ethnic humor- isms, spent the senior year peering down from his Chrome Castle with tolerance and compassion forthe masses. His bachelor career bit the dust in Tucson last summer. WALTER E. HAASE San Diego speedster. Athletic skill egceeded only by his digital deg- terit . Meticulously ordered in habit and habitually meticulousnn deed. Moral victory in C.8rB., iunior division. Made many points with instructors with his slide proiection proficiency. "Sharpen it up, Walt. so charmed and disarmed Dr. W. that he passed through the rigors ROGER A. HAMBLY Native of Bagdad by the Bay, "All-American Boy." Blessed with a charm novelr exploited but ever presenf. Who knows what consternation ' uld lee wrought upon our female populace if Roger and confusion wo were unleashed? "Say hello to your dad for me, Roger. BRUCE D. HELTNE b ll fl h. A real iockstrap. Ladies From Berkeley-former Cal foot a as ' ' I ' d'ectives Bruce started man, with the rugged physique and bu glng a 1 . writing a book about Apollo-it will likely be published as an auto bloglraphy. Big smiles from the Great Dane and "How're you hittin 'em." JOEL N. JANIS Up from Los Angeles. Founder of the Alaskan Refuge. Took on a bride in midstream. One of our aquanuts-give him a sandbox and a bucket of salt water and he mounts his surfboarcl. Sharp of mind and fierce of question. Hobby-nailing instructors to their remarks with question marks. JOHN C. JONES ' ' tl ament. Academic stand- Provo, Utah. Of the flaming hair an temper out-behind-the-scenes political force. Season ticket holder on the pony express, lfillies onlyzl. With the frill , fashion plate, fun-type feminine fringe, he displals t e terrocity of the tiger. Editor and guiding inspi- ration of this pu Iication. Author of "Photogenic lnlays." Specializing in "Gynedontics." Hyrum lwhere do fhey gef fhose namesl Ufah. "Elmo," "Wolf," of which lhe lafler is mosf deflmhve Edlfor of many publicafions, public and subterranean The Sfudenf Body President who "allows" the fac fo s eak fo us on occasion Afhlehc wonder in all sporls. Acfor Home base Slocklon Of the udenhcal Lee lwins. Holder of public office Urlc acid experf Baskelball flash A producer. Aslounded one and all wxfh brxlllanl' marks In Margin Mallelingl' As senior class secrefary carries out our correspondence Pl wiih a brush. LEWIS C. KEADING Ouf of El Cerrilo, California. Lew, wifh the fasf hands and quick reflex. Has a beautiful list of palienfs-fhere iusf has fo be some charm stowed away fhere someplace. Lew is also writing a book . . . a myslery fhriller called "Repelifion." ROBERT T. LAMBING An "Oakie," Bay Slyle. The olher half of lhe Red Garter Twins. Lambo, parfy planner par excellence and arfender supreme. Trail blazer of lhe "Wine Loop." Mr. Bachelor of dedicated resxsfance. Melracal's answer fo Vic Tanny. Maiored in Principles of Scofch. A r 'UN l. JAM ES A. LEE Anolher "Oakie." The other twin. Financial manipulafor of the class ireasury Ui. Knows nothing abouf uric acid, but is up on pepfic ulcers, iheir care an'd feeding. Former chalk cusiodian for C.8iB.-if paid off. Fine operaior-second fo none in rebuilal, per se RONALD J. LUCETI San Francisco. With fhe Golden tions. Anofher handy defender of bachelorhood. Thinks a porcalain iackaf would be a handicap on f Girls-Anything, but Call Them." f ' Niblick. Pioneer in multiple impac- he links. Wrofe a book hfled. Call ful? ,Q LAWRENCE LUDWIGSEN Burlingame. Young "Luddy" is anoiher of fhose ski enfhusiasis. Pro- ses sfeadily in spile of his connecfions. Well liked by his con- gres iemporaries, is always willing fo help. KEITH L. MARTZ Of Lodi, California. Young man wiih a built-in hydramaiic drive. L d' confribufor 'io ihe scrap amalgam box. Siill manages to find ea Ing fime for family life foo-one for each year of school. WALTER D. RANDALL, JR. Fresno? Sfafure is mentally mounfainous and physically pedo. Sharp of wil'-can furn a barb wifh fha besi. Never sils in his denial chair any- more since fhe day Dr. Beechen fried lo pui' a "raincoai" on him. LOUIS F. SELL Anaheim-an'd Azusa-Kukamonga? Reared in a log cabin with a I Porche, Lou learned as a small boy lhaf Monopoly could be played 1' wifh real money. Lou works in fhe infirmary between board meelings. Excelled in "Principles of Real Medicine." Always of good humor , wilh a temper in reserve. RICHARD C. MORRISON Up from Long Beach, California. Cornfields in Long Beach? Man of convrcrxons. Also of the Red Garfer Group. Everyrhing comes easy io Dick-which accounts for his ability fo quench his lilerary fhirsf reg- ularly. Chug-a-Lug champ. YOSHIO NAKASHIMA Parlier, California. Yosh is famed for his colleclion of fiancees. By fhe lime lhis is Published he will likely be an Ex-collecfor. Has been working diligeniy for rhe Crossbife Award. U-he, G- ROBERT D. SHOLES From Lynwood California. "Bobby" The baskelball whiz. "Slippery Sholes" has a iew original thoughts on everything. Vored three limes for Jackie. Quick wilh a smile and a winning way. Reads and rerea'ds "The Pc-lilical Theories of Bard Parker." RCBERT M. sr-iurr Van Nuys, California. Big Bob-faslesf gun on the Campus. Known as ml the Poker KIIH in some circles. Hangs loose and ready. Bob is doing research on alocclusfics. z JOSEPH T. SILVEIRA. JR. Escaped from Arcadia, California. Ted is a doer, organizer, and pafron of parries. Has a long fuse buf can explode. A fisherman wifh finesse. Keeper of a real money-maker, our coffee machine-or is if cocofee? Leader of The Reno Rousfaboufs. LARRY S. SIMPSON Venlura, California. "Boomer"-resfrained fissionable malerial. Firsl lealder of ihe Crusades-any crusade will do. Of 'rhe shorl' hair and 3UIC5' slep-go, go, go. And he'll get there, while bucks nolwilh- s an ing. iL -ll ROBERT W. SPENCER Cuperfino, California. A Genile-man's genileman. Holds school record for commufing 'disiance. Bob is strong on conscience and character. Thinks a gold foil carrier is someone who should be quaraniined. si, a JOHN G. STENOVICH . From fhai' greai "porl" of Madera, California. Married a poliiical bombshell. John does good work-beiween demonsiraiions. Only man Ln lhe class wilh a "cure" for denfures. Hale and hardy-anolher party oy. ALEX D. STEPOVICH . Sarafoga, California. "Sfep," "Al," "Slepo," polishes all his apples with fin oxide. Goo'd hands-bu? used primarily for shaking. He's on fhe inside irack. Born wifh a silver separaior in his mouih. A J ,.1 .1 EARL L. STEVENS , Price, Uiah .... like in "every man has his .TT Sound as a dollar used fo be. Talent everywhere, phofography, eleclronics, communica- fions, aufo repair, and flummery. Has difficull' fime keeping deniure paiienls. "Roy" already has a degree in Pharmacology. GEORGE H. STOTT Kanosh lyes, it's a real placei, Utah. Gained fame in the "Beatnick ' Fence Caper." The terror of Holly Court. Poised, knows where he's going-lout won"l' tell. Able assistant e'ditor and work horse for this publication. ROBERT E. TROM BETTA Fresno-again. "Little Caesar" maintains he had nothing to do with the literary fame of Fresno, A track flash in his salad days. Bats right- handr.adJ throws right, and runs left-footed. Reputation of bullyingl?i or bulllng Instructors. Pinball failure, but good at post-mortems. JERALD D. VOGEL Richmond, California. Jerry is the "Crossword King." Most famous for his vanishing Tgpoclont an'd the "Carbide Caper." Halrline has drifted a wee bit. ool, a loose hanger. JOHN C. WARREN lor is it Worn?J Pasadena, California-won the Tournament of .Roses and came north to challenge all comers, "Dr. Ward's spefzial prolect." Calm-me worry? John is going to reorganize the military system soon. .. ,,u.g...L.1. -,. ROBERT L. WHITE. JR. San Bernardino, California. Like his "bro1her," Jim, a'glib one. Ofien seen wiih rubber dam, 2l2 clamp, compound, aspirator, and fool in his moulh. Thus encumbered he can sllll recite maxlms one lhrough Ten. Big Spender-has small share in several of lLeno's culfure CGVES. FREDERICK J. WESSA San Mafeo, California. Mefrecal's only failure. Sportsman of lhe non- violenl' iype . . . "A liffle cabin in the vines-wifh an opiion on Mouni Shasfaf' Lea'der of fl-ie Claremonl' Cique. Arlisfic hands ihaf can iouch his knees on a good day. JAMES A. WHITE From way ou? ihere in Hyaifsville, Maryland. Jim is our "Man abou? +own." He holds prime opiion on a silver fonque, debonair, suave. Has permaneni possession of fhe 'lhird-floor frophy. THOMAS A. WHITTEMORE Sacramento, California. Quiet, s1ea'dy Tom has a built-in stabilizer. Bit the marital dust en route to D.D.S. Famous for his shockingly suc- ' ' l-k wn Osteology instructor. cessful irnpersonatlon of a wel no HERBERT L. WINN San Francisco, California. One of our sharp-witted, oratorical, gre- garious boomers. Has punctured many a balloon about campus. Works ecl'cated severity. No hanky panky for Herbie, buf oops-who with cl i gave him that drink? -. 1 4 x. WILLIAM WONG San Francisco, California. Wee William is our pharmaceutical phe- K w his drugs from Anacin to Zilch. The only T.K.O. who nomenon. no s slept through 801, of the lectures. Has osmotic gray matter. - 1 sss ss ss ss N 1 -HI '-'g.I,, IIrsnI s s Imssfwws s s QI s ,ws 5 s ,I I in B -s Ig s M- ss W s I - ss mIs f' W I' V3 -V I -- , -x HB I s , -' E ss II-s l s E M - 5 s H WE HE K s ss wh Riffs- ssm - s s., ss ms s E. E . ssm ss :sM E s ss B s s s H ss -Bssss s E -sgfgss Ms-qs I s sI - I -ms-gss s-mg-ssgs s . ' EH X- 'lbs 15-Y, ssf-s s-5 gss -- DH KE H H H H ,. .J s ss . fx?" rf ssm s H 1- Wnsf - B ss E s H. 'ss-3 -Q- E H ' M 1:"'.Ii ssfgss sys. I s ms-, as ---.M mssm'-fm? H s ws? 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FirsT mandibular block liniecT slowly. waiT a Tew minuTesq iT your Thumb geTs numb, Try againl. l:irsT aTTernoon in X-ray lab lThe closesT we'll ever come To a "sTerile" Techniquel. And, OT course, The TirsT gold Toil special. l"6eT The idea, son, we're iusT here To help you."j The year was lighTenecl a liTTle along The way b Baker's "RE-Tensions," Wong's "in- rays," BerTrand's Hsquishing denTure." and Beechen's screwdriver sedaTive Tor boTh paTienT and parenT. And we shouldn'T Torge-T The junior class version oT "A ChrisTmas Carol" sTarring Scrooge BaxTer and Tiny Tim Greenway. lT's been an inTeresTing year. Ward's TlirTaTion wiTh progressive educaTion had us OTT balance Tor a while. We goT liTTle red-pencil noTes on paTienT's Tolders. We had "special" paTienTs call aT 12:30 To cancel. BUT iT wasn'T so bad and nexT year is bound To be beTTer. l'cl like To say more buT iT's Time Tor dinner. lWonder iT a gasTric resecTion wouldn'T be be-TTer Than Tranquilizers and millc Three Times a day?j T. E. Tl-TOM FRONT ROW, Iefr To riqhf: Gary Daniels, Sec- retary: Ted Thom, Presidenh Jim Back, Vice President. BACK ROW: Dale Westerhouf, Rep- resentative: Al Drapkin, Treasurer. ABSENT: Roy Cleqhorn, Represenfarive. aan is mmm aaa mf is 'E rw m .vw '1 aa' aa' sw' 'E a a. E. K, .E ef, Va nuff am H. a nz a . a xanax mamma A ram: Q Eg mama mana aaa was . aaa li ala as CHAS. R. BERTRAND JIM P. BACK San Francisco, California Gardena, California Universily of San Francisco Universily of California al' Davis B.S. Animal Physiology CA'-VIN BAKER , , CARLETON E. BIGELOW, JR. San Rafael, California Redding. California :vena Walla College University of California LESTER S. CARLSON Tafl-, California Fresno Stale College Slanford Universify A.B. Biology iq ' a a L35 m s Q EEE BARRY L. BLUMENTHAL Los Angeles, California JOHN C. BALL Universify of Soufhern California as Los Angeles, California U.C.L.A. I HAROLD H. BAXTER Fresno, California Fresno Sfafe College OTIS D. BROWN Psi Omega San Jose, California " 5 ss 50 BRUCE H. CARTER Atherton. California University of California al Davis San Jose Slafe College a X 2 5 2 GERALD W CHEANG GARY K. DANIELS Sfocklon Calsfornla San Francisco, California College of Pacific San Francisco Slafe College iafagmi 222222- RONALD K. DAVEY 232555 PAUL S CHENEY San Francisco, California ' Pocalello, Idaho Universify of California RICHARD Y. FONG , 2 Berkeley, California ' M 2 2 Q 22- Xngverszfy of California 2 2 2 ff 2' wx' 'a"" - H 2-Q E22 1223133 ,Yam BH 2222 2532522 B H , ALLEN L, DRAPKIN Los Angeles, California . Universify of Soulhern . California a ,mage gm a a .' wma HBH me 22:2 gee mae mania 2 sawn 2' 2 E: A ' 2 , ll , HE E' N- 255-'-4221 V1 3- 1n.'L- l ,+ '- ,' K- l W .' A l ' gig A '22 i W ' Xen: l V V . ' H eoRDoN D..FlFF 1 5 J .1 Fresno, California ' ,, 2 , J zggjn ,Q,5:Qjgj5gQ"::jQj ' Bl Fresno State College , ,fy E if Zi 2 it! W' . .a iii? P A ' We 1 - ?QJ,r - jg '., LQ: ' -- 2 Wi,fe ,wge.' H y,g- Q , MQW, ' 2 E Sas I' ,e iv .lf MAX R. FORBERT Menlo Park, California Menlo College San Jose Sfale 5l' e THOMAS S. FORD Los Alfos, California LYLE B. GREENWAY San Jose Sfaie College Long Beach. California A.B. Universify of Soufhern N 2,W,,' .arf California JOHN B. FRANZ JACK GREY Berkeley, California Red Bluff, California Universily of California Universily of California Brigham Young Universify al' Berkeley BYRON E. HILDEBRAND Oakland, California grliversiiy of California ARTHUR L. GAGNIER Phoenix, Arizona Universiiy of Arizona . is KEITH C. GERARD Long Beach, California Long Beach Siafe College is RALPH M. HOLT u Loma Beach, California I Brig am Younq University ELVIN R. GRISWOLD Paso Robles, Californfa gfanford Universify .A. JACK E. GROAT Palo Alio, California Sfanford Universily DONALD C. JASTAD JACK S. LEIDER K Morton, Washington Atherton, California University of Washington Stanford University ESLER H. JOHNSON LARRY NEIL LOVERIDGE Pasadena, California Provo. Ufih , . University of Southern Brigham Young University California 5-5- ARTHUR J. KENDALL Palo Alto, California Stanford University B.A. RALPH P. KREY Berkeley, California University of California EUGENE E. OVERTON Del Mar, California San Diego State College RICHARD P. MINOR, JR. Berkeley, California University of California f , a a RICHARD V, PACE Fresno, California Fresno State College RICHARD A. OLIVA Los Angeles, California U.C.L.A. si, aa ilhmsm E ms m a l ,N 53 a -fa - a me QM iframe Egaaaea ss L new a af a ea F H .wg a ,ga a-a sewage H8 W' wie E E me aaai Bio EW as al-a me a a ' a 2? l Wa margins eagg.-, H5988 aa a a ARLAND PAFFORD Los Banos, California Universify of California al' Berkeley B.A. Psychology EUGENE L. SHINKWIN, JR. Sfockfon, California Soallege of Pacific PHILLIP E. SOLOMON RICHARD D. RHODES Long Beach, California Berkele California U.C.L.A. Y. Sfanford University A.B. GORDON G. RODGERS Berkeley, California Universify of California JACK M. SAROYAN San Francisco, California Xngversify of California ALAN J. SNWIMMER San Francisco, California U.C.L.A. Auburn B.A. .aw . lea' H -f a-aaaaa fn .anim ' as . . B ra THEODORE E. THOM Seaffle, Washingfon gnhiversify of Washingfon B.S. ARNIE F. STENROOS Fresno, California 5:-sasno Sfafe College JAMES L. SULLIVAN Tulare, California Fresno Sfafe College A.B. Biological Sciences ll 1. ljif. ' r .I.,- r-1 ,A F4 lx ifir I , 'L In all X. . -L , ,H , L ly F I ' I lu 1 LEWIS J. TURCHI RICHARD A. WHITE Los Angeles, California Taft, California University of Southern Talt College California A.A. PETER J. WADNIZAK ROBERT C. WILLIAMSON Maywood, California Los Angeles, California University of Southern U.C.L.A. Callfornia A.B. JAMES J. WONG GENE B. WELLING Tucson, Arizona Salt Lake City, Utah University of Arizona University of Utah DALE L. WESTERHOUT Fresno, California Fresno State College if ss e JAY W. WRIGHT Murray, Utah grgiversity of Utah 8.5. MARVIN WORCHELL Los Angeles, California U.C.L.A. B.A. taxa , -K emma e mama 'e mia ga 'ee e wwmsm na: m .SL E . easssseea 'e e-e . we alfa is Eemian e ew-:magna er is is ss.' I gr fe e- se e J.,asesz.w,W.M1few.LSillS1: swlw is 55 Q 'Q E Q Q E Q Q QQ 5:2 QQ E Q H Q QQQ Q QQQ QQ Q QQQ Q Q QQ Q QQ BBQ Q Q EES QQ QQ Q Q Q Q QQ E Q EQ m-Q QQ ,QQ Q Q QQ Q Q mx-x QV Qsmm QQTQ QQQ E Q Q E Q Q W2 Q QE Q Q QQ Q QQ Q Q HQ Q ES E Q WQQ QQ 'Ni Q Q QQQ EQQQ QQQ Q QQ HQ QQ HQQQ QQ my Q Q. QQ S SBQQ Qm Q -Q QQ QQ mia Q Q. Q - Q QQ HZ Q QQQ ,.Q QQ QQQ Q QQm ' E Q ENQQQ Q QQQ Q. H Q :Q E . Q HE Q Q - Q QQQSW ' Q QQQ QQ 5 Q. 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X -'X . uni" , N-.h 7, , 3 W f . f It - 1 x 1 nt T f' , ON ' - t P ji T I x 2 X f Z . 5 f NV 5 if E f' X S U I , ' X "' - ' i gy X4 N, , 5 l' Y' 1 'X X, f j ' NE KX W 50 1 Y 51 4 f 2 x X ' f y ,, f X X , H X I X K i L ff X N , f 3, , A , 5 XX 1 fi , E u ff i iii- g 34' 4 , ' is V 'Y -E kwin' i -g NMR- 2 - S 'T ,, A A Q X R N A1 E S 58 Sophomore Class LINDY KELL Presidenl Seplember, l'-760-A courageous lillle band ol men, our ranks sadly depleled, picked up our lear-slained lexlbooks and game- ly laced lhe sophomore year. We lound ourselves welcomed back by such hearl-warming expressions as "Bring your chisel and sfone, Son," "You're using lhe reverse pen grasp," or "'You've gol your lower cenlral and laleral incisors mixed." And lhen lhere were 'lhe familiar quolalions such as "Reading rnakelh lhe full man" and "Filly per cenl ol lhe exam will come from lhe book." Our lives were made easier and our oullook brighlened by ever-presenl musical accompanimenl-lhe boalswain's whislle and. ol course, who will ever lorgel Maller finals phone calls." By lhe lasl ring all sound had slopped, all movemenl hailed, and all brenlhing ceased. Mosl ol us have since had our home phones disconnecled. ll's a sound we shall never again adiusl lo. By lhe 'lima lhe second quarler was in lull swing, we lound ourselves so beaulilully organized lhal we searched for recre- alional aclivilies lo lill our lree lime. We came up wilh such ideas as early morning clock walching on Tuesdays and Thurs- days: asking queslions in Microbiology: remaking our copper ldges: and arlislically decoraling our smocks wilh melhylene ue. Overlying 'fha enfire lhird quarler was lhe lerrilying prospecl of enlering lhe clinic and lhe even more lrighlening idea ol nof enlering lhe clinic. Wilh our physical and menlal heallh in ralher doubllul bal- ance, and all ol us confirmed cowards, we lound lhe need lor a unilying, encouraging creed and lhis we lranlically recile under our brealhs during exams, while wailing lor check olfs, and each lime lhe phone rings. We call il: Requiem for a Denlal Sludenl Tesl lubes filled wilh bubbling gas, Acrylic, gold, and plasler. You've worked as lasl as possible, And slill you musl work lasler. You cul lhe prep and wax il up, lnvesl wilhoul a llaw, You burn il' oul, casl lhe crown, Then find il won'l wilhdraw, And lhough our poem's sadly lillod Wilh disillusioned lear, We're ready now lo 'forge ahead To a lhird successlul year. LINDY KELL FRONT ROW, Iefl lo righf: Frank Wellingfon, Vice President: Lindy Kell, Presidenlg Michael Kowifz, Secreiary. BACK ROW: Jim Meyers, Represunlaliveg Paul Orlner, Represenlafive. G.-R r.: :js .arapfx M501 a a mg a-wg mia:-Er aaa a " "M"-1' "' 'BTQTB :f i - 2 Q N if 1 ...I .xf' -' a 2 .HH a 1 .-. .. -. H R .. '::. 2 . ..f' 72 ' ,.,. A . .. 5 Q 3 V. i . ,. N. .... I:- I ' F EVE -- ss 4.- ga E H, M.,, ' - . r.. ... a a . - ,- ' as :g....faI....' L. E W 3, as aa aaa nl H H Rfk nl 22 222222222 wi aaaaamwaa . ' 15 : a a a as . 2 52 1 I , l ' fa ll. ' r' R J -a -1 m I I ini- 1 a a I 2 Bs I- a ax a 2 1 utr E Q H E M 2 X2 2 aan H .qv 3 'I' amz 2 ,.. . ,., - ...Q-V--, .Q-. -:FE-,N -If ww S H . a ziz, 'z5agpj:5. -1231! 2 5 WEEE . .... .. .,., ig .. R L E E a p a a a a a p sw I a a 'L 2 f a 1 it x r 2 ,Fi H 3 r a a B E H 2 2 a E r 2 l A ala H H l R l , a R , u 2 am is w L J 7 l ' 2 v 'Iv 2 , N -f-M, . as a 'W rr. -... . Fw., C . Q.-.- . ,K-. a an ,,. Hn..- av' is an ,rr a aaa 60 WB, mga - -mm- am DENNIS K. ALLEN Logan, Ulah Ufah Srafe University B.S. Educalion ROBERT M. BERCUTT Los Angeles, California U.C.L.A. B.A. Psychology v71 If EUGENE J. BICANDI Emmeff, Idaho . 1 Univorsiiy of Nevada . l, - .. 'ii ,. I n l , , L ,J-U ,. L. . EZ .- .., ,... .. .- :-fc ' it ' :-' ,,,,. Q, 'Lngu-ri i V .- - -agvlfn K Nl A l ,vu my f 'M ,,f,5.,f . ..-911511 - I I 1 R in V 1 ' -. life - Q 1 r v i 1 . L ' l. an 4 wr l l rl' , 1 fr r ,. Md l l l 'Iii l A V ' ' 1 l f lm R ,-,IIT L ,ll L 1 0' -1' Q 'Ii ,-5j'.r'f - lj ' ,alba-5' l ig 1- l E T. 'l 2 MQ! - . BRUCE K- ANDERSON BRUCE E. .BRUNO Q ,l CBmDb2l'- C-3l'f0fn'a San Anselmo, California 1' -,R -Pi, . '.riEQf 56N JOSE Sfiie College Sanfa Clara Universliy V ,I , f ' 'pri 7 , B.S. Biology ix :x g i v V 'N V Qwiji fi' MARWN D- BACK'-AND RICHARD o. cAseLLl 7' ' "- " ' . ' f Eureka. Cal f0I'Hl-9 San Francisco California 1.1 A ' 1 ' Hllmbaldf Sfdfe C-7011296 Universiiy of San Francisco San Francisco Stale College ., 2 ai A- Univers ry of California ' -' 1.5. al' Berkeley -g- " ' ,cfi " ' "2'.":' BRUCE BENNINGER Oroville, California Sianford B.A. Economics " ,C R. . C :,3 JOHN N. CHRISTOPHER l . ' Fullerlon, California ', r 1 Fullerion Junior College .- 1 -'Z Universify of California 5 A ai Berkeley Vi:-fsf ' 11 " ' A.A. ' ---4-:iff - iz' 5--. 11" I I ,r l .- A xi ll Ji n , I h il A ,. 1 .. 1, .db 'i N Yrfu ..- N-fwvq EDWARD L. CRUCHLEY WILLIAM L. GALLAGHER Long Beach, California San Francisco, California Long Beach Siate College Universify of San Francisco Universify of California B,S. Zoology al Berkeley B.S. Zoology JAMES H. CUNNING Glendale, California Glendale Cify College University of Southern California ROBERT L. GARABEDIAN Fresno, California Fresno Sfafe College rfmafwff--f -- """' igeifwea-3 H 5 een.- fgfgia a a naMiMa as ga mana , a iam -. we aaa mmaaa E. fggwamxm ag-igaaa Sa LQMQ aaa QYQEE gli EH MSS mama amen me a ma m aaa-a , ..,-ff . .nh 5 . a a a a 7 --'- . . 'B SS ' H . -. . I X ' ' . Li , A r.: a a if if :, r.:..:.: , M a nf., a . 1 Ria-aa Lgaaalmgeam 5 a a .ir ll re m E B s ers ':-:H 2:2-f?3,:E:E H a fi KNEW? an Tas ,E m mama :ir V- M as V gi: C. , .Miz QM- aass E " E E Q2 Z 37' E 222' Liggsmfigg , iam ' - lr H H FN ii: 'r N gif: Homsn H. EASTMAN, Jn. wiu,iAM s. seen , ' LM ' San Jose, California Oakland, California wr . V 'B Q San JOSE Sfaie College Universify of California l . J' .r if-r Q' al Berkeley , ' , ,... University of Oregon W 1 jggjj e ii " ..,.,.,.,. ' flfiv , me ' reiiix . V-l.-31...-'fIf,fI2Iijii"A' -- ,, :U Hi 1 1, ' .vp ., V V iii y - -rr ifa."14 ?'t'l V F ,. li .VL1j'.'i --ll g' - t .1-'j .Vg ,' k 4 . fm :ai J-ff W 'i EDWARD H- ENEFER . . A -' ' if D?2.ArHZ'Z 351'5.'flllIlS ' V' -14' Fresno. California V ' +11 'f-72? ' 'E san niega'sme college , ' L' Fresno Sfale College llfy' 5 ji., Q,-""7',-i'1 '- ' . . 9 Y-L ' i r g: J Universify of California V5 " .Q A " , ,ff . 2-lr Q, 1. B at Berkeley I 'ff-L YQ .V -. 'far Q ' ,rf if li' i,'.7' f-1 l P.. AA., i I 3 -H ...mi E5i:f'QfrR H l . 'i. 'velqnarifxx .asia is H .,H,g ' " , fl fl 222 Q25 X .fnjflf 7. e , .,.. - w JOEL A. HEIN Los Angeles, California U.C.L.A. B.A. Zoology 6l aa E aaa -L-Va-H. ga 5 lil in 9 ,BW li Z A 5,89 Hams I r rm ll is iii ligwamfsf il Ewan -ia a B aaaa aa lm aa e is T , a ra . 91 P59 55 Y .. ' y I I H .. , A . l ' 1 . 'A I .....Q.i.a.!! fi I-I 41 if E .L . 5:5.:5: is in Mfr" a . 2:15525 we . , : - R a ala is glaggg 5:5 a a - ' Q.:-: iw KH H , -:5f. ,,., .age W ,. , ' l. Mfr a H f -:iz " ZZ Ewan H. 2 2555 Il mm - 5 """" .4-a V L "'ff . . ' 5. .1 me W - rg E H: H 5 ' ' ' 5 H iiga f- ffl:- fas ,.,. ia-Hag. rr 3 Sv l , - H B a a K a a gg, ,a 2:3222 E H - H 5:1 2 E Hn Iss. i.: 5 :.. -1.31 V fi ei- Ewa mi 62 E, K. I u i I " if li JERE L. HOLBROOK Sanfa Rosa, California San Jose Sfafe College E . 5: .I J- a Ly E WH , l W a A as . .. a i Ea E B 4. Q a . - wg .L E E 7 E S 1 ' H fn. . m 4. 5 U 1 , ,g , y' HBA a f ca JERALD D. JENSEN Whiffier, California Universify of Ufah B.S. Fisheries Biology H. LINDY KELL Los Angeles, California U.C.L.A. B.A. Zoology DONALD M. KIRSHBAUM Los Angeles, California Universify of California af Berkeley A.B. Zoology MICHAEL D. KOWITZ Beverly Hills, California U.C.L.A. B.A. Zoology MAEDLE C. KREINBRING Sanfa Cruz, California San Jose Sfafa College Universify of California af Berkeley EINO l. KUKI Buckley, Washingfon Glendale Cify College Universify of Soufhern California THEODORE N. LEAF Los Angeles, California Universxly of California af Los Angeles B.A. Psychology DONALD W. LIPPINCOTT Bell, California Universify of California af Los Angeles B.A. Zoology ' - ,- XV 'Iv a a-1 . . . xv . Y K' .uf 1' i LZT' 'lu li 1 .fAg,.- .ia N .. -nw , r 45 N.: ull lx A s i ll. -. : f ' ,, JL 1. I V ' f -af . 5 .mr i J 1 l'f,i'l in e is e m e e 1, -. '4.'.',",. . . l , El ,, 1' H "lf" : -. 'L " li. 11 , 1-'L' 1, ,A , V . l I 1 A ' . 1 gn I . 8' P I V l' ' ' zvy i i ,w w ' ' . if li' Z al l"""""' V L L 1. l ' ll, ia. 'H' J, flsi-:w " fj. xs. .4l'5 ,Z li. 'V W E we Elia H H Fl E I iliac E A g 2 g , , ig, , f, 1 H V F 1 e V , Ziiffijl JACK A. Lucem WILLIAM w. Mooms if San Francisco, California Valleio, California San Jose Sfafe College Menlo College ' f'ifQff,QE2 Sfa nford Universily , H E Q22 1 San Francisco Slafe College "" ' A.B. Biological Sciences EI-'f' l i l JERE M. MOSS Chico, California Chico Sfafe College Universify of California al' Berkeley A.B. Biochemisfry i KEITH J. MARSHALL Salf Lake Cily, Utah University of Ulah was mia we aaa i E ,. mwwaa l :n i A 'l naman 1 a a iam aa WMa,a v WE mr- Q a a a V ' i R'?H'jRD A6 li'lAT59N JOSEPH L. MULDOWNEY SEEN San Jose-S 5 'fgma Long Beach, California E22 an Use life allege San Jose Sfafe College A.B. Physical Educahon H geafwa iwm gaaa EXE we a News Qggiwqlgx swsgsmxm fl? Ml- ' -, E K mls B gqgegfas M352 Exams Q aa :Q ' a a a a a a a a 3,5-ETH Q, w H H JAMES B- MEYER5 H --1 Roasm' P. Mcamoe Pasadena, California Pasadena City College Universily of California ai Los Angeles Reseda California gig ' Valley .lunior College N , H 1 San Fernando Valley Sfafe I College ' I A.A. 8.5. W E i M E , QQ l E BBW Q M, me l B' , ai-i W i ,M l 5 ana- , aa aaa aa' ax ss ,screw W ' A aaa-i V 5 . -nga a Q : ss--mawaf 1 MICHAEL J. O'CONNELL Los Angeles, California University of California al' Los Angeles B.A. Zoology 63 -2 . 4 ..,T,.2.,.7.,,,.,. .,2.. . A 2 I' . 2 . ,f-.le X 222 - WHERE NEI' ' 222 22222 22222 2222 2 25222 2222 5222222 . 22 55,2222 2 2 222 22 222 2 2 2 WILLIAM S. OKA :Z 222 Salinas, Callfornla RB 222 . . . 222 S2222 Unwersxfy of California 2 22 B 222iZiEi SI BGFICFIBY 22m 22222 8.5. PUIJIIC Healih 22 2 2 2 222 . 22 22222 5 , 222222222 ' wsiin 222 22222 BEER 'A H EBESSBHE 2222 22222 2 is 2222 .. 222. ...,.,.... ...... . . ..... Qfigif .. ,W , ,, 22: H .2 .2. ,.:. .. . 2 2 .2 2 5 -:- 222 2 2: rf 2 . - E N B5 E 2.35 2. . 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A. :I E nm B E 22.2 2. . 2 22 2 22 .2 2. - 2 22. 2.22122- 2 I 2 -I nl K4 2, bfi' , . . 2 2 22, 2 2 WFP' 2 2 'I " ,.2 " 1 22 i ' w 22 2 as 2 222 '- 2 :222 2222 2 2 2 2 222 2222 2 22 222 ni SV SSKXSS 28 ----- -2 . . 222222 3 2 2 2 222 ,- M B A 2 2 2 2 22.22 ' 2222 265225 'Sizing ' 'Emi - " 2 2 l. 22M 222 . Q, -2222 A 5 - 2 2222222 ,Q 2, 2 H 2 2 2 2' 2 .2 2 WE 2 2 2 22--22 2 22 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 22 2222- E ,,,I, A, 2222222 IR 2 g22 I H E .,.,. 3 . . 2 2 2 22 2.2- -Y 2 2 22 2 2 . " """ I Ii"' , A .,.,..... I 22. 2 . zu.. A4 .I ,..,.. .i ia , - " . . ' ,222 ' I2 1 -2 .- 22 W X zlz . . '2 2 2 . 2 2.2 2. X .2 ,. E? 2 2 E 2 ":ffffff...4I2...I'1. ' 2 2-2,2 .' I "" i"i"2 -. ' 2 22-2 2 ---- 2 -22-2-:Ak , .2 222.222 2 . .. , 5 H W 22 E B H 2.2.3. 3.1: .. 2 2 3.3 2: 22 2 2 2 -:' -22. 2 es: ----2-2.-2:2 2 W 2 ...... .,.... ....... ..... . .... , ..... . . , ,., .,. , :T Ii 3112? - 2 F I 2:2 32: 23225312222-223' ' 64 -22.1 ' E Pi .. .2 , 2 'si-22" 1 2. , . . 22222. 2222.. '2 ROBERT L. ORCHARD Soufh San Francisco, California Sfanford Universify PAUL P. ORTNER, III San Francisco. California Universify of California af Berke'ey B.A. Zoology NEIL A. RAMBO Porferville, California Fresno Sfafe College A.B. Zoology CALVIN H. RUTHENBECK Van Nuys, California University of California af Los Angeles B.A. Zoology LESIE R. STEWART Los Angeles, California University of California af Los Angeles B.A. Anihropology WALTER F. STONUM San Francisco, California University of San Francisco B.S. Zoology WILLIAM C. PACE ELDREDGE W. STRATFORD Provo, Ufah Porfland Oregon grigham Young University Oregon Efafe College . J-' .22.f2 . 2 l flflfl 2 ' 2 .T .. 2- I 2 I' iv' 'Q I2 I 2 I l ' A. L 'xv ' .cg .11 W 2 I 2 'If' 2 1 x B .2 IE-nfl IH I1 '222-I "l - .I I 4, T-ew 2 'Y' I I . .. -22.22. 2 -'-22' 'KA 1 .,... 2 .-, -. 3 YN. .j " 'H iq fi :.: :.: .2. 4' ' I-2 2.2 ' I., ,.,2. .a.., ,il 2 . 25 . 229 2 2m' EE 2 22 222 "5 2 I 2222 2 2 2 .4 J r' ' '.i,5f'?'Qk'j-T P .r a V, , , L- I .ni H 3! -, . ,L : . ln '- ,i. :Wx 1, .N I X In'a ' I I 8 . . + is if n ' ' in if 'I "I E --- ' RICHARD M. STUTZMAN Riverside, California Riverside City College University of California at Riverside RONALD L. TANNO CHARLES M. WILLIAMS Cenlralia, Missouri University of Tennessee University of Missouri B.S. Geology EUGENE M. YOUNG Gilroy, California Santa Clara, California University of Santa Clara San Jose State College B.S. Biology FRANK A. WELLINGTON, JR. WIU-IAM F- ZINGHEIM Downey, California San Jose, California Long Beach State College UniVe1'SH'Y of Simi Clara B.S. .Biology LARRY F. WHEELER FRANK T- ZINZER 1 I Tugggn, Arizona Norfh Hollywood, California iversit of California University of Arizona Un y at Los Angeles :we T7 71' 52 W M HFQTCF 5.5 - Q. 'HH -- .. -Wsmikiw - in .......E5 ' 1Eg: EQ? . ' ' ' - " f' ew is lm sly,-1 . mf - is rm Q r . . Q , Ui 1,525 , wi F gig? H .5 n H iw: :f I. , I HES - 5 5552: I iii - Q. Ei r., " a B is H is 11- . sis F: in as -I - ' , " ' Rl " ""QfI" f.f ' if My ': H H '-I:-I . - .. -ar::i5.sIs:. W' 5 if 9 if ' f.: ' W 2 " rf E. 2 . M . g . I.. as .5.-.:.q5,...51.,Lg555553' mrs '-- i:Z- Q' 1,:,.:::::::.:fl.i' ' r Z sw iii mxsssll Q E 5.35 Q :xg Bgags sf as is E Q I Q ma 5 an B' 4 ' Emu, ,V ,. ...f:.. 3 -: mv mg .V xi... W KKK... --....i... ia ml ls,-mm E "" I-21-551 :saggy W wma B ka! Es aaa is 1 'QA W H5254 as m 2 na X, Emma :E QS X 5 mggnus Q 4 I msgs .. H if sw mmm naar! mm sl sm swf S la .1 B is H H H gg I B I as mm 4-.. ma E E 5 H r ' E E I. H H H W H K 1-lg, ' QSQQ... . su- :Q 3 -'ik 13: .......... I ' . P REE: - .H H ir H H . as S 2:25. . H -211-a -:: s:a 555-1-:z 5a5.a5a:s5a5 Q 5 :-: :: .,. H 5:5 :al 4. 39 sp Eff?-:E:':-.': :if?S:5s5E:a.5: .. ... 3 I. :.:. 'i ii H E ii F: as Ig: f is anim ni-aging lvl is ss . . wg 7-ima is-a an an is sms an sm 'QE :ma is :ms as izgim gmfmm gm. H . H gill 'BBS .E H - H s I I 65 XXNNXXXXXXXX M N Xgyxxxxxx- XZ' Freshman Class BRUCE DONALD P. Ee S., San Francisco, California. On September 6, TiTTy-nine hopeiul, confused denrar sTudenTs meT wiTh Dean "Toe-Key-Knee" To hear whaT was To be expecTed of us. We were now To be professional men who should Try To acquire a professional aTTiTude and reporr To school The nexT day in coaT and Tie. ATTer purchasing SIOOO ol essenTials, we sei abouT organizing our, as yeT unliamiliar, equipmenlr inTo Three drawers where iTems could be localed wiThouT much more Than a halT hour's search. We were ready To sTarT our denTal educaTion. Amid cries of "WhaT'er we doin' here?" we soon learned how To eaT JelTraTe, Track zwiTTer ions, and Traclure black compound. ThaT old proverb "Once you're in denTal school, you've goT iT made," was proved wrong aTTer The TirsT several weeks. From bio- chemisTry we soon learned ThaT The "TasTe TesT" was The mosT eTlecTive in The "carbo- hydwaTe" unknowns. We also learned Thai The besT source oT viTamins would be Ameri- can sewage. DenTal AnaTomy's plasTer Tire hydranTs and shovels soon gave way To Their wax counTerparTs in The second quarTer. The uneasiness and confusion were replaced by long hours. Frogs came inTo The picTure bringing, perhaps, uneasiness To Those who believed in The prevenTion of cruelTy To animals. BuT, The Trogs were so big, iT was someTimes a quesTion as To who was going To be piThed by whom. ChrisTmas vacaTion came and wenT and Two oi our classmares joined The blessed ranks of married sTudenTs while several oThers have added poTenTial members To The class ol 1984 To Their families. WiTh The waning oi The Treshman year, we are looking Torward To ThaT long summer oT resT and The arduous buT TruiTTul years ahead. BRUCE DONALD FRONT ROW, left fo right: Glenn Briggs, Vice President: Bruce Donald, President John Bush, S T . BACK ROW: D K' 'd R acre ary on rncan , epre- senlaflveg John Klein, Represenfalive. Jig. STEPHEN H. ABEL EDSON D. BEEBE, JR.. San Francisco, California Long Beach, California Universif of California Whilfier College B.A. Zoology B.A, Biology as ' 1 me ' ,e W .. .1. e e e if E Basins W FREDRIC D. AXE Oakland, California ERNEST T. BOCK Universily of California Alder. MOMBHB B.A. Zoology Sacramenlo Slafe A.B. Zoology :famed -ws , r e a sggv i 5 55,15 ge e . e-335255553 H E r E ,. , ,C l JOHN R. BUSH Fresno, California , Fresno Sfaie College EEK' www MH mnweew E - mr ear-'age l B Ae we SE 3-ea m Exam we H . HARRY L. BADER .,.,.,. ROGER P. BOERO Lodi, California , .,:, San Anselmo, California University of California ' ' . ":' POI'Y10l'l6 COHGQB Wesimar College V- ' - College of Pacific ":' " -- B.A. Chemisfry and Biology Zfffifflii j :ig .. 3 . r.: ...Q-5 ..:,:,:,f5.', N e e .. .:... - .T,.:::,..,. . E - ss 4 .,. , xi lm a sf e X Q H . . VH is of e a 'el 'Si A . Tilly., , " --...L ,. 5 ee 53. ea 5 EE WH QW 558588588 BB lEBHK,H emu l W L 4 ee tx me is Nm sf as , W v f 'iw :SE Baggage, : :.:.:::.: .:. .. a e K 2 gg - a ? i' ' Films e , ' ' A ill GIAENIN ameif k A ' nc orage, as a , S FREDERICK E, BARDEN vflfrifl . Graceland College T N N San Francisco, California , . UNIVBFSIYY of W05hlfl9'l0f1 A. e e , Universily of Oregon 2 .. la A-PM l' 1 ,vawm law? r-:- wi - - A ew'eqe . we my ii ..... K2 :Q E 'X 'fiij :iz QQ 1 , K 5:5 - lk-Q' il Q :H . e e Em l' w , : is Q I miie Mmmfif MYRON J. BROMBERG Los Angeles, California U.C.L.A. 68 ig , 'VL -A ' ' F I 33 ef . if 'ff R .A 119. N -pu ee , E t , f ' M l .4 . ' 3 5 YQ KE P' ,Z I f . ' r' x B H Q . 'A Y , l 2 ja R , - , Y 1 ' 4 ' ' i Bw nn. Al s, A ' F is M .4 V 1 , , 1 an fu . , C , - . - '. J B wuLuAM R. CANIHAN. Joi-iN. P. CONNOLLY y. " San Francisco California San Francisco California San .lose Sfale Slanford .,., E E. 3, A.B. Zoology A.B. Biology ' ' ' Va , ' ,nn W -Q Z L, Y Q '-1, l 3 if -:-:- R, TODD CARY RICHARD C. COOLEY , Ross, California San Carlos, California Sfanfo,-d San Jose Sfafe A.B. Biology as QQ HARVEY E. DLUGATCH W H Los Angeles, California ilRoKAngeles Cify College a e Hs m E is KENNETH R. CORNELL K Los Angeles, California A College of Pacific ' E B.A. Psychology H MICHAEL C. CHASE San Mafeo, California San Francisco Sfafe B.A. Biology e l ww, B I . W i ea' RE B. . Ba: f E g E za E - Q RICHARD C. CHENEY Brigham Cify, Ulah Unlversify of Ufah B.S. Biology A l MICHAEL S. D1 TOLLA Soufh Gafe, California University of Soufhern California sf was e iv BRUCE K. DONALD Sanfa Cruz, California San Jose Sfafe is s 5.5- an is e ww E m ,gsm Wm ms gm e e 69 an em E S: H3 K Ki mg a su 5 W I .Ai ,,. E, E , J f'-' E .. .,,,... H-Wm? RICHARD P. DOYLE G. RONALD GERBING S - H San Francisco, California Chesfer, California .,.., ' Universify of Sanfa Clara Willamelfe Universify iii iii Universify of San Francisco B.A. Psychology ' ':':': rfififlfi I H .V... E E K f I e H E E ea I l H 5 W e wg 553- I eau: W-, , ,. . 5' l - PETER B. GHORMLEY IVER J. EGLAND Fresno, California Lafayefle, California Fresno Sfafe College Lewis and Clark College Universily of Oregon f MICHAEL M. GRIFFIN ' Oakland, California College of San Maieo I A.A. I i - e Bs I M . ! E - Exim g e e I SS SS ! . .,,. ze. .2 . -5525. ' -'E V e e e , lg E E H l 1 l 1 l l I l l l fx li H- I 70' e . ge. E rg ,W a ' ' a e . H 5 K se ,, a e E,.e mm's a e eg .. .wfff'E.i.e , KENNETH C. ELDER San Carlos, California University of California DANIEL G. GALBA San Diego, California San Diego Stale rmfem 'asm 'e- e B. ROSS H. GRASHAM, JR Stockton, California College of Pacific B S Zoology '85, M .nee e WALTER B. HAVEKORST, JR. Long Beach, California Long Beach Sfale College B.S. Zoology GERALD A. GREEN Los Angeles, California U.S.C. STANLEY S. KEYS FREDERICK H. KUBOTA Los Angeles, California Fresno, California Santa Monica Clly College Fl-Seng Slafe College U.C.L.A. A.B. Zoology DON A. KINCADE I EDWARD J. LAVERONI 5flCfBI'l'l'ff1l0. California Mounfain View, California University of California College of Paclflq Sacramenfo Sfafe College San Jose Sfafe .ilffi'i1'Lfl . RICHARD s. MAFFI " ' 'F Reno, Nevada Universify of Nevada 8.5. Chemislry 8: Zoology '!2i"",f- . 4. if 'N MA.-55 .t. X 1 1 , l, i. . , H :.,i, JOHN w. Krsrmc-sen 'mx , " lay" ,' Berkeley, California . ' ,. A 1,-, University of California f ' ' V ' . V lu B.A. Zoology - .run - ' L rf 'Li-L t L' :J YSA . , ' l - . . ' JOHN F. E. KLEIN .I ' U Long Beach, California lg- , Universily of Soufhern ' gli California , A ' B.M. Education ,Zl.!i'5f1ll,gl,T:' , U ll f ,. l " -' ff. 1- l - F. E . , JOHN H. MARTIN, JR. Elko, Nevada Sf. Mary's College of California 8.5. Biology a W as E 5 --sf X ROBERT W. LONGMAN Glendale, California Occidenlal College B.A. Chemislry NEIL M. MACKAY Cash-o Valley, California San Jose Sfafe ,.: ...,. iw! ,T xy? . is m Em R52 gs. E is ss E 'ERE A s. .ag Ha w 15"5ia- - QWL. aim wg wri 72 ' .n' N sa FREDERICK C. MEYER JOHN C. NORFLEET Glendale, California Escondido, California U.C.L.A. U.C.L.A. B.A. Zoology B.A. Zoology WILLIAM M. ODOM, lll Universify of Soufhern nlvefl 10' a ' om' California M- SYC 0 09V B.A. Zoology MICHAEL J. MCRAE San Luis Obispo, California ' H Cal Poly 8.5. Biology DONALD A. NASSIR ' Lynwood, California U.C.L.A. B.A. lnfernafional Relations WILLIAM T. SHARP, JR. Wes? Covina, California San Jose Sfale College B.A. Mafhemafics ma E . HB B BARRY E. SHARROW San Anselmo, California University of San Francisco E ss"-E S, NORMAN M. PARSONS Tucson, Arizona Universlly of California B.S. Business Adminisfrafion RONALD G. ROBERTSON Sanfa Barbara, California Universily of California ,. , 4 ' LELAND n. smml V' ' 'V Watsonville, California l I I Y ly unavarsivy of California .I vw l .' ' " '.,, ROBERT WAYNE SPENCER ' ig i f . Eureka, California , , L , ' Humboldt Slale College ' , A.B. Zoology .F J' , W 4 I F X!! , -r 4 I 1 X i . N SYDNEY H. SUMMERHILL Chula Visfa, California P Universify of California FRANK E. WESTFALL Carlsbad, New Mexico University of New Mexico B.A. Business Adminisfrafion a l Wg? awww? 5 Mn W rm B , LH ? E al a vs K ,I . liiifif z xll' "'E'i?7 Qi' E if . :I:"::: .J i i,.:. Z: 2:2 .:...:.:.s::,. .:. ,fx . A .jj ' 1:-Q-i:j -ww.. V .:.: A 5: 3: A . Jil' - -:- ' . . Y I :-: V a a if LLOYD M. WITTER Redlands, California Chapman College 8.A. General Science as ROY WONG Tucson, Arizona Universify of Arizona B.S. Chemisfry and Pharmacology M.A. Chemisfry and Pharmacology THOMAS K. WYATT San Francisco, California Sfanford A.B. Biology DON-ALD G. ZUNDEL Sparks, Nevada Universify of Nevada a al isa R W H552 aa a f. aaa mira ,gain 'af HM aaa' -E' lggaa ' " 'ana . ,L ,Q ,. :-f. -:- :-: N E. :lffsj -:- :.:' H Sa E 22 E X H H s aaa? X B H , B Bi 7 A is 9 H I . XX XX I W XX X W , XX .,f X . X W. XXI X?-I M -X XX , - XXX- QI X X-2 X IIEXX II XX X NXXXXX -XX - M X - X YEL M. XXXXII -XNMEX . .X XWXIII :'fX- M - -XXIQXXXX 'I ini IU' TT EX XX-- E.,-. X- X-III! X.I I W ,. ,XXXXU , XXX I V XXX. -- W X5-9 Xml ,,.,,IIII 'I ' sxxxm' -XX, XXXI. X XX X , . WE. 'VZ.LXfJ.MX Mm ' X11-1 XX-Y" X " XX XX MXXX XX 5 'Aw X ,X . K X XX-IQ, K-X H.5.gfX-f. - MX W X W X. I X, . XXXTIIQ Ms' -XXE H 'X. X511 U :MXN XX WAI!! X H 51X X- XX kr' X 'X H . ,X W fn- XX M' X X NXWX- MI XX XXXXHI X-XXQXXXX-N inns X XX Xfx ' X XXX WMM X. I. X ifv::I I LI II-XX III XXX XX X XX -X XX ,XX IXX-XXM XXX, 'XX EM' eH'g XX W5 X ,,,X -XX LXX. XXX mv mfr XX AXE I. 'Mx' X! I . II. X XX - X XX M XwX MXX -- ,XXXW ,XXX N X. K X-X' XX vt! KI XX XXX X XX XZX Nm -fin H- II - X XX . X H 52 XXJ 2 Bi- K . Ki V K - 1 .X - X X Z k EH X .XX -. -WX .X -XXX X XXX X IM ,XX, W Tmfj 5, II .4-fi' ,..II - :W 5 B' ' V' X XX S f Y XX E .K .Y .W XXW M umm ,,.:W.M.IM,,Xs 'W 'M XX -XX 1' ifg . H XX II ,..W X W 'lf ' uf ,Xi:i H XX, X. 1 ,N ,Y M. I I X. W XX -XX:XV XX M-5.-.X-.M X. 92 XX 41' W EI-., I- XL- Ja-I X- XXX Us 33: I - ' 1 My X - . M -XX X X X W XXXXyI X X .X :I X., IXXXX I XX, H-:QL .ii XX -X11 if -F Q ,X I XXIII X X XX '7' . ,. HX 555. . XX-W XXXXXIW XXX W INISX III I XX- .X,- . XX m XX XXI' 'XM I I W X XX X.. , as WH J ' W - X ,-X Z meg- fd II I I Ml XXX- Xu XXXI' XXXX jj ... IX , M X. :XXX HIMXX 2,55 IMI XX XX-MQXXX--MI XX IQXXX X X: XX II W X Frafernifies Joel Hein Vice President Jack Leider Secretary Roberl Bercuff Treasurer Slephen Abel Barry Blumenfhal Myron .Bromberg Harvey Dluglalch Gerald Green Sfanley Keys Donald. Kirshbaum Ted Leaf Leslie Sfewarl Marvin Worchell 76 Allen L. Drapkin Presidenl' Alpha Cmega For lhe members of lhe Alpha Omega Fralernily, 'rhe pasl year was highlighled wilh boih social and educarional aclivilies. The social pro- gram was inilialed by a series of exchanges wilh nursing colleges in 'rhe Bay Area, and lale December saw 'rhe fraiernily house lransiormed inlo a paradise in Shangrila, wilh ils guesls being received in ihe besi' orienlallradilion. In The educalional whirl of evenls, ihe Alpha Omega's undergraduaie chapler had lhe dislincl honor of receiving ils Nalional Alumni Presi- denr. who shared rhe impressions of denlislry which he formed during his rece-nl l'rip ihrough 'rhe U.S., and paris of Europe, and Middle Asia. The very popular semiformal discussions were conlinued Jrhis ear wirh such lopics as The use of l-lypnolism in Denlislry, and Premechca- lion. The use of analgesics and 'rranquilizers were discussed. Special ihanlcs are exrended lo lhe AO Alumni, and especially our alumni represenlaiive, Doclor Roberl l-lerlz. Also noi 'ro be forgolslen, is 'rhe AO Wives Club, and Jrheir ever-presenl supporl and encourage- menl. ALLEN L. DRAPKIN Presidenl ' l l . s .1 :T .. f , Q - i A-'T iff ., - 3 . fs? fi . . .. 1 K J ., ig : :E 4. I M. :s Egg, ,535 QQ... l.: I l Y -LAY - . , Sis " , - ' - ff - if . i 1, HV , i f N - s. ,,,"f.' .MZ .. .,.,. no.,. ...,. . we .... .,- ..-.. ers-gsfswrnfmm , 'Y rf 12 w. J ' I gf in ., 3.2 T. QM Q. E. .g.,f,1'g A J f -Q ' as Q Li: .u 2 r . . 1 1' . . -P' f vs- ' i 'jf S '.-,fi - fi ..i. :...: '- hive. 1:4 , ,"',:"r9:g 1 v .. A . 'K 4112253 ' .P I-Q-,','fi'1' A g ,W 1255" .. ' " "iff, ,, Sf" 22.8 1 -2:1 V Us ' ' N V - eases ., -I H- Q ' W H . 5, .555 Sf? Q T 1 :Ig H 15311.-E55 , as H ..1. sas Wg iw E I . 5 . 4 jg ' gf f L I , C Zigi? e ' 1-2 2- ,: E 134 as N U " 2-2' i "'L:jQ :j: jg, r , 311 E-E? T ' s ' s ' 25.1. 3' -I s- 7 . xr.: if . "5 'lim' . V if .. 1 if If "Q: ' ' '. i" i . Y? fe- .. .z.g:.f 5 ,, he :na -a su., . '.a:f.,,2g2g1-- . A -2, H , ,V W - sk' sri x Y gs .... Ms. 1 - . s 4 'f' I i '- WH T . cf ' 1 B 5' Ml -. :x eye' , V 1' 5. Y . : i f -1 'E L Zin I ' I i v 1 . .411 -?w. 13. ' 'La ',..n. 4. .av :ul Q. jj MM .1 H . W M wg wag- E H N E BH H B um Q H B Sd ESB B S8 .1 E R E be B -Ss' BENQ Si Q if Q H Q H Q g xi se E H Q 91 E X H ww H E y 5. N gf. E .1 .8 E E W H . msMmMim.WuMw1M K -""""'.f'22T' " ' " X H H K ww' 4m,gffa H H B 'gxf gm 1 W. H . . -fu , ,. 5. 'Q ,M .:,k,.:. , I f 2 gf K: ',.3'r4'+ ' ... vin... . B ,m 1.-,j 419 -, Ja. ,l B ' ., b 5- 'f .' , :H - H "wi'7Q'f-" fm 7 V 5' H lu 5' .-. 7,12 X' ..f". ., " "J" " 9 a ' " ff' , 1' , - fa - 'A Lf-'K -' . . -l1""- .5 . " .... ., ." ' ' Lf 7 ' '-wwf , ' -.1 jj H -I G !, H I M., -E , .Big 4. K .,,.., L ,.,. , . ...ji ,Y , . , ,2 - in H. tv J. H. J.. . N If-SQA 5 1, kg W uw V W., U X - . ju f- .m. -f... ..... H '- . - H ' 'K ' 'mix-afiff. 9,273.2 N ,T wr wJm.ixf mfl Q ..., 3 5....,A .Y2gEvif:i:::E, nm .- ' s ' . u-.". ' V' . ..-- 5'm.A , f. L: as , .I .. , ' -gr .:.:.:..l.' ss 8 'R-. ' ' 1,4 4v:4s"-'- ' - QQ. ' K . ef- H . 5 Q' 1 -'Sf 1 4 , A H . 3 . S . E. H I -TA V J w . h , T ,. 1 . K. um- ,fi f VEB: - .-J. . . . uv X 5 1 E 2 md M , , if E ' - .s We a Ig ,zz H W --If H L Q W.. H 3 Q X U .1 H .1 H H M Law X ' " ,. ...T lm w S8 . 4 B M ,. W gm.. K ,. g 1: if 'Q-V... - ,ff . vw g mn 5' mf Vagina: as -- 2' . . X -f.. ,riw Q11 .sw s- H 'fliif T:-Y " Us new f ,A - ignz. -T355 Us E , ........, lv.-2.31 .H in Wm i- .1151 E . ...W K ' L . L Ni BW I -' . 921 v f 1 f.......a. ,w 1 BE g :www 4 mg 9 3 ' xx W wa EH I .5 , ' x x ,f M M N P, '1 Q gs 4 N W NZM - E A W MM H 5 W.. Q E .Q H H., w M Wg! 2 EX maps-. -Q m m'- En ,5- Q N isswuzx , Q . . - 1 ww .' 455 .nm-mm Qian. I s an H M -- - !:.,3 - E .xg S-va? n Q my sk Q 5 E ss E B B -1 Bmw W AB B E 5 H Q W My 58 Em K W M Mm M H Umm B E H EM E B' wk -S H mmm M B B E 5 2 H E - A BENQ'-SSH-KEN 24881215 E H H Q M-M -ww gm W an mamma .2 H , X .zmimw ., B... gm KE E WE 5 fum 2 mm .Him M 53 .mg EVE -WEB H SX :sis E M A lm HE H 1H W M .se H L I ww. 'Us mm-m fx rx xx ww gn maxim ,Q was as mam mm E. 55' X U a IX, ,sum W, ,E ,f W, M 5 New B :ss W wig, Ein EERE? E sm E msgs: ynwgwmwkwgwwm. .Em 1. Sega Hiww H Bi HS ' xx xx 'ww-.T'f wnowo wma 'ms Bzvn, oocvok W." "Au 904 you mx Mv.LAuouA0r? x x w x vom' MAKE wuts.. nm S R K 1 A 1 1 1 x mx Q 1 an 1 n sfo? PLAYINQ GRMES,WpRCHil-.L ,xougvc Ammo-r M40lX0UR:N5Vf- E NYEAN! I ma IT wmi WKYTRECALZMM 'wuncun Mem!" 1 jx H 5 so moss me wHA'r rou- uu. BEATNIKQ. V gung as imma 'rump 45 5 ozcnrr vue: ro sm' ? 4 2 xnbass W , ss jg- were gg was sf s s I 1 Q . Li B ea is is l 'S he In ' c Q K li, H gr e 3 rr-raw N rr E 1. we E e rin -sie E B is gs -W is-an fr M M--' ,. W me gui- Keeney rs E E Sf H me W sr w E e ,I me ew aaa e e rs if me H E sr E aaa as E N me H as was rf- W new a E rr e rr ea lm e TW me John Filzsimmons Vice Presidenl' Richard Pace Secrefary Max Forberl Treasurer William Andrew Edward Ballengee Ernesi Bock Charles Bona Herberi Bronson Ofis Brown Michael Chase John Chrisfopher Bruce Donald Kennefh Elder Thomas Ford Keith Gerard Ronald Gerbing Peier Ghormley 78 5 Roberf Lambing Presidenl DelTa Sigma DelTa I96O'6I marked a sTep forward in social life aT P 3: S. This was accomplished by The Terrific increase in inTerfraTerniTy affairs. Delrs parTicipaTed wiTh Psi O's in The Halloween parTy, were invifed To alclend The "WursTfesT" and in refurn inviTed Psi O To our spring l-layride in The Easl' Bay hills. Also The Zips invifed Delfs To ac- company Them on Their Reno Trip lasl' fall. IT is This Type of cooperaTion which grejfly increased The value of The fraTerniTy's role in The social life of The denfal sTu enl'. Tradifional DalT evenfs included The annual Chrislmas Parfy for underprivileged children, dinner meefings-one feaTuring Dr. Herb Ward as speaker, a very suc- cessful Roaring Twenfies parfy aT Clancy's Speakeasy, 330 Parnassus Sf. NuNu ChapTer was hosT To The Weslern Regional Conclave of Delfa Sigma Delia. This consisfecl of an inferesiing and beneficial business meeTing in The Mayan Room, an even more inferesling cockfail parfy in Dr. Clancy BuTler's office and a Banquef als Sabella's. The iniTiafion dinner was held aT The Good Ear'rh ResTauranT wifh I5 new members performing The rifual. A senior farewell champagne cockrail parTy aT The l-loTel Claremonf and a senior slag aT broTher Wadnizak's brouqhf The year's acTiviTies To a successful close. We would like To Take This opporTuniTy To Thank clepufies, officers and friends of DelTa Sigma DelTa for making This year such a greaT sfep forward. LAMBO .. , I A .-f-V - - gg 5 , H H E H 3 le W H H E Ei... ...... . , B 5 , 1' i":"'i': Q' .,. .,. ,., ' ..-:-' . - , s s as was . Q agjg' 5 . I, - me F H me E s , H , H eg: E.: . e 5 e m Y E 'I' ' I .: F V' e . " ' I-I 5 'if '. .142 , 1 U 1 J , -5 :Jes :shi rr H e -ar T: ar .1 '.:-: -1. .. . -- Q. - , ' ' is -. W or N H - jj Lfjjj ujj , 'w jg: " 4 n .- r.: H 'A -We S na ss a f.f :,: g:g' A' ,QQ-p.:.i V g 'T' H' ' B 5 . or 5 H-W ga e a , :.!1.gsg" - .' 1'-rea, L H rx. - :,: we . .ri A.:.,3: .:. 55 ., ' - r E H , '-5 -, . B H. T V er.: .:. r.:-frogs f-:s: 5: ::: -: :-J' , i 1- ,. c E E' H as ' ' H 1 says - HH '59 -2- -ii , .f.fff.f""'f5' - T H ' ,.,::.,. , -'I i -1- ' - .X E E 3:5 gg I s is-T s H k g N s we H ff 1 s 5 rs- ,riff ' X . Q imma. 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'I-" 'Y 7 1 lil- .X , i 'Vg M , 1.52, A 11 W .V ,..:,., :- A . fl ug ' 'Q' 11 ,rfff 2 V A 1, ,I J., i j ', 1 .,.,.., , JK' ' 1 Tlafuryfn " , 11 'iff I, , V .1 , mm 111 1 f 1 ..- uk ' - Ll I , .i:'lE'V' ' 1 ' .1 1-I. il! ' ' IU lf w 1 1 '.j:,.:vl Q new 1 1 ' Si' . .,::vi,E:j. ea, 4 M 1 Ni 4. i i 'f' 1 - P it 1 Q I J. ,. ,f 1 - ,NW f ff H I I a , N Lyle .Greenway Jack Grey Jack Groat Roger Hambly Walter Havekorst Bruce Heltne Jere Holbrook Donald Jastad Esler Johnson Arthur Kendall Edward Laveroni James Lee Donald Llpincott Jack Luceti Ronald Luceti Keith Mart: Richard Matson Michael McRae Richard Minor John Norfleel Michael O'Connell William Odom Walter Randall Richard Rhoades Robert Shutt Alex Stepovich Walter Stonum Richard Sfutzman Sydney Summerhill James Sullivan Robert Trombetta Jerald Vogel Peter Wa nizak John Warren Frank Wellington Frederick Wessa Lloyd Witter Larry Wheeler Herbert Winn Eugene Young TELL ME ABOUT - Younsswf ALOHA Tl-IE I-IDRN BLOXNS AT MIDNIGHT, I GET THIRSTY WHEN I' DANCE. N0 SEGREBATION HERE. 'ms Pwwen or me usmuos. mom Down uuoen! Tuese ruurrms me . manua- A A Yi I I by-J X A A an HA . sf a -Q THOSE DARKIES AM A ' llummwo. 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H B' B E EXXXSXWXQ H , .XX up -.X ,mx mf sm -wx XX X XXX X . nasal m-XXX f XX M -Xa.mX.a - an Wvw xx sw EW ,vw - EMF- xx wx-XX wif XXX- aff?-Xu: 5 Xw- Nm--Xa X '- HX 1'XXXXX'f'M -f:X.M'f-f'X.XN fWf'v..3amX ' 2 an wa. ms Arthur Gagnier Vice President William Crill Secretary Eugene Overton Treasurer Ronald Davey Social Chairman Harry Bader John ,Ball William Beares Harold Baxter Bruce Benninqer Charles Bertrand Edward Bigelow Allen Bleier Ernest Bock Bruce Bruno Todd, Cary Richard Caselli Arthur Cleghorn John Connolly Donald Cooper Edward Cruchley James Cunning 84 Louis Sell President Psi Omega GAIETY, MUSIC AND DRINK were again teatured in this past year ot Psi Omega social tunctions. The year began with a spaghetti dinner at l-lamm's Brewery. Next in order were: Freshman reception preparty at the Jack Tar, the Second Annual Wursttest, ioint l-lallo- ween party with the Delts and in February, the rush party held this year at the Corinthian Yacht Club. Many thanks and congratulations to the members ot Psi Omega who worked so hard to make this an extremely successtul year, both scholastically and socially. -LOU SELL 4 a A . 2 an E U-E:.,:: I -j2lE:2s:i ,' :fi V .:'- ,Y A f W Es ...i, 4' 5 v ' A . , W ..., Q . , .,-hir! -V A, -, ' xi, lk 5 P4 of iar i ., a ,, - , ' ',.: . 2 ' V li A .. Y , sg ar - v Y Y 3 , E , li ,M K .wx A ,Ili . .ra .L .,,, ,, ' af l ' iv Q, M , ay, 'rc 1, i' - Airs- 1 , ,gk Z1 l i .J 'Y . W. 1' ' 5-1' ' a l 11' B- B-. li . -f-.. l Q1 i1 l 1+ 1 Qs W Q 5 '1 an ll 1 1l ' 1l 1 IZ, 1 l 1 l -4 A i l 12:71, 3 kv P y -nl' 1 fl .I .5 l 1, Q11 l av l',i'l' af rl 1 ..4-ge. l l .F fl 1 V 'x' '- f l v' 1: Q. 1 -. -rr- E l F Q B1 Qi ' H . 1 1 1 H :.: Q i ' Q 1 QA .gf 1.1 K Q f - . A 1 .f 19 .I-sg .1111 ' ' -Q' I -l a 1 , 1 .. 1 -- 1, -1 ,if-gf' l ' 1 -. , mi' . W . " 1 ' f - ' ' I l .frvliyr -1+g-- .- f " L 2 S ,' -1-"' an 1 M , E1 .an 1' . li 1 Fi 1 1' us. - -.w w H H 3' H H , Q: iii' " L - . ..... 1 la lk 1 1- ,,. 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H :1 Q I xQ In Kal ' if 1, is Q l 5 X :Q 1 nw E an , S ,Q Y E E as is L W Sag .- . .il-1 - 2" H H H -' E me we A - we i' ' ' ' 1' ". saw: 252215 :-: K -1' " H . l- 1 SH W .W ' . ' 85 . A Q I-5 - -ie, A iw. .Mwig--ff .5 H E 1. sf. 1, W, is is - ,g B 3 B .- 'W. H ' aw-1 -a I '. ' .E H: .1 wa . 1. r .a M ' - ' - 1, '.. a aa 1 ' 5 3 " ' .Q -- N ' 1 - is a. , . ,--. fn..- H . 'N-K ,"-' -' aa new y .' 'y '. aaa wax-la ' , i ' BH, f,.z,, l H mm' I , , 1 -. . .1 .Q W ,A Y Y 3, , ' 1 'Y' " af 1 e1 Q a Q a e :-. ... a 1 .,. - B H E 'AX " f""' -I - 1 ETE -f . ii a a 1 1 .2 f 1, ., 11. -, 'i' 1 j 'i l - .1. QQ a .1 4 ' Q H- 1.1 1.1 .1. 1.1 1. .1. - E B as " F 'lil F ' .1. 'i' ' 1 ' I N QR b ,Q Q - Qu., Q -gif-rfb. , M H . - . . 'i ' 1.f'-W' -. ss .1 . ' W ' - V H . l gm 1 f 5 fit. i 111 fl 1 we if QT., - ' ' 1 1--af ra fa f - 1 Q g-'-age"-a'miws:'g2'a K H " H 3 'i' H H Q Q .. ,Q E L .ag ' ' ..:1. fiif .... . 1 - Q, .. -E .j::QE 'j' "s: a l . ':'A . .. .. . L E '-N1 .... 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QQ Ewa a a "' 'r X "'.7.1..ii H ,Af 11 M ' ie-- Ni" . ,Y ' ...L-.,. - Gary Daniels Michael Di Tolla Edward Enefer Gordon Fife John Franz William Gallagher Rover Garabe lan William C-Seen Donald Griffilh Byron Hildebrand Lindy Kell John Kislinger Paul Krey Michael Kowifz Larry Loveridge John Marlin Roberl' McBride Joseph Muldowney James Meyers Paul Orlner Ronald Roberfson Calvin Rufhenback William Sharp Barry Sharrow Roberl Spencer Theodore Thorn Gene Welling Ealevvleslerhouf oy on Roberf Vglliamson James While Richard While James Wong Donald Zundell WHICH ONE OF THEBE 'S ll! li 'rue REAL asus,. IT'S THE ouu 'roorqmgvg 'nwcruouso uv TUE A.0.A. .fA. , Ll, K 'x mow ws wane SOMSQlR'ERE.u "Yami inure as AT THE Fouuvmn AsAuv." go -IVE ao-r PHOTOPHUBIALI' "Ler's ser 'roeevnea FOR MARTUNU 5.f' "Lens Howl!" nx- Sim: X E X! H I 1 mf 'f , bf an M M Ja 5 fm E ggi My K-fgigm W if A I E Mm BEF ggffa -H -5 Tmgixsfg,-km -W 5 y W W- gm Us E www- M I - E. Us 4 E E M E 355 Sag? I EBM. 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J, 9 3 by 2' fy N fl, 6,..N2 5 J W3 xx-.,'eT'--Q, D- R QS D33 JJ N ' ,xypx 6 ND MAS Wx I 77 3 sf E K e-A X Y 0 ,-kx...,.7 j 0 M fx fl W X n N W 'N :XXX N xx 5 X ' I 4 f CP -" mums' xv "H, ' ' mums I xx ff' 4" I I Y Y Y . ,- KL' ffh C ay 'ro pass an in t fl I Ok' ' JW fb 'f 13 KJ 'U If I 'Yr . J -D X. -W-xQNW"' J Xlgxrlf 1 , 0 V O 4 IJ w 0 Tx 1 me J if LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Virginia Lermer, Mrs. Iona Trimble. Training for Denial Assislanfs A+ ihe College of San Maieo, sludenls in denial assisiing receive insiruclion in all phases of 'lshe occu- paiion. In The lirsi' semesler lhe necessary academic courses and relaied subiecls in This field are Taken. The iechnical courses are given in ihe 3rd and 4l'h Semesiers. Clinical Praciice ai ihe College of Physicians and Surgeons in San Francisco is an imporianl parl of ihe Jrraining oi The denial assisianiz This prachcal experience is laken under ihe direci supervision ol' 'rhe denial professors and inslruclors in denial assisiing. U on successful compleiion of ihe iraining, ihe gradiiaie is awarded 'rhe Associale of Arls degree and a Cerlificale in Denial Assisiing. A Denial Ad- visory Commil-lee and members of ihe Denial Socieiy assisl in The operaiion and insiruciion of 'rhe course. The College of San Maieo Denial Assisling pro- gram is fully approved by 'rhe San lvlaleo Couniy Denial Sociely, The American Denial Assn. and 'rhe American Denial Assisianis Assn. DenTal AssisTanTs CiTy College of San Francisco The CiTy College OT San Francisco plays an imporTanT role in The Training oT members oT The denTal service Team. In addiTion To iTs well-esTablished DenTal AssisTing program The college now oTTers Training in DenTal Lab- oraTory Technology. A visiTor To The campus can now see sTudenTs in These programs working TogeTher de- veloping an appreciaTion Tor each oTher's specialTies. Thanks To The cooperaTion oT The denTal schools our DenTal AssisTanTs are sharing a similar experience wiTh denTal sTudenTs. These cooperaTive eTTorTs will make iT possible Tor The denTal Team oT Tomorrow To cope more eTTecTively wiTh all oT iTs problems. The graduaTes oT The DenTal AssisTing program aT CCSF possess an AssociaTe oT ArTs degree and a Cer- TiTicaTe of CompleTion. They have received Training in denTal procedures and chairside assisTing Trorn a TaculTy oT specialisTs. lnsTrucTors in This phase oT The program are Dr. RoberT Scoren, Dr. John Sapone. Dr. Leroy Cagnone and Mr. AlberT Bradison. ln addiTion They have Taken relaTed Training under a Thoroughly com- peTenT TaculTy in oTher deparTmenTs oT The college. They have received a sTrong liberal and an occupaTional Training. Thanks To This Tine TaculTy and an inTeresTed Advisory CommiTTee The program is viTal and sensiTive To new developmenTs in denTisTry. Members oT This commiTTee are: Dr. John Tocchini Dr. Lawrence Ludwigsen Dr. Wilired Wong The CiTy College oT San Francisco. iTs TaculTy and Advisory CommiTTee congraTulaTe Their good Triends oT The Class OT l96l on Their graduaTion and wish Them well in Their personal and professional lives. RUTH INSKIPP Teacher-CoordinaTor CCSP Mrs. E. Frank Inskipp if Xxx fm- K N X I R 79 'E WMZQX L Q 1 0 XF gg rr 'o 24211 iw B Nj f 5m Xb? ,N X N N X X SAX- XXX xxx V X x I X Nw QNX s xx X Qx K WJ ,Iv aj VKX X W x X f S 'X assisting fechnlcs Iafer ihis evening. - w -B 5.11 Mk: 11 -55 ua: ' ,1 .M E W8 :,: mgigbkza gy 5 1. W ' .1 , ' Fm ,rl Q xq. W fx Q A -g 2 A" .T XXV . if - -W Qs : ex 5 - X. XX W - ' ".q' vu .-1 1 X -M, K' . ' l 'Q -- 1 xx' I ii 'Q' waz..-3 J ,K G 8,53 .Lu 5. ..... QL,-455f,, .? . Ami 5 . T V I K' U - E r S- 'TQ ,N X ,L 1 H ' Qxfj ' E zixblsksfgg, . -N hi- ' C Xi 5 A ' O nn- gQ .4-1. Q Q' jk-X --H- Si Q C , -,lg,,, -4 -? ' f "W :Q MS ,,.- V Associations STudenT Body ELM ER G. LARSEN Presidenf The consuming pace of sTudy Tor Those aspiring To achieve The hallowed goal of D.D.S., leaves liTTle Time To parTake oT recreaTion, relaxaTion and The gayer side oT liTe. The TighT schedule allows Tor buT Tew sTudenT body acTiviTies. lT has been a desire oT The sTudenT body commiTTee This year, when organizing These TuncTions To provide The besT ThaT our Tunds, TalenTs and Time would ermiT. These TuncTions included The Freshman RecepTion aT The Jack Tarr l-loTel, FielclD.Day aT Golden Ga-:Te Park. a spicy ChrisTmas parTy, a Spring picnic and The Senior Tarewell aT The ClaremonT l-loTel. There has been a desire oT The STudenT CommiT'Tee To develop a closer associaTion wiTh The Dean and TaculTy ThaT There mighT be less unresT among The P. X4 S. Tamily Through beTTer undersTanding oT problems aT all levels. The moTive sTimulaTing our labors on The sTudenT council has been To ease The shocks, The anxieTies, The doubTs, and dreads which come as an unseen iTem oT The Freshman KiT and are a companion Through The Tour-yearTransTormaTion period, when, on gradualrion, we once more reTurn To The world OT real people. There is diTTiculTy in summarizing The evenTs oT a year in a Tew lines. We hofpe our example has been praiseworThy and as we "Tade away" we leave This riddle or our successors: "When Thou arT converTed, sTrengThen Thy breThren." FRONT ROW,'leff To right Elmer Larsen, Pres- idenfi Wm. Bares, Vice President BACK ROW: Ed Bigelow, Treasurer: Esler Johnson, Secre- 'raryg Richard Rhodes, Sergeanf ai' Arms. InTerTraTerniTy Council J. T. SILVEIRA Xi Psi Phi Presidenf The lnTraTraTerniTy Council aT The College of Physicians and Surgeons represenTs The Tour NaTional DenTal FraTerniTy ChapTers aT The college. The council's membership is comprised oT The presidenTs oT The TraTerniTies and The dean, represenTing The maior parT of The sTuclenT body. The l.i:.C. is inTended To coordinaTe The acTiviTies oT The TraTerniTies and promoTe harmony and Tellowship beTween The groups. This cooperaTion and Tellowship exisTs noT only wiThin The TraTerniTies, buT also in The acTiviTies oT The wives' groups. The TraTerniTy sysTem aT The college is inTended To exTend The proTessional abiliTy as well as The social undersTanding of The sTudenT. AcTiviTies range Trom business meeTings, seminars, and Table clinics To picnics and dinner dances. The acTiviTies oT The TraTerniTies cemeni' The bonds beTween sTudenTs and beTween sTudenTs and alumni. This inTeracTion beTween sTudenT and alumnus helps prepare The sTudenT Tor his parT in The larger TraTerniTy upon graduaTion. i l,. . -- i' Ls , -A 4 .,. I. , T ALLEN L. DRAPKIN . fit AJ :rv L 1 V., in Alpha Omega 4 " 'L L' 'T ,. 'LfLiQfT,Qf' "1" a A T- b .V P Roaeizr T. LAMBING ' WI V 1' ,H-3: Delhi Delia Sigma T , 4 Louis F. SELL l 'A ,A A .A Psi Omega is X 1, i T ' ii, DR. LORIN B. TABOR Edlfor-Facully and Alumni DR. .EMMETT M. STANTON Assisfant Faculfy and Alumni Edilor LEFT TO RlGHT: Charles Bertrand, Asslsfanl' Sludenf Ediforg William Wong, Sluclenl Edliorg John Slenovich, Business Managerg Jim P. Back,Adverhs1ng Manager. Conlacl Poinl Conlacr Poinl is lhe official monlhly publicalion ol lhe college. lls purpose is lo reporl on The acliviry and progress of lhe school and alumni, and lo presenl arlicles of academic and social inleresl lo ils readers. The dislriloulion of Conlacl Poinl lo all of lhe widely dispersed alumni has been an imporlanl faclor in lhe mainlaining of Jrhe close ries belween These alumni and P. gl S. The aim of Conlacl Poinl has been +0 fosler and mainlain mulual inleresl, underslandinq, and coop- eralion belween lhe sludenls, facully, and alumni of P. 84 S. WM. WONG IWILLIAM WONG Sfudenf Edilor 1 Tau Kappa Omega Tau Kappa Omega is lhe college honor lralernily which is inlendecl lo encourage scholarship and endeavor of a high characler. The ira- lerniiy was founded al The college in l927 and has had many dis- slinguished men oi 'rhe denial profession as acfive members. Each year during lhe fall quarler new members are selecled from lhe junior and senior classes. Al lhe same lime an honorary member is seleciecl 'From lhe profession. During The school year dinner meelings are held ai which lime guesl speakers presenl subiecis of inleresl +0 denlislry. Members of Tau Kappa Omega enler lhe profession wifh a sense of purpose born of diligenl' applicalion lo didaclic and clinical denlislry. TOM WHITTEMORE WILLIAM BAR'ES Presldenl' FRONT ROW, left lo righl: R. V. Pace, R. D Rhodes, A. L. Gagnier, Jr., K. C. Gerard, J. W Wrighl. BACK ROW: I. M. Kule, J. E. Graaf A. J. Kendall, E. H. Carfer, G. G. Rogers, T. Ei Thom. FRONT ROW, lefl lo right: J. G. Slenovich, J A. Lee, W. Won , J. C. Jones, Y. Nakashima W. D. Randall, fr., K. L. Marfz. BACK ROW H. L. Bronson, S. C. Baker, A. C. Bleir, W. F Bares, C. H. Bona, Jr., W, N. Creer, G. Geno- vese, T. A. Whilfemore. Chips JOHNE3iO.iONES 8 1 6 'Wi ii M-091, , Xiu' is Z H M Q fir. X g LA-0 4fj is XX s r W XXX X ,f .ae i N f by C. BAKER L. N. LOVERIDGE T. E. THOM H. L. BRONSON Business Manager Assistanf Busines M ger Advertising Manager Ar? Director Sfaff 0 , ' ,. -'x .."" V-! , ' 'E 1 4 f X E5 2 '51 A +' h 00 5 n iq L' " . xml? v'nf'Vf' vi 4 3 'I We ,Q "4 X o WEENRG xv Ea' xg gr' O V xx fi, o X -7 x RY' 4 N . S Q ' X 47 Q w B Research ST-:gas 'H LEROY STEVENS YOSHIO NAKASHIMA LAWRENCE D. LUDWIGSEN Chief Phofographer Phofoqrapher Phofographer BS X' H ss B . +I ww :fi v , 5 :Em if- Q .W K H H . WR Ska Women's Auxiliary ss E ax'- Fm ss was :mana i sms QW E EMB lmsssm BS' -mmm sm Few asf. sm: Ea ss ma as mn sm is is gQ5F ' rQN.i MRS. FRANK A. BRUCIA Presidenf, Women's Auxiliary Members of lhe Women's Auxiliary, consisiing of wives and moihers oi alumni and facully, are coniinually searching for new ways and means of raising money To provide for scholarships, school equipmeni and o+her needs of Jrhe college. The Auxiliary has clirecred many ingenious fund raising acriviiies all for Jrhe beneiir of Jrhe college. Hais off lo an uniiring group of ladies whose eliforrs make our four years of school considerably more pleasant GEORGE STOTT i Alumni Associafion LOUIS H. SILVEIRA, D.D.S. President of Alumni Associafion The Alumni Associafion welcomes fhe class of I96l info ifs membership. All men fo be successful musf realize fhey owe an obligafion, and we challenge you wifh yours. Will you accepf? Our aims are unselfish and affainable. We wanf growfh in our Associafion, firsf from our graduafing class, and second from fhe men we have losf by fhe wayside. We wanf fo help build a new school. This can be done by a very small sacrifice by many, or by a greaf sacrifice by a few. Lef's make if fhe former. Our nexf goal is fo mainfain our high scholasfic sfandard bofh in fhe undergraduafe and graduafe bodies. And finally. fo mainfain our greaf feeling of friendship befween 'rhe members of fhe Alumni Associafion and fhe sfudenf body, faculfy and auxiliary help. We hope you will be successful in pracfice and in your communify life, and fhaf you go forward as one of us helping us in fhe affainmenf of our very imporfanf goals. LOUIS H. SILVEIRA, D.D.S. Presidenf of Alumni Associafion Ki? J' M Alf! .vw 9 A ff fhfg ' 3 N is fi f .2 +'N, X Hf , A' if FN NE Qs K 44 ff x , W if wi 1' KZPXXXQ .A Sf Wu Q ffgf' Q' X ,QM xx f f Wax ' xx: ,mga 7 df Y N xx .SM x 0 X if Q QP" If A X' T! V7 , M 4 1 T. , J' 1 X Q 1 ,W I- W U '- ,'1.1lv'T'f. A " A, SQ X W3 'AX ' r' I 'Er .,x"XF3x k X x ,. , I WJ". f Q.. Q 'N f '21 lx , w.,, f'I! 'lv x". XX ' I t L gy: X' M ?'ff.w ,' W ' fra f nj! 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DON LASTON DR. F. H. LOCKE. JR. DR. WILLIAM LORAN DR. L. R. LUDWIGSEN DR. ELDON C. MACKLEY DR. WALTER J. MANDLER DR. VICTOR J. MATHEU DR. CHARLES R. MILLER DR. GEORGE W. MILLER DR. R. E. OSLAR DR. N. J. PAREDES MISS BETTY LOU PARK DR. LOWELL N. PETERS DR. B. C. REINKE DR. JOHN P. ROFFINELLA DR. F. H. ROMICK MR. JOHN C. ROOKS DR. WALTER J. ROSE DR. R. L. ROSEBERRY DR. C. A. SCRIVENER DR. HENRY A. SUTRO DR. ALVIN H. HILEMAN DR. JAMES F. TACKNEY DR. WILLIAM F. TILDEN DR. HARRY A. TRUE DR. W. F. R. TRUE DR. F. J. WEST DR. LORIN A. WOODALL DR. B. R. WOLFSOHN DR. S. N. YAMAMOTO DR. H. E. YOUNG Acknowledgemenls As our ellorls draw lo a close and complelion ol lhe proiecl is in sighl, one can'l help bul lo rellecl on lhe work as il progressed. Many hands helped lo lorm lhis book lrom a shapeless pile ol paper, ideas. and pholographs lo ils finished slale. l lhink il is appropriale lhal now l endeavor lo recognize lhe ellorls ol some oli lhose helpers. Our cover design was lrom a pholograph donaled lo us by lhe Easlman Kodak Com- pany. We are indebled lo lhem lor lheir line cooperalion. When we lloundered. lhe men al lhe prinling and engraving company always slood ready lo pull us oul. Mr. Demeree made il possible lor us lo have lhe new pholos ol sludenls and lacully wilh his good service. The sludenl pholographers also made invaluable conlribulions. Whenever lhe linancial dragon raised ils ugly head, Mr. Skarsledl was readily avail- able lo help wilh advice on selling up lhe budgel. l-lis palienl cooperalion did much lo smoolh our palh. 4 Finally, I sland complelely indebled lo a line, hard working slall. Each man lruly did his parl. l'm especially gralelul lo my assislanl edilor, George Sloll, who never hesilaled lo help in organizing a seclion, or lo round up lacully members lo gel lheir piclures laken. Jack Ellis wrole lhe biographies ol lhe gradualing class in such a way lhal we all gol a good chuckle lrom lhem. This lealure wouIdn'l have been possible wilhoul his wil. Many lhanks lo lhe aloremenlioned and lo lhe many olhers who conlribuled lo lhis book. I hope il will always be an inslrumenl lor lhe resurreclion ol lond memories lor all ol us. JOHN C. JONES And Then There Were Parties: People grasping Cocktail glasses Stand in gasping Teeming masses. People smoking, People drinking, Coughing, choking, Getting stinking- Some discreetly ' Boiled or fried, Some completely Ossified. Liquor spilling, Trousers sopping, Steady siuilling, Bodies dropping. Glasses falling On the fioorg People calling "Drop some more." Bodies steaming, Morals stretching, Women screaming, Freshmen retehing, People lurching Toward the head. People searching For a hed. H eafuy smoking, Air gets thicker. Someone croaking "No more liquor? What? WHAT P P P NO - MORE LIQUOR . . . People snicker, Unhelieifing. No more liquor? Let's he leaving. N o more Drinking? Groans 'and hisses! What a stinking Party this is. The Blank Zknigbt I4'rh 84 Mission Street GPEN 6 AM. Breakia sf -- Lunch Dinner DRAFT BEER COCKTAILS Come righi +o +he ilinigbt Complimenis of NEIL'S BARBER SHOP Expert Sanitary Service 3ll Valencia S+ree'r Neil Thomas equip yourself for future success with S. 8. WHITE DENTAL PRODUCTS L For everything from the best of burs to the very latest in and stay . . . with S. S. White products. Most dentists do . . . because they know they can depend on these products to consistently live up to their reputation as dentistry's finest. Make a point of getting to know your S. S. White dealer now. . . or, if you prefer, write us dire Remember, too, our office planning service is available to you at no cost. operating units, it pays to start. . . ct iii- EQUIPMENT KX 6 HANDPILCES HAND INSIRUMLNTS ' tl A AO, SURGICAL FILLINI' NIATIRIALS J T VX 4 9 , 1 f INSIRUMLNIS 'IE X - 4 mf fin , Rf, A 9 9' Q -A SUPPLIES 9 X qi I -01' ORTHODONTIC PLIERS I yi' ' X 4 ik? Jo' I PRECIOUS METALS I N51 F v' ETSSIIIIII 5 I. f PROSTHETIC MATERIALS -ri-:E s. s. wi-n'rE DENTAL MANuFAc'ruRlNe co., Philadelphia 5, Pa. 0 'k BETTER THAN TIN FOIL if Easy-Foil-THE separafor for processing all fypes of acrylic reslorafions NO CELLOPHANE NO TIN-FOIL CREASES FOLDS if For Speed, Economy, plus Quality if USED AND ACCLAIMED BY DENTISTS AND DENTAL TECHNICIANS FROM COAST TO CCDAST EASY-FOIL SAVES TIME AND TOIL Available a+ your Dealer, Den+al Supply House or Easy-Foil Co. 245 Mateo San Francisco 12 California LYLE KINDER OUR SINCERE CCDNGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISI-IES FOR YOUR FUTURE HAPPINESS AND PROSPERITY THE L. D. CAULK COMPANY Dental Equipment and Supplies 44l Suffer San Francisco I, Calif. SUffer I-0552 I706 Franklin Qalclancl, Calif. l-llgafe 4-8147 2720 Capifol Ave. Sacramenfo, Calif. Cvllberf I-l4I6 330 Lyffen Ave. Palo Alfo, Calif. DAvenporf I-0830 607 Easf Belmonf Fresno, Calif. 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More than 2,500T very small and flexible fila- ments encourage gentle care at the gum line, where tooth troubles often start. The smooth-top design provides thor- ough cleansing of tooth structure plus gentle massage of gingival tissues with- out injury. Prescribe an ORAL B . . . the ori- ginal multi-tufted blush. It does what a toothbrush ought to do! fORAL B so 'U texture . . . Q actions . . . 3 sizes . . . Firm enough for teeth, Gentle massage For every member gentle enough for gums. and thorough cleansing. ofthe family. 3 i, Z ' ! E VV1'zte for your Tl l l , gee? 0746 3 Q' professzomzl sample ,Z - .illlllulll g onm.. B coMPANv " e E lp San Jose, California 0 Toronto, Canada X b' Fl 8IG ' . f Two-way Rotary Action gives 'O , rg , A IvI Is R I c A ' s A y Www - LARGEST SELLING ' -giveyoubetter PRQPI-IYLAXI5 I - prophylaxis faster . . . P 0 L I S H E R S I NX ' 1 W was Xmx X WW For Complete hi H, A I PROPI-IYLAXIS NE use all three nINIIcAIoR PoIIsIIIR . lrulfn Annular Rib Construxzrlll ' , -' CONTROLLED LIP- DENTICATOR BRUSH DENTICATOR TAPERED run DENHCMOR PROPHYLAXIS SHOCKJROOF Cleans and Pohshes Styx L' 1' T ' I 'uh "'5' F" 'ni'c'lfl.nfQ "'l'S., Q I "'ff I, ' . I ' V X 5 i .A ' L llenl forlFFnIxhIn I ' With oat' P wer Amalgam old Reslorcf- ALL THREE SNAP ON HANDPIECE l I u. l. RAT. Nos. zasass. MANUFACTURED EXCLUSIVELY IN U. S. A. EY THE DENTICATOR CDMPANY, INC. SAN FRANCISCO. CALIFORNIA twice the life of ordinary one- way screw-shank hanclpieces. OVER ONE MILLION SOLD Used by more Dental Students than any other Prophylaxis Products. G. 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A QA , ., ' - W-MN I' ' IA-Q-2' I -nur-I ! 4 U I The NATIONAL No. 3-A Blowpipe, preferred and used by denlisfs everywhere. is adapfable Io hand opera- +ion or bench work. The handle as well as 'Ihe needle valves are made of plasiic fo assure coolness during operafion. For furiher delails on 'Ihis and olher denial laboralory blowpipes wri-Ie: NATIONAL welding equipment company 218 Fremont Street San Francisco 5 I+ is noi' a coincidence 'rhai' 'Ihe College of Physicians and Surgeons o-F San Francisco has become famous for conclucling one of fhe be'H'er denial schools. Much credil' belongs 'lo 'lhe 'faculiy 'For 'I'he +ime and efforl' clevofed in seIec'l'ing oul- sfanding maferials. A. E. PECK MFG. CO. I724 VENICE BLVD. LOS ANGELES 6, CALIF. Inlay Waxes of Disfinclion For Over 40 Years MAVES COMPANY Qualily Inlay Wax P.O. Box 2247, Brooklyn Sfalion CLEVELAND 9, OHIO I 'Sf xp A new stanclarol of natnral tooth color reproclnctflon never before available fln any artlffleflal teeth ! HERE'S WHY: Colors "built in" on Nature's plan Correlated polychromatic blends Variegated colors Within each tooth Verified range of natural tooth colors Uniformity of basic blend Controlled natural fluorescence Lifelike incisal translucence Accurate color selection Strong, vital vacuum tired porcelain Exclusive Trubyte multi-blending TRUBYTEP C IVIULTI-BLENDED VACUUM FIRED PORCELAIN ANTERIORS Made in America by THE DENTISTS' SUPPLY COMPANY OF NEW YORK YORK, PENNA. MIDWEST'S CONTRA ANGLE SWIVEL SUPPORT ARM Gives new flexibility and ease of operation. Available tor all air turbine units. .,., zlz xili ' ' 1 . .... ..., l gl, i .1 ji WK, 3 ' ' ' ! ccrss- iii owns! e A lk lll lan g., ' f f- ':'aa:asfsa:a:a:a:a K -- ' zg:5:5:::sa S- ..,.,., , A wiv E E V '. .,... ,.,. . 2, ,1ii:2:-:2:::s:::a:.: .."' .uwiaiaiaias - . Now I. '1' :2-: 22f-1 -,.- EFFICIENCY , if i.. lilil 1 :ig uzi it unzn E? Q It THESE X if 45 I l A Y l fl J , 9 W icq 5 l B Q ii, I 4 lr, Q H 'Wil I ..::,:, . 'A ,gb ' . . L.. y V".q. Esi .V:5, I Zizaz ivunwesrs iiig MINIATURE AIR DRIVE CONTRA ANGLE Increases the versatility of all major air turbine units. Now, a wide range of sizes in both Miniature Burs and Diamonds New conversion adaptor now makes this convenient contra angle available to all users. -f :::..:. . L MIDWEST s WATER WARMER ti. a 2 V, Reduces thermal shock and adds to the efficiency of the Contra Angle! I Nlay be installed on all major units MIDWEST S VARIABLE SPEED FOOT CONTROLLER Adjusts speed at the touch ot your foot. Now available for all major if i flg ii A- ss' P iii asai O ll l I il? ' + t?i'tasfraet6s :.: rfgfqigi isn ri Qii-Q-l-ti igii r-,villa .,.,.,.,. Q ,:.: g .4245 , I t, iflil'-Qylrl 1-lil-it A all-fl -iii l A fl' O i . I Iiiii 1 .. . ........ t llll.. ....... i .. 1 I ..:...... HI I ::. si aer:a: lil 1 331243 ll 'fi ll- I V 5' 6 'ii' -. '- E I N-,.: '-mf tae? QQ ai i 45115 ES l Emu ui.ii, A ." Rillfti I i f, 4, X X i""re 'L fi it ilfi'f" L qvfgigt, rag, A L n,L gi, 1, l ji ' .ij at rug 6 Pt at ' 1 if 1 ' ii K at 4 ,fr x fe if my il ii ' I K 4 -I 'gi' A y 1 ' 9 m E sf t j . 1 .,.. .,., I' V -- ,ga Aje.. air turbine units. MIDWEST DENTAL MFG. COMPANY , 1980 North Hawthorne, Melrose Park, III. Q W , .... V , - V K V+ reQ.... .f VVVVV'V V ' ,L - u- ,f ,wife 1::'i'fg.f -Q ,J . ' " A "' -Mi Efgirav-K-"' ' A V. ' -"f'5"16'D', V f - QIIIIV .,.. , ,.,.,.., r 4, ' 4' . - ' 'Y' f' " VJ. za - Vtw?f5?iww1t V- ' . V V. A . 1V . f ty3ESli ""1'-7".. Fl -,,,,W,,,. 1 ,.,-...-.-..-bi?" ' r VtgE,., . i LQ! . .1 '4 ' ' ', . ' -'vt " J" -v"' "ff .- -' T 4'-4" L",". '- ' .. YNV A -- qv. .V my V 1:13, :Z V if... 'i V - r- hw-Q mes:-' VV: ga ' A -, 'V -V V ' ' .ff i'l315'f3evfff".3f?ef1gw. ,.,: ...-V W'2.'Q,iiff?V lfliifii- v f "' V i 2 W V i ,pf . 'fv Q Crescent's growth, as an acorn's to a sturdy j'f,,Q,s oak, is known wherever dentistry is prac- I . . . . ego, 1 V, 3-f "x i 11-..,t , txced. Now in our 61st year, we continue to , S. W, 555 V -,Vt produce quality products that help dentists 'I . V ' I . 5f" +i'1 g,:l'llif make better restorations, do better operative , if jx: work, increase their efficiency and save their time. Contact your dealer for the Crescent it H if - Q products designed to complementyour skill. ' 5335 wet I 15Q5gi51VQ Write us for free Crescent catalogs. Thi " -I-F 'Qi 1, it e2..:E::Ei VYV V . ' f .1 g V 1- wie., ' CRESCENT DENTAL MFG. CO.,-1839 So. 'Pulaski Road,vChicago,2 g VIHQ. . xl. . , , ,,,W?i?,s.m t Q ,i M ew M......Q.'., . ., f fgmw AM EBI AN ,.,...-i,i.,.,.-, A . . p p ' -.1V ":'i . ' 1.4. V I1l",'Vl il ff:filfif':-3 Ve H' V - il-'5 V1 i' ' iff's.1Vf 1' "'N"'iW-mcg Vt-- s. iw 2 L.. V fp ,,A,,,u , Work-and-storage centers ' -553-.111-VV i 'i . ? ::', fallvred for your vperdfvry ,ts 2. .3 mencan o u ar 1S no just a new ca met QQ V A I 'I - it is an entirely new idea! A complete selec- V 13.211 '53 - t1on of work-and-storage centers, arranged and Q f l 5 positioned exactly where you need them for ,K t,., ,llvy ' K more productive, less fatiguing office hours. VV '73 'VVVVV . ., A American Modular centers fit old or new, large V V i V :Q , ., 2 . . L ' " ii' ' ' 'VX V tV't ' or small operatones - cost less - can be mstal- Gives operntorg modern, custom look. Snmrlly-styled con- tcmparary design creates zz pleasant, more relaxing atmosphere for both dentist and patient. led easily. AMERICAN cnsmsrs JHAMILTON MANUFACTURING COMPANY n TWO RIVERS o WIS. l39 63 years of continued service in the manu 1'ac'I'ure of the Snap-on Discs and Mandrels. The laaclrs of our Discs are now colored for easy identification. E. C. MOORE CO. l3325 Leonard Street DEARBORN 2, MICHIGAN Best Wishes 'From the AMERICAN DENTAL SUPPLY COMPANY., INC. 569 Valencia St., San Francisco A PERFECT TRIO FOR YOUR PRECISION CASTING PROCEDURES . . . . . Q . I ttxiitltlllllll- 5 X Z 5 0 AU 5 K Write for Your Copy of- "Crown and Bridge Construction"-4th Edition Contains 148 pages illustrating-and describing the latest technics in crown and bridge construc- tion using hydrocolloid and rubber impression materials. Compliments of MANIS 81 GELLMANN SWISS WATCHMAKERS and JEWELERS l756 Mission Street Phone: HEmloclc I-2032 Near I 4th Street San Francisco 3 "Prove fo Yourself You Can Have Quality ai Low Prices" YOU SAVE 58.56 ON THIS LOW INTRODUCTORY PRICE! Sampler Kit lWorth S12.56l .....,.,,,.,,..,....,. 4.00 diamond I explorer I mirror I tooth brush I handle I floss I2 matrix strips I dappen dish W1 doz. burs 2 articulating paper I mixing slab I wax sample FREEI l28-PAGE THRIFT GUIDE Lincoln Dental Supply Company 920 Walnut Street Philadelphia 7, Pa. ,I I 5 f 2 Ms! 'f in af? . I ig Sf A 2 X I A fl gi ,p P x I V, A ,E Nz I 1" A " "-: 5 5 i+'if'f?f 'i" aaa : ' :"":' L" fs .:.a E, .1 v,..- i .,. f " iiiilii' 355.1-2 , iff? -'-f : '-: ,., . :esiIi3D-. I I 7 rm '.-' ,1,-.. I ,5 rf Eff :s::m::-P55555-2:2" .. .EH 5. 2 2. A it A ., ,,,, il "': Q I 55? ew r 5 'I I' Z gi? if 0151! X grill I Eg 2 2 22 , Q Jw? gig' 3 . X rf i fr 5 2 Z rl fb ,..... SS, ,f K.: , . I A 2: gsyzslfisflf W' s' j in W . . i il f f " ' .l U c a IELENKO FIRMILAY Type C Hard for Carmichaels, M Crowns and all Crown and Inlay Abutments. Highly Burnishable. GOLD COLOR. Certified to Meet A.D.A. Specihcation No. 5. IELENKU THERMUTROL IR. An electrical melting and casting unit with finger tip control of casting temperatures. Gives highest strength, ductility and density and minimizes pits and porosity. IELENKU MODEL IFC With pyrometer and exclusive temperature controller which automatically regulates temperatures to 1600"F., Model IFC is ideal for wax elimination and pre-heating. Holds 1 to 4 inlay rings or 1 medium flask. bl fe J. Pllelenko 8 Co., Inc aofifilbif 136 ww szna semi . New York 19, u. s. A s u'

Suggestions in the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry - Chips Yearbook (San Francisco, CA) collection:

University of the Pacific School of Dentistry - Chips Yearbook (San Francisco, CA) online yearbook collection, 1917 Edition, Page 1


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