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The n Forty-Four THE N 'I 1--pun.--x M. 1.45 --w--M T ' ,V ,..,'W,,,,,w,m . , ' Ni. X 'N - vqqnqn ll l ...., ,.,' 0 1 MW, ,M , ,.-., .....N-- -""""'W fu--P-gg.-". 1 Mmm' X q'MfI.,....m U . M Y ....--1-A-11" Y' M..,..................-A , , pf A" A. -.....- ' X 9'5'1'f'f' " " PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF THE COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS ' KENNETH S. LOUIE. Eflilnr ' THOMAS L. THOMSEN, Business Munugvr This publication, the 1944 Edition of CHIPS, finds the majority of the students in the uniform of the armed forces. Of a necessity, many of the social activities of the students have been restricted. lt is our hope that this book will record those activities that have taken place and serve as a pleasant reminder of our academic years as members ofthe armed forces. 6' ADMINISTRATION 'CLASSES 'ACTIVITIES 'CRGANIZATIONS To the members of the Faculty who served our school so unselfishly-to these same members who are now serving' in the armed forces for our country-we, the staff of CHIPS, dedicate the 19444 edition of CHIPS. Joseph Auerbach, A.B., M.D. Instructor in Anatomy Lyall 0. Bishop., D.D.S. Instructor in Oral Surgery Stanton R. Burns, B.S., D.D.S. Instructor in Prosthetic Dentistry Clarence E. Butler, D.D.S. Instructor in Operative Dentistry tPeridontiaJ Leland E. Cantou, D.D.S. Instructor in Operative Dentistry Walter L. Cuthbertson, D.D.S. Instructor in Operative Dentistry Gerald E. Davis, M.D. Instructor in Anatomy George L. Delagnes, D.D.S. Assistant Professor in Operative Dentistry Norman D. Gill, D.D.S. Instructor in Operative Dentistry Earl Gilmore, D.D.S. Assistant Professor in Operative Dentistry tlleriodontial S. .I. Greco, D.D.S. Instructor in Operative Dentistry Frank B. Helfrich, D.D.S. Instructor in Operative Dentistry Myron E. Horan, D.D.S. Instructor in Operative Dentistry tPeriodontiaJ Kenneth M. Jenkins, D.D.S. Lecturer in Orientation Bruce Johnson, D.D.S. Instructor in Operative Dentistry Elton A. Kane, D.D.S. Instructor in Oral Surgery Roger N. MacMillan, D.D.S. Instructor in Prosthetic Dentistry Edward P. Marcucci, D.D.S. Instructor in Oral Surgery Terence H. Masterson, BS.. D.D.S. Instructor in Dentistry for Children Raymond L. Morris, A.B., M.D. Assistant Professor in Anatomy Robert Scott Morrison, D.D.S. Instructor in Operative Dentistry Robert L. Roseberry, D.D.S. V Instructor in Operative Dentistry tI'eriodontiai .I. Leonard Schmitz, D.D.S. Instructor in Oral Surgery Charles E. Scagravc, D.D.S. Instructor in Oral Surgery Charles Edward Shepard, B.S., A.M., M Professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health A Lorne A. Tanner, D.D.S. Instructor in Oral Surgery Albert H. Thrandson, D.D.S. Assistant Professor in Oral Surgery and in Pharmacology Walter M. F. Wong, D.D.S. Instructor in Operative Dentistry .George M. Yore, D.D.S. Instructor in Operative Dentistry .B AMESSAGE Rom HE EAN 1 As this issue of Chips goes to press, the College graduates its forty-eighth class in dentistry. The number of graduates of the last three years of the nineteenth century that have passed on is far in excess of those still with us. For a number of years now the school has limited incoming students to nearly exactly the average number of first year students accepted for all past years. These three factors - the age of the school- the loss of graduates through death - and our limitation of incoming students produce an equilibrium in the number of graduates out - living and practicing -- and exerting their influences on dentistry and dental education at any one time in the future. If we are to be more potent factors in these and other problems hereafter we must look increas- ingly to the quality of our graduates. The average of each of us must be more effective than heretofore. Dentistry has made great strides during the last forty-eight years and our graduates have afforded much of the wherewithal for the profession's growth and accomplishments. But the challenge ahead is not that of yesterday. Solciety has come to realize that barring war and pestilence, production of the necessities of life for man now exceeds needs in countries such as ours. Society now must learn the how of an economic system that can both create and distribute its products. That health services of tomorrow will be far in advance of those of today goes without saying. Scientific and technological advances are sure to be added to our storehouse of knowledge. But such advances will be accelerated or retarded largely in proportion to the level of intelligence of first year stu- dents that medicine and dentistry attracts, and in addition and probably even more important, the ideals planted and cultivated in these young men by careful and competent faculties. For a better world add intelligence and ideals to scientific and technical advance and then fuse the result -with the knowledge of abundance we now know lo be within our reach and we will then need but to improve our instrumentalities of distribution. Our graduates of today and after will do more than their part to solve these problems and the world of tomorrow will be better that they lived and worked. THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES The general management and control of the school is vested in a Board of Trustees. The first board shall consist of five members chosen for a term of ten y-ears. The members of the first board shall, however, determine the length of their term by lot, one term expiring at six, seven, eight, nine, and ten years, respectively. Thereafter the term shall be for five years. The Board of Trustees fills all vacancies. ' CTl1e terms expire in the year indicated after each name.1 HENRY CLAY VEATCH, JR., D.D.S., M.D. C194-71 ............... ................ P resident LOREN R. CHANDLER, A.B., M.D. 619461 ................................. ....... V ice-President FREDERICK T. WEST, A.B., A.M., D.D.S., F.A.C.D. H9441 ........ ............ S ecretary BERNERD C. KINGSBURY, D.D.S., F.A.C.D. H9431 ............... ........ , ....... T reasurer ERNEST G. SLOMAN, D.D.S., F.A.C.D. H9451 ...................... ..........t C ompzroller THE COLLEGE I943-44 HENRY CLAY VEATCH, JR., D.D.S., M.D ................... ............ P resident FREDERICK T. WEST, A.B., A.M., D.D.S., F.A.C.D ....... ....... V ice-President ERNEST G. SLOMAN, D.D.S., F.A.C.D ....................... ............... D can E. FRANK INSKIPP, B.S., D.D.S., F.A.C.D ............ ......... S ecretary FACULTY COMMITTEES FACULTY COUNCIL AND COMMITTEE ON ADMISSIONS fTl1e numbers in parenllleses indicate the year during which the appointment terminates.1 ERNEST SLOMAN, Chairman, Dean HENRY M. LEICESTER U9461, Assistant Professor of Physiological Chemistry HARRY A. TRUE U9461, Professor of Operative Dentistry , J. E. MEADOWS QI94-1111, Assistant Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry ALVER SELBERG 119441, Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry JACK WERNER U9441, Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry ELMER A. MCEVOY U9451, Superintendent of Clinics JOHN K. YOUNG C1194-51, Associate Professor of Bacteriology and Pathology THE FACULTY COUNCIL The Faculty Council, comprising eight members of the College faculty, has, with the inauguration of the Army and Navy Dental Training Program, been faced with a tremendous task of reorganizing the academic program of the college. That they have been successful is a credit not only to themselves but to the college as well and serves as an assurance to all that scholastic requirements will be maintained under stress of wartime conditions. THE ACULTY ' 11 dba.. MN ff- - 'Q-f' Ninn--ff w f - Ernest C. Sloman D.D.S.. I'.A.C.D. X A. 1-. gp ,,, ,t 1--f Q Assoc-into l'rnft-ssur uf Anatomy and Dean 'O O "" i ' " Cl " ' f F' ' I C -' . lalrman o .tcu ty uuncnl John Tocchini. BS., D.D.S., William F- R- True, Instructor in Operative A.B., D.D.S. Dentistry Assistant Profcssor in Operative Dentistry Edwin C. Rundol, D.D.S. Cvcil R- Smilll- D-D-S Assistant 1,1-f,ffgg,0r in Assistant l't'ofcssot' in Operative Dentistry OIWWUVC DUHUSUY fic ,.-.: -' : AX: ii! , 'D 451 H X 'gf' A Y, -ff" '.t' if A -,.f ' ' 2. 1-1, . A , A , ' , ,s"f-P4 " I jg, hvi, Q :it ,rx 13' " .Af J.. im: A, t, in-K . Hawroid R. Buscltke, Edward 'J' Lum, D.D'S. , is r 'rf' -ge-',:V1.:: Bb., D.D.S:. - Assistant Professor of Instructor in Operative Operative Dentistry - ,.-"sh 1 , 5 ff , DenttstrY " A LOWZPH N- pf'lf'TS0Yl, D.D.S. Fred Otto Hoedt, A.B., D.D.S. I Assistant l'rolessor of Instructor in Periodontia Harry A. True, D.D.S., F.A.C.D. Operative Dentistry Professor of Operative Dentistry ' Member of Faculty Council Acutrv Alver Selberg, D.D.S., F.A.C.D. Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry Member of Faculty Council Edward P. Boero, D.D.S. Associate Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry' Vivian A. Prindle, D.D.S. Assistant Professor of Dental History Franklin Il. Locke, Jr., D.D.S. Assistant Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry Adopli Cottsclialkr, M.D. Professor of Physical Diagnosis Bernerd C. Kingsbury, D.D.S.. F.A.C.D. Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry Otis l'l. Miller, D.D.S. Assistant Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry ,av-. wofyfgg . www' A , i. ,1 . il ' El. is :lr .wifi 0 u"' To -iilfalfifffuv' .zo i ,+ ' minor. ,ig-om it ,5 n vyiggy' Sylvan A. Schwartz, D.D.S Associate Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry Hugh D. Phillips, D.D.S. Assistant Professor of Operative Dentistry .-me Q1 4' W 'L " wg, . W ' ' l f' ll 'L f i . . f' ,I 'nf - 'ai 1 .ve ,H , V V N . ,X Q ! NT. 4 'V A it gf' ' . f P.. f P' ."' l, : ' f 1 f. f 9 .. , - X . .,.- NT' ' .' .f w Wi Nfl wi- f u .fvf ' ' - .-, L X, ,Mya .Lx N lsr ei l , ' ., - . . .1 1 . . . ,,,! , ,M A , - .w ' ,y .- ' -. , ,wx 'tvitrfwwf' t ,v,f4fT'l?1g, . . i X N H v:'lw"t 'W' , . I ... urn., ,,,.X,.v itil -, is M ,K awp, :st 1f.f':-gg 1 1-,T W W J Eggs - n . ., ,-s-,t,,... .,f ,f , ' r - ' - l"1l."E fl-K' f' A Mi,-1, .f- ' -,Q . P' A - .' . il.. -- F .f , 4 ' ' .' i' f. Elmer A. McEvoy, D.D.S. Instructor in Oral Radiography Superintendent of Clinics Member of Faculty Council ACULTY John K. Young, A.B., A.M., D.D.S. Associate Professor Bacteriology and Pathology Member of Faculty Council . ' ' tttvw-t .ot ' ' WWW GW' ' ' . At v Q., Wlflltwvilltfrlf we I at f . -r A .feat , . 1 , 1 Qt. all 1 , 5 ffl. 5 Q . ' " .wiv W' ' if X , t ' N 'Ji W' ' 'f W ' ' 'ip " y",TW ' :Wit ' ,. ' Am a ri will 'M ' it Lili .,' fwfltf. ' .IM , 7-t U tqtl','2 A m f" 3 " . E. Frank Inskipp, D.D.S., B.Sc., F.A.C.D. ' Assistant Professor of Operative Dentistry Associate Professor of Operative Dentistry Loren B. Taber, D.D.S., B.S. "Ex as ' if li Edward Clifford Gill, M.D., Ph.c. Mitchell J. Bqilafer, D.D.S. Instructor in Anatomy Professor of Anatomy John M. Collins, Pac., M.D. Instructor in Anatomy Don ,lose F. Aubertine, Associate Professor of Oral Pathology . 'ily Henry M. Leicester, A.B, A.M., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Physiological Chemistry I -I I ' 1 l t - 0 ls L and Librarian D A Pntfygisggiggl Sciences ns me 0r'm ra urgery Member of Faculty Council Harvey M. Schamp, B.S., Ph.D. ' Benjamin C.. Reinke, D.D.S. D.D.S ,,.,. . fx! Y b f , i . ,www in--an-47 ACULTY g gin? 'R " g . - , Xu, U V H , 'x 'r- ' ,' ' 1.-. 1 I ltdff " t A t my - . " x . s i , , l 'Ati in klla. . 1 Ei' - 3, .V 'Lf' .,, Ji' ,- ,cafe-.' ,q- ,L " 'iii ' K ltilfw V A 'ill A' HP", , , 1 'L ipfu. w - . , 2" kffi R39 .1 me P5 ff, Q.: : .U ' . f"i,ffLx .alt gp..-l Jrpjffy' .' V 15154, AL, . , Wgjjf :Jg.f,e,.,1'.w.zgf ',y -V1 4 f , -fri' -f!"fv .l .lack Werner, D.D.S., F.A.C.D. Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry Member of Faculty Council A 'f. t 5. Sanford M. Moose, D.D.S., F.A.C.D. Professor of Oral Surgery Henry C. Veatch, Jr. D.D.S., M.D.' ' Assistant Professor of Oral Surgery Sadi B. Fontaine, D.D.S.. F.A'.C.D. Professor of Oral Surgery Hugh D. Bishop, D.D.S. Inst'ructor in Oral Surgery George A. Selleck, D.D.S., F.A.C.D. W. Chester Cusick, D.D.S. Assistant Professor of Pl'0feSS0l' of Pl'0SlhCllC Prgslhelic Dentistry Dentistry ' L- Rilal Musser, D-D.S Sidney Epstein, D.D.S. Assistant Professor of Assisgam in Research Prosthetic Dentistry J. E. Meadows, D.D.S. 4 Assistant Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry Member of Faculty Council Frederick T. West, A.B., D.D.S., A.M., F.A.C.D. Professor of Orthodontics ACULTY Marie Martin, D.D.S. Instructor inAOrthodontics ls Reuben Lloyd Blake, Arthur R. Wcinholz, D.D.S D.D.S., F.A.C.D. Instructor in Orthodontics Assistant Professor in Orthodontics FACULTY MEMBERS Albert II. Andrade, D.D.S. Clinical Instructor in Oral Surgery Spencer R. Atkinson, D.D.S., M.D.Sc., F.A.C.D., F.l.C.D, Visiting Professor of Orthodontics Raoul ll. Blanquie, D.D.S. Associate Professor of Operative Dentistry fPeriodontiaJ Charles W. Boxton, D.D.S. ' Assistant Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry tDental Materials! Paul J. Boyens, D.D.S. Associate Professor of Operative Dentistry fPeridontial - Leland E. Carter, D.D.S. Professor of Radiography Redmond C. Cochrane, D.D.S. Instructor in Prosthetic Dentistry Chas. W. de Cuerre, D.D.S. Instructor in Operative Dentistry john Field, II, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Visiting Lecturer in Physiology James Allan Graham, D.D.S., F.A.C.D., Consultant in Prosthetic Dentistry Theron W. Hall. D.D.S. Instructor in Prosthetic Dentistry Henry S. Iloland, D.D.S. Instructor in Operative Dentistry Susan L. Locke, l.D.S., D.D.S. Instructor in Orthodontics F.I.C.D. George Sparr Luckett, A.B., M.D. Professor of Hygiene and Public Health Edward J. Lynch lecturer in Practice Management Uurisprudencel Rav McClinton. D D.S. Instructor in Orthodontics William J. McDade, D.D.S. Professor of Dental Histology Donald ll. Miller. D.D.S. Instructor in Prosthetic Dentistry Carl F. Mills, D.D.S. Instructor in Operative Dentistry fPeriodontiaJ Alva .l. Remmel. B.S., M.D. Professor of Anatomy fllistologyl All'IllSf ll. Rnshurg, A.B.. M.D. Assistant Professor of Anatomy Edwin William Schultz, B.S.A., M.D. Professor of Bacteriology and Pathology Sylvan A. Schwartz, D.D.S. Associate Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry Frank Sheehy, M.D., F.A'.C.S. Assistant Professor of Anatomy Paul Sikora. D.D.S. Assistant in Orthodontics Charles A. Sweet, D.D.S., F.A.C.D. Associate Professor of Operative Dentistry Miley B. Wesson, B.S., M.D. Assistant Professor of Anatomy STUDENT onv The success of the year just completed has been largely due to the efforts of William Stolker who as Student Body President capably fulfilled his duties and administered the affairs of his position with ability and good judgment. In his work he has been greatly aided through the cooperation of the Student Executive Council. The members of this year's Student Body were especially fortunate in being able to witness a highly entertaining and interesting series of films entitled f'Prelude to War." The films were obtained through the efforts of the Army personnel stationed at the College. The social activities of the year consisted of the Freshman Reception Dance held at the Hotel Sir Francis Drake and the Senior Farewell Dance which took place in the Colonial Room of the Hotel St. Francis. CORDAN CARMAN RICHARD IIESSE Vice-President SCCFCIHVY WILLIAM STOLKER President RAY CRIMMEI.. Treasurer 1 GQFI ,fi '- MARIANNA BROWNING Il-MG NISHKIAN Assistant Treasurer Sel'S0am'al'Afm5 XECUTIVE COMMITTEE The Executive Committee is a group of men, eight in number, elected from each class, which act as the administrative and legislative body of the Associated Students of the College of Physicians and Surgeons. v The Student Body President is the chairman of the group and the Student Body Secretary records the minutes of the meetings. It is the duty of this group to levy assessments, arrange dates for the social functions and direct policies and affairs of the Student Body. bv' Q 'Ds S, 1 , In ', -4' .Qi William SIOHCCI' E. Dan McArthur Malcolm Booth Walter Kraus Chairman Senior Representative Junior Representative Junior Representative John Northrop James Spangler ' Charles Sweet u f William Finke Sophomore Representative , Sophomore Representative Freshmen Representative Freshmen Representative GMM 'SENIORS 'JUNIORS 'SOPHOMORES 'FRESHMEN RONALD A. BAILEY Los Angeles, California La Sierra College Army I cLAss HISTORYS On September 3, 1940, forty-two men and two .women began their quest for the degree of Doctor of. Dental Surgery. Little did they dream that this class was to pass through such eventful changing times. Little did they dream that their early acquaintances would become, their closest friends, their fraternity brothers, their future respected fellow members of our profession. Little did they dream that dentistry and dental school would com- pletely occupy their conversations, their minds, and their very lives. ' Freshman Year-At the physical examination at Stan- ford we found that we were a collection of odd sizes and shapes of flea-bitten humanity, all with a defect or two to delight the examining doctors. u . We asserted our authority for the first time on the bus ride to the Frosh-Soph Field Day when the class, led by Stolker, the Coach, the Swede, and the Roberts Boys. challenged and conquered the sophomore class. However, we found that the smart take from the strong and our boy Sarky came back with only memories. The Freshman Reception, the Senior Farewell, and the Fraternity rush affairs, legal and otherwise, were the out- standing social highlights of the year, giving us a chance to "meet the brothers" and still have a good time. We probably were high-pressured by the fraternities, cut classes, did some of our technique, carved teeth, heeled LLOYD M. BALDWIN Sanitarium, California Pacific Union College T K a Ome a - . X MARIANNA BROWNING Fresno, California Fresno State College A B au app g Asst. Treas. of Student l3ddy '43 Army plaster, took impressions, mixed plaster, threw water, "passed the bone," attended classes, studied or crammed, took finals, celebrated, and received grades, like all good freshmen should. We held elections and elected Emmerson as president and chairman of our "cooperation meetings." West and Roberts were the political bosses, Louie was the fashion plate, Stolk was the social chairman on the day shift, Broosh on the night shift, Campbell was the brains, Yeck was the story-teller, Edgar was the inventor, the Swede was the athlete, Marianna was the sunshine, Fay was the Quiz Kid, Elmer was the sweetheart, of the class. Sophomore-Soon we were big Sopho- mores with the privilege of wearing white smocks to the bi-weekly "scrape sessions," with mixed feelings of pride and fear. Now we had to live up to the new freshman's expectations, and answer his immature questions. We found ourselves to be a class of inventors with new techniques that amazed and amused our upperclassmen. It JAMES G. CAMPBELL Lodi, California University of California President of Tau Kappa Omega '43 Treasurer Student Body '42-'43 Junior Page Delta Sigma Delta '43 Associate Editor Chips '44 Photographer for Chins '40-'44 Class Representative '41-'42 Tau Kappa Omega Delta Sigma Delta Navy FRANK A. BRUCIA San Francisco, California University of California A.B. Delta Sigma Delta Army JAMES ALEC BUTLER San Francisco, California Villanova, Pennsylvania Delta Sigma Delta Army FRANK NELSON Class President mime Glen 1944 lx y GORDON A. CARMAN 1 Reno, Nevada gniversitvJof Eevada H if ecretary . ' D t l A ' '43 EBBY, YEL'-WD vice.PreSidSmsiElif:FB0i1'ii4s ss" Class Vice-President Tau Kappa Omega JAMES R. CHAN . H San Jose, California San Jose State A.A. Tau Kappa Omega Army as ., it gm . . , ,l,aaa, .. .I ,g , .arf-,fr gl OLLEY ROLLO CHRISTENSEN Salt Lake City. Utah University of Utah Army Delta Sigma Delta Army has been said that Veon rolled one pellet of gold foil for each restoration. Carman and his gold refinery operated on a full time basis. great deal of midnight oil was burned on the technique and it was not in- frequent to hear a classmate's name men- tioned on an all-night radio program. The Delt Commandos and Veon conducted a raid on the Cal Ski Lodge, incognito, and Herb and Dan showed the boys their stuff with yours truly in the comedy spot. At the field day, dunking your fellow classmate was the thing to do. If the Delts knew that Low was going to be a big politician, they would have done a more thorough job. Barnie hadn't said a word as vet, Fairy was going to be married, Bailey had a job at the Mark, Cochran wasn't satisfied with the requirem-ents, Art had finally stopped shadowing Jake since he was initiated, Pedro kept his dignity. Junior Year-This year under the accel erated program, the Class of '44 was con verted from civilian to a mixed group of shavetails and feather merchants on an inactive basis. Infirmary practice added to our complexi- ties. Such words as calculus, condensation, bevels, cement margins, overhangs, centric, porosity, special clinics, cancelled appointments, and screaming children became stark realities from which much material was gathered for the noon hull sessions. Application of our previous training lost- a great deal of its glamour as 'it was com- plicated by the human element. The chief topics of conversation were gas rationing and Greenlaw. Rancho Brucia and Yokel's cooking were brought in occasionally. Marianna had stopped blushing, Jimmy, the journalist, had gone into the photography business, Daisy had pledged Psi O, Fav was a 9 o'clock scholar, Kavanaugh became his own hero, Low voted the wrong way, Nelly grew a mustache, Sparse kept us guess- ing, Sark chaperoned Stolker, Herbie was elected presi- dent, Voon used a rubber dam, the Coach used his influ- ence, Ebbie persecuted Frances. Senior-The year presented more and difficult require- ments in addition to finals, comprehensives, and state board. The mad rush to complete requirements was com- bined with an abundance of patients and a lack of time. The class did better than well and proved itself to be one to be remembered. BARNIE B. COX Upper Lake, California Sacramento Junior College A.A. Psi Omega Army ' Glafu I944 in-D' ,gy MELVIN L. COCHRAN Glendale. California Pacific Union College Army HARKISHAN S. DHESI Dhesian Kahna. India Universitv Minnesota L Q - CLlNTON C. EMMERSON Oakland. California Pacific llnion College President Freshman Class Tau Kapna Omega Journal Club Army '40-'41 I I , HARVE VEON Class Secretary ROBERT L. FAIRBANKS WILLIAM FAVERMAN Salt Lake City. Utah San Francisco, California Chanlain Psi Omega '41-'42 College of the City of New York Psi Omega President Alpha Omega '42-'43 Alpha Omega . . Army Baldwin and Yeck became papa's, Broosh was the Commando Chief, Carman did all the bridges, Chanihad us praying for his car, the Swede made his own rules, Barnie bought a strainer, Kavalnaugh rolled foil, Louie persecuted the Chips' staff, Low cast the iron dentures, Danno got married, ,lake got week-end passes, Greenlaw lost Roberts, Sarky became a scholar, Herb became a great gum-cutter, Stolk had lots of gas, Veon didn't write the class history, the Coach claimed he voted for Stolker, Ebbie did that CHARLES M. CIDDINGS San Diego, California La Sierra College Association '42.'43 Army Junior Page Delta Sigma Delta '42-'43 Delta Sigma Delta Army MAURICE JAMES KAVANAUGH Oakland, California St. Marys College A.B. , Psi Omega LARRY LOW Class Treasurer 'Glen 1944 C ELMER A HOLAND Lodi, California College of thc Pacific Vice-President Jr. American Dental Stockton ,Ir College AA 1 c...' LAWRENCE KEONG LOW Oakland, California . University of California Treasurer of Senior Class '43 Tau Kappa Omega E. DAN MCARTHUR Class Representative DQ!" RICHARD LUM San Francisco, California KENNETH S. LOUIE Seattle, Washington University of Washington Secretary Tau Kappa Omega '43 Assistant Editor Contact Point '42-'43 Editor Chips '44- Tau Kappa Omega Army San Francisco Junior College A.A. Q itiit A Blu. sTol.KER Student Body President JOHN E. MERCHANT A San Francisco. California University of California Dental Externe San Francisco Hospital '43 Delta Sigma Delta Q0- EDWARD D. McARTHUR Salt Lake City. Utah University of Utah B.A. Vice President Jr. American Dental Association '43 Class Representative '42-'44 ' Treasurer Sophomore Class '41-'42 Delta Sigma Delta Army RTHUR A. MUGNOLO Madera, California Fresno State College Vice President Junior Class '42-'43 Secretary Xi Psi Phi '43 ' Glen 1944 Xi Psi Phi Army FRANKLYN C. NELSON Cane Town, South America Columbia President Senior Class '43 Vice President Sophomore Class '41-'42 Tau Kappa Omega Journal Club K. S. LOUIE Editor of Chips JACK W. PECCHENINO FERRALL MELVIN PIERCE Oakdale, California Lorenzo, Idaho M0d85i0 JUl'llOl' College A.A. University of Idaho Scribe Psi ,42',43 Delta' Delta Class Representative '42-'43 ' A,-my Tau Kappa Omega . Xi Psi Phi Army Class II foil again, Edgar became the used car dealer, Yeck told the same stories. Thus we have presented some of the high- lights of the history of the Class of '44, We hope we have given food for reminiscence of our college years as a means of strength- ening our ties of friendship which may be strained almost to the breaking point as a result of the great distances involved in the present worldly conflict. ' x THOMAS L- ROBERTS HAIG MELYIN SARKISIAN A 1E1Hmeda.CHl1f0fHH Fresno California ' e 't f C i 'a ' Gildhdrsliflhslter Dieltgrgigma Delta '43-'44 gljigositrzf Sgltgge Scribe of Delta Sigma Delta '42-'43 Navy Assistant Editor of Chips '42-'43 Assistant Treasurer Student Body '42-'43 Tau Kappa Omega Delta Sigma Delta Navy STANTON K. ST. PETER Stockton, California College of Pacific A.A. Treasurer of Xi Psi Phi '41-'42 Vice President Xi Psi Phi '42.'43 Treasurer of Tau Kappa Omega '43 Tau Kappa Omega Xi Psi Phi Army 'Glafu 1944 HERB SHOEMAKER President Jr. A. D.A. BUD CAMPBELL President T. K. O. ,gay -. s HERBERT 0. SHOEMAKER, JR. San Francisco, California University of San Francisco San Francisco State President of .lunior Class '42-'43 President of Jr. American Dental Association '43 Tau Kanpa Omega Worthy Master Delta Sigma Delt Delta Sigma Delta Army WILLIAM F. STOLKER HARVY B. VEON Richmond, California Sacramento, California University of California Sacramento Junior College President of Sophomore Class '40-'41 University of California Vice-President of Tau Kappa Omega '43 Secrelarv of Senior Class '43 President of Student Body '43 Xi Psi Phi Senior Page Delta Sigma Delta '43 Army Tau Kanpa Omega Delta Sigma Delta Army a '43 The Class of '44 goes forth into a war- torn world to face the present problem of repair and the future problem of recon- struction. We know that each member of this class will be a credit to himself, to his college, to his profession, and to his country. --TOM ROBERTS EUGENE E. WEST San Francisco. California St. Marys College Grand Master Psi Omega '43 Circulating Manager of Contact Point '43 Editor Contact Point '42-'43 Class Representative '42-43 Secretary Psi Omega '42-'43 Tau Kappa Omega Psi Omega Army xl-4 --.-f" EDGAR P. WINNEGAR Manteca, California Modesto .lunior College A.A. President Xi Psi Phi '43 Tau Kappa Omega , Army 'WILLIAM EARL YECKLEY EDWARD P. YELLAND Fillmore, California San Mateo junior College Treasurer Delta Sigma Delta '43 Delta Sigma Delta 1944 Stockton, California Stockton .lunior College AA. College of the Pacific Vice-President Senior Class '43 Senator of Psi Omega '41-'43 Psi Omega Army Glaaa S CLASS ouNo BAILEY-King of the Surgery' BALDWIN-The Pedodontia Kid BROWNING-Pistol Packing Mamma BRUCIA-An Ally at last A .. BUTLER-Seven Beers with the Wrong Woman ,CAMPBELL-Seaman One Hair CARMAN--"Stage-Door tonight?" CHAN-False Alarm ' CHRISTENSEN--"Ten-shun" COCHRAN-Gold-foils supreme? COX--"Now, you take this strainer . . . DHESI--Daisy O'Day - EMMERSON-The 3 A.M. Boy YFAIRBANKS-Foot-loose and Fancy-free? ? ? FAVERMAN-On time at last GIDDINGS-The Shot HOLANDfA new one every night KAVANAUGH-'Tm going to make a million" K LOUIE-The Dude LOW--"Yes, Dr. Werner, more porosity" LUM-Likes 20th and Mission better than 14th MCARTHUR-Daddy MERCHANT-He'll be there in 15 minutes, Dr. MUGNOLO-Mary's Little Lamb - NELSON-The Deacon -,PECCI-lENINO+Pride of the Valley PIERCE-Call him'Sterolferol ' ROBERTS-Clutch SARKISIAN--Refugee from a Khaki Factory ST. PETER-Limey - SHOEMAKER-"I worked hard and got a 'Bea'!" ' STOLKER-The Arky VEON-Does his own cooking and shows it , WEST-The Blimp ' i YECKLEY-New Talents keep him "The K-ing of Them All IJELLAND-One patient, one cavity, several class His 5 ' CLASS ouNn- P xr! x K ,O A693 1 7 4 fs J J '5 'x., f ' . u . ,ky x H L 0 K P.-U7 zu' ' if 'A Ccflqw Sl X35-" if j r I xl A f x JL , , X X dffjy. l .lu pi l fy , , s H fh- Wf, - X: 0 lv L fi 46-cv S N36 N . , " 7fNw,ZZ,? If ff W 94A-BWI'-I Y XJ Z ' 0 Q- I U , 5 6 : Ll x 22, jj? fg fi N' Q jx 1 L- Q, 2' ab f- ' 9"',!QZm,' 9 4 , ' , f AL , J , x 'A QQ-5514422 if ' ' ff ' f fling! lp Q xml J- - L 1 -1 WNW' 'P Rluaa-wss i 4 , ' ox Q:-uqpa ,-Al. pu, B I UM, ,X Pegg-,A EU. wx W0 ' f - vaio , .8 411: 1 '74, f '1 u 'LX wx X Q f W GW . Q M rm ' Q -3 1 1 f ff? , J Q X " ' A 5, Vhlllwy X - 4 Q ,' W ' ' Q1 I 1527 mmm W V MC Qfnwz' ' segqe' ' XI I H QW' lub x k. ,qw A'nuAvAu6f+ X V M Eg,,7qN -, El, , L A5 x Q 4,41 Qainhfa 1' gr' V, e ,f X ff -:' A .1 I K U 'lv WK as nos, , Q ' qf ,ga J JI ,sn XXX! lv X V, fc: lf 2:-wafers ,4 X, JA 5 N 1- , MQQV 5 X ' ff in 'ff' C' jf .Q 13, f NX If x l x - Km 55 Q, A ! X y 15, ,AW ' . xg- ' N my VI W ww f X ' ,iz x -' QQ! PO' I X ,L X m N K .J . -I Ae f kia I 7' -,hx ' 4' YTD!-KU2 xi ealy ws,-'T 5' NELSON H.-fnec,31kQAf CLASS OF A1944-B CLASS FFICERS ARTHUR BENOIT President BERNARD SMITH PHILLIP CORIN Vice-President Secretary.Treasure'r MALCOLM BOOTH WALTER KRAUS Representative Representative , 'lf' 1 . ,A 'I jf X X 6- . , -0 X ,L I BERNARD S. AARONS San Francisco, Calif. University of Calif., A.B Stanford University M.A. Alpha Omega ' Navy JAMES R. AITCHISON Caldwell, Idaho La Sierra College vw-3 W' t HAROLD G. AMREIN ROBERT J. BACIGALUPI V ' 3 Cincinnati, Ohio San Francisco, Calif. '71 A Ohio State University San Francisco State College Class Secretary-Treasurer Class President '41-'4-2 '41-'42 Delta Sigma Delta Army Navy 5- 1 I Kaur.. 5 'GL ARTHUR E. BENOIT San Mateo, Calif. San Mateo Jr. College, A.A Class President '43 Tau Kappa Omega Delta Sigma Delta Navy CHARLES M. BLODGETT Manteca, Calif. Modesto Jr. College, A.A. Assistant Editor Chips, '44 Tau Kappa Omega Xi Psi Phi Navy 1' ' uns?" MALCOLM J. BOOTH ROBERT A. BVURRELL FRANCIS L. BUSHNELL Provo, Utah Seattle, Washington Santa Margarita, Calif. Brigham Young University, Seattle College, University Santa Maria Junior College B.S. of Washington Delta Sigma Delta Class Representative '42-44 Tau Kappa Omega Tau Kappa Omega Delta Sigma Delta Delta Sigma Delta Army Navy MARY MARGARET CASTLE Reno, Nevada University of Nevada, University of Calif. Class Representative '41-'42 Class Secretary '40-'41 RAY H. CRIMMEL, JR. Fresno, Calif. Fresno State College, Stanford University Class Representative '41-'43 Student Body Treasurer '43 Class Secretary '43 Delta Sigma Delta Alpha Omega Army Army RAUL L. CRUZ Fresno, Calif. Fresno State College Delta Sigma Delta Army 'JAMES F. DABNEY LAss or 1944-B CEDRIC V. COOKE Los Angeles, Calif. University of San Francisco, B.S. Army PHILLIP E. CORIN San Francisco. Calif. University of Califomia Vice-President Alpha Omega '42-'43 Patterson, Calif. Modesto Jr. College A.A. Psi Omega Army RICHARD G. EHIKIAN ROBERT E. FERGUSSON WILLIAM 'F. FRANKLIN FFCSHO, Calif. Stockton, Calif. Gilroy, Calif. Fresno State College Stockton Junior College, San .lose State College, Editor of Contact Point '43 College of Pacific University of California Delta Sigma Delta Chief Inquisitor Psi Omega Tau Kappa Omega AUUY '42-'43 Delta Sigma Delta Assistant Editor of Contact Army Point '43 Psi Omega Navy 1 RICHARD L. FULGHAM Dinuba, Calif. Fresno State College Historian Delta Sigma Delta Delta Sigma Delta ' Navy RICHARD A. HESSE Tulare, Calif. JOSE A. GONZALEZ Diriamba, Nicaragua Delta Sigma Delta. University of California WENDELL W. GIBBS Glendale, Calif. La Sierra College, Pacific Union College Class Vice-President '41-'42 Tau Kappa Omega Navy WILLIAM B. GREENMAN Sacramento, Calif. College of Pacific A.A. Xi Psi Phi ERNEST R. JOHNSON Eureka, Calif. Humboldt State College at Los Angeles Psi Omega Secretary Student Body '43 Army Editor lnterrogrator Psi Omega '43 Tau Kappa Omega Psi Omega Navy ig an ' wx.. lg F Q. . 5 X 4 A 1 'Y .l " WALTER B. KRAUS LARRY Al. LACKIE WILTON K. LAW La Canada. Calif. Renton. Washington Angwm, Calif. Fresno State College Seattle College, Seasstle, Pacific Union College Class Representative '42-'43 Wash. Army Class President '41-'42 Army Secretary J.A.D.A. '43 Delta Sigma Delta Navy .. , If :nfl NEIL A. McMILLAN Eureka, Calif. University of San Francisco Delta Sigma Delta Navy DuWAYNE C. MOORE Kerman, Calif. Fresno State College l Psi Omega Army RODERICK J. PARKER Salinas, Calif. U Stanford University A.B. Chairman Journal Club '42-'43 Delta Sigma Delta Navy L .243-Q M . Mm .v . ay., . . W W V A g . mi. .- - 'I .L,. I Q ' A H, Je Yjyf. l.Ass or I944 B BYRON W. MILLER San Francisco, Calif. Union College, Lincoln, Nebraska Tau Kappa Omega Army ROBERT B. MORRISI-I Fresno, Calif. Fresno State College Tyler Delta Sigma Delta '43 Advgrtising Manager Chips '4 Delta Sigma Delta Army . WILLIAM H. RENWICK Stockton, Calif. University of Calif. at Davis, Washington State College Stockton Junior College, College of Pacific Treasurer Psi Omega '43 Psi Omega Army , . , l ELLSWORTH SCHNEIDER HAROLD W. SCHROEDER ROBERT R SEYMS Bakersfield -lUni0f College, San Francisco, Calif. San Francisco Calif Rio de Janelw, Bffllll University of California University of Calif at Davis Pacific Union Coellge, Delta Sigma Delta Tau Kappa Omega Fresno SUMO Colleze Army Delta Sigma Delta Afml' . Navy t BERNARD A. SMITH, JR. r , aOkland, Calif. -- St. Marys College Class Vice-President '43 Delta Sigma Delta Navy " GEORGE A. THODAS San Francisco, Calif. San Francisco Jr. College DAVID D. STERN - . San Francisco, Calif. San Francisco State College President Alpha Omega '43 Alpha Omega Army THOMAS L. THOMSEN San Francisco, Calif. University of Nebraska A.B. Sergeant-at-Arms Student Body '42-'43 Scribe Delta Sigma Delta '43 Business Manager Chips '43 Tau Kappa Omega Delta Sigma Delta Navy RONALD P. VALENCIA San Francisco, Calif. University of California Tau Kappa Omega Delta Sigma Delta Navy FRANCIS Q. YEE HOWARD J. ZYNKIAN San Francisco, Calif. San Francisco, Calif. UnlV0l'SiiY of San Fl'HnClSC0. San Francisco State College, University of California B.S. L05 Angeles City College San Francisco Junior College ' Delta Sigma Delta Army ' CLASS ouND- AARONS-"Marble Mouth"-"But Doctor, I thought it had margins." AITCHISON--"Sunny Jim"-"So I kept him in the chair for 14- hours and checked oil' 73 units of foils. AMREIN--"Pudgy"+"Say George, may I please borrow your ....... . ..... " BACIGALUPI-"Butcher Bach"-"So I took the 850,000.00." BENOIT-"Big Boy"-"I'd love to be a sailor, sailing out to sea." BLODGETT-"Wolf No. 1"--'fI'll stay home and do my technic tomorrow." BOOTH-"Skinny"-"So I bought a can of Corega and told him ................................. " BUSHNELL-"Nellie the Gummer"-"But Doctor, that Class III has fallen out twice already." CASTLE-"Stinky Pinky"-"I don't tell George that I like Sinatra." COOKE-"Centric"-"Tiger and I will tear you apart." CRIMMEL-"Junior"--"My next imitation will be ,Ian Garber." CORIN-"Colonel"-"There's nothing wrong with my green speedsterf' CRUZ-"Swoose"-"I got a hematoma again." DABNEY-"Cap'n Jim"-"Say, whatcha doin', huh?" EHIKIAN-"Moel'-"Please write one little article." FERGUSSON-''Goose"-"Money means nothing to a playboy like me." FRANKLIN-"Wild Bill"-"This guy hasn't talked in three years." FULGHAM--"Bulgy Fulgyv-"Hey, fellows, who's going to pay for the beer?", GIBBS-"Gorgeous',-"I'm not a wolf, they chase me!" GONZALES--"Greek"-"So I tol' thees keed to shaddup, or else ................................. " GREENMAN-"Heel No. 1"-"But Doctor, shouldn't we turn our technic in two weeks earlier?" HESSE-"Cowboy"-"Those Delts copped all the ollices again." JOHNSON-''Swede"-O''h-le-oh-lay-de-oh-lay." KRAUS-'fBlack Bart"--"So I was standing on the corner when she came along and whistled at me." LACKIE-"Eskimo"-"I went down to the Stage Door Canteen last night." LAW-"Hey Law"--"Well, I'll tell you ................. " MacMILLAN-"The Flying Scot"-"Someday I'll make that 8 o'clock class." MILLER-"Strong Heart"-"How many months does that assignment cover, Doctor?" MOORE-"O. B. Reilly"-"So I snuggled up against the bath tub." MORISH-"Bobby"-"Man, you should see my blacklist." PARKER-"Pud"-"But they make such awful faces when I use the drill." RENWICK-"Wee Willie"-"This ' f' " chair." SCHNEIDER-"The Rio Kid"-"If I had a.girl friend things would improve." SCHROEDER-"Streamlined Cannon Ball"-"So I waxed up this partial and ........ SEYMS--"The Blond Cisco Kid"-"I specialize in pretty girls in the infirmaryf' SMITH-"'I'iconium King"-"We'll throw the party at Bach's." STERN-"Little Davy"--"Would your please stop writing about my relatives?" THODAS-"Kiddo"-"Not now Pudgy, I' using it." THOMSEN-"Tommy"-"I play golf with the faculty just for the pleasure." VALENCIA-"Val"-"I resent your slander-calling me a scab." YEE-"Tiger"-"You certainly said it, Mr. Cooke." ZYNKIAN-"Golden Boy"-"Well, there we were at Lake Tahoe and ........ .. x CLASS OF 1945 CLASS FFICERS , ' , S93 CHARLES R. MILLER KAY F. WONG EVERETT J. MALLORY President Vice-President Secretary MAURICE M. WEIKEL JOHN P. NORTZHROP JAMEIS R. SPANGLER t tive Treasurer Representauve epresen a S -1"Q1l-ltiff ' 'Q 1' , J as rf u ' . R -- Q -..V A 4 .. , 4 ,gg i t , .J C' 'T ,-Q2 , .f21i'?1f3'lW.Qtl PAUL P. ADAMS WALTER C. BAYNE BARRY K. BERG DAVE BRODY JOHN A. BILLlNG'l ON Loma Linda, Calif. Spokane, Wash. Kingsbury, Calif. Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada' Alameda, California lacific Union College A.B. Gonzaga University Reedley Junior College University of California University of California Washington State College University of California Army Army East Washington College' Psi Omega Secretary Psi Omega Army ROBERT C. COUPE NORMAN J. DeMONT PAUL E. DOLAN, JR. HARRY H. DRESCHER DONALD C. EASTIN Marysville, California San Francisco, Calif. - Livermore, California San Francisco, Calif. Modesto, Calif. University of California San Francisco Jr. College Stanford University A.B. University of California Modesto Junior College Fresno State College University of California Vice-President Freshman Army Army Psi Omega Psi Omega Class '42-'43 Army Army Delta Sigma Delta Navy WILSON H. FILLBACH -- .. .f. ,. Glendale, Calif. . 'Cs University of California B.A. if Army I X JACK L. HARTLEY Palo Alto, Calif. University of San Francisco University of Santa Clara University of California ' K Photographer for Chips '44 Psi Omega Journal Club Army I A 5- MARSHALL L. HAMMAR Fresno, Calif. Fresno State College Delta Sigma Delta Army RICHARD B. KELLEY San Francisco, Calif. San Francisco Jr. College Psi Omega Army L. CLASS or 1945 . at 'Q' "" lv in ' X v i r U JOHN LLOYD LEER R. DALE LIBBY SOLOMON A. LIBERMAN CACERES ALFREDO LOPEZ EVERETTE J. MALLORY Chowchilla, Calif. La Mesa, Calif. San Francisco, Calif. Guatemala City, El Paso de Robles, Calif. Pacific Union College San Diego State College San Francisco Jr. College Central America Pacific Union College Navy Army Alpha Omega University of California Secretary Sophomore Class Army Army '43 Army JAMES B. McCALLUM ARNOLD M. MAYER GLENN H. MAYER CHARLES R. MILLER B. HAIG NISHKIAN Salt Lake City, Utah San Francisco, Calif. Lodi, Calif. San Francisco, Calif. Fresno, California Brigham Young University University of California A.B. Pacific Union College San Francisco Jr. College Fresno State College Menlo Junior College Class Representative '42-'43 Army Sophomore Class President Delta Sigma Delta San Jose State College Treasurer Alpha Omega '43 Army Delta Sigma Delta '4-3-'44 Chairman Journal Club '43 Army Alpha Omega Psi Omega , Army Army JOHN P. NORTHROP Napa, Calif. niversit of Ala U ' y Washington State College B.S. Delta Sigma Delta Army JAMES H. PETTEY I Monterrey, N. L. Mexico La Sierra College Army ska LLOYD L. OWENS Lodi, Calif. ' Pacific Union College Navy NEIL J. RANDOL Carmel, Califomia Salinas Junior College Delta Sigma Delta Army 5 l . s ' ,., - . 'fo - ,,,, , .33 ou I I V65' rt , "L an :je + ' 1, Lf .. I .... e 'N J. 4. 'Wir-. IKM ..x. I -tc .f X x v , ,Kiki f .ei .L 'sg-I s vb" 1 .V 5 K W 3 0-an .7 - ' . B X. ,L A 41 g .i . X d -' WALTER F. REYNOLDS WALTER A. ROVER HERBERT D. SCHNEIDER J. VERNON SCOTT J. VINTON SCOTT, JR. Los Angeles, Calif. Los Angeles, Calif. Turlock, Calif. Salem, Oregon Salem, Oregon University of Southern San Mateo Junior College Modesto Junior College Pacific Union College Pacific Union College California University of California Alpha Omega Secretary Freshman Class Navy Army Delta Sigma Delta Army '42 Army Navy CECIL R. SMITH JAMES R. SPANGLER WILLIAM F. TILDEN DOMER L. WAREHAM JOHN T. WARD Redding, Calif. Fresno, Calif. San Francisco, Calif. Bentley, Alberta, Canada Willows, Calif. San Mateo Junior College Fresno State College University of California Canadian Junior College University of California Washington State College Class Representative '43 San Francisco State College Pacific Union College Class Treasurer '42-'43 Army Psi Omega President Freshman Class Delta Sigma Delta Navy '42-'43 Army Delta Sigma Delta Army ROGER C.,WARNER MAURICE M. WEIKEL WILLIAM J. WHALIN KAY F. WONG ROBERT R. YOUNG La Sierra, Calif. Winnemucca, Nevada Oakland, Calif. Auburn, Calif. Oakland, Calif. La Sierra College University of Nevada Pacific Union College Sacramento Junior College San Mateo Junior College Riverside Junior College University of Utah Army Class Vice-President '43 Armstrong College Class Treasurer '43 Army Army Psi Omega Army Without a Picture RALPH OTTERSTROM Cl.Ass or 1945 CLASS ouNn- ADAMS: "How did you do in that last one?" BAYNE: "Billington-Why don't you sit down and go to work?" BERG: "Contra-indicated." BRODY: "Aw ............................- " BILLINGTON : "True enough but-Gee, shucks fellows, take it easy." COUPE: "Demont-you're a big heel." DEMONT-"I don't worry-I have two gas tanks." DOLAN: "Fellas, you should see my Ginny." DRESCHERE "I could have sworn that was porcelain but Dr. Locke says it's 'A-1' cake flour." . EASTIN--"That wasn't me Wilson." FILLBACH: "I see you." HAMMAR: "Oh, Billington, you're repulsive." HARTLEY: "Say Doctor-I'd like to see where I stand in the 'A' group." KELLY: "I hope Dr. Kingsbury knows a good place to turn in those 'C' coupons. LEER: "Dr. True, telephone." LIBERMAN: "You got phenosulfonic? I give to you back Monday." LIBBY: "Him and Scribonius Largus." LOPEZ: "You wanna go down to Pepsi-Cola?" MALLORY: "We're not sensational but Mac and I'll keep, plugging along." MCCALLUM: "My gosh, Mayer, will you shut your big mouth?" MAYER, A.: "Nice work there, Mac-Oh, dem Baresf' MAYER, G.: "Two more days-hot dogs!" MILLER: "Choose any weapon-either the air syringe or water syringe." NISHKIAN: "Ya liddle knot-head." NORTHROP: "Gotta get home to my wife." OTTERSTROM: "I have to go to the safe deposit box and get my inlay case, it's due today." . OWENS: "Where ya gonna eat today, hey, Red?" PETTEY: "I bought it in a junk-yard down the street. I'm gonna fix it so I'll just have to wiggle my ears to start my engine." RANDOL: "I've got a cousin who knows some angles." REYNOLDS: "I think I'll remount my crown and bridge." ROVER: "Bowser." 1 SCHNEIDER: "Who stole my Evans carver? Oh, here it is under my towel." SCOTT, VERN.: "No, we don't know when we'll get them." SCOTT, VINT.: "How come Sonny got a higher grade than I did ?" SMITH: "I think-that is, Leonora thinks ............. " SPANGLER: "President of the 'Canadian Club'." TILDEN: "Do you think married life will affect my grade point?" WAREHAM: "Hey, Vogel !" WARD: "Willows calls." WEIKEL: 'I'll give it to you cheap." WHALEN: "Listen, friend." WONG: "Fook the Spook." YOUNG: "I did not." WARNER: "Should I take my mouth mirror with me to Monterey?" J' ' CLASS or 1945-B CLASS Frlcens JONATHAN H. BERRYMAN EDWARD S. MILLER President Vice-President CHARLES A. SWEET WILLIAM F. FINKE Representative Represental ive I 4 LINCOLN B. ANDERSON .L MILFORD J. ANI-IOLM Hanford, Calif. . ' Loma Linda, Calif. Fresno State College Pacific Union College Army Army JONATHON H. BERRYMAN HOWAIRD M- ,BUSCHKE San Francisco. Calif. h Marw1e2,Cal1f- University of California san -lose Stale College Class President '43-'44 Afmi' Army ' l MELVIN S. CAMPOS LEONARD W. CARRICK GEORGE DAUGHERTY LOUIS DEMEO EDWARD F. DRIEMEYER San Jose, Calif. San Francisco,'Calif. Yerington, Nevada V Santa Rosa, Calif. Sacramento, Calif. San Jose State College A.B. San Francisco Jr. College University of California A.B. University of California A.B. Sacramento Junior College Army A.A. - ' Army Army Army I RICHARD C. D'VINCENT WILLIAM F. FINKE CHARLES GAMBOA , MORRIS F. GALLAGHER STANLEY A. GRAY La Jolla, Calif. Alameda, Calif. Modesto. Calif. Elko, Nevada Sacramento, Calif. San Diego State College San Francisco Jr. College Pacific Union College V University of Nevada Sacramento Junior College Army A.A. Army Army Army Class Representative '43-'44 - Army I I I CLASS or 1945-B r 1 SIRO E. GUGLIELMI OLIVER G. HARRIS HARRY L. HARWOOD FREDERICK L. HOFFER JOHN C. KARSANT San Francisco, Calif. San Francisco, Calif. Marysville, Calif. Canton, Ohio San Francisco, Calif. Universityof San Francisco - University of San Francisco Pacific Union College Emmanuel Missionary Coll., San Francisco Jr. College Army Army ' Army Berrien Springs, Mich. Navy Army ARNE E. KRAGSTAD LORIS D. LAUENER DAVID L. LEE WILTON I. LITWINENCO HARRY C. MATTISON Oslo, Norway Jennings, Oklahoma San Francisco, Calif. Pomona, Calif. San Diego, Calif. ' Walla Walla College Union College, Lincoln, Neb. San Francisco Jr. College Pacific Union College Pacific Union College B.A Army Army Army Army ' University of Southern ' California M.A. NOEL MCGRATH Greenleaf, Kansas University of Kansas Navy ROBERT W. McQUILLAN Sacramento, Calif. , Sacramento Junior College Army ALEXANDER V. McKEE Sacramento, Calif. University of Cali Army f. A.A. EDWARD M. MEDA Sacramento, Calif. Sacramento Jr. College A.A. Army DAVID W. MELARKEY Reno, Nevada University of Nevada Navy EDWARD S. MILLER San Francisco, Calif. San Francisco State College Class Vice-President '43-'44 Army .far WILLIAM W. PADEN JAMES PELFINI Alameda, Calif. San Francisco, Calif. University of California San Francisco Jr. College Army Army WILLIAM R. ROTHGEB WILLIAM R. ROYAL San Gabriel, Calif. University of Calif., Phg. La Sierra College Navy Army Army Army MYRON C. PETERS Lynnwood, Calif. Pacific Union College Navy FRANCIS B. RUDINE Salt Lake City, Utah University of Utah Army MARINO B. RAIMONDO Fresno, Calif. Fresno State College ELDON E. SCOTT Los Angeles, Calif. Pacific Union College Army HAIG C. MERICAN San Francisco, Calif. University of Calif., Phg., Fresno State College, Uni. versity of San Francisco ALDO J. NICOLAI ' San Francisco, Calif. University of San Francisco v JOHN P. ROFFINELLA San Jose, Calif. , San .lose State College Navy - ROBERT M. SEMONSEN Oakland, Calif. University of San Francisco Army 1 CLASS or 1945-B X , , ., , 'U'-'gif . feb. Z 1' . nel! D - . J. KENT SMITH ROBERTY W. SWAN CHARLES A. SWEET DONALD G. THOMEY Bakersfield, Calif. Glendale, Calif. Oakland. Calif. San Diego, Calif. Stanford University La Sierra College Class Representative '43-'44 San Diego State College Army Army V Army . Army WARREN S. WAREHAM RAYMOND WEINSIIENKER JACK WERNER , IVAN E. WILLIAMS Bentley, Alberta, Canada Chicago, Illinois - San Francisco, Calif. Crawford. Nebraska Canadian ,lunior College, University of California at San Francisco Jr. College, A.A Union College, Lincoln, Ncb Pacific Union College Los Angeles Army Army Army , WILFRED M. WONG EDMUND E. WOO ERNEST YEE, JR. ' BERTRAM F. ZUCCO ' San Francisco, Calif. San Francisco, Calif. Sacramento. Calif. San Francisco. Calif. University of California University of California I Sacramento .lunior College San Mateo Jr. College A.A Army Army Army Army o WITHOUT PICTURES, DON HARRISON BUTKA EDWARD ERIGERO KENNETH A. KINCSBURY CLASS ouND ANDERSON-A. A. ANHOLM--Annie BERRYMAN-Bo-Bo The Fat Man BUSCHKE--Bubbles BUTKA-Stork CAMPOS-Skull I CARRICK-Daisy DAUcHERTY41nf0rma1i0 DeMEO-Louis de Lip DRIEMEYER-Dreamy D'VINCENT--Sheephead ERIGERO-Worry Bird FINKE-F ind GALLAGHER-Duchess GAMBOA-wooley ' GRAY-Mouse "The River GUGLIELMI-Mussolini HARRIS-Green Glove HARWOOD-Cutie HOFFER-Buuons KARSENT-Greek KINGSBURY--Francois KRAGSTAD-Lousey LAURNER-Gabby LEE--Charlie LITWINENCO-Righteous MATTISON-Stinky McGRATH-Okie McKEE-Dirty Dan n Please Rat" MCQUILLAN-Cockle-head MEDA-Wino MELARKEY-Alice MERIGAN-Phospholipid MILLER-Whistle-breeches NICOLAI-Mrs. Mussolini PADEN-Heel PELFINI-Kitten PETERS-Smoothie RAIMONDO-Sleepy RO FFIN ELLA-Flyspeck ROTHGEB-Ripper ROYAL-Pin-up Boy RUDINE-Dracula SCOTT-Valve SEMONSEN-Rag Doll SMITH-Painless SWAN-Soapy SWEET-Goose I THOMEY-Tumor WAREHAM--Percy WEINSHENKER--Wenio WERNER-Baby ' WILLIAMS-Dimples WONG4-Smiley WOO--Woo Woo YEE, JR.-Chi Long ZUCCO--? , O I I CHIPS 'CONTACT POINT - FACULTY PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE 'SNAP-SHOTS 'VARSITY ATHLETICS . U THE W STAFF or The Cnws Stall for 1944 has hut one wish-that sometime in the future the possesor of this year hook will again glance through its pages and recall a year of hard work and pleasant times that trans- pired. I KENNETH S. LOUIE Editor JAMES C. CAMPBELL CHARLES BLODCETT A5S0Cl21lC E1-lilur Assistant Editor NINNETEEN HUNDRED FORTY-FOUR 'R' THOMAS L. THOMSEN Business Manager BOB MORRISH Advertising Manager HAL SCHROEDER Art Editor ,MUS 3. Nfl JACK L. HARTLEY RICHARD LUM EUGENE E. WEST CHARLES R. MILLER 1, QI, 4 'bf' givin XE' 'I ofa' st' 5 hs! RICHARD EHIKIAN Editor 6' 21 WO eo e -f , Q A For the past season the entire staff of Contact Point has included students wearing either army khaki or navy blue, and very proudly so. Even though our benevolent Uncle Sam has taken over, revolu- tionizing our usual academic duties, we have tried to maintain the high standard of Contact Point as a student magazine. It is in times like these that a school magazine proves to be so indispensable. For many, it is the only means by which a direct contact can be maintained with the school. Our illustrious alumni, many of whom are now scattered throughout the world in our country's service, depend upon our journalistic efforts to keep in touch with school activities, new innovations in practice, news and whereabouts of former classmates. It seems that in successful groups and organization that there are individuals who are usually the impetus for success of others, but remain modestly and discreetly in the background of events. We feel that in our midst that we are honored with one such person. He has been our unfailing adviser and guiding hand. We, the staff, thank the ellorts of Dr. E. Frank Inskipp. - T 641 m by N I . , A 1' if bs 'Q , . 'mn ROBERT FERGUSSON WILLIAM FRANKLIN GENE WEST .IOHN WARD Assistant Editor Business Manager Circulation Manager Assistant Business Manager FACULTY PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE DR. E. FRANK INSKIPP DR. HUGH D. PHILLIPS DR. HENRY CLAY VEATCH The Faculty Publication Committee, appointed by the Board of Trustees, consists of three members. By cooperation with the staffs of both publications of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, CHIPS and CONTACT POINT, a high standard is always maintained. 5 I F , .1'T' Xu .. ff., T X x ...nd ,.,g ' ?L.Gu...L.TfA1A F 5 ' x N ', ' Qi Lg w i -wr.. S- mibi V x --mfg. 1 ! I L.-....., .-l x Wu 1 Lu ,Iwi P'-fs Q luv. I ,- 9 1 . . L Q ' f. D D D w v 'mf-Cf? nf' ll x - 11114. v--v-unqnwuu- ARSITY TH LETICS This year the College athletic program was a mixture of football and more dentistry. Due to the rapidly increasing program many students of the school felt the need for some outside activity in the form of athletics. Prosthetics, crown and bridge, and other important subjects were placed aside on week-ends and a rough and tumble league of sand lot football took their place. The old pig-skin was brought into view, dusted off, inflated and a season of sore arms and legs was underway. A The first game of the league was between the Freshmen and the Sophomores. The Sophs boastin the original "Four Horsemen" of Ward, Willis, Weikel, and Kelly, made good their boast and pushed the Freshmen Supermen led by Meda, Melarkey, Cray, and Berryman to a 26-6 defeat. Randol of the Sophs and Sweet of the Frosh also played some mighty smooth ball that afternoon. The Juniors had little trouble in outpassing, outrunning, and outkicking Gene West's Senile Seven to a 12-0 victory. Stern had a field day, .Sammy Baugh-cagalupi got a bad back from passing, and Benoit, a bad cold from spending most of his time on the ground. Parker, former Stanford Rose Bowl ace, did some nice running for the second scorevof the game. Christensen was the main-stay in the Senior line-up. He fought hard to the end on a one-sided battle, hindered and aided by T. Roberts, Pierce, and Pecchennino. . Then came the day of the final play-off. The Juniors met the mighty Sophomores at Kezar Triangle' and the battle was on. The first quarter showed a strong defense on both sides. Then late in the second period, with a sudden 'burst of speed, Willis managed to out-run the Junior backs and Ward heaved a long one right into his arms for the first score of the game. Then the Sophs kicked to the Juniors and Crimmel squirmed and twisted 90 yards to a touchdown with super blocking by Amrein, Parker, Fer- gusson and Schroeder. The game again become nip and tuck until the fading moments when the fast and long-striding Junior half, Fergusson, intercepted a Sophomore pass and dashed 50 yards for a touchdown behind the knifing blocks of Parker and Stern. ln the closing moments of the game, the Sophs tried to kick out but the powerful Junior line broke through-blocked, and recovered the ball behind the goal-line for two more, points. Thus the game ended with the Juniors on the long end of a 14-6 score and winning the 1943 school championship. A V The last game of the season was played against a team from the Stanford Medical School. We were. defeated by a strong and powerful eleven, 12-0, after an afternoon of good, hard playing by both sides but with the breaks against us. Next season the squads will be out for an early spring practice to get into shape and attempt to outscore the present school champions-the Class of 44b. And to Dr. Frederick T. West, may we extend our appreciation for his contribution to the teams. J By RAY CRIMMEL All-School Eleven , Backs: Ward, Melarkey, Stern, Seyms. Ends: Parker, Crimmel. Guards: Roberts, Weikel. Tackles: Meda, Willis. Center: West. . - FRATERNITIES - WOMEN'S AUXILIARY - JUNIOR AMERICAN DENTAL Assoc. - JoURNAL CLUB Q ALUMNI ASSOCIATION - ADMINISTRATION ASSOCIATES - A. S. T. U. 3932 - HoNoRs AND AWARDS DELTA SIGMA DELTA OFFICERS THOMAS ROBERTS .................. Grand Master HERBERT SHOEMAKER ...... Worthy Master THOMAS THOMSEN ............................ Scribe , WILLIAM YECKLEY .......... WILLIAM STOLKER .................... Senior Page ..........Treasurer JAMES CAMPBELL ......... .......... J unior Page RICHARD FULGHAM ....... ........Historian ROBERT MORRISH ................................ Tyler ' Q 3. it ,V X 33 p vlrfl .0 'RZ 2 ll me H A r Q DR. DON J. AUBERTINE .... Deputy Supreme -wr 1 A ' A , O' ' - E 'SZ 1 e:"" B15 5 V THOMAS L. ROBERTS - Grandmaster Q- S vii qs ,at rn f Frank Brucia James Butler James Campbell Cordan Carman Charles Gidclings E Dan McArthur John Merchant Ferrall Pierce Haig Sarkisian Herbert Shoemaker William Stolker William Yeckley Robert Bacigalupi Arthur Benoit Malcolm Booth Robert Burrell Francis Bushnell Ray Crlmmel ,ri Y DELTA SIGMA ELTA Zi: 1 l we N V l y a j .3,3,?, M ' 'I' 'fJ,iif'3f3f'3gf?f'-f' 'Y' " ' 1 . tff'z'i,'2 -:jg f , M'- , , mg, Ii", , , , w- " R I, ., vga: A: 1 Ai.. l, . L H.25.q4,. , t gt. - wa r . . as T - ,. '1',j1', . - 4. ' ,gif I., ,, K, 4 I '75 T iff -- '57 'V ' fi isa' 'Y t H ,A A E 2, 1 I . x is Z.--.,x., ,H V-riff' Q' - -' :NIJ . A "' - ,, - KT? . ' ' , . .. 'V , 1 'x ' , A .53 ., W 'vt :V ,,, ' 4. - - V i I , ' ,Q it t V :Q 1. -' " 4 -Q-jg' " ' ' -. . ' ' . A If ' 7 ' It fri- ' ' ' f ,. 1 L Q Q I " 11799 ' " 5" 3' 91i.if-Selig? li ' . t. 'E' . 'Wl 2. . Annum, N j Raul Cruz V Richard Ehikian William Franklin Richard Fulgham Antonio Gonzalez Walter Kraus Neil MacMillan Robert Morrish Roderick Parker Harold Schroeder Robert Seyms Bernard Smith Thomas Thomsen Ronald Valencia Howard Zynkian Paul Dolan Marshall Hammar James McCallum Haig Nishkian John Northrop Neil Randol Walter Rover William Tilden John Ward .J-Tolly Christensen Cecil Smith Jonathon Berryman' Melvin Campos Edward Erigero William Finke Siro Guglielmo Oliver Harris John Karsant Wilton Litwinenco Robert McQuillan Haig Merigan William Paden John Roffinella William Royal Francis Rudine Robert Semensen Charles Sweet Kent Smith Nu Nu Chapter, chartered at the College of Physicians and Surgeons in November of 1926, closes another successful year under the capable leadership of Grand Master Thomas L. Roberts. Aided by Dr. Don J. Aubertine, one of the original charter members and Dr. Alver Selberg, the Chapter is now in the position of being one of the largest chapters in the nation. Social activities during the past year were, despite war-time restrictions, numerous and of an enjoyable nature. Several dinners were enjoyed by the members at various spots around town. Regular bi-monthly meetings were held during the year, being both business and social in nature. The social activities were high-lighted by several informal dances and a rush dance held in honor of the Fresh- man class. The latter was held at the California Club and a large turn-out of members and guests in- sured a highly successfulevening. These social activities have served one of the major functions of a fraternity, that is, to bring the members into a closer social contact and impart an everlasting fraternal spirit. ' .- 'PSI MEGA ' GENE WEST Grand Master . OFFICERS GENE WEST ................... ....... ................ G r and Master WILLIAM CURETON ........ ,....... ,l unior Grand Master WALTER BAYNE .......... ............... I ........ S ecretary WILLIAM RENWICK ........ ......... T rsasurer RICHARD HESSE .............. ........... E ditor ROBERT EAIRBANKS .......... ................. l ihaplain ROBERT FERGUSSON ......... ............... C ihief Inquisitor MAURICE KAVANAUGH ...,.......... Outer Door Guardian BARRY BERG ...................... ....... I nner Door Guardian EDWARD YELLAND ................ ....................... S enator Beta Sigma Chapter of Psi Omega has closed the 46th year and' can now look hack with satisfaction and pride. The past year was quite eventful as it saw most of us putting our civilian attire in the closets and donning the khaki or the blue. Under the guidance of Grand Master E. E. West we enjoyed a successful social year. Oneof our outstanding activities found the chapter going regularly to the Red Cross Blood Bank with its dona- tions. We hope to he ahle to increase the amount of donations in the coming year. Elections, gave us M. Weikel as the new Grand Master and with him we expect to do even better in the coming year. - To our alumni in the armed services and civilian practice we extend our good wishes and a hearty welcome to any of our fraternal activities. We hope we may see more of you. We would like to' express our appreciation for the thoughtful and active guidance of Supreme Grand Councilor, Dr. Frederick T. West. Ps: OMEGA I fiiw, .ifQ1i1f'l Q, 1 A L ' y' U "N itz.. s. f 'F "' " 25, ,,..l A X 5. 'N' I4 ' ' v W7 ., y , R 4, 1 4,.. 1 - t- l C. h 4, . x ' "Alia f- A l 'N 'Hn R i 4f""l-l if ,fr .ff 6- . ,. 5 L. Richard Hesse Ernest Johnson Maurice Kavanaugh DuWayne Moore William Renwick James Spangler Leonard Carrick Morris Gallagher Noel McGrath Richard D'Vincent Stanley Cray Alexander McKee Walter Bayne Barry Berg Robert Coupe Barney Cox James Dabney Norman DeMont Robert Fairbanks Robert Fergusson Jack Hartley af- , , sr.- ' f C Kill' ll " -i ils Charles Miller Edward Yelland' Richard Kelley Maurice Weikel James Pellini Donald Thomey Edward Meda David Melarkey XI PSI PHI oFFlcERs L Q EDGAR WINNEGAR .............................. President ' ' 'fit'-3 G . Q STANTON ST. PETER .................. Vice-President ARTHUR MUGNOLO .......... ........... S ecretary Y , .E-j,. HARVEY VEON .................................... Treasurer 1 ' EDGAR WINNEGAR .................................. Scribe , x W! DR. E. FRANK INSKIPP X' Deputy Supreme President , DR. BENJAMIN REINKE EDGAR WINNEGAR Assistant Deputy Supreme President President , fs Y tl. at Q, A' '39 ,. . f G , oo.....i 1 5 ,' I ALPHA QMEGA L "' IV' A F' N. N. M ':. Q ' DAVID STERN - President Under the able guidance of Dave Stern, assisted by Phil Corin, Kappa Chapter of Alpha Omega was reorganized into a compact unit which functioned more smoothly than any previous year since Kappa's establishment in 1917 at the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Besides a renovation of the organization a notable job of coordination was accom- plished with the Nu chapter at the University of California. Directed by Phil Corin, several joint meetings of the execu- tive councils of the two chapters, a joint dance, and joint meeting and clinic were held. The groundwork for a closer correlation between the two chapters was firmly established. To retiring President Dave Stern, Kappa's heartfelt thanks are offered for his ambition and devotion and his excellent guidance. To Secretary Aarons and Treasurer Mayer, more thanks for their fine work. ,Best wishes to our graduating member, William Faverman, are extended. They are held out with the same vigor which he offered in the performance of his duties as an officer of Alpha Omega. The year of 1943 is indeed a notable one for the archives of Alpha Omega, its record of accomplishments is one which can well serve as a fine example of the ideal for following classes to set as their example. To faculty members Dr. .lack Werner and Dr. Sylvan Schwartz, Alpha Omega's deepest appreciation for their instruction and guidance. l PHIL Conm, Vice-President. PLEDGES OFFICERS p .........President DAVID STERN ....... PHILLIP CORIN ............ ....... V ice-President BERNARD AARONS ......... .......... S ecretary ARNOLD MAYER ....... ...... T reasurer 1 . ' ilu. ev- . Xctwti I " I 3 s-v .V sf N' . 11 ,, iq I ' - '- H 4 , , ii K I I tk l " i - 4 X A gf" ,-iff! 1 t ' .'ft"i".' -' t 1 . E -af" DN if . :M bg . L M- U Q.. IZ L , William Faverman Phillip Corin Bernard Aaron Soloman Liberman Arnold Mayer Herbert Schneider Raymond Weinshenker Edward Miller Bertram Zucco TAU KAPPA CMEGA OFFICERS JAMES CAMPBELL .................................... President WILLIAM STOLKER ....... ........ V ice-President KENNETH S. LOUIE ........... ......... S ecrelary ' STANTON ST. PETER ....... ........ T reasurer JAMES G. CAMPBELL fv.. 1 ,,f :.A -.435 A 'I Li epiiiiff' I .K ii? L ' 7' b -.1 .1,- ' ,rf mg. , w ' s k IR A 'W , ii l I' N, uw Meade Baldwin Kenneth Louie gy- bv A, J ,7 2 A x.4 Cordan Carman Lawrence Low President , E4 -1n,,w. 2 James Chan Clinton Emmerson Franklyn Nelson Jack Pecchenino TAU KAPPA MEGA ., aa- , ts 'P 'f 'ws 4' ' 21. ' Thomas Roberts Cene West lt is the aim of Tau Kappa Omega Honor ' Society to encourage devotion to scholarship ' iff and service to the dental profession among the students and alumni of the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Membership is awarded to those students who have maintained a high scholastic standard during the first two years of under- 'W graduate work, and who also possess those quali- ties of character which will enable them to assume a leading role in the field of dental practice. ln times like these it is more important than ever to keep our standards high, and it will continue to be the aim of T K O to help safe- guard the future of our profession. SrANToN Sr. . Perm 'L V, - , 'Sv Malcolm Booth Richard Hesse Thomas Thomsen 4- ll F7 W. 6' ,-, -- Stanton St. Peter Herbert Shoemaker William Stolker Edgar Winnegar Arthur Benoit Charles Blodgett I S' Q 1 11", t A .d , l' 'TI' V L Robert Burrell Byron Miller Ronald Valencia ,U i gl 3- 19. . 1 gt, 4 William Franklin Robert Seyms Wendell Gibbs MICRON KAPPA' UPSILON t MARIAN K. DONG OLGA GARIAEFF Delta Delta Chapter of the national dental honorary fraternity, Omicron Kappa Upsilon, was organized in 1934 at the College. Its purpose is to encourage scholarship and advance the ethical standards of the dental profession. Membership is limited to 12 per cent of the graduating class on the basis of scholarship and character. THOMAS R. HARSHMAN 5 JOHN E. RHOADS ' WOMEN'S AUXILIARY MRS. LEON MOSER OF F IC E RS MRS. LEON W. Mossn President MRS. BENJAMIN REINKE ' Vice-President MRS. JOHN J. MUZIO Recording Secretary MRS. HENRY CLAY VEATCH Corresponding Secretary MRS. LIONEL C. .MURPHY Financial Secretary' MRS. ELTON KANE Treasurer MRS. BENJAMIN REINKE MRS. LIONEL C. MURPHY The Auxiliary has completed a successful year-a year of accom. plishments worthy to be 'placed with its predecessors in spite of the strain and stress of war-time activity. The social highlights of the season were the ,Annual Alumni Luncheon apd the twelfth birthday dinner. At the twelfth birthday dinner, celebrated at the Forest l'IiII Club House, a check of 5200.00 was presented to Dr. Ernest Sloman, Dean of the College, for the Endowment Fund, plus an additional check of 8100.00 received from a former recipient of the Scholarship Award. The Alumni Luncheon, honoring Mrs. George Oulton, wife of Dr. George Oulton, retiring President of the Alumni Association. was held at the Woman's Athletic Club on February 25, 1943. During the past year many outstanding speakers addressed the members of the Auxiliary. Among them were Mrs. Alice Pyne, who told the story of "An Exchange Prisonerng Miss Gladys Scy- mour, who gave a review of new spring books and publicationsg R. A. Lapachet, Special Agent, who spoke on "The F.B.l. in the War Effort"g Dr. Ernest Sloman, Dean of the College, who spoke on "Current Legislation"g Mrs. Peggy Bethers, who gave dramatic reaclingsg and Lieutenant George Rader, who spoke at the Novem- ber meeting. To bring Christmas cheer to our boys overseas, the Auxiliary contributed a substantial sum to the Red Cross, who outfitted kits to be sent to our far-flung outposts all over the world. Membership in the Auxiliary is open to wiveskand mothers of members of the Alumni Associationg and the Auxiliary extends a cordial invitation to join. Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month. Further information may be had by contacting one of the ollicers or the Membership Chairman, Mrs. A. R. McDowell. With the cheerful and friendly cooperation of oliicers and mem- bers, the Auxiliary has meritoriously reached the twelfth milestone in the history of its organization. Ruskin says: "That country is richest which nourishes the greatest number of noble and happy beings, that man is richest who, having perfected the functions of his own life to the utmost, has also the widest helpful influence . . . over the lives of others." Mus. CHARLES A. ER'rot.A, Publicity Chairman UNIOR MERICAN ENTAL SSOCIATION 3 va, 'wt 'mr ' ,1k.- F 557 3:1114 A asscfjibf' Q ,5 -xaryfQ A 0 F F IC E RS HERBERT SHOEMAKER President EI DAN MCARTHUR I Vice-President GORDAN CARMAN Secretary The Junior American Dental Association is one of the best represented organizations in the Col- lege. lt has, since its introduction into the College by Dr. Arthur McDowell, been supported one hundred per cent by the students. The purpose of the organization is to stimulate thought and interest in the dental profession by means of closer contact with its parent organiza- tion and also by being a member it enables the student to attend the various lectures, clinics, state and local meetings. Attending the American Dental Association meetings prove to be instruc- tive to the student by bringing him into contact with present day advances in the field of dentistry and by meeting prominent men in our profession. The J. A. D. A. is composed of the members of the three upper classes in the various dental schools of the United States and it prepares the dental student for membership in the senior or- ganization. LUMNI SSOCIATION As this beautiful and traditional memento of our Alma Mater approaches publication we Gnd ourselves in the midst of global war-cruel and devastating war. Despite the rapid conversions from a peace-time to war-time basis in all walks of life, dentistry marches on--to serve all humanity whether on the fighting front or the home front. With our students in uniform, Uncle Sam is making certain that they properly equip themselves, mentally and physically, to administer to our armed forces, that a speed and complete victory be ours. Equally as important must our civilian population be cared for to insure the continuance of production for war and maintenance of home life ready and waiting for our boys when they return. This, our alumni are doing with full speed ahead-to capacity- and more. - And so must dental education keep pace with this accelerated tempo. Thus, your alumni association with its annual meeting fulfills this obligation. To students and alumni: your confreres will'be looking for you and will extend the warm hand of friendship and reminisce on the old days. Don't fail them. You won't fail either, to gain new knowledge from the post-graduate course given you as well as exchanging ideas with your fellows. Remember: If your idea you give to me I'll have more knowledge, then, you see. lf my idea I give to you Where we each had one-we now have two. The progress of dentistry is rapid-keep up with it! ' Good luck and best wishes to you all. REUBEN L. BLAKE, D.D.S., F.A.C.D. REUBEN L. BLAKE President CHARLES F. CRAY U President-Elect E. FRANK INSKIPP Secretary-Treasurer ERNEST G. SLOMAN Comptroller JOURNAL CLUB The Journal Club has been forunate to experience two types of growth during the past year. There has been a steady and hearteningjncrease in absolute magnitude which was composed of members of the College Student Body. This growth is very much to be desired, for, when half or more of the student body are in attendance, we will feel that we are making an indispensable contribution to the work of the College. Since this is one of the basic goals of the Club, it is nice to see that it is being approached. The other type of growth may be considered to be lateral growth. The Club has welcomed members of the faculties of other colleges, who have shown great interest and regularity. This means that the Club is experiencing the beginnings of movement toward another of its fundamental goals, namely, the attainment of such a stature that it contributes an integral part to dentistry in the .Bay area. The movement is still small, but it is encouraging. MEMBERS CHARLES MILLER chairman ' ' Charles Ciddings Maurice Kavanaugh Gene West L Jack Hartley .lames Spangler Bernard Aarons Harold Amrein Francis Bushnell Mary M. Castle I Ray Crimmel Phillip Corin Raul Cruz Robert Seyms David Stern Oliver Harris Alexander McKee - Jack Werner ADMINISTRATIGN ASSOCIATES S :lm 18 ,rs Q, in was wb rlfw . I ' vii. .' 5 ' ,a 4 "wary ,I . i -v' . -ztfyfd .ii vi ,221 Q -l It .. M'-' , .1 I I f Mrs. Frances Houghton Miss Julianne Mcrgentlial Mrs. W. H. Burl Mrs. Imelda La Cacc Mrs. Lucille L'Hcurcux Mrs. Grace Ccsclii WITHOUT PICTURES Mrs. D. Blackman Miss Marie Dunlap I 1 I4 A: R , 'Y - I AW ts Q' .y- Mrs. Alice Lucassen Miss Oclile Falip Mrs. Annie C. Orcier A. S.T. U. 3932... COMMANDING OFFICERS COLONEL ALVA F. ENGLEHART MAJOR A. W. BEAMISH 1ST LIEUTENANT E. H. BRUGGEMAN Army Specialized Training Unit 3932 is a part of a large group of training units sponsored by our Government for the purpose of advancing benefits to mankind, both during this war and in the Post War Period that will follow. Many students who otherwise would have been inducted into the armed services of their country in the capacity of foot soldier or otherwise are now being trained in their respective fields of study. These men will be the ones who take up the pro- fessional positions in civilian life after victory is ours. Men, whose skills might have been otherwise lost to humanity are now being educated and fitted to carry on professional skills after they have served the Army during the period that their services are needed. Men from all walks of life, all professions, and men who prior to their induction into the services had no skilled training, are given an opportunity to learn a trade or profession, thus benefiting not only themselves and their Govern- ment, but in later years they will take places in civil life and be useful citizens. A. S. T. U. 3932 is one unit that has been organized by our Government to promote the school of Dentistry to those who have chosen it as their life work. Planned training is part of the program to develop ofiicers of the highest calibre for the Dental Corps of the United States Army. Except for the "speeding up" of the training schedule, the education remains much the same. It is the policy to interfere as little as possible with the instructions that are given' by qualified teachers and at the same time add to that training by teaching the fundamental principles of military training along with the normal curriculum. Of course, this means thatsmthe program is "rugged"-to borrow a favorite expression of the Army. True'enough, it means plenty of extra work, but on the other hand, the men of this institution are the average high calibre stuff that good oliicers are usually made of. These men can and do take it! , A. S. T. U. 3932. . . ENLISTED PERSONNEL lm Little is known of the variety of duties that await a Dental Graduate when finally assigned to army duty upon completion of his training at this school. Many will go direct to hospitals and be put right to work on the old tiresome routine of "Class 1" cases. Others will be assigned to duties that include every- thing from inspection of shoe soles of a Paratrooper to Keeper of the Day-Room Funds. Other duties that you might catch before finally settling down to your favorite work include Suppy, Mess, Company. Sanitary, Drill,' Administration, Motor Transportation, Shoe Ration Certificate, Post Exchange Ofhcer, and many other duties too numerous to mention. Yes-"rugged" is the word for the program. Officers here are of the "Old School." Colonel Englehart, Major Beamish and Lt. Bruggeman have' come up through the ranks and are thoroughly familiar with the many problems that confront an enlisted man. They stand ready at all times to help and offer advice to the fellow who finds troubles along the way. The small group of enlisted men who assist in the ofiice are always ready to offer assistance too. Your problems are the problems of the "Oflice Crew," and with the combined experience, few tangles cannot be unravelled by the "ofiice." Your duties at the present consist mainly of two things. Both are within the scope of every student. First is learning to become a good dentist. Second-learn to be good soldiers. Soldiering-with minor exceptions-should be the easiest of the two, since the basic principles of the Army consist of being a good citizen. Men selected for the school already have that requirement and the problem of learning the "Army Way" is a simple matter of adjusting yourself to the strict discipline that is required of any soldier in any Army. Since every man should know right from wrong, this is comparatively easy. Of course, we will not go into the "simplicity" of Dental Training. That we know little of, other than it requires much hard study and good common sense. ' You are a part of a huge group of professional and skilled men who are going to be the leaders in the Post-War Era that will soon be ours. It is your duty to apply this skill in a manner that will be of benefit to yourself and those persons who have made your continued education possible by the taxes and sacrifices that they have made, so you can serve them later. First of all we must win the war, then you can and will apply your skills to the benefits of mankind. Your Army Specialized Training Program has made this possible. HCNORS AND AWARDS Womerfs Auxiliary Scholarship.--The Women's Auxiliary of the College offers an annual scholarship in the amount of one hundred dollars ff5100.00j toward the tuition of a worthy senior dental student. The award will be made in May of each year, through the Faculty Council on the basis of need, character, and scholarship. Herbert E. Ward, San Francisco, Calif., received this award in 1943. ' The Arthur Roscoe McDowell Scholarship Award.---In 1938, Mrs. Helen B. Mc- Dowell established a permanent fund at the College with which to perpetuate a scholar- ship award in memory of her late husband, Dean Arthur R. McDowell. The award is an engraved plaque, similar to that presented during the prior fourteen years by the then Dean McDowell, to the senior student who achieves the highest grade-point average for all courses during his four-year attendance at the College. John E. Rhoads, San Jose, Calif., received this award in 1943. The Dean's Award.-Through this medium the Dean offers an award of a life mem- bership' in the Alumni Association to be granted on graduation to the senior student who is most proficient in infirmary practice fCourses 480d and 486dj. Thomas R. Harshman, Cory Colorado, received this award in 1943. The Presidenths Scholarship Award.-The President offers an annual award of a life membership' in the Alumni Association of the College to the senior student who achieves the second highest grade-point average in all courses taken during his four years of work completed at the College. Olga Gariaeff, San Francisco, Calif., received this award in 1943. A I , The California Study Club Cold Foil Contest.--To stimulate interest in gold foil operations the California' Study Club has established an annual contest for senior students in the dental schools of San Francisco. The winner receives a certificate and a prize of 32500. Prospective contestant must satisfy the gold foil requirements of the College by April. Not more than 15 per cent or ten members of the class, chosen accord- ing to the quality of their work in gold foil restorations, may enter the contest. lt is held from 8:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M. on the third Monday in April unless otherwise arranged. The judges are chosen from members of the California Study Club who are not on the College teaching staff. John E. lihoads, San Jose, Calif., received this award in 1943. Colden Calc Study Club Award.-To encourage a study of the technic and the development of ability to place gold foil in anterior teeth, the Golden Gate Study Club offers an award of twenty-five dollars to the senior student who is adjudged the most proficient in the preparation and the restoration of Class Ill cavities according to the Charles E. Woodbury technic. Members of the Club will be the judges of a contest involving the six highest men in the course. At the time of the presentation of the award, a suitably engraved certificate will be given to the student receiving the awardf Thomas R. Harshman, Cory, Colorado, received the award in 1943. HONORS AND wARns Psi Omega Award.-An annual award of twenty-five dollars toward a life member- ship in the Alumni Association of the College will be given by Golden Gate Alumni Chapter of Psi Omega to a Beta Sigma senior whose type, character, qualifications, and attitude toward his work are exceptionally outstanding. James F. Tackney, San Fran- cisco, Calif., received this award in 1943. . Delta Sigma Delta Award.--An annual award of twentyvfive dollars toward 'a life membership in the Alumni Association of the College will be given by Alumniof Nu Nu Chapter of Delta Sigma Delta to a Nu Nu Chapter senior whose type, character, qualifications, and attitude toward his work are exceptionally outstanding. Allyn D. Burke, Hanford, Calif., received this award in 1943. The A. W. Ward Prize.-In 1930, Dr. A. W. Ward, of the Class of 1902, established an award of one set of Ward's surgical pyorrhea instruments to be awarded to a member of the senior class on graduation whose work in the Section on Mouth Hygiene and Periodontia is of particula-rly high quality. William G. Low, San Francisco, Calif., received this award in 1943. California Academy of Periodontology Award.-An annual award of twenty-five dollars will be given by the California Academy of,Periodontology to encourage greater interest in periodontia. The award will be made bythe California Academy of Peridon- tology, which will be the judge, or designate from its membership the judges, of a contest involving the students of the senior class writing the best thesis on the subject of periodontia or periodontoclasia. The final date for the submission of the paper is March 1, 1942. Herbert E. Ward, San Francisco, Calif.,.received this award in 1943. Anatomy Award.-With a desire to reward scholarship in one of the basic science courses, Dr. Miley B. Wesson offers an annual award of twenty-five dollars to the freshman student who attains the highest average- in the year's work in courses 15lb and 252b. The award is to be made after a successful completion of the senior year. Howard L. Marin, Glendale, Calif., received this award in 1943. . Crown and Fixed Partial Denture, Award.+An annual award of twenty-five dollars, payable toward a life membership' in the Alumni Association of the College, is to be made to the senior student who achieves the highest grade-point average in courses numbered 122c, 223a and c, -224c, 32311 and c, and 422a and c. Olga Gariaeff, San Francisco, Calif., received this award in 1943. , Removable Partial Denture Prosthesis Award.-In memory of his wife's mother, Lillian Bell Thompson, Dr. Walter E. Anderson, of the Class of 1920, offers an annual award of twenty-five dollars to the student who was, during his senior year, most pro- ficient in removable partial denture prosthesis. Jesse E. Owens, Delhi, Calif., received this award in 1943. 0 HoNoRs AND AWARDS The Marie Louise Blake Orthdontic Award.-Dr. Reuben L. Blake, of the Class of 1926, offers, in memory of his mother, Marie Louise Blake, an annual award of 825.00 payable toward a life membership in the Alumni Association of the College' to the graduating student who achieves the highest grade-point average in orthodontic courses numbered 34-1a and c and 44la and d. George E. Castle, Hayward, Calif., received this award in 1943. E The Henrietta Moser Memorial Award.-Dr. Leon W. Moser, of the Class of 1919, offers in memory of his mother an annual award of 325.00 to that graduating student who has during the preceding four years earned the highest grade-point average in Department I of the College, Olga Gariaelf, San Francisco, Calif., received this award in 194-3. Francis F. Knorp Memorial Award.-In 1942, Dr. W. J. Cunningham of the Class of 1928, established an annual award in memory of Dr. Francis F. Knorp, who was professor 'of surgery at the College of Physicians and Surgeons from 1896 until 194-3, The award is made annually to that senior student who earns the highest grade-point average in Departments 'Fhree fOral Surgery, Anesthesia, and Radiographyj, and Seven fBacteriology and Pathologyj. John E. Rhoads, San Jose, Calif., received this award in 194-3. CHILDREN'S DENTISTRY AWARDS Maria T. Grosso Award.-ln memory of his mother, Maria T. Grosso, in 1936, Dr. Robert Grosso, of the Class of 1919, established an annual award of 325.00 toward a life membership' in the Alumni Association of the College to that senior student who gives evidence of excellence and proficiency in dentistry for children. The American Society of Dentistry for Children Award.-The American Society of Dentistry for Children, in 1937, established an annual award consisting of a Certificate of Merit, membership in the Society, and a subscription for one year to the Journal of Dentistry for Children to one senior student who has demonstrated outstanding ability in dentistry for children. The above awards are to be made through the Faculty Council to the senior student or students who qualify best in this division of dental study and practice. Olga Garielf, San Francisco, Calif., received these awards in 194-3. ' If the recipiem of this award has or is to receive a life membership award from another source then this award is to be made in cash. SUBSCRIBERS Mitchell J. Bilafer Edward P. Boero Charles W: Boxton W. Chester Cusick Marian K. Dong Sadi B. Fontaine Edward- C. Gill- E. Frank Inskipp Bernard C. Kingsbury Edward .l. Lattig Susan L. Locke Sanford M. Moose L. Rizal Musser Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Lt. Lt. . Elmer A. McEvoy . Otis H. Miller . Edwin C. Randol . Sylvan A. Schwartz .Alver Selberg . Harry A. True .William F. R. True . Henry C. Veatclr .John H. Vogel . .lack Werner . Frederick T. West Bernard F. Roberts fjgj Herbert E. Ward APPRECIATION The CHIPS Staff for 1944 wishes to acknowl- edge gratefulness to the following for their excellent work: V Mr. J. J. Melody- Melody Studios Mr. Stanley Dettner- Dettner's Printing House SfSgt. A. M. Stuller-- ASTU 3932 ADVERTISERS... The advertisers on the following pages have shown an added interest in our school affairs. Thus the staff wishes to recommend them to the readers as being deserving of our support. Www Km l IRXIN S Member Federal Dcposil Insurance Corporation HOME LAUNDRY COMPANY -and- ATLAS LINEN 'SUPPLY CO. O TELEPHONE MARKET H30 1 l cz oss o gf N mmmu , xr 'XE' f'f"' ' S! '--l X .L 5 'We welcome this opportunigl to congratulate you upon the completion of your college work, unu' extencl sincere wishes jhr your success. Serving you has been cz pleasure, u pleasure which hope will continue throughout your career. To those of you who plan to enter military service, may we remind you that S. S. White Equipment and other products will continue to be a part of yourldaily life. Brushing-up on their operation and techniques now will prove of value later. Always remember S. S. Wliite field representatives, branches and dealers stand ready to assist you. You who will serve at home in private practice will be confronted with the greatest demand ever placed upon dentistry for the conservation of public health. Here again we can assist, for nothing will do more toward promoting eliiciency, extending service, and conserving your health, than a. prop- erly designed, well-equipped office. fi THE S. S. WHITE DENTAL MFG. CO. PH1LAosLrHlA,rA. l844 - A csmunv or sinvlce TO osnrisrnv- 1944 HELP T0 PUT TEETH BUY IN oun I WAR BITE AT THE AXIS COLUMBIA DENTOFORM CORPORATION "The House of A Thousand Models" I 3 I EAST 23RD STREET NEW YORK, N. Y. IIIIIIII BUIIIIIIIG al' Modern Offices Cen+raI Loca+ion Effilcieni' Service 'A' ROOM 600 GAr'FieId 043 I ' Rlcl-TTER sl .DRUHE SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS 8: HOSPITAL SUPPLIES ul' 64l-43 MISSION STREET SAN FRANCISCO COLLEGE GRILL THE PLACE WHERE YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME JUST ACROSS THE STREET ' J. H. STROHMEIER ' G. HARTZELL 6' SON Manufaciurers of DENTAL INSTRUMENTS -and- REPAIRS u4zs ALICE STREET OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA "My time is worth money to me- f- A. I Bank by Mail and Pay by Check" 4 I I V325 SAVES Youn TIME- .D N .F ANGl0 BANK 5 ' CHECKING ACCOUN I 1 VE,,, ,, No going about from place to place and waiting to pay bills 2 in person when you have an Anglo Bank Special Checking ,loo Account. '- FOR A BOOK You pay 51.00 for your book of 10 checks. No minimum balance required. Buy more books as you need them. Bank by mail if you wish. Call or write for full details. CRegular checking accounts are available, as always, for more active uses.D i THIS IS ANGLO'S 71st YEAR CALIFORNIA NATIONAL BAN K SAN FRANCISCO: I SANSOME ' EIllMORE I. GEARY CNESTNUT I EIllMOlE ' MARKET, ELLIS I STOCKTON MARKET, McAlllSTER I. JONES ' MISSION I SIXTEENTN MONTGOMERY I. SACRAMENTO ' TNIRD I. TWENTIETN I0l MARKET ' GEARY I. TWENTIETN AVENUE OF IO CHECKS 1 Save your limo 2 Conserve Nres and gas 3 Prolocl your coal: 4 Obloln o recelpl, ouiomollcolly 5 Hove on Income lox record 6 Control your money mohers I eq d 7 Go n peace of mind No mlnlmum balance I ulre Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member Federal Reserve System e There's a "WILDBERG PRODUCT" for every requirement CASTING GOLDS PURE PLATINUM Solders Foil and Wire Cylinders Wire Foil-Sheei'-Wire-Screen Slieei Foils Shells I094:-IZVZWJ-I5'W1-20'X: lr.-P+. MERCURY ALLOY FURNACES C. P. Model "Wilbro" High Heal' Uni+ Triple Disiilled and Filling Alloys wiI'II Pyromefer Confrol WILDBERG BROS. SMELTING G' REFINING CO. 742 Marlxei' S+. San Francisco, Calif. 635 So. Hill S+. Los Angeles. Calif. LOVOTTI'S PROFESSIONAL PI-IARMACISTS LOBBY I FOUR FIFTY SUTTER STREET San Francisco Carl D. Lovoifi Exbrooll 4I37 EAN ETTA's WEET HoP PRECISION DENTAL Manufaciuring Company Maier of The PRECISION COORDINATOR 35 SOUTH RAYMOND AVENUE PASADENA CALIFORNIA Drink... GOLDEN-V VITAMIN MILK 2 glasses per day gives you basic daily supply of 7 needed Vitamins. GOLDEN STATE COMPANY. L+cI. au. GUERRERQ STREET HEmIock sooo W X 1 When You Return From The Wor The old reliable Edwards Denfal Supply Co. will be here fo welcome you baclc . To assisf you in finding a suifable locafion To assisf you in selecfing your new office equipmenf To assisf you in esfablishing yourself in pracfice To assisf you in becoming a successful docfor in a wide-awalce world. As we have been doing for fhe graduafes of P. 8: S. College for nearly fiffy years. A DEDWARDS DENTAL SUPPLY co. A San Francisco Oakland - Sacramenfo Fresno - San Jose HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS Our very best wishes for your success Complimeni' of THE L. D. CAULK co. DENTAL SUPPLIES SF Okld LABLE.. wnsn BETTER AW X ' ' i 1: N Q59 WTIQEGINIIUIMI 413 North Pearl Street, Albany, N. Y THERE IS A TICONIUM LABORATORY NEAR Y .I .s :"' Tut -'-. 'f Y 5 4, , I, 75--.,3w1a1 r- - ff.-fx f ,V -. , vprm' I 'Z .i if '15 3 ikqi ' -'L vs Pi 'F' if E' a ,.y-f- ' Lg. f q'S,. E5 v P' , ..,. .....,.,,.r,w...,. wntnsvsn tunnis O 01- Page .YOU h are thavyf If sided for With tyOu'1l I the Arm E 9 ui gp"0-the dl? youchances grove tom e 1, I i?1nute'kWor in you ' hi itte vanriewe cglffetrer 115: wi r fq5f"- ?8'6'fedZ"y, fh3f"'f . 1 U' . Hr Hd. !:1l1fic5,'ge11t szalgdqn daxflui ' 0-'fs 'V Un "'8u 'ner "'s' iz, ewffeu de' 11-""'a 8 ,6"eSr Ci, Work ifftests 'S ,, fps Ofd the Wollnat' ' ' .1355 f1nis,s "1d's - - , A 9 ,vm 1 R , ' 7 ,Z-. .xxx - " -5 xx .W-"",' ' W ,..-,...... ,....f I r X WW-MY,,,...,...s.f-f- .. ... .........,.,.........,............. ham Zag QWZW l Zawya-.ZZe-WM O Dental dealers in the com- munity in which you intend to practice are anxious to help you plan now for successful practice after the war. At their service are the facilities of the Ritter Office-Planning Department, which can help you to a running start by designing now the ollice quarters you want. Victory orders placed now with Dental dealers will give you priority on delivery in the postwar rush. for Ritter Equipment. Get acquainted with your Dental dealer. Ritter Company, Inc., Rochester, N. Y. 725.4 'v .wakitt WHEN YOU HAVE YOUR OWN PRACTICE, USE THE FACILITIES OF OUR LABORATORY SEND YOUR CASES TO PACIFIC AND BE ASSURED THAT THEY WILL BE CONSTRUCTED BY COMPE- fy IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN NEWEST TECI-INIOUES. OUR MODERN FACILITIES ..III V INCLUDE TI-IE SPECIAL EQUIPMENT FOR THE AUSTENAL K PROCESSING OF VITALLIUM DENTURES AND TI-IE "0"Cm"' MANUPACTURE OF LIEE.LIIcE AUSTENAL TEETI-I. TENT CRAFTSMEN WHO ARE SKILLED IN THE O PACIFIC DENTAL LABORATORIES, INC. MAURICE Y. NICOLE FRANK P. DAVIES 450 SUTTER BUILDING GArIieId 8066 SAN FRANCISCO. CALIFORNIA Compliments of a Friend COMPLIMENTS OF AUGUST E.DRUCKE-R CO. 2226 Bus:-I smear SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - MAKERS OF - REVELATION TOOTH POWDER

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