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,- ns-uq. f A 4 s 'K I J J f A ' x K., , H' 1 U " 'P IEXU. I u COPYRIGHT 1925 OREGANA AUGUSTA DEWITT, EDITOR GIBSON WRIGHT, BUSINESS MANAGER PLATES nv I-IlCKS'CHAT'I'EN ENGRAVING CO. PORTLAND, OREGON Pnnss OF ' DIMM Sa. SONS PRINTING CO. PQILTLAND, Omzc:oN A C9 ,gums L it 1 . 'ia IHUE NHNIEIFIEIEN IHIIUNHDIIP, Env Ammo IWIENN-Iruw con 112. IE G As. N A 'BJ IP' IU IB? ILH SH-IIIEID IBN' TID-HIE RSS CU5CCHAfl17' IEIDJ STUDENTS CIDIF TTIHIIE IUN II' VIEIIDDSHTFY CMF CUDIIBIE' 41515141 UL!!-TPHIE SIEVENTEE In QHQORIBWJ r , ,nm if 1 4!",4'4.- ffgfzm WyZ,,55,,g2:i22 Z., ,QI VJ X5-W?-.QIYJ FVNSX - -.Y ,, Q i.. " .dfgff 'fra ' 's4lj1 7'iX, ,, W 'Z f f wb'mMf'ff'mF X , WW rf " ff f fv' W - v M' - f Aff, ,gf ff' ' Auf 7321! Aff, f if ug 1'--'yy' -Q 'N ,1 L' ,' I. ' , N ' ' :,,f ,. ,,m":-twin -N. Vf ffffwxhl Ir , fl f f - 'm f1n wfM . 1 , E , P IX, 54 fi 'l'1'kf'v'a7Kx: 1' ' A 9 k W ' N N X NMR. 1- f N ' -, X .gl v'gkC 'N 1.1 0 TENTS , X N 1 Z' 'N gffhl ADMINISTRATION ax ' , Q' ? CLASSES NgQFfiS? snows fi ,jg I cfmnus LIFE 'fhfwv 1' mg A ODGANIZATIONS M 5" FEAIUQE ,?JqJ "" I X ek , S 5 I Wfz f 'QM wgi 6' U lu l riff ' WK X x f V Q ,WW fill WWW? V 95 2-Jw' .. PM Af .nl gm! QQMLMMQQQM lrqg Jgsgzf lr.,"' 'fn I'?m --'eq s ,a,JW 'Q 11? .,4l Unznnl HgUz3"'l-n.- M A f' "JZ 4,-3 'fun 'knit 4.44, --.aa 444. ,M4-tw ff' f"'xdF wiv.,- If W4 " M Ummm Snail. I Q tg' lm " Q4 "sl ' f fwff ,w M., , ' ff' X 55. 'l . ' ' ' .A I.. ' :?1 'f,1' m If 'I qv 'mf - 41 X Jimi . - sshelx . 6' A 0' 5dgI'k' 1- ' sash. '. A , . . X1 "'1- ww 4 SV' A A V X. , J - -h X f V n mes, : . - A KV 4 M'ia'!'f:? A yy ,, -, V 2 . ' 'L' 1 0. L.,,, , , ., I f I , ff fm- .. V ,I 1 , 1- Q .M if ' .- +1 7 1 ,aff '. ' ' AN , f,.',xPi ' I ' H 1. - gif 26363, . I Jn' Ii ', ' . 9 .. t 'ifgl Y 'j New ' ' I. " ' .. A ' , , .' 'I .4 U I 4,0 1 gi I N ,W 1 '.?4 .1 ,. I ,, . j , I D UQX ' Q X ,. W 1 r '- C nf-4.,f., ' k , ,H -1 r ,D 1 Q It ' A A ,EEL , X 7 - 1 M 1 vA N, x' WfVw m Z: .,., I ,, XQ .xl 3 Q Q" g , V .X J ' , 1 AQ 'N - f x I W ' 5 -. W H, ll zu ,,,,ms WM ,r 1 :' "' "E 1' -- - ' H 1 Emi 1 , W .. - Eg. . fl 5 W x Q ' I 5 Q 1 Gif? gif.. f f ' "" if hw er N6 . U ,.:v,,Vmm Nj- t ,MN 1 I 'QZZZIA 'A vi Cf' ' W , IM' Q4 Vx I, ' : 'Q'1'.:', 4, .l-,lv .YLSQ ' ' ' ' ' .H 4. -VI ,M q 1 2' up 1 ff, 1 5551 Q V ! ' In .Mtv '--. --" ' 4 f 3 ' :-'ffm B ' ., Of -A . L ' I.. , ,Jr--, ,nw -4- fa..-'wwf - I I ,mm ' , - if -' M 'Z -' .- - f X 'ffl Q 'r " A 1- 511 , V' X 1 i 5 .1 me 1 1' ' l':'f l?be .. s . ll v , .. "'.-- ': K A """'ff 4 N 'H 61539943 l 5 W ""' 3 ' ' -ov:- .-Hifi L,f:ifi2,Q 'I G x f f TE ,Ziff ' - ' if X'-ff-?Lf1'Ef!F5'3ff 5 7' " 5 ' " ff. ' W' My .-Aw' "",, ff-"Cf .-ff 25, 1 Y- W 'Mow ID' J T' 37 'I "':'f" 513.77-"fu, I'-A 19775 A.. 1. . . ,- ,vat PL A A ,HK 'fn ' . ,n M' W, H I W, l w ' vm r t vwnf",,?7 ' N 'cz-7: U 4 -um-, ' , " 'ng A . ,Q ' " ,millin- KARL WILLIAM ONTHANK THE 1925 OREGANA DEDICATED BY ITS ADMIRING STAFF TO KARL WILLIAM ONTHANK EXECUTIVE SECRETARY OF THE UNIVERSITY A most competent man, so unselhsh and tactful and discreet that none owes grudge to him. So watchful of the Unix7ersity's machinery that in whatever part a crealc begins, he is often the Hrst to discern it. A tireless worker knowing not the clock. A friend of students not less than of the faculg7, and a patient listener to, and physician of, their troubles. In short, one of those rare executix7es and person- alities whom the University. did Well to discover some ten years ago. Entrance Court to the flrt Building i X N 1 The Millrzlce near the Spillway X .AN JUN' Dandy Hall 1 .v 1 Slmzlow Prlifvrns SIIIISN af Oregon Viflrlrrl Ifall . rv The Raceway 4 f f f q r f X . 1 A Board Of Regents OFFICERS IION. JAMES W. l'lAMH.'1'0N, l'rf.vidnnl HON. CHAS. H. Fismsk, lfira-1'r1'.mI1nt L. H. JOHNSON, Sc1'rz'lury EXECUTIVE CO1VIMl'1"l'EE HON. JAMES W. I'IAMn,'rON, Ex Offirin Clmirmnn HON. CHAS. H. FISHER, flrring Clmirnmn Mus. G. 'll GuR1.1NOlaR HON. VERNON H. VAVV'l'1iR HON. I'Ilalml3R'l' LPORDON HON. FRED Fm: I1ON Mus HON. HO N. HON HON HON. H O N HON. HON EX OFFICIO MEMBERS HON. VVAI.'1'lik M. PIERCE, Go-vM'nor, Salem HON. SAM A. Kl1Z1iR, Sarrzrlary of Slain, Salem HON. J. A. CHURCHILL, Supmwzlzfnrlrzzl of Pulflir Ill.YfI'Ill'fi1lll, Salem APPOINTED RY THE GOVERNOR JAMlis W. l'l'XM1l,'l'ON, Rum-burg G. 'I'. CZERLINGIER, Dnllus . ,, C. C. COLT, Portland ., , HENRY lVlCKINN1EY, Baker HERlHiR'l' flORDON, P0l'll1l1ltl ,..,. C. E. WOOOSON, Heppner ,, A VERNON H. VA'N'1'liR, Mcdfnril VVH.l.lAM S. Gn.mcR'1', Astoria ,, ,, Cr-ms. 11. Fismcn, Eugene. ,.,, , FRED FISH, Eugene. , Sr'fvr'11lcz'n Tfrn April April Apr'l Apr'l April Apr'l Apr'l April April April 1 lfx 15, 15. 15. 15, 15, 15, 15. 15. 15. 15. pi:-1-.r 1925 1927 1977 1927 1929 1929 1931 1933 1935 1935 PRINCE L. CAMl'lHiLL I,l'I?.YitI'I'lIl of Tin' U11ifUr'r.vily Ifiglzlmvz To P. L. C. IS -cheery zvoiee and smile, his ready jest That heartened all so brief a time ago, Witlzzlrawiiig, leafve our lives but half the zest They had 'er fortune laid our Chieftain low. hlfhat fools were we that seareely ever guessed How bra-ve and stern a fight he fought below The mien so gay and wise and undistressed That to the world was all he chose to show! Oh, chief, return and you shall find a host Where but a few once fought at your right hand And none will lag and none he too engrossed In petty doubts to spring each to his post On hearing once again the loved command Hfhose months of waiting silence grieve us most -ERIC W. ALI FN Nineteen Vmr:1Nm JUDY lEs'rmu,Y D fllll of WV: m fn Tfwcnl y DR. jo11N STRAU1: Dann of JWN1 T-'wzrzzty-one Ronan KUYKENDALI. Robert Kuykenclall, '13, as general chairman of the gift cam- paign and president of the Alumni Association, has worked untiringly for gifts for the University. Tfwznly-lfwo College of Literature, Science, and the Arts This is 1935. Ten years have passed since you of '25 were seniors, and you of '26 were juniors. You have surely grown more mature in thinking, no matter how much you may have esteemed yourselves in the fargone days of the 1925 Oreganag the eye that looks back to the under- graduate life is still affectionate, but, behold! it is now critical also, peering into the vista of a decade ago. So, now in 1935, one whom you may recol- lect as an animadverter upon the kind of lives you lived, desires to address to you these few questions: Did you learn in high school the fine art of study? Wlieii you came to the University did you begin building at once upon the four years just past? Or was it like going through the gateway of a new world, and beginning all over? ln the University did you have time for reflectiong for scaling the difficult height that men call General Cultureg for leisurely do- ing? Or did you tumble into the eddy called University Life, to be whirlqd around end- lessly, until Time struck the gong for Com- mencement? Did the Usysteml, get the better of you, or you of the "system"? I ask these questions of you to the end that when you go to high schools, or come to the campus in this year of grace 1935, and here- after, you may speak warningly to the students of today. For the "system'l which holds in bondage the high school and University under- graduate bodies cannot be killed in a day. Colin V. Dyment, B. A. Dean B. A., Toronto, 1900: news- pupurmun, 1000-13. Faculty, Ore- gon, 1013-17: head of the depart- ment of journalism, Washington, 1917-18: director oi' School of Journalism, 1918-1113 present po- sition from 1920, DEPARTMENTS OF THE COLLEGE Botany and Bacteriology Greek Philosophy Chemistry History Physics Drama and the Speech Arts Household Arts Political Science Economics ' Latin Pre-engineering English Mathematics . - Psychology Geology Mechanics and Astronomy Romance Languages Germanic Languages Medicine Zoology Military Science Tfwrfzly-thru' George Rehec, Ph.D. Dean A. B., Michixzun, 1891: student at Stl'ilHHlJlll'K, 1893-04: Ph.D., Mich- igan, 1897: student in Florence, Italy, 1908-9: faculty, Michigan, 1894-1909: Orcxzon. 1912-18: direc- tor, Portland Extension Center, 1918-203 professor of education, Reed College, 1920-215 head of de- partment of philosophy and dean of Graduate School, O1'UK0Il1 from 1911. The Graduate School The aims of the Graduate School may be approximately described under four heads. First, there is the endeavor to have the stu- dent both deepen and widen his scholarship. By having him put his energies into a major and a minor field of study, he is diverted from a loose scattering of his interests over things more or less in general, at the same time that the "taking of courses" is transformed into an approach on the whole body of those subjects, and the attempt is made to achieve the be- ginnings of a real mastership in them. Second, in place of the habit oi obediently 'itakingu the contents of lectures and text books and more or less faithfully giving them back in quizzes and examinations, the student is challenged and expected to take a critically active and investigative attitude towards knowledge and ideas. Third, and above all else, the Graduate School wishes to be animated by the idea of research, in the very broadest meaning ot that term. lt is a place steadily and eagerly de- voted to thc pushing forward of the houn- daries of knowledge, and the training and in- spiring oi the young men and women who are to continue this culminating portion of a uni- versityis service. Finally, the Graduate School of the 'Uni- versity of Oregon endeavors not only to build this active and creative habit oi mind above and as a supplement to, the ordinary college course, but strives, by its presence on the cam- pus and by its example to stimulate it within the undergraduate years themselves. l FACULTY MEMBERS OF THE DEPAR'l'lVlEN'l' William P. Boynton F. G. Schmidt Harry Beal Torrey Edmund S. Conklin Henry D. Sheldon Frederic G. Young Warren D. Smith Tfwmzly-four Romance Languages Ten full-time teachers are employed in the department of Romance Languages and there is a ten per cent increase in the enrollment of students every year. The demand for well- prepared teachers of French and Spanish ex- ceeds the supply. The educational and prac- tical value of the Romance Languages is very great. French books are read by large numbers in all the cultural centers of the World. The rapid and amazing development of Latin America offers splendid opportunities for technically trained men, who have a re- spectable knowledge of the Spanish language, which is acquiring extraordinary importance in all the schools of the United States. Practical courses in conversation, composition and pro- nunciation may be taken in the upper division. Advanced and Graduate work in the languages and literatures is open to qualified students. There are two classes in commercial Spanish and one course is devoted to Latin America. Portuguese, spoken in the vast territory of the Republic of Brazil, is becoming more and more indispensable. Students who have had three years of Spanish are given some work in this language. ltalian is studied for its litera- ture as well as for the beautiful language. El Circulo Castellano and Le Foyer Fran- cais a1'e clubs for practical training in Spanish and French. FACULTY MEMBERS OF Tl-IE Anna M. Thompson Rosalia Cuevas Italia Dallera Gertrude Espinosa Lois E. Gray Henriette Gouy Tfwcnly--fifurr Timothy Cloran, Ph. IJ. Ilmld of lJcj1art1r1cnt B. A.,Wes1.ern Reserve, 18912 stu- dent, University of Berlin, 1897- 98: University ol' Strassburgr, 1808-09: Ph.D., Strnssburgr, 1901: student, University of Paris, 100-1- 05: University of Madrid, 1005- 00: faculty, Shurtlefl' College, 1803-07: Idaho, 1809-1000: Vander- bilt, 1000-011: Oruxon, from 1906. DEPARTM ENT Germaine Cornier Anrlree Pellion Helen Duliuy Manerucl HerbertCromhie Howe, A.B. Head of Department B. L., A. B., Cornell, 1893: graduate scholar in nhil0S0DhY, Cornell, 1893-95: head of depart- ment, Oregon, from 1906. FACULTY Clarence D. Thorpe VV. F. G. Thacher Mary Watson Barnes julia Burgess Mary H. Perkins Rudolph H. Ernst Hugh E. Rosson Department of English The English department is the largest in the University, having this year a facultv of twenty-two members, and a student roll of two hundred and fifty majors. lt comprises four main divisions ot the work: English literature, World literature, Written English, and public speaking. 'llhese main divisions of the English department have varied fields and duties, the chief of which are: l. Service courses in the writing of English, in which students are trained in a particular line of Writing, legal, business, scientific, his- torical, or whatnot which is demanded bv their choice of a major department. 2. Fine Arts courses, or courses in creative Writing, including courses in magazine writ- ing, verse writing, short story writing, and playwriting. These courses are meeting the test of acceptance for publication, or in the case of plays, of acceptance for production on the stage. 3. Courses in extempore speaking, oratory, and debate. 4. . Reading courses which aim to make our students men and Women of the world of human thought, act, and emotion, by bring- ing them into contact, through literature, with the most profound and- powerful minds of the race, and their reactions to human life and its problems. MEMBERS OF THE DEPARTMENT Walter Snyder Mildred Hawes Mrs. Alta C. Hoover Helen Grouch Snyder Alice H. Ernst Ralph Hoeber L. K. Shumaker Tfwenly-.tix Paul Patterson Kenneth Rowe Oscar Brown E. WV. Merrill Luceil Morrow Frank Palmer Irene Whitfield School of Architecture and Allied Arts Development of creative faculties is the aim of the School of Architecture and Allied Arts. Around its cloistered court in the far corner of the campus, across University Street from the new heating plant, is grouped its Depart- ments of Architecture, Fine Arts, and Normal Arts. The Department of Architecture conducts courses in principles of construction and de- sign, in the technique of pencil, pen and brush essential to accurate and effective presentation, with such courses in history and practice as may supply acquaintance with the best ex- amples of historic architecture, and a proper sense of the applicability of the precedents set therein to the design and purposes of modern buildings. The Department of Fine Arts has classes in all forms of delineation, including oil and water color painting, pastel, c1'ayon and char- coal drawing, as well as modeling in clay or plastolene, from life, cast, or natureg also, classes in decorative design, with advanced work in mural painting and stained glass. The Department of Normal Arts furnishes experience in designing and in processes of pro- duction of objects of the industrial arts, such as dress design, textile patterns and weaving, tile making and baslcetry, and the training of teachers for public school instruction in art. Ellis F. Lawrence, M. S. Dcrm of tlur Srhool of Arrlli- larturc and Allied ffrts, Pro- f1'.t.tor of fIrcl1i!1'rlurr B. S., M. S., Massachusetts insti- tute of Technology: Fellow, American Institute of Architec- ture. Present position. from 1914. FACULTY MEMBERS OF THE DEPARTMENT A. H. Schroff Avard Fairbanks Virgil Hafen E. H. McAlister N. B. Zane Kate Schaefer P' P. Aclamg Maude Kerns Eyler Brown W. R. B. Willcox Victoria Avakian Camilla Leach T1-wenly-.vefven Henry D. Sheldon, Ph. D. Dean A. B., Stanford, 1896: A. M., 1807: Ph.D., Clark, 1900: student, Leipzig, 1911-125 faculty, Oregon, 1900-11: Pittsburir. 1912-142 facul- ty, Orefzon, from 1922. FACULTY B. W. Deliusk Fred L. Stetson C. A. Gregory C. L. llughes Anne Hardy Harold A. Benjamin Anne L. Beck Maude I. Kerns Margaret G. Goodall Ecl7h B. Pattee . School of ' Education The general purpose of the school of edu- cation is to organize and correlate all the forces of the University which have for their ulti- mate aim the growth of the educational effic- iency of the state of Oregon. Many opportunities for specialization are given the progressive teacher by means of the professional training offered in the various de- partments of education and the academic in- struction given in the respective'University departments. The School of Education occupies new and well-equipped quarters on the southwest por- tion of the campus. A model high school is conducted in a building adjoining, thus fur- nishing an excellent laboratory for the training of teachers and the working out of new methods in educational practice. The students not only do actual teaching under supervision here, but also have the opportunity of observ- ing some of the best specimens of educational work done in the state. ' MEMBERS OF THE DEPARTMENT' " Peter L. Spenher Ethel Wakefield Rollien Dickerson Edna C, Assenheimer Lloyd li. Webster Tfwenly-night School of Business Adm1n1stration The policies of the School of Business Ad- ministration are based on two fundamental ideas: First, that the future business man needs and must have a broad knowledge of general social and business conditions in order properly to meet the responsibilities which he will have to face, second, that he needs to have a certain amount of technical knowledge concerning problems of business management and executive control. The curriculum of the school is so arranged that the student, during his first two years, carries a minimum of technical work, putting most of his time taking courses in the School of Liberal Arts and elsewhere to build up the proper social and cultural background. The junior and senior years are used for securing needed teclmical information which, of course, is obtained in the school of Business Adminis- tration. 'l'he technical training follows one of two lines. 'llhose students who seem to have qual- ities which will tend to make them successful as business managers are encouraged' to take the professional management group-courses planned to train students to become business executives. Other students whose plans are such that they do not care to take up the purely managerial training may continue their work in the field of general business, select- ing those courses which fit their needs, or suit their interests. Thus there is open to the student two ave- nues of approach to business life. Either of these must be founded on a broad appreciation of social values, and either must involve a definite amount of specialized, technical busi- ness education. FACULTY MEMBERS OF THE Franklin B. Folts rl. J. McKnight Alfred L. Lomax Wilbur B. Mikesell Frank A Nagley Tfwmlly-nine lizlwin C. Robbins, l"h.D. Dean 14. A., lnwa, 1910: M. A., 19123 Gurth fellow in economies, Cu- lumbiu 11112-19131 Ph. D., 1915: faculty, Mt. Holyoke, 191-1-151 Orexrrm, 15115-17: Minnesota, 1917- 19: Oregon, from 141111. DEPA R'17MEN'1' A. B. Stillman Madeline McManus . V. 1 I I A l ' . A 5, h .K Y Q. ..Y..--.-- ---'- e-fr -. , iiiiijf, ' r I 4 in ia? '73 -71.4 -fi.-.1--:A-31' Q- 4' A:.Tg5,.i,g,' "GL WW 1 ,ws. mesa 1 .ze-tt . ,,.-,.,.. .4 nn,li5 5?Qd Illl' f I ' illllll Ill l i,f.1..u1.,"' rf' fig! 1: lllillllllllillllllll JL- . In . Erie VV. Allen, B. A. Dann B. A., Wisconsin, 1901: editorial staff, Milwaukee Free Press, 1001-02 g Seattle Posblntelliizen- cer, 1904-00: Printing, Photoen- graving, Eleetrotyping, etc., 1900- 09 3 Post-Intelligencer, 1909-12 3 correspondent, eastern papers, 1905-12: faculty, Oregon. frnm 1912. School of Journalism Publishers and editors look to the leading schools of journalism to train young men and Women who are desirous of coming to their chosen profession fully equipped. Oregon pub- lishers and editors have confidence in the University of Oregon School of Journalism, because the school offers one of the most com- plete courses of journalistic training in the country. Graduates and former students are engaged in newspaper work in the metropol- itan and weekly fields, a number of them as publishers, while others are magazine contribu- tors and editors, fiction, writers, advertising ex- perts, and publicity men. 'l'hev have made good not only in this state but in fields of journalistic activity in other parts of the country. The curriculum of the Oregon school was prepared on the theory that a student must ob- tain a fundamental understanding of journal- istic principles combinerl with a broad and liberal culture if he is to win the highest suc- cess in the practice of his profession. There has been widespread recognition of the work of the school, which is one of the nine leading institutions of its kind having membership in the American Association of Schools and Departments of Journalism. The school has a strong facility personnel, each man a specialist in his line. Every mem- ber of the faculty has had experience in his own field, bringing to the work of instruction a knowledge of the practices and the needs of the newspapers and magazines. The school is housed in a three story building, and its equipment is unequalled west of the Great Plains. FACUIXVY MEMBERS OF THE DEPARTMENT' Colin V. llyrnent .I U vv, F, tp, 'phuche George S. 'l'urnbull Ralph D' they Robert C. ltlall r Thirty The Law 'School The Law School is rendering a fourfold service to the state. First, it is seeking to educate men and women for the legal profes- sion in such a manner that they will not only be skilled attorneys, but also constructively- minded citizens. To these ends it stresses the importance of a broad collegiate education as a basis for the study of law, and in the law curriculum includes not only the broader courses in substantive law but also practical course in procedure, the drafting of legal in- struments and trial practice. Second, the Law School fosters research in problems of Oregon law with a view to placing the results at the disposal of Oregon lawyers as a basis of law reform. Third, it has established and pub- lishes the Oregon Law Review, a quarterly publication devoted to a discussion of difficult questions in Oregon law and comment on re- cent decisions of the Oregon Supreme Court. One issue each year is given over to the publi- cation of the proceedings of the Oregon State Bar Association, of which the Review is the official organ. During the past year it has extended its editorial board to include representatives from the student body of the Law School and from the bar. Fourth, the members of the faculty work actively in the Oregon State Bar Association so that they may be cognizant of the problems faced by those in active practice and aid in their solu- tion. The Law School is a member of the As- sociation of American Law Schools, and is ranked as a class "A" institution by the Amer- ican Bar Association. William G. Hale, B.S.,LL.B. Dr-an B. S., Pacific University, 19035 LL, B., Harvard, 1000: Faculty, Illinois, 1900-11, 1913-20: pi-uc. tisinxz attorney, 1006-09, 1911-12: present position from 1920. FACULTY MEMBERS OF THE DEPARTMENT James D. Barnett Edward H. Decker . I-1 fh E .. Charles E. Carpenter Milton T. Hunt, jr. Salifi Basslblsiigiier james A. Miller Thirty-one john J. Landsbury, Mus. D. Dann of the Srhool Mus. B.. Simpson College, Iowa, 1900: Mus. D., 1909: pupil Max llrueh, Berlin: yzrxuluate stu- dent, University of Berlin: fuc- ulty, Simpson: Baker Universi- ty: Oruron from lillfl. School of Music To make a really successful school of music three things are necessary. First, and foremost, I would place the fac- ulty. The finest workshop and the best of material count for little unless there is the master Workman. Then there is the element of equipment. Few schools of music in the entire country are so well provided with the various instrumentalities for student develop- ment. A beautiful auditorium with a magnifi- cent organ, studios with grand pianos, private practice rooms, a lecture room with radio, a talking machine with a large library of rec- ords, appliances for making records of student performances,--what more could be desired? Lastly there is the element of atmosphere. The music building occupies the most com- manding location on the campus. lt is free from distracting noises and overlooks the val- ley and the beautiful Coast Range. ln the building there is the most delightful spirit of informality and comradeship. A beautifully appointed lounge and palm room invites study, companionship, and recreation. While adequate provision is made for the intending professional, it is characteristic of the school that most of its students regard music study as a broadening factor in educa- tion. lf we had a motto it would be this: 'iliducation through music"-and a pleasant Journey. FACUl,'l'Y MEMBERS OF THE Dlil'AR'l'MIEN'l' john Stark Evans Mrs. jane 'l'hacher john li. Siefert Mrs. Anna L. Beck Louis Artan Welllngloll Sloane Rex Underwood Lora rl-eslmer Mrs. M. L. Douglass Beulah Clarke Madame Rose Mcilrew Mrs. A. P- Umlerwoml Mrs. Gwendolyn llayflen Alberta Potter Thirty-lfwo The School of Physical Education The School of Physical Education is con- cerned with all of those activities that are cal- culated to build up the physical well being of the student. lt is our plan not only to present every possible opportunity to develop a bal- anced recreational program, but it is also a definite policy to make this program such that it will carry over into the post college days. We believe that education in physical af- fairs is an important and integral part of the culture to bc obtained from any university course, and ranks along with the mental and moral values to be received. The school sup- plies service courses for all freshmen and soph- omores based on a grade system with examina- tions at the end of each quarter. Recreational cxpedients have supplanted the older programs of calisthcnics. Ample opportunities are pro- vided to engage in athletics, and all are urged to take part in some form if possible. A proficient health service gives physical examinations to all students, and is ready at all times to help and advise them concerning matters of health. A teacher's training course of four vears leads to an A. B. or B. S. degree. The tech- nical courses are arranged along several lines: for those who plan to teach physical activities along with other subjects: for those who elect to coach major sports in high schools and col- leges: and for those who want to qualify as directors of playgrounds, recreational centers, or departments of physical education in uni- versities. john F. Bovard, Ph.D. Dann li. A.. California, 1903: M. A., 1906: graduate student. Har- vard, 191-1-15: Ph.D., Cali1'o1'nia, 1916: faculty, Oregon, from 10176: dean of the school of Physical Education from 1920: president Oregon State Physical Education Society: viee-presi- dent Pacific Division American Physical Education Association, 11120-22: member executive coun- cil American Physical Educa- tion Association. lJEPAR'1'MiaN'r or Pnvsiczu. lfDUCA'I'lON ron VVOMIQN Florence D. Alden, Director Harriet W. Thompson Lillian L. Stupp Barbara A. Page DEI'AR'l'MENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCA'l'l0N Harry A. Scott, Director Earl Widmcr Virgil D. Earl, Director William L. Hayward Dr. William Kuykendall, Chief of St Dr. G. A. Ross Dr. P. J. Bartle Rudolph Fahl D1il'AR'l'MliN'l' or ATHl.1i'I'lCS Richard S. Smith William J. Rcinhart Umvisasrrv Hisiuxrn Siaxvicn Dr. Delbert Standard aff Dr. Bertha S. Stuart Dr. Fred N. Miller Margaret McGregor Elizabeth Freeman Thirty-lllrre Irene Buckley M. Josephine Shelly ron MEN Delbert Oberteu1'fcr William J. Reinhart 'Basil Williams 'Paid by A. S. U. 0. M. Eilene Gurr Ruth P. Harvey Lenore M. Cox Jane Gavin 1' W 4.1 H nu-A H Q.. I' - , ,--- ...,,......., , ' VT' . fi f ' , A 1 ' .,f -E ' . '.,.f1pa, ' Y , " 'J 1.5 - , . r X .it 4, 1 V 1 , - -. . . N 5+ i Q -1 f .- -ui-,.. ' L-.. , , , Frederic Cl. Young, LL. D- Dem: B. A., Johns Hopkins, 1886: University 1-ieholur, 1880-87: LL. D., Oi-eizon, 1920: president. Al- bany College, 1894-952 head of department of economics and socioloxzy. Oregon, 1895-19205 dean ol' the Graduate School, 1900-203 present, position from 1920. School of Sociology 'l'he purpose of the School of Sociology can best be indicated by identifying the most pro- found human interest-as sociology is the gen- eral social science. Human life with nature is ever more abundant. But it is just this sit- uation of massed population that makes the conditions of getting along with his fellow man even more difficult, and he is not through commensurate ,progress in his social relations successfully solving these problems. The relations between industrial classes and among national groups of fellow humans too generally exhibit enmity and strife that every now and then flame up in dreadful mutual slaughter. Almost universally there is hamp- ering friction and destructive competition where loyal cooperation would yield most for all. Here then is the limiting factor of civili- zation, progress, and human happiness. Here the school of sociology has its job. The course of the School of Sociology in social origins, the social process and the prob- lem and method of progress comprehend sys- tematic attempts to put over the social heritage of ideas, habits and institutions that make for good-will and the best life. Professional training in constructive leadership is thus se- cured beside the social insight needed bv the social worker. FACULTY MEMBERS OF THE lJEPAR'l'MEN'I' Phillip A. Parsons, director of the Portland School of Social VVork J. W. ming Thirty-four Extension Division The Portland Center, established by the re- gents in 1917, is charged with responsibility for extension service in the city of Portland. An interesting feature in the work of this center is the offering of college classes on week-day evenings. These classes are for per- sons who cannot regularly attend college. The enrollment in the Portland center has steadily increased since its establishment. The usual number of hours taken by the Portland students is two, although many carry four. Six is the maximum permitted. Among the interesting student groups in the Portland Center are those in foreign trade, foreign languages, banking, education, fiction writing, sculpture and life, advertising, ac- counting, and public speaking. The classes are taught by regular faculty members and by specially prepared lecturers. The students vary in age from 21 to 70, and some of them hold advanced degrees from other universities. The Portland class work earns regular credit. Among the clubs in the Portland Center are the graduate club, the expression club, and the short story club. Thirty-fifve 55' r if, l J..m-A If 6.2 if l. l ii rl r f T 'ii i A A ' 'J il ' .mil Q Il t. il - iili - ri ug: ' L1 m Fx ' J ' Earl Kilpatrick, B. A. Dann B. A., Oregon, 1900 : faculty, Oregon, lillil-17: from 1920, dean of extension division. RANDALI. JONES I'rn.vidr'11l !l.v.rru'inI1'a' S!lm'z'11l.f Thirly-.fix Jones Akers 'llllllflfl' Skinner Stephenson Student Body Officers Randall jones, President Victor Risley, Vizw-l'rr.ridr'11l Ruth Akers, S1'c'r1'lary Jack XV. Benefiel, Graduate Manager EXECUTIVE COUNCIL RANDALI. JONES, Chairman President P. L. Campbell J. F. Bovard Mary Skinner Dean Colin V. Dyment Del Standard Ed. Tapfer Professor H. C. Howe V. T. Motschenlvacher Kenneth Stephenson Karl VV. Onthank Jack Benefiel Donald Woodward Fred Fisk Thirty-.vcfven 9 XT X 1 . 1 w -,Q Q , ' ' i . F. S. lfh 'A ' 1 - " 6 - ' Xl, f I . Jones Akers Woodward Martin Graham Ellis Millcr Wilson Myers 'Field Agar Malcolm Harcr Nance Victor Risley Ruth Akers Donald Woodward VVinifred Graham Fred Martin Student Council Randall jones, Clmirman joe Ellis Edward Miller Gordon Wilson Marie Myers Thirty-nigh! Bernice Tidd Paul Agcr Walter Malcolm Audrey Harer Dick Nance GREATER OREGON COIVINIITTEE Ed Tzlpfer, Gr'fu'ral Chairman A rd is Welch, Secretzl ry Winifred Graham Gertrude Houk Lillian Luders Willard Marshal Thirty-nine Floyd McKals0n Frank Reinhnrt Thelma Riley Wister Rnsenlmurg Truman Sether Norine VVez1ver Student Activity Committees ATHLETICS Randall Jones, Chairman Victor Rislcy jack Benefiel, CGraduate Manageij Virgil Earl fAlumniJ Professor H. C. Howe fFacultyl FoRIzNsICs Walter Malcolm, Chairman Ed, Tapfef Professor J. H. Gilbert fAlumnil Mary Skinner Professor Hugh E. Rosson fFacultyj VVOMIEN Mary Skinner, Chairman Ruth Akers Dean Virginia Judy Esterly Winif,-ed Graham Mrs. L. H. Johnson QAlumnil PUBLICATIONS Frances Simpson, Chairman Kenneth Stephenson Dean Eric W. Allen flfacultyl Don Woodward jack Benefiel fGraduate Managerj Karl Onthank fAlumnij MUSIC Ruth Akers, Chairman Ed Tapfer ,lack Benefiel CGraduz1te Managerj Edith Pierce john Stark Evans Ruth Akers Victor Risley Dean John J. Landsbury fFacultyl FINANCE Ed Tapfe r, Chairman Karl Onthank fAlumnil jack Benefiel CGraduate Managerj Kenneth Stephenson EMERALD Donald Woodward, Editor james Leake, Manager 1925 ORIEGANA Augusta DeWitt, Editor Gibson Wright, Mnnafjrr Forty I LITEDADY ' 1 1 j Star Gardener lv 10 t I2 g tllthtl dl P pl T ytyt bl y ht Q --- 1 PP l to Z f f N f' f tl 1 gt' , . . a a l +P? k Cou d fin a ' g harm I: growm -c gi To sprinkle on our jasmine vine, 'Q I'd make its star-flowers reach he sky, Where hey could blossom there and " shine. f 43 If I could row so a a be Coul uck the stars in bushels bright, gg' I'd ant them in our pool, for there he r o ossom ever nig . Ph II Sherman, '26 ,f Q ow Wg shall uve: We'11 K ' i drink these April days fi l 1ke nectar with all sorrow 3 ,A.., ,... , .- hid behind Your beauty: in your lyric eyes I find The uplands of our love that dewly blaze With buttercups in prints Where danced the feet Of Pan. Let's stretch upon the grass, and twine Faith with our folly, hear a lark repeat The aching bliss your lips have taught to mine. Ah, let the sage Cwith whiskers down to hereb Frown at the airy blossoms of our mirth And chide the dream of Pan, and stoop to peer Into the cynic darkness of the earth! Our souls, beyond his gaze, rise to a , star- 0h, Love, We'll live our lives for what they are! --Wzzller' Efuans Kidzl, '26 Forty-four Summer Mood w 1 X +,f- trees castasplintered if pattern, Bev Windows on the bank play f hide-and-go-seek- ba 'Neath the sun, in warm abandon Ai? Black little cares curl up and sleep. K! Yellow birds flit in dusty circles- Q? Grey shadows Waver, dry branches creak- QI Ripples slide past the rocks in silence- Black little cares curl up and sleep. Q Warmth of air and a warmth of Water- l A bumblebee's song is quiet and deep- Summer day and a summer languor- Black little cares curl up and sleep. -Zlfferle Oli'UC1', ,ZS I"orly-fifve T HE 1 d AH ,vw -'-' ,f Con Q The silver raind p I p Q' And slant j My d 5, F While I h Though QI Out of h 'V ..... T p cl K Sl A E My d I h k fy ,Q -H I flag", ma F 5 Lg far ways, ref A Let 1ne lTlOt forget , the Wind Q And IC dar kind mo t .Q 9 The Weary friendliness -l K! fi T. of W tl k un rains- Of the scarred earth at rest. -Eunice J a' Z5 Q Let Me not Forget d f V ! Pagan Prayer ! f Q "Y HEN golden birds of lf' '1"' 77 golden beauty soar To far moon-nests in flight from these grey lands- I ask the stranger-god for nothing more Than swiftness to catch wing-dust in my hands. --M1z1'garet Skafvlan, 25 ,V v if Y 1' v ' .W 7-:xi .- 4-W sei: 4 ,Pu 1 'rv-L . , 1 1 . A A A 4 1 fCLAfSs riS 5' W 1 Y Y XNNx'l1 5 XX X I X Xxx xixxkl XX X 1,1 X X x NITE I fl xxx X X X : ' 1 I X X X X X N X . X x X x ' X x -X i ,lu 1 N X XV. - N X x x x s w m - x , x . X x h N N . ' N " x X .. ,. NN X Nxxxxyxxxx 'xxx " xx X xwxxxxxxx Xxxxl xxx, Exxx X wi l',', .,,,..1uwvm tml.. PQII, 'X ', K 'K' S - ' ," ' Il""'fYE5'4Iul1ii4ijw1li j 3, 5 i In mllur Q ' ' 1'iylIl':m ,, E nn ,I ! ' E5'3"5li!?Av!l !!W"? ,31el.1mr'f"'lWuii wfS+'v .m..:: m llllhh U LSIIIIIIIWXE I v Ilt imlhm My Ni Q, xy mmqluulmul i f L- Y' W MIIH., ',-VM i i ifpigf ..'. ,fi ' 1 119 333 "Pi gi I 111114349 F SIN' J-rgjfih W 3 llllllllum F AA C 1 D W I Rhodes Scholarship Clinton N. Howard of Berkeley, senior in the School of Journalism, was selected as the Rhodes scholar from the State of Oregon for the years 1925-1928. He intends to leave the United States the latter part of the summer and spend some time in England in preparation for his stay at Oxford. Howard was formerly from Portland and received early school training in the Portland schools. At Oregon his main interests were in journalism, English, Latin, French and literature. He is also interested in English politics and constitutional history. For some time Howard was editor of the Sunday Emerald and a feature writer for Lemon Punch. At Oxford he intends to study in the' Honour School of Modern History. He will make writing or the teach- ing of history his life work. Fi f I y-lfwo Class of 1925 IQOM matriculation to graduation, the policy of the class of 1925 has been constructive and progressive. Loyalty to the interests of the Uni- versity fostered by a unified class spirit has prevailed, and modification of many campus traditions in order to meet the changing conditions of the University has received our heartiest support. We were the first class to take an active stand against freshman hazing, endeavoring to instill fear of the paddle into the souls of those who Wore the green cap by more effective means. lt was during our regime as Juniors that the first all-University junior Week-end was adopted and found success- ful. We were also Juniors at the time that the Gift Campaign received its initial send-off, and raised more than the quota set aside for us, the largest of any class in the University. Socially we have not been found lacking. Our Sophomore Informal, flavoring of the Follies Bergere, and our Junior Prom, designed after the manner of a Babylonian temple, were pronounced the best in years. But what outshone them all was our Senior Ball, Le Bal Russe, whereby we established a precedent that we hope will become traditional with other Senior classes. Our Senior year has not been all seminars and theses, for we have not forgotten how to frolic. ln order that you might not always think of us as careworn students let us remind you of our skating party and Senior bust, a bright and happy ending to a successful four years. PAULINIEN BONDURANT, Ser:-zftnry. Fifty-tln'ee' M I v A H 4 iii' 'L . ' x X, , M sr' MuCalra bc rom u Clcrin Simpson y - :. - ' sh ' ll' Buck Akers Wilson Graham Mortar Board N.N'1'lONAl, SENIOR WiJMlENiS HONOR SOcn:'ry Iflslzlllrzl flffril, 192.3 FACULTY lVlElVllilfRS I' I I Mrs. Anne Lanrlslmry Beck Dean Virginia -I. Ls'ery Miss Lillian L. Stnpp Mrs. Mary VVatsOn Barnes Frances Simpson . Marie Myers . Marguerite McCabe Mary Clerin . Norma Wilson AC'l'lVlC MIElXllilERS Florence Buck Maurle Schroeder Ruth Akers Winifrerl Graham lfifly 'four Miss Milclrecl L. llawcs Miss Inez King- . l'rr'.vifl1'11l l,iI'l'-l,I'l'.ViIiL'7lf . Srr'r1'l1n'y Trm.rur1'r llixlnrirm -vs nu' 1 ,x :K s. Gillcnwutcrs Gowams Mxllvr Rosunbursr AC'l'l Ranrlnll jones Donald Wumlwarrl Clyrle Zollars Edwin Tzlpfer jack High '1'mml'ur F riars 'x High Jones Wood wurd lol lm -x VE MEM HERS Fifly-fi-ve Tcrl Gillenwzlters Edward Miller Wistar Rosenburg Victor S. Risley Russell Guwans Y f l The Gerlinger Cup At the Junior Prom, May 10, 1924, lVIary Skinner of Portland, was awarded the Gerlinger Cup, offered by Mrs. George T. Gerlinger, member of the Board of Regents, to the best all-around woman in the Junior Class. Miss Skinner, who is the seventh winner of the cup, was judged on "sound- ness in body and mind, modesty, dignity, personal integrity, high character and scholarship". Her activities have had a Wide scope. Miss Skinner is Senior Woman on the Executive Council, was secretary of the 1923 Home- coming, headed the Women's Flying Squadron in the Student Union Drive last Spring, was a member of the Y. W. C. A. cabinet in 1923 and served two years in the Pan-Hellenic Association as Secretary and Treasurer. She was chairman of Motber's Day in 1924 and has Worked on many other class and campus committees. Miss Skinner is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Kwama and Thespians. Fifty-.fix l The Koyl Cu p Donald L. VVoodward was awarded the Koyl cup last Spring as the most representative man in the Junior Class. Woodward is the eleventh man to receive the cup, presented by Charles W. Koyl, of the class of 1911. The winner was unanimously elected Editor of the Oregon Daily Emerald for the year 1924-25 and was president of the class in his Junior year. He was a member of the Student Council in his Sophomore year and of the Executive Council during this past year. VVoodward was associate editor of the Oregana in his Sophomore year and managing editor of the Emerald before his editor- ship. He is a member of Theta Chi, Sigma Delta Chi and Friars. l"ifly-.rmvm Edgar r Boh lman Mu ry Hathaway Clmirmzm lJcr'oration.r junior Prom Committee Richard C2ll'l'lltl'lCl'S - Fzmtrlrc Robert McKennet - - - Mll.YiC' VVurren Ulrich - - - Prog1'a1n.r Russell Burton - - - Floor Mary jane Dustin - - Rl'fl'f'.l'hlllL'7ll.f Eclwina Richen - - - Patronx Fifty-ciglil Senior Ball Committee lVlurth:1 Shnll - Patron.: Mary -lane I-Iutlmway - Mal ry Skinner lrl-vifzztinm FL'Ilf1H'l' Pauline Bondurnnt - - Willard Marshall Louis Carlson Harry Skinner Relwecca Ireland Edward Britts Hazel Borders Pulllirily ConsIrur'lion Lighlilfg Fluff' Rl'ffI'.fflIIll?7l1.Y Pro gm m .r C0.fl1l7l1!'5 jnninn Seton Clmlruzrm Edgar Bohlmnn DL'cm'11fiom Fifty-nine Alicia Agnew - Latin Eugene, Oregon Tau Nu: Collepziurn Au- pzustale, President 13? : Sculpture Club, Treasurer 141. Estel Akers - - Br1sin1'.v.r K1l1IllilIl.0'fI'IIli07l Portland, Or:-yzon Ruth Akers - JkI1l5i1' Wasco, Oregon Alpha Phi: Kwama: Mur- tar Board: Mu Phi Epsi- lon: Women's Glee Club 11, 2, 3, lj, Pres. 13, 41. Soloist 12, 3, 41: Student Body Secretary 143: Ex- ecutive Council: Student Council: Chairman Music Committee: Women's Com- mittee: Finance Commit- tee : Assistant Director Women's Glee Club 147: Lead in 'Hour Hand' 133. Dorothy Akin - Mall11'1naIirs St. Helens, Oregon Alpha G a m m a Delta : Mathematics Club : Class Volleyball 13. 'll 3 Vilrffllly Rifle Team 13? : Oreaann Staff 143. Manuel V. Alcld - Iiuxmess Ad77ll7llJlflllll1!l Vigan, lloeos Sur, Philippine Islands Entered as sophomore from University of Washinyzton: V a r s i t y Philippinensis, Vice-Presi. 13j, 141: Cos- mopolitan Club 12, 313 Treasurer 1113: El Circulo Castellano 13, 43. Elam Amstutz - Economies Silverton, Oregon Alpha lleta Chi: Assistant Forensic Mgr. 12, 3, 41: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 13,flJ. Beatrice Amundson l'lfy.viml Education Silverton, Orevon W. A. A.: Women's Order 'O': Class Baseball 11, 2, 31 2 Class Hockey 131 : liasketball 149: Volleyball UID. Camilla Anderson Medicine Eugene, Oregon Florence Anderson Ednrulion Portland , Oregon 'Vhaeher Cottage. Wave Anderson - lfdurzltiorl Sandpoint, Idaho Alpha Omieron Pi: Eu- PIIXHLYI: Thespian: 'IH-men- 2dZ3Varsity Rifle 'l'eam 11, K . l. Wayne A. Anderson ll11.vlm'.v.r ,4d1ni11i.rlrnlion Astoria, Oreyron Kappa Delta Phi. llelen Grace Andrews Sociology Eugene, Oregon Oregon Club: Y. M, C, A, Cabinet 13, fly, Lowell Angell - l!u.vim'.r.v Aldmifzistrution Portland, Oregon Sigma Pi 'I'au: El Circulo Castellano, Pres 133 : Vars- ity Swimming: 123: Inter- fraternity Council 133 : Pan Xenia: Junior Week-End Committee. Ralph Austin - lfiflrzlzn' Kalispell, Montana Beta Gamma Sigma. Kathe rine Ashmead f4r1'l1iIz'rfun' Fullerton, California Alpha Gamma Delta: Arch- itecture Club Sec'y-'l'reus. 13. 43 : Mathematics Club. Mabel Al'lTlltiltIC - l2u.vinv.v.v fldminisfralion Euprcnc, Oregon Phi Chi Theta, Treasurer till! Secretary 143. Helen Armstrong - Rorrmnrn I.1mg1mgr'.r Halsey, Oreiron Oregon Club: El Circulo Castellano: French Club. Walter Buckstroxn Lnfw liluprene, Orepron Delta Theta Phi. A 'i l Sixly-om' Florence E. Baker l l'lfy.rirnl Iiduraliofl Bellingham, Washinprion Susan Campbell Hall : 'Her- mian Club. Pres. 143 : Class Basketball 12, 33 : Class Volleyball 12. 33 1 C l a s s Swimming 12, 33 1 Class Baseball 123 1 Class Hockey 123 : Class 'lll'llClC 123 : Class 'Pcnnis 123. Lillian Baker - R .llHll'7I1Ill.f7Il Seattle, Washington Delta Delta Delta: Entered l'rom U. ol' W. 11323: Junior Jazz .links 133: Junior Vodvil 133: Homecoming: Committee 133: Student Union Drive 13, 43: Orc- prana Staff 143: Emerald Eltafl' 13, WI3. Nlarizin Baker - Rlllllllllfl' l.1I7Iy1111g11?.t Portlanfl, Oregon Delta Gamma: 'l'rnnsi'errerl as Junior l'rom Reed Col- lege. Myrtle Baker Em710lr1it'.v Portland, Oregon Hendricks Hall. Catherine Barnard lfnylixh Eugene, Oregon Mary Bartholomew E1lyli.rh Lilcrafurr Echo, Oregon Hendricks Hall : Sec'y Womcn's League 133: Y, W. C. A. Council 12, 3, 43 : Eutaxiun: Womcn's League Executive Council 143. Cleo Base - - English I.Ilr'r11lurr' Portland, Oreiron Delta Gamma: Kwama: Thespiun: 'l're Nu: Ser- geant-at-Arms, Women's League 123 : Oreizana Staff 121: Historian Staff 137: Treasurer Pan - Hellenic 14J: Homecuminpr Commit- tee 142. Evelyn Bennet - Rnmanfc Lanyfuzgrs Forest Grove, Oregon Alpha Xi Delta. joseph Benson Mfdirinzr Tacoma, Wa:-ihinirton Edna Biles - English Enumelaw, Washinstton Alpha Omiernn Pi: Entered as Junior from Washimzton State Normal School. Florence Blake - English , Salem, Oreugon Dorothy lilylmerp: - Journalism Portland, Oregon Hendricks Hall: Emerald Staff' 13, 45. - Sixly -tfwo Edgar Bohlman - flrrhzleciure Eugene, Oregon Bnchelordon: Architecture Club: Sculpture Club: Vice-Pres. German Club: Chairman Decorations for Homecoming Dance 121: Junior Prom, Senior Ball: Homecoming' Directorate 143- Elsie K. Bolt Education Lebanon, Oregon Alpha' Gamma Delta: En- tered as Junior from Ore- iron State Normal School: Oregon Normal School Club Secretary 141: Pi Lambda 'l'heta. Lyall R. Holton - B1l.fi7lI'.Y.F fldminislralinn Twin Falls, Idaho Entered from Willamette University as a Junior. 1 Pauline Bonclurant Journalism 1'ortland, Oreizon Delta Gamma: Order Em- erald 'O': Emerald Staff 12. 3, 41: Oregfana Staff 133: Class Secretary 141: Cla:-is Swimming: 125: Jun- ior Week End Committee : Senior Hall Committee Russell Boner - liusimrss Adrninislralion Turlock, California Silrma Chi. Marion Francis Bonney ' English Llfl'fllf1lf0 Portland, Oregon Chi Omega. Golda Boone - I'hy.m'al Iidwzflzrm J acksonville, Oregon Susan Campbell Hall: Her- mian Club 145: W. A. A. Executive Council 145 Z Women':-i Order 'O' 145: Baseball 12, 35: Basketball 12, 3, 45: All Star Team 135 : Head 145: Track 125: Hockey 135: Volleyball 135. llnzel Borders - Normal flrls Portland, Oregon Alpha Gamma Delta: Nor- mal Arts Club Pres. 145: Class Swimming 125: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 125: Sculpture Club 13, 45 : .lun- ior Prom Committee 135: Women's 'League Conven- tion Committee 145. Edith Bragg lfdumliozz Salem, Oregon Kappa Alpha 'l'heta. Edward A. Britts - liu.vnm.v.r .fldrnlnulralzon Portland, Oregon Sigma Alpha Epsilon: In- terfraternity Council 13, 45: Hammer and Coffin. Claudia Broders Botany Eugene, Oregon Alpha Chi Omega: Sa- mara: Glee Club 13, 45: Home Economics Club Pres. 1451 Y. W, C. A. Cabinet 12, 35 5. V. Herhert Brooks Lafw Portland, Oregon Kappa Delta Phi: Order of 'O': Baseball 11, 2, 3. 452 lnter-collegiate Knight. lp. Sixly-ihrrn Gerdu Brown - Dranm and Speech Arts Eugene, Oregon VVnv:1 Brown - Botany and Bzzrfvrzology Stayton, Oregon Alpha Chi Omega: Kwa- ma: Samara: Junior Week- lilnd Committee. Roy G. Bryson - Lafw Eugene, Oregon Phi Delta Theta: Phi Delta Phi: Phi Mu Alpha: Orc- gon Knights: Glee Club, 11, 2, 3, 45 ,PFC-S. 135, Soloist 12, 3, -15: Manager Concert Series 125. Charles B. Buchanan lx'11.fim'.r.v fIdmzm.rtrnlzon Hillsboro, Oregon Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Rosamonde Kee Buchanan - English Eugene, Oregon Kappa Omieron. Florence Buck - Elljjlifll Ialrrrzlure Eugene, Oregon Kappa Alpha Theta: Phi Beta Kappa : Mortar Board 1 Y. W. C. A.: Undergrad- uate Representative 135, Pres. 145: Eutaxian Pres. 135: W0men's League Ex- ecutive Council 145. Irene I. Buckley - I'hy.vi1'ol Eduralion Toledo, Ohio Thaeher Cottage: Hermian Club Secretary: Orcheuus: W. A. A. Rupert R. Bullivunt Lzlfw Portland, Oregon Sigma Nu: Delta Theta Phi: Emerald Staff' 12. 3lZ Phi Beta Kappa. Harolrl liurkitt - If ro no rn 1 :xr Portlaml, Oregon Theta Chi: Varsity Track 12, 31: Chairman Gifts Committee : Interfraternity Council 131 : liaseba.l, Basketball. jack C. Burleson - J o 1ll'llIlH.V Ill McMinnville, Oregon Phi Gamma Delta: Enter:-rl from Willamette 131: Em- erald Staff' 133: Sixrma Delta Chi: Emerald 'O'. Emelia Burrell - English LIlt'l'lllIlI'l' Hollywood, California 'l'runsl'errerl from Stanl'or1l University: Susan Camp- bell Hall: Eutnxian. Russell W. Burton lizzsirzrxs ,4dmini.rlratio11 Portland, Oregon Sigma Chi: Baseball 113: 'l'o-Ko-Lo. Gertrurle Butler - Rommzrz' Langzmgrr.r Bunrlon, Oregon Hendricks Hall: Eutaxian. Flora E. Campbell Enylirh l.il1'rnl11rz' Sherwood, Oregon Cosmopolitan Club: Stu- ent Volunteer Group: De- bate Suuacl. Melbzl E. liyrom - l'hy.m'nl Ifdumlion 'l'ualatin, Oregon Chi Omega: Kwama: Her- mian Club: Executive Council W. A. A. 131: Vice-Pres. W. A. A. 14l: Class lia-ketball 12, 3j: Cla:-is llasebull 12J: Class 'l'raek 1Il. Elmer N. Calef - lIu:inz':.r .41lnzi11i.rlrnlion Por1,laml, Oregon Frienclly Hall. Louis ll. Carlson - Zoology Echo, Oregon Men'H Oregon Club Pres. 133: Track 11, 2, 3, 41: Hz.-meeoming Directorate 143: Cro:-is-Country 1l, 2, 3, 41: Capt. lf.. O. 'l'. C. 141: Vice-Chairman Great- er Oregon Committee 134. Alberta Carson - Romunrr' l.n11yu11yr.f Hoorl River, Oregon Alpha l'hi: Glee Club 11, 2. 3, 41 : Collegium August- ale: French Club 13, 45. Shelby ll. Carter - l3u.riun.r.v f1d7l1llIl.VfI'llfl01I Klamath Falls, Oregon Donovan F. Cartwright Zoology Portland, Oregon Kappa Sigma: Washington Club: Varsity Wrestlinpr. Grace Caviness - l'!1y.riml lidurarinn Portland, Oregon Aloha Xi Delta: I-Iermian Club. Helen A. Chatnhrean lflllllllllfl' Iilllljfllfljllhl' Portland, Oregon Allfhn Phi: Pan-Hellenic: W0rnen'a Forum: Student Union Committee. Hilda Chase -- l'0y.rn'nl lfdufafinn Portland, Ortgon Alnha Phi: Hermian Club: W0men's Order 'O': Class Basketliall 11, Jil: Class Swlmmlmt 12, 3, flj: Class Hockel' ll. 2, 33: Class Baseball 1l, 2, Bjg Junior vaudeville Committee, .lun- IOI' .Week End Committee: Senior Ball Committee: Vtfomt-n'a League Conven- tion Directorate. Mary Douglass Chisholm - .. English Itll6'l'lIf1H't Pendleton, Oregon Orvtton Cluh, Secretary 145. Sixfy-fifvf Esther MQ Christensen ' Eronomzcx Portland, Oregon Delta Zeta. Kam Ling Chung - l'olillml Srmnre Canton. China Kathleen MaeNeal Clark Englixh Grants Pass, Oregon Mary Nl. Clerin - v Jourrzrllznn Portland. Oregon Delta Gamma : Mortar Board: Theta Sigma Phi: l'res. Y. W. C. A. t3l! Y. W. C. A. 12, 33: Order of Emerald 'O'i Em0l"1ld Stuff 13, 41: Day Editor 1-11: Associate Editor Ore- gana 141 : Vice-Pres. Wom- en's League 1432 Wflmenia League Executive Council 133: Executive Council W. A, A, 12, 33: Historian Stuff 121: Homecoming Committee 125 : Class Bask- etball 115: Forum 131. Agnes Belle Coates Englixh Tillamook, Oregon Sigma Beta Phi: Temenids. Frances Cochran - Sorlology Oswego, Oregon Hendricks Hall. Clifford L. Constance Pllysirxr Eugene. Oregon Cosmopolitan Club: 'l'eeh- nieal Society: Mathematics Cluli. Donald R. Cook - B1l.Yi!lL'.l.l' 4f1li7!li7ll.l'lfllfllI7l Helix, Oregon Phi Kappa Psi: Order 'O'C Frosh liar-ieballg Varsity Baseball 42. 3. 'ill Jllrlilll' Week End Committee. Leola Craig' - Jlflzllhmliallrx Portland, Oregon Susan Campbell Hall, Mildred C. Crain - l'hy.viral Eduration Portland, Oregon Hendricks Hull: Hermian Club: Zeta Kappa Psi: Eutaxian: Women's Order 'O'g W, A. A, Executive Council 12, 3, 41: Class Iiasketball, llaselmll, Track ll, 2, 3l: Cla:-1,-4 Tennis-L 12, 3l. Harmon F. Crites - Xlffounlzrlg Raymond, Washimrton Alpha lleta Chi. Ethelmae Daniel - German Portland, Oregon Sixty-.fix Wilhelmine Daniel Journalum Philomath, Oregon Fairy E. Davis - ' Jozzrnalimz Myrtle Point, Oregon Thaeher Cottmze, john I.. Day, jr., Lafw Portland, Oregon l'hi Delta 'l' D c l 13 u Theta I'hi: Mer. Varsity Footlmll and liaslcetball 5 General Munayzer Athletics: Co-op llonrd Directors 1 Pros. University Co-op Store. Fra nees Degerstedt Edufnlzon Portland, Oregon Susan Campbell Hull: 'lll'II.HHl-l3l'l'Ull from Bellini:- ham, Washimrton. llelen Denham - lidumliozz Elgin, Oregon Alpha Xi Delta. lilsie Frances Dennis Illxlory Portland, Oregon History Club: Maziimaex. .leannette I. Dentler B1I.l'llll'.Y.Y t1!,lIlllIi.YlI'tlfl07l Portland, Oregon Delta Delta Delta: l'hi Chi Theta: World lfellowshin Committee : W o ni e n ' s League Convention Com- mittee. Augusta DeVVitt - .lu uruuli.f Ill Portlaml, Oregon Margaret Dickey - Zoology 1"0rtland, Oregon Dcltlli Gamma: Iflomeeom- ing Committee l-ll, Dorothy li. Dixon - Urology Portland, Oregon Allmha Gamma Delta: Con- don Club. Mary Donaldson - Iillillfllflllll Coquille, Oregon Alhha Xi Delta: Vice-Pres. Y- W. C. A. llll: Pres. Q: N. S. Cluh l3J: Pres. 11 Lambda 'l'h1-ta lil: Eu- taxlan. Margaret C. Dncrner Iizzylmll ,1lfI'I'llflll'l' Hillsboro, Oregon Delta Zeta: Varsity Debate QD S Zeta Kappa Psi: Vice- llres. MJ: Pro and Con ll. 31, S1'e'y-'l'reas. 133. Sixly-.rf-vrzl Mildred Dunlap - .lo11r1ml1.vm Portland, Oregon Hendricks Hall: Emerald Advertising Stall' Q-lj. Mary jane Dustin Jou1'1ml1.r1n Baker. Oregon Alpha Chi Omega: Tre Nu: Emerald Stall' 123: Oregana Stall' l3l1 WOIH- vn's League Executive Cmmgil 131: Junior Week End Committee: Student Union Committee: Senior liall Committee. French Dwight' - I l"l1y.rirnl Iilizlmllrlfz Sigma Chl. lVlzlrg:1retDwyei' - - Ii11.vi111?.v.f fl41llllIllA'fl'llfl07l Portland, Oregon Susan Camuhell Hall. Hnlmer Edlund - El'0Il0llIll'5 Portland, Oregon Beta Theta Ili. james Ross Eggstnff Busim'.v.v f7dmi11i,vtrafion Galesburg, Michigan Ralph VV. lif.fjISlZlff l'z'r-l:'z1yznrrr111yf Galesburpr, Miehifzan Vice-President 'Push n ical Club. Alice Ehrenreich - Ilu.rim'.r.v f1l!l!Il7ll5fl'!lfi0ll Albany, Oregon 'l'au Nu. Ethelna Elkins - Iiolany, lin1'l1'l'iuluyy Eugene, Oregon Alpha Xi Delta: Samara 42. 3, 'Hg Home Economics Club 12, IH: I-louse Ilasket- ball 13, lil. joseph 'l'. Ellis - li1z.fu1r'.i'.f Alillllllliffllfillll Rainier, Oregon Student Council : Viee-l'res- ident Oregon Club 133 3 S 0 r r el Club 7 Football Squad. Josephine Evans - English llllL'f'llfIIl'l' Portland, Oregon Frosh Glue Committee 5 Stu- dent I"riendship Fund Com- mittee: Cosmopolitan Club: Y. W. C. A. Student Ser- viee Committee: J u n i o r Vaudevilleg Junior Week- Enll Committee, Arthur W. Everett Clmmmlry Eugene, Oregon Y. M. C. A, Secretary, 192-1. Sixly-riglll Lillian Flint - Af! I'ortland, Oregon Delta Zeta. Geneva Foss .luurrmlism Mullan, Idaho Oregon C I u b 3 Emerald S t a I' i' till 3 Entered as Junior from University of Montana. Ellllyn Forrest - fWu.fic' Eugene, Oregon lflorenee lforllniller Ifnyllsh l.lll'1'lll1U'L' Albany, Oregon Kappa Alpha Theta. Robert VV. Frankson liu.fi11r.r.r f7rl111il1f.flrrllio71 Portland, Oregon Bela Gamma Sitrma. Donald M. Frazer Gnology Ashland, Oregon Theta Xi: Condon Club: Entered as Junior from Stanford University. Charles Fulk Mrdifirm Eureka, Culifornin Armancl H. Fuchs Lafw Baker, Oregon Psi Kuppn: Deltu 'l'hetn 1'hi. Alameda J. Fuller Edumliozl Dullus, Oregon Alton Gabriel - Chn'1ni.rlry Milwuukie, Oregon Felipe Gzlmbon - Lafw Eugene, Oregon Eugene Filipino Club: El Clrculo Cnutelluno 11, 2, 3, 'U it Historian 12D : Cosmo- llolltllrl Club 11, 2, 3, 43, Secretary 13j 5 V ll r H i 1, y Philipinenuiu 12, 3, 41: President 133: Washington Club 139. Jeanne Elizabeth Guy Journalism Portland, Oregon Klllllm Alplm Thetu: Em- 0i'il.l1l Stuff 11, 2j : P013 nnil Quill! Oregunu Stuff till: Women? League Exeeuhve QOUUCIH Chnirmun Foreign bchulnruhip Committee 13, 'U : Senior Company : Senior Class Bnrber. Sixly-nine Penelope Gehr - Finn .frlx Portland, Oregon Kappa Kuppu G u m m n I Pres. Allied Arts League: Homecoming Directorate 1-ll: Senior linll Commit- tee: Froe-:h Glee Committee: Sophomore lnformol Com- mittee: Junior Week-End Committee: Junior Vodville 111. Roy B. Gerhard - Bu.vi111'.v.v f1f1ll1lIIi.Y1l'Ilfl07I Gnrfliner, Oregon Louise Giclley - CfIl'II1l.ffI'-11 Nlurshfield, Oregon Delta Gannmn: Treasurer Chemistry Club 12, -ll. Teal Gillenwnters Ln-w Goldendnle. Wushington Alphn 'l'u.u Omega: Friurs: Pres. Senior Cluss: Gen- eral Manager Athletics 141 : Pres. Officers' Club, R.. O. 'l'. C. 141 : Vice-Pres. Order ol' 'O' 1-lb: Varsity Basket- bull 13, All: Nlamuger Bus- ketbnll 135 George H. Godfrey 1 Eugene, Oregon Sigma Delta Chi: Alpha Deltu Sigma: Hummer und Coffin : Emernlfl S t :L I l' : S p o 1- t s Editor : Oregunu Stuff, Sports Editor: Lem- on Punch, Associate Editor. Bertram! Gooding Lafw St. Puul, Oregon Psi Kuppn: Delta Theta Phi: Order of 'O': New. mun Club, President 141. Anne Gorrie - Botany Springfield, Oregon Alpha Xi Delta: Entered from Normal School as Junior. Norman E. Goudy lizzsifzcss Adrrzlnzxlrzitmfz Portland, Oregon Russell Gowans - lizurzzrss A!ll!1l7ll.t'fI'llllfIlI Portland, Oregon Delta 'l'au Delta: Beta Gamma Sigma: Beta Alpha Psi: Varsity Basketball 12, 3, 47: Order of the 'O': Student Council 131: Vice- I'res. Student liody 147: Class Treasurer 12? :Junior Week-End Directorate : Ore- gon Knights. Winifred Graham - Engluh Literature North liend. Oregon Kappa Kappa G am m a : Mortar Board: Zeta Kap- pa Psi: 'l'hespian: Presi- dent Women's League 149: Student Council: Secretary ol' Sophomore Class: l'resi-- dent Thespians 11, 21 : Ves- pers Committee 123 :Chair- man Junior Shine Day: .Junior Week-End Commit- tee: Junior Representative Student Union Committee: Secretary High School Con- ference 1Il: Greater Ori-- gon Committee 13, 41, Mary P. Griffin llislory Portland, Oregon A l p h a Phi: 'l'ransl'erred from Mills College as a Junior. Dorothy Gurley - lfdzlralion La Habra, California Alpha Delta Pi: Pi Lamb- da 'l'heta 1Viee-President! : Instructor in Household Arts: A. IS. Degree in H. E. Seventy Stella llaglund - l'l1y.ciml Educallon lVlarrhl'ield, Oregon Hendricks Hall: Hermian Club: Women's Order of '0', Vice-President: W. A. A.: Red Cross Life Saving Corps: Class Hockey '24: Baseball '22. Wesley J. Haines - . Ifiuzfmxs fldmmzslralzon Eugene, Ores-ron Augusta llzunilton - l'hy.f11'al Education Astoria. Oregon Alpha Xi Delta: Glee Club 143: Orchesus: llermian Club: 'Hour Hand', Ralph Hamilton - lfrozzofninr Salem, Oregon Sigma Nu. Maryann Hanson - lfuglixll Lzlnrnlure Portland, Oregon Delta Zeta: Orehesus: En- tered asi Junior from Mon- mouth, Oregon. Karl D. llardenliergh If ro 7Hl1llll'5 Eugene, Oregon Alpha Beta Chi: Emerald Staff 12, 35 : Emerald 'O'. Florence Margaret I'Iardes - Ifzlyllxlf Eugene, Oregon Sigma Beta Phi: Entered from Milwaultee - Downer Collelre, Milwaukee, Wia- eonsin, 1923. Mary Hardy Eduralion San Diego, California Kappa Alpha Theta. Jessie M. Ilartwig Eduralzon Eugene, Oregon Mary jane Hathaway liu.v1nzr.r.r Adrnznlxfratlorz Glad:-xtone, Oregon Alpha Chi Omega: Vice- President Class 121: W. A. A. Vice-Prunident 131 : Head oi' Baseball 131 : Varsity Baseball 111 : Claes Base- ball 12, 31 : Homecoming Committee 12, 31: General Chairman Sophomore In- formal: Junior Week-End Directorate: Phi Chi 'lhe- ta: Senior Ball Committee: C o u n eil 141: President W0men'n League Executive Head:-1 oi' House:-x 141: Stu- dent Union Flying Squad- ron 131 I W0m0n,S Order of '0': G e n e r ul Chairman Women's League National Convention 1-I1 : S o c i a I Regulations Committee 141. Luella llausler Englixh Portland, Oregon Pi Beta Phi. Robert A. Hawkins li1'o11omlr.v Portland, Oregon Phi Gamma Delta. Swmlry-om! George Hayden - El'07l01I1iCJ Tacoma, Washington Sigma Chi: Order of the 'O': Tennis. Hazel Hayden Bofany Eugene, Oregon Alpha Xi Delta: Samara, Seerotary-'l'1-easnrer 141. Mildred Hayden - Ili.rIory Eugene, Oregon Marian Hayes Zoology Eugene. Oregon Sigma Beta Phi. Ernest ll. Henriksen' lfllflllih Portland, Oregon Oregon Club: 'l'au Kappa Alpha Pres. 141: Sec'y- 'l'reas. Oregon Club 131: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 12, 31, Sec'y 131: State Ora- torieal Contest 111: De- bate 131: Alternate 12, -11. Ruth Higgins lfllglfxll Corvallis, Oregon Tau Nu. jack High - Srn'1uIugy liukur, Ori-gon Phi K:xpp:l Psi: Phi Mu Alpha: Ora-gon Kniuhts: 'I'o-Ko-Lo: Glaxo Club 13, fll, Pri-s. 4-ll: 'Hour Hxmrl' 12, JH 3 l" r o fa h Ifoollmlli Junior Wi-L-k-ICnmI Commit- to:-: Clmirmzin Homvoom- ing Committov ill: lfriurs. Dorothy E. llill '- lfnglixlz l.rlr'rnlurr lim-llinprhznn, Washimrton Thzlchr-r Cottmro. Nlildred Hill - Sofinlogy Mvrrill, Oregon Onofrc H. Hipe' - ' l're-Erzgznfcrzrzy Puviu, llollo, Phililminc Islands Cosmopolitan Club: Tech- nical Society: Varsity Phil- imnincnsis. Harold J. Hoflich - E1'o1mm11'.r Albany, Orcscon Lnmbdn. Psi: The Com- puny: Entururl as Junior from Albuny College. Bessie Lillian Holts M1lIl1e1nali1's Hood River, Oropzon Susan Campbell Hull. --mummy-um, -.v....,. I l ...AQ- J il Scfveflly-tfwo mann.-.unqmn Elizzibelh Honknnon Ellllfllflllll SL'ZlNili0, Orvpron Kumm Aillhll Thi-Ln: Y, W. C. A. Cabinet 131: Col- lvgium Auprustulo Scc'y 131. Gertrude H. Houk Journalism I orilnnd, Oregon Q Doltu Zum: Thom Sixrmn Phi: Emerald Stuff il, 3, ill : Eutuxinn: Grantor Ore- gon Committee HJ: Swim- mim: fl, 2, 31, Emily Houston - Journalism Lakeview, Oregon Sigma HL-tn Phi: Theta Sit-Emu Phi: D'nly Club l'rL-M. 121, Reporter fill: Pun-Hellenic Council 133: Swimming, Vursity fl, 21, Class fl, 2, 3j: Varsity Rifle 'I'oum fl, 25: Emer- nld Stuff 11, 2, 3, 45: Life Savings Corps: El Circulo Cu:-xtclluno. Ivan D. Houston - E ro 710 m im' Eugene, Orc-szon Phi. Gnmmn Doltn. Edith Edna Howe - Bolnny Euprcnv, Oregon Oruxron Club. Tervzl G. Hubbard Dramalzrzr Los Amznlcn. California l"rim-ndly Hull: The Com- puny. Clayton llughes - Zoology Hood River, Oregon Harry F. leluluc - B1l.TI7H'.l.f ffllilllllliffllllflll McMinnville, Oregon Ifambda Psi: Phi Beta lxappag Beta Gamma Sig- mil. john H. Hulvey - Geology Eugene, Oregon Alpha Tau Omega. T. Roland Humphreys Mllfh6IIllllll'J Heppner, Oregon Florence Huntress - lfdumllon Portland, Oregon Alpha Xi Delta, Associate Member Order ol' 'O'Z Class Tennis fl, 2, 31: Head Senior Volleyball MJ 5 Head Senior Tennis 133. Robert D. Huntress B1l.t'17H7J.t' fIt1'7l1l7ll5ll'1lfl07l Portland, Oregon Beta Gamma Sigma: Beta Alpha Psi. . -mqnunuwf 1 Sfwmzly-lllrac Elizabeth llunzicker Normal flrts Eugene, Oregon Oregon Club: Allied Arts Club. David S. llusted - Lnfw Portland, Oregon Delta 'l'h eta Ph i. Margaret lnabnit - Sarlology Bend. Oregon Alpha Gamma Delta. Rebecca Ireland - . Edurallon Portland, Oregon Kappa Alpha Theta. Marian jenkins - ' Edurolion McMinnville, Oregon Alpha Gamma Delta: En- tered as Junior from Ore- gon Normal School and Reed College : Varsity Rifle Team 133: World Fellowship Committee MJ: Oregon Normal School Club. Ruth Jenkins - Eflumlion McMinnville, Oregon Alpha Gamma Delta: En- tered as Junior from Orc- gon Normal School and Reed College: Oregon Nor- mal School Club: Church Cooperation Committee. Florence jenks Ilixlory Tangent, Oregon Susan Campbell IIall. Anna jerzyk - - Ju11rnal1.f1n Rainier, Oregon Entered in October, lll22, aa Junior: Emerald Stall' I922-23: Theta Sigma Phi 1923: Sec'y Ml: Oregon Normal Club : Emerald Staff, day editor, associate manager. Donald johnson - Geology Eugene, Oregon Sigma Chl: Phi Mu Alpha: Condon Club. Ethel johnson - llixlnry The Dalles, Oregon Hendricks Hall: Eutaxian. Georgia ll. johnson llryrhulogy Portlanrl, Oregon Thacher Cottage. Hazel johnson English Eugene, Oregon Oregon Club: Entered as Junior from O. A. C. S1'fvcnIy-four joy janet johnson - Ifnglulf l.1lrralure Portland, Oregon Kappa Kappa Gamma! Junior Vaudeville ll, 2, 3J, Directorate 133: Home- coming Committee 13, IU: Sophomore Informal Com- mittee. Mildred Lucile johnson English Lilnrrziurn' Portland, Oregon Kappa Kappa Gamma: Eu- taxian: In Junior Vaude- ville HJ. Randall S. jones - Lnfw North Bend, Oregon Eunice jonsrud - .l 0 u rn Il lis rn Sandy, Oregon Susan Campbell Hall: Pot and Quill: Emerald Staff: Entered Junior Year from Reed College, llarolrl j. judge - Iiu.vi11f.v.r 14!l7I1llIl.ffl'lIflIl7l Astoria, Oregon Lambda Psi. Eugene ll. Kelley - Medirinc Portland, Oregon lleta 'l'heta Pi. Edward C. Kelly Lafw Medford, Oregon Phi Delta Phi. Irene Kendall - BIIJIIIEJI Ad7Nllll5fI'Il1l07l Redmond, Oregon Susan Campbell I-Iall. Elizabeth Kerr - I'.tyrl1uIogy Portland, Oregon Delta Gamma: Company 143: Glue Club 1-13: Clue-1 Swimming 123: Red Cross Life Savings Corps 1232 Triple A Vice-Pres. 1132 Junior Vaudeville 133 I Sophomore Informal Com- mittee 123. Herschel E. Kidwell BllA'l7ll'.l'.f fldminixtratmn Pilot Rock, Oregon J. R. Kinney Edumfion San Francisco, California Football Squad 133: Track Team 133: Order 'O'. G. Clifford Knodell B1lJlIlI?JJ Adflxrrzixlralzorl Enterprise, Oregon Sigma Alpha Epsilon : Crut'tsmen'n Club: Com- lluny: Entered as Sopho- more from O. A. C. Srfvzvzly-fifvn' f Gwendolyn L. Kohns Englixh l.i1m'alurc Portland, Oregon Chi Omega: Entered from Reed College in 1024. Katherine Kressmann Jnurnalnfm Portland, Oregon Kappa Omieron: Pot and Quill: Pro and Con: Emer- ald Staff 13, '13, D'ay Edit- or 143, Order Emerald 'O': Varsity Rifle Team 123: Junior Week-End Director- ate: Homecoming Commit- tee 143. Norman VV. Larnbee Eronomics St. Helens, Oregon Charlotte La Tourrette 1'l1y.v1fal Edufation Phoenix, Arizona Susan Campbell Hall: Her- mian Club: W. A. A. Treas. 143: Women':4 Order '0': Head of Hockey 133: Class Baseball 11, 2, 33: Cla:-is Basketball 13, 43: Class Hockey 133: Class Volleyball 13, -1,3: Class Track 133. Maybelle E. Leavitt Journalism Klamath Falls, Oregon 1'i Beta l'hi: Emerald Stuff '20, '21, '22: Historian Staff '1!l. john W. Lewis - Bu.v1nz'.r.r Adrrxlrzulrrllion Eugene, Oregon Theta Chi : Craftsmen Club. Alice Linrlell - Ilixlory Portland, Oregon History Club g Entered from Reed College, Senior Year. S. Eclwarrl Linkluter Cllemzslry Hillsboro, Oregon Phi Kappa Psi. Beatrice Emma Loenning - - English l.itz'rr1l11rf Haines, Oresron Oresron Club: Entered as Junior from Whitman. S. D. Loomba - Busirzen .fldmuzzslratmn Jaloun, lnrlia Camilla Lorenz - Edumlion Coquille, Oregon Chi Omega. john R. Lowe - Bu.rzne.r.r t7d171l7ll5fflll107l Eugene, Oreszon Lambda Psi: Beta Gamma Sigma: Beta Alpha Pe-ii. l Snfvmzly-.rix Marguerite McCabe Botany Waunn., Orefron Delta Delta Delta: Mortar Board 5 Tre Nu: Them-lpinn 3 Women's League Executive Council: Homecoming Com- mittee f3. 41 z Junior Week- End Committee: Gift Cam- paign t3J. Joseph R. McCreacly MHlll6Hl!lflEJ Forest Grove, Oregon Mathematics Club: En- terefln as xr Senior from 1s'2N!lllC University. Mary A. McCullngh Snriology Roseburpr, Oregon Delta Zeta: Entered as .Junior from Reed College. Florence McDonald Botany, Bnrlcriology Oreneo, Oregon llarolcl L. Mcliwen 11141111015 .flrlrrmmrlralirm Portlaml, Oregon Frances Dwane McGill ' lfducalzon Portland, Orepzon Gamma Phi Beta: Kwama: History Clubp Newman Club: Varsity Swimming: Team t2l: Sophomore ln- formal 123. Margaret Mellowan Ifrlgllxll Portland, Oregon Gamma Phi Beta: Trans- fer from Reed College. Mary McMahon - Ilixfory Portland, Oregon Kappa Omicorn: History Club, Historian 1-IJ: New- man Club. Alberta Lou McMonies l'hy.rz1'a1 Ed1ll'lIll07l Pendleton, Oregon Delta Delta Delta: Presi- dcnfi Pun-Hellenic 1-ll: Sec'y Pan-Hellenic 13M Orchestra 115 :, Women's Order ol' 'O': Varsity Basketball 111 : Class Hask- etball 11, 3, llj : Class Base- aall 11, 27: Senior Party Committee 149: Director- ate National Women's League Convention 141: tunior Week-End Commit- ee. Bernard A. McPhillips Drama and Sprnrlz Arls McMinnville, Oregon john Macllung - Chemistry Portland, Oregon Sigma Pi Tau. Marie H. Malmgren 15111111111 Phoenix, Oregon Sigma Beta Phi: Pro and Con: Historian Staff 121: Pan-Hellenic Council 14J. Scfveuly-.vefven VVilna Almeria Manly RIHIIIIIIFL' LIIIIj1!l1Ig4'S Portland, Oregon Hendricks I-lall: Entered as Junior from Cornell Col- lege: W, A. A.: Wumen's Order 'O': Class Basket- ball 13, -ll: Volleyball 13, 49 Q Hockey 13l : Track 131. Willard C. Marshall BIl.Tllll'.f.Y i4liIlllllIJ'f7'IIfl07l Salem, Oregon Beta Theta Pi. Paul Ramsey Matthews Emnomirx Seattle, Washington Delta Chi: Entered from University ol' Washington. Ben Maxwell - Jourfmli.rm Salem, Oregon Theta Chi: Sigma Delta Chi: Cral'tsmen's Club: Emerald 'O' : Emerald Staff 11, 23, Day Editor 123: Homecoming, Junior Week-End Directorates : Vice-Pres. University Ce- on: Publicity Manager A. S. U. O. Frank D. Mayer Lafw Lebanon, Oregon Louis S. Metzelaar Bu.v1nrr.r.r Aa'1n1m.viration Portland, Oregon Beta Alpha Psi: Crafts- men Club. Harry L. Meyer lim 110 In 1 av Portlaml, On-gon Bnchclorflon: Orflvr of Freshmen Tennis, Varsity Tennis 12, 3. lil: Mirwl' Sports Committvv. Eclwarcl M. Miller h Journalism Molnllsl, Orc-gon linchvlorrlon 5 l" r i a 1' s Z Agora: Sigma In-Ita Chi: Siyrmu llpsilon 3 Hammer anil Coffin 3 Orllvr Emor- ulrl 'O'. jean Millican - Normal Ari.: l,c-alnwpz, Ori-gun Sigma lim-Ia Phi: Nm-mal Arts Cluln. llazel Mills l:'1l111'aIi0n Aurora, 0rvy.:nn llvmlrick:-i llall. jenn Moffatt - Iftfllfllflflll West Linn, Oregon Alpha Gamma Dc-lla: Vars- ity Riflm- 'll-am lllli Y, W. C. A, Nlm-mln-rsliip Commit- tm- 133 3 l"inancu Cumniittw- l-H 3 Wurlfl l"z-lluwship Cummillvn- ill. Collis P. Moore - Bll.l'Illl'.Y.f tllllllllIl.Ffl'IlfIlIIl Maru, Orulon Simna Alpha. ldpsilmig Gru- Kn: Int1'rI'r:1tm-rnity Gaun- vil: lfrusli liasrhallz Vars- ity liaswhall 12, IH. Smfmly-niylll Cora lVln0l'6 - - Bl1.YllI!'.f.l' fltillllllllffllfllln lCllL5'l'IIl', Oreiwn Pal V. Morrisselte Fuylish Yakima, Washington Mary Ella Morrison l'hy.vi1'nl Iidumliorz Hz-llinprhum, Wa:-xhimzton Dvlta Gamma : lCnl4'r0cl from Univvraity ul' South- vrn California as Sm-nior. Rue Mawrey - l:'r1murnir.c l'nrtIanll, Orvxrmi uta Chi J Craftnniz-n Club. lirroll VV. Murphy lim llfl rn im Sioux City, Iowa l'hi llulta 'l'hc-tn: Cru-Kos: 'I'm'uh anal Shim-Id: Ss-niur Hull Cmnrniltn-1-5 llmnvcnm- im! llirvcturxm- '23--I: l"ly- imz Squadron I'm' Sllulvnt. Uninni Aflvc-rlisimr Mun- agvr 'Olml Ori-1:nn,' '21-22. Marie Myers - l:'11yli.vl1 l,ilrrulurr lVl1-rli'm-ml, Orvprun Chi 0vn1'1.!a: llmlrll Vll'l'-l'l'UH.l 'I'lu-spina: 'I'rm- Nug .luniur Class Vico- l'rvs.: Stull:-nt Cuunvil 4-ll 5 l"urum HH 3 llmm- Econom- ivs Ululx, lll'l'H. 123: Y. W. U. A. llIIllllll'l, lil, Ill. Ann Malloch Mylne Iiolrmy, Ba1'tm'mIogy lVleMinnville, Orevrlm Susan Campbell Hall! En- tered Junior Yenr from Linfield College: Snmnrul Wireless Club ill: Fine Arts Building Committee ill- Doris IE. Neptune - . lfdllmllon Snlem, Oregon Hendricks llall. Charlotte Newhouse Iirlylislz LlfI'I'IlfIII'1' The Dulles, Oregon D 0 l t u Zeta: Colletllllm Auguatale. Kathryn Esther Nicholson - - Normal Arm lVlnrshl'icld, Oregon Delta D'eltn Delta: Prem Normal Arts Club '2-I1 Homecoming Committee '22: Junior Prom Commit- tee: Style Show tl, 43- Roy 'l'. Norton - If ro 710 7lll1'.f Eugene, Oregon Kannn Deltu 1'hi. Merle Oliver - I IVFIHUII Engllxll Hollywood, California Alnhn Gnmmn Delta! E21- taxian: Tre Nu: Cnlifornni Club: Claus Volleyball 41. 2, 3, 41. Srvvfllly-11i11r Mildred jane Orr - EdlH'llfI07'I Eugene, Oregon Barbara Page - Pllyxfral Ed1ll'llfIOII Eugene, Oregon Alpha Chi Omega: Her- minn Club. Donald K. Park - Plly.rlz'nl E!l1HYIfl07l Sun Francisco, California Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Gru- Ko: Chnirmnn Fresh Glee: Chairman Fresh lionfire: Chuirmnn .lunior Lottery: Pres. California Club '22: Interfralternity Council '23: Mgr. .lunior Vod-vil: Mgr. Varsity Swimming Tenm '2-l: Mgr. Concert Series A. S. U. O. '2-1: Frosh Football: Fresh busebnll. Doris Nl. Parker - P!fy.v14'al Ell1ll'llfl!I7. North Powder, Oregon Deltn Zeta: Hermiun Club: Orchcsus: Oregnnn Stuff 125: Emernld Stuff ill: C l n s ra lin ketbnll 13, -lj : Swimming. Lois R. Parker - Illuxir Eugene, Oregon Oregon Club: Mu Phi En- silon: University Orchestra C25- Dorinn E. Patterson Iiranulnirs Eugene, Oregon Friendly Hull. Donald C. Peek - If 1' o n 0 m 1 rua' Portland, Oreyron Sigma Chi. William Peek - E!'07lll7!1H'.l' Portland, Orepron Sigma Chi. Flossie Perce - Edlzrzltzo n Clackamas, Oregon Oregon Normal Club: Y. W. C. A.: Entered as a Junior. Frances Peterson - lx'u.rim'ss fldinzmnralmiz Corvallis, Oregron Alpha Phi: Phi Chi 'l'hcl.a. Milton O. Peterson liu.f1m'.rJ f1d1nl1z1.vlrr1llon Portland, Oresron 'I'ht-ta Chi: Interfraternity Council Ml: Track il, 2l. Genevieve Phelps - lfduratwn Pendleton, Oregon Kappa Alpha Theta: Kwa- ma: Mu Phi Epsilon: Or- chestra 12, 3, fll. I Eighty Truman E. Phillips Architecture Milwaukic, Oregon Sigma Pi Tau: Architec- ture Club: Allied Arts League. Chi Sung Pil - .lourfmlinn Seoul, Korea Varsity Baseball: Orfler of the "O". Katie Potter - Music Eugene, Oregon Delta Gamma: Mu Phi Ep- silon: Orchestra fl, 2, 3, 41, Willis A. Potter - l.r1fw Euxrene, Oregon Williz1mPoulson - lf1'nnu1nit'.f lortlantl, Oregon 1 l'hi, Gamma Delta. james P. Powers - Lnfw I'orLln,nd, Oregon Kumva Delta l'hi: Phi Delta l'hig ,lfootlrall Squad lil, fly. Lexro BEl'IIllI'Cl Prillannan - - Drama and Sjmffll .4rl.v Cove, Oregon Stage Manager University Theatre 12, 3, 41. Rolex P. Prillaman B1l.l'l7lL'J5 Ad7ll17llJlI'1lllIl7I Cove, Oregon j. Claude Proffitt I .7l1l?!fi1'HlL' Dayton, Oregon Friendly Hall: Craftsmen Club: Entered as Senior from Linfield College. A. S. Propst - hldilflliltlfl Vale, Oregon Mathematics, Vera Prurlhonnne - Ie01llll7Il'L' llmlyzmyznv Portland, Oregon Pi Beta Phi. Helen Purdum - E vo Il 0 m i Ill' Portland, Oregon Hendricks Hall. lfighly-om' August W. Quinby lfronomicx Fort Collins, Colorado Craftsmen Club: Entered from Denver University. john A. Rhodes - Efonomics McMinnville, Ore-ir-in Pai Karma : Craftsnien Club: Entered from Lin- field College 1924. john VV. Richan - liu.fr11r.v.v f7d7llHlIA'fI'Ilfi07l Portland, Oregon lirlwina Richen - lfnylrxll I.il1'rnIure Portland, Oregon Chi Omega: Kwama: Thes- yrian: 'l're Nu Vice-Pres. 133: Women's League Ex- ecutive Council L2, 3, 41: Forum 131 : Women's League Delegate Stats- Fed- eration Women's Clubs 123. 'l'heln1a Levenn Riley English lnfcrrzlurc Baker, Oregon Oregon Club Pres. Ml: Greater Oregon Committee 145: Women's League Ex- eeutive Council C-ll. Lawrence D. Robertson liu.flnf.r.f f,lflllilli.ffl'tlfi0II Nanton, Alberta, Canada Kappa Delta l'hi: Inter- collegiate Knights, Margaret Roclesicle Rlllllllilfl' I,11ngungf.f Redmond, Oregon Spanish Club: Entered as Junior from Albany Col- lege. jack B. Rogers - lizuirzmx Adrnlnlriralmn Baker, Oregon Lambda Psi: Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha Kappa Psi: Beta Gamma Silrma. VVistnr Rosenburg - Mddiflllf Prineville, Oregon Alpha Tau Omeiza: lfriursi Order of '0': Varsity Track l2. 3, 'Ui Calvllilifl MJ: Orchestra ll, 2, 33: lnterfraternity Council f3J : Greater Oregon Committee HJ. james I'l. Ross - LIFLL' Toledo, Oregon Phi Kappa Psi: Deltn. Theta Phi: Order ol' 'O'C Varsity lioxinir ll, 23: Varsity Baseball 12, 3, 43, Captain MJ: Glee Club MJ. Nellie A. Rowland Normal !Irt.v Salem, Orefron Alpha Chi Omeizui Orches- us, Treasurer l-ll: Nor- mal Arts: Club, Treasurer MJ. Margaret F. Sagnliercl Bu.unm.f fldllllfllilfllllllfl Gardiner, Oresron Thaehor Cottasre. A y, l Eighty-lfwo Frances Sanford - J01H'7llII1.f1f1 Pa:-uulena, California Alpha Phi: Emerald Staff 12, 3, 'lj : Upper Stal'I' CSI: Day Editor MJ : O r d e r ol' The Emerald "O": TransI'erred from Southern liraneh ol' University ol' California Sophomore year. Roy li. Sawyer - MllflIElllllfII'.Y Sioux City, Iowa Dewey SC11l'lNlI'0llf2,'l1 liu.vzm'.r.r I1d7llHlI.ffIYIfl07l Eugene, Orexrun Theta Chi: Craftsmen Club Treasurer CBJ : Baseball l2j: liasketball f3, 41. Maude Schroeder - l'hyxn'nl Ifdumfiori Portland, Oregon Kappa Alpha Theta: Mor- tar Iioard: Hermian Club: Kwama: Orchesus: Wo- man's League MJ: W. A. A. Executive Council : President UH : Junior Week-End Directorate. Pzlul Shultz - llll'01I07Illf.l' Pendleton, Oregon Sli-Ima Chi : Freshman Track . l-lclen Louise Schuppel Iz'11yli.rh Lilcrnlurr Portland, Oregon Susan Campbell Hall: Or- chestra. Dorothy Scotton - Roumnrc lungxmyn Portland, Oregon Delta Gamma: Executive Council of W. A. A. Alludeen Scroggin RIHIIIIIINF Lllllyllllfll' La Grande, Oregon Gamma Phi Beta. Stephen S. Selnk - l Iiu.cim'x.r I4!1'1!1l1ll.Tll'IIllUIl Cove, Oregon Newman Club. Manuel Seminnrio B1I.T17lI'.H' Ad1lll71l.fH'IIfl07l Lima. Peru Cireuto Castellano: Coa- mopolitnn Club. Ruth Sensenich - . Eli1ll'!Ill1l7l Portland, Orexron Kappa Alpha 'l'hetaZ Kvva- rna: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 135. Neva Service - I l'!1y.r1ral lfdmrztlovz Baker, Oregon Kappa Kappa Gnmmnl Ell- taxian : Hermian Club I Glee Club: Y. W. C. -A- Cabinet 13, 15: W. A. IA. Secretary 145 : Executive Council: Orehesus: Le Foy- er Franeaa 125: Secretary Hermian Club 135 I Wom- en'u Order ol' "O"Z LIN Saving: Corps: J u n 1 o r Vaudeville 125. Ifiglffy -lllrm' A. Truman Sether Bu.f1nc.r.r Admlfllstrniizm Glendale, Oregon Friendly Hall: Entered as Sophomore from St. Olaf College, Minnesota: Beta Gamma Siama: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 1-15: Crafts- men Club. VValdemnr Seton - La-w Portland, Oregon H eta 'l'h eta l'i. Robert Shepherd - Pro-Lnfw Portland, Oregon Chi Pai. Helen Sherwood - Ed1l1'alion Cuquille, Oregon Delta Delta Delta: Stu- dent Union: .Iunior Week- End 1-15: Senior Ball 145: El Cireulo Castellano, Georgian Shipley - Sflfilllllgy San Anselmo, California c. Gamma Phi Beta: Pan- Hellenie 12, 3, 415: Y. W. C. A. Finance Cornimttze 125 : Junior Prom Commit- tee 135 : Homecoming: Com- mittee 125. lVlzirth:1 Shull - Iizzglixll I.if1'rnlurc Portland, Orep.-:on Kappa Alpha 'l'h4-ta: Phi Beta Kappa: Eutaxian: Emerald Stal'I' 115: Oro- Liana Stafi' 125 : Senior Ball Committee: Student Union Urive: Hiyrh Sehool Con- vention 135. Milton Simon - lf1'o21omlc'.r Forest Grove, Oregon Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 13, 43. Frances Simpson - Journalum Portland, Oregon Alpha Gamma Delta: Mor- tar Board, President 143: Theta. Sigma Phi, Treasurer 1113: Zeta Kappa Psi 12, 3, 43, President 133: Eutax- ian Literary Society 13, 43 : Pro and Con Secretary 11, 23: Varsity Debate 1235 Order Debate "O" 12, 3, -l3,: Emerald News Staff, Upper News Staff, Daily News Editor 133: Order Emerald "O" 13, 43: Ore- gana Staff 133: Greater Oregon Committee 133 : C hair man Publications Committee 143: University Historian 143. Margaret Skavlan J01H"7l!Ill.FIll Eugene, Oregon Alpha Xi Delta: Theta Sigma Phi, Vice-President 143: Sculpture Club Cor- responding Secretary 143: Oregana Staff 13, 43: Em- erald Staff 11, 2, 3, 43: Associate Editor 143: Al- lied Arts League: A, S. U, 0. Lecture Committee 123: Chairman 133: Pot and Quill, Secretary 13, 43 : Dial, Harry Skinner - Iifofzommr Portland, Oregon Chi Psi: Senior liall Com- mittee : Student Union Committee. Mary Skinner Education Portland, Oregon Kappa Kappa Gamma : Thespian: Kwama: Ger- linger Cup 133: Pan-Hel- lenie, 'l're:1surer 133, See- retary 143: Senior Woman on Executive Council: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 133: Advisor Freshman Commis- sion 133: Secretary Home- coming Committee: Secre- tary Student Faculty: Stu- dent Union Committee: Secretary Republican Club: Senior Ball Committee 143 : Chairman Mothers' Day 143: Head of Squadron for Student Union. Carl Skoog - Lafw Portland, Oregon Delta Theta Phi. , el Eighty-four Cecil Starr Smith - llislory Portland, Oregon l'hi Delta Theta. Margaret Smith - Normal Ari.: Iortland, Oregon J Alpha Phi: Entered from Goucher College 1923. Marian Christine Smith Physiml Erlumlion Aberdeen, Washington Delta Delta Delta: Her- mian Club 13, 43: Class Hfmlwy 123: Dance Drama 12, 33: Orehesus. Mildred Smith - Sociology Redmond, Oregon Pi Beta Phi. Charles Edward Snell liu.wna.f.r .flrlmzmslralion Portland, Oregon Fisrma Alpha Epsilon : Vranslered from University of Washington in Junior Year. Mearl R. Snyder - Geology McMinnville, Oregon Wi Kappa: Delta Theta Phiil Condon Club: Home Comms: Committee 143. Samuel Solmle - Ifmzm 111 if.: I'ortland, Oregon Entered as Senior from Reed College in 192-I: Or- chestra: Weimar Ilund, Arnold R. Southwell ,4l'l'lllfl'1'flll'I' Tacoma, Washinizton Slltma Alpha Epsilon: 'l'o- K0-lf0C Architectural Cluli. Marjory Speed - lfrlzlmfirm llluirene, Oregon Rlllwy Speer - - lx'ugIi.vl1 llllt'flIl1H'6' Stayton, Oregon Delta. Zeta. Laverna Spitzenlaerger l''al Iil!11ll'NillHI Portland, Orcyrun Alffha Omicron Pi: Or- Chvf-WUSI Hermian Club: Women'a Order of "O", Secretary 141, Raymond E. Statzer lff07I01llil'J Eugene, Oregon Beta Alpha Psi. Eighty-fifvc s If-1mS1r'rl - El'UlIUlllil'.V Eugene, Oregon Esther Stricker - linylixll lllfI'I'!llllI'l? Portland, Oregon Pro and Con: English Lit- erature Honors. Eugenia Strickland .Iournnlmm Memphis, Tennessee Hendricks Hall: Debate 121: Zeta Kappa Psi: Em- erald 12, 3, -11: Ort-:Sana 1-11- lrma E. Strome - Ed1llYlfl07l Eugene, Oregon Grace Sullivan - Pl1y.m'al Iidwnfion Czar, Alberta, Canada Hendricks Hall: W. A. A.: Head ol' Basketball 121: I-Icad ol' Canoeing 141: Presidency Order ot' "O" 131: Orchcsusl Herrnian Club 'Frcasurcr 141: Class llasketlvall 11, 2, 3, 41: Varsity Squad: Class Base- ball 11, 2, 3, 41, Varsity 111: Class Hockey 11, 2, 3, 111: Class Tennis 13, 41: Class Track 111. Chester A. A. Sumtion Bus1nr.r.r 14d7!lI7l1JfI'I1lllI7l Portland, Oregon Belle Taggart - I l'l1y.rit'al Edurnlmn Hillsboro, Oregon Delta Zeta: Hermian Club: Orchesus. Edwin C. Tapfer - liiuirzrss fldmlnzslrallon Milwaukie, Oregon Baehelordon : President Oregon Knights t2j : Presi- dent ol' Sophomore Class 123 : Executive Council ill: General Chairman of Jun- ior Week-End 431: lfriarsg Alpha Kappa Psi. Jens Terjeson - Ere no 17llfJ Pendleton, Oregon Kappa Sigma : To-Ko-Lo: Order of "O" : Varsity Ifootlmall t3, 41. Henry Tetz - - liusimw f1li7!ll7ll5ffllll07l Ridgefield, Washington Kappa Delta Phi: Varsity 'I'raek t3J: Cross Country 13. D. Evelyn Thatcher - Eflylllfl Portland. Oregon Delta Gamma: 'I'ransl'err1d from University ol' Wash- ington. Virginia Thatcher - l1'ngli.vh Portland, Oregon Delta Gamma: 'l'ransl'errerl from University ol' Wash- ington. Fiylfly-.six Beatrice Tidd - Pllyyiml Eduratzon Eugene, Oregon Alpha Xi Delta: El Cir- culo Castellano: 'Fhespian ' Student Council. Elizabeth Tillson - llixtory Portland, Oregon Alpha Delta Pi: Temenids, Frank R. 'l'routrnan l3us1m's.v !Ifl1n11l1.vfrntion Portland, Oregon Kappa Delta Phi: Fresh- man lla:-aelmll. johnlrullinger - liu.v1nr'.v.v 14lI7lll7ll.flI'1llill7l Astoria, Oregon Kappa Sigma, Gertrude Gail Tucker' I'l1yJlr'nl lfdflmliofr Salem, Oregon Hendricks liall: Entered as a Junior from Willamette University: Zeta Kappa Psi: Class Volleyball. Alice Ann 'l'u1hill - Ifllylirll l1ill'ffIflH'I' linker, Oregon Delta Delta Delta: Junior Prom Ml: Student Union Ml 2 Homecoming ilij I .lunior Week-l'lnd Commit- tee ill. Josephine Ulrich - .l ra 11 r ll ll I1 .v m Portlanrl, Oregrun Delta Delta Delta: Emer- ald Staff 145: Oreyrana Staff 145: Wom':n's Order ol'."0": Junior Prom Com- mlttw 133: Class Baseball illlj Student Union Drive: Junior Vaudeville 137: As- sistant Historian 121. Warren Il. Ulrich - Clmmirrry Portland, Oregon Bachelordon. Evelyn Underwood Iidumfrofl Portland, Oregon Qirls' Oregon Club: Le Foyer Francais: Quaestor 04' Colleprium: Auyrustalv 1-, -11. Lucy C.Vander Sterre llixlory Portland, Oregon Hendricks Hall: Eutaxiani W0men's Order nf "0": Varsity Ilaslwt Hall 11, 2lC Class ,Baseball 12, 33. Stella L. Van Vleet Ifdnfzzimfl Portland, Oregon Alpha Gamma Delta: Y. W. C. A. Finance Commit- tee 139: Membership Com- mittee 141: Homecoming' Committee 143: Washimr- ton Club 11, 2, 35. Mary Enid Veatch - Mnlhz'mntir.r Halsey, Orepzun Siirma H1-ta Phi: Mathe- matics Club, Eighty-:rfvcn Sylvia Addie Veatch Mrlillfnmliaxv Cottage Grove, Oregon Oregon Club: Mathematics Club. Carl Vreelnncl - Bu.vinrr.v.v Alil7ll7llJlI'1lll07l Portland. Oregon Beta Gamma Siirmai Of- ficers' Club. Lela VVade - Music Elgin, Oregon 'Pau Nu. Dorothy VVagner - Finn Ari: Portland, Oregon 'Fhaeher Cottalre. Norinne Weaver - Englmll ,illl'I'Ilf1l7't' Portland, Orepron Pi Beta Phi: Greater Ore- xron Committee 141. Charles VVells - Chfmhffry Hill: boro, Oregon Clara E. Wheelhouse Edufalzun Arlington, OreLEOT1 Chi Omega. Helen E. Whitcomb ' MHlhK?H1ll1l'J Portland, Orelron Entered as Junior: Math- ematics Club: 0i'0K0n NOF- mal Club: Y. W. C. A. Jesse E. Williams - Bzuincuvs Admznzxlratzon Junction City, Oregon Psi Kappa : Delta Theta Phi: Alpha Beta Psi : Craftsmen Club. Gordon Wilson - ' Bzzsinexs .fldmlnzslratlon Oregon City, Oregon To-Ko-Lo: Oregon Knights: Mask and Buskini Order oi' "0": Football 13, 455 Student Counciil 1 Junior Week -E nd Committee: Greater Oregon Committee. Norma jean Wilson Journalism Portland, Oregon Alpha Chi Omega: Mor- tar Board: Kwama: Theta Sigma Phi: Sigma Delta Pi: Emerald Staff, Day Editor 135, Desk Editior 145: Oregana Staff 145: W. A. A. Executive Coun- cil 135: Orchestra: Circulo Castellano, Secretary 1.15, President 125 Z Junior Week-End Committee: Stu- dent Union Committee. Helen Dorothy Winter Romanre Lunguayznv Portland, Oregon Alpha Gamma Delta! Home Economics Club, Treasurer 145. l Eiglzly-nigh! Oneita Wirtz - Edumllou Portland, Oregon Alpha Delta Pi: Normal Club. Henrietta Wolfer - Education Hubbard, Oregon Glee Club': Oratorio S0- ciety : Oregon Normal School Club. Donald M. Woods Chemistry Eugene, Oregon Craftsmen's Club: Offic- er's Club: Technical So- ciety. Norman W. Wood. Blzsirzcu t1d7Ill7li.i'lfllfl07l Portland, Oregon Donald L. VVoodward .l01H'7lIlllJ'7Il Portland, Oregon Theta Chi: Friars: Sigma Delta Chi: Editor Emer- ald 145: Managing Editor Emerald 135: Emerald 'O' 12J: Pres. Junior Class! Koyl Cup Winner: Student Council 125 : Executive Council 145: Oregana Aa- aociate Editor 125: Inter- collegiate Knights 11, 25: Track 135: Pres, Pacific Intercollegiate Press As- sociation 145. F. Douglas Wright ' Ifrunornirs McMinnville, Oregon Phi Delta Theta: Pres. Order 'O' '2fl: .Phi Mu Alpha: Craftsmen Club: Varsity Baseball '22, '24, '25Z Vice-Pres. Y. M. C. A. '23: Homecoming Director- ate '23: Chairman Junior Jaz'z Jinx '23: Director University Band '24, F. Gibson Wright Buxinexx AdIl1l7ll.YH'1lfl07l Portlaml, Oregon Beta Alnlm Psi: Oregon Knight fl, 21: Cireulution Manager Emerald il, 21: Circulation Munugcr Ore- gunu 131, Manager MQ! Order Emerald 'O'. Harriet Wright - lfdlH'llfI07l Pnsudcnu, California Delta Gnmmn: Trim ferred as Junior from Brond Oaks, Pnsudenn. California. Bernice Yeo - Music Ashland, Oregon Alnhu Delta Pi: Mu Phi Epsilon: Girl's Glee Club 235: Pun-Hellenic Council fi . Howard Zachary - I Pre-Mmllfzr Fossil. Oregon Sigma Alplm Eur-iilong Football Squad. Clyde ZUllZll'S - l3z1s1m'.v.c flcI'lllll1l.ffI'Ilflll'1I Portland. Oregon Signm Nu: Alpha Kumwn Psi: Betn Gnmnm Signm: Frinrri: Pun-Xenia: Stu- dent Council 135. Highly-ni1lc Lena D. Eastwood Normal Art.: Eugene, Oregon Oregon Club. Edith Clifford - llixlory Portland. Oregon History Club. Oscar O. Winther - Ilixtory Eugene, Oregon I-iistory Club: Cross Roads: Ifrush Truck '22: Vnrsiiy Cross Country '223 'Vai-Qity Truck 'Foam '23. Dwight French - Pl1y.riral Education Eugene, Oregon Sigma Chi 1 Football Squad 5 Wrestling Squad, Seniors Abby Adams ,........AA. 4..,. of Whom No Photographs Were Furnished .Wheatland, Wyoming James H, Bagan ...,,.,. ..,....,.. S tanfield, Oregon Ruth E. Benson ,.......... .......... A shland, Oregon Mearl Blake ..., ...,........... .,............... I o ne, Oreirfm Stuart S. Bothwell ..,.,,..........,... St. Helens, Oregon Erma L. Boughey ..,...... ..,..... E uirene- 01'9g0n Dorothy B. Brodie .,...... ......,. E ugene, Oregon Joseph B. Burke .....,... ,,,..,.. P ortland, OreR0l'l Irene Burton ...v.,,.............,,.................. Monroe, Oregon Raymond K. Burton .....,....,...,.,..... Eugene, Oregon Orrin D. Byers .,............,.,... Independence, Oregon Winston M. Caldwell ....,......,............ Eugene, Oregon Richard T. Carruthers ............,..... Astoria, Oregon Margaret Carter ................ ......,...,. E ugene, Oregon Beulah L. Clark ........ ,....... P ortland, Oregon Elmer B, Clark .........,..., ........ P ortland, Oregon Kenneth G. Cooper ........... .,.,... L os Angeles, Cal. Esther A, Crooks ,...,......... .,...... A lbany, Oregon Theodore Cramlet ..........,,.....,........ Newberg, Oregon Thomas F. Crosthwaite .......... Marshfield, Oregon Berenice Davies .................................. Astoria, Oregon Frank N, Davis ,.,.......,.......,........... Roseburg, Oregon Charles Knight Dawson ................ Eugene, Oregon Jean F. DuPaul .....,..,.,........,.. , ....... San Diego, Cal. Dorothy Eakin ........,,.,....... ......,.... A storia, Oregon Priscilla Grace Eakin ,................... Astoria, Oregon George E. Fell .,.......,...........,.... Prairie City, Oregon Mrs. Florence Fessler .....,..,...,..... Portland, Oregon John B. Flynn .........,.......... .....,...... E ugene, Oregon Evangeline E. Foster ,................,.... Eugene, Oregon Julia C. Geoghegan ........ ............ E ugene, Oregon James K. Hall ,............... ........ A lbany, Oregon Lloyd C. Hatfield ....,.... .......,, P ortland, Oregon Brooks Hawley .......,... ......... M cEwen, Oregon George Bronaugh .......... ........ P ortland, Oregon Loyd Crow ......,............. ........,... E ugene, Oregon Gust A. Heikkila ........... ....... , Quincy, Oregon Boyd C. Homewood .........,. ,.... ........ E u gene, Oregon Paul R. Hoppe .....,......... .......,... E ugene, Oregon Clinton N. Howard .....,..., ,......,.... B erkeley, Cal. Eston B. Humphrey ......., ............ E ugene, Oregon Helen M. Humphrey .......,. . ,........ .Medford, Oregon Helen W. Igoe ....,.....,..,.. ......., E ugene, Oregon Mildred M. Irelan ........ ...,..., P ortland, Oregon Philip B. Irelan ....,.., .....,...... P ortland, Oregon Theodore C. Janes .................. Multnomah, Oregon Warde C. Johnson .,,..... .......... K cnnewick, Wash. Herbert L. Jones ,,........ ......,...., E ugene, Oregon Charles E. Jost ......... .......,... R oseburg, Oregon Gladys E. Kerlee ........... ,.,......... E ugene, Oregon George W. Kidder ......... ..,...... P ortland, Oregon Edwin M. Kirtley .....,.,. .....,...,..... E ugene, Oregon Alden W. Klotz .............,........,..... Springfield, Oregon Bernice H. Lamb ......,.,.........,...,.,...., Eugene, Oregon Gwendolen Lampshire Hayden .... Burns, Oregon Raymond D. Lawrence ......,.........., Eugene, Oregon Virgil M. Lee ...........,.........................,.... Bend, Oregon Harold C. Lundburg ............ Grants Pass, Oregon Edwin B. Lyman ..................,..,........ Eugene, Oregon Sarah A. Martin ....,...,....,..,. Forest Grove, Oregon William C. McBride .....,.......,,..... Portland, Oregon Leonard T. Maxwell ........, ......... E ugene, Oregon Clinton A. Mercer ........ ....,..... E ugene, Oregon Mina Minerj .....,...,...,.........,......,. ,.,Portland, Oregon Margaret L. Morrisonj ....... Hood River, Oregon Virgil H. Mulkey ............ ....,..... E ugene, Oregon Charles T. Murray. .,....,., .......... E ugene, Oregon Charles H. Newell ,.,...... .,......... P ortland, Oregon Leonard A. Niemi ....,...... ........... P ortland, Oregon John J. O'Farrell .....,.. ,. ,.,..... Eugene, Oregon Charles A. Orr ,.......,... .. ....,..... Eugene, Oregon Tuley P. Otto .......... ..,...... ..... ,..,.. P o r tland, Oregon Cecil James Peerce ,,.............,........ Eugene, Oregon Roscoe T. Perkins .......,....,.,,.. Springfield, Oregon Elmer F. Peterson .....,............................ Ione, Oregon Hope B. Plymate ............ Federal, Alberta, Canada Ida May Pope .....,..........,......,.....,...... Monroe, Oregon Margaret E. Powers .,.............. Marshfield, Oregon Hubert W. Prescott ......,.........,..... Ashland, Oregon W. J. B. Reinhart ........ .......... E ugene, Oregon Frederick L. Rice. .,......,..........,..... Portland, Oregon Victor S. Risley .....,............,.,..... Milwaukie, Oregon Edward C. Robbins .........,....,....... Portland, Oregon Harvey W. Robertson .,...............,...... Trail, Oregon James F. Rose ....,..................,..,... Roseburg, Oregon Genevieve N. Rosen ...................... Portland, Oregon Hilding Bertel Rosen ........,,,..,.... Portland, Oregon Leon Floyd Ruch .............,.. .......... E ugene, Oregon Myron E. Shannon ...........,................,. Helix, Oregon Henry Sheldon .................................... Eugene, Oregon Alfred E. Shields ..,....,.... Cape Horn, Washington Lester W. Smith ............,.,.,....,............ Bend, Oregon Yvonne L. Smith ..................,... Wilderville, Oregon William A. Sorsby ...,..... ,.......... W auna, Oregon Charles J. Spere ......... ..,...... E ugene, Oregon Vivian B. Steuding .......,.......,.....,.... Eugene, Oregon Lucile W. Stone .........,...................,.... Eugene, Oregon Elizabeth M. Strowbridge ........ Portland, Oregon Max D. Stevens, ....................,.......,.. Eugene, Oregon J. Farman Swigart .,...... .......... E ugene, Oregon Oleta K. Sullivan ......., .......... E ugene, Oregon Nell A. Tenbrook ....,....., ,...,.... A storia, Oregon Cora E. TenEyck ...,.,....,. ........ , Sandy, Oregon Fredericka Travis ........... ......... E ugene, Oregon Cora L. Turnidge ..,...... ............ S tayton, Oregon Lila M. Ware .....,.....,.,....,.,.......,.,... Lebanon, Oregon James E.,Whitaker ............ Myrtle Point, Oregon Harold L. Williams., ...................... Monroe, Oregon Stephen R. Williams ......,.,.,....,....,.. Eugene, Oregon Fland C. Wooten ,........... ........., E ugene, Oregon Truman 0. Yates ........ ...,...... S tanfield, Oregon Alex Shipe ................... ...................................... Walter Socolofsky .............................. Salem, Oregon Harold Wagner .,.......................,.. Falls City, Oregon Winifred Winnard .,.......... Klamath Falls, Oregon Walter Whitcomb ,..... Z ................. Gladstone, Oregon Grant Williams ........ Ninety ........Fruitland, Idaho 1 ' Winterer Smith Pearson Gardner Snyder Class of 1926 SPIRIT of enthusiastic cooperation, of energetic leadership in college activities, and of deep-rooted loyalty to the University has marked the Class of '26. Our presence on the campus was first noticed back in the Fall of 1922, when we amused everyone with political fireworks until Eugene Richmond rescued that ignominious post and Hcarried on'l in a very efficient manner. The first Homecoming bonfire to be built under restrictions helped to cele- brate a victorious game. The first sweaters to be awarded to the freshman football men bore the proud letters of 1926. A glorious Frosh Glee was enjoyed by an approving campus. The Sophomore Informal and a lVIasquer- ade dance were gay affairs of our second year. In the spring, while other classes were walking or riding to their respective parties, a train filled with "spring delirious" sophomores puffed to Coburg bridge, the scene of a gay picnic. As a surprise to the Juniors came the announcement that the highest average grades for the Fall term were made by Junior men and women. That all was not study is proved by a glance at the events of the class calendar: A cord dance, an old-fashioned Grange Hall party Cincluding the traditional basket lunchj and Junior Shine Day, a colorful as well as profitable pro- ceeding. Extensive and elaborate plans for Junior Week-end give promise of an event that the campus will be glad to look back upon. It will not be long before the pleasure of becoming Seniors will be marred by regret that our four years of pleasant university life are over. DeLO RIS PEARSON, Sec'y. Ninety-tfwo it it 3 Amer Junior Prom James Seri IJL'roratio11.v George Ma fi gi . V ' ' i y I Q f s-' McCabe Hazard Scrilltum Stephenson Toole Krausse Vincent Lyman Junior Week-End Committee Robert McCabe, General Chairman Adrienne Hazard, Assistant Chairman nture, Chairman nsfield Anna DeWitt Catherine Henderson Mildred Ba Pnrromr and teman Palro m's.fc.v Dorothy Dodge I"raIurz'.r Fred Marti Yi Bart Kendall Constance Cleaver Helena Pittlekau Rz'fr1rJh1m'nl,r Maurine Buchanan Gertrude Harris Ben Jordan Clifford Snyder llflusir' J ack Seabrook Evelyn Underwood Ilall Carl Dahl Programs Meryl Wood Edith Sorenson Arthur Gale Floor Carl Dahl James Russell Florette Janelle ' fflhlellfs Paul After, Chairman Sherman Smith Kenneth Rew Rodney Kim.: Ted Van Guilder CII7llflI.l' Day Kenneth Stephenson, Chairman Bert Gooding Roland Eby Imogene Lewis Canoe Fate Clarence Toole, I,ollz'l'y Esther Church Kenneth Bailey Chairman Iilzrzrfhrrs Tom Graham, Chairman Richard Hart Burt Nelson Oscar Beatty Jerome Gunther Al Sinclair Charles Stockwell Harold Day Lighting Theodore Tamba Everett Amrell A 7l7l0ll71l'Zf Bob Mautz Nirlrly-thru' J udgcs 'Fed Mays Oscar McKinney C07ll7llIHL'L' for Choosing Qzmcn Dorothy Myers Gertrude Harris Lee Ross Clifford Snyder Harry Delfrancq Feature Betty Rauch Edwin Hicks Tll'kffI Geneva Smith Gus Mosier Mary-Beth Smith Pro gra mx Marian Phy Clllllfllli' Lunfheon Marsfaret Vincent Chairman Tables Ellen McClellan Katharine Reade Janet Wood Helen Webber Trruavporinlion Richard Lyman X E., la A , A pl 5 3' l I 7 J 1 li K , lil X 'yu 8 'fs ' l . 4 6 , l , ,,L"i"-ii X , A xl lk 'Q V .." 6 do K lil , QL Abbot Andrews lineman-tt Bennett, G Bodine Buyer, M 'Y WC? X ' .S py N .. : P - ' sq. ' fi? 1 2' f' . U' A'-'4 . V ll 4 'l ian, y - .- 7 ' , X A Xt, I r ' N 4 N , X , . Agar Akins Avila Bailey Battmzm Beatty B'n on Billinirton Bocscn Booth Brand Browclcn Ninety--fo1zr 9'-' x G2 .1 Allmun Banks Beattie Blair' Bothwcll Brnwn XI E. AY N L, xx l lb Anderson Bull Iicnnutt, C Blicklu Boyer, E Buchunun Q. s. I 1 l 1 F i 2 , A " rx ' A -Q ,. ,-'sill . ,,f. , 5 ion' Huck ' Byers , Campbell, J Chcnuvc 1' Clark Cmlchur Burlimrh:m1 Byrne Cuntinu Ch uffcc Cooper' Culc Q 4 K X l 'w x l Q-LQ' W WF , fm, l .l l gg L 'K x N ,-N, ,zffqu I Mx 1 X m T7 . Wm., V ,. Fi j I Hulcowsky Cnlulwf-ll Cammy Chu rch Clausen Colistro Nifmty-fiw lluchlur Callaurlmn Curr Clnmmrtun Clcnvfer, C Conn s-.OV 'WX lx Burton Czrm1'bull, C Chase Clark Cleaver. F Cool R 'X ",: ' ,J- . ,f 4 V X I x I 'K 'S I' In x 1 Ar 1' f N , L ,XC Coplun, H Cunninizhum Davault DeLong Dobbin Dozois 4' 1' ' 4.4 V . .ix Coplun, P Dahl, C Davis D'eNeH'e Dodds Eustcrduy Cornell Dahl, J DeGuire Dc.-:mond DuBois Eustwuud Ninety-:ix I Nfxs st 1 Casey Dulc DcLup DeWitt, Dodge Eby y, 0 i 1 V x Y H1 X. xx, . X Crnry Dumun Dell Dickey Domimln Edprul' we ' . 2' .X K in 5 ', sr Q ? f 7 ' 'X ' , Q ' -IB 1 W" 1, Q Kr ,fx 'Y f, ' sf Enright Fishel Frazer Galvin Gorricotu Grimm Er nat Fly French Geary Goth u rd Guild E vxms Folts Fritz Gilbert Grnhnm 'IZ I S f Gunther Nimfly -.wr 'UFII F -v .1 XX F in l 'ar X R. .N 'Q X QQ ll I QR. f O , X x KX J'-4 .XX Farley Ford, S Gule Goff G ruy Gilkeson X , I r x KN -4' . W X' QA 7 4.5, F x fs 3- if -v Fish Ford, C Gnrrlinicr Gordon G1'cp:v: Hmryrerty rf ,Q G- M fn JW, , JA, .SN .g K X ' . 1 fx V NX, qw Hnii-tht Hslrm-1' Henderson Herron, Y Horn Icklcs , E' A "-H ,N 5 'Unk Y 4 Qs 2 . .Hu 'Y 'Z X 3 N A I 5 .w 5 'I Hun sun H ny!! u n Hensley I-I ick mu n 'Hoyt Ixmu N Ivy' 'Z' -2 Hnrdcss Huynic Hcrinp: Hicks Hunt lnubnit Nirmly-eight ,Vp- Q' , , A A In a V- v . 2 fi C 1 "4 , -,-mv xii. VV' l I 4 M w wr 30521 N " ' 1 I-Inrer Harris Huzurll Heber Hcrmunce Herron, R Hillis Holden Hughes I-Iunzickcr lmzhum lmrrum, I. ELI mb A 'S X . , x ,E 6 X 'ff' 7 1 ' 4 ' v , wif, lmzmm, K Jenks J oseph Keyt Kidd Knip 1' .4 J lf" .fl - R lf., N Jack:-mn, O Johnson, .I Knil Kelsey Kilgore Koberstein B Half sv" 1 -' Jack:-lon, V Johnson, L Knufmam Kennedy Kim! Koen Ni1mIy-nina' f Y W :XX gl v'-x rw.-Xxx N if df P' V ll Q , l Q F J L 'w Jacobs J ones K eu.1.iny.r Kendall Kloeknra K ruufse 'nm Janelle Jordan Keeney Kiblun Kneelnnd Kresamxm Wg ' Ns, K . ,. 1: . . 1 y I ' h , X bl FL 49 1 K f f Q 'QNX I2 ,, Tj XS.: Y, f. G- V fk. M, F' '1 Again Ex 5 W, , ' Y 1 U if -. '53 A I , N f l L. ' X Rx fs' f ,NJ YN 1 5 Ah nn I 1 .Q I A A JM K,-use Lumb, Ii Lamb, M Lune Larsen Lavimcr Lawlor Lcuku Lulzmd Luwis Livcnz-xpirc Lommn Lombard Lnunsbury I4UllhQl' Mgc Grggur MacPike McCabe McCullough McClain McClellan, C McClellan, E McDonnell McGinnis Nlclntirc McIntyre ,McKnI:-son McKinney McKnight Mcllcun One llundrrrd P, N - Q- , ff ' l 17, XNAN' , in x v A 5 s. Az . 9 MuMulIvn Murtin I". Mnunvy M ickvl:-mn Murri.-s Myers M. X McMurphcy Mzirti nson Muuthu Millar Morrison Nelson f 0 uf' .-'W 4 I A X M ff l Y' ZNX -35 A , i ' I A I . j G -2- 1 Nix 3 Mnicr Martin M. MIIIIIZ Moc:-ici' Mortcnscn Nichol Our llu11r!r4'1l One .s ln x ' Qi X J' Malcolm Maxtor Mnys Montprumcry Murphy Nurtun zg cfla '13 " XM' fu.:- I' n .Il A x Mnnsfiulrl Mnulmlinix Mcivi' Mom-rs Myers D. Nixon 7 'i 5 i Y i :gl f' , V 'i sz- ' Ogle Pearson D. Pierce E. Post Purcell Rew 4-, .5 XX V P", 'Y ng 4 if s 1 NJ sa 5311 KJ -5 . Y Oprleslxy Pear:-ion W, Pierce F, Pottcrf Rasmussen Reynolds Y mfi " rw ,' 3 af A , A C J, 6 w 'iii , , :galil ' . Pnlluy Peerce Pixley Powell Rauch Rich One Hundred Two 1 -mv Ji Parker Perry Phy Porter Reade Robert S011 .,l X-1 K 1 4 ,, 4 ' Wg'...'I Punk Perozzi Plincz Priestley Rcell Robertson 'l. V V ' l . ll ,--...-,....... .... ..- 1-V s X 'vm x qi. Rnliin:-mn II. Ru1.hcl'I'ol'1l Shupp Shivlzls li. Slnttury Smith G. s , Robinson M. Snmuuls Scott Shields L. Smnll Smith M. Il. Y , "' 5 S .Q 4 wr' 4? ,sl , lr ff-N, . Y . 3 1 X . Q Robson RU- S G. Shnpvr Scholl Seabrook Shelly Shinimrur Sinclair Smith B. Smith E. Smith S. Snyder Om' Ilundrnd Thrze F J, JY 1, Qfpr., 'll no N. Ross L. Schucrmnn Sherman Slade Smith lf. Sonnichsun 'ivx J R + xr X 'I 1 Q Y ' r u fit f :. H, f W x v A " HF r'- 'Mt 1 w f J' 3: uf . lf il rw Sorenson Stephenson Struhc Sucolofslcy 'Fillotsun Troy Sparks Stockwell Surry Scripture Tilton Van Guilder Spellmnn Stahl Stoflclurcl Stone Sussman Sutherland Tumlm Taylor Touhey 'Fool e Vun Waters Vuuyzhun Om' Ilundred Four ?k Stevens Strom: Suwol 'Vemplcr Trenmync Vcuzie, I". .KV , F L We K, , 0 Vincent Wupriien' U Watson White H. Wilkinson Woml 6 it - 7 All' 1 if , ill.: S. -lx Vulj-C5llT1f7l'0 Walker Webster White H, Wilson Woodson ,T ' ' I 2 Jw lu w 'N 1 -D W X ' li , Q fl. l ,C K .V .- Q ' 'gli A i . : U ,rf " N Q- 4- l lk .. H .ol 9 .I I., if ' l , i it A ' ' . x 5 L Wade Wudleiprh Warwick Warnock Welch Welk Whit:-ion Wilhelm Withrow Winnnrd Ziebcr Zurcher Om' Ilumlrad Fim' 9 Wzurini Wntrous Whitcomb Williamson Winterer Owens Juniors of Whom Adams, Frankie Alexander, 0'Henry Allen, Lawrence Amundson, Carroll Andrew, Bessie Assenheimcr, Edna Auten, Frank Bailey, Ralph Bendshadler, Hershel Baird, David Banks, Merle Bayley, Madeline Bean, Rurrert Belknap, George Bliss, Jackson Bond, Joseph Borenstein, David Bradway, Winnefred Bristow, Helen Buizar, Steve Burch, Glen Carleton, Blondel Carr, James Casey, Edward Ccreghino, Joe Cleaver, Catherine Coleman, Mildred Collins, Gertrude Cooper, George Cottinxrham, Esther Craiyzhill, Sally Crawford, Jasper Crumb, Claude Davis, Vada Day, Harold De Francq, Harold Dick, Elsie Dills, William Edmisten, Ralph Eszsrleston, Everett Evans, Hohn Fariss, Beth French, Dwight Frum, Cecil Garland, James Gerke, Fred Gay, Jeanne No Photographs va Greeley, Floyd Halloway, Bert Hershner, Helen Hill, Ruth Hobson, Howard Hockett, Asahel Hollis, Orlando Hunt, -Robert Jones, Hershel Jower, Benjamin Karsum, Sybil Kink, David Klotz, Alden Krey, Arthur Lanham, Evan LaPorte, Harry Lea., Elsie Lee, Virfzil Lipshutz, Joseph Loomis, Archie Ludwig, Frank MacDonald, Gordon McAuliffe, Gilbert McAuliffe, Imelda McClai n, Herbert Marirason, Buel Martell, William Meisimzer, George Merrill, Velna Mickleson, Melba Miller, Sarah, Mintline, William Moore, William Morrison, Agnes Neher, Victor Oakes, Herman Onslow, Mildred Pedersen, Thora Penney, Roy Phillabaum. C. Phillip Pierce, Plincz, s, Dorothy Zada Louise Porten, Judith Potter, One Alden Hundred Six Were Furnished Powers, Albert Preuit, Jimmie Rasor, Orval Rich, La Verne Rayner, Virchard Read, Lawrence Reed, Richard Rehfield, Chester Rove, Leland Roehr, Frank Rose, Hilton Roycroft, Geraldine Sauvain, Zelma Sax, Theodore Schlesscr, Marian Schneider, Glenn Sheldon, Florence Smith, Gladys Smith, John Snell, Charles Snider, Clifford Soberano. Narcisco Somers, Della Spall, Laura Stalker, Ray Stunbrouizh, Walter Stewart, James Strohccker, Elizabeth Sumner, Rufus Taft, Charles Taylor, Everett Tedrow, Dcll Tucker, Gertrude Twiford, Marian Underwood, Evelyn Villifzer, Marcel Warner, Helen Warrack, James Webber, Helen Weivoda, Conrad Welsh, Alice Wingard, Sprague Woods, Marl Woodward, Anna Woodward, Rachel Wrigsrle, William MM Q , HW X Q ,, XJN IL X ml H 1 IIINIIUIII Il XSUHIIII! Illllllmlillumm lliX'nXJIllIH!Iii!Hll X 1 N ,s E VQFQ ,rug , 1 . ,. QQQQX' iii W1 25 1 1 M iiiivilliiiiif - 5 uM11am1,,m.ii... X E t '1 , -IQ Hit ,VI lm H M22 Lawrence Beans Must Coffey Class of 1927 1'rmdgnz.,., ,.,,wY,,, ....7, R Usser. LAWRENCE Vice-Prggifir-nz ,,,,,,. ..,,..,, E i,1zAmzTH BEANS Sgfrplary -,,,, ,,,,, , , ........ ...MYRTIAE MAST Treasurer ,AA,.. . ....,. ROBERT Corrnv HE class of 192-7 has striven in the past two years to become a bigger, better, and more progressive class. It has attempted to show loyalty to the University through unified effort and organization. During the years 1923-24 the Frosh Parade and the Underclass Mix of which our classmen were participants although' not promoters showed good sports- manship and willingncss. The bonfire constructed by our class was the first evi- dence to the University of our possibilities. The Frosh Glee was successful from the standpoint of decorations, enjoyment and features. In our sophomore year, the class has attempted and succeeded in becoming more of a unit of the University. We have held that it is necessary to build up by three years of effort in order to become the best senior class in history. The activities in our Sophomore year have surpassed our frosh activities. The Frosh parade demonstrated our ability to hand down campus traditions. The hard times class party accomplished its purpose of getting us acquainted. Our sophomore Informal although seriously handicapped was an exhibition of our co-operation, talent and ability and was one of the most pleasant of the year's social events. MYRTLE MAST, Scrrrlary. One Hundred Eight TOM lVl.'XHONEY, Chairman Sophomore Informal Nofvenlber 22, 1924 General Chairman, DUDLEY CLARKE DECORATION FRANCES MORGAN RoI.If KLIIP VIRGINIA WII,soN CI,IIfIvoRn POWERS PATRONS AND PATRONESSES BEATRICIQ PETERS, Chaimnnn ANNE RUNIIS KATI-IERINII LAUDI2RDAI.Iz ANNET'FE HECRMAN FLOOR COMMITTEE PROGRAMS LMS LA Rom FEATURE PIIILII' BILRGII MARY WEST VIQRYI. FLYNN GEORGE SCIIAIIFISRS JACK CRANDALI, One Hundred Nine Dudley Clarke f ffffa , ,i 1 I U l Q ll ' V 1 . 1. ,L V 1 I A i I Y 1 . Y Qi, I , Era r , 3 i - N 4. 1 -W V I . V . l W ' tliiigiiib Morgan Vurpillat Baumsrartner Delzell Peters Struplere Wilson I-Iorsfall Ulrich Shell Lauderdale Spear Harper Pearson Fisher Beans Setters Kwama SOPHOMORE HONOR SOCIETY Frances Morgan Edith Shell Lucile Pearson May Fan Vurpillat Virginia Wilson Esther Setters Maurine Buchanan Margaret Boyer Esther Church Phyliss Coplan Dorothy Dodge Lucinda Dell Mildred Irelan Maude Schroeder Mary Skinner Norma Wilson ' N., l'lUIlIII!l'Il fllnrrll, 1912 ACTIVE IVIEIWBERS Glenna Fisher Lenta Baumgartner ,lean Harper Beatrice Peters Marian Horsfall Betty Beans Genevieve Spear 1926 Anna De Witt Helen Gripper Margaret Fitzimmons Mabel Madden Edna Murphy Dorothy Myers 1925 Cleo Base Ruth Akers Edwina Richen One Hundred Ten Catherine Struplere Katherine Ulrich Dorothy Delzell Katherine Lauderdale Camille Burton Mary Lee Andrus Virginia Owens Ethel Campbell Elizabeth Rauch Marian Phy Katherine Slade janet Wood Ruth Sensenich Genevieve Phelps VVava Brown Melba Byrom . A h ' 1 V . ' -N 1, 9 'im 4 . 9 5 N' .. , . - , C Q ,. I -'J 1 A 1 4 - i. , 5 I , jf ir, l i - -,r ld SQ, li W , 1 4 Q 4 , a l ' i. V v 1 V T , S559 1? h'Q R!3 L ' . ., 1 W 1 ' - -' ' , Forcstel Love Stimpson Staley Coffee Hull Johnson Wester:-:ren Edwards .lames Chilgg Klep Adolph Lombard Vitus llervrh Beatty 1901133 Officer Lawrence Price Conley Neighbor Boswell .leffries To-Ko-Lo Pete Brooks James Forestel Robert Neighbor John Boswell Arnold Kiminiki Robert Officer Henry Hall Fred Martin Bob Mautz Paul Krausse Louie Anderson ,lens Terjeson Ed Tapfer Reginald Stewart William Pendergast William Call Robert Benjamin Fred Joy Abbot Lawrence Donald Osburne SOPHOIVIORE HONOR ORGANIZATION Oryanizezl January 12, 1912 ACTIVE MEMBERS Otto Vitus Philip Bergh William Beatty Ben Lombard Rex Adolph Alan Schmeer Robert Creamer John Stimpson joe Price Emerson Edwards Robert Coffey Don Jeffries Earl Chiles Robert Love 1926 Steele Winterer Roy Farley Arnold Southwell Albert Sinclair Otto Mauthe james Garland Carl Dahl Ted Mays 1925 Gordon Wilson jack High Russel Burton . Dick Carruthers 1927 Robert Keeney George Ritter Howard Dilg Walter Cushman William ,Roberts Benoit McCroskey Sam Lockwood Walter I-lemstead Jack Robinett john Sherman Calder McCall Robert Stenzel Reginald Mortimer Harry Brock One Hundred Eleven Verne Folts Lauren Conley Algot Westergren Ralph Staley Trig Kjelland James Rheinhart Carl johnson jerry Gunther Walter Kelsey Kenneth Stephenso Elmer Peterson Edward Kreiss Foster Rose Fleenor Douglas William Hamilton Clifford Kuhn Fred Zeebuyth Bruce Fenton Arthur Prieves 'ki-J 5 Il l v 1 -4, 1-v I ' 'Phat 8 o'cloek Smile It's n. Buick The R. O. 'l'. C. Reviewers Sm'im:'s Young Dream Muicls ul' All Work ut The Rune's Smile Alpha Gamma Deltu Om' Ilundrcd Tfwclfve I Edmund:-1 I"l0miYl!-I MCG'-'Wim Class of 1928 EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Vin:-l'resid1r11t,. . ,,.,,,Y,,,, ...,,,....,....Y......A..-...Vf, M AXINE EDMUNDS S,,r,,g,,fy,, 7,w,V ,,,7 ....,,. I J oNNA FLEMING T,-gmufef ,,44,,,,, ,.,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,.ww,7A,YA...,,A.. B U R NS MCGOWAN Otlmr Member: 7,,,,,. W .... Romani' BENJAMIN, Rnvmzs EPPING N October 2, 1924, the class of '24 launched and set sail. Although we were forced to organize without a President the Executive Com- mittee, composed of the Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, and two additional members elected by the class, with the aid of Dean Straub, has handled things quite efficiently and we can say that we are the largest freshman class that ever entered the University. Although we lost the Underclass Mix the class showed its usual amount of pep and fight. The dances have kept stride with those of the past and the Frosh Glee with its celestial atmosphere was given winter term. Homecoming was-well, who will ever forget that Homecoming? The success was due in some degree to the boys who built the Frosh bonfire. The weather conditions were decidedly unfavorable, but what was mud and rain to us when we had a bonfire to build? Here's to three more years as happy as this one. DONNA FLIQMING, Sffcremry. One Hundred Fourteen Freshman Glee Foster Rose, Glfllfflll Chairman Pulllirily Bill Penclergast, C.h!liI'1!I1l7l ' Claudia Fletcher 1Jl'l'0l'Illi07l.f Virgil Wyley, Cfllliflllllll George Warclner Dave Foulkes Stewart Tuft Ahhott Lawrence Eclwin Koupal Alice Douglas Katherine Mutzig Lois Beth Scoffern jack Renshaw Gimme RI'fl'I'.l'hlIlL'71lJ' Myra Bell Palmer, Clllliflllllil Dorothy Dougal Hampton Allen F' l let Joy Foster Ro Murir james Elliott, Clmirman Mary Clark l'11lron.r and Pniro7m.f.w.r Helen Ahern, Chairman Lou Anne Strong Philip Sheridan Progranzs and Fafvors Ad1nission Robert Heitkemper' Cmmwmn Harold Westfall, Chairman Willialn Brown lsahel Nl'I5lWkll'lS0Il Stuart Ball Ruth cmmg 1rL.,,l,,rL. Cherkrooni Rohert Stenzil, Clmirman Willlaln Blllnbefr C1lIli1'1llH11 Helene Oates Ma"i5af'3t Mccarfy Allen bwengel Helena Tyroll Ona llundrvd Fiftfrn se N , x- w w X , ,, ,J- ,rv iff' Q 1' c , ,, r 1 x 4 ' , .5 ' Z M y ,,JM31 . -451 ,. .1., f,,qg42 R, ff:?1jfI:3 51 MHWQEQMT ' --Jiihw :W mg? , 1 -Hffai ' a:EQEz' H1 ai Uimfhm ,5g1.'f:'. ' Fw, ,.,... . . I 4,5 'QI I V - A ' , W ' , ffwfeig,-!5 ' f , , f, gl,1 ff1ffJfffJ m Q Frosh Report to Library Steps This Cun't Bc Right Whats Wrong Avril Frolic Fools Wh!!-t'S WTOHK HCM? ' Here? S0l1i0!' Com on the Job Donna Decides to Study One Hundred Svixlcen l V 1 High Robertson Hausler Seton Frazer Bohlman McCabe Dahl McClellan Martin Homecommg COHIIDIIICC Jack Hiprh, General Chairman Thomas Robertson, Assistant Chairman Luella Hausler, Secretary Publicity Dance Noixzr Parade Junior Seton, Chairman Lillian Baker Lillian Luders Dorothy Myers Clifford Zerung Naturalization Rodney Keatinxr, Chairman Esther Setters Dc-Loris Pearson Clarence 'l'oole Walden Byers Room: and Ac1'omodr1lio11J Harold Lunmlbergx, Chairman Muriraret Hyatt Hilda Chase Rillllh Staley Feature: Ed Bohlman, Chairman Willard Marshall Paul Krausae James Forestel Florence Jones Joe Frazer, Chairman Georg.-re Mansfield Ted Tamba B ob Love Karl Hardenberprh ll!L'l1'07I1i7I!1 Carl Dahl, Chairman Armonde DeMerritt Franz Drinker Marpraret Dickey Ruth Sensenieh Camjrux Il1lIIl'flt'07l Margaret McCabe, Chairman Maude Schroder Maurine Buchanan Cleo Base Stella Van Fleet Helen liroe One Ilmzdrzfd Ninclccn Cylbert McClellan, Chairman Robert Gardner Geneva Smith Robert Creamer Pete Brooks Rally Fred Martin, Chairman Erroll Murphy James Scripture Joy Johnson Georgia Shipley Field IJm'oraiion.r Lewis Carlson, Chairman Charles Spear Mearl Snyder Edirar Wriirhtman Wave Anderson z4dfvi.fors Virgil Earl Jeannette Calkins John MacGreiror Homecoming The smiling Frosh and their blazing bonfire are true spirits of Homecoming 'lhe watery scene entitled Cleopatra on the Nile is for the entertainment of the alums who returned to see Oregon defeat the Huskies. Om' Ilundrrd Tfwenty .-Um iff' Al i fin - ' P'1r1dc and Pep Rally NOISC . . runnlil.l'eworks zlml rlcafcning noise lll1ll'li the passage of the pnralcle which is the fore lg! nf HUIIICCOIIIIIIQI. CD talks, yell practice :xml lllllltflllg' stir up cntllusiusm fur the lwig game, Our' Ilu mlrnl Tfuwzzly-om? V A ' .'Z.f! ' . --W 9 1 J Frosh Parade The pilgrimage of the knights of the green cap to Skinner's Butte is mzule ns uncomfortable as possible by the strong arms of the Sophomores. The mighty Senior Cops lend the way. Om' llundrcd Tfwrnly-lfwu VUHJANI UAMS Mor 'ren hz ,.,,,..-M.,-,i,t . The Squarest Mix The Sign of the skull and crusshones summons the Frosh tn their tournament with the second year men. They never win, hut fight as lustnly as if they expected to. One llundrfd Tfwcnly-three ., w X V. 13.-. w -,'f. J ' - 41 -l wmlylug ,- i -ti ni I , v ' Rallies The members of the football team are assured of the support of the A. S. U. O. as they leave for out-of-state grid battles. Three mighty Oskies follow them down the truck. The ink-spatterers frolic at their annual no-flute jambouree. Ona Ilundrcd Tfwenly-four I V I .1 fytmnmfn !..,,,.5 y 1 , Hcarif-!H,mm 9 NCQQBfg,f W, i t cu1Ln'ii-iig,G,?f y I! K V Vi . i' AW' ., ' i ' x Junior Shine Day Charity for the poor prompts this University custom, but it's hard on the shoes of C customer. Ed Miller electioneers and wins! The attractively decorated young men are enjoying the publicity of pre-initiation. Om' llillldfflli Tfwrnty-fifvz' ,a n 1 A Jumor Week-hnd The Frosh willingly encl their yeur's lwmlage by burning their green cups. l The senior Cops seem to he responsible for this graceful swan :live in the fountain The mill race is the scene of the Venetian Water Fete. One Ilundrzrd Tfwenly-six Student Union Drive The barometer and derby kept the interested subscriber posted as to the genex 0Slly of his fellow students. The goal was fF200,000, and we went over the top. Om' Ilundrvd Tfwmzly-.u'fu1rn ma. in 2- 2 Around the Campus Promising young' journalists attired for initiation Pitching Papz1's Pennies The Sigma Chis chalk 'em up at the pledge night derby University Junk One Hundred Tfwcnly-eight w i 'Virgil D. Earl Athletics at Oregon are governed by just one thing-Oregon Spirit. It is only by a superior brand of "fight" that Oregon is able to hold her own with other coast institutions. With a small student body, situated in a small cityg with a new gym- nasium and more equipment real needs, the Oregon teams have been more than equal to the competition they have met Oregon athletics are on a high plane, with every student ,in school vitally in- terested. This is what makes the spirit that wins, the famous Oregon Spirit. The student body is a unit in its support, fighting every game just as hard as do the mem- bers of the teams. The aim of the members of the athletic department is that of the students-to fight hard for a Greater Oregon. VIRGIL D. EARL, Director of Athletics. One llumlred Thirty-one Athletics at Oregon DURING the past year or so athletics have had a rather hectic time at Oregon. Coaches have been hired and others resigned. Funds have not been too plentiful. A new gym and a new basketball pavilion are crying needs. Yet in spite of all this everything has gone along smooth- ly. The sports business' has been conducted in such a way as to bring no criticism from the students and Oregon supporters. Under the direction of Virgil Earl, director of athletics, every man in the department has labored long and hard to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. The outlook has not always been as bright as it is now. It has taken hard work to bring the prevailing feeling of satisfac- tion about. Oregon looks forward next year to a new basket- ball pavilion, an improved football field, with perhaps addi- tional equipment. The outlook for winning teams is the brightest in years. The new football coach will have a team composed almost entirely of veterans to put on the field, Billy Reinhart, with the exception of one man, will have the same team that came within one point of winning the Northern Division honorsg track is getting better every year under the coaching of Bill Haywardg and baseball and several minor sports are coming more and more to the fore. , Oregon is not a rich school, but it turns out teams that know, first of all, how to fight and fight hard. That is the reason for its successes, past, present and future. V One Hundred Thirty-lfwo JOE MAnnocK, llfrm' lfrmfbrlll Cllllfh O A C ll JOE MADIJOCK came to Oregon last spring, put his men through a vigorous period of training, instilled into them the fundamentals of the game, and then last fall he sur- prised the conference hy the re- markable showing his team made. l'le showed himself to he an outstanding coach, a man who knows foollmall and knows how to coach it. Biuvr Si-lcl.l,MAN, Lim' Clflllffl -'OR five years Bart Spell- inan coached thc Oregon line-coached it efficiently and well. Bart is an Oregon man, full of Oregon fight. He is responsible for Oregon's great defensive line. Our Ilundrcd Thirly-lhr1'L' RICHARD Si-tome Smrrn, Varsity Coarlf 1925 The new Oregon football coach is a real Oregon man. Ile played on the varsity in 1898, '99, 1900 and 1901.' From here he went to Columbia, was elected captain of one of the greatest teams ever seen in the United States, and won a place on Walter Campls all-American eleven. Smith has the support and confidence of every student and alumnus of the University of Oregon. -.- X , 1 sh' 4 3' -.- - The double- shirted man is Baz Williams, line coach of the varsity. He will be Coach Smith's right hand man this coming season. Billy Reinhart, who in addition to coaching basketball and baseball, helps with the varsity line. One Hundred Thirty-four W. L. HAYWARD, Trark Com'h 111111 1'I'Ilil!l'I' Bill Hayward is without a peer in Pacific Coast athletic circles. Every year he puts from 100 to 150 athletes through all the events on a track and field schedule, coaching and training them single-handed. He turns out a cross country team in the fall and then on top of all that he is the capable trainer of the football squad. Last fall the Oregon gridsters fought three games without a single sub- stitute and in other big contests replacements were rare. Hill Hayward has seen Oregon grow from Il struggling school of 150 to a substantial institution of 3000 students and he has grown with it. Although he handles ten times the men he used to, every athlete gets the same individual at- tention, for Bill is on the job every day. A 0111! Ilundred Thirty-fifve W J REINHART, Varsity Barlmllzall and Baseball Coach Billy Reinhait really isn't much older than his basketball and baseball play ers, but already he is one of the most capable coaches in these sports on the ciic Coast He is an Oregon man. He learned to play here, and he as learned to coach here I-Iis teams have been among the outstanding ones of the Pa cific Coast 'ind Northwest conferences. RUnoI,PH FAHI., Tennis and Sfwzmmlng Couch Rudolph Fahl coaches both swimming and tennis, two leading minor sports. Un- der his direction both have thrived and interest has grown until now there is a call to make them both, espe- cially tennis, major sports. Emu. VVIDMER Wrestling C0ll!'ll E a rl Widmer, wrestling coach, has turned out a team of rcal varsity ability this year. He knows a multitude of holds, breaks and tricks of the mat game, and he has been successful in passing his knowledge on to his men. Om' Hundred Thirty-.fix 475 FOOTBALL Varsity Football Anew coach and a new foothall system greeted the returning Oregon Gridsters last fall. The prospects were not overlmright at the first of the season, hut Oregon 1'ode through to a whi1'lwind finish, losing but two games, one to Stanford and the other to Idaho. In the Pacific Coast conference the fearing Washington and O. A. C., losing to Stanford Oregon placed sixth, rating higher than O. A. C., W. With four games won, two lost and one tied, the the Northwest conference. Idaho and Gonzaga, with Washington rated second. varsity exactly broke even, de- and Idaho, and tying W. S. C. S. C. and Montana. Lemon Yellow placed fourth in no defeats, tied for first, while Northwest Conference Standings. Pacific Coast Conference Standings Team W L. T. Pct W. L, T- pct. Itl2ll'l0 ,, ,,.,.,. . ,, . 4 O I Stanford vi Y-Yi 3 0 1 1,000 honzaga , . ,... , 3 0 1 1,000 California 2 0 2 1,000 Washington 5 1 0 .833 Vvwhingmn 3 I 1 750 Oregon ,, H ,, 4 I 2 .800 if , l I S. . , , . Oregon Aggies . 2 3 0 .400 Ilmlreislty Cal Z I O 667 Montana , . 2 3 0 .400 1 A 0 """"' 4 2 0 '667 Pacific tttttttttt 1 3 0 .250 U"e2'm eefee ee--' 2 2 1 -500 vvftshingmn state 1.11 + 1 .200 0- A- C- .gl 4 0 -200 VVhitman ,, ,, 1 5 0 .166 W- S- C- f---- 0 4 1 -000 VVillamette , , 0 3 1 .000 Montana ,,,,,,, 0 3 0 .000 Season Scores: Oregon , , ,,,,,,, 0 Willamette , , 0 Oregon . 20 Pacific , ,,,,,,,, . ,, 0 Oregon .. ,.13 Stanford . 28 Oregon .. 40 Whitman .. , 6 Oregon . ,,,.. 7 Washington . . 3 Oregon . 0 idaho , , 13 Oregon ,, , . 7 VVash. State W 7 Oregon ,,,, . , 7 O1'egon Aggies ,, , , 3 Oregon .... ...... . a .... ..... . . 0 Multnomah 1. 1 6 "The Emerald All-Northwest Mythical Eleven" First Team Mautz KO, . Stevens CH Bellman QWJ Reed CO5 Vesser flj ,,... Stivers UL. Wilson Stockton QGQ Quinn 413 .... ff wane,-S qwp ......, .QQQQQ RE .. .,..,. RT Jones QOQ ,,,,,,,v,4 ,v,n,,, Joe Maddock Coach One Hundre ci Thirty-eight Second Team W ..... . ..., DuBois lWj ,, Petrie CWJ RU .... ....... . Shields Q05 C . .... , ,. .,,.., Wilson QOJ LG . . McRae CWD LT ,,,,t,,,, Dickerson lO.A.C.j LE ................. Telvbs fO.A.C.j Q . ,..,..... Guttormsen RH ,, Koenig lW.S.C.j LH ,.,, Schulmerick CO.A.C.J F ........ . .... . ,..,.. Tesreau QWQ The Oregon Varsity Eleven Jens Terjesen, half, Otto Virus, half: Lynn jones, fully Louie Anderson, quarter, Robert Mautz, enrlg Bert Kearns, tackleg Kenneth Bailey, guardg Gordon Wilson, center, Eugene Shields, guard, Richard Reed, tackle, jackson Bliss, end. The Entire Football Squad Om' Ilundrcd Thirty-nine ii l OREGON I3, ,STANFORD 28 Bogue, Stanford, Downed in His Tracks Captain Dick Reed, Tarkln REGON'S first big game fought at Stan- ford brought the varsity into the Coast Conference limelight with a bang. Doped to go down to defeat by a 40-point margin the Webfoot eleven fought so bitterly that not only did they hold the Cardinals to 28 points, but scored 13 as well. Louie Anderson's bril- liant 85 yard run was the outstanding play of the game. The vnrsity's other touchdown came as the result of a pass, Anderson to Mautz, Mimnaugh taking the ball over soon after. Oregon 13 Stanford 28 Mautz .,...,...... ......... I ,E ....,... ...... M iddleton Gooding .... ,. ,....... LT ....... ....... S hipke Bailey ..,... . ,....,. LG .....,.. ,.,..... S wan Wilson ....... ........, C ..........,. ..,... B a ker Shields ..., ........ R. G .....,. , ............ Neil Kearns ,.,...... ..... RT ..,..... ....... J ohnson Reed ici .... ....... R E, ....... ........ 1 ciLawson Anderson ........, ....... Q ..,....... ........... S o lomon Vitus .........., ..,..... L H ........ ...... C leveland Terjcsen .................,.,.....,. RH ......,..... ............. K elly Jones ..,..........................,,...... FB ........ .,....,.. Bogue Score by periods: Oregon ..,............................,,.,..,.. 7 6 0 0 13 Stanford ..............,................. 3 10 0 6 28 Oregon scoring-Touehdowns, Anderson, Mim- nuugh. Try for point, Reed. Stanford scoring-Touchdowns, Bogue 2. Cleveland, Hay. Place Kick, Lawson. Referee-Sam Moyer. Tex Middleton, Stanford End, Halted by Oregon One Hundred Forty OREGON 7, WASHINGTON 3 Huskies VVorking Desperately for Score N one ol' the classics of the grid season Oregon de- feated the University of Washington eleven seven to three. The victory wus earned in every way, f0l' the varsity hurried the Huskies until si blocked kick from behind the invuder's yzonl wus grabbed by Vitus for the winning score. The Oregon line thereafter held every time Wushimzton threatened. The-playing of Jones, fullback, wus one ol' the outstandxmr tea- tures of the frame. The entire Ores-ron team fought hnrd, and played like u single unit. The victory defi- nitely plneed the varsity on u pm' with other Coast teams. The line-up and summary: ' Oregon 7 Wushimrton 3 Bliss ..............,.,.,....,....,....,.,....,,,,, LE ........, .....,,,......,...,.. C ole Reed ....... ....... I J1' .,....,.. ...........,,.... P etrie Shields ....... LG ......,.. .... E therinirt0Y1 Wilson .. ........ C ........ .,........ W alters Bailey ....,... ..,...,. R G .,..... ..... B clllmun Kearns ,..... ...,.., R. T ......... ...... A . W1lso.n Muutz ....,.,....... .,....., R E, ..,,... ....... D UBOIS Anderson ...,... ...... Q ..,......,., ....... H it nley Vitus .,.,..... ....... L H .,...., ....,....,, W llson Terjesen ,........,......,.... .... , .. RH ....... ..... P urmctel' Jones ........,,...............,. ....,. F B .,,,..... .,.. ...........,.. T e sreau Score by periods: Oreszon .......,......,.,......................,......,..,., 0 7 0 0 7 Wushimrton ..,...........,.,.,.,,........... ....,, 3 0 0 0 . 3 Orcxron scoring--Touchdown, Vitus: try fOr DOIUL Reed. Wushimzton-Place kick, Hunley. Referee-Sum Dolnn, Notre Dame. O' f S eecl Nets Touchdown 'cum P Bob Mautz. End Om' Hundred Forly-one Cajriaiu Elcrt OREGON O, IDAHO 13 l l I Oregon Nears Vandalls Goal HE Orepron stonewall defense drove the Idaho eleven to forward passes in the Oregon-Idaho fracas ut Moscow. Enough of Stivers' hurls throuprh the air were pulled down to make a 13 to 0 score. At that the varsity missed winning the game by just a yard. Had the Oregon eleven succeeded in pushing the ball over then reverted to straight defensive foot- ball, it is probable that the game would have ended with the touchdown the only score. The line-up and summary: Idaho 13 Vessel' ,.... , ..... ,. Hanson .... Tapper .......... R. Stephens ...... L. Stephens ...... Quinn .............. Nelson ,.,...,.. Stlvers ....,....., Kinnison .... Kleffner ..,. Gene Shields, Guard Oregon 0 Mautz Kprns Bailey Wilson Shields Reed Bliss Anderson Terjesen Vxtus Jones Bucklm . ............,........... Score by periods: Idaho ..........,..................,...... 6 0 7 0 13 Oregon ..................,......... 0 0 01 0 0 Idaho .scoring-Touchdowns, Vesser, Nel- son: point after touchdown. Stivers, Referee-Ted Faulk, Washington. :A 'Z .Y S. XL' , Mathews, Idaho? K Idaho's Ullman: Oregon Punts Out of Danger Cowl, One Hundred Forty-I-'wo OREGON 7, W. S. C. 7 Xl 1 Oregon Line Ilolds HE Orepron-W. S. C. frame in Portland wus one of the hardest fought contests ever stapred on Multnomah field. Each team suc- ceeded in pushing the ball across just once. and then the frame settled down to nn even bitter fight. The Oregon offense was more in evidence in this game than ever before, while the defense was us stiff as ever. Terjesen was an outstand- ing: player and the entire team foul-:ht hard for the whole game. The line-up and summary: Oreyron 7 W. S. C. 7 Bliss ...............,....., . .......... LE .,.. ..,...,..... Marker Reed ............. ........ LT ........ ....... H nnsen Shields ..,.... , ...... LG .....,. ...... A hlskopt Wilson .....,. .,...... C ,.,....... .......... C r owe Bailey ...... ....... R G ....,... ............, S mith Kerns ....... .....,. R 'I' ....... F. Kramer Muutz ,........ ........ R E ....... .,..,.,...,. H ales Anderson ....... .,....,. C J. ........ ..... M artin Vitus ......... ........ L H .....,.... ....... I Coenik Terjesen ...,........,.,... ....,,.. R H ......,.., .,,.,. G rilfith Jones .......... ................ .....,.. I 1 'B ............ . ,..,.. ..,.... S later Score by periods: Orepzon .........................,......,...,... 0 7 0 0 7 W. S. C. ......................,.. , .... ,............ 0 7 0 0 7 Oregon scorimr-Touchdown, Jones, point from try after touchdown, Reed. W, S. C. scorimr-Touchdown, Slater point from try after touchdown, Koenig, Referee-Varnell, Chicago. Louie Anderson, Quarter Yardage Men at Work Om' Hundred Forty-lln've ............ l 3 ., .t -. -MKML 70 V' . s n 1 4 . : R ' ' rlf lf Y K l .ff 5 A 5.1, 3 A '2 ggfgQ.uv-.....- ' , A iw 'YJ' 1-' 'Q M ' My 'W - OREGON 7, O. A. C. 3 A ---1-----Q-.,.., V Us-:gp-w ,.-......... , M . -M -- N I- ff - , 1. if jEf'fi:m:fe f l77l'TT' , ' 'L -1 -. 5 " li-H . ' -- , VIVA l V ifk VVVA V , 1. J , . 4' 10' A L4 - 791 ' -.. -.,, 4. .- ' A - ea- u,-1 --. ap., . X- . 2: . ,.1f:gf1iff.-.V' 'V L' V O regon Plows Th rough score came every man was reudy. seuson. Oregon 7 w Shields ..,., ....... Wilson .... .......,.,, C ...,..,.. ' RG Bailey Mnutz ...........,.. ....... A S , v 4550-' u M' lv- Smith ......... ....... L E .....,. Re sd .,.,.... ...,.. L T ,.,,..,. LG ....... Kel-n-S ...A4.. ...,.,. R 'i'.'.'.QQff.' RE .,..,., 1 . 1 i V .4 Q V . -., VV VV '.A V , 'l,, VV I 5,71 .1 i W U If X ii wo' .,, ' 4' V3 isa-,Va ffvfllxlm 1 N . M- .ri A ii 33 n ml ,1 ..,,,iV',v1 Vitus Breaks One Up HE victory over the Oregon Agricultural College brought the conference season to ai glorious close. The varsity played football every minute und when the chance to The touchdown wus the most spectacular play of the year. Mautz tall end, suddenly rose up uwuy over at one side of the field, caught Anderson's fur hurled pass und clashed across the goal line before the dazed Aggies could realize what wus happening. There the game held until the final gun.' It was ai fitting close to a highly successful grid O. A. C. 3 Ward Micklewaite Richert Balcom Lyman Dickerson 'l'eVbb Anderson ....... ....., C 2 ...,...... .......,........,.. 1 Jrice Vitus ,........., ....... I JH ,..,.., ..,, S chulmerich Terjescn ..........,.......... ....... R H ,.,..,. .............,.. B ell Jones ....4.....................,.,.. ....... F B ,.,. .... . ,. ,.,.... . Snyder Score by periods: Oregon .....,...,.,...,...... ,............,...,...............,....... 0 0 0 7 7 0. A. C. ....,........,.,...................,......,......,...,,...... ..... 3 0 0 0 3 Oregon scoring-Touchdown, Muutzg . touchdown, Reed. O. A, C.-Field goal: Schulmerich. Kell Bailey, Gilllfd Rcfcree-Ted Fziulk, Washington. point from try after I '-54'-i5?f1'ff"'f.i'l Her "f5f1il'ff'9l11lffli'f'5'5ii. . - VV ul. I-.1. Mm . Y V V IIQQI, , , 1 ' ' .4 -. . .--X V,. V I . . s p ff 7 sf , ,lf +. W,., ,,,,i,. ,,.. f e 1' is' - . ' PH hfjyg.. 5 " '- ' V ll' 1 .1 Y.: ' 1' RUVL, "IN YA 0 ,-l A C' ,Q ,.i5..'y J Q V f 3: ,Q p , -MA, ,, i t V. . , u " ' r ' ' 1 . Q VV .H V ,liifn if . . .1 .. V V f A I. I. T.9,'t.fJ " iQgr+'ip11, M' -Q' . ll 1 ' A ' ' V ,' . Q-, A, ' 'r"':' 7 5' ,I 4 7- ' -. We . .. ,gy - fell.--V ' 334 VV A . 1 a.':?a'7is-'Y' 1 U "LP"E:l5'A'Y':-5 .',,, A ", i"l -" 1 I 1 i dl" K l A 'Try V v-:ff 4 - fi... i - i ,s , --h High Lights of the Oregon - Aggie Battle One Hundred Forty-four OREGON 40, WHITMAN 6 Varsity Tears Through Whitman THE varsity began to show real football form in the game with Whitman early in the season. This ended in a +0 to 6 score. The Lemon Yellow scored easily in every quarter. Oregon played Willamette a nothing to nothing tie before school and football had really started. The game served as a - ' f k to do before it reminder that the varsity had plenty o wor would round into season form. It was played on a slow field and was not spectacular. The scrappy little Pacific team came to Eugene determined to beat Oregon but by this time the varsity had hit its stride and the pluckylliadgers went down to a 20 to 0 defeat. - - ' ' h M ltnomah club Oregon ended the season with a game wit u in Portland. The final score was six to nothing with the varsity the loser. on Wilso Otto Virus, Offififll Sf'0"4' , Center Ilalf One Hundred Forty-fifvc 4 OREGON O, WILLAMETTE 0 ' .l' Ang...-.. Varsity and Bearcats Clash Bert Gooding, Tafkle OREGON George Mimnaugh, Half 20-PACIFIC 0 X v AAWKKANY Oregon Messes Up Pacific One Hundred Forty-six Carl johnson, Center .41 fl 5' Q Oregon Holds Huskies in Shadow of Goal Oregon will have a team of veterans to put on the field next year. Here are three of the most promising. lack Bliss is a veteran linesman, Carl John- son will work at center, while Bert Kerns will be back at his old place at tackle. jack Bliss, End Q Bert Kerns, Tackle One Hundred Forty-sefven Next Year's Prospects PRlNG practice called in February by Coach Smith, shows that Oregon will have one of the most formidable teams in its history next fall. All of this year's letter- men, except Captain Reed, will return, and several good men are to be found in the last year utility string, and in the freshmen squad. Lynn Jones, Fullbarle Oregon has a hard schedule, but a good one. lt will take a lot of men, for games are close together, trips are long, and the competition will be keen. The squad will be in top form by the start of school, however, and should go through the season in fine shape. The lettermen who will report are Captain-elect Robert Mautz, end, Wilson, Johnson and Sinclair, centers 5, Shields and Bailey, guardsg Bliss and Smith, ends, Kerns and Gooding, tacklesg Louie Anderson, quarter, Terjesen, Vitus, Nlimnaugh, halfbacks, and Jones, fullback. ,J Jens Terjesen, Half One Hundred Forty-eight Smith Shows 'Em How Oregon Football Schedule, 1925 October 10, Idaho at Eugene. October 24, California at Portland. October 31, Stanford at Palo Alto. November 14, O. A. C. at Eugene. November 26, Washington at Seattle. Last Year's Crew Sheilds Wilson Terjeson One Hundred Forty-nine - - ,M-i w... t... h Freshmen Football Team Freshman Football WO victories and the same number of defeats is the record of the 1924 freshman football team. Several promising varsity candidates were much in evidence in the freshman games. These men should greatly strengthen the chances of the Oregon eleven this year. ' .ln the opening game of the season, the first year men de- feated the Columbia eleven by a 7-6 score. Although the contest was run off in a loose fashion, the frosh plainly showed their superiority over the Portland team. Mt. .Angel was the next team to fall before the attack of the Oregon aggregation. The frosh were easily victorious by a I9 to 7 score. The Rooks barely nosed the frosh out of a victory by the narrow margin of one goal-point kick. The score ended fav- oring the Rooks, 13 to 12. Afteria train trip to Seattle, the freshman eleven failed to hold the Washington freshmen, losing by a score of 7 to O. One Hundred Fifty l - f Y e All r... The Frosh Put One Over The freshmen players were? Backfield-Wetzel, cap tain, Hodgen, Mokolofsky, Turner, Clark, Benke, Motschen- bacher, Langvvorthy. Line-men-Kreiss, Hedges, Harden Sautter, Riggs, Keeney, Anderson, Dixon, Mangun, Wmmod- cock, Hughes and Call. Freshmen Football Squad ' Om' llundred Fifty-one ,.. ri .JE at 2 U Q f 4 l 4 4 , l ' Schaefers Martin Seabrook Yell King Oregon Yell Staff HE noble old Oregon tradition--that each year must see a greater display of Oregon spirit than the last-was gloriously upheld this year. Under the direction of Fred Martin, Yell King, and his assistants, George Schaefers and Jack Seabrook, rallies were staged which out-noised and out- shone anything ever before attempted. The spirit-fest reached a grand climax homecoming, the night before the Oregon-Washington game. A monstrous noise parade, replete with every- thing from fireworks to steam calliopes, started things, and the exhibition kept up until Well into the next night, in celebration of Oregon's victory. Freddy and his crew were in evidence for every game, and their well- timed motions were a vital factor in Oregon's successful athletic seasons. One Hundred Fifty-t-wo BASKETBALL Varsity Basketball H F the boys win half their games, and trim O. A. C. once, l'll be satisfied," said Billy Reinhart, basketball coach, at the beginning of the season. "Most of them will be back next year, and the year after, and bv that time they ought to trim anything in the conference." But even Billy did not expect that the Oregon varsity, with but a sprink- ling of experienced men, would come out at the end of the season tied for first honors in the Northwest with O. A. C. But that's what happened, and it wasn't "luck" by any means. Every game was earned, and earned by good basketball playing. ' For the remarkable showing that the varsity made full credit must be given to the coach. Billy has several good basketball players, many of them new to the conference. But he had every man playing like a veteran before the season was half over. His team worked together and with concentrated fight that left many opponents gasping. The men did this because they were in accord with their coach and his ideas, because they were fired with the coach's spirit of fight and win. The Oregon trip north, which netted the varsity victories over W. S. C., Idaho, and VVashington, made new history in conference basketball circles. In the play-off games with O. A. C. Oregon lost the last by just one point, 26 to 27, and at no time was the Aggie playing superior. Coast Conference Standing CNorthern Divisionj L. P.C. Oregon ....... ,. ..., ,W 2 ,750 Oregon Aggies .. ,,,, Y 6 2 ,750 Washington ..... 7 ,V 4 4 ,500 Idaho ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,-,,, Yrvvrgv 3 4. .429 Montanam ...... . ..,,, ,,,.,,, ,,,,,,, 2 6 -250 Montana's opponents ..,..,,,,,,, , ,,,,.,,.,,, ,,,,,,, 6 2 Washington State , ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,, V , 9 7 ,000 l'Montana's games were not counted. Points Scored By All-Star Five Field Foul ' Total Goal Throws Points Okerberg ,, ,,,-, H 33 25 91 Hesketh .... .... MYYRHV, , l 35 g 78 Westergren ........ A,,,,,, , 30 16 76 Ridings , '----,,, 33 7 73 Stoclclarcl ..... ,-----,-, 1 5 3 33 Bill Reinhart, Coach One Hundred Fifty-four Oregon Varsity Basketball Team Ted Gillenwaters, Guartlg Howard Hobson, Forwnrrlg Roy Okerberg, Centerg Rus- sell Gowans, Forwnrmlg Charles Jost, Gunrclg jerry Gunther, Guarclg Knut Wes- tergren, Guarclg William Reinhart, Conch. Varsity Basketball Squad 01111 llumlrrd Ififly-fifw' Howard Hobson, I"11r-'ward Oregon 22, O. A. C. 19 Oregon O. A. C. Gowans rf lg Stoddard Hobson lf rg Steele Okerberg c c Brown Westergren rg' lf Baker Gunther lg rf Ridings Score: University of Oregon 22, Oregon Agricultural College 19. Goals from field: Gowans, Okerberg 4, Westergren 2 for Oregon, Ridings 3, Brown 4 for O. A. C. Goals from foul: Gowans 3, Hobson 1, Okerberg 2, Westergren 2 for Oregon, Ridings, Stoddard 4 for O. A. C. Referee, Bob Morris, Seattle. Washington 33, Oregon 29 Oregon's first Pacific Coast conference game, and one of the hardest, was played against Washington here on Jan- uary 3l. The varsity lost by a four point margin. Line-up and summary: Oregon Washington Stoddard rf lg Hale Gowans lf rg Cobley Okerberg c c Anderson Westergren rg lf Hesketh Gillenwaters lg rf Frayne Score: University of Oregon 29, Univer- sity of Washington 33. Goals from field: Hobson, Gowans 4, Okerberg 3, VVester- gren 3, for Oregon, Frayne, Jewell, Hes- kelh 5, Anderson 2, Cobley, Hale 2, for VVashington. Goals from foul: Hobson, Gowans, Westergren 3, Gillenwatershlost for Oregon, Frayne 3, Anderson 4, Hale 2 for Washington. Referee Ralph Cole- man, O. A. C. Umpire Mclvor. Oregon 30, W. S. C. Z6 Oregon W. S. C. Gowans rf lg Chandler Hobson If rg Reese Okerberg c Q c Gehrke Westergren rg lf Kelso Gillenwaters lg rf Morgan, L. Score: University of Oregon 30, Wash- ington State College 26. Goals from field: Gowans 3, Hobson 6, Okerberg 3, Westergren for Oregon, Morgan L. 5, Kelso 3, Gehrke 3 for W. S. C. Goals from foul: Gowans, Okerberg 8, Wester- gren for Oregon, Morgan L., Reese, Chandler 2, for W. S. C. Referee, Cole- man, O. A. C. One Hundred Fifty-.fix Oregon 48, Idaho 35 Oregon Idaho Gowans rf lg Nelson Hobson lf rg Green Okerberg c c Erickson Westergren rg lf Nedros Jost lg rf Miles Score Un iversit of Oregon 48 Univer- ' : . y , sity of Idaho 35. Goals from field: Gowans 2, Hobson 4, Okerberg 8, Wester- gren 5, Jost for Oregon, Miles 2, Penwell 3, Nedros 3, Erickson, Nelson 3, Canine 2 for Idaho. Goals from foul: Gowans, Hobson 2, Okerberg 2, Westergren 6 for Oregong Nedros 3, Erickson 3, Green for Idaho. Oregon 30, O. A. C. 34 ' o. A. C. Oregon Gowans rf lg G1'21l1P Hobson lf rg Stoddard Okerberg c C Brown lf Baker Westergren rg Gunther lg ff Rillings Score: University of Oregon 30, Ore- gon Agricultural College 34. Goals from field: Westergren 5, Gowans 4, Hobson 2, Okerberg for Oregon, Brown 6, Rid- ings 4, Baker 4, Graap for O. A. C- Goals from foul: I-Iobson 2, Westergren 2, Gowans, Okerberg for Oregong Rid- ings 2, Stoddard, Graap for O. A- C Bob Morris, referee, Seattle. Russell Gowans, Forfward Oregon IZ, Whitman l8 OVCEOU Whitman Cl'llltlS ff lg Neilggn Stoddard lf rg Fry Carter c c I-Iolmgren Gunther rg lf Faust Reinhart lg rf Yenney Score: University of Oregon 12, Whit- man College 18. Goals from field: Car- ter 2, Gunther 2 for Oregong Yenney, Faust 2, Holmgren 3, Fry for Whitman. Goals from foul: ljost, Carter, Gillen- waters, Reinhart for Oregon, Faust, Holmgren 2, Neilson2 for Whitman. Referee, Mulligan, Gonzaga. One Hundred Fifty-:wen I Oregon W. S. C. Gowans if Hobson lf Okerherg C Jost rg Westergren lg lg Reese rg Koenig c Gehrke lf Kelso rf Nollan Score University of Oregon 43, Wash- : ' X X., s 5 , IN- . . I . ANA, Oregon 43, W. S. C. 16 3. Ki' V li l I K ...Q "Swede" Westergren, Guard Oregon 26, Idaho Z4 Oregon Idaho Gowans rf lg Nelson Hobson lf rg Green Okerberg c c 'Erickson Jost rg lf Miles Westergren lg rf Nedros Score: University of Oregon 26, Uni- versity of Idaho 24. Goals from field: Gowans, Hobson 3, Okerberg 3, Wester- gren 3 for Oregon, Nedros 3, Miles 2, Erickson, Green, Nelson for Idaho. Goals from foul: Gowans, Okerberg 4, Wester- gren for Oregon, Nedros 3, Miles 3, Erickson, Green for Idaho. Referee, Bob Morris, Seattle. lngton State College 16. Goals from field: Gowans 4, Hobson 5, Okerberg 3, Gillenwaters, Westergren 3 for Oregon, Kelso 2, Chandler 2 for W. S. C. Goals from fouls: Gowans, Hobson 2, Okerberg 3, Gillenwaters, Westergren 4 for Ore- gon, Nolan 3, I'I. Chiles, Morgan 2, Chandler, Reese for W. S. C. Oregon 35, Washington 26 Oregon Washington Gowans rf lg Colby Hobson lf rg Hale Okerberg c c Anderson Jost rg lf Frayne Westergren lg rf I-Iesketh Score: University of Oregon 35, Uni- versity of Washington 26. Goals from field: Gowans 3, I-Iobson 3, Okerberg 6, Westergren 4 for Oregong Hesketh 5, Frayne, Anderson, Colby 3 for Washing- ton. Goals from foul: Okerberg, Wester- gren 2 for Oregong Hesketh 2, Frayne 2, Anderson 2, for Washington. Referee, Bob Morris, Seattle, Umpire, Cliff Harri- son, Seattle. One Hundred Fifty-eight Oregon O. A. C. Plays Off Tie The Oregon-O. A. C. playoff games were the three hardest fought contests ever played in the Pacific Coast Confer- ence. Oregon lost the first, 15 to 12, won the second, 23 to 21, and by a one-point margin lost the third, 27 to 26. ' Oregon l2, O. A. C. l5 Oregon O. A. C. Gowans rf lg Steele Hobson If rg Stoddard Okerberg c c Brown Jost lg rg Baker Westergren rg If Ridings Score-Oregon Agricultural College 15, University of Oregon 12. Goals from floor-Ridings 3, Baker, Brown, Stod- dard, Steel for O. A. C., Westergren 2, Hobson, Okerberg for Oregon. Goals from foul-Steele for O. A. C., Gowans 2, Okerberg, Westergren for Oregon. Referee, Borleski, Whitman, Umpire, Sam Mulligan, Gonzaga. Oregon 23, O. A. C. Zl Oregon 0- A- C. Gowans rf lg Stotldilrli Hobson If fl., Steele Okerberg c C Brown Jost rg , Baker Westergren lg l'f RMIUIZS Score-University of Oregon 23, Ore- gon Agricultural College 21. Goals from field-Gowans 2, Hobson 2, Okerberg Z for Oregon, Ridings 4, Stoddard 3 for O. A. C.. Goals from foul--Gowans 4, Hobson 3, Okerberg 3, Westergren for Oregon, Ridings 5, Baker, Steele for O. A. C. Referee, Borleske, Umpire, Mul- ligan. Roy Okerberg. Ccntrr Oregon 26, O. A. C. 27 Oregon O. A. C. Gowans rf lg Stoddard Hobson If rg Steele Okefbefg' C C Brown WVestergren rg lf Baker -lost lg rf Ridings Score--University of Oregon 26, Ore- gon Agricultural College 27. Goals from field-Gowans 5, Okerberg 3, Wester- gren 2, Hobson, just for Oregon, Rid- ings 3, Baker 2, Brown 2, Steele 2, Stoddard for O. A. C. Goals from foul-Okerberg, Westergren for Oregon, Ridings 2, Baker 2, Diwoky, Steele 2 for O. A. C. Referee, Borleske, Umpire, Mulligan. One Hundred Fifty-nine "Chuck" Jost, Guard Oregon 47-Pacific 15 Oregon Pacific Gowans lf rg Blackman Hobson rf lg Adams Okerberg c c Emerson Westergren rg lf Jesse Gillenwaters lg rf Tucker Score--University of Oregon 47, Pa- cific University l5. Goals from field- Gowans 3, Hobson 3, Okerberg 10, West- ergren 2, Gillenwaters 1 for Oregon, Jesse 1, Emerson 1, Blackman 1, Adams 4 for Pacific. Goals from foul-Gowans 2, Hobson 2, Okerberg 4 for Oregon. Adams 1 for Pacific. Oregon 63-Willamette 31 Oregon Willamette Hobson rf lg Robertson Gowans lf rg Erickson, Okerberg c c Hartley Westergren rg lf Facnacht Jost lg rf Poling Score-University of Oregon 63, Will- amette University 31. Goals from field Hobson 5, Gowans 9, Okerberg 11, Westergren 2, Gunther for Oregon, Facnacht'8, Hartley 2, Robertson 3 for Willamette. Goals from foul-Hobson 2, Gowans 1, Gunther 1, Jost 1 for Oregon, Facnacht 8, Hartley 2, Robertson for Willamette. Referee, Ralph Coleman, O. A. C. Oregon 65-Pacific 21 Oregon Pacific Gowans rf lg Coon Hobson lf rg Adams Okerberg c c Emerson Westergren rg If Tucker Gillenwaters lg rf Jesse Score-University of Oregon 65, Pa- cific University 21. Goals from field-- Gowans 7, Chiles, Hobson 6, Okerberg 5, Westergren, Reinhart 3, Gillenwaters 4 for Oregon, Jesse, Tucker, Blackman, Emerson 2, Adams 2 for Pacific. Goals from foul-Gowans 3, Westergren 5, Reinhart, Gillenwaters 2 for Oregon, Tucker, Blackman, Emerson 2, Adams 3 for Pacific. Referee, Ralph Coleman, O. A. C. One Hundred Sixty I 44 . 2, Y X E121 I e . ,fig ll Ted Gillenwaters, Gua Oreg. 44, Whitman 22 Oregon Whitman Hobson rf lg Neilson Gowans lf rg Fry Okerberg c c Yenney Westergren rg lf Holmgren Gillenwaters lg rf Faust Score-University of Oregon 44-, Whitman College 22. Slcoring goals from fielcl-Hobson '6, Gowans 6, Okerberg 3, JOSI 1- Westergren 2, for Oregon, Faust 2, Holmgren 2, Yenney 2, Neilson, L. Faust 2, for Whit- man. Goals from foul-l'Iob- son, Okerberg, Westergren 2, Reinhart 2, Gillenwaters 2, for A Oregon, Holmgren 2, Fry 2, for Whitman. Oregon 51, Willamette 17 Oregon VVillamette Gowans rf lg Erickson Ilobson lf rg Emmel Okerberg c c Hartley If Robertson rf Facnacht Westergren rg Gillenwaters lg Score--University of Oregon 51, Will- amette University 17. Goals from field -Gowans 2, Hobson 3, Okerberg 14, Wes- tergren 2 for Oregon, Facnncht 5, Robert- son for Willamette. Goals from foul Gowans, Hobson, Okerberg 3, Gillen waters 3, Reinhart 2 for Oregong Fac- nacht, Robertson, Poling, Erickson 2 for VVillamette. Referee-Coleman, O.A.C rd Oreg. 33, Montana 24 Oregon Montana Gunther rf lg O. Dahlberg Gowans lf rg Sweet Okerberg c c Illman Westergren rg lf Carney Gillenwaters lg rf G. Dahlberg Score-University of Oregon 33, University of Montana 24. Goals from field-Stoddard 2, Gowans 3, Okerberg 5, Wester- gren 2, for Oregon, G. Dahl- berg 3, Carney, Baney, lllman of 3, Sweet 2, for Montana. Goals 5 from fouls-Gowans 3, Oker- - berg 5, for Oregon, G, Dahl- -ig, .,' berg, Baney, Illman 2, for Mon- ffl -ffm? tana. "J erry" Gnnthe r, Guard Une Hundred Sixty-one Next Season's Outlook HE basketball outlook for next year is bright. The team that tied for Northern division honors will come back almost intact, the only man lost being Russel Gowans, for- ward. Hobson will return for his third year, as will Gillen- waters. Jost has anotheryear to play, while Westergren and Okerberg, both all-star players this season, have two more years to play. Gunther has played his first year, while the rest of the squad is composed of sophomores. Gowans has for three years played a brilliant game at forward, and he will be missed next year. Several likely can- didates are ready to try out for his place, however. Hobson, although handicapped by a bad vaccinationthis season, was an outstanding forward, and next year should see him at his best. Jost, the biggest man on the squad, has been getting faster and faster, and now is a valuable guard. Gillenwaters, one of the hardest scrappers in the conference, is expected to be in good playing form for his last season. Westergren, guard, and Okerberg, center, were playing their first conference seasons, yet both rated high enough to place on all coast fives. Okerberg was high point man of the conference, while Westergren rated among the upper half dozen. Both will be better than ever next year. Gunther, the other letterman this year, is just coming into his basket- ball power. Chiles, Reinhart, Stoddard, Llewellyn, Hughes, and Jordan are other men on the varsity squad who will be ready if needed, while the freshmen will contribute their quota. One Hundred Sixty-tfwo -ng, Freshman Basketball Team Hutchison Reichstoin Joy Ebberhart Becney Walker Powers Evans,Com:h Freshmen Basketball HIC Freshman baslceteers went through a glorious season, which ended with six victories and but two defeats. The two-game series with the Roolcs was divided, the Aggies taking the first contest over here by a 53 to 35 score, and the Frosh taking revenge at Corvallis with a 34 to 28 victory. The season opened with a win over Gresham, Z6 to ll. The next game was dropped to Lincoln High School, 28 to 26. On their southern trip the Freshmen trimmed Medford twice, 36 to 20 and 21 to.19. They then heat Medford here 20 to 14, and by the time they played VVashington High School of Portland they were in fine working shape, winning this tilt 34 to 17. The first year men, under the coaching of Dave Evans, developed rapidly as the hoop season went on, and reached a high degree of efficiency. They had the same luck as the varsity with the Aggies, for they dropped the game here, and won nicely at Corvallis. The contest here was a hectic one, with neither side exhibiting good ball. While the game at O. A. C. was fast and Well played, with the Frosh holding the advantage at all times. One Ilundred Sixty-three ,QQQQQQ -ia? Y ,Q Q 'F 2 Freshmen Basketball Squad A large number of recruits turned out at Coach Evans' call, and from them l1e selected a good sized squad for the seasons' work. The men were put through stiff practices, and given experience whenever possible. Although only one place on the varsity will be open next year, all of this year's Frosh will be there fighting to displace the regulars. Many of the Yearlings will make the squad, and several of them are due to earn letters before their hoop careers are ended. The Frosh have used the varsity styles of play at all times, and so they will graduate to the Reinhart division with the rudiments learned. Evans has proven capable as a first year coach, and has given several men good starts in basketball. Doughnut basketball was revived this year, with marked success. A dozen teams were entered in the competition and every game was interesting and well played. The Kappa Sigma team emerged victor at the end of the season. 1 Kappa Sigma, Do-Nut Champs One Hundred Sixty-four TDACK Varsity Track HE Oregon track team climaxed its l924 season With an unheralded victory in the Coast Conference meet held here on May 30 and 31. Oregon, with 37 points, barely nosed out Washington with 36. Stanford, O. A. C., Idaho, Wash- ington State, and Montana followed in the order named. This was the peak of the season for Oregon, as the Webfooters failed to win any of the prior meets although all of them were closely contested. . The Oregon tracksters opened the season by taking a sec- ond place in the mile, and a third in the two-mile relay races held at Seattle on May 3. In a dual meet held with Washing- ton here May l0, Oregon lost 57 l-3 to 73 l-3, although the Webfooters, mainly through the efforts of Captain Spearow, Lucus and Cleaver, took seven out of the fifteen first places. O. A. C. Won the dual meet at Corvallis on May l7 by a score of 83 to 48. A weakness in the distances and Weight events told in the Oregon score. The closest dual meet of the season was lost to Washington State here May 27, by only one point, 65 to 66. All of this was lost sight of when the Oregon colors were carried to victory in the big meet of the year-the coast conference meet. The men Winning letters during the season were Captain Spearow, in the polevault and jumps, Captain-elect Ros- enburg, in the javelin and field events, Kelsey in the hurdles and jumps, Lucus in the sprints, Risley in the 440, Kinney in the 440, Cleaver in the hurdles, liby in the high jump, Carruthers and Ager in the mile relay. Other men who repre- sented Oregon on the cinders were Mc- Cune a letterman in the 880, Tetz in the mile, Keating in the two-mile, Rose- braugh a letterman in the 440, Hermance in the 440, Mauney and Gehrke in the Bill H.,yWa,..i, CM,-,, half-mile, and lVlcAulliffe in the Weights. One Hundred Sixty-.fix 1 ,. 1 T is iw, gg Varsity Track Team Victor Risley, jason McCune, Roland Elny, Francis Cleaver, james Kinney, Walter Kelsey, Bill Hayward, Coach. Ralph Spearow, Captain, Henry Tetz, Wister Rosenberg, Rodney Keating, Paul Ager, jack Hunt. mv, f -..l Q if WW' Varsity Track Squad One Hundl'ed Sixty-.raven Pacific Coast Fight to the Finish, Conference Meet j Ralph Spearow, 5 Captain " Pacific Coast Conference Track Meet Standings: My Oregon ...................................,.... .,... 3 7 Sally, Washington ..... ...... ....... ..... 3 6 d "5-' ' Stanford .......... ...... 2 7 A O. A. C. ....., ..... 2 7 Idaho ...................... ........,........... ........,. 1 7 W. S. C. .............................................. 16 V-5 ' 100-Yard Dash-Won by G. .E. X, . Clarke, Washington: T.B. Keith, Idaho, second: H. Gerhart, Oregon ".i"37' Agricultural College, third: L. W. l , Herman, Washington State, fourth, S ' Time-109. "' 220-Yard Dash-Won by G. E. Clarke Washington: T. B. Keith, Idaho, second: A, R. Gasner, Stanford, third: Cecil Cupper, Washington, ' fourth. Time-22 3-5s. . 440-Yard Dash-Won by Kenneth P Applegate, Washington: V. S. Ris- ley, Oregon, second: H. M. Coverly, l Stanford, third: V. Casebolt, Idaho, fourth. Time-51.2s. 880-Yard Run-Won hy Ray Dodge, Oregon A. C.: Charles Daly, Stan- ford, second: G. Meyers, Washing- ton State, third: Tunis Wyers, Washington, fourth. Time lm. 55.2s. One-Mile Run-Won by Arthur Walker, Oregon Aggies: G. Butts, Oregon A. C., second: J. E. Leslie, Washington State, third: Frank Carter, Washington, fourth. Time- 4m6s. Two-Mile Run--Won by L, Wil- liams, Idaho: R. Graves, Oregon A. C., second: P. Dunlap, Washington State, third: Winchester King, Washington, fourth. Time-9m.52.2s. 120-Yard Hurdles-Won by N. D. Dole, Stanford: W. L. Kelsey, Ore- gon, second: R.. A. Hunt, Oregon, third: H. Gerhart, Oregon A. C., fourth. Time-15.5s. 220-Yard Hurdles-Won by William Augustin, Washington: H. Gcrhari, Oregon A. C., second : Harry Powers, Idaho, third: W. L, Kelsey, Oregon, fourth. Time-29.5s. Finish of High Hurdles One Hundred Sixty-eight I .xx E . V.: , Y at f, .,,i-- A -17 f Walter Kelsey Conference Meet Low Hurdles Relay Race-Won by Washington flivcrett Hathaway, Tunis Wyers, Edward Ferry, Kenneth Applegateb 3 Idaho, IE. H. Hillman, Harry Pow- ers, W. Casebolt, T. B. Keithj, sec- ond: Oregon, blames Kinney, P. W. Agcr, R. 'l'. Carruthers, V, S. Ris- leyj, third: Washington State, fC. C. Jacobs, E. E. McCartey, A. H. Hopkins, L. W. Hermanj, fourth. High Jump-Won by A. R. Spea- row, Oregon, 5ft. 10 in.: R. D. Eby, Oregon, W. J. Kemnitzer, Stanford, and Percy Eggvedt, Washington, tied for second 5 ft. 8 in. Broad Jump-Won by Wistar Ro- renburg, Oregon, 22l't. 33-4: A. R. Sponrow. Oregon, 22ft.31-2in., sec- ond: W. E. Wright, Stnnford, 21ft. 10 3-flin., third: Percy Eggvcdt, Washington, 21l't.!l1-2in., fourth. Pole Vault-Won by A. R. Spean row, Oregon, 12ft.9in.: Wister Ro- senburg, Oregon. 12 ft., second: W. O. Douglas, Washington State, llft., Bin., third : P. E. Schofield, Stanford, llft., fourth. 10-Pound Shot Put-Won by L, W. Richards, Stanford, 43ft. l-2in.: Per- cy Eggvedt, Washington, 42ft. 7 1-2in, second: F. C. Davis, Washington, State, 42ft.5in., third: M. E. Dur- wachter, Washington State, 41ft 71-2in., fourth. Discus-W0n by J, H. Shaffer, Montana, 144ft.3in.: F. C. Davis, Washington State, 135ft.6in, sec- ond: Gordon Cram, Oregon A. C., 132ft. 5in., third: E, Brix, Wgghing- ton, l26ft.8in., fourth. Javalin-Won by W. H. Evers, Stanford, 185ft. 5in.: Wister, Rosen- burg, Oregon. 10GI't.1lin., second: J. L. Eillcrtson, Oregon A. C., 163ft. 7in., third: Roy Price, Oregon A. C., l0lft. 8 in., fourth, -. Mi, 9 R . PW gig . . ,J . 1 , ' -4 r 1 , f , 1 1 V , . 1 , .W .1 . - 5.3.7 .fr 2 rfrrrv-v-.-1-.Aw-.w:.. I !'!'?'. X Finish of the Low Hurdles Over with room to SDM9 Om' II11 ndrnd Sixty-nine OREGGN 57 1-3--WASHINGTON 73 1-3 - s . ' .. i . 4.20-fli Lucus winning 100-yard dash from Clark of Washington ,CDU ff Washington 173 1-33 Oregon 157 1-33 Dual Meet May 10 at Eugene Summary 100-Yard Dash-Lucus 103, Clark 1W3, Augustine 1W3 : Time, 10.1. 220-Yard Dash-Lucus 103, Tupper 1W3, Clurk 1W3: Time 22.6. 1 120-High Hurdles-Cleaver 103, Kelsey 103, Dubois 1W3: Time, 15,5. 220-Low Hurdles-Cleaver 103, Kelsey 103, Augustine 1W3: Time, 25.6. 440-Applegate 1W3, Risley 103, Rosebraugh 103: Time, 51.5. 880-Weyers 1W3, Snyder 1W3, McCune 103: Time, 2:1 3-10. I Mile-Carver 1W3, Finke 1W3 ,Tetz 103: Time, 11:33 6-10. x f . Two Mile-King 1W3, McGinnis 1W3, Keating 103: Time, 10:12 1-2. ' xr ' : I Relay won by Washington, Tunper, Wyers, Snyder and Applegate: Time. 3 - ' . :28 4-10. .- , ti" Fzeld Efuenl: Pole Vault-Sneurow 103, Froude 1W3, Kelsey 103: 12ft. vm fe Shot Put-Brix 1W3 , Eggvcdt 1W3, McAuliffe 103: f11l't. 6in. a.5"Q' High Jump-Spearow 103, Eby 103, Brix 1W3. .L Discus-Egirvedt 1W3, Brix 1W3, Rosenburg 103: 132ft. 3 in. Broad' Jump-Eggvedt 1W3, Rosenburg 103, Speurow 103: 22ft.11-2in. i , V j Javelin-Ro:-ienburg 103, Dubois 1W3, McAuliffe 103: 169ft. 1' ,""'i Victor Risley w 4 my , ,ht , 'af' 4., Applegate winning mile relay Spearow high jumping One Hundred Sefventy OREGON 65-W. S. C. 66-Dual Meet Q W .-. h K ll A : T" :i 'lf ' ' ,We VJ, ,W ' 'I -S' ' .. , N ws , 0- 1. . T .1 fel 'H ' A , .ip 1 5 J . 1 ' ,iw i .4 2 . . ' A .Ji . r. f 1 .1 fl. '1 if -ri Aster H:x'mancc Kinney Rigley VARSITY RELAY TEAM Summary , 100-Yard Dash-Herman 1W.S.C.1, Lucus 10.1, Kelsey 10.1. Time, 10 flat. 220-Yard Dash-Ijzgcius 10.1, Herman 1W.S.C.1, McCarty 1W.S.C.1. Time, 220-Yard Low Hurdles-Kelsey 10.1, Peddycord 1W.S.C.1, Douglas 1W.S. A c.1. Time, 25.1. L 1 120-Yard High Hurdles--Douglas 1W.S.C.1, Peddycord 1W.S.C.1, Kelsey ' ' 10.1. Time, 16 flat. 440-Yard-Kinney 10.1, Risley 10.1, Scheyer 1W.S.C.1. Time, 52.1. K N 880-Yard-Meyers 1W.S.C.1, Leslie 1W.S.C.1, McCune 10.1 Time, 2:2. v ' Mile-Dunlap 1W.S.C.1, Leslie 1W.S.C.1, Tetz 10.1. Time, 4:35. K Q' Two-Mile-Dunla56 1W.S.C.1, McLeod 1W.S.C.1, Keating 10.1. Time, K lv 1 :11 5-10. Relay-Won by Oregon, Kinney, Ager, Carruthers und Risley. Time, 3:26.8. ! . 1- Field Ewnt: Shotnut-Davis 1W.S.C.1, Durrwuchter 1W.S.C.1, Rosenburg 10.11 41 feet 5:54 inches. ' Discus-Davis 1W.S.C.1, Durrwuchter 1W.S.C.1, I Purnell 1W.S.C.1 : 133 feet IM inches. I Broad Jump-Rosenburg 10.1, Kelsey 10.1, Spearow 10.13 21 feet SM: inches. High Jump-Spearow 10.1, Eby 10.1, Douglas 1W.S.C.1: 5 feet 8 inches. Pole Vault-Spcnrow 10.1, Rosenburg 10.1, Douglas 1W.S.C.1: 13 feet 2 95-100 inches. Javelin-Rosenburg 10.1, Snearow 10.1, Purnell 1W.S.C.1 Q 103 feet 11 inches. Mnrvin Lucus 1 . 1.151 Javelin Throw One Hundred Seventy-one ,, ' , Roland Eby ,-M A Q, , gi ,hz i K i .2 5 ia fi A 'ii 4,1 4 XA lxwh as ,N ' 3 Q Francis Cleaver ' i Dick Carruthers 'e p in 15 ,W U X av Close Finish at Coast Conference Meet James Kinney a ' V . i x ni i, - K sf 'A in xi. i 1 3 S Y 1 f . 'i Gilbert Hermance Rodney Keating One Hundred Sefuenty-lfwo 1 ' i K i i. V A X Q i .L3, X gl Q ' , s C 1 i: , , X 4 4 1 if W k Jason McCune "Chick" Rosenberg U 9 F it 1 1 lu lf ll if , 1 x . . , L Guy Mauney O. A. C. 83-OREGON 48 Summary 100-Yard Dash-Lucus 101, Gearheart 1O.A. CJ Pierce 10.A.C.J: Time, 10.1-5. 220-Yard Dash-Lucus 107, Pierce 1O.A.C., Blnesimr 10.A.C.l: Time, 23,1-5, 120-Yard High Hurdles--Kelsey 101, Cleaver 101, Baker 10.A.C.J: Time, 16 flat. 220-Low Hurdles--Gearheart 1O.A.C.J, Clea- ver 105, Baker 10 A CJ: Time 25.2-5. 400-Yard Dfush-Risley 103, Kinney 101, Stearns 10.A.C.J: Time, 51.3-5. 880-Dodxre. Booth, Snyder, all of 0.A.C.: Time, 1:58.4-5. Mile-Walker, Butts und Graves, 10.A.C.J: Time, 4:32 2-5. Two-Mile-Mason, Butts, Walker 10.A.C.J: Time, 10 :34. 1 J 1 il, 1 1 ,e,, ll' iff Fi s K he X. 1, '--' ,yn 1 ' Qi.: i 5 FLT , al ' 7 M Henry Tetz Art Rosebrauszh Relay-Won by Amries, Booth, Gearheart, Stearns and Dodgre running: against' Amer, Kinney, Hermance and Risley: Time, 3:31. Field Efuentx Pole Vault-Spearow 103, Kelsey 101, En- yrles 1O.A.C.J: 12ft. Elin. Shot Put-Sloan, Price, Cram 10.A.C.J: 38ft, 5in. High Jump-Eby 101, Spenrow 101, Jen- nimrs 10.A.C.J: 5ft. 8in. Discus-Cram, Sloan, Dixon 10.A.C.J: dis- tance 123ft. Broad Jump-Vermillin 10.A.C.D, Spearow 103, Kelsey 101: 22ft. 41-2in. Juvulin-Eilertson, Cram, Price 1O.A.C.5: 102ft. 3in. rr' 3' lf.. . ,lx r 'rm ,, gx .K Q. - y' ll x li l' V ,A J,- l I ' '23,-J 1 l l I K .J l . Q 1 1 l , 1 1 1 l ,A .V Q Es ,vi "Gib" MacAullffe Paul ARB? One Hundred Seventy-three Freshmen Track 4 5' .. Freshmen Truck Squad The Freshman track squad showed considerable strength last Spring espe- cially in the sprints, short distances and jumps. The frosh opened the season against the O. A. C. Rocks at Corvallis on May 3 in a relay carnival. The frosh won the quarter and half-mile relay races while the Rooks took the mile, two mile and three mile relays. Next the freshmen schools in Port- May 9 and 10. met the Portland high land in two meets on The Oregon team won both meets by small margin. The big meet of the year was against the Rocks here on May 23, and the frosh bested their rivals in a very closely contested afternoon 67 to 55. Starting of Mile Relay One Hundred Seventy-four .lug I uf' fc , f I ,QQ 1 1 . B SEB LL Season Summary ESPITE the fact that the Oregon baseball team was in the hands of a new coach and the home games had to be played on the rough Kincaid field-the Lemon Yellow dia- mond artists went through a successful season. Billy Reinhart who has made an impressive record as a hoop coach, and assistant grid mentor, proved further his coaching versatility by turning out a team that made a very creditable showing. The coaching staff was handicapped to some extent by the lack of consistent twirlers. But as the season progressed, Reinhart developed a pitching staff that proved to be the nemisis of several baseball teams contending for the cham- pionship. The season consisted of four games with each school in the northwest conference. This included contests with Whit- man, Washington, O. A. C., Idaho, W. S. C. and a separate tilt with the champion team from Japan, the L Meiji University nine. . f',. The varsity participated in 18 conference V games. Oregon won six, lost eleven and tied one tl- xml contest. One of the outstanding feats of the i Lemon Yellow nine, was the winning of three f '51, L, at , out of four contests from the Washington State 'K' team, who won the northwest championship. SJ'-. if 2. The summary following includes the scores of all contests and also the summary of the first game played by Oregon between each north- - west conference nine. Bill Reinhart, Conrll One Hundrfd Sefvenly-:fx Varsity Baseball Team l'l'op Linej 01'1' Suuuscr Hobson Ringle Latham Williams Brooks Patel son CUncler Linej 'l'e1'1'ill K im! R055 Bl 1245 Sorsby Bittner Cook Wright Pi Conch Reinhnrt Season Scores April 23--Whitrnzln 12, Oregon 11. April 24-WVhitmun 6,,Oregon 7. April 26--Meiji University 11, Oreg April 28-Washington 9, Oregon 8. April 29-Washington. 'l'ie game. May 2-0. A. C. 9, Oregon 3. 3-Oregon 14, O. A. C. 11. May May May May May May May May Many May May May Mny 7... l1lZlll0-f3l'Cf.1'0I1 lxy forfeit. 8-lclaho 17, Oregon 4. 9- Oregon 3, W. S. C. 2. 10--Oregon 4, W. S. C. 1 16 17 19 20 -O. A. C. 8, Oregon 4. -O. A. C. 12, Oregon 2 -W. S. C. 11, Oregon 2. -Oregon 5, VV. S. C. 4. 21--lmlaho 15, Oreilon 0. 22 23 -lclnho 1, Oregon 0. -Oregon 6, VVhitman 3. 2+-VVl1itmun 4, Oregon 3. One Iiundred Safvcnly-sefven on 6. J OREGON I2-WHITMAN ll V 11 I El 1 'fr ,Wm a - x i f we , Y: 111 ' 11 ,, 1 Ni X "1" 0' I K nf 1 1 , 11? V 5 all I I 3 James Ross, Cllfffllifl Varsity Swatter in Action Whitman AB R H E Dean, Znrl ,,,.,. ...,,.. 6 2 3 1 Tsuida, rf ..,..,, .A.,,,. 7 1 2 0 Garret, ss .7.,,7 ...,V7. 6 1 2 0 Hall, If .....,,. .A.,, ,,A.. . 4 2 3 0 Yenney, lb .,,.,. .,.,Y,. 7 0 1 0 Ward, 3h ...,. .,.,,,, 7 1 1 0 N Matsuno, m ..,, . ., 6 0 0 l ' NN Walther, c .... .. .. 6 3 0 O Ward, p ..,.,,, 4 1 0 0 Lereaux, p ,,,,... .. , 1 0 1 0 ,I -' -' -' - 1 1' ' .1 1 Total ....sss. ,ss,. 5 4 11 13 3 1 I x iii I oregon AB R 11 E WS 111 V Sorsby,m .,..... , ,...,., 8 1 2 0 'R 1 3 f Terril, rf s,s..,, is s 1 1 o X 1 111, Ringle, rf' . ,, 4 0 1 0 1 i 1 Ross, Zh .,,,,,..., 6 1 2 1 ' V Z ' Hobson, 3h ,,,, . ...,,, 6 0 I 2 E 5 ' 3 Bitner, ss .. ..,. ...,, . 7 I 2 3 91, Q I Latham, lb .... . ., ..,,, 7 3 3 0 ,Q FW King, lf . 3 0 1 0 Hi: i,Q1y'g1, Wright, W' 0 3 0 0 .7' Cook, C ..,. ...... 5 2 3 1 f Sausser, p 3 0 0 0 Pil, p 6 . as . 3 0 3 o ".,35?' 'A 'lmrals sssss irrs 1 s... 5 5 12 19 7 ff' 'Ringle batted for Terril in Sth. 'iWright ran for Pil in 11th. One Hundred Sefventy-eight Hugh Latham Firxt Bare OREGON 8-WASHINGTON 9 Howard Hobson Third Base A Huskie Snapped Out at First Oregon AB R H E Sorsby, m ..... ..,.,.,, 4 1 0 0 Ross, 2h .. .r.... . ,.,... 3 1 0 0 Hobson, 3b ...,, ..,...., 4- 4 2 1 Bittner, ss .... ....... 5 1 1 1 Latham, 1h ..... ,.,.,,,. 4 1 2 2 Wright, rf ..,.. .,,r.... 4 0 O 0 Terrill, lf .,..r ....,... 4 0 1 0 Ringle, lf ..... ..,,r.,. 1 O 0 0 Cook, c r....... ..,,.... 3 0 0 0 Sausser, p .,.., ,...Y,.. 1 0 1 0 Williams, p ..... ,...A.., 2 O 0 1 ' 1 0 0 0 Bliss ,.,..,., .,,.... ,,.. . Totals ....,., .,,,. 3 5 8 7 5 Washington AB R I-I E Malone, ss ....r., .. ,. 5 2 4- 0 Langlie, Zh ..A., ,,..,... 4 1 0 0 Lewis, m ,..... 4 3 2 0 Franye, lf ,..... ....,... 2 0 1 1 Becket, lb ...., 5 0 0 0 Matlock, rf ,.... 5 0 1 0 jackson, 3h .... ..,. . . 5 1 2 1 Boyd, c ,r,,..,. 5 2 3 1 Morgan, p ..... ,,,.,... 3 0 0 0 Shilder, p ..,.. ,,....... 1 0 0 1 Totals ,.,.. 4-0 9 13 4 One Hundred Seventy-nine Jack Bliss Catcher OREGON 3-O. A. C. 9 lb. 2 wp' L 1-of 1. -t Z fjgwowl '1i'v4e- ill? , 'Aj fly, x., I . " -JZ! qv- ' im' M egg fl. 1 N V' Bill Bittner Short Stop Bittner Headed for First O. A. C. AB R H Escalier, m ....... ...... 4 1 3 Baker, Sb ....... ...... 4 1 0 Rippey, lf ....... ...... 3 0 0 Sullivan, lf ....... ...... 1 0 0 Sigrist, rf ....... ...... 4- 2 2 Perry, 1b ...... ...... 5 1 2 Faurie., c ........ ..... 5 O 2 Osborne, ss ....... ...... 5 0 1 Hughes, 2b ....... ...... 4 1 2 Young, p ........ ...... S 2 2 Coleman' ...... ...... 1 1 0 Totals ........................ 38 9 14 "'Coleman batted, for Rippy in sixth. Oregon AB R H Sorsby, m .,.... ...... 4 1 2 Ross, 2b ........... ...... 5 0 0 Hobson, Sb, m ...... ...... 5 1 2 Latham, 1b,3b ....... ...... 5 0 1 Bittner, ss ....... ...... 4 1 3 Wright, lf ....... ...... 4- 0 1 Bliss, c ............ ...... 4- 0 2- Brooks, p ...... ...... 3 0 0 Totals ...... .... 36 3 11 One Hundred Eighty Phil Ringle Right Field I In .1 OREGON 6-MEIJI ll Meiji Swatter Goes Into Action Meiji A R Inaba, 3b ..,,, ,,., ,,.., , 1 3 2 Nidegawa, rf 5 2 Kumagai cf 4 1 Yuasa, pi .......... .7.,... S 0 Daimon, c ,.,. 5 0 Hayashi, ss ..,..Y .. ..,, 4 1 Smachi, lb ..., 4 1 Nakagawa lf 4 1 , Yokozawa,i 2h 3 3 '- ... .. Q., , Totals , iii, 37 11 . 1 g, f" .. ' Ja i k, '1 1 ' 1 cn-egon AB R H 13 41 x gi' Q, i A .' Sorshy, m ,, 5 1 2 0 ' S ,l X, AJ' I ,i Terril, rf ,,,. 5 1 1 1 p 5, A i' A1 Ross, 2b , ....,.,, .....,, 4 0 2 0 t 1 'I in 1-V 4 I-lohson, 311 .,.., ....,., 5 0 1 0 ,ill U n ' Bittner, ss, p ., .,.,.., 5 2 2 1 ' 1 gs l- 2 Latham, 1h .,,,, 5 1 2 1 Q - , Wright, lf ...,. 3 0 2 0 ' ' ' Peterson, If 1 . .,... 0 0 0 ' 0 ,, i Cook, C .. ,,,,. .,.,,,, 4 0 0 0 E' Pil, p,ss ,...,..., ...,... 2 0 O 1 Ringle p .,..,. . .,... 1 0 0 1 Williains, p e... 0 0 0 0 Blisgm 1 ,t,,,, ,---- L l b J N" -. A Totals 1 ,e,., ,. ..,. 40 6 13 5 Bill Sorsluy -- l . n I Jimmy King C,-nfpf Fipld 'Bliss batted for Wxlliams 1n the ninth. Left Fmld Ona llundrcd Eighty-one OREGON 3-W. S. C. 2 A . .ml .2 jf .,,. M . 4 , H u f 1 f .gs Q, f 1 eat 1 'lgglj' all 'mf 5' if at mf ,A 'Q' Doug Wright Right Field Terril Cracks One Out W. S. C. AB R H Zaepful, ss ,.. 2 1 2 Korter, Zh ,,,,,, ....... 2 0 0 Beneke, m ,,,, 5 1 2 Cook, Sb .,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,, 3 0 1 Marker, rf ,,,. ..,.,.. , 5 0 1 Richards, lb .. ...,.,, 2 0 1 Wallingford, lf ,... . ,. 4 0 1 Mitchell, c ........,,, 3 0 0 Otterson, p .. ,... ...,,,, 4 0 2 Weingarten, p ,,,,......,. 0 0 0 Totals ,, 30 2 10 Oregon AB R H Sorslvy, m , ,... 4- 1 2 Ross, Zh ,,,,. .,... . , 3 0 1 Hobson, 3b ..,,.,, .,,,,,, 4 0 2 Bliss, c .,,,.,.. ,,,,,. 4 0 0 Cook, lb ,,,,,, 4 1 1 Latham, p ,, ,....,. 4 0 0 Wright, rf . ,,..... 3 0 O Bittner, ss ..,. , .,,,... 4 0 0 Terrill, lf 3 1 1 Totals , . 33 3 7 One Hundred Eighty-lfwo ,451 WMI! .L Q-.L li. rig! , -,iff ' Y' . l X. it , A N Wv15.W+"l Fl. C. S. Pil Pilrlmr T' , C Q 1 lx 1 'lf' ' 2, 1 , ' ' 'N O , t 'rfd l gYl!'2'+ T l F. Q , ' 'l lv f Q fl l ' 0' - fl E. b, '25, 5 MH - U . . sf! , ,fam q h Herbert Brooks Vvmiams OREGON 5-IDAHO 6 ldaho AB R H E Oregon AB R H Stivers, ss ,...Y ,.,... 6 1 1 0 Izwsbys m -A--- 4 0 0 Wicks, 21, .,..wrr,r.r A .4,,r s 1 2 1 Riff' R if Q 3 2 Cameron, m ,.,.,, ..,... 6 2 1 1 Hobgony 313 6 1 1 Fitzke, rf ,,,,.,,,,, .. 4 1 1 0 Latham, lb 4 0 0 Kleffner, lf ,,oo us o o 1 Egolf, If ',A-- --w,- 3 3 3 .. lss, c .,,.....,,.,, ' Kenmaon, c 4- I 1 0 Term, rf 5 1 1 Lawson, 3h ,.,,,. 4 0 0 0 Bittner, SS - 5 1 1 Campell, lla , ,, , 5 0 1 2 Ringle, p ..., .,... 4 2 2 Golden, p 4 0 1 0 Pllll P --'-- 1 0 0 - - - D Wrlght ,.... ,,,,, 1 0 0 42 6 8 5 Totals ..,,,,,.e,,.. .,... 4 4 5 -5 ,1- if .5 'J i 1' ll A l' V' , ,Vl 4,1 3 L rw " YH , E Q My' Jil I' 7 1 'l 'JL ' l e 'Q W f i I ld A if' ' ' K.l ' xv- 0 l Lloyd Terril Ciiame later forfeited hy ldaho.j -J wa, 1, .5 fl, , Q, f, Vpf. l A - , 'bliwfl l HL , 1 . reef J, 4 J l 1 fr l L, N I V. flvl' if 'alll l ff lfullljls fwl fj D' ,al . . Charles Orr One Hundred Eighty-three . A llltgl VN 2. Ulf ' ,lfffl 1, ,Pl X S f 3 -. Donald 'Cook Freshmen Baseball Team Freshman Baseball ROUGH field erected on the military drill field and ' lack of an effective pitching staff somewhat slowed 1 i i the progress of the freshman baseball team last ,WQJ spring. Two victories and four defeats is the record made Q V, I by the Yearlings. - 0 The season opened with a contest staged between the 'Mi I first year men and Washington High School of Portland. ,xlf .f firm, if e- The freshmenqhad little difficulty in holding the invaders, pf winning by a I5 to 10 score. f Loose playing caused the downfall of the green- , ,, ,, ri" rf cappers in their second game, played with Salem High Coach Foster School. The Salem nine won, 12 to 10. In the big series of the year for the freshmen, with' the Rooks, the first- year men lost three and won one contest. Five home-runs featured the first game between these two nines, The rooks, however, out-slugged the frosh and won 12 to 10. The freshmen continued their losing streak by dropping the second and third games with the rooks. However, in the final tilt of the year with the Corvallis nine, the freshmen struck their stride and pounded out a 20 to 9 victory. ' The freshmen team was under the mentorship of Hank Foster, who suc- ceeded in grooming several very promising candidates for this year's varsity. The freshmen players are as follows: Adolph, firstg Dallas and Wright- man, secondj West, shortg Jones, third, D. Adolph, Lee, Dutton, Schmeer, Vitus and West, pitchers, Mimnaugh and Royal, catchers:-Brooks, Johnson and Reinhart, fielders. One Hundred Eighty-four 1 4 if ,, hp? ,Q 3- . V .xr , xkk 5 :Q Vu ' A H5 SWT ' IVIINOD SDODTS Varsity Tennis Team Rudolph Fahl, Coach, Ted Rice, Harry Meyers, Bill McBride, Gerald Crury, Eutrenc Slattery Varsity Tennis HE varsity tennis squad started the season with a meet with Willamette, which due to lack of practice, they lost. The first real test of the season came when the net men jour- neyed to Corvallis. Here they won a majority of the singles matches, but failed to count in the doubles. The Aggies won 4to3. Rudolph Fahl, Coach In this meet Myers, Rice and McBride all won their matches which gave them letters. Crary and Slattery lost by slight margins, and both double teams bowed to the O. A. C. raquet pairs. In the second meet with the Aggies, the Oregon men likewise went down to defeat. Eckern, johnson, Simington, and jones defeated Rice, Meyer, Crary and Slattery, while Bill Mc- Bride won his match for Oregon. Meyer and Crary won their doubles match, also. The meet ended five to two for the Aggies. One Hundred Eighty-.tix The summary follows: McBride QOJ beat Taylor, 6-2, 6-2. Eckern QO. A. CJ beat Rice, 6-l, 6-4. Johnson QO. A. CJ beat Meyer, 7-5, 6-3. Simington QO. A. CJ beat Crary, 6-2, 7-5. jones QO. A. CJ beat Slattery, 3-6, 6-3, 6-3. The doubles matches were as fol- lows: Meyer and Crary QOQ beat Eckern and Taylor, 6-3, l2-lO. johnson and Simington QO. A. Cl beat McBride and Rice, 6-2, 0-6. In the Pacific Coast tournament the varsity came off third, being bested by the University of Washington and O. A. C. Scott and Hesketh were two clever men for Washing- ton, who accounted for most of the victories. Tennis at Oregon is fast gaining in popularity, and a de- mand is being made that it be rated as a major sport. lt was ably coached by Rudolph Fahl. A N , , X 30-v T3 1 . . 1 Ted Rice Bill Mc Bride Hurry Meyers One Ilundrnd Eighty-.refvm Freshman Tennis Team Meade Westerrzrcn Adams McIntosh Couch Fahl Freshman Tennis IN the first Frosh meet with the Rooks they came off vic- torious, taking the day with a score of 4 to l. In the second meet Westergren of basketball fame Won his match, as did McIntosh, while the Rooks Won the other singles match and the doubles. The result was a two-all tie. The first year men showed promise of valuable material for this year's varsity. Several members of the squad are ex- pected to enter the conference matches this spring. They were coached by Rudolph Fahl also. The results of the frosh-rook tourney are as follows: Westergren COD beat Blain, 6-3, 6-2. Mclntosh QOH beat Johnson, 6-2, 6-l. Atkinson KO. A. CJ beat Adams, 8-6, 3-6, 9-7. Atkinson and Blain QO. A. CJ beat Adams and Westergren, 6-2, 6-4. Om' Hundred Eighly-eight .Ca rw i We sf gi Ad0lllh.M1rl'. Curtwrisrht Jones Davis Sumption Leavitt Wim-r:1l'd Woods Peter:-ion Ford Couch Wiclmcr Varsity Wrestling LTHOUGH the wrestling squad did not win the confer- ence title this year, the outcome was successful in every way, and it definitely established wrestling as one of the lead- ing Oregon sports. The varsity won one match, against ldaho, and lost two, O. A. C. and W. S. C. gaining victories. Oregon tied for third place in the conference, with O. A. C. leading, and W. S. C. second. Ford, 125-pounderg Win- gard, l35 pounds, Davis, 135 pounds, Leavitt, 158 pounds, and Cartwright, l75 pounds, won their letters by scoring a victory in a conference meet. This is Ford's second letter in this sport. Wingard, who participated in all three meets of the sea- son, was high point man with a total of 40. He lost but one fall and a decision during the entire season. Ford, although he wrestled in but two meets, scored a total of 23 points. Nixon, O. A. C., made the only score against him. The prospects for next year are good. Only one letter- man, Cartwright, will be lost through graduation, and Schull, 175-pounder from the Frosh team, will ably fill his place. Other freshmen coming up include Jarrett, 125 pounds, Bet- zer, 135, Oxford, l4S, Ankeny, 158. Pete Laurs, a varsity candidate this year who was forced to stay out on account of a sprained shoulder, may be back next season. Our llumlrml Ifigllly-Him' The wrestling meets held here netted the following results: OREGON 26, IDAHO 6 128-pound class--Ford, Oregon, defeated Bitner, Idaho, decision. 138-pound class-Wingard, Ore- gon, defeated Powers, Idaho, hy a decision and a fall. 148-pound class-Davis, Oregon, won from Ross, Idaho, on forfeiture. 151-pound class--Edelhlute, Idaho, won from Leavitt, Oregon, two de- cisions. 178-pound class-Cartwright, Ore- gon, won from Bliss, Idaho, two de- cisions. OREGON 35, W. S. C. 4-5 125-pound class-Donald Hendrie, W. S. C., defeated C. A. Sumption, Oregon, one decision and a fall. 135-pound class-S. C. Wingard, Oregon, defeated Sidney Peters, W. S. C., one fall and one decision. 145-pound class-Luther Dunhar, W. S. C., defeated N. W. Wood, Oregon, one fall. 158-pound class-H. L. Leavitt, Oregon, defeated Phillip Hitchcock, W. S. C., two decisions. 175-pound class-Eric Waldorf, W. S. C., defeated C. O. Wells, Ore- gon, decision and fall. OREGON 8, O. A. C. 32 ' 125-pound class-W. C. Ford, Oregon, defeated R. A. Nixon, one fall. 135-pound class-R. Russell, O. A. C., defeated S. D. Wingard, Oregon, hy a decision and a fall. 14-5-pound class-G. Selfriclge, O. A. C., defeated E. F. Peterson, Ore- gon, two falls out of three. 158-pound class--F. H. Bryson, O. A. C., defeated H. L. Leavitt, two falls out of three. 175-pound class-B. Puhals, O. A. C., defeated H. M. Jones, Oregon, by a fall and a decision. Grapplers at Work One Ilundrcd Ninety ,du t, Shull Forest A nkeny Oxford Betzer Ford Couch Widmcr Freshmen Wrestling I-IE frosh grapplers opened the season against the Corval- lis High School squad at this city in February. The High School boys proved too slippery for them, however, and the Oregon first year men lost the meet, 40 to 22. Kirkham, in the 121 class, Jarrett, in the 125 class, Betzer in the 1353 Oxford in the l45g and Potter in the 145, represented the Frosh in the Corvallis tussle. The second meet was with the O. A. C. Rooks, and al- though the freshmen lost 68 to I4, they staged several good bouts, and Ellis Schull, 175-pound class, succeeded in winning his match. Jarrett, Betzer, Oxford, Potter and Schull worked for the Frosh in this meet. The first year string, coached by Earl iWidmcr, varsity coach, is expected to contribute some valuable material to the varsity squad next season. Om' 111111111111Nincly-our . l l Adolph, Mgr. Sinclair Stone McCabe Bowls Samuels Boyden Lombard Gardner Couch Fuhl Erickson Varsity Swimming WIMMING at Oregon took a big jump this year, and a large number of men turned out. The varsity tied the Multnomali club of Portland, 34 to 34 the first meet, and lost the second to the clubmen, 42 to 25. In the meet with O. A. C. held February 28, the Aggies barely nosed out the Web- feet by a 34 to 32 score. ln the state meet held at Corvallis ilflarch 7, the Oregon watermen rin- ished third with 17 points. O. A. C. took the meet with 36, and Multnomah came second with 28. Swimming is coming more and more to the front, and next year Coach Fahl expects to have a team that will hold its own against any bunch of swim- mers in the Northwest. The summaries of the O. A. C. meet: 4-O-Yard Dash--Boyle, Aggies, firstg Shelton, Aggies, secondg Stone, Oregon third. Time 211-5 seconds. 100-Yard Back Stroke-Erickson, Ore- gon, first: Gardner, Oregon, secondg Newerf, Aggies, third. Time, 1 min- ute, 16 3-5 seconds. Diving- Burroughs, Aggies, first gies, third. 100-Yard Dash-Lombard, Oregon first: Foyle, Aggies, secondg Courcier: Aggies, third. Time, lminute, 21-5 seconds. McCabe, Oregon, secondg'Leblanc, Agi 100-Yard Back Stroke-Savory, Ag- gies, firstg Sinclair, Oregon, secondg Flood, Aggies, third. Time, 1 minute 24 seconds. Plunge for Distance-Mason, Oregon, Smith, Aggies, tied for firstg Samuels, Oregon, third. Distance, 60 feet. 220-Yard Dash - Lombard, Oregon, firstg Leblanc, Aggies, secondg lioyden, Oregon, third. Time, 2 minutes, 54 seconds. 160-Yard Relay - Oregon fStone, Erickson, McCabe and Lombnrdj, first. Time, 1 minute, 283-5 seconds. One Hundred Ninety-tfwo Freshmen Swimming HE Aggie Rooks defeated the Freshmen in their only swimming meet of the year, 40 to 18, but some good material for the varsity next year was uncovered in the fracas. Disqualifications for various reasons consider- ably weakened the Frosh water squad, but the men kept out will be eligible for the varsity next year. The summary of the Frosh-Rook meet follows: 40-Yard Dash-Peterson, Aggies, firstg 100-Yard Dash - Peterson, Aggies, firstg Markeson, Aggies, second, Reid, Smith, Aggies, second, McCook, Oregon, I , Oregon, third. Time, 583-5 seconds. third. Time, 194-5 seconds. N x ' 100-Yard Breast Stroke - Kharosen, 100-Yard Back bfl'0kC--ILI'lCkSOIl, Ore- Aggies, first? G,-Ossmeyer, Aggies, Sec- gon, firstg Kelly, Aggies, secondg Kharo- ond. Time, 1 minute, 29 3-5 seconds. sen, Aggies, third. Time, 1 minute, 27 plunge for Dismnce-Mzlsonv O,-egonv seconds. first. E 'W Freshman Swimming Team Adolph,Mgr. Benton O'Slicn Wl'ibZl'lf Mason Hllmllton Mccrclwl. Mccook Byerly Rceuvis Hnmbo FnhI,Conch Om' Ilumlrnd Ninciy-Illfn' Q , f ' g ji U . F' . ,onli not i . - y i ' sf .I v ' , K I 7 wt xv, Cross Country Team Kimball Tetz Barnes Keating Conley Houston Gurneu REGON'S cross-country team finished third this year in the conference meet held just before the home coming game. Several of the men are developing into valu- ahle distance men for this year's track squad. Golf now has a good start at Oregon, and next season should see Oregon entered in several competitive meets. The University golf course is available to all aspiring golfers, and two other Eugene courses make special dispensations to students. Q!" Golf Team Mflmhllll Mahlmey Pearson Neighbor Ilronuugh One Hundred Ninety-four .r,p.1 Athletic Managers Ray Mosiur Dick Lymun 'Puri Gillcnwuters Basil Burke Rufus Sumner ' 1-NAM ' M, W I 1 'ivy W JM! v4'w'4w3'n.! "Lx '75 ',... kt! ,QA 1 A L aw .-32,31 .s v. Oregon Sports Writers Association Brunin Wester Cook Godfrey 0111?ll1l7ldI'I'l1Nillffy-fiqlf Eckmsm Godfrey Wildcrmun t ' t-4... ,.'f, tm- N A Yjwj an Oregon's Four Horsemen in Z1 skit entitled "A: Daddy Did ll" Dick Smith Cstanding in center of back row, and his famous team of 1900 One Hundred Nincly-six ODGANIZATIONS Phi Beta Kappa Installed June 4, 1923 OFFICERS Mary Hallowell Perkins ....... .A...,A . , ,. ..,... . ,,.,,, President Fred Lea Stetson A..,.,..... ,,7,,,.. I fire-President Don Elbert Clark ..,.,7,.....7 A......... .,A, S e rreiary Robert Carlton Clark Ida Elliott Allen Ernest Sutherland Bates Donald Grove Barnes Walter Carl Barnes William Pingry Boynton Charles Ernse Carpenter Ralph Droz Casey Dal Elbert Clark E. Il. McAllister Mabel E.McClain Alfred Powers Mary Watson Barnes CHARTER MEMBERS Herman Aldrich Clark Wilkie Nelson Collins Timothy Cloran .leanne Fayard-Coon Matthew Hale Douglass john Stark Evans Anne Hardy Robert Justin Miller HONORARY MEMBERS Prince Lucian Campbell President of the Unifversily FOUNDATION IVIEMBERS james H. Gilbert Celia V. Hager Mozelle Hair One Hundred Ninety-nine William Edmund Milne Mable Holmes Parsons Mary Hallowell Perkins Warren DuPre Smith Fred Lea Stetson Orin Fletcher Stafford Harry Beal Torrey George Stanley Turnbull Florence Whyte Frederic S. Dunn Grace Edgington Jordan Andrew Fish Earl Kilpatrick Sigma Xi NATIONAL HONORARY SC1ICNTl.FIC FRATERNITY Installer! June, 1923 OFFICERS Orin Fletcher Stafford ,,,....., ...,......... . ..PfL'.fidc'nl Harold Bunce Myers O... . ,,..... Vice-President Harry Barclay Yocum ...,..,.. ,. ....,.A Sz'crz'lnry Edwin Thomas Hodge .7,.,,, .,.. . -Treasurer Lawrence Selling Frederick Lafayette Shinn Lloyd L. Smail Warren DuPre Smith Orin Fletcher Stafford Albert R. Sweetser Herbert Giles Tanner Harry Beal Torrey Raymond Holder Wheeler Roger John Williams Harry Barclay Yocum Kimball Young Edward D. McAllister Walter E. Nichol ACTIVE MEMBERS Howard Davis Haskins Edwin Thomas Hodge Benjamin Horning Olof Larsell Edward Hiram McAllister Frank R. Menne William Edmund Milne Harold Bunce Myers Martin Norgore Earl Leroy Packard Matthew Casey Riddle ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Troy A.Phipps Gerald W. Prescott Tfwo Hundred W. Fitch Allen Harold L. Averill Robert Louis Benson john Freeman Bovard Wm. Pingry Boynton Geo. Emmanuel Burget Albert Edward Caswell Edmund Smith Conklin Harold Randolph Crosland Thomas D. ClltSf0l'fll Anne Hardy l-larry johnson Sears Oscar W. Richards lvan R. Taylor i 'S V C. - ' Nm-:Ivy Lnmnx Moyers Tnpfur Rogers Znllurs Crnry Grimm llerprh Rclnhurt Wintvrcr Stephenson Warnock Chaffee National Commerce Fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi KAPPA CHAPTIQR Illxfrllllfrl fI4Ilj' 5, 1915 MEMISERS Family lrank A. Nagley Alfred L. Lomax C. Carl Myers Elmer E. Davison Srniors Edwin C. "l'apfer Clyde Znllers john Rogers .lunirnxr Gerald C. Crary , . . 1 Kenneth Stevenson Alvin E. Grimm Steele Wllltelel Maurice Warnock Sllf5h0I!I0l'!'.I' Phil '12 Bergh J. Frank Reinhart Richard Chaffer Two Hundred One IIUNORARY MEMBERS Lowe Huntruss Mctzelnm' Myers , Kelly Williams Wright Beta Alpha Psi Professional Accounting Fraternity C. L. Kelly F. M. Fassett A. L. Anclrus Arthur Berrirlge Tliomas J. Bolitho john R. Lowe Robert lluntress Louis Metzelaar Emerson Haggerty BETA CHAPTER I11.vt11lIz'1l Jlffay 25, 1921 FRATRISS IN l7ACUL'l'A'l'lC C. Carl Myers A. B. Stillman ClRAlJUA'l'lC S'l'UllliN'l'S VValter lrlempy A. C. Ellis R. Leo V. R. Mcllougle Seth L. Roberts ACTIVE MEMBERS F. Gibson Wright Oak IJ. Wood Jessie Williams Charles Murrey Tfwo Hundred Tlwo Paul Scott W. D. Whitcomb j. P. Dawson Russell Gowans Victor Starli Raymonrl E. Statzer Orville Blair Rogers Hulzic Lowe Hunti-css Kelly Myers Sether Austin Vrccluml Fmnkson Beta Gamma Sigma National Honorziry Scliolzirsliip Commerce lflratcrnity OREGON ALPHA Cl'l'AP'l1lER Inylallzfzl Jllllllllfj' 8, 1921 FACU I.,'l'Y M EMB ERS Ii. C.Rol1lwins A. B. Stillman C. C. Myers C. L. Kelly F. E. Folts ,luck Benefiel . jack B. Rogers Ilarry F. l'llllZlC john R. Lowe Fred F GRADUATE STUDENTS Paul L. Patterson ll ONORARY MEMBERS iske Luke ACTIVE MEMBERS Robert l7.'l'luntress Russell Gowans Clyde Zollcrs A. 'l'rumun Sether Tfwo Hundred Three Good rich Ralph Austin Robert VV. Frnnkson Carl Vreelnnd 's' x k Q. Q .7 Q Q 1 ll' 'v 3 N S . , it xg ' 'N x, J 4 ' - L" G .ig X ' , , fl N his A i 1 .Vi A f L s 10 F 1 W q , . 3' -.. tp. N bf, ? DuPnul Husband Hustcrl A Gooding Williams Nelson Fuchs Ross McPhillips Bullivant Buckstrom Potter Clumlerton Dahl Seton Skoog Delta Theta Phi National Honorary Law l"raternity I11.vi1zlle1lMf1y 2, 1913 jean Du Paul Donald Husband Robert Chrisman Lloyd Crow David Husted Walter Whitcomn MEMBERS Harley Covalt Hesden Metcalf john Bryson Bert Gooding Grant Williams Carl Nelson Armonde Fuchs PLEDGES Robert Clapperton John Day Carl Dahl Waldemar Seton, Ir. T-wo Hundred Four James Ross Warner Fuller Bernard McPhillips Rupert Bullivant Walter Backstrom Willis Potter I-la rold Emmons Carl Skoog ,Ni E f 4 ' 'Xl I.-"'!'5':-:Ai 'prix XJ' K K Q ..-F1 'S 'N 1 1 K it ' - if Y. A , . S . A 3 X I ., ly, 1 M R t? to -,. X , 1 M H Q l sl Dickey Powers Graham Keenan Robertson King McClnflin Short Bryson Kelly Jones Patterson Evans Grant Mautz William G. Hale James A. Miller Marion Dickey John MacGregor James Powers Herbert Graham Frank Keenan Phi Delta Phi International Legal Fraternity CHASE INN Ill.S'fII1Il'Il 1891 FRATRES IN FACUL'l'A'l'E Edward H. Decker Hugh E. Rosson FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE - Ernest Robertson james King Ralph McClaflin Thomas Short Roy Bryson Edgar Kelly Tfwo Ilundred Fil-ve Carlton E. Spencer Sam Bass Warner .Randall Jones Paul Patterson David Evans Edward Grant Robert Mautz 113 , 4 f K u li I lnnbnit McClellan Armitage Tremnyne Hathaway Dentlcr Peterson Scholl Murtinson Kohersteln Phi Chi Theta VVomcn's National Honorary Commerce Fraternity BETA CHAPTER Instflllrrl fljrril 13, 1920 OFFICERS Louise Inalmnit .,..A .,,,,,, ,....,,,,,,,, , . ,,,, , V Prfr.vidz'11l I Ellen McClellan ., .,,.. W Vim-I'1'a'.ridfr1t Mabel Armitage ....., H ,. , . ,,,,, Sm'rz'tary lrla Belle Tremayne ,,,,, Treasurer HONORARY MEMBERS Kathryn Henderson Fish ACTIVE MEMBERS Mary Jane Hathaway Mabel Armitage Jeanette Dentler Frances Peterson Louise Inalmnit Velma Scholl lcla Belle Tremayne Tfwo Hundred Six Ellen McClellan Sigricl Martinson Antonia Koberstein Frankie Adams Lf' Donaldson Gurley Whitfield Mui-l'in Ridinas Pi Lambda Theta Wtmmeiils National Honorary Educational Fraternity Insfallwl June 19, 1921 OFFICERS Mary Donaldson , , , ,,,,, 1'rf.vid1'nl Dorothy Gurley , , it , .V V, Vil'1?'Pf'L'.Vll1t'7lf Irene VVhitfield . W , ,,,,,,, , .V S1'1'rr'lr1ry Grace Mnrfin ., ,,,, ..,, . ,Corrrrxjronding Sarrelary . , ., Tl'flIIIlI'fI' Marie Ridings Mildred Hawes Margery Gilbert Lillian Crosland Ruth Wheeler Glenn Frank Eleanor Coleman Alihy Adams Helen Andrews Winifred Andrews Eula Benson Elsie Boll. Gladys Buehler Gertrude Bntlei ACTIVE MEMBERS Grace Knopp Mary Carlisle Sara Martin Louise Deffenliacher Reta McLean I-Ielen Ware NEW MEMBERS May Borquist Florence Buck' Frances Degerstedt Elsie Dennis Marian Hayes Hazel Johnson Elizabeth Rauch Tfwo Ilumlrcd Sefueu Bertha Hayes Florence Sheldon Ethel Scott Edith Pattee llelen Mazham Eva Stetson Martha Shnil Esther Stricker Caroline Tilton Vesta Holt Hazel Stone Cecile Bennett Cecile McAllister ,X 'T , .A.. . X N' ' i Van Guilrler McKalson Marshall Lee Amzcll Manuel Zollers Pack Pan Xenia International Professional Foreign Trade U. S. EPSILON CHAPTER Inxmllwl December 6, 1922 OFFICERS Ted Van Guilder ,..., ....., .,,,.,, .,.......,, I , , ,r.,, ..,,, President Floyd McKalson ,.... . Serratary-Treasurzfr FACULTY Alfred Lomax E. E. Davison Lowell Angell Ta Lee Wallace Pack Edgar Blood P. C. Crockett Arthur M. Geary ACTIVE MEMBERS H. L. Marshall Willard Marshall Floyd McKalson HONORARY MEMBERS I-I. L. Hudson J. Nakagawa Frank Ira White Tfwa Hundred Eight Clyde Zollers Seminaria Manuel Ted Van Guilrler T. G. Williams Christian Peterson Roger Pinneo r F l l l l l l l i l r l f 1 X l. Ma-8 'Y V ., A Fraser John:-ion Cnlluprhan Cox Lupher Snyder DeLong Condon Club Universitv of Oregon Section of Geological and Miriiimg Society of American Universities l'l0llIl!!l'1l Dl'l'l'Illbl'!' II, 1919 OFFICERS Donald Fraser , V -..,V VVVVVVVA. V V V .V... VVVV I ,?'1?Jfll1'7ll Alex Shipe ,. ,,,, . ,,,,,....,....,, ., ..,,.., Vice-I'l'z'sider1l Donald Johnson ,Y,.V .Yw. . VV.777V....V. S erretnry Eugene Callaghan ,,,,,,,,.,,... , ,,,,, . Tr1'z1.rurrr I-IONORARY MEMBERS Dr, Earl L. Packard Dr.Grahzun -I. Mitchell Dr. Edwin 'I'. Hodge Mr. Chester Washhurne Mrs. Ellen Condon McCormack Dr.Wnrren D. Smith ACTIVE MEMBERS Donald johnson Edwin Cox Leonard Lupher Merle Snyder Don Zimmerman Alex Shipe Donald Fraser ASSOCIATE MEMBERS D0f0fhY DiX0l1 Gilbert McAuliffe Marie Porter T-wo Hundred Nine Dr. Henry Howe Mr. Richard Nelson Mr. Carrol NVaggoner Rex DeLong' Howard Powers Eugene Callaghan Alton Gabriel Ann Woodwa rd Orchesus Honorary Dancing Group Urgalrizzvl 1923 OFFICERS Neva Service H , , ,.., , ,,.. . ,Prn.ridcnl Edith Pierce , . ,, ,, . , ,,,, Scrrrlary Nellie Rowland Greene ..,,,,,,,, ,,,.., .,..,.,,... , . ' ,,,., Trz'a.rurer Sigma Delta Pi National Honorary Spanish Fraternity GAMMA CHAPTICR Ifl.s'Inll1'1l l'll'b7'll!Il'AV, 1922 . .OFFI CERS . Maxine Lamb .... ,,,,V......., .,..,,..,.,.,.,, , .. ,,YY, ,V 1"fL'.fldt'1ll Norma Wilson. , , .. ,,,,,,, .,,,, , ljlfl'-Pf6'.Y1dl'7lf llulda Guild , , .. , ,, ,,., . ,,,,,, Snrrnlfzry-Tr1'a.mrrr FACULTY MEMBERS Rosalia Cuevas ACTIVE MEMBERS Maxine 'ainli Hulda Guild Katherine 'Reade Paul Ager Norma Wilson Vivian I-larper Frank Wilson A lm, fb if - mi W ' Lamb Wilson Guild Reade Harper Apzcr Two Hundred Ten lirhelva Elkins Haydon liroclurs M01-u-ngun Samara llonorary Fraternity for Botany and Bacteriology Students l"011ml1'rl Uui'I'1'r.i'if.1' of Oregon, 1920 OFFICERS V Ethclva Elkins . l'if'1'-I'l'1'.ri4lz'11l llazel llayclen , , Sf'rrrInry-Trra.r1n'rr HONORARY MliMl3ER Mrs. A. R. Sweetser Ml5Ml'l!iRS lfrlrrllly Ethel Sanborn Lourene Taylor flrli-vm' Mf7I1llfl'.f Elkins Alice Mortensen Hazel llayclcn Claudia Brom H1stor1an Staff Frances Simpson Sol Alwraxnsnn Pauline Stewart Madeline Gerlinger Simpson Stewart Abramson Gcrlimrcr Trwo lI1n1dr'nlElm1L'n Byrne Prescott Stalker Miller Morrissette Krausse Evans Korn Kidd Larsen Leon Byrne ,,,,,,, Sigma U psilon YE TABARD IN N Izlxiallwl Orlober, 1915 OFFICERS l-luhert Prescott ,,,,, , Ray Stalker. ,....,,.. .. Kenneth Shumaker Edward Miller Pat Morrissette Kenneth Shumaker Paul Krausse MEMBERS Faculty VV. F. G. Thaeher Arlifuz' Therrnun Evans Frederic Clznysun Lester Chaffee Glen Burch Tfwo I1 andrea' Tfwclfvn l'rmidcnt Secrnlzlry-Trmslzrm' .,,,,If'ice-I'resident Walter Snyder Alfons Korn Walter Evans Kidd Darrell Larson Monte Byers If fig UH, , Q' A ' S N W 5' ' iv' 1 5 - cu- U Guy Skuvlnn Allen Fitch Krcssmnn Jonsrud Pot and Quill WRITERS' CLUB FOR WOMEN OFFICERS jeanne-Elizabeth Gay.. . .. , .,., Pr1r,via'nul Margaret Skavlan ,.,,., ,,,, .,.,, S c rrntary Margaret CHITCI' H ., ,Y., , Y,,Tl'fH.f1l7'fI' FACULTY Sally Elliot Allen Irene Slew Margaret Carter MZlI'fIHl'Ct Skavlan ll IT Clara Lynn Fitch GRADUATE MEMBERS Nancy Wilson ASSOCIATE M EM BERS Elea MEMBERS Ma rpgnret Kressman Jeanne-Elizabeth Ga Tfwo Hundred Thirtczrn I10 I' ll n Y Grace Mann Kellncr Eunice jonsrnd Florence jones l J- pi Q in au M' F W 5 '. ' -1. v , W it f- ' X xii' Aff' 1' .Lr V' I, , r ' 1 Kqz 'v ' X 'sc f " 1 .xv l . l '- ' , A - Xl i A -A 'L -,",'.i,, 1' V' 4 l ' 'ff ' Q '7 1 X ' 1 f' I 'M Q 3:32 .Q ' 0 dl A V V A Abbott Barnes Berger Baumpmrtner Denham Horsfall Huntsman Heckman Knowland Ludcrs Lauderdale Peterson Radabaugh Shell Struplcre Titus Vance Blythe Buchanan Barton Kindle Eulberxz Hem: Morrloff Michels Mason Olsen Crombie Richardson Stewart Sterling ThCSp13HS OFFICERS Virginia Lee Richardson ,,,,,,,,r,,,,,,, w,,,,,,,,,,, , Ifrgyidmg Doris Kinclle ,... .,,, ,,,,,,, , , . ,,,, Louise Buchanan .,,.,,, ........,Vice'-l'rcJidenl ..-.,,.,,,..,,Sn'crc'l11ry ACTIVE MEMBERS Pauline Stewart Edith Huntsman Nancy Peterson Monica Michels Pauline Knowland Mary Titus Frances Borton Virginia Sterling Aileen Morcloff Adele I-Iegg Tfwo Hundred Fourteen Mary Cromhie Barbara Blythe Marion Barnes Veronica Eulberg Beatrice Mason Q i f' ,f 1 , ' 'i?1"'K"' 's-:sw 1' V ii"'T1w,W, . ' I - f V IM, W if MMM, g V, Q- A ,A -. F. Oregon Knights of lntercollegiate Knights FACUI,'l'Y MEMBERS Karl Ontha nk l-IONORA RY MEMBERS Randall jones Fred Martin OFFICERS Charles Norton f,f,v,Y ,f.,, ...,. . ..,,,, ,rri .7,7,., 7,,. , . , ,,,.. . , , ,, Duke Harry Hemmings ,,.,,,, ........... ,..,7.. 777, . . . .,,RoyaI Srrilm Tom Mahoneym N ,,,, ., ,,,,,,.., fylllllllflllli' of lixvllfrqurr Vern Miller Tom Mahoney Morton Cake Dick Wright Walt Simpson Pete Ermler Ken liirkemeier Charles Fisher Ted Hendry Elton Trippet Fred joy Earl Olson Dick Gordon Paul Lowry Solbhomoranr james johnson Cliff Powers Harry Hemmings Larry Riddle Allan Button Parker Branin l"rz'.rh nz rn Henry Stevens Stewart Ball lioh lleitkemper Phil Sheridan Bill Brown Elmer Fansett Tfwo II1u1drmlFif!een Milton Rice Bula Coffey Al Christerson jerry VVade Lowell Baker Fred Michel john Boswell Bob Benjamin Foster Rose Emerson Wrigh Gene Gray Frank Bates Ernest Nichol Earl Richen IZ Marshall Hendrickson McKinney Brand WCSt0l'Kl'0H Simon Suthcr Amstutz Cook Y. M. C. A. EXECUTIVE STAFF Henry W. Davis ,,,.,,,,,,,. .,,Gom'raI Sorralnry and Dirrrrlor of Unilod Chllstlan Work Mrs. Charlotte Donnell S'llUlJEN'l' OFFICERS Willzircl Marshall , James Stewart, ,,,,, ,, ,,,,,, Vim-Prgy Ernest llenclrickson ,, ,, Oscar McKinney,, CABINET Romuyne Brand , Algot Westergren ., Milton Simon , ,. Truman Sethelt. . Elam Amstutz ,,,. Ward Cook , , Tfwo Ilundred Sixteen y ,, ,... ,,,. . , ,,..,..,,,...,,..,,,,,, ,, ,..,. Ernjiloymrnl Serrclary ,,,,Presiclent idcnl . .. . Scrrflary Fillllflfllll Sc'r'rnl1lry ,, Social Y....,,......Fi7l!l7lL'L' , Ifmlrloynzent . Ne-w Slurlcut Work Religion.: Work .Pulzlirily P P' f J by ,Kel f V 1 .Bl:,,!"W'l 4' McMonics Skinner Pan-Hellenic Alberta McMonies Mary Skinner ,, Cleo Base liaise I'rr'.ridrnI I'iw' l'1'r.via'1'1ll Sz'rr1'r1n'y Inter-Fraternity Council junior Seton, , Basil Burke ., ,. Bolm Mnntz , . ,, l'rr'.vidrnI lf'if'r-l'r'r.riilmf , Sr'rl'rla1'y Wulkcr S0t0l'1 Tfwo Hundred SL"UL'71f6L'1l Burke E. 1 Ai, ' - ' i V 'Mn 'V if J 'M 1 J X J Gehl- Carruthers Allied Arts League Penelope Gehr ....,., ,,,,. , . ..,, ,..,, , ,,l're:ia'0nl Richard Carruthers ...., ,,,..,,......,.., V ire-Pre.ridL'nl Virginia Keeney ,,,,....., .,.., S rcremry-T1'ca.rurar MAJORS Katherine Ashmead David Baird Kenneth Birkemeier Edgar Bohlman Irvin Brooks Herbert Bruhn Richard Carruthers Dorothy Carter Carol Colby Ma.rvin Cone Lester Chaffee John Crandall George Drury Tirzah Dudley James Farnham Linn Forrest David Foulkes Mabel Fransen Ruth Goin!! Dorothy Wagner Laura Anderson Laura Breske Katherine Mutziir Katherine Kubli Margaret Stoltz Veronica Eulberg Wilma Parish Ina Collins Florence Ingham Lydia Hodge Kathryn Short Ruth Harney Della Somers Helen Davidson Marian Field Robert Harbisen Wallace Hayden James Johnson Margaret Johnson Virginia Keeney E. H. Koupa Fook Tai Lau Henry Lawrence Anne Lawrence Frederick MacPike Irene McCarty Chester Medler Lanore Miller Dean Morrow Leo Moore Raymond Murphey Helene Oates Emmea Paulsen Eric Peterson Truman Phillips FINE ARTS MAJORS Florence Grebe Marian Stowe Louise Buchanan Catherine Morrison Coral Graham Anita Kellogg Marian Barnes Margaret Livesley Gene Ross Madeline Bayley Mildred Strong Rolf Klcp Winifred Harney Faith Jacobs Lee Ryan Edward Casey Nellie Best Two Hundred Eighteen Arthur Remmen Laurin Reynolds Emogene Richards Frank Roehr Charles Ross Harvey Sautter Lois Scoffern Arnold Southwell Mildred Stacy Allen Swengel Raymond Thompson Stewart Tu ft Mildred Vaughan Harold Wagner Leland Walker George Wardner Evelyn Warnkc Albert Gambell Thomas Hansen Paul Montxromcry Grace Thomas Mildred Sinnott Mildred Campbell Arthur Gray Harriet Ross Helen Smith Walter Cleaver Helen Manary Grace Medere-ion Gladys Kennedy Helen Ahern Rose Billings Dell Robinette Penelope Gehr Constance Cleaver Wmzncr Skuvlun Agnew Sculpture Club OFFICERS jack Snook , H.. ,,,. . , ,,,,,, , ,Y1,ffjidff1l Harold Wagner ,,,, ., Vifc-l'ra'.ri1lrnl Home Economics Club OFFICERS ClZllllllH Broclers, ,,.,...,, ,,,.. ..,,,,,,, ,.,,,,,,, , Y I 'rL'.fid1'nf Ethelvzl Elkins, , ,,,,,,., l'ir'r'-l'rrr.s'id1rf1f and Snrrrlnry Helen Winter ,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,....,,,,,,,,. , , Trmxizrrr Winter Tfwo Ilundred Nincleen Brmlcrs Miller An Organization of All Bolt O. N. S. Jenkins Former Oregon Normal School Students OFFICERS Sarah Inez Miller .......,.,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,t,,,,,,,t,,,, ,,,-,,,,, I 'rgyidgng Elsie K. Bolt .........,.l. .....t, S ecrctary-Tre1m1rm- Marian Jenkins ,.,, , ,,,.,,,.,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, Rgjmrlgr MEMISERS Kathryn Amee Bertha Hayes Echo Neale Iris Akin Adda Hart Flossie Perce Edna Assenheimer Marian Baker Harold Benjamin Lucrezia Benefiel Edna Brimrs Elsie Bolt Grace Bullock Orrin Byers Mildred Carr Mertie Chamberlain Olivia De Guire Helen Denham Beryl D'el'ord Mary Donaldson Grace Draxzor Bertha Dunlap Catherine Enright Elizabeth Enright Florence Fessler Helen Fish Margery Gilbert Marie Gilkeson Anne Gorrie Viva Greene Marie Groves Maryanne Hanson Marfraret Halvorsen Esther Halvorsen ' Lola Howe N Jessie Jenks Marian Jcnkins Ruth Jenkins Alice Jenkins Anna Jerzyk Mable Johnson Anne Johnson Hazel Kirk Flay Kirkham Elsie Lea Alice Le Kander Hazel Loukes Mabel Lushby Katherine Mendenhall Monica Miehels Marsraret Michels Sarah Miller Jean Milliean Chadwick Newhouse Ruth Nixon Louise Nimmo Merle Nimmo Two Hundred Tfwenty Thora Pertcrson Roy Penny Virginia Priaulx Emma Rasmussen Marszaret Rice Hazel Robinson Mrs. Robertson Zclma Sauvain Vesta Schold Alta Schneider Kathleen Skinner Marjorie Speed Bertha Stephens Marjorie Tillotson Cora Turnirlfze Helen Whitcomb Lea Withrow Oneita Wirtz Olga Wickbergz Henrietta Wolfer Marl Woods Oak Wood Juanita Wolff Lucille Wright L. A. Wright Dlly Houston Conley McKinney The University Co-op. OFFICERS john Day ,.,,,,. , ., ...., ,,.. . ...,. , I'r1f.mirnl Lauren Conley , ,....,,, Snrrvlnry-Treasurer Ivan Houston,,,,, ,........,, Vift'-PI'f.fili!'llf BOARD OF DIRECTORS Dr. John F. Bovnrd IDIZJZIHICS H. Oillwerl Lauren Conley Oscar McKinney Tfwo IllllIt!l'l'd T-'wzrnly-one 'B 'N x Q? 9 X T V-IO Q. 1 . if . -4' 1 6 , I 'WWI A M 'Y Q' , .Hg , N , - ' It :li " A -- , h Ridings Veatch, S. Craig: Humphreys Akin Newman Constance Ventch, E. Whitcomb McCrez1die Propst Benson Buehlcr Brown Schupp Tilton lV.l3tllCI1l3t1CS Club OFFICERS Marie Ridings ,,,,,,, ., ,. l're.vidanl Sylvia Ventch A...,.,.. l'i1'c-Pre.vidz'nl Leola Craig, ...,,,,. ,,,, , ,,.,,,,, Serremry Roland Humphreys . Treasurer Dorothy Akin W ........ .. Marie Ridings Leonard Newman Dorothy Akin Leola Craig Clifford Constance Brooks Hawley MEMBERS Herbert jones Roland Humphreys Charles Spere Enid Veatch Sylvia Vezntch I-Ielen Whitcomh joseph McCrez1dy Tfwn llundrrd 1310071111-fflU0 . ,,,,. Hixlarian Scott Propst Eulzl Benson Gladys Bnehler Herschel Brown Dorothy Schnpp Caroline Tilton Y I A 1 ' 0 Q g u ,f , t L' . , f 6 r I - I ' if x . ' 4 A N of X vu is .lf gf kj .1 Crain Buck, E. Bennett Anderson Bartholomew Buck, F. Butler Johnson, M, Johnson, E. Oliver Vander Stcrrc Simpson Shull Boyer Hazard Lewis McMurphcy Nichol Zieber Cnntine Clarke Keating Sherwood Dclzell Ulrich hutaxlan IJIICTEIIY SOCICIY OFFICERS Mililreql Crain ,.,,,,, ,,,.. ..,, . .,.. .,.,..., ....,.,., I ' r c .vzdml Eloise Buck. .,...Yoo,, . V....... Sefrrlary Cecile Bennett ,. ..,. ,,,,... T rm.rurcr HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. L. l-l. johnson Mrs. L.F. Harris Wave Anderson Mary Bartholomew Florence Buck Gertrude Butler Mildred Crain Mildred johnson Ethel johnson Merle Oliver T1-wo MEMBERS Lucy Vander Sterre Frances Simpson Martha Shull Cecile Bennett Margaret Boyer Eloise Buck Adrienne Hazard Imogene Lewis Lylah McMnrphey Ilunrlrnd Tfwfnly-three Mildred Nichol Eugenia Zieber Helen Cantine Margaret Clarke Virginia Keating Delia Sherwood Kathryn Ulrich Dorthy Delzell Gordon McGregor Andere-ion Zurchel' Drake N Till:-ion Teminds WOMEN'S ORDER OF EASTERN STAR FACULTY MEMBERS Miss Edith Pattee OFFICERS Roth MacGregor ,,,... ,,,,,.,,,,....,,...,. . .. ..,,, , H ,..,., l're,vident Dora Gordon , ,,... , ...,,,,,A.. ...,Y.. If irc-I'r1r.ridz'11l Wave Anderson ,,,,.,. .,., ,,,..... R c cording Secretary Dorothea Drake, ,,.,, I ., Corrnxponding Scrrelury Florence Couchw , , .,....,,.,Y,, ,.,,., T reasurer El C1rculo Castellano OFFICERS Paul Ager , ,. , . I'rL'.rident Hulcla Guilzln.. ,... . ,,,,,,SccreIary Maxine Lamb .,,.t, , ,t,, Vire-President Mary McMahon... ,unllimn-ffm Vivian Harper, W ,,,,,,,,, Treasurer Rosalia P. Cuevas, W ,fldt-yin-f FACULTY MEMBERS Gertrude Espinosa Rosalia P. Cuevas Italia Dallera I . I 'N -1 x Q. ' , V V 1 X D I .I I9 , r I5 W . V I A: -xx 'V Aunt' Lamb Harper Guild McMahon TQUl1Il1l7ldfKd T-wnnty-four lnmnn Liebelt Unmlvrxvoufl Collegium Augustal LA'1'1N CLUB Loxs Inman ........, .,.. , ,, , , Mathilcle Llellelt, .,,,, ..,,, A Mary Cromlaie ,,,,,, . ,. Isroc, C , .. Prarsro Pro-Prarsidr ,, ,, ,,,, Sffillll Evelyn Underwood ,,,,.,, ,,,,,,,,,, Q llflfjlgr Helen lgoe, ,7Y,, 77..... . ,,,, . Nunriu.v Newman Club Bert Gooding ,,,,, ,, , Pl'!'Jid0lIl Margaret McCabe ,. , l"i4'c-l'1vr.vidar1l Marie Schzlefers ,,,, , ,,S1'f'r1rrnry ' Goodimr Schncfcrs Tfwo Ilumlrrd Twmrly-fifuz' pfupunll om.fl xg:-ffguanql CRAFTSMEN CLUB . . .',ii?xQQ.34 jul. 2 'X-.X rl"1C2l do .1 1 fx ly, af . 4, SM-fxiflsh -al 2. l 'ltr ri i, fl - '- .sfo-.qw-j fig-5125 I, lpcyg fd ' MacGregor Crm-y Craftsmen Club Student and Faculty lVICIl1l'ICl'S A. F .8cA. M. OFFICERS -Iohn M. MacGregor ,,,., ,,.. ,A,,,,, A 1,1-f,fi,1p,,f Gerald C. Crary W S,-,-,-,ly,,,-J, lislel Akers . f . .,.. . . ., Tl'f1I.CllI'PI' EXECIVFIVE COMMI'1"l'EE Frank A. Nagley Frederic S. Dunn E. S. Tuttle FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATIVE Albin, J. W. Frank Agule Carl Aldean Jack W. Benefiel John F. Bovard Oscar Brown l'. L. Campbell E. F. Carleton Dan E. Clark J. H. Cossmann James K. Cosaman H. R. Crosland F. S. Dunn Virxril D. Earl John Stark Evans Estel N. Akers Donald D. Allen Harold 0. Ashmun Harold Ii. llerry Lewis Beeson Merl Illake K. R. Illakeslee Gordon J. liyrne James M. Carr Ellhriam Conway Harley N. Covait Bruce Curry Gerald C. Crary Kenneth Delas ns Marion E. Diekey James H. Farnham 'Fed Gillenwaters Landa V. Gillette Hubert Gilbert Edward Godwin William L. Goomlenouprh liruce J. Gil'l'en Edwin T. Hodge L. H. Johnson C. L. Kelley Earl Kilpatrick John J. Landshury I. D. Le lie Alfred L, Lomax R. E. McDaniel H. L. Marshall W. Ii. Nlikesell Cant. John 'l'. Murray Carl C. Myers Frank A. Napxley Walter E Niehrl Karl W. Onthank STUDENTS Eston B. Humphrey Virgil Jackson li. Jessup Randall Jones 1-lcrsehel M. Jones Frank Keenan Harold A. Kirk CIil'I'ord Knodell R. 'I'. Kuhn John W. Lewis Frank II. Lop:y.ran Harold C. Lunclburlr Edward li. Lyman lien Maxwell 'I'roy L. McGraw Louis Metzelaar Fred Michel 'I'uley F. Otto E. Peter:-lon Claude J. l'rol'fitt August Quinby Orval Rasor Tfwo Ilunrlrrrd Tfwnnly-.rzffvcn MEMBERS Fab rt G. liaymer H. E. Ros:-lon Chas. li, Ruth Carlton H, Spencer I". L. Stetson A. B. Stillman John Staulm Lamar Tuoze E. S. Tuttle Rex Underwood Sam R. Warner Raymond H. Wheeler F. 'l'. Whitney Earl Widmer F. G. Young: .lohn Rhodes Victor S. Itisley Rittor G Itoehr George Frank Rue Mowrey Dewey L. K. Searbrouyrh Sehumaker 'l'run1an A. Sether li. Shaw Smith I. Snyder Vovxrtly Wells illiams Leland Iloraee Charley Charles Charles J. E. W Gordon Wilkinson Samuel Wilderman Oak D. Wood Fland C. Wooton D'on M. Woods Fred W. Young' Clyde Zollars X ,Q tx ' - 'A VH? . X Tv 5 gf. " . lla' M- lb! -42 ' ' 1 ' . . 'A gf ' it 'V' l Avila Alcid Arroyo Arellano Gumbon Hipe Domingo Gorriceta Es,,i,.itu Fernandez Carmisis Leones Behold The Varsity Philippinensis! This association has been purposely formed to foster friendship and fellowship among its members, to create better understanding between the Filipino and the other students of America, to educate the American pub- lic on Philippine questions, and to loyally serve our alma mater, the University of Oregon. lts members are eternally indebted for the fruitful opportunity which the university is giving them and to the kind hospitality of the people of Eugene. Some day, when the Filipino students in Eugene will be going back to the land of their birth, they will carry along constant memories and sweet songs of Oregon. Oregon will be heralded in the Philippines. This page of the Oregana is sincerely dedicated to our American friends and benefactors. ROMULO C. AVILA. The Varsity Philippinensis Organizer! Ortober 22, 1922 OFFICERS Dr. Warren D. Smith ...,.,,., ...,t,.,.,,,,,.,, ,,,,,,,,, , , , Adfvigg-r Romulo Avila ..--................. ........,...,,,, P reridenl Manllel Alcid .......,........ ,...Y,, V ire-l'rc,ridenI Florencio Arroyo .,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,-,,,,, , Sggrgmry Felipe Arellano. .....,......,,,...,,.....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,- Trgggun-r Feline Gamlwa ....... ...................................... r Sergeant-at-Arm: Felix Beluso Manuel Alcid Romulo Avila Augusto Espiritu Felipe Arellano FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Warren D. Smith HONORARY MEMBERS Remigio Ronquillo SENIORS Honofre Hipe JUNIORS Vicents Domingo jose Gorriceta FRESI-IMEN Martin Fernandez Florencio Arroyo Augustin Carmisis Tfwo Hundred Twenty-eight M rs. C. R. Donnelly Felipe Gamboa Narciso Soberano Ricardo Leones juan Domingo Men's Oregon Club OFFICERS Earl Smith ,,., ,,,..M........ , ,.,,,. ,.... . . Wilbur C. Hayden ,,....,r Rupert Gilbert .,,.. Clate Meredith ,..,,,, Charles Orr ,,.,,r.,,, President ,,,,,.,..Vire-Prcridelll Treasurer Publirily Marmgzrr Athletic Manager MEMBERS K. P. Baer John Black E. N. Brown Glen Burch Louis H. Carlson Floyd Coolidge jess Dewey joe Ellis Floyd Greeley l.. L. Hall Gust Heikkila Earl Hughes Herbert jones R. E. jones Ellis Lake H. Landu Dale Leslie R. V. Nelson Klass Powell Chester Pike Eugene Slattery J. C. Soderstrom Charles Spere A. D. Strauss Tfwo Ilundrnd Tfwcnty-nine W. C. Swails Theodore Van Guilrler R. Wascher H. Whitlock Lee Withrow Gibson Wright Maurice Wilcox Buford Hargus I-larry LaPorte jalmar johnson james Eggstaff Ralph Eggstaff X I r 1 XXX. . l X W., 'O 'il - S W 'I ' M x l ,:.,.,l ig- 'Nm N553 ' 6 Q ' 1, Q . gi ' Riley Oxrlusby Gilkcsun Hurer Andrews Armstrong: Eastwood, L. Foss Howe Hunzickur, Parker Underwood Caldwell Dclmp Hunziclccr, V. Lounsbury Drum Hensley J cnks Outmnn Benson Robson Tfwv Ilufldrnl Thirty Chisholm Loonnipz Eu:-ltwoud, E Humphreys Schuufcrs Girls' Oregon Club OFFICERS Thelma Riley ,,,,,,, l,,,,,...,,, .,,,, , l,,,,,, ,,,A,w,,,,,,,. P , - ggidt-1,1 Edith Oglesby --7-- ......N., Vice-President MHl'lC fllllCCSOIl .,., ,. ,... ,YA,v,,,,,,, S gfrgfflfy Audrey Hrlrer ,V..7 ..... ,...... T 1 wmn-fr Helen Andrews Helen Armstrong Mary Chisholm Lena Eastwood Ardath Caldwell Ruth De Lap Wanda Eastwood Geneva Drum Margaret Hensley Mary Benson Helen Robson GRADUATE STU DENTS Olive Mark HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. H. D. Sheldon SENIORS Geneva Foss Edith Howe Betty I-Iunzicker Hazel Johnson Beatrice Loennig JUN1oRs Marie Gilkeson Audrey Harer Vera Hunzicker SOPHOMORES Evelyn Humphreys Letha Jenks FRESHMEN DeEtta Robinette Elsie Schultz Tfwo Hundred Thirty-one Thelma Riley Lois Parker Evelyn Underwood Sylvia Veatch Elizabeth Lounsbury Etha Oglesby Margaret Templer Lucie Oatman Ruth Wheeler Mable Wood Helen Schafer 2. 1 N . 1 -V2 P t x , A .A sg' W 1 l V fl? . , -. L51 . As ,f -'H tl!! lk 1 N? vi P ' lf X 7 Adam Carter Schroeder Coke Farley Collimzs Cash Powers Prather Hughes Flanniizan Elwood Bonbriyzht Kiminki McGregor Bcency at bra- Kos OFFICERS james Johnson ,,., .,,,,.,, . ......,.. V ..............,,Y...- ..v.Yf Y I YY Pffildffll Frank Reinhart w.,.., .......... ..,V .,..w.......A.,.VV ...V.A. I ' 1 ve-Prerldfnl Harry Hemmings ....... ,.A...,. S ccrelzlry-Trerurzrfr Belden Babb ,l7.....l... .l...,,,,.....,....A... .......,V,... S c rgcant-111-f4fm.v CHARTER MEMBERS Eddie Edlunds Doc Furry Howard Zachary Charles Dawson Phil Ringle Ted Baker Don Park Douglas Wright Busler Blake Jack Seabrook York Herron Farley Stoddard Charley Snyder Morton Coke Rod Torby Dick Adam Clarence Carter Bill Bonber Horace Kilham Belden Babb Quincy Adams Abbie Greene Lot Beattie Errol Murphy Charles Buchanan Ward johnson UPPER CLASSMEN Ben Smith Merton Folts Horace Easterday Ken Bailey Pug Toole Rod Keating Bill Dills Douglas Wilson SOPHOMORE ACTIVE MEMBERS Elton Sch roeder Clifford Powers Ollie Broy john Prather Maury Collings Pat Hughes Don Cash Proctor Flannigan FRESHMEN AND PLEDGES Randall Gutridge Bud Hagerty Paul Turner Bill McGregor Ward Beeney Gene Crosthwaite Chet Medler Crip Robinson Bruce Todd Don McCook Beryl Hodgens Pete Stadelman Tfwo Hundred Thirty-two Lyle ,Ianz Dinty Moore Dick Ginn Bob Gardner Alan Smith Howard Hobson Darell Elwood Keny Bonbright Arni Kimiski jack Renshaw jack McGuire Pat Morten Don Adams Eugene Leidigh l D11 fauna OW?WMVFOVFM1rlfrrx-:1vcx'uf.x1'arzL.n'7.v'I..nrx11f1-mcwogsfminllum-..f.4'4:un 1 It 1 , , -.-. Fl, Music Auditorium 2 - , v . i . . , , , Women's Glee Club The Womenls Glee Club has assisted with many assemblies and campus programs throughout the year. The home concert which was given April 16 was a joint concert with the Men's Glee Club. - On April 24, 25 and 26 they appeared in joint concert with the orchestra and the Men's Glee Club at Albany, Salem and Portland. Ruth Akers, Roy Bryson, Aubrey Furry and Frank Jue were the soloists of the season. PnRsoNNm,: Firxl Soprano Serona' Soprano Firsl Alto St'l'07lli Alto Elizabeth Nelson Mildred Welch Marian Phy , Henrietta Wolfer Igldeva Servfle Ruth Haney Betty Kerr Mary West argaret yatt M 1. T . . 4 Barham Edmonds axle emple Violet Mills Irella Fly Ruth Akers Esther Setters Catherine Ageal Alberta Carson Clair Whitten Mildred Berkeley Charlotte Winnard Claudia Broders Augusta Hamilton Pauline Knowland I-lar,-ict ROSS Begg Anflrewg if Dirnrlor, JOHN STARK EVANS .4t'l'HI!lf1l7lf5l, FRANCIS PIERCE Manager, james Limxra Tfwo Hundred Thirly-six Men,s.Glee Club The Men's Glee Club has taken part in many campus affairs this vear and is doing an excellent quality of Work. The home concert was given April 16 with the Women's Glee Club. The lVIen's and Women's Glee Clubs have organized this year each hav ing its own officers. They have had an especially fine selection of songs. Paksoivum.: Firsl Tmmr Sfroml Tenor Brzrilonzr Frank jue Ronald Kretzer Vincent Hill Dick Adam Alvin Christianson Cl11Il'lCS DZIWSOII lelnllis Cn,-ey LeRoy Stephens Blair Alderman james Ross Charles Rhodes Ward RiCe Bert Holloway jack High Leland Robe Thomas McKenzie Roy Bl'yS0l'l Ted LIIVSCU Ray Crites Ernest lirokenshire Director, john Stark Evans Manager, james Leake Tfwo llundrcd Thirty-.vefvcn lir1.r.r Robert Hunt Will Kidwell George VVardnei Raleigh Green Aubrey Furry The University Choir The University choir has given vesper services for the students and townspeople once a month all during the year. john Stark Evans The choir is composed of the members of the Men's and VVomen's Glee Clubs, under the direction of john Stark Evans. Gounod's St. Cecilia's Mass, presented during the Christmas season, and "The Seven Last Words of Christ," given at East- er time, were the outstanding programs of the season. Ruth Akers, Roy Bryson, Aubrey Furry and Frank Jue sang the leading roles at all the vespers. Tfwu Hundred Thirty-eight B " assess G s 'ss' sas: aswe- IAWQQ u.. . , J, Inu ,vawax swim wg 4 ,t-,K -U, A K : T f,f Q "if mttimszainiiiiiu rm mnnfgzim i is 31" is kEE iiE""EEi'iiE5 'SPH ' ' iff C 1 , ' ll I .su :magnum l The University Orchestra The University Orchestra, under the directorship of Rex Underwood, has won prominence among the campus organizations hy the excellent quality of work it has been doing. Besides the home concert this year, the orchestra has entertained the stu- dents at several assemblies. 'l'he orchestra joined the Men's and Women's Glee Clubs on April 26 for the joint concert held on that date at the Heilig Theatre in Portland. ' ORCH ISSTRA MEMBERS Vlollrr--Alberta Potter, Delbert Moore, Oboe-'lame' Cheney' Murlzn D,.,,,.y. Gwendolyn Hayden, Nina Warnock, l ' Margaret Inwood, Wanda Eastwood, Ul1lr'lf1r'l-GHICC Potter. Samuel Sohle, Dora Rascelle, Harvey B C " -'z' C' Wood, Glenn Potts, Flora Edwards, an ,MMM LH' siding' Edward Fortmiller, Irene Gerlinger. Tl'lllIlflff-Al Goss, Arthur Close. Viola-Edward Best, Ralph McClaflin lluru-RonaldRobinette,Sanford Lassellc. Esther Layton. Tymjrzuzi--Arthur Larson. Cello-Lora Teshner, Katie Potter, Fern Trofuborre-lliek Siinonton, VVilliani lla- Elliott, Bill Hamilton, Ralph Hoeher, vidson. Bars-jack Seabrook. Piano--jean Harper. l"lulf-Beulah Clark, Genevieve Phelps. Manager-llarold Brumfield. T-wo Ilundrnd Thirty-nine X A .,- ' l, 8- c L, - x l x -117 . v, , I I. ' - MNT Q ' 0 , F L X I I V: N Q"' , Nj 1 li , ' 6- 1 1 1 'i l V . X , . , A lin. Qs it A Teshner Pierce Harper Church Clark Hayden Akers Yeo Owens Potter, K. Berkeley Nelson Burton Parker Potter, G. Eastwood Baldwin Phelps Mu Phi Epsilon HONORARY MUSICAL FRA'1'ERN1'l'Y l"o1n11z'e1l at Ihr fklrftrrijwrflitrzrz College of M11si1', lN!0'Ul'lllbl'7' 13, 1903 Mrs. jane Thacher Mrs. Anna Landshury Beck Mme. Rose lVlcGrew Mrs. M. H. Douglas Mrs. Aurora Underwood Charlotte Banfield NU CHAPTER IlI.Y1lIUl'Il Mfzrzflz 3, 1911 FACULTY MEMBERS Beulah Clark Alberta Potter Lora Teshner jane O'Reilly Gwendolen Lampshire Hayden OFFICERS Lora 'l'eshner, President jean Harper, Secretary Frances Pierce, Vice-President Mrs. A. C. Dixon, Treasurer Esther Church, Corresponding Secretary Ruth Akers Bernice Yeo Gwendolen Hayden jane O'Reilly Virgina Owens Frances Pierce Nina Warnock ACTIVE MEMBERS Esther Church jean Harper Mrs. T. A. Pearson Alberta Potter Mildred Berkeley Elizabeth Nelson Mary Burton Alberta Potter Tfwo Hundred Forty Beulah Clark Lois Parker Grace Potter Lora '11CShIlCl' Wanda Eastwood Harriet Baldwin Genevieve Phelps ix ,svfz fi 1 . 7 f J' L, p S .- v ' if . .f 13 .1 fbi. 'Q 1 Y " lil-'xl 4' 2. if , . ' 1 . g 4 Af' Tr' I .E i .M Q V , 9' X' 1- F 2 , y 1 l , . 2 Dawson Calloway Bryson -l U0 Aflllm McClul'lin High Larson Lcukc Purcell Burton Goss Lawlor 0'BryamL Simonton Phi Mu Alpha SINFONIA FRAT15RN1'1'Y or AMERICA lllflllllllfll U1'fob1'r6, 1898, at flu' Now Englrllul Co1lx1'rw1fo1'y of Ml1.vir. PS1 CHAPTER Izlxlrlllzfrl Orfoluw 16, 1921 FACULTY lVllilVll'llfRS J. J. Lanclslinry Rex Underwood Robert Dart john Stark Evans Lonis Arran Ralph lVlcClaflin John B. Siefert N. Pench Frank jne OFFICERS J. j. Lanrlslmnry, Supl. Gov. Council, Roy Bryson, Vice-Fresiclent Charlie Dawson, President Frank jne, Secretary Bert llalloway, Vice-Presiclcnl Richard Adam, Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Charlie Dawson L k Alfl'C1l Goss Elmer Clark -l""'eb ed e Gerald Lawlor james Purcell Bert Ilalloway , Delbert Moore , Richard Adam , , ' .luck I-hgh X l ll V herald O Bryant Lllltlh Buxton . ,. Roy Brysnn Cl' A . F. I Richard bnnonton Ted Lal-sen ' 'ine lee y llarvey VVoo1ls Tfwo Hundred Forty-one A. S. U. O. Concert Series Albert Spalding, Ifiolinist Gu Maier and Lee Pattison l'i1miJ'l.f Y Y Florence Euston, Oprrnlir Sinyrr Tlwo lluudrfd Fvrly-lfwu Drama HE UNIVERSITY COMPANY has just completed one of its most suc- cessful years since Fergus Reddie became head of the department of drama, l3 - years ago. It was an unusu- ally ambitious year in regard to the number of plays pro- duced and their difficulty. Although handicapped by , the smallness of the stage, the C1 u i l d theatre workshop staged productions of such size that it was a real achieve- ment to group the large casts on the stage without sacrificing the beauty of the pictures or the interest in the action. How- of the Cruel Caliph Haroun Al Raschid. Considered the best ever, notwithstanding the size of the theatre, the drama de- partment is one of the most complete acting schools in the west and has earned for itself a reputation which extends even to the east. Fergus Reddie Mr. Reddie not infrequently takes part in the plays which he directs, but during the past year he not only wrote, but directed and played a part in the musical fantasy "Yellow Candle Light," produced in january. Mr. Perry Arant was the composeriof the music for the fantasy and personally di- rected the orchestra and the chorus. f'Yellow Candle Light" was given one of the longest runs of the year and was un- doubtedly one of the best liked. T-wo Hu ndrrd Forty-lln'n' HARLOTTE BAN- FIELD finished her last year as an instructor in the departmnt of drama with a program W h i c h furnished ample proof of her ability as a teacher and her talent of portraying splendid character roles. Since this was her last year before entering private life, she was given leading parts in several of the more V - difficult plays of the season, and it was in her honor, as a farewell performance, that 'fThe Raggedy Manl' was given. Charlotte Banfielrl Miss Banfield was the director of the third year company which produced a modern three-act comedy at two invita- tional performances during the winter term. Several students shown as splendid material for future Guild theatre stars. The first and second year i i--.a - companies were under the in- struction of Darrell Larsen. These two companies con- tented themselves with writ- ing and acting pantomimes during the greater part of the y r year, although one-act plays were produced during the spring term. Darrell Larsen Tfwo Hundred Forty-four Delbert Faust Beatrice Beebe Joe Frazer Gerdn Brown Harold Hoflick Florence Couch Boyd Homewood Ethel Christy Terva Hubbard The Company Jeanne Gay Paul Krausse Clare Gibson Darrell Larsen Elizabeth Kerr Walter Malcolm Helen Park Bernard McPhillips Plays Produced Helga McGrew Lexro Prillaman Beth Fariss Henry Sheldon Tom Crosthwaite Virgil Mulkey George Stearns Gordon Wilson Clifford Zehrung 1924-1925 Fall Term Wirzter Term Mr. Pim Passes By Yellow Candle Light One August Night The Ideal Husband Princess Bebe The Raggedy Man Kempy Spring Term Hassan Beau Brummel Two Hundred Forty-five Mr. Pim Passes By By fl. .4. Milne CAST OF CHARACTERS Mary, a maid ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,.s, .,., A . ..,,,....................,.. .. Margaret Booth Mr. Pim ,,,... .......4.......,, ....., ,.,, . , , Henry Sheldon Dinah, George Marclen's niece ......,.,,.. ...Elizabeth Kerr Brian Strange, an artist .,.,,..,., ..Bernard McPhillips Olivia Marden ,..,..,............,.,.Y,... ...... . .. Gerda Brown George Marden. ,,,,r ..,,.,. . A....... . . .. ........ Darrell Larsen Lady Marden, George's aunt ,....,. Beth Fariss The first play of the season was a revival of the summer session production with practically the same cast. "The false- ness of a code of morals instigated Scene from "Mr, Pim Pane: By" by process of law-the ridi- culing of the untruth that morality is acting accord- ing to the laws of the land and the church, is the theme which A. A. Milne Works into his two hours of en- joyable satire on "cast iron morality." L. K. B. fEm- erald Critic.l Darrell Larsen domin- ated the stage with Gerda Brown playing a convinc- ing part opposite him. Beth Fariss was the chief laugh producer and Betty Kerr was the typical American ingenue flapper. Bernard McPhillips was adolescent- ly easy-going, as the part demanded, and H e n r y Sheldon, as Mr. Pim, was Henry Sheldon. Tfwo Hundred Forty-:ix One August Night By Mnrlinfz Sifrra CA ST OF C I'lARAC'l'IiRS Pepe Rosario , Emillio, ,, Mario , , H, Dona Barharita , ,. Maria Pepa, a family servant Obdulio Golez, the novelist, , Irene, secretaryw i.,, ,, Don juan Medina, critic . Guillermo, servant , ..,, ,, Amalia Torralba, danseuse , ,, Lexro Prillaman ,, llelga Mcllrew , ,Boyd Homewood ,, , joe Frazer Beth Fariss llelen Park Paul Krausse l"lorent'e Couch ,,'l'erva lluhbard llarolcl lloflick Claire Gibson A modern comedy abounding in the delicate satire and penetrating character delination which has won for the author, Martinez Sierra, a prominent place in contemporary Spanish literature. The action takes place in Madrid and the department made spe- cial effort to have the set- tings and costumes truly Spanish and of a twentieth century nature. Helga McGrew took the part of the heroine, a very romantic, naive young lady who advises the hero, a sue- cessful novelist, played by Paul Krausse, as to the proper termination for his novels. lt is probable that this was the first produc- tion of "One August Nightl' on the American stage, so with no precedent established it showed what the University company could do with an original interpretation of the spirit of the play. i I Scene from "One fluyusl Night" T-wo llumlrml Forly-.frfurn Princess Bebe By Jafiutu Bnnrlfvenle 'fljrincess Bebe" is a tale of the successive steps of descent of a royal pair, nephew and niece of the Emperor, who have been banished from the Kingdom of Suavia after incurring his displeasure because they Would not submit to his Will. From the Imperial palace, the scene changes rapidly to a casino of a Winter resort on the Riviera, thence to the foyer of a French villa, and finally ending in a cheap open air restau- rant in Paris. It is a costume play which afforded the mem- bers of the company an opportunity to give some very inter- esting characterizations. Charlotte Banfield as Princess Helena of Suavia and Fergus Reddie, as Prince Stephan of Suavia, had the finish and technique of professionals. Darrell Larsen, as Comte de Tournerelles, at rare intervals suggested the polished sauvity ofa Barrymore. Clifford Zehrung as the Emperor of Suavia was impressing, while Gerda Brown as the archaic Baroness Von Rosenkrantz, was amusing as well as interesting. Beth Fariss, as Frau Wilf, l Widow of the famous com- poser, was excellent. Mrs. Evelyn Leader, who has ap- peared in Guild theatre plays at least once a year for several seasons past, took the inimitable character part, "The-Woman-with-a scar." She is another whose work has all the ex- cellence of a professional actress. Outstanding among the remainder of the very large cast were Virgil Mulkey, who played the part of the tutor to the royal children, Tom Crosthwaite as the son of Frau Wilf, and Joe E Frazer as the drunken ex- Scene from "Prim'e.r Bnlnf' A jockey. Tfwo Ilundrfd Forty-eight Yellow Candle Light By l"cryu.r Rmldiz' Written by Mr. Reddie from an idea suggested to him by a young friend, "Yellow Candle Lightl' was the first of the two plays given during the season which were written by him. Including in the cast every member of the fourth year com- pany and several members of the third and second year com- panies together with a chorus of singers and dancers number- ing nearly twenty and recruited from the best talent obtainable on the campus, this original musical fantasy was easily the most pretentious production of the year. Perry Burton Arant was the composer of the score, spending the entire winter term on training of the chorus and the orchestra. 'fYellow Candle Light" is an entertainment for children, young or old. Distinctly of the "Peter Panl' type, it appealed to those people who now and then enjoy a trip to the realm of pure fantasy where the fairies dwell under the rule of a beauti- ful princess and the magic power of a court wizard. Mr. Reddie took the part of the Court Wizard who in real life was' the country school master and Char- lotte Banfield took the part of the Mistress of the Robes who was the school marm in real life. The student leads were taken by Flor- ence Couch and Betty Kc-rr with great success. Paul Krausse and Lexro Prilla- man, as the villians, were the chief comedians al- though th e "livestock'l played some part in the ef- fectiveness of their scene. The fairyland scene in the first and third acts at- tracted much attention for its beauty and originality. Colorful shades of cloth were used as a background. Scene from "Yr'llofw Candln high!" Tfwo Iltuzdrmi F1171-11-Ilfllt' Scene from "Yellow Candle Light" Makeup Classes in makeup, both character and straight, were held daily throughout the year for members of the first, sec- aa ond, and third year companies with Virgil Mulkey and Boyd Homewood as instructors. Each dramatic student is required to know how to make himself up in a quick and efficient manner before he enters the senior com- pany for his "baptism of fire." Each member of the company is required to have his own makeup kit. The dressing rooms under the stage are the same as those found in professional Making Up theatres. Tfwo Hundred Fifty Scene from "The Ideal Illlilllllltiu The Ideal Husband By 0.l't'1Il' llfilflrr CAST OF Cl'lARAC'l'ERS Mrs. Marchmont, an orchid Lady Basildon, another orchid Mason, butler ,, , Vicomte de Nanjac Lord Caversham , Lady Chiltern Mabel Chiltern ,, Lady Markby Jeanne Gay Margaret Booth Eugene Leidigb Delbert Faust Paul Krausse Claire Gibson Florence Couch Beatrice Beebe Mrs. Chevely ,,,,,, Gerda Brown Sir Robert Chiltern . 'l'erva Hubbard Lord Goring, ,,,,, ,. Darrell Larsen Mr. Montford ,, Boyd Honiewood Phipps, Goringfs butler Harold Hoflick james , , , VValter Malcolm One of VVilde's clevercst comedies was selected as a con- trast to l'YelloW Candle Light." The scene between Mabel Chiltern and Lord Goring was especially well liked. The set used in Robert Chiltern's home was beautifully different, being overlaid with a purple, flower-stamped cloth. Tfwo I1 u mired Fifty-one Scene from "Kem fly" Kempy By J. C. and Elliot Nugent CAST OF CHARACTERS Ruth Hence ,,,, ,,,,A , ,-,,,,AA,,,,,,,,,. ,,,,,,-, ,.....,,,. ,,,A ,,.,. E l i z a beth Kerr "Pa" Hence ......... ,Gordon Wilson I-Ma" Bencend- ,,,.,,,,,,,,, Helen Park Kate Bence .,.... --'--,---------, .l 3179 B0Dine Jane Walle R--,-,,, A,,,,,,,,,,,,, T Ielga McGrew Ben Wade Mduun, ,,,,,, , ,,,Bernard McPhillips Kelnp Jameg Y-wYAY ,..,,.,,,,,, W Zllfel' Malcolm Duke Merrill ,,.. , .... ,,,v,, A......, t . .. ffff...4f---.--f--f Cliffllffl Zehfung The New York comedy success of two years ago was selected by Mask and Buskin, national 'honorary dramatic fraternity, for its annual one-night performance at the Heilig theatre. 4'Kempy" was voted by many as probably the fun- niest comedy presented by campus talent for several years past. Gordon Wilson, as the penny-pinching father of three marriageable daughters, was the chief laugh evoker of the evening, with Walter Malcolm and Betty Kerr in their "puppy lovel' scene, running him a close second. Jane BoDine and Clifford Zehrung who had the final Uclinchl' before the last curtain, played their parts consist- antly and carefully. Bernard McPhi1lips, Helen Park, and Helga McGrew each gave their parts study and considera- tion which was evident in their Work. Tfwn Hundred Fifty-tfwo Scene from "Tha Raggedy Man" The Raggedy Man Arrzulgcd by If'rrrgu.f Rrddie James Whitcomh Riley's famous old Hoosier poems woven into a delightful drama and a hearty comedy at the same time. This was arevival, honoring Miss Charlotte Ban- field, of the most successful play of two years ago, with Miss Banfield playing her old. part of Grandmother Squeers. Katherine Pinneo had the part which she played in the former production, that of the chief comedienne, Miss Adeliney Bowersox, the gossipy village postmistress. Two others, Dar- rell Larsen and Gordon Wilson, had the same parts as they formerly played. One of the most difficult of plays to stage because of the country store scene with its multiplicity of "props" in the first act, "The Raggedy Man," again proved its popularity and human appeal by its five performances. Lovers of Riley's poems recognized nearly every character in the play as this roaring comedy of Indiana life in 1897 unspun until the very end, finishing in the whirl of an old-fashioned country square dance. y Tfwo Hundred Fifty-three junior Company The junior company gave two performances of a mod- ern three-act play during the winter term to which were in- vited members of the department and their friends. Several of the members of the cast showed up particularly well as future stars for Guild theatre productions. The play was under the direction of Miss Banfield, who has charge of the third year company. The male lead was taken by Terva Hubbard of the Senior company and the female lead by Joyce Andrews. Lionel Clark, jane BoDine, Harold Hoflick, Margaret Booth. Kate Buchanan, and Eugene Leidigh each did work which prom- ises much in future years. Each of these performers should make very capable material to fill the ranks made vacant by the rather large number of seniors who are graduating this year. I Maker of Dreams This fascinating little one-act drama of Pierrot and Pier- rette was first presented during the fall term at a University company "at home" for mem- bers of the department of Drama. Fergus Reddie play- ed the delightful old part of the M aker, who steps into the life of Pierrot and makes him see that the hap- piness which he is seeking is right at home. Norvell Thompson made a handsome Pierrot and Betty Kerr a very cha rming Pierrette. 'fThe Maker of Dreams" was origi- nally produced as the Univer- sity of Oregon's number on the All- Northwest Univer- sities Association program in Portland- Scene from "Maker of Dreams" Two Hundred Fifty-four Scene from " I1fI.F.l'1IIl " H assan By Jnnirrr lflrny Flm'lu'r All the beauty and magic of an Arabian Night's tale is Woven into this tragedy of life in old Bagdad during the reign of the cruel Caliph Haroun Al Raschid. Considered the best Work of the English poet, james Elroy Flecker, "Hassan" was not produced even in London until l922, although it had been Written at the beginning of the war. A daring play surely -yet one which leaves the audience with the profound real- ization that they have seen life-cold, cruel life-in the days when a man or a woman's life was worth no more than the shake of the Caliph's thumb and the accuracy of the keen blade of the negro executioner. Although very difficult to stage, HHassan'l created such a sensation when it was at last produced in -London, that the department decided to attempt its production as the first play for the spring term. The beauty of the settings, gor- geous costumes, and Oriental dances added much to the gen- eral splendor and atmosphere. Delbert Faust as the premier danseur, directed the ballets. The entire company was again cast, with Fergus Reddie, Darrel Larsen, Gerda Bown, Paul Krausse, Bess Andrews, Terva Hubbard, Boyd Homewood, and Joe Frazer in the principal roles. T-wo Hundred Fifly-five Scene from "Beau Brummcl" Beau Brummel By Clydz' Ifilrh The cycle of four years rarely goes by Without a revival of Clyde Fitch's famous English classic, 4'Beau Brummelf' Still playing on the legitimate Stage to delighted audiences, the regular Guild hall patrons proved to be little different. The fads and fopperies of the age, the powdered Wigs, knee breeches, and the silk coats, all have their appeal--in fact, costume plays are on the whole better appreciated by college audiences than are the modern, jazzy, farces of married life. Produced by the University company as the second play of the spring term, with leading parts taken by Mr. Reddie, Elizabeth Kerr, and Florence Couch, HBeau Brummeln gave many of the students their last chance to act before the year was over. The parts in this play are always so interesting and delightful that every member of the cast finds himself Work- ing with increased vigor to grasp the fine shades of character analysis and place before the audience a living replica of the original. The settings and stage properties were in their usual state of excellence and authenticity. Tfwo Ilundrfd Fifty-six Reading Their Parts Dramatics During the school year l924-25, a number of improve- ments have taken place in the department, notably in the beauty and character of the stage settings, the tendency toward producing only the very best of plays, and the increased num- ber of instructors and assistants who are specialists in their lines. A new movable and adjustable ceiling which may be cov- ered with any sort of paint or cloth to fit the picture, the com- plete remodeling of all the old sets during the Christmas holi- days, and the addition of new properties and costumes in the Wardrobe, each have contributed to the betterment. During the entire season just passed, not one play which was not of the very highest type, was produced by the company. There are now seven assistants to M r. Reddie taking care of the increased number of students Who are either majoring in the department or taking voice and expression. Besides Mr. Reddie, Miss Banfield, and Mr. Larsen, who instruct the classes, there is a makeup man, a property man fwho is also stage managerl, a ward robe mistress, and an electrician. Two liunrlrrd l"ifty-5411011 ? M I, QM? r . ' s x -' 4 v- i ' H in gf , , , ,xi ,f '11Jf?l5f'2f5X3'f.i 'A-fil "Jim il if "" , McPhillips Lcnke BoDine KFHQBS8 Kerr Malcolm McGrcw Prillumnn Turk Wilson Zchrunu Pi Epsilon Delta ASSOCIATEIJ UNIVERSITY PLAYICRS MASK AND BUSKIN CHAPTER In.vlr1ll1'rl l'il'bl'll!1fj' 3, 1917 OFFICERS liernarrl McPhillips ---- - . 11,-,-5j,1,y,,f jane Bolline james Lezike Paul Krausse Lexro Prillaman Helen Park Elizabeth Kerr Serrflnry 'l'rm.vurm' and Manager ACTIVE MEMBERS Clifford Zehrung Helga McGrcw Gordon Wilson Walter Malcolm Tfwa Hundred Fifty-eight lDUBLlcAT1oNsl r DoNA1.n Woonwmm ,, , , . , lidilm Mary Clerin james Case The Oregon Daily Emerald EDITORIAL BOARD llffunagizlg Iidilor . I-Inrold A. Kirk .4.v.w1'ial1r lfdilor ,, Margaret Skavlnn .4.v.frn'inl1r Mllllflgilly li11'il0r, Annu jerzyk Ihxrk l511'iIor ,,,., . ,,., ,, Norma tl. VVil:40n Sporfx Erliloii, ,. George ll. Godfrey DA11.Y N laws Eurrons Gertrude Houk Emily Houston ,x 1 1 5 Curse julma r johnson Lillian Baker X k W'I on Fodfrcy Clcrin qknvhm Hriuibon Jlohnsou Bnkcr Tfwo Ilundrrd Sixty-one I'IARol.D KIRK ,,.7,,, Clifford Zehrung Mildred Carr Helen Reynolds Bertram Jessup Margaret Vincent Esther Davis News Staff jack Hempstead Georgia Stone Glen Burch Lawrence Armand Ruth De Lap Dorothy Blyberg MIl7lllHi7ly Editor Claytus Meredith Margaret Kressmnn Philippa Sherman Ruth Gregg Geneva Drum jane Dudley . Zlfhftlm-Z Carr Reynolds Vincent Davls Hempstead Stone Blyberg Kreggman Tfwo Hundred Sixty-lfwo I : SPORTS STAFF Osburnc Sports sniff George H. Godfrey Wilbur Wester Ward Cook Don Osburne Night l1'dilor.r Cliff Wilson Webster jones Jack O'Menrz1 Pete Laurs Alfred Boice Walter A. Cushman Cook Godfrey Wester Upper Staff ' Uppzrr Nafwx Slaff Edward Robbins Elizabeth Cady Eugenia Strickland Geneva Foss Sol Abramson Carvel Nelson UP. I. N. S. Editor Lylnh McMurphy. .......,, ...Society Editor Josephine Ulrich , ..... , ., Exchange Editor ,V , X l Veg X y"'e F bv H E ., X. my X f ' . " 'l l I Abramson Nelson McMurphey clillgih um O' Laura Cushman T1-wo Ilumlrrd Sixty-fhree R In JAMES LIQAKE , . ..., .,.,,.... . . W , .. ,,,,, Bu.finf.r.f Manager Business Staff 1-l.v.mriaIr Managar Frank Loggan Adfvfrlixing Manager: Si Slocum Wayne Leland Wm. james fldfvfriising A.r.ri.vitanl.f Bill Prurlhomme Bert Randall Milton George Cirrulalion Manager . Wjerry Crary 14.l'.fi.l'lIl7lf Cirrulatian Manager James Manning Y , , . , U 1 2' i as I l X, I, X 1 if W , 21 tl 1 2 I N Q ll Forrign Adf11crti.fi11g Mnnagzr Claurle Reavis fl.s.ri.vtanl.r Walt 0'lirien, Hilton Rose, Neil Chinnock Sfmrially fldfuertixing Milclreil Dunlap Geneva Foss Administration Margaret Hyatt, Marion Phy, Fred Wil- cox, Bonner Whitson, Holm Warner -gf .A 1 ' ' 1 "s X Leland James Crnry L01-'Is-run Slocum - I" .. Wilcox Whitx-son Manninxr Iicuvis Rose 0'-H Tfwo llundrcd Sixty four x 1 is 9 Y c r A ' 1 .' Order of the Emerald "O" J. IN gf' 'f K ,T-, ' '. 1 MF A 1 ' P Y 2? 5 Wurnlwurcl Wilson. N. Simpz-son Miller Wilson, D. Skuvhm Mnxwvll liondurunt Krcssnmn Wu rnnck Taun ,,IlII1il'1'l, I .vu k 4' W right Immrnn Ihrrlcson II!lI'IlCIlllXll'lI Sixly -firm' M11l'l'iHllll Clurln GmlI'l'vy Stephenson Snnl'm'cl AUGUSTA DaW1T'r GIBSON WRIGHT Editor Business Manager The 1925 Oregana Mary Clerin A,...,.,...A,,, ,.,A ,,..,,,, A,,,,..,, , , ..v. ..,, A s s ofiatc Editor James Case ,..,,...... . ,,,,, Assoriate Editor Rolf Klep ,,....,.,..,,,,., W ,,Art Editor Sigrid Martinson ..., ,,,,,,, Pirlure Mounting George H. Godfrey, . .,.,Y .. ..,.,... Sports Margaret Skavlan ,,,.,. , ,.,, Litfrary Betty Carly ,,,,,,,,,A.,,,,,,,,,- ,,,, ,,,, S o rarities Josephine Ulrich ....., .,...,,.. M wif Margaret Vincent ,,,,,, ,,,,., S eniors Ned French ..... .A,, . f Mllifllfy Helen Cantinesa ,,,,,, Juniors Norma Wilson . ....... . ..... W01nt'n'5 Aihlvlifs' Dorothy Myers ,,,, ,...., .o...,,,., E fu ents Jeanne Gay ...., . ..a. f.......V ,...,.. P 1 lblifrliifltls Clifford Zehrung ,.......o.,. Dramatirs Hilton Rose .,., . ,...,. Mediral Eugenia Strickland ...,,,.. .... F orrnsirs Larry Riddle ., H ,,.Hu1n0r Dorothy Akin ,... .,.. A........... M o unting Harry Hemming .i . .4... Htlnwf Arline Butler ,,.,,,,, .......... .l,, M o unting Harold Wynd , A. , Pirturifs Sol Abramson . .,,, ,Administration Lillian Luders , H Undorflass BUSINESS STAFF Kenneth Stephenson V.Vv .r,rV,,v.. .... C irrfulation Manager Gwrgc ROSS .....4.A..,,,. ,v,,. i ,. ,,,.,,Y..., Adfverlising Manngrr James Manning ...... .A.,.. , Assistant Cirrulation Manager Virgil Wylie ,,..., ,,,,,.,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,-,,,-,,, ,,,A,,---AA,, Y , A Agsiytgylf Wendell Stalker ,,,..,,,, ,,,..Assi.mmf Art Assistants: Warren Small, Marie Schulderman, Wayne Leland, Virgil Wylie, Walter Cleaver, Emil Berg, Bob Keeney Jllounting Assistants: Isabel Goodnough, Lucille Perozzl, Pauline Stewart Freshman Assistants: Elizabeth Cheney, Sarah Starr, Mabel Fransen Sports Assistants: Ward Cook, Wilbur Wester Tfwo Hundred Sixty-six X v - ' " ' X i I Rl J X 1 X 'ilu Yi N y. ill l rf Qi -L Clerin Case Mnrtimaon Akin Klein Abramson Sknvlun Vincent Cnntinc Ludcrs Myers Godfrey linker Ulrich Strickland Zchrunpr French Wilson Cmly Guy Riddle Hemmings Ro:-ie Stephenson Ross Munnimr Tfwoll1u1dr0dSixly-snfvm jraANNET'rls CALKINS, Ediiur Old Oregon Staff Mary Watson Barnes Mill?-C1ll'9f M0l'l'iS0n Inez King Blair Alrlermnn Margaret SkilVlZlll Ruih Corey Webster jones Kim: Slmvlnn .Innes Morrison Alderman Curvy Tfwo II1mdrc11Sixly-eight A 4 . Morrison Skavlun Jerzyk Simpson Wilson Clnrin - Dnvis Hnuk Houston Theta Sigma Phi WOMENS NATIONAL JOURNALISTIC FRATERNITY ,'l0IllIlll'lf nf Ullivwrsily of ldfrllfllillflfflll, flpril 8, 1909 THICTA CHAPTICR Ill,!'flllll'Il Jlllll' 117, 1915 0ffir1rr.f Margaret Morrison ,, . ,. ,,,, , ...l'rc.rin'z'nI Margaret Skavlan , H , lfirr'-l'rr.vidrnl Anna Jerzyk ,,,i., ....,, Sqcrrlary Frances Simpson . ,,TfFdJ1Il'fl' Fllflllfjl Mr111l1rr'.v Mrs. Eric W. Allen Anne Lanrlsliury Beck .'I4'ff"Ul' Mr'n1l1rr.v Nulmq Vvllhml Esther Davls rtfllllltle Houk Mary Cle,-in Emily Houston Two Ilumlred Sixty-ninr 'x X Q' R 4 V x v I 5' ' x., 'ek A' . is , :R . Q . .Sf .. ' N N 1 ' " P 1 ' . -3 ' 4 1 ,H I . gk-,sk y la 5. Woodward God l'rcy Case Maxwell Burleson Miller Wester Johnson Abramson Sigma Delta Chi PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISTIC FRA'l'lQRNl'l'Y l'l0IlIlIll'll at DePauw University. flpril 17, 1909 OREGON CHAPTER Ill.l'fl1Hl'1lAf7I'l1 10, 191.5 .4s.ro4'iate Mrmberx E. N. Blythe Chester A. Moores Ralph D. Moores George P. Putnam William A. Dill Herbert J. Campbell Dean Collins Prince L. Campbell Eric W. Allen Colin V. Dyment George S. Turnbull Merle K. Chessman Elbert Beale E. E. Brodie Robert W. Sawyer Paul R. Kelty O. C. Leiter Frank jenkins llal E. lrloss lfarully Members Carlton E. Spencer W. F. G. Thacher Ralph D, Casey Ralph R. Cronise Donald J. Sterling Philip L. jackson Reuel S. Moore Albert llawkins Fred Lockley Lyle 'l'. Kelling Karl W. Onthank Lamar 'l'ooze Robert C. Hall Randolph Kuhn Offirer: Donald L. Woodward ., ,,,,. .. . . . l're.ridmzl George H. Godfrey . ..,. , M ,V Iliff-.firm-jdmlf 'l'heotlore C. Janes ..,.., Sfffffllfjl-T!'6llI1lfHf lfefllilmln l- Maxwell . .. .. ...... .... Q uill Cnrrnsjwmlrnt Mmrzlmrs Harold Kirk Clinton Howard George Belknap Jack Burleson Robert Lane Raymond Lawrence Monte Byers Ed Miller Tfwo llundred Sfafcnly lames Case Wilbur Wester jalmar johnson Sol Abramson I 5 N ' i v X Min y K N 1 X I Alpha Delta Sigma NATIONAL AnVIcR'1'1s1NG 1f1zA'1'1cRN1'1'Y l'l0ll1IIfl'!l nf fllrl U1Ii7Vt'f.K'if-17 of jlf7iA'.VOlII'i in 1913 VV. lf. G. THACHICR Cl-lAP'l'lCR IIl.S'flI!11'Il June' 6, 192-l llonorary Ilflrnzbrrs Ernest Gilstrap J. A Davidson ENC VV A en William Stranborpg Maurice Hyde .lflhn KCUUUIY Paul Shaw David Botsford M' W Mlmly Ralph D- Casey Robert C' H ill flff'll'I'l'.f i George l'l. Godfrey ,Y,, - Harold A. Kirk ,,,, Claude ll. W. F. G. Thacher Wayne R. Leland Reavis ,, 1'Vl1'mbn'.r Warren C. Small Frank H. Loggan james W. Leake Tfwo llilllliffd Swrrlly-omr I'reJidM1l I'i1'r Prc.vid1r1zI , Sfrrmnry-Trrmfurrr Arthur Priaulx Edward Koen Oregon Publications ESIDES the main publications of the University of Oregon there are several other ones devoted to special fields and to special departments of the University. Among these are: OREGON EXCHANGES, published by the School of Journalism, is issued eight times during the year. This is the official organ of the State Editorial Association. It is devoted to news of the newspaper profession and has contributions from editors throughout thc state as well as from the University faculty. THE EXTENSION MONITOR is issued monthly by the Extension Division. This publication is sent to correspondent students enrolled in this division in order to bring them in closer contact with the University. THE NEWS BULLETIN is a series of miscellaneous issues devoted to news about the University. It is under this head-that the grade sheet, issued each term, is published. THE OREGON LAW REVIEW is issued quarterly by the School of Law for the benefit of lawyers throughout the state and the Oregon Bar Association. Members of the Oregon law faculty and members of the Oregon bench and bar are the contributors. THE HIGH SCHOOL is published by the School of Education and is sent to high school teachers of the state. It contains material on various educational experiments of interest to teachers. TH E COMMONWEALTH REVIEW, a publication of the School of Sociology and the School of Education, is issued quarterly. It is given over to articles in the field of sociology and education. SCHOLARLY PUBLICATIONS is a publication of the University issued from time to time. Each issue contains an article of research by some member of the faculty who has been conducting experiments along his chosen line. THE HELLO BOOK is sponsored by the Associated Students of the University of Oregon. It is issued once a year and contains information of interest to new students, ranging from Oregon traditions to student activities. THE VVOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION HANDBOOK is published yearly by the association. lt is an illustrated booklet dealing with the various sports fostered by the organization and the rules of the group. Tfwu Ilnndrrd Sffvenlyvlfwo IIFODENSICS I, r K . ,J U. . , .....x..-t.,..,. . . U . Woodrufl' MacDonald Hollis Oxford-Oregon Debate For the first time in the history of the University an international debate with representatives from Oxford University took place on the campus. An audience of 2500 witnessed the contest. The Americans carried out the formal plan of debatingg the Englishmen followed the informal and witty style. ' The question discussed was the desirability of referendum as a part of representative government. The affirmative was defended by the Oregon team, composed of Joe Frazer, Wztlter lVlalcolm and Paul Patterson. The Oxford team of Malcrmlm lVIacDonald, .l. U. Woodruff and H. C. Hollis supported the negative side of the question. , 1 N 1 X . A. , "ist: 1 1 Patterson 10,-nm, Malcolm Taco Ilundrrfl Smwzly-fifw' ,028-. lr -f ij? ' , x :A H. l W, Q I X JK Y . l ' B .9 I , N :M y we air 172. i Strickland Bntemnn Malcolm Duu mx Simpson Hendrikson Woodson Abbott l llllLl McCro:-xkcy McGuire Abramson Brown Debate Order of the "O" Eugenia Strickland Mildred Bateman Paul Patterson Walter Malcolm lVlarg'aret Duerner Frances Simpson Ernest Hemlrikson lienoit Mclfroskey Margaret VVoomlson Dorothy Abbott Herschel Brown Ralph Bailey Milclrecl Whilcomb joe Frazer Marion Dickey Sol Abramson llerschel Brown Tfwo ll1n1dre'dSmu'r1ly-six Wh itcomb Crosby Abramson McCroskey Brown Oregon-O. A. C. Debate Oregon and O. A. C. tied in the annual debate held at liugene and at Corvallis. Sol Abramson and Benoit McCroskey, affirmative team, debated at Eugene, and lost to O. A. C. by a two to one decision. The negative team composed of llerschel Brown and Lincoln lrwin won by a similar score at Corvallis. The question debated was: Resolved that Congress by a two-thirds vote shall have the power to overrule the decisions of the supreme courts declaring acts of Congress unconstitutional. Washington-Idaho-Oregon Debate Oregon won the tri-state debate championship by virtue of two unanimous de- cisions. The affirmative team composed of Benoit McCroskey and Ralph Bailey debated Idaho at Eugene and won a three to 0 decision. Sol Abramson ami Lincoln Irwin, negative team, defeated the University of Washington team by the same score. The question was the samc as the Oregon-O. A. C. debate. Mccmsky Bailey Abramson Tfwo Ilnndrcd Scfvrlzfy-Mfvcrl Robinson Cook Frazer Houston Failing-Beekman Awards Claude Robinson won the Failing award of one hundred and fifty dollars of- fered to the member of the senior class who delivers the best oration. This annual contest takes place during Commencement week. The subject of the prize award was "The Open Mind." Lawrence Cook won second place in the contest and received the Beekman award of one hundred dollars. "White Goods" was the subject of his oration. Oregon-Stanford Radio Debate For the second time Oregon has engaged in a radio debate. The University team of Ivan Houston and joe Frazer met the Stanford team in debate by broadcast- ing. The Oregon team broadcast from the Portland Oregonian tower, KGW. The Stanford team delivered its messages over the KLX station of the Oakland Tribune. Radio fans mailed their decision to the newspapers or to the extension division under whose auspices the Oregon debate is being held. I The question debated was: Resolved that the present immigration law be amended to admit japanese on the quota basis. Tfwo llundred Srfuenly-right .4 . If if'-,2' vxI"-ip ,ar r , Q ,' ! " s' O Bateman Mason Newman Oregon-O. A. C.-Willamette Debate The first of the series of women's debates resulted in a 2 to 1 decision in favor of Oregon's affirmative and a 3 to 0 decision against the negative team. The affirma- tive team, composed of Mildred Bateman and Beatric Mason, debated at Eugene. The negative team, Dorothy Newman and Aline Buster, debated in Corvallis. The question was: Resolved that the present immigration law be amended to admit Japanese on the quota basis. Oregon-Washington Debate The second of the women's series of inter-collegiate debates took place carlv in April. The University of Oregon and the University of VVashington discussed the question of child labor. The question debated was: Resolved that the pending chill labor measure should be made a constitutional arnendxnent. Aline Buster and 1 . . Frances Cherry upheld the affirmative side of the question, Mildred Bateman and Cecil McKercher defended the negative issue. ' . , :J 14 -' v ' I . f' ' Ar... -- -fe.. es. A - s . .- r-" , - K 3l'Vr""'. ' lil sl 'A 'QQ , It . v N f llnlcmnn Chu,-ry Mclicreher Tfwo llufulrni Srfvrnly-nim' Clarke Williams Knips Women's Intra-Mural Debates The silver cup offered by Zeta Kappa Psi to the winning debate team in the women's intra-mural series was awarded to Hendricks llall. 'l'be question argued was: Resolved that the japanese exclusion KICK be amended to admit japanese on the same basis as Europeans are admitted. 'l'he affirmative team of llendricks llall was upheld by Margaret Clarke and Leona WVilliamsg the negative by Alta Knips and Aline Buster. Men's Intra-Mural Debate Series Alpha Beta Chi was winner in the inter-house debates among the men and will have possession of the loving cup offered by Tau Kappa Alpha, honorary debating fraternity for men. The question discussed was: Resolved that the japanese ex- clusion act be amended to admit japanese on the same basis as Europeans are ad- mitted. Wilford Long and Max Robinson composed the affirmative teamg lilam Amstutz and Kenneth Rew, the negative. Alpha lieta Chi also won the cup offered in the contest between the winter of the women's series and the men's series. Long Robinson A mstulz Rew Tfwu Ilumlrrd lfiyllly XF' S, ,145- 3 off ff-E52 S ' I. , iff H 3 A N it ' xi if ' B f . Strickland Ducrncr Abbott Bnteman Cruin Morrison Purdum Simpson Tucker Whitcomh Womlsgn Zeta Kappa Psi Honorary Forensic Fraternity for VVomcn Foundml' nf Kun.m.r Slnlr !IjlI'il'lllflll'1ll Cvllrgc, 1913 l BICTA CHAPTER I11.vlf1ll1'1lr1f Ulliwrxify of Oregon fum' I, 1917 OFFICERS Eugenia Striclclnncl, ., .,,,.,, ., , , l'l'1r.rif1rf1f Margaret Duerner ,,,,, ...7, Y . Virr-Pnr.ridmn Dorothy Abbott ,.f,,,, ,. . . , . , ,. ..,, ,,., , , ..,, , Szrrrcfnry-Trnmmrm- ASSOCIATE MEMBERS A julia Burgess Mihlrecl llnwes Ethel VV:ikefielml Scott ACTIVE MEMBERS Eugenia Strickland Mildred Cmin Frances Simpson MZll'LI3l'Cf Duerner M,lrr,wet'MOrrimn Gertrude Tucker Dorothy Abbott Hglela' Purdum ' Milclrerl Whitcomb Milrlrerl Bateman Margaret VVooulson PLEDGES Margaret Clarke, Cecil May McKercher, Dorothy Newman, Helen Crosby Tfwo Hundred Eighty-our 9 . .wry pm, . A , K 4, ir. Y, K , f- M., 9, ,5 a 11 '11, A y ff '.,t.,,y.i I t .1 'FEM 'si-g?-Far 1 Abramson Johnson McCroskey Sol Abramson represented the University of Oregon at Stanford University at the meeting of the Pacific Coast Public Speaking League, December 3. Abramson was accorded fifth place for his talk, "The Power of the Federal Courts to Declare Acts of Congress Unconstitutional." "The Spirit of justice" was the topic chosen by james johnson for the Old Line Oratorieal contest held at Monmouth. Johnson placed fifth. ' Benoit McCroskey discussed the spirit of lawlessness under the heading of "The Last Milestone." His talk revolved around the theme of force as the necessary step in the league of nations. The contest was held April 10 at Newberg. It was the annual State Peace contest. Forensic Calendar 1924-25 November 12, 20 Men's lntra-Mural Debate Series November 18, 20 Women's lntrn-Mural Debate Series December 3 Oregon-Oxford Debate December 3 Pacific Coast Public Speaking League Contest at Stanford University january 3 Oregon-O. A. C. Debate February 12 February 19 Men's lntra-Mural Debate Series Wornen's Triangular Debate March 15 Old Line Oratorical Contest, Monmouth March 25 Radio Debate at Portland, Oregon-Stanford April Women's Oregon-Washington Debate April 10 Peace Oratorical Contest, Newberg May 22 Tri-State Oratorical Contest, Seattle june 12 Failing-Beekman Orations Tfwo Hundred Eighty-1fu.'o nv ' I Oregon Women I-IE length and breadth of the World which we inhabit is of just the length and breadth of the spirit and personality which we develop. The University is a laboratory for the spirit, and four years is a good testing period - at least enough of a period to give direc- tion to living afterward. I could Wish that no one of you would miss any part of the labora- tory. Books first, because they translate all ages and peoples-men and Women of the faculty devoted to the interpretation of the truth and beauty which they know---the dignity and vitality of friendships-the power and freedom of the body gained through athletics-the achievement of taste in one's pleasures-and service through one's activities. But for a true balance there is one essential which the modern university life has a tendency to destroy, and which can be gained and held only by conscious effort and intelligent control of the demands on one's time-I mean the independent quiet time for thought which is the fortification of the spirit against external destinies. fQ7ff"7 Tfwo Hundred Eighty-fifve O the Oregon Plfomen, 'whose leadership, democracy and unselfish serfuice hafvc -won them the highest honors in the field of uni- 'versity activities, this section of the nineteen hun- dred and twenty-fifoe Oregana is dedicated. Ruth Akers, Secretary of the Associated Students, has been very prominent in the musical world. For three years she has been president of the Wc1men's Glee Club, and is now Assist- ant Director of that group, and a member of Mu Phi Epsilon. Winifred Graham has been a leader in campus activities, and as President of Women's League has been chosen National President of the Women's Self Governing Association, which was entertained at the University of Oregon in April. Maude Schroeder is President of the Women's Athletic Association, and in that office has done much toward making the life of the college woman well balanced between physical and mental activity. She has received distinction in the athletic field for her ability and enthusiasm. Florence Buck has been engaged in Y. W. C. A. work for three years, and is now President of the Campus Association. She is also a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Frances Simpson, as President of lVIortar Board, is repre- sentative of that group whose members are chosen for their outstanding scholarship and activities. As delegate of the local chapter she attended the National Mortar Board Convention which was held in Lexington, Kentucky, November, 1924. Tfwo Hundred Eighty-six RU TH A K E R S Tfwo Ilundred Eighty-.rcfvefz WINIFRED GRAHAM Tfwo Ilundrfd Eighty-night MAUDE SCHROEDER Tfwo Ilundred Eighty-11i1m FLORENCE BUCK Tfwo Hundred Ninety FRANCES SIMPSON Tfwo Hundred Ninety-one ' AA Sw , -A v XX X Lf f di We 7' V '9 N . l , X A ax I 2 Y .' A . ,vii 1 9 Graham Clerin Buchanan DeWitt Fisher LsuuIc1'rl:Llr: Cady Buck Schroeder Guy McCabe Bartholomew Dell Richen Hathaway Riley ' 9 W Omen s League OFFICERS Winifred Graham 7777.4 .,,,,,,....,,,,,. ,...,, . ..7,, ,President Mary Clerlrl. ,.......,.. ....,..4.,,.,...., Vive Prrxiderit Maude Schroeclcrrm. . Srrond Via' Prcxidzml Florence Buck f,...,,,.... .,,, Third Vim Prexident Maurine Buchanan ,....7 ,7,..,..,7,,,,7,7777,, ,,,,7 S if rramry Anna DeWitt. ....Y.......A.. w,,r..., .. 7l'reax1zrer Glenna Fisher .......,4 ......... .,,,. . S ergaanl-at-.4rms Katherine Lauderdale . ,,,A, ,.,r .,,.,,, ,,,, ,r,,,,,, , , I Q rjmrfgr Elizabeth Cady ,... .,.,, N ,,,.,, .,.C'0?lfUl'7Iff071 Rnporlrr Thelma Riley ,,,., President of Oregon Club V STANDING COMMITTEES Jeanne Gay .. ,,,,.,,,,,...,.... ....,.......,...,,..,.... ,... C l mirman Scl1o11n'.rl1ij'1 Margaret McCabe A....... .....,. . Chairman Womrnir Building Mary Bartholomew . ,,,. ......,,r...,,,.,.,,,..... C lmirman Aclivilic: Lucinda Dell ...f...........,Y, ......... - e,..v.................. C lmirman Big Siriar Mary Jane Hathawayw l...V.Y.V..V Chairman House Rzrjrresrnlfatifzii-5 Edwina Richen .........,. Raprmcntalifzfi' from Dean E.vzarly'5 Offirp Tfwo Hundred Ninety-tfwo 4. :'l'.xA 1 0 Q . Q- . X if Q' an -49 5 1' -5, - b .lf in 1 V Lf' Buck. F. Donaldson Bartholomew Serivce Jackson Cleaver Florence Buck .,,..,,,. Mary Donaldson., ,, Mary Beth Smith ,,,,,, Beatrice Peters ,,,,,,,, Helen Andrews ,,,,,, Q9 WZ. Smith Peters Andrews, H. Buck, E. KO0Tl0y WinhQ11'ql McClellan Boyer Andrews, W Y. W. C. A. OFFICERS . ...I'rzr.ridout , ,. Vice Pre.vidz'nl .. ......... .................... .... . . Sccrclary .. ..U11dcrgradu11l1r R1'f?l'L'.t'l?7llllfifUL' STANDING COMMITTEES Mary Bartholomew... .............. . ............. .Clmirvnrm MU7llb6I'5fIiIJ Neva Service .,.. ...,... Eloise Buck ,...,.,,,,,. Chninnan Social ................,.....,,ClllliI'7lllHl Finance Virginia Keeney .,.,... ,.,.,..,..,.,..,., Chairman Bmzgalofw Charlotte Winnard ...... ....... C fllIliI'7lll!7l Religious Education Olga jackson, ,,,,,,.,, ,,,, ............,......... C 0 airman Mcctings Constance Cleaver ...,,.. Winifred Andrews ......................Ch1lif17lt11l Publicity ,,..,...,.Chairman World I'll?Il0f!.UJllifJ Ellen McClellan ...,.,,, ........Clmirman Church Co-operation Tfwo Iluudrcd Ninety-three ' " : . if ' '. Hathaway Ireland DeWitt Buchanan Cady McClellan Armitage McMonics Myers Chase National Convention of Womenl's Leagues The National Convention of the Women's Self Governing Association was held on the Oregon campus April 15, 16, 17 and 18. As a means of divergence from the regular convention meetings was the April Frolic, reviewed for the guests, a formal banquet and dance, and a trip to Nimrod. Colleges represented were: Mills college, Montana State college, University of Arizona, University of California, University of Colorado, University of Idaho, University of Montana, University of Nevada, University of Washington, University of Wyoming, Washington State college, DePaw university, Grinnell, Iowa State college, Michigan Agricultural college, Northwestern university, Ohio State college, University of Illinois, University of Kansas, University of Kentucky, University of Michigan, University of Minnesota, University of Missouri, University of Nebraska, University of Oklahoma, University of South Dakota, and University of Wisconsin. CONVENTION Dl'REC'1'ORA'l'E Mary jane Hathaway, Gnnfral Chairman Rebecca Ireland, Entertainment Maurine Buchanan, Correspondence Anna DeWitt,. Programs Ellen McClellan, Decorations Elizabeth Cady, Publicity Mabel Armitage, Transportation Alberta McMonies, Printing Marie Myers, Reception I-Iilda Chase, Housing T-wo Iluudred Ninety -four 'S' I , 'neder Byrom Service Lu'1'ourctte Dorman Wood , . . . Women s Athletlc ASSOCIHIIOH OFFICERS Maude Schroeder ....., . .,...,.. .........,, , , , 1'r1r.ridm1! Melha Byrom .,.,.,. .,.ff....f ,,....... I ' irc-I'r1'sidcrzt Neva Service ,........,...,.,.,,,.. ,,,,,,,, .,,,A, S 4' rrgmry Charlotte LaTourette ....,,., ,,,,,,,,,,, T I'l'IIJ1ll'I'l' Alice Dorman ...,.......... ,......,.....,. ,,.,...,,,,,.,, , , .Cuyfadian Mildred Carr ,A,, , , , . ,,,,,,,,, .,.,, I Crjmrrnr janet Wood ,,,,. . . ..,..,..,.,,,,.. . 4..,. . Prz',via'enI Order of Ihr "0" HEADS OF SPORTS Golda Boone ,,,,,,. .,.,.,.,.,.......,,,.,,,,,,,..,,, , ,,,,,,,, , , .... - .. Iiaxkrllmll Dorothy Evans ,,,,,,,, Sfwimminy Ruth MacGregor ......, .,,,, Laverna Spitzenberger ,,,.. Mildred Crain V.,ff,. --f44-- Ruth Melsome ,..,...,.. Grace Sullivan Esther Churcht Edna Murphy ..., , , Rhona Williams .,,.. ., Lillian Luders . ., ,, Edna Spenker ,, Hiking . ,,.Tr1n'le Bzuclzall Ilorkcy Canoning .,.....,ArchL'ry ,,,...,,.,.......,Vollcyball , ,Temzis ,,,, Ilorxrbark Riding T'lL'!11fIl7ltil'L'd Ninfly .frfvfn A Heads of Sports f ug,-, PI- '-P04 , , ,- , , T. .Q m.,,.,,,.,v',, Cruin Boone Sullivan Spcnkcr Spitzenbcryzer MacGregor Williams Ludcrs Murphy Church Evans Women's Order of the "O" rl J V -, . A w , , .4 ' ' ' ' at v r ll ? ' - If l i . +A.-'f f Ill , J N t , 3 A fir. -. S' ,1 ,Qu 'Q .5i...T., - 'flll -7. In , uh. W lx Hathaway Vander Stcrre LuTourctte ' Schroeder Sullivan Wood Crzun Baker Boone DeWitt T1-wo Hurrdrrrl Ninnly-eight SM 92" 1227551 !5 lgllqy Ball A Q Q 0 F? A Seniors' V W 9 . W 7" A Juniors Sophomores Class Vwn ner-S Freshmen A Volleyball The sophomore class won the volleyball championship this year. The six girls who captured the title for their class were Margaret Pepoon, Katherine Schnell, ' ' h . :nfl Ruth Melsome. Catherine Osborne, Nellie Best, Maurme jo mon, 1 Tfwo llundrfd Nim'ly-nine Qewien Senfprs Clos s Winners va? eg 423:- t,Baskef i all 'T 9 Q "" -' f- ,Q 1 t 4 Sophomores' 124 Juniors 94554: Freshmen Basketball The contest for the class chznnpionahip in huskcthzlll was wnn this jttll' by the senior tcxnn which went through the entire season with no tlefezltw. Grace Sulli- ' unc lVliltlrecl Crain, Charlotte I.Il'lx0lll'CllC, :intl Alberta VVihn'i Mzlnlv, huliln lim , vain, . 1 McMonics cmnpriscil thc winning tcznn. Tffrrr Ilumlrml ,N , . Seniors O W1111111 GFS F566 , e 2, Juniors ef Q V - - Class Winners X 1 J. 'X ' , n i , -r '1 H if we q ' . ll.. LL.. uw Uv n 4 . Sophomores X n V M .ef , E, , . f, e JC. LL .ig Freshmen Swimming In the clmmpiunship swinnning meet Imetwecn the junior: 1 5 ., 4 s " thuw winn'ng for themselves the class juniors look the long curl of il +0 to IJ scum, . . lltl llulheth lounsherry W'lS captain, and the team members were Belly Lewls, l'x nw 'Xdrienne llnzzlrrl, and Xxfillldil Plincz. 0. ET: , .' . , net VVuml, Margaret Stahl, Dorothy s und 'slllJh0lllUl'CN the .4f. 4. ,,A Thrrr llumlrml Om' i Base F .Ball , l A Baseball Lua! ye:1r's junior class CZIIlKlIl'Cfl the honors in lmselmll lust spring.: term, playing against the seniors :incl rlcfenting lhcln 25 In 12. lVlCllll1Cl'H of the winning texun were Lucy Vllllfllfl' Slerrc, CZlDl1lllIQ Mzuule Schrocrlcr, Grace Sullivan, Christine llCCklIHlIl, Guida liunnc, Beatrice Amunclsnn, Milclrcil Crain, Churlullc L:1'I'uurctlc, and Alice Iihrcnreich. Thrrr' ll11mlrf'J Tfwrl W X . Tra I l l i 'uf Track ln last spring's track contest, the freshman girls took the honors, making a score of 22.43 against the juniors, 19.25 in the annual Field Day meet. Members of the winning team were Katherine Graef, Margaret Pepoon, Gertrude Keher, Ruth Mel- some, Virginia Gray, and Genevieve Spear. Maude Schroeder of the junior class was high point winner. Thru' llumlrrd Tllrrr M C' e 'uniur class eapturerl the honors :luring ho kev season last spring. heating I. ..1' Pi Hockey 'l'h J the freshman team in the finals with a score of 2 tn l. Members of thc winning team re Cllarlutle I,a'l'mn'elle, VV1lm:1 Manly, Uulrla Bonne, Laverna Spitzenherger, ce Alrlrich, Grace Sullivan, licatriee Amnnclsnn, Vinna Pyrilz, Yvonne Smith, Hilda Chase. and Stella llagll lllll. Tlll'l'l' llumlrrfl lfnur Tennis A af , ,L , ., , 'N Q :VL V f N ' ,Y .Li 4, f 1 j 2, we V ,il f trial L , Jil? ' Tennis Tennis was a popular sport among the University women last spring, each class as well as many living organizations, being represented hy teams. The freshman squad, consisting of Camille Burton, Rhona Williams, and Ruth Melsome, took the class championship. On Field Day, four all-star players were chosen from the four class teams--Augusta DeWitt and Camille Burton, singles, and Rhona Williams and Ruth Melsome, doubles. Tllrfr' Ilundrrd Five gif: fi Junior Team Soph omore Team Class W1'nner5 . Canoemg The contest for class championship in canoeing last spring was won by the sopho more team, composed of Alta Knips and Lucille Perrozi. In the finals, the victorious class made th . ' ' fht ' ' ' - - ' ' ' e race in eng, minutes and fifty three seconds, just three breathless seconds ahead of the junior team. Thrmr IIu11drL'1lSix American Red Cross Life Saving Corps First Tram--Yvonne Smith, Man' Elizabeth Lounsberry Florence Baker Grace Caviness Helen Cantine Helen Dickey Frances Dodds Dorothy Evans Charlotte LaToure1.te Katharine Reade Neva Service Kathleen Skinner Charlotte Winnard President, Miss Florence Alden. Vice-President, Katharine Reade. Secrctary-treasurer, Charlotte Winnard. Captain, Frances Vaughn, First Mute, Yvonne Smith, Second Mate, Vionu Pyritz. Faculty Advisor, Miss Barbara Pane. Medical Director, Dr. G, A. Ross, .S'm'u11d Tram-Vionn Pyritz, Mate Beatrice Fish Ruth Baum Stella Haprlund Emily Houston Doris Neptune Wanda Plinez Lucille Pcrozzi Maude Schroeder Laverna Spitzenlxerprer Janet Wood Frances Vaughn Tlll'!'!' ll111n1rr'dS1'q1r1l 1 1" ' 5 V f gg Q 1 i 1 6' X ' qi- nb' D 1 W . A "5 53 , Q , ' -'V' N, -I - . , I X I' pl 'I l Xu f xxx . 6 v N , . H J T .' I' , .1 S' 2 ' QQAQV 'I ' . ' I Baker Crain Buckley Spitzenberyzer Sullivan Shelly Service l,u'I'r1ureU.e Byrom Boone Parker Schroeder 'l'umzm't Chaise Wood Vulgumore Knips Dale Lewis Hmzlund Hamilton Smith ' w I-Iermlan Club HONORARY PHYSICAL EDUCATION SOCIETY Officer: Florence Baker ,,,,.. ,.,.,,,, , ,,,, , , ,,.,,,,,, I'rcsirlmz! Mildred Crain ,,,,....,,. , ,.,.,.,,,.,,,l,A,,, ,rI"iL'L'-I,fl?5idL'7ll Irene Buckleyv . ,,,,..,. ...... ,,,,,,,,,, lAA,,,,,,,, , , , ,, Serrpmry Lavernu Spitzerlllerger ..A..... ,,...,.,. C orrzurjwflding Serrclary Grace Sullivan ,...,.,V ...-V Y . . .,.,,YY..,... ,,,, I H .,,, Treruurf-r Faculty Mmnbz'r.r Florence D. Allen Gertrude B. Manchester Lillian L. Stupp Barbara Page Student ln.rlrur'lor.v Mary Josephine Shelly Irene Buckley sfniorf Belle Tagga rt Alta Knips Neva Service .Mildred Crain Irvn Dale Florence Baker Hilda Chase Laverna Spitzenlmerger Charlotte LaTourette Melha Byrom Golda Boone Doris Parker Juniors Marian janet Wgod Maude Schroeder Lillian Vulgamore Three llunrirrd Eighl Elizabeth Lewis Stella Haglund Augusta llamilton Grace Sullivan Grace Caviness Q LT. Cor.. W. S. SINCLAIR Lt. Col. VV. S. Sinclair came to Uregon from Fl. Leavenworth. Kansas, in the summer of 1922 to assume command of the Oregon R. 0. 'l'. C. unit. He was a law student at the University of Michigan, at the outbreak of the Spanish-American VVar, at which time he enlisted as a private in the Michigan Infantry. Serving throughout the Spanish-American War. he gained promotion to the rank of Second Lieutenant, in which grade he served during the lloxer Rebellion in China. During the World War he saw service in France as Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel of the 30-lth Infantry and Colonel of the 319th and 320th. Due in large part to his equitable administration of R. 0. T. C. affairs, the unit at Oregon has gained consistently in popularity and efficiency. The enrollment in Oregon's R. O. 'l'. C. this year was 569 men, 62 of whom were taking the advanced course offered to upper-classmen. Tllrrzr Ilundrmi Elf-van l l f'-it-N r 'ff A X -5 ., . ', . - f . .4-.. ... - . , Sinclair Culin Murray Arnold Agule Conyers Staff of Instructors In addition to Lt. Col. VV. S. Sinclair, commanding officer of the local R. O. T. C. battalion, the following officers and non-commissioned officers are members of the instructing staff: Capt. Frank L. Culin, jr., University of Arizona, who arrived here December 2, 1923, from Manilla, P. I., instructor of juniors in the advanced course in military law, machine guns and tactics. Capt. J. 'l'. Murray, United States Military Academy, who has been stationed here since September 27, 1923, and who was formerly stationed at Honolulu, T. H.: instructor in upper-class drill, class work for advanced course Seniors. Lt. E. G. Arnold, who came here from Camp Lewis, Wash., in August, 1922. He is in charge of Sophomore class work, assisted by Sgt. Conyers. Sgt. F. l. Agule, who has been here since August, 1919, and was transferred here from Ft. Russell, Wyo., is in charge of the clerical work of the department. Sgt. E. Conyers, transferred here from Vancouver Barracks, Wash., in October, 1920, assists Lt. Arnold in the instruction of the underclassmen and gives courses in sketching, topography, grenades and thc automatic rifle. Q The commanding cadet officer this year was Lt. Col. Don R. Cook. Other cadet officers were Major Earl C. Hughes and cadet Capts. Walter M. liackstrom, Charles E. Jost, William R. Poulson, Carl l'l. Skoog, Waldemar Seton jr., Levi Ankeny, Louis H. Carlson and Ted Gillenwaters. Tllrrr' Ilundrnd Tfwelfuc Senior Cadet Officers junior Cadet Officers Thru' Ilzmdrrd Thirteen ,cf , V. I ri A i Lf . 4--i lfg ' L25 - ,,. , 5" 'I 1 f LL , '- Men's Rifle Team The men's rifle team, under the coaching of Captain J. T. Murray, met with more success this year than last. With the added incentive of sweaters to be given by the military department, the men put in a greater amount of consistent practice and with a large number of the men on the team returning next year, an organization of championship calibre is anticipated. Members of the varsity team were as follows: Eric Peterson, Will Kidwell, Stanley Copland, Wilmot Getty, Frank Walker, Don Watrous, Mark M. Taylor, Har- old Haddan, Robert Harrison, C. G. Burlingham, E. N. Brown, Carroll Williams, F. A. Van Atta, Campbell Church, jr., and John Neidermeyer. , Among the schools fired against were: University of Michigan, University of Nebraska, Oklahoma A. 8: M., University of Minnesota, University of Iowa, Uni- versity of California Southern Branch, Penn. Military College, Mississippi A. Sz M., Syracuse University, O. A. C., Western Maryland College, Rhode Island State Col- lege, University of Cincinnati, Pomona, Washington State College, West Virginia University, and Northwestern. Tllrre Hundred Fourteen l . 1 l 9 Women's Rifle Team For the first time, on the Oregon campus, women's rifle shooting was placed in the hands of the Women's Athletic Association, this year. lf this manner of sponsor- ing proves successful, co-ed rifle shooting will be placed on the same basis as any other sport and points will be awarded accordingly. Instruction was given by Cap- tain F. L. Culin, jr., and Captain j. T. Murray, officers of the regular army detailed to R. O. T. C. duty here. Miss Edna Spenker was the VV. A. A. representative in charge of rifle shooting. The season began with Doughnut meets, Kappa Kappa Gamma winning the cup, Alpha Xi Delta placing second and Alpha Delta Pi, third. The matches for the varsity team began the week of February 9th with junior College of Riverside, California, followed by fourteen meets within the next month. Interest has far exceeded that of the past and records promise much for the future of Oregon co-ed marksmanship. The following girls make up the varsity squad: Lester Arnold, Frances Burton, Barbara Blythe, Gladys Bristol, Louise Buchanan, Katherine Butterfield, Kathryn Compton, Grace Dunbar, Clara Ellis, Donna Fleming, Catherine Franciscovich, Helen Grae, Ruth Haynie, Dorothy Kcber, Gertrude Koch, Dorothy Koepke, Elizabeth Latham. Rosalie Parke, Margaret Pepoon, Thehna Sanstrom, Edna Spenker, Dorothy Straughan, Caroline Tilton, Mary Titus, Dorothy VVagner, Vera VVilber, Nellie Zurcher. Thrrz' Ilundrrd Fiflrrzz t, ,h -,.. M .. fmt. The Band HIC R. O. 'lf C. band, composed of -I-0 mem- bers, was a creditable organization this year, and although strictly a part of the military organization, never failed to respond to requests from Yell-King Freddie Nlartin to turn out for football and basketball games with rival institutions. Men in the band were required to practice with the organization twice a week this year at which times they were given instruction and led by Andrew Landles, instructor of music in the Eugene public schools and to whom much of the credit of the improved or- ganization is due. Alfred P. Goss held the position of student-leader. The members also deserve much credit for their help in livening up the Student Union Campaign carried on last Spring. The band has risen from a minor class activity to one of much promi- nence and interest. Thrnf Ilundrrd Sixlwu V Summer Camp Summer camp for men in the Ninth Corps Area opened on June 16th, 1924, at Camp Lewis, Washington. After the last physical exam had been given and the last "shot in the arm" had been administered, the final count was a total of 875 cadets from western universities. The first two weeks of camp were devoted to close order drill. The second two weeks were given over to the firing of the service rifle on the range and to target practice with the automatic pistol. The last two weeks were spent in extended order work. I Men who attended did not find the camp life monotonous as social'events in- cluded a dance every Wednesday evening at the Hostess House at Camp Lewis. Every Monday night there was a program. of vaudeville presented at the Y. M. C. A. and some really good numbers were given. 1 Various forms of athletics were indulged in, according to the tastes of the men. Baseball, tennis, track, golf, boxing and wrestling were among the sports included, while a large number of the men enjoyed swimming in American Lake, which is about three miles from the camp. During the six weeks at camp the cadets were taken on-two trips of rare scenic beauty. The first of these was to Green River Gorge and was made in one day by motor truck. The second trip was to Rainier National Park, and was a two-day trip, also made by truck convoy. The men slept out of doors, under pup tents and between blankets which they brought with them from camp. Summer camp for the R. O. T. C. units of western colleges terminated on the 28th of july. Three Ilumired Scfventcen - -"1'3!'u-' f A ,JW . , X ,. , P . x..,.4,.l, .u. ..:' . N ,'-ig I la ' . ,I , ' fr , 1 ' kj ' ' ii' 3' Saivww gp. f- 1- 2- , rf!" 'H . , ' , 'L',JWl3.f'vi . 'V 1. 4 1 , -fn.:-.ny ,i,f.,, .,,.. ri.-s0,,,A j..1q,,. .- .',g,..r, ' 'vu . '-1 .-,tv 'I I.. f ' ' , . Studcnt OIJOTIIHHLZ One-Pounder Whnt thu Shell Did Cadet With One of the Paradise Valley Bears Elk in Cnmp ut Lomrmiru Springs Camp nt Lomzmire Sm-inns En Route to Mt. Ruinivr Thrn' llundrrd Eighlecrz ESOD0DlTlESg fllfllm Chi Ulllfjlll Mary jane l'lllll1llYV-ly Helen Coplan fllplm Drlla Pi Bernice Yeo Lillian Vulgatnore Aljvlm Cn 111 m a Drlla Stella Van Vleet Louise luahnit Jljrlm Plli Helen Chanihreau Elizabeth Rauch Hljrlm flllliffllll Pi Dora Gordon Lavern Spitzenhcrger Allflli Xi Dfllzl Vivian Harper Hulda Guild Pan-Hellenic Council Chi 07lll'!ffI Mildred lrelan Mildred Kennedy Drlln Dflla Dflla Alherta MeMonies Mary Cool Ilflln G11 In Ill ll Cleo Base Margaret Boyer lirlla Zrln llornthy Ahhott' Gertrude Houk Gam mn Phi livin Lillian Luders Georgia Shipley Three Hundred Twenty-one lfrzffpn Alpha Tllfla Rebecca Ireland Edna Murphy lfflpflll Kalbjm Gamma Mary Skinner Imogene Lewis lfnpjm 0 m irrnn llelen Kihlan lVl2ll'fl,'llI'6t Krcsstnnn Pi lffla Plli Norine VVeaver Florettc Janelle Sigma Brla Plli liinily Houston Marie Gilkinson Tau Nu Helen Igoe Marian Wngini Q Alpha Chi Omega ALPHA KAPPA Immlzffz CHAPTER fefgggv June 23, 1921 Mary jane Hathaway Norma Wilson Margaret Hughes Maurine Buchanan Helen Coplan Catherine Franciscovich Edith Shell Clara Lamb Helen Mumaw Clover Burlingame Louise Buchanan Senior: Nellie Rowland Mary jane Dustin Barhara Page Juniurs I-Iilda Hensley Fern Perry Margaret Stahl Sulrllomorer Frances Morgan Fre.rl1mz'n Norma Stamp Thelma Kitchen Alice Southwick Clara Ellis Claudia Brotlers Wa va Brown Ruth MacGregor Phyllis Coplan Elizabeth Lounshury Frances Strange Dorothv Watson Marion Clear Katherine Mutzig Elizabeth Waara Geraldine Lutz pe- , A-r,. -A ,- i -,, 5,.l..e,.,--gffj- 7 ts... .til , , Air .gi it gem fkw -L: 3: . ,gi .f . ' :gs ,sae .QQ g,.v'v-F- A A- --. ' 915 AY?" 'f"f'X A 'w fi - fi- 5. ' 1 ,V 'EVQPQ ' x- -Q-9 'F 91 df.. . K 'w , -' ji.: ffl' ' ' ' -.' f"'f1 .-.f- -'-14 -1"'f-5571 ' ' . I-1: - W -S v,. - .uf .5-'1'.."l .3 07' 4.- ,gh . ' kffli-1-.Eur -1' .I-pf, 7' f 4 'iw ' 5 . .. " ' ,Q 1 '.'.g A Vi i-,.., ,- i-.- , . 3 Q.,--, A ' --M '1"'5w S. ' - . 'sv'- ' fu Mr mf: F- lui-fl V135 it with H lll wb -- gr Qlflixgtl' -'. I vi b -nil. L, M. ,. 1 v , " "- 11 559' -- ' ' ,E-lv' "" 1 g ll it l 'f. i TP., A V V I. I W X ilnvvyavvyuwv 'X i wm H- -1' l .1 f 1 l Q 1 - wi.-- i Y, H 4 gs.-J--V: Three Hundred Tfwenly-llwo F 1 A'.X X Q M 4 l N if 9 f' N -N , 'k . 'k A 'JA' A ,. " ' fr .-" - A K -J' '. .hwy ! . . . ss , 1 .I Z ill' if el lirnwn Stahl lVlol'frun Hurling Ellis 1375, 4 ff g 6' 1' H I ,W QI 5 K fil- - 3' ,, VK, A 1 'I .5 y -N z if iv g 54.139 I ' 411' 4 I-lzntlmwzly Wilson Rowlnml Dustin Palm- liroclurs IAIL-na-xlvy Inlunrhvs liuchunun Cuplxm, H, Perry MncGrc1-tor Coplun,l'. lfrnnciscuviclm Sholl Stmnpzu Watson llnmh Mumnw lluchnnun, ll, Stump Kitchen Smlthwiclc Clcur Mutzipr Wxmrn Lutz Thru! Ilflfldrrd Tfwmzly-illru' IITTNE Alpha Delta Pi Q ALPHA LAMBDA ,. 53:12. Inslrlllwl CHAPTER 'lliglff' Jllay 20, 1920 Scrzinrx Dorothy Gurley Dorothy Brodie Bernice Yeo Genevieve Chase Lillian Vulgamore .jean Harper Bertha Berger Beulah Smith Rosalie Parker Harriet Gould julia Wilson Dorothy Straughan I l julia Geoghegan Beulah Clark Junior: Caroline Tilton S0fPhll7l10fL'.f Gertrude Kelmer Cecil McKe rcher Freshmen Frances Fuller Frances Kight Sadie Coe Dorothy jane Bax tel' Oneita Wirtz Elizabeth Tillson Gwendolen Hayden Mildred Bateman Laura johnson Dorothy Kelmer ' Georgia Stone Barbara Chapman Grace Bullock Dora Rossell Grace Dunhar Lucille Vanderwiellen Three Hundred Tfwenty-four X i'L'+fl 53 W 'mv 'N ' l ln 3 A f' ' '6 f, V .gy K- .Qi ' dl' 1 ' if Q 'xi lp? . . , V. xl 1 'Tx is D fi fa fl+4'?if- - Mm V ' 'C -5' 1. p J 'fin K 1 X , Lf , i " 7+ , . P, 'D X . Q55 ab , Q ' iii '-. 'wa .M .t Q' Y Y , A kwa i L4 . . M Q N Nix X Ql5i,I..-Jxt ,nz 4' ,. ,. we X J 51? N ,Q K i 5 l W2 N Xi ' X D Clark licrprci' Yeo Vulprumore Gurley Brodie , Geoprhcxrun Wirtz 'l'illson Hayden Chase 'l'ill,rm Bateman .I uh mum Harper Smith Kcber, G, McKerche1' Keber, D Stone Chzummn Parker Gould Wilson Struuyrhmx Fuller Kixrht Coe Baxter Bullock Vunderwcillen Rossell Dunlnn' Tllrnr llundrrd Tfwcnly-fiw' Alpha Gamma Delta DELTA DlClfl1A Ialsirzllwl CHAPTER iw-f-,,,1,ff 24, 1924 Dorothy Akin Katherine Ashmead Hazel Borders Dorothy Dixon Myrl Allman Louise lnahnit Madeline Gerlinger Arlene Hay Mary Crombie Charlotte Orr g., FACULTY MEMBERS Maude Kerns Senior: Margaret Inabnit Marian jenkins Ruth jenkins jean Moffat Merle Oliver Junior: Ruth Nixon Gladys Du Bois Olivia DeGuire Sophomores Maurine Johnston Elizabeth Hayter Fre: ll rn rn Alice Hill Aleska Groves Marjorie Best Frances Simpson Stella Van Vleet Helen Winter Elsie Bolt Lois Shields Manena Sparks Alice Olsen La Verne Tirrell Lanore Miller Thelma Mellien Three Hundred Tfwenly-,fix A ' 5 X ' x W vu I Q Y X lv ' ffl! ' A w Oliver lnnlmit. L. Johnston Aa-ihmcxul lnnbnit, M. Winter Holt DcQuire Shields Huytcx' Olson Hill Groves Dixon .I vnkins, Jenkins, Allmun Sparks 'l' i r roll Best I M. R . Borders Simpson lVl0fl'ut Dullois Gcrlingcr Crumbie Miller Tllrrzr llundrrrl Tfwmzly-.rffvru Mi' I 7 .Qi ,I .l" Akin Vnn Vlovt Nixon Huy Orr Mcllicn Alpha Phi f - V fs I f - 4- A 1u.vfr1llr'1l IALN UIAPILR jllllllllfj' ll, 1912 ' E FACULTY lVllflVlliERS Jane Thaeher Margaret Stnith Helen Chatnhreau Alberta Uarson Milclrecl Nichol lilizalteth Rauch Katherine Graef Drusilla Simons janet Johnstone Dorothy Munsell Dorothy Dougall Gladys Grant Senior: l-lilcla Chase Ruth Akers Mary Griffin Frances Sanford Juninrs Lylah McMurphey lrva Dale Savilla VVelk Saj1lmmore.r Lucille Pearson lilizalmeth Nash Ff'e.vhmL'n liarhara liclmuntls liarltara Blythe Helly Butterworth Mabel Holmes Parsons Frances Peterson jane O'ReilIy Miltlretl Berkeley lVlart.5arel Vincent Geneva Sntith May Fan Vurpillat Dorothy llenclerson Claire VVltitton Lucile Brown Doris Young Mazie Riehartls I at , Three Hundred Tfwenly-eight Y r- 4 , I Q- Akers Nichol Vincent Nush Munsell Smith Chumbrenu Carson Griffin Sanford Peterson Rauch McMurphey Dule Smith, G. Gr:-:ef Simons Vurpillnt Henderson Johnstone Grunt Edmunds Blythe Whitton Brown Youmr Thr'n'Il1u1drm' Tfwrnly-nim' ? XM S-Q Chase Rich Berk cley Wolk Pearson Deux-'mll Butterworth nrds Alpha Omicron Pi ALPHA SIGMA 1,,.im11,'f1 CHAPTER Am 5, 1923 Wave Anderson ll:-len Cantine Frances Dodds Georgie Davidson Margaret Livesley Dorothy Ca rter Dorothy Mielke I FACUl.,'l'Y MlCMl3ERS Virginia Judy Esterly U Seniors Laverna Spitzenherger .luniors Dorothy Dodge Dora Gordon Sopho1nore.v Alice Dorman Mary VVest lsalwelle Lundy lfrrx ff m 1' Il Marian Barnes Catherine Dorris Vernita Saunders lidna Hiles Dorothy Phillips Laura Kilham Elinor Bachman Jane Dudley Anita Kellogg Vivian Biker Three Ilundrcd Thirty fl ,X Qv Q. if-A : . ., ,.1 nr Dorlpru Livuslcy Anderson Spitzvnburgvl' Hilvs Cuntinu Phillilvt-I Dodds Davidson W0Ht Lundy Kilhnm Huchmun Cnrtcr Miclkv D0l'l'iS Saunders Kellogg Thrfr llundrvd Thirly-om' Gurdon Dorman Dudley linrnes Eikf-r Alpha Xi Delta ALPHA LAMBDA 111.vf11l11'ff CHAPTER Jam' 10, 1922 FACULTY MEMBERS Ethel I, Sanborn Bertha Hays Gertrude Manchester Senior: Beatrice Tidd Augusta Hamilton Evelyn Bennett Marian F. Taylor Bernadine Browder Hulda M. Guild Helen Martin Louise Denham Ruth Larsen Frances Schroeder Edna Coonrad Mary Donaldson Anne Gorrie Hazel Hayden Florence l-luntress .1 uni ll 1'.r Vivian Harper Enid Sonnichsen Mabel Klockars Charlotte Winnard Sopllornvres Edna Spenker I"rc.rl11nfu Frances Borton Alivia Kjelland Inez Kielland Ruth Waldron Helen Denham Grace Cavmess Ethelva Elkins jacqueline Zurcher Mildred Hansen Virginia Keeney Myrtle Bowden Adelaide johnson Kathleen Skinner Lois Everson Marie Riley Thrfr' Ilundrml Thirlyflfwu v , I, I , 1, UK' , i g V, 1. V 5 v , l Ag XR l ' N XZ? ' .,llO.- ' . , fm l. N ..-.--lx R KM, llmai, Q ' F . Q- "' . I X l -- xv ' M l L mf' 1,1 ' 4 4 "iif':7. ' 82 x M I 1 X N . Xqmil "" 3 G . -M 1 -l gr f S IW W V ' . I L ll' X L7 X1 , . Jax 'N L- :-V Q s , H 1 K .Q 'JN' I .. E - E. Y 13 I 45 A ,, ls, , 'l'idd Dunlmm, H. Koa-ncy Cnvincss Hnmiltrm Elkins lim-nnctt Donaldson Huntrm-as Gorric Haydon 'Fnylor Browder Guild Harper Sonnichsun Denham, ll. Winnurd Zurchor Hansen Martin Klockvrs Spcnlu-r Bnwdun Johnson Lm'z-mn Schroeder Coonrnd Horton Skinner Kjollund, O. Kjvllnnd, l. Waldron Tlfrrr llundrfd Tllirfy-lhrnc Chi Omega PSI ALPHA 'lf if" Iuslallwl CHAPTER "'tlf??l'r' flpril 5, 1909 Charlotte Banfield Edwinn Richen Marion Bonney Melba Byrom jane Bodine Ma rga ret Booth Doris Brophy Marjorie Frazer Noreen Burke Mary Clark Grace Coey Velma Ebert We .P Vaoffh. .EJ FACULTY MEMBERS julia Burgess Mary Davis Seniors Mildred Irelan Gwendolyn Kohns J1llIilH'J Janice Damon Irella Fly Mildred Kennedy Sophomore: Beatrice Harden Katherine Lauderdale Freshmen Isabelle Hawkinson Helene Oates Thelma Park Grace Pederson Henriette Gouy Camilla Lorenz Marie Myers Clara Wheelhouse Dorothy Myers Lois Pixley Maybrey Strong Betty Enste rday Nancy Peterson Mildred Stacy Edella Martland Marie Bridges Three Hundred Thirty-four 1- r ff f ,H Y 5 ' I . if ' uf K 'U 11? f""v 1 ', fffwi' Q. WZ? ' I 'x " s 'Q z. A v 4, S . N va QM ' LE X 4 lr 2' ar' ' :X 1, ' nf 6 I,' , V. 'V .X 3 If N. ' .1- Y Lorenz Booth Pixley Strom: Hnwkinson r. l, 999 .Nw L4-l. lx' -J f I ' L. IL' wd' wo ,x Y i l 'L Richen Bonney Byrom Kohns Myers, M. Wheelhouse Bodine Damon Fly Kennedy Myers, D. Brophy Frazer Harden Lauderdale Burke Clark Coey Ebert Oates Park Pederson Peterson Stacy Eusterdny Mnrthmd Bridufcri Three rIll7ld!'L'd Thiriy-fifvz' Delta Delta Delta THETA DELTA ' In..-mzzwz cHAP'r1f:R offfaw- 30, 1910 FAC U LT Y MEMBERS Carmen Espinosa Mozelle Hair Marguerite McCabe Lillian Baker Jeannette Dentler Mary Cool Crete Gray Josie Kaufman Lenta Baumgartner Avis Langmack Alma Lawrence Elizabeth Blanchard Marjorie Logan Senior: Alberta Lou McMonies Kathryn Nicholson Helen Sherwood Marian Smith J 1l7Ii0l'J Elizabeth McDonnell Edith Pierce Katherine Reade ldalielle Tremayne Sophomore: Alice McKinnon Mary McKinnon Frznrhmen Pauline Knowland janet Hampton Margaret McCarty Alice Ann Tuthill Nell Tenhrook Josephine Ulrich .lo-Ann Warwick Verna Skade Marion Burk Constance Cleaver Delia Sherwood Mary Katherine B Evangeline Knox Thelma Trefe rn Harriet Wiedman Three Hundred Thirty-.fix aker se on X -J 'A ' A! ,ff x u f,f ,,, J R I N 1 gm , 55. Wx X '17 ,qi 'hi Y I 4 x x X McCabe linker Dentlvr McMonim-:Q Nicholson Sherwood, H. 'l'uthill Ulrich Smith Cleaver Cool Gray Knufmnn McDonnell Pierce Ronde 'l'ren1:1yne Warwick Sknrle Burk liuumyrnrtncr Lamprnmek Lawrence McKinnon, A, McKinnon Sherwood, D. Knox lilunchnril Logan Knowlund Hampton McCarty 'l'l'ui'ern Wledmun Threr' llundrrd Thirty-.vrfvmz Delta Gamma -vi- ., .1311 ALP HA' DELTA 5 Insfrfllffl CHAPTER U ombff 17, 1013 Lillian Stupp Lucile Morrow Dorothy Scotton Margaret Dickey Mary Clerin Pauline Bonclurant , Elizabeth Kerr Esther Church Marian Phy Mary Elizabeth Smith Elizabeth Beans Catherine Struplere Marjorie Merrick Adele Hegg Rae Stanley Edith Peterson Katherine Kuhli Maxine Koon Jvrl -rf-. N- . . .-A: FACULTY MEMBERS Florence Macllowan Dorahelic Ford Seniorr Louise Gidley Marian Baker Margaret Powers Cleo Base Junior: Margaret Boyer Martha Wade - Sofvhomores Kathryn Short Grace Potter Fre.vh1nfn Marian Parker lois Beth Scoffern Helen Ahern Edith Bain .frqg 'slim !91L,'J L fi' Emma Stephenson Dorothy l'lumph reys Katie Potter Harriet Wright Evelyn Thatcher Virginia Thatcher Mary Ellen Morrison Helena Pittelkau Gladys Noren Zada Pierce Helen Smith Marian Morton Margaret Hyatt Francis Bryden Ilermione Smith Josephine Taylor Marjorie Swift Dorothy Diggles : ' PM " ' . .. :,.fz'w2,1'i," -- . S " 1 , Yi . P- .1 ' 'Elissa my y 5 .1-L. v.J:.,i!'fV:.1 if-ig . U 'S -. ,rtffg Zggagf' y 1 .V'ffsQf3,'1zM2ris2ef1- 1 L 1- .' . . .' '.l'."'1'.1:'W.-91: , www-1-fwfw .wr - 1 -Q. rfglf?--1-Q3ft2?i!5?f ' ' 1 mn V ' A I ::',:'f"'w3 ,,'E,1. ,, , , ,,gf'.,l,1'Vilg:3rgjl:gf, " ' .. ffl iii? l L ' ' P A in i is M: A 1 to 4 P-mfs., .. " ' , X .-'.,,...-ft,-f f 1 f,f'i'2rn.,vx- Tlzrer' Ilundrcd Thirty-rigfzt XL -'K' ff.: 3 ! 'x. was 'KTWIW' """ x v J Scottun Dickey Clerin . Bondurunt Kerr Gidlcy 1 owurs Base Potter, K. Thatcher, E. Thatcher, V. Morrison Baker Wright Church Phy Smith, M. E. Boyer Wndc Pierce Beans Struplcre Merrick Short Potter, G Smith, H. Morton Hyatt Hem: Stanley Peterson Kubli Konn I-'nrkcr Scoffern Ahern Hain Smith, Taylor Swift Dimrles H ThI'6'L'11ll1ldI'l'll Thirty-niflzr Delta Zeta .9 . OMEGA Installer! CHAPTER October 15, 7920 lllll H FACULTY MEMBERS Madame Rose McGrew Rose McGrew Seniors Gertrude H. Houk Mary Ann Hanson Madeline Bayley Edith Boyer Helen Stephens Nell Miller Margaret Blackaby Ellean Fargher Easter Craddock Kathleen Wright Lela Boyer Dora Williams Mildred Klepper Eve Forstrom Nina Kitts Doris Efteland Mary McCullogh Charlotte Newhouse Doris Parker Ruby Speer Junior: llorothy Dodds Dorothy Abbott Beatrice Morris Helga McGrew Sophomore: Dorothy Newman Esther Christensen Mae Mordoff Evelyn Chambers Geneva Gregory Freshmen Eula McAtee Aileen Mordoff Eleanor Doughty Ethel Helliwell Doris Nicholle g vs-w-vw .,,,,,,..'..- ,- -1 vnu-v-uv' Margaret Duerner Lillian Flint Belle Taggart Fredericka Travis Elizabeth Lewis Helen Dickey Glenna Fisher Helen Louise Crosby Helen Wagner jean Ross Winifred Morris Margaret Hargus Lois Prinzing Miriam Heath Grace Thomas Constance Coulter Y , .g-fm- T a , a, W., ll If 1 'mb .FM ,. f -- fr Q 4 1 , ' ' ' 9. i' v I l vfilt 1 ,. gg :. .I .M '1-nu-TZ " H-7"'Tll' -153, ir 1, - ' .K 1 ' " Fiit lrf 3 e' We rms-.a.,.s.7 We . ' W '-.iw-, " ' 5434, Three Hundred Forty A Q J' so 16. V24- vi A 'l fe -1 ' V h-7' . " . V I I .4 lv '-1 Q W5 A X G 2 . , . 'fel f . , I . A ' W 5 , ' i NN b -'uf ' .1 ' 4 5 ,.: V A x'XNH5l - , Houk Abbott Newhousv Parker Miller Flint llxirillvl' McGrew, R. liutterficlml Hanson McCullo1:h Speer Duerner 'l'au.u.-:nrt Buyer Morris, B. McGrew, H. Travis Lewis Dickey Iilncknby Crudrlnck Wright, Newman Mordoi'l', M. Chambers Gregory Mordol'I', A. Doughty Halliwell Waurner Ross Niculle Prinzing Heath Thomas Coulter lilyberyr Thru' Ilundrrd For1y-one 4. Christensen Dodds Fnryxher Crosby Morris, W. Gamma Phi Beta NU CHAPTIQR 1"-'f"'lf'f Ma rga ret McGowan Alladeen Scroggin Kathryn DeNeffe Helen Webber Isobelle Amon Harriet Baldwin Grace Cobb Janet Fenstermacher Lyle Veazie Helen Manary Ruth DeNeffe October 1.1 , 1906 FACULTY MEMBERS Helen Snyder Graduate SI1z.'1nnt.v Elizabeth Nelson Seniors' Georgia Shipley Bernice Davies Juniors Lucinda Dell Catherine Henderson Frances Cornell Sophomarex Esther Setters Lillian Luders Cornelia Meek Mary Luckel Marion Norman Freshmen Doris Kindle Helene Tyroll Lou Ann Strong Frances McGill Margaret Morrison Frances Pierce Wilhelmina Shields Florence Bennett Eloise Huggins Virginia Wilson Harriet Dezendorf , Violet Mills Mary Stewart Etha Garlick Three Hundred Forty-tfwo l 13 ' lk 1 I es X L E l 'lit , 2 '-fx lqr f T- I 133, X ll' 1 if V ,. i l 6 N f N X' ln A 1 -. ' - ,- S 4 'N ' ' L 5. 1 , ' ' - l 3' b f A 1:, MF , it --7332, yx vs I id o 1 l ' AA McGowan Shipley Scromrin Webber Nelson McGill Morrison DcN0l'l'c, K. Dell Henderson Cornell Pierce Humrins Amon Baldwin Cobb Fenstcrmnchcr Setters Luders Luckol Norman Bennett Wilson Dczendorl' Veuzio Munnry DcNel'fe, R. Mills Stewart Kindlc Tyroll Strom.: Shields Thrnw llundrnl Furly-lllrrc Kappa Alpha Theta ALPHA XI 1 Installwl CHAPTER 'Q July 11, 7909 Florence Buck Florence Fortmiller Ieanne Elizabeth Gay Elizabeth Honkanon Eloise Buck Eugenia Zieber Hazelmary Price Anne Wentworth Virginia Keating Anne Lawrence Constance Roth Harriet Adams Virginia Fenton Phyllis Pilkington I, , FACULTY MEMBERS M rs. George Fitch Seniors Rebecca Ireland Genevieve Phelps Martha Shull Ruth Sensenich Juniors Edna Murphy Ardis Welch Sophornorfs Marian Horsfall Marie Temple F1'L'.ffI7lH'7l Margaret Stolz Esther Hardy Gwendolyn Powell Olga Jackson Myra Belle Palmer Maude Schroeder Frances Effinger Edith Bragg Mary Hardy Gertrude Harris Adrienne Hazard Rhona Williams Margaret Spencer Marie Schulderman Donna Fleming Virginia Lee Richardson Elizabeth Latham Mary Fitch Gussie Gottlieb Three Hundred Forty-four qw 'H r. 5 6 x' ' ii l ' li ll 'X 2 - .f' , ui n 4 ' " 5- YR ' " W W fl v. l 1 1, .K X K 5 AX r f i . 11" X . N. 'ff X X , ins ,N 'ax , A - Nl wif' liuek, E. EI'l'inger Schroeder Bram: Hardy, Huck, F. Fortmillcr Gay Honlcanen Ireland Shull Sensenich Zicbcr Murphy Welch Hazard Price Wentworth Keating: Horsfall Williams Spencer Shuldermun Lawrence Roth Fenton Pillcinyxton Fleminy: Richardson Stolz Powell Jackson Palmer Latham Fitch 7'ln'1'a' llundrcd Forty-fifve M. Phelps Harris Temple Adams Hardy, Sottleils E Kappa Kappa Gamma BETA OMEGA figzqfm,-i-1-ZIV't,1m,l.y Installed CHAPTER I-,J X LFE Jlllllllll'-V 11, 1913 Penelope Gehr Mary Skinner Winifred Graham Katherine Slade Edith Sorenson Ruth Griffith Margaret Inwood Kathryn Inwood Margaret Power Alice Bulkley jane Sanborn sp ,ir f 11.3 1 X FACULTY MEMBERS Helen Manerud Seniors Mild red johnson Elizabeth Strowbridge Juniors Imogene Lewis Sophomore: Florence Allen Beatrice Peters Freslrnxan Irene Gerlinger Mary Titus Thelma Sandstrom Florence Grebe joy johnson Neva Service Vivian Steuding Leah Ross Mary Josephine Sh Florence jones Ruth Miller Helen Davidson Elizabeth Talbot Muriel Hurley Eleanor Beckwith Una Eldridge 4 . Three Hundred Forty-six l elley 4 Ni' EW 4 - ,' A X7 Q K Nix N i a , .lv " I' .. wi ' -N-'xx X- R-.-1 222 6 1' ,Q L i X , '-r "I, L is v4 , 35. .VV " N ." .3 5- i I V ,V i 1' f' L V V 1. mink- N . i 'N I X 1'QlK'i"x P X. .I Gehl' Skinner Cruhalm Johnson Johnson, J, Service Steuding Slade Sorenson Lewis Ross Griffith Inwood, M. Inwood, K. Allen Peters Miller Davidson Power Bulkley Sanborn Gerlinsrex' Titus Sundstrom Grebe Talbot Hurley Beckwith Shelley Tflrcr' Ilunrlrmi I"orly-:cfvL'11 Pi Beta Phi OREGON ALPHA v-v-'gr Insfalled CHAPTER ofmbef 29, 1915 FACULTY MEMBERS Mary Watson Barnes Anne Landsbury Beck Seniors Mildred Smith Luella I-lausler Vera Prudhomme janet Wood Elizabeth Manning Dorothy Delzell Cathryn Ulrich Ann Springer Constance Vance Alice Douglas Rowen Gale Claudia Fletcher Frances Hare Eleanor Glass Priscilla Eakin Margaret Carter Juniors Florette Janelle Sophomore.: Harriet Ross Flora Edwards Constance Hall Mary Campbell Freshmen Helen Wolcott Edith Bader Ruth Corey Julia Kaufman Beatrice Mason Florence Jensen Evangeline Foster Maybelle Leavitt Norinne Weaver Mildred Coleman Lois LaRoche ,Virginia Hull Louise Wisecarver Margaret Johnson Myrtle Mast Maxine Edmonds Annie Ellen La Moree Jacquoise Kirtley ldelle Egbert LaNita Gaskill Three Hundred Forty-eight Xonix ' A . N bi' .. Hauslcr Manning Edwards Johnson Glass Covey Eakin 1' rudhommc Smith Leavitt Wea vcr Wood Janelle Delzell Ulrich Sprinyrur Vance Hall Campbell LnRochc Hull Mast Douglas Gale Fletch ur Jensen Edmonds LllM0l'CG Wolcott Kaufman Mason Kirtlcy Eprbert Thrcz' llrmdrrd Fvrly-nine r l Coleman Ross Wisocnrver Hare Bader Gaskell Kappa Omicron .94-,1-.1-A-,Gt LOCAL X " Estzzblislmrl SORORITY O Mrzy 23, 1923 Ma ry McMahon Constance Cole Kelen Kiblan Katie Buclnannn Lillian Bramhall Kathryn Compton Semor: Kathrine Kressman Marian Hardes Junior: Ma rga ret K rcssman Alene Larimer Sophomore: Ruth Ellison Flossie Razlabaugh Freshmen Dorothy Gay Edith Huntsman Kee Buchanan Leola Ball La Verne Rich Bertha Bodine Elma Huotari Marie Palo Three Hundred Fifty 5 McMahon Culu Hull Rauluhnuyrh Guy 'lvl- I I . ' . ' J' . .M W Krvsrunun, K, lIm'wlve4 Kiblun Krosrmmn, M. Rich lluchunnn Huclinv lirnmhull I-luntsmzm Hunturi T,ll'!'I' IiIlllx1I'1'1i Ififty-nm' Q in-" Q Tluuhnmm, K. Lnrinu-r Ellison Compton Paulo LOCAL SORORITY Florence Hardes Ma rian Hayes Helen Ernst Irene Burton Violet Reed ' Margaret Achterman Harriet McLeod Viola Harris Sigma Beta s I a l Seniors Emily Houston ' Marie Malmgren jean Millican Juniors Marjorie Myers Edna Nelson Sophomore: Mary Burton Freshmen Virginia Sterling Laura Prescott i Founded May 24, 1922 Enid Veatch Agnes Coates Helen Reynolds Kathryn Rutherford Marie Strube Mina Price Lorraine Stoltze Verda Davis Three Hundred Fifty-tfwo A A NX X R x IJ 6 A' A ' Rx' K .AL X xg 'Q-9 1.'j,X.f' V "'!.Z.1','., Ji, 'qi . 4' ' . V , .,: 1 fff' 4. 1 , 1, - w I.. l I, 'x Vcutuh Coates Ruthcrfurml liurdo: Iluyua liuuston Mnlmy.rrvn Millicun Ernst Mym-ra R1-ynolcls Strubv Achturmnn liurton, Mc-Lum! Sturlim: Stoltze l'1-1-50014, Recd Davis liurlun,I. Thru' Ilxmdrfrl Fifty-three M LOCAL SORORITY Alicia Agnew Alice Ehrenreich Jessie Keyt Geraldine Troy Grace Chapman Helen Christensen Veronica Eulherg Ruth Sullivan Belle Fox Tau Nu Seniors Ruth Higgins Junior: Marion Wagini Catherine Enright Sophomore: Celestine McCarty Frexhmen Sonia Willer Genera Zimmer Helen Montgomery Ethel Montgomery F071 71411011 Mzly 24, 1922 Lela Wade I-lelen lgoe Ma rga ret Pepoon Georgia Goff Gladys Bristol Muriel Harrison Ruth Farris Etha Oglesby Edna English 'Q Three Hundred Fifty-four QV .J ,Q ,AIX . "5 NX. !N X -' A-fl A Higgins Agnew Troy Ch ri:-itvnscn Willm- Bristol O fr Waurini Ehrcnruich Wullu lyme Kcyt Goff Chnpmnn McCarty l'Iulln-rp: Sullivan Fox Zimmer Montgomery, l-l. Montgomery Ilurrison Ifcrris Thrm' llumlrnl Fifly-fifve Abby Adams Myrtle Baker Mary Bartholomew Dorothy Blybcrg Gertrude Butler Frances Cochran Mildred Crain Cecile Bennett Myrtle Clausen Anna De Witt Kathleen Ingram Sybil Karsum Alta Knins Margaret Ballantyne Faye Bartholomew Dealtry Bean Nellie Best Margaret Clarke Dorothea Drake Daphne Evans Helen Holt Laura Anderson Mary Barker Anna Baumxzartner Dorothy N. Bartle Mildred Bolz Ruth E. Brooks Edna Brockman Aline Buster La Verne Chenault Elizabeth Cheney Nora Berven Laura Breske Carol Colby Marian Stowe Leonora Dart Aileen Smith Loye Smith Hendricks Hall Senior: Ausrusta De Witt Mildred Dunlap Stella Halrlund Ethel Johnson Wilna Manly Hazel Mills Doris Neptune Junior: Sipzrid Martinson Ellen McClellan Marsraret McCullough Cleo Merrill Mildred On. low Sophomore: Florence Huntington- Myrtle Jansson Daisy Witham Alice Kraeft Audrey Lundy ' Kathryn McAyeal Ruth Mclsome Freshmen Katherine Van Dellen Frida Deininger Juanita Dietz Tirzah Dudley Furn Elliott Mable E. Fafzley Mable A. Fransen Ruth Woodman Going Madeline Goodall Isabel Goodnauyzh Coral Agnes Graham Austa Graves Evelyn Hartman Georgia Hickman Allison Wilder Teresa Wilhelm Vera Pitcher Andrce Pellion Helen Purdum Esther Stricker Eugenia Strickland Grace Sullivan Gertrude Tucker Lucy Vander Sterre Helen Van Cleave Park DeLoris Pearson Lucille Perozzi Hazel Robinson Dorothy Schupp Norma Sutherland llo Merrill Adeline Zurcher Genevieve Morxran Emo:-tene Richards Ann Runes Tyra Rylandcr Vesta Scholl Genevieve Spear Lily Him: Mildred R. Hull Florence Hurley Miriam Hyatt Geneva Jacobs Theodora Kaiser Eldora Kingsley Mary E, LaMar Gertrude Koch Esther Layton Alice LeKander Mable Martinson Eleanor Marvin Beatrice Wilder Leona Williams Norma McCleary Alice McDul'l'ee Thru' lIu11drnlFif1y-.fix i , 1 I a , 5 1- ' lf f l l .f A I 5.1 Nxly f V I. 1 ."' K 'Q' Q l as k X If I. 5 Striuklunll Clxlrku Crain Mills Sullivan DeWitt Onslow Q Q. r . 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I K ' if D1 , ,I ixx Alu I S 'F N dl V 0 ' vs. - An! .5 ll , Vx . f . N. l . 1 I , 1 'x bm v v ' l,p: 'i ,l . , v 'H X I -I ." Y, iff' if N " fr' V N "K, l ni K . 'F - i L , V . Fuyzuly Goodxill Gooclnuugh Gruhum Hartman Hickman Him: Hull Hurley .luccbs Kniscr Kingsley Koch LuMur Layton LeKunxlc1' Murtinson Murvin McClcm'y McDul'fec Pitcher Plimpton Rubenstein Saunders Scholl Smith, A. Smith, L, Starr Stfwm-1, Stockdale Stowe Wilder, A. Wilrlcr, B. Willinmg Throw ll1n1druiFifly-ninr: Florence Baker Golda Boone Emelia Burrell Leola Craig Frances Depzcrstedt Iris Akin Mildred Carr Mary Conn Margaret Dobbin Katherine Edgar Frances Gothard Jessie Jenks Frances Bolton Thumn Barnard Frances Bourhill Beryl Brown Ina Bullock Elizabeth Cady Fern Case Tressa Armstromr Ruth Baum Druella Brush Alice Byler Gladys Calef Miriam Campbell Nellie Carrol Frances Cherry Mizelle Rollwage Marjorie Seiple Rose Cohen Eunice Daniels Margaret Galloway Susan Campbell Hall Senior: Margaret Dwyer Bessie Holts Eunice Jonsrud Irene Kendall Charlotte LaTourrette - Junior: Leona Kail Darr McLean Virxtinia Owens Barbara Ruth Newton Thora Pedersen Wanda Plincz Emma Rasmussen Sophomore: Zella Green Annette Heckman Dorothy Houk Elizabeth Huston Dorothy Jonsrud Faith Kimball Dorothy Kirby Myrtle Ann Martin Freshmen Eariel Gilbert Allene Goetchins Zilda Hayes Dorothy Hobson Christina Holt Jeanette Sheets Frances Honzik Josephine Honzik Ione Imbler Nellie Johns Hazel Kirk Dorothy Koepke Eleanor McDermott Alice Lindell Ann Mylne Viona Pyritz Helen Schuppel Florence Jenks Cornelia Robertson Gladys Smith Marjorie Tillotson Frances Vaughn Mildred Whitcomb Claudia Parker Ruth Gregg Ruth Schaefer Mary Lucille McLain Pearl Niskanen Catherine Osburne Helen Pollock Katherine Schnell Winifred Munz Marxzaret Michels Goldie Walters Gertrude Wallenburg Monica Michels Florence Morast Dorothy Nilsson Harriet Osborn Marie Ridings Mable Peterson J oycelin Robertson Kathleen Rodgers Evelyn Warnkc Vera Wilbur Three Hundred Sixty X 1' ,I K ia. x ,.- Baker Dwyer Lindcll Conn Knil Rnssmusscn Boone Burrell Holts .lonsrud Mylnu Schumrcl Dobbin Eclprnr McLean Owens Robertson Smith Thru' Il uudrnd Sixty Crniy: Kendall Akin Gnthurd Newton 'l'illot:-ion 'UIII' Desrcrstcclt I.n'l'ourettc Curr Jenks J. Plincz Vaughn l l i P l l . '5- N, x wr 9 ' 99 Whitcomb Parker Gremz Bolton Barnard Bourhill Brown Bullock Cady Case Green Hcckman Houk Huston Jon:-xrud Kimball Kcrby Martin McLain Armstromr Pollock Schncll Munz Schaefer Osborne Baum Brush Bylcr Culef Campbell Three Hundred Sixty-lfwo xi .Vx ' wix M X ik .1 is Rv u XXX Curroll Hnycs Imblcr Michcls Ridinlrs Sheets Cho,-ry Daniela Hobson HOW Johns Kirk Michcls Nilsson Robertson , J . Rmli!0l'2-1 Wnllunhurg: Wnlters Galloway Honzik, I". Kocpkc Ouhurn, H. Rullwm-ru Wm-nkc Three Ilxmdrcd Sixty-Illrfc Goctchins Honzik, J. McDermott Peterson Sciplc Wilbur Thacher Cottage liflis , 0 ' f n 1 31 ' 1- V . 3 ' 1 1' Vp f l N 1 fs 4 Miller Fish Cunningham Duvault, R. Dcvault, K. Sagnberd Hill Anderson Davis Beatrice Fish Helen Louise Cunningham Dorothy Wagner r Hilda Olson Irene Buckley Regina Davault Katherine Davault Velma Scholl l N . 'As W 'F . 6' ' f Wtuzncr Olsen Johnson White, H. Via Reynolds Georgia johnson Helen White Hazel VVhite Dorothy Hill Florence Anderson Fairy Davis Bernice Via Margaret Sagalmerrl l?fivfi4,,5 3 Thru' llumlrcd Sixty-four .tb 6 wx ' Buckley White Schull f i 1 X' Alpha Tau Omrga John Hulvey Ted Gillenwuters Beta Theta Pi Waldemur Seton Edward Thericuu Chi Psi Robert Shepherd Basil Burke Della Tau Drrlta Charles Kilgore Charles Jost Kappa Sigma Robert Muutz Walter Pearson Phi Dalia Thala Wnlter Malcolm Howard Hobson Inter-Fraternity Council President, Dean II. Walker Phi Gamma Della William Dills Victor Rialey Phi Kappa Psi Robert Gardner Sum Cook Sigma Alpha Epxilon Edward Britts Collis Moore Sigma Chi Donald Peek Louie Anderson Sigma Na .I. F. DuPuul .loyl Dahl Thrla Chi Tom Gruhnm Milton Peterson Thru' llundrra' Sixty-:mum fllpha Bela Chi Arthur Gale Elnm Amstutz l1'ar'hi'lordon Edwin Tnpfer Wurren Ulrich Kappa Delta Phi Roy Norton Herbert Brooks Lambda Pxi Puul Afxer John Rogers Kappa 'Edwin Cox Douxrlus King Sigma Pi Tan Charles Fulk John Clark Alpha Tau Omega GAMMA PHI Installed CHAPTER February 25, 1910 john Straub Karl Onthank Peter C. Crockett Charles K. Dawson j. Wistar Rosenburg Merton Folts Rufus Sumner Ted Mays Verne Folts Clarence Carter Elton Schroeder Horace Kilham Edwin Hendry Frank Powell john Motschenbacher FRATRES IN FACULTATE john Landsbury Franklin Folts john Stark Evans Rex Underwood Walter j. Hempy FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Graduate Studrrzls john MacG regor Seniors Thomas Short Gordon Wilson john Hulvey Juniors Allan Clark Ben jordan joseph Peak Sophomore.: 'Carl johnson Stanley Tomlinson Marion Anderson Frexhmen Roy Brundage Guyon Call Reginald Stewart Raleigh Greene Sam Kinley Harold Lundburg Ted Gillenwaters Sherman Smith Claire Kneeland Robert Hunt Harold Brumfield Hugh Biggs Richard Adams William Bamber Collins Elkins Art Close Charles Taft Floyd Blaser 1 Three Hundred Sixly-eight Q.. -' so. A Q 5 2 W i V' Q P L ' 4 1' , 5 ' ' v ly .N it ' fa . xv- -v,' ' ' VN I . 1 i . X x 1 I - t x X -'A A x v ' E s xx I - iff-' l .. fs H l f C l 'Q , X , ,X 4, 1, 4, J - 5 A, . . 1' . '. N lf.. V -L Gillcnwutcrs M!lCGl'ClZ0l' Dawson Roscnburz Hulvey Wilson Lunrlbursr Folts, M Sumner Mays Clark .lordun Peak Smith K ncclund Adnms 1"01tS. V- Carter Shroeder Johnson Tomlinson AndCI'SOH Brumfield Biggs Kilhnm Hunt Hendry Powell Motschenbucher Brundmre Call Stewart Greene KiY1l0y Bnmber Elkins Close Tuft Threw Ilundrrd Sixty-nine BETA RHO CHAPTER Ralph Casey F. G. Young Halmar Edlund Waldemar Seton Kenneth Bailey Frank Roehr Miller Bruhn Morton Coke Lauren Conley Alfred Goss Beldon Babb George Craig Ted Flangus ' Edward Fortmill Cl' Beta Theta 1 llfllld 9 rv " fm -0'lQn -elf T4-fn ,... a Q 451:43 :llidll Qi ,lf ' if rj FRATRES IN FACULTATE Timothy Cloran Walter Snyder Hugh Rosson Installed December 4, 1909 Lama r Tooze Delbert Oberteuffer FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Senior: Willard Marshall Eugene Kelley Juniorx Walter Socolofsky Clarence Toole Soirhofnores Chester Irelan Eldon Lambert Rodney Farley Algot Westergren Edward 'Therieau Freshmen Fred joy Almon Loomis Robert Overstreet Phillip Irelan Jerome Gunther Lauren Reynolds Arthur Gray Gordon Byrne Rolf Klep jefferson Nelson Paul Peek Frank Riggs Maurice Spatz William Dalrymple , 1 Three Hundred Sefventy f Y i v 9 V .6 S will gs ' 5' y s 11' 7 'x 1 9 ' 1 - W! 3 ' s -'71, - 1' K l W. , 'x X Q A ,L , 1 Y U - , wr, K ,, -f , l l NXT I, ia 2 I -va ' , ,' V A 'J ' , ! v up ' . V '- - . rl ' ' xylz , Edlund Seton Marshall Kelley Socolnfsky linilcy Toolc Gunther liruhn Cokv Conluy Goss l1'vlu.n Lambert l":u'luy Wo tc-l'1,:1'cn 'llll0l'lC!l.ll Gray liyrnc K lop Nulson llzlbb Craig' Flnmrus Fortmillcl' Fowler .lay Loomis Ovcrstrect Peck Ilipryru Snuttcr Snmtz Dnlrympln- Tlflffl' lluudrnl SI"'Uf'7lfy-0110 Chi Psi ALPHA ETA DELTA Insmllefl CHAPTER lfggfgfig Jllllllllfj' 3, 7921 , FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors Robert Shepherd Otto Mauthe Levi Ankeny Robert Boggs john Crandall Eugene Crosthwaite Calder McCall Earl Olson Basil Burke ' Armonde DeMerritt Juniors David King Sophomore.: james Forestel Hugh Fraser Donald Gidley Ben Lombard Franklin Manning Freshmen john Renshaw William Young Harry Skinner Thomas Crosthwaite jack Marshall Frank Smile Richard Wright Clarence Smith Robe rt Schlick Robe rt Ste nzel Three Hundred Seventy-lfwo -.1..f4ul 619 9 F 'M ' l 4" .-f"' 5 ' -' I' 7 , -J 52 ' ll Q : .hm . 'F G 1 ,. . l .w ,, 1 N Q--, r Skinner llomzs Gifllvy Wright. 4 Slmoplu-rml Mnuthc Crumlnll Lomlrurxl McCall Young Thr rr' llu Q. . Dc-Murr'itt Kim: Crosthwnitn Munnimr Smith Schlick lldl'1'dSI'fUf .K :U Hurlu- Crostll wuitc l"orcstm-I Murshull Olson Stcnzul nfy-Ihrm' iv X 7 Wil x 19 Is L Ankuny l'll'IlS0l' Soulm- Runshzuv Delta Tau Delta GAMMA RHO lmbmlztlfz CHAPTER ma 2Vll'Ul'llIbPl' 15, 1913 FRALFRES IN FACULTATE Carlton E. Spencer FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Charles E. Jost Warner B. Fuller james C. Scripture Cylhert McClellan Wade Rutherford Alfonse Korn Walter DL Simpson Harold Llewellyn Edwin McClung Richard Gordon ' George Hill William B. I-Iamilton Gerald D. Plue Senior: Charles A. Kilgore Juniors Steele Winterer Rillingf Schuerman Sophofnore: john A. Stimpson Albright Bray j. Parker Price VV. Elting Launt Maurice Collings Frexhrncn David L. Foulkes Robert H. Knight Randall Guttridge Clayton Meredith Harold Edmonds Russell Gowans George A, Mansfield james A. Case ' Orville Blair Mark A. Green Hilton Rose james Newsom Philip M. Swank jack N. Murphy Raymond Rutherford Robert Keeney Walter Ollirien Thru' Ilundrcd Snfucnty-four tk-ripturv Mnnsfivlrl Mctlluug Gm-un I'lill Guttrlclyru Q99 99 1 Ju:-at McCI1-llnn Cum- Stimpson Rose Hamilton M urphy Kilprorl' Rutlmcrfurd, W. Iilnir Pricm- N1-wsom Pluc Rullu-rforal, R. Gowuns Wintvrvr K 0 r n Ln u n t S wn n k Fnulkca licullvy Thrrr llumlrrd Srfurzlly-fifvr Schuurnum Llowvllyn Cul limrs Gordon K niprht 0'liricn Kappa Sigma 1 ', 'PV f giant ,- GAMMA ALPHA i'7-MT' WA? Imfrrllrzl CHAPTER 'M' 4f,F"" flpril -I, 1904 i 'la' M saute? N i FRATRES IN FACULTATE Capt. Frank L. Culin, jr. Virgil D. Earl FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors Jens Terjeson Eugene Shields Charles Snyder Thomas Robertson Robert Mautz Walter Pearson Wayne Leland William Brooks James Johnson David Adolph Rex Adolph John Davis Stuart Ball Thomas Hagerty LaVerne Pearson james Simpson William Powell Richard Carruthers john Trullinger .Iuniorr Ben Smith Charles Stockwell james Leake Ralph Van Waters Sofnhomnrex Harry Leavitt john Boswell Horace Boyden Alva Vernon Roy Okerberg I"rz'.fl1fnfn Burton Randall Walter Cushman William Roberts Clark Woodcock Lewis Reavis Donovan Ca rtwright Law rence Desmond Waldon Byers ,lack Bliss Frank Rossel Edmund McLaren james Purcell Lloyd Byerly Fred Wilcox Donald Cash Gerald 0'Bryant Paul Turner Thomas Powers Howard Eberhard Ellis Shull Robert VVarner Harold Dixon 4 - x'g'L . A-,--..G7lH .. '. . ' V - .. fa. ".':1,J?' Qt. - ', ., se -. -Q.. 3 s , -. 35159 s :Wi ' I K .'- 5'-.wi 14 7,75 me 6 f ., a,.' , ,, " a. N ,t ,A H-45? fl -F - .f- , ,..... .N -1 -. Qfifcg-f i ,. .,-" ,-smfji . 2 I HL. y , jf gif... .01 ix, l - ,xl -f- I I L' Q '.',Q'I 'ef 'J tr 1+ :grin 'e"" ff ' . i,-.' 1-1. . gg,-"',,v -.rf 4-t f ' . ."' - - I. if A, ,Qu r- up 1"""""w .k h --. 1. 14. Vf,. :af f , .: W- 'f . ' 1' 'ff ff" ' -' 5 I -' if in 'sn ggi-hi, '27 ,. ' ,hw .I 113' -vw - ,IQ . gf! A n, Tllrcz' Ilundrvd Srfvenly-.tix . V ? of ' 4 ' i g A ' I L fi 2 xH 4 i ur ii 4 Ii W i i . 6 . 1 5 of N 1 gg i n ' V , .X-T - cl 7 J? B Nlnutz 'I'n-rjcsnn l'4-nrson, W. Smith Stuckwvll Cairrutlivrs Trulllmxvr Cawtwriyrhl. Di-sinmul Snyder Holm-i'L:-mix Lcxikc Vun Wutcrs llyl-rs Purcn-ll Johnson A1loIph,D. Adolph,R. Lunvitt Boswell Buydvn Vvrnun Ulu-rbvrpr Iiyvi-ly Wilcox Cash O'Bryunt Ls-lzniml Davis Bull Hmrcrty Puurson, L. Powvll Rnmhill Cushnmn Rulivrts Wuridcuck Rvuvis 'l'urnu1' 1'nwurs I'Ibvi'lmrd Shull Dixon Tfll'l'l' llxzmlrfd Sr-willy-.frfvrn OREGON ALPHA CHAPTER Roy Bryson George Fell Walter Malcolm Joe Frazer Alan Smith Lynn Jones George Mimnaugh Clifford Powers John Prather Wallace Marks Ward Beeney Ted Diamond Robert Heitkemper Phi Delta Theta Installer! at 155245 ' 'I KE' 3 '. in 7.111 3 . 1 May 30, 1912 gym- I FRATRES lN FACULTATE Dr. H. B. Torrey Grrlduzrle Students Ernest Robertson FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Senior: jack Day Cecil Smith Errol Murphy Floyd YVright Juniorx Howard Hobson Harry Watson Paul Krausse ' Sophomore: Wilbur Wester Ralph Staley Arthur Erickson George Schaefers Roland Stearns Freshmen Victor Wetzel Uno Anderson William McGregor James Winslow Abbott Lawrence - Ted Larsen Henry Maier Harry Allison john VValker William Beatty Russell Lawrence Robert Officer Edward Walker Campbell Church Frank Ball , Ray Edwards T5 iii ll '15 lil l Three Ilundrd Sefuerzly-eight 999 65 W,-V Q i 0 1 i ' s 1 ' Il ' 7 v . V 5- u .s i ,Q . 4 f' .5 1 -, 1 3 X f i w ,, , lf, N X- . if x 4 5' 1' ' qi, , 5 il. i 7' Malcolm llrysun Frazer Mnici' Dny Murphy Smith Wright Wutson K ruu:-me l.:n':-ion Jones Mimmiuprh Powers Prather We:-lun' Stnlcy Schuc-fum-1 Stcnrn:-1 Wulkm' Bcntty Lawrence Officvr Wndc Marks Bccney Diamond l'lcitlu-mpcr Wctzel Anderson McGr1-xrm' Winslow Wurncr llnwrcncv Wulkvl' Church Bull Tlfrrz' Ilumlrnl Srfvrnly-zrizur Phi Gamma Delta QFA Iuslallerl CHAPTER ' -,.... mp Orfober 1, 7911 Victor Risley Ivan D. Houston Douglas Wilson Richard Lyman Verl D. Flynn Earle Chiles Dudley Clark Dwight Hedges Paul Clark Philip Sheridan Taylor Robison Laughton Diffenderffer FRATRES IN FACULTATE Merton K. Cameron FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors David .Evans Robert Hawkins, Jr. Juniors Walter Kelsey William Dills Sophomore: lla rry , Hemmings Patrick Hughes George Mead Harold Gordinier Freshmen Frank German Richard English Benoit McCroskey Chester Medler George Wardner Robert Giffen William Poulson jack Burleson Rodney Keating Lloyd Webster Norman Burke Melvin Battee james Watts Ed wa rd Crowley Ha rry Brock Robert Henningsen Lyman Laycock john Talbot Three Hundred Eighty si' L. , Q1 X . i l 'Q il K lei. V 1 ' Y' 1 l 'J x 1, J x wx f V ' ' . I 1-M C i' ' Q nw., 'fi A V. 'Q V ,W as .- M, ' ' H . .,,5,:, -' r ' f i f in - y, f fl L" Q5 fig. " f U . , X. . hx, a . 1 Q x 1 fl. Q l I lf , ,jv- V , , ak.,-X , -3 C fy Houston Lymun Wilson Kelsey Evans Hawkins Paulson Burleson Kentimr Webster Flynn Chiles Clark, D. Hemmings Hughes Mosul Gordiniur Burke Buttcc Watts Bolprcx' Hcclxzos Clark, P. Sheridan Robison Diffenderfcr German English McCroskuy Mueller Wurdncr Giffcn Crowley Brock Hcnninprson Laycock Talbot 'l'hrr'r Iluudrrd Eighly-our Phi Kappa Psi OREGON ALPHA Ilzxflzllfvl QHAPTIQR .1f,,,,mf,- zo, 1923 Donald jack High Myron Shannon Robert Gardner Kenneth Stephenson Maurice Warnock Leland Walker Iames Manning Donald Jeffries Fred VVest Bruce Todd jack Hempstead Donald McCook Virgil Wylie Ernest Brokenshire FRATRES IN FACUL'l'A'l'E VV. F. G. Thacher FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Graduafe Sludrnls Zimmerman Senior: Donald Cook Elmer Peterson Junior: Frank Smith Albert Sinclair Webster jones Bartlett Kendall Sophomore: Philip Bergh Lowell Holmlitt Freshmen Lindsey Duty William Brown Sam 'Lockwood Burt Nelson james Ross Edward Linklater Gordon McDonald Herbert Powell jack Wells Francis Cleaver Guy Mauney Kenneth McIntosh Gerald Extra Laird MacCormick Donald McCormick Frank Halin Paul Boutcher Humboldt Greig Mark Sanderson I Um A,,,,,,4.,.M.,. ,. 1-rr. TllI'I'l'l!1Hldl'I'd Eighty-it-wo W P 'f .2- 4 . l l ,h N Xl 2 x' ex 1 1 yn, Y? , -. . X . I , W- . 4 N Q N xy lt , 7 ' 1 l ' Q. ,, bl 5 . u Y x 'E High Shannon Cook 1'eu-rsun Linklutcr Mcllonulrl Russ Galrmlncr Stcplwnson Warnock Walker Smith Sinclair .Innvs Km-nclull Powell Clunvcr Mnum-y Manning -lm-l'I'rics Burgh Hulwlitt Mclntosh Extra Todd liunnlstuaul McCook Wylie Iirokvnshirv Duty llruwn Lncluvnml Nelson Hamlin liuutchm' Greig Tllrm' II11 Ildfflf lfiyllly-ll11'z'c Sigma Alpha Epsilon OREGON BETA Illxtrlllwl CHAPTER Aii1l'l'l'IlIbl'f X, 1919 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Warren D. Smith Edward H. Decker U Darrell Larsen Edward Hritts Eston Humphrey Collis Moore Roy Farley Edwin I-licks Blair Alderman Kenneth Bonbright Ward Cook Darrell Elwood ,Howard Hall . Fred Harrison Parker Branin jack Holt William Prendergast Leo Moo re Eugene Leidigh FRATRES IN U N I VERSl'l'A'I'E Graduate Sludr' Senior: Donald Park Henry Sheldon Arnold Southwell Juniors George Joseph Floyd McKalson Bruce Curry Snphomorex William james Herbert johnson, Robert Love Roscoe Moore Holt Slaughter Clifford Zehrung lf'rashmen Raymond Voegtly Clinton Peers Daniel Cheney nl: jr Charles Bluett Howard Zachary Clifford Knodell Charles Buchanan Allen Mooers Reginald Heber Robert WVells Richard Eckman Bert Kerns Arnold Kiminki Delbert Faust Lee Rapp james Farnham Peter Sullivan Donald Adams Robert Benjamin Blasdel Smfth 3 X , Threw Hundred Eighly-four v f XY I i P -. v Yr 1 ,9 ' X- ,Jx Q V 'L ' 1' 3 F Ax . W J X 5 H V 1 - ,I . ' 'Nix' C . Q . 9 , i . . Xvx it r N 1 - 'Q ' H ' W Xa 35, Q A- .. X 4 -xg. " j wx r ,."!"X, J ' 4' 9 S . " V , 1 'Q N 6 xx N. ' Moore Joseph Southwc-ll Cook .lohm-ion Brniiin Blum-tt Britts Humphrey Park Zachary Knodcll Buchunnn Fnrlcy Hicks Mcliailson Moours Alderman liunlxright Elwood Hull Jzimus Love Moore Slaughter Zchrum: Kcrns Kiminki Rumi Holt Prcndcrgnst Muoru Lcidiprh Voepztly Poets Cheney Sullivun Smith Adams Benjamin Curry Eckmzm Wells l"ul'nhnm Huber Tffrrz' lI11mlr1'fl Eiglzly-fifur Sigma Chi , ,f-'af 1 1 .I 44315 ' BET A IO'1 A " ., .:'j'.jg,'Q2 Iristallerl CHAPTER ' November 27, 1910 FRATRES. IN FACULTATE Glenn Hoover , 5 if William Reinhart Randal jones George Hayden Mearl Blake George Bronaugh Yorke Herren- Robert McCabe Richard Simonton Proctor Flanagan Chester Coon Penn Wilbur Chester Stonebreaker Milton Rice Lionel Clark Charles Rose Clarence Wheelhouse Fleenor Douglas r . FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Graduate Students William Sorshy Seniors Russell Boner Russell Burton Donald johnson 'Dwight French Juniorx Louis Anderson Parley Stoddard jack Seabrook Sophomore: Frank Reinhart Edgar Wrightman Merritt Rodda Eugene Jones Harry Holt Robert Barnes Ffflflfllfll jack McGuire Wallace Langworthy Ellsworth Morton Kenneth Morrison Paul Schultz William Peek Donald Peek Charles Wright Robert Allan Ray Williams Fred Hendricks Perry Davis Trigye Kjelland William Wilbur Harry Hall Duncan Dashney Rudolph Richards Ray Wheelhouse Ted Becker Harold Westphal Thru' IIundrrdEigl1iy-.six , - , A , .- ' .v- 2- 'M L'-5 ' f. , f . A C V ' :lr of 1 9 y rg Q J 3 V X ,A 1 C ' X 18" 'fi .Ns 'ml S... Y 'NQQX 1, Q 1 3 I:-.fe 5- 3 wt, 4 l Q l l , T' ' l Q . 5' A ' lg . F , i 4 1 " .W Q X , Eg 1 . 1 yl K v 'W Hayden Jones lironuuyzh Bunor Burton Johnson French Schultz Peek, W. Peek, D. Herren McCabe Anderson Stoddard Seabrook Allan Williams Simonton Flunafzun Coon Stonebrcnk Riel- Rcinhurt Wripzhtmnn Rodda Jones uurnes Hendricks Davis Kjcllnnd Wilbur Holt Dushncy Clark Ruse Whcclhmxsv. C. Dougzlua Lunprworthy McGuire Morton Mcwrison Richards xvllcl-llmnsc, R, Becker We:-xtphnl Thrae llundred Eigllfy-.l'I"U17Il Ol' Sigma Nu 1 Q3-'wkifn' GAMMA Zlfrl A ,rcggggigiq Insmllwl CHAPTICR fvgbefjafqfaf De.-fmbff 1, 1900 are FRATRES lN- FACULTATE Dr. B. W. De Busk Dean Walker FRATRES lN UNIVERSITATE Seniors j. F. DuPaul john Bryson Rupert Bullivant Carl Dahl joseph Bliekle Robert Hart Howard Osvold Edward Taylor Alvin Johnson Emberson Wright Hugh Wallace Edward Kreiss Beryl Hodgen john Warren Ronald Kretzer Richard Reed Ralph Hamilton joyle Dahl Charles Robertson Juniors James Garland Gordon Bennett Chester Fritz Sophomorex Francis Quinn Lawrence Armond Robert Coffey Harold Harden John Robinson Harold Goeclecke Wendell Lawrence Clyde Zollars jack Herring Robert Clapperton Clifford Wilson Berwyn Maple james Wapgenblast William Dallas Frexlzmen Del Monte Stewart Tuft Wilbur Stadelman Mervyn Behnke Albert Moklofsky Phil Usinger Reginald Mortimer Donald Beeler Arthur Hamilton Winston Lake Richard Kinsey t 5 Three Hundred Eighty-eight i 4 1 0. , Q 1 4 . n ' 1- 1 A hy Eff w ... Y NWA ' . fy "3 H ' . 15. . rx 1 r 1, ill , L L' . Z ii Y j . i, fun. Q 4 , 1 ,F 4 . f , X . as , 9 v A iw W x 6. J 5 , K f , X ,x if W Y 1 4 4 1 Y I X .A ,lr xg - DuP:1u1 Bullivant Hamilton, R. Dahl, J. Zollurs Robertson Dahl, C. Gocdeckc Blickle Garland nennett Fritz Herrimr Clumlcrton Hurt Osvold Taylor Johnson Armond Coffey Harden Robinson Wilson Maple Wupzenblust Dallas Wright Wnllncc Kreiss Hodpzen Warren Kretzcr Monte Stndlcman Moklofsky Beeler Hamilton. A. Tuft Behnke Lake Kinsey Three Hundred Eighty-nine Theta Chi ALPHA SIGMA if f, Insmllefl CHAPTER Ziff' Mfzrclz 7, 1925 FRATRES IN FACULTATE George S. Turnbull William G. Hale FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Graduafe Studenls Fremont Byers Andrew Karpenstein Kenneth Cooper Donald Woodward Dewey Scarbrough Theodore Janes Evan G. Lapham George Ross Gerald Lawlor Richard Hoyt Carl Ashley Alan Button Pete Laurs Hampton Allen Leroy Draper Rahles Epping Honorary Mem hers Hal E. Hose Senior: Harley Covalt Milton Peterson jack Lewis ,V Juniors Frank Loggan George Hillis Kenneth McClain Sophomore: Louis Dammasch Lewis Beeson Harold Kirk Alfred Boice Freshmen Robert Nelson Burns McGowan Lynn Miller Ha rold Burkitt Rue Mowrey Hesden Metcalf Ben Maxwell Emerson Haggerty Merle Banks ' Sylvester Stevens Thomas Graham Kasten Fellman joe Bates Louis Lemon Ca rvel Nelson - Edwin Ross Ha rold Whitlock Elmer Fancett Claude Rethlefsen Lynn Wykoff l i lWM"'4-f-.. 4' l lille A l y 1, 1--. , .A 5, ' -A I., , l L , ll W ' Ht- ' iff, ' Three Ilundrad Ninety -J 4 ' 1 U 4 L' C Y i A A x ' - ll A l' If ' 1 Q, J .J ll VA . , .Ny 5 V v. 0 N 3 4 .a L. N .f W x :N W an - "' A . 5 fi Y , v xg ' l . ' 'x XM I . ,'y I X Q . a x fa Mowrey Russ Ilopuzan Peterson Scm'l.n'uux.rh Woodwawd Lewis Ilurkitt Muxwell Hoyt Hillis McClain Hmrprcrty Hunks Stevens Gmhum Ashley Button lAllll'S Beeson Boice Fellmnn Bates Lawlor Allen Draper Epping! Fxmeutt Lemon McGowan Miller Nelson Rom Whitlock Wykoff 7'f1r1'r llnmlrml Nillrly-run' Elam Amstutz Harmon Crites Arthur Gale Verne Miller Eric Norman Carl Robertson Fred Clifford Curtis Hambo Alpha Beta Chi 30 QABXQ oglnmee' Founded at the University of Oregon l April 20, 1921 FRATRES lN UNIVERSITATE Seniors Leonard Niemi Junior: Max Robinson Sophomore: Wilford Long v Wilmer Smith Freshmen Fred Niemi Virgil jackson Ka rl Hardenbergh Kenneth Rew Raymond Crites Donald Allen Harold Gray Charles Fisher Richard Fields Three Hundred Ninety-Iwo f 1 P lx-1 vi QW' k Q' ! Q ,Y 3 m f' Q R , '- S' , if ! 7 4 XX 'N N! .X X X .-' 1-,Lx ' .- T , ,fn A . 1 + - .. ' N Q k M ' 7 ' , . " Amstutz Hzwdenburgzh Raw Criten Nicmi, L. Jackson Gale ltolminson Miller Nm rmnn Robertson Long Smith Q Allen Gray Gifford Nicmi, I". Fisher Fields Thrne llumlrnrl Ninrly-lllrae Bachelordon 7 l'lUIUll!t'Il 111 Ihr ljlli'l'l'!'A'lfj' of Urrgon Urfobw' 5, 1919 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Frederick S. Dunn FRATRES IN U N IVERS ITATE Paul Patterson Edwin C. Tapfer Edgar Bohlman Gerald C. Crary Harold O. Day Rex E. DeLong Bert VV. Holloway l-Ienry Hall Donald Osborne Murray Burns Howard Dilg Grrldruztc Stud1'nI.f Seniors Harry Meyer Juniors Fred J. Martin Thomas McGinnis Raymond E. Moeser Sophmnorzr Thomas j. Mahoney Robert Neighbor Frfrllmen james DePauli james VV. Elliott George Karshner VVilliam Prudhomme H erbert Graham Edward M. Miller Wa rren Ulrich Charles D. Norton Wallace Priestley Edward Grant William K. Ailshie Earl W. Slocum Webster Thomas Eldon Triplett l-Iomer H. Fitzsimmon-4 I H ' .till If Thrn' Hundred Ninety-four X 99 YU . xlxx 'l Cru ry Duy Moc.-Hel' Mahoney Dilg: -fix l A.-v 1 x 'l'u11fer Graham DeLomz Priestley Neighbor DePuuli Th omus Ulrich Bohlmun Holloway Grunt Slocum Elliott Triplett Norton Meyer Martin Ailshie Osborne Kurs-ihncr Fitzsimmons Tllrn' llumlrr-11Nincly-fifvr I ,, If , 1 Y Miller McGinnis Hnll Burns Prurlhummo V. Herbert Brooks Henry Tetz Wayne A. Anderson George Wilhelm Charles Colistro Woobridge Geary George Bukowsky Gilbert Hermance Otto Vitus Charles Rhoades Joyce Albert Arthur Hedger Fred Zeehuyth Henry Stevens james Hanley Bruce Fenton Kappa Delta . Foznfzlwl al the Ulli1'Pf.Ylf.1' of Oregon December 15, 1920 Harry A. Scott, Farully Adfuisrr' FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Srnior: Law renee Robe rtson james Powers Juniors Calvin I-lorn, jr. Theodore Tamha Dale lckes I Ferdinand Kruse Sophomore: Kenneth Birkemeier Orval Yokom Roy Gurnea Frank Wilson Eugene Richmond Frexllmen Donald Ostrander Thomas NVallis William Mathison Roy Norton Frank Troutman Charles E. Snell Carrol Ford Stephen Ford Bert Surry Conrad Weivoda Sprague Wingard Neill Chinnock Harry Dutton Reul Chandlee Ronald Sellers Sydney King Richard Syring joseph Neil George West Three Hundred Ninety-:ix X Q .Y X , ...X K if 4 f 1 4 N I 'I X V ' 4' -0' ,I ' v -if x- V, h wi X Q i ii 1 x, . l 'm 'Qx Q , l Q '- -4 'A Q, .9 , V 1 '- V Y . 'W v-. ' -3 L2 Brooks Tetz Wilhelm Sellers Anderson Robertson Powers Norton Troutman Snell Colistro Genry Bukuwsky Hermuncc Horn Tnmba Iclces Kruse Ford, W. Ford, S. Surry Weivodu Vitus Albert Hedxrer Yokom Gurnen Wilson Richmond Clxinnock Dutton Chuntllee Zeebuyth Steven:-x Hunley Fenton Ostrander Wallis Muthison King! Syring NVcst Three Hundred Ninety-Jefven Harold 1. Hoflich Harry F. Hulac Paul W. Ager Peter j. Ermler Rohert -I. Jones Clifford VV. Kuhn Chester Pike Lambda Psi l'l!IllIIIil'll' nl the UIli7'l'f.Yifj' of Oregon -DPFPlIlbPf 10, 7923 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Graduate Sludenlx Randolph T. Kuhn Seniors Ha rold j. judge 1 Junior.: Oscar J. Beatty Everett H. Ogle Sophomore: Lawrence H. Osterman R. Ferris Reid Dell M. Robinette Freshmen Paul M. Luy Norton Graham ' Walter Durgan John R. Lowe John B. Rogers Frank S. Post, jr. Leland B. Shaw Harvey A. VVoods Ronald H. Robinette Paul Wagner Three Ilumlrrd Ninbtyfaigihl A X we 1- K A N Y 4 f '9- Y 'v Appel' V Juclpzc Ogle 0:-mtermnn Wumls ' 'Q 2 x if U ' . Vi 3' -M 25' Kuhn R. Hoflich Luwu Ruyrurs Post l'1l'l'Y1I0l' Reid Shnw Kuhn, W. Luy 'l'!n'rv Illzmirrd Nifwly-zzimr .-..-wr" 6? 1.3 TN Z: 1 Rs 'r 1 Huluc Ih-:Lily .l om-S Robinctto, D Ruhinvttu, R john Rhodes Stuart Bothwell Lloyd Crow Charles Murray john Mclntyre Douglas King Charles Spellman john Sten Herlmert Kimball Arthur Wade Frank Bates Psi Kappa In Qlllo - 1 ' V. l'i!llHllll'll nl tha Uniwrxily of Oregon h Uftnbw' X, 1923 FRATRES IN llNlVERSlTA'l'E Gradualfr SIIIIIIPIIII E. P. Cox Scrxiors Walter Vllhitcomb Armand Fuchs Mearl Snyder Edwin Lyman Juniorx Carl Nelson William Daly Soplmrnurm' Harold liarthel Gerald Wade Frexhmrn Carl Poetsch Harold A. Veatch Grant Williams Bert Gooding j. E. Williams Kenneth Dozois Gurdon Wilkinson VVarrl llalloway Harold Lewis Finis Fitzmaurice Four Hundred Williams, J. Snyder Mclntyrc Wilkinson Wudc, A. 4'. 'vu 'ui U Cox Rhodes Lyman King Kimball Bates Nelson Both woll Williams, G. Spcllmun Burthcl Poet:-ich Four Ilundrrrl Om' Fuchs Goodinlr Dozois Wade, J Vcutch SQ UQ 3 an 'U '-l sn C-' S- e 2 It A. re 21. 2 N Vi b fm 9 .. N. Q' -s fe YQ N. F5 'ez e 'NN fx 'Q Q e Q. -. l'l6'llTllIlf'jf 19, 11923 FRATRES lN FACULTATE Dean Eric Allen Rudolph Fahl Professor Tanner FRATRES IN UNlVERSlTA'I'E Senior: Lowell Angellk, Alton Gabriel- ,J Walter Kidd john Madlung -'x john Clarity 1 9 Lea McPike ,J Leslie Blakney Ector Bossatti Edward Brown Harold Davis Glenn Potts Eugene Gray Robert Harbison Truman Phillips Virchand Rayner Harvey Robertson Juniors Warren Small William Rutherford Sophomore: Alan Christensen Eugene Gibbs Robert Greene Freshfnrn Allan Swengel' Ernest Desler ' Morris Temple ' , Francis Reeder' ' 'f .,., b.v.fifl.f-lf'iiG5iFi.ih1l4 -ul.:-.5A.E'JE4t Harold' Wagner Kenneth Wadleigh Charles Wells Charles Falk Haven Potterf Morrison Miller Harold House? - Herman Rademacher Lamont Stone XVi.lson Beard Everett Wilkenson Arthur Priaulx Vernon Jarrett f".1 Four Hundred T-wo li Q1- 99 , 1 i fl ..n 'K 1 Q ' v v , -f . , 2 , I f .N 1 x, f 99 Q 0 99 9996 9 9l9 0 Clark Wvlls Mills-r Greene Ilarbison Wayrn Amroll Falk lilakm-y Housvx' Swvngcl Dm-slur 'i v X. 1' V A ' 3 cr Gabriel Rank-machcx' Kidd Maillum: Phillips lVlvl'iku Small liiitlici-I'nr4l linssatti llrown Cliristvnsvn Stone Davis Potts 'l'v:mpl1- R.UL'KllSl' Wilkenson llvarll .larroll Fuzn' llzlmlrfd TllI'I'I' Wadlciprb Puttcrl' Gibbs Gray Priaulx Elmer N. Calef 'l'. Gaston Hubbard Hershel Brown Lionel D. Haight Thos. D. Holder Edward P. Koen Ralph P. Livenspire Lowell Baker Harvey D. Beauchamp C, Kirk Bolliger Desmond Daue Thomas Hansen Courtney Kelson Clifton Boggs Roland Buchanan Allan M. Canfield Ray Chastain Leonard H. Crewdson Marvin M. Cone William Clark Walter Cleaver Homer Dixon Alfred Fries Harold L. Haddan Robert Harrison Marion Hewlett George VVilshire Friendly Hall Senior: Dorian E. Patterson J. Claude Proffitt Truman Sether Junior: Louis Maulding Lester G. Porter Arleigh Read VVillard Stone Bonner VVhitson Sophomore: Lawrence E. Loveridge Benjamin Mathews Fred Michel Leon H. Scott George Simmerville julian F. Smith Frfsllmflz Harold Hutchinson Harold L. Lewis john N. Mohr George j. Majovski NVayne Morgan Ray Nash Ernest R. Nichol VV. Ray Padrich, jr. Harold C. Palmer Eric I. Peterson john Pollak Arthur Remmer Earl j. Raess Lloyd Hatfield Cecil B. Abbott Alfred C. Veazie Edmund Veazie l. Marl Woods james C. Stovall Everett Taylor Robert Walker Carl E. Williams VV. Elwood-Read Earl P. Richen Marion Richmond Harry Schuppel Allen Seidel jack Sherman Edward H. Sommer Henry C. Sommer Alohn Tobin, Jr. Floyd A. Van Atta john W. Weik Malcolm Wilkinson Guerney G. Wood. J. Gordon Wright Four Ilizlldrrd l"nur Y in 'U l V l A . 0 . xv. 99 Scthul' I'nttcr:-ion Livcnspiru Whitson liolligcr Mathews 'l':1ylm' Q v , E' X at I li 'E -'i ' ' l ,Y s ---'ix - 7, Xl xi. , , i X .i my Q lg? 9 4' lx 1 . '1 5 ' V N ,N I7 -N K 6' if' ' ls' v X I lirown Woods Cnlcf Hublmrml l'rol'l'itL Haight Helder Koen Muulclinyr l' Road, E. Stone Vczmic, A. Vcnzic. E. linker liunuchump Dnue I-Innsun Kclson Lovcridpre Michel Scott Simmcrvillu Stovall Williams Boirprs Buchanan Cunfiold Four flu 7ll1l'l'd Fifva' -e 7 Y ' IJ A 'x 4 - I 0 . w Q l , I 57 if I 6 H 9 ' 1 .. g," ' Y 9 ! il 1 1 W I In B . Cluuntuin Grvwmlsrmn Cum- Clark Ch-:xvvr Dixnn l"l'is-H Haulllun H:u'ri:4un Hvwls-ll. Hull-hinsun LL-wis Mohr Mnjovski Ivlnrpsam Nash Nichol l'n4h'ick I'ulmLr l's-Lvr:-mil l'uII:xk lim-mms-n Rm-ss Richvn Rim-hnmonml Svlluppvl Svidvl SIN-rnmll Somnn-r. H. Summvr, H 'lmlyin WL-ik Wilkinson Wuml Vun Atlu Fuur 'llIll11l'l'4f Six MEDICAL 4 gi, vw 5,93 9, - 65 - 4 A 152 243 559 UNIVERSITY OF OREGON MEDICAL SCHOOL H 4 z -ffm A RICHARD B. DILLEHUNT Four llumlwd Tru The Faculty RICHARD B. Du.1.1fHUNT, B.S., M.D., Deon VVILLIAM F. ALLEN, A.M., PILD., Professor of flnatomy and Head of Department ROBERT L. BENSON, A.M., M.D., Professor of Pafhology and I-lead of Department B. BILDERBACK, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics and Head of De- parlmenf - GIEORCQIE E. BURGET, B.S., Ph.D., Professor of Physiology and Head of Deparfment JOHN FORREST DICKSON, M.D., Professor of Offhalmology HOWARD D. HASKINS, A.B., M.D., Professor of Biochemistry and Head 'of Department EDMUNDE J. LABBE, M.D., Professor of Obxfetrirx OLOF LARSELL, A.IVI., Ph.D., Profesxor of Analouly ALBliRT EDWARD NIACKAY, M.D., Professor of Genilo-Urinary Dis- FIIIPS FRANK R. MIENNE, B.S.. M.D., Profexsor of Pathology HAROLD B. MY'lERS, A.B., M.D., Profexsor of Pharmafology and Head of! Depariment H. J. SEARS, A.B., Ph.D., Professor of Barferiology and Hygiene, and I'Iead of Department JAMES D. EDGAR, Captain Medical Corps, U. S. A., Professor of M Iliiary Seienre and Trletiav HARRY' BIEAL '1xORRY, Profexsor of 1f.Xl7l'!'illIl'llfIll Biology, NOBLE VVILIEY JONES, A.B., NLD., Cllllllllifffl' 1'Ieading Deparlment of IVIedi1'i11e . A T. H05IliR COFFISN, A.B., NLD., Commitiee Heading IJ!'fNIl'fIlll'Ilf of Illedirine EARL ELSE, M.S., NLD., Committee 1'1l'!llliIly Defulrfrlleni ofS1lr0ery PAUL ROCKEY, BLD., Commiftez' Heading Dl'f7Ilffllll'Ilf of Surgery -VVILLIAM B. HOLDEN, NLD., Committee Heading Dejfrlrlfmwf of Sur- om' MR. CHARLES N. REYNOLDS, Sr'r'r1'tary. .7V1e1li1'111 Sfhool Four Hundred Elf'-'veil The Medical School HE University of O rego n Medical School is located in Portland on a beautiful campus of 108 acres spread over the crest of Marquam Hill, overlooking the snow peaks of the Cascade lVIountains. the ' Willamette River, and the city business dis- trict which is but one and one-half miles dis- tant. The School of Medicine was founded in 1887 by a charter from the Board of Re- gents of the University, and has operated continuously as a class "A" insti- tution since the time that the rating of medical schools was undertaken by the American Mediczll Association. ln 1919 the old home of the Medical School on 23rd and Lovejoy Streets was destroyed by fire and the school was moved to its new home on Marquam Hill. Since that date the development of the institution has been rapid, in conformation with plans which extend into the future. The first unit of the building was supplemented in 1921 by ft new structure which constitutes the main body of the completed plant as designed by the architects. This building came as the "result of a gift from the General Education Board, which was matched by the State Legislature. ln 1923 the heirs of Mr. Frank S. Doernbecher made a gift of EFZ00,000 to the Medical School for the purpose of erecting a children's hospital on the campus. During the present year, a gift of 88 acres of land on Mar- quam Hill adjoining the original campus, was made by Mr. and Mrs. C. S. jackson and Philip L. Jackson. This tract of land makes possible the con- tinuation of the plans of hospitalization and growth which will one day place Marquam ,Hill on a parity with any medical center in the United States. The plans of development have also' embraced the entire course of in- struction. A course in medicinenhas been established which covers seven years of work on the part of students after completing the high school course. lt is therefore possible now for a boy or girl who plans a life of medical practice, research, or teaching to enter the University of Oregon at Eugene as a freshman and continue a coherent program until the degree of Doctor of Medicine is conferred. I ln the immediate future, it is expected that gifts from Northwest citi- zens will enable further centralization and enrichment of the facilities for clinical teaching and medical research and there is every reason to believe that the Mediczll Center of the Northwest will develop with its territory. 1"ourlIundrf1'd Tfwal-vr' Raymond Adkisson 'l'he Dnlles, Oregon Ofvtron Alrriculturnl College, l!l2l Roland Allen 1'ol'l.lnnd, Oregon MeMinnville College, ill. S., lll2l l"irst Lieut. U.S M.R.C. Alpha lilllllill Knppn H :1 rold L. Averill Portlzxnd, Oregon Stanford University, A.M.. H122 l"il'St llieut. U.S.lVl.R.C Sigma Xi, Nu Siyrmn Nu Paul Bailey Hillsboro, Oregon Stamford University, 1920 Nu Sigma Nu Phi Klllrllll Psi Hobart D. Belknap Prineville, Oregon University ul' Oregon, lll2l First Lim-ut U.S.M.Ii.C. Phi Deltn 'I'heln Alpha: Kllllllll Kappa Squire Smith liozorlh Woodlnnd, Wnshimzton University nl' Oregon, 1921 linchelnrdon Alphn Kuymn Knnpn lfmzr llumlrml 'I'l1irl1'rz1 Charles M. Cunning Pnrtlzlnd, Oreg'on University ol' Southern C:nIil'ornin, l!I2l lin rl C. Clark l'ori.l:xnd. Oregon University of Oregon, 11121 Alphn Kzuupn Knmm Charles C. Coghlan Portlzxml, Oregon University of Cnliforniu, 1020 Senior Class President Delta 'l'nu Delta l'hi Chi Glenn F. Cuslnnun Dixon, California University of Cnlifurnin, lll2l Knppn l'si George B. Dewees Snn l"r:1neiseo, Cnlifornin University ol' Cnlifnrnia, lll2l l'hi Chi Frank ll. Douglass Sedru-Wooley, Walsh. Wnshinnxton State Col- lexre. l'h.G., 1019 I-'irst Liuut. U.S.M.R.C. Knppn Signiu, Nu Siprmn Nu Earl D. Du Bois Portland, Oregon Muskingum College, A.l5., 1ll22 First Lieut. Nu Sigma Nu Rolmbin E. Fisher Salem, Oregon Willamette University, A.B., 1921 Kappa Psi Juergen Julius Frahm Richland, Oregon University ol' Oregon, 11121 First Lieut. U.S.M.R.C. Walter Wallace Gilbert Albany, Oregon University ol' Oregon, 11121 First Lieut. U.S,M.R.C. Baehelorclrm Alpha Kappa Kappa Bernard john Hanley Portland, Oregon Ohio State University, 15121 University ol' Oregon, ILS., 1923 Alpha Kappa Kappa Herbert W. Hyatt Portlanml. Oregon University of Oregon, 1921 Four Hundred Fourteen Lorenzo D. lnskeep, Jr. Berkeley, California University ol' California, A.B., 11121 l"irst Lieut. U.S.M.R.C. Alpha Omega Alpha llazel Lamb East Oakland, California University ol' California University ol' Oregon, B.S., 1923 Loris Lamb East Oakland, Californian University of Oregon, B.S., 1923 Kenneth P. Luncefield Amity, Oregon University of Oregon, 1921 Class President 1921-2 Phi Delta Theta Nu Sigma Nu Walter Lawrence Petaluma, California University ol' Calilorma, 1021 Kappa Psi David J. Lawson Blanchard, Washington Willamette University, A.B., 1921 First Lieut. U.S M,R.C. Kappa Psi John F. LeCocq Lynrlen, Washington University of Oregon, 1920 Alpha Omega Alpha Alpha Kappa Kappa Laurie Paul Lind Portland, Oregon Oregon Agricultural College, 1921 First Lieut. U.S.M.R.C. Grace D. Linklater Portlanml, Oregon Reed College, A.1i., 1922 Senior Class Secretary Alpha Epsilon Iota Ellsworth Fra neis Lucas Spokane, Washington University ul' Oregon, 1921 Sophomore Class Pres. llachelordun 1'hi Chi joseph B. McCarthy Portland, Oregon University of Oregon, li,S., 1920 First Lieut. U.S M.R.C. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alpha Kappa Kappa Nelson W. Mercier Livingston, Montana University ol' Oregon, 1921 Alpha Kappa Kappa Milclrerl lvllllllby Olympia, Washington University ol' Oregon, 1921 Junior Class Secretary Delta Gamma Alpha Epsilon Iota George Pasto Portland, Oregon University ol' Oregon, 1921 Barton E. Peilen Santa Fe, New Mexico University of Washing- ton, 1921 First Lieut. U.S.lVl.R.C Alpha Kappa Kappa Leslie 'l'. Peery Portland, Oregon University ol' Oregon, 1921 ' Sherman E, Rees Portlaml, Oregon University oi' Oregon, 1921 liaehelordon 1'hi Chi Verner E. Reurly Portland, Oregon University ol' Oregon, 1920 l4'irstl1ieut. U.S.lVl.R.C. Alpha Kappa Kappa Four lIum11'z'dI"iflvL'11 Leo. Il. Schatz Portland, Oregon University ol' Oregon, H.S., 1923 James Louclen Sears Albany, Oregon University of Oregon, 1921 First Lieut. U.S.M.R.C Nu Sigma Nu Harley Rex Shields Amity, Oregon Oregon Agricultural Colle. L B 9 1016 'KH .... . Alpha Kappa Kappa Paul W. Spickarml Seattle, Washington University of Oregon, 1021 First Lim-ut. U.S.M.R.C. Alpha Kappa Kappa Alvia Young Vancouver, Washington University ol' Washing- ton, 1021 First Lieut. U.S.M.R.C. Sillma Chi Nu Six-Emu Nu Four IIumfr1'd Si.A?H'l'lI William W. Sutherland Coeur rl'Alcne, Idaho University of Idaho, li.S., 1921 Phi Gamma Delta Phi Chi john W. Unis Gresham, Oregon Gustavus Adolphus College, A.B , 1917 Alpha Kappa Kappa Roswell S. Waltz Brownsville, Oregon Wigiamette University, First Lieut. U.S.M.R.C. Kappa Psi Adolph W. Weinzirl Seattle, Washington University of Washing- ton, 1921 First Lieut. U.S.M.R.C. Alpha Kappa Kappa , l ' ' ' . 'X F K, ' It fri 7 ' , l 5 1 V 4 F an F "' js ' X' L K rf . ff , x .. N-: Q. .Ai S 4 I .. xx f h y f . . ,st XX 1 1 I E A l 9 ,Qi . , . ,X - , .75 -i - . 3 . as 2' G5 g. pl '. j s, -.'. .dw ' X-gu 1 4 ix Q iv .I fi . 1 f wi' Watkins Dowd . LcC0cq., M. liridprcman Hunter Osgood Sch reudcr Holbrook lnskuep LeCocq., J. Alpha Omega Alpha l'lUIllIll!?Il 111 Ihr Ulliwrxily of Illizloix, lllgusf 25, 1902 ALPHA OF OREGON I11.rN1ll1'1l nf flu' Ul1if1't'r.vify of Urrgon flltfrlirnl School, 1923 Non-secret, fourth year Medical Honor Society, membership to which is based entirely upon SCHOLARSHIP, moral qualifications being satisfactory-the only order of its kind in medical schools on this continent. Its de inite mission is to encourage personal honesty and the spirit of medical research. FRATRES IN FA CUL'1'A'l'E Dean Richard B. Dillehunt Harold li. Myers, M. D. Ralph A. Fenton, M. D. J. Earl Else, M. D. Harold C. Bean, M. D. Lawrence Selling, M. D. lsidor C. Brill, M. D. Ray W. Matson, M. D. Lyle B. Kingfery, M. D. Blair Holcomb, M. D. Raymond E. Watkins, M. D. Virgil E. Dudman, M. D. FRATRES IN UN I VERSITAT Seniors ' Ruth E. Watkins, M. D. Marion Le Cocq, M. D. Hugh A. Dowd, M. D. Morris L. Bridgeman, M.D. Otis B. Schreuder, M. D. Jizniofzv VV. Paul Holbrook L. Dow lnskeep Four 11llllI1'I'L'li SIF1lI'llfl'l'7l Eugene Rockey, M. D. Robert L. Benson, M. D, Ralph C. Matson, M. D. Garrett L. Hynson, M. D. Arthur Rosenfeld, M. D. E VVarren C. Hunter, M. Edwin E. Osgood, M. D. john F. Le Cocq D. Alpha Kappa Kappa I. . H is 8 ,- .. UPSILQN 7'l'ff'f" Inxtallezl Illarch 21, CHAPTER ' 1903 Robert C. Coffey, M. D. 1 "Q X FRATRES IN FACULTATE William H. Huntington, M. D. Ralph C. Matson, M. D W. Donald Nicholsen, M. Eupzene P. Steinmetz, M. D. J. M. Short, M. D. Albert H. Mathieu, M. D. A. E. Mackay, M. D. Ralph C. Walker, M. D Edmonde J. Labbe, M. D. James Frances Bell, M. D. Irving' M. Lupton, M. D J. B. Bilderback, M. D. Noble Wiley Jones, M. D. Allen P. Noyes, M. D. J. Earl Else, M. D. Simeon E. Josephi, M. D. Carleton P. Pynn, M. D J. C. Elliot King, M. D. Ira A. Manville, M. D. Ranall F, White, M, D Ray W. Matson, M. D. Frank M. Taylor, M. D. Marr Basaillon, M. D. Charles B. Bodine, M, D. Frank McCauley, M. D. Frank Butler, M. Df. Henry W. Howard, M. D. Earnest F. Tucker, M. D. Carl Emmons, M. D. Garret Lee Hynson, M. D. Otis F. Akin, M. D. Edwin Eugene Osgood, M D Darwin L. Palmer, M. D. William E. Savage, M. D. E. E. Gambee, M. D. Ivan M. Wolley, M. D. William Livingstone, M D FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Sfnwrs Roland Allen Hobart Belknap Squire S. Bozorth Earl C. Clark Walter W. Gilbert Wilbur M. Bolton Clifford M. Carlson Raymond F. Jones Gordon B. Leitch Roderic R. Belknap Rudolph A. Bisset H. Jackson Capell Clifford A. Dickey T. J. Abraham C. C. Carter R, B. Gran-rin R. H. Crandall Bernard J. Hanley John F. LeCocq Joseph B. McCarthy Nelson W. Mercier -Barton Peden Juniors' Thomas J. McCain Martin Norexzore Webster K. Ross SOPfl01Il0l'L'.f Fred C. Adams Dwight W. Gregg: Gordon M. James Cecil W. McCain Freshmen H. L. Greene R. A. Hunt Everett Jones A. N. Joslyn Vcrner E. Ruedy Harley R. Shields Paul W. Spickard John Unis Adolph Weinzirl Irving.: C. Thomas Douglas W. Ritche Birchard A. Van Loan Harold W. Dobbin Arthur D. Pochert Ralph E. Poston Robert M. Stuart Charles W. Lemery Edward LeCocq James Powers Edward Warren Henry Wiswall Four Ilundrfd Eighteen -I 4. , .1 , if - fx f 1 ' . A . . 1 V 1+ N V . -I , K. 9 gn .e .. , -ff F b ' , I I at , wi- 1. , : . ' i ' ,iz X fi , '-' k V v 1 av r in .4 Ay JE, 1 if - - 1 ' N ,Q hi if ' ., x A? r 3 1 "". 'f 'L i si 4 -Sf ' I V kf X '2 ' . J' 'ififf . h ' in ' . A si - " . - , e . e fe L: .- X 3 gg f' 'i 1 . - '. Q" 1 . , J .if , . yriiiri , fr in I .f , h -2 N 3' . ' 'F G 1' ' U . g ' 51 ai ,' ' K- in ' - 'Y' Sf? ? , if . i . ., ,, N' l 4 1 " ' X Allen llelknmr, H. Bozorth Clawlc Gilbert Hunley LeCocq, McCarthy Mercier Peclen Ruedy Shields Spicknrd Unis Weinzirl Bolton Curl:-ion Leitch McCain, C. Nom-:ore Ross Thomas Ritchie Ven Loan Dnbbin Belknap, R. Bissett Camell Dickey Arluma Gre1.r1,r James McCain, T. Pochert Puston Stewart Lemery Abrahams Carter Crnprin Crandall Greene Hunt Jones, E, Joslyn IJCCOCQ, E. Powers Warren NViswull Four Il1u1drmlNi1mlezvn J PJD Signla Flu BICTA NU Illxfrlllrfrl fllrly 76. CHAPTER 3835 IWQ H. C. Bean, M. D. L. Boyzlen, M. F5 D. Coffen, M. D. FRATRES IN FACUL'l'A'l'E A. E. Gourdeuu, M. D, G. W. Millctt, M. D. Geo. N. Pease, M. D. A E D T' H- Blair Holcomb, M. D. . ,i Rockcy, M, . .l. lv. Dickson, M. D. W-. P- H0lb1'00k- B- S- H. P. Rush, M. D. R. M. Dnllnnn, M. D. A- W- Hulmtm- M- D- E. w. si. Pierre, M. D. V. E. Dnfln-inn, M. DL C- Huflm- M- D- s. H. shnlilnn, M. D. A. B. Dykmzln, M. D. 1' M' 'lfwce' M' D' E. W. Simmens, M. D. R. A. l-mninn. M. D. F- A- Kfehle' M- D- .l. Guy sri-ohm, M. D. J. H. Fiimilibnn, M. D. L- B- K'.nfwY- M- 3- K. J. Swenson, M. D. H. H. l+'0-ilnnn, M. D. F- B- Kismet- M- - R. E. Watkins, M. D. w. C. Foster, M. D. Wm- S- Knmf- M- D- R, H. Wellington, M. D G. B. Garrison, M. D, C' R' Mcclme' M' D' J. R. Steilptall, M. D. FRATRES IN UNlVERSl'l'ATE Senior: Harold L. Averill Frank H- Douffhlss Kenneth P. Lancefield Paul Bzriley l I?-iloliggok Jzls.. L. Sears D. W. E. Baird AY-mur-C' Jones Alvla G. Young Juniors John C. Adams . French P. Moore Earl M. Anderson - 5VL1,Q0'Lf3EC2jSQ1'm H. E. Nichols Meredith G. Beaver Margin 'A' Howard Kenneth G. Smith Walter l". Brodie Robqrt L McArthur Ralph L. Taylor Glenn Campbell G Magee John H. White Howard W. Chamberlain ' Tho:-i. D. Wyatt Sojbhomorm Adnu M. Boyd . Wnltfrr Nichol Wolcott E. Buren K-FE"fIQ?Y h ll .lnhn D. Rankin Virpril E. Cameron Deon lf'L 'elf to A Howard Stoub wm. P. Chisholm Caffe J SW1? Milton ls. srninei- Marvin R. Eby as' ' urmy Philip M. Strowbridyze Frexhinen Richard B. Adams Harold. Chllnman Lloyd Hockctt R. H. Allumbauizh A. Ch1'lSt0Dhel'son Verden Hockett Alfred Balle Edw.EMans Raymond McKeown Hurry Beck C. R. Doryrhcr A. O. Pitman Wm. Bittner John C. Flndluter Chas. A. Preusr-l J. E. Buckley M- F. Gourley Robt. L. Strickland Offirerx Bala Nu Chapter, Nu Sigma Nu President - Earl D. DuBois Trezlsurel' - - - W , P, Ch',h 1 Vice-President - - Harold E. D'dm:1.n 'Historian - - Arliillur C.l:loKi1y-i Secretary - - Chas. J. Murray Serizezmt-at-Arms Milton B. Stigingr Four Hundrrd Tfwcnly 6 L 4' , ie V 153 Af. K ' I ii A N n A 1 va X. . 1 ' 'lin ll G- + , 4 f . ' '--W i x ' Y' v - 1 P 'E- ' r I, V Vw I f . . in .- Gif' 5 s D f 4 V Iii., I 5 ,. I w ,y N , ', -R r K - , , ,L x. D T , K! K in if 5. I K . f' 'Q xl . i 1x L Y , .4 4 ' dy, f , Y- v' . ' Q 'L . I . :f 1 ' i 1" F i ' at I I ti ." . - X . ., . . - 3 4.7.4 s in " 1' ' I Averill Hailey Baird Douglass DuBois Holbrook Jones Lnncefield Sears Young Adams, J. Anderson Beaver Brodie Campbell Chamberlain Dedman Grieve Howard McArthur McBee Moore Nichols, H. Smith Taylor White Wyatt Boyd Buren Cnmeron Chisholm Eby Fralcy Kicnholz Leavitt Murray Nichol, W. Rankin Staub Steiner Strowbridfze Adams, R. Allumbauxrh Balle Beck Bittner Buckley Chapman Christopherson Evans Faryrher Findlater Hackett, V. Sourley Hockett, L. MeKe0wn Pitman Preuss Strickland Four Iluzzdrml Tfwcnly-one Insfnllefl af Ihr? Uzziwrsity Dr Ellsworth Lucas Sherman Rees Eugene Robertson Richard Berg George Hoxey Ralph Watters Victor Campbell Bl5'1 A Ll-IAP PIER Phi Chi of Oregon Meliz'f1l Srlmol IJl'CC'll1bF7' 31, 7914 1 'WAY' I in 12,115 " er fsiwffffiik-5"15l1' E., 5 ,Z V J.. 'K ,QA v 4. FRATRES IN FACULTATE . F. R. Menne Dr. G. Burget FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors William Sutherland George Dewees ' Charles Coghlan Juniors Maurice Kenney Arthur Martin Soph'omorcJ Lester Edblom Freshmen Earl Coe George Horsefall William Sharkey Tom Christmas Lawrence Serrurier justin McCarthy Dwight Norris Four Hundred Tfwenly-lfwo l V N. lg 'F Nl X L. vi 'R' , lr 1,5 Q if 2 A l 1' Zig' xg f Q, X .. , N l, at W, b Rees Lucas Sutherland Dewccs Berg Kenney Martin Christmas Hoxey Watters Edblom Serruricr McCarthy Campbell Norris Horsefall Four Ilundrcd Tfwenly-three R? 2 1 Q90 . .- v ' K. 5 5 if I I 1' . ,, .1 I Q 4 R! l ll ' 4, - .,,,. I 4 . , I 75 A R- Cushman Fisher Lawrence Lawson Waltz Dickinson West Adler Brand Corneliusscn Gilstran von Hunxzen Page Read Rice Bollam Bramble Chaimov Duncan Harbnuxrh, O., L. Heath Hope Losli mursiloll Theta Kappa Psi GAMMA NU CHAPTER Inxfrzllezl af the Uniwrsity of Oregon Mzfzlicrll School fllarch, 1921 FRATRES IN FACULTATE William B, Holden, M. D., F. A. C. S. Karl P. Moran, M. D., F. A. C. S. Clarence L. McCusker, B. S., M. D. Clinton Thienes, M. D. I-I. J. Sears, A. B., Ph. D. A. A. Witham, M. D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Senior: Glenn F. Cushman - David J. Lawson Roman E. Fisher Waker Lawrence Roswell s. Waltz Junior: ' Lee W. Dickinson jesse H. West ' S0f!hll1ll0fL'.f George H. Adler ohn W Brand J Clarence L. Gilstrap Eyolf F. L. Corneliussen Adolph P. von Hungen Frzuvhrncn Milton Verne Duncan Lloyd J. Harbaugh Oril S. Harbaugh G. Mackenzie Heath Darrell C. Bollam Blaine Bramble A. S. Chaimov Four Hundred Tfwenly-four Warren E. Page Farra L. Read Raymond M. Rice Robert B. Hope E. Losli C. E. Marston ,A te. ,if Qi 'l :A 51. Q Ib- xg. 42 Mumhy Linklatcr Campbell Sherwood Hughgg Alpha Epsilon Iota Xl CHAPTER N Miller ikls .ji 5' gn Manny Ilzslzlllwl 111 flu' Ulli7'l'I'.S'lfj' of Urvgon .,ll1l1lIl7'j', 1922 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Bertha Sahin Stuart Dyment, M. D. FRATRIES IN UNlVliRSI'l'A'I'1E Seniors Milrlrerl Mumhy Grace D. Linklater' Jzulirnzv Helen Miller Flora Campbell S0j1l101lmrn'J Veda P. Sherwood Ruth Hughes Four Ilumlrrd Tfwrnly-fifvz' Mary Manny ST. V1NcaNT's Hosvrml. Mur,'rNoMAx-1 COUNTY I-Iosvmu. Four llundrfd Tfwenly -,fix chvmr: ANATOMY IX 1 lx ,QA E Dk. VVl1,Mo'r C. Foshan lJmvmNs'1'kA'r1oNs FROM I'lmm,Y PliRFl5c'1'lcn M0m2I.s l"rz11r llumlrm' Tfwmlly-.rcfvcrz if :V ,,, ' L f , w f ' ' X l ' ' K' ,als 1 Ks 3 QQ 1, , - , . f Ji' . r : ? ll. - Qu V 3 ,V 1 I h- . rx, ' ' , g 1, ' f Minor Surgery Class Uuniorsj 'l'hree of a kind Portland Free Dispensary Six Bone Heads Every morning till 2 a. m. oslyn's Playmate X-ray in Portland Free Dispensary Four Hundred Tfwenly-eight gy 11-W PU5 IIKXOXTUEDI XE S ff-IHUIIDQQ WEA? ly QXQR X ' I"uur lllmdrzra' Tfwmlfy-uimr In Explanation to the Public N reading the annals-historic and current--of this beloved campus herein written, it is perhaps Well to mention a certain matter of which everyone has, no doubt, been heretofore ignorant. Therefore, be it known that to undertake so personal and intricate a work as this must necessarily be, it is practically taken .for granted that the editors must flee to safety for a period of not less than 30 days after publication or stand bravely out in the open and unflinchingly face the angry revengeful mob. We wish to make it publicly known that though being both real he- men, we have decided to adopt the former course. Not only do we wish to make it known that we are hitting for the great open spaces but we also wish to advise our creditors to hold all bills and accusations against us until our reappearance at the end of said 30 days. -Tins EDITORS. We wish to here express our gratification for the helpful services of Virgil Wylie, Emil Berg, Boll Keeney and several others who so willingly zlizlefl us on Ihis suicidal venture. l"our Hundred Thirty 875' ED ffffxy ff! T 'Lk X x MW, W j ff jfgfgwjgfi WHAT WOULD A W BE ESQQAQQQQ'-P 1 f7!Q' ff ' 'fl ZZ- ff, If ' A f W W as Lf f X X WN kt V S W Xb IXLCKQXIIXX 422, 1, WW fl 1' A 'fl "y5 ',jff,', lW x J 5427 Wffw' iff' 5 'AL Y! 51 1 f '7fcf0" fp ff 05 W lE'lllMSlll3 'Q llF5llESQlW lieloslrlorclfrom lima - Jur1el1onCmlq Hrld waq-pollwls S Babelleorrlves Dnllwe'Cc1Wlpues - lllirllm Selnlu lhe llemolfq Booli Of Our ewflehlnq. liequllfnq . Helmlbreaknnq -1 W Benbelle Bqbille was Nollmfressed will llie Pl' Phlwllllleq 5l1DY1PIl jlenlme. Glnlell' Ph Dells owdlheeo n hs fu - e 4 0 zg no .0 mvers xllqlllqh bhellmuqhlllacnmbrnnllon f ns ubnhllesll Tl1eQnFflme nahoweveh Mllbur, have 0 envulhe 'Polillizl quell Tflhe wawllorale wl qour 6nlle'lle,. bhe neverwaa Mllfll onlqllfleselonq cross-couvflr walks . Q lhell PH15 also Sl1oweelhe!,"lT0nnl'Q"'ll1e l Ph? Mermmfl This see med To helpa qreul dQul! 'rmalle llalmille aeoslcklolookdlsmjnucla waler snslw, Turned The Glpha Phls dnwnculfl. flesldes. sleek sgb eel Tmlnelrs of wnler unllheolfnee .There wereobvqlrs Jr Theb AZ, lmuae ondeocll unslsled onsnxlsaunq her.The vnrnelq remfnded l1erTw much oT llelnzemel she never I xv X ill ole Plslll uulcldoublleelmeea lle lnpulace In her old l1owleXluwnflll1clmnl1Cl and ISLWQSY her loceonlllecannpug Sne all dfhn 'overal me D G lmu. The ollermqhl cmd lld all llwree ol me um onllnq membsrsul lheelossol Q8 DJOHQ' one ln Dellallummla' lurher lhqL,xare.suve prnu al aelspvs V She. I5 ljlell uallfeelfol M. Qs wasa lqlle .ormemle dvrmq l elle lllq narond mnsedsnmecholee omllnckes llerqolln clblllllalldh B ld ' Bob lfeeneq cllllcorelorllie whole 57 dhqvmq - .l3,..i. ll- -1. 0 erwnpnre Cl Offfll lolder, lngseq wo mq QT he Tureoel shullll nmllullef bKlPl'IlUl1lIOGOVnm0 PM tile - - Four llunrlrrd Thirly-l 'DUO 63 jx A 0 ' MMMJW 0,652 .Zf,f7,,g,Mg, if A X JK' - HW .22 aff A-QUE, 27d4fwfsa..5Zu.udf 1152122 69+7Mw5.Ja44 77LLA49'17LC mfg! 2144 5 Maw 1741 ffmwfi. 5em.Ai'emzKaJ.-Jzf-i21.mmn5!Z W dfffvfff fm CMJ. Jpmfmc WX i W' 2464- P . AMW 44,21 3647 14 Quad IMA 'ZW 6Wl2f m'WAQAz Z 0'C'amdal61J0wl1dvl?f1 if JST all fha, 9524 7AQ6MfFAfJuMZfZ4 ' an .4-JQ0 1904 . 76 Jaedm .4af141fuQZLnww if 41wNC.E40uQat WWQQQL OM 1 game 6 10765421 35M 2,70 .god Z Ile Zfwwld Amohfmdm 01.e7f9mI' fwfr. 12 dxf'-4"v0C wk Q-zW,g6a,cfc17a,wc z'aa?-awe, f f '4 V l 11 I 1 ' A 4 Q -U l it I lid V W " I0 I J Jam ' .Jai il0A!Aa,QJR, "7'9d41,,4-2, cu, . ffff4wx,UZ8f2WQw.i, md Kawrmmsmd Yiwu -wonwlv 4ea44,,5x:Ap.4.,,.,,,4 K7 0. fad!-HQ? . , f- . . .... x,,y,. fm Md de. gm K1Mw.ff,ze WMM ammo, d Thirty-four The Home New MISS FRENCH RECEIVES BRUISE ON EASTER EGG HUNT Junction City, Ore.-Just as she was about to pick up a darling blue Easter egg which had been previously hid there to be found, Miss Babette French slipped and bruised thc back of her neck. According to a very personal statement issued tonight by Dr. Willmer Wester, who took upon him- self the case to the News re- porter, the bruised spot could have been avoided if the young girl had not had her hair so bobbed. As it was, the mark is now on her neck where her hair should properly cover it. Miss French found 108 hard boiled eggs which is three more than that found by the nearest one to her in the party. There were three in the party and after eating the eggs the dinner planned for the evening was called off on account of Miss French's bruise. Miss French tells of how her father and two brothers used to be easily addicted to bruises at the slightest provocation. She, it was fou11d, has also had bruises before. The last one which she could recall was got- ten at a meeting of the Mill society in the Spring. "She will be able to enter school again in the fallf' cried Dr. Westel' who uses the Pinkham system. Her mother has quit work to watch over her during the pending of the illness. Junction City, Ore.-M i ss Babette French, who has just recently made a comeback from college at the Oregon State University, was unusually en- tertained at a feed given by Mrs. Claude Goffan in her din- ing room there sometime yes- terday. Among those present were several of her friends and Mrs. King's little niece who waited on the guests. This was the same afternoon on which Ernie Gross ran for mayor amidst great applause. Roger Black, who was finally elected, has returned to his home in the mountains and according to him, he will make an annual visit to Springfield to see that things are going along alright. Mrs. Goffan served special Uni- versity of Oregon ice cream for all those present. This was a new stunt for the town. It was colored with Oregon State College's traditional colors-. green and yallow, which blend unusual. lt was made by means of Mrs. Cartwright's recipe and was eaten by all. Miss French was heard to utter these phrases, "Oh, you're all treating me so wonderful," and there was a large tear dripped into her cake which was served also, of course, later in the afternoon. lt was definitely rumored tonight that Ernie Gross has been fraudulating his wife's savings account and so it was a great gift of fate that Roger Black was elected to be our mayor. He will also serve in the capacity of sheriff and con- stable if possible. Miss French was the guest of honor at the tea and she wishes by means of the News to thank all those who ex- pressed their sentiments at the tea which Mrs. Goffan gave her there. Junction City, Ore.-Miss Babette French arrived back here to her home from where she was intending college at the University of Oregon in lin- genia Oregon which is located Four Hundred Thirty-five t 4 SM miles northeast of here ac- cording to the road signs. Miss French was immediately looked up on her return by the News correspondent. Mr. Jones the correspondent who invented this paper 15 years ago and brought it up to what it is turned the buzzer on the young college girl's front porch. He was surprised but delighted that Miss French herself an- swered the door. She explained that she had just come out of the living room after feeding the chickens. "Then we both sat down on opposite boxes," said Mr. Jones, "and the inter- view began." One interesting and college- like thing about Miss French that Mr. Jones noted peculiarly was that she had had her hair barbed. lilushingly Miss French admitted that she belonged to several honorable fraternities. Among these were the Mill race society which met in the Spring, Mammal and Gill, honorable biologicle club, and tiilbert's demented psychology course. Miss French is the second young lady from Junction City who has left her home and fam- ily which has always brought her up right to leave off in pur- suit of greater knowledge. Miss French brought her father a beautiful big Oregon penant which lay across the piano and also her mother who received a salad fork which is the beginning of a new silver service to which she can add to year after year. lNith tears in her deep green eyes the last words which Miss French uttered as the corre- spondent left the kitchen was- "'l'ell them I love my Alma Mater." A' . 24 , 'P I , If fzvi I ' Q It X' ' A -" V W . ' ' dew: Uoidrdfd-KMQQ 6rd za 46004: 5222 V --wwwa and UM Kareem! dj gca,.4,Qff1. ml ioedmadai KJa,!f'c1fnd ' MEM Ifzww Z4 'news 14 -Aon Uoadwmd I cifngkmdg IJ 7gW7 I' K'aa7A!.'AacZ.s-1.64.1221 fkade 9m9- Mc AJ .,,.01-,Qaw -uJC' al QMEQKZ- qlffi-,Zffv-Qm f.' 49cuLfJ, !0z2f6pQw1.s2 W7 -MW? MfZWf'W7W2' 7071 Uiaeff . . - 6 4 ' ,?nU QHLCMNjnm7 HddT LIVES GF QDEAI CQLLEGIANJ E Robert Stigma Mutz Robert Stigma Mutz was born at an early agein Portland in 1910. Robert was a husky little fellow weighing in at 14 pounds and 15 ounces. He should have been twins. A few days after his fourth birthday Robert began to walk .and he has been walking ever since. In 1913 Robert was entered in the baby show as blue ribbon stock and w o n th e fi r s t stripped stock prize. Robert, like all red-blooded Amer- ican boys experi- enced many temp- tations throughout his boyhood life. Once when he went to a little birthday party he a cup of coffee. The temptation was very great and just as he raised the cup to his lips his mother's words came to his mind. " My dear son, never drink coffee for it may Stunt your growth." With a sudden turn he thrust his cup to the floor, turned, and stalked straight from the house and on was offered Four Hundre to home and his mother's arms. On another occasion Robert succumbed to the only crime of his life of which we have record. I-Ie was caught stealing pennies from a blind man. When asked to explain his unmanly conduct he said, "I cannot tell a lie. I did it. But 1 have always wanted to be a graduate manager and was only practicing." Robert, like all other great colleg- ians, saw and has realized a great vi- sion. Robert's vi- sion ,was that of be- coming a g re at football leader. And now we see him as the great Oregon Captain. anything that you tackle get you down," is his motto. . "Don't let And so, dear reader, like the lives of all great men, this entic- ing story of the life of a great Collegian, Robert Stigma, the greatest of Mutz, should serve as a fitting example for those to come. d Thirty-fight Kenneth Index Steffanson In 1908 when Portland was oniy a small village, Kenneth Steffanson was born to his fath- er and mother. They decided to name him Kenneth in memory of his grandfather whose name was also Steffanson. Kenneth grew to be a strap- ping youth of-oh, r say-six years of age or so and his father earned a liv- ing for the entire familsy. Kenneth's mother had a great love for him and she used to take him for long walks down along the water front where he used to take off his shoes and stock- I ings and wade in up to his neck and watch the river boats as they shot past. Thus he learned to love the water with its oily surface and one day as he stood in the river and looked at a large torpedo boat across on the opposite shore he said, "Mother, some day I am going to be a great army officer and join the Infantry." "May your wish come true, my dearf' answered his mother and she sang, "I Didn't Raise My Boy to Be a Soldier." And so as he nursed and pre- served his original ambition, Kenneth has finally nosed his way to the front and was recent- ly made the commander-in-chief o f t h e Military D a n c e during which occasion he showed a loton the ball. He it was who pronounced the af- fair one of the greatest of campus functions. The military leaders at Camp Lewis are impa- ti ently awaiting Steffanson's arriv- ' al there next sum- mer and have al- ready started some new novelty drilling which they will put on for his benefit in the early sum- mer. Kenneth Index Steffanson- soldier, poet, and B. A. major. His name fills our very being with a tender love and memory which will never swindle. For he was a he-man. Four Iizmdred Thirty-nin Victor Stain Rizzlay Beer made Milwaukee, Wis- consin, famous while Victor Stain Rizzlay made Milwaukie, Oregon, famous. Victor was born two years after the year that prune raising was dicovered to be profitable in Oregon. The exact connection here is unknown ' but there are sever- al possibilities. Victor has al- - w a y s b e e n a healthy young fel- low except for one ailment. When dancing every girl complains that he has rickets. CMed- ical term for un- controllable feet, etc.D He learned of this very indirectly for when one has such a trouble as this even his best friends will not tell him oftentimes. Now the insidious part of Victor Stain Rizzlay's life has been his failure to capture a life mate. However the rays of good fortune are finall'y shining on Victor for he has learned what he formerly lacked in clutching a woman's heart and is now the persistent lover of the woman known as "Ivory." She is 99 44f100 per cent pure, while the other 56fl00 is just her own sweet self. All through his life, Victor has been blessed with unusual originality. When he was nine years old he thought how exciting it would be to set off some giant firecrackers at a Holy Roller V--iffliiifi meeting. His act brought down the house. lr., : .gnfl During his col- lege life his origin- ality has made him very famous. Once he thought up an - original method of being elected vice-president of the student-body. This has been his greatest success., In this he also brought the house down- that is he brought his own house down to the polls. As we look back on such men as Victor Stain Rizzlay, we can- not help but realize how small the rest of the world really is.- Four Hundred Forty Basil Axel Bjurke As Timothy Cloran has often quoted with tears in his eyes, "There is only one great person born during each generationf, The University of Uregon is un- usually fortunate in having within it a personage who be- yond a doubt is the greatest liv- ing man of the age - B a s i l A x e l Bjurke. Basil was born in Portland in a little frame h o u s e of three rooms and a basement W h i c h was located where the new Salvation Army headquart- ii ers now stand. Bas- il was an amiable little fellow with rosy cheeks, b o W ' legs, a n d dirty - hands. I-Ie was liked by all his best friends and, as can be seen in his picture, he was very prom- inent. As Basil grew from boyhood into manhood a great desire surged in his breast. "In what- ever I do I want to 100 per cent all-American l" he was heard to say in 1897. To this end has the sterling young man worked his Four Ilundre way until now he has most de- servedly attained the title of "All-American manager." "No matter what you do, do it swell," is Bjurke's advice to those who are to follow. Bjurke has just recently re- turned from a speaking tour around the United States and f r o m one of his dinner talks at the San Francisco Cham- ber of Commerce, the "Frisco Squawk" q u o t e s the following: "Fellows, the only thing it takes to be- come an All-Amer- ican manager is that old pep and vinegar and grim determination. It's a long hard road to climb but once you get there I'll tell the world it's sure keen stuff. And now I'll bid ,you all good night and by gosh I love you all. Hot Dog, everybody !" , Now does there live or breathe a man who holds a doubt that Basil Axel Bjurke is our great- est living example? I ask you! dForly-one Wmmgwww HON . -FQ 4. umm 4,'?j,v ii-Ii, m .1 Q X 4,8 , X. ff" A . ' m N ' enum R VM B516 U N 'W V' G O T 'JUST ff '! mag param .xmxwwxuxmmxxxxxwvw'wwf N POQTQQIT OF ,ZZYLZZQGEFJQ f H , f Am Qosaaomuon ,,.,,,W Fam. , A xromo gb D JNKS ' 23:3 X I 2-N ANuAvEg::5xRs5 f Q Q IP! fnf mgm Wfflg I , 7 BILL N. f 0 Q , I' DILLQ f CUPIE I-Z' 1 Ildilyl Q WHT? UL FIGURES lggdo 100 Gervnce Q, NJLT 133 4 XX U X reddle Namn I X F A , KL My " New whenTTxnT'kam comes 06V 1 1 N Yicmqouio aqbe You maq oifer I 1 gfew 5114395 Ton qoupore To DW o no? y lf91WT mq Tn hTevHhe Team, Now us suerqbodj hoppq Q ' Then IQ u.sW0n?1hTToTT1e VQVLQ ewda 30 helg me!! "misses NIH Press Wfmemr-fR15MTJ The "Huvdq" Pfqqerg if f 40 WZ Kerr and 'wgpmwqf' QAM Tmmmpus wnahbnnea - 17 The mmcmeed G qounq CKGWGUY 0 U Borqdivi Mis Mler- New-Tn ll.. r 11111 yu CUQQVWODD IDIUZZILL W -i-,- 0 U T T V E 'Egg' O U E za .ff QDIZZGIICZ 1' VI CVZVY wind BELOW ""!'..'?.'L"!W- VFGHCAL A sf-nm zamvn 1.f'T1I'S41lgI1NQ!?!f 5 5 -Roo F OF :ko-Nfsr M Wu' fufx in nur an E47 MW 5-J.18:X5'6H79.IoJ',00o Fhmh 4-A Russmw wana FISH weqz. 1f.5?f'u-urs" vfcwfncf' Rn N ' ' L vom EA S1'oTl.fSAv 1 15.P5RUy,,7, AZVNQRQ7 GARTEA ofegeqgijifc r INSIDFOFA Baan Bun - o Ms M IT . T K s T oqoaumf 'F 5739! gsqzlsaoii G7L4tg1fl?fs'f1!Fr 50N dl' A. 60nlN 21.m-naaosxmous ny Ury '70 6'2?vo 956241310 ! ' 531 Delaul I 1 + I I 1 5 5019 m mars ran rzasws mm saws rms rzzza eg' Leong' mrmshm - rv nfzsfuo -.wmfulm - 4l'rafze-fig.. fu mn: A7111 'rue 'rwmmn wsu. nm: Mm m camouj I II I ml Fu rfy-fuur THE OREGANA ADVERTISER ., ,. THROUGH THE LIBERALITY OF THESE FIRMS THE PUBLICATION OF THIS VOLUME HAS BEEN MADE POSSIBLE IN SHOWING OUR APPRECIATION WE URGE YOUR PATRONAGE ne'w,492EQb,ff-an Four Hundred Forty-fifvc LIST OF ADVERTISERS Aldrich and Aldrich Allen 8: Lewis Carl R. Baker Booth-Kelly Lumber Co. College Side lnn Co-Op. Danner-Robertson Hardware Dimm 8: Sons Printing Co. Electric Store Eugene Farmers Creamery Eugene Steam Laundry First National Bank General Gasoline J. K. Gill Co. Graham's Paul D. Green Griffin-Babb Hardware Co. The Three Hazelwoods Hicks-Chatten Engraving Co. Hotel Hoffman imperial Hotel Imperial Lunch jones and jehlinger Kennell-Ellis C Seth Laraway Linn Drug Co. Lipman, Wolfe Sz Co. Ludford's McMorran Sz Washburne Meier 8: Frank Millionaire's Club Cafeteria David Molloy Co. Mountain States Power Co. Multnomah Hotel North Pacific College Northwestern National Bank Olds, Wortman 8: King Osburn Hotel -I. C. Penney Co. Peter Pan Politz Bros. Price Shoe Co. The Rainbow Schaefers Bros. Table Supply Co. University Florist Wade Bros. White Electric Co. Four Hundred Forty-.tix If 'Z QM- ' . f' 4 5, ,' f4,4Z,M7 W , gum f, , ,, ,:"' 41. .ff1',,,, ,vrdp .W if ' 1, f, I .-'gn ,lr ,, Q, A I ,J e flfffwff "' ' V ff ",,,v1g-,LM V ' ,,. Eff ,I ' "."i4' 1' , "I " " f' ,'.' ,w4'ij,. I U rr L: si xwfu jix f2JQ' f ' ' ' I ff 5, 55 Fg,LE1VIN4. I "I" "" "" 53 Ir" ' ff 'Fl IIWi'w.I'N" .f H Q tl , ll' fr' in Lf AAI- 'L ,1 ' 1 00',f" rf: ' Wm -1-"""" ,nr In "' r U Frr '1 'p 'M I 8 ,WI as :si pi' QE E455 m sal - ' 'W A 'f"f., . S 7 If 7 I rs UI" uf no :ur ull in qt: "lE'.2I.3'yv:'uI ., I Wffp. ff' rrr 322 grr ln' HW 'U 1yQy,'vIN,11m, I Imam :ff iF? ' fm -ff nw -mf M"-I ,gg 555 nr an nc! psp urn IIN rll I'FI' ffl rv 2 rr' rrr gnr FFF w'1Il1I"'J!ff'::':I'I, ' M Fir 11244 ' Ely 1' . "' TY ,, , . I , iff fir qw rvrrnl mul pu I'WSm9liLnr wa IH: rpg ur vga LII ""l no rm' LII 155 I IPI, H rr: up -Ll ga. 2" "" "' I-W,1"1 We 0 " k . 'jluk M' gp 4' I 'ff ,, rr, ill Ill 'ills TR?-.:, 3- iq: II! ' 1f"7", , , rn m gqg,g 533 ,pf .I ., fCu,f """ :' - ' '-E fx ' ' ' N., .X qi , tm Y u ' I, P ER-v M' T925 The Shfgality Store of Portland LARGEST DISTRIBUTORS of MERCHANDISE AT RETAIL IN THE NORTHWEST "The Store That Saves and Serves" ,ESTABLISHED 1057 mf THE QUALITY STORE OF PORTLAND. OREGON FIFTH. SIXTH, MORRISON, ALDLR STS. I , :xx Four llundrcd l"orty-.vefvelz Oficial Photographers for The Oregana KenrielifEiii5 Portrait Studios Portraits of Character ' is Portrait, Commercial and EUGENE Home Portrait Photography S A L E M Four Ilundrvd Forty-eight Indep At endent Dealers Only S N X N swiss. ss xx X S Q sslxsx s ss, . . . "x:'.M" 'g N Xxmss X s N NX x s L x X S Oi I Nl ' ' Q ss N Q X Ns Q:NQNgxiE.sXsx is NER Q S X on N x 5 ill 3x 145515 The Spalding Store All Kinds of SPORTING' GOODS Ci-IJWPING 1iQUIl'1WENT DANNER - ROBERTSON 77 llnst Ninth Street "Paint for Iffvery Surfmien WVhen you have any painting to do select your needs from our very complete line ' ' l"r111ning fl Plrtiu e f Framed X X ,I ii ' Pifilzres an . i" A I ., VVe Carry a Large Stock o 'i 4' . I' Pictures, Moulding and Stand Frames lnoliforthis ' n!nGreen 9 indwhiteailimlependanf L U D F O D S 0'al"'2" rUgl2:::1'L1't PAINT-WA1,1, PAl'lER-AR1' GOODS 922 Willamette St. Phone 749 The Besl drgzunenl We llfwe For This Slore IS QUALITY AND RELIABILITY lf the huyer is set solely upon cheapness in price irrespective of quality WE ARE HOPELESSLY LOST lvlerchzlndise must have integrity :md :to must the merchtmt when he speaks of the goods :md sets the price. We have long felt that :1 community would develop tl store into a great institu- tion if it makes certain that there, :lt all times, are to be found the dependable merehzlndise it needs and likes. Today our reputation for handling only goods of quality at fair prices is our most vnluzlhle zissrt. We Are Building Our Business to Last! wlg'9u07'I'dfIlf?yV if - ' I. STYLE 'UUALITYQ 'EEUNUMY ' ' Four Ilundrrd Forty-nine ,,.vsg,r:,7. z' July, A, Judge Marion Dicky five years after passing Har Exam FAMOUS SAYINGS for something to that Kfffff, "Variety is the vice of life."-Mar- garet Skavlan. "The rolling car gathers no womenfl -Ed Miller. "All the world loves the back seat." -Duke Eckman. "A lift in time saves six cents."- joe Bull. "He who laughs last does not see the joke."-Bill C. "Love and let love."-Dick Godfrey. "An ounce of Scotch is worth a quart of claret."-john Omeara. "Give me victory or give me alibi." -jim Gilbert. "You can lead a nugget to rushing, but you can't make him pledge."-- Wilbur Webster. V , "The proof of the gate receipts is in the seating."-Jack Benefiel. SONG OF DESIRE I'm going to find a woman, a woman all for me, As yet l don't .know where she is, or even who she'll be, She's going to have an auto, a great big Cadillac, And when I go to see her she's going to bring me back. Her dad will be a millionaire, but he seldom will be home, So when I go to see her, we'll always be alone. He's gonna have a'cellar that is full of pre-war stock, This cellar will have everything, ex- cept a key and lock. I forgot to mention something, beside which all else is mild, Her dad will have tuberculosis, and she'll be the only child. Lord Helpus, Girls E Four Hundred Fifty FILMS M FRAMES ' ALBUMS Pgmw a ll WI -'59 1 f k ' 75 I . 2"Llx 1 JIT xp 1 ,x, , L ff. Q' 3 .fl . ' ..-f .- . 1. , A. I .GR 1:44 fifsrf ,f ,V A .. ,zgtpgrwa " . ' . V .. X 1 ' 1. S EN " "L 1"r,,' a,"f?fti "' ,rx L Vis. my! we-lf 41,1 - , 1' 'St 4. f 1 .-,, ,I ,LW " Nix v Y' 1'-v ge' ' -1 1 Q' jg 6 f ""- I ' ' V ' fi if ' 55471 1 it . mg, ll ,g,fA,,,'. . , 1 li yunm Y . ,4 -'xl , .1 su:uIfR.2N"vr":i9,ziff'f'n-x,,2l1",f' I ,""3.'7ri-'rf ,-9 F" Pictures of Stunts 1 and Sports from ? 1916 to 1925 1 't' 'E 5 tif' A A DEVELOPING g '-4t11- ".1 PR1N'1'1NG it 1 ,1,. -,,, ENLARGING " 1. 7 . .-". gf-ff, '1'1N'1'1NG , CAFE AND CARL R. BAKER 7 W. Seventh Street 996 Willamette Street EITGENE CQRECEON EUGENE OREGON 01, "Known for goof! l'1OflIl'.1'H Drug tore I ' O Service STOREJE-MEN 713 NVII,I,AME'I"I'E ST. IQUGIQNE 1 1 : OREGON University Pharmacy ELE','EN'l'l'l AND ALDER - AND - Linn Drug Co. 76+ WlLLAME'l"I'E STREET EUGENE, OREGON THE PRICE SHOE C0. 1 Shoes Hoxierg 787 Willamette l"u11l'IlumirfdFifly-om' WELCOME! To Eugeneis Largest Department Store Complete Ouifilfers to Zllen, ' LVOITIUH and Chila'ren At Popular Prices Those chaps who always wear the new things first are usually our customers - - - A young men's store-hy young men for young men-A store that features the new things, the advance styles. Jones SL Jehlinger 1fURN1sn1f:1ts HA'r'rERs Mae fs CUSTOM snnvr MAKERS 381 Washington St. Portland, Ore. FOR fl SXIFIL' AND SOUND lNl"IfSTMENT C. A. ELKINS ' Mountaln States The Power Co. STQRE EUGENE, OREGON S ,, n 0 . U D Q a on ,moo n ,, is on woo Q ,ann o' 0 oo o o Q , D o Q u can noe Q Be ez Shareholder Put your spare money to work for you in a company supplying elec- tricity, gas anrl water, to many cities and towns in Oregon. Inquire at Our Nearert Offire Four llumlrrd Fifty-Ilwu Diary Of A Co-Ed In Heaven Friday-Feel that some mistake must have been made in regard to my case, or else, the Recording Angel missed the last house party. St. Peter looked at me kinda funny and he thought something was wrong, but finally admitted me after consulting his card catalogue. The Gates of Heaven squeaked like anything. Saturday-Pesuaded Lady Godiva and several other angels to bob their hair. They sure looked better. Found a package of cigarettes in my binder Cwhich they mercifully allowed me to bring alongj and several of us sent Lord Fountleroy down for a light. We let him play with us girls, because he's the only man in Heaven and feels lonely, anyway. When he got back we lit up, but Elsie Dinsmore choked -, 9 5 X., 3 .. X 1 , of . - -at rr ' ." ' u 4: . V . , H A 1' if rx :T 'W " -we-yt. . 9 '- LW an I . gpm . I r vs-.'.,..'l"'l - .pf ,yi-1 Q fi fever.. Le 424' -6? 4fe"1ff?iw..."' 28 We .fm-, 4. " I, .' " 21' u Q. is ' -Y - rf, A. .SA H7 -.V A -.. ..,,,,,'.i x . , ,. 4..q.' ' Y.. M J X 3 up s X, f :, ' 332+ Q74 M.. 4 " rg- in ' X-f f ' . uf- 'M f e. . U -4 ' . - LQ, .5 ' ' +A ef ., 2. ' JQ ' --it 1 9: ., ' Q, 'iw greg- 2 A' nr, 1--J, YrIi,gQ9'f'W1.' LT- . ...Ng Ze' -f ,-5:3-'L .- "BY rw.: H f.-.1-. -mr -est. fi '1-fif 'a1"l3Q,-is 13.9. J nge if-...Eg ...I A ' Q W ..,rix , ... :Z-'1 -if 1 V, "': .5 . ,3 "i . 1-?fU!?wef'e' ' r ip 13' . Q35-ri.-Jv'1g-'. rs.:-4 . '-2. -r "ff1l':f'e .. - , , if ' 2 . eLJwm1w.J.34.f".."", ii ."i '-.r "1 K ""l'W-' N .s Mr' Honest joe .,,, r so bad we were afraid she would wake the dead. Talked St. Peter into appearing in golf togs, but it was a mistake. His Scotch legs look better in their prim- eval nightie. It's my turn in the tubi-1 . Sunday-Never will learn to play this damn harp. Sat on a cloud all day and watched a football game in Hell between U. of O. and O. A. C. Alumnus.. Was given five demerits for yelling. Sure feel lonesome. Monday-Mistake has been discov- ered and am to be sent at once to proper place. Have promised to write to all the Angels. Feel sorry for them having to stay in this God-forsaken place, but they should have known better. Hope I get there in time for I-Iell's Home-Coming week. Four 1lundrL'd Fifty-Illrce 'LWe're On ur Way O U N G men and women who achieve that thing called success know what they want, where they want to go. They have mapped out their plans for this "trip" just as they figure train arrivals and departures for a trip across the con- tinent. They aren't just "on their Way." They have a definite objective. "My bank" is a vital factor, Whatever you may choose to do. Take a banker into your confi- dence. I-Ie'll be glad to advise with you. Small accounts grow into large ones. Think of the ex- amples you could cite, for instance. And so you can see Why a bank Welcomes the opportunity to be "your bank." Here at the First National, for in- stance, we look back with pleasure upon our years of association with men and women in whose achievements we feel as much pride as they. N ,-mifgi ,, i , , M , "1,,..' -.' We . be :fl af i iss' 1. It I ' " alll, j ,', 51: 1 ii , i it .' :ig - gji',,ir,,:y'i in l il fl r J l Wlilllflllfll P-V ,D The First National Bank of Portland, Oregon The Firsl National Bank West ofthe Rocky Mbzzntrtins Four Hundred Fifty-four YEARS TO COIVIE Will bring memories of college days and those Rainbow dinners TH E RAINBOW I-Iizzzmixu liuiuzovuia, Prop. Phone 52 SETH LARAWAY DIAMONDS FOR MEN AND WOMEN Spnrklimr, brilliant Diamonds mounted in beautiful settings ol' stylish design for emznyzcmunt rings our specialty. WATCHES : JEWELRY SILVERWARE Large St'l!'l'flllll.f of "11rnm.s't Goodx at Ilvnest Priest" EASIEST CREDIT TERMS SETH LARAWAY TOTALLY DIFFERENT AND BETTER CLOTHES i 's Q , E5 SHOP cL0 VVasliir'gto:i at Sixth Portfand THY Complete Golfing Outfit Driver, Brassie, Putter, Mid Iron, Mashie and Bag SISIHJ Griffin-Babb Hdvve. Co. 716 Willamette Street l e . 'i' , N h Q35 X, s A .. H ' '?.g:g.151'- A," , f gtttmxii.. ---Stepping Out is the only thing . . . provided you're not bored by the stepee, and especially if you know you're looking particularly well. X will li z l, My X' . . . and that means you must . I F5 1' ' have clothes with that certain reserved 7' K 'ff v 1' modishness which college people de- r 'P JQX , mand. A a" "C ' 7 We have studied your clothes desires cf V: 'Q and believe that here you will find ",5?.'gQi the chic, the simplicity you like in your clothes . . . the quality that marks you as heing distinctly a col- QQ ' E A :MH lege man or woman. 1-JN' lu 'W " 'dl,ff- ' ' ' T - W sqm Jt Gees. 5 'Marcbainciiso of' Merit Oniyn Four Ilumlrmi Fifly-fifuc wlwj " te p l M1 nrt,y2WfUlfQ - A nvmnzmmosronu Putting the Golden Rule into Business The large buying power of our hun- dreds of Stores would bc of small cori- sequence if an ideal was not behind it. The remarkable growth and success of this Company would have been impossi- ble without that ideal. Serving all alike always and serving well has won hundreds of thousands of friends for our Stores and our high-grade goods. Departure from this business ideal would not be serving you as we ourselves would like to be served. J. C. Penney Co. 942 Willamette Street EUGENE, ORE, Strength -- Character A financial institution that gives efficient and courteous service to both small and large accounts. Open a Savings flccount The Northwestern National Bank Portland Oregon ,-V THE UNIVERSITY CO-OPERATIVE .STORE CORNER THIRTEENTH AND KINCAID STREETS TEXT BOOKS, STATIONERY AND ALL STUDENT SUPPLIES Four Hundred Fifly-,tix "SEND IT TO THE LAUNDRY" Student W ork Appreciated EUGENE STEAM LAUNDRY WILL H. HODES, Prop. ner W. Eighth and Charnelton Phone MILK : CREAZW WE are prepared to give student organi- zations special serviceand prices on milk and cream. See us before you contract for next year's supply. Q EUGENE FARMERS CREAMERY he cover for this annual was cre aterl by THE DAVID J. MOLLOY CO. 1857 NWESTERN AVE.CHICAGO Sendgfar' J'amp1e.f Four Ilundrni I"ifIy-.frfwv .axis ' 'w I v , . 1 lg, Sv- , wif? , q- j - . 'L --ly i..,,,' rf ' Q I I ' ' -lf I I ' I T , imlgh' 1 f i I' . f ' XX V -D I ' .v ,L I Y n , I IAF.. !,1.'1'g!Kj id ,im "fig ' . u t M -4--f ff P af". I ,wtsiwii ' L -- -4.- Brighten up for Junior Week-End and help a poor boy earn his way through school. Note black hands from washing Gam Phi windows. We Recommend This Sam Wilderman walked into the I-Iam's the other day, sat down at a table, and a waiter approached him. IfVaiter-Can I do anything for you? Sam-No, thank you. CHe takes a sandwich out of his pocket and starts to eat.j Waiter-Can I get you anything to drink? Sam-Oh! No! Thank you Ctakes orange out of his pocket and squeezes it., Waiter Csurprised, goes to the head waiterj-Do you see that fellow over there, he isn't ordering, hut he is sitting at a table. Head Waiter Cdetermined to oust him goes over to himj- Do you know who I am? I'm the Head Waiter. Sam-Fine, that's who I was looking for. It's 4 o'c1ockg why l1asn't the music started? Fourliundred Fifty-eight T I-rl. li . BOOTH KELLY LUMBER CO. Lmztzber, Lczifz, S lzin gl es, Slrzbwooa' Phone 452 Fifth and Willamette Sts. ' lklagsf-4 : U . n 7 , ef , l M Qi QE' . Ylall AK Hart Schaffner 8tMarx Clothes WADE BRGS. The Home of Hart Schaffner 8z Marx Stylish Clothes PORTLAN .Xi 45-1-gg. M llli if 1311 a f' U Q it lv 'mi T :nxt n-Iwi su:-. e-' . Y-,N,5j,.f.-gn-A-15 1-.. :Sp 92 S H " iw V -,SQ 5 '. 4 Mild? 4 . , 'lv ,:,,,, ,Mm I 'A U :NL El 3 1 5 L ul 4 1 'L Vi ,-. ' 1' 2' ., 1 - , . sei:-fr 211 ' mu 1-it-E 'lla' C 3 1f3:.pff:-na 1 m'm':vq0U--' We N v .'fFPf , Zfifflinl - 1 131 'flu 4 f llll, ' 'Fl"JLJ A, ,gl PH... ,H ,J I 1, -- . "1" , - .4 '5,'- '1 nv EH 5 2 "'f?15l" i pw. -W ,'f..:.. . ,-Irv" On Broadway Between Wushinzton and Stark Streets FOR years the lMPl':lllAL HOTEL has b e e n head- quarters for university f o l k s from all parts of the Northwest, as well as the home of hundreds of prominent husinesra and pro- fessional men and women when they are in Portland. For con- venience-it is right in the heart of the city. mperial otel PHIL METSCHAN 1'residrnl OTTO W. METSCHAN ifluorizlia Marmgrr Four llundrrd FiflyfNi1m HOTEL HOFFMAN Corner Ninth and Willamette Sts. Cflllfl' of Tofwn on Pru'iflr.' Iliyll-'way All Outside Rooms H. W. White Electric Company ELECTRIC APPLIANCES I ' PS DLSK LAM ELECTRIC RANGES WASHING MACHINES Strictly Modern Moderate Prices ,IIVYTI-IHVG jfLjfCTRIC,11L IIM. WHITE '20, Prop. LIHORGE W. KEHGAN. Prop. 878 Willamette St. Phone 25+ SINCE 11106 IMPERIAL LUNCH Carefully Selected and Prepared SEA FOODS, STICAKS, CHOPS Snmr Old Plare Tru Years 727 XVill:1mette St. Eugene, Ore. "Where College Folk Buy Shoes" .""' "" 7 2 I G R M' ,llllllllll llllllllsi, S28 Willamette Street EUGENE OREGON Sencl for Om New Complete Catalogue in Colors BLOOMERS, KNICKERS, GYMNASIUM SUITS, MIDDY BLOUSES, WAISTS, TANK SUITS Also Athletic Clothing for Men ALDRICH 81 ALDRICH 1857 MILWAUKEE AVE. CHICAGO, 11.L. Four Ilundred Sixty The University ,., .ij 0 K y -fag Florlst I ' l"re'.rl1 Flowers for All 01'1'11.vions 014 B H MODERN oREENnoUsE D ' and .' I N FLOWER STORE Na X 'l'hree Blocks VVest of Campus - S 598 East 'l'hirteenth I Jw C llf67'f71.Q' I0 Your W'f111ts A l w n y s relnemher that we are ready and willing to serve you with large stocks of C1ll'CfllllY ,,,:',41f:I0US I,-OHDS selected niereliandise nt very ren'- sunahle prices. 0.1 N DIES . . FOUN1'.f11N DRINKS The J.. K. C0. Iiook.f1'll1'r.r and Smlionmxr Fifth and Stark Streets Portland - - - Oregon sf' ' 'RTN-X "rr we North Paclhc College ,ff we f , I ,L Fw' .3192 mil Q f O 9 in rgqffjgrfi S 0 F6300 ,. 'T' L . p 1. S M y 155 5 Schools of Dentistry -I M fi sry and Pharmacy Il ell! - I THE ANNUAL SESSION BEGINS SEPTEMBER. 28th, 1925 COURSES OF INSTRUCTION The eonrses in Dentistry are Four and Five years. The courses in l.'l1:u'mz1ey are three and four years. The length of the Annual Sessionvis eight months. RECOMMENDATIONS TO PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS Prospective students, preparing to enter North'P:1cifie College of Oregon, should include in their academic studies physics, chemistry, biology and English. For Illmvtraled Cafalog, zfddrexs THE REGISTRAR East Sixth and Oregon Sts. P0l'tlfll1fl. 0112011 Four ll11ndrL'dSixry-om' i L e I t Dlljg 'W' ff Qi lr if px.. v 4 1 v f fe, ,, '- f,1., uTvW l I b w w-. , 1 , ,,', tr e lflllrllwlll ll 5 ff. Fl -it V, , . ' ing II VQEH' X .f t 5 i' E' ' 1i'iJ15" F'flwil if ml ill If ?: D1 Q1 gE,Q.:lf' V- " U1 .3 . ' V p we '1 ,I Lk, ,. ... f .gggjggqagm tg g ai ,L talk -4 'yx' LrJ11.'w,tg .I g-lin vw ' ' f ' " O SB URN Home I-IuGENE,OREGoN Make the Osburn Hotel Your Stopping Place While in Eugene Q "Meet Me at the H azelwoods in Portland !" The Hazelwoods have long been the favorite Portland rendezvous for U. of O. studentsl -for ronfvenimrz' -IYJIIIIIIUIZTOIIS rlining roomv -lznppy XIIITOIIIIIITIIQS -llze finer! of food both restaurant and fountain service -special dining rooms for parties both large and small! Wliicli Hazelwood? The PIXIIXIITIIFQYOII Sl. I1llZ!'I'I,U00ll The Brofulwrzy I-Iazelwoorl The East Side Hazelwood any one can direct you! Table Supply Company "A FOOD DEPARTMENT STORE" Fancy Groceries, Meats and Home Cooked Foods r 1'he store that aims to give its customers the best the market affords at all times -to be all that the name implies-a real service store. We want the students of the University of Oregon to make this store their headquarters, when it comes to eats. Our delicatessen and baking departments are always ready for an emergency call. Come in, we want to know you better. Make This Store Your Store Phones 246-247-248 Cor. Ninth and Oak Streets Four Ilundred Sixty-tfwo Fleeing Rainbows My hut my feet get hot, As l tread the Rainbow to my heart's desire. l tread until l find the Lyric Spot, And then my soul's on fire! -WA1.'rifR EVANS KIIJDIE. Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How l wonder what you are- Wzly up in the sky so high, My l wish that .lack was light enough to fly! -F1.u'i'A SHERMAN. I flit along like a daisy, My wings spread eight feet from tip to tip, l pass up all the dandelions, And only at huttercups sip! -Mmm SKAVLAN. As l sit. ................. .. ldly thru the night, Wondering Perhaps lylayhe ........... Something Little daisy ,....,.,............ 'llells me ..r................. My Curley locked God ls quite a sight in tights. -ELNOR BURN'rsuifi.L. WHY IS A COLLEGE? Ulsnlt there some fable about the ass disguising himself with a lion skin P" "Yes, hut now the colleges do the trick with a sheepskin." Duke Carter-l just hurned a hun- dred dollar hill. Co-ed--Gosh! You must he a millionaire l Duke-Well, it's easier to hurn 'em than to pay 'em. Taken especially for the folks hack home I"r1ur1l11ndrc'd Sixly lhrrz' NW Four Hundred Sixty-four STOP IN FOR A BITE Millionaireas Club Cafeteria 144 FOURTH STREET Ilclwccn Alclvr :xml Morrisnn Allen 81 Lewis M7h0!6J'Zlf8 Grocery Distributors nf PREFERRED STOCK I'OR'I'I.AND OREGON GRUCERIAS - SHOP AI' Olds, Wgftman POR'I'l,AND, OREGON 85 Kmg HRELL4BLEzWERCHWAUNSE ,fLWffr.s',41' 104116 Pfelczfw B'w'f'hff ASTORIA EUGENE LA GRANDE PORTLAND OREGON MARSHl"II'Z1.D WALLA VVALLA U of O. .ffzfdefzfy are afwayy welcome M ULTNOMAH HOTEL PORTLAND, ORITLGON Four Ilundrfd-Sixty-fi-ve Addressed to a Frat Pin I put you out on Helen, I planted you on Joe, And next you went to Mable, And finally to Flo. I coaxed you back from Helen, I wrestled you from Joe, I called you back from Mable, And finally from Flo. Now Helen rooms with Mable, And Mable rooms with Joe, And Joe, so goes the story, Is rooming with Flo. Now can you please decipher The puzzling mystery, ,251 Why Helen, Mable, Joe nor Flo, No more do speak to me? Jack Bw. After a hot hand session at the Bachelordon house. Not Scared Eugenia S.-"l'll marry you on one condition." jalmer joson-"That's all right, I worked off four last term." Holy Park Brown-Sol Abram- son burned a hole in his pants. Ward Cook-Did he have insurance? Park-No, his coat tail covered the loss. I'l1 Take One "Marriage is a wonderful institution." . "Yes, indeedg no family should be without it."' Phat Wilson demonstrating Real Slip Sox-"you just know he wears them." Four Hundred Sixty-:ix THE CRAFTSMANSHIP OF AN ESTABLISHED PRINTING HOUSE IS REFLECTED IN THE BOOKS IT PRODUCES 3.2 QIMILI SAQELS HENRY BUILDING PORTLAND,OREGON A 1 lI11Sy Index A Administration .,,Y .,.,,,,,.,..... ..,,.,.,.,,.,........ College of Literature, Science and the Arts ....,,. .,.....,......,..,......,.,... ......... Department of English Extension Division ',,, ...,.,. ...... Graduate School .. .,..... ,,,,.....,..... I ..,. t . Romance Languages .... . .....,...,........ . School of Architecture and Allied Arts .... .,.,,,v,....,,,....,.,...... .,.......,.A.....-. School of Business Administration School of Education ,,....,.......,......f.A-.- School of School of School of School of School of journalism Law ,,,.,......, ...,.,4...f.. ----.- Music ,....f.....,..,,4., .-f.....ff,f- Physical Education . , Sociology ..,...,.,.,.............. . American Red Cross Life Saving Corps ,,,,..,,,., ,.....,,.......... ,...,.,......v ..... Athletic Managers ,....,....,, ....,, ......... A. S. U. O. Concert Series ,. .,,.., ,, Band , .t,,,, , B Baseball . ,,,. ..,.,, --'--A--- - Basketball . .,.. ..,, . .. 4f--f, Board of Regents ,, ,,,, ,, C Campbell, President P. L. Classes .. ..... .. .- Seniors juniors ., Sophomores ..,, .. ,, Freshmen ,, ,, ., Cross Country ,,,. . Contents D Dean of Men ,,,,,, .,,,... . . Dean of Women , .,... .. ,, Debate Order of the 'O' .... ,, Dedication . Dillehunt, Richard B. , Drama ..,,,,. Dramatic Productions 242 410 246 E Earl, Virgil ....,, ....... Events .. ...... .. F Faculty, Medical ..........,, Failing Beekman Awards ...,, , Feature Section Football ..,........ ..,.. Forensics ...., .,.........., Forensic Calendar ,,,, Fraternities- Alpha Beta Chi .. .. Alpha Tau Omega Bachelordon ,.,.,, ,, . Beta Theta Pi .... Chi Psi ,, ,... Delta Tau Delta ,. Kappa Delta Phi ,.,.,. Kappa Sigma ,...., . Lambda Psi ..,, Phi Delta Theta .... . Phi Gamma Delta ...., Phi Kappa Psi ,,,.,, Psi Kappa .,,.. ,..,....... , .. Sigma Alpha Epsilon ,. Sigma Chi , ,,,, , ,,.,. ,t Sigma Nu . ..,,, ,. Sigma Pi Tau ....,, Theta Chi .,., .,..,, . ..... . Fraternities, Medical- Alpha Omega Alpha . Alpha Epsilon Iota Alpha Kappa Kappa ,. Nu Sigma Nu ...., ,,,...... Phi Chi .,,.. Theta Kappa Psi ..,. , Freshmen Parade Freshmen Sports- Baseball ...,.,. Basketball ,,,, Football , Track .. ,, Tennis ,, , ., Wrestling ,,,, Swimming ,.,,, 'Four Ilundrna' Sixty-aight ,,.,,,..131 .......,117 .. .....4l1 278 429 138 273 282 392 368 394 370 372 374 396 376 398 378 380 382 400 384 386 388 402 390 417 425 418 420 422 424 122 181 163 150 .. ,..... 174 188 ,,,,.,.191 ,. ,,.. 193 IN D E X- Comtinued G Gerlinger Cup ,,A,., . Glee Clubs- Men ..,...,,.. Women .,,. Golf ..,, , H Halls of Residence- Friendly .,.,......,...,. Hendricks .....,,,,,,,, ,,,,, Susan Campbell ,,,., Thacher Cottage ..,,. Heads of Sports. ,.., ,. 56 237 ,. 236 .......,194 ,, , . 40-1- 356 ,, 360 364 298 Homecoming ,,,.,.,.....,,v...,,,...,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, A , 119 Honor Organizations and Clubs- Allied Art League ,,,, .,.,, A .,.,, .,,.. . 218 Alpha Delta Sigma ,,,,., Alpha Kappa Psi .,,,.... Beta Alpha Psi ,.,,..,,... Beta Gamma Sigma .,.... Collegium Augustale ...,,.,. Condon Club A ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Co-op. ,,,, ,,,, ,,AVY,,,, , Craftsmen Club .,... Delta Theta Phi ,.,.....,... El Circulo Castellano ,..,,. , Eutaxian ..,...,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,, Friars ..,,.......,,,,, Gra-Kos ,,,. t,,,,,,,,t,,, Hermian Club , . Historian Staff ,, ,. ,,,, , . Home Economics Club At,, , Kwama .. ..,. .,... , .,.. . Mathematics Club .... . Mu Phi Epsilon ., Mortar Board ,...., Newman Club ..., ,. Orchesus .,.,..,.,.... Oregon Club- Men's ,,tt...,..,. uun,27l adU.201 .un.202 uuva203 .Wa 225 -VUDZO9 nnDs221 nuuu226 .UMHZO4 ut. 223 dun,224 Nc 55 N u.232 .da.308 can 211 uuu.219 UUUWIIO 222 240 54 ,,,.. 225 ,.,,...210 .. 229 Women's ............,.....,...,,..... 230 Oregon Knights ,,.. ,......,,..,.,......,,........ 2 15 Oregon Normal School Club ......,... 220 Pan Xenia ...........,..,..,.,,..,,,,...,... ..,,,,,., 2 08 Phi Beta Kappa .. ....,,,,l99 Phi Chi Theta t,,, Phi Delta Phi et,,,, Phi Mu Alpha ....,., 206 205 241 Pi Epsilon Delta ...... 258 Pi Lambda Theta ,,,, , 207 Pot and Quill .....,.. 213 Samara ,,,,,,,.,. .,... . . 211 Sculpture Club ,,,1..,. 219 Sigma Delta Chi ,... 270 Sigma Delta Pi ,.,.,, 210 Sigma Upsilon ....,... 212 Sigma Xi ,,,,. , 200 Temenids ,,,. 223 Thespians ,.,,.,,.,.,.,.v. ....Y4,Y,. 2 14 Theta Sigma Phi ..,.... 269 To-Ko-Lo ,.,...,.,..,,.....,,,. Y.4....,.. 1 11 Varsity Philippinensis 228 Zeta Kappa Psi ......,, ....,.,,.. 2 Sl Hayward, W. L. ,,,...,. ...,,,. 1 35 I lnitiations , v... ..... .,..,.. . ...,........ ....., 1 2 S Inter-Fraternity Council 367 In Memorium .....,,... ,.,,,.. ....V. t - - 4 J jones, Randall, President Associated Students ,.,,..,....,...Y..,4A........,..f..4-,-.---.----44- 35 Junior Shine Day ....AA,,.....v.. 7..-7..... 1 25 junior Week-End, 1924 ,.,,,,... 126 junior Prom ,,,...,,,.,.......,...........Y.YY4,..4....... 53 junior Week-End Committee, 1925 93 K Koyl Cup .... ,,... ......... 5 7 Kuykendall, Robert ,. ,...., 22 L Literary ,,,1.. 4...... 4 l M Matldock, Joe A....f..,...,,,., 133 Medical School 409 Military ..............,A. 309 Minor Sports ....,. .,,......A 1 85 Music Auditorium .........,.,.Y.......,,,,.........., 235 Men's Intra-Mural Debate Series .,,280 Four Hundred Sixty-nine N National Convention of Women's INDEX- Continued Kappa Alpha Theta ......... Kappa Kappa Gamma ....... Kappa Omicron ............... I, 3 ........... ......A.A......,.................... 2 94 eague' Pi Beta Phi ,w..,.o..... Sigma Beta Phi .... . O Tau Nu ................. Oregon Women .,..,.......,,,,...................... 283 Spellman, Bart ......4. Oxford-Oregon Debate .....................1..... 275 Spvrts ..........-.-. . ..-...... ....- - . Oregon Sports Writers' Association....195 Student Body Officers- - Order of the Emerald O ,................... .... 2 65 P Pan Hellenic Council ..,..... Publications .............., Emerald ,,,.. Oregana ......... Old Oregon ,..... Miscellaneous ....,.... R Rallies e.,......,..,,,, ,.,,.,,,,,. Remhart, W. J. ,,.,.,,,. Rhodes Scholarship ..... S Scenic Section ............. Senior Ball .................... Smith, Richard Shore ,..... Sororities- Alpha Chi Omega ...... Alpha Gamma Delta ....... Alpha Delta Pi .............. Alpha Phi ........,........ Alpha Omicron Pi , ...,. Alpha Xi Delta ......... Chi Omega ......,.....,.... Delta Delta Delta ..,... Delta Gamma ....... Delta Zeta ............. Gamma Phi Beta , .... Executive Council ...... President .................. Student Council ........................... ...,. 321 ..........259 261 . . . Student Union Drive ..........266 Summer Camp 268 ' ' ' Swimming 272 T Track . ............. .,... . . r Q . ----------124 Iennis ----------135 The Company 52 U Underclass Mix .......... University Choir ......... 59 University Orchestra 154 W 322 Women's Athletics 326 324 ..........328 330 Wrestling 332 334 336 Y 338 Yell Staff 340 Y. M. C. A. .........34-2 Y. W. C. A...... Four Hundred Sefventy Women's League .... ............................. . .. Women's Intra-Mural Debates ........... Women's Order of the 'O' ............,........ .........344 346 .........350 343 352 354 .........133 .........129 37 36 38 Student Activity Committees .............. 40 Greater Oregon Committee .............. 39 127 317 192 ........Q16S 186 245 123 238 239 295 292 280 298 189 152 216 293 l THESE HAVE HELPED Us CREATE THE IQ2 5 Oregcma THE I-IICKS-CHATTEN ENGRAVING COMPANY, PORTLAND Art and Engraving DIMM SL SONS PRINTING COMPANY PORTLAND Printing ZELLERBACH PAPER COMPANY, PORTLAND Warrcn's Lustvo DAVID J. MOLLOY COMPANY, CHICAGO Cmers KENNELL-ELLIS STUDIO, EUGENE Photography n Four Ilundrefl Smfmty-0110 1"o1n'lI1z11rlrefl Sz'fv1'11ty-lfu:o

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