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' ' ™™ " ' " T 1967 n. m " : 1967 TOMAHAWK Municipal University of Omaha Omaha Editor Diane Berry Advisor Paul V. Peterson Nebraska 1966-67: A Year in Review This past year has been one of the most active and important in OU ' s history. These next few pages present a recap of the events that shaped this memorable year. Most of these same events are covered more ihorouiily in future pages. ' Signs " of student support for mill-levy. In March, the OU Board of Regents announced they would ask for an increase in the mill levy. University students supported the Regents with a " Man the Polls " project. A rally was held election eve. Stu- dents carried a variety of placards urging support for ballot 1 1 . The May 6 Gateway ran a special section on the financial needs of OU. When the votes were in and counted, the mill-levy increase was defeated by almost 10,000 votes. At midnight on election day Presi- dent Traywick announced, " We regret that the citizens of Omaha have not seen fit to increase their support of the University and that the vote was not favorable. We have an excellent university. . . it needs help. " In view of the defeat, the Regents announced that they were " forced " to raise tuition from 14 to 18 dollars per credit hour for residents. Student Council President Doug Slaughter speaks at rally. Judi Zerbe, Don Darling, David MacCallum and Randy Owens " do their part to sway mill-levy opinion OU ' s way. OU ' s Young Republicans walked off with three of the top awards at the YR state convention in Beatrice. Howard Kensinger, Charles Murphy, Nancy Schneider- wind and Rick Reeser are pictured with awards won at the convention. Omaha Superintendent of Schools Paul M iller, Pauline Williams and Governor Frank Morrison cut the ribbon ded- icating the Channel 26 Educational Television tower March 22. 3 Gateway surveys began to express student opinion on a wide variety of is- sues second semester. Surveys gave tiie student slant on grading systems, the war in Viet Nam and weekend activities. Cam- pus administrators were staggered by the weekender survey revelation that " things go better with booze. " Phi Kappa Phi, the nation ' s second-largest honorary, installed its new- est chapter on the campus May 19. Dr. Archie Solberg presented the charter to Dr. Traywick. In April, Dr. B. F. Skinner, Harvard psychology pro- fessor, addressed the Honors Convocation on campus. Dr. Skinner is renowned for his exper- imentation with animals and the development of the " Skinner Box. " 4 Last spring OU became the home for two stump-tailed monkeys. The monkeys were purchased jointly by OU and Chica- go ' s Illinois Institute of Technology. The two arrivals were used in behavior stud- ies with particular attention being paid to their reaction in delayed response ex- periments. S I Several impressive speakers came to the campus dur- ing the last few months of second sernester. Erwin D. Cahnam, (left) editor-in-chief of the Christian Science Monitor paid a visit to OU. The Monitor chief fielded questions from students and faculty members ranging from " is God dead? " to " is a monopoly newspaper bad? " Senator Carl Curtis (right) spoke to students, as did Congressman Glenn Cunningham and Governor Frank Morrison. Doug Slaughter was announced the ambassador to Israel last Spring under the Experiment in Inter- national Living program. Omicron Delta Kappa and Waokiya senior honoraries tapped new members at the annual Spring Sing. At the right, Linda Flack taps her sorority sister, Nancy Lunsford. Senior class president, Loren Drum, speaks to fellow classmates at the annual Senior Day activities. Later, during the festiv- ities, plans were announced for the yet-to-be-seen " OU Rendezvous. " Singer Emme Kemp performed in the audi- torium during the summer. Name changes and space additions took place during the summer and fall. A $195, 000 addition was built onto the Administra- tion Building to place more office space on the second and third floors. The College of Engineering and Technology took over the Applied Arts college and building. Dean George Rachford was named to the position of vice-president last summer. He is the first person to hold this pos- ition since 1958. In Jan- uary his title was changed to vice-president in charge of campus development. Over 8,000 students registered for the fall semester. A new enrollment procedure which had all students with 90 or less hours en- rolling the same day, caused lines that stretched from the center of the Administra- tion building to the stairs north of the Field- house. The total enrollment was down 503 from the previous fall number. Registrar Virgil Sharpe said that the main drop occur- red in the bootstrap program. The program was down 15 per cent. Among the new boot- strappers was Captain Roger Donlon the first person to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor for service in Viet Nam. Captain Roger H. Donlan renews the oath of an enlisted man. The rush was on for new Greek members in early September. Over 200 students pledged one of the eleven Greek organizations during formal Rush. During the month of October, students cast their votes for class officers, fresh- man student council members. Typical Freshmen and Homecoming Princess. Tom Ridley was elected senior class president. Carolyn Carter and Clark Rudeen were named " Typical " by their classmates. Homecoming votes were turned over to Samardick by Student Council President Jim Butler to await Homecoming, one month later. Kathy Wybenga ruled over the festivities. The fall of ' 66 saw the Indians wind up their worst football season in seven years. The final record was 1-9. r An Associated Press news wire now chatters away in the Journalism Department, thanks to the Omaha World-Herald. The newspaper be- gan paying the bill for the news service last fall. At the right journalism major John Weber rips the current news off the wire. The Student Ac- tivities Committee presented " The Chad and Jeremy and Friends Show " in the Fieldhouse during October. The event drew an audience of 4,500, but due to bad acoustics the show did not go over well. Culture came to the campus when the Stu- dent Activities Committee sponsored the first annual Fine Arts Festival. Perfor- mances were held November 3-13. Under the direction of Art Department Head Dr. John V. Blackwell, the event combined programs in drama, literature, art, music and dance. One of the many activities during the ten-day run included a workshop conducted by mod- ern dance artist Bruce King (left). In December, 39 coeds entered the Tom- ahawk Beauty Contest which saw Karyl Ronsin chosen Tomahawk Beauty Queen. Jean Fentress and Mary Ann Over were selected first and second runners-up. n IV, ' ,, ' V ' The Christmas spirit was spread throughout the cam- pus with the hanging of the greens by the Home Ec Club and numerous decorated trees. At the left students help to decorate the tradi- tional Ouampi room tree. 1 1 On December 13 President Traywick announced his resig- nation, effective January 1 . Dr. Kirk Naylor was named to serve as acting president. The day after the announce- ment, some 250 students held an ineffectual demonstra- tion, described by the crowd ' s leader, LeRoy Dyer, as " an expression of faith in our university, not a protest. " While the " rally " was going on, some 150 faculty mem- bers were meeting to draft a letter to the Regents de- manding an explanation for the Regents ' actions in the selection of a new president. Although Traywick termed his resignation " voluntary " he asked $33,783 in sever- ance pay. Regents Attorney W. Ross King acknowledged the legality of the demand, noting that Traywick ' s of- ficial letter of resignation did not say the resignation was voluntary. On December 28, the Regents met behind closed doors for two hours before announcing their decision not to accept Traywick ' s resignation, instead, dismissing him. December 29, Traywick filed a suit in District Court demanding his severance pay. Immediately after the new year started steps were taken by the Regents to get state aid for OU. January came to a close with the announce- ment by OU and University of Nebraska Regents that they had " agreed in principle on the merger of the two universities. " HELP Students catch up on the current news posted on a bulletin board outside Engr. 1 16. The Young Republicans got an insight into city government this winter when they initiated a campaign against the " no parking " signs north of the campus in the Fairacre ' s district. The YR ' s went to the Student Council and students for support in December. After circulating petitions for student signature the organization took their complaints to the City Council in January. The Council decided to refer the matter to the Legal Department. Pictured are (front row) Chuck Deats, Steve Lorenz, (row 2) Nancy Schneiderwind, (row 3) Craig Reisser, Ken Bunger and Tom Wintle. Plans for a $1 .3 million science building were announced in February. The building is to be located east of the Engineering Building, providing the state legislature awards the necessary funds. Degrees were awarded to 409 at the Mid- Year Commencement January 28th. Dr. C. C. Madsen, president of Dana College in Blair, Nebraska spoke to the graduates. 14 The Associations performed for OU students in the Civic Auditorium Music Hail February 9th. The group, which made it big with their first song " Cherish, " had originally been scheduled for the Homecoming Dance but broke the contract to appear on the " Andy Williams Show. " University officials were busy second semester in- forming the public about the future merger of the Universities of Nebraska and Omaha. Acting Presi- dent Naylor spoke at special convocations for students, business men, faculty and parents. An all-school convocation was held in the Fieldhouse February 8th. 15 COLLEGE L F-our top scholars flew to New York City to represent the school on the nationally tele- vised " General Electric College BowF ' Feb- ruary 19. They were (pictured left to right) Craig Reisser, Wesley Webster, Marcia Cohen and Gary Johnson. The team from the Uni- versity of Texas, proved to be quicker with the answers and defeated OU 375 to 125. The OU scholars returned home with a $500 scholarship grant. The Special Events Committee sponsored the OU Scholastic Bowl February 20 thru 23. Organizations were asked to enter teams in competition for a permanent en- graved plaque on display in the Student Center. Chi Omega won the Bowl with Alpha Xi Delta placing second. Winning team members were (at the right) Cheryl Plymate, Marji Holmquist, Jan Archer and Jan Voelte. SPBINfi 196 0.0. C0Li 3E W Cheryl Eby was named best dressed coed a tea sponsored by ihe Home Lconomics Club February 22. SOPHOMORE CLASS DANCE FEB. 17 carter lake club 9=00 TO 12=00 serm- formal DOOR PRIZES CHEVRONS COMBO at A ' :ard per IT The sophomore class officers sponsored an all-school dance at the Carter Lake Club. Door prizes including a four- speaker stereo and portable typewriter were given. The officers include Tom Helligso, president; Danny Parker, vice-president and Jeanie Craig, secretary. Roy Washington (above) is one reason why OU had a winning wres- tling season. Leonard Todd (right) pushes the ball and OU ' s cagers to a successful season. 17 ELIZABETH HILL Assoc. Dean Student Personnel DONALD PFLASTERER Dean Student Personnel DR.GALEOLESON Director Acad. Testing Univ. Div. Each student ' s needs are met, both socially and academically by the people pictured on these pages. Fred Ray became the director of the Student Center and of student activities this year. One of his ideas is the Student Center Board. The Stu- dent Center Board is composed of a group of students, who along with Ray select and prepare such activities as movies, pro- grams and speakers. FRED RAY Director Student Activities Long Lines, But Only 8,500 Enroll YVONNE HARSH Placement G. M. MC AkDl.b. M.D. Student Health JAMES SCRIVEN Admissions VIRGIL SMARPF. Registrar Although registration lines were long, enrollment was down this year. But even with a low en- rollment, 8,500 persons were processed during fall registra- tion. All students must, at one time, come in contact with these people who are concerned with registration and helping the in- dividual student. 1 The Tomahawk Salutes Board of Regent ' s President Robert Spire, Acting Presi- dent Kirk Naylor and the Faculty Advisory Committee for their leadership during a difficult situation. PRESIDENT ' S FACULTY ADVISORY COMMITTEE -front row: Willi LcMar, Paul Kennedy, Philip Vogt, Joseph Dunn, Merle Brooks, Doris Tabor, Hollie Bethel, Robert Keppel; row 2: Paul Beck, M. G. Newport William B rown, Richard Gibson, John Blackwell, Elroy Steele, William Jaynes, Kirk Naylor, Ralph Wardle, James Hossack, Wayne Higley, W. J. Beaupre. Dean Frank Gorman for his many years of service to the University. We congratulate Dr. Paul Kennedy on his new position as Dean of the Teacher Education College. Captain Larry H. Means, 1956 journalism graduate currently serving as aid to the Commandant of the U.S. Air f orce Academy in Colorado Springs. He is pictured with Paul V. Peterson, journalism department head, at a meeting of the Omaha University Alumni Association in Colorado Springs during January, Dennis Browne, the greatest rebounder in OU " s history. Nellie Sudavicius and Greg Loso for contributing their art and musical talents to the University so generously. Carol Jean Dolinsky and Carl Malm for their outstanding scholarship. 25 ODK Seated: Ken Ki zier, Jim Butler. Doug Slaughter; Standing: Donald Pflasterer, Rod Rhoden, John Berkhei ' mer, Bill Olson, Wayne Worther- spoon, Rod Roenfeldt, Jim Thomp- son, Mike Hill, Jim Boe, Ron Bernth, Jerry Ferguson, Lon Bernth. Kneeling at the ODK plaque are Bob Nelson, Jim Kaspar, I.oren Drum, Dr. Leiand Traywick, Donald PHasterer, Ken McLwen. At the right, Jerry, Fereuson is congratulated after tapping. r Patti Matson taps Vicki Adam. i WAOKIYA Front row: Vicki Adam, Dianne Johnson, Anne McLeod; row 2: Nina Bieda, Pam Adams, Carolyn Williams. Outstanding Tapped At Spring Sing The annual Spring Sing, spon- sored by the senior honorar- ies, was held May 18 in the Milo Bail Student Center. Zeta Tau Alpha and Lambda Chi Alpha became second year winners of the sing competi- tion, with Sigma Kappa and Theta Chi placing second. Thirty-five persons were tapped for membership in Waokiya, senior women ' s hon- orary, and Omicron Delta Kappa, senior men ' s honorary. Membership is based on achievement in scholarship and campus leadership. ZETA— Front row: Shirley Newcomer, Lydia White, Pal Johnson, Jacque Newcomer. Judy Anderson Maioney, Sandy Grove, Sue Kessinger; row 2; Nancy Stevenson, Nancy Caster, Karen Kurcz, Jean Battiato, Roclyn Nord, Mary Clare Janousek. Zetas cheer at the excitement of their win. At the right, Daryl Taylor receives the Lambda Chi trophy from Rich Tompsett and Loren Drum. LAMBDA CHI- Front row: Ron Cisar, Larry Juul, Doug Hoefener, Tom Rouse, Dick Schenck Conrad Ishii, Steve Spelic. Rick Eastman, Daryl Hill, Daryl Taylor; row 2: Bill Havelka, Rich Benolken, Mark Otoupal, Randy Marymee, Chuck McNulty, Joe Beninato. Jim Foral. Tim Nelson. 27 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Front row: Dee Hurlburt, Ellen Lord, Linda Barker, Sheila Jelinek, Melanie Duvall, Rene Stiemle. Sue Bowen, Jonell Dunn; row 2: Judy Houchin, Janice Crasnick, Jeanie Fentress, Diane Kolasky, Janice Ailgood, Charlotte Plack, Sue Acuff, Pat Mulaney, Janene Beck, Diane Denker, Linda Paulson, Diane Custard, Mary Ann Anderson, Noele Flog, Robyn Carmichael. Nancy Montag, Lianne Taussig. PHI KAPPA PHI Front row: Vicki Adam, Clarice Moeller, Dee Hulburt, Judy Hoevet, Dick Longsdorf; row 2: Dr. Leiand Traywick, John Weber, Ann Bogacz, Anne McLeod, Linda Logan Toay, Dr. W. C. B. Lambert; row 3: Dr. Ralph Wardle, Carrol Dolinsky, Deirdre Powers, Marsha Hunter, Mar- jorie Huntley, Georgia Hunter, Mardelle Susman, Sari Baron, Dr. Robert Har- per, Susan Chapek, Dr. Orville Menard; row 4: Carl Malm, Dr. James Gibson, Dr. J. K. Brilhart, Anson Marston, Dr. Wayne Higley, Myra Hellbusch, Dr. Harry Reynolds, Dr. R. M. Robbins, Tom Petersen, Charles Sedlacek, Jim Wilson. Dr. B. F. Skinner, professor of psychology at Harvard Uni- versity, addressed the annual Honors Convocation April 15. Author of " Walden Two " , Dr. Skinner spoke on " Utopia Now. " He was OU ' s " Distinguished Visiting Professor for 1965-66. " The Honors Banquet was held May 19 at which the University honored members of Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa and Waokiya. Mrs. Bernice Slote was the banquet speaker. She is a poet, member of the Nebraska University faculty and editor of the campus literary magazine, " Prairie Schooner. " Member- ship in the scholastic honoraries of Phi Kappa Phi, senior hon- orary, and Phi Eta Sigma and Alpha Lambda Delta, freshman honoraries, is dependent upon a 3.5 accumulative grade point. Mrs. Slote talks at the Honors Banquet. Phi Eta Sigma Front row: Cliff C onrad. Glen Skovgaard, William Elsasser, Duane Siocum; row 2: Eldon Adams, William Urban, William Jensen. 29 From left to right Cheryl Bird, Jane Carter, Doug Slaughter, Pat Karre, President Traywick, Kathy Daley. Pat Karre Reigns Over 32nd Annual Ma-ie Day. Cars and floats participated in the traditional parade through downtown Omaha, Signs of superstition set the mood for the 32nd Annual Ma-ie Day cel- ebrated May 13th. At 7:00 a.m. a Preakfast and a TGIMD Dance opened the day ' s festivities at the Milo Bail Student Center. The crowd gathered at 9:30 a.m. on the bank south of the South of the Student Center to watch Pat Karre, Chi Omega crowned Princess Attira XXXII. Her attendants were Cheryl Bird, Zeta Tau Alpha; Jane Carter, Sigma Kappa; and Kathy Daley, Alpha Xi Delta. The crowning was followed by a scrimmage in the stadium. Lunch was then served in the Pep Bowl. The games which followed, included climbing a greased flagpole, egg toss, three- legged race, leap frog, pass the orange, and a pie-eating contest. Top, Alpha Xi ' s asked the question. Bottom, the rainbow was lucky for Chi O ' s. Pat Johnson and Joyce Vacek hug Ichabod Thirteen Floats and 100 decorated cars formed a parade that went through the downtown area and back to Campus. Float and car winners were announced at the dance held at Peony Park at which the T-Bones played. Those re- ceiving top float honors were Zeta Tau Alpha, Alpha Xi Delta, and Chi Omega. Other Float Honors went to the Student Education Association, Stu- dent Nurses, and American Society ol Civil Engineers. The top five places for decorated cars went to Susi Ahlstrom, Claude Jelen, Sherry Given, Hal Riedemann, and Joe Sheppard. Lambda Chi give their brother a boost. Sig Eps bring on the stork. OU PRESS CLUB j I The Seniors- Over 1,100 Degrees Awarded 34 Dr. R. G. Gustafson, former Chancellor of the University of Nebraska, spoke to approximately 700 graduates at the June Commencement. The Senior Charge was given by Dr. Paul V. Peterson, class sponsor, and Lt. Col. William Moel- ler gave a Bootstrap message. The Mid-Year Commencement saw 409 degrees awarded Dr C C. Madsen. president of Dana College, was the speaker. The 1966 Senior Class collected almost $5,000 for its Senior Class Gift. The money was to go for a student meeting place called the Rendezvous. The Rendezvous was to be composed of an eight-sided concrete wall with a planter in the center, where the traditional senior tree was to be planted. Unfortunately, it still has not been built. The Senior-Business Executive Day serves us a chance for members of the Senior Class to meet the businessmen of Omaha. 35 Votes for an election are tabulated. Members of the Student Council represent the student body, its ideas and opinions, to the administration through one voice. The University elections, Ma-ie Day, Homecoming, the annual all- school Christmas dance and the Freshman Mixer are all planned by the Student Council. Officers for 1966-67 were Jim Butler, president; Randy Owens, vice-president; Joe Beninato, treasurer; and Bev Grasso, secretary. Student Council Plans Activities Students pass through voting line hoping their candidate will win. STUDENT COUNCIL— front row: Sponsor, Donald J. Pflaslerer, Joe Beninato Bev Grasso, Jim Butler, Randy Owens, Sponsor, Miss Elizabeth Hill- row 2: Sally Vasel, Toni Westphalen, Doug Slaughter, Brenda Williams, Sandy Friedman, Connie Stilwell, Denny Jorgensen, Kathy Wybenga, Bob Gilmore, Tom Fischer, Pam Adams, Sue Goepper. Dave Forbes (left) represented OU in the Omaha Inter-Collegiate Council, while John Berkheimer (right) served as presi- dent of the city-wide organization. Officers Represent FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: Herb Wehner, vice-president; Linda Jordan, secretary. Ken Krichbaum, president. 38 Students so P H O M O R E C L A SS OK F I C E R S; Tom Helligso, president; Jeanie Craig, sec- retary, Dan Parker, vice-president. 39 Elect Typical Frosh Freshman Orientation was pre- sented September 17 by the Stu- dent Council. The survey of the campus included talks by deans and President Traywick. The new students were acquainted with the various buildings on campus and heard other talks by campus or- ganization officers. October 5 was the Typical Freshman election and dance. Carolyn Carter, Alpha Xi Delta, and Clark Rudeen, Lambda Chi Alpha, were selected by all freshman vote to represent the class. Campus Drive Nets $1,100 for UCS Greeks added $1,100 to the United Community Fund in the competition for Cutest Pan, Ugliest Man held the week of October 3 1 . Climaxing the drive was the November 4 dance. Jean Battiato, Zeta Tau Alpha and Ron Wagner, Lambda Chi Alpha were named to the honors. Nina Bieda presents trophy to Ron. Jean Battiato and Ron Wagner, Cutest Pan Homecoming activities began at noon on November 1 1 with a chuckwagon lunch and a movie. Early that evening, the Home- coming Princess candidates entered the ceremonial teepee in the Fieldhouse. Moments later, Kathy Wybenga emerged as Princess. She was crowned by Jim Butler, Student Coun- cil President. Other candidates were Dee Hurlburt, Sue Kes- singer and Priscilla Wilkins. The largest alumnae turn-out in recent years saw the Indians go down in defeat Saturday to Fort Hays State, 19-0. Other candidates for Princess were Dee Hurlburt, Sue Kessinger and Priscilla Wilkins. The Fort Hays State quarterback passing on the ' way to a score. IfEST OMAHA JAYCEE BREETIRS Seven OU coeds were chosen as greeters by the West Omaha Junior Chamber of Commerce. They are (I to r) Karen Johnson, Judy Wilson, Gail Bailey, Ina Lou Raznick, Terri Pospichal, Paula Magzamin. Not pictured is Sandi Hancock. Coeds Tapped for Patty Blanchard was chosen as a debutante by the Omaha Symphony Guild to participate in its first Debutante Ball. Off-Campus Honors S.J. Johnson brought two honors to the campus. She was named " Miss Photogenic " by the Nebraska Photographers Association and was elected " Miss Motor Sports Queen of Nebraska " 46 LT. COL KENNETH A DYER Professor Aerospace Studies AAS— Front row: Bob Tilton, Chuck Allison, Bob McDowell, Jerome Hearty, Elmer Johnstone, Joe Shanahan, Jim Mueller, Gordon Lazerson, Rick Martin; row 2: Bill Poff, Bill Michalenko, Gil Barrett, Gary Kaspar, John Ruberti, Carl Roy, Dave Carter, Ed Cook, Gene Kathol. T SGT. DONALD R. BOUTIN Asst. Professor Personnel NCO S SGT. THOMAS H. CALLAHAN Asst. Professor Records Clerk CAPT AARON B FLOYD Asst. Professor Asst. Commandant of Cadets MAJOR LEROY E. HOLTZ Asst. Professor Director of Instruction SABRES— Front row: Gil Barrett, Steve Holmstrom, Ron Freeman; row 2; Gary Kaspar, Steve Kathol, John Ruberti, McDowell, Bob Campbell, Chuck Holderness. 48 Front row: Dennis Sokol, Herbert Rowe, Wayne Wallingford, Jack Anderson; row 2: Bob Campbell, Ken Bunger, Chuck Holderness , John Dubler, Dick Vinal, Duane Kosmicki AFROTC The Air Force Reserve Officers Train- ing Corps sponsors two honorary or- ganizations for its members: the Arnold Air Society and the Sabres precision marching unit. The Arnold Air Society consists of members of the advanced corps. The AAS objective is to enthuse younger cadets in the aims and life of the Air Force. The Sabres marching drill unit was under the direction of Bill Michalenko in the spring semester when it captured third in the national competition in Boulder, Colorado and first in area competition at the Uni- versity of Nebraska. Gary Kaspar took command during the fall semester. T Sdl .C HAKl i si.. LARSF.N Asst. Professor Chief Clerk CAPT. RONALD W. SEINWILL Asst. Professor Commandant of Cadets Front row: Tom Cullinane, Dan Marotta, John Dubler, Ken Lucht, " ook. Rich Anderson, M Guv Olnev John Sothman; row 2: Terry Sanne, Dave Carter, Jerry Koziol, Dick Vinal, Len Ash, Carol Koy, uuy uiney.jonnaoiniiia , Ken Bunger, Ralph Tiedeman, Fred Bergstrom, Larry Fox 49 Honored ROTC cadets present themselves for inspection. PDR Awards Go to 21 Twenty-one outstanding cadets were recognized at the annual President ' s Day Review in the Univer- sity stadium May 6. The 470th Air Force ROTC Cadet Group was under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth A. Dyer. The Sabre drill team, the Marching Angels and the University band per- formed. Cdt. Col. Henry Blair receives the President ' s medal from President Traywick. Marching Angels perform the " Column Harch. Lt. Col. Clarke Powers presents Honorary Colonel Mary Rheinfrank. Military Ball Pauline Williams and Clarke Powers congratulate Bob McDowell on his Outstanding Junior Cadet award. Snoopy led the decorations parade at the annual Military Ball March 15. A highlight of the evening was the announcement of Mary Rhein- frank as Honorary Colonel. She was selected by the men of Arnold Air Society. Honorary Lieutenant Col- onels were Pauline Williams and Pat Karre. Entertainment was pro- vided by the Sabres and Marching Angels. Lt. Bob McDowell was selected by the Angels as the Out- standing Junior Cadet. 52 Front row Sue Bowen Jonell Dunn, Inez Kucera, Joan Berkhe.mer, Dee Hurlburt, Diane Kolasky, row 2: Paula Magzamin, Joy Lang, Jean S Jean Fentresr Nancy Ahlstrand, Dianne Desler, Mary Ann Over, Judy Houchin; row 3: L.nda Barker, Jehnek, Darlene Kr.esel. Mary McMullen, Nancy Stevenson, Randi Miller, Rene Steimle, Judy Wilson. Angels EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: Peggy Parden, Mary Rheinfrank, Com- mander Anne MacLeod, Sheila Eyeberg and Kathy Wybenga Front row: Darlene Kriesel, Hilde Walter, Sue Achuff, Carolyn Williams; row 2: Jan Voelte, Jean Krogh, Diane Berry, Brenda Williams, Diane Halperm, Chynne Koser, Lois Prazan There was a shake-up in the ranks this year as Angel Flight gained recognition in the national organi a- lion Rank was rearranged and new uniforms were selected. A most successful Toys for Tots drive and dance was sponsored by the flight this year. Over 2,000 toys were collected on campus for under- privileged children. ANGELAIRES: Rene Steimle, Paula Magzamin, Mary Ann Over, Randi Miller, Jonell Dunn, Inez Kucera, Sue Acuff, Toni Matson, Linda Barker if Marching Angels INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL— Front row: Jim Boe: John Berkheimer, Jim Miles: row 2: Ron Favara, LeRoy Dyer, Tom Helligso, Tim Keyser, Steve Nelson: row 3: Wayne Wotherspoon, Bill Inghram, Doug Slaughter, Randy Nielsen. IFC, Panhellenic JUNIOR PANHELLENIC COUNCIL: Leslie Eggers, Susan Rothweli, Janis Norton, Deirdre Swanson Greek organizations are brought to- gether by the Panhellenic and [nter- fraternity Councils. The Panhellenic Council, composedof one delegate and the president of each sorority, meets regularly to plan projects and set up laws governing the women ' s groups. Dean Elizabeth Hill is Panhellenic sponsor. The Junior Panhellenic Coun- cil is composed of one delegate from each sorority pledge class. Men ' s or- ganizations are governed by the Inter- fraternity Council, sponsored by Fred Ray. The IFC, made up of three dele- gates from five fraternities, works with the Panhellenic Council to organize Greek Week each spring. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL -Front row: Kathy Wybenga, Joan Edwards: row 2: Mellanee Devali, Jan Archer, Barbara Hunt, Melinda Baker. 4 Greek Week Banquet Chi Omega carried home top scholastic honors for the fifteenth consecutive year at the Greek Week Banquet March 1 1 . Their chapter aver- age was 3.1. Pi Kappa Alpha led the men ' s groups with a 2.4 average. Winners of individual awards pictured above were; Sally Schleu, sorority active with the highest grade average; Suzi Mortensen, Outstanding Greek Pledge; Anne MacLeod, sorority active with highest grade average; Jim Kaspar, fraternity active with high- est grade average, and Randy Owens, Outstanding Greek Pledge Not pictured: Rene Steimie and Lon Bernth, pledges with highest averages. Delores Hurlburt displays the check presented to her as Pan- hellenic Girl of the Year. 55 Formal fraternity rush began September 6 with the Interfraternity Smoker. Rush parties were held on campus September 7 and 8. Above, members of Lambda Chi Alpha discuss fraternity life with rushees. The rush was on September 10 for the four national sororities. After a tea held by Panhellenic Council, rushees visited with each group for one half hour. At the left, Susan Rothwell is welcomed into the Sigma Kappa room. Rush Week 1966. . .a time for last minute preparations, confusion, teas and parties. Formal rush began early in September as sorority and fraternity members looked for a new crop of pledges. Ninety-eight men were pledged by the five national fraternities. Sororities sent bids to 104 women. Rush Week Pledge paddles are the center of attention in the Zeta room. Rush parties were held September 1 to 14 in the Milo Bail Student Center and the Engi neering Building. Rushees picked up mvitalions to parties September 1 1 . Above, Georgia Hunter talks to rushees as Diane Berry hands an invitation to Mary Irwin. Rushees signed preferences September 15. Bids were sent out that evening, and new pledges were honored at a reception Sep- tember 16. At the left. Chi O ' s enthusiasti- cally greet new pledges. Under the leadership of master Larry Zwart, ALPHA EPSILON PI finished its sixth year on campus as a national colony. Other officers were Mel Cohen, vice-president; Leon Shrago, scribe; Tom Petersen, treasurer; Larry Bloom, sentinel, and Alan Babbitt, member-at-large. The chapter sponsored the " 66 Pi Capers " April 15. Sig Ep Bill Jansen won the pie eating contest, while the Teke ' s came in first in the pie relay. Kathy Dayton, Alpha Xi Delta, took first place in pie baking. AEPi Tom Petersen brought recognition to the fraternity at the Greek Week Ban- quet in March. He was given a special award for his 4.0 semester grade average. This fall found the fraternity concentrating on recruiting new members, studying and relaxing. The pledges whipped the actives 69-20 in the annual pledge-active football clash. F residenl l.arry Zwart Gordon Lazerson congratulates Kathy. Dean Pflasterer samples entries. Cheryl Westergaard congratulates tearful Typical Frosh winner Carolyn Carter. Members of ALPHA XI DELTA captured their share of royalty titles during 1966-67 President Kathy Wybenga reigned as Homecoming Prmcess this fall Karyl Ronsin was named TOMAHAWK Beauty Queen, and Mary Ann Over was second runner-up. Girls honored by fraternities were Karen Johnson TKE Coral Queen; Nancy Waechter, TKE Sweetheart, and Joan Berkheimer, Lambda Chi Crescent Girl. This fall Carolyn Carter was selected Typical Freshman Girl. The sorority began the year with a win by singing their way to first place in the Sig Ep Sing. Serving on Student Council were Bev Grasso, secretary; Kathy Wybenga; Connie StiUwell, and Sally Vasel. Betty McGinnis was secretary of the Junior Class. Alpha Xi ' s active in Waokiya were Joan Berkheimer, secretary; JoAnn Krun- torad; Carolyn Williams, and Judy Zerbe. Dick Hawley, Lambda Chi was honored as King Satan at the sorority ' s annual Devil Dance held in January. Other officers were: Marg Daley, vice-president; Marilyn Rasmussen, re- cording secretary; Carolyn Williams, treasurer; Judy Zerbe, pledge trainer, and Georgia Hunter, rush chairman. President Kathy Wybenga King Satan Dick Hawley Alpha Xi ' s enjoy Ma-ie Day luncheon 61 Front row: Kris Rushing, Carolyn Williams, Marilyn Ras mussen, Marg Daley, Judi Zerbe, Kathy Wybenga; row 2: Mellanee Devall, Connie Stilwell, Linda Lindamood; row 3: jonell Dunn, Linda Johnson, Sherry Anderson, Mary McMullen. Pam Covert; row 4: Jeanne Timmerman, Linda Barker, Mary Ann Over, Rosemary Krecek, Connie Keely, Barb Sterba, Mary Massara; row 5: Karyl Ronsin, Bev Grasso, Chynne Koser, Pam Ness, Linda Rushing, Nancy Ruby, Lois Prazan; row 6: Linda Kolell, Carolyn Carter, Wilma Hemsath, Sally VaseL Front row Kathy Biga, Sue Acuff, Sue Bowen, Kris Biyngelson, Betty McGinnis; row 2: Cheryl Roberts; row 3- Wanda Peterson, Cheryl Westergaard, Patty Abel, Jan Norton, Barb Hollenbcck Diane Custard, Joyce Lefgren- row 4: Colleen O ' H ra, Patti Blanchard, Nancy Waechter; row 5: Carol Moss, Mary Jean Newell, Madeline Menke, Inez Kucera, Irene Mayberry, Judy Ritner; row 6: Nellie Sudavicius, Ann Bogacz, Jeanne Baker, Pam Timmerman, Sandy Sprinkle. Front row Jean Arnngdale, Lani Stockman, Priscilla Wilkins, Joyce Page, Judy Evahn; row 2: Diane Hanek, Judy Houchin; row 3_ Janet Voelte, Leslie Eegers Carol Keefover, Claire Perrigo, Suzi Mortensen, Rene Steimle, Sandra Wulf; row 4: llena Stephenson, Christie Winheini, Roberta Sager Roxi Holmes row 5: Carol Shelton, Candace Griffith, Judy Wenger, Susan Matson, Jan Rundquist, Susan Riddle Joan Fulton Linda Jordan; row 6- Roberta Steimle, Linda Buntz; row 7: Mary Willenburg, Tom Matson, Debby Dwyer, Kathy Eydenberg, Jan Knudson Cheryl Plymate Vickie Landon, Linda Covault, Manlee I ucker. Front row: Diane Landstrom. Kathy Heckinlively, Judy Earp, Susan Gash, Kathy Cross; row 2: Kathy Williams, Elaine Meyers, Karen Tallman, Jean Krogh, Janet Archer, Robyn Carmichael; row 3: Dianne Desler, Kaye Murray, Vickie Shives Patti Pease, Becky Burling, Kitli Murphy, Marji Holmquist, Diane Denker; row 4: C harlotte Pennell, Jackie Everson. Tern Pospichal, Karen Reeves, Carole Gi ube, Karen Payne, Suzanne Giller; row 5: Diann Peter- sen, Susan Uman, Kathy Theiler, Judy Slader, Bonnie Melichar, Mary Palmer, Marilyn Milek. 65 Susan Matson and Linda Jordan check the Chi O board. The pledges beat the actives 18-6 in the annual football game in Elmwood Park. For the fifteenth consecutive year CHI OM EGA walked off with the group schol- arship trophy at the Greek Week Banquet in March. Pat Karre Tompsett brought another trophy to the chapter when she was elected Ma-ie Day Prin- cess. SJ. Johnson has been busy this year accumulating numerous titles, in- cluding Nebraska Motor Sports Queen, Miss Photogenic of Nebraska and World Queen of Posture and Physical Fitness. Dianne Johnson was tapped as president of Waoikya. Other members were Pam Adams and Anne MacLeod. Chi O Greek royalty included Priscilla Wilkins, Theta Chi Sweater Girl; Marsha Grafton, Sig Ep Playmate; Toni Matson Westphalen, Pi Kap Queen Flush; Mary Willenburg, Pi Kap Dream Girl, and Jeanie Krogh, Theta Chi Helen of Troy. Student Council members included Pam Adams, Brenda Willi- ams and Toni Westphalen. Terri Pospichal and Linda Jordan served as sec- retaries of the senior and frosh classes. Chi Omega officers were: Priscilla Wilkins, president; Dianne Johnson, vice-president; Pam Adams, secretary; Barb Covault, treasurer; Lani Stockman, pledge trainer, and Carole Grube and Marji Holmquist, rush chairmen. President Priscilla Wilkins Chi O ' s eat lunch and gab in the Ouampi Room Dianne Desler tries tricycle racing at the OX Olympics. Study, dances and campaigns rounded out the year for the brothers of LAMBDA CHI ALPHA. At the Greek Week Banquet Jim Kaspar was cited as fraternity active with the highest grade average, and Randy Owens as Outstanding Frater- nity Pledge. In April the chapter hosted 70 Lambda Chi ' s from other chapters for the Great Plains Conclave. Ron Wagner was named Zeta Honey at the so- rority ' s Dinner Dance. Greeks dressed in costumes May 7 lor the annual Lamb- da Chi Mardi Gras. Sue Zimmer, Zeta Tau Alpha, was chosen Mardi firas Queen by an all-Greek vote. After a summer of rush parties, the chapter pledged 28 men, making theirs the largest fraternity pledge class. In October Clark Rudeen was selected Typical Freshman Boy. Tom Ridley and John Berkheimer were elected president and vice-president of the Senior Class. Student Council officers were Randy Owens, vice-president, and Joe Beninato, treasurer. The Lambda Chi ' s again collected the most money in the UCS cam- pus drive, earning Ron Wagner the title of Ugliest Man. At the fraternity ' s annual White Rose Formal November 26, Joan Berkheimer, Alpha Xi, was honored as Crescent Girl. Vi Carstensen, Zeta, was chosen pledge Sweetheart. Dick Hawley reigned as Alpha Xi King Satan. Iota-Delta chapter officers were: John Berkheimer, president; Bill Inghram, vice-president; Paul Bullock, treasurer, and Mel Goff, secretary. President John Berkheimer Steve Spelic, his date and Chuck McNuity admire decorations at the Conclave. Mack Ishii and Larry Juui shoot it out at the Mardi Gras. 67 Lambda Chi Alpha Front row: Bill Inghram, Brian Stemmermann, Ron Cisar, Jary Streitwieser. row 2: Lee Mockelstrom, Chip Shaw, Dave Miller; row 3: Rich Hill, Bob Tank, Tom Rouse, Butch Greiner Doug Hoefener; row 4: Dave White, Fred Haeberlein; row 5: Dave Oman, Al Lidolph, Larry Lindberg, Rick Carlson, John McGann, Gary Lind; row 6: Dick Schenck, Tim O ' Brien, Lee Brawner, Wayne Van Vliet, Chuck PribyL 68 Front row: Randy Owens, Daryl Hill, Clark Rudeen, Jim Keyser; row 2: Ted Weidner, Steve Simcoe, Bill Yost, Don Darling, Dave Latenser, Bob Hildebrandt; row 3: Roger Jones, Dan Brown, Roger Chamberlin, Greg Housh, Bill Butler, Greg Classen; row 4: Rich Henningsen, Bill Myers, Fred Greguras, Erwin Rehder; row 5: Randy Marymee, Ron Wagner, Bruce Brown, Lynn Brawner; row 6: John Miller, Leon Bockelman. 69 Front row Lon Bernlh, Ron Bernth, Mike Moore, Doug Slaughter; row 2: Dave Stinnett, Jaey Sedlacek, Harold Hall; row 3: Steve Sheppard, Val Skuja, Doug Sleensma, Mike Pelowski; row 4: Tom Helligso Ron Morford, Steve Beig, Bill Vasel, Tom Fischer. PI KAPPA ALPHA was applauded for scholastic and athletic achievement at the annual Greek Week Banquet. The chapter won the fraternity scholar- ship trophy for the fourth consecutive year, and earned the intramural sweepstakes trophy. Lon Bernth was honored as pledge with the highest grade average. Last spring 20 Pikes attended the district convention at Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa. Delta Chi chapter placed first in scholarship and second in basketball among Nebraska and Iowa chapters. Rich Tompsett was named outstanding active in the district. Chapter president Doug Slaughter and Tom Fischer served on the Student Council. Jim Sandoz and Tom Helligso headed the junior and sophomore classes as presidents. Vice-presidents for the sophomore and freshman classes were Dan Parker and Herb Wehner. Toni Matson Westphalen, Chi Omega, was named Queen Flush at a fraternity football game in October. In November, Mary Willenburg, also a Chi O, was named Dream Girl at the Garnet and Gold. Other Pi Kappa Alpha executive council members were: Mike Moore, vice-president; Mike Baylor, secretary; Lon Bernth, treas- urer, and Jim Boe, pledge trainer. President Doug Slaughter Queen Flush Toni Westphalen Dream Girl Mary Willenburg Bud Haneman and Herb Wehner pose with mascot, Ron Morford and Herb Wehner pull the Pi Kap chariot in Little Pike. the OX Olympics. The Sigma Kappa Batmobile joins the Ma-ie Day parade. Bev Andrews presents trophy to Jack Schmid. Panhellenic Girl of the Year Delores Hurlburt led SIGMA KAPPA sorority as president. Other officers were: Jackie Horn Hunt, vice-president; Kathy Fairbairn, pledge trainer; Carol Hutzell, secretary; Sharon Van Voorhis, treasurer, ' and Kathy Specht, rush chairman. Bob Lane was honored as Sigma Honey March 26 at the sorority ' s annual Honey Bee Ball. Delores Hurlburt served as secretary of Waokiya. Nancy Lunsford was also tapped for mem- bership at the Spring Sing. Linda Flack and Delores were selected for mem- bership in Phi Kappa Phi scholastic honor society. This fall the Sigma pledges skipped to a flower shop, taking two captive actives with them. The skip was successful. Many Beta Omega ' s traveled to Ames, Iowa, in October, for the Province Weekend. Jack Schmid, Theta Chi, was named Typical College Man in November at the Sigma Kappa Showboat. President Delores Hurlburt Sigma Honey Bob Lane Typical College Man Jack Schmid 73 74 Front row Ann Fields, Joanne Volenec, Marietta Christiansen, Debbie Rhoades, Sheryl Oman; row 2: Pat O ' Neil, Barbara Hunt, Carol Thurman, Cis Jacobsen, Debbie Wheeler, Laura Staszko; row 3: Betty Donnan, Lynda Berrigan, Sue Miller, Penny Finch, Kathy Specht. 75 Sig Ep Sing The sound of music echoed through the Carter Lake Club September 30 as Greeks competed in the annual Sig Ep Sing. The Alpha Xi ' s and Lambda Chi ' s sang their way to first place again this year. The competition song for sororities was " Love Makes the World Go Round, " and " Maria " for the fraternities. Sigma Kappa Showboat Greek talent was tested again November 18 at the Sigma Kappa Showboat. Kathy Cross, Chi Omega, won the women ' s division with a piano solo. Lambda Chi took the first place trophy for fraternities with a folksinging trio composed of Daryl Taylor, Daryl Hill and Ron Cisar. 76 Members of SIGMA PHI EPSILON scored high in campus elections, hrosh Bob Gilmore was elected to the Student Council. Jim Butler was Council president. Dick Osterhaus served as junior class vice-president, and Ken Krichbaum led the freshmen as president. Barb Sinovich was named 1966 Sig Ep Sweetheart at the fraternity ' s annua l Dinner Dance in April. This tall the pledge class won a plaque for selling the most football decals. Chapter members gave a Halloween party for 50 children at Children ' s Hospital. Pledges gave paddles to their big brothers at the annual Playboy Party in December. Marsha Grafton was named Sig Ep Playmate. Officers tor 1966- 67 were- Randy Nielsen, president; Doug Volk, vice-president; Rick Mahan, secretary, and Charles Perrigo, treasurer. President Randy Nielsen Sig Ep Sweetheart Barb Sinovich Diamond Princess Rosalyn Hammer 4 Playmate Marsha Grafton A balmy spring day draws Sig Eps and friends outdoors. Front rov.: Gary Wells, John Demgen, Dick Oslerhaus, Jim Vincent; row 2: Bob Flood, Dave Volk, Ed Van Ackeren, Don Anzalone, Mike Cain; row 3; Jim Callahan, Tom Caddy, Mark Larkin, Mike McKee, Ken Krichbaum; row 4: Tom Prohaska, John Hover, Dave Umthun, John Tyler. Bill Stanek, Ben Perkins; row 5; Jace Anderson, Bob Gilmore, Don Catlin, Ed Ganey, Dick Hansen. f roni ruu Boh Gustafson, Rick Muha.i. Doug Volk; row 2: John Clark, Larry Dougherty, Ray Weghorst. Phil Gain: row 3 Jim Swotek, Jerry Ferguson, Gene Fisher, John Mixan, Bob Blankenship; row 4; Jim Burcheli, Tom C ooper, Dick Johnson, Steve Weidenhammer, Jim Butler; row 5; Bob Nelson, John Mumford, Steve Nelson. Russ Clark, Don Moray, Mike Gross. Sigma Phi Epsilon 79 Front row: Sgt. Don R. Boutin, Llovd Benner, Jim Fous, Mike Fowler, Jim Musi!; row 2: Steve Zieiinski, Larry Michnick, Larry Barton, Fred Weiner; row 3: Bob Tilton, Paul Mahon, Ken Bird. Jim Colliflower; row 4: Mike Roux, Roger Hunter, Jeff Kroblin. Dave Vuagniaux. TKE ' s and friends gather around the bell they ring to help OU teams on to victory. This is one line the TKE ' s didn ' t mind standing in. TAU KAPPA EPSILON spearheaded several service projects this year. Epsilon-Epsilon chapter joined other TKE chapters in Public Service Week projects. The men planted trees in public parks and repainted a local children ' s home. In February, the chapter held an all-school March of Dimes Dance, donating all proceeds to the charity. Leading the frater- nity was president Jim Miles. Other officers were: Dennis Boehme, vice- president; Len Ash, secretary; Steve Guenther, treasurer; Bob Bigley, pledge trainer, and Chuck Will, social chairman. Two Alpha Xi ' s were selected as royalty. Karen Johnson was named Coral Queen by an all- Greek vote last spring. Members of the fraternity honored Nancy Waechter as TKE Sweetheart in December. Dennis Boehme was chosen Zeta Cool- est Man. The fraternity combined strength to win first place in OX Olympic game competition. The TKE ' s also came in first in the annual Toys for Tots drive. TKE Sweetheart Nancy Waechter Coral Queen Karen Johnson 82 Fifteen members of THETA CHI came back from their national conven- tion in Toronto, Canada, with a special award. Delta Zeta chapter was cited this summer as the Theta Chi chapter making the most progress during 1965-66. Officers were: Wayne Wotherspoon, president; Bob Dis- brow, vice-president; Dave Hybner, secretary; Lyie Karre, historian; Kenn Calvert, pledge trainer, and Sam Hayes, treasurer. Nine chapters gathered at OU in April for the Region XIV Conclave. Sheila Lazerson was honored as Dream Girl at the Theta Chi Dinner Dance April 16. Scholarship awards went to Wayne Wotherspoon and pledges Gene Mertz and Mike Keim. The annual Sweater Girl Dance was held in October, with Priscilla Wilkins, Chi Omega, reigning as Sweater Girl. In November, Jack Schmid won the title of Typical College Man at the Sigma Kappa Showboat. The OX Olympics were held December 9 in the Fieldhouse. Jeanie Krogh, Chi Omega, was named Helen of Troy. Theta Chi ' s reullv Theta Chi Front row Ken Calvert, Sam Hayes, Dave Hybner, Bob Disbrow, Wayne Wotherspoon; row 2: Steve Malone, Reed Kadavy Tom Wintle, Bob Williams; row 3; Jim Bergin, Bill Zadina, Ray Olsen, Fred Binder, Ron Kibbon; row 4: Jim Schaefer, Tom Collins, Mike Keim, Gene Mertz, Hal Riedemann, Larry Bourne; row 5; Roger Rachow, Jim Kroupa, Ben Langfeldt A! Baker, LeRoy Dyer, Steve Hoffman; row 6: Mike Dulik, Larry Miller, Bill Urban. 84 Front row Jerry Ko iol, Chuck Neubecker, Dick Payant, Terry Veylupck, Dick Deitering; row 2: Herb Eveiand, Dick Gill Ron Favara, Don Swanson, Jim Stevens; row 3: Marshall Hohman,Jack Stovall, JoeConklin, Louis Kucirek Greg Crisman, Carl Carlisle; row 4: Tom Upton, John Zeitins, Gary Krieger, Mike Toth, Lyle Karre, Mike Sail; row S; Bob Henning, Dick Dummar, Jack Schmid. 85 ox Olympics The shrieks of sorority and fraternity members filled the Fieldhouse December 9 as they participated in the annual Theta Chi Olympics. Jean Krogh, Chi Omega, reigned as Helen of Troy. Zeta Tau Alpha and Tau Kappa Epsilon won the game events. I Sisterhood, dances and trophies filled another year for ZETA TAU ALPHA. Greek royalty included Sue Zimmer, Lambda Chi Mardi Gras Queen; Vi Carstensen, Lambda Chi Pledge Sweetheart, and Rosalyn Hammer, Sig Lp Diamond Princess. The Zeta ' s won first place in the Spring Sing. They collected the most money in the UCS drive, winning Jean Battiato the tille of Cutest Pan. Mary Rheinfrank was named Honorary Colonel by members of Arnold Air. Sue Goepper served on the Student Council, and .leanie Craig was elected sophomore class secretary. Jeanie Fentress, first runner- up, and Sandy Grove were in the Tomahawk Beauty Contest top five. Sandy was also honored by the GATEWAY as coed of the semester. Ron Wagner, Lambda Chi, reigned as Zeta Honey. Dennis Boehme, TKE, was selected Coolest Man at the Fantasy ' n Frost Dance in December. Zeta officers were: Joan Edwards, president; Diane Berry, rush chairman; Sue Kessinger, pledge trainer; Roberta Pechous, secretary; Joyce Vacek, treasurer and Vicki Adam, historian. m , President Joan Edwards Zeta Honey Ron Wagner Coolest Man Dennis Boehme " Today and forever, we ' ll be Zeta ' s true. " Sorority members sing at Greek Week. 87 Zeta Tau Alpha Front Row: Sue Zimmer, Nancy Jo Stevenson, Sue Kessinger, Joan Edwards, Juli Epperson, Joyce Vacek, Diane Berry; row 2: Barb Anderson, Nancy S. Stevenson, Linda Loshek, Georgeanne Schnurr; row 3: Dava Fuerst, Ann Kuhse, Jackie Borcyk, Carol Gaines, Janie Rosholm; row 4: Cindy Pash, Jean Fentress, Kathy Mappes, Nancy Pickard, Barb Bell, Jeanie Craig, Joyanne Lang; row 5: Rosalyn Hammer, Karen Thoma, Sandy Burdick, Marilyn Martin, Mellisa Olson, Deirdre Swanson. 88 I Front row: Sandy Grove, Mary Clare Janousek, Pat Johnson, Chris Gembica; row 2; Teresa O ' Doherty, Mardee Kiscoan; row 3: Rosahe Garofolo, Roclyn Nord, Mary Trevarrow, Mary Jacobi, Gail McKen ie. Pat Rolhe, Marilyn Elliott, Linda Johnson, Linda Barton; row 4: Joanne Pechous, Mary Beth Hayes, Sue Goe pper, Helen Sideris, Jean Battiato, Linda Norlin; row 5: Joyce Perchal, Shirley Newcomer, Barb Miller, Diane Wilkins, Viola Carstensen, Joyce Arnelt, Kathy Hurley, Cheryl Zerzan, Nancy Caster. 89 CIRCLE K — front row: L. A. Danton, Gene Fisher, Jack Filipowski, Sam Grasso, Tom Cooper; row 2: Bob Gilmore, Dave Umthun, Dick Hansen, Tom Cady, Ed Van Ackeren, Ken Krichbaum, John Kizhn, Michael Wilken, Daryl Taylor, Doug Volk, Dave Volk, Jim Callahan; row 3 : Randy Nielsen, Jim Vincent, John Hoyer, Dick Osterhaus, Greg Hansen, Herb Wehner, B. J. Inghram, Bill Yost, Larry Lindberg; row 4: Bob Flood, Steve Weidenhammer, George Ryck, Alan Siemering, Tom Heenan, Roger Philbrick, Mike Siragusa, Duane Kowalewski, Dave Oman. Circle K Radio Club RADIO CLUB- front row: Roger Tiedeman, Robert Smith, Gary Lammers, Dan Sullivan, Robert Osthoff; row 2: Daniel Fahrlander, Tom Tripp, Robert Trauk- land, Roger Sullivan, Jerry Skovgaard, Larry Pederson, Gene Hultman. 90 International Students INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ORGANIZATION -front row: Craig Kuiish, Refzan Vargin, Anastasios Axiotopoulos Loene Ander- son Ron Minobe; row 2: Timothy Adebayo. Clyde Christian , Fred Kawaguchi, Sandy Dworak Jim McWhorter, LeRoy Falk, Sherry Mills, Eileen S. Nicholson, Charles Wortz; row 3: Marleen Dyrda, John Olayode, Larry Crume. Terne Ree, Laisue Rukas, Fumiko Nakano, Tomoe Wakamatsu, Yutaka Arae. The International Students Organization is in- terested in the similarities and differences in the world, but they are not alone. Doug Slaughter participated in a seven-week summer program in international living. His trip, sponsored by the Experiment in International Living, was to Israel as a fruit-picker. His summer experience, which started with a week of indoctrination in Israeli customs and culture, led him to a strange world of the kibbutz and the moshava. Slaughter divided his time between these type of settlements dur- ing his stay. Doug Slaughter showed a slide present- ation of his summer to many campus and civic groups. NEWMAN CLUB— front row: Father Noonan, Cathi Murphy, Charlene row 3: Judy Wilson, Patti Pease, Charlotte Plack, Jeanne Aulabaugh, Mirasky, Jan Sullivan, Larry Lindberg, Duane Kowalewski, Mary Ann Kenny, Kathy Dostert, Ginne Werner, Sharon Nekuda, Alice He- Irvin, Barb Rodgers; row 2: Patty Hopkins, Mike Wilkin, Sharon Bis- witt; row 4: Mary Jo Everhart, Don Kisicki, Jack Jobst, Mike Kelley, bee, Frank Anania, Jeanne Windier, Jan Dalgleish, Jim Mulry, Karen Dr. Barbara Faucci. Kronberg, Tom Heenan, La Vonne Sedlacek, Jan Blair, Eileen Davis; CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION— Susan Acuff, Rick Wittekind, Rita Sorum, Glen Wittekind, John McKean, Ken Young. i Reverend Barry talks with students. Religious Organizations The Christian Science Organization meets once a week in the WilHam Baxter Memorial Chapel in the MBSC. Officers were Rita Sorum, president- Susan Acuff, vice-president; and Rich Wittekmd, treasurer Objectives of the Campus Christian Fellowship is to establish and maintain a corporation in the colleges and universities of the greater Omaha area. Reverend Barry is available to students for counciling and religious advice. The purpose of the Newman Club is to further religious ideals of the Catholics on campus and do good in the coni- munity Officers were Larry Lindberg, president; George Ryck, vice-president- Duane Kowalewski, treasurer; and Jan Sullivan, secretary. REVEREND LEONARD S. BARRY Campus Minister 93 SKI CLUB— front row: Marsha Valentic, John Kizlin, Lonnie Jensen, Vacek; row 3: Deanna Ash, Rosemary Krecek, Herm Dippel, Barry Ron Smith, Wayne Van Vliet, Gerald Abdouch, Sandi Burdick, Lois Timanus, Vic Massara, John Kiper, Andrew Illes, Kathy Kielian, Gary Prazan, Mary Jean Newell, Sally Thompson, Carol Suchy, Pam Zed- Riddle, Judy Benson, Joy Lang, Katie Clas, Patty Hopkins, Carol nik, Judy Moeller; row 2: Elaine Meyers, Carola Bergfeld, Rita Shelton; row 4: Sharon Bisbee, Frank Anania, Gary Soula, Phil Wil- Owens, Kathy Widdersheim, Rita Sorum, John Scalzy, Linda Frederick- son, Brenda Williams, Rich Engelhart, Eileen Daly, Judy Zomparelli, sen, Carolyn Weber, Jack Anderson, Carol Thurman, Ellen Czaplew- Reed Kodavy, John Kott; row 5: Bob Phelps, Ron Wagner, Sue Aimmer, ski, Margaret Grossman, Christine Mohanna, Kathy Hurley, Joyce Karen Thoma, Steve Pegler, Gary Lammers, Tom Helligso, GaryBarkes. I 61 to Breckenridge ij The Ski Club, in its fourth year on campus, again took its annual trip to Colorado. Sixty-one OU members spent part of the semester break in Breckenridge. The trip was from Jan- uary 29 to February 4, with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ray, Richard Albin and Michael Campbell along as sponsors. ! ■ YR ' S and YD ' S Hold Election YOUNG REPUBLICANS— front row: Linda Fredericksen, Judy Houchin, Joan Adams, John Latenser, Barbara Sha Barbara Montag; row 2: Richard Giblin, Maureen Fitzgerald, Tom Wintle, Charles Deats, Catherme Turco, Lloyd Coffelt; row 3: Gary Krieger, Jim Londay, Kathy Widdersheim. Members of Young Republicans and Young Democrats sponsored a mock election during the fall. This election was held at the time of the national elections and included the offices of governor. United States senator and con- gressman. The GOP showed its strength by taking the offices of governor and representative with Norbert Tiemann and Glenn Cunningham, although they lost the senate seat to Frank Morrison. The mock election was a fair barom- eter, with only Morrison losing in the general election. YOUNG DEMOCRATS-front row: Jan Voelte, Doug Junge, W. G. Webster, Sandi Gilin- sky, John Mumford; row 2: Dick Hansen, Ed Van Ackeren, Ed Ganey, Diane Kolasky, John Leibman, Marcia Cohen, Tom Cady, Gerald Nanos. 95 Dance, March, Cheer, Yell Ouampi in reality is Lloyd The Indiannes march in perfect step during halftime. Roitstein, who performs a large repertoire of Indian dances. The cheerleaders, Indiannes and Ouampi motivate the fans to cheer for OU at athletic events, primarily football and basketball. The cheerleaders continually practice new cheers for games and pep rallies. The Indiannes, accompanied by OU ' s band, entertain at halftime. Leslie Eggers and Roxie Holmes lead football crowd in OU yell. Jumpmg cheerleaders excite Ouampi room crowd during noon pep rally. 96 Indiannes: O (standing, clockwise): Jeannie Arringdaie, Dorothy Howard, Roclyn Nord, Mary Peden, Becky Burling, Fndiannes Leader Joyce Page, Linda HIavka, Kathy Specht, Linda Jordan, Sue Goepper; U (counterclockwise): Debby Cortese, LaRae Koppit. Jody Buick, Ann Smiley, Dava Fuerst, Karen Thoma, Rosemary Krecek, Beth Hayes. Cheerleaders: Roxie Holmes, Brenda Williams, Joan Fulton, Cheerleader Captain Shirley Newcomer, Karyl Ronsin, JoAnne Pechous, Leslie Eggers. 97 Interpep, Ipmauoes Ipmauoes display football ability during pep rally preceding OU-Eastern New Mexico clash. INTERPEP front row: Karla Went iell, Mary Ann Over. Gail Kozel, Chynne Koser, Susan Nelsen; row 2: Sally Vasel, Jonell Dunn, Inez Kucera, Sherry Ander- son; row 3; John Kizlin, Jary Streitwieser, Larry Lindberg. Dave Carter, Carl Roy, Janet Archer; row 4: Kathy Hurley, Ann Bogacz, Ken Bunger, Mary Jo Everhart, Jean Battiato. IPMAUOES front row: Connie Stilwell, Linda Lindamood, Dianne Des- ler, Toni Matson Westphalen, Christie Winheim, Cheryl Wester- gaard, Janet Mayhan; row 2: Pam Covert, Nancy Montag, Jackie Everson, Barbara Hunt, Jeanie Eentress, Carole Grube, Grace Han- sen, Barb Anderson, Marilyn Martin, Judy Benson, Judy Houchin; row 3: Sally Smith, Judy Earp, Joyce Arnett, Betty McGinnis, Barbara Miller, Roslyn Hammer, Jonell Dunn, Debby Rhoades, Susie Gash, Carol Keefover; row 4: Jan Knudson, Judy Linger, Vicki Shives, Diane Denker, Karen Fallman, Judy Slader, Patti Pease, Becky Burling. Viola Carsten- sen, Claire Perrigo, Kathy Heckenlively. 98 Track ' 66 The 1966 outdoor track team broke four school records .!| including the shuttle hurdle and the distance medley relays. Both rec- ords were broken by the foursome of Kettelson, Neel, Newsome and Power. Gould ran his best mile in the Texas Relays. His 7:09.2 effort gained a second-place finish. Sam Singleton ' s 6 ' 8 " outdoor high jump set a rec- ord. As a whole, the Indians won two of three dual meets by besting Washburn and Peru. South Dakota sur- passed the OU trackmen, 97 to 44. OU finished behind Doane and Nebraska Wesleyan in a triangular meet. EarUer, the same squad enjoyed a 7-1 record in indoor competition. And away it flies. . . Ed Neel hurls javelin. Ken Gould on his way to break tape broke three school rec- ords in 1966. As a senior, he set two new marks outdoors. He ran one mile in 4:09.7 and two miles in 9:03.7. His best mile ever while attending OU was at the Texas Relays, where he had a 4:09.2 timing. Front row: Paul Gubi, Clyde Kettelson, Don Glasgow, Ken Gould, Bob Smilley, Jim McMahon, Wayne Boldt, John Newsome, row 2: Head Coach Lloyd Cardwell, Gary Paporello, Larry Weller, Clyde Cogelia, Dave Oman, Gary Power, Max Kurz, Rich Anderson, Ed Neel, Assis- tant Coach Don Watchorn. 99 Cross Country Richard Carey was a freshman standout on the young squad. The loss of graduated Ken Gould hurt the 1966 cross country squad says Coach Lloyd Cardwell. The harriers compiled a 3-8 regular season. OU finished 4th in the Midwest AAU, 4th in the CIC Championship and 5th in NAIA District 1 1. Front row: Don Glasgow, Howard Shine, Richard Carey, Larry Weller; row 2: Coach Lloyd CardwelL Jim McMahon, Dave Oman, Max Kurz. 100 Paul Gubi clears the bar (above). Dave Oman and Jim McMahon trail Yankton ' s long-distance man in the 1.000-yard run (below ). Larry Stephens doesn ' t let a hurdle stand in his way. Indoor Track 1966-67 Emporia was the only team to beat OU in 1966 indoor track. The Indians hustled to eight new indoor records in the campaign: sprint medley relay, shuttle hurdle relay, shot put, high jump, one- and two-mile and 60- and 75-yard high hurdles. The 1967 indoor season got off to a 2-4 start after the first three meets. 101 Coach Jim Borsheim, Dick Hawkes, Jary Streitwieser, Stewart Sloan, Jerry Giles, John Brunk. Tennists, Golfers Work Out The tennis squad finished last in the CIC with a 1-9 record. Midland was the only squad the young Indians downed. Captain John Brunk, the only senior, earned his first letter in the sport at OU as did veteran Dick Hawkes and Stewart Sloan. Prentice Besore and Jerry Giles were awarded their second tennis letter. The golf team also finished last in the CIC during 1966 and recorded a 5-8-1 season. Junior Jim Thompson was the outstanding linksman for OU. He and Paul Anderson earned their third letter in the sport in 1966. Senior James Gember was awarded his second letter. Saul Arrington and Donald Light were both first-year men. Stewart Sloan serves to opponent on Dewey Park court. Front row: Saul Arrington, Coach Ken Fischer, Jim Thompson, Paul Anderson; row 2: Don Light, Jim Gember. 102 Coach Yelkin Completes Second Decade Omaha U Omaha U Omaha U Omaha U Omaha U Omaha U Omaha U Omaha U Omaha U Omaha U Omaha U Omaha U Omaha U Omaha U Season Scores Hastings Hastings Drake Nebraska Wesleyan Invitational Dana Nebrasi a Wesleyan Creighton NAIA South Area 3 Kansas Wesleyan Dana Emporia NAIA North Area 3 Minot State Minot State Minot State NA I A National Championship Southern University New Mexico Highlands 0 Omaha U 6 2 Omaha U 5 3 Omaha U 0 1 Omaha U 5 0 Omaha U 9 5 Omaha u 5 Omaha u 5 2 Omaha u 3 0 Omaha u 16 6 Oniaha u 5 Omaha u 1 1 3 Omaha u 6 0 2 Omaha u 6 Omaha u 4 9 Omaha u 13 7 Omaha u 5 Phillips (7 Tournament Northeastern Oklahoma State 0 Wichita State 3 Phillips University 3 Phillips University 4 Season Scores Nebraska Wesleyan 0 Nebraska Wesleyan 2 Rockhurst University 1 Rockhurst University 2 Wayne State 2 Wayne State 7 Creighton 2 Creighton 4 CIC Championship Tournament Emporia 5 Pittsburg 14 Emporia 10 Washburn 5 Front row: Ronnie Bernth, Lonnie Bernth, Herb Johnson, Jim Butler, Gary Garrels: row 2: Lew Garrison, Rich Vacek, Larry Wood, Jack Holder, Dan Klepper; row 3: Coach Virgil Yelkin, Mike lovanna. Manager Bill Shepherd, A! Zimmerman, Joe Berenis. 104 The OU baseball team opened its home schedule on April 13, after the Indians returned from the Phillips University Tournament with top honors. Earlier, bad weather had postponed several double- headers at home. The team won seven more games and lost one before finishing 2-2 in the CIC Championship. Harold Lenz tries to whack the ball at a Rosenblatt Stadium game. Front row: Larry Carlson. Rich Lang. Bob Davis, Billy Myers; row 2: Harold Lenz, Ken Mc- Ewen. .lim Collin, Jim Shimerdla; row 3: Dale Lortz, Erv Rehder, Assistant Coach Carl Meyers. 1966 OU Baseballers Win 22, Lose 8 After the CIC tourney, the Indians swept the Nebraska Wesleyan Invitational. The team was the undisputed victor in the NAl A South Area 3 Tourney. OU had to come from behind to beat a rugged Minot State team in the N AIA North Area 3 playoffs. Veteran pitcher senior Ken McEwen suffered his only loss of the season in this series. The light-hitting Indians dropped their first two games in the NAIA National Tourney at St. Joseph, Mo. Lydia White vied for College World ' s Series Sweetheart in June. Fiont row: Bill Dodd, Peter Boyk ns. Rick Davis, Lloyd Williams, Roy Washington, James Curry, Doug DeFaIco, Don Lane, Marlin Briscoe, Lew Garrison, Dennis Ondilla; row 2: Ron Sayers, Ray Shaw, Gary Newmann, Harold Lenz, Bill Haas, Gary Paporello, Pat Smagacz, Greg Kavan. Wayne Hopkins, Larry Stephens, Richard Redlinger, Michael Danze, Don Franklin, Steve Haborak. The Coaches, Team For 1966 Football coaches: Don Benning, Head Coach Al Caniglia, Don Watchorn, Ken Fishce i, Carl Meyers. Front row: Buddy Beiitz, Oscar Pulliam, Robert Kreitner, Carl Goodman, James Noris. Dan Klepper, Gary LaFollette, Will Shepard, Stan Standifer- row 2: Ron McClellan, Terry Edwards, Ernest Owen, Steve Whitehill, Gary Ziemba, Tom Hutchison, Richard Schuckman, Bill Jansen, Dave Rak, Bernie Kanger, Dom Polifrone Jim Barnng- ton, Tom McGinn, Ken Pelan, Ed Jackson. Idaho State 28. . OU 20 OU ' s balanced offense netted 374 yards. 37 more than the Bengals, m the season opener at Pocatello, Idaho. However, the leaky Indian defense per- mitted Quarterback Bill Ingram 263 aerial yards, including a TD pass. Morningside 26 . . . OU 7 OU stopped the Maroon Chiefs twice on goal-line stands in the second half, but the pesky Morningside offense .scored 12 points in the final 29 sec- onds. Earlier, an intercepted Haas ' pass was run .back 76 yards by a Morningside defender to score. Pittsburg 2 1 . . OU 7 Battle-worn Indians lost two more players to injuries. Tackles Klepper and Ziemba, plus five fumbles in the contest with the Gorillas, who scored 14 points in the final quarter to break a 7-7 deadlock. Hiram Scott 13 . . OU 7 The Indians failed to regroup after the pregame announcement that Bris- coe would be out for the season with a neck injury. A Band Day crowd of 4,100 saw the Scotts limit the Indians to five first downs and 80 yards total offense. Bradley 14 . .0U6 A hardworking Indian defense held Bradley to eight first downs, 99 yards rushing and 36 yards passing. How- ever, the OU defense managed 71 yards total. Seven fumbles lost and six Haas ' passes intercepted entered into the defeat. Eastern New Mexico 23 . . . OU 0 The travel-weary Indians returned home after three straight road games to be blanked for only the second time in six years. The Greyhounds scored 16 points in the second quarter and amassed four times the total Indian yardage of 102 yards. Only 1,848 fans came to the lone night game at Rosen- blatt. Indians Grab One Victory, Lose 9 Times Washburn 21 . OU 14 OU fumbled into the CIC cellar before a crowd of 1,800 Parents " Day fans. The dismal story of fumbles, inter- ceptions and injuries seemed to be history as OU freshman Steve Haborak pounced on a hobbled opening kickoff. However, the Indians slide to a 0-7 record. Fori Hays 19 . OUO The 2,800 Homecoming fans had a chilly reception, both weather- and game-wise. The Indians were tied, 0-0 going into the third quarter, but were held scoreless as a " touchdown " was nullified by a penalty. The loss dropped the former champion Indians into a last place lie in the CIC. OU 13 . . . EmpuriaO The luckless Indians finally gained what had been eluding them all sea- son. . .a victory. The OU defense jelled to hold the Hornets to a total of 114 yards and more importantly, scoreless, as the Indians registered their only victory. Drake 53 . . OUO Some 525 spectators watched the Bull- dogs literally chew the Indians as they handed OU its worst loss of the Can- iglia era. Drake ' s 562 total yards tripled the Indians " effort. OU was blanked for the third time to end a dismal season with one win and nine losses. 109 I The cold weather for Homecoming didn ' t chill the Marching Spirit- Band and Indiannes. Homecoming Princess cadidate Sue singer ' s face reflects the grim 53-0 Ic iger to Drake Kes- oss A 1-9 season explains Joan Fulton ' s sorrowful mood. A sideline shot of the OU-Washburn game depicts determinism of Indians. Ill Matmen Wrestle to 10-3-2 Season Omaha U 30 Concordia 5 Omaha U 28 Drake 3 Omaha U 40 Kearney 2 Omaha U 15 Nebraska U 14 Minol Slate 15 Omaha U 12 Omaha U 19 N. Dakota St. 12 Omaha U 14 No. Illinois 14 Omaha U 36 Denver U 2 Omaha U 18 St. Cloud 18 Omaha U 17 Graceland 12 Omaha U 22 Fort Hays 17 Omaha U 19 N.W.Missouri 23 Omaha U 29 South Dakota 8 Omaha U 16 Wayne State 12 Omaha U 6 Emporia 8 Ref signals Wayne Stater ' s two-point reversal of Heavyweight Tom Maides. Individual Records Curlee Alexander Kinze Williams Joe Luongo William Meyers Tom Ruffino Phil Taylor Richard Coleman Roy Washington Reggie Williams Wendell Hakanson Nick Modrcin Jim Barrington Tom Maides did not finish season, ineligible did not finish, injured Wgt. Win L T 115 12 3 1 115 3 5 0 123 0 2 0 123 2 4 0 130 9 4 0 130 3 0 0 137 6 1 0 145 14 1 0 152 12 2 0 160 13 2 0 167 4 4 2 177 4 4 0 Hvy. 8 7 0 Front row: Curlee Alexander, Kinze Williams, Phil Taylor, Bob Mosely, Tom Ruffino, Roy Washington, Nick Modrcin, Tom Giandinoto; row 2: Coach Don Benning, Tom Murtaugh, Reggie Williams, Jim Barrington, Joe Luongo, Wendell Hakanson, Tom Maides, Terry Butkus, Terry Stoysich, Jim Hoffman, John Rogers. Not pictured: Bill Meyers, Richard Coleman. 1 12 1 Cagers Grab First Championship Regular Season Omaha U 69 Morningside 58 Omaha U 66 N.E. Missouri 54 Nebraska Omaha U 72 Wesieyan 67 Doane College 74 Omaha U 69 Omaha U 73 M idland 60 Omaha U 70 Fort Hays 56 Colorado State 53 Omaha U 49 Omaha U 60 Rockhurst 59 Omaha U 68 Emporia State 67 Omaha U 74 Kearney State 64 Omaha U 65 Pittsburg St. 51 Rockhurst 83 Omaha U 75 St. Benedict ' s 88 Omaha U 63 Omaha U 45 Pittsburg St. 43 Fort Hays 57 Omaha U 55 Washburn 62 Omaha U 59 Morningside 97 Omaha U 76 Omaha U 66 Washburn 56 St. Benedict ' s 87 Omaha U 62 Omaha U 82 Emporia State 74 CIC Finish Omaha U Washburn Emporia St. Fort Hays St. Pittsburg St. W 6 6 3 3 7 Omaha U grabbed its first basketball conference championship on February 28. OU ' s 6-2 CIC record gained the team a share of the title with Washburn. During the 12-8 season, which was the best in 12 years, the hustling Indians amassed 1 ,328 points. The cagers made 332 of the points via the freethrow line. The Indians grabbed 847 re- bounds including 361 by hustling Dennis Browne. OU tangled with Doane on March 2 for a berth in the NAIA playoffs. , Hi 1 4 0 14 3 2 Front row: Student Manager Tom Allen, John Armstrong, Dewey Eyrich, Jim Turner, Mike Fowler, Jim Etter; row 2: Assistant Coach Carl Meyers, Dick Osterhaus, Norman Davis, Russ Havriliak, Leonard Todd, Tony Gargano, Coach Jim Borsheim; row 3: Dave Poindexter, Don Walker, Dennis Browne, Larry Cahow, Jim Vincent, Bill Haas, Ron Story. 113 Indian Trio Scores, Rebounds Jumping Junior Dennis Browne is on his way to scoring another basket. The 6-5 forward led the team in scoring (333 points) by shooting at a 16.7 points-per-game pace. He also had the highest game score (28 points) for OU during 1966-67. Dennis set two school records during the regular season: most rebounds for one game (23) and most rebounds for one season (361 ). 114 J ACCOUNTING CLUB - front row: Jim McKinney, Rodney Ronenfeldt, Wayne Higley, James Sack, Steve Kort, Richard Den Herder, Orien Helen Denton, Byron Bissell, Robert Teal, Steve Budzinski, Wilma Hodges, William Hockett, Virgil Stone, Jerry Giles; row 3: Jack Phelps, Mike Defreece, Philip Abdouch; row 2; Burwell Beaman, Anderson, Walter Goecke, Jerry Gubbels, Robert Kelly. The College of Business Administration contains several divi- sions geared to the individual interests of the majors. Two of these divisions arc Academic Accounting and Business Admin- istration. In addition each division sponsors a club where mem- bers can get together, hear speakers and learn about their chosen field. VIRGILSTONE EARL CURRY, JR. FRANKLIN GEORGEHARRIS JOYCEMINTEER Asst Professor Asst. Profess or FORBES Professor Asst. Professor Accounting Bus. Admin. Asst. Professor Bus. Admin. Bus. Admin. Bus. Admin. Members on a tour listen attentively to explanations. DELTA SIGMA PI- front row: W.F. Goecke, T.L. Edstrom, C.L. Alii- grove, Jim Kalina; row 3: Dennis Solko, Lawrence Miller, Al Cham- son Wayne Higley, J.C. Bennett, B.D. Halla, B.D. Bisseli, D. Buer- berlain, Jim Jones, Ralph Palmer; Row 4: Steve Bremerr Clark stetta- row 2 ' Keith Kiernan, F.S. Nigro, B E, Bradbury, A W. Campbell, Grant Malhison, William D. Gaughan, Doug Cramer, Bob Wallingfor jr S L Driml, W.T. Hoese, Jack Anderson, V.J. Massara, Hansen, Roger Whitney, Doug Hall, Tom Petersen, Daniel Bodielena Jerry Giles, W.J Loflus, W.T. Sheldon, Marshall Widman, R.L. Cos- Dave Spaustal, Dick Nordberg, Ken Seddon. 121 MARKETING CLUB— front row: Vera Escott, Ellen Czapiewski, Jackie Levine, Tom Heenan, Helen Denton; Row 2: John Hover, Bill Loftus, Bill Sheldon, Wilma Phelps, Jim Lynch, Gerald E. Kaczor, Dr. Leonard Prestwich. DR WILLIS ROKES Professor, Dept. Head Insurance DR. CHARLES BULL Professor, Dept. Head Marketing DR. WILLIAM BROWN Assoc. Professor Marketing ■ ' ■- " •Sk " DR. JACK HILL Professor, Dept. Head Management FRANCIS NEMECEK Instructor Management DR. M. GENE NEWPORT Assoc. Professor Management DR. LEONARD PRESTWICH Professor Retailing DR. C. GLENN LEWIS Professor Real Estate Other departments in the College of Busi- ness Administration are Insurance, Mar- keting Management. Retailing and Real Estate. These departments give the major a broad look into the different aspects of the business world. The clubs sponsored by these departments are the Marketing Club and Rho Epsilon, the real estate fraternity. RHO EPSILON — front row: Bob Cnssman, Jim Burchell, Ralph Palmer, Volk, Tom Cooper, Dan Bockelman, Don Kavalec, Joe Larkin. Dr C. Glenn Lewis, Steve Greenberg; Row 2: William Sla Students receive help in accounting from William Hockett, head of the Accounting Department. 124 Harlan L. Aden Personnel Management Dale D. Aipperspach Accounting Paul E. Anderson Accounting John E. Ashley Marketing James R. Blair Personnel Management Joseph V. Blaylock General Business Neil M. Bloom Accounting Bruce E. Bradbury Personnel Management Steve H. Budzinski Accounting Duane E. Buerstetta Accounting t:. Thomas P. Catlin Finance Edward D. Cejka General Business Warner J. Clark Marketing Janet A. Craig Secretarial Science All of the graduates of the College of Business Administration received a Bachelor of Science degree. Their major area of concentration is listed. 126 Michael T. Defreece Richard W. Den Herder Helen N. Denton Accounting Accounting Accounting Robert A. Hull Personnel Management Robert S. Izat Business Administration Frank A. Kaura Finance Donald R. Kavalee Marketing Keith V. Kiernan Finance Stephan A. Kort Accounting Dorsey M. Labart Secretarial Science Jackie Levine Personnel Management Victor J. Massara Marketing Stephen W. Melier Finance Arthur J. Misterek Personnel Management Alfred L. Menahan General Business Richard J. McMullen Marketing Randolph D. Nielson Personnel Management James L. Norris Accounting Rodney L. Oberle Finance Thomas H. Petersen Accounting William R. Poff Personnel Management Thomas L. Quinlin Finance 128 i I ! I 1 JAMESQ. HOSSACK Asso. Prof., Dept. Head Civil Engg. CHERYL H PREWETT Professor, Dept. Head Industrial Technology FRANK BOSILJEVAC Instructor Civil Engg. JAMES H. BROWN Professor Industrial, General Engg. IEEE— Front row: Jim Eder, George Ryck, president, Larry Zwart, secretary, Doug Slaughter, Bob Hildebrandt; row 2: Roger Jirka, treas- urer. Professor John Mc- Millan, Instructor Robert Schmidt, Pete Adwers, In- structor Charles Sedlacek. ANSON D. MARSTON Professor, Acting Dean Engg. and Technology The Department of Engineering gained new prominence in 1966 as it " tooi over " the former Applied Arts building. Administrative officials re-named the building as a primary step toward enlarging the engineering facilities and college. The college sponsors four organizations for the students according to their fields of concentration. They are American Institute of Industrial Engineers, American Society of Civil Engineers, Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers and Society of American Military Engineers. 132 ASCE— Front row: Harry Dotson, secretary; Richard Vasel, president; Bob Mitchel, vice-president and Bob Mack, treasurer, row 2; Dave Rak, Rich Novak, Ed Vankowski, Richard Hall, Charles Pribyl, Randall Leu, Rick Eaders, Virgil Meedel; row 3: Mike Badura, Lee Minear, Norm Nelson, Jerry Bain, William Gaube, Tom Harvat, Byron Ollendike, Terry Harval, Richard Gibson, faculty advisor Sid- ney Price, row 4: Gary Sander, Mores Bergman, Denny Retter, John Linder, Gary Barkes, Larry Leehy, John Rupprecht, Tom Murray, faculty advisor. HAROLD L. DAVIS Asso. Prof. Industrial Technology LAWRENCE E. EHLERS Asso. Prof. Industrial, General Engg. RICHARD E. GIBSON Asso. Prof. Civil Engg. WILLIAM A. HARRIMAN III Instructor Industrial Technology. WILLIAM B. LeMAR Asso. Prof. Civil Engg. SAME— Front row; Jerry Hunacek, Steve Sorich, Elmer Johnstone, Bob McDowell; 2nd row: Jerry Vaca, Ken Flegle, Steve Holmstrom. FRANCIS G. McLEAN Ass ' t. Prof. Civil Engg. THOMAS M. MURRAY Instructor Civil Engg. THEODORET. SOKOL, JR. Instructor Civil Engg. JACK C.TITUS Asst. Prof. Industrial, General Engg. AIIE— Front row: J. C. Titus, James Messing, Gerald Quick, Rodney O ' Connor, Ralph Perkins, C. H. Prewett; row 2: Ted Gulizia, Bob Scott, Anastasios Axiotopoulos, John Scalzo, JayGrabow, Doug Anderson, Alan Brown, Albert Luedtke, Harv Babendure, Carroll Fleming, Jerry Vaca. 135 MARGARLH KILLIAN Professor, Dept. Head Home Economics MRS. JEANNE MOORE Asst. Instructor Home Economics The Home Economics Department offers courses in foods and nutrition, clothing and design and general home economics. Grad- uates become professional dietitians, teachers and homemakers. Karen Freelin, Kathy Pilon and Brenda Williams watch Jeanne Kielian mix up a storm. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB front row: Sari Baron, Treasurer Laura Mile ski, President Diane R. Ruge, Secretary Mariene Dyrda. Adviser Mrs. Richard Moore; row 2: Jeanie Craic, Karia Wentzell, Mary Trev- arrow, Andrea Cole, Marilyn Elliott, Jean Battiato, Delores Frentrop; row 3: Barbara HoUenbeck, Carol Skoland, Virginia Daniels, Chris Gembica. 136 TI N Bf ST DRF SSI.D front row: Jcanic C raig, Karen Payne, Cheryl hby (best dressed), Jan Norton, l.inda Jordan: row 2: Judy Clodfelder, Suzanne Gillcr, Margi Holmquist, Jan Rund- quist, Ann Bogacz. Cheryl Eby Dresses Best Judges were Nancy Luetticke, Jo Harnett and Dorothy Gray. Cheryl Eby, a freshman majoring in journalism and member of Alpha Xi Delta sorority, was selected best dressed coed on campus. Miss Eby competed with 32 other coeds who were nominated by organizations on campus. Contestants modeled school attire and tea dresses at a tea February 22. Judges were Dorothy Gray, teen co-ordinator at Brandeis; Jo Harnett, personnel director at Sears and Nancy Luetticke, instructor at Patricia Stevens Career College. The con- test was sponsored by the Home Economics Club. Club members also placed the names of eight women in the best dressed Hall of Fame. HALL OF FAME front row: Pam Adams, Diane Ruge, Brenda Williams; row 2: Jan Archer, Jonell Dunn, Carole Grube, Suzi Mortensen, Bev Grasso. 137 WARREN FRANCKE Instructor JOSEPH McCartney Instructor OU conducts sessions for high school students The Jounialisin Department gives more than 100 majors an oppor- tunity to gain experience in the field by working on the student pub- lications, the Gateway and the Tomahawk. On March 24, the depart- ment sponsored the Annual High School journalism Conference. This included educational sessions and a banquet where awards were pre- sented. PAUL PETERSON Asso. Professor, Dept. Head Front Row: Bonnie Johnston, Chet McCarthy, Judy Bradley, Robyn Carmichael, Lothar Luken, Rudy Smith; Row 2: Jerry Wozny, Sheri Williams, Gary Larsen, Judy Wilson, Rich Lundgren, Marsha Grafton, Ellen Gordman; Row 3: Dave Clopton, Ray Nordberg, Bob Gibson, John Prcscott, Vicki Adam, Diane Berry, Bob Erxleben; Row 4: Tom Herek. .loe Reiss, Dan Eveland, John Weber, Ray Kalinski, Jim VIcek, Dave Decker: Row 5: Tim Herek, Mike Condon, Clarence Wilson. Dr. Carl Hclmstadtcr is named honorary fiatcway l-ditor. Banquet Cites Staff Harold Andersen, President of the World Publishing Company, was the guest speaker at the Eleventh Annual Journalism Awards Banquet April 26. The " Rookie of the Year Award " sponsored by the Press Club was presented to Judy Bradley in recognition of her work on student publications. Thirty-eight bronze, silver, and gold keys were given to students for their work on the Gateway and Tomahawk staffs. Ken Zimmerman receives the Alumni citation and pewter mug. Joe McCartney presents " Outstanding Journalism Student " award to Mary Concannon. John Hlavacek, KMTV news analyst is awarded Departmental Cita- tion. 139 New Look for Gateway The Spring 1966 Gateway took on a new look with the addition of the weekly surveys and cartoons by Howard Shoemaker, nationally known cartoonist. Each Tuesday night the staff gathered to put the paper to bed. The cam- pus weekly took an active part in supporting the mill levy drive by a special issue. One addition to the depart- ment was the Associated Press teletype wire provided by the World Herald. The wire service gives the journ- alists an opportunity to keep up with the news and serves as an educational tool. John Weber gets the news first from the AP wire. Chet McCarthy and cartoonist William Shoemaker discuss the future cartoon ideas. " Ik Mary Concannon, Editor Spring 1966 Bob Erxleben, Editor Fall 1966 John Weber, Editor Spring 1967 140 141 DR. PAUL PETERSON Faculty Advisor. Dick Sanders shot and processed the pictures. (Left) Judy Wilson got some tips from Dr. Peterson on page layout. (Below) Editor Diane Berry suggested some pictures for Vern Johnson. i To paint a portrait of today ' s events for tomorrow ' s memories is the 1967 Tomahawk ' s goal. New methods are tried yearly to portray the school year as it might best be remembered. The memories of the year are herein recorded as a reference, as a reminder and as an inspiration. - j9E w Top Beauty Honors Go To Karyl Ronsin The Tomahawk Beauty Queen for 1967, Karyl Ronsin, was crowned amid twinkling blue and green Christmas trees in the Library Con- ference Center December 7. The dark-haired coed is a member of Alpha Xi Delta. Jean Fen- tress, Zeta Tau Alpha, was named first runner- up and Mary Ann Over, Alpha Xi Delta, was second runner-up. Of the 39 entrants, four other finalists were chosen. They were Sandy Grove, Karen Johnson, Susan Smith, and Jean Vipond. The contestants modeled in street clothes and long formals accompanied by the organ music of Ernie Gorr. Judges were Sun newspaper columnist Rosemary Madison, World-Herald photographer John Savage and cartoonist How- ard Shoemaker. Daryl Hosack was master of ceremonies. The annual contest is sponsored by the Tomahawk. Chairman Diane Berry, Mrs. Theima Engle and Dr. Paul V. Peterson made up the contest committee. Escorts were stu- dents selected from the journalism department. They were Jim Cowman, Dave Decker, Bob Erxleben, Dan Eveland, Vern Johnson, Chet McCarthy, and John Weber. " The winner is. . Miss Karyl Ronsin. " Sue Smith and sorority sis- ter Mary Ann Over congratulate her. Diana Jamerson is escorted by Jim Cowman. 146 Ernie Gorr accompanied the girls on the organ and Daryl Hosaci was the master of ceremonies. Dava Fuerst (left) and Sally Smith put on their best smiles for the judges. Girls who are working towards a baccalaureate degree in Nursing attend classes at OU. The student nurses come from Clarkson Hospital, Immanual Hospital, Nebraska Methodist Hospital and Jennie lidmundson Hospital. On our cam- pus thev take courses in Microbiology, Psy- chology " and Public Health. Besides attending these classes the girls also take courses at their respective hospitals. Miss Dorothy Patach is the counselor ol ' nurses. She helps the girls arrange their academic schedules. DOROTHY PATACH Asst. Prof., Dept. Head Nursing Education CLARKSON front row: Jean Woiinski, Kathy Hartman, Sfiirlev Ruehling, Linda Catiin, Margaret Jones, Linda Cfiapman, Cfieryi Woiden, Dianne Alberts, Paula Vavricek, Penney Hubbud, Elizabeth White; row 2: Denise Buckridge, Maureen Schuknecht, Marti Borg, Sandy Tenenga, Carmen Grau, Linda Richardson, Paula Kurzen- berger, Jane Berg, Janet Petersen, Linda Vinzant, Mela Geer, Jane Zimmerman, Barbara Jamison. 148 IMMANUEL—front row Julie Nielsen, Peggy Miller, Kay Niemeier, Karen Nelson, Jo Ann Neu, Dianne Eisenhauer, Delores Harrison; Marcia Larson Karen Andreasen, Sharyn Martin, Karen Long, Shon row 3: Kae Parks. Donna Husk, Kay Hiatt, Nancy Lane, Sandy English Julie Anderson, Aileen Ward, Gloria Nash, Jane Shaffer, Meisinger, Norma Lulow, ioyce Brown, Kathy Anderson, Lorraine Sue Philiippe- row 2: Miriam Seward, Beverly Rippe, Jan Rippen, Schultz, Linda Penney, Beth Pokrant, Sandy Schellenberg, Ellen Pat Johnson, Sandy Barns. Annette Hansen, Viv Vasby, Jolane Olander, Harper, Given Lykkee, Mary Rabe, Rozanne Almquist. Betsy McGreu, Helen Lundgren, Donna Treffer, Kris Anderson, NEBRASKA METHODIST front row: Susan Hall, Carmen Meeves, neckloth, Connie Lewis, Dianne Ashcrafl, Kathy Schutte, Linda Bart- Beverly Schurr, Sharon Petersen, Diane Hirsch, Mary Ann Hilgen- jett: row 3: Candy Greene, Karen Henderson, Judy Ulmer, Genene kamp, Carole Kuhlman, Bonnie Kinnan, Shirley Temps, Janice Carr; Heineman, Sandi Gates, Judy Claussen, Maureen Herrmann, Susan row 2: Carol Brondum, Linda Fender, Linda Roy, Frances Perkins, Sirek, Carol Severin, Donna Nelson, Lucy Moenning. Jolene Schlueter, Mary Sobolik, Jo Pelican, .Sandy Silhacek, Anita Sch- 149 The Technical Institute is a part of the Engineering Department. The four divi- sions include Construction, Drafting and Design, Electronics and Industrial Engi- neering. The 300 students study practical applications of the engineering fields. Reading Improvement courses help the student to increase speed and compre- hension. The shadowscope machine helps the student pace his work. All of the graduates of the College of Engineering and Technology received a Bachelor of Science degree. Their major area of concentration is listed. David E. Abboud Civil Engineering Victoria E. Adam Journalism Richard A. Alexander Civil Engineering Douglas R, Anderson General Engineering Diane Berry Alan D. Brown David R. Clopton Marie A. Connors Journalism Industrial Engineering Journalism Nursing Virginia G. Daniels Harry W. Dotson Home Economics Civil Engineering William E. DuVall Charlotte A. Eickhoff Marilyn J. Elliott Journalism Medical Technology Home Economics Gerald S. Hunacek Civil Engineering Lorena I. Hurst Nursing Edward L. Jankowski Dianne K. Johnson Civil Engineering Journalism Vern F. Johnson Journalism Bonnie B. Johnston Journalism Cheri A. Jones Home Economics Edward M. Kauss Civil Engineering Lyia Keiller Nursing Jean Klanderud Home Economics Mavis T. Kocina Nursing Chynne M. Koser Journalism Dena M. Laten Nursing Salvatore LePale Jac A. Lorenzen Nursing Journalism LubboC. Luken David A. Lurry Industrial Engineering Nursing Charles D. Matthews Nursing 157 James J. Messing Barbara E. Metcalf Industrial Engineering Nursing Robert D. Mitchell Civil Engineering Rosemary T. Moore Nursing Judy R. Muell Nursing Carolyn L. McClanahan James S. McCoy Home Economics Civil Engineering Norman R. Nelson Civil Engineering Richard J. Novak Civil Engineering Daniel A. Novotny Journalism Rodney M. O ' Connor Industrial Engineering Morrie J. Palme Journalism Mary E. Parsons Medical Technology Ralph N. Perkins Carmelia B. Peters Industrial Engineering Nursing John J. Pleskac Carolyn M. Poore Industrial Engineering Dietetics Robert B. Powell Nursing 158 0 DR. JOHN B. BLACKWELL Professor, Dept. Head PETER HILL Asst. Professor THOMAS MAJESKl Instructor SIDNEY BUCHANAN THOMAS PALMERTON Instructor Asst. Instructor ThcArt Department offers two degrees, the Bach- elor of Arts with a major in Art and the Bachelor of Fine Arts. Various areas of study include life drawing, art history, ceramics, sculpture, print- making painting, art education and commercial art. Courses of study allow for experience in a great variety of media. MRS. DONNA JORGENSEN W.C. WOLD Instructor Asst. Instructor Front row: Juanita Butler, Dave Kawami, Nellie Sudavicius; row 2; Linda Moore, Lam Stockman, Diane Custard, Becky Burling; row 3: Frani Herek, Mike Acker, John Haney, Walt Johnson, Bobbi Balt er, Larry Alexander, Dre Ann Green, Jack Miller; row 4: Dave Pankow- ski, Jim Butler, Pat McElroy, Jim Freelin, Cheryl Totenhaupt, Oscar Pulliam, Dave Criser The Art Club promotes the work of the Department while it learns more of the field. Various art shows are held throughout the year. The Club ' s main activity is the art auction. The Eighth Annual Auc- tion was held May 1 . Sales from the auction totalled approximately $2,750.00 seventy-five per cent of the money received from a sale goes toward the tuition for that student. The other twenty-five per cent was used by the Art Club for trips and parties. Students admire pottery display. Painting by Nellie Sudavicius reflects the times. 165 DR. KARL BUSCH Professor DR. MERLE E. BROOKS Professor DR. R. P. BORGMAN Assoc. Professor DR.CHARLESO. INGHAM Asst. Professor DR. S. R. LUNT Asst. Professor The Department of Biology offers a curriculum of studies that is broad in scope and thorough in depth. Besides the basic and advanced courses in botany and zoology, the student may study mathematics, chem- istry, and physics. Upon completion of a major in biology, the student is prepared for further work in schools of graduate studies, medicine, denistry and other medically-allied sciences; or to enter the vocation of teaching and certain areas of civil service work such as oceanography, food and drug inspection, wildlife management and conservation. DR. HERBERT PAPENFUSS Asst. Professor DR. EDITH RASMUSSEN Asst. Professor JOE W.ALLEN Instructor BIOLOGY CLUB front row: Dr. Papenfuss, Ann Bogacz, Dorthea Beck, Joan Berkheimer, Diane Daughety, Delores MacArthur, Barry Baker, Sidney Veisier, Mic Daugherty; row 2: Tom Neasley, Curt Abdouch, Ron Garro, Dennis Brown, Ron Weiss, Mike Blend, Gary Dills; row 3: Dr. Lunt, Randall Unger, Ken Ludwig, Tony Hahne, Danny Dryden, Ben Langfeldt, Jerry Babcock, Mike Haddix; row 4: Joe Allen, Kenton Brooks, Robert Todd, Fred Haebelein, Daryl HiII Walt Thomas, Dr. Ingham, Bob Stillmock, DR. D.N. MARQUARDT Professor DR. WALTER LINSTROMBERG Professor DR. PAUL STAGEMAN Professor DR. ROGER HOBURG Asst. Professor DR. ROBERTC. KEPPEL Asst. Professor The Chemistry Department offers fund- amental chemistry courses to prepare a student for a professional career in engineering, biology medicine, physics and related areas. The advanced courses are offered in accordance with the recommendations of the American Chemical Society in preparation for graduate work or a career in industrial chemistry. DANIEL SULLIVAN Instructor DENNIS EDDY Asst. Instructor Front row: Kenton Brooks, Dick Hail, John Meyer, John Carlson, Janet Archer, San Baron; row 2: Ray Kundel, Dr. Marquardt. Ann Bogacz, Darreii Watkins, John Jack. 167 DR. RALPH M. WARDLE Professor, Dept. Head English BRUCE BAKER Asst. Professor English MARION BROWN Assoc. Professor English RICHARD DUGGIN Instructor English MRS. DOROTHY DUSTIN Instructor English MRS. CAROL ERICKSON Instructor English VIRGINIA FRANK Instructor English R. L. LANE Asst. Professor English RICHARD MC LELLAN Instructor English Dr. Ralph Wardle advises the GRAIN OF SAND editorial board, which produces OU ' s literary magazine. Board members for the year were Chairman Gary Johnson, James Faiman, Diedre Power, Harold Schneider and Jan Voelte. Dr. Leiand Traywick congratulates Lt. Col. Douglass Hall SIGMA TAU DELTA — front row: Virginia Thomas, Dierdre Power, Marica for his prize-winning essay. Hall received a $250 cash Cohen, Sponsor R. L. Lane, Jan Voelte. prize by winning the Philip Sher contest in 1966. 168 I DR.G. A.NEWKIRK Asst. Professor English HEDVIG NYHOLM Assoc. Professor English NADINE RICKS Instructor English PHEBE ROSCH Asst. Instructor English MRS. ROSALIE SALTZMAN Instructor English MARGERY TURNER Instructor English THOMAS WALSH Asst. Professor English The economics department offers a survey of regional, national and world economic analysis plus specialized areas. Knowledge of economics is vital to the understanding of such fields as business, labor, government and education. DR. PERRY CHANG Assoc. Professor Economics DR ELROY STEELE Professor Dept. Head Economics DONALD CONNELL Asst. Professor Economics M[M tfi DR. L A. DANTON Assoc. Professor Economics GLENN KIRBY Instructor Economics DR. KULDIPSINGH MALI Assoc. Professor Economics DR. RUSSELL SNYDER Assoc. Professor Economics 169 REBECCA BELL Instructor Foreign Languages VOJISLAV DOSENOVICH Instructor Foreign Languages FORREST HAZARD Asst. Professor Foreign Languages NATHALIE LUIGGI Instructor Foreign Languages DAVID MOORE Asst. Professor Foreign Languages GAMMA THETA UPSILON-front row: John Wiiheim, Von Lorenzen, Mike Hill, Jerry Bonin; row 2: Carl Lynn, Jim Page, John D. Imhof, Jack G. Dyess, Charles R. G. Giidersleeve. DR. W. L. MOST Professor, Dept. Head Foreign Languages MRS. DIANE MOORE Instructor Foreign Languages AMADEONAZARIO Asst. Instructor Foreign Languages JOHANNA NEUER Instructor Foreign Languages MRS. ANNE SMITH Asst. Instructor Foreign Languages G.T.SOUKUP Instructor Foreign Languages MRS. KAY THORNDIKE Asst. Instructor Foreign Languages { - DIANE ULLEM Instructor Foreign Languages NICHOLAS BARISS Asst. Professor Geography C.R. GILDERSLEEVE Instructor Geography HAROLD RETALLICK Professor Geography 170 DR. GORDON SCHILZ Professor, Dept. Head Geography LEESLORP Instructor Geography JOHN BEUKEMA Instructor Mathematics DR. H L. HUNZEKER Professor, Dept. Head Mathematics CHARLES GIBBONS Instructor Mathematics NELONTINE MAXWELL JEROME NIEBAUM Instructor Mathematics Instructor Mathematics KEITH OBERLANDER Instructor Mathematics HARRY RICE Assoc. Professor Mathematics Foreign Language, Geography, Mathematics and Humanities MATH-METRICS front row; Mary Massara, Doug Pfeninger, Judy Brown; row 2- Susan Chapek, Sandy Capoccia, Maury Pepper; row 3: Keith Oberlander, Dr. Otto Ruehr, Charles Wortz, Val Talbot, John Dickerson, Gary Soula, Steve Hassler, Diane Rowedder. DR. OTTO RUEHR Assoc. Professor Mathematics DR. KEITH SMITH Asst. Professor Mathematics BENJAMIN STERN Asst. Professor Mathematics DR. BARBARA TAUCCI Asst. Professor Mathematics 171 DR. FREDERICK ADRIAN Professor History DR. WALTER DAVIS Asst. Professor History DR. ERTGUM Asst. Professor History DR. PAUL BECK Assoc. Professor History DR. A. STANLEY TRICKETT Professor, Dept. Head History On March 18 the department played host to the Missouri Valley Conference of Collegiate History Teachers. RICHARD OVEREIELD Instructor History DR. WILLIAM PETROWSKI Asst. Professor History DR. ROY ROBBINS Professor History DOUGLAS TOBLER Instructor History 172 Richard Overfield, Douglas Toblcr and Frederick Adrian paci up possessions for the move to new offices. The history department found a new home this year. It moved from cramped quarters in the Engineering Building to spacious new offices in the Administration Annex. In the annex each teacher has a separate office. The department sponsors Phi Alpha Theta, -history honorary. PHI ALPHA THETA-front row; Fredericlc Adrian, A. Stanley Trie- McCartt, C. J. Schiafer, Peter Clifford; row 3; Harl Dalstrom, Alan ken, Diane Radosevich; row 2; Roy Robbins, Douglas Kagan, J.M. Moeller, Troy Ross. 173 M ENC F roni row: Rene Sleimle, Vicki Bates, Steve Soucek, Janeen Beck, David Hasty, Pamela Beed; row 2: Kathy Cross, Raymond Trenholm, Barbara Johnson, Susan Garrison, Ronald Brown, Ed Cook, Frank Pomidoro, Steve Thomas, Steve Fortner. JAMES PETERSON JOHN BOHRER Prof.. Dept. Head Asst. Prof. The Music Department was active throughout the school year. The choir sponsored the traditional Christmas and Easter convocation and performed at numerous other events both on and off campus. The band played at all football games and offered special entertainment for Band Day. The band also gave a con- cert before winter and spring finals in order that the students could relax before cramming. The department sponsors three organizations for music majors. They are Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia and Delta Omicron, music honoraries and Music Educators National Conference (MENC). JACK MALIK R.CLARKE MULLEN KERMIT PETERS ROBERT RUETZ RAYMOND Asst. Prof Asst. Prof. Asst. Prof. Assoc. Prof. TRENHOLM Assoc. Prof. 174 175 September 24 saw the football field crowded with over 1,000 people during half-time ceremonies. The occasion was the an- nual Band Day. in addition to the OU Band, thirteen Nebraska high schools participated in the event. The OU Band is under the direction of Jack Malik. The Music department also spon- sors a choir under the direction of John Bohrer and an orchestra directed by Kermit Peters. The Band and Indiannes combine to present half- time ceremonies. Drum Major Wayne Wotherspoon leads the Band. BAND — front row: Wayne Wotherspoon, Steve Fortner, Russell Cornelius, Kathy Gerry, Judith Rielly, Susan Greenslate, Larry Lindberg; Row 2: Judy Zomparelli, Frank Pomidoro, Kathyrn Koepff, Clifford Boanal, Steve Simcoe, Jerry Magner, Rita Johnson, Jim Run- yan, Robert Tilton, Jr., Robert Tilton, Sr., Roger Sullivan, Elizabeth Purdy, Gay Rynerarson; Row 3: Ronald Brown, Mark Everman, Bob Mendenhall, Bill Orr, Susan Garrison, Charles Bunger, Curtis Cox, Randall Ungcr, Mike Harvey, Gary Sherman, Richard Mahan, Tom Rouse, Mike Allendorfer, Mary Ramming, Ed Cook, Don Jefferson, Terry Bueil, Darrell Hossack, John Kirsch, Jim Sheppard. Cheryl Totenhaupt, Judy Brown, Lynn Newhouse, Robert Lindberg, Row 4: Russell Wolff, Christine Hovey, Steve Thomas, Jack Malik. 176 TOWN AND GOWN ORCHESTRA— front row: Walter Thomas, Lora Endrulat, Lea Karpman, Paul Grossman, Janeen Beck, Caria Coffey, Carl Thomas, Norvald Nielsen; row 2: Kermit Peters (standmg), John Hepfinger, Ronald Brown, Stephen Kelley, Nell Rubinow, Virginia Thomas, Charles Kahane, Florence Bates, Jeff Zimmerman; row 3: Vicki Bates, Rosemary Flores, Mary Finn, Nellie Sudavicious, Eliz- abeth Lane, Sam Thomas, N.L. Refregier; row 4: Evelyn Krabbenhoft, Kaethe Moessner, Byra Anderson, Vesta Dobson, Phyllis Barajas, John Adams; row 5: Pougaset Suwannakoon, Steve Thomas, Harlan Rimmerman, Ernest Bryant, Richard Bulena, row 6: Ralph Cerny, Sharon Major, Linda Moore, Micheline Eden, Carol Gould, Edward Leach, Gary Riekes; row 7: Tom Rouse, Steve Fortner, Rich Gibson, Vicki Gibson, Roger Sullivan, Louise Schleifer, row 8: Janet Schmidt, Barbara Godec, Jacqueline Zastera, Robert Gaskill; row 9: Michael Sheppard, Daniel Schmidt, Jim Sheppard, Rick Mahan, Greg Dress. UNIVERSITY CHORUS- front row: Sandra Nielsen, Grace Hansen, Dava Fuerst, Nancy Kenny, Barbara Johnson, Janet Sullivan, Mary Jo Everhart, Judy Reilly, Joyce Arnett, Elaine Jorgensen, Chris Drake, Kathleen Cross, Dorothy Wilkins, Pam Beed, Gail Rowden; row 2: Karen Wells, Regina S. Brown, Jermaine Craig, Rene Steimle, Shir- ley Pavlas, Sandra Hancock, Cassie Hickman, Sheryl Harris, Darlene Fotopolos, Mary Ann Belfiore, Phyllis Barajas, Carol Burns, Judy Houchin; row 3: Steven Malone, Steve Soucek, Vern Jones, Steve Fortner, Robert Schroeder, Jane Bennett, Chris Vavrick, Linda Hlavka, Shirley McMaken, Marlen Schoening, Julian Klaczynsky, Charles Butler, ' Dennis Nuzum; row 4: Pete Bachenberg, Jim Kurtz, Donald Hovland, Jr., Bob Mendenhall, Jim Musson, Mike Harvey, Dave Hasty, Daryl Taylor, Jerry Donlan, Dale Bolton, Bob Welstead, John Clark, Gene Fisher, Curtis Cox. 177 i opera Theater " Scenes from Great Operas " was presented April 22 by OU ' s newly-formed opera workshop. Under the dir- ection of Dr. Robert G. Ruetz, students performed 1 1 selections from ten well-known operas. Each number was performed in its native language. The program was repeated in May at Creighton University. Dr. Rucl sings for Dennis Giles, who came down with larengitis at the last minute. Below, Dennis Giles, Carl Oberdorfer, Richard Wilson and Tim White do a selection from " The Barber of Seville. " Robbie Wilson and Tim White sing a duet from " II Trovatore. " v ' ,. Fine Arts Festival Twelve cultural events were featured at the Fine Arts Festival, November 5-13. Events included the University Theater production of " Major Barbara " , a dance workshop conducted by Bruce King and a seminar conducted by Agnes Moorehead. Guitarist Rey de la Torre, pianist Ruth Sle ' nczynska and singers Will Holt and Martha Schlamme entertained audiences. The Festival also featured a lecture by writer Leslie Fiedler and a panel discussion on contemporary painting. I Famous dancer-choreographer Bruce King directs leotard-clad dance workshop students. OU Hosts International From long-haired singers to distinguished speakers, campus convoca- tions had something to please everyone. Activity cards admitted stu- dents to programs held during the regular term and summer sessions. Brazilian guitarists Los Indios Taba- jaras performed in April in the Univer- sity Auditorium. Summer school students were entertained by jazz singer Emme Kemp. ii DR. CLIFFORD ANDERBERG Assoc. Professor, Dept. Head Philosophy Religion DR. .lOHN G. McMillan Professor, Dept. Head Physics benjamin l. schwartz Asst. Professor Religion RUSSELL PALMER Instructor Philosophy Religion L. D. WILLARD Instructor Philosophy Religion GARY BLUM Instructor Philosophy The Philosophy Department presents us with a wide range of ideas about the nature of the physical world, about man ' s nature, about the reliability of knowl- edge, and with theories about the goals of life drawn from all times and all places. Closely allied to philosophy are the courses in religion, which include such areas as the Old and New Testaments, comparative religion and ethics. The Physics Department provides opportunities through modern laboratories and instruction to qualify students for graduate work in physics, for teaching physics or science, for civil science work in science or for beginning professional work in physics or related sciences. DR. DONALD SHULT Asst. Professor Physics JAMES EDER Instructor Physics ROBERT D. SCHMIDT Instructor Physics CHARLES SEDLACEK Asst. Instructor Physics A ' -K DR. H. W. REYNOLDS Assoc. Professor Political Science Director Urban Studies 182 DR FRANCIS M HURST DR. JAMES O. JOHNSTON DR. R. W. NICHOLSON Professor Asst. Professor Asst. Professor Psychology Psychology Psychology DR. JOHN NEWTON Assoc. Professor Psychology DR D. T PEDRINI Assoc. Professor Psychology GORDON HANSEN DR. BARBARA HELLING Instructor Instructor Psychology Psychology DR. DAVID SHACTER Asst. Professor Psychology 0 DR. R. L. WIKOFF Instructor Psychology DR. WILLIAM JAYNES Professor. Dept. Head Psychology The Psychology Department offers an under- graduate program in general psychology and specialized graduate work in general, quan- titative, industrial, educational and school psy- chology. Classroom activities are supplemented by human and animal laboratory work and ex- perience in the Bureau of Industrial Testing, Consulting and Research; the Computer Center; and the Special Education Clinic. The Political Science Department studies politically-organized man, his value and legal systems, his political process and govern- mental institutions, domestic and foreign, in fact and in theory. DR. W. C. BLAMBERT Professor, Dept. Head Political Science RICHARD MARVEL Assoc. Professor Political Science DR.ORVILLE MENARD Asst. Professor Political Science DR. DAVID SCOTT DR. S. LAIRD SWIGART Professor Professor Political Science Political Science JOHN A. BALLWFG Instructor Sociology DR. LARRY BARNETT Asst. Professor Sociology KATHRYN HESS Instructor Sociology GAYLON KUCHEL Asst. Professor Sociology CORA MARTIN Asst. Professor Sociology ALPHA KAPPA DELTA sociology honorary officers — Sandra Sparks, sec- retary; Sue Nelsen, vice-president; Karen Francis, president; Charlotte Plack, treasurer. 1 KENNETH A. ROOT Instructor Sociology PHILIP H. VOGT Professor Sociology lYxQ Sociology Department trains men and women for pos- tions in community planning, industrial relations and crimi- nology. Students learn from both classroom and field work. Alpha Kappa Delta sociology honorary showed " Mondo Cane " this fall in the Conference Cen- ter Auditorium. DR. GEORGE HELLING Professor, Dept. Head Sociology 184 ALPHA PSI OMEGA drama honorary—front row: Tom Conlon, Judy Kirkpatrick, Larry French, Barbara Shaw, Mike Barton; row 2: Gregg Loso, Pat Bunz, Kent Hanon. DR. JOHN K. BRILHART Professor, Dept. Head Speech Drama Effective oral communication is important in all professions. It is the goal of the Speech De- partment to teach students to use this tool effectively. Dr. John K. Brilhart is chairman of the department. Teaching in special areas are Dr. Edwin L. Clark, Director of University Theater; Mike A. Barton, Asso- ciate Director of University Theater; Paul Borge, radio and television, and Duane Aschen- brenner, forensics. RICHARD E. ALBIN Instructor Speech DUANE ASCHENBRENNER Asst. Professor Speech MIKE A. BARTON Instructor Speech PAUL D. BORGE Asst. Professor Speech DR. EDWIN L. CLARK Professor Speech DENNIS FUS Instructor Speech KENNETH GARRY Instructor Speech JOHN R CARLSON Asst. Professor Speech 1 III HO ' " DR. DONALD D. MANSON Asst. Professor Speech ROBERT WEEK Asst. Professor Speech 185 Debaters Score High OU speech students took six out of ten trophies last spring at a tournament held at Doane College. Winners pictured at the left are: Barb Stokes, peace extemporaneous; David MacCallum, men ' s peace oratory; Patricia MuUaney, women ' s extemporaneous speaking, and Del Straub, men ' s oratory. The group also netted the Nebraska Intercollegiate Forensic Association traveling trophy for the second year in a row. Pat Mullaney and Barb Stokes took first place as a novice debate team. Six schools competed in the contest. Pat Mullaney and Larry Sch- ueler held their own when they tangled with a debate duo from Oxford University. Jeremy Beoloff and Doug Hogg, both past presidents of the Oxford Union, a debating society with a membership of 5,000, were on campus November 2. They debated with Pat and Larry on the subject: That access to higher education is a right of man. The audience judged the contest as a tie. Later that week, Larry and Pat placed eighth out of 48 teams partic- ipating in the University of South Dakota Debate Tourn- ament held in Vermillion. 186 KWOU Airs Music Shows Campus radio station KWOU is on the air 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. each school day. Music programs with the FM format can be heard in the Ouampi Room, lounge and cafe- teria in the Student Center. Speech major Darrell Hosack was station manager, assisted by sponsor Ken- neth Garry. Eighteen student disc jockeys were responsible for a one hour program each week. Station manager Darrell Hosack begins his show. At the right, student d.j.s Robyn Carmichael and Don Jefferson check equipment with Ken Garry. From tragedy to light-hearted comedy, the University Theater presents all moods. An air of mystery is provided by Dick Jacobs, Bob Lane and Virginia Thomas (top) in " ARIA-DA-CAPE " by Edna St. Vincent Millay. The fable was one of four student-directed one acts staged May 1 1 . " ANTIGONE " , by Jean Anouilh teemed with emo- tional appeal. The powerful drama, presented March 10- 12, illustrated man ' s decision to believe in truth, despite bitter consequences. Antigone portrayed by Elizabeth Melcher, is harrassed by Creon (David Strongin), right, and arrested by guards for her belief in a free gov- ernment amid the ruler of a dictator. Faculty member Dudley Sauve starred in " THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER. " The comedy, set in the 1930 ' s, was presented July 8-10. Above, Sheridan Whiteside (Sauve) shows his " gift " to his friend Banjo (Larry French). Confined to a wheelchair by a fall, White- side uses earphones to listen to his ant farm (above right). The slapstick comedy " THE SERVANT OF TWO MASTERS " was staged July 22-24. Above, Beatrice (Elizabeth Melcher) disguised as Senior Frederico triumphs over Silvio (Mike Hill) as Clarice (Priscilla Wilkins) pleads with him. At the left, Trufaldino (Gregg Loso) confronts Pantalone (Larry French) and Dr. Bartalo (Jack Gatewood). -J JOR BARBARA " kicked oil ' the Fine Arts Festival November 3-5. At the top left, a trouble- maker played by Phil Holcomb harasses Salvation Army workers played by Kris Waara and Barbara Shaw. Undershaft (Larry French), center, expounds on his philosophy of " make guns and money " to his daughter Barbara (Nancy Schnei- derwind) and Clark Lippert (picture above). A romantic fantasy " TH E ENCHANTED " was pre- sented December 8-10. At the right, the " ghost " (Gary Johnson ) tries to convince Isabel (Charlotte Ferguson that a mystical death is superior to life i n the real world. Above, she grows up as the doctor (Al Parham) directs the Symphony of Life. Reader ' s Theater Shakespeare and civil rights furnished Reader ' s Theater with two programs this year. " An Evening with Shakespeare " was presented October 20 and 21 in the Conference Center Auditorium. A cast of nine students read " Much Ado About Nothing " and selections from Shakespeare ' s plays. Negro history in America was traced February 16 and 17 when six stu- dents read " In White America, " by Martin Duberman. The historical documentary fea- tured a series of sketches dating from 18th century life on a slave ship to present day integration problems. Director of Reader ' s Theater is Richard Albin, instructor of speech. Dennis Adams and Michele Vaughn listen to Bruce Fleming ' s reading. % Robert Hefflinger, Doug Junge, Michele Vaughn and Lynette Rotolo read selections from Shakespeare. Anne Albin enlivens " In White America " with a selection of folksongs. 192 Mum ' s the Word. . . . The quietest group on stage. That ' s OU ' s Mime Troupe. Under the direction of Mike Barton, the nine-member crew presented " Another Evening of Mime " January 13. The program consisted of 34 original pan- tomime sketches, ranging in mood from satirical to slapstick. Ptuii!. . .Judy Kirkpatrick, portraying an in- delicate cowpuncher, spits up Nina Bieda ' s sleeve. Easy does it! Gregg Loso and John Englebretsen mimic beach showoffs. Front row: John Englebretsen; row 2: Nina Bieda, Gregg Loso, Pat Bunz, Tom Conlon; row 3: Michele Vaughn, Judy Kirkpatrick, Kris Waara. Not pictured: Bill Osby. 193 Marvin D. Andersen Hconomics Graciela G. Armada Spanish Edna R. Atkins English, History and Philosophy Judy F. Barr Political Science Carol Beckman Sociology Jane C Bennett Mathematics John D. Berkheimer Chemistry Nina Bieda Speech James F. Boe Psychology Stephen F. Boguchwal History Dale R. Bolton Psychology Kenton E. Brooks Biology Earl C. Buckles Political Science James D. Butler Art All of the graduates of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences received a Bachelor of Arts degree. Their major area of concentration is listed. James T. Calendo Psychology JoAnne P. Calhoun Psychology Dennis E. Cerone Economics 196 Anatole Cigleris Foreign Languages Ma rcia G. Cohen English Literature David R. Criser Art John R. Davey Political Science Francis X. Davis Political Science LeRoy J. Dyer Sociology Keith R. Eckel Sociology William S. Edwards, Jr. Gwynn Eleby Biology Sociology and Psychology Juliann Epperson History Sheila M. Eyberg Psychology Joseph P. Finn Political Science Jeremiah B. Galles General Science Sheri M . Gilligan English George B. Glasier Biology I. Erika G.Griffith Modern Languages Sandra Joy Hancocic Art Jeanne K. Harris Sociology and Psychology Wesley E. Hauptman Myra M. Hellcbusch History Psychology Roger H. Henderson General Science Michael R. Hill Geography Jackie R. Horn Sociology Robert S. Hruska History Marjorie J. Huntley Delores J. Hurlburt Robin J, Jahnke Psychology Sociology English Gary D. Johnson English Blair E. Jolley English Elizabeth H. Kaiser Doris K. Katelman Sociology Sociology Richard L. King Magdalena H. Kilger Ray Kundel Sociology Foreign Languages General Science 199 Charles G. Kunkler Gary E. Lammers English and History Psychology Emerson A. Link, Jr. Richard M. Longsdorf Psychology English Ralph R. Morgan Nancy T. Morris Sociology Biology Catherine T. Mosher French and Art Howard D. Mulnick Lorene J. McLaughlin Psychology Home Economics Theresa J. Pospichal Art Clarke W. Powers General Science Dianne R. Radosevick History and Spanish Steven M. Renteria History Thomas J. Ridley Speech Diane K Rowedder Mathematics John L. Rynes Political Science Harold L. Schneider English James L. Sharp Mathematics Carol S. Shelton General Science 202 Charles J. Sheppard Daniel D. Shirbroun Douglas W. Slaughter Music Psychology Mathematics Wanda J. Smith Mathematics Joanne M. Slanwick English Rolf D. Suurvarik Economics and German Michael M. Thomas History Virginia A. Thomas English and Speech Linda A. Toay Mathematics William A. Vance Douglas L. Ware Charles M. Warwick Vincent J. Webb Economics Sociology Biology Sociology Linda J. Welniak English Priscilla E. Wilkins Radio-Television James M. Wilson English and History Stephen R. Wilson History Lupe N. Woster Spanish and French Judith K. Zerbe Art 203 f t ' DR. HQLLIE BETHEL DR. ROBERT L. MISS HELEN HOWELL DR. JAMES W. MRS. DORIS TABOR Professor, Dept. Head ACKERMAN Instructor SELEE Asst. Professor Elementary Education Asst. Professor Elementary Education Asst. Professor Elementary Education Elementary Education Elementary Education DR. FLOYD WATERMAN Assoc. Professor Elementary Education MRS. PAULINE WILCOX Instructor Elementary Education Elementary and Secondary Education De- partments " prepare teachers who are qualified to go into first-rate schools any- place in the United States, " says Dean Frank Gorman. About 1 10 graduates at each level will go into teaching this June. A new K-12 (kingergarten through 12th grade) program stressing art, music, phys- ical education, recreation or library sci- ence was instituted in 1966. About 15 students participated in the initial year of the new educational concept. KAPPA DELTA PI— front row: Grace Ann Rowoldt, Carol Lee, Pauline Wilcox, Clarice Moeller, Dean Elton Carter, Ronnie Bernth, Mrs. Doris Tabor, Verda Rauch, Mary .lane Smith; row 2: Connie McCann, Thelma Young, Karen Shields, Judy Agnew, Lois Westfall, Linda Criser, Marcelleyne Tyler, Ruby McConkle, Joanne Carlson, Gail Enquest, Joy Reshel, Judy Humphrey, Lonnie Bernth; row 3: Joyce Kavan, Ivalyn Van Every, Diann Petersen, Jim Butler, David Thorn- dike, Lawrence J. Zwart, Dennis L. Crum, LaVonne Chapman, row 4: Dianne Radosevich, Carole Grube, Marji Holmquist, Marcia Mar- tin, Mary Jean Newell, Jo Ellen Weiss, Margie Muldoon, Georgia Hunter, Judi Hoevet, " Marcia Cohen. 206 DR. PAUL ACKERSON Assoc. Professor Secondary Education DR. JAMES GIBSON Asst. Professor Secondary Education DR. RICHARD BLAKE Asst. Professor Secondary Education DR. JEAN BRESSLER Asst. Professor Secondary Education DR. KENNETH BURKHOLDER Professor Secondary Education DR. PAULC KENNEDY Professor, Dept. Head Secondary Education I DR. G.WAYNE GLIDDEN Assoc. Professor Secondary Education DR. D. F. KELLAMS Asst. Professor Secondary Education EDWARD SADLER Instructor Secondary Education DR. R A. ZIEBARTH Asst. Professor Secondary Education SEA— front row: Carol Moss, Judy Ritner, Mary Jo Everhart, Lois Westfall, Lynda Criser, Janet Hites, Gerald Abdouch; row 2: Jan Knud- son, Cathie Petersen, Sue Martig, Agnes Hughes, Mary Bogatz, La- Vonne Sedlacei , Cariotte Pennell, Ilena Stephenson, Loene Anderson, Carol Rine; row 3: Janet Sullivan, Alan Siemering, Adrian Hernandez, Thelma Young, Linda Gustafson, Linda Clark, Ann Kenny, Nancy Junge, Martha Spooner. SEA- front row: Peggy Parden, Inalou Raznick, Diane Nordeng, Joan Klanderud, President Hilde Walter, Treasurer Mary Clare Owens, Historian Jo Ellen Weiss, Kathy Wybenga; row 2: Susie Uman, Fran Moeller, Carolyn McClan- ahan, Sandy Nearenberg, Joyce Hamilton, Sharon Barry, Nancy Grossoehme, Darlene Palmer, Susan Chapek; row 3: Jo Link, Karen Reeves, Marcia Froslev, Cheryl Ford, Sharon Wiltstruck, Mary Ann Over, Ivalyn Van Every, Howertine, Clarice Moeller, Carole Grube. JOSEPH DUNN Chairman Found Gen. Educ. ROBERT ACKERMAN Asst. Professor Found Gen. Educ. WAYNEGLIDDEN Asst. Professor Found Gen. Educ. DARRELL KELLAMS Asst. Professor Found Gen. Educ. RONALD PULLEN Asst. Professor Found Gen. Educ. The Foundation and General Educa- tion department is responsible for supervising the education majors during their first two years of col- lege. The Library Science faculty instructs future teachers in the use of the library and its facilities. They also order and catalogue books. EDWARD SADLER Instructor Found Gen. Educ. JAMES SCRIVEN Asst. Professor Found Gen. Educ. JAMES SELEE Asst. Professor Found Gen. Educ. DORIS TABOR Asst. Professor Found Gen. Educ. E. LA VERNE HASELWOOD Asst. Professor, Dept. Head Library Science NILA CORKILL Instructor Library Science ELLA DOUGHERTY Instructor Library Science ELLEN KILLERLAIN Instructor Library Science M. R. MCCAULLEY Asst. Professor Library Science ELLEN LORD Librarian Professor Library Science MAE MC KERNAN Instructor Library Science RAY MEANS Assoc. Professor Library Science MARION PLAYFOOT Instructor Library Science FRANK TRENERY Instructor Library Science 208 The Gene Eppley Library is an integral part of the campus. Here the students come to study in quiet surroundings, to browse through magazines or to use the thousands of volumes for research work. Special services available to the students are the copying machine and the closed stacks which contain many old and valuable books. The faculty members in the department of Library Science teach library skills to future teachers. Hundreds of magazines are provided for browsing and research. TTie trained library staff aids students with their assignments. Industrious students make use of the library ' s ample study facilities. 209 MICHAEL CAMPBELL Instructor, Acting Dept. Head Men ' s Physical Education O CLUB— front row; Ken Pelan, Reggie Williams, Bu d Belitz, Denny Ondilla, Greg Kavan; row 2: L. DeBarros, Don Glasgow, Jim McMahon, Max Kurz, Tom Maides, Jim Thompson, Larry Wood; row 3: Dom Polifrone, Rick Schuckman, Gary Paporello, Ray Shaw, Stewart Sloan, Bob Smilley. DON BENNING Instructor Men ' s P.E. JAMES BORSHEIM Instructor Men ' s P. E. ALCANIGLIA Instructor Men ' s P. E. LLOYD CARDWELL Instructor Men ' s P. E. KENNETH FISCHER Instructor Men ' s P.E. ERNEST GORR Asst. Professor Men ' s P. E. BERT KURTH Instructor Men ' s P. E. CARL MEYERS Instructor Men ' s P. E. DONALD WATCHORN Instructor Men ' s P. E. VIRGIL YELKIN Assoc. Professor Men ' s P. E. Athletic Director PHI EPSILON KAPPA— front row: Dennis Ondilla, Bob Blankenship, Vice-president Jim Vincent, President Riciiard Vacei , Treas- urer William Jansen, S ecretary Charles Page, Max Kurz; row 2: Chuck Randone, Dennis Crum, Ray Shaw, Ralph Stolz, Ron Milono, Gerald Abdouch, Don Meredith, Richard Vomacka, Tom Hutchison, Ron Turco, Lonnie Bernth, Gary Paporello, Bill Haas, Sponsor Michael Campbell. OU Bowlers Roll To Top Spot Again Omaha U rolled to its second straight NAIA national bowling championship May 7-8. The team consisted of; front row: Dave Rich- ardson, Steve Sheppard, Bill Poff; row 2: Director Bert Kurth, Bill Olson, Tom Kahley. OU won 1 1 and lost four games in the tourn- ament held in Kansas City, Mo. The Indians ' pin total of 16,298 was over 700 more than second-place Quincy, III. 211 Barefoot Daryl Hill joins flying fellow Lambda Chi Greg Housh in an attempt to stop East Coast ball carrier Joel Sturek. Pi Kap Kenneth Stennett boots ball in game with Tekes. League I Lambda Chis and League II East Coast shared identical records at the end of 1966 flag football. The Lan: da Chis scored flrst during the tie-breaking game on No- vember 7. The aroused East Coasters proceeded to grab a 19-to-7 victory. On the freezing Friday before Home- coming, the All Stars won 20 to 12 over the intramural champs East Coast. Five referees and Intramural Director Bert Kurth stow flags after cold All Star-East Coast game. Men ' s Intramurals Cover Many Varied Activities The Omaha U men ' s intramural program includes a spectrum of activities. Winners in the winter com- petition ending March 1966 included Pi Kaps, volley- ball; Lambda Chis, bowling and Sig Eps, curling. Two independent groups were victorious in early spring intramurals. The Animals won the swimming competition, while the East Coast grabbed outdoor track honors. The: Bootstrappers were the top com- petitors in golf. The Tekes won the softball title. In the fall, the East Coast won the flag football cham- pionship and the Tekes shot to the archery title. In the wrestling tourney, the Grapplers outgrappled their opponents. Going into the basketball tourna- ment, the three league-leaders— Bruins, Fugitives and Bootstrappers— shared undefeated 7-0 records. On February 25, the men ' s intramural basketball champions were decided. League Ill-leading Bootstrap- pers on their way to sinking another basket against the Lambda Chis. Richard Lee escapes from Pi Kap Bud Hanneman to gam two points in the 137-pound class. 213 t CONNIE CLAUSSEN Instructor, Dept. Head Women ' s Physical Education SON I A (I RE EN Instructor Women ' s Physical Edication MRS. VERA LUNDAHL Instructor Wome n ' s Physical Education MAJORS AND MINORS front row: Secretary Diann Petersen, WRA Representative Barb Filipowic2, Treasurer Kathy Fry, Presi- dent Marcia Martin, Publicist Kathy Hurley, Vice-president Doreen Moritz; row 2: Spon- sor Miss Connie Claussen, Barb Sinovich, Einda Lee, Rita Owens, Laura Staszko, Janet Castro, Sponsor Miss Sonia Green; row 3: Sherry Anderson, Dania Lihneman, Marleen Stark, Kathy Conety, Barb Wenger, Mary Ann Ramming, LeAnn Hoagland, Joan Ed- wards, Bonnie Melichar. The Women ' s Physical Education department has 50 majors among the 300 participants in the activ- ities classes. The classes cover a wide range of activities and are realistically designed to motivate the women in sports they can par- ticipate in after graduation. Majors and Minors is a group organized to acquaint women ma- joring or minoring in physical ed- ucation with their field. Annually the group holds student-alumni volleyball and basketball games, camps out in the spring and fall, hosts guest speakers and has dem- onstrations of such things as judo. Summer volleyball is one of the many year round activities in the Women ' s Physical Education department. 214 Orchesis Means ' Dancing ' Orchesis was created in 1952 for students who want to develop dancing skill and also have fun. The big event of the year is the spring concert. Orchesis members do the choreography, costume designing and music selection; even finding time to do the dancing. Another important activity is the annual spring dance workshop, which acquaints area junior and senior high and college students with dancing. The group even finds time to present half-hour dance productions and attend dance symposiums and concerts. Secretary Shirley Newcomer President Katy Taylor and Vice-president Marji Holm- quist strike a contemplative pose. Front row: Shirley Newcomer, Katy Taylor, Mary McMullen; row 2: Marji Holmquist, Jeannie Timmer- man, Jo Ellen Weiss, Karyl Ronsin; row 3: Gregg Sluniko, Terri Chapell, Nancy Sue Stevenson, Jeannene Rice, Judy Evahn, Mick Forcade; row 4; Priscilla Wilkins, Sue Bowen, La Verne Franklin, Sandra Cartwright Jean Arringdale, Barbara John- son, Robbie Sager. The camera captures the mirrored forms of Nancy Sue Stevenson, Terri Chapell and Jeannie Timmerman. Recreational Activities Abound In WRA Gail Seaman, Joan Edwards, Danni Cinneman and Rosemary Krecek tip basl etball. A Front row: Vice-president Kathy Hurley, President Kathy Fry, Publicist Roberta Pechous, Secretary Marleen Stark, Intramural Coordinator Marcia Martin; row 2: Sherry Anderson, Jackie Borcyk, Mary Massara, Barb Filipowicz, Diann Petersen, Carol Burns, Joyce Page, Jan Knudson, Sponsor Connie Claussen. Women ' s Recreation Association provides recreational opportunities for college women. Activities during the year include a High School Play Day; mixed bowling; badminton, archery and golf tournaments; Thanksgiving and spring service projects and WRA Honors Banquet on May 1 6. WRA members eye the trophies they hope to win during the school year in a variety of activities. 217 D. C. Cushenbery Assoc. Professor W. J. Beaupre Professor, Dept. Head Gerald Johnson Asst. Professor Loren Staats Asst. Professor The Department of Special Education prepares stu- dents for teaching the hard of hearing, the speech handicapped, and the mentally retarded. A new education program recently initiated at the University of Omaha is the Teacher Corps. This program headed by Dr. Waterman, consists of three phases of education: Trainees aid students in sup- plemental instruction, perform community services and complete a graduate program. Trainees work with regular principals and teachers to select under- privileged children for individual instruction. Floyd Waterman Asso. Professor 218 ri Verda Rauch Assoc. Professor Leta Hofley Professor, Dept. Head The Secretarial Science program is designed for students who wish to prepare for secretarial, managerial, or clerical posi- tions. By combining secretarial courses with selected courses from business administration and liberal arts, students may earn the degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. PHI CHI THETA front row, Karen Carlson, Vera Escott, Kathy Stuhr, Gail Bailey, Jackie Levine, Helen Denton, Wilma Phelps, Lorraine Baska; row 2: Barb Parilman, Joyce Mintier, Jan Craig, Verda Rauch, George Harris, Leta HoUey, Gail Kozel, Ellen Czapluwski, Joyce Hamilton. Judith A. Agnew Tom J. Allen Teresa G. Amerio Secondary Education Secondary Education Secondary Education Robert W. Andresen Secondary Education Lenore S. Aronson Elementary Education 220 Pauletta J. Cortese Elementary Education Barbara L. Covault Elementary Education Elaine M. Craig Elementary Education Lynda C. Criser Elementary Education Donald S. Croft Secondary Education Margaret M. Daley Elementary Education Maxine T. Danley Elementary Education Donald F. Dean Elementary Education Anita L. Decker Secondary Education Lilah D. Dizon Elementary Education Walta S. Dodd Secondary Education Joseph L. Dunn Secondary Education Jane R. Dymit Elementary Education Joan C. Edwards Secondary Education Barbara A. Fairley Secondary Education Howertine L. Farrell Leslie S. Forbes Jacqueline L. Fox Secondary Education Elementary Education Secondary Education Priscilla A. French Grace R. Gardner Elementary Education Secondary Education Eleanor C. Garvey Elementary Education Barry R. Glass Nancy S. Grossoehme Mary Hall Secondary Education Elementary Education Elementary Education Lonna L. Haynes Secondary Education Adrian A. Hernandez Secondary Education Robert R. Hildebrandt Janet E. Hites Secondary Education Elementary Education Joan C. Hoag Elementary Education Judith S. Hoevet Secondary Education Willa L. Holmon Elementary Education Susan A. Hultman Donald W. Humphrey Elementary Education Secondary Education Judith A. Humphrey Elementary Education 222 Marsha J. Hunter Eileen R. Jaszkowiak John E. Jensen Elementary Education Elementary Education S econdary Education Mary B. Jezewski Darlene Johnson Elementary Education Elementary Education James A. Krieger Elementary Education Michel M. Laurent Secondary Education Carol R. Lee Elementary Education Terry L. Lewis Secondary Education LaVonneJ. Lorenzen Elementary Education Phyllis A, Lowder Elementary Education Joseph R. Marotta Secondary Education Joan V. Martig Elementary Education Patricia E. Martin Elementary Education 224 Ruth C.Sharp Willard F Shepard Karen K. Shields Barbara J. Sinovich Mary J. Smith Special Education Secondary Education Elementary Education Secondary Education Elementary Education 227 Daniel D. Sorensen Marleen L. Stark Jane D. Stave Doris A_Stokla S ro dL Education Secondary Education Secondary Education Secondary Education Special Education Secondary Education Sharon M. Wittstruck Elementary Education Janice C. Woodcock Secondary Education Kathleen S. Wybenga Elementary Education Ina L. Zager Secondary Education Lawrence J. Zwart Mathematics 228 229 DEAN ELTON CARTER ; and Summer School The College of Continuing Studies provides for an effort to be made to upgrade previously held understandings and skills. Two degrees are offered by the College: the Bachelor of General Education and the Bachelor of Science in Law Enforcement and Security. The College of Graduate Studies provides an opportunity for advanced study and independent investigation and promotes the spirit of free inquiry in the various fields of knowledge. The College provides such facilities as workshops, institutes, seminars, research and special prob- lems courses, supervised thesis instruction and the supervision of special projects in courses open to graduate credit. Society has adapted a change in its attitude toward the philosophy and purpose of summer school. Competition in the " world " motivates some, while still others want merely to broaden their educational experience. The desire to ac- celerate the undergraduate program is another factor. OU presents a summer program in com- plete air-conditioned comfort, with course of- ferings scheduled in all colleges, including the Graduate School. Annually 35 thousand adults in Metropolitan Omah join in programs of continuing education. Individual goals vary: Exchange of Ideas Relaxation and Entertainment Learning Tools to Lead More Productive Lives Responsible Citizen- ship Improved Community. Regardless, the Eppley Conference Center is their common denom- inator. Year around the Center ' s Marine, Century and Federal Rooms hum with dicussions of topics in focus where thinking people gather, reflecting a variety of challenging non-credit courses. The Center ' s 305-seat auditorium, equipped for movie, lecture and Tele-Lecture presentations, is well adapted for use by businesses, organizations and clubs. T V Classroom operates through the department of Radio and TV in cooperation with the College of Continuing Studies. The classrooms are produced for KMTV and are shown at 8:00 o ' clock on Saturday mornings. Re-runs are done on Tuesday night by KYNE. There are four different series each year and one lession a week. Production is done by students in the Radio and TV classes while Professors conduct the class. KYNE. Channel 26 is operated by the Metropolitan Omaha Educational Broadcasting Association. The philosophy of program operation is that of instruction and information. The station serves 83,500 students. This is quite an increase in activity over the previous year. Mr. Paul Borge, who is head of the Department of Radio and TV is Station Manager. There is a staff of 27 members. The station celebrated its First Anniversary October 25, 1966. LEON BENSCHOTER Program Director f n t PAUL BORGE Dept. Head JACK LEMEN Asst. Program Director 235 Leon Volkov The Hon. Halvard Lange From the Soviet Union to Red China to Africa, the whole world was examined by the 21st annual Institute of World Affairs. The lecture series running from October 9 through November 17 featured six experienced reporters, military men and politicians. Theme of the Institute was " The Uncertain Trumpet. ' ' Speakers and their topics were: Leon Volkov, NEWSWEEK magazine soviet affairs editor. The Hon. Halvard Lange, Nor- wegian diplomat; John Hlavacek, KMTV news analyst; Hanson Baldwin, NEW YORK TIMES military editor, George Loft, director of economic and social programs for the African-American Institute; and Dr. Hillis Lory, State Department official. New World Power in Old Asia. Dr. Hillis Lory Police officers found the dead woman hidden beneath shrubbery in Elmwood Park. Casts of the footprints were made quickly to find the murderer. But the " corpse " was only a window dummy, and the police officer participants in the Ad- vanced Training Program for Law Officers, held in October. ... Murder in Park? Designed to update the general knowledge used day to day by officers, the program was di- rected by G.L. Kuchel, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Director of Law Enforcement and Security. It was financed by a federal grant. Plaster of paris casts of footprints are made above 238 Nil iipr ' ! Campus bootstrappers are members of Pen and Sword Society, a service organization. Two major objectives of the group are hand- ling good will projects and enjoying social activities. 240 The Bootstrappers went un- defeated in intramural bas- ketball. Their 7-0 record earned the team first place in League III. Pen And Sword Unites Bootstrappers PHT (Putting Hubby Through) diplomas were awarded to wives of graduating boot- strappers on January 27. At the left, guests are greeted by Dean William T. Utley and acting President Kirk Naylor. Professor emeritus Sylvester Williams donned his World War I first lieutenant ' s uniform for the campus Veterans " Day celebration. A coffee hour was held November 1 1 for all veterans of the armed services on campus. Above, Williams addresses the group. The Pen and Sword Society sponsored a dinner- dance for bootstrappers and their wives on January 26. The annual affair was held at the Castle Hotel. Omaha University offers one of the largest and most varied Adult Education programs in the United States. Each year more than 30,000 persons avail themselves of the opportunities provided by the College of Continuing Studies. WILLIAM G. KAESER Director of the Military Program THOMAS MOORE Director of Conferences and Workshops GEORGE THOMPSON Asst. Dean College of Continuing Studies Major Oliver teaches a Saturday morning class at Offutt Air Force Base. 247 John D. Adams Psychology John L. Altman Ralph P. Altvater Industrial Psychology History Amel Anderson James R. Anderson Economics and Political Physics Science Loren V. Anderson Speech Myrwin H. Anderson Business John H.Arnold Hugh W. Bailey Vincent P. Bakies Military Science Business Administration Political Science and Economics Darius V. Bakunas Daniel L. Baldwm Paul J Balfe Business Admmistration Military Science Mathematics Jack W. Baner Business All of the graduates of the College of Continuing Studies received a Bachelor of Continuing Studies degree. Their major area of concentration is listed. Vance M. Barefoot James M. Baskin Silas W. Bass Business Administration Business Administration History and Political Science 248 Jerome H. Bauman Psychology William E. Beck Mathematics Ruth F. Benedict Accounting Doyle D. Blan Geography Carroll H. Bledsoe Economics Leon C. Behrend Law Enforcement and Security Robert K. Bern Military Science Raymond E. Bell Business Administration ilk Alvin C. Berger Business Clair E. Bishop Engineering Carl J. Bobay James F. Bodine Business Administration Military Science 249 [)wight W. Brown Joseph I. Brown Richard R. Browning Business Administration History and Geography Business Administration Howell L. Broxton Betty L. Bundy Business Administration Art 1i Fenwick H. Burch Law Enforcement and Security Robert L. Burdick Business Daniel J. Burton History Walter O. Butler Worsham N. Caldwell John S. Cameron Mathematics Political Science and Economics Economics Benard D. Campbell Leslie W. Candee History Management Jackie N. Caraway Edward J. Carr Law Enforcement and Business Administration Security Karin E. Carstensen Speech and Journalism George L. Cartagena Mathematics Robert N. Cawlfield History Thomas H. Chambers Warren J. Chaumont Political Science Political Science Jack R. Cheney Business Administration Clyde A. Christian History Ralph W.Clark, Jr. Business Administration Thomas J. Clark Accounting Hugh J.Clarke Ronald G.Clarke History Military Science Verman J. Claudio Peter L. Clifford History John L. Cloyd Political Science Richard C. Cobbs Political Science Ralph W. Connell Business Administration Michael J. Connelly Pre-Dental Arnold M. Copeland Business Management James R. Cook History and Political Science William Cook, Jr. Political Science Patrick Cooke Business Administration 252 John T. Cooper Business Administration and Economics John R. Coppley Business William C. Counts Business Administration Arthur C. Coulter Business Administration Robert L. Cover t History Carter H. Cowan Political Science Will N. Cox Business Management William R. Cox Business Administration Russell L. Craig History John B. Crane Business Administration Jack Cranford Economics Jack E. Creaghe Psychology Lawrence B. Criner Business Administration Frank M.Cudd Business Administration Kenneth B. Cunningham Joe Cupich History Business Edward J. Daleuski History Archie E. Dalton Business Marion L. Daman Business Administration 254 Vernon S. Daters History James D. Daugherty Harland M. Davis Law Enforcement Business and Security Administration Norman Davis Recreation Administration Charles E. Deal Sociology Bernard R. DeKeyser Business Donald E. Deyarmin William J. Dimon Lonnie D. Dixon History Political Science Business and History Administration James C. Dodson, Jr. History Frank J. Dolezal David W. Domzalski Roger H. Donlon Business Psychology Business John H. Dorf Law Enforcement and Security Thomas A. Dougherty William L. Douglas Psychology History Ernest R. Doyon Business William A. Dunne History Chester E. Dyess History 255 Jack G. Dyess Geography Howard V. Easton Art Joel C. Eaves Business Administration James A. Ecklund History Donald L. Edmiston History Edgar Eiksnitis History Reese N. Epstein Speech Charles W. Erftmier Sociology John R. Evans History James J. Farreil Business Administration Peter J, Farreil History Gordon T. Pearson Polit ical Science and Economics William M. Feichtinger Political Science David L. Ferguson Mathematics ■ Kenneth W. Finch Arthur S. Findley Business Administration Criminology John A. Fischer Economics Michael J. Flynn Business William R. Foley Business 256 Donald A. Folkerson Charles F. Foster Business Military Science Lance R. Foster Law Enforcement and Security Jerry D. Fouts History John G, Fowler History Charles J. Foy Political Science Richard G. Freund Law Enforcement and Security Denver Fugate History Michael C. Gallagher Business Dolores H. Galvin Business Management Posing Greeks poses problems for Vicki Adam and Dick Sanders. Sandra S. Garrison Music Robert A. Geiger Political Science Andrew J. Genualdi History Ronald J. Gerhard Business Administration Fredric W. Germaine Biology Charles B. Gilbert Business Robert J. Gill Kenneth R. Gillespie Business Administration Political Science Michael J. Gleason Claudio A. Gonzalez Business Psychology Dorothy M. Gorlicki Political Science James Grady Sociology Gary L. Graham Business Robert J. Graham Economics Harold Gramm Geography David E. Grange History Elton J. Grapes Business Management 258 Orville R. Gravelle Political Science Robert F. Green Geography Earnest L. Greene History William H. Greene Mathematics John S. Gridley Business Administration Lynn G. Grobe Business William K. Groover History Frank R. Gurgol Julius C. Gutierree Business Administration Economics John R. Hacklcman Psychology Frederick Hagge Law Enforcement and Security Arthur L Hall Engineering George R. Hall History Robert E. Halsted Ralph b. Hammack Business Administration Military Science Thomas A. Hancock Political Science 259 Charles .1. Hangs Military Science William T. Hanson Kenneth Harbin Business Administration Business W. Alan Harding Economics William O. Harlan Psychology Paul R. Harper Militarv Science Carl E. Harrelson History Beryl N. Harris Engineering Charlie E. Harris Sociology Clarence H. Harris Business Administration Harman J. Harris Business Robert W. Harris Psychology Paul G. Hassell Business Administration James E. Hayes Business John B Haynes Geography Donald R. Hemmer Mathematics Joseph L Henderson Ralph A. Hendrickson Harold M. Hendricson History Mathematics Political Science 260 Arvel S. Hensley Business Administration Frank J. Heydman Psychology Leon R. Higint Business George E. Hill Business Administration George G. Mines Business William S. Hinton Political Science Francis L. Hoch Economics and Business Administration Walter P. Hodge Military Science Albert L. Hodges Political Science James J. Hogan Business Administration X}uy H. Holland Business Administration Philip H. Holcomb English Literature and Speech George W. Holman Business Management Paul J. Holman History BHRRHi 1 James A. Howrey Business Donald L. Hudson Economics Robert D. Hudson Roy Hughes Jean E. Hulse General Engineering History and Geography Sociology 262 Edward E. Humes Engineering Frank T. Huray Military Science John Huska Engineering A ad Husnian Business Administration John D Imhof Gcograpiiy Jerry Iverson Business Administration Charles W. Jackson Business Administration Donald A. Jackson Psychology Pablo Jacob Law Enforcement and Security Ernest F. Jacobs Psychology Morton R. Jacobs Business Ernest E. Jahnke Business Administration Donald R. Jenkins History Boyd L. Jividcn History Oliver W. Johnson Sociology Frank H. Johnston Business Administration Johnny J. Johnston Nelson H. Jones Business Management Military Science Richard L. Jones Law Enforcement and Security and Psychology 263 Gerald E. Kaczor Business Ronald D. Kaipus Biology Robert O. Kaiser History Gary G. Kaminski Recreation Administration Fred Y. Kawaguchi Law Enforcement and Security Roland J. Kearley Political Science Rhea B. Keene Don T. Kersting, Jr. Business Administration Political Science Sidney E. Killebrew Warren R. Kincaid Business Administration Business Administration William V. Kmch .limmie King Business Administration Engineermg James F. Kingwell, Jr. Law Enforcement and Security Charles R. Kinney Business Administration Bennie H . Kirkland History Michael P. Klimaszewski Psychology and Education Robert J. Koch Business Kenneth M. Koesler Economics Louis G. Kopp Business Administration 264 James A. D. Lowry Business Administration William T. Martin Harry R. Masters James W. Mathis Tim L. Mayfield Donald W. McCormick Law Enforcement and Accounting Business Administration Law Enforcement and Psychology Security ., Security John P Moffill Donald W. Moilan Erank T. Monteleone Robert J. Moore William E. Moore Business Admmistralion Political Science - Political Science Law Enforcement and Sociology Security 268 Yvonne Y.M. Thurman C. McDaniel Francis W. McDonald Gerald A. McGrath McClendon Law Enforcement Business Administration History Speech Therapy Melvin R. McGuire O ' Hanley B. Mclsaac Marcellus R. Wilson H. McMillan Franklin J. McShane History Business Admmistraiion " McLaughlin Economics History Physics 270 David McVay James H. McWhorter Howard A. Nelson Law Enforcement and Business Administration Real Estate Security Otis F. Newkirk William A. Newton Business Administration Business Administration Barry A. O ' Connell Paul V.O ' Hara Frederick E. Oldinsky Psychology Political Science and History English Robert L. Oliver Donald C. Ondracek Business Administration Business Administration Jerome L. Nelson Leslie C . Nelson Mathematics Business Administration James C. Nichols Richard B. Noonan History Political Science Duane R. Osborn James F. Owsley Wayne F. Palmer, Jr. Business Administration Mathematics General Science Freddy B. Parish Political Science and History Charles E. Parsley Psychology Robert N. Parsons Sociology Raymond P. Pascal Psychology Richard W. Payant Science Bruce A. Pearson Business Administration John R. Perkins Robert L. Perley Business Administration History John C. Pershing Sociology Herbert E. Peterson Business Administration Wayne H. Peterson Roy C. Plautz Thomas A. Polsley Business Administration Psychology Military Science Philip M. Porter Sociology and History Robert A. Potts Military Science William A. Powell Business Administration Vernon J. Powers Arlie D. Price John E. Prince Business Administration Business Administration General Business 272 Marg Daley thinks it ' s nice to have a man like Bill Jansen around. Edward J. Raychel Ruth fc. Reams Charles J. Reddy Business Administration Business Administration Business Admmistration Robert W Roshak Albert A. Rosner Troy G. Ross Donald K. Rothenflue James R. Ruhlin. ,lr Political Science Political Science History Law Enforcement and History and Political Security Science 275 Richard M. Sanderson James W. Savage Joseph D. Scheerens Art Business Business Administration Administration Clyde K. Schiele Military Science Clarance J. Schlafer History James G. Schuricht Robert H. Scible Philip R. Scoggin Richard H. Scott Economics Mathematics History , ' Political Science Richard M. Scott Business Administration Elizabeth E. Scribner Sociology Richard T. Seaman Business Administration Loy D. Self Economics Thomas A. Severn Business Administration TTiadden Sexton, Jr. Business Administration Martin L. Seyler Sociology Richard H. Sharp History Lawrence T. Sheldon Business Administration Keith W. Shepard Business Administration Raymond B. Sherman Business Administration Robert A. Shiidt, Jr. Business Administration Francis L. Shineman Economics Foy L. Shoemate Military Science Thomas E. Short Political Science George J. Shullata Alex C. Silva Jack C. Simpson Economics and History History and Political Business Science Administration Clifford L. Smith Business Administration James O, Smith Business Administration Paul E. Smith Business Administration Thomas B. Smith History and Political Science James F. Snead Business Administration Harry P. Snoreck Mathematics 278 Don A. Spooner Law Enforcement and Security Jack R. Stampley History Charles E. St. Arnaud Business Joiin F. Steele Business loe R. Steen Business Jack L. Stemple Political Science William S. Sterling Jack L. Stewart Leslie J. Stottle Business Management Business Management Military Science Walter J. Stol Business Ralph F. Stoiz Physical Education Forrest M. Stowe Law Enforcement and Security Frank E. Strom Political Science James E. Sturgis Physics Robert G. Sutton Psychology Joseph J. Szalay Business Administration Theodore M. S emplenski Recreation Administration Richard A. Tanch Military Science Bobby L Tarter Business Administration 279 Marilin E. Thrasher Business Administratinn h rank T. Tobin Business Adminislralion James E. Townes Business Administration and Economics John J. Trankovich Political Science James F.A. Turner Law Enforcement and Security 280 281 John W Walden Henry D. Walding Miles D. Waldron Phillip J. Walker Danny C. Wallace Business History Military Science Business Business Administration Administration Owen J. Walsh Business Administration Clifford F. Ward Psychology Francis B. Ward, Jr. History James Warren Mathematics John R. Warren Business Administration John S. Warren Military Science David C. Watkins Business Administration and tconomics George H. Watkins Military Science John F. Watts, Jr. Sociology Robert F. Wayman George H. Wayne Business Management Political Science George R. Weaver Thomas H. Webster Louis A. Webber Military Science Military Science Political Science Louis J. Weil Michael H. Wieland James Williams William C. Whitten Ldward W Wild Military Science Political Science History Business Business Administration Administration Floyd W. Wilkie Law Enforcement and Security Carlton O. Wilks Business Administration Ernest B. Williamson Business Administration William S. Williams Economics and Business Administration Albert E. Wolfgang Political Science Wayne A. Wotherspoon Chester M. Wright Speech History George L. Wright Business Administration William L. Yost Military Science Wallace J. Young Law Enforcement and Security Richard C. Zagrocki Political Science Robert N. Za a Law Enforcement and Security .lames F. Zeman Political Science and History Erwin W. Zuehlke Military Science 283 Interns Graduate internships in biology, education, college business man- agement, English, history, psy- chology and sociology are avail- able at OU. An intern must be a graduate student enrolled in a program of courses carrying credit toward an advanced de- gree in their department. The purpose of the internship pro- gram is to provide the student with practical experience which will be of value to his degree work. Neil Galloway stocks up on supplies. A part of the job of a graduate intern is giving tests, Bill Miller administers a final to biology students. 285 Summer Activities Vary Summer included a variety of activities. Classes were in session and preparations were made for the Fall. Construction began on a new wing for the Administration building along with the general repairs. Adding to the fast pace were the conferences held by civic, educational and business groups. Construction starts on Administration Building and new sidewalks. 289 President, Board of Regents The University underwent a change in leadership in December when Dr. Kirk Naylor assumed the duties of Dr. Leiand E. Traywick as acting president. The Board of Regents, consisting of nine members, governs the University. Regents are appointed to four year terms and may serve a total of eight years. Computers Speed Work DR. RICHARD NICHOLSON Asst. Professor Psychology Director Industrial Testing BUFORD BYARS Director Data Processing DR. WILLIAM WALDEN Assoc. Professor Math Director Computer Center JOHN PEARSON Director Stenographic Bureau OU " s Computer Center enables tomor- row ' s skills to be learned today. 295 WARREN WITTEKIND Instructor Journalism. Alumni Director RALPH BRADLEY Director Office of Information gitm MIKE MORAN Director Sports Information HARVEY VOGLER Athletics Business Manager RONALD PULLEN Asst. Professor Director Audio-Visual Aids ROBERT KRENZER Director Physical Plant BERNARD KOENIG Manager Bookstore MRS. CAROL GRAHAM Manager Food Service MRS. THELMA ENGLE Social Director COM IUIllUIIONS Dean Don Pflasterer welcomes Ben Koenig to August 12 dinner recognizing his 25 years of service to OU. Books, books, books everywhere contain knowledge to be lapped during the school year. Directors Execute Daily Decisions STUDENT ACTIVITIES— front row: Ken Krichbaum, Jan Archer, Rita Owens, Donald Pflasterer, Connie Claussen, Helen Howell; row 2; Elizabeth Hill, Dorothy Patach; row 3: Virgil Sharpe, Bert Kurth, Tom Ridley, John Berkheimer, Jim Butler, Tom Heiligso, John V. Blackwell, D.N. Marquardt, Mike Campbell, Lt. Col. Kenneth Dyer, Fred Ray, Gary Lambert, Jack Malik. TELEVISION front row: James Brown, James Johnston, Nadine Ricks, Paul Borge; row 2: George Thompson, Wayne Higley, Charles Ingham, Ron Pullen, Joseph Dunn. 298 University Standing Committtees SCHOLARSHIP AND AWARDS— front row: Richard Gibson, Helen Howell wich; row 2: Harl Dalstrom, William Gerbracht, Donald Pnasterer. Leonard Prest- ACADEMIC front row: Paul Beck, William Lemar, James Scriven, Frank Gorman, John Lucas; row 2: George Thompson, Cheryl Prewett, Anson Marston, Wayne Giidden, Gale Oleson, Robert Butler. 299 University Standing Committees ATHLETICS COMMITTEE— front row: Mike Moran, Francis Hurst, Marilyn Hamilton, Paul Kennedy, Virgil Yelkin; row 2: Harvey Vogler, Harold Davis, M. G. Newport, Grace McMillan, Raymond Trenholm, Warren Wit ' tekind, Fred Ray. 300 LIBRARY COMMITTEE— front row; Donald Shult, Ethel Rohrbough, A. Stanley Trickett, Ellen Lord, W. L. Most; row 2; Kenneth Burkholder, E. L. Ehlers, J. C. Titus, William Lemar, C. R. Keppel, D. C. Cushenbery, Gordon Schilz, G. A. Newkirk. CURRICULUM COMMITTEE front row: William Lemar, Frank Gorman, Charles Bull, Margaret Killian, Paul Stageman; row 2: Donald Pflasterer, William Hockett, George Thompson, Robert Ackerman, Frederick Adrian, William Jaynes, W.J. Beaupre, James Hossack, R.C. O ' Reilly. 301 such as the dignified Administration Building blanketed in snow, which serves as the meeting place for all engaged in the search for knowledge. INDEX A Abboud, David 154 Abdouch, Gerald 94,207,21 1 Abdouch, Curt 166 Abdouch, Philip 120 Abel. Patty 63 Academic 299 Accounting Club 120 Acker, Mike 163 Ackerson, Paul 206 Ackerman, Robert 206,208,301 Acuff, Sue 28,51,63,92,93 Adam. Vicki 26,28.138,142,154, 320 Adams. Dennis 198 Adams. Joan 95 Adams. John 177.248 Adams. Pam 26.37,137 Adebayo, Timothy 91 Aden, Harlan 126 Administration 290 Adrian. Frederick 172.173.301 Adwers. Pete 132 AFROTC 49 Agnew. Judy 206,220 Ahlstrand, Nancy 51 Ahlslrom, Susi 32 AIIE 133 Ainimer, Sue 94 Aipperspach, Dale 126 Albaugh, Rick 70 Alberts. Dianne 148 Albin. Anne 198 Albin. Richard 94,185 Alexander, Curlee 1 1 2 Alexander, Larry 163 Alexander, Richard 154 Alivator, Ralph 248 Allen, Joe 166 Allen. Tom 113.220 Allendorfer. Mike 176 Allgood. Janice 28 Allison. Chuck 48.121 Almquist. Rozanne 149 Alpha Epsilon Pi 58,59 Alpha Psi Omega 185 Alpha Xi Delta 62,63 Altman. John 248 Amerio. Teresa 220 Anania. Frank 92.94 Anderberg, Clifford 182 Andersen. Harold 139 Anderson. Amel 248 Anderson. Barb 89.98 Anderson, Byra 177 Anderson. Doug 133.154 Anderson. Jace 78 Anderson, Jack Anderson, James 248 Anderson. Julie 149 Anderson, Kathy 149 Anderson. Kris 149 Anderson. Loene 91.207 Anderson. Loren 248 Anderson. Luke 154 Anderson. Mary Ann 28 Anderson. Myrwin 248 Anderson. Paul 102,126 Anderson, Rich 49,99 Anderson, Sherry 62,98,214,217 Andreasen. Karen 149 Andresen. Robert 220 Andrews. Beverly 73.74 Angels 51 Annual High School Journalism Conference 138 " Antigone " 188 Anzalone, Don 78.297 Arae. Yutaka 91 Archer. Janet 16,54.(5,98,137. 167,298 " ARIA-da-CAPE " 188 Armada, Graciela 196 Armstrong, John 113 Arnett, Joyce 88.98.177 Arnold Air Society 48 Aronson. Lenore 220 Arringdale. Jean 64.97.215 Arrington. Saul 102 Art Club 163 ASCE 132 Aschenbrenner. Duane 185 Ash. Deanna 94 Ash. Len 49.81 Ashley, John 126 The Associations 15 Atkins, Edna 196 AuteYirieth. Donna 220 Aulabaugh. Jeanne 92 Autrey. Deborah 154 Axiotopoulos. Anastasios 91,133, 154 B Babbitt, Alan 58 Babcock, Jerry 166 Babendure, Harv 133 Babendure, Shelly 58 Bachenberg, Pete 177 Badura, Mike 132,154 Bailey, Gail 46,219 Bailey, Hugh 248 Bain, Jerry 132 Baker, Al 84 Baker. Barry 166 Baker. Bruce 168 Baker, Jeanne 63 Baker, Melinda 54 Bakies, Vincent 248 Baldwin, Hanson 236 Baldwin, Pat 74 Balfe. Paul 248 Ballweg. John 184 Baltzer. Bobbie 74.163 Band 176 Baner, Jack 248 Barajas. Phyllis 177 " Barber of Seville " 178 Barefoot, Vance 248 Bariss, Nicholas 170 Barker, Linda 28.51,62 Barkes,Gary 94,132.228 Barnett. Larry 184 Barns. Sandy 149 Baron. San 28.154.167 Barr. Judy 196 Barrett, Gil 48 Barrington. Jim 107,112 Barry, Leonard 93 Barry, Sharon 207,220 Barton, Larry 80 Barton, Linda 88 Barton, Mike 185,193 Baseball 104,105 Bash, Cindy 89 Baska. Lorraine 219 Basketball 113 Baskin. James 248 Bass. Silas 248 Bates. Florence 177 Bates. Vicki 174.175,177 Battiato, Jean 27,41.88,98,136 Bauman, Jerome 249 Beaman. Burwell 120 Beaupre, W, J, 24,218,301 Beck, Dorthea 166.201 Beck. Janeen 28.174,175,177 Beck. Paul 24.172,299 Beck. William 248 Beckman. Carol 196 Beed. Pamela 174.177 Behrend. Leon 249 Beig. Steve 71 Bein. Robert 249 Belfiore, Mary Ann 177 Belitz. Buddy 107,210 Bell. Barb 89 Bell, Raymond 249 Bell, Rebecca 170 Benecke, Robert 120 Benedict. Ruth 249 Beninato. joe 27.36.37 Benner. Lloyd 80 Bennett, J, C, 121.177.196 Bennett. Jacqualyn 220 Benning. Don 107.1 12,210 Benolken. Rich 27 Benschoter, Leon 235 Benson. Judy 74,94,98 Beoloff, Jeremy 186 Berenis,Joe 104 Berg, Jane 148 Berger. Alvin 249 Bergfeld. Carola 94 Bergin. Jim 84 Bergman. Mores 1 32 Bergren. Carol 220 Bergstrom. Fred 49 Berkheimer. Joan 51.67.166 Berkheimer. John 26.37,39,54. 67,196,298 Bernstein, Jerry 58 Bernth, Lon 26.55,71,104,206, 211 Bernth, Ron 26,71,104,206,220 Berrigan, Lynda 75 Berry, Diane 1,57,89,138,140, 143,154,320 Besore. Prentice 102 Bethel. Hollie 24.206 Beukema. John 171 Bieda, Nina 26.41.193,196 Bier. Margy 135 Biga. Kathy 63 Bigley. Bob 81 Bigsby. Kathy 47 Binder. Fred 84 Biology Club 166 Bird, Cheryl 30,31 Bird, Ken 80 Bisbee, Sharon 92,94 Bishop. Clair 249 Bishop. Noyes 249 Bissell, Byron 120.121 Blackwell. John 24.162.298 Blair. Henry 50 Blair. James 126 Blair. Jan 92 Blake. Richard 206 Blan, Doyle 249 Blanchard. Patti 46.63 Blankenship. Bob 79.211 Blaylock. Joseph 126 Bledsoe, Carroll 249 Blend, Mike 166 Blomgren, Norman 249 Blonsky, Mel 286 Bloom, Larry 59 Bloom, Neil 126 Blum. Gary 182 Boanal. Clifford 176 Board of Regents 292.293 Bobay. Carl 249 Bockelman. Dan 123 Bockelman. Leon 69 Bodielenam. Daniel 121 Bodine. James 2 49 Boe. Jim 26.54.196 Boehme. Dennis 81,87 Bogacz, Ann 28,63,98,137,166, 167 Bogatz, Mary 207 Boguchwal Stephen 196 Bohrer. John 174.176.181 Boldt. Wayne 99 Bolton. Dale 177.196 Bond. Lucy 250 Bonin. Jerry 170.250 Booth. Richard 250 Borcyk, Jackie 89,217 Borg, Marti 148 Borge, Paul 185,235 298 Borgers. Frederick 250 Bergman. R. P. 166 Borsheim.Jim 102.113.210 Bosiljevac. Frank 1 32 Boswell. Charles 250 Bouchard, James 250 Bourne, Larry 84 Boutin, Don 48,80 Bouza. Duane 250 Bowers. Kay 220 Bowen. Sue Bowling 21 1 Boykins. Peter 106 Boyle. Rodger 250 Bradbury. Bruce 121.126 Bradley. Judy 138.139 Bradley. Ralph 296 Brawner. Lee 68 Brawner. Lynn 69 Brazelton, Donald 250 Brecheen, John 250 Breckenridge, 94 Bremerr. Steve 121 Bressler. Jean 206 Bridges. Ralph 250 Brilhart. J. K. 28.185 Briscoe, Marlin 106 Brooks. Kenton 166.167.196 Brooks, Merle 24,166 Brown, Alan 133,154 Brown, Bruce 69 Brown, Calvin 250 Brown, Dan 69 Brown, Dwight 250 Brown, James 132,298 Brown, Joseph 250 Brown, Joyce 149 Brown, Judy 167,176 Brown, Marion 168 Brown, Regina 177 Brown, Robert 220 Brown, Ronald 174.176,177 Brown, William 24,122 Browne, Dennis 25,113,114.166 Browning. Richard 250 Broxton. Howell 251 Brunk.John 102 Bryan. Sylvia 220 Bryant. Ernest 177 Bryhgelson, Kris 63 Buchanan, Sidney 162 Buckles, Eari 220 Buckridge, Denise 148 Budzinski, Steve 120,126 Buell, Terry 176 Buerstetta, Duane 121,126 Buick, Jody 97 Bulena, Richard 177 Bull, Charles 122,301 Bundy, Betty 251 Bunger, Ken 14.49,81,98,176 Buntz, Linda 64 Bunz, Pat 185.193 Burch. Fenwick 251 Burchell.Jim 79.123 Burdick. Robert 251 Burdick. Sandy 89.94 Burgos. Lydia 220 Burkholder. Kenneth 206.301 Burling, Becky 65.97.98,163 Burns, Carol 74,177,217 Burton, Charles 251 Burton, Daniel 251 Busch, Karl 166 Business Administration 118, 119.120 Butkus, Terry 112 Butler. Bill 69 Butler, Charles 177 Butler, Jim 9,26,36,37,43,79, 104,163,196.206.298 Butler, Juanila 163 Butler, Robert 299 Butler, Walter 251 Byars. Buford 295 c Cady.Tom 78,90,95 Cahnam. Erwin 5,180 Cahow. Larry 1 13 Cain. Mike 78 Caldwell, Worsham 251 Calendo, James 196 Calhoun, JoAnne 196 Callahan, Jim 78,90 Callahan, Thomas 48 Calvert, Ken 84 Cameron. John 25 1 Campbell, Benard 251 Campbell Bob 48,49 Campbell, Clark 121 Campbell, Michael 94,210,211, 298 Candee. Leslie 251 Caniglia. Al 109,110,210 Capoccia, Sandy 167 Caraway, Jackie 25 1 Cardwell, Lloyd 99.100,210 Carey, Richard 100 Carlisle, Carl 85 Carlson, Joanne 206 Carlson, John 167 Carlson, Karen 219 Carlson, Larry 105 Carlson, Rick 68 Carmichael, Robyn 28,65,138,187 Carr, Edward 251 Carstensen, Karin 251 Carstensen, Vi 67,88,98 Cartagena, George 251 Carter, Carolyn 9,40,61,62 Carter. Dave 48.49.98 Carter. Elton 206,231 Carter, Jane 30.3 1 Cartwright, Sandra 215 Caster. Nancy 27,88 Castro, Janet 2 14 Catlin, Don 178 Catlin, Linda 148 Catlin, Thomas 126 Cawlfield, Robert 251 Cerny, Ralph 177 Cerone. Dennis 196 Chad and Jeremy 181 Chamberlain, Al 121 Chamberlin, Roger 69 Chambers, Thomas 252 Chang, Perry 169 Chapek, Susan 28,167,207,220 Chapell. Tern 215 Chapman, LaVonne 206 Chapman. Linda 148 Chaumont, Warren 252 Cheerleaders 97 Chemistry 298 Cheney, Jack 252 Chi Omega 64,65 Christian, Clyde 91,252 Christian Science Organization 92,93 Christiansen, Marietta 75 Cigleris, Anatole 197 Circle K 90 Cisar, Ron 27,68 Clanton, Mary 220 Clark, Edwin 185 Clark, John 79,177 Clark, Linda 207 Clark, Ralph 252 Clark, Russ 79 Clark. Thomas 220 Clark. Warner 126 Clarke. Hugh 252 Clarke. Ronald 252 Clarkson Student Nurses 148 Clas. Katie 94 Classen. Greg 69 Clatanoff. Kevin 252 Claudio. Verman 252 Claussen. Connie 214,217.298 Clemens, Shirley 220 Clifford. Peter 173 252 Clodfelder, Judy 137 Clopton, Dave 138.154 Cloyd, John 252 Cobbs. Richard 252 Coffelt. Lloyd 95 Coffey, Carla 177 Cogelia. Clyde 99 Cohen. Marcia 16.95,168,197,206 Cohen, Mel 59 Cole, Andrea 1 36 Coleman. Richard 1 12 College Business Managers 298 Colleges 116 Colliflower. Jim 80 Collin. Jim 105 Collins, Tom 84 Concannon, Mary 139,140 Condon, Mike 138 Conety, Kathy 214 Conklin, Joe 85 Conlon,Tom 185.193 Connell, Donald 169 Connell, Ralph 252 313 rr t Connelly, Michael 252 Connors, Marie 154 Conrad, Cliff 249 Construction on Adminijtration 299 Continuing Studies 230 Cook, Ed 48.49,174,175,176 Cook, James 252 Cook, William 252 Cooke, Patrick 252 Cooper, John 254 Cooper, Tom 79,90,123 Copeland, Arnold 252 Coppley, John 754 Corkill, Nila 208 Cornelius, Russell 176 Cortese, Debby 97 Cortese, Pauletta 252 Cosgrove, Richard 121 Coulter, Arthur 254 Counts, William 254 Covault, Barbara 221 Covault, Linda 64 Covert, Pam 62,98 Covert, Robert 254 Cowan, Carter 254 Cowman, Jim 140,146 Cox, Curtis 175,176,177 Cox, Will 254 Cox, William R. 254 Craig, Elaine 221 Craig, Janet 126,219 Craig, Jeanie 17,39,51,89,136, 147 Craig, Jermaine 177 Craig, Russell 254 Cramer, Doug 121 Crane, John 254 Cranford, Jack 254 Crasnick, Janice 28 Creaghe, Jack 254 Criner, Lawrence 254 Criser, Dave 163,197 Criser, Lynda 206,207,221 Crisman, Greg 85 Crissman, Bob 123 Croft, Donald 221 Cross, Kathy 63,177 Crosscountry 100 Crum, Dennis 206,211 Crume, Larry 91 Cudd, Frank 254 Cullinane, Tom 49 Cunningham, Kenneth 254 Cupich, Joe 254 Curran, Marsha 221 Curriculum Committee 301 Curry, Jr., Earl 120 Curry, James 106 Cushenberry, D. C. 218,301 Custard, Diane 28,63,163 Cutest Pan, Ugliest Man 41 Czaplewski, Ellen 94,122,219 D Daleuski, Edward 254 Daley, Kathy 30,31 Daley, Marg 62,221,273 Dalgleish, Jan 92 Dalstrom, Harl 172,173,299 Dalton, Archie 254 Daly, Eileen 94 Daman, Marion 254 Daniels, Virginia 136,154 Danley, Maxine 221 Danton, L. A 90,169 Danze, Michael 106 Darling, Don 3,69 Daters, Vernon 255 Daugherty, Diane 166 Daugherty, James 255 Daugherty, Mic 166 Davey,John 197 Davis, Bob 105 Davis, Eileen 92 Davis, Francis 197 Davis, Harland 255 Davis, Harold 133,300 Davis, Herbert 293 Davis, Norman 113,255 Davis, Riik 106 Davis, Walter 172 Deal, Charles 255 Dean, Donald 221 Deals, Charles 14,95 DeBarros, L. 210 Debate 186 Decker, Anita 221 Decker, Dave 138,140 DeFalco, Doug 106 Defreece, Mike 120,126 Deitering, Dick 85 DeKeyser, Bernard 255 de la Torre, Rey 179 Delta Omicron 174,175 Delta Sigma Pi 121,129 Demgen,John 78 Den Herder, Richard 120,126 Denker, Diane 28,65,98 Denker, Howard 133 Denton, Helen 120,122,126,219 Desler, Dianne 51,64,65,98 Devall, Mellanee 28,54,62 Deyarium, Donald 255 Dickerson, John 167 Dills, Gary 166 Dimon, William 255 Dippel, Herm 94 Disbrow, Bob 89 Dixon, Lonnie 255 Dizon, Lilah 221 Dobson, Vesta 177 Dodd, Bill 106 Dodd, Walta 221 Dodson, James 255 Dolezal, Frank 255 Dolinsky, Carrol 25,28,197 Domzalski, David 255 Donlan, Jerry 177 Donlan, Roger 8,255 Donnan, Betty 75 Dorf, John 255 Dosenovich, Vojislav 170 Dostert, Kathy 92 Dotson, Harry 132,154 Dougherty, Ella 208 Dougherty, Larry 79 Dougherty, Thomas 255 Douglas, William 255 Doyon, Ernest 255 Drake, Kris 74,177 Dress, Greg 177 DrimI, Steve 121 Drum, Loren 6,26,27 Dryden, Danny 166 Dubler, John 49 Duggin, Richard 168 Dulik, Mike 84 Dummar, Dick 85 Du nn, Jonell 28,51,62,98,137 Dunn, Joseph 24,208,298 Dunn, Joseph L- 221 Dunne, William 255 Dustm, Dorothy 168 DuVall, William 154 Dworak, Sandy 91 Dwyer, Debby 64 Dyer, Kenneth 48,298 Dyer, LeRoy 54,84,197 Dyess, Chester 255 Dyess, Jack 170,256 Dymit, Jane 221 Dyrda, Marleen 91,136 Eaders, Rick 132 Earp, Judy 65,98 Eastman, Rick 27 Easton, Howard 256 Eaves, Joel 256 Eby, Cheryl 17,137 Eckel, Keith 197 Eeklund, James 256 Eddy, Dennis 167 Eden, Micheline 177 Eder, Jim 132,182 Edmiston, Donald 256 Edstrom,T.L. 121,127 Edwards, Joan 54,87,89,214,216, 217,221 Edwards, Terry 107 Edwards, Jr., Williams 197 Eggers, Leslie 64,96,97 Ehlers, E. L. 301 Ehlers, Lawrence 133 Eickhoff, Charlotte 154 Eisenhauer, Dianne 149 Eleby, Gwynn Elksnitis, Edgar 256 Elsasser, William 29 Elliott, Marilyn 88,136,154 " The Enchanted " 191 Endrulat, Lora 177 Engelhart, Rich 94 Engineering and Technology 130 Engle, Thelma 140,296 Englebretsen, John 193 English, Shon 149 Enquist, Gail 206 Epperson, Juli 89,197 Epstein, Reese 256 Erftmier, Charies 256 Erickson, Carol 168 Erxleben, Bob 12,138,140,155 Escott, Vera 122,127.219 Etter, Jim 113 Evahn, Judy 64,215 Evans, John 256 Eveland, Dan 138,140,155 Eveland, Herb 85 Everhart, Mary Jo 92,98,177,207 Everman, Mark 176 Everson, Jackie 64,98 Eydenberg, Kathy 64 Eyeberg, Sheila 51,197 Eyrich, Dewey 1 1 3 Fahrlander, Daniel 151 Faiman, James 168 Fairley, Barbara 221 Falk, LeRoy 91 Fallman, Karen 98 FarrelLJohn 155 Farrell, Howertine 222 Farrell, Peter 256 Faucci, Barbara 92 Favara, Ron 54,85 Fearson, Gordon 256 Feichtinger, William 256 Felpner, Zeph 246 FennelLCharotte 207 Fentress, Jean 10,28,51,89,98, 140,143 Ferguson, Charlotte 191 Ferguson, David 256 Ferguson, Jerry 26,79,106,189, 297 Fiala, Sharon 286 Fiedler, Leslie 179 Fields, Ann 75 Filipowicz, Barb 214,217 Filipowski, Jack 90 Finch, Kenneth 256 Finch, Penny 75 Findley, Arthur 256 Fine Arts Festival 179 Finn, Joseph 197 Finn, Mary 177 Fischer, John 256 Fischer, Ken 102,107,110,210 Fischer, Margaret 293 Fischer, Tom 37,71 Fisher, Gene 79,90,175,177 Fitzgerald, Maureen 95 Flack, :-)r-da 6 Flegle, Ken 133 Fleming, Carroll 133 Flint, Ken 81 Flog, Noele 28 Flood, Bob 78,90 Flores, Rosemary 177 Floyd, Aaron 48 Flynn, Michael 256 Foley, William 256 Folkerson, Donald 257 Football 104,105 Foral, Jim 27 Forbes, Dave 37 Forbes, Franklin 120 Forbes, Leslie 222 Forcade, Mick 215 Ford, Cheryl 207 Fortner, Steve 174,176,177 Foster, Charles 257 Foster, Lance 81,257 Fotopolos, Darlene 177 Foundation and General Educa- tion 208 Fous, Jim 80 Fouts, Jerry 257 Fowler, John 257 Fowler, Mike 80,113 Fox, Larry 49,51 Fox, Jacqueline 222 Foy, Charles 257 Francis, Karen 184 Francke, Warren 138 Frank, Virginia 168 Frankhn, Don 106 Franklin, LaVerne 215 Eraser, Robert 293 Fredericksen, Linda 94,95 Freelin, Karen 135,136 Freelin, Jim 163 Freeman, Ron 48 French, Larry 185,190,191 French, Priscilla 222 Frentrop, Delores 136 Freshman Class Officers 38 Freshman Orientation 40 Freund, Richard 251 Friedman Sandy 24,37 Froslev, Marcia 74,207 Fry, Kathy 214,217 Fuerst, Dava 89,97,147,177,216 Fugate, Denver 257 Fulton, Joan 54,64,97,111 G Gain, Phil 79 Gaines, Carol 89 Gallagher, Michael 257 Galles, Jeremiah 197 Galloway, Neil 281 Galvin, Delores 257 Gamma Theta Upsilon 170 Ganey, Ed 78,95 Gardner, Grace 222 Gargano, Tonv 113 Garofole, Rosalie 88 Garrels, Gary 104 Garrison, Lew 104,106 Garrison, Sandra 257 Garrison, Susan 174,176 Garro, Ron 166 Garry, Kenneth 187 Garvey, Eleanor 222 Gash, Susan 65,98 Gaskill, Robert 177 Gatewood, Jack 190 Gaube, William 132 Gaughan, William 121 Geer, Meta 148 Gehrig, Doug 70 Geiger, Robert 257 Gember, Jim 102 Gembica, Chris 88,136 " General Electric College Bowl ' 16 Genualdi, Andrew 258 Gerbracht, William 299 Gerhard, Ronald 258 Germaine, Fredric 258 Gerry, Kathy 175,176 Giandinoto, Tom 70,112 Gibbons, Charles 171 Giblin, Richard 95 Gibson, Bob 138 Gibson, James 28,207 Gibson Richard E. 133,299 Gibson, Richard 24,132,177 Gibson, Vicki 177 Gilbert, Charles 258 Gildersleeve, C. R. 170 Giles, Dennis 178 Giles, Jerry 102,120,121 Gilinsky, Sandi 95 Gill, Dick 85 Gill, Robert 258 Giller, Suzanne 65,137 Gillespie, Kenneth 258 Gilligan,Sheri 197 Gillman,Gary 127 Gilmore, Bob 37.78,90 Given, Sherry 32 Giventer, Mike 59 Glasier, George 197 Glasgow, Don 99,100,210 Glass, Barry 222 Gleason, Michael 258 Glidden, G. Wayne 207,208,299 Gober, William 155 Codec, Barbara 177 Goecke, Walter 120,121 Goepper, Sue 37,88,97 Golf 102 Gonzalez, Claudio 258 Goodman, Carl 107 Gordman, Ellen 138,142,320 Gorlicki, Dorothy 258 German, Frank 24,205,206.299, 301 Gorr, Ernie 140,142,147,210 Gould, Carol 177 Gould, Ken 99,100 Grabow,Jay 133,155 Graduate Interns 280,281 Graduate Studies 230 Grady, James 258 Grafton, Marsha 138 Graham, Carol 296 Graham, Gary 258 Graham, Robert 258 Gramm, Harold 258 Grange, David 258 Grantham, Douglas 127 Grapes, Elton 258 Grasso, Bev 36,37,62,137 Grasso, Sam 70,90 Grau, Carmen 148 Gravelle, Orville 259 Gray, Dorothy 137 Greek Week Banquet 55 Green. Dre Ann 163 Green, Robert 259 Green, Sonia 214 Greenberg, Sam 293 Greenberg, Steve 123 Greene, Earnest 259 Greene, William 259 Greenslate, Susan 176 Greguras, Fred 69 Greiner, Butch 68 Gridley.John 259 Griffith, Candace 64 Griffith, Erika 193 Grobe, Lynn 259 Groower, William 259 Gross, Kathy 65,174 Gross, Mike 79 Grossman, Margaret 94 Grossman, Paul 177 Grossoehme. Nancy 207,222 Grove, Sandy 27,88,140,141,143, 266 Grube, Carole 65,98,137,206,207 Gubbels. Jerry 120 Gubi, Paul 99,101 Guenther, Steve 81 Gulizia,Ted 133,155 Gum, Ert 172 Gurgol, Frank 259 Guss, Fred 59 Gustafson, Bob 79 Gustafson, Linda 207 Gustas, Casimir 127 : Gutierree, Julius 259 314 H Haas, Bill 108,110.113,115,211 Haborak, Steve 107,109 Hackleman, John 259 Haddix, Mike 166 Haeberlein, Fred 68,166 Hagge, Frederick 259 Haggee. Ronald 127 Hahne, Tony 166 Hakanson, Wendall 112 Hall, Arthur 259 Hall, Douglass 168 Hall, Doug 121 Hall, Dick 132,167 Hall, George 259 Hall, Harold 71 Hall, Mary 222 Halla, Barry 121 Halla, Cheryl 121 Halsted, Robert 259 Hamilton, Joyce 207,219 Hamilton, Marilyn 300 Hammack, Ralph 259 Hammer, Rosalyn 89,98 Hancock, Sandra 177,193 Hancock, Thomas 259 Hanek, Diane 64 Haney, John 163 Hangs, Charles 260 Hanneman, Bud 70,72,213 Hannon, Kent 185 Hansen, Annette 149 Hansen, Bob 121 Hansen, Dick 78,90,95 Hansen, Gordon 183 Hansen, Grace 74,98,177 Hansen, Greg 90 Hanson, William 260 Harbin, Kenneth 260 Hardin, Deana 150 Harding, W. Alan 260 Harlan, William 260 Harnett, Jo 137 Harper, Ellen 149 Harper, Paul 260 Harper, Robert 28,163 Harrelson, Carl 260 Harriman HI, William 133 Harris, Beryl 260 Harris. Charlie 260 Harris, Clarence 260 Harris, George 120,219 Harris. Harman 260 Harris, Jeanne 193 Harris, Robert 260 Harris, Sheryl 177 Harrison, Delores 149 Harsh, Yvonne 23,296 Hartman, Kathy 148 Harvat,Tom 132,155 Harvey, Mike 175,176,177 Hassell, Paul 260 Hassler. Steve 167 Hasty, David 174,177 Hauptman, Wesley 193 Havelka. Bill 27 Havriliak. Russ 1 13 Hawkes. Dick 102 Hawley, Dick 61 Hayes, Bob 70 Hayes, James 260 Hayes, Mary Beth 88,97 Hayes, Sam 84,127 Haynes, John 260 Haynes, Lonna 222 Haselwood, E. LaVerne 208 Hazard, Forrest 170 Heaps. Charies 127 Hearty. Jerome 48 Heckinlively. Kathy 65,98 Heenan. Tom 90.92.122 Hefflinger. Robert 198 Hcisler. Sidney 59 Hellbusch, Myra 28,193 Helligso,Tom 17,39,54,71,94, 298 Helling, Barbara 183 Helling, George 184 Helmstadter, Carl 120,139 Hemmer, Donald 260 Hemsath, Wilma 62 Henderson, Joseph 260 Henderson, Roger 193 Hendrickson, Ralph 260 Hendricson, Harold 260 Henning, Bob 85 Henningsen, Rich 69 Hensley, Arvel 262 Hepfinger, John 177 Herek, Frani 163 Herek,Tim 138 Herek, Tom 138 Hernandez, Adrian 207,222 Herzoff, Ron 58 Hess, Kathryn 184 Hewitt, Alice 92 Heydman, Frank 220 Hiatt, Kay 149 Hickman, Cassy 175,177 Hickman, Terry 81 Hight, Leon 262 Higley, Wayne 24,28,120,121,298 Hildebrandt, Bob 69,132,222 Hill, Daryl 27,69,166.212 Hill, Elizabeth 22,37,54,298 Hill, George 262 Hill, Jack 122 Hill, Mike 26,170,190,193 Hill, Peter 162 Hill, Rich 68 Hill, Robert 127 Hilldrup, Carol 155 Mines, George 262 Hinton, William 262 Hirschman, David 127 Hites, Janet 207,222 Hlavacek, John 139,236 Hlavacek, Mike 49 Hlavka, Linda 97,177 Hoag, Frank 127 Hoag, Joan 222 Hoagland, Le Ann 214 Hoburg, Roger 167 Hoch, Francis 262 Hockett, William 120,123,301 Hodge, Walter 262 Hodges, Albert 262 Hodges, Orien 120,127 Hoetener, Doug 27,68 Hoese, Walter 121 Hoevet, Judi 28,206,222 Hoffman, Jim 112 Hoffman, Steve 84 Hogan, James 262 Hogg, Doug 186 Hohman, Marshall 85 Holcomb, Phil 191,262 Holder, Jack 104 Holderne!s, Chuck 48,49 Holland, Guy 262 Hollenbeck, Barb 63,136 Holley, Leta 125,219 Holman, George 262 Holman, Paul 262 Holmes, Roxie 64,96,97 Holmon, Willa 223 Holmquist, Marji 16,65,137,206, 215 Holmstrom, Steve 48.133 Holt, Will 179 Holtz, Leroy 48 Holzaphel. Tony 70 Homecoming 42,43,44,45,111 Home Economics Club 136 Homolka, Ann 175 Hopkins, Patty 92,94 Hopkins, Wayne 106 Horn, Jackie 193 Hosack, Darrel 140,147,176,187 Hossack, James 24,132,301 Houchin, Judy 28.51,64,95,98, 141,177 Housh, Greg 69,212 Hover, John 78,122 Hovey, Christine 176 Hovland. Donald 177 Howard, Dorothy 97 Howell. Helen 206,298,299 Howertine, 207 Howrey. James 262 Hoyer, John 90 Hruska. Robert 193 Hubbud. Penny 148 Hudson, Donald 262 Hudson. Robert 262 Hughes, Agnes 207 Hughes, Roy 262 Hulse, Jean 262 Hult, Robert 128 Hultman, Gene 90 Hultman, Susan 222 Humes. Edward 263 Humphrey. Donald 222 Humphrey. Judy 206,222 Hunacek, Gerald 133,157 Hunt, Barbara 54,75.98 Hunt, Jackie 74 Hunter, Georgia 28,57,206 Hunter, Marsha 28,224 Hunter, Roger 80 Hunter, Terry 81 Huntley, Marjorie 28,193 Hunzeker, H. L. 171 Huray, Frank 263 Hurlburt, Delores 28,43,51,55, 73,74,193 Huriey, Kathy 88,94,98,214,217 Hurst, Francis 183,300 Hurst, Lorona 157 Husk, Donna 149 Huska, John 263 Husnian, Azad 263 Hutchison, Tom 107,211 Hybner, Dave 84 IEEE 132 Illes, Andrew 94 " 11 Trovatore " 178 Imhof, John 170,222 Immanuel Student Nurses 149 Indiannes 96,97,176 Ingham, Charles 166,298 Inghram, Bill 54,68,90,108 Institute of Wodd Affairs 237 Interfraternity Council 54 International Students Organiza- tion 91 Interpep 98 Intramurtls 212,213 " In White America " 198 lovanna. Mike 104 Ipmauoes 98 Irwin. Mary 57.92 Ishii. Conrad 27 Ishii. Mack 67 Iverson. Jerry 263 Izat. Robert 128 Jack. John 167 Jackson. Charles 263 Jackson. Donald 263 Jackson, E9 107 Jacob, Pablo 263 Jacobi. Mary 88.146,297 Jacobs, Dick 188,189 Jacobs. Ernest 263 Jacobs. Morton 263 Jacobsen, Cis 75 Jahnke. Ernst 263 Jahnke. Robin 193 Jamerson. Diana 146 Jamison. Barbara 148 Jankowski. Edward 157 Janousek. Mary Clare 27.88 Jansen. Bill Jaszkowiak, Eileen 175.224 Jaynes. William 24,183,301 Jedlicka. Bea 74 Jefferson, Don 176,187 Jelen, Claude 32 Jelinek, Sheila 28,51 Jenkins, Donald 263 Jensen, John 224 Jensen, Lonnie 94 Jensen, William 29 Jezewski, Mary 224 Jirka, Roger 1 32 Jividen, Boyd 263 Jobst, Jack 92 Johnson, Barbara 174,177,215 Johnson, Darlene 224 Johnson, Dianne 26,157 Johnson, Dick 79 Johnson, Gary 16,168,191,193 Johnson, Gerald 218 Johnson, Herb 104 Johnson, Karen 46,82,140,143 Johnson, Linda 62,88.224 Johnson, Oliver 263 Johnson, Pat D. 27,?0,88 lohnson, Pat 149 Johnson, Paul 246 Johnson. Rita 176 Johnson. S. J. 46 Johnson. Vern 140,143.157.265. 320 Johnson, Walt 163 Johnston, Bonnie 138,157 Johnston. Frank 263 Johnston. James 183.298 Johnston. Johnny 263 Johnstone, Elmer 48,133 Jolley, Blair 47.193 JonJs. Cheri 157 Jones. Jim 121 Jones. Margaret 148 Jones, Nelson 263 Jones, Richard 263 Jones, Roger 69 Jones, Vern 1 77 Jordan, Linda 38,62,66,97,137 Jorgensen, Denny 24,37 Jorgensen, Donna 162 Jorgensen, Elaine 177 Journalism Awari ' s Banquet 135 Junge, Doug 95, H8 Junge, Nancy 207 Junior Class Officers 38 Junior Panhellenic Council 54 Juul, Larry 27,67 K Kaczor. Gerald 122.264 Kadavy. Reed 84 Kaeser. William 247 Kagan. Doug 58.173 Kahane. Charies 1 77 Kahley.Tom 211 Kaipus. Ronald 264 Kaiser. Elizabeth 193 Kaiser. Robert 264 Kalina. Jim 121 Kalinski.Ray 138 Kaminski. Gary 264 Kanger, Bernie 107 Kappa Delta Pi 206 Karpman, Lea 177 Karre, Lyle 85 Karre, Pat 6,30,31 Kaspar, Gary 48 Kaspar, Jim 26.55 Katelman. Doris 193 Kathol.Gene 48 Kathol. Steve 48 Kaura. Frank 1 28 Kavalec. Don 123 Kavalee. Donald 128 Kavan.Greg 106.210 Kavan. Joyce 206 Kawaguchi. Fred 19,264 Kawami, Dave 163 Keariey. Ronald 264 Keefover, Carol 64.98 Keefover. Harold 294 Keely, Connie 62 Keene, Rhea 264 Keillor, Lyla 157 Keim. Mike 84 Kellams. D. F. 207.208 Kelley. Mike 92 Kelley. Stephen 177 Kelly. Robert 120 Kemp. Emme 7.180 Kennedy, Paul 24,207,301 Kenny, Ann 92,207,224 Kenny, Nancy 177 Kensinger, Howard 3 Keppel, Robert 24,167,301 Kersting, Don 264 Kessinger, Sue 27,43,44,89,111, 224,226 Kettelson, Clyde 99 Keyser, Tim 54.69 Kibbon. Ron 84 Kielian. Kathy 94.135,136 Kiernan. Keith 121.128 Kilger. Magdalena 193 Killebrew. Sidney 264 Killeriain. Ellen 208 Killian, Margaret 136,301 Kincaid, Warren 264 Kinch, William 264 King, Bruce 11,179 King, Jimmie 264 King, Richard 193 Kingwell, James 264 Kinney, Charles 264 Kinney, Edwin 151 Kiper, John 94 Kirby, Glenn 169 Kirkland, Bennie 264 Kirkpatrick. Judy 185.193 Kirsch. John 1 76 Kiscoan. Mardee 88 Kisicki. Don 92 Kizlin.John Kizzier, Ken 26 Klaczynsky, Julian 177 Klanderud, Joan 157,207 Klepper. Dan 104,107,108.109 Klimaszewski, Michael 264 Knauss, Edward 157 Kniewel. Rich 70 Knight. Pat 141.320 Knudson. Jan 64.98.207,217 Koch, Robert 264 Kocina, Mavis 1 57 Kodavy, Ree 94 Koenig, Bernard 296 Koepff, Kathryn 176 Koester, Kenneth 264 Kolasky, Diane 28,51,95 Kolell, Linda 62 Koop. Jeanine 224 Kopp, Louis 224 Koppit. LaRae 97 Kort, Steve 120,128 Koser, Chynne 62,98.157 Kosmicki. Duane 49 Kott. John 94 Kowalewski. Duane 90.92.93 Kozel.Gail 98.219 Kozeny. Leroy 294 Koziol. Jerry 49.85 Krabbenhoft. Evelyn 177 Kreblin. Jeff 80 Krecek, Rosemary 62.94.97,216, 217 Krehbiel, Donald 224 Kreitner, Robert 107 Krenzer, Robert 296 Kresnik, James 265 Krichbaum, Ken 38,78,90,298 Krieger, Gary 85,95 Krieger, James 224 Kriesel, Darlene 5 1 Krogh, Gordon 81 Krogh, Jean 5 1 ,65 Kronberg, Karen 92 Kroupa, Jim 84 Krystopik, Norm 265 Kucera, Inez 51,63,98 Kuchel,Gaylon 184,238 Kucirek, Louis 85 Kuhse, Ann 89 Kulish, Craig 91 Kundel, Ray 167,193 Kunkler, Charles 200 Kunze, Paul 151,265 Kupcho, Steve 286 Kurcz, Karen 27 Kuith, Bert 210,21 1,212,298 Kurtz, Jim 177 Kurz, Max 99,100,210,21 1 Kurzenberger, Paula 148 Kuss, Donald 265 KWOU 187 KYNE-TV 235 Labart, Dersey 128 Lachance. James 265 LaFollette, Gary 107 Laino, Paul 265 Lambda Chi Alpha 68,69 Lambert, W.C. 28,183.298 Lammers, Gary 90,94,200 Landin, Robert 265 Landon, Vickie 64 Landry, Stephen 265 Landstrom, Diane 65 Lane, Bob 73,188 Lane, Don 106 Lane, Elizabeth 177 Lane, Nancy 149 Lane, R. L, 168 Lang, Joyanne 51,89.94,216 Lang, Rich 105 Lange. The Hon. Halvard 237 Langfeldt, Ben 84,166 Langley, Clee 265 Large, William 265 Larkin, Joe 123 Larkin, Mark 78 Larsen, Sgt. Charles 48 Larsen,Gary 138 Larsen, Marcia 149 Latenser. Dave 69 Latenser. John 95 Laton. Dona 1 57 Laurent. Michel 224 Lay. Fred 265 Lazerson, Gordon 48,69 Lazerson. Sheila 83 Leach, Edward 177 Leacott, Donald 266 Leary, John 266 Leavitt, Gary 266 LeCroy, Charles 266 Lee, Carol 206.224 Lee. Linda 214 Lee, Richard 213 Leehy, Larry 132 Lefgren, Joyce 63 Leibman, John 95 LeMar, William 24,133,299,301 Lemen. Jack 235 Lenz. Harold 104.105.106 Leone. Nickolas 266 LePale, Salvatore 157 Leu. Randall 132 Levine. Jackie 122.128,219 Lewis. C. Glenn 123 Lewis, Frank 266 Lewis, Gary 59 Lewis, Neil 266 Lewis, Roger 266 Lewis, Terry 224 Lewis, William 266 Liberal Arts 162,163 Library Science 208 Lidolph,Al 68 Light. Don 102 Lind, Gary 68 Lindamood. Linda 62.98 Lindberg. Larry 176 Lindberg, Robert 176 Linder, John 132 Lindstrand, William 266 Linneman, Dania 214,217 Link. Emerson 200 Link. Jo 207 Linstromberg. Walter 167 Lippert. Clark 191 Little. Allen 266 Loft. George 236 Loftus. William 121.122 Londay. Jim 95 Long. Karen 149 Longsdorf, Richard 28,200 Lord, Ellen 28,208,301 Lorenz, Steve 14 Lorenzen, Jac 1 57 Lorenzen, Von 170,224 Lortz, Dale 105 Lory, Hillis 237 Loshek, Linda 89 Loso, Gregg 25,185.190.193 Loveland. Carl 266 Lowder. Phyllis 224 Lowry. James 266 Lucas, John 118,299 Lucht, Ken 49,81 Ludwig, Ken 166 Luedtke, Albert 133 Luetticke, Nancy 137 Luiggi, Nathalie 170 Luken. Lothar 138 Luken. Lubbo 157 Lulow. Norma 149 Lundahl.Neal 267 Lundahl. Vera 214 Lundgren, Helen 149 Lundgren, Rich 138 Lundy, William 267 Lunsford. Nancy 6 Lunt, S, R, 166 Luongo. Joe 112 Lurry. David 157 Lushinsky, Frank 70 Luthultz, Gene 267 Lykkee. Given 149 Lynch. Jim 122.267 Lynn. Carl 170 M MacArthur. Delores 166 MacCallum, David 3,186 Mack, Bob 132 Mack, Pat 175 MacLeod. Anne Madison. Rosemary 140 Madsen.C.C. 14 " Madwoman of ChaiUot " 189 Magner, Jerry 176 Maguire, Robert 267 Mahr, Warren 267 Magzamin, Paula 46,51 Mahan, Rich 79,176,177 Mahon, Paul 80 Maides,Tom 112,210 MA--IE DAY Maine. Lucy 267 Majeskt. Thomas 162 Major. Sharon 1 77 " Major Barbara " 191 Majors And Minors 214 Mali, Kuldip 169 Malik, Jack 174,176,298 Mallia, Louis 267 Malm, Carl 25,28,200 Malone, George 267 Malone, Steve 84,177 Maloney, Judy Anderson 27 Malstead, Chuck 175 Malstead. Mike 175.200 Maness, Jesse 267 Manson, William 267 " Man Who Came To Dinner " 190 Mappes. Kathy 89 Marching Angels 50,51 Marketing Club 122 Marotta, Dan 49 Marrota, Joseph 224 Marshall, Henry 267 Marquardt, D. N. 167,298 Marringlon, Jim 51 Marston, Anson 28,131,132,299 Martig. Joan 224 Martig, Sue 207 Martin. Cora 184 Martin. David 267 Martin, Marcia 206,214,217 Martin, Marilyn 89,98 Martin, Patricia 224 Martin, Rick 48 Martin. Roy 267 Martin. Sharyn 149 Martin. William 268 Marvel, Richard 183 Marymee, Randy 27,69 Massara, Mary 62,167,200,217 Massara. Vic 94,121,128 Master Degrees 286 Masters, Harry 268 Mathis, James 268 Mathison, Grant 121 Math-Metrics 167 Matson, Patti 26 Matson, Susan 64,66 Matson, Toni 37,42,51,64,72,98 Matthews, Charles 157 Maxwell, Nelontine 171 Mayberry, Irene 63 Mayfield, Tim 268 Mayhan, Janet 98 McCann, Connie 206,226 McCarthy, Chet 138,140 McCartl, J. M. 173 McCartt, James 270 McClanahan. Carolyn 158.207 McCartney. Joseph 138,139 McCaulley. M. R. 208 McClellan. Ron 107 McClendon, Yvonne 270 McConkle, Ruby 206 McCormick, Donald 268 McCoy, James 158 McDaniel, Thorman 270 McDonald, Francis 270 McDowell, Bob 48,50.133 McElroy,Pat 163 McEwen, Ken 26,105 McGann, John 68 McGinn, Tom 107 McGinnis, Betty 38,63,98 McGrath. Gerald 270 McGreu. Betsy 149 McGuire, Melvin 270 McHugh, Eleanor 226 Mclsaac, O ' Hanley 270 McKean,John 92 McKee, Mike 78 McKenzie, Gail 88 McKernan, John 168 McKernan, Mae 208 McKinney,Jim 120 McLaughlin, Lorene 200 McLaughlin, Marcellus 270 McLean, Francis 1 33 McLellan, Richard 168 McMahon.Jim 99,100,101,210 McMaken, Shirley 177 McMillan, Grace 300 McMillan, John 132,182 McMillan, Wilson 270 McMullen, Mary 51,62,215 McNulty, Chuck 27,67 McShane, Franklin 270 McVay. David 271 McWhorter. Jim 91.271 Means. Cpt. Larry 25 Means. Ray 208 Medlin.John 268 Meedel. Virgil 132 Meisinger. Diane 225 Meisinger. Sandy 149 Melcher, Elizabeth 188,190 Melcher, Ralph 268 Melichar. Bonnie 65.214 Mellor, Raymond 200 Mellor, Stephen 128 Menard, Orville 28,183 MENC 174 Mendenhall, Bob 176,177 Mendoza, Eida 200 Menke, Madeline 63 Menning, Kay 225 Mennona, Edward 268 Mercier, Ronald 225 Meredith, Don 21 1,225 Mergenhagen, Walter 268 Mertz, Gene 84 Mesa, Fernando 70 Messing, James 133,158 Melcalf, Barbara 158 Meyer, John 167 Meyer, Robert 268 Meyers, Carl 105,107,113,210 Meyers, Elaine 65.94 Meyers. William 1 12 Michalenko. Bill 48.200 Michnick, Larry 80 Milano, Ron 21 1,225 Milczski, Laura 1 36 Milek. Marilyn 65 Miles. Jim 54.81.82 Military B ' all 50 Miller. Barb 88.98 Miller. Bernard 268 Miller. Bill 281 Miller. Dave 68 Miller, Duane 108 Miller, Jack 163 Miller, Jimmie 225 Miller, John 69 Miller, Larry 84,121 Miller, Loren 268 Miller, Paul 3 Miller, Peggy 149 Miller, Randi 51 Miller, Robert 268 Miller, Sue 75 Mills, Sherry 91 Mime Troupe 193 Minear, Lee 132 Minobe, Ron 91 Mintier, Joyce 120,219 Mion, Stephanie 225 Mirasky, Charlene 92 Missouri Valley Conference of Collegiate History Teachers 172 Misterek, Arthur L28 Mitchel, Bob 132,158 Mixan, John 79 Mockelstrom, Lee 68 Modrcin. Nick 1 12 Moeller, Alan 173,268 Moeller, Clarice 28,206,207,225 Moeller, Fran 207 Moeller, Judy 94 Moessner, Kaethe 177 Moffitt, John 268 Mohanna, Christine 94 Moilan. Donald 268 Monahan. Alfred 128 Montag. Barbara 95 Montag. Nancy 28.98 Monteleone. Frank 268 Montros. Charles 225 Moore, David 170 Moore. Jeanne 136 Moore, Linda 163,175,177.200 Moore, Mike 71,200 Moore, Robert 268 Moore, Rosemary 158 Moore, Thomas 225 Moore, William 268 Moorehead, Agnes 179 Moran, Mike 296,300 Moray, Don 79 Morey. Robert 270 Morford. Ron 71,72 Morgan. Ralph 200 Morgan. William 270 Moritz, Doreen 214 Morris. Charles 270 Morris, Nancy 200 Morrison, Kenneth 270 Mortensen, Suzi 55,64.137 Mosely, Bob 1 12 Mosher, Catherine 200 Moss, Carol 63,207 Most, W. L. 170,301 Moulton, C. F, 293 Mrote, Riclard 270 " Much Ado About Nothing " 198 Muell.Judy 158 Mueller. Jim 48 Mueller. Marianne 226 Muldoon. Margie 206.226 Mullady. Michael 270 Mullaney, Pat 28.186 Mullen, Clarke 174 Mulnick, Howard 200 Mulry, Jim 92 Mumford, John 79.95 Murphy. Cathi 92 Murphy, Charles 3 Murphy, Jeanne 270 Murphy, Kitti 65 Murray, Kaye 65 Murray, Thomas 132,133 Murray, William 270 Murtaugh,Tom 112 MusiLJim 80 Musson,Jim 177,270 Myers, Bill 69,105 N Nakano, Fumiko 91 Nanos. Gerald 95.201 Nash. Gloria 149 Naylor. Kirk 12,15,24,242.293 Nazario, Amadeo 170 Nearenberg, Sandy 207,226 Neasley, Tom 166 Needs, Marie 226 Neel, Ed 99 Nekuda, Sharon 92 Nelsen, Sue 74,98,184 Nelson, Bob 26.79 Nelson, Candace 201 Nelson, Howard 271 Nelson, Jerome 271 Nelson, Karen 149 Nelson, Leslie 271 Nelson. Norm 132,158 Nelson, Robert 201 Nelson. Steve 54.79 Nelson. Tim 27 Nemecek. Francis 122 Ness. Pam 62 Neu. JoAnn 149 Neubecker. Chuck 85.200 Neuer. Johanna 170 Nevotti, Joseph 201 Newcomer, Jacque 27 Newcomer, Shirley 27,88,97,215 Newell, Mary Jean 63,94,206 Newhouse, Lynn 176 Newkirk, G. A. 169 Newkirk, Otis 271,301 Newman Club 92,93 Newmann, Gary 106 Newport, Gene 24,122,300 Newsome, John 99 Newton, John 183 Newton, William 271 Nichols, James 271 Nicholson, Eileen 91 Nicholson, R, W. 183,295 Niebaum, Jerome 171 Nielsen, Julie 149 Nielsen, Norvald 177 Nielsen, Randy 54,77.90.128 Nielsen. Sandra 177 Niemeier. Kay 149 Nigro. Frank 121 Nisley. Richard 293 Noonan. The Rev. Gerald 92 Noonan. Richard 271 Nord. Roclyn 27.88.97 Nordberg. Dick 121 Nordberg. Ray 138 Nordeng. Diane 207,226 Norlin. Linda 88 Norris. James 107.128 Norton. Jan 54.63,137,160 Novak. Rich 132.158 Novotny. Daniel 158 Nuzum, Dennis 177 Nyholm, Hedvig 169 316 o Oberdorfer, Carl 178 Oberlander, Keith 167.171 Oberle, Rodney 128 O ' Brien, Tim 68 Ochsner. James 294 OClub 210 O ' Connell, Barry 271 O ' Connor. Rodney 133,158 ODK 26 O ' Doherty, Teresa 88 Oertell. Paul 201 O ' Hara, Colleen 63 O ' Hara, Paul 271 dander. Jolane 149 Olayode. John 91 Oldinsky. Frederick 271 O ' Leary, Robert 271 Oleson.Gale 22,280.299 Oliver. Masor 246 Oliver, Robert 271 Olney, Guy 49 Olsgaard, Charles 271 Olson, Bi ll 26.21 1 Olson. Millisa 89 Olsen. Ray 84 Oman, Dave 68.90.99,100.101 Oman. Sheryl 75 Ondilla, Dennis 106,210,21 1 Ondracek, Donald 271 O ' Neil. Pat 75 Opera Theater 178 O ' Reilly, R, C. 218,301 Orr, Bill 176 Osborn, Duane 271 Osby.Bill 193 Osman, David 150 Osterhaus, Dick 38,78.90,1 13 Osthoff. Robert 90 Otoupal. Mark 27 Over. Mary Ann 10.51,62.98, 140,143,146.207 Overfield. Richard 172,173 Owen, Ernest 107 Owens, Hayden 246 Owens, Mary Clare 207.226 Owens. Randy Owens. Rita 74,54.214,298 Owsley. James 271 Owsley, Sharon 226 P Page, Charles 21 1 Page. Jim 170 Page. Joyce 64,97.217 Palmquist, Les 201 Panhellenic Council 54 Pankowski, Dave 163 Palmer, Darlene 207 Palmer. Mary 65 Palmer. Morrie 158 Palmer. Ralph 121,123 Palmer, Russell 182 Palmer, Wayne 271 Palmerton, Thomas 162,320 Pane, Sandy 135 Papenfuss, Herbert 166 Paporello, Gary 99,106.210.211 Parden, Peggy 51,207,227,294 Parent ' s Day 109,110 Parham,Al 191 Parilman, Barb 219 Parilman, Sandra 227 Parish, Freddy 272 Parker. Dan 39.70 Parker, Ellen 227 Parks, Kae 149 Parsley, Charles 272 Parsons. Mary 158 Parsons, Robert 272 Pascal, Raymond 272 Patach, Dorothy 148,298 Paulson, Linda 28 Pauly, Mike 81 Pavlas. Shirley 177 Payant, Dick 85.272 Payne. Karen 65,137 Pearson. Bruce 272 Pearson. John 295 Pease. Patti 65.92,98 Pechous. JoAnne 88,97 Pechoift, Roberta 217 Peden. Mary 97 Pederson, Larry 90 Pedrini, D. T 183 Pegler. Steve 94 Pelan. Ken 107,210 Pelowski, Mike 71 Pen and Sword Society 240,245 Pennell, Charlotte 63,216 Penney. Linda 149 Pepper, Maury 167,201 Perchal, Joyce 88 Perkins. Ben 78 Perkins. John 272 Perkins. Ralph 133,158 Perley. Robert 272 Perrigo, Claire 64,98 Pershing. John 272 Peters, Carmelia 158 Peters, Kermit 174,176.177 Petersen. Cathie 207 Petersen. Diann 65.206.214,217 Petersen. George 201 Petersen. Janet 148 Petersen. Joyce 227 Peterstn. Lynn 70 Petersen, Tom 28,58,121,128 Peterson, Herbert 272 Peterson, James 174 Peterson. Mary 227 Peterson. Paul V. 1,138.140,143, 320 Peterson. Wanda 63 Peterson, Wayne 272 Petrowski, William 172 Pfenninger, Doug 167 Pflasterer. Donald Phelps. Bob 94 Phelps, Wilma 120.122.219 PhiChiTheta 219 Phi Epsilon Kappa 211 Phi Eta Sigma 29 Phi Kappa Phi 28 Philbrick. Roger 90 Phillippe. Sue 149 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 174.175 PHT (Putting Hubby Through) 242 Pickard, Nancy 89 Pi Kappa Alpha 68 Pilon, Kathy 135,136 Pitalis. Betty 201 Pilerman, Baruch 58 Pittman, A. B. 293 Plack, Charlotte 28,92,184 Plautz. Roy 272 Playfoot. Marion 208 Pleskae.John 158 Plymate, Cheryl 16.64,227 Poff. Bill 48,128.211 Poindexter, Dave 1 13 Pokrant. Beth 149 Polifrone. Dom 107.210 Polsley, Thomas 272 Pomidoro, Frank 174.175,176 Poore. Carolyn 158 Porter, Philip 272 Pospichal.Terri 39,46.65.202 Potts. Robert 272 Powell, Robert 158 Powell, William 272 Power. Gary 99 Powers, Clarke 50,2C2 Powers, Deirdre 28,168 Powers, Vernon 272 Prazan, Lois 51 62,94 Prescott, John 138.141,320 President ' s Faculty Advisory Committee 301 Press Club 138 Prestwich. Leonard 122,123,299 Prether, Donald 273 Prewetl, Cheryl 132,133,299 Pnbyl, Chuck 68,132 Price, Arlie 272 Price, Sidney 1 32 Prince, John 272 Prohaska. Tom 78 Pugh. Delmar 273 Pullen. Ronald 208,296.298 Pulliam. Oscar 107.163 Pullman, Milton 273 Pulver, William 273 Pung, James 273 Purdy. Elizabeth 176 Q Quackenbush. Harold 273 Quick. Gerald 133.159 Quinlin, Thomas 128 Quinones, Antonio 273 R Rabe. Mary 149 Rachford. George 7.294 Rachow, Roger 84 Radio Club 90 Radosevich, Dianne 173,202,206 Ragan. Claude 273 Rak.Dave 106.107,132 Ramming, Mary Ann 176,214 Ramsey, Ruthanne 125 Rande. Joseph 159 Randone. Chuck 211.227 Rasmussen. Edith 166 Rasmussen. Marilyn 62,227 Ratliff, Jeff 320 Rauch. James 129 Rauch.Verda 206.219 Ray, Fred 22,54,94.298.300 Ray. William 273 Raychel, Edward 273 Raznick, Inalou 46,207 Reader ' s Theater 198 Reams, Ruth 273 Reddy. Charles 273 Redlinger. Richard 106 Redwine. Kyle 274 Ree. Terrie 91 Reed, Robert 274 Reelfs, Brenda 227 Reeser. Rick 3 Reeves. Karen 65.207 Refergier. N. L. 177 Rehder. Erwin 69.105 Rehtmeyer. John 81 Reif. Robert 274 Reilly, Judith 176,177 Reimer, Donald 274 Reiss, Joe 138 Reisser. Craig 14.16 Rennaker, Robert 274 Renteria. Steven 202 Reshel.Joy 206 Retallick, Harold 170 Reudelhuber. George 274 Re nolds. Harry 28.182 Retter, Denny 132 Rheinfrank, Mary 50,51.227 Rho Epsilon 123 Rhoades, Debbie 75,98 Rhoden. Rod 26,129 Rice, Jeannene 215 Rice. Harry 171 Richardson, Dave 21 1 Richardson, Linda 148 Ricks. Nadine 169,298 Riddle, Gary 94 Riddle. Susan 64 Ridley, Tom 9,39,202,298 Riedemann. Hal 32,84 Riekes. Gary 177 Riggs, Cheryle 274 Rimmerman. Harlan 177,227 Rine, Carol 207 Rinschen, Dick 81 Rippe, Beverly 149 Rippen, Jan 149 RisheLJoy 227 Ritner. Judy 63,207 Ritter, Wayne 274 Robbins, Norman 274 Robbins, R. M. 28,172.173 Roberts. Billie 274 Roberts, Cheryl 63 Roberts. Howard 74 Robertson. Orbie 274 Robertson. Robert 274 Roby. Roger 275 Rockwell, Floyd 227 Rocha, David 275 Rock, Lyman 275 Rockstad, Jon 275 Rodgers, Barb 92 Rodriquez. Robert 75 Rodzwell. Robert 257 Roeder, Harold 275 Roenfeldt, Rod 26,120,129 Rogers, John 1 12 Rohrbough, Ethel 301 Roitstein. Lloyd 96 Rokes, Willis 122 Roland, Carroll 286 Rolfes, George 275 Romano, John 275 Ronsin,Karyl 11,62,97,140,146, 215 Root, Kenneth 184 Rosch. Phebe 169 Roshek. Robert 275 Rosholm. Janice 89 Rosher. Albert 275 Ross, Troy 173,275 Rothe, Pat 88.142.159,320 Rothenflue. Donald 275 Rothwell, Susan 54,56.74 Rotolo. Lynette 198 Rouse. Tom 27.68,175.176.177 Roux. Mike 80 Rowden.Gail 47,177 Rowe, Herbert 49,51 Rowedder, Diane 167,202 Rowoldt. Grace 206 Roy, Carl 48,49 ,98 Ruberti, John 48 Rubinow, Nell 177 Ruby, Nancy 62 Rudaks, Laisue 91 Rudeen. Clark 9.40.69 Riehling. Shirley 148 Ruehr. Otto 167.171 Ruetz. Robert 174.178 Ruffino. Tom 112 Ruge, Diane 136.137 Ruhlin. James 275 Rundquist, Jan 64,137 Rijnyan,Jim 176 Rupert, Rodney 275 Ruppe, Jake 275 Rupprecht, John 132 Rush Week 56,57 Rushing. Kris 62 Rushing, Linda 62 Ryck, George 90,93.132 Rynerarson. Gay 176 Rynes, Jack 202 s Sabres, 48 Sack, James 120,129 Sadler, Edward 207,208 Sager. Roberta 64,215 Sail, Mike 85 Saltzman, Rosalie 169 Sander, Gary 132.159 Sanders, Dick 143,320 Sanderson, Richard 276 Sandoz, Jim 38 Sanne, Terry 49 Sauve, Dudley 190 Savage, James 276 Savage, John 140 Sayers, Ron 106 Scalzo, John 94,133 Schaefer. Jim 84 Scheerens, Joseph 276 Schellenberg. Sandy 149 Schenck.Dick 27,68 Schiele, Clyde 276 Schilz. Gordon 171.301 Schlafer.Clarance 173.276 Schlamme, Martha 179 Schleifer, Louise 177 Schleu, Sally 55 Schlueter. Harlan 129 Schneider. Harold 202 Scholtec. Russell 276 Scholz. Cynthia 159 Schmid. Dennis 280 Schmid. Jack 73,85 Schmidt, Daniel 177 Schmidt, Janet 177 Schmidt, Robert 132,182 Schneider, Harcld 168 Schneiderwind. Nancy 3.14,191 Schnurr, Georgeanne 89 Schoening, Marlen 177 Scholarship and Awards 299 Scholastic Bowl 16 Schroeder, Julius 276 Schroeder, Robert 177 Schuck,John 276 Schuckman, Richard 107,210 Schueler. Larry 186,276 Schuknecht, Maureen 148 Schultz. Lorraine 149 Schumacher. Louis 276 Schuricht. James 276 Schwartz, Benjamin 182 Scible, Robert 276 Scoggin, Philip 276 Scott, Bob 133 Scott, David 183 Scott, Richard H. 276 Scott. Richard M. 276 Scott. Robert 161 Scribner. Elizabeth 276 Scriven, James 208.299 SEA 207 Seaman. Gail 216.217 Seaman. Richard 276 Seddon. Ken 121 Sedlacek, Charles 28.132.182 Sedlacek. Jaey 71 Sedlacek. LaVonne 92,207.227 Seinwell. Capt. Ronald 49 Selee. James 206.208 Self. Loy 276 Senior Class Officers 39 " Servant Of Two Masters " 190 Severn. Thomas 276 Seward, Miriam 149 Sexton, Thadden 278 Seyler. Martin 278 Shacter, David 183 Shaffer, Jane 149 Shanahan, Joe 48 Sharp, James 202 Sharp, Ruth 227 Sharp, Richard 278 Sharpe, Virgil 23,298 Shaw, Barbara 95,185,191 Shaw, Chip 68 Shaw, Ray 106.210.211 Sheldon. Bill 121,122 Sheldon, Lawrence 278 Shelton. Carol 64.94.202 Shepard, Bill 104.107.227 Shepard, Keith 278 Sheppard, Charles 203 Sheppard, Jim 176,177 Sheppard, Joe 32 Sheppard. Michael 177 Sheppard. Steve 71,211 Sherman, Gary 176 Sherman, Raymond 278 Shields, Karen 206,227 Shildt, Robert 278 Shimerdla. Jim 105 Shine, Howard 100 Shineman, Francis 278 Shirbroun, Daniel 203 Shives, Vickie 65 Shnieder.Jim 59 Shoemaker. Howard 140 Shoemate. Foy 278 Short, Thomas 278 Shunala, George 278 Shult , Donald 182,301 Sibbernsen, Drexel 293 Sideris, Helen 88 Siemering, Alan 90,207 Sigma Kappa 72 Sigma Kappa Showboat 76 Sig Ep Sing 76 Sigma Phi Epsilon 77 Sigma Tau Delta 168 Silva.Alex 78 Simcoe, Steve 69,176 Simpson. Jack 278 Singleton. Sam 99 Sinovich. Barb 214.227 Siragusa, Mike 90 Sires, Thomas 151 Ski Club 94 Skinner, B, F. 3,29 Skoland, Carol 136 Skovgaard, Jerry 90 Skuja, Val 71,135 Slader. Judy 65,98 Slaughter, Doug 54,71,72,91,132,203 Slenczynska. Ruth 179 Sloan, Stewart 102,210 Slorp, Lee 171 Slote, Bernice 29 Slumiko. Gregg 215 Slusky, Jerry 129 317 Smagacz, Pat 106 Smiley, Ann 97 Smilley, Bob 99,210 Smith, Anne 1 70 Smith, Clifford 278 Smith, Eugene 51 Smith, James 278 Smith, Keith 171 Smith, Mary Jane 206,227 Smith, Paul 278 Smith, Robert 90 Smith, Ron 94 Smith, Rudy 138,320 Smith, Sally 98,147 Smith, Susan 140,143,146 Smith, Thomas 278 Smith, Wanda 203 Snead, James 278 Snoreck, Harry 278 Snyder. Kim 1 75 Snyder, Russell 169 Sokol, Dennis 49,51 Sokol, Theodore 133 Solberg, Archie 4 Solko, Dennis 121 Sophomore Class Officers 39 Sorich, Steve 133 Sorum.Rita 74,92,93,94,180 Sothman, John 49 Soucek, Steve 174,175,177 Soukup, G. T- 170 Soula, Gary 94,167 Sparks, Sandra 184 Spaustat, Dave 121,129 Specht, Kathy 75,97 Spelic, Steve 27, 7 Spire, Robert 24,292 Spooner. Don 279 Spooner, Martha 207 Spring Plays 189 Spring Sing ' 26 Sprinkle, Sandy 63 Staats, Loren 218 Stageman, Paul 167,301 Stampley, Jack 279 St. Arnaud, Charles 279 Standifer, Stan 107 Stanek, Bill 78.123,129 Stanwick, JoAnne 203 Stark, Marleen 214,217 Staszko, Laura 73,214,216 Steele, Elroy 24,169 Steele, John 279 Steen, Joe 279 Stecnsma, Doug 7i Steimie, Rene 28,51,55,64,174, 175,177 Steimie. Roberta 64 Stein, Ron 59 Stemmermann, Brian 68 Stemple, Jack 279 Stennett, Kenneth 212 Stephens, Larry 106,101 Stephenson, llena 64,207 Sterba, Barb 62 Sterling, William 279 Stern, Benjamin 171 Stevens, Jim 85 Stevenson, Nancy Jo 51,89 Stevenson, Nancy S. 27,89,200,215 Stewart, Jack 279 Stillmock, Bob 166 Stilwell, Connie 37,62,98 Stinnett, Dave 71 Stockman, Lani 64,163 Stokes, Barb 186 Stoll, Walter 279 Stolz, Ralph 211,279 Stone. Virgil 120 Story, Ron 1 13 Stottle, Leslie 279 Stovall,Jack 85,129 Stowe, Forrest 279 Stoysich, Terry 112 Streitwieser, Jary 68,98,102 Straub, Del 186 Strom, Frank 279 Strongin, David 188,189 Struble, Ronald 129 Student Activities 20,298 Student Council 37 Sluhr, Kathy 219 Sturek,Joel 212 Suchy, Carol 94 Sudavicius, Nellie 25,63,163,175, 177 Sullivan, Daniel 90,167 Sullivan. Janet 92,93,177,207 Sullivan, Roger 90,176,177 Summer Activities 299 Summer School 230 Susman, Mardelle 28,141,161 Sutton, Robert 279 Suurvarik, Rolf 203 Suwannakoon, Pougaset 177 Swanson, Deirdre 54,89 Swanson, Don 85 Swanson, Eva 320 Swigart, Laird 183 Swotek,Jim 79 Szalay, Joseph 279 Szemplenski, Theodore 279 Tabajaras, Los Indios 180 Tabor, Doris 24,206,208 Talbot, Val 167 Tallman, Karen 65 Tanch, Richard 279 Tank, Bob 68 Tarter, Bobby 279 Taucci, Barbara 171 Tau Kappa Epsilon 79 Taussig, Liane 28 Taylor, Daryl 27,90,177 Taylor, John 280 Taylor, Katy 215 Taylor, Phil 112 Teacher Corps 218 Teacher Education 204,205 Teal, Robert 120,129 Television 298 Ten Best Dressed Contest 17,137 160 Tenenga, Sandy 148 Tenney, Mahlon 280 Tennis 102 Terrell, Thomas 280 Theiler, Kathy 65 ThetaChi 82 Thela Chi Olympics 86 Thoma, Karen 89,94.97,216 Thomas, Carl 177 Thomas, Charles 280 Thomas, Donald 280 Thomas, James 280 Thomas, Michael 203 Thomas, Monroe 280 Thomas, Ralph 280 Thomas, Sam 177 Thomas, Steve 174,175,176,177 Thomas, Vincent 280 Thomas, Virginia 1 68, 1 77, 1 88, 203 Thomas, Walt 166,177 Thompson, Donald 129 Thompson, Frederic 280 Thompson, George 298,299,247, 301 Thompson, Jim 26,70,102,210 Thompson, Sally 94 Thompson, Terry 129 Thompson, William B. 280 Thompson, William R. 280 Thorkelsen, Arnold 280 Thorndike, David 206 Thorndike, Kay 170 Thornhill.Ted 280 Thrasher, Marlin 280 Thurman, Carol 75,94 Tiedeman, Ralph 49 Tiedeman. Roger 90 Tilton, Bob Jr. 48,80,176 Tilton, Bob Sr. 176 Timanus, Barry 94 Timmerman, Jeanne 62,215 Timmerman, Pam 63 Titus, Jack 133,301 Titzell, Velma 294 Toay, Linda Logan 28,203 Tobin, Frank 280 Tobler. Douglas 172,173 Todd. Leonard 17,1 13,1 15 Todd, Robert 166 Tomahawk Beauty Queen 140 Tomahawk Salutes 24,25 Tomasek, Rodger 161 Tompsett, Rich 27 Toothaker, Roy 151 Totenhaupt. Cheryl 163.176 Toth, Mike 85 Town and Gown Orchestra 177 Townes, James 280 Track 99 Trankovich, John 280 Traukland, Robert 90 Traywick, Leiand 4,12,26,28,30, 45,50,110,168,292 Treffer, Donna 149 Trenery, Frank 208 Trenholm, Raymond 174,300 Trevarrow, Mary 88,136,161 Trickett, Stanley 172,173,301 Tripp, Tom 90 Troup, Michael 129 Tucker, Marilee 64 Turco, Catherine 95 Turco, Ron 21 1 Turner, James 113,280 Turner, Margery 169 Turney, Robert 281 Tyler, John 78 Tyler, Marcelleyne 206 Typical Freshman 40 Vrablick, Frank 281 Vuagniaux, Dave 80 w u UCS Drive 41 Udclaire, Robert 281 Ugalde, Jesse 281 Ullem, Diane 170 Uman, Susan 65,207 Umthun, Dave 78,90 " Uncertain Trumpet, The " 236 Unger, Judy 98 Unger, Randall 166,176 University Chorus 177 University Standing Committees 299,300 University Theater 188,189,190 Upton, Tom 85,129 Urban, Bill 29,84 Ushko, Andrew 281 Utley, William 228,230,242 V Vaca, Jerry, 133,161 Vacek, Joyce 32,89.94,216 Vacek, Rich 102,104,21 1 Valdez. Benjamin 281 Valentic. Marsha 94 Vanacek. Fred 58 Van Ackeren. Ed 78,95 Vance, Larkin 281 Vance, William 203 Van Every, Ivalyn 206,207 Vankowski, Ed 132 Van Hook, Raymond 281 Van Vliet, Wayne 81,94 Van Wagner, Gerald 281 Vargin, Refzan 91 Varnado, Charles 281 Vasby, Viv 149 Vasel, Bill 71 Vasel, Dick 33,132,161 Vasel, Sally 62,98 Vaughn. Carroll 281 Vaughn. Michele 189.193,198 Vaughlers, Richard 281 Vavrick, Chris 177 Vavricek, Paula 148 Veisler, Sidney 166 Vespia, Vincent 281 Veterans Day 243 Veylupek, Terry 85 Vinal. Dick 49 Vincent. Jim 78,90, 1 1 3,2 1 1 Vin. ' anl, Lmda 148 Vipond, Jean 140,143 Vittitoe, Carl 294 Vlcek.Jim 138 Vldak. Frank 281 Voelte, Janet 16,51,64,95,168 Vogler, Harvey 296,300 Vogt, Philip 24.184 Volenee. Jeanne 75 Volk, Dave 79,90 Volk, Doug 78,90,123,129 Volkov, Leon 237 Vomacka, Richard 211 Vouri, Francis 281 Waara, Kris 191,193 Waechter, Nancy 63,82 Wagner, Ron 41,69,87,94 Wakamatsu, Tomoe 91 Walden,John 282 Walden, William 295 Walding, Henry 282 Waldron, Miles 282 Walker, Don 113 Wallingford, Wayne 49.121 Walker, Phillip 282 Wallace. Danny 282 Walsh, Thomas 169 Walsh, Owen 282 Walter, Hilde 51,207 Ward, Aileen 149 Ward, Clifford 282 Ward, Francis 282 Wardle, Ralph 24,28,168 Ware, Douglas 203 Warren, James 282 Warren, John R. 282 Warren, John S. 282 Warwick, Charles 203 Washington, Roy 17,106,112,15 Watchorn, Don 99,107,210 Waterman, Floyd 206,218 Watkins, Darrell 167 Watkins, David 282 Watkins, George 282 Watts, John 282 Wayman, Robert 282 Wayne, George 282 Weaver, George 282 Webb, Judith 161 Webb, Vincent 203 Webber, Louis 282 Weber, Carolyn 94 Weber, John 10,28,138,140,142, 161,293,320 Webster, Thomas 282 Webster, W.G. 16,95 Weghorst, Ray 79 Wehner, Herb 38,70,72,90 Weidenhammer, Steve 79,90 Weidner, Ted 69 Weil, Louis 283 Weiland, Michael 283 Weiner, Fred 80 Weiss, Jo Ellen 206,207,215 Weiss, Ron 166 Weller, Larry 99,100 Wells, Gary 78 Wells, Karen 177 Welniak, Linda 203 Welstead, Bob 177 Wenger, Barb 214 Wenger, Judy 64 Wentzell, Karla 98,136 Werner, Ginnie 92 Westergaard. Cheryl 61.63,98 Westfall, Lois 206,207 Wheeler. Debbie 75 White, Dave 68 White, Elizabeth 148 White, Lydia 27,105 White, Tim 178 Whitehill, Steve 107 Whitten, William 283 Whitney. Roger 121 Widdersheim. Kathy 74,94,95 Widman, Marshall 121 Wikoff, R. L, 183 Wilcox, Pauline 206 Wild, Edward 283 Wilhelm,John 170 Wilken, Michael 90,92 Wilkie, Floyd 283 Wilkins, Diane 88,216 Wilkins, Dorothy 177 Wilkins, PrisciUa 43,64,83,190, 203,215 Wilks, Carlton 283 Will, Chuck 81 Willard. L. D. 182 Willenburg. Mary 64,72 Williams, Bob 84 Williams, Brenda 37,94,97,135, 136,137 Williams, Carolyn 26,62 Williams, James 283 Williams, Kathy 65 Williams, Kinze 112 Williams, Lloyd 106 Williams, Pauline 3,50 Williams, Reggie 112,210 Williams, Sharon 51 Williams, Sheri 138 Williams, Sylvester 243 Williams, William 283 Williamson, Ernest 283 Wilson, Clarence 138,141 Wilson, Jim 28,203 Wilson, Judy 46,51,92,138,143, 320 Wilson, Phil 94 Wilson, Richard 178 Wilson, Stephen 203 Windier, Jeanne 92 Winheim, Christie 64,98 Winlle, Tom 14,84,95 Wittekind, Glen 92 Wittekind, Rick 92,93 Wittekind, Warren 296,300 Wittstruck, Sharon 207 Wold, W.C. 162 Wolden. Cheryl 148 Wolf, Russ 175,176 Wolfgang, Albert 283 Wolinski, Jean 148 Wood, Larry 104,210 Wortz, Charles 91,167 Woster, Lupe 203 Wotherspoon, Wayne 26,54,83,84, 176,283 Wozny, Jerry 138,161 Wrestling 112 Wright, Mike 81 Wright, Chester 283 Wulf, Sandra 62,64 Wybenga, Kathy 9,37,42,43,45,51, 54,61,62,207 Year in Review 2 Yelkin, Virgil 103,104,210,300 Yost, Bill 69,90 Yost, William L. 283 Young. Ken 92 Young. Thelma 206,207 Young, Wallace 283 Young Democrats 95 Young Republicans 95 Zadina. Bill 84 Zager, Ina 228 Zagrocki, Richard 283 Zaslera, Jacqueline 177 Zaza, Robert 283 Zednik. Pam 94 Zeltins, John 85 Zeman, James 283 Zerbe, Judi 3,62,203 Zerzan, Cheryl 88 Zeta Tau Alpha 87 Ziebarth, R, A. 207 Zielinski, Steve 80 Ziemba, Gary 107,108 Zimmer, Sue 67,89 Zimmerman, Al 104 Zimmerman, Jane 148 Zimmerman, Jeff 177 Zimmerman, Ken 139 Zomparelli, Judy 94,176 Zuehlke, Erwin 283 Zwart, Larry 59,60,132,206,228 318 319 Producing the Tomahawk Editor Diane Berry Associate Editor. Greek Editor . . Vicki Adam Photographer Dick Sanders Senior Editor Pat Rothe Sports Editor John Weber Layout, Copy SlaJJ Ellen Gordman, Vern Johnson, Judy Wilson Index Editor Pat Knight Advisor . . Paul V. Peterson, Journalism Dept. Head Cover Design Tom Palmerton Photo Credits — Vicki Adam; Audio-Visual; Diane Berry; Dave Clopton; Gateway; EUy Gordman; Vern Johnson; Rich Lundgren; Office of Information; Paul V. Peterson; Pat Rothe; Rudy Smith; Eva Swanson; John Weber; Judy Wilson; Kilpatrick ' s Photo Reflex, Greek royalty and seniors; Jeff Ratliff, ' Administra- tion Building color; Paul V. Peterson, Student Center color. Copy Credit — " A Year in Review " by Diane Berry, Bob Erxleben and John Prescott; " Memories " by Lothar Luken. Printer . . Walsworth Publishing Co., Inc., Marceline, Missouri Tomahawk staff members from top to bottom are: Pat Rothe, Vern Johnson, Judy Wilson, Paul V. Peterson, John Weber, Elly Gordman, Vicki Adam, Dick Sanders and Diane Berry.

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