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1 i 5 . . 3 5 1 3 4 4 .5- a , 4- r 4 Q Xml." IT 5Y5,E52Et' 5' . gm uNlV5,? x NX XX nu , W A sos k' N N14 , Q .xii--56,15-5 Q :.:..f?T :Q -, X :Q-Zwisif b 'wgffs Q J- ail: :'fZ.:M.q K-:'1-sTMi-ff-- 5 e'3fXgz:,1r,:sw f ' if 5 79:'.1:klsI':X:'3 A 1 ,- 'Y O 2 Y,5T,1vf.fxSit5 vii: 4 ' D Q I ,gg 1 s,2'fff15YF 5' 5 Sf?l3'f1fL-"ilk515' LL rs 4 -1? arm. Lf-xxaswp E R355 fxflwf' I ' O 1.g5'j':xQ-'fi EY' " ' m u I fig? :sy .xx-L35 . ,A ... ',.,. yy f f 5- ' -a if .v" 5 1, -- ,. Q . u -. 1 0 1 f. H QE."-i Q V M. Q g X 5 " ,. Za. K, WI ' A ' "' ' :Q hs, , f l ' 7 A 4 W .fx x' fiifgm A' 1 . . A, ,. X r ix X gf, 'W :gk Q. ix, 1 ' M' F-40 ' Ygvfiva' wa 7 Q , Q, M, gy "7aI5Pi'- I ... H "JZ Q gf f , , , ,ig 3 3 ' fr I - Q? K f xv- , I, I 1. ,- f 3 , ,gf e I VV? 0 1 1 ,' , vb pf Nl r Y 1 A V. 3 ' 'D f : ,. . V in "YF - ' " f 2' '- AJ? t W hi 4, H M ... 'v 1 T 'N 35 1 Q :WJ I .hy ,A 5 , M A , f Am., ',. ' J Wi M' 7 ' 2 'D' x 5 . Lie. fl, , pri' X ,,1xM17,m gr QT! MA ff- 4 3' f' ' - 1' --V 'J nk ai. A 1'-Q-'f'T?31Q,.vV li-Q, 1f.,"' f'1D3ffu""' A . IVV. 1.4. ,v ,,,i ,L , -0 4 'ieffffflf'-fwifzsrw-1 i Z ' A N .:Y.f',.'6 'fi Q 4.5 V, Y' - 4 gfdtf,-.L'f62yfv.,' ff 1 , ,. A f W. w , Y, V Q. 3 ,VW A f,y,1Ej3'4V, , 1 'U' I 31. fn el f , " 1 uw, .fwpf . IV' f 'v I . 1 ' ' ' I3 t.,'f,f!'?5,'fisijq,51+,.g g 4 A . W -f 1 Z , 45,1 V' , if 7 5-, u.,3Y"fl f' y ' ' 4' R.. Lf , ' fy' f-f, , 'f , I f if W. if if V, if , l. hh , V if ,, LJ , , , - ' ' Y f 7 , ": 'W ' . ' A , , , , 1 I . X , - .,f,.,, E5dnfor,,Barb BrVo,wn w5"V"xw"lpf'A""'1f! ' f47"' 1'7" 7 f W' '43, ' ' 5 5 " ' f" ,.,,ff' f' ,- ff' ,, .1 , L' .wr I 6 ir,"nW, f A . fm f I ,f .v M ,, f , x 5 ,K K Y -x f. ., f if f M ,Y f 4 , 4 a :+x4 ff 9',,f, wx ,Aj ff 4 my 'L Wai 'xr , l . . . ,L V . Y- 'Vw ,,f,, fit. 4 an W A ' V Y i if A Y i Y: Y tk R51 ,f' ',', 5'-L ' 4 - , ,Ai , X- 'Lux , 'ik i I ' if , . 1 , ' 1 3 ff A 3, 4' . i 1 , wi if ,f- "fig 4.,.- it 'V I ' N 'sv -fl ' , A' I "' 'il A' ac' ' f f Q f , 0 E 4 'Q ' X . . W - ' ,,rv"fF" .,g WH P0455 ' y WXWXMXKV L iv The University "First say to yourself what you would beg and then do what you have to do . . ." , . N s Q? 1 '. I '.,.x LlS"KTJx - 'bv' T : 4 V A-, .A , Q ., 9 5 A. W' hu-Q 'j' 15 ' , A ,af ,111 , N, Q, 3' V f x A '- Nu if 'H li , A' ' 4-"Q I" X ', -4 ,, .ds W . S i 5 .s h . s X - 1 x ' v N P 'h - s 5 T Y' .1 - kin, . 'V' - .45 ., , -, . - .'.l, A ' ' , ' J A ' ' rf ,xx l 1 X i -'Xxx' 'A 3 , --. p4.'s, I sl-'g. ' if . ,fx QW I, 11, -5 f ff'- Ji-4 .4 1 1 , N L. ,ss- l N I K, , -I .!:"'5:Yf 1 ,M K, , , L .- pqqfk , uf!- A iw wifi, X, -- Q3 -A 2.5"- ' W . I I ga! 5 l . 1 M 1 Y 6, 0 , nf 'V ,, HW? his '75, .- ' " af' . L..2.Eii 'h L,.i ..-J- 'T' 1 :L R' Max' n I 1 1 L ' YQ - 't. XA - 'M' l,if I ,-V l 1. S, .L g- ,V U 1 .' t ' " - T 1 1- -A m 3- ' -' x .... . ,, K ' I ,. '. , 1 . , Q, ' L. 45 it ' 'u"'f'1 ,, X f., JF? G 7' N 'x X - ,,, . M I x .,,,,,,,:r3 e "' Aw- I I V 5 . we f.. I , lag -,gm."" . 1 an -Y., 1 , 5 fa ww - , , 1 V ' A E . U I N K Q ' x '.x! , A E ' Q A 'L HQ 51 ' . I . 154 W N f- 1 1 5 QI MY ff..,- ,n A w 5 11? wi ,x 1 3x tgg K'-YY'f wuvavq - 1 ,Q-. People . . . the element necessary to bring life to our campus . . . the element that makes University lite more than routine . . . more than just attending classes . . . People . . . expressing the talents that make them different from every other individual . . . People v 1 A! 2 fi -Q, Q 4 is H W f 5'5fi?n" " 2 f' . QSZQWV 'WLZTW' ' , i -ffffwmilt wf'iJ,f2 i. '-rmfiw' '. , ml - 1, ff' I 't r i i ' A,,,,,,,. QW "Nothing ever succeeds which exuberant spirits have not helped to produce . . ." a ,vt , 'F YM' ' w...,.,' va " 21- .- I ' ' ,.. 1 H X1 ,,,,,, , . I ' 3 SMU 1 i V 1 'M ' S a " 3 ' 5 2 1 AB . f Q Q ' ,W L11 2-1 ' I vi A "' W kv -' 'Tf '--- -,-, 1 -af 'W V Aff ., ,. . Q i ,A R M A WFFQTQ W , , ,M F1 V V. ,- A' 'qvr-gi f fran f ', ny mfrl-.Q.w , I, W '19-xx: .Y f, Q, T J , Vf . . 4 , , . F.-4. s. , r -, .fb 4 J, ,i Q X . ,Pg 1 V, f x-f api! in A159 NJIT, , WWW! LX ,, . bw Is, Q, s-, Q' sg., ,. ,rf ff my ,K MN , -Q ws Q ha ,. .- N -f 1 Q- ,. ' 'f- 1 V Q . M . ' ., x .,' V ' T S44'X',L ' V. A V. - ls -' if 'X . V, ' Vp V' new - . L"'1 4' Y' 1 ,, , :1.,, - . 1 -sr. .f A A L+ H ,E , , -' EAI' ' ' iz , f L Q tg J.-'ivjf Q is V. ., t:'?4,M,YNQQ ,L .. ,:,gA1,:, g..Qk 6 mu, 31,0 L.. , mn -. ., R ' .' , 1wv".'! 'T - - ,, ' - ' ' f. ' I ' -5 - ' . "" ' ' X. 'W I -I f- E -M 5 .9 'lxi'-5,74 tw I Yzay, .v at-N ,WLT ijixe iw! x L", -" are 1 . 1. . , QQ j l A ' V M, f . E y t x 1' ---- Wu.. Q.:. 21.725 . h . wiv?" 3?q,li.L, 5 , ' Qu -N1 5711 , it Tm ,-.,lgA9 .5 W, ' W - fx . f' " ,fm 4" 5' M lmfff, L. 3 A, 2- " TA-+L, ,'fQ"2'.'4,f"'lf,.g1 'V X, .Ama as I A' AFT. NW ' ms' WYA , 'Au 'Isl' :Aw Q N L54 I- I 1 M A K lu is - 1 13 . lm J, ,M I-f, , V A X, A intl Mi AW Aw, t by -N Yew mm , - 1 , M , , , , . , ' -A . 'V H ---W UQ X ' 'ma fr U ' ' , ' W K - 1.-1 ,FLG-'raw'5r 1 95E-44-QE-Y an 5.54-"1 '..v ,' W 9 A + f W W X it V nic' -lr lv, xii A! Lug ,154 , A N L M r W, hw 'QP Al Ak ef 'fl V W, wk Q,-,JUQQ ,,,, -xg A A xl. mx 'v X x ,' iw m, ,Q MQ , as-gig. .M bv!! 45,43 .M 1-gg-gg ,,,.f,gf-E .H E ,., my NxAhM'e ,, 9 at 4 JM f ' 'ill in '14 "xA W-" :iw ,. 2 I In fm" Y' . X7 ' I ' ' H34-.,gM, -'4.f'--U M M ai S- 1 ,wx , -,, MEX X, -X L, -1? 254- i A ,i WN .- --4 " 'K , f 'thx X. ' 10' ,V 3 1' ,V -A 5. F V af 5 People.. .participating, communicating . ,. belonging.. . Iearningtofind their place... People if K A ., fl V Q 45 H gl yf , ' 1 Vi H ia Xi fn W K 11, i A ,E ,. if fu, if 6 If l:.V .. 331- ' ,u, am f X A Q n9' ' X 0 Q ,M 5 vi Pb 'L w 0 1' 1 W I V 11:5 '25 1 E as 2 Fw A-. gw g gi wif g - K Q -'l z ,H 25552 Eff' ' , -ff Qvw ugzw-:Fifi - . 1.figfmiSQ2sg?T?fe'F234Q:: ' 1 is SM V. 3 A iffy :Q-wiv , i -wtf: va: 373535-?.iX12'5fS mu' 7 L553fif'14?3 'S . 5 U E , 2? if I , Q, 5?ziMi?fif52Q'QSFSEWQE L3z,1 U- lgffmffmsfk-a1"k--gq' - , . 5 ,. 'flLiZ1wZl5iiiEg2lQ'7 . I . K ' mi 7 my ..fsf,gw:K-Pkfm. . . ,wh Wm. ,Eg ' -ffg,,:.1f- J'zfLs'i.':4.xisS:-1'f . . ., E. ,. .. 555 "iw..-H2Sf?KH2:"'-ERI-:::E Lf, I fm., W. lm' ' :fax-ff -ll --ff: g n" 125' ly-gf3e:1gf1ge5.ff5 was S w zffzz- ' ,.sg,gS1?sffQi?X23: ge? S -' : . A A-NNI fu i.-Hfxw :i.':fsa1'2 ' -5..:. na' :."'T'1z:f?"-,, H '- rw4efw?'3!'5m:f'E4 ' " I.5'1' b -:. 'P . m K :B .- g,,. ,fy - fp ' '-'ffiliifiiy 1.52 vfW1W,gg,,-, ..,. fl' Wy, Q5"W'f PM x gm wx: ff ,,'.4-1 s ,uximx ,MM iw., 13145532 ,gg ' Q '7"'iE2i'!?l7f' ff! " 1' ' kTW5f29ff 'F 2fa'ffJ2+55:S-iv. 1 1 ':5i'f:4IQfw , z,f3Qz'gg:sg .F k,,,,p.M,a ' Swrzfkitfx-an .V :ff-..,y.,, - Y. 4sfs1?3fg?la5 e.e'a1M?kf2,,3rw2v" 1 5-:JL Q' -4 -yfgv "Perhaps the most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do, when it ought to be clone, whether you like it or notg it is the first lesson that ought to be learned, and however early a man's training begins, it is probably the last lesson that he learns thoroughly." V V ,YW-WY E I 1 2 ! V , . . . To earn o living And live o cultured life Not os two processes But os one . . . "Human felicity is produced not so much by great pieces of good fortune that seldom happen, os by little odvontoges thot occur every day." The University Student Activities and Organizations Greeks Sports Faculty and Administration Seniors ,lt 'V A A 'PF I u.. M f ,Az .M x I Ir, In xxx r ly nn NMR R --, 'VK A I ' x N .i A vw ,fn . 'IJ ' Q... -N 12, , 'X iw . ' M 1' A., 'few q -A :Ig 'Is-M, ' M : ' gx f 4 ?-GTZ, M we S',"x- L' 1.5 J 1 iff-isa. - - M-.,, - A Q f - ,gg - - ., , f , : V . 0 .U -T ,tk N.. 4 su: ..- -f.,- , x 'Q 4, , -.-,gf-aw-":",s ":: mm, 7- '.- 4,5 , N., QX '14, vs ,. X,-1 , .cf-1, Q, 1 -- , 7-M r 'F Y is. 1 V' '- ' . - XM. 1 ' .A 5349, mt, -nm -A 1 4, A ,N f ,ig "W W Ahw, ' sig, xg. lb. ,W dwg M - .N -sv .A Q W, g , , N., . 4- , KZ I K 4 fl . M U Rummy .fy A 5' ' X M M-My X 'ma - 9 fy jr, K I i ,., , 1 r f ' , X , W .N 'xx 'N " 'mfwwf ' 4 , A - N Wg ' ' f ,,ff,.fimg,, ' I . - N' x xx . xx Q V m ' E 'Qi . , - ' ' N.. ' x X MW Qt.: .A . , Q., . we--,4.,' ff? M ' Q' New - 'ce'-'QW-""' 3 Vw , L N ws- -a-Q.uf9l- 'V -'H 0"-' ' ffgw.. 'fl ' my X f sg,Q'!'4t Ms' M ,fn-L 'PP K 1 . A I if .w N, ax .www , ...N A ' ' ' Q, e-5-2. Aft, 'N' K . A K -12534 W' z - ' 'eg A 'Y - . , V , ,5 Eg ,K - r 1 I A' 'iff IE.: , xl Q . 'M L ' 5 , A . X W. k.,L laik I A 6 ll le X 4 N! 'V ' RN, ' f 5 A ' XXX 'x .X X , ,V Q V A f I N-,.,NHk - m y rin ., A, M 3 If n n A . ix' x .F : x N551 .HL L,,f:lg2zExX . Q.. . :Jai gg - iffw?f1 fCg L, X7-xx 'QL Ln b r' ., x 1 'N an , 'K W Wfiw. Wa lil NX ix, xx 1 ,V K if 4 3 W N L X r fyxw , 'N ' ' f '- 'J itz' ful I .1 , - - .S VV H na:--. H U .g?:'.vw'. 'Q ke-A . I 4 -ay, 656- . '74 K - ' Q' -S. . -- ' ' me 'W' ' . - " ' . wa., '29 rw?-Qfl 2 . ff K ', QQM K I K A in k O 'ct' in qtrqnrzgzt H1 , wp Q- .k A A-L Q , if mf. Wd... ww - K v - - - Q 2 W Q , ,. " ' -5' 52" ' Q' 4482 'cgi' ' -Q' ve' ' v Q v' ,,.- Q Q'-., west- V- v 5 Q 4 gr X NE. Lv, gvryqtff K .. A ..w:'3" Q' A fy. -1' - '. If -, '1 . - .h, 'A V f 1tA ,gY. - . , . . ' 14 ' , 1,5 ,N , A M xm,' I4 - -,,K,f,,. . I ,-gb t, Q' '04 ! 5 ' :Bt ' ,4- vi J- . V 61 . nf if 3 WI. g .. ' .J .. 5 V f X: he X F , ,A XQ: A-5 'f 4 41, T' ff,-. . his I 1 ' VS' 1' J ,fp ', 1. 7 If N, ' 'irttfmfi if W yt Y tf .t Q1 I Q! X Q ,Titan , . , F: I' 'J , ,, A Q'f':g?fg',fi"+1".1gg,24,k,-1 " KX Wx '. 1ff"4fg5'd.?'f'Af 7: lffkyf . V I Ah", 'BE' -nr' X '. - -J,?,v".-iff A2:Ti'i ' 'f .5 ' gf X wmilgfiw ' 1' x "garb i ff! U? Mfgifff f . P 5, ' I 1, at L W',i-fit! SWE . .- WJ. i ay!!-H' si X , X- V A AY rl 'ity ,'-'xii "H, t pf Q" 9-'B if I , - I ' 5' I fl Z'- f i iff. i X Student Activities and Q it fy thx Organizations gi QQ: H A i ,Q 18 I i 'if' fy if fypf' - V x if if"- 1 1' I - I . .1'.' " Qvxff 5 'L' pg, 3 . 5 f .T . xv Xxsx ,QIKVU H" ' " X 'x f' 'f ' , ,,, ,Vis eww , R N Y s 9 1 ,,-if 4 -1. V x,-f . F ,-1' x X. ---,- 2:2 f --- wiv , , s , , --- 1 . - ff ' ,xv X 4' "f ., .c'J' X ,f ' 1 RJ? f 1 16 V f, :I i!PL' . i v , 'J REL, 1 V 1 '. 1,6 g 1 4 f " 1 3 X X r i . X. ,- '. ' y :- . Q X ' ' V , , -1 Q34 ., fu Q: , f -' y-gf, 1' ,, ,.f-' 5, v, -A Q -' ff , 1 of ,J L, - f 'S v,4 Q, Nl X X 4 Xx Q1 X f 1 Q X K Q N! My If Q X72 if If xx Q X .4 X Y HX Q, , QA ,.J"' X W " x L, X. fi I X 1""f 1 4 The i966 Tomahawk Salutes. . Dean Carl Helmstadter for his many years of service to the University, Mary Poppino for her scholarship, Instructor Warren Francke and Editor Mary Conconnan for the GATE- WAY'S new look, Harlen Aden for his selection as a Little All-American, Virginia Swenson as a "busy" graduate stu- dent, Protessor Paul Beck for his teachings in American history, Larry French for his undying and untlagging devotion to the University Theatre, Sally Schleu for her outstanding scholarship, and Marlin Briscoe for his great quarterbacking. auaawwm 1 5 I . Lv, U,A,. y K 1-,ffm KmQ1s2yf"zX51Yff5d5???' Mfg,-,,fsf1 wwf i, ,:,,L., g1'.,w Angus Campbell, Sports Editor Diane Berry assigns pictures to be taken by photographer, Dick Sanders. 'm Faculty Editor, Marsha Grafton u.,,s Vicki Adam and Debbie Pelowski discuss a senior section layout. The l966 Tomahawk. . . presents this year from last March l to this spring. It serves as a pictorial memorial of the events, both academic and non-academic as interpreted by the editor and staff. lt is hoped each student will find some facet of his University life reflected in these pages and that this book will gain in purpose through the years to come. The staff includes Barb Brown, Angus Campbell, Marsha Grafton, Vicki Adam, Diane Berry, Debbie Pelowski Lani Reigns as Tomahawk Queen Nineteen-year-old Lani Stockman captured top honors in the Tomahawk Beauty Contest December 3. The 1965-66 beauty queen is a sophomore majoring in home economics, She as a cheerleader and a member ot ChiOmega sorority. Karen Payne and Carole Buntz were selected first and second runners-up. Also among the top five were Jan Rasp and Karen Reeves. All are members of Chi Omega. The annual contest, sponsored by the Tomahawk, was held in the MBSC Ballroom. Twenty-four contestants modeled in street dresses and long formals. Dennis Madigan was the announcer. . a K , 1 v- ' v ,Q f 'Sf W 4 ,X ms KS W I i,.g,p1-was 1 ,aw .I -... 'Nr' 'W'-r' Gateway editors for the last three semesters include Leo Meidlinger, Linda Priesman, and Many Concannon. FIRST ROW: Bobbi Spicer, Jim Cawman, Chet McCarthy, Cheynne Koser, Gary Larsen. SECOND ROW: Jerry Wozny, Joh Reinfrank, Bill Duvall, Dave Clapton, Tim Herek, Tom Thrift, THIRD ROW: Jim Saucie, Clarence Wilson, Jim Ulcek, Dav Decker, Joe Reiss, Craig Soucie. li 7 'S NIVERSITY OF OMAHA i A il u ls ateway IRST ROW: Pat Rothe, Pat Johnson, Marsha Eafton, Livi Bergman, Bonnie Brown, Ellen Zelinsky. COND ROW: John Weber, Rudy Smith, Bernie ughes, Jac Lorenzen, Judy Wilson, Morrie Palmer, am Herek, Judy Bradley, Righ Lundgren, Torn alascek, Editorial staff on the spring Gateway included Bob Erxleben, Vern Johnson, Mardelle Susman, Mary Concannon, Patti Matson, and Butch Schnittgrund. I lv W' Q Wi 5. ,ii-if 1? FIRST ROW: Lundgren, Johnson, Priesman, Rohlfs, Bergman, Volasek. SECOND ROW: Madigan, Novotney, Bales, Eveland, Concannon, Exerleben, Agee, Johnson, Clapton, Hill, Parker, Smith. THIRD ROW: McCarthy, Brown, Soucie, Wilson, Weber, Floyd, Parker, Condon, Waterman, Herick, Press Club Over 200 Omaha area high school journalism students attended the 1964-65 High School Journalism Conference March l8. Howard Sil- ber, military editor for the Omaha World Herald, was guest speaker ot the dinner in the Milo Bail Student Center. 28 Ou. '-4 WZ? PD Loren, Debbie, Marilou, Sheri, Dick IOth Annual Journalism Awards Dinner Humor accompanied the presentation of awards at the lOth annual Journalism Awards Banquet April 26. Four journalism students and three alumni received awards. Loren Schnittgrund received the SlOO Walter Panko Memorial scholarship. The Horace Rosenbloom Memorial scholarship was awarded to Debbie Pelowski, Sheri Hronek received theiZerQ Tau Alpha "outstanding contribution to OU journalism" award and Dick Smith won the departmental outstanding student award. Alumni citations were given to Marilou Thibault, Warren Francke and Bob Morris. Paul V. Peterson, journalism department head, presented a special award to Jeanne and Stanley Lipsey in memory of Dave Blocker, former publisher of the Sun Newspapers. Guest speaker Bob McMorris ' l Traywick honors Francke Peterson and Stanley Lipsey iw M Matson, Owens Take '65 Typical Twosome The freshman class elected Toni Matson, Chi Omega, cmd Randy Owens, Lambda Chi Alpha, Typical Freshmen. The announcement of the election winners was made at the Typical Freshman dance held in IW' the student center October 6. Typical Freshmen. Candidates Laura Flack, Dava Fuerst, Pat Langer, Toni Matson, Linda Kolell and Kathy Meidlinger. Candidates Tom Fischer, Walt Johnson, Steve Nelson, Joe Saitta, Gene Mertz and Randy Owens. Toni and Randy are presented by l964 Typical Frosh Bev Grasso and Steve Sheppard. 30 Toni Matson and Randy Owens . . . Junior Prom Jockie Riley was voted Junior Prom Queen by on cill school election. She reigned over the March 4 festivities held at the Holiday Inn. Student Council members register students and distribute ballots for voting. Fall Elections Determine l965-66 Class Leaders The 1965-66 class officers were elected Oct. l3. Students carrying l2 or more hours were allowed to choose their class leaders from numerous candidates who had petitioned for office. Candidates spent two weeks campaigning by word-of-mouth and posters before election day. The freshman class elected Tom Helligso, vice-presidentp Marsha Pastory, secretory and Ron Morford, president. nam: muonv H766 Presiding over the Sophomore class this year are Diann Petersen, secretary, Steve Sheppard, president and Joe Beninata, vice-president, ' Q Kathy Wybenga accepts Toni Matson's ballot Fl Junior Class Officers sponsored the annual Junior Prom March 4. Officers are Joann Kruntorad, secretary, Jim Vincent, vice- president and Jim Butler, president. 153-W-f"" E?-HBV?" 'I Q, J 1 wwf Q. dllnnwvwk t . it M ' u ' W ,wa lr fr it wi gh H-MW Q If V Yifkfw M... Q. '. , -. 19 H 71 gm Q J, Q ,, qqwvf ex ,km a ,i 'mr My ..1.lM- 3,- Judy Jensen Reigns Over Ma-ie Day The entire campus throbbed with activity May l4 as students gathered to celebrate their 3lst annual Ma-ie Day. The day-long holiday began at 7:30 a.m. with a sunrise dance and breakfast in the Milo Bail Student Center. Filled with anticipation, the crowd gathered on the bank south ofthe Student Center as Judy Jensen of Alpha Xi Delta was crowned Princess Attira the XXXI. Her attendants were Phyllis Faosse, Chi Omega, Ruth Helligso, Sigma Kappa, and Judy McCoy, Zeta Tau Alpha. Competitive games including an egg toss, pie eating contest and gunny sack race were held in the Pep Bowl, followed by a steak fry. .. Qtx 2 . Ma-ie Day Candidates: Ruth Helligso, Judy McCoy, Judy Jensen and Phyllis Faosse. iiglll lll , , , J 51 k.,1.,i, ,,,.fD 1 AWG? Vi. mm Emmgll :nuns ,,,, , ly, 5 1 wana 5 ? Student Council President Rich Tompsett presents Princess Attira XXXI, Judy Jensen. ' Proud and happy Alpha Xi's encircle their victorious candidate. l ru? ln the afternoon l3 floats and l3O gaily decorated cars paraded through downtown Omaha. Theme for the Student Council float building contest was "They'll Do lt Every Time". A trophy for the best theme went to Zeta Tau Alpha's "Sorry Charlie". Other winners were Lambda Chi Alpha's "The One That Got Away" and Alpha Xi Delta's "They'Il Duet Every Time". After the parade a casual TGIMD CThank Goodness lt's Ma-ie Day? dance was held in front of the Administration Building. A dance at Peony Park provided the final setting for a perfect holiday. wlhgsrgb Q, ii- ln., amy i 4, .5 f 1-. Q Q. xi A K, if Mx m 4 'W w 96 3. 'gl - 3' s ,:, L. f n. . .J , . X , , 4 ...-.4- 5 . W' 5 F E1 L X . 5 QM ' Q 6 0 i . . ' 0 ' Q Q . pf ff 4, 2- Z g Q L- :,.- Q' i W A": ' A ' -. .g D ,M fiiizk ff Xu' 5 K N KW , - -vw' a -6 F G6 Q0 ,, Q5 .. mf Ns ' 'K ,X M g Sy 3 v 5, -. Q. Q. - 7 "' Q AV? 'Q The 1966 semi-annual Baatstrapper Dinner Dance was held at the Sheraton Fantenelle Hotel December TO. ,, xl . ' :S aw- 1 ,, ,H Y visas '9 M , I+.. 39 it iii lp L l r Middle l8th century England set the scene 1 for "She Stoops to Conquer." Under the direction of Edwin L. Clark, the Oliver Goldsmith comedy was staged March ll-13 in the University Theater. Male, lead, Gregg Loso, portrayed Young Marlow. The female lead was played by Nancy Schneiderwind, as Kate Hardcastle.- ' M. fa, X . in ,sg 151 I f 1 55 . 1:25 gym ffl: . ,rfbxfgfv ,. LQ gs: ,V 'Xa' va fx "f A-A Q wat N3 4' 1 a,fz,:wTA gf? ww "f Q f 1. 5' K 'x 4' '55 ,I IM' we a '-a.,,m. N in 1 0. .MN 3 :Z ' '1M'!fSf,,, E-5 FEEL ,. W I N55 '44, Q K . 55525551 'fs' ti ay P mai, 'V -'Jw 9 wfiz ,gig K 13 vi. X 4- Timothy Schott, Reta Mitchell and Gregg Loso in "Ways and Means" Summer Theater The Summer Theater Workshop present- ed four plays throughout the summer. "Claudia," a warm and witty play by Rose Franklin, revolved around Claudia an immature naive girl who has been married for less than a year. Arthur Miller's award winning play "All My Sons" is a compelling drama of man's responsibility to man. Noel Coward's "Ways and Means", a subtle comedy, told the story of a British wife stranded with her husband in France. A light comedy about a hen-pecked husband who finds refuge in alcohol and world literature was Coward's "Fumed Oak" Pat Bunz and Joyce Hunter in "Claudia" Mary Meckle and John Redelfs in "Fumed Oak" Judy Kilpatrick and David Stongin in "All My Sons" Jack Gatewood, Robert Lane, Nina Bieda, Jim Phillips, Barbara Kucera. "Bus Stop" Jim Phillips, Barbara Kucera J xc ,WM-.Z Nina Bieda, Gary Wallace The University Theater began its season with the production of "Bus Stop." The three-act romance is a warm story of an overnight scrap between a young lady who has been kidnapped by a love-sick cowboy. The scene is a small corner restaurant about 30 miles west of Kansas City. Robert Lane, Nina Bieda Jim Phillips, Jack Gatewood, Larry French, Barbara Kucera Q! ?? School for Scandal The popular comedy of manners was presented bythe University Theater under the direction of Dr. Edwin Clark December 2, 3, and 4. 1 if '25 f f M Nj, ii is VV -.. WNW-3,mgegyg.-1 lx fl , ,V f., 'ar I 1 'iv sf' , 3 FIRST ROW: Larry French, Linda Clevenger, Gary Wallace, Anderson, Sharon Barry, Barbara Shaw, Noel Weimer, Valerie Gregg Loso, Bob Lane, Roseann Rohwer, Marlene Miller, Pat Vandrey, George Ryck, Carolyn Goodland, Bill Osley and Adele Bunz and Linda Logan. SECOND ROW: Allan Parham, Loren Zapotski. r University Players Q4 Alpha Psi Omega Dr. Edwin Clark, director of the University Theatre, is shown presenting awards at the annual Spring Alpha Psi Omega Spring tapping and awards program. 1 6 Q T H E 1. 5 el. aallaell gil . 3 to an Tir,W,a r, T 3 all L E 'fi F 'F iii, ,, 1 if .. The Lettermen, a nationally known vocal trio, made an appearance April 'I3 in The Field House. They were greeted by a crowd of 2,300. 2I'l135Ul'l'l-l-ll'l1l" as x O ' vw, - . I 'il Fieldhouse bleachers were filled long before The Mitchell Trio took its place on stage for the November 'I9 performance. Students and faculty gave the group a spontaneous reception. T H E A .a .n 3 We nl 's 2 . 5 5 f Q x Q 1. Q-JU-I I-r"rI1IO-I-3 E WX ,age Art ls An Experience 6 us' M.,..... . . . in expressing oneself . . . in communicating . . . in observing feeling .. . in handling motericls ,, . . . in creativity -qs -es. ,'T' H wi so Art Auction The annual art auction May 9 gave artists a chance to earn approximately 54,200 Warren Gore served as auctioneer. Receiving the most for their works were Ward Schumaker, Fred Somers and Ree Troia. Students received 75 per cent of the selling Ms, is price, the other 25 per cent went to the Art Club fund. V at H W, B' 'F . . Q,,...-f ,,,.,-.-.-.-.-Q ' cf ,4?Jp,,., , - .i Q,-'::JfI.. V V in 'if "Y I 's iarevirtual-1f5f'ff1f'sff1sgf:, . ' 'glff efsw ' -fm, ,E f 7 A I ,... ,. 4, M M V, Q W ya Qffgwh . . eigfelwfr , ' r X EfQ32z2ef5i7'fsi,'Q ' :a1121e1Q2F'g:ffi.,. .. , Q., ,egtipfnj 1. , '1- i I WMM ,mga ig?fS?f5Yfe?5f L' OU Artists Involved in Controversy ' r Controversy surrounded the Third Annual Gov- ernors Art Show when Ward Schumaker's paint- ing was judged first place, sold, and then re- moved from the exhibit. Artists became aroused when the first place decision was changed to favor a painting by Fred Somers. The Schumaker painting was considered by some as obscene and hence not suitable for a place in the Governor's mansion. Somers is shown at far left with his painting while Schumaker is shown with his contro- versial painting below. Professor Blackwell discusses senior art thesis with open house guests, Art Club FIRST ROW: Janice Rose, Sue Montgomery, Nancy Alberry, Marlene Baltzer, Corinne Campbell, SECOND ROW: Sharon Eddy, Gail Rower, Gertrude Shimko, Judy Zerbe, Kathy Mosher. THIRD ROW: Curt Madison, George Johnson, Eugene Mertz, Jack Butler, Dave Kawami, Ree Troia, Richard Stezskal, Kathy Gaybig, Bob Walsh, Francis Dostalek. 53 VlP's watch the AFROTC cadets perform. . -iwi rv 1312: V' rwlg :J 'r1','w i 2' +15-iffg K , E , ' l.t1e?,,:2?f'f? :gill-121 1 - U., L' li- f, Y ,J al 'l Q l I l President's Review l Honors Top Cadets Outstanding AFROTC cadets were recognized at the annual President's Review held in the University Stadium May 6. Twenty-one awards were presented. Among the top honors was the President's Medal presented to Cadet Colonel James E. Keyser by Dr. Leland Traywick. The Univer- sity Marching Band, Marching Angels and the Sabres performed for the event. S Q I I' Cadets James E. Keyser and Elmer L. Johnstone are presented awards by Dr. Leland Traywick and Dean Kirk Naylor 54 FIRST ROW: Loren Drum, Larry Hammer, Clarke Powers, Thomas McDowell, Lean Behrend, Bill Potf. FOURTH ROW: Orin Godsey, Ridley, Jeff Ratlift, SECOND ROW: George Smallwood, Jerry Ken McCormick, Jerome Hearty, Gerry Hunacek, Eugene Kathol, Cobry, Gordon Lazerson, Gary Kaspar, Herber Rowe, THIRD ROW: Don Four, Henry Blair, Mel Cerny. Eugene Smith, Ed Cejka, Elmer Johnstone, Dan Eveland, Bob Arnold Air Society, abres The Arnold Air Society is a professional military fraternity devoted to furthering the purpose of the United States Air Force. Students participating in the AFROTC program are eligible to pledge the Society. lnitiation is preceded by Tiger Week which includes a week of harassment by active AAS aeiives harass pledges during Tiger Week. members and education about the AAS organization. Sabres is a precision drill team started on campus by AAS. FIRST ROW: Donald Kiley, Ralph Tiedeman, John Trenolone, Michalenko, Mike Condon, Elmer Johnstone, John Ruberti, De Gilbert Barrett, Ernest Erickson, Jack Schmid, David Decker, Earl Chase, Martin Gronborg, Tom Baden, Bob McDowell, 'George Gene Kathol, Carl Anderson, Gary Kaspar, Robert Campbell, Foot, Ed Cook, Ken Lucht, Tom Cech, David Carter, Ross Gibilisco, Terry Sanne. SECOND ROW: Eugene Smith, Gary Kopecky, Bill Leonard Ash, Charles Holderness. 55 gm' Lf. Col. Bob Cords presents Honorary Colonel Billie Poulson. 56 ,ni v-f-f" sl Sy' In Fourteenth Annual Military Ball Highlighting the Ball was the selection of Billie Poulson as Honorary Colonel by members ofthe Arnold Air Society. The annual event was held April 2nd at Peony Park. Honorary Lieutenant Colonels attending Billie were Joyce Borland, Judy Eichhorn Gilbert and Judy Jensen. Contributing entertainment forthe evening were the Angelaires, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia and the Sabres Drill Team. 58 il? FIRST ROW1 Livi Bergman, Kathy Daley, Roxanne Holmes, Chynne Holmquist, Jane Stockman, Marlene McGuire, Judy Anderson, Koser, Jill Anderson, Marsha Grafton, Ellen Zelinski, Lois Prazan, Diane Halperin. Georgia Hunter, Jean Krogh, Pat Miller. SECOND ROW: Marjorie Officers of Angel Flight: FIRST ROW: Pauline Wil- liams, operations officer, S. J. Johnson, flight Performing at President? DOY Review is an leader, Pat Karre, public information officer, Kathy annual tradition Of the Marching Angels. McGuire, historian, Sheila Eyberg, adjutant recorder. FIRST ROW: Darlene Kriesel, Lynn Gorton, Joyce Kavon, Linda Logan. SECOND ROW: Hilde Walter, Dian Petersen. Q2 ""f,Si'i , x ips' L 8: 5 The Arnold Air Society held its annual K. Qakq 2' initiation banquet October l9. , ' .Qs 1 ,J A Angels spread Christmas spirit on campus and to needy children through their annual Toys for Tots dance. Jeff Ratliff: Marching Angel Commander. Mrs. Earl S. Hoag and Maj. Gen. Earl S. Hoag congratulate Miss Eva Swanson on the citation presented to her for her l4 years of service to the AFROTC department Religious Organizations Meet Spiritual Needs wand CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION1 FIRST ROW: Carol Rine, Linda Getzschman, Susan Acuft, Rita Sorum. SECOND ROW: The William Baxter Memorial Chapel, on the second floor of the Milo Bail Student Center, is the meeting place of the Christian Science Organization. Officers are Lonnie Bucy, president, Richard Wittekind, vice president, Linda Getzschman, secretary, and Ken Young, treasurer. CANTERBURY CLUB: FIRST ROW: Olive Graham, Pat Brokaw, Mary Smestad, Nancy Anderson, Dorothy Adams. SECOND ROW: Robert Schleiger, Warren Wittekind, Lonnie Bucy, Ken Young, Richard Wittekind. The Canterbury Club hosted a statewide convention in November. Open to all Episcopalian students, the group holds weekly meetings at Trinity Cathedral. Officers include John Krecek, president, Bonnie Apple- gate, vice president, Dorothy Adams, secretary, and Joan Berkheimer, corresponding secretary. Rev. Robert Hewitt, Michael Snyder, John Krecek, Larry Cirilo, Mike Fitsimmons. NEWMAN CLUB: FIRST ROW: Sharon Nekuda, Judy Wilson, Tom Teenan, Ginnie Werner, John Aresta, SECOND ROW Alice Hewitt, Kathy Kaczrnarek, Mary Jo Everhart, Ann Kenny, Jack Filipowski, Tom Wilson, Jr. THIRD ROW: Don Kisicki Darrell Seidler, Jim Foral, Michael Wilken, Mike Parizek. The Newman Club has continued adding to its long list of activities. In the spring, they constructed a float for the Ma-ie Day Parade. Parties, picnics and dances have also been part of the group's social functions. Open to all Catholic students, the club holds regular meetings following Mass at St. Margaret Mary Church. Officers are John Aresta, president, Mike Baylor, vice president, Ginnie Werner, corresponding secretary, Judy Wilson, recording secretary, and Tom Heenan, treasurer. NEWMAN CLUB: FIRST ROW: Cathi Murphy, Charlene Mirasky, Jan Dalgleish, Karen Kronberg, LaVonne Sedlacek. SECOND ROW: James Mulry, Robert Edmundson, Jan Blair, Janet Sullivan, Patti Pease, Charlotte Plack, Jeanne Aulabaugh, THIRD ROW: George Ryck Robert Everhart, Duane Kowalewski, Joe Burns, Larry Lindberg. S Newman Club members Jim Foral, Tom La Bute, Jan Blau, Jan Dalgleish, George Werner, Ernie Erickson and Susie Ahlstrom take advantage of a balmy spring afternoon. Below they gather for a picnic. 62 A fl PSI CHl: FIRST ROW: Barbara Manning, Doug Chatfield, Dr. R. L Wilkoff, Steve Brown. SECOND ROW: Bill Barnes, Ken Meyer, Kenn Howard, Frank Nocita. Psychology, Sociology Students .loin Honoraries Psi Chi, national psychology honorary, finished its first year on campus under the leadership of president Steve Brown. Other officers are Doug Chatfield, vice president, Barb Manning, secretary, and Bill Oakes, treasurer. Students with a 3.0 grade average and nine hours of sociology are eligible for membership in Alpha Kappa Delta. Officers of the national honorary are Terry Hayes, president, Delores Hurlburt, vice president, Sue Nelson, secretary, and Karen Sullivan, treasurer. At the right, members gather for an initiation banquet. ALPHA KAPPA DELTA: Sue Nelson, Dick Hughes, Delores Hurlburt, Terry Hayes, Karen Sullivan, John A. Ballweg. wmmn-W :X . z i XI' Nh hw :AQ R 'ffumz j ,7 jk mink an -K ., 1 N sz: -. En 1 1 K pn f-- . A , Fw H Q 1 ,E ' 'Q ,A,L H, .,,.. W. Q -, A,.W...M In M 1 ,,,. 5 M ll as A U' H Q xy ,,..,,.,,.1 .,4, kmfq K 5 . W A rf -11-W x M -3 X X223 ,gr 'E 2. if 1 L ,N-u. Q 2, Z L M 4.534 W 3 , Q 1 gig 11 .F ' 7 f2's'ag13sfm:a- f . -v -- I F 6' iii 'ie 5 . Education is not a nine month proposition, and the schedule of summer activities at O.U. for mid-western educators and businessmen is proof. The National Conference on Higher Education Facilities, July 22-24, included l8 special seminars on such topics as campus growth and form, and campus automation. O.U. was host to over l6O business staff mem- bers from colleges in the United States and Canada for the Short Course in College Busi- ness Management. The Summer High School Speech Institute was held July l9 through August 6. The summer short courses were well- attended, as usual. Campus Activity Continues Through Summer Month An opportunity to surge ahead in number of hours . . . o chance k ' h d t' for , , . s nshine for stud to to e ci Course you ve never o :me u y and relaxation , . . greater availability of parking stalls . . . a text book consumed in five weeks . . . Summer Sessions, l965. i 66 Sm ., ICM 553 4 4, rf ggvgi.. sg J' 2 "a , M, , A lg 6 q w E "' Q-A--.fl M L gmt N. -as ' K. ,, . A XM R ,O . xv? Y RVN 6 Qu., , ,fa A'-.Q i ' ' U 4-414 MA... The Indians delighted 4,300 Homecoming fans as they defeated Pittsburgh State 27-7. Football fans were entertained at halftime by the Univer- sity's marching band and hundreds ot helium balloons released by the spectators. l Linda Priesman and Warren Francke fill balloons zf fl i 9 i ,ffifl ,.,.z.......w-f L Rm ia "Wav vi , me W-.. Qs I Congratulations are given Patti as she receives kisses from Doug Slaughter, President of Student Council, Clyde Ketelsen, President of the O Club and charm bracelet from John Jeter, Presi- dent of the Alumni Association. , 3 I 4 i , A wx' A., . V Q Cl . , J gh , .. N.. ' s . Q W H . . . , . Q , wgug 'J Q . 3 s Q ll Eilzqiglflg gl my S The Alumni Association, under the direction of Warren Wittekind, is responsible for keeping tabs on over l6,000 OU grads around the world. Besides putting out a bi-monthly newspaper, the alum office sponsors an annual fund drive, Homecoming festivities and grants scholarships. At the left Alumni president John Jeter presents Home- coming Queen Patti Matson with a gift. Above, Warren Wittekind prepares welcome sign for Homecoming weekend. ALUMNI BOARD: FIRST ROW: Thresa Clark, Eileen Wolfe Damhoff, Charlotte Longville Alberti. SECOND ROW: Robert Schropp Tuck Moore, Warren Whitted, Al Thomsen, President Leland Traywick, Einar Viren, Gordon Severa, Robert Stryker, William Webster, Joe Baker. Georgeanne Schnurr lndianne Leader Joyce Page, Ann Bryan. Band, lndiannes The lndiannes and band performed regularly during halftime at all home football and basketball games and several oft campus games. This year's lndionnes were led by Georgeanne Schnurr while Wayne Wotherspoon headed the Band under the supervision of Jack Malik. FIRST ROW: Cheryl Gum, Kathy Gerry, Rita Johnson, Jim Runyon, Bob Tilton, Bob Tilton, Sr., Alyceann Juhl, Larry Lindberg, Linda Moore. SECOND ROW: Wayne Wotherspoon, Karyl Ronsin, Janice Mahoney, Curtis Cox, Sue Garrison, Eleanor McHugh, Noreen Soren- son, Darrell Hosack, Steve Raddish, Sharon VanVoorhis, Roger Green, Cheryl Totenhaupt, Janet Syas, Judy Brown, Beth Purdy, Marlene McGuire. THlRD ROW: Wayne Braun, Jim Blazek, Kathy Koeptf, Janet Schnieber, Margaret Arnold, Jerry Magner, Steve Simcoe, Buff Hudson, Kathy McGuire, Paul Gray, Mike Helgeson, Earl Bar- FIRST ROW: Sandy Grove, Janet Patterson, Cheryl Callahan, Diane Custard, Sue Goepper, Julie Epper son, Dava Fuerst, Jean Arringdole, Lynn Gorton. SECOND ROW: Bobbi Meck, JoAnne Pechous, Debbie McKenzie, Judy Anderson, Bonnie Applegate, Georgeanne Schnurr, Mary Beth Hayes, Sandy Burdick Band Leader Wayne Wother- spoon and Typical lndianne Sandy Grove. '11 . ff, Kj J senbrook, Jim Brown, Dennis Hoffman, Walter Frye, Marsha Black- man, Jim Kirch, Don Jefferson, Gary Sherman. FOURTH ROW: Mary McPherson, Randall Unger, Janice Brewer, Ken Bunger, Mike Harvey, Jack Randow, Joe Schumacher, Steve Succow, Terry Bugle, Mike Cook, Rick Wittekind, Rick Johnson, Rick Mahan, Mary Kay Menze, Erwin Rehder, Tom Collins, Tom Rouse. FIFTH ROW: Jack Malik, Russell Wolf, Rick Fetkiner, Jim Haynes, Don McGlynn, Rick Switzer, siiiti? ,af ,J if The Omaha University Band held its annual Band Day ceremonies at the Morningside football game October 2. Band Director Jack Malik conducted nearly one thousand area high school musicians through precision marching at halftime. President Traywick welcomed the bands to the day's activities, which also included a luncheon and dance for the bandsmen. l l l The Concert Band presented its "Relax Before Exams Concert" on January 5. Director Malik led the band through many popular tunes. 75 I University Choir Sings for Students, Civic Groups Over 50 singing voices strong, the largest University Choir in OU's history performed at numerous functions throughout the year. Under the direction of John D. Miller, Associate Professor of Music, the ensemble sang at the Easter and Christmas Convocations, and also entertained various Omaha civic groups. The Christmas season proved to be the chnir's busiest, as they had six engagements in one week. Tim White, backed by the choir and orchestra, offers a solo at the Christmas Convocation. UNIVERSITY CHOIR: FIRST ROW: Grace Hansen, Kathy Favor, Gail Rowden, Janet Sullivan, Mary Jane Ratcliffe, Nancy Lunsford, Susan Kessinger, Pam Adams, Marilyn Bird, Maryanne Belfiore, Dava Fuerst, Carol Burns, Diane Hanek, Sandy Nielsen, Debbie Cash. SECOND ROW: Eileen Jaszkowiak, Jane Bennett, Mary Kay Menze, Judy Anderson, Ann Homolka, Charlotte Ferguson, Jonell Dunn, Robbie Wilson, LaJeon Harouff, Michelle Vaughn, Valerie Vandrey, 76 Sheila Franks, Virginia Shell, Janet Chatfield. THIRD ROW: Ji Kurtz, Edwin Hines, Tim White, Carl Oberdorfer, Jim Kaspar, Do Maxwell, Tom Rukas, Ted St. Cyr, Mark Butler, Steve Soucek, Joh Clark, Dick Schenck. FOURTH ROW: Dale Bolton, Richard Anderson Ken Berry, Dave Hasty, Wayne Wotherspoon, Arlan Johnson, Michae Harvey, Bob Schroeder, Tom Cech, Daryl Taylor, John Trenolone, Jo Haddock. Orchestra members meet each Thursday night for rehearsals. The class can be taken for credit by students. Students, Local Citizens Form Symphon Grchestra The 50-piece Town and Gown Symphony Orchestra brings students and town people together in musical performances. ln the spring, the orchestra presented a concert for students and faculty members. lt is under the leadership of Dr. James B. Peterson, Professor of Music. The violin section concentrates as they go over a selection. Student Music Enthusiasts DELTA OMlCRON: FIRST ROW: Judy Anderson, Nellie Sudavicius, Linda Moore, Valerie Vandrev. SECOND ROW: Pat Mack, Nancy Lunsford, Mary Sutton, Eileen Jaszkowiak. Delta Omicron members took part in diverse activities, ranging from Christmas caroling at hospitals to getting together with the Lincoln chopter. Nellie Sudavicius leods the women's music honorary as presi- dent. Other officers are Linda Moore, vice president, Marlene McGuire, secretary, and Eileen Jaszkowiak, treasurer. Music majors planning on entering the teaching field found a place for themselves in Music Educators National Conference. Their activities included guest speakers and films. MENC officers are Nellie Sudavic- ius, president, Dennis Giles, treasurer and Tim White, secretory. MENC: FIRST ROW: Sue Garrison, Alyceann Juhl, Nellie Suda- T h l R Fl M h Bl kman, David Hasty, vicius, Vicki Bates, Kathy Gerry. SECOND ROW: Raymond W. TfEwnV3l?i1fe, lsiScehrdEdyMol2oE1S,'Der?dEs COiles?CSteve Soucek. Participate in ational Organizations ... . . . .. A . L . -f M- L . . ' Bond difeCfOfJ0Ck M0likCh0fS Wifl'1"OUOmDi" ll-l0yCl Members of Phi Mu Alpha, men's music honorary, add to Roffsfefnffmddfumm01OfWOvneWOthefSDO0n "the sound of music" at Omaha U, Most of them perform gelllfelilfglfqnoemoezirfmgfgffiblgeslllfO break with the bond, orchestra or choir. Dennis Giles is president ofthe organization. Other i965-66 officers included Dan McGlynn, vice president, LeMoyne Johnson, secretary, Timothy Nelson, treasurer, Jim Sheppard, lab band director, and Bill Michalenko, pledge trainer. gn. ,L .4 L 4. PHI MU ALPHA: FIRST ROW: LeMoyne Johnson, Dennis Giles, Jim Rose, Daryl Taylor, Mike Malstead, Ed Cook, Michael Harvey. THlRD Sheppard, Dan McGlynn, Erwin Rehder, Mike Helgesen, Bill Michal- ROW: Jerry L. Magner, Rick Johnson, Dick Schenck, Gary Sherman, enko, Timothy Nelson. SECOND ROW: Daryl Hill, Joe Beninato, David Steve Soucek, Steve Simcoe, Russell Wolf, John Tremont. 79 Dr. Jim Don Hill American Heritage Series Three distinguished authorities on "The Military ln Our American Heritage" spoke during the series April 7, 8 and May 6. Dr. Jim Don Hill, retired moiorgenerol from the Army, spoke on "The Military in the American Tradition." "The Cut- ting Edge of Western Expansion" was the topic of Rev. Francis Paul Prucha, SJ., Chairman of the Department of History, Marquette University. Dr. Wil- liam Kintner, Professor of Internal Re- lation in the Wharton School, spoke on "Determination of National Policy". Rev. Francis Paul Prucha 80 Dr. William Kintner Recognition was given to 600 outstanding students and scholarship holders at the annual Honors Convocotion. "The gift of time and freedom from the nervousness and brittleness of the age," was stressed by the University's Visiting Distinguished Professor, Dr. Carter V. Good from the University of Cincinnati. IIIIIIII Xiiiiiiiiii-r .. ,.., Honors Convocation For Students B1 Tribute was given the religious aspect of the Christmas and Easter Holidays by the University choir under the direction of John D. Miller at two all-school convocations. Holiday Convocations 5 International Students Organization Sheila Nelson led ISO to become one of the most active groups on campus. IFIRST ROW: Mavis Kocina, Linda Boone, Mike Hill, Sheila Nelson, Timothy Adebayo, Mary Jo Everhart, Eida Mendoza, Marlene Dyrda. SECOND IROW: Lydia .Burgos, Dierdre Power, Rev. Leonard Barry, Duane Kowalewski, George Ryck, Steve Boguchwal, Darrell Seidler, Ron Minoke, Craig lKulish, Jerry Stevens, Diane Johnson, Barb Fairley. , FIRST ROW: Sarah Liang, Terri Ree, Tina Bidari, Trudy Shimko, Rachael B., Nakano Fumiko, Carolyn Goodland, Pat Cosgrove. SECOND ROW: Alfonso Pventes, Dr. Paul Kennedy, sponsor, Jesus Gonzalez, Anastasios Axiotopoulos, L. Mehrer, L. Fethkenher, C. Wortz, D. Bolton, D. A Strongin, Loren Anderson, Dennis Fotopoulos. 83 V . mu - , 1 -. LA '-.', 'LL, '1:'L w -". .L,' h.L, L - f- 5 ,,,. .ww ii ,Q ,A , k.,. ., , - , V. ,.,k., ,-,. L.,,h. . ,,., , . .,., ., ., , ,,. ,- -::.-Q41 . V. , L ,,'-L , - LL ,- W L -, H H1 .W -L-L, -,L-, r -LL- L-L- L L--L -,L,-L , -- gf f V , E k-.f -L ',,', L1 ' ' Vfh' 9, 9 QQ- V LLL" ',hk 1,-,L-Vx.-5'Lg',LiL.E,j , - -5g',E'f- , Ls V gL---T2,g.,,V:,-31L- L i ,L 'L,. 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LE Q3 L ,F E Kwf I 13 Nl 53 L L L' , Ev is fhe world, ntse f, becomes smolier each yew, Vw- , 'L 'L "1 , ' ' ' L ,' ' K, ' - nf , Q L ,' f , . ,V Omaha Unnversxty Worimf,eAffcnr5 lnsfsfute- fff0!'Q , V VV , , M VM - -Vg, ,wwwgmalf dn-mer gqfherlngg To qud:i'0fwUEV,VfgVvBlTSfV,VVq,VV,V, , , -QS ? , 1--LLLLL, -- M-VV 3 sf LL Vfr. - , , . L, . ,L . - V . - 1- V' V K,'L' ,,,, ,V V - . W , , , , , - - Qf leC?Ul'5Si'49'Ven bY ,well-kr-WH auth,--f5fLf ,WV :- -QVVVVZV L, 'kilr' VV Lr.k, 'V t -, . f L .- 'L VL ' k,,V V f I f ,. V - V . V , . V V- VV: :V ik , ,, , Vgqgws,r6P0r1'6fS Vgnd COFFQSQ VV L VVVVVV V I '- " . Ll -Ll-i - ,. f Q .',' ' mm : , 013 . ,. 1 . 'L' "ef ' ' V, ' L ,F , t-11 '-W M -i" zh' L 5 L 'f 3 L- if? L "' if , 'LL - ' -5 ? I T' ze., V 'VVli'4LjxfQkVLggi5t5ffQ5f15352935:1VQ54Vgi',x5EEgi'vl,EQ 1wfLfLwjL-:sw-sv-, f-"-'- L-1 - Q 1, VV U ' V I LL VV1L'5L'fLL L L fLL pi ' HL - V. 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At the left William Woodruff experiments with physical measurement equipment. Below, the gift of the fac- ulty, presented to President Leland Traywick, at his inauguration is displayed. Above, right, world re- nowned Walter Slezak chats behind stage after per- forming for an Adult Education program. Below, Car- oline Markey is shown at her desk in the library. After 25 years of service she retired this spring. V'-'wwf' .......v-v"': ,Cf 'lf ,f"f'in.. 88 eii'fiTIf- ,MM AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS: ' ' FIRST ROW: Gary Barkes, Tom Long, Bob Oldis, Norman Nelson, Dan Stevenson, John Swanson, Ed Larson, Phil Olsen. SECOND ROW: Jim Keyser, Larry Wasikowski, Albert Swanson, Jim Stiper, John Stolley, Bill Lind, Don Weiss, Harry Dodson, Gary Rice, Ted Sokol, Henry Nile, Brion Martig, Chuck Conell. THIRD ROW: Con Brunkow, Ron Barta, Gary Sander, Martin Coy. A H I ,, ..,.. ,,e, www- wW.W.,.,.r..,.. INSTITUTE OF ELECTRIC AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERS: FIRST ROW: Gerald Slack, Lubbo Luken, H. Prewitt, Jack Titus, Selvester Williams, Robert Haitung, John Pleskal, Ed Nelsas. SECOND ROW: Ted Gulizia, Ralph Perkins, Ted Samland, Rod O'Connor, Gerald Quick, Stanley Keast, Reiner Luken, Tom Rye, ngineering Students Qrganize According to Interests Three organizations divide the engineering students and unite them according to their special interests. The organizations include the institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers, the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Society of American Military Engineers. 89 Geograph , History Clubs Stud the World GAMMA THETA UPSlLON: FIRST ROW: John Sumstad, Mike Hill, Johns, Fred Swihart, Milton Uffman, William Collins Peter Shaw i Mary Fiala, Raymond Carpenter, Timothy Adebayo, Dr. P. E. VOQGI- David Thorndike- SECOND ROW: Richard Wilson, Thomas Smith, Gerald Fey, Ralph The world-past and present- comes under constant study by members of the history and geography clubs. Gamma Theta Upsilon, national geography honorary, was headed by president Mike Hill., Other officers included Tim Adebayo, vice president, and Connie Davis, secretary- treasurer. Part of the club's activities included viewing films taken by bootstrappers on their travels throughout the world. Phi Alpha Theta, national history honorary, hosted one hundred collegians for ci regional conference in March, Officers of the group were Wesley Webster, president, Dianne Radosevich, vice president, and Lonnie Bernth, secretary-treasurer 90 PHI ALPHA THETA: FIRST ROW: Frank Bundy, Dianne Radosevich, Dr. Frederick Adrian, Frank Carlson. SECOND ROW: Lawrence Dopp, George Davis, Thomas Crawford, Robert Martino. THIRD ROW: David Wilson, Paul Samuelson, Carl Roberts, Barry Stevens, Clark Jorgensen. -1-v W' YOUNG REPUBLICANSZ FIRST ROW: Lloyd Coffelt, Geno l-lorichin, Linda Fredericksen. THIRD ROW: Harry Kensinger, Mallamo, G. David Money, D. C. Pesek. SECOND ROW: Carol Barbara Shaw, Richard Gibbin, Buzz Burling, Paul Leibman, Seamands, Jeri McHugh, Richard M. Reeser, Nancy Schneider- Charlotte Doering, Marsha Pastory, Jacquelyn Borcyk, Dierdre wind, Cathi Murphy, Judi Zerbe, Carolyn Williams, Judy C. Power, Alice Hewitt, Nancy Allberry, Ray Smith. Ji. YR'-5, YD's Get a Taste of Political Life YOUNG DEMOCRATS: Paula Magzamin, Diane Kolasky, Mavis Cosina, Kathy DiMauro, Carol Jacobson, David Forbes. X Members of Young Republicans and Young Democrats get an early start in American political life. YR president Nancy Schneiderwind was named runner-up for Miss National Young Republican at a summer convention in Miami. This fall, the YR's gained national recognition for their "Write to an American Servicemen" campaign. Other officers were Carolyn Williams, vice president, Judy Zerbe, secretary, and Lindo Logan, treasurer. Under the leadership of president David Forbes, the Young Democrats held a memorial service for the late President John F. Kennedy on November 22. Other YD officers are Gail Curran, vice president, Pat Langer, secretary, and Joe Beninato, treasurer. 91 in Gamma Pi Sigmas Chemistry Activities FIRST ROW: LeMoyne Johnson, Nicholas Landin, Janet Archer, Ann Bogacz, Linda Logan, D. N. Morquardt. SECOND ROW: Don Boehm, Dan Zimmerman, Jerry Gohr, James Duff, Roy Kundel, George Ryck. THIRD ROW: John Meyer, John Barlson, John Hoff, Kenton Brooks. 93 Chuck McNulty donates his blood. it UCS Reveals Cutest-Ugliest x Arnold Air Society member Jeff Ratliff presents trophies to Jim Solomonson of Lambda Chi Alpha and Dodie Jenkins of Sigma Kappa. Students Donate Blood A blood drive sponsored by the Arnold Air Society last fall brought in l59 pints of blood for the Red Cross. Trophies were awarded to Sigma Kappa and Lambda Chi Alpha for their outstanding participation in the drive. Nancy Stevenson of Zeta Tau Alpha and Mel Goff of Lambda Chi Alpha reigned as Cutest Pan and Ugliest Man at the annual dance held Oct. 29. The dance was held as a climax of the drive to collect money for the United Community Services. The total amount of money collected this year was 51,270.55 Nancy Stevenson and Mel Goff reign as Cutest Pan and Ugliest Man 94 , ,W L, L 2 W V 'S ii 'il ff 5 Ai ,tr ., 'mm .- it fest 5 i n A r s --:ist ,Z eagles! I , Qi, as -.west ,X gsm , 1 :Q 3? 3: it 'ts X as isa? Al . 'W f is Ai wi tg sw 7 ' N ,L is if U 5' ,X 0 gf i is fi D. 1 t Q, Q il iirii ' Jiri:-'las ' "H ' F 5 PW? UI 3? t - s 5331 fi 3? . me MV? ,, 4, g 53.55 Q Q 251117: When they chose "Tell 'Em That You Care" for their theme song, OU's Young Republicans weren't kidding. As part of their support of American policy in Viet Nam, the YR's staged a three-hour variety show November 25 at Peony Park. The OUSO show, titled "This Is My Country," netted S700 which was used to speed Christmas gifts to American' fighting men in the war-torn area. Sixty OU students and three professional performers furnished seventeen singing, dancing argd instrumental acts for Q, the rogram. Gail Rowden, the cuirrentf1Miss Omahp, mistresss of c remonies. She was assisted by YR president cy Schneiderwind. -si1?Q?fSg,.,55RgQf,fafss,.MV f- M F1 r engineering student works on o Fortran program. 'll Cord sorting is done on Center's IBM machines. one of the Computer 1 - , .1 'iiffwffw ' -If -.i tswzgfm f 4. - f . -X, . fsmtit W H eat- Hgfi5?Q.wg,fu.s.'..'.,. 1 g C C : ':a 'a-'-r-,t,.,sa : s,. gisfitigx 1 - , 'filhfi'fiviwfiis.isi?LsvfZe.51f,s?2f t 1 K naman Mary Massaro concentrates on punching cards Computers Aid Students Applied Arts Room l86 illustrates the "computer age" in operation. This is the home of OU's Computer Center, directed by Dr. William E. Walden. lt helps acquaint students with machines used by many businesses. Stu- dents and faculty members also use the facility to sup- plement their course of study or research. 5 , Program listing is done on the 470. 97 Home Economics Club Home Economics Club members again sponsored their Ten Best Dressed contest. Other activities included holding teas, viewing films and listening to guest speakers. Officers were Ann Bogacz, president, Lois Prazan, vice-president, Cothie Petersen, secretary, and Janice Rosholm, treasurer. We-1 Suzi Mortensen, below, reigned as O.U.'s Best Dressed Coed. Others included among the Ten Best Dressed were Diane Ruge, Janet Archer, Carole Grube, Brenda Williams, Jonell Dunn, Bev Grosso Jill Anderson and Pam Adams. Not pictured is Kathy Fairbalrn. ill? HOME ECONOMICS CLUB: FIRST ROW: Janice Rosholm, Ann Bogacz, Marlene Dyrda, Janet Archer. THIRD ROW: Joan Klandrerud, Dianne Lois Prozan, Cathie Petersen. SECOND ROW: Darlene Palmer, Sari Custard, Sharon Moore, Toni Matson, Jodell Terry, Linda Plotner Baron, Carolyn Lundgren, Jean Craig, Carolyn Poore, Jean Battiato, Diane Ruge. FRONT ROW: Rod O'Connor, Phil Wilson, Curt Abdouch, Bob Lock- wood, Joseph Smith, David Strongin, Rod Rhoden, Bob Gustafson. SECOND ROW: Lavonne Chapman, Kathy Hurley, Jan Bruland, Ellen Dahlquist, Holly Josephson, Linda Frederickson, Madeline Arnold, Diane Johnson, Kathy Wybenga, Audrey Kohler, Nancy Singer. THIRD Ski Club Goes to Colorado ,M sl on WSI 41 .ol-lsr I u4i7 -at ROW: Robert Wolf, John Pearson, Randy Boldt, Don Tunzer, Gary Barkes, Tom Burton, Bernie Tarnoff, Mike Hill, John Kiper, Jim Kay, John Scalzo, Jack Anderson, Leon Sheppard. FOURTH ROW: Austin Lemon, Chuck Morrison, Dick Darling, Dove Patton, Herm Dipple, Jim Shipley, Marv Morton, Tom Bennett. Ski Club members Bernie Tarnoff and Linda Frederickson were among 87 OU skiers who spent January 27 to 30 in Brecken- ridge, Colorado. Ski Club officers for l965-66 were: Phil Wil- son, president, Jim Krieger, vice-president, Lovonne Chapman, secretary and Curt Abdouch, treasurer. Dr. J. V. Blackwell, John Pearson and Bob Wolf served as sponsors. 99 The Clubs Grain of Sand Grain of Sand Editor Sally Schleu THE CLUB: FlRST ROW: John Jobst, Virginia Thomas, Maureen Borden, Donna Smith, Thomas Walsh, sponsor, Dick Lonsborg. SECOND ROW: Tim White, Larry Kenny, Janice Woodcock, Marcia Cohen, Carolyn Williams, Judy Zerbe, Grace Rowoldt, Ann MacLeod, Elizabeth Melcher, Sheila Nelson, Sue Campbell, Pat Williams. GRAIN OF SAND: Sally Schleu, Mark Hallgren, Dr. Ralph Wardle, sponsor, Jim Foiman. , SEA: FIRST ROW, front to back: Mary Christe Hoffman, Kris Rushing, Nancy Pickard, Kathie Knapp, Georgia Hunter, Diann Petersen, lvalyn Van Every. SECOND ROW: Darlene Palmer, Linda Barker, Kathy Koepff, Jaan Petr, Ruth Wieczorek, P i Jennifer Cackin, Mary Fiala, Carol Vasholz. I SEA: FIRST ROW: Jane Svanda, Melody Kahm, Judi Zerbe, Ron Milano, Jackie Riley, Hilde Walter, Helen Howell, sponsor, Kathy Wybenga Mary Clare Owens, Ann Kenny. SECOND ROW: Phil Goduto, Barb Foirley, LaVonne Chapman, Margaret Daley, Clarice Moeller, Carolyn Wil liams, Ann Bogacz, Nancy Junge, Carol Watkins, Jim Krieger, Jim Butler. KAPPA DELTA Pl: FIRST ROW: Nancy Ray, Judy Hennig, Jennifer Cackin, Ruth Ann Everman, Doris Tabor, sponsor, Judi Hoevet, Dianne Radosevich, SECOND ROW: Mr. Trenhalm, sponsor, Pat Carey, Joan Petr, Lenore Aronson, Alice Krieger, Susan Chapek, Clarice Moeller, Reta Donohoo, Ruth Sharp, Grace Ann Rowoldt, Margaret Nevins, Ronnie Bernth A A A , 4- rx Student Education Association. Kappa Delta Pi FIRST ROW: Phil Goduto, Burney Ramrning, Frank Elias, Ken Maas, Charles Myers. SECOND ROW: Dennis Ondilla, Ted Szemplenski, Roger Dennis, Edward Huff, Don Meredith, Joe Sturek, Lonnie Bernth, Russ Gorman, sponsor. THIRD ROW: Gary Paporello, Dennis Crum, Ron Melano, Gary Neumann, Walter Boyer, Jim Vincent, Gary Stenad, Erwin Rehder. Pi Epsilon Kappa Recreation Club FIRST ROW: Ted Szemplenski, Vesta Hewitt, Bernie Tarnoff, Ken Maas, Burney Ramming. SECOND ROW: Lloyd Cardwell, Jr., Dennis Ondilla, Kathy Broad, Bob Henton, Phil Bohany, Gary Stenad, Edgar Woodward, Beth Purdy, John Coschka, Lydia White, George Petersen, Mr. Gorr. 102 ROW: Dan Bockelman, Sigurd Brekke, Ken Riedemann, Vaughn Wicker, Garold Lewis. SECOND ROW: Richard Corbett, Means, Joe Thornton, Tom Steele, Don Vander Werf, Roy Knight, Leo Dodson, Henry Schuett, James Burchell, Donald I Robert Hickman, Ralph Palmer, Robert Chrisman. l R l E Cl b l 93 state Ll l Retailing Club lRST ROW: Jeff Schroeder, Julie Vollmar, Pam Lane, Professor Leonard Prestwich, Rodney Rhoden, Cheryl Loshbaugh, Thomas Heenan, Barbara White larcia Froslev, Wilma Phelps. SECOND ROW: George Hall, Edward Klosterman, William J. Foftus, William Bluvas, John Bennett, Douglas Cramer on Vander Werf, James Hayek, Robert Gustafson, Kenneth Neilson, George Baker. Biology Students tud Microscopic World W R E W H E Taking field trips and listening to guest speakers are regular activities of the Biology Club. The organization caters to biology majors and students interested in the field. Officers are Virginia Evenson, president, Kenton Brooks, vice president, Brenda Williams, secretary, and Howertine Farrell, treasurer. Dr. S. R. Lunt, assistant professor of Biology, is the sponsor. 23333 Joyce Hilyard concentrates on a lab problem during a summer school biology session. BIOLOGY CLUB: FIRST ROW: Carol Bachus, Shirley Studenberg, George Glasier, Clarence Wolfe, Harold Petersen, Marty Warwick Brenda Williams, Virginia Evenson, Howertine Farrell, Kenton Bob Ulip. THIRD ROW: Dennis Schmid, Clyde Ketelsen, Joe Allen Brooks, Doretha Beck, Nanci Morris, Nancy Stevenson. SECOND Dr. S. R. Lunt, Mickey Coren, William Gorgen, Terry Lewis, Dr. ROW: Mike Menock, Chuck lhrke, Bruce Moulton, Norm Jensen, Charles O. Ingham. ,....-.QHWNM The neorly-invisible microscopic world opens up to students in the biology Iob. Amid live onimol specimens, chemicol bottles ond complicated scientific porophernolio, novice biologists discover the wonder of living things. For the more odvonced student, there is ecology, morphology histology, physiology ond entomology. 106 -I ,cutb- METHODIST HOSPITAL STUDENT NURSES Student Nurses Student nurses from Ornaha's Immanuel and Methodist Hospitals and Council Bluff's Jennie Edmundson migrate to OU tor classes three days a week. After listening to lectures in chemistry, physiology, anatomy, microbiology and communications for nurses, the women return to the hospitals for further classes and practical application of their studies. JENNIE EDMUNDSON HOSPITAL: FIRST ROW: Connie Walls Schafer, Marilyn Meredith. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Erickson, Carol Hull, THIRD ROW: Janice Matthiesen, Janice der, Judy Anderzhon. FOURTH ROW: Judy Jane Enid Boose. FIFTH ROW: Diane Rounds, Marilyn ROW: Glenda Jones, Mary Lee Jordol, Judy Brotherton. ROW: Linda Brightman, Janice Veldhouse, Carol Wohlers. N IMMANUEL HOSPITAL: FIRST ROW: Anderson, Borne, Johnson, Murray, Johnson, Galle, Wagler. SECOND ROW: Hultgren, Veek, Roth, Johnson, Lorch, Thompson, Wadell, Wacker. THIRD ROW: Daws, Meyer, Robinson, Shanks, Stuthert, Groves, Murman, Chappell. FOURTH ROW: Bjorkman, Goecker, Nielsen, Vlrich, Anderson, Reuter, Lantz. FIFTH ROW: Wilson, Peterson, Hays, Wellensiek, SIXTH ROW: Helm, Christensen, Lone, Borg, Harbison, Knudsen. QS? ' we -is was f Sr Sw PRE-MED CLUB: FIRST ROW: Nancy Stevenson, Patricia Christensen, Don Boehm, Joseph M. Halthaus, M.D., Mavis Kocina. SECOND ROW: John Meyer, Dudley Syre, Dick Hawley, LeMoyne Johnson, R. David Petersen, Walt Thomas. 107 108 WRA, PE Majors and Minors PE. MAJORS AND MINORS: FIRST ROW: LeAnn Hoagland, Linda Lee. SECONI ROW: Connie Claussen, instructor, Sonia Green, instructor, Barb Filipowicz, Joan Edwards, Mary Kenworthy. THIRD ROW: Waltci Dodd, Morleen Stark, Kathy Fry, Marcia Martin, Doreen Moritz. FOURTH ROW: Lynn Gorton, Kathy Hurley. WRA: FIRST ROW: Lynn Gorton, Pam Steinert, Chorleen Kahre, Kathy Fry, Marleen Stark. SECOND ROW: Connie Claussen, instructor, Marcia Martin, Kathy Hurley, Betty Bluvos, Mary Mossaro, Donna Anderson. Orchesis, Modern Dance Honorar FIRST ROW: Nancy Stevenson, Mary McMullen. SECOND ROW: Kathy Broad, Norine Sorenson, Jeannene Rice. THIRD ROW: Arnold Smith, Lynn Gorton, Priscilla Wilkins, Diann Petersen, Kathy Taylor. Phi Eta Sigma Requirements: Freshman male students who have earned a 3.5 grade average. FRONT ROW: Harlan Susman, John Meyer. SECOND ROW: Paul C. Smith, James Duff, Dean Donald Pflasterer, sponsor. Waokiya Alpha Lambda Delta Requirements: Freshman women students who have earned a 3.5 grade average. FRONT ROW: Jan Archer, Noel Weimer, Brenda Williams. SECOND ROW: Marji Holmquist, Nancy Stevenson, Nancy Ahlstrand, Ellen Zelinsky, Georgia Hunter. Requirements: Senior women's honorary for achievement in scholarship and campus leadership. FIRST ROW: Livi Bergman, Linda Flack, Patti Matson, Jacque Newcomer, Mary Sutton. SECOND ROW: Priscilla Wilkins, Pat Karre, Elizabeth Hill, Kristi Wolfe, Pauline Williams. Scholastic Honoraries Corinthians dile- 'Simi Requirements: Juniors and seniors who have accumulated a 3.5 grade average. FRONT ROW: Livi Bergman, Myra I-lellbusch, Frank Nocita, Anne Kochanowicz, Marsha Hunter. SECOND ROW: W. C. B. Lam- bert, Ann Bogatz, Judi Hoevet, Leslie Mann, Ludwig Mehrer. FRONT ROW: Delores l-lurlburt, Pauline Williams, Jan Voelte. SECOND ROW: Terrie Rachwitz, Pat Abel, Carol Hutzell, Marsha Mefford, Diane Jorgensen. Omicron Delta Kappa Requirements: Senior men's honorary for achievement in scholarship and campus leadership. FRONT ROW: Edwin Clark, Frank Nocita, Craig Hoenshell, Jim Solomonson, Gale Oleson. SECOND ROW: Dave Richardson, Rodney Rhoden, Don Pflasterer, Loren Drum, Rich Thompsett, Clyde Kettleson, Ludwig Mehrer, Mike Sweet. 112 Q' it " Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy" was the subject discussed by Dr. Richard E. Ogborn, guest speaker for the University Honors Banquet May 20. The banquet honored members of Omicron Delta Kappa, senior men's honoraryg Waokiya, senior women's honoraryg and the Corinthian Society, which re- quires a 3.5 accumulative average at junior level. Dr. W.C.B. Lambert rec- ognized l3 students graduating with distinction. Dean Robert Harper an- nounced the winners of five fellowships. i BW' ' f x .52 R x. it 'Q i 'G ,Nw M :EEg.: . i A i ..1 t . ' hz , P K ji fl i Zeta Tau Alpha, sorority winner Spring Sing The annual Spring Sing and senior honorary tap- ,pings were held May I9 in the Milo Bail Student Center Ballroom. Zeta Tau Alpha and Lambda Chi Alpha captured top honors in the song competition. Alpha Xi Delta and Pi Kappa Alpha were judged second. Membership tapping for Waokiya, senior women's honorary, and Omicron Delta Kappa, sen- ior men's honorary, is based upon scholastic and social leadership and accomplishment. Lambda Chi Alpha, fraternity winner 4, , 113 wxvnl, In xwx .... M M, me: W.. ,, . 'J -26813529 .Q K A f int' if if .Hs H1681 1901.1 25, w ,1- f f ! .. sw, 4 f-- Q 1- ,W 1 W' f x Q.. . Q 'K ' H W 5 f Q .gjg 529' ' -5- 3 mwmfix 'iw A Br ' nf ' 'Wg as IQ . 4-- ., ,F yy V lx.. if .. LUN. 4 I if A ka I V K I X mix Paul Borge supervises os Progrom Director -eon Benschoter directs o show. An unusual scene in the TV studio . . . No people Christmas i965 at OU W D..-nln..n........ Student Council members Suzi Mortensen and Kathy Wybenga hug Santa. Ex, Xi il S 3 ll 2 , s , Christmas decorations and refreshments abounded at the Faculty-Staff Christmas Party given December l5. vv1taeiiL ,Y,, The Christmas spirit could be found in various OU activities in December. First runner-up Karen Payne walks amid a forest of miniature Christmas trees during the Tomahawk Beauty Contest. Kathy Wybenga watches master of ceremonies Doug Slaughter give John Reedy a gift from Santa's pack at the Student Coun- cil's All-school dance December i7. Student Council Members Plan Campus Activities STUDENT COUNCIL: FIRST ROW: Jackie Riley, Kathy Wybenga, Jim Dean Elizabeth Hill, Brenda Williams, Randy Owens, Jim Solomonson Sandoz, Doug Slaughter, Randy Nielsen, Marji Holmquist, Patti Tom Fischer, Sandy Friedman, Joe Benson, Dean Donald J. Pflasterer Matson, Suzi Mortensen, Pat Karre, Linda Kolell. SECOND ROW: Rich Tompsett tseatedl served as president of the Omaha Inter-Collegiate Council. John Berkheimer also represented OU in the city-wide organization. Now in its second year, the Council is composed of two members from each college, university and nursing school in Omaha. Student ideas and opinions can be channeled to the administration via the Student Council. The l6- member governing body represents the student body and plans various campus functions throughout the year. Homecoming, Ma-ie Day, the Freshman Mixer and the all-school Christmas dance are sponsored by the Council. Officers for i965-66 were Doug Slaughter, president, Randy Nielsen, vice- president, Marji Holmquist, secretary and Jim Sandoz, treasurer. 117 QW' 'CZ9 if V Greeks A' f' L' Q f I Xxx, 'Q 4'f1'5- Xa KK' . 'W s 4- X Y "' X Win:-qw X I Q , .- ,gm fx, -fi: 1 2 .Jn-V.. ..,Q N 'X.N,j 'K ' , ,--f', A' , ' . ,. '09 r'-1 ., X- , x , ,L Q, -1195 ,., N f A Q." ,Q -93? , , ,f vw 1 .09 K i . 'lk' ' I ' 1 .. - Q nk., X 4-,gr ,3 , 9 x, ,4-,ifgfwfsii- '-Xx5?f.?wf ' f,g-.Tv 5.3, - .J I , he 1, 'f 11-62, '91 'ugfL,!T:eNve f, f -SX A 'M M N xl V ' J 'I 1? - 'cf Q V x? . ,Z , X 1 9 I ' I 1 1 'i ,Q hw, 5 fy I I 1 z', N in , I M9 E D Q1 F PX Q wg, Aj , , V 'L ff-'X V1 X ff, X he 1 1 wld N 1 'x lj X AX I ,KQV fy. ' sk x 'r - IZ af' . xi'x3"w A X 3 V if W! . V i r I 3 fx- , if W w ii 5 I 1 Q ' , 4 I -' 'I R, Ii f J I5 V, N !'1 N j J 1., X R- 4- f .1-Zag x , 4+ "azf-f+s ff' X 1 ' ,1i::', Q ' fy .4 , " A-, k ,, W ,XZ ,I 54' 'V 1' s I ,IQ-1, 4 'f V417-A :I A .eg 'ck' V ff , ani Z 'A X 6 N ,fx 4 as .LLL ' - ' .,, Alfa x -, ' "K gf lil'-fy.. ' ' A 71: ' 1 ' I Q N-'Z L V V . E 'AI , zw j. . I ' 7 W 9 '11 ,, fi ' ,xx lt X N XA 4? , . f Q ' ' t K ff -- W 2, , iff , A ,Aw-X 119 Greeks Vie For New Members .av L 120 Members of Zeta Tau Alpha, Alpha Xi Delta and Sigma Kappa meet and talk with rushees. O The season of rushing began before school even started for ten Greek organizations on campus. Sororities began rushing activities Sept. ll with a Panhellenic Tea. The women met and discussed sorority life on campus. Indi- vidual parties with a campus setting were held on the evenings of Sept. l2 through the l5. The lnterfraternity Council held a mixer Sept. l-4 in the Student Center Ball room. Fraternities held rushing off campus Sept. l5 through the l7. S ,a-'-ln. 1 Sa-A .- ,xml 5 A 1 34 'W It F D VX5 fl A if A Q, I 6 1 M , 'kt K if Ha on X0 f fi . 1 Q17 Wx ,104 N. ,K X -. ' -Q ,Q if If I f 313 'Yugi' 1, ',.+ n T' .J Jf Q Wf"1Q 4 . . X U 0 1 0 sf'f?QV,,7 'g Greeks Honor Fellow Scholars The seventeenth annual Greek Week Banquet was held March 26. Group scholarship awards were presented to Chi Omega sorority and Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. Lambda Chi Alpha won the Intramural Sweepstakes trophy. President Traywick praises Greek's contributions Wayne Wotherspoon and Marjie Holmquist won the Outstanding Pledge awards. 51 5 P Q W ., i r I P Vx ' . ei 3 . ' K i ill ,ill P '-mx Interfraternity Council President John Stolley presents Highest Active Scholarship Award to Gregg Muffitt. Patti Matson admires check pre- sented to her as Panhelienic Girl of the Year. Panhellenic President Barb Keast presents Deanne Brezacek Highest Active Schoiarship award. AS x Laverne Konon tosses a pie. Q xl, gf J T E Pi Throw Smiles were buried under gobs of gooey whipped cream at the second annual A E Pi Throw, but the Candid Camera was working anyway. The Candid Camera show hid their equipment in a ticket booth and were filming unsuspecting participants for a future program. Close to l,000 pies were thrown by an estimated crowd of 500. Winners of the pie throw were Joan Edwards of Zeta Tau Alpha and Bruce Dickinson of Tau Kappa Epsilon. The reigning king and queen ofthe l965 A E Pi Throw, Bruce Dickinson and Joan Edwards. 124 'Ni' ""UGn-X ff 'ww w i A ff. sf' .1 in .VE 5, Q5 M, .3 L, Q9 5 sig ff A, ,2 M A A 3 2WWlQ"H 'hm 'I 'E 'BY in QMUQ H529 , sb , fi 9' adn L.W,ff-f-' W' wwf' '---.q..,,h .ff-'f""' -Q, f .L 3 W K ,I 5, J 6? HP 22? we 4 if 1 ' . Hifzlwi, K Lf wifi! M.....,-mm---'-' ,Awww-Q ,f W wmv 14 x Sk g i' R fw- Z' k..kA :SV f In V, f we 'A IFC, Panhellenic Unite Greeks The unity of nine Greek organizations on campus lies in the hands of the lnterfraternity and Panhellenic Councils. These two organizations, composed of representatives from each of the Greek chapters, Dlan rush weeks, Greek Week and supervise the practice of policies they set concerning ,Greek matters. A Junior Panhellenic exists under the direction of Panhellenic Council. This group includes representatives from each sorority pledge classes. Panhellenic was headed by Delores Hurlburt ot Sigma Kappa. Duane Mannon of Sigma Phi Epsilon was president of IFC. Duane Mannon, lnterfraternity Council President. FIRST ROW: Rich Tompsett, Don McMichael, Duane Mannon, John Berkheimer, Lyle Karre, Williom Gerbracht SECOND ROW Craig Hoenshell, James Kreji, Wayne Wotherspoon, Bob Desbrow, Greg Muffitt, B. J. Ingram, Burney Ramming Bob Nelson Jim Boe Jace Anderson 128 lg .. r Pl, , Y Q , ff ,E M l 1 Q 5, if l s gf, M .", Q 2 4' v 3, 1 452 if pf"-, R fu s , Yard' E ii FIRST ROW: Jacque Newcomer, Delores Hurlburt, Mary Lynn Rohde, Pauline Williams. SECOND ROW: Cheryl Bird, Dodie Jenkins, Pat Karre. Junior Panhellenic Council members are Suzanne Mortensen, Sue Goepper, Nellie Sudavicius, Sue Bowen, Kristy Isaacson. Delores Hurlburt, Panhellenic Council President. 129 .Mum fi? , . F ., .- ., Lip!! K V 9 Xa fig, 3 Q X, :fl 1,f"4' is 'Q 4 v t 'ik W aw 4 K 'i W Q, F355 if ,Q EJ VY FIRST ROW: Pauline Williams, Mary Lynn Rohde, Jill Anderson, Carol Vasholz, Susie Acuff, Inez Kucera, Karyl Ronsin, Dianne Custard. SECOND ROW: Sue Bowen, Linda Kolell, Jonell Dunn, Nellie Sudovicius, Hilde Walter, Joan Berkheimer, Mary Massara, Judi Zerbe. THIRD ROW: Nancy Anderson, Jeanne Timmerman, Ann Bogacz, Nancy Hemsath, Bonnie Applegate, Pam Whitney, Bev Grosso, Carol Moss, Margie Muldoon, Mary Jean Newell, Georgia Hunter. Publications. Jo Ann Kruntorod is junior class secretary. Fraternity honors were bestowed upon Mary Lynn Rohde, Lambda Chi Crescent Girl, Kathy Welniak, Lambda Chi Mardi Gras Queen, and Linda Lindamood, TKE Pledge of the Month. John Berkheimer was crowned King Satan by an all-Greek vote at the annual Devil Dance. Alpha Xi officers are Pauline Williams, president, Sharon Eddy, first vice-president, Kathy Daley, second vice-president, Kathy McGuire, corresponding secretary, Jill Anderson, recording secretary, Mary Lynn Rohde, Panhellenic representative, Kathy Wybenga, rush chairman and Bonnie Hill, treasurer. Pauline Williams """'N-i 131 132 FIRST ROW: Ginger Todd, Marsha Mefford, Jan Voelte, Susie Smith, Mary Willenburg, Carol Keefover, Toni Matson, Priscilla Wilkins, Livi Bergman. SECOND ROW: Jan Archer, Brenda Williams, Lynn Gorton, Sharon Hopkins. THIRD ROW: Joyce Page Susie Mortensen, Pat Sullivan, Rene Steimle, Judy Wenger, Sally Smith, Marji Holmquist, Cheryl Plymate, Diann Petersen. hi Omega Chi Omega remained on top scholastically at the Greek Week Banquet last spring for the seventeenth consecutive year. Other scholastic honors awarded the sorority were Panhellenic Girl of the Year,:Patti Matson, Highest Scholarship trophy, Deanne Brezacek Hammer, Outstanding Sorority Pledge Margie Holmquist, and Pledge Scholarship trophy, Janet Archer. Patti and Toni Matson proved themselves to be popular sisters when they were elected Homecoming Princess and Typical Freshman respectively in the fall. Student Council members were Pat Karre., PqttiMatson, Marji Holmquist, Brenda Williams and Suzie Mortensen. Livi Bergman was elected to the Board of Student Publications and Senior Class secretary, Other class officers included Diann Petersen, sophomore class secretary and Marsha Pastory, freshman class secretary. The title of Tomahawk Beauty Queen went to Lani Stockman. First and second I Q I ' f ? 'T S lgisf lily! I I' 'Q :Pram .wil 'rfssi I 4 Oi Q M Q1 '- TJ, 134 Sigma Kappa FIRST ROW: Lyn Siskey, Sandi Nielsen, Carol Hitzell, Sharon Van Voorhis, Janie Carter, Dodie Jenkins. SECOND ROW: Kathy Specht, Rita Sorum, Kathy Fairbairn, Mimi Gorup. THIRD ROW: Bev Andrews. Sigma Kappa initiated a new twist to their all-Greek dance this year. During intermission the Greeks contributed to their own entertainment by entering a talent contest. Ott campus judges selected the Zeta Zingers Zeta Tau Alpha, and two battling drummers, Kenn Calvert and Harlen Rimmerman from Theta Chi, as winners. That evening the Greeks elected Mike Thomas, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Typical Fraternity Man. Sigma sisters were very proud when Pat McFarland was crowned Miss Wool of Nebraska and Jane Carter was named Helen of Troy FIRST ROW: Linda Flack, Parsla Mende, Betty Bluvas, Cheryl Ford. SECOND ROW: Laura Flack, Pat Baldwin, Joanne Volenec, Debbie Wheeler, Dee Hurlburt, Nancy Lunsford. THIRD ROW: Ginny Stouffer, Barbara Hunt. at the January Theta Chi Olympics. The sorority was again honored when Kathy Specht and Kathy Fairbairn were named TKE Pledge of the Month. Other honors include Waokiya and Corinthians secretary, Linda Flack, Panhellenic president, Alpha Kappa Delta vice-president and Alpha Lambda Delta, Delores Hurlburt. Sigma Kappa officers are Dodie Jenkins, president, Janie Carter, vice-president, Linda Flack, pledge trainer, Parsla Mende, treasurer and Sharon Van Voorhis, secretary. Dodie Jenkins 135 Q 'S-251121122 f fees: 1 .Z 5 Y H- was ff If ,Q v. A AWE? ri S Sw I it W' 3 U W Q32 'af' i. f ik- X '75SiBz?Ef'V ' iif5'gQ,' M" , . A .,.f 1. ,:. ..:!1,- W- wk if M af V u .QQ N, SA . ASAE? fm my WNQA. var V" " . - 'Q V Rafi f f if? " S at v , 1 'fi pf V 459 ,AQ If 2 we fn 2 if ag lk. '-HY ,Ax ' 'W ,PL ff' 1,15 ij Qi S ,Es M ,MA liih' f ik" - 1? 5. 2, L, W, aid' 1 im' fi 'If V if rr, 1 A W 1 4 ,3Ekfi Q k 3 M , 4 3 - t , g W V , y fff vml- if - J ,V W, 1 Q f ' ,,'. Q' Q1 A igu, - ' . K YT, f ., -Iwi?" x 'figs' ,. M ff ? , ,. . ..-.. mi 5 v 4. ,Q W. - vw. J 'rg W1'ff Nexaiiif' 512- 4 H xii' xx if VB . - :W W K Q' W . 51, , V " s u, ,Q M, . ,Q .S M J, 11,-iv, kv - , fy ,my ww J , ge V Q Q QT2 9 Q i E ,X 4, .. .9 wi ,ML QA ' 'if Y A k 3- ,Ii W , A L. 4 9,,,, wk 'lik FIRST ROW: Robert Friedman. SECOND ROW: Sherman Brodkey, Sheldon Babendure, Larry Bloom. THlRD ROW: Leon Shrago, Tom Petersen. Alpha Epsilon Pi is ending its fifth year as a colony on campus. Because of its short existence the fraternity is small in number, but is gradually beginning to take its place among the other Greek organizations. The fra- ' ' ternity hosted its second annual AEPi Throw last Spring. At 25 cents a throw participants were able to toss a whipped cream pie at the target of their choice. Each Greek organization entered a "pie face" in competition for King and Queen of the evening. Joan Edwards, Zeta Tau Alpha, and Bruce Dickinson, Tau Kappa Epsilon, were 138 FIRST ROW: Larry Zwart, Melvin Epstein, Gordon Lazerson. SECOND ROW: Allan Babbitt, Melvin Cohen. THIRD ROW: Barry Lewis, Edward Klosterman. named Queen and King of the event. Highlighting the evening was the appearance of the Candid Camera em- ployees who spent the evening filming unsuspecting partici- pants for a future show, Proceeds from the event were donated to the Milo Bail Fountain Fund. Tom Petersen was awarded a N. Murray Longworth scholarship and active Sidney Heisler a Regent's Scholarship last fall. Officers of the fraternity are Mel Epstein, master, Bob Friedman, lieutenant master, Larry Zwart, scribe and pledge master and Gordon Lazerson, exchequer. Melvin Epstein 139 140 "ET 4!""' new we I 4. .ar FIRST ROW: David Larson, John Bennett, SECOND ROW: Wayne Wallingford, James Erikson, Byron Bissell, Robert Chrisman, THIRD ROW: Don Mahon, Jack Anderson, Sig Brekke, John Krecek, Keith Kiernan, Dan Kavalek. Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi is the men's professional business fra- ternity, The fraternity began its existence on OU's cam- pus in l949. Members must be enrolled in the College of Business Administration ancl hold a 2.0 accumulative grade average. Delta Sig participated in basketball, volley- ball, baseball and bowling intramurals on campus. The fraternity's skill in bowling was tested when they com- peted in the interfraternity tournament with the Nebraska and Creighton chapters. The OU chapter finished second in the competition. The annual dinner dance was held in April. A chapter vote revealed S. J. 'HH FIRST ROW: Victor Massara, Gerald Giles. SECOND ROW: John Aresta, Jay Atwell, Dan Bockelmann, Charles Allison. THIRD ROW: Barry Holla, Richard Watson, John Anstey, James Forcade, Doug Volk. Johnson Rose of Delta Sig. The Typical Delta Sig award went to Jack Mewhirter on the basis of his high grade average and contributions to the fraternity. Ron Rosberg received the Paul Crosman award from the Business Col- lege for accounting. The chapter tied for first place in the national organization's efficiency contest, obtain- ing the highest number of points possible. Officers of the fraternity are David Larsen, president, John Bennett, vice-president, Jay Atwell, secretary, Jack Sands, chan- cellor and Bryan Bissell, treasurer. David Larson 14 142 FIRST ROW: Wes Moravec, Al Lidolph, Dick Schenck, Bill Helvico, Frank Nocita, Jim Kaspar, Paul Bullock, Burney Ramming, Steve Spelic. SECOND ROW: Rod Ulfers, Ray Smith, Conrad lshi, Joe Beninato, Mark Otoupal, Gary Barkes, Bob Hildebrandt, Bill Henderson, Ralph Perkins, THIRD ROW: Hal Beck, Ron Cisar, Craig Carlson, Ted Wiedner. FOURTH ROW: Jim Scott, Jan Voelentic, Tim Keyser, Doug Pfeninger, Norm Custard, John Toay, Larry Juhl, John Miller, Brian Stemmermann, Jim Blair. Lamba Chi Alpha participated in many campus activities this year. Their outstanding intramural participation captured the lntertraternity Council "All Sports Sweep- stakes Award" and the lntramural Sports Trophy at the Greek Week Banquet. The men retired both the Spring Sing and the Sig Ep Sing trophies this year. ODK tap- ped Jim Kaspar, Jim Solomonson, John Stolley, Frank No- cita and Ray Hultman at the Spring Sing. Randy Owens bestowed an outstanding honor on the fraternity when he was elected Typical Freshman. Other campus leaders include student council members Randy Owens, Jim Solomonson and Jae Beninato, sophomore class vice- president. John Berkheimer represented OU at the ln- A tercollegiate Council. The charitable nature ofthe Lambda Chi Alpha if NAU 'Qi-Ts if 1 N X - 'TZ dl 'H ' 'f ly, 2 1," 'fm 56? ,,, I, if 4A A in W F V ti ' ' -. A Y X 3 .. rf X 'hang 12' 55, 144 Yi? -0. mn? 4" dV'M FlRST ROW: Gary Westphalen, Herb Wehner, Rich Tompsett, SECOND ROW: Larry Formae, Craig Hoenshell. THIRD ROW: Rick Albaugh, Ron Bernth, Harold Hall, Harold Lenz, Mike Pelowski, Doug Gehrig, Doug Stennsma, Lynn Petersen. FOURTH ROW: Rick Switzer, Lonnie Bernth, Don Cox, Rockie Hoffman, Tom Helligso, Sam Grassof Rick Donovan, Don Miloni, Bob Willits, Dave timett, Joe Snell. Pi Kappa Alpha won its third consecutive fraternity scholarship trophy at the Greek Week banquet. Besides scholarship the fraternity showed other signs of leader- ship during the year. All school elections placed Doug Slaughter, Jim Sandoz and Tom Fischer on the Student Council. Doug was later elected president of the student body. Steve Sheppard and Ron Morford were elected sophomore and freshman class officers respectively. The freshman class elected Tom Helligso vice-president. Rich Tompsett was declared ci Knight of Chi Omega soror- ity. First place trophies were captured in intramural swimming, outdoor track, football, four mile relay, archery, Pi Kappa Alpha A- ,fic fwfr: uv' G' '55- FIRST ROW: Jaey Sedlacek, Mike Mench. SECOND ROW: Mike Sweet, Claude Jelen, THIRD ROW: Steve Sheppard, Jim Bae, Vol Skuja, Mike Moore, Doug Slaughter, Jim Sandaz, Rod Roenfeldt, Steve Beig, Norm Slader, FOURTH ROW: John Whisman, Dan Parker, John Pavilaitis, Frank Baratta, Bud Haneman, Dick Vasel, Bill Vasel, Jim Thompson, Tom Fischer, Ron Morford, Keith Wilmot. wrestling and basketball. The Pikes further proved their athletic qualities at the January Theta Chi Olympics when they won the trophy for accumulating the highest number of points in the Olympic competition. Omicron Delta Kappa tapped four men for membership. Rich Tompsett was tapped vice-president. The men chose Pat Karre, Chi Omega, Dream Girl at their dinner dance. Donna Anderson was named Queen Flush during the half-time of the annual pledge-active football game. Officers are Rich Tompsett, president, Craig Hoenshell, vice-president, Mike Sweet, secretary, Claude Jelen, treasurer: Mike Moore, pledge master. Lia ,ER - J-.J Rich Tompsett 145 5 . '. , we fps vi 5,51 ' af in ' 'Q X Y Q ., Q 'fy Aggg 5 3 Q gf L gf ? ,Q , w X H kd! A 'B 'fn . ' 4 7 A 11:2 D Q! R 1 fy, v,k , . .-.., ,-,.4g,qf-, , M, ff,, l ,. ,. .Q 1 1 r, ,JAM ,, 4 ,x .Y .5 mzapgkrf J. 45g.'1,7--f !','4 Wfgifgw, f ,,,. ,-f , V, ff, V. U -Y-M ,wtf-,g 1, 'i .. .fm r, 4 , 5 fl .-L, ww: -" 'gil :"k:f ff 3' I .' "QW-: 1, -f-,fd-A,.,,.,-,, -.ANY . fm 1 . ,- -,J -ff - 41 sv, H-1 ,"s.-J Ei! gy 5 , ,, ,Lz, L wr P 22, , fi - V., , .q ui ,v ., , V, . v..m..,, . .. -9 -....., g 95 E I p fu ..?"FlPy . I. 5 Q Pd, 5 2.-ff .3 Q Rf- N. ' 3 1 -- -f-- . Q ..,, ,, , ., ,Q . 1. 7,k. K fy 52 7 -K..-gn-, -,- 3 . Q55 5' I L F' 5' W 13' 'fs , ,. K .L A. 1.Mmh,. M M, , V, fn .A ? E Ages X 148 FIRST ROW: Mike Flynn, Rick Whittle, Jim Mcflonnaughay, Jim Knotek, Don McMichael, Marty Hornig. SECOND ROW: John Knickman, Bob Paeper, Larry Greene, Larry Caldwell, Mike Barker, Lenny Cleveland, Terry Leaders. THIRD ROW: Joe Saitta, Lyle l-lansen, Ken Proffit, Ray Bush, Ken Bunger, Mike Hart, Jim Fous, Ken Flint, Gero Mallamo, Dick Gibb, Phil Kluge, Bob Tilton. Tau Kappa Epsilon Tau Kappa Epsilon started the fall semester with the largest fraternity pledge class, 32 members. First place trophies were awarded to the fraternity for intramural bowling and both intramural and interfraternity softball. Bruce Dickinson bestowed two honors on the fraternity when he was named Alpha Epsilon Pi Throw King and Chi Omega Knight, Mike Thomas was elected Sigma Kappa's Typical Fraternity Man by an all-Greek vote and Zeta Tau Alpha awarded Dave Richardson the title of Zeta Honey. Two men were honored last spring for their schol- astic achievements. Greg Muffitt received the fraternity's Highest Active Scholarship trophy for his past year's grades at the Greek Week Banquet. Dave Richardson x W 45 , y y rf' f M 7 5' - , , 1 , Zl,,iZ. LV V " K , VV! , k Q A ft A .1 i,g 'f y W1 1 4 ii'L I W 1 ., A Q X5 5 2 . K i'-'33, 1 V mf N1 Nxt fi . vw V ,V , .qv wqzg, 1 'C fri 'Q FIRST ROW: Leroy Dyer, Kenn Calvert, Rick Stovall, Harry Riedemann. SECOND ROW: Lyle Karre, Jim Webster, Sam Hayes, Ron Kibbon, Jack Schmid. THIRD ROW: Herb Eveland, Gene Mertz, Mike Keim, Ron Fevara, Bob Henning, Ron Bluvas, Mike Querry. Sweater Girl at the all-Greek Sweater Girl dance held in October. Brothers stood and applauded proudly when Wayne Wotherspoon walked away at the Greek Week Banquet with trophies for both the Outstanding Greek Fraternity Pledge and fraternity pledge with the highest scholastic average. Chi Omega recognized Hal Reide- man as a favorite man when they selected him as a Knight. Other executive council members of the fraternity are Wayne Wotherspoon, vice-president, Kenn Calvert, secretary, Jack Stovall, treasurer, and Tom Upton, pledge trainer. Leroy Dyer fn' a e ct , cc C gi Q i' ii 151 aw 3' 1 4 'w. i 'H 4 nga., .W . ..........-..,, O ., .W MW.. A M ,W mm . M. ,Um -Km ,,...-...., . w o gig, 2 . - ,4 ' A-Q 5 ' 0 -.Q huwaeww- f 52? 2.5 Q ,fm Q I Q l ff: 1- .ff , if '- ww .. . W,VV NJHA Ky . ,, fig I J 'X Jane Treutler Zeta Tau Al ha is ictured below as 1 P I P Theta Chi's Dream Girl. At the right is Lydia White, Zeta Tau Alpha, who was elected Tau Kappa Epsilon's Coral Queen by an all-Greek vote last Spring. Greek Royalty Tau Kappa Epsilon named three women "Pledge of the Month" during the Fall semester. They are Kathy Fairbairn, Sigma Kappa, Debbie McKenzie, Zeta Tau Alpha and Linda Lindarnood, Alpha Xi Delta, 154 A fy s 1 Greek Royalty Leroy Dyer slips the traditional red garter on Theta Chi's l966 Sweater Girl, Lydia White of Zeta Tau Alpha. Assisting is S. J, Johnson, Theta Chi's l965 Sweater Girl. 156 l WW Terri Pospichal, Chi Omega, is Sigma Phi Epsilon's l965-66 Playmate, Mike Thomas, Tau Kappa Epsilon, was elected Typical Fraternity Man by an all-Greek vote at Sigma Kappa's Showboat. The men of Lambda Chi Alpha elected Mary Lynn Rohde, Alpha Xi Delta, I966 Crescent Girl. l Dianne Custard, Alpha Xi Delta, was chosen Lambda Chi Honorary Pledge during the Fall semester. 157 158 The pledges of Zeta Tau Alpha picked five men to reign as Pledge Sweet- hearts during their all-Greek Pledges' Valentine Tea. They are Harold Hall, Pi Kappa Alpha, Mike Keim, Theta Chi, Ken Protfit, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Dick Schenck, Lambda Chi Alpha and Steve Nelson, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Greek Royalty Pat Karre, Chi Omega, reigned as Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl ot the tra- ternity's dinner dance in November. yg S if if H ,gm ' ,Q N Q 2, .. ., . 1 I Q , fi ,Q 'f tm W 'M , XB.,, ,f Z gi .. Q i I 4 f Q f':.. H 1 I 1 Q IM: Q- f . D TN -Ju 1' 1 6 X Qi' X vs . u ' . u 1 Q 160 ,-.ang v 4-1 lg ,ii an-mg, 4l.1"""""" M716 40' ' imnjg fin ? ' I 5 5 ' Z f f ., . x AA or N k "1" ' , L fuf A . " V f"L Q , J . 3, T ff '5 ,f , xx 3 2 'XX ' ,4 'I' W. 1 v"5 ,S,:, .-' 3" e' ,' If Y x , iv. at I W Q- W: f I Q Q 'JN 921 .pax f 'ff tv Qi' J FO. X QTJIXQ . X Sports 161 Trackmen Busy Out and Indoors 'L . an Q.- R H It K Gould Don Glasgow Bob Smiley SECOND ROW' Heod Coach FIRST ROW: Dennis Ondillo, Herb Rhodes, Loren Drum, oy u mon, en , , . . Lloyd Cardwell, Jim McMahon, Pot Giddings, Clyde Ketelson, Mox Kurz, Ed Neel, Gory Power, Bob Murphy, Coach Don Wotchorn. 162 Jim McMahon leads the pack during CIC lndoor Meet Max Kurz lengthens lecd ,HSM Dennis Ondilla leads the charge to the tape. Mixed Success Indian cindermen enjoyed only mixed success during the l965 indoor and outdoor seasons. Omaha U hosted the Central Intercollegiate Indoor Meet for the sixth year in a row. Our small squad managed a credible third place finish. A nine-man delegation to the Kansas State Indoor broke three school records. The outdoor squad finished with a one and two dual record and finished last in the CIC. Steady hurdlers Gary Power and Clyde Ketelson lead South Dakota. s A -1' , ' Ai ' gf'-fr i, ,, if V QQ . Af, .' V' -xy, ',.L': , I ,za kw asivr .Y Wiz, V xv,-ji Q., rh j ? '- . K it ,Va Q ' .fr f - ,W.....k., .pgiggigxg , git v .mm A li... 163 Diamond Success -P111 .. ew""'w-' J -if J ey l 5, son ,Q-ruff xxx 5 ff 'S Y AHS il A f Y FIRST ROW: Dan Kutilek, Jim Butler, Harold Lenz, Herb Johnson, Student Manager Bob Lowe, Larry Wood, Dan Rezok, Larry Krehbiel, Gary Gilmore, Rich Vasek, Lon Bernth. SECOND ROW: Head Coach Virge Yelkin, Bob Davis, Lew Garrison, John Robino, Gary Girouard, Ken McEwen, Dale Lortz, Rich Lang, Ron Bernth, Joe Berenis, Eddie Bryant, Coach Carl Meyers. 164 The Record Omaha U l Nebr. Wesleyan O Omaha U l Washburn 5 Omaha U 4 Nebr. Wesleyan l Omaha U 3 Wayne St. 5 Omaha U l Wichita Univ. O Omaha U 3 William Jewell 2 Omaha U l Wichita Univ. O Omaha U 23 So. Dakota St. l Omaha U 8 Okla. City U. 2 Omaha U 5 So. Dakota St. 6 Omaha U 9 U. of Arkansas 7 Omaha U 7 Pittsburg St. O Omaha U 6 U. of Arkansas 3 Omaha U 9 Sterling Coll. O Omaha U O Phillips U. l Omaha U 7 Minot St. 2 Omaha U l Phillips U. O Omaha U 6 Minot St. 3 Omaha U 3 Phillips U. 0 Omaha U 3 Glassboro St. O Omaha U 4 Drove Univ. 3 Omaha U 4 Sam Houston 0 Omaha U 7 Creighton Univ. 2 Omaha U l Carson Newman 4 Omaha U 5 Rockhurst Coll. l Omaha U 7 Glassboro St. 5 Omaha U 7 Creighton Univ. 2 Omaha U 2 Carson Newman 3 Omaha U 2 Emporia 4 A feared face on the mound . . . All-American Larry Krehbiel. An Era Ends Larry Krehbiel last season closed out a three-year stint as the OU mounds- man by being selected to the first team NAIA All-America squad. The Omaha native won his first l9 tests as an Indian hurler, and lost only two games his senior year. In l964 Larry was a second team All-American. His forte was control, and he had lO shutouts in his first 23 starting assignments. His career earned run average was well under two, and he struck out more than 225 batters in three memorable years. 165 W, ,,s,,,t ,, t, y ,iii . io 4 Jim Collin's stretch helps make it a frustrating evening for cross-town rival Creighton U. OU's big winner coach Yelkin Pointing To St. Joe. -cmmw Coach Virgil Yelkin's perennially good baseball squads have become an OU fixture. l965 was no exception. A l9-6 season was capped by a second-place finish in the NAIA Nationals in St. Joseph, Missouri in June. Carson-Newman of New Jersey was the only team there who could beat the Indians, and they did it twice. Through a l9-6 season, Yelkin stressed that his team was pointing at the tournaments, and they came on strongest at season's end. In l 8 years of coaching OU baseball teams, Yelkin has piled up a win percentage ot well over 75 percent. His teams have placed second, third and , fourth in NAIA play. In 1966. . . . .. ,sggrffipis man The Big Three . . .Gary Girouard, Ken McEwen, Larry Kreihbiel. Regular first baseman Jim Collins . . . injured in late season. 3' . Co-captain Gary Gilmore . . . three-year regular. Catcher who also plays outfield . . . Dale Lortz. 167 QAM' :kwa RECORD CRGWDS AN LIRGI G SPIRIT Omaha's exciting Indian footballers drew all-time record crowds during their five home games in the suc- cessful I965 grid season. More than 28,000 fans at- tended and were cheered on by the varsity cheerleaders and Ouampi, the wild Indian. Gateway Football Night at Rosenblatt Stadium drew the largest throng . . . more than 8,200. Even the Saturday afternoon contests man- aged to bring out several thousand fans, despite com- petition from television and other area games. Ouampl OU Freshman Lloyd Roitstein MM i 1-K' Uma kg W tr , if " .cf we ' ' it ' .. Wt 'I ,,,, - f I , 1-4,3 we Cheerleaders . . . First Row JoAnn Kruntorad, Brenda Williams, Patti Matson, Jeanne Delaney. Second Row Lydia White, Shirley Newcomer, Lani Stockman, Karen Sedoris. Cheer Captain Kristy Isaacson 169 CC Champs . .. FIRST ROW: Harlan Aden, Don Crum, Ron Stave, Gary Rosso, Tom Hutchison, Mike Eckley. SECOND ROW: Head Coach Al Caniglia, Oscar Pulliam, Dave Rak, Bill Barber, Walter Boyer, Gary Neumann, Jim Jones, Coach Don Watchorn. 'gsm mmm.. 8 Wins...2 Losses FIRST ROW: Lew Garrison, Tom McGinn, Terry Edwards, Dick Redlinger, Dennis Ondilla, Doug Young. SECOND ROW: Lloyd Williams, Allan Anderson, Ron Sayers, Carl Goodman, Bill Haas, Harald Lenz, Coach Ken Fisher., Eff W'-f ' OU 26 Idaho St. 'I4 The opener was much closer than the final score indicates. Two Marlin Briscoe passes . . . one to freshman flanker Rick Davis for 45 yards, brought the lndians from a 14-l3 deficit with less than eight minutes left in the game. A successful be- ginning . . . OU 'I3 Northern Ill. 28 Northern was one of the top small college teams in the nation. The passing of veteran quarterback Ron Christian accounted for 2l3 yards and the lndians could not get mov- ing. The surprise of the game was the way Northern moved the ball on the ground. OU 21 Morningside 6 A strong OU second half was the difference in this traditional battle. After spotting the lowans a 6 point halftime advantage, the lndians roared back for three TD's and a victory. A balanced attack was the key. FlRST ROW: Joe Benson, Student Manager Bob Lowe, Ken Pelan, Bill Jansen, Buddy Belitz, Dom Polifrone. SECOND ROW: Coach Don Benning, Marlin Briscoe, Pat Smagacz, Greg Kavan, Francis Robbins, Gerald Allen, Dave Stinnett. an , OU 14 Bradley 12 The largest crowd in OU history saw this night thriller. Over 8200 fans were on hand for "Gateway Football Night," The lndians scored first and it was see-saw football from that point on. OU 27 Pittsburg St. 7 Homecoming and a sweet begin- ning to the successful CIC title quest. Piling up 320 yards total offense, Allen, Dodd, Briscoe and associates dominated the game from beginning to end. Pitt's touted passing game was held to 26 yards. 'Wm ' .U tiilfiti 5 i- s lt was close all the way, but the CIC title returned to Omaha. Two sus- tained drives in the last half, sand- wiched around a 60 yard TD toss from Briscoe to Davis made all the difference needed. OU 30 Drake 36 The Bulldogs rode the strong legs of fullback Ray Brown to come from a I4-O deficit to close the Indians season on o sour note. Gerry Allen broke the all-time OU rushing record in his final game, but three straight Drake scores proved too much. OU 46 Emporia St. 'I4 The Indians piled up a 46-O lead in a little more than three quarters before Coach Caniglia relented and put in the subs. Marlin Briscoe hit on I3 of I5 passes and Gerry Allen scored four touchdowns. FIRST ROW: George Blankenship, John Rogers, Bill Dodd, Ed Jackson, Gary Ziemba, Bernie Kanger. SECOND ROW: Rick Davis, Duane Stewart, Cal McGruder, John Ericson, Dan Klepper, Larry Von Tersch, Coach Carl Meyers. OU 48 E. New Mexico 28 REVENGE I I I The Indians in- vaded Portales, New Mexico, and completely dominated the contest. Fourteen of E.N.M.'s points were scored in the lost minute of play. A strong ground game and two Briscoe to Davis bombs were too much for the outclassed Greyhounds. OU 'I9 Washburn St. 10 A toughie . . . OU had to score twice on sustained drives in the last half to down the determined defend- ing CIC champs. Little All-American Gerald Allen, fullback Bill Dodd and Marlin Briscoe started sweeping the ends after intermission and the vic- tory was sealed. 'M .1155 . 'img A wypg, -' .Q .aw pf! ,-f , GAS 51 f J. S X Q' Xl - - "Ria .L , L,Ws ..,f Ynieii. 5 " ' L' Q Y' 7 f' l fL ., , A if' ' h,K,i .. L W V' Saw 1 fl, , if ffm End Jim Jones and All-American halfback Gerald Allen signed con- tracts with professional teams shortly after the completion of their foot- ball careers at OU. Jones is to go with the New York Jets of the American Football League, where he is to be turned into a linebacker. Allen was the only running back drafted by the National Football League Baltimore Colts. Very few OU players have made it to the pros, and it will be a credit to the school if these two standouts make good in the "big leagues." Last Spring. . Tennis Ron Grothe and Prentice Besore were the top scorers in a rough spring for Coach Jim Borsheim's tennis squad. The Tennis- men won three of their dual meets . . . over Doane, Midland and Morningside, but finished last in the Central lntercollegiate Conference Tournament. 176 Jones, Allen To The Pros Golf The golfers of Coach Ken Fischer won six of l5 in l965, and finished third in the CIC championships. Leading golfers were Jim Thompson and Bill Hoffman. Falling victim to the linksmen were Nebraska Wesleyan, South Dakota U, Midland, Em- poria St., Morningside and Doan. The Indians expected several lettermen back for the i966 season. M ,vm -: 'A Q. yy: Yi :Nh J, W G- er -V 23 K 5 3 f Q ..,.. .. . I ,M 3? A? R M., fra , Q V AN- ,SJ Y Q35 I f Q. W f W: f ,, Ji' ffrfw "fb :Lu W., w-aww ,, M. .rx F J' -, nu A . 2 W M x x 9 Q 2 3 K -fw1Ss'fs1 Agn- 'ff' fo -. X .' was .W ny:-' ze., ' 'f U 'O """""""' ' . . ya K gn A V tn, . .nw N , ,. ,M K 'X . S f- ,Jimi Wrestlers 8 and 7 Omaha Omaha Omaha Omaha Omaha Omaha Omaha Omaha Omaha Omaha Omaha Omaha Omaha Omaha Omaha Nebraska Kearney St. Concordia Marquette North Illinois Wisconsin State Moorhead State North Dakota State Drake Graceland Kansas University South Dakota Fort Hays Wayne State Northwest Missouri Ugg DNAHA DNAHA UMAHA DMAHA FIRST ROW Curlee Alexander Kinze Williams Gary Kreiger Gerald Shook, Tom Murtaugh, Ken Netwig. SECOND ROW Coach Don Ben mg Reggie Williams Phil Goduto Paul Ehni Jerry Newville Neil Franklin, Tom Maides. T 1 556 151 A 1 . -fs5,iQEJi txreY5?'45f5, iff, ..e'z15: 1:11---:::'. -'UF W1 . ,.-1 Xif. , i .,V- -5.1mm . ,pxws A 'WQFQE' .aus 1 44241 kfgij' f '12,. f 1212 3 45157 H 1-inf, A fe Q, 555' f I FK! . . f, " 'ity-Q. ,fs Q Q t if gif - ,if J If f- 5 .- - jf u-1-iiiw e V' V : L. ff' ' 4YSg 4 Z ,.E: g A, -K A . ,:2:. . V A'i' ...::Q. rm-' Vw 3 :M-'w f . - ,f , uc., ' 1 29", T :' - giixf ' . -:SIE 11:45 F. .wi ' f I . ' I 5 25,12 ' ' Q .f as ff,-. l ' W f X N X Y sf f ' - 51552 ' is ' - ff' , I - M Q Jf-f,,zfwL.- '- - N:-A r . - G. , I :n4sQ,,gf14 - -, . If-:zz if 5 - J ,,.. 1 V . . 'f L iffy K 145 sffisi, ,571 , is 2714: K gi' . fi g g',,,.ff'Wi' 'Ml' , A , Lf f ----, A . , 'W ,",. 7..-, , :giggles -v Civ fi ii . Q 5 3, FIRST ROW: Norm Davis, John Paden, Charlie Myers, Carter Mobley Jim Albin John Armstrong Manager Tom Allen SECOND ROW Hecl Coach Jim Borsheim, Bernie Miller, Steve Exon, Jim Vincent Dennis Browne Dave Poindexter Sam Singleton Bill Haas Coach Cary Meyers Cagers 8-I4 On Season Coach Jim Borsheims roundballers showed flashes ot brilliance during a 22 game season, but were unable to perform con- sistently. The lndians wound up 8-l4 on the season, and 3-5 in the CIC race, where they finished in a third place tie. Big wins included an 84-50 pasting ofthe Uni- versity ot Minnesota at Duluth, and a season ending 77-66 over CIC runnerup Emporia. The lowpoint was a l06-75 defeat at St. Beneclict's. Sam Singleton led OU scorers with a l9.l average, Dennis Browne was next at l5.7. Browne also led in rebounds. He pulled down 29l for a l3.2 per game average. The referee seems to agree that Bill Hass had been fouled . . . or maybe 180 he's yelling, "Go Omaha." W 5 JA Bom! Biff! Zowie! . . . ond Dennis Browne has another rebound. Three Tigers wotch and growl as Bill Hocs scores two m xl sf-56 Y I 'f:f'i,lK"': f.2a'?e Y -3.3"Z""f'i' I The front-runners in the 184 man field in the NAIA meet begin the second of the four miles in the National meet. The November 27th meet was held in 25 degree temperatures. Pat McMahon of Oklahoma Baptist finished first. Gould Tops in Cross Countr Senior Ken Gould led the Omaha U. harriers through the cross country season with victories in I I of the I3 meets the team entered. His only defeats came in the CIC championships, where he finished third behind two Ft. Hays runners and the NAIA nationals where he finished a very creditable fourth. OU's four-mile Elmwood Park Course was host to the NAIA Championship for the sixth year in a row. A record I84 runners participated in the I965 event, held on a snow-sprinkled course November 27. Gould's finish was not an amen for the Indian team. OU finished 20th out of the 22 teams entered. During the season, OU won two dual meets, finished second in the Amateur Athletic Union midwest championships at Kearney and fourth in the CIC tourney at Emporia, Kansas. 182 OU CROSS COUNTRY: FIRST ROW: Wayne Boldt, Ken Gould, Gerald Shook. SECOND ROW: Ray Smith, Larry Weller, Jim McMahon, Head Coach Lloyd Cardwell. Ken Gould is fourth in NAIA meet. Athletes Honored Dr. Francis Hurst, one of OU's most enthusiastic sports fans, was honored twice at the All-Sports Banquet May 23. The psychology professor was presented a silver cup by the "O" Club for outstanding and generous service to athletes outside the classroom. Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity gave him a plaque for his efforts toward OU sports programs in his ten years at our school. All-American pitcher Larry Krehbiel was named l965's Outstanding Athlete. Other awards went to five football players, including Gerald Allen's little All-America certificate, two basketball players, four wrestlers and six trackmen. Senior Larry Villnow gets basketball "most valuable" trophy from Athletic Director Yelkin. "O" Club President Loren Drum congratulates Dr. Hurst .x'N" 183 They Do The Cheering , -up rar Janie Stockman and Marcia Hanek join Kristi Wolfe in plugging Drake migration. "O" Club FIRST ROW: Richard Hall, Lonnie Bernth, Robert Smiley, Clyde Ketelson, Richard Tomasek, Loren Drum, Ronnie Bernth, Dr, Francis Hurst SECOND ROW: James Rauch, Jerry Ferguson, Harlan Aden, Joe Torre, Larry Wood, Max Kurz, Dennis Ondilla. val W lpmaoues. . . Honorar Pep Squad RST ROW: Linda Platner, Eryl Mullins. SECOND ROW: Mary ahill, Janet Archer. THIRD ROW: Linda Barber, Kathy Ex- nberg, Sally Smith. FOURTH ROW: Vicki Adam, Joan Berk- imer, Jonell Dunn. lpmaoues in action. Impaou is OUampi spelled backward. The Indian does his war dance to incite OU athletes to new heights. The lpmaoues in turn provide the chants. They are the Omaha U pep club, and their bright blazers brighten up the cheering section at OU sports events. FIRST ROW: Roxi Holmes, Marcia Hanek, Judi Zerbe. SECOND ROW: Diane Hanek, Mary Massara, Kathy Wybenga. THIRD ROW: Dava Fuerst, FOURTH ROW: Priscilla Wilkins, Sharon Hopkins, Ellen Dahl- quist. FIFTH ROW: Kathy Hurley, Jeri McHugh. SIXTH ROW: Diann Petersen, Ruth Wieczorek. 185 Intramural Sports ...L ix. OU Bowlers National Champs The six young men on the left brought quite an honor to the University in l965. They won the NAIA Bowling Championship, OU's first national title in any sport. They are: Don Moberg, Bill Olson, Steve Sheppard, Dave Richardson, Charles Will and Bob Bigley. Bigley threw two clutch strikes at the end of the final game, bringing the Indians an 889 to 853 victory over favored Southwestern Louisiana in the match game. Moberg led OU over the l5 game route with 2,787. Bigley had 2,776 and Sheppard 2,766. Curling New Addition ,ffkl may - "Coach" Bert Kurth happy with trophy. Curling, an import from Scotland by way of Canada, continued in a strong vein this winter. Seven teams entered the competition . . . an increase of three over the initial season. Competition is held in the Omaha Curling Club quarters at the Ak-Sar-Ben coliseum. The scores aren't the greatest, but the latest of the l4 intramural sports offered is catching on. 187 Students spend a sunny afternoon watching an intramural football cla'sh in the Pep Bowl. Sixteen teams in two leagues played seven game schedules in last fall's intramural flag football com- petition. The Satellites and the Fugitives won the league titles, and the Fugitives took the playoff game. Both were undefeated during league play. Following the regular schedule, an all-star game was held November 9. Norm Krystopik of the Satellites uses Jim Scott as a broom in the heavyweight finale, The biggest intramural wrestling tour- nament ever drew 82 wrestlers in the second week in December. The single- elimination competition was spread over two days. There were nine weight divisions, from l23 pounds through the heavyweight class. The Satellites easily outdistanced all competition for the top spot in the ten team tourney. They had five of the ten champions and amassed 42 points to 20 for the runner-up Pi Kaps, who in turn won the Fraternity portion by a seven point margin over Lambda Chi. Pi Kaps, Sig Eps and TKE all had a single individ- ual champ, if No points in this scramble. John Adams and Bill Elsasser . . . Elsasser won on a pin. lt's a stalemate for Rich Grace and Sam Grosso . . . Grace won for the Sctellites with a pin after 4:23. War on the Floor The battle begins Intramurals Director Bert Kurth and friends onthe sidelines. .4- 9 .41 Bigger Than Ever. . . A record 24 teams participated in the three-league intramural basketball season. The Bruins, Cherubs and Tubes all finished with perfect season records, and each won their league. Pi Kaps had the top fraternity mark with a 5-2 season. In the annualtournament, the Bruins finished on top, taking a one point decision from Kappa Alpha Psi in the championship game. Why try. . . it's in. 3 ' .M Wmdlg ?j'Q!2igF Silmix ,juu. Q s '?Z'L 59. I' I ff'-Q L3 af' fm X I fl if K5 2 fr 'xv- wg ,. ,iw K . 4 M1 39 .- MQ V , iii W1-, , 7' WL? ,.. V4 . EAW iii.. X V 9 fa ez. 'Q 5? fa g- . , as ' U: ' .sigh AQ, 'K Ma 'Q 'TQ -1 N 1 ..1 wg E if Lia gf? f - 1 I ,r g . U is f Q fiffi may T ,,. Qs . is. , Y I-fp' 3 3 I A Q 1' gym ff ' . . ,fm A"L Xl X ' v rim fy V x AV, vQwWx , , if 192 .af val' jf 1' 44 y. 1 ,, Girls Active ln Eight Sports The "stripes" plan strategy. "Stay in position . . . here goes." All eyes on the ball . . . two points. 193 194 r4"'7K Ac, 721. NB' 5".5-A 'qi-Labs, LYS, Faculty and Administration 195 196 President Traywiek "l want to help Omaha University grow and develop, rather than change," said Dr. Leland Traywick after he was appointed eighth president of the University of Omaha succeeding Milo Bail. It has been a busy year since he took office on February l, 1965. His philosophy can be summed up by a statement he made recently after his appointment. "A chance to broaden and deepen one's education and skills is not only just money in the bank but it is most importantly a satisfactory life- o job well done, something of which you can be proud-and this l submit is the greatest of all satisfactionsf' 197 Samuel Greenberg Varro Rhodes Margaret Fischer Board of Regents C. F. Moulton Robert M. Spire Herbert Davis 198 Frank Fogarty Kenneth B, Young Peter Kiewit Deans Decide Policy John W. Lucas, Dean of the College of Business Administration Frank Gorman, Dean of the College of Teacher Education Robert D. Harper, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts Carl W. Helmstadter, Dean of the College of Applied Arts Kirk Naylor, Dean of Administration Donald Pflasterer, Dean of Student Personnel George Rachford, Dean of Graduate Studies William Utley, Dean of the College of Adult Education 199 200 Robert Ackerman, Asst. Professor Paul Ackerson F a C u I t Y Asst. Professor' Clifford Frederick Adrian, Anderberg, Professor Asso. Professor Ronald Anderson Asst, Professor Dwayne Aschenbrenner, Instructor Nicholas Boriss, Asst. Professor W. J. Beaupre, Professor Bernard Behers, Instructor Bruce Boker, Asst. Professor Paul Beck, Asso. Professor Hollie Bethel, Professor John V. Blackwell, Professor Larry Barnett, Asst. Professor R. W. Benecke, Asst. Professor Don Benning, Instructor Paul Borge, Asst. Professor R. P. Borgman, Asst. Professor John Ballweg, Instructor Burwell Beaman, Asst. Professor Betty Beeson, Instructor James Borsheim, Instructor J. K. Brilhart, Merle Brooks, Don Boutin, Personnel NCO Asso. Professor Professor J omes Brown, Professor Marion Marsh Brown, Asso. Professor Sidney Buchanan, Instructor Robert Butler, Instructor Perry P. Chong, Asso. Professor Edwin L Clark, Professor William Brown, Asso. Professor Charles M. Bull, Professor Al Caniglio, Instructor Lloyd R. Cardwell, Instructor Connie Claussen, Instructor Donald Connell, Asst. Professor Richard Brustkern Asst. Professor Kenneth Burkholder, Professor Karl Busch, Professor 202 Clois Coon, Asst. Professor Earl Curry, D. C. Cushenbery, Asst. Professor Asso. Professor Lawrence Danton, Asso. Professor Vojislov Donsenovich, Instructor Richard Duggin, Instructor Kenneth Dyer, Professor of Aerospace Studies Kenneth Fischer, Instructor Gronk Forbes, Instructor Harold Davis Asst. Professor Joseph Dunn, Professor Ella Dougherty Instructor L. E. Ehlers, Asso. Professor D. C. Fohrlander, Instructor Warren Froncke, Instructor Virginia Frank, Instructor Harl Dalstrom, Asst. Professor Walter Davis, Asst. Professor I I L I Dorothy Dustin Instructor Surrounded with shelves piled high with books, the Captain glances through a text at the campus bookstore. 'T His life as a typical OU bootstrapper begins with counseling from William G Kaeser director of on campus military education The Bootstrapper ,I . Aqfp. ' A host of new experiences await Capt. Robert Keyes as he walks up the shaded path to the Administration Building. .1 . A' Q 3 Z I . lf is A hot cup of coffee and casual conversation with fellow bootstrappers Harold Wootan and Ivan Worrell start a busy day off right. But he decides that studying pays off as he proudly displays his grade card at the end of a hectic, but J rewarding semester. ,f L 3 . iei reall' . A A yu - r. . ilimsliz M .Q l 'xy Concentration is the keyword as Capt. Keyes settles down to the serious business of getting ready for final exams. 204 Brian Gfeller, Instructor Richard Gibson, Charles Gildersleeve 1 Asso. Professor Instructor Charles Gibbons, Instructor ,,ii i Wayne Glidden, Asst. Professor Frank Gorman, Professor Sonia Green, Instructor Gordon Hansen, Instructor William Harriman, Instructor George Harris, Professor R. L. Hartford, Supply NCO Russell Gorman, Asst. Professor Charles Harkness, Asst. Professor Ert J. Gum, , Asst, Professor I Verne Haselwood, Instructor Forrest Hazard, Asst. Professor Ernest Gorr, Asst. Professor Robert Hancox, Professor Robert Harper, Professor George Helling, Professor Muriel Herzog, Instructor Kath ryn Hess, Instructor C. W. Helmstadter, Professor Wayne Higley, Asso. Professor Albert S. Hill, Asso. Professor Peter Hill, Asst. Professor William Hockett, Professor James Hossock Asso. Professor Francis M. Hurst, Professor Charles Ingham, Asst. Professor Elizabeth Hill, Asso. Professor Leto Holley, Professor Helen Howell, Instructor H. L. Hunzeker, Professor William Jaynes, Professor James Johnston, Asst. Professor Jack Hill, Professor Yl! LeRoy Holtz, Dir. of Instruction ff? mf 1.- ffl, 5 Q 'ii ,'wZ gi,,, if , f ,- as A Play Begins Behind the Scenes fa T Q' if :gh .after , an T M 5 s Y is. if J ew ""N.. Z sq fw .,,- if f +Main. " WV 7176-N Wim. Wm f l vQ-MMM 1:10 sk ibn. T L M fx A ,gif A 4, 1, I ' Q lf Q I g 1 5 A, e f '1- 11 'L Elf , 1. , R ' .P ! lr . .J'?h 'T' fx ,pak .Y . Q N w i 208 Co rl Jonas, Instructor Ernest Kemnitz, Instructor Margaret Killian, Professor Joseph LoCascio, Asst. Professor Charles Larsen, Chief Clerk Paul Kennedy, Professor W. C. B. Lambert, Professor E. E. Kinney, Instructor William Koeser, Instructor William LeMor, Asso. Professor C. Glenn Lewis, Professor D. F. Kellams, Asst. Professor Robert Keppel, Asst. Professor Bert Kurth, Instructor R. L. Lane, Asst. Professor Walter Linstromberg, Professor Allan Longacre, Instructor Ellen Lord, Professor John Lucas, Professor Vera Lundahl, Instructor E Thomas Maieski, Jack Malik, S. R. I..unt, Asst. Professor Instructor Asst. Professor D. N. Ma rquardt, Professor Richard Marvel, Asso. Professor Robert McGranahan, Asso. Professor John McMillan, Professor Anson Marston, Professor Francis McLean, Instructor Joe McCartney, Instructor Carl Meyers, Asst, Professor Phyllis Miller, Asst. Instructor Raymond Means, Asso. Professor Orville Menard, Asst. Professor John D. Miller, Asso. Professor Bert Miller, Instructor Donald Manson, Asst. Professor Cora Marti n Asst. Professor Marion McCaulIey, Asst. Professor Richard McLellan, Instructor 209 210 Joanne Minarcini, Asst. Instructor David Moore, Diane Moore, Asst, Professor Instructor Wood row Most, Professor Amadeo Nazario, Asst. Instructor John Newton, Asso. Professor Keith Oberlander, Instructor R. C. O'ReilIy, Asso. Professor Richard Overfield, Instructor Clarke Mullen, Asst. Professor R. W. Nicholson, Asst. Professor Glen Newkirk, Asst. Professor Joyce Minteer, Asso. Professor Thomas Moore, Instructor B. Gale Oleson, Asso. Professor James Onder, Instructor Russell Palmer, Instructor Thomas Palmerton, Asst. Instructor Kirk Naylor, Professor Gene Newport, Asso. Professor Hedvig Nyholm Asso. Professor Dorothy Patoch, Asst. Professor Kermit Peters, James B. Peterson, Asst. Professor Professor D. T. Pedrini, Asso. Professor Asso. Professor Paul V. Peterson, Don Pflasterer, Asso. Professor Earl Poage, Codet Records Clerk Ronald Pullen, Asst. Professor Verda Rauch, Asso. Professor George Rochford, Professor H. W. -Reynolds, Asso. Professor Harry Rnce, Asso. Professor Leonard Prestwich Professor RX M. E. Ray, Com. of Cadets Harold Retollick, Professor Nadlne Ricks, Instructor Roy Robbms, Professor Marion Ployfoot, Instructor Cheryl Prewett, j Professor Asst. Professor Edith Rasmussen, 211 ,U A yi, f lf, ,,,...,.g .. S ,l E -wwe. W fs ,Y mm hum --1--1' .,..ll'5.'2"i 1 .ff ,, V,,.wrf'7 A WQWwmwWn,.,,prK""T KM '2 . 65? X' ,npuannww A' IJ yall ,,, W ,Q w fav x Q. v, 2 ...,,,...,..3.Lr... 5? k it... M-fan-en...-1. 1 . is Q. .1 fx, me E2 ,Ei A 5. fx .f N' , . 4 .1 , . Y ,f 2 ,JxJu,2S,iq fl':xl',Q ,,. 12 K, ,U V, , nf , 6 .J. 1 w'x. , gf a 2 Q '1:f?A?M 3' Q M Q Nl' I Uk Q Q . I 7 ' K ' K X wvy, he 1 ggf is , - gl, 3 Q4q 12 Q f K f in ' 5552452 275849 .ws wif 1 X ,ni- 'E .' s---anna-ll ,tv W www.-was QAWWWYQWWMW I r E 214 Willis Rakes, Professor ,T ,W Curtis Roseman, Jeanne Royer, Phebe Rosch Asst. Instructor IHSYFUCTOI' Asst. Instructor Robert Ruetz, Asso. Professor Nancy Samuelson, Instructor Robert Schleiger, Dudley Sauve, Instructor Otto Ruehr, Asso. Professor Rosalie Saltzman Instructor Gordon Schi lz, Professor E. J . Sadler, Instructor Robert Schmidt, B. L. Schwartz, Asst. Professor Instructor David Scott, Professor James Scriven, Asst. Professor Charles Sedlacek, Asst. Instructor Instructor -N Ronald Seinwill, Asst. Commandant of Cadets James Selee, Asst. Professor Virgil Sharpe, Instructor Sam Sol lenberger, Asso. Professor Loren Stoats, Asst. Professor Elroy Steele, Professor Thomas Sires, Anne Smith, Instructor Instructor Donald Shult, Asst. Professor Ted Sokol, Instructor Daniel Sullivan, Asst. Instructor Gerald T. Soukop Instructor n K' 4 Benjamin Stern, Asst. Professor Virgil Stone, Asst. Professor J. C. Titus, Asst. Professor D. F. Tobler, . A S. A. Spagnuolo, Asst. Professor Paul Stageman, Asso. Professor Doris Tabor, Asst. Professor Instructor 215 Raymond Trenholm, Asso. Professor Sylvester Williams, Professor Emeritus Warren Wittekind Instructor Virgil Yelkin, Asso. Professn. R. A. Ziebarth, Asst. Professor Beginning photographer Chynne Koser sets out to take pictures with the bulky press camera. Bootstropper Ivan Worrell processes his negatives in the publication department darkroom. 2f?s I 41'-M Learning how to take and develop pictures begins in the classroom. Above Marcia Cathcart scans through Photograph The finished product! Douglas Osborne displays the results of his carefully processing. 217 F-,, I 0 o naugurates Eighth President -rfvmswnugmp rfzwrg xl, AXNN-WN. W M13 ignM 4Fa ,'.,,, ig' Homecoming and the inauguration of President Leland Traywick were combined into a busy weekend October l5. The campus swarmed with activity as students and faculty gathered to lunch on the west campus pep bowl before the 2 p.m. inaugural ceremonies began in the stadium. Bleachers were filled to witness the first such ceremony in OU's 57 year history. Some 400 people representing academic institutions around the world were present to congratulate Dr. Troywick upon his becoming OU's eighth president. ge-45. i- Pity' X- 7fQ'5ft4 x rw s i his J.w .9 3 M. Q 2 '-4 2"fffi'1':3- 5 i t to x ww, w Q. ', K, 3' J . K 9 ,Milf WJUFUQ y - J.. gy Yu fl A ,qi m 'F Q '5 Q 5 m , J im 5 3 po 1 'Q R R- 1. Q I 1 1 Ev ,4 , f , wa m 4' Q - K aw , 'Af N! 1 .4 4 1 i' 7' . f-AW' ivft A ,ff 5 Q 45 IN i I W f-'fzyfl ZZ X. K V' ,Zi mg? A A V Zig W x , A 9 1, . M fig' 'mf-' we Administrative Department Heads Gale Oleson as .,: iV wx if H3 Data Processm ' Q Buford Byars enogrophic Bureau ohn Pearson um. Hg Placement Yvonne Harsh I E ii: MLW - 3 224 --i ,ff-. ..,, N' a , ""' L,,,,,, 'ltr-.... Q Committee of the Future Evaluates University Elected to take a long look into the University's future are twenty faculty members under the direction of Dean Kirk Naylor, committee chairman. Members included Dr. George T. Harris, Dr. Jack A. Hill, Dr. Willis P. Rokes, Robert L. Ackerman, Dr. Hollie B. Bethel, Dr. Joseph G. Dunn, Dr. Paul Kennedy, Russell D. Gorman, Edwin E. Kenney, Cheryl H, Prewett, Paul V. Peterson, Dr. Paul Beck, Dr. John V. Blackwell, Dr. Merle E. Brooks, Forrest R. Hazard, Dr. Hubert L. Hunzeker, Dr. C. Robert Keppel, Dr. Elroy J. Steele, Phillip H. Vogt, Dr. Ralph M. Wardle. The Committee's final report was submitted to President Leland Traywick in March. li can Committees 226 ATHLETICS: FIRST ROW: C. H. Prewett, Virgil Yelkin, Marilyn Hamilton, departmental secretory, Paul Kennedy, Raymond Trenholm, Larry Porter. SECOND ROW: Kirk Naylor, M, G. Newport, Harvey Vogler, Warren Wittekind, William Gerbracht. LIBRARY: FIRST ROW: W. J. Beaupre, Ethel Rohrbough, departmental secretary, Ellen Lord, Stanley Trickett, Kenneth Burkholder. SECOND ROW: L. E. Ehlers, William Brown, W. L. Most, L. A. Danton, D. C. Scott. ,X 1 we I 155 3, , 'T if .. 'la I is if ACADEMIC STANDARDS: Paul Beck, Jack Hill, William LeMar, James Scriven, Sam Sollenberger, Virgil Sharpe, C. W. Helmstadter. CURRICULUM: FIRST ROW: Margaret Killian, Sam Sollenberger, William Jaynes, Charles Bull, Paul Stageman, Frank Gorman. SECOND ROW: William Utley, Robert Haroer, G. Wavne Glidden, William Hockeft, Frederick Adrian, George Helling, Anson Marston. DEGREES WITH DEPARTMENTAL DISTINCTION: P. B. Ackerson, W. C. B. Lambert, Wayne Higley and James Brown. 227 GRADUATE COUNCIL: FIRST ROW: Elroy Steele, George Helling, H. L. Hunzeker, Karl Busch, George Rachford, Hollie Bethel, Ruth Helligso, committee secretary, Stanley Trickett. SECOND ROW: D. N. Marquordt, D. C. Scott, Gordon Schilz, George Harris, William Jaynes, Charles Bull, Ralph Wardle. PRESlDENT'S FACULTY ADVISORY COMMITTEE: The members include Paul Beck, Hollie Bethel, John Blackwell, Merle Brooks, Joseph Dunn, Russell Gorman, Forrest Hazard, Wayne Higley, Paul Kennedy, C. Robert Kreppel, William LeMar, Anson Marston, M. G. Newport, Elroy Steele, Philip Vogt, Ralph Wardle, W. J. Beupre, W. M. Brown, James Hossack and William Jaynes. SCHOLARSHIPS AND AWARDS: FIRST ROW: Harl Dalstrom. SECOND ROW: Harold Davis, Donald Pflasterer, Leonard Prestwich, Wayne Glidden. 228 Q D an :ea LIZ: STUDENT ACTIVITIES: FIRST ROW: Kathy Wybenga, Elizabeth Hill, Helen Howell, Connie Claussen. SECOND ROW: Doug Slaughter, Kenneth Dyer, Donald Pflasterer, William Gerbrocht, Jack Malik, Ron Anderson. STUDENT ACTIVITIES: FIRST ROW: Linda Johnson, Thelma Engle, Dudley Souve, Dorothy Patach. SECOND ROW: William Kaeser, John Blackwell, Jim Peterson, Jim Butler, Warren Wittekind, Bert Kurth, Edwin Clark, E. J. Sadler. STUDENT PUBLICATIONS: FIRST ROW: Linda Preisman, Barbara Brown, Joyce Minteer, Robert S. McGronohan. SECOND ROW: Ralph M. Wardle, R, A, Ziebarth, Paul Peterson, Warren Wittekind, William Gerbracht. 229 6' 1 fa sl.,- if ' s I ff,,.,m5 I--iii? --B .--g S V, 1 w I ,.. , ?, 5 31, L44-asm SR? I 4 , S ' 1 f -if . -, .K Lf,., , K SK K M' mv, These faculty or staff members were with the University on a full time basis until September, l965. Some have taken a leave of absence for further study, while others have assumed other positions. William Bachop Thomas Bikgon lvan Christiansen Donald Drapeau Kenneth Fielding Robert Hosckc Francis Kelly Virgil Kroeger Kenneth Nehmer Robert Baird Warren Gore Dian Peterson 23 1 The faculty have various interests beyond the classroom. Below, Sam Sollenberger is shown visiting with President Emeritus Milo Bail. To the right Peter Hill supervises one of the many art exhibits brought to the University. Meet- ings play a vital role as illustrated by Dean Harper, A. Stanley Trickett and Dean Ut- ley. Dean Helmstadter and President Leland Traywick greet students at commencement reception. 1 i Q. , .t . - he 4 1' kr 'tg ' BJ' y" . 'S X 3 . I , l 2. ., '45 .A-V. , if 4? J f i ll 3. : rf' E ,,, ll-QP" T? "" LJ' 1 x ,155 7 5 U ,Rf 1 l .gig 'rti ilfl w X r up sr,iiii - .,,,,,,,unlhs 1 xi. sf' if fm 'V' Y 4' X v 5 x 'WX Y 5 , .N , - M L Ti"'f'Y'g f 'g'f,xg'.f, -.f A L, I' 'i ". . 1 ,N , m X., 1 233 ww W s SP if Qaigw in QL 'Hu ,la X 1 ww S.. an-41 I' I yy A . M New A- A .5 MTW df.. +4 ff'?"-- . A R b 4.5, .A .. - . M xg ' A A 51f,, """'p ,, 'f:'1, ,,-45.3 ,. hnmsnok , Wg if 15- fi ' , -, a, 7 ,Q ft. K An K. THV IQ' k Kxwh in w1?r'fAJl' i Q "' --.., V A Q M' im ah 6 'X 'S 'cf' If ,aan 42, W' " W L-+ K7 , , 1-1 .M 4 a My A 5 f 4 g A , in ,Ev in ,h .L.,1i"":R., X I, Y A , Wi, , fS,,:.. L " 'K b X A v g i mix al ,., .g ,K Q F in Q , .t Jr QV! gfgxkth' Y .44-'ff' K 4 a u ,uv ' x N fs: M Q fx IH X0 'Cs N X 1 33, xi. ., gi! Q, QQ el K 9 'E my .' Jw-of yy X ' 8' - ww-Q Y 1 5 A ' if K' ' . Q " S :L in L, K' . . 'X a id Y iw 4, 'V-VW ' hz A - - ' L f 15 K ' F' Q- 1 - miiiiggykg' KM xx h . K A I K, , , Z Q P2 ,, , .,,., i , Q mwff n.. g'.5' " 5-5321 A J' '25 ? '??"F"'j' "O the snow, the beautiful snow, filling the sky and the earth below. Over the house-tops, over the street, over the heads of the people you meet, Dancing, flirting, skimming along, Beautiful snow, it can do nothing wrong." 235 1 tk ff .uwfffww . A ith g , , , 1 M, Q' 'M . ' Q .gr ax Q L V Ls W wx' 'Q 'l 5 Q :QA 5 V A Fw ' fs .' A W Q1 . faq wa 1 Q A 1 7,1 in A A ff , M? VV in in a A V mam his B Y 5? A Y - ,Mu ,gs em, V 1 , A ,N M W L, -M V ,K Q A fs'4W 4 -,gf -f K If E5 Qi-,w ff f L Q 9 3 .Q ,K ' ss" Qi H g,,K,,D WA , . ' 4' I i WW, Qiiryw ,W , I T mt' lfvggxi ah, . 9 Y My a I A A 3 - - y Q. ' W , M A L L Aw Y an i 4 up , 359 1.4 ll .. tag! 'F T' 'fwili ,A Em in K hity I 1, f I X i Y V ' 'fe www , K ',,A. tx A J A E R ' ak A Q x .- ' :tix .1 , g xg A ' . R " kr ,. ,f w i 4 , I , v,v.V Z . , pl b kk.: , K 3:5 2 as . f , I im Wi'-A v NQ' Y 5 if- 1' ki., ,V A J 3 in Q jf ,L .xyy ' y M mW ' ' 'Qi Q A wr f x V J ' 'fe W mf' K ,,, A if kg, 2 X i,,fe'x i A NM . 2, L X , . ln. ,... 4 Q J ' fx ' lil 1 gm , -5 ' N 4 'F' 'Q ff, J ' V xg 4 . ,fn i r A in MM 3-V.. . ki hi? rl L M? fig, K 4+ QL 9 . 6 P - H , if :"' -. P M L . :1?,E ,,.a::E.,3-- ' L4 ,J '42 ' A . fm" 'F' I wx, 2555 ms --?fir5'23gfmz,. wer I -. .. V : ,. .7531 fm H H sf K .3 unno- gg, , W 1 S f ,. 33555, 1 l xx. , 35 . i ! 1 i A 1 1 and Radio Programs Criginate from The Radio and Television Department con- tinued broadcasting closed circuit classes the past year. Biology and Psychology lOl lectures were taped. Students majoring in television manned cameras, served as floor managers and occasionally helped with the audio for these programs. The eleventh year of "TV Classroom" lectures was transmitted by KMTV from OU studios. Priscilla Wilkins was student manager. Instructor was Jim Onder. AA Studios 4 my ' xi g , , . 2 Q ' . 1 ty . V , , if i 237 ff 1 TV Tower Gives Campus New Look may K K by kg. ,, . K ., ff Ti 5 z": .sf SfE::'fEZ::f.l5'15E5fZf5:Fv:jQ Erin."--"f -.,:,P:.m,-,:,, 'TTTW' , :fn --iii 7 - ,LP 'Sir 7 , gy, fs3m2:ew12r r tM?3l.3sQmra nrrwxtwi- V- ilu. f ',,..1, f -'F' ss , ' vs N T - ' A- 1. - To 'T ' fi r' X- ' ' QT' Y' 'V - ii ?l'l5fl?'?f55 V : ,Q2 ,i Q XM- '- .. nf. gy ht'-.. X , .' F" ls Q, " ., F ,Ig , ' ' W ' jln ' if j . 5 gm 1- r V ffr 5 A rx.--" "' Q ' . We ' ' ' " is ' ' -up T . I .-- ww, , 'fgiwr - 2.. r"ff1ft2eEfizg51ff?f - ' ' ' Y 1 ii.: 2' + 1 , - r er gm! -N. - - W f -l fiiikf-if 7 K v 9 , L V siA1'i7' f A 159 . fgfdtiixesfll '-ieiiiisi , 5121? - 7 Fi" If I QA , 1?3'l5?i5::xxiJf -1i??ni:Q5E?3iifY6EL. f? ' 2 lv rssi ess. - L I' ,N . - Wye., -41, , Lfzxefzsff "M -' 5. at , ,. 'Tl,. -"W-1. 5 i ' I ft-ff-, , -- 1-xl' f wax? , 3- ,, , . 'Wh nl- it .V Viewed from underneath, the soaring tower forms a great metallic web. Eyes were turned upward to view the sight. Perched high above the ground, construction workers clung to their steel supports. They carried on their tasks nonchalantly, shouting signals, back and forth to fellow workmen. Now completed, the 407 foot steel TV structure has given the entire campus a new look. From Dodge Street, it seems to sprout from the Applied Arts Building. The tower was erected this fall by the Metropolitan Omaha Educational Broadcasting Association. KYNE-TV, channel 26, began beaming its signals into area classrooms October 25. The MOEBA studios are located in the A.A. Building, where seven teachers produce taped programs for 80,000 elementary school youngsters. Paul Borge, director of radio and television, is station manager. ...wg i ,, 240 S1115 111115- -s Seniors 2411 A 3.9 grade average earned Mrs. Deanne Hammer the American Association of Uni- versity Women Award, presented by Dean of Women Elizabeth Hill, Q. ,Qld - swf Senior Day, May 2l, intensi- fied the excitement of gradua- tion for the class of l965. The Senior Class gift--S500 to help finance the Milo Bail Foun- tain--was presented to the Uni- versity by Herb Rhodes, class treasurer. Awards were given to outstanding seniors. Follow- ing the convocation, the group adjourned to the north side of the Student Center where President Traywick and class president Mike Kisgen planted a Red Maple tree. "Stand up and be counted," Dr. Francis Hurst, professor of psychology, advised in his charge to the class. -is 5222 f Seniors Help Finance Fountain Cutstanding Seniors l OU's top senior man and woman, William Bryant and Cynthia McMillan, were given special recognition at Senior Day, They were cited for their accumulative grade point averages, which were 3.69 and 3.98 respectively. Cynthia McMillan and Prospero Saiz received i965 Woodrow Wilson National Fellowships. They were awarded Sl,8O0 stipends plus tuition and fees for a year of graduate school. Above, they are being congratulated by President Traywick and Dr. Robert D. Harper, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts. 'L W 5' In . fa f 1' 3 'Q "'. . ft' 4 L- ' is if V 4, 'Sl' .3 fy .7 A V gk f g 'S- J? 5 Ei, . A is. A Cynthia McMillan, Deonne Brezacek Hammer and Judy Eichhorn Gilbert were graduated summa cum laude after accumulating grade averages better than 3.87. 244 Graduation day was a time for recalling U the past and reaching out to a not-so-dis- tant future beyond the college walls. Par- ents and friends beamed as President Tray- wick awarded degrees to 904 students at the University's 56th annual Commence- ment June 7tI'1. Speaker General Albert Wedemeyer, native Omaban known for his work as World War ll Chinese Theater commander, discussed "Human Values in the Space Age." President Traywick Awards 904 Degrees in June I l 246 January Commencement President Leland E, Traywick awarded Master of Arts and Master of Science degrees to 29 January graduates. Families and friends of mid- year graduates braved sub- zero temperatures in order to attend commencement exer- cises. Dr. Leland E, Tray- wick conferred 550 degrees at ceremonies held January 29 in the Field House. This was Dr. Traywick's first mid- year graduation since he as- sumed the presidency. Dr. Howard Bowen, president of the University of lowa, spoke "On Living in a Revolution." -A sr Y 247 Loren Drum, standing, was selected by fellow seniors to head the Class of l966. Other officers pictured are Duane Mannon, second semester treasurer, Larry Hammer, vice-president, Livi Bergman, secretary, and Arnold Jen- sen, first semester treasurer. They presided over several senior class meetings and made arrangements for the first senior dinner-dance for January and March gradu- ates. The affair was held January 28 at the Prom Town House Ballroom. Class sponsors were Dr, Paul V. Peterson, Associate Professor of Journalism, and Donald Manson, Assistant Professor of Speech. 248 X21-ff'.f", E, , Jfv. y -- Senior Class Officers , r iq ' M in . 2, , ., ,A fm., za' . ' ,Q fy ,V,v" 6 , J R if r la 1 AS ll' s . .. xg' L ' ,. . " 4. 2 S 5 71'-v .f- f Q N, 4 . gf 1 4 X w -n ' . .1 z f 2 v - . , ,, ,1 MV. 4-A X' wa " J . 1 . M4 W. -A 1 . I -f , wi, ' , .Ji 4? .,. ,wr m F w ', . ., K . . ' W r 5 . K Q 1 ,, ,fl ar" 5 as. k M 1 A Y I f i 7 t ki, 'K fx ,': , - , , ii at A 4 U " ' I ! Q -".,,.,.7 N.-w..M, - -4 'le----W je E an urn: 1 . as g. .. fm, Q mzfk I A W 1 gn- 'M - ' , , .1 ,vi an z , ' 5 4 7 . be - f 4-M M4 M ,Q ,, ,.,. I 'iii W 47 'sfw-if Mg, , . ,iW,? ,Qi .,.mL:A., mmm,,A, H sv mf K JY 'B' 1 4, 'S' 'A .E , ht . Q , , n - 44.535 at nv as" .Q QQ A- was ,vffw ' 6' AFV A ,xfgf-5. - :Q ff .'ffQ1z'fL,a 1 M .J?, ! I M ifr- A V ' Ev'- f fl! 'KWSN YA Charles Adams Bachelor of General Education Raymond Adamson Bachelor of General Education James Alder Bachelor of General Education Joe Allen M.S. in Biology 250 Curtis Adbouch Raymond Abel Patsy Accordo Robert Ackerman General Science General Education General Education -, W . Y " B.S. in Bachelor of B.S. in Nursing Bachelor of nine ji? A-,xy Sex. l A James Adams Jerene Adams Richard Adams Wavel Adams Bachelor of B.A. in Sociology Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Timothy Adebayo James Adler Lynn Agee Joseph Agro Motomu Akashi B. S. in Bachelor of B.S. in Journalism Bachelor of Bachelor of Secondary Education General Education General Education General , l Glenn Alexander Robert Alhouse Frank Allen Gerald Allen BOCl1elOr of Bachelor of B.A. in Speech B.S. in General Education General Education Secondary , 521552515 a Kathryn Allen Nina Allen Pauline Allen Sydna Alleni Humberto B.S. in B.S. in Nursing Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Secretarial Science General Education General Education General Graig Anderson Bachelor of General Education Gerald Anderson Bachelor of General Education Halmer Amundson Albert Anderson Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education EdUC0fl0n Jill Anderson B.S. in Elementary Anderson Neil Anderson Sara Anderson Elbert Andrews James Andrews Kenneth Andrews in Elementary Bachelor of B.S. in Nursing Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of non General Education General Education General Education General Education in B ess B.S. m Bachelor of B.S. in Business Bachelor of Anti ll r of Education Andrews Robert C, Andrews Joseph Angelini John Anstey Louis Anticoli usin - ' ' Secondary Education General Education Administration General Education Applegate Orville Arbogast John Aresta Raymond Armstrong Robert Arney .A. in Sociology BA. in Psychology B.S. in Business B.S. in Bachelor of Administration Military Science General Education 251 William Arnold Chris Arps Saul Arrington Lawrence Ashby Robert Ashley Bachelor of B,F.A, in Music B.S. in Law Bachelor of B S in Business General Education Enforcement and General Education Administration Security Jay Atwell David Austin Anostasios B.S. in Business Bachelor of Axiotopoulos Administration General Education B.S. in Industrial Engineering Arlene Baker B.S. ln Secondary Education Ward Baker Bachelor of General Education Marvin Barber Bachelor of William Aycock Ronald Azorcon Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education Frank Baker George Baker Harold Baker Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in Elementar General Education General Education Education Larry Bamesberger B.A. in Sociology Richard Barber William Barber Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education Richard Banister Bachelor of General Education Bobby Bagley Bachelor of General Education Robert Boker y Bachelor of General F. O- BOVQGV Kevin B0fk6F Talbott Bernard Paul Barnes Richard Barry George Barsom Bachelor of MS- in BI0l0QY Bachelor of B.S. in Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education Law Enforcement General Education General Education and Security Ronald Barta Melvin Barton Michael Baylor B,S. in Bachelor of B.A. in English Civil Engineering General Education l Q r l 9. :L 1 r W Harry Beard Glen Beauchamp William Beavers Jean Becker Richard Beebe Burriss Begley Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in Elementary B.S. in Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education Education Military Science General Education l Therman Behner Arvin Bell Warren Belt Eva Bendeck William Bender Bcchelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General Education General Education lf x ills Andrew Benedetti James Benner Forrest Bennett Joseph Benson Larry Benson Julia Benton Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.A. in Speech Bachelor of Bachelor of U General Education General Education General Education General Education General Education Noel Bergeron Paul Bergerot Floyd Bergman Olivia Bergman Bachelor of Bachelor of B.A. in Mathematics B.S. in Journalisn General Education General Education l Henry BGFYUOI1 JOSeph Bernadino LaVerne Berneburg Phillip Berry Jean Bertman MS- in BOCl'16l0r of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Speech Therapy Geflefdl EClUC0l'i0r1 General Education General Education General l Edward Bible Jim Bigham Roy Bigler Graham Biles Cheryl Bird Edward Bishop Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in Elementary Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General Education Education General Richard Bishop Stanley Bishop Keith Bissell Paul Bjorkman William Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in General Education General Education General Education General Education Military Science Henry Blair Carl Blakemore Antonio Blanch George Blank Osvalds Blaus Arthur Bliss Bachelor of B.S. in Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in General Education Military Science General Education General Education General Education Law and Security James Blount Fred Blum Betty Bluvas John Bluvas Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in Elementary B.S. in Business General Education General Education Education Admir1iSfrOfiOI'1 l William Bluvas Charles Boatwright Frank Boberek Daniel Bockelmann Emesf Boehlef H. L. Boettcher B.S. in Business B.S. in Bachelor of B.S. in Business Bachelor of Bachelor of Administration Law Enforcement General Education Administration General Education General Education and Security Jeanne Bogard Twila Bogner Warren Bohn Paul Boldan Charles Bolding B.A. in English M.S. in Elementary Bachelor of B.S. in Bachelor of Education General Education Civil Engineering General Education Bolton Robert Bonifacio TOFHGS William Bonner Maureen Borden William Borkowski BCICl'1el0r of BOf1illG-ACG-VedO Bachelor of B.A. in Speech Bachelor of EduC0fi0r1 GGHBFOI Education BOCl'1elOr of General Education and Dramatics General Education General Education lrving Boswell Bachelor of General Education Frank Bourland Warren Bowden Delbert Bowers Robert Bowers Mary Boyd B.S. in B.S. in Business Bachelor of Bachelor of B,S. in Nursing Law Enforcement Administration General Education General Education and Security James Bradley Bachelor of Staryl Braisted Bachelor of General Education General Education John Bramblett William Brandon Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education A no Horace Brawley James Breckenridge Sig Brekke Lowell Brennan Michael Brennan Bachelor af Bachelor of B.S. in Business B.A. in History B.S. in Business General Education General Education Administration Administration William Bretzius B.S. in Military Science David Brewer Bachelor of General Education Oliver Brin Phil Brockman Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education Mildred Boyd M.S. in Reading Paul Bratton Bachelor of General Stanley Brereton Bachelor of General Sandra B.S. in Education Sherman Brodkey B.S. in Retailing Bobby Brown Bachelor of Education Brown Education illiam Bryson achelor of eneral Education Budzowski r of Education Don Bronson Jackson Brooks Barry Brower Archie Brown Barbara Brown Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in Journalism General Education General Education General Education General Education Francis Brown Lester Brown Stephen Brown Sylvia Brown Bachelor of Bachelor of M.A. in Industrial B.S. in Elementary General Education General Education Psychology Education ii-'i, 1: lllr J j tsyc 4 coycti 1 A fs c t gf B slr - ll 5 1 ie- Gene Broyles John Brunk Con Brunkow Gerald Bryan Eddie Bryant Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in Bachelor of B.A. in History General Education General Education Civil Engineering General Education and Psychology Bernadette Bubnis B.S. in Nursing l Richard Bull Harlow Bunch Thomas Buras - Ronald Burke Barbara Barkhardt Bachelor of B.S. in B.S. in Engineering- I Bachelor of B-S. in Nursing General Education Law Enforcement Business Administration General Edugariarr and Security 257 Robert Burns John Burt Robert Burton Thomas Burton Kenneth Bushey Robert Bushey Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in Industrial Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education Engineering General Education General Educatio is ss it l Jack Butler Jewel Butler Owen Butler Robert Butler Tommy Butler Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General Education General Educatioi Willie Byrd Jennifer Cackin Larry Cade Nora Campbell Von Campbell William Camper Bachelor of B.S. in Elementary Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education Education General Education General Educqfion General Educqtign General Robert Canary Truman Canon Lloyd Cardwell Ernest Carmichael George Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General Education General l X i f E l Raymond Carpenter Charles Carr Linda Carrell Barbara Carriere Richard Carroll Daniel Carruth Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in Elementary B.S. in Elementary Bachelor at Bachelor of General Education General Education Education Education General Education General Edacafian i .Yr wh Q' . .if his ar hangs ,w xg' -. at ' A 5 an 5:51 Q, " Q , My ' L"'s 4'I2,k'+.4" ,:s' Mk!" 5 .rw :NJ " l 9 . f ., Q if ,, .N 'wan 3.4" 'fl '.""'1 ' ' ',w .., ,- .,+ ,ww o 9 rw Q4 4 D . klqhfeh 0352, ,L"Q,'s" t 4 : I UQ! 5 'A' V , ' ' W fl :ffl M -, www W., 54 . Q.. .::'Q-'P U-.. " I , 1. v., 'U 1, ' Q . fi is 371 'Ffh ' 4fv"'91 me 1 vi ng if 'Wai 4' 8, dd " ' Y. Q' s'.' 'H x af 3-3 , my U , , s u ., V, I 5 nh' Q ' . K 4 Frederick Cqrter Jane Carter Sharon Cash Robert Cavanaugh Elbridge Chadwick B S in B A in History B.S. in Elemenrqry Bachelor of Bachelor of lvliliitgry Science I i Education General Education General Education E 9 E HOYVY Cndien Jerry Chambers Neil Chapin LaVonne Chapman Paul Cheyney Edgar Chivers B.S. in Business Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in Elementary B.S. in Business Bachelor of Administration General Education General Education Education Adminstration General nf we 1 5 5 Si V John Chonko Robert Chrisjohn Kathleen Christensen Keith Christian Rosie Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in Nursing B.S. in B.S. in General Education General Education Civil Engineering l Carl Clark Robert Clark William Clarke Donald Clifford Robert Coates Jerry Cobry Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.A. Physics General Education General Education General Education General Education General Education and Walter Coddington Arnold Cohn James Collin Bachelor of B.S. in Business B.S. in General Education Administration Secondary Education ugene Collins Archie Cook ROUGH COPS Fachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of ieneral Education General Education G6I'lSI'0l Edt-ICOfi0r1 Ron Corbett Anthony Cordova Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education l Ronald Cox Edward Craig Gerald Crawford B.S. in Business Bachelor of Bachelor of ' Administration General Education G9I'16f0l ECU-ICOTIOH C ulp Louis Culver Jackie Cummings George Cummins of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in . Education General Education General Education General Engineering Johnny Cormier John Coschka McKinney Cosler Joseph Coughlin Erwin Cowarf Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of ' General Education General Education General Education General Education General EClUC0f'0n Joel Creel Bachelor of General Education James Cunningham Bachelor of General Education Raymond Cross Bachelor of General Education Claire Curtis Bachelor of General Education William Conant Mary Concannon Gerald Conger Samuel Conley Bachelor of B,A. in English Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education Gunnar Dahl Bachelor of General Education Kathy Daley B.S. in Elementary Education Lionel Danis Barbara Danze Charles Darby Richard Darling Lyle Darrow Bachelor of B.S. in Elementary Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education Education General Education General Education General Education l Roger Davidson Charles Davies Louis Davino David Davis Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General Education 9 Joyce Davis Leslie Davis Ronald Davis B.S. in Elementary Bachelor of B.A. in Psychology Education General Education l Kathy Dayton B.S. in Home Economics Ronald Deanhofer Bachelor of General Education Alice Dahnke Bachelor of General Educatio Vard Dalley Bachelor of General lshom Daugharty Bachelor of General Eleanore Davis B.S. in Albert Deines Bachelor of General r - Wilmina Dekkers Bernard Delahunty Gerald Delles Louis DeMarco William Dempsey M.S. in Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.A, in Sociology Special Education General Education General Education General Education Roger Dennis Robert Depperman Ernest DeSoto John Dewar Santo Di Bartolo Marvin Dillman B.S. in Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Secondary Education General Education General Education General Education General Education General Education . l.. ...L Dana Dillon John Dinsmoor Albert Disante Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of ral Education General Education General Education Disch Leo Dodson LeRoy Doll Allan Domuret John Donelan T. W. Donovan r of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.A, in Sociology Bachelor of Education General Education General Education General Education General Education Edward Dopler Lawrence Dopp James Dorsey Francis Dostalek Jack Doughty Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Baahelar of :eral Education General Education General Education General Education General Education a Donald Drain Julie Drum Loren Drum Robert Dubbe Robert Dubberly Bachelor of B.S. in Elementary B.S. in Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education Education Civil Engineering General Education General Education Rudy Duda Carl Dudro James Duffus John Duffy Robert Duncan James Dunham B.S. in Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in Bachelor of General Engineering General Education General Education General Education Secondary Education General Richard Dunham Avis Dunn Richard Durr Bachelor of B.S. in Elementary Bachelor of General Education Education General Education- l f it Joyce Dusek Thomas Dutch Henry Dwight James Dowling George Earnest Carolyn Eberhart B.S. in Business M.S. in Guidance Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S, in Nursing Administration General Education General Education General Education Sharon Eddy Robert Edgren Granville Edmundson John A. Edwards John S. Edwards B.F.A. in Art Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General 264 Gordon Eells William Eglinton Richard Ehlert Norman Eldridge Frank Elias James Ellis Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B S n B.S. in General Education General Education General Education General Education Secondary Education Secondary Education Charles Emmons Bachelor of General Education Teofilo Esculano Bachelor of General Education noff Charlie Evans Virginia Evenson Ruth Everman Gail Fangman Herschel Farr B S in B A in Biology B S n B S in Elementary Bachelor af Educqnon Low Enforcement Secondary Education Education General Education l gg Donald Fellers Susan Fellman Donald Four Carol Feelhover Arnold Feener ViVi Feldman BA. in M0Them0llC5 B.S. in Journalism B. S. in B.A. in Bachelor of B.S. in Elementary Military Science Political Science General Education Education Audree Felton Betty Fenn John Fergus B.S. in Nursing B.S. in Elementary Bachelor of Education General Education Theodore Ferring Gerald Fey B.S. in Bachelor of Military Science General Mary Fiala Tom Fillman James Fischer John Fischer James Fisher Alfred Fiumano B.S. in Elementary Bachelor of B.A. in Psychology Bachelor of Bachelor of B,S, in Education General Education General Education General Education Military Science Linda Flack 266 Charles Fleischer Ballard Fleming B.A. in English Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Daniel Flood Mamie Flowers S. G. Flowers B.A. in History B.S. in Nursing Bachelor of General William Fluty James Forcade John Foreman Bachelor of B.S. in Bachelor of General Education Business General Education Administration Carlen Forinash Larry Forman Richard Foster Dennis Fotopoulos Howard Fox Leslie Fox Bachelor of B.A. in Speech Bachelor of BA, in Chemistry Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General Education William Foy Anna Francisco Frank Frandsen Jack Franklin Renee Franklin Bachelor of B.S. in Nursing B.S. in Business Bachelor of B.A. in Speech General Education Administration General Education John Franznick Karol Franzyshen Donald Fraser James Fraser Bernard Freedman Gene Freiheit B.A. in History Bachelor of Bachelor of B.A. in Philosophy Bachelor of B.S. in Nursing General Education General Education General Education William French Robert Friedman James Frye Denver Fugate Horace Farlaagh Bachelor of B,A. in Physics B.A. in Bachelor of ' Bachelor of General Education General Science General Education General Education Jennings Furlough Carl Gaborik John Gabrick Charles Gadwa William Gahm Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B A in Psychology Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General Education William Gaines Gerald Gallagher William Gamble Lynell Gandy Pearl Garnaas Charles Garwood Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B S in Elementary Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General Education Education General Education Jack Gatewood William Gawler Robert Geist Elaine Geldns James Gember Bachelor of Bqchelgr of Bachelor of B S in Elementary B S in Journalism General Education General Education General Education Education Lawrence Geppert B.S. in Business Administration Harvey Gilbert Edwin Gilbertson Dennis Giles William Gull Clarence Gilles B S in Elementary Bachelor of B F A in Music Bachelor of Bachelor Education General Education General Education General Nm - , V m,,fwl,,.l -,,L A y R fu ' A 3? 2 9+ James Glass Bachelor of General Education Keith Goodspeed Bachelor of General Education John Goomns Wnlluam Gorgen Gregory Grant Glyn Gray Joseph Greco Bachelor of B S n Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Educatlon Law Enforcement General Educatlon General Education General Dongld Green Gene Green Leonard Green Lowell Green Richard Green Edward B S ln Baal-lelar of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelo Lqw Enforcement General Eduearran General Education General Education General Educatnon General Educatron William Griffin William Grubbs Chris Gugas Richard Gulizia Bobbie Guthrie Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in B.A. in History Bachelor of General Education General Education Law Enforcement General Education and Security 1 l , Charles Guyler William Gregerson Gerald Gregory Francis Greguros Fred Greguros James Griffin Bachelor of B.S. in B.A. in Biology B.S. in B.A. in Mathematics Bachelor of General Education Law Enforcement Civil Engineering General Education and Security Griffin Joseph Haber Nathaniel Hadley Z ,isa Bachelor of Bachelor of Education General Education General Education Hafers Norman Hagenbuah Douglass Hall Joyce Hall Mary Hallas Joseph Hollis of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in B.S. in Elementary Bachelor of Education General Education General Education Secondary Education Education General Education Allen Halmstad Rudolph Haluza Robert Hamilton Edward Hammer Larry Hammer lachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of M.S. in Education B.S. in General Education General Education General Education Civil Engineering ste Janet Hammond Sandra Hancock Vincent Haney Diane Hansen Larry Hansen B.A. in French B.F.A. in Art Bachelor of B.S. in MA, in Biology and Spanish General Education Secondary Education LeRoy Hansen Bachelor of General Education Richard Hansen Donald Hanson B.A. in History B.S. in Military Science Hiram Hardin Bachelor of General Education Howard Hardt James Horns Bachelor of BClCl'1elOl' of General Education Generdl Teddy Harris Dennis Harron Joseph Harrop Henry Hartsell Ralph Hartwell Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General Education General Oliver Hatfield Bachelor of General Education Hubert Hatley James Hattersley Leon Hausman Janet Hauth Frank ' ' ' ' r of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in B.A. in Sociology Bachelo General Education General Education Civil Engineering General i i ii Kent Hayden Gerald Haynes B. H. Hays Sterling Hays Terence Hays Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.A. in Sociology General Education General Education General Education General Education Heath Kenneth Hedegaard Diana Hehir of B.S. in B.S. in Elementary Education Secondary Education Education Archie Henderson Bachelor of General Education Howard Helms Bachelor of General Education Heib Eleanor Helmann Donald Helmer of B.S. in Nursing Bachelor of Education General Education Hendrickx Judy Hennig Cecil Henry Frank Hense of B.S. in Elementary Bachelor of Bachelor of Education Education General Education General Education Eodore Hernandez Alice Hewitt Jay Heyboer Barbara Hicks Michael Higgins chelor of B.A. in Speech Bachelor of B.A. in Psychology Bachelor of eneral Education and Dramatics General Education and Sociology General Education James Hayward B.A. in Psychology Clarence Henderson Bachelor of General Education Maurice Hensley Bachelor of General Education Barbara Hill B.A. in French and Spanish Benjamin Hill Robert Hill Roger Hill Chester Hillhouse Hugo Hillstrom Raymond Hilton Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.A. in Biology General Education General Education General Education General Education General Education Martin Hinote Martin Hintzen Peter Hirsch Donald Hirsh James Hiteshew Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General Education General Harlan Hobbs John Hoch Donald Hockman Paul Hodges R. Craig Hoenshell Mary Hoffman Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor af B.S. in Business B.S. in General Education General Education General Education General Education Administration Education ieavll Rodney Hofman John Holladay Ronald Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Tilden Holley Philip Holly Lyle Holt Stanley Holtom Vera Homewood Spencer Honey Bachelor of Bachelor of B.A. in Mathematics Bachelor of B.S. in Nursing Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General Bess Hornstein George Horseman Donald Houghton Jacques Hourlier Jerry Howard Bachelor of Bachelor of B A in Speech Bachelor of Bachelor of Jeneral Education General Education General Education General Education General Education Joe Howell Bachelor of General Education Mary Hronek Robert Hruska Ralph Hueser Hoyt Huggins Richard Hughes Velda Hughes B S in Business B A in History Bachelor of Bachelor of B A in Sociology B S n Administration General Education G neral Education Secondary Education ughes Melvin Hulse Larry Humberstone John Humphrey Warren Hunt Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Education General Education General Education General Education General Education Wilfred Hunt Alfred Hunter Joyce Hunter David Huntley Bachelor of Bachelor of B.A. in Speech B.S. in General Education General Education Military Science John Hurst Nickey Hutcherson Ronald Hutchison Howard Hyatt Radford Hyde Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in General Education General Education General Education General Education Military Science 1 l . ' ' 6' 2 'wt Q W nz" I - sill? K 1 f ,fi ia 41153411552-iffzf 5 ' f!'i?-.- E ae- X92 .rfiffriffsziizcz Charles lhrke Michael lntille William Irwin Richard lvers M.S. in Biology Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education Dale Jackson James Jackson Frederick Jacobs George Jacobs Arthur Jacobson Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.A. in Mathematics Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General Education R. J. Jacobson Bachelor of General Education l I I I I Michael Hurley Bachelor of General Educatic John Hyland Bachelor of General Claude lvey Bachelor of General R. E. Jacobson Bachelor of General l Louis Jacquay Bachelor of General l R0lPl" -l0meS George Jameson John Janson Carl Janssen Alfred Jeffreys Dadie Jenkins BGChel0r of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in General Education General Education General Education General Education General Education Home Economics No Jensen Leonard Jensen of Bachelor of EduCOTi0r1 General Education Nancy Jensen B.A. in Psychology rman Jensen Wendell Jernigan Ramon Jeska in Biology Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education R. Johnson Darlene Johnson in Business B.S. in Elementary inistration Education Johnson Julian Johnson Bachelor of Education General Education Kenneth Johnson Bachelor of General Education John Jobst Ralph Johns Charles D. Johnson Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in l General Education General Education Law Enforcement and Security Dwight Johnson Henry C. Johnson Henry O. Johnson B.S. in Bachelor of Bachelor of Engineering-Business General Education General Education Administration Lorene Johnson Sylvia Johnson Tom Johnson Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education of W . rt .1 ff, ' J all f L 232553 'F .. E 1 M Willard Johnson Randall Johnston Merle Johnstonbaugh Joseph Jolin Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General Educatio Edward Jones Gerald Jones James Jones Junius Jones Laska Jones B.F.A. in Art Bachelor of B.S. in Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education Secondary Education General Education General Richard Jorgensen M.S. in Elementary Education Charles Kaipust Bachelor of General Education Sister M. Josillian Bachelor of General Education Patricia Karre B.S. in Elementary Education Michael Jones Ollie Jones Otis Jones William Jones BA. in HiSfOry B.A. in French Bachelor of Bachelor of General Edt-lCOTiOr1 General Education Elward Kaske James Kaspar Bachelor of B.F.A. in Music General Education Jerry Juhl B.S. in Business Administration Richard Kasper Bachelor of General Education Sara Jordan B.S. in Nursing Harold Justice Bachelor of General Education John B.A. in Charleen Kahre B.S. in Secondary Educati B James Bachelor General 3 Calvin Kauppila Bachelor of General Education B.S. in Industrial B.S. in Engineering Law Enforcement and Security i ' .. 3 .- f "' I- 4327 V. K J ili' - I ll , 1:2 X 'I na l ,al 'r ll- ll N51 Linwood Keith Robert Keith Dorothy Kelly John Kelly Harry Kempe Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in Nursing Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Edaaafian General Education l l Joseph Kerr Clark Kershner Raymond Kervahn i Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of i General Education General Education General Education l Leonard Ketcham Clyde Ketelsen Marie Kettle George Key Bachelor of BA. in B.S. in Bachelor of General Education General Science Secondary Education General Education Stanley Keast Hervey Keator Mary Keel B.S. in Nursing Richard Keel Bachelor of General Education Gary Kent Bachelor of General Education Richard Keskinen Bachelor of General Education Robert Keyes Bachelor of General Education Valoura Kessinger B.S. in Elementary Education James Keyser B.S. in Civil Engineering William Killoran B.S. in Military Science X Alvin Kilmury Frank Kimball Harry King James Kirby Toby Kirkpatrick Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General Education General Education -.H-:. wi '- few -S+.-: f if ,,.V . .I iw 315. ,i 1 ... ,git X' 'id' 'm' S L I it James Kiser Forrest Kissinger Harrell Kitchens Roland Klundt Frank Knaack Kathie Knapp Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in Elementary General ECluC0tiOr1 General Education General Education General Education General Education Education Derwood Knebel Jimmy Knight Roy Knight M.S. in Guidance Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education Anne Kochanowicz B.S. in Elementary Education Carol Kolash William Koontz Stewart Koral David Kozak Ella Kozal B.S. in Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in Elementary Home Economics General Education General Education General Education Education I Joseph Koehler Bachelor of General Joseph Krawczyk Bachelor of General Education I, Mary Kreader Linda Krebs John Krecek Conrad Kress George Krieg B.S. in Elementary B.A. in English B,S. in Business Bachelor of Bachelor of Education Administration General Education General 280 Au' ka 'Q e M KL 01115 SVT 5 W 1 f N Nw P' ?'7?'. 2, ,,:. L. A Al i? " if T- ' W ' Aw vga, ff A ff. QA fm, AsWwEz?w. x if A A ff ff ,fyg' AZ A, wg ' A A 'gi 5 'Y 1- X, P 2 lfitfw A f 'L fywf , 5 212 'SA Aj, bf . ek " X 'Q 'X -ff ' YI A fuk iz' , ,ig 5 k 2 W ij L if ga I Qgf"5.'I g'f3LQi4Q fl' 3,4 if ff, 1 Y yr A - V Q l 1 Ab A , 1 Q V.-A' 1 - .gf 5 ' W A15 Q " V? 57 ' A ' wi v- w7'??' f "3 :f ,JV A, A' 'QL X A7 Q' fwfdfli f AA? A f 5, ', 4 - J Y A, A513 , x - nvx 'A' 4 5 T. -f Xff. H A- f ' A f A Ag 1-can Qf Q-225 a ?i42.'. ,Y A 34 3 AW X fn - A 'fx A, Z, an xf , ,iQ,,g', H ' txbiggfxaw, ,w iw? 5 A 5 R A: x A A 1 y NewgsA.?jf35Q,,1:5.iQ-'rxsign 'gy 2 g gfg,3w3i,5fi5.kfiffgA A fi , , Ag 'rfb ' --- 'flf ' 'iii-4f5"1.iw1' +3 A. 'ILM 4 AA A A nl A W A. H251 PfwAy,4X'JA A. A Q g xx V 4 '3 " V2 i? ,.c'.w- Mk 6?-fmlff' " A "' ag " - 'Q A Q f Q is In gi 59' rf , 'hpigf I . 3 vksfg al ug , ' fi vi QW N' if Eff if H,f','L , A' k - ' 3 x W K A i A I I " W, Q4-45 ,lgfgl ffiiii 'S I X, .A ,Heir 'yy A yy, rf' if KV, 'AF gwsxq, "Elin V0 t.1t: 'MX rX,,,:,:vg,wwW at xx. ,fl Q4 V 'P ' fi 1 w '.ff2 w"f" 2af,,f?z-'mgaA ..5' mga?-ii if wil, A Aga ' 5 n Y' wwf-' ff'-F w:3"i'Ml93ivWs.+2+f, N1f'f'f'W'f' Q' .af f I , , MJ it A ,wfv gls!,wixKwwstW?AIg,?i?'wl?:lnXGrf5I digwigx qlq-pad ,,- 1 ,A , , I 5 ' ,1 A 'lf "J ' K ' ' 5' ' 4' KP' if-v""'-- ' 1- "4 . ' . 'F f.. 1: -- A 35535 A A, ,,.,,r1'ZQm"!! - yr., gui Q4 6 ffkf.-Afgx M , . A wfffqi ,., I xxx, I ,A fl f-L ,AA I 5' sir Qian-93'-1'a-v.gQg,,' fiffqw fm' Q- f X '- I 3 ifggxff 1 . . ww +A' w . M, f f- - , .W A+- VA A 1 . , 2 5 . M1 Y? .jflf A W 22' M+"s"'75 95" "!l'Wfif3r'--+- W ""'1f251-'in' ' "'W33'Q 'Q if AA. V ay-gnf .,x 2 ', ,- , Aff- --- 'Q A ,A Pj " "f f her! ,Mi-Q "" x L- 'ffi-'ff-awatffgf 'A , ,W ,,'1- ,. - 'Xu Af' -iii. if f Hi31g.4a4L"' KAR A , 32? fgffp , K n NV, 4 ' A, if: jf' P' Q A W F gpg' 'Lg :TJ skgg,A A 49w"g4 04:3 51 "M Y f 4f'g""1f4s ' A 4 .Ifnf . 4 Xb, .w . m', A A A -U' Z' 7,9 W 'fQ,'4x,. qwp. Y A V yy. AFI Qs., f, " Y A . aw ,,, fi r 4' s M ki ,C S4 f V ws, vga' W V13 ,Py- fk ' 'VH gwu, ,Y iw 5-X 'I LW- iw Alice Krieger John Krogh Gilbert Krom James Krueger B S In Elementary B S Bachelor of Bachelor of Education General Engineering General Education General Education Carole Kucera B.A. in General Science Eugene Kuhns Harriet Kuncel Charles Kuzmic Warren Kynard Bachelor of B A in English Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education and History General Education General Education Robert Kugelmann Bachelor of General Education Virginia B.S. in Nursing Joseph LaCasse Roger LaCourse Bud LaFever Larry LaFolIette Kenneth LaFon John Lamb Bachelor of Bachelor of B A in B.S. in B,S. in Elementary Bachelor of General Education General Education General Science Civil Engineering Education General Education . V M 35 William Lambertson Bachelor of General Education Robert Lane Lester Lanelli B A in English Bachelor of and Dramatics General Education Edward Landry of lf ,ef Marilyn LaMontia Bachelor of Bachelor General Education General Robert Laney Bachelor of General Thomas Long Melvin Lange Roy Lanier B.S. in Bachelor of Bachelor of Civil Engineering General Education General Education l , James LaPine David Larson Donald Larson Paul Larson Phillip Larson Rodney Larson Bachelor of B.S. in Business B.S. in B.S. in Bachelor of B.S. in Business General Education Administration Military Science Secondary Education General Education Administration Carl LaRue John Lasater Billy Lassiter Louis Latham Harold Latta Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General Economics General Education I Walter Laurendine Carl Laursen William Laux John Law J. W. Lawrence Norman Lawrence Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General Education Military Science General Education William Leach Robert Leakey James Leary Francis Lee Harold Lee B0Ch6l0f Of B.S. in Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education Law Enforcement General Education General Education General Education and Security Howard Lee Boyd Leer Jan Legler Henry Leighton B.S. in Bachelor of B.S. in Elementary Bachelor of Law Enforcement General Education Education General Education and Security Paul Lemar Edward Lemoine John Lenassi Billy Leonard James Lett Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General EduCOti0n General Education General Education General Education General Education Donald Lewis Duane Lewis Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education Gerri Lewis William Lewis Omer Liefer Robert Lindig Rosalie Lindsey B.S. in Elementary Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in Education General Education General Education General Education Secondary Education Eugene Lord Dallas Low Ralph Lowden Stanley Lowry Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General Education Bernard Leiter B.S. in Military Science Daniel Leuck B.A. in Sociology George Lewis Bachelor of General Education lra Livingston Bachelor of General Education Robert Lowy Bachelor of General Education Frank Luddington Bachelor of General Education NONCY l-UnSfOI'Cl John LUCIUQ James l-YNCh Kenneth Lyon Robert Maclntosh B.A. in English Bachelor of Q Bachelor of B-S' in Bachelor of Geneffll EdUC0f'0n General EduC0fi0f1 Military Science General Education Paul Mackert Robert MacPherson Dennis Madigan James Madry Ronnie Madsen James Maertens i Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in Journalism Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General Education General Education Donald Mahan James Mahony Philip Maiorka Louis Major B.S. in Business Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Administration General Education General Education General Education i E l 1 l Dion Makris Eubert Malone Leslie Mann Duane Mannon Margaret Marabito Martin Morden Bachelor of B.S. in B.S. in B.S. in B.S. in Nursing Bachelor of General Education Military Science Home Economics Civil Engineering General Education Pascual Marquez B.A. in Spanish Nicholas Markow Bachelor of General Education Clifford Martin Bachelor of General Education B.A. in Spanish Donald Matlock Bachelor of General Education Samuel Martinez Joseph Matechik Bachelor of and History General Education Lonnie Mathenia Michael Mathis Bachelor of B.S. in General Education Secondary Patricia Matson George Matthews Joseph Maurer Gordon Maxwell Clyde Mgy B.S. in Journalism Bachelor of B.S. in Bachelor ot Bgchelgr of General Education Military Science General Education General James May Arthur Mayer Robert McCann Richard McCartney Jerome McCarviIle Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General Education General Education Marcia McClure Lynn McClurg B.S. in Elementary Bachelor of Education General Education James McCombs Bachelor of. General Education Robert McCormack George McCormick John McCormick Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education Villiam McCullough Kenneth McDole Allie McDonald Joanne McDonald Travis McDonald achelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of ieneral Education General Education General Education General Education General Education Catherine MCElwee Kenneth McEwen Willie McFadden Joseph McFarland Robert McGee B.S. in Nursing B.S. in Journalism Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education Harold McGloun Robert McGlohon Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education l Daniel McGIynn Kathleen McGuire Marleen McGuire Mary McHugh William Mclver Robert McKaig B.A. in English B.S. in B.S. in Elementary B.S. in Nursing Bachelor of Bachelor af Secondary Education Education General Education General Education McKee James McLaughlin Dale McLean James McLean John McMahon of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Education General Education General Education General Education General Education l-Yle McMichael Gary McMullen Leo Meidlinger Ludwig Mehrer Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in Journalism B.A. in German Gerterol EdUCOfi0r1 General Education and History John Mench Parsla Mende Melvin Mendelsohn Robert Messenger Bobby Metts Bachelor of B.A. in Mathematics Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Generol Education General Education General Education General Education Stephen Mellor B.S. in Business Administration B A in English Lawrence Meyer Richard Meyer Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education A. L. Michael Frank Middleton George Mikulanicz Albert Mikutis James Miles Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General Education General Education Barry Miller George Miller Larry Miller Patricia Miller B.S. in B.S. in B.A. in History B.A. in English Secondary Education Military Science and English and French Allen Miliefsky Bachelor of General Education Ralph Miller Bachelor of General Education Marilyn Meurrens Richard Miller Bachelor of General Education Thomas Modisett Margo Moline Bachelor of B.S. in General Education Elementary Education John Mooney Charles Moore Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education Charles Morgan William Moore Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education Roosevelt Miller William Miller John Mitchell Theodore Miyamoto John Modeck Bachelor of B.A. in Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education Biology General Education General Education General Education James Mane B.S. in Journalism Ronald Montague Robert Montgomery Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education John Moore Kay Moore Leon Moore Troy Moore Bachelor of B.S. in Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education Elementary Education General Education General Education Donald Morrell Charles Morris Paul Morris Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education l Edward Morrow Jane Moser Manuel Mata Thomas Mote Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in Law Bachelor of General Education General Education Enforcement and General Education Security Bruce Moulton Walter Mowles Franklin Muchemore James Muckey Francis Mulvey Alfred Munz B.S. in Bachelor of Bachelor of B.A. in Mathematics Bachelor of Bachelor of Secondary Education General Education General Education General Education General Educatia Donald Murgatroyd Robert Murray Anthony Musolino Edward Mutch Charles Myers Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in Law Bachelor of B.S. in General Education General Education Enforcement and General Education Secondary Security r r circcr. .. r,a,' J' Frank Myers James Myers Joel Myers Donald Neal Edwin Neel Paul Neff Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in Bachelor of B.A. in B.S. in General Education General Education Business General Education Geography Military Science Administration l Maxcie Negley Edmund Nelsas Orville Nelson Rose Nelson Sheila Nelson B.S. in B.S. in Bachelor of ' B.S. in D B.A. in Nursing Industrial Engineering General Education Elementary Education French qnd Timothy Nelson William Nelson B.A. in Bachelor of Psychology General Education Vernon Netwig William Neville Lynne Nevins B.S. in B.S. in B.S. in Law Enforcement Secondary Education Elementary Education and Security Jacque Newcomer B.S. in Elementary N x 1522.3 KQMHQIIUW, H,-3' Q, RM! V I 5 Q 4- M ,Q gi, , . ' , A A X ' ' ' '-f' 'fu -.'. inf . '?W 1 ,wig ' A 'g f' ' Q '31 X ', xi Sff-,:fY'if"ni!f" YY WU' , ld, u ,gf X ., f K1 I ,. ,- Z Iiiwfw .r h.lMl?.: .AJ ,LLskx,Rv.M ,mn 1 IZKAV-qzxkf. jgfgiaigwgixvxglyiywk f by ,va , th , ef, , .Q 4 f ' ' Q-f , -ify' L"' K M , c X +45 "V NIE uw Q .ew M950 'Y' "H if ,ru V 81W , ' ' v X 4 ., , , W,yl-.e.L4 f 7 V 2 1 qwi' Qhfh , A ., 0 'NR' QT N My , ..v a L. ,fi . A . wil" W A gf, , ., QA, , ., 1 , 1 'Y Fifa' ' Egg' -.. f' i 5' .. ,I W , L , . , , i , 5 WH an . -Q Y Ay. Aff - A Q ., , v X MQ. ,gwyfi .L Y ' ,nl I I X fs L William Newman Charles Newton Dale Newzell Terence Nice Albert Nichols Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.A. in Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education History General Educatic Clyde Nichols Walter Nickerson John Nicolini Bachelor of Bachelor of B S n General EUUCGTIOH General Education Civ: Gary Nielsen Robert Nielson Peter B A in B A in Bachelor of Speech Foreign Languages General Frank Nocita John Novak Roger Nunemaker Curtis Oakes Pam Obrecht Constance B A in Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B S B S Psychology General Education General Education General Education Home Economics Nursing slr-.Q Terrence O'Connor Lucian Oden Frederic Ogle William O'Gwynn Richard O'Hara B.A. in Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in Speech General Education General Education General Education Military Robert O'Keefe Frederick Okimoto Frank Oldis Martin O'Leary Marvin Oliver M.S. in Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in Bachelor of Foundations of General Education General Education General Engineering General Education Education Marian Olson Robert Olson Milton Oppermann Joseph Orlowski Clive Osborn B.A. in B.S. in Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Sociology Journalism General Education General Education General Education l David Osman Merle Overholser William Pace Anne Palevicus Robert Palmer Frank Pane-bianca B.S, in B.S. in B.S. in B.S. in Bachelor of BaCl16l0r of Nursing Business Business Nursing General Education General Education Administration Administration , A iri if gt t - David Park Jack Parker John Parker Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education Parkes John Parrish Dalia Paskoff Marie Pastorino David Patton Janice Paulsen Bachelor of B.A. in B.A. in Bachelor of B.S. in Science General Education Mathematics History General Education Elementary Education Patrick Payne James Peacock Herbert Pedersen Wesley Pennington William Perdue Harold Petersen B.S. in Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.A. in Secondary Education General Education General Education General Education James Petersen Roy Petersen Bachelor of B.A. in General Education Mathematics Walter Petersen B.S, in Business Administration Richard Peterson John Petkosek Joan Petr Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in G6r1erC1l EduC0ti0I'1 General Education Elementary Education Carl Pixley Margaret Plendl B.A. in B.S. in Mathematics Elementary Education Louis Plummer Bachelor of General Education Percy Pollard Bachelor of General Education General Education General Science Evelyn Peterson Joseph Peterson W B.S. in B.A. in Elementary Education Economics r i John Petracca Dewey Pfeiffer Willis Philip l Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of X General Education General Education General Education W l l Eugene Phillips William Phillips James Pickens Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education Gilbert Pollay Roger Pollock Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education William Ponder Jacob Poole Lucius Pooser Richard Pope William Pape Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General Education General Education Mary Poppino John Porter B.A. in Bachelor of English General Education Charles Posey Laurence Potts Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education Mike Pritchard Claude Proctor B.S. in Bachelor of Business General Education Administration Keith Porter Bachelor of General Education Philip Poukish Bachelor of General Education Lloyd Powell B.S. in Law Enforcement and Security Gary Pugh Bachelor of General Education William Porter James Portis Gerald Posanka Bachelor Of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education Walter Powell Joann Price James Priddy Elza Pringle Bachelor of B.S. in Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education Elementary Education General Education General Education James Pugmire Harry Purcell Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education David Putman M,S. in Biology Julie Pycha B.S. in Secondary Education Charles Radosevick B.A. in Political Science Gene Randel Bachelor of General Education Thomas Quayle Gerald Quick Daniel Quinn Joseph Quinn Edward Raciborski Bachelor of B.S. in B.S. in Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education Industrial Engineering Law Enforcement General Education General Education and Security William Ragland William Raincsuk Burney Ramming Claudia Ramsay Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General Education Ralph Randolph Wayne Rasmuss David Rattray Virginia Rawlings Wallace Rayl Bachelor of B.S. in Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education Business General Education General Education General Education Administration Thomas Raymond B.S. in Law Enforcement and Security Richard Raynor Wilmer Reaves David Reckard Edward Reed Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General Education Special Education Sally Reeder Eugene Reese Tim Reese Ray Rehmeier Edward Reicks Raymond Reier M.S. in B.S. in B.A, in Sociology B.S. in B.A. in Speech Bachelor of r Military Science Civil Engineering General EduCafI0f1 Terence Reilly Paul Reinertson Earl Reinke Richard Reish George Renfro Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General Education General Education Reynolds Mary Rheinfrank Rodney Rhoden James Richards of B.S. in B.S. in Bachelor of Education Secondary Education Business General Education Administration Peter Richards Charles Richardson Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education G, David Richardson Leonidas Richardson BA. in Bachelor of Speech General Education Linda Richter B.S. in Business Administration Riedemann Joseph Riley Fred Rindge Richard Ring Daniel Rishel Andrew Ritchey Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.A. in Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education Sociology General Edacofion Donald Ritz Bachelor of General Education Carl Rodriguez Bachelor of General Education Carl Rogers Bachelor of General Education John Ross Bachelor of General Education Grace Rowoldt B.S. in Secondary Education Franklin Roberts David Robinson Elmer Robinson Donald Rodgers Phillip Rodke Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General Education General Education Estan Rodriguez William Roewer Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education x V 'l i X ? , Walter Rogers William Rogers Mary Lynn Rohde Rudolph Ronkovich Saul Rosenthal Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education Elementary Education General Education General Education Leon Ross Harry Roth Walter Roth Buck Rountree Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General Education Carl Roy Charles Rudasill Pamela Rushing Charles Rusnak William Russell B.S. in Bachelor of B.S. in Bachelor of Bachelor of Law Enforcement General Education Elementary Education General Education General Education and Security Nancy Ruvolo George Ryan Thomas Ryan Robert Saksa Carlton Salnoske B.S. in Elementary Bachelor of B.F.A. in Art Bachelor of Bachelor of Education General Education General Education General Education l Theodore Samland Richmond Sanderson Jack Sands Mary Sansing Peter Sapatis Francis Sarnowski B.S. in Industrial B.S. in Business B.S. in Business Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Engineering Administration Administration General Education General Education General Education Richard Sauter W. C. Savidge Fred Scarpello Richard Schaaf George Schabloske achelor of Bachelor of B.A. in Bachelor of B.S. in Education General Education Political Science General Education Secondary Education Scheg Walter Schenning Joseph Schik Joseph Schilling Theodore Schleiffen Frank Schnee of Bachelor of B.S. in Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Education General Education Secondary Education General Education General Education General Education J l Larry Schneider B.S. in General Engineering Kenneth Schow Robert Schreibstein Robert Schreier Robert Schuett Gilbert Schultz Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General Education General Education we Charlyn Scott Aubrey Seal George Seals Frank Seaman John Seanor Carrie Secret B. S. in Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Elementary Education General Education General Education General Education General Education General Education Karen Sedoris Jon Seibold Arthur Seltzer James Semerad Louise Senez B.S. in Elementary M.A. in Psychology Bachelor of B.A. in Sociology B.F.A, in Art Education General Education and Speech l i John Shanahan Donald Shankle Peter Shaw Leonard Shepard James Sherek Marlene Sherman Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in General EduCClfiOn General Education General Education General Education General Education Secondary Russell Sherman Donald Sherrow Trudy Shimko John Shirey Robert Sholl Bachelor of B.S. in B.A. in Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education Law Enforcement Spanish and Art General Education General Education and Security Q www- wa I K i K V 5 MVN' L , VE : I :.' ,., f K I " g . f 5' 'W W M-f - W i f :'k S " t J' " ' ""' "" - ' ,Qs , ,,,... , , as M 1 W' nl f' www """'gj 1"- ,..5nunu ' " in 4.-:ra ,.-W .Wm-....- 1- .. im, wad. '-, 'Fw ' ...,..,,.,...l,,, VV A. ,Xin , I , I ,,,:, V Q V , ...., .4--.4 A ,1.LL 5 ,Q 1... i , -ii - , , ,. . Af, -fi .f few - -W.. X "' "' , 'K -'wr' 2'--r-v' 23:31 " , "1 wuiffffwmgfmf ww X-fl -. .a NL was -'ll' , 9' M' ' L, 'V - K I A 'T' H ,, f .wg - 4 1 ,, Ari. .W-,wg-...Ang X M - ' k x - , f Q-'f1.L:,.z.w..-..Ma.....L" ,L 41,9 . g--1 V W - A W N f - Y is V .2 ' gifs W 'Q ' ' kj ' 'V Y K is N., af, ' .... 'Q M it 5 ..,-----f-'- 3' 7 H. - - A -:flak 4 i 4 8 ..,...f . . Q ' fl 'H , il... ..-'I - -divvm N pw, Aw-Q , -, . .- Sb -,,QE15yf:w, -A-3 film,-gkgggiza., fHj,gu A if 4 SP , 'Z ' 1' A 'miiinfy , , , , ,S Zviy X L, i 7-',.., . V H X s, ' W,-,ig h K K , .Qggsiv 'X ff- i 1 1 no . Anthony Simkus Paul Simons Lawrence Simpson Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in General Education General Education Law Enforcement and Security Clark Sims George Skipper Gerald Slack Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in Industrial General Education General Education Engineering W!,dg,, W wget 5. A - I JQK .,-. """'i .4 ctiie 2 is rrrre erf eret ?:1s.1-Q. George Slover Almstead Smith Danny Smith Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education l Donna Smith B.S. in Secondary Education l Harvey Smith John A. Smith Bachelor of B.S. in Nursing General Education Kenneth L. Smith Leon Smith Peter Smith Raymond Smith Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General Education John B. Smith Bachelor of General Education Robert Smith Bachelor of General Education Otis Sleep Scott Sloane Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education Frederick Smith Gene Smith Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Educ ation Joseph Smith Kenneth H. Smith Bachelor of Bachelor ot General Education General Educ Sandra B.S. in Education ation J' il ,J gk F -ms... 1- ww: gswfffiswim - M5511 ' , my 225-syizgifi fiiiirlqglf-. '.-:E:.- , -as 22122 ' - ,,, 143.51-If at Alfred Smorto Nicholas Snay Joel Snell Darrell Snook Joe Snow B0Cl"'el0" of BGCl'1el0r of B.A. in Sociology Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General Education Lee Solley Clifford Solomonson Herbert Somerder Bachelor of B.A. in Speech General Education Louis Spector Robert Spector Bachelor of Bachelor of f General Education General Education Hugh Spencer Bachelor of General Education Roy Springer Belford Spurlock Bachelor of Bachelor of ral Education General Education Bachelor of General Education James Spedding Bachelor of General Education l Jerry Spencer Bachelor of General Education Boyd Squire Bachelor of General Education Richard Somers Donald Sorenson John 5P0lf" Bachelor of B.S. in Industrial BGChel0r of General Education Engineering General Education i , .i Michael Spillane Eleanor Spiller George Spillman Robert Spohn B.S. in Nursing B.S. in Nursing Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education Wilbur Stair Charles Stalfort Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education Kenneth Stanley Richard Starie Philip Starling Marvin Starn Donald Stauffachei Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in General Education General Education General Education General Education Law Enforcement and Security Thomas Steele William Stein Pamela Steinert William Steinmetz Richard Stenzel L. J. Stephenson Bachelor of Bachelor of B.A. in Art Bachelor of B.S. in B.S. in Business General Education General Education General Education Civil Engineering Administration Lawrence Stevens Ralph Stevens Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education lg l t Ronald Stevens Joe Stewart John B. Stewart John W. Stewart John Stolley Billy Storey Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in B.S. in Nursing General Education General Education General Education General Education Civil Engineering 'ills --A-" tttt Douglas Strahan John Stratford Gerald Strength David Strongin Gilbert Stroude Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General Education General Educatior Dorothy Strough M.S. in Nursing Education Theodore Suchoski Antoni Sulikowski Capers Sullivan James Sullivan Karen Sullivan Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.A. in Sociology General Education General Education General Education General Education Sutton Robert Sutton Albert Swanson Walter Sweeney Michael Sweet in Elementary Bachelor of B.S. in Bachelor of B.A. in Speech General Education Civil Engineering General Education Swenson Freddie Swihart Smith Swords Mary Talmadge Pool Tqmgroff John Tauer in History Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in B.S. in Bachelor of General Education General Education Home Economics Law Enforcement GGf16I'Gl Education and Security Bachelor of Taylor Herman Taylor Thomas Taylor Frederick TenHoor Joseph Teperow Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Education General Educofion General Education General Education General Education Th0YGF Merrilyn Theiler Henry Thoenes Ronald Thomas of B.S. in Elementary Bachelor of Bachelor of Education Education General Education General Education William Thomas B.S. in Business Administration ,, , f e' rl - eflzzfrznv , use . ew ' i Galen Thomason Barry Thompson Huel Thompson Kermit Thompson Billy Thomson Bachelor of B A In Sociology Bachelor of Bachelor of B S n General Education General Education General Education Law Enforcement and Securit Edward Tilc Sheri Todd David Tolson Richard Tompsett Bachelor of B A in History Bachelor of B A in History fr John Thorpe Bachelor of General Education General Education Loren Townsend Fred Tracy John Trader Joe Trimble David Tripler Paul Trocha Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B A In Chemistry General Education General Education General Education General Education General Education and Physics Howard Tuggey Bachelor of General Education Chester Turbak Bachelor of General Education 1 BOCl'1el0r of Bachelor of B S in Business Bachelor of General Education General Education Administration General Education Charles Van Bibber Bachelor of General Education l l , Albertha Van Zanten M.S. in Teaching the Deaf EYaughn Fred Viall Paul Villinski Judy Vincent Frank Vinson Virginia Voorhees in e t men ary Bachelor of Bachelor of B S n Bachelor of B S in Elementary General Education General Education Secondary Education General Eduggflon Educqfion kefield Charles Walker Donald Walker Festus Wallace Robert Wallace Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Education General Education General Education General Education General Education Ervin Walls Robert Walsh A. J. Walters Michael Ward James Workenfieri Bachelor of B.F.A. in Art Bachelor of B.A. in English Bachelor of General Education General EdUC0fi0n General Education l Elmer Wasserott Dennis Waterman Raymond Watson Richard Watson Roger Watson Michael Weber Bachelor of B.S. in Journalism Bachelor of B.S. in Business Bachelor of B.S. in Business General Education General Education Administration General Education Administration Charles Weeks Robert Weisel Loren Weishaar Donald Weiss Donald Welton Bachelor of Bachelor Of Bachelor of B.S. in Bachelor of General Education General EdUC0fl0n General Education Civil Engineering General 1 X I x A Glenn Welz Virginia Werner Shirley West Judith Westbrook Charles Wetesnik Darrell Whitaker Bachelor of B.S. in Elementary B.S. in Elementary B.A. in Mathematics Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education Education Education General Education General James White Loren White B.S. in Bachelor of Military Science General Rue White Jack Whiteside Leslie Whitman Robert Whittaker Roger Wichers Vaughn Wicker Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in Business General Education General Education General Education General Education General Education Administration Robert Widing l. Bruce Will Bachelor of B.A. in Economics General Education Billy Williams Bachelor of General Education 5 , wk A ix Edith Williams Ellis Williams Pauline Williams Richard Williams William Williams Robert Williamson B.S. in Nursing Bachelor of B.A. in Philosophy Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General Education . . . Artman Wilson Carl Wilson Etta Wilson E-2SI:g?grVX2ll'n9 Egmgzillsfghby Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in Elementary Genera' Education General Education General Education General Education Education Thomas Wilson Tommy Wilson B.A. in Sociology Bachelor of General Education Donald Wi ndrath Bachelor of General Education John Winskie Lee Winter Joyce Witt Bachelor of Bachelor of B.S. in General Education General Education Secondary Education 309 Clarence Wolfe M.S. in Biology l Vernon Wood B.S. in Secondary Education Harold Wooton Bachelor of General Education Patrick Wright Bachelor of General Education Horace Young Bachelor of General Education Thomas Wolte B.S. in Secondary Education Perry Womack B.S. in Law Enforcement and Security Paul Woodworth Richard Woodworth Charles Woody Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education James Woody Bachelor of General Education Ivan Worrell Leslie Worden B.S. in Bachelor of Milifflry 5Ciet1Ce General Education Gerald Wondercheck Bachelor of General Education Curtis Wrenn Bachelor of General Education Richard Wood Bachelor of General Education William Woolfolk Bachelor of General Education Billy Wright Bachelor of General Education Roger Wurdeman Bernard Wysocki Michael Yaegger Victor Yanasheski Edmond York B.A. in Economics Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of General Education General Education General Education General Education Herbert Yunge Robert Zalud Louis Zylka Corliss Zylstra Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor of Bachelor af General Education General Education General Education General Education 'mi H, ' M "ar if W ,X , V - ,,.. - ,,. x. "The past is but the beginning ot a beginning, and all that is and has been is but the twilight at the dawn . . . A day will come when beings who are now latent in our thoughts and hidden in our Ioins shall stand upon this earth as one stands upon a footstool, and shall laugh and reach out their hands amid the stars." g is 'S' R"-XQXQ ff' .i fwfli we ig ,ir kv KI' x' LL i 'Y ff' ,. i ,I ,L vs.- , 1 ,'x,K R 9+ 4 .V "r 4-:Auf gf- 'RL-JV:-lk' 5 ' - 5 I E iyszt 3-4 l Mft ,f i ,. ,f .X ki 'WX' . J415 Aim .ummm -- - A :fl ,M 6 ,M M , . V , K-A A x 'M , ,u..g1 X A . Q 'Q ,fum A A " V , f y . f f . 'N , ' .A t 4 7 GmfbF?E'fV' .f,,.f N 5+ ,W ...W V:- lfv A mmgfw. U 1- was "-"QM , -ZRVVI TWQIQ . tifinih Y- f'-' .2 1535, ",1,- ! 1 1 5 4 1 x K 4 1 314 -A- Abdouch, Curtis 250 Abel, Raymond 250 Academic Standards Committee 227 Accordo, Patsy 250 Ackerman, Robert L. 200,225 Ackerman, Robert W, 250 Ackersen, Paul 200 Acutf, Susan 60,131 Addrri, Vicki 22,23,137,1e4 Adams, Charles 250 Adams Dennis 42 Adams: Dorothy 60 Adams , James 250 Adams, Jerene 250 Adams, John 189 Adams, Pam 76, 126 Adams, Richard 250 Adams , Wavel 250 Adamson, Raymond 250 Adebayo, Timothy 83,90,150 Aden, Harlan 170,185 Adler, James 250 Administrative Department Heads 222 Adrian, Frederick 90,200 AEPl Throw 1 24 Agee, Lynn 28,250 Agra, Joseph 250 Ahlstrand, Nancy 137 Ahlstrom, Susie 62 Akashi, Motamu 250 Albaugh, Rick 144 Albertl , Charlotte Longville 73 Alberry, Nancy 53 Albin, Jim 180 Alder, James 250 Alexander, Curlee 178 Alexander, Glenn 250 Alhouse, Robert 250 Allen, Frank 250 Allen, Gerald 172,250 Allen, Jae 104,250 Allen, Kathryn 250 Allen, Nina 250 Allen, Pauline 250 Allen, Sydna 250 Allen, Tom 180 Allison, Charles 141 "All My Sons" 43 All Sports Banquet 183 Alpha Alpna Alpha Epsilon Pi 138,139 Kappa Delta 63 Lambda Delta 1 10 Alpha Thi-rid 90 Alpha xi Delta 130,131 Aluare Alurnn 1, Humberto 250 iAssociat1on 72,73 American Heritage Series B0 American Society of Civil Engineers 88 Amundson, Halmer 251 "An Evening of Mime" 46 Ai-iderherg, Clifford zoo Anderson, Albert 251 Anderson, Allen 171 Anderson, Donna 108,155 Anderson, Gerald 251 Anderson, Graig 251 Anderson, Jace 128,147 Anderson, Jack 140,147 Anderson, Janet 133,153 Anderson, Anderson, 1 37 Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Andrews, Andrews, Andrews, Andrews, Andrews, Andrews, Angel Fli Jill 58,131,251 Judy 58,74,76,78,95, Loren 47 Nancy 60,130,131,251 Neil 251 Richard 76 Sara 251 Sheri 130 Bev 134 Elbert 251 James 251 Kenneth 251 Lamont 251 Robert C. 251 hr 58 Q Angelini, Joseph 251 Anstey, John 141,251 Anticali, Louis 251 Antill, Wilbert 251 Antoniok, Bob 146 Applegate, Bonnie 74, 131 Applegate, William P. 247,251 Arbogast, Orville 251 Archer, Jan 132,184 Aresta, John 61,141,251 Armstrong, John 180 Armstrong, Raymond 251 Arney, Robert 251 Arnold Air Society 57 Arnold Air Society Initiation Banquet 59 Arnold, Margaret 74 Arnold, William 252 Arps, Chris 252 Arringdole, Jean 74,133 Arrington, Saul 252 Art Auction 51 Art Club 53 Aschenbrenner, Dwayne 200 Ash, Leonard 57 Ashby, Lawrence 252 Athletics Committee 226 Atwell, Joy 141,252 Aulabough, Jeanne 61 Austin, David 252 Axiotopoulos, Anastasios 252 Aycock, William 252 Azorcon, Ronald 252 -B- Babbitt, Allan 139 Babendive, Sheldon 133 Bachop, William 231 Bachus, Carol 104 Backstage 206 Baden, Tom 57 Bagley, Bobby 252 Baird, Robert 231 Baker, Arlene 252 Baker, Bruce 200 Baker, Connie 133 Baker, Frank 252 Baker, George 103,252 Baker, Harold 252 Baker, Joe 73 Baker, Melinda 136 Baker, Robert 252 Baker, Ward 252 Baldwin, Pat 135 Bales, Bob 2B Ballweg, John 63,200 Baltzer, Marlene 53 Bamesberger, Larry 252 Band Day 75 Banghcrt, Judy 130 Banister, Richard 252 Baratta, Frank 145 Barber, Bill 170 Barber, Linda 184 Barber, Marvin 252 Barber, Richard 252 Barber, William 252 Barcks, Gary 142 Barger, F. O. 253 Barker, Kevin 253 Barker, Linda 102,130 Barker, Mike 148 Barnes, Bill 63 Barnes, Paul 253 Barnett, Larry 200 Bariss, Nicholas 200 Barrett, Gilbert 57 Barry, Rev. Leonard B3 Barry, Richard 253 Barry, Sharon 57 Barsenbrook, Earl 74 Barsom, George 253 Barra, Ronald 253 Barton, Melvin 253 Bates, Vicki 78 Battiato, Jean 136 Baylor, Michael 253 Beamon, Burwell 200 Beard, Harry 253 Beaupre, Walter 200,223 Beavers, William 253 Beck, Doretha 104 Beck, Hal 142 Beck, Paul 200,225,228 Becker, Jean 253 Beckman, Carol 137 Beebe, Richard 253 Beeson, Betty 200 Begley, Burriss 253 Behers, Bernard 200 Behner, Thurman 38,253 Behrend, Leon 57 Beig, Steve 145 Belfiore, Maryanne 76 Belitz, Buddy 172 Bell, Arvin 253 I DEX Belt, Warren 253 Bencleck, Eva 253 Bender, William 253 Benecke, R. W. 200 Benedett, Andrew 253 Benito, Joe 142 Beninato, Joe 33,79 Benner, James 253 Bennett, Jane 76 Bennett, John 103,140 Bennett, Forrest 253 Benning, Don 172,200 Benschoter, Leon 1 15 Benson, Joe 172,253 Benson, Larry 233 Benton, Julia, 253 Berenis, Joe 164 Bergeren, Noel 254 Bergeror, Paul 254 Bergman, Floyd 254 Bergman, Livl 27,2B,58,132,248 254 Bergren, Carol 130 Berkheimer, Joan 131,184 Berkheimer, John 128,143,159 Berman, Henry 254 Bernodlne, Joseph 254 Bernard, Talbott 253 Berneburg, LaVerne 254 Bernth, Lonnie 102,144,164,185 Berhrh, Roh 144,185 Berry, Diane 22,23,58,136 Berry, Ken 76 Berry, Phillip 254 Bertman, Jean 254 Bethel, Hollie B. 200,225,228 Bible, Edward 254 Bieda, Nina 44 Bigham, Jim 254 Bigler, Roy 254 Bikson, Robert 231 Biles, Graham 254 Biology Club 104 Bird, Cheryl 129,137,254 Bird, Marilyn 76 Bishop, Edward 254 Bishop, Richard 254 Bishop, Stanley 254 Bissell, Byron 140 Bissell, Keith 254 Bjorkman, Paul 254 Blackburn, William 254 Blackman, Marsha 74,78 Blackwell, John V. 51,200,225 Blair, Henry 57,254 Blair, Jdri 61 Blair, Jim 142 Blakemore, Carl 254 Blanch, Antonio 254 Blank, George 254 Blankenship, Bob 147 Blankenship, George 173 Blau, Jon 62 Blaus, Osvalds 254 Blazek, Jim 74 Bliss, Arthur 254 Blood Drive 94 Bloom, Judy 255 Bloom, Larry 138 Blount, James 255 Blum, Fred 38,255 Bluvas, Betty 134,255 Bluvas, John 255 Bluvas, Ron 151 Bluvas, William 103,255 Board of Regents 198,199 Boatwright, Charles 255 Boberek, Frank 255 Bockelman, Don 103,141,255 Bde, Jim 128,145 Boehler, Ernest 255 Boehme, Denny 149 Boettcher, H. L. 255 Bogacz, Ann 131 Bogard, Jeanne 255 Bogardus, Dave 149 Bogner, Twila 255 Boguchwal, Steve 83 Bohany, Phil 102 Bohn, Warren 255 Boldon, Paul 255 Bolding, Charles 255 Boldt, Wayne 182 Bolton, Dale 76 Bolton, John 255 Bonifacio, Robert 255 Bonilla-Aceuedo, Tomas 255 Bonner, William 255 Boone, Linda 83 Boose, Enid 106 Boostrapper Dinner Dance 39 Borcyk, Jackie 91,136 Borden, Maureen 42,255 Barge, Paul 115,200,222 Borgman, R, P. 200 Borkowski, William 255 Borne, Larry 150 Borsheim, Jim 179,180,201 Boswell, Irving 255 Bourland, Frank 256 Boutin, Don 201 Bowden, Warren 256 Bowen, Bill 149 Bowen, Sue 129,131 Bowers, Delbert 256 Bowers, Robert 256 Bowling 187 Boyer, Walter 102,170 Boyd, Mary 256 Boyd, Mildred 256 Brdddy, Floyd 28,149 Bradley, James 256 Bradley, Judy 27 Bradley game 172 Braisted, Staryl 256 Bramblett, John 256 Brandon, William 256 Bratton, Paul 256 Braun, Wayne 74 Brawley, Horace 256 Breckenridge, James 256 Brekke, Sigurd 103,140,256 Brennan, Lowe ll 256 Brennan, Michael 256 Brereton, Stanley 256 Bretzius, William 256 Brewer, David 256 Brewer, Janice 74 Brightman, Linda 106 Brilhart, J. K. 230 Brin, Oliver 256 Briscoe, Marlin 172,175 Broad, Kathy 102 Brockman, Phil 256 Brodkey, Sandra 256 Brodkey, Sherman 138,257 Browkaw, Pot 60 Bronson, Don 257 Brooks, Jackson 257 Brooks, Kenton 104 Brooks, Merle E. 201,225,228 Brotherton, Judy 106 Brower, Barry 257 Brown, Archie 257 Brown, Barbara 22,23,157 Brown, Bobby 257 Brown, Bonnie 27 Brown, Francis 257 Brown, Jim 74,201 Brown, Judy 74 Brown, Lester 257 Brown, Marion 201 Brown, Roy 28 Brown, Steve 63,257 Brown, Sylvia 257 Brown, William 201,257 Browne, Dennis 179,180 Broyles, Gene 257 Brunk, John 257 Brunkow, Con 89,257 Brustkern, Richard 201 Bryan, Gerald 257 Bryant, Eddie 164,257 Bryant, William 243 Bryson, William 257 Bubnis, Bernadette 257 Buchanan, Sidney 43,201 Bucy, Lonnie 60 Budzowski, Benjamin 257 Bull, Charles 201,228 Bull, Richard 257 Bullock, Paul 142 Bunch, Harlow 257 Bundy, Frank 90 Bunger, Ken 74,148 Buntz, Carole 23 Bunz, Pat 43,47 Buras, Thomas 257 Burchell, Jim 146 Burdick, sdhdy, 74,137 Burgas, Lydia 83 Burke, Ronald 257 Burkhardt, Barbara 257 Burkholder, Kenneth 201 Burling, Buzz 91 Burns, Carol 76 Burns, Joe 61 Burns, Robert 258 Burt, John 258 Burton, Robert 258 Burton, Tom 143,258 Busch, Karl 201,228 Bush, Bushe Bushe Ray 148 y, Kenneth 258 y, Robert 258 "Bus Stop" 44 Butler, Jock 53,258 Butler, Jewel 258 Butler, Jim 33,146,164 Butler, Mark 76 Butler, Owen 258 Butler, Robert 258 Butler, R. R, 201 Butler, Tommy 258 Byars, Buford 223 Byrd, Willie 258 .C- Cackin, Jennifer 258 Cade, Larry 258 Caldwell, Larry 148 Callahan, Cheryl 74 Calvert, Ken 151 Campbell, Angus 22,23 Campbell, Corinne 53 Campbell, Judy 152 Campbell, Nora 258 Campbell, Robert 57 Campbell, Von 258 Camper, William 258 Canary, Robert 258 Caniglia, Al 170,201 Canon, Truman 258 Canterbury Club 60,62 Cardwell, Lloyd 162,182,201 Cardwell, Lloyd, Jr, 102,152,258 Carlson, Craig 152 Carlson, Frank 90 Carlson, Jim 146 Carmichael, Ernest 258 Carpenter, George 258 Carpenter, Raymond 90,258 Carr, Charles 258 Carrell, Linda 258 Carriere, Barbara 258 Carroll, Richard 258 Carruth, Daniel 258 Carter, David 57 Carter, Frederick 260 Carter, Jane 127,134,260 Cash, Debbie 76 Cash, Sharon 260 Caster, Nancy 136 Cathcart, Marcia 217 Cavanaugh, Robert 260 Cech, Tom 57,76 ceikd, Ed 57 Central Intercollegiate Indoor Meet 163 Cerny, Mel 57 Chadwick, Elbridge 260 Chalen, Harry 260 Chamberlain, Roger 143 Chambers, Jerry 260 Chang, Perry P. 201 Chapin, Neil 260 Chapman, LaVonne 101,260 Chase, DeEarI 57 Chattield, Doug 63 Chatlield, Janet 76 Cheyney, Paul 260 Chi Omega 132,133 Chivers, Edgar 260 Chlupacek, Rosie 260 Chair, University 76,82 Chonko, John 260 Chrisjohn, Robert 260 Christensen, Kathleen 260 Chrisman, Robert 140 Christian, Keith 260 Christian Science Organization 62 Christiansen, lvan 231 Christmas Convocation 76 C.l.C, Champions 170 Cirilo, Larry 60 Cisar, Ron 142 Clark, Clark cldrli, Clark, Clark Carl 260 Edwin L. 201 John 76 Robert 260 Thresa 73 cldrkf-2, William 260 "Ciao dia" 43 Claussen, Connie 201 Clevel arid, Lenny 148 Clevenger, Linda 47 Clifford, Donald 260 Clopton, Dave 26,28 Club, The 100 Coates, Robert 260 Cobry, Jerry 57,260 Caddington, Walter 260 cerfeir, Lloyd 91 Cohen, Melvin 139 Cohn, Arnold 260 Collin, James 260 Collins, Eugene 261 Collins, Jim 166,167 Collins, Tom 74,150 Collins, William 90 Calser, McKinney 261 Commencement, January 246 Commencement, June 244 Committee of the Future 225 Computer Center 97 Conalt, William 262 Concannon, Mary 26,28,262 Condon, Mike 28,57 Conger, Gerald 262 Conley, Samuel 262 Connell, Donald 201 Cook, Archie 261 cook, Ed 57,79 Coon, Clois 202 Cope, Michael 85 Cope, Robert 261 Copeland, Donald 261 Corbett, Richard 103 Corbett, Ron 261 Cordova, Anthony 261 Cords, Bob 56 Coren, Meyer 261 Coren, Mickey 104 Corinthians 111 Cormier, Johnny 261 Coschka, John 102,261 Cosina, Mavis 91 Coughlin, Joseph 261 Cowart, Erwin 261 Cowman, Jim 26 Cox, Curtis 74 Cox, Donald 85,144 Cox, Ronald 261 Craig, Edward 261 Crawford, Gerald 261 Crawford, Thomas 90 Creel, Joel 261 Crescent Girl 157 Cross, Raymond 261 Crum, Dennis 102 cmm, bon 170 Culp, James 261 Culver, Louis 261 Cummings, Jackie 261 Cummins, George 261 Cunningham, James 261 Curling 177 Curriculum Committee 227 Curry, Earl 202 Curtis, Claire 261 Cushenbery, D, C. 202,225 Custard, Diane 74,131,157 Custard, Norm 142 Cutest Pan-Ugliest Man 94 -D- Dahl, Gunnar 262 Dahlquist, Ellen 184 Dahnke, Alice 262 Daley, Kathy 58,62 Dalgleish, Jan 61,62 Dalley, Vard 262 Dolstrom, Harl 202 Damhaff, Eileen Wolfe 73 Danis, Lionel 262 Danton, Lawrence 202 Danze, Barbara 262 Darby, Charles 262 Darling, Don 143 Darling, Richard 262 Darrow, Lyle 262 Daugharty, lsham 262 Davidson, Roger 262 Davies, Charles 262 Davino, Louis 262 Davis, Bob 164 Davis, David 262 Davis, Eleanore 38,262 Davis, Davis George 90 Herbert 1 98 Davis, Joyce 262 Davis, Leslie 262 Davis, Norm 180 Davis, Rick 173 Davis Ronald 262 oavasj waiter 202 Dayto n, Kathy 130,262 Deanhofer, Ronald 262 Decker, Dave 26,57 Deines, Albert 262 Dekkers, Wilmina 263 Delahunty, Bernard 263 Delaney, Jeanne 169 Delles, Gerald 263 Delta Omicron 78 Delta Sigma Pi 140,141 DeMarco, Louis 263 Dempsey, William 263 Denelan, John 263 Dennis, Roger 102,263 Depperman, Robert 263 Desbrow, Bob 128 Desler, Dianne 133 Dewar, John 263 Di Bartolo, Santo 263 Dickinson, Bruce 124,152 Dierde, Marlene 83 Dillman, Marvin 263 Dillon, Dana 263 DiMaura, Kathy 91 Dinsmoor, John 263 Directors and Manaaers 223 Disante, Albert 263 oasbrow, Bob 150 Disch, Thomas 263 Dodd, Bill 173 Dodd, Walta 108 Dodge, Dick 143 Dodson, Leo 103,263 Doering, Charlotte 91 Doll, LeRoy 263 Domuret, Allen 263 Donovan, Rick 144 Donovan, T. W. 263 Dopler, Edward 263 Dopp, Lawrence 90,263 Dorsey, James 263 Dosenavich, Voiislav 202 Dostalek, Francis 53,263 Dougherty, Ella 202 Doughty, Jack 263 Dowling, James 264 Drain, Donald 264 Drake game 173 Drapeau, Donald 231 Drum, Julie 264 o,.,f,,, Loren 57,162,183,1B5,248, 264 Dubbe, Robert 264 Dubberly, Robert 264 Duchess of Delta Rho Gamma 152 Duda, Rudy 264 Dudro, Carl 264 Duffus, James 264 Duffy, John 264 Duggin, Richard 202 Duncan, Robert 264 Dunham, James 264 Dunn, Avis 264 Dunn, Jonell 76,131, 1 B4 Dunn, Joseph G. 202,225,228 Durr, Richard 264 Dusek, Joyce 264 Dustin, Dorothy 202 Dutch, Thomas 264 DuVall, Bill 26 Dwight, Henry 264 Dyer, Kenneth 202,247 Dyer, Leroy 151,156 Earnest, George 264 Easter Convocation 82 Eastern New Mexico game 173 Eastman, Rick 143 Eberhart, Carolyn 264 Eckiey, Mike 146,170 Eddy, Sharon 53,264 Edgren, Robert 264 Edmundson, Granville 264 Edmundsan, Robert 61 Edwards, Joan 124,137 Edwards, John A. 264 Edwards, John S. 264 Edwards, Terry 171 Eells, Gordon 265 Eglinton, William 265 Ehlers, L, E, 202 Ehlert, Richard 265 Ehna, P0111 178 Eldridge, Norman 265 Elias, Frank 102,265 Elliott, Marilyn 137 Ellis, James 265 Ellis, Orie 265 Elsasser, Bill 189 Emarine, Judith 265 Embree, John 265 Emerson, Jack 265 Emmons, Charles 265 Emporia State Game 173 England, George 265 Engle, Thelma 223 English, Manuel 265 Enos, Ernest, 265 Epperson, Julie 74,136 Epstein, Melvin 139 Erickson, Ragnar 265 Erickson, Ernest 57,62 Ericsson, John 147,173 Erikson, James 140 Erikson, Lester 265 Erxleben, Robert 27,28 Esculano, Teofilo 265 Eskesen, Kristine 265 ETV 114,115 Evonca, Michael 265 Evanoff, Jon 265 Evans, Charlie 265 Eveland, Dan 28,57 Eveland, Herb 151 Evenson, Virginia 104,265 Everhart, Mary Jo 61,83 Everhart, Robert 61 Everman, Ruth Ann 101 Exdenberg, Kathy 184 Exon, Steve 180 Eyberg, Sheila S8 Eyre, Lowell 150 -F- Fahrlander, D. C. 202 Fairbairn, Kathy 134,154 Fairley, Barb 83 Fall Elections 32 Fangman, Gail 265 Farr, Herschel 265 Farrell, Howertine 104 Faur, Donald 57,266 Favaro, Mike 151 Favor, Kathy 76 Feelhaver, Carol 266 Feener, Arnold 266 Fefkiner, Rick 74 Feldman ViVi 266 Fellers, Donald 266 Fellman, Susan 266 Felton, Audree 266 Fenn, Betty 266 Fergus, John 266 Ferguson, Charlotte 76 Ferguson, Terry 185 Ferring, Theodore 266 Fey, Gerald 90,266 Fiala, Mary 90,266 Filipowski, Jack 16 Fillman, Tom 266 Fischer, James 266 Fischer, John 266 Fischer, Kenneth 202 Fischer, Margaret 198 Fischer, Tom 30,145 Fisher, Gene 146 Fisher, James 266 Fisher, Ken 171 Fitzsimmons, Mike 60 Fiumane, Alfred 266 Flack, Laura 30,135 Flack, Linda 68,135,266 Fleischer, Charles 266 Fleming, Ballard 266 Flint, Ken 148 Flood, Daniel 266 Flores, Rosemary 78 Flowers, Mamie 266 Flowers, S. G. 266 Fluty, William 267 Flynn, Mike 148 Fogarty, Frank 198 Foot, George 57 Foral, Jim 61,62 Forbes, David 91 Forbes, Frank 202 Forcade, James 141,267 Ford, Cheryl 135 Foreman, John 267 Forinash, Carlen 267 Forman, Larry 144,267 Fart Hayes game 173 Foster, Denny 146 Foster, Lance 149 Foster, Richard 267 Fatopoulos, Dennis 267 Fous, Jim 148 Fox, Howard 267 Fox, Leslie 267 Foy, William 267 Francisco, Anna 267 Francke, Warren 29,70,202 Frandsen, Frank 267 Frank, Virginia 202 Franklin, Jack 267 Franklin, Renee 267 Franks, Sheila 76 Franznick, John 267 Franzyshen, Karol 267 Fraser, Donald 267 Fraser, James 267 Fredericksen, Linda 91 Freedman, Bernard 267 Frieheit, Gene 267 French, Larry 44,47 French, William 267 Freshman Class Officers 32 Friedman, Robert 138,267 Frye, James 267 Frye, Walter 74 Fuerst, Dava 30,74,76,137,184 Fugate, Denver 267 Fielding, Kenneth 231 "Fumed Oak" 43 Furlough, Horace 267 Furlough, Jennings 267 .G- Gaborik, Car 268 Gabrik, John 268 Gadway, Charles 268 Gahm, William 268 Gain, Phil 146 Gaines, William 268 Gallagher, Gerald 268 Gamble, William 268 Gamma Pi Sigma 93 Gamma Theta Upsilon 90 Gandy, Lynell 268 Garnaas, Pearl 268 Garofolo, Rosalie 136 Garrison, Lew 164,171 Garrison, Sue 74,78 Garwoad, Charles 268 Gateway Editorial Staff 27 Gateway Football Night 169 Gateway Staff 26,27 Gatewood, Jack 44,268 Gawler, William 268 Gaybig, Kathy 53 Gehrig, Doug 144 Geist, Robert 268 Geldis, Elaine 268 Gember, James 268 Gene Eppley Library 212 Genzler, Albert 268 George, John 268 Geppert, Lawrence 268 Gerbracht, William 128,223 Gerry, Kathy 74,78 Gervosio, Anthony 268 Getzsman, Linda 60 Gfeller, Brian 204 Gibb, Dick 148 Gibbons, Charles 204 Gibilisco, Ross 57 Giblin, Richard 91 Gibson, Richard 204 Giddings, Pat 162 Giese, Karl 268 Giesen, Larry 268 Gilbert, Judy Eichharn 243 Gilbert, Harvey 268 Gilbertson, Edwin 268 Gildersleeve, Charles 204 Giles, Dennis 7B,79,26B Giles, Gerald 141 Gill, William 268 Gilles, Clarence 268 Gilmore, Edward 270 Gilmore, Gary 164,167 Gilmore, Janice 270 Gilson, Emma 270 Girovard, Gary 164,167 Gisler, John 270 GivenS, William 270 Glasier, George 104 Glasgow, Don 162 Glass, James 270 Glidden, Wayne 204 Glover, Rupert 270 Gober, Floyd 270 Godsey, Orin 57 Goduto, Phil 101,102 Goeooer, sue 74,129,137 Goff, Mel 94,143 Goldberg, Norman 270 Golf 176 Gonzalez, James 270 Goodman, Carl 171 Goodman, William 270 Goodspeed, Keith 270 Goodwin, Edward 270 Goodland, Carolyn 47 Goomis, John 270 Gare, Warren 231 Gorgen, William 270 Gorman, Frank 199,204,223 Gorman, Russel D. 102,204,225, 228 Gorr, Ernest 102,204 Gore, Warren 231 Gorton, Lynn 59,74,132 Gorup, Mimi 134 Gould, Ken 162,182 Grace, Rich 189 Gradua Gradua te Council 228 te lnterns 230 Grafton, Marsha 22,23,27,58,133 Graham, Carol 223 Graham, Olive 60 Grain o f Sand 100 Grant, Gregory 270 Grosso, Grass0, Bev 30,131 Sam 144,189 Gray, Glyn 270 Gray, P aul 74 Greco, Joseph 270 Greek Royalty 152,153,154,155, 156,157,158,159 Greek Week Banquet 122,123 Green, Donald 270 Green, Gene 270 Green, Leonard 270 Green, Lowell 270 Green, Richard 270 Green, Roger 74 Green Sonia 204 Greenberg, Samual 198 Greene, Larry 148 Greenwood, Edward 270 Gregerson, William 38,271 Gregory, Gerald 271 Greguras, Francis 271 Greguras, Fred 271 Griffin, James 271 Griffin, Lorayne 271 Griffin, William 271 Gronborg, Martin 57 Grove, Sandy 74,137 Grubbs, William 271 Grube, Carole 133 Gugas, Chris 271 Gulizia, Richard 271 Gum, Cheryl 74 Gum, Ert J. 204 Gusak, Ted 147 Gustafson, Bob 146 Guthrie, Bobbie 271 Gyuyler, Charles 271 -H- Haas, Bill 171,180,181 Haber, Joseph 271 Haddock, Jon 76 Hadley, Nathaniel 271 Haeberlein, Fred 143 Hafers, Ernest 271 Hagenbuch, Norman 271 Hall, Douglas 271 Hall, Harold 144,158 HQ11, Joyce 271 Hall, Richard 185 Holla, Barry 141 Hallas, Mary 271 Halley, Dick 143 Hallis, Joseph 271 Halmstad, Allen 38,271 Halperin, Diane 58 Haluzo, Rudolph 271 Hamilton, Robert 271 Hammer, Deanne 123,242,243 Hammer, Edward 271 Hammer, Larry 57,248,271 Hammond, Janet 272 Hancock, Sondra 272 Hancox, Robert 204 Hanek, Diane 76,184 Hanek, Marcia 184 Haney, Vincent 272 Hanneman, Bud 145 Hansen , Bob 146 Hansen, Diane 272 Hansen, Dorothy 106 Hansen, Gordon 204 Hansen, Grace 76 Hansen, Larry 272 Hansen LeRoy 272 Hanseni Lyle 148 Hansen, Richard 272 Hanson Donald 272 Hafdar,,'H1mm 272 Hardt, Howard 272 Harkne ss, Charles 204,223 HQVUUH, Lalean 76 Harper, Robert D. 199,204,243 Harps, James 272 Harriman, William 204 Harris, George T, 225,228 Harris, Teddy 272 Horror-1, Dennis 272 Harrop, Joseph 272 Harsh, Yvonne 223 Hart, Mike 148 Hartford, R, 1.. 204 Hartsell, Henry 272 Hartwell, Ralph 272 Harvey, Michael 74,76,79 315 316 Hasaka, Robert 231 Haselwood, Verne 204 Hasty, Dave 76,78 Hatfield, Oliver 272 Hatley, Hubert 272 Hattersley, James 272 Hausman, Leon 272 Hauth, Janet 272 Hawthorne, Frank 272 Hayek, James 103 Hayden, Kent 273 Hayes, Mary Beth 74,137 Hayes, Sam 151 Hayes, Terry 63 Haynes, Gerald 273 Haynes, Jim 74 Hays, B. H, 273 Hays, Sterling 273 Hays, Terence 273 Hayward, Jim 147,273 Hazard, Forrest R. 204,225,228 Hearty, Jerome 57 Heath, James 273 Hedegaard, Kenneth 273 Heenarl, Tom 61 Hehir, Diana 273 Heib, George 273 Helgesan, Mike 74,79 Holllgso, Ruth 34,228 Helligso, Tom 32,144 Helling, George 205 Helmann, Eleanor 273 Helmer, Donald 273 Helms, Howard 273 Helmstadter, Carl W. 199,205 Heluica, Bill 142 Hemsath, Nancy 131 Henderson, Archie 273 Henderson, Clarence 273 Hendrick, Edward 273 Hennig, Judy 273 Henning, Bob 151 Henrson, Bill 142 Henry, Cecil 273 Hense, Frank 273 Hensley, Maurice 273 Henton, Bob 102 Herek, Tim 26,28 Herek, Tom 27 Herlchin, Judy 91 Hernandez, Leodore 273 Herzog, Muriel 205 Hess, Kathryn 205 Hewitt, Alice 61,91 ,273 Hewitt, Rev. Robert 60 Hewitt, Vesta 102 Heybaer, Jay 273 Hickman, Terry 149 Hicks, Barbara 273 Higgins, Michael 273 High School Speech Institute 65 Higley, Wayne 205,228 Hildebrandt, Bob 142 Hill, Albert s. 205 Hill, Barbara 273 Hill, Benjamin 274 Hill, Daryl 79 Hill Elizabeth 205 242 Hill, Jock A. 205,225 Hill Jim Dan 80 Hill Mike 83,90 Hill Peter 205,232 Hill Robert 274 Roger 274 Hlll, Hllhouse, Chester 274 Hlllstrom, Hugo 274 Hilton, Raymond 274 Hilynrd, Joyce 104 Hines, Edwin 76 Hinote, Martin 274 Hintzen, Martin 274 Hirsch, Peter 274 Hlrsh, Donald 274 Hiteshew, James 274 Hitzell, Carol 134 Hoag, Earl S. 59 Hobbs, Harlan 274 l-looh, John 274 Hackett, William 205 Hackman, Donald 274 Hodges, Paul 274 Hoenshell, R. Craig 128,144,274 Hoffman, Dennis 74 Hoffman, Mary 101,274 Hoffman, Rackie 144 Hofman, Rodney 274 Holderness, Charles 57 Holiday Convocations 82 Holloday, John 274 Hollenbeck, Ronald 274 Holley, Leta 205 Holley, Tilden 274 Holly, Philip 274 Holmes, Roxanne 58,184 Holmquist, Marji 58,122,132 Holt, Lyle 274 Holtom, Stanley 274 Holtz, LeRoy 205 Homecoming Game 70 Home Economics Club 98 Homewood, Vera 274 Homolka, Ann 76 Honey, Spencer 274 Honke, Donald 275 Honorary Colonel 56 Honors Banquet 1 12 Honors Convocation B1 Hooper, Albert 275 Hoover, Alma 275 Hopkins, Sharon 132,184 Horn, Alton 275 Hornig, Marty 148 Hornstein, Bess 275 Horseman, George 275 Hosack, Darrell 74 Hossack, James 205 Houghton, Donald 275 Hourlier, Jacques 275 Howard, Jerry 275 Howard, Kenn 63 Howard, Robert 275 Howell, Helen 101,205 Howell, Joe 275 Howitz, Ivan 275 Hoza, Paul 275 Hrasky, Franklin 275 Hronek, Mary 275 Hronek, Sheri 29 Hruska, Robert 275 Hudson, Buff 74 Hueser, Ralph 275 Huff, Edward 102 Huggins, Hoyt 275 Hughes, Bernie 27 Hughes, Dick 63,275 Hughes, Velda 275 Hughes, Willie 275 Hulse, Melvin 38,275 Hultman, Ray 162 Humberstone, Lar'y 275 Humphrey, John 275 Hunacek, Gerry 57,89 Hunt, Barbara 135 Hunt, Warren 275 Hunt, Wilfred 276 Hunter, Alfred 276 Hunter, Georgia 58,101,131 Hunter, Joyce 43,207,276 Huntley, David 276 Hunzeker, H. L. 205,225,228 Hurlburt, Delores 58,63,129,135 Hurley, Kathy 184 Hurley, Michael 276 Hurst, Francis 147,183,185,205, 242 Hurst, John 276 Hutcherson, Nickey 276 Hutchison, Ronald 276 Hutchison, Tarn 170 Hyatt, Howard 276 Hybner, Dave 150 Hyde, Radford 276 Hyland, John 276 Idaho State game 172 lhrke, Charles 104,276 Inauguration 219 lndiannes 74 lndoor Track 162 Ingham, Charles 104,205 lnghram, B, J, 128,143 Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers 88 lnterfraternity Council 128 lnterfraternity Council Mixer 120 International Students Organization 83 lntille, Michael 276 Intramurals 186 Intramural Wrestling 189 lpmaoues 184 Irwin, wallaofn 276 Isaacson, Kristy 129,169 Ishii, Conrad 142 lvers, Richard 276 Ivey, Claude 76 .J- Jackson, Dale 276 Jackson, Ed 173 Jackson, James 276 Jacobs, Frederick 276 Jacobs, George 276 Jacobs, Irene 137 Jacobsen, Carol 91 Jacobson, Arthur 276 Jacobson, R. E. 276 Jacobson, R. J. 276 Jocquay, Louls 276 James, Ralph 277 Jameson, George 277 Jansen, Bill 147,172 Janson, John 277 Janssen, Carl 277 Jaszkowiak, Eileen 76,78,95 Jaynes, William 205,228 Jeffers on, Don 74 Jeffreys, Alfred 277 Jeffreys, Bob 146 Jelen, Claude 145 Jelinek, Sheila 130 Jenkins, Dodie 94,129,134,135, 277 Jensen Jensen Jensen Jensen Jensen , Arnold 38,248,277 , Judy 34,35 , Leonard 277 , Nancy 277 Norman 104,277 Jernigcin, Wendell 277 Jeska, Ramon 277 Jeter, John 71,72 Jobst, John 277 Johns, Johns, J ohnso Johnso Janis 137 Ralph 90,277 n, Arlan 76 n, Charles D. 277 Johnson, Charles R. 277 Johnson, Darlene 277 Johnson, Dianne 28,83 Johnson, Dwight 277 Johnson, Gary 42 Johnson, George 53 Johnson, Henry C. 277 Johnson, Henry C. 277 Johnson, Herb 164 Johnson, James 277 Johnso n, Julian 277 Johnson, Karen 130 Johnson, Kenneth 277 Johnson, LeMoyne 79 Johnson, Lorene 277 Johnson, Pat 27,136 Johnson, Rich 150 Johnson, Rick 74,79 Johnson, Rlta 75 Johnson, S, J. 5a,133,l53,l56 Johnson, Sylvia 277 Johnson, Tom 277 Johnson, Vern 27,28 Johnso n, Walt 30 Johnson, Willard 278 Johnston, James 205 Johnston, Randall 278 Johnstanbaugh, Merle 278 Johnstone, Elmer L. 54,57 Jolin, Joseph 278 Jonas, Carl 208 Jones, Edward 278 Jones, Gerald 278 Jones, James 278 Jones, Junlus 278 Jones, Lasko 278 Jones, Mike 143,152,278 Janes, Ollie 278 Jones, Otis 27B Janes, William 278 Jordal, Mary Lee 106 Jordan, Sara 278 Jorgensen, Clark 90 Jorgensen, John 278 Jorgensen, Richard 278 Jasilllan, Sister M. 278 Journalism Awards Banquet 29 Juhl, Alyceann 75,78 Juhl, Jerry 278 Juhl, Larry 142 Junior Class Officers 33 Junior Prom 31 Junior Prom Queen 31 Justice, Harold 278 -K- Kaczmorek, Kathy 61 Kaeser, William G. 203,208 Kahm, Melody 101 Kahre, Charlene 278 Kaipust, Charles 278 Kanger, Bernie 173 Kappa Delta Pl 101 Karre, Lyle 128,151 Karre, Pat 58, I 29,133,158,278 Kaske, Elward 278 Kaspar, Jim 76,142,278 Kasper, Gary 57 Kasper, Richard 278 Kasperbauer, James 278 Kathol, Eugene 57 Kauppila, Calvin 279 Kavalek, Dan 140 Kavon, Greg 172 Kavon, Joyce 59 Kawami, Dave 53 Kay, Jim 147 Keast, Barb 123 Keast, Stanley 279 Keator, Hervey 279 Keefover, Carol 132 Keefover, Harold 222 Keel, Mary 279 Kiem, Mike 151,158 Keith, Linwood 279 Keith, Robert 279 Kellams, D. F. 208 Kelley, Terry 149 Kelly, Dorothy 279 Kelly, John 279 Kelly, Francis 231 Kemnitz, Ernest 207 Kempe, Harry 279 Kennedy, Paul 208,225,228 Kenny, Ann 61 Kenslnger, Harry 91 Kent, Gary 279 Kenwarthy, Mary 108 Keppel, C. Robert 208,225 Kerr, Joseph 279 Kershner, Clark 279 Kervahn, Raymond 279 Keskinen, Richard 279 Kessinger, Sue 76,95,137 Kessinger, Valaura 279 Ketcham, Leonard 279 lcololsen, Clyde 71,l04,162,163, 185,279 Kettle, Marie 279 Key, George 279 Keyes, Robert 203,279 Keyser, James E. 54,279 Keyser, Tim 142 Kibbon, Ron 151 Kiernan, Keith 140 Kiewit, Peter 198 Killian, Margaret 208 Kllloran, William 279 kllnlofy, Alvin 280 Kilpatrick, Judy 43 Kimball, Frank 280 King, Harry 280 King Satan 159 - Kinney, Edwin 208,223,225 Klntner, William 80 Kirby, James 280 Klrsh, Jim 74 Kirkpatrick, Toby 280 Kiser, James 280 Kislcki, Don 61 Kissinger, Forrest 280 Kitchens, Harrell 280 Klepper, Dan 173 Klosterman, Edward 139 Kluge, Phil 148 Klundt, Roland 280 Knaack, Frank 280 Knapp, Kathie 101,280 Knebel, Derwaod 280 Knickman, John 148 Knight, Jimmy 280 Knight, Roy 280 Knights of Chi Omega 152 Knotek, Jim 148 Kochanowicz, Anne 280 Koclna, Mavis 83 Koehler, Joseph 280 Koenig, Bernard 223 Koepff, Kathy 74 Kolash, Carol 280 Kolasky, alone 91 Kolell, Linda 30,131 Konon, LaVerne 124,136 Koontz, William 280 Koop, Ken 143 Kopecky, Gary 57 Koral, Stewart 280 Koser, Chynne 26,58,130,217 Kawalewski, Duane 61,83 Kozak, David 280 Kozal, Ella 280 Kozeny, Leroy 223 Koziol, Charles 147 Krawczyk, Joseph 280 Kreader, Mary 280 Krebs, Linda 280 Krecek, John 60,62,140,280 Krehbiel, Larry 164,165,167 Krejci, James 128 Krenzer, Robert 222 Kress, Conrad 280 Krieg, George 280 Krieger, Alice 282 Kriesel, Darlene 59 Kroeger, Virgil 231 Krogh, Gordon 149 Krogh, Jean 58,133 Krogh, John 282 Krom, Gilbert 282 Kronberg, Karen 61 Kros, Tom 149 Krueger, James 282 Kruntorod, Joann 33,169 Krystopik, Norm 189 Kucera, Barbara 44,131 Kucera, Carole 282 Kugelmann, Robert 282 Kuhns, Eugene 282 Kulish, Craig 83 Kuncel, Harriet 282 Kundel, Ray 149 Kurth, Bert 187,208 Kurtz, Jim 76 Kon, Karen 136 Kurz, Max 162,185 Kutllek, Dan 164 Kuzmic, Charles 282 Kynard, Warren 282 -L- LaBreCque, Virginia 282 LoBute, Tom 62 LoCascia, Joseph 208 LaCasse, Joseph 282 LaCourse, Roger 282 LaFollette, Larry 282 LaFon, Kenneth 282 Lamb, John 282 Lambda Chi Alpha 142,143 Lambda Chi Honorary Pledge 157 Lambda Chl Mardi Gras Queen 155 Lambert, W. C. B. 208 Lambertsan, William 282 LaMontia, Marilyn 282 Landry, Edward 282 Landstrom, Diane 133 Lane, Pam 103 Lane, Robert 44,47,208,282 Lanelli, Lester 282 Laney, Robert 282 Lang, Joyanne 137 Lang, Rich 164 Lang, Thomas 283 Lange, Melvin 283 Langer, Pat 30 Lanier, Roy 283 LaPine, James 283 Larsen, Charles 208 Larsen, David 140 Larsen, Gary 26 Larson, David 141,283 Larson, Donald 283 Larson, Paul 283 Larson, Phillip 283 Larson, Rodney 283 LaRue, Carl 283 Lasater. John 283 Lassiter, Billy 283 Latham, Louis 283 Lotta, Harald 283 Laurendine, Walter 283 Laursen, Carl 283 Laux, William 283 Law, John 283 Lawrence, J. W. 283 Lawrence, Norman 283 Lazerson, Gordon 57,139 Leach, William 283 Leaders, Terry 148 Leakey, Robert 283 Leary, James 283 Lee, Francis 283 Lee, Harold 283 Lee, Howard 284 Leer, Boyd 284 LeFever, Bud 282 Lefler, Clarence 222 Legler, Jan 284 Leibman, Paul 91 Leighton, Henry 284 Leiter, Bernard 284 LeMar, William 208,228 Lemar, Paul 284 Lemoine, Edward 284 Lenassi, John 284 Lenz, Harold 144,164,171 Leonard, Billy 284 Lett, James 284 The Lettermen 48 Leuck, Daniel 284 Lewis, Barry 139 Lewls, C. Glenn 208 Lewis, Donald 284 Lewis, Duane 284 Lewis, George 284 Lewis, Gerri 284 Lewls, Terry 104 Lewis, William 284 Library Committee 226 Lidolph, AI 142 Liefer, Omer 284 Lindamood, Lindo 130,154 Lindberg, Larry 61,74 Lindig, Robert 284 Lindsey, Mike 149 Lindsey, Rosalie 284 Lindstrom, Marsha 137 Linstromberg, Walter 208 Lipsey, Stanley 29 Livingston, lra 284 Logan, Linda 47,59,130 Longacre, Allan 208 Lord, Ellen 208,222 Lord, Eugene 284 Lorenzen, Jac 27 Lartz, Dale 164,167 Loso, Gregg 41,43,47 Low, Dallas 285 Lowden, Ralph 284 Lewe, Bob 164,172 Lowry Stanley 284 Lowy, Robert 284 Lucas, John W. 199,208 Lucht, Ken 57 Luddington, Frank 285 Luaue, John 285 Lundahl, Vera 209 Lundgren, Rich 27,28 Lunsford, Nancy 58, 76,78,135,285 Lunt, S. R. 209 Lynch, James 285 Lyon, Kenneth 285 1M1 Maas, Ken 102 Mack, Pat 78 Macintosh, Robert 285 Mackert, Paul 285 MacLeod, Anne 207 MacPherson, Robert 285 Madigan, Dennis 28,285 Madison, Curt 53 Madry, James 285 Madsen, Ronnie 285 Maertens, James 285 Magner, Jerry 74,79 Maguire, Jerry 285 Magzamin, Paula 91 Mahan, Don 140,285 Mahan, Richard 74,78,146 Mahoney, Janice 74 Mahony, James 285 Maides, Tam 17B Ma-ie Day 34,35,36,37 Ma-ie Day floats 36 Maiorka, Philip 285 Maieski, Thomas 43,209 Major, Louis 285 Makris, Dion 285 Malamo, Gene 148 Malik, Jock 74,79,209 Mallame, Gene 91 Malone, Eubert 285 Maloney, Woody 143 Melereed, Mike 79 Mann, Leslie 285 Maning, Barbara 63 Mannan, Duane 128,248,285 Manson, Donald 209 Marabita, Margaret 38,285 Morden, Martin 285 Markow, Nicholas 286 Marquardt, D. N. 209,228 Marquez, Pascuel 286 Marston, Anson 209,228 Martin, Clifford 286 Martin, Cora 209 Martin, Howard 62 Martinez, Samuel 286 Martino, Robert 90 Marvel, Richard 209 Massara, Mary 97,131,184 Massara, Victor 141 Matechik, Joseph 286 Mathenia, Lonnie 286 Mathis, Michael 286 Matlock, Donald 286 Matson, Patti 27,68,69,71,72,123, 133,169,286 Matson, Toni 30,33,68,132 Matthews, George 286 Matthiesen, Janice 106 Maurer, Joseph 286 Maxwell, Don 76,146 Maxwell, Gordon 286 May, Clyde 286 May, James 286 Mayer, Arthur 286 McArdle, G. M, 223 McCann, Robert 286 McCarthy, Chet 26,28 McCartney, Joe 209 McCartney, Richard 286 McCarville, Jerome 286 McCaulley, Marion 209 McClure, Marcia 286 McC1urg, Lynn 286 McCombs, James 286 McCannaughay, Jim 148 McCormack, Robert 286 McCormick, George 286 McCormick, John 286 McCormick, Ken 57 McCoy, Judy 34 McCullough, William 287 MCDole, Kenneth 287 McDonald, Allie 287 McDonald, Joanne 287 McDonald, Travis 287 McDowell, Bob 57 McDowell, Richard 287 McElwee, Catherine 287 McEwen, Ken 164,167,287 Mc Fad den, Willie 287 McFarland, Joseph 287 McFarlin, Kathy 155 McGee, Robert 287 McGinn, Tom 171 McGivern, Parlan 287 McGlaun, Harold 287 McGlohon, Robert 287 McGlynn, Dan 74,79,287 McGranahan, Robert 209,222 McGruder, Cal 173' McGuire, Kathy 58,74,79,130,287 McGui re, Marlene 58,74,79,287 McHugh, Eleanor 74 McHugh, Jeri 91,130 McHugh, Mary 287 McHugh, Teri 184 Mclver, William 287 McKaig, Robert 287 McKee, Thomas 287 McKenzie, Debbie 74,154 McKernan, Mae D. 209 McLaughlin, James 287 McLean, Dale 287 McLean, Francis 209 McLean, James 287 McLellan, Richard 209 McMahon, Denny 149 McMahon, Jim 162,182 McMahon, John 287 McMichael, Don 128,148 McMichael, Lyle 288 McMillan, Cynthia 243 McMillan, John 209 McMorris, Bob 29 McMullen, Gary 288 McNulty, Chuck 94 McPherson, Mary 74 Means, Raymond 209 Meek, Bobbi 74,136 Meckle, Mary 43 Mefford, Marsha 58,132 Mehrer, Ludwig 288 Meidlinger, Kathy 30 Meidlinger, Leo 26,288 Melana, Ron 102 Mellor, Stephen 288 Menard, Orville 209 M,E.N.C, 78 Mench, Mike 145 Mench, John 288 Mende, Parsla 135,288 Mendelsohn, Melvin 288 Mendoza, Eda 83 Menock, Mike 104 Menze, Mary Kay 74,76 Meredith, Dan 102 Meredith, Merllyn 107 Mertz, Gene 30,53,151 Messenger, Robert 288 Metts, Bobby 288 Meurrens, Marilyn 288 Meyer, Ken 63 Meyer, Lawrence 288 Meyer, Richard 288 Meyers, Carl 164,173,180 Minarcini, Joanne 210 Minake, Ron 83 Minteer, Joyce 210 Mirasky, Charlene 61,137 Miscoan, Mardee 136 Mitchell, John 289 Mitchell, Ram 43,207 The Mitchell Trio 49 Mixan, John 147 Miyamoto, Theodore 289 Mabley, Carter 180 Modeck, John 289 Madisett, Thomas 289 Moeller, Clarice 101 Moline, Margo 289 Mone, James 289 Money, G. David 91 Montague, Ronald 289 Montgomery, Robert 289 Montgomery, Sue 53 Mooney, John 289 Moore, Charles 289 Moore, David 210 Moore, John 289 Moore, Kay 289 Moore, Leon 289 Moore, Linda 74,78 Moore, Mike 145 Moore, Robin 85 Moore, Sharon 133 Moore, Thomas 73,210 Moore, Troy 289 Moore, William 289 Moravac, Wes 142 Morford, Ron 32,145 Morgan, Charles 289 Morgan, Ralph 146 Morningside game 172 Morrell, Donald 289 Morris, Charles 289 Morris, Nancy 104 Morris, Paul 289 Morrow, Edward 289 Mortensen, Suzi 129,132 Moser, Jane 289 Mosher, Kathy 53 Moss, Carol 131 Mast, Woodrow 210 Mota, Manuel 289 Mote, Thomas 289 Moulton, Bruce 104,290 Moulton, C. F. 198 Mowles, Walter 290 Muchemore, Franklin 290 Muckey, James 290 Muffin, Greg 123,128,149 Muldoon, Margie 131 Mullen, Clarke 210 Mullins, Eryl 184 Mulry, James 61 Mulvey, Francis 290 Munz, Alfred 290 Murgatroyd, Donald 290 Newcomer, Jacque 68,69,129, 136,290 Newcomer, Shirley 137,169 Newell, Mary Jean 131 Newkirk, Glen 210 Newman Club 61 Newman, William 292 Newport, Gene 210,228 Newton, Charles 292 Newton, John 210 Newville, Jerry 178 Newzell, Dale 292 Nlce, Terence 292 Nichols, Albert 292 Nichols, Clyde 292 Nicholson, R. W, 210,222 Nickerson, Walter 292 Nlcolini, John 292 Nielsen, Gary 292 Nielsen, Randy 147 Nielsen, Sandy 76,134 Nielson, Robert 292 Nikovich, Peter 292 Nacita, Frank 63,142,292 Nord, Roclyn 136 Northern llllnais game 172 Novak, John'292 Novotny, Dan 28 Nugent, John Peer 84 Nunemaker, Roger 292 Nurses 106,107 Nyholm, Hedrig 210 .0- Oakes, Curtis 292 Obrecht, Pam 292 Ochsner, James 222 O Club 185 O'Connor, Constance 292 O'Connor, Terrence 292 Oberdorfer, Carl 76 Oberlander, Keith 210 Oberle, Rod 143 Oden, Lucian 292 Ogborn, Richard E. 1 12 Ogle, Frederic 292 O'Gwynn, William 292 O'Hara, Richard 292 Ohlemacher, Judith 293 O'Keefe, Robert 293 Okimota, Frederick 293 Oldis, Frank 293 O'Leary, Martin 293 Oleson, Gale 210,223 Oliver, Marvin 293 Olson, Marion 293 Olson, Robert 293 Omicron Delta Kappa 111 onrlrlle, Dennis 102,162,163,171 Onder, John 210 Oppermann, Milton 293 Pastory, Marsha 32,9l,133 Patach, Dorothy 21 1 Patterson, Janet 74,136 Patton, David 293 Paulsen, Janice 293 Payant, Dick 127 Payne, Karen 23,133 Payne, Pateick 294 Peacock, James 294 Pearson, John 223 Pease, Patti 61 Pechous, JoAnne 74,137 Pedersen, Herbert 294 Pedrini, D. T. 211 Pelan, Ken 172 Pelowski, Mike 144 P.E. Majors and Minors 108 Pen and Sword Society 38 Pennington, Wesley 294 Perchal, Joyce 136 Perdue, William 294 Perkins, Ralph 142 Perrigo, Charlie 146 Pesek, D. C. 91 Peters, Kermit 211 Petersen, Diann 33,59,101, Petersen, George 102 Petersen, Harold 104,294 Petersen, James 294 Petersen, Lynn 144 Petersen, Roy 294 Petersen, Tom 138 Petersen, Walter 294 Peterson, Diann 184,231 Peterson, Evelyn 294 Peterson, Peterson, Peterson. Peterson, Petrosek, James 21 1 Joseph 294 Paul V. 22,29,211, Richard 294 John 294 Petr, Joan 294 Petracea, John 294 Pflasterer, Donald 199,211 Pfeiffer, Dewey 294 Pfeninger, Doug 142 Phi Eta Sigma 110 Phi Mu Alpha 79 Philip, Willis 294 Phillips, Eugene 294 Phillips, Jim 44,147 Phillips, William 294 Pickard, Nancy 101,137 Pickens, James 294 Pi Epsilon Kappa 102 Pi Kappa Alpha 144,145 Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl 158 Pi Kappa Alpha Queen Flush 155 Pixley, Carl 294 Plack, Charlotte 61 Plotner, Linda 133,184 Playfoot, Marlon 21 1 Plendl, Margaret 294 Plummer, Louis 294 Murphy, Bob 162 Murphy, Cathi 61,91 Murphy, Kltti 58,133 Murray, Robert 290 Murtaugh, Tom 178 Musolino, Anthony 290 Mutch, Edward 290 Myers, Charles 102,290 Myers, Frank 290 Myers, James 290 Myers, Joel 290 ..N1 National Conference on Higher Education Facilities 65 Orchesis 109 O'Rellly, R. C. 210 Orlowski, Joseph 293 Orr, Bill 143 Osborn, Clive 293 Osborne, Douglas 217 Osman, David 293 oeley, Bill 47 Otpal, Mark 142 Over, Mary Ann 130 Overfield, Richard 210 Overholser, Merle 293 Owens, Randy 30,143 Ox Olmypics, 1965, 126 Ox Olympics, 1966, 127 -P- Meyers, Charlie 180 Meyers, Jim 179 Michael, A. L. 288 Michal Middle enko, Bill 57,79 ton, Frank 288 Mikulanicz, George 288 Mikutis, Albert 288 Mllek, Marilyn 133 Miles, Jim 149,288 Miliefsky, Allen 288 Military Ball 57 Miller, Barry 288 Miller, Bernie 180 Miller, Bert 209 Miller, George 288 Miller, John 142 Miller, John D, 209 Miller, Larry 288 Miller, Marlene 47,136 Miller, Pat 58,288 Maller, Phyllis 209 Miller, Ralph 288 Miller, Richard 289 Miller, Miller, Roosevelt 289 William 289 Miloni, Dan 144 Naylor, Kirk 54,199,210 Nazario, Amadeo 210 Neal, Donald 290 Neel, Edwin 162,290 Nehmer, Kenneth 231 Nefr, Paul 290 Negley, Maxcia 290 Nekuda, Sharon 61 Nelsas, Edmund 290 Nelson, Bob 128,147 Nelson, Dave 143 Nelson, Orville 290 Nelson, Rose 290 Nelson, Sheila 83,290 Nelson, Steve 30,147,158 Nelson, Sue 63 Nelson, Timothy 79,143,290 Nelson, William 290 Ness, Pam 130 Netwig, Ken 178 Netwig, Veron 290 Neubecker, Chuck 150 Neuberger, Mary Kay 130 Neumann, Gary 102,170 Neville, William 290 Nevins, Lynne 290 Pace, William 293 Paden, John 180 Page, Joyce 74 Paiper, Bob 148 Palevicus, Anne 293 Palmer, Darlene 101 Palmer, Morrie 27 Palmer, Robert 293 Palmer, Russell 210 Palmerton, Thomas 210 Panebianco, Frank 293 Panhellenic Council 128 Paporella, Gary 102 Parham, Allan 47 Parizek, Mike 61 Park, David 293 Parker, Dan 28,145 Parker, Jock 293 Parker, John 293 Parker, Donald 293 Parrish, John 293 Paskins, Jerry 143 Paskoff, Dalia 293 Pastorino, Marie 293 Plymate, Cheryl 132 Poage, Earl 21 1 Poff, Bill 57 Poirldexter, Dave 180 Polifrone, Don 172 Pollard, Percy 294 Pollay, Gilbert 294 Pollock, Roger 294 Poole, Jacob 295 Paaser, Lucius 295 Ponder, William 295 Pope, Richard 295 Pope, William 295 Poppino, Mary 295 Porter, John 295 Porter, Keith 295 Porter, William 295 Partis, James 295 Posanka, Gerald 295 Posey, Charles 295 Pospichal, Terri 156 Potts, Laurence 295 Penlrssh, Philip 295 Paulson, Billie 56 Povilaltls, John 295 Powell, Lloyd 295 Powell, Walter 295 Power, Dierdre C. 83,91 Power, Gary 162,163 Powers, Clarke 57 Prazen, Lois 58,130 Pre-Med Club 107 President's Faculty Advisory Committee 228 President's Review 54 Press Club 28 Prestwich, Leonard 103,211 Prewett, Cheryl 21 1,225 Prewitt, Leo 146 Price, Dan 147 Price, Joann 295 Priddy, James 295 Priesman, Linda 26,28,7O 132 225 317 1 1 318 Pringle, Elza 295 Pritchard, Mike 295 Proctor, Claude 295 Proffit, Ken 148,158 Prucha, Rev. Francis B0 Psi Chi 63 Pugh, Gary 295 Pugmire, James 295 Pullen, Ronald 211,223 Pulliam, Oscar 170 Purcell, Harry 295 Purdy, Beth 74,102 Putman, David 296 Pycha, Julie 296 .Q- Quayle, Thomas 296 Querry, Mike 151 Quick, Gerald 296 Quinn, Daniel 296 Quinn, Joseph 296 -R- Rachfard, George 199,21 1,228 Raciborski, Edward 296 Roddish, Steve 74 Radosevich, Charles 296 Radosevich, Dianne 90 Ragland, William 296 Raincsuk, William 296 Rak, Dave 170 Ramming, Burney 102, 128, 142, 143, 296 Ramsey, Claudia 38, 296 Ramsey, Ruthanne 137 Randel, Gene 296 Randolph, Ralph 296 Randow, Jack 74 Rasmuss, Wayne 296 Rasmussen, Edith 211 Rosp, Jan 23, 133 Ratcliffe, Mary Jane 76 Rotliff, Jeff 57,59,94 Rattray, David 296 Rauch, James 185 Rauch, Verda 21 1 Rawlings, Virginia 296 Roy, M. E. 21 1 Ray, Nancy 101 Rayl, Wallace 296 Raymond, Thomas 296 Raynor, Richard 296 Reader's Theater 42 Ready, John 149 Real Estate Club 103 Reaves, Wilmer 296 Reckard, David 296 Recreation Club 102 Redelfs, John 43 Redlinger, Dick 171 Reed, Edward 296 Reeder, Sally 297 Reese, Eugene 297 Reese, Tim 297 Reeser, Richard M, 91 Reeves, Karen 23,133 Rehder, Erwin 74,79,102 Rehmeier, Ray 297 Reicks, Edward 297 Reier, Raymond 297 Reilly, Terence 297 Reinertson, Paul 297 Reinke, Earl 297 Reish, Richard 297 Reiss, Joe 26 Religious Organizations 60 Renfro, George 297 Retailing Club 103 Retallick, Harold 211 Reynolds, Bob 150 Reynolds, Horace 297 Reynolds, H. W. 21 1 Rezak, Dan 164 Rheinfrank, John 26 Rheinfrank, Mary 58,137,297 Rhoden, Rod 147,297 Rhodes, Herb 162 Rhodes, Varro 198 Rice, Harry 211 Ricnards, James 297 Richards, Peter 297 Richardson, Charles 297 Richardson, Dave 149,153 Richardson, G. David 297 Richardson, Leonidos 297 Richter, Linda 297 Ricks, Nadine 211 Ridley, Thomas 57,143 Riedemann, Harry 151,152 Riedemann, Kenneth 297 Riley, Jackie 31 Riley, Joseph 297 Rindge, Fred 297 Rine, Carol 60 Ring, Richard 297 Rishel, Daniel 297 Ritchey, Andrew 297 Ritz, Donald 298 Rivers, Mike 89 Robins, Francis 172 Robbins, Roy 21 1 Roberts, Carl 90 Roberts, Franklin 298 Robino, John 164 Robinson, David 298 Robinson, Elmer 298 Rochow, Roger 150 Rodgers, Donald 298 Rodke, Phillip 298 Rodreguez, Carl 298 Rodriguez, Estan 298 Roenfeldt, Rod 145 Roewer, William 298 Rogers, Carl 298 Rogers, John 173 Rogers, Walter 298 Rogers, William 298 Rohde, Mary Lynn 129,131, 157,298 Rahlfs, Nadine 28 Rohwer, Roseann 47 Roitstein, Lloyd 169 Rokes, Willis P, 214,225 Ronkovich, Rudolph 298 Ronsin, Karyl 74,131 Rosenthal, Saul 298 Rosch, Phebe 214 Rose of Delta Sig 153 Rose, David 79 Rose, Janice 53 Roseman, Curtis 214 Rosen, Lynn 133 Ross, John 298 Ross, Leon 298 Rosso, Gary 170 Roth, Harry 298 Roth, Walter 298 Rothe, Pat 27,136 Rountree, Buck 298 Rouse, Tom 74 Rowden, Gail 76 Rowe, Duane 149 Rowe, Herbert 57 Rower, Gail 53 Rowoldt, Grace 298 Roy, Carl 298 Royer, Jeanne 214 Ruberti, John 57 Rudasill, Charles 298 Ruehr, Otto 214 Ruetz, Robert 214 Rukas, Tom 76 Runyan, Jim 74 Rush, 120,121 Rushing, Kris 101,130 Rushing, Pamela 298 Rusnak, Charles 298 Rusnak, Charles 298 Russell, William 298 Ruvolo, Nancy 299 Ryan, George 299 Ryan, Thomas 299 Ryck, George 47,61 ,83 -5. Sabres 57 Sadler, E. J. 214 Saitta, Joe 30,148 Saiz, Prospero 243 Saksa, Robert 299 Sail, Mike 150 Salnoske, Carlton 299 Saltzman, Rosalie 214 Samland, Theodore 299 Samuelson, Nancy 214 Samuelson, Paul 90 Sanderson, Richmond 299 Sandoz, Jim 145 Sands, Jack 299 Sanne, Terry 57 Sansing, Mary 299 Sapatis, Peter 299 Sarnowski, Francis 299 Sauter, Richard 299 Sauve, Dudley 214 Savidge, W. C, 299 Sayers, Ron 171 Scarpello, Fred 299 Schaaf, Richard 299 Schabloske, George 299 Schafer, Gerrie 106 Scheg, Leonard 299 Schenck, Dick 76,79,l58 Schenning, Walter 299 Schick, Joe 207 Schik, Joseph 299 Schilling, Joseph 299 Schilz, Gordon 214,228 Schimenti, Mary 130 Schleiffen, Theodore 299 Schleiger, Robert 60,214 Schleiger, Robert 60,214 Schleu, Sally 100 Schmid, Dennis 104 Schimid, Jack 57,151 Schmidt, Robert 214 Schnee, Frank 299 Schneider, Larry 299 Schneiderwind, Nancy 41,91 Schnieber, Janet 74 Schnittgrund, Loren 27,29,146 Schnurr, Georgeanne 74,136 Schoenbrum, David 84 Scholarships and Awards Committee 229 Scholastic Honoraries 1 10,1 1 1 "School For ScondaI" 45 Schott, Timothy 43 Schow, Kenneth 300 Schreibstein, Robert 300 Schreier, Robert 300 Schroeder, Bob 76 Schroeder, Jeff 146 Schropp, Robert 73 Schvett, Robert 300 Schultz, Gilbert 300 Schwartz, B. L. 214 Scott, Charlyn 300 Scott, David 214,228 Scott, Jim 142,189 Scriven, James 214,222 Seal, Aubrey 300 Seals, George 300 Seaman, Frank 300 Seamands, Carol 91 Seanor, John 300 Secret, Carrie 300 Sedlacek, Charles 214 Sedlacek, Joey 145 Sedlacek, LaVonne 61 Sedoris, Karen 169,300 Seibold, Jon 300 Seidler, Darrell 61,83 Seinwill, Ronald 214 Selee, James 214 Seltzer, Arthur 300 Semerad, James 300 Senez, Louise 300 Senior Class Officers 248 Senior Day 243 Serum, Rita 60 Severa, Gordon 73 Shanahan, John 300 Shankle, Donald 300 Sharpe, Virgil 215,222 Shaw, Barbara 47,91 Shaw, Peter 90,300 Shell, Virginia 76 Shelton, Carol 133 Shelton, Craig 149 Shenk, Dick 142 Sheppard, Jim 79 Sheppard, Leonard 300 Sheppard, Steve 30,33,145 Sherek, James 300 Sherman, Gary 74,79 Sherman, Marlene 300 Sherman, Russell 300 Sherrow, Donald 300 "She Stoops To Conquer" 40,41 shamko, Trudy 53,300 Shirey, John 300 Shall, Robert 300 Shook, Gerald 182 Short Course in College Business Management 65 Shrago, Leon 138 Shrheo, Leon 127 Shult, Donald 215 Shum, Linda 133 Sig Ep Playmate 156 Sig Ep Sing 125 Sig Ep Sweetheart 153 Sigma Kappa 134,135 Sigma Phi Epsilon 146 Simcoe, Steve 74,79 Simkus, Anthony 302 Simons, Paul 302 Simpson, Lawrence 302 Sims, Clark 302 Singleton, Sam 179,180 Sires, Thomas 21 S Siskey, Lynn 134 skahm, Mary 184 Ski Club 99 Skipper, George 302 Skuja, Val 145 Slack, Gerald 88,302 Slader, Judy 133 Slader, Norm 145 Slaughter, Doug 71,145 Sleep, Otis 302 Sloane, Scott 302 Slover, George 302 Smagacz, Pat 172 Smallwood, George 57 Smestod, Mary 60 Smiley, Bob 162,185 Smith, Almstead 302 Smith, Anne 215 Smith, Bob 95,143 Smith, Brian 143 Smith, Danny 302 Smith, Dick 29 Smith, Donna 302 Smith, Doug 143 Smith, Eugene 57 Smith, Frederick 302 Smith, Gene 302 Smith, Harvey 302 Smith, John A. 302 Smith, John B. 302 Smith, Joseph 302 Smith, Kenneth H. 302 Smith, Kenneth L. 302 Smith, Leon 302 Smith, Peter 302 Smith, Ray 91,142,182,302 Smith, Robert 302 Smith, Rudy 27,28 Smith, Sally 132,184 Smith, Sandro 302 Smith, Susie 132 Smith, Thomas 90 Smorto, Alfred 303 Snay, Nicholas 303 Snell, Joel 144,303 Snook, Darrell 303 Snow, Joe 303 Snyder, Michael 60 Society of American Military Engineers 89 Sakol, Ted 215 Sollenberger, Sam 215,232 Solley, Lee 303 Solomonsan, Clifford 303 Solomonson, Jim 94 Somerder, Herbert 303 Somers, Richard 303 Sophomore Class Officers 33 Sorenson, Donald 303 Sorenson, Nareen,74 Sorum, Rita 134 Soucek, Steve 76,78,79 Soucie, Craig 26,28 Saucie, Jim 26 Soukup, Gerald T. 215 Spaqnuolo, S. A. 215 Spain, John 303 Spector, Louis 303 Spector, Robert 303 Specht, Kathy 134 Spedding, James 303 Spencer, Hugh 303 Spencer, Jerry 303 Spelio, Steve 142 Spicer, Bobbi 26 Spillane, Michael 303 Spiller, Eleanor 303 Spillman, George 303 Spire, Robert 198 Spohn, Robert 303 Spring Sing 113 Springer, Roy 303 Spurlock, Beltord 303 Squire, Boyd 303 Staats, Loren 215 Stageman, Paul 215 Stair, Wilbur 303 Stalford, Charles 303 Stanek, Bill 147 Stanley, Kenneth 304 Starie, Richard 304 Starling, Philip 304 Starn, Marvin 304 Stauffacher, Donald 304 Stove, Ran 170 St. Cyr, Ted 76 Steele, Elroy J. 215,225,228 Steele, Thomas 304 Steimle, Rene 132 Stein, William 304 Steinert, Pamela 304 Steinmetz, William 304 Stemmerman, Brian 142 Stennitt, Dave 144 Stennsma, Doug 144 Stenzel, Richard 304 Stephenson, L. T. 304 Stern, Benjamin 215 Stevens, Barry 90 Stevens, Jerry 83 Stevens, Lawrence 304 Stevens, Ralph 304 Stevens, Ronald 304 Stevenson, Nancy 94,104,13 Stewart, Charles 42 Stewart, Duane 146,173 7 Stewart, Joe 304 Stewart, John B. 304 Stewart, John W. 304 Stezskal, Richard 53 Stinnett, Dave 172 Stockmon, Jane 58 Stockman, Lani 23,24,169 Stolley, John 123,304 Stone, Virgil 215 Stongin, David 43 Storey, Billy 304 Stouffer, Ginny 135 Stovall, Rick 151 Strahan, Douglas 304 Stratford, John 304 Strength, Gerald 304 Stringer, William H. 85 Strnad, Gary 102 Strongin, David 304 Stroude, Gilbert 304 Strough, Dorothy 305 Stryker, Robert 73 Student Activities Committee 229 Student Council 1 17 Student Education Association 101 Student Publications Committee 229 Studenberg, Shirley 104 Sturek, Joe 102 Suchaski, Theodore 305 Sudovlcius, Nellie 78,127,129,131 Sulikowski, Antoni 305 Sullivan, Capers 305 Sullivan, Daniel 215 Sullivan, James 305 Sullivan, Janet 61,76 Sullivan, Karen 63,305 Sullivan, Pat 132 Summer Conferences 65 Summer Sessions 1965 66,67 Summer Short Courses 65 Summer Theater 43 Sumstad, John 90 Susman, Mardelle 27 Sutton, Mary 78,305 Sutton, Robert 305 Svanda, Jane 101 Swanson, Albert 305 Swanson, Eva 59 Sweeney, Walter 305 Sweet, Mike 145,305 Swenson, Virginia 305 Swihart, Fred 90,305 Switzer, Rick 74,144 Swords, Smith Syas, Janet 74 Symphony Orchestra 77 Szemplenski, Ted 102 -T- Tabor, Doris 215 Talmadge, Marg 305 Tamaroff, Paul 305 Tornoff, Bernie 102 Taver, John 305 Tau Kappa Epsilon 148,149 Tau Kappa Epsilon Coral Queen 154 Taylor, Daryl 76,79,95,143 Taylor, Donald 305 Taylor, Herman 305 Taylor, Thomas 305 Tebleer, D. F. 215 Teke Pledge of the Month 154 Tenhoor, Frederick 305 Tennis 176 Teperow, Joseph 305 Thayer, George 305 Theiler, Merrilyn 305 Theta Chi 150,151 Theta Chi Dream Girl 154 Theta Chi Sweater Girl 156 Thibault, Marilau 29 Thoenes, Henry 305 Thom, Bob 147 Thoma, Karen 137 Thomas, Mike 149,157 Thomas, Ronald 305 Thomas, William 306 Thomason , Galen 306 Thompson, Barry 306 Thompson , Huel 306 Thompson, Jim 145 Thompson, Kermit 306 Thomsen, Al 73 Thomson, Billy 306 Thorndike Thornton, , David 90 Joe 103 Thorpe, John 306 Thrift, Tom 26 Tiedeman, Ralph 57 Tiger Week 57 Timmerman, Jeanne 131 Tile, Edward 306 ,Y,,, Tillman, Jane 106 Tilton, Bob 74,148 Titus, J. C. 215 Titzell, Velma 223 Toay, John 142 Todd, Ginger 132 Todd, Sheri 306 Tolson, David 306 Tomahawk Beauty Contest 22 Tompsett, Rich 35,l28,144, 145,1 85,306 Torre, Joe 185 Toothaker, Roy 216 Totenhaupt, Cheryl 74 Townsend, Loren 306 Toys for Tots 59 Tracy, Fred 306 Trader, John 306 Traywick, Leland E. 29,54,69, 73,122,l97,22s,243 Tremont, John 79 Trenholm, Raymond 78,216 Trenolone, John 57,76 Treutler, Jane 136,154 Trevarrow, Mary 136 Trickett, A, Stanley 216,228 Trimble, Joe 306 Tripler, David 306 Trocho, Paul 306 Troia, Ree 53 Troisi, Angelo 306 Truxal, Everett 306 Tucker, Archie 306 Tuggey, Howard 306 Turbak, Chester 306 Turlich, Herbert 306 Turner, G, P, 306 Turner, Margery 216 Tussing, Frank 306 Tyler, James 306 Typical Fraternity Man 151 Typical Freshman 30 -U- Uffmann, Milton 90,307 Uhl, William 307 Uhler, Gilbert 307 Ulfers, Rod 142 Ulip, Bob 104 Ullerich, Ernest 307 Ulrich, Leonard 307 Unger, Randall 74 United Community Service 94 University Players 47 Upton, Tom 150 USO Show at Home 95 Utley, William 84,199,216 .V- Vaco, Jerry 89 Vacek, Joyce 137 Vacha, Alyce 307 Valasek, Tom 27,28 Valley, Joseph 307 Von Bibber, Charles 307 Vonderloo, David 307 Vander Werf, Don 147 Vandrey, Valerie 76,78 Van Dyke, Milton 307 Van Dyke, Milton 307 Van Every, lvalynm 101 Van Pelt, David 307 Van Voorhis, Sharon 74,134 Van Zanten, Albertha 307 Vasek, Rick 164 Vasel, Dick 145 Vasholz, Carol 131 Vaughn, Colleen 307 Vaughn, Michelle 76 Viall, Fred 307 Villinski, Paul 307 Villnow, Larry 183 Vincent, Jim 33, 102,180 Vincent, Judy 307 Vinson, Frank 307 Viren, Einer 73 Vlcek, Jim 26 Voelentic, Jan 142 Voelte, Jan 132 Vogel, P. E. 90,216 Vogler, Harvey 223 Vogt, Phillip l-l. 216,225 Volenec, Joanne 135 Volk, Doug 141,146 Vollmar, Julie 103 Vondrey, Valerie 47 Voorhees, Virginia 307 VonTersch, Larry 173 .w.. Waara, Kris 44 Waechter, Nancy 130 Wagner, Ron 143 Wakefield, Jack 306 Walden, William 216 Walker, Charles 307 Walker, Donald 307 Wallace, Festus 307 Wallace, Gary 44,47 Wallace, Robert 53,307 Wallingford, Wayne 140 Walls, Walls, Connie 106 Ervin 308 Walsh, Robert 308 Walsh, Thomas 216 Walter, Hilde 59,127,131 Walters, A, J. 308 Waokiya 1 10 Ward, Wardl Michael 308 E, Ralph M. 216,225,228 Warkentien, James 308 Warwick, Marty 104 Washburn State Game 173 Wasserott, Elmer 308 Watchorn, Don 162,170,216 Waterman, Dennis 308 Waterman, Floyd 216 Watson, Richard 141,308 Watson, Roger 308 "Ways and Means" 43 Weber, John 27,28 Weber, Michael 308 Webster, Jim 151 Webster, William 73 Weeks, Charles 308 Wehner, Herb 144 Weimer, Noel 47 Weise Weish I, Robert 38,308 aar, Loren 308 Weiss, Donald 308 Weller, Larry 182 Welton, Donald 308 Welz, Glenn 308 Wenger, Judy 132 Werner, George 62 Werner, Virginia 61,308 West, Shirley 308 Westbrook, Judith 308 Westphalen, Gary 144 Wetesnik, Charles 308 Whisman, John 145 W1-lita White ker, Darrell 308 James 308 White, Loren 308' White, Lydia 58,102,136,154, 156,169 White, Rue 309 White White , Tim 76,78 side, Jack 309 Whitman, Leslie 309 Whitn ey, Pam 131 Whittaker, Robert 309 Whitted, Warren 73 Whittle, Rick 148 Wichers, Rogers 309 'H rggsxtliss Wicker, Vaughn 309 Widing, Robert 309 Wieczorek, Ruth 137,184 Wiedner, Ted 142 Wikoff, Richard 63,216 Wilken, Michael 61 Wilkins, Diane 136 Wilklns, Priscilla 132,184 Will, Bruce 149,309 Will, Chick 149 Willard, L. D. 216 Willenburg, Mary 132 William Baxter Memorial Chapel 60 Williams, Billie 309 Williams, Brenda 58,104,132,169 Williams, Carolyn 58,91,130 Williams, Edith 309 Williams, Ellis 309 Williams, Kinze178 Williams, Lloyd 171 williams, Pauline 58,6e,l29, 131, 309 Williams, Reggie 178 Williams, Richard 309 Williams, Sylvester 216 Williams, William 309 Williamson, Robert 309 Willing, Thomas 309 Willits, Bob 144 Willoughby, Ruth 309 Wilmot, Keith 145 Wilson, Artman 309 Wilson, Carl 309 Wilson, Clarence 26 Wilson, David 90 Wilson, Etta 309 Wilson, Judy 27,28,61,62 Wilson, Richard 90 Wilson, Robbie 76 Wilson, Thomas 61,309 Wilson, Tommy 309 Windrath, Donald 309 Winheim, Christie 133 Winskie, John 309 Winter, Lee 309 Witt, Joyce 309 Wittekind, Rick 60,62,74,150 Wittekind, Warren 60,216 Wold, Bill 216 Wolf, Russell 74,79 Wolfe, Clarence 104,310 Wolff, Thomas 310 Womack, Perry 310 Womens Recreation Assn. 108 Wondercheck, Gerald 310 Wood, Larry 185 Y p,,R3l:gN,,QiiV Wood, Richard 310 Wood, Vernon 143,310 Wood, Larry 164 Woodruff, William 216 Woodward, Edgar 102 Woodworth, Paul 310 Woodworth, Richard 310 Woody, Charles 310 Woody, James 310 Woolfolk, William 310 Wootan, Harold 203,310 Worden, Leslie 310 World Affairs institute 84,85 Worrell, Ivan 203,217,310 Wotherspoon, Wayne 74,76,122, 128,150 Wozny, Jerry 26 Wrenn, Curtis 310 Wrestling 178 Wright, Billy 310 Wright, Mike 149 Wright, Patrick 310 Wurdeman, Roger 310 Wurtz ,Conrad 223 Wybenga, Kathy 33, 58,133,184 Wysocki, Bernard 310 -Y- Yaegger, Michael 310 Yanasheski, Victor 310 Yelkin, Virgil l16,164,166, 183,222 York, Edmond 310 Young, Doug 171 Young, Horace 310 Young, Ken 60,198 Young Democrats 91 Young Republicans 91 Yunge, Herbert 310 .Z- Zalud, Robert 310 zefbe, Judy 53,91,131,1a4 Zeta Honey 153 Zeta Pledge Sweethearts 158 Zeta Tau Alpha 136,137 Ziebarth, R. S. 216 Ziemba, Gary 173 Zimmer, Sue 137 Zwart, Larry 139 Zylka, Louis 310 Zylstra, Carliss 310 LE Nliniglitilhiilcs 319 .1 f"7" ' Q fy f tu V, i ,4 ,A , , N , r ' " ' ' ff- , lla f'i37i'i' mx" la llrl l 1' , 3 X t xl, ' ll - ll f ll 71 'I ll gil fl Vp l fl! fi' i' ' E f K7 f' , Mi-ff Vlkyrillli ll lu l X 215, 'g--fx' 4 '! XS vi ' l-lf r' K U if ' 'V . !? NL -r ' f A f. V ef " 1-" . "' fi f tw X H. f- , it i' Q as S ,, , xy t e W, it ,f ' l "7 V' f -g,,I ix lr ,J 1 f' KX C f' -.-. .. 3 iv 4 x, -'-iq ' U N. ggi, - S , , 'lay'-lx M ,iu X, r-vvf . IX 1,342 M 5 xx. A xi, I x xi. i iQaf.zj5ftQ1. i pai ' ' , . Qfffilf ,Lf l'-E .. ' H uf ffl i xx X-R. 1 5, l 1 X-lg, 'l V. . S I, - A ,M M . 1 X ' zz" lx - " V X -f fgqg Wg K ig. X , , dl?- 5. Q i f s r - i l fl MW f f U," lj l 72" '23, ' sg 1,-sA,,.fj fa-A j The 1966 ToMAHAwK staff 1 ,f"r"'11NU ' '1 CS " S C, Y' Wk y 'S y ' extends its thanks to the iv ,xx I V following persons for their kind fu- assistance in the production of 5,7 , C r A this yearbook: students Ivan ,ji Worrell, Rudy Smith, Dick Smith 'viiw 55 ' fl' ' Dennis Waterman, and Linda .i 5 fy! 4' Af i get ' Moore, faculty members Tom 1 ' . 3 if Palmerton, Warren Francke, and ,J -1 , lf f Robert McGranahan, executive S' x A , 3 secretary of the Alumni - 4 -I Association Warren Wittekind, X N " Carolyn Richmond of GPI, Ed X Rath and the photo department A ' ' N of theOmaha World-Herald, l X and Sue Dent of the Photo 320 Reflex Studios. ,

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