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3 5 Z S ks Q Li 1957 MAHAW EDITOR 'geese Sfnm-'Y I PHOTO Emron 3 ,ffm Z7nmEf?f'wv E I SLPPQUBER ' axgol 'd rmlos 17 Ja haw Juvlfl' to 211 19561 Qfgf 6 C4 aim XX ru V' 1' I XXX--X HAP A D HY gs To For ' n ' to fd? I S WAX d "c 0 12 mf ear 0 area" has 0 2 ' U ' - .i I vis P06 Ol' flrnvn two ala J um to Then Dfplcalli slurlnlzfs R1 ssmqtczs as 'Tngzzfca man" girl and boy Wbdnes 19? 7'yp1'caJ fr-oslzfnsm Qi!-I irc and Walk are Jem Al?fiOIi90f2, Zeta m pimp Jan Iivlgrvh 9 bawfl' my Ph:-istin wa IS Sf y likflly Udo 14 WA 7' 7214 . Alffh 9 Lar- rzts A ' ' gf-I, ' ez X7 Min, Imiepenf ssociazinnp Sha 3,572 ,mm PUI7 Q vm' i , 1 LSR 1.2,-" 1-- ,J ,ug rsvp 7' M3 Q5Q3 .Va I gistra tin dA 0 goin Fnroll '716hf Slwlvs 55'-Sflldehf Rise Mghl .Qcfmol .1,gq,',, fm, me p,,4,,, 7' 'ny 971001 ill fufsil f'l'2!jl1 f flg'I11'PS rmkmlvd by Kilim CZ Sfvifh, I?!"Q'I1S'fI'JI', ' sdzfml sfuflmr RS CYUITIDW WM fu' fm, lang 4111193 . r 79 Hell ks one . ' trance' 'Z ZOO. 1 j ' t en t Mfzo Bffey Lfzffgjszgn " pfesiflencelle EpIUniver ...SUV U:1z1,Z:tiZl1iflgent gam ture. enfollm 371010 LNIVFTQSIH HVAHA .v n1un15f'l' 'VPU' fa 2,3430 nfl" 78. V .frlilghf ' IlN'I'r" 'vf y N if 3. JA fErF SX Students exercise the right to vote . . . I -fb ,. Q.. v l President Bail dictates business .... Sharon Girlley has her work cut out for her .... Stan Schaetzle steals ball. Q Table of Contents Campus Life University Students 98 Athletics 1 8 8 Publications 223 Of Special lnterest 229 Advertisin Z 3 9 8 I ODK hopefuls pose for TOMAIIAYVK cameramen . . . . Larry Ennis and john Rainey cast their votes . . . . Manette Fnkken and Gerri Tlmmpson unwrap gifts at lzoniecoining dance .... Once again the TOMAHAWK beauty contest was fl pig success. C MPUS LIFE Contents Easter Convocation ..,.. Eppley and Bail ...... Spring Elections ......... Honors Convocation ..... Spring Sing and Tapping. Ma-ie Day .............. Seniors ................ F ounder's Day ....... Senior Dinner Dance ..., Typical Freshmen ....... Ugliest Man, Cutest Pan. . K. W. O. U. ............ . Joe College ............ Homecoming .......... Freshman Talent Show. . . Student Nurses .......... Tomahawk Beauty Contest .... . . Sophomore Cotillion ..... Tapping ............... Final Week .,...... Iunior Prom ,... Page 10 11 12 13 ..14 ..16 ..20 H24 ..25 H26 H27 ..28 ..29 ..30 H34 H35 ..36 H42 ..44 H45 ..46 x IX IIIIIIHIIIUU LJ l N Mr. Miller directs chorus in Easter Convocation. William Jurgens gets set for solo. 9. O S I1 t V C O I' C 21 r F 1 o U . The 1956 Easter Convocation was held March 28 in the auditorium. Among the religious num- bers sung by the University choir was i'The Seven Last Words of Christ at the Cross" by Heinrich Schultz. The impressive Cantata featured vocal solo- ists Marylinn Johnson, Ioelynn VVakefield, VVil- liam Iurgens and Laurence Townsend. Others were Howard Tooley, Phil Kaus, Park Ames. Providing an instrumental background for the program were Shirley Allen, Robert Lach, Steven Mickna, Ralph Osborn, Lois Profitt, Jess Sutton, Marcia VVetzler and Nancy Yates. ' Choir director John D. Miller and band lead- er Arthur Custer co-ordinated the production. it i I Mr. Gene Eppley fleftj and Dr. Milo Bail check plaques over plans for library plaques. Student Council members work feverishly at the polls. "But Sandy, the man has already votedf' 'vows ev f sw pring Elections Over 800 students voted in the all-school elec- tion Apiil 18. Twelve student council positions were filled, and two Board of Student Publica- tions members chosen. The l956 Ma-ie Day Princess was also selected, however, her identity was not revealed until the holiday celebration. Elected to student council positions were senior representatives Marilyn I. jones, Brad Pence, Irene Rorick and Dean Thompson, juniors Park Ames, Bon Claussen, Sharon Gidley and Shirley Palladino, sophomores Ron Bendorf, Kay Custer, Diane Langevin and Robert Sherwood. Joe Byrne and Al Thomsen were selected to represent the student body on the Board of Stu- dent Publications. K'Look buster, nobody pressures Nino into voting." Dr. Milo Bail addresses Honors Convocation audience. Students of outstanding scholarship and ability were recognized at the annual Honors Convocation April 27. The traditional academic procession included students named to the Dean,s Honor Roll, scholarship holders, members of Corinthians, Waokiya, Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Eta Sigma. Guest speaker, Reverend John WV. Cyrus of the First Unitarian Church discussed "The Rights of Intelligence." Sue Forrey won first place in the Philip Sher Essay Contest. Pi Gamma Mu and Omaha Pan- hellenic Association awards were presented to Arlyss XVclch, and Betty Marley received the Chi Omega Alumni Award. Patrick Ryan and Joan Schroeder earned Berthe H. Mengedoht Art Awards. 0 fl O If . S Seniors file solemnly out of auditorium. ck May CI'- ISD tsyf ar- ara iff- ge, ers eta ire est the W 13 15 Students admire the first place winning Chi Omega float. MA-I DAY Ma-ie Day 1956 began with the presentation of Gayle Anderson, Princess Attira XXII. Gayle, a member of Alpha Xi Delta sorority, was elect- ed by an all-school vote. Attending the Ma-ie Day ruler were Patty Dr. Bail and Lew Radcliffe pose with Ma-ie Princess Gayle Anderson. Eldy Torrison and Marilyn Brandes team up for the back scratching contest. 16 Sue DuVall, Sigma Kappag Betty Ellsworth, Chi Omegag Patricia Kavan, Zeta Tau Alpha, and Arlyss Welch, Independent Students Association. A parade through downtown Omaha, play- day at Elmwood Park and the Ma-ie Day dance completed the list of the day's traditional activities. Chi Omega won first place in float competi- tion with Theta Chi ranking second and Sigma Phi Epsilon third. gdaugooso 7714-de Day Fwwfw df M Theta Chi's second place Holiday." Toa "Our Crowning Holiday" was Sigma Phi Epsilon's third place float "King Bail Tops" from 35.51- Pi Kappa Alpha. .rw H X k Alpha Xi Delta,s float, "Tons of Fun." gmgafgw' 404+ f Q ' - ' A l f ilifiil, Lambda Chl Alpha C01'1fI'lblIt6S Our Indlan Hohday 'A Purr-Feet Holidayv by Sigma Kappa. A Royal beer down and get to work from Gayle Martm and perch on the Zeta float. Senior class president Charles French presents Dr. Bail with a lllllilllilllllllllllllllllllill. Senior typewriter. ' , A Senior Day message highlights the p1'0g1'tlIN. A recognition program on the steps of the administration building, a luncheon given by Dr. Milo Bail, the senior banquet and dance com- pleted the 1956 Senior Day activities. Lew Radcliffe supervised the traditional tree-planting ceremony, and Chuck French, on behalf of the senior class, presented the school with typewriters for student use in the Eugene Eppley Library. President Bail accepted the senior gift. Planning the day's activities were senior class officers Chuck French, presidentg Bill Steck, vice-presidentg Gloria Zadina, secretary, and Marianne Bowley, treasurer. Banquet chairman was Bill Craddy and Dave Raymond was Senior Day chairman. Ah, come on and smile Matthews, it's not that bad. s. . u Spring graduation exercises were held in the stadium. 'G ya- Bill and Bob Barnes receive recognition from Dr. Bail. raduation 1956 Two-hundred nineteen seniors climaxed their careers at the University of Omaha at Com- mencement ceremonies June 4, 1956. Gradua- tion activities took place in the University Field- house. Dr. Norman P. Auburn, President of the University of Akron, presented the commence- ment address, "What the Future Holds for You." Nine graduates received degrees with dis- tinction. They were Harold A. Buesing, Shirley Ann Barnum, Betty Ellsworth, Shirley Cimple, Helen Gulstad, Richard May, Marcia Morris, Patrick Ryan and Arlyss Welch. Degrees with honors were presented to Mary Jane Ackerman, Donna Wells Anderson, Hazel Frost, Laura Marling, jean Miller and Marilee Miller. 2 Senior Class Gfficers Secretary Rosie Comine mf Secretary Gayle Chapman President Simon A. Simon Vice-President Punky Thomsen President Iim Plaster Birsasfsasf Junior Class Officers President Iackie Paulsen Vice-President Bill Chamberlain President Tom Dowd Vice-President Larry Peters Freshmen Class fficers Ophomore Class Qfficers sv- '?' , we ,fix 'N M. Secretary Marcia Wetzler 'liao' Km 1 UN' Secretaraf Mary Iane C apman 2 i i f , 5 5 1 5 5 D 5 i 4 E , , 5 i l 3 Q 5 2 li 1 Dr. Nell Ward discusses Founder's Day Program with T. Earle Sullenger. Founders Founder's Day, October 8, marked forty-eight years of growth for the Uni- versity of Omaha. Faculty and students celebrated the event at an informal coffee hour in the Conference Center Lounge. Highlighting the program were speeches by former Deans Nell Ward, T. Earle Sullenger and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. William H. Thompson. Invitations to the coffee hour were sent to faculty members, present and past members of the Board of Regents, campus organization presidents and alumni. Dr. William Thompson speaks to F ounder's Day crowd. KE!62 Dean MacGregor, Mrs. Tyson, and Dr. Tyson finish their meal. Senior Dinner Dance Seniors had their "last flingi' as university students May 18, 1956 at the seniors class dinner Dancing followed the dinner. dance. Class members attended the banquet held at the Fontenelle Hotel where they were ad- dressed by Dr. I. B. Tyson, senior class sponsor, and President Milo Bail. The Stylemasters quar- tet provided entertainment. Presiding over the evenings program was Chuck French, senior class president. Followingrthe dinner, seniors and their dates danced to the music of the Keynotes in the Peony Park Ballroom. "Isn't anyone campaigning for Elmo Rippentoe?" pical Freshman Bo and Girl Ianet Wilkie, Chi Omega and Cary Salquist, Pi Kappa Alpha were named Typical Freshmen Girl and Boy at the annual Freshman Mixer October 3. During intermission ceremonies Ioan Engstrom and Bob Sherwood, last year,s Typical Frosh, presented the winners with billfolds on behalf of the student body. Park Ames was Master of Ceremonies and Irene Rorick was chairman of the- dance. Ah, perk up Sue, your candidate won. Cary Sallquist, typical freshman boy, and Janet Wilke, typical freshman girl, compare gifts. Cutest Pan an Ellis and U liest Man, s I a ' g George Marvin discuss real estate? Uglicst Man and Cutest Pan rw if ni 2 Trophies were awarded to Ian Ellis, Cutest Pan, and George Marvin, Ugliest Man, at the anual Campus Chest Dance held October 29. Sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega, menis serv- ice organization, the four-day Campus Chest Drive netted a total of S1,234.10. Zeta Tau Alpha sorority represented by Miss Ellis collected 5344.19 while Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity rep- resented by Marvin collected 821095. Others competing for the Cutest Pan title were Sharon Olsgaard, jackie Grau, Kathiyn Grayson, Pat Teeple and Dean Hill. Ugliest Man title contenders were Jack Seefus, Dick Henkins, Ralph Tate, Roman Hruska and Dean Pflasterer. "But Nancy, I know they wonit count those Canadian coins.', KWOU Darrel Teter gives the "go-aheadv to Frank Berg. During the past year university stu- dents, passing their time in the cafeteria betvveen 1 and 2 p.m. any Week day, heard the music, sports and news of KWOU. The campus radio stationis big- gest project of the year was an expansion program designed to increase broadcast time and extend station facilities to the Student Club. Tom Finley led the student workers in his role of program director. Frank Berg and John DeVoss were music and continuity directors, respectively. Twen- ty university students working as disc jockeys, , sportscasters and newswriters filled out the staff role. Mr. Paul Borge served as faculty advisor. George Bagan plays the platters Joe College Al "Punky" Thomsen, Pi Kappa Alpha, was named Joe College XIII at the Feathers Dance held October 10 in the Student Club. Other candidates were Don Fjellin, Lambda Chi Alpha, Herb Greiss, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Don McMahill, ISA, Cary Schultz, Theta Chi, and Neil Shooter, Sigma Phi Epsilon. During intermission Sharon Cidley, Mistress of Ceremonies, revealed the new members of the University chapter of Phi Sigma Chi, na- tional womenis pep organization. Chairman of the informal dance was Mary Ann Leo. Miss Kathryn Schaake served as sponsor. Admission was open to all holders of student activity cards. Joe College of 1956, Al "Punky" Thomsen "Look Spencer, Punky has a hole in his sockf, "Oh Punky, Iim so proud of youf' Flames soar high at the traditional Homecoming bonfire. Jody White, of Chi Omega sorority, was named 1956 Homecoming Princess at the Home- coming Dance November 16. She received a trophy from the Student Council and the tradi- tional letter sweater from the HOU Club. Attending the Princess were Manette Fok- ken, Marlene Moe, Claudia Olsen and Gerri Thompson. Pre-game festivities included a parade through downtown Omaha, a pep rally on the Courthouse steps and an evening bonfire. A strong Indian team increased the Home- coming victory record to ten consecutive wins. OMECOMI Footballers Hahn and Engelhardt escort Dr. Bail from bonfire. Fade ww, n "Knock off the smile Fjellin, this is serious." a if Dr. Bail congratulates Queen Jody White. L., flva , if ' vi Xing p be ,QP X . W 9 Ei-at ggrkfgig iggfgfy Y www 5- w w wgsugqgww wifi' ws Es. ,mimi igigwwsmff wig whiff, ?wX.yggi5ig,, A2339-its mm ' t 1 tw X "Let's see to sayf, . If v now, what was I suppose fiszsesiisiiafiiegf'255segegaiss1seissiggfgQgfgjgxqgszggggevqfwfsswsszsiwsgQHQESQQ2giiuiblfifiifx?fsSg,4ig5QgiZQSQ?fif5Si fQ,Vfmwy:sv'p, e?5mfsie1'L2vf2ss2fw L57 ggfwfciwigagii was f X ,is1i'1eAQ1f9wsYiw. 'g-wsiwfi wzgm1.,A.,i mm Qs 5 23 X si ,Q 1Y5s?fH,i V 51 Fpfww ??W2'sf2 gm W WW V . Q Qgfvsw H mv ' - 1 V QL 2 mf- we Ani4iffx,i-A ww 'Uzwvf Q Mgsdiiwx K?3fiewwi1kviSneif,12Uef55'- X fQ,15,1gefs,A,L4mi,5i695A- wSMxiSEmzu114Xw91mii.ig-Q 'MMS 'Er W' swat 1. Q A. f Sz ,wixwg w s?-W1 giffgnws, 'ins A X wx ,meg wif, ,Q , H, A miss' , ,SYNQ1 ,X hz 5 L - 1mii3Rg,ifQ??g2fQggw ardwell declares "New Mexico came too far astf' Dr. Bail shouts encouraging Words at the pep rally. Sharyn Heldt and Nancy Wolfe liven things up with a cheer The "June Taylor" dancers of Chi Omega perform kick-line finale to talent show. Freshman Talent how Talent and variety marked the presenta- tion of the 1956 Freshman Talent Show. Among the gifted frosh were MC Darrel Peter, Sonja Ruckl and Arvid Nelson who played an aceordian duet, vocalist Susan Ewing and pianist Joan Beninato. Hillbillies Janet Taylor and Helen Hawley sang the humorous "Sow Song." Other performers were Sylvia Barth, Karen Larsen and Karen Wilson, a vocal triog John Clark, Larry Ennis, Richard Jorg- enson and Vernon Lee, a Latin combo, and Jane Helgrin, piano soloist. The Chi Omega pledges presented their "Krazy Katl' kick routine as a finale. Helen Hawley and Janet Taylor moan the "Sow Song tudcnt urscs In September, 1952, Jenny Edmundson Hospital of Council Bluffs and Omaha University became two of the first institutions in the country to initiate a co-opera- tive student nursing program. During the past four years, the program has expanded to include student nurses from Immanuel and Methodist hospitals. The co-ordinated nursing program offers partici- pants ,the degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing as Well as the status of Registered Nurse at the end of their training period. The program is under the direction of C. XV. Helm- stadter, Dean of the College of Applied Arts and Sciences. Left to right, Marge Wolf, Carol Gilmore and Bev Stal- naker discuss anatomv. Relaxing around the piano are left to right, Connie Underberg, , C 5- 35 Faye Johansen, and Marilyn Novak seated TOMAHAWK BEAUTY CO "Oh to be sixteenll' That is, if you could also be Jackie Grau, 16-year-old winner of the 1957 Tomahawk Beauty Queen title. Jackie, who was chosen from among twenty- one contestants, is a freshman student and a member of Chi Omega sorority. junior Sharon Gidley of Chi Omega was named second place winner. Third place was awarded to sophomore Sharon Olsgaard of Alpha Xi Delta. Runners-up were Sue Henderson, Joan Kucera and Adrienne Miller. Judges were Mrs. John Swanson, Paul Ruch and Seymour Zoob. "A penny for our Y thoughts Mr. Zoobf, The winners, left to right: Sharon Ols- gaard C3rdj, Jackie Grau Clstj and Sharon Gidley f2ndD. TET The finalists, left to right: Sue Henderson, Adrienne Miller, Jackie Gran, joan Kucera, Sharon Gidley, and Sharon Olsgaard. P Ceyka Pat Bice Iackie Grau Betty Kulisek Barbara Woodcock Carol Rhea Kuntzelman Ioan Kucera Sue GHHISOH Sue Henderson D V- .V 747445 place Simon Second falace tp.- 4 tai M , 5' 'M Q wk .54 , X , 4 I ' f K '.:?:': R. in . ' A s f SCE H s 5' opho more Cotillion Bruce Neujhzu- and Corlynn Goeser waltz up 21 storm. The zuinual Sophomore Cotillion wus held ut the Peony Park Ballroom, on the night of De- cember 19, 1956. The dance, which was spon- sored by class officers and Student Council representatives of the sophomore class, featured twenty-one couples who xvultzed during inter- mission. Sophomore officers who were in charge of the semi-formal dance were president, Jack Puulseng vice president, Bill Chamberlaing and secretauy-treasurer, Marcia XVetZler. Sophomore Student Council members who served on the committee were Ron Bendorf, Kay Custer, Diane Lungevin, and Bob Shewvood. "Connie, you,re a picture houndf, "Hmmmm, I wonder if sheys tick1ish?v Bud Dain bows to Nancy Wolfe. "Takechi, why aren,t you taking picturesP,' lui off' "But Gayle, there just aren't enough boys to go aroundf, ln .W Simon Simon frightj congratulates newly tapped Punky Irene Rorick smiles for the crowd. Thomsen. ODK and Waokiya honored four seniors and one faculty member at first semester tapping ceremonies january 16. A coffee hour in Room 100 followed. ' Selected for membership in Omicron Delta Kappa were Parker Shipley and A1 fPunkyl Thomsen. Eleanor Engle, Irene Rorick and Miss Elizabeth Hill, Dean of Women, were chosen for Waokiya. Membership in both senior honorary organi- zations is based upon scholarship and participa- tion in campus activities. ODK, the men,s group, is a national organization while the womerfs honorary is local. Miss Lord and Parker Shipley go for coffee and doughnuts Dean Elizabeth Hill fleftl and Eleanor Engle offer mutual congratulations. ,la l K"""? ......e -M-A--.w.......,,,i. Mary Ann Collier crams for her basket weaving final. Final Exams joel Padmore relaxes between finals. Dean Johnson, -Simon Simon and Demeral An- drew conclude that E:mC2. 1. 12-1Qf11211.11111,, 3111115121 151 11212111 ,1 n,.., .1 212121,112-11111211 ,3 .,A..,. 1 ,,.., 3 .X,A 21121111 121112111 1111112 112.1111111121.111E21122.11 11113121.11-.1211211111121.1 111- 12 LQ--fQ-f 1111211122-11, 1, 212111121,1111m2112-112-1 212121111112111111111112111,111 2112212211211111122122211221 11112121.11-121121122 1112511 1111 1111? 111.121112,1211 115111 1115111111111 1 11111111 211s,111111121112 1112211.11111112111-111111111 121121121-112121121121111111.12 1 1 11121111111111111-1 1 - 1 111-1111111121112 913532, 21211Q151111211K1-1111-1 11111-Q1 111121111111121 12,22 ,. ,Q 1211211211121111 111.1g1?2111, 11 1 , ...,A. 1111114111112 .1211111.sz212111211211:121121. 11 2211-11--1 1 1,211m1111211121121221112 121122211121 11 , 12115112111115g12111,g,1g11215ki Wa. vLQ,,,A.W Q VA..VAv, v,A.v, 2 , ,,.. 21 1211122- -1,111111111es,112112s1-.mn1111.1.11.. 15121151 2 21,.2,1e1f22, 12 12.12,112m,12, 11 .,,, 1221212211-2111Wr11n112111121111. ...,,. . 11111211112 1 2111111111115 211112111 1.. 121, 112 1111111 ,111111112112111111-.11111 i1ii1wS1w111125511151 2 .,.. 22 . .211111 1112-112 1 ..,, 11 K1fssS139Q1gv1zf12g1s111,1 1211211.1211121.12121112..21 ...,. . 1 1-Q- 1112111221111112 ..,, W.. 112111111221111111111111z11121111111 12112 1111.1- sigma1111115111511111111i11111L11e1e11v1d211a121111s1sg11111 12,1121111211111. 1211-.121121111:111112:1121121112111 1155291121-vis Q1112114121511151g11s111f11a11g1:s11111111 5112-12. 1111111111 f--1 11 -12111191 1 .21 ,,.., 1121. ,, .,.,2.111111212112111.11151112 1.5 ,.,,.., 2 ,s.2,,,., 232.1 111111111111121. z1111111111ec115H521231311111521 2111111111111121 , 111112111 1-1111111511111-1f11f1 1211111111111111211111111111111 21fm1-121-S1111-is-Q1 .212,..2211121-111122111111 1521216511 .11211i1gg1121s1512g11212121211, 121112111111111 .121 1X,I1m221121 ..,.. ,,.. 2 112,1..211 121111111.121..111111211 11111121121115:1217if7563??3ZE3?E5?5?S2l52S'ii7ff?iSi5S11- 11212111122121111-11 2 12,21 . .,,..., 1 ,,...,,,..,, 21121112521 1s111152g.12111111?12121151i?111,121221111 f1g32111111211112g1g12k aw' 15321257 5S111111s2s1,-1 31. 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' 'swf 1111112119 1111.11,11,11,11,11- 1 1 - 1-1- - - 1-1111.11 11.11111111111111111111212212 11111-1-1.211111 1211 1- -11- ,. ,.111111.1.111.1 21.2111 12-211212112111,2,s.,121,1ssg ,. 2,2, 12,82 . 12-11 121111511 2122 51111121151 11111 11121 15315712261 1' '11 1111152551555 -21121 152231211 ,.121,1212,11111 51 5? 111.2111 2 2 11 Queen Gayle Chapman Qcenterj receives roses from Patti Thompson as Pat Burns looks on. Brad Pence picks jim P1aster's face -'T I- I, 4 x 4 f Q' Orchesis members Nancy Barnum, Nelda Sprague and Sue Forrey stike a pose I I ' I I I I I "Finian's Rainbow," a colorful fantasy, was March 23 and 24 The mus son Hoffman was ass1stant director, and jerry Emery was stage manager. Dave Drittler and Hugh Allen stumble on to an interesting conversation between the sheriff and Pat. KES if iff Y A si i mf WQHM Father Barrett and Henrietta Qcenterj have an altercation as the cast looks on anxiously T- i Q 4 ,fn if If lp i ii I J ' 4 , vi, ' .355 5 . ,J ,r Atari 'M . sg Robert pleads with Elizabeth to marry him. Two capacity crowds were greatly impressed with the University Players, production of "The Barretts of Wimpole Streetv presented Novem- ber 2 and 3. The popular play is the story of Robert Browningis complicated courtship of Elizabeth Barrett. Mr. Barrett,s fanatical opposition to their marriage adds conflict and complications. Demanding roles were masterfully filled by stars Ioan Lorin, Elizabeth Barrett, Hugh Allen, Robert Browning, and Tom Finley, Father Barrett. Included in the cast were Dick Herre, Connie Hiner, Annette Nicas, Terry Wolfe, Barbara Woodcock, Gifford Anderson, Kevin Buchta, Bob Creenburg, Al Longacre, Barbara Murray, Ralph Stearman and Clifford WVeeks. Dr. Edwin L. Clark directed the play. Jerry Larson was the student manager. Darling - where did the yellow went? The specialist and Elizabeth Barrett have a serious talk, as the family doctor looks on. Parts were played by Bob Creenburg, joan Lorin and Paul Dolan, respectively. 66 An gels" V qixx L f 'iss jf' The three angels, Ken Leeper, Tom Finley and Hugh Allen, look over their lines. :iw " A Chrisimas Eve setting at the Ducotel's home finds everyone The angels are berated by two unfriendly visitors. The hilarious antics of three prison convicts resulted in one of the fastest-moving productions ever staged at Omaha University. The February 22 and 23 performances of "My Three Angels" once again proved the ability of the University Theatre to present a "top notch" comedy production. Convict comedians Hugh Allen, Tom Finley and Ken Leeper topped the cast. Supporting roles were filled by Bob Greenberg, a true villain, Paul Dolan, joan Lorin, Barbara Woodcook and Dick Herre. Sam and Bella Spewacl-:'s comedy was a neat package-a pleasing combination of humor, drama and suspense. Tom Finley, as joseph, turns bill collector while Alfred looks on. 56 ackstage. . ,1sQ,,f mf XX b q Egg. Bob Greenberg gets a face lifting from Jerry Emery. -.. X Carol Rhea paints an eyebrow on Barbara Murray. Gayle Chapman and Bobbie Kucera x C . Al Longacre, Ken Leeper and Rose Lagman beat upon a Orchesis drum- Marilyn Nass ffar leftl insmicts Orchesis President Marilyn Brandes as members listen. University Choir Fifty campus singers under the direction of Iohn D. Miller formed the 1956-57 University Choir. Numerous performances throughout the city plus uni- versity convocations comprise some of the choir's activities. Highlight of the year,s work was the April 7th program at Dun- dee Presbyterian Church. Work- ing with the Dundee choral group, the choir presented Men- delssohn's beautiful and difficult Work, "The Elijahf, Under the guidance of direc- tor Miller, the instrumental tal- ents of the vocal group have become an important part of choir performances. xxx .-:WW .F Director John Miller keeps up the beat as the choir gives out with a chorus of "Old parking meters got me." fAbovej The bass section gets a boost with custom-made megaphones. if Music Activities Instrumental music activities on the University campus now include much more than par- ticipation in the large band and orchestra groups. Ensemble groups such as the Clarinet Quartet, the Brass Sextet, the Symphonic Wind Ensemble have been featured on TV, in the band's five home concerts and in four concerts presented at nearby high schools. Other groups include the Fieldhouse Nine Minus Two, the R.O.T.C. band, the military ball dance band and the Indiannes, precision marching groups. Arthur R. Custer co-ordinates these instrumental activities. Walt Harold, Bob Edson and Walter Steinke mark time as Bob Kuhn tries a trumpet solo. fAbovej A trumpet trio of Herb Kaiman, Gary Welch and Bob Iorgensen. UNIVERSITY OMAHA President Milo Bail at work .... Dr T. N. Boner on T.V. Classroom .... This must be the place .... Stu- dent Council Prexy, Dean Thompson UNI E IT 44- 4 7 unN""" Ll X is Contents C.. President ...... Administration . Faculty ........ Regents ....... Alumni ........ Student Council Page .. ...... 62 ......64 . ...... 66 ......83 .... ..84 ......85 T. V. Classroom .... ...... 8 6 Adult Education. . ...... 87 World Affairs .... ...... 8 8 University Staffs .... ...... 9 0 Mx D if .5 Roderic Crane, M.Ba. Richard Debus Donald Emery, Ph.D Assistant to the Director of Non- Dean of the College of President Academic Personnel Adult Education Charles Hoff, B.Sc. Iohn Horner, Ph.D. John W. Lucas, M.B.A Vice-President for Assistant to the Dean of the College of Business Management President . Business Administration Alice Smlth Reg1strar Frank H. Gorman, Ph.D. Dean of the College of Education Yi 4 Jay B. MacGregor, Ph.D. Dean of Student Personnel Carl W. Helmstadter, Ph.D. Dean of the College of Applied Arts and Sciences H it I V - J? tan g' up X f , ,f t. Lg K if f W, it' - ' .- : 11' -V f., 'J' 1" -K ' Agra 'Mes uw-JL k '5,ff:.ff"1::Sa5fi 5 'f 'is fffsewecif-1f75xQ:'f,g,fi if if K Nmemsz vi ,fa K?-531 ::s4,1 frfN-', is sein, , f 'ifffSi1.fw:iE11i'2'fafi'Ti s ff,fss,fgffwaf9s+r3f' .qi ,r,sr,gf-frrkiagl, M K gt nf .sftfix st me .xrmgw fp. r Wi.. ,. if .. ,-Xzffff ,, . , -es'.f:ggQifQ3lhSi?,iiL f fi 'fiivi-'25l?5f5iii'r'?'2 If M ,yeas-iwt . .ls f!:.Lf'5,'wif,fQ?sv5sQ Donald Pflasterer, M.E. Assistant Dean of Student Personnel is 'Xu .YNY Elizabeth Hill, M.Ed. Associate Dean of Student Personnel Roy M. Robbins, Ph.D. Director of the Graduate School ..... .,.. 4? -- :::' We iii, YVilliam H. Thompson, Ph.D Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences ENGLISH mmm itll kyik 4 , Y.. ,Y i .. . Mrs. Marion M. Brown Mr. Ben Collins Dr. C6011 Hadgl'Hft Dr. Robert I-Iarper Mrs. janet Pieper Dr. Paul Rodgers HUMANITIES, MUSIC, ART :dvr Dr. Wilfred Payne Mr. Arthur Custer Humgmjtieg Instrumental .yw-Q.. rn 'V' YW' .....!' Miss Patricia Oberlander Dr. James Peterson Mr- Ralfmond Trenholm Piano Music Music iv- I' ,im 'NJN I' M.. Xi AWE? 1? me ' ,. Dr. Berthe Koch Mrs. Mary Taylor Mr. Louis Williams A t A t Art GEOGRAPHY, GOVERNMENT 84 HISTORY, SOCIAL STUDIES Dr. Richard Thoman Dr. Frederick Adrian Mr. Paul Beck Geography History History dz Government QT' I g rry 3 y ' AV" Q5 I e'err I F 'S 'Q A 4' S VEEQQQE1. ,'-' xi ,W kr 2 13.gif . f X? ' ' v Dr- Hoy M- Robbins Dr. Sarah Tirrell Mr. WVil1iam T. Uuey History History Br Government History 8: Government -anus flaw' Dr. Stewart Briggs Individual Testing 1 gb 7 fi' S li' Ei - -,'i xii M: ' ,A -h- 3 S J .ff S Mr. John Follman Psychology PSYCHOLOGY, SOCIOLOGY Dr. Francis Hurst Psychology- i ll 2 : ' i My ,, Dr. ROd6I'iCk Peck Dr. T. E. Sullenger Sociology Sociology ...........,.1v Dr. Benjamin Schwartz Religion Dr. George Wfilber Sociology 163' Mr. Michel Beilis French X X s 3 Q cs , L 2 ' , . Vftwai' ws, . 3 fi , - M . , , ., 2 E? F, , ,Q , , i X i K E Dr. Christopher Espinosa Spanish Dr. Iames Earl Mathematics Dr. Walter Lindstromberg Chemistry g!,w "'?l'lHis!v Mr. Paul Stageman Dr. Nell Ward Chemistry Chemistzy CHEMISTRY BIOLOGY, PHYSICS Dr. Russell Derbyshire Dr. Leslie Garlough Biology Biology 3 Mr. Robert Trankle Mr. John McMillan Biology Physics 72 Mr. james Brown Mr. Harold Davis ENGINEERING Mr. Cheryl Prewett Mr. Sylvester Williams Mr. John W. Kurtz LIBRARY SCIENCE Mrs. 74 Mr. Kilbourn L. Ianecek Associate Librarian , '-3" if -' g 1 s s i 54 A is. ffl'-'.fxl '17-if" e Mr. Robert McGranal1an General Printing HGME L ECONOMICS , 'Til' Miss Ellen Lord Head Librarian J OURN ALISM Mr. Paul Peterson Mr. Robert Thorp Mrs. Sallie Anderson Miss Margaret Killian Clothing Foods AF-RGT C f:-.s Capt. Arthur Lt. Col. William Dowd Capt. Bruce Keltz 2 ffmw' Maj. John Truell Maj. LeRoy W .ah- 'U' ELEMENTARY, SECONDARY . y e X ., A , 3,-Q so , :, ,f...,--rz:,..,,s ffm, , . L ' 1 :1 '- . .421 H, - - Q fi dfiiiifi 'Ti-hare' 4 M155 Jane Andersen Miss Hollie Bethel Dr. Lawrence Butler Art Elementary Secondary K, ,HN .W K .. Dr. Harry johnson Dr. Paul Kennedy Secondary Secondary 2 K ,-- , rj 5 . EDUCATIUN Mr. joseph Dunn Dr. Frances Holliday Elementary Elementary DT- B- Cale 0165011 Dr. Garland Wollard Mr. james Porterfield Student Counseling Secondary Teacher Placement SPEECH, ECONOMICS Dr. Edwin L. Clark Mr. Frank Magers Dr. Aldrich Paul Speech 61 Drama Speech Speech Dr, J, D, Tyson Mr. Roderic Crane Speech Economics Mr. James Brock Men's P.E. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. Lloyd Cardwell Men's P.E. JE Mr. john Cotton Mr. Ernest Gorr M W , , X 1 M ,V' il Y 11d Men's P.E. Men's P.E. M1 xgflel a r Allgetics n Miss Rebecca Breese Miss Marillyn Nass M ss K0.il11'j'l1 . chaake Women's P.E. Women's P.E. l Womens .E V , ,sw 4 t : , V. , . ,,, may - V 4 va V fi K s , :N f, - ,.- P .W-, fy' l ' --f'f.'- "L q'5,i1f,1 "K.i,5:,. ,Q f.,'. ,- Egg.,-s 1- I, Iggy 'iff'-"-' .T ' flats z f an . 2uw1'-- ' - ' . -.. . BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Mr. Charles Bull MT- Paul Cf0551T1-an Accounting Mr. William Hockett Miss Leta Holley Accounting Secretarial Mr. krthur Mehl Dr. Grant Osborn M155 Verda Rauch A -counting Insurance Secretarial Mr. Hgrfgiilinlgavison Dr. George Harris MI.. Jack Hin e 'mfg-M W 3 Mr. John Leonard Mr. C. Glenn Lewis Mr. Wilfred Wortman Accounting and University Architect John Latenser jr. and Charles Hoff scan proposed building plans. Miss Beldora Tacke and Mrs. Mable Robinson, Student Health nurses. George Meyers, Direc- tor, Food Services. Audio Vis ual Aids AV Director Roth Moline ohms the day's progress. John Kennedy splices a reel for the morning schedule. University Regents During the past 25 years the University of Omaha Board of Regents has been responsible for faculty appointments, the addition of new courses and colleges and budget recommenda- tions. The sound policy decisions of the Board have made it a great asset to the University. Officers of this year's board were Clarence L. Kirkland, President and Mrs. A. C. R. Swen- son, Vice-President. Attomey for the board is William Ross King. University representatives which aided the board this year were Dr. Milo Bail, Charles Hoff and Miss Alice Smith. g Avlis Senator Roman Hruska Hem'y Karpf Ralph Kiplinger Clarence Kirkland Thomas Quinlan Louis Somberg Mrs A C B Swenson Front row, seated: Richard A. johnson, treasurer, Mrs. Iune Gautier, executive secretary, Alan R. Pascale, presi- dent, Mrs. Marjory Murphy, secretary, NVarren R. VVhitted. Standing: james D. Borland, Jr., Robert C. Schropp, Iohn S. Marsall, Neal R. XValker, Christy M. Kara. Those not pictured: Thresa E. Clark, vice president, Mrs? Erwin G. Schultz, M. jean Bressler, jean M. Bednar, Harold E. Poff, Ir., Richard 1. McFayden, Homer WV. Schleh Mary Uhl Collins, Donald I. Pflasterer, Mrs. Sally Clayman. Peak of the University of Omaha Alumni Association ac- tivities is the annual Achievement Day Banquet. At the '56 banquet the Citation for Alumnus Achievement was presented to George C. Pardee, the Alumni Fund Recognition Award to fn... ,56 fund chairman Richard McFayden, the Daniel E. Jenkins Scholarship to Kay Talty, the Glenn L. Martin scholarship to Hugo Uhland and the Athlete of the Year Award to Arnie Smith. A big smile from Alumni Secretary June Gautier. Alumni heads get together on coming events. 84 SENIORS: Marilyn I. Jones, Dean Thompson, Brad Pence, Irene Rorick SOPHOMORES: Bob Sherwood, Diane Langevin, Kay Custer, Ron Bendoxf IUNIORS: Sharon Cidley, Ron Claussen, Shirley Palladino, Park Ames FRESHMEN: Bruce Donnelson, Kay Carmony, Sue Salisbury, Cary Salquist Student Council Governing the student body and supervising campus activities are the prime responsibilities of the Student Council. This year Council members directed Homecoming and Ma-ie Day celebrations, the Freshman Mixer, the Freshman Talent Show, the All-School Spring Sing and fall and spring elections. Co-sponsorship of the Sophomore Cotillion and the Iunior Prom was also undertaken by the Council. Sponsors of the sixteen-member 1956-57 Council were Dean Jay B. MacGregor and As- sistant Deans Elizabeth Hill and Don Pflasterer. Student Council officers preview coming events. They are fleft to rightj Bob Sherwood, treasurerg Dean Thompson, presidentg Park Ames, veep and Shirley Palladino, secretary. ,K fg- . TV Classroom if .E . , - li X f . 5 W f fi American history With Dr. T. N. Bonner Dean Emery Dr, Thoman uses the map, Camera dollies up on Bonner 86 Education for ambitious early birds is as close as the nearest television set. Each Saturday morning during four thirteen-week sessions, university courses are presented on KMTV. In ad- dition to watching the half-hour broadcasts, students are re- quired to complete assignments and examinations. Included in the current series were courses in American history and World geography taught by professors Thomas Bon- ner and Richard Thornan. Assisting on the classroom programs was CAE Dean Donald Emery. This program sponsored by the College of Adult Educa- tion was the first of its kind offered in the Middle West. Jififfl f ii lkiffwa Michel Beilis fleftj and Dean Donald Emery discuss the problems of 2 bl1Sy college. C.A.E. To the "uninitiated" the letters CAE could stand for a society for the Conservation of Alas- kan Earwigs, but to those "in the know" CAE means the College of Adult Education at Omaha University. Fall enrollment in the College reached a record total of 2,700, and over 20,000 people at- tended meetings held in the Adult Education Conference Center. Under the supervision of Dean Donald Emery, the College of Adult Education sponsors courses for credit on T.V. Omaha University was the fourth university in the nation to offer such a program. Z, if Mrs. Chris Hedelund gives sewing instructions to students Ann Mc Mahon and Sharon Gidley. 87 ' ..... 'Man W H so umm 'ws Q g l .y p N on Gadhav: Q A J - ll gif 1:3 0,5 H . .A .994 7, Qiioothaalaf 4,-og 9 1, k f cuann .mania 3 Rfvkhvm c. nnnrcu. "N ew Perspectives in American Foreign Poli- cyv was the theme of the eleventh annual World Affairs Institute. Arranged and directed by Pro- fessor VVilliam T. Utley, the program included six lectures on American and Russian foreign policy, gen: .. icolonialism, Titoism and Central Europe and the 58011 8 Middle East situation. Maurice Hmd E . N Beginning the series was Maurice Hindus. us I MOSCOW 5 Latest Move In perspectwe He was followed by Jack Raymond, Dr. Michael llllunxg, If I D I E S 'L-aw... C 3 3U49!t.0ul 'iifflfbvl lllldbq 'waz-0 Mining Annu!! U, T o Hagopian who presented a film on the Middle East, Joseph C. Harsch and Dr. Fayex A. Sayegh. l Rounding out the program was Dr. S. E. Gerard Priestley. "' 'I r i Mlwlg vma Giang cinimlas. CJIKIOI Balhuri 563 Iack Raymond SA "Tito and Central Europe in Perspective" v Q 1-. J' 3' - mm R A fz 1-. I Q .Mm . 'SM' 3 Afgljgi Scania I 0 R "12+'E Wasssz. ..... Cgm ,M gui: ag :gn cldffap UIOVAYA S e a r 'l GBM, zsuuvn A l. Barents Sea Kara ' ' Hammcrfogt 'on' 54" SU' Lorena as. 'OVW' Norwegian hotle Circle P Sm 5 , qi ,J A A , , W, 'Hb " Rily wb - 1 xqfiw, -+ gf , 0- e , fl m naman: e. 1 rg fi , , if M51-if Q, 1 . A852 , I A L 'i"f- v wi ' 'LAND Bi: :.cs.uu E I 1 I f 1 'HIGH 'L . 'V-in ""' Ioseph C. Harsch A ff American Foreign Policy in Perspective kmir Q YdmmmlF" 'qu' "'r ww T U' W' f Q. Rani: , is lsabgnca, 'J ll TUNBIA 0 ajxwls N In-ksculhw .1b gpm, . 8.09.85 I .1 e "U Tripoli - ' ALGERIA i' A tru . L 1 B Y A PQREN,m,oSc'3,u,WEST ArnxcA p A n Dr. Fayez Sayegh "A Moslem Appraisal of the Middle East" 411' a b ia as Q. if A 8 Ac :sam S Q G ' N' ""c6l'l' ril.u c. nuns G V 0 ' U 0 qdogadiscio 51000 IIYMIIAIS Amman us. cafml ill! Q CUIQNS aan d l a n ' c.4nn Dr. S. E. Gerard Priestley nlgriuu "Colonialism and American Foreign Policyl' Qhnanarivo ,, 39 VW lA W? Q Q ,,EMM,,lVV mV lWZ CAFETERIA, First row: Kephart, I. Johnson, Babcock, Doescher, Hoag, Hall. Second row: Keim, Moore, M. johnson, Harris, Hawkins, Leslie, Cooper, Clinkscales. Back row: Bastian, Kerr, Ford, Harding, Krogh, Ivey, Bruner, Kimsey, Donley, Embree. OFFICE STAFFS, seated: Staley, Miller, Pratt, Rowland, Coos, Danielson, Crowder, Roberts, Boch. Standing: Christensen, Sinnett, Swansen Bartlet, Lake, Haney, Mahoney, Tacke, Henry, Grace, Neddermeyer, Bitzes. 5533 'E 2 fm iilfi'gi,i?' ing. ag, +2313-ff1j.? Seated: Price, Efferding, Clark, Fick, Keefover, Benson, Ellsworth, Mullens, Titzell. Stand- ing: Swansen, Vogler, Kyle, Franzen, Armstrong, Wolf, Dreesen, Kersey, White, Boshing, Sachs, Robinson, Picard, Harsch, Koenig, Huntington, Williams, Christensen. -af K ,, MAINTENANCE STAFFS, Seated: Potts, McNaab, Blair, Krin- Kg gg ser, Urban. Standing: johnson, Wood, Hall, Anfinson, Spangler, S t d. St B th Miller Hanne. Standin : Ferris, Clause Gordon, Harder, Lockwood. ea e ' . 0rZ, 00 , , 8 Hyatt, Didato, Kunneman, Lefler, Joy, Bacora, Iohannes. 90 pi im 1 a 11 W , ,ft UV ! . M xg. '- "XMI Lt. Colonel William Dowd PAS .. l The Omaha University Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps program is offered to both male and female students in their fresh- man year. Formal enrollment in the advanced program is open to men in their sophomore year and women in their junior year. Between the junior and senior years AFBOTC cadets attend Summer Camp sessions. Upon completion of advanced AFROTC training both men and women students are commissioned as second lieutenants in the United States Air Force. Major john B. Truell Major Leroy Wenstrom Lf, Velma Kinloch Assistant PAS Cadets drill on field as flight leader spits on guidon bearer. "Drill, drill, drill, all We do is drill" Cadet Captain Bob Barnes runs an ainnan through a practical exam as Kipp Buis sleeps on. 92 Sabres stomp out cadence Cadets enjoy an informal lecture. The Classroom AF ROTC classroom sessions include lectures on the fundamentals of aviation and air science. While such things as basic geography and inter- national tensions are studied in the freshman year, upperclassmen receive instruction in the principles of Air Force procedure and problems. Included in the training program are courses such as the Evolution of Warfare, the Military Justice System, Individual Weapons and Career Bob Bennett and Doug Shearer inspect a new dog Guidance. Additional courses in the comprehen- sive schedule of classes are Leadership and Man- agement and Military Aspects of World Political Geography. whistle. Angel Gwen Stickels points out Suez area to cadet Don Poast abrcs 1, 3, M, ' A s Drill team members relax during football game. The "Sabres," Omaha Universityis crack drill team, is a part of the Sabre Air Command. Its members are drawn from within the command, and it is rated among the top drill teams in the nation. The sabres sponsor the Junior Iet pro- gram for seventh and eighth grade students in the Omaha Public Schools. Sabre honor guard Park Ames, Bob Rasgorshek, Morris Reed and Don Rokusek step off. Sabres and angels strut their stuff. Inspecting officials begin their tour. Cadet Captain Bill Barnes receives an award from Milo Bail. Federal Inspection Omaha University has been rated among the top ten schools at all Federal Inspections since the organization in 1951. Nothing but praise has been passed on by the various inspection teams during the annual inspections. This year fol- lowed the same pattern, as O.U.'s Cadet Wing won another high inspection grade. This year's inspection team was headed by Col. A. John Wheeler, Acting Inspector Gen- eralg Lt. Col. Louis Chaney, University of Mary- land and Lt. Col. Nicholas N. Marshall, Ford- ham University. 0 is mm F The band strikes up a march. layed 45054955 Chaplain Major McConnell seems surrounded hy Omaha University angels following chapel services. Angel sponsor jane Anderson talks shop with Claudia Olson, Glee Sides Qleftj and Betty Post. , 71 Wd? fadgvw W 2 W ww! A 1 ' "NL we iz, Q4 . ,f Qi , . if up "M .if Q if 4. ,, The AF ROTC honorary officers, Iody WVhite, Irene Rorick, Gayle An- derson, Iudy Rogers, Betty Ellsworth and Pat Thompson. 97 Yes, theylre voting again. . .Don Meade hits the books for finals . . . Melvin Luelce tries friendly persuasion . . .Dumb pledge entertains actives. STUD Contents Greeks .... Organizatio 'rs L-1.44 133 Z Q1 Lf ,1 . '51 Swv' Ianet Decker af.. w ' ' ' Qi Barbara Fleck a n is YU' I I W f E 4 , Barbara Scott Annette Dubler .i. J 4 "W 2 A ef ...Hr 'Bs-Q.. Sue Moss 'iBut there are four other dances scheduled that Judy Samuelson night . . . XV ell why can't Bush last for three weeks . . . But hamburgers are too expensive for the Creek Banquet . . And so it goes for the problem-solving Panhcllenic Council. The group composed of two representatives from each sorority is the governing body for the four national sororities on campus. Among Council activities are supervision of womenis rushing, co-sponsorship of the annual Greek Help XVeek activities. This year the Panhellenic Councilis communi- ty service project included contributions from each so- rority girl to the Childrenis Memorial Hospital Bazaar. JU IOR P HELLEN IC ""' Corlynn Coesei Il Jody White Y "Q 65" 1:7 Left to right, back row: Janice Snowdall, Sylvia Barth, jane Helgren, Nelda Sprague. First row: jean XVilcox, Jeanette Jackson, jill Moss, Kathy Gerhold. I 5:32 gg? 3 .nv- , Ronald Donald Jenkins Ehrlich ., my ft'?,,i IVY Q. ...y A1 Bob Thomsen Matthews INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Composed of two members from each fraternity, the Interfraternity Council serves as the governing body and policy making organization for the national fraternities on the university campus. Supewision of men's Rush XVeek, co- sponsorship of Greek XVeek, participa- tion in freshman orientation and partial co-ordination of the men,s intramurals 'll' El Don Fjellin Aw, fi, Jun Graddy are some IFC activities. Omaha University's official delegate to the National Interfraternit'y Council Convention was Ron Jenkins. IFC officers for the year were Ron Jenkins, president, Don Erlich, vice pres- ident, Al Thomsen, secretary, and Bob Matthews, treasurer. I A? V ,K Park Ames Harlan Bercovici IFC president "Ron" Jenkins checks the university's master test files as Jim W'iley, Bob Matthews look on. Robert Meyer Mathew Pelzer Bob Rasgorshek Jim Wiley 101 102 LPHA XI DELT Secretajy President Treasurer Shirley Dall Iudy Samuelson Marilyn Stolley Alpha Xi Delta highlights of the year in- cluded the election of Cayle Anderson as Ma-ie Day Princess and Judy Rogers as Honorary Colonel. Barbara Fleck was named outstanding Greek pledge. Tapped for XVaokiya were Judy Rogers, Patsy Halverson and Iudy Samuelson. Marlene Hoffman received the Chi Omega Drama award. At the 1956 Alpha Xi Devil Dance, Robin Nordell was crowned King Satan VIII. The an- nual Rose Formal was held in April. Theta Chi Sweater Girl was Mary Strater. Marcia Miller was editor of The Gateway. Stu- dent Council representatives were Kay Custer and Shirley Palladino. Alpha Xiis held office in Angels Flight, Home Economics Club and Pinfeathers. Campus Casanova, jerry Veatch, gets the deep freeze routine from Ruth Elliot, Donna Brinlee, and Iimette Burney M ,r ,Q aria. Judy Christensen Kay Custer Mary Edgerton Ruth Elliott Susan Ewing Nancy F itl Barbara Fleck Barbara Griffin Patsy Halverson Judi Hansen Carole Nelson Karen Nelson Sharon Olsgaard Joyce Ostronic Jenelle Rentschler Edith Schroeder Lyvonne Spomer Mary Strater Judy Suing Joan Swanson Donna Anderson Marlene Barton Norma Beck Donna Brinlee Jimette Burney Patti Burns Jean Carter Donna Cejka Lois Chase Sandy Cheyne aa, as 'ri K sl, ..., . N325 L 'x X X Siam? sa L ev Helen Hawley Jane Helgren Jean Hounshell Janet Janda Marylinn Johnson Judy Kruse Sandra Kruse Judy Lindberg Diana McC0ne Marcia Miller Janet Taylor Geiri Thompson Carol WVallen Janice XValters Judy Weiser Jean Wilcox 03 1 -.r W 'Q W ev we Q ' Q' A ii "1- I 33 ' I J-or 5? 3 , 3 r M, as if ? ds. ,7 1 'Ilan in . 5 A ga, , 1 . 1' N we L l c '40-it 5? 104 Arm Ahlstrand Janice Allard Susan Ames Sylvia Barth Joann Bentley Barbara Blake Judy Bondurant Sue Bondurant Marilyn Brandes Gayle Chapman Mary Jane Chapma Nan Clarke Rosemary Comine Sandra Edstrand Eleanor Engle Sue Forrey Marilyn Foster Virginia Frank Sandra Garey Sharon Gidley Sandra Gosch Jackie Grau Sharyn Heldt Sue Henderson Gail Johnson Kay Jones Peggy Kuntzelman Barbara Lane Diane Langevin Jo Ann Larimore Karen Larson Dorothy Loring Barbara McGlee Ann McMahon Tamor Mickelson Jill Moss Sue Moss Judy Mullens Judy Poast Pat Roberts Ruth Roberts Gloria Rorick Sonja Ruckl Susan Salisbury Ardith Sampson Sally Jo Scott Jo Snyder Judy Starr Marlene Stevens Jan Talty Beverly Thoma Carol Thoma Sandra Vondra Marcia Wetzler Janet Wilke Karen Wilson CHI GMEGA Someone please pass Ruth Roberts the hangover kit. Chi Omega won Panhellenic and Omaha Panhel- lenic Scholarship trophies for the sixth consecutive year, retired the All-School Sing trophy and received the Ma-ie Day Float trophy. Campus queens included Jody White, College World Series Queen, Sharon Gidley, Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl, Sue Moss, Lambda Chi Crescent Girl, Gayle Chap- man, Rose of Delta Sig, Betty Ellsworth, Honorary.Lieu- tenant Colonel, Janet Wilke, Typical Freshman Girl, and Jody VVhite, Homecoming Princess. Elected class secretaries were Rosemary Comine, Gayle Chapman, Marcia Wetzler and Maiy Jane Chap- man. Student Council members are Irene Rorick, Sharon Gidley, Diane Langevin and Sue Salisbury. Tapped for Waokiya were Mardee Martin, Kay Talty, Judy Bon- durant and Jody White. ,IP Diane Langevin, Jody White, Rosie Comine and Marcia Wetzler discuss baseball strategy. sria C I I f 4 h ,ppapps 2 pyap ' 1 A 1 V. iisi -2 . G .- .,V,v 2, I I- I fe ii'l President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Pledge Trainer Jody White Mardee Martin Nancy Oberdorfer Kay Talty Irene Ronck K N., E l 1 """"! lx -El in r Nancy Barnum X3 W. Sharon Beckner C t Sandra Bosco 94 .:-' gy Q. K C ds- V Karen Brewster yy 2 S 15" yy Dorothy Carroll fslgf 1, A f S rw fr ra ,' ' ' 3 A 7 2 r ' s 4 L N in 'L Mary Chappell Carol Coffey Ioan Derham Carolee Disney Manette Fokken Margie Fokken President janet Decker First Second Vice President Annette Dubler Vice President Pat Buell Lois Lucas, one of Beta Omega's founders, was honored as Sigma Kappa of the Year at State Day. Sigma Kappa donated more blood to the annual Red Cross drive than any other campus sorority. Social activities included the spring dinner dance, parties with campus fraternities and a scavenger hunt for food to contribute to the Salvation Army. At the Violet Formal held December 14 Chuck Rice of Sigma Phi Epsilon was named Sigma Kappa "Typical Fraternity The year's activities were rounded out by the tra- ditional alum tea and the mother-daughter Christmas party. Kathryn Grayson Ieanette Iackson Barbara Johnson Marilyn Iones Betty Kulisek Sheila Lydick Joyce Makinson Sharon Nagel Nancy Reed Pat Rice IGMA KAPPA iv 'QI' Treasurer Marilyn Kline Nancy Barnum, Kathy Yates, and Barbara Johnson strive for a 4-point average. Carol Taylor Joyce Toll Ann Tritt Ruth Ann Weeks Catherine Yates rf' F' gud' Virginia Root Jackie Schroer Mariellen Sebek Laurel Shewan Janice Snowdall Pat Sommers ZETA TAU ALPHA In the spring of 1956 Zetas saw Pat Kavan sing the female lead in "Finian,s Rainbown, Marilyn Jones named Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweet- heart, and Barbara Scott, Betty Post, Betty Mar- ley and Marilyn Jones, president, tapped for YVaokiya. Fall social activities included a coffee hour for the new Dean of Women and a Greek pledge coke-tail party. Cutest Pan was Janice Ellis. Barbara Wood- cook and Annette Nicas participated in the University Theateris fall production. Student Council members were Marilyn Jones and Kay Cannony. Beverly Beach, Marilyn Jones and Claudia Olson were Angels Flight officers. Kay Allendorfer Jan Anderson Stephanie Beckner Joan Beninato Barbara Brunell Mary Alice Campbell Kay Carmony Carolyn Carver Sharon Conner Rosemary Corn Carmen Cramer Sonya Crowder Clarice Elliot Janice Ellis Joan Garner Kathy Gerhold Corlynn Coeser Sonia Green Barbara Hawkins Nancy Heinish A Nina Hill Joan Howard Lynne Jackson Shayla Jackson Avis Kennedy Joan Kucera. Roberta Kucera President Barbara Scott ov'u'5 A ...ff Vice President Beverly Beach Secretary Maiilyn Jones 'NWYQ' Treasurer Betty Marley A 'Lx Beverly Little Loretta Lodwig Adrienne Miller Annette Nicas Claudia Olson N anc Perl CharleneyPete?s Betty Points Betty Post Sandra Raish Beverly Reed Judy Reichart Carol Rhea Carol Rohling Ioan Schroeder Kari Schroeder Glee Sides Nelda Sprague Donna Steele Ruth Sutton Carol Tietgen Phyllis Troudt 0 Wells I Marlene NVetenkamp Barbara Woodcook -:. ji are 'QR if ,vt Fi "' .f S if W' x fl - ww' fn Y - 1,-:U V f , l 34 42 M an ,gf ' ' ' az. fe ' Q We l .Q Law 'rr' -N . f gf' L r M ,Q fa- Q ' A fv5,,4us' we N Q ' , 55, V yy l i Q n R. W-.27'f' ' it ,N ,. 1 , .,,. ,, F ,:-. . .. .-,--.. -2:5315 ,.,. p I, 1. A 4 '1 S Z., 1 lj' J' X se H zl- ,,,. - 5 'al Q53 fi" 13 49 W -H fra 4' 4 Carol Zentner Marva Zentner Bob jones, Zeta's Coolest Man, has his arms full of Barb Scott and joan Garner. 109 ww is 53 Cerald McDonald Richard McChghy Ioseph Michalik Steve Mickna Richard Miller Fred Moshier Daniel Neff Carl Nelson Bennett Nordell Richard O'Connor Harold Olsen William Olson Martin Pederson Kenneth Peterson Lyle Richards William Richeleiu Richard Robinson Edward Rohan Raymond Simmons john Stephens james Sullivan Iohn Turner Edward Wilkins Frank Wiseman Richard Wood Q Wt' Richard Acamo Frank Agosta Russell Blanchard john Blumel julio Camariano Robert Clark Eugene Covel Arthur Croft Ray Crouse Thomas Durick Edward Eaton Eldean Erickson Dean Eucker Norman Fischer James Fishback Donald Flanagan Iames Codkin Richard Goldstein Roger Henderson Donald Hohneke Bill Homan Charles Housh Robert Howell Wayne Higley Leo Iackson Kenneth Kloppenbi Frederick Larsen Warren McClure President Robert Ethington DELTA ICMA P First Vice President Richard O,Brien Second Vice President Richard Dunlop The International Fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity in the field of commerce and business administration. The fra- ternity is designed to foster the study of business in universities, to encourage scholarship and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics. Gamma Eta chapter, completing its seventh year at Omaha University, has maintained the s,,t...3, 'QQ Secretary Dino Cagni Q' 'F T 3 Treasurer James Warthen highest accumulative scholastic average among the Creek organizations on campus. Delta Sigs served the community by marching for the Muscular Dystrophy Drive. Highlight of the fraternity social calendar was the dinner dance at which Gayle Chapman was named The Rose of Delta Sigma Pi. ll L N It looks like a meeting of the Big Wheels Club with Dick Dunlop, Norm Fischer, Dick Robinson, Harry Curtis, and Art Croft. 111 3 32 A s Qrxl sf. . '17 Vice President Ioe Michulik President Ron jenkins Secretary Don Fjellin LAMBDA CHI ALPHA fr ri id -.,,a , ,K :mtg +A aw-qi mrs ix 'lf-...,,. mst' fi' 40- 7 L el nf ww-gg 'ff x 'ifs Eddie Akeyson Dick Clark Don Connor Eric Dahlbeck Louis DeVzJ.n Louis Drexel Jerry Emery Gary Gamble Walt Gray Ioe Hall Bob Hansen Bill Harmening Iohn Howard VVendell Jones Don Kalisek Leroy Klima Stan Kosalku Larry Lacina Alvin Luedtke John McKulsky George Marvin Dean Mill Don Poast Erin Pollat john Schmidt John Skarda Ron Sprandel Robert Storms john Watts ,fruit M' r -claw ,, In the spring the Lambda Chi's gave their an- nual all-school pancake supper. Proceeds of this affair were donated to the Student Union Furniture Fund. Highlight of the Lambda Chi social season was the third annual VVhite Rose Formal. Sue Moss was crowned Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl. Other social events included the all-Greek Mardi Gras Dance, exchange parties with campus sororities and banquets. Lambda Chiis were active in all phases of cam- pus activity. Richard Siekman played varsity basket- ball. Jerry Emery, Al Luedtke and George Marvin were vice-presidents of campus organizations. Mem- bers participated in Choir, Corinthians, Delta Sigma Pi and Sabres. "Off hand, fellas, Iid say we werenlt wantedf, Lambda Chi pincflke supper nXVl1ilClClV1 me in thue s no mole food W 'QP' 3 0 ff 'ami fe zn' sfgg-pw new T 2 pt J? t,,-nr Q XM Q?'c:'ffl ,wa -avec' 114 Hugh Allen John Anderson Lloyd Barnes Bon Bendorf Mark Burke Joe Byrne John Byrne John Carr Tom Casey Bill Chamberlain John Clark Joe Dalgleish Dusty Decker Jim Engle Larry Ennis Bob Fead Tom Finley Chet Fischer Dave Garrett Dave Goecker Max Harrington Don Havlu Cary Jackson Don Jeffrey Tom Jones Bob Jorgensen Dick Jorgensen P1 KAPPA ALPHA Fall elections selected Pi Kap's Simon A. Simon and Jim Plaster as presidents of the senior and junior classes. Al Thomsen and Bill Cham- berlain were elected vice presidents of the senior and sophomore classes. Eleven Pi Kap's held offices in campus or- ganizations, and six were tapped for Omicron Delta Kappa. Brad Pence, Jim Plaster and Ron Bendorf were Student Council representatives. Typical Freshman Boy was Gary Salquist, and Joe College of 1956 was Al Thomsen. Simon A. Simon was co-captain of the foot- ball team. Howard Larimore played varsity tennis, and Dave Coecker played varsity basket- ball. At the annual Gamet and Cold Ball, Sharon Gidley was chosen Dream Girl of Pi Kappa Alpha. Why didn't somebody tell Doug Postlewait grape pop 1 fattening? jim Kanago Ralph Keill Max Kennedy Howard Larimore lack Lemen Al Longacre john McKenzie Bob Matthews Arvie Nelson Greg Nordquest Mike Norton Brad Pence Doug Postlewait john Rainey Houghtie Reed Cary Salquist jim Sedlacek jack Seefus Larry Stoney Kent Strang Al Thomsen President Vice Presldent Secretary Treasurer Pledge Trainer Simon Simon jim Phster Gary Carlson Rod Smith Dick Eckstrom P 116 ti Iim Adkins Demeral Andrews Bill Barnett Iack Blair Ted Cajacob Rich Chaney! Gene Doesc ot Bruce Donelson Tom Dowd Mike Field Lynk Fullner Al Glasser Art Crossoehme Glen Heagle Dan Iackman Bob Jones Frank Kessler jim Kozak Rod Kuno Bill Leddy Larry Long IGMA PHI EP ILC Sigma Phi Epsi1on's spring social activities began with the annual Sweetheart Dance. The traditional costume party was held in March. Sig Epls took part in many campus activities. Ron Claussen, Bob Sherwood and Bruce Donel- son were members of the Student Council. Pres- ident of the sophomore class was jack Paulsen. Tom Dowd and Larry Peters were president and vice president of the freshman class. Zetais Coolest Man was Bob jones, and Chuck Rice was named Sigma Kappa's Typical Fraternity Man. The fraternity sponsored the Sig Ep Hockey Tournament and placed high in the intramural program. Four Sig Eps were "Ov Club members. Dennie Anderson, Bruce Donelson, Tom Dowd, and jackie Paulsen bombard the book store with requests for crib note paper. 3 W' if A sr' Q 1 ,, Comptroller r f i "A A p Warren McFarland ' S 7 5. Q' Ioe McCartney Keith McMillan Terry Martin John Morse Bruce Nuejahr Robin Nordell Jack Paulsen Carry Peil Matthew Pelzer Larry Peters Bill Pospisil Bob Rasgorshek Charlie Rice Bob Sherwood Bob Shields Fred Shimonek Loren Timms Dana Tucker jim Underland Ron Wells Bernie Wiseman Vice President Secretary Gary VlCke1' Cagni rorr r , S . " 2 -1,-, it in President Neil Shooter Sr it -,A Bob Jones prepares to pierce Marilyn jones' skull with Sig Ep crest. if ff.. 235, LQ 403 Larry Hunt Bob Iacobberger Steve jenkins Add Kilibarda '12,-F' Cloyce Abel Ken Ackerman Richard Bailey James Bishop George Bluvas Bob Bovve James Burkhart Jerry Culton Jack Davis Doug Durbin Walt Ehrhorn Ronald Elsasser Ronald Goff Jerry Hansen President Tom Philpott Duane KUQIUSS Vice President IGYYY KOSUHGC Donald Ehrlich Meanwhile, back on Mt. F ujiyama . . . Barbara Thomas and Gerald Hansen, Kay 18 Anderson and Tom Philpott pose at TKE masquerade party. TAU KAPPA EPSILO Epsilon Epsilon, Nebraska's newest Tau Kappa Epsilon chapter has completed its first year at Omaha University. Tekes held offices in Alpha Phi Omega, Cau- terbury Club and Newman Club. Members par- ticipated in KWOU, Sabres, and Arnold Air Society. They were also active members of the Secretary Donald Andrews Jerry Stephonowitz Allen Strnad Ralph Tait George Toman John Troth Don Waddell Jim Wiley Treasurer Herb Griess Larry Pearson Jim Philpott Enrique Ruiz Louis Sobczyk John Stephens Gary Stephenson Gateway and Tomahawk staffs. Jim XViley rep- resented the chapter at the National Interfra- ternity Council conclave. Tau Kappa Epsilon's social program included the Red Carnation Ball, all-Creek Coral Dance and Jazz in Modern, a concert and dance. Rich Kutilek Chuck Metcalfe "ZS" Norm Olsen Joel Padmore Roy Park Don Pavlik 'W in-If 7. MQ. B... xl! wth A , 2 Quo-9' 'mf 'Inf' 255' Dick Langhammer Gary Alleman Frank Anderson Bob Bennett Duane Brackenbury John Brader Dick Brehm Alan Brewster Dennis Brewster Kevin Buchta Harper Buck Cary Campbell Bob Colman Bob DeVan Tom Dudycha Don Fisher Jerry Foote Bob Cash Fred Geihs Paul Ceihs jim Craddy jim Hannibal Dick Herre Bob Hoham Bob Holsten Roman Hruska jack Iakobsen Connie Jansen Al Jones Theta Chi sponsored the first all-Creek dance of the year at which Mary Strater was chosen 1956 Sweater Girl. At the spring dinner dance Ardith Sampson was named Theta Chi Dream Girl. Round- ing out the social calendar were the parents' tea and parties with campus sororities. Theta Chi Choraliers retired the All-School Sing trophy. Dean Thomp- son and Fred VValters were tapped for ODK. At the Creek Banquet Dick Herrc was named outstanding pledge, and Theta Chi received the IFC trophy for high fraternity scholarship. In intramurals Theta Chi received the Intrafraternity and Sweepstakes tro- phies. Members participated in varsity football, basketball and tennis. EdW111 BGICOVICI left Myron Cohen Sid Klopper Robert Meyer President Harlan Bercovici ALPHA EP ILO PI The Upsilon Omicron colony of Alpha Epsi- lon Pi fraternity was founded October 24, 1956. Five men were initiated, eleven pledged. b The Field Secretary of Alpha Epsilon Pi di- rected summer rush, and acceptance by the Uni- versity administration and the Interfraternity Council followed. Led by president Harlan Bercovici, the fra- ternity plans to participate in community and campus activities. Other officers are Bob Meyer, vice presidentg Dan Levenson, secretaryg Sidney Klopper, treasurerg Morris Shrago, historian. 'I . z,,fg-Q el' N -W' rw N I .op M 1. . 1 .ww ,. em ,ww :,Jf,7:fMgvge9-tiki, iw ffewf ' ir Q hge 2 President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Pledgemaster Santo Terrano Park Ames Fred Walters Ron Howell Kipp Buis THETA CHI .mmm 'H .s -f ,A , xr S X K f 'J K ff Zin, 1 ' ,- ' ff - r. Theta Chi "sweater girlf Many Strater, re- axes with her escort Bob Holsten. Jerry Larson David Lozier Ion Lozier jack Lund Dave McGaffin Ray Meyers Jim Nemer Ron N emer Bill Petrik George Rath Bob Ravenscroft Dave Regan Don Rokusek Tom Ross Ed Sadler Cary Salman Mac Schulz Gary Schulze Doug Shearer Dean Thompson Dick Vernon Bill Welch Terry Wolff jim Zimmerman Qi, wr af, A ,X CJR 'Ta .4 ,Abc 'arf 1? p6Qaoooo Q '-' ' ' fiflpfa. 22 Delta Kay Satan Sae77l044"' ' ooeof4WWfea ga! WW gwqlmmat , , , . 1 z4Ql4Qtd0t4dlt"" . . 'im Kappa Spain Swazdmz 77t4W5n4za,..' 0 gdykegdflftddoboo ' ' v face Delta Scyma 796 o ...4' Free labor for a good cause. FORWARD MARCH 4 "Forward March Fratemitiesv was an ap- propriate slogan for the 1957 Greek "Help Week" as the Greeks moved forward, through co-operation, to greater unity. Directed by the Interfraternity and Panhellenic Council, the year's community project of repairing and dec- orating the South Omaha Settlement was suc- cessfully completed. The annual banquet climaxing the week's activities featured guest speaker Dr. Paul C. Polmantier, a University alumnus. The program also included presentation of awards to Chi Omega Sorority and Theta Chi Fraternity for their scholastic achievements during the pre- ceding year. The intramural sweepstakes trophy also went to Theta Chi. Bob Jaccobberger, Ian Snowdall, Betty and Roy Park paint up a storm. FRATER ITIE Kulisek Ron jenkins presents john Anderson with trophy as Houghtie Reed looks on. 'Wa- Dean MacGregor introduces Creek Week speaker Paul Polmantier. Glee Sides, Dave Lozier, Dr. Polmantier, Shirley Dall and Mathew Pelzer, form discussion panel. 3 lil I,-.J Lambda L... Freshmen women plus scholarship plus service equals Alpha Lambda Delta, national scholastic honorary. Membership is open to any freshman woman who attains a 3.5 average in her first year in college. Group members this year attempted to encourage high scholastic stand- ards among freshmen women by being "big sistersn to approximately 60 Women of high potential. Faculty advisers are Dean Elizabeth Hill, Dr. Frances Holliday and Miss Ellen Lord. Officers are Virginia Frank, president, Carol Coffey, vice president, An- nette Kosowsky, treasurer, Sandra Cosch, secretary and Sue Henderson, his- torian. Marilyn Crandall and Kay Talty are student advisers. strand, Beach. Third row: Crandall, Vance, Root, Du- Bois, Moss, Eagleson, Kline, McAuliffe. Front row: Kosovvsky, Cof- fey, Frank, Henderson. Second row: Talty, Mc- Cone, Fleck, Casebeer, Ed- ...ev . .V y ,, , You don't have to have wings and a halo to be an Angel at OU. Fifty-three heavenly coeds are Angels, selected by Arnold Air Society and Angels, Executive Council. University Angels take the spotlight with marching, dancing and singing. The AF-ROTC auxiliary acquired a new sponsor and member this year, Lt. Velma Kin- , loch. A brunch Was given in her honor. Flight leader is Cerri Thompson. Avg. First row: Bondurant, Beach, Palladino, Halverson, Thomp- son, Coleman, Jones, Olson, Sides. Second row: Henderson, Chapman, Lodwig, Fleck, Brinlee, Frank, Ahlstrand, Cosch, Snyder, Carey, Talty. Third row: W h i t e, M a r t i n, Larimore, johnson, Post, Sut- ton, Forrey, Sampson, Raish. Angel Sue Forrey inspects colorful obi Worn by sponsor Lt. Kinloch. First row: D e cke r, Burns, Barnum, Lind- burg, Hansen, Elliot, Christensen. Second row: N i c a s, Rent- schler, Cejka, Miller, Stickels, Dall, Rohl- ing. Third row: Cus- ter, Comine, Engle, Samuelson, Marley, Cidley, Rorick, Starr, F itl. 1 3.7 Arnold Air Society A Tomahawk camera suririses Tigers Ames, Ras gorshek and Nemer in t eir den! First row: Cell, Colman, Myers, Hager, Walters, Shultz, Cajacob, Geihs. Second row: Jones, Capps, Hunt, Edmonds, Marvin. Third row: Shooter, Storms, Schaetzle. open scho' and staff. the AAS is of colleges program. for these cadets Military Ball. The sponsors two auxil- Flight and the newly- r Command. Colman IS Commander, Neil Deputy Commander. First row: Brewster, Salman, McMillan, Campbell, Nemer, Jacobsen, Kennedy. Second row: Lund, Larson, Ras gorshek, Cell, jackson, Reed. Third Row: Ames, Terrano, Ruwe. M Front row: C arls o n, Ames, Longacre. Sec- ond row: Donelson, Gamble, Koch, Lemen. Third row: Iorgensong Iorgenson, Keill. Alpha Phi mega Front row: E hrl i ch, Wolfe, Helgren, Starr S e c o n d row: Watts, Hansen, Father Hoppe, Baird, Lemen. 140 APO is a national service fraternity of men with scouting experience. It serves the student body, faculty, youth, community, nation and the fraternity. "We Want bloodlv cry the APO's as their annual Red Cross blood drive rolls around. APO also sponsors the campus Community Chest campaign. Officers are Park Ames, president, Allan Longacre, vice-president, Norman Olsen, secre- tary, and Richard Welna, treasurer. Canterbury Club A new organization on campus is the Canter- bury Club. Membership is open to Episcopa- lians, Orthodox, Old Catholics or those who Want to accept the faith of the Episcopalian Church. Fonned in September, the Canterbury Club operates under Right Rev. Howard Brinker, bishop of Nebraska, and Rev. Father Leopold Hoppe, the clubis chaplain. Officers are Iim Baird, president, Don Ehr- lich, vice-president, Ruth Wolfe, secretary, Jerry Hansen, treasurer. 'CD C37 E Corinthians This club is not open to every studentl The scholastic honorary requires four semesters on the Dean's Honor Roll. Corinthians tries to encourage studying, learning and academic achievements among University students. They plan to study student reaction to the honor system to he employed next fall. Officers: Camille VVells, president, Myrna Giles, vice-president, secretary-treasurer, Mari- lyn Crandall. Sponsor: Dr. Robert Harper. ,aw Seated: Marley, Iones Wells, Crandall, Martin Miller. Feathers Fifteen rahs go to Feathers for helping to cheer OU,s athletic teams to victory. This peppy organization is composed of 10 girls from each sorority and 10 each from Inde- pendents and unaffiliated. Sponsoring the annual joe College dance and giving parties for the teams are part of their activities. President is Sharon Cidley. Miss Beldora Schaake is sponsor. Seated: Chapman, For- rey, G i dl e y, Comine, Jones, Johnson. Second row: Beach, Giles, Land, Dinkel, Placek, Martin, Rorick, Samp- son, R ais h, Goeser, Troudt, Miller. T h i r d row: Glandt, Moe, Heldt, Stanley, Bondu- rant, Smart, Stevenson, D e c k e r, Dall, Carter, Christensen, Lindburg. p 141 3 Second row: White, Schroeder, Engle, Talty, Eagleson. Top row: Dr. Harper, Radda, Iensen, First row: Seigers, Ahl strand, Trautrimas, Ames Mr. Maxwell. Second row Sander, Park, Giles, Miller, Wittekind, Gilquist, Car- mody. Third row: Mutum, Conners, Fjellin, Peterson, Lewis, Bickett. French Club The French Club is open to any University student who has taken or is now taking French. Members of "Le Cercle Francaisv study French customs, literature, art and Way of life. Members were entertained in the late fall by a painter and critic who showed French paintings to the club. President is Ron Bendorf, sponsor is Mrs. Peggy Payne. German Club To take a tour to Germany, an arm-chair tour that is, the easiest route is by way of the Omaha University German Club. Der Deutche Verein was organized in 1952 for the purpose of promoting interest in the German language and in the life, customs, art, history and literature of the Gennan-speaking countries. First row: Rhea, Bendorf, Mrs. Payne, Greenberg. Second row: Nicas, Haw- ley, Christensen, R a v e n, Schroer, Kennedy, Brunell. Third row: Broman, Kle- mundy, Nelson, Vander- grift, Regan, Cotrick. F our th row: Kallmeier, Carlson, Jones, Deboe. 142 FTA Readin', ,ritin', and ,rithmetic . . . Soon to be teaching the three R's and more are members of Future Teachers of America. During 1956-57, OU's FTA chapter had a record membership of 175 students interested in the teaching profession. The organization attempts to promote a pro- fessional attitude among its members on the college level and to publicize the opportunities in the profession on the high school level. Officers are Kay Talty, president, Betty Post, vice-president, Eleanor Engle, secretary, Bar- bara Stollard, treasurer, and Charlotte Stanley, publicity chairman. Faculty sponsors are Dr. Paul Kennedy and Dr. Joseph Dunn. M First row: Kline, Fleck, Steven, T r a c y, Alger, Heldt, Newhouse, Crow- der, Collier, Webb, Mor- ris, Ferbrache, Good- man. Second rowz An- derson, McViddy, Con- ley, Velesquez, Dearden, Kruse, Meyer, Placek, Cidley, Dinkel, Bern- stein, Zochell. T h i r d row: Beach, Giles, Noo- dell, Pfundheller, Land, Eagleson, Strater, Rob- erts, Wetenkamp, Stol- lard. Fourth row: Post, Talty, Rohling, Carroll, Ames, Rademacher, Houlihan, Wilcox, Weis- er, Kruse, Wetzler, Stanley. The lineup: Officers and sponsors face the camera. "And he was the nicest date," e l at es Myrna. But friends, Marilyn, Mrs. Eagle- son and Sharyn are skeptical. 143 First row' Corn ones ' 7 I 7 Dall, Iohnson, Smart, White. Second row: Hag- ge, Elliott, Leich, Bentley Roberts, K u n c y l, Suing S u t t o n, McGee, Gidleyl Pazler. Third row: Calla- gher, Olsen, Miss Killian Mrs. Anderson, S teven Day, Fleck, Lindberg, Leei Thoma, Chapman, Stolley, Martin. 7 7 Home EC Club To find the way to a man's heart. . .join the Home Ec Club. The aim of the club is to further professional knowledge and to promote interest in home economics. Membership is open to all home economic majors and minors. The club sponsors many activities throughout the year including a smorgasbord of foreign foods cooked by individual members. lndiannes The Indiannes, inaugurated this year on the University of Omaha campus, entertain with precision drill routines which carry out the University Indian theme. Dressed in colorful Indian costumes, these girls perform during half time ceremonies of basketball and football games. They plan to expand their routines to include other campus athletic events. The Indiannes are captained by freshman Mariel Pruch. First row: Custer, Hawley, Edgerton, Pruch, Schroe- der, Rogers, Hawkins, Car- ner. Second row: Shay, Anderson, Ewing, Beck, Taylor, Helgren, Allendor- fer. Third row: Robinson, Reed, Massara, Bondurant, Ruckl, Carver, Nelson. 144 "I say, old chap, isn't this the ISA?,' Independent Students Associ- ation provides recreational and political activities for unaffiliat- ed students. The group has a membership of over 70. This year, members journeyed to Texas for the national ISA Convention and to Colorado for the Rocky Mountain Regional Convention. At the organizations annual Starlight Stroll in April, Joanne McLellan was presented as ISA Sweetheart. ISA sponsored Op- eration Santa Claus to furnish an elderly couple with food. IA ISA Executive Council 'S Yi? Sponsors: Mr. Porterfield, Lt. Kinloch, and Capt. Cuddy. -cs 5, f-if First row: Giles, Stanley, Thomas, Dinkel. Second row: Drdla, Crandall, Christensen, Moe, Placek, Leach, Teeple, Os- borne. Third row: Godwin, Peterson, Miller, Simon. Fourth row: McMahill, Cowdery, Klos- termeyer, Bickett, Peterson, Combs, Krouse, Pixley, Walsh. 145 First row: Dowd, Schmidt, Campbell, Bluvas, Rademach- er, Logsdon, Houlihan, Mey- ers Cronican Kien Hef 2 a ya Wa Rigatuso. Second row: Fath- er Bartek, VVagner, Washing- ton, C a m p b e l l, Schroeder, Massara, S e b e k, Beninato, B r e W s t e r, Plaza, Potter, Munch, Father Sutherd. Third row: Dempsey, Ward, Mul- ready, D e V o s, Patterson, Vlcek, Berger, Lukasiewicz, Kueny, Curtis, Rath, Walsh, Hazuka. in 1953. ff'Hh,:: First row: Post, Beach, Schro- eder. Second row: Land, Heldt, Kline, Crandall, Dis- ney, Brandes, Larsson. Third row: Dubler, Engle, Galla- gher, Talty, Placek, Houlihan, C of f e e, Richards, Weiser, Kruse, Miss Bethel. 146 Kappa Delta Pi University students in the upper fifth of the junior class are eligible for Kappa Delta Pi membership. The national educational society, which en- courages high ideals and scholarship in the educational field, established its OU chapter Officers are Mary Ann Larsson, president, Elearnor Engle, vice-president, Annette Dubler, secretary, Carolee Disney, treasurer. Miss Hollie Bethel is faculty adviser. Newman Club The Newman Club aims to foster the spiri- tual, intellectual and social interests of Roman Catholic students at the University, to Weld the members into a common union, to assist stu- dents whenever possible. The club was organized on campus in 1955. Pat Kieny is president this year. Men's P.E. Majors TX Dig those crazy sweat socks! It's the Men's P.E. Majorsl Members officiate for all men's intramural athletics, sponsor Play Night with the Women's P.E. Majors and promote a Christmas toy dance to benefit an orphanage. Don McMahill received the annual trophy for the best contribution to health, physical edu- cation and recreation. Club sponsors are Ernie Corr, Tom Brock and jack Cotton. President is Milton Hearn. aft? K 1' nf First row: G1 an d t, Imig, Dinkel, Bondu- . 5 n rant, M i s s Schaake. .Q l I I Second row: Talty, K I I I Larsson, Leo, Land, Morris, Buehl. Womens P.E. Majors An Alumni dinner, a Christmas party for a Childrens Memorial Hospitals ward and a social workshop highlight the year's activities of the Womens P.E. Majors. Annual volleyball, basketball and softball tournaments against the faculty and alumni teams tum into funfests for club members. The club also hosts speakers and professional conventions throughout the year. First row: Morrow, Mr. Brock, Meehan, Trum- b au er, McMahill, Mr. Cotton, Moyer, Alton. Second row: D'Ercole, Roberts, Crum, jackson, Westphal, Kraft, Klein- smith, Haffey. Third row: Hines, Cochran, Scott, Butera, Welniak, Stauffacher, D ecker, johnson. 147 First row: D e m p s e y, Morse, Johnson, Kraft, Schaetzle, Helm, Moyer. Second row: Paulson, Meade, Bowman, Nel- son, Coughlin, Benning, Allen, Brown. Third row: Simon, Pillar, Leep- er, Siekman, Nevins, An- drew, Wheeler. Fourth row: Mathews, Garrett, Berney, Brester, Hunter, Davis. Club O-O-O-Club!! That red letter sweater can only mean that a member of the O-Club has just passed by. Doing its job to promote ath- letics at OU, the lettermanis club helped run the NIAA national cross country meet, and pro- motes other athletic activities. For his gridiron achievements, Bill Englehardt r e c e iv e d a plaque from the club. Officers Moyer, M orse Schaetzle, Johnson, Helm and Kraft. The camera doesn't bite, really fellows. 48 You mean that you guys can read! X Pi Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta is a national organization Whose members are interested in collegiate de- bate and speech activities. During the year members organized an inter- collegiate and a high school tournament. They also competed in six college tourneys including the national Pi Kappa Delta tournament held in Brookings, South Dakota. Officers were Niles Pixley, president and Bruce Peterson, secretary-treasurer. Dr. Aldrich Paul was faculty sponsor. First row: Larsen, Mil- ler, Taylor, Frank. Sec- ond row: Pixley, Fleck, Peterson, Field. Phi Theta Chi Itis for women only! That's Phi Theta Chi, national business sorority. Members keep busy promoting higher education and training for women in business. A 2.0 average and enrollment in the college of Business Administration are musts for eligi- bility. Officers are president, Marlene Moe, vice president, Annette Kosowsky, secretary, Clarine Kasin, and treasurer, Marilyn Miller. Sponsors are Leta Holley andl Verda Rauch.. First row: Miller, Lozi- er, Rorick, Kasin, Moe, Young. S eco nd row: Miss Holley, Peters, M Zentner, Larson, Kow- sowsky, McCreater. Third row: Miss Rauch, Saunders, Chappell, C Zentner. 151 First row: Acamo, Lit- tle, Welch. Second row: Norman, Farquehar, Ka- ras, N 0 v 0 t n y, Fead, Voerster, Donnely, An- d e r s o n, Stephanowitz, Dr. Davison. Pi Gamma Mu Members of this national social science honor society must have 20 hours of the social sciences with grade average of B and no academic failures. The group tries to improve scholarship in the social sciences and to inspire social service to humanity. Harl Dahlstrom is president, sponsor and treasurer is Dr. Sarah Tirrell. First row: Kaplan, Weiser, Dahlstrom, Talty, Engle. Second row: Mr. Utley, Mr. Lewis, Miss Tirrill, Snavely, Eagleson. Third row: Dr. Thoman, Mr. Gerbracht, Dr. Peck, Dr. Bonner, Pusey. 152 Retailing Club The Retailing Club provides a close associa- tion between business and students who are interested in retailing. A student does not have to be a retailing major for membership. At club meetings a top executive from a local business firm speaks to members about the practical side of business. Ben Nordell served as president the first semester, Richard Acamo, the second. George Johnston is secretary, Walter Welch is treasurer. A 5 , ., ,,.,.., F ? rnl--. Sabres Bager, Colman, Anderson, Ben- dorf and Bennett listen to Chaplain McConnell, a visitor from Offutt. abres March, march, the boys are marching. These marching guys in blue are the members of the Omaha University Sabres Drill Flight, consisting of 36 outstanding basic cadets. Drills, drills, and more drills as the group practiced for their performance at the Military Ball, XVayne University football game and Federal Inspection. Attention! Four Sabres performed as the color guard. They were Frank Anderson, Bob Bennett, Bruce Neujahr and Bill Vtfelch. Richard Herre acted as alternate. National officers of Sabres were selected at the national convention at New York City in the Spring. Local Commander is C-ary Campbell. Drill, Drill, Drill-rain or shine they drill. But these constant drills have paid off in many honors for the Omaha University Sabres Flight. First row: Donelson, Hannibal, Metcalfe, Busse, D. Andersen, Gamble, Campbell. Second row: Foote, F. Andersen, Nemer, Clark, Shearer, NVelch, Anderson. Third row: Herre, Preston, Sherwood, Jacob- berger, Sprandell, Keill, Poast. Fourth row: Bennett, Schuman, Devan, Bendorf, McCaffin, Cash, Iacobsen. Fifth row: Neujahr, Longacre. ti v',fll-" i l I1 1 i ll l ii K1 lil? Sl. First row: Fisher, Eckstrom, Th o m s e n, Mr. Otis, Mr. Lewis. Second row: Mar- vin, Pratt, Ceihs, Kostinek. Rho Epsilon Rho Epsilon promotes and encourages the exchange of ideas concerning the field of real estate. To meetings of this national professional fra- ternity come speakers active in some phase of the real estate business. Officers for the year are Al Thomsen, presi- dent, Brad Pence, vice-president, and Dick Eck- strom, treasurer. Spanish Club This club promotes knowledge and under- standing of the Spanish-speaking countries and people. Members speak the language, sing Spanish songs, and learn to appreciate Spanish music, dancing and literature. Meetings feature movies depicting Spanish customs. Joanne Placek is president, Ralph Osborn, vice-president, Rota Krumins, secretary, Don Fjellin, treasurer. Sponsors: Dr. Christopher Es- pinosa and Mrs. Peggy Payne. Mrs. Payne, Krumins, Pla- cek, Osborn, Freydenburg, Dr. Espinosa. Second row: Walters, Griffin, Hines Christensen, Kais, Simon. Third row: Totilas, F. Wal- ters, L on gacr e, Wright, Trautrimas. 9 154 irst row: Marsh, Longacre, elson, Bendorf, Postlewait, fasey. Second row: How- rd, Reichart, Allendorfer, lenderson, Wetzler, Ames, lr. Micek. Third row: mith, Ru ckl, Salisbury, entley, McClee. Fourth rw: McMahill, Stauffacher, iowell, Andrew, Leeper, utler, Bradley. Waoki a Waokiya, the senior women's leadership so- ciety, was founded at Omaha University in 1950. Membership is based upon high scholarship and significant participation in activities. New members are tapped each spring at the all-school sing. A fall tapping and spring ban- quet are other activities. This year's officers are Marilyn I. Iones, president, Indy Bondurant, vice-president, Mar- dee Martin, secretary, and Miss Ellen Lord, treasurer. irst row: White, Martin, ondurant. Top row: Mar- iy, Scott, Halverson, Talty, ost. Watersports Club ' K... hang your clothes on a hickory limb, but don't go near the water." Not so say members of the Wlatcrsports Club! Thcyire really in the swim of things, and all thatis required for membership is an active inter- est in water sports and a swimming suit. Officers are Jim Underlancl, president, Rod Smith, vice-president, Sue Henderson, secretary, and Neil Butler, treasurer. 3 'Cl 'X ' fa .'i.. Q . ' x Seated: Jones, Wells, Marley Post. Second row: Larimore Talty, Moss, Rashid, Balderson Eagleson. Top row: Dr. Rodgers Dutch, Emery, Dr. Harper. The Club Shades of Samuel Johnson! The Club, English honorary, requires nine hours of upper division English with a grade of B or above. A panel on men in modern fiction, a discus- sion of literary Work and ideas and a spring picnic were included in the yearis activities. Officers are Camille Wells, president, Sue Forrey, secretary-treasurer. Sponsors are Dr. Robert Harper and Dr. Paul Rogers. Westminster Student Fellowship Westminster Student Fellowship Welcomes students of all denominations for discussions of current problems in Christian living. The Fellowship is sponsored by Raymond Trenholm and NVilfred Wortman. Discussion moderator is Reverend John Swearingin, As- sociate Minister of First Presbyterian Church. Officers are Marilyn Crandall, president, Robert Giles, vice-president, and Myma Giles, secretary-treasurer. 6 First row: B. Giles, Crandall, M. Giles, Rev. Swearingin. Second row: Dinkel, VVortman, Simon, Bickett, Giles. 1 Hiner, Murray, Helgren, WVetZler, Lorin, Brinlee, Hornshell, WVashington, XVoodcook, Rhea, Ed- strand, N i c a s. Second row: Dr. Clark, YVolff, Hen'e, Greenburg, Do- lan, F i n l e y, Emery, Bowe, Allen, N emer, An- derson, Anderson, Mr. Mage-rs. University Players "The play's the thing," for University Players as they aim for successful dramatic productions. The group assists in all dramatic presenta- tions and creates an interest in stagecraft. Presenting readings and one-act plays for local civic and social organizations is a part of the club's activities. Students earn membership points by work- ing on committees as well as appearing on stage in plays. 157 First row: Lagman, 1 my dear. . .theres no Water there! Better watch Io a little more close- ly, girls! ..11'h"'7"7 All right, so you don't have to salute! ffwk ,,...f-P-"' fa? he 1 X me e The Horny Club. Q-xg 1 , 'V' I put off that diet until tomorrow - MHTCIH eyes the 1, i . l N l '.,i' K L. , V QQ' .., 1. , A , Q W Y rssc iw? Q ae A, K' y , - , I . .V,'V i 3 my , ""'Q-Af X A .V - l gn J elf. L 4 " f A' glee ' N dd 1'-1. 1" , gffafgefil1i27T,.w-,g3i, gf? Z y l Clarence L. Adams R1chard Adams af,-' -517 x g A --- x, B-1, we -Y . . g?Qg?ghgZ Qlf:vfpjg1.15, ggslffewkfifiar U Bachelor of Sclence m Bachelor of Arts, 'ww GW. 'L ' M Wa' ' . ,- Z A ev Q, ' ' . . 1 - - . . -?Qfs?g1?g31T1 Qiigflgfii- 3, Busmess Admmlstrahon Mayor m Soclology Jak : faivf 2 J Richard Acamo Paul Alp6I'S0l'l Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of SCISHCC 111 Retailing Refalllng 1 60 .eroy E. Anderson iachelor of Science in ,ngineering We -rw Vhilr ION 'wtwi 4-wp Shirley D. Babb Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Secretarial Science usiness Administration- Demeral L. Andrew Charles L. Arbogast Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science in Education, Business Administration, Major in Physical Engineering Education :PR fv-N ls s . A ,ie-if mass f . -4l"""' Richard B. Bailey Bachelor of Arts, Major in Sociology obert H, Bachler achelor of Arts, fajor in Government .bf 1'-.4-I-Anti-P", Cordon L Baker Katherine K Barber Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science in Education Education Lmes S. Baird Nancy Jane Bastien achelor of Arts Bachelor of Science in lajor in History Education 'al 6 ,,,.,,m .B ,. William R. Bama Bachelor of Science in Business Administration N? ""5"""' Ernest I. Barta Phillip E. Bede Bachelor of Science in B21ChC10I' Of AITS, Business Administration, Major in English Major in Accounting john R. Blumel Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in General Business George Bluvas Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Insurance 73' julia Bondurant Bachelor of Arts, Major in General Science 162 M g lnvsv PQQQ , jjjl 5-a fsiffrr B J? artsy- ' .'., I- 2.1335 4 M E1'?,wg9y?-L -,aa ' 54512.44 'L 3.-51151-g-.,,if,, .fp V-A .r 'lgifif 1d7:f',:f1JJf'K 1 lla 'I"+4t'i V john B. Bothell Terry I. Bowman Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science in Education Business Administration, Major in General Business 'Wap --MIP james D. Bolton Bachelor of Science in Education ,WK 'We- tif? Marilyn Arlene Brandes Bachelor of Science in Education Robert I. Breci Zvachelor of Science in 3usiness Administration, viajor in General Business Richard L. Brehm Bachelor of Science in Business Administration QQ?" Kipp R. Buis Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Personnel pnmw--m 4'Qf? 'MVN 45. 4 john H. Burlingame Bachelor of General Education Management QM -wffwyr sleal C. Butler Bachelor of Science in Education HN' '-xr 312:41 S' 2 M - in K 7 J lug A oseph C. Byrne Bachelor of Arts, lajor in Economics vi Arthur T. Cajacob Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Insurance 1 1 f X . .. up if . julio C. Camoriano Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in General Business . 1 Ha Richard H. Butler Bachelor of General Education K i . 5-aw ,."" if f ,. iw t Harold L. Capps Bachelor of Science in Busines Administration 6 Marvin D. Chesley Bachelor of Science in Business Administration H-c.,V,u ,. , Mary Ann Collier Bachelor of Science in Education FFHQ. VUE' f- ,M 5 X ,I Robert Dean Colman Bachelor of Science in Business Administration' Engineering 164 1 'fx 1 M M A' M ' i John H. Chunka Bachelor of Science in Business Administration- Engineering John L. Clark Bachelor of Science in Business Administration- Engineering .XN is tx fha I in I Sylvia Cohn Bachelor of Arts, Major in Government 'S wi' 2 K ,I Rosemary Comine Bachelor of Science in "!J."S Ray M. Crouse Bachelor of Science in Education Business Administration, Major in Marketing 'JB Susan E. Cunningham Bachelor of Science in Home Economics f -c wwf' 3 wwf! r wh! , larry B. Curtis S U Edward F. Degan Lachelor of Science in ' g gg Bachelor of Science in iusiness Administration, A Business Administration- iajor in Personnel Management Jia wg.. Engineering Shirley 1. Dall Grace E. Dearden Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Education R... r ,,,f W E f" A-Qfwff John P. Dinovo Bachelor of Science in Business Administration- Engineering Chester W. Dixon Benjamin Dobeck Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science in Education Business Administration- Engineering Iarolee S. Disney Dale I. Doescher iachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science in Iducation Business Administration 165 A 15 Paul Dolan Bachelor of Science in Education ,ww sf, 1 " Q Richard G. Eckstrom Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Real Estate , . I . Donald E. Driver Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Lloyd D. Ellerbeck Bachelor of Arts, 'Zia Annette Dubler Bachelor of Science in Education "'L""'i'3!" Leon E. Eliott Bachelor of Science in Edward S. Eaton Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Marketing Walter E. Edmonds Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Physics and Math Business Administration, Major in Accounting Don L. Ehrlich Ierr R. Emery Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Arts, Major in History Major in English Writing 166 W Dean Eucker Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Insurance lleanor I. Engle bachelor of Science in Iducation Robert S. Esworthy Robert M. Ethington Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science in Education, Business Administration Major in History Major in Marketing YS i M- ,Q David S. Fairless Charlene Farmer Lachelor of Science in BaCh610r of 54561106 in leneral Education Edl1Cati0I1 lj r . vl., ,H ,.... W T 3 - v, -f--s L, ,..,. iw I L Barbara S. Fields james L. Fishback Bachelor of Science in B21Chel0r of SCi6HCe in Home Economics Business Administration Don Fisher Fellman if of Science in Bachelor of Science in Administration, Business Administration- Accounting Engineering 67 w x. QR 1 f Norman Fischer Bachelor of Science in Business Administration gm 'QN- X Manette L. Fokken Bachelor of Science in Education, Major in Physical ln-w.....,.,.,.. Sandra I. Fisher Bachelor of Arts in History and Math, Bachelor of Science in Education Education Bflzsvv Richard Friend Donald R. Flanagan Bachelor of Science in Business Administration 1' rm Harold D. Floyd Bachelor of General Education i 'Que """"?' Iack Fullerton Qtr -wszriff er., . I Bachelor of General Bachelor of Science in Education Business Administration, t Major in Marketing Marilyn E. Foster Charlotte A. Gallagher Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Education 168 A 5 g at .gi Q - . fd .Q R ,.: , V Nw AV A VA ' f ..ff"W" ,fb Villiam Gallup Bachelor of Science in Education Fred S. Ceihs Paul A. Ceihs Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Business Administration Majors in Real Estate and Insurance Lavem L. Gell Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Accounting Q. 115: fi-tv' "9" john H. Gilmore Bachelor of Science in Business Administration- Engineering mfr ffffa Q' l XJ .giver A at-W", James C. Codkm Eugene B. Gramewski Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Business Administration Major in Accounting Robert I. Cloden Edward L. Hagedom iachelor of Science in Zducation Bachelor of Arts, Major in Business Administration, 169 'x new Patsy L. Halverson Bachelor of Science in Home Economics, Major in journalism Q, , , Andrew I. Hauter Bachelor of Arts, Major in Psychology ulilfyr ' 2 i Robert I. Hardy Bachelor of Arts, Major in Chemistry David R. Haney Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in General Business Saundra B. Harry Bachelor of Science in Home Economics, Major in journalism Howard Hays Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Accounting in Milton C. Hearn Calvin A. Helme BaCl18lO1' of Science in Bachelor of Science in Education Business Administration, Major in General Business james Healy Harry G. Henderson Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Business Administration- 170 Engineering oger C. Henderson achelor of Science in usiness Administration, Iajor in Marketing Daniel M. Henry Cary L. Holst Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Business Administration Major in Accounting Robert D. Holsten Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Personnel Management Tharles N. Housh Ronald A. Howell achelor of Science in Retailing Bachelor of Seienee in Business Administration john W. Hunt Lloyd T. Hunter Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration, Major in Biology Major in Insurance Lck F. Hubbard Ronald L. Jenkins achelor of Science in Bachelor of Arts, usiness Administration Major in History v , , -M V A,A. if Donald L. johnson Bachelor of Arts, Major in Psychology TR' Marilyn I. Iones Bachelor of Arts, Major in English Literature Robert W. jones Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Marketing 172 vb f 8 ii Mary E. johnson Ralph E. Johnson Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science in Education Business Administration Marilyn D. jones Bachelor of Science in Education wwf' Herbert H. Kaplan Phyllis M. Kaplan Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science in Education Education james Karas Bachelor of Science in Business Administration 'Q Leroy Klima Bachelor of Science in Business Administration lvice Kennedy iachelor of Arts, vlajor in Sociology Frank L. Kessler Thomas P. Kezlan Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration, Majors in Physics and Math Major in Personnel Management X 'N pq "A gear James G. Knudsen Bachelor of Arts, Major in History lk' 'lull' :Htl '-sgixxf jerry Kostinec Kota Krumms Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Arts Business Administration, Majors in German and Spanish Major in Real Estate ohn K. Koch Eugene Krystopolski Bachelor of Science in Business Administration- Business Administration Bachelor of Science in Engineering Engineering 'Sf Richard J. Kutilek Bachelor of Science in Business Administration- Engineering Richard D. Langhammer Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Leo F. Lamb Nancy J. Land BaCl16lO1' of Science in Bachelor Of Science in Business Administration- Education Engineering JoAnn M. Larimore Bachelor of Science in Education, Major in English 174 Donald P. Larsen Frederick R. Larsen Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Business Administration, Major in Marketing Major in Marketing Shirley I. Lang Bachelor.of Science in Education Howard W. Larimore Bachelor of Arts, Major in Speech Wayne Larsen Bachelor of General Education il! QP1-.g,.+-jj: ' ary Ann Larsson achelor of Science in ducation, Major in Physical Education Marvin G. Laughlin Bachelor of Science in Business Adminishation- Engineering ng.-v LB Arlin W. Leder Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Accounting Patrick Lawson Bachelor of Science in Business Administration- Engineering wk , if - V: . f,i.,.- A Mary Ann Leo Bachelor of Science in Education, Major in Physical Education 'Nona-ppl' W Iohn H. Little Bachelor of Science in Education C. Linquist of Science in Administration- 5-if Vian L. Lukasiewicz Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in General Business Darold L. Lundgren Bachelor of Science in Business Administration 175 W2 'Q Betty E. Marley Bachelor of Arts, Major in English 5-an, ., Richard McGhghy Bachelor of Science in Retailing .d""t.. Gerald F. McDonald Bachelor of Science in Mardee Martin Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Major in Marketing Business Administration, -w""""' X.,-"M Warren McFarland Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Accounting C mr ! is-1" 'Cammy' Donald E Meade Glenn H Meyer Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Business Administration, , K i 1 .. Don R. McMahil1 Bachelor of Science in Education 176 ic Major in General Business Major in Marketing joseph H. Michalik Bachelor of Science in Business Administration M E "M" ,GW isl 4 jeve Mickna III lachelor of Science in Lusiness Administration W iw I vlarlene I. Moe Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, vlajor in Secretarial Science I j 'NWN' f "" spar", 1' 1 Dean B- Mill j john K. Miller Bachelor Of Flfle Arts, Bachelor of General Education Major in Commercial Art 5 "3 john B. Monahan .Iuanita A. Moore Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science in Retailing Education .f Us Marcia jean Miller Bachelor of Science in Home Economics, Major in journalism Richard C. Miller Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Accounting 9-as fs-Q if' Qgmtlf Robert O. Moore Bachelor of Arts, Major in Psychology 177 J Lewis P. Morgan Ronald J. Nachtigall Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Fine Arts, Business Administration, Major in Commercial Art Major in Insurance John B. Morse Raymond L. Myers Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science in Education Business Administration- Engineering Daniel L. Neff Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in General Business Daryl E. Nelson Bennett W. Nordell Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Retailing Carl R. H. Nelson Nancy M. Oberdorfer Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Home Economics 178 ichard E. O'Brien Eachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Accounting New is Richard E. O'Connor Eugene F. O'Donne1l Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Business Administration Major in Accounting Harold A. Olsen Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Marketing Claudia A. Olson Kenneth C, Qlson Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Business Administration Conrad M. Olsson Bachelor of General Education, Major in History fb ,.... 3 Major in Real Estate if-7 William L. Page Ruth M. Papa Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science in Major in Chemistry Education Brad Pence Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Real Estate 1 79 -i-dugg Kenneth E. Peterson Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Accounting a ,fm . Tom B. Philpott Bachelor of Science in Business Administration- Engineering sy An, gl' , David B. Piller Bachelor of Arts, Major in Natural Science 180 239' Q,-asv" Charlene L. Peters Bill B, Petrik Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science in Education Business Administration, Major in General Business Delores Pfundheller Bachelor of Science in Education -4' 1 Dennis W. Po e Elizabeth A. Post P Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science in Major in Physics Education iaa at Merle B. Potash Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is-R09 Geneva Power Riachelor of Arts, ajor in Government L-wr Trank A. Rademacher Sachelor of Science in Education -Sq. N05 fi it I r -,' i r yeof David Prochnau Bachelor of Science in ' Business Administration Charles Prachensky Charles W. Pratt Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Business Administration, Major in Accounting Major in General Business S o aaa . 3 Q , W Charles W. Radda Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Accounting i in Qs.: 'S l it nf? 'viii' Donald L. Rager Robert F. Raikes Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science in Military Science Education Edwin D. Rath Bachelor of Science in Journalism 8 Charles M. Rice Bachelor of Science in journalism Ed H. Rohan Bachelor of Science in Business Administration- Engineering Billy D. Richardson Myron D. Richman Bachelor of General Education Bachelor of General Education Attilio Rindone Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Engineering Judy A. SamuelSO11 Stanley O. Schaetzle Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science in Home Economics, Education, Major in journalism Major in Physical Education Irene I. Roiick joan R. Schroeder Bachelor of Science in. Bachelor of Fine Arts, Business Administration, Major in Art Major in Secretarial Science 182 lay M. Schulz Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Vlajor in Marketing Barbara L. Scott jack D. Seefus Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science in Major in Sociology Business Administration, Major in Marketing Philip' I. Sheehan Bachelor of Science in Business Adrniniskation, Major in Marketing 'arker L. Shipley john E. Skarda Lachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science in Iducation, Business Administration- flajor in journalism Engineering Simon A. Simon Janet L. Simonson B3Ch0101' Of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Political Science Major in Art orge Z. Sim0I1 Don Sittler Sachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science in Jlajor in History and Business Administration, Iovernment Major in General Business 83 P 'fini' M' ' Ms' Charles D. Skinner Bachelor of Science in Education Marilyn A. Stolley Bachelor of Science, Major in Dietetics ls af? I dsx TM f,.,. - ' s. Robert D. Storms Bachelor of Arts, Majors in German an Spanish 184 d I9 'U' Louis I. Sobczyk Bachelor of Science in Business Administration- Engineering Guy R. Smith Rodney S. Smith Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Business Administration- Major in Accounting Engineering ..........,.,f Jess C. Sutton Ralph M. Tait Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Science in Major in Music Business Administration- Engineering Patricia K. Talty Bachelor of Arts, Major in English .-"iw MW Beverl Thoma Bachellor of Science in Home Economics '1Q""""' 1 M., Eldred C. Torrison Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Marketing Dean P. Thompson Geraldine A. Thompson Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration- Education Engineering -avg il iw, Alfred G. Thomsen Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Real Estate Carol A. Tietgen Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Real Estate 'gg-" N ji,j . Algimantas Totilas Elinor M. Tracy Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science in Majors in German and Spanish Education 1. : L is 'Qu-nil' Dana D. Tucker Bachelor of Science in Business Administration 185 i Q 5 173' Robert B. Turner Bachelor of Arts, Major in Physics .xt Franklin I. Visek Bachelor of Science in Richard D. Vernon Bachelor of Arts, Major in Psychology Engineering Business Administration- NN? William I. Voerster Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Frederick R. Walters Bachelor of Arts . Major in History Lesceillea Marie Webb Bachelor of Science in Education 186 james H. Warthen Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Accounting -f,,.,M,s"h Q 5 'Q JoAnn White Carl Whittington Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Business Administration Wi Carole I. Wickman Bachelor of Science in Education p, ,Z 4v""'V'- wifi' lent? Edward W. Wilkins Carole J. Zentner Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Business Administration flajor in Personnel flanagement Frank L. Wiseman Phj-11ip.I-I. W,-ay Bachelor of Science in Bachelor of Business Administration, General Education Major in General Business 957 JANUARY AND JUNE "OPERATION BOOTSTRAPH i Back row: Dwight Hillis, jack Brandon, Robert Cobb, Iohn Burlingame, Harold Floyd, .lack Carter, Howard Blanchard. Sec- ond row: Helton Hodgens, Marlin McGregor, john Miller, Dennis Weeks, Glen Macker, David Fairless, Richard Butler, William Richardson, Harold Wilkerson, john Saunders. Front row: James Rose, Francis Lowe, Ralph Roth, James Carper, Kenneth Ryker, D. L. Fleack, Newman Warren. All of the above received Bachelor of General Education degrees except Howard Blanchard who received a Bachelor of Science in Military Science. August graduates not pictured: Frank Bennett Iames Driscoll Robert Iackson John Moos Ierome Dahlberg Millard Gassaway Ralph Leeseburg Anthony Zinicola 187 88 Hank Goethe makes yardage for OU . . . . Stan Sclzaetzle steals ball . . . . Buddy Yambor lashes a single .... Dave Piller hits the broad jump pit. THLETIC Contents Football ........ . . Cross-country ..... .... National N.A.I.A.. . . . . . Basketball ......., . . Cheerleaders .... . . Track ..... . . Golf . . . . . Tennh .......... .. Baseball .......... . . Men,s Intramurals. .. . . . Womenls Sports. . . . . Page . 190 .198 .199 .200 .206 .207 .211 .212 .213 .217 .220 89 90 A. 81 Mfs Kelly looks ahead GDT ii li E .91 fl Q ynmiwQ9l'fQ4wSmw-arm 55-any .ar fs- M- BALL . . . finds OU's Cimino 8: Hahn waiting Engie pulls away. 191 F F 'i F 1 , L i 2 get M, Sw 1' 335 rw? X Q 1 ,.LV f I I .1,,m5Z,v,A,N "m, ?, Y I C Xggixmfti 1 . W H " X A, , X ,wigs i 9 , -5' The Fastest Man on E2lI'tl1-mTXVi1'llCl6- toesv Mike XVolenski. A BIG ORGANIZATIO 'L N , ' 1 ' I ' Q in J -::, 'fi LA, V A ,LLL '1-V "" ' F f .f.: 1 ' - ' ' ' " 6 " ----H--' :" " 5 , ' ' , , , ., ,.,,c,, ,NL-.i , 3 rl , fy ' C ,.,, ,, ",A ' QAA. ',,. , ,. 1 " 1. F. """""' - , -A-- ',,.:1:" Q . -i - 5 F f A 8 , -- ff ' H ' ,:-f- 3192, if ,I-fwyw Q2 VA, -'-' ,. ' : : -J-.4-,, , r ? , - A 'QV - I , , '- f lirb Y . ' nl .Q Q C QIQ: 4 ,. ,1 SZ, 4' - .rc , . 1' W s 4, .V W R , I Y, .. .,t ,V - M41 i g ',gAlf'ft if Q l r Miiifimag ii ' i X 'f i sa. , B ,. xv., , ,ii 2 3 xii px jawn g 0 , e ,Q f iPfu4f-fe: -Q ' . ky " 'Q ,J 4flVe A K m , , 1' ' , , Y f ' - A : I 7 v n xnxx? K H , gi A A I 1 V I, S , K V ' " .Q A 'tc' H -'if ' s 57:-Y' lf 7' '71 B xiii if -A ' la "'mv or F U 1 1 M ! 4 lg A Lx, iv- gr ' ,. fxk V A255 , : if b y N Q Q ia ' Lg? E - ft li Q ' 'F B We T .-' K ' "'Q E, ii B fs 7 B ' Q fp -, ,F ii ' Q A be A llsi it icc B 1 it fk-B L t F ,ls F B 7 . , Iiig sism 1 , 4 ,' l K 'fl ,. i Dfw, i xx it in K V' E 1 B F is if iis F i F 1,,. fr 'T 1 l 43: F .I ttf!! 1, ' F' .im i W 1mA B 1 t L. A is, 'ff' . fi A -'fi 3 First row, l. to r.: Joe Lofshult, Fred Moyer, Marv Nevins, Co-Captains Simon Simon and Frank Hahn, Bill Engelhardt, Ken Leeper Bob Vtfheeler and Dcmernl Andrew. Second row: Carl Green, Kcn Conrad, jack Paulsen, Don Benning, Bob Trumbauer, Hank Goethe Scott Ryder, john Nlolczyk und Dick Crum. Third row: Dennis Brewster, Marlow Fokken, Frank Ruvolo, Frank Moberg, Rex Hill Lou Noble, aloe Gillottc, Bill NYclniuk and Steve Costello. Fourth row: Ed Anderson, Paul Stoysich, Carl VVright, Jerry Dickey, Tony Butera, john Cimino, Bill Stevens, jerry Huntcr, Al Brown, DilIll1f'DCDl2l!121DClJ0llHPllllllPS. Fifth row: Dick Nelson and Marv Decker Student Mgrs., Dick Hegurty, Linc Coach Tom Brock, Head Coach Lloyd Cardwell, Assit. Jack Cotton, End Coach Rudy Rotella, D01 Havlu, Student Mgr. jim Kanugo und Equip. Mgr. Mike YYolenski. 192 i x zl w Englehardt into line . . . out of end zone. Omaha-Emporia f 7-7 Omaha-Morningside O-7 Cmaha-Washburn l 4-1 3 Coach Lloyd Cardwell prepared for the 1956 sea- son opener with Emporia Teachers with fewer experi- enced hands available than any time in recent years. The OU squad outplayed the Kansans all over the field except inside their ten-yard line. Lack of savvy re- sulted in a lack of scoring punch and a tie game. Then the Indians ran head-on into a veteran Morningside team and failed to score. Morningside went on to a conference title. Next cams: WVashburn. Play was still ragged, but improvement provided the first OU win. Cimino digs hard . . . but tackler hangs on. 193 Omaha-St. Ambrose 27-19 Cmaha-Idaho State 9-0 194 Rookie Tony Butera tries the left side. It's high, wide . . . Crum looks, John leaps. The tide turned on a cool night at Muny Stadium against z Davenport St. Ambrose team that took the form of a bitter rival Strong line play led by such stalwarts as Nevins, Hahn, Ruvolo Leeper and Simon allowed full concentration on the Iowans, fine air game. Engelhardt, at his finest, had great support from Benning in the backfield. Bad knee and all, Wheeler had a stellar night ai end. Then came the shocker. A trip west to play powerful Idahc State was climaxed by the Indians' greatest victory. Carl Green, linebacker, didnit know the Bengals were unstoppable, and he led his teammates in their best defensive game. Marv Nevins closes in on a falling foe. The painful part of the loss to Bradley was the injuries to linemen Ruvolo and Hegarty. They were lost for the season. OU's walking wounded got by a weak Northern Illinois team and then crushed Wayne with a brilliant team effort. The Indians used every break to squeeze by big, well-manned New Mexico. Omaha- Omaha Omaha Omaha . , Fr "Benny,' gets by blocker, digs in for solid tackle. Bradley 13-245 Northern Illinois 12-O -Wayne of Detroit 21-O New Mexico A8cM 21-20 Fearless Fred Moyer . . . a flying try. 9 THE E DOF FCUR EPIC YEAR For four years Omaha University football teams have had the brilliant field generalship of Bill Engelhardt to aid their gridiron cause. In- dian teams earned national recognition and a "Bowl,' game victory during the Engelhardt era. Three years a "Little All-American,', Bill finished his OU career with one of the greatest offensive records in collegiate football history. Bill set an NCAA mark of 5,709 yards by rushing and pass- ing, topping the old stardard by more than 500 yards. The most recent of innumerable honors accorded the stocky tailback was presented by the "On Club in the form of a dazzling plaque. It attested to the game showered upon the school and the city through Engieis stellar accamplishments. 'Wi x l 'Jr , L r r x ' I Bill "slips some skinv to the ball-carrier Cbelowj, while Carl Green comes in for the kill. But the foes Crightj weren't always so friendly. "' 1 The faces of seniors Hahn, Simon and Andrew reflected their feelings as they led the Big White team on the field for the final game of their careers. XVith Engelhardt Qbehind Andrew in photo? they captained the squad in the season finale. Otto Graham spoke at the Quarterback Club banquet and joined others in congratulating tackle Marv Nevins fabovej. Marv was revealed as his teammates' choice for captain in 1957. 97 CROSS-CO TRY The Indians harriers, under Coach Ernie Gorr, made progress in the second sea- son for cross-country at OU. VVith junior Myron Heise the only non-freshman on the squad, the thinclads managed to grab three wins this season. Rookie Ralph Keill fabove photol swept to victory in one quadrangular and three dual meets. 'L ri 98 Lennie jave, Stan Berney, Myron Heise, Ralph Keill, Del Miller, Tom McDowell. .r 'hr- .A.I.A. RU Seventy-seven cross-country runners from small colleges across the nation vied for national NAIA honors, November 24, on a snow-covered OU campus. Ray Manion, a 24-year-old psychology major from Redlands fCalif.Q College, swept across the four-mile, 55-yard route in 221423 to edge Billy Tidwell of Em- poria QKans.Q Teachers. Indian Ralph Keill was the 27th finisher, and only one other freshman finished in front of him. t, ,. is--ui, 3""' ... .- ,, There were plenty of happy people there. Fred Moyer and Dick Crum cleared the course with the enthusiasm of boys building a snow-fort. Winner Ray Blanion and event director Ernie Gorr smiled so broadly for the photog that they almost scored a clean miss on the traditional handshake. 199 Schaetzle moves out to take a pass from Hcgarty during 21 win over Simpson 200 Despite his startled look, Jack Paulson moved in to stop "the great Gibbyv on a baseline drive-in at- tempt. Dick Hegarty and C.U.'s Dan Simon surveyed the action at the Bluejay gym. CGTTGNS KIDS 0 C ""'wY game left top Q drive-in tougher Skulln 204 Nov. Dec. Ian. Feb O.U. 27 1 3 5 8 10 13 15 17 21 3 8 11 12 18 19 26 30 1 2 9 16 21 22 26 A fast break begins - Meade to Shields - as Hegarty leads the wav. OPP. 41 95 73 53 79 96 71 64 87 68 96 71 74 79 66 74 67 61 67 74 73 89 91 68 79 Alumni Game OMAHA Bradley Uni. Peoria Morningside College OMAHA Peru State Teachers OMAHA Wayne State Teachers Wayne Tenn. A811 State Uni. GMAHA Pittsburgh St. Tchrs OMAHA Nebraska Wesleyan OMAHA Doane College Crete Uni. of Wyoming OMAHA Simpson College OMAHA Creighton Uni. Creighton Simpson College Indianola St. Ambrose College Davenport Emporia St. Teachers Emporia Washburn Uni. Topeka Doane College OMAHA Quincy College OMAHA Colo. Sch. of Mines Golden U. S. A. F. Academy Denver Emporia St. Tchrs OMAHA Rockhurst College Kansas City Loyola Uni., Chicago Chicago Wayne State Uni. Detroit Creighton University OMAHA Four of Jack Cotton's cagers used their last year of eligibility in the 1956-57 season while the team managed a 9-16 won-lost mark. The quartet of Stan Schaetzle, Don Meade, Dean Thompson and John Morse scored a grand total of 1022 points during the schedule. Schaetzle, Meade and Thomp- son averaged over ten tallies per contest, paced by Stanis 17.66 points a game. Stanley fTobyD Schaetzle closed his fabulous hoop career in fitting fashion with a bevy of scoring records in his pos- session. His marks are: most points one game, 465 most points one season, 424, most points career, 1278, most field goals one game, 17. Stan also set an OU Fieldhouse record with 34 points against Tennessee A 61 I. A team mark was established when the Indians fired in 99 tallies against Simp- son. Two freshmen, Phil Gradoville with a ten- point average and Dick Hegarty with an eight- pointer, gave signs of taking up the scoring slack in the 1957-58 season. I . 5 is eade, Stan Schaetzle, n, Bob Trumbauer and RUDY H D A WINNER Q F' Front row, left to right: Manager Spence Roberts and Coach Rudy Rotella. Second row: XVayne NVestphal, Jack Paulson and Lonnie Liss. Third row: Fred Stamp, Stu NVQ-stphal, Dwight Johnson and Larry Peters. Heading into their final game with Creightonls I.V.'s, Rudy Rotella's Papooses were the proud possessors of a 13-2 sea- son mark. The lone pair of defeats came away from the home floor. Creighton and Lincoln AFB did the trick. Wayne Westphal led all Papooses in scoring, hitting a single game high of 42 points. Rotellays team was handicapped by a fluid roster, the result of Varsity needs. It was Rudyis second basketball coaching season. 20 CHEERLEADERS The cheerleaders are integral to the OU sports scene. Their faces often reflect the fortunes of the team. In an anxious moment fbelow, l to rj are Judy Samuelson, Mary -lane Chapman, Janet XVilke, Nancy YVolfe, Betty Coleman and Cary Campbell. TRACK Striding In Step Track teamwork in relay handoff .... Tom Davis Cleftj, Jim Dempsey. Coach Emie GOIT fupper rightj. 207 'A ul Dave Piller leaps ..... lands. Coach Ernie Corr led a consistent track squad into six outdoor meets anu emerged with only one loss. Third in the 880 relay at Kansas and a fourth place finish by Lloyd Hunter in the hop-step-jump at Drake were top Indian efforts at major Relays. Three front finishes helped OU to win the Sioux City Relays. 1956 track activity closed with a jaunt to the N.A.I.A. finals in California. The travelers Cupper rightj were Coach Corr, Means, Allen, the Barnes twins and Hunter. Et ,Sf ri lx Q . z , , A A 5 t ". f X - fr W tt K' t X1 ' r . W f my X K, K2 'Q , K 1 1 A 5 Hugh Allen . . . rests on the bar. ff.. Hel W -, A 209 '- Three Top Scorers Lost-But Future Bri ght 210 Larry Means Bill Barnes Bob Barnes Coach Ernie Corr sends his track squad into the 1957 schedule without three consistent scorers who were 1956 gradu- ates. Larry Means in the distance runs, Bill Banies in the hurdles and Bob Barnes in the 440 and 220 yd. dashes, all counted heavily in Indian wins. They were vital in relay triumphs. Yet, Coach Gorr looks for an equally fine season in 1957 with the return of Lloyd Hunter, Al Brown, Hugh Allen, Dave Piller, Dave Garrett and other valuable track and field men. Among the returnees, Hunter was the top point-maker, bowing only to Bill Barnes in the totals. X if Coach Dick Knight The Indian links, quartet be- comes a trio frightj. Bob Mat- thews is absent. Ron Cunia, Harry Curtis and Ken Richards strike a pose worthy of a Dumas adventure cast. Meeting a tough schedule in 1956 with little experience, Dick Knights golfers closed with a respectable 6-11 win-loss record. The bovs who carried thc load Matthews Cunia Curtis and Richards, are back this year. K I Q I 4 I 211 as . - 1f.: Lirw . 5 tg J s M-L, 1 .. k . . , W A si ...i.,..,..J .,, K ' 4. "' n 1 X ' - M M . Mimi-rj Q 3 x 212 JJ . M -. , i. l , i e..s.i. Don Fisher Helmuth Dahlke XVith the return of his entire 1956 tennis squad, Coach Gerald Perry looks at the 1957 season through rose-colored glasses. Last spring, the OU net men finished with one of the finest marks in University history with ll wins, 2 losses. High points were a double win from Creighton and a triumph over Nebraska U. "U-'aT7-dj ,QM ,Q Chuck Peebler, Bob Bennett, Frank Anderson. YH ,B BA EBALL Last inning .... runners on base .... it's up to the man with the bat. 2 214 Now where in H--- did Hines go? Hey, Coach The OU baseball team clipped off a tremendous 13-2 season mark in 1956, with both losses by one run and under unusual conditions. Gene Hines took charge of the team through several games when Coach Yelkin was ill. Bottow row fleft to rightj: jerry McConnell, Don Rokusek, Jerry Meehan, Pat Coughlin, Bob Trumbauei Dick Siekman, Vian Lukasiewicz. Middle row: Clem Bruning, Jim Swanson, Dave Langevin, Ken Korinek Dean Johnson, Fritz Buglewicz, Cal Helme, Iohn Welch. Tcp row: Coach Virg Yelkin, Warren McClure Stan Schaetzle, John Stella, Don Kraft, John Morse, joe Yambor, Assit. Coach Gene Hines. at A 'H' AE There was nothing flashy about the 1956 team except the overall result of their consistent play. Eight players batted better than .300. No individual showed Ruthian power, but almost any man could come up with the extra base blow when it was urgently needed. Stan Schaetzle, admittedly no fireballer, threw the right junkball to the right man at the right time often enough to fashion a brilliant 9-0 mark. The excellent Indian showing prompted an invita- tion to the District N.A.I.A. playoffs. But OU,s frosh players were not eligible, so Coach Yelkin took a "wait till next yearn attitude. Most of the team returned this season, including the entire 1956 pitching staff. --f...a.f nv1f:f::,i,f ,--,f-- .4 ft, ,,ae.f,l,?,sg,w,i r,,,.. :sr as W , 11m-3-.1,. wfwaxf -it,-we a t,,f,,1?,,a.,fsm, ? ,a,3,e -, . fiawew swwfiq aa by W Stage yi V,.. M iw. 59, i , legllsima . f Pi ff , 'm?T2f1:svi ,wfgfffa-are"?1?'ss:a'- 1. wifi! f?32?iP3w .rrzew ?gSf,'2 'I A ras : .,i5v' ,zre?fffifs . g a . " -, - - . sfiggwwia K - ., K, ., I r .V ,V K 5 f. 1., . 1 'L . , t,., V. - Q Q' 2. 2' ,f sa Q t,nt. ' , - i 1, pm: , T Z r L 1 in ist. it ..e.,,, , gen I 1 I X, - - We fir l mir Fifi 'SriPfgfifiyfmfia1iStfgp5fiE'4f'rsiLf'iQ' Qgftiiitii i 7 A.-,iw C' is .,,i. ,H - X, ,, U QQ? f"-va. my uc. A " ,' , : 'E--'I i':.+1:19sffwffif2FiwyW?5s' Mi'-aaa' as 2.11 W' asa- staff: is Si -fgafm -'- i t 1. -r U ' Hiya- - fizivam, Izsstw.-as spwzylisz ,,"a7"' , ,, 1.1, -:AM"':siLz,.v:g:'z3,' W':5az','i?i5'i 'flank 1i'1f'ra,,'leF a " A 1 ' its 7 ff K , -- --fr W 1f.f,aj:':,g'-yw K . L if " LH f us ,1?rk'::5':-5':.E' f ' 7 1 .Q f ,W 5:-H 5125: fgjg iftriw'flfftffatfrffaewfrW , . , 6 ii .af- J 4 S 9 Emi r. J! . . W at e,ri f ae safe iiigilffi, as "" . fs? E3 if 553' . Upper right: Bombing Buddy Yambor displays the form that earned a .388 bat- ting average. Middle and lower right: The look to first . . . the pitch by the Indians' answer to Eddie Lopat, Stan Schaetzle, and you have the style that fooled OU foes, Center left: This quintet with Coach Yelkin saw their last dia- mond action here in 1956. They are fleft to right? joe "Buddy,' Yambor, second base, Dave Langevin and jim Swanson, outfield, Fritz Buglewicz, third base, and first baseman, John VVelch. 1 i ,r-Jr E, is at W . . M 2 . , M ,.,, -- . 35sS?itYZiiU1,'si'ii.5Z:f2tim' 552' an 1: ,,.' ,..L.L K :rk 'Arai' Z sr, .-"": gg ',..,L sgrk ,grins VAKV, gk, krykly V if- A ' "M""'A' U L-W'Y'h' lf aawwfwffwfff' 'A V 'L L? 2 L Y RY L If 11 img! 'fLPr,':-,jggz ,j,l L , V .wif- " -::i:a:i.:: ' "ft L ' - if I " -- - .ma-1 f , 49,-,M - L 1 L " LL .... ' 5- z L ft: F Q 1' 2 '- L-,WLQV I LL ,H L - L :ff"I', ' -tyjpg, V LL ' , VP f:L ' i , , f ",- Pg' 2, -"' iL'i+fQ+f Q FNB - ' L 5 LL L Lz, A LL,,'- L Qu.. ., ,imgm LL LL Mi, ,,,L L L . '.,. : H k yyls flxkkryrkxkrkri W N K F M 2 L A ' t ' 1 L+ ,. 1 as -' ff: , 216 A pair of dependable old pros. Big john Cimino roars home with a teammate close behind. Bluejay beats camera . . . not toss. TRAMURAL FALL X ,J The irreprcssible Pawnees once again swept the overall flag football title with an all-victorious season. Aroused to great heights by the high-pitched squeal of "the Badger' ftop photol, were such athletes fmiddle photoj as linesmen Don Meade, Don Stauffacher, Doug File, Spence Roberts, Dick "Tiger,' Adams, Phil Gibilisco, LeRoy "Butch" Kozeny, and backs, Jerry Meehan, Terry Bowman, Don Preem and Don Kraft. Theta Clgi took inter-fratemity honors with a lion's share of credit to Frank Anderson. The action above is in a spirited scrap between Sig Eps and Pi Kaps. 217 Hockey, not part of the school ,mural program, is one of the Winter favorites with plenty of entries. Above the Sig Eps and Theta Chis battle at Ak-Sar-Ben. Left to right, Dave Lozier, Bob Sherwood, lack Iacobsen, Max Schulz, Gene Doe- shot, Tom Dudycha Qstick in airj and Iack Lund. Pi Kaps led 1957 volleyball ranks in February, with P.E. Majors and Sig Eps tops in basketball, and Sig Eps pacing the bowlers. Volleyball and basketball action occupied the Fieldhouse through the winter months. WI TER Pawnees swept to victories in both indoor and outdoor track and softball in the Spring of 1956. They smashed 16 records in the two track meets. But the effort wasnlt enough to prevent Sig Eps from taking the 1956 intramural Sweep- stakes trophy. Above are Bob Cloden, P.E. Majors, discus winner and Dave Coecker, Pi Kaps, high jump victor. The wrestlers below took part in a 'mural meet in an effort to re- turn the sport on an intercollegiate basis. Jerry Hunter, lower right, is the only matman returning for the 1957 matches. l stee 0MEN'S ECREATION SSOCIATION A yearground whirl of activities keep WRA members healthy, wealthy and lovely. ln the 1956 track and field meet Dale Peters was the individual star, but Marcie Bevelheimer Qupper leftj made the boys forget Parrie O'Brien. Sue Moss fbottom leftj swept honors in table tennis, tennis Csingles and doublesl and badminton doubles. Prepara- tion fbottom rightj for the annual dual meet with USSR women champs was closely surveyed by a refugee coach, who inaugurated the share- a-cigarette plan. B. -I sw College Sports Day, the Christmas party for the Creche Home and the Western Wingding dance after the Creighton-OU basketball were top events on the WBA calendar along with the membership picnic in September. Softball was played with- out team competition, but still enjoyed as evidenced by umpire Sue Moss, catcher Manette F okken and batter Nelda Sprague. Basketball and volleyball titles went to unaffiliated teams. Nancy Barnum and Sharon Olsgaard led the bow-and-arrow set, getting plenty of competition from such archers as Mary Ann Leo, Joyce Morris, Ruth Glandt and Kay Talty fbelowj. Other champions were Judy Bondurant, rifle, Bev Thoma, golf, and Nancy Land, badminton. 222 COLLEGE OF ADULT EDUCATION BABCOCK, DONALD 2 BURLINCAME, JOHN 1 CARTER, JACK E. 1 COBBS, ROBERT H. I GRIMM, PEGGY s FARRIS, ELOISE s KUBESH, SISTER MAY S LOWE, FRANCIS 1 LUND, RICHARD 1 MILLER, JOHN K. I PEDERSEN, HARRY P. 2 RAJALA, MELYIN 2 REIFF, WILDA s ROENFELDT, JOANNE S SERNA, MIGUEL 2 SPRANKLE, ROBERT 2 STAPLETON, LEROY 1 STOVER, ALLEN 2 TOMPKINS, VIRGINIA S TORNKVIST, JOYCE E. S WEEKS, DENNIS 1 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ARANT, BRENT 2 BUESING, HAROLD 2 CHESLEY, MARVIN 1 CROUSE, RAY 2 DAHLGREN, T. EUGENE 2 EPPERLY, PAUL 1 EUCKER, DEAN 7 FISCHER, NORMAN 8 FORD, KENNETH 2 GODKIN, C. JAMES 2 GOLDSTEIN, RICHARD 2 GROBE, BARBARA 2 HIGLEY, WAYNE 2,S,1 HINES, JAMES 1 KINSTLER, JAMES E. 2 KOHLER, ALVIN S KOSOWSKY, ANNETTE 2,1 LEWIS, RAMON 1 LOUKOTA, FRANK 1 LOZIER,MARY 2,1 MAYFIELD, JAMES I MILLER, RICHARD C. 2 O'CONNOR, RICHARD 2 PENCE, D. BRAD 2 RADDA, CHARLES 2 RUCKL, SONJA 1 SIMMONS, RAYMOND 1 SMITH, HAROLD D. 1 TAYLOR, ROBERT C. 1 TEEPLE, PATRICIA 1 THOMSEN, ALFRED G. 2,1 VANHORN, DOUGLAS 2 WILKINS, EDWARD 1 WILLIAMS, JACK W. 1 WISEMAN, FRANK L. 1 YELINEK, JAMES 2 COLLEGE OF EDUCATION ADAMS, JAMES W. 1 ACKERMAN, MARY JANE 2 AHLSTRAND, M. ANN 2 ALDERMAN, PATRICIA ANN 2 BACHMAN, JAMES R. 1 BARBER, KATHERINE 2,1 BARNUM. SHIRLEY 2 BECKNER. SHARON 1 BEDE, MARY ANN S BERGSTRESSER, SUSAN 1 BOLTON, JAMES D. 1 CASEBEER, PATRICIA 1 COFFEY, CAROL 2,1 COFFEY, CATHERINE 2,1 COHEN, ROSALIE 2 COMINE, ROSEMARY 1 CRANDALL, MARILYN 2,1 CROUCHER, SHIRLEY 1 CROWDER, SONYA 1 DAVIS, HAROLD L. 2 DOLAN, PAUL S EAGLESON, BERYL 2,1 emio Wann 2 EDDY, ELAINE 1 ENGLE, ELEANOR 2,1 ESWORTHY, ROBERT I FISHER, SANDRA 1 FITL, NANCY 1 FLYNN, WANDA S FOULK, LYNDY 2 FRITZA, JOAN E. GALLAGHER, CHARLOTTE 2 GARVEY, ELIZABETH 2 GEARHART, WANDA 2 CIDLEY, SHARON 1 GILES, MYRNA 2,1 GODWIN, CHARLES 1 GOSCH, SANDRA I GRANDGENETT, AMANDA s GRAU, JACQUELINE 1 HALL, ALICE S HAMSA, DIANE 2 HANSON, JANET 2 HARDEN, MABEL 2 HART, NORMA S,1 HEARD, DONALD I HEINISCH, NANCY I HENRY, WILHELMINA I HOFMANN, MARY LOU 2 HONKE, CHARLES 2 HOTCHKISS, BERTIE I HUNT, BARBARA 1 JOHNSON, MARILYN A. 2 JOHNSTON, WILLIAM A. 2 KAHN, THERESE 2 KAPLAN, HERBERT 1 KLEINSMITH, GERALD I KRUSE, JUDITH 2 LAND, NANCY 2,1 LANG, SHIRLEY 2,S,1 LARSSON, MARY ANN s,1 LARSEN, EVELYN 1 LITTLE, ESTHER 2 LUCHT, JEANNE 2 MCGLEE, BARBARA 1 MCMAHILL, DON 2 MOORE, LOIS S MOSS, JILL 2 OLSGAARD, CYNTHIA 2 PFUNDHELLER, DELORES I PLACEK, JOANNE 2 POST, ELIZABETH 2,1 PUGH, GENE 2 RADEMACHER, FRANK 1 RASHID, EDNA 2 RHODES, HELEN s RICE, MARILYN 1 RICHARDS, WANDA 1 ROHLING, CAROL 1 ROKUSEK, DONALD 2 ROOT, VIRGINIA 2 ROSSE, SHIRLEY s SCHACK, JANET 2 SCHAETZLE, STANLEY I SEDLACEK, CHARLES 2,1 SHIPLEY, PARKER 1 SMISEK, SISTER MARY 1 SNYDER, JACQUELINE 2 SPEICHER, SANDRA 1 SPRAGUE, NELDA I STARR, JUDITH 2,1 STAUBER, MARILYN 2 STOUDER, DALE 2 TAYLOR JANET I THIES, JOHN 2 , VANCE, DONNA 2,1 VOCEL, PAT 2 VOGT, A. JEANNE 2 VONDRA, SANDRA 1 WEINGART, BARBARA I WICKMAN, CAROLE 2,1 WILCOx, JEAN 1 WILLIAMS, JOMARY 2,1 WILKE, JANET 1 WOLFE, JANET I WOOD, JOYCE E. 1 ZOCHOLL, ORA 2 COLLEGE OF APPLIED ARTS AND SCIENCES ANDERSON, LEROY I BLAIR, THOMAS 1 BOSLEY, HELEN 1 BROWN, PATRICIA 1 BYARS, JACKSON 1 CAMPBELL, WILLIAM 1 CARTER, JEAN I CHILDS, KAREN 2 COFFEY, JANET 2 CORN, ROSEMARY I DALL, SHIRLEY I DINOVO, JOHN 2 ELLSWORTH, BETTY 2 GILMORE, JOHN 2 CORUP, JAMES 2 GRANT, MYRL I HAGGE, JANICE S,1 HALVERSON, PATSY 2 HARRINGTON, BEVERLY HARRY, SAUNDRA 2 HICKS, RICHARD I HUTCHISON, DORIS I JENSEN, JULIA 2,1 JOHNSON, GAIL 2,1 JOHNSON, SHIRLEY R. 2 JONES, WENDELL I KIRK, KAY 2 KNIGHT, JERRY I KVEDARAS, GYTIS 2 LEACH, MARILYN 1 LEE, MARY 1 LINDBERG, JUDITH 2 MARR, JULIE 1 . MARTIN, MARDEE 2,1 MCCONE, DIANA 2,1 MCELDERRY, NANCY 2 MCCEE, PATRICIA 1 MCMILLAN, RICHARD 1 MILLER, MARILEE 2 NELSON, ROSELLA 2 OBERDORFER, NANCY 1 PETERSON, JACK W. 2,1 POTACH, ELEANOR I REZNICHEK, JOHN 2,1 SALTZMAN, DON 2,1 SAMUELSON, JUDY 1 SHERMAN, CARL 1 SHIPLEY, DONALD 2 SKARDA, JOHN 1 STOLLEY, MARILYN S,I SMART, JOANN 2,1 TIEMAN, AUGUST 2 2 VAN DEWALLE, MAURICE VISEK, FRANKLIN 2 WEHRMAN, NANCY 2 WHITE, JOANN 2 WITTE, ARTHUR 2 ZICH, ROBERT 1 COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES ADAMSON, PAUL 1 AHLSTRAND, M. ANN I AMES, PARK 1 ANDERSEN, JOHN P. 2,1 BALDERSON, HELEN C. BATTAGLIA, ANGELO S BEATY, GERALDINE 2 BEDE, PHILLIP 1 BEDNAR, JEAN 2 BELZER, EDWARD I BERCOVICI, EDWIN 1 BLAKE, BARBARA 1 BONDURANT, JULIA 1 BUCK, HARPER 1 CARLSEN, DAVID J. I CARMONY, KATHRYN 1 CHAPMAN, GAYLE 2,1 CLARK, JAMES W. 2 DALSTROM, HARL 2,1 DAWSON, WILLIAM 2,S DEBO, RICHARD 1 DELORIA, BARBARA 2,S DEMOREST, ALLAN I DOLAN, JAMES R. 1 DORSEY, JEAN 1 DUBOIS, RUBY 2,1 DUTCH, THOMAS 1 EKBERG, NORMAN 2,1 ELLERBECK, LLOYD 2,1 EWERT, RALPH A. 2 1 FINLEY, THOMAS 2 FLECK, BARBARA 2,1 FRANK, VIRGINIA 2,1 FULLAWAY, WILBUR I FRESE, EUGENE 2 GILES, ROBERT L. I CIMPLE, SHIRLEY 2 GLYNN, LAWRENCE 2 CRADDY, WILLIAM 2 CRAYSON, KATHRYN 1 GREENBERG, ROBERT I HANDELMAN, EDWARD 2 HAUTER, ANDREW S HAYES, ROBERT E. 2 HENKENS, RICHARD 2 HENKENS, ROBERT 2 HILL, AVICE 2 HILL, NINA 1 HINER, CONNIE 1 HOCH, FRANK 2 HRUSKA, QUENTIN 1 JENKS, ROBERT S. S JOHNSON, KENNETH 2 JONES, MARILYN I. 2,1 KARTMAN, G. MERRILL I KASPAREK, DENNIS 2 KEISLING, BARBARA 2 KENNEDY, AVICE 1 KEZLAN, THOMAS, 2,1 KOHLMEIER, MARTIN 2 KOTRC, RONALD 1 KRUMINS, ROTA I LAKE, RICHARD 2 LAMSON, FRED 1 LANG, RICHARD 2,1 LARIMORE, JOANN 1 LOEWEN, MENNO 1 LORIN, JOANNE I MARLEY, BETTY 2,1 MARLING, LAURA 2 MARSH, WALLACE 2 MARTIN, BENJAMIN 2 MICKELSON, TAMARA I MITCHELL, CHARLES I. I MORRIS, MARCIA 2 MORRISSEY, LARRY 2,1 . MOSS, JILL I MOSS, SUZANNE 1 MOYER, SHIRLEY 2 MULLENS, JUDY 1 NELSON, JON 2 NELSON, KAREN I NIELSEN, JACK 1 PAGE, WILLIAM 2 PATTEN, DAVID I PAYNTER, RICHARD 2,s,1 PETERSON, JOHN D. 2 PULLEY, LEE 2,1 PUSEY, JOHN 2 RAVEN, JACQUELINE 1 ROGERS, JUDITH 2 ROSHOLM, JOHN 2,1 RUDOLPH, LAWRENCE 2,1 SCHONING, FRED 1 SCOTT, BARBARA S SCOTT, SALLY 1 SEEGERS, GWENDOLYN 1 SERPAN, RICHARD 1 SHRAGO, MORRIS 1 SIMONSON, JANET 1 SKAGGS, LEE 1 SKAVARIL, RUSSELL 2,1 SNAVELY, RUTH ANN 2 SORENSON. BONNIE 2 STASTNY, MILTON 2,1 STEARMAN, RALPH I SUTTON, JESS 2,1 TALTY, KAY 2,1 TOTILAS, ALGIMANTAS 1 TROTH, JOHN 1 TURNER, ROBERT B. 1 UHLAND, HUGO 2,S,1 VESCIO, WILLIAM S WAHLE, B. JUNE 2,1 WAKEFIELD, JOELYN 2 WALTERS, FREDERICK 1 WELCH, ARLYSS 2 WELLS, CAMILLE 2,1 WICKMAN, HOLLIS 2 WIRSIG, EUGENE 1 YATES, NANCY 1 '?:fiI? vmq Parker Shipley Editor-in-Chief WHY rub Ken Zimmerman Photo Editor A 3 '-':-' 5 ,f K-,ive R! 1957 , jerry Veatch Campus Life Editor Al Thomsen Senior Editor kxxx Qagfqgiiw Sue Forrey Greek Editor 223 Marcia Miller 224 Faculty Editor Kay Anderson Organizations Editor Virginia Frank Copy Editor lack Seefus Art Editor Warren Francke Athletics Editor 'S-f."1 if' '!Z.-- Ierry Meehan Staff Associate Ioel Padmore, Iim Plaster, Dick Takeehi Photographers WVe sincerely hope that in your 1957 Toma- hawk you may find a lasting and accurate record of your year at Omaha University. it-T-Q Jody White and Sharon Gidley Student Index Editors WVC have tried to give our book a personality which will reflect this record in a pleasing manner. We would like to extend our thanks to ev- eryone who made this yearis publication pos- sible, especially the students. The Staff Betti Coleman Staff Associate 22 ZW' ,il ,, . 'J . g Q , fi- , Qlif ' F g l I .gi .,',, N .- L ' ,., :--,, p l w ? 'N x I , ,af - ss. "Qe. 1 wmmsmmx Mpmiffkmf " f vyif, Q, Keith McMillan Editor-in-Chief 4 Gateway Editor-in-Chief spots were handled by Keith McMillan, fall and janet Larson, spring semester. The other staff positions, fall and spring respective- ly, were Ianet Larson, Sue Moss, Man- aging Editorsg Kay Anderson, Elaine Hennig, News Editors, Elaine Hennig, Sandra Day, Campus-Current Events Editors, Sue Moss, Dorothy Loring, So- ciety Editorsg Dick Paulson, Bob Bill- otte, Sports Editors, Corlynn Goeser, Diane Langevin, Morgue Librarians and Larry Long and Ioel Padmore, photographers. 'WM K ' f-Haag., Gary Iohanson Kay Anderson 226 joel Padmore Qllhe-. ibn Sandra Day Elaine Hennig Corlynn Coeser 5 Alpina.. K L' L janet Larson 2 .Cy m L Editor-in-Chief X ? Sue Moss wtf 4 N ,,,:w"" 'L Bob Billotte g Diane Langevin Larry Long ,MQ l ' f gov' !,....f" Dorothy Loring " .1 227 228 l with TOITI D1-11'iCk Bob McCranahan BUSif19SS Manager General Printing and Paul Peterson Information Adviser Bob Thorp Instructor Board of tudent Publications Seated: Parker Shipley, Ianet Larsen, Paul Peterson, Paul lloclgcrs fslcepingj and John Horner. Back row: Thomas Duriek, joseph Byrne, Richurcl Delms, and Robert MeCmrn1lm1i. fNot pictureclj Lawrence Butler, Paul Kennedy, Donald Pflusterer, and Alfred Thomsen. OS '7 4Z0m44a ' ' A crisp winter evening and Omaha University. 229 230 Inviting looking, isn't it Trees form a frame for the University fieldhouse. 23 232 Afternoon shadows silhouette a lonely university student A lamplight effect catches players in the dressing room. 233 234 in-o-A is Y ww Q. 'Q we .eo -wwf -ar QA. 'K vb 1 Q . -w ua 'rs Q sang , Tracks on a gridiron. W L i Wim Natural light photography catches an A811 field goal. 23 236 It's not all for knowledge that we come to college Stairwell scene finds solemn co-eds. 237 1 'lt 238 There it goes. X11 Fresh Ysllo Dress wh gmc WN HE, BREAD ff! K., and fresh as a daisy W W W W W ssisssssissxisx SSQQQSSQQQSSQSS QSSQQQSQSSQQS XSSQSQSQSSSSS 239 40 222 W K iiSi?QiiQ?Qi Qi is lin g l225l2 TO THE CLASS OF 1957 Congratulations and the very best of wishes from all the employees of the Omaha Public Power District. We urge you to hold the privileges of your American citizenship high and to keep your responsibilities as a citizen always uppermost in your mind. Im Illia tllmix Ilbmf! 'I ,.i:-'II yy 1,5 tf-. . f -: wwddlle ' Fairway Barber Shop For the discriminating individual- Flattops and Crews a specialty. 6714 North 30 St. PI. 4884 STANDARD BLUEPRINT COMPANY Quality Photostats. Blueprints Supplies for ARTISTS ENGINEERS - ARCHITECTS l4II Harney Street AT. 789 By golly Dick, you are a boy. 22222222 2222222222 222 22 S SSXSQSS S S S S SQSSQQQ 24 B unswick Crown Impe ial La es - New Brunswick Automatic Pmsetters 710 431 ftwireoorf 1 jfffc I BowLAToRiuM 151 North 72 Street GI. 9761 Omaha Nebraska DIXIE PIONEER cLAsS and PAINT COMPANY QUALITY PAINTS Wholesale and Retall AND WALLPAPER Donuts, Rolls and Bismarks W W W W IW W A X X Q. I' Y n W W ff f X W ,fljjil 5 A ff INLJAX W ,fry F W H lffr il 'll fx' W ff , W f W W f CREAM DONUT W W ' iw I f NV . . I IW IW W gs W Q 'A YZ? W x,-- W W gk W W W W ii? W IW ' W W 14th and Harney OMAHA 516 N0 16 St. Ha 1111 AT 1258 Suclw Delicious Foodl Such Expert Service! Such Wondertul Party Facilities! Its No Wonder the is a Favorite with THE COLLEGE CROWD SCHIMMEL SEHVICF IN OL AHA S SSE SSS S EE E ESE x S 24 242 take lt EASY ELEVATOR take a BUS fi XS OMAHA TRANSIT W W W W W W W W W EEEEEESEEEM ' W . xxtc- W W W A A E W W W W W . W He wanted the elevotor, but he got the shaft. TWO Convenient Locations won't you please stop in CARL S. BAUM DRUGGISTS Prescriptions Meriting Confidence HAVE YOUR DOCTOR CALL Us 50th 8a Underwood 42nd 8z Center Est. 1922 Lower Level PROMPT COMPLETE COURTEOUS DELIVERY PHOTOGRAPHIC DEPARTMENT PERSONNEL XXX QQSSSSSQQQQSQQQQSSQQQQSSSS W W W W W M W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W Q V fi0fifffSfe e Q T E 5 , ff 1 M n M an K Pmcso TO Fur ' L YOUR suosn K Sch IPt M I Soro ty d F t ty W 1 I B q Y dL L1 H H gE T K C tAff I ' RfFd K K dF ly I I L I Start off right Q with Q GAS 1, H1 Cooking ..... 70,000 W Omaha Women Prefer It OMAHA "U"e STUDENTS CI SPECIAL WELCOME C11 SH ERATON 'FONTENELLE HOTEL DUN DEE FLORIST ik DISTINCTIVE FLORAL SERVICE 675 N 50 St WA 2442 f ll!! ff , X W' My vi' W W W H my . . . W N f, M , W L i ! 51M WEEE? EEEEEEESSEEEEESSESS E S S 243 2. W W Ill!! W II!! W W :IW W W W WI! WI X X W X qgggx g Eri e TENT!! rx W ,,' QI' If I E! I I I Ed'to Ke'1h M MTI M 4810 So Ih 25th Sf. k I W Luncheon .......... Dinner W Late Supper K, I W Select your own steaks '76 from our Ember Glo M11 Charcoal Broiler HARRY S Restaurant Key Club he WeII'ngton 1819 Farnam Sf. I'f5iEI'5?P5Y5IQiS3A 5243 ig'.-I8'I4Ha e THE GATEWAY IS PRINTED BY I RRRR BLACKER PUBLISHING C0 ,mi Ma 2022 R I, I 2214 Sure, I Patronlze Tomahawk Advertlsers ffl -Q 5 Q 4 of S S fc W ,W 1 W W W Int T Ill W w W ' ' W W Free 2 Hr. Purkmg - 5 pm. Io 1 um. W Loop Pork n Lo m y W W W WS 5 X S 1.4. I W3 E fi I ak M T I 'X , I 9060 W X QWQ. f I qpgxxuwwx ' - 1 H: is ey' f, X Mx MV' Wziv' 'gel 'W ml Em I F I C I C1I'1 U 1 '1 , i x I, hx X ' e ,Wk I AM' ' XR X 4 ,fx 'I III I 1 'TR W W" I X 1 T , f, I, I II' , f' I -.11 M 'Y ,-.A f I I .I I f y v 4 I I if Q . , I 1' X If ra, - , W Al? I x x X S 2 X ix 1 f K A - - Compliments of I CHECKER CAB - John Latense1'J1'. I Frank J. Lalenser Ja. 8000 I I I James S. Latenser Frank Nes Latenser - f William Latenser Town s. coumnv ix, FEATURING NATIONALLY FAMOUS LINES of WOMEN'S WEAR Populcry Priced OMAHA NEBRASKA 6070 Military Ave. 8733 Countryside WAlnuf 0542 TErrace 2555 TOP VALUES plus TOP VALUE STAMPS HINKY ' DINKY FOOD STORES X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X XLX X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X 2 45 246 ikix ESRB XKKKKQXQKQXKXSSS SQSXQSSSS EAW S-M000-TH I and rich, and creamy GOLDEN GUERNSEY FROST BATTERY, TIRE 8 BRAKE CO. 0 WILLARD-GRANT, B. F. GOODRICH BATTERIES As low as 57.95 Exchange Up to 4-Year Guarantee 0 NEW AND USED B. F. GOODRICH TIRES Tubeless and Regular 0 EXPERT BRAKE SERVICE 0 DELCO BATTERIES Af 9314 2565 Leavenworth Af.. 9903 DOUGLAS COUNTY BANK OF OMAHA "A FRIENDLY BANK IN BENSON" 6I08 Mili+ary Ave. Wa. 43l0 Member F.D.I.C. W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W ll W We Stock Pai I Gla EI 1 Appl G S d V Q El f Al Rad Televnsn Camer Walches Gladsf Bags We Shack d M cureS I: Sho? Gun Lghl T IIS? Our Many Customers Enjoy Shopping HON! "We Eifher Have I+, Will Gel If or lf lsn'I Made" Ceniral Park Pharmacy 4136 Grand Ave. I42nd In Grand Ave.I KEnwoo d 2244 PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS "We Fill Prescripfions Exactly D I O d 65 OC OI' r ers" W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W Xqiqqqgqqii , XXXXXXX ESSSSSSSSSSQSSSSSSY Xxxxxxiiig Xiiiiiiixii qxxkwkixwkbkkkibkii ZW 1 S si 33333333333 35335535355 55355553555 35 35555553 33 33333333 EMM 86 Your Earning Power QUALITY CLOTHES ron MEN 4013 Farnam Street Ivy League dress shirts and sport shirts Ivy League and University suits for young men Smart ties, sox and other accessories. is Your Greatest Asset PROTECT IT ALWAYS Representing MUTUAL OF OMAHA and UNITED OF OMAHA L. J. MARCCDTTE and ASSOCIATES Open every exrening until Insurance to Fit Every Need except Saturday. JA. 4175 - JA. 6927 15th and Douglas W IW W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W Q Frosh President Tom Dowd is convinced is the best protected milk. W W W W W W W W W W W M W W W W W W W W W 33333333333333333333333333333 33333333333333333333333333333 W 3 3 3 247 248 iqqggxxxxkkkkkkiwiii SSQQSQQSS EAW w-""""! 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W P W W ,f K ' ' I at I f 'St W Z ' W W ,,'f x 9 W M ,Z V V,rW, 'VW K Q f W ,f 0 W W pp 'Y W I JI S M W ' W W W W W Z W ' W W W W . . . W W . . W Jackie Grau, inspects bracelet as Elton Combs looks on. 333333333333333333 333333333 333333333333333333 333333333 EM . l , L ff: ' KI. 1 3, , 'J' .,.., ' ae- Woodmen awards scholarships Scholarships provided by Woodmen of the World were won during this school year by Senior Marvin Chesley in the field of finance and Frederick Walters as last year's outstand- ing Iunior student in American History. Wood- men is always proud to help young men. Providing scholarships is only a part of our youth program in Omaha and thousands of their communities. Our Society, intensely interested in America's heritage, a wa rd s medals and certificates to grade and high school students for proficiency in Amer- ican History. Local Woodmen Camps contribute equipment to schools, play- grounds, community centers and youth CHESLEY WALTERS centers. Perhaps the Society's outstanding youth project is its Boys of Woodcraft Sports- men's Clubs, which supplement home and school training with emphasis on wholesome sports and recreation. A leader in its field, Woodmen offers quali- fied young men a highly profitable lifetime career as a field representative. If you are interested in a sales position which provides above-average income, call the Woodmen home office, IAckson 5223. A39-075C 7104, warm financially sump.: mum: umm sum, E - 7' WUUDMEII 341 WURUI lIFE 'INSURANCE SOCIETY R IH IU P '2 S Q w 1? Home Office: 1708 Fumam Strut WN q0 Omaha 2 Nebraska CE 13 ' W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W If W Tomahawk Beauty Queen 'this mts -is W W W W W M W W W W W W W M W W W , W W 3333333333333 3333333333333 33333333333333 33333333333333 33 333 W 249 250 X X X S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S X X X X X X I S S S S S S S S S S S S Sul! SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING SENIORS OFFICIAL RAILROAD TIME INSPECTORS BORSHEIM'S- Fine Jewelry Harney at Sixteenth Street Since 1870 WE. 9422 Omaha, Nebr. REMEMBER TOMAHAWK Spellecl backward is KWAHAMOT! I W W W W Best Wishes W W tothe W W Men and Women of W W Omaha University W W W at :fr fe., W W W I W W W M W 1 22 nec mvilimifzm wrlulvil Mom Gift Headquarters The largest selection of Gifts in the entire Midw CHINA LAMPS MIRRORS V dPh E I bT NOVELTIES qua GLASSWARE PICTURES SILVERWARE Ily WeIcome hfyS byfradg OMAHA CROCKERY CO. 1116-18-20 Harney St. Phone AT. 4842 W W W W W T he Best in Music W W W S M M W W Schmoller 6 Mueller W W Piano Co. W W W W Lincoln 81 Scottsbluff, Nebraska W Since 1859 1516 Dodge Street Omaha, Nebraska Sioux City, Iowa W W W SSSSSSSSS SSSSSSSSS SSSSSSSSS S S S SSSS SSSS SSSSSSSSS XSSSSSS SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS W A Abel, Cloyce ........ . . . 118 Abramson, Marvin . . . . . . 122 Acamo, Richard ...... 110,160 Ackerman, Kenneth .... . . . 118 Adams, Clarence .... . . . 160 Adams, Richard G. . . 160,217 Adkins, Iames 116 Agosta, Frank . . . . . . 110 Ahlstrand, Ann .... . . . 104 Akeyson, Edward .... . . . 112 Allard, Janice ..... . . . 104 Alleman, Gary ......... ...... 1 20 Allen, Hugh ......... 114,209 Allendorfer, Phyllis Kay 108,144 Alperson, Paul ......... ...... 1 60 Ames, Park ........... .... 9 4,121 Ames, Susan .......... ........ 1 04 Andersen, Iohn ...... 114,135 Anderson, Donna Lee . .. ..... . 103 Anderson, Edward ..... ...... 1 92 Anderson, Frank .... 120,212 Anderson, Gifford .... . . . 152 Anderson, Janice . . . 108,144 Anderson, Kay . . . 129,224 Anderson, Leroy ..... . . . 161 Andrew, Demeral . .. 116,161 Andrews, Donald .... . . . 119 Arbogast, Charles L. . . . . . . . 161 Ashbaugh, Gerald .... . . . 192 Ashby, David ....... .... 1 50 B Babb, Shirley ....... .... 1 61 Bachler, Bob ...... ........ 1 61 Bailey, Richard .... 118,161 Baird, James ..... 140,161 Baker, Cordon .... ...... 1 61 Balderson, Helen .... .... 1 56 Barber, Katherine .... .... 1 61 Bama, William .... .... 1 62 Barnes, Lloyd ..... . . . 114 Bamett, William . . . . .. 116 Barnum, Nancy . . . ,... 49,106 Barta, Emest .... . . . 162 Barth, Sylvia .... 100,104 Barton, Marlene . . . . . . 103 Bastien, Nancy .... . . . 161 Beach, Beverly . . . 109,136 Beck, Norma .... 103,144 Beckner, Sharon . . . . . . 106 Beckner, Stephanie . . . . . . 108 Bede, Phillip ...... . . . 162 Bendorf, Ronald . . . .... 85,114 Beninato, Ioan . . . Bennett, Robert . . . Benning, Don . . . 108,146 120,212 148,192 Student Bentley, Io-Ann .... Bercovici, Edwin .. Bercovici Harlan . .. Berger, Ierome . .. Bemey, Stanley .... Bicket, William .... Billotte, Bob ..... Bishop, James .... Blair, lack .......... Blake, Barbara ...... Blanchard, Howard .. Blanchard, Russell .. . Blumel, john ...... Bluvas, George .... Bolton, james .... Bondurant, Judy . . . Bondruant, Sue .... Bosco, Sandra .... Bothell, john ..... Bowe, Robert ..... Bowman, Terry ..... Brackenbury, Duane . Brader, john ...... Brandes, Marilyn . . . Brandon, Iack .... Breci, Robert .... Brehm, Richard .... Brewster, Alan . . . Brewster, Dennis . . . Brewster, Karen . . . Brinlee, Donna . . . Brown, Alfred .... Brunell, Barbara . . . Bruning, Clem . .. Buchta," Kevin . . . . Buck, Harper .... Buell, Patricia .... Buis, Kipp .... Burke, Mark ..... Burkhart, Iames . .. Burlingame, john . . . Bumey, jimette .... Bums, Pat ...... Butera, Tony ..... Butler, Neil ........ Butler, Richard .... Index ....104,144 ........122 ....101,122 ......146 ....148 ....156 ....227 ....118 ....116 ....104 ....187 .......110 ....110,162 118,162 162 104,125 104,144 162 ........118 162,217 120 120 ....104,162 187 163 ....120,163 ....120,192 120,139 ....102,103 192 ....108 ....214 ....120 120 . .... 106 ...92,121 ....114 ......118 163,187 ....102,103 ...48,103 ...192,194 .......163 ....163,1s7 Byme, joe ...... .... 1 14,163 Byrne,john .... ....114 C cagni, Dino ......... .... 1 11,117 Cajacob, Ted .... .... 1 16,163 Camoriano, julio ..... .... 1 10,163 Campbell, Gary ......... .... 1 20,139 Campbell, Mary Alice .... ....... 1 08 Capps, Harold ........ Carlson, Gary ........ Carmony, Kay . . . . . . . 138,163 . . .. 115,140 . . . 85,108 Carper, Iames .... Carr, john ......... Carroll, Dorothy .... Carter, jack ..... Carter, jean ..... Carver, Carolyn .... Casebeer, Patricia . . . Casey, Thomas ..... Cejka, Donna ..... Chamberlain, William ...187 ....114 ....106 ....187 .....103 108,144 136 ....114 .....37,103 ..... 23,114 Chaney, Richard ...... ..... 1 16 Chapman, Gayle . . . i . 47,132 Chapman, Mary lane . . . ..... 23,104 Chappell, Mary ....... ..... 1 06 Chase, Lois ........ .... 1 03 Chesley, Marvin .... ..... 1 64 Cheyne, Sandra . . . ..... . . 103 Christian, Judy .... 103,141 Chunka, John .... ..... 1 64 Cimino, John ..... 193,216 Clark, john ........ ..... 1 64 Clark, john Louis .... .... 1 14 Clark, Richard .... . . . 112 Clark, Robert . . .... 110 Clarke, Nan ..... . . . 104 Claussen, Ronald . . . ..... 85,117 Cobbs, Robert .... . . . 187 Coffey, Carol .... . . . 106 Coffey, Catherine . . . . . . 136 Cohen, Myron .... . . . 122 Cohn, Sylvia ..... 164 Coleman, Betti .... 206,225 Collier, Mary Ann .... ..... 45 ,164 Colman, Robert .... 120,164 Comine, Rosemary .... ..... 22 ,164 Conner, Sharon .... . . . 108 Connor, Donald .... . . . 112 Conrad, Kenneth . . . . . . 192 Com, Rosemary .... 108,144 Costello, Steve ..... . . . 192 Coughlin, Patricik . . 148,214 Covell, Eugene ..... . . . 110 Cox, Raymond . . . . . . 150 Cramer, Carmen .... . . . 108 Crandell, Marilyn . . . 136,141 Croft, Arthur ...... 110,111 Croniean, Mary Anne . . . 146 Crouse, Ray ....... 110,164 Cnim, Richard . . . . . . 192 Crowder, Sonya .... . . . 108 Cultuon, Gerald ..... . . . 118 Cunningham, Susan 16-4 Curtis, Harry ...... ..... 1 65 Custer, Kay ....... . . 85,103 D Dahlbeck, Eric ..... . . . 112 Dahlke, Helmuth . . . . . . 212 2 ...118 252 Dain, Irving .... Dalgheish, Joseph Dall, Shirley .... Dalstrom, Harl .. Davis, Jack ..... Davis, Tom . . . Day, Donna . . . Day, Sandra Dearden, Grace . Decker, Janet .. Decker, Marvin . Degan, Ef ...... Dempsey, James Derham, Joan . . . Devan, Robert .. Devan, Wilbur .. DeVos, John .... Dinkel, Elise Disney, Carolee . Dixon, Chester .. Dobeck, Benjamin Doescher, Dale .. Doeschot, Gordon Dolan, Danny . .. Dolan, Paul .... Donelson, Bnice Dowd, Thomas . . Drexel, Louis .. . Driver, Donald .. Dubler, Annette Dubois, Ruby . .. Dudycha, Tom .. Dunlop, Richard . Durbin, Douglas . Durick, Thomas . Dutch, Thomas . . Eagleson, Berl .. Eaton, Edward . Eckstrom, Richard Edgerton, Mary . Edmonds, Walter Edson, Robert . . . Edstrand, Sandra Ehrhom, Walter . Ehrlich, Don Ellerbeck, Lloyd . Elliott, Clarice .. Elliott, Leon . .. Elliott, Richard .. Elliott, Ruth .... Ellis, Janice .... Elsasser, Robert . Emery, Jerry . .. Englehardt, Bill . Engle, Eleanor .. Engle, Jim .... ....43 114 102,165 152 118 207 144 226 165 100,106 114,192 165 148,207 106 120 112 146 141,156 106,165 165 165 165 116 192 .. 53,166 85,116 .. ...23,116 112 166 100,106 136 120 111 118 110,228 156 136,141 110,166 115,166 103,144 138,166 59 . . . 104 101,118 . .. 166 108,144 166 192 102,103 .. ... 27,108 . . . 118 112,166 192,193 104,167 ...114 Student Ennis, Larry ...... Erickson, Eldean Esworthy, Robert . .. Ethington, Robert . .. Eucker, Dean ..... Ewing, Susan ......... Fairless, David S. .. . Farmer, Charlene .. Farquhar, Ray .. Fead, Robert ...... Fellman, Alvin M. .. Field, Michael . . Fields, Barbara .... File, Douglas .... Finley, Thomas .... Fischer, Norman Fischer, Chet Fishback, James .... Fisher, Donald . . . Fisher, Sandra .. Fitl, Nancy ....... Fjellin, Donald ...... Flanagan, Donald Fleack, D. L. . .. Fleck, Barbara . .. Floyd, Harold ...... Fokken, Manette ...... Fokken, Margie Anne Fokken, Maurice Foote, Gerald ..... 4 Forrey, Susan .... Foster, Marilyn .... Francke, Warren . . . Frank, Virginia .... Friend, Richard . . . Fullerton, Jack .. Fullner, Lyman ..... G Gallagher, Charlotte Gallagher, Patricia . Gallup, William Gamble, Gary Garey, Sandra . . . Gamer, Joan ....... Garrett, David ........ Garrison, Gaynor Sue Gash, Robert William Geiger, Janeen ..... Geihs, Fred . . . Geihs, Paul .... Gell, Lavern .... Gerhold, Kathy .... Gibilisco, Phil ..... Gidley, Sharon ..... Giles, Jeanne Barton . Index ...114 ...110 ......167 ... 111,167 ... 110,167 ... 103,144 . . . 167,187 .....167 .......52 ...114,152 .....167 ....116 ......167 ....202,217 ....54,114 ...110,168 .....114 ...110,167 ...120,167 .....168 ......103 101,112 110,168 187 103,136 168,187 106,168 ...192 .....120 104,223 104,168 .....224 104,136 168 168 116 168 144 169 112,140 104 108,109 114,208 ....38 ...120 .... .133 120,169 120,169 138,169 100,108 217 40,126 156 Giles, Myrna ..... Giles, Robert ....... Glandt, Ruth Marie . .. Glaser, Alfred . . . . . . Gloden, Robert ....... . . Godkin, James ....... Goecker, David Eugene Goeser, Corlynn ..... Goethe, Hal .......... . Goff, Ronald ........ Goldstein, Richard .... Gosch, Sandra ..... Graddy, James .... Gradoville, Philip . . . Graniewski, Eugene . . . Grau, Jacqueline .... Gray, Walt ....,.. Grayson, Kathryn . . . Green, Carl ..... Green, Sonia ....... Greenberg, Robert .... Griess, Harb ..... Griffin, Barbara .. Grossoehme, Art .... Gunia, Ronald ........ H Hagedom, Edward .... Hagge, Janice ...... Hahn, Frank .... Hall, Joe ........ Halverson, Patsy .... Haney, David ..... Hannibal, James .. Hansen, Gerald .. Hansen, Judi . .. Hansen, Robert .. Harold, Walter . . . Hardy, Robert ...... Hannening, William . . . Harrington, Max ...... 141,156 156 141 116 169 110,169 114,202 100,108 192 118 110 104 101,120 202 169 39,104 112,150 . . . 106 . . . 192 ....108 ....53,56 ....119 ....103 ....116 ....211 ....169 ....144 ....192 . . . 112 103,170 ....170 ....120 .....118 103,140 .....112 .....59 ....170 ....112 ....114 Harry, Saundra Beth .... .... 1 70 Hauter, Andrew .... Havlu, Don ...... Hawkins, Barbara . .. Hawley, Helen .... Hays, Howard Hazuka, Anthony . . . Heagle, Glen ..... Healy, James Hearn, Milton . . . Hefti, Patricia ...... Heinisch, Nancy .... Heldt, Sharon .... Helgren, Jane .. Helme, Cal ....... Henderson, Harry .. Henderson, Roger . . . .......170 114,192 108,144 ....34,103 .....170 ....146 ....116 ....170 ....170 ....146 ....108 .....104 100,103 148,214 .....170 110,171 ...114 Henderson, Sue . .. Hennig, Elaine . .. Henry, Daniel .... Herre, Richard . . . Higley, Wayne . . . Hill, Rex ...... Hillis, Dwight .... . ...38,104 ....226 ....171 ...,120 ....110 ....192 ....l87 Hodgens, Helton . . . . . . . 187 Hoham, Bob ...... .... 1 29 Hohneke, Donald . . . - - . - 110 Holst, Gary .... .... 1 71 Homan, Bill . . . . . . 110 Hounshell, Jean . . . Housh, Charles .. Howard Joan .. Howard, John .... Howell, Robert . .. Howell, Ronald . .. Hruska, Roman . . . . . . Hrubbard, Jack . Hult, Harry .... Hunt, John ..... Hunt, Lawrence . . . . . . Hunter, Charles .. Hunter, Lloyd . .. Jackman, Dan ....... . Jackson, Gary .... Jackson, Jeanette .. Jackson, Leo ..... Jackson, Lynne . .. Jackson, Shayla ....... ..... Jacobberger, Robert Jakobsen, John .... Janda, Janet Jeffery, Don ..... Jenkins, Jenkins, Ronald . . . Stefan . . . Jensen, Hartvig .. Jensen, Julia . . . Johanson, Gary . . . Johnson, Barbara . Johnson, Dean . .. Johnson, Donald . Johnson, Gail .... Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Mary .... . . . Marylinn . . . . Ralph .... . Jones, Allen ..... Jones, Kay ...... Jones, Marilyn .... Jones, Marilyn I. . . Jones, Robert . .. Jones, Tom . .... . Jones, Wendell .... . . . Jorgensen, Richard Jorgensen, Robert . 103 110,171 108 112 110 121,171 120 171 192 138,171 118 148,192 ...171 ...116 100,106 110 108 108 118,134 120,139 103 114 112,171 118 192 141 226 106,107 148,214 172 104,144 172 103 172 120 104 106,172 128,172 132,172 114 112 114,140 114,140 tudcnt K Kaiman, Herb ....... Kalisek, Donald Kanago, Jim .... Kaplan, Herbert . . . Kaplan, Phyllis . . Karas, James Keill, Ralph .... Kennedy, Avice . . . Kennedy, Max .. Kessler, Kezlan, Frank .... Thomas . . . Kieny, Patrick ...... Kilibarda, Addison . . . Klima, Leroy ....... Kline, Marilyn ...... Kollenburg, Kenneth . Klopper, Sidney ..... Knauss, Duane ..... Koachy, Lany ..... Koch, John ........ Korinek, Kenneth .... Kosalka, Stan ...... Kosowsky, Annette .. Kostinec, Jerry .... Kozak, James ..... Kozeny, Le Roy Index .....59 ...112 ...115 .......172 .. . 152,172 . . . 152,172 ... 115,140 .. . 108,173 ... 115,139 . .. 116,173 .....173 ....146 .......118 . .. 112,173 .. . 107,136 ...110 ...122 ....118 ...202 .....173 ...202,214 ...112 .....136 ...118,173 .....116 .......217 Kraft, Donald . . . . . 148,217 Krumins, Rota . .. ...... . 173 Kruse, Judith ....... . .. 103,146 Kruse, Sandra ....... ..... 1 03 Krystopolski, Eugene .... ..... 1 73 Kucera, Joan ....... Kucera, Roberta .... Kueny,, Norman . . . Kuhn, Robert . . . Kulisek, Betty .. Kuncl, Nadine . . . Kuno, Rodney . . . Kunzelman, Peggy . . . Kutilek, Richard .... L Lacina, Larry ........ Lagman, Rose . . . Lamb, Leo . .. Land, Nancy Lane, Barbara . . . Lang, Shirley .... Langevin, Diane .... Langhammer, Dick .. Larimore, Howard .. Larimore, JoAnn .... Larsen, Donald . .. Larsen, Frederick . .. Larsen, Karen . .. Larsen, Wayne .. ....38,108 .....108 .....146 ....59,150 ....37,106 .....144 .......116 .....38,104 ... 119,174 ....113 .....57 .....174 ...14l,174 .....104 .....174 ....85,104 ...120,174 ...115,174 ...104,174 .....174 ...110,174 ...104 ...174 Larson, Janet . . . . Larson, Jerry ........ .... Larsson, Mary Ann Laughlin, Gary .. Lawson, Patrick .. Leddy, William . . . Leder, Arlin ..... Lee, Maisie ...... Lee, Mary Claire . Leeper, Kenneth . Leick, Mary ..... Lemen, Jack . . . Leo, Mary Ann . . . Lindberg, Judith . Lindquist, Robert . Little, Beverly .... Little, John ...... Lodwig, Loretta .. Lofshult, Joseph .. Logsdon, Arthur .. Long, Larry .... Long, Larry ..... Longacre, Alan .... .... Lorin, JoAnne .... Loring, Dorothy . . Lowe, Francis .... Lozier, Dave . . . Lozier, Jon ...... Luedtke, Alvin . . . Lukasiewicz, Vian Lund, Jack ...... Lundgren, Darold . Lydick, Sheila .... Macker, Glen .... Makinson, Joyce .. Marley, Betty .... Marshall, Lester .. Martin, Mardee .. Martin, Terrance . . Marvin, George .. . ...... 227 121,139 ......175 ....175 . .... 175 ....116 ....175 . .... 175 ....... .144 148,192 ......144 115,140 ......175 103,141 ....175 . .... 109 175 109 192 146 116 227 115,140 53 104,227 187 121 121 113 175,214 121,139 175 107 ... 187 . . . 107 109,176 .. . 119 105,176 . . . 117 . . ..... 27,113 Massara, Janet . . . 144,146 Mathiasen, Janis . . . . . 110 Matthews, Robert . .. .... 101,115 Meade, Don ....... .... 1 48,217 Meehan, Jerry . . . 214,217 Metcalfe, Charles . . .. 119 Meyer, Glenn .... . . . 176 Meyer, Robert . . . . . . 122 Meyers, Mary Ann . . . 146 Meyers, Ray ...... ...... 1 21 Michalik, Joseph . .. .... 112,176 Mickelson, Tamara . . . 104 Mickna, Steve ..... .... 1 10,177 Mill, Dean ...... 113,177 Miller, Adrienne . . . ..... 38,109 Miller, John ..... 177,187 253 Petrik, . . . 107 ...104 254 Miller, Marcia .... Miller, Richard . . . Moberg, Frank . . . Moe, Marlene .... Monahan, John . . . Moore, Juanita . . . Moore, Robert . . . Morgan, Lewis . . . Morris, Robert . . . Morse, John .... Moshier, Fred .... Moss, Jill ...... Moss, Suzanne .... Moyer, Fred ..... Mullens, Judy ........ . . Mulready, William . .. Munch, Virginia . . . . Murray, Barbara .. . Myer, Robert ....... Myers, Raymond ..... Mc McAuliffe, Norma ..... . . McCartney, Joe ..... McClure, Warren . . . McCone, Diane .... McDonald, Gerald .... McFarland, Warren . . . McGaffin, David McGee, Patricia .. McGhghy, R. A. . . . McG1ee, Barbara McGregor, Marlin . . . McKu1sky, John .... McMahi11, Don . . . McMahon, Ann . . . McMi1lian, Keith . . . N Nachtigall, Ronald .... . Nagel, Sharon ...... Neff, Daniel ...... Nelson, Arvid .... Nelson, Carl .... Nelson, Carole Nelson, Daryl .... Nelson, Karen ..... Nelson, Richard .... Nemer, James .... Nemer, Ron .... Neujahr, Bruce . . . Nevins, Marvin . .. Nicas, Annette . . . Noble, Louis ..... Nordell, Bennett . . . Nordell, Robert . . . 103,177 110 192 141,177 177 177 177 178 178 117,178 110 100,104 104,124 148,195 104 146 146 56 101 138,178 136 117 110,214 103,136 110,176 117,176 121 144 110,176 104 187 113 176,192 104 117,226 ...178 110,178 115 110,178 103 178 103,144 148,192 121 121,139 . .. . . 42,117 148,192 109 192 110,178 117 tudcnt Nordquest, Greg Norman, Dennis .... Norton, Michael .... Novotny, Joseph ..... 0 Oberdorfer, Nancy .... 0'Brien, Richard .... O'Con.nor, Richard . .. O'Donnell, Eugene Oliphant, John ..... Olsen, Charles ..... Olsen, Harold .... Olsen, Norman Olson, Claudia .... Olson Kenneth . . . Olsoni William .... . . Olsgarrd, Sharon .... Olsson, Conrad . . Ostronic, Joyce ....... P Padmore, Joel ....... Page, William .... Palladino, Shirley . . . Papa, Ruth ...... Park, Leroy ...... Pavlik, Donald . . . Paulsen, Jackie .... Pazlar, Shirley . . . Pearson, Larry ..... Pedersen, Martin . . . Peebler, Charles .... Peil, Gary ....... Pelzer, Mathew . . . Pence, Brad .... Perry, Nancy ..... Peters, Charlene .... Peters, Larry ....... Peterson, Kenneth . . . B111 .......... Pfundheller, Delores . . . Phillips, John ...... Philpott, ..... Philpott, Tom ....... Piller, David Bruce . .. Placek, JoAnne ..... Plaster, Jim .... Poast, Donald . .. Poast, Judith .... Points, Betty .... Pollat, Erin ..... Pope, Dennis .... Pospisil, William .... Post, Betty .......... Postlewait, Douglas . .. Potash, Merle ...... Index ...115 ...152 ...115 ...152 105,178 111,179 110,179 179 ...192 192 ...110,179 .......119 ...109,179 .....179 ...,...110 ....41,103 .....179 103 45,119 .......179 ....85,102 .....179 ...119,134 .....119 ....23,117 ....144 ...119 ...110 ...212 .......117 ...101,123 ....85,115 .....109 ...109,180 ....23,117 ...110,180 121,180 .....180 ...192 119 ... 118,180 ... 180,209 141,146 .... 22,115 ..... 113 109 ...113 ...180 117 ....96,109 .....115 ...180 Potter, Sheila ..... Power, Geneva .... Prachensky, Charles Pratt, Charles ..... Prem, Donald ..... Prochnav, David . . . Pmch, Mariel ..... R Radda, Charles .... .....146 ...181 .... .181 ...181 .....217 181 ...144 .... .141 Rademacher, Frank .... . . . 146,181 Rager, Donald .... 138,181 Raikes, Robert . . . . . . 181 Rainey, John .... . . . 115 Raish, Sandra ..... 109,141 Rasgorshek, Bob ...... .... 9 4,117 Rashis, Edna Germer . . . 156 Rath, Edwin .......... ... 148,181 Rath, George ..... . . . 121 Ravenscroft, Bob . . . . . 121 Reed, Beverly ..... . . . 109 Reed, Houghton . . .... 94,115 Reed, Nancy Jo 107 Reed, Patricia ..... . . . 144 Regan, David ..... . . . 121 Reichart, Judith Ann . . . 109 Rentschler, Jenelle .... .... 3 7,103 Rhea, Carol ........ .... 38 ,109 Rice, Charles ..... 117,182 Rice, Patricia ..... .... 3 7,107 Richards, Lyle .... 110 Richardson, Billy 182,187 Richelieu, William ........ ..... 1 10 Richman, Myron David .... ..... 1 82 Rindone, Attilio . . . . . . 182 Roberts, Patricia . . . . . . 104 Roberts, Ruth .... 104,144 Roberts, Spencer . . . . . . 217 Robinson, A.nnette . . . . 144 Robinson, Richard . . . . 110 Rogers, Judith Ann .... ...... . . . 144 Rohan, Edward ..... ..... 1 10,182 Rohling, Carol ..... 109 Rokusek, Donald .... ...... 94 ,121 Root, virginia .... 107,136 Rorick, Gloria . . . . . . 104 Rorick, Irene .. .... 85,105 Rose, James ...... . . . 187 Rosenblatt, Sidney . . . . . . . 122 Ross, Thomas ..... . . . 121 Roth, Ralph ........ .... 1 87 Rothenberg, David . . . . . . . 122 Ruckl, Sonja ........ .... 1 04 Ruiz, Emrique .... Ruvolo, Francis John Ryan, Frank Patrick Ryker, Kenneth .... ....119 ....192 ...182 .. .....187 121,139 S Sadler, Ed ......... Salisbury, Susan Sallquist, Gary . . . Salman, Gary ...... Sampson, Ardith . .. Samuelson, Judy . .. Saunders, John ..... Schaetzle, Stanley .... .... Schmidt, John ..... Schroeder, Edith . .. Schroeder, Fred . .. Schroeder, Joan Schroeder, Karen . .. Schroer, Jacqueline . . Schulz, Raymond .... .... Schulze, Gary ...... Scott, Barbara Scott, Sally Jo .... Sebek, Mariellen .... Sedlacek, James . .. Seefus, Jack . ........ . . . . Shea, Suzanne ..... Shearer, Douglas Don Sheel, Phillip ....... Sherwood, Robert . . l . .n Shewan,'Laurel . . . Shields, Bob Shipley, Parker . . Shooter, Neil .... Shrago, Morris Sides, Glee ........ Siekman, Richard ..... .... Simmons, Raymond . Simon , Jerome ...... Simon, Jorge ....... Simon, Lee David . . . Simon, Simon A. Simonson, Janet . .. Sittler, Don ...... Skarda, Jolm Skinner, Charles . . Smart, JoAnn . . . Smith, Guy .... Smith, Rodney . .. Smith, Ronald .... Snavely, Ruth .... Snowdall, Janice . .. Snyder, JoElissa .... Sobczyk, Louis ........ .... Sommers, Patricia Joyce Spomer, Lyvonne ...... ..... Sprague, Nelda ...... .... Spandel, Ronald .... Stanley, Charlotte . . . Stan, Judith ....... Stauffacher, Don .... Steele, Donna .... ...121 . . . 85,104 .. . 26,115 121,139 104,141 102,182 .. . 187 148,215 113,146 103,144 ... 141 109,182 ... 109 107 121,183 121,138 100,109 ... 104 ... 107 .. . 115 115,183 ... 144 .. . 121 ... 183 . 85,117 . . . 107 117,202 183,223 117,138 ...122 .. . 96,109 148,214 110 115 ... 183 ... 122 .. . 22,183 .. . 183 . .. 183 113,183 ... 184 141,144 .. . 184 ... 184 ... 115 ... 152 100,107 ... 104 119,184 ... 107 ... 103 100,109 ... 113 . .. 141 104,140 .. . 217 ... 109 tudent Index Steinke, Walter . . Stella, John . .......... Stephens, John ........... . . . Stephenson, Gary Richard Stephonowitz, Jerry .... . . . Sterenberg, Sheldon . . . Steven, Janet ....... Stevens, Marlene Stevens, William . Stickels, Gwen .... Stolley, Marilyn . .. Stoney, Larry Storms, Robert .... Stoysich, Paul .... Strang, Kent .... Strater, Mary . .. Strnad, Alan .... Suing, Judith .. Sullivan, James .... Sutton, Jess ..... Sutton, Ruth ....... Swanson, Joan ........ T Tait, Ralph ........... Takechi, Dick . . . Talty, Janet . . Talty, Kay .... Taylor, Carol . .. Taylor, Janet . . . Terrano, Santo .... Thoma, Beverly . . . Thoma, Carol .. Thomas, James ..... Thompson, Dean ...... Thompson, Geraldine . . . . . . Thomsen, Alfred ...... Tietgen, Carol ....... Timms, Loren Edward . . Toll, Joyce .......... Toman, George ..... Torrison, Eldred ..... Totilas, Algimantas .... Tracy, Elinor ...... Tritt, Ann Janelle . . Troth, John Roger .. Troudt, Phyllis ...... Trumbauer, Robert .... Tucker, Dana ....... Turner, John ...... Tumer, Robert ........ Undeland, James ...... V Veatch, Jerry ......... Vemon, Richard .... ... . 59 . . . 214 110,119 ... 119 119,152 . .. 122 141,144 ... 104 . .. 192 .... 93 102,184 . .. 115 113,184 .. . 192 ... 115 103,130 . .. 119 103,144 .. . 110 . . . 184 109,144 .. . 103 119,184 . . . 225 . . . 104 105,184 . . . 107 . , . , 34,103 104,185 104,144 .. . 150 85,185 103,185 29,115 ... 109 .. . 117 .. . 107 . .. 119 16,185 ... 185 ... 185 . .. 107 ... 119 109,141 ... . 22,214 117,185 ... 110 ... 186 ...117 115,150 121,186 Vicker, Gary . . . Visek, Franklin ..... vlcek, Rudy James . . . . . . Voerster, William Vondra, Sandra .... W Waddell, Donald Wagner, Janet .... Wallen, Carol ...... Walters, Frederick . . . Walters, Janice ..... Warren, Newman . . . Warthen, James .... Washington, Ritamarie Watts, John ........ Webb, Lesceillea Weeks, Dennis ..... Weeks, Ruth Ann . . . Weiser, Judith ..... Welna, Dick . . . Welch, Gary . .. Welch, Walter Wells, Camille . . . Wells, Juanita .... Wells, Ronald ...... Welniak, William . . . Wetenkamp, Marlene Wetzler, Marcia ...... . . Wheeler, Robert White, Jody ........ Whittington, Carl Wickman, Carole . . . Wilcox, Jean Wiley, Jim ...... Wilke, Janet Sue . .. Wilkerson, Harold . . Wilkins, Edward . .. Wilson, Karen .... Winters, Bob ....... Wiseman, Bemard .. Wiseman, Frank Wolfe, Nancy Jo . . . Wolff, Terry ...... Wood, Richard ..... Woodcook, Barbara . Wray, Phillip ...... Wright, Carl ....... ....192 Y Yates, Catherine .... Z Zentner, Carole ..... Zentner, Marva ..... Zimmerman, James . . Zimmerman, Ken ...117 ...186 ...146 152,186 ...104 ...119 146 103 121,138 103 187 ...111 ...146 113,140 ...186 187 107 103,152 115 .... 59 ......121 141,156 . . . 109 . . . 117 . . . 192 . . . 109 . 23,104 148,192 . 31,105 115,186 . . . 186 100,103 101,119 . 26,104 . . . 187 110,187 . . . 104 . . . 192 . . . 117 110,187 104, 206 . 51,121 . . . 110 . 37,109 . .... 187 ....107 109,187 . .... 121 ....223 2 F 1-53:1:x1,,3 i ss-Qfiwn SS .La , my SQ , -- X .H f sy .px-. , 1 , . ,wk A, M Q A A N V ii' 41f?"!1W?" k . ,- Ms , . :V,W L ,,L, , , .4 'JH . , . l f M, Www . ,.,f ., -qv:-'.' ,M V.-1 -A ' - 159 g N wh , , M -iF 3vlG- . 1 A w,f.g'35Qw!v?Q2wwQ, . , - ' A-.vigwmh i 4.2, A ,V , , 4 ,,,, ww vuL23.f :N , 4 , , wi Q I W X :ff-iam ,L hi W ,.,, , sf - K ' ' . 'EFYE 1-, ' vii 4.3 -WW. X ' M., 1, ., L5 f - 1' 5 if' I: ., 4' 'Uv ' f . 9 W L L1 . 1, - 1 g 45 il ' fx 5 K ' M T9 A W + ' fwfr - J U 129,- . 9, k - lf J 'V':iQ?g, ' QQ . 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Suggestions in the University of Omaha - Tomahawk / Gateway Yearbook (Omaha, NE) collection:

University of Omaha - Tomahawk / Gateway Yearbook (Omaha, NE) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


University of Omaha - Tomahawk / Gateway Yearbook (Omaha, NE) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


University of Omaha - Tomahawk / Gateway Yearbook (Omaha, NE) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


University of Omaha - Tomahawk / Gateway Yearbook (Omaha, NE) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


University of Omaha - Tomahawk / Gateway Yearbook (Omaha, NE) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


University of Omaha - Tomahawk / Gateway Yearbook (Omaha, NE) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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