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 - Class of 1942

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Text from Pages 1 - 79 of the 1942 volume:

QWQJAULLUL' UNIVERSITY OF OMAHA VOLUME NUMBER SEVEN 1 942 X fl, 1.XX.,. ...--.X-f":.1.f1X.--11--1'37,-i?f-v1,wX1g11-7f3"IXy- 1- -- - 1 1 " . ' 1 . - ff' -. J .1 ai.. -1 " - -11 --11r-.- - 1' nw' - - 1 . . . .. , 1 , ,X .- Xp, -11. .' ... 11t1X11+.,,- ' . ' 1 'X ' 1 1: "ff - .f',1i:23.XE?fX?.,,' EF-Q1 ,1 111'9'Lf15F1t':Ej-gf1ll'Q 1' 1 . Ji' I' " ' A 5 ' "F '- ":f "QV 72-.i-':f'-1'. -4. .12,1. ' '-f. 'fin 1 V V 17 A W A 'VV Z- .1g1 91 .. 'A fp C119 jf" .1 .'-LE, L 7' V 1 " '15 W 1 1 .A .5 Q"Z:'..'147"3 'ix -1 47" 1 X X'XX. '1X"Q'.,,-f.g11f5121'X-j.:XX X1 fb X I X - 41 it 7 .1-.1'f.-?.6.'1f..' ij: 11 1 -.-, XX ' j,,!1:.1 g 51114. 1 X . ---192. X X 1 1 '- 1 XX XL' . X 1 N 1 '1 4' 3 -1-1' j..-: 1 - H .K X 11 X X X X. .-X-XXXTJ1.. . 1 . :X 1 11 .1- ' X. L 1X1 X . . 1, A X , X, X. - 3 phi 1 X 1:..5... ,,,, ,...-1-1fA-1.X....Q1,1X- '1 '11 -- .115-11'-1 X1 wi' 1 P14 'W 1 ' bi .1 Y , 135- ,1- - ' ' 1 . .1 . 'sae' 1 4-X 1:- - .1 - 1 . -1 1 1 f.. . r -- ' ' ' " .I-'12-Q IX, . XXX I ,X X X X X iX.:XX3XXX X , r. '- 1 -51... 1 " -2' - 1---1.1 XX11.X1-15-.Xml .1 1 ,. X X . 11- ...,., ,X W. - ' -'XV 1 - 1 X ' 11 -- 5 ' 1 7 3 31 . " 5 ff, I 1 1 1 :1 TI- ' U wt. 11 1 '- - ?2,Ij':..1l v' , 1. ' 'mf I 9 .X 3,5 -t ' L, 1 E' 1 XJ '- 'Q X0-m 4 X ' .kv ' 1 .1 . ' 4- . 1. I X 1 X- . 1 X 4 . X . W .2 '17 S- , I . "E ' ' ' V-.1 LV' .15 1- I' Q- 17.1. X 3. 1 X 2.15. X - XX ' ' f- X 1 - Q . ' if . iX.1 f ' 1-1. .1 41- -I 1:-frgj .' M 1 ' 1 5 ' 5 '1 11 'H' , . "- 1 1 ' 11 ...JI 1 X -1' .Z -, 1 1 ' - "Eng, Q '. "1 'X1 ' ' ' 1f 3 1 - -' f . X1 X X 1 . 1.111 4 . X . , - Qi? 3 rf: 1 '1' 1 1 -' A -.r -. ' 11' .X 11s, X. X 1 1 .X. 1. 1, . X. , . .JF . . XXX! X, XXXQ 1 .X.1 1 1' '- 'Yv' M -.511 1 Xfli. -1.1. . nr if J X. 1- 1- FM. ' ' 1 - D411 11 11 ' ' ' f' -1,.X,X .. X ,X45 -- 5.14. 1, 1- V X 1 X EH11' V ' 1 . ' .. -' 17.1 1-X " ,X X . X f ' E 11.7 : -1 11 X c' W-11 - . , .. -1 1--J' . 1.-.11 Ag: 1 1 1 1 X 131.111 -X. f X1 1 1 X1-.'..--XX- -15,2 X IX ' X . 1 1' by .,-'-1-A X ' ' L 1. ' ' 1 '1' 3 - .--111 15' ' 1 . ' - . 9 -. Qi?" ' X 'N 1. 1' - ' H -ff' - --1 ' ..:. :wg-. . 1 ' .- - ' ' ' .Q-'-11 "f T.: 11-:M-1, gang 5'-X1 +4 X - ,- X. Q: X. 1, -XX1 . "C 1' -! '-'.' - 9 '1 " -,1Q,.X 3 X--X 11'-'W' 'Q M' V1 FI'I . - 1.1.,,X .. 1 1X1 , , Inga? 11 . X .1 ' M-'..f-T" X1111- . X- ' "1 -.2 ': ' W- .I ,111 ' f " 14",1lZ' '41 ' 4 1.A." 4 ' . 1 1 11 ,X 1, X X , .1..', 1 1 ,11-1 .5 15- 1 . E- L I. ' ' f Y -'.1.'--.1 '-f711E11 XP X. X AX .:Z.XX X Y-,Y. 'JJ ' ' ff if ' -1 'ATU' 1231. I-'XX'.-X-1 - , 1 f X :.X,1. X XXX-.X "-WST ' ' 1' , 1 -1" I X 1 11 - H' ' ' 1.'-1-1'- '-il' f Q'1'."511. 1'-,X - " .1 . gg'11:-.'11'XX,- -'gj11':-P-W -144 A . ' 11, 'rf' X 5-jj. '11-:gui L 4 - ' 1 ' -, ' - -'.-. '- 1: 1.-.Ig Lf, 'I' ' 4' '.:1"'.,,z'. 1X ' X- 15.1 ' ' V Q - I 1 ' f X X XX 17 1' X ,Q .' '32 Pr-.Z...' 7.1.1 We 1.2. -.-X ,.,. 15' 1. - - 1. '11 ' .41 ' ' ' - .1 - XX 1' ' g.-'-...- .1111 " ,:- 'ZX i-541-:,.,,1Q.?"' """'- '-' --.L 121. .1 575 - J I .51 .fn an 1 ,fX f f 1.V,,..1,,.1..LX X 'N-13-G-115 4. 1-11yy.1.-. - 'Mlm-4 , ,. ':- -- ltifiw.-n lug'-,JZ Q1-C'Lr'T1e11 T111'-F-11-'.-'.f1 11151 :l.1ElFm.:::5E!lZ.5..'lf'i---inch 'WI 1 -mr. 1' -1 . Cmfmfg ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ACTIVITIES HONORS ATHLETICS GREEKS .xgcfminifffrafion - NYY 1 W W ROWLAND HAYNES Presidenl' EDGAR A. HOLT, Ph.D. Deon of The College of Arts ond Sciences CARL W. HELMSTADTER, Ph.D. Deon of The College of Applied Arts ond Sciences FAC U LTY I 1 - ' 9 7 , - X . P A 52,5 Q . fpgfslw -5 ' M s N: - V Gifs? ew, . - , xwifv. ' - . I t it X -di ' , ,- f A X BVD f X eg f X f fc Q, K5 f P , pf X X B X ft :V , e ww F. 0 Q wqsfi-f-1 , , -A w: Mx. my.. , , A GN A , , it , 0-s, .aff ,sf sw f .. --gvir uf 'DFW I eg fb Q X fe s A Ns f , V. f, fx 0 ox, ' A A95 ' it t V9 61 y rt f Q f f " L+ -- .A---A .4 if STUART BALLER, M.A. Assistant Professor of Physical Education HELMUT R. BOENINGER, M.A. Assistant Professor ot Foreign Languages and Literatures LLOYD M. BRADFIELD, A.B. Dean of Students Assistant Professor of Psychology EDWARD P. COLEMAN. M.S. Assistant Professor ot Mathematics RUTH DIAMOND, M.A. Head of Department of Physical Education for Women Associate Professor ot Physical Education GU ENNDOLYN A. BEELER, M.A. Instructor in Home Economics and Secretarial Practice BENJAMIN BOYCE, Ph.D. Head of Department of English and Comparative Literature Professor of English MARTIN W. BUSH, F.A.G.0. Associate Professor of Music RUSSEL DERBYSHIRE, Ph.D. Instructor in Zoology and Anatomy WILLIAM DURAND, B.S. Instructor in Engineering JAMES M. EARL, Ph.D. Head of Department of Mathematics Professor of Mathematics WILLIAM FRED FARRAR, M.B.A. Instructor in Business Administration WILLIAM CALVIN FOREMAN, M.A. Instructor in Mathematics MILDRED M. GEARHART, M.A. Assistant Professor of English C. L. HARTMAN, M.A. Football and Track Coach CHRISTOPHER S. ESPINOSA, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures HARRY A. FORE, A.B. Instructor in English LESLIE N. GARLOUGH, Ph.D. Head of Department of Science Professor of Biology LYMAN H. HARRIS, Ph.D. Associate Professor of History DAYTON E. HECKMAN, Ph.D. Assoc ia te Professor of Government FAC U LTY FACU LTY Wh CHARLES HOFF, B.S. Finance Secretary HAROLD JOHNK, M-A. Instructor in Physical Education ELIZABETH KAHO, M.A. Instructor in Music JOHN W. KURTZ, M.E. Assistant Professor of Engineering JOHN W. LUCAS. M.B.A. Head of Department of Business Administration Associate Professor of Business Administration W. GILBERT JAMES, Ph.D. Head of Department of Speech Professor of Speech LAURA M. JOHNSON, M.A. Instructor in English GERTRUDE KINCAIDE, M.A. Acting Head of Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures ROBERT F. LANE, Ph.D- Head Librarian Associate Professor RAYMOND J. MAXWELL, M.A. Instructor in Foreign Languages and Literatures MARIAN McLAREN, B.S. Assistant Instructor in Physical Education - ROBERT MOSSHOLDER, A.B Assistant to the President Publicity Director C. H. PREWETT Instructor in Engineering and Mathematics V. GREGORY ROSEMONT, Ph.D. Associate Protessor of Philosophy GLORIA KURTZ SINNETT Instructor in Commercial Arts WILBUR T. MEEK, M.A. Head of Department of Economics Associate Professor of Economics WILLIAM K. NOYCE, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Chemistry KATHEMNE M. RAGEN,PhD. Instructor in History DR. JOHN C. SHARPE Physician ALICE C. SMITH, A.B. Acting Registrar ,QQM WM FACULTY ZW 'O' FACU LTY if , E172 ROBERT W. STARRING. M-A Instructor in Speech LESLIE O. TAYLOR, Ph.D. Head of Department of Education Associate Professor of Education HYATT H. WAGGONER, M.A. Instructor in English ROYCE WEST, Ph.D. Head of Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures Professor of English and Foreign Languages and Literatures FRANCES E. WOOD, M.A. Assistant Professor of Education T. EARL SULLENGER, Ph.D. Head of Department of Sociology Professor of Sociology W. H. THOMPSON, Ph.D. Head of Department of Philosophy and Psychology Professor of Psychology NELL WARD, Ph.D- Associate Professor of Chemistry SHEPHERD L. WITMAN, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Government MARY PADOU YOUNG, M.A Associate Dean of Students Instructor in English FACULTY NOT PICTURED RODERIC BAIRD CRANE, M.E., M.B.A. Assistant Professor of Business Administration RICHARD EDWARD DUNCAN, M.A. Director of Orchestra and Choir Instructor in Music PAUL H. GRUMMANN, M.A. Joslyn Professor of Fine Arts BERTHE C. KOCH, Ph.D. Head of Department of Painting and Sculpturing Associate Professor of Fine Arts WILFRED PAYNE, Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy DONALD E. TOPE, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Education Director of Observation and Practice Teaching A. DAYLE WALLACE, Ph.D. Associate Professor of English DANA T. WARREN, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Physics PEARL WEBER, M.A. Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Psychology WALTER A. WEISSKOPF, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Economics 'A - -- ----- 1 J. E. WOODS Director STUDENT EMPLOYMENT SERVICE Business is not as usual in the Student Employment Service. The task now is to find people to fill jobs rather than jobs for people to fill. Alternating Work-Study jobs have been practically discontinued because of the insistent demand of many employers for students to continue on the job when once placed. ln this first year of operation under war conditions, the Student Employ- ment Service, in addition to its regular placement work with graduates, former students, and students, has found itself suddenly in the midst of a tremendous program of placing students who have completed so-called National Defense courses. Other additions to the Service are the Teachers' Placement Bureau, which formerly operated independently, and the establishment of an in- formation bureau on opportunities for the most effectual use of University students in winning the war, as particularly applied to opportunities for students entering service with the armed forces. J. E. Woods is Director of the Student Employment Service and is assisted by Mrs. Mona Wormhoudt, assistant director. Marian Scott and Marie Johnson demonstrate the right and wrong ways of secretarial practice. E. M. HOSMAN Director SCHOOL OF ADULT EDUCATION Under the directorship of E. M. l-losman, the School of Adult Education has added a number of courses to its curricula, designed especially to aid the war effort. Air Pilot Training lnstitute, a preparatory course for Army Air Pilots, was' instituted in June, l94l. Four units with a total enrollment of approx- imately one hundred students registered for the classes. Two of the units were sponsored by Omaha Elks Lodge, Number Thirty-Nine. A regular course in dietitics for nurses was inaugurated this year. Immanuel l-lospital's Train- ing school affiliated itself with the S.A.E. for work in pre-clinic nurses' courses in science. Notable during the year was the enlarged, expanded, and revitalized activities program for evening students, brought about by Mrs. Betty Mc- Cracken, assistant to the Director. The school's own student council sponsors dances, convocations, and various other activities which afford recreation and enjoyment for the evening students. Other developments include the establishment of a number of short refresher courses for defense workers. SAE students mix business with pleasure. Faculty members in their lower moments-Smith, Young, Fore, Weisskopf . . . Nurse Arnold in- itiates Matthews into the mys- teries of the Health depart- ment-McKerma and Whited look on . . . comfortable coh- terence-Widoe, Sinriett and a couple of Sig Chis. SENIORS CHARLES A. ADAMS Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Gateway, Independents, Intra- murals, student director, Tomahawk BETTY BENNETT Bachelor of Arts in History Choir, French Club, International Relations Club, Inter-Sorority Coun- cil, Phi Delta Psi, Sigma Pi Phi, W.A.A., Board member, vice-presi- dent. THOMAS P. BLINN Bachelor of Science in Education Engineers, Football, "O" Club, Sig- ma Pi Phi, Track. i HARRIET ELAINE BRAUCH Bachelor of Arts in Spanish French Club, Gamma Sigma Omic- ron, Orchesis, Sigma Pi Phi, W.A.A. HERBERT CANNELL Bachelor of Arts in Economics MARGARET ARTHERTON Bachelor ot Arts in Spanish DEGREE WITH DISTINCTION Dean's Honor Roll, Freshman Schol- arship, Gamma Sigma Omicron, Junior-Senior Scholarship, Sigma Pi Phi, president, Sigma Tau Delta, W.A.A. EDWARD DAVIS BERRYMAN Bachelor of Arts in Music DEGREE WITH DISTINCTION Dean's Honor Roll, Freshman Schol- arship, Kappa Mu Lambda, Sigma Tau Delta, vice-president. ANN LOUISE BORG Bachelor of Arts in French Feathers, corresponding secretary, vice-president, Gateway, Sigma Chi Omicron, Student Cafeteria Com- mittee, Tomahawk, administration editor, activities editor, class edi- tor, Who's Who Ill, W.A.A., sec- retary, president, Commencement Usher, L.S.A., secretary. MARGARET BROWN Bachelor ot Science in Education ROBERTA CARSON Bachelor of Science in Education Choir, Dean's Honor Roll, Feathers, Inter-Sorority Council, Kappa Mu Lambda, secretary-treasurer, vice- president, Sigma Chi Omicron, sec- retary, president, Who's Who IZJ. ERVNA CHRISTENSEN Bachelor ot Arts in Sociology Alpha Kappa Delta, Phi Delta Psi, sergeant-at-arms. HASKELL COHEN Bachelor ot Arts in Mathematics Chess Tournament, Dean's Honor Roll, Freshman Scholarship, Gate- way, Independents, Intramurals, manager, Junior-Senior Scholarship, Sigma Pi Phi. RUSSELL J. COOK Bachelor of Science in Business Administration DEGREE WlTH DISTINCTION Dean's Honor Roll, Independents, Whois Who il l, Work-Study, Ware I Scholarship, Intramurals. RICHARD H. DANIELSON Bachelor of Science .in Business Administration Independents, Work-Study. ADELE EGNER Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Kappa Psi Delta, secretary - trea- surer, Senior Class Officer, secre- tary-treasurer, W.A.A., Board mem- ber. EMERY CHRISTENSON Bachelor of Arts in History Alpha Sigma Lambda, Basketball. MONROE COLEMAN Bachelor ot Arts in Sociology MARY ANN E CROWLEY Bachelor ot Arts Choir, Feathers, Phi Delta Psi, sec- retary, sergeant-at-arms, Sigma Pi Phi, Tomahawk Beauty Queen. ARIS ELIZABETH DeWALD Bachelor of Science in Education French Club, Homecoming Commit- tee, parade, Inter-Sorority Council, treasurer, Kappa Tau Pi, Ma-ie Day Committee, Pi Omega Pi, president, Sigma Pi Phi, Student Council, Who's Who Ill, W.A.A., Com- mencement Usher. ALICE EGNER Bachelor ot Arts in Political Science DEGREE WITH DISTINCTION Debate, Dean's Honor Roll, French Club, Inter-Sorority Council, Junior- Senior Scholarship, Pi Omega Pi, corresponding secretary, Pi Kappa Delta, Who's Who ill, W,A.A., Board member, Junior-Senior Prom Committee, Inter - national Rela- tions Club, president, Inter-Sorority Council Scholastic Award, l94l, ln- stitute of Government, secretary. sENioRs I I i l A we -fe How Mean. .I ,t , V 1 ,e-rx W' Ml- buf' dup ' ,.,. . ff A , .fi-nf - 3, Z .x I :H E? ,, If K .sf-1 ,I H 5 I . .2 ' V , -' 355-5 H, , ' K -. - ' "Q, Q, .mu I, Q I . , .-,1w:--- Q u - . M. .,-U A . 1 X mills! I SENIORS WALTER ENGEL Bachelor ot Arts in Chemistry Chemistry Club, president, Dean's Honor Roll, Freshman Scholarship, Gamma Pi Sigma, Gateway, news editor, Tomahawk, Work-Study. NAOMI W. EYRE Bachelor ot Arts in Government Board of Publications, Camera Club, Dean's Honor Roll, Gateway, editor, managing editor, contribut- ing eclitor, news editor, Ma-ie Day Committee,Pi Omega Pi, vice-presi- dent, Sigma Tau Delta, Who's Who 421, W.A.A., Feathers, Internation- al Relations Club. LAURA GRAY Bachelor ot Science in Elementary Education Independents, Sigma Pi Phi. ARTHUR J. GUNDERSEN Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Basketball, Independents, "O" Club, Student Directory, Work- Study, Intramurals, student mana- ger. GEORGIE MARIE HILTON Bachelor ot Arts in Art HAROLD S- EPSTEIN Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Dean's Honor Roll, Independents, Student Directory. HARRY E. GOODBINDER Bachelor of Arts in History Gateway, sports, news, radio editor, Independents, Tomahawk, adminis- tration editor, Liberal Club, Inter- national Relations Club. MAXINE GRIFFITH ' Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Feathers, Phi Delta Psi, Sigma Pi Phi, Work-Study. MARGARET H. HARRISON Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics Independents, Tomahawk, W.A.A., Y.W.C.A. JOHN LEWIS HOLLAND Bachelor of Arts in Psychology ROSEANNE HUDSON Bachelor ot Arts in English DEGREE WITH DISTINCTION Debate, Dean's Honor Roll, Feath- ers, Freshman Scholarship, Inter- Sorority Council, Kappa Psi Delta, vice-president, Sigma Tau Delta, Who's Who i2l, W.A.A., Board member, Work-Study. LUCILE E. JENKINS Bachelor of Arts in Sociology Alpha Kappa Delta, Orchesic, W.A.A., Gamma Sigma Omicron. BETTY CLAIRE KINNEY Bachelor ot Science in Education Dean's Honor Roll, French Club, Humanities Fellow, Sigma Chi Omi- cron, secretary, vice-president, Sig- ' ma Pi Phi, Who's Who i2l. JOHN R. KNUDSEN Bachelor of Arts in History Football, business manager, Fresh- man Class president, Homecomng Committee, Ma-ie Day Committee, Sophomore Class president, Student Council, Theta Phi Delta, president, Who's Who i2J, Citizenship Schol- arship, International Relations Club, Summer Theatre, business manager, Omaha U. Players. MARGIE LITHERBURY Bachelor of Arts in History Board of Publications, secretary, Dean's Honor Roll, Feathers, pub- licity chairman, Gateway, news editor, feature editor, second-page editor, contributing editor, Home- coming Princess, Independents, sec- retory, Sigma Pi Phi, Sigma Tau Delta, secretary, president, Toma- hawk, activities editor, editor-in- chief, Who's Who i2l, W.A.A., Commencement Marshal i2l, lnter- national Relations Club, First Prize Winner at Sigma Tau Delta writing contest, three years, Spirits Com- mittee, Sher contest, first prize. WILBUR REIN IRWIN Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Band, Boxing, Orchestra, Inter-frat Council, treasurer, Phi Sigma Phi, vice president. RUSS JOHNSON Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Alpha Sigma Lambda, secretary, president, Inter-frat Council, sec- retary, president, Who's Who til. ROBERT MARVIN KNAPP Bachelor of Arts in Economics Dean's Honor Roll, Homecoming Committee, Inter-frat Council, president, Ma-ie Day Committee, Senior Class co-president, Student Council, vice president, Theta Phi Delta, treasurer, president, Wha's Who ill. JACQUELINE LEFFINGWELL Bachelor ot Arts in History Feathers, publicity chairman, Inde- pendents, Sigma Pi Phi, Sigma Tau Delta, Tomahawk, women's sports editor, W.A.A., treasurer, Board member, international Re- lations Club. BERNETTA MAGNUSSEN Bachelor of Science in Education Band, Chemistry and Pre-Med Clubs, Independents, Sigma Pi Phi, W.A.A. SENIORS IKXMQL ,MW wwf 'emi ww ,545 A f. : www "" is fm -. ' . , , gf, pgs- v -fffif' ""f"r . sm, " -'vp '52 . g ' 1 , if - - - 'gs f :Q : ' L . xi! I V . .lf I F' Y -, :gif i' - , "' ia' ,if , - f I ' 5 SENIORS HAROLD THOMAS McKENNA Bachelor of Arts in History Alpha Sigma Lambda, president, Football, senior manager, Gateway, circulation manager, Inter-frat Council, treasurer, Track, Liberal Club, Intramurals. BRUCE MOORE Bachelor of Arts in Government Citizenship Scholarship, Junior- Scholarship, Nebraska Intercol- legiate Forensic Association, presi- cient, Junior Class vice-president, Debate, first place Kansas Regional Debate Tournament, International Relations Club, Liberal Club, Pi Kappa Delta, secretary, Who's Who i2l, Dean's Honor List, Independ- ents, finance director, lnstitute of Government, Tomahawk, associate editor. SPIRO MOUSTAKES Bachelor ot Arts in Chemistry Chemistry and Pre-Med Clubs, Gamma Pi Sigma. ALICE NAOMI OVINGTON Bachelor of Science in Education Independents, Sigma Pi Phi, W.A,A., Board member, Y.W.C.A. ELSIE PRENZLOW Bachelor ot Arts in Psychology Feathers, Inter-Sorority Council, Gamma Sigma Omicron, vice presi- dent, president, Orchestra, Sigma Pi Phi, vice-president. RUTH MOELLER Bachelor ot Arts in English Choir, secretary, Gateway, Inde- pendents, Kappa Mu Lambda, sec- retary, treasurer, Sigma Pi Phi, treasurer, Student Directory, assis- tant editor, Y.W.C.A., secretary, International Relations Club, Liberal ub. E. ELIZABETH MORRIS Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Homecoming Committee, Inter- Sorority Council, Ma-ie Day Com- mittee, Sigma Chi Omicron, vice president, Sophomore Class, secre- tary-treasurer, Student Council, Who's Who il 1. MARIE EUGENIA NELSEN Bachelor ot Arts in German Alpha Kappa Delta, Orchesis, W.A.A. BILL PANGLE Bachelor ot Arts in Chemistry Chemistry and Pre-Med Clubs, Foot- ball, "O" Club, Theta Phi Delta, Track, Citizenship Scholarship. BILL RANDALL Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration -EARL N. RINGO Bachelor of Arts Debate, Dean's Honor Roll, Gate- way of the Air, Citizenship Scholar- ship, Pi Kappa Delta, "Petticoat Fever," "To Meet the Prince." RUTH ROBINSON Bachelor ot Arts in Psychology Alpha Kappa Delta. ROBERT E. SHIRCK Bachelor of Arts in Religion Independents, Y.M.C.A., Kappa Tau Pi, president, L.S.A., vice-president, president. ETTA SOIREF Bachelor ot Arts in English DEGREE WITH DISTINCTION Dean's Honor Roll, Feathers, presi- dent, treasurer, Freshman' Scholar- ship, Gateway, Inter-Sorority Coun- cil, secretary, Junior-Senior Scholar- ships, Sigma Pi Phi, Sigma Tau Delta, Tomahawk, activities editor, Who's Who l2l, W.A.A., Board member, Spirits Committee, secre- tary, Phi Sigma Chi, treasurer, 'Al- pha Gamma Chi, treasurer, yice- president, president, International Relations Club. ELIZABETH STEWART Bachelor ot Arts in English A.G.O., Dcan's Honor Roll, French Club, Junior - Senior Scholarships, Orchesis, Pi Omega Pi, treasurer, Sigma Pi Phi, Sigma Tau Delta, Humanities Fellow. DONALD ROBERTS Bachelor of Arts in History Alpha Kappa Delta, Y.M.C.A., cabinet, BETTY SCHMIDT Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Sigma Chi Omicron, sergeant-at- arms, treasurer, W.A.A., Work- Study. NORMA C. SMITH Bachelor of Science in Education Choir, Dean's Honor Roll, Independ- ents, Sigma Pi Phi, Sigma Tau Delta, Y.W.C,A. JUNE ELLEN STEINERT Bachelor of Arts in French Dean's Honor Roll, French Club, secretary, Freshman Scholarship, Inter-Sorority Council, president, Pi Omega Pi, corresponding secretary, president, Sigma Pi Phi, Who's Who III, W.A.A., Commencement Usher. HARRIET C. SWANSON Bachelor of Science in Education Pi Omega Pi, tggasurer, Sigma Pi I. A D " 2:3 :EZ . 121 as 1 f y wh' i V if 5 ig Si 1 , .5T7f9,f f,. ,N.. W f 4 L 4. , ww, .,..: of . Q M f 1 ,Q k X, f f seize 7 M ,V .ff Q I ,ff sf , C V ,7 , SENIORS , -i ' his 1 5 'L 16 , ,fi 1 , fe".wi'f"1 . in ' .Aff:a'e:f::'+' ' ff" "ie . f 1 I Q I fbi 'S Q ' 2 Z , 3X 4. g f Q 'UK ,Q f X we ! fs ff 1 f i X A, I W' ' . wi , .iii - its " I, 5 , ft.. -' ' Z' f' f Q-0,563 ff A . ' f .1 Q 7. ,f, N 1 4 fw e.5'f aff I ' .- --n s. 1. 4'-'bm 6 f .. Lf. '- . I A . f fig . if ., w e i 1 N7. . fo 'v,fL.... ...., , MAS, .M ,. . .1 ' Yew A ., - af 3 J" T 1.9. , f " , 4521-: ei ' 4 5 As. fue. 1 . 5 , ...,. , ,... l W , if , i X6 if f 5 A fo 9 fs ,Aw sfygxf ' is QQ , ,.,f few I M W i M v 55 ,M NV 529 L ' ' If F i fi' N , 4 W -:ff 4 f 0 7 1 i 1 ' X mf .4 4 Q i f ff f fitf P 3 42 X ,ox Af M f yy 1 , , X f Q af X , ff ax 0 f gl Y A f 0 1, af f 1 iq 's f' it i f ' 3,11 0 AA 1 f 2, gf f . ESX? 4 Stiff? 'W I' I. .- 1 .. . :W wm- ,,,,, , 1 I ' it f-ifsjoifi' i ' l I J i ,V f 5 X , f i mf X2 X GP il f M M ' 39 , 7 2 ,V f Y ., ,.,., ,, , l , fygwl X , ff I x 1 A i A . 2 ,if f, y , 1 FQ ,f 9 V ' i i an .- .' I .-ll SENIORS RUTH MARIE THORUP Bachelor ot Arts in History Choir, Dean's Honor Roll, Gateway, club editor, Independents, Sigma Pi Phi, Sigma Tau Delta, secretary, Tomahawk, honors editor, W.A.A., Y.W.C.A., cabinet, L.S.A., president, vice - president, international Rela- tions Club, Liberal Club. ROBERT TURNER Bachelor ot Arts in Political Science Dean's Honor List, Student Council, v.ce - president, Homecoming Com- mittee, Ma-ie Day Committee, Toastmaster at Homecoming Ban- quet, Pi Kappa Delta, president, Liberal Club, chairman, Interna- tional Relations Club, president, Junior Class president, Senior Class president, Institute of Government, student chairman, German Club, l-listorical Committee, Tomahawk, Who's Who CZJ, Citizenship Scho- larship, Junior-Senior Scholarships 129, Carnegie Foundation Tour, First place: Pittsburgh State Teach- ers Debate Tournament, State Ex- temporaneous Speaking Contest, After-Dinner Speaking, Nebraska. LUCILLE WARRICK Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Dean's Honor Roll. HARRIETT E. WILLIAMS Bachelor of Arts in English A.G.O., Dean's Honor Roll, Pi Omega Pi, Sigma Pi Phi, Sigma Tau Delta, Humanities Fellow. BARBARA COE WINSLADE Bachelor otrScience in Education Feathers, honorary member, Sigma Chi Omicron, Sigma Pi Phi, W,A.A., Cheerleader. EVELYN LADEN E TREN NT Bachelor ot Arts in Mathematics Orchesis, Sigma Pi Phi. JOHN TYRRELL Bachelor ot Arts in Business Administration Dean's Honor Roll, Gateway, busi- ness manager, sports editor, news editor, managing editor, editor, contributing editor, independents, Ma-ie Day Committee, Senior Class co-president, Student Council, Stu- dent Directory, business manager, Who's Who i2J, Tomahawk, busi- ness manager, International Rela- tions Club. NORMAN WEZELMAN Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration DEGREE WITH DfSTlNCTlON Dean's Honor Roll, Independents, Work-Study, 2nd Prize Winner, Wo- men's Division Omaha Chamber of Commerce, Znd Prize Winner, Es- say Contest, Daughters ot Ameri- can Revolution. LOUISE VICTORIA WINHOLTZ Bachelor ot Arts in English Choir, independents, Sigma Pi Phi. DORIS WOTHERSPOON Bachelor at Arts in Mathematics Inter-Sorority Council, Orchesis, Phi Delta Psi, W.A.A., Y.W.C,A. SENIORS ESTHER BEHRSIN Bachelor ot Science in Nursing EMILIE M- BLAZEK Bachelor of Arts in Biology EMIL E. BLAZEK Bachelor of Science in Education ALFRED E. CHAMBERS Bachelor of Science in Business Administration ROBERT HENRY CLAUDIUS Bachelorot Science in Business Administration CLIFFORD C. COVINGTON Bachelor of Arts in Religion PAUL A. DAVIE Bachelor of Arts in Psychology FRANK DURAND Bachelor of Arts in Sociology GEORGE GATES Bachelor of Science in Education JACK C. GATROST Bachelor of Arts in Music HANS GLISSMAN Bachelor of Arts in Psychology BERNICE GRICE Bachelor ot Science in Education CLARE A. GRIMM Bachelor of Science in Business Administration BEULAH HARVEY Bachelor ot Arts in Sociology EDNA MOHR Bachelor ot Science in Education ETHEL L. HUNSAKER Bachelor of Science in Education NOT PICTURED B. JAY JOHNSON Bachelor of Science in Business Administration ROBERT E. JOHNSON V Bachelor ot Arts in Music ROWENA M. JONES Bachelor of Arts in Sociology MARY ELIZABETH KING Bachelor otfScience in Education LEWIS KOERSELMAN Bachelor ot Science in Education ROBERT A. LEHMER Bachelor of Arts in Biology MARJORIE MAGNER Bachelor of Science in Education BOB MATTHEWS Bachelor of Science in Business Administration WILLIAM H. McMILLAN Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration LOIS ANN MEDLOCK Bachelor of Arts in Sociology BETH NOBLE Bachelor of Arts in History ELLIS PETERSON ' Bachelor of Arts in History GRACE I- PFEIFFER Bachelor of Science in Education JACK M. SAFERSTEIN Bachelor of Science in Business Administration WALT VACHAL Bachelor of Science in Business Administration JOHN WRIGHT Bachelor ot Arts in Government MRS. G. J. WURDEMAN Bachelor of Arts in English JUNIORS Hills, N. Peterson, McCartney, Rinehart, Boulden, Walters Rehschuh, D. Hoogstraat, B, Williams, Faucett, Gronewold, L. Graham Koll, Dallinger, Demuynck, A. J. Bailey, Haiston, Heumonn, Jacobus Everman, Patterson, Fryer, Zimmer, S. Smith, Hanner, Wolfson, Smith, Vickery Brehm, Fell, J. R. Anderson, M. Hoogstraat, D. Petersen, B. J. Hanford, Lindevall, Price, Chue, Thomas, W. Anderson J. Tucker, Blanchard, Graves, Delehoy, Gordon, Norberg, Keller, Hillier SOPHOMORES , Jorgensen, Klaiman, Lloyd, Lowder, Vecchio, Lagerstrom Najrnon, Rankin, McCarran, Earp, A. McDonald, Kolnick, Pettigrew, Bush Suiter, Krall, Ahlbeck, Ohrt, Patrick, Peters, Schafer Daniels, Cunningham, .L Anderson, J. Trude, Garber, Oglesby, D. Burress Baird, Haffke, Kennedy, L. Carter, Roth B. Jones, Sharp, R, Wright, Stitt Kvetensky, G. Thomas, Hammang, Cunningham, Secord, Langston, Drishaus, Edee, Gernandt SOPHOMORES W. Mansur, B, Miller, Orr, Robertson, Greenfield, Jeosen, J. Hughes, Lindsey, Berman, Kalmansohn, Kirshenbaum Moberg, Micek, Jessen, Galda, Chenoweth, Trachtenborg, Larson, Dyrnacek, Lowery, Cappello Glasshoff, Roberts, F. Mansur, J. Griffith, Moon, J. Nelson, Schweers, Brasee, Pratt, R. Green Peterson, Jaul, R. Knudsen, D. Nelsen, Propp, R. Smith, Whitney, Reisser, Schmalenberger, Matza, J. Carlson, . Formanek, Grote, Sauer Kidd, Lawson, Havens, Smisek, Schmidt, I. Peterson, Roesky, Tesar, Hamilton, Haynes, Canovan, Kara B. M. Nelson, Robertson, Eubank, Adamson, Krause, Bugbee, Rosenblatt, Hackett, Heidkamp FRESHMEN Davis, Osfrand, Porter, B. Taylor, Drummy, W. Olson, Gates, K. Jensen, Reicla, Corfon Kirk, Harris, E. Parsons, Rasmussen, Tichy, Hinton, Mohr, Haubroe, Fisk, Vickery, M. Snyder L. Snyder, Horner, Sidoris, Moredick, D. Sfepanek, Parsley, E. Davis, Bauerle, Knight R. Jenkins, Hays, Franzen, Hanzel, Ford, Novak, Stonke, Heumann, Pausfian Hosman, Dowling, Short, Johnson, Beck, Knight, Peferson, Drury, Scoville, W. Peterson Walers, Yarwood, Ward, Coon, Thomas, Palmiag, Mohlmon FRESHMEN TOP Bradford, Gerber, Dupley, Nepomnick, Tetard, Wallin, Merchant, Holmstrom, Lynch, Lashinsky Muirhead, Storm, Fallers, Donahoo, B. Smith, M. Davis, Untch, Zents, Hollis, Clark, Rubin Hansen, Bailey, Lindahl, Hawkinson, Brock ,Latham, Mann, M. Crane, McNally, Rothkop CENTER Anthony, Egan, Patterson, Murphy, Hall, DeBoer, Chenoweth, Love, Bleich, Chernilss l Cappel, Gardiner, Streeter, Dudley, Weaver, Sutton, Pegden, Bakkerud, Brunner, Palmqulst, Miles Jaeger, Bruhn, Shields, Gambee, E. Brown, Cohen, Curzon, Walton, Peterson BOTTOM Waddell, Rice, Manchester, Harkness, Weike, Larson, Wilson, Nixon, Gibbs, Cooper Weberg, Fleming, Wheaton, Lamm, Fitzpatrick, Groves, Franco, Arms, Pedersen, Fischer, Lacina, Pangle McConnell, Dallinger, Kjeldgaard, Franklin, Rapp, Everett, McDonald, Masters, Heusinkveld ,Mcfiuifiw NW MM 2 STUDENT COUNCIL Tyrrell, Rineharl, Miles, Morris, Galda Finlayson, DeWald, R. Knapp, vice-presidenf, Spellmeyer, president, Covert, secretary, Buchanan, treasurer SIGMA TAU DELTA Hills, Rockey, W. Berryman I R. Green, Soiref, N. Smith, Claassen, H. E. Williams, Eyre I Lefflngwell, I-ludson, Litlfmerbury, president, E. Berryman, vice-presidenl, Thorup, secretary, Drishaus DEBATE ' Simon, Dr. Heckmon, Canfield Hudson, vice-president, Finer, Egner, secretory, Groves KAPPA MU LAMBDA E. Berryman, Lindsey, R. Johnson, historian, Boird, W. Berrymon Dallinger, Hawkins, Winters, Peters, B. M. Nelson A J. Griffith, Hilton, Kinney, president, Miss Kano, Graves, Hillier GAMMA PI SIGMA Engel, Rankin, Lagerstrom, Jessen, Wallin, Lowder, Morgenstern, Paustian J. H. Patterson, Eggers, R. Knudsen, M. Snyder, Gronewold, D. Hoogstraat, J. R, Patterson, Najmon, Jenkins Franzen, Haynes, Jaul, secretary, Miss Ward, Stephens, president, M. Hoogstraat, vice-president, Dansky, Kalmansohn, Berman CHEMISTRY and PRE-MED CLUBS Pettigrew, R. Knudsen, W. Rankin, Lawson, Larson, Morgenstern, Paustian, Franzen, Wolfson, E. Green I J. H. Patterson, J. R. Patterson, R. Jenkins, Jessen, M.I Hoogstraat, Dudley, Galda, Jirovsky, Unruh, Davis, Pang e Joul, Stephens, Engel, president, chemistry, Miss Wlargl, Dansky, president, pre-medical, Berman, Kalmansohn, . rown INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Tyrrell, Canfield, Bennefr, Thorup, Litherbury, Simon, Goodbinder, Cooper Leffingwell, Hudson, Egner, president, Dr. Witmcnn, Eyre, Finer, Slenker STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Mafsuo, Farris, Drury, Lawson, Robinson h V, Roberts, Harrison, Moeller, Behrsin, Tesar, Chenowefh, Moog Hamilton, Eubank, Cclrlberg, Lindevol, co-presidenf, Roberts, co-president, Pe1'erson, secretory, Goldo, Treasurer TOMAHAWK Tyrrell, S. Smith, Bihler, Thorup, Bourgeois, Thornell, Goodbinder Leffingwell, Borg, Litherbury, Klein, J. R. Anderson ' Editor-in-Chief . .. . . .Margie Litherbury Business Manager .... ..... J ohn Tyrrell Filled with Utopian ideals of a Tomahawk out on time, ye ed worked and worried all first semester on plans for a bigger and better yearbook. Then came the Japs, and Tomahawk blueprints were put in cold storage. "To be or not to be," was the question haunting the staff until second semester registration trickled the necessary number of shekels into the activity fund for a "War-Time" edition. The comparatively elaborate plans of first semester were tossed into the wastebasket and new ones hurriedly assembled. A small but capable staff rolled up its collective sleeves and prepared to do a year's job in a couple of all-too-short months. Ann Borg acted as class editor, and Etta Soiref was in charge of the activity sectionp Fraternity editor was Joe Thornell, and Frances Blanchard, assisted by l-larriet Bihler, handled sorority pages. Administration editor was l-larry Goodbinder, and Ruth Marie Thorup held the position of honors editor. l-lomer Starr was men's sports editor, and the women's sports section was handled by Jackie Leffingwell. June Rose Anderson and Annette Klein, both old-timers at the game of yearbook editing, gave much-valued advice to ye ed. Paul Brehm and Clyde Bourgeois supplied the candids, and Bruce Macalister was in charge of the Tomahawk Varsity Show. John Tyrrell held the position of business manager. GAT EWAY J, Hughes, S. Smith, McCarron . 4 Goodbinder, Eyre, Chenoweth, Thorup, Litherbury, V. Pedersen, R. Fischer, Baird Maag, Thornell, Klein, Slenker, Buchanan, Tyrrell, Brunner FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Homer Starr ......... ....... E ditor ......, ......... H azel Slenker Som Smith .... .... B usiness Manager... ....... John Tyrrell Hazel Slenker . , . .... Managing Editor .... . . .Shirley Buchanan Annette Klein. . . . . .Second Page Editor .... ....... A nnette Klein Maurice Klaiman.. .... Sports Editor ..... .... M aurice Klaiman S'ii"fY Bufhofml ' . . .News Editors ,... ...T lQZTf.lffQTim Jock Hughes l D n lHarry Goodbinder Under the editorship of conservative, hard-working Homer Starr, the most unique issues, those of Halloween and Thanksgiving, were printed on colored paper and featured perfumed ink. An "SOS" Gateway was mimeographed to help out the frantic, last-day drive of the Community Chest at the University, and during the first days of the war crisis an hourly bulletin was prepared and posted in the cafeteria. Highlight of the second semester Gateway, edited by capable, blonde Hazel Slenker, was the student strike. Another outstanding story was trust- busting Thurman Arnold's appearance as the Baxter Memorial lecturer. Popular U'N'l column, inaugurated a year ago, reappeared, and a new one, "Phantasmagoria," by "Annie," was introduced. Always the most popular issue of the year with the students, the April Fool's issue, "The Grouse," satirized aspects of the Anti-Haynes student strike, panned faculty and administration. SIGMA PI PHI Magnussen, Harrison, D. Petersen, N. Smith, Thorup, Litherbury, Langston, Ohrt, Blanchard Trennt, Horn, Ovington, J. Sutton, Cohen, Gray, Winslade, Hilton, V. Roberts Stewart, Steinert, DeWaid, Heumann, vice-president, Artherton, president, Moeller, treasurer, J, Griffith, - P. Adamson ENGINEERS Trachtenbarg, Schmalenberger, Novak, Wallin, R. Smith, Krogh, N. Peterson, Richards, Porter, Nixon Cappella, R. Wright, Hays, Mellen, Holmstrom, Grote, Scott, W. Peterson Eggers, Havens, Schmidt, Knight, Jenkins, J. R. Patterson, Webber, Rhodes, R. Johnson, Cherniss Canavan, Franzen, treasurer, Short, vice-president, Mr. Prewett, Morley, Hyndman, R. Knudsen, president, Paustian, secretary, Goldsmith, Bleich, Sauer FEATH ERS Lovell, Blonchord, Iverson, D. Petersen, Peck, Litherbury, publicity choirmon, D. Hoogstroot, Lindevoll, Hommong, Finer, J. R. Anderson Moog, Fell, Secord, Winslode, McKenno, Rundell, Gronewold, Vorner Slenker, Eyre, Borg, corresponding secretory, Heumonn, treosurer, Soiref, president, Firiloyson, recording secretory, Rice, vice-president, Glottelty, Buclnonon O-CLUB Grohom, McCortney, T. Blinn, Oglesby Cotonio, Rehschuh, Rinehart, Boulden, sergeont-of-orms, Mottson Vochol, C. Smith, secretory-treosurer, Motthews, president, Spellmeyer, vice-president, Pongle ALPHA KAPPA DELTA Knopple, Jones, Holl, Prigge, Soukey, Jenkins, Chrgfensejn, Nelsen, Woodbridge, Tauchen, Kreck, Upchurch, I' u an Roberts, Hunsaker, Ross, Heacock, Sunsfrom, Bon, Robinson, Bracken, Garden, Adams, McPherson Bednar, Cathers, vice-president, Rhodes, Plummer, presidenf, Dr. Sulienger, Mrs. Sullenger, Harvey, secretary, DuBois, Treasurer We won! - McKenna and Winslade whoop it up after b.b. game . . . Mackley acts Coy- photog Brehm - Baird Er Co. munch popcorn . . . Whitney concentrates . . . announcer Knudsen checks plays with Starr-Wright looks an. TOMAHAWK BEAUTY QUEENS A new and different method of choosing the i942 Beauty Queens was inaugurated by the Tomahawk this year. Instead of making the selection from photographs, as has been the custom, three carefully chosen local judges, Miss Marguerite Coady, head of the Coady School for Models, Clark Haas, World-Herald artist, and G. L. Hammer, personnel director of the Martin Bomber plant, met each of the 35 candidates in person. The fourteen chosen by the judges to be presented in formal attire at the Tomahawk Varsity Show on December l6 were Dorothy Jean Cappel, Georganne Dow, Kay Emery, Dot Felton, Jerry Goodwin, Carol Hug, Anno Lou Jackson, Maxine Lancaster, Pat Muirhead, Mary Jean Miles, Ruth Neef, June Stepanek, Jeanne Whited and Lois Young. Judging was done on the basis of beauty, personality and poise. Further elimination was made by the audience at the Varsity Show and the judges chose the three Tomahawk Beauty Queens from the five finalists, Dot Felton, Maxine Lancaster, Kay Emery, Mary Jean Miles, and Dorothy Jean Cappel. Neef Jackson, Stepanek, Felton, Young, l-lug, Emery . . . Dustin dances at the Varsity Show judges Coady and l-laas . . . Muirhead, Ca ppel, Whited, Dow, Lancaster, Goodwin Miles FIRST PLACE Blue eyes . , . dark hair . . . Hedy Lamar-ish . . . beautiful . . . nineteen-year-old junior . . . Pi O . . . loves dancing, tennis, sports clothes, the color blue . . . works at the Orpheum . . . wants to be a secretary. SECOND PLACE THIRD PLACE Vivacious . . . friendly . . . auburn hair . . . blue Peppy . . . popular. . . brown hair. . . blue eyes. . . eyes . . . junior . . . Pi O . . . collects records, plays nineteen-year-old freshman . . . Pi O . . . likes the piano..."O" Club Sweetheart. . .science maior. dancing, suits, the color blue . . . nicknamed Dottie. ,1 wmv' ,sv V, W. f . f M.i.,f z R'xXRi"!w V! MA-I E DAY A parade in the morning followed by inter-class sports competition . . . Greeks and Independents presented skits and sings in the afternoon . . . climaxed in the evening at the Cher- mot ballroom with the Coronation of Ruth Saxton as Princess Attira Vll . . . Don Ptlasterer, senior class prexy, pre- sented the Princess with a bracelet. Alpha Sigma Lambda was given an award for the best tloatg Phi Delta Psi won o prize for the best singg and Theta Phi Delta presented the best skit. HOMECOMING Two days crammed full at fun and excitement . . . a "football convoca- tion" Friday morning . . . the Home- coming banquet in the evening fol- lowed by a dance at which Margie Litherbury was presented as the "Homecoming Princess" and given an orchid corsage . . . celebrating contin- ued Saturday with a parade downtown in the morning. . . climaxed in the eve- ning by the Indians' victory over the Maroons ot Morningside . . . Artie Shaw, bandleader, presented Princess Margie with a gold locket . . . was awarded the honorary title ot "Chief Taloa lkhanachif' l ji ff DEAN'S HONOR LIST Cohen, Hughes, Cantield, W. Berryman, D. Nelsen, Walters, A. Parsons, Paustion, Franzen, Najmon, B. J. Olson, Patterson Tyrrell, A. Wolf, Behrsin, Peters, N. Smith, Thoruiii l. Peterson, Hawkins, Artherton, Hoogstraat, Canavan, - ovens Lot, Corlberg, Claassen, Stewart, Steinert, Soiret, Eyre, Litherbury, Rundell, Slenker, Gronewold B. Shields, Keller, E. Brown, Finer, Klein, Graves, Adamson WHO'S WHO R. Johnson, Macalister, Boulden, S. Smith, Matthews, Spellmeyer, Cook, R. Knapp, Tyrrell Covert, Morris, Borg, Litherbury, Soiret, Anderson, DeWald,'Finlayson Steinert, Kinney, Eyre, A. E, Egner, Hudson, Graves, Hilton Soorfj FOOTBALL 1941 FOOTBALL SQUAD Left to right: Front row, Miller, Hodak, Matthews, Boulden, Catania, Pangle, Assistant Coach Baller Second row: Sotirhos, Mattson, Swanson, Dutcher, McCartney, Wiles, Moran, Assistant Coach Johnk Back row: Coach Hartman, Smith, Spellmeyer, Shrum, Graham, Kidd, Dymacek, Oglesby The courage and "gameness" of sophomore recruits helped a light and undermanned Indian grid squad to win three games and tie one out of a rigorous eight-game schedule last fall. Five undergraduate lettermen were lost to Coach Sed Hartman even before he began his eleventh football season at Omaha, most of them donning army or navy uniforms. These were Bob Brown, Clarence McDermott, Walt Stewart, Gil Schrage and Howard Humphreys. Another, Bob Spellmeyer, was injured in the first game and had to "call it quits" for the year. An even greater load was placed on the "rookies" when "El Chico" Hernandes was drafted in mid-season. For their opener, the lndians journeyed i500 miles to Huntington, West Virginia, where they were overpowered by Marshall, one of the strongest small-college teams in the country, 62-6, on September 20. Ushering in a rain-ridden home season at re-sodded Benson Stadium, October 4, Omaha tied ldaho Southern, 0-0. A crowd of 2,000 was present before rain and hail sent them scurrying early in the second quarter. Under almost identical weather conditions the following Saturday, the improving Warriors downed South Dakota State, l2-0. The lndians shut out their opponents for the third straight time in trouncing Simpson, 20-0, at lndianola, Iowa, October ll. Although Omaha outgained and out-downed North Dakota State at Fargo the next week-end, they were outscored by the Bison, l3-6. Four seniors: Blinn, Dankof, Hodak, Matthews With bandleader Artie Shaw on hand to grace the Homecoming cere- monies, the gridders nosed out Morningside, 7-6, October 25. This gave Coach Hartman a record ot tive wins, three ties and three losses in Homecoming games since taking over the "Cardinals," as the teams were formerly called. In a virtual "aerial" battle, the Indians' passing was better than South Dakota U.'s in all respects except score-producing, accordingly, Omaha wound up on the short end ot a Z8-7 count at Vermillion, November 8. The final game SGW the Indians drop a 34-I3 decision to conference champions Iowa Teachers at Cedar Falls, November IS. The l94l season was the last for seniors Tom Blinn, Karl Dankot, Frank Hodak and Bob Matthews. "Matty" was easily the lndians', it not the whole conterence's, standout. He scored 47 of the team's 7l points, being the "big gun" in running, passing, kicking extra points, and backing up the line, as well as in punting, in which department he was without a peer throughout the season. Len Graham, Alan Kidd, Dee Mc- Cartney, Don Wiles, Darrell Matt- son, Bob Dymacek, Murray Kitner, Bob Shrum, Clarence Smith, Frank Catania, Bill Pangle, Jim Oglesby, Bob Moran, and Roger Boulden will stand a good chance for all-con- terence center. Scrimmage on the new sod field. i. Qu... BASKETBALL Coach Baller, Taylor, Alter, Boulden, Fay, Vachal, Gunderson McCartney, Dutcher, Matthews, Claussen, Graham, Rinehart Two long five-game trips, reaching into both Mexico and Canada cmd playing against the best college teams in the country, featured Coach Stu Baller's fourth cage season at Omaha. The Indians won six out of eight home tilts, seven of which were played at the city auditorium, a new site for University games. The season's finale was played at Creighton, Omaha trimming South Dakota State to cinch fifth spot in the conference with three wins, five losses. Only seven men were on the squad for the last seven games, the air-corps being the main factor in the player-exodus. The way the seven remaining players responded to their greatly increased responsibilities earned for them the admiration of the entire city, especially as they were playing a schedule that had been planned for o larger and stronger squad, which existed only until the end ofthe first semester. Seniors Walt Vachal and Bob Matthews looked best for the Indians. Matthews, who captained the team, was named all-conference guard for the second straight year, and set new season and conference scoring records for an Omaha player, 240 and lO2 points, respectively. lLeftl -Walt Vacha . . . sma I Il, but fast and t gh T lRightJ - "Matty" . . . towered above all opp Game results for the season: OMAHA 40 ........ 30 .... 26 .... 3l .... 20 .... 40 .... 26 .... 36 .... 29 .... 35 .... 56 ..... Chihuahua lMexicol 46 Chihuahua 43 . . . .West Texas State 88 Texas Tech42 . . . .Phillips "66" Oilers 64 Simpson 37 Loyola42 . . . . . .North Dakota U. 46 . . . .North Dakota State 46 ......lowa Teachers 43 Dana 32 OMAI-lA 3l ........ 54... 39... 42... 47... 42... 29... 35... 26... 43... OU . Omen 5. .... . Morningside 45 .Nebraska Wesleyan 50 . .South Dakota U. 37 . . . . . Morningside 34 .South Dakota State 33 . . . .lowa Teachers 47 l.oyola48 . . Western Ontario 53 . . . . . . .Seton Hall 4l . . .Rider College 58 Coach Johnk, Olmsted, Taylor, Welty Orchard Cain, Hunt, Tucker, Heumann, Qond TRACK Assistant Coach Pearey, McDermott, l-lernandes, Everman, Ducla, Smith, Pangle, Coach Hartman Pflasterer, Spellmeyer, Matthews, Boulden, Schrein, Schrage, Beal I-lighlight of the l.94l track season was the new cindered track around the practice field, readied for practice and meets last spring. i The first squad to benefit by this innovation was short on material but did not lack ambition, as the tracksters worked long and hard, making good showings in their later meets. Outstanding in relays were Dick Beal, Bob Matthews, Clarence Smith, Gil Schrage, and Bob Spellmeyer. Sprinters were Beal, Matthews, and Don Pflasterer. Smith ran the quarter-mile, Schrage and Spellmeyer were top hurlers. ln field events, Matthews looked best in pole vault, Dan l-luston, in high jump, and Roger Boulden, l-lux Bachman, Francis l-lernandes, and Tom Blinn, in weights. Cheerleaders: Harkness, Winslade, McKenna, Trude INTRAMURALS Intramural Champions lreading from top to bottoml I Playground, Theta Phi Delta, Table tennis, South, Basketball, Central. WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Krause, Lovell, Earp, Nelson, Arthur, L. Carter, Thorup, Litherbury, Brock, l-loner, Miles, Glotfelty, Wheaton B. J. Anderson, Knight, Thomas, Chue, Bakkerud, Kjeldgaard, Rice, Tesar, Howkinson, Gronewold, Pegden, Gambee, Magnussen, ,Peterson Rasmussen, Bruhn, Heumann, Moog, Cunningham,DK5TJll, Suiter, Bennett, Weaver, Harrison, Wotherspoon, u ey Hudson, Letfingwell, Jacobus, Borg, Fell, Ovington, Moon, Winslade, Eyre, Brunner An afternoon tea dance opened one ofthe most exciting years for W.A.A. The momentum of W.A.A. activities in this fun-packed year was increased soon after with the invitation play day, given for the Omaha and Council Bluffs high school girls. Then came the initiation, using a pirate ship as a theme. World-Herald photographer Longevin was on hand to pictorially record the "plank" walk- ing, "rigging" climbing, "sea-horse" riding of the blindfolded pledges, with the result that certain pledges found themselves featured in the roto section of the World-l-lerald and in College Humor magazine. Among other fall activities was the annual hockey-soccer play-off, which was followed by an informal dinner. Alice Marble, former tennis star, was the guest of W.A.A. at their Christ- mas porty. Miss Marble is now the notional head of the Women's Division of Physical Fitness program. When time rolled around for the annual benefit bridge party, W.A.A.'ers went to work to raise money for the trip to the National Convention ot Wellesley College, Boston, Massachusetts. The trip had added zest because of side trips to Washington, D. C., New York City, Niagara Falls, and even a bit of Canada. The events of the year were climaxed by a formal banquet at which re- ports of the convention and other tid-bits of the trip were discussed. Initiation pictures featured in College Humor. Officers for the year were Ann Borg, president, Betty Bennett, vice- president, Ellen Jacobus, secretary, and Vivian Fell, treasurer. Other Board members were June Rose Anderson, publicity, Mary Louise Gronewold, art, Edith Ahlbeck, intramurals, Betty Bennett, programs, Jacqueline Leffingwell, play day, Etta Soiref, social chairman, Marie Tesar, golf, Alice Ovington, orchery, Lucile Jenkins, orchesis, Barbara Glotfelty, hiking, Dorothy Rice, volleyball, Margaret Moon, tennis and ping pong, and Louise Carter, soccer and baseball. W.A.A. BOARD Moon, Lindevall, J. R. Anderson E L. Carter, Rice, Tesor, Bennett, Jocobus Leffingwell, Fell, Borg, Ovington, Gronewold, Glotfelty WOMEN'S SPORTS lntramural tournaments, sponsored by W.A.A,, kept sorority and independent groups battling tor the highest number of points, the winner ot which would have its name engraved on the intramural trophy. Sig Chis held the lead in most intramural tour- naments, with Pi O's trailing in second place. Gam-A mas led in the intramural table tennis tournament, with Kappas coming in second. Sisters met in the finals of the individual table tennis tournament when Adele and Alice Egner tried tor the champion- ship. For the second year. AdeIe's unorthodox grip but steady hand netted her the title of champion. The Egners also dominated the tennis intramurals. Marian Rapp and Georgialee Hansen led in the golf tournament. Besides the intramural program under the direc- tion ot Miss Marian McLaren, a great variety of sports was open to students through class work, including archery, badminton, folk dancing, mod- ern dancing, hockey, body mechanics, ping pong, soft ball, skiing, soccer, ice skating, hiking, tum- bling, tennis, and swimming. Intramural representatives were Mary Heumann, Gamma, Edith Ahlbeck, Kappa, Louise Carter, Pi O, Dorothy Rice, Phi Delt, Doris Fleming, Indepen- dent, and Helen Schmidt and Dorothy Brazee, Sig Chi. Folk dancing hit a new high under Miss Ruth Diamond. The advanced group was invited to dance at numerous gatherings, a few of which were at Waterloo, Nebraska, Joslyn Memorial, and Fort Crook. Omaha University hockey and folk dancing en- thusiasm spread trom coast to coast through pic- tures in the Collegiate Digest and Co-Ed magazine. ORCHESIS Two dance concerts were presented at the Joslyn this year. Miss Diamond's dance group was asked to do a repeat performance of their concert last spring as the University's contribution to the Fine Arts Festival at the Joslyn. Included in this concert were "The Peasant Can- tata," "The News Daily," which portrayed scenes from a newspaper office, and "Dedication to the University," which depicted the ten years' growth of the University. An outstanding number was the one entitled "Leadership of Men" in which dicta- torship and democracy were contrasted. The dance concert presented this spring was built around the symbolisms from each ofthe three religions which have the greatest following in the United States today. This concert was the expression in dance move- ment of various forms of religious worship, such as Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant, in a democracy. The interpretation of each religion was given so that each person in the audience could recognize his individual faith. Featured in these symbolic movements was the lighting of the Sabbath can- dles, representative of the Jewish religion, the pat- tern of the Rosary for Catholicism, and the Lord's Prayer for Protestantism. As a concluding number the three religions were shown working together as is possible in a democ- racy. The dance group with the University Choir pre- sented the Christmas convocation. They also as- sisted Miss Diamond with dance demonstrations in her lectures for the I-lumanities. WAAnderings Mount Vernon . . . everybody out. . , New Yorlds Central Park . . . Borg gazes at old fire gong on Lee plantation in Virginia . . . Eyre, Winslade and a lampposf -- bus in background . . . Capitol building -Washington, D. C .... Niagara Falls-and a bus full of women! Sorority sojourns - rusla parties . . . Hell Week and pigtails . . . Christmas tormals . . . coke dates formal initiations . . . gab sessions . . . tea dances . . . night school. INTER-SORORITY COUNCIL Hiilier, B. Crane, Finlayson, vice-president, Lodwig, secretory Morris, Kinney, treasurer, Steinerf, presidenf, Ylonder, secretory INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL Oberst, Lefholfz, Lindsey Harding, treosurer, MOCOliSTEF, preside-nf, R. Johnson, secretory GAMMA SIGMA OMICRON Curzon, Palmquist, Lamson, Martin, Miles, Jacobus, Peck, Albright, R. Peterson I Bauerle, Krause, Vickery, Winters, Bihler, Bugbee, Heumann, V. White, Fitzpatrick, Fisk, E. Davis Franklin, Groves, Brauch, Secord, Blanchard, Ylander, Drishaus, B. Ross, Fell, J. Tucker, Cunningham, L t angs on Not pictured: Adamson, Hillier, M. Hoogstraat, fnkins, H. Larsen, Marchant, McDonald, Pinault, Satrapo, . Tucker 1 In the traditional manner, Gamma opened both the pledge and formal dance season with the "Starlite Strut" on October l7, and the Christmas formal at Peony on December 23. A distinctive note was added at the formal by the innovation of dance programs. Fall rush parties were highlighted by various themes which included a Mexican Frolic, a Night Club Jamboree, College Days, a Gypsy Festival, as well as tea-dances, luncheons, and the preference banquet at the Blackstone. Activities of the year consisted of an informal initiation at Cowles Lake, a roller-skating party, barn dance, sleigh ride, alumni Smarty Party, Founder's Day banquet, Mother's Day tea, and formal initiation and tea at the Athletic: Club. Gfficers were Frances Blanchard, president, Maxine Ylander, vice-presi- dent, Elizabeth Drishaus, secretory, Betty Secord, treasurer, and Phyllis Adamson, page. Miss Elizabeth Kaho and Mrs. Dayton E. Heckman are the sponsors. Gammas were outstanding in many school activities. Mary I-leumann was vice-president of Sigma Pi Phi, treasurer of Feathers, and candidate for "O" Club Sweetheart. Frances Blanchard was secretary-treasurer of the junior class and sorority editor of the Tomahawk. Candidate for Tomahawk Beauty Queen and Student Council representative was Mary Jean Miles. Faye Graves, active in debate, was elected to Who's Who and was vice-president of the junior class. Secretary and treasurer, respectively, of W.A.A. were Ellen Jacobus and Vivian Fell. KAPPA PSI DELTA B. Brown, McNally, Untch, Zents, M. Crane Ahlbeck, Walton, Varner, B. Crane, Clark, Hollis Rasmussen, Kirk, Egner, Mrs. Johnson, Bowler, Earp, Moran Nat pictured: M. J. Egan, Friend, D. Felton Black jerkins and skirts with the Kappa insignia embroidered in white on the jerkins distinguished the members of Kappa Psi Delta sorority this past year. First semester officers were Eula Friend, president, Barbara Crane, vice- president, and Adele Egner, secretary-treasurer. Barbara Varner, president, Betty Jane Bowler, vice-president, and Adele Egner, secretary-treasurer, were second semester officers. Kappa sponsors are Mrs. Charles l-loff and Mrs. Leslie Johnson. Rush parties featured teas, Kid Party, Chinese dinner, swimming parties, Circus Party, taffy pull, buffet supper, Patriotic Party, and the preference banquet held at the Athletic Club. An informal dinner was given for the mid- year rushees, and the formal initiation, followed by a tea, was held in the spring at Mrs. Johnson's. Sorority events included the pledge dance, "Pledge Pow-Wow," on No- vember Zl , hay rack ride, slumber party, barn dance, bowling parties, annual formal anniversary dinner, and the spring formal on March ZO at the Chermot with music by Jack Ross's orchestra. Overlooking the Missouri river is the Kappa cabin, which has been the scene of many parties. Dorothy Felton was entered as the Kappa candidate for Tomahawk beauty queen, and Marion Crane was candidate for "O" Club Sweetheart. Inter-Sorority Council representatives were Eula Friend, Barbara Varner, and Barbara Crane. PHI DELTA PSI Knight, Bruhn, Lindahl, Deibel, Heusinkveld, Brock, Hanford, Hawkinson, B. Bailey, G, Hansen, Eubank Shields, Wotherspoon, B. Jones, Parsley, Steele, I-Gfgrnogmdt, Hammang, Lacina, J. Stepanek, A. J. Bailey, . ny er , Finlayson, Moog, Roth, Bowles, Dowell, Bushnell, Rice, Demuynck, Latham Not pictured: B. Bennett, E. Christensen, Crowley, Lake, Verity, Arms "lt's fun to be a Phi Delt" would seem to be an appropriate motto for this sorority after a g'ance at their activities this year. Lucky rushees found themselves being whisked from teas at the Fontenelle to barbecues at Camp Brewster to a luscious Smorgasbord at the Women's Club. Cleverly planned was the pledge dance, the "Reconstruction Ramble." A Christmas dinner dance at the Castle Hotel, a Chinese dinner at the Women's Club, a steak fry with the Phi Sigs, and the annual formal dance at the Chermot, followed by a midnight supper, kept Phi Delts' date books filled. Not content with the slogan "No work, all play," Phi Delts are outstand- ing in many campus activities. Newly elected president of Feathers for next year is Barbara Finlayson, Dorothy Rice will head W.A.A. "Scotty" was also on Student Council, lnter-Sorority Council, and Who's Who. Mary Anne Crowley was a l94l Tomahawk Beauty Queen and a candidate for "O" Club Sweetheart. l.aJuano Paterno, Katherine Bushnell, Nancy Lou Parsley, and Juno Stepanek were candidates for the l942 Tomahawk Beauty Queen. First placesin the lnter-Sorority Sing and second place in the acts went to Phi Delts last Ma-ie day. Officers were Barbara Finlayson, president, Ruth Lake, vice-president, Mary Anne Crowley, secretary, Dorothy Rice, treasurer, and Erno Christian- sen, sergeant-at-arms. Sponsor is Miss Ruth Diamond. PI OMEGA Pl L. Young, Gardiner, Hackett, J. Baker, Rapp, Storm, Whited, McKenna, Neef, H. McConnell, D. Stepanek, . Moredick, Muirhead, R. Carson, Streeter E. Stewart, J. White, Jakway, Cappel, H. E. Williams, Scott, Schweers, J. Nelson, Edee, L. Carter, Lancaster, Moon, Kaiser, Green, Swanson, Lof Emery, Jackson, Sidaris, Langdon, Steinert, Ladwig, DeWald, Covert, Egner, Eyre, Jeager, Walenz, Garber Not pictured: H. M. Williams, Graham, Youkey, F, Thompson, Crosby The fifty-seven girls wearing white sweaters with Pi O emblems are members of the largest sorority on the campus. Officers were Aris DeWald, president, Edna Covert, vice-president, Lois Ladwig, secretary, Harriet Swanson, treasurer, and Eleanor Lof, historian. Sponsors are Mrs. J. W. Lucas and Miss Guenn Beeler. Ruth Saxton was crowned Ma-ie Day Princess Attira Vll of l94l. Editor of the Gateway last spring was Naomi Eyre. Aris DeWald, Edna Covert, and Janice Moredick were members of the Student Council, and June Ellen Steinert was president of lnter-Sorority Council. Naomi Eyre was re-elected, and Aris DeWald, June Ellen Steinert, Edna Covert, and Alice Enger were elected to Who's Who. The Pi O float, "What's Cooking," won first place in the annual Homecoming parade. Kay Emery was "O" Club Sweetheart. Of the fourteen Tomahawk beauty finalists, eight were Pi O's: Dorothy Jean Cappel, Katherine Emery, Anna Lou Jackson, Maxine Lancaster, Pat Muirhead, Ruth Neef, Jeanne Whited, and Lois Young. or The pledge dance, "The Premiere," the Christmas formal at Peony, preceded by a dinner at the Fontenelle, Founder's Day banquet, and the Mother and Daughter luncheon were the annual events of the year. The Pi O's were feted by the fraternities on the campus with barn dances and picnics. The rest of the time, parties, teas, and a rummage sale kept them busy. SIGMA CHI OMICRON M. Davis, Nelsen, Powell, Lorenz, Dow, Koll, Hug, Dustin M. E. Davis, M. Anderson, Hassler, Haiston, Mann, Pratt, Mackley, Winslade, Borg Slattery, Brasee, Schmidt, Morris, Carson, Kinney, Norberg, P. Carter Not picturedg J. Griffith, Pommereick, Reed, H. Schmidt, Goodwin, Lisec Pledges of Sigma Chi Omicron, oldest sorority on the campus, gave their dance, "The Sun Valley Stomp," on December 5 in the University auditorium. lnformal initiation was held at the Central Club in February, followed by the traditional formal initiation tea at the Omaha Women's Club the next week. An informal party with the Thetas at Camp Brewster and a picnic with the Alpha Sigs at Hummel Park were given during the fall. A barn dance with the Phi Sigs was held during spring vacation. Pledges gave a rummage sale in November, and the alumnae chapter was hostess at the Christmas tea held at the Women's Club. The spring formal was given at the Chermot on February 20. Candidate for the Tomahawk Beauty Queen was Georganne Dow. Elected to Who's Who this year were Ann Borg and Elizabeth Morris. Roberta Carson and Betty Claire Kinney were re-elected. Ann Borg was also president of W.A.A., and Betty Claire Kinney was president of Kappa Mu Lambda."Dibby" Morris was a member of the Student Council, and "Bobbie" Winslade brightened football and basketball games with her peppy cheerleading. Sig Chi won the .trophy for Women's Intramurals and placed second in the lnter-Sorority Sing last Ma-ie Day. Officers for theuyear were Roberta Carson, president, Elizabeth Morris, vice-president, Betty Claire Kinney, secretary, and Betty Schmidt, treasurer. Sorority sponsors are Mrs. E. l-l. Sinnett and Miss Gertrude Kincaide. l Frat lrolics- picnics . . . lrmayrack parties . . . "t" bowl presentation. . . "Cinderella Girl" Larsen and Herbie Kay. . . Neet in a pensive mood. . . Dibby and Spell - some party. . . steak tries . . . McKenna as usual . . . board meeting. ALPHA SIGMA LAMBDA Scoville, Spellmeyer, McKenna, Whitney, McCartney, Graham, Matthews, D. Wilson Chenoweth, Boulden, Cannell, Reida, R. Wright, Bekins,'Greenfield, Murray J. Wright, Lindsey, Kara, R. Johnson, Reisser, C. Smith, E. Christensen Not pictured: Deaton, Melby, A. Peterson, Sistek, Olmstead, Wallander The largest fraternity on the campus, Alpha Sigma Lambda, has been actvie during its twenty-third year in both extra-curricular and social ac- tivities. President this year was Russell Johnson, who represented the fraternity on the lnter-Fraternity Council, serving as secretary. Other fraternity officers were Allen Peterson, vice-president, Bob Reisser, secretary, and Christy Kara, treasurer. Sponsors are Mr. Roderic B. Crane and Mr. Wilbur T. Meek. Six of the outstanding athletes in school are members of Alpha Sig. Bob Matthews, all-conference man in both football and basketball, was also president of the "O" Club. Vice-president of this organization was Bob Spellmeyer, who also served as president of the Student Council. Clarence Smith, "O" Club secretary, was an outstanding track man, while Roger Boulden, president of the junior class, made a fine record on Coach Stu Baller's first string. Other star cagers were Leonard Graham and Dewain McCartney. The fraternity also led the intramural sports league in points. Alpha Sigs elected to Who's Who were Russell Johnson, Roger Boulden, Bob Matthews, and Bob Spellmeyer, Social activities were begun with a hayrack party in October and picnics with the Pi O's and Sig Chi's, The "Bowery Brawl," given by the pledges, was held December l9 at Peony with music by Gary. The annual stag party was given April l l. The formal dance was held at the Chermot on April l7. PHI SIGMA PHI Rowles, G. Larson, Everman, Vachal, R. J. Olson, Ford, Zimmer, Gustafson, Porter, Berger Heinbuch, Straka, Ward, Stine, K. Anderson, Rehschuh, Schmalenberger, W. Rankin Ostrantl W ll' L fh lt H d' H S t S itt I , a in, e o z, ar Ing, ays, yver sen, t Not pictured: Chambers, Claudius, Crane, Irwin, Welch, Orr, Shields Variety has been the keynote of Phi Sigma Phi's social season this year. Rush parties were held in the fall, and eighteen pledges donned small gold "Phi's" at the "Cinderella Swing," given at Peonyhin December. Miss Minna Larsen, Phi Sig "Cinderella Girl," was presented by Herbie Kay, band leader, who was made an honorary member of the fraternity. The annual formal was given in February, with Jack Swanson furnishing the music. Other informal affairs included a steak fry with members of Phi Delta Psi in October, a barn dance given with the Pi O's in February, and one with the Sig Chi's on April l. President was Ted Harding, who represented the fraternity on the Inter- Fraternity Council, holding the position of treasurer. Bruce Lefholtz was vice- president and also served on the Council. Other officers were Jack Hayes, secretary, Bob Wallin, treasurer, and sergeants-at-arms, Carl Syvertsen and Bill Bradford. Dean Edgar A. Holt is the fraternity sponsor. Walter Vachal, first string basketball star, was elected "Joe College IV" at the Feathers' Vice Versa, March 6. He was the senior class vice-president, a member of the Board of Publications, and belonged to the "O" Club. Also in the "O" Club was George Rehschuh, who was golf champ last year. Chosen for the all-intramural basketball team was Don Ostrand. TH ETA PHI DELTA J. Campbell, Weekes, Haffke, Bond, Welty, Bourgeois, Oglesby Eller, Fuller, Moberg, J. Knuclsen, DeBoer, B. Pangle , Vickery, B. Knapp, Oberst, Macalister, D. Burress, Musgrave Not pictured: Brown, Buchanan, Burress, Covert, Griffith, Hinchcliff, Hughes, Nestor, Thornton, Bowyer, Carlson, Cunningham, Dixon, Fay, McCullough, Moredick, Walker "Army Maneuvers" was the theme of Theta's pledge dance which opened a successful year for the fraternity in many activities. A Fathers' Day stag party was held October l5, and on January 25, an "after-exams" party was given. The formal dance was held at the Chermot on February 6, with music by Gene Peiper. A tea honoring mothers of Thetas was given May lO. Officers this year were Bruce Macalister, president, Byron Oberst, vice- president, Bruce Moredick, secretary, and Dick Burress, treasurer. Theta sponsors are Dr. S. L. Witman and Dr. L. l-l. l-larris. W The fraternity was represented in almost every activity on the campus. President of the Inter-Fraternity Council was Bruce Macalister, who was in charge of the Tomahawk Varsity Show. Byron Oberst also represented the fraternity on the Council. John Knudsen, Bob Knapp, and Bruce Macalister were elected to Who's Who. Co-president of the senior class was Bob Knapp. Dick Burress was president of the sophomore class, while Bob Welty headed the freshmen and was on the freshman basketball team. Student Council representatives were Bob Knapp and Bruce Moredick. Dick Burress was Theta's candidate for "Joe College IV," and Clyde Bourgeois was Tomahawk photographer. Appearing in various radio and dramatic pro- ductions outside the University was John Knudsen, who walked down that long church aisle to end his single status. QmaI1a,s Finest Foods are served by N5+M-YW 53 COMPANY ESTABLISHED 1916 - TWO LOCATIONS PASTRY SHOP OLD ENGLISH INN 1617 Farnam Streel' 5004 Dodge Street AT 1000 WA 7710 PEONY PARK DANCING NIGHTLY ExcEPT MONDAYS f fx f f 1 of " 131 W f 1960-f o we 5 46511. 'Q 434' Mo?" 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LUNCI-IEONS or Any Student Function Like every other loyol citizen, the Nebroslcci Power Compony is "ALL-OUT" for the U.S.A. - doing every- thing in its power to help our country's Victory progrcirn. The wcir industries in our territory must get the electric power they' need to help win this wor, ond they ore getting it trorn us quickly cind tully, ln the mecintime, we will continue to bring dependoble electric service to cill of our custorners - the best it is possible to ' provide under the circumstonces. lxlebraslca power Company West End Shoe Hospital INVISIBLE HALF SOLING OUR SPECIALTY , Free Pick-Up and Delivery in Dundee JOHN S. AMATO Proprietor 107 North 49th St .... WA. 5728 Foster-Barker Cn. "If Itil- W01'Zb Anything H ave It I1zJa4'ed" 209 South I9th Street CHERMCT N eb1'aska's Finest Ballroom Dance to the Nazfioaaiv ' Grearexz Attraciiom WED., SAT., SU N. Other Nights Available for Private Dances AL D. WOLF, Manager Phone ATlantic 9692 0 Keep 'Em Dancing THE ww TQMAHAWK glzinfing DQUGLAS PRINTING COMPANY 'Quafify ana! 5510155 Cginas 7554 T leplwone Jfxclczon 0644 'IOQ-'VN North 'lgth Stfe You Can Help the Wartime Worker . -Sq lr ill Buses oncl street ccrrs ore crowded cluring the rush hours these clcrys. More crncl more wortime workers ore riding to work, oncl fomily outomobiles ore being left in the goroges. Every student of Omoho crnd Council Bluffs schools con help in o very recrl oncl importont woy: Try to cotch your homewcrrcl-bound bus or street ccrr before the evening rush hour. Thcit leoves more room for those who work, ond who must of necessity ride buses crncl street cors during the rush hour. Omaha 81 Council Bluffs Street Railway Company E OMAHA HAS THE LOWEST MANUFACTURED GAS RATE IN AMERICA U-6Tii""'O ' ict Central Market Quality Foods fav Over 50 Years 1608 Harney Si'reei' ATIantic 8720 Van Sant School of Business YEARs -or s Envlce DAY SCHOOL - EVENING SCHOOL ALL YEAR - CO-EDLLCATIONAL Twelve-Week Summer Session June 'lst to August Zlsf PLACEMENT BUREAU - NO FEES 207 S. 191-h St., Omaha, JA 5890

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