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,H 'l wk R J ,wilt a EXW! 8 I F ,M 'f b W! i w,-P .fig-4 A y , iii S., Q 7 A x Q Www A f A V-i .A .fi '5 IN UNIVERSITY OFTQM AHAW voLuME NUMBER FIVE 1940 YZ? D E D I C A T E D 'ro Edgar A. l-lolf. Dean of 'rhe College, for his unremilhng promohon o scholarship and academic slanclards for our Umversify for his unfailmg sympafhy and undersfanding in all s+uden'r relafionshipsg and for his modesf self elifacemenf in +he mlclsf of his many achievemenfs. fi 22 Q-li. Wg Xlwfx ii N X I 1-"wi1'NarKg,g" '42, A ii f ' Ally' f--..,, 'S 3 I ,E ' :SME mgfmfil 'W ig iv 5, ,i l W ,li Si? AJ' v-4-5 A' .L 1 "-'- "'-" 9 ""f r wi A i ,,...-f 'i 635532 "4 "f , 55'-.V..' L., fl nh 1 J if r JP .t4.p.'f a q, N rv -"' 14"-r ,, K 'f' -3' 'el' , - .'- - . 1--uh. .wr g 4- , ,J nr- , j' ' 'V' ': , V , rw-'. 11, 5. Y x Z 4 1..u...n.' E R D No hisforical marker reminds us of The frampled Indian frail, F O R W O marked by a bleached buffalo skull, 'rhaf cur across rhis hill lo 'rhe river many years ago. The Indian. his frail marks. and his pafh are gone. ln Jrheir place, a new Universify sfands-a land- mark in educafion-and af night a frail-marker for 'lwenfielh cenfury airliners. '47 I 'XX 55 , ,E E I FACULTY OF CONTENTS . , v. I' Z I 'IIE gl . L -sl. 4 I J, xv f I ' I .I -wa' V pp . -- r ' U ' 'I A 8 I 1 1 Aa .4 I . 1 X W W 1 I ' Ik Q' AJLDVKZ -. Ii X -T V - I f 1 A' " P4 " 'Y . Iv 1 Q ,IF in , .' I J , . -.-D L, 4 ff 'A 'JT L, E-1 I TSE-IV OL SPIRIT H. , TI M' CLUB ACTIVITIES , I 'if' I A' i,3-..,., ., , , I AT we -' - f I M ' ' I , I' mIff,jg.'If1,?f'i I, ' is L Kg, - " 'rw' -' ' if I I r, L SWING SESSIONS H 2- , -P A VJ 0-,-,Jw . 'fnhsx ' 'fLf',..IuawWW' lx. I .vqm I g4,,.. , L .-1 ,. 45, 5, J- ,V .. v.. N 'K -,H ,sf " " 1 I' 59 :Y ,, 'xii 1 Frafe n Ty and Sororufy Edlfo s NANCY LEE BUTTON BRUCE MACALISTER DONNA HALLOWELL AM ELIA HARTMAN Business Managemeni' PHILLIP AINSWORTH ROBERT UNMACK Ar'r Deparfmenf GEORGIA MARIE HILTON JUD HANSEN Phofographers PAUL BREHM LEIGH WATSON ALVA NIXON J E WOODS CLAUDE SHOEMAKER KURT SICK ri ' ' r Special Feafures 4 , ,Q lQ'5 '-'s lr-Q' f 'I V1,lA '-ft! , 1, r-jrx r " A if fx I sw ., j if ffffx Q ff. :MQ - V 144' K-rg ,Y Qi' '. ' Ff'--LL-' 'A " If-31 2174 'U m ff ' 'A 1" . , 4' I. . JF ' Q -Q LM I .5 I MA if " V - E , ,' , . . ',y,1'- I- .X-L V1 'Hx' 1 M , 1 1 M 3 A , M l Qf 7 2 3 Q Q ' S K ', ' ' 'I -9' ', ' - ,-' ,-.' " ,1 .,"' 'A ffl il - .X l P 1? - . x. lmA H5 ,1 lN 1-,, lx fat: ll a' .. 'f. , J, k . - 1Y - 1'4'. . V 'I -Vi ' F W ffllz 41 . 17 ' 5 . T' V- "fa L " ',ly,- .gb 7.4 f? 1 f i, l "fx ' . X TFUA' Tw . A . J :- ' ,a' 17"- ,1 'h"'7' 1'-Y '--' . GN ' 'QQ ' fr -f'X '.'-'T' 'Q' 1, AHA .- - ' -f -- v' ,. - . -, - -- , V, 'f 4' fi 'fab f- - '- 'L-.f ',-f,:"L1..1g -,X V w 1' 5 :-,. g . , -,, , 3. f gg s 'f Y ,-' 5' H ' L- " -'- '- 'N "TQ E - -' " ' lm f Y f Sifffh 4 Q, - f7, I.,S.,,V ' QW W 1,. -1. . ,A g A-1 J, Q3 -N Q .- A - ' ,V N , " ' , ' Af' M -J V -Q N, " 1 X 1 P-Z' -f'- x , x fx , AM F4 ffxl f xx ix V, ,Q M - fn. ,...' 'L M 4" .NK ,,,f' -V , M, f" , - 'v,- X ', '-. VPV A Z .. 'U - V-,S f V' Y -.1 ' ,Xi iv WL , . . ' Q X . -M., :., I Z. 3 ,1 ,Y.6. vk skit -Y-.ei . , jll Lt' -W 2: ' ff' ,, x p ufx flafgai. ' - W V ' T' . ,.., 24 , 5 41. - 5.1 L ' 9 W '. 4 ' 1' ' 1 ,r , ,x .Y -, -1 ,. ff- '- w' f--,ff+ :Hf"Vf ff- A Ll f ' 1 V A. 4 l , 1 - V ' 1 - . Y . W 1 W R K g, Mrs. James E. Bednar, Harry S. Byrne, A. D. Maiors, W. Dale Clark, Chairman, T. F. Naughfin, J. L. Haugh, C Th e D Fl yd M y THE BOARD OF REGENTS Officers Chairman - - ------ W. DALE CLARK Vice-Chairman - - - - A. D. MAJORS Secre+ary - ---- HARRY S. BYRNE Treasurer - ---- MRS. JAMES E. BEDNAR CommiH'ees Faculiy, Sfudeni' Relafions Building and Grounds A. D. Mmons, Chairman H. S. BYRNE. Chairman Mas. J. E. BEDNAR A. C. THOMSEN W. Ross KING T. F. NAuei-mu Finance J. L. HAUGH, Chairman A. D. MAJORS T. F. NAUG-HHN Library Aihleiics FLOYD J. MURRAY, Chairman W. Ross KING, Chairman A. C. THOMSEN J. L. HAUGH MRS. J. E. BEDNAR T. F. NAUGHTIN V79 if Xb ess +he irends and applicafion of educafion +ha+ enables hi gram of "Life-Time Educa+ion." PRESIDENT ROWLAND HAYNES Through sfudenf and civic conferences, meeiings wiih busi- ness leaders, employers. and graduale s'l'udeni's, Presidenl' Haynes obiains an insighi info m 'ro viialize coniinually his pro- Presidenr Haynes is coniinuing his fireside chars, al' which he enferlains groups of sfudenfs and discovers lheir aHi+udes abou+ adminisirafive policies. He is fo be commended for his ehforis foward 'rhe smoo+h inierlocking of Universify inferesis wi+h civic inieresls, especially ihrough personal con- facf wifh civic leaders. Significanf of rhe esfeem in whch he is held by his colleagues was his elecfion as narional presidenf of 'rhe Associafion of Urban Universi- +ies af fhe conveniion in New York lasl' fall. Congra+ula+ions are due him also because Omaha was awarded fhe i940 conveniion. The Presidenl' is almosr as well lcnown 'for his colleciion of carioons and humorous sayings as he is for his academic record. Thoroughly clemocraiic. informal, courfeous. and +he possessor of sparkling wif, Mr. Haynes is a 'rrue friend of +he siudenis and ciiizens of Omaha. gli? is ,V if, Qi X M ZQ If J DEAN OF THE COLLEGE EDGAR A. HOLT Dean Edgar A. l-lolT hails from Tennessee and has The S'ouThern courTesy and easy- going charm OT a souThern gen- Tleman. lnsTead OT longing Tor The land of sunshine. he really likes The inclemenT weaTher in Omaha. Dean l-lolT keeps young and handsome by swinging a Tennis racqueT. l-le also plays ping pong. l-lis sporTsmanship is paralleled only by The Thoroughness wiTh which he my A A-TQQMMA , Qi' ' ' as la 'Y - i --'K ffjf- handles universiTy problems. His desk can hardly be seen under The scaTTered leTTers, books, and periodicals, buT This is To be expecTed, as Dean l-lolT claims ThaT a cluT- Tered desk indicaTes a sysTemaTic mind. l-le is much in demand as a speaker and is acTive in The Mississippi Valley l-lisTorical AssociaTion. l-le was inTluenTial in bringing The convenTion To Omaha This year. Any sTudenT's problem is imporTanT To Dean l-lolT. l-le makes a prac- Tice oT meeTing a number OT sTudenTs each semesTer and discussing Their problems wiTh Them. l-lis academic duTies are never so numerous ThaT he cannoT Tind Time To promoTe and reward high scholasTic achievemenT. The sTudenTs oT The UniversiTy are proud of Dr. l-lolT, Tor They rea- lize ThaT They are The recipienTs OT his invaluable services. The TaculTy has a similar regard Tor "Edgar," Tor They besT can see The eTTiciency of his work and his modesT reTiremenT from Taking crediT Tor accomplish- menTs. F7 as GUENN BEELER 'Q Home ECONOMICS M.A., Coiumbia Universiiy. 1939: Sponsor, Pi Omega Pi. Freshman ciass: Universiiy oi Omaha, 1939. BENJ AM1N BIERER Ci-lemisrvx A 1 B.A.. Siaie Universiiy oi iowa, 1933: Phi Beia Kappa: Phi Lambda Upsiion: Sigma Xi: Aipha Phi Omega: Universiiy oi Omaha. 1939. HELMUT R. BOEN1NGER ' GERMAN ws -1 M.A., Universiiy oi Wisconsin. 1934: American Association oi Universiiy Proiessors: Modern - Language Association of Amer- ica: Modern Humaniiies Research Associaiion: Sponsor, German ciub, Camera ciub: University oi Omaha. 1936. L BENJANHN some 4 QS' ENeLisH , Pino.. 1-inward. ms. Phi Baia 'iii' "'f " Kappa: Aurhor. Tom BROWN or z .. i':ACET1OUS Mwonv, 1939: Spon- I, 1 sor. Sigma Tau Deiia: Universiiy fir oiOmaha.1933. - vs if-as'-in . '-'r- LLOYD M. BRADHELD ' DEAN or STUDENTS J 'J f' A.B.. Dubuque Universiiy, 1923: I Naiionai Vocaiionai Guidance Associaiion: Naiionai Associaiion , of Deans oi Men and Advisers: Omaha Execuiives' Associaiion: Siudied, Universiiy oi iowa. Norihwesiern Universiiy: Spon- sor, Aipha Phi Omega: Universiiy oi Omaha, 1926. G59 ra NN x MEMBERS OF FACU LTY MART1N W. BUSH Music F.A.G.O., 1932: Conceri organ- is'r, Josiyn Memoriai: Organisi, Firsi Cenirai Congregaiionai Church: Naiionai Music Teachers' Associaiion: Nebraska Music Teachers' Associaiion: Omaha Music Teachers' Associaiion American Guild oii Organisis: Universiiy oi Omaha, 1932. E. P. COLEMAN Mnaemarics M.A., Universiiy oi iowa, 1937: Sigma Xi: Kappa Mu Epsiion: insiiiuie oi Maihemaiicai Siaiis- rics: Sponsor, Engineers' ciub: Universiry oi Omaha, 1938. RUSSEL C. DERBYS1-i1RE Zooi.oeY AND Comvmmrivs ANATOMY Ph.D., iowa Siaie Coiiege. 1938: American Socieiy oi Parasiioio- gisis: American Associaiion for ihe Advancemeni oi Science: Nebraska Academy oi Science: American Associaiion oi Univer- siiy Professors: Universiiy oi Omaha, 1932. i 6' -P' 1 'NC -ws, Dr. Ward's mixiure S- ol Science, ay ' lion ol Umver' Dr. Wes'r spealcinq II: mb. RUTH DIAMOND PHYSICAL EDUCATION Fon WOMEN M.A., Columbia Universiry, I934: Ceniral Associalion of Physical ' I Women' Educahon for Col eqe . Nebraska Siale Physical Educa- ' 'aIion: American Asso- hon ASSOCI ciaiion oi Universiiy Professors: Women's Division, Naiional Amaieur Aihleric Fecleraiion: Pi Lambda Theiaz Siudied, Benning- Ion College. I936, Humphrey and - S nsor WAA Weidman. I939, po , . Orchesis, Phi Delia Psi: Universiiy oi Omaha, I93I. D. D. ERNST FINANCE cia- Naiional Reiail Credii Asso Iion: Universiiy oi Omaha, I939. C. S. ESPINOSA FOREIGN LANGUAGES Ph.D., Universily ol Rome, I925: American Associaiion oi Spanish Teachers: El lnsIi+u'fo de las Espanas, Columbia Universily: Associaiion of American Univer- sily Professors: Pan American Alliance: Spanish club: Auihor, JUVENILIA NoIz1E AMERICANA1 CER- VANTES. LA Omx AMERICA: Edilor and publisher. PANAMERICAQ Universiiy oi Omaha, I93O. WILLIAM H. DURAND ENGINEERING B.S.. Universiiy of Omaha. I938: Naiional Aeronauiics Associa- Iion: Sponsor. Flying club: Co- ' ' ' club: Univer- sponsor, Enqmeers sily of Omaha, I93S. JAMES M. EARL MATHEMATICS Ph.D., Universiiy of Minnesoia. 'can Malhemaiics So- I92B: AmerI h maiical Associahon ol AmerIca, e ' I M , l938-I939 cieiy: Mal e ' ' N braslra Academy W. FRED FARRAR ISTRATION B A Universily of Texas, I937: Psi: BUSINESS ADMIN M. . .. The-fra Kappa Mu: Bela Alpha ' 'I of Omaha, I939. Unlversl y HARRY F. FORE ENGLISH A.B., Universily of Missouri, IQOS: Modern Language Associalion: Sigma Delia Chi: Tau Kappa Alpha: Delia Tau Delia: Siucliecl, Universily of Chicago: Sponsor, homore Bela Tau Kappa, Sop YMCA: Universily oi class. Omaha. I937. MEMBERS O American Associa sily Proiessors: Universiiy oi F FACULTY DONALD E. FRYE ENGINEERING T Cincinnali C.E., Universiiy o , I939: Tau Beia Pi: American So- ' ' U iver- cieiy of Civil Enqmeers, n siry of Omaha. I939. I f-cv s w' .ff .E-xv' x,f'7"' dvr T25 50 KA NN x fir . LESLIE N. GARLOUGH Bionoev Ph.D., Universiiy of Minnesoia, 1931: Bofanical Socieiy of Amer- ica: Sociely of American Bac- ieriologisis: Sigma Xi: Phi Delta Kappa: American Associaiion for 'rhe Aclvancemenf of Science: Nebraska Academy oi Science: Universiiy of Omaha, 1931. E. LYNNETTE GATTEN CAFETEMA M.A., Kansas Slale College, 1936: Universiiy oi Omaha, 1939. M1LDRED C-BEARHART ENGLISH M.A., Universily of lowa, 1928: Modern Language Associafion of America: American Associalion of Universiiy Professors: Sponsor, YWCA: Universiry of Omaha, 1929. LYMAN H. 1'1ARRlS Hisrorur PhD., Universiiy of Wisconsin, 1931: Sponsor, Theia Phi Delia, Liberal club: Universiiy of Omaha, 1933. C. L. HARTMAN CoAcH B.S. Universiiy of Nebraska 1924: Naiional Fooiball Coaches Associaiion: Delia Upsilon: Sig ma Pi: Sponsor, "O" club MEMBERS OF FACULTY D. E. HECKMAN GOVERNMENT Ph.D., Ohio S1a+e Universi'ry. 1939: Sponsor, Debaie: Univer- siiy of Omaha, 1935. C. W. HELMSTADTER Busmess ADM1N1ST11ATlON1 Reensrrma AND ASSISTANT DEAN Ph.D., Universi1'y of lowa, 1936: Phi Delia Kappa: Sociely for Advancemeni' oi Managemenii Nebraska Siaie Planning Board: Sponsor, Alpha Sigma Lambda: Universify oi Omaha, 1929. CHARLES HOFF F1NANCE Secaermw B.S.. Universiiy oi Nebraska, 1926: Omaha Chamber of Com- merce: Universiiy and College Business Oiiicers' Associaiion: Omaha Associaiion oi Purchasing Agenis: Universiiy of Omaha. 1939. Q13 19 L Qtr L gef- '6 -4 'ln' 9 X 136-is Q Q J.-ri. it 2 x 4 'C' 1' . I : i 2. 1 , .1 . . I K ,. - -in l Unlversiiy of Omaha, 1931. Dean Bradiield, fisherman G- ref'- bw if' 6- 3 Calling Dr. Garlough W. GILBERT JAMES Sreeci-I Ph.D., Highland Universily, I9I3: Naiional Speech Associaiion: Dean ol Liberal Arls College, I9I9-I93O: American Associalion of Universily Professors: Sponsor, Drama club: Universiiy of Omaha. I9I9. HAROLD JOHNK Pnvsicm. Eoucfmoni A.B., Universiiy of Omaha, I937: American Associarion for Healih, Physical Eclucaiion, and Recrea- Iion: Universily ol Omaha, I937. LAURA M. JOHNSON ENGLISH M.A., Universiiy of Nebraslca, I94O: Nebraska Wrilers' Guild: American Associaiion of Univer- sily Professors: American Asso- cialion oi Universiiy Women: Founder, Sigma Tau Delia: Spon- sor, Kappa Psi Della: Universiiy of Omaha, I925. MEMBERS 0F FACULTY ELIZABETH E. KAHO Music M.A, Columbia University, I936: Sigma Alpha Iola: Naiional Music Teachers' Associalion: Music Direcior, Lowe Avenue Presbyrerian Church: Music Edu- calors' Narional Associarion: American Associalion ol Univer- siry Women: Malinee Musical Club: Sludied, Universiry of Michigan: Sponsor. Kappa Mu Lambda, Gamma Sigma Omi- cron: Universily of Omaha, I933. GERTRUDE KINCAIDE FRENCH M.A., Universiry of Nebraska, I929: Associaiion of Foreign Lan- guage Teachers: Norihwesl Cen- Iral Disiricl oi American Associa- Iion of Teachers ol French: Amer- ican Associaiion of Universily Professors: Sludiecl. Columbia Universiry. The Sorbonna in Paris: Universiiy of Omaha, I929. JOHN W. KURTZ ENGINEERING M.E., Universiiy ol Iowa, I'-739: Phi Della Kappa: Sigma Xi: Reg- isrerecl Professional Engineer: American Socieiy oi Mechanical Engineers: Sponsor, Engineers' club, Alpha Phi Omega: Univer- si'Iy of Omaha, I923. ROBERT F. LANE LIBRARIAN Ph.D., Universiiy of Chicago. I'-739: American Library Associa- lion: Nalional Graphic Arls Edu- caiion Guild: Sigma Delia Chi: American Associaiion of Univer- siiy Professors: Nebraska Library Associaiion: Omaha and Council Bluffs Library Associarion: Amer- ican Insiiiuie oi Graphic Aris: Universiry of Omaha. I938. JOHN W. LUCAS BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION M.B.A., Ohio Srale Universiiy. I935: American Economic Asso- ciarion: American Markering Associaiion: American Slarisiical Associaiion: Universiiy of Omaha, I938. W5- i ,qv 429 W 1 ,w Si' We if N S5 .r ,- G35 P NN x l S.. R. J. MAXWELL SPANISH M.A., University ot lllinois. l928: Sigma Delta Pi: American Asso- ciation ot Teachers ot Spanish: Nebraska Modern Language As- sociation: Studied, Northwestern University, University ot lowa: University ot Omaha, l929. MARIAN McLAREN Piwsicm. EDUCATION ron WOMEN B.S., University ot Nebraska, l933: American Association tor Health, Physical Education and Recreation: Sponsor, Feathers: Co-sponsor, WAA: University ot Omaha, l937. WILBUR T. MEEK ECONOMICS M.A., Columbia University, l93O: American Economic Association: Sponsor, Alpha Sigma Lambda. Alpha Phi Omega, Senior class: University ot Omaha, l937. WlLLlAM B. MlLLER HISTORY AND GOVERNMENT M.A., University ot Missouri, l93l: Phi Beta Kappa: Studied. Harvard University, University ot Nebraska: University ot Omaha, l936. WILLIAM K. NOYCE Ci-iewsrnv Ph.D., University ot Nebraska. l938: American Chemical Soci- ety: Sigma Xi: Phi Lambda Up- silon: Pi Mu Epsilon: Pi Kappa Delta: Nebraska Academy ot Sciences: American Association tor the Advancement ot Science: Univerity ot Omaha, l937. MEMBERS OF FACULTY LEO PEAREY PHYSICAL EDUCATION A.B., University ot Omaha, I937: Sponsor, "O" club: University ot Omaha, l937. LAW RENCE PETERSON ENGINEERING B.S., lowa State University, l938: Psi Chi: Sponsor, Engineers' club: University ot Omaha, l938. V. GREGORY ROSEMONT Pi-inosori-iv Ph.D., State University ot lowa. IQ37: lnternational Congress ot Psychotherapy: Pi Gamma Mu: National Conference ot Chris: Jews National Organi tians and I ' U ' zation ot Teachers ot Religion: Author, Aovemunzs or 'ri-ie Avos- rouc CHURCH? Studied. Oxford Cambridge, England: Sponsor YMCA: University ot Omaha, l92l. S,- ' b' .-1 is Mr. Meek Lectures Protessor Huttman-a rtist GLORIA KU RTZ SINNETT BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION University ot Omaha, College ot Commerce: State Teachers' Asso- ciation, President, I937-I938: Omaha and Council Bluits Coun- cil ot Commercial Educators, Secretary, I939-I940: Alpha Kappa Delta: Sponsor. Sigma Chi Omicron: University ot Omaha, I926. T. EARL SULLENGER SOCIOLOGY Ph.D.. University ot Missouri, I930: American Association of Social Workers: American Soci- ological Society: American Asso- ciation ot University Professors: Mid-Western Conterence ot So- ciologists: Editor, TI-IE QUARTERLY, Alpha Kappa Delta publication: Author, SOCIAL DETERMINANTS or JUVENILE DELINQUENCY, READINGS IN CRIMINOLOGY. READINGS IN CHILD WELFARE. STUDIES IN URBAN Soci- OLOGYQ Sponsor. Alpha Kappa Delta, Alpha Phi Omega: Univer- sity of Omaha, I929. LESLIE O. TAYLOR EDUCATION Ph.D., University ct Minnesota. I932: National Education Asso- ciation: Phi Delta Kappa: Pro- gressive Education Association: Nebraska Schoolmasters' Club: Nebraska State Teachers' Asso- ciation: Department ot Secon- dary School Principals ot National Education Association: American Association of University Protes- sors: American Association tor the Advancement ot Science: International Council tor Excep- tional Children: Sponsor, Sigma Pi Phi. Barbs: University ot Omaha, l929. OF FACULTY W. H. THOMPSON PSYCHOLOGY Ph.D., Ohio State University. I93O: Phi Delta Kappa: American Association ot University Profes- sors: American Association tor Advancement ot Science: Amer- ican Association on Mental De- ticiency: Mid-Western Psycholog- ical Association: Alpha Psi Delta: American Psychological Associa- tion: American Association ot Applied Psychology: University ot Omaha, I93I. HYATT HOWE WAC-BGONER ENGLISH ivi.A., University of Chicago. I936: Modern Language Asso- ciation: Studied, Ohio State Uni- versity: Author. Articles on Amer- ican Literature. AMERICAN LIYERA TUIQE, TI-IE NEW ENGLAND QUARTERLY. TI-IE SOUTH ATLANTIC QUARTERLY: University ot Omaha, I939. NELL WARD CI-IEMISTITY Ph.D., State University oi' Iowa, I'-739: Iota Sigma Pi: Sigma Xi: American Chemical Society: American Association tor Ad- vancement ot Science: Nebraska Academy ot Science: American Men of Science: Sponsor, Pre- Mecl club, Chemistry club, Gam- ma Pi Sigma: University ot Omaha, I9I8. RALPH WARDLE ENGLISH Ph.D., Harvard, I94-0: University ot Omaha, I938. PEARL L. WEBER PHILOSOPHY AND PSYCHOLOGY ivi.A., University ot Chicago I920: Phi Beta Kappa: Pi Gamma M Mu: Sponsor, Alpha Gamma Chi f g, University ot Omaha, I923. Ar ROBERT HUFFMAN M.A. W. A. WElSSKOPF ECONOMICS Ph.D,, Universily of Vienna, Aus- Tria, l927: American Economic A iafion: Aulhor, Arlicles pub- ssoc lished in Ausirian perIodIcals. ' ' l939. Umversily ol Omaha. ROYCE WEST FOREIGN LANGUAGES AND ASSISTANT TO PRESIDENT Ph.D., Heidelberg, Germany, l935: Sigma Della Chi: Co- founder. PRAIRIE ScHooNER: Ad- visory edilor, SocIAL SCIENCE mag- azine: Sponsor. Phi Sigma Phi, lub' Chairman Board Camera c . , of Sludenl Publicalions: Univer- siiy of Omaha, l932. HARRY WlLLlAMS HISTORY Ph.D.. Universily of Wisconsin. l937: Sponsor. Peace Legion, Freshman Class: Universiiy ol Omaha, l938. WlTMAN GOVERNMENT Ph.D.. Yale Universily, l937: American Sociely ol lnlernalion- al Law: American Polilical Sci- ence Associarion: American As- socialion ol Universiiy Professors. Direclor. lnsl'iTu'le ol Govern rnenl: Publicalions. STUDENT OUT- LINE SERIES, COMPARATIVE GOVERN' MENT. AMERICAN GovERNMENT: Sponsor, lnlernalional Relalions club. Thela Phi Della: Universily of Omaha, l9'Z9. MEMBERS OF FACULTY FRANCES E. WOOD EDUCATION M.A., Columbia University, l930: Kappa Della Pi: American Asso- ' ' ' ' W en: As cIaTIon of Umversily om - socialion for Childhood Educa- Tion: American Associalion of Universily Professors: Sponsor, Sigma Pi Phi, Senior Class: Universily of Omaha, l92b MARY PADOU YOUNG ASSOClATE DEAN OF STUDENTS lvl.A.. Columbia Universily, l9'27: Nebraska Slale Associalion of Deans oFWomerI: Nalional Coun- cil ol Teachers of English: Na- Tional Associalion of:Deans of Women: lnlernalional Associa- 'fion of Allrusa clubs: Kappa Delia Pi: American Associalion ol Universily Professors: Amer- ican Associalion of Universify Women: Chamber of Commerce: Phi Kappa Phi: Sponsor, Sludenl' Council, lnier-Sororily Council: Universiiy of Omaha, l937. Q5 1. IRE?-1: tsl SHEPHERD L. STUART BALPERP N 0+ PrlERiIiiEd c PHYSICAL E DUCA, .ON ' . K RODERICMB. CRANE' I ZORA 53555. Ph.D DSEFQIEDMFR, W'LFREED'fAYNE- Mum DONALFELPEHPE, Ph,D ARTHUR w. vogg EPAINTINQ AND ScuLPmR,NG M.A- DwINBsg JAMES. DANA -F-TGWARREN ASSISTANT T0 DEAL OF S Ph. D. I TUDENTS PHYSIC5 JEAN JARMIN' AB. ANNE ZALOHA, SPEECH 531,154- Dr. Harry DIRECTOR-MR. E. M. HOSMAN Nighr Law School, pre-law classes and a course in Dicralrion Praclice were offered. Two classes-Elemenlary School, and Teaching The Social Sludies-were held ar Jrhe Cily l-lall. A course in Business Manage- menl was laughl ai Jrhe Farm Credilr Adminisrrarion offices. Radio Broadcasring class meelings were held al radio slarion W O W. A+ 'rhe Nebraska Merhodisl Episcopal l-lospilal, Psychology for Sludeni Nurses and Praclical Elhics were laughl. ln Council Blullls, classes were arranged in Children's Lireralure, lnfroducrion +o Music Merhods, Psychology l I I and Sociology 2l I-'rhe laller Jrwo developed especially for lhe sludenlr nurses of The Jenny Edmundson l-lospiial. Several clubs of an educaiional nalure are spon- sored by rhe school. The Book-a-Week Club rneelrs every week lor a review of a good book. This year +he group sponsored a puppel show and +he presenlarion of a sound molion piclure show. The Town and Gown Club is a modern version of Jrhe liierary sociely, which meels biweekly for dinner and lecrures by ouislanding lilerary and philosophic auihorilies. Once a monih during lhe school year, The Open Forum Club, a group of business and professional men, meels lo discuss currenr evenls. The Professional lvien's Siudy Club is pursuing a course of siudy in con- Jremporary philosophy. The School of Adulr Educaiion also presenled an lncorne Tax lnslilrure for cily, counly and slale employees and a one-day Fluorescenl Lighling lns'ri+u+e, which drew a regislraiion of approximalely ZOO, some oi whom came from such dislanl poinrs as Pori Dodge, lowa, and Grand lsland, Nebraska. Direcfor E. M. Hosman Adull' Educarion Sfudenf Council i r I I i Spring dance Acluh' Educalion oihfice Q 3 'T rf Nb ADULT EDUCATION The Exlension Council, sludenl governmenl r y e sc ool lhis year. Evening convo- cali b n's Slring Orcheslr ons y lhe Wome proved very successful. a. and by Basil Gaunllell chemis'ffY CL..Aan'l': of qulck skelchmg Problems ol eleclricily Skilled SHOP A W' Wed shofrhwd si' 1 Y l fi li . Pho'ro9f0Pl"Y lor the press l l "' Applied design Members of lhe Exlension Council are: President Orrin Miller: Vice-president Lillian ivlonovilzg Secrelary, Margarel Jas- Jif- person: and Social Commillee, Granl Headley and Roberl Pelli- grew. Mechanical drawinfl Class ge lil is I g oup, inaugu- raled and sponsored a series of gel-acquainled dances and card parlies for The sludenl' bod of 'rh h IHS l Thompson, Nelson, SeIg, ZImmerman, Hemisch y UNIVERSITY OF OMAHA ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Campen, Cummings, Pardee, Byrne PresidenT - - - Vice-Presideni' - - Secrefary - - Treasurer ---- Alumni HARRY BYRNE WILLIAM CAMPEN MARY COLLINS MRS. HERBERT DANIEL DOROTHY EDWARDS HERBERT FISCHER LEON FOuTs OTTicers --------G.H.Seig - - - - - Leola McKie - Mary Quinby Cummings - - - - - - - -JamesDoTy Board Members FRANK HEINIscH JOI-IN HERzOe FRED NELSON GEORGE PARDEE WILLIAM THOMPSON GRACE WATERS REED ZIMMERMAN Cummings, Seig, McKie, Dofy Reaching ouT Trom a nucleus OT 250 acTive members, The Alumni AssOciaTiOn is unceasingly Trying To sweII iTs ranks Trom The seven Thousand assOciaTe members in Omaha. The AssOcaTiOn is OuTsTanding in ThaT iT is incorpOraTed as a TraTernaI Organiza- Tion under The Iaws OT The STaTe OT Nebraska. The eIecTiOn OT oTTicers and presenTaTiOn OT summary business repOrTs consTi- TuTe The agenda OT The annual Alumni banqueT held in June. The TurnOuT Tor This OTTiciaI meeTing is paralleled in magniTude OnIy by The mass suppOrT musTered Tor The Home- coming ceIebraTions. MonThIy meeTings OT The execuTive board, consisTing OT TiTTeen members, The PresidenT and SecreTary, serve TO dispaTch immediaTe business. During The pasT year, PresidenT Seig and The oTTicers have been campaigning To sTrengThen permanenTIy and viTaIize The AssOciaTiOn by esTabIishing a paid secreTariaI posiTion and an annual pubIicaTiOn. Membership in The Alumni AssociaTiOn is exTended TO graduaTes Or sTudenTs who have comOIeTed a TuII vear aT The UniversiTy OT Omaha. T25 5 I fi, i i Dairy chemisTry SCHOOL OF ADULT EDUCATION The adulT who had To leave school To go To worlc need no longer envy The universiTy sTudenT, Tor The School oT AdulT EducaTion, under The direcTion oT Mr. E. M. i-losman, aTFords him an opporTuniTy To conTinue his educaTion in his leisure Time. This year some TiTTeen hundred sTudenTs have Talfen advanTage oT The exTensive curriculum oTTered loy The School. Two general Types of courses are oTTered loy The School OT Adul+ EducaTion: Degree CrediT Courses-applicable Toward universiTy degrees: and CerTiTicaTe CrediT Courses Tor Those inTeresTed in general selT-improvement Swedish, of- Tered Tor CerTiTicaTe CrediT lasT year, became a Degree ' TE? Drawing insTrucTion i CrediT Course This year. Among The courses oTiered Tor The TirsT Time during The academic year i939-1940 were some oT loofh pracTical and culTural naTure. They included l-lealTh EducaTion Tor Teachers, l-lisTory oT Modern Germany, DramaTic Read- ing, Vocabulary Building, Farm Finance, CalculaTing Ma- chines. lndusTrial Training courses finding Their way inTo The schedule Tor The TirsT Time were Diesel Engines, Elec- TriciTy, TexTile ChemisTry, and Dairy ChemisTry. A class in Individual Income Tax ReTurns was arranged Tor The har- assed lousiness man. STudenTs wiTh arTisTic inTeresTs were oTiered a choice oT Design Tor Beginners, Fashion SlceTch- ing, Modern Pen LeTTering, PoTTery and Ceramic Sculp- Turing, Applied Design in CraTTs, and Flower Arrange- menT-courses oTTered Tor The TirsT Time This year. AcTiviTies of The School oT AdulT EducaTion were noT conTined To The campus, buT exTended ThroughouT The ciTy and inTo Council BluTis. AT The UniversiTy oT Omaha KAP? T, IIB! Langmade, Moore Library preparaTions I-luTTaker, KinTner TIES CLASSES AND PAR The Summer Session offers courses accepled as in-residence credit To meer +he needs of individual srudenrs, lhe Session is di- vided info a 'rhree-week lnlersession, lvvo Regular Sessions, of six and five weeks respecrively, and a series of Shorl' Sessions or Unir Courses. Sli-fdenfs of sfarisficg Hooded phofographer ll . expert welding fob Demonsfrafion in elecfricify Speed Wpisfs L - g Mr' HUHman.S ar+Ic+ l versify reaching Marshall' . , Y i . s darkroom exhlbifion If'IS'l'FUC'l'OFS. Machinisfs in 1-he shop ln addifion lo rhe regular courses, rhere are a number of miscellaneous leclures. A Children's Summer School in which mod ern melhods are demonslrared for praclice feachers and orhers is a fealure of +he Universiry of Omaha Summer Session The Sum T l'hir'r -five members of The regular Uni mer faculiy includes abou y slaff, and a number of narionally lcnown guesi Ve Rufh Erlcman John Richards Supply Room Chicago Lumber Co. The Work-Sfudy program is based on The belief fha? a combinalion of classroom worlc wi'rh experience on an acrual iob is The mos? usable 'rype of educalion. The classroom provides Train- ing for 'rhe fob and The iob siimulaies berrer classroom elzlorl. The primary concern of The Work-Siudy Deparimenf is +o march iobs having educafional value lo ihe individual sfudenr and To assisf rhe srudeni in obfaining lhe maximum of educaiional value from such a iob. Many of ihese iobs are obiained by 'rhe Work-Srudy office: oihers are obfained clireclly by 'rhe srudenrs. Some Work-Sfudy jobs are on a par'r-Jrime basis, while orhers are on an allrernaf- ing basis-Two sludenls assigned To The same is 4' WORK'STUDY Arlhur l-lelligso Mail Deparfmenr Nor1'hwes+ern Bell Telephone Co. DIRECTOR J. E. WOODS Sheer Music Deparlmenl Schmoller and Mueller Piano Company -1 'L H '- Lucille Warrick Credil' Deparlmeni 'ilk Sears Roebuck 8: Co. i 1.3 J. E. Woods Direcfor of Work-Sfudy and Sfudenf Employmenr """' job, allernaling belween school and lhe iob ap- - -'. - uv- ygn is F 2 li W proximaiely every six monlhs. Orlering a complere sfudenl employmenl service, assisiing in The placemenl of all gradu- aling seniors and mainlaining an employmenl record file of former sluclenis are inlegral paris of lhe Work-Sludy Plan. This year The Universily has conducled a course in Job Finding wifh 'rhe help of various members of rhe faculiy. The course has been so enlhusiasfically received by 'rhe siuclenls 'rhar if will probably become a permanenl' fealure. Services of The Work-Sludy Deparimenl' are ,available 'ro all sluclenrs of lhe Universily on any problems relaring +o finding, gelling, or keeping jobs. Q7 me .4 15 "" STUDENT me EMPLOYEES IN ACTION Over 'rwo hundred srudenfs earn all or par+ of Their 'ruifion working for The Universiiy ar iobs similar io 'rhese T .. A , 'Mx General cle wwf! Slenog raphic Bu recu Scoring psychological 'lesfs PBX Board operaiors BUSFHSSS 05366 ,.as?"" Cleaning crew Operafing bookkeeping machine Mail clerk Gill? in f l 5 MB Xi, Operafing Acme file Faculfy assisfanl Cafeferla cashier Snow shovelers 6 , A K ..,f, - fl , ,V ll M Y M , - .XM 'Arie ' ai ut-'FW - my W- X ' Cm: Sier- lq S s Ulfce J. E. WOODS DIRECTOR The Work-Sfudy office direcls +l'1e assignmenlr of all Universily iobs held by sfudenfs. Q? SJ is iv-ff ARCHIPENKO A collecfion of ninefeen sculpfural pieces and ISO painlings and phorographs of rhe worlcs of Alexander Archipenlco, The largesr collecfion of sculpfure ever broughr Jro Omaha, was exhibired in +he halls of The Universiry during November. E The arf is of an expressionisric Jrype, using absfrac- hon rarher Than porfraifure. Archipenlcds work shows an aHemp+ for a balance of light shadow, and curved or sharp lines inslead of precise represenlafion. The display was sfudiecl by humanihes sfudenfs as an example of radical sfyles in arf. ,V a J 1' 5 -v --1, , 1 I ' I "I lt" :'.- , ' ' I WW A" - . . , A I -'4 Ai' ' ' 1. . ' Nj . . , 'a."1,Q fx! ,31-- 'L -, ' il " i'- " f' A. A -'N ' 1- Z'-V 1 ' 1 . ,K-' -I -.Ia , '--V I YW ? 1 " if 21 f 5 :X pk f 1 A , ,Q -X ,gf -iff ' Q ' -1 ' , f. ,. -'lf' r, I ' 1651 1 2:1 - H f " 'N f A-.i 'HQ-gf i fx . ,',. . . " ' X a,-"Hg " M, 4 592 ,, 1 M' 4-.A ,.,.- . 1 ls' -.g - T'Qx'f7' ,:--' 1 5' ' 'f' -a -3. M '- '- 1-- -, - 4,--,gkf ' - :ir -,ky - U ff ,,,- ,, , :f .,-' .' --1 ., . ' l 3 fr : Nu fb-f , -' -N .f A.--, Y fi' '38 ' ia "flaw" A "-. " !"Z :' 1 'F- Y, -Q -N4 4-, ff -K A Q .f - f- -Ii In I : 'll I J, . W lik MA: I qv X! kflrf, Y,-I' . 1 In , V Mr I-xi: NIM .. X N " 'QW-,flfl--'. . 5" L 1 1.5. 'udp' -A" "5 7" -I A 'I " " - Y lm" '- ,53 is anim. , I. - Y,-Tpwq -" 5-, ' .f f L In 5: :A 5 -- v 4" Z1 aah .. 2 -5' ,n I I a 5 ffq , 5 " 4 1 X I I N Q 5 1 X N ff ,aff E XX 5 1" ff' 5 54 K 4' f Mn E S ,f ' 5 "eff 15 f , . M .V-,, l 'iffy' ... .. -Jr. - r 'Y 'J Y l '-'Nl f f 1 f .. 425.1 ul Ilan, .e.Q,,- f "- ..- f ' y47b?qW f " 'L' ff? f iiififii-. .JI M127 ,zfzgfi g , ff 235:21 S: 'ff' V- fb-C ...1:2: 1 -'-" -1-.ff A V- 1.1 , ' "3:32?2QQfQQfQg. 'f?2r If gf. "iii 'fi-. ,. . 4 1- .,.. E.:-1-f1E51Eri1Erf'f'1' ' , -igigf' .... - :-:-:-14-:-:4-:-:-:-:-:-:4-:-'- ' " 5231 'ifffii' :ElfIiiiifififfifiifiiffili55' . Q 51' 1313.1:i:1:3:i:1:f:3:1:3'i'i"' .- iig- ' , -:-24:-11:-2,143-:-:-" ::Q:Q:Q:f1f:Q:?:7" 1? 1I'f2, :2:z:5g32g3g2g5g,: 2-S: .',' YV - "Lg aff:f1Q:fZf:f:2Q:32- -,il S -:if ,Par .:Ij1:I:1:Iji-I-i-If -..Y grk jf' . Y .1 Y: r' f + r f V:-as :-:-:s+:-:-:-:4 -- We fig? fy fi I+? . 1:23513 1:35 135272251 'Tr ,P 4:-1-. 1 .... - ' 427' Efililii ':3:35:3:3:1:5:?' f O 'Qi' ,I '53 W fifi 4.. 5 E5Eiii5Qi5EE5" -Hellm- JI -f ., .5-f- 2 i, ' 7 J L 1 3 SENIOR CLASS 5 ' S f S ,gill J ,ul g q y . I Presidenf ------- Andy Free Vice-Presidenf - - - Mary Edifh Majors Secrefary-Treasurer - Dororhy Shepherd Officers Maiors, Free, Shepherd And here are fhe IO5 seniors! Proud, ambifious-having finished fheir sip from rhe cup of learning-fhese fearless and dignified graduafes have behind fhem fhe memories of college days spenf bofh in fhe old and new buildings. Music orchids go fo Senior John l-lefri who has received nafional recognifion for his composifions. Ofher Top musicians are Evelyn Glad, Evelyn Smifh, John Luefh, Fred Dempsier, and 'Perry Rushlau, Senior iournalisfs counfed four Gafeway edifors, fwo Tomahawk ediirors, and fwo Sfudenf Direcfory edifors who were, respeciively: Frank Norall, Kurf Sick, l-lenrieffa Kieser, and Maurice Klainq Miss Kieser and Marjorie Disbrowg and Maurice Klain and Claude Shoemaker. Klain poked up iournalisfic fires during his shorf period as edifor of 'rhe paper, and "Hank" gained nafion-wide recognifion wifh her gag pefifion in which 52 Universify infellecfuals promised fo chop off fheir heads. Kurf Sick and Miss Disbrow were sfudenf members of fhe Board of Publicafions. Mary Pofrorff was elecfed Homecoming Princess and presided over fhe fes- fivifies of 'rhaf day. "PreSidenfs" in 'rhe class included Frank Spangler and Mary Edi+h Maiors, sfudenf council: and all-around afhlere, W. A. A. presidenl, and "barb" officer Dorofhy Shepherd. ' Debafe honors were sfacked up by sfellar speakers Maurice Klain, Enid Crowder, and Rosemary Larsen. Scienfisfs Roger l-laffon, Mary Ann Beck, and Josie Balsamo kepl' fhings mixing on fhe fourfh floor. Eleven seniors elecfed fo "Who's Who Among American Colleges and Uni- versi+ies" included Fred Dempsfer, Evelyn Glad, Rosemary Larsen, Mary Edifh Majors. Jean Richards, Pauline Rosenbaum, Perry Rushlau, and Frank Spangler. Klain, Sick, and Disbrow were re-elecfed 'ro fhis nafional honor lisf. Sfar afhlefes included Frank Manfia. Sammy Veneziano, Ralph Schmeckpeper, Julius Bachman, LaVern Krifner, Don Grofe. and Joe Mazzeri. Disfinguishing 'themselves on fhe sfage were Lois Burneff, Rifa Alger, and Don Korisko. V Cr Wg. Ve W ,Il ,M K, G31 IKRNQQ G. ,lf qv pt N I -fzf A 4 I Il THELA BARNES HISTORY BACHELOR OF ARTS Feafhers: Kappa Psi Della, Trees., Secy.: lnier-Sororily Council, Vice- Pres.: Sigma Pi Phi, Vice-Pres: W.A.A., Vice-Pres. LOUIS BERNABO BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Thefa Phi Della: "Nighl' of Jan. l6:" Flying Club: Liberal Club. LOIS M. BURNETT BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BACHELOR OF Asus RITA ALGER ENGLISH BACHELOR OF ARTS W.A.A. JOSIE BALSAMO BIOLOGY BACHELOR OF ARTS French Club: Gamma Pi Sigma, Secy.: Galeway: Chemislry Club lnframurals: W.A.A, MARY ANNE BECK " ' BIOLOGY I BACHELOR OF ARTS Fealhers: Pre-Mecl Club: Sigma Chi Omicron: W.A.A. A LORNA BORMAN SOCIOLOGY BACHELOR OF ARTs Alpha Kappa Della: Archery: Barb Organizalion: Baslcelball: Choir: French Club: Phi Mu: Ping Pong: Sigma Pi Phi: lnlramurals, Capfain: W.A.A. HELEN PAULINE BUTLER Drama Club: Safeway: German EDUCATION Club: Pi Omega Pi, Treas.. Pres.: BACHELOR or SCIENCE Sophomore Class Treas.: W.A.A. Choir G33 3 af Li ra L 51 ' gun. ll IIIIVJ-W VERNON R. ANDERSON MATHEMATICS BACHELOR or ARTS I JOSEPH BARNAS MATHEMATICS BACHELOR OF ARTS Sigma Pi Phi. Pres. if 'Q-' -gr' I ,I A 1 :as ,... ,IN "I .7 Al A, - g- V Ami. f ., I 3 L, .N , " I 3 t. 1' N 'N "N '- 4 A P ' '...l .. 1' .,,....'.:'. E WILLIAM CLIFFORD BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BACHELOR or SCIENCE EN-ID CROWDER GOVERNMENT BACHELOR OF ARTS WITH DISTINCTION IN HISTORY Barb Organizarion: Debale: Gale- way: ln'rerna+ional Relafions Club: Junior-Senior Scholarship: Liberal Club: Sigma Pi Phi: Srudenl' Di- recforyg Tomahawk: Cilizenship Scholarship. I Whig 5' li S JANE COOK SOCIOLOGY BACHELOR OF ARTS Alpha Kappa Delia: Feaihers, Secy., Vice-Pres.: Homecoming Commiffee: Ma-Ie Day Commii- Iee: Orchesis: Concerl Dance Group: Pi Omega Pi, Secy.. Vice- Pres., Pres.: Sophomore Class Pres.: Sludenl Council, Vice-Pres.: W.A.A. EDWARD E. CUMMINGS BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BACHELOR OF SCIENCE .v- We rin 'ff' QW! I' VI 5 il 'ia K S3 -Q. AU I L, Phi Sigma Phi, Pres.: "Posl Road:" lnlramurals. JOE J. DAWSON BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Freshman Class Vice-Pres.: Sopho- more Class Pres.: lnframurals: Peace Legion: Alpha Sigma Lamb- da. Vice-Pres., Pres.: Hall of Fame CommiITee: lnler-Fralernily Council. VIOLET DEVANEY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BACHELOR OF ARTS Pi Omega Pi:' Sophomore Class Secy.: W.A.A.: Inler-Sororily Council, Treas., Vice-Pres. LILLIAN DOHERTY EDUCATION BACHELOR OF SCIENCE ., ff? "',-SC" T . Ie- - we -5: .L S IIIII S S Igfa' is .HA 'IQ-. lxx . - I.- , y FRED DEMPSTER BACHELOR OF ARTS WITH DISTINCTION IN MUSIC Barb Organizafionz Choir: Junior- Senior Scholarship: Kappa Mu Lambda, Secy., Treas.: Orchesfra: Sigma Pi Phi: Who'S Who: Y.lvI.C. A.: Cilizenship Scholarship. MARJORIE CLAIR DISBROW ENGLISH BACHELOR OF ARTS WITH DISTINCTION IN ENC-LISI-I Board of Publicafions. Secy.: Bas- lcefball: Choir: Four-Year Scholar- ship: Gafeway, Fealure Award: Girl Scours, Sfaie Delegafe Infer- Conferance in N. Y.: Liberal Club: Ma-ie Day Commiffee: Orchesis: Pan-Hellenic Council, Chairman: Infer-Sororily Council: Sigma Chi Omicron. Reporfer: Sigma Tau Delia: Tomahawk, ASSI. Ediror, Ed- iIor: Who'S Who: W.A.A.: Hislor- ical Commiflee: Peace Legion. GEORGE DUFF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BACHELOR or SCIENCE V? P7 ,Ei F--we-I . JAMES P. DUEF ' MATHEMATICS g ,N g li A , .3 QS' Lap JOHN W. FORMAN MATHEMATICS BACHELOR OF ARTS Alpha Phi Omega, Vice-Pres.. Pres.: DebaTe: Chemisfry Club: Sigma Pi Phi: Dean's Honor Lisf: DeparTmenTal Assisfanf. ANDY C. FREE BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Barb Organizafion: Choir: Senior Class Pres.: lnframural Sporfs. BETTY FULLER ART BACHELOR or FINE ARTS Pi Omega Pi, Treas.: Volleyball: W.A.A.: lnframural Sporfs. Cap-' fain: Jacobberger Award. als RR X BACHELOR or ARTS ,,-.- Band: Four-Year Scholarship: Or- Chesfra: Sigma Pi Phi: Dean's Hon- or Lisf. JEAN ELLISON BIOLOGY BACHELOR OF ARTS Fea'rhers: French Club: Chemisfry Club: Sigma Chi Omicron: Tennis: Tomahawk: Volleyball: W.A.A. BERNICE ECKLUND EDUCATION BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Choir: Feafhersg Kappa Psi Delia, Corresponding Secy., Treas.: lnTer- Sororify Council: Sigma Pi Phi, Secreiary. CYRIL ERB FRENCH BACHELOR OF ARTs Phi Sigma Phi lg 1 r. ANNIE C. M. FRANKLIN ART BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS Choir: lnframural Sporfs. PEGGY JUNE FRIEDMAN SOCIOLOGY BACHELOR OF ARTS EVELYN GLAD MusIC BACHELOR OF ARTS Azgl 5. TL EL 41' Barb Organizafion: Choir: Feaih- Q. 'Y P' 54. ers: Four-Year Scholarship: French Club: Gafeway: lnfernafional Re- lcfions Club: Kappa Mu Lambda: Orbhesis: Inframural Sporis: Sigma Pi Phi: Tomahawk: Who's Who: Universify Trio and Ouarfeffe. LX ..- VIRGINIA GRANT EDUCATION BACHELOR or SCIENCE Drama Club: Sigma Chi Omicron: Sigma Pi Phi: Sigma Tau Delfa: W.A.A. MAX HALPERIN MATH EMATICS BACHELOR OF ARTS Liberal Club. DON GROTE BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Traclc: Foofball: "O" Club, Pres. Baskelball. DONALD HARRIS BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Thefa Phi DeITa, Secy.: Flying Club: C. A. A. fligh'I sfudenf: lnframurals. 'EJ-Qs, ,,.. Q. YI- P G I I ROGER HATTON CHEMISTRY BACHELOR OF ARTS Freshman Scholarship: Gamma Pi Sigma: Chemisfry Club. Pres.: Jun- ior-Senior Scholarship: Deparl- menfal Assislanf. CHARLES M. HENDERSON, JR. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Phi Sigma Phi. ROBERT EUGENE IRVINE BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Boxing: Foolball: Wresfling Cham- pion: Baslcefball: Infer-Frafernify Council. Secy.: Phi Sigma Phi, Rush Chairman. Pledge Masfer. Infra- mural Represenfalive. Q JOHN C. HEFTI Music BACHELOR OF ARTs WITH DISTINCTION IN Music Band: Camera Club: Junior-Senior Scholarship: Kappa Mu Lambda: Orcheslra: Sirpaf. PHYLLIS L. HOPKINS BIOLOGY BACHELOR OF ARTS I Chemisfry Club: Fealhers: German Club: Orchesis: Infer-Sororify Council: Pi Omega Pi: Pre-Med Club: Volleyball. MARGARET B. C. J ETTER EDUCATION BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Kappa Psi Della. REQ Lia. In ROBERT W. JOHNSON BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Alpha Sigma Lambda, Secy., Pres.: lnler-Frarernily Council, Secy., Pres. HENRIETTA F. KIESER ENGLISH BACHELOR OF Anrs Barb Organizalion: Feafhers, Pub- licily Chairman: Gareway, News Edifor. Managing Ediror, EdiTor-in- Chief, Confribufing Ediror: Infer- nafional Relafions Club: Sigma Tau Della, Pres.: Sirpaf: Tomahawk, Assf. Edilor, Edifor: Hislorical Commission: Peace Legion: Sum- mer Gafeway. Eclifor and Business Manager: lnsfilufe of Government AQHA . , . ' gn , :. T " M ' I I II I ff: " 1-. ,ff I. .- A ,.. L L ,es DORIS P. KINSEY EDUCATION BACHELOR OF SCIENCE German Club: Sigma Pi Phi MAURICE KLAIN POLITICAL SCIENCE BACHELOR OF Anrs WITH DIsTINcTIoN IN GOVERNMENT Nebr. Srafe Champion Debafe Team: Gafeway, Asst Edifor, Con- fribuling Edilor. Edifor-in-Chief: lnlernafional Relalions Club: Jun- ior-Senior Scholarship: Liberal Club, Sreering Commiffee: Sfudenl Direc'l'ory, Edilor and Business Man- ager: Who's Who: Peace Legion: Hisforical Commission, Chairman: Cifizenship Scholarships: Home- coming Speakers: Sire Speakers Bu- reau: lnslilule of Governmenr, Sfudenl' Commillee. DONALD L. KO RISKO BIOLOGY BACHELOR OF ARTS Chemisrry Club: Choir: German Club, Treas.: Pre-Med Club. ESTHER KLAIMAN ENGLISH BACHELOR OF ARTS Barb Organizalion: Debale: Gare- V 'W' way: ln'ferna'l'iOnal Relalions Club: Liberal Club: Orchesis: W.A.A. Y.W.C.A. 1 GEORGE J. KNIPPRATH GOVERNMENT BACHELOR OF ARTS Gafeway: Liberal Club: Sfudenl Council: Sludenl' Direcrory. KATHRYN KUHN SOCIOLOGY BACHELOR OF ARTS Alpha Kappa Delia: Archery: Sigma Chi Omicron. Sludenl Commiflee, EARL KAPLAN CHEMISTRY BACHELOR OF ARTs GAYLE KIESLING EDUCATION BACHELOR or SCIENCE ., 4f"31w WN LUELLA KVETENSKY ENGLISH BACHELOR or ARTS Archery: Barb Organizalion: Four- Year Scholarship: Sigma Pi Phi Sigma Tau Delia. ROSEMARY LARSEN l'lISTO RY BACHELOR or ARTS WITH DISTINCTION IN HISTORY Archery: Debafe: lnfernaiional Re- Iafions Club: Liberal Club: Poly- gIo'I': Shuffleboarcl: Sigma Pi Phil Sigma Tau Delia. Secy.: Who's Who: Deparimenfal Assisianf: His- Torical Commission: Consiiiuiional Revision COmmiTTee: Insiiiuie of Government Siudeni' Commiifee: Dean's Honor LIST: Pi Kappa Delia. J .JA -A K' , vs: 4 SIDNEY W. LANDERS BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Alpha Sigma Lambda, Secy.: lnirarnurals. CELIA LIPSMAN FRENCH an A I, y BACHELOR OF ARTS - Alpha Gamma Chi. Hisiorian, I Treas.. Pres.: Feafhers, Treas., Pres.: Gaieway: Infer-Sororify Council, ' Secy.: Sigma Fi Phi: W,A.A. 5' EN Q? L. ZENAIDE LUHR ART BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS Barb Organizaiion: Junior-Senior Scholarship: Dean's Honor Lisf. MARY EDITH MAJORS BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BACHELOR or SCIENCE Homecoming Commiifee, Chair- man: Senior Class Vice-Pres.: Sig- ma Chi Omicron, Pres.,Vice-Pres., Trees.: Sophomore Class Secy.: Siudenl' Council, Pres.. Sacy. HAROLD MARSHALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BACHELOR OF SCIENCE 9 'fyk '21 DOROTHY MACEK EDUCATION BACHELOR OF SCIENCE SARAH ANN MARGOLIN SOCIOLOGY BACH ELOR OF ARTS JOYCE MINTEER BUSINESS AND EDUCATION BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Feafhers: Gamma Sigma Omicron. Vice-Pres., Pres.: InI'er-Sorori+y Council. Pres.: Junior-Senior Schol- arship: Sigma Pi Phi. if? ill l ii: I' .ni M11 . Z: 4 .... Q' N Lmggr, Hn: 3 Y i ' N11 I ,,, :I , W ..AA . ,, ROBERT J. NOVAK GOVERNMENT BACHELOR OF ARTS Choir: Four-Year Scholarship: I'n- +ernal'iOnal Relafions Club: Sigma Pi Phi: Y.M.C.A., Chairman: lnsfi- l'uTe of Government Sfuclenf Com- miffee. IRENE C. OHYE SOCIOLOGY BACHELOR OF ARTS Alpha Kappa Delfa: Sigma Pi Phi. HARRY PATTERSON PSYCHOLOGY BACHELOR OF ARTS Alpha Phi Omega: German Club: Pre-Med Club. RR S. WILLIAM E. MORRIS BIOLOGY BACHELOR OF ARTS Gafewayi German Club: Home- coming Commiffee: lnfernaiional Relafions Club: Pre-Med Club: Siu- denf Council: Thefa Phi Delfa, Treas., Pres. MARY L. NEWBY SOCIOLOGY BACHELOR OF ARTS Alpha Kappa Delia: Feafhers: Gamma Pi Sigma: Gamma Sigma Omicron: German Club: Pre-Med Club. IRVINE OBERMILLER GOVERNM ENT BACHELOR OF ARTS RICHARD S. OSTERHOLM CHEMISTRY BACHELOR OF ARTS WITH DISTINCTION IN CHEMISTRY Camera Club: Chemisfry Club German Club: Junior-Senior Schol- arship: Pre-Med Club, Pres.: De- pa rimenfal Assisfanf. PAUL POLLARD PSYCHOLOGY BACH ELOR OF ARTs PAULINE D. NELSON GOVERNMENT BACHELOR OF ARTS French Club: lnfernafional Rela- Tions Club: Liberal Club: Pi Ome- ga Pi, Pres.: Y.W.C.A.. Secy.. Cab- inef: Peace Legion. FRANK V. NORALL SPANISH BACHELOR OF ARTS wITH DISTINCTION IN SPANISH CULTURE Camera Club, Secy., Treas.: Gafe- way, Managing Edifor, COnTribuT- ing Edifor: lniernafional Relafions Club: Liberal Club: Polyglof: Tom- ahawk: German Award: Depart menfal Assisfanf: Norfh Cenfral Press Ass'n. Pres.: Mississippi Val- ley Conference of l. R. C. Clubs, Pres. A ' If i'- EQ.-if MARY POTTORFF EDUCATION BACHELOR or SCIENCE Homecoming Princess: lnfernafion- al Relafions Club: Peace Legion: Pan-Hellenic Council: lnTer-Sorori- fy Council: Pi Omega Pi: Sigma Pi Phi: Volleyball: W.A.A. SARA PERSSON RALYA EDUCATION AND GERMAN BACHELOR or SCIENCE zll ARTHUR F. RAESIDE GOVERNM ENT BACHELOR OF ARTS Choir: Drama Club: lnfernaiional Relafions Club: Liberal Club, Sfeering Commiffee: Y.M.C.A., Pres. PAULINE L. ROSENBAUM BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BACHELOR OF ARTS Alpha Gamma Chi, Pres., Vice- Pres., Treas.: Feafhers: French Club: Gafeway: lnTer-Sororify Council: Tomahawk: Who's Who: Isl' Prize. Chamber of Commerce. WOmen's Division Confesf. ' I I-fx h v 4. fl. Q ad! 4. , R is I GOLDIE S. ROSENBAUM EDUCATION AND FRENCH BACHELOR OF ARTS Alpha Gamma Chi, Vice-Pres.: Feafhers: French Club: Pan-Hel- lenic Council: infer-Sororify Coun- cil: Sigma Pi Phi. FRED SCHULTZ CHEMISTRY BACHELOR OF ARTS CLAUDE SHOEMAKER BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BACHELOR or SCIENCE lnframural Boxing: Jacobberger Prize: Camera Club, Pres.. Secy.. Trees.: Phi Sigma Phi: Gafeway: Tomahawk: S+udenT Direcfory. Ed- ifor,'Business Manager. a. , -I II, E T' STUART C. SADLER BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BACHELOR or SCIENCE lnframural Baslcefball. Foofball: Four-Year Scholarship: Freshman Class Pres.: Homecoming Commif- fee: Junior Class Pres.: Sfuclenf Council: Thefa Phi Delia, Vice-Pres. DOROTHY JANE SHEPHERD ENGLISH BACHELOR or ARTs Barb Organizafion. Secy.: Feafhers, Vice-Pres.. Secy.: Orchesis: Senior Class Secy.-Treas.: Shufflebolardz Sigma Tau Delia: lnframural Sporls: W.A.A., Pres., Vice-Pres., Delegafe To N.C.: Baskefball Chairman. KURT SICK ECONOMICS BACHELOR OF ARTS Board of Publicafions: Camera Club: Gafeway. Assf. Edifor. Man- aging Eclifor, Confribufing Edifor, Edifor-in-Chief: Homecoming Commi+fee: Liberal Club: Poly- glof: Sfudeni' Council: Tomahawk: Joseph Barker Scholarship: News- wrifing Ediforial Award: Norfh Cenfral Press Assn.. Secy. M i7 1 C. FRANKLIN : A SPANCLER L 43. ECONOMICS Ja, F ' I ii -I E, BACHELOR OF ARTS ' W 'I Freshman Class Pres.: S'fucIenI P 4... ' -5,1 . COunCiI, Soph. RepresenTaTive. In Pres.: Me-ie Day Commiffee, Pres.: X , TheTa Phi DeI+a, Pres.: Joe COIIege f' ' -.1 of I937. A I 'B+ MARGARET E. THOMAS 5 "' EDUCATION L BACHELOR OF SCIENCE by Choir: Feafhers: Sigma Pi Phi: 5' Y.W.C.A., Chairman. Cabinet GEORGE E. UNRUH PHYSICS BACHELOR OF ARTS POIygIOI: Depar+men+aI Assisfanf- Ga'Ieway: Sigma Tau Delia. LOUISE A. VOLKER ENGLISH AND EDUCATION BACHELOR OF ARTs NAATHAN WOLFSON GOVERNMENT BACHELOR OF ARTS CHARLES T. VAUGHN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BACHELOR or SCIENCE HOWARD WINHOLTZ BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Choir: Y.M.C.A.. Secy.: Indepen- denfs: Inframurais: Baskefball. HERBERT WYRICK GOVERNMENT BACHELOR OF ARTS Choir: InTerna'IionaI Relafions Club: Liberal Club: Sigma Pi Phi: Y.M.C.A. BARBARA J. STUART SOCIOLOGY BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Archery: Barb OrganizaTion: Choir Shuffleboardi Sigma Pi Phi: W.A A.. Secy.. Treas. ALICE THOMPSON EDUCATION BACHELOR or SCIENCE J. ALBERT YOUNGSTROM CHEMISTRY Med CI SENIORS NOT PICTURED ROBERT BRAYTON JACK MALQNEY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BACHELOR OF SCIENCE BACHELOR OF SCIENCE ARITA FLYNN FRENCH JAMES MARTIN BACHELOR OF ARTS CHEMISTRY BACHELOR OF ARTS BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BACHELOR OF SCIENCE FRANK HICKSON MATHEMAT'C5 BACHELOR OF ARTS BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BACHELOR OF SCIENCE RICHARD HULBERT SALLQQUQQOBJSON MUSIC BACHELOR OF SCIENCE BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS JAMES ROMAN ENGLISH BACHELOR OF ARTS PERRY RUSHLAU MusIC BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS SAM VENEZIANO BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BACHELOR OF SCIENCE HELENE WACEK EDUCATION BACHELOR OF SCIENCE MAXINE WACHAL EDUCATION BACHELOR OF SCIENCE a KU" ww an DT. SI CI'- Ile VE - 4 SADIE HAWKINS' NOVEMBER 8,1939 Coming in from 'rhe hills, Daisy Mae. Lil' Abner, and Hairless Joe became reali- l'ies on +he Universiiy of Omaha Campus on November 8, I939, 'rhe officially sanclioned Sadie Hawkins' Day. Siudenls wore cosiumes in classes which ranged from The Jrrue Yokum impersonaiions +0 'rheir individual ideas of wha'r 'rhe well-dressed hill-billy was wearing for ihe fall season. The aciiviiies were cli- maxed +ha'r afiernoon by a dance in +he auclilorium in which 'lhe fair sex look over all cu++ing privileges. Sadie Hawkins' ac+ivi- Hes were under 'rhe supervision of a com- - 9' X. 1 . 1,- A . ' 1 f . miifee composed of Evelyn Glad, chairman of Jrhe commilfee, Virginia Lundquisf, Eileen Zevilz, lvlargenne Noland, Befiy Mae Shoemaker, Doris Jean Nelson, and Dixie Souih. Mammy Yokum Cochrane Daisy Mae O'Neil and fha Dogpafch Dude Tha? long feared rnomenl-+he Sadie Hawkins' Race QQ? QQ . ill-- JUNIOR CLASS 5.3 . .UIAV 'ii' liiiiliiiililiiim 'lll-v"444.'v'v I iii:-i f Q if 2i2i?i2iEEE2222i325212? fliiaiiiigsifig., f f T T lf S if ffl! T' 4' 1- ' .A., T 4 .i.g.g:3:g:j:fif fifilrifi E is lllb .Lt !i'uI ,4 i IHIPGKKQQNI ' li , TFTW is is-wi-i"Sm V me OTTicers PresidenT ------ Don P'FlasTerer Vice-PresidenT - - - Margenne Noland SecreTary-Treasurer - - Edmund Barker NoLANn Prmsrenea BARKER MeeT The l94O juniors, who by luck and The grace oT Yuhoudi will be nexT year's seniors. Propaganda-minded juniors declare ThaT The class, "inspired by scholar- ship and Tired wiTh loyalTy and enThusiasm has gone Tar and accomplished much in iTs eTTorTs To mainTain The sTanclards, objecTives, and goals oT The UniversiTy oT Omaha." Led by The class oTTicers, The juniors pulled Their second annual "shinclig," The junior-senior prom, aT Peony Park April I9. SOTT Iighfs and good music made The dance one oT The year's ouTsTanding evenTs. On The STudenT Council, doing Their biT Tor The school and The juniors, were Roy Alley, JeanneTTe CrapenhoTT, and RuTh Erlcman, who was also candidaTe Tor The "O" club SweeThearT. The juniors really began To come up in The world This year wiTh seven lads and lassies elecfed To "Who's Who Among American Colleges and UniversiTies." The hon- ored sTudenTs were Roy Alley, Ed Barker, AusTin Viclcery, RuTh Erlcman, George Jacob- son, Don PTlasTerer. and Francis Donahue. This year's crop oT nominees Tor The honor was The largesT in The hisTory of The junior class. The juniors weren'T quiTe up To The Trosh and sophs in The maTTer.oT co-ed sex appeal. buT neverTheless included several in The TOMAHAWK and Johnny Burress beauTy conTesTs. They were Florence Kennedy, Arlene Ackerman, RuTh SaxTon and lvlargenne Noland. ln The Tield-oT inTer-collegiaTe debaTe, Roy Alley, AusTin Viclcery, and Ed Barlcer proved Their abilify To "spiel" Their way To many vicTories and were insTrumenTal in organizing The Bellows Club and The No. 2 l-laT TradiTion. Ed Barlcer was The Tringed chin ediTor oT The l94O Tomahawk. P' P l F T N xi ml in l -4 . , 4 Y' x Jil. ROBERT BUTLER SARAH CARR FRANK CATALANO MEADE CHAMBERLIN JACR CHEEK RICHARD CHRISTENSEN ROBERT CLAUOIUS I-lowARD CLEMMONS MONROE COLEMAN INEZ CORRIN E 'Ni ' V ' TQ 5' N , , - -ii' XF, W -T L , Vdgf T A iT,,,"' s..- . A has 1'-fiasfni ' J ' 1 is H - N T' ' iwwqyiii ii Q? A X, ii 'i 'E -I 'TSW ,A A E JUNIORS The iuniors boaslecl of Two presidenls of school or- ganizalions in The persons of Don Grore, presidenl of The "O" clulo, and Marie Jensen, presidenr of The Y. W. C. A. On The lnler-Fralernily Council The iunior class was well represenled wilh four members, and one girl served on The Inler-Sororily Council. Juniors on The Q T 1 Inler-Frarernily Council were Meade Chamberlin, Roberf Claudius, John Good, and Jack Safersiein. Mar V33 YA .W f garel ARLENE ACKERMAN ROY ALLEY ROBERT ANDERSEN BETTY JAYNE BACKLUND HOWARD BAKER EDMUND BARRER EMILY BLAZER ORA LEE BRITT MAURINE BROWN WILLIAM BURTON lL ,fl . mf' T f HELEN Couuex Jumon Coveizr JEANNETTE CRAPENHOFT LLLY BECK DOUGHERTY Rum EEKMAN NAOMI EYRE ROLLIE DEATON ETHEL FLORENCE ALBERT FRIEDMAN VALE GAMBLE , ix ff-,1 i, fs' i if - J" 'QE 'K 714. i i x - i S2 i if 'H 4 12 M ' mix, -..,,...eiffEif- i 5:2 L MK, -i "im ii ,wg -1 i 'VW i EL a A 1' -5 vw. IU' .,,, .- ",i'wi"iii'WV' K Q fx v T L' i 'S " F E-E v' if i I A V J A . i r "V -E Ave Ev iw- W .Ei , '--A ... f 'J , E. , - N!! efilg were i i if -- ff :.E Hg i i ,' f," f-f viiggikxi A A 4 L iiiiiiirifeiifif JUNIORS Moon represenied The iuriior co-eds on The infer-Sororify Council. , Juniors siarring on The foofbali field and baske?- ball courf were sfaiwarr afhleres Francis Donahue. Roberf Marks, Don Pflas+erer, Vernon O'Neii, Jack Cheek, Howard Wa+erman,'Paul G-aer, George Jacobson, John Maher. Louis Profecia, Lawrence Rohde. Sfanley Skripsky, and Gordon Chrisfianson. mL,i ima W! Q 4- - 'M ARLENE GILCRIST WLLMA GRANT BERNICE Garcia CLARE GRIMM DMRALD HARSH HARRY HILTON RAY Homes CLARE Howes ROSEANNE HuusoN BETTE HUGHES WD if Es I SSW , ..- XQ r ,E Q ,V ,Z :E 3' 1' I 'agw -'RI it af EL gf. 'R '- 'Cf MI, g--. A I S, fy -fl-:E , S k A V , . A . K I 'f D X M I - r: R H- T Tig DL ' BQ, ' a..- I E 'L fr R' f H VJ STUART LOOMIS CHARLES MALEC RUTH MATZ ELIZABETH MAYNE HAROLD MCKENNA HERBERT MUNGER JOHN MUNT MARGENNE NOLAND MALCOLM NOYES CARL NYGREN , - , ai f fi" . au! "" - HRD. , , :sv ' , GEORGE JACOBSON JERRY JELEN ART JOHNSON PAT JONES ROWENA JONES VERA KAVENY FLORENCE KENNEDY ROBERT KNAPP PHILLIP KROGH ROBERT LANDSTROM AT' IFMQ aw, , , ' gr 'E E ,' m :SX ' Q' Q, Q A :Z i -f 'XL JUNIORS NOT PICTURED MILTON ANDERSON DORIS FALLDINE DOROTHY JENNING5 EMIL BLAZEK MAURICE FELDMAN MARIE JENSEN MAXINE CAMPBELL PAUL GAER R. STEWART JONES EDWIN CORNELIUS LEROY GALLAGHER ROWENA JONES SAM CORNETT JACK GATROST WILLIAM KENNEDY CLIFFORD COVINCTON AHUVAH GERSHATER JAMES KOVARIK ABRAM DANSRY NARCISSE GILL FLORENCE LIGGETT HAROLD DAVIS JOHN GOOD JOHN LINDER KATHRYN DELEHOY RICHARD GURNEY ALEX LIPSMAN FRANCIS DONAHUE' ARTHUR HELLICSO ROBERT MARKS ELAINE EDDY BERNICE HENRY OWEN MATTHEWS EUGENE ERMAN DEAN HILBORN 'JOHN MCAVIN WILBUR IRWIN V33 RR I X LESLIE OLLER MARIANNA PALMER WALTER PEARSON GEORGE PETERS DON PFLASTERER I . -- I-' V Q ' if . Th- I-jk I ' ' ,C - , I ITL Ze ,I ' F I. T JACR SAFERSTEIN W ,. I 3111, RUTH SAXTON , fx gy - X 'W ML I .... , , xg DIXIE SOUTH 70 'W' M ,ggi-,T mf! f PSI!! '-' EDWARD STEM' ' ' . 1' EvA MAE STEWART T4 'I , A "JM il, ' II"II,Ig,jlH,: is ' ,T if J ., . II I H T, I R A' Y : III ' JI E :VX J I J F 'Q K 'P' diff I" js: I' - I,I Vf . I HELEN THOMAS A b at ' :N K """ I MARGARET THOMAS ' Q A iii 9' ELAINE TINDELL xx , M , 'ff' DWAYNE TURECI-IEK -A V A , 'U al -- . in MARY ELLEN UHRICH g? ,X if i I E M A gg?" . Il 'V' A.-'f vm ROBERT UNMACK MARY Voss PEARL WINN VIOLA WINN EILEEN ZEVITZ .IUNIORS NOT PICTURED MRS. K. L. MCCLERNON JANE POPE TRUEX UPCHURCH CLARENCE MCDERMOTT LOUIS PROFEDA AUSTIN VICKERY IRVIN MCINTYRE LAWRENCE ROHDE ARTHUR VuYLsTEIc LOUISE MILLER ELLEN ROMIG FRANCES WALROTI-I ART MILOw SAM RUBENS HOWARD WATERMAN MARGARET MOON JOHN RUSHLAU SYLVIA WEINER HASKELL MORRIS RONALD SALYARDS HARRIETT WOLFE GEORGE NEILL WILLIAM SAUNDERS MARTI-IA WOODBRIDGE VERNON O'NEIL LOWELL SHEETS DONALD ZIPPER ROY M. PETERS EVELYN SMITH WILLIAM PETERSON JAMES SMITH W 27 I ,,- ,r 6? .,y- 'x H QQ . Ar! k Nicholson ene A If 'len Bullet and Die Carol Bock and Bill Randall C e"'75f1 and Bob Hi lv 3 T nf clifif Ca n d i d a fes Bob Hinchclilif --------- Arlene Ackerman Bill Randall - - --------- Carol Bock Dick Nicholson ----------- Helen Bufler Everybody wears saddle shoes, half lhe school doles on colces, and several dozen fellows sporl' beards or a likeness lhereoi-yel' iusl a very selecl few wear 'rwin swearers. Possibly a reversion To 'rhe old French romanlicisls, This l94O fad-much more ' ' ' ' T h ld ld la+e lhan lusl' a wardrobe boosl-recognizes hanging a swealer inslead o 'r e o co p "pin" as The savoir faire. This movemenl-a billei-doux in haberdashery-was siarled lasi Tall by Bob l-linchclifi and Arlene Ackerman, boih wearing idenlical blue swealers. The 'following monlh, Bill Randall and Carol Bock swelled 'rhe Twin Swealer Ranks by appearing in while knil' swealers. Early spring did 'rhe lrick for Dick Nicholson and Helen Buller, l'his couple doing iuslice lo a nice lighl blue pair of swealers. Thus modern woo, according 'ro The praciical 'rradilion esiablished by 'rhese six charier members, becomes less abslraci and evidences iiself in colorful and comiorlable slyles. "Up 'ro slyle. up The aisle." Win . - H 1' rn A dlglcu U Arm in arm ' 33 Ri 5 Tel' seffing .Hanging Z 7 I 7 fg Ai Cfficers Presidenf ------ John Knuclsen , Vice-Presicleni' ---- Bernice Premer L' A g SecreTary-Treasurer - - Elizabefh Morris -"" T Q I A ...L Morris, Knudsen, Premer Labeled by some misguided member oT The class as The "QuanTiTies oT Qual- iTy," The sophomore class conTinued To ToTTer on, and now composes The largesr and mosT acTive sophomore class in The hisTory OT The UniversiTy. Engineered by The "greaT Barnum" John Burress, and cheerleader Bobbie Buchanan, The class arranged and sponsored a Trip To Vermillion, S. Dalc., To cheer The lndian lads on. SprighTly Danny l-lusTon, who jumps in and ouT OT barrels amused and enTerTained The crowds aT The TooTball and baslceTball conTesTs. Would-be acTor Johnny "Knuddey" Knudsen had a brillianT brainsTorrn and The resulT was a reversal oT Time Tor Two nighTs. The young genius had acTing Mayor Knudsen-eno relaTion, he says-push The nighT oT March I5 and I6 back and replace Them wiTh The UniversiTy's annual dramaTic presenTaTion, "The NighT oT January lo." AcTive sophomore members oT The dramaTics deparTmenT were Doris Jean Nelson, The glamour gal who was on Trial Tor her life in The "NighT oT January lb," hard- working Loucilla McNuTT, "screwball" Bob Buchanan, and beauiriful RiTa BurTon. On The.weelcly newspaper, The GaTeway, several sophomores raTed high sTaTT posiTions. LiTTle Johnny Tyrrell served as managing ediTor, Margie LiTherbury as TeaTure ediTor, and Naomi Eyre as news ediTor. Reporjrers included Ann Borg, Nancy BuTTon, l-larry Melby, Eileen ZeviTz and EsTher Klaiman. Musical TalenT was prominenT in The ranks oT The class wiTh Marian Johnson, l-lerberT Cannell, Gloria Odorisio, and Ada 'Jayne Turner parTicipaTing in universiTy musical evenTs. ln The Tield oT debaTe Bob Turner, Bruce Moore, Warren WhiTTed, and Odell Derr walked away wirh several vicTories and proved The abiliTy of Omaha lads To com- peTe wiTh The besT of Them. Fellow debaTers gave Turner The dubious honor of wearing The cherished No. 2 l-laT. Vs if SOPHOMORE CLASS 'li' Lundberg, Mench, Linn, Derr, Johnston, Jorgensen, Knudsen, McGarraugh, Moran, Malfhews Merriam, Lee, Moore, LeMay, Lindahl, McOmber, Macalisler, Jorgensen, Magner Kimber, Lonqwell, Kinney, Jolley, Lilherbury, Johnson, Nelson, Moeller, Leake, Magnussen Sludenl Council members included Rob- i err Turner, Mary Fran l-lassler, Anna Lou Jackson and Bob Buchanan. Among lhe fairer sex lhe sophomore class boasled of lhree winners in fhe A i 4 iiiirr i rri iiirrirr,, rr,, C: ri fir ,i LL ffl. 0 L 7' Carr, Burress, Adams, Archibald, Buchanan, Claypool, Blinn, Bekins, Carlson, Alevezos, Bock Butler, Bilby, Bock, Buffon, Beern, Bennett, Berlin, Carfer, Alperson, Barfleff, Anderson Blanchard, Arns, Alger, Bebensee, Burfon, Arfherron, Carson, Borg, Brandt C33 I A Forsberg, Dolgoff, Dohner, Cook, Ronnfeldl, Danielson, Foley, Filkins, Fay, Cook, Applegafe, Fredericks Collins, Egan, Eivins, Fee, DeLong, Crowle , Brehm, Chrisiensen, Fochek, Davis, Crosby, Chrisfenson Epsfein, Dempsler, Eyre, Eyer, Morgan, Culver, Dusfin, Sieffen, Floerehinger, Brauch, Cohen Johnny Burress Beauiy Conlesl and sev- en enlranis in fhe official Tomahawk con- iesl. The co-eds in 'rhe Tomahawk coniesi were Anna Lou Jackson, BeHe Urquhart Roloeria Carson, Nancy Kirlcpairick, Jayne Fee, and Elizabeih Morris. Winners in Jrhe Gooclbinder, Hefflinger, Hyndrnan, Ginsburg, Hansen, Hallgren, Gundersen, Hernandes, Holland, Hyndman, Hess Horfon, Hanson, Holden, Galloway, Ingram, Jensen, Hinchcliff, Hunfer, Hilfon, Conrey, George Garsi, Galda, Griffifh, Horf, Harfman, Harrison, Jenkins, Hahne, Hassler, Jackson, Jackson GJ Panqle, Prokop, Roberlson, Shirck, Pope Reed, Nestor, Randall, Noble, Rohan, Nelson Reynolds, Marcil, Prenzlow, Pelerson, Nolnle, Anderson, Peferson, Mousrakes, Nicholson, Probsf MCNUH, Picciorli, Pospichal, Morris, Rinqhofer, Morris, Johnson, Nordin, Roberrs, Rogers, Orlo Rifkin, Norberg, Sheehan, Nelson, Townsley, Prarner, Ovingfon, Odorisio, Myers, Mounls, Young Burress Conlesl were Jayne Fee, Belle Urquliarl, and Elizabellw Morris. Slarring on The allwlelic fields were Bob Malllwews, Bob Brown, Dean l-lilborn, Bill O'Brien, Wall Vaclwal, Cecil "Esquire" Powell, Warner O'Connell, Harry l-louslw, "S+real4" McDermoH, and Karl Danlcol. fe - :es r -W . Fw Taylor, Wezelrnan, Swain, Snyder, Worley, Winters, Smilh, Turner, Treffer, Vancura, Weisman, Wagsfaffe, Unruh Tyrrell, Thornfon, Ainsworfh, Urquharl, Thorup, Shaw, Huston, Wilson, Williams, Sleinerf, Trennl Willard, Kalzman, Siegel, Katz, Shoemaker, Woodson, Warrick, Wilburn, Soiref, Davis, Wolherspoon, Varner lb , , X' T 'in l- H ,iii .-3 il T.. b ,ji E T- 1555551Erfrigigiiririrz-. , ' i f .,-,' ' 7' f ' l 'C '! M5-:f'.-,fzsfgffmgt-. ,5,5.g:':-:4:-- -. n I V T , x -HI-3+:-1-:-:i:-:-:':f':-:3'5'7' """ fi l T ', . 4 I A . if ,W lk , ,. kj A' 1,-adv' H 4 1 S alma i Md :ffi r lil , T ll 'fre "li T 57' .., 355355 ,, MVK, V ll! "W .',4:-'iii' 'il uiwlv li' '?' llf , I l' ' .dn Z -:-:55"' ' i "' TN X If ...v -1 ,Z fy' K N M fi -as-is N-1 i W il'l l iv V1 lil 1 A 'lim is Tl 3 'I I -' 3"'f"'lllh ' l Til Vi limi l -if l i VT llfl,i1'iaWWxixIix ,,lJ:ylPY lyllhyfgj lgnvlllfilllkll kiwi? Magi X XIV A 'Y ii i il if ' Ill-mx 1 5 I uw, K, i 5- i,.. 4 i H" , lf ' 1 1 y ik., , 'V . , l - Office rs Pl'eSlClGh'l' - ---- - - Joe Baker ViCe-PreSlClel'l'l' - - - Eleanor Wiege SecreTary-Treasurer - Wallace PeTerson Wiese, Baker, PeTerson ln The Tar corner sTand The blushing, giggling Treshmen, The hope OT '43, if They lasT ThaT long. AlThough The yearlings cannoT as yeT b'oasT OT any greaT achievemenTs, There is maTerial in Their ranks well suiTed Tor mainTaining lJniversiTy TradiTions. AT The beginning of The year. under The usual direcTion OT upper classmen and The Greeks, The Trosh elecTecl Their oTTicers Tor The year. On The surTace, however, The poIi+ical campaign waxed hoT and Turious. "FirsTs" inauguraTed by The Treshmen were The class caps and The creaTion oT a freshman council as The governing body OT The class. AlThough nearly all caps have vanished, Tor several monThs The Trosh could be iclenTiTied by The red and black collegi- aTe caps perched on The rear of Their heads. Members oT The Treshman council included MargareT Lobb, Eleanor Wiese, BeTTy Voboril, Jean PeTerson, Rachel Ann Walker, BeTTy BurkhalTer, Joe Baker, Wallace PeTerson, Craig ChrisTiansen, Jim RalsTon, Charles l-lalloway, KaThryn AkerT, and Harold Bremers. The Trosh branched ouT inTo The picnic and dance Tield wiTh The all-Treshman "Yearling Spring Gambolu held aT The FonTenelle park pavilion. All TiTTy of The Trosh presenT had a good Time. . IT The Treshman class had noThing else, iT musT be admiTTed There was plenTy oT maTure high school glamour among The TirsT year lassies. Freshman gals made up a large percenTage OT The enTranTs in The Johnny Burress BeauTy ConTesT, and among The eleven winners were Kay AlcerT, Clara Jane Clark, ArdiTh l-lardlannerT, Suzanne l-loward, and Mary O'Neil. ln The oTTicial Tomahawk conTesT, Treshman enTranTs were Mary O'Neil, Clara Jane Clark. Peggy l-lolmes, ArdiTh l-lardlannerT, Eleanore Wallace, BeTTy Voboril, and DoroThy Young. WEA M FRESHMAN CLASS QM-wang WQEQEN W' '- - fi A i l 15 S' in Armslrong, Barllelr, Blinn, Beranek, Burgess, Bilby, Aller, Anderson Bele, Bullock, Anderson, Bauman, Bomgardner, Bolden, Boukal, Blake Anfczak, Anderson, Ahlquisf, Barnerf, Beall, Akerson, Akerf, Anderson Anderson, Brown, Andersen, Bredbeck, Baker, Bailey, Allison, Anderson, Blanchard On lhe dramalic lronl' Dallis Madison, Willard Carlson, John Wells, Mildred l-looqslraal, and Loma Kemp played aclive parls in many of lhe slage prooluclions of lhe year. Freshman members ol The augusl sludenl council were Suzanne l-loward, Belly Jane l-lanlord, Jack Gearharl, ancl Richard Loomis. Scolf, Rodgers, Spangler, Rufs, Slufzkin, Roe, Ruff, Robertson, San-Filippo, Richards, Slruck, Rohlfs Severin, Slobofh, Rice, Rogers, Lillle, Smifh, Sorenson, Simon Riggs, Slewarf, Speelmon Slenlzer, Richrman, Slater, Smilh, Slow, Slreefer, Schwerfley, Rolph, Sage, Slovek, Ross on 55 ll , -l ,NARA , W L l . , , , i k l M l l fl - l , l , ,, ' lawn ns, V L L fr-Q Jia ' Ami All 5- ,, l ll 4 .ll -l Ann. A Macchieflo, Leuder, Kuhlmann, Maior, Crecek, Malec, Marlin, McAdams, Kvenold, Maloney, Madsen, Koenig, Mansell McMarlin, Lancaster, Lol Larson, Lovell, Hoogslraal, Lundberg, Kohn, Koopman, McGee, lvlalmqulsf, Malors Lobb, Marlin, Langenlelcl, Landslrom, Mayne, Lindevall, Maflice, Lawrence, Lincoln, Machaby, Loomis Silver-longued oralors Richard Loomis, Belly Burlchaller, Juslin Priesman, and Arl Cohn found Their way lo lhe clebale learns, where lhey lallced lhelr way lo many vlclories. Frosh wilh a iournalislic lwisl of mind found an oullel for lheir suppressed lilerary desires on The Galeway. K. Norman Anderson, live and luke aulhorily, was In H fl l l v'l Kgs ' 4 1 , 1 ii i, V "H '31 , , ,,., V 4' u f me-:ns Y, .--,.-g4L:iE:E. ' " ' WZ., ' - ' ' ' 'g...,. ., . . . ,. Chrisfensen, Carlson, Cavaneau, Everman, Exon, Carlson, Bronder, Drake, Bremers, Dvorak, Dahlgren Cohn, Chiles, Campbell, Clapper, Delehoy, Carlson, Cresse, Emery, Bradley, Dis'refano,'Dealon Clark, Carter, Douglas, Crandall, Clemmer, Dallinger, Demunck, Ellifhorpe, Coverf, Dull, Crosby, Coleman, Cooke W9 f " I l ' uf i i i . i lxlh ,mm Fifa 0- 0 , , . -- ine- V .W f -T. 4- . V , . -A . , . , . .. ,-1-,Pf.4i5.uu-4 Young, Thomas, Williams, Pinlcerlon, Walfers, Wheeler, Zimmer, Warren, Vogf, Tamisiea, Olson, Vanderhaven, Burford, Wolf, Young Vickery, Young, Whilaker, Ylander, Wallace, Zaplofnik, Voboril, Nellor, Waldron, Troller, Wyperl, Thomas Walker, Walker, Vanecek, Thompson, Winhollz, Whife, Youkey, Wiese, Wolfson, While assislanl eclilor ol lhe l94O Tomahawk. Among 'rhe freshmen serving as reporlers and "hangers on" on lhe newspaper slaff were Arr Cohn, Wallace Pelerson, l-larolcl Bremers, Jaclc Conanl, l-lomer Slarr, Clarence Smilh, Bud Neble, and Jim McGahcin. Many of 'rhese boys were aclive on lhe Papoose, a daily news reporl proiecl of The journalism class. Freshman musical 'ralenl was eviclenl in Edamay McCulley, Mildred Nielsen, V - vf" W .,, y ' 5 .. "' ,. 2 ' , 'flffls I 'Ugg XEIM5, , ,H l , g FX P566 6345, F' V .un Y Y U 1?n:15:af, H:-U liz-are-,.:..:.,eim-.4 ,,,.- EE--e 4 - W9 as, Priesman, Resnick, Olson, Morqenslern, Osborne, Pelerson, Oppido, Pelerson, Pollichek, Nelson, Payne, Paflerson, Irwin, Relslon Melia, Rehschuh, Poogach, Ouale, Reese, -Clark, Peck, Pefersen, Phinney, Nielsen, Minlg, Olson, Palrerson Pidgeon, Buzbee, Newman, Naden, McElbunney, Nielsen, Osborne, Noddle, Rennie, Price, Premer, Nielsen as PX fl nil' iii ll I .f-1-CiviCi'50':i 99 an g ........-- , 5372, Y E V P .. i Y.-wesunnassuua 3.05 .............. ' - ' Herman, Kemp, Heinlouch, Hermansky, Jefler, Holland, James, Kilfe, Hughes, Hunloon, Knapp, Kol-il, Herlzberg, Hills, Heumann, Hollis Jacobus, Lee, Hicks, Karpf, Hrabik, Johnson, l-lodges, Hoogslraaf, Hoppens, Johnson, Kafka, Henderson, Karlquisl, Holmes Ingram, Kirkpalrick, Allerfon, Hillier, Keller, Kaiser, Jones, Howard, Keller, Jackson, Kirkpalrick, Johnson . Kennelh Blinn, and Dean Williams, who parlici- pared in many musical aclivilies 'of lhe school., Yearlings making lheir debul as alhlelic heroes were Roger Anderson, Bob' Bussing, Francis l-lernandes, Burr Bolen. Bob Swenholl, George Shafer, Howard Humphrey, Frank Calania, Elmer Severin, Gilberl Schrange, Joe Williams, Clarence Srnilh, and Dan Slobolh. - K rr r l r ' l li i in , A -lm - e.. ,ee ,,,,-ee. V, ,.,,,.. .,, s lr ,3,i,, ii. . ,, , , , , ' - V 1 --ef-A -- - Grosso, Graham, Fee, Harris, Gallaher, Fielding, Calalano, Flynn, Finlayson, Hanner, Gilmore, Foulks, Gerelick, Alevezos, Graves Hardlannerf, George, Gaughran, Gordon, Harmon? Gigffilh, Eusfafsen, Gaskell, Gronewold, Gearharl, Fisk, Hassler, Failing, Graves, Fell, rue gen, aucel A , Felton, Harrison, Free, Grave, Hallowell, Griffiih, Gossard, Hanigan, Farley, Hanford, Hawkinson, Hall, Conanf, Grier, Fifzgerald 27 C31 .1 WPT? ff" .. X M em bers 1f'- - JACK ALLERTON EUGENE HENDERSON EUGENE MCADAMS Boa Smncx W' Pr-in.LiP AINSWORTH Bos HEFFLINGER Rov MORAN SAMMIE SMHH RICHARD Aims Homes Kom BILL MCOMBER Boa SPELLMYER Eu BARKER Dow Konisxo ABE RESNICK FRED TREFFER CARL DISTEFANO Jim KovAnnc CARTER ROBERTSON Tnuzx UPCHURCH JACK DUNLAP Sm LANDERS Dommic SAN FILIPPO CHARLES WORLEY GRIFFIN-1 FRYER JACK LEMAY .Rov SCANLAN JAY WEISMAN A, n , -4, Hy. 3 Some skimpy-some bushy-buf all whiskers WHISKERS CLUB Third floor delegafes Promo-'ver ,,,,, Bob Unmack The glamour of il all LAURENCE GAUGHRAN Fringed chins, undernose shadows, and slringy sideburns lhal covered genllemanly faces on lhe cam- pus since lhe slarf of lhe cily-wide whislcer campaign in March. ariesled lo lhe Universi+y's preparalion for Golden Spike Days. The whislcer-growing problem, mel by sludenls and facully alike, calling for clelicafe oilings, arlislic applicalions-of Crayola, and wild. unconfrolled scralching. Whislcers, whelher bushy or skimpy, added dignily lo The sludeni body, and conversely, reduced lhe amounl of exlra-curricular wooing. The Whislcers Club, 'organized by Bob Unmack, opened ils ranks lo all bewhiskered genls possessing fif- leen cenlrs-lhe money used as prizes for lhe besl whiskers, desrermined al 'rhe Universiiy Golden Spike Dance. Mm f was Ypes G.: Som whiskers 5' ffgflf, l'W'xffW'!lC'ai some May IO. NN de rl- !! .H Q.. :E af Champion beards Frosh, faculty and fakes From promofer fo peach fuzz es is W 4 E A r...-... ,- -! Y .N .x f, " -- ,vi 1.1 . r x., ,1 ff In 'Ill 'T Q-: Q4 I " f ' ,'gE'.:- -He... X " 6123'?'.'W9E .g CTI w plgE-s ' A 1 .-, . . .. 'v.. Loomis, Sadler, Buchanan, Turner, Gearharf, Malec Jackson, Howard, Cook, Crapenhoff, Hanford Hassler, Erkman, Spangler, Alley STUDENT COUNCIL Presidenf - - Vice-Presiclenf - Secrefary ---- Treasurer ---- Freshmen Membefs JACK GEARHART BETTY JANE HANEORD RICHARD Loomis SUZANNE HOWARD Juniors ROY ALLEY JEANNETTE CRAPENHOFT RUTH ERKMAN CHARLES MALEC Officers - - - - - - - Frank Spangler - - - - - - - Roy Alley - - - - - - - - Rufh Erkman - - - - - - - Mary Fran Hassler of The Sfudenf Council sophomores ROBERT BUCHANAN MARY FRAN HASSLER ANNA LOU JACKSON ROBERT TURNER Seniors JANE COOK Lois BURNETT C STUART SADLER FRANK SPANC-LER The I939 Homecoming - largesf in The UniversiTy's hisfory-The laTe affer- noon all-school dances, and The esfablishing of a freshman cap TradiTiOn, insTiTuTed by capable chairman Roy Alley, were buf a few of The acTiviTies planned and carried OUT by The Sfudenf Council. The Council also cOndUcTed elecfions Of officers. worked OUT ,J , regulafions for The newly-furnished lounge, gave preliminary approval y f of new organizaTions and of sTudenTs selecTed for The lnTercollegiaTe 3 6 T 2 F, Who's Who, and finally. prepared for a big Ma-ie Day celebrafion. For The firsT Time, freshmen members parTicipaTed in The 1 JK COuncil's acfivifies. Two women and Two men are chosen from each Frank Spangler class To serve on The Council. Mrs. Mary Padou Young '47 Qi , I Premer, Hilfon, Kinney, Dansky, Carson, Johnson, Taylor Falldine, Loomis, Glad, Dempsfer Officers Presidenf - - - Evelyn Glad Vice-Presiclenf - - - John Heffi Secrefary-Treasurer - - - Fred Dempsfer Hisforian - - - - Sfuarf Loomis Young, falenfed musicians and composers find an undersfanding fellowship in Kappa Mu Lambda. honorary music frafernify, and bring music fo fhe Universify fhrough fheir numerous acfivifies. Basil Gaunfleff, pianisf and direcfor of music af Sfephens Col- lege, fhrilled a morning convocafion audience wifh his brillianf performance. Affer an evening recifal, fhe frafernify honored him af a recepfion in fhe Club Room. lvlargaref Hudson. Chairman of fhe Social Commiffee, was in charge of fhe affair. Also of social imporfance was fhe second Founders' Day banquef ai' The Wellingfon l-lofel. ln fha spring fhe frafernify sponsored anofher convocafion program of fhe greaf masferpieces of music in honor of Music Week. A ioinf meefing wifh Sigma Tau Della, nafional honorary English frafernify, on Elizabefhan music and liferafure sei a precedenf for coopera- five programs. During fhe year, monfhly meefings were held af fhe homes of members. Young composers Fred Dempsfer, John l-leffi. and Abram Danslcy presenfed fheir composifions fo fellow musicians af fhese sessions. Eliza befh E Kaho , r qi 9 3 I, Wolfson, Unruh, Donahue Hobbs, McDonald, Loomis Sfewarf, Shepherd, Lilherlnury, Kieser Granf, Disbrow, Jensen Hudson, Gershafer, Hartman, Kvefensky, Eyre, Lipsman SIGMA TAU DELTA Officers Presidenl' - - ------- Henriefla Kieser Vice-Presidenf - - - Granf Hobbs, Secrefary - - - Rosemary Larsen Treasurer - - - Elaine Eddy Fufure Pulilzer prize winners, poel'-laureaies, college profs, and all sludenls who have in common an inleresi in crealive wri+ing and English lilerarure are members of lhe Kappa Gamma chapier of Sigma Tau Deira, nalional honorary English frafernily. Aclivilies which will provide noslalgic memories for graduahng members are ihe informal meefings around rhe fireplace in lhe Universi'l'y club room, lhe cheery Chrisimas lea a+ ihe home of alumna Phyllis Knuclsen, and The spring banquel in May. Books of all soris and sizes flocked io The Universily library during Book Week, one of 'the newesir projecls of lhe lralernily. Each year lhe organizaiion sponsors a lilerary conlesr open 'ro all siudenls al' 'rhe Universily. Margie Lilherbury, '42, won l'he firsf prize of , . ien dollars for her shori siory enlry. Pledgecl To The organizalion Jrhis year H36 'Q ,. were Helen Hawkins, Margie Liiherbury, Naomi Eyre, Amelia l-larfman, Elizaberh Sfewarl, RoyiAlley, Helen Jensen. and Celia Lipsman. Dr. Benjamin Boyce Va-1 QM lin Prenzlow, Galloway, Muni, Duff, Coulfer, W ' k, N k, GI d, L R b' Walroih, Tindell, Gilcrisi, Woodbridge, Delghsy, Bolzifan, Pzifrorfsriji-lrifeeii-, Iigrrowcler Hartman, Sheefs, DeLong, Taylor, Woods, Kvefensky, Sfuarf, Miles Erkman, Norberg, Forman, Barnes, Barnas, Ecklund, Shepherd, Lipsman SIGMA Pl PHI Officers Presideni' - - ---- - Joe Barnas Vice-PresidenT - - Thela Barnes SecreTary - - Bernice Ecklund Treasurer ------- ----- J ohn Forman Teachers oT Tomorrow are Today's Sigma Pi -Phi's capable and indusTrious mem- bers. Minds which will soon be concerned wiTh acTual Teaching problems Tind insTrucTion as well as relaxaTion in The acTiviTies oT This honorary educaTional TraTerniTy. STaTisTically speaking. TorTy members, Tour oTTicers, Tour sponsors, plus eighT years as an acTive campus organizaTion, ToTal up To one of The UniversiTy's besi' clubs. Rush Teas, a luncheon Tor alumni members in The auTumn, carefree, woodsy picnics, and a spring Tea Tor Omaha principals, Teachers and pracTice Teachers, were acTiviTies generously inTerspersed Throughoui' The year's program. ln recognizing educa- Tional leadership which is a ToremosT aim oT The club, The TraTerniTy honored Dr. Horace B. English, PresidenT of The American AssociaTion oT'Applied Psychology, aT a special dinner in March. H OuTsicle speakers broughT a more serious noTe To The group's acTiviTies, wiTh discussions of new educaTional Trends and meThods. Miss Wood, Dr. Taylor, Miss Kaho, and Dr. Tope sponsor The organizaTion Y Dr. L. O.Taylor I .. T Engel, Dahlgren, Morgenslern, Vickery, Morris, Randall, Filkins, Pearson, Roberlson Ehlers, George, Jones, Lueder, Weisman, Gearharl, Zipper, Palferson, McDonald Resnick, Halton, Phalen, LeMay, Youngslrom, Gronewold, Chambers, Whifaker Hoogsfraaf, Balsamo, Newby, Osferholm, Browne, Alevezos, Anderson, Myers, Hoogslraar GAMMA PI SIGMA Officers Presidenl - ---- - Ausfin Viclcery Secrefary ------------ Harold Hansen Afler counlless hours spenl in chemislry labs, lhe oulslanding sludenrs oi 'rhe lesl-lube world find lheir reward in eleclion ro membership in Gamma Pi Sigma, nalional honorary chemislry iralernily. Al rhe annual banquet lhe Alpha chapler successfully carried our lhe lheme of Nebraslca's enirance io The union in IS67. One of lhe mosl inleresling phases of chemical aclion was discussed by Dr. James Wilhrow, professor of rhe Deparrmenl' of Chemical Engineering of Ohio Slale Universily, in his banquel address on "Major Explosion lnvesligalion Problems." ln Jrhe yearly l. Q. general chemislry spelldown, a novelfy in lun and 'Fac'rs, Norman Tidswell oulspelled his brolher chemisrs 'ro win lop honors. ' The purpose of 'rhis club is lo recognize high scholarship in chemislry. Ranking memberships are awarded on a scholaslic basis: firsl associale members are lhose winning e-ighl honor credils in chemislryq second associale mem- bers musl receive four honor credils. Twelve creclils bring aclive member- ship. The highesl achievemem' is lo be an aclive member wilh honors, which requires lwenry-Tour creclils. Club members lhis year who have arlained Jrhis leading posilion are Richard Oslerholm and Roger Halrlon. Dr. Nell Ward LQ 5,7 Xb Conanf, Klaiman, Barker, Thorup, McKenna, Alley, Dansky, Noyes, Tyrrell, Glad, Cohn Crowder, Moeller, Buffon, Arms, Kieser, Unmack, Disbrow, Borg, Harlman Wolfson, Lifherbury, Hill, Klain, Ainsworfh, Eyre, Peferson, Hermansky G AT E WAY Sfaff Firsf Semesfer Second Semesfer Edifor ------- Henrie'H'a Kieser - - Maurice Klain and Sfewarl' Jones Managing Edifor - - - David Hill ----------- John Tyrrell Associafe Edifor - - - John Tyrrell ---------- Sfewarf Jones Business Manager - - - Phillip Ainsworfh - Phillip Ainsworfh and Roberf Unmack News Edifor ----- Walfer Engel - - - Frances Walrofh and Naomi Eyre Feafure Edifor - - - Esfher Klaiman -------- Margie Lifherbury A firsf semesfer combinafion of l'-lenrieffa Kieser, edifor, and David l-lill, managing edilor, resulfed in a very well-balanced paper. Chief in reader inferesf were Miss Kieser's "O. U. Know" and l-lill's "Kaleidoscopia." A reorganizafion of 'The business sfaff placed Phil Ainsworfh as business manager of all publicafions and Bob Unmack as GATEWAY adverfising manager. Claude Shoemaker eclifecl 'rhe STUDENT DIRECTORY. Under 'The red-headed dynamo. Maurice Klain. edifor, and Sfewarf Jones, who Took over fhe ecliforship in April, sfudenls wifnessed sfarfling changes in GATEWAY policies during fhe second semesfer. Wifhin The firsf few issues, Klain had blasfed "cr-ibbing" and 'russeled ediforially Wifh asserfed faculfy foibles and various aclminisfrafive agencies. Under make- up edifor Wally Peferson, fypographical changes were effecfed. Chief innovafion was fhe firsf SUMMER GATEWAY by Miss Kieser and Kurf Sick, published Throughouf fhe summer session by Miss Kieser and David l-lill. Kieser, Klain, Unmack OvingTon, ljlarTman, Unmack, Arms, Nixon, Noyes, Brehm, Anderson OdorIsIo, Tlndell, LiTherbury, Barker, AinsworTh, BuTTon, Corkin, Borg TOMAHAWK EdiT0r ------------- Edmund Barker Business Manager - - Phillip AinsworTh and RoberT Unmack EDMUND BARKER K. NORMAN ANDERSON PI-IILLIP AINSWORTH JUNE ROSE ANDERSON GLORIA ODORISIO ELAINE TINDELL ANN BORG STaTT NANCY LEE BUTTON MARGIE LITHERBURY JUD I-IANSEN GEORGIA HILTON DOROTHY SHEPHERD BOB UNMACK BRUCE MACALISTER PAUL BREHM ALvA NIxoN MALCOLM NoYEs LEIGH WATSON JIM MCGAFFIN WALLACE PETERSON DONNA HALLOWELL The volume OT prinT and pulp ThaT you now peruse is The school liTe OT I94O, published as a cooperaTive venTure by an original sTaTT OT ThirTy sTudenTs, conTaining buT Tive experienced iournalisTs. The dynamic naTure OT The sTaTF was evidenced by aides-de- prinT who were disTincTly seasonal laborers, and by The se-mesTer eligibiliTy lisT which CUT OTF some Ten sTalwarTs. Three epic precedenTs were esTablished in preparing The book: The enTire' underTaking was planned under sTricT budgeT allowances: all sTudenT picTures, including Junior picTures, were Ta ken aT The UniversiTy: and The arT deparTmenT conTribuTed biTs OT genius To many pages OT The book. The sTaTF held a Tea-rally aT Barker's iusT beTOre ChrisTmas, and supplementary "shorT-Ones" in The cafe- Teria did a greaT service in keeping The penmen aT The inkpoTs. A privaTe census gives honor To The TwenTy TaiThTul workers Tor Their respecTive parTs in producing The I94O TOMAHAWK. Ainswo rTh, Barker Va . backup Enllme C 'iff Solo Tllghfl Seven new CAA piloTs 7, 4, T T .,.Lq,,,, 1 35155 , li .Lu NJ ri -' A .l"',-L"'..ig-:f4 , Ace" Berlin and TlighT insTrucTor A legggn in takeoff Warming up CIVIL AERONAUTICS AUTHORITY I A new course ThaT aroused much inTeresT in The UniversiTy This year was The Civil AeronauTics AuThoriTy course in aviaTion. The course consisTs OT a ground school class Tor one semesTer and Then a Tull year oT TlighT Training, The C. A. A. allowed only TwenTy sTudenTs in The TlighT Training course. Those sTudenTs who were in The ground school will be given preference nexT year in The TlighT Nor Nfl GTJ e wi I Training. , The enTire cosT oT The course per sTudenT was approximaTely 'lorTy dollars. For This sum each sTudenT was given a 53,000 life insurance policy, 35 hours OT acTual flying, and a privaTe piloT's license. To supple- menT This low cosT, The governrnenT paid by conTracT abouT S300 per TlighT sTudenT To The Burnham-Miller Flying School, which was required To 'Furnish Two gov- ernmenT-licensed insTrucTors and Two TiTTy horse-power J3 Piper Cub planes. Bearer C.A.A. lnsTrucTors eV , my YBSSBIIQ Supplied by The GovernmenT 5 CHARLES DOYLE Joi-IN MORRISON a , C. A. A. FLYING STUDENTS C.A.A. STudenTs Trom The UniversiTy of Omaha MARVIN BERLIN NORMAN ELLIS EDWARD GLAD JOHN MAI-IER ROBERT MAJOR HELEN WoODsoN MALCOLM NOYES WARD CARLSON DOUGLAS TAYLOR iw ROBERT MORLEY R JAY WEISMAN TZQAW ROLAND DEATON ' Bos BUTLER WILLIAM SI-IAWLER RAY FEE JOHN ELIAS Af DON T-lARRIs ROBERT GEARHART ffve Conf LYNN MILLER WILLIAM MOOMBER 'Off In The ground school, sTudenTs received special irIsTrucTion in such subiecTs as Theory OT TlighT, insTrucTiOn in engines, C. A. A. rules and regulaTions, pracTical naviga- Tion and meTeorOlogy. In The TlighT Training, sTudenTs were TaughT plane manoeuvers such as spins, sTalls, Torced landings, cross wind landings and side slips. All were required TO make a Tive-hour cross counTry solo Trip. There are really Two purposes OT The C. A. A. college Training: TIT To mainTain a reserve corps OT sTudenT piIoTs Tor naTional defense purposes, and l2l To TurTher inTer- esT and enThusiasm in aviaTiOn. ATTer The C. A. A. TlighT sTudenTs have received Their licenses, The Flying Club will sponsor a Tlying cOnTesT To be held aT eiTher The Omaha or Council BluTTs airpOrT. The aviaTiOrI meeT will include The regular manoeuvers which are required in The TlighT TesT Tor The class OT PrivaTe PilOT. H NC. -'WN Flying in The classroom LecTures on The spoT A ' . - ' - 21. . ' . . ' . -. gf ':lI:. ,.T. ' A - 2 - v.ffff.a.:e11 Efkrvlielff 1 " ' ' ' A ' ,.......J.....,.,..,.... 3,1 I1 , ,. TQTTFT . ,I , ., I Pai?"-ffT. li X Three poinT landing J argchuf 5 . ' Pl! ConTacT! Five man windup of 5'7o'vy,f dna ' ' .3'g'i 3 A7 NL- ' s O' Whifed, Ringo, Vickery, Derr, Olson Priesman Loomis, Nordin, Cohn, Machaby Alley, Turner, Barker, Moore THE BELLOWS Officers PresidenT - - - ---- - RoberT Turner Vice-PresidenT - - - - - Roy Alley SecreTary-Treasurer - - - - Edmund Barker Corresponding SecreTary ----- - Bruce Moore ATTer parTicipaTing in seven inTercollegiaTe TournamenTs, Traveling 5,000 miles, and c,onducTing Two TournamenTs Themselves, UniversiTy debaTers, under The TuTelage of coaches l-leckman and Burkholder, can look back on a record season. Top honors of The year were winning The William Jewell College TournamenT, having our Teams undeTeaTed aT Winfield, Kansas, and Roy Alley's TirsT place in aTTer- dinner speaking in The STaTe TournamenT. Teams also parTicipaTed in TournamenTs aT Maryville, Baylor Universilry, Nebraska Wesleyan and The MidwesT and STaTe DeloaTe TournamenTs aT Omaha. Three Teams, Richard Loomis and Edmund Barker, RoberT Turner and Bruce Moore, and Roy Alley and AusTin Vickery, collecTively enTered TiTTy TournamenT delJaTes and losT buT six. OThers debaTing were JusTin Priesman, Earl Ringo, John Olson, ArThur Cohn, BeTTy Burkhahker, Josephine McCarThy, Warren WhiTTed, Odell Derr, Charles Nordin, and Earl Machaby. The newly organized honorary delJaTe clulo, The "Bellows," became a chapTer of The naTional Pi Kappa Delfa debaTe organizaTion in March. RoberT Turner was awarded The No. 2 haT by The clulo. Dr. D, E Heckman 1 r Klein, Niver, Kieser, Dansky, Cohn' Glad, Turner Barker, Nelson, Larsen Eyre, Pofforff, Thorup, Egner, Crowder INTER-NATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Officers Chairman - ----- - - Roberf Turner Treasurer - - - Edmund Barker Friendly, informal meeTings aT The homes of members, bull-sessions Thaf never breakup early, and heafed discussions producing Temporary seTTlemenTs of world prob- lems over coffee cups affer The meeTing proper has adjourned, are iusT a few glimpses of The lnfernafional Relafions Club. This organizafion, firsf To inauguraTe The "pass The haf" dues sysTem, is composed of sTudenTs inTeresTed in currenT affairs, highlighfs in foreign policies, and significanl' inTernaTional developmenTs. During The firsT semesfer, members presenTed papers giving compefenf sur- veys of The Topic, "Power Polifics versus The League SysTem." A model peace TreaTy, such as They hoped mighf be offered aT The close of The presenf European war, was dis- cussed and planned as a second semesfer proiecf. AT each meefing, commiTTees in charge of various aspecfs of The TreaTy were To presenT Their findings. lnvesTigaTions inTo iusf whaT would consTiTuTe a lasTing peace for Europe were divided inTo five Topics: geographic, poliTical, economic, milifary, and The reconsTrucTion Through a league sysTem, wiTh a commiTTee for each. The Club is a member of The Mississippi Valley lnTernaTional RelaTions Clubs Conference which mef in Winfield, Kansas, in lvlarch. Dr.Shepherd L.WiTman 3 L 57 5 rf xr, rl ll -,--- -- F1 IH , Ber M O ber Drake, Roe, Pope, Wiese, Schrein, Jorgensen, Dahlgren, Scanlan, Rohlfs, Macchieifo sfafsen F ldv g Fee, Struck, Heffernan, Car, Thomas, Noyes, Malmquisf, Rogers, Galleher vak R ngh fer Klacsan, Hassler, Gerelick, Carlson, CaTaIano, RoberTson, Jewell, Speelmon, San-Filippo pper JohnsT Herman, Lueder, Roberison, GearharT, Frye, Coleman, Durand, Jones, Lindahl, Disfefano Officers Presideni' - - - - - - - - Jack Gearhar-T Vice-Presideni' - - CarTer Roberfson SecreTary - - - - Philip Lindahl Treasurer ----- - ------. Ned Jones ' FiTTy TuTure engineers organized wiThin a year and a half inTo The largesT club on The campus is The double record of The sTudenTs of sTruTs and sTresses in The Engineers Club. Club Tours This year included The SouTh Omaha Housing proiecT, The power planT oT The Nebraska Power Company, and The U. S. GovernmenT docks in Florence. ExhibiTs and moTion picTures by The Bell Telephone LaboraTories and The Chrysler CorporaTion were sponsored by The club Tor iTs members. BiggesT Turn ouT oT The year was aT The "ice cream social" given by LeTTy Coleman Tor The members. A WesTinghouse movie in Technicolor oT The indusTrial science exhibiTs aT The World's Fair provided real enTerTainmenT Tor a large sTudenT audience. A new TeaTure, Engineering OrienTaTion, was inTroduced The second semesTer as a course in which prospecTive engineers could obTain inTormaTion Through conferences wiTh experTs on The various Tields of engi- neering. ivlr. KurTz, Mr, Coleman, Mr. Durand, Mr. Frye, Mr. PeTerson, and Mr. l-lelligso sponsor The club. E. P Coleman SQ C L l-larfman s .Ai -i All T 'L in-' Schmeckpeper, l-lodak, Salyards, Cheek, Krifner, Skripsky, Marks, Anderson Beal, Dankof, Matthews, Moran, Powell, Schrage, Vachal, Gaer McDerrnoH', Leber, Mazzeri, Grofe, Donahue, Pflaslerer, O'NeiI "O" CLUB Officers Presidenl - - ---- - Don Grole Vice-Presidenl' - - - - Joe Mazzeri Secrelary-Treasurer - - Francis Donahue These are Jrhe boys who help pur rhe Universiry on rhe sporis map of lhe Midwest Their club is composed of men who have won al leasr one leiler in an official college sporl. lvlosl of lhese Redslcin afhleles are proficienl in more 'rhan one sporf, as evidenced by Presidenl' Don Grole, who leads ihe club wiih nine lellers earned in lhree years of varsily compeiilion. Anolher member, Ralph Schmeckpeper, represenls lhe Indians on The All Norlh Cenrral Honorary Fooiball Team. Recenr addilion 'ro 'lh'e Omaha Vigormen is Ronnie "Joe College ll" Salyarcls whose season baslceiball scoring was only one poini behind The Norlh Cenrral champion baslceishooler. Dick Beal, pigslcin loler, cinderman, and lnrramural lvliddleweighl champ, merils special menlion. Schol- asiic honors have been consisienlly mainiained by Secrerary Donahue. Don Pilasrerer and Francis Donahue represenl' The club in ihe "Who's Who in American Colleges." Jus+ 'ro prove +ha+ +he musclemen are adepl ai' social funclions also, 'rhey hold an annual dance ai which an "O" Club Sweelhearl is chosen and presenled wi'rh an "O" swearer. R929 Farley, l-lilfon, Korisko, Dempster, Karpf, Eberman, Tref'fer, RUTT, San-Filippo, Phinney, ArmsTrong, Kohl, Snyder, AllerTon, Dr. Garlough Brehm, Carson, Young, VoborIl, Palmer, GIlcrIsT, lhorup, Farher, Coulfer, Alger, Lindevall, Bauman, Dusfin, Jorgensen Richman, Crowley, Taylor, Heumann, Blanchard, Nielsen, Wallace, Tind-ell, De Long, Odorisio, Sfuarf, Moeller, Leake, Ross, Felton 2?f !7' f 'Y y CHOIR f DirecTor - - ------- Richard E. Duncan AccompanisT - - RoberTa Carson Librarian - ---------- Harry HilTon Members of The Chorus CHRISTINE ALGER l-lELEN FARHER l-lOMER KOHL DOMINIC SAN-FILIPPO JACK ALLERTON RAY FARLEY DONALD KORISKO MARY SCHMIDT GEORGE ARMSTRONG JAYNE FEE BETTY LEAKE CHARLES A. SNYDER PATRICIA BAUMAN ESTELMA FELTON RUTH MOELLER BARBARA STUART MARVIN BERLIN ETHEL MARIE FLORENCE MILDRED NIELSEN ALICE TAYLOR VICTORIA BLANCHARD ARLINE GILCRIST GLORIA ODORISIO RUTH THORUR PAUL BREHM EDWARD GLAD VERNON OLSON ELAINE TINDELL ROBERTA CARSON GEORGIA MARIE l'llLTON MARIANNA PALMER FRED TREEEER l'lELEN COULTER HARRY l-lILToN RUSSELL PHINNEY BARBARA VARNER MARY ANNE CROWLEY MYRON JACOBSON JOHN REDIC BETTY VOBORIL RUTH DE LONG BYRON JORGENSEN MILDRED Ross ELEANORE WALLACE GEORGE DUEE CHARLES KARPF RAYMOND RUTT JOHN-DEAN WELLS DOLORYCE YOUNG ForTy-Tive individually SelecTed voices, chosen Trom The besT vocal TalenT in The UniversiTy, comprise The UniverSiTy OT Omaha Mixed Chorus. During The year, iTs program included Several public appearances and a ioinT spring concerT wiTh The Uni- versiTy Symphony QrchesTra. A major choral worlc, BorOdin's PolOveTzian Dance and chorus Trom The Opera Prince Igor," was given in The spring. The chorus does noT limiT iTSelT To any speciTic Type OT vocal ex- pression buT raTher aTTempTs To give iTs members and audience The besT musical liTeraTure in all vocal Tields. SOloiSTS wiTh The chorus are Mildred Nielsen, soprano, Gloria Odorisio, cOnTralTo, and Edward Glad, bariTone. ' 'Z' Richard E. Duncan Dr. Nell Ward ri rrrr s I i i ' T l 1 I 1 l Q 1 l , ,l ,l mm fs , f" 'W O Engel, Browns, Kovarik, Erman, RonnfeldT, McrgensTern, Jorgensen, Jones, Schuliz, Dahlgren, Morris, Vickery, Pearson, Slufzkin, Fillcins Spaulding, Pefers, Zipper, Anderson, Unruh Beck, Ellison, HaTTon, Drewelow, RossiTTo, Thomas, Gearhari, Lueder, Weisman, Mlaska, Olson, Nordin, Chambers, Arms, Malmquisf Reasoner, Phalen McDonald, VuylsTek, Balsamo, Blazek, Mousfalces, Kaplan, Bufleig Ehlers, George, Anderson, Brehm, Youngsirom, ScoTT, WhiTe, Pafferson n w ld ro e o Resnick, Whelan, Leake, HoogsTraaT, l-loogsTraaT, Luhr, Newby, LeMay, Osferholm, Alevezos, Whifaker, Thompson, Smifh, Anderson, Quale Hopkins, Myers CHEMISTRY AND PRE-MED CLUBS Officers ChemisTry Club Pre-Med Club PresidenT - - Jack LeMay - - - Richard OsTerholm Vice-Presideni' - - George Jacobson - - - John George SecreTary - - - Diana HoogsTraaT - - George Alevezos Reporler - - WalTer Engel - - - Phil Olson The ChemisTry Club, organized To viTalize sTudenT inTeresT in TesT-Tube science, has a membership open To sTudenTs majoring in chemisTry or having chemisTry as one OT Their cognaTe Tields. The club brings To iTs meeTings Omaha men, prominenT in Their parTicular scienTiTic Tields, who give invaluable inTormaTion on The imporTance oT chem- isTry To indusTry. Some oT The ouTsTanding spealcers oT The year were Dr. V. E. Levine oT The CreighTon College OT Medicine and William l-l. Campen oT The Omaha TesTing LaboraTories. The membership OT The Pre-Med Club includes Those sTudenTs who have shown abiliTy and a common inTeresT in medicine, denTisTry, and lab- . V oraTory work relaTing To medicine. Local physicians have lecTured on sub- iecTs OT general and specialized medicine aT Their regular bi-m'onThly meeT- ings. AT The annual banqueT held December I5 in The Club Room, Dr. , , C. W. lvl. PoynTer spolce on "The l-lisTory OT and CulTural Background Tor Medicine." , Bauer, Nixon, Bock, Randall, Jorgensen, Harvey, Rufs Snyder, Munl, Shoemaker, Bradfield, Noble, Weis Rushlau, Forman, Lindahl ALPHA PHI OMEGA Alpha Phi Omega is The naTional honorary service TraTerniTy. Alpha The'ra ChapTer, on The campus oT The UniversiTy oT Omaha, has in The pasT year assisTed in sTudenT regisTraTion, managed concessions aT TooTball games, and assisTed The Covered Wagon Council oT The Boy ScouTs oT America in a boy-TacT survey. ln cooperaTion wiTh FeaThers, The JOM W- KUH1 TraTerniTy led The CommuniTy ChesT Drive on The campus. The chapTer donaTed magazines To The STudenT Lounge Trom proceeds oT TooTball concessions, and presenTed a Trophy Tor inTramural baslceTball. Alpha TheTa ChapTer cooperaTed wiTh The Civil ldenTiTicaTion Service oT The Fedeal Bureau of lnvesTigaTion in a TingerprinTing campaign on The campus. The TraTer- niTy also assisTed The local ScouT oTTice in The biennial MeriT Badge Show. "Bill" Lacy, Tield represenTaTive oT The naTional chapTer, was presenT aT The annual Tall camp-Tire. Members oT Alpha Sigma chapTer aT The UniversiTy oT Nebraska were guesTs. The purpose oT Alpha Phi Omega is To TosTer The principles oT Triendship, leadership, and service on The universiTy campus. The TraTerniTy has a Tour Told program oT service: To The sTudenT body and TaculTy, service To youTh and communiTy, service To members oT The TraTerniTy, and service To The naTion as parTicipaTing ciTizens. Founded in l932, The chapTer was iniTiaTed To The naTional TraTerniTy on May l, I934, The naTional TraTerniTy was founded aT Brainerd l-lall, LaTayeTTe College, EasTon, Pennsylvania, December lb, l925. SJ ALPHA PHI OMEGA Presidenl' - Vice-Presidenf Secrefary - Treasurer - Hisrorian - Sfuarl' Baller L. M. Bradfield Ni hwlfi-Q., Officers sl nge v b - John Forman l - John Rushlau ,,, 'I - Eugene Bock 'lmqqiypnw A Sponsors - - Philip Linclahl Dougald McLean J. W. Kurh E. Woods O WX An APO lounge session Fingerpriniing by APO members ROBERT R. BAUER EUGENE B. BOOK BERTRAND ELSE JOHN FORMAN JOHN GEORGE EARL HARVEY FREMONT JEWELL RAY JORGENSEN PHILIP LINDAHL DOUOALD MCLEAN Ac+ives JOHN MUNT ALVA NIXON CLARK NOBLE WILLIAM RANDALL JOHN RUSHLAU PERRY J. RUSHLAU WILLIAM Rurs DONALD SI-IOEMAKER CHARLES SNYDER JAY WEISMAN Fooiball Rally Bonfi re WZ? fi L h1W uai8rI1'Tr0s1 i" mGM aw - Rubinow, Riddle, Sorenson, Hawkinson, Block O'Donnell. Lehmer, La Rue, Gilmore, Pefers, McClelland, Duff, Ofle, Hilfon, Fensfermacher, Farley, Rushlau, Bafes, Thomas Turner, McCulley, Suffon, Holfzscherer, Heffi, Scudder, Chrisfensen, Jenkins, Felfon, Keller, Turner McCulleB Cannell. Johannaber, Waffen, Snyder, Riha, Lehmer, Johnson, Dempsfer Maiors, ickey, Hilfon, Ruff, Wilblin, Hanner ORCHESTRA DirecTor ------ - Richard E. Duncan Concerfmisfress - - Peggy Kennedy Librarian ------------ Harry HilTon STudenT Musicians in The OrchesTra KENNETH BLINN RAY FARLEY MARIAN JOHNSON PERRY RUSHLAU HERBERT CANNELL ESTELMA FELTON lVlARGUfERITE KELLER DOMINIC SAN-FILIPPO RICHARD CHRISTENSEN JOHN HEETI PEeeY KENNEDY CHARLES A. SNYDER FRED DEMPSTER GEORGIA MARIE HILTON STUART LOOMIS ADA JAYNE TURNER HAROLD DIcIcEY HARRY HILTON EDANIAY lVlCCULLEY FRANK VOLCEK JAMES P. DUEE THAN IRWIN JOHN RUSHLAU DEAN WILLIAMS The UniversiTy OT Omaha Symphony OrchesTra OT Over sixTy musicians presenTs Two concerTs a season. The TirsT concerT was given aT The Joslyn Memorial in January. AT The spring cOncerT in May, The orchesTra playecl: Magic FluTe OverTure ------ - - - MOzarT SevenTh Symphony ------- - - Beelrhoven WalTzes Trom The BaIle+ "l-leclgerOses" - Tschailcowslay MysTic Pool-l-leTTi, TirsT clarineTisT - - - - John l-leTTi Poloveiiian Dance and Chorus from The Opera "Prince Igor"-UniversiTy Chorus ------- Borodin WiTh a personnel OT sTudenTs supplemenTed by musicians from The ciTy, The sTuclenT is given an oppOrTuniTy of playing wiTh experienced musi- cians, Thereby learning orchesTral rOuTine and liTeraTure. DirecTor Richard E. Duncan, one of The counTry's yOungesT concerT virTuosOs, has achieved a very successful orchesTral season in This his TirsT year aT The UniversiTy of Omaha. vs. E Richard E. Duncan as TA NN V AL LLL ,i , i cr? T i ' T ri in Beck, Palmer, Prenzlow, McVNuTT, Thomas, Soiref, Rosenbaum, Burion, Coulfer, Dusfin, Cook, Backlund, Jennings Barnes, Ecklund, Hudson, Eivens, Fee, Minfeer, Newby, Kieser, Cook, Zevifz, Kennedy, Moon, Borg, BuTTon Jackson, Kimber, Voss, Grifiifh, Erkman, Ellison, Llpsman, Hoff, Shepherd, Carr, Hopkins, G-ershaTer, Shoemaker, Sheefs FEATHERS Officers PresidenT - - ---- - Celia Lipsman Vice-Presidenf - - - Jean Ellison SecreTary - - - DoroThy Shepherd Treasurer - - - RuTh Erkman The FeaThers ChapTer OT Phi Sigma Chi, naTional service organizaTion, had a heacl sTarT on all oTher clubs This year. Before The UniversiTy was in session, The FeaThers were conducTing The TirsT exTensive campaign To sell TooTball TickeTs To Omaha Towns- people. OT Their numerous acTiviTies, none was -more successTul Than The CommuniTy ChesT drive, which They conducTed in cooperaTion wiTh The A. P. O. service TraTerniTy on a personal inTerview basis. STudenTs packed The aucliTorium March l Tor The club's annual Vice-Versa clance, and chose Ronnie Salyards "Joe College ll." The FeaThers also sponsored The perTormance beTween halves aT The lvionTana STaTe TooTball game of The Champion Auburn, Nebraska, Drum and Bugle Corps. AT The Homecoming BanqueT, The club Took in iTs TirsT and only , male member, Finance Secrejrary Charles HOTT. The FeaThers and honorary ' .member HOTT, garbed in Their recl sweaTers, unTailingly serve as spark plugs Tor The spiriTed rallies aT UniversiTy AThleTic evenTs. Marian McLaren J ' LAEQ l rf Xb E Tauchen, Knudsen, Borman, Plummer, Woodbridge, Mafhiason, Whife Tielsorf, Sullenger, Goodbinder, Bednar, Jones, Tauchen, Tiefscrl Hollister, Sullenger, Shurr. McPherson ALPHA KAPPA DELTA Officers Presidenf - - ------ - - Millon Shurr Vice-Presideni - - - - - William Hollis+er Recording Secrelary - - - - Mrs. Gladys Malhiason Corresponding Secrelary - - - - Mrs. T. Earl Sullenger Treasurer ------ - Mrs. Laura Heacock Facully Represenlalive ------ Dr. T. Earl Sullenger Alpha Kappa Della is a nafional honorary sociological 'iralernily of which 'rhe Universiiy of Omaha chapler is Alpha of Nebraska. The requiremenis for membership are a B average in all universily worli ancl complelion of al' leasl lwelve hours worlc in sociology. For 'rhis reason almosl all of The aciive members eiiher are advanced sludenls or are engaged in professional social or educalional worlc in 'rhe communily. THE ALPHA KAPPA DELTA QUARTERLY, official pulolicaiion of lhe nalional organizafion, is edi+ed by Dr. Sullenger and published here. Monlhly meelings are held, several of which have been of special inlereslz ln November 'lhe chapler sponsored a panel discussion on "Voca'rional Aspecls of Sociology." The February inilialion meeiing feaiured a 'rallc on "Probal'ion and Parole." A Tour and discussion of 'lhe newly conslrucled f Tw Soulh Side Terrace l-lomes, led b lhe housing manager, com osed 'rhe 1513 532522 y p i Var March meeling. The group's annual picnic for lhe Universily sociology l deparlmenl was held in May. Dr. T. Earl Sullenger is i l l M 7 , ' A l f Hallowell, Taylor, Gearharl, Morley, Gearharlq, Woodson, Carlson, Elias, Doyle, Harrs Malor Durand, Fee, McOmber, Lemem, Morris, Buller, McAdams, Berlin, Kumble Officers Presidenl - ----- - Marvin E. Berlin Vice-Presiclenl' - - - Mary Ellen Uhrich Secrelary-Treasurer - - Leonard McBride Wirh an eye lollhe lulure and an ear lo 'rhe clouds, +omorrow's airmen have organized lhe Flying Club for lhe purpose of promoling inlensilicalion ol inleresl and diversilicalion of knowledge in lhe realm of avialion. The Flying Club olilers ils lhirly members experl inslruclional aclivilies in llighl' lraining and The ground school. The laller is an inlegral parl ol lhe Civil Aeronaulics Aulhorily Program. Members of 'rhe organizalion, feeling lhal lhey are somewhal responsible lor The governmenl ground school, hope 'ro include all lhe C. A. A. llighl sludenls as fulure members. The year-old Flying Club has ils own plane, a lorry horse-power, J2. Piper Cub. bul 'rheir aclivilies do nor deal solely wilh aclual flying. Conslruclion of various pieces of apparalus such as sample wing panels, a rain gauge, a wind funnel for 'lhe sludy of lhe principles of aerodynamics, a fluid flow indicalor, apparalus for lhe sludy of 'lhe clouds, and a wafer lunnel for The viewing of 'rwo-dimensional flow were used in 'rheir meleorologic and aerodynamic experimenls. William H Durand S I LLLLKLLLK N 4. . nl llhl.ll.1lxb Presidenf - - Vice-Presidenf - RICHARD ARMS VERA ARNS ANN Boke- ROBERT CHAMBERS LAWRENCE CHANDLER WILLIAM CLIFFORD CLIFFORD COVINGTON KARL DANKOF HAROLD DAVIS JACK DDNLAP JAY DusTIN HAROLD EPSTEIN RAYMOND FARLEY C. DONALD PAY N I IIMIIIY , THEINDEPENDENTS Officers - Roberl' Unmack SecreTary - - Jack LeMay Treasurer - Members MARIE FITZGIBBONS JOHN FORMAN ANDY FREE JACK FREE HELEN GALDA LEROY GALLAQHER AHUVAH GERSHATER FRANK GRASSO GEORGIA HILTON MARVIN HORSKY DONALD,JuNeE WILLIAM KENNEDY ESTHER KLAIMAN ZENAIDE LuHR NORMAN LUND ESTON MCGARRAUGH ANTHONY MACOHIETTO BERNETTA MAGNUSSEN ELIZABETH MAYNE WILLIAM MONIER ALVA NIXON ROBERT NovAK LESLIE OLLER WAYNE PARKER WALTER PEARSON JACK RIPPEY JOHN RUSHLAU MARVIN SCOTT l I DoroThy Hanson Herberf Wyrick DOROTHY SHEPHERD SAM SMITH DAVID STUART EDWARD SWAIN MARGARET THOMAS DWAYNE TURECHEK ROBERT TURNER NORMAN WEZELMAN VINCENT WIEsE DEAN WILLIAMS CHARLES WORLEY JOHN WRIGHT In The inTeresT OT all non-aTTiliaTecl sTLIdenTs OT The UniversiTy, The lndependenT OrganizaTiOn has cledicaTed iTselT To The TurTher parTicipaTion and represenTaTion OT iTs members in The acTiviTies OT The UniversiTy OT Omaha. By acTively compeTing in all cam- pus evenTs, by being well represenTed in UniversiTy acTiviTies, and by placinq many incli- vidual members high in inTramural conTesTs, The lndepenclenTs have mainTained a posi- Tion OT prominence among The oTher UniversiTy clubs. T375 ii 0 'W ' . ae- - ff: - ' I - i Pf9SiCl6f1f Vice-PresidenT Se-:reTary Treasurer RoberT Unmack Jack Lelvlay DOroThy Hanson HerberT Wyrick Sponsor P Dr. Leslie O Taylor 7? Camera baiiery in aciion Phoio-engraving Shoofing under lighis Anyihing for fhe unusual C A M E R A C L U B Officers Chairman, firsi' semesfer ------ Claude Shoemaker Chairman, second semesier -------- Kuri' Sick Mr. Helmui' Boeninger Sponsors ------ - - - - Dr. Royce Wesi' Mr. J. E. Woods Under Jrhe leadership of chairmen elecied by +he members of lhe Camera Club ai iheir firsi meeiing each semesier, ihe Universiiy Camera Club concluded iis 'rhird year wiih numerous phoiographic aciiviiies. Unique were The nighr phoio-fours of induslrial planis oi The ciiy, insiiiuied by ihe organizaiion Jrhis year. Typical were Tours of ihe World-Herald and ihe Nebraska Power Company, where liqhlring iaciliiies were sei up io allow members io phorograph equipment men ai work, and oiher poinis of inieresl. Leciures on lenses, design, color and composiiion, as well as demonsiraiions, were followed by siudio nighis which allowed praclical applicaiion of principles siudied. A spring phoio salon, in which sfudenis and faculiy members of ihe Universiiy pariici- paled, broughi ihe year's aciiviiies 'ro a close. i A Sfudy in silhouefie Mod , V, , oo The Telegraph eclifor Langevin is helpful V7 5? A f if Nb ii P- lfl Crosby, Unmack, Arms, O'Connell, BurTon, RoberTson, Holden Nelson, FauceTT, Wilburn, Deleho , Delehoy, Woodbridge, Kleiman, WoTherspoon, WalroTh Franklin, Hanson, Galda, Lovell, lxlloble, Dusfin, MaTTice, Woodyard STewarT, Harrison, Grice, Miles, Moeller, Jensen, Odorisio, Hahne, Berman, Backlund Y. W. C. A. AND Y. M. C. A. Officers Y. W. C. A. Y. M. C. A. PresidenT - - - - - Marie C. Jensen - - - Charles Worley ViCe-PreSiCleI1T - - - Jean DusTin - - - RoberT Holden Secrefary - - - - - Bernice Grice ------- Richard Lee Treasurer ------- Mary Miles ------- HerberT Wyriclc ComparaTively young among campus clubs, The Y. W. C. A. and Y. M. C. A. have Tirmly esTablished Themselves during The pasT Two years as an essenTial parT oT campus liTe. An ArmisTice Day convocaTion TeaTuring a TaculTy debaTe and a beauTiTul EasTer convocaTion and pageanT porTraying The ResurrecTion sTory in word. Tableau, and song were sponsored by The clubs. Also during The year boTh groups carried on a drive To help Tinance The educaTion oT Chinese sTudenTs. ChrisTmas and ValenTine parTies. and an 'all-school dance in The Tall accomplished The organizaTion's obiecTive oT provid- ing members wiTh wholesome enTerTainrnenT. As members OT The Rocky MounTain Region oT The 5TudenT ChrisTian Move- menT, The Y's esTablished a cooperaTive savings club To assisT members in earning money Q To aTTend The Regional Summer ConTerence aT EsTes Parlc, Colorado. A CreaTive Leisure Commission gave The members opporTuniTy To exercise Their abiliTies in varied acTiviTies. ' Miss RuTh Marshall, Miss Frances Scudder. Mrs. l. J. . Kish, Mrs. Royce WesT, and Frank Durand are advisory mem- U bers OT The organizaTion. Dr. V. Gregorv RosemonT Mrs. Mildred GearharT GTJ Ti ,ll r i"w 6 ,.1- 1 5 A'xv'lk3'v':FfgQ' I."I!.: 1 .M il 1 1, ' jug -'A Glifilf ' Qiffygx xv . " 4fj1pJ PKI .. . h""" ' ,. H . wif ! M 'Q . , g g, " Ag7'gLA,mL,. ,xl - f:f.1'u 31 1 . --'YS:'5.u , T Q , ' ri :ii i AA, ,.f- 1 W' - ' ' 1 1' ," I -55, .f 5 Qs, X? ' Il- ,. ' Af: ug qxjll -41,.., KJ .-V , " -' ff .' : ' ,' P Q: f Y 'A 1-Alf.. . 1- HHH. I V. rg '+I 'H .--, 5 '-xii. . .I , Q, MV I -b1:.h k.: ,wi 2 Q . 4 5 Q ga j L N '+,., 5.6-,f-u v . x- n '- - L , . , ZX , if'13 "F V--W. 'a i W V 5 3 .f-:Tiff . J A.N hv.!k ' xl. wx... :VI 'fr vi , - Zlfwg , . l jwfg -'X x: .A lv ,ni ' i if if f ffl-5 + 5 5 'f " ,L ffj in ' I Ml f"! x "',S7 fill!! -' X' KV . 3 I HY- J -K ,' Il kp f f if A I ff -.,g-H31 f ,.-, - ,K-X-1 - A 4YAf1f,' f '52, A- . ,f H" it W ,J fry A ,f41x,'jAl 1, .'I'w 2' 1 H i' ,' M M4 5 ' X 1, ' ' J f ,J fr mv f u iQ, 41,4 l- h,:U. :-fh ,.,,f x I I 1 fl . 5 'il M: - i -24 ' ' -,. ,, ,W ' Q -,E " mm . ' f ,- HZ '-V ' 45 1ifi'?'f'f'9' "'1-,,- f.-4- 'f1'Tg?F' ' Q' ,:,.4'-'. -- J f.f-L- - -7. - my - . f- --4 ,. - ' .H L 5 r , -. - V , ' I 1 1 N. v. ' 1- N ' N 3 ' 1' I 5 I " 1' '-1,1 ' 1 '. Q 1 W .ff , 1 ' -L .A ROYALTY OF THE UNIVERSITY Homecoming Princess Mary PoTTorTT, Pi Omega Pi, was acclaimed I939-40 l-lome- coming Princess November 4, I939, aT The Homecoming dance which concluded The colorTul parade, banquet and TooTball acTivi- Ties oT The day. ATTer being escorTed To The sTage by Two Indian braves, Mary was presenTecl To The sTudenT body, who elecTed her, by Frank Spangler. "O" Club SweeThearT The "O" Club dance presenTed by The menis leTTer organizaTion on April 26, aT The ChermoT, ushered a new sweeThearT inTo UniversiTy royalTy ranks Tor The coming year. BeTTe UrquharT. elecTed by Those presenT, was inTro- clucecl by Louis ProTeda and given The "sweeThearT" sweaTer by Joe Mazzeri. ln addiTion To The honor, BeTTe will re- ceive passes To all games in which Uni- versiTy Teams compeTe BeTTe UrquharT P H gi li , Celia Lipsman HarrieT Salmon Ronnie Salyards and Ma ry PoTTo TTT Princess Mary, Spangler and Chief Cheek Joe College II AT The "FeaTher's Whirl" March I, annual vice-versa dance sponsored by The l:eaThers Organizahon, Ronnie Sal- yards-Tall, clarlc, and dapper-was elecTed Joe College ll by popular voTe. Celia Lipsman. presidenT of The organi- zaTion, presenTed him wiTh a key chain inscribed wiTh his iniTials. Princess ATTira V of I939 Climaxing Ma-ie day, May 26, a day crowded wiTh exciTe- menT and merrymalcing, I-larrieT Salmon was crowned Princess ATTira V in a colorTul ceremony sTaged aT The Peony Parlc Ballroom. T-larrieT, a senior oT lasT year, was presidenT oT Sigma Chi Omicron and acTive in manyschool acTiviTies. Dean Holi has done much 'ro encourage and recognize scholasiic achievemenr. He originaled ihe Dean's Honor Lisr, which honor, he believes, noi only sfimulaies scholarship bul' also helps ihe individual To clearer ihinlcing, +0 greaier self-discovery, and To a wider comprehension ol social values. ln his leiier seni io each honor siucleni' he said: "While grades in Jrhemselves are oi no pariicular significance, ouisland- ing performance in courses does indicaie a commendable siale of aleriness and ihe probabiliiy rhai you will be success- ful in your chosen profession. The American Republic needs men and women who have a high sense of social values combined wiih rhe abiliiy io develop, wilhoul' rancor or prejudice, new iechniques for ihe soluiion of social and economic problems." Sixfy-one srudenrs were included in rhe Dean's Honor Lisf for making an our- sianding scholasiic average cluring ihe second semesier of I938-3'-7. ln an address "Science and lhe Common Life" delivered ai ihe Honors Convo- calion, December 8, Professor A. J. Carlson. Chairman of 'rhe Deparimeni of Physiology, Universiiy of Chicago, siaied: "There is slrill a long way io go in every 'Field of science, and lhe meihod of science is, so far as l can see, The only way io aiiain greaier under- s+anding." ......g.1.f 'iliii er :Donald Johnson Xjl0m'g,:nf,'Q1"Wilson 1 1 ., . N ,-an, Turn . M ,el Kinney. f' i helm. Heffi-, Dansklii iii,iferLa+iiiffbU'V' Delehoysaigi. Rifm- Cohen Barker. gslxin Brown, Tindell' Stiewirf Disbrow. Larsen' Nelson- e h 'Leake Harlman' ' Arms' Walrol . ' rDEAN HOLT'S HONOR LIST AMONG STUDENTS IN Sii yyw X was WHO'S WHO AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES mm Wm fo i. Qi ElecTion To This group is undoubTeclly one OT The high- ' ' e's school career. Those esT honors T a sTudenTs ciTed Tor This honor are high in scholarship an sTanding leaders in campus acTiviTies. SelecTions This year were made Trom nominaTions presenTed beTore The STudenT Council Biographies oT These sTuc:lenTs appear in The l939-40 issue OT WHO S Wl-lO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. Copies oT This book are disTrilouTed To many companies and employers ThroughouT The counTry who seelc inTelligenT and ouTsTanding young people. Such an honor is an incenTive Tor sTuclenTs To Take advanTage oT The opporTuniTies oTTerecl in higher eclucaTional pursuiTs. IT also serves as a compensaTion Tor pasT achievemenTs. OT The eighTeen sTudenTs named This year, Three seniors were re-elecTed. They were Klain, KurT Sick, and Mariorie Disbrow. EighT seniors and seven juniors were y he ,I A I , I E . . ""C5v-Ta, f - ' i . , lp ' h T can be achieved in on O A cl ouT- T I ' ' il, . T ' TN Maurice newly elecTed. PflasTerer J Ek ' Ecobso . s r man. MalorS. Spranglgilif gigl2?I'.D2p1nal:ue . Ds er, Dfsbrow La . rsen if XS Siegleman, Ricardo, Browne. Barker, Schmilf, Odorisio ggg IQ f n rr gi T TOMAHAWK CUTIES OF 1940 fx, The official beauly conlesl sponsored by The ! l94O TOMAHAWK was one of The highlighfs of Jrhe Hair- ff 1 yy - dressers and Cosmelologisfs Regional Conveniion held gl ll' , al lhe Fonlenelle Hofel February 25. Conreslanls, rep- li' 1 reseniing all four classes and including ihe winners of lf I ' i John Burress' beauly convocafion, were selecied by 1 2 -1 'rhe TOMAHAWK con+es+ commirlree. Miss Ann Bennerf, f I C secrelary of The Associafion, graciously cooperaled Um Y ,A ' , , wiih The Universiiy io make The coniesi a special Tea- , -' A Vl 7 ' ' 'T lure on The agenda of 'rhe convenrion. u ilii A Council of Judges, which included easl , Kalhryn Akerf and wesi coasi aulhorilies on several phases of beauiy, was carefully selecied from The oufsianding personalifies of The conveniion. The final Council of five was composed of such nored arlisfs as Ricardo, New York and Hollywood hair s'rylis+g Siegelman, Hollywood make-up arfislp Sylvia Kaye Browne. New York spe- cialisl on hairdressing: and Agnes F. Schmi+'r, Lincoln, Nebraska, presidenl of 'rhe Ne- braska Sfaie Board of Cosmerology Examiners. From a galaxy of +wen+y-one girls in formal aHire, Jrhe Council of Experis chose Jrhree as The mos+ beauliful and possessing 'rhe mos? poise and personaliiy, for 'They believed beauly was valueless wiihoui 'The olher aiiribules. One of 'rhe iudges com- menied fha? preiiier girls could noi be found in Hollywood or any ofher place. The judges' loallois were covered wilh flarlering commenls and expressions of amazemenr al lhe number of beauiiful girls in The conlesr. SQ Q EnTranTs in The ConTesT ARLENE ACKERMAN PEGGY HOLMES KATHRYN AKERT ANNA Lou JACKSON ROBERTA CARSON FLORENCE KENNEDY CLARA JANE CLARK NORMA JEAN KIRKPATRICK JAYNE FEE VIRGINIA LUNDOUIST DORIS HARBERG ELIZABETH MORRIS ARDITI-I l'lARDLANNERT MARGENNE NOLAND MARY O'NElL RUTH SAXTON A l"'lARRlETT SMITH MARIE STREETER BETTE URQUHART BETTY VOBORIL DOROTHY YOUNG ln spiTe OT The diTFiculTy The iudges had in choosing The Three winners, They were unanimous in Their decisions. Mary O'Neil received The TirsT honor. Second and N - Third honors wenT To BeTTy Voboril and Clara Jane Clark. I All Three honored beauTies are members OT The Tresh- Q- man class. if ' ' T E, 3 The conTesT, cenTered around The Conven- Tion's Tormal ball, was held in The Pompadour Room preceding The dance. The judges had opporTuniTy To "eye" and in- Terview each girl individually as she enTered The judg- ing salon, walked across The sTag'e, and Then leTT The room. ATTer all had been viewed by The iudges. The -- --A- I conTesTanTs Tormed one long line, making iT possible for Z.. C i T - The experTs To make comparisons. a f"'.lg,.., E.......Kli Eliza beTh Morris '3 af? I .-.,:.h'fV .'-ig A- Morris. LundquisT. Fee, Clark. Carson, AkerT. Ackerman, Harberg E Ye, 1 3-v Vx 9,3996 Ir -K A ---gs T. ,. I!,e .f . ' 1 .,-. , -Y ,. r A , l : ' ,, ,sr R L Y 1 iv' ' f FIRST HONORS MARY O'NEIL Mary O'NeiI is a freshman, sevenfeen years old, and a member of Pi Omega Pi. A connoisseur of clorhes and dancing, Mary possesses equal abilify in her business adminisrrafion courses, which she is sfudying in prepararion for a secrefarial posifion. 53 Rm W e s s 4 M at 6 Vg . -i l 'z , SECOND HONORS BETTY VO Beffy Voboril, a freshman of eighfeen, is maioring in a liberal arfs cOurse Taleni' in skefching and S+ I d ' ' ye- esignung is supplemenfed by poise. an inferesf in sporfsi and perfeclr dancing. Beffy is affiliafed wiih Pi Omega Pi sororify. G fi, i 3 ii? 39.-I 'E - f - wi f- , B im3iy ,. in fn ii? W ll ii A. jQg,.x -1 V, - - .N , ' L. ,Jaap ' ' LH!! - ge: .. 111255-..i si 'ffaliflsfi-A , ,... .W Q. as M I-'17, Lt? THIRD HONORS CLARA JANE CLARK E Clara Jane Clark, a sfrilcing beaufy wi+l1 +i'rian 'rresses and gypsy-black eyes IS a member of Sigma Chi Omicron sorori+y-Jus'r eiglwieen and a freshman al' 'rlwe Univer si+y, Clara Jane is following a course in business adminis+ra'rion 'rlial will pre pare her for secrefarial work or courl' reporling. V. ,! . , ,Cn " 3.-Fir-. XV "'. ', L 1 N- -' ff'. I - 1. I ' j1 " L , K , . ,I - Ci . V, ,1 i f V fy 1 ,,: fe 1 Lf rf in ,H .nu , ' 'Af 1 f' iw! '11-' . A fl! 'A' JY -f f M! ' ' V 1' .1 -'fl' " -bl.--.2 Y , vii. is . I -- I , , VH , ,L '-S '4 -- ,I 1 , '-'. N- I , 1, 47- f . VMI! ' I L NM, .N a ff- Sf' ,' h fi? uf A f 4 1 .S ,mf-slwg "31! " ,lf 532 kr x ' V- -4 Q32 Q ,r 'N 'W A " -V -f 1 ' ' M- 1 . 'f' f,-- J ' V Y- HIT l l', ff :N - L 1 A- ,'-ld" l I1 s ' .f df- L-- ' ' ga 4: gg 1 -. 'A A , 11 .mll f' 1,, ',r -.1,,,,,L .Q fr -,-v f r g f .V A . A . - - , ,' A ', var. r I ll, ,,-V 'LL' ,V L 5,5 Y ,gg-,it N: ..I,iyg fllfflg, 1 I, 4 I, lr I , ' f'-'A ' 55 ' M : ' ,'7' 5 5.71 ' -i ii 3 i' I 1 -if-. - , 5 J Y all Vrfg. Nr L f. I Y - ' -V1 - - sf E l cc N f .A --Jrrw 7 x ,-Ili, vi 'V -Z, E f -. r, v N , 1,-f:F 4h Al' .-'Qf' . -V-I if Sfuari Baller C. L. Harfman UNIVERSITY ,g OF 4, 11' Z OMAHA ' 'W'--1 ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT FOOTBALL H arPPl afofd L20 Ve Coaches Join Direcfor of Afhlefics -------- C. L. Harfman Assisfanf Professor of Physical Eclucafion - - - Sfuarr Baller Assisfanf in Afhlefics ------ - Harold Johnk Freshman Coach ------- - - - Leo Pearey . Equipmenf Manager ---------- Noel King This year coaches l-larlman, Baller, Johnlc, and Pearey, wheiher 'rhey were in Elmwood Park, down ai Ceniral I-ligh, way Soufh af Ak-Sar-Ben Field, or over ai Benson High, were able 'ro iurn oui many winning ieams. The value of fheir work, unduly handi- capped by deceniralized iraining iaciliiies, will ceriainly be increased as Universify equipmeni, afhleiic fields, Cinder fracks, and pi'rs are developed. 3 l -3- fu 4' ' , , E ' S- ., A W E427 . 'P L ,, A . T I 5. ' f " ' . ,1- , .L -, A , A I . V " , L 37 :Aff A 1 UI 'A f-2 ' 9" - i ' - 'V ' ' II. . Jw www-,M ,Amit . It Howard Waferman around end Danny Houslon, cheerleader Charging Paul Gaer as V? if X5 . .. - ,tn W O . J, l-lodalc, Kozalc, Anderson, Beal. MaTThews, DanlcoT, Powell, Schrage, Maher McDermoTT, WaTerman, Rohde. Slcripslcy, Salyards, Gaer, PTlasTerer, O'Neil ProTeda, KriTner, Veneziano, GroTe, LaManTia, Schmeclcpeper, Mazzeri SUMMARY OF THE FOOTBALL SEASON One OT The mosT imporTanT evenTs oT The I'-739 foofball season was The re- chrisTening oT The Team. The newly-clad Omaha Indians consTiTuTed one oT The sweeTesT ground-gaining machines in The circuiT, buT unTorTunaTely, They failed To regisTer im- pressively in The conTerence and Tell shorT oT a .500 percenTage ouTside The loop. The Redskins meT sTiTT compeTiTion along The war paTh, scalping Morningside by a margin oT I4 To O, buT losing To NorTh DalcoTa, SouTh DalcoTa and SouTh DalcoTa STaTe. These Three DalcoTa clubs Tied Tor loop honors and shared The N'orTh CenTral cham- pionship. The Tribe was deTiniTely a "home" Team This season. AT Benson STadium, ChieT l-larTman's Warriors won Three ouT oT Tour games, deTeaTing Wayne Teachers, MonTana STaTe, and Morningside, buT Talling beTore The powerTul JaclcrabbiTs oT SouTh DalcoTa STaTe by a score oT 6-7. ln Traveling campaigns, Omaha's record was none Too rosy. The Indians played heads-up ball, buT dropped Tour conTesTs To NorTh and SouTh DalcoTa, Oklahoma CiTy and ldaho SouThern. 1322? NN W do do , UNIVERSITY OF OMAHA 1939 VARSITY FOOTBALL ROSTER Name Millon Anderson Dick Beal Bob Brown Keilh Brown Karl Dankof Paul Gaer Don Grore Frank I-Iodak Harry I-Ioush George Jacobson Bill Kozak Vern Krilner Frank Lalvlanria John Maher Bob Ivlallhews Joe lvlazzeri Clarence McDermoII Vernon O'NeiI Don Pflasferer Cecil Powell Louis Profeda Larry Rohde Ronald Salyards Ralph Schmeckpeper Gil Schrage Sranley Skripsky Waller Slewarl Sam Veneziano Howard Waferman Don Zipper Heighi' Weighi' Posi'I'ion 5' IO" I6O Back 5' I I" I7O Back 5' 9" I68 Back 6' I6O Cenler 6' I" I95 End 5' I I" 220 Back 5' I I" I52 Back 5' I I" I96 Tackle 6' IB2 End 5' IO" 200 Tackle 5' I I" I69 Guard 5' II" 205 Guard 6' 2IO Tackle 5' I I" I58 Back 6' I " I 80 Back 6' I84 Cenfer 5' 8" I72 Guard 5' II" I68 Back 5' I I" ISO Back 5' II" I78 Guard 5' I I" I7O End 6' I95 Tackle 5' I I" I95 End 5' I I" I72 Tackle 6' I" I78 End 6' I9O Tackle 5' 8" 205 Tackle 5' 7" I3O Back 5' IO" I68 Back 5' IO" I58 Back w Home Omaha, Nebr. Omaha, Nebr. Omaha, Nebr. Omaha, Nebr. I-Iamburg, Iowa I-Iarlan, Iowa Omaha, Nebr. Omaha, Nebr. Omaha, Nebr. Nowlin, 5. Dalc. Council Bluffs, Iowa Crawford, Nebr. Council BIuFIs, Iowa Omaha, Nebr. Falls Cify, Nebr. Omaha, Nebr. Walnul, Iowa Nrkinson, Nebr. Omaha, Nebr. Ivlaplelon, Iowa Council Bluffs, Iowa Rickells, Iowa Omaha, Nebr. Bloomfield, Nebr. Elgin, Nebr. Omaha, Nebr. Omaha, Nebr. Omaha, Nebr. Omaha, Nebr. Columbus, Nebr. ig was r . so "H" 'igwaf Q-a-an eff F.. , , L -F - -We 1 I " - aa F-X S ---Ns C . 1 .E 1 , D X. - wma' . I I g rf I' . -1 ug .. -at . V , ., . -:Q ' flu: . 1, i 5 X L , ,, 1' -- Q1 I X T ' , ' V 3- I i FT . 1 It v "N ,I -4 ,, Vi ,WI M F ' ,Q. ' I : 4 . ' Ylii r . I I 4 ' ' V ' U " 'i I' ' -1, i-I. ,I , A goal line sfand on The 2 yard line as ,Sl ----1,1 FEE Nil 2.-I I 'Q -4 Schrage sTeps OTT IO yards Through cenTer H H f X A, This year marked The TirsT Time The Omaha TooTbaII Team has played iki'1:,Q-y, glfkf' ' under The name oT Indians, as They were Tormerly called The Cardinals. 'W Ql.i,,, kk gakofa Sed I-IarTman led his Indians inTo baTTIe againsT N'orTh tif.: Vos, OT E319 DakoTa U. aT Grand Forks in The season's opener. The mighTy Sioux 53 S sTruck early in The TirsT half Tor Two Touchclowns and won IO To O. On The Tollowing Friday, SepTember 29, The Indians clicked Tor one quarTer To Turn back a scrappy Wayne STaTe Teachers Team 6-3. The Wayne Team scored TirsT wiTh a place kick Trom The TwenTy yard line. The Indians rushed back To score on a susTained sixTy yard march wiTh MaTThews going over. La ManTia's kick was Iow. On OcTober 6. The Redskins were on The warpaTh To geT revenge Tora I4-7 cIeTeaT handed Them The year before aT Bozeman, .IvIonTana. This year The Indians all buT Took The CoyoTes Trom IVIonTana STaTe aparT in a hard charging game. MaTThews and Flash PTlasTerer scored The Indian Touchdowns. ' The nexT SaTurday The Team was repulsed by The Uni- versiTy oT SouTh DakoTa CoyoTes, I4-6 aT Vermillion. A MaT- Thews-PTIasTerer pass was good Tor The Omaha Touchdown. A delegaTion oT sTudenTs made The Trip To Vermillion anTici- paTing The TirsT Omaha vicTory over The CoyoTes. E ES F' . Y , Y . 3 I S 4 Br. I' "ses 'Z T' I is-T Pfofeo' -.-L.-fa ',, ,Q A of G ,. :f.14.4:f:L-fare' 1 pass Mazzeri unloads 5 Tacklers Indian Cheer Squad I cg J Y is --.- -.- I LI:-"' ,A .. - ' gif I ..........-. 3 f-fn., 4 img R Filed four deep on Pflasierer On Ociober 27, The squad played heads up ball 'ro run over Ihe Morningside Maroons, I4 'I'o O. Again Pflaslerer and Maiihews scored Ihe Omaha Iouchdowns. The following Sarurday was Homecoming, and Ihe Sourh Dakofa Jackrabbiis were The opponenis. The g was a Thriller 'rhroughour and found all Ihe scoring in Ihe K A ame Coqf are half. Bob Brown sei' up The pins for Ihe Omaha 'rouchdown wilh a 60 yard run, Seine finally being forced oui on 'rhe six. Maiihews was held io no gain on 'rhe follow- CD5-D ing play, buf refused Io be siopped on The nexI and carried a good poriion of The Siale Ieam over wilh him. Bob's kick was wide. . Omaha had anoiher chance 'ro win The game in 'rhe Third when Lalvlaniia s free kick, afier a lair caich, fell shori. The Indians' unblemished non-loop slaie was darkened ai Oklahoma Ciiy November ll, when The "I:ighIing I:irernen" of Oklahoma Cify U scored Iwice in fhe Iasi half 'ro oilfsei PIIasIerer's Ihird period Touch down and won I4 Io 6. Idahoans' one yard line, buf fail .pgs ' 6 , .X c. We ak Rohde broke up fhis play The season ended ai Pocaiello, Idaho, where Ihe In dians were shui oui for The second iime of The season, Ihe score being 6-O in favor of Idaho Southern. The Indians gol Io The ed To punch acrossy Omaha Wayne niqhi' game ' s , 1? .1 ,H ff' A . Liggg gf s.,s 'X .a Evan Redmon s 'ggigl -Q V sv V. 55 a PB ,, gnaqs 3 jf ,F o :Aw . . :v .gr I.. -is ' -J Xi. ,ms Q Tramping clown Dodge in wild snake dance slryle and rolling in +l'1e aisles of G R I D I R O N The Vermilfion-bound buses were spirifecl speciallries of The foofball season. Down Vermillion's main drag 4 Feafhers' foofball secfion ' ' Y X AX Xwfiiiiffin I f' M vis! "off .r 4 y N s',uQ' ,,",, sa x A-Q Ns' si ' - !.Q, L 'f -' ' 1 X' N. f ' -Y W A-M522 s .- my f-- A ' -' s s' H an J 1 Y' ss:-1 as , - W s 11 - , we f s 5 A ', . x - A 3,1 hw, ' I Xxx. N I , :lx , ss ss so ,s sg -sw s s X, !?1.i' 4 i. . x s s 1 P " - . . 1 ' ' 'sf '44 ,, ' 4 X- s. 'V X H9 1 ' --P' ,QLLTU 1-ff, 3 3:e-M.: ' .nv , fb! 4 A , , -r K- . , V -: -,A . ' ss: Vi If . 4 up 1 my, us " X ' AL? - is, 'Ki ' M s , 'S A M' f 1, - s'Q 5,41 'fe we-. ...A a Q ' -:, 4 C s f' ' A P5 -. :A -if .-T: 1 1 5 " ' ' - rg . ,' 1 ' - , ss sssss 1 1 N. -W lv-ix J 'nwlj 1 .,,,,'M' , , 'Q s - - ,J 79 X .V ' I f Pre-Homecoming snake dance Our feam on Vermillion 'turf M SQ? GA S- i N5 X Xx N D E N G The irip lo Vermillion, Soulh Dalsoia, Johfvk an siariecl a fine iradilion, since if was ihe iirsl organized srudenl 'rrelc +o cheer The Jream on foreign rer- riiory. flgunce S, M R kx . H-11. -n Q,-7 , -1? Unf ducks .wm- Sfuclenls arrive af Vermillion fa-V In-u Auburn Champions perform NL "ff ii sk- L- - Homecoming parade floaf Rally down Dodge S+. Va Q7 ao a XL 4. g l Q .i - Vachal, Ware-rman, Woodbury, Moran, Pflaslerer, Grole, O'NeiI, Donahue Marks, Hilborn, Danlcoi, Salyards, Cheek, Marlhews BASKETBALL SEASON SUMMARY ..,,,,C,..,,,,,e,, The Indian Baslceisquad faced one of The loughesi programs in fhe hisiory of fhe Universify during lhe season of l939-40, yel' They chalked up 85l poinfs againsf fheir opponenfs' 850. Among fhe non-conference adversaries were such fop-nolch 'reams as Mon+ana Sfare and Uiah, leaders in fhe Rocky Mounlain and Big Seven leagues. Also on 'lhe pro- gram were Loyola of Chicago, a club fhaf had won 2l successive games during The previous season, and ihe mighly De Paul. ln conference play, The warriors los? six games and won Three, defealing Morningside rwice and Iowa Teachers, and losing 'ro Soufh Dakofa, Norlh Dakora, Norfh Dalcoia Sfale and lowa Teachers. SJ is 5 BASKETBALL SQUAD Name JACK CHEEK KARL DANKOE FRANCIS DONAHUE PAUL GAER DON GROTE, Captain DEAN HILBORN BOD MATTHEWS ROBERT MARKS ROY MORAN VERNON OINEIL DON PFLASTERER CECIL POWELL RONALD SALYARDS WALTER VACHAL HOWARD WATERMAN BILL WOODBURY Dankof on guard Heighf 'W8iQI1+ 6' 3"' IR5 6' 2" l9O 5' 8" I45 6' 200 5' Io" I60 6' I" I60 6' 2" Ia5 6' I" I65 5' Io" I55 5' Io" I70 5' Io" I9O 5' I0" Iss 6' I" I9O 5' 7" I4O 5' 9" I75 5' 9" I60 Posifion CENTER CENTER FORWARD GUARD GUARD FORWARD GUARD CENTER GUARD GUARD FORWARD GUARD FORWARD FORWARD FORWARD FORWARD O'NeiI, Pflasferer, Waterman, Marks, Grofe, Coach Baller, Donahue, Cheek C'-7 'Rc Dean "Bones" I-lilborn BASKETBALL BIG SHOTS Ronnie Salyards finished Jrhe baslcerball season by leading his Jreammares and plac- C Siii i . R , I ax . -ali f' l ii I i A .Q:..: ily B - Bob "l-larpo" Marks Francis Donahue ing second in conference scoring, rallying 43 goals and I4 free 'rhrows fo To- YN ral IOO poinis. The number A fiqwi W gxlfse 'And vflgexl ii ,V Jrwo Redslcin scorer is Bob Marlhews, who counled 86 poinls in nine games. 'French leave" I Four Indians in Chicago Team, busman, and 'lrainer Gaer 5 1 "1-U-it lg. - I W 1 fn 54,1 .JP , 4.4 4 'N ix Dick Beal, dash man , ' wi., 'N ii O'Ne1l, KruTner, Ell1oTT, Gaar, Coach l-larTman MGZZGFL PllGSleF-ef. Zipper. LauTon, GroTe, Veneziano TEAM TRIPS- You can join The navy To see The world, buT if you iusT wanT To see America TirsT, go ouT Tor baskeT- ball. The lndian quinTeT Traveled more Than 2800 miles during The pasT sea- son. Arnong The inTeresT- ing places visiTed were Chicago, Illinois: Lincoln, Nebraska: Sioux CiTy. lowag and Fargo, NorTh DalcoTa. BaslceTball was, Wax, X of course, The real reason Tor Traveling, buT The boys read somewhere Thal' "all work and no play makes dull boys." So-o-o- QB ed he ug POS Gaer gives Cheek a leaky Throaf The Team mel' boom Times Pflasferer sizes one up lf? 27 NTRAMURAL ATHLETIC The inTramural sporTs program aT The UniversiTy OT Omaha covers a wide range OT acTiviTies, including handball, ping-pong, baiT casTing, archery, Touch TooTball, and baslcelrball, as well as many oThers. The program is of- Tered separaTely Tor TraTerniTies and independenTs. PoinTs are given Tor TirsT Through TourTh places in each evenT. For individual sporTs, The scoring is 5-3-2-I and Tor Team sp'orTs TO-6-4-2. On February 23, an lnTramural AThleTic Show was held in The universiTy audiTorium To decide The champions in ping-pong, Tencing, boxing and wresTling. The winners oT The wresTling evenTs were ArT VuylsTelc, TlyweighT: Dar- rell T-Tarmon, banTamweighTg Bill Pangle, TeaTherweighT: Don ProbsT, lighTweighTg Louis ProTeda, welTerweighT: T-Toward Humphreys, middleweighT: and STanley Slcripsky, heavyweight The boxing champions are ArT VuylsTelc, Tly- weighTq Glen GusTaTson, banTamweighT and TeaTherweighTq Lawrence Chandler, lighTweighT: NorberT Screin, welTer- weight Richard Beal. micldleweighT: and Francis Hernan- dez, heavyweight lvloisey Poogach was winner of The ping- pong single maTches. The Marvin Horslcy-Moisey Poogach combinaTion was vicTorious in The doubles. Dick Holland became The Tencing champion of The Universiiy oT Omaha. Phi Sigma Phi TraTerniTy won The inTramural bas- lceTball crown and The Alpha Phi Omega annual cage Tro- phy wiTh Tour vicTories and one TorTeiT. The Phi Sigs also won The Greek Touch TooTball championship while The ouT- sTaTe Team Toolc Top honors among The independenTs. -. I I' -T 5 HusTon paces TheTa game rughT To The heari' Ping-pong conTesT One-handed champion ducks TE c sn QE Mixed dancing class Fencing Team pracTice Tumblers During The pasT school year, Mr. STuarT Baller Vzyn mn,: T T inauguraTed a novel series oT physical educaTion courses X if In . is X . To Take The place oT The old Tashioned "gym' classes. ln- ,1' j, y "li,-Q NLE i , , r ff. Q N l sTead oT being Torced To swing Indian clubs wiTh TiTTy oTher H .4 . . 4 T T e guys, each sTudenT was aslced To sTucly The sporT in which , Q., H5 ' ' T - W he was mosT inTeresTed. This new "TalenT search" in aTh- leTics was very popular wiTh The boys, Tor iT gave Them an opporTuniTy To develop skill in The sporTs in which They were mosT adepT. Courses were given in Tencing, baiT casT- ing, archery, Tennis, golT, Track and Tield, handball, boxing, wresTling, speedball, soccer, soTTball, basl4eTball, Tumbling, calisThenic exercises, ping-pong, badminTon, horseshoes, Touch-TooTball, Tollc dancing, and creaTive dancing. AT The beginning oT The year The sTudenT is given a physical examinaTion. IT he has some physical disabiliTy, he may enroll in a TuTored physical educaTion course. ln This class, sporTs are sTudied Trom a more academic poinT oT view, including The Tracing oT The hisTory, The Tamous par- TicipanTs, and The records esTablished in many sporTs. DEPARTMENTAL SPORTS Six-man TooTball Fence rs' foursome PeasanT dance U Q ' in cosTume Good archery Torm c MEN'S MODERN The lvlen's Modern Dance group was an ex- perimen+ 'lhis pasr year. The group mer as a regular class and was presenled for l'he firsl' lime in The Dance Concerl a+ lhe Joslyn Memorial. There fhey performed four dances: "5piri+ual", "War", "Folk Dance", and "A Sludy in Level". "War" was a parf Miss Diamond iIlus+rafes modern dance fechnique Spirifual inlerprelalion Exercises for fhe dance K i N Silfing falls-in domino formafion ,ff 2. , .- Deal 5,60 l - H of lhe final suile. "War and Peace", showing Jrhe l pleasani' march in parade ro baffle, buf also . Q y rhe horrors of Jrhe french always followed by 4 deslrucfion and dealh. The music was com- , posed by Frances Creech, pianisl' in lhe :tau Deparlmenl of Physical Educalion. "Folk 0b0ROf85 Dance" and "A Sludy in Level" were is Q3 is i performed wilrh lhe girls' groups. DANCE GROUP The group received a greai deal of publicily. I+ was ,ee iealured in roiogravure spreads in The Omaha WORLD HERALD and S+. Louis POST DIsPATcI-I. Some of +he piclures also appeared in LIFE Magazine. They are soon +o appea in Jrhe phoiographic seciion of Jrhe AMERICAN MAGAZINE Balance exercises ,, l A sludy in levels and -l-HE SOCIAL WORLD, a paper published in Val- paraiso, Chile. The members of The merI's group were Leo Alperson, Irving Block, Wallis l-larrison, Charles Hen- derson, Roberl I-lolden, Edward Novak, David Sluari, and Truex Upchurch. . ,., N P ., yi. , I . ' 1 I ' H' " "'E'2T"l' 'lf .. .- -af.,-0 -- -we - .-N , , ..... .t.,.. ,-. , , -1. Q., ,. ,A F -... , Dusfin Kooprnan Rice G-rlffiTh, Griffiih, Hanigan, Coulfer, Thorup, Boukal, Naclen, Jacobus, Gronewold, Simon, Fuller, Woodyarcl, 355' lvlagn sse 'WT' u n -an YL., Myers STr Ter Ov glo Slewarr, Faucefr, Meiches, Kafz, Borg, Moon, Lovell, Magner, Cguale, Hanson, Hahne, BennefT g'?i'fTiff2f:'yg.i lfzg bbons Ellison Beck Shoemaker, Harrison, Fee, Voss, Hallowell, Dislorow, Granf, orman, ArTherTon, Blanchard, Blanchard, " ""i.5,,'. Anderson, Odorisio Mis Jackso K mloer Whelan Langenfeld, Bailey, Premer, Sfuarl, Barnes, Shepherd, Howes, Lipsman, Egner, Worrell, Gershafer, Pope S MCL WOfMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION ReTiring Officers Incoming PresidenT ---- DoroThy Shepherd PresidenT ----- Helen CoulTer Vice-PresidenT ---- Thela Barnes Vice-PresidenT - - - MargareT Moon SecreTary - - - Clara Howes SecreTary ------ Ann Borg Treasurer ----- Barbara STuarT Treasurer - - Jacqueline Leffingwell The Women's AThleTic AssociaTion sTarTed The year wiTh iTs annual Tea Tor all women sTudenTs. lT TeaTured a sTyle show oT coeds modeling Their own cloThes. This was followed by a l-lallowe'en iniTiaTion parTy Tor new members. The iniTiaTion was in Torm oi a l-lallowe'en scare plus a Tormal cancllelighl' ceremony. One OT The highlighT acTiviTies was The annual play day Tor high school girls. Each high school in Omaha and Council BluTls was represenTed by Ten girls. Omaha Uni- versiTy women served as hosTesses and sporT heads. Ping pong, hockey, soccer, archery, sTunTs, and lunch in The caTeTeria consTiTuTed The program. This year insTead oT The usual recreaTion hour, The AssociaTion sponsored social dancing classes. The W.A.A. also sponsored a dance and a card parTy. The Tormer was a sporT dance during The Thanksgiving holiday. The laTTer was a'beneTiT parTy To send delegaTes To The convenTion. The group wenT on several hikes during The year. A snow parTy was also very Show? ,sw we Q 'AFR' N. K 4-'25 , vi wr? il gf Thela Barnes Clare l-lowes Barbara STuarT Lorna Berman Helen CoulTer Mariorle Dlsbrow Ns? P f'f"?T- - i 15 IT W.A.A. ice-skaTing quesTs W.A.A. hike I 'ZZ' Forward march Through The park Three lovely ladies ' 'V Members of The W.A.A. Board BETTY BENNETT ------- GOLF JAYNE FEE ---- RECREATION HOUR Overme To 6 Spill LORNA BORMAN - - HOCKEY AND SOCCER BETTY FULLER -------- ART HELEN COULTER ------ HIKING ANNA LOU JACKSON - - VOLLEYBALL MARJORIE DISBROW DANCING. AND PUBLICITY MARJORIE MAGNER - - - ARCHERY ADELE EGNER ------- TENNIS MARGARET MOON - - lNTRAMURAL JEAN ELLISON ------ SOCIAL BERNICE PREMER - - - BASEBALL DIXIE SOUTH ------ PING PONO successful. The girls spenT a whole aTTernoOn skiing and Tobogganing on The Elmwood ' gOlT course in sub-zero weaTher. The Tall inrramural program This year included volleyball, soccer baseball, hockey, and soccer. The Kappa's won The volleyball TOurnamenT. The hockey and soccer class ToUrnamenT was compleTed wiTh a SaTurday play day. ATTerwards W.A.A. mem- bers aTTended The Ak-Sar-Ben ice hockey game. The winTer program cenTered around ping pong. Pi Omega Pi sorOriTy won The TOurnamenT. Adele Egner was The singles champion. The doubles champions were Adele Egner and Phyllis Willard. The spring program included volleyball, Tennis, gOlT. baseball, and archery. A UniversiTy Team was enTered in The annual lnTercOllegiaTe Telegraphic Archery meeT. A Trophy was presenTed TO The winning sOrOriTy acquiring The mOsT poinTs Tor boTh par- TicipaTiOrI and wins. The climax OT The year came wiTh The cOnvenTiOn aT Normal, Illinois. This was Tollowed by a picnic and elecTiOn OT new oTTicers. . -A . L VZLV V z. as Q. A .L . S' ' 6' A ' 7 Q..-T : I 1, ! I,..:., D x Af?" A gl . W -. i i 'L in T I . 'JJ L, I Jean Ellison Jayne Fee BeTTy Fuller Anna Lou Jackson MargareT Moon Bemige Premer ' "Wie Souix? I. Vs 5 'ai fr li l Figures from Archipenko WOMEN'S DANCE GROUPS AND ORCHESIS The Women's Dance groups were very acTive This year. The ConcerT Group danced beTore The Woman's Club oT FremonT, Nebraska, a Women's ProTessional Club in Omaha, and The Eagle OrganizaTion of l-lasTings. The dancers also performed before The CenTral DisTricT Physical EducaTion AssociaTion convenTion aT Wichifa, Kansas. All The groups Took parT in The ChrisTmas convocaTion and The advanced group was pre- senTed aT The EasTer convocaTion. The main evenT oT The year was The Annual Dance ConcerT presenTed by The enTire deparTmenT aT The Joslyn Memorial. The Orchesis group This year rneT once a week Tor dancing and discussions abouT modern dance. ' B "Peace" inTerpreTed Through The dance 7? J Y Pin my Q 1 1 H 1 w Em w Y. V Ji , rw 2. 14 Am. ,r v 1 rx 'V 1 .. U 4 .. HAI' E 'fHlww1jJ?Ejffmf fa HQ, ,,. , Q Q' nl Dance modulafions enfifled "Percussiof1" Orchesis and Concerf Dancers- MARJORIE Dlssvzow AHUVAH GERSHATER CONSTANCE SHEETS DOROTHY SHEPHERD HELEN COULTER JANE Cook EVELYN GLAD T' VT'-T The Conceri' Group presenfs "6!4 Rhy+hm" V9 '47 I 1' VARIETY IN EVENTS The W. A. A. Tor The second year spon- sored The charTering oT a'bus Tor The AThleTic FederaTion of College Women convenTion in Normal. lllinois. Univer- siTy delegaTes were Clara l-lowes, Ann Borg, Mary Anne Beck, Jean Ellison, Jacqueline LeTTingwell. MargareT Moon, and l-lelen CoulT li A high kick by The Folk Dancers er who spoke aT The general session. Flying dive FeaThers Celia Lipsman, Mary Voss, BeTTy Mae Shoemaker. RuTh Erkman, Ahuvah GershaTer, and Ann Borg were delegafes To The Phi Sigma Chi convenTion aT Lawrence, Kansas, where They aTTended The Kansas relays. My J I - rl -1 i ...N . , -1.1 1. l 1 1! iv. ,K 'fl""' N il, ,. ' A. rf I' ' T l ll + fi. ' J- V i is A is A A5 'W Figure from Archipenlco QQ A 5 Y ll A i ii A4 1- Q E' ' ' W' .QP I 4 uv . FeaTher convenTion delegaTes Men s "War" dance ' -A ., K s-.173 -- r i warner SPO' S Feafhsrs also saw Glen Cunningham f ii. Angel balance Experf archery skill One oT The highlighTs oT The W. A. A. acTiviTies was The presenTaTion of a pin To Sonia l-lenie who became The TirsT honorary member oT The group. DoroThy Shepherd, presidenT of W. A. A., conduclred one ol The discussion groups aT The Girls' AThleTic AssociaTion DisTricT Play Day and ConTerence aT Falls CiTy, Nebraska. sb W-AA C onvellflo I7 Dale ee is x ' E ,. -: .. r f I f f ' , , 'nn ' 1, , !,f,f' .f 47 A . ,A , , 4' + . ". 4 'Ni If I if Ng 1" 7? "A f V ' ' JL, . ',-' "Y '- I: T A X K my .., , : I 'L 'b 5 X + I W I , LLI pl ' . , 1 1 I ' ' X, rj , -N J r , Q . I . -,V V ,in "v ', A, , ' 'R Q 1? , "1 13 'J , ' "" ' "" "' ' f V - 1 V - , . ' if r1? 1, ,1 Q l5g x4Jf f J F pdf QQ TV N ,,,,Qe.,,,r,.1,.. Q his -Jliliiiwiiw 'YU si- ' i.Esp?25 Y Moon, Johnson, Rosenbaum, Disbrow Newby, Ecklund, Pofforff, Myers Minteer, Barnes, DeVaney, Lrpsman INTER-SORORITY COUNCIL Officers Presideni' - - - ------ - Joyce Minfeer Vice-Presideni' - - ----- - Thela Barnes Secre+ary ---- - - - - - - Celia Lipsman Treasurer - ---------- Violef DeVaney Council Members -l-HELA BARNES MARGARET MOON VIOLET DEVANEY DOROTHY MYERS BERNICE ECKLUND MARY NEWBY MARIAN JOHNSON MARY POWORFF CELIA LIPSMAN MARJORIE DISBROW JOYCE MINTEER PAULINE ROSENBAUM In 'rhe spring of l938, fhe sororifies formed +he infer-Sororiry Council. Two delegaies represeni each sororiry on 'ihe Council. each delegare having an aliernaie. The Council acis as a governing body for 'rhe sororiiies. seriing up policies concerning rushing, pledging, and o'rher sorori+y funciions. Each coed musi meei schol- as'ric slandards esrablished by ihe Council in order io become an acrive member in a sororiiy. Gemma Sigma Omicron received 'rhe silver cup awarded each year by fhe Council io The sororiiy wiih The highesl scholasric average. Every eiciori io promoie friendly relarions among The l sororiiies is exeried by The Council, All Coeds on The campus were inviied io The Chrisrmas Tea. In May a dance was held ai' rhe Cherrnoi Ballroom. GQ", Jgyce Minfeer Mrs. Mary Padou Young Ve KGQQ' 9-W r . Zell 0972... Qui M 'A Q A :-: ib- . 'TFT , , . L Q1 ss ig, cgi' T Everybody dance! 5' U niversiTy Tou rsome 58? Zo V o F Ei 2 1 U I Rose KIRSHENBAUM our GEULAH Merci-ies PresidenT - - Pauline Rosenbaum Vice-PresidenT - - - ETTa Soiref SecreTary - - - Eileen ZeviTz Treasurer - - Celia Lipsman HisTorian - - Vicki Lerner Mrs. Pearl L. Weber Mrs. A. C. Fellman WiTh The carnaTion Tor iTs Tlower and red and whiTe as iTs colors, Alpha Gamma Chi was organized in The Tall oT l933. Pledges receive a small gold "A" To signiTy Their aTTili- aTion and acTives wear a black onyx and pearl-cenTerecl pin represenTing an open book, a symbol oT scholarship. AlThough The youngesT sororiTy on The campus, Alpha Gamma Chi is prominenT in school aTTairs, Tor parTicipaTion in school TuncTions Torms a large porTion oT The sororiTy's acTivi- Ties. Pauline Rosenbaum, presiclenT, seTs The pace Tor The group. She was a cancliclaTe Tor Homecoming Princess, was elecTecl To The "Who's Who Among American College Campuses" and is a represenTaTive on The lnTer-SororiTy Council. Miss Rosenbaum was a member oT The dance commiTT-ee of The Council, assisTing in arranging The spring Trolic. Celia Lipsman, who is presiclenT oT The FeaThers, pep organizaTion, is also on The InTer-SororiTy Council, serving as iTs secreTary. She was recenTly accepTed inTo Sigma Tau ixx I a ESTHER MoRRis LEE FELLMAN ETHEL Kiwis Rose KIRSHENBAUM Vicxi LERNER CELIA LIPSMAN GEULAH MEICHES LLLLIAN MoNoviTz ESTHER lVlORRIS Gowns Rosewafxum M em be rs PAULINE Rosewafxum Goioie ROSENBAUM PAULINE ROSENBAUM Liaisv Ruafxcic Ri-:EA SCHNEIDER ETTA SOIREP SYLVIA WEINER Eiiesu Zevnz Della, honorary English fraiernily, and is a member of 'ihe educalion iralernily, Sigma Pi Phi. Oiher sororily represeniafives in Feaihers are Pauline ALPHA GAMMA CHI 9123 l .QM Rosenbaum, Eileen Zeviiz, and EH'a Soiref. Miss Zeviiz, who is promineni in The drama deparimeni, and Miss Lipsman are recipienis of scholarships, and Miss Soirei was among Those honored ai an all-school convocaiion for high scholasiic sfanding. "The Toddleu was presenied by ihe pledges in De- cember and The annual spring formal dance was held ai 'rhe Music Box April l. Goldie Rosenbaum served as chairman of 'rhe dance, assisied by Sylvia Weiner and Esiher Morris. In May, Jrhe sororiiy gave iis annual Mo+her's Day Tea and in 'rhe early pari of June, lhe insfallaiion Tea was held. is iff . 1 sv u Om x ':,,.." , , l v- - Befween da nces psf Haig, 54- .. V. Q I X: W 1. " 15 , V , " ' Nil ' lip", ., ,-, 'gg kip ' 4 iq R Q X I' 6 fi F .FM i if Formal dance af fhe Music Box We Rf' sr, Enix Soines Snvm WEINER Ei.sis Pxsrizerow Doius ROLPH Miuaxeo Ross Dixie Scum RACHEL ANN WALKER MAXINE YLANDER Ahyy ,is " ii. 917.-. Q. ff: ,. Igf I - .,,,s,z, . gem! V 6- ' TF- 4 . T xx ri ll? ii Gamma Formal Tea gk? YA NN 5 ,N .N 3 is M Q. T .F ' Ji N ' F ' k 111- , . - F - - ll . ' T so i p 3 T 1 ' ' ' ,ii MARGARET ANN Aamekron, BETTY BARNETT, FRANCES BLANQHARU, VICTORIA BLANcHAnn VIVIAN FELL, ARLINE GILCRIST, FAYE GRAVES, MARV HEUMANN Officers PresidenT - - ----- - Joyce MinTeer V569-PreSid9n'f - - - Elsie Prenzlow SecreTary - - 7 - - - - - Marianna Palmer Treasurer ------- l - - - Arline GilcrisT Sponsors: Mrs. Beniamin Boyce, Miss ElizabeTh Kaho, Miss Frances Wood Honorary Member: Mrs. W. H. Hale lOpall Baldwin T To Gamma Sigma Omicron is due The disTincTion oT being The TirsT sororiTy on The campus To receive The scholar- ship Trophy award presenTed aT Honors ConvocaTion by The lnTer-SororiTy Council To The sororiTy having The highesT scho- lasTic average Tor The Tull school year. Their "Tar-Baby ShuTTle," OcTober 20, was The TirsT pledge dance OT The season. FirsT again, The Gammas held Their Torrnal dance, which was preceded by a dinner given for Gammas and Their escorTs, on December 15, aT The FonTenelle HoTel. ' The ChrisTmas parTy,,a sleigh-ride and chili supper wiTh Their daTes, and a "SmarTy ParTy" given by The Alums, honoring Gammas meeTing cerTain scholasTic requiremenTs, were some of The social acTiviTies of The year. Annual evenTs include The MoTher's Day Tea in May, and The Founders' Day banqueT. held The same day as The lnTer-SororiTy dance. Members oT The sororiTy are acTive in various organi- zaTions. Mary Newby is a member oT The Pre-Med and Chem- isTry clubs and Gamma Pi Sigma, honorary chemisTry TraTer- niTy. Elsie Prenzlow, Arline GilcrisT and Joyce MinTeer are i s 'gy II, y. I ' If ll' I 'M mr 'nr I . .. 5 ,,, 4. S: 1 U ANN BRANDT. HARRIET BRAUCH, BERYLE MAE CoLLINs, MARIE Coox VIRGINIA HILLIER, ELLEN JACOITUS, RUTH JOHNSON, MIRIAM LAWRENCE MARGARET ARTHERTON FRANCES BLANCHARD ANN BRANDT HARRIET BRAUCH BERYLE MAE COLLINS DORIS FALLDINE ARLINE CIILCRIST FAYE GRAVES MARY I-IEIJMANN VIRGINIA HILLIER MIRIAM LAWRENCE JOYCE MINTEER BETTY BARNETT VICTORIA BLANCHARD MARIE COOKE VIVIAN FELL ELLEN JACOBUS AcTives Pledges A X 4, A TM 'X I ' X ' GAMMA SIGMA OMICRON If III"' 'Em L ALICE MERRIAM MARY NEWIIY ' MARIANNA PALMER T MARIAN P ,, . ELSIE PRENECFZW R si Ing, . DORIS ROLPH -I - MILDRED Ross T MARY SCOTT I ' DIXIE SOUTH I RACHEL ANN WALKER I in as DOLORYCE YOUNG E V QL M-C I . L RUTH JOHNSON MARIAN LINCOLN Q au AQ .R T A '3 VIRGINIA LUNDIIERG 3 ' 555' MARJORIE MARTIN A - A' . MAXINE YLANDER members OT The honorary eclucaTiOn TraTerniTy, Sigma Pi Phi. PresidenT OT The lrITer-SorOriTy Council is Joyce MinTeer. The OTher Gamma Council member is Mary Newby, while The sOrOriTy is represenTed On The Freshman Council by Rachel Ann Walker. Green and lavender are The Colors OT The sOroriTy and The lavender sweel' pea iTs flower. A small silver Triangular pin is worn by The pledges. Surrounded by rubies and pearls, This Triangle is also repre- senTecl On The aCTive pin. The lnTer-SorOriTy Scholarship Cup MARIAN LINCOLN JOYCE MINTEER VIRGINIA LUNDBORG MARY NEWBY MARJORIE MARTIN MARIANNA PALMER ALICE MERRIANI MARIAN Pscx WR? ff I BARBARA VARNER A MARY Voss wo'I 'Lili gi, Sh F'- .y ,X . A , 1 . ' Kappa's via The cafeferia Formal inifialion C33 is I :ms I I' 'ii Q "Q:- , , , - . Q-ld Els 5- ' :lb if- Gs or .5 gl A- ' I lA I. ' 7.1 -I V 5. la? is 5 pg. A k I 'V Q11 ba Zh. ff 'ff ' A ,s is . r ...A yi MAXINE ALLISON, THELA BARNES. EMILY BLAZEK, VIRGINIA COCHRANE JEAN GRlFFlTH, VIRGINIA l-loLI.Is, ROSEANNE Huoson, JEANNETTE LINDSEY Officers Presideni' - - - Gloria Oclorisio Vice-Presidenf - - - Sally Ru+h Jones Recording Secrefary - - - Jeanne Marcil Corresponding Secrefary - - - - Thela Bames Treasurer ----- - Bernice Eclclund Hislorian - - Mary Jane Egan S p o ns o rs Mrs. Laura M. Johnson Mrs. Charles Ho'FF Kappa Psi Della, always aciive in inlrramural sporfs. won 'rhe volley ball and soccer-baseball rournamenrs 'lhis year. Rose swearers and gray lcerchieis wirh 'rhe Kappa in- signia are worn by members of l'he sororify on rhe campus. The acrives' pin is a small anchor: fhe pledge symbol is a gold "K" pin. Clever pariies for rushees included a barn pariy, a naulical parly, a buhler supper ar The Field Club, and a mid- sennesier dinner wi+h a leap year rheme. Pledges enierlained 'rhe aclives ai a lhearer pariy which was followed by a waffle supper ar 'fhe home of Mrs. Hoff, new sponsor. Earlier in rhe year Mrs. Johnson. sponsor, enrerlained The girls al' a wiener roasr. Acrives and pledges wirh rheir dares were enrerrained ai a parry ar Sally Rulh Jones' home during ihe "Everybody's Parly" celebraiion. The "Pumpkin Prance" pledge dance was held in Oc- ,ZFYTQ i'a A I A Psi I S., BERNICE ECKLUND, MARY JANE EGAN, NELLIE FITZGERALD, ELAINE GARST JEANNE MARCIL, GLORIA ODORISIO, JEAN PETERSEN, ELEANOR REYNOLDS AcTives THELA BARNES JEANNETTE LINDSEY EMILY BLAZER JEANNE MARcIL VIReINIA COCHRANE GLORIA ODORISIO BERNICE ECKLUND JEAN PETERSEN MARY JANE EeAN ELEANOR REYNOLDS ARITA FLYNN BEITYMAE SHOEMAKER M. JEAN GRIFFITH HELEN THOMAS ROSEANNE HUDSON JEAN THOMPSON DOROTHY JINDRA BARBARA VARNER SALLY RUTH JONES MARY Voss Pledges MAXINE ALLISON ADELE EGNER NELLIE FITZGERALD ELAINE GARST VIRGINIA HOLLIS BETTE ROSE Tober and The Tormal dance was held aT The ChermoT on March 29. Kappas are prOminenT in universiTy acTiviTies. Thela Barnes is vice-presidenT OT W. A. A., Sigma Pi Phi, and The lnTer-SOI-oriTy Council and was a candidaTe Tor Homecoming Princess. Bernice Eckluncl is secreTary OT Sigma Pi Phi and member OT The lnTer-SororiTy Council. LaST year AriTa Flynn won The scholarship cup, which is awarded To The girl in The sOrOriTy wiTh The highesT scholasTic average. Very acTive in all Types OT SporTS are Jean PeTersen, Adele Egner, and Jean 6riTTiTh. Barbara Varner is acTive in clramaTics and choir. Gloria Oclorisio is in The UniversiTy OT Omaha Trio, Maclrigal Singers, and Choir. fi. gg A I ,, BETYE Rose I r' W BETTYMAE SHOEMAKER "II ' " N , A L f r HELEN THOMAS 3' A lf' A JEAN THOMPSON I fc-3 -x 3 2.-Ya I '4 NaT Towles played Tor The Tormal dance ' fi - A 9 I Rf. I I-HEI.-A 'T I A Li' I' ' I R' 4 ,qu V MPL E ' The PresidenT and Vice-PresidenT and eScorTs wig X R7 Nl, I MARIE STREETER PAT WHELAN ALICE TAYLOR ELEANOR WIESE MARY ELLEN UHRlcH ELINORE WORRELL MARJQRIE VANEcEx Doius WoTHERsPooN K Kgnh ii T Y gin T, , My . W. Ti 'T i l no at AUD F02 A h o ly , TL ,E 1 L55 ,w"0fWfe.1 J .P TE All A Phi DeIT Formal Dance gh? TR I - , T T G ' ' -5 A--'T - - T . .M T is r 52 A L T. if N -A 'ir' t' J W 4, ir , I 2 f ,.f Q3 iii--,Yana india-..,,. T A' ' Y .I '-aiu ' 1 1' V, .T 1' ' T H T , .1 T ,ii V E -1 , - - Y 1 , is J T . ,T at ' , l T ' ,X - 1, L ' T - .1 - '- ' ' , T , V, Q- ' -ET , a 'ER 3. - 8 ... " ,..,.1'- ..SdZi.. '. , fm- , DOROTHY ANTczAic, BETTY JAYNE BACRLUND. ALBERTA BAILEY. ALMA JEAN BAILEY, BETTY BENNETT BARBARA FINLAYSON, BETTE GIER, MAxlNE GRIFFITH, VERONICA HAHNE, BETTY JANE HANFORD OTTicers PresidenT - - ----- - Bernice Premer Vice-PresiclenT - - Marian Johnson SecreTary - - Nancy BuTTon Treasurer - ------- DoroThy Myers Sponsors - - Miss RuTh Diamond, Mrs. W. T. Meelc The Phi DelTs' pledge dance, The "indian Pow-Wow," Tollowing The new "Indian" TradiTion, was presenTed Novem- ber 24. The TwenTy-Third oT December was The daTe oT The ChrisTmas Tormal dinner dance held aT The FonTenelle HoTel. Phi DelTa Psi members opened The campus "rush" acTiviTies wiTh a Tormal Tea aT The Field Club in July. LaTer rush acTiviTies included a "penThouse parTy" aT The BlacksTone l-loTel. a Chinese parTy aT The Omaha Woman's Club and a dinner parTy aT The WellingTon HoTel Tor mid-semesTer rushees. OTher sororiTy acTiviTies were The Tall barn dance, par- TicipaTion in The Homecoming and Ma-ie Day acTiviTies, The annual Founder's Day banqueT, and a moTher and daughTer Tea. Peacock blue and sTeel gray are The colors oT The sororiTyg The lily oT The valley is The sororiTy Tlower. The acTive pin is seT wiTh pearls: The pledges wear a small gold quesTion- mark pin. Bernice Premer is The vice-presidenT QT The Sophomore class, and BeHy Jane Hanford is a member oT The STudenT W1 ... 4. - C .1-, I f I JJ, 4 , . v Q' Q .- ang,-on Ig. ' ES' -Quik-A' 41' . A 9 . ,.,-, . -. - CT W 'H B l NW-n " r 8 .4 WINIEREIJ BURKE, RITA BURTON, NANCY LEE BUTTON, JOYCE CROSBY, JAYNE FEE DOROTHY JENNINGS, MARIAN JOHNSON, MAGDALENE KELLER, ELIZABETH KOOPMAN, RUTH LAKE AcTives DOROTHY ANTCZAK ELIZABETH ANN KOOPMAN BETTY JAYNE BACRLUND RUTH LAKE ALMA JEAN BAILEY DORIs JEAN NELSON BETTY BENNETT DONNA MYERS WINIERED BURKE DOROTHY MYERS RITA BURTON BERNICE PREMER NANCY BUTTON DORIS PREMER JOYCE CROSBY DOROTHY RICE JAYNE FEE DOROTHY SIEVERS BARBARA FINLAYSON MARIE STREETER BETTE GIER MARJORIE VANECEK VERONICA l"lAHNE PATRICIA WHELAN BETTY JANE HANEORD ELEANOR WIESE MARIAN JOHNSON ELINORE WORRELL MAGDALENE KELLER DORIS WOTHERSPOON Pledges MARTHA DEMUYNCK DORIS GRABOW MAXINE GRIFFITH ALICE TAYLOR VIOLET POSPICHAL MARY ELLEN UHRICH Council. Marian Johnson is TirsT CellisT in The Omaha Sym- phony and Marian, Bernice Premer and Alice Taylor are mem- bers OT Kappa Mu Lambda. Doris Jean Nelson ancl RiTa BurTOn are acTive in clramaTics. Nancy BuTTOn and Doris Grabow wriTe Tor iOurnalisTic publiCaTions. DOrOThy Myers ancl Marian Johnson are represenTaTives in The lnTer-SOrOriTy Council. Eleanor Wiese is vice-presiClenT Of The Freshman class. COnvOCaTiOn beauTy cOnTesT winners were Jayne Fee ancl Marie STreeTer. PHI DELTA PSI .E Y NN .ruff again L S 1' - in .',' :R 'Ui ,. 'YT , I -I EA? E P "Hell week" DONNA MYERS BERNICE PREMER DOROTHY MYERS DORIS PREMER DORIS JEAN NELSON DOROTHY RICE VTOLET POsRIcHAL DOROTHY SIEvERs WT? JANE SCHWERTLEY Tom SI-IRECK JUNE ELLEN STEINERT ELIZABETH STEWART MARGERY STEWART ELAINE TINDELL MARY ELIZABETH TROTTER BETTE URQUHART BETTY VOEORIL MARJORIE WALORON ELEANORE WALLACE JANE WHITE HARRIETT WILLIAMS JEANNE YOUKEY DOROTHY You NG 'T'llIIIIIII"" I I A 4 qi' A 'si ya X l ei?" A.-.J ' l A rx s W , ' .1 g ., lv? ll -Q 5 ' P I . fi F 1 ' Fi - as , 'S T-' K I , , Q V , ,,I Q -T.. r f 1, -rw E' sex I ' Is. V 2 5. -- ff a fi J 92- fs ise 4+- 1. A S 5. V- X L52 an Z- .I 6322 TI 5 EBBA ANDERSEN, JUNE ANDERSON, BETTY BELEAU, BETTY JEAN BROWN, MAURINE BROWN, Lois BURNETT ELIZABETH DEMPSTER, VIOLET DE VANEY, ARIS DE WALD, MARY JANE DULL, JEAN DusTIN, ALICE EGNER PHYLLIS GATES, NARcIssE GILL, JEAN GRIFFITHS, DOROTHY Honees, PHYLLIS HOPKINS, BETTE Huei-Iss Officers PresidenT - - ------- Lois BurneTT Vice-PresidenT - - - - Margenne Noland Recording SecreTary - - - - Sarah Carr Treasurer - - - - Elizabefh SfewarT Sponsor ----------- Mrs. J. W. Lucas WhiTe sweaTers wiTh red emblems designaTe The mem- bers of The largesT sororiTy on The campus. Pi O pledges' "Wizard OT Oz" dance aT The CenTral Club: The ChrisTmas Tormal dinner-dance aT The Music Box December 26: a ChrisTmas parTy and Tea given by Lois BurneTT, presidenT: The MoTher and DaughTer luncheon, The Founder's Day banquet a Tall barn dance and picnics were some OT The acTiviTies of The year. Rush parTies included a lavender and lace Tea. a gar- den parTy aT The Spaulding Gardens, and an informal dinner aT The FonTenelle HoTel. Mary PoTTorTf reigned as The I939 Homecoming Prin- cess. OTher acTive Pi O's are Margenne Noland, vice-presi- denT OT The Junior class: Jane Cook, Anna Lou Jackson and Lois BurneTT, STudenT Council members: Mary PoTTorTF and VioleT De Vaney, members oT lnTer-SororiTy Council: BeHy UrquharT, Mary O'Neil, and Eleanore Wallace, convocaTion beauhf cOnTesT winners. NORMA MCELHINNEY fall' 5- ,F 5 h I x , F, : LL A. Y " ,pf 'I R. -IIIII Q . -is A " 4 r 1 ' , Q V:-II In V' 1' k' - T16 L F' P' fjgf OMEGA Q5 S s- 5 W ' Lb' . ' 'T . Z.,, ' ' I , ,S .el,,, :xii A .. L BTI.. -,.. SARAH TESS . 'V' , '.IL:i""L CARR, ROBERTA CLARK, BERNADINE COLMAN, JANE COOK, EDNA COVERT, ELEANOR CROSBY KATHERINE EMERY, PHYLLI5 EYER, NAOMI EYRE, MARY FREDERICKS, BETTY FULLER, RUTH GALLOWAY MARY RUTH HUNTTING, ANNA LOU JACKSON, VIRGINIA JOHNSON, JANE KAISER, LOMA KEMP, DOROTHY KINIBER AMENDE Acfives JANE KAISER EBBA ANDERSEN LOMA KEMP BETTY BELEAU BETTY JEAN BROWN MAURINE BROWN LOIS BURNETT SARAH CARR JANE COOK EDNA COVERT VIOLET DE VANEY ARIS DE WALD ELIZABETH DEMPSTER JEAN DUSTIN KATHERINE EMERY PHYLLIS EYER NAOMI EYRE MARY FREDERICKS BETTY FULLER RUTH GALLOWAY PHYLLIS GATES NARCISSE GILL JEAN GRIFFITH PHYLLIS HOPKINS BETTE ANN HUGHES MARY RUTH HUNTTING ANNA LOU JACKSON VIRGINIA JOHNSON JUNE ANDERSON 9 ROBERTA CLARK BERNADINE COLMAN ELEANOR CROSBY MARY JANE DULL ALICE EGNER DOROTHY KIMBER ELEANOR LOE BETTY MANVILLE MARILYN MCMARTIN BETTY NELLOR MARGENNE NOLAND MARY POTTORFF DOROTHY QUALE BETTY JEAN RANNIE MARIAN RIGGS JEAN ROGERS RUTH SAXTON JEAN SOUTHARD JUNE ELLEN STEINERT ELIZABETH STEWART ELAINE TINDELL MARY ELIZABETH TROTTER ADA JAYNE TURNER BETTE UROUHART BETTY VOBORIL MARJORIE WALDRON JANE WHITE I-IARRIET WILLIAMS JEANNE YOUKEY DOROTHY HODGES MAXINE LANCASTER VIRGINIA LEE NORMA MCELHINNEY JANE SCHWERTLEY ELEANORE WALLACE MAXINE LANCASTER VIRGINIA LEE ELEANOR Los BETTY MANVILLE MARILYN MCMARTIN PAULINE NELSON MARGENNE NOLANIJ MARY O'NEIL MARY POTTORFF DOROTHY QUALE BETTY JEAN RANNIE MARIAN RIGGS JEAN ROGERS RUTH SAXTON RUTH LONGWELL VIRGINIA LUNDQUIST MARY Eom-I MAJoRs EDAMAY MCCULLEY T L v Q j . I ing? il Y Tb 1 Lf" L .,.-f f " X 5 III . me if i T A I 9 I. I -- Z I RI- " ' Th .5 , ,Q , ' -. A MAReARe'I MooN M ' A ii ELIZABETH MORRIS 11 - .qv 'A ' ff, T .' IL I-, I f P - I. MILDRED NIELSEN I 3 V ' W -' MINNA NIELSEN 6 'U H., i I I H ,,iII . DIzLoRIs NORBERG I 'I'I ,, ' 5, BETTY SCHMIDT ,QV QI . " MoNA SPANGLER ' PEARL WINN ' ' 1" -- Vim WM ii A l SJ S W . af ARLENE ACKERMAN, KATHRYN Axim, BETTY Lou ANDERSON, MAXINE ANDERSON. Rum JEAN BEALL, MARY ANNE Beck LOIS DENTON. MARJQRIE DISBROW. JEAN ELLISON. Rum ERRMAN, ELIZABETH FISHER WINIRRED GAGNEBIN Officers PresidenT - - ----- Mary EcliTl1 Majors Vice-Presidenl' - - - - Jean Ellison SecreTary - - Arlene Ackerman Treasurer - ------ Mary Fran Hassler Sponsors Mrs. G. K. SinneTT Miss GerTrucle Kincaide Sigma Chi Omicron, oldesT charTered Greek organiza- Tion on The campus, originaTed in l9l4. Blue and gold were chosen as iTs colors, a red rose as iTs Tlower, and a gold arrow jeweled wiTh pearls and sapphires as iTs pin. AcTiviTies oT The group Tor The year include The "Belle l-lop" pledge dance, The alumnae ChrisTmas Tea, The pledges' rummage sale, The roller-slcaTing parTy, and The Tormal dinner and dance March 8 aT The BlacksTone and ChermoT. Only senior girl reelecTed To "Who's Who Among American College Campuses" This year was Sig Chi's Marjorie Disbrow. Newly elecTed were Mary Edifh Majors, senior, and RuTh Erkman, junior. RuTh was secreTary oT The STudenT Coun- cil, and Mary Frances Hassler was Treasurer. OThers on The Council were Jean Richards and JeanneTTe CrapenhoTT. ConvocaTion beauTy queens chosen This year included seven Sig Chi's: ElizabeTh Morris, Arlene Ackerman, KaThryn AlcerT, Clara Jane Clark, ArdiTh l-lardlannerT, Suzanne How- ard, and Nancy Kirl:paTriclc. lnTer-SororiTy Council represen- TaTives were MargareT Moon and Marjorie Disbrow. On The W. A. A. Board were MargareT Moon, Jean Ellison, and Marjorie Disbrow. Q .,,.I R ga. 6 . ms UL -Q v A ' ff ROBERTA CARSON, Jo ANN CARTER, CLARA JANE CLARK, BETTY CLEMMER, INEZ CORRIN. JEANNETTE CRAPENHOFT VIRGINIA GRANT. EVELYN HALL, DORIS HARBERG, ARDITH HARDLANNERT. MARY FRAN HASSLER. PEGGY HOLMES ARLENE ACKERMAN KAY AKERT BETTY LOU ANDERSON MAXINE ANDERSON RUTH JEAN BEALL MARY ANNE BECK ROBERTA CARSON CLARA JANE CLARK BETTY CLEMMER INEZ CORKIN JEANETTE CRAPENHOFT MARJORIE DISRROW JEAN ELLISON RUTH ERIQMAN ELIZABETH FISHER WINIFRED GAGNEBIN VIRGINIA GRANT EVELYN HALL ARDITH HARDLANNERT MARY FRAN HASSLER PEGGY HOLMES SUZANNE HOWARD JO ANN CARTER DORIS HARBERG BETTY INGRAM Acfives Pledges NADINE HUG MARTHA JACKSON ELEANOR JOLLEY FLORENCE KENNEDY GAYLE KIESLING BETTY CLAIRE KINNEY NANCY KIRKPATRICK NORMA JEAN KIRKPATRICK KAY KUHN DOROTHY LANDSTROM FLORENCE LIGGETT VIRGINIA LUNDQUIST MARY EDITH MAJORS EDAMAY MCCULLEY MARGARET MOON ELIZABETH MORRIS MILDRED NIELSEN MINNA NIELSEN DELORIS NORBERG BETTY SCHMIDT PEARL WINN VIOLA WINN LORRAINE KARLQUIST RUTH LONGWELL PATRICIA MCCANN SIGMA C H I OMICRON IJ FTF. .HI I f I AI L A Ub- L1 556 -R r Q! X Q1 7 ,.,. 132' '- , TB 'QLZ W 1 A Ai Mg? 'PR L 1 .Rx " , - ,' A ,L ., ff QT NAL SUZANNE HOWARD NADINE HUG BETTY INGRAM MARTHA JANE JACKSON ELEANOR JOLLEY LORRAINE KARLQUIST FLORENCE KENNEDY GAYLE KIESLING CLAIRE KINNEY BETTY NANCY KIRKRATRICK NORMA JEAN KIRKPATRICK KATHERYN KUHN DOROTHY LANDSTROM FLORENCE LIGGETT Remember 'rhose good Jrimes gossip sessions rush , ii :fssirrrs 1 M ii 1 WW ' 'fees and parries, wild evenrs of hell week and inifia- lion +ha'r ever so lighily Tread on Mademoiselle! dignily? i , i,,,mfsr.f i 1 N' 4 A: -fl!-' s W we , ,, MAMQQW-i Sig Chi's a la pigfails Phi Del1"s rushee dinner ' MarilYn Phi Delrs nosing coffon Gamma swing session Pi O'S formal iniliafion Gamma's formal inifiarion Sig Chi-Bob Hope program Q ' 1 6 . e , ii s l . il" 1 iii l - ' l ' f Kappa's formal inifiafion Pi O's like whire. Nice, eh? A good Gamma qoodniqhr V E Lorraine HM H1 ar 5 Q J 5 wa f e Karl Cluisf Finally The more solemn and secrel ceremonies of S C E S sororilry life-all are piclured here as lhey acfually happened To you 'rhroughoul Jrhe year 1-7 Sig Chi sweefs Four Dionne Quin s. Phi D elf ' lfllffaffon -HBV nl-H-I" 'H' i ll J- 'T 45:-, , QM 6 M I ii. . Alpha's handy smile Inferesiing Gamma meefing Ka ppa's sip cokes l Gamma's in v 3 . .ffl P df! , o ple e wa .- ., ' " 'i m,- -.- 'I Q. . i ', A W ,. . , 'lu , iw. Sig Chi formal feasf Pi O pledge lea "hw . I . , gg "xml 1 S .5 ' es by A '.., T A X. L ,ia . . fa ' ' .. .' ::' , Lana 4 K ir, - ' Wyfl ,gli lg M fir ., 1 , I , ls. g,,,- 5-' 5,5 N" :N a .J-P Hierarchy of Sigma Chi Gamma's en masse Ve E Nix- Q T HWBS SORORITY SCENES some gala sororify parly, affernoon Tea, oralred pledge dance. WFP , 4 1 , ' mn. ", .,.,,-.Ju A 4' 1 .5 1 vc, ' ."-1 - '2. I 1 ' plufi O Dancing Sigma Cl'1IS and escorls ll A X f' XX! I l ' 1 5 it 1 il , I W7 L ' ' L -n ,ry gf Sig Chi's pass The oafs Kirkpafrick vs. Inq ram fb- Sig Chi's music men Cafeferia slander session From Sepfember 'ro June, nearly every week-end is highliglmled by fhealre parfy. or fes+ive, smarfly dec- Sprinq Hafs and Phi Del+'s frg -l Four Alpha's and a book Ah! A man Pi O lhr eeso me li? Gs 5 NN Sfudenfs of fhe oufdoors V Aon Alph a doorsfep MO 6 versify of Omaha meer wifh members of many oiher coun- Wolfson, Irvine, Chamberlin, Dawson Safersfein, Johnson, Claudius INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL Officers Presideni' - ----- - Roberf Johnson Secrefary - - - - Jack Safersfein Treasurer - - - Roberf Claudius Sponsor - - -------- Mr. Edwin S. James Council Members MEADE CHAMBERLIN JOHN GOOD JACK SAFERSTEIN ROBERT Cmuoius GENE lRVINE NAATHAN WoLEsoN JOE DAWSON ROBERT JOHNSON The lnrer-Fralernily Council, organized in May, I938. when l'he frarerniiies wifhdrew from 'rhe old Pan-l-lellenic Council, works io safeguard amicable relalions among ihe iraierniiies on lhe campus, fo promoie scholarship, and +o sponsor programs of infer-fraierniiy compeliiion. The Council awards a cup annually io ihe fraierniiy, 'ro ihe pledge, and +o 'lhe acrive having 'rhe highesl scholarship records for Jrhe previous year. Lasr year 'rhese awards were won by Beia Tau Kappa fralernify, aciive Edmund Barker. and pledge George Jacobson, respecrively. The infer-frarernily sporls program sponsored by The Council includes fool'- ball, bowling, baslce+ball. iennis, golf, and baseball. Trophies are given +o individual winners and also +0 'rhe iraierniiy wilh ihe mosr poinls a+ +he end of ihe year in all sporls. H Anorher acrivily of 'rhe Council is 'rhe annual frip +o Norman, Oklahoma. where four delegales from +he Uni- fi y cils from midwesiern and soulhern universiries in fhe Re- s. X gional lnler-Fraierniry Conference. Ql Roberi Johnson Mr. Edwin S. James W9 fi ii PHILLIP OLSON FRED PEGLER ALLEN PETERSON WALLACE PETERSON JOE Roeeizs AL SELINE WALTER STEWART JAMES WALu1E ALBERT WILSON QA 0 C000 Z., Y gk W . .Q A . - 4- TILPHA ILANLBQ I 5lGP'lP'l ' -1 T ' ,g.,Q3l?'zL-,, g Z- . , W A , i -gg ' 51:1 , - . ' - "' Y T' I Mrs. L. M. Hefkcocic. PBILLIP AITiSWORTH, HOWARD BAKER. HERB BOYER, ELLIOTT Bnowu ' " . "' OLAND EATON, EONARD En u D ,W H , 7 an 6 Rosen HEFFLINGER, RAAYZOTIOHACOQJSS ANSEN mr yn T. . 'Q if Officers ' if PresidenT - - - - - - - - Joe Dawson Vice-Presicleni' - - - Jim Koyarik 3 -A W A' SeC"e'lafY - - - Roland Deafon Q 4, at xg, Treasurer - - - ---- Jerry Jelen ig. House Manager - - - . Phil Aingworfh T? House MoTher - ----- Mrs. Laura M. Heacock E Sponsors V Mr. Rocleric B. Crane A " Wg Mr. Wilbur T. Meek 'F' , in , S Dr. C. W. HelmsTadTer " il A W This year, The breThren oT AI ha Si ma Lambda are x , P 9 i celebraTing Their second successTul anniversary in Their Tra- -. TerniTy house aT 4804 CapiTol Avenue. The Alpha Sig house, i sTill The only one on The campus. is presided over by The be- :-' N " loved house moTher, Mrs. Laura l-leacock. whose inTeresT in N The club and iTs members has proved an invaluable conTribu- ."" ev The PresidenT enTers! G33 is 5 Tion in making Their acTiviTy cenTer a compleTe success. ScholasTically The Alpha Sigs rank high among Uni- versiTy organizaTions. A well-planned combinaTion oT social acTiviTies and cooperaTive guidance by seniors oT underclass members in Their sTudies works To accomplish The TraTerniTy obiecTive OT inTellecTual as well as social meriT. Around The UniversiTy, The Alpha Sigs, as usual, have placed leaders in every line of exTra-curricular acTivihf. Phil AinsworTh, business manager OT UniversiTy publicaTions. and GATEWAY sTaTT members Wally PeTerson and James McGaTTin represenTed The TraTerniTy in The Tield oT journalism. RoberT Johnson, presidenT oT The lnTer-FraTerniTy Council, helps To guide The aTTairs oT all The Greek TraTerniTies. RepresenTing The club in drarnaTics are Fred Pegler, Phil Krogh and Carl ,, .,,, Ty - i .5 ' I ' 6- 3 ii . ' r V i i "H--. E. ROBERT BUREORD, WILLIAM BURTON, HERBERT CANNELL, JOE DAWSON, RAY DEATON JERRY JELEN, ROBERT JOHNSON, RUSSEL JOHNSON. CHARLES KARPF, JIM KOVARIK EUGENE MCADAMS Members AcTives PHILLIP AINSWORTH CHARLES KARPF HOWARD BAKER JIM KOVARIK ELLIOTT BROWN PHIL KROGH BOB BURFORD SID LANDERS BILL BURTON JIM MCGAFFIN HERBERT CANNELL HAROLD MCKENNA JOE DAWSON DICK NICHCLSON RAY DEATON CARL NYGREN ROLAND DEATON Boa-OLANDER WAYNE HANSEN PHIL OLSON Bos HEEELINOER ALLEN PETERSON MYRON JACOBSON WALLACE PETERSON JERRY JELEN ALLEN SELINE Bos JOHNSON ' WALTER STEWART Russ JOHNSON JIM WALDIE Pledges HERB BOYER FRED PEeLER LEONARD EDMUNDSON JOE ROeERs ALBERT WILSON ,. R. T. tb. PT . DOUGALD MOLEAN Nygren, who played in "The NighT OT January l6Th." OTher ouTSTanding men are Joe Dawson, James Kovarilc, and Bob He'FTlinger. U This year was highlighTed by numerous sTags. card parTies, and house parTies. OuTsTanding evenTs were The pledge dance and The spring Tormal. The pledges held Their dance aT Peony Terrace where The couples enjoyed Them- selves TO The music OT Nuncio Pomidoro. Gene Piper and his crew played Their clanceable rhyThms Tor nearly Tive hundred guesTs aT The spring formal, which was also held aT The Peony Terrace on April 4. ALPHA SIGMA LAMBDA - 15- . e A 'U er 5 J . F- 'F ' ca . ,E ,R X .H i .?. . , iv me i- A Eg b- l .. Pi. , V, ,if 3 13-'Sis' ,, CresT and band PHIL KROGH SID LANDERS EUGENE MOADAMS JAMES MCGAFFIN HAROLD MCKENNA DOUGALD MCLEAN Dxcx NICHOLSON CARL NYGREN ROBERT OLANDER VE Tb W? HARRY Fone Q T, L . We EE X a n 2 f,,fazW" X g T 1: N f ' rj., il Ed sTrikes ouT 71 ' ' . f 5 - -I , Y-xx' if-'ILSS' 'T xy! ",.,.-"" ,, , 2, 4 QT 9 ' li if i " F Fas1f'g' -T ,, hi f aqua f Y xi u ' '5.. ' --li xiii' , is T .4,,1, mf- T Q W i - 1 - 1 V X 1. ,i 1 xl: rin"-.,k ' xi 311 A ' 5.9,-' E- -1 N N Q- ' X 551 63572 ,fi I F23 ' i EQ? j- if. to mr ,f ,-, - , X. tvihi l- .Elf , in , Qggifql-,E'."' X' , 51 , . -'ws-'f TY' I "" 'Ti :film :- Ouch! 3-1 . 'il qu.. Leo Aipsasou. ALsEiz'r FRIEDMAN. EARL KAPLAN, LEONARD Moizeensieim A Officers Preiif-lenf - V -------- - Jack SafersTein Secrefary-Treasurer - - Alberf Friedman Hisforian - - - - - Naafhan Wolfson S p o n s o rs Mr. Harry F. Fore Mr. Harold B. Kori' BeTa Tau Kappa, an ouTsTanding collecTion of inTellec- Tuals on The UiniversiTy scene, came of age affer going Through The process of reorganizaTion in May, I938. Under sponsor- ship of Professor Harry Fore and H. B. KorT, The fraTerniTy wenT Through iTs probafionary period anew, felT The growing pains of iniTiaTions lsTricTly formall, and was Then recognized as a "Tull Time" TraTerniTy among The oTher Greek organizaTions. The rapid developmenT of BTK is clearly paradoxical. Originally organized in l932, iT grew unTil in I936 iT became a man-one man, Macy Baum, whose brillianT record aT The UniversiTy has noT been forgoTTen. Then followed a Two-year period of dormancy. In The spring of l938, BTK once again became a baby-lv1acy's infanT and The nursling of Harold Korf, an alumnus of The club. Today. as a fiTTing culminaTion To This hisTorical resume. The fraTerniTy has again Taken iTs honorable place among The oTher acTive chapTers on The Campus. Some of The men who wear The BeTa Tau Kappa pin are converTed barbarians. The missionary, Jack SafersTein. was honored for his wonderful spiriT in carrying The Greek Torch by his aposTles, who gave him The presidenTial chair- QQ 'N W"ll gi T N it A 1' if we 5 .L Q' 5, Y X ., L Q9 X H nf N T ! K 1,5 K NATHAN SHUKERT, GEORGE SHAPER, EDWARD STEIN, NAATHAN WoLFsoN Members AcTives LEO ALPERSON MAX DELROGH ALBERT FRIEDMAN EARL KAPLAN LEONARD MORGENSTERN GEORGE SHAEER HAROLD NEssELsoN JACK SAFERSTEIN EDWARD STEIN NAATHAN WOLFSON Pledges NATHAN SHUKERT Q: a veriTable hoT-seaT. SupplemenTary To his leadership abili- Ties, SaTer5Tein is a TirsT-sax man and manager OT his iazz-band. NaTe Wolfson, spark plug OT The club. represenTs The TraTer- niTy as a pOliTicO in The Liberal Club, and as presidenT OT The UniversiTy OT Omaha Peace Legion, which he Organized. ScholasTically, BTK is Tops. LasT OcTOber, The BeTas were The recipienTs OT The cup oTFered by The lnTer-EraTerniTy Council Tor The highesT scholasTic average among The Tra- TerniTies. New members Leonard lvlorgensTern and Harold Nesselson were duiclc To uphold The TraTerniTy sTanding by aTTaining all "A" records in Their courses. ShibboleThs OT BeTa Tau Kappa, promulgaTed by all members are: always To be poliTe: never give KOTT replies: and To drive on wiTh The slogan "TO The Tore wiTh l-larry F." The permanenT addiTion OT The club To TraTerniTy ranks has been invaluable To inTer-TraTerniTy compeTiTions and pro- grams. E BETA TAU KAPPA new Q.. -. T JACK SAFERSTEIN Four men in a bOaT Candid camera Tan V55 2 W Xb CLIFFORD PlNKERTON EVAN REDMON JEAN ROHLFS CLAUDE SHOEMAKER DAN SLosorH Aan-iun VUYLSTEK CARL WOLFE xl W Q Qi mfs Q W 53 . QD CD fl' V L Zlyu-Oi ey. ,E-. i1 ' i V, , 1 N sl ,A ii. - w ni Yu L is-i"" 1 Informal massage sly-F R I i , Ni w ', iw - .,1...1e, . J 'il r ' ' f figinlf ' ' l X 4. ll ' ' , XIAA ,wks Q 1 lf-R 1.1-11,9 fa i ry i ' qv , N 1- N ' wsfgnirf ii Q41' 1 Nici, - W . i ll . R I"1"i' - ,Q " Lx: ,.,- ,,1yi 1 59+ y , FRED ACKERSON, NORMAN ANDERSON, JOE BAKER, EDMUND BARKER, JACK BUTLER JACK GREEN, GLEN GUSTAFSON, CHARLES HENDERSON, BILL INGRAM, GENE lgvme - Officers Presidenf - - - - -' - - - Edward Cummings I Roberf Landsfrom Vice-Presidenf - - - ' Gene Irvine Secrefary - - - Jack Bu+Ier Treasurer ---- - - Ari- Milow Sergeanf af Arms ------ - Evan Redmon Sponsors Dr. Edgar A. Holi Dr. Royce Wesi' Mr. E. P. Coleman Wifh an armful of frophies and a handful of medals, fhe members of Phi Sigma Phi, fhe oldesf frafernify on fhe Universify campus, can look back on a record year of infer- frafernify compefifion. Prominence in inframural sporfs was evidenced when fhe Phi Sigs won fhe A. P. O. baslcefball championship cup, and fhe fouch-foofball, golf, and soffball- fournamenfs. Presidenf Landsfrom and Treasurer Milow were sfars of The baskefball games. ln fhe Universify inframural boxing and wresfling fournamenfs, members Glen Gusfafson, Ari' Vuylsfelc, and Evan Redmon collecfively accounfed for four championships. Wifh a male Ballef Bronx, fhe Phi Sigs won fhe cup offered by The Infer-Frafernify Council for The besf Ma-ie Day acf lasl' year. Scholasfically speaking, fhe frafernify has had fhe highesf individual average for a period of six years. Lasf Ocfober, Edmund Barker received 'rhe infer-Frafernify gold pin for high averageof 98.3. Phi Sig leadership has been exemplified in pledges, acfives, and alumni, for fhe frafernify has Gus Seig, presidenf of fhe Universify of Omaha Alumni Associafion, and Joe Baker, presidenf of fhe freshman class and The freshman council. Members Arf Johnson, Arf Milow, Edmund Barlcer, Malcolm Noyes, and Laurence Gaughran edifed fhe I94O s l J .' , ax- Qin: I R A I I . ISV' lc- , II Fil 'L ., SFF 1 II , N.- Jqi I A ,, I IIT ' E IR I H' .. S g - T, I LF" T X. I ,, A ,U -gp I I R.. JACK CHEEK. ROBERT CLAUDIUS, BERLYN CLOW, CYRIL ERB, LAURENCE GAUGI-IRAN WILEUR lRWIN, BILL JACKSON, ARTHUR JOHNSON, ROBERT LANDSTROM, TONY LANCEORD K. NORMAN ANDERSON JOE BAKER EDMUND BARKER JACK BUTLER ROBERT CLAUDIUS BERLYN CLOW EDWARD CUMMINGS CYRTL ERB LAURENCEA GAUGH RAN TOM GIVENS CHARLES HENDERSON BILL INCRAM GENE IRvINE WILBUR IRWIN FRED ACKERSON BILL AKERT JACK CHEEK BILL COCHRANE JACK GREEN GLEN GUSTAESON DARRELL HARMON Members AcTives Pledges CARL WOLEE ART JOHNSON ROBERT LANDSTROM CHARLES MANGAN ART MILOW MALCOLM NOYES WALT PETERSON CLIFFORD PTNKERTON EVAN REDMON JEAN ROHLFS CLAUDE SHOEMAKER DAN SLOBOTI-I SAM VENEZIANO ART VUYLSTEK BILL JACKSON TONY LANGFORD WALTER MINK ROY MORAN DALE MELIA JAMES OINETL WALTER VACHAL issue OT The "Phi Sig News"-The annual publiCaTiOn OT Tra- TerniTy aCTiviTies, plans and a repOrT On presenT and pasT members. Claude Shoemaker published The l94O STUDENT DIRECTORY, and EdiTOr Barker and AssisTanT EdiTOr Anderson puT ouT The I94O TOMAHAWK. Picnics, parTies, and dances Tilled The Club year. The TradiTiOnal annual "SweeThearT Swing" was prese-nTed aT The ChermoT on February 9 aT which pledge Joe Balcer, STudenT pOliTiCo, and his OrchesTra played. PHI SIGMA I5HI L F f 15 Q. 9+ . ..L 3 . 3 . CHARLES MANGAN DALE MELIA , ARTHUR MILOW ' WALTER MINK T MALCOLM NOYES .. E g ,gr , I 5 1 ,Q .S JAMES O NEIL A Q' ffii WALTER PETERSON .Ti Formal dance T921 Rf Nb RONNIE PETERSON STUART SADLER LAUREN SPANGLER FRANK SPANGLER RALPH THORNTON BERT TREXLER ROBERT VANcU RA AUSTIN VICRERY En WILLIAMS EJ PNN 951 X sis- f EDI- 21530 I ' lnp T522 .,, I I A1 ""' 6 - II . .L 5? ,L ' W i .N 'i 'x 3 Q' . E ,..., I V :L Q K' A 5 wi. x f 2: ca BUMP- , o T ..- ' AQL x ., is 4.4! Th eTa Formal G5 K T'-we ,TEL -- Y' .' Lemma fa' I' 4' 62 X. ga., V' L VVHQ I Wi V f F ix N FI ,til-Qi, 'Hit 'ing' 'qi' I 'uf' .113 I- ' ROY ALLEY, Louis BERNABO, HAROLD BREMERS, ROBERT BUCHANAN, GEORGE BUCHER, GWYN BUCKINGHAM EUGENE EHLERS, TOM PIKE, VALE GAMBLE, JOHN GEORGE, CLAIRE GRIMM. DONALD l-lARRIs Officers PresiclenT - - ----- - Frank Spangler Vice-Presideni' - - John Good SecreTary - - Charles Malec Treasurer - ------ George Jacobson Dr. S. L. WiTman Dr. L. H. Harris TheTa Phi DelTa, in iTs eTTorTs To have a hand in Uni- versiTy evenTs, has sTraTegically placed iTs members in all school acTiviTies. PresidenTs are John Knudsen, head OT The sophomore class, and Franlc Spangler, presidenT OT The Tra- TerniTy and The STudenT Council. To assisT Spangler on The Council are STuarT Sadler, Charles lvlalec, Roy Alley, and Bob Buchanan. Adding To The spiriT OT The school wiTh yells and anTicsAare cheerleaders Buchanan, John lvlunT, and Dan l-TousTOn. Three oTher members, AusTin Viclcery, Roy Alley, and Odell Derr, have been ToremosT in The Torensic Torays OT The debaTe Team. The TheTa Pledge dance, held aT Peony Parlc on Decem-- ber 5, was enhanced by a nauTical Theme. Music was Turnished by Bob Knapp, a member OT The TraTerniTy. The Tormal dance, The TirsT OT The season, was held aT The ChermoT Ballroom on February 2 wiTh Wally Wallace's orchesTra playing. A new TradiTi'on was sTarTed wiTh The dinner dance given aT The AThleTic Club, April I2, held exclusively Tor The members. alumni, and sponsors. Filling in beTween These dances were a number OT picnics and parTies. One OT The more inTellecTual OT The group, George H I . 'X 2 , , In Q B 'E ' 1 .,,, 4 A Yi nk., ' ' Ig X ' I ...I I":f .-4... .HJ fe-E T',Q'f,fA , D E LTA ' ,Q ,I . 5g,':,g :Q-I JOHN BURRESS, WAYNE CARTER, MEADE CI-IAMBERLIN. RICHARD CHRISTENSEN, V JUNIOR COVERT, ODELL DERR ROBERT HINCHLIFF, DAN HOUSTON, GORDON HUGHES, CHARLES HUSTON, , GEORGE JACOBSON, ROIIERT KNAPP 5- -1 E. Aciives ' I ROY ALLEY GEORGE JACOBSON LOUIS BERNABO FRANCIS JOHNSON BOB BUCHANAN BOB KNAPP I GWYN BUCKINGHAM JOHN KNUDSEN QQ K F ,R GEORGE BUCHER JACK LARSEN - 6- " N 5' JOHN BURRESS WAYNE CARTER MEADE CHAMBERLIN RICHARD CHRISTENSEN JUNIOR COVERT GEORGE DECRER VALE GAMBLE JOHN GOOD CLARE GRIMM DON HARRIS GORDON HUGHES DAN HOUSTON CHARLES HUSTON HAROLD BREMERS ODELL DERR EUGENE EHLERS TOM FIKE 4JOHN GEORGE BOB GRIFFITH RICHARD HANSON Pledges BRUCE MACALISTER CHARLES MALEC JOHN MUNT CHARLES NESTOR RONNIE PETERSON STUART SADLER JAMES SMITH FRANK SRANGLER RALPH THORNTON BERT TREXLER Bos VANCURA AUSTIN VICKERY ED WILLIAMS BOB HINCHCLIFF DICK LEE BILL MUSGRAVE VERNON OLSON BILL PANGLE LAUREN SPANGLER BOB VICKERY Jacobson, was honored by The presenfahon Of The InTer- Frafernify award for The highesf sChOlaSTIC average Of any pledge. L... ' 1 . F il AA. RQIX I I fi .II rf IPI:-I , ,Q Q S W3 IIIII L I' IQ? Q I 5, 5 .: EE- W: AA E' G1 D J' 'C' A ,Iv i s iii ig JOHN KNUDSEN JACK LARSEN RICHARD LEE BRUCE MACALISTE CHARLES MALEC JOHN MUNT CHARLES NESTOR VERNON OLSON WILLIAM PANGLE R ,.a , x 1531 Q d e an Margenne Two FRATERNITY FROLICS Four lralernilies-Alpha Sigs, Belas Phi Sigs, and Tlwelas-supply leaders on +l'1e campus, numerous parfies, dances, and 'llwe invaluable experience of frafer- nal associalion. Pam' of 'flue sfory is here- wi+l'1 piclorially presenled. s for Mrs. Heacoclc Smiles for Thefa Ph' - - . 1 Sag s lf, anion Morris and Madame X Tlwela and a beauly M. l X 1 i A 'y , , 1 . Q mx , 1 Q5 1 w V 'K ,, f ,mg A Y .MXN vny- in i. VQAV zwibllz N '3 I- ." 1 " N u I t V 1 l Wm' " 'f'i1 1'J .A . s '.fQ x V 11" 1 Ll!! ,, . jk 1 T wld' A ' I N "' 1. F . - H," N' , 'yy' W - p ' .Q ri" X 1.T's!"1y.'k rf Wkffi 3' , -V Y' 'V-H -Q ' 1, X Il:,- 'vLY, . -V. 1 4 -.,- 5-' :H l fi X 1 Ak, 'ff 3 A L . 0 ' " j r- -, 7" M f J -' , ' , p , ' 'V 1:j13J ,l,AJ L' ,' '71 f h - w 1 , -, -ff L'-H, ' l Q1 f " W , may tiff-A ' 1 it 171 2 vs-A ,gli w L jg Q , -I-jgrn ' 'W k if- if - I Q- I , O Jr 4 "' Y 'Ax X f-'4N 2 ,nr ,AI V "V I , . K W L, 3 ,gl i 0 'il . .M L f . ,151 ' .MEM , L Ii, s nif f' I A E' I . f 11 is lk .-rd. err, . I, T i I im. . uf X.. 93? nu LA I -4 1 'V f J I 25 I f I s a I II. , , -Sk' M I Y Ye.,f, lqs-. 'RS-.., X S., ,N-...,,,, x X 1' 'M V -Q '- pf ' Hold Tighf Reign On The Roof II's a Wonderful World gem -ist' ii I vi , ,W ,,.. I, , Mfg?" ' Where Do I Go From You Way Back In I939 A. D. If I Knew Then WI1aI'I Know Now VA N S A N T Compliments SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Entering Upon Its Fiftieth Year of of Training and Placement Service CO-EDUCATIONAL Sfandard Courses Day and Evening Divisions New Classes Form Monfhly IONE C. DUFFY. 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Compliments of OMAHA SCHOOL SUPPLY "Everything for Schools" 1 113f1'7 NICHOLAS STREET Omaha COMPLIMENTS OF y Omaha Towel Supply 4322 North 24th Street 1 KEnwood 2828 5 243 -xg' ,f r -J- J fr! P k ALvlNo RAY rm nh.. , ,Ot, . ,L ,P , ,,,,.y .A-4' , PJ, .,., 5 V . r V nf' O, , ", ,filly 'T' ,. AA X., , rf , f J g-31455. O . CGWISSS ' Rhythm In My Nursery Rhymes The Wind At My Window . . t -Am . , , ' ra, Pretty As A Picture lift' ' H- wi 5 " J-A f Y So Far So Good Confucius Say Beer Barrel Polka ,v 5 . KV AJ.. 3 Z.. ' frm' 75.5, Ln' s 'izriifzif '-'TF 3 . i-1.5-'. 'et f T: '-Us 'AP' 5' nfl . if EFS 1 L ., Qs: lt's Funny to Everyone But Me Shoot The Feathers To Me Phillip Cmaha's Transportation System Has Come a Long Way 0 Think ot it. the strange vehicles above were Omaha's first street cars! Compare them now, with the sleek, streamlined buses that ply their way' from the University to downtown Omaha. Indeed. Omaha's public transportation system has kept pace with the times. It is today one oi the most dependable services of its kind in the United States. It deserves your patronage. oMAl-IA fs. couNcu. BLUFFS STREET RAILWAY coMPANY LIONEL HAMPTON .A i, t . .., .v fl J- .4 i'1',1 r'j,17 , , r--,Q-vxxqgq, MJ We Have the Music 'You Want When 'You Want it- ROA VIOTOR REOORD PLAYER ""' 1 Cvnverfl any modern radio :rs-2"-"" info a marvelous 'Ragla- ' , :5:5:5:5 Phonograph Combmahon. : VS - E5 Flags I0 or I2 inch records wrl full 'lone of sal. E' ONLY 5 95 :fig Q , . : w , I 555555554 :.f.1.:.:.1:1:1:1:1:1::: :s : z:z:zS225EsEs2s 552255555255 S ' ij ...l.l.-.',A.-.-.-.-.-,-.4.-,-. .... .',-. .-,..-.-..-.4....,-.-.v.-,.A.. E A We feature a complefe line of Vicfor and Blue- bird Records-RCA Vicfor Radios, and Radio- Phonograph Combinations. Schmoller 84 Mueller Piano Go. l5I6 DODGE STREET OMAHA CHINA O'GLASS I SILVER LAMPS I PICTURES 0 MIRRORS BRONZES 0 MARBLES 0 DRESDEN 1 Largest Arsortmevzl 1 Higher! Quality f Loweft Price! Umaha Crockery Company 11 16- 18-20 HARNEY STREET Phone Atlantic 4842 fix ,bi , ,, ,. . 51- K, Y , ,IFJ .J f fr ,A rw- JOE VENUTI ' Oh Johnny! Bach Goes fo Town H4-f . ' . M311 , ffl fr. -X , Y 'A , . 7 " . :H ' S ,-f ' .1 4 ,V 1- Q x ' r ' , .N I , an 1 - ' ,Q .Ai , I LL , L ' 'mis "ba4a,l ' '9 Too Romanric l Can 'P Gel Sfarlecl Wulh You Day Afler ay sn. .4 LEAQ iQ .-D , L if-'Mow Love's Sol Me Down ' 340 fi VJ- 3 -fi ' xxx .n - uh Qfv' X A N Puaymegs ve 60+ My Eyes On You I Won'+ Dance Q 6 9 A And rews Sisfe rs ' inf, I'usfiQ,i x, , E . 511 v .. I E f ef' lt . , i f- QfI1.g 7" JJ l5gg vi, I Cried For You One Alone 'UW na. . 'am is a long fime 0 On Iune Sth. Woodmen. of the World celebrated the completion oi 50 years oi service to the families and homes of America. More than S317.000.00 has been paid to members and their beneficiaries in the past hal!-century. Nearly 400.000 men are members today. R 7 Woodman of the World LIFE INSURANCE SOCIETY Q De E. BRADSHAW, Presidenf Home Offices, Omaha, Nebr. Assets - Over SI29.000,000 bf ss' k'9f ARTIE SHAW Q A 1 5 V N 5 M' - ' ' ' - .11+:A---......, ,.,. ,-..S,,-.,.w ,, V TELEPHCJNE .JA 2166 I I RALPH PRINTING CEINIPANY PRINTERS AND LITHUEIRAPHERE " b DNIAHA, NEBRASKA 1 613 SEILITH NINETEENTH AVENUE gil 2 My K' ' 5.52 D' PLASTIC BINDING U s P I N9 197028 XX TRADE RULING CO 'GAP' ' ' a . . 5 Q!!! ' MAXINE SULLIVAN AND GENE KRUPA Omaha K

Suggestions in the University of Omaha - Tomahawk / Gateway Yearbook (Omaha, NE) collection:

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