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q v .21 -1- -2 , .gf ,L ' eff' ' 1 . 'Y-I-I+' 1.1 3, 7 4. ,U if 'vo 4 2' ',r at 1' , Lv Igl- 051 B ' , 'lla 'I 5 ,L 1,51 A-5 , 1, 6 .l 4.1.1 .4 y E gil' X lj' 2: v 4 . 4 ' - . N .-v-A .p , UM tho Sooner THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA Norman. Oklahoma Published by the Publications Board Volume 66 Carol Blakey. Editor the 1970 Sooner CONTENTS Features ...... . 4 Administration and Services . . 34 Beauties and Personalities . . 92 Sports ...... . 126 Residences . . 174 Greeks . . . 222 Organizations . . 310 Armed Forces . . 362 Classes ..... . 378 Medicine and Nursing . . 438 Index and .Advertising . . 472 'X-.. . X' I W, I Y- ! . yr ' - ft' - ..,,. i. . O . 4 . 0 'L' 'K' rr 1 n irq? .,W Ir , Q, 5,1 K :LL I . V l I 4 vnu. 6j,'.g. t A L lin., , F . V 'I ' 4' - , f ui- 'Y-'A ' N- ' , Q -UL ,A 1 - - 4 vs , 4 -ag. , , ,- I 1 U ft , N' .f'w,' " N' N ' , , E, 1' I, n 1, nm"-fw ,,-, ,I 1 1, 1' V, , L , . ,, ,., , W. w i, W, . 4,5 N H W, N , qv? ., Q 'Qty l 4" iw S." 1 s f 'O y, ,- ...i 'N -F '1 I ' O Q I 'og - 5 ?x ' 'S . Q5 Q"' X , 'il ' 1 K Lcuvifzg old partwws Iwhind, uv ffm' vollvgc lifv with lzopc' This is rlzv uri! into a new world. , ..,,,Y 7,77-V V --H X W , N. Q- N' L -..Q -. L... I' . xx is .f 4 R. V .1 O f- 5 . ,IA A , XGA- !- -.- eww V A A " J In - .. in-4 IIZL Jo K ,aw VN? ' 1 s r I M 1' ' I ' T'1',':"eqf1 , I ' -iw wzv1'7W,3.. rum- 1 W " "li l 'W f' 3 29912-mf' ,.-41, r I . . .. v ' I y1gw ..f::1?ii7iiw'f,, , N . :-Q J '79 w ,gl1'53f..A: ,511 ' ' -, 1 ' ,, I v '91 "W'4Ny'W!I ,ff 9 ',"' Q p 11, 'ifff ' v.flff?'yf1Ff,-Qfv fwfr-Rnd , N . FVM ' W4 . ' , iii? W ' 5 53,11 ' ami. P ,A r 1 . , e-'Ev ' ' ' ' '.' V, 1-'J' A' ' I if ff A. f ' . 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' . , . , , Q 'S .2524 ' 5,1 ,f 1 .- "' T1 1- 1- : K " -'mg' 'f' 'Pr' 1 - . ' ' fi .GA ' -L' .I . V "3 --fl'-A f . Q V J U, Tami.. 476' 3' ' D. fit 4 -K 'EQ ' 4, ' 147' , ' 'wi-"iff 'N .v ,w if Q-I' 'nw A, ,. .nv- 1-., . gs ax N , ink, P -Q M r,r nm In bww.:-ns nw, suv- ,- 1 x. x Rf: Ab Z . Xl i, x sk , - 1- "5 ' gif ' N 1 f X ,IN x , 'ultima' 'fa . . W A A,.,J.x,,- 1 A j,Av, , I -,X - ... 3 H5 .uw V ' 4, :Mi J' ' K' , Mr-Q, wligaufv-A Why flu m1yIl11'r1 :gf' lir'r'c111.w' man is 1101 Il fflIf.S'f'II'l1 l'I'l'IIff'flll but Inmnrrrmfs flllSSH!ffl,1,',. ..5' ' 0 E.. 111, rp -0 lf-. "L, '45- " ,.-- -lm-' 4,1 5 "- 417 ff r' , . 'f bl' if F, I i ,,, 6- O - -K .,. 0-fit -+1 v. ' .1',". . 'rgnivrfw , iv-. 'Lx-1 x . .v '. F- Wf-.51 r,,,'.,.A . U., - ..,. ll .. rg. O ' , w A w rwwe' ' 1.i H I Bull i " lmao:- I - I .9 . 3 O . lla! an ' Kill a 1 I O , lla: ftul. ,fl u an J -- fl A ,CC ff ' 1 : gl' ' , Y A , ,W '?-,A 1 : 1 V 'NV-V V H ' M ' ,M I ' -:1:.wHe- ll" . ' Q --an 'L '? ' 'aff ' ' Wi" "f ""1f1"' X. ' 1e,ZT3'A J pf , M' M ,I - ,,,, f . ,. ' .. ,. I'-Nl f X FM ' A"'m,,w :V , .- Y.. -4 N U' ' A ' ' 'X ' ,V ,1:,2j3-mgjwf ','N Ng ' LL Wg,:w,,a.,, :a f,jwNwg f 4-.- A Nfl L , J,1,gf-'25Hfweff' ' A 75 . ,lg an I 1,9 D iw-OO ,. . .. . 9 O O f - f 5 'xi-. ,gg 1 'w 5 3 F 7 ' L Y ' u 'ng ' . A . . f 1 E 5' Q I ' A w ,M W 5 ' 'Tl " ' "ff 04 xml ' N ' 1 , "m ' Y f 1 f ' N -Y I' X rr 1 1 , . in 4 I" . . . U' . V nngfgffl, : W :Y '41 FW i 4 4 - n :I 1.1 B A A . 4. ' x To find our nwn 6ll'l'l0lI,Lf the many .snlulinm nfl c'rr'1l lo us, We have I0 l'c'u1'lz. -Q5 'P' H . 1 ' 'tr-rv.-ll,-:l5,1.d,,j"" ' f '-Sl yy ,1 -Q if 'i gg Ll .nf K 0 5 I -71:.,1' 1 . lmwitulvly wc look beyond the surface to find :ww UlISWc'l'S.' somcrlzing is there to make us more than what we are. 'J' vm, F, ,ar "QQ,"- rbi 4-ip .n"4 .ng ? .' P2-Q' 3 3 if 5 .gwx-l ,qv .1 li i lg- Soswe - 45 J ix -r.,-13' of I . .. ' ".J' 5 ,.7vBg. ' rls ,ms A26 'favh ""'3.1-:d3",M 3 xv 0-jam N "4 S""....""'-.ii '-Tlx A 5 an-s,4m 4 - ' Q A ' ' I - Q Q I . -v'0I-'wird y . r-,, ,M fx- Bs , - ,.. -A1 0 PvwMl"'ffOl W my ..., , ,x up 1 -4P4" 11" JC CKY- -v-qi:-i ix. ,fuvini. Y"Q A1.- E""""" ig -s."s ra-v v -A ,-'.. -Rl- ,,.,. wiv .a ?.4l a Ji fox Q -ns - I - pl. . , Q , v f it ff' .---,F ff-.Qlff , .', 1 5 sa G intijxl 5, .L 7.- v ,i---, M-Q-.-,. , Our individuality demands we put our energetic discontent into the living of each moment into the adventure of becoming 55" 'y "Viz" f -1 ' -- Q'f wx-.3 Our individuality demands we put our energetic discontent into the living of eaelz moment into the adventure of becoming .5 ' '2 - ,,.,.- -1.4 X Q :ii yu wg 5.11 QSQYRX A 4-.Qs N-ff . N' MY' ffv' f+f2aQ 11w3o11-WM yu,1'u,.- . 5,-1:-wwf f' VII 1, ifagm., . -,-11 N5 ':v '- 'Q ' ' Qimgfsxwxxwwgk. , M. N'n. xi. XXX-.-J?-KNQ :Q-:,. . mnnk Whcfrevcfr we 10 lrmkinff 6 to see what we mn dn, thc' rcfwarcl is .S'Clfl..S'fCll'ffUlI. 41 ,Yi if V - . f' '...J,.M,f' ' '- , ' ' - 1 5' 'uv ,Y ' I N L Ml' fymfw , . 1' .mi , -T, '. 4' .,. .8-N, .- . . il K' M N . .L 1 4 5 . -.Q-16' .gh i ,nf- a' - P r-11' ' W--rv .4 ft. 19-31 4. C! I r Q Y ' I ,WI A O 1 2 ll Q U 4 i Q5 5 4 A Q .. ' ' Q Q X Wk Q 4 x v U n i .' 'J .H ,f . 5 I 1 I Ol" .Q-Q. .i ua, .P .P . ,sup 115' 4 - -'fm 05, .M , , s x 4... QB ' xxx' -4, . 'Sb XQJ- 'n i I 5 . I 'Kawai 1' -ff,Jw::?i 'A ., .' . ' 4 .- S L. -si ' - 4, bl , Ja Q . '?:1H5fJJ - , ' ,iz F 2 ,509 A A J 5 wg A , if W, 'W A 3, fa - 'X 11' 37, .1 ,F r 4 ., I I if ' 1 'S , X Q , ,, ,A 1 - rn Q 1 ,.. jr 'h 1-, ' U3 11 Q ,W Y ' M , "1 . n - 'VW 1 , fjyx 9' 55 5 ,J " In . X A u ," QPM M322 Vjmux' , ..f" X , :MGR U i,,, w,,Ly A IJ, .4 , - V . .. "Aw f' t , 1 ' lb N414 yr if a I ""- 0 ' . ' - Q , fl Q If vi "S A 4 , 4' ? is 0 . if , if ' 3 ii X 2' .ye Somcftimccs' we find our.s'1'lvz'.s alum' with private thoughts and hittrfn nails .s'ometimc'.s' we .s'harz'. 20 Bu! when one goal has been an-nmpli.s'hc'd our pride is that we tried, our c'ommitn'wnt was to rfarcf. 1.15.-In 'L 0 is if-s' -.fits ALL s Clzallenges arise. are nfaeed, are overcome: we step toward better zmderstanding of what we Vellllj' Ure. Q? fir , s 4 J, 1 .- w M' '+.yf1-, X5 :Y V , i 5. gig. ri' l ll ?1 I n E We il' 24 1lIl1t'I' peclvc' 15'----.. is only for a moment - ,Quan . . . . YY' M el 1-. M we lzve by hllflllg. Iovzng. learning, 3 ,N ex figlzring the detaclzmerzt that freezes. ' - 5 ml .,, . Sd e .I AX ,M 5. 5--S A , vu NNQA un i """"Zll um -1 .3 .X QW L vi I pf + ,ft X ." 3 . 1 is 'sf P 5 r 1 "1-, X- .5- I . .- - E'-5" -5 ,sfx an x A ,A wg. K -,.. M 6- ,Q ml., . 1: ' AQ , I v--' . 'JV . 'N'-Y F' 5 5 3 A 3 1' l 51 SI' 1 9 . 9. ' 1 A ll we're asked to do is gi ve a little of our.s'elve.s to something that makes us breathe u little harder ,Al 'P . fx 5 misenvfn ., , for F nnl lf! flRS ? xxx,-f e 'ff-'-'1fS'W'fv gi" If Rm N L.. E , .1 --f 3 .,, . . w 1 ' Y. Mp. 8 ieurigictt x M 1 vmtfg. f' "A, O 1, 4 4 MX , ers- ,A Q I S" M. O 1 51+-P Q-. n -my iw? 5.2 1 A, ,... "g'74sv,'. 'fly' 1"t5r" '5 r .1-PJ' - It only takes some eHow to act upon our dreams. 5 Q -I N i Conflict, peace, i youth and old age, i their meanings lie in man. V ee it i i i ! i N t I 1 t .N N- - ,Y fe. 'r IN, 'I Y Vx 'fl v 5 ' in r ff ,.--"I .. -- . iv-a-or ' ' ' ' 'wg n'4vdfNl..1-as-fL.J-. A... V . -0-aww,- -'-- -Y -Q-f 7 A ' ' 1- - , -f -47.4-.:i -" ' t ' A Li,-Jnxgiim'-:bau', "zz" A - - -:f-'OB-Q-vsfalbi-4:-A--adv-an 5 s wf-f. N., A , . uw ' ' go- ' me 47, , My 4, , rv l"'1Q'm-M . ,,.,, W 4 A ,, I, f-'ff' ' ' " , ' .V ..-1 4. ,U ' 1- - A-f .. , ,1 ,V ww . . V gl A . , , iw, ,k,,., ., ff , .H f .- f -0. g 1 . .arm f air... v--nf nnaA ,- ,QI W'-K. 1 - -.-,mf up .. , . ,, , , -0. v , - . 9 ,L " .-1, - - 1. - ffwfd f3,,..,s!' r 1 ,.1-Q7-4'ww-wrve-,ffi1f'w mffv2f . ,. 4g,p,,mw-V K7-grimy-8 -Jasm- x.. fe-Q mu. ., 1- ,nik as , . ff -vw ' 4 9' .JP .Wigan I 4,,i . dur ',a-'25 1, To feel, to care, to give ourselves to one more experience that will help us grow - this is involvement 1Q9:'Q.s6,.-g-vff ggas-as-L W law- -M Q 9 l S,fmQ5?QK?ft'4N" QQ . rv. A S r '41 A vang . www' ' 3 ar ...H ,fn-M' , 1 4 .I H ALS WUI N,m,,.Qmr , 41 34 wi? Administration Sz Services S 1 1 4 , .If-.s-:P , 4141 s 4 W 4' AA.. gi? 35 li ere here to open books. to learn. to assimilate the old and new. to e.x'periem'e, to teach, to help Ana' when we have company. it's easier to smile. 'Ub- uv KK?-.. 1 ..-...Q- ...-..a.-. -rs P 1 f . I 465.1 'dish '- 1 . , . M ig-12425-?.V..4.ffWT-..t-'ig -Ed Y t -T, cm r! ac b x' l ., 1 f"iii-ii- N. .xl I 'U I I' Q I I F '1 U U sw ,- L4 qf, , , . ,u y 'K 'CW ,NDF uv - www - - -1-H - . , ,,.4'Iwgef" ""di."' """ 1' ' f 'TT'-'SF' - ' .M A ,., , . - -. v CTU qv. H W - , , t"'?1 C' Oklahoniak nineteenth chief executive. GOVERNOR DEWEY F. BARTLETF. is the states second Republican governor. Bartlett Pushes Pride In Sooner State Governor Dewey Bartlett has initiated the program of bringing Oklahoma college gradu- ates back to the state by providing them with jobs. His "OKlE" program, standing for "Ok- lahoma. Key to Intelligence and Enterprise," is designed to increase pride in the Sooner state by pointing out progress made in Oklahoma since l907. the year of statehood. A former state senator, Bartlett also has been active in civic work and the oil business. Governor Dewey Bartlett, the true OKIE, looks contented as he watches the Sooners trample Colorado's Buffaloes 42-30. State Regents Recommend Program ,xxx 6' ' ,,,,--"""X .,.--- Members of the Oklahoma Regents for Higher Education are G. Ellis Gable, John J. Vater, Jr., Dr. Ed Coyle, Goodwin Broaddus, Jr., Mrs. Jewell Ditmars, Harry P. Conroy, Dr. E. T. Dunlap, In 1965 the State Regents for Higher Edu- cation recommended to the legislature a ten- year program to satisfy the needs of higher ed- ucation in a period from then to 1975. Money for the second phase of the program was allo- cated with a large portion of the S99 million going to 0U and approximately S26 million going to the Medical Center for improvements. A plan for the 1970,s has been developed by the State Regents for the broadening of the junior college system, whereby junior colleges may send instructors to various Oklahoma communities to conduct classes for those who cannot be admitted to major colleges and uni- versities. Vocational training in junior col- leges is another goal included in this project. This plan's aim is stabilization of freshmen and sophomore enrollment so that greater empha- sis may be placed on graduate level instruc- t1On. 1 1-J Clyde Wheeler, William T. Payne, Dun S. Hi P English. Donald S. Kennedy is not pictured. Chancellor Dr. E. T. Dunlap and Dr. Dan Hob port on the role and scope of Oklahonis Higher planning in the seventies. i 3 9 301' Q .sf 'j' M 4 " if '69 'V-an MBL University of Oklahoma Regents' meeting brings out John M. Mrs. Frank L. Davies, Jr., Dr. J. Herbert Hollomon, Huston Houehin. Mrs. Barbara James, Horace Calvert, Reuben Sparks, Huffman, Jack Santee, and Walter Neustadt, Jr. Regents Approve of Changes The University of Oklahoma Board of Re- gents is appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the Senate for terms of seven years. The purpose is to supervise, man- age. and control the University itself, and all of its integral parts. With the approval of the State Board of Re- gents pending, the OU Regents have set up changes in degree and curriculum requirements, changes in fees, and a number of salary in- creases for the future. The OU Regents ap- proved the new OU Student Government and Constitution which were evolved this year. The realization of the Regents' long-range goals is apparent this year in the newly com- pleted Physical Sciences Center, the Fine Arts Complex. and the Student Health Center. The Regents have also approved a Sports Complex, and a Student Recreational Center in the near future. ,I if .J 'I- Wi At a meeting Reuben Sparks, Horace Calvert, and Mrs. Frank L. Davies, Jr. discuss an important issue for the Board. S41 A J Hollomon Interested in Communit A facelifting for the University of Okla- homa was the basis of Dr. J. Herbert Hollo- mon's plans as he assumed the oflice of presi- dent in July, 1968. One point that Hollomon hoped to accomp- lish was to set forth a plan that would insure the growth of the University Community. An example of this was the securing of the Postal Service Institute which carried a promise of bringing S50 million into the state, and the erection of S10 million worth of new buildings on the campus within the next ten years. .-Xlso he has established plans to re-organize admin- istrative positions and policies at OL'. Hollomon has stressed the theme of involve- ment and has continued its stress as he stated in his remarks to OL"s graduating class in June. 1969. "It is impossible to remain alive and be a part of society vvithout becoming in- volved. Neither fear nor apathy should be al- lowed to stop an individual from involve- ment." Dr. Pele Kyle McCarter. vice-president for academic alfairs. is responsible for I2 colleges at OU. in . . . ,. fe 35 As vice-president for finance and administration, Dr. Gene Nordby's chief interest lies with financial allocations and bud- get areas for the university. Dr. Carl D. Riggs, vice-president for graduate studies, directs OU's graduate programs, which include study, seminars, and research by degree candidates. ' 1 W, . X fm Allocation of space and maintenance of physical operations for the university are among Vice-President Verne Kennedy's re- sponsibilities. Under the guidance of Dr. James L. Dennis, vice-presi- dent for Medical Center affairs, the center is expanding to meet modern health service demands. Vice-Presidents Handle OU Affairs Nine vice-presidents aided President Hollo- mon in performing administrative functions. The areas of involvement included university relations, graduate studies, finance and admin- istration, academic affairs. medical affairs. and the University Community. Ijniversity pro- jects worked with major foundations and the federal governmentg research and public sert- ice promoted non-academic research. commu- nication with business and industry. and uni- versity extension into world communities: and operations dealt with the universitys physical maintenance. Dr. Edward L. Katzenback, Jr., vice-president for research and public service is more than just an educator as previously he was an industrial and government executive. Because of his interest in students and their relationship with faculty and administrators, Vice-President David Burr directs the University Community office. Dr. Thurman J. White, vice-president for university projects. administers new programs for OU, the university's Washing- ton, D.C. office, and relations with major foundations. Vice-President John O. Dean heads university relations by coordinating Oklahoma University's public infor- mation effort and the alumni relations program. l L.. . l - -ls. Graduate College Expands Programs To those who were a part of it. the Gradu- ate College was the center of research and con- tinued study on campus. The college func- tioned to give the student a better grasp of his chosen tield. more skills in methods of re- search. and greater powers of independent thought. The atmosphere inspired by creativi- ty and research also encouraged investigation and scholarly activity among its faculty. This year tive new doctoral programs were otlered in the Graduate College. including the tields of photography. biological psychology, and computer science. The program stressed that the graduate de- gree. whether it be a master's degree or a doc- torate. is conferred not so much on the basis of credit hours but rather on personal attain- ment in a major field. Vice-president for Graduate Studies Dr. Carl D. Riggs served as dean for the 1969- 1970 semester year. The Graduate College increased in enrollment as higher education became more important in the world. . -5.4 3 Xkorl-:ing iaith the electron microscope Bill Chis- sol. graduate student in botany studies. monitors an cf-.pertment for a group of underclassmen. ln the computer laboratory William R. Cornette, graduate student. checks data and marvels at the modernization of the computer process. . tt- Fi Arts, Sciences: Largest College The College of Arts and Sciences main- tained the largest college enrollment on cam- pus again this year, with over 3400 sopho- more, junior, and senior majors. Three new programs were planned by the college and will begin activity in the fall of 1970. A program has been established in eth- ical and religious studies, another in European studies, and a third university-wide honors program. A fourth program was in the dis- cussion stage this year. This study, if estab- lished, would involve American Indian culture. This year's student and faculty advisory council for the college reviewed arts and sci- ences graduation requirements and discussed a proposal to extend the pass-fail option to arts and sciences language and humanity re- quirements. The College of Arts and Sciences has an ex- ecutive committee with three students as full voting members. This group functions as a policy recommending committee to the college and to its dean, Dr. John Ezell. Dr. John lx. lzzcll, dczin of Arts and Scicnue, directs thc lzirgcsl college cnmllrncnr on czirnpu, lntcrcslcd in contemporary Ircnds. Phylli-. Aflattu, fa- sign major, pauses to rnzikc nolzitifins from hall of thc Home Izconornics building. the di .plz 1 5,-.ff-N 1'kf?,L,,- 5 6 5-ir-gf!! if z J A - , xr 11,5-gif 52 f ' ' -fy. im. if? 3 A. f L ' L Q.: . J un s fi ' , f Z . :gtg 11 53 Q' , ,N g Q After rock specimens are brought in from Iield trips. Bob Wilson can supplement his knowledge in the get by having time to examine them thoroughly. Dr. Horace Bron n. dean of the Univetsitfs Col- lege ot' Business. contends the college has the larg- est tliculty and student enrollment in its history. Junior Guy Berry. tuujoring in business administration. learns how to operate an electronic calculating machine that has the .ability to store ginixers and combine calculations. i 46 ' 'T ...l Nlrs. Irene Dunham. office manager for the budget office, is pre- sented an award by President Hollomon acclaiming her "Out- standing Husinessvwomanu after thirty years of service. Business College Approves Changes The College of Business Administration be- gan the fall semester of 1969-1970 with the largest faculty and the largest student enroll- ment in its history. Changes were made this year in the under- graduate program. The faculty approved the elimination of college credit for all remedial mathematics courses that are presently require- ments for the degree. In addition, two three-hour courses were added to the curriculum, and the faculty ap- proved a plan whereby students are permitted twelve hours of free elective courses taken under the pass-fail option. The college's visiting committee was new on campus this year. It was composed of prom- inent business and civic leaders in the area of the university. The members were appointed by university President Hollomon and made responsible for reporting on and giving coun- sel and advice to the college, faculty, and the administration. Dr. Horace Brown served as executive secretary to this committee. Education College tinues the program of providing prospective teachers with actual classroom experience. Develops C TE The College of liducation, continuing its program of providing prospective teachers with classroom experience, developed the f o- operative Urban Teacher Education Program. CUTE, initiated in the spring semester of l969, provided student teachers with an op- portunity to teach for one semester in Okla- homa City public schools. Combined with students from eight other participating Okla- homa colleges, this program furnished practi- cal experience for students and credit tout ard a master's degree in education. lt also fulfilled the need for teachers in Oklahoma City schools. Dr. Gene Shepherd was director of the program, while Dr. Morris Lamb was super- visor over the students. Dr. Lamb counseled students on any problems that arose during their tenure as teachers. CUTE was aided by the Teacher Corps Program which established two-year appren- ticeships for student teachers in hve Oklahoma City junior high schools. It was sponsored by the Student Teachers Association. .i '- Kathy Harms enjoys her part in the CIQTE program as she provides individual instruction to two little girls at Lincoln Elementarjs School. Norman. Student teacher Debbie Welsh gets praciica x perience using audio-visual aids working N1 children on the elementary school level. 47 Engineering Alternates Work, Stud The College of Engineering offered a coop- erative work study program which combined a sequence of academic study and engineering employment periods in government or indus- try. The student received compensation dur- ing the work periods which substantially as- sisted in tinancing his college education. Each semester the college offered a number of late afternoon and evening courses for the benetit of graduate engineers employed in in- dustry. This program provided an opportu- nity for engineers employed in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas to undertake graduate study leading to a master's degree or to take particular courses in a program of continuing education for updating or upgrading their technical skills. In recent years the college has been a ma- jor contributor to the philosophy of modern engineering education. It was the first college to use the "care" type engineering curricula now prevalent throughout the country. Q 0 , A ,H A. .bfi We-0 A - ,,ftf,,f,,s. ,fx B , 5 Q? - 5 ,, -f 3 5 it i Q ' N4 X -5 va i Ag .. ,A I :Il , 1 y g p - ,,.Q,,,i 5 1 J E5 .1-3, ' 5 rvydt ' We M , AM.. l.inn Hogue. Lawton sophomore, uses one of the educational aids available to engineering students to help them through a study session. F. F. Leopold and Dr. Jerry Purswell, professors of industrial engineering. discuss activities for the " If I annual Engineers' Open House. 7 A Dr. Gene Nordby. dean for the College of Engineering, manages Engineering College policy, teaches several courses and extends educational opportunities beyond campus. 1 1 I r Fine Arts College Initiates Seminar The College of Fine Arts consisted of the School of Art, the School of Drama, and the School of Music. This year the college added an arts management seminar to its fall curric- ulum. The seminar was initiated by F. Donald Clark, dean of line arts, in cooperation with the directors of the art, drama, and music schools, and also with the Museum of Art. This course offered instruction in the tech- niques and aspects of symphony management, concert management, theatre management, fund-raising, public relations, and personal se- lection for art committees. Speakers addressing the secinar were Fannie Taylor, Wisconsin University, Thomas A. Fich- andler, director of the Arena Stage, Washing- ton, D.C.g Fred Moyer, manager of the Okla- homa City Symphony Orchestra, and John Ar- doin, music critic for the Dallas Morning N ews. This year the college suffered the loss by death of Dr. Turner Edge, associate professor of drama, and C. M. Stookey, director of the School of Music. l A Th: defense rests! lan college Dean Fugene Kumi. ai professor specializing in oil .ind gas Lux, licliexes strongly in ai broad legal internship progmin for third year lam students. -Xt a mock trial in the law barn. an annual event for law students, he defendant is accorded the right of trial by a jury of his peers, .urn nov. ponder upon his fate. Law School Offers Internship Program The University of Oklahoma School of Law, directed by Acting Dean Eugene Kuntz, was known throughout the United States for offer- ing the broadest legal internship program in the country. Under this internship, the stu- dent spent his third year of law school as a legal intern. He was allowed to represent a client in a civil case without a consulting at- torney, and he was permitted to draw a fee up to S2500 for the case. Also under this program the classwork in- volved work with a private law firm or with some legal aid program. This internship was enthusiastically sup- ported by the Supreme Court of Oklahoma. It was not a required program for law stu- dents, although this year's enrollment included twenty-eight students from the school. Proposals developed for a Law Center which would offer advanced professional train- ing in law to Oklahoma attorneys desiring to improve their qualifications. Medical School Expands, Improves Dr. James L. Dennis, head of the OU College of Medicine, has five professional schools under his direction as well as other medical divisions of the Graduate College. There was an increase in the enrollment of medical students this year and in the construc- tion of key projects in the Oklahoma Health Center Master Plan. The new S4 million hasic science education building opened in January. Cfonstruction ol the first 200-hed unit ol' a new University Hos- pital was begun in the summer and scheduled for occupancy in 1972. The project is expect- ed to cost 311,959,000 Expansion and improvement of physical ta- cilities made it possible to increase the size of this year's class entering medical school from 104 to 126 students. The health campus included five profession- al schools of medicine, health. nursing. dentist- ry, and health related professions. the latter two in the developmental process. Existing in addition to these live schools were the medical sciences division of the OU Graduate College. the University Hospital. clinics. and related in- stitutions. Dean Helen Patterson. head of Nursi:-' School. coordinates the program beiween Norman campus and the Medical Center it Oklahoma City. Student nurses learn the importance ct procedure with the intravenous bottle shi ing at OL"s University Hospital. lu. Pharmacy Begins Hospital Training This year the School of Phamtacy instigated a new graduate program for clinical pharmacy students. Those students involved in the pro- gram traveled to Oklahoma City to receive training in a hospital setting. Another new program this year was health terms. where the senior pharmacy student trained at the University Hospital Health Cen- ter. L'NlRF. and VA Hospital. The graduate program in pharmacy offered an NIS in hospital pharmacy. pharmacy ad- ministration. and pharmacognosy. Nlost graduates of pharmacy began profes- sional work in community pharmacies, and eight percent began work in hospital pharma- cies. Five percent of the graduates began work in manufacturing and four percent in ed- ucation. Pharmacy students found an increasing de- mand for their education with one billion pre- scriptions tilled last year and an expected two billion per year by 1975. Dr. Blanche Sommers. professor of pharmacy, explains the importance of some of the equip- ment used in one of the laboratories to Don Frazier. Hlackvuell senior. As dean of the College of Pharmacy. Dr. Harris shows an active interest in students but still has proud memories of the school's "Museum of Yesteryearsf :ag 'U . 22,- 22-3 2-7 O . sam "1 2522 fmt'-357' ww :BQ Egg E"'9h n:2.,., :gg- mg' 329 Elgi- :r:oUg Os UD '2.m9h E23 393 :E-5 Eng Q95-5 ms' C0 Q0 HS. :Till Em fl! ll I Ns W. ,xi ...N .fi I I if !f' . my .., b University College Advises Students The University College, led by Dr. John R. Morris, dean, and Dr. Jerome Weber, assistant dean, started a new program working more closely with resident advisors in the dorms. This was an attempt to bring the academic program closer to the residential program by utilizing academic advisors living in university housing. The University College, in its University Scholars Program, selected academically tal- ented high school seniors for scholarships. To help all high school students adjust to univer- sity life, Project Threshold was created in the summer of 1968. All freshmen and other students enrolled in the University College and who completed 26 hours with a "C" grade average were permitted to transfer to the college of their choice. University College was one of the largest enrollments on campus. A staff of advisors in various fields of interest worked through the college. Students in the college took prepara- tory courses required of students in all fields. Rushing down the steps in Dale Hall between classes is Diane Poor, Norman freshman, si typical student enrolled in ljniversily Lolleige, Dr. lohn R. Morris heads a college with one of the lar rollmenls on campus lJniversil1,'!ollege. 'u.hf.s: aim 1 lually guide zi sludenl into the school of his. choice -W... ,. '--u-fi.. ..-anno. sf l U New Assistant dean of University College. Jerome C. Weber. acts in the capacity of counselor. helping and directing new stu- dents with their schedules. l 53 OCCE Uffers Seminars, Degrees The College of Continuing Education. es- tablished in 1061. continued to grow as it pro- v ided adult students the opportunity to pursue Bachelor of Liberal Studies and Master of Liberal Studies degrees in innovative programs vx hich ditlered from the structure of the typical college classroom. The Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree was awarded after extensive independent study, residential seminars. and individual advise- ment by university faculty members. 1500 stu- dents vvere enrolled in the program this year, and 175 students have graduated. The BLS degree program included study in the areas of humanities. social sciences. and natural sci- ences. The Master of Liberal Studies degree was one of several masters' degrees offered by the Graduate College. The MLS student concen- trated his study in one of the three areas of knowledge. This program also combined in- dependent directed reading with residential seminars. In addition, a master's thesis was required. A ten-member executive committee, chaired by Dr. J. Clayton Feaver, David Ross Boyd professor of philosophy, was elected by the .100 member faculty of the College of Continu- ing Education. The committee developed pol- icies and directed programs of the college. Dr. Roy Troutt, assistant dean of the college, was responsible for the administration of the col- lege, which included the Department of Liber- al Studies, the Department of Health Studies, the Southwest Center for Human Relations Studies, the Southwest Center for Gerontolog- ical Studies, and the Oklahoma Family Life Institute. As part of the Oklahoma Center for Contin- uing Education KOCCEJ, the College of Con- tinuing Education sponsored programs that were both educational and service-oriented. Among them, health studies scheduled short courses and conferences for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, nursing home administrators, and others in the professional health field. The human relations center, including the Center for School Desegregation and the Indian Edu- cation Unit, aimed to promote better human relations among all ethnic groups and races. BLS advisor Dr. Robert Shahan. left. and Assistant Dean of the College of Continuing Education Dr. Roy Troutt visit with two students attending a Humanities area seminar. Dr. Kenneth Crook, David Ross Boyd Professor Emeritus of Chemistry leads a discussion at the MLS Colloquium. MLS students attending are Harris Melvin, Robert Barton, and Richard Sanborn. MLS student Louis Wagner receives a book from Deloris Pryor. Liberal Studies librarian while MLS Student Coordinator Joyce Meyer looks on. in I " 4 Four members of the College of Continuing Education Executive Committee pause during a meeting held in the BLS library. Pictured are Professor Cecil Lee, Dr. Robert Shahan, Dr. William Maehl, and Dr. Paul Ruggiers. 'W R.. . ......'E 5 Kirin-5 'Nom X VMXN 9? Dr. Joseph C. Pray. professor of political science at OU, in- tently watches the activity at a demonstration for higher edu- cation at the State Capitol building in Oklahoma City. 'VFP .1 fl, Ffh. iw .1 - L - tw . v 'ln ' W 5 f . 'fr . ' .us 2511...-!4 , Faculty Features Honor Professors Six outstanding members of the university faculty were chosen this year, not by nomina- tion or by committee selection, but because of their innovative contributions to education, ad- ministration, or community service. The men selected have personiiied the meaning of in- volvement and have, each in his own way, worked toward self-fulhllment. These influential professors represent the different academic departments of art, profes- sional writing, political science, Zoology, clas- sics, and architecture. Their contributions, however, are not limited to the academic. The respect they have earned from those who have come in contact with them has been achieved in a spectrum broader than that of the uni- versity. .-t 5. x , . -i"!.YI , Y ,. Q? Faculty and students gath- ered in October on South Oval to protest the Vietnam on the nation-wide mor- atorium day. A viewpoint, his own. A vision, a direction to go. A man with the Courage to take us there. The dream, to Change the ghetto of the university into the palace of our minds and the poverty of our living into the well-spring of our Selves Professors Emphasize In olvement "l'i'm'idi11g students of today with an under- stainliiig of tlzeir l'I'Sl1lIl environment, stressing apprcciatioiz. and tlte resulting value judgment as to tlzeir visual world, rightly belongs within the tranzcwork of our leading educational insti- mtions. It we know our environment visually, we have a better chance of protecting it, im- proving it, and most of all, fully enjoying its richness. In a society suclz as ours today, the chaos and conzplexity tends to confuse even the most rational: but if visual order can be im- proved. tlzis is one more step toward man's ful- f' ler participation as a complete individual." JOE P. HOBBS M Director of the School of Art Ak l F i --p id W f 503 N Qrouuoizv V.-g mein-1: If A I I I I I 5 I .407 "When you rome to read this, .say .H years from non, when you look at your pirtures it will fll'Ulllllllj rome to you, gosh, things have l'l'lIlllgl'd.' And not for the better either. So here'.s' where ll bit of ageless wisdom may prot ff Ll eomfort. 'The more things .seem to flmnge the more flIl'YN'l'l' the same old thihgf Look again. You .surely will like one side or the other." WILLIAM FOSTER HARRIS Profe.s'.s'or of l,l'0fC'.S'.S'llIl16ll W flllllg uw vial' ,JAGM V A- "Each day l awaken I ani involved in a world of infinite despair and hope. The campus becomes a partial siircease from the one ana' a trysting place for the other. Here my mistress heconzes knowledge. my 'joie de Vivre' great ideas. nzy fellow a sufferer, and seekers my earnest stu- 4 'V cry: --Qi 4 xg: dents. Here l renew the faith of Socrates and Jonas Salk, that hy patient inquiry we may change our world from barlvarisnz to civilization, disease to health, ignorance to wisdom, and law to justice." JOHN PAUL DUNCAN David Ross Boyd Professor of Political Science x yn- , bac M X 3,1 fa. r Wi. g ' "Graduates of the 70's are faced with 'a world I never made,' but so were we of earlier generations. Today. however, perhaps a larger fraction perceive intolerable flaws in the civiligation into which they have been thrust: the utter insanity of war, racism. poverty. competitive mercantilism and the institutionaliged chicanetiv of much moral pretension. But awareness is 1101 enough. If the perceived evils are to be effectively combatted. and the almost certain doom they presage forestalled, the new generation will have to attack on an unprecedented scale, with clear appreciation of the problems and their cultural roots. critical imagi- nation and altruistic courage, all in a degree possessed by only a scattering of their forebearsf' PAUL R. DAVID Professor of Z oology HS.-Izoforfy fu'f1'1'1'Iy has Il'4IlI'flf0IIl1H,Y lwwz associatcfa' with .um:..'pzzz11' lu'1'1rzirs. Tlu' strougvsr forves at work on the lzpmiwzzu' w1v1'rounu'11r roday cnzpluzsige C'001JC'l'fIff0lI and 1'f1w!w1m'1z1. Small wonder Iluu cu'ademia is in turmoil. . . . l11w!u'11zw1I has lwvonzv flu' key to C'dl1C'l1ff0ll. There um' L:u'1m's for fllllfllfl' and reasons for suc'c'c'ss. Students my uuvmuzdizzg c'.X'17flIlItIfI'0IIS on borlz ru'couuIs. Most fwopfu luzrv to SIIU-C'l' Io lvuru . . . Your owu mistakes um! ilu' vxuzzzplc of IIIOSU who have Iwcfttwed you become 11Hl7IffI'c1II'lIKL'iSO you lc'c1ru." H. MICHAEL DUNN Assistant Professor of Classics -g--f ' 'O Ant ...--mnwI"" W X56 xs,..4,i , ...,....,,,w X . "7'eat'l1ing is building-a .searrh awas from apathy to an awareness of environmental potential. Oar existing sarrottrtdings represent less than ten pert ent of the potential-there is a fantastir' future for the yottng arehileel in the post pollution period. As n e cltsrowr difficulty in seeing and breathing, we will bet-onte ITIUIV' aware of oar .s'arrotttttltrtg.s' and do .something about them. 'String City,' my pet projert, repre.s'ent.s' twelve years at study in forrn and spare and the past two and a half years of research in the inner eity. Born of 'strttrtttretl need' and the new attitude of self awarene.s.s', '.S'trint4 City' n tl! only be realized when this 'self' attitude groups to 'respon- sive awarenessf prodaeing a new positive etlaration nf extension, not denial!" DEAN BRYANT VOLLENDORF Associate Professor of Areltiteeture x s fitxiix hom, ,,.J,,.fff AMA I 1.41 324 Eh tt r fi I f i 'S an fx S BOTTONI ROW: Pat Ashby, Monty Johnson, Ladd Greeno, Suzie Gilbert, David Butler. Nlzrnbqrs cf th: Presidents Advisory Committee sit in with Dr. HUll'Jl'D'Jfl to give students' opinions concerning a current It il-. fw. ... SECOND ROW: W. R. Campbell, Jr., Bill Moffatt, J. Michael Wise, J. Herbert Hollomon, Carl Edwards, Nick Winter. Advisory Councils Aid dministration Student Advisory Councils were created by President Cross in November, 1966, and serve in a unique capacity in the administration of the university. This year advisory council members acted as student advisors to various university olli- cials. The councils included academic affairs, operations, the University Community, gradu- ate studies, arts and sciences, business, engi- neering, line arts, pharmacy, and the Univer- sity College. Students also served on a special advisory council to the president. Students were appointed to serve on the councils for the term of a year. The University of Oklahoma Student Association selected the various councils' members in the fall. Assistants Create Three New ffices Three new offices under the direction of David A. Burr, vice-president of the Universi- ty Community, were created this year. Anona Adair headed the Oflice of Student Activities, Dr. Stephen Sutherland headed the Ofiice of Residential Programs, and James F. Paschal headed the Office of Special Programs. Jack Stout and Harold Andrews served as special assistants to Mr. Burr. The three new offices became part of the student activities complex. Coordinating stu- dent programs and making these operations more effective were the planned goals of the newly created divisions. New programs initiated this year were the Junior Transfer Leader Class, for junior col- lege transfers, and the graduate resident and assistant resident advisor positions which re- placed the previous position of donn counselor. David Burr, vice-president for the University Community. i interested in students and their successful relationship with the faculty members and administrators. Harold Andrews and .lac David Burr for the Knixersi ty Community. Stout assume the roles of as sistams to Vice-Presiden e t Director ot' ltitertitttiotttil Student .-Xtl'ttitS. Turner lllcunt. liaison for foreign students. encourages them to'tieip1tte in the L'nix'ersity eotutttunity. X i Xti.1::, tlizeczoi' et' Studsnt ,-Xetixities is kept busy on phone 1 ti 'l.'Cli.l-N . tt with the Student Board :ind Council. tx fponxor ot' most university activities while work- t o"i"'i 'tt t ,i K '-Fr! rirlf get fig - 66 al itll -as Elton Ci. Davis. director of financial aids, is always reafly to discuss problems and cooperate with stu- dznts who asck his counsel. M -wie. aa... .4 4 5 . 5 r F .1608 Xl nqV Giving special attention to one of the children, Erma Keeley, director of Sooner City Nursery School, finds her work re- warding and challenging. , Y Community Staff Uversees Program lg., .2- 4-as As director of Residential Programs Dr. Stephen Sutherland advises students and helps them with their study and tutoring programs. Vice-President David A. Burr was chiel ad- ministrator of the University Community whose departments sponsored or coordinated many of the non-academic programs of the university. Mr. Burr's stall included Jack Stout and Harold Andrews, assistants. The directors were Anona Adair, Student Activities, Turner Blount, International Student Affairs: Elton Davis, Financial Aids, and Erma Keeley Sooner City Nursery and Kindergarten. Other staff members were James Paschal. Special Programs, Dr. Stephen Sutherland. Residential Programs, Dr. Donald Robinson. Student Health, Dr. Robert Ragland. ljniver- sity Counseling Centerg Dr. Dorothy Truex. Research Directorg Cecil Brite, general man- ager of student publications. and Gomer school. i--"" li. Student Health Services are under the operation and coordination of Dr. Donald Robinson who adminis- ters to health needs on campus. Jones, director of athletics. James F. Paschal, director of special programs for the University Communi- ty, is also an instructor in the journalism gg Dr. Robert Ragland. direct Services. is responsible to vocational and personal co sons associated with OLQ Q l Dr. Stephen Sutherland. director of residential programs and associate professor of geography. aids center directors in hous- ine units with their problems and programs. BOl'TONi ROW: Jerry Burlingame, Myrna Carney, Stephen M. Sutherland. Judith C. Smith. Residential ffice Manages Centers This year the Office of Residential Programs was created in the University Community with Stephen M. Sutherland as director and Edward L. Myles assistant. The Office of Residential Programs assumed many of the activities and functions of the former Oliice of Deans of Students, abolished September 1, 1969. The seven assistant directors under the new program were Jerry Burlingame, Adams Cen- terg Myrna Carney, Cate Centerg Don Blasi, Cross Centerg Wilbur Walker, Walker Towerg M. L. Brownsberger, Wilson Centerg Mike Mullally, Center for Fraternitiesg and Judy Smith, Center for Sororities. Under each as- sistant director were graduate resident advisors and resident advisors, whose functions were similar to those of the former dorm counselors. The residents of each center chose either self-government or administrative discipline. Free tutoring programs were also available. SECOND ROW: Edward L. Myles, Mike Mullally, Don Thomas Blasi, W. P. Walker, M. T. Brownsberger. ,WX The staff in the office of admissions and records consists of Robert Bailey, registration director and Rough Boggess. coordi- William C. Price, dean of admissions and recordsg Mrs. Racheal nation of federal services. Keely, recorderg Miss Ruth Arnold, director of admissionsg Dr. .7 I J' 4. .. . fig! cuanr .syn -.b ....'1.."":-L. u ' X Students seeking information concerning admissions and rec- ords talk with Mrs. June Yates or Marilyn Davidson in Evans Hall. Admissions ffice Promotes Efficiency The Oflice of Admissions and Records. lo- cated on the nrst floor of the Administration Building, employed a new system for greater efiiciency and dependability. The Student In- formation System used computers to code and to process student applications for admission as well as student records. The admissions as- sistants coded the tentative students' cards ac- cording to ACT scores. SAT scores. class rank. whether they were junior or senior college transfers. and other pertinent information. The new system also provided greater ease in re- porting statistics for a given semester. Dr. William Price served as dean of admis- sions. Ruth Arnold was director. Robert Bai- ley was registrar. and the receptionist was Sherry Harvard. Edward Shaw. director of the University Press which has earned an international publishing reputation, reports 50 new titles this year with as many reprints and editions. Donors' Gifts, Grants Add to Bizzell Library Gifts and grants from 239 donors added more volumes to the University of Ok1ahoma's Bizzell Memorial Library. Along with approx- imately 1.234.000 volumes, the library con- tains 8.900 periodicals. Under the direction of Dr. Arthur McAn- nally and .Associate Director Melville R. Spence. the library added 55,900 volumes last year. The library also offers 150,000 volumes of microtext for use. Special collections continued to bring rec- ognition to the Bizzell Library. Among these collections was the Edward Everett Dale Li- brary. containing 1,235 volumes covering the history of the West, Southwest, Oklahoma Ter- ritory. the Great Plains, and the Indians. The largest of the special collections, the Western History Collection, has 125,000 volumes. Bizzell Memorial Library also operated twelve branch libraries in and around Norman. OU Press Operations Print, Publish, Sell The University of Oklahoma Press, in oper- ation since 1928, continued its yearly publi- cation of approximately 40-50 new titles and an equal amount of reprints or new editions. Edward Shaw directed the press and its three units of operation: printing, supervised by Charles Gawer, publishing, and selling, man- aged by Fred Seals. Mary Stith served as ed- itor. The press printed all university bulletins and catalogues, Books Abroad, the Oklahoma Law Review, and the Sooner Magazine. It also printed most of the university's letterheads and department forms. Four series of books are published by the press. Included in the Western Frontier Li- brary series is the only Hction published by the press, the Novels of the West Books. Presi- dent Hollomon's The Future of the University and two other books receiving national atten- tion were also products of the OU Press. 3 g K! Z Director of libraries, Dr. Arthur McAnally administers Bizzell Library services and also is professor of library science. Lax Army ROTC, in its 5Ist year on campus, is directed by Col. leroy Cl. Land, also protes- sor of military science. Professor of aerospace studies Col. Theodore M. Ralcy com- mands the United States Air Force ROTC program on campus. Full Scholarships Honor ROTC Men Military balls and scholarships were among the activities of the men enrolled in the three Reserved Ollicers Training Corps programs this past year. Navy ROTC presented approximately 40 scholarships to high school seniors and sent midshipmen to the Mediterranean, to Europe, and to Hawaii on summer training cruises. Navy ROTC men also participated in the Navy Ball and Christmas formal. In March, they selected their batallion commander. Air Force ROTC highlighted its year by receiving the outstanding ROTC unit award in November. Air Force ROTC commissioned 54 second lieutenants this year and awarded 48 full scholarships to deserving cadets. Army ROTC commissioned a total of 150 cadets as second lieutenants in January, June, and August. Thirty-nine cadets received full tuition scholarships. .X Capt. William L. NlcGonagle serwes as Navy ROTC manding officer at OL' and is professor ot naval science Journalism Press Installs New Units The Journalism Press. which prints The Oklalzoma Daily student newspaper. expanded its equipment with the installment of two off- set gloss units. The two units. their cost esti- mated at nearlv S l 65.000, were paid for com- pletely by advertising revenue. The two offset gloss units supplemented a three-year-old Goss Suburban olfset press. in- creasing the Dailvs size to 48 tabloid pages with a four-color process on 16 pages. The press. which is now capable of printing 16.000 copies per hour. arrived in May, 1969. The new units began actual printing the fol- lowing September. The Journalism Press employed a student staff of 20 on a part-time and full-time basis. W. C. Yanderwerth, in his 25th year at OU, served as mechanical superintendent and co- ordinator of the press. PRESS STAFF-BOTTOM ROW: Ted Wright, Tommy Hend- rix. Joe David Johnson, Danny Smith, James Squirrel, Gary Lawrence. Larry Downey. SECOND ROW: W. C. Vanderwerth, 'W-. W. C. Vanderwerth, mechanical superintendent for The Okla- homa Daily, checks over an advertising layout. Phil Thornton, Guy Senter, Ben Clark, Bill Hancock, Steve Ku- kuk, Phil Wright, Mike Burger, Rusty Capps, David Christy, Greg Owings, Bob Salmon. Wu swung' iw 1 X 4 ' 5 at-4.-,V ,wif 4.9 V YU Shopping for books and supplies in the Union bookstore is a great convenience for Ron Wood, Checotah graduate student. Law students enjoy the sunshine and small talk on the Ter- race Room patio that nestles between the law barn and Union. fi if g i 1 4.3! V nion Plans New Service Facilities The Oklahoma Memorial Union, center of campus activity, provided a wide variety of services and recreational facilities for students, faculty members, alumni, and persons outside the university. The Union's new third floor game room was the first completion in plans for the Union. Under construction are a restaurant, gift store, and vending shops-services to be opened soon in the south wing of the main floor. Lounges with stereo music, games, magazines, and color television are also being installed. Food services included Will Rogers Cafete- ria, the Terrace Room, the Ming Room, and numerous private dining rooms. Fourteen con- ference rooms and Meacham Auditorium, which seats 530 persons, have accommodated thousands of groups. Other facilities were newsstands, lockers, a barber shop, beauty salon, and bankette for check cashing. Serving as members of the Publications Board are Robert V. Pet- erson. Cecil H. Brite, Sally A. Gregory, Marilyn Gafford, Dr. Bob Carrell. Steve Glasser, Mrs. Louise Moore, Weldon Watkins. Not pictured are Jim Swain, Paula Whiteside, and Dr. Thomas M. Smith. New Chairman Directs Pub Board The nine-member Publications Board, com- posed of five students and four faculty mem- bers. served as director and publisher for all student publications. Dr. Bob J. Carrell, this years new director of the School of Journal- ism. served as chairman of the board. Non- voting members of the board were C. H. Brite, general manager of student publications, and Nlrs. Louise Moore, editorial supervisor of stu- dent publications. The nine voting members represented the School of Journalism, the Ok- student body, the faculty, and the president's office. The duties of the board included selection of editors for the Daily and SOONER, ap- proval of financial matters, and overseeing the printing of a student directory for summer school students and a summer special supple- ment which is mailed to all incoming freshmen and transfer students. The Publications Board also sets policies for the student administra- tion of the publications. lfzlmma Daily, the SOONER Yearbook, the 16- 1 if at J so -- '?.'L'iEa.'i ,,Ls,i3f f .. 4 W Steve Glasser. Enid senior on the Pub- lications Board, gives students' opinions during tall-Qs v-.ith Dr. Bob Carrell. di rector of School of Journalism. chair- man of Publications Board. James Swain, director of public information at Oklahoma Uni- versity, represents President Hollomon on Publications Board. mfs.- -. V -J ala- Cecil H. Brite, general manager of student publications for the university, is also a member of the Publications Board. ...X .i' A 4 1 - LL Now on sabbatical, Dr. Thomas M. Smith. professor of hastorg of science, is the general faculty representatixe on the Board. "-use ....i..z-- Editorial supervisor of the Oklalmnm Daffy and SOONER. Mrs. Louise B. Moore seives on the Publications Board. Robert V. Peterson. professor of editorial inter- pretation in the School of Journalism. serves as secretary of Publications Board. af-f S 5 I -arx TOP ROW: Valerie Abbot, Sarah Baker, Mary Eve Beckett, Carol Bishop, Carol Blakey, Arney Brown, Chris Brown. SEC- OND ROW: Janie Brunsteter, Janie Bumpers, Don Burk, Sally Burns. Janice Cherry, Nancy Clarkson, Dee Dunlop. THIRD ROW: Diane Dunneu, Diane Freeman, Gayle Freeman, Sarah Cray. Annette Gilliam, Jane Glassenberg, Steve Glasser. FOURTH is 'fn we ' ' Avi- W "7"""'?N"p19'1a+?f'fm.W 94 -- an wnu,.,,,,m V F fl' X . ' """"" rv. ,f . 6,5 Mz.,w,,, iw N! Serning as assoeiate editor of the SUONLR is Kathryn Guin- ness. who in her spare time tut- ors Zulu Hippfierates. an aho- rigine from Ausrralia. i - r"1"'a! A 'f' L"f'73!' i 0 ,,-rf Carol Blakey, 1970 SOONER editor decides that dedication has its limits as she wonders about that "tie that binds" her to the typewriter. f f ' f ' ' f g f 'T f Steve Glasser, assistant editor of SOONER, finds the penalty szxere when late with deadlines as Kathryn Guinness lowers the "guiIlotine." SOG R Emphasizes Involvement When there is a scarcity of chairs in the SOONER oflice Chris Brown, assistant editor for organizations, finds a place to sit- in a file drawer. The 1970 SOONER Yearbook revolved around the theme 'clnvolvementf' with each section expressing a potential area of involve- ment for the individual. To carry out this theme, the SOONER devoted the opening 33 pages to a features section emphasizing the meaning of involvement. As a result of the "involvement" of people in university life, changes were made in the SOONER. Five Men of Distinction were cho- sen instead of one. as in years past. The resi- dences section grouped men and women by res- idential centers. Honorary and departmental organizations were placed together in the year- book and were recognized as groups striving for similar goals and ideals in campus life. Editor Carol Blakey and Associate Editor Kathryn Guinness organized layouts and edit- ed copy. Cecil H. Brite advised the stall and managed the publication. Assistant Editor Steve Glasser directed the residences section and promoted sales with a staff of representa- tives from each housing unit. Suggested by As- sistant Editor Chris Brown. a copy staff was organized whose members worked with the editors of each section in preparing its copy. 51.51 1:-:ns .Line tllnseiibeisg. .le.itine Grintes. Jennie Kay Buchanan. Diane Dunnett. and Janie Letson are kept busy filing studio 1- - to keep :lie ofiice oignnixeti. one ot the ntnny routine tasks required of all the yearbook staff while producing the SOONER. Efg it 3 VSV K . ,lr ' T' '-"M" f , --7,13 , ' R YE- 'se 'Ll I if NIJ 41:13, organizations editor. and Annctte Gilliam, ,N rv. eflimr. nu tcziinv.ork to check off the organizations. t 'W L-gs 4-siege l-!.,,"f""' - sh--:'P'f ,A 9 iii' " I iv 1 kt,- THDLA il The details of page layout occupy SOONER staff members Teddie Englund, Mary Eve Beckett, and Janice Cherry, as they work at preparing proofs to be pasted in the dummy. editor. 1 X, ax W K. fhccking over sports ptulttw'-, :irc At- ncy lirown, SOON!-,R apmtn editor. :md lirucc Walker, mcnl. irttrmnuml SUUNHR pliototftstphcta Steve llutf,hcn'. and Alam Hug? signrncnts trout Sandi NCl'zUH. who t-.pcgtftup :tgtiort ps- human interest. N. N , s- 1 5 AM X " V 15 3.2. I f , r .e, 1 .W . vM55"-' ,mf 'TKYAVX 0- 8 I nifty I J A e Twig? W if i , frsziiflim ' 'vm' wp. 1- ieixgrtk w ,, 'tifg g v K'A?i3l'Xifl2?1 xx' 1 jg. :iw , , K Q rag: A -W i:-LL'f!YY"'l ' Qf Mary "Hello" Tolle and Dee Dunlop keep ruler close at hand to measure copy blocks and photos as they adjust the yearbook dummy page layouts. X. er., ut t, TZ' Wlx t,zQ.,a -A. s lf 1 f If 119 Lt! 'Q Not all the xxork of publishing gt yearbook can be seated at a desk as Sally Livermore and Janne Btu: learn while they Search for Ll misplaced SOOXER Daily Editors Take Strong Stands Acting as fall editor of the Oklahoma Daily was Teresa Black who. throughout the semes- ter. took strong editorial stands on the question of Little Red. the Jones Family Grandchil- dren. and student power. In the National Hearst Foundation competition, one of Miss Blacks editorials was awarded a ninth place rating. Fall editor Teresa Black's editorials prompted many replies as sh: hopzd to inHu:nce some policy changes which would favor the students. L r an tl ' ffza ' Karen Vinyard, spring editor, worked in two new editorships and wrote on controversial topics such as drugs, pollution and the JFG. Karen Vinyard, elected as a junior, served as spring editor of the Daily. Miss Vinyard used the Daily as an open forum of opinion on the controversial topics of pollution, drugs, and the JFG newspaper. Karen and Teresa were the second pair of women in 25 years to serve as Daily editors. Q you-nos i.m1nw -Q uma N i1f14 Q I X 9 fm Members of the fall editorial staff worked well together putting out the Daily. Standing are Terry Simmons. from page cdiiur. and Teresa Black, editor. Seated are Bill Hancock, sports editor, and Ann Long, managing editor. Fall, Spring Staffs Feature Events Fall staff sports writer Bill Hancock added to the excitement surrounding the OU-Texas game in mid-October when he wrote a three- part series on the game just before Dallas Weekend. The JFG newspaper and the war moratorium also received much publicity in October issues of the Daily. In November the Daily ran a series of edi- torials on the J F G and a three-part series con- cerning faculty pay by Mike Shannon. Heis- man Trophy winner Steve Owens was featured on the front page of the November 25th paper. The spring Daily staff carried over from the previous semester the controversies surround- ing Little Red and the Jones Family Grand- children. The staff also ran a series of articles on the topics of drugs, the OU budget. and interracial dating. In February the Daily ran editorials on the question of whether or not the Norman Fire Department had been polluting the duck pond. Mrs. Louise Moore directed the Daily news- room both first and second semesters. Mike Hollander and Karen Vinyard sit at the desk to determine the page and position for an important neus story while other D.::.j.t spring staff members, Bill Hancock and Ron Smith, watch intently over their shoulders. 'TS - -qqnuri BNHS X mor Clexeland. advertising manager for the Oklalzoma Daily looks oxer an ad layout with sec- retary Barbara Clinesmith. Nor- man freshman. Q-wtf ,lac qw-zyif' Advertising Staff Handles Daily Ads By working on the advertising staff of the Oklahoma Daily student newspaper, university students were able to exercise the knowledge gained in the classroom and to use their cre- ative abilities in actual publication work. Advanced students gained practical experi- ence by working as advertising managers and by handling ads for large accounts, while the intermediate students participated in the sell- ing class, which gave laboratory work in ac- tual sales. Two full-time professional salesmen supervised the department. Local advertising for the Oklahoma Daily was produced completely by the advertising and mechanical departments of the Daily. Four special editions of the paper are pro- duced each year by the advertising depart- ment: spring fashion issue, summer student directory, Christmas buying guide, and guide and freshman pre-registration. TOP ROW: Brian Bishop, .lack Fyffe, Charlotte Kantowski. SECOND ROW: Brian Nasky, Mike Patterson. David Christy, Sue Russell, Sara Shull, and Dorothy liundrunt edit :md write hcndlmc--. for thc smrtcw than gf, ,ft the In tfnitfffftf. If ' v Qs Y JI' .-v ....-uni -fl.. .... at ""I".. i . 5 4, 4 3 ss I 3 5 5 , . N sg , 4 'AFC - Don Burk. noted tor hzs x E . 4 photography. dtrects the stat t 'tv' hotosm hers for the D.:5fj. . P - P shoots many ot the picitzre the l0'O SOONER. lumni Association Conducts Drive The Alumni .-Xssoeiation conducted a mas- sive lite member drive this vear. which drew in some lilltl nevv life members. Funds from the program vv ere held in trust to provide contin- uing income for the association. The alumni publications program included the Sooner magazine and its newspaper com- panion. the .allimzzzi News. Association mem- bers also received the Football Letter and a new publication. the Basketball Letter. Con- nie B. Ruggles served as alumni publications' editor. while assistant editor was Judi Freyer. Again this year a full program of alumni tours was offered. Increased emphasis, partic- ularly in Oklahoma, was placed on building the alumni club structure, while staff mem- bers also worked at developing new programs directed toward the growing group of alumni under 31. A program was begun to attract the interest of students to the association be- fore graduation. Ronald McDaniel, 1960 graduate from Tul- sa, replaced R. Boyd Gunning as executive di- I'CCtOI'. 32 , I . Q.- lb 'Wx gf, if fs- K... 84 In 'he tall the alumni council members received a :'.14l:tllul1rlhr4:llgh the newly acquired house 'i l:":i'.ersiIj.'s president, ,-'xli.n.:,, a class reunion and luncheon tar 'fi 71"Tfl fifty years ago and earlier as 4 n f ima activities. C ME Oklahoma Alumni Association ollicers are Ron Melbaniel, executive secrets, Ruggles, alumni publications editor. ,, . K V. ., , li . t rig, 'e,.5?ti'?QALn..5, I guif ,auf up ' Lf' f yt. X 1 I l nal., , N: 11,1 "Mina X -1 1 xg ""N-wana-h Alumni sponsored "Under the Big Red Top" lunch at homecoming along with booths and other entertainment for present and past students. tyg 'vlmy lint Hlufnl. '-'mrflir,a'f,f ut y:,.:1Q tr il 1 1 it if '1'.f.'I li Dollarhide, assistant executive secretaryg .ludi Freyer, assistant editor of alumni ptthlientifm'-,3 filly lift,-1. fl :Jew I. , ,f 4 vis 1 . ' N l' 4 J' 1 , i, . f , , A u J., ' . -5- fy .9 asv ada ' ' 1 -:.--..-.: ? , xy v- . I ' ,xx 1 A , 1,1 ,' ff 1 . J Guy H. Brown. ixfcutixe secretary. :?f..1+ Sam Cerny. alumni .association preside Advanced Studies 'Tu'--5--4 Dr. L. P. Martin. executive director of the Advanced Programs dismisses new class locations with Dr. Alexander Kondonassis chairman of the department of economics. and Dr. Walter F Schetier. director of the Advanced Program in Public Adminis- tration. 5 F141 .2ff'ifl3'f'f- fm 7 A ., ..,1z. 5 . ., .Q - JE! .,, A t i R F 0 ? R C E 7 1 ,,.. ' ' ff'-12" Il 1 Offers Degrees The Office of Advanced Studies, as part of School and Community Services, offered ad- vanced programs of 32-hour, no-thesis study leading to the master's degree in economics or public administration. Courses were conduct- ed through intensive seminars. Books and lesson materials were mailed out before each seminar, and the student began his work inde- pendently. One week was spent in the class- room. Classes Monday through Friday for six hours a day enabled the advanced pro- grams student to spend as much time in the classroom as he would for a two-hour course on the main campus. Independent study and research were em- phasized in the program. In addition, the classes were offered at many locations, enab- ling the student to complete the majority of his graduate study close to his work and fam- ily. The Oflice of Advanced Studies also con- ducted training sessions for agencies such as the Soil Conservation Service, the US Naval Weapons Laboratory, and the National Aero- nautics and Space Administration. ha t . - I' '.E!E2f'W""'l. -- i '-F'-ei.. we-a rfrrfrczfi ll!! Adm- . I' f J-.,ir. classes arc taught each term at the headquarters of the Strategic Air Command near Omaha, Nebraska. K u---- J' 0 N . 'so at N. YK Q Q: X Q ,xt A r" M Personnel of the Office of Advanced Studies begin processing of the spring Dr. Edwin Mumma. professor of management. schedule for a mailing list of over 8,000. conducts an Advanced Program class at the Ulla- homa Center for Continuing Education. Norman A group of educators representing seven US universities met mand. Representing OL' was Mr. Charles McDaniel iseated recently at US Air Forces in Europe headquarters, Wiesbaden. far rightl Advanced Programs European Cogfdimtoyb West Germany, to discuss graduate studies within the com- Nl. I-. "Nlil.e'i l'ov.ers. director of Business and Industrial Services. lectures at management and development seminar. William Hartman explaining various safety procedures at Ac- cident Prevention Short Course, one of the many programs offered by the Business and Industrial Services. Extension Division Supports Business The basic purpose of Business and Industri- al Services is to find effective, appropriate ways to bring the knowledge resources of the University of Oklahoma to bear on the prob- lems of the business and industrial community and to provide appropriate education and training to the members of that community who need and desire it. After being informally organized in 1952, Business and Industrial Services became a for- mal budget organization on July 1, 1953, with M. L. "Miken Powers as director. During that year approximately 1,830 people were on campus involved in 25 different courses in continuing adult education. Sixteen years later, in 1969, there were 8,750 people who received instruction in 221 seminars and short courses. Programs are now being offered in the fol- lowing areas: management and executive de- velopment, supervisory functions and safety, petroleum engineering, other engineering, leg- al, industrial development, vocational rehabili- tation management, and women in business. A teacher-aide pushes a boy on the swing while she keeps an eye on some busy Head Starters at an Oklahoma Head Start Center. She is one of the many who have participated in training conducted by the Regional Training Office. Child Development Houses Head Start Cfhild Development Programs houses the Head Start Regional Training Office. one of the most mobile units of the lzxtension Dixi- sion. Head Start first awarded a grant for the establishment of the Oklahoma RTO in 1965. The primary responsibility of its staff is to pro- vide training, technical assistance. and -up portive services to Oklahoma Head Start pro- grams. lts goal is to strengthen the compon- ents of Head Start and improte the quality of programs for children. their families. and communities. The Regional Training Office conducts pre- service and in-service training for Head Start staffs. Special emphasis is placed on increas- ing parent involvement and participation in the local centers. The RTO also recruits Head Start staff members to attend specialized train- ing in Oklahoma and other states. frequently giving them college credit in courses related to early childhood education and other Head Start component areas. Attorneys attend a special seminar session scheduled in the forum building ot the OCCE. Research Institute 'Q' Linda Hare photographs a mineral specimen with the geology departments JSM-2 scanning electron microscope. Olfs AGN-21 I nucl I .i ings into action as control rods are adjusted. Directs Projects Over 566,000,000 in contracts involving ap- proximately 160 projects were administered by the Research Institute this year. Graduate research assistants and other stu- dents frequently learned about the latest sci- entinc advancements before the rest of the scientific community through the professors who were research project directors. The institute was begun as a non-profit cor- poration to administer OU research projects under contract or grant. Under the direction of Dr. Edward L. Katzenbach, vice-president for research and public service, the institute also assisted the university staff and faculty in the preparation of proposals and contract ne- gotiations and provided services such as ac- counting, purchasing, graphic arts, reproduc- tion, and photography. Sponsors of projects included the National Science Foundation, Housing and Urban De- velopment of the Interior, National Aeronaut- ics and Space Administration, Atomic Energy Commission, and Department of Defense. Tom Anessi, PhD candidate in civil engineering, tests the un- confined compression strength of a shale sample. .6 Dr. John ff. Hurt, pmlesxfu ul elrerna .' '-Qi lslry, studies a silica gel in the elrerriizlrl. 1. laboratory as part ul his research pmy:'-' on pylinntllne phorrilryclmle'-,, r. lzdward lx lillck. professor ul zicrmpsr,-5 and :ru engineering, perliorrns a preflesv in-.pecriffri of the mls' Mark Ill low-speed hetsmlsrry layer wind tunnel ,l ,gf : 3 N5 Dr. R. B. Payne, assistant professor of Zoology. uses a graphic Dr. Charles C. Carpenter. professor of zoology. makes extensiwe print-out of a tape recording of bird songs in trying to deter- use of motion pictures in his studies of the behavior of Igusrid mine the relationship between various species of birds. and Agamid lizards. 5 P N r f 92 Beauties SL Personalities I 0 . .v 4 -'Q 77" "'. xxk .2- 2. rg' I I F Q! i ll! 6 ' ms" 4 Tivqyy Ofgubbla 5i35bb129 C5675 AJ f-' lf 311100 65371717 Delta Gamma Q f: if ,. J! 7901419 dgurphy -1 Nl .IVV 1 , Ji an JI Flare? Alpha Kappa Alpha N' OSQIQIQI1 Q +- wh! .1 141 'mf a ,I .V 44" AW Qqzbfr H?-36777 0375955 NL-3 1-4 C9111 inks Qiue Qhlen G Herrick House Kappa Kappa ammo B. '1- s 02314213 Liffbiifl CQTIYDIYE gkdafzhzfa Delia Si mo Theta 9 Muldrow 9-12 Ch O House 65451 Delia Tau 1 . 4: .1 4' ' 1, 1' V T V , Olfknvha eipevzha Cleo Cross OSQIWIZHI Eowry . Ehylbf Olggxweff Davis House Qfrvowr 6356119 59775 6515 Gfirncy QSMWI ' Forbes House E12 OSEQGEWQ OREZQW LBQQQF6' Andy ' Alpha Gamma Delta Couch Center Alpha Abba Qfplzzicf Epsilon Phi OTHLTII Gffzflf K3'01.'Wfv ., Lf A arg: 869 Parisi' .-5xCKERNl.-KN Chi Omega S,-xR.-xH BAKER Pi Beta Phi JLADY BARNES Gamma Phi Beta Suzi BRNRAR Delta Gamma low BissoNNfJi'i'E Chi Omega Biev Bi..xiR Kappa Delta Axim BR.-XIJPORIJ Alpha Gamma Delta Kiwi, BYRNIQ Delta Delta Delta MARIAN C.Ai,imfm,i- Kappa Kappa Gamma An addition to Howdy Week, Pi Beta Phi Ann Regier models a textured beige dress on the patio of President Hollomon's house. 2 in's' V st Ax- fn,-n.i.i.i Delta Delta Delta fyxiiiv ffufiiwif Pi Beta Phi Sui, lJ,'XNNAflll.P Alpha Chi Omega Jo ANN l'I'.NlJI.I.R Sigma Dclta Tau J,xNicii1 HNA Chi Omega B,xRaAR,x Fi,t1isc5Hx1 ,iN Kappa Delta FONDA FOSSETT Kappa Kappa Gamma BETH FREEDMAN Alpha Epsilon Phi BECKY GABLE Kappa Kappa Gamma SUE GALLAGHER Chi Gmega LINDY GANS Delta Gamma DEBI GULLOT Alpha Chi Omega JANET HARDY Kappa Alpha Theta Cum' H.-XRNED Kappa Alpha Theta RENAI I-I1GG1Ns Gamma Phi Beta 3 .r ' SHARON HILL Alpha Phi Jtm J.aCxsoN Alpha Phi ClNDY JOHNSON Pi Beta Phi ANN JONES Kappa Alpha Theta K-xRiN KQNGS Alpha Chi Omega jf'-.NIE LLTSON Alpha Chi Omega .lu-iN Ni,-XRKHAN1 Sigma Delta Tau CAROL M,xR'riN Delta Delta Delta SUE VICCONNPLL Gamma Phi Beta Beauties come and beauties go yet eafch fall the South Oval bursts with such beau- ties as Kings Ransom chrysarithemums. ,f 'Q' , ix 'S 'I I ffnxnii, ,'vlf,f.IfI.If,III Kappa IJ-glta Jklfr' NUHH Kappa Della liuI,NIi.A f'Vl,l,Il Kappa Kappa fianirria l,I,NI.II-, RAsitIN Alpha Epsilon Phi C-IImI,w'N Ru-,II Kappa Kappa Gamma LINNI'-. Rpm' Alpha Chi Omega JAN SIAI5 Delta Gamma PAAI STONE Pi Beta Phi ELEANOR TREYOR Alpha Phi VIRGINIA VANCE Kappa Alpha Theta SUE XY,-'KDE Delta Gamma KAREN XYARBIA Alpha Gamma Delta DANA YYILSON Delta Delta Delta .-XLID.-A ZWANN Delta Gamma Ci7Jl7Hf5 Gffolvqgar APO S th 1 CNZr11zg1 3'11g'vlff?ff K:55a.:Z!5"2ULie:Q 6177427 QCQJHJ' Qynfif C-tifhlfjvlf Delta Gamma Miss OU x 'K z5f1?QX 1 , fx' ' ' fl li ff, wg ff E 1 4 'asv .' ff 1 1 "f'if?2 xf lj, ., K 'iff 1 ,113 I I , - OSQIYIH 09421111111 Delfa Delta Delta Ruf Nek Queen S, ffl N ss 3:51 'ff uf' ig ' if OU's entry into Glamour magazines Top Ten College Girls: Omega. OU's Top College Girl: and Pam Yennerberg, R Susan Bussey, Pi Beta Phi, first runner-up: Tangy Hough, Chi Kappa Gamma. second runner-up. N fi "N 1 , s 1 tl it K if A .. .2 ITU MEN of DISTINCTION were Carl Edwards, Larry Huffman. Wayne Gary, Jim Sharrock and Bruce Stensrud. 1970 Men of Distinction Chosen This years contest was changed from Man of Distinction to Men of Distinction due to the outstanding qualities of all the men inter- viewed. Applicaions were open to all senior men with a minimum grade point average of 2.5 and to those junior men planning to graduate early, with the same grade point requirement. The hnal selections were based on preliminary and final interviews as well as on information given on the applications. Each of the Men of Distinction were excep- tional in their own field of endeavor and had contributed to the University of Oklahoma in a unique way. The SOONER Yearbook takes great pride in honoring these five men for the distinction they have achieved. 1-iiifr... civarry wQs..i W ,, ,N 53211 Qffhafzzfak Ohgruaa Cifanfrzfff 6201 Q2-LHlI14?Ilffs' sigma Alpha epsilon , .,.,,.,-M-v""' ft f . QVQMW 521131 siilfal-B, 5 I Yearboo PAXI' LVXRR: 3.8. History. Pg-QI. Resident -Xdxisor. :Xt- tornsy Gcneril. Student Lob- by for Higher Education. HXIUC. Presidents Honor Roi. Onucron Delta Kappa. GINGER RIDGEXNQ-XY: 3.9. llistory. Kappa Kappa Gam- r1i.a President. Tassels. Mortar Bond. Angel Flight. BWOC. Nice-President ot' Panhellenic. XX lids XYHO. ..,'j"'f' ' mul --.Q .X 'Z' .af .al Honors 29 Personalities , X 5' ur we .,,g JS 1'! x 'i X. .13 A 04" I t '. I- ' ., 4' ' b' 4. ' K i . .4 I. Y' -'L 4 12.42 BARISAR.-X K. ARENTZ: 3.5. Social Studies Educa- tion. Nlortar Board. Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Gamma. Whos Who. BWOC. Tassels. Angel Flight, Kappa Kappa Gamma. CWCC President. psf... J, R by A .ff 4 1. Q if , 9 in ix., ge-5 f Xi 'Cf C Q 5' 0:2- 4' sl P' C LOGAN BROWN: 2.9, Journalism, PLC, Beta Theta Pi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Student Director of Dr. Hollomon's Inauguration, BMOC, Union Activities Council, Who's Who. ROCHELLE RUDD: 3.3, History, Mortar Board, Pi Beta Phi President, Alpha Lambda Delta, Top Ten Freshman Woman, Who's Who, Tassels, BWOC, University Scholar, Glenn C. Couch Scholar. PA'l Beta Day, ITl2lI'l BARNES: 3.9, Pre-.Vled. Pe-et. Plff l're.idgr.' Theta Pi, Phi lata Sigma. Vice-f,hairrnan Nlurn. Umicron Delta Kappa. Bfvlflff 'lop 'len lrgi. Man, Whfy's Whfi. 41 .-Q if' Kiwis! V . ,. .., . M -uf a ST. TFP' tt' it .EZ 8 if If, F ...MN-Ls tr- ' g.. . 2:1 3 hi, 2 Q- . re- Y? f v itil F lst 4 I. it iff f -l CAROL BISHOP: 3.3. Sta- tistics. Math. Accounting. An- gel Flight. President of Wo- men's Presidents' Council. Who's Who. CWCC. Out- standing Independent. Resi- dent Advisor. BWOC. John Roberts Award of Excellence. Tassels. STEVE GL.-XSSER: 2.8. Ac- counting. Gamma Gamma. PLC. Omicron Delta Kappa. Beta Theta Pi President. l9'O SOONER Yearbook Assistant Editor. Student Publications Board. RALPH GUILD: 3.-1. Bio-Medical Engineering. NANCY STEIN BESLY: 3.9, Speech and Hearing Omicron Delta Kappa. University Scholar. Union Ac- Top Ten Freshman Woman, Sigma Alpha Eta MUN rixities Board. Glenn C. Couch Scholar. MUN. Resi- Alpha Lambda Delta, Assistant Counselor Outstand dent .-Xdxisor. Outstanding Independent. BMOC. ing Independent. Pi Omega. W f. it . iQ A.. I' i I x ' ' ' 'I' SLQ13' i- ' .. ' . 3 K' SUSIE WILL: 2.9. English, Nlortar Board. Angel Flight Commander. Tassels. Whois Who. Outstanding Independ- ent. Campus Chest Executive Council. BRUCE STENSRUD: 3.9, Finance. Outstanding Senior in the College of Business Ad- ministration. Pc-et Secretary, Omieron Delta Kappa Vice- President. Gamma Gamma. 'lop Ten Freshman Man Xhhtiis Who. Varsity Football Basehall. Student Congress. 1 1 EIULIIQE I MEDITATION 'tj V11 MARCH 5-6 -7 ,,tarL1iG.f Sigma Xl SocIe'Y stniuc WUC'-3 Senior Leaders Contribute to 0 .HM SHARRUCQK1 75.1. Inf,- nomics. Pc-ct. Winds Vvhfi, BNIUG Dads' Dag. Outstand- ing Senior fvlan. Gamma Gamma. Beta 'lhcta Pi. Nlflll. Omicron Delta Kappa Presi- dent. PAM lf.-XIQISIUN: 2.9. Delta Gamma President. Niortar Board. ISWOC Gamma Gam- ma. Whos Who. Conference on Religion. i I MELANIE SHEARER: 3.6, History, Angel Flight, Tassels Historian, Alpha Lambda Delta, Outstanding Independent, Conference on Religion Executive Sec- retary, Dads' Day Treasurer, Assistant Counselor. i I EMERY DILLING: 3.3. Zoology. Beta Theta Pi. Omicron Delta Kappa. Senior Class Vice-President. i Who's Who. Director of Miss OL' Pageant. Pe-et. p BMOC. 1969 SOONER Yearbook Assistant Editor. I I2I Students Recognized for Service Xll -XX REUXYX: 3.8. Psy- chology. Sociology. Outstand- :ng Liiixoisity Scholar. Glenn C Couch Scholar. Resident Xtiiixor. PLC. XX'ho's Who. J 4 ' wi-i-'tt :fel :J A Q-i I Pl 11 if 1 WAYNE Ci X R Y VJ. Ifinancc, Marketing, Gamma Who's Who, Sigma Nu, University Constitution Draft- Gamma. Omitff . llfgltzi Kappa. IFC President, PLC, ing Committee, BMOC. kann 'Q ww Y A - 'i . O.. I a ' '+ . , .Q , 1 ' D ,, I. A " ,,, 'fri U 4 9 , Ac Q ' I L A 23 8 s Y . x ' X SUZIE GILBERT: 3.0, Math Education, Kappa KURT l'RA5-"lf: 3.7. l'2.1,chologl,, I'-5-er, fJrn.'-ru:i Kappa Gamma, Mortar Board Treasurer, TasselS, Delta Kappa, University Scholar. l'l,fQ. lieu: 'lima l'i Alpha Lambda Delta, Panhellenie Viee-President, Glenn Cf. Couch Scholar. 'lop 'len l'V'J'-,liflllifi nm. Gamma Gamma, Who's Who. BMUC, Phi lata Sigma l GAIL GROONI: 3.8. Ger- man. Mortar Board. Tassels Vice-President. Whos Who. PLC. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Resident Advisor. Lew Wentz Scholarship. BWOC. Confer- ence on Religion Treasurer. ROB STITES: 3.3. Political Science. Spanish. Omicron Delta Kappa. Gamma Gam- ma. Union Activities Board. Phi Eta Sigma. Delta Kappa Epsilon President. Pe-et. Greek Week Chairman. BNIOC. Whos Who. BECRY RHODES: 3.3. Fashion .-Xrts. Mortar Board Yicc-Prcsidcrit. Gamma Gamma. Who's Who. Tas- ,L-15, CXX CC. MLN. AWS Treasurer. PLC. Howdy tu.-t rt.-alrite smt-my. CARL EDWARDS: 3.5, Economics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon President. Pe-et, Omicron Delta Kappa, Top Ten Freshman Man. Phi Eta Sigma, Athletic Council, Student Congress Chairman, Who's Who, Gamma Gamma. J.-XNICE CHERRY: 3.5, Journalism. Mortar Board President. Top Ten Freshman Woman. Whois Who. BWOC, Outstanding Independent. Al- pha Lambda Delta. Pipers President. Tassels. Public Re- lations Student Society of -Xmerica. Qj .5 N s.N,Xl' , Al W. . tu-i. ru- XX . STEVE EDWARDS: 3.4, Math, Pe-et President. Beta Theta Pi President, Who's Who. 'lop 'len Freshman Man, Gamma Gamma President. Urnieron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Pop Series Chairman. - -----f--'--t sb..- ..-.......: 0 . Mui .... , '-, Wil 'yu -1 Q,---1 1 ' . ' . .4 . . - w ....e.-f.,,,. . - ' lf- .Q -v-- 'M Cai' 1- 5 W, su-v Qrp- 1' - - : if V , ' ' if tl ' . J ' -s.,-, ' I g I my 7 ,--ails-i . if ,. .N.,,.3 I 9 , a , 5 .. iffy f Moen.:-3 x alfa sf- F11 .D-'wi-Fx, , sv '- 'fr is 'si . , 1 . 5 -'wJ i ., 3 ' .3-nu 4'-"""' W Q.. V 'A K . . ggi' is CAROLYN YORK: 3.0. Laboratory Technology. Gam- ,- ma Gamma. Whos Who. PLC. MUN. Alpha Lambda Delta. Tassels. Alpha Gamma Delta. Campus Chest Treasur- er. Senior Class Treasurer. GARY BAKER: 3.8. Politi- l cal Science. Omicron Delta Kappa. Conference on Reli- gion. MUN. Advisory Council to Vice-President of Academic Affairs. Resident Advisor. Stu- dent Congress. .P e' V fy z 5 82 wa -,Y -w 3+ 'gif .li lwffgdgf, W ,I Sports -WW x .N P F?-,' 1 L.. .. I ' .M L Q 5 xii Q 1 -N ,,-1 .HC ' , may ,. 1155314- I I Il' U BQ? l28 We compete - specflalor and player - cheering, booing, throwing ourselves into the huddlcf, empathetically and sympathetically involved 6 fhgbtl . inf.. 4 : 'R bfw. --'wda 'Q , ,1 1 ut. u it v- , ,V -. . 4 .V 'fy 1. ri 'Vt I 'L uf ,gg B H. 1 'gi f -1 mf -9 1-X vi if if-ix A45 'Iii r F: at. N x X Q W Y Q , w xx K . Q ,, A ' , W """f A M, , A V ' - Q4 h an , A5 1""' " ,, x, Y '55 S La in, X, x K , A sl , ,Q A 4 " Y ' -'-'- I ' A N ,J A A sif' ,vfly ' . ' F9 if V9 4 193 M 4V ' .1 ,4 'Ks J? , I ".Cf'k . . . 1 it 'ij .M , ' f"U ff' lnlcrinfx Uv-cn SimJi-:,. r. Jafar.. fore 21 big ffif,rh:ifl gain: :arc ' " Ruf-Nclns Hill Nliflcr :intl X Shcrcr rc :ned 'fi f'f'r' ... V K lp. iff? N 'f'-5 school spirit. Y ' f 4 J' V r'f'v'f" .ff . A , -wif, ' lyk f .rug . f f wr. f.. -. A-H M me .. M - ' M. g - ' - 4, ' 'T' ' . fwIla'E!1f,5tiz4m4"fi--fft.ff2s'1 t'J'E.'4i fe' f Sam w ,g5,. Pep Squad Ups Funds with Shades In a traditional bet with the Texas U Pep Club, the Silverspurs, it was again the Ruf Nek president that had to shave his head as OU lost to Texas in football for the third straight year. Guided by president Hank Hel- ton, the all male pep squad made money by selling Big Red eyeshades at the football BOTTOM ROW: Sam Barrett, Gary Crews, John Hanley, Steve Young, Al Sherer, Nathan Mitchell, Dennis Mechem, Rick Log- an, Ed King, David Haskett, Harry Burke. SECOND ROW: games. With the money acquired from these sales, the group was able to attend every away football contest except the Wisconsin game. Driven by a Ruf Nek, the Sooner Schooner was seen once more circling the goal posts after each Oklahoma touchdown or held goal drawn by ponies, Boomer and Sooner. Hank Helton, James DeLuca, Chuck Slater, Jerry .-krnspzichef. Greg Gaston, Bob Skorupsky, Sparky Powell. .left .-Xrnoldi. Risk Cotton, Don Nelson, Phil Petta, Jim Jacobi. I f e HOTTONI ROW: Harry Brown. Gary Chrisman, Joe Killings- -wrth. larry NlacDufT, Forb Phillips, Mike Grant. SECOND ROXN: Bill Eltktrom, Ken Mendenhall. Steve Zabel, Joe Pearce, ,lzzn l-iles, Dennis Brand. THIRD ROW: Garfield Heard, Mickey Ripley, Steve Ayers, Mike Harper, Bill Luttrell, Steve Casteel, Donnie Parrish. FOURTH ROW: Rick Baldridge, Scott Har- rington, Doug Folger, Steve Owens, Bruce Stensrud, Johnny Barr, John Watson. Lettermen Hold Dance in Spring Emphasizing academic excellence and unity among athletes. this years Varsity "On Club was led by president Rick Baldridge. An or- ganization strictly for Sooner lettermen, the Club encouraged all athletes to join by holding a Valentines Dance in the spring and offering an Oklahoma University lettermenis ring to all graduating seniors of the club. The color television and the pool facilities in the HOI lONf ROW: Paul Cloar, Dennis Ranzau, Steve Tarlton, Jack Int-irner, Dennis Corner. SECOND ROW: Bob Patterson, Fred Nfalone. Kirk Smith, Marty McGehce, Butch Clifton, Ronnie Hall. IHIRIJ ROW: Terry Snow, Pete Crone, Larry Peters, Craig I 4 l 4 HO" Club lounge provided the members with a chance of getting together at other times than just group meetings. Assistant athletic director Port Robertson, who is also in charge of keeping the players' grades in good stand- ing, was the sponsor. Other officers included vice-president Dennis Brand and social chair- man Scott Harrington. Wise, Jeff Greene, Jerry Sims, Rick Hetherington. FOURTH ROW: Chris Leydorf, Jim Troiano, Bruce Hafner, Robert Hall, Barry McKinnis, Larry Laush, Rick Carr. lnnjoying :1 gmnc of pool lfl vhf: "ffl lub lounge is club prczlfltrll Rick linldridgc. For thc time Rick pura '-,pon-. 21-.lflj and ow. ' while hc studies for un upuormng ru-,r Rick Baldridge looks 1 l lf 1 portrait of a former OL' .o inthe "O"Clublo1:nge. 4 1 .. .Ci xy .3 it s xxx if .1 i I . Gmini T. Joxrs. Athletic Director CHUCK FAIRBANKS, Head Football Coach C 'IR ' Athl t' Pl" Though not well known by OU students, the Council. Athletic Council plays an important role in the The Council also looks over the awarding Sooner Athletic Program. Headed by Dr. Wil- of letters and approves the sports schedule for liam Eick. the Council must set policies re- next year. Too, the athletic budget is care- garding sports that have to be approved by fully reviewed and salary increases are granted President Hollomon. All coaches applying for or denied. jobs on the Sooner staff are interviewed by the ATHl,ETlC' COUNCIL-BO'lTOM ROW: Gomer T. Jones, William F. Eick, David Burr. SECOND ROW: David Swank, Roy Cart- wright. Ken Parris, Rodney Boyes. X 5 l J , Z IQ? 'wal vi' X . ,, , . , . 5,3 ,, 'J 704 . , X. J J li' an Q -' ' , , U 2 . 121:25 H .- glg QM in Q 2 r " , Iggy H . -11 A . i. I g:'5 5'32f12'x. 6 L 'V'-f Qian ' - fifffeIi?f'gf5':E?15?z '15.'if:'fg'5' ' . ATHLETIC STAFF-TOP ROW: Ray Thurmond, Golf Coachg ROW: Jay Markley, Swimming Coach: John MacLeod. Bas!-geieall Enos Semore, Baseball Coachg Port Robertson, Academic Coun- Coachg Gary Lower, Cross Country Coach: John Keith, Sports selorp Russell Porterfield, Gymnastics Coachg Ken Farris, Associ- Information Directorg Jerry Keen, Tennis Coach: Tomm, Euan-. ate Director of Athleticsg J. D. Martin, Track Coach. BOTTOM Wrestling Coach. Coaches Rall Sooner Athletes FOOTBALL C O ACH I N G STAFF - BOTTOM ROW: Galen Hall. Bill Gray. P11 James. Chuck Fairbanks. Wx- ren Harper. Bill Michaels. Barry Switzer. SECOND ROW: Gene Hochevar, Don Jimerson. Leon Cross. Don Royce. Lxry Lace- well. Jerry Pezzibone. ' 9 Inexperience Shows Against Conference Picked in most pre-season polls as the team to heat in the Big Eight. the Sooners showed signs of greatness against Texas but collapsed against conference foes to wind up with a 6-4 record. ln his third year as head football coach. Chuck Fairbanks started mostly sopho- mores and juniors. which seemed to hamper the team's play against more experienced squads. Tailback Steve Owens grabbed the spotlight as he was selected the recipient of the 1969 Heisman Trophy. representing the outstanding collegiate football player. Led by the line running of Owens. the Sooners finished the season by beating arch-rival Oklahoma State. 28-27 at Stillwater. FOOTBALL RECORD: Oklahoma 48, Wisconsin 2lg Oklahoma 37, Piffsburgh 8: Oklahoma I7, Texas 273 Oklahoma 42, Colorado 30: Oklahoma 2I, Kansas State 59: Oklahoma 37, Iowa State I4: Oklahoma IO, Missouri 44: Oklahoma 3l, Kansas IS: Oklahoma I4, Nebraska 443 Oklahoma 28, Oklahoma State 273 Won 6. Los+ 4. BOTTOM ROW: Gene Hochevar, Don Boyce, Jerry Pettibone, Jack Mildren, Mike Jones, Steve Shotts, Mickey Ripley, Bruce Stensrud, Steve O'Shaughnessey, Geoffrey Nordgren, Bruce Derr, Glenn King. SECOND ROW: Barry Switzer, Pat James, Galen Hall, Bill Michael, Roy Bell, Steve Owens, Gary Jamar, Forb Phillips, Mike Smith, Mike Harper, Joe Pearce, Coach Chuck Fairbanks, Rick Baldridge. THIRD ROW: Jeep Dewberry, Bob l The Oklahoma-Texas battle was seen on national television. Klitzman, Rick Mason, Don Kelin, Mike Hawpe, Ron Frisk, Frank Creamer, Bill Elfstrom, Steve Tarlton. FOURTH ROW: Lindell Shoemake, Nelson Todd, Lindy Pearson, Darryl Em- mert, Jack Porter, Kevin Grady, John Watson, Alger Flood, Tom Dougherty. FIFTH ROW: Bruce DeLoney, David Steele, David Geren, Jerry Sims, Larry McDuff, Phil Jordan. .QL A OU'S STARTING l,lNli-Ul'-!liOl' ROW: Steve Aycock, Roy Bell, Steve Casteel, l.ioncll Day, liruee lJel.oney, Bruce Derr, Jeep Dewberry, Bill Elfstrom. SECOND ROW: Darryl lzrnrnerl, Jim Files, Kevin Gracly, Mike llarpcr, Rick lletheringlon, Momy Johnson, Joe Killingsworlh, Glenn King. 'llllRlJ ROW: Vince I -3 - fi , Yfsfy' '73 G' My will, .4---Q ,qwfflilf ..,r-"Cf i-0 1 ' N A' W " + ' 15 'i '7 f5 L QF FRONT ROW: Max Dayton, Everett Marshall, Monty Johnson, Jerry Hetherington, Jim Gilmore, Charles Hoffart, Gene Barnes, Rick Hetherington, David Dillingham, Larry Lacewell, Trainer Ken Rawlinson, Don Jimerson. SECOND ROW: Steve Aycock, Steve Casteel, Lynn Hughes, Gary Chrisman, Danny Noles, Gary Swanson, Ken Mendenhall, Edd McGehee, Vince LaRosa, Warren Harper, Billy Gray, Leon Cross. THIRD ROW: Mike Mullen, aqua A l.:xl41i'.Ii, l.2iI!,f 'v'lZ1',llull, l,,':r':l' 'flizf l'i'1'. '11 Vlilrlrfzri, fifzullrfzy Nurflzfrfrri, '5Y':'.'- fnwr., Jw- l'1-1' 1 1 ' ROW Jael' l'f,rl"r, Aluerv fflfiii., luis, lllfl, .fall 'l'1'l'l, llflill V1 li'.',ll, lx "Hi .eww . , ., ml. ll. it Sv ' 40 was K Q If . A., .d ...- J 94 - f -'Z' Bob Berry, Marco DeGiusti, Jack Shelton. Lionel? D:-. RQFST' Jensen, Joe Kusiak. Earl Peterson. FOURTH ROW: Sieie Sgr:- ton, John Shelley. Albert Qualls. Steve Zabel. Joe lifllfngs '.1. Qrtr. Jim Files, Fred Malone, John Gorman, Johnny Barr. BACK ROW: Randy Davis, Charles Nenton, Ron Sissy Carl XleEQ7:Q- Ken Jones, John Nicholson. ll rl l i E I 3 I 2 1 1 ie 9 I fa. 1-3 .vrx I I 41 Y nl'l ,,,+"Ws. Barreling over right tackle is tailback Steve Owens. Mildren, Owens Shine in Openers Opening the 1969 season with a new offensive formation called the 'GDiamond-Tn, the Sooners crushed Wisconsin, 48-21, and swept by Pitts- burg. 37-8. Starting six sophomores on the artificial turf at Wisconsin, Ok1ahoma's victory was directed by sophomore Jack Mildren, whose first collegiate pass was a 67 yard touchdown to Joe Killings- worth. While breaking the NCAA record of gain- ing 100 yards or more rushing in ten consecutive games, powerful tailback Steve Owens ran for 189 yards and four touchdowns. In blistering 92 degree heat, a home opening crowd of 59,000 saw the Sooners build up a 37 point lead in three quarters. The running of Steve Owens and a powerful gang tackling defense kept Oklahoma on top throughout the game. Under a fierce pass rush, sophomore quarterback Jack Mildren gets set to throw. QI: L! Q1 T 'ua' .L Defensive end Albert Qualls and defensive back Glenn King wrap up a Texas runner. Texas' Air ttack Subdues O Before 72,002 fans and a national television audience, Oklahoma ran over the powerful Texas Longhorns for a 14-0 first quarter lead. but faded in the second half to drop their first game, 27-17. With Steve Owens ripping con- tinuously through the Longhorn line and Roy Bell sweeping around the Hanks, the Sooners were able to grab a quick lead. Texas power- ful rushing attack was stymied most of the game by the Big Red defense but went to the air and slowly pulled away from the Sooners with three long bombs. Tied 1-1-14 at the half. the two teams traded field goals before costly mistakes started haunting Oklahoma. With a little. over six minutes left in the game and the score in Texas' favor. 20-17. the Sooners fumbled a Longhorn punt at their own 39 and Texas drove in from there for the tinal score. 'Q .v . slings V li 'P in 0-I .fm i -awmnkni' P5 Cl' A ff sv' ' 'rl ii 500 -. 'Q' -'Zi 3 'J I ',-m. " 1 ..4. E Gripping the ball tightly, quarterback Mildren tries to scramble. Looking desperately for an opening in the line is fullback Mike Harper. K-State Totters Big Red Defense A stunned Sooner football team. plagued by crippling injuries and numerous mistakes. was plundered by Kansas State. 59-21. Throwing an occasional bomb and fumbling punts was about all Oklahoma could do against the tough Wildcat defense. The 59 points rolled up by Kansas State was 38 more than the Wildcats had ever scored against an OL' team and 12 more than the Sooners had ever yielded to any- one. Their basic running game smothered. Oklahoma stayed alive in the iirst half on two long touchdown passes by quarterback Jack Mildren. He threw to split end Joe Killings- worth for a 77 yard score and to Everett Marshall for a 66 yard score. Joe Pearce aid- ed the Sooner defense by blocking a Held goal in the first half. 'W Wu Defensive back Glenn King pops an Iowa State receiver just as he sets his hands on the ball. Owens' 248 Yards Smothers Cyclones Spurred on by tremendous fan support, Okla- homa used a high powered offense to pin a 37- 14 defeat on the Iowa State Cyclones. Tailback Steve Owens put on an outstanding exhibition of running as he rushed for 248 yards in 53 carries, while scoring four touchdowns. Reserve wingback Geoffrey Nordgren also played a superb game as he caught six passes for ll4 yards and a touch- down. and kept the Iowa State defense honest by running for an additional 39 yards. An inspired Oklahoma defense kept the Cyclones from cashing in on the many Sooner mistakes, as linebacker Steve Casteel had nine tackles and nose guard Lionell Day had eight. As a whole, the defense held the potent Cyclone offense to only 72 yards rushing and 147 yards passing. Behind the signal- calling of quarterback Jack Mildren, the Sooners picked up 569 yards in total offense. Big tig 5 I . i. ht end Steve Zabel goes up high for a pass completion ' 2'-ff- ,- ie syn 1- - aff- -if,-ff' 'A M ifefaffif- ff, ., -?'f?3fv"'f9 gf. , -,U 1sf,.:-u'ff,sffti3'f.,-enienf '-fl ' ' 91 in Sophomore wingback Geoffrey Nordgren races around a Missouri linebacker for a first down. Sooners Drop Passes, Game Racing to an early 10-0 lead, the Big Red was unable to keep up with a ferocious Mis- souri offense and fell to their third defeat, 44- 10. Passing was the difference in the game as Oklahoma receivers dropped numerous throws while the Tigers went to the air for 312 yards and three touchdowns. The Sooners installed a new zone pass defense which started out fairly successful but broke down early in the second quarter. Joe Pearce's interception at the Oklahoma 39 yard line set up the Sooners' only touchdown with Steve Owens scoring from the five. A 36 yard field goal by Bruce Derr early in the first half was the Sooners' only other score. Missouri ripped through Ok- lahoma's crippled defense for a lf-10 half- time lead before erupting for three touch- downs in a four minute span of the third quarter. ill "v-- 1 ,,w""' - Blasting through the Kansas line, Steve Owens picks up substantial yardage. OU Comes Back Again blowing an early lead, this time the Sooners came hack in the fourth quarter with two touchdowns to overcome upset-minded Kansas. 31-15. Two interceptions by sopho- more Glenn King in the first quarter vaulted Oklahoma to an early 14-O lead with Steve Owens scoring both touchdowns. But Kansas came right back with two scores of their own to take a 15-I4 lead at the half. The Okla- in Second Half home defense came alive in the second half as nose guard Lionell Day led a Herce pass rush with linebackers Steve Casteel and Steve Aycock bottling up the Jayhawk running at- tack. Owens' 201 yards in 44 carries broke the NCAA three year rushing record, and his three touchdowns set a new national mark of 54 career tallies on the ground. The victory boost- ed Oklahoma's season record to 5-3. Tackle John Watson wraps up the Nebraska fullback as he tries to go up the middle. Leaping above his defenders Johnny Barr snares a Mildren pass. Nebraska Rocks Big Red 44-14 A fired-up Nebraska football team swept through Owen Stadium and left the Sooners on the tail end of a 44-l-1 game. After a four yard Nebraska punt. Jack Mildren raced 18 yards into the end zone on the first play from scrimmage to give Oklahoma their only lead. The Sooners' other touchdown came midway through the fourth period as Mildren passed to sophomore Geoffrey Nordgren on a 16 yard play. Employing a stiff defense which held Steve Owens to just 71 yards rushing and the whole Sooner offense to only 278 yards. the Cornhuskers intercepted three passes and re- covered two Oklahoma fumbles. The loss marked the first time in 16 games that the Sooners had lost in Owen Stadium. Breaking through the OSU interior line, defensive Kevin Grady nails the quarterback for a loss. Oklahoma Betters OSU in Tussle The victory chant of Hpoor aggiesn again echoed across the Oklahoma student section as the Sooners dealt Oklahoma State a narrow 28- 27 defeat. Sooner defensive end Albert Qualls foiled the Cowboys' two point conversion attempt with 1:15 left in the game, as he jarred the ball loose from the OSU quarterback. Running in his usual fashion. Steve Owens ravaged the Cowpoke defensive line for 261 yards and two touchdowns. Ouarterback Jack Mildren led a balanced attack of assorted plays as he threw a 51 yard score to Joe Killingsworth and ran 34 yards for the win- ning touchdown. Two big fourth quarter defen- sive plays by Oklahoma close to their own goal line knocked the wind out of the Cowboys, as OSL' ran eight plays from the l2 yard line and still could not score. is-f Attempting to pass with a Cowboy hung on him is Steve Owens. I Q15 i . 0 i in -- vw -f , a , "' 'S Ai'-N05 1415-'SB WM xx ,, i s ,xx at 'ir-M vc Sooners Dump High Ranking Foes The surprising Sooners ripped Abilene Christian in the season opener 83-59. as they out rebounded the Wildcats 52 to 39. Texas Tech edged the Sooners at Texas after OU had tought back from a tive point deficit to tie it up with 59 seconds left. A sparkling defense aided the Big Red in their conquering of Mi- ami of Ohio. 7 l-57. A miraculous second half comeback in the lirst round of the Marshall lnx itational Tournament led the Sooners to an SO-79 victory over Marshall. Scott Martin, sophomore squad. pumped in 25 points. Senior Garlield Heard scored a tournament record of 39 points as the Sooners dumped Xaxier of Ohio. lOl-89. for the championship. BASKETBALL RECORD-Oklahoma 83, Abilene Chrislian 597 Oklahoma lOl, Nevada Souihern 94, Oklahoma 64, Texas Tech 66: Oklahoma lO2, South Alabama 63: Oklahoma 7l, Miami of Ohio 577 Oklahoma 80, Marshall 793 Oklahoma IOI, Xavier of Ohio 895 Oklahoma 85, Arkansas 693 Oklahoma 68, Kansas 64 lOTlg Okla- homa 72, Kansas Slafe 673 Oklahoma 73, Colorado 723 Oklahoma 56. Kansas Sl'a+e 773 Oklahoma 52, Missouri 48: Oklahoma 98, Washinglfon of S+. Louis 603 Oklahoma 78, Colorado lO4g Okla- homa 60, Nebraska 703 Oklahoma 4l, Kansas 785 Oklahoma 62, Oklahoma S+. 57, Oklahoma 47, Missouri 55: Oklahoma 74, Iowa Siaie 68g Oklahoma 84, Colorado 77, Oklahoma 75, Iowa S+. 73: Setting up in a zone defense is reserve Charlie Hardin Oklahoma 66. Nebraska 793 Oklahoma 80, Kansas Sf. 73: Okla- homa 82, Kansas 773 Oklahoma bl, Oklahoma S+. 77, Oklahoma 74, Louisville 733 Oklahoma 94, Louisiana Sl. 975 Won I9 Losi' 9: Four-way lie 'for Third in Big Eight 9,4 'N . ,, if '54, ' 1. .aff 4 I 'aa-on BASKP,TBAl.l, SUIJAD-BO'l'I'OM ROW: Harry Brown, Ran- Kirby Jones, Jerry Matulis, John Yule, Vester Marshall, Clifford dolph Yeas Ayers, Paul Cloar, Garfield Heard, Bobby Jack, Bob Ray, Tom Hampson, Carlie Hardin, Andrew Pettes, Asst. Coach Wooten. Scori Nlariin, Sl-.CONIJ ROW: Coach John MacLeod, Dennis Price, Manager Bobby Ramos. 8 i Gifs I 8 5 .Q 1 , V ff . i , 7 +- 4 '- Z 6 1 f 2 5 I 1 .H Q 1 -1 4 ! i at N. , v-49 ' f-1 S -as at Grabbing an important rebound. John Yule sets up an Oklahoma fast break. Heard Leads OU in Big 8 Tourney Heard was named the most outstanding player of the tournament. In the lirst round. 16th Tabbed as the "Cinderella Sooners", OU knocked off three of the nation's toughest teams as they beat Kansas, Kansas State, and Colorado, to win the Big Eight Pre-Season Tournament. For the first time since 1943, the Sooners came away from the tournament with the championship trophy. Senior Garfield ranked Kansas fell to the Sooners. 68-6-1. in overtime. Kansas State was then overpowered by OU 72-67. The iinals found the Big Red nipping Colorado. 73-72. as they took the lead early and never gave it up. klahoma Fans 6Fill the Fieldhouse' Starting out the Big Eight season in a had way. Oklahoma xx as amhushed hy Kansas State. "-io. at Xlanhattan. Back at home. the Sooners oxereaine horrid lield goal shooting to heat the Nlissouri Tigers. 52--13. in "Fill the Fieldhouse Night." Colorado knocked oft the Sooners 104-78. in Boulder as OU was unable to repeat their Big 8 season tournament feat. ln successive games. Kansas and Neb- raska swept hy the slumping Sooners 78-41 and 'O-oO. Rival Oklahoma State came to the OL' tieldhouse with visions of an upset, but left Norman. the losers of a 62-57 game. Heard and Martin teamed up to rout the Cow- pokes winning four out of their last six regular season games. the Sooners assured themselves of a high tinish in the Big 8 Conference as they heat Iowa State twice. upset Kansas State, 80- 73. and ripped Kansas 82-77. Sophomore center John Yule battles for a rebound. Scrambling for a loose ball is sophomore guard Scott Martin ,I J X46-' f L., zfnr' I 1!f', ll I' I-41.1 Controlling the boards, Bobby Jack and Clifford Ray go up high against Missouri. 'Pistol Pete' Shoots Taking careful aim, sophomore Bobby Jack shoots a free throw. Receiving the trophy as the most outstanding player in the Hgg Eight Tournaments is Garfield Heard, down OU at IT For the first time in Oklahoma University history the Big Red basketball team was ac- cepted to play in the National Invitational Tournament. Garfield Heard ripped the nets for 34 points as the Sooners upset Nlissouri Valley Champion Louisville. 7-1-73 in the first round. The taller Cardinals were also out re- bounded by Oklahoma. -16--13. Center John Yule calmly hit two free throws with seven seconds left to clutch the victorv. Fighting back from an 18 point deficit. the fighting Ok- lahoma Sooners excited a capacity crowd of 19,500 in Madison Square Garden by closing the margin to two with 29 seconds left before finally bowing to LSU. 97-9-l. College player of the year. "Pistol Pete" Maravich scored 37 points in leading the Tigers over the underdog Sooners. U Third in Big Eight Conference The youthful Sooner wrestlers sported four second place tinishers in the Big Eight Tourna- ment at Nlanhattan. Kansas. as the team placed third with 59 points behind victor Iowa State and Oklahoma State. Mike Cachero at l IS. Tom Ahercomhie at llo. Mike Grant at ISO. and lteax'yweight Bill Luttrell all took runner-up spots. Wrestling at 158. Senior Den- nis Brand upset Dave Martin of Iowa State. 3-2. Previous to the tournament Martin had a 2 l-ll dual record and finished second at the Nationals last year. The tournament was dom- inated by the three major teams as Oklahoma, Iowa State. and Oklahoma State were the only schools to place wrestlers in the Hnals. lotzgh conditioning pays off for an OU wrestler as he tries to ontlast his adiersary. Warming up for the next match, senior Mike Grant watches the action on the mat. WRESTLING TEAM-BOTTOM ROW: Dennis Brand, Bill l.ut- trell, Mike Brundage, Charlie Shivers, l.arry Laush, Mike Grant Joe Boone, Tom Abercrombie, Mike Cachcro, Jerry Bagley. SEC: OND ROW: Rodney Randall, Tucker Thompson, David Cathcy, Clarence Weeks, Trent Miller, Howard Mizushima, Don Cathay, Jerry f'ramcr, Run fVlIllJ'sIIlflIL1, 'lcrry Anflfzr-., lan Drag lllllfiu ROW: Bill Slruvc, Ken l'raymr, Ken Manger, 'lf,::. f f,:f,,r. li.. Spccr, Bill licaklcy, John Crow, Paul Alli'-Jiri, laigy H:,ff,, f,1,', Whilcd. 11-6 Record Posted by Gr-applers Shouting encouragement from the side is wrestling coach Tommy Evans. Surprising many fans with their "all-out ef- fortn, 1970 Sooner wrestlers overcame scho- lastic and personal problems to post an ll-6 season record. The Big Red grapplers opened the season with three impressive victories in the Kansas State Tournament. South Dakota State. Air Force. and Kansas State all fell by lop-sided scores. In the Lehigh Invitational Tournament. OU Crowned live individual champs in winning the team trophy with S3 points. Medalists were Tom Abercrombie. Bill Speer. Mike Grant. Larry Laush. and Mike Brundage. WRESTLING RECORD: Oklahoma 3l, Souih Dako+a S+a+e 2 Oklahoma 33, Air Force 23 Oklahoma 38, Kansas Siate O' Onsa- homa 26, Souihern IIIinois 87 Oklahoma 29, Maryland 5: Oklahcrv-a 26, Navy 57 Oklahoma 7, Oklahoma S+a+e 273 Oklahoma ll, Ca - iiornia Poly 273 Oklahoma 30, Missouri 53 Oklahoma IO, Iowa Slate 26: Oklahoma 22, Minnesota I2g Oklahoma 35. UCLA 3' Oklahoma I7, Northwestern I4g Oklahoma b, Michigan S+a+e 28: Oklahoma IO, Oklahoma Stare 263 Oklahoma 26, Washington b' Oklahoma 8, Iowa Stale 233 Third in Big Eight. -sl. ,Q W , . Avia, gffwu , 33, ,s U. A 9 P Tw x ,A Eff, , or K 5f'x:k 9 ..,-.- ,X 5,, x X 4 in A 41 nw - f ,K , ' I' . 1"4l 'Jw ',' A Ziggy 331 WM . ,wg ,. Q .A-1. Z 'Q 'fy Z ww, , . wikis! A ,-I: I We .-X. Iunior Tom Abercrombie is congratulated by his teammates after Working around his man. junior Tom Corbin tries 'o escape, a Sooner victory. Grant Retains NCAA Crown Breaking away from his opponent in the last period is Larry Laush. Behind the superb wrestling of senior Nlike Grant the Sooner grapplers posted a sixth place finish at the 40th NCAA Wrestling Tournament. Repeating last years tourney feat, Grant took the championship title at 150. Reversing his opponent with 30 seconds left. Grant rode out the rest of the match for a 6-1 win. His victory gave OU an NCAA titlist for a record 17th consecutive year. Grant was later named as a participant in the East-West all- star match. Other Big Red wrestlers placing in the tour- nament included 3rd place-Mike Cachero at 118, 5th place-Bill Beakley at 142. and 6th place-Tom Corbin at 177. The Sooners -1-1 team points were only one short of nfth place finisher lowa's -15. T racksters Paced by Cotner, Long Leading the charge of the 1968 outdoor track team was junior Dennis Cotner. as he placed lirst in the -I-10 intermediate hurdles in every Invitational except the Big Eight and the Drake Relays. Disqualilied as he dragged his foot over a hurdle at Drake. Cotner came in First hut was not credited with the victory. This win together with the Texas and Kansas relay victories would have given him the Triple Crown. For the hrst time in four years. the Sooner tracksters were beaten by rival Okla- homa State. but Wayne Long still sped to a hrst place 21.6 timing in the 220. Speedster Wayne Long. in setting two in- door records at Kansas State, hallmarked the 1968-69 Indoor Track team. Besides racing to a 6.0 clocking in the 60 yard dash and a 6.6 timing in the 60 vard low hurdles Lon0 an- , C chored the Sooners 440 relay team. ouroooiz TRACK Recomo-oklahoma sm, oklahoma sim 875'23 Oklahoma 93, Houston 50: INDOOR TRACK RECORD- Oirlahoma 35, Kansas State 853 Oklahoma 8I, Wichita State 40: Third in Big Eight. V T' "" "' NA ---s 11.11 Relaxing after a race, Cline Johnson talks to a Texas rival 1704- s egg? I .,,v4,f.f"g,,. J Lx. -.4 fI"' f 'H' " .vp 5.7. 1' ' 1.1.5 "- .fi--fu ,." ff- f bw' 'ff-'-f:.-.ez .mQi2:f.1'Lf4?77 BOTTOM ROW: Jeff Greene, Marty McGehee, Dennis Mathis, McKinnis, John Musgrove, Jim Gilham, John Butler. THIRD Dennis Comer, Mike Gregory, Bill Inglehart, Bill Blewett, Jasper ROW: George Radcliffe, Kenneth Hardwick, Danny Littrell, Biddy, Cline Johnson. SECOND ROW: Rob Balsters, Ken Wayne Long, Bryce Poolaw, Steve Goad, John DeGravelles, Scoggins, Kevin Vaughan, Butch Clifton, Curtis Hancock, Barry Craig Warne, Craig Wise, Ken Hardwick. ff. ' F' ., ., , f.. 1 . .Lys sl J, lust losing out un :1 bid for vnf: VIr,p.f: - Cmwn was hurdlcr Dennis f 'Nncr .Y 1 sf -P' Standrml sprinrcr Wayne lung l,'J'1Lj',Z'j ' wirc byflklsnhornsa Srz1rc7.lpz1:l Harm, AQ ear. Q-1' '- . Smashing Oklahoma Tong dist- ance records was Funior CIF: Johnson. J f -U 9-ans r-' Y' -r ' . af..-Q-,kw-1 l57 Conditioned Runners Inexperienced Starting the season with only three return- ing lettermen. the Sooner Harriers ran to a l-2 dual meet record and came out on top in the Texas at Arlington and North Texas State tri-meet in Norman. Short on experience but long on etlort. the runners lost to Oklahoma State and Arkansas in close matches and de- feated Southern Methodist at Dallas. Fresh- man Roger Woolery linished high in every meet except the State Federation due to an injury. Junior team captain Craig Wise and treshman Dean Foote also iinished well in all meets. Emphasizing conditioning. the team ran six miles each morning throughout the school year. For coach Gary Lower. who also dou- bles as assistant track mentor. it was his sec- ond year at the reigns of the cross country team. CROSS COUNTRY RECORD-Oklahoma 30, Arkansas 25: Okla- homa 27, Sourhern Methodist 285 Oklahoma I9, North Texas S+a+e 39, Texas ai' Arlingfon 683 Oklahoma 35. Oklahoma Sfale 20. an MW' 5 , Gasping for breath, Deane Foote is followed closely by team- mates Butch Clifton and Craig Wise. BOTTUNT HORN: Ken Tromrner, Deane Foote, Steve Flynn, Roger NNf.ffIf,r,, f urns llaneoek, Bill Callaghan. SECOND ROW: Craig Wise, Butch Clifton, John Musgrove, Coach Gary Lower, Mike Eastin, Marshall Brentmier, Wayne Wallgren. Barrett and Mullms Go Unbeaten Fueled hy the undefeated play of Glen Nlul- lins and Bruce Barrett, the Sooner 'Iierirna team posted a I6-7 season record as their :non their last six dual matches. The brilliant ten match winning streak of freshman Scott Nlar- tin helped lead Oklahoma to its fourth straight Big Eight Tennis crown at the tournament in Ames, Iowa. Glen Mullins and Gerry Perri. captured the No. l doubles title while the No. 2 award went to Martin and Gail Bradshaw Mullins also seized the No. I singles title frorn the defending champ, Cliff Price of OSL. Al- together the Sooners accumulated 21 points Compared with runnerup Colorado's X points. Entering the Rice Invitational Tournament. the Sooners finished in sixth place among an elite Held of competitors. while they placed second in the OCU Invitational. TENNIS RECORD--Oklahoma 7, West Texas St. 0: Oklano-a S North Texas'St. lg Oklahoma 3, Texas Tech 61 Oklahoma 9 A-1- ansas Og Oklahoma 5, Southern Methodist 43 Oklahoma I Tr'-"y 83 Oklahoma 3, Corpus Christi 63 Oklahoma 2, Rice 5- Oklancvz 4, Texas AEM 3: Oklahoma 7, Murray St, 2: Oklahoma 8, W's- consin lg Oklahoma 7, Nebraska 0: Oklahoma 3. Oklahoma CTW .- 67 Oklahoma 4, Southern Illinois 33 Oklahoma 5, Houston 2 Oklahoma 3, Oral Roberts 6: Oklahoma 4, Oklahoma City 5 Oklahoma 7, Air Force Og Oklahoma 9, Colorado 0: Oklahoma 6 Oklahoma State lg Oklahoma 7, Pan American 2: Oklahoma Kansas 0: Oklahoma 5, Tulsa 03 First in Big Eight. 9 Coach Jerry Keen Terry Snow Jack Theimer Gerry Perry, Glen Mullins. Scott Martin. Gayle Bradshaw. -JQADC. i- ZH ww:Y":x n-1 n r 1 z r? OU Fielding Best in Conference In dropping their last conference game to Iowa State. Oklahoma also dropped their chance at the Big Eight crown. as the Base- ballers tinished I7-4 in the conference and 23-IO overall. Gklahoma State again took the title with a I7-3 conference record and the Sooners were a half game out of first place. Big Red also finished second in the Big Eight in hitting and pitching. while their fielding was the best in the conference. Outfielder Mike Swenton with a .327 average and second base- man Scott I-Iarrington with a .315 were se- lected to the All Big Eight team. Enos Semore, in his third year as head coach, was high on the players' mental ability while stressing speed and long ball hitting. BASEBALL RECORD-Oklahoma I, Texas 4: Oklahoma 0, Texas 3: Oklahoma II, Texas 97 Oklahoma 6, Texas I2g Oklahoma 4. Wyoming 0: Oklahoma 8, Colorado Wesi 03 Oklahoma 4, Arizona State 5: Oklahoma 3, New Mexico Stale 41 Oklahoma 3, New Mexico S+a+e Ig Oklahoma 5, Texas al' El Paso 23 Oklahoma I. Texas EI Paso 23 Oklahoma I9, Texas EI Paso 23 Oklahoma 0, Kansas 3: Oklahoma 5, Kansas Og Oklahoma 3, Kansas I: Oklahoma 6, Nebraska 3: Oklahoma I, Nebraska Og Oklahoma 3, Nebraska Ig Oklahoma 8, Kansas S+. 4, Oklahoma 8, Kansas S+. 4: Oklahoma 3, Kansas S+. Ilg Oklahoma 3, Oklahoma Sfafe Ig Oklahoma 0. Oklahoma S+a+e Ig Oklahoma 2, Oklahoma Siafe Ig Oklahoma 6. Iowa S+. Ig Oklahoma 5, Iowa Sf. 37 Oklahoma 2, Iowa S+. 41 Oklahoma 6. Colorado 4, Oklahoma 7, Colorado 5: Oklahoma IO. Colorado lg Oklahoma 8, Mississippi 5: Oklahoma 8, Mississippi 6: Oklahoma 8, Mississippi Ig Won 23, Lost IO. Second in Big Eighf. Sliding into second with a stolen base is Scott Harrington. Vi-il' l6O Q gtnnuqi, KLHHUM f 9 taaaas 3 ,a t Hum' V , XQKLRHU gainuuqqf niitiqql 1- ,l I K I mllii Q Wuhan. if I i, 111' -ay v iii! C Q., n ILPHUM - tlllillll' Mm' 'III' K if . 9 I, ttlllllll I ,I I I it ,L E JI-4 ' - .J . I--f i ...Y .. -.4 e " if . ' BASLIL'-.ll, TI-.AVIfIiU'l'TUfvl ROW: Chris Rickey, David Feezell. THIRD ROW: Coach Enos Semore, Johnny Johnson, Weaier, fan-ri fzhile, Jimmy Nousari, Scott Harrington, Doug Kim Cook, Bob Masteller, Mike Swenton, Stan Gilchrist, Ron Folger. 37"1NIJ ROW: Dick Brown, Ron Rowell, Stan Rich- Lynch, Dennis Ranzou, Harold Cowherd, Steve Ayers, Coach ards, Ron YV! Hob late, Dick Allred, Pat Parkhurst, Randy Charley Ward. Congrulululcd after 21 zum homer against Colorado ix R dy Feezell. inns-q wfgq 'QB Shortstop Bob Tate forces out the OSU runner at second base. Conditioned Mermen Break Records Losing oyer half their seniorless squad due to injuries and grades. the OU mermen re- groupcd toward the end of the season to take a second place iinish in the Big Eight Con- ference Nleet at Ames. Iowa. Oklahoma took tour tirst place medals with Mike Brut in the 1.650 yard freestyle. David Howell in the 100 backstroke. Phil Weiss in the 400 yard med- ley. and Larry Peters in the 100 Hy. Peters' time of 51.5 set a new conference record. The Sooners also placed second in the Big Eight relays as they set a new conference mark in the ZOO yard medley relay with a time of l:39.7. Working out at least three hours a day in the South Base pool the swimmers were led by coach Jay Markley, who trained and conditioned the team for the tough competi- tion in the Big Eight Conference. SWIMMING RECORD-Oklahoma 80, Arkansas 333 Oklahoma 59, Iowa S+. 545 Oklahoma 32, Southern Illinois 723 Oklahoma 28. Kansas 841 Oklahoma 54, Missouri 593 Oklahoma 68, OSU 44: Oklahoma 46, Nebraska 581 Second in Big Eight. Beginning his leg of the medley relay is freshman Phil Weiss SVLININIINO 'IEAVI-BOTTOM ROW: Ditto Mueller, Larry McKinney, Marc Dahlberg, Mike Burt. THIRD ROW: Willie Peters. Dan Langston, David Howell, Bill Hahnc, Bruce Woodlan. Brandecker, Steve Glassner, Tom Sight, Walt Tempinski, Tom SECOND ROW: Jim Tmiano, Chris Leydorf, Phil Weiss, Mike Gibson, Frank Wolfson. ...L x Larry Pelerx guunlx :hc lap Tom Sight pomplclcx 11 :hp frm f 7- ,nv Racing to a start in the 200 backstroke is Dave Howell. 3 , , .161 my fr -if-f-X b- E ' if-ss Swim:-'ii' '1'Q3S,,sia' "fa-'yn' X5 N7 2- T' ,Q.'l". gf 0 ' Xu .g. ' sa: Zn, - A lg, , Rebuilding Gymnasts Slip to 4-6 Sparked by a tine group of promising fresh- men and junior college transfers. the Sooner Gymnastics team kept their balance through- out the season to win four out of their last five dual matches. ln his tifth year as head coach. Russ Port- ertield led the crew to a -l-6 season record. Conference power lowa State slipped by the rebuilding Sooners in the season opener. 150.85 to 1517. Though they didn't win an event QL' showed good depth in keeping up with the Cyclones. Closing out the season in good form. the Gymnasts walloped Colorado and Wichita State by sweeping every event but one. GYMNASTICS RECORD-Oklahoma l52.7, Iowa S+. I59.85g Ok- lahoma I47.85, Northwestern S+. College l5l.30g Oklahoma I53.0, Louisiana S+, U. I53.55g Oklahoma I52.20, Kansas U. l55.55: Ok- lahoma l53.55. Kansas S+. I57.25: Oklahoma l5l.l5, Nebraska l39.I0: Oklahoma I44.0, Memphis S+. l36.0g Oklahoma l5I.25. Southern Illinois U. l6l.5g Oklahoma l52.45, Colorado I4-3.60: Oklahoma I52.85, Wichi+a S+. l24.9O. Working out on the Still Rings is senior Jim Johannesen. 9,9 f? 9 l r u 1 f . GYNlNAS'IilCS TEAM-Jack Milchanowski, Dick Rainer, Bob Wayne Crockett, Mike Cahill, Roy Rettberg, Jim Johannesen, Medlin, Mike Caldwell, Jack Finch, Mike Torrez, Kevin Lindsey, Pat Harbour. Odess Lovin, Lyndell Busch, Ron Webb, Art Allen, Tommy Yuen, I 1 164 if l -- , 'liar -. . . 5' , ' .. fu. ext' fi wail.-ra -Q' I ' ' an lla 5 if fliifi, v BOTTOM ROW: Steve Johnson, Skip Graham, C'lyclc C'hrisman, monrl, Hurry Wiluon. Hill 'l:i1f.:w:r lif,u',, f af 'I 'mar I .lay Friedman, Bob Morris. SECOND ROW: Couch Ray 'lhur- Andy Ilna-.,fn:orL'1: l4l'.'f:, 2 Linksters Sparkle in Invitationals . Ab f. . .V I as if ff 45' I shui-1 'Nl' T - f' I4 ll A s L, 4 Before teeing off Jay Freidman and Carl Higgins inspect driver. Frequent fall scrimmages with the fresh- men basketball squad kept the 1969 Golf team in shape, as they posted a 19-3 dual record. Practicing year round at the University Golf Course, the linksters made strong showings in several intercollegiate tournaments and tin- ished second in the Big Eight Tournament. George Rives. in posting 13 wins. was selected to the All-American team as honorable men- tion, while teammate Skip Graham captured the Big Eight individual crown with a 5-I hole total of 214. In his third year as mentor of the OU golf team. coach Ray Thrumond stressed active tournament play. as shown by the teams Hne record in invitationals. GOLF RECORD-Oklahoma I8, Oklahoma Baptist O: Oklahoma I4lf2, McNesse St. 6lf2: Oklahoma 5l,'2, McNesse St. '73 Oklahoma 3lf2, North Texas St. Zlfg: Oklahoma 5, Southwest Louisiana i' Oklahoma 6, Oklahoma State 9: Oklahoma l5, Southern Mem:- dist 6: Oklahoma l4lf2, North Texas St. blfg: Oklahoma 9 Oua- homa City 6: Oklahoma I2, Wichita St. 3: Oklahoma 5. Ncrti' Texas St. IO: Oklahoma IO, Tulsa 8: Oklahoma Zlv, Oklahoma State l2V2I Oklahoma I2, Oklahoma Baptist 37 Oklahoma SIL Oklahoma State blfzi Oklahoma ll, Wichita St. 4- Oklahoma C Wichita St. 6: Oklahoma 9l,f2, Tulsa 8l'2: Oklahoma l3lg Okla- N homa City IV2: Oklahoma IIIXQ, Iowa St. 3'-y Oklahoma lt Oklahoma State 5, Oklahoma I3, Nebraska 2' Second 'rw 5'-3 Eight. w -sf? m"'-i!. Orvis if TE '11 Fw H53-..,', ,X .. - s ca- 'aff f ' ""e 1 a,i Ski iipvi ' I66 -3 Qc, ..-wi' INTRAMURAL COUNCIL-BOTTOM ROW: Steve Cagle, Barry Shadid, Scott Thatcher, Thomas Vizard, Chuck Graybill. SECOND ROW: Williani Sanchez, Ward Thompson, Bob Stevens, Robert Robinson, Tom Derricks, Gary Bartley. Not pictured, Joel Rothstein. Intramurals Add Free Throw Contest Bob Stevens finished his second year as Okla- homa's intramural program director this year. Entries in every intramural event increased over last year. particularly in the All-College Bas- ketball Marathon which was a new activity on campus last year. Any student enrolled in the Lniversity could participate in the tourney, and persons competing were not limited to playing on housing unit teams. Added this year was the free throw contest, in which each contestant shot 50 free throws. Trophies were given for the most total number of throws made, for most consecutive number of throws made. and for the most free throws made in a row beginning with the first throw. The department also established set times for play-offs this year. The change resulted in the quicker conclusion of tournaments. s O in 1. ff elf 4 1 'F-'wigs . ts.. ,...1 YU? John Barksdale demonstrates a great serve to show why he's a champion of men's singles in tennis. 'Cf' KW K5 iw-Av i ,.,4 1275- lntramural director Hub Stevens explains ufliciating t-1 student referees Terry Foster and Jerry Gray. Two Legal Eagles successfully prevent an interception as they go on to win another. linishing the season undefeated. 9 1 1 1' ' 1' ' l"gj,g, , liim Patton looks on as Icaimniailc Ricligiiml Nlize l'Cllll'IlS1l shot while xniiiiiing up for ai doubles match in liiimlbgill. lcd Boylx. -Xmqigi. slides xifcly into home base us Phi Pxi ,lirzi NN .ilkcr tries for gi put out. will .W M A 4 f ,gi in Q F W f- "am- JQ-.wvd . ' I .-- -Q Y.-I -V , -o Rn- " --'Q fi Hclzi 'lhclzi Pls. dcfcnding li- 7C2iI'l'l .hzimpx icrimmzigc thc Sigriisi C his H-team in prepara- Ilflfl for rhc '.oIlc1.hull lfzllffld- mum. I68 John Dosser controls this tip and his Johnson 9-12 teammates control the game, defeating Worcester House before lf, Sei rf House in the finals 49-43. Teams, Individuals Win Intramurals Touch Football, Class A Fraternity ............ Sigma Chi Touch Football, Class B Fraternity .......... Beta Theta Pi Touch Football, Overall Housing Champion .. Johnson 9-12 Touch Football, Independent Leagme Champion ............................ Legal Eagles Touch Football, Cross Center Champion .......... Prentice Touch Football, Cate-Johnson Dorm Champion .... Sanger Touch Football, Wilson Center Champion ........ Lincoln Touch Football, Walker Tower Champion .... Walker 5 West Horseshoes, Singles .......... Bobby Jones, Delta Tau Delta Horseshoes, Doubles .............. Joe Street, Bill Luther, Phi Kappa Sigma Golf, Championship ....... Danny Gauntt, Delta Tau Delta Golf, Class A ............... Jim Anderson, Beta Theta Pi Volleyball, Volleyball, Volleyball, Volleyball, Volleyball, Volleyball, Volleyball, Volleyball, Volleyball, Volleyball, Golf, Class Golf, Class Golf. Class Golf, Class Class A Fraternity ... Class B Fraternity . . . . Class B. Fraternity Cross Center Champion Wilson Center Champion Cate -Johnson Champion Walker Tower Champion Class B Dorm Champion Class Bi Dorm Champion Independent Champions .. Beta Theta P. Beta Theia Pi , Beta Theta Pl Setliff Robertson House . Johnson 9- ll Walker 5 Viesi .. Young Hoisse . McCain House Iranian Students A Team. First Place ...... Sigma Alpha Epsilon A Team, Second Place .......... Beta Theta Pi B Team. First Place ...... Sigma Alpha Epsilon Golf, Class B ................ Fred Gist, Delta Tau Delta Handball, Class A Singles .... Charles Habeger, Independent Handball, Class B Singles ...... Bob Eisel, Phi Gamma Delta Handball, Class A Doubles .............. Charles Habeger, Mike Smith, Independent Handball, Class B Doubles ...... Jim Patton, Richard Mize. Badminton, Singles ...... Johnson 9-12 . . . . . . Surachi Suvanodom, International House . . . . . . . . . . . . Surachi Suvanodom, Badminton, Doubles ..... Kampol Horaphinyo. International House Turkey Trot, Girls .............. Sue Colvert, l Mile, 8:05 Turkey Trot, Boys ............ David May, 2 Miles. 12:17 Basketball, All-College Marathon ..... Ramenofsky's Raiders Most Valuable Player. Sam Ramenofsky Basketball, Class A Fraternity ............ Delta Tau Delta Basketball, Class B Fraternity ........ Sigma Alpha Epsilon Basketball, Class C Fraternity .. . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Basketball, Walker Tower ..... ....... W alker 5 West Basketball, Cross Center ...... ............. S etliff Basketball, Cate-Johnson ............. .... J ohnson 9-12 Basketball, Wilson Center ............ .... W orcester Basketball, Overall Housing Champions ............ Setlilf Basketball, Class B Dorm Champion ....... Walker 5 West B Team. Second Place .............. Sigma Chi Golf, Medalist .............. John Miles. Pi Kappa Alpha Tennis, Singles ............. Bill Barksdale. Phi Kappa Ps: Tennis, Doubles ...... Dave Graham. Ken Morris. Sigma Chi Track and Field. Champion ............. Delta Tau Delta Track and Field. Second Place ........,.,. Beta Theza Pi Track and Field, Third Place .. .... Kappa Sigma Track and Field. Fourth Place .. ..... Sanger Hotzse Swimming. Champion ........ .......... S igma Citi Swimming, Second Place .... .,., S iga Alpha Epsilon Swimming, Third Place ....... .... N lcCain House Swiming, Fourth Place ......... Pi Kappa Alpha Bowling. Bowling. Softball. Individual Champion .. Team Champion ....,,...,,, . Class A Fraternity Champion Basketball. Independent Champions ............ The SOT's Table Tennis, Singles ................ Mohammad Makkari. Franklin House Table Tennis, Doubles .............. Mohammad Makkari. Toora Monsef. Franklin House Paddleball, Singles Steve Weichert. Phi Delta Theta Paddleball, Doubles ........,. Dave Sloan. Mike Mayhall. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Free Throw Tournament, Most Made of 50 .... Bruce Blair. Worcester House Free Throw Tournament, Most Consecutive Made .... John Schwennesen, Kappa Sigma Free Throw Tournament, Number of Consecutive Made ................... Don McGuire. Independent . Lester Lois ery. Couch 5 West .,.. Sigma Chi . Beta Theta Pi Softball. Class B Fraternity Champion .... Sigma Crt: Softball. Wilson Center .,..,....... Boyd House Softball. Cross Center ............. ......, N lcCair Softball. Couch Center .... ., Couch ' East Softball. Adams Center ,....,.... Cherokee Hoxs Softball. Cate Center .......,..... .. Oliver Hotise Softball. Class B, Dorm Champion . ., .. Couch ti Wes: Softball. Independent Champion ...,, Renegade -10ers Softball. Overall Housing Champions . .. Couch ' East Softball. Mixed Team Champions ..... Kappa Alpha Thet... Phi Delta Theta Softball. Mixed Team Runner Lp .... Gamma Phi Beta. Pi Kappa Afpia Sailing Regatta. Experienced Mens Pairs ....,.........,.,. Logan Broun. Beta Theta P' Sailing Regatta. Experienced Nlen's Team ...........,...,,. Roger DeBarrios. NN of: ze Sailing Regatta. Novice Nlen's Pairs .......... Hal Wieng Bucks' . Sailing Regatta. Novice Mens Team ,...,. . Daxe Ds.1g.z11. Deita Tag Delia Lk ii Two year inlraiinural lennis champion Pi Phi Nancy Osborne prepares to serve. liiaizie Lircen who brought in the big win for Kappa Delta in the i-.iiminion ionrngimenl. plans a sorority sister. Wynn Cooper. BOTTON1 ROW: Frances A. Tomlin, Margie Germain, Linda Gunning. Jeannie King, Nancy Johns, Diane Dunnett, Paula Fee. SECOND ROW: Nlaurine Snider, Pam Turner, Jenny Castin, Patricia Moore, Sharon Stueber, Leslie Rabiner, Nancy Creighton Stacy Curtis. THIRD ROW: Donneva Tallant, Debra Berman, 1 G' l7O Fl' ' 'Ill' f t E: .'fi1."A'-Vlififi, illnln: 4' ' ' W" annum' ' Illlillll , .QQ , '1 I P15851 ' 1 4 ,Q 54 , 4, li il lf -Sr fair' fa. -Y A it , '-.?5'ff'F: rflzh P., . tt. Lyla ..-x. , .. , C... W':""" 'e-- .' " " . '. ...'.'K'-Q-in f" ' A -'-5.5 y,-Mm: . ' ,.. 8 - ' . .,- JM.. ,g , - - , - -I A '- "-j .J ' - 'fig - ,' ' J .f-Q... .f I if N, A, "?sm..f'f 1 W ,L . , .. X x -,., K 4 vu-arf - L ,LM f,,-.f-- wig """'f 5, aint- as., Q- '. .a wyj. ! ,gp-L . Y N A.. 'Y-HIL" V h -'61 1,45 . ' 1-ss,,lk ' cn , . 'I n nd-, . M-.... "" tus.. h , f , sa- ,- + t --.....,,, N ,Ng pri- 1- 1 e va- X W"-for 1 - 4. X6 f ,lf , ff, . 4 X . har Jean Jackson, Deborah Powell, Kay Woodliff, Paula Pearson, Jacqueline Westfahl, Pam Thacker, Carla Jennings. FOURTH ROW: Barbie Bontrager, Patricia Witt, Virginia Long, Nan Neff, Cathy Davidson, Melinda Leech, Valynda Ewton, Pat Strother, Cheryl Craig, Cynthia Dahlstrom. ,Q .H ,I V 4 A M ,rxffjff-,.i,, F f--if 4:vl:,-'- - vw' Y'ff',?1' gm-34-. ws., .,,, I-, iffzb-'1 ,' if , .M-,, 'Uwe ,..' ,,L.,,.:t ql,'-,4 J - .5 . -:T-. 1' 125:- 42. s,,,'3L"' , .. . U I . r. gn ..-' ' X .b S. Keeping her eye on the ball helped Vicky Ziegner of Forbes House Pi Beta Phi volleyball winners-BOTTOM ROKR : Debbie Las- Win W0mCU'S IHUHITIUFHI golf tournament. ater, Tracy Clark, Debbie Holland. SECOND ROW: Ntau- rine Snider. Nancy Osborne. Mary Lee Daniels. WRA Cffers Recreation to Women Women's Recreation Association is de- signed to offer recreation and competition for all University women. WRA sponsors an ln- tramural Program. Extramural Program. specialized clubs and coed softball. volleyball and bowling with the men's intramurals. The Intramural Program includes team and individual sports. Through this program tour- naments are held and open to all womens housing units. including Norman residents and the commuters. The Extramural Program provides the op- portunity to compete with other colleges and universities in the state. The sports included are volleyball. basketball. tield hockey. track and field. and numerous individual sports. The WRA council held the 1969 Softball Sports Day with eight teams participating in the tournament. Linda Gunning jumps for the ball, helping Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority win the basketball championship. INTR.-XNIIQRAL CHAMPIONS, Gamma Phi Beta-BOTTOM ROW: Diane Dunnett, Kathy Cornelison, Cindy Baker, SECOND ROW: Nlichal Williams. Ann MeCune. Intramural Winners Softball .. Basketball .. . Football .. Volleyball .. Fencing .. Golf ............ Badminton singles . . . Badminton doubles . . . . . Tennis singles ... Tennis doubles . . Table Tennis . . Swimming .. Bowling . . . . . . . . . . Residential . . . . . . . . . Residential Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . Pi Beta Phi . . . . Residential . . . Cate Northeast Kappa Delta Kappa Kappa Gamma Pi Beta Phi . . . Alpha Phi . . . . . . . . . Residential . Kappa Alpha Theta offgj, ,, . . . . . . Residential " . Q f",3" L,-:,.,i , - K, f'1sz,.,Q.. Adi' A .,, A, Na- f - . ' - -A- yf. an--ll, Y- , , 5 .M .- . .- l .- -A H1 ht... U: ,H .: Q Aw g-,a in , qw, Q., +.,,Sf My-."', ... . . .. . - - , 1 'v , ' 111 1' '1 H"4.'1J - " " ' "N VRF- -v -' ma " i, '. . 4 4 mv?-it ' "'4' ' - -ws- ' ' X ., ... -, ,, Y v--L+ - - - r ... ' H, " ,tv 'v swf- .W 1 -,' Je ,ov It - . , .1 W C - I 4 'fe 'Nw , pf - . .s -4- ,A L 'V' fs" ' ii'-5 .- , S' ..Zl.' V Carrying the ball for Residential, Judy Buckle helps win Hag foot- ball over the Kappa Kappa Gamma's. " - x ' 1 ' , ?12ff::::?E5j,55g': 55gggjf::.p3?5555f.:f!E?g.::p.1::?f53j::.:.f3i??j:::E-5555Eg:-fffsg:::::iiF5'?'-fx.E555-'f-:fl",-1. . , . . ':::,'5'1I5f5igf -ffl','ggg.::-TQEQfggggfffffjffggi'ii5355g.gQSLEQEQFFEffjg3j::iSE,f,gf : Tj-A gr,-f V. 1111 ,kg-vw ..... ,.:.-rf:::':1155-Egg:.ggi-,jfsfgze113555151-1 -',-l.::: 555:1- - W ' "1'f-----.zzzfqp . .:' - '2' A - , .l l ..Yt +1...,,,.Q-Q-'R V - Vex... , 5 - . ' N., 4 .XS . """'---5---...... -'fwr . , fair w. - 'T' "'t"--- Q,LiQd,La,,9,A " ef." :-' . ' "" -Y - Kappa's Mary Sue Dunlevy tries her hand at table tennis with Carole Boyd, Residentia1's player. ,..,f- 1 Renne Lane and a partner. representing OL. placed third in the swim meet held at OSU. Council Consists of Representatives Linda Gunning and Fran Tomlin practice for a Fencing Club exhibition. The WRA council consists of a representa- tive from each housing unit. an intramural organizer from each housing unit. an organizer for the extramural sports and the officers. These women work together to present a pro- gram suitable to all women on campus. Each year a trophy is awarded for the Women's Intramural Championship. A point system is used in determining the vvinner. The 1969 champion was Gamma Phi Beta sorori- ty. They won the Speedball Tournament and placed high in other sports. WRA also honors its outstanding partici- pants by presenting the Ima James Reeves Award at the end of every year. This is given to the senior woman vvho has helped WR.-X the most in her college years through participa- tion. cooperation and assistance in all activi- ties. The l969 recipient vvas Karen Yieth. ,wiv x . if f-D 'M 4 eq,-fn I xx f.. xl, w,.,.4. . - vw.-4' X '- fx M Z Mw.m4fii1" Residences 1- im., Q tb I , . I A., A tl V 1 J f I , f., A - A 4 3 1 5 i .K-, 5 'L A I I .4 iirfl' -r Y - 1 L If 'I U.. 'S+ 'N- L . r t 6 lt'.s' Something new ta live with cliffrfrwzt pvapfv. I think they forgot to warn me when I pulled out of the driveway bark harm' that the road ahead had more YIELD .signs than STO! MQW' tw. ZF' I QQXE if Q Ltross Center. composed of four quads or at total ot' sixteen dorms. provides at cafetetiu .md stittelt hut' for its men und women. LVOLlCll Center South. center for postal employees. also houses udult men and women. while Walker Tower. tormerly Couch North. houses men. i we-s'f...,1f,.,E, 1 5 - ' -f. ' ' -re -4' ... '- 3-, ' . ' ' X if -' ,'1"' ,i:, :7,ip,- ?"'5'3-4' " . 4 . . e e-sf 1- r' -s H+-N-9-'29 es -M H' -s M-54' e s fi . " i . ' V- C G . -r fs- .Q 'K' 'Q x"'f:':' Am. VW- v- ,. 1.4 ."' .. .w ' 'M' . - Q 'J,..c- A., M tt . iq .M mmf! , . 5' Q- :"' .J-1 , P - ' . Oy- - "4 'll .. Q 4 .Jo s Y-Q 'A' , ',,f.e.nQ,w . ,- - ""'- - -' -. ,, 'e .i,,.'.'-g,. ' s..s ' "' , 1- 'fd Q14 .f ,"'s. f 41- 5, A f' gL3.,,-n . Lfoaasg, 'r " f- J if ,ZQ'Afk""5w 3?-Ef,m,f1'-13,12-g,.MQ"h,? 1 K . V .. lain - .ff A- .' -ff - Q- 1 - wwf. Q -Y , M LAAIQFILE , ,sr - ?ff4ifs,,.. ,, eww, e .V Q'--,-.W , .L : s - . -I - .FL 1' . - - Nf, .55-5, A , N ,hfw Q yn,-g . ,.., ' ,V V QW, s A ,, A Q 'm f X. ,pw ,W i Xt - 'fo . ., : ' 'i . - ' f Q' f 'fn' ,, , 4- '3"'-831962. , Q me ,. - , . f. s. A , 1 ...T .,,. rf- ,,'?,. ' - ,, . ,tl ,K . - , 4' - ' Y 4 f 31' K A Q., fffs ff..:yJi' V co. V fp! :mis-V V . .'. Wu. f ' Il-5 2 1' ' 1 ' 'Q' ,?'-?"'r5ir-Fw 1.9.24-1 .' ' .. " 'W .i-vim' ' -' Wie f 52.2115-22 1' ""'f'.'. --f . .H , .r , . . . .. f 1, fsyf- f A . ,, -. A .-,swiinf ,. '- S. V. s rm . Ye -t.. .-..WA,- .. 1-HX ,--4,2 Q . - 7g"1"" TLV '.- 4m s'Hj2f'f'e xx " MW W LEM? M 31 . ' My " N f l! 1'f?f!'t?i"'A'kx ', . A' lxf 05,2 - - - - '. F, 'fwdf' C' Kg.. gffftnt , .I 1 'sf' .9 ,. V' . dv- " if "' ,,, .K Q, ' ' V i h aw' F WS , XR ,,l f.V ,Qi ' V' 1 4 Wilson Center. with rcdecorated faeilitics. has Qi cafeteria and gym- nasium fur its residents. both men and wrirnen gf '11, vt ft ' ,fv"Z'- ,, if N' ' ' .m"L" ' K, A ' I . f -- 1 V -Q , , t- , .. V ' f ' ss. A'.,.f 4 A -0' N , M Y :Z+""" 'xp NJN" 1 -v'. J -' 1, ,-4 . 'f "K 'f .. .... .Y fsu ' 'f ..- '- if - ' " ,u ,.,,,rA.h . n-, f 'CPI all-QS N ww .W ttf -ls. 4 Adams Center. composed of three .-4 - womens units and one t mens unit. proxides adjoining lounge and recreation areas. ...QQ v-,,' .xv " .-gd-ie' Located on Wadsack Drive. south ot campus. liraettg provides 3l2 apartment ttnits for both graduate szuderzs and married underelassmen. New Cate. housing uomen. and Cate Center. housing three quads of women and one quad of men. have a cafeteria. snack bar. and lounge between the tu o roxxs of dorm buildings. 0 'U N IC 'K x ,QM , 5,4-N.. QQ. 1' l llllli lil gr' vn J 4 I 1 .' I I gy V I :L L A ' v , A Y A X V- be-at . f .'- ,- - ' ' 'r f' ' 5 A ' '1 ' '- 1 " ft -I ,' ' , e A . W -i ' Y- - ,gifl .iivnr-s --, . r' ,VPS ' - '.,.,,p n 'p'-A-'Gef 7 sf, 1 1,..- 24- I E I '- , ,.'f,,v . U .. 1 I , - -.. 'J E:.g'ff?4j7" ' -f ' Yorkshire apartments manager Charles Martin stops a moment to pose for ni picture on his way to the office. l8O Ginger Sebert. Tulsa junior. and Mike Hackett, Tulsa law student. board the Yorkshire bus. Newly acquired Yorkshire apartments offer university stu- dents over twenty-one years of age luxurious living. Q - Campus Acquires New Apartments In December, the University of Oklahoma Board of Regents acquired the 268 apartment units of Yorkshire Apartments, located at 2730 Chautauqua Street. The complex will be operated as a separate auxiliary enterprise, not as a part of regular university housing. As a service to residents, the Yorkshire Shoppe has been opened in the complex where food and toiletries are sold to meet the ex- panding needs of the residents. A bus service is now provided at the com- plex which will be expanded to serve those res- idents living in the west quadrangle. Plans also include bus rides to Bizzell Memorial Li- brary in the evenings and rides to Norman shopping areas on Saturday mornings. It is also the intention of the university to develop a portion of the land north and west of the complex into an intramural field to be used by the tenants. .rv BOTTOM ROW: Ann Balch, Virginia Clark, Harry H. Hoghn, is Findley, Victor West, Flynn Reynolds, Gilbert Nlcmrrl Har .fi Anita Johnson, Alice Hinkle. TOP ROW: Frank Thompson, Lew- Jorski, J. B. McDade. Housing Staff Directs Operations The new General Manager of the Housing Staff this year was the late Mr. Harry H. Hoghn. Assisted by Frank Thompson, Mr. Hoghn led a staff of 775 persons. The Housing Staif this year worked closely with the Oflice or Residential Programs under David Burr, vice-president of the university in charge of the University Community, and Stephen M. Sutherland, director. Due to a complete reorganization. the Office of the Deans of Students was abolished. and the Of- tice of Residential Programs took over many of the former office's activities and functions. The late Mr. Hoghn and his staff directed general housing operations such as food serv- ice, accounting, maintenance. housekeeping. furniture, property. and apartments. Xlr. Harry H. l-login :xii X- ice Hinkle get to e' is COl'li6Y OH YICLAH' F.. Illlilii. . X if X1 X-. . I8l .-XD.-XNIS CENTER A P x., so 'X lively group ot' Johnson 5. rw. ' .ind S boys put away their books to debate on tt current campus question. Johnson 5-8 Carols in December Johnson 5. 6. 7, and 8 participated in the fund-raising. campus-wide charity project this year. Campus Chest. The men co-sponsored a booth with McCasland coeds. During the frosty Christmas season, the men also caroled with other dorms. After the Rupel J. Jones Theatre burned, Johnson 5 through 8 instigated a fire fund drive. The residents also helped build the Ad- BOTTON1 ROW: Jim Leath, Carl Rose, Ray Hoffman, James H. Smith, Terry J. Ware, Tom Crenshaw, John Hanley. SECOND ROW: Dan Washburn, Robert Newman, Rex Gray, Larry Barker, Vt ilstm McDonald, Garry Barker, Joe Longbotham, Jim Robberson. THIRD ROW: Richard L. Greene, Richard Townsend, J. T. Tensley. Ed Warren, Richard DeGarmo, Stephen P. Frazier, Rex ams Center homecoming lloat. Socializing was enhanced by a hayride at Lake Thunderbird with Tarman 2 and 3 coeds. Mike Standan served as president during the weekly dorm meetings. Harvey McQuiston as- sisted as vice-presidentg Stephen Frazier was treasurer. Tapp, Wally Walker, Bill Neilson. FOURTH ROW: Paul Erdmann, Harvey McQuiston, Bill Newsome, Mort Welch, Terry Young, Robert Capshaw, Mike Foster, Norm Wilkie, Bill Gorden. FIFTH ROW: John L. Alexander, Edward J. Hicks, William M. Standau, Ed Lane, Russell E. Wood, Don Ferguson, Thomas Hart, Richard Imboden, Paul Ezell, Earnest A. Weidner Jr. l -- ,. A lg L BOTTOM ROW: Larry W. Rhodes, Ken Setter, Robert Grantham, Skip Fowler, Michael W. Varner, Dennis Calkins, Frederick Ferris. SECOND ROW: Mike Kemp, G. Mike Renfro, James Long, Jim Ferguson, David Brown, John Morris, Danny Gilliam, Al Weedn, James Hurst. THIRD ROW: Raymond Stanley Lieber, Randy Irwin, Rick Paschal, Dwaine Boydstun, Da'-iil Haxnarl, D44 Darnold, Bruce Walker, Tim Patton, Steve Hubbard l-Ulglilll ROW: Gary Stevens, Mark A. Lanclgulh, Keuin Pezer-. J" McAdoo, Steve Goad, Russell Hall, David Hasizw. Richard N1 fe Carl Ellison, Tim Mounts. Johnson 10-12 Captures League Title Intramural sports seemed to be the primary interest of the residents of Brown House, John- son 10, ll, and 12. They were victorious at the intramural football tournament for uni- versity housing. The men also captured the league basketball honors, remaining undefeat- ed in league play. There was much emphasis, however, placed in other areas, such as academic studies and campus activities. Brown House maintained a 2.94 grade point average for the fall semester. Social activities included a fall keg party' and a "grody party" in conjunction with other Adams Center dorms. Brown House residents included Steve Hub- bard, president of the Baptist Student Union and a member of ODK. and Fred Ferris. vice- president of the Petroleum and Geological En- gineers Club. Nlike Hunt thinks nothing like .1 is s "open house" .is ia enmle company ii itory room BOTTOM ROW: Karen Wine, Becky Franklin, Mary Clausing, Anne Funderburk, Terry Green, Pam Thacker, Betsy Miller, Candy Pettigrove. SECOND ROW: Debbie Rose, Sally Simon, Debra Aron. Patti Shartil. Debbie Gordon, Mary McGiiTert, Peggy Sanders. Marian Dietrich, Kathi Myers. THIRD ROW: Terry McCasland Opens Residents of McCasland 4 and 5 helped re- lax aching muscles during Campus Chest Week with a back-rubbing booth. With pro- ceeds from the booth and a slave sale, the dorm contributed S95 to that campus-wide project. The Coeds also participated in table tennis and badminton during intramurals. Pam Coatney, Nicki Edidin, Claire Turner, Linda Cox, Ann Fox, Jean Shane, Linda Epps, Carol Crandall, Marilyn Levitch. FOURTH ROW: Rachelle Grenader, Linda Gray, Marilynn Fuller, Marlyn Paul, Mary Livermore, Marti Willoughby, Beth Dahlstrom, Jane Hamlin, Gina Alcorn, Marci Hontz, Karen Rapp. Back-Rub Booth Thacker led the dorm to an undefeated season in volleyball. Social events the dorm was involved in in- cluded a hayride with the men of Walker Tow- er and a dorm Christmas party. Betty Johnson served as president of Mc- Casland 4 and 5, and Betsy Miller was the dorm,s resident advisor. Nlcf asland residents Terry Green. Linda Cox. Karen Rapp. and Gina Alcorn re- lax in from of the TV. BOTTOM ROW: Debbie Allen, Caye Cox, Pcnny Almack, Nancy Nesbitt, Kritstine Benedict, Nancy Campbell, Jan Gates. SECOND ROW: Carolann Baker, Debbie Berman, Marilyn Hecklin, Patti Wilson, Mickey Loyd, Sharron Word, Joyce Johnson, Suzanne Westbrook, Carol Parker, Katie McGuire, Judy Blackwell. THIRD ROW: Glenda Penny, Patrice Riffnti, Roxariri-5 lie-'cr l-1' Kirkpatrick, Mindy Nlcffarty, Gail Sirrirriuns, lhfufa 1 . HQ,- Scott, Mary Barber, Barb Allbcc, Nlichcllu A-ri. 1- J-fry. Bodenhamcr. McCasland 2, 3 Collects Baskets For Need Seasonal projects headed the list of ac- complishments and social events in McCasland 2 and 3 this year. In addition to collecting Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets for needy families, the women of the dorm en- joyed a Christmas party staged by the house ollicers Nancy Nesbitt, presidentg Barbara Nlc- Clelland, vice-president, and Kristine Bene- dict, secretary. McCasland 2 and 3 held open house on Dads' Day and placed second in Homecoming float awards. False Fire Alarms Plague McCasland 6, 7 Amid the dorm routine of studies, five false fire alarms, broken candy machines, and days without toilet tissue, residents of McCasland 6 and 7 managed to plan extra activities. Led by dorm President Connie Aikman and Jennifer Stuart, parties were in the festive air. BOTTOM ROW: Diane Goltz, Pam Vennerberg, Amy Nelson, Connie Aikman, Chris Aubrey, Libby Freede. SECOND ROW: Connie Collins, Debby Dixon, Debbie Dunn, Jan Dodson, Joanne Griffeth, Janet Wood, Ann McReynolds, Susan Holden. THIRD Freshman cheerleaders Amy Nelson and Deb- bie Dunn promoted Sooner spirit in the dorm. Diane Goltz, a junior majoring in elemen- tary education, was the dorm's resident advis- or, and Pam Vennerberg assisted her. ROW: Sue Mintz, Marian Charles, Jeary Smart. Linda Saber Darcie Hambrick, Dorya Huser. D'.-'xnn Nikkei. Jeanne Nlontzzt. Virginia Watkins. 1. av' 1 l fiQ1 xx1r11 1-17Lr'1 i nn.: l BOl'l'ONl ROXN: Pat Houston, Janice Waller, Robin Rosenthal. ,-Xndrca lachman, Debbie Hirsch, SECOND ROW: Donna Nicks, X :ckic 'l'.ixter, Donna Meyer, Susan Biggs, Susan Summers, Nancy Ward, Marti Wientrob, Karen Krisher. THIRD ROW: Candy Clark, Anna Walsh, Ellen Corenblum, Kitty Sullivan, Betty Reed, Ginny Venk, Kris Alexander, Cheryl Rabin, Valerie Abramson. McCasland 8, 9 Sponsors Coffee House Complete with black lights, posters, and folk singers. the women of McCasland 8 and 9 sponsored a coffee house in the McCasland basement during Campus Chest. The residents also prepared packages of books to be sent to servicemen in Vietnam. Muldrow , 3, 4, In the Christmas tradition, Coeds of Mul- drow 2-5 joined men's dorm Johnson 5-8 in caroling at university administrators' homes. Plans for the Christmas Party were finalized by President Betty Bush. Women of Muldrow 2-5 excelled in artistic BOTTON1 ROW: Phyllis Ernst, Susan Foster, Marcy Lyons, Betty Bush, Nlarsha fvlarlin, Laura Whitney, Linda Earhart, Candy Nlonson, SECOND ROW: Sandy Snodgrass, Gayle Shepherd, Sherry Faulkner, Helen Sheldon, Linda Johnson, Kim Salzman, WRA representative Anne Walsh led the dorm to an active year of sports in the intra- mural program. Oliicers elected to coordinate activities were Janice Waller, president, Debra Crum, vice- president, and Robin Rosenthal, treasurer. Hosts Christmas Part projects this year. For their Winning construc- tion of a homecoming float, the women re- ceived second place among Adams Center contestants. Decorating their doo-rs and lob- bies for Dads' Day and Christmas brought Muldrow 2-5 women more acclaim. Melanie Carlberg. THIRD ROW: Kathleen Appleby, Linda Culp, Jane Harper, Barbara Mallett, Carol Herbert, Beverly Woodrone, Lennon Brandcroft, Adrian Thomas. BOTTOM ROW: Marilyn Trail, Sue Ann Ellis, Janice Jones, Brenda Heavcncr, Vicki Wcindruth, Jane C larkc, 'lanriah llf,,.:,rf! Marybeth Sturm, Donna Nelson, Shirley Schiff, Pat Cooper. THIRD ROW: Mary Albright, Virginia lninzz, Nlargt-r':' llpp. SECOND ROW: Patty Edmonds, Marjorie Puckett, Sally Akers, Barbara Harris, Janonc Ciardenhirc, Carol Quinn uldrow 9-12 Coeds Co-Sponsor Pony Ride Campus Chest proved to be an exciting and rewarding time for the women of Muldrow 9- 12. Joining other residents from Adams Cen- ter, the coeds sponsored a pony ride at the carnival which was a huge success with the children. Christmas was also a busy time for Mul- drow. With all the parties, tree-decorating. caroling, and gift-exchanging, there was only enough time left for studying. Muldrow officers, instrumental in planning the'year's activities, were headed by Mary Sturn, president. Drug Discussion Panel Held by Tarman 2, As a part of freshman honors housing, res- idents of Tarman 2 and 3 sponsored a drug panel discussion this year. They invited a doc- tor, an ex-drug addict, and several students to discuss and answer questions about the effects of drugs. The dorm was also involved in Feminine Focus Week, which included a series of lec- BOTTOM ROW: Lisa Turley, Catherine GriFrith, Colleen Bradley, Patricia Wallace, Jeanne Endres, Sherry Butts, Janis Perry, Leda Gale Smith, Linda Hargrove, SECOND ROW: Debbie Fortune, Jackie Haws, Key Lawrence, Nancy Creighton, Pam Davis, Helen Robbins, Jerry Hansen, Charlotte Carroll, Karen Hearn, Virginia tures by successful women on the womans place in today's world. President Jackie Haws and Vice-president Dana Hooper aided in planning a hayride with the freshman boys' honor dorm. Debbie Tung and Dawn Anna served as resident ad- visors. Cain, Connie Bleck, Deborah Tung. THIRD ROW: Dawn Anna. Cathy Collier, Patricia Bryan, Denise Ann Dale. Marilyn Grimm. Dana Hooper, Cheryl Ann Gleason. Sue Lynn Vaughan. Vicki Clark, Kathy Billings, Molisa Harris. Barbara Jeleski, Melissa Behrents, Margaret Freede. liOT'l'OXt ROW: Anim Strickland. JoAnn Hodges, Judy Mathews. Susan Rutledge, Charlotte Miller, Sharon Piper. Tresa Schlecht. SECOND ROR: Rntheryn Stevens. Tuna Utterback, Carol Lynne Sweet. Margaret Southworth, Wendy Lake. Trisha Michalczyk, Terri Lynn Segal. THIRD ROW: Zora Lobough, Lois Spiegel, Kathleen Miller, Chris Knop, Ann Schideler, Jane Ann Looney, Sharon Malone. Tarman 4, 5 Cleans Duck Pond With Walker Freshman honors women of Tarman 4 and 5 teamed with freshman honors boys of Walk- er Tower for a picnic and a well-spent after- noon cleaning the park grounds of the duck pond off Lindsay Street. Dorm President Judy Mathews pooled the eager residents' talents for Campus Chest Week activities and set up a marriage booth. The women also entertained underprivileged children at the Campus Chest Carnival. The coeds were also active in intramural football, tennis, volleyball, and ping pong. Tarman 6 and 7 Hosts Guest Speakers Residents of Tarman 6 and 7 enjoyed par- ticipation in a variety of academic programs, which included guest speakers from the uni- versity to explain those academic programs available to freshmen. The dorm raised money for Campus Chest and sponsored underprivileged children at the BOTTOM ROW: Judy Schwimmer, Caryn Turner, Barbara Breisch. Donna Newby. Patricia Wadsack, Bonnye Pannell, Cheryl Nlorrison. SECOND ROW: Sharon Joseph, Jan Eisenstein, Karen Thomas. Nancy Dillon, Stacy Curtis, Linda Weed, Paula Hoggatt. Campus Chest Carnival. Dads' Day was only one of the activities planned by officers Pat Wadsack, president, Donna Newby, vice-presidentg and Leslie Mil- ler, secretary. Sherry Curtis was resident ad- visor. THIRD ROW: Megan Flanagan, Margaret Mendenhall, Debbie Wheeler, Caroline Hampton, Ruth Ann Marlow, Lynn Barnes, Yyda Shelley, Brenda Blades. l BOTTOM ROW: Karyn Reisberg, Dana Weaver, Vicki Skillman, Judy Fell, Lisabeth Waring, Mary Bland, Debbie Grifhn. SECOND ROW: Linda Lissi, Dana Nicholson, Jennifer Kimbrel, Karen Nistetter, Darla Grilhn, Patti Duffy, Roni Marrin, Gail Sanders, Verna Barbee, Patricia Quinlan, Linda Raatz. THIRD ROW: Barbara Frazier, Joan Murray, Diane Kirkpatrick, Lesley May, Linda Green, Emily Larson, Carolyn Stone, 'wlary 'r'f,uri:, Sarfirn Grice, Kitty Liber, Janet Heron, Linda Niyers. l'f1l,i1lH RVN-N Beth Hunter, Judy Luckowski, Debby Ankeny, Kitty Hull, H-" Holmes, Pat Newsom, Elaine Riorclan, Linda I-iseh-rr, Nix:-:" Leonard, Pat Vishnesky, Janie Tipps. Tarman 8-12 Homecoming Float Places 2nd Second place honors for its homecoming float went to Tarman 8-12 this year. Other ac- tivities included the Christmas formal held in Couch Center, the Festival of Lights program and intramural football and softball. Two outstanding residents were Dana CATE CENTER Weaver, member of the Presidents Honor Roll and the Medical Society, and Judy Luckowski. also listed on the Presidents Honor Roll. pres- ident of the Student Nursing Club. CWCC representative and recipient of an Alumni De- velopment Scholarship. Spring Editor of aily Chosen from Cleo Cleo Cross women were excited when they learned that one of their residents, Karen Vin- yard, had been chosen editor of the campus newspaper, The Oklahoma Daily. President of Tassels, Miss Vinyard was also director of the Oklahoma Leadership Forum. Another BOTTOM ROW: Kathy Hutsebaut, Debbie O'Mara, Tish Ellis, Marty Bogardus, Sandi Gimlin, Kay Dignman. SECOND ROW: Barbara McFadden, Sue Tylek, Kay Hodges, Marilyn Mohling, outstanding resident of Cleo Cross was Marsha Levine, voted a Miss Wool Finalist. The women held a get-acquainted pizza party early in the year to form a closer dorm relationship and were active in both Campus Chest and intramurals. Kathy Sousa. THIRD ROW: Karen Vinyard. Joyce Walker. Laura Calvert, Kathy Harmon. . f if JH - ' .--. l'F "ln it A Y ,rf :VY BOTTOM ROW: Phyllis Hale, Janet Parker, Jackie Denison, Pat .li:h.i, Nicki Bowers. Debbie Morrison. SECOND ROW. Susie Kubista, Mary Bell, Sandy Lievsay, Liz Lippman, Emily Garst, Carol Scott, Sharon Nesbaum. Evans Sells Coke Dates at Booth The residents of Evans House, an upper- class women's dorm, got off to an early start with campus events. For Campus Chest, res- idents decided that slave sales were becoming too common. so Evans women hit on the idea of selling "coke" dates to the highest bidder. Also for Campus Chest, the girls entertained twelve orphans at the Kids' Day Carnival. Christmastime saw Evans residents prepar- ing for dorm festivities, and plans were made to contribute gifts to Central State Hospital patients. Evans was pleased to win third place in the dorm decoration contest. The girls were also proud to have Mary Bell in the semi-finals for SOONER Yearbook Beauty. Leading Evans this year was President Becky Philpott. Susie Kubista. Ann Sanders. Lora Kates. Nleiing Ong. and Carol Scott take off from study for a game of cards, BOTTOM ROW: Darlene Smoote, M'Lynn Emanuel, Margaret Corkery, Dottie Boyle, Susan Lewis, Anne Bachle, Debby Frye, Sue Hirschman. SECOND ROW: Gail Dault, Deborah Bauer, Mary Bullard, Antoinette Alfieri, Phyllis Maxwell, Janice E. Davis Sets Up J udiciar Upperclass dorm Davis House became self- governing this year. The residents adopted a constitution that provided for a house court to be led by the dorm president. A judiciary consisting of three floor representatives and two representatives at large was also a provi- Niblack, Evelyn Davidson, Deborah Pruce. 'IHIRD RUN'-' Patricia Denson, Cynthia Dcfiiusti, Shirley Newrnar.. f'"c Gilliam, Cathy Davidson, Evettc'arehe, f-nflfll' Src Kms. Jackie Burns, Dorothy Mapes. Under Government sion of the constitution. Outstanding Davis House residents were congresswoman B. Corkery and CWENS member Linda German. Davis' social calen- dar included a November Halloween party and an orphans' party at Christmas time. Campus Chest Trophy Awarded Forbes Forbes House was this yearls recipient of the Campus Chest trophy given to the group raising the largest sum of money. The resi- dents of Forbes collected S125 by selling car- amel apples and by sponsoring a water dunk- ing booth. Forbes House is unique in that it is a para- BOTTOM ROW: Marva Jo Lindsey, Holly Bridwell, Nancy Colvert, Carla Brune, Susan McGee, Kay Waldo, Michele Emery, Troi Davis. SECOND ROW: Mary Nolan, Diana Cole, Meredith Mann, Deidra Sharp, Norma Silk, LaNell Landguth, Karen Palmer, Mary Webb, Beverly Ameringer, Barbara Doyle. THIRD medical dorm. All residents are majoring in some field of medicine, such as in nursing or pre-med. Dorm activities included volunteer answer- ing services for the Cerebral Palsy telethon at the Oklahoma City Civic Center and a Christ- mas semi-formal. ROW: Beverly Hunnicutt, Patricia Piercy. Jo Lynn Jones. Bettye Shepherd, Becky Daniel, Vicki Zeigner, Barbara Wisniewski. Nancy Reeland. FOURTH ROW: Magnolia Lelflore. Kathy Ferguson, Michelle Roe, Karen Frank. Charlene St. John. BO'l'l'UNl ROXN 1 Pamela Cash, Jenny Green, Cheryl Deal, Martha Arg.-tiale. Patty Strout. Diana Smith, Linda Pogue, Donna Robertson, Karin Bitto. SECOND ROW: Lisa Marie Temple, Pam Ware. Nlarsha NleHenry, Catherine Hanzel, Carolyn Ann Smith. Sheri Aekley, Eileen Bridgetts. Sue Ehlen, Jane Curry, Nancy K. Townsend, Martitia Casey. THIRD ROW: Cynthia Long, Nancy Johns, Diana Matt, Janie McGinley, Vickie Venard, Betty Williams, Sue Soult, Linda Youstra, Cynthia Seay, Evalyn Knight, Susan Lynch, Marilyn Foster. Sooner Spirit Slogans Donned Herrick Herrick House did its share of boosting the Sooner Power of Big Red this year. Each week the front of the dorm was decorated with a slogan giving support and inspiration to the OU football team. Herrick received second place in the Cate Center door decoration contest during Christ- mas. During National Black History Week, the women of Herrick sponsored films from the series "Of Black America." Three films were shown to interested spectators. Holman .Joins Brother Dorm in Activities Holman House stressed compatibility among its residents this year. Jointly sponsoring a Campus Chest pizza booth, parties, and hay- rides with their brother dorm Sanger House, the women became involved in campus events. A successful and popular activity was weekly BOil'TONl ROW: Patty Marshall, Gwendolyn Casey, Teresa Penwm. Cindy Brown, Viva Ashcroft, Janie Lewey, Jana Van .-Xrnam, Linda Doak. SECOND ROW: Paula Reynolds, Karla Huohard. Shirley Schroeder, Dana Simpson, Susan Tiffany, Ann Carson. Renee Crain, Katherine Kearney. 'lHlRD ROW: Roberta sign painting, promoting Sooner spirit for football games. Ho1man's motto, 'sto bring the girls together and allow each to establish her individuality," was its ultimate goal. Leading Holman this year was President Viva Ashcroft. Bookman, Lynda Callaway, Marianne Lubershane, LaVonne Gaw, Betty Garnett, Beverly Humphrey, Janice Sorenson, Carol Ann Bowling. FOURTH ROW: Eve Mack, Sandi Kuper, Patricia Parcell, Gayla Brown, Margaret Neaves, Diane Hubbard, Robin Sue Silverstein, Diane Deupree. jwffi-. I '. BOTTOM ROW: Linda S. Barron, Rita Everett, Beth Sherman, Diane Norvell, Amanda Shelton, Blake Kennedy, Karen Durham. SECOND ROW: Kathy Kornhass, Patricia Sealy, Randee Scott, .J..."1 fri' i bu 'Hifi J al I Lee Ann Welch, Debbie Dollarhite, Syluia Williarr-, 'IHIRIJ ROW: Carol Friedman, Cindy Harding, Susan Johrison, S.-: Ghertner, Jan Lathrop, Corinne Gillick, Paula Kaufman. Discotheque Attracts Money for Charity This year Hume House's activities were highlighted by Campus Chest. The women sold donuts in the morning, promoted a slave sale in the afternoon and entertained passers- by with a Las Vegas discotheque that evening. For a Thanksgiving project, Hume collected canned goods from each resident and donated them to needy families in the community. The residents were also active in Cate Cen- ter intramurals, including touch football, vol- leyball, badminton, and table tennis. All these activities were led by President Beth Sherman. .Jordan Joins Crusade for Later Curfews High on Jordan residents' list of accom- plishments was the quest for more lenient freshman hours. The Coeds of Jordan House conducted a survey throughout freshman dorms concerning this problem, thereby con- tributing to the over-all, campus-wide effort to BOTTOM ROW: Stella Stots, Carla Jennings, Peggy Munde, Sandi Blumenthal, Sydney Bowman, Wendy Kaneiield, Debbie Browne, Cindy Gaut, Pat Finegan. SECOND ROW: Claudia Hass, Linda Wright, Anna Markham, Vicki Sue Gelber, Betsy Melnick, Stacy Shepard, Janet Kinkead, Marion Dutton, Jan relax freshman curfews. The girls were also active in flag football. intramural volleyball and Campus Chest. One of Jordan's outstanding residents was its vice- president, Mary Lynne Oliver. who was in the cast of t6The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie." Dennis, Paula Crossley, Marcia Kinkaid. Carla Essary. THIRD ROW: Mary Carson, Sallie Singleton, Tina Lindsey. Debbie Baker. Karen Wells, Ann Nickerson. Mary Richardson. Linda Rosenbaum Sandi Hershey, Suzanne Stuart. tlirls from Lawson House Z spend .in exerting trying to num ir each other in at friend- ly card game, ' 'A u M vga gut Kit, , Lawson House Women Tutor Students Lawson House was a special tutoring dorm this year. Tutoring was available through the Office of Residential Programs for students who wanted or needed academic aid in their course work. Lawson Coeds co-sponsored a booth this year with brother dorm Oliver House. They BOTTOM ROW: Debbie Smith, Darlene Abihider, Carol Corcoran. Debbie Abbott. Cindy Moy, Edith Littlefield, Tamsen Murray. Shirley Beckel. SECOND ROW: Crystal Luker, Lee Ann Teal. Terri Johnson, Janice Brown, Nancy Harwell, Mellanie Williams. Gayle Seyer. THIRD ROW: Rayge Swirgynski, Jeanne raised money for Campus Chest Charity with such attractions as body-painting and selling soft drinks in a saloon-decorated lounge. Outstanding residents included Edith Little- field of the President's Leadership Class and Debbie Abbott, a candidate for the Ugly Man on Campus contest. Emanuel, Sandra Booth, Gayla Beck, Susan Solie, Rebecca Young, Allyn McNicol, Donna Arnesen. FOURTH ROW: Marcia Fisher, Georgeann Otipoby, Darien Semanchik, Donna Ax, Judy Snider, Cindy Miller, Janet Herlacher, Sharon Andrako. i it 'gi 5 it Y BOTTOM ROW: Harriet Speigel, Karon Shotwcll, Barbara Carey, Jane Fanning, Phyllece Thomas, Charlene Baron, Nancy Olmstend, Janis Bass. SECOND ROW: Bonnie Schumitzky, Laura Ungerleider, Cheryl Bowers, Cathie Bridal, Donna Wilhidc, Kirk Coeds Lock and Kirk's Koffee House was a unique and mem- orable booth for the women of Kirk House this year. The coffee house was Kirk's contri- bution to Dorm Day during the Campus Chest fund-raising campaign. This year's residents set up an independent, self-governing system in which they locked Shelley Kockman, Sherry Kay, Irene Aslfimirth. Yielp f la,-rin .xi THIRD ROW: Lynne Oualls, Beth Clear, Janet l.,.lf,r:e. Jar. Kessler, Janet Hunter, Gail Presley. Barbara Kal on. llama Daniels, Kay Martin, Mary Adams. Check Own Rooms and checked all rooms themselves. Initiated by dorm advisors Janis Bass and Nancy Olm- stead, this procedure helped Kirk women to become better acquainted. Phyllece Thomas, president of Kirk House. was Cate Center's candidate for the Beauty and the Beast Contest. Intramural Squad Draws McCurtain Girls A major project for McCurtain House this year was its tutoring program. This service provided help to women with academic prob- lems from university paid tutors. As active members of the Southwest Quad Squad, McCurtain participated in all intra- mural sports. BOTTOM ROW: Sandi Farber, Kendra Widner, Deborah Powell, Phyllis Wiggs, Sandra Warden, Beverly Gilmore, Mary Shoemaker, Carolyn Higgins, Janice Cherry. SECOND ROW: Carol Sue Glassco, Fran Shell, Kathy Janzen, Linda Tommey, Kathy Stovall, Vicki Hopkins, Jill Berman, Karen Jones, Marlene Kinslow. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Howe, Mary Austill, Trisha McCurtain's outstanding residents includ- ed Sally Mitchell, semi-finalist for AFROTC queen, and Sandy Farber, a Glenn Couch Scholar. Other activities the women partici- pated in included Model UN. the OU March- ing Band and Mortar Board. Coleman, Evelyn Gurney. Karen Kelly. Nlarjorie Rogers. Nlary Burks, Sally Mitchell, Sue Harbison. FOURTH ROW: Susan Buse. Beckie Calhoun, Barbara Willis. Peggy Young. Arlene Staiger. Carol Fylfe, Sharon Scarborough. Jan Smith. Lottie Hall. Carol Lockert. a -1 1 g, i -it in . w l BOTTOM ROW: Beth Revell. Amy Wolfe, Phyllis Shadid, Ellen Bqlfcr, Christy Cook, Debbie Williams, Nan Barthel, Peggy Carter. SECOND ROW: Belinda Weingartner, Teresa Wages, Nell Sqhcxnaidre, Sharon Nlittelman, Andrea Shapiro, Vicki Meyers. Becky Dixon. THIRD ROW: Janet Connolly. George Ann Hughes, Mary Beth Heinze, Tisa Jones, Jane Bachelor, Nancy Cole, Mechele Bowen, Bonnie Burns. FOURTH ROW: Patricia Braden, Leslee Stein, Evelyn Terrill, Mary Lou Peckham, Betsy Young, Sherry Stamzaugh, Marilyn Schlegel, Charlotte Haley. McSpadden Freshmen Begin Year Together McSpadden House was the home of approx- imately 45 freshmen women this year. One of their big interests was intramural sports. The coed team placed in the volleyball champion- ship under the direction of coach Cindy Dahl- strom. Other activities included participation in Kids' Day and Dorm Night during Campus Chest. The residents also prepared for the center Christmas decorating contest. A Thanksgiving party and many room parties filled the social calendar. McSpadden presidents were Phyllis Shadid and Ellen Belzer. Film Series Highlighted at liver House The Oliver House film series highlighted activities for the 1969-70 academic year. Pro- duced by David Schanger, the series included such outstanding sports presentations as the 1956 OU championship football team, the Jets-Colts Superbowl game and the Mets BUTIONT ROW: Pat Carr, Rex McFarlin, David Schanzer, David Hatfield. Charles Willhoite, W. Lanoz Shenkus, James C. Davis. SPCUNIJ ROW: David Hardesty, Ronald Torbett, David Bibens, Jim Boyd. Stcxcn Rodcsney, Elton B. Randall, Jr., Richard Knox, World Series highlights. Oliver House was also proud to boast that world famous lover and romantic Jerry Printz was among its members. Pat Carr served as resident advisor for Ol- iver, a position new to university housing. David F. Miller, Hop Backus. THIRD ROW: Michael Tyron, Robert Baxter, Dan Johnson, Rick Houser, Tim Donovan, Steve Johnson, Sam Barrett, Ray Cline. l 1 fi 2? f is , b""" ta if I 1 2 i . l Residen! :1rl.i-,ur ll-gif.. Desilheriduc f,1:'JC7.'l'. ref, prepare three lmrlger Hoi -1 stiiderils lor finals, Parker Decorations Win Top Prize Among the many activities participated in by Parker House were intramural sports. Led by athletic chairman Nick Dyer and Bob Turp- in, the residents played football, basketball and softball. At Christmas, Parker House was awarded first place in the Cate Center Door Decorating Contest. Parker won for outstanding design BOTTOM ROW: Dennis Martin, Nicky Dyer, Dennis Deatherage, Charles L. Foushee IV, Linn E. Hogue, Joe D. Marlow. SECOND ROW: Rong Jin Homer, Russ Frizzell, Bill Khourie, Stephen Miles, Jasone Pingree, Charles Kading, Lyndall Frizzell, George and presentation of its decorations. During the second semester Joe Marlon xi as appointed a Conference on Religion chairman. He chose his committee and worked for the success of COR Week. House officers were Charles Foushe. presi- dent, Dennis Marlin, vice-president, and Nick Dyer, intramural chairman. Tom Huggins. THIRD ROW: Stephen Carter. Joe Scheefers. Pezer Natscher, Richard Smith, Stephen Turley. Laurence Prokop. Richard Hall, Larry Johnson. 12 6 , ,Q l 5 , i r 1 I L 1 s i i BOl'l'ONl ROW: .John Hite. Jim Heathely. John Houston, Fred t'.im.icho. Richard S. Lee. Jerry Fischer, Dennis Robbins. SFCUND ROW: Clarence J. Runyon, Truman Geren, Dennis Wimer. Klaus Russ. Mark M. Dooling, Jack Augustensen, Robert Sager House Ent The men of Sager House were involved in campus activities while maintaining com- mendable study habits. They placed in Cam- pus Chest competition and were active in in- tramural sports. Other activities included a hayride and two CROSS CENTER Bass Entertains A pretzel-eating contest was jointly spon- sored by Bass House and Mills residents this year. The fund-raising Campus Chest booth was opened for Kids' Day. Contestants had to stuff down three pretzels in one minute to win. On a day especially for children, Bass enter- BOTTOM ROW: JoAnn Rott, Judy Gibbons, Carol Hanan, Linda Caianaugh. Karen Pogoloff, Pat Moore, Gayle Wise. SECOND ROW: Kathy Byrne. Judy Douglas, Ruth Seigel, Paula Henderson, Cynthia Ann Day, Toni Bileck, LeVada Balden, Pamela Crupper. 'IHIRD ROW: Vicki Sullivan, Tammie Metcalf, Susan Schultz, Magusson, Elton Larry. THIRD ROW: David Storkey, Charles Pohl, Terry Mackland, Thomas L. Meyer, William Sporre, Walter Bruce Kohlun, Bruce Anderson, Ronnie Cheek. ertains Sister Dorm parties with Sister dorm Brooks House. The residents also participated in Sooner Scandals. Dorm officers were Jim Heatherly, presi- dentg John Houston, vice-president and social chairmang Tom Myers, secretary-treasurer. rphaned Youths tained 39 orphans at the Campus Chest Carni- val. A get-acquainted party with men's dorm McCain sparked new relationships this year. Held at Lake Thunderbird, the girls and guys munched weiners roasted over a Warm fire. Danni Stainer, Melanie Arwood, Margaret Hathcock, Monica Slone. FOURTH ROW: Karen Megenity, Mary Schiff, Patty Miller, Diane Slief, Cindy Painter, Shelley Kroll, Lealan Pouder, Marcia Kessler. :iygi-1' 1--'I 1v at I v,y,,e li i il 7 .,,.' "fl sjfif 9 1' " ,, PAW' I S, it 3' sv ,5 - y ,f , . 5 Q ,, , . N , 1 , ' n V+ L ii tra Whisaitl, We y will fy Q f.. 4 ll 1 lAfl'5 0 Q I 1 BOTTOM ROW: Jone French, Karen Fisher, Ann Bivins, Wendy Sosna, Wiley Smith, Suzanne Robben, Suzanne Watts, Donna Heyman. SECOND ROW: Paulette Schmidt, Carol Freeman, Rosalyn Dizer, Carolyn Richardson, Debbie Adamson, Cathy il IF, 1' P95 i' 1 ,ri Roark, Lynn Tobias, Jane Flanzer, Sharon Wolf. THIRD Rflvixf Gail Bays, Jana Brown, Diana Booher, Cynthia Cunnznzhgr.. Sheryl Bradheld, Dale Bendensky, Libby Huddlcsron, Barb Han. Karen Kasten, Ellen Weinstein. Alley Coeds Stage Late Walk-out Residents of Alley House will long remem- ber their contribution to Campus Chest during Dorm Day. The booth they constructed was both novel and entertaining. Called "Dare Me, You Pay, We Do" the women found their efforts rewarded by collecting a clear profit of 5517. Christmas was also a busy time for Alley House. The Christmas spirit was quite evi- dent as the girls strung popcorn to decorate their tree and donated gifts to underprivileged children. President Wendi Fofne helped organize dorm get-togethers such as the ll o'clock walk-out which ended up at Shakey's for pizza. Other oilicers of Alley leading the women through an active year were Vice-President Cynthia Barnes and Secretary Wylie Smith. i l Nuuirally the one place t campus you would expect find a clawing ca: is in .ar ley. BOITONI ROXN: Nlarylou Glass, Joelle Woller. Sherri Collier. ,Lino lt-urs, Norma Lopez Cirlos. Linda Goodstein, Brenda Good. lirulctze E, Kiktigaua, SECOND ROW: Casey Whittaker. Bon- nie Berlin, Shirley Chester. Carol lman, Erin Smith, Deborah Williamson, Sue Brown. THIRD ROW: Anita Daniels, Karen Coody, Denise Davidoff, Mary H. Hutcheson, Len Stubbletield, Laura Blakeburn, Charlene Jane Rosser, Susan DeBee, Edwina Willhite. Buchanan Lures Students to Marriage Booth Women residents of freshman dorm Bu- chanan bounded with school spirit early in the year by their enthusiastic participation in Campus Chest. Luring wandering couples with their Marriage Booth, Buchanan women "married" students and took pictures of the event. The coeds also set up a Las Vegas casino. To promote Christmas spirit, President Linda Goodstein helped organize a dorm party, and the women decorated a tree in the lounge. Exchanging names and presents brought the residents closer together. Burton Fortune Teller Mystifies Orphans "Slave for Salew echoed through Cross Cen- ter as the women of Burton House raised money for Campus Chest. The residents also hosted a Halloween party for several of the community's orphans. The lounge was dec- orated with black lights, and a fortune teller added to the authentic atmosphere. BOTTOM ROW: Kay Wrede, Beth Fertig, Beth Goldstein, Jayne Zigcl. Janet Tibbles. Billie Presnell, Kay Wallace, Karen King. SECOND ROVS: Sara Blaine, Jacque Frevert, Laurie Luttbeg, Susan Schaffler. Meg Thompson. Lori Russ, Monica Kahn, Bette Nlnss, THIRD ROW: Linda Rossi, Sandie Jodlowski, Donna A picnic at Lake Thunderbird drew Burton women out of their rooms to the diverting greenness of the lake area. Indoor parties also highlighted the year as plans for a dorm Christmas party and an End-of-the-Year party were finalized by officers Jane Ziegle and Beth Goldstein. Haney, Eleanor McGuire, Mary Dodson, Kathryn Strachan, Sue Berkmeyer, Jani Delap. FOURTH ROW: Sara Bludworth, Pam- ela Smith, Nancy Thompson, Joyce Wheeler, Jennie Kay Buchan- an, Joanna Whitney, Rita Barrett, Cindy Dollins, Charlene Rosser. BOTTOM ROW: Gayle Northcutt, Donalee Bailey, Betsie Beau- Olivia Hanson, Margaret lerocschle, 'Ihea Stanturf. flag. I.'fg-. sang, Bonnie Frank, Dann Lou Meaders, Esther Houser, Rhen- Miriam De Silva, Sue Voss, Charlene Robznsun, f.",L Nic,-cr. etta Melton, Sister Geraldine Schulte, Margaret Hale. SECOND ROW: Debbie Anderson, Pat Breeden, Debby Utterbach, Mary Monfore, Merry Bagby, Judy Bolene, Zahia Marie Mogab, Son- dra Horton, Ruth Beneda, Candise Carver, Debbie Hanvilie. THIRD ROW: Karen Powers, Trudy Tennis, Micki Turnham, Patty Patterson. l-OURTH ROW: l.our'les Poms, Jang S-h,h.r,, Vicki Topletz, Hannah Anker, Mary Rore:-t, Nitin lr:.::.a-cr Vicki Porter, Karen Burton, Jan Sartor, Niarilg-ri Sehrarr Margie Box, Diane Favre. Couch Residents Experience Coed Living Couch South 4 was occupied by women honor students this year, while Couch South 3 housed adult women. The experience of coed living was enjoyed by the women as Couch South 2 housed adult men. Residents of 3 and 4 were guests at a De- cember party, capping the men's four-day hol- iday celebration. The game 6'Thumper" was played into the night. To enhance interpersonal relationships with their counterparts, the adult women hostessed a pretzels and Coors party. Santa Makes Appearance at Ditmars House Ditmars collected the most money in Cross Center for Campus Chest with their successful slave sale. The women earned S97 by selling resident slaves to work for buyers. Santa Claus paid a visit to Ditmars this Christmas, but dorm President Barbara Mar- cuse was unexplainably absent. Furthermore, BOTTOM ROW: Sallie Couch, Jacci Clark, Fran Peacock, Bar- bara Marcuse, Susan Smith, Mary Zemelman, Sheila Miller, Joy Katz. SECOND ROW: Marge Raimond, Cheryl Hamilton, Mar- sha Mayer, Lynn Morgan, Connie Jester, Cheryl Richmond, Jessie Elder, Quannah Chuleewah, Marilyn Jones, Becky Smith, Marcy Santals "HO HO" was strangely high-pitched. A year-long feature of Ditmars was the awarding of prizes to residents for such achievements as the loudest laugh. and to the most deserving of all, the Pickle Finger of Fate Award. Faxon, Sandi Rowland. THIRD ROW: Pat Thomas. Ann Rich- ardson, Joann Sobel. Linda Kennedy. Jennifer Elmendorf. Janet Janzen, Janet Thompson, Bonnie Gatewood, Putty Pybas. Robin Morris, Chris Gilstrap. Bobi Graham. Conna Compton. VE . 60-I 1 -ugligii 1 3? gg! I ' Q if .5 BOl'l'ONl ROW: Sheryl Geckler. Patty Otler, Nancy Glassberg. Jane lferrell, Jackie Nlorgan, Yalerie Hill, Gayle Stout, Pam Reid. NPCOND ROW: Gwendolyn Howell, Karla Koenig, Georgia Bell. Susanne Guthery, Cathy Fellers, Donna White, Penny Phillips, Terry Phillips. Kelly Coeds Throw Psychedelic Dance Party Freshmen women from Kelly House will long remember their psychedelic "dance party" given for the men of Smith House. Donating time and money to various cam- pus activities. the women hosted several chil- dren at the Kids' Day Carnival and on Hallow- een took orphans trick-or-treating throughout Cross Center. Kelly coeds also decorated their lounge and planned games for the children to play. At Christmas time, money was collected from Kelly residents by Secretary Jackie Morgan to stage a fun-filled Christmas feast. Kitchens Coeds Spook Orphans on Halloween On Halloween, Kitchens residents enter- tained orphans in their "homemade" spook- house. complete with eerie cobwebs and dang- ling skeletons. From there, the women and their miniature escorts traveled to various dorm rooms trick-or-treating. Kitchen House coeds boomed with Sooner BOTTONJ ROW: Chere Kelley, Susan Gonders, Beth Collins, Debbie Spicer, Nancy Poole, Cindy Toppell, Ethel Polhemus, Nlareia Schupbach, Leslie Sarbach, Marti Bombel. SECOND ROW: Janine Schnitzer, Andrea Segel, Laura Melton, Anita Kirk- land, Janice Nlarlar, Ann Pettett, Marilyn Mclnnis, Judy Gould, Judy Purvine. Glenda Nicks, Mary Howsc, Kay McBride, Jill spirit this year by making spirit booster signs to hang on their outside walls for OU football games. Outstanding residents were Cherie Kelley, Student Action and Inner City Tutoring Workshop member, and Marcia Schupbach, University Scholar. Noble, Cheryl Miller, Barbara Mutschler. THIRD ROW: Mosetta Williams, Jane Mobley, Debra Jefferson, DiAnne Fishel, Angela Hope, Vicki Russell, Cheryl Grimm, Lynne Goldman, Jacque Mazzola, Linda Silvey, Teresa Plummer, Sherry King, Pamela Lindsay, Patti Patterson, Debbie Briskey. w . K hx? Y fs BOTTOM ROW: Dan Johnston, Gary Crowell, Randy Walker, Kenneth Aniess, Bernardo Duque, Mike Rinaldine, Doran Wally. SECOND ROW: Bill Parker, Chuck Turnbull, Jimmy L. Minton, McCain Introduces Its residents active in intramural sports, Mc- Cain House was the lirst dorm to introduce coed sports to Cross Center. Among other activities was work on Campus Chest for Cross Center, a Halloween party for orphaned children and several other parties with other Mills Men Sponsor Men of Mills House participated in a vari- ety of activities during the year. Underprivi- leged children were sponsored at a Halloween party by Mills residents. The dorm entered a booth in the Campus Chest Carnival and in- vited several children to Kids' Day. The men also sponsored Indian high school students at BOTTOM ROW: Lynden Lee, John Pellegrini, James Maguire, Steve Joseph, Steve Bjork, Quinton Darnell, Stan Rhea. SECOND ROW: Glen Bartosh, Doug Anderson, Gary Harkey, Benjamin Leonik, Phil Burk, James Mitchell, Billy M. Harrall. THIRD ROW: Rusty Barksdale, Danny Campbell, Lloyd Holston, Kent 'B Danny W. Hartman, Howen lzclwzircl lluril, Jerry A frug, lHlPi2 ROW: David Snyder, Robert A. lurrnan, Joe l5uel1::.a-wr. lil. Baldwin, Kenneth Holden, Bob ffurnrmngs, liunriy l4vb.r.-,rr 0 Coeducatlonal Sports dorms. The men of McCain boasted outstanding campus leaders working with the Model LN and in the President's Leadership Class. Presiding over weekly dorm meetings was President John Baltiato. Underprivileged Kids their state-wide convention. A drug seminar and a Hawaiian luau were among the social activities. The house took third place in residential housing football. Other intramurals included basketball. volley- ball, softball, and track. Schroeder, Michael Livesay, William Ritchie. Gary Holland, Joe Looney. FOURTH ROW: K. Bob Swindall. Stephen Smith. Rob- ert Lachow, Ron Huggard, Philip Ross, Richard L. Nlannly. John Philip Odell, John L. Guff. Ted I-Iillmer. It ll' I z 'Q NJ l A, 5. , . s Q n Xi 4 litll ltlNl ROXNQ Jerry Nixon, Guy E. Sxxafford, D. Keith Was- -.-ri, Xlzke l. Dinill, Nlike Keller. James J. Yentlitto, William Reber: loixiugii. SECOND ROW: Wade A. Cantwell. Tom Stan- ey, theg Bixmdon, .loc Cochran, Hilton G. Qucton, Robert l?to:::.i- Biglanc Jr.. Tom DeWitt, David Christopher. THIRD l 3 1 I I 1 Qt 4 ,I -.f ' A 'J I ROW: Joe McKinney, Tom Tokyo, Jeffrey Goff. Joseph Elliott, Burton K. Tidwell, Keith Selement, Fred Brawdy, Chuck Vaughn, David J. Seldon. FOURTH ROW: Chuck Brecht, Rex Turner, Mitchell J. C. Angel, Rich Whittington, Larry Fulhorst, Richard F. Allison, Robert Robinson, David Estes, Bruce Cohen. N-aifeh House Men Select Resident Advisor The men of Naifeh House had the privilege of being the second house in university hous- ing to select their own resident advisor. There were eight candidates selected by the Univer- sity. and one was chosen from among them. With great sports enthusiasm and full at- Prentice House OU's The hrst model dorm on the OU campus, Prentice House. hosted University President J. Herbert Hollomon at a special dinner. The model dorm program gave residents an oppor- tunity to govern and discipline themselves. Activities at Prentice included several par- ties. in the typical OU tradition, and a dunk- HUIAION1 ROVN: Nlanuele Crivello, Bill Cooper, Ken Ruse, J. Nl:.hael Pullin. Jim Seymour, Richard Gallman, Michael J. Bow- er-. tial- Harris. SECOND ROW: David J. McLaughlin, Mike lirgzm. lcrrj- Ray Halbert, Brian Gueck, Ed Neustrom, Bobby .-Xmfer-nrt. Roger Grove, Larry Nowlin. THIRD ROW: Gaddis tendance at all of their games, Naifeh resi- dents placed second in basketball intramurals. Outstanding students in the dorm included the Inter-fraternity Pledge Council President Pat Emery and three men who were listed on the President's Honor Roll. First odel Dorm ing booth at Campus Chest. Active in sports, the men of Prentice were champions of Cross Center in intramural foot- ball. Mike Bowers served the dorm as resident advisor and president under the new program. Gann, Robert Gray, Marvin Metzinger, Steve Ewing, Robert Bell, Kevin Connors, Dennis Moran, Kurt Hoss, Edward Sexton. FOURTH ROW: Michael Thomas Castro, Joe F. Tayar, Danny E. Cochran, John Dutton, Jim Allman, Elmo Doran Dotson, Paul Gregory, Terry Wingate, David Gooden, David Jones. 1U -Q- iliil 'het iifJITii5?1iiL1flLiR'Jfihi'J?1fl lf-. because of high haridi-.ip practice their ping pong Student Vance Has Navy Exchange Vance House, the Navy dorm in Cross Cen- ter, featured a Naval exchange student this year. Massood Javadi served in the Iranian Navy while living at home. He was interested in learning more about the American Navy and thus moved into Vance House at Cross. A very sports-minded dorm, Vance House BOTTOM ROW: Jeff Friedman, Dennie Deason, Richard Neaves, Carl Robertson, John Covotta, Nick Nardine, Massood Said- Javadi, Larry Garcia. SECOND ROW: Ron Hoecker, James Chang, Rodney J. Meadows, Jr., Roger Jackson, Edward E. Da- vies, John L. Nelson, Wayne Wolter, George W. Farrar, James Sutphin. THIRD ROW: Louis E. Metcalf III, Fred Koepke, Jim participated in all intramural sports this year. The men received the Cross Center hockey championship. Serving the dorm as officers were Rick Ri- ley, who presided over weekly meetings. and Mike Alridge, who was vice-president. Bob Long was athletic chairman. Tohmpson Shaw, Randol Freeman. Gary T. Bodane, Doug Yar- land, Dennis Lindsey, Michael Aldridge. Gary Crawford. FOURTH ROW: Joe Strnad, Mike Harrell. Don Cornett, Bob Long, Lyndon G. McLennan, Jr., Richard P. Riley. Bob Lam- caster, Chris E. Green, Thomas Allen Baugh, Steven Dennis. I C' i - , I I XX ALKER CENTER Q .3 Ax l BOTTOM ROW: Tom Riney, Ed Yeith, Mike Evanson, Glen Douglas Hutt. Stephanie Huff, Robert Lee, Kevin Goin, John Bley. Nlalcolm Foster. SECOND ROW: Douglas Raymond, Rich- .ard Alan Way, Tommy Dickey, Mike Willey, Tommy Don Craig- head. Edwin Berger. Mark Clinton, Jim Bridgett, Kent A. Watson, Daxid P. Peeler. THIRD ROW: Vincent M. Mudd, D. Norwood Duvall, Douglas S. Taylor, Paul L. Cortassa, David Austin J1m Moore, Fred Parham, Bob Bonnell, Lloyd A. Peters, Louis Dickey FOURTH ROW: Michael J. Finley, David H. Nickell, C. David Clark, Stanley S. Parsons, Randy Blair, Charles Carter, Steve McCarter, Fred Funkhouser, Jeffrey White, Kirk Stuart, Stephen Roberts. Walker 3 E Hosts Discussion Group Interested in expanding their education be- yond the classroom. residents of Walker 3 East participated in various campus activities. They joined in the Experimental College, begun this year at OL'. and initiated a discussion group within their own dorm. Topics of this discus- son group. referred to as the Intensive Learn- ing Community. included vandalism, the Jones Family Grandchildren, underground newspaper on campus: and an intensive learn- ing experiment. The men of 3 E also participated in Campus Chest activities, adopting 20 orphaned chil- dren on Kids' Day. The students took the children to the Campus Chest Carnival. Olhcers of the dorm were Dave Johnson, chairman: Jim Bridgett, vice-chairman, and Edwin Berger, secretary-treasurer. Vtzillter 3 I-.asf intrarnurzil chairman Randy Blair dis- cusszs wrestling maneuvers v-ith his opponent. i men sir in cfmfcrcrne fl'l',-, spool. mracl-. on Walk' VVcsI. alker 5 East Creates Constitution During the school year, the men of Walker 5 East were engaged in a variety of campus activities. In the fall, the dorm acquired the distinction of being the Hrst freshman dorm to create a house constitution and have it ap- proved. Besides dorm government, intramural sports BOTTOM ROW: Randy Nemitz, Pat Patterson, Jack Hillman, Rick Van Krevelen, Henry Kidd, Dawson Lasseter. SECOND ROW: Jim Wilson, Cliff Briery, Tom Leinbach, Gary Heerwald, Lloyd Fadem, William Rodney DeVilliers, Jr., Arthur W. Young II, Rowf Campbell. THIRD ROW: Mark Zelley, Boyce Carins, William McCarthy, Gary A. Bryant, Jeffrey Gibson, John Her- .L Al . 'ik if involved 5 East residents in their favorite sports. Football, basketball, golf, and wrest- ling received the greatest emphasis. Dawson Lasseter was resident advisor of the dorm, and Jack Hillman was president. Other oflicers were Bob Yeatts, vice-president. and Marshall Brantmeier, secretary-treasurer. nandez, David Carruth, Stephen I.. Meadows, Eddie Edwards. FOURTH ROW: Mike Tiffany, Sonny Holladay. Joe Shuckley. Jr., Tim Hackett, Bob Marby, Ron Matlock. Bradley Braxton Jones III, Wayne Felts, Joel Burnstein, Kenneth Bruce Harper. Marshall Brantmeier, l 4 L - -- fx A l. BUl'lUNl RUXM Joe Todaro. Bruce Urband, Bruce Edward Harroz. leslie Clary. Jim Ovvens, S. Leon Hughes. SECOND ROXK: Daniel R. Nlyerbcrg, Brad Stanton, Tommy Hendrix, Wil- E. Black. Bruce Fadem. Richard Graham. THIRD ROW: Craig D. Hines. Buddy Fitzpatrick, Paul Hart, John Eric Clay- bon, Chris Linenberg, Rick Hamilton, Bruce Hamm. FOURTH ROW: James D. White, Tom Frankert, Joe Enos, Paul Zimmer- man, Randy Kimsey, Mike Rayburn, Doug Hodges, Steven Ken- neth Kaplan. Places in alker Tower Intramurals Service projects were prominent among the activities of Walker 4 West this year. During the Christmas season the dorm made a gener- ous donation to several needy families in the Norman community. The men also made an outstanding effort in intramurals, placing second in the Walker Tower competition. Leading the dorm in their activities were of- ficers Les Clary, president, and Bruce Urband, vice-president. Rsponsible for finances was Bruce Harroz. Walker 5 W Becomes Active in Campus Life The spirit and unity of Walker 5 West was demonstrated vividly this year when they won the Walker Center championship for intra- mural football. The residents displayed diver- sified interests and participated in many cam- pus activities. including the Model UN. BO'I'IONl ROW: Frank Barnes, Lee Young, Jack Killough, Bob Vkttmhle. Stu Hough, Jim Ritter, Skip Stephens, Bill VVelk. SEC- OND ROW: David May, fvlark Harris, Mike Joseph, Gary W. Reel.-.ine. Scott Lucas, Jack Hoopes, Jerry Burkett, Gary Cope- land. Steve THIRD ROW: Chuck Sullivan, David Lawr- lk A fit Resident Advisor Bill Welk was assisted by dorm officers Skip Stephens, president, Bob Womble, vice-president, and Allen Neuman, secretary-treasurer. Organizing the 5 West team in intramural competition was Jim Rit- ter, athletic chairman. ence, Stan DeFehr, Douglas Burroughs, William Pritchett, Bill Stehr, John F. Whipps, Roger Mitchell, Randy Keltner. FOURTH ROW: Stanley Lewis, Frank Williams, Ronnie Brogden, Houston Jameson, Earl Peeples, Rick Piper, Doug Humphrey, Bill Richert, Richard Ashford, Glenn Walters. an A. l Sian farucr and lrxixl-IIC X, Y la play a crucial ganna ,T Slrarcgo during a quief :--1 ning in Walker X l-,as E Houses utstanding Students The residents of Walker 8 East displayed a vital interest in current university matters and in the future of the university community this year. The residents led a series of discus- sions with various administrators, including Vice-President David Burr. Both campus and dorm activities played important roles for 8 East men, as exhibited by the scholastic and campus activities of BOTTOM ROW: Kent Stout, Charles Park, Stuart Perlow, Fran- cis T. Eyre III, John Trygue Westby, John Harness. SECOND ROW: Mike Pone, Max Elsman, Joe Lay, James F. Primm, Michael DuBois, Larry Berlin. THIRD ROW: Charles Pate, Phil l Charles Park, University Scholar, and John Harnes and F. T. Eyre, delegates to Model United Nations. John Harris served as resident advisor both semesters. Dorm officers were Robert Lilburn. president, Bill Remmert, vice-presidentg and Stuart Perlow, who served as both secretary and treasurer. Webb, Mike Vinson, Donald Rogers, Tim Abendrorh, Gary Grisham, Stan Carver. FOURTH ROW: Ronnie Perry, Bill Rem- mert, Philip Wall, Graig Herren, David Zwart. Jon Widman. David Williams, Robin Ford. .2 - 'N W L .. - L 4. is ... BOTTOM ROW: Dean Yassilakos, David T. Yelton, Rick Rid- Stanley Keith Young, Steve Crowder, Gene Francis, Robert tile. Ronnie Wilken, William Brute Hollis, Ron Myers Grefz Cox. Skorupsky, Steve Trolinger, Jay Boyles, David Freno, Greg SECOND ROW: Steve Hurst, Mark Lewis, William A. Kitchen. Mitchell, Mike Canazon. FOURTH ROW: Ross Griggs, Lawrence Don R. Wagner, M. Scott Landon, Chris Cordogan, Larry D. Pike, Richard Cotton, John Burbage, John Herlihy, Joe Glasser, Tuttle. Lynn Hoffman. Fred Lane. THIRD ROW: Jay Grigsby, John Cottle, Dave Granfield, Michael Winchell. 8WG R' ISE' F tbll Comparable to the Kansas City Chief's Sup- Chest. Other activities included a function in er Bowl victory was that of Walker Tower 8 downtown Norman's Coronado Inn with the Wests. In a game of Sooner football, 8 West residents of a women,s housing unit. won over arch rival 8 East shortly after the Dave Yelton led 8 West as president and intramural season had ended. The final score held weekly dorm meetings. Bruce Hallos of the game was I2-8. served as vice-president, and Ron Wilgins was The men of 8 West also sponsored a coffee secretary-treasurer. Ron Myers arranged so- house as their money making booth in the cial activities, functioning as social chairman. campus-wide. fund-raising project, Campus Q Well l'.flU'f'H card sharks of Waller X West get in the mood for another big game. - L A A BOTTOM ROW: Frank Dillon, Jim Campbell, Richard LeVine, Paul A. Silverman, Glenn Ford, Doug Davis, Jeflrey Robert Fox. SECOND ROW: Chuck Donaldson, Kelly Hays, Doug Speed, Gary L. Wilkerson, Ed Kimmel, Pate Payton, Rick Smith, Gary Baker. THIRD ROW: Jim Tait, Stewart Greenfield, Bill Threl- keld, Gershon Cohen, Jim Nicffollurn, Clary Ijuntzm. Ion. Kira 1: Charles Tate. HJURTII ROW: Richard Ilras, 1. Slufhcri Mizel Kenneth Austin, W. Stephen Somers, Niichael I.. Shiprzizm, IJa..f1 Kaspar, Jim Kaufman, David Bowles. rienng xxIll.'Q"f,f: Walker 7 West Boasts University Scholar The men of Walker 7 West participated in athletics and the fund-raising campus project this year, Campus Chest, among other campus and dorm activities. The primary goal of the dorm was to participate in all intramurals. Glenn Ford brought recognition to 7 West as a University Scholar. The officers of 7 West conducted weekly organizational meetings. Glenn Ford served as president, and Doug Davis was vice-presi- dent. Jeff Cox was secretary-treasurer. Acting as resident advisor was Gary Baker. Walker 9 W Mizel Wins Dart Competition Walker 9 West men participated in a busy intramural sports schedule. Football, basket- ball, wrestling, and softball interested the men, but their biggest boast was the dart champion- ship, won by Gary Mizel. Nine West residents held two major parties, BOTTON ROW: Lewis Henderson, Byron Pugh, R. R. Kent Weaver, Joe Green, Hung Lum, John Turnbow, Steven Conard, Ron Stites. SECOND ROW: Van Russell, Jefl Bullard, John Green, Jeff Johnston, Terry Badzinski, Loren F. Stephenson, Bill Conyers, John Kyle Buchanan. THIRD ROW: Mark Dotson, l All , . .L showed movies. and bought a color television for their lounge, later giving it as a wedding present to former resident advisor Ron Stites. President of the dorm was Chuck Turnbull: vice-president was Garth Splinter. Mike R. Jones, Bruce Robins. Michael Harris. Dart Langtorc George Trammell, Alan M. Hoyt. Peg-'ton Wolford. Dennis McIntyre. FOURTH ROW: Steve Ives. Bill R. Meyer. Ori? Piepho, Andy Veal, Jack Phipps, Dave Stephens. John T. Richard- son, Richard Pierson. Bill Wolfson. John Croucn. S ... .X Y 41 Nkilkcr ll resident .John lone! condition is beyond specttlation .tt this moment. Q . . If , N Y I I 'val 1 X"i-fe m Wig rx iv 7-""'-J' Y K in alker 12 Hosts Aborigine, Tropi' Walker 12 men invited an Australian Abo- rigine to be a guest at the dorm for a semester. Zulu Hippocrates arrived with a supply of raw lizards and literally camped out on the lloor landing at the head of the stairs. Throughout the semester Walker men learned to take pre- cautions as the whiz of boomerangs echoed down the halls. As a result, because of their BOTTOM ROW: Gary Bonner, Tom Pickens, David S. Rosen, Robert l. Paullin Jr., Roger Bringham, Michael R. Shannon, Clark Briscoe. Bob NlcElmurry. SECOND ROW: Nick Wavers, David O. King, Tom Nixon. Mike Coker, Mike Adams, Keith Golden Ray Ellis Nliller, Dennis Grimes, Mark Shapiro. THIRD ROW: James C. Bennett. Kenny Bohrer, Doug Dale, Harry Ray Cock, Nlark Warner, Ronald Robinson, Tom Wcislow, Jack Stovall, J. 1 interest, residents have circulated a petition requesting that boomerang hurling be included in OU intramural sports. Outstanding residents in the dorm included three Tropi's from New Guinea, brought to America by their mother, Miss Ing Lynk. In all, the men of Walker 12 profited by this con- tact with people different from themselves. Dennis Tautfest, John W. Porter. FOURTH ROW: Joel-Lovis Sanders, John Jones, Steven Schall, Dennis Hutton, Daniel Scull, Steve Hawkins, Charles W. Pitner, Larry Aab, Michael J. Hess, Lester Lowery. FIFTH ROW: Thomas W. Specht, Kevin Hopkins, Rick F. Vermillion, Royce Gambill, Ronnie Galloway, Douglas K. Henkel, Dennis A. McKee, Danny Lee, Bernardo J. Diaz, Fred Forde. il! l' sg 41. 1 l BOTTOM ROW: Bob Shipley, A. K. Manahan, Larry Tauber, William J. Dessauer, Jr., Rand Carr, Bradley Klar, Fred Stern, Larry Simpson, Dave Fox. SECOND ROW: Craig Walsh, Jeff Weiss, Robert E. Poer, David Barringer, Jim Harris, Patrick S. Cross, Tom Birkett, Mel Penn, Richard Pyle, Michael Massad. THIRD ROW: Jonathan King, Rick Lillard, Jesse Hankla, Rick Hoffman, Richard Riggs, Steve Holscy, Jeff Heath. Bun Haw., George Ellis, Rick Cullison. I-OURTH ROW: Michael llarrniirrr., Bill Cossaboon, Larry Don Reinschmiedl, Robert Larry fzdiriger. Steve Schutten, Charles Alfred Dreyling, Joe Barlov., Jim Fraser, Richard M. Fuhrmann, Trent Cornelsen, Clarence Willrarrr-. Walker 11 Men Stress Studying, Intramurals Walker 11 men, mostly upperclass, were busy this past year in both football and bas- ketball intramurals. In another phase of dorm life, the residents applied themselves and their attitudes toward academic concerns and grades. Larry Neidich and Patrick Cross, an honor WILSON CENTER mathematics major, were instrumental in writ- ing the dorm's constitution. Richard Cullison. another outstanding resident, was a member of the Student Court and presided in the Nafis- si trial. Patrick served as president of the dorm, and Richard aided as vice-president. Hester House Coeds Win Red Cross Troph Hester House coeds won a trophy this year for the largest number of donors from inde- pendent housing during the Red Cross Blood Drive. Residents of the dorm also gave a car- oling party for orphans at Christmas and gave a food basket to a needy family in Noble. BOTTOM ROW: Carol King, Nan Neff, Elizabeth Guild, Gwendolyn Wilson, Carmen Negroni, Ann Thomas, Beth Yorman, Gloria Cole. SECOND ROW: Linda Turnbull, Nancy Tolbert, Mina Izadi from Persia was the foreign stu- dent living in Hester. Maggie Melton led the dorm as president, aided by Carmen Negroni. vice-president, Marthenia Miller. secretary: and Liz Guild, treasurer. Martha Holmes. a senior majoring in piano, was resident advisor. Julie Nuernberger, Wendy Stonebraker. Johnnie Dee Russell. Carroll Gourd. Gloria Miller. Nancy Wilson. uuwxwunl. r , ' u4n7mn1r 71 I 1'xxx 'x :ln g1x.,x.: . 4 I. TL Tw s-E Council Plans Social Activities Activities sponsored by the Wilson Center Presidents' Council, led by President Richard Hess. included a Dads' Day Receptiong or- phans' Christmas Partyg a campus-wide dance, featuring the Fabulous Flippersg a week of social concern: and a special Residential Halls Week. The Center was also visited by an array of well-known speakers which included Cecil Williams, NAACP leaderg theologians Dr. Richard Rubenstein and Dr. Bundeen Gilkeyg and State Representative Archibald Hill. The general attitude of the Council and Center was one of concern. WILSON CENTER PRESIDENTS' COUNCIL: Diana Robb, Alfred Bell, Bob Martie, Rick Hess, Harold Andrews, Doc Kutner, Alvin KN akericld. Peter Catadano. ,ffi an Apu-.4 Sic'-c Hingrrmri prow that the old slouan up isnt dead :ifwr si Boyd Recruits House Constitution Boyd House residents were quite active in intramurals this year, particularly in the favo- rite Sooner sport-football. Boyd's victory in intramural football over arch rival Worcester House prompted a vic- tory party held shortly after the game. In basketball Boyd maintained an "A" and "BH team. The men of Boyd held elections this year BOTTOM ROW: Chuck Bechtel, Steve Winer, Jess Burris, George Shelley, Jim Pregler, Kurt Sulfka, Jeffrey Baum, Steve Bingham, Mark Watson, Larry R. Tom. SECOND ROW: Charles Elder, Steve Welch, Douglas San Lin, Richard L. Hess, Chip Crowell, Fung Chin, Jack Kelly, Robert Dassman, Charles E. Jackson, Michael Wilkinson. THIRD ROW: Joe Eastman, Ron Scott, Casey and recruited a house constitution. something new in dorm life at OU. Boyd House participated in the campus- wide charity project, Campus Chest. and col- laborated with Alpha Gamma Delta sorority to sponsor a booth. Larry Tom served as resident advisor dur- ing both the fall and spring semesters. Nickerson, Ronald F. Nichols, David Waller, John E. Brockerz. Craig Knutson, Mark Stroud, Dennis V. Ricablanca. Dennis Lang. FOURTH ROW: Larry Foutz, H. Brent Williams, Ed f.'- ard Daxid Aber, Charles Smith, Alan Field, James H. Maynard, Yon Reed. Michael F. Welk, Bill Foresman, Bob Tillman, David Shot'-well. Q E e I x BUl'lUXl ROW: Xlanoi Basuray, Xlalcolm E. Adderley, Jr., Tsshft- Nlxune, Otis Wi Willianis. Jr.. Seyed Nl. Roknizadeh. NN entiell "Dan" Culebrook. SECOND ROW: .-Xnush Cxavami. John I if e 'it 3 t 'I-5 . , . l . ' i I I I Chin. Winston Y. Perry. Jameson Chen, Hashem Hozhabri. THIRD ROW: Surachai Suvannodom. Menashi Khazoom, Robert H. NIcClintic Il. Setsuo Takatani. David Berkenbile. Phil Petta. Franklin Mixes National Cultures Franklin International House has been on campus for over tive years. During this time it has housed students from all over the world. The international students. including Amer- ican students. come from places such as Bo- livia. China. Ethiopia. India. Japan. Nigeria. Persia. Peru. Taiwan and Turkey. Under the supervision of Turner Blount. Director of International Student Affairs, Franklin House offers a warm and hospitable atmosphere of mixed cultures. Lincoln Boasts Effective House Government Lincoln House boasted a very complex. yet effective house government. Dorm president .-Xlvin Wakeiield headed the executive branch. vthile Steve Nyman directed the house judicial board. Eight representatives from different wings of Lincoln sat as a legislative body. In the house resided both of Wilson Center's student congressmen. Terrence Smith and Bill HUTTUNI ROW: Joe Brent Clark. Alvin Wakeheld. James Black. Wray. Resident advisor Joe Brent Clark rep- resented OU in Rhodes Scholarship competi- tion. Lincoln men excelled in intramurals. win- ning the Wilson Center football championship and achieving success in basketball and soft- ball. Weatherly. Richard Breier McDonald. THIRD ROW: Allen Tandy. Graig Allen. Daniel G. Wiggs. Michael N. Ray, Kenneth D. Nash. Warren Bud Schuch. S'::':i Nl-man. Kenneth J. Broun, SECOND ROW: John J. C 'of Jaffe- A. Haekerott. Gary Fox. Lindel Nisbett. John NI. l . I I l Y S 3 . l A Q ' ' 1 S 4' lf' vj t I 2 BOTTOM ROW: Ralph Ghazal, Bill Leverence, Tim L. Robertson, Gary Carpenter, Charles Davis. SECOND ROW: Jesse Sullivan, Jr., Jimmie McKee, Joe Zanghi, Anthony Michael Uzzo, Richard Corriveau, Thomas J. McAuliffe. THIRD ROW: Kurt Schneider, 4 6 Greg Blanche, Douglas Kensell, Charles Weber, Diei. Clzipp, lar:.e. M. Carminati. FOURTH ROW: Kenneth Sutlle. Joh: lp I rffaieg-, Gordon Kaplan, Lynn Rogers Willis, Haskell Srrritt. kkiiigarn A. Mathes, Rick Howell. Robertson Men Become Campus Leaders Robertson dorm housed several students outstanding on campus this year. Bob Sellman served as president of the Parachute Club, and Charles Davis presided over the Wheel- chair Club meetings. John Doesdurg was president of Pershing Rilies. The men of Robertson sponsored a dance at the Twin Lakes Country Club and a keg party at Lake Thunderbird. The residents also hosted a hayride through Boomer Sooner Country. Robertson House collaborated with Hester dorm and entertained orphaned children for Kids, Day at Campus Chest. Sequoyah Features Class-Integrated Housing This year Sequoyah dorm housed adult stu- dents on the first iloor and freshmen students on the second Hoor. This experimental class- integrated housing was reviewed by the Stu- dent Congress later in the semester. Sequoyah House also provided classroom BOTTOM ROW: James R. Talley, Steve L. Cole, Scott A. Campbell, Donald R. Wickersham, Scott Thompson, Bruce King- solver, John Barry Dooley. SECOND ROW: Roy O. Hultstrand, Steve Keith Fields, John C. Roach, Alfred Lee Bell, Steve Ortiz, space in its second tloor lounge for English and history courses during both semesters. It was the only dorm to be used for this purpose. Residents of Sequoyah became involved this year in the campus-wide Conference on Religion Week. Marty Lowe, Arnold J. Molinas. Fred C. Schmidt. THIRD ROW: Peter Keltch, William C. Dodson. George Robert Bohanon Il. Mark Weishaupt, Bob Neary. Mark Sater. James A Skistimas. Theodore Shroback. ' 3 " w 'I . I liililllli 1 l'I K s . 5 2 , llOl'l'OXl RONN : Laurence Allison Zendler, Kenneth R. Wickham, NX1lE:.i:n Goltlsbcrry. Robert Terrell, Claude Johnson. Gary Golds- bezry. Robert Jenkins. SECOND ROW: Michael Frank Roberts. Roy J. Poston, Donald W. Collins. Billy W. McDaniel, Carter Waid, Philip D. Buhrman, Val Pipps, David Cooksey. THIRD ROW: John B. McBreen, Joseph Rostas, Phil Gelwick, Charles Pebler, William G. Brown, Melvin L. Conder, John Minton, Douglas William McCord, Bob Lattimore. Whitehand Men Sponsor Bicycle Marathon Whitehand residents held a bicycle mara- thon during Residential Hall Week. Planning was directed by Glenn Radovich, who served as chairman of Whitehand's board of gov- ernors. Whitehand men sponsored a Campus Chest booth and children on Kids' Day. A post- holiday party was held after Christmas vaca- tion. Dorm residents also participated in in- tramural football, basketball, volleyball, and softball. Outstanding Whitehand men included Joe Fallin, student congressman and chairman of the Judicial Committee, Bill Kennedy, center president, and Val Pipps, MUN Delegation Chairman. Worcester Wins ilson Center Basketball The major activity of Worcester this year was the painting of the hall walls. The en- thusiasm even spread to include the floors. In February the Worcester basketball team won the Wilson Center championship for the second straight year. liO'l'lONl ROW: Jeffrey Steven Kutner, Michael Rawlings, Kenneth Nlcliroom, Dominic Tarantino, Gary D. Kohler, Kenneth ',er, Nlikc Dean. SECOND ROW: Earl L. Collings, Jr., Pt-fer lcclcrrn inn, Larry Laughlin, Byron Burke, Chris Scott, David House presidents were Jeff CDOCJ Kutner in the fall and Phil Stone in the spring. Residents from outside the continental U.S. included Ric Padeken, Hawaii, John Doyle, Canada, George Lazaris, Greece, and Ming- Tak Law, Hong Kong. McClure, Bruce Blair, Jim Snodgrass. THIRD ROW: Burke McGuone, John Bruno, Mike C. Hudson, Ronnie Clay, Sam Morrow, Everett E. Rea, Phil R. Stone, Chip Bayer, Terry L. Carr. Il El' , Y t . 5 li SM nh" anvil!! ' -f+'m-4125" Z 324. r apt , p : . :u ll , y 55- Q17 sf BOTTOM ROW: Liang-Sun Lee, Omar Morillo, Mario Luis W. Byrum. THIRD ROW: Ron Shelton, Sun-Fu-Yang, Jagjit Singn Typaldos. SECOND ROW: David Kwok, Chen Sun, Cheng-Kuang Ranger, William R. Schmitt, Ronald L. Lynch. Leon R. Gurneg Lin, A. S. "Ma" Richter, Waldo Estrada, Nelson G. Rios, Jerry Just Grundness, Phil Rauch, Jorge See, Reza Solemani. Ma's House Holds Warm Histor If memorable moments were worth but a penny apiece, NMa" Richter would be rich in- deed. In 1948 she and her late husband op- erated the first "football housei' on Jenkins Street with housing and meals for the Sooners until the team moved to Jefferson House in 1956. Now located at 215 E. Boyd, former home of David Ross Boyd, OU's first president. Mrs. Richter provides a warm atmosphere for 25 students who call her place "home." This past semester nine foreign countries were represented among her brood. including Argentina, Venezuela. Panama. India. Persia. the Republic of China. Taiwan. Norway and Cuba. LL r- l L "s tirst r sideni. DAQ , Ross Boyd. is octte ..t Il- East Boy d. 'Ji Mis House. once home 0. i , 1 ll. Z J L' iii l i . E , BOTTOM ROW: Wayne I. Kinney, Brent Harper, Danny Littrell, Robert Nl. Nledlin, Myke Eastin, Steve Alsworth, Archie Scott, Tom Turner. SECOND ROW: Mike Lynch, Rob Balsters, Kevin A. Vaughan, Mike Brundage, Gary Karter, Tommy ldleman, Nlichael J. Swenton. Harold Cowherd, David W. Lindquist. THIRD ROW: Clyde Chrisman. Mark Holland, William Bran- dceker. Chris Rickey, David F. Allen, John Johnson, Jim Troiano, Larry A. Peters, Michael Cahill, Arthur Allen. FOURTH ROW: Dwayne Tilley, Brian Butler, John Bass, Kris Griflith, Scott Harrington, Dick Theimer, Tom Corbin, Mike Torrez, Danny Cotner, Jeff Greene, Darrell W. Clifton. FIFTH ROW: Craig Wise, Ron Webb, James Gilham, Bruce Woodlan, Ron Hall, Bob Patterson, Ronnie Lynch, Tim Hughes, Bruce Hatlner, Kirk Smith, Pete Kron, Barry McKinnis. Jefferson House Boasts Athletes Jefferson House. home of Sooner athletes, boasted outstanding residents in the world of OU sports and in the larger university commu- nity. Scott Harrington, president of Jefferson House. also served as social chairman of the Varsity O-Club, was a member of President Hollomon's Advisory Committee, was select- ed to the Big Eight and all-district baseball BOTTOM ROW: Dick Brown, Wayne Veal, Richard Jacobs, Rick Brucker. Stan Richards, Michael Marino, Jerry Adams, Chris Antoniotti. SECOND ROW: John Ryan, Walter Tempinski, David Elkins. Clarence Weeks, Kenneth Praytor, Ken Monger, Paul Allison. Darryl Crews, Jan Gray. THIRD ROW: Terry Speer, Ron Nlifushirna, Les Seat, Jerry Bagley, Howard Mizushima, Daryl Hess, Tom Sight, Tim Headington. FOURTH ROW: H. P. f 1 teams the past two years, and was captain of the baseball team for the second straight year. Dennis Cotner, captain of the track team, was also Big Eight champion in the 440 indoor and was second in the NCAA meet in the 440 indoor. Phil Weiss was the 200-yard and 400- yard medley Big Eight Champion. George Rives, a senior in finance, served Jefferson as counselor. Mueller, Michael Karl McKinney, Dennis Mathies, Wayne Wall- gren, Stephen Flynn, Phil Weiss, Tom Craig, Roger Woolery, Bruce Anderson. FIFTH ROW: Deane Foote, Chris Leydorf, Marc Dahlberg, Mike Burt, Kenneth Hardwick, John Muscrove, Travis D. L. Newsome, Odess Lovin, Kevin Lindsey, John L. Smith. 2 . i i i i i i t .! 'i in - lt. I ,- I 'n' I i 3.4 I I 4 I I ' I I I I I I I Q ' BOTTOM ROW: Mike Hawpe, Earl Peterson, Gary Chrisman, Mickey Ripley, Jim Gilmore, Bill Elfstrom, Steve O'Shaughnessey, Steve Tarlton. SECOND ROW: Mike Mullen, Charles Hoffort, John Gounan, John Watson, Ron Stacy, Richard Dutter, Edd McGehee, Jack Shelton, Ken Hulstein. THIRD ROW: Jack Mildren, Danny Noles, Dave Robertson, Tommy Saunders, Steve Scranton, Kenneth Jones, Steve Shotts, Roy Bell, Albert L. Qualls. FOURTH ROW: Carl McElroy, David Cicrcn. Clem- Berne-. C Mike Smith, Phil Jordan, Steve Aycock, Riel-1 Nissen. RLJ: Half- ridge, Vester Marshall, Jr., John Shelley. I-lI'lH POI-N: Jai: Yule, Tom Hampson, Garfield Heard, Clitford Roy. Steven G Zabel, Jim Files, Alger W. Flood, Jerry Nlatulis, Skip Dans, tug. Baccus, Todd Nelson. ashington Basketball Players Excel Washington House residents were members of the varsity sports teams, most of them in football and basketball. The athletic dormi- tory was composed of men on athletic schol- arships, and all the residents were outstanding in sports. Washington House was led this year by its president, Scott Harrington. Edd McNeil, a junior in the College of Law, was its counse- lor, aided by Dan Jordan an Gary Thompson. The dorm's Student Congress representative BOTTOM ROW: David Holt, Gregory Donald Pruitt, Larry Laush, David Dillingham, Bill W. Luttrell, Rodney Randall, A. G. Perryman Jr., Steve Dodd, Ted Henderson, Bill Struve, Bill Beakley. SECOND ROW: Joe Boone, Mike McLaughlin, Johnny Koons, Haywes McBride, Larry Fernando, Glenn King, Kenneth I. Jones, Albert Chandler, Glen Mullins, Eddie King, Raymond Hamilton, Larry Roach. THIRD ROW: John J. Gorman, Clilf Hullinger, Joe Wylie, Kelly Roach, John McLaughlin, Russell Burks, Dennis Cumbach, Jack Theimer, Jack Hughes, Mike Struck, Paul Crowell. FOURTH ROW: Jon Milstead, Danny Q 4 t L. l X X - Was Bruce Stensrud, outstanding senior in the College of Business Administration. member of Pe-et, ODK, Gamma Gamma. Whos Who. and a SOONER Yearbook Man of Distinc- tion. The Varsity O-Club Banquet was the main social event of the season. Another special accomplishment of basketball residents was the OU basketball team's participation in the NIT in New York. Mullen, Vic Kearney, Harry Truman Brown, Robert Wooten. Monty Johnson, Bruce Stensrud, Lioneel Day. Everett Marshal.. Terry Snow, Tom Abercrombie. FIFTH ROW: Eddie Foster. Leon Crosswhite, Paul Bunge, Gary Rhynes. Arthur Bobo Talkingzon. Neil Acker, Bruce De Loney, Joe Kusial-1, Bill Miller. Steve Rorlfc. Scott Martin. SIXTH ROVV: Bill Orendorff. Derland Moore. Frank Budzenski, Robert Jensen. Charles Hardin. Max Dayton. Steve Casteel. John Nicholson, Vince I.eRosa. Bobby Jack. Lyn: Hughes. . .l.. .l - - 1 L I 4 1 V 'v 'a 222 Greeks HHH, .f"""' 'A ar 'S-if .E .'-'imma J-in 'L lk S Qs". x ry, 5.25-,f iL,'fg,, Hr 4 'QA veg :INF try? S 1 1: 39 s .4?l2-,- v 5. :"i,1i"f32.' P. I ,': r A , , an ,- V P' '-'S-4 223 The active G reek--ruslz, pledge duties, parties, getting up early to put that pin on straight. The involved Greek-caring what you are enouglz to change it all if permafzelzee demands L5 if -,ff 3 'Yu l L if W g Q X x X :rx H 1' .XG 6 V i M iv X f6f?,fx4 , Ai igml si q I fs. ,F Q., f'1..Aht.i K.. a-+A M ff 'ff' f 's . R Q I S"sW X f! M' ' T If 1 ' ak, ' lj, s 1 ll' 0 .Mfg 2 L qw, -gi Y -LC fy W Wdaaycv T0 'M Q 15 ALPHA CHI OMEGA X l'f fv- LH l l I5 College Alpha Chi's Three Time Winner For the third consecutive year the Alpha Chi Omegas Won the annual Campus Chest Beauty and the Beast contest. This year, teamed with Beta Theta Pi, over 51,400 was raised for the campus-wide charity drive. Joining in the Christmas spirit Lambda Chi's and Alpha Chi's sponsored a party for orph- ans. At the party, held at the Lambda Chi House, refreshments were served and Santa Claus aided in presenting gifts. Prior to the party each Alpha Chi had gone shopping with a Lambda Chi to buy a gift for the orphan they were jointly sponsoring. The Alpha Chi's held their annual Autumn Party, Pledge-Member Party and presented the Red Carnation Ball at Christmas. Also they' sponsored their annual altruistic project at the Cerebral Palsy Center. X 6- X ! 4 1 32 yn Janie Letson. Lois L man. Deborah Loye. S Carly. bern. Nancy' Olmste Pierson. Gail Pruitt. R anne Reynolds. Seat. Lynn Self. Judy S V -1.- 1 bester. Betsy' Simpson. Singleton. Lee Dell Sn er. Janet Tibbles. 1.2 Barbara Voss. san Woods. Judy Yeazrs ier- an- dy' Manahan. Kathy Mari- cle. Sarah Morrison. Klar- ilyn Blusser. Niindy Xlc- Carol Nlcfortney. Cindy McCortney'. Nancy Neyy- ad. Peggy' Phipps. Leanne OX- Nlarilyn Rhodes. Marsha Richmond. Nancy Robin- son. Linna Ruby. Deborah he- Xlartha Singleton. Pegvie bd- 'Ne' Troutman. Step h L1 n ri i e Yahlberg. Suzette Natef. Janice Waller. Debbie Wheeler. Donna Williattts. Marti Vtillcughby. Martha Willsie. Pam Woods. Su- Debra Aron. Elissa Aron- stein. Debbie Berinan. Pat- ti Bluniberg. Roberta Bookinan. Deborah Burg. Corrie Pallas. Beth le'i'eetiin.ui. Cindy kianns. .Line Lilgiweithcig. Lilgisxingin. Bnrlfgirgi Lioltlberg. Nanci Gottlieb. -Xtirienne Grant. 0.15 Llreengus. Janet Liro-Nniun. Roxanne Hai- ltin. Jan Kill'-erg. Marilyn l.exitch. Jane Lexy. Eve Slack. Jodie Hanes. Vicki Mey- ers. Susan Miller. Beverly Nloore. Nancy Murov. NN endy Nagel. Lesley Pal- INCL Pam Po5ar. Judi Prostok. Lexlie Raskin. Pam Reib- man. Bette Rosenthal. An- drea Sadur. Bonnie Sadur. Bonnie Schumitzky. Bar- bara Schwartz. Sally Schwartz. Rene Shapiro. Chrin Singerman. Bonnie Slaiman. Harriet Spiegel. Robin Steam. Edi Swartz. Syli ia Wolff. Nettie Young. Jay ne Zigel. Frances Zivin. Enjoying sorority antics rushees watch AEPhi rncm- hers costume up and do "their thing" in rush skits. K ,Q r , 5 "A 7x H 'P 1 KOV Ox 450.5 ALPHA EPSILON PHI l4U5 Hm E Phi's Celebrate New House The Alpha Epsilon Phi's goldlish booth placed first in the fund-raising Campus Chest Carnival. Tossing a ping-pong ball into gold- fish bowls stumped students and children at the annual function for orphans. This year the Alpha Epsilon Phi's moved into a new house on Elm Street. Highlighting the dedication was a luncheon hosting prom- inent speakers and guests with the University. The AEPhi's headed their social calendar with their annual Match-Mate Party. their Big-Sis Lil'-Sis Party, a birthday party for their housemother and their pledge class style show. Leslie Raskin was one of twelve calendar girls for the AEPi's while Barb Goldberg w as AEPi Sweetheart. Betty Jo Feinstein was Sam- mie Sweetheart and Beth Freedman was Sweetheart for Sigma Nu. Anne Seigel was a Homecoming Queen tinalist and Nancy Gott- lieb was Junior Panhellenic President. Debbie Berman .and ti. Pat GI' ssm-an. Elaine Fi . .1 . man. Ruthie Lampert. . Linda Jacobs enjoying Match-Slate Barn pg do fi. 1 A Xxx. I QE Alpha Ciztrnniu Deltak pull with all their might at the tug-of-war practice for the annual Greek Week games. Dtrrlcnc .-Xbihidcr. Jackie .-Xndcrxuri. Bonnie Anspun. Nlnry Jrine Bocxc. Hrendtr .Xnn Hmxnmn. lorry Bou- m.rn, Anim Brtrdttirti. Lin irilcmtin. Xicki Clay- imugh. Sire Culxcrl. learn f 'P:i.mLi. Dcitulltii CFidCI'. fynthru Drrhlxtrom. Cindy ilifdh iizgrnne Dtrtliupl Sidney I-trrncxt, Cherie lilston. Crrnnic lgrirreirx, Nlzirgurcl Pr':cd:. Indy frrzrxcs. l,zi Nita. Htirrrrx. Yipki l"izrQ.eN Nkcridl. Hillj.. Strxzrn Jrrirriwri, Niclindzt lcaeh. Bonnie Iedford. Kathryn Nizirtrn Kathi xizmffx. ff- 25 9- N' .Q-v X I af . 2 r sv s-'J Z x 7-X f N if fix f I 3 Qi. ,,,',, g S -V I 41 X X l pf Q IJ r A, yi. Lp 2 Q Qffllmlbklyl l ALPHA GAMMA DELTA im 930 Chautauqua Alpha Gammas Save for Research Alpha Gamma Delta forfeited their entry in the homecoming float contest and used money saved to donate to Cleft Palate Re- search. Sorority members linanced a new wing to their old house giving them a new living room, two floors for extra bedrooms and more room for their housemother. The Alpha Gam's boosted Sooner spirit this fall by hosting teas after football games. Their Mountain Party in the fall and their annual Christmas Formal further highlighted Alpha Gamls year. Active on campus were Carolyn York. sen- ior class treasurerg Sally McCravey, member of Orchesis and LaNita Harms, member of the Oklahoma Daily staff. Liz McCarthy headed organizations for the 1970 SOONER and Wen- dy Hilty was a member of Tassels and on the Daily staff. Linda White was a runner up for Miss Oklahoma City. ft bf' 10' s ,f N. 1 1 -3 Gwen Nic.-Xdams. Liz Sle- Carty. Sally Nlcfrawey. Susan McDonald. Jo Nl:- Ginnis. Donna Nicks. Sie- phanie Palmer. Patti Pattermn. Laura Price. Elizabeth Raehlitz. Barbara Ralson. Judy Rhodes. Rosemary Ries. Pa-la Roan. Tary Ruzek. Vicki Sher- pard. Anita Strickland. Sc- san Tirfany. De.-Xnn Trait- mell. Lynda Yinez. Karen Warina. Amy. Wolfe. Ann Wolfe. Karen Wool- len. Kathy Wooten. Caro- lyn York. 'V r IL N.,-0 ? ll 1:1 f-nv 3 UA K ri . x f 0,0 ' 65, N 'f-HH ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA ,, ft L- fF'?f'i' .as 'W' A ' i X 1, I Oli dfrfggl To get away from usual routine the Alpha Kapts take ff-cr a priuzf: dining room for dinner. lpha Kappa Alpha's Sell Slaves This year Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority sold slaves to raise funds for their national project Job Corps. Job Corps consists of rehabilita- tion work for lower class girls, ages 16-22, and helps train them to take jobs. The sorority, comprised of members from OU, OCU and OSU, has been on the OU campus since 1962, but this was their Hrst year to affiliate with Panhellenic. In the spring AKA members had a Valen- tines Formal followed by a retreat held in Stillwater for all members as well as prospect- ive members from all over the state. Outstanding AKA members included Presi- dent Gwen Carey, Secretary Beth Wilson and Pledge Trainer Sandra Rouce, all in the Afro- American Student Union. Brenda Jones was chosen Sphinx Queen for Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Pamela Cash. Gwend Carey. Rosita Long. Sa. Rouee. and Doris .lad huddle together to plans for their sp? 1 - i .5-?Q. f N- ALPHA PHI 1401 College Alpha Phi's Hold Annual Phi-esta This year the biggest philanthropic project for the Alpha Phi's was collecting money for the Heart Fund. This annual project is done by all Alpha Phi's throughout the country. The members also gave a Christmas Party for orphaned and underprivileged children in the Norman community. Alpha Phi's celebrated midsemester with a Mid-Term Smash October 31. Other high- lights on the Alpha Phi's social calendar were their annual Christmas Formal, their Big-Sis- Lil'-Sis Christmas party and their annual Mexican Phi-esta in the spring. Outstanding Alpha Phi's were Chris Zeig- ner, who was active in Alpha Lambda Delta. Tassels and Alpha Epsilon Deltag Barbara Strom who participated in Alpha Lambda Delta and served as secretary of Union Activi- titsg Gail Stagner who was active in Alpha Lambda Delta, and Marsha Gibbs. finalist for Pershing Rilles Queen. '. Susan Jackson. Stephanie Jones. Beverly Lange. Mar- go Nlaidt. Elizabeth Moor- head. Susan Myers. Gwen McClain. 6 Ui ,I 1" H 'IFF t X' - ' Q, Terry Perkins. Deanne Pe:- erson. Ginni Petersen. El- ton Pratt. Peggy Proctor. Dale Raczkowski. Betty Reed. yx Martha Reppert. Gay le Stagner. Nancy Stames. Barbara Strom. Patricia Strother. Janet Thompson. Eleanor Tres or. Mary Rose Walsh. Barbara Weaver. Nladie Wooten. Becky Ya- don. Chris Zeigner. Betsy .-Xlspaugh. .lane Als- paugh. Judi Anderson. Chris .-Xubrey. Sue Barton. Susan Beasley. .loan Bis- sonnette. Xlary .-Xnn Black. lxaren Bragg. Carol Broyyn. L'.iroly n Broyy n. J ani Buckley. Carol Cain. Carole kx.lIllPl"Cll. Peggy L11 rey . Nancy Coly ert. Fas. Sue Conn. Patricia Coon. liaihie Cowles. Claudia Griztendon. Debbie Cro- yyell. Cleta Deatlierage. .lo ' Dec. linda Eng. . y -rv air , ri' Cindy Faulkner. Janis Fentem. Janice Fina. Diane Freeman. Dyan Freeman. Gayle Freeman. Sharon Gallagher. Gayle Garms. Pam Gau. Starr Gholston. Linda Graham. Judy' Gould. Susie Gould. Beth x Gramlich. Nancy' Griggs. Barbara Guild. 6- i r-A t Donna Gust. Melissa Hearn. Susan Hill. Tangy' Hough. Lindy' Houston. E. Jean Jackson. Claire Jones. -.rf l Holly Jones. Tammy Juer- gens. Nancy' Kerby: Donna Kerr. Marcia Ket- chum. Debbie Kile. Pam Knudson. A Perhaps there is no snow outside but Phil Hamlet, Melissa Hearn, Kathy Ward, and David Croley could care less at the Chi O's gay Ski Party. i ' i 'exik fhv 309354 X20 flizitilaiiqiia Chi 's Boast Homecoming Contest The Chi Omegas and ATO's boasted first place in the homecoming decorations contest. The sorority also entered an act in Sooner Scandals and participated in the University sing. As every year, the ChiO's opened a booth to raise money during Campus Chest. This fall the ChiO's sponsored a Halloween Hayride while the winter was highlighted with a December Ski Party. The Ski Party included lunch and exchange of gifts and a dance that evening. A spring barn dance prepared ChiO's and their escorts for that last plunge at finals. ChiO,s included in their philanthropic projects a Halloween Party for the needy children of Norman given with the ZBT's. Be- fore the party, they took the children to a foot- ball game. The Chi 0mega's also gave Ll Christmas Party for orphans with Kappa Sig- ma Fraternity. ChiO,s had members in CWENs and Tas- sels. Barbara Kuykendall. Bex- erly Kuykendall. Suzanne Lambert. Linda Lantoss. Lucie Leaf. Janet Lee. Lorraine Leonard. Kath- leen Lilley. Nancy Lobracht. Jona Low. Judi Loy. Charlene Martin. Jana Meek. Dottie Miller. Susan Moore. De'Anne Mount. Barbara McClelland. Me- linda McElroy. Candy Pettigrove. Tana Phillips. Becky Pinson. Margot Quentin. Gina Gay Ram- sel. Susan Reid. Marilyn Roberts. Deanna Rock. Charlotte Sellers. Cathey Simmons. Jears Smart. Maurita Snider. Ann Spencer. Haroiy it Springer. J 47 ' its "' . . so X Alina Sullix an. Cindy Swanson. Vicki Yalaneit. Peggy Sue Walters. Rainy Ward. Linda Williams. Joanne Wolfe. Anne Wo?- rell. 1 Lilatidia Alien. Kathy Allen. Nliehael Ashloek. Carol Aust. Patsy Batksel. Nancy Bgttten. Mary Fye Beckett. Mary Bertalain. P.itriei.i Bet't.ilan. Lynne Blowout. Jenny Boden- h.inier. Gigi Bolley. Nancy Boyy Sharron Briery. Cltttidia Brooks. .lane Bruneteter. Kaye Byrne. .ludy Carlson. Anita Chginee. Bitsey Cir- kal. Ann Conyyell. Sally Cooper. Ctiye Coy. Jo Anne L'ritey. Diana Darrough. Mar- deen Deer. Nancy Dyer. Claudia Edyyttrds. Carolyn Fubanks. Linda Flack. Mary Fortnieyer. Martha Foyter. Anne Funderburk. Geor- gia Gibson. Cindy' Gist. Betty Gunter. Sara Had- dock. Carolyn Hale. Ro- gena Harris. Linda Herd. Sally Heard. Susan Hig- gins. Becky Hiller. Junior Honegger. Susie Hoyyard. Peggy' Hubble. Katie Rates Lani Kennedy. Susie Kirk- patrick. Georgia Lindberg. Brooke Little. Barbara Livingston. Diana Maher. Bobbye Marcn. Carol Martin. Merrie Lee Moberly. Jane Mobley. Carolyn Moncrief. Monte Monnett. Vicki Mount. Martha Muir. Mary hue Beckett stands beyide her model dream house made for the ln- terior Design elziss. ,f 2 vi 19 A ' 'S QA bs ynhagi 4yqmEFev 'ATX W w DELTA DELTA DELTA lfill f ollegc Tri Delts Emphasize Scholarship Tri Delts held a Spaghetti Dinner this fall to raise money for the Delta Delta Delta Scholarship. The award is given each year to an outstanding OU coed. Also in recognition of high grades Delta Delta Delta ho-nored their sisters who excelled in scholarship by having a Scholarship Dinner once each se- mester. In keeping with the philanthropic idea of sororities, the Tri Delts made Thanksgiving baskets for needy families. They also gave a group of orphans a Christmas Party with Delta Tau Delta Fraternity and donated money to the Campus Chest Charity project. Delta Delta Delta housed outstanding mem- bers on campus such as Ruf Nek Queen Monte Monnett, Beta Theta Pi Farmers Daughter Martha Foster, Cheerleader Sally Robertson. Navy Queen Ann Withington and Alpha Phi Omega Sweetheart, Joanese Honegger. Jr. Tri Deltas were also active in Angel Flight and Tassels. Janet McAdams. Cnydy McClure. Terry Neixlin. Tish O'Connor. Karen Ostroot. Denise Palmer. Kathy Perdue. Claudia , Poole. Terrye Potter. Kathy Reece. Carol Reed. Sally Robertson. Janet Rogers. Dala Rookstool. Libby Sadler. Marilyn Schad. Dee Dee Semple. Amanda Shelton. Daphne Shore Julia Smith. Linda Strick- land. Judy Tarwater. Yie- kie Teel. Gaia Thomas. Kay Thompson. Meg Thompson. Connie Tor- bert. Janet Trice. Troutt. Michele Wade. Sandy Walker. Linda Watts. Deborah Welsh. Dana Wilson. Patti Wilson. Susie Wise. Ann Withing- ton. Marg Wiihittgtott. Jeanette Wood. Betsy. Zahn. f"'iqy I - 4. 1 U 'VA 5 g - wx. I 1' F X 1 v 3 S X MV mfvnv- 9 qv , af, 4 .V lr ag, , ff' .. 6 Af? 'h .JA glxx ,K VAQIAAV 1. - , jg . , If af '11 f ," si' K 1, 5, 5 5,125 if ,, 7, A U ff", ,Zi 1' , I v ' ' .v f ' - 1 ' x 7 ji 1 vk 1 ,Ct ,,,I fi T771 -1, f. ,I '.-J , 'fff ,JT I. 1' f ' :f H .-' 'CL' -'1 ,V ' C i I f ff' A' I f ,' 351, ',v,f,f , ' "M 6471! 5 - I fffyf , ,X if t f 'I "pf ' ff? 1' l I , 2 4. 1' J Pb , L, lxfglaf , .,,'4 C NW 2 ,gi u Q., Z' X9 DELTA GAMMA -. L Q ef... f... ,Q .A , 744 lilm DGS Aid Blind This fall the DGS contributed to the Hal- loween of Cerebral Palsy children by giving a party for them with Phi Kappa Sigma Fra- ternity. Other parties for the DGs included their annual Christmas Formal and their Pina- fore Party in the spring. In December Delta Gamma held their annu- al Christmas Tree Drive, raising money for a contribution to the National Conservation and Aid the Blind Project. Over S600 was raised. The pledges also initiated a philanthropic pro- b Selling Trees ject which involved l5 hours of weekly read- ings to blind students. The DOs also placed second in the fund-raising Campus Chest Car- nival. Contributing to DOS' success on campus were Homecoming Queen Lindy Gans and Lynda Johnson, Miss OU. Teresa Pitts was one of the Top Ten Freshmen Women and Peg McMullen was active with Mortar Board and was chosen BWOC. T if e 6 Sherry' Marshall. Lo ef F field. Mose. Barbara Myer Lynda McGee. Peg M Q' 'Z lins. ne Robinson. Jane Roh baugh. Peggy Lea Sander Margaret Shuller. Jan Sims. Margaret Snot Zyyaan. Jo Anne Laughlin. Jare Lawler. Connie Lee. John na Lee. Laura Lynn Matthews. Janet Merr Debbie Moorman. Connie Mullen. Christy Nelson Jill Ostrander. Nancy Pol Margie Pribyl. Margare Prier. Mary Beth Rey Mallory Robertson. Dapb V' L Patricia Sorbello. Para Stone. Susan Summer Jan Sutton. Rayge Syyir czynski. Patsy' Taylor. Bobbie Trussell. Lisa Tut ley. Jo Lynne Ttzztie Brenda Wade. Rath Wasinger. Ray Woodii? Nancy Woody. .Mid fb Q., fx M W, ww. Q :J was w K 1 get-4' .wear -1. Q5 xii' , 1-Qi , 3 A 'sm Ywnne Simmonx, Cynthia Barnes, Rene Williams, Bennie Simmons and Debbie Elliot say, "Let it snow!" as they enjoy the winter wonderland Cynthia Barnes. Mary Lou Cannon. Gayona Cooper. 'K Nlurye Dicluon. Wanda E. Edwards. Deb- omh Elliott. Otherine Gra- ham, Jacqueline Huey. Gerald ll' iii . Bennie Simmons. r ,-ne Sim- mions. Erma Vt: Renee Williams. if S r 'nam Hmmm KT XKQK lf' as M' t :SZ i it N 4 Fl. . v ' v 4' K 764 ' ak DELTA SIGMA THETA Delta Sigma Thetas took advantage of study hall facilities for finals study.. Delta Sigs Continue Second Year During their second year on campus, Delta Sigma Thetas, led by President Deborah El- liott, sponsored a Christmas Toy Party, brightening the holidays for underprivileged children. They were also active in Negro His- tory and Black Heritage Week, new functions at OU. Again the Delta Sigma Thetas expanded their annual Delta Sigma Theta Five Point Program. This program, designed to assist in eradicating educational, social and economic inequities, covered the Eve areas of job oppor- tunities, library services, mental health. inter- national understanding and community serv- ice. Delta Sigs active on campus were Other- ine Graham, chapter treasurer, member of Al- pha Lambda Delta, and Nancy Lou Cannon. member of University Orchestra. Both women were active in the Afro-American Student L'n- ion. liams prepare toys for mas benetit pariy. Bennie Simmons. Yion Simmons. and Rene NX Delta Sigma Theta Chr Debra Abbott. Sheryl Ard. Charlotte Bnbione. Cindy' Baker. .lean Baker. Libby' Baker. .Judy Barnes. Jann Berryhill. Robie Blood. Guy la Bron n. Sue Burghart. Nlgiry Cldusing. Christy Cook. Kathy Cornelison. Citarlene L'-melt. Ray L-IUS4. Nlnrily n Day idson. Marty' Ddyix Dana Demonbreun. Diggle. Jennifer Dillon. Peggy Doty. Pat Dun.iyy.iy. Ygilerie Dunn. Diane Dunnett. Marion Dutton. Cathy' Edyy ards. Xlgireene Etehieson. Janet Frazier. Sandra Gauchat. Dorothy Gerould. Judy' Gibbons Stephanie Gibson. Ann Grithth. Connie Hair. Nancy Hurn. Stacy' Hart. Randi Higgins. Donna Hill. Kyle Hockman. Nl a r s h Ll Hollingmworth, Judy Jael-Aon. Carla Jen- ningy. Laura Johnson, Nancy' Kilpatrick. Connie King. Mary' Livermore. Sally' Liyermore. Ntargaret Lowry. Diane Nlziekeyp Lynette Martin, Kay Mathews. Kennie Merritt. Carol Merryfield. Trisha Nlichalezyk. Ethel Moore. Niammie Yokum and her neighbors from the hills popped up at the Gamma Phi house to treat their Dads to an afternoon of Wacky skit Cheryl Morrison. Sue Nl Naam? GAMMA PHI BETA 1105 College Gamma Phi's Host Costume Party Fund-raising for Campus Chest and volun- teer work at the Cerebral Palsy Center led Gamma Phi Beta's Service projects this year. The Gamma Phi's also entertained under-priv- ileged children by playing Santa Claus at a December Party. In the summer Nancy Kil- patrick Worked at the Gamma Phi Camp for the Underprivileged in Vancouver. A Mother Goose Costume Party was a new attraction for the Gamma Phi's this fall. The Wednesday before Dallas weekend they also held a red and white dinner for the OU foot- ball team to generate Sooner spirit for the Texas-GU game. Other parties were their an- nual Christmas Formal and in the spring. a Legacy Weekend Western Party. barbecue and hayride. Summer plans for the Gamma Phi's include remodeling their house, inside and out. Last summer they added a rock garden and a Hag pole to their landscape. Connell. Ann NIcCune. Gayle McNitt. Denise Neal. Nancy Nelson. Karen O'Connor. Robbie A Palmore. DeeAnne Platner. Linda Polk. Karen Price. Becky Rhodes. Marian Rhodes. Jeananne Rice. Talesa Rose. Fran Russell. Nancy Ruthford. Jule Rut- ledge. Nancy Schneider. Sara Shull. Debby Sima mons. Sally Simon. Diana Snyder. Danni Stainer. Darla Stoakes. Vicki Stover. Faith Summers. Patti Taylor. Pam Thack- er. Priscilla Thomas. Dan- na Yanderburg. Teresa Wages. 4 S Ruth Ann Walker. Lani Wallin. Gail Weiibeclx. Lee.-Xnn Welch. Vicki Welch. Debbie Williams. Michael Williams. Suzanne Williams. H.ty den .-Xbney . Connie Aiknmn. Carol Akright. Deborah .-Xllen. Dalelee Baker, Debbie Baker. Susan Bartield. Nlaureen Billings. Judy Blackwell. Susan Boyyles. Sydney Boyyrnan. Rey' Brai- den. Jana Broun. Debbie ll roxy ne. Nancy Campbell. Rath- leen Cochrane. Julie Coy- ington. Cathy Clem. Paula Crossley. Libby Freede. Nancy' Fuller. Nancy Fullerton. Marsha Gelyyick. Shirley' Graves. Kim Grigsbyg Lee Grigs- by. Annis Gutfey. Janet Hardy. Catherine Harned. Anna- belle Heinen. Cathy' Hel- ler. Suzy Henry. Julie Hirzel. Beyerly' Holman. Diane Hubbard. Jane Huston. Janie Jacob- eon. Julie Johnson. Terri Johnyon. Janie Johnstone. Ann Jones. Sherry' Jones. Karen Keltner. Blake Ken- nedy. Marcia Kinkaid. Julie Lewis. Lori Logan. Carlyn Manley. Penny ylartin. Most Kappa Alpha Thetak look happy mer the Big- Sis - Lil' - Six assignments. KAPPA ALPHA THETA 845 Chautauqua T hetas Hold Parties, Host rphans Kappa Alpha Thetas partied this year at their Big-Sis-Little-Sis Party. Flustered pledges searched high and low for their parallel in pajamas in a sorority hide and seek. Theta pledges tried to amend their actions during their indescribable Walk-Out with a Hallow- een Party for members. Thetas also hosted such parties as their traditional "Pansy Pilei' with the Tri Delts in Oklahoma City and their annual Halloween affair. At the November 'iphantomedw the high spots of Norman. Replacing the traditional homecoming float. Thetas took the alloted funds and co-hosted orphans to the Oklahoma City Zoo with Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity. This year Thetas teamed with the Sig Alphs in performing a spirited jass-dance for Sooner Scandals. Cele- brating their lOOth year the Kappa Alpha Thetas sponsored a community project for Norman. party the Chi Omega and Theta seniors Polly Nlurphy. Slarilj-'n Muse. Gail McCall. Caren Nlclunltin. Marci Neal. Suzy Nelson. Yancy Nes- bitt. Hailey Rankin. Nlariie Ratcliffe. Margaret Reed. Sue Reed. Nancy Rice. Rosalie Riddle. Vicki Rot'- ertson. x F - . .X Q .Q 1 Anne Rogers. lane: Rus- sell. Christa Schwab. Raj. . Scott. Lynne Scott. Cheri Shadid. Gail Simmons. 'N 353 ft v-'ff f X P . u, r Carol Stortz. Pant Thomp- son. Laura Turney. Nif- ginia Nance. Mallory Warner. Fran Wiibankj. Sharron Word. S' 'SJ 1 F' wwf' M 4 . i In "Sf .m f5 lffha - ... iv Q 7 KAPPA DELTA 505 Emerald VN ay KD's Excell Scholasticall , Tutor This year the Kappa Deltas centered their attentions on unfortunate children. The sor- ority sponsored a retarded child from Pauls Valley and tutored underprivileged children in the community. The KDS also sold Christ- mas seals, earning money for crippled chil- dren. Several members spent part of the sum- mer as counselors for the Greek Week Sum- mer Camp. Among KD social activities were the Fall Astrology Party, Winter Christmas Party and YN Spring Hawaiian Luau. Several KDs were outstanding scholastical- ly. Cindy Burner. KD President. and Karen Campbell, KD Treasurer. were members of Tassels. University Scholars and on the Presi- dent's Honor Roll. Maria Bustillo was also on the President's Honor Roll. and Nlarles Long was a member of Tassels and CWENS. Elaine Green served as secretary' for Alpha Lambda Delta. Nancy' Miller. Linda Nlo Nicks. ISF. Schexnaidre. Katheri Sharp. Linda Sharpe. . . - , Alice White. L.'tTOlyT1 NN lianis. Barbara Wolf. Peggy Martin. Lucird Mast. Stacie Nletzge Diana Xaunian. Glend Judy Noble. Kathy Noyax Susan Nvnamaker. Patl Pennington. Janis Perm Kathy Porter. Susan Pt Beth Reyell. Nlary' Ri: '- ardson. Cheryl Richmo' d Becky' Saunders. Ye Leslie Singer. Karen Sie Linda Snell. Phyllis Sig ley'. Kathy Steyenson. Pg Turner. Karen Yargas. Sherry Wxllter. Yin NYalker. Marilyn Wav burn. Virginia Nkaikin Betsy :Xl.iupo'-ie. Bdlibillll Areritx. Deidixi Bgill.n'd. Debbi: Baker. .lo lfllen Be.a1'.i, l ind.x Rornlioefl. De: l4.1:iici11'. or Nlazy Xnn ll.nlwnr. Sally llazd. llindy Bargcr. Nlrssy HClll'ClllN. Su-an Boggs. .lan Nolte. .lo lxaren !,, , ll . lx..i.ei.e.. ev .l.1t':. liiziiipers. Becky ,lsrve llnrzis. lxalliy Burris. lf-eeky limler. Xlnrinin Lltltiyyell. Nancy Caldwell. Suri Ldtesiilxl. +9 N .lt.dy Liliildrcss. Clirissie k'i.n'k. Nancy Clarkson. Dsedce Day. Marian Diet- rieli. .-Xnn Dunngan. Nlary Sue Dnnleyy. 3 Ndney Durham. June Fain- ning. Fonda Fussell. Deb- orah Gentry. Suzie Gil- bert. Karen Goldman. 'lierry Cireen. Gail Groom. Beyer ly Ciunning. Susie H.n'ri-on. Sandy Hayes. Hilda Henderson. Pam Henry. Nlary Holloway: Donnd .lael-Aon. Gay' Jenk- l'fN Lairnl lilnberron. Kathy' lgimpron. Jan Leonard. linda Lieuranee. DeeDee I.inds:y. Linda Long. Xlarilyn Nlabrey. Gena Xlae.-Xrthnr. 1 9 An old fashioned barbecue followed by a dance started the year off for the Kappa's as the members, pledges, and their dates get acquainted. v . "Pai-4' . "" 'r ine? KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Kappas Sponsor This year Kappa Kappa Gamma sponsored a National Centennial Fund which supported rehabilitation scholarships across the country. They continued through the winter with their annual Christmas Desserts, entertaining fac- ulty, housemothers, presidents and social chairmen. Kappas' social activities for the year in- cluded their annual Kappa Bar-B-Que, picnic and dance given this year on Halloween. Also, in the fall, they gave an Owl-o-ween party with lk ll 1 ' if 700 Lollcgc Centennial Fund the Chi Ols. In May, the Kappas had their annual Monmouth duo, a party with the Pi Phils. Outstanding Kappas this year included Gin- ger Ridgeway, Mortar Board and Angel Flightg Janie Bumpers, Student Congress and Homecoming Queen Finalistg Bobbie Arentz. Mortar Board and Angel Flightg Marilyn Gaf- ford, Treasurer of Tassels and Chairman for Campus Chest Auction, and Pam Henry. CWENS. Nlason. Trisha Nlayha Cindy Miller. Ann Mo Nlount. Donna NlcBee. Norman. Jann Northri Laura Pierce. Paizi Po Annie Price. Brenda Pr ett. Kaye Ragsdale. Car lyn Reed. Ann Adair Richards. Gi Stone. Vivian Ste-ref. Gi Taylor. Ks XYOOJS. .X Cheryl Nlarshall. Xlargar sour. Robin Morris. An Karen NlcNIahan. Lee Ari Naifeh. Judy Neal. Lu. Karen Ann Pererso Dana Phillips. Janie Ph' lips. P Ann Powell. Becky Powell ger Ridgeway. Sara Shot Ree Ann Solrer. .-Xdrienre ny Sudberry. Hairy Diane Theimer. Lynn To son. Pamelia Yennerber Ann yon Raenel. Nancy Ward. Susan Wilbanlx Pamela Wilson. Pame -A QQ' Y f if n is MS 1 7 ,J 1 ds., ,f"", I 2.251 fn ws 1. if ir' gf xi? if I 2' Hao ' M. f -aff, G f W' .i if. f ji. A ' s I: an U," ...I if! l ...I I" l, "3 ' rs 'Q' 'PGV "if 1 C, , If r -J f , J J . ., IMJ llVj ," 'n I 1. . 5. l l Af :- all I' "4 1: 4. , '. 1' Pl BETA PHI Pi Phi's This year the Pi Beta Phi's expanded their involvement outside the University communi- ty. They tutored Norman grade school chil- dren and sponsored a Camp Fire Girls' troop. On campus the Pi Phi's raised money fo-r the annual Campus Chest charity and hosted a Halloween and a Christmas Party for or- phaned youths. Other Pi Phi activities included the Pledge- Member party, 21 barn dance and barbequeg l70l lzlm Help orman Communit the Beaux and Arrows Christmas Formal: the Monmouth Duo with the Kappas and a pre- Dallas party for the south-end Greek houses. The Pi Phiis also entered an act in Sooner Scandals along with the Delta Tau Deltas. Pi Phi,s boasted members active in Angel Flight, the freshman and varsity cheerleading squads and Top Ten Freshmen Women. Anne Regier was Finalist for AFROTC Colonel and Michel Bernhardt was runner-up for Miss OC. Mary' Nlaulding. Chris Maxwell. Lauren Nlobley. Debbie Myers. Jeannie McAuliffe. Jane McCoy. Sandie Nelson. Julie Newton. Nancy Os- 'G ,f 6 . s ' borne. Le Nloine Otjen. Becca Poston. Nlary Jane Rapp. .-Xnne Regier. Terry Reid. N5 Carol Rowsey. Rochelle Rudd. Mary' Schiff. Sally Sewell. Lyda Shelley. Ellen Sheperd. Nlaurine Snider. Nancy' Steyy art. Pant Stone. Diane Terry. Suze Ann Thompson. Nlary Tolle. Anne Lhlenhon. Sally' Uhlenhop, Jenna Wade. Sally War- ren. Cindy- Weir. Melianie Williams. Teresa Wofford. Joan Woolf. Kay Young. 253 41 W' 'L may 1 aw f 'ff X ,,, 1 'Qi V V fm M pf. if 14. ,,,, 2 D I' E , ,f J S fx ,.so lxxg J' nu ew , url 2 UU X 00 . SIGMA DELTA TAU . ..........,.,,,,, U,- M' 'igfs ' W Qi I 1714 Chautauqua SDT's Play Santa In December This year the Sigma Delta Taus, led by Pres- ident Fran Wittenberg, collected money throughout their house for the United Fund Charity and hosted a picnic for children at the Cerebral Palsy Center. In December the SDT's and the ZBT,s sponsored their annual Christmas Party for the Communityis under- privileged youths. Pledges from both houses collected presents from local merchants a full week before the party. The party included a luncheon, skit and presentation of gifts. The SDT's held their annual Western Party at Frontier City this year. Another big event at the house was the Spring Formal. Collab- orating with the Phi Delts, the SDT's entered an act in Sooner Scandals. Outstanding members included Carole Browning, finalist for Pershing Rifles Queen: Nancy Bogard, Finalist for Ruf Nek Queen: and JoAnn Fendler semi-finalist for AFRQTC Queen. '11 or to their 1.1.1 runs putting on Chinese and serxing Chimes The SDT's added Oflif' S. Wade. L. Anderson and S. Livermore, committee chairmen. BOTTOM ROW: Elaine Green, Nancy Griggs, Sherry Jones, Suzie Gilbert. Kathy Porter. SECOND ROW: Carol Storlz, Jo X1cGinnis, Stephanie Palmer, Judy Noble. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Panhellenic Makes Changes in Rush One of the drastic changes Panhellenic made this year was in their summer rush pro- gram. Rush as conducted by individual soror- ities was eliminated in favor of a Panhellenic Rush Tour consisting of four women from each sorority. Panhellenic's projects included sponsorship of a 4.0 award given to those members and pledges achieving a 4.0 grade average, par- ticipation in Quality Earth Week and rally for Higher Education, funding of the 4.0 Dr. Dorothy Truex Scholarship, and sponsoring the Greek Camp for Underprivileged Chil- dren. The council is composed of the president and a representative from each sorority on the campus. President of this year's council was Sherry Jones. Sherry was assisted by Suzanne Gilbert, Vice-President, Nancy Griggs, Secre- tary, and Elaine Green, Treasurer. Judith C. Smith, Priscilla Thomas, Margo Hirsch, Leslie Raskin, Ruth Lampert. C? ... SY? ' x A 5 ii 4? 4+ 5' ' A .lm Aus-.4 :tiff and excitement for those '-Hn , dream of wearing a Greek pin 4. .TH I Q W V A 1 ' ., x , . 5 , xfwterqeizsgi-f,YNh ,l.,rxA:,,3 , X Q '-gh wnwsv it 3 ,id L' 0 ix W V . nf 0' .. .f ' X ee 2 x 1' x 3. 't - V '.tf.K?p nf f '3f',3'7' fs?-9 'G 'iffti-V..-f.,, 'fr -. xt, fe, . ' . N v? ,Qv 11 Y Q 1 Yr F., 'SY 7 K Y, ,jx NX' A I X ,. i -ke. ' .gag My . -Qf.,.'+. gl , K .-' w. ,Q , we . nf A 44.-QQ ,W 1 5,3 ,,t 5,2 , gt. My 35 R- eg.-Af' .,v, , pf ,,,, ' r -, ' 'dst -1 - .'- fii' ' 'Xen . t KI eff? v'? LjQ"?'f"ia'X"'x' '- -e""45,pr--' fgfwi' 'O' " kr- ' ' ' iv ' ' 4. ' 'Q . -' Y: il' XU2 ' QP .. em Q . .H xii?-4 J Muay! Le. ...A -wife . ".i:',.. - i ..' .' z- . Some of the rushees received colorful ribbons, however, with smiles or tears. they were hurriedly swept forward into the full semesiei: Rush week is full of xuwpsme BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Judy Smith, Chelle Ashlock, Blake Ken- Peggy Carey. THIRD ROW: Leslie Miller, Mary Beth Ray Jane nedy, Becky Powell, Nanci Gottlieb, LeMoine Otjen, Marilyn Bachelor, Marion Dutton, Ethel Moore, Grace Culwell, Kathi Lexiteh. SECOND ROW: Hayden Abney, Betty Reid, Sherry Myers, Susan Nunamaker,Caye Cox. Wills. Leslee Stein, Terry Reid, Martha Reppert, Kathleen Lilley, will " 258 wg. -1 H. Kennedy K. Lilley and CQ Cox hold the Carnation Sale. Junior Panhellenic ndertakes Projects Junior Panhellenic, consisting of pledge class presidents and representatives from each sorority, undertook several money-making pro- jects to raise funds for the Greek Camp for Underprivileged Children. These projects in- cluded Rent-A-Pledge, selling cookbooks, and selling carnations for Valentine's Day. Led by President Nancy Go-ttlieb, they planned with the Fraternity Pledge Council for Greek Work Day at Central State Hos- pital. Pledges from all houses were kept busy an entire Saturday morning doing benelicial jobs. A reception honoring the Freshman Football Team for their fine record was held in the fall and a tea honoring new initiates was in the spring. Other officers were Blake Kennedy, Mi- chelle Ashlock, LeMoine Otjen, and Rebecca Powell. Salinger Speaker For Greek Week Pierre Salinger, former Presidential press chief, spoke at the Greek Week banquet, high- lighting the week. Greeks sponsored several Worthy projects in conjunction with Greek Week, including the annual sponsorship of the Greek Camp for orphans, projects as a part of Earth Quality Week, and efforts to co- ordinate Greek Alumni as a part of the week. Other events included a state-wide seminar, Greek Games on the South Oval and the annu- al tug-of-war at the Duck Pond, the annual Powderpuff football game between sorority "jocks", a luncheon for housemothers, Fra- ternity and Sorority Exchange Dinners, and a special Sunday Church Service for Greeks. Co-chairmen for the event were Rob Stites, Dallas senior and Cindy Burner, Norman jun- ior with Mike Mullally and Judy Smith serving as advisors. Sororities and frats team up to compete in melon-knee rel P1 Kappa Alpha and Sigma Alpha Mu duel through thick and thin to the finish line to place in the chariot races ofthe Greek VN eek game , X . Q.,- Greek Revue Profits Aid Theatre Fund Greek Revue was a vital part of this year's Greek Week. Chris Thompson served as di- rector of this year's show with the profits of the performance being donated to the Rupel J. Jones' Theatre Fund. Greek Revue again toured military bases in Oklahoma during Spring Break as it has done for the past two years. Volunteer stu- dent talent from many of the Greek houses formed the base for the show. In the past the Greek Week Revue has been used as a beneHt show for IFC-Panhellenic Summer Camp for underprivileged children. The Greek Week Revue has performed at Ft. Sill, Altus Air Force Base, and Sheppard Air Force Base for servicemen. Greek Revue was first produced on OU campus in the spring of 1968 and has been an annual success each year. C ml Bi in Sandi Nelson kann Longs Janice Fma Barbaia Green Sally Guy Warren, Connie McCreight, and Annis Guffey comprise the Golddig A 1 51 I' . i ll? -r la L i li' L BOTTOM ROW: Patrick Emery, Bom Womble, Tom Hughes, Skip Prince. THIRD ROW: Gary Sole, Tony Srrodel. Gary Bji f.. Stephens, Dennis Kimbro, Rocky Rockett, William Clark. SECOND John McCaleb, Tim Schrieber. David Obersrein. K. B. Nlygi' s ROW: Terry Richard Doverspike, Teddy Lee Ritter, Tom Flesher, Richard Kunkel, Rob Redding. Michael Massad, William T. Stone, Jr., Eric Wm. Engh, Jerald 1 Greek Work Day at the Cerebral Palsy Center. -,,,.- IFPC Sets Up Wo New Goals The Interfraternity Pledge Council set up two goals this year. These vvere to build the membership of the Council and to unifv the pledge class at OU. The Council met these goals through Greek Work Dav and other Greek functions. The Council participated in pledge football. basketball and softball. They also honored the freshmen football players and gave blood dur- ing the campus drive. further contributing to the September goals. This year's leaders vvere Pat Emery. presi- dent. and Rocky Rockett. secretary Williaiit Clark served as 1970 treasurer. Mike Mullally. assistant director of residen- tial programs for fraternities. and Bill John- stone. graduate assistant. served as advisors to the Council. 26I IFC nicinhcis change the sign to dcsigiiguc when and xxhcrc thc ncxl lllCClll1g will luke place. Di .iz kiI'CCk cxchnngc neck Bela Chris Brown lives in N .i QXlph.i lfpsilon house. Ron Ruins helps him unpack. I i 'sw d W i fn 'Q 4-l' -ww'-vw g Qui-x Z i 2. M, , 1 7 fl at iWwWf ?"Si N urnnl, rnumhcrs return rush- rn 1lUVVllS uftcr open house. FT vw' "1 rf' fjf nf' r qw i T ' i 1 BOTTOM ROW: John Clifford, Vaughn Clark, Nils F. Janson, Jim Sharrock, Wayne Gary, Cam Campbell, Milke Mullally, Rob Stites, Ron Redus, Johnny Woolman. SECOND ROW: Chris Brown, Dan Vann, Tom Fritz, Stan Symanski, Al Black, Charles Fitch, Doug Fears, Mike Mayhall, Norman Davis, Jim Reeder, Tom Walsh, Jeff Craig. THIRD ROW: Doug Aikins, Thomas M. Zongker, Daryl Tabachnick, Larry Huffman, Bill Tirr.s. NH-.: Donahue, Larry Laine, Terry Co '.-. hey, James Nlanleffnann FOURTH ROW: Joe McLean, Bill Johnstone. Ste'-e Glasser Thomas C. Wisehart, Bob Pickup, Dee Simpson. Robert E. Xkglls. Roy Moses, Lawnie Sturdevant, Harvey Sturdewant. IFC Ends Fall Fraternity Rush Week Wayne Gary, IFC president, looks at last year's IFC booklet. The Interfraternity Council broke tradition and voted to end the annual fall rush week for fraternities. The former rush week is replaced with an open rush system and affects the 1970 fall semester. The main function of the IFC is to regulate pledging. rushing. social and in- tramural activities among the 24 fraternities. Under the leadership of president Wayne Gary. the IFC sponsored a Greek Week Ex- change, the Greek Revue. and a summer camp for underprivileged children. Membership in the IFC consists of the officers. each fraterni- ty's chapter president and one other represen- tElt1V6. Gary Adams. John Ald- ridge. Pere .-Xuer. Louis Barbaro. Gary Barnes. Joe Baumgardner. Mike Birch- .lll. lCxl BOflS. Pairiel. Connor. QiC0l'lil'Cf Uzxaig. I hoinas Derrieks. Erie lfngh. Bill Fseh. Ri.'h.ird Faneher. X alia N. Fogelx. .lainex Gallagher. Howie Hamilton. Gary Hand. Nlariin Helden- brand. Liarl Higgins. Dan- ny Holi. Jorge Landler. .loxeph Lindberg. James Xlazelinann. .lamex Nlereer. Ronald Nlorrix. Lawrence Naylor. Sam Nigh. Jehangir Pes- ionjee. Stan Phillips. Daxid Reader. Robert Robiixhek. Dick Sai age. Richard Snaxely. Robert Spurgeon. William Stone. Larry Syxerxon. Bobo ljtt. Henry Weber. 1- Env in Gu l The loyal Acacia members of The Brotherhood who grimly swear ". . . till death do we partf' .3 1. AM 3 5 3 N. IH' ff r K' ' 2. Lf'ftl"'f"gE3i is ' ACACIA X23 Chautauqua Acacia Has Fiftieth Anniversary Acacia Fraternity successfully completed its Hftieth year at OU making various improve- ments on the house and taking an active part in service, social and athletic activities. ln the annual Blood Drive Acacia had almost 10001: participation. ln scholarship over one- half of the members earned above 3.0 for the first semester's Work. Social events for the year have included the Christmas Formal, Night on the Nile Party, a Fiftieth Anniversary party and a Province Re- 1 r , . " "NL , n if P . ' amps. 'limi 'A treat for Acacia chapters at OU. OSU. Central State and Arkansas. Outstanding men in the OU chapter have been Jim Manzelmann it ho was All-Greek in football and on the Navy ROTC team, and Pat Connor who was with Army ROTC football team, a member of Sig- ma Tau and a Distinguished Military Student. With the addition of a new TV room and other improvements, Acacia has enjoyed a profitable year. l. t If The serious , cas. ' Stan Phillips and Bill S. r .Lei 3341 tw Q3 1' ff Believing that all work and no play makes an AEPi dull, Howard Lerner and Stuart Grossman have some fun with shaving cream Allen Bader. Larry Berlin. Robert Davidson. Sol liivenhaurn. Greg Feld- m.1Fl. Smart Grossman. Nllifllll Hipwghman. Howard Ler- ner. Nliehael Nlogilefsky. Cicfald Ogiiss. Rohgrr Richie. Neil Ru- lmrv Bruce Schafer. lrl Silnqrvlein. Nlark Stein, Steven Steinbach. Harvey Stelman. Daryl lahach- nick. Matt Wagner. Bruce Willenzik. 'nk Ill fL..'.J 1 ,, I Q 5 I ' -W----.lL17' AEPi Plans Most The Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity won first place in the Originality Division of the Cam- pus Chest Carnival. The winning entry was a Tic-Tac-Toe Booth. The AEPi calendar which features pretty coeds along with University events was also sponsored this year. Social activities of the fraternity included the third annual Viking Party which involved elaborate house decorations, and the Exotica 848 lplm riginal Booth Spring Formal. Prominent AEPi members included Gerry Oguss, fraternity president, who served on the Interfraternity Executive Board as chairman of the IFC Constitutional Committee and as a member of Alpha Delta Sigma. Irl Silverstein served as President of Alpha Delta Sigma While Bruce Willenzik aided as Vice-President and Daryl Tabachnick was secretary A K ,rj as , pledge class raises 'tote Members inspect the ' bution made by lgs pledges. Traditionally the AED w 3' 11 gltt tor the 'rap 6 U Alpha Phi Alpha's gather together in the living room of their new house to pose for an informal picture Carlos Chappelle. Myron Coleman. Daryl Crawford. Delbert De Witty. Glenn Dale Hawkins. I,av.rence Hawkins. Den- nis Kimhro. John Lewis. Walter Mosley. Julius NleElro3. Gerald Prince. Gu, Rhone. Booker Shackle- ford. Michael Tisdale. Ray Vclie. Robert Willis. A , bv X f i 4 f .4 Q 2 gli R 'C il 51 ALPHA Pl ALPHA l l 640 lzlrn Alpha's Aid in Black Heritage Week During the year the Alpha Phi Alpha's par- ticipated in the activities of Black Heritage Week which included the naming of Miss Black OU and the sponsoring of a talk by basketball star Bill Russell. In order to help black orphans in Oklahoma City, members had tentatively made plans for establishing an annual Christmas and Thanks- giving party. Activities that sparked the social life of the Alpha's were "Alpha on the Move", a party given by the OU chapter for Alphas over the state and a party for the campus that was held in the Student Union to introduce Alpha Phi Alpha on campus. Officers for he year were Delbert DeWitty. President: Jafus Cavil, Vice-President: Julius McElroy and Glenn Hawkins were Secretaries: Roy Moses, social chairman: and Linton James, dean of pledges. John Colemon served as advisor to the fraternity. ...uf ""ilil""""' F v . pha Sweetheart. shares in Af .. . .. " Xlitx and Robe" i 3 if . t QQ Pat Piercy. Alpha Phi A scrapbook xx ith Delbert D XX l Francisco Btiquero-Rodri- sue.: Robert Bgiuerle. .luv Boy lea. Bill Brubaker. Gregory Chess. Chuck D'Amelio. Ralph De- Geeter. Terry Dos erspike. .l on Dunn. Christopher Faw- cett, Toni Goth. Riirl lxhani, Nils Janson. Wil- liam lxirlxpgitriek. .lohn l-irginih. Hung Lum. ,- Andy Nltieklin. Xliirl-4 'S Nleade, Dennis Nlechem. L' Rohert Moore. Phil Nlounr. . .1 T Douglas Nlunro. Charlew Pain. Charles Rikli. Ted Ritter. Stephen Rogers. X ernon Sharp. Rocky Shocliey. Ronald Smith. David Stapleton. John Startz. Dennix Thies. Dale Travis. Douglas Travis. Steven Trolinger. Steven Young. Alpha Sigk and their dates. Linda Moss. Dennis Thies. Tom Goth, Lee Stark, Gil Haas and Grace Gingrich gather around the piano for a song-fest. in 1 v f Q 5 ' 1 i 1 it . 4 l U I li ' ll if I Q' '. P r 5 . e 1 I lf . A - i ? 1,. 1 li. it i 1' if it + , il i 1 I, 1' A ' f i C: 1 lj i '1 , f 1 5 lf g i Ci it 2 i 4 J -1 9 i 1 fr ki ' ,BI u 'Q v I Q A 90 ALPHA SIGMA PHI Parties Highlight The Alpha Sigma Phi's held many parties this year. The year got off to a rolling start with a "Weekend in Juarez" party and ended with a "Bayou Bouncev in the spring. Be- tween the two activities came an Orphanls Christmas Party, a Mad Hatters Ball and a Pajama Party. The highlight event of the year was the naming of Sara Short as the 1969 Tal- isman Rose Queen at the Talisman Rose Fonnal in March. Two outstanding Alpha Sig members were 602 Wesr Boyd Alpha Sig Year Gil Haas and Doug Munro. Gil, who served as president of Alpha Sig, was a member of Gamma Gamma and a recipient of the John Roberts Award for excellence. Doug was head drum major of the "Pride of Oklahoma." a recipient of the Lottinville Award and an Out- standing Freshman. Both were members of Phi Eta Sigma. Other officers included Bob Moore, Bill Shipley, Steve Rogers. and Dennis Thies. Alpha Sigma Phi and Delta Delta paired up l-' h'd' ' e" p .ne t ir in ell.1.lO. .. event of the Greek mr' Seoiz Adkins. Robert Allen. Terry Bgidzinski. Riehard Bahuer. Frank Bazile. .-klein Benneu. Bill Bldfnl. k-.iry Hollow, larry Bow- ei-. Roy Bruner. Pliil Lind. F-.irrx LiLll'lCl'. Sam L .iwioy l'.iL:l L .ix ngir. Rocky Lilialmiers. Nlel Clark. .lerf Cogburn. James Collier. George Craig Don DeAngelo. Nlike Donahue. Le-ier Dory. Joe Edwards. Chris Eicliman. Steve Fikhel, Larry Fulhorst. Bob Goldey. David Gran- field. Greg Hall. Jimmy Hamil- ton. Michael Harrison. Ted Helmer. Fred Hen- neke. John Hoefer. Nlike Hogan. Jim Johan- nexen. Gary Kula. Larry Laine. Dan Langford. Riehard Leuszler. John Lewis. David Moul- Ion.11m Kluwer. John Mc- Caleln. Dennis Nlclntyre. D'-l-lglll Neal. Stuffing the ATO - Chifi Homecoming float are Pat Renfro. I rf a n n c Wolfe. Hike Harriwon. D e b lu i c Flint. and Paul Redick. Nr' X. 3? qs Q' N . 1. ge- ve: ag:- .-N We 'F WN, , 65 fe-:H Q- 'X L.- jd!! fi 1---v 1' gba J. ty- is of' 1, Zim? r A JZ 22 3 Gr: M . ALPHA TAU OMEGA l4ll Elm ATO Help Week Big Success If anyone heard "help" shouted around semester break more than likely it was the ATO pledge class working diligently to make their annual "Help Week" a success. ATO activities included a Christmas party sponsored fo-r children, the forty-ninth annual Bowery Ball and a Playboy party. ATO's combined with the Chi O's to Win first place in the Homecoming decoration contest. Laine, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu and IFCQ Mike Donahue, Judicial Board. Student Congress and IFCg Jim Musser. Phi Eta Sigmag Lester Doty, MUN and L'nion Activities and Bob Allen, Sigma Tau. Oilicers were Larry Laine, President: Bob Allen, Vice-Presidentg Fred Henneke. Secre- taryg Lester Doty, Treasurer and Dick Leuszl- er, Social Chairman. Prominent ATO members included Larry t Joseph Oates. Bob Payne. Paul Pedrick. Rick Peters. Steve Porter. Larry Pruitt. Bill Ready: George Reayis. 0' Roy' David Rettberg. Dean Rhodes. Jim Roach. Gary Ross. Alan Sample. Vern Stan- sell. Weldon Stout. Chris Suman. Jerry' Tay lar. Steve Thornton. Alan Tiede. Andy Veal. Charley' White. Steyen Wiehle. Jetf Wilson. David Yelton. N 1 :Sv V Y 1 Q . ' X, ' i , .W J , 4 l , M, + F W Y 4 5 , . X3 Q , pw ' 'WE ,F Y 'll A mi I V.. V . 4' '4 1 . , A ,, -3' -I -Q . . H., gi. l ,nv 3 2 . , , fp L 3. J is 6 M cw-?' ...L a. ' Q f iq ggfa al' Q BETA THETA PI y Beta Barn Dance Best in West Tobacco-chewing Beta's, complete with leaders such as James Bailey, recipient of the facial growth, roared into Barn Dance Week- Lottinville Award, and Steve Edwards. Presi- end, t'he highlight of their social calendar, in dent of both Pe-et and Gamma Gamma. Also. November. Martha Foster, in the "Best West- Hve of the Top Ten Freshmen Men were Betas. em Tradition" reigned as Farmer's Daughter. Beta and Tri Delt pledges held a Halloween Oklahoma City's famed Reno street was re- party for underprivileged children. Vaughn produced for the Reno-Vino Party in the fall. Clark teamed up with the Alpha Chi's to cap- A Christmas Dinner and Spring Party filled ture the '6Beauty and Beastw title by raising the out the year's social agenda. most money for Campus Chest. Beta's won campus recognition through Scott Martin. Jim Meyer. Steve Miller. Tom L. Mil- lion. Robert Mitchell. Dan Moody. John Moore. Terry Moore. Jack Morrison. Stexe M:- Carter. Alan Newnian. Marc Nuttle. Trey Parrish. Doug Pereboom. P. G. Pierce. Ken Privett. Charles Rainbolt. Bob Rainbolt. Bruce Remy. Bill Richert. John W. Ritz. Barry Robinson. Ron Rog- ers. Don Sanders. Jim Shanick. John B. Spence. Skip Stephens. Lou Stuart. Mike Synar. Steve Tarlton. Richard Taylor. Bill Tims. Fred Tumer. Bruce W. Yarner. Andrew Yogi. Wayne Wasemiller. Mike D. Weaver. Harbour Whit- aker. Jim Will. Bob Yeatts. 13 Edu .ntl Bnlikox. Alan B.lll!Il.tZl. Randy B.1nn1- ggtrten. S. Bousunl. P.n:l Hunts. Richttrtl Bnrzzx. Dsrnik R. C.xutlel.i. .l. Clentlening. l3:nr.:x blowers. Nlark Coe Nlrk: Llonfer. Peter Llontortl. Brent Cunning- rmnl. ,lonn lknprce. Hob Fmney. Frank Free- borg. Rick H. Hager. Nlichnel Dmid Hull. Stexe H.trrell. Hank Helton. Stephen Hutehem. .l.1rol..i I.. .lonem Lee Ril- p.t1riek. Gordon Leamun. Cal Openxhtm. George Oiey. Vex Owens. John Nl. Pearl. Henry Peplowski. Stuart Perlow. Ron Phillipm. Bob Piekup, Walt Pralle. Daxld Roxen. Stexen E. Shadid. .Xltm Sherer. Leo Silvtx. Milton Spence. Dave G. Stern. Rohert Stites. Fred- eriek Streb. Tony Strodel. Frank R. Swan. Ir., Robert Tierno. Stan Tuhhn. Thomas Vizard. John Whipple. Charles Wilkinx. Sherry Anderson. Deke Sweetheart. leads fraternity members in "Phi Marching Song" during 21 serenade. E K' Z 4? sat 4-1 x ri 'K L- Q M. 19-1' 1' fu? - 'F' vu-,,. if ?.:sf '-a X -'S ""1Wfr1f"" Q WINNIE! kimxxmf yn , l UA? G7 0 f at il W i' I ll DELTA KAPPA EPSILON 700 lzlrri Delta Kappa Epsilon ins Sing Winners of the 1969 University Sing and an 8-0 record in "B" softball show the variety of talents and interests living in the Deke house this year. Parties filled the year . . . a Victory Party for the new pledges was held in September, the Graveyard Party, complete with appropri- ate decorations, was in November and the Deke Diamond Formal was in December. Outstanding member Bob Stites was chosen Big Man on Campus, a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, and a member of Gamma Gam- ma. He served as secretary of the Interfra- ternity Council and as chairman of Confer- ence on Religion. Other leaders in the fraternity were Presi- dent Bob Pickup, Vice-President Bob Tierno. Secretary Pete Conforti. Treasurer Dennis Clovvers, and Social Chairman Lee Kilpatrick. Mrs. Ouwtia Moran completed her third year as Deke housemother. "ex, KW xii' ff? X, Jerry lxeazmg in .1 during a ff'.ifSf'ETlff 'L it 'f mia - Deke Liizle Sister NN ev Paul joins Don Bizzpzztd 3 Philip NI. .-Xbahere. Mike .-Xeker. Nlike .-Xrrnstrong. J im Atkinson. Bob Attai- iw .im Robert Bull. Jginiex liirnex. Bruce Bethers. Duff Biggs. Jiiy Higham. Xl.iixh.ill lee Rrtintmier. Jim Brinkley. Chris Burle- xon. Stephen Cgigle. liohy tlisteel. John Chgilmera. Bon Lloehren. Clitl' Con- kle. Bob Dgixis. Julian Deexe. Dan Donnell. Paul Frnxt. Ctirtix R. Fair. Jef- frey Fgi1'k.tS. Terry Farmer. John Fis- cher. .John Ford. Thomas Fritz. Timothy M. Fritz. Danny Gaiuntt. Fred Gist. Randy Godsy. James O. Grasley. Jr.. Druid High. Hank Hod- gex. Richard H. Jackson. Jim Johnxon. Mike John- Non. Brent Jonex. Bob Kelly. Tom Klos. David Knapp. Chrik Knight. Mike Kouri. Hunk Krtift. Frank A. lnngkton. Jim Lzirimore. Allen Nlunn. Known for their serenades members of Delta Tau Delta honor the pinning of Delt Chris Burleson to P1 Phi Jolly Hollman ' c . t Gamba sg DELTA TAU DELTA l320 College Delta Tau's Dedicate New House The Delta Tau Delta's moved into their new house in the fall. Open house and dedi- cation were held in September. The Delts were host to underprivileged chil- dren at a Little Guys Party. They also took underprivileged children to the planetarium in Oklahoma City. The Hugh Shields Award, given to the top ten Delt Chapters in the nation, was awarded to OU's chapter. First places in intramural basketball and track, and second place in in- tramural football show the Delts as winners in sports also. A new party was initiated into the Delt year. The Sahara Sacrifice, complete with desert costume, was a highlight of the year. Gther parties were the Traditional Victory Party for new pledges, the Christmas Party and the Delt Dive, which was held on two nights. in the spring. ATA , Douglas Marrs. Ron Mat- - lock. Bill Meyer. Michael V, 1 Michaiczyk. David A. sm- A 2' f ler. Ken Moore. Ron Mc- ' -I ,Q Y 4 fr., gg' 5- Cord. Billy McLaughlin. Richard Meyiinn. yifgii ,A mv- Onan. Gary Opper. Don . , 3 Phelps. Dennis Pool. Mark Quinmby. Charles Rankin. Jim Riggall. - f Bill Roark. Chuck Roark. i ' t" T' John Rogers. Bill Schatf. 1 Q' 3 John Schug. Du ain Simp- . " ' son. Richard Smalley. Curt f .. - Smith. Gerald Snyder. Mike Sow- ers. Steye Spain. Paxil , 'F' Spinning. Stephen Story. x Steve Sullivan. Warren t Taber. Marshall Thorn- . som. C' . , J Sk Dan Yann. Pat Wadleg.. Brent Waguespack. Leo:- ard West. Charles W. White. Sam W. Whitehill. Don Wilber. Bud Wood. 3 279 , ffm ag 4 I -sg., ISI' Q K px-,ixs-laws. 'wal-A-1-1 "" ,.. Q--mr W- .v,- p 4.1- M' WE H761 5 lx , ""13,,g'e. 6 'J n , 391 .xi f ' lr., ,121-,.:.f, -wif'-J-.SC-A .f,.f:.-.214-' s-if r flaw! :Iwo-yl Q-ff -r . v V NX H X . IMA.-qrutrlnnnn H I 1 DELTA UPSI LON New Part B A Heaven-Hell Party, a new Delta Upsilon tradition, was begun this year. DU's joined the Sammies in October for two nights of fun. The Friday night portion symbolized Heaven and was held at the DU House while Hell was raised on Saturday night at the Sammie House. Other yearly events included a Western Big- Brother-Little-Brother Party, a Feudal Dinner with Sally Bard crowned as Feudal Princess, an an egg hunt in the spring featured partici- 603 West Brook s egins DU Year pants from sororities. DU President Larry Huffman, as Secretary- General of Model UN and a Justice of the Superior Court, was one of the campus lead- ers. Other outstanding DU's were Wendell Boyce, Cross Center Presidentg John Constan- tikes, Couch Center President and Larry Humphreys, a student congressman. It was housemother Mrs. Marie Caudill's Hrst year with the Delta Upsilons. Richard Kunzelman. Larrj. L. Lawhon. Curt Long. Nlike Nlancillas. Bob Mason. George Nietexeiis. Chris H. Morgan. Jim McCollum. Bob Oli- phant. Bill Pain. Robert Paullin. Jr.. Ren I.. Peach- er. Doug Perryman. Ron- ald Peterson. Ronald D. Phillips. Paul Schiebl. Gary Schwermer. William P. Simmon David Sloan. Jack Smith. David Spencer. Jack Thompson. Larry Wickline. Tom XY. Wid- ney. Byron Wilhite. Lynn R. Williams. Christopher Wiltse. Mille Winzenread. Ch.irles Person. William Berry Nlilxe Biolegiii. John 7,15 F. Boyle lll. Ross Bying- ron. Bill Collins. James KJOJHHS. 45 1 .lim Coyle. John .-X. Cre- ieling. lliiiel Fisher. Ren- gg' ,sg 'L 5, nerh li, Fore. Nlory Harsh. Liilheri l. Hayes. -f Jael. JNC5lCl'. . .hired lobe. Nlonie Jones, Fd J,CJlIll.lFl. James Mel- Q ron. Robert L. Nlorris. lulley Nlefoy. Erie Nel- ,.,. 3 W. NOD. 1 Frank Newcomb. Dennis Obremski. Roberi Polls. Thomas G. Potts. Jim , Reeder. James R. Smith. Terri Snow. '52 4? cr , fl Gerry Sole. Jim Vaughn. Rick Volker. Stephen A Wagner. Tom Walsh. -se' Roberi Whiuenberry. Den- e nis Wieehmun. Ken Ray- mond Winders. , i I i . . A Karen Price. Chris Allen. Ann McCune. Jill Prykryl, Chris Nelson, Sherri Elston were KA's Southern Belles. Patty Taylor Ccenterl was KA Rose. l re lt yi' 4:5 :fx ""-0' N eNllW -V 22 Shilml -,Wifi it - - fum J, I4 v ln, rzji, I, .T Wiillji' ' -. .- :C . ' .. i f'u ' M 1 - . 0 ,. , H. 'lip all 1 ' . ,, . ,f c. 'bb Qrafla' Ci'-'mf if' 9 A ET L55 KAPPA ALPHA 6Ul Crucc KA Old South Party ln 55th Year This was the 55th year for the famous Old South Ball as Kappa Alpha celebrated the oldest annual party on campus. The Share- croppers Ball, the Plantation Ball and the World War III Party added to their list of so- cial events this year. OU's chapter of Kappa Alpha hosted the Southem Heritage Week at the Oklahoma City Cowboy Hall of Fame. KA members netted many individual honors this year. Four men made the Dean's Honor Roll and three participated in the Model LN. Ed Rhoades received the John Gavin Memor- ial Scholarship and the KA pledge class ended the year with the highest grade average on campus. Serving Kappa Alpha as officers were Presi- dent Jim Reeder, Vice-President Mory Harsh. Secretary Tom Potts, Treasurer Bill Collins and Social Chairman Jim Vaughan. Mrs. F. D. Moore finished her eighth year as KA housemother. ard. Richard Bell. .l Reeder. Toni Walsh. Dave XY.ird ai R.-YS .an Plantation Ball. Ed Lehman. Hans Leo Alan .-Xikins. Dean Alford. Brett Baugh. Joe Betzen. John Biege. Jerry Black- burn. Jim Burden. Conrad Carson. Dom Ceeere. James Chis- holm. Clyde Clirisman. George Cripps. Erie Dick- mgin. Dennis Dissing. Doug Eason. .lim liaison. Nlike Ellxxood. Whit Fen- tem. Ross Flood. Burt Fowler. Barry Gangwer. G. Stephen Gillis. Pat Gillis. John Grithn. Neil Gunn. Bud Ham- monds. David Hanna. Robert Hiekerson. John Holland. Brent Holmboe. Richard Holmes. Dan Hutcheson. Jim Jeuett. Bob Johnson. John Johnson. Bill Kela- mis. Rick Kennedy. Jack Key. Cliff Kirkpatrick. Jim Knight. Buddy Kru- ger. Russell Lewis. Ace Lucas. Bill Martin. Bill Nlaekins. Dan Miller. Jim Nlitrovgeni. Mike MC- Caslin. Blaine NlcCown, Charles McWilliams. Greg Nlcwilliams. David Nep- teux. David Nobles. Stete Owens. Dick Pate. Rex Phelps. Tommy Poin- ter. Steve Powel. Mel Priddy. David K. Rags- dale. lim Eason and Melanie Holder mount one of the elephants which were the attraetion at annual Kappa Sigs Tse- Years party. S KAPPA SIGMA Kappa Sigma Founded in 1869, Kappa Sigma Fraternity celebrated its centennial year in December. OU's Gamma Kappa chapter has been on cam- pus since 1906. Leading the Kappa Sigs to fame was Heis- man Trophy Winner Steve Owens, Big Red's senior tailback. A parade of elephants carried the Kappa Sigs and their dates to the annual October New Year's Party. Other big events of the H00 College: Has Centennial year were the Mexican Party, Hell's-a-Poppin' Party and a spring Psychedelic Happening. The Kappa Sigs united with the Chi Omega sorority in sponsoring a Christmas Party for orphaned children. They also collaborated with the Pi Beta Phils in a fund raising booth for Campus Chest Week. David Nepveux served his fraternity as President. Joe Randall. John Re'-e. Larry Richardson. Geor Ross. Bill Rossiter. John Stroker. Harv devant. Joseph Tasker. L Larry Tomkins. Stes Treacy. David F. Turnbo. Mi Winee. Gil Wright. Ja Zander. Rives. Hampton Roae Rocky Rockett. Robe James Russell. Erie Se midt. Tim Sehriebe John Schuennesen. Jam Shirey. Arthur Soell. Ha ry Spring. Steve Steeh r .1 s Sturdevant. Lawnie Stur Terrell. George Todd Underwood. Monte Yale tine. Bill Yan Dyke. Dax Walek. Dale Walters. .li Williams. Don Wnitema J. C. Whorton. Gary W D B kerson. Bruce Wilso .. 1 Wright. John Young. Je 'Q 'Q Q -.e 1'5" ,F I if f mg- f ' in K, iid' Fc Egg' '9- ' fu gi. Q' ' ,:ih.' , :2ff' f5 f0lw' 'wwf' 1' N4 " "' ""-""--uw-4-wwo-v-q?g-wm0M-- W- V. ,,. , , 'fy , ,, , 1 ' Q9-qQ'Qn'Um""f"114i. , Q li JIM Q . iafiqf.: aims., i ,. ag? . ' .i ' N rt., T A -15" , f ,Ep ,? "' :Hs A-:, Q . 'A F ' A 'J 1 ll K VIR ' XVIR l , 4 CQLUSQLIG' LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Lambda Chi's Lambda Chi Alpha sponsored several pro- jects for underprivileged children which in- cluded a Halloween party and their annual Christmas Orphans' Party. Lambda Chi's were active in the entertain- ment activities on campus, winning University Sing with Pi Beta Phi and also exhibiting their talents in the small act division of Sooner Scandals, a Campus-wide variety show. Lambda Chi featured such outstanding members as Brent Clark, Top Ten Freshman, 904 Lollcgc Help Children the Oklahoma Leadership Forum President and a Rhodes Scholar Candidate: Yvlark Ham- mons, Howdy Week chairman. Student Senate and Dad's Day chairmang and Fred Davis. a McMahon and Couch Scholar. was a member of Phi Eta Sigma. During December Lambda Chi Alpha spon- sored its Annual White Rose Formal at which the announcement of the Crescent Girl was made. ert Patterson. Dick Poner. John Rein- miller. Con Rice. 1' Carl Robertson. Joe Ryan. Scott. Bch Skinner. .lint Sneed. Tom Sparks. Howard Stexens. Mike Stephenson. Mike Siec. Ed G' Tatum. Charles Tefertiiier. Nlark Thompson. Nlaicor NYLIJS. .-X. Browning Waters. .liztz Webber. David White. Richard Word. Tifttozhx Wynn. John T. Yule. Dain F Zinn. Gary Nlcfilhaney. Dorcj- Mclntosh. Daxid Nlcliee. Steven Nev. ell. Da' id Nickell. Stan Oliier. Roi'- Nlike Pation. Kent Pay ne. Dave Pickrell. 'Val Pipps. Robert Schurman. .l ack if 287 Day id Anderson. Ron Anderson. Fd Bishop. Ronald Bishop. Bran Boxx- ers. Kirk Brayyley. Bob Bruce. Stephen Craig Buskirk. William Boyce Cairms. .lim Cambridge. Rent Car- nahan. Pete Cayython. John Chain. Jerry Chap- llldll. Phil Christian. Gary Cope- land. Joel Cousins. Dennis Coyxhey. Terry Cowhey. Dayid Curry. Jed Day. Bob Dempsey. Joe Dob- son. Nlike Douglas. Pat- rick Emery. Robert Finley. Robert Finnigan. Glen FOIIJ. Richard Franklin. Steve Gan ey. Jim Gilmore. Charles Givens. Robert Griggs. Mike Harkeyf. Mike Hays pe. Joe Hay. Bill Heller. Orlando Herrera. Frankie Herrod. Jim Hewgley. Ryk Hill. William B. Hobbins. Phil Holbrook. Lynn Hoff- man Dan Hollacher. Bob Huffman. Lynn Hughes. Randy Imel. Chuck John- son. Jeff Johnston. ? CN LP' .K ' rf ki' 3-w ti Behind the scene. in the Phi Delta Theta house kitchen, goodie cook Mrs. Daisy Elledge and helper, Mike White, start preparing another good meal. N ., we " i,. 549' ' Sifiw-gba sswlivg 1 J fx J 'is 5' PHI DELTA Tl-IETA M00 College Phi Delta Theta Holds Festiva The pop music festival, held in the street between the Phi Delt and Pi Phi houses, was an entertaining addition to the beginning of school. Several bands played while hundreds attended. In the spring the Phi Delt's Well-groomed yard was turned into an 18-hole "chip and putti' contest for the Spring Golf Classic. A Roaring Twenties afterparty highlighted the event. As their yearly service projects the Phi Delts participated in Community Service Day and Kids Day for Campus Chest. Stephen Weichert sewed as President and Mark McGuire was Vice-President. Among the active Phi Delts on campus was Kap Kap- pel, voted Outstanding Sophomore Man Jour- nalist and a member of the Presidents Lead- ership Class. Massey. Phil Jordan. Doug Joseph Nlike Joseph. Randy Kel ner. Robert Kerr. Jr Ledlie. John Lourie. Nlsrk Jack Nlildren. Roger Nli' sat-to -P' 5 In - . NT? hw chel. Joe Montgomery Robbie Nlythen. Black McGuire. Ed Nelson. Gary Nickel. Dennis Odom. Jay Odom. Steve Olson. Steve O'Shaughnessy. Har- old Parker. John Potts. Bill Priest. Robert Rick- man. Kelly Robinett. John Rowntnee. Robert Nl Siegfried Jr.. Wes Solo- mon. William B. Streekef. Michael Sutter. Dm! Thompson. Curtis livel- keld. Nelson Todd. James Torconi. Les Wad. Eric Warner. Thomas J Warren. Stephen Weichert Nlike White. Lee Yotzig Mark Zelley. is I L, 14 Ol if I ff 3 YKQ3 3 ' , Q Cf X , f H -----::..1..J - llmxuttttii PHI GAMMA DELTA J' SU: V n I IZOU College Fiji's Join to Form Cleanup Crew The Phi Gams formed a cleanup crew and helped pick up trash in their 6'Downtown Now" project. Also the pledge class aided cleaning up Lindsey Street during their "Help Week." A community service project with the Theta girls took handicapped children to Lin- coln Park Zoo in Oklahoma City. The Annual Fiji Island Party was another success this year. It was held in mid-May with native costumes the main attire. The yard was decorated as a Fiji Island. Several outstanding men wore the Fiji crest. l'Cam" Campbell, Fiji president. has served on the IFC executive council for two years and is a member of Model UN. Burke Thomas was vice-chairman of IFC Social Committee and is the fraternityls scholarship chairman. Also many Phi Gams were active in OU sports. Jay Nliller. Bill Nlorri Purcell. John Reynold Thorpe. Kit Tires. Han NK olte. Tom XX right. l Bruce Pitts. John Plessin ger. James Price. Gaz' Dan Nlorrison. Jonathan G. Niurlas. Ken McNeil. Stexe Parker. Bill Pitmar' F S. John Rich. Scott Robin son. John Rollins. Bill Roissef. Charles Rucker. Vik: Seikel. Mike Smith. SZ.: Smith. Burke Thomas. Michael Thomas. Rob-2" K Wahl. Tony Minion. mar 29l I .Q-. mb : F- -PSI PHIFKA PPAW PHI KAPPA PSI 720 Elm Phi Psi's Run Ball to Missouri The Phi Psi's conducted a 450-mile relay run to the Oklahoma-Missouri game in No- vember. A running team of 45 men ran 10 miles each taking the football to Columbia, Missouri. Running the football to Columbia was not only to instill Sooner spirit within the Phi Psi house but to instill spirit within the university community at OU. The Sweethearts of the Golden Shield, an- other new Phi Psi activity, is a service organi- zation for pinmates and fiancees. The Sweet- hearts helped with decorations for the Lief Er- ickson Memorial Party, the Shipwreck Party and the Christmas Formal. The girls also helped with the Orphans Christmas party and the Phi Psi 500. Another Hrst for the Phi Psi's was the Rich- ard Buller Pledge Scholarship. Pat Ashcraft was honored as the flrst recipient. if -. V , """Q..,ths.g-xxx? Y Scott Thatcher runs the l - ri- -4 Norma 0 Po tintbia. tnde tiken b that OL-NIL game sp ' x i l'om Alder. kelly Amen. Atkinson. Jack Bur- rgigree. Doug Beagle. Nei in Beagle. Robert Be I ie , .-Xl Black. Fred Biehme. J. D Burford. Pitt Carroll Xlike Vlzittom. Bryan L'o.i1s. Bob Cooper. Geipild Lioppler. Bob border. Xlike Culwell. Tommy Dare. Dain De- x ine. Stephen Fla. Gary F ulmink. D.ile Fisher. John Fisk. Charles Fitch. Pat Fitz- gerald. Duke Fleshman. Joe Foote. Nlike Gaden, Stexe Gur.dara. Reg Gas- ton. .lim Green. L, J. Gregg. Dave Gritty. Jeff Hall. Bill Harding. Steve Harry. Druid Hartson. Thomas Hastings. Jerry Hoffman. Nlis. Lydia Honess. Dan Hoover. John Howard, Bill Hull. Lee Johnson. 'leiry Kaiistcr. Randy Kel- ler. Jim Keunhert. William I-ironholm. Richard Kun- kel. Doug Lattner. Lance leipold. Chuck Luther. Linda Lantov.. Marian Rhodes. ll. -x ' i f-' . 1 V . .V -w.-H 'ieil .: J' Y 'Ci-. .. 'V' if. - 67" "' - -f, i 35 4.3.5. 4 kg ' 4 4 N -fr' Y 1 -' A ' f. ,g A-exe. f '1+ssm,.., , ,wr ' ' ' TT 'N ' 29 ., ' . . 52 1 1 1 ' eg- e ' . ' . V' if T , - ew" sx,.?s'f.f, ,La. ',.,1A' ' . I i. J ,g.f' fe- i 5. , , Marsha Gibbs, Gail Stagner, and Laura Anderson discuss the initiation of Phi Kap's Little Sisters with Kelly Amen. Sit K o 5 EF PHI KAPPA SIGMA l 736 Elm Phi Kap House Given New Loo A complete remodeling of the Phi Kappa Sigma house was undertaken last summer. Paneling and carpeting was put in all rooms and halls with new furniture for the downstairs area. The Phi Kap's were hosts to many parties this year-the Haunted House Party in No- vember, the Christmas Party in December and the Black Gold Formal in April. The Sorority A Go-Go, OU,s largest all campus dance, awarded a prize to the best dancer. Debi Lund of Chi Omega was this year's winner. Besides being active socially the Phi Kap's were also grade conscious. Their pledge class marked second on campus while the entire membership was fourth. Also the Phi Kapis were interested in service activities by giving a party for Cerebral Pal- sied children and a Christmas party for under- privileged children. Mike Lynch. Kirk Mit Morse. Glenn Mon Alpine. Kenzie. Glenn Nels Bobby Nutty. Phil Ols Perkins. Larry Saunders. Pk man. Larry Squire. S1 Stephens. at er. Robert Woods. ell. Michael Moore. Stexe Gary Moser. Thom is Muchmore. Stanley M Dennis McDonald. J McDonald. James M John Papagolos. Melxi John Poorman. Robe Quick. Rob Roy Reddin John Roberts. Mike Rose Tom Rose. Dan Rose Dan Selzer. Don Sessio Steve Sliek. Robert S1111 f' Tom Smith. Way nz Spa N Joe Street. Stan Syniansk James Thompson. R k Tunis. Stexe Trotzlman Larry Yervack. Jim W JN Ron Albro. William Barn- hard. Stewart Bell. Biff Bigbie. Gary Blankenship. Daxid Bohls. Darrell Boli- FCI. larry Bonham. Justin Cer- xi, Greig Coogan, Stexe Cornel-en. Tim Creedon. Daxe Cummins. David Darling Xlarada Decker. Tom Dickson. Gary Duckworth. .lack Fairchild. Curtis Fall- gatter. James Gemignani. Daxid Hail. Robert Hiss. Robert Hous- ton. Jim Huitt. Doug Humphrey. Fred Jackson. Lou Jullien. Allan King. Neal Krause. James Les- lie. Mike Long. Greg Mak- ris. Ralph Marriott. David Martz. Mike Mecca. John Miles. Donald Nloore. Peter Mosca. John McBride. Kenneth Mc- Call. R. Edward Owen. Jim Peck. Tony Petticrew, Hola Proctor. Madison Pru- et. Stewe Rathmann. Rock Richardson. PiKA's and AFPhi's gather around the fraternityk fire- truck during an outside serenade-function. 296 ' r-y rw J V 'Wi UKA 159 5.1:--fs A- ,X is L H Q- ii- .f4'?I 'FT' ix N -rg.: ,.,, 'AL L N "VL:,J1a PHI KAPPA ALPHA -li e 1 -l A- 1 i203 South Hm Pike Firetruck Rolls to Kids Day The ever-faithful iiretruck of Pi Kappa Al- pha fraternity clanged its bell and roared its siren as it gave orphaned children a thrilling ride to the Campus Chest Carnival. The fraternity also entertained members and guests with the regular Victory Party, Pikeadelic Party, Dreamgirl Formal and the Weekend Toga Party. The Pikes were active in Sooner Scandals Epsilon Phi sorority. Of the outstanding members this year Curtis Fallgatter served in the Presidents Leadership Class, Phi Eta Sigma and received the John Roberts Award. Greg Watkins was also in the Scholastic PLC and a delegate to Model UN as well as being a worker with Campus Chest. Pike oliicers included Curtis Fallgatter and Glen Williamson. again this year by collaborating with Alpha David Roush. Yincen Scoufos. John Sherman. Gordon Small. James Smith. Robert Ste rling. Hal Sullivan. Rod Temp- ler. Tom Todd. Michael Tracy. James Troiano. Bob Tumell. Richard Yarley. Ronrve Yillasenor. Greg XX atkins. Tom White. Lee Whittie sey. Doug Williams. Glen Williamson. Bill Wil- son. Paul Wilson. Robert Wolfarcl. John Yarbery' Ronnie York. Ron Adams. Jerry Dale Allen. John Axxsumb. Jack Barnes. Jeri Bceler. Basil Bigbie. Bradd Bingman. Brooks Bingman. Bruce Blackman. Scott Blair. William Boxxlen. l'om Buekley. Chris Cane- pa. James Carr. .John Car- ter. lerry Carter. X ic Chcatw ood. Doug Christensen. Dee Clark. Jim Collins. Bobby Cox. John Cunningham. Nlike Curry. Pat Dailey John Danner. Steve Dom- janoxich. Carl Edwards. Richard Edwards. Doug Fears. Tom Flesher. Bill Foresman. James Garri- NOD. Bobby Gilbert. Chuck Gray bill. Ross Griggs. Bill Haddock. Chuck Haines. Don Hall. Nlike Herell. Steve Hetherington. Bill Holden. Tom Hoop- ingarner. Neil Hopkins. Tom Hughes. Steve Ives. Houston Jameson. Rusty Johnson. William Johnson. Stexe Kile. Jack Killough. Steve Ko- pald. John Krattiger. Don Land. David Lee. Bill Lewis. Dale Nlassad. Mike Nlayhall. Tom Nleason. Greg Nlitehell. Jerry Mooney. Mike Mullen. John NleClymonds. Jack Nlunn. Nlarty NlcGehee. Frank McGregor. Larry Neal. Bob Newton. Sig Alphk go through a weekly przieriee in prepar- ing their ziet for entry in Sooner Sezindzils. 1 . 'St 1 2. 1 1 Qfiilillllll ig SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 730 College Sig Alphs in Highest Rating Sigma Alpha Epsilon placed first in the realm of SAE in scholarship. This superior rating is exemplified by outstanding members as Carl Edwards, member of Pe-et, Student Congressman and SAE Presidentg John Dan- ner, Senior Class Presidentg Doug Fears and Ron Redus, Interfraternity Council Executive Committee. SAE activities and parties included the Jungle Party, the Christmas Formal, a Christ- mas party for children at the Cerebral Palsy X . f' ri if f'ff"l"i 5 l.4,.lli.l i f i Center and the International Ball held on three nights in the spring. The Sig Alphs also did a Sooner Scandals act with Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. Officers serving the fraternity were Carl Ed- wards, Presidentg Doug Fears. Vice-President: Basil Bigbie, Secretaryg Jim Carr. Treasurer: and Harvie Roe, Social Chairman. Nfrs. Martha Jackson finished her first year as housemother. Randy Olmstead. To Parrish. Chuck Patterso Puckett. William Priichf Bill Pyeatt. Peter Ramse i . fl. John Pearson. Paul Pit: man. Don Pope. Budoh .t. v . 73' Ron Redus, John Reeves. 4' Dwight Reynolds. Andy Phil Roberts. Harvie Roe. Yan Rus: Niike Smith. Greig Smith. Don Steg-he ley. .-Xdd Te rri . Russell Worley. Roberts. Carlile Roberts. ,. Larry Schlecht. Jeri gins. Bob Selman. F. .-K. Sewell. Zack Shultz. C. son. Bruce Stoxer. Robe.. Stover. Chuck Sailor. Zack Taylor. Richard Tsi- Jim Totoro. Sam Kenzer Steve Walker. Scot: White- side. Jay Windrow. Bob Woods. Stuart Woods. 8 .ph I' 'K' ,f X' N-Ng P-- ,il I, ' 'fy 3' W4 A x,Ev 1' 133' 'Am 7. 'V Q 'L ..ff ,. ,, 5' -ci.-1.- vgff' ,Q .I A il 2-3 .-M1 ZIFMA AMPA C? its :?: O fs , 3 0 SIGMA ALPHA MU Sammies Celebrating their semi-centennial year, the Sigma Alpha Mu's made a Iirst in the history of OU's chapter. The sounds of victory echoed through the Sammy house as they rallied to their lirst intramural football victory. 6'Bounce for Beats" the annual national charity drive was sponsored by the Sigma Al- pha Mu fraternity. They hosted a star-stud- ded basketball game with noted personalities from all over the country as the players. In November the Sammies iilled their house 524 West Brook 3 in Football Trophy with fog and had a Misty Pajama Party. Other social events included the annual Desert Week- end, a Heaven-Hell party with the DLX. and the Hot Nuts Rush Weekend in the spring. Teaming up with the Alpha Epsilon Phi's. the Sammies constructed a prize winning float in the Homecoming Float competition. Kenneth Kaplan, Mark Schwartz. Barry Brody, and Steve Richman served as Sammie oflicers. Larry Epstein Guten with the the annual Desai . qw . - Q -X J 9? ,pi xx Q 133' ' xl N L 'Qiir .5 ,' 1 .ff . X 1 . vw! la X at gd! - Q I gf V - ' ' "' A , ' N H' ' 2' ? JC Q f Q y . 1? V ANP" M! 4 auf, SQ 4, QI s Q 'A ,V .vv N 41 i ' Q -. ' " .w 1, 2213.5 'iQ,v.5.. ,ggi f, fi. .. as-:aff fm? Afm,QE,.. t -'ii' J'-A-LJ MIT -, ' .-M15 Qt , -' "rn-1. 'f 1' iff" if 'Af' it ' I-4 1'-pigiyeisst--'I12l'y ' wfifsgaf . , ' 'Qty , . 4,-.3--P 1. . fa X5 8 A. 15.1 55,111.6 igw yhgf ,-f ,, l rf' x . "'?'1,y ' -", 'f P fda," A ' 1, ' " -41,1 - if ,.-be i, 1 Ay, -i I :xv ty uf .f ,f. - Af it-F . - -Q,a,o,i,o,- ll ll: ..nlIll'l lllln.. may 0' xxxtxyx SIGDO SIGMA CHI an 558 South University' Sigma Chi's Restore Playground Sigma Chi, this year, found their usual ac- tivities of parties and more parties over- shadowed by their involvement in the restora- tion of a playground for the community's or- phaned children. The members also played Santa to young orphans with a special Christmas Party. Padding collided as the Sigma Chis won first place honors in Class A football and led in team spirit, winning more team championships than all other competitors. Ruflles and pink lace joined athletics in the fraternity's annual Derby Day as the girls raced and relayed toward the championship trophy. Sigma Chi Mark Houston was chosen out- standing Senior Man and Sooner Man of Dis- tinction, and Chris Thompson was director of Greek Revue. Alan Hollingsworth led the fraternity' as president. 3 'T MS.. .Masai-- -' fin 'STX in Tom Nicely. Lynn Pack. Bill Patterson. Pat Patter son. David Pepper. Larry Phillips. Fred Purcell. Ste- ven Rahill. John Rector. Bob Reins. Stan Richards. Tom Riney. Greg Royylett. Bill Sands. Bill Schopflin. John Sher- man. Doug Shirley. Dean Smith. Bill Speer. Fred Springer. Gregg Steyeson. Roark St. Romain. John Syyartzer- druber. Mike Syyenton. Steve Thomas. Chris Thompson. Ttzskei Thompson. Don Tidholi.. Mike Wahl. John Walla: Jeff Webb. Nlike Webb Steve Weichbrodi. Tomi., Weichbrodt. Rober: White. Thomas White. Ton: Wil- ?" son. Bob Womble. Ries Woodward. Johnny' Wool- Illllll. Xlark Ackerman. J. Nli- ehael Bartel. Charles Bin- ney. Dan A. Blasehke. Stey e Bradley. Ronnie Brogden. Tommy By rd. Bob Llunphell. l'eri'y Cline. lee Coats. James folyyiqk, Rvdftcy Lxvok. Craig Dayenport. Barry Dayis. Bill De Roger Di- eus. Steye Dixon. John Dudley. Randy' England. Roger Etling. Joe Fnrrant. C. Blair Fennell. Bill Fleetyyood. Joe Ford. Rob- in Ford. Stacey' Forrest. NN ayne Gary. John Giles. Dayid Gilmore. David Goddard. Jeff Greene. Tom Griffin. Russell Han- son. Scott Harrington. Lar- ry Hendon. Stu Hough. Butch Jacob- sen. Bill Johnson. John Johnson. John Jones. Al Keller. Nlark Kent. Brad Kirberger. Tom Kir- by. John Lackey. Court Loomis. Jim Maryott. Graig Maurer. James May. Rick Nlayrhue. Linda Eng. Dottie Miller. Jack Webster Jean Jackson and Jerry Davis sit on the hay to watch the events of the Sigma Nu Border Dance and contest ' 4:-iWl3Ura SIGMA NU 1300 S. College Sigma Nu's Complete Renovation Renovation in chapter room and dormitory area combine to create a whole new look at the Sigma Nu house. Besides the interior decorat- ing, there are plans for future expansion and central air-conditioning in the dormitory area. The Annual Border Dance was in its 55th year. The party is among the oldest at OU and features rodeo type competition events for the sororities. Other parties included the Hobo Party, Christmas Formal and White Rose Formal at which the Sweetheart of the Year was crowned. The Sigma Nu's are also very active on campus. The men hosted a courtesy rush for a new fraternity colonizing at OU this year. Other activities ranged from Campus Chest to Intramurals. They had four men on the var- sity football team and five men on the varsity basketball team. Sigma Nu officers include Larry Wiles. Ger- ry Westby, Steve Turney and Barry Davis. "' -xr David Mendenhall. Bi Miller. Brad Moore. Roge. Morgan. Mark Mcliinney. Timothy Newton. Jim No- sari. John O'l-lara. Gregory Owings. Mike 'F Pattison. Rent Phillips. Doug Polk. Steve Ramsey. Jim Rapp. Gary Rednine. .lames Redxvine. ...J 53-i 5 awe ict? bf' 1 Lee Reynolds. Lewis Rice. Rod Roberts. John Ryan. Steve Sanders. Michael Saubert. Tom Scott. Randy Sengel. R Dee Simpson. Wes Stone. Alan Swift. Dick Tiehen. Steve Turney. Steve Ln- derwood. George Yetizey. Steve Wadley. Dennis Waggoner. Leroy Wallace. Jack Webster. Gerry Westby. Larry Wiles. Tom Williams. Robert Yaquinto. Michael Yates. 305 4-" . A. xl. '."'?NX' ,lr v -C w-ff ' f' U, 3 4'-'X ,Z S. . Chip Douglas. Craig Smith, John Rydik. Mark Boots, Tom Wisehart, Dave Preston, Brian Nacci, Jerry Babb, and Dave Livingston go study for finals. Jerry C. Babb. Mark Boots. Donald W. Burk, Chip Douglas. lack W. Klinger. Dave Liwingszon. Daxe Preston, Tary Ruzcl-1, John Rydzik. Charles Tope, Richard Ward. 'Diomas C. Wisehan. www Tmmwi SIGMA PHI EPSILON Mrs. Wayne Grimwood, Heart Fund chairman. receives over S5600 enlley- ed by Sig Ep's and Alpha Phi's. Sig Eps Donate to Heart Fund In cooperation with Alpha Phi sorority, the Sig Eps raised money in a heart fund drive this year and donated to the Gklaho-ma Heart As- sociation. Heading the social calendar for the Sig Eps were the Feast of Bacchus and the Indian Summer Party. The Girl of the Golden Heart Formal crowned the chapter sweetheart. The Sig Eps will begin their 24th year at OU in the fall of 1970 in a new house. A peek at the plans shows a new way in fraternity liv- ing. Outstanding Sig Eps were Pat Carr. general assembly President of Model UN and a mem- ber of Pe-et. Tom Zongker was membership chairman on Interfraternity Council and in Beta Phi Delta, national honorary and service fraternity. Tom Wisehart served as chapter President and Chip Douglas was Vice-Presi- dent. 56 The Sigma Phi Epsi' put Susan McDonald .az engaging in acrobat f .:, tit f .ll is E Q ui-if Tiff :raft .ff 0 Mx -0 ,5 J iJ, .L Li ' ll. J g ff' L 4' it L 6' it L T. 97' iii 5 -Q' A Gi 7. illln l t if I5 98 ' ZETA BETA TAU 704 W, Lindsay ZBT's Complete First Year Fired by an affiliation with Zeta Beta Tau national fraternity the new Delta Gamma chapter completed a record year on the OU campus. After the formal chartering banquet in November the ZBT's launched plans for their new house. The members also filled the ye-ar by sponsor- ing a Christmas party for underprivileged chil- dren in the old house and by holding a spring house weekend in April. Heading the list of active members was Bob Watel, Zeta Beta Tau president. Michael Hol- lander served as front page editor of the cam- pus newspaper, carnival chairman for Cam- pus Chest and executive advisor for Sooner Scandals. ZBT officers included Vice-Presi- dent Mike Tapick, Secretary Scott Hurowitz and Treasurer Jamie Lewis. In charge of so- cial activities were M. M. Silvers and Al Greenblatt. Mark Lewis. Jack Longs- field. Alan Merel. Arthur Meyerson. Gary Mizel. Steve Nogg. Laurence Oli- ver. Steve Palmer. lf' n Joel Patton. Richard Poli- shuk. Alan Pollack. Ala:- is Priesman Ron Rappapert. ' Kip Richards. Bruce Ries- 111 - man. letirey Rose. Thomas Edward Rosen. Steve Roth. Jamie Roth- berg. Tony Rozan. Da-id Ruben. Marvin Russo. .-Klan G. Sandgarten. Be: . A Schwartz. Q' E . 5 ' Lewis Schwartz. Jerry Se?- GR kowitz. Steven Shupizt Harlan Sher. Bob Sheroa. Tom Sight. Michael Sil- vers. Mike Slaiin. Mei Steirt. Mike Tapick. Robert Was tel. Mark Weinstein. Steie Weinstein. Frank Wolfson. Steve Zlotolow. I .1 ' 1 - . A f 306 , X 57" 5..- QW 4-su-inn-n-Q-.-,A ,,' I gvilb-wgomarv01m'fONdf4' k..,,r,,,,,,,..,-.,,.. .- .X X X 1 t N M 4 i I ,. -ar ugqnur.-ev rv. -wr . b"'l'L .Al- I " SIIG :llc U-IQ H 1 run-,,, R1 Grganizations Y . , A, .J ,-' -4 .rf ,. 1 . . .J 'I' . v 'r'L ' I - I 1 p 4 ' Q K! If 'r fi' ,Q I I fi 1 - o C J Z Yffxi ', I 71 D s' ,- f. I- , i- fdfif 1, My 2 ' if Q-7' .f ,g .J1'T'f,-.Alf .Ii , i,,f,4IM,,.- ' if U ' ' ' '.s. 3 . s sf 1 Qr'-. lr' ' 'QWVIIT' ' 1 m A . , . ..f-,..: 1 ..a '12 . 'ili v A - ,If-'U' slat- f' fx f .a'.f '----....,,, -1 'T 'Q E 1 "if ri' - fm. 62,2 - - . ln., ,A i 1- .t pf ww-w,, ' V: , , L ' "'f v, .x44""' -1 27 A wr I .5gl:x.A-' K V. -' , 141'-swf 441' 'WX 'sl' '- mint.:-LF f .ps g,, - . f mf, --' 1 One day you wake up and find yourself an octopus- arnfzs and legs stretched by two hundred organigtztions, and your effort being spread thin aeross cz pieee of bread. Next time, take only two bites: for onee 1'0ll'H taste aeeompiislznzent BOTTOM ROW: Marion Jackson, Jo Beth Moody, Judy Black- well. Lynn Qualls. Ann Richardson, Janet Janzen, Jody Woods, Pam Wilson. Jackie Haws, Ruth Ann Marlow. SECOND ROW: Jeff Johnston. Carla Chenoweth, Debbie Baker, Joyce Johnson, Barb Allbee, Ann Dunagan, Janet LaForge, Annis Guffey, Sue Conn, Tom Flesher. Mike Sowers. THIRD ROW: Chuck Donaldson, Becky Becker. Kathy Lewis, Lucy Norman, Holly Bridwell, Wendy PLC Freshmen ttend Seminars Snell, Lorraine Leonard, Helen Stubblefield, Deborah Logan, Deiura Ballard, Frank Barnes. FOURTH ROW: Gary Kula, Mike Cole, Jeil Harbour, Eddie Moran, Dana Phillips, Cheryl Gleason, Bill Wilson, Tom Riney, Sam Pelley, Bob Gilbert, Dorya Huser, Van Russell. TOP ROW: David Walters, Matt Brown, Alan Newman, Michael Wilds, Gary Colvin, Bnxce Gaither, Ron Huggard, Bill Foresman, Frank Hastings, Phil Pack, Gary Purcell, Van Gowdy. The President's Leadership Class is com- posed each year of approximately sixty stu- dents from high schools over the state. As PLC freshmen these students guide visi- ting parents and students on campus tours, serve as hosts for university functions, and vis- it high schools to assist other students in plan- ning their educational careers. fvlembers of the Leadership Class attend weekly seminars during their first semester at OU. Leading the discussions are university President J. Herbert Hollomon and other ad- ministrative members, internationally recog- nized professors, and students who hold top offices on campus. Each speaker describes his concept of leadership and encourages class members to take an active part in campus life and assume responsible roles in civic and state affiairs after he leaves college. David Burr and Jack Stout make plans with Suzanne Lunu 1 I V i i i i l I i I 1 E l I i BOTTOM ROW: Wayne Barton, Phil Rauch, Tommy L. Chester, Bob Gilmore, Ralph Guild, Pat Ashby, Cled B. Painter, Hassan Mohtashamian. SECOND ROW: Dr. D. M. Egle, Don Moulton, Bob Lawrence, Jack W. Hughey, Peggy Hubble, Nancy Campbell, Marye Dickson, Walter Pierce, Bill Welk, Bernie Diaz, Tim Abendroth. THIRD ROW: Doug Oliver, Ben Snow, Fred Holds- claw, Jr., Greg Morris, Dennis Wolfe, Richard Payne, Walter Ford, Bob Terrell, David Brown, Dan Gilliam, Rodney Foster. FOURTH ROW: Tim Hardin, LeRoy Weitzel, Gordon Leaman, QBTXTYN S ff' fr Janie Brunsteter gives a kiss to a be-whiskered engineer during the booth campaigning for Engineers' Queen. James H. Wildermuth, Kit Wagner, Steve ljdouj. Robert Grant- ham, Judy Barnes, Bert Avery. FIFTH ROW: Scott Pettit. Jerrj- Snider, Tom Basham, Michael Stimson, Ralph Def.-eeter. Tom Birkett, Dana Dorr, Carl Ellison, Robert R. Lewis. Rudolph Loew, Dr. Gerald M. Simmons. SIXTH ROW: Gary Bolton. D. R. Watson, Mario Luis Typaldos, John Beattie. Jessee D. Heinrichs, Ronnie G. Smith, Stuart Renes, Leon Gurney-. Neil D. Blitzer, Curtis S. Smith, Bruce Heath. Edmund Benton. OU Engineers Busy on Campus With an impressive representation of ten engineers in fifty Student Congressmen. the Engineers' Club has obviously become more visible and more vocal on campus during the past year. Being strong traditionalists. the Engineers' Club dates its annual dance and banquet in Engineering Week back to the early l900's. The highlight of the speaker agenda was one of the directors of the Manned Space Flight Program. On campus. the engineers participated in Campus Chest. the Annual Engineering Open House. and in technical papers' contests. Founded at OU in 1914. the Engineers' Club was sponsored by Dean Charles Banks. Bert Avery and Dr. Davis Egle. Presiding at meetings was Bob Gilmore: the secretary was Wayne Barton. Engineers Crown ueen, St. Pat 'Wir-5 S ima Il ar 'Q A ..unug,j. Pin HENRY ANNIE MOORHEAD MICHELE WADE RUTH ANN WALKER Kappa Kappa Gamma Alpha Phi Delta Delta Delta Gamma Phi Beta Robert Lawrence, St. Pat, and Engineers' Queen Karin Kong received their coveted titles at the annual Engineers' Ball. Seven New LKOT Members Chosen LKOT, The Loyal Knights of Old Trusty, was formed in l920 a secret engineering order. In the fifty years of its existence, the stated purpose of The Loyal Knights of Old Trusty has been to create harmony in engi- neering activities and to bring about the suc- cess.ful and appropriate celebration of St. Pat- rick's Day. Membership in The Loyal Knights of Old Trusty is secret, with the members being re- vealed at a HFire Out" of their last Engineers Week celebration before graduation. Membership in the order is the highest hon- or an engineering student can receive, and it has been stated by Brandon H. Griffith, spon- sor, and by LKOT 342 that the coveted mem- bership is an honor greater than that of an en- gineering degree, except that the one is re- quired. - ":.. " '- Q- -mfqf A -A ve- Q- ,, ' ' L . , 23.5-Kf-.f ' '-"' .df ' ' xr To 'J',f ,f'tg1"ef?+lr " 'f4k'.'- . . -:T 1 -,, V D :l1'.t'f', . i - U .4 K, Hooded members of Loyal Knights of Old ilrustj, are .anniv- New members of the Loyal Knights of Old Trusty. outstanding engineering students. are revealed at the annual LKOT "Fire Out," 3l7 A pensive mood settles over the Model United Nations delegates as they listen intently to the speaker at the podium. MUN Attendance Record Breaking Established at OU in 1959, the Model Unit- ed Nations weekend has come to be regarded as a fervent educational experience in the workings of the UN. The model encompasses all the aspects of the national United Nations as it works in New York City. Any individual or group can apply for a delegation. Model UN convenes in the Forum Building of OCCE in February of each year. Major stands on resolutions are taken which usually coincide with similar debates held in the Unit- ed Nations General Assembly. The Secretary-General this year was Larry Huffman, who presided over the sessions and directed the entire floor proceedings. Dr. Ruf- us Hall. professor of political science, served as faculty sponsor. 5 M gf: Larry Huffman served as Secretary General of the 1970 MUN MUN addresses representa tives at a general session meet ing. pdf!! if Representatives to the Model United Nations meet in a general assembly after discussing strategies in smaller caucuses. A student delegate tu the UOSA Strengthens Student Power Guided by Student President Ladd Greeno. Congress Chairmen Jack Edens. Dave Wans- er. and Carl Edwards. and Superior Court Chief Justice David Butler. the University of Oklahoma Student Association. its constitu- tion ratihed in spring. l969. was occupied by the goal of institutionalizing student power. Acting to serve and protect university citi- zens. the L'OSA began programs without pre- cedent on campus. The Student Grocery Store. the Student Consumer Bureau and vari- ous investigative agencies and committees of the COS.-X laid the groundwork for the protec- tion of the student as a consumer. The Model Dorms Program aided selected housing units in establishing programs to enhance the quali- ty of residential life by determining their own life-styles. Through the Student Activities Board, the UOSA assumed the responsibilities of the ac- tivities on campus. An extensive system of Student Courts began student enforcement of student regulations. The court system ranged from Housing Unit Courts to the General and Superior Courts. The Traffic Courts heard appeals for traffic and parking tickets. The UOSA was represented before the court by the Oflice of the Student Attorney General, while a student charged was aided in his defense by one of the Public Defenders. The Student Congress, composed of 50 members elected from housing districts, pro- vided an outlet for the expression of student opinion and aided in formulating policies and programs of the UOSA. Accomplishments of the Congress included the creation of an Aca- demic Appeals Board to hear cases of dis- crepancies in grading. Through its committee structure the Congress conducted surveys of student opinions on which to base legislation. Ladd Greeno. president of the University of Oklahoma Student Association, addresses a session of the Student Congress. . ' fl I W' Ladd Greeno and John Kidd, trea- surer of 0U's Student Government give thorough study to the budget Nick Winter, University of Oklahoma Student Associu tion member, interviews two students for positions. v 'E E 'f . .QA ll, J- 3' f K ' wr iin.......M 1 P -1 ,I fit," ' nyl ' , "S X , Q Jeff Kirsch, Newark, NJ. senior. casts his ballot at the Union for the Student Congress election. Zwinf.- .- A 'Qs O Q , . '1 tw' Y Q' . 3 p-0 .f V ,Ms ..,. George Smith. president of the Accounting Club, addresses interested members at one of their monthly meetings. BOTTOM ROW: George Smith, Nancy Meyer, Adam Carroll, Nlerle Norris, Tom Fereday. Dr. John Klingstedt, Prof. Dick Hauser, Dr. Travis Coggans, Dr. Homer Brown, Dr. V. H. UD- church. Dr. W. C. McGrew. SECOND ROW: Sandie Anderson, Connie Jones. Lonnie Moore, Linda McBride, Bobbi Hill, Ann Jacobs. Tom Leonard, Charles Buckley, Gracie L. Smith, Marilynn Dillon. Cathy Robbins. THIRD ROW: James Wittenbach, George ccounting Club Hosts Speakers With hopes of bringing about a closer rela- tionship among those who have chosen ac- counting as their major area, the Accounting Club was founded at OU in 1931. Yearly. the Accounting Club brings to the OU campus well known accountants from around the country. In October, W. S. Martin and Orlando Lockhart from Atlantic RichHeld in Dallas, spoke on "Future Approaches to Petroleum Accounting? The Accounting Club Annual Banquet is held at the close of the spring semester when keys are awarded to those Accounting Club members who have shown outstanding aca- demic achievement. Membership is open to any student in the College of Business Administration who is primarily interested in accounting. Thomas E. Fereday presided at meetings, and Nancy J. Meyer was the secretary. Vick, Tom Walsh, Terry Walman, Grant Rogers, Eleanor J. Car- roll, Willie K. Blakebum, Warren A. Muller, Robert C. Gorney. FOURTH ROW: Jack' Ivester, Rick Volker, Larry Bell, Dennis Thies, Bill Neilson, Marty McGehee, Steve Glasser, Ron Walton, Jimmy Gill, C. J. Babbit. FIFTH ROW: Ben Woolery, Paskell Nobles, Joe Miller, Jack Wilson, Jim Carr, Allen Moose, Harvie Roe, Roy Brisman, Mike Shiery, Russell Hunt, Charles Wadsack. BOTTOM ROW: Richard Greyson, Michael Salzman, Dala Rook- stool, Al Weedn, Steve Hubbard, Bob Weger, Chris Zeigner, Dr. Robert R. Frame. SECOND ROW: Ray A. Drain, .lack New- comb, Steve Shanbour, Christopher L. Bogarosh, Douglas Cable, l 7... - if Dr. Robert Frame ribs a skeleteon as a pre-med instruction while officers of Alpha Epsilon Delta watch him attentively. John G. Johnson, Arthur Fox. THIRD ROW: Bruce Storm-. Braden W. Smith, Steve Parkhurst, Charlie McWilliams, Mil-ze Vinson, Burt Fowler, Jamie Lewis, Tom Ward. Pre-Med Society Hosts Lecturers Alpha Epsilon Delta. national honorary pre-medical society. enhances the knowledge of the undergraduate by sponsoring visits to medical centers and hospitals. lectures by not- ed educators and researchers. and films having to do with special interests in the medical field. Alpha Epsilon Delta stresses and encourag- es the scholastic. inquisitive and communica- tive aspects of the undergraduate medical stu- dent's life. Members frequently spoke to and visited with practicing physicians. medical staff members. and medical faculty. An afliliate society. the OU pre-med society allows those who cannot meet the strenuous national requirements to participate in Alpha Epsilon Delta functions to use the society to aid them in their scholastic efforts. The monthly publication of the organization is the "Sooner Syringe". PO orks for arious Causes Alpha Phi Omega, male service fraternity, sponsored the annual Ugly Man on Campus contest. Other projects included the Red Cross Clothes Drive, serving as Student Congress , t and Homecoming election oiiicials, painting the Student Congress mailbox, and participat- ing in the annual OU Red Cro-ss Blood Drive. Alpha Phi Omega also sponsored a Western Party, a Brotherhood Brawl, and other activi- t1es. Founded at Easton, Pennsylvania in 1925, Alpha Phi Omega currently has 513 chapters across the nation. Presiding this year was Jim Pate, first vice- president was Mike Aldridge, and secretary was Ed Lindsay. Joe Billman. freshman from Altus, mans the Ugly Man on Campus booth where John Peterson casts his money ballot. TOP ROW: Michael Aldridge, Gary T. Bodane, Harry R. Cook, ert Nims, James W. Pate, John Petersen. THIRD ROW: Tom John Curtis, Ivan R. Dowell, Jerome E. Gaspardo. SECOND Pike, Ronald Recer, Michael Roberts, Bob Thomas, Mark Warner, ROW: John Hogan, Doug Lawrence, Edward W. Lindsay, Rob- Jefrey White. -s A, Q 324 l Baptist Students Offer Time, Effort Baptist Student Union members contributed their efforts this year to the Cerebral Palsy Center on Tuesday nights and to the Exchange Avenue Baptist Mission Center in Oklahoma City on Friday nights. Fourteen Bible study groups met weekly in the 1970 spring semester to co-nsider practical topics helpful in the Christian experience. Small groups made weekend retreats to a ranch area available for activities in a removed setting. A new face at the BSU was that of Wayne Wright, assistant director to Max Barnett. Margaret Shelton, former assistant, took a di- rectorship in Seattle, Washington. Noonday services at 12:30 to 12:55 p.m. Monday through Friday and Vespers at 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Thursdays formed the basis for group activities. BOTTOM ROW: James Fuller, Mark Watson, Bob Anderson, Jim Pritchard, Harold Martin, Jack Hallock, Kirk Humphreys, Alan Winters, Steve L. Frye, Wayne Healy, Danny Tillman. SEC- OND ROW: Dana Simpson, John Young, Brad Badgett, Charles Baker, Janet Stewart, Steve Hubbard, Linda Cobb, Gail Hoffman, Claire Sawyer, Shirley Newman. THIRD ROW: Scott Andrew, Peggy Swenney, Gary Winters, Gayla Thomsen, Karla Hubbard, BSU students Larry Woods, Jim Fuller. Kathryn Grant. Bette Guest, and Linda Shirley participate in a Bible study group. Shirley Schroeder, Sue Heath, Beth Klein, Beverly Cooper. Kathy Grant, Kelly McClish, Mary Shoemaker, Linda Fischer. Linda Myers, Kathy Southerland, Loma Rhodes, Sam Bishop. Bunny Hill, Larry Woods. FOURTH ROW: Larry D. Ellis, Dane Rogers. John Roach, Bill Monfore, David Shirley, Bill Orvis, Gary Ste- vens, Gary Dubois, Eddie Venson, Gordon Vincent. .lim Long. sa . cv? C7 fi ,gwl C :'-' 5- Sll' 'E . 1' Q. if i .N- Y. -a BOTTOM ROW: Carol Bishop, Susie Will, Kathy Ward, Janie SECOND ROW: Jim Sharrock, Vaughn Clark, Michael Holland- Bumpers. er. NOT PICTURED: Cindy Burner. Campus Chest Has Carnival The Campus Chest Executive Committee directs the fall campaign for charity fund-rais- ing. A two-day, outdoor carnival culminated this year's activities for Campus Chest Week. It borrowed five fun-rides from an Oklahoma City park and had individual booths which consisted of stunts, games, and concessions in order to raise money. A highlight of the drive was Kids Day with around 700 disadvantaged children being brought to the carnival where students met and sponsored them, complete with entertain- ment and goodies, for the entire afternoon. The Faculty Auction was another event during the week's activities, with a sale of un- usual faculty talents and odd items going to the highest bidder. The week was climaxed with the annual Beauty and the Beast Dance. The 1969 chairman was Jim Sharrockg fac- ulty sponsor was Anona Adair. 'Q ,XJ A visitor at Campus Chest booth comes face to face with a messed up victim of "on the target" pie-throwing. l BOTTOM ROW: Marilyn Gafford, Rob Stites, Pam Vennerberg, steter, Diane Freeman, Linda Kauskay. THIRD ROW: Alan G. Tamsen Murray. SECOND ROW: Gayle Freeman, Jane Brun- Sandgarten, Brent Waguespack, Fred Turner, Jim Gotwals. Rob Stites, Conference on Religion chairman, and Pam Ven- nerberg, vice-chairman, discuss the schedule for COR week. T heologians Speak During COR Week Talks by Dr. Richard Rubenstein. Gabriel Longo, and Dr. Landon Gilkey highlighted Conference on Religion Week activities in February. Other popular events were discus- sions at various housing units. book displays. and film and folk singing festivals. A recep- tion, planned by Gaia Thomas. was held for each speaker during the evening of his talk. The aim of this year's theme. "Religion as involvement." was to make students reevaluate their religious beliefs and to provide them with information concerning the role of the church in dealing with contemporary prob- lems. Under Robert Stites. who served as chair- man of COR Week. and faculty sponsor Dr. Thomas Boyd. Conference on Religion plans next year to expand its activities from one week a year to one week each semester. CWENS members Belinda Burton. Lisa Kimrey, Mary Berta- lan. and Pam Vennerberg make plans for the freshman 3.0 tea. BOTTOM ROW: Anona Adair, Belinda Burton, Stephanie Huff, Pam Henry. Nancy Stewart, Maria Bustillo. SECOND ROW: Lisa Kimrey, Karin Kongs, Cathy Edwards, Jola Higginbottom, .lann Northrip, Diana Snyder, Maureen Healey. THIRD ROW: 5 11 lg- iff :E CW NS Has Second Busy Year CWENS, a service honorary for sophomore women, became an afiiliate of Pipers in the spring of 1969. CWENS strives to promote scholarship, leadership, and social awareness among freshman women. Members of the organization are chosen on the basis of scholastic achievement and out- standing leadership qualities. A tea and fashion show, held during the fall Howdy Week tapping and initiation, wel- comed out-of-state freshman women to the university. Members also participated in a retreat held in the fall, sold pom-poms during football season, entered a booth in Campus Chest, and sponsored a CWENS leadership lab. Their 3.0 Tea was held in the spring to rush prospective members. Led by Miss Anona Adair, sponsor, and Pam Henry, president, the group met twice during each month of the school year. Barbara Voss, Janie Letson, Jule Rutledge, Cathy Cooper, Diana Dickson, Nancy Nesbitt, Carol Kluberton. FOURTH ROW: Michele Wade, Diane Terry, Priscilla Thomas, Mary Bertalan, Jan Boke, Marian Rhodes, Anne Regier, Karen Marriott. 932 'VV' Dad's Day Sparks utumn Weekend "Wanted All Dads" was the theme of the 1969 Dad's Day. To welcome the dads, the Dad's Day Executive Committee, headed by Mark Hammons, chairman, sponsored a vari- ety of entertainment and activities. Highlighting the events were two new activi- ties. The Dad's Day Revue, 4'Those Were the Days, or Will the Real Carmen Miranda Please Stand Up," was produced by sixty OU students. The second event, a "Pops" Festival, presented individual acts and was MC'd by Chuck Cissel. OU alumni sponsored a pre-game luncheon, and various fraternity, sorority, and housing units also planned welcome dinners .for the in- coming dads. Other chairmen were Pam Vennerberg, vice- chairman, Kevin Peters, treasurer, Karen Gold- man, Karen Ostroot, Suzanne Robben, Fred Davis, David Schimmel, and Mike Powers. BOTTOM ROW: Suzanne Robben, Valerie Abbot, Karen Gold- man, Karen Ostroot. ' ws , 5 . v x . 1.13K cw' . 1 ' ' fi 'uf Jim Sharrock and Sherry Jones receive the best all-round senior man and senior woman awards from David Burr. SECOND ROW: Gayle Freeman, Mike Synar, Craig Davenport. Mark Hammons, Michael Pullin. iii, 2': ra i T7 DX BOTTOM ROW: Carmine D, Parrella, Jr., Joseph G. Sher, Gary L. Dyer, Chuck Rolader, Mark Harbour, Woody Hopper, Dale Gillman. John Prather, Mike Mallonee, Joseph Rostas. SECOND ROW: Jeffrey Slotsky, Ron Walton, Richard William- son. Ron Thornton, Bennett M. Gritiin, Toney McCollum, Carl Abernathy. Joe Lundskog. THIRD ROW: Lawrence W. Nelles, Delta Sigma Pi Stages Seminar Delta Sigma Pi, the professional business fraternity, staged a Young Presidents' Seminar during the first semester and toured the Lone Star Brewery and Western Electric Company. The group also distributed copies of the Bus- ine.s1s' Today magazine to members of the Col- lege of Business. The year's speakers included John Left- wich. a stockbroker for Bache Company, and a representative from John Roberts, Inc. Left- wich discussed the importance of knowing the market that your company serves. Annually, Delta Sigma Pi presents a schol- arship key to the graduating senior man with the highest grade average in the Business Ad- ministration College. Presiding at the weekly meetings was Mike Mallonee. Delta Sigma Pi was first founded at NYU in 1907. The OU chapter is now one of 150 in the nation. Bob Adams, Norman N. Hill, Rocky Shockey, Phil Horton, Scott Dragoo, W. V. Huntington, Donald W. Collins, Malcom E. Adderley, Jr. FOURTH ROW: Fred Dale, Allan H. Mc- Collum, Donald E. Cash, Larry E. Lee, Bill Neilson, Robert Gansfuss, Jimmy Gill, Fostar Harris Day, Richard D. Johnson. Chuck Wilkinson, spring 1969 president, presents the "Rose of Delta Sigma Pi Award" to Miss Marsha Crabb. Il BOTTOM ROW: James V. Baker, Steven Megur, Walter T. Keating, Diane Rouse, Glenda Mitchell. SECOND ROW: Neil Fox, Elizabeth Nowak, Jeff Slotsky, Robert Daigler, Joseph Bill Grooms, a broker with Harris Upham 8z Co.. explains graphs predicting stock market fluctuations to Finance Club. Rostas, Scott Guthrie. THIRD ROW: Dennis N. Akkola, Henri- H. Wahl, Thomas E. Rosen, Patrick A. Nlcbinley. Robert CJ. Magnusson, Robert S. Richie. Students Plan Investment Club OU,s Finance Club began functioning in 1953, a year after the club's founding at the University of Illinois. Its principal aim is to further knowledge of iinance among students on campus. Two speakers were slated for the fall and spring. They were Gail Crrotts of the OL' Employment Services and Harold Borlen of Merrel. Lynch. Pierce. Ferner and Smith. In keeping with the increased specialization of business. the Finance Club will soon offer a separate investment club for its members. Presiding at meetings was Walter Keating: Diane Rouse was secretary. lll0l CU!! 3 Gamma Alpha Chi's Mary Toile. Janie Blackburn, Ronna Rid- dle. and Ann Adams choose advertising motifs for an edition. Advertising Society Attends Convention Gamma Alpha Chi goals this year were to further professionalism in advertising and bridge the gap between the classroom and the business world. Gamma Alpha Chi is the na- tional advertising fraternity. Under the guidance of Mary Helen Mont- gomery, national executive director and fac- ulty sponsor at OU, the club's members were able to complete a busy schedule of local pro- jects as well as to attend the national conven- tion at St. Louis and the regional conference at Hot Springs. Current activities of the organization in- cluded selling oil company credit cards, plan- ning layout and advertising in the Panhellenic Rush booklet and sponsoring Advertising Week. Richard Roby, of Roby Advertising Associ- ation in Oklahoma City, headlined the Octob- er 19 meeting of Gamma Alpha Chi. Nancy Edwards, Ann Aronson, Mary Tolle, Ronna Riddle, Sherry Anderson, Ann Adams. 'E' 1'-4 :Y if-'f-ffrf eW'r"r'rsf"r-fsri 'ffm' or ir' t' ' , f , 4 , . . , r , . BOTTOM ROW: Sue Wade, Terry Farmer, Elizabeth Blair, Dan Vann, Rob Stites, Lee Ann Welch, Becky Rhodes. SECOND ROW: Steve Glasser, Henry Meyer, Scott Heller, Judy Freeland, Linda Pavlik, Carol Stortz, Mary Mulmed, Marjie Ratcliffe. THIRD ROW: Tom Walsh, Ron Redus, Cam Campbell, Gerald Oguss, Royal Carson, Carl Edwards, Harriet Sxuhlbcrg. Nil.: Svec. FOURTH ROW: Steve Frantz, .lim Sharroclt, Garj- DRL:- worth, Harvey Sturdevant, Vaughn Clark. Barbara Moira, D'- Anne Mount, Dennis Clowers, Tom Norman, James Nianzelrmin NOT PICTURED: John Clifford. Club Membership Based on Service Gamma Gamma is a campus honorary or- ganization for residents of Greek housing. Qualifications for membership include service to the university community, service to the Greek community and devotion to the indi- vidual house. Members of the honorary are nominated by the respective fraternity and sorority houses. BOTTOM: Doug Edwin Fears, Norman Davis, Jo McGinnis, Wendy Hilty, Sally Burns, RoseMary Bumpass, Rochelle Rudd, Steve Edwards. SECOND ROW: Melinda McElroy, Janice Fina, Carolyn York, LaNita Harms, Ann Wolfe, Judy Yeatts, Cindy Burner, Bobbie Arentz. THIRD ROW: Sheryl Lynn Ard, Jana :Eat-ivipiifi Q it if New members are then selected by the past members from those nominated. Membership is limited to two per cent of the Greek system. Steve Edwards, Beta Theta Pi. presided over the meetings as Gamma Gamma presi- dent. Bob Stites assisted as vice-president and Carolyn York served the organization this year as treasurer. Berryhill, Judith J. Jackson, Carol Ritchie Akright, Gaia Thomas. Karen Ostroot, Marilyn Rhodes, Suzie Gilbert Gil Haas. FOURTH ROW: Stan Symanski, Al Black. Karen Campbell. Elaine Green, Sally Livermore, Nancy Xloser. Cecile lnce. Germ MacArthur, Doug Munro. Phil Mount. T ll HI ill ?ll I Jennifer Kimbrel. Linda Lissi, Sonja Moore, Kathy Kearney, Karen Sobel, Carol Anne Bowlin, Melba Pack, Janet Cowper, Jennifer R. Craven, Jackie Stinnett. Maureen Healey. Sorority Serves Campus Community Gamma Sigma Sigma service sorority has promoted service to the student body and to the community from the time of its founding on this campus in the spring of 1966. In the more than 150 chapters throughout the na- tion. the only qualification for membership is the desire and the willingness to do service to help others. Annual activities continued this year were the orphans picnic, selling mums for Home- coming. and ushering at MUN. An awards banquet was held in the spring. Other pro- jects included making puppets for a puppet show given to children in the Norman vicinity, a cancer drive, and a clothing collection for children in Vietnam. Members met every week during the school year under the direction of Mrs. Jerry Bur- lingame, sponsor, and Jennie Kimbrel, presi- dent. 'L' .5 SS- . .1 .. A Gamma Sigma Sigma members spent an afternoon making col- l orful puppets in preparation for a show to Norman children. i I 1 1 1 I ...f br- 4 W vrll Eric A 1: 1 . .t. 4, . I - 1 . x s ,. S 5' 4, 5 NJ Q-v l l 1 P b . Q9 BOTTOM ROW: Karen Marriott, Pat rlieronymus, Mary Berta- SECOND ROW: Henry Meyer, Harvie Roe, Fred 'I urner. Pad! lan, Belinda Burton. Carlile, David Schimmel. 1' 4 Quilt 1 Kiss' QL. Hank Meyer, Homecoming chairman, presents trophy to Dave Wanser, the first male candidate ever for Homecoming Queen. Students Prepare For Homecoming Homecoming is an annual fun activity for OU students. alumni and faculty. Henry Mey- er, this year's chairman. says the only quali- fication for membership is "The ability to read. write and do a bit of arithmetic." Held mid-football season this year's activi- ties were on October 18. "Under the Big Red Top" was the theme with Dixieland music pro- viding the entertainment in the South Oval. An alumni luncheon was held in the Union Ballroom and a Bar-B-Que fed those in the oval before the clash between the Sooners and Colorado Buffaloes. Lindy Gans was crowned Homecoming Queen at the game. and in the evening a pop rock and roll band played for the well-attended Homecoming Dance. Helping Homecoming chairman with the arrangements were Patricia Heironymus. Kar- en Marriot and Harvey Row. Miss Anona Adair was sponsor for the organization. . -1-fl, 3 - V' ' if-f dk" T . ,-11.31 -.1 .-. ,,. .,: -- - Ja.. .- -4 -- -og, .-lr, . . ..-I Ann Regier. Wichita. Kans. junior. models in the Howdy Week fashion show given on Dr. Hollomon's patio in the early fall. BOTTOM ROW: Gayle Freeman, Lisa Kimrey, Kathy Ward, Karen Osiroot. Karen Goldman, Michael Pullin. SECOND ROW: Mike Synar, Jan Boke, Susan Myers, Pam Vennerberg, Dorsey 5, ge 5 + , . . E i Nix q-4 Y-f Y ,gf .. h I, -,-,.. lu,-Q""-5 nn-'0"' 2 , 1 H.: OOO-0 vo' oovo.,o--" i, 1' E , I e Students Welcomed To Howdy Week Howdy Week for 1969 stressed the concept of participation and had as its theme H1969- The Year of Involvementf, In keeping with that idea, a series of new events were offered to welcome new students to the university. These events included a Religious Emphasis Day, a Black Emphasis Day, and speeches by such prominent Oklahomans as Jim Jones, Don Grieve, David Hall, and E. Melvin Port- er. The more traditional activities were also very successful. Large crowds attended the Activities Round-Up, a free dance with 'The Boxtops" recording group, and a student film festival. Working on this year's Howdy Week were Mark Hammons, chairman, Karen Ostroot, Kathy Ward, and Karen Campbell, vice-chair- men, Karen Goldman, art chairman, and Kev- in Peters, treasurer. McIntosh, Fred Davis. NO PICTURED: Mark Hammons, Karen Campbell. S 'nl Zodiac Signs Describe Love Lambda Omicron is the astrological inquest organization. VIRGO-Love is not always around for you, as you need a little practice in culti- vating a clearly romantic view of things. PISCES-Love to you is poetry and music, all in one. CAPRICORN-Love is self-honesty and ex- citing discoveries. LEO-Love is like a creative art to you, something to be molded to your satis- faction. SAGITTARIUS-Love is taken lightly by you. AQUARIUS-Love is like the sun to youg it keeps you warm. VIRGO-Love and I exist as we are-that is enough. P .Lf Ri BOTTOM ROW: Virgo, Pisces, Capricorn, Leo. SECOND ROW 1 Sagittarius, Virgo, Aquarius, Ray "Yorick" Nlclieuon , X irg..-. Busy hands with banner and mugs are Dwight Reynolds, Diane Danner, Huey, John Danner, Ann Gordon. Doug Chew. Don Land. Pam Faubion, and Zach Taylor. sw I lt ,nfl-5. :"'!'N N s. 3 til J 337 BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Juanita O'Donley, Bobbie Arentz, Susie Will. Becky Rhodes, Suzie Gilbert. SECOND ROW: Peg Mc- Y? Mullen, Judy Freeland, Linda Pavlik, Gail Groom, Lee Ann Welch. Mortar Board Has Information Center Mortar Board's Owl and Triangle Chapter organized an information center on graduate schools which is available for all students. Mortar Board, senior women's honorary organization, taps new members in the spring of each year. To qualify for membership, a senior woman must show scholarship, leader- ship and service on the OU campus. Mem- bers must also have a 3.0 or better grade average. Each year Mortar Board selects ten top freshmen women who have excelled in schol- arship and activities the preceding year. This past year nine women were chosen on the basis of these qualities and announced at the Mortar Board Walk-Out in the fall. The organization attended a Mortar Board section meeting at Tulsa in the fall. Janice Cherry was president, and Gail Groom served as secretary. Pam Yennerberg, Belinda Burton, Pam Henry, Lisa Kimery, Mary Bertalan. Absent: Teresa Pitts, Cleta Deathrage, Stephanie Huff, Ann Regier. . IQ ' 0 . "Tr" nl-...ann Milli. if ' 1 i il: l BOTTOM ROW: Robert Thomas Stites, Steven Randall Ed- wards, Bruce Stensrud, Jim Sharrock, Ralph Guild, Carl Ed- wards, Wayne Gary, T. Logan Brown. SECOND ROW: Bill Johnstone, Chris Brown, Mike Svec, David Wanser, Joe Brent Clark, Glen Douglas Huff, Gary Hugh Baker, Doug Edwin x . Omicron Delta Kappa members Jim Sharrock, Bruce Stensrud. and Ralph Guild discuss spring initiation plans for pledges. Fears. THIRD ROW: Vaughn Clark, Doug Munro. Larry Huff- man, Doug Folger, Ron Frank, Bill Gaddis, John W. llaiiortn, John S. Danner. FOURTH ROW: John Ladd Greeno. Jim Lo- gan, Cam Campbell, Steve Hubbard, Rodney Foster, Kit Wagner. Steve Glasser, Mike Mayhall, Ron Redus. ODK Salutes Men Scholars Omicron Delta Kappa national honor soci- ety for senior and junior men. helped bring faculty and students closer together by holding discussions with administrative officials con- ceming current campus problems and issues. Not operating on a rigid program of activi- ty from month to month. ODK gears its sched- ule toward helping young men who show aca- demic promise as well as having distinguished themselves in various phases of campus activi- ties and services. The organization also gives scholarships to freshman men annually as one of its projects. Fall initiates were honored at a Januar? dinner. and a second initiation was held in the spring for second semester selections. Otiicers were Jim Sharrock as president: Bruce Stens- rud. vice-president: Ralph Guild. secretary: and recordkeeper. Carl Edwards. if iq " 1: gr 5 'F i tr f, 2 iii 5 3 R YT? 1 is x BOTTOM ROW: Kurt Frantz, Michael Wise, Steve Edwards, .lim Shtirrock. Rob Stites. -tx Q. SECOND ROW: Patrick D. Barnes, Pat Carr, Carl Edwards, Emery Dilling, Bruce Stensrud. Pe-et Members Name Top Ten Men Pe-et. senior men's honorary, was founded in 1910. The purpose of the organization is to honor those senior men who have excelled in scholarship. leadership and general service to the university community. The main activity of the group is the naming of the Top Ten Freshmen Men at the Pe-et Pow Wow. This event is held each year dur- ing the fall semester. Also a joint annual meeting with Missouri Universityls Mystic Sev- en, that campus' men's honorary, was held this year at the MU-OU football game. The yearis officers were Steve Edwards, who presided over the meetings, and Pat Carr, who assisted as vice-president. Bruce Stensrud served the organization as secretary, and Carl Edwards was this year's Pe-et treasurer. HIJTTOX1 ROW: Mike Synar, Nick Winter, Jeff Herren, Wen- Carlile, Rudy Fenwick, Bill Tims, Scott Martin, Craig Daven- de!! Boyce. Doug Pereboom, John Gritiin. SECOND ROW: Paul port, Jack Mildren. f-7 15' anagement Prints SA Publications Attendance at a seminar of management was one of the many activities of the Society for the Advancement of Management. The group also sponsored the monthly publication The Sooner SAM. This year members traveled to various com- panies in the state for their field trips, includ- ing the Sequoyah Carpet Mills, Tinker Field, Lin-Tempo-Vaught Aerospace Industries and the General Motors assembly plant in Okla- homa City. A December Christmas party and a picnic in the spring were the social functions of the group, in addition to the regularly scheduled meetings. Two meetings were held each month, and business men were invited as guest speakers. Two such speakers were Matt Starc- evich, Sr. of Kerr-McGee and Dr. Clement Le- Pak of Western Electric. BOTTOM ROW: Richard L. Lonn, Jean M. Lonn, Emily L. Ekonen, Patrick Joe Healy, Jerry L. Campbell, Lindell Dillon. SECOND ROW: C. D. Parrella, Jr., Eric Yeung, Richard Wil- liamson, Bob J. Justice, Everett Wood, llaus Konrad Andler, I v Y 91 '-. 9" 9 1 I1 . 'V' V? f' . ' .-9 1 " :.s " 'A 6 1' ' .': lg if E za.. . . J .I I?2'l'y 4 ' rl -'l"'. if S 'Q 't,J, it , A' n f itz- I. if ,J ' if J' tu- . 1 A Wi f' t Z 'fi Guest speaker Dr. Paul Jacobs addresses one of the hi-monzhl meetings of the Society for the Advancement of Manageme: Robert C. McLaughlin. THIRD ROW: Philip T. Corbell. Gale E. Smith, Jeff Slotsky, Keith Beachler, Wolfgang Lynen. Chr E. Green, Toney McCollum, Richard Sturgeon. E S 5 A i i A A l if fiiif 1' ' ri Q is Z pf gil I l K -Jilii BOTTOM ROW: Lynn Crismon, Ronald Cleveland, Bill Durant, Rick Goodman, Jim l-Iulline, Beverly Lynsford, Ray Pearson, Bobhye Gowan, Ann Bonham, Cindy Colvert, Susan Porter, Dr. G. Phillip Lehrman. SECOND ROW: James R. Talley, Martha Farmer, Nlickie Turnham. Charles R. Farris, Gerald Martin, Nlary Ann NlcFall, Janice Shell, Donalee Bailey, Nancy Starnes, Beth Klein. Jackie Neill, Jane Rich, Dorothy Lett, Phil Taylor. THIRD ROW: Tom Russell, Larry Wasson, Daryl McKeown, Pharmacy Group Hosts Students Sooner Pharmaceutical Association, the stu- dent afliliate with the American Pharmaceuti- cal Association and the Oklahoma Pharma- ceutical Association, held its annual Career Day to entertain state high school students on campus. The Career Day was held in March. The highlight of the career examining day was the luncheon sponsored by the OU club. Senior students in pharmacy were honored by the Pharmacy Day in May when awards were given to outstanding students. The Association publishes Sooner Antidote, a newspaper spotlighting happenings among pharmacists. Ray Pearson was president, and assisting him was vice-president Ann Bonham. Hand- ling the finances was Jim Hufline. Larry Hobbs, Jerry Mayes, William Jesse Holly, James Mann, George R. Daffer, Sharon Peters, Jill Resler, Kathy Nail, Ronald Stevens. FOURTH ROW: Jack P. Ball, Philip H. Buckner, David Perdue, Richard Hamel, Buster Holloway, Phil Corder, Melvin Conder, Gary Unruh, Charles Reece, Larry Sanders. FIFTH ROW: George Farmer, Johnnie Friels, Lynn Huifman, Pat Schmelzla, Michael Sharp, Larry Kissick, Keith Parker, Leaford Green, Neal Jackson, W. Roy Windel, Jr. 'AY Q"-s':.."' 'L' I 1 v-1..aa 'ilikf f"' im: 4'--is "Career Day" luncheon entertained high school students interested in pharmacy as a possible college major. sir ? Z T BOTTOM ROW: Sam Cassidy, Belinda Burton, Bob Payne. SECOND ROW: Joe Lunn, Mike Synar, Terry Grogan, Rich Bahner, bf ' ig' 1- a if we X K ' ,ggi Q -f. N f , NP Q vb tw .i if QQ?- On the phone is Sam Cassidy. state coordinator, while Terry Grogan and Rocky Chalmers review the Lobby pamphlet. Lobby Sponsors Capitol Meeting The Student Lobby for Higher Education is the organization of college students inter- ested in improving Oklahoma higher educa- tion. Active Lobby chapters exist at ten state colleges, representing thousands of students. The Lobby works with the state legislature and interested citizens on behalf of higher ed- ucation. It has a Speakers Bureau. Legislative Relations Committee and Public Relations Committee. This year the Lobby sponsored a mass meet- ing of the friends of higher education at the state capitol to make support of higher educa- tion a major issue of the l970 political cam- paigns. The Lobby also supported a substan- tial increase in the financing of higher educa- tion. lowering of the voting age. protection oi academic freedom and student rights. and re- form of Oklahoma's tax structure. ly QJRQQYU nn- with 0Y V1 1 If BOTTOM ROW: Sharon Gallagher, Tamsen Murray, Karen Vin- yard. Nlarilyn Cuatford. Carol Stortz, Gayle Freeman, Vicki Rob- ertson. SECOND ROW: Kathy A. Ward, Karen Campbell, Cindy Burner. Nlarles Long, Mary Bertalan, Linda Strickland, 5'2" qi at-ff i I Y 1 B i i Chris Zeigner, Marjie Ratcliife. THIRD ROW: Pam Thompson, Karen Ostroot, Kathy Allen, Diane Darrough, Marilyn Davidson, Sally Livermore, Judy Yeatts, Peggy Ford. Tassels Support Sophomore Sponsors Tassels. the only organization by that name, is a scholastic and activity honorary for junior women at OU. Members must have at least a 3.0 grade average and must show outstand- ing leadership ability. Tassels also supports the organization known as Sophomore Sponsors. These are sophomore women who go into the dormitories and counsel freshmen, helping them to become involved in university activities. Through the HUITONI ROW: Teresa Pitts, Janet Cowper, Linda Embrey, I-4413 JoAnn Tvlaus, JoAnn Hodges. SECOND ROW: help given by the Sophomore Sponsors, fresh- men are also aided in learning how to develop the necessary study habits to earn better grades. Tassels participated in campus activities and rendered service to campus affiairs when- ever possible. Karen Vinyard, president, led the group, aided by Tamsen Murray, vice- president, Marilyn Gafford, treasurer: and Carol Stortz, who served Tassels as secretary. Margaret Munde, Kathy Slakis, Linda Doak, Claire Kerschner, Suzanne Robben, Patricia Piercy. Z' illlll i li E BOTTOM ROW: Jack Harris, George Payne, Kit Wagner, Wal- ter Stuermann, Edwin Parsons. SECOND ROW: John Kenney, Roger Doughty, John Beattie, Chuck Gilmore, John Ferguson, i was - . Tau Beta Pi's Jim West, Kit Wagner, Herb Bohrer. Ed Parsons. Richard Burns, and Tom Edwards admire their new plaque, i Larry Herzel, Ronald Kilman, Keith Giles. THIRD ROW: Rah- ard Burns, Steven Hulin, Chuen-Nlei Chu, Bob Langley, J. Schneider, Mike Stepenaskie. Herbert Bohrer. Carl Elinor Scholars Make Up Tau Beta Pi Group Tau Beta Pi seeks to mark in a iitting man- ner those who have conferred honor upon their alma mater by distinguished scholarship and exemplary character as undergraduates in engineering. To be a member of Tau Beta Pi a student must be in the top eighth of his class if a junior. or in the top iifth of his class if a senior. This year Tau Beta Pi members served as guides for Engineering Open House and erect- ed a new monument near the Engineering Center in conjunction with Sigma Tau. This years president was Kit Wagner. and George Payne was secretary. The Tau Beta Pi chapter was established at OL' in l92b. OL"s Afro-American Student Union talk to Texan Curtis Graves. ASU representative, at a reception during Black Heritage Week. Wazuri African Arts Afro-American Student Union launched an- other active year with the opening of its Cultu- ral Center. Wazuri. The Wazuri featured Af- rican and Afro-American arts. The main activity of the year was Black Heritage Week. February 2-9. The theme of Featured by Union the week was, "What Happens to a Dream De- ferred," and was dedicated to Martin Luther King. Cultural events of the week included a concert by poet Gylan Kain of Harlem, fihn- strips on the Black Panthers and Africa, and a concert by gospel singer James Cleveland. Students Sell Campaign to Campus Manual Alpha Delta Sigma, national professional advertising fraternity, worked on advertising sales for the Panhellenic Rush Manual and for Founders Day and also held its annual Adver- tising Recognition Week Program. This year's projects included the campus-wide promotion- al campaign for Standard Oil Company. BUTTON! ROW: Robert Shackelford, Jack Fyffe, Steve Shapiro, Irl Silscrstein, Nlark Stein, David Rodriguez. SECOND ROW: Patritio Seidel, Brian Nasky, Ron Jones, Arney Brown, Wallace Founded in 1913 at the University of Mis- souri, membership in Alpha Delta Sigma is open to all students with an interest in adver- tising and who maintain at least a "C" aver- age. Presdent was Irl R. Silverstein. Goodman, Mr. Dale Gaston, Barry Boughan. THIRD ROW: Dr. Robert Bryson, Larry Weissman, Tony Corsi, Breg Gaston, Nick Hampton. BOTTOM ROW: Dorsey McIntosh, .John Ferguson, Robert R. Lewis, Ronnie G. Smith, Chuck Gilmore, Frederic Hall, Jerry Golden, David Barringer. SECOND ROW: Salah J. Darwish, Charles Willhoite, Ronald J. Oakes, Kevin Goin, Paul Crissman, Hassan Mohtashamian, Toby Castecl, Rick Kunzelman. THIRD ROW: James H. Long, Walter M. Ford, Jim R. Bridgett, Paul I.. Cortassa, Abbas Kimyaghalm, NCILIIII -Xglwii, NIcl..ri .fk.l'::. Core, Phillip N. Hatdorf, John Cf liCffl,1fl"l':l, l'f1I,'R'IH HU'-'-f Leroy Langley, Ifrank Shipley, Rolla Oli'-er, Iiorirw: Sami, Jerry Snider, Gordon Lcaman, Harley De Yore, Svcucn Srrflcr, Panff, Blair, Tom Talley. Engineers Highlight Industrial Speakers American Institute of Chemical Engineers featured industrial speakers at each of its monthly meetings this year. The clubis object was to aid in the development of the members through association with business and profes- sional people. Participation of the club in the spring's En- Engineer Students The American Institute of Industrial En- gineers, the engineering technical society, spent the first semester preparing for the 1970 Region IX AIIE Conference which they host- ed. This regional meeting represented I3 uni- versities across the country. The AIIE was also host to the Senior Awards Banquet for BOTTOM ROW: Steven Newell, Don Moulton, Roger Stephens, Floyd Davis, John Kenney, Dilip Vyas. SECOND ROW: Hung Lum, John Beattie, Mario L. Typaldos, Ralph Guild, Dr. Bob Foote, Dr. R. A. Shapiro, Chester Peek. THIRD ROW: Terry Moshier, Valerie Hill, Shrikant Panwalkar, Eugene Payne, Dr. gineers' Open House was to relate the public with the chemical engineer's role in the modern world. Fall and spring picnics provided extra fellowship for members and their dates. The organization was led by Ron Smith. president, and Dr. C. F. Colver, faculty advisor. Host AIIE Conference engineering majors. Meeting monthly in the Student Union. the AIIE was presided over by John A. Kenney. Don Mouhin represented the organization on the St. Pat's Council. AIIE always participates in the Engineering Open House Exhibit held annually. Mike Devine, E. T. King, Yogender Niahendra, James H. Browz. FOURTH ROW: Larry N. Greenhaw, Jim Moore. Don Laur- ence, John Stupka, Rjyad Shehadeh. .Xrun Kapur. Dr. Hillel Kumin, Charles Oates. Thomas Schmidt. BUIFIUXI RUXN: Anusliirxan Gliavaini. James P. Drennan. Don- .ilii larrrs. Haney Bollinger. Ralph DeGeeler. James Keeley. NFCUXD RUXN: Nlcngishi Rhazoom, Hashem Hozhabri. John Nan Dyk. Jr.. Dwight l.. Fox. Frank W, Lucas. Antoine Firzli. Adnan Turk, Keith Williamson. THIRD ROW: Wayne Barton, Duane Motsenbocker, Keith Giles, Albert Bagdadipour, Terry Thurman, Wayne Philliber, John D. Sullivan, Luke M. Snell. ASCE Receives Honor from ational Chapter This student chapter of the American So- ciety of Civil Engineers received a Certificate of Commendation from the national chapter during the year. This commendation honors the club as one of the outstanding chapters in the nation. This year the student chapter participated in the Engineering Open House and made field trips to nearby construction sites. They were also hosts for the Mid-Continent Conference of the Society of Civil Engineers. OU founded its student chapter in 1912. The national organization boasts 145 chapters. Open House Heads ASME's Activities Focal point for the planning of the Ameri- can Society of Mechanical Engineers was the Engineering Open House on March 13. A professional and technical society, ASME fosters professional growth in mechanical en- gineering. The organization plays host to HUT'lONl ROW: D. Parsons, Clif Rouse, Tommmy L. Chester. Cynthia Julich. Walter M. Pierce, D. B. Turkington. SHUNTJ ROKR: Glen R. Boyd. Jack Hughcy, Gregory J. E. Nl' rfzs. Daxid L. Walters. Leon R. Gurney, Robert J. Adams, speakers prominent in engineering and shows films at its bi-monthly meetings. Annual activities include the spring picnic in April of each year and the joint society smoker in November. Leda Gale Smith. THIRD ROW: Dana S. Bousum, Craig D. Hines, Bennie E. Snow, T. J. Love, Michael Stimson, Herbert Bohrer, Dr. John E. Francis. illllliillli li lll C 1 ,llllllfi BOTTOM ROW: Mina lzadi, Edwin Anderson, Tolu Misagi, Fariba Misagi. SECOND RUW2 Mahahat lwrdowsiun, Hroola Nlisagi, Dun: Raczkowski, Fund Akhtarkauari. Wood Carver-Painter Offers Club Pointers Baha'i Club of the University of Oklahoma traded pointers with Gary Hillaire, the well- known wood carver and painter from Wash- ington State in its special fall meeting. A new film released by Stanford University called 6'The New Wind" concerning the Bahai's from Monthly Meetings Eta Epsilon is a professional society inter- ested in increasing interest in home economics and its various related fields. Open to undergraduates, meetings were held each month. This year the club attempted to feature the varied careers available to home BOTTOM ROW: Dr. LaVerne Thomas, Elaine Adams, Phillis McKiddy, Claudia Stringer, Kitty Karr, Terry Perkins. SECOND ROW: Barbara Spinner, Margaret Newman, Evelyn Burks, Linda all over the world was another learning ex- perience for the organization. The organization also worked with other Baha'i Clubs around the state-at OSL' and Tulsa University. Focus on Major Field economics majors. A particular field was em- phasized at each meeting with guest speakers contributing their professional knowledge. Leading the club this year were Claudia Stringer, presidentg Kitty Karr. vice-president. and Elaine Adams. secretary. Boardman, Stacy Curtis, Carla Chenowerh. THIRD ROW: Klar- sha Ann Levine, Norma Brooks. Ruth Ann Marlow. Cena Klar- quis, Nancy Burgett, Lora Kates. BOTTOM ROW: Michael Stepenaskie, David Smith, Mike Strout, ROW: Steven G. Doughty, Jack Harris, Buddy Holt, Howard Walter Stuerinann. Mark Burroughs, Dr. D. A. Todd. SECOND W. Pittman, Robert J. McGinn, Philip A. Wright. Club Centers on Professional Standards Eta Kappa Nu is the electrical engineering honor society. This year the organization worked toward improving the professional standards and the courses of instruction of- fered in this area of study. Faculty-student luncheons provided mem- bers with opportunities to communicate with Gamma Delta's Proj A project initiated this year by Gamma Delta was the Service Workday to support the i'House of Hope" in Tokyo, Japan. The pro- ject was a joint effort of many groups in the world. Guest speakers this year were Fred A. Shel- labarger, who spoke on "History of Church BOTTOM ROW: Marian Kuhlman, Eileen Jacobson, Pearl Witt- kopp, Linda Tommey, Penny Schwartz, Emily Ekonen, David Gast- -b G I' 'vl ' SECOND ROW' R D 'd Kl St e gt . aan . eyer. . . ev. avi umpp, ev Kukuk. Larry Tom, .lanell Folks, Albina Holasek, Pat Cooper, instructors about how to attain these goals. Banquets were held in the fall and spring, and the outstanding electrical engineering stu- dent was named by President Kenneth Strout. David Smith was vice-president, and Dr. David Todd was faculty sponsor. ect Aids in rient Architecturev and Preston Trimble who dis- cussed "Problems of Drug Addiction." Gamma Delta is the International Associa- tion for Lutheran Students, although Lutheran Church Membership is not mandatory for membership. Darrell Cornell, Peter Kramer. THIRD ROW: Karl Reitz, Allen Field, Art Schultheiss, Bob Glover, Robert Post, Godfrey Holasek, Larry Johnson. BOTTOM ROW: Rudolph Robert Locw, James A. Williams, Da- vid L. Brown, Cecil G. Allen, .lessee D. Heinricks, Leonard W. Joyce, Bob Gilmore, Warren D. Smith. SECOND ROW: Larry W. Pike, Aloysius J. Schneider, James H. Wildermuth, Mike Stepenaskie, John Norris, Robert Parsons, Gene Walker, Robert D. Lawrence, Robert C. Dube. THIRD ROW: Imaam f.l.-::. Walker, David P. Mcllonnell, Stephen N. Holi:-,, le: Kar. Gross, Robert Ii. Wilson, Robert Naegeli, Larrg. IJ. 11121, l.:1f.r ence D. Purkey, Don R. Wagner, 'I. lz. Nlelionalfl. IEEE Spurs Interest with Guest Speakers The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers was enlightened by two well-known speakers. On September 24, Dr. W. F. Cron- enwelt spoke on 'The Effects of Disturbing Radio and Radar Communication by Explod- ing a Nuclear Device in the Van Allen Belt." In October, Bill Craig from IBM in Endicott, New York spoke on "The Development and Advancement of IBM from 1890 to the Pres- ent." Annual events included projects built for Open House and special projects. Winning the Bindex Award at the last Engineering Open House, IEEE entered its IDIAC computer which took over a year to design and build. Kappa Epsilon Holds Special Programs Kappa Epsilon, an organization for women students in pharmacy, held special programs in concurrence with National Pharmacy Week and National Poison Prevention Week. The group was host to a luncheon on Career Day and on Pharmacy Day. Other highlights of the BOTTOM ROW: Beth Klein, Mickie Turnham, Nancy Starnes, Martha Farmer, Sharon Peters. SECOND ROW: Janice Shell, Mary Ann McFall, Cindy Colvert, Ann Bonham, Dorothy Lett, year included a drug abuse and poison preven- tion education program for children. As one of several projects. Kappa Epsilon conducted research on cancer in women and entertained Dr. Bottomley. head of cancer re- search at OU. who discussed the topic. Jane Rich. THIRD RONV: Jill Resler. Kathy Nail. Jackie Neill. Pat Schmelzla, Donalee Bailey. Evalpn Knight. Sally Mitchell. NOT PICTURED: Peggy McCracken. BUITONI ROXX: .loe Ray. Larry Baker, David Chatiin, Mike Taylor, R. Z. Howell, Steve Cohan, Keith Golden, Clark Terrill, Jrhns. .lcssc H.mkl.i, Daxid L'Roy. SECOND ROW: Byron Pugh. Louis Dickey, John Richardson. Dennis Grimes, Brad Stanton, James Wadley, Allen Hicks, John Band Societies Confer Honors on Celebrities Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma, na- tional honorary band fraternity and sorority, respectively. centered their activities around a goal of promoting the existence and welfare of university bands. Awarding Dionne War- wick and Woody Herman honorary member- ships was one of the highlights of the year. HUTIUNI RUVK: Betsy Barham, Donna Austin, Sherry Curtis, Janice Kennedy, Niarsha Edwards. SECOND ROW: Terri Piper, An: Sanders. Pat Godfrey, Pat Cooper, Kathy Skinner, Karen In the fall, several "get acquainted" picnics and a reception honoring seniors of the varsity football squad were co-sponsored by the or- ganizations. During spring semester the hon- oraries assisted Dr. Gene A. Braught, sponsor, with the band convention. Campbell, Kathy Stevenson, Rendi Vick, Carol Newman, Nancy Buckman, Ann Holman, Sarah Kaspar, Sheryl Massey. BOTTOM ROW: Veda B. Giezentanner, Valerie Abbot, Vicki Acker, Marva Lindsey. SECOND ROW: Ann Dyer, Norrnan D. Wilkie, Larry A. Bun'- ing, Charles L. Shrum. Lambda Tau Sponsors Colorful Displays Lambda Tau, honor society of medical tech- nologists, sponsored frequent colorful displays in the botany-microbiology building this year. This group also entered a booth into competi- tion in the anual Science Day. Lambda Tau works to develop a spirit of co-operation and unity among students enter- taining in the fields of medical laboratory technology. To accomplish this end the or- ganization visits laboratories in Oklahoma City and sponsors speakers prominent in med- ical technology. First organized at OU in 1948, Lambda Tau requires a grade point average of 2.5 for membership. Marketing Club Unites Student, Businessman Marketing Club this year continued to de- velop interest within the academic community in marketing and related fields. Promoting professional contact between the student and the businessman, the group sponsored a talk on "Management Problems in the Retail En- BOTTOM ROW: Joe McCoy, John Burgett, Dyan Nagurnev, Tom Overa, Jerry M. Lee. SECOND ROW: Larry Colvin, Perry L. Clouse, Biff Bigbie, Helen McCann, Paul Stapleton, Galen E. vironmentv by Foley's of Houston and heard Dr. Marion Phillips, professor of marketing. speak on "The Graduate Program." Led by Tom Overa, president. and James Kenderdine, sponsor, the group promoted Tex- aco credit cards and held their annual picnic. Smith. THIRD ROW: Rick Mathews, Mike Booth. Dave Lo- baugh, Klaus Propfe, Wolfgang Lpnen. Bernd Brand. James Sivalls. :bg 4 BUIHIUNI ROW: Johnnie Dee Russell, Oteka Harris, Dede Dunoho. Nlarilyn Green. Carol Terry. SECOND ROW: Mar- garet Cowen, Patricia Denson, Carolyn Grant, Peggy Proctor, Betsy Shields, Pat Gant, Linda Cobb. Music Club Highlights Musicale, Speakers Mu Phi Epsilon. founded at OU in 1922, strives to advance the appreciation of music throughout the country. All members must have at least a 3.0 and must be enrolled in at least 12 hours of cur- rent classwork. The organization sponsors a musicale monthly. Professor Spencer Norten was a special guest of the club, speaking on "Compo- sitionf' Mu Phi Epsilon boasts that Royetta Rule Boyd recently won second prize in a national composition contest. OU Arab Club Holds Contest, Banquet Dr. Mahmoud Abu-Saud, expert on Libya's Supreme Court. in auditing, spoke on "Eco- nomical Development of the Arab World" during the monthly meeting of the Arab Stu- dents. The Organization of Arab Students is cur- rently studying the implementation of Arabic HIYITUN1 ROW: Salah Lesa, Sr., Salwa A. Rasheed, Mohammed A Rasheed. Tvuila Charley, Abdullah Zaid. SECOND ROW: Ali classes in the University curriculum. The classes will be open to all students wishing to attend. Annual activities of the Arab Club include the Shishkebab picnic in October and the nom- inating and election of Miss Scheherazade. The banquet is held each year in April. Hussain, Ghassane M. Chaabane, Bader Al-Sayer, Kais Al-Su- waidi, Adnan S. Mawlaoui, Nasser Al-Sayer. 2' 3 tn it l F.. baboanvfl 0 BOTTOM ROW: Emily Sue Larson, Mary Elaine Bland, Susan Gail Colvert, Patricia A. McCann, Carol lane Luckert, Kathleen Ann Emanuel, Sue Ann Ellis, Janice L. Phipps. SECOND ROW: Debby Anbney, Judy Luckowski, Maribeth Leonard, Margaret Louise Southworth, Carol Engwall, Donna Hulsey, Ruth Beneda, Student urses Hear The OU Student Nurses Association high- lighted their November meeting with talks on nursing services in the military from the Army, Navy and Air Force personnel. Annual activities included the capping of sophomore nursing students, working at the Red Cross Blood Drive and giving Christmas cards and candy to raise money to Iinance at- Professionals Panel The Petroleum and Geological Engineers' Club, a technical organization, was founded at the University of Oklahoma. This year the primary purpose of the group was to get to know the people in the field and to see their attitudes and accomplishments. Visiting pro- fessors and industrial personnel were guest speakers. BOTTOM ROW: Carl A. Moore, Ron Frank, Frederic E. Ferris, Dawson F. Lasseter, John W. Wilson, Cled B. Painter, Skip Gra- ham, Lynn S. Lamb. SECOND ROW: Leonard Seeman, Rou- hollah Roy Talasazan, Stan Jorgensen, Mike Foster, Billy Mc- Laughlin, Robert Lyon, Roger K. Doughty. THIRD ROW: Jay Beverly Ann Amr.-ringer, Karla Ruth ll-mharff. 'IHIPIJ Pffi-N Evctlc l-al'arche, Anne Nl. lf-achlc, Jan l.. Crrlernan. Jane l' .,,- gf. Frank, Mary Ann Stark, Marjorie Rogers, Susan Srnvh, H:gr'ar:- Willis, Arlene Staiger, Peggy Young. Military Personnel tendance to the national convention in Miami, Florida. Open to membership to any nursing major, the Student Nurses Association participated in a Christmas formal given by students at the OU School of Nursing. The organization was started on the OL' campus in 1963. Discussion Board The club members were also student mem- bers of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. the American Institute of Mining. Metallurgi- cal and Petroleum Engineers. A student panel discussion with men in the oil industry. En- gineers' Open House. and monthly meetings kept the group active this year. Gabbard, Paul D. Ernst. H. John Rogers. George A. Payne. John Lindsey. Wayne A. Greenwalt, Bill Z. Parker. Les G. Nlor- ris. FOURTH ROW: Stephen E. Grace. Grant XY. Bejcek. Bader Al-Sayer, Jim Johnson. Thomas Hart. Robert Baxter. Rory S. Hodgson, Richard Burns. William L. Brister. BOTTOM ROW: Claud Fleet, Wayne Moses, Bob J. Justice, Joe THIRD ROW: Glen Ivan Lewis, Thomas M. Williams, Bruce Min Auken. Gerald D. Caldwell, Robert Herron, James Meyer. SECOND ROW: Lyman Hobbs, Pete Vaughan, Al Keller, John Potts. William Rim McPherson. Eddie Cavnar, Nick Agnew. Kenney, Fred Ward, John W. Hawkins, Sandy Siegel, William G. Skeeters, Richard Trost. PLM Travels to Hear Land Specialists The Petroleum Land Management Club was founded at OU in 1958. This year's ac- tivities have centered around visits to the Tex- as organization and land sale as well as to the Ardmore Association of Petroleum Landmen. Members must be at least a sophomore with a 2.0 grade point average. Classifying itself as academic-professional, the Petroleum Land Management Club was presided over by Joe Van Auken. Vice-presi- dent was Gerald Caldwell, treasurer, Bob J. J usticeg and Secretary, Wayne Moses. Phi Delta Chi Has Speakers on Drug Abuse Phi Delta Chi is a national professional pharmacy fraternity devoted to all aspects of the held of pharmacy and to promoting high professional and ethical standards. The OP Chapter of Phi Delta Chi, meeting twice monthly, invited guest speakers to dis- cuss drugs and drug abuse problems. This HOTTONI ROW: James R. Talley, Bill Durant, Ronald Cleve- land, James Mann, Joseph A. Rieger. SECOND ROW: Larry A. Wasson. Larry Kissick, Jerry Mayes, Jack P. Ball, Jim F. Huf- hne. Ronald Stevens. THIRD ROW: Johnnie Friels, Larry Hobbs, continuing drug program started one year ago. Since that time the group has presented free programs to groups all over the state. Phi Delta Chi's welcomed interested pharm- acy students with a minimum 2.0 grade aver- age. Rick Goodman, Gerald Martin, Charles R. Farris, Neal Jackson, William Jesse Holly. FOURTH ROW: David Perdue, Lynn Cris- mon, Michael Sharp, Leaford Green, Keith Parker, W. Roy Windel, Jr., Phil Taylor, Tom Russell. BOTTOM ROW: Shohreh Qamoos, Lyn Haminon, Helen Allan, Barbara Clinesmith, Gail Westfall, Thelma Pedersen, Shari Deen- er, Alanna Harris, Carolyn Sue Brady. SECOND ROW: Margaret Christian, Sharon Nusbaum, Peggy Pearce, TriJeanna Nelson, Phyllis Jones, Susan Granoff, Helen Pratt, Shirley Harris. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Karen Mask, Carol Scott, Daphne Sellars, Linda H. Physical Therapy Attempting to acquaint students interested in physical therapy with professional aspects of the field, the OU Physical Therapy Club visited the Cerebral Palsy Center in Norman and the OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City. As part of the program, speakers involved Hansen, Karen King, Maude Ackerman, Yaney N11-ers, Diana Davis, RoseMary Thomas, Claudia Dixon. l-Ol,'R'I'll RUNS: Randall T. Martin, Danny G. Berry, Susan Vest, June Sil-a Linda Meacham, Dolores Williams, Mark lp. Aeker, Bill South- worth, Dennis Spillane. Club Visits Institutes in professional physical therapy work were honored as guest lecturers, and films were shown. One film was of the rehabilitation pro- cess of a traflic accident victim. Gail Westfall, Carol Scott and Shari Deener served this year as oilicers. Pi Epsilon Tau Honors Petroleum Engineers Pi Epsilon Tau, petroleum engineering hon- orary, was founded on the OU campus in 1947. The organization was created to pro- mote a closer bond between its members and the petroleum industry. Membership in Pi Epsilon Tau is taken from the top twenty-five percent of the junior class and from the top thirty-three percent of the senior class. A 3.0 grade average is also nec- essary. This year's group was led by Dr. Paul J. Root, sponsor, and Steve Whiteside. president. Arthur F. Breeze, Richard Burns, Randall Heintz, George Payne, Steve Whiteside. Dr. Paul J. Root, is ' 1 -' E i I H ' . ia ' S ' h 3 . 4 ,E VL, 2 S : Q i. 2' P. 3 Q 1 . 1' ' , . f 1 if-f Y , ti, t ? . .. , V i t 1 , ,A 3, g , 5 ' W , . BLllil'UXl ROR: Kathy Ward, Gayle Freeman, .lan Coleman, Xtelanze Holder, Raye Nlgirtin. SECOND ROW: Betsy Alspaugh, Bobbye March, Vicki Clark, Margaret Reed, Grace Culwell, Blake Kennedy. Pi Omega Members Work in Four Centers Pi Omega service organization was formed to promote friendship and service among uni- versity vvomen. It welcomes any woman en- rolled in good standing at OU who desires to give aid to the campus and community. The group meets twice a month and works in four main areas of service: the OU Infirm- ary, the Cerebral Palsy Center, Central State Hospital, and at a rest home, where a member is required to spend ten hours of service dur- ing the semester. Led by Kathy Ward, presi- dent, Pi Omega members also gave a May Day Party for children at the Sooner Nursery. Pi Tau Sigma Gives Conversion Factors Members of Pi Tau Sigma, honorary pro- fessional mechanical engineering fraternity, have printed a booklet of 700 conversion fact- ors for engineers this year. These booklets vvere presented to all freshman students enter- ing the College of Engineering. -BVJTIUN1 ROW: Leon Richard Gurney, Ronald A. Kilman, ledwzn IJ. lkirsrins, Gregory Morris, John E. Francis. SECOND RUVN: James P. Collie lll, D. B. Turkington, T. J. Love, Cyn- Other activities of the organization included the presentation of a mechanical engineering handbook to the outstanding sophomore en- gineering student, four faculty-student lunch- eons and the spring banquet. The president of the organization was Edwin Parsons. thia Julich, Peter M. Auer. THIRD ROW: Walter M. Pierce, Dana S. Bousum, Bennie E. Snow, Tommy L. Chester, Masood Parang, Herbert Bohrer. . S 7 ,- 5, Wi , rv llil 'll I l .ll tl ll C ill' l. V z, i 1 BOTTOM ROW: Wendy Hilty, Liz McCarty, Diane Norvell, SECOND ROW: James E. Kimbrell, l.aNiia Harrnes, John l-rufil Pearl Wittkopp. Sherman, Robert N. Earlcy. Public Relations.Work to Enlarge Study The Public Relations Student Society of America was organized in the spring of 1969. The main requirement for members is present- ing a "Bn average or better in public relations courses. The purpose of PRSSA is to bring a closer relationship between the professionals of Ok- lahoma and OU public relations students. Future projects include working toward the enlargement of public relations curriculum. creating a public relations library for the OL' School of Journalism and supplying it with current manuals, pamphlets and books per- taining to the field. This year Jim Kimbrell was the president: Logan Brown kept secretarial records. Rho Chi Gives Awards to Pharmacy Students Rho Chi, Gamma Chapter, is the pharmacy honor society. The rigid requirements for membership included completion of 1 12 hours of the pharmacy curriculum, a 3.0 grade aver- age and membership in the upper 2096 of the class. Activities included awards given to deserv- BOTTOM ROW: Mary Ann McFall, Janice Shell, Ann Bonham, Bobbye Gowan. SECOND ROW: Ronald Cleveland, Jim Talley, ing pharmacy students at the Pharmacy Awards Banquet held in the spring. Founded in 1922 at the University of Michi- gan, the OU Rho Chi organization has 69 members. Presiding at meetings was Janice Shell: Mary McFall was secretary-treasurer. Daryl McKeown, Phil Corder. NOT PICTIQRED: Robert Lowe. Linda McCasland. Dr. Richard Grunder. sponsor. 727 ll' ' BUITUNI ROW: Pat Berry. Connie Torbert, Calene Green, Dr. Robert C. Thompson. SECOND ROW: JoAnn Bullard, Nancy Besly, Nancy Griggs, Shirley Schiff, Cecile Ince. THIRD ROW: Qi or Qi , . fi Q E Patrick Douthitt, Cheryl Iverson, Susan Neislar, Sue Wade, Sharon Wade, Jim Bratton. Speech Society Explores Education Research Sigma Alpha Eta, professional speech ther- apy organization, sponsored speakers dealing with public school therapists, graduate school preparations, and research work in cerebral palsy. The main activity for the year was the state- wide open house for the speech clinic in Feb- ruary. Also, Sigma Alpha Eta annually spon- sors a spring social honoring seniors. The organization functions with the aim of encouraging professional growth by providing learning experiences not offered in the formal course structure. Calene Green presided at meetings, and Connie Partlow was secretary. Earth Sciences Main Interest of SGE Sigma Gamma Epsilon is a college honor- ary society encouraging scholarly research and scientific advancement among students with interests in the earth sciences. As such, the society brings to the campus a number of dis- tinguished lecturers to present the results of their research. HUITUN1 ROW: David M. Patrick, Jocelyne Legault, Andrew W. Hampf III, Mary Lockwood. SECOND ROW: Roger N. An- dcrsfin, Larry W. Syverson, Thomas W. Henry, John W. Isom, In addition, members of the society are en- couraged to write articles on their work for the Compass, a s.mall bulletin published by the society. The society co-sponsors with the geol- ogy department a colloquium where students can gain experience presenting results of their research and ideas. David G. Rensink. THIRD ROW: H. C. Noltimier, Allen John- son, Ben Hare, Richard P. Lockwood, J. B. Thomas, Ken Frye. in-11 BOTTOM ROW: Harold Bone, Greg Cox, Mike Weible, Ronnie G. Smith, Donald Moulton, Steven Newell, Bruce Woller, Chuck Schultz. SECOND ROW: John Harcourt, Leslie Lemon, Ed- mund Benton, John Beattie, Pam Pesek, John Ward, Alan Ma- this, Ron Davidson, L. Bruce Heath, James Long. THIRD ROW: Donald E. Farris, James Turner, Robert F. Behler, Mike Hol- land, Richard Burns, Cynthia Julich, Bill Brister, Bill Parker, John Lessel. FOURTH ROW: Paul, Bob Lanaic,-. Chuck Gilmore, William Ogle, .lessee Heinricks, Kit Wagner, Kenneth A. Rogers, Louis C. Schreiner, Prank Shipley. HFIH ROW: Keith E. Giles, Cled B. Painter, Duane fvlotscnbocker. Patrick C. Connor, Robert R. Lewis, Allen Core, Toby I.. Cae- teel, George A. Payne. Sigma Tau Constructs Water Fountain The oldest engineering honorary on cam- pus, Sigma Tau, worked this year toward the construction of a water fountain planned for the area between the engineering buildings. Other activities of the club included guiding visitors through the campus during Engineers' Open House in the spring. Sigma Tau promotes unity among the en- gineering students through recognition of scholarship and high ideals. Qualifications for membership include ranking in the upper one- third of the junior or senior engineering class. Theta Sigma Phi Hosts Woman Editor Theta Sigma Phi, professional society for women in journalism, sponsored its 37th an- nual Matrix Table Banquet in April with the assistance of the Oklahoma City womenis professional group. Meetings were held twice each month, and speakers included Joan Gilmore, women's ed- BOTTOM ROW: LaNita Harms, Liz McCarty, Grace E. Ray, Wendy Hilty, Pearl Wittkopp. SECOND ROW: Mary Glenn itor of The Daily Oklahoman, and Nancy Keil. a reporter on The Daily Oklahoman. In the fall the group co-sponsored a reception for Dr. Bob Carrell, the journalism school's new di- rector. This year Jackie Patterson was president. Grace Ray served as faculty sponsor. Shroyer, Sigoid Abbott, Dorothy Bundrant, Diane Lewis Norxell. Jane Way. C' 1,1-E af! Armed Forces I f M .a 4 I I I pl 6 U ITED ROM- DET L UNIVERSITY! gi . L J ,fl P V 4 4'-6 1 .I-ri' "x. ' V . , Q , N - 'Q-'QQ' . 0 .1 I , A .H. ,L , .4 -N gf. '-'-' ' '-1 9 fl" x 4 4. --, 1 , xx. ras x 144, r "l!f'?f. f . ., . .,,. aapmf .5-'f' 'BY' :gf 'A 'A. 1 g -xi? -fi'-Q , ,::J:s-5234 bf 0, . I Y ..- in . .P x - 4' . -4 f. ,' f -'J ,. hh A -A 49" F' SQL, 9- . 1 L-ffal .'-' T .Fri I "5.....7 , 1 44- .' 1 . - 8 5 363 4 - iqxvlgvl l -l .gt in 1" 3 -'Nun-up vnvli c 'F 'K -'F ' ' 'ff' Cadet Major Rick Baldridge gains practical experience in the application of military law through participation in a moot court martial. A r m y R O T C : Where Leaders Are Army ROTC cadets receive leadership training which is not duplicated in any other college course. They learn through classroom work and practical experience on the drill field to organize and lead oth- ers. In this way, they acquire qualities of self-discipline, physical stamina and bear- ing which contribute to success in any career. Thirty-eight cadets have attended the university during the past year on two- and four-year Army ROTC Scholarships. Each recipient of such a scholarship receives S50 per month, and the Army pays all tu- ition and book costs for the duration of the scholarship. Leadership Development Course cadets discover it isn't easy as it looks as they prepare for more of the same at summer camp. 1 1715. 5'-.J 4. f v nr A I' 1 "f .4 , " t W f ' ' Z -s - ' I 1 M' af . . .., " . is Y L' "' ' S 1-,wg it Second Lieutenant James F. Gregory and wife, Kathy, Curt the cake - Q " S Q . ""' .. honoring newly commissioned Army Lieutenants at a reception follow- , f,- , ' A ing commissioning exercises. 364 Colonel Leroy C. Land, Professor of Military Science Colonel Leroy Land Assumes Command Colonel Leroy C. Land assumed command of the University of Oklahoma Army ROTC Group in July 1969. He returned to the ljnit- ed States after four years of Service in Germa- ny and Vietnam. He and his staff are responsible for training cadets for positions of leadership and responsi- bility, not only in the military, but in civilian Helds as well. For the past fifty-one years, the Army ROTC has been a part of the tradition and training at the University of Oklahoma. 'Ev av! +"'7 Enlisted men: SGM George C. McCombs, MSG Gerard E. Wynkoop, SFC Denver L. Claytor, SFC Harvey E. Pickett, SSG Bobby L. Hartless, SSG Jimmy K. Howard, SSG William R. Pedersen, SSG Willie E. Putman, Jr, , 119 'fl 1? A in-av' .dx Officers: LTC Charles Bell, LTC Armando Carrillo. LTC Moyer D. Harris. LTC Robert F. Zeidner. MAJ Thomas E. Cullins. MAJ Forrest I-learn, MAJ James M. Larens, MAJ Edward McDonald, MAJ Doyle D. Taylor, MAJ James K. Woodward, CPT John A. I-Ielmlinger. .Q- 15 if Office statfx Nlrs. Elaine Collins. Nlrs. Sue Farris. Nlzs Joann Reynolds. Mrs. Betty Ross. Nlrs. Cathy Sublets Tr' Cadet Col. Larry R. Birden. first semester commander The Making of The cadet officers who hold the highest po- sitions in the Amiy ROTC Brigade are select- ed on the basis of academic and military sci- ence grades. military aptitude and leadership ability. These cadets, under the guidance of the Commandant of Cadets, are responsible Cadet Col. Jody Lippmann, second semester commander an fficer: 1970 for the drill field training of the freshman, sophomore and junior classes. As Brigade ofiicers, they are given an oppor- tunity to put into practice the leadership train- ing and executive ability they have received during the course and at summer camp. tu? BRIOAIJI' YIAHH-T OP ROW: M. A. Cawlcy, Bn Cdr, J. J. Cervi, Bde S-4, P. C. Connor, Bde S-3, Bn Cdr, T. L. Fightmaster, Bn Cdr, A. M. Oranr. Hn C dr. W H. Gresham, Bn SOM, J. Hamilton, Sr Co Cdr. BOTTOM ROW: C. W. Johnson, Jr., Bde S-4, N. P. Jones, Bde S-1, D. A. xiflftfll-. Brie S-1. C. J. Ross, Bn Cdr, A. Troutman, Bde CSM, J. W. Wallace, Bde XO, S. E. Whitehill, Bde CSM. Annual Army Ball Held in February The tradition and pageantry of the Military Ball was highlighted by the Coronation of Miss Alida Zwaan as the 1970 Army ROTC Hon- orary Cadet Colonel. Five finalists were se- lected by the advanced corps cadets from nom- inees representing 25 womens' housing units. The Honorary Cadet Colonel was then select- ed by a vote of the entire Cadet Brigade. With the honor of their rank Miss Zwaan and her four Lieutenant Colonels also accept certain responsibilities concerning the Army ROTC program at the University of Oklaho- ma. These responsibilities, which extend throughout their reign of one year, include acting as official hostesses for the Army ROTC, attending weekly drill and represent- ing the Cadet Corps on campus. LTC MERED1'rH EUBANKS LTC DEBBIE FLINT LTC KATHY NoxAK LTC Bizsxm PRL ETT Kappa Alpha Theta Chi Omega Kappa Delta Kappa lxappa Gamma Honorary Cadet Colonel Alida Zwann and her staff: Lieutenant Colonels Debbi Flint, Brenda Pru- ett, Kathy Novak, and Meredith Eubanks are presented at the 51st an- nual Military Ball. N a V y R O T C ffers Instruction Captain William L. McC1onagle was wel- comed aboard this year as the new command- ing otlicer of Naval ROTC. as it continued its mission of providing trained and motivated oliicers for careers in the Navy and Marine Corps. Midshipmen this year received instruction in naval orientation. history. weapons, leader- ship. navigation. engineering and traditional military justice. Those electing to pursue a commission in the Marine Corps followed a special course of study in amphibious warfare. Flight-oriented midshipmen gained iiying ex- perience and a private pilot's license through the Hight indoctrination program. TOP ROW: Major Howard Long, Lt. Commander Ralph Peterson. BOTTOM ROW: Lt. John Young, Lt. Jerry Hendon, Lt. James Foust. 2-0' 'fi .1-. ' 274' Effi ' i ,W .."t Y. T 9 Xe i . ., W . . -... Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient William L. McGona gle, Commanding Oflicer of Navy ROTC Commander James H. Davis, Executive Officer of Navy ROTC ,.T",,"f, K.: rx :pil -uv'-'EY I l Honorary Commandsr Honorary Commander Honorary fornrnander l CoNN1u DEAVILLIL DYAN FRI-,ILMAN Ku' Youv, Independent Chi Omega Pi Beta Phi l Anne Withington, Honorary Captain of Navy ROTC l Delta Delta Delta ? t t i , i 5 1 Z is fi: Q 6 p. 4 1 ' 'ggi itil Midshipman Battallion Staff: George Albright, George Carpenter, Steven Easley, Elmer Jackson, Steve Register. ffwbf Q !E 5 ,., ' w 1 an , -M .- 11 Q 'f L, MN. , J my., C bf. J N xx Pin' Jbxx'g . . N Joe Schmidt and Captain McGonagle do the honors. and the presentation of awards is but one of the many activities during drill 1 I CAPERS Visits Armed Forces With a principle aitn of providing greater knowledge of the Armed Forces. the Coed Af- nliates of Pershing Rilies toured Fort Leonard Wood. Nlissouri: Fort Sill. Oklahoma and the Little Fall National Convention at Lincoln, Nebraska. Founded in 1965 at the University of Okla- homa. C.-XPERs is a military oriented drill team with 24 companies throughout the Unit- ed States. Speaking on "Being a Military Wife" Mrs. Charles Bell lwife of Colonel Bell. assistant professor of Military Sciencel gave important pointers in this area to the Coeds. lg --L-q-E CAPER members surround Major James Larens as he donates blood during the annual Red Cross Blood Drive. BOTTOM ROW: Major James M. Larcns. Gwen Coley, Iris M. Bonnie Gatewood, Gwendolyn Howell, Paulette E. Kikugawa, Rodriquez, Linda S. Grissette. SECOND ROW: Elaine Adams, Becky Smith. Jerry Walker, Carolyn Cothrun. THIRD ROW: Carol King, Joanne Hendershot. AFROTC. Named In October, the Air Force Reserve Oflicers Training Corps received the Air University's Outstanding Unit Award. The award, which is the highest honor that can be given to an AFROTC detachment, was presented this year to only three other detachments in the nation. 1""" If, 4r'l.....,,,.i S I Colonol Theodore M. Raley is commander of AFROTC. utstandin Unit The citation accompanying the award re- flects the pursuit of the detachment to select. train, motivate, and commission career orient- ed second lieutenants capable of accepting command and leadership responsibility. Noncommissioned officers assisting the detachment are Tech. Sgt. Harry Brown, Tech. Sgt. James Estes. Tech. Sgt. Joseph Baker. Air Force ROTC staff officers serving the detachment are Major Duane E. Oyler. Major James W. Hull. Captain Robert D. Jones. and Captain Dion W. Turner. L l 4 1 C.-XDET WING STAFF-BOTTOM ROW: Wiley Carr, Dennis Robbins, James Ward, Robert Belle, Bryan Coates, Joe Alford. TOP ROW: Laurence Dans, Rutherford McGuire, Gary Seale, Steve Hulin, Laird 'Cormell, James Bratton, Michael Cloud. Air Force ROTC Develops Leaders Cadet Lt. Colonels Lawrence Davis and Charles Pratt discuss FIP manual before taking off on solo Hights. 3 Air Force ROTC develops leaders through a concentrated program of academics, leader- ship training and drill. Freshman and sopho- more men study world military systems while the junior and senior years are dedicated to the employment of group dynamics techniques in team seminars and briefings. The studies are directed toward current world events and their military implication, space exploration and the role of air power. Drill is designed to build self-confidence and discipline, to serve as a learning situation which teaches each man to work as part of a larger unit. A four-Week summer camp, des- ignated Field Training Unit, also olfers inten- sive instruction in Air Force doctrine and or- ganization. Free base visitations are also avail- able to AFROTC cadets who wish to visit aerospace installations at Air Force bases across the nation. Volunteers from AFROTC form the Air Force ROTC color guard and Cadet Air Po- lice. The color guard, after long hours of practice, serve at home football games. f-'nn-uv'-u , 2, , wfnube I 0 nm. Cl?-. c mr. A U uri 4: i, Student leader Travis German instructs Jim Bratton, Roger Hembree, and Charles Pratt at a senior classroom h'i:f. ii. ft ffv. . It It ,5 AI 5 0 ,J N v ' 1 ' ' A I A A L Operations officer. Cadet Lt. Colonel Laird Cormell prepares Qi : the operations orders for the week. A A - A es: ' o a Cadets take time out from a base visita- tion at Vandenburg AFB. Calif. to pose for a picture. Pam Gau Receives 1970 Cadet Title The lSth annual Air Force ROTC Ball was highlighted this year by the announcement of Pamela Sue Gau as Honorary Cadet Colonel. Nliss Gau. who was chosen by a popular vote of the entire Cadet Wing. served as official hostess at all AFROTC functions, and she represented the Cadet Corps at university- sponsored activities. As Honorary Cadet Col- onel. Pam was also required to attend all pass and reviews and several weekly drills. Also announced at the Ball were the Hon- orary Cadet Lieutenant Colonels. Assisting Nliss Gau with her duties were Valerie Dunn, Teresa Wolford. and Marjorie Ratcliff. PAM GAU Honorary Cadet Colonel i 4., 'li' lyf ly,' ,r l VALERIE DUNN MARJORIE RATCLIFF TERESA WOFFORD Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Honorary Cadet Lt Colonel Honorary Cadet Colonel candi- dates Marjorie Rateliff. Valerie Dunn. Teresa Wofford. and Pam Gau appeared on the "Dannysday" television shov. along with the 1969 Honorary Cadet Colonel Nancy Lobrecht. BOTTOM ROW: Jay Ward, Patsy Bassel, fvielinda McElroy, Di- ane Darrough, Judy Barnes, Susie Will, Mary Eve Beckett, Janet McAdams, Marjie Ratcliife, Major James W. Hull. SECOND ROW: Charlene Burlie, Debbie Gentry, Melanie Shearer, Carol Bishop, Sandy Williams, Becky Saunders, Karen Marriott, Jane Alspaugh, Jayne Sutton. THIRD ROW: Danny Meaders, Peggy n " ' fam . ' -3 z Angel Flight Commander Diane Darrough conducts a meeting for girls active in the service organization. Hubble, Vicki Robertson, Pam Thompson, Janie Johnstone. D.- ane Theimer, Janie Bumpers, Cathy Cooper, Am: won Kaenel. Sarah Baker. FOURTH ROW: Gayle C. Freeman, Laura l.j-nf Martha Muir, Linda Brewer, Suzanne Williams, Annie Barns. Peggy Ford, Kathy Luke, Cindy Johnson, Carol Kluberton, Sh:- lene Robinson. Angel Flight Aids Blood Drive Besides drilling in parades and helping with the annual OU Red Cross Blood Drive. Angel Flight completed its project of sending ditty bags to soldiers in Southeast Asia. This year Angel Flight combined with Arn- old Air Society for several activities. Other events included the initiation banquet and the pledge banquet. The weekly meetings featured AFROTC films and Air Force tilms. Founded at the University of Omaha in 1966. Angel Flight now has over 100 chapters in the nation. Presiding at meetings this year was Susie Will. The group drills at parades and at nu- merous other events around the campus. Society Functions To Honor, Serve The Arnold Air Society is the Air Force ROTC honor society and service organization. lt vvas established to develop potential Air Force otlicers and to create a more eliicient relationship vvithin Air Force ROTC. Last November the society played "big brother" to several orphans at Oklahoma Citv's Blazers' hockey games. The children were from areas around the community. Other service projects included the selling of programs at both football and basketball games. the publishing of a cadet guide and the sponsorship of a model airplane contest in Norman. In this capacity, AAS serves the AFROTC program. the university and the public. The society's motto reads: "The warrior who cultivates his mind, polishes his arms." BOTTOM ROW: Captain Robert D. Iones, Dennis C. Robbins, Robert Cooper. Gary Scale, Joe E. Alford, Frederic E. Ferris. SECOND ROW: Ken Frye, Jim Ford, Jim Jacobi, Fred Engel- brecht. Don Stuart, Ken Clagett, Stephen Fletcher. THIRD ROW: David F. Miller, Larry R. Cormcil, Jay Ward, Dick Sav- T., l . . . . 5 'iiif c 7 1 ,z Joe Alford and Marjorie Ratcliff, Arnold Air Society Sweet- heart, go over some aspects of drill day. age, Warren W. Simpson, Eddie Herman, Scott Carr, Tom Sump- ter. FOURTH ROW: James O. Black, Stephen M. Nyman, Glenn Alan Mercer, Steven A. Hulin, Phillip A. Jones, Ted P. Calinson, Terry Garbacz, Wiley R. Carr, Craig Allen. . A .. E .. H.6m,m 0,4 1 1 10 G' L Q gt 3, 'Q -fi' 'M Lag.. "Ni no :QL -45? Once a week Army ROTC students march in formation during afternoon drill. -iw 115.41 377 ..v g. i ,Q-1 1 I .1 'Xu X., 1. gl 1 l ., t-1. . ,' 4 . 'v " 9. 1 - ,' , Q s 5 1 L3- K. , 1 - ' . U ...A W l 0 . . - url .- ' U ., , ,. 1-. C, 5.4 I 1 , N 'Yrs . U - 'L 'VP 1. +-- - 378 .Q uv 'Q-. ay , M , .ur ,. A .Q ' ff . I C asses iz '. .' I 3' ' 1 V' 'Y .uri 1 - v Y' f' t ,', , 4 V ,4f'f30.., Q3 , 'vm -img-,1s.,, f . f ., s s f if as ...F ' '1 .1'i"""""'fs.fs1if.! I Q-r 1 4, K as. wwgkixl .av .v , L "Qi ' , K. as x 'ales Nxifg I x At. :ys ' Af , 1 W' - SP . '1 nxt! 1. I .?P J, 1 .xl 'N af...,,h -H, if X .37 , ji ss? '.. .. ,.-4 .sq ,iv AQ' J 'I IL- ,,' . .. X 5-31 E5 -1- 'v' ,v1'j',- I gd'-'if' BM- "VHA , 'vi M. ,IGKQVM F ,. M1-'.--5 -, ' ,,s-"-.w-,ev ,..-"' ,AM My .uv ,,,-1 h,.,.w ' My .af J ,M .4 vb' ppfpdllffl 22-"-. sxhs- 'mf-2. 7 '15-no See dent book-toters tryin' to forget their whistle for knowledge ain't been whet. Q q."'x 38l 'N 16 "7 Barb. ' :ish and Thomas Brew- er exa. a scientinc drawing in the 1. Us science room. GRADUATES AB - HI W. Lee Abernafhy, Eng., Baird, Tex.: Jim Acfon, AXA, Peir. Engr., Midwesi Cify: Roger Anderson, '1PK'I1, Geo. Phys., Waurika, BFE. SEG: Thomas W. Avanfs, Adm., Ingleside, Tex.: Gary Beadles, Law, Clinron: Richard Glenn Benefield, Phil., Mangum. James M. Bradshaw, Civil Engr., El Cenrro, Calif.: Paul Hari Bradimiller, Pub. Adm., Dahlgren, Va.: No- land Mac Brockway, Chem., Terrell, Tex.: Gordon E. Carlin, Bus. Adm., Beaumont Tex.: Rowland Carier, Law, Enid: Virginia Gayle Cheaiham, Music, Nashville. Tenn. Pa+ricia Coleman. Speech, Calumer, Gr. Assisi. in Speech: Ida Conway, Lib. Sci., Lexingion: Philip Corbell, Bus. Adm., O'Eallon, lll., Soc. for Advanc. of Man- agem'+: Jon A. Craig, B911 Engr., Phy., Tulsa: J. Wil- liam Davis, Law, Norman: Dennis E. Dealcins, Zoo., Norman, Rui-Nelcs, Cheer Leader, TE, Assc, oi Grad. Assisi., Scieniiiic Curaior OC Zoo. S+even G. Doughfy, Elec. Engr., Alius, HKN, QBK. UNE: John Desmond Duffy, Maih., Sydney, Ausiralia: Earl R. Edmondson, l-lun+sville, Ala.: Cornelius Eiimofor, Pol. Sci., Norman: Garland E. Fair, Geog., Ardmore: Roberi Fano, AXA, Hisi., OC. Carole Lee FeHerman, Journ., Dallas, Tex., KT: Vilia N. Eogels, Acacia, Law, Barilesville: Sieve P. Friof, AXA, Law, Norih Tonawanda, N.Y.: John H. Gamble, Envir. Sci., Lincoln, Neb.: Alberi John Geiger, Tulsa, USAF: James Gibson, AXA, Finance, OC. Roberf R. Grant Bus. Adm., El Reno: BenneH M. Grif- fin, Bus., OC, BFE, AEH, lvlarlceiinq Club: Linda Grif- fin, 11493, Bus., Tulsa, BFE, Couch Scholars, AAA: Milre HaclceH, AXA, Eng., Tulsa: Gary Haldeman, Spanish, Saniiago, Chile. EAT, Pres. Span. Amer. So- ciery: James C. Hamill, Law, OC, TEA, AEP, TKA. Roberi Hawes, Zoo., Cumberland, Ind.: James F, Hawkins, Econ., Alius: Tom Haynie, AXA, Norman: Jerry Wayne Heffel, Bus., Mangum, Pres. Sales Exc. Club, Soc. for Adv. oi Managemeni: l. E. Hendrix, Bus, Adm., Norman, A-EH: Joe W. Higginbo+ham, Law. Alva. ' GRADUATES HI - ZA Carl Higgins, Acacia, Accf., Tulsa: Danny Holt, Acacia, Arch.. Barrlesville: Sfephen Silruan Hsieh, Phys., Chang- hua. Tiawan: Jaclr W, Hughey, Nuclear Engr., Holder'- ville, Sl. Pais Council, ASME, Treas. ASME '69, ANSI William Kennefh Jann, Huntsville, Ala.: Hank Krall, ATA, Arch., OC. Jorge Landler, Acacia, Bus., Cochabamba, Bolivia: Wil- liam Lay'I'in, Zl5'l', Law, Ei. Smith, Arla.: Maurice Le Blanc, Pub. Adm., Moore: Liz Lippmann, Lib. Sci., Mus- lcoqee: Roloerl Maclc, Zoo., Monlazuma, lnd.: Michael Kennefh Mahan, Econ., Norman. Lee C. Manfield, Geog., Glen Rose, Tex., VUE: Norman E. Marriner, Pol. Sci., l-lunlsville, Ala.: Sue Mar+in, Lib, Sci., Killeen, Tex.: Larry Jon Mayes, VXA, Finance, Dun- can: Rene Mendoza, Pol. Sci., Manila, Philippines, HBA. OAE, AKA, flrliflf, TIITMQ Edward V. lvl0n'l'0i0, Phy. Ed., Farmingdale, N.Y., PEM Club, Treas. PEM, OU Soccer Club, Capl. for Sorcer Club for 3 yrs, Ronald Morris, Acacia, Phys. Ed., Norman: Rulherford McGuire, Bus. Adm., Talihina: Zahea Nappa, Speech, Shawnee, Grad. Assisi., Sec. for ln+erClub Ladies Coun- cil, BSU, Gordon Fuller Orarorical Silver Medal: Charles Edward Nellons, Music, l-lousion, Tex., Grad. Assisi.: Louis G. Parlchursl., Jr., Phil., Edmond: Carmine D. Parrella, Jr., Bus. Adm., Waieriown, Mass., ABU. John A. Pederson, lnd. Engr., Norman: Warren Pelfon, l-lis+., Norman: Dave Piclcrell, AXA, Accr., Duncan? Howard Pi'l'+man, Elec.. Engr., Texarkana, Tex., TBH, HHN, IEEE, Engineers Club: Jerry R. Pralher, Ed. Phys., Shawnee: William B. Preslon, Zoo., Oliver, Brilish Columbia, Canacla. Ben Donald Price, Enqr., OC: John Roberfs, UDKE, Law, Barrlesville: Diane Roelher, Journ.. Hobbs, N.M.: Jaclc Scoir, AXA, Maih., Olcmulgee: Jerry Seplcowifz, ZBT, Law, Amarillo, Tex.: Don Sessions, fl'KE, Guihrie. Warren D. Smilh. Enqr., Plainfield, N.J.: Jim Sneed, AXA, Law, Norman: Raymond C. Solomon, Na+. Sci., Walsenburg. Colo.: Tom Sparlcs, AXA, Pharm., Duncan: Laurie Sunborg, Lib. Sci., Tulsa: Richard Talley, F-AE, Law, Norman. Ed Ta'rum, AXA, Bus., Sapulpa: Erilc Thorsleinson, Geo.. Calgary, Alberla, Canada: Sian Tubbs, A-KE. Soc. Worlc, Sallisaw: James D. Wadley, Eco., Tulsa: Douglas G. Walden, Phy. Ed., Idabel: Jane Way, Journ., Norman. Flffil, Barbara Wesfcofl, Mafh., Waukegan, Ill.: Harvie While, Jr., Pub. Adm., l-lunisville. Ala.: John H. While, OCZ Gil Wrighl, KE, Law, OC: Jaclc Wright KE, Law, Cherokee: Leonard D, Zaichlrowslxy, Phy. Ed., Siefiler, Alberia, Canada. fx C. T' 5s Srudents ax-.air the departure of the tram with hopes of mal-:ing their classes on lime. .1 1 5' wo SENIORS AB - BA Carl W. Abernalhy Jr., Bus., Midwesl Ciry, AEH: Philip M. Abshere, ATA, A81S. OC: Vicki Acker, A8rS, Phillips, Tex.: Viclor H. Ackley, Ed., OC: Vicki Adair, AX9, A84S. Lawlon: Mark Adams, AXA, A8rS, Eldorado, Ark. Phyllis Adallo, ARS. New Orleans, La., Shadow Box: Malcolm E. Adderley, Jr., Bus., Nassau, N. P. Bahamas. A-YH, Inlern'l Club: Slephen C. Adkins, A8fS. OC, Malh Compuler Consullanls, 'l'ME, Assoc. of Compuring Mach.: Carol Akrighl, KA9, A8rS, Barllesville: George E. Albrighl, Bus., Midwesi Cily: John H. Aldridge, Acacia, Engr., Indianapolis, lnd. Wade Alexander, PIX, Bus., Lindsey: Joe Alford, AHS, Wewoka, WE, HE, Arnold Air Soc., FQT: Tom Allder, 'PK-Y, AHS, OC: Cecil G. Allen, Engr., Seminole, lEEE. Engr. Club: Jerry Dale Allen, BAE, Bus., Ringling, Pelro. Land Managen'+ Club: Judifh Allen, AHS, Wilburion. Roberl' Allen, AT9, Engr., OC, ET, Deans Honor Roll, Vice-Presidenl ATU: Abdulla Saif Al-saif, Engr., Dhah- ran, Saudi Arabia: N. Lee Ames, AHS, Del Cily, Shadow Box: Jill Calyne Amspacher, KA, Ed., Norman: Jackie Anderson, AFA, EA, Norman: Larry Anderson, Bus., Norman. Sheryl Ard, IWB, A8lS, OC, Pledge Trainer, HU, Shadow Box: Barbara K. Arenlz, KKF, AHS, OC, Morlar Board: Mike Armsirong, ATA, A8cS, Midwesl Cily: Pafrick Ash- by, Engr., OC, Engr. Club, Srudenl Congress, Pres. Ad- visory Comm., AIAA: Jim Alkinson, ATA. A8cS, Colo- rado Springs, Colo.: Pele Auer, Acacia, Engr., Tulsa. Jack R. Auguslensen, A8cS, Poini Pleasanl, N. J.: Carol Ausf, AAA, A8cS, Lawron, Yearbook Beaury, AROTC L+. Col., APO Sweeihearl: John Awsumla, EAE, Engr.. Memphis, Tenn.: Roberf Lee Badgley, Bus., Midwesl Cily: Alberl' Bagdadipour, Engr. Flushing, N. Y.: Carol Ann Baglin, A8rS, Boiron, Conn.. EA-H. Dalelee Baker, KA9, FA, Duranr: Gary Baker, A8rS. Tulsa: Jean Ann Baker, TCPB, Ed., Kingfisher: Larry Baker, FA, Poleau, Pres. KKIP, fl'MA, OU Band: William Michael Baker, CPFA, Pharm., Norman, APhA, Deans l-lonor Roll, Pres. Honor Roll: Jack Ball, Pharm., Sem- inole. we mmm, 1 Q .ef L. an 'lr f-'-' aaa:-rff:'f ' , V -,' ', af., '1 I' Am.- ' .AL 4 'W 'if' SENIORS BA - BR Mary Ann Barbour, KKV, Bus., Wichiia Falls, Tex.: Judy Barnes, l"I'l5, Ed., Hugo, Angel Flighr Treus., Honorary Eng., Top Ten Besf Dressed: BeHy LaRue Barnum, Ed.. Norman: Jack Barragree, 'PK-Y, Bus., Waynokag Ronny BarreH, Pharm., Tulsa: David Barringer, Engr., Lfirnesfi, Tex., AIChE. Janis Bass, A81S, OC: Susan Bauch, Bus., Springfield. Mo., Accouniing Club, AIESEC: Joe Baumgardner, Acacia. Engr., Tulsa, I E Club: Philip W. Bax+er, 'I'K'I', Bus., Tulsa: Roberf J. Bazewicz, Engr., Paiferson, N. J.. Nevin Beagle, 'PK-fi, Bus., OC. Jo Ellen Beard, KKV, Ed., Muskogee, KKI' Vice-Pres.: Sieve Beck, -fix, A8iS, Tulsa: Mary Eve BeckeH, AAA. ABS, Norman, Angel Fliqhf, Ybk., Adm. Ed., Deans Honor Roll: Rober+ Belie, 'PK-Yi, Engr., Lawfon, AIAA. Engineers Club, Deans Honor Roll: Charles A. BenneH, Bus., OC. BI'-3: Bob Ben'rIey, Bus., Weaiherford. Bruce Jeffrey Berger, Ed., Yonkers, N. Y., Pem Club. Richard M. Bernard, A8iS, Edmond: Jana Berryhill, 1'fI'B, Ed., Barllesville, Deans Honor Roll, Vice-Pres. IVPB: Nancy S. Besly, A8iS, Amarillo, Tex.: Rober+ Berman, ZHT, Pharm., OC: Biff Bigbie, ITKA, Bus., Ardmore. Leslie Ann Bigham, AF, A8iS, Norman. Angel Elighi: Mike Birchall, Acacia, ABS, OC: Carolyn Bise, AXIS. Tulsa: Jan Bisfline, Ed., OC, Naiional Bus. Ed. Assn.: Larry Bi'Hing, ABS, Tulsa: Charles Franklin Black, Ed.. Wilburion. Teresa Marie Black, A8iS, OC, Ok. Daily Ed., Pres. Ad- visory Council, Del. io Nalrional Conv., Associafed Siu- denf Gov., Univ. Consiiiuiion Draffing Commiliee: Jerry Blackburn, KE, A8cS, OC: LouAnn Blackburn, A8iS, Duncan: Carol Blakey, H342 AHS. Norman, Ediror oi SOONER Yearbook, SNUF Club: Dan A. Blaschke, EN. ABS, OC: Eugene Karl Blauih, Engr., Queens, N.Y. Maria Bloese, ABS, Norman, Vice-Pres. of Hispanic So- cieiy, Iniernaiional Club: Robie Blood, IYPB, Ed., Wichi- Ia, Kan.: Mary Jane Boeve, APA, Ed., OC: Chrisiopher L. Bogarosh, ASIS, Norman, AEA. 'RH-2. 'P-3. Collegiafe Republicans: Darrell Bohrer, HKA, Pharm., Duncan: Harvey Bollinger, Engr., Anrlers, Am. Socieiy of Civil Engineers, Engineers Club. Sieve Bonner, A8:S, Tulsa: Mike Bonfrager, EX, Ed., Perry, Cheerleader, Sooner Scandals, Greek Review: Mark Boois, TYPE, A8iS, Tulsa: Dana S. Bousum, AKE, Engr., Tulsa, HT-S, ASMA: Jo Karen Boufeller, KKP, A81S. Tulsa, Presidenis Honor Roll, MUN, Union Rep. Council: Larry Bowers, ATU, Bus., Norman, AEN, AROTC. Terry Bowman, AFA, AHS. Duncan: Glen Boyd, Engr., OC, Engineering Club, SAE, ASME, AIAA: Lana Lou Boyd, AX9, FA, OC: Roberi A. Bradford, A8fS, OC! James BrambIe+, ABS, Duranf: Sandra Lou Branum, A8iS, Minco. Sharon Briery, AAA, A8iS, Seminole, Angel Elighi: Jim Brinkley, ATA, Bus., EI Reno: Roy Leon Brisman, Bus.. Asher, Accouniing Club: Befh Brown, A8fS. Norman: Harry Truman Brown, Ed., Piffsburg. Pa., Baskeiball, Afro-Amer. Sfudenl Union, O Club: Mary Elizabeih Brown, ABS, Wichiia, Kan. 385 6-5 ffm 5 'J it 1 Tr I gr S ir Ka SENIORS BR - CO Quin Brown, Ed., McAlesler, Sfud. Ed. Assoc., Sfephen Brown, ZBT, Bus., Aflanfa, Ga., Wesley Brown, EX, ASIS, McAles'rer, Roberi Michael Brufsche, Ed.. OC, Dorofhy Buchanan, Nurs., OC, Judy Buckles, A3cS, Arneif. Don Buclowsky, A8fS, Duncan, PLC, OU Band, Liz Bu- ford, Ed., Guymon, Deans Honor Roll, Young Repub., Douglas Buller, EX, Bus., Enid, Markering Club, Finance Club, Sooner Scandals, Srudenr Senaie Calendar Comm., Inframural Wresr., Doroihy Bundranf, ARS, Rogers, Ark., 9-TFP, Larry Allen Bunfing, A31S, Ponca Cilyg Caiherine Burden, HBQW, Ed., Tulsa, PLC. Ronald A. Burden, EX, A8rS, Tulsa, J. D. Buford, 'lPKE, A8rS, Miami, Nancy BurgeH, A8fS, Tulsa, Richard Burns, AKE, Engr., OC, ET, IIET, Ca'l'hey Cain, AHS, Nash- ville, Tenn., David Caldwell, AT, Engr., Tulsa. Nancy Caldwell, KKF, AGS, Tulsa, Richard Caldwell, AHS, Moore, Pafricia Callaghan, A8fS, Norman, Univ. Scholars, Glen Couch Scholars. AAA, Charles Camp- bell, Bus., OC, A-STI, Mary Lou Cannon, Af-9, FA, OC, Phyllis Caplan, Ed., New Orleans, La., Siudeni Ed. Assoc. Gwendolyn Carey, AKA, A8fS, Waco, Tex., Afro-Amer. Srudenr Union, Larry D. Carey, Pharm., Velma, Michael P. Carmaclc, Bus., OC, Adam C. Carroll, Bus., Opelou- sas, La., Acci. Club, Pai' Carroll, 'PK-3, Engr., Dallas, Tex., Deans Honor Roll, Sec. TKE, MUN, Chairman Univ. Sing. Program, Chairman Greek Work Day Trans- por. Comm., Conrad Carson, KE, A8rS, Miami. Barry Carier, ATU, AHS, OC, Deans Honor Roll, Pres. Club, Rush Chairman, Vice-Pres. ATU, Pamela Cash, AKA. A8fS, Fr. Worrh, Tex., Afro-Amer. Srudenl' Union, Luvonia J. Casperson, Bus., Mobile, Ala., OAE, Accl. Club, Larry Cassella, AT, Ed., E. Rurheriord, N.J., Toby Casfeel, ATA, Engr., OC, AlChE, Kay Caslin, KA, Pharm., Okmulgee. Anira Chance, AAA, A8cS, Tulsa, Candace Chandler, Ed., Norman, Srudenr Ed. Assoc., Dan Chapel, AXA, Engr., Arkadelphia, Ark., Paul Chapman, Ed., Brislol, AAHPER, Deans Honor Roll, Edward Charley, Bus.. Norman, Deans Honor Roll, AROTC, Scabbard X1 Blade? Janice K. Cherry, A8fS, OC. Susan Chesfnur, KKF, A8fS, Miami, Angel Flighr, MUN, Sec, MUN, Deans Honor Roll, Fred Chrisfian, Ed.. Noble, Don Chumley, fl'K-Y, AHS, Del Ciry, Bifsey Cirkal, AAA, Ed., Fr. Worlh, Tex., Jacci Clark, A8cS. Sapulpa, Deans Honor Roll, Carhy Clem, KA9, Ed-. Midwesl Ciiy. John Clifford, EX, UC, OC, lnrramural Bd., Pres. EXE Parricia Cliffon, A8fS, Ridqely, Tenn., Paul Roy Cloar, AXA, Ed., Hobarr, Perry L. Clouse, Bus., Viniia, Markei- ing Club, Bryan Coars, 'i'KZi, Engr., Tulsa, Johnson Cobb, 'i'K'I', Bus., Hugo, Accr. Club, MUN, Finance Club. Peggy Cobb, Ed., Winneika, III., Kafhleen Cochrane, KA6, A8fS, Shawnee, Bob Cochren, ATA, Bus., OCC Karen Coffman, A8fS, Sf, Louis, Mo., Gloria Jean Cole. Ed., Marlow, Bill Coleman, Ed., Calumei. 386 SENIORS CO - DR Bill Collins, KA, Bus., OC, Scabbard Xi Blade: Jim Col- lins, IAN. Bus., Cherokee: Pafricia Collins, AES, Ard- more, AAA, Kl'l'i: James Colwiclc, EN, A8fS, Dumnl: Barbara Comsfock, ANU, AES, OC: Pa+ricia Connolly, Ed., Colorado Springs, Colo., Sludonl Ed. Assoc., I'-221. Pafrick Connor, Acacia, Engr., Charlosfon, S.C.: Pa+ricia G. Conway, A8iS, Noble: David Cooksey, A8rS, Miami. Sludenl Congress, Consiilulional Conv., Young Demo., Dr. DeWilr Scholarship: Jefferson Gregory Copeland, Bus., Fredrick: Melvin A, Core, Engr., Pawhuska, Deans Honor Roll, AlChE, Engine Club: James Dennis Cofner, Bus., OC, Varsily Afhleie. Charlene J. Couch, l"l'l3, EA, OC: Margarel Council, AV, Ed., Norman: George Counselman, Bus., Norman? Gloria Counselman, A8cS, Barllesville: Terry Cowhey, 'PAQ Bus., LaGrange, lll., Merkel. Club, Inrramurals, Housemgr. 'l'Al'l: Kaihie L. Cowles, X9, A8.S, Miami. R. Sferling Cox, Bus., Allus, Marker. Club: David Paul Crass, AGS, Sulphur: Jennifer Craven, A8fS, Guihrie, F?-iff, College Repub.: John A. Creveling, KA, A8iS. Norman, KKXP, APMA: Mike Crews, AHS, Norman, 'PTT-E: Karen R. Crockel'+, Ed., Allus. Rober+ Alan Culberfson, AXA, A81S, Barllesville, TIME: Donna Cullins, A8rS, Marrha: Dave Cummins, IIKA, Bus., Hollis: Lisa Cunningham, EA, Checoiah, Concerl Choir, Besr of Broadway Troupe, Deans Honor Roll: Jerry Cupps, AHS, Tulsa: George Roy Daiifer, Pharm., Ml. Carmel, lll. Noble Dean Daniel, Bus., Barllesville: John S. Danner, SAE, ASS, Tulsa, Senior Class Pres., Dir. lnrramural Program, AES Advisory Council, Sludenr Senale, PLC: Barbara Danzinger, Ed., OC, Greek Week Chairman? Tommy Dare, CPK-Y, Bus., Ausrin, Tex.: Douglas D. Darn- old, A8cS, Barrlesville, Sludeni Senaie, MUN, Honors Program: Charles E. Davis, A8fS, Shawnee, Sooner Wheelers, Vice-Pres. Roberlson House. Deedee Day, KKF, ASS, OC, Yrbk. Beauiy Semilinalisi: Sharon Deakins, Ed., Norman, HE, ON, Oikonimia: Marada Decker, ITKA, Pharm., OC: Ralph Paul De- Geefer, Af-fb, Engr., Paramus, N.J., Engine. Club, Amer. Soc. Civil Engr.: Karen DeLong, A8rS, Tulsa: Larry Den- nison, EX, Bus., Waionga, Mkling Club. Richard Derrick, Bus., Tulsa: Thomas Derrick, Acacia. ASS, Pine Hill, N.J.: Nancy Diepenbrock, A8fS, Norman! Carol Diggs, AES, OC, AAA, KFE, OU Band, Sym- phony: Lindell E. Dillon, Bus., Duncan, Soc, for Ad- vancemenl of Managemeni: Billie Dishman, AX9, Ed., Ardmore, Cheerleader, Lillie Sigma. Joe A. Doddson, Bus., OC, BFE, 0-AE: Sieve Domian- ovich, BAE, A8fS, Ada: Mike Donahue, ATU, A8iS. Norman, Srudenr Congress, IEC, Deans Honor Roll: Dianne Donley, Ed., OC, UE: Pal Dooley, Bus., Dallas, Tex.: Bruce Allen Dooli++le, Ed., OC. Lesler Doly, ATU, A81S, Norman, Pop Series House Chairman, Treas. ATU: Chip Douglas, E'i'E, Bus., Arling- 'ron Heighfs. III.: Nancy Douglas, A8cS, Del Cily: lvan R. Dowell, ASS. Waukee, lowa. A'l'Q: Marilyn Drace, AV, Ed., Norman: Carlos A. Droescher, A8:S, Norman, Pershing Rifles. 387 6 -1 I. Students return again and again to the ljnion Hankelte to get some green stuff for daily needs. SENIORS DU - FO Roberl' Dube, Engr.. Lake Pleasanl, Mass., EEE: Gary Duckwor'l'h, UKA, AXQS, Fredrick, Rush Chairman HKA, Pledge Council: Marsha Due, A8iS, Duncan: Paul S. Duncan, A8fS, OC: William T. Duncan, AES, OC: Nancy Durham, KKV, Ed., Tulsa. Marilyn Ealick, AES, Ponca Cily: Roberi' Earley, A8rS, Pulleney, N.Y.. Pres. Zi-ix, A-53, PRSSA: Calvin L. Eas'l'ham, Jr., Ed., Midwesr Ciiy, Sludenr Ed. Assoc., KE: Carl Edwards, BAE, A8fS, Amarillo, Tex.: Claudia Edwards, AA-LS, A8iS, Enid: Sreve Edwards, BQH. AES, Norman, Pres. Pe-el, Pres. Brill, Pres. FP. Alan Ehrenberg, ZBT, A8cS, Hillside, N.J.: Deborah A. EllioH', -539, Ed., Muskogee: Larry D. Ellis. Engr., Dun- can, Engine. Club, Membership Chairman lEEE, Execu- live Council BSU: Cherye Elslon, AFA, Ed., B-rislow. Sfudenl Ed. Assoc., Soulhern Belles: Eloise Emily Eriks- son, A8rS. Dallas, Tex., HE, Sludenr Ed. Assoc.: Bill Esch, Acacia, Pharm., Barllesville. Don Evans, Engr.. Tulsa, Amer. Malh. Assoc., Amer. Chem. Soc.: Curlis FallgaH'er, IIKA, AHS, Tulsa: Rich- ard Fencher, Acacia, A8fS, Odessa, Tex.: Pam Faubion, AV. A81S, Norman: Diane Favre, FA, Barllesville, M.E.N.C.: C. Blair Fennell, EN, Ed., OC. Whii Fenlem, KE, A8rS. OC: Sieve Fesfinger, ZBT, AHS, Lakevillage, Arkx Charlo++e Feuerman, AHS, Easl Meadow, N.Y., Phys. Ed. Club, Hillel Foundaiion: Jo- anne Lawson Firsl, A8fS, OC, HRC-Fresman Dorm. House Manager KA, Borany Club: John Fischer, ATA, A8cS, Mislwesl' Cily: Dale Fisher, fI:KE, A8cS, Tulsa, Deans Honor Roll, Vice Pres. 'PK-3, UCCF. Sfephen Fiss, Ed.. Monsey, N.Y.: Charles Fi+ch, 'PK-S. Bus., Ardmore: Barry Filzgerald, Engr.. Norman, Young Amer. for Free Soc., Young Repub., Engine Club, IEEE: Pal' Filzgerald, fPK-E, A8:S, OC: Linda Flack, AAA, AHS, Woodward, Pres. 93-fb, Okla. Daily Slaiii: James H. Fleefwood, Bus., OC, Soc. for Advancemenl ol Manage- menl. Ronald D. Flinn, Engr.. Barrlesville: Barbara Flin+, AX9, Ed., Tulsa. Srudenl Ed. Assoc.: James Ford, Engr., Mid- wesr Cily, Arnold Air Soc., Engine Club: Joe Ford, EN. AHS, Lawron: Roberl' Ford, AT, A81S, Allanric Ciry. N.J.: Walfer M. Ford, Engr.. Pasadena, Calif., Engine Club, AlChE. SENIORS FO - GR Sfacey Forres+, IN, Bus., Tulsa, Carol Fos+er, AV, AES, Midland, Tex., James A. Fosier, Ed., Radnor, Pa., Marfha Fosfer, AAA, A8iS, Holdenvillc, U-E'l', Ed. Pan- hellenic Rush Book, Rodney Fosier, Enqr., Midwozl Cily, Sludcnl Conqross, Enqinoers Club, 'l'l4ll, -Yli, ll'l'-5: Arfhur Fox, ASS, Tulsa, ProMcd Honor Socicly, Pros. Honor Roll. Deborah Fox, Ed., Moore, Slmclow Box, lll'i, John L. Francis, Business, McAlcsIorg Jay Frankel, Zl5'I', AES, Fr. Worlh, Tex., Kurf Franiz, lil'lll, AES, Enid, Po-01. 03-K, Top Ten Freshman, Univorsiiy Scholar, Sieve Franrz, lil'lll. Bus., Enid, Judy Freeland, ANU, Ed.. Norman. Kennerh L. Frye, AHS, Duncan, EVE, Arnold Air Sociely. Honors Housing Union Represenlalive Council, MUNI Nancy Fuller+on, KAH, Ed.. OC, William E. Gaddis, A84S, Afton, I S A, 'MIB' l'f-VT' HBA, OAK, Mike Gad- en, 'PK-3, Enqr., Seilinq, Polly Gaebe, A'l', A8fS, Olcaw- ville, Ill., Howard Galarneau, Enqr., Walorvliof, N. Y., Arnold Air Soc., AMF. Srephanie Galoob, Al'1"l', FA, Healdion, Assl. Ari Ed- iror Rush Book, Traffic Courr, Hillel Pres., James S. Garrison, Jr., EAR, Bus.. Travis Air Force Base, Calif., Wayne Gary, EN, A8iS. OC: Jerome E. Gaspardo, AES. Long Poinr, Ill.. A4191 1'l-DE, MUN, Hisiorian 81 Sec. IVPQ, Reg Gasfon, IIPKE, A8iS, Lawlon, Danny Gaun'H', ST-X, Bus., OC. Terry Gay, Bus., Moore, Accl. Club, James Gemignani, HKA, ASS, Homewood, Ill., Ronald Mark GeHinger, Bus., Bronx, N. Y., Bill R. Geyer, AHS, OC, Susan Gherfner, Zi-AT, Ed., S+. Louis, Mo., lsi Vice-Pres. EAT, Corresponding Sec. EAT, MUN, Shadow B-ox, Chris Gibbons, Ed., Wakila. Suzie Gilberf, Klip, ASS, OC, AAA, Pipers, Tassels, Morlar Bd., Keifh Giles, Enqr., Norih Pork, N.Y., 'PH-3, 'PHE ET, TEH, Deans Honor Roll, Dick Gilkey. Pharm., Seminole, Tennis Team, SPhA, Pai' Gillis, KE, AHS. Barringfon, Ill., Tridenr Soc., Bob Gilmore, Enqr., OC, Engine Club, lEEE, Charles Gilmore, Enqr., Del Ciry. AlChE, ET, TRU. Mike Glass, EX, UC, Masspequa, N.Y., S+eve Glasser, BDU, Bus., Enid, Assr. Edilor Yrbk, Publicalion Board, Treas. Okla. Leadership Forum, Pres. BGTI, Dena Lee Glazer, ASS, Tulsa, Ola Be+h Goins, KA, AHS, OC? Jerry Golden, AT, Engr., Del Ciiy, ET, Bob Goldey, ATQ, ABS, Cliiion, N.J. Myron Goldsrein, Engr., New York, N.Y., SCAIA, Pisiol Club, Keifh Goodman, A8iS, Brisrow, Wallace Good- man, A8cS, Duranr, AA-Y, Larry Gordon, Bus., Lawioni Bobbye Gowan, Pharm., Sulphur, Pres. Honor Roll, Deans Honor Roll, Corres. Sec. APHA, Sally Grace, Ed., Pur- cell. Phil Graham, Bus., Lindsey, Marilyn Graham, A111 Bus., Temple, HQ, Admin. Assi. Afb, Deans Honor Roll, Adrienne Gran+, AEW, Ed., Chicago, ill., Judy Graves, AT'-3, AGS. Shawnee, Rebecca Graves, A8iS, Tulsa: Bruce Grayum, A8rS, Midwesf Cify. Calene Green, Ed., Sfilwell, Pres. EAU, AROTC Cadel Col., Jim Green, IIHKE, ASS, OC, Joe Greenberg, ZBT, Bus., Omaha, Neb.: Manny Greenberg, ZBT, Bus.. Shawnee Mission, Kans., Wayne G.'eenwal+, Engr., Vai- Iey Sfream, N.Y., Pelrcleum Enqr. Club, L. J. Gregg, TKZ, Med., Durant PLC, Honor Roll, Pres. 'PK-Y, 389 X 'Q' if SENIORS GR - HO Sally Ann Gregory, A8iS, Norman, Women's Housing Copy Ed. '69, Publicafions B-oard, Okla. Daily, HQ, Copy Ediror '70 SOONER: Ann Griffifh, 1'fbB, ABS, Lindsey, Deans Honor Holl, Slandards Chairman: Dave Griffy, 'Nfl Engr., OC: Nancy Griggs, XS2, A3,S' Wichgfal Kans., EAU, Top Ten Besf Dressed, Miss OU Finalist Secy. PanHellenic: Roberi' Griggs, 'PAQ Bus., OC, Soc, Fral'. Chairman, lnlramurals, Homecoming Comm.: Lee Ann Grigsby, KA9, Ed., Nowala. Bill Grimm, EX. Bus., Tulsa: Marilyn Grissom, A'l', ABS, Duncan: Gail Groom, KKF, A8rS, Tulsa, Pipers, Tassels, Morlar Board, AWA: Ralph Guild, Engr., Wewoka, ET, TEH, Treas. Engr. Club, OAK: Berry Gunfer, AAA, Ed., Durant Deans Honor Roll: Leon Gurney, Engr., Harrah. A.S.M.C., HT-Y Treas., Sociely of Aulomolivo Engineers. Bill Haddock, BAE. Bus., Norman: David Hail, ITKA, Bus., OC: Connie Hair, IVDB, ABS, Bixby: Lyndia I. Hale, Ed., Broken Bow: George Frederic Hall, Engr.. Horseheads, N.Y., VP AlChE, IEEE, Engr. Club: Richard L. Hamel, Pharmacy, OC, SPhA. Bud Hammonds, KE. Engr., OC: Andrew Hampf, A8rS. Springfield, Pa., Geiiy Oil Co. Scholar, Harry J. Brown Scholarship, Oulsfanding Soph. Geology Siudenl, BFE: Thomas Hampson, Ed., Valparaiso. Ind., Baskelball: Rus- sell Hanson, EN, Bus., OC, Pres. EN, IFC lnlramural: John T. Hardeman, BWI, ABS, McAles+er: Ben R. Hard- ing, ABS. Dallas, Tex., Sporls Ed. Olcla. Daily, Aclizg Pres. Sfudeni Press Associaiion, BAK Secre+ary-Treas- urer. Sarah Hardy, KA. ABS, Norman: Joe Harmison, Pharm., Frederick. WAX: Mark Harmon, AXA, Enid: ScoH Har- ringfon, EN, Pharm., Tulsa, Baseball, Deans Honor Holi, All Big Eighl: Ofeka Harris, FA, Lindsay, AAA, MTE, OMTA Sludenl Chapler, HKA: Shirley Harris, ABS. OC, Physical Therapy Club. Sfacy Harf, FTB, Ed., Pauls Valley: Kermif E. Hafhcoaf, Jr., Bus., Wagner: Garne'H' Haubelf, EX, Engr. Midwesi Cily: Marcia Hays, Ed., Schulier, Deans Honor Roll: Holly Hearn, A8.S, San Anlonio, Tex., FSE: Jessee D. Heinrichs, Engr., Wealheriord, ET, IEEE, Rep. Sl. Pafs Council. Susan Halberg, Nurs., Ardmore, Nursing Club. FEE: J. Sco'H' Heller, fl'K'1', Engr.. Barllesville. Engine Club. ET. AlChE: Hank Helfon, AKE, Ed., Tahlequah: Preslon Hemphill, Engr., Lindsey, Fred L. Henneke, AT9, AHS, Enid: Mariha Henry, Ed., Fl. Worlh, Tex. Rex Herren, ABS, Tonkawa: Roberf Herron, Bus., Cal- gary, Alberra, Canada, OU Skydivers, PLM: Larry W. Herzel, 4'K'I', Engr., Shawnee, ET: Richard Hess, A8rS, Dewey, Pres. Wilson Cenler Calendar Comm., Pop Series, Sluclenl Acfivilies Council: Jim Hewgley, 'PAQ A8cS. Tulsa, lnrramurals, IEC: Roberi' Hibler, AXA. Bus., Harmon. Susan Higgins, AAA, Ed., Mills, Wyo.: Barbara Lynn Hill, Bus., Houslon, Tex., Accr, Club, Deans Honor Roll, Pres. Honor Roll: James Hill, Bus.. OC: Randall Hirzel, A8iS. Pryor, Honors Program: Lyman Hobbs, lll, Bus., Pur- cell, Pei. Land Managemeni' Club: Curi' Hoffman, 'l'K'I'. A8rS, Tulsa. John Hogan, AHS, Lawton. Afl"9, Soc. of Amer. Miliiary Engr.: Albina Holasek, Ed., Norman, Sludenf Ed. Assoc.. VA: Phil Holbrook, 'PN-W, Bus., OC, Markeling Club. Finance Club: Dan Hollacher, 'l'A9, Engr., Honolulu. Hawaii: Sandra Hood, AHS, Lawfon, AAA, Pres. Honor Roll, Dorm Treas.: Dan Hoover, 'l'K3, A8fS, Clear Lake. SD. 390 SENIORS HO - KL Woodrow W. Hopper, Jr., Bus., OC, A-EH, AFIT: Tom Hopwood, lil-ill, Bus., Deerfield, Ill.: Janice Horn, Ed.. Midwesf Cily: Presfon Hors+man, AXA, ABS, Blackwell: Richard Hough+on, Bus., Vinila: Roberl' Housfon, UKA, Engr., OC. Charles M. Howard, ABS, OC, Deana Honor Roll, Mc- Mahon Scholarship, Assl. Sporis Edilor Okla. Daily, SOONER Yrbk, Sludenl House ol Rep.: John Howard, ABS, Lindsey: Arfhur Howell, 'I'K'l', Bus., Boerne, Tex.: Hashem Hozhabri, Enqr., Abadan, lran: Lynellen Huff, ABS, Bethany: Michael Huff, ABS, Tulsa. Jim F. Huffine, Pharm., Tullle, WAX, SPhA: Edgar Lynn Huffman, Pharm., Grandview, Tex., SPhA: Gary Hunf, ABS, Purcell, DD: Dan Hufcheson, KE, ABS, Wilmeille, Ill.: Alice Francina Hu'H'o, Engr., OC, Engine Club. Finance Club, AIAA, Zoo Club: H. Frank lbach, EX. Bus., Barilesvillc. Cecile lnce, Afb, ABS, Pawhuska, ZJAII: Judilh lorio, ABS. Colorado Springs, Colo., Span.-Amer. Soc., Enlre Nous French Soc.: Karl lsham, A-ffl! Bus., Lubbock, Tex.: Jack lvesier, KA, Bus., Sayre, Accl. Club: Doris Jackson, AKA, Ed., Tulsa: Susan D. Jackson, A'l', FA. Weslern Springs, Ill., MENC, MTNA, Deans Honor Roll. Charles W. James, Ed., OC: Collie F, James, Ill, BQTI, Engr., Sulphur, IVF-3: Joe Je+er, LA, OC: Jim Johanne- sen, ATU, ABS, Arlinglon l-leiqhls, lll., Gymnasiics: L. Mike Johns, ABS, Tonkawa, KKW: Clarence Johnson, ABS, Ailon. Claude Johnson, ABS. Tulsa: Cur'l'is G. Johnson, Ed., Fl. Gibson, Pem Club: Dan Johnson, EX, Bus., Weslern Springs, Ill.: John Johnson, EN, ABS, OC, Baseball Team: Michael Johnson, Bus., Ponca Cify: Roberl' Terry Johnson, Engr., Ada. Waller Johnson, Tlx, Bus., Columbus, Incl., Mkig. Club, College Life, lnlramural Fooiball B Baseball: Bob Jones, AXA, ABS, Tulsa: Connie Leigh Jones, Bus., Waco, Tex.. Accr. Club: Holly Jones, X9, ABS, Wichila, Kans.I Ronald J. Jones, ABS, Shawnee, AAS: Sherry Jones, KAW, ABS, OC, Panhellenic Pres., Moriar Bd., BWOC, John Roberls Award, Li++le Sisfers of Minerva. Bob J. Jusfice, Bus., Ardmore, Scabbard B Blade, Land Managemenl Club, Yrbk Siaii, Soc. for Advancemenl oi Management Judge Sludeni Traffic Courlg Theresa Keafing, ABS, Midwesf Cily: Waller J. Kea+ing, Bus., Fr. Lauderdale, Fla., Markeling Club, Deans Advisory Comm., Pres. Finance Club: Thomas Keeley, Pharm., Blackwell: Randy Keller, CPKE, Engr., Indianapolis, lnd.: Karen Kel+ner, KAH, Ed., OC: Soc. Chairman KA9. Sludeni Ed. Assoc., Sooner Scandals. John Kenney, AXA, Engr., Purcell: Phil Kennon, AXA, ABS, Norman: Allan Keown, ABS, Norman: Harold Kervo, AXA, ABS, Midwesf Ci+y: Clarice Key, ABS. Enid: Menashi Khazoom, Engr., Ahwaz, Iran. Ronald Kilman, Engr., OC, THII, HTDI: Allan King. UKA, Bus., OC: E. T. King, Engr., Moore, Indus. Engr. Club: Sheila Kirchhoff, ABS, Cape Girardeau, Mo.. French Club, Hispanic-Amer. Soc.: Rober+ J. Klihman, Ed., Easf Chicago. lnd., Foolball: David Klumb, FA, OC. 39I Q' fir ' He 3' T i ffy , G 5 f . 0- ' 3 X 1. il'I'fl'-Gil in student teaching IS 'l isiycs si point on thc map sgrwr Ann Wolfe who em- SENIORS KN - LU Chris Knighl, ATA, Engr., Lawlon: David Koch, A8iS. OC. IVE: Suzanne Kornblir, Ed., Houslon, Tex.. Deans Honor Roll, Sludenl Ed. Assoc., AWE: David Kramer, E l., Graaf Neck, N.Y.: Barbara Kravelz. EAT, Ed., Tulsa: William Kronholm, GWKZZ, A8cS. Tulsa. -SAX, Glen Couch Scholars. Sally Ann Kuehn. A8iS, S+. John's, Nfld., Canada. Sales Direclor OU Produclions. Sec.-Treas. AEP. 9-fifb: Rich- ard C. Kunzelman. AT, Engr., Allendale. N.J., AlChE: Joe Kusiak, A8iS, Easl Chicago, Ind.: Barbara Kuyken- dall, X9, EA, Dallas, Tex.: Beverly Kuykendall, XQ, AXiS, Dallas, Tex., Tassels, Top Ten Freshmen: Larry Laine, ATU, Engr., OC, HKN, ET, Presidenls and Deans Hon- or Roll, Pres. ATU '69-'7O. Suzanne Lamberf, XQ, ASS. OC: Don Land, BAE, A8zS. Dallas. Tex.: Brooksie Townley Laneuville, AHS. OC: Sranley Lansky, ZBT, Ed., Memphis, Tenn.: Paul J. Lawrence, Engr., Ardmore, EU-Y, ET: Roberl- D. Law- rence, Engr., Norman, Pres. IEEE, Direclor Engineer's Show. Thomas D. Legerwood, Il, Bus., Norman, "PHE, BTP, lvlarkeling Club, AIESEC: David Lee. BAE, Bus.. Pauls Valley, Young Democrals, Sludenl Aclion: Jerry N. Lee, Bus., Tulsa, lvlarkeling Club: William Leef, Bus., Vicior- ville, Calii.: Barry Lehman, ZBT, AHS, Hillside, N.J.: Kenneih F. Lehrman, A81S, Allenlown, Pa. Jan Leonard, KKF, AGS, Gainsville, Tex., Angel Elighl. AAA, Presidenirs Honor Roll, Deans Honor Roll: Larry Leonharl, Engr., Duncan. ET, AH: Debi Leslie, A8aS, Noble: John Charles Lessel, Engr., Li++le Rock, Ark., THE, ET. EFT: Howard Lewis, Ed., Choclraw, Sludenl E l. Assoc.: Roberl Lewis. Engr., OC. AlChC. ET. Edwin J. Lippmann, B911 Bus., Muskogee: John Lock- ard, BSU, A8fS, Barllesville: Joanne London, FA, Ard- more, Deans Honor Roll, Sludenl Advisory Board: Linda Long, KKF, Ed., Muskogee: Jeanne Marie Loom- is, EA. Amarillo, Tex., AW: David A. Loser, Engr., Del Cily, IEEE. George Lo'H', Bus.. Blarllesvilleg Allen R. Lovelace, Ed., Tullle: Claudia J. Lowe, KA, Ed., OC: Paula Loyd, AHS, OC: Frank Lucas, Engr., Lawion, Amer. Sociely of Civil Engineers: Tom N. Luccock, A8iS, Norman, UNE. U.R.C.. Presidenfs Honor Roll, Deans Honor Roll, Scab- bard 81 Blade. SENIORS LU - Mc ScoH' Luff, Will, Bus., Houalon, Tm.: Chuck Lufhor, 'PK-E, Bus., Enid: Charles Day Luiz, III, AES, OC: David C. Lynn, AHS. Lfiwlon, Scnbbard E Blade: Roborf B. Lyon, III, Enqr., Dal Cily, Zilll, Arnoll Air' S r,., ATPOTC Scholarship, Pol. Geo. Eflfjf, Club, Di'.linfiui'.li1:l Pnl. Enqr.: Bill Mackins, KE, A8fS, Adfi. Darius Maggi, ASS, Wilhurlon: Margo Maidl, A'l', ABS, GCI JBITIGS Mann, Pl'lr'lFI'Tl., l.ir1Js0y, 'l'AX: Jgmgg Man. zelmann, Acacia, Enqr., Parkridqo, Ill.: Bill Marlin, lifl. ASS, Waurika: Lloyd E. Marlin, ABS, Killeen, Tex. Jim Maryo+r, -YN, Ed., OC: Margarei' Mason, KKV. Ed., Norman, BAE, Liille Sisior oi Minerva, Treaz. Shadow Box: Lucinda Mas'r, KA, EA, Norman: Alberl Ma+a, A8iS, Lawion: John Charles Mafeiich, EX, UC, Tulsa: Alan Marhis, Enqr., Enid, 2i'l', 'll-YA, Deans Honor Roll, Paula Maughan, ABS. Norman, Hispanic Amer. Soc., Honor Lang. Erai., Deans Honor Roll, KPN: Jerry D. Mayes, Pharm., Tulsa, WAX, APHA: Max Mayfield. AXA, AES, OC: Mike Mayhall, BAE, Bus., Lawioni Ricky Maynard, Bus., Washinqlon: Mark J. Meade, A-5'l', Bus., Lake Bluff, Ill. Mike V. Mecca, UKA, A8:S, Passaic, N.J.: Jana Meek, XQ, Ed., OC: Jerald Merriman, AXA, Enqr., Miichell, S.D.: Jim Meyer, 13911, Bus., Barilesville: Jeanne Millard, ABS, Flaqsiaii, Ariz.: Dick Miller, AHS, Dewey, 'Pull .X'l'A, Gary Miller, AHS, Shawnee: Joe F. Miller, Bus., Tuiile, Accl. Club: Nancy Elaine Miller, KA, Ed., Docaiur, Ill.: Rebecca Miller, Ed., Lawion, Rifle Club: Gene Mifleson, A8iS, Pawhuska, Naval Enlisi. Scienlilic Ed. Proqram: James Mills, A8rS, McAlesier. David Minfon, EA, Waliersg Lyna Minion, EA, Char- ianooqa, Univ. Choir: Glenda Mifchell, Bus., OC, Treas. Finance Club, Soc. for Advance. oi Manaqeni, AIESC: Hassan Mohfashamian, Engr., Tehran, Iran: Marilyn Rae Moncriel, A8fS, OC, Couch Scholar: Mary Monfore, A8fS, Tulsa. Paula Monlague, AHS, Rockmarf, Ga.: Ellen Monfgom- ery, ABS, Lenapah, 1155, ISA, Deans Honor Roll: Ron- nie Monfgomery, Pharm., Holdonville: Dan Moody, BQH, Enqr., Norman, Dislinquished Mill. Siudeni, Scab- bard 81 Blade, Enqr. Club: Jennifer Moore, Ed., Midwesi Ciiy: Michael Moore, AHS, Miclwesi Cify. Mollie Befh Moore, Ed., OC: Rober+ L. Morris, KA, Bus., Dallas, Tex., Golf Team: Pefer Mosca, HKA. Pharm., Easf Norfhporr, L.l., N.Y.: Connie Mose, 311. A8fS, Bixby: Waller Mosley, ACPA, A8iS, McAlesierI David W. Moul+on, ATU, Ed., Wesr Springfield, Mass.. Pop Series. X1 De'Anne Mouni, XQ, A8iS, Norman: Phil Mounf, A--'l', Bus., Marshallfown, Iowa: Gene Musgrove, A8iS, Tulsa: Janei' McAdams, -5-L3-3, ABS, Bris+ow: Bill R. McAlis'I'er, l'39ll, Bus., Wynnewood: John McBride, HKA, Engr., oc. 393 'X C' S-:mor Pat Doulhilt Ends his wir 21 great challenge at the OL' 'zrxech and Hearing Clinic. SENQIORS Mc - OV Linda Jeanne McBride, Bus., Ardmore, Accounling Club, Young Repub.: Palsy A. McCloud, Ed., Barllesville: Jayne McCullough, Ed., Barflesville: Toney McCollum, Bus., l-loldenville. A?-ill. Soc. for Advancemenl of Manag.: Nonna McCorlcle, Ed., Midwesf Cily, Sludenl Ed. Assoc.: Gary P. McGowan, Engr.. OC, Deans Honor Roll, SCAIA. Tulley McCoy, KA, Chiclcasha: Billy W. McDaniel, Engr., Duncan: Jeff McDonald. 'l'K3. Bus., Tulsa: Mary Ann McFaII, Pharm., Shawnee: Ronald C. McGarry, Bus.. Cherryhill, N.J.: Lynda McGee, AF, Ed., Norman. Jo McGinnis, APA, A8cS, OC, Shadow Box: Caren Mc- Junkin, KAH, A81S. Tahlequah, Campaign Mgr.. Sooner Scandals, Dad's Day: David McKee, AXA, A8cS, Duncan: Phillis McKiddy, Ed., Noble, Shadow Box, Deans l'lonor Roll, HE: Angela J. McManus, A8fS, OC: Peg McMul- len, AP, A8cS, Wichila, Kans., Top Ten Freshmen, Pipers. Tassels, Morlar Board, AAA, COR, MUN, BWOC. William Kim McPherson, Bus., Ardmore. Pelrcl, Land Managemenl Club, AFROTC: Greg McWilliams, K-Y, AES. Brolcen Arrow, Approprialion Comm., MUN, Soon- er Scandals: Richard Lewis Nadler, Engr., Easl' Elmhursl, N.Y.: Brian Nasky, A8iS, Grand Prairie, Tex., AAE, Deans Honor Roll: Larry Neal, BAE, Bus., Lawlon, Presidenls Council, Deans l-lonor Roll, BAE Soc. Chair- man: Chrisly Nelson, AF, AHS, OC, AAA, KFE, Glen C. Couch Scholar. Yousef Neman-Ebrahim, Enqr., lran, Deans l-lonor Roll: George D. Nemecelc, Bus., Midwesl Cily: David Nep- veux, KE, Pharm., McAlesler, Presidenls l-lonor Roll. Deans l-lonor Roll, Pres. KE: Sfeven Newell, AXA, Engr., OC, ET: Gary Niclcel, 'l'A9, A81S, Tulsa: Sam Nigh, Acacia, AHS, Norman. Roberl Nims, A8cS, Frederick. Md., ATU: Diane Norvell, Aflf, A8fS, Lawlon, ACP Scholarship Chairman, Sluarl l-larral Journ. Scholarship, 92141: Elizabelh Maria Now- alc, AHS, Ulica, N.Y., Finance Club, Homemalcing Club: Dennis Obremslci, KA, Bus., Norwalk, Conn.: Bob Odom, A8fS, Maysville: Gerald Oguss, AEII, Bus., Glencoe. Ill., Pres. AEH. Barbara Nan Olian, AHS, Easl Rockaway, L.I., N.Y.: Bob Oliphanl, AT, A8cS, Norman: Randy Olmslead, BAE, Bus., OC: Nancy A. Osborne, HB'i', Ed.. El Paso. Tex.: Thomas Overa, Bus., Moore, V-P Marlceling Club: Marsha Overbey, Ed., Virginia Beach, Va., Model UN. SENIORS OW - RI R. Richard Owen, IIKA, Engr., Tulsa, ll'l': Sfeve Owens, KE, Bus., Miami, Heisman Trophy Wirnruer, All Amor., Kodak All Amor., Big 8 Player ol Your 2 Yrs.: Gregory Owings, EN, Bus., Norman: Lynn Pack, IX, AES, Dun- can: Bill Pain, A'T', A8fS, Anadarko: Susan Jean Pain, KA, A8:S, Barllosvillc, Sludonl' Ed. Assoc. Sfephanie L. Palmer, AVA, AES. Wayland, Mfiss.: Rob- bie Palmore, l"l'li, ABS, Norman, Deans Honor Rall, Scholarship Chairman i"l'li, Lilllo Sislerz ol Mallmf: Cross: Pairicia Parkhursf, Ed., Tulsa, Deans Honor Roll. Dick Pafe, KE, Bus., OC: James W. Paie, A8rS, OC. Aflrfly Roberi' PaH'erson, AXA, Ed., Lincoln, Ill., O Club. Peggy Pearce, A8rS, EI Reno, Chamber Choir, Phys. Therapy Club: Bill Pearsall, Engr., OC: Ray Pearson, Pharm., Noble, Pres. SPhA, Deans Honor Roll: Jim Peck, IIKA, ABS, OC: Ramon G. Perez, Engr., Coral Gables, Fla.: Wins+on Perry, ABS. Brooklyn, N.Y., Foreign Slu- cleni Club. Ronald Peferson, AT, ABS, Long Branch, N.J.: Janis Pevehouse, A8:S, Fl. Smiih, Ark.: Rex Phelps, KE, ASS, Tulsa: Tana Phillips, XQ, Ed., El Reno: Peggy Phipps, AX9, Ed., OC. ITQTT, Miss Campus Personaliiy, Yrbk Beauiy Nominee: Dennis Pierce, ABS. McAlesier. Ri+a Polen, Ed., San Anionio, Ter.: Nancy Pollina, Ali, Ed., Lawion: Don Pope, BAE, ABS, Lawion, PLC, Scab- bard 8: Blade: Dick Porier, AXA, Bus., Norman, Pres. AXA: Jane Porier, AHS, Rush Springs: Thomas G. Po'Hs, KA, AES, Midwesl Ciiy, Scabbard 81 Blade, ROTC. Michael Powers, Ed., Alfus, PDT, UAC, Dad's Day Chairman, Sooner Scandals, Siudenr Congress: Mel Priddy, KE, Bus., McAlesier: Bob Proc'l'or, IIKA, Pharm., Barilesville: Richard A. Pyle, Ed., Norihbrook, lll., Phys. Ed. Maiors Club: Roberi' Ouick, 'PK-3, Bus., OC: Eliza- beih Rachliiz, AFA, ABS, Spencer. Dale Raczkowski, A'i', A8rS, Princeion, N.J.: Kaye Rags- dale, KKF, Ed., Muskogee, Angel Flighjr, Pledge Trainer PKKF: Charles Rainbolf, RMU, AES, Cordell, Deans Honor Rall, Pres. Young Dem., Pres. Diimars l-louse: Georgann Raney, AES, Norman: Edward Brosnan Rap- son, Jr., ABS, Syracuse, N.Y.: David P. Reader, Acacia. A8rS, Rye, N.Y., OU Cinema Soc., Okla. Daily Sralif Wrirer. Sally Reagan, Ed., Alius: Carol Reed, AAA, Ed., OC. Angel Elighi, Pipers, Deans Honor Roll: Jim Reeder, KA, A8fS, Tulsa: John Reinmiller, AXA, A8rS, Hobarii Bob Reins, EX, Bus., Tulsa: Tom Reser, ABS, Tulsa. Pamela Resnik, EAT. Ed., Highland Park, Ill., Soc. Chairman EAT, Rep. Panhellenic: Roy David ReH'berg, ATU. ABS, Arlingion Heighis, Ill.: Jim Reuber, A8rS, Midwesl' Cify, OU Scholars, MUN, Monsanio Scholar, ISA Rep.: John Revelle, KE, Bus., Ardmore: Barbara Reyna, EA, Cleveland, Ohio: Dwighi Reynolds, SAE. AXQS, Purcell. . Becky Rhodes, 1"i'B. AHS, Barilesville, Moriar Board. Speakers Bureau, Shadow Box: Marilyn Rhodes, AXQ, Bus., OC: Gerry Ann Rich, AHS, Tulsa: Jane Rich, Pharm., Prague: Ann Adair Richards, KRT, Ed., Nor- man, Sec. Pledge Class, Union Aciivifies, 'PB-X: Mary Anne'He Richardson, Ed., Tulsa. Sludenf Ed. Assoc.. Honor Rall. 395 F .6 I SENIORS RI - SH Ron Richerson, 'PKXIC A8cS, Wewoka: Rober+ Richie, AEN, Bus., San Anionio, Tex.: Sieve L. Richman, EAM, Bus., Eldorado, Ark.: Roberi Rickman, 'PAQ Bus., Tulsa. Soc. 'l'A0. Markefing Club: Ginger Ridgeway, KKF, A8cS. OC, Moriar Board, Angel Flighi, BWOC, 1'1': Charles A. Rikli, AUP, Bus., Enid, AFROTC. Paula Rikli, ASS, Tulsa, Publicaiions Board, Yrbk Siaii, Okla. Daily: George Rives, KE, Bus., Jacksonville, Tex.: Bill Roark, ATA, Engr., OC: Dennis C. Robbins, A8iS, Moore, Arnold Air Soc.: Phil Roberis, BAE, A8cS, We- woka: Mallory Rober+son, AF, Ed., Norman. David A. Rodriguez-Lopez, AGS, Caracas, Venezuela, AA-fi, Spanish Club, Iniernaiional Club. Skydiving: Anne Rogers, KA9, A8cS, Ardmore, SAE Lirile Sisiersg Teresa Rogers, AHS, Tulsa: Ron Roggli, Engr., Waionga: Seyed M. Roknizadeh, Engr., Ahwaz, Iran, Pres. lnlernaiional I-louse: Charlie Rolader, Bus., Ailania, Ga., V-P AEH. Thomas Edward Rosen, ZBT, Bus., Omaha, Neb., Finance Club, Accr. Club: Raymond Roslci, Bus., OC, Markeiing Club, AIESEC: Roberf Ross, KE, AHS, OC: Jamie Roih- berg, ZBT, Bus., Nashville, Tenn.: Sandra Rouce, AKA, A8iS, Tulsa, Airo-Amer. Siuileni Union: Alice Jane Rowan, FA, Alexandria, Va. Rochelle Rudd, HBfl', A8iS, Midwesr Cify, Pres. flBfI'. BWOC. Morrar Board: Sam Ruffin, Bus., Shailuck: Con- nie Rumieli, Ed., Norman. WBA, Siudenr Ed. Assoc.: Clarence J. Runyon, A8iS, OC: James Russell, KE, A8fS, Midwesr Cily, IIME, fbHEg Johnnie Dee Russell, FA, Honryelia, MSPE. MENC, Glee Club. John Rydzik, STE, Engr., Norrh Terry Town, N.Y., En- gine Club: Libby Sadler, AAA, AHS, Muskogee, Shadow Box: Melvin Safsirom, Engr., Calumef Ciiy, III., Chrisiian Science Organizaiion: John Sanders, Bus., Midwesi Ci'I'v: Larry Sanders, Pharm., Erick: Sieve Sanders, EN, Bus., Tulsa. O Club. Baseball. Bill Sands, EX, Bus., Tulsa: Dick Savage, Acacia, A8fS, Duncan: Pa? Schmelzla, Pharm., Concord, Calif., KE. SPhA: Thomas Schmidt Engr., Culsa Visia, Calif., Indus. Engr. Club, AUM: Aloysius John Schneider, Engr., Ra- venna, Ohio. HKN, TBH, ET, Airforce Iregulari, IEEE, Deans Honor Roll, Pres. I-lonor Roll: Debbie Schreiner, IIBIT, Ed., Duncan. Warren Bud Schuch, Bus., Wesr Orange, N.J., Markeiing Club: Penny Schwariz, Ed., Norman, PA: John Schwen- nesen, KE, Engr., OC, Vice Pres. KE: S+anIey Scism, A8iS. Tecumseh: John Harfman ScoH', A8iS, Duncan: Vinceni' Scoufos, IIKA, A8iS. San Anionio, Tex. Jorge R. See, AHS, Panama Ciiy, Panama: Leonard John Seeman, Engr., Denver, Engine Club, AIMME: Charlo++e Sellers, X9, A8fS, OC: Bob Selman, EAE. Enqr., Tulsa: Dan Seller, TKE, Bus., Alex: Randy Sengel, EN, A8fS. OC. Booker Shackelford, AFDA, A8fS, Muskogee: Cheri Shadid, KAI-3, A8fS, OC: Ellen Shadid, A8fS. OC: Sfeven E. Shadid, AKE, AHS, Alrus, Vice Pres. Shadow Box? Sfeven Shapiro, ZBT, A8fS, Los Angeles, Calif.: Jim Sharrock, BDU, A81S, Ponca Ciiy, Exec. Sec. IFC. Campus Chesf Chairman, Pe-er, Pres. OAK. 396 SENIORS SH - TH Kalhryn Shaw, AES, Reseda, Calil.: John Sherman, EX, A8:S. Tulsa: Doug Shirley, EX, Bus.. Wf1lOfIfjf1, Soc. lor Advanc. ol Managemenl, Markeling Club, Finflliuf J. Roberls Award for Excellency, V-P Cross Clr. Council: Charles L. Shrum, AZS, El Reno: Jim Siggins, A8fS, OCZ lrl Silverslein, Allll, AHS, Sl. Louis, Mo.. AA3. Bennie Simmons, AEM. AHS, Wolumpkfi, Ala.: Caihey Simmons, KU, Ed., Tulsa: Bolsy Simpson, AXU, AHS. Tulsa: Carolyn Louise Simpson, Ed., Lillle Rock. Ark.: James R. Sivalls, Bus., El. Worlh, Tex., Markelinq Club, Accl. Club: William G. Skeelers, Bus., Denver, Colo. Sieve Slick, 'PK-E, Bus., OC: Jeffrey Slofsky, Bus., Sioux Cily, lowa. AEN, Soc. for Adv. Managemenl, Finance Club: Claude Smilh, Bus., Duncan: Craig Smilh. EAW. Memphis, Tenn.: Dean Smifh, EX, AHS, Overland Park, Kan.: Gaylen Eugene Smilh, Bus., Baker, George F. Smilh, Bus., Norlh Charleslon, S.C., V-P Accl. Club: James C. Smiih, HKA, Engr., Walerlown, S.D., Sec.-Treas. OU Skydivers, Engr. Club, AIAA. NROTC: Karen Lee Smilh, Bus., Tulsa, AIESEC: Ronnie G. Smilh, Engr.. Healdlon, ET, 'l'l5'l'. Engr. Club. AICHE: Teresa Smifh, Ed., OC, EAU, Z'l'll: Thad Smi+h, lll, A8fS, Chickasha, OU Malh. Compuler Con- sullanls. Tom Smilh, IIWKE, Bus.. OC: Richard Snavely, Acacia, Ed., Midwesl Cily: Terry Snow, KA, A8cS, Ponca Cily. Varsily Tennis Team, 'PH-E, Deans Honor Roll, Pres. Honor Roll: Gerry Sobel, E:l., Tulsa: Arlhur Soell, KE. Bus., La Crosse, Wis.: Linda Soulhern, AHS, Allus, Pres. Honor Roll, Univ. Scholars, Malh. Compuler Consullanls. Tassels. Roberl' L. Spray, A8rS, Ponca Cily: Shirley Sprinkle, Ed., OC, Sludenl Ed. Assoc., Deans l-lonor Roll, Pres, Honor Roll: Paul E. S+aplel'on, Bus., Lawion, A-EH, Sludenl Marker. Club: Sieve S'l'echer, KE, Bus., Woodward: Mark Alan S'l'ein, AEIT, A8rS, Hackensack, N.J.: Michael J. Slepenaskie, Engr., Midwesl Cily. Gregg Sfeveson, EX, A8fS, Tulsa, Sec. EX, PRSSAZ Roberl' Thomas Sliles, AKE, A8rS, Dallas, Tex., Pe-el. COR Chairman, AKE Pres.. Greek Week Chairman. PF, BMOC, H-EA, IEC Sec., THE, OAK, John Roberls Award Einalisl, Who's Who in Amer. Colleges 8: Univ.: E. Neal Sfone, Bus.. Weslon, Conn., Univ. Band: Wes Slone, EN. Bus., OC, EN Rush Chairman, EN Pres., As- sociale Sluclenl Gov. oi Amer.: James C. S+ou'l', AHS. Allus: Michael J. S'l'rail', ASQS, Wichila, Kan., Conf. on Religion, MUN, lnlern, Fellows. Okla Daily. Thomas Slrandberg, fIfKNI'. Engr., Lock Porl, Ill.: William B. S'l'reclcer, KDAH, Bus., OC. AEISEC Club, Markeling Club: Barry Alan Slreerman, Bus., Konawa: Roark Sl. Romain, EX, Bus., Dallas, Tex.: Gary Sludnicka, Bus., Downers Grove, lll.. Soc. for Adv. oi Managemenl: Harvey Sfurclevanl, KE, ASS, Norman. lFC. Richard Sfurgeon, Bus., Ames, Soc. for Adv. of Man- agemenl: Andrew Sundborg, Engr., Norman: Mike Svec, AXA, A8:S, Shawnee: Candyce Sworn, A8fS, Madil: S+an Symanski, flflifl, A8iS, Tulsa, Deans Honor Roll, Scholar- ship Chairman oi fl'KE: James R. Talley, Phrm., Miami, 'PAX' PX, SPhA, Zach Taylor, BAE, A8fS, OC: Gaia Thomas, 3-ll, AHS, Pawnee, Siud, Congress, MUN, -X-3-3 Pledge Trainer: S'l'eve Thomas, EX, Bus., Pawnee: Dianna Thompson, Ed., OC: Gary Thompson, Bus., OC, Markeling Club: Kalhleen Thompson, AES, Egg Harbour, NJ. 397 -A fx Q 1 0 SENIORS TI - WI Rick Tims, 'Nfl A8aS, OC: Michael Tisdale, Afl'A, ABS, Newark, N.J.: George Tlfus, Bus., Trenfon. N.J.: George Todd, KE, Engr., S+. Louis, Mo.: Tom Todd, UKA, Bus., Sfilwell: Connie Torber+, AAA, A8rS, Lawfon, EAH, Chaplain 8: Sfandards Chairman AAA, Young Dem., Deans Honor Roll. Douglas Travis, A-YP, Bus., McAles'rer: Eleanor Trevor, A'l', A8rS, New York, N.Y.: Paula Tuber, Ed., Highland, Ill.: David F. Turnbo, KE, Pharm., McAlesler: Ronald Turner, A8rS, Tulsa: Mario Luis Typaldos, Engr., Panama Cily, Panama. S+eve M. Udoui, Engr., Fr. Smilh, Ark., AlAA, Engine Club: Sally Uhlenhop, IIBCIY, AXKS, Ponca Cily, Shadow Box, Sec. TIB'l', Midshipman Comm. NROTC, Young Repub.: Mike Underwood, KE, Bus., Lawlon: John C. Van Dyk, Engr., OC, ASCE: Dan Vann, ATA, Bus., OC, Deans Honor Roll, Pres. ATA: Jim Vaughn, KA, Bus., Dallas, Tex. Kevin Vaughan, B-us., ST. Louis, Mo., Varsily Track: Sam J. Veazey, BAE, Law, Ardmore: Larry Vervack, TKE, Bus., Midwesl Cily: Rick Volker, KA, Bus., Ardmore, Accl. Club: Sharon Lee Wade, EAT, Ed., Sioux Cily, lowa, Pres. Honor Roll, Panhellenic, Deans Honor Roll, Pres. 81 Treas. EAT, EAU: Dennis Waggoner, EN, ABS, OC. KH' Wagner, Engr., Cemenl, THU, AMS, Engine Club, XEH: Mall' Wagner, AEN, Bus., New York, N.Y.: Dave Walck, KE, FA, Newporl News, Va.: Jchn Wallace, EX, Bus., Shawnee: Phillip Wallen, Engr., Miami: Ronald E. Walron, Bus., Shalluck, Accr. Club, A-EH. Jo Ward, Ed., Lexinglon, Sludenl Ed. Assoc.: Karen Warma, AFA, ABS, Tulsa: Mark Warner, A8rS, OC. Afl'9: Roberf Wafel, ZBT, Engr., S+. Louis, Mo.: E. Ann Walers, Ed., Duncan, HE, Sludenl Ed. Assoc., AX Crescenr Club: Jim Walkins, Bus., Maysville, Per. Land Managemenl Club. BeHy Waffenbarger, FA, Bakersfield, Calif., Orchesis: David H. WaHers, A8rS, Norman, 'PH-3, Pres. Honor Roll, Deans Honor Roll: Linda Walfers, Ed., Norman, Deans Honor Roll, Pres. Honor Roll: Linda Wa'H's, AAA. Ed.. Lawlon, Dorm Pres., Pres. AAA, MUN, Panhellenic, Pledge Scholarship Chairman AAA: Susan Webb, A8cS, OC: Henry J. Weber, Acacia, Engr., Omega. Tommy Weichbrodh EX, AHS, OC: Slephen Weicherl, 'l'Al'l, ABS, Tulsa: Sanford Weinberg, Ed., Grealneck. N.Y.: Leroy L. Weihel, Engr., San Anronio, Tex., Engine Club: Lee Ann Welch, FTB, Ed., OC, Morlar Board. Pres. IVPB, BWOC, UAC Sec.: Jeanie Weldon, AHS. OC, Deans Honor Roll. Joe Wells, Bus., Duncan: Gerry Wes'l'by, EN, A8zS, Tulsa, Vice Pres. EN, Young Repub, TAG, Senior Board: Thomas Whi'l'e, EX. Bus., Tulsa, Accl. Club, Sludenl Senaie: Tom While, HKA, A8fS, Norman: Sam W. Whilehill, ATA, Bus., Houslon, Tex.: Thomas Whileman, Bus., Midwesl Ci'ry. Paul Wickberg, A8cS, OC, Glen Couch Scholars: Ken- nefh R. Wickham, A8fS, Oologah, NAIC: Dennis Weich- man, KA. ABS, Lawlon, Pershing Rifles, Scabbard 81 Blade: Fran Wilbanks, KAW, FA, Holdenville: James H. Wildermulh, Engr., Midwest Cily, IEEE: Larry Wiles, EN, Bus., Palos Park, Ill. 398 SENIORS WI - ZL H. Faye Wiley, Fd., OC. Student Fd. Anzo.: Bruce Wil- lenzik, Al'ill, Bus., Now Orlcfiria, La., V-P Alill: Bcffie WillidmS, FA, AflirifglfJrl, TGI., OfChf:',i',, Sl'lflCl'J'll BMI, Finals Navy ROTC. Finals for Mir. OU, Bfillul' CO.. Student Acfivilies Modern Dance Co.: Doug Williams, lllf-X. Fd., Norman: Jim Williams, KZJ, AES, Tulsa: Margarei A. Williams, Fd., Dol Cily. Sandra Williams, Fd., Vlfillaurlon, Anfgol Flifihl: Glen Williamson, HKA, AES, Tulsa: John Williamson, ALS. Ouislandinq Fresh. NROTC, Ouisiandinq Soph. Xi Junior NROTC in Scholarship, 'l'll-Y: Sfephen R. Wilmoih, FA. Beaver: Bill Wilson, HKA, Bus., OC: lda E, Wilson, AKA, Fd., Muskoqeo. Pamela Wilson, Ed., Lindsay: Gary Dean Winans, ASS. OC, -E-XX: Donald Winsfeacl, ASS. OC, 'l'AI-it Bruce Winsfon, Bus.. OC: Thomas C. Wiseheari, Zi'l'l'3. Enqr.. Darien, Conn., Soc. Amer. Military Enqr.: Fran WiHen- berg. EAT, A8xS, Dallas, Tex., Pres. oi I-YV, Deans Hon- or Roll, Liiile Sigma, Senior Class Board. Pearl lvl. Wi++kopp, ASS, Yukon: Ann Wolfe, AFA, A8xS. Shawnee. VVP AVA, i-louse Chairman, MUN: Joanne Wolfe, XQ, Ed., Tulsa: Ronald S. Wolff, AHS. OC: Launie Rae Wolford, FA, Michigan Ciiy, Ind.: Suzanne Wolpe, FA, Coral Gables. Fla. JeaneH'e Wood, -3-3-X, AES, Tulsa, Liiile Sisier ATG: Don Woodford, AES, l-loldenville. flfklii, Pres. Honor Roll: Bob Woods, SAE, A8xS. Muskogee: Larry Woods, Bus., Norman: Roberi' Woods, 'PK-Y, Bus., Ciirus Heighfs, Calii.: Nancy Woody, lli, ASS, l-lursi, Tex. Russell Worley, EAU, Engr.. Dallas, Tex.: James Wrighi, Bus., Wilburion: Phillip A, Wright Engr., Collinsville, HHN: Timoihy Wynn, AXA, Engr., Dayion, Ohio: John M. Yarberry, HKA, Pharm., OC: Teresa Lee Yarnell, Ed., Wichira, Kan. Carolyn York, AF-3. ASS, Tulsa: Kay Young, H342 AES, OC, NROTC Oueen: Sieven Young, A-YP, AES. Yukon, A-XI, Rui-Neks: Fred Youngswick, EAM, AHS, New York, N.Y.3 Dain Zinn, AXA, Engr., Sania Fe, N.M.: Sfeve Zlo+olow, ZBT, A8xS, Louisville, Ky. --i I .ff - rm. fun, 91' Z' ,ff - A WFT AWP, 1' L ,I ,ilk , -, 1:- ,555 5- , V ' I -Obi' Q K-"": - - f 1 . .sg -I -, ar.: rfb- . - ' -so FI ,Kitt J ' T ,su '.. , J . ' f -' ,1 - , 'Q' i -an it gs 9' - .--, -.'J'.Q".- -':i.'q?',.g,g' . , 13" " '-'.- - 'J' ' " '. -.- ' 'K 4' , ' 17' X. - 'W ' ' Y V . ff-'fffbfim-'-f':' '5 9' r'Sfsw9i-P" fffiizr 1 fri" fi-Aff. ' .,-we ,457-' ef' - '+""' N, JA .,,., J-. f t 1 -s,g,,5,j!.4 J!1Us..'.:,.K.'Xv - .-' Af 3, - ,, K A - , -T ,',. .'j 'f',.'fx.'.s. gzvgglir. -,Q -ef, ,Ky ,' v 4 --A-'- . sa-inigfnw .,'K..'s': ,AG . ,5:l,L-1t.7sg.- -L. y-...ali gut 52.6 A .I ''4. quggxyxfgv . "' L' " ' 'I 1, N!!-fibp. A , lu . 'L .,'n o n.' ' . 1' ' A - ide., H .. ,' ii i' 'Q V 7-155 sa" 'j'.J':if4-,iTf'ff7'1- 's' Yeast'-sf'.s.. " ' :f'4T"rnL-f-"WWC: ' Vp' .- 3 Y. "1lfz'l3fv'.""" .' L 45. ,iff Tha! .Si'.'di.'sf, -' .ix '-18.1-' 5-' N: 1' .fx '- J A student escapes from .zzzdef ic pressure in zhe maint sun be tween classes on ine Scuiit OX: . f.- 4 F sf C" , - Q A asf T 9 6 ' 1 C. ,- C' 5 xx' 5- P Q if N. , - 9 l . f if r 3. 7 W 1 If 4 s V ,Q , : li 6 fix! w . 1-Qx e ' es Y , . R a , fm u Q 1 1 x x 4 'GS 5 LT. an T L , , 2 G 4 Q' I. ,1 9 400 UNDERCLASSMEN AA - AU Larry Aab, UC, '72, Tulsa: Debbie Abbo'H', PCM5, UC, '73, Ana- darko: Debra Abbofl, FTB, UC, '73, Anadarko: Valerie Abboi, Ali. A8iS, '7l, Richardson, Tex.: Tim Abendroih, UC, '73, Shreveporl, La.: Roberi L. Aberna+hy, A8iS, '72, Hugo: Darlene Abihider, AFA. UC, '73, El Paso, Tex. Hayden Abney, KAW, UC, '73, Edmond: John Abney, EX, UC, '73, OC: Jim Abrams, ZB'l', Bus., '72, S+. Louis, Mo.: Shelron Abrams, ZBT. UC, '73, Houslon, Tex.: Arnold Abramson, ZBT, UC, '73, Housion, Tex.: Donna Acker, UC, '73, OC: Mike Acker, ATA, ABS. '72, Phillips, Tex. Neil Acker, UC, '73, Okmulgee: Mark Ackerman, EN, UC, '73, OC: Cecilia Ackley, Ed., '7l, Morris: Sheri Ackley, Ed., '7l, OC: Sfeven Ackman, UC, '73, New Canaan, Conn.: Bob Adams, 'l'KXI', Bus., '7l, Hobarl: Carl Adams, AT, A8fS, '72, Muskogee. Elaine Adams, A'l', Ed., '7l, Mufual: Gary Adams, Acacia, UC, '73, Norman: John Adams, fbKKI', UC, '73, Hopkins, Minn.: Mary Adams, UC, '73, OC: Michael Glen Adams, Bus., '72, Wagoner: Ron Ad- amz, BAE, UC, '73, Fl. Worlh, Tex.: Louise Adamson, Bus., '7l. Tulsa. Marilyn Adamson, UC, '72, Madill: Rober'l' Adamson, WTA, UC, '73. Madill: M. AnneHe Adkins, AF, ABS, '7l, OC: Sco'H Adkins, ATU, UC, '73, Norman: Alan Aikins, KE, UC, '73, Norman: Doug Aikins, AT, AES, '72, Norman: Connie Aikman, KA9, UC, '73, Ei. Worih. Tex. Nezam Aghili, Engr., '7l, Tehran, Iran: Sally Akers, Ed., '7l, Cordell: Befsy Alaupovic, KKF. UC, '73, OC: Karhy Alberr, KA, Ed., '72, McAlesfer: Leah Teresa Albrigh-T, KA, UC, '73, OC: Ron H. Albro, HKA, UC, '72, Sherrill, N.Y.: Regina Alcorn, UC, '73, Midwes+ Ciiy. Michael Aldridge, ATU, Ed., '72, Liiile Rock, Ark.: John Alexander, Engr., '72, McAlesler: Krisii Alexander, UC, '73, Tulsa: Larry Al- exander, UC, '73, Blackwell: An+oine'H'e L. Alfieri, Ed., '72, Dallas, Tex.: Dean Alford, KE, UC, '72, Tulsa: Barbara Allbee, TTB'i', UC. '73, Lawlon. Bill Alleman, UC, '73, Barllesville: Roberi' Alleman, AXA, UC, '73, Barllesville: Bruce Allen, UC, '73, Hugo: Deborah Allen, KA9, UC. '73, OC: Claudia Allen, AAA, UC, '73, Pawhuska: Kafhy Allen, AAA, AHS, '7l, Ardmore: Larry Allen, UC, '73, OC. Paul J. Allison, UC, '73, Casper, Wyo.: Richard F, Allison, Jr., UC. '73, Ml. Vernon, Mo.: James Almy, A8iS, '72, Moore: Befsy J. Als- paugh, X9, UC. '73, Tulsa: Jane Alspaugh, KU, ASS, '7l, Clinion: Kelly Amen, fi'K-E, ABS, '7l, Weaiherford: David Anderson, 'DAQ ABS, '7l, OC. Doug Anderson, UC, '73, Chelsea: James Anderson, UC, '73, Jenks: Jim Anderson, BDU, UC, '72, Midland, Tex.: Judi Lynne Anderson, XYZ, ABS, '7l, Milland, Tex.: Ron Anderson, 'l'A9, ABS, '7l, OCZ Sharon Andrako, UC, '73, Tulsa: Mary Louise Andrews, UC, '73, Noble. Kennefh Aniess, UC, '73, Eas+ Meadow, N.Y.: Deborah Ankney, Nurs., '72, Elk Ciiy: Dawn Anna, Ed., '72, OC: Bonnie Anzpon, AFA, A8fS, '7l, Richardson, Tex.: James L. Argo, UC, '73, Norman: Tish Arms+rong, TIB"l', A8iS, '72, Ada: Don Arnold, UC, '72, Midwesl Ciiy. Sfephen Arnold, Zl3'l', UC, '73, Si. Louis, Mo.: Debra Aron, AWD. UC, '73, Houslon, Tex.: Elissa Arons'rein, Aliflf, UC, '73, Housion. Tex.: Sfephen Ashbell, UC, '73, Enid: Michelle Ashlock, AAA, UC, '73, Lawlon: Irene Ashwor'l'h, UC, '73, Midwesl Ciiy: Sfeven Askins, UC, '72, New Orleans, La. Dan Afkinson, flfKE, UC, '73, Sapulpa: Richard A+las, ZBT, Bus.. '72, Chicago, Ill.: Bob AH'away, A'l'A, UC, '73, Tulsa: Chris Aubrey, X9, '73, Wewoka: Barbi Aus'rin, AXQ, ABS, '7l, Joliel, Ill.: David Ausiin, UC. '73, Guihrie: Jim Auien, AXA, AHS, '7l, Tulsa. UNDERCLASSMEN AX - BE Donna Ax, UC. '73, Lawton: Dwighf H. Axelrod, UC, '73, Berger. Tex.: Jerry C. Babb, Zi'l'l'3, Bus., '72, Tulsa: Jan Lynneffe Babbiif, UC, '73, Sand Springs: Charloffe Babione, l"l'l5, A8fS, '7I, Altus: Gary Baccus, UC, '73, Brownfield, Tex.: Jane Bachelor, Al', UC, '73. Barrlesville. Anne M. Bachle, Nurs., '71, OC: PaHy L. Bachman, UC, '72, Dallas, Tex.: Charles Bacon, KA, UC, '73, Sayre: Allen Bader, Al'ill, UC. '73, Ouncns, N.Y.: Terry Badzinski, A'l'Sl, UC, '73, Enid: Karleen Baer, KA, UC, '73, Tulsa: Richard Bahner, A'l'Sl, A8rS, '72, Norman. Donalee Bailey, Pharm., '7I, Dallas, Tex.: Jim Bailey, HHII, Enqr., '72, Barllesville: R. Lindsay Bailey, UC, '73, Norman: Melinda Bain, UC, '72, Dallas, Tex.: Chris David Baird, UC, '73, Caloosa: Marfin L. Baird, UC, '73. Woodward: Carol Ann Baker, Bus., '7I, Wynne- wood. Cindy Baker, l"l'l3, A8rS, '72, Kingfisher: Debbie Baker, KAW, UC. '73, Duncan: Debbie Baker, KKP, ABS, '72, Claremore: James Bak- er, UC, '73, Tulsa: Libby Baker, l"'l'B, UC, '73, Norman: Michael Baker, UC, '73, Allus: Sarah Cafherine Baker, lIBfl', A8iS. '72. Woodward. Stephen Baker, UC, '73, Tulsa: Edward A. Balikov, AKE, FA, '72. Highland Park, III.: Roberi- Ball, ATA, Bus., '72, OC: Deidra Ballard, KKF. UC, '73, Ada: Frances Ballew, KA, ABS, '72, Broken Arrow: Nancy Ballew, KA, UC, '73, Broken Arrow: Roberf O. Balsfers, II, A8iS, '7l, Topeka, Kan. Rufus Bandy, UUH. A8cS, '72, Barllesville: John Bangs, EX, UC, '73, Dallas, Tex.: Francisco Baquero-Rodriguez, ABT, Engr., '7l, San Juan, Puerio Rico: Mary Befh Barber, HBT. UC. '73, Bar'rlesvilleI Pa+ricia L. Barber, AF, Ed., '72, OC: Dee Anne Barbour, KKP. A8rS, '72, Norman: Sally Bard, KKT, A8rS, '72, Norman. Oliver E. Barfield, TTA, UC, '73, Amarillo, Tex.: Susan Barfield, KAW, ABS, '7I, Tulsa: Sandy Barger, KKT, ABS, '72, Ponca Cilyi BeH'ye Barham, Ed., '72, Norman: Wesley A. Barker, fiflixlf, A8iS, '7I. Barllesville: Joseph Barlow, A8cS, '7l, York, Pa.: Craig Barnard, 'PKXTC UC, '73, Okmulgee. Cynihia Barnes, AZT, ABS, '7I, Muskogee: Gary Barnes, Acacia. Engr., '72, Elk Ciry: Jack Barnes, EAE, UC, '73, Winfield, Kan.: James Barnes, ATA, UC, '73, Hugo: Sieve Barnes, AT, UC, '73. Lawlon: William H. Barnhard, UKA, Engr., '72, Norman: Charlene Baron, UC, '73, Houslon, Tex. W. Lincoln Barr, Bus., '7I, Dover: Judy Barrasso, EAT, UC, '73. Memphis, Tenn.: Ca+hryne Lynn Barre'H, UC, '72, Okemah: Dennis T. Barre'H', UC, '73, OC: Edward Barreff, UC, '73, Midwesf Cify: Ri+a BarreH', UC, '73, Allus: Linda S. Barron, UC, '73, OC. B.'eH' Barrowman, WPA, UC, '72, Homewood, Ill.: J. Michael Bariel, EN, Enqr., '7I, Fair Haven, N.J.: John Bar+h, UC, '73, Tulsa: Harlan Bar+on, Engr., '72, Enid: Sue Vaughn Barion, X9, Ed., '72, Pauls Valley: S+eve Barzellone, UC, '73, Sapulpa: John A. Bass, Bus., '72. El Reno. Pa+sy Bassel, AAA, ABS, '7I, Lawlon: Nancy BaH'en, AAA, A8iS, '7I. Blackwell: Frank J. BaHle, ATU, Bus., '7l, OC: Roberi' J. Bauerle, A-YP, A8fS, '72, Wilmelfe, Ill.: Bre'H' Baugh, KE. UC, '73, Tulsa: Alan Bauman, AKE, UC, '73, Midwesr Ciiy: Randy Baumgarfen, AKE, UC, '72, Winnefka, lll. Bob Bax+er, UC, '73, OC: Roberi E. Baxfer, Engr., '7I, Sapulpa: Roxanne Baxfer, AF, UC, '73, Richardson, Tex.: Gail Bays, UC, '73, OC: Verlin Beach, Engr., '7l, Woodward: Brian Beachboard, AAT. UC, '73, Enid: Bonnie Beadles, A8fS, '7I, Cusrer. Doug Beagle, 'PK-3, Bus., '72, OC: Berni'I'a J. Beaird, AP, AHS, '72. Norman: Bill Beams, AHS, '72, Tulsa: Roberi' Bearer, A8iS, '7l. Barflesville: Susan Beasley, X9, A8iS, '72, OC: Charles M. Beck, UC. '73, Midwesl Cify: Becky Becker, AF, UC, '73, Blackwell. -D II Y jisgis ' ' g L. w TWC.: . iff, " 1 "P V . 4 , ,TV 1 . ' 40 I pg 3 1 IA. I . 9 A 'Q -" .4 ' i w e H SE. - Q "- . ' , ' 1 ' ZS' ' ,191 f 1 N ss is s W. ,. ,. ' 512.3 'ig 4 .. s AP Jr 4? X., 'ji 1 ' W' .. 57 49:57 n ' 75" . 1 1-1' , ,.. 1 1' , L - UN DERCLASSMEN BE - BO Jeff Beeler, BAE, A8aS, '72, OC, Missy Behrenfs, KKP, UC, '73, Norman, Georgia Kay Bell, IIBCI1, UC, '73, Lincolnwood, Ill., Siew- ari' Bell, IIKA, Bus., '7I, Princelon, N.J., Chris Beloncik, Ed., '7l. Chandler, Ellen Belzer, UC, '73, Kansas Ciiy, Mo., Jan Benear, ABS, '72, Tulsa. Suzan Benear, AV, A8iS, '7I, Tulsa, Rufh Beneda, UC, '72, Hilch- cock, Danny Benelield, UC, '73, OC, Alan BenneH', AT9, FA, '7I, Duncan, Barbara Benne++, llB'l', UC, '73, Tulsa, Palsy Bennelf, A81S, '7I, Denver, Colo., Jim Benson, AT, Enqr., '7I, OC, Karla Benlley, AX9, A8iS, '72, Duncan, Sieve Beniley, EX, A8cS, '7I, Lawlon, Sue Ellen Berkmeyer, UC, '73, Tulsa, Larry Berlin, AEN, UC, '73, Dallas, Tex., Howie Berlowe, ZBT, UC, '73, Niles, Ill., Debbie Berman, AE'l', UC, '73, OC, Edward Bernard. EAM. UC, '73, Chicago, Ill. Marlin Bernerl, EAM, A8cS, '72, OC, Guy Berry, BGH, AHS, '7l, Sapulpa, William Berry, KA, A8fS, '72, OC, Mary Berlalan, AAA, ASS, '72, Norman, Pafricia A. Berfalan, AAA, UC, '73, Norman, Bruce Befhers, ATA, A8:S, '72, OC, Joe Beizen, KZ, UC, '73, Wood- ward. Bill Biard, ATU, UC, '73, Barllesville, George Edward Bibbo, UC. '7I, Bradford, N.l-l., David C. Bibens, UC, '72, Goodwell, Warren Bickford, BGII, Bus., '7l, Blackwell, John Biege, KE, UC, '73, Wood- ward, Jan Bielefeld, UB45, A8fS, '72, Fl. Sill, Basil Bigbie, SAE, Bus., '7I, Ardmore. Duff Biggs, ATA, UC, '73, Dickinson, Tex., Jay Bigham, ATA, A8fS, '72, OC, Kalhy Billings, KA, UC, '73, Enid, Maureen Billings, KA9. A84S, '7I, Woodward, Sieve Bingham, UC, '73, Barllesville, Bradd B. Bingman, EAE, UC, '73, Sapulpa, Brooks Bingman, EAE, Bus., '7l, Sapulpa. Laura S. Binkley, KA, Ed., '72, Seminole, Charles Binney, EN, UC, '72, Tulsa, Jerry Birdsbill, Ed., '7l, Aubuquerque, N.M., Thomas N. BirkeH, Enqr., '72, OC, Ed Bishop, fIJA9, UC, '73, Norman, Ronald Bishop, WAS, UC, '72, Norman, Sheryl Bishop, UC, '73, OC. Joan Bissonne'H'e, XYZ, A8fS, '72, OC, Sieve Biilman, AT, UC, '72. Norman, Al Black, CPK-'51, Bus., '7l, l-lousion, Tex., James Black, Bus., '7I, Midwesl' Ciiy, Mary Ann Black, X9, Bus., '72, l-larlingion, Tex., William Edward Black, UC, '73, Ardmore, Bruce Blackman, BAE. UC, '73, Tulsa. Judy Blackwell, KA9, UC, '73, Tulsa, Brenda Blades, UC, '73. Barllesville, Beverly A. Blair, KA, A8fS, '72, Tulsa, Randy Blair, UC, '73, Muskogee, Sco'H- Blair, EAE, UC, '73, Norman, Larry Blake, Bus., '72, OC, Mary Bland, Nurs., '72, Tulsa, Gary Blankenship, HKA, FA, '72, Amarillo, Tex., Connie Bleck, UC. '73, l-lursl', Tex., John Bley, UC, '73, Ponca Ciiy, Diane Blinn, UB'l', Ed., '72, OC, Sandy Blosser, Nurs., '7I, Midvvesi Ciiy, Lynn Blos- som, AAA, A8fS, '7I, OC, Pa'Hi Blumberg, AEff', A8iS, '72, Shreve porl, La. Donna Blumenihal, EAT, Ed., '7l, Lincolnwood, Ill., Gary T. Bodane, ATU, UC, '72, Hazel Cresl, Ill., Jenny Bodenhamer, AAA. UC, '73. Lawlon, Nancy Lynn Bogard, EAT, Ed., '72, S+. Louis, Mo., Susan Boggs, KKT, A8fS, '7I, Arkansas Cily, Kan., George Roberi' Bohan- on, ll, UC, '7I, Seminole, David Bohls, IIKA, Bus., '7l, San Anlonio, Tex. Cafherine Bohn, ABS, '7I, Norman, Mike Bioleau, KA, Bus., '7I, Enid, Jan Boke, KKV. A81S, '7I, Norman, Judy Bolene, A8fS, '72. Ponca Ci'ry, Gigi Bolles, AAA, Bus., '7I, Norman, Alan Boll, EX. UC, '7I, Barllesville, Darrell Bolion, EX, Bus., '7l, Tulsa. Gary M. Bollon, AT9, UC, '73, Tulsa, Barbara Bomford, HRT. A8rS, '7l, Miami, Linda Gayle Bonds, KA, UC. '73, OC, Larry D. Bonduranl, A81S, '72, Cushing, Larry Bonham, UKA, UC, '73, Cordell, Diana Booher, UC, '73, Midwesl' Cily, Larry Bookman, EAM, AHS, '72. Tulsa. UNDERCLASSMEN BO - BR Rober'I'a Bookman, Al'i'l', UC, '73, Chicago, lll., Linda Borahoeff, KKV, Ed., '72, Wilmolle, Ill., Telefha Chlorene Boren, ABS. '7l. Roswell, N.M., Suzanne Bourland, Al', UC, '73, Dallas, Tw., Bran Bowers, 'l'Al'l, UC, '73, Shawnee, Cheryl Bowers, UC, '73, Perry, Mechele Bowen, UC, '73, OC. Vicki Bowers, ABS, '7l, OC, William Bowlen, 25Al'i, Bus., '7l, Ed- monton, Alberla, Canada, David Bowles, UC, '73, Barllu'.villf:7 Susan Bowles, KA1-ll ABS, '72, Shawnee, Carol Anne Bowlin, UC. '73, OC, Brenda Ann Bowman, AVA, FA, '72, Claymore, Nancy Bowman, AAA, ABS, '72, Houslon, Tex. Sydney Bowman, KAH, UC, '73, Muskogee, Wendell H. Boyce, AT. ABS, '72, Barilesville, Frank Boyd, Engr., '7l, OC, Dwaine Boyds+on, Engr., '72, Snyder, Tex., DoHie Boyle, Ed., '7l, OC, Jay W. Boyles, A:i'l', UC, '73, OC, John E. Boyle lll, KA, Ed., '7l, Villanova, Pa. Ted Boyls, Acacia, Ed., '72, Tulsa, Bev Braden. KAW, ABS, '72. Norman, Pa+ricia Braden, UC, '73, OC, Sheryl S. Bradfield. AXU. UC, '73, Wagoner, Anifa Bradford, Al'A, Ed., '7l, OC, Sieve Brad- ley, -YN, ASS, '7l, Tulsa, David Bradshaw, UC, '73, Owasso. Mike Brady, EX, UC, '73, Tulsa, Karan Bragg, X9, Ed., '7l, Sapulpa: Elizabeih Anne Braly, Al', Ed., '72, Duranl, Mike Braniley, AT, ABS, '7l, Lawion, Marshall Lee Branfmier, A'l'A, UC, '73, Tulsa, Renee Brashear, AV, UC, '73, Tulsa, Kirk Brawley, 'l'Al'7, Bus., '7l, OC. Pa'I'ricia Ann Breeden, EA, '72, Ada, Fred Brehme, 'PK-fi, EA, '72. OC, Barbara Breisch, AXS3, UC, '73, OC, Ann Brewer, AF, EA, '7l, Tulsa, Linda Brewer, Ali, Ed., '7l, Okmulgee, Lynn Brewer, AF. ABS, '7l, Norman, Richard A. Brewer, EX, Engr., '7l, OC. Ca'rhy Bridal, UC, '73, Perry, Jim BridgeH', UC, '73, Del Ciiy, Holly DeAnn Bridwell, UC, '73, Blanchard, Roger Bringham, Bus., '7l. Blackwell, John Briscoe, ABS, '7l, Canule, Roberfa Briscoe, UC, '73. Canuie, Debbie Briskey, KA, UC, '73, Wesfern Springs, Ill, John E. Brockeri, UC. '73, Temple, Barry Brody, EAM, Bus., '7l, Highland Park, Ill., Ronnie Brogden, EN, UC, '73, OC, Claudia Brooks, AAA, EA, '72, Ardmore, Arnold Brown, AHS, '72, Tulsa, Beverly Dawn Brown, Afb, EA, '72, Barilesville, Carol Brown, X9. ABS, '72, Miami. Carolyn Brown, X9, UC, '73, Duncan, Carolynn Brown, UC, '73, OC, Chris L. Brown, BDU, A81S, '7l, Ardmore, Cindy Brown, UC. '73, OC, Fowler Brown, EX, AHS, '7l, McAles+er, Gary Brown, "PFA, Bus., '72, Edmond, Gayla Brown, FTB, UC, '73, Miami. Jana Brown, KAH, UC, '73, OC, Janice Louise Brown, UC, '73, Tulsa, Jim Brown, AT, Bus., '72, OC, Ma'H' Brown, BQH, UC, '73, Muskogee, Shadow Brown, AF, UC, '73, Lawion, Debbie L. Browne, KA9, UC, '73, Wichifa, Kan., Bill Brubaker, A341 EA, '72, Lawron. ' 5. I 3 L 1 ' 3 J nl V xv, I - J I 'Q' s 4 ll! I , x ' 6 5 6 .-XI OL"s greenhouse Stexe Ol ver. Charles Perirxo and P31 Whitson try to sable 3 plan L f. G? 'T' X ai 1 UNDERCLASSMEN BR - CA Bob Bruce, 'l'-39, UC, '73, Tulsa: Nancy Bruce, Bus., '72, Midwesl Cify: Rick Brucker, EX, Bus., '7l, Valley Cenfer, Kan.: Larry Brum- meH, Engr., '72, OC: Roy Don Bruner, ATS2, ABS, '7l, Marlow: Jane Bruns+e+er, AAA, Ed., '72, Alva: Cecelia Bruion, AKA, ABS. '72, Dallas, Tex. Barry Bryanr, UC, '73, Moore: Pafricia Bryan, UC, '73, Tulsa: Rich- ard M. Bryan, Engr., '7I, Claremore: Jennie Kay Buchanan, UC, '73, Allus: John Kyle Buchanan, UC, '73, OC: Jane Buckley, KU, Ed., '7l. Muskogee: Joan Louise Buckley, UC, '73, Brookhaven, Miss. Lucy Buckley, AX9, UC, '73, S+. Louis, Mo.: Tom Buckley, E-AE, UC, '73, Muskogee: Frank Budzenski, UC, '73, Glen Cove, N.Y.: Chuck Buland, BQTI, ABS, '72, Sapulpa: Jeff Bullard, UC. '73, Arne++: Mary Bullard, ABS, '72, Chickasha: Jane Bumpers, KKIT, A8iS, '7l, Ada. Debbie Bunch, AF, UC, '73, Ponca Cily: Barbara Bunn, IIB'If, UC, '73, Tulsa: Paul Bunfz, AKE, UC, '73, OC: Jim Burden, KE, UC. '73, McAles+er: Deborah Burg, AE41, Ed., '72, ST. Louis, Mo.: Sue Burghari, FCPB, ABS, '7l, OC: Donald W. Burk, ENPE, ABS. '72. Wilmefle, Ill. J. Janice BurkeH', Ed., '72, Tulsa: Jerry BurkiH', EX, UC, '72, La- verne: Chris Burleson, ATA, Bus., '7I, Alexandria, Va.: Charlene Burlie, IIBCP, A8cS, '7I, Shawnee: Cindy Burner, KA, Pharm., '7I, Norman: David BurneH, B911 Bus., '7I, Ponca Cily: Annie Burns. AX9, A81S, '7I, Snyder. Bonnie Burns, AF, UC, '73, Nowala: Jacquelyn Burns, ABS, '72, OC? Lois Burns, UC, '73, Wynnewood: Becky Jane Burris, KKIT, A8iS, '72, Barflesville: Ka'l'hy Jan Burris, KKF, UC, '73, Barflesville: Michael Burris, ABS, '7l, Enid: Belinda Burfon, AX9, ABS, '72, Sfilwaler. Dennis Burion, UC. '73, Seminole: Don Bur+on, EX, Engr., '7l. Euless, Tex.: Sfephen Craig Buskirk, 'P-AT, UC, '72, OC: Maria Busfillo, KA, A8fS, '72, Norman: Beckey Bufler, KKF, A8cS, '7l. Tulsa: John Bufler, Pharm., '72, Lawfon: Vicki Lynne Bu+rick, A'P. UC, '73, OC. Sherry Bu'l'+s, UC, '73, Miclwesl Cily: Ross Byingfon, KA, ABS, '7I, Eufaula: Tommy Byrd, EN, UC, '73, Tulsa: Kafhy Byrne, UC, '73, Tulsa: Kaye Byrne, AAA, A8fS, '7l, Wichifa, Kan.: Jane Byron, AF. ABS, '7I, Barllesville: Douglas Cable, UC, '73, OC. Harold Cagle, UC, '73, Sulpher: Sfephen Cagel, ATA, A8fS, '7l. Lawfon: Gary L. Cahill, B-us., '7I, Gulhrie: Carol Cain, X9, ABS. '7I, OC: Mike Cain, AT, Engr., '72, Ardmore: Virginia Cain, UC, '73, Minneapolis, Minn.: William Boyce Cairns. 4359. UC, '73, Amarillo, Tex. Dan Caldwell, 'PK'I', Bus., '7l, Ardmore: Gerald Caldwell, Bus., '7I, Dallas, Tex.: Kalhy Caldwell, A8iS, '72, Hugo: Marian Caldwell, KKF, Ed., '72, Tulsa: Beckie Calhoun, UC, '72, Tishomingo: Lynda Calloway, UC, '73, Lawion: Laura Ann Calveri, Ed., '7I, Purcell. Bob Campbell, EN, UC, '73, Duncan: Cam Campbell, fDI'A, Bus., '7l. Muskogee: Carole Campbell, X9, UC, '73, Duncan: Nancy Campbell, KA9, FA, '7l, Midland, Tex.: Jim Cambridge, 'i'A9. Bus., '7I, Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Karen Campbell, KA, A8aS, '7l. Dallas. Tex.: Rowf Campbell, UC, '73, Edina, Minn. Sarah Campbell, AIT, UC, '73, Winnelka, Ill.: Chris J. Cane-pa, BAE, UC, '73, Sf. Louis, Mo.: Bob Cannon, fb1'A, UC, '73, E+. Wor+h, Tex.: John Capeharf, EX, ABS, '7I, Tulsa: Gary Capshaw, AXA, Engr., '72, Lawlon: Phil Card, ATU, UC, '73, OC: Barbara Paul Carey, UC, '73, S+. Louis, Mo. Lana Carey, Ed., '7l. Velma: Peggy Carey, X9, Ed., '7l, OC: Paul J. Carlile, BGIT, A8:S. '72, Sallisaw: Candace Carlson, A8fS, '72. OC: Judy Carlson, AAA, UC, '73, Tulsa: Wayne Carman, WPA. A81S, '7I, Pryor: James Carminafi, Enqr., '7I, Eunice, N.M. UNDERCLASSMEN CA - CO Kenf Carnahan, 'l'Af'1, UC, '72, OC: Jo Ann Carpenler, UC, '73, Norman: James Carr, ZIAIC, Bus., '71, OC: Randolph Carr, FA, '71, Aloka: Ann R. Carson, UC, '73, Midwest City: Roberf Randall Carslen, UC, '73, Noble: John N. Carler, 2iAl'i, A8fS, '72, Lawton. Keni' Carler, AXA. UC, '73, Norman: Terry Carler, 2iAl'i, Bus., '71, Clinfon: Candise Carver, A8fS, '71, Amarillo, Tex.: Sieve Cash, EAM, UC, '73, Tulsa: Judy Casper, Ed., '72, Midwcsf City: Sam H. Cassidy, A'l'SZ, A8fS, '72, Shrovoporl, La.: Palfi Cassody, AXU. AES, '72, Covinglon. Paula Casfelli, UC, '73, Del Cily: Dennis R. Caufield, AKI6, Bus.. '72, Vernon Cenler, N.Y.: Linda Cavanaugh, UC, '73, OC: Kay Cavener, A8rS, '72, Yukon: Cassandra Cavins, UC, '72, Moore: Paul W. Cavnar, ATU, A8fS, '72, OC: Pele Cawlhon, 'l'Al'l, Bus., '7l. 1-louslon, Tex. Mikelann Caywood, KA, A8iS, '72, Ardmore: Dom Cecere, KE, UC, '71, OC: Juslin Cervi, IIKA, Pharm., '71, Egg Harbor, N.J.: Sherry Nell Chack, KA, UC, '73, Jacksonville, Fla.: John Chadwick, A8iS. '7I, Orlando: David Chaflin, Bus., '71, OC: John Chain, 'l'Al'9, Bus., '72, OC. John Chalmers, ATA, UC, '73, Williamsville, N.Y.: Rocky Chalmiers, ATU, UC, '73, Shreveporl, La.: Jim Chamberlain, AT, UC, '73, OC! Sheila Chambliss, Ed., '71, OC: Sharon F, Chandler, FA, '72, Norman: Jerry Chapman, flfA9, UC, '73, Brislow: Carlos Chappelle, ATA. UC, '73, Tulsa. Marian Charles, UC, '73, Tulsa: Calvin Charlie, UC, '73, Shiprock. N.M.: Douglas Chasleen, UC, '73, Broken Arrow: Vic Cheafwood, BAE, Bus., '71, Woodward: Carla Chenowelh, AF, UC, '73, Harrah: David Cherry, EX, UC, '73, Barllesville: Pal' Chesley, AT, UC, '73. Tcaneck, N.J. Gregory H. Chess, A-Yfb, UC, '73, Norman: Sleven Owen Chilcole, UC, '73, Yukon: Lowelle Childers, Afb, EA, '72, Duranl: Marie Childers, FA, '72, Puelolo, Colo.: Mary Jane Childers, UC, '73, Tulsa: Judy Childress, KKF, Ed., '71, Wagoner: James Chisholm, KE, UC, '73, Mokena, Ill. Mike ChiH'om, 'i'K5, UC, '73, Tulsa: Clyde Chrisman, KE, Bus., '72, Denion, Tex.: Phil Chrisfian, 'PAQ UC, '73, Amarillo. Tex.: Doug Chrisfensen, EAE, UC, '73, Midland, Tex.: David B. Chrisfof- ferson, Bus., '71, Glendale, Ariz.: Be'l'h Claar, UC, '73, Tulsa: Ken- nefh L. Clage'H', A8cS. '71, Adair. Beniamin F. Clark, A8iS, '71, Norman: Chrissie Susan Clark, KKF. UC, '73, Muskogee: Claudia Clark, EA, '72, Norman: Connie Sue Clark, UC, '72, Tulsa: Danny Clark, AT, A8iS, '72, OC: Dee Clark, BAE, ASS, '72, Chickasha: James An+hony Clark, A8rS, '71, OC. Joe Bren? Clark, AXA, A8rS, '71, l-lolclenvilleg Mel Clark, ATTZ, UC, '73, Las Animas, Colo.: Sco+'r Clark, TFA, Bus., '72, OC: Tracy Clark, HB45, ASS, '72, La Canada, Calif.: Vaughn Clark, BQH. A8rS, '71, Norman: Nancy Clarkson, KK17, AHS, '72, Okmulgeef Mary Clausing, FTB, UC, '73, Seminole. Slephanie Claxion, A8iS. '72, Norman: Vicki Claybaugh, AFA, UC, '73, Tulsa: Caren Clayfon, KA, A8iS, '72, Norman: Randall J. Clen- dening, AKE, UC, '72, Dayion, Ohio: Bulch Cliflon, UC, '72, Mc- Alosier: Terry Cline, EN. UC, '73, OC: Auda Cloe, UC, '73, Moore. Carol Cloe, A8rS, '71, Moore: Mike Clolhier, BQTI, UC, '73, Wood- ward: Dennis E. Clowers, AKE, Engr., '71, OC: Gayle Cluck, Ed.. '72, Dallas, Tex.: Terry Coafney, AX9, UC, '73, Ponca Ciiy: Lee Coais, EN, UC, '73, Tulsa: James Walker Cobb, 'PK'I', A8iS, '72. 1-lugo. Denise Cochran, UC, '73, Tulsa: Edd Cochran, B911 UC, '73, Cushing: Sfeve B. Cochran, BGH, Bus., '71, Cushing: Susan Coch- ran, AF, A8rS, '72, VVewoka: Marsha Cochrane, UC, '73, McLoud2 Mark Coe, A-KE, Bus., '72, Ardmore: Mark Coffin, 13911, Bus., '7l. Tulsa. 1' ?' f S xx E E Y UNDERCLASSMEN CO - CR Jeff Cogburn, ATS2, UC, '73, OC: Larry Coggins, A8iS, '72, Poleau: Bruce Cohen, EAM. UC, '73, Highland Park, Ill.: Bruce Cohen, ZBT, Bus., '72, Arlanra, Ga.: Randy Cohen, ZBT, UC, '73, Tulsa: Richard Cohen, EAM. UC, '73, S+. Louis, Mo.: Sfanley P. Cohen, UC, '73, FT. Worfh, Tex. Sfeven L. Cohen, UC, '73, Peekskill, N.Y.: S+even Cohen, UC, '73, Wichila, Kan.: Leonard Cohn, ZBT, Bus., '72, Greai' Neck, N.Y.: John Marshall Colcord, Bus., '7l, Greenville, N.C.: John R. Cole, Bus., '7I, Rome, N.Y.: Margarer Cole, AX9, A8cS, '72, Barilesville: Michael John Cole, 13911, UC, '73, Miami. Nancy J. Cole, AXQ, UC, '73, Barllesville: A. Ann Coleman, AHS. '7l, Talihina: Diana Coleman, FA, '7I, OC: Jan Coleman, AFA. UC, '72, Tulsa: Myron Coleman, A4'A, AHS, '72, Chickasha: Becci Coley, KA, UC, '73, Norman: Bob Collier, Bus., '7l, Berhany. James Collier, ATU, A8fS, '7l, Arlesia, N.M.: Be'I'h Collins, UC, '73, Scoilsboro, Ala.: Bruce Allen Collins, AES, '7l, Tulsa: Connie Col- lins, 111349, UC, '73, OC: Don Collins, Bus., '7I, Ardmore: James C. Collins, KA, UC, '72, OC: Laura Collins, HB'l', UC, '73, Ardmore. Paula Collins, HBCU, Ed., '72, OC: Keilh Colombik, Bus., '7I, OCZ Nancy Colverr, X9, UC, '73, OC: Sue Colverr, AFA, Nurs., '72, OC: Craig Comsfock, UC, '72, OC: Sieve Conard, UC, '73, Tulsa: Melvin L. Condor, Pharm., '7l, Sourh Colleyville. Mike Confer, AKE, UC, '73, Ardmore: Pe+er M, Conforfi, AKE, Pharm., '7I, Flushing, N.Y.: Cliff Conkle, ATA, A8cS. '7l, OC: Jim Conkling, EX, A8cS. '72, Amarillo, Tex.: Sue Conn, X9, UC, '73, McAles+er: Sybil Connolly, Ed., '7I, Fairland: Bonnie Connor, A'P. Ed., '72, Minneronka, Minn. Jerry Conrad, AXA, Ed., '7l, Midwesi Ciiy: Ann Conwell, AAA, A8fS, '7I, Lawron: Bill Conyers, UC, '73, S+. Louis, Mo.: John Cen- s+an+ikes, AT, A8fS, '72, Barrlesville: Karen Sue Coody, UC, '73, Marlow: Creig Coogan, TIKA, UC, '72, Norman: Chris'I'y Cook, 1"l'B, UC, '73, Tulsa, Harry R. Cook, A'i'9, A8zS, '7I, Anadarko: Kim E. Cook, BQH, A8rS, '72, Muskogee: Philip Cook, FA, '7l, l-lousron, Tex.: Rodney Cook, -YN, Bus., '7l, Enid: Pafricia Coon, X9, A8fS, '7l, OC: Trudy Coon- rad, AF, UC. '73, Slillwaler: Beverly G. Cooper, UC, '73, Norman. Bob Cooper, QPKE, UC, '73, OC: Gayona Cooper, AEG, Bus., '72, OC: Pafricia A. Cooper, Ed., '7l, OC: Sally Cooper, AAA, UC, '73, OC: Rick Cope, Engr., '72, Tulsa: Gary Copeland, TAG, UC, '73, Frederick: Jean Copeland, AFA, Ed., '7I, Granire. Gerald Coppler, fi'KE, UC, '73, Tulsa: John Corbin, A8fS, '7I, Fr. Worrh, Tex.: Bob Corder, 43K-E, A8cS, '72, Valley Forge, Pa.: Louis Chris Cordogan, 'I'K'I', UC, '73, Aurora, III.: Ellen Corenblum, EAT, UC, '73, Birmingham, Ala.: Margare+ Corkery, ABS, '7I, Villa Park, Ill.: Jeannie Cornelison, AX9, UC, '73, OC. Ka+hy Cornelison, WPB, A8:S, '72, OC: S+eve Cornelsen, HKA. Bus., '72, Fairview: Pam L. Correia, IIBfl', ABS, '72, Midwesr Ciiy: Lindy Cosper, Bus., '72, OC: Richard CoH'on, UC, '73, Euclid, Ohio? Sallie Couch, A1', UC, '73, Ardmore: Janice Cousins, UC, '73, Law- ron. Joel Cousins, 'i'Af'T, UC, '72, Muskogee: Julie Covingfon, KAW. Ed., '7I, OC: Dennis Cowhey, 'PAQ UC, '73, LaGrange, III.: Jane? Cowper, A8fS. '72, OC: Bobby Cox, BAE, Bus., '7I, Amar'llo, Tex.: Caye Cox, AAA, UC, '73, Lawfon: James Cox, UC, '73, Henryefla. Linda Cox, UC, '73, OC: Jim Coyle, KA, UC, '73, OC: Cheryl Lynne Craig, ABS, '72, Tulsa: Geoffrey Craig, Acacia, AHS, '72. Enid: George W. Craig, ATU, Bus., '7I, Enid: Tom Craig, UC, '73. McAles'rer: Tommy Don Craighead, UC, '73, Ardmore. UNDERCLASSMEN CR - DA Carmen Renee Crain, UC, '73, lifilon Rouge, Ia., Slove R. Crane, UC, '73, Lawlon, Deryl Crawford, A'l'A, AES, '7l, OC, Doug Craw- ford, 'l'KXI', UC, '73, Tulsa, Mary Crawford, AES, '72, lxlorrrmrii Tim Creedon, IIKA, UC, '72, Norman, Dale Crogar, UC, '73, Timu- monl, Tex. W, Tom Crenshaw, A8fS, '72, Alva, Darryl Crews, IPX, UC, '73. Tulsa, Deborah Crider, Al'A, AES, '7l, Norman, George Cripps, K-Y, Enqr., '7l, Tulsa, Lynn Crismon, UC, '73, Fairfax, Jo Anno Crires, AAA, UC, '73, Norman, Claudia Currin Criflendon, Nfl. UC, '73, Norman. James R. Croclce++, UC, '72, Alfus, Wayne P. Croclceff, Bun., '72, Arlingion l-leiqhls, III., Kay Cross, l"l'li, UC, '73, Bloomfield, lnd.7 Lowell G. Crossland, Bus., '72, Tulsa, Paula Crossley, KAW, UC, '73. OC, Roberl' Croul, XX, Bus., '72, Vxfalonqa, Chip Crowell, A8fS, '7l, Tulsa. Debbie Crowell, NU, A81S, '7l, l-louslon, Tex., Paul Crowell, UC, '73, l-lawlhorne, Calil., Debbie J. Crum, Al', UC, '73, Lincoln, III., Caye Cru+cher, Al', AGS, '72, Dallas, Tex., Milce Culwell, 'PK-Y, Bus., '72, Amarillo, Tex., Roxanne Cummings, lll5'l', UC, '73, l-loldenvillei William E. Cunha, UC, '73, OC. Brenl J. Cunningham, AKE, UC, '72, Norman, David Curry, 'PAH' Bus., '7l, Tulsa, Milne Curry, SAIC, UC, '73, Midland, Tex., John Phillip Cunningham, BAE, A81S, '7l, Brislow, John Cur'ris, A'l'5-3. UC, '7l, Allus, Judy Cur'l'is, A'l', UC, '72, Pauls Valley, Sfacy Curlis, UC, '73, Minco. Vince Cusomalo, Bus., '7l, Eloomlield, N.J., Cynfhia Dahls'l'rom, AFA, UC, '73, Dallas, Tex., Juanifa Daily, A8cS, '72, Norman, L. M. Kenny Daily, UC, '73, Tulsa, Pal' Dailey, BAE, AHS, '72, Amarillo, Tex., Rodger Dameron, WAIT, UC, '73, Midland, Tex., Becky Daniel, A'l', UC, '73, Norman. Dennis Daniel, AXA, Bus., '7l, Ardmore, Aniia Daniels, UC, '73. Heavener, Mary Lee Daniels, HWP, AHS, '7l, Ariesia, N.M., Diane Danner, AF, Ed., '7l, Tulsa, Lee Danser, UC, '73, Mexico, Mo., Cindy Dardis, AFA, UC, '73, Pueblo. Colo., David Darling, IIKA, Bus., '72, New Providence, N.J. Quinfon Darnell, Jr., UC, '73, Morris, Diane Darrough, AAA, ASS, '7l, OC, Deborah Darrow, UC, '73, Norman, Max Daughfrey, Engr., '7l, Duncan, Gail Daull', Ed., '72, Winnellca, III., Craig Daven- por'i', EN, A8rS. '72, Gainsville, Tex., Pamela Davenporf, UC, '73, Lawlon. Ron David, AXA, AHS, '7l, Shawnee, Jerry Davidson, UC, '73. Olremah, Marilyn M. Davidson, PPE, Bus., '7l, Fl. Worlh, Tex.I Roberl' Davidson, AETI, UC, '73, Lincolnwood, Ill., Sco'H' E. David- son, AT, UC, '73, Tulsa, Barry Davis, EN, A8rS, '7l, Tulsa, Bob Davis, ATA, UC, '73, Midwesl Cily. Debi A. Davis, Bus., '72, OC, Fred Davis, AXA, A8cS, '72, Tulsa, Gregory Davis, UC, '72, Norman, James Craig Davis, UC, '73, Erlers, Pa., Joe Russell Davis, Pharm., '7l, l-lealdlon, Marly Davis, F'PB, AES, '72, Dallas, Tex., Mary Anne'He Davis, A'T', Bus., '7l, Wewolca. " 7" New 1 9 I' l . fc . 6 1, Yi 6 ' l Q Q 1 7 Jeanne Loomis and Harrie: Stanf- barg keep in perfeci step d ' ing their modern dance practi 4 bn' 1 5 ?. " -24 -9 ii ':'X"fEf, ' .-, -V., Q, . " , ! S pi 3 f A , iff .. . . i - s is E N .n, AY ' 1 Q ' k i fa" ' ii' i i ff - I : V ',, I, ,n J . .Lia Q' O . ' . A A ' Y' 6 I ., 1. I. 1 r 'lr 4 6 5 r." yn 2 Y 408 UNDERCLASSMEN DA - DU Norman Davis, ZBT. Bus., '7l. Nashville. Tenn.: Rand Davis, ZBT, UC, '73, Norman: Randall E. Davis, Engr., '72, Housion, Tex.: Veronica L. Davis, UC, '73, OC: James R. Dawson, Bus., '7I. Garden Cify, Kan.: Mary Dawson, UC. '72, Purcell: Cynihia Day, UC, '73, Tulsa. Jed Day, 'l'Al"l. Bus., '7l. Tulsa: Max Dayion, EX, A8rS, '72, Tulsa: Sco'H Dayion, EX, UC, '73, Tulsa: Sieve Deal, fbFA, Engr., '72, Tulsa: Chuck D'Amelio, A342 UC, '7I, l-laledon, N.J.: Richard Dean, A8cS, '7l, Alius: Tina Dean, Ali, UC, '73, Duncan. Don De Angelo, AT9, UC, '73, OC: Dennis Deason, A8iS, '7I, Beihany: Bill De Arman, EN, UC, '73, Joplin, Mo.: Cleia Deafher- age, X9, ARS, '72, OC: Connie Deaville, Ed., '7l, Newcasile: Renda DeCarolis, AX9, A8rS, '72, Midwesl Ciiy: Jo Dee, X9, AHS, '72, OC. Shari Deener, A8fS, '7l, El Paso, Tex.: Mardeen Deer, AAA, A8iS, '7l. Tulsa: Julian Deese, ATA, A8rS, '72, Ada: Sian De Fehr, 13911. UC, '73, Wearherford: Jaclyn De JarneH'e, AF. Ed., '72, Ponca Ciry: Olie Ann Delaporfe, HBCP, FA, '72, Wearheriord: Dana Dem- onbreun, FTB, FA, '7I, Tulsa. Bob Dempsey, CPA9, Pharm., '7I, Rochesrer, N.Y.: Pairicia Denson, FA, '7l, Gilmer, Tex.: Rober+ Mike Derdeyn, Engr., '73, OC: Miriam De Silva, Ed., '7l, Duncan: William Dessauer, Ed., '7l, Flushing, N.Y.: Diane Deupree, A8rS, '73, Tulsa: John C. Deupree, AKE, A8rS, '72, Tulsa. Dan Devine, 'PK-Y, UC, '73, Deerfield, lll.: Thomas W. De WiH, UC, '73, Grandville, Mich.: Delberi' De Wi'Hy, ATA, Bus., '72, Tulsa: Louis Dickey, UC, '73, Chickasha: Eric Dickman, KE, UC, '72. Shelbyville, Ind.: Diana Dickson, KA, A8rS, '72, Woodward: Marye Dickson, AEG, A8rS, '7l, Tulsa. Tom Dickson, UKA, UC, '73, Midwesi Ciiy: Roger Dicus, EN, Ed., '7I, Jenks: David Diefenderfer, EX, Ed., '7I, OC: William Diepen- brock, UC, '73, Norman: Marian Diefrich, KKF, UC, '73, OC: Diane Diggle, IVPB, A81S, '72, Tulsa: Jim Dill, EX, UC, '73, Still- waier. Frank M. Dillon, Jr.. UC, '73, Ada: Jennifer Dillon, FTB, Ei., '7I, OC: Nancy Dillon, UC, '73, Beihany: Kay Dingman, UC, '72, Barilesville: Dennis Dissing, KE, UC, '73, OC: Michael DiVall, UC, '73, Shidler: Lucie Dix, ACP, Ed., '72, Kenilworih, lll. Becky Dixon, AX9, UC, '73, Midwesl' Ciiyg Sally L. Dixon, UC, '73, Tulsa: Sfeve Dixon, EN, UC, '73, Tulsa: Linda A. Doak, A8fS, '72, Tulsa: Joe Dobson, TAG. UC, '73, OC: Mary Jane Dodson, UC, '73, Norih l.iHle Rock, Ark.: William C. Dodson, A8fS, '7l, OC. , Deanna Dohrer, KA, A8fS, '72, Beihany: Yvonne Dollarhife, A8iS. '72, Tulsa: Linda Donley, Bus., '72, OC: Dan Donnell, ATA, UC, '73, OC: Wally E. Doran, UC, '73, Locusl Grove: Taylor DorseH, UC. '73, Norman: Mark R. Do+son, UC, '73, OC. Peggy Do+y, FTB, UC, '73, Norman: Doneen Douglas, UC, '73, El Reno: Mike Douglas, fl'AFJ. Bus., '7I, Duncan: Terry Doverspike, A241 UC, '73, Tulsa: Margarel' Lynne Dowdle, Ed., '7l, Washingiont Barbara Doyle, UC. '73, EI Dorado, Ark.: Ray Drain, 'PKWIQ AHS. '7l. Springer. David Drake, UC, '73, Seminole: Raymond Dryz, AHS, '72, Tulsa: Debbe Du Bose, UC, '73, Vicforia, Tex.: Dee Ducharme, Afb, Ed.. '72, OC: John Dudley, EN, AHS, '72, OC: Pa'Hi Duffy, A8rS, '72. Mangum: Ann Dunagan, KKF, UC, '73, Perry. Don Duncan, AT, A8fS, '7I, Pryor: Pal Dunaway, IHPB, Ed., '72, OC: Gary Dean Duncan, UC, '73, Tulsa: James Randall Duncan, UC, '73, Plano, Tex.: Mary Sue Dunlevy, KKF, A8cS, '72, OC: Dianne Dun- lap, AFA, A8fS, '72, Norman: Jon Dunn, AZT, UC, '73, Norman. UNDERCLASSMEN DU - FE Valerie Dunn, l"l'lf, FA, '7l, Midwesl Cily: Diane Dunnolf, l"l'li. Ed., '72, OC: Bill Dupire, UC, '73, Chickaslm: Marion Duflon, 'l'l'l5. UC, '73, Tulsa: Ann Dyer, Al', A8fS, '7I, Tulsa: Nancy L. Dyer, AAA. UC, '73, Tulsa: Nick Dysar+, AXA, UC, '73, Tipton. Linda M. Earhar+, UC, '7l, Leewood, Kan.: Teresa Earley, UC, '73, OC: Sidney Earnesf, AVA, Ed., '72, OC: Doug Eason, KE, UC, '73. OC: Jim Eason, KE, Bus., '7I, OC: Sharon Eason, AHS, '72, Mays- vfllc: Myke Easlin, AHS, '72, Urbana, lll, Janice Eby, AES, '7I, Ponca Cily: Nicki E. Edidin, UC, '73, Skokie, Ill.: Ronnie Edmonson, AT, Bus., '7l, EI Reno: Ed G. Edson, lll, l3f'7lI, A8fS. '7I, Beaumonl, Tex.: Calhy Edwards, l"l'li, A8fS, '72. Dallas, Tex.: Joe Edwards, ATU. Bus., '7I, OC: John P. Edwards, UC, '73, Norman. Pamela Edwards, UC, '73, OC: Richard Edwards, EAW, UC, 73. Denver, Colo.: Wanda E. Edwards, A-597. ASS. '7I, Wewoka: Chris Eichman, ATU, UC, '73, Moore: Barry Eisen, ZRT, UC, '73, Tulsa: Sol Eisenbaum, ANU, Bus., '72, Hcusron, Tex.: Craig Eisenberg. ZBT, UC, '73, Kansas Ciiy, Mo. Janice Eisensrein, ARS, '72, Chicago, Ill.: Slephen Ela, 'PK-Y, Bus., '7I, OC: Charles B. Elder, lll, UC, '73, Farmingion, Mo.: Sue Elhen, AX9, Ed., '72, Tulsa: Sue Ellis, Nurs., '72, Duncan: Carl Elli- son, Engr., '7I, Wichira, Kan.: Sherry Ellison, Bus., '7I, Purcell. Levoy Elsworfh, BUTT, Bus., '72, Srroud: Mike Ellwood, KE, UC. '73, OC: Jennifer Elmendorf, UC, '73, San Anronio, Tex.: Wendy Elmore, AF, A8fS, '72, Lawron: Linda Elsing, KA, UC, '73, McAl- esrer: Jeanne Emanuel, UC, '73, El Reno: M'Lynn Emanuel, FA, '7I, El Reno. Michele Emery, UC, '73, Lawron: Pafrick Emery, 'l'Al'l, UC, '73, Tulsa: Jim EndicoH', EX, UC, '73, Muskogee: Linda Eng, X5-2, AHS. '72, Tulsa: Eric Engh, Acacia, UC, '72, Clinron Corners, N.Y.: Randy England, EN, UC, '73, Tulsa: Karhie Engleri-, AES, '7I, Tulsa. Connie Enochs, AFA, A8fS, '7I, Sedalia, Mo.: KraeHli Q. Epperson, AHS, '7I, Annandale, Va.: Paul Alan Epsfein, ZBT, Bus., '7I, Omaha, Neb.: Roberl' Epsfein, ZBT, UC, '73, Kansas Ciiy, Mo.: Paul Erns+, ATA, UC, '73, OC: Marcene Erchieson, FTB, Ed., '72, Norman: Roger E+ling, EN, AES, '72, Boise Cily. Gary Eubank, 'PK-Y, UC, '73, Tulsa: Carolyn Eubanks, AAA, AHS, '7I, OC: Karen L. Euisler, Afb, AHS, '7l, Barilesville: Calhey Evans, Ed., '72, Tulsa: Jan Evans, UC, '73, Sand Springs: Suzanne Evans, UC, '73, Tulsa: Mike Evanson, AT, UC, '73, Tulsa, Valynda A. Ewfon, Adi, Bus., '7I, Shawnee: Bruce Fadem, ZBT, UC, '73, Tulsa: Lloyd Fadem, ZBT, UC, '73, Tulsa: Curiis R. Fair, ATA. A8fS, '72, OC: Eddie Fair, EAM, UC, '73, Brownwood, Tex.: Susan Fairbank, AX9, UC, '73, Joplin, Mo.: Jack Clinion Fairchild, HKA, Enqr., '7I, Arlanra, Ga. Corrie Fallas, AEfb, UC, '73, Dallas, Tex.: Susan Falvo, AXQ, ASKS, '7I, Arlinqron, Tex.: Charles J. Fandel, AHS, '7I, Le Moore, Calif.: Jane Fanning, KKF, UC, '73, Amarillo, Tex.: Gary Farabough, AXA, Bus., '7l, Tulsa: Sandra D. Farber, AHS, '72, Midwesr Ciry: Greg Farha, EX, A8cS. '7I, OC. Jeffrey Farkas, ATA, UC, '73, Chicago, lll.: Terry Farmer, ATA. AHS, '7I, OC: Joe Farranf, EN, UC, '73, Enid: Cindy Faulkner, XYZ, UC, '73, OC: Chris'I'opl1er P, Fawceff, ABT, UC, '73, New York, N.Y.: Doug E. Fears, -SAE, Bus., '7l, Edmond: Cidney Fee, KA., A815 '7l, Tulsa. Greg Feldman, AETI, A8cS, '7l, Norih Brook, Ill.: Judifh Fell, UC. '72, Tulsa: Warren L. Fel+on, lll, AT, AHS, '72, OC: Jo-Ann Fend- ler, I-XT, FA, '72, Alexandria, La.: Janis S. Fenfem, X9, UC, '73. OC: Teresa Fen+on, UC, '73, Tulsa: Jeremy W. Ferguson, UC, '73. Maida, N.D. U I s. l ., . V Q 1- " -9, I Q41 1 - J an , Q", 1 - ,ME A , , i A T I ' 5 K 753 sq T if V. 0 f r UNDERCLASSMEN FE - FR Larry Fernando, UC, '73, San Gabriel, Calif.: John A. Feroli, UC, '73, Purcell: Frederic Ferris, Engr., '7l, Wichiia, Kan.: Befh Ferfig, UC, '73, New Brunswick, N.J.: Pamela Field, Ed., '72, Chicago, Ill.: Janice Fina, X9, Ed., '7l, Afoka: Lillian Finch, KA, Nurs., '72, Sapulpa. Pa? Finegan, UC, '73, Sapulpa: Ted Fink, UC, '73, Miami: Roberf Finley, 'f'Al"i, ABS, '7l, OC: Rober+ Finnigan, 'T'Af'7, Bus., '7l, OC: Mark Finsion, ZBT, UC, '73, New York, N.Y.: DiAnne Fishel, AX9, UC, '73, OC: Sieve Fishel, AT9, UC, '72, OC. Arfhur Fisher, B-us., '7l, Tulsa: David Fisher, KA, ABS, '72, Balboa Heiqhls, Canal Zone: Karen Fisher, ABS, '72, Norman: Marcia Fisher, UC, '73. New Orleans, La.: Mike Fischer, UC, '73, Midwesi Ciiy: John Fisk, 'PKTL A8mS, '7l, Dallas, Tex.: Gail Fifes, ABS, '72, Tahlequah. John Fi+zgerald, UC, '73, Wayne, Pa.: Megan M, Flanagan, UC, '73, Thomasfon, Maine: Bill Fleefwood, EN, UC, '73, OC: Barbara Fleischman, KA, UC, '72, Ann Arbor, Mich.: Mark Fleischner, Bus., '72, OC: John Fleming, UC, '73, Sapulpa: Tom S. Flesher, BAE. UC, '73, Edmond. Duke Fleshman, 'PK-Y, Bus., '7l, l-lousron, Tex.: Jona+han James Flefcher, UC, '73, Maniord: Margarei' Flippo, Bus., '72, Tulsa: Kaihy Flood, AX9, A8fS, '7l, Norman: Ross Flood, KE. UC, '72, Sfillwafer: Alice Foisrer, KA, UC, '73, Tulsa: Roy Don Folsom, BQH, ABS, '7l, Durani. Diane Foor, lIB'1:, UC, '73, Norman: Deane C. Foore, UC, '73. Elmhursi, Ill.: Joe Fooie, 'PK-fi, A8cS, '7l, Duranl: David Ford, UC. '72, l-loldenville: Glen Ford, 'i"Af'i, UC, '73, Barllesville: John Ford, ATA, Bus., '7l, Midwesi Cily: Peggy Ford, HBfl', A8cS, '7l, Shawnee. Robin Ford, BN, UC, '73, l-lugo: Kennefh D. Fore, KA, UC, '73. Marlow: Barbara Forehand, Nurs., '7l, El Reno: Linda Foreman, AX9, ABS, '72, Tulsa: Bill Foresman, BAE, UC, '73, Tulsa: Sally For+enberry, AF, Ed., '7l, Amarillo, Tex.: Mary Forfmeyer, AAA, UC, '73, Caldwell, Kan, Fonda FosseH', KKP, ABS, '7l, Enid: Edward J. Fos+er, UC, '73, Monahans, Tex.: Susan Fosfer, UC, '72, Housion, Tex.: Burr Fowler, K-fi, UC, '73, Norman: Neil Fox, Bus., '72, Rochesler, N.Y.: Sfuarf Fox, ZBT, UC. '73, Tulsa: Janie Francis, AX9, Ed., '7l, Kingfisher. Bob Franey, AKE, A8iS, '72, Tulsa: Bonnie Frank, ABS, '7l, Tulsa: Richard Frank, ZBT, Bus., '7l, Tulsa: Thomas Frankard, UC, '73, Pirlsburg, Pa.: David Franke, ZBT, Bus., '72, OC: Leslie Franklin, UC, '73, Cushing: Richard Franklin, GAO, Engr., '7l, Tahlequah. , Jim Fraser, Enqr., '72, OC: Donn E. Fravel, Bus., '7l, OC: Janei' Frazier, 11493, ABS, '72, OC: Sandra Frazier, Ed. '72, OC: Frank Freeborg, AKE, Ed., '72, Tulsa: Libby Freede, KA9, UC, '73, OC: Margarei' Freede, AFA, UC, '73, OC. Be+h L. Freedman, AE41, Ed., '72, Skokie, lll.: Shelley Freedman, UC, '73, Ailanla, Ga.: Barbie Freeman, UC, '72, Norman: Diane Margarei' Freeman, XYZ, ABS. '72, OC: Dyan A. Freeman, X9, Ed., '72, McLean, Va.: Gayle C. Freeman, X9, Ed., '7l, OCZ Sandra Freeny, AX9, UC, '72, OC. Sieve Freidlin, EAM, Bus.. '7l, Tulsa: David Ross Freno, UC, '73. Allus: Jacque Freveri', UC, '73, Tulsa: David Friar, Engr., '72, Fair- port N.Y.: Vicki Friar, FA, '72, Fairporl, N.Y.: Roberi' Frieden, BAM, ABS, '72, Tulsa: Roberf Friedman, ZBT, Bus., '7l, Tulsa. Janice Friend, UC. '73, Sioux Cify, Iowa: Jane+ Frils, KE, Nurs.. '72, Vini+a: Deborah FriH's, UC, '73, Duncan: Thomas Fri+z, ATA. A8iS, '7l, OC: Timolhy Fri+z, ATA, UC, '72, OC: Gary Frizzell, EX. UC, '73, Tulsa: Lyndall Byron Frizzell, ABS, '72, Alexandria, Va. UNDERCLASSMEN FR - GI Russell J. Frizzell, UC, '73, Alexandria, Va., Viclri Frobel, Ed., '72, Barflesvillo, John Frow, UC, '73, OC, Terry Fry, AT, AES, '72, OC, Paula Fuhrman, Al', UC, '73, OC, Donico M. Fulcsa, UC, '73, Hon ncssey, Larry P. Fullhorsl, A'l'5l, UC, '73, Wilmollfs. III. Marilynn Fuller, lll4'l', UC, '73, Ponca Cily, Nancy Fuller, KA!-9, A81S, '7l, Muskogee, Joe Fulmer, UC, '73, l-loldcnvillc, Anna K. Funderburlc, AAA, UC, '73, OC, Susan Gabriel, KA, UC. '73, Tulsa: Rick Gaines, EAM, UC, '73, Tulsa, Bruce Gailher, UC, '73, Tulsa, Penny Gall, A"I', Ed., '7I, Dayton, Ohio, James Gallagher, Acacia, UC, '73, Ridgefield Park, N.J., Sharon M. Gallagher, Xll, AHS, '7I, OC, Richard Gallman, UC. '72, Tulsn, Sieve Gandara, 'l'KA, UC. '73, OC, Barry Gangwer, KE, Bus., '7l, Gulhrio, Gaddis Gann, Enqr., '72, Tulsa. Cindy Ganns, AWP, UC, '73, l-louslon, Tex., Lindy Gans, Al', ASS, '7I, Sanla Fe, N.M., Barbie Ganzlcow, A'l', Ed., '7l, La Grange, III., Janone Gardenhiro, UC, '72, OC, Gayle Garms, X52, Ed., '7I, Tulsa, Terry Garrigus, UC, '72, Tulsa, Emily Garsf, A8fS, '7l, l-lealdion. Kennefh Garwoocl, UC, '73, Cherokee, Gregory Gaslon, A8rS, '7l, Tahlequah, Jan Gales, AX9. UC, '73, OC, Pam Gau, XQ, A8fS. '72, Enid, Sandra Gauchai, l"l'l3, AHS, '7l, Shawnee, La Vonne Gaw, UC, '73, Del Monle, Calif., Slove Gawey, 'l'Ai'7, UC, '73, Tulsa. Sarah Gay, Ed., '7I, Ponca Cily, Daniel Gayle. Bwll, A8cS, '72. Gueydan, La., Robyn Geafches, AX9, AHS, '72, OC, Sheryl Lyn Geclxler, UC, '73, OC, Rod Geerdes, FA, '7I, Purcell, Janelle Geirger, Ali, A8rS, '7I, Tulsa, Viclci Gelber, EAT, UC, '73, Sl. Louis, Mo. Marsha Gelwick, KAK-3, UC, '73, Tulsa, Deborah Genlry, KKV. AES, '7l, Pauls Valley, David Geren, HHH, A8fS, '72, Fr. Smilh, Arlc., Dorofhy Gerould, 1"l'B, A81S, '7l, Applefon, Wis., Dede Gerry, Ed., '72, Muskogee, Mary Caiherine Gesin, UC. '73, Norman, Sfarr Gholsfon, X9, Ed., '72, OC, Judy Gibbons, WPB, UC, '73, Tulsa, Marsha G. Gibbs, A'i', Ed., '72, OC, Gail Gibian, UC, '72, Selma, Ala., Paul M. Giblon, UC. '73, Locusr, N.J., Georgia Ann Gibson, AAA, Nurs., '7I, Duranl, Jeffrey Gibson, UC, '73, Talihina, Mar+ha Gibson, UC, '73, Sedalia, Mo. Sfephanie Gibson, IVPB. UC, '73, Sl. Louis, Mo., Susan Gibson, FA, '72, Norman, Tom Gibson, AXA, Ed., '7I, OC, John David Giffin, UC, '73, Norman, Bobby Gilber'I', BAE, UC, '73, Lawion, John Giles, EN, AHS, '72, OC, Jimmy L. Gill, UC, '72, OC. David Gilley, UC, '73, Tulsa, AnneH'e Gilliam, AHS, '7I, Conway, Ark., Corinne Gilliclc, HRW, UC, '73, Tulsa, Sfephen G. Gillis, KE. UC '73 Barrin lon lll' Beverly Gilmore UC '72 OC' David Gil I I Q u 'u l v u v ' more, EN, ASS, '72, Ardmore, Jim Gilmore, fl'A9, Bus., '72, Jacks- boro, Tex. .0 I 1 - 7 il 3 f fi O .. A -fs! i 6 1 3. Q '-1 X 2, 5. . 7 'I' r... , .Q . v. 5? ff,-: -l --4 . T 76 5531 ' I W 5. X 9 ' . M "An afternoon snack is :he P3 isfying meal of the day." sau 1 in Singlust to Karen Kafnmzt. - wif' Q- 4Il 5 :L- YQ-' I 2 W UNDERCLASSMEN GI - GR Curiis Gimlin, UC, '73, Tulsa: Sandee Gimlin, A8cS, '72, Midwesf Cify: Cindy Gisf, AAA, Ed., '7l, OC: Fred Gisf, ATA, UC, '73, Housfon, Tex.: Charles Givens, 1l1Al'i, Bus., '72, OC: Marylou Glass, UC, '73, Tulsa: Jane L. Glassenberg, Alifb, ASKS, '72, Winnefka, Ill. Joe Glasser, BWI, UC, '73, Enid: Pai Glassman, A1342 AHS, '72, l-iousfon, Tex.: Sfeven Glassner, EAM, UC, '73, Skokie, III.: Mike Glazer, ZBT, UC, '73, Sf. Louis, Mo.: Sfeven Glazer, ZBT, UC, '72, Tulsa: Cheryl Gleason, UC, '73, Madill: Herman Carl Glover, UC, '73, Geary. Sfeve Goad, Engr., '7I, Tulsa: Charoleffe Ladean Goafcher, UC, '73, Norman: David Goddard, EN, UC, '73, OC: Randy Godsy, ATA, Ed., '7l, Orange, Tex.: Jeffrey Goff, UC, '73, Boise Cify: Kevin Mansur Goin, UC, '73, Musfang: Barbara Goldberg, AE'i', Ed., '7I, Highland Park, Ill. Debby Goldberg, Ed., '7l, Union, N.J.: Joyce Beverly Goldberg, A8fS, '7I, S+. Louis, Mo.: Keifh Golden, FA, '7I, Del Cify: Bruce Goldfaden, ZBT. UC, '73, l-lousfon, Tex.: Karen L. Goldman, KKF, AHS, '72, OC: Befh Goldsmifh, EAT, Ed., '71, Memphis, Tenn.: Beverly Goldsobel, UC, '73, l-lousfon, Tex. Roberf Goldsfucker, UC, '73, Deerfield, Ill.: Diane L. Goliz, Ed., '7I. Hof Springs, Ark.: Brenda Good, UC, '73, OC: Sfeve Goodenow, Bus., '7I, Norman: David Goodman, fPK'I', A8:S, '7I, Kellyville: John Goodwin, AT, A8cS, '72, San Leandro, Calif.: Sfeven Goodwin, UC. '73, Anadarko. Cliff Gordon, AT, AHS, '72, Duncan: Debbie Gordon, HBf1', UC. '73, OC: Leonard Goreham, Ed., '72, Duncan: John J. Gorman, UC, '73, Plainfield, Ind.: Roberf C. Gorney, Bus., '72, Tulsa: Bobbie Goss, TIB'fi', ASS, '71, OC: Tom Gofh, A342 Engr., '7l, Barflesvillo. Nanci GoH'lieb, AE41, UC, '73, Lincolnwood, lll.: James Roberf Gofwals, BGJH, Bus., '72, Tulsa: Judy Gould, X9. UC, '73, Wichifa, Kan.: Susie Gould, X9, Bus., '7I, Wichifa, Kan.: Carol Sue Gourd, A81S, '7l, Tahlequah: David Graham, EX, Bus., '7I, Dallas, Tex.: Gregory J. Graham, Bus., '72, OC. Janice Graham, Afif, Ed., '7l, OC: Linda Graham, X9, UC, '73, Longview, Tex.: Ofherine Graham, AET, AHS, '7l, Muskogee: Robbin Graham, UC, '73, Wilmeffe, III.: Sidney Wes+ Graham, A8rS, '72, Velma: Befh Gramlich, X9, UC, '73, McAlesfer: David W. Granfield, ATU, UC, '73, Deerfield, lll. Terry Grandsfaff, UC, '73, Dewey: Kafhy Granf, Ed., '72, Norman: James O. Grasley, Jr., ATA, A8cS, '7l, OC: Dennis Grasso, ZBT. UC, '73, Yonkers, N.Y.: Shirley F. Graves, KA9, UC, '73, Muskogee: Glena Gray, AX9, UC, '73, Vinifa: Linda Gray, UC, '73, OC. Marfha R. Gray, AHS, '7I, Norman: Rex Gray, ABS, '72, Tulsa: William E. Gray, UC, '73, OC: Chuck Graybill, EAE, A8rS, '7l. Lawfon: Barbra Green, AX9, UC, '72, Sfilwell: Beverly Green. AX9, UC, '73, Sfilwellg Elaine Green, KA, AHS, '7I, London, England. Janice Green, UC, '73, OC: Joe Green, UC, '72, Chickasha: John H. Green, UC, '73, OC: Sharon Green, A8fS, '72, Pofeau: Sherry Lynn Green, UC, '73, Norman: Terry Green, KKF, UC, '73, OCZ Alfred Greenblaff, ZBT, Bus., '7l, Chicago, III, Jeff C. Greene, EN, Engr., '7l, Phoenix, Ariz.: Gay Greengus, AWP, UC, '73, Shreveporf, La.: John Ladd Greeno, Bus., '7I, Ai- lanfa, Ga.: Rachelle Sharon Grenader, UC, '73, l-lousfon, Tex.: Sandra Grice, UC, '72, Muskogee: John Griffin, KE, A8fS, '72, OCZ Sam Griffin, AXA, UC, '73, Chickasha. Sfan Griffin, AXA, UC, '73, Chickasha: Thomas Griffn, Engr., '7I. OC: Tom Griffin, EN, Engr., '72, Duncan: Ross B. Griggs, BAE. UC, '73, Wichifa, Kan.: Jay Grigsby, AT, UC, '73, Hunfsville, Ala.: Kim Grigsby, KAO, UC, '73, Nowafa: Dennis Grimes, AES, '7I. Ponca Cify. UNDERCLASSMEN GR - HA Cheryl Grimm, UC, '73, OC, Marilyn Grimm, A'l', UC, '73, Tulsa: Linda Sue Grisseffe, A8fS, '7l, Barllesville, Roberr L. Gross, UC, 'l2, Barnsdall, Janei' Grossman, Al'1'l', A8fS, '72, Kansas Cilf, Mo.: Sluarl Grossman, Mill, UC, '73, New York, N.Y., Roger A. Grove, Bus., '72, Tulsa. Danny Groveman, AHS. '7I, Hewlelf, N.Y., Tori Grovenburg, FA, '72, Norman, William G. Grovenburg, UC, '72, Norman, Belle Guesr, Ed., '72, Norman, Annis Guffey, KAW, UC, '73, OC, Barbara Guild, KU. UC, '73, Barllesville, Elizabeih Guild, A8fS, '72, Wewoka. Marcia Guild, AXQ, A8rS, '72, Barllesville, Debi Guilor, AXSZ, A8rS, '72, Drumriqhl, Neil Gunn, UC, '73, OC, Beverly Gunning, KKV, UC, '73, Enid, Donna Gus+, X9, UC, '73, OC, Gary Wayne Gulhrie, UC, '73, Houslon, Tex., Elizabefh Gwin, AXS2, UC, '73. Ada. Sara Jean Haddock, AAA, Ed., '72, Norman, Tom Hadley, 'l'I'A. UC, '7I, OC, Bruce W. Haffner, A8rS, '72, Hinsdale, Ill., Bill Hagen, Bus., '72, OC, Rich H. Hager, AKIC, UC, '73, Dallas, Tex., Roxanne Haikin, AE'l', UC, '73, Housion, Tex., Margarel' Hail, Ed., '7I, OC. Chuck Haines, BAE, Bus., '7I, Lawlon, Terry Ray Halberf, Bus., '72, Yukon, Carolyn Hale, AAA, Bus., '72, Sand Springs, Phyllis Hale, AHS, '72, OC, Michael E. Haley, A8rS, '7l, Salina, Don Hall, EAR. Bus., '7l, Amarillo, Tex., Greg Hall, ATR, UC, '73, Tulsa. Jeff Hall, 'PKI UC, '73, OC, Michael David Hall, AKE, Enqr., '72. Pauls Valley, Phillip Hall, UC, '73, Tulsa, Richard A. Hall, A8rS. '72, Tulsa, Sleven Hall, UC, '73, OC, Toye Hall, AKA, UC, '73, OC, Phyllis Hallman, A8rS, '7l, McAlesler. Chrisrine Hamilfon, A8rS, '72, Norman, Howie Hamilfon, Acacia. AHS. '7l, Lirlle Ferry, N.J., Jimmy Hamillon, AT9, UC, '73, Mus- kogee, Judy Hamilron, Afb, A8rS, '72. OC, Michael Hamilfon, Ed., '72, Seminole, Richard M. Hamilfon, AT, UC, '73, Enid, Rick R. Hamilfon, UC. '73, Barrlesville. Sheryl Hamill-on, FA, '7l, Moore, Cheryl Ann Hamblefon, A8rS, '72, Norman, Linda Hamlin, AHS, '72, Barrlesville, Richard Hamm, EX. UC, '73, Perry, Sfephen Hamm, UC, '73, OC, Wade Hamm, AES. '72, Moore, Eddie Hamra, WPA, UC, '72, Lawron, Dinah Hampron, UC, '7I, Porr Arihur, Tex., Gary Hand, Acacia. A81S, '72, OC, Donna Haney, UC, '73, Tulsa, Jesse R. Hankla, FA, '7I, Geary, John Hanley, Bus., '72, Barllesville, David Hanna, KE. Eus., '72, OC, Terry Lee Hansel, A8cS, '72, Tulsa. Jerry Hansen, UC, '73, Tulsa, Linda Hansen, A8rS, '7l, Norman, Deborah Hanvill, Ed., '7I, Cleveland, Ohio, Cafherine Hanzel, Ed.. '7I, Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska, Joe Hardberger, BDU, A8rS. '72, Beaver, Charles T. Hardin, 'bK'1', UC, '73, OC, Lloyd Hardin, AHS, '7I, OC. Allen Harding, Pharm., '72, Eunice, N.M., Bill Harding, QKE, UC. '73, Enid, Cynfhia Harding, UC, '73, Fairfax, Vickie Harding, AX9. UC, '73, OC, Janei' Hardy, KA9, Ed., '72, Tulsa, Mike Harkey, fi'-AD, UC, '73, OC, Kafhleen Harman, AHS, '71, Los Alamilos. Calif. Mary Harmon, A8rS, '72, Norman, LaNi+a Harms, AFA, A8rS, '7I. Duncan, Nancy Harn, IVPB, A8rS, '72, Tulsa, Calherine Harned. KAW, AHS, '72, Barilesville, Billy Michael Harrall, UC, '73, Tulsa? Mike Harrell, UC, '73, Shreveporr, La., Sreve Harrell, AKE, Bus.. '72, Ames, Iowa. Alanna Susan Harris, A8rS, '72, OC, Barbara Harris, UC, '72, Law- fon, Claibourne Harris, A8fS, '7I, Alma, Jack J, Harris, EX, Ed.. '75, Tulsa, Karhleen Harris, Ed., '7l, Del Ciry, Liz Harris, KA, UC, '73, Norman, Mark Harris, BDU, UC, '73, OC. ,O V .- -af .... HB3 UNDERCLASSMEN HA - HI Michael K. Harris, UC, '73, OC, Randy Harris, Ed., '72, OC, Rogena Harris, AAA, UC, '73, Norman, Elmo Clinion Harrison, UC, '73, OC, Michael Sieven Harrison, AT9, UC, '7I, Nowala, Sreven Ray Harrison, UC, '73, Tulsa, Susie Harrison, KKF. Ed., '72, OC. Sieve Harry, 'PK-fi, UC, '73, OC, Mory Harsh, KA, Bus., '7l, Sioux Falls, S,D., Monfe D. Hari, AT, UC, '73, Enid, Paul Hari, UC, '73, Tulsa, David Harrson, "l'K3, ASQS, '72, Tulsa, BeHe Harisock, llB'l', UC, '73, Norman, Philip Harvey, Bus., '72, Dallas, Tex. Nancy Harwell, UC, '73, OC, David HaskeH', AHS, '7I, Holden- ville, Darrell D. Haskins, UC, '73, Moore, David K. Haspel, ZBT, A81S, '7I, New Orleans, La., Claudia Hass, UC, '73, Tulsa, Claudia Dolores Has+ing, LA, '72, Midwesr Cily, James Franlclin Hasiings, UC, '73, Broken Bow. Thomas Has+ings, 'PK-Y, UC, '73, Muskogee, Glenn Dale Hawkins, AWA, Bus., '72, Tulsa, John W. Hawkins, Bus., '7I, Allus, Lawrence Hawkins, AACPA, Ed., '72, Newark, N.J., John W. Haworih, FA, '7I, Muskogee, Mike Hawpe, TA9, A8rS, '72, While Deer, Tex., Jackie Haws, UC, '73, Gulhrie. Melanie Haxel, Ed., '7I, Purcell, Joe Hay, 'DAQ Bus., '72, Dallas, Tex., Amy Hayes, AF, Nurs., '72, Barrlesville, Gilberi' I. Hayes, KA, Bus., '7I, Marlow, Sandy Hayes, KKV. Ed., '72, Shawnee, Vicki Hayes, AFA. UC, '73, Norman, Denise B. Haynes, AHS, '73, Marengo, III. Sara Haynes, UC, '73, Norman, Cindy HazleHe, TIBFP, UC, '73, Hobari, Judy Heald, Pharm., '72, Norman, Sally, Chadderfon Heard, AAA, UC, '73, Dallas, Tex., Karen Hearn, UC, '73, Dallas, Tex., Melissa Hearn, X9, AHS, '7l, Duncan, Bruce Heaih, Engr., '7I, Tulsa. Jeff Heafh, A8fS, '72, Barllesville, George Hecior, UC, '73, Chick- asha, Sfeve Hedges, EX, UC. '73, Laverne, Annabelle Heinen, KAW, Ed., '72, OC, Marlin Heldenbrand, Acacia, Bus., '7l, OC, Bill Heller, TAG, Engr., '7I, Dallas, Tex., Ca'l'hy Heller, KA9, Ed., '72, Tulsa. Brad Hellman, ZBT, UC, '72, OC, Ted Helmer, ATU, A8rS, '72, Muskogee, Kafhleen He-Hon, UC, '73, Tahlequah, Jeanne'H'e Hend- ersho+, A"i', Bus., '72, Norman, Joanne Hendershof, ACF, UC, '73. Norman, Hilda Henderson, KKF, UC. '73, Amarillo, Tex., Holly Henderson, UC, '73, Tulsa. Lewis Eugene Henderson, UC, '73, Tulsa, Phyllis Henderson, FA, '72, Norman, Larry Hendon, EN, A8fS, '72, OC, Nancy Hendricks, UC, '73, Mangum, Tommy E. Hendrix, UC, '73, ldabel, Craig Henkel, UC, '73, Tulsa, Douglas K. Henkel, Engr., '7I, Tulsa. Dix Lynn Henneke, UC, '72, Freedom, Pam Henry, KKF, A8rS, '72, OC, Suzy Henry, KAW, UC, '73, Tulsa, Don Hensch, AT, Engr., '72, OC, Linda Herd, AAA, Pharm., '7I, Durani, Mike Herell, SAE, UC, '73, Purcell, Janel Herlacher, UC, '73, Duncan. John J. Herlihy, BETH, UC, '73, Enid, Eddie Herman, A8rS, '72, Midwesl Cily, Pedro Hernandez, Jr., UC, '73, OC, AnneH'e Herren, Ed., '71, Tonkawa, Orlando Herrera, TAG, UC, '73, Claylon, Mo., Frankie Herrod, 'PAQ UC, '73, Muskogee, Michael Hess, FA, '7l, Tulsa. Pai Hess, Bus., '72, Ardmore, John Hes+wood, AXA, Bus., '7I, OC, S+eve Hefheringion, BAE, AHS, '7l, Norman, Roberf Hickerson, KZ, UC, '72, Alrus, Sarah Hickerson, AF, Ed., '7l, Alius, Allen L. Hicks, UC, '73, Okmulgee, David Hicks, BQH. UC, '73, Norman. Edward James Hicks, A8rS, '72, Del Ciiy, Fred B. Hicks, A8:S, '72, Ardmore, Pa+ Hieronymus, TlB'l', AHS, '72, Woodward, Jola Hig- ginboHom, IIWP, Ed., '72, Liberal, Kan., Carolyn Higgins, Ed., '7I, El Reno, Renai Higgins, l"Pl5, Ed., '7I, Las Cruces, N.M., David High, ATA, A8fS, '72, OC. UNDERCLASSMEN HI - HO Larry High, UC, '73, Edmond, Donna Hill, l"l'l5, UC, '73, OC: Randy Hill, 'l'l'A, UC, '72, OC, Ryk Hill, 'l'Af'P, UC, '73, OC: Sharon Ann Hill, A'l', FA, '72, Dallas, Tex., Susan Hill, Nfl, UC, '73, Muc- koqee, Valerie Ann Hill, UC, '73, Gulhrio. Becky Hiller, AAA, Ed., '72, OC, Jack Thomas Hillman, UC, '73, Sapulpa, Wendy l'lil+y, Al'A, A8fS, '7l. l'lou'.lon, Tex., Eric L. Hindman, AES, '7l, OC, Craig Hines, UC, '73, Orchard Park, N.Y., Jack E. Hinion, AHS, '72, Purcell, Marlin Hipscllman, Alfll, UC. '73, Si. Louis, Mo. Debbie Gale Hirsch, EJ., '73, Skokie, Ill., Margo J. Hirsch. 3A'l'. Ed., '7l, Highland Park, Ill., Julie Hirzel, KA!-D, Ed., '7I, Gulhrio, Roberi' D. Hiss, IIKA, Pharm., '7I, Norman, William B. Hobbins, 'l'A9, UC, '73, Madison, Wis., Gary Hobbs, 'l'K'l', AES, '72, Clare- more, Kyle Hockman, l"l'l4, A8fS, '72, Norman. Linda K. Hodam, EJ., '72, Norman, Doug Hodges, UC, '73, Tulsa, Hank Hodges, A'l'A, UC, '73, Viniia, Kay L. Hodges, Ed., '7l. OC, Belle A. Hodur, AX4S, '72, OC, Don Hoecker, Bus., '7l, Fullerlaon, Calif., John E. Hoefer, A'l'Q, UC, '73, Healdion. Elden Hoffman, l3l'7ll, Bus., '7l, Tulsa, Jerry Hoffman, 'l'Kl1, UC, '73, Muskogee, Lynn Hoffman, 'lfAf'l, UC, '73, Muskogee, Ray Wes- ley Hoffman, A8fS, '72, Barrlesville, Richard Hoffman, Bus., '7l. Clinion, Mike Hogan, ATU, A8fS, '72, Ada, Paula HoggaH, UC, '73, Del Cay. Jon Carl Holcomb, UC, '73, Chickasha, Karl R. Holdcraff, A'l'9. UC, '73, Norman, Bill Holden, BAE, Bus., '72, FT. Worih, Tex., Kenne+h Holden, UC, '73, Broken Arrow, Susan Holden, UC, '73, Fl. Worfh, Tex., Melanie Holder, Ed., '7I, Fr. Smilh, Ark., Dianna Lee Holderman, UC, '73, Guihrie. Lois Hollabaugh, Alb, AHS, '7l, Amarillo, Tex., Debbie Holland, HBQ, Ed., '7l, Dallas, Tex., Gary Holland, UC, '73, Sulphur, John Holland, KE, Bus., '72, Norman, Mike Hollander, ZBT, UC, '72, New York, N.Y., Alan Hollingsworlh, EK, ASKS, '7l, El Reno: Marsha Hollingsworih, F'l'B, UC, '73, Albuquerque, N.M. Nancy Hollis, KA, AHS, '72, Tulsa, William Hollis, UC, '73, Liiile- +on, Colo., Jolly Hollman, HBIP, A8fS, '7I, Norman, Jane Holloman, AXQ, A81S, '72, Frederick, Mary Ann Holloway, KKF, ASS, '72, Tulsa, Ann E. Holman, KA, UC, '73, Broken Bow, Beverly J. Holman, KAW, A8rS, '72, Norman. Breni Holmboe, KE, Bus., '72, OC, Richard Holmes, KE, A8fS, '72, Tulsa, Ruih Jill Holmes, UC, '72, Tulsa, John Holi, Bus., '7I, OC? Junior Honegger, AAA, Ed., '7l. OC, Frank Hood, Bus., '72, San Anfonio, Tex., Dana Hcoper, KA, UC, '73, Edmond. Jack Hoopes, BDU, UC, '73, Muskogee, Terry Hoopes, URW, A8rS. '72, Muskogee, Tom Hoc-pingarner, BAE, UC, '72, Dallas, Tex., Tom Hoof, Ed., '7l. Sulphur, Neil Hopkins, BAE, UC, '73, Norman, Susan Horn, Ed., '7l, Sulphur, Debbie Horne, AF, Ed., '72, Ardmore. Teddie Englund wonders if si studied enough to do her own ihirt on an examination. i UNDERCLASSMEN HO - JE Gerald W. Horner, A8cS, '7l, Norman: Alex Horowi'l'z, ZBT, UC, '73, Kansas Cily, Yan.: Sco++ Horowilz, ZBT, Bus., '72, Vermillion, S.D.: Sondra Horfon, Ed., '7l, Pauls Valley: Judy Horwich, Ed., '7l, Glencoe, Ill.: Larry Houchin, BETH, Bus., '72, Barrlesville: Charles Hough, 'PP-A, Bus., '72, Viniia. Siu Hough, -YN, UC, '73, Enid: Tangy Hough, X9, Ed., '72, Enid: Ernesr Fredrick Houser, II, A8rS, '7l, Coweia: Lindy Housfon, X9, Ed., '72, Barilesville: Anne Helynn Howard, A'l', ABS, '72, Tulsa: John Howard, 'l'K2i, UC, '73, Norman: Pafrick D. Howard, A8fS, '7l, Flefcher. Susie V. Howard, AAA, UC, '73, Hobarl: Dean Howe, Bus., '72, Shawnee: Rick Howell, Engr., '7l, McAles'rer: Sandy Howell, KA, Nurs., '72, Tulsa: Diane Hubbard, KA9, UC, '73, Sealile, Wash.: Karla Hubbard, UC, '73, Henryelia: S+eve Hubbard, A8rS, '7l, Henryeila. Peggy Hubble, AAA, ABS, '7l, Springfield, Va.: Libby Huddlesfon, AF, UC, '73, Joplin, Mo.: Mike Huddlesfon, UC, '72, Sapulpa: Nancy Huddlesfon, Afb, ABS, '7l, Barilesville: Mary Jane Hudson, AP, AES, '72, Russellville, Ark.: Jacqueline L. Huey, A-ET, Ed., '7l, Houslon, Tex.: Bob Huffman, fl'A9, UC, '73, Tulsa, Larry Huffman, AT, ABS, '7l, Norman: Ron Huggard, AXA, UC, '73, Tulsa: George T. Huggins, UC, '7l, Grove: Bill Hughes, TFA. Bus., '72, Duncan: George Hughes, 'l'FA, UC, '72, Duncan: George Ann Hughes, UC, '73, Abeline: Jack Hughes, BDU, UC, '73, Muskogee. Lynn Hughes, 'l'A9, UC, '72, Lomiia, Calii.: Tom Hughes, BAE, UC, '73, Sapulpa: Jim HuiH', HKA, Bus., '72, London, England: Bill Hull, KDKA, UC, '73, OC: Bill Hulsey, UC, '73, Enid: Donna Hulsey, Nurs., '72, Norman: Marcia Hulsopple, UC, '73, OC. Beverly Humphrey, UC, '73, OC: Doug Humphrey, HKA, UC, '73, OC: Howell E. Hunr, UC, '73, Tulsa: James D. Hun+, A81S, '7l. Lawion: Ronald Hun'r, UC, '73, Midwesr Ciry: Janei' Hunrer, UC. '73, Tulsa: James T. Hursl, ABS, '7l, Midwesl Cily. Sharon L. Hursr, KA, Ed., '72, OC: Siephen Hurs'I', UC, '73, Shaw- nee Mission, Kan.: Amanda Hurl', Ed., '72, Norman: Dorya Huser, UC, '73, Holdenville: Ira Brady Husky, UC, '73, Norman: Breh' Husserl, WPA, A8rS, '72, Deal Parr, N.J.: L. Jane Huslon, KA9. Ed., '7l, Housion, Tex. Slephen Hurchens, AKE, ABS, '7l, Shawnee: Mary Hulcheson, UC. '73, Tulsa: Richard C. Hu'l'chins, fifK'I', ABS, '7l, Barilesville: Dennis HuH'on, Pharm., '7l, Blackwell: Rulh Hylander, UC, '73, Barringion, Ill.: Paul Tommy lldeman, UC, '73, Wayne: Randy Imel, 'l'A9, UC, '73, OC. Nancy lmholie, AX9, EA, '7l, Pensacola, Fla.: Vicki lmMasche, ABS, '7l, Housron, Tex.: Sreve Ives, BAE, UC, '73, Tulsa: Bobby Jack, Bus., '72, Ponca Ciiy: Donna Lee Jackson, KK17, A8cS, '7l. Barflesville: Fred Jackson, TIKA, Engr., '72, Flaiis, Bermuda: Jane A. Jackson, Bus., '7l, El Reno. E. Jean Jackson, X9, Ed., '7l, OC: Judy Jackson, T'l'B, FA, '7l, Chillicorhe, III.: Richard H, Jackson, ATA, UC, '73, McAlesier: Roger Lee Jackson, Bus., '72, OC: Douglas Jacob, ZBT, UC, '73. Florence, Ala.: Burch Jacobsen, EN, UC, '73, Midwesl Cily: Eileen Jacobsen, FA, '72, Hiawaiha, Kan. Janie Jacobson, KA9, A81S, '7l, OC: Jennifer Jacobson, EAT. UC, '73, OC: Sheldon Jacobson, UC, '73, E+. Worih, Tex.: Milch Jacover, EAM, UC, '73, Skokie, III.: Ron D. James, BDU, A8fS, '7l, Sulphur: Housfon Jameson, BAE, UC, '73, Tulsa: Barbara Jansing, UC, '73, Norman. Nils F. Janson, AE, A81S, '7l, Wesf Vancouver, B.C., Canada! Janel' Janzen, KA, UC, '73, Clinion: Larry Jefferson, EAM, A8rS, '72, OC: Barbara Jeleski, UC, '73, Broken Arrow: Debe Jefferson, UC, '73, OC: Gay Jenkins, KKV, Ed., '72, Duncan: Carla Jennings, l"l'B, UC.'73, Lindsay. UNDERCLASSMEN JO - KE William B. Jennings, lil'lll, A8iS, '7l, Denver, Colo.: Barbara Jerni- gan, UC, '73, Jones: Jim Jewell, KZ, UC, '73, Woodward: Pafricia Inez Jicha, Ed., '72, Norman: Jared Jobe, KA, ASS, '72, El Reno: Phillip Jody, Bus., '7I, Norman: Nancy Johns, Ed., '72, Tulsa. Ann Johnson, AK52, Ed., '7I, Choulenu: Bill Johnson, -YN, UC, '73. OC: Bob Johnson, K-Y, A8iS, '7I. OC: Chris Johnson, EX, UC, '73. Tulsa: Chuck Johnson, 'l'Al'l, A8iS, '72, OC: Cyd Johnson, AKU. ABS, '72, Tulsa: Daniel Johnson, Engr., '7I, Tulsa. Gordon Johnson, UC. '73, OC: Jeff Johnson, EX, UC, '72, Lawion: Jim Johnson, A'l'A, UC, '73, Colorado Springs, Colo.: John Johnson, KE, A8iS, '7I, Del Ciiy: Joy R. Johnson, llK'l', A8fS, '72, OCZ Joyce Johnson, llB'l'. UC, '73, Barflesville: Julie Johnson, KAl"l. EJ., '7l, Borger, Tex. Laura Johnson, l"i'B, Ed., '72, Duncan: Lee Johnson, 'l'KA, UC, '73, Tulsa: Lynda Johnson, AP, FA, '7I, Ryan: Mike Johnson, A'l'A, Engr., '72, Ada: Phillip Johnson, EX, AHS, '7I, El Reno: Rus+y Johnson, SAE, A8iS, '72, OC: Sherry Johnson, UC, '73, Midwest Cily. Susan Johnson, AFT, UC, '73, Graniie: Terri Johnson, KAW, UC, '73, Borger, Tex.: Thomas Johnson, UC, '73, Lawlon: William F. Johnson, EAE, UC, '73, Newkirk: Diane Johns+on, KA, UC, '73. Tulsa: Janie Johns+one, KAW, A8iS, '7I, Barilesville: Jeff Johnsion, "PAQ, UC, '73, Seminole. Liz Johns+on, IIBfi', UC, '73, El. Worlh, Tex.: Bob Johnslon, AT. A8rS, '72, Wagoner: Ann Jones, KAW, Ed., '7I, Tulsa: Bobby Jones, UC, '73, Midwesr Ciiy: Brenda Jones, AKA, UC, '73, OC: Breni Jones, ATA, Engr., '72, Lawion: Candy Jones, HRW. UC, '73. Richardson, Tex. Claire Jones, X9, UC, '73, Tulsa: Ginny Jones, A8fS, '7l, OC: Jarold Jones, AEK, Engr., '72, Garland, Tex.: John Jones, EN. AES, '7l, Lawion: Kirby Jones, Bus., '72, Charlofle, N.C.: Marilyn C. Jones, UC, '73, Aubuquerque, N.M.: Monie Jones, KA, Engr.. '72, Midwesi Ciiy. Sfephanie Jones, A42 UC, '73, Barilesville: Terry Lee Jones, UC, '72, Glenview, III.: Tisa Jones, UC, '73, Cordell: Janice E. Jordon, AES, '7I, Norman: Phil Jordon, TA9, Bus., '72, Dallas, Tex.: Ka'l'hy Dianne Jordon, A8iS, '73, Muskogee: Doug Joseph, '-PAQ, UC, '73. Sapulpa. Mike Joseph, 'PAQ UC, '73, Sapulpa: Leonard Wayne Joyce, Engr., '7I, Enid: Tammy Juergens, X9, Ed., '7I, Akron, Ohio: Lou Jullien, 'i'KA, Bus., '7l, Arlingion, Va.: Kevan Kaighn, AXQ, UC, '73. Norman: Terry Kalisier, 'PK-E, UC, '73, Ardmore: Laura G. Kane, UC, '73, Guymon. Wendy Kanefield, EAT, UC, '73, S+. Louis, Mo.: Gordon Kaplan, UC, '72, Ei. Worih, Tex.: Gary Karler, Bus., '7l, Housion, Tex.: David Kaspar, UC, '73, B-roken Arrow: Sarah Kasper, Nurs., '7I. Broken Arrow: Kaiherine Kasil, UC, '73, Norman, Ka+ie Kafes, AA-A, A8iS, '72, Tulsa. Suzanne Kauble, UC, '73, Hugo: Jim Kaufman, EX, UC, '73, Bariles- ville: Joanne Kaufman, F-AT, A8rS, '72, Ashdown, Ark.: Linda Kauskay, UC, '73, Norman: Sherry Kay, UC, '73, Housfon, Tex.: Kafherine Ann Kearney, KA, UC, '73, OC: Maureen Joy Keene, EAT, UC, '73, Chicago, Ill. Parke Keener, UC, '73, Maniord: Ken Keiih, EX, UC, '73, Hollis: Bill Kelamis, KE, AHS, '72, Tulsa: Don Kelin, EX, Bus., '72, Ana- darko: Al Keller, EN, Bus., '7l, OC: Bob Kelly, ATA, Pharm., '7I, OC: Karen Kelly, AHS, '72, Norih Chicago, lll. Randy Kellner, 'l'A9, UC, '73, OC: Blake Kennedy, KA9, UC, '73, Pawhuska: Janice Kennedy, Ed., '72, Norman: Lani J. Kennedy, AAA, EA, '72, OC: Rick Kennedy, KE, Bus., '72, Grand Prairie, Tex.: Roberm' H. Kennedy, EA, '72, Shawnee: Sheila Kennedy, EA, '7l, OC. 1,1 14 J A UNDERCLASSMEN KE - LA Bruce Kenny, AXA, Bus., '72. Norman: Mark Kenf, EN, UC, '73, Norman: Linda Kenyon, Ed., '72, Barllesville: Nikki Kerbcl, EAT Ed., '7l, Tulsa: Nancy Kerlay, KU, AHS, '72, OC: Donna Kerr, XQ, UC, '73, OC: Richard L. Kerr, BHII, A8fS, '7l, Ml. Prospect, Ill. Roberl Kerr, fl'-59, UC, '73, OC: Jan Kessler, UC, '73, Dallas, Tex.: Marcia Kessler, UC, '73, Evansville, Ind.: Ronald L. Kesfner, AGS, '72, Flannagin, lll.: Marcia Kefchum, XYZ, Ed., '72, Tulsa: Jack Key, KE, Bus., '72, Henriefla: Bill Khourie, UC, '72, Elk Cily. Henry Kidd, UC, '73, Barllesville: Kaly Kidd, AF, AHS, '72, Lawlon: PauleH'e E. Kikugawa, UC, '73, Kalaheo, Hawaii: Jan Kilberg, AEKD, AES, '72, Beilendori, lowa: Debbie Kile, X9, A8rS, '72, Tulsa: Arloie Killian, UC, '73, Lawlon: Jack E. Killough, BAE, UC, '73, Cushing. Lee Kilpa'l'rick, AKE, A8zS, '72, Ponca Cily: Nancy Kilpafrick, I"T'B, Ed., '7l, Barllesville: Dennis Kimbro, A'PA, UC, '72, Teaneck, N.J.: Nancy Kimmel, AF, Ed., '7l, Tulsa: Lisa Kimrey, HB41, FA, '72, Norman: Randall A. Kimsey, UC, '73, Ballimore, Md.: Connie King, 174213, FA, '7l, Kingfisher. Dana King, UC, '73, Abiline, Tex.: Marcia Kinkaid, KA9, UC, '73, Wichila, Kan.: Janel' Kinkead, AF, UC, '73, McAles+er: Wayne I. Kinney, UC, '73, Duncan: Brad Kirberger, EN, UC, '73, Tulsa: Tom Kirby, EN, UC, '73, Enid: Cliff Kirkpafrick, KE, AHS, '7l, Colorado Springs, Colo. Hal Kirkpalrick, TFA, Bus., '7l, OC: Susie Kirkpalrick, AAA, UC, '73, Jacksonville, Ark.: William E. Kirkpalrick, A2111 UC, '73, Tulsa: Diane Kirkpa+rick, UC, '72, Colorado Springs, Colo.: William A. Kilchen, UC, '73, OC: Roberl' R. Klabzuba, BDU, Bus., '7l, Prague: Bradley Klar, Bus., '7l, Tulsa. Karen L. Kleen, UC, '73, OC: Jack W. Klinger, -Yfl'E, Engr., '7l, Del Cily: Tom Klos, ATA, Bus., '72, Lawlon: Carol S. Kluberlon, KKF, A8fS, '72, Media, Pa.: David Knapp, ATA, Bus., '72, Guymon: Jim Knighl, KE, Bus., '72, Gulhrie: James Alan Knox, EX, UC. '73, Dallas, Tex. Pam Knudson, XYZ, Ed., '7l, Pawhuska: Mike Kochman, ZBT, UC, '73, Memphis, Tenn.: Shelley Kochman, UC, '73, Memphis, Tenn.: Karla K. Koenig, UC, '73, Del Cily: Karen Kongs, AX9, Nurs., '72. OC: Sieve Kopald, BAE, UC, '73, Memphis, Tenn.: Dean Korbakes, ZBT, Bus., '72, Chicago, lll. Mike Kornbli+, EAM, UC, '73, Ponca Cily: Roberi' David Kough. B911 UC, '73, Shalluck: Mike Kouri, ATA, UC. '73, Chelsea: John Kramb, A242 A8fS, '7l, Norman: John KraH'iger, BAE, Bus., '7l. Duranl: Neal Krause, HKA, Bus., '7l, Lindroil, N.J.: Ron Krimsky, ZBT, UC, '73, Norman. Chris Krisch, UC, '73, OC: Ka+hi Krohn, A8fS, '7l, Tulsa: Shelley Kroll, UC, '73, New Rochelle, N.Y.: Michael Kruck, AXA, UC. '73, New Lenox, Ill.: Buddy Kruger, KE, UC, '73, OC: Susie Kubisla, AHS, '7l, Tulsa: Jim Keunherl, 'l'KE, A8fS, '72, OC. Marian Kuhlman, FA, '72, Norman: Sylvia Kuhlo, UC, '73, Norman: Gary P. Kula, ATU, UC, '73, Pryor: Richard Kunkel, 'l'KE, UC, '73. Enid: Sandra Kuper, UC, '73, I-louslon, Tex.: Ken Kuykendall, UC, '73, Sallisaw: Sieve Kyle, EAR, UC, '73, Tulsa. Roberl S. Labrise, EA, '7l, Howard Beach, N.Y.: Roberl' Lachow, UC, '73, Norlh Wooclmere, N.Y.: John Lackey, EN, AHS, '72, OCZ Linda Lou Lake, TTINT, A8fS, '72, Shawnee: Wendy Lake, UC, '73. Dallas, Tex.: Lynn Lamb, Engr., '7l, Nashville, Ark.: Marian E. Lamb, KA, AHS, '7l, Wagoner. Ella Lamelaull, UC. '73, Kingfisher: Thomas L. Lampkin, Ed., '7l, OC: Kaihy Lamp+on, KKV, Ed., '72, Sapulpa: Mark Landgufh, Engr., '72, OC: ScoH- Landon, UC, '73, Wagoner: Edwin Lane, A8fS, '72, Tulsa: Beverly Lange, Afll, A81S, '7l, Midwesl Cily. UNDERCLASSM EN LA - LE Dan Langford, A'l'5l, UC, '73, Enid: Frank A. Langsfon, ATA, UC. '72. Barllesville: Linda Lanlow, Xll, Bun., '72, Tulsa: EveHe La Parche, UC, '72, Duncan: Andi Lapins, Ed., '7l, Slmlrin, III.: Jim Larimore, A'l'A, A8iS, '7l, OC: Elfon Larry, EA, '7l, Nfilchez, Mizz. Emily Larson, Nurs., '72, Hydro: Debby Lasafer, lll5'l', Ed., '7l, OC: Mike Lasafer, 'l'l'A, UC, '7l, OC: Dawson Lassefer, Enqr., '7I, Del Ciiy: Doug LaH'ner, fI'K-Y, UC, '73, Dallas, Tex.: Craig Laughlin, ASS, '7I, Miami: Jo Ann Laughlin, Al', ASS, '72, Miami. Nancy Laughlin, lll5'l', UC, '73, OC: Tommy Laufersfein, ZI5'l', Bus., '72, San Anionio, Tex.: Doug Lawrence, A'l'5l, A8iS, '7l, OC: Larry L. Lawhon, AT, UC, '72, Shawnee: Jane Anne Lawler, Al'. Bus., '72, OC: Ka+hy Lawnick, UC, '7I, Tulsa: Kay Lawrence, A813 '72, OC. Pam Lawrence, UC, '73, Chickasha: Melinda Leach, Al'A, UC, '73. Caloosa: Lucie Leaf, X9, A8fS, '7l, OC: Gordon Leaman, AKIC. UC, '73, Tulsa: Ronne Lebow, UC, '73, Coral Gables, Ela.: Danny Lederman, EAM,, '72, Monlreal, Canada: Bonnie L. Ledford, APA, A8rS, '7I, Rockville, Md. Jon Ledlie, 'l'Al'7, A8iS. '7l, Tulsa: Connie Lee, Al', A8cS, '7I, Ponca Cily: Danny Lee, Bus., '7I, Lawion: Douglas A. Lee, AXA, Bus., '7I, Tulsa: Janel' Lee, X9, A8fS, '7l, Tulsa: Johnna Lee, Alf Bus.. '72, Barilesville: Roberf Lee, UC, '73, Neosho, Mo. Sharon Lee, AX9, Bus., '7l, Pauls Valley: Sfephen Lee, EX, UC. '72, Tulsa: Trevis Glenn Lee, Pharm., '7I, Miami: Louis Leflore, A8fS, '72, l-lousion, Tex.: Ed Lehman, KA, Bus., '72, Muskogee: Michael K. Lehman, UC, '73, Belleville, Ill.: Jackie Leibs, EAT, Ed., '72. Lirile Rock, Ark. Lance Leipold, 'PK-3, Bus., '72, Conway, Ark.: Susan LeMas+ers, A8iS, '7I, Allus: Linda L. Lemley, A8rS, '7l, Seminole: Jack Lengs- field, Jr., ZBT, UC, '73, New Orleans, La.: Lorraine Adele Leon- ard, X9, UC, '73, OC: Maribefh Leonard, Nurs.. '72, OC: Rober+ E. Lepperf, UC, '72, Bayonne, N.J. Howard Lerner, AETI, Bus., '72, Sr. Louis, Mo.: Janie Le+son, AXQ, Bus., '72, E+. Worih, Tex.: James A. Leslie, TIKA, UC, '73, OCZ Richard Leuszler, ATU, Engr., '71, OC: Larry Levin, ZBT, UC, '73, l-lousion, Tex.: Mark Levin, ZBT, UC, '73, Sioux Cily, lowa: Marsha Levine, ASS, '72, Hobarr. Richard LeVine, ZBT, UC, '73, Memphis, Tenn: Sunny Levine, EAT, Ed., '7I, Dallas, Tex.: Gail Levilch, UC, '73, Memphis, Tenn.: Marilyn Levifch, AEQD, UC, '73, Housion, Tex.: Jane Levy, AE'i'. UC, '73, Highland Park, III.: Kennelh A. Levy, Bus., '7I, Dallas, Tex.Z Richard Levy, ZBT, UC, '73, Woodmere, N.Y. Jane Lewey, KA, UC, '73, OC: Bill Lewis, SAE. AHS, '7I, Norman: Darcy Lewis, EAT, Bus., '72, OC: Jamie Lewis, ZBT, A8iS, '72, Tulsa: Jane Lewis, UC, '73, Sand Springs: John Lewis, ACDA, UC. '72, Cenire, Ala.: John W. Lewis, AT9, LA, '72, Dallas, Tex. M! 5 .fit N Q 5 E 'Ca 6' an Q if A! 3' F' UNDERCLASSMEN LE - MA Q Julie Lea Lewis, KAN, Bus., '7l, Norman: Ka'l'hy Lewis, HB47, UC, '73, Moore: Mark Lewis, ZBT, UC, '73, Housion, Tex.: Pairicia Lewis, - Ed., '72, l-larrah: Russell Lewis, KE, A8rS, '7l, Mangum: KiHy Liber, A8fS, '72, Claremore: Lois Lierman, AXS2, UC. '73, Woodward. I Linda Lieurance, KKP, UC, '73, Norman: Sandy K. Lievsay, A8fS, '7I, OC: Chris Lillard, EX, Bus., '7I, Shawnee: Kafhleen Lilley, X9, UC, '73, OC: Georgia Lindberg, AAA, UC, '73, OC: Joseph Lindberg, Acacia, UC. '73, Walpole, Mass.: Chris Lindenberg, UC, '73, Miami, Fla. Edward Lindsay, Aflsfl, Engr., '72, Ponca Ciiy: Dee Dee Lindsey, KHP, A8cS, '7l, Wewoka: Dennis Lindsey, Bus., '72, Tulsa: Bill Lingle, EAM, A8iS, '72, OC: Gary Link, EX, Bus., '7l, Nowala: James Linville, ASS. '72, Red Oak: Ken Lisle, BGTI, UC, '73, Enid. Jack LiH'eral, UC. '73, OC: Brooks Li'H'le, AAA, AHS, '72, Ada: Suzan Kay Li'Hle, UC, '73, Fordyce, Ark.: Danny M. LiHrell, B911 A8rS, '72, Muskogee: Mike Livengood, UC, '73, Norman: Jim Liver- mon, AXA, Engr., '72, OC: Mary Livermore, TTB, UC, '73, Sapulpa. Sally Livermore, 17413, AHS, '7I, Sapulpa: Michael Livesay, AHS. '7l, l-lenryeirla: Barbara Livingsfon, AAA, UC, '73, Dallas, Tex.: Dave Livingsron, -STE, Bus., '72, Ada: Nancy Lobrechf, X9, Ed., '7I, OC: Allen Locke, UC, '73, OC: Charles Lockwood, A8fS, '72, OC. Rudolph Rober'I' Loew, UC, '73, Elmoni, N.Y.: Deborah Logan, TIBID, UC, '73, Norman: Lori Logan, KA9, UC, '73, Dallas, Tex.: Richard Warren Logan, A8cS, '72, Dallas, Tex.: Suzanne Logan, lIBfl', Ed., '72, Norman: Curi' Long, AT, A8rS, '7I. OC: James H. Long, Engr., '7l, OC. John Long, fI:1'A, UC, '72, Ardmore: K. Marles Long, KA, FA. '7l, Norman: Mike Long, ITKA, Bus., '72, Norman: Rosifa Long, AKA. AXcS, '72, Muskogee: Virginia Long, Ed., '72, Oceanside, Calif.: Couri- Loomis, EN, UC. '73, Enid: Joe Looney, UC, '73, Tulsa. Chuck Loring, 'PKXIC AES, '72, San Anionio, Tex.: Suzan Louderback, A8fS, '72, Norman: Deborah Love, AX9, Ed., '72, Norman: Jona K. Low, XQ, Bus., '7I, Norman: John Lowrie, fl'A9, AHS, '72, OC! Margarel' Lowry, IVIJB, ARS, '7l, Norman: Judi Loy, KU, A8fS, '72, Pawhuska. Mickey Loyd, UC, '73, Tulsa: Ace Lucas, KE, UC, '73, Ringling: Carol Anne Lucas, KA, UC, '73, Tulsa: Sco++ Lucas, BQU, UC, '73. OC: Carol Lucker'I', Nurs., '72, Enid: Judy Luckowski, Nurs., '72. Midwesl' Cily: Mark Lu'Ff, BGTI, UC, '73, l-lousion, Tex, Ka+hy Luke, HB'l', A8fS, '72, Ardmore: Roberl Luke, A8iS, '72, Ada: An'l'hony Luker, UC, '72, Purcell: Crysial Luker, UC, '73, OC: John R. Luker, UC, '73, Tulsa: Hung Lum, A242 UC, '73, Lawlon: Beverly Jan Lunsford, KA, Pharm.. '7I, l-lominy. Mike Lynch, 'PK-E, AHS, '7I, Menlo Park, Calif.: Mike Lynch. WMI, Engr., '7I, Colorado Springs, Colo.: Mike L. Lynch, B911 UC, '73, Norman: Laura Lynn, AF, Ezl., '7l, Ponca Cily: Mar'I'ha Lyons, Bus., '7I, Glen Ellyn, III.: Marilyn Mabrey, KKF, Ed., '7l. Okmulgee: Gena MacAr+hur, KK17, A8fS, '7l, OC. Eve Mack, Aliflf, UC, '73, Jackson, Miss.: Diane Mackey, FTB. A8cS, '72, OC: Laura Mackie, UC, '73, Wann: Andy Macklin, A-343. UC, '73, Tulsa: Marcia K. Magner, UC, '73, Barilesville: Ka+hy Mahan, UC, '73, Moore: Una Jo Mahaney, UC, '73, Guymon. Diana Maher, AAA, UC, '73, Tulsa: Kelly Mahone, EX, A81S, '72. l-lobarf: Gerald L. Mahone, AZ9, A8fS, '7I, Tulsa: Mike Mahoney, AHS, '7I, Ardmore: Daniel G. Mailafh, Bus., '72, Commerce: Greg F. Makris, UKA, UC, '7I, Concord, N.l-l.: Cheryl DaneH'e Malone, UC, '73, Maysville. UNDERCLASSM EN MA - ME Sharon Malone, UC, '73, OC: A. K. Manahan, AES, '72, Enid: Sandy Manahan, AXS2, UC, '73, Enid: Mike Mancillas, AT, Bus.. '7l, Overland Park, Kan.: Jodie Manos, Al'5'l'. UC, '73, Tulsa: Fred Mankel, Bus., '7I, Wilmollo, Ill.: Haven Mankin, AXA, UC, '72, OC. Carlyn Manley, KAW, A8fS, '7I, Midweai' City: Allen Mann, A'l'A. Ed., '7I, McAlesfer: Meredilh Mann, KA, UC, '73, OlifTlUlf3f:f!i Bobbye J. March, AAA, UC, '73, Duncan: Barbara Marcuse, UC. '73, New Orleans, La.: Gregory Mare, Enqr., '72, Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Ka+hy C. Maricle, AXSZ, AES, '72, OC. Joan Markes, A8rS, '72, Waukomis: Anna M. Markham, AES, 73. OC: Marilyn Marks, UC, '73, l-lousfon, Tex.: Bob Marley, UC, '73. Tulsa: Ruih Ann Marlow, UC, '73, Tullle: Ronni Marrin, A818 '72 Tulsa: Ralph J. Marrio'H, UKA, UC, '73, Perry, Douglas Marrs, ATA, Enqr., '7I, Norman: Richard David Marrs, UC, '73, Norman: Cheryl A. Marshall, KKl', UC, '73, OC: Sherry Marshall: AF, Ed.. '7I, E+. Worih, Tex.: Vesier Marshall, Ed., '7I. Tuscaloosa, Ala.: Joe Marshburn, -EX, Bus., '7I, Allanfa, Ga.: John Marshburn, EX, UC, '73, Aflania, Ga. Amy Marfin, UC, '73, OC: Carol Mar+in, AAA, ASS, '7I, Norman: Charlene Marfin, X9, UC, '73, Muskogee: Dennis Mar+in, A81S, '72, Fi. Cobb: Jack Mar+in, AXA, Engr., '7I, Norman: Kafhryn Mariin, AFA, UC, '73, Perry: Kaye Mar+in, A8cS, '7I, Wagoner. LyneHe Marlin, T'l'B, UC, '73, OC: Peggy Mar+in, KA, A8rS, '72, OC: Penny Marfin, KAG, UC, '73, Woodward: Sco++ Marlin, Brill, Bus., '72, Barilesville: Suzanne Marfin, HB'l', A8fS, '72, OC: Tom Mar'I'in, IDFA, A81S, '72, OC: Amos Marlinez, EX, UC, '73, Tulsa. Barbara Mar'l'y, AHS, '72, Norman: Mary Sue Marfy, AES, '7l, Norman: David Marz, HKA, AHS, '72, Cranbury, N.J.: Earl Marwil, A8fS, '72, Barllesville: Bob Mason, AT, UC, '7I, Tulsa: Dale Massad, SAE, A8rS, '72, Lawion: Michael Massad, Bus., '7I, Ardmore. Mark Massey, f!fA4'3, UC, '73, Norman: Roberf Massey, AHS, '72. Barrlesville: Sheryl Massey, UC, '73, OC: Judy Ma'rhews, UC, '73, Norih Liiile Rock, Ark.: Kay Mafhews, l"l,B, Ed., '7I, Sapulpat Dennis Mafhies, Bus., '7I, Finleyville, Pa.: Max Maihis, UC, '73. Shawnee. Ron Maflock, ATA, UC, '73, OC: Chip Maifhews, EX, UC, '72. Lawion: Lois MaHhews, Ali, Ed., '72, Dallas, Tex.: Mary Kay Maulding, ITBfi', Ed., '72, Sapulpa: Craig Maurer, EN, UC, '73. OC: Bob Maxwell, Engr., '72, Pauls Valley: Chris Maxwell, IlB1l', A8rS. '72, Norman. James W. May, EN, AHS, '72, OC: Lesley May, UC, '72, Bariles- ville: Trisha Mayhall, KKF, Bus., '72, Ada: Rick Mayhue, EN. UC, '73, Ada: James M. Maynard, UC, '73, Tulsa: Don Mayse, ASQS. '72, Tulsa: Jacque Mazzola, UC, '73, Ceres, Calif. Rick Mealy, WPA, UC, '73, OC: Tom M. Meason, Jr., BAE. UC, '73, Tulsa: Dennis Mechem, A2342 ABS, '72, Okeene: Larry Meese, UC. '7I, Lawron: Sfephen Megless, UC. '73, E+. Smifh, Ark.: Richard D. Melling, UC, '73, Tulsa: Be+sy Melnick, EAT, UC, '73, Sf. Louis, Mo, James Mel+on, KA, UC, '73, Norman: Richard Mellon, AXA, UC. '73, Seminole: David Mendenhall, EN, Bus., '72, Enid: Margare+ Mendenhall, UC, '73, Barilesville: James Mercer, Acacia, UC, '72, Brookfield, Wis.: Alan Merel, ZBT, AES, '7l, Chicago, ill.: Gloria Ann Merrell, UC. '73, San Anlonio, Tex. Janei' Merrifield, -SF, UC, '73, Ponca Ciiy: Kenni Merri'H, IVPB, AGS, '72, Houslon, Tex.: Carol Merryfield, F'l'B, UC, '73, Bariles- ville: Dale C. Mers, 'bK'1', UC, '72, Glenview, Ill.: Bradley S Messer, AXA, Bus., '7I, Tulsa: George Mefevelis, AT, Engr., '72, Tulsa: Sfacie Mehger, KA, Bus., '72, Tulsa. A N ii 1 xl f5 v I - i , .P ii 1- 7 'me' 5 .VP QA, QC! 5 o ry .. I 1 .f I 5 . 4r 5 i A E' I J 9 1 X f v. e . " ' is i im 2 M . ge Vx ,fs f f- 3 -. fx F " me 1 uv r, as ,, E 'i 4 'n-:T Y ' , , y 5. UNDERCLASSMEN ME - MU Deborah R. Mewshaw, Ed., '7l, Fi. Sill: Bill Meyer, ATA, UC, '73, Norman: Donna Lynn Meyer, EAT, Ed., '73, Highland Park, III.: Larry Meyer, UC, '73, Woodward: Vicki Lynn Meyers, AE'i'. UC, '73, Omaha. Neb.: Arfhur Meyerson, ZBT, Bus., '7l, Housion, Tex.: Andy Meyrowifz, EAM, UC, '72, Now York, N.Y. Brad Michael, EX, Bus., '7l, New Iberia, La.: Michael Michalczylc, ATA, Bus., '7l, Hasca, Ill.: Trisha Michalczyk, 17'1"B, UC, '73, liasca, lll.: Billy Middleion, Engr., '7l, Barilesville: Jack Midren, 'PAQ Bus., '72, Abeliene, Tex.: Janis Miles, Ed., '7l, Graaf Bend, Kan.: John Miles, 11KA, Bus., '72, Norman. Bill Miller, EN, UC, '73, Tulsa: Cheryl Miller, UC, '73, S+. Paul, Minn.: Chris+opher Miller, UC, '73, Tulsa: Cindy Miller, KKF, UC, '73, Tulsa: Dan Miller, KE. UC, '73, Tulsa: David A. Miller, ATA, UC, '72, Dallas, Tex.: DoH'ie Miller, X9, Ed., '7l, Miami. Jean Salin Miller, Bus., '7l, OC: Ray Miller, ABS, '7l, OC: Sheila Miller, EAT, UC, '73, Overland Park, Kan.: S+eve Miller, BGH, ABS, '72, Tulsa: Susan Be'l'h Miller, AE'fb, Ed., '72, Tulsa: Tom L. Million, BGH, UC, '73, McAles+er: Janei Mills, UC, '73, Tulsa: Linda Milne, UC. '73, OC: Marfha Milner, UC, '73, McLean, Va.: Roger Mi+chel, TAG. UC, '73, Muskogee: Don A. Mifchell, UC, '7l, Jackson, Miss.: Greg E. Mifchell, BAE, UC, '73, Amarillo, Tex.: Kirk Mi'I'chell, 'CPK-3, Bus., '72, Norman: Roberi' Mifchell, B911, Engr., '7l, Tulsa. Jim Mifrovgeni, KE, Pharm., '72, McAlesier: Gary Mizel, ZBT, UC, '73, Tulsa: Ronald Mizushima, UC, '73, Grand Junciion, Colo.: Merrie Lee Moberly, AAA, AHS. '72, Barilesville: Jane Mobley, AAA, UC, '73, Enid: Lauren Mobley, HBfl', FA, '72, Ardmore: John Mogab, AHS, '7l, El Reno. Michael Mogilefsky, AEII, UC, '7l, Queens, N.Y.: Carolyn C. Moncrief, AAA, ASKS, '72, OC: Monfe MonneH', AAA, Nurs., '72. Siillwaier: Ann Monsour, KK17, Ed., '72, Ponca Ciiy: Carron Mon- iague, UC, '73, Silverion, Tex.: Jack Monigomery, EX, Bus., '7l. B-arrlesville: Joe Mon'I'gomery, TAG. AHS, '72, OC. Pai' Monigomery, UC, '73, Norman: Jo Beih Moody, UC, '73, OC: Jerry Mooney, BAE, UC, '73, Norman: Beverly Moore, AEfP, AHS, '72, Housion, Tex.: Brad Moore, EN, A8iS, '72, Hugo: Derland Paul Moore, UC, '73. Poplar Bluff, Mo.: Donald Moore, UKA. AHS, '7l, Moline, lll. Efhel Moore, 174113, Bus., '72, Las Vegas, Nev.: Francile Moore, AKA, UC, '73, OC: Glen D. Moore, HKA, Engr., '72, Pauls Valley: John Moore, B911, Bus., '72, Blackwell: Ken Moore, ATA, UC, '73, Hennessey: Michael Moore, TKE, Engr., '7l, Midwesi Ci+y: Roberf Moore, A-341, A81S, '7l, OC. Susan Moore, X9, UC, '73, Moore: Terry Moore, B911 UC, '73. Okmulgee: Elizabefh Moorhead, Aflf, Ed., '7l, Norman: Debbie L. Moorman, AT, UC, '73, OC: Allen L. Moose, Bus., '7l, OC: Bill Morgan, IUC, '73, Enid: Chris H. Morgan, AT, UC, '73, Norman. Jackie L. Morgan, UC, '73, Del Ciiy: Roger Morgan, EN, UC, '73, Pauls Valley: Thomas Joe Morgan, ABS, '7l, Enid: Robin Morris, KK17. UC, '73, Gainesville, Tex.: Cheryl Morrison, 1"1'B, UC, '73. Sapulpa: Debbie M. Morrison, UC, '72, Barilesville: Jack Morrison, B911 Engr., '72. Tulsa. Sarah Morrison, AX9, Pharm., '7l, Miami: S+eve Morse, 'PK-5, UC, '73, Moore: Glenn Morion, 'PK-5. A81S, '72. OC: Jay Morion, '1'K'1', UC, '73, OC: Roberi' A. Mor+on, Jr., Engr., '7l, OC: Gary Moser, 'PKI'-T, AHS. '72. OC: Elizabeih Jean Moss, EAT, UC, '73, S+. Louis. Mo. Linda Moss, KA, A8fS, '72, Dallas, Tex.: Ann Elizabefh Mouni. KKF, UC, '73. Tulsa: Vicki Moun+, AAA, A8fS, '7l, San Anronio. Tex.: Thomas Muchmore, 'PK-3, UC, '72, Ponca Ciiy: Vincenf M. Mudd, UC, '73, Tulsa: Harold Paul Mueller, Ill, UC, '73, Milwau- kce, V!is.: Mariha Muir, AAA, ABS, '7l, Tulsa. UNDERCLASSMEN MU - Mc Milre Mullen, 2iAl'1, Bus., '72, D..II..',, Tw.: Jaclc R. Munn, 2lAl'i. A8fS, '72, Lawton: Douglas R. Munro, A-5'l', AES, '7I, Arm Arbor. Mich.: Jona+han G. Murlas, 'I'l'A, UC, '72, Chicago, lll,: Nancy Murov, Al'i'l', A8iS, '7I, Shrnveporl, Ln.: Pafriclf J. Murphy, AES. '72, Tulsa: Polly Murphy, KA'-P, EA, '72, Ardmorrr. Tamsen Murray, A8rS, '7I, OC: Sam Musallam, AES, '72, OC: Marilyn Muse, KAW, UC, '73, Tulsa: John D. Musgrove, Enqr., '72 Tulsa: Jim Musser, ATU, Bus., '7I, Enid: Marilyn Musser, ANU, AHS, '72, Tulsa: Barbara Myers, Al', Ed., '7I, Norman. Debbie Myers, lll'l'l', UC, '73, Frederick: Gary Myers, ZX, Enqr.. '7l, Nowala: Kafhi Myers, AVA, UC, '73, OC: Ronald Myers, UC. '73, Allus: Susan Myers, A'l'. AES, '7I, Midwosi Cily: Robbie Mylhen, 'l'Af'l, UC, '73, OC: Gwen McAdams, AVA, FA, '72, Tulsa. James H. McAdoo, Bus., '7I, Carlsbad, N.M.: Sianley McAlpine, 'PK-fl, Engr., '72, Alfus: Donna McBee, KKl'. AHS, '72, McAlesrer: William V. McBee, Bus., '7I, Frederick: John McBreen, UC, '7I, OC: Haynes McBride, -SX. UC, '73, Memphis, Tenn.: Kay McBride, UC, '73, Tulsa. John A. McCaleb, ATQ, UC, '73, OC: Gail McCall, KAf-J, Ed.. '7l, Norman: Kennelh McCall, TIKA, UC. '73, Norman: Pafricia McCann, UC, '72, Tulsa: Judy L. McCar+er, UC, '73, Tulsa: Sieve McCar1'er, HHH, UC, '73, Tonlcawa: William J. McCar1hy, UC, '73. Tulsa. Liz J. McCar'ry, Al'A, AES, '7I, OC: Mindy McCar+y, AXU, UC. '73, OC: Mike McCaslin, KE, UC, '73, Tulsa: Gwen McClain, A'l'. AHS, '72, Viniia: Barbara McClelland, X9, UC, '73, OC: Cyndy McClure, AAA, UC, '73, Alva: David H. McClure, UC. '73, Slan- ford. Conn. Mike McClure, AXA, ABQS, '7I, OC: John R. McClymonds, -BAE. A8rS, '7l, Nowala: David McCollum, UC. '73, Ada: Jim McCollum, AT, UC, '73, Tulsa: Sue McConnell, l'fi'l3, Nurs., '7I, OC: Ron McCord, ATA, UC, '73, Lawrence, Kan.: Carol J. McCor+ney, AXQ, Ed., '72, Ado. Cindy McCor1'ney, AX9, Bus., '72, Ada: Blaine McCown, KE. Bus., '72, OC: Jane McCoy, HB'l', A8fS, '72, Clinion: Sally Mc- Cravey, AFA, FA, '7l, Housion, Tex.: Larry David McCraw, UC. '73, Tulsa: Jeannie McCuliFfe, IIBflJ, Ed., '72, OC: John McCul- lough, Bus., '72, Tipron. Ann McCune, 17'l'B, A8rS, '7l, Tulsa: Johnanna McCu+chen, UC. '73, OC: Dennis McDonald, THE, UC. '73, Tulsa: Ray McDonald, UC, '73, Del Cily: Sherryl McDonald, AKA. UC, '73, OC: Susan McDonald, AFA, Ed., '72, OC: Gary McElhaney, AXA. UC. '73. Norman. Julius McElroy, AfIDA, UC, '72, Guihrie: Melinda McElroy, X9. Ed., '7l, Pauls Valley: Rex McFarlin, UC, '72, Sapulpa: Carol McGee, UC, '73, Norman: Mariy McGehee, BAE, Bus., '7l, Shawnee: Mary McGiFfer1'. UC, '73, OC: Jim McGovern, EX, UC, '73, Wellingron, Kan. l Paul Cortassa. Andy Eddie Yeith discoier on campus is not so so QT UNDERCLASSMEN Mc - O'H Frank McGregor, BAE, A8iS, '72, OC: Mack McGuire, 'l'A9, A8:S, '7l, OC: Marsha McHenry, Ed., '72, Midwesf Cify: Marilyn Mc- lnnis, UC, '73, OC: Dorcy Mclniosh, AXA, Engr., '72, Chickasha: Kafhy Mclniosh, Nurs., '7l, McAlesler: Dennis K. Mcln+yre, ATSZ, UC. '73, Enid. James D. McKenzie, 'l'K2i, A8rS, '7l, Pryor: Mark McKinney, EN, Enqr., '7l, Carlhaqe, Mo.: Mike McKinney, UC, '73, Norman: Barry McKinnis, A8rS, '7I, Fairview: Hal McKnigh+, EX, A8iS, '7l, OC: Billy McLaughlin, ATA, Engr., '7I, Midwesl Cily: Shane Mc- Laury, A8fS, '72, Snyder. Karen McMahan, KKF, Bus., '72, Chickasha: Richard McMinn, ATA, UC, '73, Midwesf Cify: Gayle McNiH', IVPB, UC, '73, OC: Ralph L. McReynolds, Bus., '72, OC: Rebecca McReynolds, UC, '73, Tulsa: Charles McWilliams, KE, ABS, '72, Broken Arrow: Wendy Nagel, AEfl', Ed., '72, Glencoe, Ill. Lee Ann Naifeh, KKF, UC, '72, Norman: Diana Nauman, KA, ASQS, '7l, Norman: James EllioH Naylor, 'PKXIC UC, '72, Norlhfield, lll.: Lawrence Naylor, Acacia, AXKS, '7I, Belhany: Denise Neal, FTB, UC, '73, Ada: Dwighl Neal, ATU, Enqr., '72, Tulsa: Judy Neal, KKF, Ed., '72, Carlsbad, N.M. Marci Neal, KA9, UC, '73, Tulsa: Margaref Neaves, UC, '73, OC: Doug Needles, EAM, UC, '73, S+. Louis, Mo.: Donna Nelson, A8cS, '72, Eufaula: Ed Nelson, CPA9, Pharm., '7I, Tulsa: Eric Nelson, KA, UC, '73, Dallas, Tex.: Glenn Nelson, 'PK-S, UC, '73, OC. Nancy Nelson, FTB, UC, '73, OC: Sandi Nelson, UBT, Bus., '7I, Tulsa: Suzy Nelson, KA9, UC, '73, Norman: Nancy Nesbi'H', KA9. A81S, '72, Miami: Sharon Neumann, A8fS, '72, Belhany: Nancy New- bern, AX9, A8cS, '7l, E+. Worlh, Tex.: Clinfon Newberry, UC, '72, OC. Donna Jean Newby, UC, '73, Tulsa: Dora Newcomb, UC, '73, OC: Frank Newcomb, KA, Bus., '7I, OC: Jack D. Newcomb, A8fS, '7I. Allen: Nora Newcomb, UC, '73, OC: Terry Newlin, AAA, ABS. '7I, OC: Alan Newman, BWI, UC, '73, Dallas, Tex. Carol Newman, UC, '73, OC: Myrna Sue Newman, Ed., '72, Tulsa: Roberi' C. Newman, A8fS, '72, Sharluck: Pafricia Newsom, A8nS, '7I, Chickasha: Bob New+on, EAE, Enqr., '7l, Evanslon, lll.: Julie New'ron, HB:fP, AHS, '7I, Midwesf Cily: Timoihy Newion, EN, UC. '73, Tulsa. Tom Niceley, EX, UC, '72, Tulsa: Ronald F. Nichols, UC, '73, Ada: Dana Nicholson, AHS, '72, Talihina: David Nickell, AXA, UC, '73. Cherokee: Ann Nickerson, UC, '73, l-louslon, Tex.: Donna Nicks, AFA, UC. '73, OC: Glenda Nicks, KA, UC, '73, Midwesf Cily. Paul Niefo, UC, '73, Norman: Lindel Nisbelf, A8cS, '72, Lawlon: George Nixon, Ed., '72, OC: Gerald Nixon, UC, '73, OC: Jill Noble, UC, '73, Dewey: Judy Noble, KA, A8cS, '7I, OC: David Nobles, KE, A8rS, '72, OC. S+eve Nogg, ZBT, UC. '73, Omaha, Neb.: Mary Nolan, UC, '73. Tulsa: Nola Nolen, UC, '73, Del Cily: Lucy Norman, KKF, UC, '73. Ponca Cify: Bradley Nor+hcuH', Pharm., '7I, Duranl: Mark Norih- cuH', Bus., '7I, Noble: Jann Norfhrip, KKF, A8:S. '72, Ada. Jim Nosari, EN, A8fS, '72, Liflle Rock, Ark.: Ka'I'l1y Novak, KA. Ed., '7I, OC: Susan Nunamaker, KA, UC, '73, lndianapolis, lnd.: Sharon S. Nusbaum, A8fS, '7I, El Reno: Marc Nuhlle, Bwfl, A8zS. '7I, Ponca Ciiy: Bobby Nu+'ry, 'PK-Y, UC, '73, OC: Joseph M. Oaies, AT9, Bus., '7l, Tulsa. David Obersfein, EAM. UC, '73, Tulsa: Karen O'Connor, 1'fl'B. FA, '7I, Ponca Ciiy: Tish O'Connor, AAA, UC, '73, El Dorado, Ark.: John P. Odell, UC, '73, Valhalla, N.Y.: Dennis Odom, fl'A9. UC, '73, OC: Jay Odom, 'PAQ Engr., '7I, OC: John O'Hara, EN, UC. '73, Norman. UNDERCLASSMEN OL - PE Doug Oliver, UC, '73, Midwesf Cily, Laurence Oliver, Zl5'l', UC. '73, Kansas Cily, Mo., Rolla Oliver, UC, '73, Fl. Wf,rlh, Tor., Sian Oliver, AXA, AHS, '72, Shawnee, Sloven Oliver, Bus., '72, lx-lorrrmni Nancy Kay Olmsfoad, AXU, Ed., '72, Tulsa, Phil Olson, 'PK-5, Bus., '72, Allus. Sfeve Olson, 'l'Al'l, UC, '73, Norman, Jimmy O'Mealey, AES, '7I. OC, Virgil Onan, A'l'A, Bus., '7l, OC, Kelly O'Neil, Bus., '7l, Alva: Randall O'Neill, UC, '73, Dallas, Tex., Cal Openshaw, AKl'i, UC, '72, l-lulchinson, Kan., Gary Opper, A'l'A, UC, '73, OC. Sleven Orliz, AHS, '72, Barllesville, Malva Orzoff, UC, '73, Skokie, lll., Charles Henry Osborn, UC, '73, Norman, Sieve O'Shaughnessy, 'PAl'l, Bus., '72, Midland, Tex., Jill Osirander, Al', AES, '72, Okmul- gee, Karen Os'l'rool', AAA, Pharm., '7l, Duncan, George Ofey, AK, UC, '73, Ardmore. Georgann Ofipoby, UC, '73, Lawlon, LeMoine O+ien, lll5'l', Ed., '72, Enid, Audra Overslree'l', AES, '7l, Norman, Calhleen Owen, AES. '72, Tulsa: Wes Owen, AKE, A8cS, '72, Ardmore, Charles Larry Pain, A-YP, Law, '7l, Anadarko, Gerald Paine, Ed., '72, Enid. Cindy Painier, UC, '73, Denlon, Tex., Bobby Earl Palmer, UC, '73, Walrers, Denise Palmer, AAA, AHS, '72, OC, Lesley Palmer, Al'3'l'. UC, '72, Chicago, lll., Sleve Palmer, ZBT, UC, '73, Housion, Tex., Bonnye Pannell, UC, '73, OC, John Papagolos, "PK-Y, UC, '73, Midwesr Ciiy. Fred Parham, UC, '73, Ada, Charles Park, UC, '73, Chickasha: Carol Parker, AES, '7l, Deerfield, III., Harold Parker, 'PAH Engr., '7l, Lillie Rock, Ark., S+eve Parker, 'l'l'A, Bus., '7l, OC, J. M. Parks, Jr., UC, '72, Duncan, Anifa Parrish, UC, '73, OC. Lee Parrish, BGDII, UC, '73, Enid, Tom Parrish, BAE, Bus., 72. Madill, Trey Parrish, BETH, UC, '73, Enid, S+anley Parsons, UC, '73, Paden, Bill Pa++erson, EX, UC, '72, Barllesville, Chuck Pallerson, BAE. AHS, '72, Tulsa, Donna Pa'Herson, Ed., '72, Norman. Pal' PaH'erson, EX, UC. '73, Barllosville, Palricia Jo Pallerson, Ed.. '7l, Choleau, Pa'H'i Pallerson, AFA, UC, '73, Dallas, Tex., Mike PaH'ison, EN, Engr., '72, Tulsa, Joel Pa'H'on, ZBT, Bus., '7l, Greal Neck, N.Y., Mike Pa'Hon, AXA, Bus.. '7l, OC, Roberl' Paullin, Jr., AT, ASS, '7l, Pekin, lll. Bruce Pays-He, Engr., '72, Bronxville, N.Y., Bob Payne, ATU, UC, '73, Marielia, Ohio, Edward C. Payne, Enqr., '7l, Ardmore, Kenf Payne, AXA. AGS, '72, Shawnee, Ken L. Peacher, AT, A81S, '72, El Reno, John M. Pearl, AKE, Engr., '72, Midwesl Ciiy, John Pearson, BAE, Bus., '7l, Lamars, Iowa. Lindell Pearson, Bus., '72, OC, Paul L. Pedrick, ATU, UC, '72, Tulsa, David Peeler, UC, '73, Elk Cily, Earl Peeples, UC, '73, Tulsa, Danny Peil, UC, '73, Woodward, John Pellegrini, UC, '73, Park Ridge, lll., Cynfhia Pendergraph, UC, '72, Moore. Melvin L. Penn, Bus., '72, Waqqoner, Susan Penney, FA, '72, Casper, Wyo., Paula Penningfon, KA, Bus., '72, Wichila Falls. Tex., Henry Peplowski, AKE, A8cS, '7l, Reading, Pa., David Pepper, EX, Bus., '72, Barllesville, David Perdue, Pharm., '72, Duncan, Kaihy J. Per- due, AAA, UC, '73, Verden. Doug Pereboom, BETH, AES. '72, Los Alamilos, Calif., Melvin Perk- ins, 'PK-S, Engr., '7l, OC, Terry Parkins, A'P, UC, '73, Norman, S+uarl Perlow, AKE. UC, '73, Woodmere, N.Y., Janis Perry, KA. UC, '73, Tulsa, Doug Perryman, AT, Engr., '7l, OC, Jehangir Pes- foniee, Acacia, Engr., '72, Sapulpa. Rick D. Pelers, ATU, Bus., '72, Wynnewood, Ginni Peierson, NP. A8rS, '7l, Ponca Ciiy, John Pefersen, NVQ. UC, '73, Lawlont Deanne Peferson, A41 Ed., '72, Decalur, lll., James D. Pelerson, fPK'l', Engr,, '7l, Barllesvilleg Karen Ann Pelerson, KKF. UC, '73, Dallas, Tex., Edila Anne Pefrik, UC, '73, Toronfo, Canada. 7 1, . 3-sn, lv H Y ii .X i' -, ii 'x x W S v f i f-l" Q H si as My 7 oi' UNDERCLASSMEN PE - PR Diana Pe'l'ross, Ed., '7l, Noble: Deborah PeH'e'H, UC, '73, Midwesl Ciiy: Tony Peiiicrew, UKA, UC, '73, Enid: Candy Peiiigrove, XYZ, UC, '73, Tulsa: Sco'H' M. PeHi+, UC, '73, Dallas, Tex.: Don Phelps, ATA, UC, '73, McAles'rer: Dana Phillips, KKP, UC, '73, Madill, Janie Phillips, KIil', Ed., '7l. OC, lcenl Phillips, EN. UC. '73, oc, Larry Phillips, EX, Bus., '72, OC: Penny Phillips, UC, '73, OC: Ron Phillips, AKE, A8rS. '7l. Norman: Ronnie Phillips, UC, '73, Alius: Ronald D. Phillips, AT, UC, '72, El Reno. S'l'an Phillips, Acacia, Bus., '72, Enid: Suzanne Phillips, A8rS, '72, OC: Jack T. Phipps, UC. '73, OC: Janice Phipps, UC, '73, Barilesville: Bob Pickup, AKE, Bus., '7l, Wellsville, N.Y.: Orin Piepho, UC, '73, Guymon: Laura Pierce, KKF. EA, '7l. Dallas, Tex. Linda Pierce, AKA, UC, '73, OC: Mickey Pierce, EAT. Ed., '72, Glencoe. III.: P. G. Pierce, B9U, A8rS, '7I, OC: Pa+ Piercy, AKA, A8rS, '72, Muskogee: Leanne Pierson, AXQ, UC, '73, Woodward: Richard D. Pierson, UC, '73, Vici: Vickie Pierson, Pharm., '7l. Laverne. Reed W. Pigman, fPK'I', UC, '72, Fi. Worih, Tex.: Larry Pike. UC. '73, Tulsa: Becky Pinson, KU, Ed., '72, Hugo: Jamie Pinsiein, EAT, UC. '73, Senaioloia, Miss.: Sharon Piper, UC, '73, Media, Pa.: Val Pipps, AXA, A8rS. '7l. Shawnee: Judi Piilor, EAT, EJ., '72, Omaha, Neb. Bill Pi+man, fi'l'A, UC, '73, Muskoqeo: Paul M. PiH'man, BAE, Bus., '72, Ardmore: DeeAnne Plarnef, 1'fl'B, EA. '72, Barilesville: Mary Elizabefh PlunkeH', UC, '72, Fi. Smiih, Ark.: Roberi' E. Poer, A8cS. '7I, Guihrie: Charles Pohl, A8rS, '7l, Siillwaier: Tommy Poinfer, KE, Bus., '7I, OC. Richard Polishuk, ZBT, Bus., '7l. Dallas, Tex.: Doug Pclk, EN, AHS. '72, OC: Linda Polk, FTB, ASS, '72, OC: Alan Pollack, ZBT, UC. '73, Skokie. III.: James L. Pollack, EAM, UC, '73, River Foresi, III.: Sandy Pomeraniz, UC, '73, Dos Moines, lowa: Dennis Pool, ATA, UC, '72, Norman. Claudia Poole, AAA, Nursing, '72, Barilesville: Nancy Poole, UC. '73, Huningion, N.Y.: John K. Poorman, 'l'KE, UC, '73, New Orleans, La.: Pa++i Pope, KKF, UC. '73, Lawion: Debbie Por'rer, UC. '73, OC: Kaihy Porfer, KA, Ed., '7l, OC: Sieve D. Porier, ATQ, Bus., '7I, Lawion, Susan D. Porier, KA, Pharm., '7I, Pryor: Pam Posar, AE41, A8rS, '72, Skokie, III.: Becca Pos+on, HBlfi', Bus., '72, Norman: Roy Posion, Enqr., '72, Brisiol: Terrye Po'Her, AAA, UC, '73, Boise Ciiy: John PoH's, fI1A9, Bus., '7l, OC: Roberi- PoH's, KA, UC, '73, Midwesi Ciiy. Ann Powell, KKF, AHS, '7l. Norman: Becky Powell, KKF, UC, '73, Norman: Deborah Powell, Ed., '7l. Eox: Reuben F. Powell, UC, '72, E+. Worih, Tex.: Sieve Powell, KE, UC, '73, Sapulpa: Michael Ppool, UC, '73, Brisbane, Ausiralia: Wall- Pralle, AKE, UC. '72, OC. El+on PraH', Asif, UC, '73, OC: Linda Gail Presley, UC, '73, Tulsa: Billie Presnell, UC, '73, McAles+er: Dave Presfon, ZVPE, UC, '72. Norwalk, Ohio: Margie Pribyl, AF, FA, '7l. Tulsa: Annie Price, KKF. UC, '73, Alice, Tex.: James Price, WPA, Bus., '72, OC. Karen Price, UC, '73, Lawion: Karen Price, l"l'B, Ed., '72, Midwesi Ciiy: Laura Price, AFA, UC, '73, OC: Margarei Prier, AF, UC, '73, Norman: Alan Priesman, ZBT, AHS, '7l. Omaha, Neb.: Bill Pries'l', fl'Af'J. Bus., '7I, OC: Gerald Prince, A'l'A, UC, '73, Duncan. William L. Pri+cheH', ZJAE, UC, '73, OC: Ken PriveH', BQIT, Bus., '7l. Pawnee: Peggy Procior, Afif, EA, '72, Midwesl Ciiy: Judi Prosiok, AWP, UC, '73, Hasiinqs. Neb.: Madison C. Prue'I', HKA, FA, '7l. Ashland, Ala.: Brenda Prue'H', KKF, UC, '72, OC: Gail Prui'H', AX9. UC. '73, Duncan. UNDERCLASSMEN PR - RE Larry L. PruiH', A'I'Sl, UC, '73, Midwosf Cilf, Buddy Puclreff, llAl'3, Bus., '7I, McAleslor, Chris Puclieif, UC, '72, OC, Marjorie Puclceif, AHS, '72, Lawton, Byron Pugh, UC, '73, OC, J. Michael Pullin, AHS, '7l, Minco, Fred Purcell, EX, AHS, '7l, OC. Gary Purcell, 'l'l'A, UC, '73, OC, Lawrence Purlcey, l'nqr,, '72, Shawnee, Franlc Pybas, UC, '73, OC, Pafricia Ellen Pybas, UC, '73, Gainsvillo, Tex., Bill PyeaH', EAN, UC, '73, Paula Valley, Lynne Qualls, UC, '73, Brislow, Margof Quenfin, Xil, UC, '73, Woe! Palm Beach, Fla. Kay Ouigg, UC, '73, Barllosvillo, Mark Quinmby, A'l'A. UC, '73, OCZ Leslie Rabiner, UC, '73, Dallas, Tox., Chris Ragsdale, UC, '73. Tulsa, David K. Ragsdale, K-Y, A8fS, '72, Broken Arrow, Sfeven W. Rahill, EX, ASS, '72, OC, Rob Rainbolf, llf'lll, A81S, '7l, Cordell. Lynn Rainwafer, 'llK'l', Bus., '72, Sapulpa, Barbara E. Ralson, Al'A. UC, '73, Amarillo, Tex., Gina Gay Ramsel, KU, EA, '72, El Reno, Pe+er D. Ramsey, BAE, Bus., '72, Shreveporl, La., Sieve Ramsey, -EN, AES, '7I, OC, Wendy Rand, -EAT, Ed., '7l, Lincolnwood, lll.I Joe Randall, KE, Bus., '72, OC. Rodney Randall, Bus., '72, Broken Arrow, Kyle S. Randerson, UC, '72, Highland Park, III., Charles Rankin, ATA, AHS, '7I, Tulsa, Hailey Jean Ranlrin, KA9, Ed., '72, Norman, Jim Rapp, EN, UC, '73, OCZ Karen Rapp, UC, '73, Shawnee, Mary Jane Rapp, Illiflr, Ed., '7l. OC. Ron Rappaper+, ZBT, Bus., '7I, Muskogee, Deborah Rardin, UC. '73, Glen Ellyn, Ill., Leslie Raslcin, Al'1'l', AHS, '7l, Fl. Worih, Tex.7 Mariie Ralcliffe, KA9, A8fS, '7l, Jackson, Miss., Sieve Ralhmann, HKA, UC, '73, Tulsa, Sharon Rallifi, A8iS, '7I, Harllord, Ky.: Charlene Ray, UC. '73, Norman. Michael Neil Ray, AES, '7I, Houslon, Tex., Mike Rayburn, UC, '73, Duncan, Douglas Dwaine Raymond, UC, '73, Midland, Tex., Bill Ready, AT9, Bus., '72, Lawlon, Calhy Reams, FA, '72, Tulsa, George D. Reavis, ATU, UC, '73, Edmond, Ronald Recer, A'l'9, Engr., '7I, Lawlon. John Recfor, EX, Bus., '7l, Dallas. Tex., Rob Roy Redding, 'PK-Y, UC, '73, Soulh Gale. Calif., Ron Redus, BAE, A8iS, '7l, Amarillo, Tex., Gary Redwine, EN, UC, '73, Hugo, James Redwine, EN, Bus.. '7l, Hugo, Kaihy Reece, AAA, UC, '73, Norman, Michael Reece, UC, '73, OC. Berry Reed, ACP, UC, '73, S+. Louis, Mo., Belly Diann Reed, AAU, FA, '72, Norman, Carolyn Reed, KK17, Ed., '72, Norman, Margare+ Reed, KA9, UC, '73, OC, Sfephen Reed, Bus., '7I, Moore, Sue Reed, KA9, A8iS, '7I, OC, John R. Reeves, -SAE, Bus., '7I, OC. Anne Margarel- Regier, HB'l', UC, '72, Wichila, Kan., Pam Reibman, AECIP, UC, '73, Wilmefle, lll., John Reid, UC, '73, Nowala, Susan Reid, X9, UC, '72, Muskogee, Terry Reid, TIBKD, Ed., '7l, Pauls Valley, Malinda Reinlce, A8iS, '7l, OC, Larry Reischmied+, UC, '73. Clinlon Q, 'J Q 1 "- 'x . 4- , - , ,J X 46 f , I4 'gg 0 - I . X. .A ,sw g E rl' 1- 'J .1 V 1 N X O i .P uv- A5 ' Afrf' 1 G 1 - x D On a field trip Dr. Bose disc er boranical characteristics kt J l' the landscape NKIZR nas sinus ku -. L sf' ' ' 5321 3311 Z . -', X 'Q . fur' ' 9 5 . M 3 ' L if , . 4" nl E I UNDERCLASSMEN RE - RO Bruce Remy. BWI, UC, '73, Norman: G. Mike Renfro, A81S, '7I, Midwesf Ciry: Mariha Repperi, Afb. FA, '7l. Liberfy, Mo.: Beih Revell, KA, UC, '73, Tulsa: Mary Belh Rey, AT, UC, '73, OC: John Reynolds, 'N'-A, UC, '73, Muskogee: Kaihryn Reynolds, UC, '73, Norman. Lee Reynolds, -YN, UC, '73, OC: Paula Reynolds, UC, '73, OC: Roxanne Reynolds, AX9, A8iS, '72, Midwesi Cily: Dean Rhodes, AT9, UC, '73, OC: Judy Rhodes, AFA, ARS, '7l. Barllesville: Marian Rhodes, 1'fl'B, ASQS, '72, OC: Guy Rhone, A'i'A, A81S. '72 OC. Con Rice, AXA, Bus., '7l, OC: Jeananne Rice, FTB, UC, '73, Tulsa: Lewis Rice, EN, FA, '7l, Pauls Valley: Nancy Rice, KA9, UC, '73, Chapel Hill, N.C.: Terry Rice, UC, '73, Sand Springs. Kip Richards, ZBT, A8aS, '7I, Tulsa: Sian Richards, EX, Bus., '7l, OC. Ann Richardson, UC, '73, Waurika: John Richardson, UC, '73, Ramsey, N.J.: Larry Richardson, KE. UC, '72, Woodward: Mary Richardson, KA, UC, '73, Midwesl' Ciiy: Rock Richardson, HKA, A8fS, '72, Norman: Bill Richerf, BQH, UC, '73, Weaiherford: Cheryl Richmond, KA, UC, '73, Edmond. Marsha Richmond, AX9, A8cS, '72, E+. Worlh, Tex.: Linda Riddle, Ed., '7l, Anadarko: Rosalie Riddle, KA9, Bus.. '72, Shawnee: Roberi' Ridinger, A8fS, '7I, OC: Rosemary Ries, AFA, A8iS, '7l. Norman: Vicky Ries, UC, '73, Norman: Bruce Riesman, ZBT, UC, '73, Kansas Ciiy, Mo. Jim Riggall, ATA, UC. '73, OC: Tom Riney, EX, UC, '73, Bariles- ville: Marci Riskin, FA, '72, Palo Alfo, Calif.: James LeRoy Rii"l'er, UC, '73, Tulsa: Ted RiH'er, AE41, UC, '73, Siilwell: John W. Rifz, EWU, Engr., '7l, Norman: Hampion Roach, KE, UC, '73, OC, Jim Roach, ATU, Bus., '72, OC: Larry Roach, UC, '73, Wafonga: Paula Roan, AFA, AHS, '7l, Chickasha: Chuck Roark, ATA, AXQS, '72, OC: Suzanne Robben, A3cS, '72, E+. Smilh, Ark.: Caihleen E. Rob- bins, Bus., '7l, Marlow: Glynda Robbins, AES, '7l, Miami. Kuri' Robbins, UC. '73, Tulsa: Andy Roberis, A8fS, '7l, Wewoka: Carlile Roberfs, BAE, Bus., '7I, Tulsa: Deborah Roberis, UC, '73. Del Ciiy: Jan Rober+s, UC, '73, Dallas, Tex.: Marilyn Roberis, X9. Ed., '7l, Barilesville: Michael Roberfs, A'i'9, UC, '72, Norman. Rod Roberls, EN, UC, '73, Tulsa: Carl Rober+son, AXA, UC, '72, Norih Lillie Rock, Ark.: Sally Roberfson, AAA, UC, '72, OC: Vicki Roberison, KA9, A8iS, '7l. OC: Kelly RobineH', TAG, A8cS, '7l. Norman: Bruce Robins, UC, '73, Searcy. Ark.: Barry Robinson, BDU, Bus., '72, Clinion. Daphne Robinson, AF, A8fS, '72, Duranl: Mark Robinson, UC, '73, New Porr, R.I.: Nancy Robinson, AX9. UC, '73, Woodward: Ronald Robinson, A8fS, '72, Chickasha: Sco++ Robinson, TFA, A8:S, '7l. Muskogee: Sharlene Robinson, A81S, '72, Chandler: Slephanie Rob- inson, ASS, '7l, Tulsa. Mary Robison, UC, '73, Cushing: Roberi' B. Robifshek, Acacia, A8fS, '72, Barrlesville: Deanna Rock, X9, UC, '73, Clinion: Janell Rock, Ed., '72, OC: Rocky RockeH', KE, UC, '73, Drumrighl: David Rog- ers, UC, '73, OC: Don M. Rodgers, Jr., UC, '72, OC. Harvie Roe, -UAE. Bus., '7l. Shawnee: Donald L. Rogers, UC, '73. Tulsa: Jane? Lee Rogers, AAA, A8fS, '72, Ardmore: John Rogers, A'l'A, Engr., '7l. Lindsey: Margie Rogers, Nurs., '72, OC: Sfephen Rogers, A2542 '7l. Odessa: Jane Rohrbaugh, AF, UC, '73, Norman. John Rollins, 'i'1'A, Engr., '7I, l-lunrsville, Ala.: Dale Rooksiool, AAA, A81S, '72, OC: Jeffrey Rose, ZBT, A8:S, '7I, Skokie, Ill.: Mike Rose, 'PK-2, Bus., '72, Tulsa: Talesa Rose, I'fbB, FA, '72, OC: Tom Rose, fPK2l, Bus., '72, OC: Dan Roselle, 'i'KE, UC, '73, OC. UNDERCLASSMEN RO - SC Beife Lee Rosenlhal, Al'i'l', UC, '73, Dollar., Tax.: David Rosen, AKE, Bus., '72, Wilmelfo, lll.: Linda S. Rosenbaum, IA'I', FA, '73, Birmingham. Ala.: Robin Ann Rosenfhal, UC, '73, Sioux Cify, Iowa: Gary S. Ross, ATU, Enqr., '72, OC: Charlene Rosser, UC, '73, Duke: Bill Rossifer, KZ5, UC, '72, Glencoe, Ill. Sieve Rofh. Zli'l', UC, '73, Kansas Cily, Mo.: David E. Roush, HKA. AES, '72, Midwesl City: Sandra Rowland, UC, '73, OC: Greg Rowle'H', EX, UC, '73, Norman: John Rownfree, 'l'Af'l, ABS, '7I, OCZ Bill Rowsey, 'l'l'A, UC, '73, Muskogee: Carol C. Rowsey. llli'l'. UC, '73, Muskogee. Tony Rozan, Zl'i'l', UC, '72, l-louslon, Tex.: Alice Rozen, UC, '73. Norman: Eddie L. Rubac, 'l,K'V, A8cS, '7I, OC: Neil Rubens, Alfll. UC, '73, Chicago, Ill.: Gregory Rubenslein, UC, '72, Framingham. Mass.: Viclor Ruble, 'l'Kxl', ABS, '72, Taloqa: Linna Ruby, ANU. Ed., '7I, OC. Fran Russell, 1'1l'B, Ed., '7I, OC: Jane+ Russell, KAW, AHS, '72, Barrlesville: Van Russell, EAE, UC, '73, Wewoka: Marvin Russo, ZBT, Bus., '7l, l"lewleH, N.Y.: Nancy Rulherford, l"l'B, UC, '73. OCZ Jule Rufleclge, 11"i'B, AES, '72, Fr. Worih, Tex.: Susan Rul- ledge, UC, '73, Ponca Cily. David Ruben, ZBT, UC, '73, Skokie, Ill.: Tary Ruzek, AVA, Ed., '7I. Enid: Joe Ryan, AXA, UC, '72, Clark, N.J.: John Ryan, EN, UC. '73, Norman: Andrea Sadur, AE"i', UC, '72, Wilmeiie, Ill.: Bonnie Sadur, AET, UC, '72, Wilmelle, III.: Roberl' Safley, UC, '73. l-lealdlon. David Sager, EAM, UC, '73, Glencoe, Ill.: John Sakelaris, UC, '72. Tulsa: Michael Salem, Enqr., '7l, Drurnriqhi: Sherry Salle, AHS, '72. Tulsa: Terry Salizman, EAT, Ed., '72, Shaker l-leighis, Ohio: Alan Sample, AT9, UC, '73, Norman: Don Sanders, BDU, Enqr., '7l. Tulsa. Gail Sanders, Ed., '72, Ponca Ciry: Jamie Sanders, Ed., '7I, Moore: Peggy Lea Sanders, AF, UC, '73, Mcfxlesrer: Wayne Sanders, UC. '73, Ocean Side, N.Y.: Alan G. Sandgarien, ZBT, Bus., '72, OC? Leslie Sarbach, UC, '73, S+. Paul, Minn.: Jan Sarfor, AHS, '72, Tulsa. Michael Sauber+, EN, A8iS, '72, Tulsa: Karen Saul, UC, '73, Ailanfa, Ga.: Becky K. Saunders, KA, Pharm., '7l, OC: Larry Saunders, QIKZ, Bus., '7l, OC: Marilyn Schad, AAA, AHS. '72, Tulsa: Bruce Schafer, AEH, UC, '73, Skokie, Ill.: Bill Schafl, ATA, UC, '73. McAles1'er. Susan Elaine Schaffler, UC, '73, Waionga: Larry Scharfli, AES, '7I. Red Oak: Cafhy Scheidl, UC. '73, Shawnee: Judie Schenck, Ed.. '7I, OC: Nell Schexnaidre, KA, UC, '73, Shreveport La.: Paul Schiebl, AT, A8aS, '72, Norman: Mary K. Schiff, ITB45, UC, '73, OC. Shirley Faye Schiff, Ed., '7I, Duncan: Larry Schlechi, BAE, Bus., '7l, Sapulpa: Roberl' Edward Schlegel, UC, '73, Midwesl Ciry: Eric Schmidl, KE, AHS, '72, OC: Margaref SchmiH, Ed., '7I, Tulsa: Nancy Schneider, FTB, FA, '72, Piilsburg, Pa.: Charles Schoenlhal, Bus., '72, Hicksville, N.Y. Bill Schopflin, EX, Engr., '7I, Kansas Ciiy, Mo.: Tim Schrieber, KE, Bus., '72, Rancho Cardova, Calif.: Ani'I'a Schroeder, UC, '73, Enid: Kenl' Schroeder, UC, '73, Tulsa: Shirley Ann Schroeder, UC, '73. Enid: John Schug, ATA, Bus., '72, OC: Larry Schuliz, Enqr., '7I. Grear Bend, Kan. S+even Schulkz, AHS, '72, OC: Susan Schuliz, UC, '73, Sl. Louis. Mo.: Sieve Schumacher, UC, '73, Housion, Tex.: Bonnie Sue Schu- mihky, AE'l', UC, '73, Sl. Louis, Mo.: Bob Schurman, AXA, UC, '72, Ardmore: Debbie Schusfer, EAT, AES, '72, Louisville. Ky.: Chris+a Schwab, KAO, Ed., '7I, OC. Barbara Schwariz, AECP, UC, '73, l-louslon, Tex.: Ben Schwarfz, ZBT, UC, '73, Chicago, Ill.: Lewis Schwariz, ZBT, Ed. ,'7I, Chicago, Ill.: Mark S. Schwarfz, EAM, AHS, '72, Redneck, N.Y.: Sally Schwariz, Alffli, UC, '72, Nashville, Tenn.: Gary Schwermer, AT, Bus., '72, Barflesville: Jeff Scoggins, BAE, A8iS, '7I, Edmond. TT? 5 ,' 1 . Q ' J -..ll .4' 5- 41 5... UNDERCLASSMEN SC - SM Carol Sue Sco'H, ASTS, '7l, Tulsa: Kay ScoH, KA9, UC, '73, Tulsa: Lynne Sco'H', KAN, A8cS, '72, Tulsa: Tom Scoii, EN, Bus., '7I, OC: Barbara Seagraves, Ed., '7l, Norman: Pairicia Sealy, UC, '73, OC: Deborah A. Seat AX9, UC, '73, Perry. Linda Seberi, UC, '73, Tulsa: Pairicio Seidel, Bus., '72, Buenos Aires, Argeniina: Ru+h Ellen Seigel, UC, '73, Si. Louis, Mo.: Kay Selber, EAT, A81S, '72, Shreveport La.: Lynn Self, AX9, UC, '73, OC: Chuck Selman, UC, '73, Tulsa: Thomas F. Selvidge, UC, '73, Ard- more. Shelley Semp, Ed., '72, Monsey, N.Y.: Dee Dee Semple, AAA ASQS, '72, Tulsa: F. A. Sewell, BAE, Bus., '7I, Clinion: Sally Jane Sewell, HBfb, A8iS, '72, Clinion: Jim Seymour, Bus., '72, Tulsa: Gary Shane, UC. '72, Tulsa: Jean Shane, UC, '73, Barilesville. Michael R. Shannon, AHS, '72, Dallas, Tex.: Rene Shapiro, AE'l', UC. '73, Housion, Tex.: Deidra Sharp, UC, '73, Midwest Ciiy: Kaiherine Ann Sharp, KA, A8cS, '72, Tulsa: Vernon L. Sharp, AEFP. UC, '73, Prague: Linda Sharpe, KA, UC. '72, Tulsa: David Shea, UC, '73, Tulsa. Judy Shebesier, AX9, A81S, '72, Pauls Valley: Jennifer Sheffield, Bus., '72, Tulsa: Tom Shelden, UC, '73, Ada: Helen Sheldon, UC, '72, Las Cruces, N.M.: Lyda Shelley HB45, UC, '73, Dallas, Tex.: Amanda A. Shelion, AAA. UC, '73, Caracas, Venezuela: Ted Shenosky, UC. '73, Linden, N.J. Carolyn Shepard, UC, '73, Tulsa: Gayle Shepard, UC, '7I, Tulsa: Ellen E. Shepherd, HBQJ, Ed., '72, Tulsa: Vicki Sheppard, AFA, FA, '72, OC: Harlan Sher, ZBT, UC, '73, Shawnee Mission, Kan.: Alan Sherer, AKE, UC, '72, Wilmeiie, III.: Beih Sherman, UC, '73, Herculaneum, Mo, John Sherman, TIKA, Bus.. '7I, Mounl' Holly, N.J.: Bob Sheron, ZBT, UC, '73, Ailania, Ga.: Larry Sheron, ZBT, UC, '72, Ailania. Ga.: Clifford Shilling, UC, '73, Ponca Ciiy: Allen Ray Shirley, Bus., '7I, Miami: David Shirley, UC, '73, Tulsa: James Shirey, KE, AHS, '7I, Duncan. Rocky Shockey, A241 Bus., '7l, Harrah: Mary C, Shoemaker, Nurs., '72, Tulsa: Daphne Shore, AAA, A8fS, '72, Lawion: Karen Shoiwell, UC, '73, Moore: Sara Shori, KKF, A8rS, '72, Dallas, Tex.: Sara Shull, IVPB, AHS, '72, Hugo: Margarei' H. Shuller, AF, Ed., '72. McAles'rer. Zack Shuliz, EAE, Bus., '72, Guymon: David H. Shumake, UC, '73. OC: S+ephen Siegel, EAM, Bus., '72, OC: Robin M. Siegfried, Jr., TAD, Bus., '7I, Tulsa: Tom Sigh'l', ZBT, Bus.. '72, Kansas Ciiy, Mo.I Vernon Siler, Bus., '7l, Miami: Leo J. Silva, AKE, Bus., '7l, Chicago. lll. Michael Silvers, ZBT, AHS. '7l, Hcusion, Tex.: Kennefh Silverman, EAM, UC, '73, Shorihills, N.J.: Robin Silversiein, EAT. UC. 73. Skokie, lll.: Yvonne Simmions, AED, UC, '73, OC: Debby Simmons, FCPB, UC, '73, Norman: Gail Simmons, KA9, UC, '73, OC: William P. Simmons, AT, A8fS. '72, Muskogee. Sfephen C. Simms, Bus., '7I, OC: Sally Simon, FTB, UC, '73, Clinion: Dana Simpson, UC, '73, Midwest Ciiy: Dee Simpson, EN. Engr., '72, OC: Dwain Simpson, ATA, UC, '73, Lawion: Keifh Simp- son, UC, '73, Hugo: Jan Sims, AF, A8iS, '72, OC. Leslie Lynn Singer, KA, UC. '73, OC: Chriss Singerman, AE'l'. UC, '73, OC: Mariha Singlefon, AX9, A8fS, '7l, Midwesi Ciiyi Peggie Singlefon, AX9, A81S, '72, OC: Sallie Singlefon, UC, '73. Sf. Louis, Mo.: Harold Skidmore, UC, '72, Midwesi Ciiy: Bob Skinner, AXA, Bus., '72, Alius. Kaihleen Skinner, UC, '73, Fair Oaks, Calii.: Roberi' Skorupsky, UC. '73, Easf Brunswick, N.J.: Bonnie Slaiman, AE'l', UC, '73, Chicago. lll.: Mike Slavin, ZB'l', UC, '73, Housion, Tex.: David Sloan, AT. Engr., '72, Homewood, III.: Gordon Small, TIKA, UC, '73, Midwesl Ci'ry: Richard Small, EAM, Bus., '72, River Foresi, lll. UNDERCLASSMEN SM - ST Richard Smalley, ATA, ABS, '7l, lfriclrg Jeary Smarf, Xfl. UC, '73, Vlfewolm: Pam Smi+, 2JA'I', UC, '73, Sl. l.oui'., Mo.: Charles A. Smifh, 'l'K'l'. UC, '73, Grand Rapids. Mich.: C. Milce Smifh. EAN, But., '7I. Duranl: Curl' Smifh, ATA, UC, '73, OC: Curfis S. Srnifh, Enqf-, '7l, Albuquerque, N,M, David Smifh, 'i'K'l', Pharm., '72, Olcrnulqee: Douglas Smifh, liun., '7l, Midwesl' Cily: Erin Smifh, UC, '73, Apache: Jaclc Smilh. AT, UC. '7l, Union Cily: James R. Smi+h, KA, UC, '73, Norman: James T. Smifh, UC, '73, l-luqo: Julia Jane Smi'rh, AAA. UC, '73, lndifmf apolis, Ind. Leda Smi+h, UC. '73, Tulsa: Roberl' Smilh, 'l'K-fi, UC, '73, OCZ Roberf L. Smilh. 'l'KTl', A8fS, '7l, OC: Ronald Smifh, A-Tl'l', AZS. '7l, La Mesa, Tex.: Susan Smifh, UC, '73, Tulsa: Susan Smifh, AHS. '72, Tulsa: William Dabney Smifh, Jr., UC, '7l, Ouapaw. Karen Snell, KA, A8fS. '7l, Seminole: Linda Snell, KA. UC, '73, Seminole: Jerry Snider, UC, '73, Tulsa: Judy Snider, UC, '73, Duncan: Maurine Snider, Ill5'l', AES, '7l, Waurilca: Maurifa Snider, XYZ, Ed., '7l, Waurika: William Snider. UC, '72, OC. Sandy Snodgrass, Enqr.. '7l, Chocraw: Margaref Snorf, Al', UC, '72, Wilmefre, Ill.: Diana Snyder, l"l'l5, A8fS, '72, OC: Gerald Snyder, ATA, Enqr., '72, Duncan: Lee Dell Snyder. AX52, Ed., '7l, Miami: Charles K. Soilca, 'l'Kxl'. UC, '73, Woodward: Gary Sole, KA, UC. '73, Ponca Cily. Wes Solomon, 'DAQ UC. '73, OC: ReeAnn Soller, KKV, Bus., '7I. l-lousron, Tex.: Pa'l'ricia Sorbello, AF, UC, '73, Chelmsford, Mas3.I Janice Sorenson, UC, '73, Chouieau: LaDean Sorrels, UC, '73. Beaver: Roberl' Sorrels, UC, '73, Norman: Kafhy Sousa, UC, '72, Barrlesville. Margarel L. Soulhworfh. UC, '73, Wesf Lawn, Pa.: Milce Sowers. ATA, UC, '73, Tulsa: Sieve Spain, ATA, UC, '73, OC: Wayne Sparlrman, 'PKE, A8cS, '72, Tulsa: Bill Speer, EX, UC. '72, Tulsa? Thomas W. Spechf, Enqr., '7l, Lawlon: John B. Spence, B911 UC. '73, Pawhuslca. Milfon Spence. AKE, Bus., '72, Sand Springs: Anne Spencer, XYZ. FA, '72, Tulsa: David Spencer, AT. Bus., '72, OC: Larry Spencer. Enqr., '72, Tulsa: Gary Paul Spicer, UC, '73, Neosho, Mo.: Harriei' Lynn Spiegel, AE'l'. UC, '73, Dallas, Tex.: Paul Spining. ATA. Bus.. '7l, Newporr Beach, Calif. Barbara Spinner, Ed.. '7l, Fl. Lee, N.J.: Sam Spivey, "f'KX1', Enqr.. '7l, Waurika: Jana Sue SpoHswood, A81S, '7l, Broken Bow: Cyn+hia Spring. UC, '73, Arclmore: Harry Spring, KE, Enqr., '7l, Ardmore: Fred Springer, EX, UC. '73, Anadarko: Harolyn Springer, X9. AXS, '72, Ardmore. Roberf W. Spurgeon, Acacia, Engr., '72, Wichila Falls, Tex.: Larry Squire, QKE, Bus., '72, OC: Lee Sfacy. HKfi'. UC, '73, Miclwesl Cily: Gayle S+agner, Aflf, A8rS, '72, OC: Danni Sfainer, FTB, UC, '73, Tulsa: Sherry Siambaugh, UC, '73, Duncan: Phillip Slambeclc, A8rS, '7l, Krebs. UNDERCLASSMEN ST - SU Caihy Jean Siangle, A8:S, '72, Moore: Phyllis C. Sfanley, KA, UC, '73, Norman: Thomas B. Sfanley, UC, '73, Waylan. Mass.: Vern Sfansell, ATU, Ed., '7I, OC: David Siaplelon, AEKP, A8cS, '7l, Buffalo, N.Y.: Roger L. Sfapp, Bus., '7l, Norman: Mary Ann Siark, Nursing, '7l, Barrlesville. Nancy Sfarnes, NP, Pharm., '7l, Dallas, Tex.: John S1'ar+z, AE'l', A8fS, '72, Tulsa: Robin Sfearn, A342 UC, '72, Silver Spring, Md.: Mon+e Dean Sreele, UC, '73, OC: Bobbi Srein, EAT, UC, '72, Skokie, III.: Leslee Gail Sfein, EAT, UC, '73, Wilmelle, lll.: Mel Sfein, ZBT, AXQS. '7l, Chicago, Ill. Sreven Sfeinbach, AEH, UC, '73, Oueens, N.Y.: Harvey Sfelman, AEN, UC, '7l, Bronx, N.Y.: David Sfephens, fI1KKI', UC, '73, OC: Howard Srephens, AXA, UC, '73, Hobarr: Skip S+ephens, B9H, UC. '73, Duncan: Sieve Sfephens, 'PK-E, Bus., '72, Tulsa: Don Srephenson, BAE, UC. '73, Amarillo, Tex. Loren Sfephenson, UC, '73, Sand Springs: Mike Slephenson, AXA, UC, '73, Hobarr: Roberl' Slerling, HKA, UC, '73, Liflle Rock, Ark.: Dave G. Sfern, AKE, UC, '73, New Shrewsbury, N.J.: Terri S1'err, UC. '73. Lindsey: Gary Sfevens, Engr., '7I, Midwesl Cify: Kalheryn Sfevens, UC, '73, Maricrla. Kalhy S+evenson, KA, UC, '73, Pryor: Charles M. S'l'ewarl', Engr., '72. Balko: Janel' Sfewarl, Ed., '7I, Moore: Kalhy S'I'ewar'l', Ed., '7l, Wesrern Springs, Ill.: Nancy Sfewarf, IIBfb, A8fS, '72, OC: Tom Sfewarl, A8fS, '7I, Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Alan Siiner, Bus., '7I, New York, N.Y. Charlene S+. John, UC, '73, Vian: Darla Sfoakes, 1'fl'B, Ed., '72. Lincoln, lll.: Gene Siokes, UC, '73, Barflesville: Rifa A. Sfokes, UC. '72, Pawhuska: Adrienne Sfone, KKF, UC, '73, Tulsa: Jon Sfone, A8rS. '7I, Highland Park, Ill.: Pam Srone, AF, Ed., '72, Tulsa. Pam S'I'one, HB49, A8fS, '72, Purcell: William Thomas Srone, Acacia. Ed., '72, New Rochelle, N.Y.: James Roger Sfoorza, UC, '72, Grand Prairie, Tex.: Vivian Sforer, KKF, UC, '73, Tulsa: Bruce Slorms, CIIKKII, A81S, '7I, Norman: Carol Sioriz, KA9, A81S, '7I, Tulsa: Slephen S'rory, ATA, Bus., '72, OC. Vfeldon S+ou+, ATU, AHS, '7I, Wewoka: Kaihy Sfovall, UC, '72. Minco: Bruce H. S'l'over, BAE, Engr., '7I, Midlanl, Tex.: Roberl' Srover, Jr., BAE, UC, '73, Midland, Tex.: Vicki Slover, IVPB, UC. '73, Miami: Dianne S+rasner, A8cS, '72, EI Reno: Frederick J. Sfreb, AKE, Ed., '7l, Wellsville, N.Y. James Sfranieri, A8fS, '72, Worcesrer, Mass.: Dan Sfraflon, UC. '73, Midwesr Ciry: Joe S'l'ree+, fbKE, Bus., '7l, OC: Ani+a Sfricklancl, AFA, Ed., '72, Amarillo, Tex.: Linda Sfrickland, AAA, A8cS, '7l, OCI Sian Sirickland, UC, '73, Midwesr Cily: Rulh S+ringfield, UC, '73. Norman. , Joseph John Sfrnad, Jr., Bus., '72, Hinsdale, Ill.: John Srroker, KE, UC, '72, Las Vegas, Nev.: Tony Slrodel, AKE, ABS, '7I, Syracuse. N.Y.: Barbara A. Slrom, Afb, AHS, '72, OC: Pa'I'ricia Srrolher, Afb, UC, '73, Arlingron l-leighrs, Ill.: Donald W. S'rruve, Bus., '7I, Downey, Calif.: John K. Sfuarf, UC, '73, OC. Lou Sfuari, BQH. AHS, '72, Sapulpa: Helen Slubblefield, UC, '73. Tulsa: Kei+h S+uckey, UC, '73, Pauls Valley: Lawnie S'rurdevan+, KE, Engr., '72, Norman: Mike Sfurdivan, UC, '73, Prague: Ann Sryron, UC, '72, l-loloarl: Ginny Sudberry, KKT, UC, '73, Muskogee. Alma Sullivan, XQ, Ed., '72, Cody, Wyo: Carol Sullivan, UC. '73, OC: Chuck Sullivan, EAE, UC, '73, Tulsa: Hal Sullivan, HKA, UC. '73, OC: Jesse Sullivan, UC, '72, Duncan: Mary Susan Sullivan, A8fS, '7l, Tulsa: Sieve Sullivan, ATA, Pharm., '72, Duncan, Vicki Sullivan, UC, '73, OC: Chris P. Suman, AT9, UC, '72, OCZ Fai'I'h Summers, F'i'l3, A8fS, '7l, Barflesville: Susan Summers, AP. UC, '73, Purcell: Tom Sumpler, fl,K'P, Pharm., '72, Laverne: Cheryl Supplee, UC, '73. OC: James Michael Suler, UC, '73, Midwesl Cily. UNDERCLASSMEN SU - TO Eddie Sufherlin, 'l'K'l', UC. '73, OC: Michael Suffer, 'l'AH, AHS. '72, Evanslon, III.: Kennefh Sufflo, UC, '72, McAlesler: Jan SuHon, AF, Ed., '72, Tulsa: Frank R. Swan, Jr., AKN, UC, '73, OC: Cindy L. Swanson, KU. Ed., '7I, Tulsa: Edi J. Swarfz, Al'I'l', UC, '73. Kansas Cily, Mo. John Swarfzendruber, EX. UC. '73, OC: Sfephen Swafek, 'l'Kll'. UC, '72, OC: Annbel Swearingen, UC, '73, Barllesville: Carol L. Sweef, UC. '73, Tulsa: Mike Swenion, EX, Bus., '7l, Kansas Cily. Mo.: Alan Swiff, EN, UC, '72, OC: Rayge Swirczynski, Al', UC. '73, OC. Mike Synar, BWH, Bus., '72, Muslcoqee: Larry Syverson, Acacia. A81S, '7l, Cordell: Daryl Tabachnick, ANU, Bus., '72, Si. Louis, Mo.: Warren Taber, ATA, Bus., '72, Norman: Arfhur Talkinglon, UC, '73. Tyler, Tex.: Mike Tapick, ZBT, Bus., '72, l-louslon, Tex.: Anne Tarbel, UC, '73, Tulsa. Barbara TarbuHon, ASS. '72, OC: Sieve Tarlfon, 39311, Enqr., '7l, Fl. Worfh, Tex.: Judy Anne Tarwafer, AAA, AHS, '7I, Duncan: Joseph Tasker, KE, AHS, '72, Tulsa: Charles W. Tale, UC, '73, Vinifa: Vickie June Taxfer, UC, '73, OC: Jerry Taylor, ATU, UC. '73, Norman. Kafhy Taylor, KKF. UC, '73, OC: Orvis Taylor, Enqr., '72, Tulsa: Pafsy A. Taylor, AF, UC, '73, OC: PaHi Taylor, F"l'B, AES, '72. Sand Springs: Richard Taylor, BDU, FA, '72, Enid: Vickie Teel, AAA, Ed., '72, Tulsa: Charles Teferfiller, AXA. UC, '72, Alfus, Edward Tefka, EAM, UC, '73, Skokie, Ill.: Rod Templar, HKA. Bus., '7l, Allus: Lee Terrell, KE. A8xS, '7l, Sherman, Tex.: Arfhur Clark Terrill, Bus., '7l, Torrance, Calif.: Add Terry, PJAE, Bus., '7I, Tulsa: Diane Terry, HB'P, A8cS, '72, Norman: Barbara Tefer, UC, '73, Baylown, Tex. Greg Tefirick, Engr., '72, Miami: Pam Thacker, FTB, UC, '73, Tulsa: Diane Theimer, KKF, Ed., '7l. Slidell, La.: Dennis M. Thies, A-349. Bus., '7l, S+. Louis, Mo.: Burke Thomas, TFA, A81S, '7I, Edmond: Joyce Ann Thomas, A8fS, '7I, Ponca City: Karen Thomas, Ed., '72, Poieau. Priscilla Thomas, 114713, Nurs., '72, OC: Sfeven K. Thomas, UC, '72, Noble: Chris Thompson, EX, A8fS, '7I, Tulsa: Dan W. Thompson. UC, '73, Healdion: David Thompson, QA9, UC, '73, E+, Worih, Tex.: Jack Thompson, AT, Bus., '72. Tulsa: Jackie K. Thompson, UC, '73, Midwesi Ciiy. James Thompson, 'PK-Y, Bus., '7I, Miami: Janef Thompson, Afb. UC, '73, Pacific Palisades, Calif.: Kay Lynn Thompson, AAA, UC, '73, Duncan: Mark Thompson, AXA, UC, '72. OC: Meg Thompson, AAA, UC, '73, Sherman, Tex.: Nancy Thompson, UC, '73, Tulsa! Pam Thompson, KA9, Ed., '7I, Hobbs, N.M. Sue Ann Thompson, IIB'fI', AHS, '7l, McAlesler: Susie Thompson, UC, '73, Norman: Tucker Thompson, EX, Ed., '7l. Norman: Marshall Thomsom, ATA, UC, '73, OC: Sieve Thornlon, ATU, Engr., '72, Tulsa: Roberia Thors'l'enberg, Ed., '7l, Norman: Curlis Threlkeld, 'PAQ UC. '73, Barllesville. Jane'l' Tibbles, AXQ, UC, '73, Kirkwood, Mo.: Don Tidholm, EX. Bus., '72, OC: Debby Tidwell, UC, '73, Tulsa: Alan Tiede, ATQ. AES, '72, Barrlesville: Dick Tiehen, EN, Enqr., '72, Sweefwaler, Tex.: Rober+ Tierno, AKE, Ed., '7l, Carlisle Barracks, Pa.: Susan Tiffany, AFA, UC, '73, Tulsa. Bill Tims, BETH. A8fS, '72, Chickasha: Jay Tinfer, Bus., '72, Aflanla. Ga.: Carey Tisdal, UC, '73, Elk Cily: Nelson Todd, 'P-39, Bus., '7l. Arlinq+on, Tex.: Nancy Tolberf, UC, '72, l-lobari: Mary Tolle, HBKP, AES, '7I, Okemah: Lynn Tolson, KKF, AES, '72, Pawhuska. Pa+rick Tolson, UC. '73, Overland Park., Kan.: Larry Tompkins, KE, Bus., '72, Wichila Falls, Tex.: Dennis Tomlinson, UC, '73, Hold- enville: Charles Tope, ZFPE, UC. '73, Prague: Mark Torber+, Pharm., '72, Lawlon: Ronald C. TorbeH', AHS, '72. Tulsa: James Torcom, 'PAH UC, '73, Wooddale, Ill. l 433 s if .LA W' b UNDERCLASSMEN TO - WA Jim Toloro, SAE, A8iS, '7I, Norman: Richard Townsend, Engr., '72, OC: Michael Tracy, IIKA, A8rS, '7I, OC: De Ann Trammell, APA, A81S, '7l, Tulsa: George H. Trammell, UC, '73, OC: Dale Travis, A342 UC, '72, McAles+er: S+even Treacy, KE. UC, '72, Wilmelle, III. Janei' L. Trice, AAA, UC. '73, OC: James Troiano, HKA, Bus., '7l, Jenkinlown, Pa.: Sleven C. Trolinger, AE'l', UC, '73, Amarillo, Tex.: Janel' Troufman, AXS7, Ed., '7I, Dallas, Tex.: Sieve Trouiman, WKE, Engr., '72, OC: Befh Trou+'l, AAA, UC, '73, Tulsa: Pairick J. Trow, fl'K'I', UC, '73, Hopkins, Minn, Bobbie Trussell, AP, A8fS, '7I, Midwesi Ciiy: PaHy Tubb, Nurs., '72, OC: Sandra Tucker, Ed., '7l, OC: Lisa Turley, AF, UC. '73, Eulaula: John R. Turnbow, UC, '73, ElDorado, Ark.: Bob Turnell, HKA, UC, '73, OC: Fred Turner, BDU, Bus., '72, Shawnee. Pam Turner KA, UC, '73, Eufaula: Rex Turner, UC, '73, Owasso: Laura Turney, KA9, A8fS, '72, OC: Sieve Turney, EN. A8fS, '7l, OC: Mickie Turnham, Pharm., '7l, Wagoner: Roberl J. Turpin, Bus., '7l, Azfec, N.M.: Jo Lynne Tul"l'le, AF, FA, '7l, Apache. Anne Uhlenhop, 1'IB'l', UC, '73, Ponca Cily: Sieve Underwood, EN. A8fS, '7I, Moore: Laura Ungerleider, UC, '73, Skokie, Ill.: Dean Unruh, UC, '73, Denver, Colo.: Bruce Urband, UC, '73, Manhalfan, N.Y.: Bobo UH, Acacia, UC, '7l, Wilson: Sfephanie Vahlberg, AXQ, AHS, '7l, OC. Vicki Valancius, X9, UC, '73, Tulsa: Bryan Valenline, 'PKXI2 Bus., '72, Ardmore: Mon'I'e Valenline, KE, Bus., '7l, Woodward: Jana L. Van Arnam, Ed., '72, OC: Virginia Lee Vance, KA6, A8fS. '72, Tulsa: Donna Vanderburg, 11493, UC, '73, Norman: Michael Vanderpool, AHS. '7l, Tulsa. Bill Van Dyk, KE, UC, '73, OC: Karen J. Vargas, KA, ASS, '72, OC: Marc Van Hoose, UC, '73, Tulsa: Dana C. Van Horn, UC, '73. Barilesville: Doug Varland, A8fS, '72, Tulsa: Richard Varley, UC. '73, Midwesl Cily: Bruce W. Varner, BGH, A8fS, '7l, Norman. Linda Varner, Bus., '7l, Norman: Dean Vassilakos, UC, '73, New York, N.Y.: SuzeH'e Va+er, AXTZ, UC, '73, Enid: Sue Lynn Vaughan, UC, '73, Sallisaw: Andy Veal, ATS2, UC, '73, Barflesvillep George Veazey, EN, Bus., '7I, Terrell, Tex.: Gene Edward Vei+h, Jr., UC. '73, Vinila. Ray Velie, AfDA, Bus., '72, Tulsa: James Joseph VendiHo, UC, '73. Irvinglon, N.Y.: Ginny Venk, UC, '73, OC: Pamelia Vennerlaerg, KKF, EA, '72, Midwesl Cily: Richard Vermillion, Bus., '72, Chicka- sha: Ronnie Villasenor, UC, '73, Pawhuska: Lynda Vinez, AFA, A81S. '72, Amarillo, Tex. Mike Vinson, UC, '73, Fillmore: Karen Vinyard, A8cS, '7I, OC: Thomas Vizard, AKE, UC, '7l, New York, N.Y.: Conrad Sfephen Vogel, EAM, UC, '73, Valley Slream, N.Y.: Andrew Vogi, B911 Bus., '72, Englewood, Colo.: Ann von Kaenel, KKP, Ed., '7l, Law- lon: Barbara Voss, AX9, AHS, '72, OC. Sue Voss, A8fS, '72, Norman: Theresa Alefhea Voss, UC, '73, Alex: Brenda Wade, AF, UC, '73, Aliusg Jenna Wade, HBT, UC, '73. Norman: Malcolm Wade, AXA, FA, '7I, Midwesi' Ciiy: Michele Wade, AAA, Ed.. '72, Dallas, Tex.: James D. Wadley, UC, '73. McAles+er. Pal' Wadley, ATA, UC, '72, OC: Sieve Wadley, EN, UC, '73, Tulsa: Palricia Wadsack, UC, '73, Wichila Falls, Tex.: Teresa Wages, Ii'l'B, UC, '73. Tulsa: Linda Wagg, UC, '73, Norman: Sfephen Wagner, KA, Bus., '72, Muskogee: Brenl' Waguespack, ATA, UC, '73, Tulsa. Mike Wahl, EX, A8fS, '7I, Tulsa: Carler Ross Wade, Bus., '7l. Waurika: Bruce Walker, Engr., '7I, Cleveland: Elionne Walker, UC, '73, Norman: Jim Walker, 'PK-Y, A8rS, '72, OC: Joyce Walker. A81S, '72, Enid: Rufh Ann Walker, l"i'B, AHS, '72, Tulsa. UNDERCLASSMEN WA - WH Sandy Walker, AAA, UC, '73, Fl. Worlh, Taz.: Sherry K. Walker, KA, Ed., '7I, OC: Sieve Walker, EAN, AES, '72, Denver, Colo.: Vicki Lynn Walker, KA. UC, '73, OC: Philip Wall, UC, '73, OC: James M. Wallace, UC, '73, Shawnee: Leroy Wallace, PJN, UC, '72. Moore. Wayne K. Wallgren, UC, '73, OC: David Waller, UC, '73, Wrhiffi. Kan.: Lani Wallin, l"l'l'5, FA, '7l, OC: Janice Waller, ANU, UC. '73, Enid: Thomas Walls, UC, '73, OC: Mary Rose Walsh, A'l'. A81S, '7l, Norman: Tom Walsh, KA, Bus., '7I, Shawnee. Dale Walfers, KE, Ed., '7l, OC: Peggy Sue Wal+ers, XSZ, AES, '77. Enid: William A. Wal'l'ers, AES, '72, OC: Mark Wallhour, Bus. '7l. Harrisburg, Pa.: Kaihy Ward, XSZ, A8fS, '7I, OC: Les Ward, 'l'Al'l. ABS, '7I, Tulsa: Nancy Ward, KKV, UC, '73, Sl. Louis, Mo. Richard Ward, 1i'l'E, A8fS, '72, Tulsa: Tom E. Ward, UC, '73. Barllesville: Lizabelh Waring, A8fS, '72, OC: Eric Warner, 'l'Af'7. Bus., '72, Norman: Mallory Warner, KA!-J, A8fS, '72, Muskogee? Judy Warren, UC, '73, OC: Paula Warren, Ed., '72, Durnonl, N.J. Sally Guy Warren, N342 UC, '73, Norman: Thomas J. Warren. TAG, UC, '73, Dallas, Tex.: Wayne Wasemiller, BDU, A8rS, '72, OC: Marilyn Washburn, KA, Bus., '7I, OC: Kalhy Wasinger, AV, A8fS. '7I, OC: Sfephen Wasserman, EAM, UC, '73, Dallas, Tex.: Daniel Wasson, UC, '73, Shawnee. Laurence Wasson, Pharm., '7I, Tulsa: A, Browning Waiers, AXA. UC, '73, Duncan: Greg Wafkins, ITKA, Bus., '72, Tulsa: Linda Wal- kins. UC, '73, Maysville: Virginia F. Walkins, KA, UC, '73, Richard- son, Tex.: Kem' Wa+son, UC, '73, OC: Mark Wafson, UC. '73, OC. Bill Wealherholf, IIPKNII, Bus., '7l, Tulsa: Anila Weaver, A8fS, '72, OC: Barbara Weaver, Afb, Ed., '7I, Cushing: Mike D. Weaver, BQH. UC, '72, Blackwell: Roberf Weaver, UC, '73, Griswold, lowai Jeff Webb, EX, UC, '7l, Dallas, Tex.: Mary Aline Webb, Nurs.. '72, Tahlequah. Mike Webb, EX, UC, '73, Norman: Phil Webb, UC, '73, Sligler: Jim Webber, AXA, Bus., '7I, l-lobarl: Carroll Websfer, UC, '73. ldabel: Fellon J. Websier, Jr., UC, '7l, OC: Jack Websler, EN. Bus., '72, Wesr Porl: Rick Weddle, UC, '73, McAlesler. Alan Weedn, ABS, '7I, Syril: Sfeve Weichbrodf, EX, UC, '72, OC: Earnesl' Weidner, Jr., Engr., '72, Enid: Marc Weinberger, UC, '7l. Woodmere, N.Y.: Mark Weins+ein, ZBT, Bus., '72, Dallas, Tex.: S'l'eve Weinsrein, ZBT, UC, '73, Dallas, Tex.: Cindy Weir, TIBfl'. Ed., '72, OC. Jeff Weiss, Bus., '7l, Tulsa: Phillip J. Weiss, UC, '73, Indianapolis, Ind.: Karen Weifzman, EAT. UC, '73, Skokie, Ill.: Mor+ Welch, A81S, '72, Broken Bow: Vicki Welch, FTB, Ed., '72, Woodward: Mike Welk, UC, '73, Sayre: Don R. Wells, UC, '73, Shawnee. Eddie Wells, AHS, '7I, OC: Karen Wells, UC, '73, Sapulpa: Margarel' Wells, UC, '73, Aurora, Ill.: Mark Wells, TKT, Enqr., '72, Aurora, Ill.: Pam K. Wells, Ed., '7I, Moore: Deborah Welsh, AAA, Ed., '7I, Tulsa: Susan Wenger, A8cS, '72, Tulsa. Leonard Wesl, ATA, Engr., '7l, OC: Marcy Wes+, UC, '73, Hous- ron, Tex.: Tryg Wes+by, UC, '73, Tulsa: Jacqueline Weslfahl, UC. '73, Drummond: Sharon Diann Welmore, Bus., '72, Guymon: Debbie Wheeler, AXQ, UC, '73, l-lobarl: Nancy Lee Wheeler, Nurs., '7I, Laverne. John Whipple, AKE, Bus., '72, Tulsa: Harbour Whifaker, BDU, UC, '73, Marlow: Gail Whi+beck, 1'fl'B, Ed., '72, OC: Alice While, KA. Ed.. '72, Wagoner: Charles W. Whi+e, ATA. ASS, '72, Duncan: Charley While, ATU, AES, '72, Norman: David While, AXA, UC, '72, Tulsa. f Q l ...M , Qs? ,+V M 'Q ei , 3 ng l 14,2 Q r Q . 1 'P ' :jg .ai O 0 .4 N 4 v-' UNDERCLASSMEN WH - WO David G. Whi'l'e, Bus., '72, Norman: Donna While, UC, '73, Garber: Erma W. While, AE9, UC, '7l, LiHle Rock, Ark.: James While, UC, '73, Duncan: Jamie Whife, FA, '72, Ponca Ciry: Jefry While, A'i'9, Bus., '72, OC: Marshall Whife, A8iS, '72, Midwesf Cily. Mike While, 'l'A9, A8iS, '7l, Fl. Worih, Tex.: Reggie While, A8iS, '7l, Mulhall: Roberi Whiie, EX, A81S, '7l, Norman: Don While- man, KE, ABQS. '72, Del Cily: Sco'H' Whileside, BAE, UC. '73, Alfus: Mary Whifley, A3iS, '7l, Seminole: Joanna Whiiney, UC, '73, Tulsa. Laura Whiiney, UC, '72, Silver Spring, Md.: Roberl' Whi'Heberry, KA, LA, '7l, Ponca Cify: Lee WhiHlesey, IIKA, FA, '72, Norman: J. C. Whorlon, KE, AHS, '72, McAles+er: Don Wickersham, UC, '73, Tulsa: Larry Wickline, AT, UC, '72, OC: Jon Widman, UC, '73, Daylon, Ohio. Kendra Widner, UC, '73, Racine, Wis.: Tom W. Widney, AT, UC, '73, Barflesville: Sfeven Wiehle, ATU, A8rS, '72, Pryor: Marli Wien- frob, EAT, Ed., '73, Birmingham, Ala.: Karen Wigley, UC, '72, Dallas, Tex.: Susan Wilbanks, KKP, UC, '73, Tulsa: Don Wilber, ATA, ASKS, '72, Barrlesville. Michael Wilcls, UC, '73, OC: Byron Wilhife, AT, Bus., '7l, Madill: Carl Wilkerson, UC, '73, Moore: Gary Wilkerson, KE, UC, '73, l-lousion, Tex.: Kenny Wilkerson, UC, '73, Apache: Norman Wilkie, A8fS, '7l, Wesrville: Charles Wilkins, AKE, UC, '73, Fairview. Michael Gene Wilkinson, UC, '73, Waurika: Alan Will, A8iS, '7l, OC: Jim Will, BQH, UC, '73, OC: Edwina Willhile, UC, '73. l-leavner: Carolyn Williams, KA, A8fS, '7l, Newporr, Ark.: Chad Williams, FA, '7l, Laverne: Clarence Williams, LA, '7l, Lawlon. Debbie Williams, FCIPB, UC, '73, Tulsa: Donna J. Williams, AXXZ. AHS, '72, Neosho, Mo.: James A. Williams, Engr., '7l, Ringling: James E. Williams, UC, '72, Midwesl' Cily: Jane Williams, Ed., '7l, Dallas, Tex.: Linda Williams, X9, A8iS, '72, OC: Lynn R. Williams, AT, UC, '72, OC. Markel-la Williams, UC, '7l, Kiowa: Mellanie Williams, TIBfP. UC. '73, San Jose. Calif.: Michael Reinhard Williams, UC, '73, Richard- son, Tex.: Michal Williams, FCPB, Ed., '7l, Tulsa: Renee Williams, AEG, UC, '73, Chickasha: Roberi Williams, A8iS, '7l, Blanco! Sandra Williams, AKA, UC, '73, OC. Sharon Williams, UC, '73, OC: Suzanne Williams, FTB, A81S, '7l, OC: Tom Williams, EN, UC, '73, OC: Barbara Willis, Nurs., '72, Tulsa: Don Willis, UC. '73, Tulsa: Lynn Willis, Engr., '72, Wagoner: Roberi Willis, Afl9A, Engr., '72, Tulsa. Mar'l'i Willoughby, AX9, UC, '73, Tulsa: Sherry Wills, EAT, A8zS. '72, Dallas, Tex.: Mar+ha Willsie, AX9, A8zS, '72, Duncan: Gary S'reve Wilmo+h, Bus., '72, OC: Bruce Wilson, KE, UC, '73, Tulsa: Dana Wilson, AAA, A8fS, '72, Norman: Jeff M. Wilson, AT9, A8iS. '72, Tulsa. John W. Wilson, Engr., '7l, OC: Nancy Wilson, UC, '72, Perry. Pamela Wilson, KKF, UC, '73, Tulsa: PaHi Wilson, AAA, UC, '73, Lawion: Paul Wilson, HKA, UC, '73, Sayre: Tom Wilson, EX, UC. '73, Tulsa: William N. Wilson, UC, '73, l-lenryeifa. Chris+opher Wil'I'se, AT, AES, '72, Norman: Bill Wince, KE, UC. '73, Tulsa: Ken Raymond Winders, KA, UC, '73, Midwesr Ciryi Jay Windrow, EAE, UC, '73, Dallas, Tex.: Karen Wine, UC, '73, Omaha, Neb.: Sieve Winer, Bus., '7l, Easrchesler, N.Y.: Marilyn Winfield, Ed., '7l, Winnerka, lll. Tony Win+on, 'l'l'A, AHS. '7l, OC: Mike Winzenread, AT, A8iS, '7l, OC: Susie Wise, AAA, Ed., '72, Tulsa: Gail Wifherspoon, AKA. UC, '73, OC: Ann Wi+hing+on, AAA, AHS, '72, Tulsa: Margy Wi'rhing+on, AAA, UC, '73, Tulsa: Teresa Wofford, H342 A81S, '7l. Ardmore. UNDERCLASSMEN WO - ZW Kennelh Woll, UC. '73, Des Moines, Iowa: Sharon Ann Wolf, UC, '73, Dallas, Tex.: Roberl E. Wollard, HKA, Bus., '72, Norman: Amy Wolle, AVA. UC, '73, Shawnee: Gary Wolfe, 'l'l'A, UC, '73, OC: Barbara Wolff, KA, UC, '73, OC: Sylvia Rulh Wolff, Al'l'l', UC, '73. OC. Bill Wolfson, EAM, A8fS, '72, Wichila Falls, Ter.: Frank Wolfson, ZHT. UC, '73, Kansas Cily, Kan.: Jim Wolgamoll, 'l'Kll', Enqr., '7l, Alva: Bruce Wolilarslcy, 'l'K'l', A8rS, '7l, Norman: Joelle Woller, AHS, '72, Lawlon: Bob Womble, EX, UC, '73, OC: Andrew Wong, UC, '73, New Orleans, La. Bud Wood, ATA, A8rS, '72, Enid: Janel Wood, UC, '73, Tulsa: Kay Woodlill, AV, Ed., '72, Henryella: Beverly Kaye Woodrome, UC. '72, Duncan: Alela Jo Woods, UC, '73, Tulsa: Barry Woods, AES. '7l, Miami: Pam Woods, AX9, Ed., '72, OC. Pamela Woods, KKV, Ed., '7l, Dallas, Tex.: Sluarl Woods, -SAE. UC, '73, Muskogee: Susan Woods, AXQ, FA, '7l, Enid: Riclc Wood- ward, EX, Bus., '7l, OC: Roger Woolery, UC, '73, OC: Joan Woll, H341 Enqr., '72, Wichila, Kan.: Karen E. Wollen, AVA, UC, 73. Murray Hill, N.J. Johnny Woolman, EX, Bus., '7l, Nowala: Kalhy Woolen, AVA. UC, '73, Los Alamos, N.M.: Madie Woolen, Aflf, ASS, '72, ldabel: Richard Word, AXA, Ed., '7l, Arnell: Sharron Word, KAW, UC, '73, Tulsa: Linda Worlr, UC, '73, Duranl: Anne Worrell, XYZ, A8rS, '72, OC. Dan Wralher, A8fS, '7l, Tyrone: Kay Wrede, Ed., '7l, Sherman, Tex.: Ted Wrighl, UC, '73, Collinsville: Terry Wrighl, UC, '73, Midwesl Cily: Tom Wrighl, WTA, Bus., '7l, Woodward: Joe Wylie, UC, '73, Henderson, Tex.: Wallrer Wynlcoop, A8fS, '72, Kenilworlh. Ill. Karen Wynn, UC, '73, l-louslon, Tex.: Beclcy Yadon, A42 Ed., '7l, McAlesler: Roberl Yaquinlo, EN, ARS, '72, Dallas, Tex.: Michael Yales, EN. UC, '73, Norman: Bob Yealls, BDU, UC, '73, Pauls Valley: Judy Yealls, AX9, Bus., '7l, Pauls Valley: David T. Yellon, ATU, UC, '73, Delaware. Ronnie Yorlr, HKA, UC, '72, Norman: John Young, XE, Bus., '72, Sapulpa: Lee Young, TAD, UC, '73, Sapulpa: Nellie Young, AE41. A8rS, '72, Wi-lrnelle, Ill.: Peggy Young, Nurs., '72, Tulsa: Slan Young, UC, '73, Seminole: Suzy Young, UC, '73, Tulsa. John T. Yule, AXA, EA, '72, Newporl Beach, Calil.: Belsy Zahn, -3-35, UC, '73, OC: Jell Zander, KE. Pharm., '72, Tulsa: Gail Zar- row, EAT. Ed., '72, Tulsa: Rebecca Zbornilr, UC, '73, OC: Chris Zeigner, Alia, ABS, '7l, Los Alamos, N.M.: Vicloria Zeigner, UC. '73, Los Alamos, N.M. Mark Zelley 41189, UC, '73, l-loldenville: Mary Zemelman, 2-YT. UC, '73, Kansas Cily, Mo.: Jayne Zigel, AEfP, UC, '73, Waco, Tex.: Charles Zilo, UC, '73, Garlield, N.J.: Frances Zivin, AETTV, AHS, '72, Glencoe, Ill.: Alida M. Zwann, AF, EA, '72, Lawlont David Zwarl, UC, '73, Tulsa. ' 'K f x . arg' 'fi' 'S' "" ' ' ' v. 6 .' 3- ,AMY x ., W S ' 7 A 1 5-,fi 1 i - ' x sf it if N " 1 1-"' ,. ,. .. 'I' 6. 3 2 . 's A.. Y G-s 5- 8- v s- ,f 7 as , 5 1 T P r There is nothing biiiif than coke and exchange of ideas i the Terrace Room between class ,sg Y, X X N , , X A .QQLWQ ,K A ,f,gV,,,fJ A gpg X, A Y A' Q 1 ,QQ ui ' A . 'gg -'dy ,v,j":xf '- 1 .gg-.1 mg-,gy Q' . 1 ' i- iw ' " ,930 , 3:4 3+ xiii I 'i fix' If F , ,af , .F vuwm .A . wg. X, wx ii .. AR' Jw .P"g--XM www Q ,Lg M fx wgiag ifqg- g , - pf, j . vnu -, 1 .. . W tl vgf,f1,",,bfi'5fy,-Kiyx if' NR ' e fxligisg ft is-4' gg 1: +2 rf. , . K -egg N4 -' X ', , .bv-2 ,-. - 1, 5, -if 'ifgl-5" , -' gg, -gg 1 f as ' 9.3 .KRW - 1'1f?E 2' - 3 'itlffg '3'jE"N. , 12' ff ' 'vii ' 1" xy .- If - .g.. we :r --1, , X ff ,c ., no . , I an M., 5- - it-gf' if al . D 4- , ., V ' P I 5 No, 1 fl 'fl ', 5. we . . ,wh LU Q: 4' v Q f ', fw X11 xm. my ,,,, , , rg 2 ' 45 I , My Wg,-, 953, , . 'V '-pw , wt , ' Q ,,a. -. , , ' I :X Q ga 1 . V ., .. 5 -+i,Qg'l" ' "f f I U . 15 - fwfxxnk .WU af i W 3 5 Whufmki xxkq Q fi Medicine Sa Nursing 15,Vr'ii' V 'W , ' , 4 fi I., L,,p,w,!1 t. ,. ,. N V l - ,..l N .J .-. l i' "Q Q . 4 . 4? K M Y I l JAMES L. DENNIS, M.D. Oklahoma University School of Medicine, 1940 Vice-President for Medical Center Affairs James L. Dennis, MD., chief administra- tive officer of the University of Oklahoma Medical Center and Dean of the School of Medicine since 1964, this year asked to be re- lieved of the deanship in order to "function more effectively for the good of the entire centerw in his position as Vice-President for Medical Center Affairs. Dr. Dennis' proposal for a reorganization of the administrative structure attests to the growth of the Medical Center to the point that there are now 5 professional schools fthe Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Health and Health Related Professionsb in ad- dition to the OU Graduate Division in the Medical Sciences and the teaching hospitals and clinics. A medical educator of national prominence, Dr. Dennis is a member of the National Ad- visory Commission on Health Facilitiesg a con- sultant to the U.S. Public Health Service Divi- sion of Health Manpower, and an official ex- aminer of the American Board of Pediatrics. 'N' "' J rv - l 1 '- , fl Bm I D-Q: , I ." XQH' . -. 91,4 you , . sw 'Jie V' I 034' b '- N-7' g v u A .... L .",,, ,1- .'A't . 'YR' 1' P " if I .', 'ala' . s ig, V 1, .,, 'x 7 . ,-.... - Q.. , ' ffut-,P .vo 7 Associate Dean PHILIP HJWARIJ SNIIIH, SLU Associate Dean for Student Affairs '1'1f,'1-1'1'f1i Assoeiate Dean of the Ciradnzfe ffnifilf Professor of Parasitology in Preventive Medicine and Pnniie Hea1'r. H.I-.d. Southern Illinois I,ni'-ersif. 1940 NLS. l,'niversitj.' of Illinois. 1942 Se.IJ. Iohns Hopkins. 1'1-17 o.T"l! , v., ,Q ,, 1 ' r-Q mv," - ' 4 +--.ttf-??Ei"1i'Wf ' 1' Ivfvi' , -...Q D Z . E it Y 3 . i I g in ,, , 1 4 11 ,..,s w" 1 1 3 gf 1 5 i ,. X 1 -flirt 'S ff'-'. X'-. 5 fi N -C -".f'."- "J . any Iv. ' Jr' 'f'-E P DAVID CLINTON MOCK. JR.. MD Associate Dean for Student Afeirs Associate Professor of Medisine BA. Southern California. 104-1 M.D. I-Iahneniann. 10-15 ROBERT MONTGOMERY BIRD. MD. Associate Dean of Planning and Dexelopmer' Professor of Medicine and Physiology B.S. University of Virginia. 103' M.D. University of Virginia. 1030 4 11 FDXN .-XRD N. BRANDT, JR., M.D.. Ph,D. Associate Dean of the School of Medicine tl9oS-19701 .-Xssociate Director ot' the Medical Center Professor ot' Prexentixe Nledicine and Public Health Director ot' Computer Operations .-Xssociate Professor of Research Medicine B.S. Oklahoma Lnixersity. 1954 NIS, Oklahoma State. 1955 NLD Oklahoma L'niwersity. 1960: Ph.D.. 1963 SAMUEL NEWTON STONE, M.D. Associate Dean of Clinical Instruction Clinical Professor of Surgery B.S. Oklahoma University. 19293 B.A. 1930 M.D. Pennsylvania. 1932 NLS. Minnesota. 1938 S T 5 E MARK REUBEN EVERETT, Ph.D. Dean Emeritus Regents Professor of Medical Sciences Consulting Professor of Biochemistry B.S. Bucknell, 1920 Ph.D. Harvard, 1924 Sc.D. Bucknell QHonoraryJ, 1948 1 4 l WILLIAM E. BROWN, D.D.S. Dean of the School of Dentistry D.D.S. University of Michigan, 1945 M.S. University of Michigan, 1947 New Schoo Of Dentistry Detailed planning for the new School of Dentistry at the Medical Center of the Uni- versity of Oklahoma began July, 1969 when William E. Brown, D.D.S., arrived on the scene from the University of Michigan. A School of Dentistry had been discussed for the State of Oklahoma for the past 18 years, but it was only with the passage of the 1968 bond issue for higher education that the school could become a reality. Following the estab- lishment of the program needs, development of the curriculum began. Special features of this curriculum will include an early orientation to community service and interpersonal relations, an understanding in depth of the prevention of dental diseases, patient contact during the first year, correlation seminars to relate the basic and clinical sciences in a meaningful way. extra-mural experiences in communities throughout the state. and an honors program for senior students. It is planned to admit the iirst class of dental students in 1972. Temporary facilities will be used to house 2-1 students in the Iirst class while at the same time permanent facilities will be under construction to permit the even- tual admission of 72 students. These facilities will include an addition to the new Medical Education Building. space in the planned Fac- ulty Facilities for the basic science dental fac- ulty. and a clinical-laboratory-classrooni build- ing located in close proximity to the ambula- tory wing of the hospital. Flexibility and adaptability to change will be one of the major foci in planning for the facilities. Aesculapian Awards The highest honor which can be bestowed upon a faculty member by thc student body is the Aesculap- ian Award. which is given for devotion to and excel- lence in teaching. Annually. the senior and sopho- more classes select two members of the faculty. from the clinical and preclinical years respectively. to receive the award. All of the nominees and the awardees are honored at the Annual Aesculapian Banquet and Dance spon- sored by the Student Council. Through such endeav- ors, the students express their appreciation for the dedication of their faculty to the education of physi- clans. "Education is a flowing and continuous process requiring involvement and participation. Are you aware that this will be a solo journey, sans teacher guidance, most of your adult life? Generally, the student of Medicine is dedicated, intelligent and motivated, and his goal has clinical innovations. It is basic that those implementing edu- cational programs should respect and utilize these personal qualities and goals in the design of their programs. Medical School, unlike Graduate School, is not an indepth experience in a body of knowledge to which the student has had previous acquaintanceship. Thus, requirements of a broad based character and 'the word of the establishment' are parts of the scene." A. LAURENCE DEE, M.D. Professor and Chairman Department of Pathology "Select the material which is most important to know and understand, present it in a well-organized manner, stimulate student participation, if possible, and insist that students master the subject in more than average fashion. Challenge behavior and know- ledge that are rote and are accepted without thought or understanding. Repeat, for emphasis, that which is fundamental and that which observation of actual practice indicates is most poorly retained or under- stood. Encourage the synthesis of new ideas and be- havior from prior knowledge and skills. Insist upon excellence and condemn anything less. Expect the respect of the students and work constantly to deserve it. These are some of the behaviors which were ap- parent in the teachers from whom I learned the most. For this reason, they have become principles which I consider important for effective teaching. I have the old-fashioned belief that successful accomplishment may be its own best reward. As a means of present- ing a base of information, I believe lectures are valu- able. I hate to see them disappear. Informal discus- sion serves better to complement and supplement lec- tures than to replace them. In pursuit of these prin- ciples, I have been dogmatic and often have beerz the Devil's Advocate. I fear that at times I have been harsh and demanding, but never, I hope, disinter- estedf' JAMES A. MERRILL, M.D. Professor and Head Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics School O HELEN E. PATTERSON Dean of the School of Nursing B..-X. East Central College. 1936 R.N. Oklahoma School of Nursing. 1941 KLA. Columbia University Teachers College, 1948 ursing The School of Nursing, as an integral unit of the University, accepts the University's re- sponsibility in providing higher educational opportunties to students of the State of Okla- homa. The School of Nursing has as its pri- mary purpose the preparation of graduates for professional nursing to contribute essential services to the community health agencies. The completion of the work for the Bach- elor of Science degree in Nursing usually re- quires four academic years and one summer session. Two years are spent on the Norman campus in general education courses and two years and one summer session are spent on the Medical Center campus in upper division nurs- ing major courses. Students receive their clin- ical experience in the Hospitals of the Univer- sity of Oklahoma, Veterans Administration Hospital, Mercy Hospital, Oklahoma City County Health Department and Visiting Nurse Association and Cleveland County Health De- partment, as well as many other community agencies which are utilized for observational purposes. SHIRLEY DOOLING ,-Xssislzml Dean in Charge of the Underfradualfz Program AA, Martha State University. 1962 HSN. University of Washington. 1962 NIS University of Colorado. 1964 i i A I 1 . .4 Four score and seven years ago . . . JAMES L. MORRIS President HUGH E. EDDY Vice-President THOMAS J. HANSON THOMAS A. DODSON LYNN H. HARRISON. JR. lpha mega Alpha This year tive outstanding students were se- lected from the third year class to serve as members in Alpha Omega Alpha, the Nation- al Honor Medical Society. The major criteria for choosing these students are: lj High scho- lastic achievement fused with 25 Open-mind- edness, individuality, originality and promise of intellectual growth: 33 Moral character in- volving unseliishness. reliability. honesty and appreciation of obligation. The chapter was established on Slay l. 1953 and currently Richard A. Marshall. M.D.. Professor of Medicine. is serving as the faculty counselor. Class of 1970 Anfhony Alvarado, Oklahoma Ciry, Universify of California, Berkley: Lloyd T. Anderson, Sapulpa, B.S. '66, OU: M. DeWayne Andrews, Oklahoma Cify, B.S. '66, Baylor: Sinclair W. Armsfrong, Jr., Vian, Norihwesfern Siafe: Alan E. Aycock, Lawfon, B.A. '65, Oklahoma Ciiy Universify: Dorofhy Barber, Fl'. Worfh, Texas, MA. '63, Fordham. Jackie Juan Beller, Midwesf Cify, B.S. '67, OSU: Michael Meech Blue, Alva, B.S. '66, Norihweslern Siafe: Richard J. Boafsman, Edmond, D.V.M. '64, OSU: David R. Boyd, Norman, BA, '66, OU: G. Bryanf Boyd, Tulsa, Norfheasfern Sfafe: Nafhan Edward Bradley, G-oodweil, B.S. '66, Panhandle A8iM. Raymond E. Brady, Tulsa, B.A. '66, OU: Virginia Ann Bush, Oklahoma Ciiy, B.S. '66, Cenfral Sfafe: Clifford K. Callaway, Befhany, OU: Jay Paul Cannon, Wirf, B.S. '65, Soufhwesiern Slaie: Alfredo Carfaya, Miami, Florida, MD., Si. Edwards Universiiy: David Clark, Del Cify, BA. '63, Washingfon Universify. Sfephen Jay Cook, Shawnee, OSU: Presfon Dale Cosgrove, McAlesier, B.S. '66, OSU: Frank P. Crowe, Befhany, OU: H. Wayne Currey, Grand Juncfion. Colo., BA. '65, Colorado Sfaie: Daniel R. Davis, Gadag, India, BA. '66, Befhany Nazarene College: Ralph Day, Hanover, N.H., B.S. '62, Universify of New Hampshire. Jimmy Don Dixson, Seminole, B.S. '67, OU: Thomas A. Dodson, Oklahoma Cify, OU: Hugh E. Eddy, Oklahoma Cify, B.S. '66, Universify of Oregon: William L. Fesler, Elgin, M.S. '66, OU: James E. Freed, Oklahoma Cify, B.S. '66, Oklahoma Chrisiian College: Harry David Galoob, Healdfon, BA. '66. OU. James Melvin Gilberf, B-eihany, BA. '66, Befhany Nazarene College: Roy Nafhan Granfham, Jr., Gage, BA. '66, Phillips Universify: L. J. Gregg, Duranf, B.S. '66, OU: Jack Leon Gregsfon, Oklahoma Cify: Thomas J. Hanson, Oklahoma Cify, B.S. '66, OU: Lynn H. Harrison, Oklahoma Cify, BA. '66, Yaie. Phillip R. Harwell, Del Cify, OU: Sfephen W. Haskey, Branson, Mo.: Joel E. Holloway, Midwesf Ciiy. B.S. '66, OU: Roberl S. Hood, Oklahoma Cify. BA. '66, OU: Carl Hook, Weafherford, B.S. '66. Soufhwesiern Sfaieg Paul Anfhony Howard, Okla- homa Ciiy, B.S. '66, OSU. Thomas Richard Howard, Claremore, B.S. '65- Universiiy of Tulsa: Roberf E. Hudson, Muskogee. BA. '66, Wesrminsfer Coileqei Fred M. HUf'S'l'. Ponca Cily, B.A. '67, OU! N0"mal'1 K- lf'f16S. JI'-. Midwesf Cify, B.S. '67, OU: Herberi' Laird Ingham, Jr., Ponca Ciiy, B.S. '67, OU. Seniors Earl E. Johnson, Oklahoma Cify, B.S. '66, Cen- Tral Sfafe: James M. Johnsfon, Edmond, B.S. '66. Cenlral Sfale: Garry Wayne Kelly, Bethany, B.S. '66, Cenfral Slain: James B. Kinney, Jr., Inglewood, Calif., B.S. '65, Oklahoma Chriclifm College: Donald Henry Laasch, Oklahoma City, B.A. '66, Lewis College: Anfhony Lenz, Lfivern, B.S. '64, Soulhweslern Shire. Guy D. Leveaux, Norman, B.A. '66, Yale: Mary Ella Logan, Oklahoma Ciiy, B.A. '66, Oklahoma Ciry, Universily: Wallace B. Love, Tulsa, B.S. '66, OU: Richard Marlin, Pryor, B.S. '67, OSU: Milfon Allen Meinhardf, Okla. Cily, B.S. '66. OU: Myron Keifh Meinhardr, Oklahoma Cily. B.S. 66, OU. Srephen Currie Mills, Siillwaler, B-.S. '66, OSU: James Larory Morris, Oklahoma Ciiy, B.A. '66. Sfanford: EvereH Murphy, Tulsa, B.S. '67, OSU: Muhammad S. Musfafa, Ramallah, Jordan, B.S. '65, Texas Wesleyan: Charles A. Ogle, Broken Bow, Norlheaslern Slafe: Gary Larry Osborn, Oklahoma Cily, Easl' Cenlral Slale. Neal Anrhony PickeH, Jr., Elk Ciiy, B.S. '66, Soufhwesfern Siaie: Larry Michael Prafer, Tulsa, B.A. '66, OU: Jerry Lee Rhodes, Oklahoma Ciry, Abilene Chrisrian College: Ray E. Rhodes, Jr., Purcell, B.S. '66, OU: David L. Richardson, Tulsa, B.S. '66, Norihwesrern Siafe: Darvin R. Rifchie, Pueblo. Colorado, B.A. '66, Universily of Colorado. Mark C. Rifrenhouse, Oklahoma Ci'ry, B.A. '66, OSU: Terrance Andrew Robinson, Ml. Clemens, Mich., B.S. '66, Adrian College: Sfephen Rodgers, Fr, Worlh, Texas, Universily oi Tulsa: John Sacra, Pauls Valley, OU: Sfephen A. Samuelson, Tulsa, B.A. '65, Washingfon Univer- sify: Michael A. Sarrin, Oklahoma Cify, OU. Lee E. Schoeffler, Broken Arrow, B.S. '66, Norrh- easiern Slaie: Bennie Bench ScoH, Wolfe Ci+y, Texas, B.S. '66, Easl Texas Slare Universily: Ray Douglas Shaw, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '67, OU: Gene R. Smifh, Jr., Alva, B.S. '66, Universify of Housron: Gerald A. Snider, Tulsa. B.S. '65, Universily of Tulsa: Darrell Louie Speed, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '64, OU. William H. Sripe, Tulsa, B.A. '66, Yale: Richard Emmanuel S+one, Oklahoma Cify, B.S. '66, OU: Michael Lynn S+ra'Hon, Siillwaier, B.S. '67, OSU: Neal K. Surhers, Arnerf, B.S. '66, OSU: Perry T. Taaca, Oklahoma Cily, OSU: George Harman Thompson, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '66. OSU. James S. Thompson, Oklahoma Ciry, B.A. '66. Cenrral Sfaret Larry Don Underwood, Moore. Universify oi Mississippi: Samuel Arfhur Wheeler, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '66, OSU: Timo+hy Kay Wilken, Tyrone, OSU: Roberi' D. Williams, Forf Cobb, B. A. '66, OU: Terry Jeff Williams, Cordell, B.S. '66, Oklahoma Chrisrian College. -ar-41" .45 A1 l 'X 4 50 '1--I Class of 1971 Edward Arfhur Abernelhy, Enid, B.S. '67, OU: H. William Allred, Jr., Tulsa, B.S. '67, Norlheasiern Stale: Alfredo Ricardo An+oneHi, Wichila Falls, Texas, B.S. '67, Midwesiern Universify: Larry Dale Belzer, Hooker, B.S. '67, Panhandle Slale College: David W. Bank, Enid, B.S. '67, Norlhweslern S+aie: Clis+o D. Bea+y, Scofl A.F.B., Ill., B.S. '67, OSU. Charles F. Befhea, Barllesville, B.A. '67, OU: Philip C. Bird, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '67, OU: Jon Word Blaschke, Oklahoma Cily, OU: H. Cris Crown, Tulsa, Noriheaslern Slaie: Ronald Lee Brown, Ponca Cily, B.S. '67, OSU: Mark Allan Capeharl, Tulsa, OU. James E. Carley, Tulsa, BA. '67, Weslminsler: Roberf George Ca'l'es, III, Aloka, B.S. '67, OU: James Andrew Chapman, Oklahoma Cily, Easi Cenlral Slale: James Roberi Claflin, Wakila, Norih- wesiern Slale: Janice Elaine Clark, Tulsa, B.S. '67, Universily of Tulsa: Thomas Hood Coe, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '67, Cenlral Slale. Sfeven Boyce Coker, Miclwesl Cily, B.S., OU: Bruce Wade Collier, Enid, OU: Terry L. Collins, B.S., OU: David J. Confer, Oklahoma Ciiy, B.S. Pharmacy '67, OU: John H. Cook, Muskogee, B.S. '66, OSU: John Vernon Coon, Heryella, OU. Larry Ross Demas, Oklahoma Cily, B.S., OU: Michael G. Deming, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Universily of Colorado: Jean Ann Dorsey, Alva, B.S., OU: James L. Dunagin, Oklahoma Ci+y, OU: Sam L. Earnesi, Srillwaler, B.S., OSU: Ronald B. Easley, Ph.D., OU. R. Richard Edde, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '67, Cenlral Slafe: Joe G. Fagan, Ponca Cily, B.S. '66, OU: Sue A. Fankhouser, Oklahoma Cily, M.S. '65, Kansas Siaie Universily: Yvonne S. Fine, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '57, OSU: Andrew W. Fisher, Barllesville, A.B. '67, Universily of Kansas: Pafrick Dennis Fihgerald, Oklahoma Ciiy, BA. '67, OU. Roberf Allan Framp+on, Spanish Fork, Ufah, B.S.. Brigham Young Universiiy: Bruce David Fried, HolliS, B.S. '68, OBU: Amnon Gimpel, Jerusalem, Israel, Louisiana College: William J. Graham, Oklahoma Cily, B.S., Cenlral Slale: Bobby Eugene Gufhery, Broken Bow. OU: J. Kenf Hamilion, Oklahoma Ciiy. B.A. '67, Baylor Universily. William Douglas Hamilion, Wilburlon, M.S. '67, OU: Roy E. Hardman, San Anlonio, Texas, B.S. '65, Trin- ily Universily: James Allen Hassell, Ponca Cify. BA. '67. OSU: Harold H. Hasion, Del Cify, B.S. '67. OU: Linda Kay Henderson, B.S., OSU: Conrad Allan Henry, Skilwell, B.S. '67, Norlhweslern Siale: Tommy L. HeweH, Elmore Cily, B.S. '67, Eas+ Cenlral S+a+e. John R. Higgins, Alva, B.S. '67, NorThwes+ern Slafe. Richard Olen Hubbard, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '66. Cenfral S+a+e: Phillip L. Isham, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '67, Cenlral Sfale: Don Richard Ishmael, Oklahoma Cily, B.A. '67, Oklahoma Ci+y Universily: Donald Lee James, B.S., OU: Sfeven Dee Jimerson, EI Reno. B.A. '67, OU: John B. Kemp, Oklahoma Cily, BA.. Sianiord Universi+y. Juniors Anfhony Dwain Keys, Velma, B.S. '67, OU: Roberf Chapley King, Del Cily, OU: Roberf W. King, Jr., Oklahoma Cily, OU: Ron Michael Kreger, Tonkawfi, Cenlral Sfale: Buddy Lynn LeCrone, Mono, B.S. '67, Ceniral Siale: Miichell Levenfhal, Oklahoma Cily. B.S. '67, Long Island Universily. Anihony Loehr, Miami, B.S. '68, OU: John Waller Long, Beaver, Pa., B.S. '66, Universiiy ol Pillsburqh: Kevin David Lowe, Albuquerque, N.M.. B.S., OU: Earl W. Mabry, Enid, BA. '67, Darlmoulh College: Mary Anne McCaFiree, Enid, '67, Our Lady of rhe Lake College: Michael B. Mccarfy, Oklahoma City. B.S. '67, OU. Charles Kim Mcclean, Porfsmoulh, N.l-l., B.S. '67, OU: Phillip McCown, Oklahoma Ciiy, Cenlral Slale College, Ricky Lynn McElrea+h, Midwesl Cify, B.S.. OU: Michael David McGhee, Shawnee, BA. '66. Drew Universiiy: Kenneih Allan McGinnis, Clovis N.M., B.S. '67, Easlern New Mexico Universiiy: Dalion Blue Mclnnis, Oklahoma Ciiy, B.A. '67, Wesl- minsier. William D. McMains, Oklahoma Cily, B.A. '67, OCU7 Joe Mendoza, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '66, Universily of Tulsa: Jack E. Mefcalf, Hollis, OBU: James P. Mefcalf, Alius, OSU: Danny Minor, B.S., ACC: William N. Morris, Jr., Oklahoma Cify, B.S. '67, Cenlrral Slafe. John McKee Morrison, Oklahoma Cily, B.A., OU: Pafrick Louis Mullens, Tulsa, OU: Vernon J. Nessan, B.S., Universiiy of Soulh Dakola: Rober+ D. Orniiz, Mamaroneck, N.Y., B.S. '65, Universily oi Wisconsin: Marvin D. Peyfon, Cushing, B.S. '67, OSU: Gordon Leigh Phillips, ll, Geary, B.A. '67, OU. Pai' Pugh, Jr., Oklahoma Cily, B.A. '60, Vanderbill: Don K. Rahhal, Clinion, B.A. '65, M.S. '67, OU: Palmer R. Ramey, Jr., Lawion, OU: David A. Ronk, Lawion, OU: John Andrew Roye, Sligler, B.S. '67. Norlheaslern Siale: Sian Shrago, Sioux Cily, lowa, OU. Kennefh Roger Shyrock, Enid, B.A. '67, Phillips Uni- versiiy: Earl Edgar Smiih, Ill, Tulsa, B.S., OU: James Mar'I'in Smiih, Midwesi Cily, MA. '67, OU: Larry Evere'H' Smi+h, Alva, B.S. '67, Norihweslern Slaie: Alanson Reed Spalding, III, Oklahoma Ciiy, B.A. '67, Vanderloili: William R. Sieiler, Oklahoma, Cify, B.S.. Cenfral Sraie. Clinfon Riley Sirong, EI Reno, B.S., Oklahoma Siaie: William Ashley Talbof, E+. Worih, Texas, BA. '67. OU: A. Eugene Thurman, Enid, M.S. '67, Tulane Universify: Marfin Alan Tippie, Barllesville, B.S. '67, OSU: Galen Bruce Toews, Kremlin, A.B. '67, Tabor College: Richard Traulman, Oklahoma Ci+y, B.S. '65. OSU: Harvey B. Ulano, Ph.D., Temple Universify. Timoihy Andrew Walker, Oklahoma Cify, Ceniral S+a+e: Richard Wallrafh, Oklahoma Cify, B.S. '66, East Cenfral Siafe: David William Walsh, Oklahoma Cily, B.A. '67, OSU: John R. Wafson, Shawnee, B.S. Langsfon Universify: Sidney Dalion Williams, Siill- wafer, B.S., OSU: Keirh Oliver Wilson, Pond Creek. B.S. '65, OU: Damaris Sue Young, Oklahoma Cily. OU. Class of 1972 Thomas A. Avery, Slillwa+er, BA. '69, Oklahoma Cily Universiiy: Roberl H. Beasley, Jr., Oklahoma City, B.S. '69, OU: Rick D. Beller, Midwesl Cily, B.S. '69, OU: Ronald J. Bergman, Cleveland. Ohio. M.S. '68, Ohio Slale: Thomas R. Bryanl, Okmulgee, B.S. '69, OSU: John A. Bullen, EI Reno, B.S. '68, OSU. Duane A. Burroughs, Alva, Norlhweslern Slale: Donald E. Cagle, Lawlon. B.S. 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Everell' L. Kno'r+, Maniorcl, B.S. '64, OSU: James A. Lewis, Tulsa, B.S. '68, OU: Don A. Mace, Midwesl Cily, B.S. '69, Cenlral Sfale: Gerry Lee Maddoux. Mayfield, M.S. '68, OU: David Mafsenbaugh, Okla- homa Cily, OU: Richard P. Mayeux, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '68, OSU. Sophomores Claire I. Mays, Frederick, B.A, '67, OCLA: James W. McLeod, Ardmore, OU: John W. McReynolds, Oklahoma Cify, B.A. '68, Norih Toms Stale: Paul R. Meyer, Perry, B.S. '68, OSU: Roberi' W. Miles, Anfi- darko, OU: Larry C. Minnick, Tulum, B.S. '68, OSU. George W. Moore, Enid, B.A, '68, Phillips Universiiy: Michael T. Moore, Midwest Cily, B.S. '69, OSU: Charles H. Morgan, Manqum, B.S. '68, Souihwesfern S'ra're: Jerry S. Morgan, Red Oak, B.S. '69, OU: Roberf O. Morfon, Duncan, B.S. '69, OCLA: Linda L. Nassif, Tulsa, B.S. '68, Universiiy oi Tulsa. Roberi' D. Oliver, Oklahoma Ciry, B.S. '68, Ceniral Siaie: Peyfon E. Osborne, Oklahoma Cify, OSU? Ronald P. Painion, Alva, B.S. '68, Norlhweslern Sfaiey Kay Parkhurs+, Beruil, Lebanon, B.S. '68, Uni- versily of Arkansas: Dale Gene Parks, Tulsa, B.S. '68, OSU: Larry L, Pa+chell, Pauls Valley, B.A. '68, DePauw Universiiy. Philip Perryman, Jr., Tulsa, B.S. '68, Universiry of Tulsa: Nafhan M. Pollack, Tulsa, B.A, '65, OSU: James L. Pool, Tulsa, B.S. '68, Universiiy of Tulsa: William L. Power, McAlesi'er, OSU: lra A. Priluck, Canion, Mass., A.B. '68, Indiana Universiiy: Sandra Jean Ramer, Oklahoma Ciiy, B.A. '68, OU. Richard D. Redman, Guihrie, B.S. '67, OU: Edd D. Rhoades, Jr., Chickasha, B.A, '69, OU: Georgene Schmeckpeper, Champaign, Ill., M.A. '51, Universiry of Illinois: Glen W. Scholenhals, Shaiiuck, OU? Richard H. Schuhmacher, Alva, B.S. '68, OU: Alan R. Seay, Elk Ciry, OU. Henry T. Se+hney, Tulsa, B.A, '68, Wesiminsier: Fred G. Silva, ll, Oklahoma Ciiy, B.S. '68, OU Douglas C. Smifh, Tulsa, B.S. '68, Be-ihany Nazarene College: Bruce C. Sfanfon, McAles+er, B.A. '69, OU: Larry R. Sieiner, Weaiheriord, B.S. '68, OSU: Michael J. Sullivan, Harrah, B.S. '69, OSU. Carol A. Talacki, l-lunrinqdon Valley, Penn., B.A, '68, Universiiy of Pennsylvania: Cary A. Tames, Belle Harbor, N.Y., B.S. '68, Long Island Universiiy: Rober+ Kin Wai Tang, Hong Kong, Norihwesiern Sraie: Charles B. Thomason, Srillwarer, B.S. '69, OSU: Roberf B. Thompson, Alius, OU: John Wylie Tipfon, Mariefia, B.S. '69, OU. Karen S. Vore, Guymon, B.S. '68, Norihwesiern Sfare: Joseph Walcher, ll, Oklahoma Ci+y, OU: Roger Dale Walker, Claremore, B.S. '68, OU: Ronald L. Wall, Lawion, OU: Daniel G. Wal+ers, Oklahoma Ciiy, B.S. '68, OU: Rodney W. Webb, Muskogee. OBU. Michael L. Weber, Okeene, Nor+hwes+ern Shale: James R. Wendelken, Miami, B.S. '68, Universiry of Tulsa: Paul R. Whifwam, Sanla Fe, N.M., B.S. '68, Norihweslern Siaie: Charles Williams, ll, Tulsa, B.A, '68, OU: Peggy J. Wisdom, Alva, B.S. '68, Norfh- wesfern Sfafe: Willard M. Woods, Jr., Oklahoma City, B.S. '69, Cenfral Sfafeg Johan lJohnl Zavosky, Modes+o, Calif., B.A, '68, California S+a+e. Class of 1973 Terry L. Alley, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '69, Universily of Nofre Dame: Ronnie J. Anderson, Chickasha, B.S. Pharmacy. '69 Sourhwesfern Sfale: Richard Andrews. Oklahoma Cify, BA. '69, Trinify Universily: Sfephen Aulry, Enid. OSU: Jon Ax+on, Barllesville, B.S. '69, OU: Frank J. Baker, Lawlon, B.S. '69, OSU. John Mike Banoweh, Muskogee, B.S. '69, Souihern Merhodisl Universilyg Larry Banyash, Oklahoma Cify, OSU: Pafrick David Barnes, Muskogee, OU: Sian Brasler, Barllesville, B.A. '69, OU: Vernice E. Bales, Wilburlon, OU: William H. Bernauer, Oklahoma Ciiy, B.S. '69, OU. Thomas George Blakley, Enid, BA. '69, Phillips Uni- versiiy: Roberf Blalock, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '69, Baylor Universily: Roberi L. Bowser, Blanchard, OU: Dana Brian, Okmulgee, BA. '69, OSU: Zeb L. Brisfer, Jr., Oklahoma Ciiy, B.S. '69, Universily of Tulsa: Edward Burdick, Sloalsburg, N.Y., B.S. '68, Oral Roberis Universily. Jim D. Burford, Miami, Oklahoma, OU: William Burne++, Okmulgee, BA. '69. OSU: Danny James Cassady, Blackwell, Wichira Sfare Universilyg James E. Cheafham, Jr., Oklahoma Cily, BA. '69, Kansas Slale Universify: Terry M. Clower, Honolulu, Hawaii, OSU: Jerry L. Cochran, Ada, B.S. '69, Easl Cenlral Sfale. James Cobb, Oklahoma Cily, B.BiA. '69, OU: Maurice Coffey, Oklahoma Cily, BA. '69, Drake Universify: Charles Cook, Tulsa, Universiry of Tulsa: C. Edward Co'H'on, Jr., Edmond, Cenlral Slale Col- lege: Mickey E. CriH'enden, Wewoka, B.S. '69, OSU: Richard H. Crook, Barllesville, M.S. '69, OU. Merle Davis, Hinlon, B.S. Pharmacy, '69, Souih- weslern Siale: William B. Dawson, Muskogee, BA. '69, Tulane Universiiy: Daniel Demchuk, Deiroil. Mich., B.S. '63, U. S. Mili+ary Academy: Emery Dilling, Flefcher, OU: Bascom Doak, Oklahoma Cily, BA. '55, Universily of Wisconsin: Billy May Eden, Duncan, B.S. '69, Abilene Chrislian College. Earl S. EllioH, Tulsa, B.S. '69, OU: R. Cameron Emmofl, Barllesville, BA. '69 Soulhern Meihodisl Universilyg Carla Anne'He Evans, Helena, OSU? Wal'I'er J. Exon, Tulsa, Universily of Tulsa: Bob Eysfer, Norman, BA. '69, Wesfmar: Sfephen Fadem, Tulsa, Tulane Universily. ' William Ford, Oklahoma Cily, OU: John Gearhari, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '69, OSU: Louis Gehm, Okla- homa Ciiy, B.S. '69, OSU: Rose Gideon, Perry, BA. '68, OSU: Arfhur Hale, Tulsa, B.S. '69: Joe R. Hamill, Midwesl Cily, OSU. John Hamilron, Tulsa, Universiiy of Tulsa: James Eric Hammarsfen, Oklahoma Cily, BA. '69, Yale Universily: Russell L. Hanan, Waynoka, B.S. '69. Oklahoma Chrislian College: Jack A. Harder, Okla- home Cily, B.S. '68, Soulhweslern Sfafe: Richard Harrison, Oklahoma Ci'ry, BA. '69, Oklahoma Cify Universily: Frank L. Hari, Pauls Valley, BA. '69. Yale Universilyg Edwin M. Healey, Oklahoma Cily, Bfx. '69, OU. Ronald E. Hempling, Oueensville, N.Y., B.S. '69, OU? Kenl' Hensley, Checolah, B.S. '69, OSU: David Hesler, Chelsea, OU: Pefer Hochla, Belhany, BA. '69, Oklahoma iC'ry Universiryp John H. Holcombe, Muskogee, OSU: Danny Horfon, Apache. B.S. '69. OSU: Campbell P. Howard, Oklahoma Cify, BA. '69, Simpson College. Freshmen Michael G. Hummer, Oklfihorna City, B.S., '69, OSU: Raymond C. Jackson, Oklahoma Cily, OSU: N. Eric Johnson, Miami, B.S. '69, Univcrzily ol San Diario: Richard L. Johnson, Muskogee, B.S. '69, Nf,rIliufi',lerri Sfale: Richard O. Jones, Asheville, N.C., B.S. '6'l. OSU: David G. Kasfl, Norman, B.S. '69, OU. Alan Keller, Broken Arrow, OSU: Gary Kendle, Free porf, III., B.A. '68, Simpson Collage: Frederick Kenny, Fairfax, B.S. '69, OSU: Tom Kimball, Okla- home City, B.A. '69, Yale Univcrsilyg Waller L. Lamar, Alfus, OU: Edward J. Lansing, Oklahoma Cily, B.A. '68, Oklahoma Cily Universily. W. Marsfon Linehan, Tulsa, B.A. '69, Brown Univer- sify: Michael C. Manning, Oklahoma Cily, B.A. '65, Cenlral Slaleg David J. Markes, Waukomis, B.A. '69, OSU: Richard Marple, Tulsa, D.S. '69, Washington Universiry: Michael Marsh, Tulsa, OU: Edwin Kenf McClenahan, Tulsa, B.S. '69, Norfheasfern Sfale. Nancy A. McCorkle, Cardil-T-by-The-Sea, Calif., M.S. '69, OU: William George McCreigh+, Jr., Okla- home Cify, B.A. '69, Oklahoma Cily Universify: Michael M. McDaniel, San Diego, Calif., San Diego Slale College: Gary D. McGann, Oklahoma Cilry. B.A. '69, Phillips Universily: Pafrick Moore, Okmulgee, B.A. '69, OU: Palrick M. Morgan, Rose- ville, Calif., B.A. '69, Chico Srale College. Ken'I' Murray, Brislow, Cenlral Slale: William B. Nance, Jr., Oklahoma Cily, B.A. '69, Soulhern Melhodisl Universily: Cily, B.S. '69, OSU '69, Panhandle Slafe homa ony, B.A. Edward W. Osborn, Roberf H. Nelson, Oklahoma Richard Nevins, Hooker, B.S. Frederick C. Oakes, Jr., Okla- 69, Norfhwesrern Universify: Camargo, B.A. '69, Universily of Kansas. B.A. '69, Norlhweslern Univer- Pue, Tulsa, B.S. '69, Universily Ramsay, Ada, B.S. '66, Soufhern J. Randall Rauh, Alva, B.S. '69. Dan Rhodes, Beaver, B.A. '69, Cenfral Sfalez Michael Zane Rickman, Cherokee. Norfhwesfern Slale. David Pollack, Tulsa. Sify: Wayne Harold of Tulsa: John David Mefhodisf University: Norlhweslern Slale: Joe Riddle, Talihina, M.S. '69, OU: J. C. Rogers, B.A. '69, OSU: Wayne A. Roop, Jr., Tulsa, B.S. '69, OU: James A. Rosacker, Oklahoma Ci'ry, B.S. '68, Cenfral Slale: Louis R. Royal, Wichifa, Kansas. Wichila Slale: Harhell Vernon Schalif, McAles'rer, OU. James Schmidt Oklahoma Cify, Cenlral Slale: David Paul Schulfz, Oklahoma Cify, OU: John H. Scoff, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '69, OSU: A. H. Shi, Slralford, B.S. '65, OSU: James L. Shoof, Oklahoma Cily, B.A. '69, Anderson College: Travis Solomon, Oklahoma Ci+y, Cenfral Slaleg Mike Sfanley, Tulsa, B.S. '69, Tulsa Universily. Gerald Michael S'I'eelman, Sfillwaler, B.S. '69, OSU: Roy Sfeiman, Swampscolf, Mass., OU: C. Roberi' Sfeves, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '68, OU: Marshall Sfiles, Lalayeffe, La., B.A. '69, Rice Universily: M. Kenf Sfudebaker, Miami, B.S. '69, OSU: Jimmie W. Taylor, Del City, B.S. '69, OBU: Tom Trow, Holdenville, OU. Valerie Voehl, Davis, B.S. '69, Easl Cenfral Slafe: Alfon H. Wagono, Oklahoma Cify, B.S. '69, OSU? Angela 8. Wallenbrock, Oklahoma Cify, OU: James Roberl' Williams, Oklahoma Cify, OSU: Doug Wilsey, Sfillwaler, OSU: Charles Womack, Oklahoma Cify, B.S. '69, OU: John M. Yafes, Alfus, B.S. '63, OSU. Ph. D. Candidates Karen M. Alrins, Biosrai-Epidem: Muhammad Ali, Biochemisrry: John B. Amadio, Healfh Admin.: Josephine F. Banneriee, Paihology: Wesley S. Beaver, Biol. Psy: Bradley L. Billings, Comm. Disorders: Roberi G. Bowers, PMPH: Allen E. Boyser, Comm. Disorders. Dale L. Campbell, Biochemisiry: Lynn D. Carr, Human Ecology: George B. Carroll, Environ, Hlrh: Jack E. Cearley, Environ. Hlfh: Franlc Chan, Anaiomy: Ching-shyong Chen, Biochemisfry: Kuo-Lan Chen, Biochemisiry: David C. Cheung, Biochemisiry. Naoki Chiba, Biochemisrry: Alec C, Chou, Physio- logy: Roberf D. Coleman, Environ. Hlih: Roberi' S. Conrad, Microbiology: James P. Cosfiloe, Biosrat- Epidem: Joe E. Couller, Biol, Psy: Pamela A. Craiger, Comm. Disorders: Jeprha W. Dalsion, Healih Admin. Randolph E. Deal, Comm. Disorders: Dale C. Delano, Environ. Hlrhg John M. Dennis, Comm. Disorders: Alberi Dorr, Bioslai. Epidem: John Drake, Bio- chemisrry: Kimilro H. Dugan, Anaromy: Norman E. Dyer, Environ. Hlrh: Michael P. Dzuba+y, Physiology. Carole M. Eliason, Healrh Admin: Sfan W, Ferguson, Biosrar, Epidem: Phillip R. Fine, Environ. Hilh: Earl D. Follr, Bioslar. Epidern: M. Rebecca Fosfer, Bio- chemisrry: Srephen J. Girsch, Biochemisrry: Peler Glusker, Biol. Psy: Maury G. Gollob, Human Ecology. Venus Gomez, Biosiai. Epidem: Ca+herine L. Gregg, Biochernisiry: Alan S. Grubb, Human Ecology: Bale S. Gurunaniappa, Biosiar. Epidem: Yezid Gufierrez, Lab Pracrice: Wayne R. Hanson, Comm. Disorders: Frances C. Hari, Heallh Admin: Parriclc J. Hari, Human Ecology. Elizabe+h B. Hensler, Healih Admin.: Joan A. Hollo- way, Biol, Psy.: John T. Homer, Microbiology: Char- les N. Howard, Biochemisrry: Henry H. Huang, Bio- chemisiry: Philip C. Hughes, Biol. Psy.: Lewis H. Irving, Human Ecology. Charles L. Jaclcson, Heal+h Admin.: Vicior L. Jaclrson, Human Ecology: Pafricia A. Jamison, Healfh. Ad- min.: Cynfhia L. Janes, Biol. Psy.: Alberi' T. Joern, Biol. Psy.: Leslie D. Johnson, Biochemisiry: Roberf E. L. Johnson, Human Ecology. Ben M. Jones, Biol. Psy.: Kennefh O. Jones, Comm. Disorders: John H. Kalbfleisch, Biosiar. Epidem.I Jimmy L. Kelley, Biochemisiry: Bernard Kramer, En- viron. Healih: Wu-Nan Kuo, Biochemisiry: Edward K. Lai, Biochemisrry. Vernon D. Larson, Comm. Disorders: Michael B. Laslrowslci, Physiology: Donald V. Lassifer, Environ. Heal+h: Joanne H. Ledford, Biochemistry: Richard W. Leu, Microbiology: Louis M. T. Lin, Parhologyi Ching L. Liu, Lab. Pracfice. Graduates Douglas M. Livingsfon, Human Ecology: Dean D. Loclrwood, Comm. Disorders: Charles A. Lovig, Bio- chemisfry: Clyde A. Lynn, Environ, Health: John E. Lynn, Environ. Heallh: Theodore D. McClure, Anal- omy: Wal+er J. McCona+hy, Biochcmisfry: Marlr T. McDowell, Comm. Disorders. James F. McTigue, Human Ecology: Larry W. Mag- nuson, Healfh Admin.: Ronald F. Maly, Environ. Heallh: Chi C. Mao, Physiology: Melody J. Marshall, Human Ecology: Vincenl' Marshall, Microbiology: William R. Malhews, PMPH: William A. Meissner, Comm, Disorders, Franlrlin J. Milianli, Comm. Disorders: Waller M. Moore, Heallh Admin.: Ahmad S. Nasir, Environ. Healrhp Viola M. Neill, Microbiology: Mavis L. Niclc- els, Biochemislryq Roberf E. Nordquisl, Palhology: Pefer A. O'Mara, Biol. Psy.: James D. Orlen, Human Ecology. David E. Palm, Comm. Disorders: Donald E, Parlcer, Bioslar. Epidem.: George W. Parlrhursl, Biochemislry: James R. Parlrhursl, Biochemislry: Joe E. Penny, Anaromy: Roberl J. Person, Biol. Psy.: Marc A. Pfeffer, Physiology: Arlhur V. Prancan, Physiology, Gray H. Price. Biochemislry: Nasser Razeghi, Environ. Healrh: Howell W. Rogers, Microbiology: Benjamin Rosenblulh, Physiology: A. N. Salamy, Biol. Psy.: Julius E. Schneider, Biochemislry: Fracisco M. Ser- rano, Biosral. Epidem.: Dene C. Simpson, Biol. Psy. Richard J. Sinclair, Physiology: James W. Smilh, Heallh Admin.: John K. Snodgrass, Human Ecology: Anfal E. Solyom, Biochemislry: James J. Slanlco, En- viron. Heallh: Raymond D. Sfewarf, Biosraf. Epidem.: Warren W. Sfinson, Analomy. William J. S+i'rh, Biochemislry: David W. Sfroman, Biochemislryg Jaclr R. Taclrer, Microbiology: Yu-Lin Tai, Biochemisrryy Richard E. TalboH, Comm. Dis- orders: Billy K. S. Tam, Biochemisfry: Eugene Tan, Biochemisrry. Ralph E. Tarfer, Biol. Psy.: Eldred W, Tesfuf, Comm. Disorders: John G. Todd, Healrh Admin.: Roberl. G. Todd, Environ. Heallh: Kuei K. Tsai, Biochemislry: Su-Hsin L. Tung, Physiology: George M. Vallcovich, Biochemisrry. Hale A. Vandermer, Environ. Healrh: Donald R. Vardiman, Biol. Psy.: Lavilla B, Wallrer, Comm. Dis- orders: Chi-Sun Wang. Biochemislry: Rober+ A. Warner, Healrh Admin.: Roberl' L. While, Analomy: Roberl' L. Whilehead, Comm. Disorders. Ronald E. Whorfon, Healrh Admin.: Malilda E. Wiebe, Human Ecology: Wolfgang Wober, Biochem- isrry: Nancy C. Wu, Biochemisfryg Irene A. Yeh, Biochemisfry: Aniece A. Yunice, Environ. Healrh: Waller J. Zefuslry, Biochemisfry. Masters Candidates Norman K. Adams, Palhology: Be'l'h V. Ansley, Comm. Disorders: Donna L. Bahler, Comm. Disorders: Roberl' B. Boyd, Analomy: Paul L. BraHain, Environ. Heallh: Jan- ice A. Buckner, Microbiology. James E. Complon, Heallh Admin.: Janice D. Couey, Comm. Disorders: Sharran K. Cowan, Comm. Disorders: Peggy J. Deckerf, Physiology: Billy D. Elam, l-leallh Admin.: Linda S. Ellio++, Comm. Disorders. John D. Ferguson, Lab. Praclice: Vernon J. Ficken, En- viron. Heallh: Larry A. Fowler, Heallh Admin.: David O. Galloway, Lab. Praclice: Lynda B. Geron, Comm. Disorders: Susan Greenwood, Comm. Disorders. Clyde G. Hamer, Heallh Admin.: Bennie A. Hargrave. Healrh Admin.: Rosemary K. Harkins, Analomy: Sandra S. Healherley, Lab. Praclice: Connie E. Heidi, Comm. Disorders: S'I'anley T. Helm, Heallh Admin. Herschel L. Hobson, Environ Heallh: Lois E. Hodges, Comm. Disorders: Vickie A. Holloway, Heallh Admin.: Tim R. Kramer, Microbiology: Lanny K. Long, Heallh Admin.: Linda L. Long, Comm. Disorders. Andrea M. McCabe, Heallh Admin.: Jimmy C. Mar'l'in, Analomy: Karen L. Mask, Healfh Admin.: Evelyn L. Maxwell, PMPH: Harold W. Meyers, Comm. Disorders: Gloria A. Moeller, Comm. Disorders. Palrick W. Monroe, Bioslal. Epidem.: Ralph O. Morgan, l-leallh Admin.: Erma Jean Newman, Heallh Admin.: Jack L. Painler, l-leallh Admin.: Polly E. Palrick, Comm. Disorders: James T. Price, Microbiology: Paul D. Roih- well, Analomy. Cherie S. Samson, Comm. Disorders: Tommy J. Sanders, Heallh Admin.: Keifh R. Sherer, Environ. Healih: Wil- liam A. Turner, Environ. Heallh: Maurice S. Vickers, Environ. Heallh: June C. ViH'es. l-leallh Admin.: Lynn L. Walker, Heallh Admin. Rebecca M. Walker, Human Ecology: Rufh E. Wallace, Comm. Disorders: Tommy D. Wafers, Bioslal. Epidemx Shirley M. Wells, Analomy: Douglas A. Wesl, Comm. Disorders: Dorolhy D. Whifcomla, Comm. Disorders: James F. Woolon, Comm. Disorders, 'X 43 - Q95 DELTA ALPHA-SEATED: Dena Teis, Fran Jansing, President: Jimmy Cash, Vicki Mcliwen, lwvclyn NlcKcnnon, Marg- fill--pr Sl V'-.NIJ lNG: Barbara Robinson, Cheryl Murtaugh, Karen Hudson, Nancy Hunt, Betty Fischer, Ann Rush, Nina Beth Palrrxer, Cm, Nh!!-5' ursing Council nd Delta Alpha Delta Alpha is the honor society of the Uni- versity of Oklahoma School of Nursing. The purposes and aims of this society include: 1.5 recognition of achievement of scholar- ship of excellent quality. 2.5 recognition of leadership potential. 3.5 fostering professional standards. 4.5 strengthening commitment to the ideals and purposes of the nursing profession. 5.5 encouraging and supporting research and creative Work in nursing. The Student Council. the executive body for the School of Nursing. is composed of the student body officers, class presidents. Sigma representatives and a faculty advisor. The Student Council has its function to im- prove student-faculty relations and provide social and recreational activities for the stu- dent body. The proceeds from a lightbulb sale went for the annual Christmas party and renting the YWCA weekly for recreational activities. NURSING STUDENT COUNCIL-SEATED: Kathy Dandridge, President: Carol Fletcher, Representative to Sooner Medic: Nlary Gia-ei Representative to Sooner Medic. STANDING: Fran Jansing, Delta Alpha President: Nancy White, Newspaper Co-Editor: Gay Nladtiei. Junior Presidentg Sharon Strickler, Senior President and Treasurer: Sally Mills, Secretary: Betty Fischer, Social Chairman. 66 gwvfwi Q l 459 Seniors ursing Students The graduating Seniors of 1970 represent the largest class in the history of the OU School of Nursing. Numbering 55. this un- precedented quantity does not diminish the quality of our performance. This past year distinguished itself as one in which unity was achieved vvithout a loss of individualism. Our senior Delta Alpha members advanced their honorary society into national recogni- tion: a bold new approach revitalized our school paper: student-faculty relationships provided impetus for curriculum change. We have graduated into a new decade, and we along vvith the decade. contribute hope to the future. ? 'rf' ll, SENIOR OFFICERS- TOP ROW: Carol Fletcher, Representative to Soon- er Medic: Nancy White, Newspaper Co-Editor: Sharon Strickler, President. BOTTOM ROW: Ginger Bain, Social Chairman: Joyce Osmus, Secretary- Treasurer. Mrs. Paula Bailey, Norman, Oklahoma: Ginger Bain, Bartlesville, Social Chairman: Dorothy Buchanan, Oklahoma City: Mrs. Jimmie Cash, Broken Arrow. AA: Mrs. Carol Coose, Bethany: Mrs. Lillae Mae Coulter, Muskogee. Kathy Dandridge, Pauls Valley, KKF, President, Stu- dent Body: Mrs. Gail Kittert Edwards, Norman. KA9: Ernestine Evans, Oklahoma City: Elizabeth Fischer, St. Louis. Mo., AA lst V-Pres.. Student Body Social Chairman, OSSNA Treasurer: Carol Lee Fletcher, Bucklin, Kansas. Sooner Medic Representa- tive: Joan Fortmeyer, Caldwell, Kansas. Valerie Fox, Short l-lills, New Jersey: Mrs. Nancy Francis, Erick: Jane Ann Fritch, Norman: Mary Hall, Phoenix, Arizona: Mrs. Kathryn DeLea Herber, Shat- tuck: Janet Ruth Hoagland, Wichita, Kansas. Mrs. Karen Kay Hudson, Norman, AA, 2nd V-Pres.: Nancy Hunt, Blackwell, AF, AA Treasurer: Omega B. Jaggers, Ardmore: Mrs. Frances Jansing, Norman, AA President: Jim Edward Kastl, Washuska, OSSNA, Student Body V-Pres.: Patty Laurel Kistler, Hastings. Minn. Linda Knecht, Enid, Oklahoma: Vicki McEwen, Okla- homa City: Sally Mills, Midwest City, Student Body Secretary: Mrs. Sheryl Murtaugh, Oklahoma City: Pam Newman, Guymon: Mrs. Nola May Oliphant, Noble. Mrs. Joyce Bierig Osmus, Okeene. Sr. Class Secre- tary-Treasurer: Mrs. Ellen Parese, Norman, OSSNA: Carolyn June Rasp, Enid: Mrs. Elva Lorraine Reazin, Oklahoma City, RN: Mrs. Ann Reeves, Oklahoma City: Linda Rozell, Chandler: Ruth Ann Rush, Enid. DA. Jeanie Rybe, Mirucoq Pairicia Sillr, Tqhlnqlmh, OSSNAg Sandra Sisemore, Midwozf City. Carolyn Spradlin, Keyes: Sharon Slriclrler, Moor' land. Sr. Clues Pres., OSSNIM Karen Slowers. Mrs. Michael Rowle++ Tasker, Wilton, Conn.: Dena Regina Teis, Tulsa, llli'l', DA: Mrs. Judilh Floyd Wells, Moore: Nancy While, Hufchinuon, Kfrrrfr., Edilor of Nursing Newspaper. THOSE NOT PICTURED: Mrs. Jean Boese, Mrs. Linda Campbell, Rene Lauderbaclr, Mrs. Jo Ann WiHen, Mrs. Barbara Robinson, Carhy Walsh. Oh, you are using denial, Joan." 'The instructor was wrong again." 75' f Our own therapy on Day Treatment "These rivets are not ther.1peu:i:i" William Moses Bessent, Ct s's:"'s Jan Collharp, Merry Marie Glaser, Saws' "N"'Ci--' Keren Elaine Grantham, Sas' Janis Lee Hart, '.. se, ene Vs, JepiIn. 5 Marfha M. Latendress, Let- 3- Diane Deuson Leonard, Cta":a'5 CN' eneicce Sue Lucas S ff' Pa+ricia Ruth Judifh Ann McBee, 511.-.-see Evelyn Ann McKennon, ---r Paltrieia S. McLellan, Qiencme Cli'-f Nina Sen- Palmer, ', Linda Fae Parlthursf, Norman. rw! X Tack Saue, '- Jean Anne Simmons. Qklahorna City: Derma Sm!-th. f. Connie Sfewarl, Eelke. Caryn Jean S+oermer, 1'-"e1"':" li.' Karen Tacltett, Pamela J. TrouH, Cfrzrne CVM' Mary A. Yoont, fl" Q . e. JLNIOR OFFICERS-TOP ROW: Pam Troutt, Newspaper Co-Editorg Gay 0 Nladden. President. BOTTOM ROW: Donna Smith, Secretary-Treasurerg Nlary Ola-er. Representative to Sooner Medic. NOT PICTURED: Bill Bis sent, Nice-Presi . dent 0 ni X urslng Students The Junior Class can be described as a re- flection of the times striving to gain new goals for the future. Despite the burdened hours of work and study, many of the students were motivated to participate in the various nursing organizations, to help with numerous projectsg and to serve on faculty committees. Perhaps in every junior's mind there lurked confusion and discontent yet they went on hop- ing to communicate and give stability to those for whom they cared. The consequence of our learning and the infiuence of those who have taught us have evoked the unified feeling that "what lies behind us and what lies before us in time are tiny matters compared to the greatest distance we have yet to cover-that which lies within us." "Good, the next best thing." Story telling time on 3-I. "Once upon a time . . "Produce, Kid!" You think our blood is the same color?" 4 Physical Therapy Students The Class of 1970. outstanding in its own right. is the largest graduating class in the history of the School of Physical Thera- py. We are comprised of a group of true individuals. however the common class ob- jective is to become competent Physical Therapists by the time graduation rolls around. The long days in lecture and lab often seem much shorter than they actually are because of the casual. yet conscientious at- mosphere in which classes are conducted. Having experienced sore muscles, sunburns and bruises while practicing procedures later used on patients, we soon learn to appreciate accuracy in treatment applica- tion. During the year we all came to recog- nize the importance of hard work and prac- tice tand sometimes of a good partyj in becoming competent Physical Therapists. TOP ROW: Mark E. Acker, Maude L. Ackerman, Carolyn Sue Brady. Diana Davis, Claudia Dixon. SECOND ROW: Jan Francis, Susie Ciranoff, Shirley Ann Harris, Susan Hen- ry. Phyllis Jones. THIRD ROW: Martha Kendall, Bonnie Kent. Linda Mecham, Merilee Mooney, Nancy Myers. FOURTH ROW: Trijenna Nelson, Helen Pratt, Leslee Ran- del. June Silva, Candy Sneed, Bill Southworth. BOTTOM RONN: Dennis Spillane, Linda Stowell, Rose Mary Thomas, Susan Vest, Delores Williams, Mary Worthen. A forrn of therapeutic exercise, Progressive Resistive Exercise IPREJ is a valuable method used in legalfllllg lost strength Th N K Table and Dumbbell exercises are 2 commonly used forms of PRE 'I 3-.. r!! C I I ,M Q C? 9 Us 'L Lf- c'i.Ass on-iff-,Rs w.f.., s,,f- ot, It, ' ' "M 'Pu Rcportcrg Nancy Know-Irwin ldfhlliflp f cr, R- - tral State, Prcsidcritg Patsy Rhoafl, Ol, in '.,, 1" Secretary: Diana Jones, licthan, N-: ' L President. Medical Technology Students tt Doyle Williams, Langston. As we look back over our year of training in Medical Technology we can see all the good and bad times, the fun and the work. And work we did. The new Coulter S in hematolo- gy lab helps the work load but some of us will remember the weeks when everything was run in duplicate so the new "machine" could be calibrated. Many hours were also spent making ceram- ics to raise money for our annual trip to the National Convention. This year it is in De- troit, Michigan and we are all looking for- ward to it. Gur formal training will end in August fol- lowed by the National Registry examination. Paula Casey. Central State: Ann Rnitien. OCLA Barbara Wilson. Central State: Sarah Pollard. Miles College, Elizabeth tlibbyl Druid. Purdue: Elizabeth tfissyl Davis. OSU. ra Carol Estes, OU: Lois Nail, North- eastern. Q Q ..-...-.-,v ,.,,.- V w.,,,.,,, W The Dietetic Interns yt, ., ll.. , 4 A , Q-,pit I'-Q':"3!.f I 51,545 Q., V 'ffl 1 ' - x v" " , g,, y . ,X .f, 3 fi , ,l fy , xx -T' 1' Q4 ff- 45? ,F 1' 'e. ' af fr ' Zigi a f.-f it , i . Qlix r, - ,,, t.v,1 ,wi 9" 5 'I A Qu . ' "' -.:i'i i .iff . '15 4' ',,4 .2 .' l ,ifij if 'Ms . A RI' ip ,. -u, IA. ,fl '- ' 1,',f rl.. 1114 -ft. 1 .1 ,..l' , - sf 7 , 1 . . , ,tm , ..r' xii V, 1 ifgrgi The dietetic interns were involved in many different aspects of diet therapy and institu- tional management. Besides their work ex- perience at University Hospital and Children's Memorial Hospital, they are alliliated at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, Central State Mental Hospital at Norman, and V. A. Hospital. The year proved to be a busy but interest- ing one, with new ideas and new experiences presented. Miss Venice Gomez, Educational Director, listens to the problems of an intern. 4 4 l This intern enjoys presenting her Care Study. TOP ROW: Georgiana Barnellis CUSNRJ, Univ. of Utahg Marga- ret Brockman, Univ. of Missourig Mrs. Donna Case, Fresno State Collegeg Jolene Charvat, Kansas State Univ.: Cynthia Chung CUSAFJ, Univ. of Hawaii. MIDDLE ROW: Claire Demartini, California State Polytechnic College: Glenyce Estes, Univ. of Arkansasg Elaine Fuksa, Okla. State Univ.g Susan Herndon, 6 tfcluck niorning ' 4 rfeluek glans nlcep 'l he nipping an importar the interns, 5 Miss Demartini shows a patient hon simple his det x ll Central Missouri State: Karen Montgomery. Oregon S L BOTTOM ROW: Joan Overly. Miami L'niv. tOhitr 1 lx Romero. Okla. State Univ.: Mrs. Nelda Shaw, Okla Sta L Mrs. Joyce VanCuren, State Univ. College of Burfal 1 Webber, Olda, State Univ. Student Council The Student Council of the School of Medi- cine is the elected government of the student body. Members include the four class presi- dents. two representatives from each class and the President of the student body. In addition, a faculty member serves as Advisor to the Council. The purposes of the Student Council are to foster the ideals and traditions of the medical profession. promote the interests of the School of Medicine. coordinate activities within the student body and to promote cooperation and understanding between faculty and students. With the institution of the Academic Coun- cil. the Student Council has been given new re- sponsibilities. It is charged with the selection of student representatives to serve on the com- mittees and sub-committees of the Academic Council. This is an important obligation to both faculty and students. The Council is trustee of the Honor System and establishes guidelines and procedures for it. In addition, the Council sponsors the Aesculapian Awards annual banquet and dance, the Gridiron and the student-faculty smokers. - Nl' 4-:Nb N 'v-annex ' - f qlf. " . . .... ., - f ia .' -.-.. ,.., - ...N f X il .. I r SEATED: DeWayne Andrews, Presidentg G. Rainey Williams, Fac- ulty Advisor. STANDING: Don James, Secretaryg Bill Cook Treasurer. SEATED: Lynn Harrison, Robert Hood, DeWayne Andrews, Don James, Nancy McCork1e. STANDING: Don Rahhal, Charles Womack Martin Smith, Stephen Autry, Robert Gerner, David Casper. NOT PICTURED: Tom Dodson, Bill Cook. Student merican Medical Assoc This past year the Oklahoma SAMA Chapter has been doubly honored by being selected the Outstanding Chapter in Re- gion VI and by serving as an example of what the ideal SAMA Chapter should be in the booklet SAMA 69-70, which was distributed to all medical schools across the country. Oklahoma was also selected as one of the five sites for the 1971 Regional Medical Education Conferences to serve primarily the midwestern U.S. SAMA chapters. The highlight this past fall was our annual SAMA-OSMA banquet and dance with guest speaker, Ed Martin, a fourth year medical student at Kansas who is the National President of SAMA. SAMA's most controversial and most suc- cessful projects this past year were the Sex Education and Drug Abuse programs es- tablished through the Community Health Committee, the SAMA Program Series, and our SAMA newsletter, the SAMA Menstrual. As a gesture of good will and in rec- ognition of the rivalry between Kans- as and Oklahoma we made Ed an Honorarie OKI E. Llllbld - SAMA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Bill Dov-.nham Doug Smith, Vice-President: Peggy Wisdom. Secretary: I I- President. Qlvawx-aug-.-.L --- .. xr'-..4--ns..- .".-..-- SAMA EXECUTIVE COUNCIL-SEATED: Doug Smith, Richard Redman, Peggy Wisdom, Frank Hart. STANDING: Ray Bra Strong, Joe Fagan, Bill Downham, Bruce Stanton, Larry Minnick. Dave Hamblin. New Standards In Medical Education The stark contrast shown by the illustra- tions tells the story of what happened to Medi- cal Education in Gklahoma on January 5. 1970 when students attended their first classes in the new Basic Sciences Education Building. lt is a story which is being followed with great interest by medical educators all over America. The concept of a multidisciplinary facility for physician education is not a new one-it was first suggested by Chauncey Leake about 40 years ago. Although a few other such fa- cilities have been built during the past few years, the Oklahoma model is unique in sever- al respects. Ours is a building which is not wedded to a particular curriculum formatg it is flexible enough to accommodate the contin- uing evaluation and modification of the med- ical curriculum which we intend to do. I 1 4 0 ii 'U-- I 5 i 5 4-uv... jp-r v 4 -4.-...,g, ' j- , fTTf A :A-- -3- ,T , ,J "rv ' ,S Mfr ' 4 A33 1 11 ' 7: -we xx 311 R , n 1 '. 0. 5 14 K! is f3NH idiibij iff? W Q- i'iil I Rf YYY: f . u ,L"!', 1,11 Fx'-' u4"' I fx' K R I A s-- -, .-.- n f ,env Index Sz Advertising QW ' if 2 4 ,. 2' , 5 N V- ' 5 W , ,Vg v - ' Y r :aww ' An! T93 X ' ws xy TX .wx f ,yywnww The Game Room with exclusive atmosphere and distinctive decor 0KI. HUMII MEMUIIIIII. UNIO THE OKLAHOMA MEMORIAL UNION SERVES STUDENT, CAMPUS COMMUNITY, AND STATEWIDE ACTIVITIES. AUDITORIUMS 0 BALLROOMS 0 MEETING ROOMS DINING ROOMS O LOUNGING AND RECREATIONAL FACILITIES Other services include: a barber shop. beauty TRUSTEES . . . salon, newsstand, bankette. gift shop and vend- PRESIDENT .................. LEE E. TE, ,JS Inq canteen. VICE PRESIDENT ................ f.l.fI QUITE... We are equipped to handle both large and TREASURER ................ R.l.Y5.fCkT small conventions and group meetings. SECRETARY and MANAGE .. IIQLYEE FFEELA Ns.-.-. Q Mary, l95 Alpha Epsilon Pi, 266, 267 Anrer, Ha Asb Lam- Ill 4T A At-Nrf, Nerf 7: 243 320 3:-3 'SN Acre", Debra '94 244 4N Aera" Soar Eel A:Se":':" "':"s IF 3lS 403 Ape' 5.2-ax: IIS , Ape':'i:"ar c Tnsmas ISI lS3 ISS, M, " - ss --s ??"'.!"u C.. ..J .54 per' 405 x- -1. x A A.. - . : A1':""'.!"'s V- 'XV' Ar ' ee' D." we '94 330 400 Arne- '-ants" 24: Ik? 400 Arne. JS" 332 -ECU A:"e"'s James FN 4K A'-'---Q S'-' ':' SCS 400 .-.,.A -New ss' "sa FN 403 A:-:"s:' Ne: 'S' I-I4 -R-,ws ..!-. Aera? 9' Ar- Sa-: Acacia, 264, 265 Accounfinq Club, 322 s.,,. ra.--s ggi D1 R'a"":-d 3 Aye 'Ja'-i SST A:-f' '-"3 - f'5 453 illi' Ne 433 va: 354 ".'i- v cn A:-e"c:' --: 'S' 433 Air: 2' l-'3'- 31 Az- 'Ne' ff' .: A f. Ce: A 3 9. C':'. 3 -. lr Q1 A - Q A:.-3 326 329 -is It 9 A 1-'f 332 :rw fe". 234 3 9 3' 4:.."s St: 232 333 453 '1::"s Cz' 57 292 403 Adams Cenler, I79, I82 :.-.--, -f.-,A ... -v ..,.f.... -a- 72' 43' ' A u gs." CJ -13 .3-x ." ' 3' -EQNQ 223 . --5 --- 7S2 -1.2" " 7 " za: ee: . 94 4:3 :'? 2 Z 45: ' tame 'T fr' E48 :fra : 2 239 453 s"z:' l :'a' 39 :fir ie 453 ':a'::' ' ' .n 401 A "::' er' 293 480 1 45 384 'fr 'C rr 216 E30 324 A 272 419 41- ' "az 24? 403 Ai- 'z S'e:'e' 354 Adminislrahon Feaiures, 36, 37 Adrninisfraiion and Services, 34, 9l Admissions and Records, 6? Advanced Sfudies, 86, 87 Afro-American Sludenf Union, 346 Ars' '-ezzrr 247 401 F':'f-- :'e':e' tr ES: F r 'z A ar 294 41 I- r '1 Dax: az 262 220 4CO A 1'-s' Cnr' e EE 246 400 Air Force-ROTC. 37l, 374 A"':'Z . E7 Ii-r"a"'-:-1' E,-:1 248 I-,rc a Ze"': 'E I-r'i':" Ca", 246 333 Er' A Ei J f5','J. 'J 354 A Sa.-2' Bai' 354 325 A 5. r: 'J' V-:iz 354 A f:.r.z, 1 Je rs-ia 222 47: I- :ff-' 'e"'.' 242 422 I- 1' 1" 'pf:c':e 319 E24 ,'. ,.' - e..,. 24: rg O A ., . . . -, ff .1 3 3 A ', ,J A ,.,. D,.-.,3 -Q4 gr: ,.,,-V, ,7 r ,J lil Ara, 'af fa .. ,4 A ':":':e Jer' 264 324 A 1" se lf var: 202 324 4M A era :er Jer' U32 47, A era oe' V":" '96 420 A mance' Larw 4"J A erarcer Have E52 27:4 A Se" 1'-r'zA'ie"e W 403 A izrr: Dean 284 4W A'ic'1 Joe 372 276 224 A'io'd. Torn, 290 A"en, Claudia 232 A'ari Heen 357 Allbee Barbara, IEE '52 2l4 450 ,Al'der, Tnornas, 294 334 All-3-wan, Roberf 286 41 Allgccan, Vlilliann 4U2 A"en, AWP-Jr, l64 220 476 Index Ashcroft, Viva, l92 Ashford, Richard, 208 Ashlock, Michelle, I85, 238, 258, 400 Ashworlh, lreneanna, l95, 400 Askins, Sfeven, 400 Alhlelic Council, l34 Aihlefic Slaff, l35 Alkinson, Daniel, 294, 400 Aikinson, James, 278, 384 Atlas, Richard, 308, 400 Aliaway, Roberi, 278, 400 Aubrey, Chris, I85, 236,400 Barfield, Susan, 246, 40l Barqer, Sandra, 250, 40l Barham, Beiiye, 352, 40l Barker, Garry, I82 Barker, Larry, I82 Barker, Wesley, 292, 40l Barksdale, John, l66, l69 Bell, Lawrence, 322 Bell, Mary, l04, l90 Bell, Richard, 283 Bell, Roberf, 204 Bell Roy I36 I37 l38 l'39 l40,22I serif Slewarl,'296,'402' ' Belzer, Ellen, I96,-102 Allen Bruce, 400 A'1en, Cec'l, 35l, 384 Alien Chrisfina, 282 Allen, Claudia, 238, 400 Allen, CVS-Q 2l6, 376 Allen, Daxid, 220 Allen, Deborah, I85. 246, 400 Allen, Jerrx, 298. 384 Allen, Ju.-llih, 384 Allen, Karen, 344 Allen, Katherine, 238, 400 Allen, Larry, 400 Allen, Roberl, 272, 273, 384 Alley House, I99 Allison, Paul, I53, 220,400 Allison, Richard, 204, 400 Auer, Peier, 264, 358, 384 Auguslensen, Jack, I97, 384 Ausf, Carolyn, 238, 384 Auslill, Ba rksdale, Russell, 203 Barlow, Joseph, 2l3, 40l Barnard Craig, 292, 40l Barnes, Cynrhia, I99, 242, 40l Barnes, Deborah, I88 Barnes, Frank, 208, 3l4 Barnes, Gary, 264, 40l Barnes, Gene, I37, 22l Bendersky, Dale, I99 Benear, Jan, 402 Benear, Suzan, IO6, 240, 402 Beneda, Rulh, 20l, 355, 402 Benedicl, Karen, I85 Benefield, Danny, 402 Beneiield, Richard, 382 Benneii, Alan, 272, 402 Allman, James, Edwin, 204 Allred, Richard, l60 Almack, Penny, I85 Air-rx, James, 400 Alpha Chi Omega, 226, 227 Alpha Della Sigma, 346 Alpha Epsilon Della, 323 Alpha Epsilon Phi, 228, 229 Alpha Gamma Delia, 230, 23l Alpha Kappa Alpha, 232, 233 Alpha Phi, 234, 235 Alpha Phi Alpha, 268, 269 Alpha Phi Omega, 324 Alpha Phi Omega, Sweelheari, ll0 Alpha Sigma Phi, 270, 27l Alpha Tau Omega, 272, 273 A'soaugh, Befsy, 236, 358, 375, 400 Alscaugh, Jane, 236, 400 Alswcrlh, Leslie, 220 Alumni Associafion, 84, 85 Amen, Kelly, 294,400 Arnerinoer, Beverly, l9l, 355 Arnes, Lee, 384 Amspacher, Jerry, l3l Amspacher, Jill, 248, 384 Anders, Terry, l53 Ausiin, Barbara, 226, 400 Ausiin, David, 206, 400 Austin, Donna, 352 Ausiin, Kenneih, 2ll Aufen, James Craig, 286,400 Thomas, 382 Avanls, Avery, Beri, 3l5 Awsumb, John, 298, 384 Ax, Donna, I94, 40l Axelrod, Dwighi, 40l Aycock, Siephen, I37, 22l, l40, I44 Ayers, Randolph, l48, l60 Ayers, Sieven, l32 B Babb, Jerry, 306, 40l Babbiii, Chesier, 322 Babbiil, Jan, 40l Baoione, Charloiie, 244, 40l Baccus, Gary, 40l Baccus, Mancil, 22l Bachelor, Jane, I96, 240, 258, 40l Bachle, Anne, l9l, 355,401 Bachman, Pairicia, 49 Backus, Harroll, I96 Bacon, Charles, 282, 40l Bader, Allen, 268, 40l Badgell, James, 325 Badgley, Roberl, 384 Badzinski, Terry, 2ll, 272, 40l Baer, Karleen, 248, 40l Barnes, James, 278, 40l Barnes, Mary, IO6, 244, 3l5, 375, 385 Barnes, Pairick, ll9, 340 Barnes, Srephen, 280, 40l Wallace 298, 40l Barnes, , Barneir, Max, 325 Barnhard, William, 296, 40l Barnum, Beliy, 385 Baron, Charlene, l95, 40l Barr, John, l32, l37, l45 Barr, Lincoln, 40l Barragree, Jack, 294, 385 Barrasso, Judy, 252, 40l Benneif, Barbara, 252, 402 Bennell, Charles, 385 Benneil, James, 2l2 Bennellr, Palricia, 402 Benson, James, 280, 402 Beniley, Bob, 385 Benfley, Karla, 226, 402 Beniley, Slephen, 302, 402 Benlon, Edmund, 318, 36I Berger, Bruce, 385 Berqer, Donald, 206 Berkenbile, David, 2l6 Berkmeyer, Sue, 200, 402 Berlin, Lawrence, 20l, 268, 402 Anderson, Bob, 325 Anderson, Bobby Gene, 204 Anderson, Bruce, I97, 220 Anderson, David, 288, 400 Anderson, Deborah, 20l Anderson, Douglas, 203, 400 Anderson, Edwin, 349 Anderson, Jackie, 230, 384 Anderson, James M., 400 Anderson, James R., I69 274, 400 Anderson, Judith, 236, 400 Anderson, Laura, 256, 794 Anderson, Lawrence, 384 Anderson, Roger, 297 360 380 Anoerson, Ronald, 288, 400 Anderson, Sandra, 322 Anderson, Sherrv. 276, 332 Angler, Haus, 34l Andrako, Sharon, I94 Andrews, Scoff, 325 Andrews, Andrews, Andrews Harold, 65, 67 Harold Lee, 2l4 Marv. 400 Anessi, Tom, 90 Angel Fliqhi, 375 Anoel, Milchell, 204 Aniess, Kenneth 203 nna, 20l Bagby, Merry, 20I Bagdadipour, Alberi, 348, 384 Bagley, Jerry, I53, 220 Baglin, Carol, 384 Bagnall, David, I82 Bahai Club, 349 Bahner, Richard, 272, 40l, 340 Bailey, Donale, 20l, 342, 35l, 40l Anlreny Deborah, l89, 355,400 Anna Dawn, I87, 400 Anspon, Bonnie, 230, 400 Anfoniotli Chris Lee, 220 Appleby, Mary, l86 Arab Club, 354 Ard, Sheryl 244, 333, 384 Arenlz, Barbara, ll8, 250, 25l, 338, 384 Arco James, 400 Argodale, Marlha, l92 Armed Forces, 362, 377 Arrrizrrong, Leliiia, 252 400 Arrrisfrono Michael, 278, 384 Army ROTC, 364, 368 Arnesen, Donna, l94 Arnold Air Socieiy, 376 Arnold, Don, 400 Arnold, Puih, 69 Arnold Slefr: 308, 400 Arnoldi, Jelfrev l3l Aron Debra, I82, 228, 400 Aronson, Ann, 332 Aronsfen, Elissa, 228, 400 Ads 81 Sciences, College of, 45 Araood, Melanie, I98 Ash-hell, Sfephen, 400 Ashby, Pafricia, 64, 384 Aahlzr, Paffck, 3l5 Agrcraif, Sfefen, 293 333. Bailey, James, 274, 275, 40l Bailey, Lindsay, 40l Bailey, Dr. Roberl, 69 Bain, Melinda, 40l Baird, Chrislopher, 40l Baird, Mariin, 40l Baker, Carol I, 40l Baker, Carol 2, l85 Baker, Charles, 325 Baker, Cindy, l72, 244, 40l Baker, Dalelee, 246, 384 Baker, Deborah Lynn l, 250, 40l Baker, Deborah Lynn 2, I93, 3l4, 40l Baker, Gary, I25, 2ll, 339, 384 Baker, James M., 40l Baker, James V., 33l Baker, Jean, 244, 384 Baker, TSGT Joseph, 37l Baker, Larry, 352, 384 Baker, Lysbeih 244, 40l Baker, Michael, 40l Baker, Sarah, Calherine, 76, IO6, 375, 40l 252, Baker, Slephen, 40l William, 290, 384 Barbara Baker Balch, , l8l Balden, La Vada, I98 Baldridge, Richard, l32, I33, 22l, 364 Baldwin, William, 203 Balikov, Edward, 276, 40l Ball, Jack, 342, 356, 384 Ball, Roberl, 278, 40l Ball, Tom, 205 Ballard, Deidra, 250, 3l4, 40l Ballew, Frances, 248, 40l Ballew, Nancy, 248, 40l Balslers, Rolneri, l56, 220, 40l Balliaio, John, 203 Bancroil, Frances, IB6 Bandy, Rufus, 274, 40l Bangs, John, 302, 40l Banks, Charles l-l., 3l5 Bapfisf Sludenl Union, 325 Baguero, Francisco, 270, 40l Barbaro, Louis, 264 Barbee, Verna, l89 Barber, Mary, I85, 252, 40l Barber, Pairicia, 240, 40l Barbour, Dee, 250, 40l Barbour, Mary, 250, 385 Bard, Sally, 250, 28l, 40l Barlield, Oliver, 290, 40l I36, Barrelr, Bruce, l59 Barreil, Calhryn, 40l Barreil, Dennis, 40l Barreil, Edward, 40l Barreil, Rila, 200, 40l Barreil Ronald, 385 Barreli, Samuel, l3l, I96 Barringer, David, 2l3, 347, 385 Barron, Linda, l93, 40l Barrowman, Breli, 290, 40l Barrel, Michael, 302, 40l Barlh, John, 40l Barlhel, Nan, I96 Barllell, Gov. Dewey, 38 Barlley, Gary, I66 Barion, Harlan, 3l5, 348, 40l Barlon, Roberi, 55 Barron, Sue, 236, 40l Bariosh, Glen, 203 Barzellone, Slephen, 40l Baseball, l60, l6l Basham, Thomas, 3l5 Baskefball, I47, I5l Bass House, I98 Bass, Janis, l95, 385 Bass, John, l65, 220, 40l Bassel, Pairicia, 238, 375, 40l Basu, Ray, 2l6 Baldorf, Phillip, 347 Baies, Roberl, 2l3 Balien, Nancy, 238, 40l Balile, Frank, 272, 40l Bauch, Susan, 385 Bauer, Deborah, l9l Bauerle, Roberi, 270, 40l Baugh, Brell, 284, 40l Baugh, Thomas, 205 Baum, Jeffrey, 2l5 Bauman, Alan, 276, 40l Baumgardner, Joe, 264, 385 Baumgarlen, Arihur, 276, 40l Baur, Barbara, I99 Baxter, Philip, 292, 385 Baxier, Roberl, I96, 355, 40l Baxler, Roxanne, I85, 240, 40l Bayer, Jay, 2l8 Bays, Gail, I99, 40l Bazewicz, Roberi, 385 Beach, Verlin, 40l Beachboard, Russell, 280, 40l Beachler, Keiih, 34l Beadles, Gary, 382 Beadles, Bonnie, 40l Beagle, Douglas, 294, 40l Beagle, Nevin, 294, 385 Bearid, Berniia, 240, 40l Beakley, William, l53, l54, l55, 22l Beams, Bill, 40l Beard, Jo, 250, 385 Bearer, Roberi, 40l Beasley, Susan, 236, 40l Beallie, John, 3l5, 345, 347, 36l Beausang, Beisie, 20l Beauiies and Personalifies, 92, l26 Bechlel, Charles, 2l5 Beck, Charles, 40l Beck, Gayla, I94 Beck, Sieven, 302, 385 Beckel, Shirley, I94 Becker, Rebecca, 240, 3l4, 40l Beckell, Mary, 76, 78, 238, 375, 385 Beeler, Jeff, 298, 402 Behler, Rolnerl, 36l Behrenis, Melissa, l87, 250, 402 Beicek, Grani, 355 Belie, Roberi, 294, 372, 385 Bell, Allred, 2l4, 2l7 Bell, Charles, 365 Bell, Mrs. Charles, 370 Bell, Georgia, 202, 252, 402 Berlowe, Howard, 308, 402 Berman, Debra, l70, I85, 228, 229 402 Berman, Jill, l95 Berman, Roberr, 308, 385 Bernard, Edward, 300, 402 Bernard, Bernerl, Richard, 385 Mariiri, 300, 402 Bernhardl, Michel, 253 Berry Danny, 357 Berry: euy, 46, 274, 402 Berry, Berry, Pairicia ,, 360 Ro be rl, I37 Berry, William, 282,402 Berry Berla 402 Berla Besly hill, Jana, 244, 333. 385 lan, Mary, 238, 328, 339, 344 lan, Pairicia, 238, 335, 402 , Nancy, l7O, 360, 385 Be'l'a Thela Pi, 274, 275 Belhers, Bruce, 278, 402 Belzen, Joseph, 284, 402 Biard, William, 272, 402 Bibbo, George, 402 Bibens, David, I96, 402 Bickiord, Warren, 274, 402 Biddy, Jasper, l56 Biege, John, 284, 402 Bielefeld, Jan, 252, 402 Bigloie, Basil, 298, 299, 353, 385, 402 Bigbie, William, 296 Biggs, Gordon, 278, 402 Biggs, Susan, l86 Bigham,James, 278,402 Bigham, Leslie, 240,385 Biglane, Roberi, 204 Bileck, Toni, I98 Billings, Kalherine, I87, 248,402 Billings, Maureen, 246, 402 Billman, Joe, 224 Bingham, Siephen, 2l5, 402 Bingman, Bradd, 298,402 Bingman, Brooks, 298,402 Binkley, Laura, 248 Binney, John, 304,402 Birchall, Edward, 264, 385 Birden, Larry, 366 Birdsbill, Jerry, 402 Birkell. Thomas. 7l3, 3l5, 402 Bise, Carolvn, 385 Bishop, Brian, 82 Bishop, Carol, 76, ll9, 326, 375 Bishop, Eddie, 288, 402 Bishop, Ronald, 288, 402 Bishop, Sam, 325 Bishop, Sheryl, 402 Bissonneile, Joan, IO6 236, 402 Bislline, Raianene, 385 Billin g, Larry, 385 Biilman, Sieven, 280, 402 Birio, Karin, l92 Bivins, Palricia, I99 Bizzell Libra ry, 70 Biork Sieven, 203 Blacki, Alberl, 263, 294, 333,402 Black, Charles, 385 Black, James, 2l6, 376, 402 Black Mary, 236, 402 Black: Teresa, ao, ai, 385 Black William 208 407 Blackburn, Jerry, 284, 385 Blackburn, Lou, 385 Blackman, Thomas, 298,402 Blackwell, Judiih, I85, 246, 3l4, 402 Blades, Brenda, l88, 402 Blain e. Sara, 200 Blair, Beverly, l06, 248, 402 Blair, Bruce, I69, 2l8 Blair, Elizabefh, 333 Blair, Forresi, 206, 347, 402 Hawk Commander-A Tough Bird From Aero Commander It was born out on Route 66 in rugged flat lands. once settled by a group of pioneers, who called the place Bethany. Bethany is thc headquarters of Acro Commander, which turns out thc Hawk Commandersa. and Shrikc Commanders'TM'. The twin-engine tough birds. They'vc flown Oklahoman's workmanship and Oklahoma ruggedness all over the world. Maybe you would like to get in for grow inj the field of engineering and aerodynamics. And, if you'd sooner stay a Sooner as you are doing it. we can give you that chance. Just write Aero Commander. General Aviation Divisions North American Rockwell. 5001 North Rocku ell Ave- nue. Bethany. Oklahoma 73003. A good vvay to take off-without leaving home. ' . General Aviation Divisions North American Rockwell a x, E Bra-folef, James, SSS '7 209, Ca rpenler 89- rg- '.'f7l'.'a" 298 403 gm., Browning, Carole, 255 5'3" J:-e FS 402 S .ue Lsrw +02 S B axes." Lacja FN sae r XS e 7 s Su' 9-2 'Aa-4 as 7s " s Sane-c-.'. . -. A Q S.s':'e Sr:-:Jew Il' 5 ax: My-. li' 355 402 5 a"me's- L' -Nw-s F: 402 5as:"n:' De- 354 355 5 s' Dre: S Ss-" E-.:e':- SSS :H eu Cer' 1' S' 432 :Q -e" 5' 5: re. .:" ICQ iff 5 in D' Eg.,-3 F, C S -' Pere -II 432 5 ':a' Ne B" 5 mwe Ve' .H .-:S S 3:3 V51 -C- Sf S :ss Rc: as 244 SS ' ' 53' za 402 H IES 40 ' ' e: :T T: 1 N 'J IN IIS 432 3 -ra 252 402 Serra ie? Liz: 349 -1' Gan T05 402 -1--sms' Je-n"e' lS5 238 sc-9 Mar. 230 ESS ra Nans. 252 255 402 'J :-s N'e""a '59 5:s.s':r C"'s':2"e' 385 5:J:s 5-53" 2:0 402 Esaaess R:.:' A. :9 5 3 S:':'s' Gesrae 402 5:'s Des .2 Zi' 29: 402 Ser' C:"'e"ne Marie 402 :-He' Dena 296 385 -. 'Q' Mercer' 245 348 358 3- 'er Keen. 2l2 5: ee- k":'ae' 282 402 :see Jz'-'ce I0-4 250 328 330 S:-e Dr, N:""'an H, 427 E: ere J-3"' ZCI 402 5: es Ge'r"a 238 402 S: ":e' Hawes 348 385 B:' Rsrer' 302 402 B:':' Da"e 302 402 B:':' Gan 26l 272 3l5 402 B:"':e Maura 202 B:"5:': Barbara 252 402 B:':s Liraa Gave 248 402 5:':.'e"' Larry 402 :re i"5'3l3 36l 3'3" "' Ann 342 35l 359 3"'3"' iff'-i'1 ZQO 402 Brice Robe" 206 Barre' Gan' 2l2 Seve' S'9C'E"l 385 3:-'ran-2' Barrera 170 3:r":3e' M':'ael 302 385 5"-'rar Larc. 300 402 Bozvrran Rcberfa, I92 228 403 Etc'-2' Dena 199 402 3:79 J:-2 I53 221 Ex" '.":ra-ei 353 Esc" Serra 194 8"'s New 306 385 32'-2' Te e"a 403 B:"':,-ei' Linda 250 403 B:"z" e. Dr. R':'a'o 35l Br tra" Ba". 346 Bexar: Suzanne 240 403 Bz-s:" Dana 276 348 358 335 Bite le' Jo 250 395 Bo-er Metre-le IQA 403 Bo.-e's Brandon 788 403 B:-ve'5 C'e'vf l95 403 Bowers Lani 272 335 Bo-e's lfcrae' 204 B:-fe': 'v":lr' I9O 403 Bow f:S Devi 2ll Bowles V 'ree' 403 Bow' BC-v es S.san 'ms 203 ri Caro: 334 403 rd Carol I92 Bowman 8'e'1'Ja, 230 403 Bid' an Nant: 238 403 Boar'-Jn S."Jne.' I93 746 403 Bowman Te".' 230 385 Bar Bow: BUI1 8071 BON! Boyd Boyd Bord Bord Bord Varoew 2Ol 40" 4 Sraas'-au James, 382 5'JJYr1flle' Paul 382 Bram, Car-Jlxn, 357 Sams Mcheel, 302, 403 Breda Ka-an, 236, 403 5, iizabefh 240, 403 Brand Dennis, I3- I52, I53 l '52 x B-anaecker, Edward, 220 Brandon, Gregory, 204 Branflax Michael, 280, 403 Branhneier, Marshall, 207, 278, 403 Branunv, Sandra, 385 Srashear, Renee, 240, 403 Bzarfon, James, 360, 372, 373 Bzauqhf, Dr. Gene, 352 Brands, Fred, 204 Brawlex, Kirk 288, 403 Brechf, Charles, 204 Breeden, Patricia, 20l,-103 Breeze, Arthur, 357 Brehme Fred, 294, 403 Breisch, Barbara, I88, 226, 403 Bronfmier, Marshall, 158 Brewer, Linda, 240, 375, 403 Brewer, Marqarel, 240, 403 Srewef. Mary, 240, 403 Brewer, Richard, 302, 403 Brewer, Thomas, 382 Bridal, Cafhie, I95, 403 Bridgeff, James, 206, 403 Bridoerfs, Eileen, I92 Bridwell, Holly l9l, 3l4, 403 Br'erv, Clifford, 206 Briery, Sharon, 238, 385 Brinqham, Roger, 2I2, 403 Brinkley,Jarr1es,278, 385 Briscoe, Clark, 2l2 Buckmasfer, Joe, 203 Buckner, Philip, 342 Budowsky, Donald, 386 Budzenski Frank, 221, 404 Buford, Elizabefh, 386 Buhrman Philip, 218 auisna, charles, 274, 404 Bullard, Jeffrey, 2Il, 404 Bullard, JoAnn, 360 Bullard, Ma , l9l, 404 Buller, Douqlllas, 302, 386 Bumpass, Rosemary, 333 Bumpers, Jane, 76, 25l, 326, Bunch, Deborah, 240, 404 Bundranf, Dorolhy, 83, 361, 386 Bunge, Paul, 22l Bunn, Barbara, 250, 404 Bunting, Larry, 353, 386 Bunlz, Paul, 276, 404 Burand, Don, 277 Burbage, John, 210 Burden, Calherine, 386 Burden, James, 284, 404 Burden, Ronald, 386 Burford, Jean, 294 Buriord, Jim, 386 Burg, Deborah, 228, 404 Burger, Michael, 72 Burgeif, John, 353 Burgeli, Nancy, 349, 386 Burgharl, Sue, 244, 404 Burk, Donald, 76, 83, 306, 404 Burk, Philip, 203 Burke, Harry, 131 Burkell, Byron, 218 Burkefl, Jerry, 208 Burkeif, Therese, 404 Burkiif, Jerry, 302, 404 Burks, Evelyn, 348 375, Calinson, Thaddeus, 376 Calkins, Dennis, 182 Callaghan, Patricia, 386 Calloway, Lynda, I92, 404 Calverl, Laura l89, 404 Camacho, Frederick, 198 Cambridge, James, 288, 404 Cavil, Jafus, 269 Cavins, Cassandra, 405 Cavnar, Eddie, 356 Cavnar, Paul, 272, 405 Cawley, Mike, 366 Cawlhon Peier 288,405 Caywood Mikelann, 248, 405 Campbell, Bobby, 304 Campbell, Carole, 236,404 Campbell, Charles, 386 Campbell, Danny, 203 Campbell, James, 2l0 Campbell, Jerry, 341 Campbell, Kare'n, 244, 249, 333, 336, 344, 352, 404 Campbell, Nancy F., Ill, 3l5, 404 Campbell, Nancy L., 185 Campbell, Ralph, 207, 404 Campbell, Roberl Logan, 404 Campbell, Robert P., 263, 290, 29l, 333, 339, 404 Campbell, Sarah, 240, 404 Campbell, Scoll, 217 Campbell, W. R., 64 Campus Chesf, 326 Campus Personalities, 118, 125 Canazon, Michael 2l0 Canepa, Christopher, 298, 404 Cecere, Domenico, 284, 405 Cerny, Sam, 85 Cervi, Justin 296, 366, 405 Chaabane, Ghassane, 354 Chack, Sherry 248, 405 Chadwick, John, 405 Chaffin, David, 352 Chain, John, 288, 405 Chalmers, John, 278, 343,405 Chalmiers, Harry, 272, 405 Chamberlain, James, 280, 405 Chambliss, Sheila, 405 Chance, Anila, 238, 386 Chandler, Alberi, 22l Chandler, Can-dace, 386 Chandler, Sharon, 405 Chang James 205 chapel, Daniel, zas aes Chapman, Jerr , 288, 405 Chapman, Pauli, 386 Chappelle, Carlos, 268, 405 Charles, Marian, l85, 405 Charley, Edward, 386 Charley, Emily, 354 Charlie, Calvin, 405 Chasieen, Douglas, 405 Chealham, Virginia, 382 Cheafwood, Victor, 298, 405 Cheek, Ronald, 198 Cheerleaders, 130 Chemical Engineers, American Insfitufe of, 347 Br7scoe, John Allen, 403 Briscoe, Roberta, 403 Briskev, Deborah, 202, 244, 403 Brisman, Roy, 322, 385 Brisfer. William, 355, 36l Brife, Cecil H., 67, 74, 75, 77 Broadd us, Goodwin, ,lr,, 39 Brockerf, John, 215, 403 Brockway, Nolan, 382 Burks, Burks, Mary, 195 Russell, 22l Burleson, Aaron, 278, 404 Burlie, Dorolha, 252, 375, 404 Burlinqame, Jerry, 68 Burlingame, Mrs. Jerry, 334 Burner, Cynlhia, 248, 249, 259, 333, 344, 404 Burnell, Paul, 274, 404 Burns, Annie 2, 26, 375,404 Burns, Bonnie, 196, 240, 404 Burns, Jacquelyn, 191, 404 Burns, Lois, 404 Burns, Richard, 276, 345, 355, 361, 386 Burns Sarah 76 333 326, 357, Burnslein, Jdel, '207 Burr, David A., 43, 65, 67, l34, lBl, 3l4 Cannon, Mary, 242, 386 Cannon, Nancy, 243 Cannon, Robert, 290, 404 Cantwell, Wade, 204 Capeharl, John, 302, 404 Capers, 370 Caplan, Phyllis, 386 Capps, Richard, 72 Capshaw, Gary, 286, 404 Capshaw, Roberl, lB2 Card, Phili , 272,404 Carey, Bargara, 195, 404 Carey, Gwendolyn, 192, 230, 233, Carey, Lana, 404 Carey, Larry, 386 Carey, Margarel, 236, 258, 404 Carlberg, Melanie, 186 Carlile, Paul 274, 335, 340, 404 csriin, eafalan, 382 Carlson, Candace, 404 Carlson, Judiih, 238, 404 Carmack, Michael, 386 Carman, Peler, 290, 404 Carminali, James, 2l7, 404 Carnahan, Carpenler, Keni, 288, 405 Dr. Charles C., 9l Carpenler, Gary, 2l7 Carpenler, George, 369 386 Chen, Jameson, 2l6 Chenowelh, Carla, 240, 3l4, 349, 405 Cherry, David, 302, 405 Cherry, Janice, 76, 78, l24, l95, 338, 386 Chesley, Pairick, 280, 405 Chesnul Susan, 250, 386 Chess, Gregory, 270, 405 Chesfer, Shirley., 200 Chesier, Tommy, 3l5, 348, 358 Chew, James, 337 Chi Omega, 236, 237 Chiconas, Peler, 290 Chilcole, Sleven, 405 Childers, Lowelle, 234, 405 Childers, Marie, 405 Childers, Mary, 405 Burr, Dr. John G., 9l Burris, Becky, 250, 404 Burris, Jess, 2l5 Burris, Kalhryn, 250, 404 Burris, Michael, 404 Burroughs, Douglas, 208 Burroughs Mark, 350 Burf, Michael, 220 Burlon, Belinda, 226, 328, 335 , JoAnn, 405 Childress, Judy, 250, 405 338, Ca rr, Ca rr Ca rr Ca rr Ca rr: Carr Ca rr Ca rr ell, Carrillo, James, 298, 299, 322, 405 , Morris, 2l3, 405 , Palrick, Il8, I96, 307, 340 Richard, l32 Scori, 376 , Terry, 2l8 , Wiley, 372, 376 Dr. Bob, 74, 36l Armando, 365 343, 404 Burlon, Dennis, 404 Burfon, Donald, 302, 404 Burton House, 200 Burion, Karen, 20I Busch, Lynidell, I64 Buse, S san I9 Bush, u , 5 Belly, l86 Business Adminisfrafion, College of, 46 Buskirk, Slephen, 288, 404 Bussey, Helen, ll5 susfiiia, Maris, 244, 249, 328,404 Brody, Barry, 300, 3Dl, 403 Broqden, Ronald, 208, 304, 403 Brooks, Claudia, 238, 403 Brooks, Norma, 349 Brown, Arnold, 76, 79, 346, 403 Brown, Beth, 385 Brown, Beverly 234, 403 Brown, Carol, 236, 260, 403 Brown, Carolynn, 200, 403 Brown, Chris, 76, 77, 262, 263, 274 403 Brown, Cindy, I92, 339, 403 Brown, David, l83 3l5 35l Brown, Fowler, 302, 403 Brown, Gary, 290, 403 Brown, Gavla I92, 244, 403 Brown, Guv H. 85 Brown, Harry, I32, l48 22l, 385 Brown, TQGT Harrv. 37l Brown, Henry, 386 Brown, Dr. Harare B., 46 Brown, James, 403 Brown, James Harold, 347 Brown, Jana, I99, 246, 403 Brown, Janice, I94, 403 Rrown, Jimmy 280 Brown, Kennelh, 2l6 Brown, Lonnie, 302 Brown, Marv, 385 Brown, Mallhew, 274, 3l4 Brown, Ouinlilla, 386 Brown, Richard, l60, 22l Brown, Shadow, 240, 403 Brown, Sfephen, 308 Brown, Thomas, ll8, I69, 339, 359 Brown, Wesley, 302, 386 Brown, William, 2l8 Browne, Deborah, I93, 246, 403 e Wen'xe" 280 28I 340 403 Card. l73 F0341 lm Gler 349 395 House, 2I5 Ja".-as l'?6 Lana 225, 335 Pgygff Puig 254 Dr. Thorras 327 Bof'Js'un Allen, lB2 403 Boyle Do'o9ry l9l 403 Bw' JJ' m 403 sang, Jsf ZIO 270 403 Brad Brad Ted 162 264 403 Bofls en Be1e"v 246 403 en, Pafrfcia l96 403 Bfgdfig-ld, Sheryl l?7 226 403 Bradford, Anila. IO6 230 403 Bradford, Pc-bed' 385 Bradley, Charles, 304 Bradley, Colleen, l27 Bradley. Sfeorer-, 403 Bradshaw, Gav'e 159 478 Brownsberoer M. L., 68 Brubaker, William, 270, 403 Bruce, Nancy, 404 Bruce, Roberf, 288, 404 Brucker, Ricky, 220, 302, 404 Brummefl, Larry, 404 Brundaoe, Michael, I53, 220 Brune, Carla, l9l Bruner, Roy, 272, 404 Bruno, John, 218 Brunsfeler, Sara, 76, 79, 238, 3l6, 327 Brusfer, Alice, l62 Brufon, Cecelia, 232, 404 Brulsche, Roberf, 386 Bryan, Pafricia, IB7, 404 Bryan, Richard, 204, 404 Bryanf, Barry, 404 Bryanf, Gary, 207 Bryson, Dr. Rohr-arf, 3441 Buchanan, Dorolhy, 386 Buchanan House, 200 Buchanan, Jennie, 78, 200, 404 Buchanan, John, 2ll, 404 Buckles, Judilh, I72 386 Buckley, Charles, 322 Buckley, Jane, 236, 404 Buckley, Joan, 404 Buckley, Lucy, 226, 404 Buckley, Thomas, 298, 404 Buckma n, Nancy, 352 Buller, Brian, 220 Bufler, David, 64, 320 Buller, John, l56, 404 Bufler, Rebecca, 250, 404 Burner, George, l82 Bulrick, Vicki, 234, 404 Bulls, Sherry, l87, 404 Byingfon, Ross, 282, 404 Byrd, Roy, 304 Byrd, Thomas, 404 Byrne, Kalhleen, l98, 404 Byrne, M. Kaye, IO6, 238, 404 Byron, Merry, 240, 404 Byrum, Jerry, 2l9 C Cable, Douglas, 322, 404 Cachero, Michael, I52, I53, l55 Cagle, Harold, 404 Cagle, Sfephen, I66, 278, 404 Cahill, Gary, 404 Cahill, Mic ael l64-, 220 Cain, Carol, 236, 404 Cain, Calherine, 386 Cain, John, 280, 404 Cain, Virginia, I87, 404 Cairns, William, 207, 288,404 Caldwell Gerald, 356, 404 caiaweiij Marian, los, 250,404 Caldwell, Michael D. I, 292 Caldwell, Michael D, 2, I64 Caldwell, Nancy, 250, 386 Caldwell, Richard, 386 Caldwell, William, 280, 386 Calhoun, Rebecca, l95, 404 Carroll, Carroll, Carroll, Carroll, Ca rrulh, Carson, Carson, Carson, Carson, Ca rslen, Ca rler Ca rler Adam, 322, 386 Charlolle, l87 Eleanor, 322 Palrick, 294, 386 David, 207 Annabelle, I92, 405 Conrad, 284, 386 Mary, I93 Royal, 336 Roberi, 405 Barry, 272, 386 Charles 206 Carferl James, 286, 405 Carfer, John Nereus, 405 Carler, John Wesley, 298 Carier, Peg y, I96 Carler, Rowiiand, 382 Carrer, Slephen, I97 Carler, Terry, 298, 405 Cariwrighl, Roy, I34 Carver, Candise, 20l, 405 Carver, Slanley, 209 Casey, Marlilia, I92 Cash, Donald, 330 Cash, Pamela, I92, 230, 233, 386 Cash, Sfeven, 300, 405 Casper, Judy, 405 Casperson, Luvonia, 386 Cassella, Lawrence, 280, 386 Cassid , Sam, 272, 340, 405 Cassociiy, Palli, 226, 405 Casleel, Sieve, l32, l37, l40, II44, 22l Casleel, Toby, 278, 347, 36l, 386 CUaslelli, Paula Casfin, Jennifer Casfin, Marilyn, Casfle, William , 405 , wo 248, ass Michael Calapano, Pefer, Ca sfro, , iso ,204 2:4 Cafe Center, I89 Cafe New, I79 Cares, Dr. Eugene F., 54 Cafhey, David, I53 Cafhey Donald, I53 Caudills. Mrs. Marie, 28l Caulfield, Dennis, 276, 405 Cavanaugh, Linda, l98, 405 Cavener, Kay, 405 l42, Chin, Fung, 2l5 Chin, John, 2l6 Chisholm, James, 284, 405 Chissol, Bill, 44 Chilfom, James, 294, 405 Chrisman, Clyde, l65, 220, 284,405 Chrisman, Gary, I32, 22l Chrislensen Douglas, 298, 405 ciirisiisn, Fred, sae Chrisiian, Margaref, 357 Chrislian, Sanford, 288, 405 Chrislofferson, D. B., 405 Christopher, Jesse, 204 Chrisly, David, 72, 83 Chu Philip, 345 Chuleewah, Quannah, 20I Chumley, Howard, 386 Cirkal, Frances, 238, 386 Cirlos, Norma, 200 Cissel, Charles, 329 Civil Engineers, American Socieiy of, 348 Claar, Belh, l95 Clagefl, Kennelh, 376, 405 Clapp, Ronald, 2l7 Clark Clark, Clark, Clark Beniamin, 72, 405 Charles, 206 Chrisline, 250, 405 Claudia, 405 Clark Candice, l86 Clark Connie, 405 Clark Danny, 280, 405 Clark F. Donald, 49 Clark, Dwayne, 298, 405 Clark, Frederick, 290, 405 Clark Jacci, 20l, 386 Clark, James, 405 Clark, Joe, 2l6, 286, 287, 339,405 Clark, Roberf, 272, 405 Clark, Tracy, l7l, 252, 405 Clark, Vicki, 358, l87 Clark, Virqinia, l8l Clark, William, 26I, 263, 274, 275, 326, 333, 339, 405 Clarke, Jane, l87 Clarkson, Nancy, 76, 250,405 Clary, Leslie, 208 Classes, 378, 437 Clausing, Mary, l82, 244,405 Claxlon, Sfephanie, 405 Clay, Ronald, 2I8 Clapbaugh, Vicki, l95, 230, 405 Claybon, John, 208 Claylon, Caren, 248, 405 Clayfor, SGC Denver L., 365 Clem, Caihy, 244, 386 Clendening, Randall, 276, 405 W W SERVICE STATIONS ' , W P Z M M MMM A 6 tl J , . . .for people Y , , .!"' - V as aa. 4 n K ' . l M cw t ,aff lx ZX We 3 S'S S - ff: . . . on the move! This State's future lies in the hands of the graduates of The University of Oklahoma. Tomorrovv's leaders promise change, promise growth and promise an ever active environment for Oklahoma. Change, growth, activity . . . vvhatever you vvill call it, it's really people . . . on the move. Demanding people vvho have things to ac- complish, vvorlds to move, and people in a rush to get things done. In the future, as in the past, Champlin Petroleum Company vvill proudly supply gasolines and other fine petroleum products for a growing state That's vvhat Champlin is all about: unexcelled service and products for all the people of Oklahoma. Champlin Service Stations . . . for people on the move! Crouc ':e" 308 406 Coy Duvall, David, 206 s .Q C e-e :-: Rc-as 342 Ek 35- fe-ee-: Y:': SI c 'src .:-- I: 'CI -33 35: nfs - 7 FN c ' . Us -e i- 5: lx ,. 'KP - .. 2 .. c ":- -:":: :ra .s 'S 5 .64 2 x 3 '95 :':.-' -' . e .be ." 53- :- 4 :e -Rss: 4:5 e cr: 43: ,. ku:-,S 'J " z C C C L 1- C 1- s. 1- C s. s., C C ,. C 1- K.. 1- C 1- V 1- L1 1- s. 1- C ,. C 1- C 1- x., ,. s., 1- 1- s.. 1- C, fi s.. 1- N., f- 1- 1- 1- 1- 1- 1- 1- 1- 1- 1- 1- 1- 1 I Z I F F 1- f f 1- 1 f f 1 S F I C 1- 1- 1- a g , rs . A-., ,m . ., '- , ,, in H rr -s-.e -. .Q .-, 425 '92 45 'SI 35- 354 -.: .. l. .L-7' S 4:5 K .-, x 'S 38: . s -74 405 5-5: 240 405 --as A ' : .O- k:'- ee- 24: ES:- Ue' 435 , -. -. .- -1 2 : 445 .... --.., - "4 .1,'M, .....- 5- Rye- 38:- ,,.:,,, 'n 1 -. .. 22 -0: ...,,- :,. -a". 4Cc 'e '04 E00 406 :-e- Ge's-:ri 2ll -.,:.. s-ia vs- QMS: 3, ..,,- 308 40-6 la ----- iro ros -6 .....,.c :-e' Fe' e. 406 S e A 406 ALQ.. '. ue- 1---- ' :'e' :'e.-en Lee 352 406 .... . , -ec :-er -are ECE 406 -1. 'N V I-3 2l2 Jo 4 6 Ol s. -e Da-ai ,. -e -ra 213, 386 v-C,'-.. no 'c'n 40: :e 'Jaraaret 226 4C6 3-3 Mi:-ae 274 314 406 -4 Na':. I96 226 406 :e 5'e-e'1 2l7 c e-:rock Wendell 2l6 C e'ar A'-e 'a 406 : e"a- Diana 406 c e-'a' Ha"r, 386 : e"a- Jane' e 230, 355 358, : e'-an Jc-n, 269 S 9'5" 2 9-5,- ,: 5-5. Uucn 268,406 Pafrca Ann, 382 Pa"icTa Lynn, l95 ' ev Gwenoc an 370 ce. Rebecca 248,406 c 4 J--es 358 : e'Je "es, 272 406 : er La--ra I87 : er Vccer' 406 :vs- e"' Zw - --ni sn' zia J 5 : 'e se" 202, 406 f -- sf fr cos . .VJ - .. F,-15 :ESV ' gr, 2:2 C- 2 'a D:-ac 2l8 330,406 il C in .. ,H Z .. - - 5: .-.1 -ez C. 222 406 ' ' '1-'res J. 298 387 fl- ra 252 43, 'ca 38 7 , -. a 252 406 , 7. A rl 6 2' ., f 143' .,' A ia' 222 283 387 Kei" 4M C 5" 'C 347 aw" C."' 142 :al ', fe" '. 1 ,,.. . ant. 9' 236, 406 ' Gam 3'4 1 ,,11 DI? , -. . .N 1 lr if Ja"-ez 104 127 z":.':' Cone 201 " if 2a'r,a'a 226 327 6' tr C'a"g 406 cw 5'r1:.'e' 21l 406 '-"f-- 'fe 7' 22 142 426 'Z' 51:3 ff 2' 6-2 276 406 orlference on Reliqion, 327 f -fr rf 276 F 1 , Z"2 , Z., .1. Z 277 426 "z": 272 426 19.11.14 A55 Cz" ',".': 226 24 426 ",1,, -1 f1..1 ,:. Q6 "Hr ' 1 a 327 'cn' ,L 406 f 234 -101, Can' 5'1" cf 264 265 266 '-C"c': Yer ' 204 "char: Gere 1 226 456 Ccrrag Pet' :A 327 Crrcf Ha"7 P. 29 Ccn:'an'ires, Jr." 222 22' 406 480 Continuing Education, College of, 54,55 C:-lv-ax, lea 382 Connex Patrice, 387 Connell, Ann, l07, 238, 406 ConxQ's William, 2ll, 406 Coeas Karen, 200, 406 Cocga'1,John,296,406 Caps, Christy, l96, 244, 406 Coon Harm, 324, -106 Ccem K7-, I60, 274, 406 Coon, P-ilip, Cook Rodnex,304,-106 Cockses, Dasid, 2l8, 387 Coon, Patfcia, 230, 406 Coen-as Truov, 406 Bexerlv, 325, 406 Gaxona, 242, 406 Mari, IO7, 328, 375 Coober Coober Cooper Cooper Pat'icia, l87, 350, 352,406 Robert E., 376, 406 Robert L., 294 Sally, 238, 406 W'IlIam 204 Ccooer, Cooper Coober, Ccoper, , Coober Wynn, I70 Cece, Richard,-106 Cone-land, Gary, 208, 288, 406 Ccoeland, Jean, 230,406 Ceoeland, Jetterson, 387 Ccooler, Gerald, 294, 406 Cornell, Philip, 34l, 382 Cc-'bin John, 2l6, 406 Corbfn, Thomas, l53, I55, 220 Corcoran, Carol, I94 Cofder, Philip, 342, 359 Corder, Robert, 294, 406 Cordogan, Louis, 2l0, 292, 406 Core Melvin, 347, 36l, 387 Corenblum, Ellen, l86, 254,406 Corkerv, Margaret, l9l, 406 Cormell, Laird, 372, 373, 376 Cornelison, Charlotte, 226, 406 Cornelison, Jeannie, I72, 244,406 Cornell, Darrel, 350 Cornelsen, Richard, 2l3 Cornelsen, Steven, 296, 406 Cornett, Donald, 205 Cornette. William R., 44 Correia, Pamela, 406 Corriveau, Richard, 2l7 Corsi, Anthony, 346 Cortassa, Paul, 206, 347, 423 Cosper, Lindy, 406 Cossaboon, William, 2l3 Cothrun, Carolyn, 370 Cotner, James, I32, l55, l56, I 220, 387 Cottle, John, 2l0 Cotton, Richard, l3l, 2l0, 406 Couch, Charlene, 244, 387 Couch, Sallie, 20l, 240,406 Couch South, 3, 4, l78, 20l Council, Margaret, 240, 387 Counselman, George, 387 Counselman, Gloria, 387 Cousins, Janice, 406 Cousins, Joel, 228,406 Covington, Julie, 244, 406 Covotta, John, 205 Cowen, Margaret, 354 Cowherd, Harold, l60 720 Cowhey, Dennis, 288, 406 Crockett, James, 407 Crockett, Karen, 387 Crockett, Wayne, I64, 407 Croley, David, 236 Crone, Pete, I32 Crook, Dr. Kenneth, 55 Cross Center, l78, l89, l98 Cross Country Track, 58 Cross, Kay, 244, 407 Cross, Leon, I37 Cross Patrick 2l3 Crossland, Loivell, 407 Crosley, Paula, I93, 244, 407 Crosswhite, Leon, 22l h hn 2ll . JO . Crout, Robert, 302, 407 Crow, John, l53 Crowder, Steven, 2I0 Crowell, Charles, 2l5, 407 Crowell, Deborah, 236, 407 Crowell, Gary, 203 Crowell, Paul, 22l, 407 Crowle , John, 2l7 Crum, Debra, l86, 240,407 Crupper, Pamela, I98 Crutcher, Catherine, 240, 407 Culbertson, Robert, 286, 387 Cullins, Donna, 387 Cullins, Thomas, 365 Cullison, Frederick, 2l3 Culp, Linda, l86 Culwell, Grace, 258, 358 Culwell, Michael, 294, 407 Cumbach, Dennis, 22l Cummings, Robert, 203 Cummings, Roxanne, 252,407 Cummins, David, 296, 387 Cunha, William, 407 Cunningham, Brent, 276,407 Cynthia, I99 Cunningham, Cunningham, John, 298,407 Cunningham, Lisa, 387 Cupps, Jerr , 387 Curry, Davidi, 288, 407 Curry, Jane, l92 Curr Michel, 298,407 Curtiis, John, 324, 407 Curtis, Judy, 234,407 Curtis, Sherry, l82, 352 Curtis, Stacy, I70, l88, 349, 407 Cusomato, Vincent, 407 Cwens, 328 D Dads Day Committee, 329 D'Amelio, Charles, 270, 408 Datter, George, 342, 387 Dahlberg, Marc, 220 Davis, J. Douglas, 2Il Davis, James Cralg, I96, 407 Davis James William 382 Davis: Joe, 407 I Dissing, Dennis, 284, 408 Ditmars House, 20l Ditmars, Mrs. Jewell, 39 Dlx, Lucle, 234, 408 Dixon, Claudia, 357 Dixon Debby, l85 Dixon Ellen, 226 Dixon, Rebecca, l96, 408 Dixon, Stephen, 304.408 Dlzer, Rosalyn, I99 Doak Linda l92 344 408 Dobson, Joe, 288 Dodd, Gary, 22l Dodson, Janice, l85 Dodson, Joe, 387 Dahlstrom, Cynthia, I70, l84, I96, '230, 407 Daigler, Robert, 33l Dailey, Patrick, 298, 407 Daily, Juanita, 407 Daily, Lawton, 407 Dale, Denise, l87 Dale, Douglas, 2l2 Dale, William, 330 Dameron, Rodger, 274, 407 Daniel, Dennis, 286, 407 Daniel, Noble, 387 Daniel, Rebecca, l9l, 230, 407 Cowhey, Terrence, 263, 288, 387 Cowles, Catherine, 236, 387 Cowper, Janet, 334, 344,406 Cox, Cave, l85, 238, 258,406 Cor Cox Charles 298 iJ. Gregory, 2l0, 36l Cor, James, 406 Cor, Linda, la4, 406 Cor, R. Sterling, 387 Rox, Robert, l65, 406 le Ed., 39 ze' l69 230 255 406 Coyle, James, 282, 406 Crafq, Cheryl, I70, 406 Craig, George, 272, 406 Craig, Grover, 263, 264,406 Cra'g, James, 220, 406 C'a'g, Jon, 382 Craighead, Tommy, 206, 406 Crain, Carmen, l92, 407 Crarrer, Jerry. IS3 Crandall, Carol, l84 Crane, Stephen, 407 Crass, David, 387 Daniels, Anita, 200, 407 Daniels, Diana, I95 Daniels, Mary, l7l, 252, 407 Dannacher, Emily, l07 Danner, John, 298, 299, 337, 339, Danner, M. Diane, 240, 337,407 Danser, Lee, 407 Danzinger, Barbara, 387 Dardis, Cynthia, 230, 407 Dare, Tommy, 294, 387 Darling, David, 296, 407 Darnell, Quinton, 203, 407 Darnold, Douglas, 387 3 Darrough. Diane, 238, 344, 375, 407 Darrow, Ruey, 407 Darwish, Salah, 347 Dassman, Robert, 2l5 Dauqhtrey, Max, 407 Dault, Gail, l9l, 407 Davenport, Craig, 304, 329, 340,407 Davenport, Pamela, 407 David, Donald, 286, 407 David, Dr. Paul R.. 6l Craven, Jennifer, 3P7 C'awtorr.t, Deryl, 268,407 Crawiord, Dougla' 292, 407 Cwwtord, Gary, 705 Cre-wiord, Mary, 407 Creamer, Franlr 136 Ceeclon, Timothy, 407 F. Crrfr ritgn Nanci I70 I87 rvlar, Dale, 407 Davidoff, Denise, 200 Davidson, Cathy, I70, l9l Davidson, Evelyn, l9l Davidson, Jerry, 407 Davidson, Marilyn, 244, 344, 407 Davidson, Marilyn, 69 Davidson, Robert, 268, 407 Davidson, Ronald, 36I Davidson Scott 280 407 J . I Crersriaw, William, l82, 407 Davies, Eavvaraj 2056 C'e7elinq, John, 282 387 rl":llC, Darryl, 220, 302, 407 Cream, Gary, I3l Crews, Michael, 387 Crder, Deborah, 230, 407 Cfpos, George, 284, 407 Cfsrrion, Miles, 342, 356, 407 Qriggrriefl, paul, 347 Cftea, JoAnne, 238, 407 Crittenden, Claudia, 236, 407 Cri fello, Manuele, 204 Davies Mrs. Frank l,. .lr , 40 Davis, Lawrence, 372 Davis, John H., 368 Davis, Marsha, 244 Davis, Martin, 407 Davis, Mary, 230, 407 Davis, Norman, 263, 308, 333, 408 Davis, Pamela, l87 Davis, Rand, 408 Davis, Randall, I37, 308, 408 Davis, Robert, 278, 408 Davis, Sara, 408 Davis, Skip, 22l Davis Troi l9l Dawson, James, 408 Dawson, Mary, 408 Day, Cynthia, l98, 408 Day, Dianna, 250, 387 Day, Foster, 330 Day, Joseph, 288,408 Day, Lionell, l37, l42, I44, 22l Dayton, Maxwell, 22l, 302, 408 Dayton, Scott, 302, 408 DeAngelo, Donald, 272, 408 DeArman, William, 304,408 DeBarrios, Roger, I69 DeBee, Susan, 200 DeFehr, Stanley, 208, 274 DeGarmo, Richard, l82 DeGeeter, Ralph, 270, 3l5, 348, 3 DeGiusti, Cynthia, l'9l DeGiusti Marco, l37 DeGravelles, John, l56 DeJarnette, Jaclyn, 240, 408 DeLoney, Bruce, I36, l37, 22l DeLong, Karen, 387 Delta Delta Delta, 238, 239 Delta Gamma, 240, 24I Delta Kappa Epsilon, 276, 277 Delta Sigma Pi, 330 Delta Sigma Theta, 242, 243 Delta Tau Delta, 278, 279 Delta Upsilon, 280, 28l DeLuCa, James, l3l DeSilva, Miriam, 20l. 408 DeVilliers, Willia, 207 DeVore, Harley, 347 DeWitt, Thomas, 204, 408 DeWitty, Delbert, 268, 269, 408 Deakins, Dennis, 382 Deakins, Sharon, 387 Deal, Stephen, 290, 408 Dean, Christina, 240, 408 Dean, John O., 43 Dean, Michael, 2l8 Dean, Richard, 408 Deason, Dennis, 205, 408 Deatherage, Cleta, 236, 338, 408 Deatherage, Dennis, I97 Deaville, Connie, 369, 408 Decarolis, Renda, 226, 408 Decker, Marada, 296, 387 Dee, Jo, 236, 408 Deener, Shari, 357, 408 Deer, Mardeen, 238, 408 Deese, Julian, 278, 408 Delap, Janie, 200 Delaporte, Otie, 252, 408 Demonbreun, Dana, 244, 408 Dempsey, Robert. 288, 408 Denison, Jacqueline, l90 Dennis, Dr. James L., 42, 5l Dennis, Janet, I93 Dennis, Robert, 290 Dennison, Larry, 302, 387 Denson, Patricia, l9l, 354,408 Derdevn, Robert, 408 Derr, Bruce, l36, l37, l43 Derrick, Richard, 387 Derricks, Thomas, I66, 264,387 Dessauer, William, 2l3, 408 Deupree, Diane, l92, 408 Deupree, John, 276, 408 Devine, Daniel, 294, 408 Devine, Dr. Michael, 347 Dewberrv. Glenn, I36, I37 DiVall, Michael, 204,408 Diaz, Belisario, 2l2, 3l5 Dick, Mark, 290 Dickey, D. Thomas, 706 Dickey, Louis, 206, 352,408 Dickmann, Eric, 284, 408 Dickson, Diana, 248, 328, 408 Dickson, Marye, 242, 3l5, 408 Dickson, Tommy, 296, 408 Dicus, Roger, 304, 408 Diefenderter, Stanley, 302, 408 Diepenbrock, Nancy, 387 Diepenbrock, William, 408 Dietrich, Marian, l84, 250,408 Digqle, Diane, 244,408 Diggs, Carol, 387 DilI,James, 302,408 Dilling, Emery, l2l, 340 Dodson, Mary, 200, 408 Dodson, William, 2l7, 408 Doesburg, John, 2l7 Dohrer, eanna, 248, 408 Dollarhide, Davi-d, 85 Dollarhite, Deborah, I93 Dollarhite, Yvonne, 408 Dollins, Cynthia, 200 Domianovlch, Steven, 298, 387 Donahue, Michael, 263, 272, 273,387 Donaldson, Charles, 2ll, 3l4 Donham, Irene, 46 Donica, Wayne, 387 Donley Linda, 408 Donnell, Dan, 278, 408 Donoho, Deidre 354 Donovan, Timothy, l96 Dooley, John, 2l7 Dooley, Patrick, 387 Doolin , Mark, l98 Doolittiile, Bruce, 387 Doran, Wallace, 408 Dorr, Dana, 3l5 Dorsett, Jerome, 408 Dosser, John, l69 Dotson, Elmo, 204 Dotson, Mark, 2ll, 408 Doty, Lester, 272, 273, 387 Doty, Margaret, 244, 408 Dougall, Dave, l'69 Dougherty, Thomas, I36 Doughty, Roger, 345, 355 Doughty, Steven, 350, 382 Douglas, Henry, 306, 307,387 Douglas, Judith, l98 Douglas, Mike, 408 Douglas, Nancy, 387 Douglas, Robert, 288 Douthitt William, 360, 394 Daverspilre, Terry, 26l, 270, 408 Dowdle, Margaret, 408 Dowell, Ivan, 324, 387 Downey, Larry, 72 Doyle, Barbara, l9l, 408 Doyle, John, 2l8 Drace, Marilyn, 240, 387 Dragoo, Scott, 330 Draln, Ray, 292, 322, 408 Drake, David, 408 Drass, Richard, 2lI Drennan, James, 348 Dreyling, Charles, 2l3 Droescher, Carlos, 387 Dryz, Raymond, 408 DuBois, Michael, 209 Du8ose, Debra, 408 Dube, Robert, 35l, 388 DuBois, Gary, 325 DuCharme, Denise, 234, 408 Duckworth, Gary, 296, 333, 388 Dudley, John, 304, 408 Due Ma rsha, 388 Dutty, John, ,382 Duffy, Patricia, l89, 408 Dunagan, Ann, 250, 3l4, 408 Dunaway, Patricia, 244,408 Duncan, Donald, 280, 408 Duncan, Gary, 2ll, 408 Duncan, James, 408 Duncan, Dr. John Paul, 60 Duncan, Paul, 388 Duncan, William, 388 . Dunlap, E. T., 39 Dunlevy, Mary, 250, 408 Dunlop, Dianne, 76, 79, I73, 230 408 Dunn, Debra, l85 Dunn Jonathan, 270, 408 . Dunn Dr, Michael H., 62 Dunn, Valerie, 244, 374, 409 Dunnett, Diane, 76, 78, l7o, l72, 244 409 Dunsworth, Debra, 409 Duque, Bernardo, 203 Durant, William, 342, 356 Durham, Karen, I93 Durham, Nancy, 250,388 Dutter, Richard, 22l Dutton, John, 204 Dutton, Marion, I93, 244,258,409 Dyer, Ann, 240, 3523, 409 Dyer, Gary, 330 Dyer, Nancy, 238, 409 Dyer, Nicky, I97 Davis, 8arry 304, 305, 407 Davis, Charles, 2l7, 387 Davis, Deborah, 407 Davis, Diana, 357 Davis, Flton G.. 66, 67 Davis, Floyd, 347 Davis, Frederick, 286, 287, 329, 336 407 Davis, Gregory, 407 Davis House, l9I Dillingham, David, I37, 22l Dillon Dillon Dallani Dillon Dillon ,Frank, 2l0, 408 Jennifer, 244, 408 Lindell, 34l, 387 , Marilynn, 322 , Nancy, I88, 408 Dingman, Margaret, l89, 408 Dishman, Billie, 226, 387 Dysart, Nicky, 286, 409 E Ealick, Marilyn, 388 Earhart, Linda, l86, 409 Earley, Robert, 359, 388 Ea rley, Teresa, 409 3 s x x QQ 1 ! u - 1 ,, .me sa -- mx wp 4 .1 . tp 2' ' an ., F uv- aww ,ft-Q ..- A PHI14, il ' ' A Z fs - A v wx. 1 -Frat I 1, 1. 1. 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M crele l9l, 409 Emery Paffcr, 204 26l, 288, 409 Emrfer' Darryl, l36, I37 Er: co", James, 302 409 Enzres Jeanne, l87 Eng Loca 236, 304,409 Eno e Dr. Days 3l5 :'1ge'cre:rf Fredefck, 376 Eng' EV: 26l 264, 409 Efl'-Zlfleefinq. College of, 48 Engineers Club, 3l5, 3l7 Engineers Queen, III Eng and Randy, 304, 409 E"1g'e", Maw, 409 E'-'.1"s' Efafl 39 E'vg1,n'J, Teodie 78 4l5 E'1gua", Carof, 355 Enocrs Constance, 230, 409 Enos Joseph 208 Escerscn Kraett'f, 409 Esc: L'noa 184 Epstein, Larry, 30l Epstein, Pau', 308 409 EGS'9il'l. Robert, BM, 409 E'd'1ann, Paul, I82 Eriksson, Eloise, 388 Ernst, Paul 278 355, 409 Ernst, Pnyhsr, lei, Esch, Vfilliam 264, 388 Bsacy, Carla, I93 Estes, David 264 Estes TSGT Jarres, 37l Estrada, Waldo, 2l9 Eta Epsilon, 34? Eta Kappa Nu, 350 Etchieson, Donna, 244, 409 Etling, Roger, 304, 409 Eubank, Gary, 294, 409 Eubanks, Carolyn, 238, 409 Eubanks, Meredith, 130, 357 482 Eutsler, Karen, 234, 409 Esans, Catherine, 409 Esans, Donald, 388 Evans House, l90 Evans Jan, 409 Evans, Suzanne, 409 Exans,Tor'1mx, l35, IS3, I54 Esansan, Michael, 206, 280,409 Eserevt, Rita, 193 Esfng, Stephen, 204 Ewen, Valxnda, I70, 234, 409 Extension Division, 88, 89 Eve, Francis, 209 Ezell Paul, I82 Ezell Dr. John S.. 45 F Faculty Features, 56, 63 Fadem, Bruce, 308,409 Fade-11 F312 C , Lloyd, 207, 308, 409 urtis, 278, 409 Fair, Edward, 300, 409 Fair, Garland, 382 Fairbank, Susan, 226,409 Fairbanks, Chuck I34 l35. l36 Fairch- Fallas, ld, JaClK, 296, 409 Corrie, 228, 409 Fallgatter, Curtis, 297, 388 Fallgatter, Sonya, 296 Fallin, Falvo, Fanche Joseph, 2l8 Susan, 226, 409 r, Richard, 264 Fisher, Dale, 294, 388 Fisher, David, 282, 4l0 Fisher, Karen, I99, 4l0 Fisher, Marcia, I94, 4l0 Fishman, Elaine, 229 Fisk, John, 294, 4l0 Fiss, Stephen, 388 Fitch, Charles, 263, 294, 388 Fites, Gail, 20l, 4l0 Fitzgerald, Barry, 388 Fitzgerald, John, 4l0 Fitzgerald, Pat, 388 Fitzpatrick, Patrick, 294 Fitzgerald, Buddy, 208 Flack, Linda, 238, 388 Flanagan, Megan, I88, 4l0 Flanzer, Jane, I99 Fleetwood, Bill, 304, 4l0 Fleetwood, James, 388 Fleischmann, Barbara, l07, 248, 4l0 Fleischner H. Mark, 4l0 Haniang, John, 410 Flesher, Thomas, 26l, 298, 3l4, 4l0 Fleshman, Frederic, 294, 4l0 Fletcher, Jonathan, 4l0 Fletcher, Ste hen, 376 Flinn, Ronalcli 388 Flint, Barbara, 226, 388 Flint, Debra, 272, 367 Flippo, Margaret, IB7, 4l0 Flood, Alger, I36, 22l Flood, Kathryn, 226, 4l0 Flood, Tom, 284, 4l0 Flynn, Stephen, l58, 220 Fandel, Charles, 409 Fanning, Marlyn, I94, 250,409 Fano, Robert, 286, 382 Farabou h, Gary, 286, 409 Farber, gandra, l95, 409 Farha, Gre ory, 302, 409 Farkas, Jet?rey, 278, 409 Farmer, George, 342 Farmer, Martha, 342, 35l Farmer, Terry, 278, 333, 409 Farrant, Joe, 304, 409 Farrar, George, 205 Farris, Charles, 342, 356 Farris, Donald, 348, 36l Farris, Ken, I34, l35 Farris Mrs. Sue. 365 Faubion Pamela, l2l, 240, 388, 337 Faulkner, Cynthia, 236, 409 Faulkner, Sherry, l86 Favre, Diane, 20l, 388 Fawcett, Christopher, 270, 409 Faxon, Marcy, 20l Feagg, Doug, 263, 298, 299, 333, 339, 4 Fotne, Wendi, I99 Fogels, Foister vsiia, 264, 382 Alice, 248, 4l0 Folger,i cnar1as, 132, l60, 339 Folsom, Robert, 290 Folsom, Roy, 274, 4l0 Foor, Patricia, 553, 252, 4l0 Football, I36, l46 Football Coaching Staff, l35 Foote, Dr. Bob L., 347 Foote, Deane, l58, 220, 4l0 Foote, Joe, 294, 4l0 Forbes, Forbes Gregory, 290 House, I9I Ford, David, 4l0 Ford, Glenn, 288, 4l0 Ford, James, 376, 388 Ford, Joe, 304, 388 Ford, John, 278, 4l0 Ford Lecil, 209, 304, 4l0 Fara1 Margaret, 252, 344, 375, 410 Ford Robert, 280, 388 Ford: Walter, 315, 347, 388 Feaver, Dr. J. Clayton, 54 Fee, Ci dney, 248, 409 Fee, Paula, l70 Feezell Feinste , Randolph, l60, l6l in, Betty, 229 Feldman, Gregory, 266, 409 ra11,Jna1+n, 189, 409 Fellers, Felton, Fenche Catherine, 202 Warren, 280, 409 r, Richard, 207, 388 Fendler, Jo, IO7, 254,255,409 Fennell, Charles, 304, 388 Fentem, Janis, 236, 409 Fentem, Thomas, 284, 388 Fenton, Teresa, l92, 409 Fenwick, Rudy, 340 Ferdowsian, Mahabat, 349 Fereda y, Thomas, 3l8, 322 Ferguson, Donald, I82 Ferguson, James, l83 Ferguson, Jeremy, 409 Ferguson, John D., 345 Ferguson, John O., 347 Ferguson, Katherine, I9I Fernando, Larry, 22l, 4l0 Feroli, Ferrell, John, 4l0 Jane, 202 Forde, Oscar, 2l2 Fore, Kenneth, 282, 4l0 Forehand, Barbara, 4l0 Foreman, Linda, 226, 4l0 Foreaman, William, 2l5, 298, 3l4, 4 Forrest, Stacey, 304, 389, Fortenberry, Sarah, 240, 4l0 Fortmeyer, Mary, 238, 4l0 Fortune, Deborah, I87 Fossett, Fonda, IO7, 250, 4l0 Foster, Carol, 240, 389 Foster, Edward, 22l, 4l0 Foster, James, 389 Foster, Linda, 4l0 Foster, Malcolm, 206 Foster, Marilyn, l92 Foster, Martha, 238, 239, 275 Michael, I82, 355 Foster, Foster, Rodney, 3l5, 339, 389 Susan IB6 Foster, , Foster, Terry, I67 Foushee, Charles, I97 Foust, James, 368 Foutz, Loren, 2l5 Fowler, Burt, 284, 323, 4l0 Fowler, Robert, l83 Ferris, Frederic, l83, 355, 376, 4l0 Fertig, Beth, 200, 4l0 Festinger, Steven, 308, 388 Fetterman, Carol, 382 Feuerman, Charlotte, 388 Field, Alan, 2I5, 350 Field, Pamela, 4l0 Fields, Steve, 2I7 Fightmaster, Thomas, 366 Files, Jim, l32, I37, 22l Fina, Janice, IO7, 236, 260, 333, 4l0 Finance Club, 33l Fine Arts, College of, 49 Finch, Lillian, 248, 4l0 Findley, Lewis, l8l Finegan, Pat, I93, 4l0 Finke, Ted, 4l0 Finley, Michael, 206 Finley, Robert, 288, 4l0 Finnigan, Robert, 288 Finston, Mark, 308, 4l0 First, Mary, 388 Firzli, Antoine, 348 Fischer, Jerry, I98 Fischer, John, 278, 388 Fischer, Linda, I89, 325 Fischer, Michael, 4l0 Fishell, Dianne, 202, 226, 4l0 Fishell, Stephen, 272, 4l0 Fox, Ann, l84 Fox, Arthur, 323, 389 Fox, Dave, 2l3 Fox, Deborah, 389 Fox, Dwight, 348 Fox, Gary, 2l'6 Fox, J ettrey, 2l l Fox, Neil, 331, 4l0 Fox, S tuart, 308, 4l0 Frame, Dr. Robert R., 323 Franci Franci Franci Franci Franci s, Gene, 2l0 s, Jane, 226, 4l0 s, John E., 358 S, Dr. John F., 348 s John L. 389 rranayf Robert, '276, 410 Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank, Bonnie, 20l, 4l0 Jane, 355 Karen, l9l Richard, 308, 4l0 Ronald, 339, 355 Franke David, 308, 4l0 Frankel, Jax, 308, 389 Frankert, T omas, 208, 4l0 Franklin, Becky, I84 Franklin International House, 2I6 Franklin, Marvin, 4l0 Franklin, Richard, 288, 4l0 Frantz, Harry, 274, 333, 389 Frantz, Kurt, l23, 274, 340, 389 Fisher, Arthur, 4l0 Fraser, James, 2l2, 4l0 Fraternity Pledge Council, 26l Fravel, Donn, 4l0 Frazier, Barbara, IB9 Frazier, Don, 52 Frazier, Janet, 244, 4l0 Frazier, Stephen, I82 Freebor , Frank, 276, 4l0 Freede,gElizabeth, l85, 246, 4l0 Freede, Margaret, l87, 230, 4l0 Freedman, Beth I07, 228, 4l0 Freedman, Shelley, 4l0 Freeland, Juaiin, 125, 226, 333, 338, 389 Freeman, Barbara, 4l0 Freeman, Carol, l'99 Freeman, Diane, 236, 327, 4l0 Freeman, Dianne, 76, 236, 369, 4l0 Freeman, Gayle, 76, 236, 327, 329, 336, 344, 358, 375, 4l0 Freeny, Sandra, 226, 4l0 Freidlin, Steven 4l0 French, Jone, I99 Freno, David, 2l0, 4l0 Frevert, Jacqueline, 200, 4l0 Freyer, Judi, 84, 85 Friar, David, 4l0 Friar, Vicki, 4l0 Frieden, Robert, 300, 4l0 Friedlin, Steve, 300 Friedman, Beth, 229 Friedman, Carol, I93 Friedman, Jeffrey, 205 FriedmEn, Stuart, l65, 308, 4l0 Friels, Johnnie, 342, 356 Friend Janice, 4l0 Friot, Stephen, 288, 382 Frisk, Ronald, I36 Frits, Janet, 248, 4l0 Fritts, Deborah, 4l0 Fritz, Thomas, 263, 278, 4l0 Fritz, Timothy, 278, 4l0 Frizzell, Gary, 302, 4l0 Frizzell, Lyndall, I97, 4l0 Frizzell, Russell, I97, 4ll Frobel, Vicki, 4ll Froeschle, Margaret, 20l Frow, John, 4ll Fry, Terr , 280, 4ll Frye, Deborah, l9l Frye, Kenneth, 360, 376, 389 Frye, Steve, 325 Fuhrman, Paula, 240, 4ll Fuhrmann, Richard, 2l3 Fuksa, Denice, 4ll Fulhorst, Lawrence, 204, 272, 4ll Fuller, James, 325 Fuller, Marilynn, l84, 252, 4ll Fuller, Nancy, 246, 4ll Fullerton, Nancy, 246, 389 Fulmer Joe, 4ll Funderburk, Anne, 184, 238, 4ll Funkhouser, Fred, 206 Fytte, Carol, l95 Fytte, Jack, 82, 346 G Gabbard, Jay, 355 Gable, G. El is, 39 Gable, Rebecca, IO7 Gabriel, Susan, 248, 4ll Gaddis, William, 339, 389 Gaden, Michael, 294, 389 Gaebe, Polly, 234, 389 Gattord, Marilyn, 74, 25l, 327, 344 Gaines, Richard, 300, 4ll Gaither, Bruce, 3l4 4ll Galarneau, Howard, 389 Gall, Penny, 234, 4ll Gallaghan, Bill, l58 Gallagher, James, 264, 4ll Gallagher, Sue, l07 Gallagher, Sharon, 236, 344, 4ll Gallman, Richard, 204, 4ll Galloway, Ronald, 2l2 Galoob Stephanie, 389 earnb11l, Rayaa, 212 Gamble, John, 382 Gamma Alpha Chi, 332 Gamma Delta, 350 Gamma Gamma, 333 Gamma Phi Beta, 244, 245 Gamma Sigma Sigma, 334 Gandara, Stephen, 294, 4ll Gangwer, Barry, 284, 4ll Gann, Gaddis, 204, 4ll Ganns, Cynthia, 228, 4ll Gans, Barbara, IO7, ll2, 240, 24l, 335, 4ll Gansfuss, Robert, 330 Gant Barbara, 354 Ganzkow, Barbara, 234, 4ll Garbacz, Robert, 376 Garcia, Lawrence, 205 Gardenhire, Janone, IO4, I87, 4ll Garms, Gayle, 236, 4ll Garrett, Betty, l92 Garrigus, Terry, 4ll Garrison, James, 298, 389 Garst, Emily, I90, 4l'l Garver, Charles, 70 Garwood, Kenneth, 4ll Gary, L, Wayne, ll6, II7, l22, 263, 304, 339, 389 Gaspardo, Jerome, 324, 389 Gastgeb, David, 350 Gaston, Dale, 346 Gaston, Gregory l3l, 346, 4ll Gaston, Regmald, 294 Gates, Janeen, l'85, 226, 4ll Gatewood, Bonnie, 20l, 36I Gau, Pamela, IO4, 236, 374, 4ll Gauchat, Sandra, 244, 4ll Gauntt James, I69, 278, 389 Gaut, Cynthia 193 Gavami, Anush, 2l6 Gaw, LaVonne, l92, 4ll Gaweg, Stephen, 208, 288, 4ll Gay, aral1,76, 4ll Gay Terry, 389 Gayle Daniel, 274 4ll Geatches, Mary, 226, 4ll Geckler, Sheryl, 20l, 4ll Geerdes, Rodney, 4ll Geiger, Albert, 382 Geiger, Janelle, 240, 4ll Gel er, Vicki, I93, 254, 4ll Gelwick, Marsha, 246, 4ll Gelwick, Phillip, 2l8 Gemignani, James, 296, 389 Gentry, Deborah, 250, 375, 4'lI Geren, David, l'36, 22l, 274, 4ll Geren, Marvin, l98 Germain, Marlorie, l70 German, Linda, l9l German, Travis, 373 Gerould, Dorothy, 244, 4ll Gerry, Dede, 4ll Gesin, Mar , 4ll Gettinger, Ronald, 389 Geyer, William 389 Ghavami, Anushirvan, 348 Ghazal, Ra hael, 2l7 Ghertner, Siue, l83 Ghertner, Susan, 252, 389 Gholston, Margaret, 236, 4ll Gibbons, Judith, l98, 244, 4ll Gibbons, Meigs, 389 Gibbs, Marsha, 1-04, 234, 235, 294, 4ll Gibian, Gail, 4ll Giblon, Paul, 4ll Gibson, Georgia, 238, 4ll Gibson, James, 382 Gibson, Jeffrey, 207, 4ll Gibson, Jimmy, 286 Gibson Martha, 4ll Gibson, Stephanie, 244, 4ll Gibson, Susan, 4ll Gibson, Thomas, 286, 4ll Giezentanner, Veda, 353 Gittin, John, 4ll Gilbert, Bobby, 298, 3l4, 4ll Gilbert, Suzanne, 64, l23, 250, 256, 333, 338, 389 Gilchrist, Stan, l60 Giles, John, 304, 4ll Giles, Keith, 345, 348, 36l, 389 Gilham, James, l56, 220 Gilkey, Dickey, 389 Gill, Jimmy, 322, 330, 4ll Gilley, David, 4ll Gilliam, Annette, 76, 78, 4ll Gilliam, Danny, l83, 3l5 Gillick, Corinne, I93, 252, 4ll Gillis, George, 284, 4ll Gillis, John, 284, 389 Gillman, Lynwood, 330 Beverly, l95, 4ll Gilmore, Gilmore, Chuck, 345, 347, 36l, 389 David 304 4ll Gilmore, , , Gilmore, James, I37, 22l, 288, 4ll Robert 3l5 35-l 389 Gilmore, A I, , . Gilstrap, Chr1st1ne, 20l Gimlin, Curtis, 4l2 Gimlin, Sandra, IB9, 4l2 Gingerich, Grace, 270 oiar, Cynthia, 238, 412 Gist, Joe, I69, 278, 4l2 Givens, Charles, 288, 4'l2 Glass, Marylou, 200, 4l2 Glass Michael, 302, 389 Glassberg Nancy, 20I Glassco Carol, l95 Glassenberg, Jane, 76, 78, 228, 4l2 Glasser, Joseph, 2l0, 274, 4l2 Glasser, Steven, 74, 76, 77, II9, 263 274, 322, 333, 339, 389 Glassman, Patricia, 228, 229, 4l2 Glassner, Steven, 300, 4l2 Glazer, Dena, 389 Glazer, Michael, 308, 4l2 Glaser, Steven, 308, 4l2 Gleason, Cheryl, IB7, 3l4, 4l2 Glover, Herman, 4l2 Glover, Robert 350 e-aaa, Steve 155 183, 412 Goatcher, Charolette, 4l2 Goddard, David, 304, 4l2 Godsy, Randy, 278, 4l2 Goff, Jeffrey, 204, 4l2 Goin, Kevin, 206, 347, 4l2 Goins, Ola, 248, 389 Goldberg, Barbara, 228, 229, 4l2 Goldberg, Debra, 4l2 Goldberg, Joyce 4l2 Golden, Jarry, 286, 347, 389 Golden, Keith, 2I2, 352, 4l2 Goldey, Robert, 272, 389 Goldfaden, Bruce, 308, 4l2 Goldman, Karen, 250, 329, 336, 4l2 Goldman, Lynne, 202 Commerclal and Por+ral+ Pho+ography Unz-verszty Studio G: :seems Ga'-4 2lS G: csre'-s NY 'am Ili G:os""" Be" IS-I 4l2 G: :sore Se-e' s -1 I Ge .:s'e - Se" IN Golf, l65 G: s'ei', P-'vs' 35' G: :s'-:4e- 4 G: 'Z Dre S 4 G:-:e's S- n ICI G::: Sera: IN 4 Gccser D.-5: I0-I G:: ':- S'fse' -l 2 G:::"3-' Te- : 292 4 13- - ' .N co K 4 l 4 - ls. tc' -X" EI .,.. is --,. 1 L . .. 'vm- vis 5- Gregg, L.J.,29-1,389 Graders Ja"1es,364 Karrx, 364 G'egc'x, G'eoc'x, M chael, l5o G-'egorv Paul, 204 G'ege'x Sally, 74, 76, 390 Grenade' Rachelle, IS4, 4l2 Gre5n3r'1,XNilli3Y'1,36o G'exson, Richard, 323 Gfce, Sandra, IS9, 4l2 G-ifielh, Marx, l85 G'i"n, Bennefr, 330, 382 Gr""n, Darla, l89 Griffin Deborah l89 G'if'in, John, 284, 340, 4l2 Linda, 382 Samuel, 296,-1l2 Sranlev, 286, 4l2 cr "in Thomas H., 304, 4l2 in Thomas M., 4l2 cffiilh, Ann, 244, 390 1 +- Brandon l-l, 3l7 G,,JI'n G,'::'ni e,'iJ'n Y, .. Gr uliii, Calherine, l87 Hall, Russell, I83 Hall, Sleven, 4l3 Hall, Toye 232, 4l3 Hallman, Phyllis, 413 Hallock, Jack, 325 Ham Ralph, 302 Hamblelon, Cheryl, 4l3 Hambrick, Darcie, l85 Hamel, Richard, 342, 390 Hamill, James, 382 Hamilton, Cheryl, 20l Hamillon Chrisline, 4l3 1-iarasliaif 1-lawafa, 264, 413 Hamillon, James, 272, 366, 4l3 Hamillon, Jude, 234, 4l3 Hamillon , Michael, 2l3, 4l3 Hamilton, Raymond, 22l Hamillon, Richard, 280, 4l3 Hamillon Hamillon Hamlin, Hamlin, Ricky, 208, 4l3 , Sheryl, 4l3 Jane, l'84 Lin-da, 4l3 Hamlai, Phil, 236 Hamm, Hamm, Hamm, Richard, 4l3 Slephen, 4l3 Wade, 4l3 - 17 Lc3..". '2' :M J. 22' 4l2 -:"ei. Ride" 2 3:55 R::e".3 252 -112 G:" T':"'3s IT 4'2 G:"'e: Na-11. 228 229 258 4l2 Gr'-as James 2'4 32' 4l2 -- la C .- ,i-..' ICI 23: 4l2 - ... C' 'Nil' 23:42 G-Vffilr, Kris, 220 Griffx, David,29-1,390 Giggs, Nancy, 236, 256, 360,390 Griggs, Roberl, 288,390 Griggs, Ross, 2l0, 298, 4l2 Grigsbv John, 2l0, 280, 4l2 Grigsbvi Kim, 246, 4l2 Gfgsgv, Lee, 246, 390 Grimes, Dennis, 2l2, 352, 4l2 Grimes, Jeanne, 78 Grimm, Cher l, 202, 4l3 Grimm, M rili n l87 234 rirnm, a 1 y , , ,4l3 William, 302, 390 G Gri-nwood Mrs. Wayne, 307 Grisham, Gary, 209 Grisselle, Linda, 370, 4l3 Grissom, Marilyn, 234, 390 Grogan, Terrance, 340 Hamm, William, 208 Hammon, Frances, 357 Hammonds Samuel, 284, 390 Hammana, Mark, 287, 329, 336 Hampf, Andrew, 360, 390 Hampson, Thomas, l48, 22l, 390 Hamplon, Bruce, 346 Hamplon, Caroline, l88 Hamofon, Dinah, 4l3 Hamra, Edward, 290, 4l3 Hanan, Carol, l98 Hancock, Curlis, l56, l58 Hancock, William, 72, 8l Hand, Gary, 264, 4l3 Haney, Donna, 200, 4l3 G::-:- .l:"' 22' Gas: Can: 213-122 ei-lf' 52: e 342 359, 389 G:-:. Rc. 3'4 Ge:-e Se . 389 G-'ace 5'e:'er' 355 Graduale College, 44 Graduales, 382, 383 Hanson ,. C ,,- C ,- C ,- C ,- G A C ,. C I' C ,- Z c R7 K' c: I' 4: ,- c ,- G ,- G C ls., C G ,- C V I' J ,- J C G ,- 3 C G ,- J G G r' J C ., f 3 ,- 3 '3:. Kei- n l3a l37, I46 'a'a"' Da'-io l69 302,-1l2 'a'a"' G'egc'v 4l2 'a'a" Jefce, 234, 4l2 'a'e"' Linoa 236 4l2 'are' Mar' in 234, 389 'e'a"' C"e'ine 242 243 4l2 'ara' P-" ic 389 'era' R'c'a'o 208 'e'5"' Rcton 201, 4l2 'e'a"' Src l65 'a'a" SAJWEY 4l2 'am iz' Mar. 236, 4l2 'e'gs'af: Terr-.1 4l2 'a"'e 3 Da--'::, 2l0 272, 4l2 'a" A:1"en'1e,228 389 'ar' Aan l32 l52, 155,366 'er' Caro .in 354 'an' Ka"'.in 325 4l2 'ar' Racer' 382 'a"'a" Roper' lB3,3l5 'ase. James, 278 4l2 'asse T'c"'as 2ll 'assc Dennis 308, 4l2 'a-es C."'s 346 ' J.'1"r 230 389 'a-e: 2556225 389 'e-es S""ew 246, 4l2 'a. 8' l35 'ar Gefa 22: 4l2 'e. Je". lb7 203 'e. Ja' '53 220 '-3. Li":'2 84 4l2 'a. a"'a el lf 2 'e Per iE2 4l2 f' : .1 GQ Pace' 2C-4 GH. -'-'i ie" l27 4l2 G'a.:' C'a'e5 'tr 298 4l2 Grew" Bzze EE? Greeks, 222, 307 Greek Revue, 260 Greek Week, 25? Gfee' 226 260 4l2 G'ee' :efe'. 226 4'2 G'ee' G-3 e'e 363 329 Greer C"': 205 34l G'ee' Ea 'e '70 242 249 256, 323 4'2 G'ee' Jaffe 4 2 '5":f:' J':"1, L72 G'ee' J " 294 37:2 G'ee' Ja" 2 4'2 G'ee' Jr,:e:,' 2 ' 412 G'ee'i -ealc": 342 256 Greer Qrca '29 G'ee' Va' .' 104 354 G'ee' Zwrcri 4 2 G'ee' 3'e", 4 2 Greer ez: 'E-4 250 -4l2 Gm'-' 'Q Jones' ,O, 36, G'ee'. rg rhfrf :CZ 229 UQ 3'G 3 QD LD LD UH LD s u 1 A v v tl' ml' 10 -10 10 in in iv win in ,I 3 3 ,1 QI io 'gin ir- qw L. 'D K, ,Mn- U - iz- I .3 .. QD , ., 9 if .3 5 ' ir ' 3 .. U Q 12 - i- n- 3- 'li ,P , . Haul O R: YQ .r N -- 5 'I' ...Iss rv - ,v- 'QI so v NQ, NV A 5 O N 5 i 'N' RD 0 iii il? J O L. reenravr Larry 247 ern 64 220 32V 339 4l2 Groom, Gail, l23, 250, 388, 390 Gross, Lee, 35l Gross, Roberl, 4l3 Grossman, Janel, 228, 4l3 Grossman, Sluarl, 266, 4l3 Grolls, Gail, 33l Grove, Roger, 204, 4l3 Groveman, Daniel, 300, 4l3 Grovenburg, Tori, 4l3 Grovenburg, William, 4l3 Grunder, Dr Richard, 359 Grundness, Jusl, 2l9 Gueck, Brian, 204 Guesl, Belle, 325, 4l3 Gulf, John, 203 Guffey, Annis, 246, 260, 3l4, 4l3 Guill Barbara, 236, 4l3 Guild, Elizabelh, 213, 413 Guild, Marcia, 226, 4l3 Guild, Ralph, l20, 3l5, 339, 347,390 Guillol, Deborah, IO7, 226, 4l3 Guinness, Kafhrvn 76, 77 Gunn, Neil, 284 4l3 Gunning, Beverly, l70, 250, 4l3 Gunning, R. Boyd 84 Gunning, Linda, l7l, I73 Gunler, Elizabelh, 238, 390 Gurney, Evelyn, l95 Gurney, Leon, 2l9, 3l5, 348, 358,390 Gusl, Donna, 236, 4l3 Gufen, Alan, 30l Gulhery, Suzanne, 202 Gulhrie, Gary, 4l3 Gulhrie, Scoll, 33l Gwin, Elizabelh, 226, 4l3 Gymnaslics, I64 H Haas, Catherine, IO4 Haas, Gilberl, 270 27l, 333 Hackell, Mike, 382 Hackeroll, James, 2l6 Hackell, Timolhy, 207 Haclrelf, William, l80, 286 Haddock, Sara, 238, 4l3 Haddock, William, 298, 390 Hadley, Tom, 290, 4l3 Haffner, Bruce, l32, 220, 4l3 Hagan, Richard, 4l3 Hager, Richard, 276, 4l3 Ha'k7n, Rofar1ne,228,4l3 Hail, David, 296,390 Hail, Margarel, 4l3 Haines, Charles, 298, 413 Har Cc1nnie,244, 390 Halberl, Terrell, 204, 413 Haldeman, Gary, 382 e, Carolyn, 76, 238, 4l3 Hale, Margarel, 20l, 390 ,, Phyllis, I90, 4l3 Haley, Charlolle, I96 Haley Mirbel 4l3 Hal Hale fi, ',5'. Hall, Don, 298, 4l3 Ha1l,Galen, l?6 Hall, George, 347, 390 Hall, Gregory, 272, 4l3 Hall, J':::":f, 294, 4l3 Hall, Killf, l89 Hall li , Lol e, I95 Hall, Michael, 276, 4l3 Hall, Pl'ill'p 4l3 Hall, Ff'cI'iard, l97, 4l3 Poberl, l32 Hall Ha'l,Por1ald, I32, l60,220 Hankla Jesse, 2l3, 352, 4l3 Hanley John, l'3l, l82, 4'l3 Hanna, David, 284, 4l3 Hansel, Terry, 4l3 Hansen, Jerry, l87, 4l3 Hansen, Linda, 357, 4l3 Hanson, Olivia, 20l , Russell, 304 Hanville, Deborah, 20l, 4l3 Hanzel, Calherine, l92, 4l3 Harberger, Charles, I69 Harbison, Mary, l95 Harbour, Allan, 330 Harbour, Palrick, I64 Harbour, Thomas, 3l4 Harcourl, John, 36l Hardberger, Joe, 274, 4l3 Hardeman, John, 274, 390 Hardesly, David, I96 Hardin, Charles, l'48 Hardin, Charles, 22l, 292, 3l5, 4l3 Hardin, Lloyd, 4l3 Harding, Beniamin, 390 Harding, Cynlhia, l93, 4l3 Roberl, 4l3 Harding, Hardinq, Vickie, 226, 4l3 Hardinq, William, 294, 4l3 Hardwick, Kennelh, l56, 220 Hardy, Janel, l07, 246, 4l3 Hardy, Sarah, 248,390 Hare, Bennie, 360 Hare, Linda, 90 Hargrove, Belinda, I87 Harkey, Gary 203 Harkey, Michael, 288 Harkey, Michele, 4l3 Harmison, Joseph, 390 Harmon, Kalhy, l89, 4l3 Harmon, Mark, 286,390 Harmon, Mary, 4l3 Harms, Kalhleen, 47 Harms, La Nila, 230, 23l, 333, 359, 36l, 4l3 Harn, Nancy, 244, 4l3 Harned, Calherine, IO7, 246, 4l3 Harness, John 209 Harper, Donald, 220 Harper, Ford, 290 Harper, Jane, l86 Harper, Kennelh, 207 Harper, Michael, l32, I36, I37, l38, l4l Harper, Warren, l37 Harrall, Billy, 203, 4l3 Harrell, James, 205, 4l3 Harrell, Sleve, 276, 4l3 Harrinolon Wayne, l3l, l32, l60, 220, 22l, 304, 390 Harris, Alanna, 356, 4l3 -P G U3 -A reenwall' Wayne, 353 389 Hall Dr. Rufus G., ZIB Harris, Barbara, l87, 4l3 Harris, Claibourne, 204, 4l3 Harris, Earl, l57 Harris, Elizabelh, 248, 4l3 Harris, Jack G., 350 Harris, Jack J., l53, 302, 345, 4l3 Harris, James, 2l3 Harris, John 209 Harris, kaililaan, 413 Harrie Dr, l-Qvfl 52 Harris, Mark, 208, 274, 4l3 Harris, Michael, 2ll, 4l4 Harris, Molisa, l87 Harris, LTC Moyer D. 365 Harris, Oleka, 354, 390 Harris, Randell, 4I'4 Harris, Rogena, 238,414 Harris, Shirley A., 390 Harris, Shirley K., 357 Harris, William Fosler, 59 Harrison, Elmo, 4l4 Harrison, Michael, 272, 4l4 Harrison, Sleven, 4l4 Harrison Susan, 250, 292, 4l4 Harroz, Bruce, 208 Harr , Slephen, 294, 4l4 Harsh, Mary, 282, 283, 4l4 Harl, Anaslasia, 244, 390 Harl, Monle, 282, 4'l4 Harl, Paul, 208, 4l4 Harl Thomas, 355 Hairless, sser away L., 365 Harlman, Danny, 203 Harlman, William 88 Harlsock Belle, 252, 4l4 Harlson, David, 294, 4l4 Harvard Sherry 69 Harvey, Philip, 4l4 Harwell, Nancy, I94, 4l4 Haskell, David, l3l, I83, 4l4 Haskins Darrell, 4l4 Haspel, David, 308, 4l4 Hass, Claudia, l93, 4l4 Hasling, Claudia, 4l4 Haslings, James, 3l4, 4l4 Haslings, Thomas, 294, 4l4 Halfield, David, l96 Halhcoal, Kermil, 390 Halhcock, Margarel, l98 Haubell, Garnell, 302, 390 Hawes, Roberl, 382 Hawkins, Glenn, 268, 269, 4l4 Hawkins, James, 382 Hawkins, John, 356, 4l4 Hawkins, Lawrence, 268, 4l4 Hawkins, Sleyen, 2l2 Haworlh, John, 339, 4l'4 Hawpe, Michael, I36 27l, 288, 4l4 Haws, Jackquelyn, I87, 3l4, 4l4 Haxel, Melanie 4l4 Hay, Joe, 288, 4l4 Hayes, Amy, 240, 4l4 Hayes, Gilberl, 282, 4l4 Hayes, Sandra, 250, 4l4 Hayes, Vicki, 230, 4l4 Haynes, Denyse, 4l4 Haynes, Saralvnn, 4l4 Haynie, Tom, 286, 382 Hays, Kelly 2ll Hays, Marcia, 390 Hazlelle, Cynlhia, 252, 4l4 Headinglon, Timolhy, 220 Heald, Judy, 4l'4 Healey, Maureen, 328, 334, 34l Heal Wa ne 325 Heartl, eai4la'1a, 132, 147, 148, 149, 150 151 221 Heard, Sally, 238, 4l4 Hearn, Fnrresl 365 Hearn, Holly, 390 Hearn, Karen, l87, 4l4 Hearn, Melissa, 236, 4l4 Healh, Larman, 7l3, 4l4 Healh, Loren, 3l5, 36l, 4ll4 Healh, Sue, 325 Healherly, Jimmy, l98 Heavener, Brenda, l87 Hecklin, Marilyn, l85 Heclor, George, 4l4 Hedges, Sleven, 302, 4l4 Heerwald, Gary, 207 Heffel, Jerry, 382 Heinen, Annabelle, 246, 4l4 Heinricks, Jessee, 3l5, 35l, 36l, 390 Heinlz, Randall, 357 Heinze, Mary, I96 Heironymus, Palricia, 335 Helbero, Susan, 390 Heldenbrand, Marlin, 264, 4l4 Heller, Calherine, 246, 4l4 Heller, John, 292, 333, 390 Heller, William, 288, 4l4 Hellman, Bradford, 308, 4l4 Helmer, Theodore, 272, 4l4 Helmlinoer, John, 365 Hellon, Howard, 276, 390 Hellon, Kalhleen, 4l4 Hembree, Roger, 373 Hemphill, Preslon, 390 Hendershol, Jeannelle, 234, 4l4 Hendershol, Joanne, 234, 370, 4l4 Henderson, Hilda, 750, 4l4 Henderson, Holly, 4l4 Henderson, Lewis, 2ll, 4l4 Henderson, Phyllis, 4l4 Henderson, Paula, l98 Henderson, Theodore, 22l Hendon, Jerry, 368 Hendon, Lawrence, 304, 4l4 Hendricks, Nancy. 4l4 Hendrix, ldus, 382 Hendrix, Tommy 72, 208, 4l4 Henkel, Craig, 4l4 Henkel, Douglas, 2l2, 4l4 Henneke, Dix, 4l4 Henneke, Frederick, 272, 273 Henry, Marlha, 390 Henry, Pamela, 250, 25l', 3l6, 328, '338, 4l4 Henry, Susan, 246 Henry, Susan E., 4l4 Henry, Thomas, 360 Hensch, Donald, 280 Hensley, James, l82 Herberl, Carol, l86 Herd, Linda, 238, 4l4 Herell, Michael, 298, 4l4 Herlacher, Janel, I94, 4l4 Herlihy, John, 2l0, 274, 4l4 Herman Eddie, 376, 4l4 Hernandez, John, 207, 347 Hernandez, Pedro, 4l4 Heron, Janel, l89 Herren, Annelle, 4l4 Herren, Craig, 209 Herren, Jeffrey, 340 Herrera, Orlando, 288,414 Herrick House, l92 Herrod, Roberl, 288, 4l4 Herron, Roberl, 356, 390 Hershey Sandra, I93 Herzel, Larry, 292, 345, 390 Hess, Dar l, 220 Hess, Micliael, 2l2, 4l4 Hess, Palricia, 4l4 Hess, Richard, 2l4, 2l5, 390 Hesler House, 2l3 Heslwood, John, 286, 4l4 Helheringlon, Jerry, l37 Helheringlon, Richard, l32, l37 Helheringlon, Sleye, 298, 4l4 Hewgley, James, 288, 390 Heyman, Donna, I99 Hibler, Roberl, 286, 390 Hickerson, Roberl, 284, 4l4 Hickerson, Sarah, 240, 4l4 Hicks, Allen 352, 4l4 Hicks, David, 274, 414 Hicks, Edward, l82, 4l4 Hicks, Fred, 4l4 Hieronymus, Palricia, 252, 332, 4 Higgenbolham, Joe, 382 Hlggenbollom, Jola, 252, 328, 4 Higgins, Carl, I65, 264, 383 Higgins, Carolyn, l95, 4l4 Higgins, Renai, IO7, 244, 4l4 Higgins, Susan, 238, 390 High, David, 278, 4l4 High, Larry, 4l5 Hill, Barbara, 322, 390 Hill, Donna, 244, 4l5 Hill, Jimmy, 325, 390 Hill, Norman, 330 Hill, Randy, 290, 4l5 Hill, Richard, 288, 4l5 Hill, Sharon, l08, 234, 4l5 Hill, Susan, 236, 4l5 Hill, Valerie, 202, 347, 4l5 Hillaire. Gary, 349 Hiller, Rebecca, 238, 4l5 Hillman, Jack, 207, 4l5 Hillmer, Theodore, 203 I4 1-lilly, waaay, 230, 231, 333, 359 '36l', 4l5 Hindman, Eric, 4l5 Hines, Craig, 208, 348, 4l5 Hinkle, Alice, l8l Hinlon, Jack, 4l5 Hippocrales, Zulu, 76, 2l2 Hipschman, Marlin, 266, 4l5 Hirsch, Debra, l86, 4l5 Mirsch, Margo, 254, 256, 4l5 Hirschman, Sue, I9l Hirzel, Julie 246, 4l5 Hirzel, Randall, 390 Hiss, Roberl, 296, 4l5 Hile John, I98 Hobbins, William, 283, 415 Hobbs, Dan S., 39 Hobbs, Gary, 292, 4l5 Hobbs, Joe F., 58 Hobbs, Larry, 342, 350 Hobbs, Lyman, 356, 390 Hochevar, Gene, I36, 244, 4l5 Hodam, Linda, 4l5 Hodges, Douglas, 208, 4l'5 Hodges, JoAnn, l88, 344 Hodges, Kay, l89, 4l5 Hodges, Sam, 278 Hodgson, Rory, 355 Hodur, Belle, 4l5 Hoecker, Ronald, 205, 4l5 Hoefer, John, 272, 4l5 Hoffarl, Charles, I37, 22l Hoffman, Francis, 288 Hoffman, Gail, 325 Hoffman, Gary, 4l5 Hoffman, George, 274 Hoffman, James, 292, 390 Hoffman, Jerry, 2l0, 294, 4l5 Ray, l82, 4l5 Hoffman, Hoffman, Richard, 2I3, 4l5 Hogan, John, 324, 390 Hogan, Michael, 272, 4l5 Hoggall, Paula, l88, 4l'5 Hocihn, Harry l-l., I8l Hogue, Linn, l97 Holasek, Albina, 350, 390 Holasek, Godfrey, 350 Holbrook, Phillip, 288, 390 Holcomb, Jonalhan, 4l5 Holdcrafl Karl 4l5 Holden, Kennelh, 203, 4l5 Holden, Susan, l85, 4l5 Holden, William, 298, 4l5 Holder, Melanie, 284, 358, 4l5 Holderman, Dianna, 4l5 Holdsclaw, Fred, 3l5 Hollabaugh, Lois, 234, 4l5 Hollacher, Daniel, 288, 390 Tofal Avia+ion Service wlf rmen Mi Nc Fllghi' Tralnmg Programs IFAA 81 VA Approved, Full Lme Renfal e Anr Taxa Servlce Aso Cessna Sales 6 Service co SUITE I36 MAX WESTHEIMER FIELD NORMAN OKLAHOMA 73069 PHONE 329-I058 'h - 'N . . 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Frank, 302, 391 ldleman, Paul, 220, 416 lm Masche, Vicki, 201, 416 Imel, Randolph, 288, 416 lmholfe, Nancy, 226, 416 lnce, Cecile, 234, 333, 360, 391 lndusfrial Engineers, American Insfifufe of, 347 lngleharf, Bill, 156 Inman, Carol, 200 lnlerfralernify Council, 262, 263 Inframurals, Men's, 166, 169 1nframura1s,Women's, 170, 173 lorio, Judifh, 391 Irwin, Randall, 183 lsham, Karl, 270, 391 lsom, John, 360 Iverson, Cheryl, 360 Ives, Sfephen, 211, 298, 416 lvesfer, Jack, 282, 322, 391 lzadi, Mina, 213, 349 J Jack, Bobby, 148, 151, 221,416 Jackson Jackson Jackson Bobby, 304 Charles, 215 Donna, 250, 410 Jackson Doris, 232, 233, 391 Jackson E. Jean, 170, 236, 416 Jackson Elmer, 369 Jackson Fred, 296, 416 Jackson, Jane, 416 Jackson, Juclifh, 108, 244, 333, 416 Jackson, Marion, 314 Jackson, Mrs. Marfha, 299 Jackson, Neal, 342, 356 Jackson, Richard, 278, 416 Jackson, Roger, 205, 416 Jackson Susan 235 391 Jacob, Douglas, 308, 416 Jacobi, James, 131, 376 Jacobs, Frances, 322 Jacobs, Linda, 229 Jacobs, Richard, 220 Jacobsen Eileen, 350, 416 Jacobsen William, 304, 416 Jacobson Janie, 246, 416 Jacobson Jennifer, 254, 416 1 Jacobson Sheldon, 416 Jawvef, lvlifchell, 300, 416 Jamar, Gary, 136 James, Barbara, 40 James, Charles, 391 James, Collie, 274, 391 James, Linfon, 269 James, Pal, 135 James, Ronald, 274, 416 Jameson, Chef, 208, 298, 416 Jann, William, 383 Janson, Nils, 263, 270, 416 Janzen, Janef, 201, 248, 314, 416 Janzen, Kafhleerl, 195 Javadi, Massood, 205 Jefferson, Debra, 202, 4l'6 Jefferson House, 220 Jefferson, Larry, 306, 416 Jeleski, Barbara, 187, 416 Jenkins, Gay, 250, 416 Jenkins, Roberf, 218 ' 44 416 Jennlngs, Carla, 170, 193, 2 , Jennings, William, 274,417 Jensen, Roberf, 137, 221 Jernigan, Barbara, 417 Jesfer, Connie, 201 Jefer, Joe, 391 Jeweff, James, 284, 417 Jicha, Pafricia, 190, 417 Homes of Duality 486 v,.,. .., Jimerson, Don, 137 Johnson, Waller, 302, 391 Jobe, Jared 282,417 Johnson, William, 304, 4l7 Jodlowskl Sandra, 200 Johnson, William, 298, 417 Jody. Phillip. 417 Johnnon errmbmh, 252, 417 Johannesen,.Alan, 164, 272, 391 Johnslon, Eva 248, 417 Johns, L. Mike, 352 Jorrnsron, Jeffrey, 211, 233 314, 417 Johns, Mlchacl, 391 Johnslon Robcrl, 280, 412 Johns, Nancy, I70, 192, 4l7 Johnslon, Samuel, 203 John n 5 Johnslonc, Jane, 246 375, 417 , h so ' bs, fi lfza Johnnona, William, 24,1 263, 339 'o mon' l ' ' ' 8 Jones, Ann, 108, 246, 417 Johnson, Allen, 360 Jones, Bradley, 207 Johnson, Anila, 181 Jones, Brenda, 232, 233, 417 Johnson, Ann, 226, 417 Jones, Candy, 252, 4l7 J0l1f1SO1'l. Belly 184 Jones, Claire, 236, 417 Johnson, Charles, 288, 417 Jones, Connie, 322, 391 JOl1f'lSOT'l, Chris, 302, 417 Jones, David, 204 -l0l1nS0f'. Clf-VCUCS. 391 Jones, Gomer T,, 67, 134 Johnson, Claude, 218, 366, 391 Jones, Holly, 236, 391 Johnson, Cline, 156, 157 Jones, Janice, 187 Johnson, Curlis, 391 Jones, Jarold, 276, 417 Johnson, Cyd, 226, 417 Jones, Jo, 191 Johnson, Cynthia, 107, 375 Jones, Joe, 278, 417 -l0l1f'50"l. Dan, 302, 391 Jones, John E., 304, 417 Johnson, Daniel, 196,417 Jones, John F., 212 Johnson, Gordon, 417 Jones, Karen, 195 Johnson, James, 278, 355,417 Jones, Kenneth I,, 221 Johnson, Jeffrey, 302, 417 Jones, Kenneth O,, 221 Johnson, Joe, 72 Jones, Marilyn 201 -l0l1l1S0f1. -10110. 220. 304. 391 Jones, Michael, I36, 211 Johnson, Johnny, 160, 284, 323, 4l7 Jones, Monle, 282, 417 Johnson, Joy, 252, 4l7 Jones, Norman, 366 Johnson, Joyce, 185, 252, 417, 314 Jones, Phillip, 376 JOl'1r1SOl'l, Julie, 246, 417 Jones, Phyllis, 357 Johnson, Larry, 197 Jones, Capl Robert D., Jr., 371, 376 Johnson, Laura, 244, 4I'7 Jones, Robert D., 169, 286, 391 Johnson, Lawrence, 350 Jones, Robert S., 417 Johnson, Lee, 294, 4l7 Jones, Ronald J., 346, 391 Johnson, Linda, 186 Jones, Ronald, K., 148, 417 Johnson, Lynda, 113, 240, 241,417 Jones, Sherry, 246, 256, 391 Johnson, Michael D., 391 Jones, Stephanie, 235, 417 Johnson, Michael S., 278, 417 Jones, Terry, 417 Johnson, Monlford, 64, l37', 141, 221 Jones, Timothy, 137 Johnson, Philip, 302, 417 Jones, Tisa, I96, 417 Johnson, Richard, 330, 347 Jones, Virginia, 417 Jlolllnson, EoEer+1fx.,3g84, 417 Jordan, Danny, 221 o nson, o ert ., Johnson, Russell, 298, 417 Jordan House' '93 Johnson, Sherry, 417 Jordan, Janice, 417 Johnson, Steven, I96 Jordan, Kathy, 4l7 Johnson, Steve, 165 Jordan, Phil 136 Johnson, Susan, 193,230,417 Jordon, Phillip, 221, 289, 417 Johnson, Terry, 194, 246, 4l7 Jorgensen, Robert, 355 Johnson, Thomas, 417 Jorski, Harold, l8l Joceplr, Douglas 727, 4ll Jfmrpli, lAif.1'-cel, Wk, 2517 417 J'1S':plu, Clrorfml 1871 JOC':pl'l, 3l':f2li':fi, 21115, T771 Journalism Profs Slall, 72 J0y'.':, L':0fmr'l, iihl, 417 Jl1l:Vfgl:fl'., lfxrrrulfz, 2,112 4ll Julian, Cyrrlrria, 342, W: :LI 4 Julli':n, Lfyuik, 276 Junior Pannellenic, 258 Juslinc, Eolilny, 341, 356, 3'lI K Kadinq, Clrarlrm, 1'r7 Kahn, Monica, 200 Kiilfjllrl, Klrlurl, 226, 417 Kalisler, Terry, 294, 417 Kalmurrr, Karen, 4ll Kane, Laura, 417 Kanelicld, Wendy, 173, 254, 4 Kanlowsli, Charlolle, 82 Kaplan, Gordon, 217,417 Kaplan, Kennclh, 301 Kaplan, Slcven, 208 Kappa Alpha, 282, 283 Kappa Alpha Theta, 246, 247 Kappa Della, 248, 249 Kappa Epsilon, 351 Kappa Kappa Gamma, 250, 251 Kappa Kappa Psi, 352 Kappa Sigma, 284, 285 Kappel, Henry, 289 Kapur, Arun, 347 Karr, Kathryn, 349 Karler, Gary, 220, 417 Kaspar, David, 2ll, 417 Kasper, Sarah, 352, 417 Kaslen, Karen, 199 Kasll, Kalherine, 417 Kales, Kathryn, 238, 417 Kales, Lora, 190, 349 Katz, Adalee, 201 Kalzenbach, Dr. Edward L 90 Kauble, Carolyn, 417 Kaufman, Joanne, 254, 417 Kaufman, James, 211, 302, 417 Kaufman, Paula, 193 Kauslcay, Linda, 327, 417 Kay, Sherry, 195, 417 I7 ., Jr., 43, r,.,..,,., kfyi y,,,,,..., y,.,,. 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K-a't Henry, 278 k'a"'D John, 270, 4l8 k'a"'e', Daxfd, 392 k'a"fe', Peter, 350 lva'f'ger, John, 298, 4l8 Krause Neal, 296, 4l8 K'axef:, Barbara, 254, 392 k'i"'l5KN, Ronald, 308, 4l8 Kfsch, Christopher, 4l8 "s'-er, Karen, I86 rcwhn, Kathryn, 76, 4l8 K'e' , Snellex, l98, 4l8 Krcn, Peter, 220 K'Qn"Qlm Xiflliam, 294, 392 nes, Michael, 286, 4l8 'coed Albert, 284, 4l8 K K K K Kubista, Phyllis, l90, 4I8 Kuehn, Sallx, 392 Kcernert, James, 4l8 K.:-lman, Marian, 350, 4l8 Kunlo, Silvia, 4l8 Kukuk, Stexen, 72, 350 K.. a, Gan- 272, 3I4, 4l8 Kg-ein, Dr. Hillel 347 Kunkel, Richard, 26l, 294, 4l8 Kuntz, Dr. Euoene O., 50 Kunzelman, Richard, 247, 280, 392 Kuoer Sandra, I92, 4l8 K-siak Joseoh, I37, 22I, 392 Kufne', Jeitrev, 2l4, 2l8 Kuuewdall, Barbara, 237, 392 Kcxlaendall, Beverly, 237, 392 Kcvkenoall, Kennon, 4l8 KxsOls, Yah, 2I9 Kyle, Steve, 4I8 L L Rox, David, 352 La Forge, Janet, l95, 3l4 La Parche, Evette, I9l, 355, 4l8 La Rosa, Vincent, I37, 22l Labrse Robert, 4I8 Lacewell, Larry, I37 Lachman, Andrea, 286 Lacrow, Robert, 203, 4I8 Lackey, John, 304, 4l8 Laces-.ell Larry l?5 Lane Larry, 263, 272, 273, 392 Lake, Linda, 252, 4I8 Lake, Wendy, l88, 4l8 Lamb, Lynn, 355, 4l8 Lamb, Marian, 248, 4l8 Lamb, Morris, 47 Lambda Chi Alpha, 286-287 Lambda Omicron, 337 Lambda Tau, 353 Lambert, Suzanne, 237, 392 Lamebull, Ella, 4l8 Lambert, Ruth, 229, 256 Lampkin, Thomas, 4l8 Lampton, Katherine, 250, 4l8 Lancaster, Robert, 205 Land, Lloi Leroy C,, ll, 365 Land, Donald, 298, 337, 392 Landguth, Marilyn, l9l Landguth, Mark, I83, 4l8 Landler, Jorge, 264, 383 Landon, Marshall, 2l0, 4l8 Lane, Edwin, l82, 4l8 Lane, Fred, 2l0 Lane, Renee, l73 Laneuville, Brooksie, 392 Lang, Dennis 2I'5 Lange, Beverly, 235, 4l8 Langford, Dan, 2ll, 272, 4l9 Langley, Robert, 345, 347, 36l Langston, Frank, 278, 4l9 Lansky, Stanley, 308, 392 Lantow, Linda, 237, 294, 4l9 Lapins, Andrew, 4l8 Larens, Mai James M., 365, 370 Larimore, James, 278, 4l9 Larry, Elton l98, 4l9 Larson, Emily, nav, 355, 4:9 Lasater, Deborah, l7'I, 252, 4l9 Lasater, Robert, 290, 4l9 Lasseter, Dawson, 207, 355, 4l9 Lathrop, Janice, I93 Lattimore, Robert, 2l8 Lattner, Douglas, 294, 4l9 Laughlin, Craig, 24l, 4l9 Laughlin, Jo, 24l, 4l9 Laughlin, Larry, 2l8 Laughlin, Nancy, 252, 4l9 Laush, Laurence, l32, l53, l55, 22l Lauterstein, Thomas, 308, 4l9 Law, College oi, 50 Law, Pietro, 2l8 Lawhon, Larry, 280, 418 Lawler, Jane, 24l, 4l8 Lawnick, Kathleen, 4l9 Lawrence, David, 208 Lawrence Donald, 347 Lawrence Douglas 324, 4l9 Lawrence Gary, 72 Lawrence Kennie, I88, 344, 4l9 Lawrence Paul, 36l, 392 Lawrence, Pamela, 4l9 Lawrence, Robert, 3l5, 3l6, 35l, 392 Lawson House, I94 Lay, Joseph, 2T0 Laytin, William, 308, 383 Lazaris, George, 2l8 Le Blanc, Maurice 383 Le Fabvre, Michelle, 76 Le Flore, Louis, 4l9 Le Flore, Magnolia, l9l Le Masters, Susan, 4l9 Leach, Melinda, l7O, 230, 4l9 Leat, Lucie, 237, 4l9 Leaman, Gordon, 276, 3l5, 347, 4l9 Leath, James, l82 Lebow, Ronne, 4l9 Lederman, Daniel, 4l9 Ledermann, Peter, 2I8 Le-dford, Bonnie, 230, 4l9 Ledgerwood, Thomas, 392 Ledlie, Jon, 289, 4l9 Leonard, Jan, 250, 392 Leonard, Lorraine, 237, 3I4, 4l9 Leonard, Maribeth, I89, 355, 4l9 Leonard, Thomas, 322 Leonhart, Larry, 392 Leonik, Beniamin, 203 Leopold, F. F., 48 Leppert Robert, 4l9 Lerner, Howard, 266, 419 Leslie, Debi, 354,392 Leslie, James, 296, 4l9 Lessel, John, 36l, 392 Letson, Eleanor, 76, 78, l08, 227, 328, 4:9 Lett, Doroth , 342, 35I Leuszler, Richard, 272, 273, 4l9 Leverence, William, 2l7 Levin, Larry, 308, 4l9 Levin, Mark, 308, 4l9 Levine, Marsha, l04, I89, 349, 4l9 Le Vine, Richard, 2l l, 308, 4l9 Levine, Sonia, 254, 4l9 Levitch, Marilyn, l84, 258, 4l9 Levy, Jane, 228, 4l9 Lavy, Kenneth, 4l9 Levy, Richard, 308, 4l9 Lewey, Jane, l92, 248, 4l9 Lee, Cecil, 55 Lee, Clyde, 203 Lee, Connie, 24l, 4l9 Lee, Dann , 2l2, 4l9 Lee, Davidl, 298, 392 Lee, Douglas, 286, 4l9 Lee, Janet, 237, 4l9 Lee, Jerry, 353, 392 Lee, Johanna, 24l, 4l'9 Lee, Larry, 330 Lee, Liang-Sun, 2l9 Lehrma .LJr. G if lip, 342 Lee, Robert, 206, 4l9 Lee, Sharon, 226, 4l9 Lee, Lee, Stephen, 302, 4l9 Trevis, 4l9 Legault, Jocelyne, 360 Lehman, Barry, 308, 392 Lehman, Edward, 282, 283, 4l9 Lehmann, Michael, 4l9 Lehrman, Kenneth, 392 Leibs, Jacquelyn, 254, 4l9 Leinbach, Thomas, 207 Leip old, Lance, 294, 4l9 Lemley Linda, 4l9 Lemon, Leslie, 36l Lengsfield, Jack, 4l9 Leonard, Hank, 283 Lewis, Bette, 252 Lewis, Billy, 298, 4l9 Lewis, Darcy, 254, 4l9 Lewis, Glen, 356 Lewis, Howard, 392 Lewis, Jamie, 308, 309, 323, 4l9 Lewis, Jane, 20l, 4l9 Lewis, John M., 4l9 Lewis, John R., 272 Lewis, John Warren, 4l9 Lewis, John William, 268 Lewis, Julie, 246, 420 Lewis, Kathy, 3l4, 420 Lewis, Mark, 210, 309, 420 Lewis, Patricia, 420 Lewis, Robert, 3l6, 347, 361, 39l Lewis, Russell, 284, 420 Lewis, Stanley, 208 Lewis, Susan, l9l Leydort, Glenn, l32, 220 Liber, Kitty, I89, 420 Lieber, Raymond, I83 Lierman, Lois, 227, 420 Lieurance, Linda, 250, 420 Lievsa y, sandra, 190, 420 Lilburn, Robert, 209 Lillard, Chris, 302,420 Lillard, Richard, 2l3 ' BOOKLETS ' BROCHURES ' LETTERHEADS ' NEWS LETTERS ' PROGRAMS ' PUBLICATIONS liliifidl This Book is Bound Durand Cover DURAND MANUFACTU ING CO. I I . printing co. crifriplete printing f designing and lithogrophing service S1-reef Chicago 9' Illinois 434 Hiivhunun normun, olrll. 73069 488 'I Lilley Kathleen, 237, 258, 420 Lin, Cheng, 2l9 Lin, Douglas, 2l5 Lincoln House, 2l6 Lindberg, Geor ia, 238, 420 Lindberg, Joespch, 254, 420 Lindsay, Edward, 324, 420 Lindsay, Pamela, 202 Lindsey, Kevin, I64 Lindsey, Tina, I93, 250 Lindberg, Edwin, 208,420 Lindsey, John, 205, 355, 420 Lindsey, Kevin, 220 Lindsey, Marva, I9l 353 Lingle William, 300 Link, ear , 302, 420 Linville, lames, 420 Lippmann, Edwin, 274, 366,392 Lippman, Elizabeth, I90, 383 Lisle, Kenneth, 274, 420 Lissi, Linda, l89 334 Litteral, Jack, 420 Little, Linda, 238, 420 Little, Suzan 420 Littlefield, Eaiih, 194, 195 Littrell, Danny, 156, 220, 274,420 Livengood, Terry, 420 Livermon, James, 286, 420 Livermore, Mary, l84, 244, 420 Livermore, Sarah, 76, 79, 244, 256, '333, 344, 420 Livesay, Michael, 203, 420 Livingston, Barbara, 238, 420 Livingston, Davi-d, 303, 306,420 Lobaugh, David, 353 Lobaugh, William, 204 Lobaugh, Zora, I88 Lobrecht, Nancy, 237, 376, 420 Lockard, John, 274, 392 Locke, Allen, 420 Lockert, Carol, I95 Lockwood, Charles, 420 Lockwood, Mary, 360 Lockwood, Richard, 360 Loew, Lo an, Deborah, Q Logan, James, 339 Rudolph, 315, 351, 420 252, 314, 420 Logan, Linda, 246, 420 Logan, Logan, London, Joanne, Richard, l3l, 420 Suzanne, 252,420 392 Long, Arretta, 8l Long, Curt, 280, 420 Long, Cynthia, l92 Long, James, l83, 325, 347, 36l, 420 John, John, 290 420 Long Kafhfyn, 240, 24'1,26O, 344, Long, Linda, 250, 392 Lana, Miciifmi, 220, 420 Long, Robert, 205 Long, Rosila, 232, 233 420 Long, Virginia, l70, I87, 420 Lana wayne, 155, 155, I57 Longlootharn, Joe, l82 Lonqlield, John, 309 Lonn, Jean, 34l Lonn, Richard, 34l Loomis, Court, 304, 420 Loomis, Jeanne, 392, 407 Looney, Jane, lE8 Looney, Joe, 203, 420 Loring, Charles, 292, 420 Loser, David, 392 Lott, George, 392 Lou-derback, Susan, 420 Love, Deborah, 227, 420 Love, Oliver, 348 Love, Robert, 359 Love, Dr. Tom J., 358 Lovelace, Allen, 392 Loveless, Wyman, l65 Lovin, Odess, l64, 220 Low, Jona, 237, 420 Lowe, Claudia, 248, 392 Lowe, Jo, 2I7 Lower, Gary, I35 Lowery, Lester, IG9, 2l2 Lowrie, John, 289, 420 Lowry, Margaret, l05, 244, 420 Loy, Judith, 237, 420 Loyd, Michele, l85, 420 Loyd, Paula, 392 Lubershane, Marianne, l92 Lucas, Asa, 284, 420 Lucas, Carol, 248, 420 Lucas, Frank, 348, 392 Lucas, Scott, 208, 2l3, 420 Luccock, Thomas, 392 Luckert, Carol, 355, 420 Luckowski, Judith, l89, 355, 420 Luft, Leslie, 274, 393 Luft, Mark, 274, 420 Luke, Mary, 252, 375,420 Luke, Robert, 420 Luker, Anthony, 420 Luker, Crystal, I94, 420 Luker, John, 420 Lum, Kin , 2l'l, 270, 347,420 Lund, Deiivorah, 295 Lundquist, David, 220 Lundskog, Joseph, 330 420 Lunn, Jufz, 343 Lunn '1umrin1:, 3I4 Lurnslord, Bfrmrly, 748, 347 470 Lull1l:l', Dori, 274, 371 Lutlier, Jirrirriy, lfff Lullif':'.j, Lfmrirz, 700 ' " ' ' ' 271 Lullrl:ll,B1lly, lil, l',l, lb! lu-1 h Lyrif. P-7lif.har:l L., 770, 774 470 Lyr1f,l'1 M1f,l10l:l 774, 410 LfYiCll Mihliafzl T., 775, 470 Lynch Ronald f,,, I00, 225 Lynch, Porialfl L., 7l'l Lynch, Susan, l'l2 Linen, Wolfgang, 34l, 35 Lynlf, lr1q,2l7 Lynn, Clyde, 34l, 353 Lynn, David, 393 Lynn, Laura, 78, 34l, 375, 420 Lyon, Robert, 393 Lynn Robert 355 Lyank, Mania, 100, 420 M Mabrey, Marilyn, 250, 420 Mac Arthur, Gena, 250, 333, 420 Mac Duff, Larry, l32, I36, I37 Mack, Eve, l92, 228,420 Mack, Robert, 383 Mackey, Diane, 244, 420 Mackie, Laura, 420 Mackin, Bill, 282, 393 Macklin, Chas, 270, 420 Mackland, Terry, I98 Macleod, John, I35, l47, I43 Maehl Dr. William H., 55 Maggi, Darius, 393 Magner, Marcia, 420 Magnusson, Robert, I98, 33l Maguire, James, 203 Mahan, Mary, 420 Hahan, Michael, 383 Mahaney, Ina, 420 Mahendra, Yogender, 347 Maher, Diana, 238, 420 Mahone, Gerald, 242, 420 Mahone, James, 302,420 Mahoney, Robert, 420 Maidt, Margo, 235, 393 Mailath, Daniel, 420 Makkari, Mohammad, I69 Makris, Gre ory, 290, 420 Mallett, Baribara, l86 Mallonee, Michael, 330 Malone, Cheryl, 420 Malone, Freddy, l32, I37 ffq 1,117 'Ir ,july 47 Management, Society lm I-'ha re ment ot, Nl 'Io'-':'o' I' 'z 47 'Iva ' 'n":'-. 7 Z 777 47 Vo'-'. '12 N," 735 47 PId": JG 772 47 tiara' 'fffv :Ez iA'l'il" f': 47 rtanr ' rt fc' 721, 47 Pff1'1':7 5.-1' y' 25 745 47 Florin lf1"'7'. 547 571 'IGP' lf'7":'j " 'I 742 42 Plath Ifo ":' 712 47 Mfvir. y 9 ',"x"1 751 Mar-l':"'1"1 l':""'. 761 74,4 7'. 13: 173 i14rl!,':'. L1',","y 1'!l Marny Eur, 707 Mo".' a0!2!,y': 7715 .155 47 Ma",-nf: a'l'f,'7"3 20 47 Mau: fz":'J','y 47l ll1a"g0l y':"':" 751 MfJ'i'.l':, Yf:"'y' 777 47 Marino, C ':" ':':' 725 l1i'1'r':'., J'u:f- 47l Marketing Club, 353 lllarrtan, I1r.r.a '13 421 Maw I-y Jrzf '13 lil hA'2'7f'-'jfl J','1'1 IW 1 PI 414 1,4,,.'3 ,',,,1,,, ' M,,f1.,f, J,,n',,,, grg ili'1rl':y, PfJt.':" 42l Marlun, Dennis 177 f Ma flow, Jef. lf7 Marlow, Petr, li? 314 34" 42 Mafda 1 Janet, 141 Marrfn, Ronny 42l Marr r'1f3', f'iC""J'1 323 Marrlgtt Karr-n 479 H- '7' Marr1ott,RalL" 295 42l , .1J4,.,,, Marrs, Alton, 270 42l '41 42l Marrs, Rf'-Le Marshall, Cheryl, 25l 42l Marshall, Efe'et', l37 i4 27 Marshall, Patr'c'a l92 Marshall, Srevy, 24I 42l Marshall, Ves'e', l48 22l 47 Marshburn, Jorn 302 42l Marshburn Joserr 302 42l Martie, Martin Martin Martin Robert, 2l4 , Amy, 47l , Billy, 393 Carol, l08 238 42l ll-, if. 'I .,. 'It ul. 'I ef- 'I1 'I af, 'IQ 'Ii 'Il 'Ii 'Ii 'Ii 'I: 'IZ 'It 'It 'I: 'IL 'Ii 'I V, 'It Ma 'Il 'I 2 'IL 1,12 'Is 'Il 'I 1 'Ir 'It 'Iz aff 'I : 'I: 'I : V: 'I: 'I: 'I: 3,1 uf . 1,2 'It 'I: nf: min: At Kerr-McGee . . . E ERG Y Is Our Bu mess Born in the oil fields of Oklahoma, Kerr-McGee has grown steadily through the years and is now internationally recognized for its success in finding and producing natural resources, including the four basic sources of energy - oil, gas, uranium and coal. Kerr-McGee's world-wide operations are we I , 2. -.-. fees , , . Hr: -A 'Elf' x directed from headquarters in Oklahoma City. ft. ,K , s sm J' . W iq.: -+- K! A' ,1--R , J fi 3- '-t ,f"3fH'Ff- '. ,nm ' Q .li I "l Throughout the state, Kerr-McGee employs more than l,9000klal'10mar1S. We are proud of our Oklahoma heritage. 1 - -dhmU't,", --., e X. 7 X i is si 3 3 Ss . Q3 X x X it X X X .As . -Nxt .., Crux ,N .s, X . ss st 3 .X W 9' ' 'URANIUM , twuwx 35 Y T 3 O A in-X v X .' A 34 i'- K 'M Developers of FUELS' F08 77-IERJTURE - - N- -4- McWilli N':-:' 91- 93 Me- : 2: Ve". ISS 4 '.'3-' S2-' e. 324 5-':-' 5 :See -If we a - 244 Va- 35, 'Karl' Un. Q--53 4 Van. H :S kin. x -- 42 Vi. 3 :Q :PS gnu., -3--5, ' - 4: x'na sz., 9' ' K'l:'ls- xii!-be-V .5 N':.fs -s". 34: .. . . '-':.:'s -.-". 25: 33. Vous: 5-"' E: 393 4- -- :ss PS- -5 7 42l- vaf-: R' "'l '.'1.',-'3 , - . '-'3.'a'.t N 2:3 " -1 N'.4'- :N -:S :CASS 42l '::::: .::.:-e 2 232 - 'Jo-Reeds Sine- 'Ti 472 McCasland 4, 5, l84 McCasland 6, 7, ISS McCaSland B, 9, IS6 K':Cas ana L-T133 359 N':Cas"n Kennelr, ZS-S, 423 NTC an Gnenaolxn, 235, 423 NJC ci ana Barbara, ISS, 237, 423 K':Cl 'vc Robert, 2l6 M:C's' Ross 325 NQC 0.13 Parsx. 394 NTC we Cvnlfa, 238, 423 MQC ue, Dafd, 218, 42- M:C we M chael, 286, 423 .A i ., C- LJUT MQC vlan M C l os, John, 298, 423 Allen, 330 McCcl'um, Daxid, 423 McCcilum,.lames, 2Il, 280,423 McCollum, Toney, 330, 34l, 394 SGT Mai Georde, 365 Sue, l0S, 245,423 McCo'nbs McConnell McCord, Douglas, 2IB M-:Co'd, Ronny, 278,423 McCork!e, Nonna, 394 McCorlnex, Carolyn, 227,423 Mclilhaney, Gary, 287, 423 McEImurry, Roberl, 2l2 McElroy, Carl, l37, 22l Mcelrov, Julius, l6B, 269, 423 McElroy, Melinda, 237, 333, 375, McFadden, Barbara, l89 McFall, Mary, 342, 35l, 359, 393 Mclzarlln, Rex, I96, 423 McGarry, Ronald, 394 McGee, Carol, 423 McGee, Lynda, 24l, 394 McGee, Susan, l9l 4 McLean, Joseph, 263 McLennan, Lyndon, 205 McMahan, Karen, 25l, 424 McManus, Angela, 394 McMinn, Richard, 279, 424 McMullen, Peggy, 24l, 338, 394 McNeil, Eddie, 22l McNeil, Kennelh, 29l McNicol, Allyn, I94 McNill, Ga le, 245, 424 McPherson, Kfililliam, 356, 394 Harvey, I82 Ralph, 424 McQuislon, McReynolds, McGehee, Marlin, l32, l56, 298, 322, 423 McGehee, Perry, I37, 22l McGill'erl, Mary, I84, 423 McGinley, Jane, l92 McGinley, Palrick, 33l McGinn, Roberl, 350 McGinnis, B. Jo., 23l, 256, 333, 394 McGonaqle, Cpl. William L., 7I, 368, 369 McGovern, James, 302,423 McGregor, Frank, 298, 424 McGrew, Dr. W. C., 322 N'cReynolds, Rebecca, I85, 424 McSpadden House, I96 McWilli Meacha Meade, ams, Charles, 284, 323, 424 ams, Gregory, 284, 394 m, Linda, 357 Mark 270 Meaders, Danielle, 20l, 375 Meadows, Rodney, 205 Meadows, Slephen, 207 Mealy, Richard, 290, 42l Meason, Thomas, 298, 42l Merrell, Gloria, 42l Merrifield, Janel, 24ll, 42l Merriman, David, 290 Merriman, Jerald, 286, 393 Merrill, Gilberl, ISI Merrill, M. Kenneilh, 244, 42l Merryfiel-d, Carol, 244, 42l Mers, Dale, 292, 42l Messer, Bradley, 42l Messer, Millord, 286 Melcall, Louis, 205 Melcall, Tammie, I98 Melevelis, D. George, 280, 42l Melzger, Slacie, 249, 42l Melzinger, Marvin 205 Mewshaw, Deborah, 422 Meyer, Carol, 20l IB6, 254, 422 Meyer, Donna, Meyer, Joyce, 55 Meyer, Henry, 333, 335 Meyer, James, 275, 356, 393 Meyer, Meyer, Nancy Larry, 422 , 322, 323 Meyer, Thomas, I98 Meyer, William, 279,422 -.feaoa--, sa rs so M:Corlney, cynlnia, 227,423 McGuire, Donald, lofi Mecca- Midlaeli 296. 393 Meyer, William, 2ll '-':-Kas: 5'-es '33 423 migow-iflXf'aBnv..394284 423 mcgulre, Elefanoll,8g00 Mgchanicalf Eggineers, American Meyers, Vic6ki,hI96, 228,422 '-'Q-K s's' 5' 393 c own, . alne, , c ulre, a le, ocielyo, e , l ,309,422 '-'Qi 1' 'e 5'a'1 es 295, 423 MCCOV, Jane, 253,423 McGuire, Mack, 289 424 Mechem Dennis l3I 270 42' Meiyfgjgril, Pindliiew, 300,422 Hug-x--,1 , D-, An--3 'O McCoy, John, 282 McGuire, Rulherlorcl, 372, 383 . . ' ' .' ' Michael, Bill, l35 '-':-K, "fe Jeannie 253 McCoy. Joseph, 353 McGuone, Burke, 2lB Medfcfne and Nursmqr 438'47' Michael, Bradford, 302, 422 ticiv .ZX -Gigi lacgov, Slep5l5en,43g4 mc?enry,MMa.qsha,2B32,43214 Medlclne, College of, 5l michael, iohhrw. IP36 I 279 422 'ues :--a 2: C ravev, . C nnls, arlyn, , ' IC acz , IC ae, , .,.,5,., -,M 423 McCrayv, Larry, 423 Molnlosn, Doieey,2a7,33a, 347,424 y,"2'22l"'j,,lf,2,b'2-Q2 'fag 220 Mlenalezili, Palricia, l88, 244,422 '-':5'ee'- J:'n ZIS 423 McCrelQhl, Conslance, l09, 260 Mclnlosh, Kalherlne, 424 Meesg Lariy 421' Middlelon, Billy, 422 llsexllxfalliislleiliil Milam ess: SLS' Eli' 4'2" megfel- '98 miller Toll-in ZL6 ls4 -'sr' :e a. 2 3 . . l , , , IC anows l, ac , 8.1313-lse :rea 322 EC-1 1 McCune, Ann, I72, 245, 282, 423 McKane, Larry, 287 M2guEi.3sQf2i,ZF3,i7t3gr5'I 42' Mildren, Larry, I36, I3B, l40, l42 if 551:-3 "iJS44f3-" Sig 425 MCC""f'i" House- '95 iiikii' igiilfig yiiz ',j',el'lf'?,- Sli"a'i'a342l,4 42, Milli' 2J2!naf384z34o' 422 M Cm Ho 203 McCu+chefl. Johnar-na. 423 Mekeej Jimmie, 2l7 Mglfgj, iJa'inf,,Q 282- 42, Miles: Jonn,'la9, 295,422 C Use- McDad.e, J, IB., I8l McKenzie, James, 295, 424 Melfon' LaU,a'202' Miles, Slephen, I97 F-':Ca ee John 26l, 272,423 MCDBHQGL B'llY. 2l8. 393 McKeown, Daryl, 342, 359 Melfon' Marggref 213 Millard, Jeanne, 393 P-':Ca Seve" 296 423 McDaniel, Charles. 87 McKeown, Ray,.347 Mellon: Rl16l'1e'fl'a,'20l Miller, Belle I84- ' :K-'33 3 3 3 ' 1 l I l l I 1 v 53:13 f5i5a24Z-323 5232254 Rl32?'Sa5Z'.35al,5 iliklflill' 'iZi'l'S'2339' 394 'Mon' RlC"a'd- 286-42' WHS? EE'2.'l?l53Q '32 Macao- va--'ea 355,423 McDonald Dennis. 295. 423 McKinne:, Mari, 305,424 me'V"',:af"S'.55 H6 H7 Miller, cnriffoplier, 422 P-':Ca"e' Jo'r1 206, 275, 425 MCD0f16ld Jefffev. 295. 393 McKinney, Michael, 220, 424 en 0 'shndlofl' ' Miller, Cynlhia, I94, 25I, 422 V:Ca"e' J-oi'h, 423 mCgOf16lg. SFaFlk2l332 hlvlfcsinniis, BIaIr1y,3l52,42El6, 220,424 mengenlnall, EavldI,3g05,342l miller, DanieJl,,382, 422 l-':C:"e- D-. 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L ' . , CQLLEGE CQRNZR l l 490 Mirror, Joy, 29I Miller Join, 422 Maiioff Joe 393 Miller Miller Miller Miller Miller . ,, Mill,r Miller icoiliiooo, isa , Leslie, 258 , Nancy, 249, 393 , Pulriciu, I98 , Ra , 212, 422 , Rebecca, 393 Roberl, l53 Millar: shoaio, 20I, 254, 422 Miller, Susan B., 422 Miller, Susan J., 228 Miller 422 Miller Milles ,waiiaom, rar, 221, 305, 322 , Winslon, 73 on, Gene, 393 Mollill, William, 64 Moqali, John, 422 Moqnb, Zahin, 20l Moqilelslry, Mir.har:l, 266, 422 Mohlirir, Marilyn, IH9 Mohlfisgmrriiun, Hassan, 3l5, 347, 393 Molinns, Arnold, 2l7 Moncriel, Carolyn, 238, 422 Moncrirfl, Marilyn, 393 Monlore, Mary, I05, 20l, 393 Monlore, William, 325 Monqer, Kenriclh, IS3, 220 Monnell, Monle, II4, 238, 239, 422 Monsel, Toorai, I69 Monson, Candy, l86 Monsour, Ann, 25l, 422 'A'7','l: lfrrry, 2f:, 477 'A'7'7flif:fl'l, Il !f1l7'r!' 21:2 SW, IAf7'7IHiuIi, lJ':i7l7 ':, 2'll 477 rAof.'.o, Alloy., 377, 477 Murfmn, Dfzririig, 702 PAUIIJFI, l.'lIlrH'I, 'JI4 Mhfun, Flirt. flolll o iff Morgan, f.hrI'.lf,r,r':r, 75:0 477 lillUV'jrJn, Jfxf.kiI:, 707 477 lllorqori, F'r,qr:r, 477 Morfgori, Ihr,rrifi',, 427 Morquri, Virrglriwi, 2l1l Morqfxn, "NiIIifirr., 427 Morillo, Ornfir, 2l'f Morris, Grefgory, 315, 3471 327' NIOHIG, Jfflin, IHC! Morris, DY. Jwlin PM 51 Milliken, Ron, 43l Million, Thomas, 275, 422 Mills House, 203 Mills, Janel, 422 Mills, Jim, 393 Milne, Linda, 422 Milner, Marlha, 422 Milslead, Jon, 22I Minion, David, 393 Minion, Jimmy, 203 Minion, Johnny, 2I8 Minion, Lyna, 393 Minlz, Susan l85 Misoor, Fariba, 349 Misagi, Tolu, 349 Misaqi, Fazlollah, 349 Monlaque, Corron, 422 Monlaquc, Paula, 393 Monlgorncry, Ellen, 393 Monlgomcry, Erin, 302,422 Monlgomery, Joseph, 289, 422 Monlqornery, Marv Helen, 332 Monlgomery, Palrick, 422 Monlgomery, Ronnie, 393 Monlin, Jean, Monloio, Edw l85 ard, 383 Moody, Dan, 275, 366, 393 Moody, Jo, 3l4, 422 Mooney, Jerome, 298, 422 Moore, Barbara, 333 Moore, Beverly, 228, 422 Moore Bradford, 305, 422 Moore: Dr. Carl A., 355 Moore Derland, 22I, 422 Miss OU, lI3 Milchell, Don, 422 Milchell, Glenda, 33l, 393 Milchell, Greg, 2l0, 298,422 Milchell, James B., 203 Milchell, James R., 275 Mifchell, Kirk, 295, 422 Mifchell, Nalhan, l3l Milchell, Roberl, 422 Milchell, Ro er, 208,289,422 Mifchell, Salay, l95, 35l Milrovgenis, James, 284,422 Millelman, Sharon, I96 Mile Richard, I68, I69, IB3 Mzzol, eory, 2ll, 309,422 Mizushima, Howard, l53, 220 Mizushima, Ronald, l53, 220, 422 Moberly, Merrie, 238, 422 Mobley, Carolyn, 202, 238,422 Mobley, Lauren, 253, 422 Model United Nafions, 3l8-3l9 Moore Moore Moore Moore Donald, 296, 422 Elhel, 244,258,422 Mrs. F. D., 283 Francile, 232, 422 Moore Glen, 290, 422 Moore, James P., 347 Moore, James, R., 206 Moore Jennifer 393 Moore Moore Moore Moore Q John e.,' 275, 422 John K., 278 Kennefh, 422 Lonnie, 322 Moore, Louise, 74, 75, Bl Moore, Michael A., 393 Moore Michael J., 295, 422 Moore Mollie, 393 Moore Palricia, l70, I98 Moore Roberl C., 270, 27l Moore Roberl' L., 393, 422 Moore Sonia, 334 Moore Susan, 237, 422 Morris, Ken, l6'r Morris, Lf:slrfr, 355 Morris, Roberl, IM, 282 Morris, Robin, 20I,,2',l, 422 Morris , Ronold, 185 Morris, Ronald E., 264 Morris, Willifirn 2'll Morrison, Chofyl, lee, 245, 422 Morrison Deborah, l90, 422 Morrisonl Jooi, 275, 422 Morrison, Michael, 29l Morrison, Sarah 227, 422 Morrow, Samuel, 2l8 Morse, Sleven, 295, 422 Morlar Board, 338 Morlon, Glenn, 295,422 Morlon, Jerry, 292, 422 Morton, Robert, 422 Mosca, Peler, 296, 393 Mose, Connie, 24I, 393 Moser, Moser Moses Gary, 295, 422 Nancy, 333 Roy 263 Moses: Wayne, 356 Moshier, Terry, 347 Mosley, Moss, E Waller, 268, 393 lizabelh, 200, 254,422 Moss, Linda, 249, 270, 422 Molsenbocker, Duane, 348, 36I Mouhin, Don, 347 Moulfon, David, 272, 393 Moullon, Donald, 3l5, 347, 36I Mounl, Ann, 25l, 422 Mounl, D. Anne, 237, 333, 393 Mounl, Philip, 270, 333, 393 Mounl, Vicki, 238, 422 Mounls, Timolhy, l83 Moy, Cynlhia, I94 477 i7,,.,.,,., .. U yu, 477 vl,':': I-'fr' 177 'fn " 'L 77', 477 V, ' 'lf."'f. 7:2 Ll, 477 Muldro-12 3 4 S IU, Muldrovr 7, IO, II I7 I27 V . , ,, ,. .71 7 . ,f1.,l. l. I V, . y 'f rf ',1 lf, 1-' N," 77 V. "' 'IH' fl' 77 7 41 if. 4 - No' -f-' :77 If 2 ' '. If ':' I," 77 lf,""'1 'f's'y 111 V," lf' Zin' E! V Plofrgwf' "1 14 lim' lorr 7'rZ 471 If.'i", lJ',,'g 7f'7 74' 472 Mu Phi Eosilon, 391 ,ff '1'. 321' "':' 2" 47 info, r:off,- 772 Q, M',':,'y Yfi"',' 'r'r 747 47: P14 ,'r,'y i'fg"'r 475 M ,"f:y Joe' 27 M,"f:y lc" 74 123. 14' 4 42.5 'Alia Irs" L. fri" 42-1 I7l,'.':, Iff1'ly'i 247 423 Mu2'5'O7r: JG". IU. 41,2 77C 47 Musqrorfg N " '3'r3 MoZ'.':', Jo" 'gs 272 423 MiJZt':', Mu' ly'- 277 423 lll'JZlCf:, Ju" ":Z, 272 Mufszrfer, Bf:'r,':": 252 Myerbrrg Dori 1: 2? Myers, 8arr,o'a 241 423 Myers, Debra 253 423 M yers, Gow, 302 423 Mye'S, Kal"i'yn I84 223 731 42, Myers, Lhda, I89 325 Myers, N,5osan 235 235 423 Myers, Nancy, 327 Myers, Ronald 2l0 423 Myers, Torn, l92 Myles, E"frf:"J L. 571 Myfhen, Rober' 289 423 N Nadler, Richard, 394 Naeqeli, Robefr, 35l Nagel, Wendy, 228, 424 Nagurney, M. Dyan, 353 Nacci, Brian, 306 lk- Ha., I I 1 . 'Q.. 1 . 5 ary 92", 1. p.,. if- , . . :.,.' fi.. L 1 'I I 1 L cop-la, FoI-de- ol, Put-ons or op outs And no beating around the bush of your- away from home banking needs' A FULL SERVICE BANK SECURITY NATICJNAL BANK SLTFILJST CICJIVIIDANY MEMBER FDIC 200 EAST MAIN STREET NORMAN OKLAHOMA N VV get right to the heart N:"':-" C'a'k, 424 Ne"':-" Gay e, 201 N:"'.:.." Mad, 424 Nan'-To Jann, 251, 328, 424 News ,D ave, I93, 359,31-l, 394 Xaser' Jr' 305, 424 Ns-sani J"""'x, l60 News Kafrwn 249, 369, 424 Ncvax E' :abefh 33I, 394 New 'n Lani 205 N-e'fv9e'ge', Ju' e, 2l3 N-na"'axe', Susan, 249, 258, 424 Nurses Association, Student, 355 Narsinq, College of, Sl Ncsban' Sharon, 357, 424 Yutfe Rooney, 275, 424 N-"i Bobbi, 295, 424 Nyman Stephen, 2I6, 376 O O'Club, I32-I33 O Connor, Karen, 245, 424 O Connor, Patricia, 239,424 O Del' John, 203, 424 Don ex M's. Juanita, 338 Hara, Deborah, l89 Ha'a, John, 305, 424 ""', Dr. Robert E., 47 Mealey, Jimmy, 425 O Mell, Steven, 300 O Neil, Kelly, 425 C O O O O O Neill, Randall, 425 OSt'aughnessy, Stephen, I36, 289, 425 Oakes, Ronald, 347 Oates Charles, 347 Oates, Joseph, 272, 424 Oberstein, David, 26l, 300, 424 Obremski, Dennis, 282, 394 Odom, Dennis, 289, 424 Odom, Jay, 289, 424 Ooom, Robert, 394 Otter, Patricia, 202 36l 266, 267, 333, 394 Ogle, William, Oguss, Gerald, Oklahoma Daily Staff, 80-B3 Oklahoma Memorial Union, 73 Olian, Barbara, 394 Oliphant, Bobby, 280,394 Oliver, Douglas, 3l5, 425 Oliver House, l96 Oliver, Laurence, 309, 425 2 Oliver, Mary, I93 Oliyer, Rolla, 347, 425 Oliver, Stanley, 287, 425 Oliver, Steven, 76, 425 Olmstead, Charles, 299,394 Olmstead, Nancy, l95, 227, 425 Olson, John, 295, 425 Olson, Stephen, 289,425 Omicron Delta Kappa, 337 Onan, Virgil, 425 Ong, Agnes l90 Openshaw, Calvin, 276,425 Opper, Gary, 279, 425 Orendortt, William, 22l Organizations, 3I0-36I Oritz, Steven, 2l7, 4l5 Orvis, Billy, 325 Orzott, Malva, 425 Osborn Charles, 425 Osborn, Nancy, l70, 394 Osborne, Nancy, l7l, 253 Ostrander, Katherine, 24l, 425 Ostroot, Karen, 239, 329, 333, 336, 344, 425 Otey, George, 276, 425 Otlpoby, Georgann, I94, 425 Otien, l.eMoine, 253, 258, OU Press, 70 Overa, Thomas, 353, 394 Overbey, Marsha, 394 Overstreet, Avora, 425 Owen, Cathleen, 425 Owen, Ralph, 296, 395 Owen, Wes, 425 Owens, Glenn, 276 Owens, James, 208 Owens, Steve, 8l, l32, I36, l84, 285, 395 Owings, Gregory, 72, 305, 395 Ovler, Mai Duane E., 37I P Pack, Charles, 303, 395 Pack, Melba, 334 Pack, Philip, 3l4 Padeken, Ric, 2l8 Pain, Charles, 270,425 Pain, Susan, 395 Pain, William, 280,395 Paine, Gerald, 425 Painter, Cled, 3l5, 355, 36l Painter, Cynthia, I98, 425 Palmer, Bobby, 425 425 Palmer, Karen, l9l Palmer, Lesley, 228, 425 Palmer, Stephanie, 23l, 256, 395 Palmer, Steven, 309, 425 Palmer, Tommy, 239, 425 Palmore, Robbie, 245, 395 Panhellenic Council, 256,257 Pannell, Bonnye l88, 425 Panwalkar, Shrikant, 347 Papagolos, John, 295, 425 Paran , Massood, 358 Parceii, Patricia, l92 Parham, Fred, 206, 425 Park, Charles, 209, 425 Parker Billy, 355, 36: Parker: Carol, l95, 425 Parker, Harold, 289, 342, 356, 425 Parker House, I97 Parker, Janet, l90 Parker, Ste hen, 29l, 425 Parker WiRiam 203 Parkhulrst, Donald, l60 Parkhurst, Louis, 383 Parkhurst, Patricia, 395 Patton, Patton, Joel, 309, 425 Michael, 287,425 Patton, Timothy, l68, l83 Paul, Marlyn, l84 Paul Nancy, 277 Paullin, Raimi, 212, 280,425 Pavlik, Linda, 333, 338 Payette, Bruce, 425 Payne, Edmond, 425 Payne, Eugene, 347 Payne, George, 3l I, 345, 355 3 Payne, Lloyd, 287, 425 Payne, Dr. R. B., -ll Payne, Richard, 3l5 Payne, Robert A., 272, 343 Payne, Robert E., 425 Payne, William l'.. 39 Payton, Harry, 2ll Preacher, Kenneth, 425 Peacoc k, Frances, 201 Pearce, Joe, l32, I36, I37, I4 Pearce, Margaret, 357, 395 Pearl, John, 276, 425 Pea rsal l, William, 395 Pearson, John, 299, 425 Pearson, Lindell, I36, 425 I46, Pa rkhurst, Steve, 323 Parks J. M., 425 Parrella, Carmine, 330, 341, 383 Parrish, Anita, 425 Parrish, Berry, 425 Parrish, Donnie, l32 Parrish, Lee, 275, 425 Parrish, Thomas, 299, 425 Parsons, Edwin, 345, 348, 358 Parsons Robert 35l Pa rsonsl Stanley., 206, 425 Partlow, Paschal, Paschal, Connie, 360 James F., 65. 67 Richard, l83 Pate, Charles, 209 Pate, James, 324, 395 Pate, Richard, 284, 395 Patrick, David, 360 Patterson, Charles, 299, 425 Patterson, Donna, 425 - 'erson, l-leleri 5l Patterson, Jacquie, 36l Patterson, Michael, 82 Patterson, Patricia A., 202, 23l, 425 Patterson, Patricia J. 2Ol, 425 Patterson, Patrick, 207, 303, 425 Patterson Pattersoni Pattison, Robert, l32, 220, 287, 395 William, 303, 425 Michael, 305,425 Patton, Gregory, l'69 Pearson, Paula, l'70 Pearson, Ray, 342, 395 Pebler, Charles, 2l8 Peck, James, 296,395 Peckham, Mary, l96 Pedersen, Thelma, 357 Pedersen, William R., 365 Pederson John, 383 Pedrick, Paul, 272,425 Peek, Chester, 347 Peeler, David, 206,425 Peeples, Raymond, 208, 425 Pe-et, 340 Peil, Daniel, 425 Pelleegrini, John 203,425 Pelley, Sammy, 3i4 Pelton, Warren, 383 Pendergraph, Cynthia, 425 Pendley, John, 43I Penn, Melvin, 2l3, 425 Penney, Susan, 425 Pennington, Paula, 249, 425 Penny, Glenda, l85 Peplowski, Henry, 276,425 Pepper, David, 303, 425 Perdue, David, 342, 356,425 Perdue, Kathy, 239, 425 Pereboom, Douglass, 275, 340,425 Perez, Ramon, 395 ver 80 Years oi 'Eine have been "The nicest part of being o is the truly fine PEOPLE with whom we deal produced in our TP at WWW fin 4?7A4fZZ4fff S4l3fllDVilllli9 MOTORS VOLKSWAGEN dealer NONIIGII i 011181101118 Z f it X 7 '44 'imfiltmiil l ii, ilsiflilg f 4 ' ll .Wei Q, ,yi X 2 o it ' t7l7flf7fff f l J If Wlfitiw l "' 9 7 i i' itil NC 'rnanscmrfr Pnnss Z N0R1M2:N5Ag:!lEAul:g:tliAA 4 3i 1i-18. it Sales and Service Z , f . 2404 West Main - 329-IO77 - Norman ' , M ' I . Phipps, Porlno, Charles, 403 Perkins, Melvin, 295, 425 Perkins, Terry, 235, 349, 425 Perlow, Slllarl, 209, 276, 425 Perry, Gerry, l59 Perry, Janis, lea, 249, 425 Pffrry, Ronnie, 209 Perry, Winslon, 2l6, 395 Pfzrryrrlan, A. G., 22l Perryrnan, Douglas, 280, 425 Personalities, Campus, ll8, I25 Pesuk, Pamela, 36l Pusloniec, Jahangir, 264, 425 Przlers, Kevin, l83, 329, 336 Pelers, Larry, l32, I62, I63, 220 Pelers, Llo id, 206, 423 Pl'lllllp'i, Dunn, ZBI, SI4, 426 Phillips, Prirli, I32, l36 Phillips, Jirrl, l82 Phillips, Kffnl, 305, 426 Phillips, Larry, 303, 426 Philllpc, Lirlf a, 25I, 426 Phillip , Dr. Marion, 353 P1:VlYIl, 202, 426 13, Rflflfllfl Dr1l':, 2761, 42,2 Phillifm, Phillip', Ronanl D., 280, 426 Plllllll' Plllllll' Ronnie, 426 Phillip , Slanlcy, 265, 426 Pl'IlllipS, Sue, 426 Phillips, Trina, 237 395 Phillips, riiiiy, 202 Philpoll, Rr:l'nr:ccu, l90 5 Jack, 2Il Pele-rs, Rick, 273,425 Eelers, Sharon, 342, 35l f :lersen John, 324, 425 Pelersen, Virginia, 235, 425 Pelerson, Deannc, 235, 425 Pelerson, Earl, I37, 22I Pelerson, James, 292, 425 Pelerson Karen, 25l, 425 Pelerson Ralph, 368 Pelerson Robert V., 74, 75 Pelerson Ronald 280 395 Peliili, Ealla, 425' ' Petroleum and Geological Engineers Club, 355 Peggzleum Landmen's Association, Pelross, Diana, 426 Pella, Philip, I3l, 2l6 Pelles, Maron, l48 Pelleil, Deborah, 202, 426 Pellibone, Jerry, l35 Pelllcrew, John, 296,426 Pelligrove, Helen, l84, 237 Pelllgrove, Kathy, 426 Pellil, Scoll, 3l5, 426 Pevenhouse, Janis, 395 Pharmacy, College of, 52 Phelps, Don, 279, 426 Phelps, Rex, 284, 395 Phi Della Chi, 356 Phi Della Theta, 288, 289 Phi Gamma Delta, 290-291 Phi Kappa Psi, 292-293 Phi Kappa Sigma, 294, 295 Philliber, Carrol, 348 Phipps, Janice, 355, 426 Phipps, Peqqy, 227, 395 Physical Therapy Club, 357 Pi Bala Phi, 252-253 Pi Epsilon Tau, 357 Pi Kappa Alpha, 296-297 Pi Omega, 358 Pi Tau Sigma, 358 Pickens, Thomas, 2I'2 P clcell, Sl-C Harvey E., 365 Pickrell, Dave, 287, 393 Pickup, Robert, 263, 276,426 Piepho, Orin, 2ll, 426 Pierce, Dennis, 395 Pierce, Laura, 25l, 426 Pierce, Linda, 232, 426 Pierce, Marlene, 254, 426 Pierce, Peler, 275, 426 Pierce, Waller, 3l5, 348, 358 Piercy, Palricia, loo, lvl, 232, 269, 344, 426 Pierson, Richard, 2lI, 426 Pierson, Sadie, 227,426 Pierson, Vickie, 426 Pigman, Reed, Wayne, 292,426 Pike, Lawrence, 2l0, 35l, 426 Pike, Thomas, 324 Pingree, Edwin, I97 Pinson, Rebecca, 237, 426 Pinslein, Jamie, 254, 426 Piper, Charles, 208 Piper, Sharon, l88, 352, 426 Pipps, Val, 2l8, 287,426 Pirlor, Judith, 234, 426 Pitman, William, 29l, 426 Pilner, Charles, 2l2 lhllrriari, llofmnl, 356 155, Pillrrlfm, Pfilll, 2'l'l, 421, l'lll2, lil'J',':, 2'll Pill' l':!':'.f:,24l .152 ,144 l'lflll'll'r ll"f' 748 424, 1. , ,, f l P'l11'.'.lfi'jl:Y, ln r, Ill l'llHrlrrlI:', lvrrgyq, 707 l'lIHlPl:ll, lAflVf, 4242 l'fN:!, l'0lH7ll, 2I'i, 476 l'U'J'1l'2ii, Yurffh l'f5i pufjllfz, Lihhlfx, l'l2 l'f1lll, f,llfl!l'7'., l'l71, 424: Priirllffr, lorrirriy, 7534 421, P0lf:fl, Pile .525 PUlllf:rriu',, Plllhl, 202 Pf2li',llulr, Pif,lifml'l, 'iffl 476 phil, D',Il'glf1'., illli, 426, l"f2llr, Lirlflrl, 248, 426 pfJll0Ck, Alflfl, 202, 421, Pollilclf, Jflfllff., 300, 426 pfallifiil, lxlfmhf, 24l 395 Pflfflfgfdflll, Sfinflrfl, 426 POVIC, lNAl'.llf,lffl, 209 Pons, Lollrflffz, 2Ol Pool, Dennis, 279, 426 Poolaw, Bryce, I56 P'OOlf:, Cluufllfl, 239, 426 Poole, Nancy, 202, 426 Poorrna Fl, JOlll'l, 295, 426 Pope, Orville, 299, 395 Pope, T Porler helrna, 25l, 426 Deborah, 426 Porler, Jack, l36, l37 Porler, Jane, 395 Porfer, John, 2l2 Porler, Mary, 249, 256, 426 Porler, Richard, 287, 395 Porler, Sleyen, 273, 426 Porter, Susan, 249, 342,426 Porler, Vicki, 20l Porlereld, Russell l35 I64 Posar, Pamela, 228,426 Posi, Roberl, 350 Poslon, Rebecca, 253, 426 Poslon, Roy, 2I8, 426 Poller, Polls, J Terrye, 239, 426 ohn, 289, 356,426 Polls, Robert, 282, 426 Polls, T Pouder, homas, 282, 283, 395 Lealan, I98 Powell, Ann, 25l, 426 Powell, Deborah, l'7O, I95, 426 Powell, Powell Rebecca, 25l, 258, 426 Reuben 426 Powell, sp.-iiliy,' :al Powell, Sleven, 284, 426 ..': 4 .1 " 'f kk ,f ,, ,,.. 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Joe 352 a. t-'ary 241 258 R31 Rayburn M'c"ael, 208 427 ay"'c-nd, Douglas 206, 427 Rea Eserett, 218 ease' Dav'd, 264 395 RESCY V-"1'iam 773, 427 Reaoan Se"v, 395 N'7:1'ae' 216, 427 eams Cathe'ine 427 Robinson Robinson Robinson Robinson Robinson Robinson: Robinson James, 291, 428 Mark, 428 Nancy, 227, 428 Robert, 166, 204 Ronald, 212,428 Sharlene, 201, 375,428 Stephanie, 428 Robison, Mary, 428 Robitshek, Douglas, 264 Robitshek, Robert, 428 Rock, Deanna, 237, 428 Rock, Janell, 428 Rockett, Rocky, 261, 285, 428 Rodesney, Steve, 196 Rodgers, David, 428 Rodgers, Donald, 209, 428 Rodriguez, David, 346, 396 Rodriguez, Iris, 370 Roe, Audree, 191 Roe, John, 299, 322, 335, 428 Roether, Marla, 383 Rogers, Anne, 247, 396 Rutherford, Nancy, 245, 419 Rutledge, Julia, 245, 328, 429 Rutledge, Susan, 188, 429 Ruzek, Jeanne, 231, 306,429 Ryan, John, 220, 287, 305, 429 Ryan, Joseph, 429 Rydzik, John, 306, 396 S Sadler, Elizabeth 239, 396 saaiii, Andres, 105,228,429 Sadur, Bonnie, 228,429 Safley, Robert, 429 Safstrom, Melvin, 396 Sager, David, 300, 429 Sager House, 198 Sain, Donnie, 347 Sakalaris, John, 429 Salem, Michael, 429 Salle, Sherr , 429 Salmon, Bob, 72 Saltzman, Terry, 254, 429 Schwimmer, Judith, 188 Scism, Emanuel, 396 Scoggins, Jeffrey, 73, 299, 429 Scoggms, Kenneth, 156 Scott, Archie, 220 Scott, Carol, 190, 357, 430 Scott, Christopher, 2l'8 Scott, Jack, 287, 383 Scott, John, 396 Scott, Kay, 185, 247, 430 Scott, Lynne, 247, 430 Scott, Randee, 193 Scott, Ronald, 215 Scott Thomas, 305, 430 Scoufos, Vincent, 297, 396 Scranton, Stephen, 137, 221 Scull, Daniel, 212 Seagraves, Barbara, 430 Seale, Gary, 372, 367 Seale, Jeri, 240 Seals, Fred, 70 Sealy, Patricia, 193, 430 Seat, Deborah, 227, 430 Seat, Lester, 220 Rhea Stanley, 203 Rho Chi, 359 Rrcaaes, Ed, 283 Rhodes Harold, 273,428 Rnoaes Juoith, 231, 428 Rhodes, Larry, 183 RROJSS, Lorna, 325 Rhodes, Marian, 245, 294, 328,428 Rnodes, Marilyn, 227, 333, 395 Rhodes, Mary, 124, 245,333,395 Reone, Guy, 268, 428 Rhynes, Gary, 221 Rcablanca, Dennis, 215 RTce, Gary, 305 Rice, Harry, 287,428 RTce, Jean, 245, 428 Rice Lewis, 428 R'ce, Nancy, 247, 428 Rice, Terry, 428 Rich, Gerry, 395 Rich, Jane, 342, 351, 395 Rich, John, 291 Richards, Ann, 251, 395 Richards, Emmet, 309, 428 Richards, S tanley, 220, 303, 428 Richards, Steve, 160 Richards, William, 208 Richardson Richardson Richardson Richardson Richardson ,Anna 201,314,428 , Carolyn, 199 , John, 211, 352, 428 Larry, 285, 428 Mar A. 395 1 Rogers, Dane 325 Rogers, Donald, 428 Rogers, Grant, 322 Rogers, Hoben, 279, 355, 428 Rogers, Janet, 239, 428 Rogers, Kenneth, 361 Rogers, Mariorie, 195, 355 Rogers, Ronald, 273 Rogers, Stephen, 270, 271, 428 Rogers, Teresa, 396 Roggli Ronald, 396 R hr su h Jane 241 428 . Y . Richardson, Mary E., 249, 293, 428 Richardson, , Richerson, Roland, 292, 396 Richert, William, 275, 428 Rock, 296 428 o b g , , , Roknizadeh, Seyed, 216, 396 Rolader, Charlie, 330, 396 Rollins, Joan, 428 Reefs Georoe 273 427 Rece' Ronald, 324, 427 Rector John 303,427 Rezto' Mar"yn, 101 Redding Rob 761,293,427 Re'i':i Paul 272 R-31 .s Rona'd, 262, 263, 299, 333, 339 427 Richie, Robert, 266,331,396 Richman, Steve, 300, 301, 396 Richmond, Chreyl, 201, 249,428 Richmond, Marsha, 227, 428 Richter, Mrs. A. S. "Ma", 219 Rickey, Christopher, 160, 220 Rickman, Robert, 289 Riddle, Linda, 428 Riddle, Richard, 210 Riddle, Ronna, 247,332 Riddle, Rosalie, 428 Ridgeway, Virginia, 118,251,396 Ridinger, Robert, 428 Rieger, Joseph, 356 Ries, Rosemary, 231, 428 Ries, Victoria, 428 Riesman, Bruce, 309,428 Riggall, James, 279,428 Riggs, Dr. Carl D., 42, 44 Rollins, John, 291 Rookstool, Dala, 239, 323, 428 Root, Dr. Paul J., 357 Rorex, Mary, 201 Rork, Steve, 221 Rose, Deborah, 184 Rose, Jeffrey, 309, 428 Rose, Lawrence, 285 Rose, Michael, 295,428 Rose, Oran, 182 Rose, Talesa, 245, 428 Rose, Thomas, 295, 428 Roselle, Daniel, 295, 428 Rosen, David, 212, 276, 429 Rosen, Thomas, 309, 331, 396 Rosenbaum, Linda, 193, 254, 429 Rosenthal, Bette, 228, 429 Rosenthal, Robin, 186,429 Rosheed, Salwa, 354 Roski, Raymond, 396 992 991 992 Ritter, James, 208,428 Re: erre f:'Z Roberts, John, 295,383 Shelton emo os, emo 'J' edv-'ce Gary 208 305 427 ez-'re James 305 427 eece Cra"es 342 eeze Ke'nr.'n 239 427 eete Michael 477 ee: Pew. 186 235 427 Caro' 239 251,395 ' Carolyn 109 427 Ua'ga'et 247, 358,427 Var, 427 ee: Pamela 247 eeri S'e:"e" 427 ee-fi Ven 215 ee':e' James 263 282, 283 eeero tslgncy 191 ee-es Jorn 299, 427 Reqents, Oklahoma University, 49 Redents State, 39 e'J'e' Ar-'e 102 253 328,336 379 A13 427 liste' S'e:,he'i 369 eo . Pe'c"E' Pa"'e'a, 228, 427 Q' es-, 252 e ': 2" 427 J ' Q er: :Wea 202 ef: -sa' 237 427 .E ,- gg iarfsca 2-7 7-.9 7 'iii 7' a 12' 4271 err- e' Jo" 287 395 ' Rene" 303 395 e'::""e':' Lan: 213 427 e'1be"' Van' 189 e"z Ya' ET e""e-' fl' a" 209 err. Bute 275 428 eree Sta" 315 :':'z Gevoe iff? 428 em", Ve're" 272 ':'1i'f 13:11 350 e:,:,e" 11!a"'-: 225 258 428 esearch Institute, 90-91 Residences, 174, 221 , Y. ., , . 'LQ' 1 C is .5'1 eze' Jazre 142 :al ez' 1 Renee 254 395 9":,e"J Roy 164 273 395 e.f,e' iJa"es 375 ere E Zane" 196 247 422 efe e Jo" 255 335 gy New 422 effia 8-z'of:'a 395 gynoldi Daigr' 277 337 295 ences Vfnn '31 efnodt, Jack, 305 427: erro 'zz JOAN "Ei f -a e,--ie 1- Jo-n 271 42: K-gtrryn 423 Pauli 192 427: ef" "' Polerfe 227 422 1 4., 494 Riggs, Richard, 213 Rikli, Charles, 270, 396 Riley, Richard, 205 Rinaldini, Michael, 203 Riney, Thomas, 206, 303, 314, 428 Riordan, E laine, 189 Rios, Nelson, 219 Ripley, Joe, 132, 136,221 Riskin, Marcia, 428 Ritchie, Wi 11iam,203 Ross, Betty, 365 Ross, Chester, 366 Ross, Gary, 273, 429 Ross, Philip, 203 Ross, Robert, 395 Rosser, Charlene, 200, 429 Rossi, Linda, 200 Rossiter, William, 285, 429 Rostas, Joseph, 218, 330, 331 ROTC, 362-377 Ritter, Teddy, 201, 270,428 Ritz, John, 275, 428 Rives, George, 165, 220, 285, 396 Rizzuti, Patrice, 185 Roach, James, 273, 428 Roach, John, 217,325 Roach, Kelly, 221 Roach, Larry, 221,428 Roach, Raymond, 285, 428 Roan, Paula, 231, 428 Roark, Cath , 199 Roark, Chariies, 279, 428 Roark , George, 279, 396 Robb, Diana, 214 Robben, Suzanne, 199,329,428 Roberson, Glenn, 329, 344 Robberson, James, 182 Cathleen, 322, 428 Robbins, Robbins, Dennis, 198, 372, 376, 396 Robbins, Glynda, 428 Robbins, Helen, 187 Robbins Kurt, 428 Roberts,i Carl, 428 Roberts, Deborah, 428 Roberts, James, 299, 396 Roberts, Janet, 428 Roberts, Marilyn, 237, 428 Roberts, Michael F., 218 Roberts, Michael R., 324,428 Roberts, Raymond, 299 Roberts, Rodney, 305, 428 Roberts, Stephen, 206 Roberts, Thomas, 299, 428 Robertson, Carl, 205, 287, 428 Robertson, David, 221 Robertson, Donna, 192 Robertson House, 217 Pobertson, Mallory, 241,396 Pobertson, Port, 132, 135 Pobertson Robertson Pobertson, Sally, 130, 239, 428 Timothy, 217 Viclri, 247, 344, 375,428 Pooinett, Kelly, 289,428 P n N l 21 428 orjs, o PM rr. 1. ob nson, Barry, 275, 428 PobTrison, Bunny, 203 Pobirisori, Daphne, 241,428 Pobinson, Dr, Donald 67 ROTC Commanding Officers, 71 Roth Stephen, 309, 429 Raiiilseig, James, 309, 396 Rothstein, Joel, 166 Rott, Jo, 198 Rouce, Sandra, 232, 233, 396 Rouse, Diane, 331, 348 Roush, David, 297, 429 Row, Harvey, 335 Rowan, Alice, 396 Rowell, Ron, 160 Rowland, Sandra, 201,429 Rowlett, Gregory, 303, 429 Rowntree John, 289, 429 Rawsey, Carol, 253, 429 Rowsey, William, 291, 429 Roy, Clifford, 221 Royce, Don, 135 Rozan, Anthony, 309, 429 Rozen, Alice, 429 Rubac, Edward, 292, 429 Ruben, David, 309,429 Rubens, Neil, 266, 429 Rubenstein, Gregory, 429 Ruble, Victor, 292, 429 Ruby, Linda, 109,429 Rucker, Charles, 291 Rudd, Rochelle, 119, 253, 333,396 Ruffin, Sammy, 396 Ruf-Neks, 131 Rut-Nek Queen, II4 Ruqqiers, Dr, Paul, 55 Ruqnles, Connie B., 84, 85 Rumfelt, Connie, 396 Runyon, Clarence, 198 Ruse, Kenneth, 204 Russ, Klaus, 198 Russ, Lori, 200 Russell, Fran, 245,429 Russell, James, 285, 396 Russell, Janet, 247, 429 Russell, Johnnie, 354, 396 Russell, Susan, 83, 356 Russell, Thomas, 342 Russell, Van, 211, 299, 314,429 Russell, Vicki, 202 Russell William 269 Russo, 'Ma rvi n, 309, 429 Salzman, Kim, 186 Salzman, Michael, 323 Sample, Alan, 273,429 Sanchez, William, 166 Sanders, A. Ann, 190, 352 Sanders, Donald, 275, 429 Sanders, Jamie, 429 Sanders, Joel, 212 Sanders, John, 396 Sanders, Larry, 342, 396 Sanders, Mary, 189, 429 Sanders, Peggy, 184, 241,429 Sanders, Steve, 305, 396 Sanders Wayne, 429 Sandgaiten,A1an, 309, 327,429 Sands, William, 303,396 Santee, Jack, 40 Sarbach, Leslie, 202, 429 Sartor, Jan, 201, 429 Sater, Mark, 217 Saubert, James, 303, 429 Saul, Karen, 429 Saunders, Becky, 249, 375, 429 Saunders, Larry, 295, 429 Saunders, Thomas, 221 Savage, Dick, 264, 376, 396 Sawyer, Claire, 325 Scarborough, Sharon, 195 Schad, Marilyn, 239,429 Schafer, Bruce, 266, 429 sciisff William, 279, 429 schsffler, susan, zoo, 429 schsu, s teven, 212 Schanger, David, 196 Schanzer, Scharff, David, 196 Larry, 429 Scheefers, Joseph, 197 Scheffer, Scheidt, Dr. Walter F., B6 Cathy, 429 Schenk, Vicki, 429 Schexnai Schiebl, dre, Margaret, 196, 249, 429 Paul, zao, 429 Schiff, Mary, isa, 253,429 schiff, Shirley, 187, aso, 429 Schilling, Jane, 201 Schimmel, David, 329,335 Schlecht, Tresa, 188 Schlegel, Marilyn, 196 Schlegel, Robert, 429 Schlecht, Larry, 299, 429 l Schmelz a, Patsy, 342, 351, 396 Schmidt, Fred, 217 Schmidt, Joseph, 369 Schmidt, Paulette, 199 hmiai, Robert, 285,429 Sc Schmidt Th mas 47 396 . O .3 . Schmitt, Margaret, 429 Schmitt, William, 219 Schneider, Aloysius, 345, 351,396 Schneider, Kurt, 217 Schneider, Nancy, 429 Schnitzer, Janine, 202 Schoenthal, Charles, 429 Schopflin, 303, 429 Schrameck, Marilyn, 201 Schreiner, Deborah, 396 Schreiner, Louis, 361 Schriebe i, nmoihy, 261, zas, 429 Schroeder, Anita, 429 Schroeder, Kent, 203, 429 Schroeder Shirley, 192, 325, 429 Schuch, Warren, 216, 396 Schug, John, 279,429 Schulte, Geraldine, 201 Schultheiss, Arthur, 350 Schultz, Charles, 361 Schultz, Larry, 429 Schultz Steven, 429 Schultz: Susan, 198,429 Schumac her, Steven, 429 Schumitzky, Bonnie, 195, 228,429 Schupbach, Marcia, 202 Schurman, Robert, 287, 429 Schuster, Deborah, 254, 429 Schutten, Stephen, 213 Schwab, Schwartz Christa, 247, 429 B rb ra 228 429 i 5 5 i i Schwartz, Beniamin, 309, 429 Schwartz, Lewis, 309, 429 Schwartz, Mark, 300, 301 429 Schwartz, Penny, 350, 396 Schwartz, Sally, 228, 429 Schwennesen, John, 169, 285, 396 Schwerm er, Gary, 280, 429 Seay, Cynthia, 192 Sebert, Ginger, 180 Sebert, Linda, 185,430 See, Jorge, 219, 396 Seeman, Leonard, 355, 396 Segal, Terri, 188 Segel Andrea, 202 Seidel, Carlos, 346, 430 Seigel, Ann, 229 Sengel, Ruth, 198, 430 Seikel, Michael, 290, 291 Selber, Kay, 254, 430 Seldon, David, 204 Selement, Donald, 204 Self, Lynn, 227, 430 Sellars, Daphne, 357 Sellers, Charlotte, 237, 396 Selman, Charles, 430 Selman, Ellen, 130 Selman, Robert, 217, 299, 396 Selviidge, Thomas, 430 Selzer, Dana, 295, 396 Semanchik, Darien, 194 Semore tinos, 135 160 Semp Shelley, 430 Semple, Dorothy, 239, 430 Sengel, Randal, 305, 396 Senter, Guy, 72 Seniors, 284, 399 Sepkowitz, Jerome, 309, 383 Sequoyah House, 217 Sessions, Don, 295, 383 Setter, Kenneth, 183 Sewell, Frank, 299, 430 Sewell, Sally, 253, 430 Sexton, Edward, 204 Seyer, Ga le, 194 Seymour, James, 204, 430 Shackelford, Booker, 268 Shackelford, Robert, 346 Shadid, Barry, 166 Shadid, Cheryl, 247, 396 shsdia, Ellen, 391 Shadid, Shadid, Phyllis, 196 Steve, 276, 396 Shahan, Robert, 54, 55 Shackelford, Booker, 396 Shanbour, Stephen, 323 Shane, Gary, 430 Shane, Jean, 184, 430 Shannon, Michael, 81, 212, 430 Shapiro, Andrea, 196 Shapiro Dr. R. A.. 347 shapira' Mark, 212 Shapiro, Rene, 228, 430 Shapiro, Steven, 309, 346, 396 Sharp, Deldra, 191,430 Sharp, Katherine, 249, 430 Sharp, Michael, 343, 356 Sharp, Vernon, 270, 430 Sharpe, Linda, 249, 430 Sharrock, James, 116, 117, l2l', 275, 326, 333, 339, 340, 396 Shattil, Patrice, 184 Shaw, Edward, 70 Shaw, James, 206 Shaw, Kathryn, 397 Shea, David 430 shesref, Melanie, 121, 375 Shebester, Judy, 227, 430 Sheffield, Jennifer, 430 Shehadeh, Riyad, 347 Shelden, Thomas, 430 Sheldon, Helen, 186, 430 Shell, Frances, 105, 196 Shell, Janice, 342, 351, 359 Shelley, George, 215 Shelley, John, 137, 221 Shelley, Lyda, 188, 253, 430 Shelton, Amanda, 193, 239,430 Shelton, Jackie, 1'37, 221 Ronald, 219 Shenkus, Walter, 196 Shenosky, Theodore, 430 Shepard, Carla, 193 Shepard, Carolyn, 430 Shepard, Gayle, 186, 430 Shepherd, Bettye, 191 Shepherd, Ellen, 253, 430 Shepherd, Dr. Gene, 47 Sheppard, Victoria, 231, 430 Sher, Harlan, 309, 430 Sher, Joseph, 330 '1lr':rr:r, Alun, l3l, 276, 430 Slrurrrian, Elimlnetlr, I93, 430 Slir:r'rrian, John C., 297, 430 Shorrrran, John F., 303, 359, 397 Sliuron, Bob, 309 Shuron, Larry, 309, 430 Shirleler, Ann, l88 Shields, Elivalvetli, 354 Shiery, Clarence, 322 Shillinq, Clillord, 430 Shipley, Bob, 2l3 Shipley, Frank, 307, 347 Shipley, William, 27l Shipman, Michael, 2ll Shirey, James, 285 Shirley, Allen, 430 Shirley, David, 325, 430 Shirley, Fred, 303, 397 Shirley, Linda, 325 Shivers, Charles, l53 Shickey, l-lershel, 270, 330, 430 Shoemake, Lindell, I36 Shoemaker, Mary, I95, 325,430 Shore, Daphne, 239, 430 Short, Sara, 25I, 27l, 430 Shotts, Steven, I36, 22l Shotwell, David, 2l5 Shotwell, Karen, l95, 430 Shroyer, Mary, 36l Shrum, Charles, 352, 397 Shuckley, Joe, 207 Shull, Sara, 83, 245, 430 Shuller, Margaret, 24l, 430 Shultz, Zachary, 299, 430 Shumake, David, 430 Siegel, Sanford, 356 Siegel, Stephen, 300, 430 Siegfried, Robert, 289, 430 Siggins, James, 397 Sight, Thomas, l63, 220, 309, 430 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 298, 299 Sigma Alpha Eta, 360 Sigma Alpha Mu, 300-30I Sigma Chi, 302-303 Sigma Delta Tau, 254-255 Sigma Gamma Epsilon, 360 Sigma Nu, 304, 305 Sigma Phi Epsilon, 306, 307 Siqma Tau, 36l ,. Silk, X 'Ill , ,. 'nlrzr Vwrriuri, 410 llfzllrm, l'll 'va lr-rf, 2771, 410 s J 357 Silvr, urir:, A Silverrrifin, Kr:nnr:th, 500, 410 Sil-ferrriun, Paul, 7lI Silvers, Minlifml, '50'l, 430 A in lrl 277 347 397 Silverstr: r ,'r 4. Silverslmn, Rollin, l'72, 753, 450 Silvr:rstr:in, Sleveri, 27,6 Silvuy, Linrlri, 202 Simmons, Bennie, 242, 243, 397 Simmons, Crithey, 237, 3'l7 Simmons Debra, 245, 430 Simmons Gail, l85, 247, 430 Simmons, Dr. Cveralrl M., 3I5 Simmons, Robert, 8I Simmons William, 280, 430 Simmons Yvonne, 242, 243, 430 Simms, Stephen, 430 Simon, Sally, I84, 245, 430 Simpson, Carolyn, 397 Simpson, Dana, l92, 325, 430 Simpson, Dwain, 279, 430 Simpson, Elizabeth, 227, 397 Simpson, Jay, 263, 305, 430 Simpson, Keith, 430 Simpson, Larry, 2l3 Simpson, Warren, 376 Sims, Janice, l09, 24l, 430 Sims, Jerry l32, I36 Singer, Leslie, 249, 430 Singerman, Helen, 228, 430 Singleton, Martha, 227,430 Singleton, Peggy, 227, 430 Singleton, Sallie, I93, 430 Singlust, Robin, 4ll Sivalls, James, 353, 397 Skeeters, William, 356, 397 Skidmore, Harold, 430 Skillman, Vicki, l89 Skinner, Kathleen, 352, 430 Skinner, Robert, 287, 430 Skistimas, James, 2l7 Skorupsky, Robert, l3l, 210, 4 Skroback, Theodore, 2l7 Slaiman, Bonnie, 228, 430 Slakis, Kathryn, 344 Slater, Charles, I3l Slavin, Michael, 309, 430 ',li':l, li fififi i'75 I . tiff, ,iw-fr. flu :rl Slofiri, lmfw: 17,9 7710 41' ',lurir-, Mori r fi llla ',Iutf.vy,1ff"rf1y 510 iii 14l 177 Srrifill, Uorfluri 777 450 ,rrifilI, I"i'rfi"1, 500 410 ,rrifillrly Pifrfirrl 771 4, lrririrl, l H lf' I 7 ,mari Strait Srriilli 'irrrith Srriith Smith Srriilh Smith fzfflllli Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith., Smith smith, Smith, Smith Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, . , , , l1'f y 'L '5 41 ri..r.f,, iss firrifzlfm, 760 755 4, L2Yr1'I'ffi, 571 Cfirulyrr, l'l7 f,':'.il, ll7,, lll IH 4il Ctiarlrv., 7l',, 777 41l Clfmflrf, 377 Craig, 777, W, air. :'r! Curtis L., 277 Curtis S. 3lS, 'lil Cynthia, mi Danny, 72 Dafifl E, 350 Dafifl L., 772, 41l Dean, 303, 397 Df:l'JOrfih, I74 Dennis, I82 Diana, l92 Douglas, 43l Erin, 200, 42l Gaylen, 34l, 355, 597 George, 322, 397 Gracie, 322 Haskell, 2l7 Jack, 43l James C., 297, 397 James F., I82 James R., 282, 43l James T., 43l Janet, I95 John, 220 Juditn C., 68 256 Judy, 258, 259 Julia, 239, 43l Karen, 397 Kirk, l32, 220 Leda, l87 348, 43l Michael 29l Michael L., I69 Rebecca, 20I, 370 Richard E. I, I97 Richard E. 2, 2lI Robert B., 43l l'7 4. "', .su--' . A . , , - . . . 1 94, , 1 , If 'r fr "f'1"" ' 4 ' 72: 7. ' 9 'I 1, ., , 7 ,' .. fl' 1 Z fx 1 , . ,ry:.,,. .I I' ' N 1-, ' ' H . 4: . 71' . 7E'. ' ,., ,'. V I , -rr: 124 1 , . x: ,J-'rn 117 11: , ,, f,.,.. 74" 45 . 1. I rg., Q49 lj ': . Jr- 145 ., f,r..ff,, I 4 ,ri ou' wx". . 147 4: .r. fi-ff l.':,i 74 41 , M. 'JH' tf:,' : I", ri I ' 'Ju' r!:."1 7:7 4: "2':' ',": ' 147 ,L 1'i'1':' lr' 41 ,'io'.iqw'.'. ,f. rf. z 1 , Sriz':'g'f:s'. 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Solomon Gem 433 Solomon Pa,"'z'.': E Solomon f'7es'a'i 223 So't'-er, Ref: 25l 43 1 1 Somew 'N'l'a"' 2ll PHILLIPS PATRONIZE YOUR NEAREST PHILLIPS D 0IL C0 YOUR PHILLIPS DISTRIBUTOR 49 ...SQ - ': ' 3 x Q' S'e:: S2-1 43 52-5. istre 3' If Stat: 876 Credits, S0-1 ?'f:i' c-3.5 -:: 34 Q-. -.-- : .- :Q :La 0.1. 1: X: . x .--Q K S :ns Ren sf td N3 . a"e'xn lSS, 432 . ag: 342 356 'sci C'a'o 303 en Ka" een 249 352 2 .cn Rope", lea sw G'egg 39' " Cnves 43" L. -- -- ia--. :fc 4:3 ,f .-,- '35 Ra yn -vs- sa" Nancy I30 253, 325, 432 N -1-' T'-c"'as, 432 'sc-1 Micnaez 315, 348 S S' -X an -132 5 'neu Ja.:.1ue"ne 334 Streb, Frederick, 276, 432 Strecker, William, 289, 397 Street, Joseph, l69, 295, 432 Streetman, Barry, 397 Strickland, Anita, l88, 23l, 432 StrTckland, Linda, 239, 344,432 Strickland Stanley, 432 stranger, Claudia, 349 St'ing'ield, Viola, 432 Strnad, Joseph, 205, 432 Strodel, Anthony, 26l, 276,432 Stroker, John, 432 Strom, Barbara, 234, 235, 432 Strother, Patricia, I70, 235, 432 'es Reber' IZ3 259 263, 276, 7 327 333, 339, 340, 397 "es Rane o Zll 327 '- Nan 70 es, Darla, 245 432 Les Douglas, 432 S es Rita, 432 :ne Adrienne, 25l, 432 NCTYE Cgralxn l89 S sne Ea'l 397 432 Jen S :ne Pamela D., 24l, 432 S one Pame a S., l09, 253, 432 Stone, Prwl 2lS S'cne NN eslex, 305, 397 Stone, William, 26l, 265, 264,432 Skonebraker, Wendy, 2l3 tockex C. M. 49 Jcorza, James, 432 S'C'e', Vivian, 25l, 432 S'c'kex Daxid, I98 N SWE Q C Stroud, Strout Strout Struck Struve Stuart: Stuart, Daniel, 2l5 Kenneth, 350 Patricia, l92 William, 22l Donald, I53, 22l, 432 Donald, 376 Jenniter, l85 Stuart, John, 206, 432 Stuart Stuart Louis, 275, 432 Susan I93 s+ubbiefreia,'Heuen, zoo, 3l4, 432 Stuckey, Ronald, 432 Student Congress, 320, 32I St'-dent Lobby for Higher Educa- tion, 343 Studnicka, Gary, 397 Stueber, Sharon, I70 Stuermann, Walter, 345, 350 Stuhlbarg, Harriet, 333, 407 Stupka, John, 347 Stiicgsievant, Harvey, 263, 285, 333 Sturdevant, Lawnie, 263, 285, 432 Sturdivan, Robert, 432 Sturgeon, Richard, 34l, 397 Strum, Mary, I87 Styron, Phyllis, 432 suhleif, Cathy. 365 Sudberry, Virginia, 25l, 432 sums, Kun, 2:5 sz' gf Storms, Bruce, 292, 323,432 '- 2 5'c"z, Carol, 247, 256, 333, 344, 432 . ,ze I0 1-2 S'ori, Stephen, 279, 432 22. 33 3 Stats, Stella, I93 Q- e N":'a -15 35C 35l, S'out Gayle, 202 Stout, Jack, 3I4 s fa. : 2 432 S'c..t Jack 65 -n 2 32 Stout James, 397 5 432 Stout, Roy, 209 Stout, Vkfeldon, 273, 432 Stovall, Jack, 2l2 Stovall, Kathy, l95, 432 C: C -432 Stover, Bruce, 299, 432 ' -:'e 2 432 Stover, Robert, 299, 432 :' N-"ree 257 432 Stover, Vicki, 245, 432 ::e" 29' 432 Strachan, Kathryn, 200 ': 27: -132 -'e":- 23 Jes- 432 e 5 53: ':: le' e-2 Gen EE E25 432 Strait, Michael, 397 Strandberg, Thomas, 292,397 Stranieri, Jar-nes, 432 Strasner, Loy, 432 Stratton, Daniel, 432 Sullivan Alma, 237, 432 Sullivan, Carol, 432 Sullivan, Charles, 209, 299, 432 Sullivan, Harold, 297, 432 Sullivan Jesse, 2l7, 432 Sullivan John, 348 Sullivan Kathleen, I86 Sullivan, Mary, 432 Sullivan, Steve, 279, 432 Sullivan, Vicki, I98, 432 Suman, Christopher, 273, 432 Summers, Faith, 245, 432 Summers, Susan, l86, 24l, 432 Summons, Dr. Gerald M., 3l6 Sumpter, Thomas, 292, 376,432 Sun, Chen, 2l9 Sundborg, Andrew, 397 Sundborg, Laurie, 383 Supplee, Cheryl, 432 Sutherland, Dr. Stephen M., 65, 67. 68, l8l Sutherlin, Glenn, 292, 433 Sutphin, James, 205, 432 Sutter, Richard, 289, 433 Suttle, Kenneth, 2l7, 433 Sutton, Janice, 24l, 433 Sutton, Jayne, 375 Suvannadom, Surachai, l69 2l6 svec, Michael, 287, 333, 397 Swattord, Guy, 204 Swaim, James, 74 Swain, Jim, 75 Swan, Frank, 276,433 Swank, David, I34 Swanson, Cindy, 237, 433 Swanson, Garry, I37 Swartz, Edi, 228, 433 Swartzendruber, John, 303, 433 Swatek, Stephen, 292,433 Swearingen, Annabel, 433 Sweeney, Peggy, 325 Sweet, Carol, l88, 433 Swenton, Michael, l60, 220, 303,433 Swift, Alan, 305, 433 Swimming, I62, l63 Swindall, Robert, 203 Swirczynski, Rayge, I94, 24l, 433 Switzer, Barry, l35, I36 Sworn, Candyce, 397 Symanski, Stanley, 263, 295, 333, 397 Synar, Michael, 275, 329, 336, 340, 343, 433 Syverson, Larry, 264, 360, 433 T Tabachnick Dar l 263 266 267 433 . V. . . . Taber, Warren, 279, 433 Tait, James, 3ll Takatani, Setsuo, 2l6 Talasazan, Rouhollah, 355 Talkington, Arthur, 22l, 433 Tallant, Irma, I70 Talley, James, 2l7, 342, 356, 359, 397 Talley, Richard, 299, 383 Talley, Thomas, 347 Tandy, Allen, 2l6 Tapick, Michael, 309,433 Tarantino, Dominic, 2l8 Tarbel, Anne, 433 Tarbutton, Barbara, 433 Taiggon, Stephen, l32, l36, 22 Tarman 2, 3, I87 Tarman 4, 5, I88 Tarman 6, 7, I88 Tarman 8, 9, IO, II, IZ, l89 Tarwater, Judy, 239, 433 Tarwater, William, l65 Tasker, Joseph, 285, 433 Tassels, 344 Tate, Bob, l60, l6l Tate, Charles, 2ll, 433 Tatum, Ed, 287, 383 Tau Beta Pi, 345 Tau Beta Sigma, 352 Tauber, Larry, 2l3 Tautfest, Jacob, 2l2 Taxter, Vickie, 433 Tayar, Joe, 204 Taylor, Bruce, 365 Taylor, Douglas, 206 Taylor, Jerry, 273, 433 Taylor, Katherine, 25l, 433 Taylor, Orvis, 433 Taylor, Patricia, 245, 282, 435 Taylor, Patsy, 24l, 433 Taylor, Dr. Paul, 34I Taylor, Philip, 342, 356 Taylor Richard 275 435 Taylor: zach, 299, 337, 397 vickae nas Taxlor, , Teal, Lee, I94 Teel, Vickie, 239 Tetertiller, Charles, 287, 433 Tetka, Edward, 300, 433 Tempinski, Walter, 220 Temple, Lisa, l92 Templer, Rodney, 297, 433 Tennis, I59 Tennis, Trudy, 20l Terrell, Evelyn, I96 Terrell, Ra mond, 285, 433 Terrell, Robert E., 3l5 Terrell, Robert L., 2l8 Terrill, Arthur, 352,433 Terry, Addison, 297, 433 . 0 0 0 0 I s 1 ,Son . . . DAN SAVAGE, Innkeeper Phone 329-1624 for reservations ir 2600 West Main Free Advance Reservations To or From Any Holiday Inn NORMAN. OKLAHOMA 496 1 , Terry, CurO T rry Dimr r' 1 1, 354 3, 2s3,32e, 433 T1:lCf, Brlfhdfcl, Tr- Tiriqlr, Craiq, 433 Thacker, Pfirnela, I70, I84, 245, 433 Tlmlclrer, Scoll, I66, 293 Theimer, Diane, 25l, 375, 433 Thrzimrfr, Jock, I32, l5'7, 22l Theimer, Richard, 220 Thefa Siqma Phi, 36I 1111434 Dennis, 270, 271, 322, 433 Tll0lfI'.f1fl, MflY',l1flllJ Yfll, 433 Tilfzrflllzrl, J'J',l:pl1, I73, 433 Thurrrlori, Vhilli 3, 72 Thorrilon, Rormifl, 330 Tl113rr7r:, Rulferl, 2'll Tl'1or'.lr:ir1a',r3r1, l'rik, 383 Tl1or'.ler1l3r:rfg, Rolferla, 433 Tlrrelkelfl, Curlia, 2ll, 289, 433 Thurrrmn, Terry, 348 Thurrrronrl, Ray, l35, I65 Til3l3lr:s, Junlzl, 200, 227, 43, Tidllolrrl, Dori, 303, 433 'l Thomas, Adrian, l86 Thomas, Bobby, 324 Thomas, Burke, 29l, 433 Thorrms, Goin, 239, 327, 333, 397 Thomas, John, 360 Thomas, Joyce, 2l3, 433 Thomas, Karen, l88, 433 Thomas, Dr, Laverne, 349 Thomas, Michael, 29I Thomas, Palricia, 20l Thomas, Phyllece, I95 Thomas, Priscilla, 245, 256, 328,433 Thomas Rose, 357 Thomas, Slephen, 397 Thomas, Sieve, 303 Thomas, Sleven, 433 Thomps 433 Thomps on, Chrislopher, 260, 303, on, Daniel, 433 Tirlwell, Burlon, 204 Tidwell, D':l'Jf1rfil1, Tieflrr, Alun, 273, 433 Tir:l1I:rI,Anll1rmy, 305, 433 Tierno, Rolvrrrl, 276, 277, 433 3 Tilluny, Michael, 207 Susm l'?2 23l 433 Tiffany 1 Tilley, C. Dwunyn, 220 Tillman, Danny, 325 Tillman, Robrfrl, 2l5 Tims, R1charrl,295, 398 Tirns, William, 263, 275, 340, 433 Tinler, Jr1v,433 Tipps, Lamela, l89 Tirey, Lucius, 29l Tisdul, Carey, 433 Tisdale Michael, 268, 398 Tilus, George, 398 Tobias, Lynn, I99 Toduro, Joseph, 208 Thompson, David, 289, 433 Thompson, Dianna, 397 Thompson, Frank, I8I Thompson Gary, 22l, 397 Thompson Jack, 433 Thompson Jacqueline, 433 Thompson James W., 433 Thompson, James Wall, 295 Thompson, Janet, 20I, 235,433 Thompson, John M., 280 Thompson, John S., ZI7 Thompson Kalhleen, 397 Thompson Kay, 239, 433 Thompson Margarel, 200, 239, 433 Thompson Mark, 287, 433 Thompson Nanc , 200, 433 Thompson Pamela, 247, 342, 375, '433 Thompson, Dr. Roberl C., 360 Thompson Sue, 253, 433 Thompson Susan, 433 Thompson Thomas, 303, 433 Thompson Tucker, I53 Thompson Ward l66 Thomson, ilohn, 325 Todd, Dr. D. A. 350 Todd, George, 285, 398 Todd, Nelson, I36, l37, 289,433 Todd, Tommy 297, 398 Tokyo, Tom, 204 Tolberr, Nancy, 2l3 Tolle, Mary, 76, 79, 253, 332,433 Tolson, Lynn, 25l, 433 Tolson, Parrick, 433 Tom Larry, 2l5, 350 Tomlin, Fran, I73 Tomlin, Frances A., I70 Tomlinson, Dennis, 433 Tommey, Linda, l95, 350 Tompkins, Larry, 285,433 Top Ten College Girls, II5 Tope, Charles, 306,433 Vicki, 20l Cynlhia, 202 Topleiz, Toppell, Torberf, Connie, 239, 360, 398 Torberl, Mark, 433 Torbefl, Ronald, I96, 433 Torcom James, 289,433 1 Tr,'r':x M 'Amr' T64 770 "7 7 ', Tulfuff, J1:"'Z',,7ifif 454 7 .. .' Z" l'3ur1'.r:r1'l, llfmfy I92 r 'I -4, 2 V lf,nri',f-rifl, P f 'ruff T22 41' mei, 154, I57 U lrmr rAf1.1ffl Trl 4:4 , I 3 , 1 Trf1il,Mf1l1lyr1 Iii! ,' I "'1 2,1 '14 Trqrrrrrirzl, ll", 23l, 454 lirfrrrirrmll, 'J'-orfge Yll, 4 f lrf1!1',, lJ'1l':, 7ffJ 434 Trf3!1',, lJf,17'4lf1',, yfrl 1255 lrr4,3'.1, '3lf:r,l1I:ri, 285 454 Trf-f17f,r,l1f-arrof I"1'! Y", 'ri' Tri7,':, 1111.14 2'i'l,i4'14i Tr'21r1r1'2, .Jf1rr1':',, liy, 720 TfUl1fl'Qf5T, ,7lf:ff:f1, 210,270 Trurrirrilgr, lferirrr-lr l'7' 7l?' 1 1 2 2 TrU'.l, Pltlwmrrl 1543 Trnulrriari , Jurilfl, 434 Trf,ulrr1-rn, '5l':7r:, 275, 366, Tr ull lJr T' 7 '4 r , , Trnull lvlary, 227, 434 Trow, Palr1Ck,2'l2,454 Tru':1, Dr. Dnrolhf 67 Truzsell, 8ol3l,ie, 24I, 434 TYyOTl, hAlCl1f1':l, l'flJ Tublo, Palricia, 434 Tubbs, Slanley, 260, 276 38 Tuber, Paula, 378 Tucker Sandra, 434 Tunq, Deborah, l87 Turk, Adnan, 348 Turkinqlon, D. 8., 348 358 Turley, Lisa, I87, 24l, 434 Turley, Slephen, I97 Turman, Roloerl, 203 Turnbo, David, 285, 398 Turnbow, John, 2l2, 434 Turnbull, Carolyn, 2l3 Turnbull, Charles, 203, 2lI Turnell, Roberl, 297, 434 7 414 '7 1 Turner, Caryn, V88 Turner, Capl Dion W. 37l Turner, Donna, l84 Turner, Freddy, 275, 327, 335, 434 Turner, James, 36l Turner, Pamela, l70, 249, 434 Turner, Rex, 204, 434 Turner, Ronald, 398 Turner, Thomas, 220 Turney, Laura, 247, 434 Turney, Turnha Sleven, 305, 434 m, Mickie, 20l, 342, 35I, 434 Turpin, Roberr, l97, 434 Turtle, JO, 241, 434 V 2""',' ,.r!,. ,. lJr1f1r:rcI-nzzrrim 'VA 421 ,,.:, , ,.,., ,H I I I.,l,, , '! ' , if ,, , I 7 1 - ' Ur-1r,n, OVI.,hf,rr., Muff, Uni frfrairy Cqllqqa, 52 ljniufrziiy Corrirrurrivy D 67 1,.' 4i4 ,,, I 1 1J,,,, f I 147 '3 '.'. ' , 2' 4 r' 1 lJ'r,',' 5'."- 252 414 W" V 234 454 'J "'!,:'f 71 lJ""'f..'r E2 11,5 71 V !l,' 4, 4 1,-. I 1 7, 4"f 21' 4:4 !f:f,"'f. 232 43' y,,,,,,,, -f,,..,, M., , f':r1f"",' fx' 32 4. f:'1f'.f1:' .'tf,' Li.: lv. DM .' ' 343 fy L4 .'. ,rf -4 f 441' D,f': 51 fu' F2320 VJ". 415 l-'rl-1 434 Ju? l',":w': 'J' " 'Yr l Vawce Hone, 205 lar:-e J 3 T' 24' 'Jf1r1df4'L-"g Do". 2-fi Jfmzemcc, V 7:1 4 '1"If:'f.'fg"' .'. C, '7 'Marin Dar 263 279 2' Vargas Fe 2 243 T-'a'qas, Kyo' 424 Jaoanz Dc.: 12 225 4 Varley R-C'E'3 297 424 Varnef 82:9 275 424 erner, Lnia, 434 DR. PEPPER BOTTLING COMPANY Oklahoma Cify, Oklahoma . ,., Wavers, Nicholas, 2l2 1 -'ia g'en Wayne, 156, 220, 435 Young -'face S-ro" 254 39 395 1.--9 'Q' 421, -es -- 5 3.9 J -'o xv 5, -'- ei F:"i:x ZW 434 e. S'e:'e" 305 434 .'. e. James -52 l-'-aasacx C's'es 322 l-'-assess P:":'a IN 434 l-'-ages 7e'esa We 245 434 N'-ae: L'-as 434 X'.35::"e' De-vs 305 395 '-'-:Mer Dana: Ili' 35l '.'.g5-e- rv sis 339 345 3:l, sss '.'.:a'e- Me" Is: 395 '.'.a5-e' 5'e:'e", ISI 434 V-aa-es:a:x Roi IT' 32', 434 'my -e". Z9 33' '-'-a' Vicnae C3 434 -'-a a Cane' Ili ame'e.: 'Kin 2l4 Zlo :Cx Paxil :SS Sei '-'-s :: Lea: l9l aaa V- : :er D:-g as 3.3 Walker 3 East, 206 Walker 4 West, 208 Walker S East, 207 Walker 5 West, 208 Walker 7 West, 2II Walker 8 East, 209 Walker 8 West, 2l0 Walker 9 West, 2ll Walker ll East and West, 2l3 Walker I2 East and West, 2l2 N'-awe' Bjuce 4, 76 79, l83 Via me' D anna. 35l '-'-a mei E"onne 434 V-a me' Je"1 35l, 370 N'-a mei J""""e I68, 295, 434 V-a re' Jcvce l89 V-a me- Ranoarl, 203 iv.v3 IB' R.J'T, 3l6, Sanora, 239, 435 She"y, 249, 435 Stephen 299, 435 V':k', 249, 435 iv'vi.i'kS', Vvfailv, l82 -'igwe' V., P. 68 '-'-'ai P'i"o, 209, 435 X-'ra ace, C'arence, 305 -'-a lace, James, 435 3-'ra' ace John 303, 366, 398 -'-a ace, Judith, 203 l-'ra ace Lerov, 435 '-'fa men V- a le' V- 3 ne' V. a :ei 3-'-'a ace Patr'c'a, IS7 '-'a err P'-'ll'c, 398 '-'a er Da.7:, 2l5, 435 -'-'a er Jan'ce, l86, 435 i-'-a n Lani, 245, 435 N'-a s Joseo'-, 49 '-a 's Tromas, 435 a . Doran 203 -a 'an Te'ence, 322 -'-a s' Anna, I86 -'-a sr Craig 2l3 -'re sr Mara, 235 435 '-'-a s' Trcrnas, 263, 282, 283, 333 435 'ra 'e's Da'e 285 435 e s Dafa 3l4, 348 ers G erm, 208 e'z Peggy 237, 435 - 'e's W a"', 435 a 'ox Maw 435 on Renae, 322, 330, 398 :er Dafo 320 339 ar: C'a'e.' '60 arc Devi: 283 -': F'e'J 356 a': Ja"es 372 ar: Jea' 398 'J Jo" 36l rr: Kaur," 76 236, 237, 34 E44 358 435 r' Lea 289 375 376 435 ' a':fAnr l86 :':fJa'-2 25l, 435 ' was Ear' 323, 435 T' 'sas Pi:ra'd 306,435 sa":'a I95 e". '52 er: '32 z ce'- I89 435 f er C19 23l 398 '-a : moe" 247 Ha" ' 5': 259 435 'Hone' 'fo V1 435 i'1':"e' 'fa":,: 212 324 395 'if ' EGM- 52 ,.':i 425 4-'la fin: 435 'Va' '-3 .- 253 260 435 Neve T ave: 289 425 'ffazerr er flare 275 435 'f!a:'r,," Dare l52 'f'!as':." Va' 1' 247 425 Washington House, 22l Vfasirce' Ya" ec' 24 4 498 NN asse""an, Steohen, 300, 435 NN assan, Daniel, 204, 435 Hassan, Laurence, 3-12, 350, 435 c R l 8 T 3 8 MJ", oo r 309 .9 .. ., Aioioii, 287, 435 Xx ve-Q NN a'e's, Eliabeth, 398 XX atlns, Greoorv, 297,435 Watkins , Haxes, 398 Xka'k'ns Linda,-135 XNalk'ns,Virqin1a, l85, 249,435 Watkins, Weldon, 74 Matson, Dennis, 3l5 Watson, Johnny, I36, I37, l45, 22l Watson, Kent, 206, 435 Watson, Mark, 2l5, 325, 435 NN arson Tom I37 Wattenbarger, Betty, 398 Matters, David, 398 Watters, Linda, 398 Watts, Nhlalfs, Linda, 239, 398 Suzanne, l99 Way, Jane, 36l, 383 NVav, Richard, 206 Wealherholt, William, 292, 435 Vvfealherly, John, 2l6 Weave Weave Weave Weave Weave Weave r, Anita, 435 r, Barbara, 235, 435 r, Dana, IS9 r, David, l60 r Michael 275 435 rf Roborf, 211, 435 Weber, Dr. Jerome, 53 Webb Webb, Webb, Webb, Webb, Webb, Webb, Gary, 435 Jeffrey, 303 Mary, l9l, 435 Philip, 209,435 Ronald, I64, 220 Susan, 398 Troy, 303, 435 Webber, James, 287, 435 While, Charles Frank, 273,435 While, Charles William, 279,435 While, David Allan, 436 While, David Gregory, 436 White, Donna, 202, 436 While, Erma, 242, 436 White, Harvey, 383 While, James, 208, 436 White, Jamie, 436 While, Jeffrey, 206 While Jefry, 324, 436 White, John, 383 While, Linda 23l white, Lowell, 287 While, Marshall, 436 While, Michael, 288,289,436 While, Reggie, 436 While, Ro bert, 303, 436 While Thomas, 297, 398 While, Thomas, 303, 398 While, Dr. Thurman J., 43 Whited, Gary, l53 Williamson, John, 399 Williamson, Keith, 348 Williamson, Richard, 330, 34l Willis, Barbara, l95, 355,436 Willis, Donald, 436 Willis, Lynn, 2l7, 436 Willis, Roberl, 263, 268, 269, 436 Willoughby, Martha, I84, 227, 436 Wills, herry, 254, 258, 436 Wills1e, Martha, 227,436 Wilmolh, Gary, 436 Wilmolh Stephen, 399 Weber, Charles, 2l'7 Weber, Henry, 264, 398 Webster, Carroll, 435 Webster, Felton, 435 Webster, Jack, 304, 305, 435 Weddle, Ricky, 435 Weed, Linda, l88 Weedn, Alan, IB3, 323,435 Weeks, Clarence, l53, 220 Weger, Robert, 322 Weible, Michael, 36l Weichbrodt, Stephen, 303 Weichbrodt, Thomas, 303, 398 Weichert, Stephen, I69, 289, 398, 435 Weidner, Earnest, l82, 435 Weinberg, Sanford, 398 Weinberger, Marc, 435 Weindruch, Vicki, l87 Weingartner Belinda, I96 Weinstein, Ellen, l99 Weinstein, Mark, 309, 435 Weinstein, Steve, 309, 435 Weir, Cynthia, 253,435 Weishaupt, Mark, 2l7 Weislow, Thomas, 2l2 Weiss, Jeffrey, 2l3, 435 Weiss, Phillip, l62, 220,435 Weissman, Larry, 346 Weissman, Susan, 245 Weitbeck, Gail, 245 Weilze l, Leroy, 3l5, 398 Weitzman, Karen, 254, 435 Welch, Lee Ann l, 245, 333, 338, 398 Welch, Lee Ann 2, I93 Welch, Mort, l82, 435 Welch, Steven, 2l5 Welch, Vicki, 245, 435 Weldon, Jean, 398 Welk, Michael, 2l5, 435 Welle, William, 209, 3l5 Wells, Donald, 435 Wells, Edward, 435 Wells, Joe, 398 Wells, Karen Ann, l93 Wells, Karen Bethene, 435 Wells, Margaret, 435 Vvfells, Mark, 292, 435 Wells, Pamela, 435 Welsh, Deborah, 47, 239,435 Whilehand Hall, 2I8 Whitehill, Samuel, 279,366,398 Whiteman, Don, 285, 436 Whiteman, Thomas, 398 Whiteside, Paul, 74 Whiteside, Robert, 299, 436 Whiteside, Steve, 357 Whitley, Mary, 436 Whitney, Joanna, 200, 436 Whitney, Laura, l86, 436 Whilson, Paul, 403 Whittaker, Casey, 200 Whitteberry, Roberl, 282, 436 Whittington, Richard, 204 Whittlesey, Lee, 297, 436 Whorton, Jody 285, 436 Wickberg, Paul, 398 Wickersham, Donald, 2l7, 436 Wickham, Kenneth, 2l8, 398 Wickline, Larry, 280, 436 Widman, Jon, 209, 436 Widner, Kendra, l95, 436 Widney, Thomas, 280, 436 Wiehle, Steven, 273, 436 Wiechman, Dennis, 282, 398 Wienges, Halle, I69 Wientrob, Marty, l86, 254,436 Wiggs, Danny, 2l6 Wiggs, Phyllis, l95 Wigley, Karen, 436 Wilbanks, Frances, 247, 398 Wilbanks, Susan, 25l, 436 Wilber, Don, 279, 436 Wildermuth, James, 3l5, 35l, 398 Wilds, Michael, 3l4, 436 Wiles, Larry, 305, 398 Wiley, Hannah, 397 Wilhide, Donna, l95 Wilhite, Byron, 280, 436 Wilken, Ronald, 2l0 Wilkerson, Carl, 436 Wilkerson, Gary, 2ll, 285,436 Wilkerson, Kenny, 2ll, 436 Wilkie, Norman, l82, 353, 436 Wilkins, Charles, 276, 436 Wilkinson, Michael, 2l5, 436 Will, Alan, 436 Will, James, 275,436 Will, Mary, l20, 326, 336, 375 Willenzik, Bruce, 266, 267, 398 Willey, Michael, 206 Woods, Robert, 295, 399 Woods, Robert, 295 Woods, Stuart, 299, 437 Woods, Susan, 227,437 Woodward, Mai James K., 365 Woodward, Richard, 437 Woody, Nancy, 24l, 399 Woolery, Ben, 322 Woolery Roger, l58, 220, 437 Woolf, Jooo, 253, 437 Woollen, Karen, 23l, 437 Woolman, Johnny, 263, 303,437 Woolen, Kathryn, 23l, 437 Woolen, Mary, 235, 437 Woolen, Robert, l48, 22l Worcester House, 2l8 Word, Richard, 287, 437 Word, Sharron, l83, 247,437 Work, Linda, 437 Worley, Owen, 299 Worle , Russell, 399 Wilson, Barry, l65 Wilson, Beth, 233 Wilson, Bill, 399 Wilson, Bruce, 285,436 Wilson Center, I78 Wgllian Center Presidents Council, Wilson, Dana, l09, 239, 436 Wilson, Gwendolyn, 2l3 Wilson, lda, 23l, 399 Wilson, James, 207 Wilson, Jeffrey, 273, 436 Wilson, John, 355, 436 Wilson, Marc, 322 Wilson, Nancy, 2l'3, 436 Wilson, Pamela Carol, 399 Wilson, Pamela Sue, 25l, 3l4, 436 Wilson, Patti, l85, 239,436 Wilson, Paul, 297, 436 Wilson, Paula, l85 Wilson, Robert, 45, 35l Wilson, Thomas, 303, 436 Wilson William 297 3l4 436 Willse,' Christopher, '280, 436 Wimer, Dennis, l98 Winans, Gary, 398 Wince, William, 285, 436 Winchell, Michael, 2l0 Windel, Waller, 342, 356 Winders, Ken, 282, 436 Windrow, Rollen, 299,436 Wine, Karen, I84, 436 Winer, Steven, 2l5, 436 Winfield, Marilyn, 436 Wingate, Terry, 204 Winstead, Donald, 399 Winston, Bruce, 399 Winter, Nick, 64, 32l Winters, Alan, 325 Winters, Gary, 325 Winto ri, Tony 29l, 431, Winzenread, Michael, 280, 436 Wise, Wise Craig, l32, l56, l58, 220 Gayle l9B wisof John, is-1, 340 Wise Ma rga ret, 239, 436 Wisehart, Thomas, 263, 306, 307, 399 Wisniewski, Barbara, l'9l Worrell, Virginia, 237, 437 Wrather, Daniel, 437 Wray, William, 2l6 Wrede, Sharon, 200, 437 Wrestling, I52, l55 Wright, Gil, 285, 383 Wright, Jack, 285, 383 Wright, James, 399 Wright, Linda, I93 Wright, Phillip, 72, 350, 399 Wright Ted, 72, 437 Wright, Terry, 437 Wright, Thomas, 29l, 437 Wright Wayne 325 wyiio, Joe 22l: 437 Wynkoop, Walker, 437 Wynn, Karen, 437 Wynn, Timothy, 287, 399 Wynkoop, MSG Gerald E., 365 Y Yadon, Rebecca, 235, 437 Yang, Sun-Fu, 2l'9 Yactiinto, Robert, 305, 437 Yar erry John, 297, 399 Yarnell, Teresa, 399 Yates, June, 69 Yates, Michael, 305, 437 Yealts, Eddie, 207, 275, 437 Yeatls, Judy, 227, 333, 344, 437 Yee, Richard, l98 Yellon, Davi-d, 2ll, 273,437 Yeung, Eric, 34l York, Carolyn, l25, 23l, 333,399 York, Ronald, 297, 437 Yorkshire Apartments, IBO Yorman, Elizabeth, 2l3 Witherspoon, Gail, 232, 436 Withington, Ann, 238, 239, 369, 436 Wilhinglon, Margy, 238, 239, 436 Witt, Patricia I70 wiiionbooh, James, 322 Wittenberg, Francine, 254, 255, 399 Wittkopp, Pearl, 350, 359, 36l, 399 Wenger, Susan, 435 West, James, 345 West, Leonard, 279, 435 West, Marcella, 435 iNest Victor I8l Vlfestbrook, Suzanne, l85 Westby, Gerald, 305, 398 V! +3 stby, John, 2l0, 435 Westcott, Barbara, 383 W e stfahl, Jacqueline, I70, 435 Westfall, Gail, 357 Vfetmore, Sharon, 435 iff? 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Joelle, 200, 437 Wolpe, Suzanne, 399 Woller, Wayne 205 Womble, David, 208, 26l, 303,437 Women's Recreation Association, I7I Andrew, 437 Wong, Wood, Everett, 34l Williamson, Debiorahi, 200 Williamson, Glen, 297 Wood, Wood, Janet, l85, 437 Jeanette, 239, 399 Wood, Norman, 279, 437 Wood, Ronald, 73 Wood, Russell, l82 Woodard, Richard, 303 Woodford, Don, 399 Woodlan, Bruce, 220 wooaliff, P. Koy, 170, 24l', 437 Woodrome, Beverly, l86, 437 Woods, Aleta, 3l4, 437 Woods, Barry, 437 Woods, Bob, 299, 399 Woods, Larry, 325, 399 Woods, Pamela Jane, 437 Woods, Pamela Sue, IO3, 25l, 437 Young, Terry, l82, 437 Youngswick, Fred, 399 Youstra, Linda, l92 Yuen, Tommy, l'64 Yule, John, l48, I49, l50, l5l, 22l '287, 437 Z Zabel, stove 136, 137, l40, 142, 221 Zora, Abouiloh, 354 Zahn, Betsy, 239, 437 Zaichkowsk , Leonard, 239, 383, 437 Zander, Jeffrey, 285, 437 Zanghi, Joe 2l7 zorfow, ooil, 254, 437 Zbornik, Rebecca, 437 Zeidner, Christine, 437 Robert, 365 Zeidner, Zeigner, Christina, 235, 323, 344 Zeigner, Victoria, l9l, 437 Zel ey, Mark, 207, 289, 437 Zemelman, Mary, 20l, 254,437 Zendler, Lawrence, 2l8 Zeta Beta Tau, 308, 309 Ziegner, Vickie, I70 Zigel, Jayne, 200, 228,437 Zimmerman, Paul, 208 Zinn, Dain, 287, 399 Zito, Charles, 437 Zitta, Wayne, 209 Zivin, Frances, 228, 437 Zlotolow, Steve, 309, 399 Zongker Thomas, 263, 307 zwonn, Alida, l09,24l, 367,437 Zwart, David, 209, 437 'Un " up ,,,4f-wa ...nv :Qui-HH -1-q,,,. .,,. sun .u nw 7 M . ., was, Q.. ,.-p. cvs'- fur an-J 1 .qu 4 .. 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I 0 P R E S S 7 :Il Yeorbook Division wit of ihe up T It lowo City lowo , U ep ' I l .iy Z 7 4 SOME OF THE TYPE FACES AVAILABLE TO OUR CUSTOMERS for the Finest in Merchandise and Service Brockhaus Jewelers Beautiful Legend's Omega Watches Keepsake Diamonds Sorority and Fratemity Iewelry 752 Asp 321-4228 Delicious Carpet . . . Plush Food -1 The OPEN Where The Action ls... H B Zffri' Home of the Bic RED 5 Sooner Check at. Pool - Pinball - Paperbacks Groceries - Ice - Beer American Exchange Bank Varsity Village and Trust Co. 1311 S- lenkins Main and Berry Road - Norman Member F.D.I.C. PQ ADAIIQLS P Nothing compares wilh lhe food at Adair 's ROY VALOUCH ELECTRIC CO. Electrical Contracting NuTone Intercom-Radio Exhaust Fans healers Home of Industriai Vfiring Lighting Fixtures CS Supplies 113 W. Gray 321-E25 Norman, Olclahcrtta Lit Ed e FA R M S 9 Q' NORMAN fy AGAR-FORD In suJulu,ce, 218 NORTH PETERS BOX 948 - NORMAN, OKLAHOMA 73393 NORMAN PARK MOTEL 65 UNITS Phones, TV's, Radios, Wall-to-Wall Carpeting, Modern Air Conditioning and Heating. Popular Restaurant Adjacent. NORMAN'S BEST GUEST VALUE 1131 N. Porter St. - ST1-3000 - Near N. Campus In Town-US Hwy. 77-24-Hour Switchboard Q Come Bank X "Best Bank . . Wlfh Us -- I an the I B19 Eight" just a few blocks west ll 1 of the campus on Lindsew !,,,. OKLAHOMA NATIONAL BANK 1600 W. Lindsey - Member F.D.l.C. - 32:-ICI E QC Q 1 Q-GMI! Downtown - Mayfair Oklahoma City, Okla. More Oklahomans Drink MEADOW GOLD MILK Than Any Other Brand WESTERN PAPER COMPANY Everything For the Printer 200 N.E. 34th IA 4-1515 Oklahoma City HUNZICKER BROS. Electrical Supplies - Lighting Fixtures Oklahoma City Virginia at Fourth 236-3731 SEISMOGRAPH SERVICE CORP. 6200 E. 41st Street Tulsa P. O. Box 1590 NA 7-3330 IEE WIW 1 1 lllllllll' Il'lllllIlI. Illll. 3000 WEST RENO ' OKLAHOMA CITY, 73108 LEO MAXWELL CO.. INC. Wholesale Appliance Distributor Zenith - Westinghouse 530 S. Broadway CE 6-4351 Oklahoma City CAPITOL STEEL 6- IRON CO. Dependable Service Since 1910 Office and Plant - 1726 S. Agnew Oklahoma City ...... ME 4-6381 and 1902 Afton St., Houston, Texas O. K. STAMP 6. SEAL CO. Rubber Stamps. Seals. Badges Plasti: Name Tags -Desk Signs George Claymore, Owner 404 W. Main Okla. City CE 5-7853 Adverti ing Index A Adair's Cafeteria .... Aero-Commander ..... Agar-Ford Insurance Airmen, Inc. ........... . American Exchange Bank B Brockhaus Jewelry .. John A. Brown Co. C Capitol Steel and Iron Co. . . . . Champlin Oil Company ............ Chastain-Holland Oil Company City National Bank 84 Trust Co. . . .. Clark, B. C., Jewelers ............ Coca-Cola Bottlers ...... D Dr. Pepper Bottling ...... Durand Cover Company .... E Economy Advertising .... F First National Bank 81 Trust Co. .. . . fi Uklalrorrra Naltorrzil ltarilv 50' ciill Edge Fa,-,ns 50' Uklahorrra Natural fra, 1 urr.g,.rr,. 477 , 501 H I 485 Holiday Inn NH". 496 Public Service C orrrparry of 50' 'l'he Huh .......,., 501 "k'f""""" Hunzickcr Brothers . . . 502 S 501 K Scovil Motors 1 SeA"N":llizk6tJ 410 Kerr-McGee Corporation . 489 .funly I dlmml. in Sersrnograph Serftce forp Seven-ljp Bottling f o. 502 L Southwestern I-.ngrauing 475 Laird Printing ........... 488 495 Lee-Way Motor Freight 502 T 493 Legend's Pizza ...... 501 'rranwripl pres, 502 474 M Maxwell, Leo, Co. 502 L. University Book Exchange Meadow Gold Milk .. 502 University Studio DYIV' H 497 ' Norman Pafk Motel . .. ..... Valguch Eleglfig CU. n 500 Varsity Book Shop O OK Stamp 81 Seal Company ........ 502 W 487 Oklahoma Memorial Union ........ 475 Western Paper Company .. CHARLES BURGETT EE: '4I Planning Supervisor Operations Planning D. NISTETTER ME: '50 Chief Engineer Tulsa Power Station THESE FORMER OU STUDENTS FOUND A CAREER AT PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY Three among many, they tell 'why they feel they chose wisely "No need to become antiquated technically. . .sem- inars and short courses provide access to latest tech- nical change"-Nistetter. "You sharpen your own skills while helping provide an essential public service" -Howard. lf you're interested in career opportunities at W. J. HOWARD PU U EE: .sl ex-A, oonmfvvorarauurou Ind. Sales Engr. Marketing write Lerron Little, P.O. Box 201, Tulsa. 74102 nology, making professional pertormance possible"- Burgett. "There's real challenge in switt-paced tech- I U 41,-w 4'Il '02 -WS 499 492 4l'l .asm FUI Ulf 502 Z Editor Carol Blakey VFX 'QW JCC I Sta: 2 K .jrx ' XV , YEA' I S 9. gg ' ,iii i -rr Xi- F 1 i Qi! GO ER Editorial Board General Manager of Student Publications C. H. Brite Supervisor of Publications Mrs. Louise B. Moore Associate Editor Mrs. Kathryn Guinness Engraving Southwestern Engravi Tulsa. Oklahoma ng Company Printing and Binding Economy Advertising Iowa City. Iowa Cover Company Durand Manufacturing Company Chicago. Illinois Assistant Editors Steve Glasser Chris Brown Copy Editor Sally Gregory Photography Editor Don Burk Executive Secretary Carolyn Hale Features Janice Cherry Diane Freeman Administration Mary Eve Beckett Marsha Hollingsworth Faculty Features Sally Burns Services Gayle Freeman Sandi Nelson Valerie Abbot Beauty Russ McDougal Janie Brunsteter Men of Distinction Janie Bumpers Nancy Clarkson Personalities Carol Bishop Sports Arney Brown Mens Intramurals Bruce Walker Womens Intramurals Jeannie King Residences Mike Hollander Ken Privett Mary Tolle Michelle LeFebvre Diane Dunnett Kathi Krohn Sororities Kathy Ward Jane Glassenberg Sarah Gay 1970 Fraternities Sally Livermore Sarah Baker Dee Dunlop Organizations Liz McCarty Annette Gilliam Classes Janie Letson Steven Oliver Photography Kenneth Aniess Don Burk Cole Studio Robert Fields John Green Alan Hoyt Leon Hughes Steve Hutchens Ray Jacoby Gil Jain Bill Lipsitz Mark Miller Ruth Dryden Studio J im Smith The Sunday Oklahoman University Photo SCIVICC University Studio Janyce Vickers Steve Winer A d vertising Mary Helen Montgomery Thea Stanford Gregg Stevenson r X. '- 'U' X ,' -v QylF',.XX- 'X'x'P."1 'Qu l'.,'1v'X J 1 XM' ' 1' M' ' R' , ,XX V 3' " " EX XX"XX ' 3 I I ' '1 X' X x - N X. X - - . . VX .. l U - 1. x1"?lfl,Q U III, . uf W" ' X " . XX an X fm. .X 1'2.zf--XM, XXXX -MX X X X' . , X X X IZ, 4,..l ' X' :,,huv.- 'JW i, I! W iw XXI' X-.X T n 4 U X, X X 'V X .v Y- I XXXXL' Y 5917 iX'!,: Xf?f'DXfX,n:L,,X,X,--pg XXX, . H ,XX XXX A ' Nh' ' V ' Mp' ,- X LVJIX 'XXX' X " '.-,.l., , -XXX ,X l "'x ' ,X fy ' 4 A4 AU JI X 51' I- X " -5' ' ,Xu ' ' . WW - 5-a . W L F X ,-u J, X 'I :JN . , -. . I i ' I A X X H V I ' Y I ' ' I Q -..', I I X 'a X751 'l X r I X I X 4 X X X .- X J U. X U-X I I I C X 91 WH. 'X ' X', V ' 4 , 'S'YI""'m' X X - XL' 'X X X ' UA 5 X X- . .., X. X X, 11. 'J V y "A ", ,M A-. ',"X fl" ' V X X 1 I 1 -"5.c3,'3 ' 'J ' ' " .TVV ,LX X ,ln.3vXgMXj1,i.,'L.4'v X X X 'n A ' Vx X1 -X u. X 1 W 1 ' I 1 'HF ,lik f P1 'Nu l',, .,H ,111 n s K Y . A J 1 "9 . Q r 1 L ' 1 1 I v 4 0 XJ V A v ' "J . 'if . , f.. 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University of Oklahoma - Sooner Yearbook (Norman, OK) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


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