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65 Sfmwu ffwfmw muwm, vklalwmw, vw , gm w4nm65 wuwg bwAm,edi2ZL THE UNIVERSITY . . academics and organizations THE STUDENTS . in campus Iifc . in athletics . in activities . in dorm life . in greek life . in r.o.t.c. . . in classes . . . in mcdicinc and nursing . INDEX AND ADVERTISING I8 66 I34 I44 ISO 230 268 350 442 460 522 556 We clowns are usually pantomime characters. Face me and I will break my silence, Tell you the meaning of my greasepaint. For just as with you Something is .stirring behind my fare. The gargoyle faces decorating the library Stare down on the grass below . . . The South Oval, where some of the greatest Rituals of the University Community take place. , 1, Wir 4 Qin L, . 1 A un w ., , v . . I ' -, .rsh 'C ' - 4 0 J Y . I .,... : . - i - .J .,4.., f, A sl ' v ,.. .,-A- ,,.4-, 4 .- , I 7 me .,1,,,- . ,Q-. -. if ...M W ' -. g, 1 .4 1 I 1 Yu "ll f'1'n.x'.s'1'11'1m' mind rlmr I um v,x'pc'c'Ic'.f1' In ln' ull ffll,IIkLfS In ull pcfoplv: ll .s'0l'f'c'f'w' who 11.s'c's lfiltlgft' In Cllllllgl' things' ilmmlllly ll rlmrlalfllz l7'IOIlf!'lfHxQ C'1'l'l'4YbUd'V'.S' righre011 s'f'111f.s'as,' cz .mfppwlwolf---wlw sits nutsidcf s0c'ic'I,v'.s' c'ii'r'lc' wirh u grin on hzfs' ffzvcf, Wllifillgij I0 lend 41 l't'l'1lflIff0lI ffl!! uflw' ull, my f7lll?1tlIlfI,V is fha' same' as vwfv ll'IllIl,S,H DR. .I. l ilaRm.Rl Ho1,1.rmoN ii: Sh ,rn 4 iwif' , X. -Q ,L .5 Wm Q Lew , V- 5 SQ my KU NND Y .I : - .5 5 , 1 xg: . 1 s , p g , ' nl vw H wi 1 g A A f- f' ...vm A .-'.., a s I - f A' 'IK ,A 5 ' . 5 ' 3 ,N 'J ' M 1 o 0 0 0 I X H A sq ' ' . ' ' , . . o H g ' ' ' U ' . .. 0 c -1 ' K ,: ' o C ' . - " ' . C -' Q . I-. , ' ', . n 'ft 'A 517g uw ll mi 3 . . - . W., 1 ww. M ZW' - Y ,H-W ,, - I X A. ' 4-1 , rw , A.: -1. o"'sx '. w ,x 1 K -x I., . in. 1- 1 n Vx Q X wk , . xx NX -Ill I I' U' 9 ' gl. in , K 0" ' .xmff M 1 0 11 if All cfztira STIIIHIIIH P01'r1'11yi11y Ihr' lIl'S17f'l'flff' fzttclrlpt of carlz l'7IUll To lu' one with thc' c'r0wa' To lu' IIfffI'l7IC'lf in his l'fgllflIt'5LS'. "'k1Nfwwl""" ---- '---f 1211- ff-- M fl fx uf HZ 43 -1 X 555 , -- M 7 Lsmlmwmmggml f V mai We see them, We wonder, We look ol the fares of others And all the while we are trying, Trying to End a fave for ourselves. SN. .v""T ,s SAN ff .M You fell me nor to vfzw. In do my own thing. W ell, okay. Bur Ihen Ie!! me Wlmt nm I with 0flIC'l'S. How van I well lffwnlxzzf nm' willz Vwru. xi B L if Q i 1 I f. 'xi it . 1-"' 44... . 3 if 2 1 Between birth and death SHCII II brief time willed life. And what is rlzere I0 do I?xc'epI heenme ozlrselves Fmilqjff 7 4' V V 42 sa Q X? 5,4 I ,f fish' I A MW?-v ,. x I 9 'Q' .ns 'x""lw-,M N 'awww E, IW E 1' Ag fi 'gl v , JE? Q . mil? if W if O -5 if if ii- fa ww. M.-X" at v JV ,M-.- M -'iw hfbd an A . 1 NW W..-N W-4'lMCi'0 5 3. lg. H, .N ff 'I if irwviw Smiling angel hardened into stone: monument to men of learning Confront and disrupt, Little and big, White and black, power ana' politics, 30? on pot lhow do they know?j SDS, LSD, DN T Quiet please! In a mature atmosphere of mutual respect we are busy working through proper channels, shaping chaos into a rec'ogni1able pattern and demonstrating responsibility. We .feel it is in the interest of the University Community ana' furthermore fffZfZI1ZIZTZ as . i W5 '. X 'M y K Ili f, C L, --,, . A ' ' f"Y'.l'W--5,-fAft?-fE?', Mffv'f!'- 3" uaQ Dick Gregory eanie to the OU eanzpns ana' the American Legion was irate. From all schools of thought they earne THE SPEAKERS. "The Cops are the new niggersf' they said, "Pregnancy is a Service to the eonntryf' they said. "Change you from a colleetivity to a living being," theg said. Then they went away and let ns think about it. W c' are Il weird group, A'l?llfffflIKQ ulnng lmppily, lmsking in our czpczfhy. .xilent in our 11lic'lmr1'0n. One day u voice h1'c'c1k.s' the sile11c'v fsharrelxs' it like thc' .swcfrllll of 11 gun! and flu' mia' i.vjn1'11z'11 by nllrrfm. X A I x E WY, NN . X QM- .M ,L , Vfzic A Th A fs . ef L .L w 27 Bartlett Initiates Q Bringing Oklahoma college graduates back to the state by providing them with jobs is one goal of a program initiated by Governor Dew- ey Bartlett this year. The new "OKlE" pro- gram which stands for "0klahoma, Key to In- telligence and Enterprise," is designed to in- crease pride in the state by stressing the pro- gress made in Gklahoma since statehood. OKIE' Program A former state senator. Bartlett also has been active in civic work and the oil business. He has served as a director of the Tulsa Coun- ty Chapter of the American Red Cross and as a director of two independent oilmen's associa- tions. As Oklahoma's nineteenth governor. Bartlett is the second Republican to hold the top ofhce in the Sooner State. Republican Governor Dewey Bartlett formulated his OKIE plan to foster pride in Oklahoma and rejuvenate the states economy. E i i K Dr, J. Herbert Hollomon, inaugurated in October as the president of OU, brought to campus the concept of the university community. Hollomon Becomes OU President In the first inauguration ceremony held at OU in 42 years, Dr. J. Herbert Hollomon be- came the eighth president of the university on October 18, 1968. Events held in conjunction with the ceremony included an academic pro- cession to the South Oval for the inauguration, an inaugural celebration concert by the Uni- versity Symphony Orchestra and a major pro- duction by the School of Drama with a guest director and a guest star. With the intention of defining the future goals and purposes of the university. Hollomon initiated an extensive research program during his first year at OU president-designate. Findings of the various committees involved in the program were compiled and released at the time of the inauguration. In addition to conferring with students, faculty, alumni and state citizens, Hollomon spent the academic year before he assumed his duties as president in visiting other colleges and universities across the country. He did this in an effort to acquant himself with the problems of higher education. dditional Building Funds btained As chancellor, Dr. E.'l'. Dunlap is the ehief administrative ollieer of the Oklahoma Slate Regents for Higher Education. Members of the Oklahoma Regents for Higher Education are Exall English. John J. Valer Jr., Goodwin Broaddus Jr., Mrs, ln 1965 the State Regents for Higher Edu- cation recommended to the legislature a 10- year building program to satisfy the needs of higher education in a period from 1965 to 1975. In the first phase of the program. which began in 1965, OU has gained the En- gineering Center, Rupel J. Jones Theatre and Dale Hall. Money for the second phase of the program has been allocated with a large por- tion of the S99 million going to OU and ap- proximately S26 million going to the Medical Center for improvements and construction there. A state regents' recommendation for up- grading admission requirements for state uni- versities went into effect in June 1968. To be admitted to OU or OSU, high school seniors must now finish in the upper half, rather than upper two-thirds, of their graduating classes. Another significant action by the state re- gents in the last year included approval of a program for a doctor of philosophy degree in information and computer science at OU. Jewell Dilmars, Clyde Wheeler, Dr. E.'I'. Dunlap, Donald S. Ken- nedy, William T. Payne, G. Ellis Gable and John Cleek. il i gas S55 Q f wi! ' "if dsl: Attending a meeting of the University ot' Oklahoma Regents ben Sparks, Jack Santee, Dr. J. Herbert Hollomon, Mrs. Frank I.. were Quintin little. Mrs. Barbara James, .lohn M. Houchin, Ren- Davies Jr., Huston Huffman, Horace Calvert, Emil Kraettli. Regents Approve Salar Increase Viewing the campus from the ninth floor of the new Edward liverett Dale Hall are Emil Kraettli and regcnt .lack Santee. The University of Oklahoma Board of Re- gents. complying with a resolution from the State Regents for Higher Education, voted sal- ary increases for many faculty and staff mem- bers for the 1968-69 year. According to Presi- dent Hollomon, these increases averaged Sl,- OOO and were dispensed on the basis of the individual's contribution to the university. Also by action of the regents, a number of new positions were created and funds were in- creased for critical areas in research and the library system. ' As the December meeting the regents heard Hollomon state his views on freedom and or- der in the university. Serving as president of the OU regents was Ouintin Little, Ardmore. Vice president was John Houchin, Bartlesville. Other members of the board are Reuben K. Sparks, Woodwardg Horace K. Calvert. Okla- homa Cityg Mrs. Frank L. Davies Jr., Enid: Huston Huffman. Oklahoma City. and Jack Santee. Tulsa. Dr. Pele Kyle McCarter. vice president for academic affairs, is responsible for I2 colleges, the extension division and ROTC. Five New Vice Presidents Selected Following the suggestions contained in the master plan for the University of Oklahoma. the Board of Regents approved the creation of tive new vice presidential positions this year. Filling the new posts are David A. Burr, vice president for the university communityg Verne C. Kennedy Jr., vice president for operationsg Dr. Thurman J. White, vice president for uni- versity projectsg John O. Dean, vice president for university relations, and Dr. Edward L. Katzenbach Jr., vice president for research. Continuing as vice presidents for the unie versity are Dr. Pete Kyle lVlcCarter, vice presi- dent for academic allairsg Dr. Carl D. Riggs. vice president for graduate studiesg Dr. James L. Dennis, vice president for Medical Center affairs, and Dr. Horace Brown, acting vice president for finance. vw, Noted for his interest in students and their relationships with faculty members and administrators. Vice President Daxid Burr directs the Oliice of the University Community -Xllocation ot space and maintenance of physical operations for the university are included in the responsibilities of Verne C' Kennedy who became OU's vice president for operations this year. I As vice president for graduate studies. Dr. Carl D. Riggs directs the University of Oklahoma graduate programs which include in- dependent study. group seminars. research by degree candidates. Under the direction of Dr. James I... Dennis. vice president in charge of Medical Center affairs, the center has begun a period of expansion to meet the modern demand for health service. Coordination of OU's public information etlort and the alumni relations program are two of the duties assumed by John O. Dean when he became the new vice president for university relations. Appointed this year as the universityis new vice president for research and public service xx as Dr. Edward l., Katzenbach Jr.. an educator and former industrial and government executive. Holding two administrative positions is Dr. Horace B. Brown. who is dean of OU's College of Business Administration in addition to serving as the acting vice president in charge of Hnance. 'ng-3, .,, is ' Re X , , Ak ww XM A"-mg: W, R ,-6'W,i.1 mga - ' M1 4, Ni-Q ': ' A w A 1 NR i -W1 , if-. 5 i lim f X ' ig 7,, fy., . V -- it i ' ' f l l M., Dr. Thurman .l. While. vice president for university projects. administers new programs for OU. the university's Washing- ton. D.C'. ollice and relations with major foundations. N .4--A At the last master plan meeting, members of the executive committee prepare a Hnal report on their study of the university. Committees Formulate Plan for OU Under the leadership of President J. Herb- ert Hollomon, more than 600 students, faculty members, state and community leaders, ad- ministrators and alumni formulated a plan for the University of Oklahoma. Titled The Fu- ture of the University, the study involved 10 months' work from beginning to end and was released in October in conjunction with Hol- lomonfs inaugural ceremonies. The aim of the report was to develop a plan that defined the goals and purposes of the uni- versity during the next 10 to 20 years. The study was organized along the lines of purpose and function, not by discipline or ex- isting structure. It began with a search for the fundamental purpose of the university and a search for the role it should perform. Each discipline was opened for a fresh view. People responsible for a given area in the university were not asked to examine themselves, reflect- ing a belief that individuals can be more cre- ative when they are free to examine an area they do not also have to defend. The plan makes recommendations designed to serve as guidelines for future changes in the university. It begins by stating that the uni- versity should ushape its goals . . . by a con- tinuous . . . process . . . restating its purposes through concrete action." The basis for this concrete action is then set forward in every area of university life. The university's gen- eral mission is explored in relation to under- graduate and graduate education, the faculty and administration and the community. Specific suggestions include expanded con- tinuing education for persons with or without college degrees, programs of four-year study combining technical-professional training with liberal education, and the writing of constitu- tions for the students and the university. '1 zf . - ,.. -- ,M I 43-5 Students Val Pipps and Carolyn Simpson discuss new procedures with Margaret Gover. administrative assistant to the president. David Swank. legal adviser. and Dr. Gordon Christenson. as- sistant to President Hollomon. confer on university policy. Hollomon aines New Assistant The president's staff was reorganized this year as Dr. I-lollomon assumed his duties as OU president. Following the recommenda- tions contained in the master plan for the uni- versity. Hollomon, who believes that giving one person a great deal of responsibility is the best way to get a job done, has organized a streamlined staff which is composed of the services of only two oliicers in addition to him- self. These two otiicers are Dr. Gordon Chris- tenson. who serves as assistant to the presi- dent. and David Swank. the president's legal adviser. Mrs. Margaret Gover serves as ad- ministrative assistant to the president. President Hollomon is advised by a board composed of the nine university vice presi- dcntsg Emil Kraettli. secretary to the GU Board of Regents: Swank, and Christenson. urr Assumes Service Dutie Upon assuming the newly created position of vice president for the university communi- ty. David A. Burr became head of the eight departments included in the student services complex. Working with the eight department heads and his assistants ,Jack Stout and Zelbert Moore, Burrls responsibility was to aid the various groups that make up the university. Heads of the eight service departments in- cluded Stanley Hicks, dean of meng Dr. Doro- thy Truex, dean of womeng James Paschal. di- rector of student activities. and Robert Jones. director of housing. Others are Dr. Robert Ragland, acting director of the Counseling Center, Dr. Donald Robinson, director of the Student Health Service: Mrs. Erma Keeley, di- rector of the Sooner City Nursery, and Elton G. Davis, Oflice of Financial Aids director. 5 .. 5295 Assistants Jack Stout and Zelbert Moore aid Vice President David Burr in directing the student services complex. t Ts' x F 'Fl Xxx N Q Under teacher's supervision. six tiny tots from the Sooner City Nursery are oil on their daily walk to explore the university. Deans, Activities Director amed Appointed this year as OUR dean of men was Stanley Hicks. Mvs- W v E ,ggpntonnwa Three new deans were appointed this year in the Deans of Students Ofiice, and a new po- sition was created to coordinate the increas- ing number of activities on the OU Campus. Stanley R. Hicks, former assistant dean of men and assistant director of housing at OSU, be- came the new dean of men. He succeeded James F. Paschal, who was appointed di- rector of student activities. Robert Poole as- sumed the duties of assistant dean of men for housing, and Ron Shotts became assistant dean of men and adviser to the Interfraternity Council. Dr. Dorothy Truex, dean of women at OU for 22 years, will devote three-fourths of her time to teaching in the college of Education next fall. In addition, Dr. Truex will remain on the staff of the Deans Office as a consult- ant on student affairs. Continuing in their positions were Anona Adair, assistant dean of women, and Myrna Carney, assistant dean of women for housing. et 1' Serving 22nd year as dean of women is Dorothy Truex. lames F. Paschal is the nevt director of student activities. Coordinating womcn's counselors and housing activities are duties of Myrna Carney, assistant dean of viomen for hous- ing, Assistant Dean of Women Anona Adair assists Dr. Dorothx 'liruex in addition to sponsoring sorority women on Panhellenic Coucil. 2 I? ' . gi -i 'L' Q .4 ' YH- . it 2 t Qf Q 4f it Serving his first year on the Dean ol' Students staff is Ron Achieving at favorable image for mcn's housing and encouraging otts. assistant dean of men. Shott's duties include atl- unitv within the dorms are goals of Robert Poole. who assumed using the lnterl'raternity Council in its activities, Llllllcs as OU's new assistant dean of men for housing this year. .5 V W Wai. . .,W3+t,,,,vW,-::t5,,,,, avi., vii ii-,fin t.... Admissions and Records staff includes Rough Boggess, assis- tant to the dean: Dr. Robert Bailey. registration director: 1 "TTT'T Students receive help with enrollment at information desk. Q? 5 Pn- Ruth Arnold, admissions director: Rachael Keely, recorder and Dr. William Price. dean of admission. registrar. ffice Conducts Pre-Enrolment Under the direction of Dr. William Price. dean of admissions and registrar, advanced registration went into effect for the fall and spring semesters this year. Under the stream- lined plan, students were required to till out only three cards. The new system enabled upperclassmen as well as freshmen and trans- fer students to enroll in less time. Completing pre-enrolment processes this year were an esti- mated 9.800 students for the fall semester and 10,990 for the spring semester. In addition to conducting the registration of each OU student. the Ollice of Admissions and Records maintains a permanent academic tile on all students attending the university and determines which students are eligible for ad- mission. The office also certihes and sends copies of a student's records to those con- cerned with his academic performance. OU Press Cited For Excellence The University of Oklahoma Press received recognition for design and production excel- lence this spring when the Rounce and Collin Club of Los Angeles selected Russian Parce- leins, a book published by the press, for dis- play in its annual exhibit. The literary and bibliographical society annually reviews the publications of Western publishers and choos- es a limited number of books for the exhibit. The OU Press simultaneously released four new books in the Western Frontier Library series which has been called "the best western book bargain in print." Other important pub- lications by the press this year have included Americaii Winners of the Nobel Prize by Wal- ter E. Kidd, Historic' Atlas of New Mexico by Warren A. Beck and Ynez D. Haase, Carl Van Veehten and the Irrevereizt Decades by Bruce Kellner, and Edward Wagenknecht's autobi- ography, As Far as Yesterday. Dr. Arthur McAnally administers Bizzell Library services. i University of Oklahoma Press is directed by Edward Shaw. Bizzell Receives Budget Increase Special collections, which have come large- ly as gifts to the university, continued to bring recognition to OU,s Bizzell Memorial Library. Included in the collections is the Edward Ev- erett Dale Library, consisting of some 1,235 volumes covering the history of the West, Southwest, Oklahoma, the Great Plains and the Indians. The library's Western History Collection, which occupies the space of 125.- 000 volumes, is the largest of the special col- lections. Also of importance are the Bizzell Bible and the History of Science Collections. With the addition of 68,736 volumes this year, the library reached a total of l,l53.758 volumes, of which 149,777 are in microtext. Improved budgetary support and increases in gifts and grants permitted substantial improve- ments in several areas including acquisition procedures and automation. The university's libraries include twelve area branches. Capt. Marcus L. Lowe commands OU's Navy ROTC unit. Col. Woodrow W. Wiltse is commandcr of the Army ROTC unit which this year celebrated its 50th year on OU campus. ROTC Students Receive Award Military balls, anniversaries and scholar- ship awards were among the activities of ca- dets and midshipmen enrolled in the thrce Re- serve Olhcers' Training Corps programs. In observation of the fiftieth anniversary of Army ROTC on the OU campus, twelve women who are former Honorary Cadet Col- onels attended the Army Military Ball. Full-tuition scholarships were awarded to 144 ROTC students in the Navy and Air Force divisions. The fees and book expenses are paid for the 67 Air Force cadets who en- rolled at OU. The cadets will be commissioned as second lieutenants when they graduate. In addition to the 77 scholarships awarded to OU midshipmen, the Navy awarded 25 scholar- ships to high school seniors who will enter the university in the fall. npr' RX. It . M! Q, tp- its d"'?iQf' Serving his hrst year as OU Air Force ROTC commandcr is Col. Theodore M. Raley who aids in training men as officers, JOURNALISM PRESS STAFF-BOTTOM ROW: Mike Wil liams, Mike Burger, Steve Kirkuk. Bill Hancock. SECOND ROW .lames Johnson, Marilyn Hass, Danny Smith, Susan Burford, Lar ry Downey, Duff Wright, TOP ROW: W. C. Vanderwcrth. James Squirrel, Bob Small. Ben Clark, Philip Thornton, Gary Lawrence, Bill Kysar, Philip NVright, William Guy, Guy Senter, Bob Salmon. New ffset Press Units rdered W.C. Vanderwerth supervises staff of the Journalism Press. Two new otlset press units were ordered this year for installation in the Journalism Press which is responsible for the mechanical needs of the Oklahoma Daily. Completely ii- nanced by advertising revenue, the new units will supplement the 395,000 Goss Suburban offset press which has been in use since 1966. The additions will increase the maximum size of the student newspaper to 48 tabloid size pages. The press is capable of printing the Daily at the rate of 16,000 copies per hour. Eight pages of the paper can be printed in process color. One of the only university presses in the country that employs students, the Journalism press has a staff of twenty men and women. W. C. Vanderwerth, mechanical superintend- ent, is in his 24th year at OU as director and coordinator of the work. The press is one of four self-sustaining bus- iness opcrations at the University of Oklahoma. 4" f A General faculty representative is Dr. Thom- as M. Smith. professor of history of science. l 5 5 it 2. 5 z 5' 4 ,,.,...M,,.......s,...- l W1 Mrs. Louise Moore serves as editorial su- pervisor of Oltlalzonm Duffy and SOONER. Robert V. Peterson. professor of journalism. serves as secretary of Publications Board. 5 ,Q Representing President Hollomon is James E. Swain, OU public information director. .ff . s Q K If A, Zlrf ' Q tm " X "7 -'M k- my-,F . -.-,-W:-.....g:.2, ,sf-fi . ,. ,. , I fy . t . et f -ef K i ' V, 4 -2 J A I 1 - Q WL gs ,.f--awmggwig 6 9' . Witityfg-? Q M ii Cecil H. Brite serves as general manager of student publications for the university. Dr. C. Joe Holland. Publications Board chairman. discusses Okla- lzonm Dui!-v policy with Terry Black, student board member. Board Directs Student Publications The nine-member Publications Board, con- sisting of five students and four faculty mem- bers, serves as publisher and policy-making body for all student publications. Members of the board represent the Oklahoma Daily, the SOONER Yearbook, the Journalism School, the faculty, the student body and the Presi- dent's Gllice. Duties of the Publications Board include selection of editors for the two student publi- cations, approval of financial matters and sug- Serxing as members of thc Publication Board are Cecil H. Brite, Ann H. Beard, Mrs. Louise Moore, Dr. Thomas M. Smith, Carole gestion of general policies. In addition, the board oversees the printing of a student di- rectory for summer school students and a sum- mer supplement which is mailed to all in- coming freshmen and transfer students. Chairman of the board is Dr. C. Joe Hol- land, director of the School of Journalism. Non-voting members are C. H. Brite, general manager of student publications, and Mrs. Louise Moore, editorial supervisor of student publications. Clausing, Dr. C. .loc Holland, Anthony Gilkey, James E. Swain, Robert V. Peterson, Richard Hall, Teresa Black. 'S 5 2 ' ' ' ,. ,f ',kL- QQ K Q l 'M ai ,Q I I " I-, .. I QffIg,3.Z, 'L M Q? it la W we My 5 In L M -1 ,K F2 we iris Qi ,af-r. X Associate editor Kathy Owens and associ- ate editor Donna Wilson discuss a photo- ' raphy assignment for the yearbook. Wifi ,::'fi. ,"v 'Svdwauw SOONER EDITORIAL BOARD-TOP ROW: Carol Akright, Ruth Arens, Bobbie Arentz, Lynn Barnes, Ann Beard, Carol Blakey, Nancy Breeden, Logan Brown. SECOND ROW: Janie Bumpers, Janice Cherry, Emery Dilling, Steve Glasser, Guinnevere I-lodges, Richard Hall, John Haworth, Alan Hollingsworth. rf' THIRD ROW: Sherry Jones, Sally Livermore, Liz McCarty, Russ McDougal, Hank Meyer, Tamsen Murray, Rochelle Rudd, .lim Sharrock. BOTTOM ROW: Jim Shauberger, Melanie Shearer, Bill Stephens, Mary Toile, Karen Veith, Kris Veverka, Kathy Ward, Lee Ann Welch, Lon Werner. 8 Art Work Reflects Yearbook Theme Original art work by Donna Lingle, senior art major, adds a new look to the 1969 SOONER Yearbook. The art, which appears on the cover and on division pages, expresses the "faces" theme selected by editor Nancy Breed- en. 'Academics and Organizations," a new sub-division combining the colleges and de- partmental clubs, was added this year to show student involvement in academic life. A change was also made in the classes section with freshmen, sophomores and juniors listed alphabetically in one undergraduate section rather than by individual classes. The reor- ganization was made to facilitate the location of students by name instead of academic classification. Feature pages in this year's edition are split into four-page sections preceeding each sub- division. On these pages the features staff at- tempted to reflect, through pictures and copy, the general trends related to the section. Contrary to tradition, a top beauty was not selected by a celebrity judge for the SOONER. Nancy Breeden. first woman yearbook editor since 1946, uses the proportion wheel to prepare picture for the engraver. 'V-'fr ln addition to his duties as assistant editor, Emery Dilling worked on publicity. ,M-lr - Sig Sherry Jones. assistant editor. also directed the features staff. Men's housing editors Richard Hall and Alan Hollingsworth find new picture ideas from collection of exchange hooks. Assistant organizations editor Carol Blakey assists Carol Akright. section editor. in scheduling group and feature pictures for the yearbook. ' , . . ,rrb ,,V. I , i-i, , " in 1 Q 5, ilswgggzrit Ziff ,K lfylffggflftfiy W v' ff cg - v'!'74Li' f Y' 'W Ai. 4 ,, a 1 :rs"!t,,af?4"' arrwlti Guinnevere Hodges was womens housing editor aflcr three years on staff, A 4 fig Q WM J., A V, Y, x , 9 Lili 2 F fm' ,Mrs .Qgt X -ad' ,fig , 'ali , f' ,1 ,. vi I V: ,.,H rr. up K-'?4i ,.,::, 5 s-9 .. seed AN Sootsu-R classes editor Lon Werner inspects panels. Cropping pictures to Ht in thc ucademic administration section are editor Kris Vcverkzt and Janie Bumpers, her assistant 0-Bmw. Duties of Jim Shauberger. head photographer for the I969 yearbook. included checking negatives of pictures for technical quality and contributing the color pictures displayed in the opening section. :1 -r Qi? - Linda Shilling. spring Daily editor. began a "Help" column to answer studentsi questions. During Larry Chilnick's fall editorship, a poll taken of the OU student body showed that his editorials were the most widely read section of the Daily. Editorial Staff Undergoes Change The Oklahoma Daily expanded in both size and scope during the 1968-69 school year. In the fall, editor Larry Chilnick reorganized the staff to accommodate the paper's increasing size. The campus desk was eliminated, and a city editor and an assistant city editor were appointed. Taking editorial stands opposing the Greek system and supporting liberalized laws on abortion and marijuana, Chilnick proved to be a controversial Daily editor. Linda Shilling served as editor of the Daily during the spring semester when the paper ran a special edition honoring Black Heritage Week and a supplement dealing with the Stu- dent Lobby and problems facing higher edu- cation in the state. Publications Board mem- bers voted to allow the spring editor to select the editorial staff of the paper for the second eight weeks of the semester. Previously the faculty had made such selections. if 1, ,W -f . , , , N xr, . . , ,RW 2 C ,a . ,Nt me f A, 3, . f Members of fall editorial staff included Bobby Adams. Linda Shilling. Wayne Rhodes, Kathy Rhodes, Don Harral, Paula Whiteside. Daily Sweeps Newspaper Awards The Oklahoma Daily swept through the 39th annual Southwestern Journalism Congress in March, capturing 18 individual awards and the first sweepstakes award, denoting the No. l College newspaper in the 15-school compe- tition. Placing in ll of I6 categories, the Daily took awards for everything from column writ- ing to advertising, from news writing to sports, page make-up and photography for issues dur- ing the spring, summer and fall of 1968, First place winners included Mary Ann Lenz, for her personality feature of pianist Van Cliburn. Top prize for "best special edi- tion" went to the Summer Special, a 120-page edition for new OU students, edited by Kathy Owens and Donna Wilson. Second place in this category went to the eight-page pullout, "Indian Self-Determination-The Birth of a New Image? The Daily took all three places in the ubest page one layout" category, winning top com- ments with its inauguration issues. The sports pages took two third places with a sports column by Mike Sowell and a sports photo taken by Jim Shauberger. Working on the spring editorial staff were Steve Pacey. Wayne Rhodes. Jackie Brandner. Chuck Graham. Ben Harding. Don Harral. l..--""" """"--...Wm ., Miha Advertising Staff Students in Professor Leslie Rice's advertising sales class prepare layouts for approval by advertisers in the Daily. ains Experience By working on the advertising staff of the Oklahoma Daily, university students are able to exercise their initiative and ability as well as apply the knowledge gained within the aca- demic classroom. The advertising department of the Daily is structured as a typical newspaper operation with a local display director, a national adver- tising director, advertising managers and ad- vertising salesmen. Advanced students gain experience by working as advertising manag- ers on the student newspaper while intermedi- ate students participate in an advertising sell- ing class which gives laboratory work in sales. In addition to selling and producing adver- tising for daily editions of the newspaper, the student managers and salesmen work on spec- ial editions such as the pre-registration issue. the spring fashion edition and the Christmas shopper. In the spring of 1969, the Oklahoma Daily captured first, and third place honors in adver- tising at the Southwestern Journalism Congress held in Houston, Texas. Cecil Chesser. Vic Cleveland. Bill Farmer. Carolyn Gaden. Kathy Gold- man. Bill Robinson. editorial and advertising type for the Oklulmnm lluily is set by linolype operznlom in the shop of the .luurnaliwm Pr Association Sponsors World Tours John Stanbaugh is chairman of the Alumni Development Fund Board of Directors which Gerald Eckley serves as director. The University of Oklahoma Alumni Asso- ciation, headquartered in the Student Union. is the full-time representative on campus of the OU graduate. Current addresses and per- tinent information on more than 65,000 grad- uates and former students are kept on perma- nent record. The Association organizes annual reunions at Homecomings and Commencements and establishes headquarters on football weekends both at home and away. Since 1961 the Asso- ciation has sponsored world-wide tours at economy prices for its members. Through the Sooner Magazine and Sooner Newsmakers the OU alumnus is kept up-to- date on higher education in general and the University of Oklahoma in particular. In ad- dition, the Chnc'k Fairbanks' Football Letter is mailed to members the Monday after each football game. The Association is co-sponsor of the Alumni Development Fund, the annual giving program of the university, and it cooperates with the University of Oklahoma Foundation in its con- tinuous campaign to provide capital gifts, en- dowments and permanent funds. Alumni Association President Rob- ert Blackstock and wife Elaine con- fer with Boyd Gunning. director of OU Alumni Relations for 23 years, High school students from Lawton arrivc in Norman for a tour of university facilities sponsored bv the OU Alumni Association H. O. Harder. chairman of the Board of Trustees for thc Uni- versity of Oklahoma Foundation. enjoys alumni luncheon. Alumni Assoc. members rcceivc copies of Sutmvi' plfluy aiiritx puhlished alternately with .S'om:v1' lVl'H'.YIlI1llit'I'.N il' Vista volunteers work in Walnut Grove as part of their instruction at the Extension Divisionk Multi-l'urpose Training Center. -'QP Y 56 J, M .yy 49" Administered by the Extension Division. Hacienda El Ca- hano in Mexico was loaned to OU for a period of 10 years. Center To Train ostal Workers A major new undertaking developed in the OU Extension Division in 1968 was the sign- ing of a contract with the U.S. Post Office De- partment for a national postal service center. The university will help with the planning. training and curriculum of the National Tech- nical Training Center, housed at first on three lloors of Couch Center North and in a huild- ing on South Campus. The contract grew out ol' OU's tie with the Post Oflice through the Extension Division's Postal Service Institute since 1963. The Extension Division was described in 1914. its second year, as link connecting every professor . . . with the entire citizenry." That role has continued, through the courses of Business and Industrial Services and School and Community Services, through Adult Guid- ance and Evaluation and Testing, and many specialized programs. Dr. Lztyton Caldwell discusses his Advanced Studies course Actually inspecting at cur for narcotics was purt ot' the with Korean students Kyn Nam Choi and Sou Hong Min. training in an extension course designed lor police agents. --V,--,J--Y-ws -, W ,.1Jf1fmwemsmw.Me, -I . gi. .. t . if , -r t -f ...ww ,. N i ra. Q-'.,5 E' s, 'Q 5fi,3xf'A'5El""rMAw Q" QW fi--my ii' " W 'YN 1'1' iw ' - , W - '-We-M , ,, ,A .. Cheerleaders perform a drill routine at the Extension Di- held throughout the summer for high school cheerleaders vision summer cheerleaders' clinic. Continuous sessions and mujorettes ure taught by nutionztlly-acclaimed instructors H H 5 in fi: x f--- . f ' f ie, V 5 tt. my M W - '- ' I K s. 3 'gfllrjw ' g f:!,gsg A iitrfeiwy K l W, , A ft I L, . ties, A M I , ,. if t A x A "If 3, ffcjlj, or f' if-I - -H , - ,,1'fx ,,- ' ' ff -'wa A - K 1 ' -4. . " , f . ' We li . . . "ew" f . .. I- M ' 'Q 'Hi ABF ' V W V ,.,, 4' 531ag-',x21tif?Sff2szstffi:- - 1 ' r QQ, H . H 'qi f ,Q ,. V i A member of a research team in Alaska tags a deer for use in epidemiology surveys. The team. which is coordinated through the Research Institute on the North Campus. is headed hy Dr. Clutl E. Hopla. professor and chairman of the Zoology department .41 Dr. W. B. Lemmon. Psychology Clinic director. raises chim- panzees in a human environment to test learning theories. 58 Dr. Joakim G. Laguros uses acid to test the chemical reac tivity of shale in an Oklahoma Highway Department study Dr. Joseph E. Grimes. member of OU's Summer Institute of Linguistics. translates native languages for Wyclitfe Bible Society. II1StItUtC Advocates 6 SCICIICC Po W Cf, Students at the University of Oklahoma are part of a "science powerw movement every time they attend a class, and the OU Research Institute has a stake in encouraging them to remain active members. Both the Institute and students benefit from the university's commitment to science excel- lence. In partnership with OU professor-re- searchers, the Institute is the administrative clearinghouse for contract research. Current- ly it is administering more than 140 contracts and grants worth more than 55,500,000 with a variety of agencies such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, the U.S. Department of Health. Education and Welfare. industry and private organizations. Since the Institute takes responsibility for administrative details, faculty members are left free to use time not devoted to teaching for extra efforts in many developing areas. from oceanography to spacecraft propulsion systems to epidemiology surveys. As a result. OU students frequently learn about the latest scientific advances before any- one else because their professors are the re- searchers. and their own "science poweri' takes a giant step closer to the day when they will have laboratories of their own. The Institute maintains facilities in Swearin- gen Research Park, a 900-acre center for gov- ernment and industrial clients on the univer- sity's North Campus. Under the direction of Dr. Edward I-. Katzenbach Jr., OU vice presi- dent for research and public service, it is a 'Ssatellite laboratory" for organizations who want to keep their employees in touch with the new knowledge pouring out of the univeisity community and yet keep them working on company research. Promising young engineers and scientists are sent to OU for special study and work toward advanced degrees. and the company es- tablishes a laboratory in the Park. Project work can then be used to fulfill classroom and thesis requirements, a unique professional "earning while learning" opportunity. nion dds ankette, Game Room ff' f. . T, .vfawpiww 1-1 tes TW' Sampling the meal they planned are food service employees Violet Walden. Arulia Looney. Pat Elam and Pearl Gilbert. OKLAHOMA MEMORIAL UNION UNION BOARD OF MANAGERS D. H. GR1sso, Chairman JACR LUTTRELI. W. H. FREELAND HAL MULDRow Student Senate President Dixvm BURR Oklahoma Daily Editor UNION BOARD OF TRUSTEES LEE B. THoiviPsoN, Oklahoma City . . President JACK LLJTTRELL, Norman .... Vice President D. H. GRisso, Norman ...... Treasurer W. H. FREELAND, Norman . . Secretary-Manager HAROLD BELKNAP, Norman, R. J. CLEMENTS, Okla- homa Cityg CHARLES ENGLEMAN, Clintong CLEE FITZGERALD, Stillwater, DENZIL GARRISON, Bartles- ville, GRADY HARRIS, JR., Oklahoma Cityg T. H. Mc- CASLAND, Duncan, HAI. MULDROW, Norman. Ex Officio Members QUINTIN LITTLE, President of the Board of Regents DR. J. HERBERT HOLLOMON, President of the Uni- versity ROBERT W. BLACKSTOCK, President of the University of Oklahoma Association Student Senate President The Oklahoma Memorial Union, center of campus activity, makes available to students and the community a wide variety of services and recreational facilities. Moved from the basement to the former third floor lounge location, the Union's new game room features red plaid carpeting and a special lighting system over the pool tables. A restaurant, a travel service and a book store are planned for the space occupied by the old game room. Also added this year was a bank- ette in the Union Lobby where students may conveniently cash checks. In addition, lounges with stereo music, games, magazines and color television are to be found. Food service areas include the Will Rogers Cafeteria, Terrace Room, Ming Room and numerous private dining rooms. Fourteen conference rooms and Meacham Auditorium. which seats 530 persons, accommodate thou- sands of groups. Other facilities include a newsstand, lockers, a barber shop and a beauty salon. Also housed in the Union are many sep- arately administered agencies. Bernice Bucher and Melba Clark manage the business oliice. if Taking advantage of the Union Barber Shop, student Rov Tan- asazan receives the expert attention of barber Roy Shobert. FS During the traditional ten 0'clock coffee hour, George Max- well carefully prepares a pool shot in the Union game room :ai . Q V -' . 5 it k L 'fr "" - 7 ' 2 ai. 1 Ziiiyll tie g -ff ..5x f1fgE5? ' 5 V Q 5 Hillyard Freeland. Union manager, and Jack Guthrie, assistant manager, inspect the new bankette staffed by Eileen Donaldson. UNION ACTIVITIES BOARD-TOP ROW: Ann Beard, .Iohn Chaney, Carole Clausing, Braden Cross, Judy Freeland. BOTTOM 'Wm Checking the UAB files are Helen Cole and Christi Freeman. ROW: David McKee, Bill Stephens, Sammie Vinson, Mike Wise. Councils Govern Union Activities The Union Activities organization revolves around three main bodies, Union Activities Board, Union Activities Council and Union 'Representatives Council. Board members usually serve as chairmen of larger events such as Sooner Scandals, and Council members serve as vice chairmen of large events or chairmen of smaller programs. Board membership consists of nine students of junior or senior standing. The council is com- posed of 18 students of at least sophomore standing. The URC is a body of representa- tives from organized housing which acts as a link between these houses and the activities. Purpose of these bodies is to provide an interest in activities for all students. Any stu- dent may apply for a position on any of the committees. The College of Unionology is a signing-up party given in the fall. Students sign up for committee work at annual Unionology. '4Uni0n Gap" goundg blast through gi Pop Series audience, UNION ACTIVITIES COUNCII,vTOl' ROW: Rosemary worth, Bev Kuykendall. June Meyer. BOTTOM ROW: Bob Iitimpass, Linda Burk. Carol Chenuult, Brent Clark, Vaughn Musser, Mike Puvte, Milliccut Perry, Pam Thompson, Kathy Clark, Ann Cosgrove, Pum Cruvens. SECOND ROW: Phil Cun- Ward, Luc Ann Welch, uinghum, Jane Dunugun, Pum Fauhion, Doug Ifcurs, John H11- 4 5tkl0l'l www BRT 'I'30fw FGSEIQSE Electronic sounds from the Druids compete with other bands at the Campus Band Review. sponsored by Union Activities, Bruce Hickman and Lee Ann Welch buy tickets for Friday Union Movie from Millicent Perry. movies vice chairman. s 9" We - 3 xW.y .K 64 ',. ,X 637' Tinsel, baubles and angels. traditionally made by home-ec students for the Union, brighten the tree decorated by URC members. Stars Attracted Pop Serie t'Human Sexuality" was the topic of a con'- ference sponsored for the first time as part of the expanding Union Activities program. Un- ion Activities also provided top entertainment for the student body through the Popular Art- ists Series which presented the Union Gap. singer Aretha Franklin and comedian Bill Cosby. A major event sponsored by Union Activi- ties is the annual Sooner Scandals variety show. This year's trophy for best in show was awarded to members of Alpha Chi Omega and Sigma Chi for their combined act. Theme for the 1969 Scandals was "Sooner Gdyssey- 200l." Union Activities sponsored a trip to Dallas for the OU-Texas football game and a spring trip to the Bahamas. Linda Jacobs and Irene Breslow pack for the Bermuda trip Delta Tau Delta fraternity and Delta Delta Delta sorority combined far their Sooner Scandals entry, entitled HI969: A Midsemester Day's Flashback." in keeping with the overall theme of the annual variety show, "Sooner Odyssey-200l.' at mm , -e+ You tell me it's the institution Well you know You better free your mind instead. -LENNON MCCARTNEY "The purpose of this organization is to promote An increased understanding of our field As one finds it in the Real World." "When I graduate, these are the people I'll be working with. It's just good business, that's all." Here in the University there is something for Everyone. is XX if 8, N 1111 N..L.w-4" S-N mag? Professors State Teaching Ideals Six members of the university faculty are presented in the 1969 Sooner Yearbook. Nominated by campus honoraries and select- ed by a student committee, the professors were asked to express in their own words their philosophy of teaching and the ways they im- plement this philosophy in the classroom. The outstanding instructors are from six different departments. These include English, geology, engineering, philosophy, sociology and education-thus providing a broad repre- sentation of thought and view. The accompanying pictures capture their moods and expressions during their leisure time, on campus, and with students in the classroom. ' FF - ,ll .?' QQ Q For a while it was like I thought it'd he-big classes, tough professors who didn't know or Care. Then I got this elass I liked-really. I was like a kid at a movie tak- ing it all in. The professor became my friend. Thev don't want to just stand there and give. No matter how large the Class is, he said, teaehing is still one to one. So delicate and individual that it is often erudely handled. but onee in a while a spark-a thing of wonderment. "The cry for relevance is not new. University teachers have always subscribed to the notion that what they teach should be relevant to "what is happening now" . . . Some of us, how- ever, may have failed to remind ourselves that the relevance of one thing to another is not self evident. If we cannot demonstrate the relevance of our special knowledge to con- temporary issues, then we must conclude either that it is in fact irrelevant, or that we have not taught effectively." DR. DAVID B. KITTS Professor, Geology ancl History of Science 'll' "I believe that education must be relevant to current social issues. I attempt to bridge the gaps between social theories and community practices. I believe that students must feel free to ques- tion all concepts-including mine. I seek to make my classes forums for open, objective dialogues as opposed to an atmosphere of dogma and defensiveness. "I believe that students often learn more from their classmates than they do from me. I frequently serve as an education broker, bringing together dispensors and recipients of new ideas. "I believe that a teacher must also be a learner. I am constantly learning from my stu- dents. I believe that I am hooked on students. If I kick the habit, I will stop teaching." DR. GEORGE HENDERSON Associate Professor, Sociology and Education "My philosoplty of C'llIll'Clfl0l1 can be sttmmea' this way: although the goals overlap, ea'uc'a-A tion in the first irtstanee exists to promote indi- virlztal growth and Cll'1'l'l0jJl7Z6'lII--Sj76'l'lfll'Clllf' the emotional, social, pltysfeal, moral and hz- tellec't11al,' in the seeontl ilzstartce to promote the eolleetive social good of l77Clll,' and in the tlzirrl ilzstanee to promote ttsefztl vocational and professional slfills. The test of 66lIflC'CIfl0l7C1l eller'tiveness is the proclrtc't. lf stucleltts be- come emotionally secure, socially cooperative. plzysieally healthy, morally responsible, and lllIC'!lC'f'flll1ll.Y self-reliant, then they are insofar edueateaf To the degree they do not so re- spond to life they are mzedueated. "Perhaps the word character best identifies the larger purpose of edzftcation. lf so, the bra- tality, Ill'hlH'l7I1l7l1LlflOH, and violence of modern life measures the distance we have yet to travel in our efforts to eivilize ourselves." DR. LLOYD P. WILLIAMS ofl-- W' and Coss Iiovxzl lrofessor, History anal Philosophx' of Erlztealion rf Q , 4 A X15 6 ,ff 'Q' or 4 .. 'B X 1 Q t "Teaching is for me still the great adventure But like all great adventures it contains a large component of failure. The goals, which seem so modest, of trying to inerease student sensitivity, and of raising their sights, seem insuperalvly difficult. lt may he that in the long run under the illusion of making progress. we suc'c'eecl only in staying in one place. But we are eommittecl to the notion that making meaningful to others what is most meaningful to ourselves is the eontrilvution of the teacher in the Humanities. And what the student does with the materials in some lnysterious way cul- vanees the cause of our humanity." DR. PAUL G. RUGGIIZRS Davicl Ross Boycl Professor, English "The most exasperating discovery, after four years of schooling, is the enormous expanse of technical knowledge, the high rate of change that oatrnodes present day concepts, and the continual reediication process that will ever he present. 'What is the teacher to d0?' . . . The teacher's whole aim is not to cover the siilnject but to uncover part of it, develop the aspirants ability to acquire lcnowledge on his own, how to appraise, and how to use it cre- atively in the st11dent's manner of thought." PROFESSOR GIQRALD TUMA David Ross Boyd l'rofe.s'.x'or, Electrical Engineering f" "Grow is an imperative-or perishg there is no hope for the University of Oklahoma, or any institution, or any individual, except to face straightway into the future with vision and daring, wild irnagination and careful planning to let be what must he in the challenge of this complex century . . . and to invent tomorrow. There is no exit but the future-for individuals or institutions. The increment of knowledge is for life . . . now and tomorrow." DR. J. CLAYTON FEAVER David Ross Boyd Professor, Philosophy SU Dr. Carl D. Riggs directs OU's graduate programs as dean. Graduate College Receives Grants Graduate students attending OU received financial assistance from several federal agen- cies this year. Awarding fellowships and scholarships were the National Science Foun- dation, the National Institutes of Health, the National Aeronautics and Space Administra- tion, and the Oihce of Education. Federal grants pay the graduate student up to 553,400 for 12 months of study, and a dependency allowance of about 5400. The university re- ceives fi52,500 to pay for fees, dissertation costs and the expense of special research needs. Other means of assistance for graduate stu- dents include teaching assistantships, industrial grants and fee waiver scholarships, which are the only kind of direct state support. New doctoral programs in the OU Graduate College are in the areas of geography, biologi- cal psychology, anthropology and information and computer science. Six additional propos- als for doctoral degrees are before the Gradu- ate Council. Also before the council are mast- ers programs in information and computer science, art history and human relations. ln addition to monitoring experi-- ments at the psychology research center. Les Levy, graduate stu- dent. cares for the test animals. 7'7" E 5 ' ,ffy ga 153' t ll 5 A Qgmf TN , f ' 'W' F' 'awwxf ' fi 'fflii I 1' i 3? if , wfyyf' kS,f'r',1, +A wi 2, 5 ff' ,K -SW 2 f 5 'wwf 'W 6 .nv ...ff wo freshman English courses. American history and government are University College requirements necessary for graduation. Dr. J. R. Morris guides students as University College dean. College Fulfills dvisory Needs University College gives no degree, has no faculty of its own and offers no courses, but it has one of the largest enrollments at OU. All freshmen entering the university enroll in the college, regardless of specified major or field of interest. After completing 26 hours with a HCT, average or better, a student may transfer to the college in which he will work toward completing degree requirements. According to Dean J. R. Morris, University College exists to ofler advisory and counseling service to students. A staff of full-time advis- ers in the students' various fields of interest works through the college. If a student has selected a major field of study. he is assigned to an adviser who teaches in that area. If the student has not made a final decision regarding a major field, he is assigned to an adviser ex- perienced in working with those whose inter- ests are not clearly defined. An orientation program at the beginning of the year is designed to explain basic university rules as well as to answer specific questions. Advising students is Dr. Stephen Sutherland. assistant dean As graduate assistant. Jeanne Alexander teaches English 22 5 r 3 2 .Ks uf --J Dr. Rodney Boyes assists Stephan Trice and Steve Register in learning the operations of the RAX unit of an IBM 360 computer. Business Receives New Fellowship A 951,000 annual graduate fellowship for a doctoral candidate whose major interest is man- agement was donated anonymously to the Col- lege of Business Administration in 1968. A faculty committee was appointed to administer the fellowship. Also accomplished during the year was the formation of a student committee to advise Dean Horace B. Brown. The recent- ly revised undergraduate curriculum of the col- lege is under constant study by a committee. The Business Administration College main- tains close contact with business and profes- sional organizations throughout Oklahoma. Leading businessmen are invited to the campus to speak to classes, and Held trips are arranged so that students may observe application of modern business methods. Numerous confer- ences are held in which businessmen, faculty members and students discuss problems. The Bureau for Business and Economic Re- search conducts research in many areas and performs applied research in connection with particular problems of business organizations, providing training for students. Dean of the University's College of Business is Dr. Horace Brown. Adding slzucmcnls are Sharon Heffernan and Debbie Morris. i iooo -. -i ff .M W jams..-Q-M--L A' K v-,,.'- N W W .Qu v H+ -'FW wE.afg:1E?1t5f'if5:5?gi3i? 1 ,- 4 ter. Susie Fox and Linda Mnrkcc. Many hours are required in thc Bimell Library for Business Ad- ministration majors Rec Ann Sol- BOTTOM ROW: Phillip Brockhaus, Dr. W. C. McGrew, William R. Phipps, Lynn A. Reed, Mary J. Bumgarner, Joseph J. Joseph Jr., John E, Prather. SECOND ROW: Keith Crenshaw, Ronnie Burton, Linda Middleton, Brent Helmer, Tom Fcrcday, Dee Mil- ler, Larry Sexton, Terry Hamilton. THIRD ROW: Richard Bates Talley, Duff Weddle, Jana Johnston, Carolyn Harmon, Ednamae Vlasek, Robert Gilmore, Montie Lee, Dan Teeters, Ron Bennett TOP ROW: Curtis E. llkenhans, David A. Daniel, Stephen E Schutter, Nancy J. Meyer, George F. Smith, Charles N. Wood- ward, Robert R. VanArsdale, Clyde A. Millcr Jr., Richard A Guydosih, Dave Elliston. Accounting Club Gives Scholarship The William K. Newton scholarship, to be given to an undergraduate accounting student. was a project of the Accounting Club. Mem- bers of the club also took a field trip during the fall semester to the Continental Baking Company. In the spring the organization held their an- nual honors banquet, at which scholarships were awarded as well as the traditional Ac- counting Club keys given to the top graduat- ing majors for scholarships and service. The Accounting Club was founded in 1930 at OU as a scholastic organization for busi- ness administration students interested in ac- counting. The club aimed. to broaden under- standing of accounting, to promote closer con- tact with the profession, and to bring about a closer relationship among accounting stu- dents. Meetings of the club were held bimonthly. conducted by president Lynn Reed. Tom Adler receives scholarship check from Dr. Bill lVlcGrew CPA Grin, spoke to thc club on "Aspects of Taxationf Tom Fcreday. banquet chairman. and Phil Brockhaus. President. dixctm the hnanccx for the Accounting Club banquet hcltl in the spring. Jerry W. Plant. senior accountant with an Oklahoma City 3 . 1 5 . . l 1, BO'l"I'OM ROW: l.loyd D. VVoodall. I. E, Hendrix, Linda Staron, Gerald J. Cokely, C. Ray Wright. SECOND ROW: Judith P. Turner, Andrew M. Gidusko, Monroe G. Davis Jr., Mike l,. Jones, Joe Church, Robert B. Politzer, Richard Corriveau. TIIIRD ROW: Everett A. Wood. Richard K. Williamson, Robert .l. l'i2llCl1, 2 T v . Stanley VV. Gilchrist, Toney R. McCollum, Dr. l.. Doyle Bishop, Ellery Edwards. TOP ROW: Gareth I.. Bishop, Richard C, Eck- hoff, Patrick J. Healy, James R. Heitl, Darrell E. Cokely, Mark M. Greenberg, Gordon E. Carlin. Gordon Bennett. Societ Holds Career Conference The OU chapter of the Society for the Ad- vancement of Management this year held a Career Conference centering around the pro- fession of management. The group continued to publish their "Sooner Sam Newsletter." went on field trips. and scheduled speakers on different topics at their monthly meetings. At the end of each semester the chapter held a party for its members. The Society for the Advancement of Ma- nagement. with over 210 chapters across the nation, was founded in 1912 to bring together executives in business and students preparing to go into the business. The group invited members among students of economics. busi- ness administration, and engineering. and others with an interest in the art and science of management. President this year of the OU chapter of SAM was Gerald Cokely. Vice presidents of relations, services. and operations were Lloyd Woodall. Chip Hendrix and Ray Wright. Employment director R. G, Summers speaks at Career Day. BOTTOM ROW: Lola M. Stermer, Laurel A. Shannon, Paul D. Dickens, Dr. G. I.. Cross, Robert A. Ford, Linda W. Griffin, Wil- son B. Prickett. SECOND ROW: Roy E. Shotwell, Lyle B. Mc- Gowan, Jerry W. Anderson, Sheryl F. Young, Margaret W. Con- fer, Jim A. Loomer, Gerald A. Staff, Bennnett M. Griffin. THIRD ROW: Patrick M. Goerig, Tim R. Tyler, Manfred Menz, Edward D. Moriarty, Manley W. Crider, Richard D. Baker, Tassos Malli- aris, David Ramsett, Roberta Phelps. FOURTH ROW: David E. Leas, Ernest H. Simms, Michael R. Williams, Doane F. Harrison, Walter M. Wondrack, Patrick J. Cleary, Wilhelm F. Hoehndorf, Vincent P. Roy, Helen D. Ellison. TOP ROW: James W. Burk- hart, Stanley D. Griffis, Kent J. Humphreys, Jerald W. Young, Jim Gregory, Terry L. Rush, Jack Morris, Russell Campbell, David A. Daniel, Thomas E. O'Malley. Honor Society lnitiates 51 Business Majors Beta Gamma Sigmals OU chapter, one of 119 in the nation, initiated 51 persons at its annual initiation banquet last spring. Speaker at the banquet was former OU president Dr. George L. Cross, who was made an honorary of the scholastic honor society for business ad- ministration majors. Those selected included students in the up- per lO percent of the senior class and in the upper three percent of the junior class. Dr. William C. McGrew served as presi- dent, and Dr. Ed F. Crim as vice president. Delta Sigma Pi Presents Scholarship Ward Presentation of a scholarship key to the gra- duating senior man with the highest grade average in the College of Business Administra- tion is an annual activity of Delta Sigma Pi, professional business fraternity. The group also distributed copies of "Business Today" magazine to members of the college. A coed BOTTOM ROW: George G. Vick, Clyde A. Miller Jr., Bruce J. Hilburn, Chuck Wilkinson. SECOND ROW: Matt M. Starcevich, Robert R. Van Arsdale, Greg A. Meyers, Bennett M. Grillin, was selected as 'gRose of Delta Sign, and the organization held a banquet and dance in her honor. Delta Sigma Pi devoted at least one meet- ing each month to a guest speaker or film. Members toured industries on several occa- sions throughout the year.. Jeffrey Slotsky. TOP ROW: Fred Dale, Ronald L. Thornton, David A. Daniel, Keith Crenshaw, W. V, Huntington. BOTTOM ROW: Robert E. Smitherman, Craig Copeland, James L. Falvo, Jerry D. Allen. SECOND ROW: Robert Wesley Her- ron, Gerald D. Caldwell, Bob J. Justice, James Meyer. TOP Petroleum Landmen Major project for members of the Associa- tion of Petroleum Landmen was the develop- ment of educational material to be used in a spring short course. Two field trips acquainted the group with actual business operations. Members also maintained contacts with the professional field through guest speakers at Marketing Club Takes Field trips to Sanger-Harris in Dallas first semester and the Oklahoma Publishing Com- pany second semester were special events for the Student Marketing Club this year. A guest speaker was sponsored at each of the two monthly meetings. The last meeting of the BOTTOM ROW: Linda E. Staron, Thomas Overa, Douglas E. Buller, Thomas D. Ledgerwood, Ed Guthrie. SECOND ROW: Chris Hooper, Larry W. Dennison, F. Douglas Shirley, Lloyd D. ROW: Wayne R. Moses, Joe Van Auken, Bill Hetherington, Cur- tis W. Ward, Donald R. Sokol. Develop Short Course meetings. Under the direction of James Falvo, presi- dent, the Petroleum Landmen's Association carried out its goal of increasing the profes- sional development of those students enrolled in the curriculum of petroleum land manage- ment in the Business College. Field Trip to Dallas year is traditionally a club picnic. Open to any student who is interested in business, the club was organized to develop a closer affiliation between students of business and businessmen. Randel Shadid guided the group as president. Woodall, John L. Burgett, Wayne Nelson. TOP ROW: Jim R. Carter, Karl D. Reyer, Dennis M. Crites, Jerry M. Lee, James M. Doran, Ronald K. Walker, Randel C. Shadid. ' A Iimcd exposure vxith the camera emphasizes the heavy xludent traffic that enters and leaves the Adarm Hull nloumay each day 5? iii 25 'fx tx, 5 3 Lectures and laboratory acquaint future teacher Linda Clement with the operation and utilization of audio-visual materials Dr. Robert Ohm initiates programs as Education College Dean. College Installs Experiment A new closed-circuit television system has been installed by the College of Education on an experimental basis at a cost of about 520,- OOO. The system is used to teach tive sections of Education 141 and by student teachers to evaluate their own teaching. A recent move in the college has been to require Sociology l and Psychology 1 as pre- requisites for the education courses which be- gin in the sophomore year. Standards for teacher certification programs are set up by a committee of representatives from the various university academic depart- ments and the Education College. The fully accredited University School is operated by the College of Education. Its principle function is experimentation in cur- riculum, administration and teaching methods. The University Reading clinic and Laboratory offers instruction for those who wish to in- crease their reading and study skills. A full semester of laboratory experience in teaching is required of education majors. Physical education majors Worked at the boys' summer camp Education majors adopted over l75 children for one day Mary Beth Penney, Linda Jean Birch, Gretchen Grover, Sheri Taylor, Jan Higgins, Susan Lewis. Kappa Delta Pi Recognizes Top Contributions Kappa Delta Pi, education honor society, was created to recognize outstanding contri- butions in the field of education. Membership is extended to those persons which exhibit commendable personal qualities, worthy edu- cational ideals and sound scholarship. Apart Business Fraternity Ho Phi Beta Lambda, a national business fra- ternity, was active this year in special lectures, field trips, and social activities. One of the highlights of the club involved the hosting of the annual PBL Leadership Conference on the OU campus. The annual Christmas Banquet BOTTOM ROW: Susan Braun, Sherry K. Walker, Kay Ellen M h SECOND ROW: S h C Meyer, Gary oser, Ann Jo nson. ara . Gay, Mary Annette Davis, Dorothy Boyle, Kathy Hames, Cindy from the selected few student members, most of the membership consists of faculty and pro- fessional people in the field. In April the organization held its annual initiation and initiation banquet. President of the honor society was Mary Beth Penney. sts PBL Conference was held in Oklahoma City. The PBL-Pi O- mega Pi Spring Awards Picnic honored mem- bers who had taken part in national contests. Qualifications for membership require that a student be enrolled in a business curriculum. Kay Meyer served as president of the club. Kruis, Nancy Arens. TOP ROW: Ray D. Bernardi, Peggy Phipps, Robert I. Carter, Carolyn Hale, Dr. Vaughnie J. Lindsay, Sylvia Susan Newkumet, Laura J. Blair. BOTTOM ROW: Peggy I.. Phipps, Jeanne M. Perpich, lanne B. Pone, Martha A. Sandcrslcltl. TOP ROW: Patricia L. Morgan, Kay E. Meyer, Gerald A. Porter, Patricia Ann Stephens, Jackie Malone, Pi Omega Pi Attends Convention Pi Omega Pi, an honorary professional fra- ternity, Was entertained by Dr. Robert E. Ohm, dean of the College of Education, who spoke at the fall initiation banquet. Two dele- gates from the OU Pi Omega Pi's, Patsy Ste- phens and Kay Ellen Meyer, attended the Na- tional Pi Omega Pi convention in Chicago. The clubis main goal is to unite students planning a life of business teaching. Require- ments for membership involve a 2.5 overall grade point average. As president, Patsy Ste- phens organized activities and projects. Participating in the teacher Cer tification program was Ann Beard. student teacher in English classes at Norman's West Junior High. K- Him' ' Dean John S. Ezell administers the new pass-fail system. Arts and Sciences Initiates Changes New developments in policy, courses, teach- ing techniques and facilities were introduced by the College of Arts and Sciences this year. The greatest change involved arts and sciences policy as a pass-fail option was instituted. The program allows students to take, on a pass or fail basis. up to 16 hours of courses not required by the college for their major. Gffered during the spring semester were two new courses which focused on black peo- ple, their literary works and their impact on American civilization. A course which fea- tured as guest lecturers ambassadors to the United States from several African countries was also offered. Team teaching, the ideal of utilizing more than one teacher and a variety of different methods, was used on an experimental basis in two of the college's largest classes, Political Science I and Chemistry 6. The new social sciences center, Edward Ev- erett Dale Hall, was opened for use during the spring semester. The complex includes a nine- story office tower, a three-level classroom area. Experience with nursery children is provided for home ec majors Charlee Rom and Revelle Baker at the child development center. Aix Students analyze the systems of primitive fish. reptiles and mammals in comparative anatomy. offered by the Zoology department w'?f-15-""' rs' Geology majors supplement the knowledge gained in their classroom by gathering rock specimens and pictures in a Held trip f i BOTTOVI ROW: Larry Weissman, Phil Kennon, Bill Farmer, Bill pel, Bob Senning, Alan Priesman, Ron Jones. TOP ROW: Rusty Robinson, Dean Smith, Robert Shakclford. SECOND ROW: Asher, Steve Shapiro, Cecil Chesser, Bob Earley. Jack Fyffe. Barry Steve King, Dr. Robert L. Bryson Jr., Mike Prykryl, David Has- BOllgi'l1lIl, David Southers. AD Designs Ads in Rush Books Selling of advertisements for IFC and Pan- hellenic rush booklets was the annual project of members of Alpha Delta Sigma, national professional advertising fraternity for men. This project gave members out-of-class exper- ience in selling, designing and laying out ad- vertisements for use in print, as well as pro- viding a service for another group. In November the organization held its Founders Day Banquet. The Advertising Re- cognition Week Banquet was held in Feb- ruary. ADS members sent delegates to all the regional meetings. Assisting their sister organization, Gamma Alpha Chi, women's professional advertising fraternity, ADS members helped with plans for the 10 Best-Dressed Coeds contest. In ad- dition, the two groups held several joint meet- ings at which professional people spoke. Led by Phil Kennon, president of ADS, they held joint socials in the fall and in the spring. Members look over the rush books for which they sell ads u Chapter Hosts GAX Convention Gamma Alpha Chi, national professional advertising fraternity for women, hosted the national GAX convention on the OU campus this year. Featured speakers for the event were Dr. Dorothy Gregg, assistant public relations director for U.S. Steel, who was selected ad- vertising woman of the year by the American Advertising Federation. and Mrs. Annie- Claire Mote, chairman of AAF Board of Gov- ernors. Representatives from 28 major col- leges attended the meeting. Members of Gamma Alpha Chi sold ad- vertising for the Panhellenic and IFC rush booklets. The club also sponsored OU's Ten Best Dressed Coeds Contest and selected a re- presentative for the 'lGlamour" Top Ten Col- lege Girls Contest. In the spring, members of OU's Mu Chapter attended the regional meet- ing of GAX and Alpha Delta Sigma at Texas A8zM University. BOTTOM ROW: Suzanne Shields, Sunny Tobias, Kathy Golda man, Emily Baker, Sherry A. Anderson. TOP ROW: JoLynne Otis Sullivant. political writer. spoke to GAX students Turtle, Monette Millard, Ronna Riddle, Lynn Brewer, Heidi Han sell, Lindy Gans. l BOTTOM ROW: Ed Montojo, Polly Gaebe, Linda M. Gunning, Murray, Maianne Burke, Kathi Stewart, llise Brown. TOP ROW: Tom Sexton. SECOND ROW: Virginia Morris, Barbara Mc- Jim Foster, Karen Vieth, Jeannie King, Deborah Roberts. Therapist, Trainer Provide Insight for PEM Head of the physical therapy department at the University, Miss Thelma Pederson, was one of the guest speakers at the Physical Edu- cation Majors' meetings. Ken Rawlinson, head athletic trainer, also spoke to the group. Speakers of this kind gave the PEM members an insight into the specific areas of their ma- jor field of study. In addition to the monthly meetings at the Varsity HO" Club, the group held its annual Christmas party and the spring banquet in May. The organization was under the leadership of Polly Gaebe, president. Sigma Alpha Eta Hears Speech Specialists Members of Sigma Alpha Eta, speech and hearing fraternity, heard guest speakers at sev- eral of their meetings. Speech therapists from public schools and speakers from related fields gave the students insight into the pro- blems of pathology and audiology. BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Holland, Barbara Benskin, Linda Wright, Judy Leveritt. SECOND ROW: Genese Warr, Calene Green, Cecile lnce, Patti Cassody, Tiajuana Cochnauer. TOP ROW: President Linda Wright led the group in field trips to the OU Speech and Hearing Cen- ter and Pauls Valley State School for the Men- tally Retarded. Purpose of the organization is to stimulate interest in speech pathology, audi- ology and education of the handicapped. Cheryl McKee, Pat Berry, Mary Laird, Cheryl Iverson, Dr. Rob- ert C. Thompson. l"'1Y'.nl.Ii' " ??w?'frf:Vf"e,, ' f' ' . ty? W -f BOTTOM ROVV: Mack R. Palmer, Richard A. Hall, Mike Pry- Fisher, John L. Blue, T. Logan Brown, Gary D. Winans. TOP kryl, Chris H. Gillespie, Warren K. Weller. SECOND ROW: ROW: Louis W. Melton, Bob Senning, .lim Youell, Bob Harley, Jack M. Kates, Stanley .I. Skinner, Michael I.. Herman, Don Alex Adkins, Larry Tawvvater, Terry Simmons. Soonergram Boosts Spirit Members of Sigma Delta Chi. professional journalism fraternity, kept in touch with oth- ers in their field through speakers and joint meetings with the Oklahoma City chapter. 0U's football team received an extra boost when SDX sent its annual Soonergram to Dal- las during the OU - Texas game. Highlight- ing the organization's social functions was a Christmas party held with Theta Sigma Phi, professional journalism fraternity for women. Representatives of the organization also at- tended the national SDX convention. Both graduate and ll!1LlCl'gI'1lklll21IC research is carried on in the botany - microbiology "tower," Fine Arts Dean is F. Donald Clark. cultural entrepreneur. Exhibited at the OU Art Museum during November was a new col- lection of sculpture by Joseph Tay- lor. OU David Ross Boyd art prof. Festival Stages OU Production Guest celebrities dominated the Fine Arts scene this year as they appeared in their varied capacities at OU. The Drama Schoolls fall production of "Lysistrata" featured British actress Fenella Fielding in the title role and English director Bernard Hepton as director, The Irish actor Max Adrian appeared in "By George," based on the life of George Bernard Shaw. The City Center Jollrey Ballet, the permanent resident ballet company at New York's City Center, appeared in three produc- tions and a series of seminars for dance majors. The OU entry of "Lysistrata" was among IO college productions chosen for presentation in the first American College Theatre Festival held this spring. The Greek comedy was per- formed by the OU cast in Washington D.C. Metropolitan Opera star Phyllis Curtin ap- peared with the OU Symphony Orchestra in a special concert in conjunction with the inau- guration of Dr. Hollomon. The concert fea- tured "Solstice,,' a composition by Spencer Norton, George Lynn Cross research profes- sor of music. r k Q .adm 2 4, ,:g .. f- Q 'g 'fa i ,f " 1 it sg f ng! x 2-4 N..-.....,,. 4., R 1 2 i 3 Z Q 7 -ew 3 1 'Z . 3 5 F Q E Q 5 2 5 f,llINidC Ihc uluxxroom. many hours of prlctics at the dur . . me hm' ure ncccxsury im' hullcl nunjorx Sully MCC HMC! and Shannon Rylc. M. QW! FWS? W f ,. 5. , .W , 1 'i ' -.531 ,. ,-4 4. 1"'H:v' Liz, I if ,, ,f ffiig: , esnegv wlrlv-'fun--A, ff' ,ff , M5511 , www Hrixislm zlclrcxx I-'cncllzl I-iclding. who cumc to OU "tu do xumclhing NI1I1lNI1iI12l.u plnycd ihc lend in unixersilg lhculrck lymzmm , f - ' ,.x.-- M., Milf' iii' is KW ef' IOI BOTTOM ROW: Donald V. Pittman, Martin W. Bellows, David A. Baker, L. Mike Johns, David P. Chafiin lll, J. Randolph Call, G. L'Roy, Joe C. Ray, David R. Weatherspoon. TOP ROW: Larry Jesse R. Hzmkla. appa appa Psi Sells Records A project of Kappa Kappa Psi this year was selling OU Band records. Members also boost- ed the band's and the football teamis spirits with colorful painted banners which decked the sides of buses which traveled to out of town games. The fraternity also provided ice water for members of the OU Band at football games. Founded at Oklahoma A 81 M College in 1919, Kappa Kappa Psi is an honorary and service band fraternity. The OU chapter was started in 1921, and with 120 other chapters the members of Kappa Kappa Psi have pro- vided band service across the nation. Mem- bers must participate in university bands and have at least a 2.0 grade point in university studies. The OU chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi met twice monthly in work sessions, guided this year by president Joe C. Ray. Larry Baker served the organization as vice president. Treasurer was David Weatherspoon, secre- tary was Jesse Hankla, and sergeant at arms was Don Pittman. Dr. Gene A. Braught serv- ed as sponsor. Members carry drinking water for the band at football games Glee Club Performs in St. Loui Selected from eighteen groups, the Univer- sity of Oklahomais Men's Glee Club was in- vited to perform at the Chase Plaza Hotel in St. Louis for the Southwestern Division of the American Choral Directors' Association. The selection was made on the basis of a tape, submitted in competition with seventeen other groups from across the country. The OU group was the only group invited to perform. The performance in St. Louis was included as part of the group's annual spring tour, which this year comprised performances throughout Oklahoma and Missouri. Super- vising tour arrangements were tour managers James Gassett, Carter Waid, and Tommy Mc- Pherson. A recording made by the Men's Glee Club was a sellout. President of the Glee Club was Dave Jen- nings. Larry Clark was vice president, and Da- vid Miles served as secretary. BOTTOM ROW: Ronnie Rhoads, Chad Williams, Jim Bullock, John Robherson, Jimmy Cranke, Chuck Cissel, Steve Wiloth, Ed- die Quaid, Bill Stone, Mike Unger, Jim Ring, Larry Clark. SEC- OND ROW: Mike Sala, Charles Robison, James Henson, David Weatherspoon, Ronnie Quaid, Carter Waid, Ben Ayers, Terrell Men's Glee Club sang Christmas carols in Bizzell Library Miller, Rod Rubbo, Dennis Thies, Tom McPherson, David Jen nings, Lynn Garrett. TOP ROW: Bob Bearer. Paul Campbell David Crass, John Schanlz, David Miles, Steve Braly. Bill Orvis Jim Gassett, Ron Morris, Cornelius Crenshaw, Bob Hays. Bob Files. i E i . E l BOTTOM ROW: Fran Shell, Gilda Gant. SECOND ROW: Ann Eskridge, Nancy Ann Schneider, Harriet Stuhlharg, Talesta Rose, Rachel Breedlove. THIRD ROW: Betty Wattenbarger, Judy No- vak. Kathleen Majcwska, .lanet Gallas, Leigh Spillers. FOURTH rchesis Dances Selected members of Orchesis, honorary na- tional dance club, combined talents with stu- dents from the OU Drama Department to pre- sent "The Sons of Adam," a University Thea- tre production presented during the month of December. This year, members of Orchesis presented a lecture demonstration for the Oklahoma City Art League. The group also performed in a scene from "West Side Story" for the Fine Arts Talent Show on Homecoming weekend. An- other highlight of the year was presentation of the annual dance concert in the spring. Social activities of the group consist of two cast parties and a yearly election picnic held at the end of the year. New members of Or- chesis were selected through auditions held in the fall. Leading the dance club in its various social and creative activities were officers Kathleen Majevvski, president: Judy Novak. vice president: Lana Lou Boyd. secretary, and Fran Shell, treasurer. Miss Helen Gregory. professor of dance. was faculty sponsor. . 3 ix . ROW: Carolyn Reinig. Patty Tubb, K. Marles Long. Linda Es' quivcl, Janice Graham. TOP ROW: Chuck Cissel, .loella Marek. Sharon Hill, Alex Brown. in 'Sons of Adam' ,aqgrwf ' Orchesis dancers rehearse for an upcoming performance. BOTTOM ROW: Patricia Jo Patterson, Royetta Kay Rule, Bar- bara Ann Gray, Johnnie Dee Russell, Cynthia Kay Ashcraft. TOP ROW: Miss Wilda P. Grithn, Otaku Harris, Marilyn Green, Put, ricia Denson, Paula Harris. Phi Epsilon Aids in Therap Striving for the advancement of music, mu- sicianship and scholarship, Mu Phi Epsilon, women's music honor society, undertook a special music therapy project for children at the Cerebral Palsy Center in Norman. Dede Donaho, president, led the music honorary in two types of meetings, including business meetings twice a month. Six musi- cales throughout the year, at which the mem- bers performed, comprised their special meet- ings. One of these was a special fall tea and in- troductory musicale for freshmen. In the ycars before senior reci tal. Elaine Cooper expects in- tense hours of practice and study in composition and theory. BOTTOM ROW: Donna J. Austin, Sherry L. Curtis, DeLinda S. Krause, Margaret A. Fisher, Susan K. Sullivan. SECOND ROW: Arm Sanders, Beth Hanson, Marsha Edwards, Nancy Wheeler, Rhonda C. Sammons. TOP ROW: Janice Kay Kennedy, Patricia Ann Cooper, Eva Laura Monroe, Betsy Barham, Karen L. Campbell. Tau Beta Sigma Helps with Music Activities Assisting with Band Day activities and the State Music Contest were the functions of Tau Beta Sigma, women's band sorority. The or- ganization centered its activities around its goal of promoting the existence and welfare of university bands. The group's social event is the band picnic held each fall. Each member takes part in the band trips to performances and away football games. Membership in the band is a qualifica- tion for the club. President of Tau Beta Sigma was DeLinda Krause. Glee Club Performs for Inauguration Concert One highlight among the activities of the Womenis Glee Club this year was its concert for President Hollomon's inauguration. In ad- dition, the group performed in a joint concert with the Men's Glee Club and sang in the an- nual Christmas Carol Concert. FRONT ROW: Mary Ellen Jones, Elaine Cooper, Judy Novak, Debbie Moncrief, M'Lynn Emanuel, Paula Cook, Nancy Meaders, Mary Sturm. SECOND ROW: Heather Huser, Peggy Pearce, Wanda Reedy, Janet Gary, Lynda Johnson, Johnnie Russell, Linda Special performances were given this year at St. Stephens Methodist Church and at St. Joseph's Catholic Church. Members of this university performing en- semble, directed by Terry Barham, were se- lected through singing auditions. Youstra, Barbara Broughton, Amanda Hurt, Patricia Patterson. TOP ROW: Margaret Flippo, Cynthia Ashcraft, Claudia Clark, Phyllis Thomas, Lowelle Childers, Lois Barrett, Jan Francis, Phyl- lis Henderson, Marilyn Schrameck, Joella Marek. ive 5 AWW "a1aWv:ffvarlfrfweailrtfmwlea-sisefvffwss5m l3fa1sffsafely: U ...,,...,.. . , K, .,... ..... t , ..,a,,.,,.,.5MkRM . .. , . . ...J .M . Newt. . f - ...... 4f+1.M...l lim any phases of arl. by both national and local artists. ure covered in 21 vuricly of monthly exhibitions ill the Muxeum of Ar Graduate student Jerry Huluskzi demonstrates the use of the hire fringem interferometer to Bill Schneider and Ronnie Smith Dean George M. Nordhy manages Engineering College policy, ifts Presented To Engineering Over 5lSl00,000 in gifts, grants and scholar- ships was given to various schools in the Col- lege of Engineering this year. The State of Oklahoma Department of Highways granted Dr. Joakim G. Laguros, OU associate profes- sor of civil engineering and environmental science, 598,950 to study the causes of road defects. The School of Industrial Engineering received a gift of 510,000 from the Macklan- burg-Duncan Foundation to be used to sup- port research by students. ln addition, OU was one of eight colleges and universities to receive petroleum engineering scholarships sponsored by the Pan American Petroleum Foundation. Charles H. Banks, a new assistant dean of the Engineering College. directs the distribu- tion of the new research grants in addition to other duties. The administrator. who recently retired from the Army after more than 20 years of service. is a former director of instruc- tion at the U.S. Army Engineering School. Banks also serves as a records oflicer. Architecture student Joe Frank concentrates in design lah. i i l Glass beads put in a wind tunnel measure drag reduction. Engineers' Queen, St. Pat amed JUDY BARNES SUSIE DILLMAN JEANNE DoDsoN PEGGY HUBBLE Gamma Phi Beta Delta Gamma McCurtain House Delta Delta Delta Receiving the coveted titles Of St. Pat and Engineers' Queen were Nancy Campbell and H. W. Nor- ton at the March Engineers, Ball. ldentities of the Loyal Knights of Old Trusty, outstanding engineering students. are revealed annually at the LKOT Fire Out. Engineers, Week Features E hibit Since 1914, Engineers' Club has governed extracurricular activities among engineering students and provided its members with train- ing in technical matters. Engineers' Week, built around St. Pat's Day, featured its annual Open House at which special research projects and demonstrations were on display. In a ceremony bestowing the highest honor an OU engineer may receive, BOTTOM ROW: Judy D. Poole, Jacquelynnc Leonard, Beverly May, Gloria Hawkins, Linda Barnes, Larry E. Vann. SECOND ROW: Albert E. Bauman, Cecil G. Allen, David B. Wiggins, Steve Utlouj, Ronald L. Morris, Rowell D. Johnston, Larry D. Varner. THIRD ROW: Patrick Ashby, Dr. D. M. Egle, Bill Welk, Walter LKOT Fire Out revealed the identities of members of the Loyal Knights of Old Trusty. The 1969-70 Engineers' Queen and St. Pat were crowned at the Spring Banquet and Dance which closed the week. The club also sponsored a Technical Papers Contest and the OU Engineers Hall of Fame which honors distinguished graduates of the College of Engineering. M. Ford, Bob Gilmore, Floyd E. Davis, Larry N. Geis, Ralph 'II Guild. TOP ROW: Dennis R. Watson, Fred M. Bray, Richard Payne, William E, Lewis, Jerry Shurscn, Robert Lawrence, Leon R. Gurney, Tommy L. Chester, H. W. Norton Jr. The Kappas poked good-natured fun at the Universily's Hrst family in the Winning act of the Engine Show. UMaggie and Herb." Engine Show Satire Named Best Winning the award of Best Act in the Show for large acts, Kappa Kappa Gamma took the honors in the annual Engine Show production. The Kappa act, titled "Maggie and Herb," was a take-oil of the story of Bonnie and Clyde and depicted in satire how Dr. J. Herb- ert Hollomon became president of OU. Engine Show, staged in November, includ- BOTTOM ROW: Richard I-. Giroux, Larry D. Varner, Gloria Hawkins, Dennis R. Watson, Robert D. Lawrence. SECOND ROW: Kit K. Wagner, Bob Gilmore, Ralph Guild, Mike Rud- ed three large acts and eight small acts. Prizes of Best in the Show were also given to the Blue Soleis Quintet for the small act and t0 Spanish soloist Nydia Figueroa, individual act. Engine Show, produced annually by engi- neering students, is a money-making event to finance engineers' activities. Mike Rudnicki was show chairman. nicki, David B. Wiggins, Richard Payne. TOP ROW: Phil L. Rauch, Cecil G. Allen, Paul Adams, Patrick Ashby, Leon Gurney. Bill WVelk. - -' '22 'i"""l"W'4""V' 1 ' New Style Appears in Shamrock Printed four times each year, Sooner Sham- rock, the magazine ofthe College of Engineer- ing. is sponsored by engineering students, For the Hrst time, the publication was financed by advertising. Before, the Sooner Shamrock was supported by a publication fee. A new format was also introduced in an ef- tort to get more closely associated with the engineering student, his problems, his interests and his tastes. The magazine, which has been on the OU campus since 1940, includes articles of a technical nature, as well as a few humorous articles and cartoons. This year two of the issues dealt with "Faculty Evaluationv and "Critique of the Math Department? The Sooner Shamrock has its own stall writers and stall photographers who prepare each issue. The magazine is then taken and printed on local offset presses. The publication was under the direction of Tom Mansur and Tom Chester, editors, and Fred Bray and Pat Ashby, managing editors. BOTTOM ROW: Ralph C. Martin, Thomas D, Mansur, Bob Gil- more, Mike Rudnicki, Bill Allison, Fred M. Bray. TOP ROW: 'av Ron Langham and Fred Bray plan copy for the next edition Martin C. Jischke, Dan Hollacher, H. W. Norton Jr., Pat Ashby Ivan C. Meek, Tommy L. Chester, Bill Welk. Tau Beta P' Plans Kit Wagner and H. W. Norton look over plans for monument. BOTTOM ROW: Charles M. Palmer, David F. Bradley, Larry N. Gels, James W. O'Connor, John Norris, Franklin J. Appl, Vincent Looft. SECOND ROW: Hcnry W. Norton Jr., Albert R. Bernard, Monroe Hatch, Leon W. Boelte, Kit Wagner, David E, Smith, New Monument initiating arrangements for a monument to be built between Felgar Hall and the Engi- neering Center was the major project of Tau Beta Pi, national scholastic engineering hono- rary. ln addition to regular business meetings. the organization sent one representative to the national convention of Tau Beta Pi. This year Dave Brevig, organization president, was dele- gate to the convention at the University of Missouri at Columbia in October. Major so- cial function was their spring banquet. The honor society had as its goal to recog- nize those individuals who had conferred hon- or upon the University of Oklahoma by their distinguished scholarship and character as un- der-graduates in engineering. Also, they re- cognize alumni who have achieved outstand- ing ranking in the field of engineering. Leslie W. Brown. TOP ROW: James D. Pate Jr., Rowell D. Johnston, William Vondersmith Jr., Duke A. Dotson, John R. Stewart, Philip C. M. Chu, John Lee, Sam J. Hammonds. BOTTOM ROW: Dennis R. Watson, Michael C. Cline, Patrick R. Ashby, Larry D. Varner, Dr, Maurice Rasmussen. SECOND ROW: David I.. Brown, Virginia A. Clare, David B. Wiggins. IAA Chapter Project Films shown at the afternoon meetings of the OU chapter of the American Institution of Aeronautics and Astronautics were this year's innnovations. The technical society also took a field trip to Dallas. An annual activity was the group's participation in the Engineer Open Ron Morris, William E. Lewis, Robert G. Belie. TOP ROW: Jameson Chen, Albert Rauol Bernard, Steve M. Udouj, Bill Alli- son, Richard Payne, Joseph L. Talbot Jr. ins Second Award House, in which their project with ASME and SAE won for the second year in a row. A library of AIAA papers and an Outstand- ing Member Award were accomplishments of the AIAA. Larry D. Varner and Dennis Wat- son led the chapter. AIChE Hosts Speakers from Chemical Field To supplement education for chemical en- gineering students through contact with the professional industry, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers featured guest speak- ers at each of their monthly meetings, such as Mathew Walling with Kerr-McGee Oil. BOTTOM ROW: Dr. Kenneth E. Starling, Ronnnie G. Smith. Dan L. McNeill, Bob Langley, Gilbert A. Brown, Donald D. Eoff. SECOND ROW: Trevis G. Lee, John D. Kelly, Phillip G. Hum- ble, Randy L. Deatherage, J. Scott Heller, David K. Barringer. THIRD ROW: Douglas W. McCord, Bruce W. Walker, William The Chemical Engineers participated in the Engineers Open House Exhibit during Engi- neers Week in the spring, and they sent six members to the national convention of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. The organization was led by Dan McNeill. P. Simmons, George F. Hall, Bob Gray. Duke A. Dotson, James H. Long. TOP ROW: Toby I.. Casteel, Waller M. Ford, Robert R. Lewis, Pamela J. Pesek, Steven R. Snider. Harold W. Schnei- der, Michael B. Kopplin. BOTTOM ROW: Don A. Moulton, Robert C. Parker, Lundy Pridgen, Steve Newell, John McClark, Robert A. Shapiro. SEC- OND ROW: Dr. B. L. Foote, J. M. Alford, Bill M. Neilson. Larry N. Geis. John A. Kenney, Max L. Hearn, James H. Brown. TOP ROW: Dale Bruce Alexander, Thomas M. Flowers, Chad Rockett ll, Greg Moore, Larry Vann, Dr, Hillil Kumin, Thomas A. Schmidt. Engineer Students Enter AIIE Paper Contest Presenting speakers from schools other than engineering helped members of OU's chapter of American Institute of Industrial Engineers to gain a wide perspective of their opportuni- ties. AIIE was open to anyone who wished to use and practice industrial engineering techni- ques and experiments. Officers of the organization were Greg Moore, president, John Kenny and John Mc- Clary, vice presidents, and Don Moulton, sec- retary. Activities included an open house and par- ticipation in the AIIE regional student papers contest, which OU planned to host in 1970. Meteorological Society Hears Special Guests Speakers from the meteorological communi- ty presented most of the meeting programs for the National American Meteorological Society on campus. Along with special guests, the or- ganization had film presentations dealing with the atmospheric sciences. BOTTOM ROW: Kit K. Wagner, George D. Greenly, lan D. Cohen, Beeley, Leslie R. Lemon. AMS encouraged interested students to take part in their activities, disseminating know- ledge of meteorology in its varied phases. By taking part in the Engineers, Week Open House, the group was able to advance its pro- fessional ideals. David E. Hodges. TOP ROW: John W. Burris, Charles Hays. Gary M. 1 BOTTOM ROW: Paul J. Hicks, Kendrick Morgan, Dick Giroux. SECOND ROW: Larry D. Rodolph, John R. Allcn, F. M. Sims, SAE Spurs Interest in Promotion of engineering practices con- nected with the design, manufacture and utili- zation of automotive apparatus were the di- rect goals of OU's Society of Automotive En- gineers' Open House and specialized field trips allowed automotive engineering students Bob Van Gorder. TOP ROW: Tom .l. Love. Joe C. Wright, Leon W. Boeltc, Michael T. Dzirnold. Automotive Engineering to see the more practical aspects of their field. The annual spring picnic provided social acti- vity for the engineers. The organization, which is open to all stu- dents enrolled in engineering, was under the leadership of John Allen, president. Eta Kappa u Reviews Bylaws and bjectives Updating and revising bylaws was one of the major activities for the members of Eta Kappa Nu, electrical engineering honor so- ciety. This gave the membership an opportuni- ty to review its objectives of promoting scho- lastic achievement and creating a desire and BOTTOM ROW: Walter P. Stuermann, Jon M. McLane, Samuel L. Scott, Kenneth M. Strout, John l. Norris. SECOND ROW: Rowell D. Johnston, David E. Smith, Paul W. Enouen, Howard an interest in electrical engineering. John Mc- Clean was president of the honorary. A project for the annual Engineers, Week Open House also kept the organizations schedule full. Social activities included the monthly faculty-student luncheons. W. Pittman, Willis O. Mahaffey Jr., Gene B. Walker. TOP ROW: Theodore Robert Potts, John R. Stewart, Charles E. Cole Jr.. Larry L. Laine, David A. Todd, Gerald Tuma. ra-. BOTTOM ROW: L. W. Zelby, S. L. Scott, Bob Gilmore, Floyd Davis, Robert D. Lawrence, G. B. Walker. SECOND ROW: James A. Williams, Sharon Lee, Cecil G. Allen, Paul W. Adams, David A. Todd, Dale W. Renke. TOP ROW: Robert J. Parsons, Ivan C. Meek, John R. Stewart, John I. Norris, Jacob H. Egbert. Rowell D. Johnston, Theodore H. Hoisington. IEEE Machine Idea Receives Bendix Award Members of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers received the Vincent Bendix Award for their idea for an electric calculating machine. John Norris and Pete Williams were chairmen of the entry project, which they called IDIAC. It was submitted with other entries from across the nation. In field activities the organization visited Bell Telephone labs, watching a demonstra- tion of picture phones. On another trip, they visited the FAA air traffic control center. Robert Lawrence was chairman of IEEE. Petroleum, Geology Engineers Host Speakers Petroleum and Geological Engineers Club, a technical club founded at the University of Oklahoma, were successful in carrying out the club's goal of uacquainting students with pe- troleum and geological engineering and aiding in their educationf' Visiting professors and in- BOTTOM ROW: Stan R. Burger, Prof. Carl A. Moore, James R. Hemphill, Jay Gabbard, Harry C. Reaugh, Thomas E. Biery, Charles M. Palmer, James D. Pate, Robert S. Jorgensen. SEC- OND ROW: Derryl E. Millican, Mark L. Shidler, Randall C. Heintz, Dawson F. Lasseter, Ronald D. Frank, Robert B. Lyon, William L. Brister, Les G. Morris. THIRD ROW: Steve E. White- dustrial personnel were guest speakers. To be qualified for membership, a student must be enrolled in either petroleum or geolo- gical engineering. The P 81 G Engineers were under the leadership of Thomas Biery, presi- dent, and Harry Reaugh, vice president. side, Anthony R. Luker, Lynn S. Lamb, Berry Doyal, Glenn P. Carson, Paul J. Root, Michael A. Osborne, Wilbur E. Hammock, Bradford J. Sinex. TOP ROW: Jim K. Bailey, Rod Clark, Doug Pereboom, Frederic E. Ferris, Rory S. Hodgson, Rouhollah Talas- azan, Fred F. Farshad, Robert Baxter, George A. Payne. ' +.fl'A' ef 2' will .h1m'12if,s:.':2aiz'mrxaffL- ef' W2 -ii: vmvU :: 4x'a f BOTTOM ROW: Bradford J. Sinex, Michael A. Osborne, Derryl E. Millican. TOP ROW: Steve Earl Whiteside, Carl A. Moore, Paul J. Root, Thomas E, Biery, Pi Epsilon Tau Binds Engineers to Industry Pi Epsilon Tau, which planned its activi- ties in conjunction with the Petroleum and Geological Engineering Club, promoted a closer bond between its members and the pe- troleum industry. Membership in the engi- neering honorary was open to juniors and se- niors with at least a 3.0 overall grade point. Brad Sinex held the office of president with assistants Mike Osborne, vice president, Der- ryl Mullican, secretary, and Barton Johnson, treasurer. Dr. Paul J. Root was faculty spon- sor for the group. Pi Tau Sigma Distributes Conversion Factors Members of Pi Tau Sigma, honorary pro- fessional mechanical engineering fraternity, finished printing a booklet of 700 conversion factors for engineers this year. These booklets were presented to all freshman students enter- ing the College of Engineering. BOTTOM ROW: Sam J. Hammonds, H. W. Norton Jr., B. E. Moore, Leon W. Boelte, Edwin D. Parsons. SECOND ROW: Warren James Roberts, Jacob Sanandaji, L. Dave Brevig, Amir Other activities of the organization includ- ed the presentation of a mechanical engineer- ing handbook to the outstanding sophomore engineering student, four faculty-student luncheons and the spring banquet. The presi- dent of the organization was H. W. Norton J r. Sarem. TOP ROW: Joe Harry Wells, Collie F. James Ill, John Francis, David Wiggins, Ronald A. Kilman. ii,-7 BOTTOM ROW: Stanley David Burman. .John O. Houston, Wil- liam M. Vondcrsmith, Robert E. Horton. Willia E. Lewis. SEC- OND ROW: Joseph Anthony Crisafulli. Dan Bruce Belcher, Al- bert E. Bztuznan lll. William H. Martin. James A. Payne. TOP ROVV: Albert Raoul Bernard Jr.. Monroe Wilson Hatch Jr., Jame- William Rivers Jr., William Lionel Craver Jr.. Hugh Williafi' Bri Ryan, Fred M. ty. Sigma Gamma Tau Continues Machine Project Designing, building and testing a ground ef- fects machine was a continued project for members of Sigma Gamma Tau. national hon- or society for aerospace engineers. Student members received academic credit for their joint effort on the project. The group hosted guest speakers who discussed technical sub- jects relating to aerospace at luncheon meet- ings held twice each semester. The annual spring banquet was held for members. Sigma Gamma Tau also initiates honorary members from the faculty and industry. Sigma Tau Finishes Plans for New Fountain With plans finalized for the construction of a fountain in front of Felgar Hall, Sigma Tau president Barton Johnson led his members through another sucessful year. An honorary engineering fraternity, Sigma Tau was found- ed on the OU campus in October, l9l6, quali- BOTTOM ROW: David F. Bradley, James R. Hemphill, Donald D. Eoff, Barton M. Johnson, James W. O'Connor, Peggy Pharaoh, William E. Lewis, Harold K. Bone. SECOND ROW: .lay M. Gah- hartl, Harry C. Reaugh, Annes Abbas, Robert B. Lyon, Randall C. Heintz, Ralph T. Guild, Albert L. Anthony, David E. Smith, Bruce A. Woller. THIRD ROW: Tom Biery, Ron Frank, Jacob Sanandaji, Jerry Golden, Robert L. Buzzell, David Daveudian, W. Keenan Blewett, R. Edward Owen, Bennie L. Graves, Floyd E. fying as one of the oldest clubs on campus. Providing services for the engineering fac- ulty, Sigma Tau promotes unity among engi- neers. Students qualify for membership if they rank in the upper one-third of their jun- ior or senior class in the College. Davis. FOURTH ROW: Joe A. McKenzie, Jacob Egbert, Dwigh' L. Fox, Steve H. Newell, John O. Ferguson, Duke A. Dotson, Leo E. Berkenhile ll, Philip Chu, Bob Gray, Michael B, Kopplin, .lim Turner. TOP ROW: H. W. Norton Jr., Edwin P. Parsons, Ron- nie G. Smith, Sam J. Hammonds Jr., James D. Pate Jr., Robert W. Nusz, Leslie W. Brown, Robert R. Lewis, William Larry Rog- ers, John Pankovich, John B. W. Y. Lee. BOTTOM ROW: Wally Wychopen, James E. King. .lanis Peve- house. Ahmad Ahmad, William H. Kappus. SECOND ROW: Agustin Hernandez, Michael Mogilelsky. James Price, Richard l.. Greene, Michael R. McCoy, Mohammed H. Ahmad. litlward H. Sccly. THIRD ROW: Wayne Barton. Richard Bahner, Phil Ol- i 2 son, Ralph Deliceter, Terry Thurman. Wayne Philliher. Geary Byrd. Stan Shelton. TOP ROW: Jerry D. Fulkcrson, Joakim Ci. Laguros. Ilarvcy K. Bollinger, Donald E, Farris, Luke Xl. Snell, .lames Kceley, Dwight L. Fox. ASCE Takes Field Trips to State Industries The OU chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers provided its members with practical experience through field trips to sev- eral state industries. During the year the group visited two cement plants, the Robberson Steel Company and highway construction sites in A ME Creates Robot Members of the American Society of Me- chanical Engineers this year worked on plans for a project to be presented at the Engineers' Open House in coming years. The group pro- ject involves the creation of a robot capable of carrying out simple commands. In the fall BOTTOM ROW: Kenneth E. Rathje. Cynthia L, julich, Patil J. Hicks. Kendrick C. Morgan, Dick Giroux. SECOND ROVV2 Thomas N. Hirkctt. Dr. Davis M. Egle. Larry D. Rodolph, John the Arbuckle Mountains. A joint meeting was held with the parent chapter in Oklahoma City for demonstration of a hydraulic model from the Bureau of Public Roads. Guest speakers at meetings acquainted members with various professional aspects of civil engineering. Exhibit for Open House ASME members toured the Duncan plant of Halliburton Services. The group went to St. Louis in the spring for the Missouri. Okla- homa, Arkansas and Kansas Papers Contest. At their monthly meetings members heard guest speakers and saw films. R. Allen. E. M. Sims. Robert S. Van-Gorder. TOP ROVN: Doug- las VV. Wiltla. Vincent .l. Zebrovxski, Dr. Tom J. Love. Jive C. Wright, Leon W. Boelte. Michael T. Darnold. Testing hypertensive agent effects on blood pressure. Robert Kiehn, pharmacy student. innoculates mice by intravenous injection. Pharmacy ffers Clinical Program Senior pharmacy students have the oppor- tunity to observe patients, study their symp- toms and give recommendations as to proper drugs and dosage as part of a new clinical program established by the College of Pharm- acy during the spring semester of 1968. All seniors are required to spend one morning each week for one semester working with senior medical students and OU Medical Center personnel. For the first time. OU received an Ameri- can Foundation for Pharmaceutical Educa- tion fellowship. It was awarded to Loyd V. Allen Jr., who will be an OU graduate student in the field of hospital pharmacy in the fall of 1970. The Pharmacy College also received 551,000 when Jimmy Max Ward received one of four awards for undergraduate research papers submitted to the Lunsford-Richardson committee. Supported by a 553,000 grant from the Na- tional Association of Retail Druggists, the college conducted a nationwide survey to de- termine the kind and quantity of professional services that a pharmacist offers in addition to filling prescriptions. Dr. Loyd E. Harris directs the College of Pharmacy as its dean. Mortar and pestle are still symbols of the modern lab Dr. Richard Grunder prepares Ll distilling machine for a. pharma- cy class laboratory experiment. s i W' Checking a patients heart is med student George Hemstreet, Heading the OU College of Medicine is Dr. James L. Dennis Obtaining a sample for a micro- biology laboratory experiment. Jim Metcalf carefully swabs the throat of his cousin Jack Metcalf. Medical Center Facilities Grow A new School of Health-Related Professions has been approved by the State Regents for Higher Education and is being developed by the OU Medical Center. The school will in- clude several individual programs in areas re- lated to the medical field, such as X-ray tech- nology. A bond issue approved in December 1968 provided approximately S26 million for the Medical Center. The funds will be used in building a new 20-bed unit for University Hos- pital, for land acquisition, and for buildings to house Schools of Dentistry, Nursing, Health and Health-Related Professions. Also planned are two university-owned apartment towers which will provide housing for students on the campus of the OU Medical Center. Dr. James Dennis, dean of the College of Medicine, serves as OU vice president in charge of Medical Center affairs. Dean Helen Patterson. who serves as dean of the Nursing School. coordinates the nursing program between the main campus in Norman and the Medical Center in Oklahoma City. Helping a small patient during lunch time at the ClhiIdren's Memorial Hospital is student nurse Dena Teis, BOTTOM ROW: Max Blakely, Martha Farmer, Keith Bailey, Burt Comess, Dr. G. P. Lehrman, Mary Ann McFall, Ed McFall. Ann Bonham, Nancy Oswald. SECOND ROW: George Farmer, Robert Love, Dr. John Bruce, Chuck Rettig, John DcLano, Joe Harmison, Marvin Lehmann, Sharon Peters, Linda McCasland, Dr. Blanche Sommers. THIRD ROW: George W. Hanthorn, .lack Ball, Jim Huflfme, Doyle Easterwood, Larry Carey, Jim Carter, Carmen Kight, Ruddy McGuire, Pat Schmelzla. TOP ROW: Carl Nease, LeRoy Young, Eve Chaflin, Richard Kiewra, Billy Howard, Harvey Troyer, Mike Moore, Dennis Wagner, Larry Swingle, Bill Weller, Mike Conway. Group Plan Pharmacy Project Dr. Dale Wurster, from the University of Wisconsin, was a guest speaker at a meeting of the Sooner Pharmaceutical Association. The group conducted such annual activities as Pharmacy Career Day for high schoolers and Pharmacy Day, and sponsored a project for Poison Prevention Week. Members got ac- quainted at the fall "get-together" picnic and later attended the Senior Banquet. A project of the menis professional fraternity Phi Delta Chi this year was compiling a Drug Abuse program, in conjunction with the Association. Sooner Pharmaceutical Association was be- gun as a professional organization whose pur- pose was to further the aims of the College of Pharmacy and to bring its students together. The OU chapter of the APhA met monthly. President of the group this year was Ed McFall. Bert Comes served as vice president. Treasurer was Keith Bailey. Recording and corresponding secretaries were Ann Bonham and Nancy Oswald. Sponsor was Dr. Philip Lehrman. SPhA oflicers helped plan Career Day for high schoolers. BOTTOM ROW: Beverly J. Lunsford, Becky K. Saunders, Judith K. Core, Nancy K. Oswald, Beth Klein, Ann Bonham. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Dover, Linda Herd, Karen Ostroot, Nancy Starnes, Evie Chafiin, Janice A. Shell, Sharon K. Peters. TOP ROW: Lin- da McCasland, Carmen L. Kight, Martha Farmer, Pat Schmelzla, Maria A. Tinkler, Donalee Bailey, Dorothy Lett, Hope McCrack- en. Films, Brunch Highlight Kappa Epsilon Events Outstanding films on cancer, hemophilia and poison prevention headlined activities for Kappa Epsilon, womenis professional and service pharmacy fraternity. The group spon- sored a film on cancer, open to the public, in November. A brunch for professional people Medical Technologist Chief medical technologist at Baptist Me- morial Hospital, Dave Galloway, was one of the guests who spoke to Lambda Tau, honor- ary medical technology society. Visits to hos- pital laboratories in Oklahoma City increased members' field knowledge. A film, f'On Pro- BOTTOM ROW: Jane Clenney, Karol Minyard, Judy Rhodes, Marilyn Hess, Norman D. Wilkie. TOP ROW: Verna Beth Ches- and outstanding women on campus, Pharmacy Day activities and Founders Day Banquet were some of the other events for the club. Ann Bonham, president, and other dele- gates attended the national convention which discussed "Women - As Professionals." ddresses Lambda Tau fession of Medical Technologyf' was also one of the group's special events. Other activities included helping with the Red Cross Drive. The honorary, which develops a spirit of unity among medical technology students, was directed by president Marilyn Hess. nut, Linda Kay Bowers, Cyndie J. Faust, Bill V. Way, Dr. George C. Cozad. 3' ' fF"iT1l' i BOTTOM ROW: James W. Mann Jr., Ronald L. Cleveland, Mar- vin Lehmann, James R. Talley, Larry D. Carey, Joe Harmison. SECOND ROW: Joseph A. Rieger, LeRoy E. Young, Tom E. Stubblelield, Charles R. Farris, Ralph Palmer, Rutherford Mc- Guire. THIRD ROW: Richard S, Goodman, Ron Brasel, Ronald Stevens, Larry Wasson, Robert Love, Karl O. Neae, Ronnie Mont- gomery, Dick Grunder. TOP ROW: Jerry Mayes, Richard Kievn. ra, Larry Hobbs, Jim F. Hutline, Bill Durant, Ben Silvia, George Hanthorn, Michael W. Conway, Bruce G. Sparks. Phi Delta Chi utlines Drug Use Information Phi Delta Chi, professional pharmacy fra- ternity. began planning an informational pro- gram on drug abuse for use in the School of Pharmacy. The group actively participated in Pharmacy Day, Career Day and in the Red Cross Blood Drive. Members also set up dis- plays pertaining to the pharmacy profession. Striving for points for the outstanding na- tional chapter was another goal of Phi Delta Chi. The group also arranged for coffee and donuts to be served in the pharmacy lounge. Marvin Lehmann was president. Physical Therapy Aids Cerebral Palsy Center Assisting the physical therapists at the Cerebral Palsy Center was the major activity of the Physical Therapy Club this year. The group also provided Christmas gifts for the patients at Griflin Memorial State Hospital, and made its annual trip to the Med Center. BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Luiese Lynch, Maude Ackerman, Linda Stovwell. Sister Jo Meyers, Thelma Pedersen, Mrs. Karen Mask, Margaret Christian. SECOND ROW: Helen Sheldon, TriJeanna Nelson. Shirley A. Harris, Joe Johnson, Lyn Hammond, Martha The goal of the Physical Therapy Club is to give service to anyone in the physical therapy field. At their meetings members of the organi- zation viewed several films and hosted guest speakers that discussed topics related to the field of physical therapy. M. Kendall, Gail M. Westfall, Susie Sugarman. TOP ROW: June M. Silva, Carolyn M. Bouchard, Shari Deener, Wayne C. Mun- yon, Anne T. Dakil, Larry McCarty, Thurman P. Pitchlynn, Elizabeth A. Kissick. 5 X affiialli. it . l x Carmcn Kight, James Carter, Keith Bailey, Harvey Troyer, Charles McCortney, Marvin Lehmann. Rho Chi Presents Annual Awards at Banquet Rho Chi Society, honor group for pharma- cy, honored outstanding first year professional students by recognizing them at the annual Pharmacy Day Banquet and also sponsored awards for outstanding fifth year students. Members of the organization were in charge of the registration at the American Pharma- ceutical Association district meeting. Career Day and Pharmacy Day spurred other activi- ties for the group. The organization, which promotes the advancement of the pharmaceu- tical sciences. was led by Charles McCortney. tudent Nurses Group Assists in Blood Drive Student Nurses Organization highlighted their activities this year by helping with the Red Cross Blood Drive and by assisting with the talking tapes that were sent to servicemen overseas. The future nurses made a trip to the OU Medical Center for a Halloween party and BOTTOM ROW: Merry M. Glaser, Cyndi Lepley, Rosemary Hassler, Jan Coltharp. SECOND ROW: Marsha L. Pool, Peggy E. Young, Karla V. Firestone, Deborah S, Anderson, Connie S. held a Christmas party at the Cerebral Palsy Center. At Thanksgiving they also sponsored an underprivileged family. President Cyndi Lepley and vice president Rosemary Hassler led the organization of sophomore and freshman nursing students. Clark. TOP ROW: Suzanne M. Toole, Carol L. Belcher, Ada Conn, Betsy Gabriel, Jan Hart, Anne Bachle. E l lnw College Dean Eugene Kuntz specializes in oil and gas law, Group to Stud OU Law Center Several distinguished members of the legal profession have been appointed as members of a Law Center Commission which will de- velop plans for the proposed Law Center at OU. The commission will recommend the functions and educational programs to be rep- resented in the Law Center, which was ap- proved in November by the State Regents for Higher Education. Alfred P. Murrah, chief judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, is chairman of the com- mission. Initiated this year was a legal internship program which allows senior law students to practice law under a limited license. Students participating in the program receive trial ex- perience under the supervision of practicing attorneys. The program is sponsored by the Supreme Court of Oklahoma and the Okla- homa Bar Association, and financed by grants from the Ford Foundation and Oklahoma Bar Foundation. Dr. Maurice H, Merrill, professor emeritus of law. is known through- out the country as an authority on constitutional law. oil and gas law and administrative law. 5 ya TQ ' ,, .f :5 "E:: ' if . tttt Q t .:. ,:,: t , V " ' "9 ,gf tsl L M K -, f -V . wanna wt - W t.1tM..J.WMm, ' W,,. M. vt ' WM, W W mf, f -+f:wg1-mwkwaw f f .t M3252 5:82522 g K JC' ., ,..,, M :Nm , ,- mm Au,.' SVSU. V, Ei, K .1 t t W 3 SHE-if mx My W ig W - vf,- ,f:,m.:y, fn :sw , WW, ts ,.kk ,,:s.,,mi, fffff2v-S2,'1y-twssift :wifes 1 'st' -new Swift mtv 1, - f -4,0-v-.Q ti if ' M www- ,-W Qfaxwwvvlwiwgisataizmxfixffiai 5, fm A vt J, " 1 wgum tw , L, 2 wit., 1 W W W. hm S mm Q v t ,et ,t 5 ' Q ' .t at it 2 5-is , E 5 t wt w ,- tk 1 if t. My f if in Z t student. concentrates m the law llbrury whtch provtdes ample oppt Mm my :Q mm, tt. ,,.f .K HM. ... .M-.: 42, .Sh I 'Km WTTW pn ,. ,:'. 1 Hg V 5 ,,.- , Vt ww. t. , ,, .. asm l. ,SQWEZJQL A- ' , ,Q-is f Q ' ity, ww W, v""'s M1119 OCCE executive council members Dr. Gail de Stwolinski and Dr. J. Clayton Feaver advise Dr. Roy Trout, acting assistant dean. Colle e Focuses on Adult Students The College of Continuing Education, formed in 1961, is the newest academic unit of the university. lt plans short courses and conferences, coordinates the Bachelor and Master of Liberal Studies degree programs and supervises other continuing education pro- grams on and off campus. Based in the modern Oklahoma Center for Continuing Education, the college includes the Department of Liberal Studies, the Southwest Center for Human Relations Studies, the De- partment of Health Studies, the Oklahoma Family Life Institute and the Southwest Center for Gerontological Studies. All departments operate under the acting dean of the College of Continuing Education, Dr. Eugene F. Cates, as does the university's Extension Divi- sion. The BLS and MLS degrees are received by candidates after extensive directed study, seminars and advisement away from the cam- pus and in residence. The BLS degree covers three broad areas of study, the humanities, the social sciences and the natural sciences. Nine- ty-seven BLS degrees have been granted since the program's beginning in l96l. Serving his first year as acting dean of the Continuing Educa' Staffing the Center for Human Relations are Joe Law- lion Center and the Extension Division is Dr. Eugene F. Cates. ter, Nona Kerr, Charles Butler and Oliver Abrams. In a seminar lecture on the his- tory of art, part of the Bachelor of Liberal Studies program, Wil- liam E. Burney listens to Cecil Lee. , f mx im swim l35 4 "When you have been somewhere drastically different, like the slums in Oklahoma City, the Towers, the univer- sity appear to be surrealistie . . . we never question any- thing until we see it as opposed to something else . . . we are accustomed to the university, it is part of our life, and we never really realize how isolated it is." ALLAN KEOWN ui-ii v -Q ,, if 5 EM, mg? tv agfgigff ' if gifffi' 172: if "The black student at OU cannot become whole 1... he may get the academic challenge, but never the .social challenge . . . and when you have one without the other, ,vou don't develop the whole person. This is such an impersonal campus . . . individuals may think liberally . . . but in anything that requires mass action, you can just as well forget it." GUINNEVERE Honcizs "Ton Often, one can become trapped by the system here . . . we become involved in the activities game, in all sorts of games, and sometimes miss the whole point . . . the university is what the individual hnds in it . . . it reflects his personality, its flexibility, and the amount he is will- ing to give of himself." PHIL CUNNINGHAM 4 i , L 5, n- ,. . ,5 El ' ' . e g 2 Y 1, A k . gg I V V A , . MQ: 5 4 . ' 5 5 E' 1 7,21 rg T' A. , gi , X., ,S .4 2' I V 5 Q f fi 3 2 f m A ' Y-,, , ZW ,IAEA ,i ff' fi I ii Li- 4 41 is Lv 9,4 , 1+ fi , E' f 2235551 H ,, .fw,,.fs: Q 1 QW' A 'HN mm A iw xy 543.2 iv' 1 I42 HSIllll6lIfS una' teachers .should unite. Both groups have tin interest in high quality education, which is not the some thing as the training being dishefl out to pre,oure people to meet the needs of the corporate, atlmiiiistrutive, and military elites who run the eoinitry . . . activist stu- cleiits and professors must direet their antagonism not toward each other, but toward these elites. They l71l,I.S'I work to make ci real l'C'1'UlLlfi0II.H MIKI2 WR1c1H'l' WWWW What is essential is invisible to the eye. -ANTOINE DE SAINT EXUPERY 14 We recognize them in the papers, the faces that act, the faves that go beyond the classroom, the faces that are always with other faces. We recognize them in theft seurc'l1. the faves that wonder what it's all about. ".ffItfi5FM5" - K ,-H - 1 -5: .. 4 5 :SHS lt is odd, almost sad, that the fleeting thing for which we seareh, which we try to create-the thing called beauty -can most easily be found in the creased lines, in the evidences of living etched in an old w0nf1an's faee. Delta Delta Delta ,i Q E31 .gm ,at ' D ' 5. K 1 gg 1, . W In as ,Q 2 5 r Q "EJ ' ,A ' s K an 2. X K 2 1 E1 E E E 21 5 1 4 'Y ' . , gf : 1 1 .i 3 ml gg Q 5 5 5 , : . 5 : I ,f ..- fill is 7 E243 :SQA sf -. , SS 7 , ' 1 3, ' 5 E gin 1 c 2 fri Q, , . :If f .vggfl Q A 3 Ncwwg ClLMfPb9m ' ny, Lum Qaldmuih, Pi Befo Phi Mfmgwwt Hail Q. if 1' Q ,g,,,.w in 3' M" Ag f 6 f Q 1 W5 , x M ,V ,QL ' Q :, ,fs - MQJILULL QIQQIL Qewie Tzglom MARY BLALOCK Couch IU West VICKI VOSBURGH KRISTINE VEVERKA MARY ROBLING Alpha Phi Couch I2 West Hester House Yearbook Selects Beaut Finalists 'A NANCY LOBRECHT Chi Omega ADRIENNE GRANT Alpha Epsilon Phi ,vw Liz RUSSELL McCurtain House JILL DUNKLEY Davis House SUZIE JOPLING Gamma Phi Beta THEOPAL TYNER Delta Sigma Theta SARAH HARDY Kappa Delta PATSY BENNETT Muldrow 6 84 7 Su E JORDAN Evans House MARTI MOLASKY Couch ll East BARBARA BUTLER Alpha Gamma Delta SUZI BEN EAR Delta Gamma MARILYN WINFIELD Couch 9 West .ABBY SHAPIRO Delta Phi Epsilon LINDA STOWELL Muldrow 8 8: 9 KAYE MARTIN Couch 8 East VIRGINIA JOHNSTON Alpha Delta Pi CAROLYN BISE Hume House PAM PLUMB Couch 2 West Rl-IONDA BLAIR Bizzell House Cheerleader Steva Fitz ridem iII an open convertible, representing Oklahoma University at the Bluebonnet Bowl in Houston. Sooner Honors Beauty Nominees KATHLEEN GREEN Delta Gamma JANE SIIARPE Kappa Kappa Gamma JACKIE MONCRIEF Delta Delta Delta DONNA SMITH Alpha Gamma Delta DEBBIE HOLLAND Gamma Phi Beta DIANA NAUM AN Kappa Delta DEBE ROBERTSON Kappa Alpha Theta CANDY JONES Kappa Kappa Gamma KI MANNING Alpha Chi Omega ELAINE ROGOZENSRI Sigma Delta Tau LOUISE DENYER Gamma Phi Beta DEE DEE DAY Kappa Kappa Gamma KATHY ALLEN Kappa Delta LAURIE LAMSON Delta Gamma BETTY JANE STORMS Kappa Alpha Theta JANICE FINA Chi Omega GERI RUDNICK Sigma Delta Tau MICHEL BERNHARDT Pi Beta Phi RUTH ARENS Gamma Phi Beta SUSIE DILLMAN Delta Gamma JANIE FRANCIS Alpha Chi Omega CAROLYN TURNER Kappa Delta CATHEY HAAS Sigma Delta Tau CAROL CLARK Kappa Alpha Theta President J. Herbert Hollomon crowns Nancy Chase of Iowa State. named Big Eight Queen during the Nebraska-OU game. Beauties Picked for Grace, Charm BECKY Wll,l.IAh1S Alpha Gamma Delta BARBARA MOORE Chi Omega Tlaklasix XNVOPFORD Pi Beta Phi DIANA HI-.DGES Alpha Phi SAI iv THORPF . Chi Omega MARY MULMED Alpha Epsilon Phi CHAk1,o'r'i'E SELLERS Chi Omega lViARGARE'li LOWRY Gamma Phi Beta STEPHANHQ MARCHMAN Alpha Chi Omega I62 2 aff we were BECKY YADGN Alpha Phi PEGGY PHIPI-s Alpha Chi Omega RENAI HIGGINS Gamma Phi Beta ELAINE BAssIvIAN Alpha Epsilon Phi VICKI MOLINT Delta Delta Delta LINDY GANS Delta Gamma DIQIIIIY l.,ASA'll-,R Pi Beta Phi BARBABA MARRS Alpha Phi AI.ANA SHNIDERMAN Alpha Epsilon Phi LAURA PECR Kappa Delta DEBORAH GIzNTRx' Kappa Kappa Gammi CHERYE ELSTON Alpha Gamma Dell: SUSAN NEWMAN Kappa Alpha Theti KARLENE ALI Delta Delta Delta Lnnda Qogm Alpha Chi Omega Miss OU Lg, X Cwui Amt Delta Delta Delta APO Sweefheod W w - -L" 12 fm. Q we ff Qs . E, Q Qi 533522 T am, r I Y . ff frm-U' 'fnfiL1.w,,M 'K' S2-f Q1 A .1 Ma Km Couch I1 Eosf Homecoming Queen . . W f.w-"" K, ,, ,k,.,,.f--4'-""""' f . 4 ssl' wwf Q 1 ,. , L. .,- ' 5 tml'-1 51111-1 Vvlgnm Wwe Kappa Alpha Theta Miss Scheherozode Arab Club Queen Eewrlg Mag Couch 10 West Engineers' Queen BEST DRESSED COEDS were OU's finalists for the Top Caldwell. Nancy Ncwbcrn. Charlotte Sellers. Nancy Griggx Tcn College Girls contest: Ki Manning. .Indy Barnes. Marian Sarah Baker. Anne Rcgicr. Nancy Bowman. Jackie Moncrief Math Hmmm Mon of Distinction And then Night told me of the grandeur of man and the immortality of dreams. She cursed me with love and graced me with dissatisfaction. And at the height of her pleasure she spoke: "Lose yourself. Matter. Forsake the drabness of the rainbow." Morning . . . Sweat . . . Must forget. -MARK HOUSTON WK Ken XVIUMLA Lahflg QM-lem XA Chmfie MMM Ealrfrg Babcock m,,,,,,,.,.,,. Yearbook Honors Campus Leaders KAY PAPPAN MUSSER: 3.75, Mathematics, Mortar Board KEN MORRIS 3 5 Political Science History Treasurer, Tassels, UAB, URC Chairman, Alpha Lambda Sp ech MUN General Assembly President Student Delta Top Ten Freshman Woman, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Body President Pe et MOD Finalist Sigma Chl DORELLA LOGAN: 3.75, Latin, Foreign Language Education, COR Chairman, Mortar Board, Tassels, BWOC, University Scholars, Kappa Alpha Theta. DAVID JENNINGS: 3.67, Applied Music, College of Fine Arts Outstanding Senior, Men's Glee Club President, Phi Mu Sinponia President, ODK. E fzflaig I fsfst is li J'iY,Lif? 2 l . gi, SUZY PORTNOFF: 3 3, Speech, Panhellenic Presi- dent. Greek Week Co-Chairman, Constitutional Con- vention Delegate, Gamma Gamma, Alpha Epsilon Phi. DUANE DRAPER: 3.25, Political Science, History. English, Student Body President, MUN Secretary- General, Outstanding Senior Man, Delta Upsilon. TOM BIERY: 3.95, Petroleum Engineering, Petro- leum-Geological Engineefs Club President, Tau Beta Pi, BMOC, Pe-et, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Treasurer. EE LINDA WRIGHT: 3.57, Speech Therapy, Howdy Week Ex- ecutive Secretary, Mortar Board Vice President. Sigma Alpha Eta President. Tassels. URC, Sooner Yearbook Secretary, Workers Recognized for ctivities PATRICE COLEMAN: 3.37. Sociology. Social Studies Edu- cation Angel Flight Commander. Mortar Board. Tassels His- torian URC. BWOC. Outstanding Independent. Who's Who. ELLEN PURVES MABREY: 3.3. Speech Therapy Campus Chest Secretary. Mortar Board. Alpha Lamb da Delta. Tassels, Kappa Kappa Gamma President. DAVID ENGLISH: 2.8, Business Management. Senior Class President. College of Business Outstand ing Senior. ODK. Sigma Alpha Epsilon President. LARRY GREEN: 3.7. Pre-Medicine. Psychology. President's Religious Leadership Award. Student Congress. Cross Committee. Phi Beta Kappa, ODK. R f lk X WH!" l i aim' T211 ,,,..gL,., ss, .1 - ww. .1 .f o:,fsg,1 ,, '-ff A 1 .1 fs as 5 . A A F x -mg X 'E+ 'iii Egg si W K A f rr. 'S.2lviiriiislifws-ffffi' , . . ,. , aa f ,gg-gsggigiw-.f ::f'i4i1ssf3sfa:ge:zf'f's' i1' PNl f:.'2 i wehwf- 1 CAROLE CLAUSINGZ 3.6, Interior Design, AWS President. Sooner Yearbook Sorority Editor, Mor- tar Board. Tasscls. BWOC, UAB, Gamma Phi Beta. DAVE MCKEE: 3.82. History. UAB Vice President. Leadership Lab Chairman, Phi Eta Sigma Vice Presi- dent. UAC. Pe-et. ODK, Lambda Chi Alpha. CAROL RODGERS: 3.36, Language Arts, Bellmon Belles Co-Chairman, Sooner Scandals Executive Sec- retary, Mortar Board, Tassels, Pi Beta Phi President. LINDA ROGERS: 3.6, Language Arts, Miss OU, Top Sooner Yearbook Beauty. AFROTC Honorary Cadet Col.. Academic Advisory Council. Mortar Board. Alpha Chi Omega President, Personalities Excel in Leadership DDNNA LINGLE PHILLIPS: 3.3. Commercial Art, Howdy Week Co-Chairman, Women's Presidents Council Vice Presi- dent. Student Senate, Tassels, Pipers President, Who's Who. Q33 w' 'bv 5 BILL STEPHENS: 3.14, History, UAB President. Dads Day Chairman, Student Congress, Senior Class Secretary. ODK Secretary. BMOC, Who's Who. STEPHANIE BLAU: 3.5, Political Science, Young Democrats President, MUN Secretary, Pi Omega. Student Senate. Tassels. Kappa Kappa Gamma. amor lf, i fw,,' , ,, i I E RADEN CROSS: 3.3, Microbiology, Sooner Director, Student Senate, ODK Vice Presi- Pe-et, UAB, BMOC, PLC, Beta Theta Pi. MARY ANN REED LUCCOCK: 3.9, French, Mor- tar Board President, Outstanding Senior Woman, Uni- versity Scholar, Tassels, Kappa Kappa Gamma. MARILYN MATTESON EDENS: 3.7, Political Science, Social Studies Education, Women's Presi- dents Council President, Mortar Board, MUN. ANN BEARD: 3.56, Language Arts, Mortar Board, Campus Chest Kids Day Chairman, Student Congress, UAB, Dads Day Quartet Chairman, MUN, BWOC, Kappa Kappa Gamma. SANDY KINNEY: 3.15, Economics, Panhellenic A Rush Chairman. Dads Day Executive Secretary, Mor- tar Board, Tassels, BWOC, Alpha Gamma Delta. BARRY BABCOCK: 3.29, Geology, MUN Secre- tary General, Student Congress Chairman, Senate Vice President and Treasurer, University Scholar. 4 BOBBY WARMACK: 2.36, Business Education, Tri-Captain Varsity Football Team, Orange Bowl Outstanding Player, All Big Eight Ouarterback, "OV Club. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. A -1' --af,-1 i, - ,M .Vg , 5 Z E1 9" v Us I,Z.BA 5 ,,. gm :.,, H W M it :S 5 Q! ii I an 41' Q ., LARRY Cl-IILNICKZ 2.3, Journalism, Daily Fall Editor, President's Advisory Housing Committee, Sigma Delta Chi Vice Students Make Contributions to OU ANN COSGROVE: 4.0, Botany, Howdy Week BARBARA JOHNSON: 3.24, Psychology, Woments Presi- Chairman, College of Arts SL Sciences Outstanding dents Council President, Constitutional Convention Steering enior, Mortar Board, UAC, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Committee, URC, Speakers Bureau, Mortar Board, Tassels. ii' DON COGMAN: 2.8, Political Science, IFC Presi- dent, Homecoming Chairman, Campus Chest Carni- val Chairman, Gamma Gamma, ODK, Beta Theta Pi. CHARLES MILLER: 3.58, History, Honors Hous- ing Council Chairman, Student Senate, Athletic Council, Student Lobby Secretary, Phi Beta. Kappa. 55151. :"2f7?i.5'i I 7 Q LQ we X K f 3 J, .. ,Lf . . . W. A K W 1 2 U f is xf ur K sf me YK 59 4. W K 1 s ,E f , .K ,., , 1 axis' f SH P59 . . A ,H , 1 - OLD OU1 unplug- V , ,...., ,,.A,, .I 1 ,Nw ..,.,.A., N , mg a Q 5' I . A Q I H? I d0n't care if it's right or wrong, ifs lousing up the game. -CASEY STENGEL Ah beep beep Ah beep beep Ah beep beep Bang bang 00m gowah Money powah V . NNW ' M A -nf fir Si s. - 2 -Q fu' 34 we if? 31 ., S . naw" V J R 2 6 ,- x ,...aaii.M. iii Law ' I84 i Nu.. . . .-.wwf """?is. .VK we ff A V r.efr"M4M . , , 'fS'1r"vis.f-y--W,,...g '-"':' 2' . -..., . f-w "NMFA Olympian, the sportsman, a giver of self. Straining with every fiber of his being Defiling himself that he might be glorified. To reach that point of excellence, a step beneath the gods. And if he succeeds, we worship him. We leap up and shout in his exultation. Is that all we can cheer for, worship? The animal inspired by spirit Striving within the bounds of rules of games Specified, specialized excellence. Is that all there is - to worship? ffgf. -, f, M .,.qav -"""' 4: M ,r- ifvglfiii I ,gr WF' OU CHEERLEADERS - BOTTOM ROW: Cindy Bowlhy, Slevu Myrlzme FTILECICHIILI, Kirks: Kickingbird, Cindy Willianmx, Mike Fitz, Christy Cooper. TOP ROW: Carol iViCl,illiC, Chuck Ciwsel. Bontrager, Billie Dishmun. Ruf Neks Boost Boosting school spirit again this year at football games were the Ruf Neks as they tired rifles and drove their Sooner Schooner around. the goalposts when the football team scored a touchdown. The Ruf Neks traveled to the Notre Dame, Texas, Kansas and Okla- homa State University football games and then to the Bluebonnet Bowl on New Yearls Eve. This year the Ruf Neks bought red sportcoats to wear as their uniform for basketball games. The Ruf Neks, the oldest men's pep club in the nation, was founded in 1915 at OU. The name of the organization came from the term "Roughnecks" which was given to the spirited college youth of the time. This year the group was led by president Gary Crews, vice presidentxl-Ed King, treasurer Chuck Slater and secretary Hank Helton. Ma- jor William McGregor served as the group's faculty sponsor. Pam Hughes was selected as Ruf Nek Queen and was crowned at half-time activities at one of the football games. BOTTOM ROW: Bill Millar, Kenneth M. Clark, Dennis Mechem. Jim Pace, Ed King. SECOND ROW: Steve Cook, Harry Burke. THIRD ROW: Charles H. Slater, Paul Cavnar, Frank Fontaine, niversity Sports Ruf-Neks comprised an all-male cheering squad for games. Paul H. Cerba, Alan J. Sherer, Steven Young. TOP ROW: Hank Helton, Nathan Mitchell. BOTTOM ROW: John Eagleston, Bob Warniack, Harry Brown, Eddie G. Hinton, Randy Meacham. John Titsworth. Eddie J. Lancaster. SECOND ROW: Pete Kron, Ronnie Rowell, Rick Baldridge, Dennis Brand. Bill Elfstrom, Wayne Nelson, Rick Hetherington, Steve Barrett. TOP ROW: Landy Watson, Joe. Killingsworth, Garfield Heard, Ken Mendenhall, Jim Burgar. Fred Malone, Steve Zabel, Jim Files, Bo Denton. arsit ' ' Promote Loyalty Varsity MOM Club was organized to encour- age a closer spirit of loyalty among athletes who letter at Oklahoma. It places special em-- phasis on scholarship and sportsmanship and promotes relations with high school athletes. Club members also help orient freshman athletes to the university. Activities of the group centered around the BOTTOM ROW: Denny Comer, Doug Dattilo, Joe Bob Smith, Bill Blewett, Larry Smith. Joe Pearce. SECOND ROW: George Rives. Geoffrey Hutcheson, Carey Hollis, Stan Keeley, Mike Greg- "O" Club lounge in the north end of Owen Stadium. Luncheons for alumni and. families were served before every home game, and dads of the members were guests at a special reception on Dads Day. Oliicers are John Eagleston, president: Bob Warmack, vice president: Steve Barrett, sec- retary, and Port Robertson, sponsor. ory, Mike Harper. TOP ROW: Cline Johnson, Terry Schreiner, Bruce Cole, Rick Carr, Ken Scoggins, Joe Holluday, Steve Owens. John Eagleston, president of the "O" Club. makes plans for the lettermenis banquet which is held each year in the spring. "O" Club members gather in front of the television set in their lounge to watch the latest 4'Laugh-ln." Wrestler Slain Keeley lukcs ezlreftll aim during u gl1l11C ol pool in the "O" Club lounge. Gomer Jones has served as athletic director for five years, N Coach Chuck Fairbanks led Sooners to second league title. OU Hires ew Assistant Coaches Three new assistant coaches, two in football and one in track, were added to the Oklahoma coaching staff this year. Gary Lower, former track coach at U.S. Grant High School in Oklahoma City, was named assistant track coach and head cross country coach at OU. Warren Harper, former head football coach at Texas Western, was added to the Sooner ATHLETIC COUNCIL-BOTTOM ROW: Elroy Rice, Roy Cart- righl, Gerald Tuma, Wilson B. Prickett. TOP ROW: Gomer staff of Coach Chuck Fairbanks. Harper handles the Sooner linebackers. Larry Lacewell, former OU grid assistant under the late Jim Mackenzie, was hired by Fairbanks to boss the defensive ends when assistant coach Bill Michael was elevated to offensive line coach. Lacewell returned to OU from Iowa State where he was head defense Coach under Johnny Majors. Jones, Charles Miller, Carl Edwards, William Eick, Rod Boyes. Ken Farris, David Swank. ATHLETIC STAFF-TOP ROW: John MacLeod, Basketball Coach: Gary Lower, Cross Country Track Coach, Jerry Keen, Tennis Coachg Ken Farris, Associate Director of Athletics, Busi- ness Manager: Harold Keith, Sports Information Director: Tommy Evans, Wrestling Coach. BOTTOM ROW: Jay Markley, Swim- i at I I ming Coachg Port Robertson, Academic Counselor: Ray Thur- mond, Golf, Freshman Basketball Coach: J. D. Martin, Track, Cross Country Coachg Enos Semore, Baseball Coach: Russell Porterlield, Gymnastics Coach. Coaches Spur Athletic Excellence Q 9 muse. - FOOTBALL COACHING STAFF -BOTTOM ROW: Chuck Fair- banks, Pat James, Barry Switzer, Buck Nystrom, Bill Gray, Galen Hall, Bill Michael. TOP ROW: Robert McLeroy, Jerry Pettibone, Don Jimerson, Leon Cross, Don Boyce, Warren Harper. Gridders Rally for 7-3 Record It did not look good for Oklahoma in the middle of the l968 season after a 41-27 loss to Colorado that left the Sooners with a 2-3 rec- ord and 0-l in the Big Eight. But Coach Chuck Fairbanks and his staff rallied OU to five straight victories, including wins over bowl bound Kansas and Missouri. The Sooners finished with a 7-3 mark, the con- ference co-championship with Kansas and a bid to the Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl. OU lost the latter to Southern Methodist 28-27 and wound up ranked tenth in both wire service polls. Large, beefy opponents with physically stronger linemen kept Oklahoma from starting the season successfully, but OU regrouped de- fensively and held Kansas to 20 points, far below its 41-plus average that led the nation, Missouri to l4, Nebraska to nothing and Ok- lahoma State to 7. FOOTBALL RECORD-Oklahoma 2I, Notre Dame 45: Oklahoma 28, North Carolina State I4g Oklahoma 20, Texas 26: Oklahoma 42, Iowa State 7: Oklahoma 27, Colorado 4l: Oklahoma 35, Kan- sas State 20: Oklahoma 27, Kansas 233 Oklahoma 28, Missouri l4g Oklahoma 47, Nebraska 0: Oklahoma 4l, Oklahoma State 75 Okla- homa 27, Southern Methodist 28 in Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl: Won 7, Lost 4: Tied tor First in Big Eight. BOTTOM ROW: Dick Paaso, Jimmy Linn, Jim Burgar, Wayne Nelson, Ed Lancaster, Eddie Hinton, Randy Meacham, Bo Den- ton, Dave Frazer, John Titsworth, Byron Bigby, Edd McGehee, Bob Warmack, Steve Barrett, Don Pfrimmer, Joe Pearce, Mike Harper. SECOND ROW: Bobby Thompson, Dann Noles, Mickey Ripley, Jim Quick, Marcellous Johnson, Johnny Barr, Mike He- bert, Ken Mendenhall, Steve Zabel, Steve Owens, David Steele, SanToi DeBose, Gary Harper, Charles Newton, Charles Smithey, Gary Chrisman, Larry Bross, Jerry Hetherington. THIRD ROW: Tom Tomlin, Bruce Stensrud, Mike Gamble, Bob Klitzman, Rick Baldridge, Steve Tarlton, Mike Smith, Ken Davis, Mike Harris, Chuck Fairbanks was head football coach for second year. Jim Files, Jack Porter, Fred Malone, Ricky Hetherington, Bill Elfstrom, Preshie Hodge, Forb Phillips, Jim Carr, Bruce Derr, Joe Kusiak. FOURTH ROW: Robbie Ferem, Gary Jamar, Ronnie Frisk, Steve Casteel, Alger Flood, Ron Stacy, John Watson, Carl McElroy, Roger Dicus, Joe Killingsworth, Lloyd Whitfield, Nel- son Todd, Jerry Sims, Larry MacDuff, Gary Petty, Neil Craig, Gene Barnes, Mike Rush, Rod McDonel, Joe Justice, David Dillingham. TOP ROW: Galen Hall, Pat James, Bill Gray, Don Jimerson, Warren Harper, Buck Nystrom, Chuck Fairbanks, Bill Michael, Don Boyce, Jerry Pettibone, Barry Switzer, Leon Cross, Jack Baer. x iii Sooner Tie for Big Eight Crown Q OU'S STARTING LINE-UP-TOP ROW: Rick Baldridge, Full- backg Johnny Barr, End: Steve Barrett, Safety: Byron Bigby, Tackle, Steve Casteel, Linebacker: Bo Denton, End. SECOND ROW: Bruce Derr, Kicker: Bill Elfstrom, Guard: Jim Files, End: Gary Harper, Monster, Mike Harper, Fullbackq Rick Hethering- ton, Defensive Halfback. THIRD ROW: Eddie Hinton, Wing- backg Joe Killingsworth, End: Joe Kusiak, Guardg Ed Lan- caster, Guard: Larry MacDuff, Endg Ken Mendenhall, Center. FOURTH ROW: Steve Owens, Tailback, Dick Paaso, Tackle: .loc Pearce, Defensive Halfbackg Don Pfrimmer, Linebacker: .lack Porter, Tackle: Mickey Ripley, Quarterback. BOTTOM ROW: Bruce Stensrud, Defensive Halfbackg Steve Tarlton, Guardg Bobby Thompson, Halfbackg John Titsworth, Tackle: Bob Warmack, Quarterback: Steve Zabel, End. klahoma Splits Season peners Q M, S Eddie Hinton fakes as Steve Owens carries against State Quarterback Bob Warmack eludes Wolfpack tackler on run. Notre Dameis fighting Irish lived up to their legendary name by defeating fifth-ranked Ok- lahoma 45-21 in the season opener. The Big Red staged a merry-go-round battle, leading the Irish 14-7 at the end of the first quarter. Eddie Hinton supplied the first-half heroics by taking a short pass from quarterback Bobby Warmack and traveling 72 yards for OU,s first score. Oklahoma scored two more on passes from Warmack to Steve Zabel. The Sooners managed to heal their injured pride by rolling over North Carolina State 28-14 before the eyes of 55,200 shirt-sleeved fans in Owen Stadium. Winning the toss, OU drove 65 yards for the games, first score by Steve Owens. Another long drive ended in a second touchdown by Owens, giving OU a 14- G halftime lead. In the second half, Warmack passed to Hinton and Zabel for two more touchdowns. State scored twice in the fourth quarter for the final tally of the game. Pfrimmer and Paaso pursue Irish quarterback Terry Hanratty. Junior tailback Steve Owens roars through the Texas line. S . S 1 1 Steve Zabel lunges into Texas end zone on touchdown pass. .L M. teers 1p ooners in ast mute Snatching a pass, Hinton barrels past two Texans to score. In 3 game that proved to be one minute too long, the University of Texas Longhorns eked out a 26-20 win over OU by virtue of a touchdown scored with only 39 seconds re- maining in the annual Cotton Bowl clash. The winning play capped an 85-yard Texas drive and wiped out a 20-19 Sooner advantage. Warmack tossed two touchdown passes to bring his career total to 19 and break a long- standing school recrd. A pass to Zabel in the first quarter and one to Hinton late in the sec- ond, gave OU a 14-6 halftime lead as the Longhorns could manage only two field goals off a tough Sooner defense. Momentum shifted to the Texas side of the field in the third quarter as the Steers went over for a touchdown and kicked a Held goal to lead 17-14. Early in the last period the Texas defense dumped Warmack in the end zone for a safety. The Sooners' last tally came later in the fourth when Warmack ended a drive by slipping across the goal line. Q Sooner linebacker Steve Casteel brings down Cyclone back. OU Knocks Wind Iowa State's Cyclones huffed and puffed. but all they could come up with was "Red" as the rebounding Sooners calmed the air with a 42-7 victory to open the Big Eight race and thrill a Dads Day crowd of 50,000 fans. Pacesetter for the game was tailback Steve Owens who carried the ball for 174 yards and scored four touchdowns, all in the first half, to tie one modern school scoring record and break two series marks. Oklahoma started the game by attacking the Cyclones on two long touchdown drives covering 72 yards and 64 yards. Two more scores by Owens and one by fullback Rick Baldridge more than offset the lone Cyclone tally and gave OU a halftime lead of 35-7. After a scoreless third quarter, coach Chuck Fairbanks sent in the shock troops, and they added the final score of the game on a one- yard drive by reserve tailback Bobby Thomp- son. Kicking specialist Bruce Derr capped all six touchdowns with extra points. if mmf 'Ulf 'Wt Q' Titsworth leaps high in attempt to block Iowa State pass. ut of Cyclones Zabel catches pass in the midst of an Iowa State Cyclone. Stampeding Buff s Defeat 'Big Red' With the football doing more bouncing than its halftime go-go girls, Colorado chalked up a four-touchdown lead over Oklahoma, but the Buffs had to hang on for dear life when the desperate Sooners staged a rally late in the second half and closed the gap for a final score of 41-27. Scoring six points early in the second quar- ter, Colorado proceeded to take advantage of a recovered kick and a pass interception to grab a 20-0 halftime margin. The Bulls then roared into the second half with an 80- yard touchdown drive. At that point the Sooners bounced back to score touchdowns on four of their next five possessions and threatened to pull off a come- from-behind victory. Owens scored twice, and touchdowns by Hinton and Thompson nar- rowed the margin to 34-27 with only 5:23 left. However, the Buifs held the ball and scored again in the last 17 seconds. l i Zabel chalks up one of four receptions against Colorado. Hinton nabs a Warmack pass as Sooners rally against Buffs Junior tailback Bobby Thompson flashes past Buffs to score klahoma Tames K-State ildcats Oblivious to rain. Bruce Derr waits to kick extra point. Tackle Bo Denton lays block on a Kansas State linebacker. In a game marred by a rain storm that re- duced the Oklahoma attack to Steve Owens and a cloud of mud, the Sooners tamed the Wildcats of Kansas State, 35-20. Owens car- ried the ball 47 times and picked up 185 yards, marking the fifth straight game that he had rushed for over 100 yards. The first half saw quarterback Bob Warmack run 14 yards for the first touchdown and taila back Bobby Thompson llit past defenders for two yards and the second six-point tally. Derr kicked both extra points. Rain and low temperatures reduced the sec- ond half to an endurance battle. The Wild- cats tied the score 14-14 early in the third quarter, but Oklahoma came back with an 80- yard drive for the go-ahead score on a 15-yard run by Mike Harper. With a two-yard plunge late in the third quarter and a ten-yard run with one second left on the clock, Owens add- ed the last two OU scores. Warmack avoids Wildcat rush as he searches for receiver. Evading KU defense, fullback Mike Harper picks up yards. Kansas Topples Joe Pearce separates ball from KU receiver John Jackson. Randy Meacham halts Jayhawks as Dick Paaso watches. in Seesaw Battle With a solid defense and a come-from-be- hind offense, OU toppled third-ranked Kansas in a seesaw battle that ended 27-23. Led by Warmackis passing and Owens' run- ning, the Oklahoma offense traveled 80 yards or more for three of its four touchdowns. Owens gained 157 yards rushing and scored OU's first and last touchdowns. For the sec- ond Sooner tally of the day, Owens took a pitchout, faked a run and zeroed in on Joe Killingsworth in the end zone. Warmack ran ll yards for another score, and Bruce Derr kicked three straight extra points after missing on his first try. Sooner defense stiffened when necessary to hold Kansas, the leading scoring team in the nation, to half of its normal output. Jayhawk quarterback Bobby Douglass was dumped for 30 yards in losses. Zabel blocked a first-half Held goal while Steve Barrett intercepted two passes, one in the OU end zone with 1:29 left in the game. Pearce steals MU pass and returns 32 yards to set up TD. Dick Paaso stretches taped hands to block a Missouri pass. OU Attack Crumples Tiger Defense Quick hitting, hlard running and an good de, Bengals trap Warmack after 14-yard gain in third quarter. fense all combined to give the Sooners a 28-14 . victory over the Missouri Tigers. Mizzou, with the top defense in the Big Eight, could do no 1 better than hold Owens to 177 yards on 46 carries. The Sooners were off to an early start, tak- ing the ball on the opening kickoff and driving 60 yards. Owens capped the drive by diving two yards for the score, and Derr made it 7-O. In the second quarter Mizzou scored once on a five-yard pass to make the tally 7-6 at the half. Owens struck twice in the second half, scor- ing on one-yard dives to give the Sooners a 21-6 lead. Minutes after making his third touchdown of the day, Owens tossed a pass to Hinton for another tally, and Oklahoma had the game tucked away. Missouri managed to score a final touchdown after the Sooners fumbled on the 15-yard line with less than one minute left in the game. H15 L C ig Red, Crushes Nebraska, O U Oklahoma wrapped up the regular season by shellacking both the Nebraska Cornhuskers and arch-rival Oklahoma State. An Owen Field crowd of 45,000, plus a nationwide television audience, watched the Sooners break records in the course of white- washing the Cornhuskers 47-O. Owens scored five touchdowns and gained 172 yards on 41 carries to break live school and Big Eight rush- ing and scoring records. Hinton, who nabbed seven passes for 88 yards, set a new Big Eight one-season receiving record. Oklahoma pasted the OSU Cowboys 41-7 in a game that marked the end of a dramatic tive-game comeback and cinched a tie with Kansas for the Big Eight Conference champi- onship. Warmack finished the season strong by scoring two touchdowns and passing to Hinton and John Barr for two more, Other tallies were added on a run by Owens and a keeper by reserve quarterback Mickey Ripley. ta 9Jf Gary Harper and Dick Paaso corral a Cowpoke ball carrier. Warmack holds as Derr kicks an extra point against Aggie Enroute to Sooner tally. Owens dives over Cornhusker line ooners Fall Short on Astroturf Pfrimmer storms SMU quarterback Chuck Hixson on pass. Mustang extra point attempt fails as Joe Pearce blocks kick. On New Year's Eve, a total of 28 new rec- ords were set in the Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl as Oklahoma clashed with the Mustangs of Southern Methodist. The year ended sadly for the Sooners, however, as a last-minute field goal attempt went wide resulting in a 28-27 defeat at the hands of the ponies. Warmack scored OU's first tally early in the first quarter before a knee injury forced him to the sidelines and Ripley took over as quar- terback for the remainder of the game. During a nip-and-tuck second half, OU kept pace with the Mustangs, scoring on passes from Owens to Barr and Ripley to Denton. With SMU leading 28-21, the Sooners drove 80 yards, and Ripley again hit Barr in the end Zone. A try for two points failed and the score was set. OU received its onsides kick and marched to the Mustang 18 yard line. With 19 seconds on the clock, the Sooners placed their hopes on a doomed field goal. SMU defense gives chase as Owens breaks loose at a gallop. BOTTOM ROW: Bob Campbell, Bob Wooten, Joe Holladay. MacLeod, head basketball coach, Landy Watson, Clifford Ray, Steve Ayers, Harry Brown, Herman Sykes, Bob Patterson, Paul Tom Hampson, Vester Marshall, Jim Heitz, Bob Kanatzar, Gar- Cloar, Steve Scheck. TOP ROW: Bobby Ramos, managerg John field Heard, Bud Cronin, assistant basketball coach. Cage Squad Suffers Dismal Year Leading scorer for OU was Garfield Heard, top returnee from the 1968 team which finished third in conference play. Coach John MacLeod,s cage squad suffered through a rebuilding year with a dismal 7-19 record. Junior Garfield Heard led the Sooners with a 13.2 scoring average. Also in double figures was sophomore center Clifford Ray with 10.5. McLeod started the season with Heard, Ray, forward Landy Watson and guards Steve Ayers and Joe "Doon Holladay. Transfer Bob Patterson earned the role as the Hsixthi' man, coming off the bench to spark Sooner rallies. Scrappy Paul Cloar and defen- sive whiz Bobby Wooten earned starting shots at the guard slots. BASKTBALL RECORD--Oklahoma 45, Centenary 38, Oklahoma 84, Neveda Southern 931 Oklahoma 83, Texas Tech 74, Oklahoma 49, Tennessee 55: Oklahoma 46, Texas 65: Oklahoma 46, Southern California 48, Oklahoma 43, Wyoming 86, Oklahoma 65, Souih- wesl' Missouri 57, Oklahoma 56, Colorado 637 Oklahoma 48, Ne- braska 707 Oklahoma 62, Iowa State 67: Oklahoma 56, Colorado 805 Oklahoma 62, Missouri 58: Oklahoma 62, Kansas S+a+e 877 Oklahoma 89, Texas Arlingfon 57, Oklahoma bl, Iowa Sfafe 873 Oklahoma 83, Nebraska 90: Oklahoma 59, Kansas 66, Oklahoma 69, Colorado 923 Oklahoma 52, Oklahoma Sfafe 55: Oklahoma 59, Kansas S+a+e 69: Oklahoma 49, Missouri 69, Oklahoma 58, Kan- sas 83g Oklahoma bl, Oklahoma S+a're 59: Oklahoma 84. Iowa S+a+e 68: Oklahoma 64, Nebraska 70, Won 7 Los+ I9g Eigh+h in sag Eight T ' r iji lf f A me PX A 1 M Maw Q ff , .ak 4 f r ,A 1 S' , ,i 1 ff sf 204 Sophomore Tom Hampson scraps with Texas Tech for ball. 94 L LL g ky W ,. A ,imp x ,qi ff-, ,Y . .. . ,QW , ..... ,V Oklahomas Clifford Ray grabs the rebound from Texas Tech. ooners Triumph in Opening Game Oklahoma opened the season with a 45-38 victory at Centenary. Bob Patterson scored 16 points in the opener while senior co-captain Landy Watson grabbed rebound honors with nine. After an 84-93 loss to Nevada South- ern, the Big Red downed Southeast Confer- ence power Texas Tech 83-74. The Sooners lost to both Tennessee and Texas in the Volunteer Classic at Knoxville, then returned home to almost upset Southern California. OU led the Trojans most of the game, but lost 46-48 at the buzzer. Wyoming gunned down the Big Red before OU came back to beat Southwest Missouri 65-57. Okla- homa finished eighth in both the Big Eight tourney and in the loop standings. Patterson, Watson, Garfield Heard and Clifford Ray formed a tough coalition under the basket that forced opponents to shoot from the backcourts. Guards Joe Holladay, Steve Ayers, Paul Cloar and Bobby Wooten used the full court press to harass foes. Rebounder Garlield Heard blocks a Tech shot at the bucket. Senior guard Joe Holladay takes an tumble in lhe game against, Kansas. The Jayhawks squeezed by the Sooners 66-59 in overtime Big Eight Foes Bombard klahoma Heard and Watson rebound in 83-74 victory over Texas Tech. Joe Holladay nres a quick pass to Sooner Garfield Heard. In the Big Eight season opener, the Colo- rado Buffaloes topped the Sooners 56-80. OU came back with a 62-58 victory over the Mis- souri Tigers. Defending Big Eight champion Kansas State upended the Sooners 62-87 be- fore the Big Red ambushed a non-conference foe, the University of Texas at Arlington, 89- 57. Patterson came off the bench to score 22 points, and Ray garnered 20 rebounds in the contest. MacLeod used every player on the Sooner bench. Iowa State beat the Sooners 61-87, and Nebraska won 83-90. Oklahoma threatened Kansas in overtime before succumbing to the Jayhawks 83-90. Big Eight champion Colo- rado stopped OU 69-92. In the Bedlam Series, Oklahoma State took the first game 52-55 in overtime. Later in the season, Heard scored the tying and winning baskets When the Sooners Won the second game 61-59 in another overtime. Ray steps between Texas Arlington defenders to claim ball. a and Heard block a shot by Missourik Don Tomlinson. Patterson fights for rebound in KU's overtime victory. .layhawk Bruce Sloan is outmaneuvered by OU's Holladay. Top Contenders Although the Sooners Hnished last in the race for the Big Eight Conference champion- ship, they scared the front contenders by being an upset threat at all times. Coach MacLeod shufiled forwards Heard, Watson and Patter- son to keep the Sooner cagers fresh and to upset opponents' patterns. Center Clifford Ray was spelled by Vester Marshall. MacLeod employed a full court press to stall the ene- mies' scoring attacks. The Kansas State Wildcats downed OU 59- 69 and Missouri won 49-69. Kansas bombard- ed OU 58-83 before the Sooners knocked the Iowa State Cyclones out of the race for the second place in the tight Big Eight racc. In the final game, on regional television, the Ne- braska Cornhuskers eked out a 64-70 victory. leaving OU alone in the cellar. The Sooners ended with a 7-I9 overall record and 3-l 1 in the Big Eight, a conference which has lately moved into the limelight of collegiate basketball. Wrestlers Carve 8-l Dual Record Coach Tommy Evans' wrestlers completed a successful 1968-69 season, even considering the Sooners' second-place finishes at both the Big Eight meet in Ames, Iowa, and the NCAA tourney in Provo, Utah. Oklahoma carved an impressive 8-l record in duals, losing only to Oklahoma State in the second season meet of the Bedlam Series. The Sooners finished runners-up to the Cowboys in the Big Eight tourney, but managed to win first places in the UCLA Holiday Tournament with lO3 points and the OU Mid-Season tour- ney with 91 points. Three of Evans' wrestlers, David McGuire. wrestling at l30, Mike Grant at 145 and Cleo McGlory at l60, finished the season undefeat- ed and captured NCAA titles. WRESTLING RECORD: Oklahoma 24, Oregon 35 Oklahoma 24, Iowa State IO: Oklahoma I8, Oklahoma State 95 Oklahoma 24, Michigan State 3: Oklahoma 23, Iowa 63 Oklahoma 22, Iowa State IO, Oklahoma 30, Minnesota 31 Oklahoma I4, Oklahoma State I7p Oklahoma 2I, Portland State 85 First in UCLA Tourna- ment with IO3 points: First in OU Mid-Season Tournament with 9I points: Won 8, Lost Ig Second in Big Eight, Second in NCAA. BOTTOM ROW: Tom Abercrombie, David McGuire, Cleo Mc- Glory, Mike Grant, Stan Keeley, John Eagleston, Charlie Shivers, Donnie Parrish. SECOND ROW: Bill Speer, John Crow, Larry Laush, lrwin Berman, Jack Harris, Jerry Cramer, Dennis Brand, David McGuire pulls ahead of OSU's Leonardo in 5-4 match. Bill Luttrell, John Hoke. THIRD ROW: Trent Miller, Tom Corbin, Steve Deal, Rodney Randall, George Williamson, Jerry Adams, Howard Mizushima. TOP ROW: Gary Sartin, Shaun Scott, Tom Thompson, Larry Steele, Jerry Bagley, Bill Beakley. if 7, e State television viexxerx sam Number One-ranked Oklahoma defeat the O-State Cowboys IX-9 in the 76th meet of the Bedlam Series Cleo McG1ory picks up a near fall over OSU,s Val Landas. 1 In 7-3 victory, Eagleston overcomes Iowa State's Carl Adams. U Second at Big Eight Tourney Enroute to a second-place linish in the Big Eight conference tournament, the Oklahoma Sooners captured five individual champion- ships. Evans, wrestlers amassed a total of 90 points during the two-day affair, to end just one point shy of Oklahoma State's 91 which won the conference crown. Nabbing individual titles for Oklahoma were senior David McGuire at 130 and Cleo McGlory at 160, juniors Mike Grant at 145 and Charlie Shivers at 177, and sophomore Larry Laush at 167. Laush was the tournament surprise, defeat- ing Iovva Stateis Jason Smith, 6-5, in the semi- finals and pinning Oklahoma State's John Lightner in the finals. Key third-place finishes came from Pat Bol- ger, the Sooners, 137-pounder and heavy- weight Bill Luttrell, who was competing in the tournament with an injured arm. OU's Mike Grant uses cradle hold for pin in 3.57 seconds. Z 2h5 n?E?i2E3W3'f.1'PM,57 Wrestling at I77, Shivers masters his Minnesota opponent. if-'hm Charlie Shivers picks up riding time against I-State foe. Three Sooners Nab NCAA Titles Mike Grant remains undefeated by pinning Minnesota foe. Leading from the Opening Whistle, Iowa State hammered out its third national cham- pionship, but the Sooners stormed to three individual crowns and nailed down second place in the NCAA wrestling tournament. The Cyclones clinched the team crown by the end of the semi-finals and Hnished with a record 104 points to Oklahoma's 69. All runners-up a year ago, David McGuire, Mike Grant and Cleo McGlory captured titles and finished the year unbeaten. With a fall over Len Groom of Colorado State College. McGuire regained the 130-pound crown he won in 1967. Grant left Oklahoma State with- out a champion for only the fourth time in history by scoring a 5-4 decision over Ray Murphy at l45 pounds, and McGlory avenged two straight title defeats by Iowa State cham- pions when he beat Dave Martin of the Cy- clones at 160. The Sooners' l23-pound Stan Keeley made it to the Hnals where he suc- cumbed to Wayne Boyd of Temple. i aan...-.. Trackmen Finis Laden with a strong sprint corps and stable of middle-distance aces, Oklahoma's 1967- 68 track team enjoyed a runnerup finish at the Big Eight indoor meet, and a third-place finish in the NCAA indoor championships. Led by James Hardwick's victory in the 600-yard run and the one-two finish of twins Glen and Wayne Long in the 60 dash, Coach J. D. Martin's Big Red trailed only Kansas at the Big Eight carnival. Second-place medals by Mike Gregory in the long jump, Ron Tull in the high jump and OU's mile relay foursome of Hardwick, Den- nis Cotner, Cline Johnson and Tom Melton fueled the Sooners to a third-place showing in the NCAA. Other indoor highlights for Oklahoma last year were Gregory's 6.6 effort in the 60 low hurdles and Tull's 6-ll high jump. INDOOR TRACK RECORD-Oklahoma 87, Oklahoma Siale 52. Texas Chrisfian I0g Oklahoma 63, Kansas Slate 597 Second in Big Eigl1+ Meeig Third in NCAA Meef. OUTDOOR TRACK RECORD-Oklahoma 64, Arizona S+a+e 8lg Oklahoma 8I, Ari- zona 641 Oklahoma 88, Oklahoma 57: Fifth in Big Eight. BOTTOM ROW: Wayne Long, Jim Baller, Dennis Cotner, Mike Gregory, Bill Blewelt, Glen Long. SECOND ROW: Shayne Slo- vacek, Pete Kron, Kevin Vaughan, Johnny Smith, Robert Brown, h Second at eet Big Eight champion in the 60-yard dash was OU's W. Long. Carey Hollis, Mike Silbey, Cline Johnson. TOP ROW: George Radcliife, Ken Scoggins, Gordon Wheeler, Steve Zabel, Rodger Brady, Allie Paine, James Hardwick, J. D. Martin. , .51W3xv!"E"?W 'f'i.l1"f'fis'tL":?""F'FfQ'Q- i' ' f.1sYPKXY5'ffVi,iif.'l Z N':,fa, It ,,.. Q ms 'V' 7 ' -. L - . f E'121'iZ'MT'v'W'lZ'f5Q71' 19? Crack Relay Team Sparks Season Sparkling relay times and some flashy hurd- ling by James Hardwick and Dennis Cotner spiced Oklahoma's 1968 outdoor track cam- paign. The crack 440 relay combo of Glen and Wayne Long, Johnny Smith and Robert Brown churned to victories at the Drake and Kansas Relays and the Big Eight championships. The 40-flat clocking at the Big Eight meet in Bould- er, Colorado, was the league's fastest ever. Hardwick and Cotner traded victories in the 440-yard intermediate hurdles most of the season before Hardwick uncorked his bid to make the 1968 Olympic team. In the Olympic trials, he clipped the timbers in 50.3, shatter- ing his OU school record but failing to qualify for the trip to Mexico City. Oklahoma finished fifth at the Big Eight, salvaging only one victory, that by the 440 relay team. Hardwick placed second in the 440 hurdles and Wayne Long finished runner- up in the l00. .ea-...Mn - 'W ----- A ' .r... . . traygl sg -,,,,,l -zuwf-vv -'gn-gg-M , "ij: N V " ' 7.1 - -www M... M.. ..':4.:'1 :I Q-.-3:-. 5 ,111 2 2 .," . E511 'K 'I' M' MM Mrs... was , ' me-,f. 1. ' if 1. ra 1 . M 151.31515 .1 ggtgggtgg- ggggezigrsgsleiffe ftszgiklefyswsmssgibzzfsfirfff rf .Mff?i?iR?fifissitt3?M?iFi?wiwr559- YEHSf1fri?F'J?5f151Z55i5?5if?' ' 5 5. Lfiifigfgfgfy-is-f,.:z,Ag5g3t53yg3gfgtig.Mgr fg -f - 7 ' 2 Q- f.-ix g-it .gf -'ff-'1f:mlstz,.1i.Hai", E .1 :Q rrfifffw . "-:??fffn4s2V1's't'tk-V5.:5E.sss1:591ts11" W''f'fEX,iliiXiLfi'HiH-:W-Sfflfliiiifiiifkirfzr' 7 f, .r gfjfgEf:,5Vf -f'f'f'ig f. fS:,lf'1" " . t '5ET5?iZi5ifiiegfftfiiiliiiiliiiiis 45727.32 Ili?iSf'fff'535L:5?iS5ii5fii' fi5f'Q f- if I V. . V. Li 1... 5 g ,tvs fzsgerg ffgwzssif 'fp-zz friairfiiifw:.:f:ye.ffQ:e9Zf?m5ir , A ., . , . ,.,,. H , 3 gf -f -- 1 'f-q ..1,,fw,. ff-- f-fr. .irzfit-.e,.. .mz.e-:mp f e-r f .112 gg 1 k .w:g:j,gg- , 1 . t .,kV,, W.,.i:.E wi , K - A-H-H 1' ...z 1, ' .' :QL Mike Gregory placed second in long jump at Big Eight meet Dennis Cotner powered OUR leant with wins in hurdles. Ken Scoggins clears the high jump har at Big Eight meet Harriers Race to State federation cross country champion was Bill Blewett. 3-2-l Dual ark Oklahoma's cross country team was strong in dual competition but disappointing in the Big Eight championships. The Sooners Hnished with a 3-2-1 dual rec- ord, outlasting Southern Methodist, Arkansas and Wichita State and tying Oklahoma State. Only losses were to Kansas State and Drake. But in the Big Eight championships, held at Lawrence, Kansas, the Sooners trudged home last. Coach Gary Lower handled the coaching chores of Oklahoma's young and inexperi- enced crew. Bill Blewett was the only senior on the team, composed mostly of sophomores and freshmen. Blewett captured five firsts in duals and was the state federation cross country champion. Lower, fresh from a super-successful stint at Oklahoma City U. S. Grant and Northeast High Schools, was in his first year as head mentor and assistant track coach. CROSS COUNTRY RECORD-Oklahoma 24, Arkansas 323 Okla- homa 25, Wichifa S+a+e 30: Oklahoma 26, Oklahoma Baptist' Uni- versity 44, Oklahoma Ci+y University 62: Oklahoma 27, Oklahoma S+a+e 29: Fourth in Big Eight BOTTOM ROW: Carey Hollis, Bill lnglehart, Bill Blewett. SEC- Musgrove. TOP ROW: Craig Wise, Steve Goad, John De- OND ROW: Bill Callaghan, Craig Warne, Butch Clifton, John Gravelles, Jim Ringo, Curtis Hancock, Cline Johnson. BOTTOM ROW: Terry Snow, Gerry Perry, David Sloan, Dick Gilkey. TOP ROW: John Hampton, .lack Theimer, Glen Mullins, Bruce Barrett, Coach Jerry Keen. etters Win Third Straight Crown l Undefeated in ten conference matches. Gerry Perry won titles in both singles and doubles for the second straight year. Oklahoma stormed to its third straight Big Eight tennis crown last spring. Out of the possible 70 points toward the league champi- onship, Coach Jerry Keen's netters amassed 63. Pacing the Sooners were Gerry Perry, No. 2 singles king and partner in the winning No. 2 doubles team, and Bruce Barrett, No. 3 singles champ and half of the No. 1 doubles titlists. Other OU Big Eight champs were Jack Theimer, No. 5 singles, Glen Mullins, No. 1 doubles and Dickie Gilkey, No. 2 doubles. Perry, Barrett and Theimer all were undefeat- ed in ten conference singles matches. A tough dual schedule against outside pow- ers blurred OU's dual record to l2-10. TENNIS RECORD-Oklahoma 5, Texas Tech 2: Oklahoma 3, New Mexico 43 Oklahoma 6, Southern Methodist 3: Oklahoma 7, Texas Christian 0: Oklahoma 3, Louisiana State 4: Oklahoma l, Tulane 63 Oklahoma 2, Florida State 5, Oklahoma 0, Missouri State 71 Oklahoma 5, Michigan State 23 Oklahoma l, Southern Illinois 6: Oklahoma 5, Oklahoma State 25 Oklahoma 7, Nebraska Og Oklahoma 7, Kansas State 0: Oklahoma 7, lowa State 0: Okla- homa 7, Colorado Og Oklahoma l, Oklahoma City University 6, Oklahoma 6, Kansas lg Oklahoma 7, Missouri 07 Oklahoma 2, Corpus Christi 5: First in Big Eight. ooners Rank Third in Conference Mild in pitching, but heavy on hitting, Ok- lahoma finished third in last yearls Big Eight baseball scramble. Only senior Rusty Disbro was able to com- pile a winning record on the Sooner pitching stall, but Coach Enos Semore, in his first sea- son at the Oklahoma helm, got plenty of mileage out of his hitters. Sooners hitting over .300 in Big Eight play were Gary Brooks, Scott Harrington, Dick Turner, Bob Tate and Doug Folger. Semore directed his Sooners to a 10-8 con- ference mark to Hnish behind Oklahoma State and Kansas State. Oklahoma had a 13-14 ov- erall record. Highlights of last season were upsets of highly-ranked Arizona State and Arizona by identical 6-5 scores and Ronnie Hallis no-hitter against Missouri. BASEBALL RECORD-Oklahoma 2, Texas lg Oklahoma I, Texas 43 Oklahoma 4, Texas 6: Oklahoma 6, Arizona 5: Oklahoma 6, Arizona 9: Oklahoma I, Arizona IS: Oklahoma 6. Arizona Siaie 5: Oklahoma 2, Arizona Slate 47 Oklahoma 2, Arizona Slate 8: Oklahoma 6, Nebraska 47 Oklahoma 5, Nebraska 47 Oklahoma I. Nebraska 2: Oklahoma 8, Kansas Stare 63 Oklahoma 7, Kansas Srare I4: Oklahoma 4, Kansas Stale 6: Oklahoma 3, Missouri 2: Oklahoma l, Missouri Og Oklahoma 8, Missouri lg Oklahoma l2, Colorado ll: Oklahoma 6, Colorado l07 Oklahoma I2, Colorado 93 Oklahoma 2, Kansas 35 Oklahoma 3, Kansas I: Oklahoma 7, Kansas 31 Won I3, Lost l4g Third in Big Eight. BOTTOM ROW: Danny Schluchter, John Thompson, Mike Harper, Mike Fulkerson, Randy Branson, Ron Frank, Doug Fol- ger. SECOND ROW: Gary Harper, Terry Schreiner, Rex Boud- reau, Garry Brooks, Chris Hooper, Ronnie Hall, Bob Tate, Ron- Left fielder Ron Rowell bats for Sooners in season opener. nie Rowell. TOP ROW: Ben Austin, Ron Ward, John Sneed, Coach Enos Semore, Ralph Rickey, Rick Raczkowski, Stan Gil- christ, Dick Turner, Kay Cohlmia. , ff-ff Sooner catcher Gary Brooks drives to first luundnug A ,La w ' 4 , M At A aftcr lining a base hit to center field. fi? '-'71 4 !" ?"UCFf-51-'t.k 1i,4s549'i'd1'i4aQifba xfdii fwitl ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' i ' Umpire looks over the shoulderof OUR Gary Brooke as hc gives the pitcher a xignal for the next hall. " "' i V My To open conference play. Dcn- nis Ranzau pitched Soonerx to 6-4. 5-4 xxinx oxcr Nchraxka, ooner Tankers Look Promi ing Oklahoma's youth-laden swimmers sound- ed notes of promise with their second-place finish in the Big Eight championships, Coach Jay Markley's mermen, 5-4 on the dual meet season, amassed four first places. four seconds, nine thirds, live fourths and five fifths enroute to their runnerup conference finish to Kansas. The Sooners ended with 450 points compared. to the Jayhawks 512. Sophomores David Howell and Jim Cook led the Sooners. Howell captured the 100-yard backstroke in 55.1 seconds and the 200 back- stroke in 2:02.2. Cook tied the Big Eight 100 butterfly record of 52.1. Cook and Howell teamed with freshman Jim Peters and sopho- more Jim Troiano to set a Big Eight 400 free- style relay mark of 3:36.2. OUls dual victories were over Colorado, 75-293 lowa State, 57-56g Oklahoma State, 65-373 Arkansas, 70-41, and Nebraska 58-46. SWIMMING RECORD-Oklahoma 75, Colorado 29, Oklahoma 36, Sou+hern Illinois 683 Oklahoma 57, lowa State 567 Oklahoma 42, Soufhern Mefhodisr 693 Oklahoma 65, Oklahoma S+a+e 371 Oklahoma 53, Missouri 60, Oklahoma 26, Kansas 875 Oklahoma 70, Arkansas 415 Oklahoma 58, Nebraska 463 Won 5, Losl' 43 Second in Big Eight. BOTTOM ROW: Skip Hutcheson, Tom Sight, Jack Williamson, John Tuma, Dean Smith, Bruce Bartling, Tom Gibson. SEC- OND ROW: Jim Fagan, Mike Burt, Jim Cook, David Nord- strom, Dan Langston, Brent Harper, Coach .lay Markley. THIRD OU mermen practice American crawl during a daily workout ROW: David Howell, Larry Peters, Bruce Haffner, Tim Hughes Bruce Woodlan, Bob Kraus, Steve Brodie, Manager Al Thomas TOP ROW: Robert Hull, William Brandecker, Mark Holland Jim Troizmo, Chris Leydorf, Kirk Smith, Pat McKinney. 1 Arif' w fa zpgqgggw ' -'os-we tf" "Wifi --Affairs: , X ': Taking pointers from Coach Jay Markley is Skip Hutcheson. Skip Hutcheson. Jim Troiano and Kirk Smith practice starlS. Splushing through Zl daily session is Steve Brodie. Okluhonufs top- nolch sophomore freeslyler. klahoma ymnasts Place Second Oklahomais gymnasts enjoyed their highest finish ever in the Big Eight, placing second to perennial champ Iowa State. Coach Russ Porterfield's acrobats, 9-3 for the 1968-69 dual season, piled up big point totals in the still rings, long horse vault and parallel bars to edge third-place Kansas in the league championship, 149.725 to l49.075. Talented senior Tom Sexton led the Sooner point-makers with 98.55 points, enough for third-place in the all-around title. Junior Jim Johannesenis second-place finish in the parallel bars and Sexton's third-place medals in the Hoor exercise and all-around were top Oklahoma showings in the Big Eight meet at Ames, Iowa. All-American Sexton and Joe Bob Smith were the only seniors on the 1968-69 squad. GYMNASTICS RECORD-Oklahoma I52.825, Nebraska I35.IOI Oklahoma l53.70, California Slate l52.85g Oklahoma I50.54, UCLA l43.0b7 Oklahoma I55.l0, Kansas Siafe l52.525g Okla- homa I5I.B0, New Mexico IbI.625g Oklahoma I5I.80, Kansas Siate l49.05p Oklahoma I47.95, Colorado I45.I0: Oklahoma I49.475, Denver I5O.975, Air Force l47.275g Oklahoma I52.l25, Louisiana Sfafe l24.8757 Oklahoma I54.55, Southern Illinois l57.325g Oklahoma I5I.70, Wichi+a State I36.75g Oklahoma I54.775, Kansas l55.425g Oklahoma l56.95, Northwestern State I44.875g Second in Big Eight. Sooner gymnast Ramon Repp competes in the high bar event VARSITY GYMNASTICS TEAM-Rick Orna, Doug Daltilo, Ramon Repp, Mike Cahill, .lim Johannesen, Pat Harbour, Joe Bob Smith Roy Rettberg, Mike Maxie, Tom Sexton. Members of the University of OkIahoma's golf team included Coach Ray Thurmond, Skip Graham, Steve Johnson and George Rives. klahoma Golfers Making an easy putt at the university golf course is Steve Johnson who set the best individual mark on OU's team. Capture Honors Oklahoma's strong showing in the Midwest Golf Championships at Lawrence, Kansas highlighted the l968 season. The Sooners finished runnerup to Oklahoma State for the team title and OU's George Rives captured medalist honors with a two-round total of 148. Coach Ray Thurmond's golfers fashioned a 7-6 dual record in 1968 including a 9 to 6 victory over Oklahoma State. In the confer- ence milling, the Sooners finished fourth, be- hind Colorado, O-State and Nebraska. Rives led the Sooners with an llth-place finish, individually. Steve Johnson had the best individual dual mark, 8-3-l. Jerry LaPalme was 6-4, Bill Tarwater 6-4-l, Rives 6-6-1 and Skip Graham 7-6. GOLF RECORD-Oklahoma 6V2, Oklahoma State 8V2g Oklahoma IOVZ, Southern Methodist 23 Oklahoma 4, North Texas State II: Oklahoma 8V2, Southern Methodist 6V2i Oklahoma 5112 Oklahoma State 9V2g Oklahoma 7, Wichita State 83 Oklahoma 6V2, North Texas State BV2: Oklahoma 9, Oklahoma State 65 Oklahoma 8, Wichita State 71 Oklahoma HV2, Wichita State 3V1g Oklahoma IIV2, Nebraska 3V2g Oklahoma 6, Tulsa IO: Oklahoma IO, Tulsa 5: 7-6 in Duals, Fourth in Big Eight, New Intramural Oklahoma's intramural program received a new director this year when Bob Stevens succeeded Paul V. Keen who retired after over forty years in the department. Stevens, a form- er assistant director under Keen, has been asso- ciated with the OU Athletic Department since 1962. Entries in every intramural event increased over last year, and several new activities were added to the regular schedule. A turkey trot contest, consisting of a cross country race with separate divisions for men and women, was held before Thanksgiving. Winners re- ceived live turkeys as prizes. An All-College Basketball Marathon was also initiated this year. Any students enrolled at OU were eligible to participate in the tour- ney, and persons competing were not limited to playing on housing unit teams. Winners of the event were men from Kitchens I-louse. Steve Bradley was named the outstanding play- er in the tournament. The department also established set times for play-offs this year. The change eliminated the necessity for participants to schedule their own games and resulted in the quicker con- clusion of tournaments. Director Selected Bob Stevens is the new director of men's intramural sports BOTTOM ROW: Dewey Luster, Ronald L. Morris, Darry Bergstresser, David Smith, Randel Shadid, Chuck Mooney, Cecil Chesser, Ward Thompson, Bob Stevens, are members of the Intramural Council. ii! lklx L lllbtlrutlq N "'I lvf-"l FV'71f'P - 'sSiV"i"'i:e- . "" l"uH!Tl"' - ' Members of Alpha Sigma Phi and Phi Beta Delta compete in an intramural basketball game in preparation for March tournament ff ff ff ,-ff! rv:-r l ' -wwf' 'z I IT. X 23 fl 1 ? f 5 S 1 S 1 E Aiming for a ringer is Mare Nutlle. horseshoes singles champion Intramural direetor Bob Slevcm rounds up turkeys to he awarded to winners in the cross country race held before 'l'hzinkngiving. Member of Phi Kappa Sigma lakes his turn al bat as Phi A ,gk f Kaps defeat Alpha Tau Omega I8-0 in intramural softball. s 1 'YS' N ,ff A Playing for Lambda Chi Alpha. Dave Gillogly returns a serve by Sig Alph Duff Weddlc during intramural paddleball competition 4 Beta Kurt Frantz pursues Sigma Chi's Bob Mallory on his way to the winning touchdown in Class A intramural football finals. Team , Individuals Win Intramurals TEAM SPORTS Softball. Wilson Center Softball. Adams Center Softball. Couch Center .. Softball. Independent .. Oliver House Patrick Hurley House Couch 6 East Math Club Sailing. Mixed Team . .......... Spencer Smedley. Nancy Sailing. Experienced Men's Team Sailing. Novice Men's Team Track and Field. First Place .... Track and Field. Second Place . Huegle, Greg Owings . Physics Department .. Delta Tau Delta .. . . . Beta Theta Pi . . ....,... Boyd House Swimming, First Place .... , . . . . . . Lambda Chi Alpha Swimming, Second Place . . . Bowling, First Place .... Golf. First Place ..... ..,. Delta Tau Delta ..... Phi Kappa Psi Sigma Alpha Epsilon Team Table Tennis ................... Alpha Sigma Phi INDIVIDUAL SPORTS Horshoes. Singles .........., Mark Nuttle. Beta Theta Pi Horseshoes. Doubles .....,.. John Clifford and Brad Sinex Touch Football. Class A Fraternity ..... ,..., S igma Chi Touch Football. Class B Fraternity .. Beta Theta Pi Touch Football. Cross Center ...... ..... V ance House Touch Football Adams Center .... Cherokee House Touch Football. Couch Center . . . .. . Couch 4 West Touch Football Wilson Center .. Boyd House Touch Football Independent Legal Eagles Basketball. Class A Fraternity Delta Tau Delta Basketball. Class B Fraternity ....... Delta Tau Delta Basketball. Class C Fraternity ........,... Beta Theta Pi Basketball Overall Housing Champions Kitchens House Basketball Adams Center ................. Parker House Basketball Cross Center ..... . . . . . . Kitchens House Basketball Couch Center ....,. Couch 3 East Basketball Wilson Center .... . Worcester House Basketball Class B Housing .... ...... B oyd House Basketball Independent .......... ....,. C 'ommuters Basketball All-College Marathon .. Kitchens House Wrestling. First Place .....,.... ........ S igma Chi Wrestling. Second Place ...... ...,,. B eta Theta Pi Wrestling. Third Place .,..,.. . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Volleyball Class A Fraternity ..... Delta Tau Delta Volleyball Class B Fraternity .. ., Beta Theta Pi B-3 Volleyball Wilson Center ,. Whitehand House Volleyball Cross Center .. . ..,. Burton House Volleyball Adams Center . . . Robert S. Kerr House Volleyball Couch Center . . . ...... Couch 4 West Volleyball, Independent , . . . ....i........ Misfits CoaEducational Volleyball .. Co4Educational Softball Softball. Class A Fraternity .. Softball. Class B Fraternity .. Softball. Cross Center ..,. . Beta Theta Pi and Kappa Alpha Theta . Phi Kappa Psi and Gamma Phi Beta Delta Tau Delta Delta Tau Delta .. . Baker House Golf Championship Golf. Class A ..,,. Golf. Class B ..... Handball Singles .. Handball Doubles . Badminton Singles . Badminton Doubles Tennis Singles .... Tennis Doubles .. Paddleball Singles .. Paddleball Doubles ., Table Tennis Singles Bowling Singles .,,. Sigma Chi ,.,.,... Tom Scott. Sigma Nu . . .. Robert Crout. Couch 3 East ,. Mike Winzenread. Delta Upsilon .......... Don Baucom. A.F.l.T. Frank Cloutier and John Marciniak A.F.l.T. ,. Charles Cresswell, Beta Theta Pi . . Charles Cresswell and lon Craig Beta Theta Pi .......... Ken Morris, Sigma Chi Denny Hamlin and Ken Morris Sigma Chi Steve Weichert. Phi Delta Theta .. Bill Chase and Steve Weichert Phi Delta Theta David Hatfield. McCain House .. Sid McCleskey. Phi Kappa Psi Using a backhand return is Car- ole Boyd, who has won the ping pong intramurals three years in a row. Winner of the butterfly stroke competition in the swimming tournament was Mary Nieman, sophomore from Hinsdale, Ill. BOTTOM ROW: Margie Germain, Judy Bever, Marilyn Rhodes, Karen Vieth, Linda Gunning, Carole Boyd. SECOND ROW: Anne Gookin, Marianne Burke, Barbara Kravetz, Carolyn Cole. Cheryl Craig, Nancy Wilson, Nancy Johns, Jeanne Lord, Fran Tomlin. THIRD ROW: Denise Moore, Sandi Farber, Barbara Spinner, Dianne Dunnett, Marcia Gore, Jan Shaffer, Becky Burris, WWW , ,. H ., I wma mf 'i"'1a fi , . M. t 1 M ,.,,,,,,M,,- ,,,,,.i.vwwa M, mavwng K K , , , A A f.,.:11jQj5,g131 1. iv4grgka,1Z5'Lgi'i1iji uml'Lif,Z5'1':E1f4-,gg a a ' w"'2'1::a.q--HQzrslzr-iamtw zrzmrxmw ia, wwgqznirif --75f9Hf?5Ei1sXf'QTl3wfi,'1.Qa' ':?.Zm?i'1 g: ' 'mf ,,,,,,.,.wa-www ,.,,,.,...swH+' ,We .......a 1 L, .W .W.HY--5q,,,,.ftwwswvf4"""E,itz-,wx-"""'S KW ' ' ' , . M Q as 1+ gt-jg,,,,T.,.g.ew+es+gf11,,.sw-ii...-fig? -qwffflflyf i g1:,gm.v:..ffv..f:.:4::z:':,.:.q3+,n::1ass:iM if .4 - -,i A g,LQ1g:gQ1.g:i..2.5m-5-+av,,,,,,1.,Mgfg-g:1'3:Ltt+wQwg,g':ttiwing: " -3' f11z,:t:1:r":'i-i--tfzzztiiliiiim2--niff,'r':ii1sw-1-"m,m:::2.:s me ii' .. .. if-H g,',,...,.,.a.awL1sg::5,3:,ne+w 421?ipgww+wa-1 ,aw pg, :QW Mm, . ,,f.,:m ,,,,q,,,. . . A, 211251 .5552 wi-W e53'm"t'ft' . - , . i- .. a ls-....5'1L s, faw 8ff-..Smim:f:2V2zf.2.ff--W' " . f H . ,, 1, V ' B aa 3, Qiiifis visa. k Karen Grantham. FOURTH ROW: Mary Beth Rowe, Sondra Benjamin, Susan Katz, Clare Richards, Linda Evans, Bonnie Led- ford, Paula Fee, Joanese Jr. Honegger, llise Brown. TOP ROW: Ann R. Stratford, Lois Matthews, Carol Lehman, Maxine Pinkus, Debbie Horton, Jeannie King, Pat Hess, Diane Shaw, Nancy Smart, Phyllis Wiggs. WRA Directs Women's Intramurals Women's Recreation Association oifers fun, recreation and competition for all university women regardless of major or classification. WRA sponsors an Extramural Program, an extensive Intramural Program and a Special- ized Club Program. During the year WRA cooperates with men's intramurals to present coed soft-ball, volleyball, sailing and bowling. WRA activities are directed by the WRA Council, which is composed of a WRA repre- sentative from each sorority or dormitory, in- tramural organizers for each sport tournament in season, the sport organizer for each team and club in season, and WRA officers. The council hosted the Softball Sports Day for all state colleges and had cupcake sales. Every year WRA honors its outstanding member with the Ima Jane Reaves award. The 1968 recipient was Diane Crews. Linda Gunning spikes the ball over the net, helping Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority to win the volleyball championship. Tennis champion Nancy Osborne executes a forehand stroke. Delta Gamma and Gamma Phi Beta opponents jump for the ball in a specdball game. Gamma Phi captured championship. Intramural Winners Softball . . . Basketball .. Speedball . . . Volleyball . . Fencing . , . Golf ..... Badminton . . . Table Tennis . Tennis Singles Tennis Doubles Swimming . . . Bowling .. Alpha Gamma Delta .. Gamma Phi Beta . . . . Gama Phi Beta Kappa Kappa Gamma ChiOmega . . . New Towers . . . Kappa Delta .. Chi Omega PiBeta Phi Kappa Kappa Gamma Pi Beta Phi .. Gamma Phi Beta Closely guarded by Kappa oppo nents in a basketball game, Lin da Talkington shoots for two points to aid the Gamma Phi's R. lm"-., INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS, Gamma Phi Beta-BOTTOM Kilpatrick Karen Vreth TOP ROW Jo Anne Garvin Ann ROW: Marilyn Davidson, Bonnie Kent, Michael Williams, Nancy McCune Sally Drake Dee Dee Mundell Anita Schowalter Gamma Phi Beta By winning the seasonal sports of bowling, basketball and speedball, Gamma Phi Beta sorority captured the 1968 Women's Intra- mural Championship. The Gamma Phi's enter- ed all sports, placing high in most of them, under the leadership of intramural chairman Karen Vieth. The Womenis Intramural Program offers competition in team and individual sport events. Golf was oifered for the first time this year. Opportunities for students to compete with women from other colleges and universities is provided by the Extramural program. The program includes softball, basketball, track and field, individual sports day, volleyball and field hockey. Students may participate in WRA activities by signing up in dorms or sorority houses. F Kappa Delta player Elaine Green wins badminton singles. Wins in Sports Picking up her golf ball is intramural winner Lois Matthews. Nancy Griggs wins fencing match over rival Candy Davis. W-Smduazc M' tl fm I want, I want, I want. -SAUL BELLOW 232 She's on Howdy Week, Model UN, Monfs Day, Dod's Day, Sooner Scandals and Miss OU eommittee She must be gunning for outstanding freshman. But gunning for the sake of gunning just isn'I right, is it? 4 . .,,,- f. M " A ,grgmy 'f ,A 5' K, Q ' 13 ff? ' ' I - f. ., 5, - 7 -jig, A 'ff' 4- ,fu aug ...,... im.. One, five, seven, twenty See the points add up Points, poinrs, points Symbols of involvemwzl. Points, points, points Symbols of misguided wzergy. , I M iifawfn APO Sponsors Ugl an Contest Mike Stephenson paints sign for upcoming Ugly Man contest. APO's volunteer to collect clothes for the Red Cross Drive. Alpha Phi Omega, national service fratern- ity, contributed to the service activities on campus by holding their annual Ugly Man on Campus Drive to raise money for charity. The highlight of the campaign was the UMOC campus dance where the winner was an- nounced. The organization traditionally sponsors a local boy scout troop and holds an annual orphans' party. The Red Cross clothes drive served as another project for the group. Alpha Phi Omega also acts as foster parents for a boy in Greece. In December, several members were delegates to the Alpha Phi Omega na- tional convention in Washington, D.C. Social activities of the group included hay- rides, the Brotherhood Brawl and the Found- ers Day Banguet. Fall and spring initiation weekends provided a time for fellowship and learning. APO's held its annual Sweetheart Tea in the spring, the Spring Formal, and the Awards Banquet. Bill Robinson was president. John Hogan and Carol Aust record a tape for a serviceman. J. J. Reynolds. Suzanne Shields. Jim Pate and Carol Aust discuss Ugly Man on Campus contest. I Dr. J. Herbert Hollomon, Michael Aldridge, Glenn Ed- ward Beauchamp. Larry Bit- ting. Kenneth M. Clark, Doug Cunningham. James P. Dolan. Ike Dowell. Jerry Gaspardo. Jim Havers- ly. Edwin M. Healey. John Hogan. Steve Kennedy, Joe Laird. Ed Lindsay. Wayne McEndree. Donald A. Moulton. Robert Nims. James Walter Pate, Robert Raines. Ronald Recer, Robert Ridinger. William H. Robin- son. Tuck Saul. Thomas A. Schrick, Richard Smith. Michael Stevenson. Mark Tanton. Bobby Thom- as, Jelfrey Wales. Mark War- ner. 237 Gamma Sigs Assist in Evaluation Linda Grissette, Janet Cowper, Vicki Briskey arrange tests. BOTTOM ROW: Jane J. Clenney, Vicki M. Briskey, Elaine C. Rigirozzi, Shirley F. Schiff. SECOND ROW: Karen L. Sobel, Dawn D. Davis, Deborah R. Bauer, Jennifer R. Craven, Dottie Gamma Sigma Sigma, service sorority, took part in campus activities by assisting the Stu- dent Action group with their course evalua- tion held in the fall. Besides this, Gamma Sigs maintained their annual activities of babysitting for faculty and married students, and helping with the Red Cross Blood Drive and the orphans, picnic. During Homecoming festivities the organiza- tion sold Homecoming mums and at Christ- mas sold UNICEF Christmas cards. Ushering for Conference on Religion and Model United Nations were service functions of Gamma Sigma Sigma. Members also held a food drive for an underprivileged family at Easter. Social activities included the brotherhood- sisterhood party with Alpha Phi Omega, the Gamma Sigma Sigma Formal and the annual awards dinner. Coke parties after projects gave relaxation to members and officers Vicki Briskey, presi- dent, Gail Englert and JoAnn Rott, vice presi- dents, and Mrs. Jerry Burlingame, sponsor. Bowlby. TOP ROW: Jo Ann Rott, Janet L. Cowper, Gail J. Eng- lert, Linda R. Lakin, Carol E. Joseph. W,,,,aw, ,1 ,A ve,-iffy' , . 1 A ina if, Gamma Sigma Sigma members manned booths during voting for the proposed student constitution. Dawn Davis and Sonja Moore begin plans for a Red Cross Food Drive by dividing Norman into areas. v-,' f . -xanax U Q , 3 QSM v Q V it i 5 it +5 Gamma Sigs Vicki Briskcy. Carla Schwartz. Sharlcnc Rob- inson and Djuana Smith make Easter symbols for a family, BOTTOM ROW: Cindy J. Burner. Larry M. Huffman. Ann Cosgrove. TOP ROW: Karen L. Campbell, Karen Ostroot. Judy J. Yeatts, Kathy A. Ward. OU Says 'Howd Welcoming new and old students to the OU campus in the fall were activities planned for the universityis fourth annual Howdy Week. One of the top features of the week was a speech by noted columnist Art Buchwald. For relaxation a watermelon feed was held for two afternoons and outdoor movies were presented in the evening. At the annual activities forum students received information and had the op- portunity to register for committee work in ap- proximately forty campus organizations. Other activities coordinated by the Howdy Week Committee included a tea and fashion show for out-of-state freshman women and tours of the campus and Bizzell Memorial Li- brary. Free swimming was offered throughout the week, and transportation to Lake Thun- derbird was provided for students who wished to sail. Highlighting the week was an all-cam- pus dance featuring 'fthe Buckinghamsf' Ann Cosgrove served as chairman of the Howdy Week Committee which coordinated all activi- ties for the special week. to Jew Students Barry Babcock. Jan Leach describe MUN at Activities Forum. An autumn Howdy Week crowd filled Meachum Auditor ium to hear Art Buchwald. political satirist and liumorist Wg!" lv 4 vm Students take an afternoon break from enrolment procedures and book-buying to relax on the South Oval during the Watermelon Feed. J zz ii 3 Q-. S Me he sk . 4, ui n mf? 5 SEEK- mv f .46 4 f 9 . ,.. an I 'K .+C 1 If 5 , 'Q A ii , ,M if ns Q Q 'Rik F 5 'k A, , fffig "F1'!--29-l 7 Q' " ""' K ik I 1 La 0--w......,,,,..,,L h ,wa mast' Lab- w--W Q Q v,f-s-.4v6- fl -KL' , f . x Qfzxx - m S in if rl'f""" . vi an Nm., W K ,A M Q Am M ,W .. 5 X 1 is ,, if , 'V 'Tiff N T6 V -N 52" Q B' A A' an x W N' Q 'Q QW in 7 I V f ,is iMgWE,f,.L Q , f S , P K Q M 1-"""mf'Cs.' , 4., MUN Attendance Exceeds Record The tenth annual Model United Nations held at OU registered a record-breaking 675 students to the convention, representing 126 delegations. These students came from the OU campus as well as from ten other universities and colleges and three state high schools. Each of the four committees of the assem- bly were concerned with two major issues. The special political committee discussed the dis- armament and arms control and the issue of Southwest Africa. Red China's acceptance into the UN and the problems of Southern Rho- desia were debated by the political security committee. The committee for humanities and culture were involved with the seriousness of apartheid and distribution of world wealth. The last committee, the trusteeship committee. dealt with the crises in the Middle East. Committee sessions occupied most of the first day of the three-day convention. The last two days were spent in general assembly. MUN executives were Barry Babcock, secre- tary-general and Ken Morris. Executive staff members Hank Meyer, Charles Miller. Pat Carr, Larry Huffman. Barry Babcock and Carol Akright look Allen Hollingsworth. Barry Babcock analyze MUN tactics over a model UN handbook that specilies guidelines for the convention which was held at the OCCE Forum in February Students Approve New Constitution P l Bob White was chairman of the Constitutional Convention. Student Body President Duane Draper goes over some aspects of the Senate budget with Claudia Lee. Senate secretary. 244 Student government was in a state of Hux as the Student Senate executive committee be- came the official organ of government on cam- pus and 54 delegates prepared a constitution for the student body. Led by Bob White, chairman of the Con- vention, delegates met in November to pre- pare the first draft. The Convention was tem- porarily adjourned after lO0 students occu- pied the seats of missing delegates. After the first draft was discarded, open forums were held to discuss student power and various forms of government. A second draft, similar to the presidential form of government, was approved in March by a student vote setting a record for the larg- est number of ballots cast in an election. The Constitutional Convention delegates acted as the Student Congress and White be- came the student president until new elections were held in the spring. Delegates to the Constitutional Convention held their meet- ings in the Forum of the Center for Continuing Education. Tom White. Barry Babcock. Charlie Miller. Larry Huffman. executive committee members. Carol Akright. Christine An- drevs. Bobbie Arentz. Barry Babcock. Nancy Breeden. Janie Bumpers. Steve Cagle. Eddie Correia. Braden Cross. Duane Draper. Ralph Guild. Mark Ham- mons. Steve Hetherington. Alan Hollingsworth. Marilyn Hor- witz. Larry Huffman. Joel Jankowsky. Hank Keitz. Kirke Kickingbird. Larry Mar- tin. Russ McDougal. Charles Miller. Ken Morris. Norma Nickles. Larry Sevit. Chris Thompson. Sandford Weinberg. Tom White. Larry Wolfe. 245 AWS Starts Big Becky Rhodes and Dr. Truex discuss the new women's hours. BOTTOM ROW: Linda Sue Walker, Chris Ward, Mary Monfore, Candy Kirk, Dr. Dorothy Truex, Carole Clausing, Janie Bumpers, Becky Rhodes. SECOND ROW: Gaye Wasserman, Cheryl Gaines, Ruth Lampert, Pam Henry, Dee Dee Lindsey, Karen Goldman, Ginni Petersen, Cheryl Ann Kienholz, Carol Clark. THIRD ROW: Carolyn York, Sheila Jane Dillard, Janet Lane, Marilyn Sister Program A new type of Big Sister program was be- gun by the OU Association of Women Stu- dents. The sophomore Sponsor Program in- volved sophomore women living in freshman dorms. Acting as "Big Sistersj' they were able to help with grades, activities and general ad- vice. A big step toward liberalization of women's hours was taken by AWS members when they voted to eliminate hours for upperclass women with parental permission and grant after-hours keys. Also this year, AWS permitted commuters and Norman girls to have direct representa- tion on the Legislative Council. This council, the rule-making body, is made up of dorm vice presidents and sorority house managers. In October AWS invited Fredrick Storaska to speak on "Prevention of Assaults on Wom- en." Between 500 and 600 women heard Stor- askais speech held in the New Towers Lobby. Rhodes, Barbara Samuel, Becky Hiller, Kathy Stefan, Sue Harbi- son, Durin Kazancigil, Joanne Thurston. TOP ROW: Janis Lee Hart, Connie King, Jill Simmons, Nancy Robertson, Verna Beth Chesnut, Barbara Gordon, Pat Newsom, Darlene Hall, Susie Ku- bista, Karen Campbell, Carol Kluberton. BOTTOM ROW: Carol S. McCormick, Rae Ann Maughan, Rob- ert C. Spurlock, Kathryn I. Grant, Kathy Jackson, Steve Hobbs, Margie Ball, Candace Chandler. SECOND ROW: Judy E. Smith, Sandra E. Anderson, Phyllis J. Henderson, Mary Guest, Carolyn J. Grant, Jeannie Hagy, Susan Ritchey, Beth Klein, Nancy Har- mon. THIRD ROW: Virginia B. Long, Bette A. Guest, Mary E. Hunt, Morris S. Webb Jr., Larry D. Ellis, Larry A. Green, Mar- B U Holds 'Noon Decoration committee starts work on a wishing well display. garet Shelton, Bob Anderson, Mike King. FOURTH ROW: Polly Roberts, Ann R. Moreton, Becky A. Bobbitt, Linda E. Shirley, Gary Stevens, G. Mike Renfro, Mike Crews, Clyde A. Miller Jr.. Don Dancy. TOP ROW: Steve G. Hubbard, Eddie L. Vinson. Randy Whitaker, Larry D. Purkey, David W. Johns, Ross E. Mc- Clish, Max Barnett, Brett D. Yohn. Guy S. Younce. Day, Devotions Starting out the year with activities to orient new students to the university, the Baptist Stu- den Union held its annual 'Freshman Week." The BSU then continued daily devotions throughout the year. These midday meetings were the "Noon Day" programs of the center. On each Thursday night the BSU offered the students a vesper service. The Baptist Student Union began in 1928 to train and develop college students. The Stu- dent Union is open to college students who are members of the Baptist Church. The Baptist Student Union was directed by its president, James Redeker. Larry Green served the organization as vice president. Margie Ball was secretary. BSU faculty spon- sor was Dr. James Sims of the English de- partment. This year the BSU hosted various speakers and programs for its members. It also spon- sored conventions, retreats and picnics. BOTTOM ROW: Susie B. Fox, Joanese Honegger, Ann H. Beard, ROW: Allan Keown, Brent Clark, Jim Sharrock, Vaughn Clark Carol Akright. SECOND ROW: Linda Pavlik, Ginger L. Ridge- Marilyn Gafford. way, Karen Ostroot, Beverly Kuykendall, Kathy A. Ward. TOP Carnival limaxes Campus Drive A two-day, outdoor carnival culminated this year's activities for Campus Chest Week. The carnival comprised five rides, borrowed from an Oklahoma City amusement park, and indi- vidual housing booths which consisted of games and stunts to be played to raise money. One day of the carnival was designated as Kids Day. Nearly 700 disadvantaged child- ren were brought to the carnival where stu- dents met them and sponsored them, enter- taining them for the entire afternoon. The Faculty Auction was another of the Week's activities. It consisted of the sale of unusual faculty talents and odd pieces of fur- niture. The Week was then highlighted by the annual Beauty and the Beast dance. Mark Houston was chairman of the Cam- pus Chest activities, which took place during the first Week of October. The activities were designed to raise as much money as possible to be divided among different charities. A Campus Chest crowd gathers to watch a carnival attraction Christian Center Holds Workshop Workshops and retreats were the outstand- ing events for students involved in Christian Student Center activities. In September mem- bers from the student center participated with other college students from across the state in PREVIEW, a planning and training work- shop. Seven students then represented the group in the annual International Campus Evangelism Seminar held in Dallas. In the spring the entire group attended a retreat at Lake Texhoma. Members of the center also enjoyed the acti- vities of their chorus which sang religious mu- sic in programs across the state. Singing en- gagements this year included performances in Sand Springs, Oklahoma City, Lindsay, Noble and at Oklahoma Christian College. Included in the center's social events were parties at Halloween and Christmas, a Dads Day Banquet and a party for newcomers. BOTTOM ROW: Gary T. Burke, Robert Krute, Mary Rorex. Barney Blue, Connie Collins, Larry D. Martin, AI Weedn. SECOND ROW: Pennie L. Field, Bill Henderson, Roberta Jean Sarrett, Ken Martin, Debbie Martin, Sandra Branum, Mike Marx, Diana Dickson, David L'Roy, Carole Notgrass, .lohn Ferguson. THIRD ROW: Dean Deurmyer, Jane Ball, Carter Waid, Nancy Petty, Cap Wolf, Johnnie Sue Bender, Dessie Ronnie Quaid, Glenn Hammer and Braxton Reid trim a tree. Steelman, Kathy Masengale, Patsy Burke, Trudy Fisher, Kathy Nail. FOURTH ROW: Braxton Reid, Chip Hendrix, Connie Jo Hendrix, Gayle Millican, Nancy Starnes, Marsha Overbey, Chris Lowry, .lim Wilson, Ronnie Quaid, George E. Baggett, Glenn Hammer. TOP ROW: Tommy McPherson, Ernie Woodruff, Ben Byrd, Terry Millican, Gerald Moore, Dave McNabb, David Campbell, Butch Branum, Carl Ellison, Larry Sanders. BOTTOM ROW: Christy J. Nelson, Pamela Sutton, Karen L. Naylor, Thomas M. Gandy, Pamela J. Pesek, Cindy J. Burner, Campbell, Tamsen Murray, Jean Sorrels, Jeanise Roper. SECOND Roger Ryan, Steve Hubbard. TOP ROW: Paul G. Wickberg, ROW: Clinton R. Batterton, Melanie Lusk, Bob Bearer, James Bruce W. Gash, Kenneth R. Setter, Russell E. Wood, Burt Logan M. Price, Patricia Callaghan, Ralph T. Guild, David P. Henke. Jr., Ray A. Drain, Mike Crews, Robert Terrell. THIRD ROW: Allan H. Keown, Ann Cosgrove, Lawrence Couch Scholars Discuss Theatre Members of Glenn C. Couch Scholars, up- per class honor society, held special discus- sion sessions about this year's university dra- ma productions. Participants in the open dis- cussions included Dr. Nat Eek, director of the School of Drama, and several of the stars of "Lysistrataf' Dr. Francis John Schmitz, associate pro- fessor of chemistry, was recipient of the Glenn C. Couch Scholars Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching at the Scholars' ban- quet last May. Dr. Schmitz was selected on the basis of his meaningful communication in the classroom, personal interest in students, suc- ces in covering course material and general competency in his field. Two outstanding Uni- versity Scholars were also honored at the ban- quet. The Scholars program was initiated at OU in the fall of 1964 to provide intellectual stim- ulation for Outstanding Students. Membership James Hogan guides Scholars in discussion of Lysisrrata. must be preceded by membership in Univer- sity Scholars, a freshman honorary. Homecoming Salutes New President The Homecoming Executive Committee, under the leadership of chairman Steve Ed- wards, chose uTame the Tigers on a Hollomon Homecomingv for its 1968 theme. The com- mittee, which planned and provided activities for alumni and students during Homecoming Weekend, again sponsored a parade which wound through downtown Norman and passed the Student Union. The many colorful floats honored Dr. J. Herbert Hollomon as he be- gan his first year as OU president. The executive committee undertook the tre- mendous task of mailing out 18,000 letters to OU alumni inviting them to attend the 1968 Homecoming festivities. This was the first time such a mailing had been made. The Alumni Banquet, Homecoming Dance and selection of the 1968 Queen headlined Homecoming Week activities. Queen Kim Wallach was crowned at the annual dance in the Union where the Strawberry Alarm Clock played before a large crowd. i A Homecoming tioat entry passes by the reviewing stand BOTTOM ROW: Marjie Ratcliife, Karen Ostroot, Linda Strickland, Carol Akright, Becky Rhodes. TOP ROW: Henry Meyer, Roh Stites Pat Barnes, Steve Edwards. International Club Displays Flag Felicia Parr and Farideh Fozoonmayeh attend an afternoon tea. BOTTOM ROW: Dr. Donald D. Dunlop, Fatima Usman Parekh, .Iehan Parekh, Enrique Carrero, Kathryn Laub, Shahla Mahallati, Kausar Khan, Madeleine Frankel. Mary Anne Swinney, Linda Ruby, Pamela Fitzsimmons, Mrs. John R. Whitaker. SECOND ROW: Malcolmc E. Adderley Jr., Claude Weil-Malherbe, Surachai Suvannodom, S. R. Srinivasan, Moti T. Khemlani, Fcridon International Week headlined the activities of the OU International Club. Most colorful during the special week was the display of flags from different countries around the var- ious areas of campus. Other activities of the week were a foreign film series, a culture show and the variety show, at which the club crowned Miss OU International. The organization also held panel discus- sions. By inviting guest speakers from different countries, the members were able to discuss different views and ideas of various nationali- ties. The Banquet of Nations was included in the clubis activities. The aim of the organization is to better un- derstanding and relationships between the peo- ple of different nations. Any student who is interested in meeting people from foreign countries and learning about their culture and customs is qualified for membership. Presi- dent of the group was Enrique Carrero, and vice president, Malcolm Adderly. Jorabchy, A. Hamid Qazi, Youseph Akhoomdzadeh, Siddiq A. Karim, Don Hursh, Ronald L. King. TOP ROW: Adnan Turk, Ghassane Chaabane, Lloyd Geis, Patricio Seidel, Usman M. Parekh, Fuad Akhtarkavari, Morteza Zoufan, Turner Blount, Humayun Khan, Elias Cerda, Humberto Angelo Luongo. . I M was BOTTOM ROW: lraj Fail, Farhad B. Sadeghy, Ali Saffari, Far- Amirijafari, Masood Parang. THIRD ROW: B, E. Nassir, Hossein had Faiz, Shahla Muhallati, G. Z, Mansoori. SECOND ROW: Ah- Moghadam, Hooshang Sepanloo, Youseph Akhoondzadeh, Parviz mad Arefi-A, Rem Soleimani, Ali Barregar, Farhad Dibu, Bahram Haghighat Chear, Siamak Meftah, Parviz Ghajar, Iranian Student Ho t Open House Ali Saffari presided at the February meeting as members discussed their stand on the proposed student constitution. OU President Dr. J. Herbert Hollomon was guest speaker at a meeting of the Iranian Stu- dent Society. At another meeting, Dr. Richard Wells, assistant dean in the College of Arts and Sciences, addressed the group. The organizations open house, an annual event, featured slides and a movie. At the open house also were displays of Iranian paintings and handicrafts such as native jewelry and Persian rugs. The Iranian students also parti- cipated in an annual celebration and held sev- eral picnics and dances. Serving as president of the Iranian Student Society this year was Mohammed Firouza- badi. Ali Saffary was vice president. and Shah- la Mahallati was secretary. Dr. Arthur Bern- hart was ISS faculty sponsor. The Iranian Student Society was founded in 1956 at OU as a means of uniting Iranian students on campus and providing activities for their enjoyment. Membership is open to any interested person. BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Juanita O'Donley, Dorella Logan, Linda Wright, Mary Ann Reed, Mrs. Ruth Hankowsky. SECOND ROW: Diane Louise Herrmann, Patrice Verlene Coleman, Carol Ann Rodgers, Ellen J. Purves, Ann H. Beard, Susan Anita Lewis. TOP ROW: Ann M. Cosgrove, Nancy G. Breeden, Carole Clausing, Gretchen Grover, Sandy Kinney. Sammie Vinson. ortar Board Picks Top Twelve Breaking the tradition of selecting only ten outstanding freshman women, Motar Board, senior women's honor society chose twelve outstanding freshman women on the basis of scholarship, leadership and service. The an- nouncement of these Women was made at the annual Mortar Board Walk-Out in the fall. The organization held the annual sale of Mortar Board calendars and the Alumni Break- TOP TWELVE FRESHMEN WOMEN-BOTTOM ROW: Jeane A. Grisso, Melinda McElroy, Marilyn Gaiford, Kathy A. Ward. Sally E. Burns. TOP ROW: Catherine A. Erskine, Marjorie C. fast during Homecoming. They also attended the Mortar Board section meeting in Still- water. Along with Pe-et members, Mortar Board members were entertained in the home of Dr. James Yoch, assistant professor of Eng- lish. President of the honorary women's organi- zation was Mary Ann Reed Luccock, and vice president was Ann Beard. Ratcliffe, Karen K. Ostroot, Judy J. Yeatts, Tamsen Murray, Gena A. MacArthur, Jocelyn A. Lee. ,vat-..f . -p Mg- uw. - -- ati, Q----2 gmail, - ' f 1 f L- naw. , is .. . -itsaeas. :mms . , OD Honor Regents Professor Omicron Delta Kappa, national honor so- ciety for senior and junior men, helped bring faculty and students closer together by hold- ing discussions with administrative officials concerning current campus problems and is- sues. Nineteen fall semester initiates were honor- ed at a January banquet, including Dr. Ste- wart Wolf, Regents professor of medicine and psychiatry, noted nationally for his research work. A second initiation was held in the spring for second semester selections. Election to the society honors men who have distinguished themselves in various phases of campus activities and services. Mem- bers must rank in the upper 35 percent within their particular college or school, and gradu- ates, faculty members, administrators and alumni are occasionally selected. Officers of the organization were Fred Bray, president: Braden Cross, vice president, Bill Stephens, secretary, Ralph Guild, treasur- er. Faculty sponsor was Dr. Phillip Nolan. BOTTOM ROW: Ron Shotts, Ralph T. Guild, David A. English, Bill Stephens, Philip Nolan, Fred M. Bray. SECOND ROW: Charles Miller, Denny Moffett, Greg McKenLie, Pat Barnes, John 3 ' ,if 'mm . . -snr . s R if f: fri ' ' eifvt' ,W We . .,1,.,..n-Ht,-W. . Present ODK members screen applications for the honorary. Chaney, Steve Edwards, Emery Dilling. TOP ROW: Richard Harrison, Dave Gillogly, Larry A. Tawwater, Rob Stiles, Roherl L. Bowser, L. Dave Brevig, Jim W. Sharrock, Larry A. Green. PE-ET4BOTTOM ROW: Thomas E. Biery, William M. Stephens, Braden Cross, Charles D. Miller. SECOND ROW: Duane Draper, Richard Harrlson, Mark Houston, Barry L. Babcock, Kenneth M. Morris. Pe-et Honors Top Freshmen en Tapping the Oustanding Freshman Men on campus at the annual Pe-et Pow Wow was one of the major activities of Pe-et, senior men's honor society. The basis for selection of the freshmen was outstanding scholarship, leader- ship and service to the university community. For the first time, the Pe-et Pow Wow was TOP FRESHVIEN-BOTTOM ROVV: Steve G. Hubbard, Douglas R. Munro, Chris T. Thompson, Brcni Clark, Alan B. Hollings- held with Mortar Board Walk-Out. Selection of Pe-etls new members was made in the spring. Men tapped for membership are chosen on the basis of outstanding achieve- ment in scholastic areas and extracurricular and individual development. The president of the honorary was Mark Houston. worth. TOP ROW: Fred A. Purcell, John W. Haworth, Larry M. Huffman, Vaughn Clark, John P. Cunningham. - ,"- BOTTOM ROW: Gayle I-reeman, Carol Clark. Nancy Dean, Candy Stover, Jane Meyer, Kaye Martin, Kathy VVard. SECOND ROW: Susan J. Harrison, Marsha Darnell, Laura Turncy, Robin Stearn, Franny Zivin, Rena Pensky, Sandee Gimlin, Karen Price. THIRD ROOVV: Suzanne NVatts, Jane Louise Glassenberg, Merrie L. Moberly, Jeredith Willcnburg, Betty Hitc, Gina G. Ramsel. Pi mega Visits Daphne Shore visits children at the Cerebral Palsy Center. Barbara Green, Jane McCoy. FOURTH ROW: Lisa Kimrey. Nancy Basolo, Janie Jacobson, Julia Johnson, Melanie Holder, Michele Wade, Janie Letson, Marilyn Musser, Kay Woodliff. TOP ROW: Shirley Jean Petree, Carol Kluberton, Julie Hirzel, Nancy McNeeley, Mary Bertalan, Daphne Shore, Ann Withington, Sara Haddock. Sandra Duckworth, Heidi Duken. orman Patients Visitations to the older people in Norman rest homes, the patients in Ellison Infirmary, and to children in the Cerebral Palsy Center were gratifying experiences for the members of Pi Omega, womenis service organization. During their visits the members talked with patients and doctors and often provided as- sistance in the care of some patients. In spring, the organization planned a May Day party for the children in the OU nursery. Other activities of the group included a field trip to Pauls Valley and donation of books for the library at the Cerebral Palsy Center. Members of Pi Omega were required to spend ten hours of service working in a rest home, the Cerebral Palsy Center or Ellison In- firmary. The first visit to each of these places was an orientation session in which each mem- ber received a tour of the facilities and learned the duties which she was expected to perform. Jane Meyer was president of the organization. BOTTOM ROW: Mrs, Jerry Burlingame, Janie Johnstone, Diane Theimer, .leane Ann Grisso, Judy Yeatts, Margie Ratcliffe, Tamsen Murray, Sally Livermore. SECOND ROW: Julie Newton, Wendy Meyer, Connie Lee, Melinda McElroy, Marilyn Gafford, Gena MacArthur, Robin Johnson, Wendy Hilty, Suzanne Williams. THIRD ROW: Diane Darrough, Pam Thompson, Susan Sharp, Karen Ostroot, Cindy Burner, Kathy Ward, Gayle Freeman, Jocelyn Lee, Rosemary Bumpass, Sally Burns. TOP ROW: Mary Tolle, Nancy Huneke, Peggy Ford, Carol Stortz, Connie King, Janie Bumpers, Janie McCoy, Donna Jackson, Gayl Carpenter, Kathryn M. Long. Cwens Initiate O Pipers Chapter Affiliating with Cwens, a national sopho- more womenis honor society, was the high- light of the year for Pipers. After several mem- bers attended the Cwen's national convention at the University of Kansas, the organization went through initiation in the spring. The group is now the Pipers chapter of Cwens. Other activities of the honor society een- tered around its purpose of encouraging scholarship, leadership and service in women, especially freshmen. The new Cwens chapter held its annual tea for out-of-state women and sponsored. the freshman leadership lab for men and women students. In the fall the group held a retreat to make plans for upcoming activi- ties. Members of the organization also wrote let- ters offering assistance to out-of-state fresh- man women before they came to school and sent notes of encouragement to freshmen. 1 Hs. , . f De-an Sutherland works with Pipers to plan Leadership Lab. PLC Hosts Tou Acting as ambassadors for OU, members of the President's Leadership Class served as hosts for thousands of visitors to the OU cam- pus this year. The group conducted special tours for students' guests as well as parents and professional people visiting the campus. Special guest speakers were a highlight of the yearis meetings. Such guests as Dr. J. Herbert Hollomon, Dr. George L. Cross, Dr. J. Clayton Feaver and Dr. Duane Roller spoke to and held informal discussions with the group at their weekly Thursday night meet- ings. The organization also participated in the Science Day activities and helped with the special events surrounding the Presidential In- auguration. The PLC social events included the annual Christmas party and spring picnic. Freshman students are selected for member- ship in PLC from recommendations. BOTTOM ROW: Mary L. Bullard, Belinda Burton, John G. Moore, Tim K. Colbert, Cleta B. Deathcrage, Barbara L. Voss. Jola A. Higginbottom, Pamela S. Stone, Fred O. Turner. Jim Bailey. SECOND ROW: Linda Kay German, Paula Dea Johnson, Jaclyn DeJarnette, Susan A. Cochran, Jeredith A. Willenburg, Carol A. Brown, Barbara J. Northington, Jane E. Holloman, Nancy K. Olmstead. Helene J. Johnston, Laura F. Renegar, Polly K. Murphy, Nancy J. Clarkson. THIRD ROW: Paul Wayne Cavnar, David W. Melton, Charles B. Ladd, Charles C. Muzny. rs for Guests wa- Dr. Duane H .D. Roller spoke to PLC's at a Thursday meeting. Jann R. Northrip, Donna G. McBee, Suzanne Logan, John J. Griffin, Patricia A. Piercy, Connie L. Sontheimer, Steve W. lmel. FOURTH ROW: John N. Carter, Frank Harrison McGregor lll. Richard C. Smith. Alan Braly, Mort Welch, Marion E. Winter IV, Dewayne Rymer, Joseph Sine, Victor Ruble, Ken Ragsdale. TOP ROW: Kim E. Cook, Gregory N. Watkins, John A. Bass, Clifford H. Gordon, James W. Cobb, Joseph L. Tasker Jr., Lowell D. White, Michael D. Thompson, Harvey L. McQuiston, Kenneth C. Hyams, Charles A. McWilliams. hadowbo Present Spring Show Erin Donahue shows a style to Kim Wallach and Steve Shadid. BOTTOM ROW: DeeDee Lindsey, Peggy Walters, Sue Barton, Shirley Schiff, Ethel Moore, Debbie Fox, Phyllis McKiddy, Becca B. Poston, Barbara A. Marty. SECOND ROW: Caroline Blakey. Judi Loy, Laura Caudill, Gayle Freeman, Janice Finn, Debbie Crowell, Robin Wagner, Deborah Burg, Linda Polk, Ruth Ann Walker. THIRD ROW: Margaret Mason, Irene Carey, Mimi Headlining the annual Shadowbox spring style show was Dallas fashion designer Clifton Wilhite. ln addition to the Wilhite creations, the show featured student-designed fashions and the winner of the annual Blackwood Bri- dal Gown Competition. Women in the school of home economics design bridal gowns in- spired by their favorite silver patterns for the special event. The designs are then judged and the winner's gown is made for her to model in the show. ln November, members of the fashion arts club designed and modeled Indian-inspired dresses at a style show presented for the As- sociated Press Convention in Oklahoma City. The group hosted guest speakers at its meet- ings. Membership in Shadowbox is open to both men and women interested in the field of fas- hion arts. Borelli, Jo McGinnis, Nancy L. Bowman, Janie Letson, Laurie Lamson, Terry R. Chassin, Annette Adkins, Phyllis G. Hallman, Lee Ames. TOP ROW: Ginny Yen, Diane Lynn Golden, Nancy Jane Norman, Debbie Baker, Otie Ann Delaportc, Becky Lynn Pinson, Melanie Jo Holder, Janice Freeman, Janell Rock, Sammy Dillingham, Steven Shadid. t 9 j U V .F , " . , Y 52321. V, X K Q. y H ,Mm A Z 3 ii . A A -If '- t. ,gsfft K A - iii' it f . Wil 'M "Z " ' Q it . 1 . . ,se LmA- it tg: 1 , ' f -' : -'if' ' Q H Q J . . . B tt. . , X- j t i ti - 4 2 - - 2 5 ' ' it 3 t ' g- A ia aw 3. f J sf' t E , ,M ,f . 1 . I -4, Q, 7. X J 1 A E . W rrss it J V v' 4 'J of "" v BOTTOM ROW: Kathy Hieronymus, M. Ann Dunn, Sherry Jones, Rochelle Rudd, Bana Burkett, Carol Bishop, Melanie Shearer, Melanie Lusk, Susie Will, Suzie Gilbert. SECOND ROW: Peg McMullen, Linda Southern, Beverly Kuykendall, Linda Puvlik, Teresa M. Black, Lee Ann Welch, Becky Rhodes, Bobbie l Arentz, Barbara Johnson, Gail Groom. TOP ROW: Trisha Gurley, Janice Cherry, Carol Clark, Nancy Fullerton, Judy Free- land, Jane Dunagan, Ginger Ridgeway, Jane Robertson, Millicent Perry, Carolyn York. Tassels Sponsor Recognition ight Melanie Lusk, Suzie Gilbert review applications for Tassels. Women's Recognition Night was the an- nual event in the spring planned by Tassels, honor society for junior women. At this time, outstanding dorms and pledge classes were re- cognized for their first semester achievements. The highlight of the evening was the recogni- tion of outstanding sophomore women who were tapped for membership in Tassels. Congratulatory certificates were sent by Tassels to those freshman and sophomore wo- men who attained at least a 3.0 grade average. Tassels also took part in the Mortar Board Walkout and entertained the parents of the Mortar Board Outstanding Freshmen Women. Under president Melanie Lusk and vice pre- sident Gail Groom, Tassels had as its goal to encourage scholarship and leadership in wo- men students. Tassels participated in campus activities and rendered service to campus af- fairs whenever possible. 26l BOTTOM ROW: Karen L. Fisher, Deborah L. Barnes, Debra K. Utterback, Candace J, Carlson, Lynda J. Foley, Caryn L. Odom, Maria C. Bustillo, Diana L. Dickson. SECOND ROW: David Andree, Michael G. Adams, Kay K. Lawrence, Steve R. Bunch, Ed Warren, Katherine A. Sharp, Anita C. Strickland, Linda G. Moss. THIRD ROW: O. Carl Rose, Kathy Nowe, Karen L. Marriott, Marian S. Rhodes, Janice S. Boke, Sandra K. University Schola Incoming freshmen who showed outstand- ing achievement in scholarship while in high school made up the honors group of Univer- sity Scholars this year. The program selected top seniors throughout the state and exposed them to special professors and honors courses at OU. Most members also earned extra cred- it hours through advanced standing examina- BOTTOM ROW: J. Catherine White, Margaret R. Froeschle, Virginia L. Vance, Sandra D. Farber, Marcia A. Schupbach, Mary L. Bullard, Fred B. Davis, John M. Murtagh, Julian V. Deese. SECOND ROW: Steve Miller, Douglass E. Pereboom, Jack T. Morrison, Jehangir F. Pestonjee, Gary J, Barnes, Elmer Knutter, Paul L. Ezell, Ronald D. Klick, Edward J. I-licks, THIRD ROW: James Kent Bailey, Paul Vore Carlile, James H. Livermon, Robert Jorgensen, Patrick W. Willison, Dan M. Shaw, Robert E. Andrews, Gayle L. Stagner, Stephanie Wertz, Deborah S. Anderson. FOURTH ROW: John Alexander, Marie C. Childers, Judith K. Bolene, Steven J. Outhier, Rebecca Croisant, Margie C. Frieze, Linda G. Lacy, Janet K. Epp, Nancy Melton. TOP ROW: Monty L. Ross, Wally Walker, Earl S. Marwil, Sidney Graham. Susan Tubbs, Sharon Sibbitt, Joelle Woller, Fred Mitchell. rs Meet eekly tions during the year. The Scholars met Weekly to see films and hear lectures by noted professors. In the spring the group held a banquet with another honors group, Couch Scholars. The program was begun at OU in the spring of 1965. Faculty sponsor this year was Dr. Stephen M. Sutherland. Willis, Edward W. Lindsay, William M. Clark. FOURTH ROW: Gary D. Ainsworth, Alan Tiede, John V. Harness, Joseph L. Tasker, Gary L. Park, Danny L. Gilliam, John E. Vetter, Rudy Fenwick, Larry Washburn. TOP ROW: David R. Starkey, Frank Denny Hromas, Dale R. McIntyre, William P. Simmons, David B. Sloan, Bill D. Dunsmore, William M. Standau, Dan D. Washburn, Robert Massey, Johnie C. Gragg. uv W w,v vg v . BOTTOM ROW: Suzanne Haas, Penny Johnson, Diana Darrough, Sawsan Futayyeh, Faisal Al-Qatami, Summer Fatayyeh, Virginia Lee Vance, Peggy Ford. SECOND ROW: Allan J. Hartlein, Sabah Eutayyeh, Thoria Maghrabi, Mahmoud Maghrabi, Sharran Hariry, Abdulwahab Hariry, Abdulla M. Al-Sabti, Leslie Jones- Parra. TOP ROW: Hisham A1-Otaibi, Abdulla Al-Saif, Fouad Al-Kotob, Munir Michel Kharma, Haisam Ramadan, Riyad Shehadeh, Salah lesa, Nasser Al-Sayer. Arab Club Holds Miss Scheherazade Contest The outstanding activity of the OU Arab Club this year was the annual Miss Sche- herazade Contest held during International Week. Miss Virginia Vance was crowned Miss Scheherazade for the 1968-69 year. For the first time in the contestls history, the queen was elected by a panel of judges rather than Afro-Americans bserve Black Heritage week was the special event for the members of the Afro-American Student Union. The theme for the activities of the week was g'On Being Black." There were guest speakers, discussions and concerts co- ordinated as an educational vehicle of cul- BOTTOM ROW: Ronald Lee King, Guinnevere Hodges, Sterlin N. Adams, Norish L. Adams, Alvarene N. Owens. SECOND ROW: Marye E. Dickson, Cynthia C. Barnes, Otherine Graham. Linda G. Pogue, Gwcndoyln J. Woods, Theopal L. Tyner, THIRD ROW: Howard F. Johnson, Kathleen S. Franklin, Linda J. Evans, l popular vote, on the basis of beauty. persona- lity and poise. Twice-monthly meetings were presided over by Fouad Al-Kotob. A film, 6'The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia," was shown. Various speak- ers were invited to meetings throughout the year as special attractions. Black Heritage Week tural heritage. Working with the high school relations de- partment, the organization counseled and en- couraged black high schoolers to stay in school. The group was under the leadership of Sterlin Adams, president. Bernadette A. Cole, John K. Coleman, Pamela J. Cash. Gregory C. Watts. TOP ROW: Phail Wynn Jr., Zelbert L. Moore, John R. Sadhcrry, Sammy L. Carolina, Edward W. Rucker, Mack Lyons, Gerald G. Bacoats, Steve Manning. 9 3 BOTTOM ROW: Paul Holt, Lillie Holt, Margaret Davenport, Otha Davenport. TOP ROW: Mahabat Ferdowsian, Mehrdad-Izadi, Brans- f t P l h ord Wa son, arviz g ani, Fuad Akhtarkhavari. Baha'i Club Holds Clothing Drive for Hospital The OU Bahaii Club, a national religious organization with 61 branches on U.S. cam- puses, launched a clothing drive for the pa- tients at Central State Hospital during the month of December. Other activities of the club included open houses, speakers and Dads Day Committee Twenty-five hundred dads were registered in October for the annual Dads Day week- end. The Dads Association, made up of OU alumni, met Saturday night to give scholar- ships and awards. An outstanding senior was selected from each of the seven colleges. The overall outstanding Senior Man and Woman slides, picnics and banquets. The main objective of the club is to ac- quaint its members with the basic tenets of the Baha'i faith, which preaches the oneness of mankind. Made up of students and faculty, the Baha'i Club was led by Zabih Anvar. Welcomes 2,500 Alumni awards were given to Duane Draper and Mary Ann Reed Luccock. The highlight of Dads Day Weekend was the football game when OU beat Iowa State. Bill Stephens presided as chairman of the Dads Day Weekend coordinating committee, assisted by Eddie Correia. BOTTOM ROW: Marjorie C. Ratcliffe, Carol Bishop, Diane Robert T. Stites, Eddie Correia, Steve Edwards, William M, Darrough, Melanie Shearer. SECOND ROW: Millicent Perry, Mallory Robertson, Sandy Kinney, Karen Ostroot. TOP ROW: Stephens, Pat Barnes. -rfwmi ue1f.nss1 11-uf 1-w .. -1.rv- -Mmm mini - rv, BOTTOM ROW: Linda S. Tommey, Cheryl K. lverson, Diane James M. DeLuca. TOP ROW: Rev. David J. Klumpp, Michael M. Fischer, Penny Schwartz, Emily L. Ekonen, Patricia A, Cooper. SECOND ROW: Larry R. Tom, Roland R. Lohmann, Keith D. Hartje, Mark D. Keyl, Arthur H. Schultheiss, Joyce Simmering, R. Opitz, Darrell R. Cornell, Robert Glover, Allen H. Johnson, Larry W. Johnson, Douglas K. Henkel, Robert W. Post. Fall Retreat Headlines Gamma Delta ctivities Sponsoring a fall tri-state retreat was the highlight of activities for Gamma Delta, inter- national association of Lutheran students. The retreat emphasized Christian knowledge and asked, "The Church-Whatis In It for Me?', Meeting at the University Lutheran Chapel Greek Honorary Taps The top one percent of the Greeks on cam- pus were tapped this year by the honorary Gamma Gamma in a ceremony held the night before new members were announced. Juniors and seniors were selected on the basis of in- terfraternity work, and campus activities. BOTTOM ROW: Ron Shotts, Larry Pain, Suzy Portnoff, Sandy Kinney, Richard Harrison, Diane Herrmann, Dee Dee Mundell. SECOND ROW: Andy Ranoudo, Steve R. Edwards, Jim Shar- rock, Jane Stangeland, Suzy Snodgrass, Gloria Gray, Kathy Berger, Carolyn York. THIRD ROW: David C. Butler, Wayne Gary, each Sunday, the organization had two guest speakers each semester, plus films, discussions and reading supplements to follow the speci- fied topics on Christian learning. The group was under the leadership of David Glover, president, and Pastor David Klumpp, advisor. Juniors and Seniors Gamma Gamma was begun at OU during the 1965 Greek Week to unite the leadership of sororities and fraternities. Led this year by president Marcus Black, the group gave Christmas baskets, held an initiation party and went on picnics and various social outings. Denny Moffett, Mary Ann Reed, Lee Ann Welch, Pam Faubion, Beverly A. Kuykendall, Linda Pavlik, Pam Hyken. TOP ROW: Dalton "Rusty" Curtis, Gil G. Haas, Gary A. Greenberg, Stan Brown, Randel C. Shadid, Robert Stites, John Sprieser, Gretchen A. Grover, Millicent Perry. Daryl Tabachnick, Sheri Burstein, Stephanie Galoob, Dr. Robert Feldman, Diane Hollander, Stuart Goodman. Foundation Dedicated to Julius B. Livingston Dedication ceremonies for the Hillel Foundation were the outstanding activities for the Jewish student center. Festivities which took place on November 24 officially named the center the Julius B. Livingston B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation. Dr. J. Herbert Hollomon was a guest at one Phi Eta Sigma Continues Led this year by Brent Clark, president, Phi Eta Sigma continued with the 6'New Cine- mav film showings initiated the year before. This series of short foreign language films was open to public viewing. The OU chapter of the Phi Eta Sigma is one BOTTOM ROW: Carl Ellison, G. Mike Renfro, Brent Clark, James Hurst, Ken Setter. SECOND ROW: Loren B. Heath, Norman D. Wilkie, Steve G. Hubbard, Steve A. Hobbs, Curt Long. of the sessions at the foundation. After dinner a question and answer period followed con- cerning the problems that face college stu- dents. Ronald Wolff was president of the cen- ter, which provided identity for Jewish stu- dents. Other officers were Stephanie Galoob and Daryl Tabachnick. f'New Cinema" Films of 143 chapters across the nation which func- tion to stimulate scholarship on the campus. Dr. Paul G. Ruggiers is faculty sponsor. To become a member, a man must have at- tained a 3.5 grade point during his fresh- man semester or for the entire freshman year. TOP ROW: Emmitt Patterson, Russell Wood, Rob Balsters, Gary Stevens, Mike Winzenread, Larry Naylor. BOTTOM ROW: Lawrence Spotted Bird, Grace Ann Logan, John Hoffman, Bick D. Brown, Lynn Longhorn, T. Gabby Irene White Turtle, Bruce Asenap. TOP ROW: Buck R. Brown, Naarkomi. Sequoyah Club Beats Out Traditional Powwow Sequoyah Indian Club members displayed their club aim of furthering Indian interests by making high school visitations to the River- side Indian School this year. The group also held its traditional Indian powwow during Homecoming festivities. The clubis social events included a Christmas party. To be a member of the Sequoyah Indian Club a student must be at least one-eighth In- dian. The organization was founded at OU in 1914. The club's president this year was Bryce Poolaw. Boyce Timmons was faculty sponsor. Student Lobby Backs December Bond Issue An extensive campaign in favor of the state bond issue in December was a major activity of the Student Lobby for Higher Education. Members of the organization distributed 10,- OO0 pamphlets encouraging a cigarette tax to increase education funds. The Lobby work- Members of the Student Lobby visited with state legislators at the capitol in Oklahoma City. Discussing Student Lobby ed with the Oklahoma State Lobby to encour- age legislation dealing with benefits to higher education, taking a stand on junior college re-evaluation, the Regents' reorganization plan, and lowering the voting age to 19. Ken Sala coordinated the OU Student Lobby. ideas are Bill Winston, Ken Sala, Richard Bernard. Represen- tatives Ralph Thompson and Lee Cate, and Larry Martin. ' "win" dxolwm 'WE- ! I'd rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth. -STEVE MCQUEEN 269 Jariis Joplin blares next door at 3 am .... C'Cll'1,I sleep . . . c'an't study . . . played bridge instead . . . no mail . . . not the same old me . . . got the big-bad-too-rnaeh-Iogetheru ness-blues .... If God wanted man to live in a beehive he would have put him there. QI n"',a If Q ,lf 04" 6 D fn if an as ,gin 272 We came from Guymon and Odessa, Teaneek, New Jer- sey, and Tulsa to find something . . . anonymity or indi- viduality, deferment from the draft, you, rne, a better beer, eight thousand a year starting salary. But the last thing we expected to find was a university with a mother complex. lwenty dormitory units comprise fhllllf Center and New Fate. ew Lot Adds Parking Spaces The latest improvement in the residential center was a 592,600 lighted parking lot. Built from the remainder of the 1966 bond is- sue funds, the lot alleviated shortages in resi- dential parking by providing approximately 460 more parking spaces. The 5513.6 million Couch Center, two 12- story towers for men and women which opened in September 1967, was the latest dormitory complex built. With little need for new con- struction for university housing, directors turned their attention to physical improve- ments and maintenance within the various housing centers. With the increasing atmosphere of modern, high-rise living, dorm interest groups were en- couraged. House leaders rivaled with each other to be the most "active" on campus. En- terprising dormitories adopted constitutions and set up their own judicial boards. lighting up OUR skyline are the bl3.6 million Couch Center towers. named lor the late University follege Dean Glenn Cf Couch, Freshmen lived in most of L rom Ccnteik I6 hotixex :ind were xerved by their own ezifeteriat. Krzietlli. located on Wztdsaek Drive, provides apart- ments for married underclassnien und grad students. Adams Center has four sepue rate tower units. catch housing 250 students, joined on the ground iitmr hy at dining urezz. Typical of the trend to high- rise living at OU is Johnson Tower, 21 wing of Adams Center. -'Ji A circular cafeteria with second Hoor snack facilities serves the residents in both Couch North and Couch South complexes Jones Heads Housing Staff of 850 Housing Director Robert M. Jones met periodically with his staff in their new location in Couch Center North to review problems. With L. G. Merritt, assistant director of hous- ing operations, he headed a department with more than 850 employees. Frank Pasierb served as assistant director for food service operations which included six cafeterias in university housing, the athletic training tables and airport cafeteria. He was assisted by Anita Johnson, food service man- ager, Alice Hinkle, commissary manager and Louise Ward, dietitian for Ellison Infirmary. Other staff members were L. S. Ethington, chief accountant for the housing department, Virginia Clark, office manager, Lewis Find- ley, housing maintenance manager, Willene Johnson, housekeeping supervisor, Don Thoes, furniture shop supervisor, Leon Camp, property foreman, apartment managers Lois Appel, Ann Balch and Flynn Reynolds. BOTTOM ROW: Virginia H. Clark, Louise O. Ward, Ann M. Balch, Lois D. Appel. SECOND ROW: Alice L. Hinkle, Anita M. Johnson, Willene Johnson, Frank P. Pasierb, Robert M. Jones. Wl1itchzmd's Doc DeWitt gets congrzltulzttions from Bob Jones JOP ROW: Donald B. Thocs, I.. S. Fthington, leon 11. Camp l. Gilbert Merritt, C. Lewis Findlcy, Flynn Reynolds. Presidents Council Achieves Goals Katie Sweeney, Ethel Polhemus and Janet Keen meet together in the office of Miss Myrna Carney, assistant dean of women for housing, to discuss the Christmas party for orphans, BOTTOM ROW: Diana Dickson, Barbara Forchancl, Carol Bishop, Barbara Johnson, .loceyln Lee, Martha Argoclale, Sue Hirschman, Kalynne Tuck, Barbara Moore, Linda Emhrey, Shelly Stubbs. SECOND ROW: Debbie Cooper, Janet Keen, Berha Jack, Judy Fell, Jayne Sutton, Helen Gooch, Teresa Loftin, Nancy As the result of projects sponsored by the Women's Presidents Council, kitchenettes were provided for each dorm, new food vend- ing machines were set up in Couch Center South and a color television set was purchased for the main floor lounge of the center. As a service project, the group collected money to send to the starving people of Biafra. The council, which consists of all the presi- dents in women's housing, sponsored a Christ- mas party for orphan children in December. The presidents shared a Christmas dinner with the children in the cafeteria, and pre- sented each child with a gift. A magician pro- vided entertainment for the party. Encouraging independents to become in- volved in campus activities was a primary goal of the Presidents Council this year. At their meetings, members of the group held dis- cussions on the various problems and ideas of the dorms they represented. The council's recommendations were then forwarded to thc administration. Holland, Pamela Thrasher, Genese Warr, Nancy Dean. TOP ROW: Chris Lowry, Margaret Sousa, Jo Ann Rott, Luclla Butts, Mari Fass, Annette Gilliam, Judy Krickman, Dorothy Boyle, Ruth Turner, Becky Pinson, Jeanne Dodson, Elisa Knowles. sin. .M Sita BOTTOM ROW: Joyce Gaylor, Billie Harry, Martha Argodale, Mary Anne Winn, Mary Van Hook, Nancy Townsend, Michelle Lefebvre, Peggy Perkins, Nancy Ann Schneider, Susan Cloutier. SECOND ROW: Sue Dannacher, .lanct Parker, Beverly Holmes, Alexandra Lockwood, Linda Youstra, Sue Sault, Bernadette Cole, Carla Estes. Ruthi Mandel. THIRD ROW: Deborah Cudd, Hamill Feature In addition to participating in intramural volleyball, the women of Hamill House sup- ported the Sooners with football spirit posters which featured a special menu for each game. Raising the most money in pre-carnival Campus Chest activities was an important achievement for the women. The dorm also cooperated with the men of Smith House in running a balloon-throwing booth at the Cam- Susan McDonald, Sara Shull, Cindy Schulz, Mary Schmidley, Pat Godfrey, Cheryl Deal, Sandy Hill, Cindy Furman, Patt McCann, Ann Bullock. TOP ROW: Suzanne Watts, Linda Whitacrc, Robin Rodgers, Eileen Bridgetts, Susan Schuttler, Betsy Richeson, Sallie Morton, Penny Beck. .loy Walters, Mary Leonard. s Gridiron Menu pus Chest carnival. As a Christmas project the girls collected a carload of clothes and food for a needy family. Social events on the Hamill House calen- dar included a Halloween masquerade party and a Christmas gift exchange. Members of the dorm also held a Walkout, after which they threw their counselors in the local duck pond. Mary Leonard was counselor. .4 Martha Argodale and Sue Schutt- ler take time for a card game before settling down to studies. ai. .mia l BOTTOM ROW: Karen Jones, Vicki Sheppard, Cheryl Watson, Ginger Taylor, Vicki Gordon, Talesa Rose, Kim Myers, lris Rodriguez, Gail DeMartini, Nancy James. SECOND ROW: Deborah Brooks, Rebecca Broome, Vicki Ammann, Judy Rorge, Kathy Brennan, Ellen Jacobs, Dorothy Hudson, Barbara Bontrager, Lucie Dix, Janet Hurd. THIRD ROW: Teresa Beal. Susan Lynch, Service Projects Service projects were an important part of the year for the women of Jordan House. The girls held a party for orphans and raised S140 for Campus Chest through a slave sale. The dorm also prepared a food basket for a needy family at Christmas. Dorm officers were also busy. President Sandy Callaghan was a candidate for Navy Sherry Van Sickle, Cathy Wagner, Susan Abraham, Cindy Clark, Gail Wallach, Jo Nel Dc La Morcaux, Royceanna Lasley, Mary Bell. TOP ROW: Patrice Coleman, Adonia Adams, Cynthia Lundy, Judy Chapman, Patricia Freeman, Evalyn Knight, Sandra Callaghan, Kathleen Sweeney, Barbara Sykes. ccup Jordan ROTC Cadet Colonel, took part in the Hang- ing of the Greens, and served as chairman of the Cate Center decoration committee for Campus Chest. Cecee Bruton, dorm vice president, was a Hnalist for Alpha Phi Alpha Sweetheart. Counselor Patrice Coleman was a member of Mortar Board and served as Angel Flight commander. Karen Jones talks on the phone. while Renae Rowe, Kim Myers, Gail Wallach and Lynn Gaines wait to hear if this phone call cinches a Friday night date. 125, WWW. Painting a "spirit sign" for their Cate Center dorm before the Ne- braska game are Donna Murray, Cindy Hackman, .leanne Dodson. Candlelights Glisten in McCurtain A change of counselors during semester break and a full share of candlelight ceremon- ies involved the girls of lVlcCurtain House. Dottie Bowlby became second semester coun- selor. as first semester counselor Carolyn Wal- ker left. With Jeannie Dodson, president. and Pat BO'l'l'OM ROW: Leila Snake, linda lommey, Nancy Wilson. lVlil-ynn Emanuel, Sylvia Ralien, Linda Flinchum, Dianna Gulley. Sharon Wacker, Carol Winters. SECOND ROW: Caroyln Walker, Cundie Faust, l.aDawn Schornick, Kay Robertson, Charlotte .fl Newson, vice president, the girls planned a Christmas party. A pizza party with brother dorm Vance House and a homecoming float project with Lawson and McSpadden House kept the girls busy. Resident Cindy Hackman played a role in the l'Sons of Adam" produc- tion and served as social chairman. Nelson, Linda Beauchamp, Bcrno Harliee, l.ou Aim Miclsa. Sherry Bolt. TOP ROVV: Linda May, Mary Hohl, Mary Hollman. Susan Ersland, Linda Claiborne, Jeanne Dodson, Sarah Morrison. Pat Newsom, Lil Russell. 'l'hcre's nothing like an iimhrcllzi to slow down a hasty entry on a cold. rainy night. Neill House resident Phyllis Wiggs discovers. Neill House Develops Stud Skill 'Experiment in Educational Living" is the theme of Neill House, a dorm with a program designed to help students develop skills essen- tial to eilective study. Working closely with Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Sutherland and Dr. and Mrs. George Henderson, students planned BOTIOM ROW: Shirley Bcekel, Many .lane Nonmzin. lillcn Ryan, Dchhie Burg, Cheri lhornhrough, Linda Lake, Kathy Janlen. Michelle Ann Cohen, Kathleen Emanuel, Marilyn litfingcr. SECOND ROW: Janet Smith, Darlene Hall, Diane Mackey, Elaine Welton, Vicki Frohel, Mary Austill, Stephanie Goff, Beverly Breakiron, Nancy Ward, Jeannine Bennett, Kcnclie Widner. their academic programs and social outings. An upperclass academic advisor lived on each floor of the freshman dormitory, each available to help residents with course prob- lems. In addition, Neill House participated in Campus Chest and intramural sports. THIRD ROVV: Cathryn Batrett, Mary l.onthan. Kathy Stovall. Charlene Buchanan, Gennetta Brown, Evelyn Gurney, Linda Evans, Kathleen Franklin, Linda Poguc, Lottie Hall, TOP ROW: Phyllis Wiggs, Trisha Coleman, Linda Connell, Barbara Fleisch- man, Beverly Gilmore, Jetta Orhan, Marilyn Howe, Carol Fyffe. Arlene Staiger, Norma Oakes. Linda McQuillen. '. xx 3 ,t Jin.. la .Qld BOTTOM ROW: Patti Mack, Sandi Farber, Cynthia Johnson, Sandra Scott, Joy Jackson, Loree Sandoz, Karen Beck, Patricia Collins. SECOND ROW: Catherine White, Glenna Bahner, Deborah Baker, Rhonda Blair, Ethel Polhemus, Mary llunt, Becky Gable, Mary Hudson. TOP ROW: Marquita Hutchens, Charlotte Mullin, Deborah Potter, Sarah Hatfield, Bette Hodur, Nancy lfirstcnberger, Beth Tillman. Linda Mantooth. Bizzell Attracts Language Interests lt was only Gtting for Bizzell House to send two delegations to the Model United Nations, since Bizzell is the foreign language dormi- tory. Residents were a tightly knit group with common interests in languages and travel. Employing a flair for the different, the girls, with Karen Beck as counselor, sponsored a Christmas tea for the Modern Language De- partment, an informal hootcnanny and a Moms Day French breakfast. They took part in a book sale sponsored by the modern lang- uage department and hosted speakers from various campus areas. Oilcering girls a chance to converse more often in their chosen lang- uage tield, the language dorm and its concepts ended its third year on the campus. Sandi Farber and Cindy Johnson concentrate on the Ouiji Board, as Joy Jackson. and Patti Mack wait to see what it tells them. BOTTOM ROW: Susan Worley, Linda Dolive, Barbara Jordan, Merry Glaser, Sandy Lawter, Jill Johnson, Kathy Hartman, Pal Schwalbe, Stephanie Robinson, Stevie Whitley. SECOND ROW: Patricia Denson, Marie Willis, Tootie Turk, Jeanette Fries, Teresa Yarnell, Joyce Kyser, Barbara Reyna, Friesha Sullivan, Linda Goodwin. THIRD ROW: Susan Bradley, Barbara Broadous, Anna Berry, Annette White, Margaret Corkery, Jewel Hodrick, Kathryn Laub, Constance Lewis, Bay Nieman, Becky Wright. TOP ROW: Linda Smith, Mollie Keyes, Carole Clausing, Dorothy Boyle, Anne Bachle, Shar Hudson, Eileen Beindorf, Nancy Burns, Susan Krag. Davis House Sponsors Seminar for cDay- n' Davis House, along with its brother dorm Sager, provided a booth for Campus Chest. With proceeds from the booth and a slave sale held the previous week, the dorm con- tributed Sl05 to charity. Residents of the dorm also raised money to entertain orphans and underprivileged children at the carnival. Another project of Davis was sponsorship of a seminar on Disobedience and Dissent for Day-On Activities. Social events enjoyed by Davis House resi- dents included a hay ride and picnic with the men of Sager at Lake Thunderbird. Dottie Boyle was president of the dorm. Forbes Women Construct Homecoming Float Women of Forbes House became involved in campus events early in the year with the construction of a Homecoming iioat and par- ticipation in fund raising for Campus Chest. As a Christmas project, the girls prepared packages of dry cereal and candy to be sent to servicemen in Vietnam. Other dorm activities BOTTOM ROW: Gloria Miller, Stacey Winer, Charlotte Brooks, Karla Bentley, Sue Reddin, Rheta Hyam, Gail Laraway, Madie Wooten, Jane Brunsteter, Eveyln dela Cruz, Peggy Munde. SECOND ROW: Sandy Smith, Barbara Whitney, Linda Doak, Jana Van Arnam, Laura Johnson, Laurie Ryan, Debbie Pruce, Nancy Adkison, Evelyn Davidson, Susan Sernple, Barbara Fore- included intramural sports, an orphans party and a party with brother dorm, Parker House. Forbes House officers included Barbara Forehand, president: Nan McDaniel, vice presi- dent, and Linda Mendelsohn, secretary. Sand- ra Smith served as counselor. hand. THIRD ROW: Sondra Shouse, Jacquelyn Burns, Cathi Schultz, Debbie Coulson, Nan McDaniel, Sandra O'Malley, Connie King, Eve Halperin, Clare Richards. TOP ROW: Katherine Richison, Jane Anne Jayne, Sheryn See, Gina Gay Ramsel, Linda Mendelsohn, Lowelle Childers, Sandra Branum. 1 'b"' K I 55. ' - Q Q Y ttt. at . 25, 25 W 'X Q Z- Y 3 X 2 , :gt 1' .... 1 , .Q we Q bi if 2' ff ii C 1 , ' ' 1 V ' , E , Ai,L BOTTOM ROW: Sally Ilelmstetter, Margaret Weddle, Carolyn Wilclek, Jane Curry, Ada Conn, Jenny Gluckman, Margaret Goodballet, Diana Davis, Sandi Dagon, SECOND ROW: Jean Goodman, Mary Johnson, Nan Barthel, Nancy Myers, Colleen Dawson, Pat Ilouston, Rosemary Hassler, Jamie Sanders, Thea Stanford, Ann Carroll. TOP ROW: Patricia Sigl, Susan Boyer, Sheri Acklcy, Annette Gilliam, Donna McCuiston, Peggy Joscher, Mary Ann Thomas, Dotti Buckhold, Vicki Wood. Herrick Girls Sing Carols at ursing Homes Besides the daily routine of studying and attending classes, residents of Herrick House devoted time to several service projects this year. Residents of the dorm entertained five children at the Campus Chest Carnival, and several of the girls tutored students in Okla- homa City in cooperation with Student Ac- Holman Women Play Scholarship, athletics, projects and fun reigned at Holman House during the school year. Residents participated in intramural vol- leyball and table tennis. The dorm also had a walkout with brother dorm Boyd House and raised money for Campus Chest. Capturing the attention of the girls was dorm mascot, BOTTOM ROW: Marsha McHenry, Diane Smith, Alida Zxxaan, Maretta Moses, Vicki Venard, Nancy Johns, Robin Stearn, Janie McGinley, .lainie Gibbs, Connie Clark, Diana Matt. SECOND ROW, Sharon Leveridge, Renda DcCarolis, Lyndi Whitehead, Sharon Turney, Marilyn Musser, Kyle Lodge, Esther Beard, Linda tion. At Christmas, the girls joined men from Couch North to go caroling at Norman nurs- ing homes. Afterwards, the two dorms en- joyed a hayride. Guiding the residents in their activities was counselor Sabra Martin, a graduate student. Annette Gilliam presided at meetings. Volleyball, Table Tennis Fue Fue the cat. Officers elected to supervise Holman House activities were Ruth Turner, president, Sharon Turney, vice president, Rhena Pensky, secre- tary, Robin Steam, treasurer, and Judy Ham- ilton, social chairman. Counselor was Seddie Barber. a home economics senior. Donley, Cheryl Broder, Nan Paul. THIRD ROW: Djuana Smith, Karen Turncll, Sharlene Robinson, Deborah Roberts, Bonnie Burt, Edith Souder, Darlene Scott, Linda Turnbull, Paula Bacy. TOP ROW: Seddie Barber, Susie Will, Gail lfouts, Margaret Whaley, Linda Grissette, Nancy Putnam, Ruth Turner, Karin Bitto. BOTTOM ROW: Glenda Mitchell, Mary Dammerman, Judy Mellinger, Caroyln Bise. Nancy Burgett, Myrna Ogle, Marsha Due. SECOND ROW: Jacci Clark, Nellie Carter, Alice Hulto, Dean's Honor Roll Li Social activities of Hume House included a party at the lake with mens, dorms Kelly and Sequoyah House. The girls also entertained orphaned children one day for Campus Chest. The house also had several academic achievers, including tive residents on the Dean's Honor Roll. These outstanding stu- Seasonal Projects Ke Seasonal projects headed the list of accomp- lishments and social events at Lawson House. In addition to collection of Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets for needy families, the girls enjoyed a Halloween party staged by the house olhcers and a Christmas party. BOTTOM ROW: Marian Wright, Dawn Davis, Helene Gottlieb. Jacqueline Stinnett, Sonja Moore, Ruth Risinger, Mary Lee Bullard, Sharon Waters, Debby Frye, Jenni Perigo, Jeanne Lord, Margaret Tuck. SECOND ROW: Cynthia DeGusti, Darlene Smoote, Gwendolyn Whetstone, Linda German, Deborah Bauer, sts CD Barbara Hill, Pamela Cash, Elizabeth Nowak, Theresa Johnson TOP ROW: Lu Butts, Dorothy Bundrant, Ann Evans, Anne Gibbs, Peggy Cobb, Cathe Townsend, Caroyln Carruth. Hume House Women dents were Carolyn Bise, Barbara Hill, Bon- ne Livesay, Linda Rackett and counselor Nel- lie Carter. Presiding over dorm meetings was president Lu Beelts. Other officers were vice president Cathe Townsend and secretary-treasurer Pam Cash. Judy Mellinger guided social activities. Lawson House Busy Lawson held open house on Dads Day and had a get-acquainted party with its brother dorm, Kelly House. The two houses cooper- ated to raise money for Campus Chest. Law- son residents participated in Homecoming fes- tivities with the construction of a float. Janet Cowper, Cassandra Mayes, Cathy Diven, Esther Terry, Sue llirschman, Betty Jo Hite. TOP ROW: Mary Maulding, Barbara Barefoot, Shirley Newman, Kathy Slakis, Gail Dault, Toni Alfieri, Lynn Barnes, Arie Henson, Judy Neal, Janis Buchanan, Sharon Eason, Renee Rickey, Miss Fran Tomlin. M- r wflui-f nluniwaae l i , Y BOTTOM ROW: Carol Bishop, Mary Shoemaker, Susan Peters, Janie Tipps, Marlene Kinslow, Vicki Hopkins, Beth Malone, Edna Ross, Lynda Dickerson, Rena Franklin, Theresa Whitelock. SECOND ROW: Linda Wright, Sue Venters, Marjorie Rogers, Carol Crone, Barbara Green, Sidney Earnest, Sue Harbison, Rita Stokes, Glenda Pierce, Gayona Cooper. THIRD ROW: Linda Kaiser, Sally Mitchell, Diana Vevurka, Sam Warden, Cathie Crone, Sharon Wetmore, June Crain, Linda Dorsett, Terri Beam, Ann Hassler. TOP ROW: Teresa Pitts, Walla Rollin, Kerry Carney, Elisa Knowles, Beckie Calhoun, Clarice Holinsworth, Susan Buse, Linda Houston, Barbara Tarbutton. Dozen Red Roses Please cSpadden irls McSpadden House residents received a doz- en red roses when they were chosen as sister dorm by Prentice House. Returning the comp- liment, McSpadden residents serenaded Pren- tice and gave each boy a cupcake with his name on it. Later they teamed with Prentice House to run a Campus Chest booth selling caramel apples. The residents, under counselor Linda Wright, captured the prize for best Dads Day decorations, and teamed with Lawson and McCurtain Houses to build a homecoming lloat, adapting the theme "Oom gawah Soonah powahf' for their decorations. Cleo Cross Writes Rules for Self-Government Cleo Cross House, honors dorm for upper- class women, had the distinction this year of seceding from the Association of Women Stu- dents and writing up a constitution for self- government. Residents of the dorm participated in Cam- pus Chest activities and were individually ac- BOTTOM ROW: Shirley Ann Harris, Frances Peacock, Pat Hall, Genese Warr, Claudia Wylie, SECOND ROW: Karol Davis, Elaine Sue Lutz, Teresa M. Black, Julie Johnson, Paula Loyd. tive as well. Bringing recognition to Cleo Cross were Terry Black, Constitutional Con- vention delegate and member of the Presi- dent's Advisory Council, Karen Vinyard, Con- stitutional Convention and Model UN dele- gate, and Genese Warr, dorm president and J-Board representative. TOP ROW: Victoria June Sheliier, Linda Sue Goff, Karen Vin- yard, Louise Bitting, Elaine Davis, Laura Calvert, Diane Staw. BOTTOM ROW: Cheryl Hildinger, Susan Harris, Angela Ganser Carol Scott. TOP ROW: Pamela Cravens, Awanda Faye Garda Ann Sanders, Delores Moore, Ellen Goldberg, Vicki Bowers: ner, Paulette Stowe, Patricia Connolly, Margaret Sousa, Janis Angelia Busby, Karen Byers, Mary Neptune. SECOND ROW: Bass, Janice Harrison, Barbara Meisel, Gail Westfall, l.ura Joseph, Nancy Trenam, Cecilia Rippy, Donna Gillett, Barbara Splnner, Ann Buchanan. Evans pens Bod -Painting Booth for Charit Evans House residents played important girls and Walkouts to local pizza parlors also roles in collecting money for Campus Chest served to unify residents of the dorm. this year. The dorm sponsored a body-painting Officers who helped to guide Evans House booth in the Cate Center carnival and enter- activities included Margaret Sousa, president: tained underprivileged children on Kids Day. Phyllis Kubista, vice president: Joy Kadey. Candlelight ceremonies for recently engaged secretary, and Otherine Graham, treasurer. Muldrow 6 Sc Women Receive Recognition Bringing recognition to Muldrow 6 84 7 Campus Chest carnival and a Christmas party. were Sunny Tobias, a Top Ten Best Dressed The girls played volleyball in intramurals. CoedgCalene Green, Honorary Cadet Colonel Muldrow 6 84 7 residents learned much for Army ROTC, and Patsy Bennett, Little about the countries of Bolivia and Jamaica Sister of Minerva for Sigma Alpha Epsilon. from foreign students Leonor Landler and Events to be found on the dorm's social Ingrid Sleem. Rhana Robison and Sherry calendar included a back-rub booth for the Curtis served as counselors. BOTTOM ROW: Mary Bailey, Leonor Landler, Caroyln Lorett, Jane Gingrich, Nancy Daley, Maureen Terrell. TOP ROW: Susan Reid, Barbara Kravet7, Donna Hartsell, Susan Nutty, lngrid Sleem, Diane Favre, Nancy Craig, Calene Green, Sunny Charlotte Borchers, Rhuna Robison, Sherry Curtis. SECOND Tobias, Patsy Bennett, Sally Henry, Jan Hirsch, Fredda Young, ROW: Karen DeLong, Loree Nance, Susan Smith, Sharon Bron- Patty Sires, Gail Belcher. son, Sue Richardson, Connie Cruse, Nancy Robertson, Patty Akins, .ln Al. .gn , K 1 'H a'l!:ElS.1Tiit " Vlvii-R.iYll,:A , ? ' ' ' 1 f Amid typical dorm clutter, Rhon- da Shapiro. Cathy Davis, Jill Whitebook and Lundy Pridgen gather for a talking session. uldrow 2 Sc Houses Freshmen Early morning shaving cream and water tights kept Muldrow 2 and 3 counselor Patsy McBrayer busy this year. The energetic fresh- men also planned a coke party and Christmas party to offer an escape from freshman courses. President Jackie Polotnick and vice presi- BOTTOM ROW: Becky Braden, Sue Foster, Lisa Epstein, Jill Whitebook, Laura Frieden, Teri Stone, Wendy Kornick, Carol Sitnick, Patty Thorpe, La Donna Wilds. SECOND ROW: Linda Ladin, Marian Seligman, Chris Ward, Gayle Clifton, Caye Crutcher, Beverly Fishman, Phyllis Gaspardo, Marj Walters, Penny Horne, Gailynn Armstrong. THIRD ROW: Patsy usa-1. dent Chris Ward organized numerous activi- ties for the girls, including an informal foot- ball team and games with mens' dormitories. Secretary-treasurer Laurie Frieden and so- cial chairman Lisa Epstein aided in planning the dorm's Christmas exchange of gifts and Coke parties with several men's dorms. McBrayer, Kathleen Southerland, Mary Beth Rowe, Rhonda Shapiro, Joyce Abramson, Ramona Lucero, Lundy Pridgen, Julie Lloyd, Debbie Schuster, Virginia Kavanaugh, Beth Klein. TOP ROW: Phyllis Ernst, Cathy Brewer, Cathy Davis, Jackie Polotnick, Jodi Marks, Sue Eisen, Chris Carroll, Donna Nelson, Brooke Belsey. 4-L l A at A, BOTTOM ROW: Katie Royal, Gail Shapiro, Tricia Copeland, Elleene Carnot, Nancy Bruce, Judi Pitlor, Robin Bobnstein, Pat Glassman, Kandi Kerr, Marty Baker, Cindy Pribble, Jean Christensen. SECOND ROW: Judith Barrington, Diane Kirby, Lynn Guller, Ellen Stern, Elaine Apostolos, Robyn Sher, Peggy Cheves, .Ian Shaffer, Carolyn Wilcox, Debby Milder, Amy Hayes. THIRD ROW: Martha Walker, Nancy Archer, Ann Stafford, Dale Jones, Susan Schnitzer, Carole Serbin, Linda Greenberg, Mary Rawlins, Karla Robinson, Shelly Katz. TOP ROW: Donna Vaeger, Patricia Quinlan, Kathy Hughes, Georgiana Millerman, Marsha Thompson, Barbara Willis, Elaine Riordan, Vicki O'Dell, Beverly Brown, Claudia Poole, Helen Lerman. uldrow 4 SL 5 Entertains Children Giving needy children a day to remember, Muldrow Floors 4 8z 5 set up a back rub booth to raise money for Campus Chest and then played host to several children on Kids Day. Among those participating academically in campus activities were Claudia Poole and Mary Rawlins, appointed to Model UN. Rounding out this year's activities with so- cial functions Were surprise birthday parties, a dance with Johnson 6 8: 7, and a winning streak in Powder Puff football. Officers were Martha Walker, president, and Carolyn Wilcox, vice president. Katie Royal was counselor of the dormitory. For a dorm banner. Dottie Bowl- by and Barbara Willis sew from one side as Diane Kirby and Pat Quinlan hold the material steady. Q, ii ,,..,.,. 'rtf 4 ' , aiif .... 'X' .N rll, . rete V 1 t Candy Snecd plays the piano while Pam Sutton, Diane Fischer. Bobbye Gowan and Jonette Ny- strom combine singing talents. kit Features Muldrow Counselor Early in the year the upperclass women of Muldrow l0, ll 84 12 saw their counselor, Margaret Tusing, as Miss McGillicutty in a skit, "Alice Goes to Schoolf put on by the counselors of Muldrow Tower. Later in the fall residents raised money for charity by join- ing the men of Tarman in sponsoring "Irma BOTTOM ROW: Dottie Bowlby, Debbie Fox, Janet Nunn, Marye Dickson, Jonette Nystrom, Mary Monfore, Bobbye Gowan, Barbie Bonhardt, Sue Ellis, Cheryl Webber, Margaret Tusing. SECOND ROVV: Cathy Jordan, Jennifer Craven. Anne Peoples, Lyn Hammon, Louise Matula, Cheryl May, Jo Ann Lukehart, Janice Youberg, Nancy Holland, Diane Fischer. THIRD ROW: Pamela La Duce's Massage Salon" at the Campus Chest carnival. Officers elected to lead the dorm included Candy Sneed, president: Mary Monfore, vice president: Bobbye Gowan, secretary, Ginny Yen, treasurer: Diane Fischer, social chair- man, and Barbara Bates, WRA. Sutton, Ginny Yen, Candy Sneed, Teresa Smith, Charlo Hughes, Carolyn Osko, .loan Palmer, Kathryn Green, Susan Aleksejus, Wyvonna Boyle. TOP ROW: Rosemary Hall, Diane Adornio. Martha Kendall, Candy Sexton, Linda Lakin, Debbie Peters, Kathy Linn, Jann Diedrich. During an evening study break Laura Whitney and Kay Lawr- ence come back upstairs after getting cokes at Couch facilities. East 2 West Write Constitution 9 Couch Center wings 2 East and 2 West, both honors donns, combined to form an in- dependent governing body, writing their own constitution and setting up their own judicial board. 2 East residents began this year with a tea in honor of Mrs. Hollomon. Among their BOTTOM ROW: Barbara Northington, Maury Sharp, Dala Rookstool, Laura Whitney, Debra Utterback, Merry Bagby, Cheryl Craig, Maria Bustillo, Carole Pence, Stephanie Wertz, Diana Dickson, Pat Gant. SECOND ROW: Sally Bard, Jennie Mayfield, Cookie Mogab, Linda Foreman, Wendy Elmore, Dinah Dollins, Marthenia Miller, Karen Fisher, Esther Hauser, Kathy Sharp, Virginia Vance, Sue Voss. THIRD ROW: Laurie West, lt memorable occasions will be the '42 East Panic Parties," all-night typing sessions in the study lounge before English themes were due. The majority of the dorm residents were members of University Scholars or of the Presi- dent's Leadership Class. Counselor for 2 East was Marilyn Foster. Dawn Anna, Rebecca Croisant, Janet Reardon, Suzanne Robben, Anita Strickland, Linda Moss, Ruth Robbins, Kay Lawrence, Carol Meyer, Marsha Richmond, Sharon Neumann. TOP ROW: Joy Johnson, Denice Palmer, Margaret Froeschle, Joelle Woller, Diana Hiskett, Becky Jones, Susan Tubbs, Lynda Foley, Gail Fites, Tamsen Murray, Marjorie Clay. .1 .. -KS l if BOTTOM ROW: Pamela Pursifull, Candace Carlson, Aline Lovett, Deborah Anderson, Judith Bolene, Lynda Freed, Patricia Patter- son, Marilyn Foster, Jean Sorrells, Sherry Heisch, Margie Frieze, Linda Lacy. SECOND ROW: Janice Johndrow, Linda Southern. Rebecca Catlett, Lynn Tolson, Mary Smith, Sharon Sibbitt, Jo Ann Honors Dorm Hold Social activities delighted the women of 2 West, an honors dorm with both freshman and upperclass women. President Chris Lowry led the girls in planning "smarty', parties with 4 East and 4 West men of Couch North, whom they adopted as brother dorms. The girls worked closely with 2 West, an all-freshman honors dorm, sharing their gov- W: inf Hodges, Carol Diggs, Kay Aldridge, Diane Plyant, Donalee Bailey, Anne Regier. TOP ROW: .lan Weaver, Marcia Schupbach, Michele Davis, Ginny Grant, Candy Kirk, Margie Box, Kay Jarchow, Oteka Harris, Ginger Thorpe. Chris Lowry, Pat Hess. USmarty', Part erning constitution and J-Board. They took part in the Campus Chest orphans program. Marilyn Foster, guidance counseling major, was counselor of the dormitory. Helping to organize much of the dorm ac- tivities were oflicers Cheryl Kienholz, vice president, Donalee Bailey, secretary-treasurer, and Linda Price, social chairman. Frank Whilbeck and Kay Jar- chow study in 2 West lounge. a visiting privilege possible because of the dormitory's constitution. ,av-in .Ile it BOTTOM ROW: Donna Lingle, Debbie Griffin, Robin Richter, Dee Rosenblatt, Marybeth Strum, Suzanne Sutton, Pam Henry, Cary Moncrief, Sherry Lemmons, Janis Axlerod, Marilyn Newell, Melanie Shearer. SECOND ROW: Sandra Grice, Debbie Wallock, Cathy Waxler, Marileigh Adams, Janet Hays, Emma Lou Standing- water, Lynn Fitzgerald, Susan Mishkin, Ann Monsour, Jaclyn DeJarnette, Viva Sheffler. THIRD ROW: Lynne Scott, Janet Hardy, Emily Larson, Jill Ostrander, Cathy Printz, Jo Ann Sluder, Carol Graham, Linda Fisher, Susan Burford, Charlotte Pannell, Nancy Olmstead. TOP ROW: Nancy Clarkson, Carol Herbert, Rhonda Latimer, Deborah Ankney, Betsy Nathan, Lois Matthews, Beverly Moore, Paula Johnson, Pam Vennerberg, Lulyn Norville, Janet Willoughby, Mickey Husted. Residents Honored for Leadership Although defeated in football by men from Couch North, the women of 3 West were suc- cessful in academic activities. Named to the President's Leadership Class were dorm resi- dents Nancy Clarkson, Susan Cochran, Cleta Deatherage, Jaclyn De Jarnette, Paula John- son and Nancy Olmstead. Also bringing rec- ognition to 3 West were Beverly Moore, semi- Hnalist for Honorary AFROTC Colonel, and Pam Henry, delegate to the Constitutional Convention. Among the dorm's activities were a Hal- loween party with McCain House and the adoption of ten orphans for Children's Day at Campus Chest. The girls also sponsored a carnival booth with the Phi Delta Theta pledge class. Dr. J . Clayton Feaver was the dorm's faculty sponsor. At their weekly dorm meetings 3 West residents get information, plan parties, and sometimes lis- ten to counselor admonitions. W Debbie Wallock's decorative bul- letin board is her dorm room's best "escape mechanism." Otiicers Cary Moncrief. Pam Henry. Suzanne Sutton and Sherry Lemmons set up house government system. notes 'tSuntz1 Cillillfi Nancy Stewart distributed candy around the dorm ut the Christmas pztrtyt 295 Putting thoughts of Christmas behind, Gayle Thompson. Janet Lane. Becky McClure and Bar- bara Moore store their luggage. 3 East Promotes Young House in promoting Sooner spirit with a Beat Texas Water balloon throw at the Campus Chest carnival Keeping dorm spirits high was freshman cheerleader Meredith Eu banks Barbara Moore of 3 East presided over the BOTTOM ROW: Annette Waller, Laura Renegar, Darla Stokes, Pamela Field, Faye Levine, Carol Robbins, Annabelle Heinen, Barbara Moore, Sandy Hayes, Gayle Thompson, Sheri Hedrick, Anita Weaver. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Hess, Barbara Johnson, Janet Lane, Becky McClure, Carol Quinn, Karen Nistetter, Donna au- . k Women of 3 East joined their brother dorm l Spirit at Carni al Festival of Lights, a Christmas program spon- sored by Couch Center for the entire univer- sity. The girls also held their own Christmas party with Young House. Dorm residents Laura Renegar and Pollie Murphy brought recognition as members of the President's Leadership Class. Bragman, Wendy Nagel, Lizabeth Waring, Gail Sanders, Dianne Freeman. TOP ROW: Martha Willsie, Janet Rogers, Karen Kelly, Gayle Cluck, Nancy Taylor, Yvette Prizant, Ann Ackerman, Ruth McConnell, Karen Vargas, Tricia Trower, Jamie White, Diane Smith. BOTTOM ROW: Beverly Jones, Vicki Pearson, Linda Bornhoeft, Melinda Wexler, Ann McKithan, Dee Dee Semple, Yvonne Dollarhite, Barbara Schmidt, Kathy Luke, Dee Ducharme, Nancy Lambert. SECOND ROW: Ginny Ruble, Gwenn Husak, Antion- ette McFarlin, Claudia Brooks, Becky Hiller, Pamela Thrasher, Rebecca McCary, Betty Reiff, Bea Burris, Diane Finley, Pam Woods, Barbara Fink. THIRD ROW: Caroyln Hale, Suzette Renfro, Ruth Holmes, Nikki Ford, Vicki Mobley, Sandra Douglas, 5 West Residen The women of 5 West began their activities this year by "decorating" counselor Betty ReiiT's room with shaving cream. The girls en- tertained six orphans at Campus Chest Chil- dren's Day. They also raised money for chari- ty by joining the men of Johnson 2 81 3 in sponsoring a 'fShave-a-Balloonn booth at the carnival. Among the dormis social activities 'LS Margo McGee, Mary Beth Sallinger, Joanie Bernstein, Janell Rock, Sandy Bacharach, Janice Freeman, Dee Dunlop, Cynthia Lair, Pam Brown, Myrna Newman. TOP ROW: Sharon Mahl, Christine Hahn, Marsha Edwards, Ellen Ginsberg, Betsy Shields, Sonnie Sellers, Patti Cassody, Marcia Gore, Diana Snyder, Ann Worrell, Margaret Hughes, Kyle Randerson, Diane Hollander, Sherry Stemm, Karen Andrako, Susie Harrison, Susie Hamaker, Patti Duffy. Make Mischief were Halloween and Christmas parties. Resi- dents of 5 West also took part in intramural sports. Pam Thrasher led the women as president of the dorm. Other officers were Becky Hiller, vice presidentg Antoinette McFarlin, secretary, and Claudia Brooks, treasurer. Kathy Luke, Ann Worrell were social chairmen. Finding a convenient study spot. Marcia Gore and Patti Cassody take their books to the lounge. J lt .unit , .i BOTTOM ROW: Vicki Wutkin, Kristine Johnson, Geraldine Brower, Nancy Rosen, Sally Schwartz, Debbie Kile, Jo Dee, Shelley Quinn, Sandra Freeny, Eileen Jackson, Kathy Maricle. SECOND ROW: Beverly Blair, Nancy Hollis, Rosanne Levit. Shelley Semp, Janet Hindes, Judy Shebcster, Janie Harper, Andrea Hurayt, Debi Guillot, Karin Kongs, Cathy Miller, Sara Cloninger. THIRD ROW: Nancy Hampton, Barbara Frazier, Terry Jones, Mary Dawson, Patty Davis, Joan Murray, Patricia Barber, Diane Parrack, Sarah Baker, Joella Marek, Patty Bachman. TOP ROW: Janet Russell, Susan Ryan, Marlene Cafone, llise Brown, Patrice Allen, Gay Stotts, lllene Cohen, Phyllis Storthz, Pat Hieronymus, Peggy Young. Jane Holloman. 6 Ea t Sponsors Spaghetti Booth Amid the dorm routine of studies, fire alarms and broken candy machines, residents of 6 East managed to plan extra activities. A pizza party and football game with bro- ther dorm 7 East added variety during the year. Led by dorm oihcers Nancy Rosen, Mary Dawson, Phyllis Storthz, Vicki Mundt, and Maxine Dunsky, the women sponsored a spaghetti booth at the Campus Chest carnival, and supported their own Beauty and the Beast candidates. WRA representative Debbie Rob- erts encouraged intramural participation throughout the year. Vivian Stephenson, a senior majoring in lan- guage, was dormitory counselor, and Sara Cloninger assisted her. More room to spread out makes the lounge more convenient than their rooms for Debbie Kile and Linda Williams to decoupage, ln a festive air, Donnee Hayes. Suzie Quinn and Kathy Corneli- son add the last bit of tinscl to their lounge Christmas tree. West Decoration Take Prizes Working overtime with president Berba Jack, residents of 6 West earned Hrst place for their dorm decorations for Campus Chest, and third place for their Dads Day banner. Led by the initiative of counselor Gayle Northcutt. they sold paper flowers at their Campus Chest booth and ratified tickets to the OU-Texas BO'li'l'OM ROW: Gayle Northcutt, Sally Sewell, Diane Thorne, Margaret Shuller, Melinda Upchurch, Margaret Snorf, Susie Knox, Lynda Vinez, Erica Littman, Susan Bowles, Sissy Fugitt, Diana Burlic, Linda Lake, Terry Saltlman, Margo Glater. SECOND ROW: Cyndy Faul, Susan Katz, Patti Kruger, Karen McLeod, Donnee Hayes, Janet Grossman, Monte Monnett. Georgene Fefler, Linda Heath, Donna Harmon, Michele Wade, Susan Barry, Susan Frectlman, Dale Ettinger, Sherry Arrington. THIRD ROW: Candy l ... l ...- game. Two brother dorms, 6 West Couch North and Burton House, captured the girls' inter- ests. Active in sports, they played volleyball. tennis and speedball. Freshman cheerleader Suzie Quinn promoted spirit in the dorm. The house sent two to Model UN. Cody, Mickey Pierce, .lan Kilberg, JoAnne Mans, Rosalie Riddle, Nancy Levin, Barbara Voss, Linda Calmes, Sue Barton, Lynda Donley, Mary Ann Holloway, Carol Swank, Nancy Bogard. TOP ROW: Nanci Shilrin, Berba Jack, Janet SI. George, Diane Kirk' patrick, Lesley May, Jan Sims, Priscilla Thomas, Marlyn Paul, Ellen Devinney, Julie Eberle, Linda Wilson, Diane Goltz, Carol Parker, Carla Smith, Donnelle Burk. 10 East residents Jo Anne Nath- an. Mona Freedman and Jill Trachtman release energy during a good-natured pillow fight. 10 East cnnen Charity projects were among the numerous activities of 10 East. Sandy Coggins and Di- anne Mead tutored children in Noble, and Gay Swantz helped children in Oklahoma City. The girls also compiled a Christmas basket. A booth was opened for Campus Chest. BOTTOM ROW: Ronnye Perry, Paula Starks, Carol Cohen. Paula Tuber, Gail Hall, Carolyn Higgins, Judith Buckles, Jackie Guthery, Darleene Mesarick, Maura Wood. SECOND ROW: Linda Jeffries, Teresa Loftin, Phyllis Caplan, Deanna Bond, Sandy Coggins, Kathy Harris, Pam Wilson, Suzy Burnett, Mitzie Standlee, Merilla Rina, Robin Wagner. THIRD ROW: Linda Trenfield, f-CEA .attc .iii ' .Provide Service "Oom gawah" were the words on the 10 East entry in the Homecoming float parade. which placed second in its division. The girls also participated in such sports as volleyball and ping pong. Sandy Coggins was a semi-finalist in the tennis singles. Shari Deener, Linda Myers, Diana Coleman, Miriam DeSilva, Laura Lotz, Judy Harwich, Lesly Evans, Diane Meade, Brenda Haynie, Marilyn Mascho. TOP ROW: Margaret Masterson, Claudia A. Waters, Linda Jourdain, Jane Jackson, Gay Swartz, Mary Ann Stark, Ellen Alexander, Jeannie King, Gayle Polansky, Beth Cornelius, Kathy Winters, Janet Becker. M s n lg .., BOTTOM ROW: Dana Weaver, Frances Kohn, Jerry Conley, Irene Ontiveros, Nancy Harn, Marsha Hart, Linda Marriott, Wanda Axtell, Katherine Hightower, Debbi Roller. SECOND ROW: Marsha Murphy, Linda Hamlin, Bonnie Conner, Karen Ann Susan, Vicki lmMasche, Sandra Barger, Sherry Wills, Karen East Women Enter The women of 4 East entered tournaments in volleyball, basketball and softball. Other social activities planned by the residents and their president Irene Ontiveros were a relaxer party, Halloween and Christmas parties. Counselor Linda Marriott was given a McLane, Elaine Caldwell. TOP ROW: Connie Dennis, Judy Luckowski, Peggy Martin, Cyd Johnson, Marty Davis, Tish Armstrong, Trisha Mayhall, Jann Northrip, Maribeth Leonard, Barbara Baber, Intramural Tournaments special birthday party. The residents concen- trated their service projects around young children, as on Campus Chest Kids Day, when they took 30 children to a carnival. On an- other occasion, residents held a party with the children at the Cerebral Palsy Center. West irls Demonstrate Ability in Football The women of 4 West proved their ability in football with a I3-7 victory over their broth- er dorm 7 West. Other social activities of the dorm included parties at Christmas and Thanksgiving and open houses on Dads Day and Homecoming. As service projects the girls participated in Campus Chest with a coin- BOTTONI ROW: Claira Kerschner, Kathryn Harris, Darla Womastek, Claire Brockman, Toni Pomerantz, Sheila Dillard, .lane Goldberg, Melanie Carlberg, Carolyn Hudgens, Starr Gholston. SECOND ROW: Vahla Vammen, Barbara Farrcr, Diane Diggle, Dorothy Tate, Mary Geatches, Claudia Loveland, Kathy Glaze, Nancy Moulding, Jane Clarke, Judi Loy. THIRD .l .aww - throw booth and entertained orphans at a Christmas party sponsored by women's hous- ing. Zelbert Moore, assistant to Vice President David Burr, was faculty sponsor for the dorm and was entertained at a dinner in his honor. Dorothy Tate was dorm president. ROW: Margy Ayres, Nancy Smart, Cynthia McCortney, .lola Higginbottom, Carolyn McCortney, Kathryn Albert, Donna McBee, Terry Chassin, April Gefvert. TOP ROW: Mclanic Farnsworth, Jocelyn Lee, Debbie Ilenry, Marlene Thompson, Judy Hoellerich, Betty Engstrom, Paula Pennington, Jan Coleman Duane Ray, Randy Hanes. E ir ffiytifiiaflwdl. in . .ln BOTTOM ROW: Dana Nicholson, Patty Edmonds, Kay Richard- son, Marci Riskin, Debi Davis, Ellen Levine, Gay Jenkins, Caryn Odom, Lee Anne Lykes, Karen Ercolani, Pam Stone. SECOND ROW: Sharon Heffernan, Cindy Owens, Margaret Flippo, Cindy Hatcher, Brenda Bowman, Becky Burris, Pam Gau, Candice East Women Hang School spirit was the all-out thing for the girls of 5 East this year. Holding special mean- ing for the dorm were the fun of moving in, the thrill of candlelights, and little incidents, like roommates borrowing their best perfume for a hippie party, sunburns in November from football games, and phones ringing at two Jones, Cathy Reams, Cathy Edwards, Jayne Sutton. TOP ROW: Kathy Northington, Linda Rogers, DebbIe Morris, Virginia Long, Linda Chestnut, Debbie Baker, Joann Davies, Tangy Hough, Junel Barrois, Marilyn Scliad, Diane Hayward, Glenda Penny, Otie Ann Delaporte. Permanent Spirit Signs o'clock in the morning. Permanent spirit signs hung in the dorm, supplemented by special game day signs. Counselor Linda Rogers led in encouraging residents' fathers to attend their Dads Day coffee, which was served by oflicers Sharon Heffernan and Karen Goldman. Two fBest-Dressed' Reside in Couch East The girls of 7 East could well have follow- ed the fashions of Nancy Bowman and Marian Caldwell this year, as both were named Top Ten Best Dressed Coeds. As WRA represen- tative, Ellen Shepard, freshman cheerleader, led the girls in football with Johnson 2 8: 3. BOTTOM ROW: Georgeann Collins, Ethel Moore, Sherri Burstein, Susan Miller, Carol Krakover, Susan Friedman, Ellen Shepherd, Sandee Gimlin, Karen Price, Helen Sheldon, Franny Zivin. SECOND ROW: Margaret Dingman, Jane Dolly, Nancy Melton, Laurie Denison, Sue Ellis, Jan Dryer, Nancy Bowman, Gail Zarrow, Kathy Folger, Lillian Finch. THIRD ROW: Andrea 4. Other social activities included a Dads Day reception, escorting orphans on Campus Chest day and a function with their brother dorm. Organizing activities this year were president Becky Pinson and vice president Ethel Moore. Marjorie Ball was counselor. Sadur, Bonnie Sadur, Vicki Weindruch, Patrice Rizzuti, Katherine Green, Janet Frazier, Gail Whitbeck, Janice Jones, Cynthia Seay, Kathy Wakefield, Becky Hooper, Leslie Pierce. TOP ROW: Sherry Marshall, Kay Kuerston, Margie Ball, Karen Anderson, Susan Brimer, Becky Pinson, Dianne Dennehy, Marian Caldwell, Lynda Selman. al A .-1 I 1:71 wrt v'vi1'ii'wv'vv1:am v- rzifxaarsn mwewsiszsiaav- . A '1 n1'rli-11:-i lamnal BOTTOM ROW: Jeanne Peistrup, Lynn Eisentraut, Alanna Harris, Susan Husney, Kim Salzman, Beverly Williams, Judith Swade, Patricia White, Julia Rutledge, Gail Gibian. SECOND ROW: Linda Farris, Nina Fischbein, Barbara Collins, Cindy Baker, Kenni Merritt, Paula Derex, Jeanene Miller, Suzanne Martin, Margaret Baxt, Carolyn Dykes, THIRD ROW: Linda West Shares Dinners Activities with their brother dorm high- lighted this year for the girls of 7 West. Join- ing forces with the boys of Johnson Tower Floors 6 and 7, they shared dorm dinners, a pizza party and a Halloween party. A psychedelic kissing booth raised more East Residents Send Vietnam fund-raising was the important project for residents of 8 East, who also de- lighted in frequent visits to the "Presidential Suitef' President Judy Fell, vice president Bobbie Gordon and counselor Patty Marshall worked to set up the dorm party to raise money. From BOTTOM ROW: Lora Mosier, Susan Borchard, Susan Myers, Ellen Shadid, Susan Sullivan, Mary Michaud, Susan Bassel, Janice Belcher, Cornelia Land. SECOND ROW: Patty Marshal, Pam Dilldine Jac ueline Hue Gin er Willett Chirlt , q y, g , z 0 te Daniel, Wanda Shipley, Carol Auten, Cheryl Bennett, I-'erne Liebman. K Abramson, Rebecca Scroggins, Cindy Sue Tolbert, Sharon Hurst, Jill Springer, Janie Letson, Dedc Gerry, Karen Curtis, Ann Lawrence, June Hazlett, Jan Henslee, Joanne Wilson. TOP ROW: Jennifer Fulkerson, Laura Binkley, Barbara Mallett, Cathy Andrews, Sheryl Turner, Mary Boyko, Lillie Simon, Joni Mythen, Mari Fass. Janet Bush, Sondra Duckworth, Mary Stephenson. with Brother Dorm than fifty dollars for Campus Chest and bas- kets of canned foods were given to needy fam- ilies at Thanksgiving. A Christmas skit nar- rated by president Mari Fass and performed by the 7 West residents was put on for a group of underprivileged children at Christmas time. ifts to Vietnam Men the amount collected, gifts were bought and sent to men in Vietnam. New fund-raising methods were employed when 8 East sold sandwiches and cokes in the Towers rooms. The girls also brought in money for Campus Chest charities by sponsor- ing a dance. THIRD ROW: Betsy Miller, Jeannie Nelson, Susan Reinert, Judy Fell, Bobbi Gordon, Mary Jane Mallett, Cathryn Carley, Kaye Martin, Nancy lmholte. TOP ROW: Kathy Murphy, Pam Presley, Julie Gamble, Kathy Denney, l.inda Salmons, Sandy Pappan. Amelie Moore, Alana Gattis. - BOTTOM ROW: Laurie Grossman, Sandy Montgomery, Sue Colvert, Patty Tubb, Nancy Leve, Jill Brown, Susie Heller, Linda Embrey, Brooks Little, Cathy Colitz, Linda Levin, Ellen Jacobs, Joan Gold. SECOND ROW: Jan Sartor, Suellen Simon, Sandy Howell, Rose Huff, Joan Bissonnette, Linda Polk, Susan Norden- dale, Francine Schiffman, Susan Beasley, Barbara Campbell, Kathleen Appleby, Patti Blumberg, Kay Horning, Peggy Carter. West Opens Campus Sidewalk cafes proved to be a good invest- ment when 8 West girls worked with their bro- ther dorm for Campus Chest. President Linda Embrey helped prepare the cafe special, spa- ghetti. The cafe earned enough to be the most profitable booth from the Towers. .,z.,, . THIRD ROW: Beth Freedman, Linda l-latt, Barbara Strom, Lesley Palmer, Linda Kosoff, Janie McCharen, Gayle Stagner. Kathy Valenta, Diane Dunnett, Vicki Tirey, Vicki Welch, Sherry Cotney, Kay Cavencr, Judy Curtis. TOP ROW: Sharon Tinkler, Nika Bledsoe, Beverly Bradley, Sheila Guffey, Beverly Woodrome, Evette LaParche, Faith Summers, Vicki Elrod, Dorothy Mapes, Elaine Houser. Nanci Weinstein, Wendy Roth. Chest Sidewalk Cafe A door decoration contest brought holiday spirit inside to residents. Counselor Kay Horn- ing acted as judge to choose the best Christmas design and awarded the prize to a three-dimen- sional angel decoration made by Yvette La- Parche and Beverly Woodrome. 9 East President Awards Halloween Prizes Originality was the key word for the women of 9 East, who sponsored a back rubbing booth for Campus Chest and earned S24 for charities. A Halloween party, complete with party pics. highlighted the dorm's activities. Presi- dent Kalynne Tuck awarded prizes in the cos- BOTTOM ROW: Becky Garber, Melanie Cobb, Anida Daily, Linda Wolff, Susan Stephens, Sharon Ratliff, Cynthia Orr. Martha Henry, Elaine Cooper, Debby Hanville, Patty Basler, Kalynne Tuck. SECOND ROW: Candie Carver, Missy Parker, Jerry Howard, Shirley Stafford, Charlotte Daniel, Susan Anderson, Margaret Hail, Sherry Williams, Kaye Moody, Tracye Strauss, Suyi Gold, Sandra Thompson, THIRD ROW: Lyn Rein- ? MK N H tume judging, giving the award for prettiest costume to Pat Plagemon and the award for ugliest to Jerry Bonner. Becky Garber, an organ major, was counselor of the dorm, and Jamie Sprouls was assistant counselor. Deshi Dehesh, from Iran, added an international touch to dorm life. ke. .lean Porter. Alicia Mapoles, Stephanie Perry, Melissa Hearn, Jana Johnston, Jo Nell Peterson, Sandy Ellsworth, Cheryl Kahn, Joy Hamby, JoAnne Wolfe. TOP ROW: Jean Simmons, Marlene Buckman, Diane Golclen, Gail Hyams, Jerri Bonner, Jane Klaflke, Dianna Thompson, Mary Yount, Jamie Sprouls, Marcia Hays. Deborah Powell, Karen Lain, . . as. , . -M - ' ln l BOTTOM ROW: Judy Beach, Janice Coker, Arlene Levine, Martitia Casey, Margery Goldberger, Marilyn Winfield, Harlene Slaughter, Brenda Bolt, Stefanie Eiger, Gunda Jacobson. SECOND ROW: Betty Globe, Adrian Thomas, Andrea Studin, Linda Hindman, Sandy Snodgrass, Lyn Wasserman, Joan Scheinbaum, Melanie Portnoy, Debby Goldberg, Brooke 9 West Shares Turke Taking 35 orphan children to dinner was the major project for the women in 9 West this year. The girls shared a Thanksgiving turkey dinner with the children in the cafeteria and afterward organized games complete with prizes. President Helen Gooch and secretary Con- Wolch. THIRD ROW: Susan Jacovitz, Sherry Faulkner, Glenda White, Helen Gooch, Connie Deaville, Debbie Pitts, Linda Abbott, Sandy Hood, Sonya Fallgatter. TOP ROW: Dianne Vyskocil, Barbara Tygesson, Susan Lerner, Deborah Mewshaw, Cathy Mixon, Virginia Harris, Liessa Lieppman, Candy Sworn, Patty Bauman, Cass Perry. Dinner with rphans nie Deaville worked with their counselor Jan- ice Coker to set up a slave sale for Campus Chest. The women campaigned for 9 West resident Moselle Laib and Rick Ramsdell, 3 East Couch North, in the Beauty and the Beast Contest, dubbing them "Beauty and the Beard" on campaign posters. Christmas Exchange Fun for lO West Women Exchanging Christmas toys brought fun for the 10 West residents as well as help to the Red Cross. The girls bought many small toys that they gave to each other, then donated them to the Red Cross for needy families. President Beth Harkins and secretary Jan BOTTOM ROW: Marguerite Tsoodle, Jill Berman, Karyn Reisberg. Fran Anderson, Ann Goodman, Lynda Krottinger, Eloise Eriksson, Beverly May, Carla Essary, Sherril Herman, Joyce Shcedy. SECOND ROW: Diana l.eist, Marsha Overbcy, Deborah Welsh, Diane Kilmer, Ann Corman, Jan Leach, Susan Leach worked hard on the Dads Day Open House, and encouraged fathers to attend. Beverly May was selected as Sweetheart of Sigma Chi and Engine Queen. Carla Essary, Carol Brink, Fran Anderson, and Diane Kil- mer represented 10 West in Sooner Scandals. Swaydan, Carol Brink, Sandy Spiegel, Shirley Sprinkle, Brenda Burch. TOP ROW: Linda Culver, Kay Recling, Kathy Thompson. Debbie Cotter, Ann Waters, Judy Graham, Sally Stammer, Jill Reiehstein, Holly Hearn, Diedra Atkinson. BOTTOM ROW: Toni Feld, Gayle Shepard, Mary Sullivan, Vicki Robertson, Nancy Edwards, Judy Grossman, Joan Mark- man, Marti Molasky, Mary Ann Warriner, Linda Gough, Bonnie Gomberg, Karan Jahns. SECOND ROW: Patricia Woodward, Nancy Lisk, Judy Prestidge, Sigrid Spencer, Judy Van Gelder, Martha Richardson, Kim Chernoff, Frances Flavin, Ellen Marks, Jane Williams, Marsha Pool, Donna Neal. THIRD ROW: Judy ll East Supports Kim The women of ll East will best remember this year as one of campaigning for Home- coming Queen iinalist Kim Wallach-and of her winning. Beauty seemed to abound in ll East with Brenda Gilmore as first runner-up to the Army ROTC Queen and one of the top eight yearbook beauties of the spring of '68. Allen, Mary Whitley, Patricia Keyser, Judy Allensworth, Sadie Tatum, Vickie Summers, Sally Porter, Judy Krickman, Cyndi Lepley, Barbara Kahmann, Nano Padon, Carol Belcher. TOP ROW: Nancy Burch, Connie Partlow, Carla Kitzmiller, DeLinda Krause, Linda Garrett, Kimberly Wallach, Suzanne Wolpe, Brenda Hughes, Lori Harding, Eugenia Veal, Sandra Williams. for Homecoming Queen Also, Marti Molasky was a nominee for year- book beauty. A Christmas party was only one of the so- cial activities planned by oilicers Cathy Leg- gett, president, Barbara Kahmann, vice presi- dent, and Mary Whitley, secretary-treasurer. Karla Kitzmiller was their counselor. ll West Boasts Yemen Model U Delegation Model UN representatives heavily populat- ed ll West this year. Cindy McBride, Lee Smith, Lyn Carpenter and Donneva Tallant comprised the MUN Yemen delegation. Earlier, exchange of 50-cent gifts created a Christmas atmosphere. Campus Chest was the BOTTOM ROW: Sonya Thomas, Cynthia McBride, Kathi Krohn, Cinda Hill, Gaye Wasserman, Carolyn Simpson, Sheryl Axelrod, Virginia Gray, lrene Breslow, Carol Henry, Maggie McNulty. SECOND ROW: Linda Skinner, Peggy Pearce, Nanette Adkins, Sue Burckhardt, Beth Rutledge, Janice Cherry, Lynda Leavitt, Susan Lott, Susan Hagen, Kathy Bratten. THIRD ROW: major project for the dorm. The girls took about 25 orphan children to the booths and rides set up by the dorms. The Dorm Halloween party was complete with "haunted" house, when ghosts and secret passages were created in the dorm rooms. Molly Malloy, Linda Foster, Mary Hamra, Lee Smith, Helen Allan, Maxine Pinkus, Felice Walton, Patricia McDaniel, Marilyn Roth, Reggie Berlin. TOP ROW: Debby Hoffman, Marcia Hoffman, Jean Levy, Katie Stickle, Laurel Schultz, Susie Brown, Bonnie Victor, Judy Elston, Marianne Lyle, Linda Thomson. mwx !1:ww- Q vm-mrln v .1 :wr ns, Q BOTTOM ROW: Carlotta Fields, Verna Beth Chesnut, Kerry Shirley Schiff. TOP ROW: Rose Bekis, Rosalyn Mike, Eva E. Slack, Debbie Cooper, Ronni Karen Smith. SECOND ROW: Munroe, Nancy Wheeler, Sheila Chambliss, Sarah Kaspar. Polly Ritter, Tori Boorman, Pat Cooper, Elaine Rigirozzi, 12 East Builds Float, Aids Sooner Scandals The girls of 12 East teamed up with their mas party and a ralile held for Campus Chest. brother dorm 5 West Couch North to build a School spirit was heightened by Christie Coop- float for Homecoming. Many of the residents er, who served as varsity cheerleader and Shei- worked on Sooner Scandals, helping-with the la Chambliss, one of the main baton twirlers script and with the actual performance. with the OU Band. Sharon Smiser was dorm President Debbie Cooper worked to gain counselor and was aided by Carole Halstead the dormis participation in the Hooris Christ- as assistant counselor. 12 West Women Sweeten Dormitory arties Girls are made of sugar and spice and ev- of sugar to Sweeten their Father's Day tea. erything nice. More specifically, girls of 12 To work off those calories, the girls became West are made of orange cake from their Hal- busy in extra activities. Kristine Veverka was loween Party, cupcakes snatched from their administration editor of the yearbook, Brenda Campus Chest booth, ice cream from 31 Flav- Taylor, Tassels and academic advisory coun- ors who catered their Christmas party, and lots cil, and Linda Green marched in the band. BOTTOM ROW: Joyce Goldberg, Renee Galanty, Mary Mulmed, Horn, Ginger Dodd, Lori Wong. TOP ROW: Patta Thomas, Cathy Pate, Kris Veverka, Sandy Campbell, Shelly Stubbs, Patricia Reeves, Candi Jenkins, Veronica Johnson, Elizabeth Peggy Ellis, Martha Vaughan, Ruth Lampert. SECOND ROW: Kissick, Carol Looney, Jan Began, Linda Green, Donna Austin, Maxine Dobbs, Sandra Tucker, Carol Canada, Julie Reagan, Susan Puttroff, Brenda Taylor. Paulette Ripps, Vicki Topletz, Pat Shirley, Lydia Bush, Susan Q 1... A ... i 'll K 7111" 'F 'I .'I."."lTau,L'u' ' ""' f - BOTTOM ROW: Linda Middleton, Victoria Briskey, Ann Eskridge, Jerry Walker, Janey Brown, Carmen Negroni, Jane Clenney, Karen Sobel, Mary Frye, Trudy Fisher, Marilyn Barnes. SECOND ROW: Julie Nuernberger, Barbara Corpening, Barbara Gant, Johnnie Russell, Ann Thomas, Jo Ann Brown, Betty Hanks, Janis Reeder, Mary Glenn, THIRD ROW: Anna Hester Enthusia Women of Hester House are traditionally enthusiastic about intramurals, and this yearis women were no exception. They were seen on the speedball field, basketball and volleyball courts and on the softball diamonds. Mary Glenn won third place in tennis singles. Payne, Cristine Robirds, Stacey Lanter, Kate Grissom, Linda Hansford, Joanne Thurston, Dianna Walker, Jo Ann Rott. Meredith Pool. TOP ROW: Kathleen Gundersen, Ralphie Campbell, Maude Ackerman, Margaret Bender, Anne Kilgrew. Gail Larsen, Mary Lou Hurlburt, Carol Hollenbeck, Gloria Cole. Louise Hoehman. sm nvades Sports Time not spent in sports was spent at the theatre where Michele Giebner played the lead in the graduate production of 'tGhostsf' Social chairman Lisa Cunningham set up a Christmas party, a dance with brother dorm Robertson House and a Campus Chest booth. The womens residential housing act for Sooner Scandals won the award for bcst music in their skit- musical "Who Can I Turn To?" O 'J' J'-1-' A 7l5fi7li135iILW5'Zi "W i'i- 4 2, .f f 171' gl if ft: fi: ,y f i li' SECOND ROW Pit Wilsh Sherri Collier Jeinne Weber Dottie Bowlby Renee Rickey Lindt May C11 uyln Walker. THIRD ROW: Susie Will, Mary Glenn, Meridith Poll, Nellie Carter, Jacci Clark, Katie Royal, Patsy McBrayer. TOP ROW: Eva Dinda, Suzanne Watts, Mary Leonard, Seddie Barber, Carole Clausing, Sherry Curtis, Marlene llnicky, Pam Cravens. Women s Counselors Issue Bulletin What drove the women counselors to such drastic actionfl Something must have sparked the explosion that drove 85 counselors and assistants to T P assistant dean of women Miss Myrna Carneys office and car This could only be topped by inviting her to an ice cream sundae party given by the assistant counselors. When they finally got down to work, the BOTTOM ROW: Judy Beach, Carla Essary, Rebecca McCary, Marilyn Hess, Barbara Johnson, Linda Marriott, Sherry Arring- ton, Sara Cloninger. SECOND ROW: Patty Marshall, Kay Horning, Joyce Sheedy, Linda Rogers, Kathy Northington, Vicki lmMasche, Jocelyn Lee, Teresa Loftin. THIRD ROW: Betsy l BOTTOM ROW: Sondra Shouse, Sandy Smith, Linda Wright, Carol Bishop, Margaret Tusing, Marian Wright, Rhana Robison. 7 ' as 59 , ' F . ' , ' , . women put out a weekly bulletin, coordinating campus activities of interest to women. Between fun and weekly duties, the counse- lors found time to study. More than three- fourths of the women held over a 3.0 grade average and many were members of Phi Beta Kappa, Whois Who, and Mortar Board. As- sistant advisor to women counselors was Mrs. Gladys Gray. Miller, Linda Abramson, Kay Kuerston, Margie Ball, Jennifer Fulkerson, Peggy Carter, Melanie Farnsworth, Marilyn Foster. TOP ROW: Gayle Northcutt, Donna Lingle, Carla Kitzmiller, Connie Partlow, Janice Cherry, Maxine Dobbs, Jean Sorrels, Tamsen Murray. Q . ,.. 1 AL BOTTOM ROW: T. Michael McGaughey, Pat Douthitt, Warren Jones, David Crane. Chuck Mooney, Michael Varner, Michael D. Cox, Gerald F. Neuwirth. Charles Schober. SECOND ROW: Rick Arrington, John Chaney, Larry Tawwater, Mike McCulloh, Jim McStay, Ralph Guild, Robert R. Raines, Roderick. D. Mizell, Stuart A. Bach. Mark Bayless. THIRD ROW: Rusty Curtis, en Counsel, S Stressing dorm unity has been the goal of the menls counseling staff this year. Under the direction of Bob Poole, assistant dean of men, the counselors were considered the most im- portant element in making dorm living experi- ences contribute to the total development of residents. Counselors resided in the various housing centers. including Cross and Wilson Gerald C, Roop, Bill Parker, John Pansze, John W. Byrne, John E. Minton, William E. Welk, Eugene Johnson, Art Sanders. Leonard L. West, R. Clark Musser. TOP ROW: Tommy L. Chester, David M. Behrman, Michael Box, Michael Wise, Robert Robinson, Herb Graves, Kenneth E. Harper, Larry A. Green, Ronald Stites, Bob Shipley, Ray Gibson. tress Dorm nit Centers, Whitehand Hall, the men's wings of Adams Towers, several houses in Cate Center, and Couch Towers North. Main concern of the men's housing program was to provide adequate facilities for academic needs, as well as basic living needs. Counse- lors were chosen for their personal qualities and counseling abilities. Assistant De-an of Men for Hous- ing Bob Poole discusses discipline problems with counselors Jerry Brantley and Bobby Robinson. is hx.- Alley Hou e Has Varied Projects an . has With visions of relaxation and fun. Fred Jackson and Dave Dara ling pack for a trip home during the long-awaited spring hreak. Alley House president John F. Hollenbach helped lead his house intramural football team to a record of five wins and two losses. In Oc- tober. the house sponsored a Campus Chest booth. bringing in money for charities. Jerry W. Brantley was counselor of the dormitory. Freshman resident Jim Huitt had BOTTOM ROW: Jim Baros, Fred Engelhreeht, Mick I-Iendrix, Jerry Brantley, Chuck Sehoenthal, Alan Furst. Mike Dorner, Ron Albro. SECOND ROW: Dave McManus, Ben May, Paul Bishop, Bill Ford, Bo Abernathy, Greg Feron, David Christy. Ira Berlin. Gary Bartley. THIRD ROW: George Hanna, Don Arnold, Mike a 4.0 grade average for the first semester. In spring activity, the men took part in the Red Cross-sponsored Blood Drive and cooperated with the Biafran Fast drive. Philip Chuen-Mei Chu from Hong Kong added a foreign influ- ence to the dorm. as Alan Furst and Fred Engelbrecht served as oflicers. Gross, Barry Sylvan, Fred Jackson, Tim lluitt, Gary l-riedman. David Cross, John Cooper, Dave Darling. TOP ROVV: Marty Oberly, Frank Denny Hromas, Steve Potter, Tom Baugh. John Cunningham, Jamie Cohh, Dennis Canfield, Boh Farris, Phil Horton, John Hollenbaeh. - . i sf iw . . 'f Mi BOTTOM ROW: Steve Deen, Stephen Sites, Jerry Clark, David Andrew Deitel, Ling Sellers, John Sebben, Mike Weaver. Kevin Wegcr, Johnny Minton, J. C. Whorton, John Burris, Ken Ruse, Connors, Joe Hiny, Mike McCord, Steve West, Jack Porter, James M. Pullin. SECOND ROW: Chip Bell, Marvin Metzinger, Harold Skidmore. TOP ROW: Raymond DeCoursey, Allen Good- Mike Belcher, Arney Brown, Jeffrey Helfer, Rockwell Smith. rich, Mike Golomb, Gary Wright, John Moore, Robert R. Lewis. Jerry Babb, William Willis, Sherman Damron. THIRD ROW: Gary O. Pope, Stephen Toder. Fred Forde, Ted Yaeger. A sign contest among lloors in Baker House The men organized intramural teams in livened the atmosphere before the OU-Texas football, basketball, wrestling and softball. game, when each Hoor tried to outdo the oth- Jim Pullen, dorm president, worked to plan a ers with slogan banners. Earlier in the year, March Party with Scott Damron, vice presi- Bass House residents aided Hume House, their dent, and Ken Ruse, secretary. John Minton sister dorm, in a booth for Campus Chest. was counselor for Baker House. Charitable projects occupied the menis time mural sports, including the spring sports golf, at Bass House. The men joined with others to handball, and swimming. collect funds for the starving people of the With officers Mike Mclntosh, president, country of Biafra, and f'adopted" children for Craig Darby, social chairman, and counselor Kids Day at the Campus Chest carnival. Dave Behrman, these Cross Center residents Bass House residents participated in intra- held a party at Lake Thunderbird. BOTTOM ROW: Mike Mclntosh, Dave Behrman, Gary Cane, Gandy. TOP ROW: Melvin Williams, Terry Paul Wingate, Craig Darby, Ralph Cissne, Robert McKelvy, Larry Cross, Glenn Richard H. Gober Jr., Gerald Alan Giffin, Brian W. McConnell. Hawkins. SECOND ROW: Bill Crossman, Steve Holsey, Lyn John Gilbert, Michael E. Tomlin, James F. Dorris, Howard A. Frizzell, Doug Dale, Bob Neary, Ronald Pittman, Jan Stone, Tom Inman. 'LH' LI Vile - f. sm. 'ts BOTTOM ROW: Jerry Snyder, John Rawlings, Maurice P. Vuona, Lawrence Spotted-Bird, Bob Shipley, John Marks, Richard Landis, Glen Allen, Scott Raymond, Larry Blake. SECOND ROW: Richard Bryan, Bruce Kenney, Roger Alter, Terrell Halbert, Jim Seymour, Roger Grove, Bill Osteen, Jeff Zander, Jim Walden, A. K. Manahan. THIRD ROW: Hal Wienges, Tommy Thompson, Steve Hawkins, Jim Wingate, Randy Casey, Charles Van Buskirk, Robert Dow, Tom Rose, David Jones, David D. Magnin. TOP ROW: Richard A. Gallman, Michael A. Maclay, John Patil Garner, Bob Wightman, Frank Cascio, Ray Patton. Shane McLaury, Lloyd D. Wakelee, Flip Harvey, Michael Livesay, John Jobe. Buchanan Supports Football, Basketball Teams Buchanan House intramural football team won Hrst place in their league and captured second place in Cross Center. In addition, residents supported both HA" and "Bn basket- ball teams during the season. Bob Shipley was counselor of the dormitory, Chairman Leads Burton Burton House goal for the year was to take part in all intramural sports. Leading the dorm in this endeavor was intramural chairman Ralph Ham. President of Burton House David McCurdy in addition to heading his own dorm was elect- BOTTOM ROW: Bill Zane Parker, David Keith McCurdy, Michael Shaun Brooks, Larry Roland Gay, J. M. Parks, Ralph Richard Ham, Howard Handler, John Gerald Pansze. SECOND ROW: Howard Solomon, Brad Floyd, Gary Taylor, Tony De- Giusti, Bob Box, Robert Lurie, Karol Hajsak, Chuck Loring. ag and with president Mike Livesay planned a dance, complete with band, with Couch South 3 East Women. During Campus Chest Week, they adopted six children, coordinating with Delta Gamma pledges. Jim Wingate was an outstanding resident, earning a 3.96 grade. House in Intramurals ed president of Cross Center Presidents Coun- cil. Bill Parker was counselor of Burton House. Officers and men of note in the dorm included J. M. Parks, vice president: Howard Handler, social chairman, King Campbell, sergeant of arms, and Mike Brooks. THIRD ROW: Skip Butcher, Don Skipwith, Robert Younger, Gene Nye, Jim Taylor, Jerry Bienes, Louis Versman, Tony Arias, Donald Burk. TOP ROW: Donald N. Mizell, Steve Marsee, Walt Pralle, Michael J. Bowers, Don Ruggles, Kenny Esadooah, David Campbell, David Elson, John Coker, John W. Marshall. l BOTTOM ROW: David R. Bryan, Robert L. Gray, Randle G. Dorsch, Rickey Molloy, Jay Pilevsky, Jerry Pia, Steve Hallock, Joe Graham. Mitchell Wexler, Keith Whiteley. SECOND ROW: Jim Lawler. Charles Baker, Aaron Bush, Bill Cooper, Arthur Baumgarten, Robert Reedy, Kenneth J, Gerb, Jan Miller. Pat Tillery, Brian Gucck. THIRD ROW: Lou Barbaro, Mark K. Ball. William T. McCain, Hal Abel. Jimmy Bunny Hill, Tomas R. Greenshaw, Stephen C. Harcourt. Alan .l. Sherer, Bruce Ramzel, John A. Roberds. James Martin Deluca. TOP ROW: Jennings Frazier Fairless, Clark B. Briscoe, Jesse R. Hankla. Michael L. Hamilton, William A. Pope, Mike Thompson, Lawrence Posner. Charlie C. Muzny, Steven Rodesney, Chris Hickman, .loe G, Campbell. Ditmar Rates High cholasticall Involvement in state and national politics through campaign elforts by the residents of Ditmars House was the main objective of coun- selor Keith Whiteley. The men worked ac- tively for both parties in this year's political elections. Scholastic excellence was another achievement of the dorm as residents com- piled one of the highest overall grade averages in Cross Center. A Halloween party and sever- al parties at the lake helped round out the so- cial calendar for members of Ditmars House. Boosting the efforts of the dorm were olli- cers Jerry Pia, presidentg David Bryan, vice president and social chairman, and Jay Pilev- sky. secretary-treasurer. Floor representatives were Joe Graham and Sam Bishop. Showing their involvement in the 1968 Presidential elections Ditmars men exhibit campaign signs they posted in the House. xg L Q 5 , 5523: ssh Kelly residents picked Kim Wallach as their house's sweetheart and later delighted to see her crowned 1968-69 Homecoming Queen. Kelly Men Boost Campus Activit Led by counselor Pat Douthitt, the men of Kelly strove to take an active place in the community effort of the university. Kelly boosted football fervor with their spirit signs and telegrams to the team. Another activity in which the men participated was Campus Chest, where the house entered the decoration contest and sponsored ten children for Kids Day. The residents also had a successful can- dy sale to raise money in order to help send supplies to the country of Biafra. President Steve Ewing and social chairman Rob Yaquinto were able to plan many social events amidst Kellyis service achievements. Bobby Anderson, Tom Bayless, Bill Bonnell, Austin Brown, Ron Buxton, George Claypole, Danny Cochran. Gary Cohenour. Harry Cook, Bill Coyle, Manuele Crivello, Pat Douthitt, Steve Ew- ing. John Ferguson, Gaddis Gann, John Good. Steve Hardy, Kurt Hoss. Doug Joseph. Jack "Chip" Key, Elliot Kozer. Kenneth Kraemer, John Kramer, Kent Lackey. Finis Lee, Rex McFarlin, Carle McMahon, Gary Medlock, Hank Newmark, George Payne, Tom Pike. Steve Schall, Phil Smith, Larry Stephenson, John Underwood, Dick Vaughn, Ron Wagoner, Rob Yaquinto. BOTTOM ROW: Larry D. Clark, Barry Wiener, Mark Teitel- haum, Steve Walker, Charles Smith, Michael Wise, Wally Seiler, David Beeman, Paul S. Campbell, Paul Cavnar, Michael W. Clark. SECOND ROW: Mark A. Robertson, Monty Bacher, Terry Milam, Rick Logan, Phillip Knight, Craig Murphy, Curtis Boyd, James B. Martin, Dennis Lamont Bales, Richard Oblander. THIRD ROW: Ed W. Akerman, Tommy Stephenson, Richard E. Gangemi, Bob McCanne, Ed Oneth, Jimmy Gill, Steve Eliason. David J. Rosenblatt, Pete Wheeler, Dennis Mechem, Andy Akin. TOP ROW: John McCullough, Clay Harris, Alan Stiner, Skip Fowler, Tom Connolly, Robert Gianola, David Varner, Terry Garrigus, Gary Sutcliffe, John W. Ronck, Andrew R. Vogt. Kitchens Sponsors Discussions, Tournaments Frequent card games, chess tournaments and group discussions kept the residents of Kitchens House busy this year. The dorm also participated in all intramural sports, placing third in Cross Center football. Outstanding social events were a Christmas party and a pre-inaugural party held the day before President Hollomon's inauguration. Residents included Paul Cavnar, a member of the President's Leadership Class, and Walt- er Seiler, dorm president and representative to the men's residential constitution committee. McCain Men Take Second in Banner Contest Enthusiastic participation in intramurals characterized the men of McCain House as they attempted to retain the All Sports Trophy won by the dorm in 1968. Finishing fourth in football with a 6-3 record, the dorm went on to enter basketball competition with two men BOTTOM ROW: Kenneth E. Harper, Richard J. Hall, David Hatfield, Jim Jolly, Gary Gant, Grant Wenzel. SECOND ROW: Randy K. Gray, Adolf Albert, Jon Morgan Riddles, Gary W. Harroz, Louis V. Gennarelli, Stewart D. Minton, Richard Asenap, Mark M. Dooling. THIRD ROW: David M. Makanani, Steven returning from last year's victorious team. Mc- Cain House also took honors as second place winner in the Dads Day Banner Contest. As social functions the dorm held a hayride and a dance with the women of 3 West. Rich- ard Hall served as McCain president this year. D. Ortiz, Alan J. Howard, Steve Chambless, Mark S. Coe, Jerry Hembree, Donnie Romberg, Bob Gorney. TOP ROW: Thomas A. Daugherty, Joel T. Catlett Jr., Frank D. Freeborg, John R. Houser Jr., Thomas A. Corff, David E. Smith, Steven C. Black. Alan Tait, Everette Warren. .E 1 l 1 L' ' , f ' 2 1 iii, . 5 . J , 4 e r t YA R - f 5 2 Q -ite file it BOTTOM ROW: Wetzel Hurst, Bob Wilson, Ken Peacher, Glenn Newton. TOP ROW: David J. Karasek, Dennis Kelly, Larry Lee, Les Nutter, Doug Brecht, Mike Synar, Eric Scott. SECOND Johnson, Robert Fisher, Ralph Wayne Tracy, Warren John Wolfe, ROW: Larry Phillips, Scott Carr, Paul Arterbery, Rex Morris, David McLaughlin, Ron Word, Kenny Seherr, John Kelly, Gary Edwin Gregg, Stephen E. Turley, Phillip G. Humble. Mills Competes in Campus Chest, Intramurals Participation in athletics and campaigning for their candidates in the Campus Chest Beauty and Beast Contest were two activities occupying the time of Mills House residents this year. The dorm also entered intramural competition in football, basketball and soft- aifeh House Claims Proud of their winning football team, the residents of Naifeh House eagerly participated in all intramural sports throughout the sea- sons. The men also scheduled an open house at the beginning of the school year. Under the direction of counselor Robby BOTTOM ROVV: David Spencer, Woodie C. Lynch, Patrick C. Duncan. Tony Koza, Robby Robinson, Patrick M. Morrison, George B. Randels, Michael C. Thomas, Randy Rahill. SECOND ROW: Scott Clark, William B. Allison, Robert W. Spurgeon, Rodney Hargrave, William A. Blosser, Gay L. Caplingcr, Bruce Baker, Don l.. Allred, Thomas A. Scale, Phillip Duncan. THIRD ball. As a service project the men contributed money for the starving people of Biafra. Presiding at dorm meetings was Terrell Berkenbile. Other Mills officers included John Startz. vice president and social chairman, and Douglas Brecht, secretary-treasurer. Winning Football Team Robinson, a junior majoring in Zoology and last year's president of nearby Setliff of Cross Center. those men serving as olhcers were Pat Morrison. presidentg Tony Koza, vice presi- dent, Pat Duncan, social chairman. and George Randalls. sergeant of arms. ROVV: Ted Boyls. Steve Thalen. Howie Backus, Richard Bran- ower, James Bennett, Kenneth Zetah, Greg Maddox, Bill Orvis, .lack Zultoxxski, Scott Miscione. TOP ROW: Steve VVeiehbrodI. Rabert Bell, Glenn Fuller, .lim Jacobi, Chuck Schilling, George Geiger, Joe Seheefers. Junior Dotson. Dennis McKee, Frank Grillo, Don Sibley. BOTTOM ROW: Kent A. Coker, Randy M. Baker, Nicky R. Dyer, Roderick D. Mizell, Tom W. Parrish, Ruben W. Newman, O. D. Wolf. SECOND ROW: Kenneth L. Tasch, Bruce L. Gilmore, Richard S. Yee, William M. Zanyor, Terry Hansel, Jack Phillips, Scott M. Sartin, Rocky Tinsley. THIRD ROW: William H. Enfield, John C. Russ, Bob Scott, Stephen L. Miles, John H. Ray, Lynden D. Monroe Jr., Terry C. Webb, David W. Ward, Tom Dudley. TOP ROW: Dennis W. Scharnberg, Henry E. Staffel, Stephen D. Wagner, Patrick S. Gibson, Gregory Ruben- stein, Joe Marlow, William R. Grimes, David R. Starkey, Peter R. Natscher. Prentice Residents Conduct Service Projects As service projects the men of Prentice House participated in Campus Chest activi- ties and in the Wilson Center Christmas party for orphans this year. The dorm took third place in Cross Center football and entered intramurals in basketball, volleyball and soft- ball during the spring semester. Prentice men displayed diverse interests in campus activities. Distinguished residents in- cluded Kenneth Hyams, President's Leader- ship Class and Model UN delegate: Thomas Parrish, OU tennis team, Douglas Varland, OU Marching Band, and Stephen Wagner, University Chorus. Setliff Contributes Christmas Tree to Charity Setliff House residents endeavored to com- bine service with fun this year. After enter- taining dates at a Christmas party, the men donated the dorm tree, complete with decora- tions, to a local charity. Setlilf also sponsored a nickel toss booth to raise money for Campus Chest. Residents competed in intramural BOTTOM ROW: Bill N. Khourie, Ollie R. Slaughter, Bruce D. Barnow, David White, Eugene Johnson, Steve N. Caruthers. SECOND ROW: Eric Warner, Cary D. Wilkinson, Michael George D. Armstrong, Michael V. Hollander, Larry C. Spencer, Robert S. Williams, Joseph Sine. THIRD ROW: Randy Torbett, sports, entering teams in football, basketball and baseball. David White served as Setlill? House presi- dent, and Bobby Williams was social chair- man. Floor representatives for the dorm were Jerry Fischer, Butch Slaughter and Bruce Bar- now. Eugene Johnson was counselor. Robert C. Frink, J. David Rieger, Gary R. Griffin, Donald Pittman, David C. Monk, Anthony G. Goins, Ronald Harrell. TOP ROW: Kenneth C. Risner, John S. Chandler, Charles B. Ladd, Stephen C. Slagle, Laurence Prokop, Steve Leighton, David P. Chaffin III, Richard E. Smith, Roy T. Byrd Jr. BOTTOM ROW: Paul E. Terrell, David L. Goodwin, Bruce G. Kesner, Michael E. Box, Mark Wollmershauser, Kent Watson, G. W. Owens, Ricky McDonald. SECOND ROW: Richard E. Cope, William T. Stone Jr., Kenny D. Howard, Richard E. Steeples, William Shultz, George T. Nixon, Frederick D. Green, Charles H. Louer, Charles Crockett. THIRD ROW: David Turn- bull, W. Drake Smith, Gary S. Witty, Philip R. Smith, Lawrence A. Wilcox, Greg W. Heather, Mark G. McMenamin, Edward A. Balikov, Terry L. McClain, Edward F. Sexton. TOP ROW: Levoy Carl Ellsworth Jr., Paul Schuster, Bruce D. Snyder, Ted M. Thrasher, Donald C. Gruner, Robert A. Johnson, Scott V. Larsen, Charles Marrow, J. Anthony Clark, P. Kimberly Swyden. Smith Sets Up Carnival Balloon Throw Booth Netting forty-five dollars with a balloon throw for their Campus Chest booth were Smith House residents. Throughout the year, counselor Michael Box led residents in various activities, including participation in Model UN, Dads Day Banner Contest, and the OU Blood Drive. A party with Hamill House in the fall delighted the dorm, which housed out- standing residents such as Kim Cook, member of the Presidents Leadership Class, and Ric Cope and Richard Steeples, who held OU Band scholarships. Mark Wollmershauser was president. Harrison Morton Smith Jr. led the dorm as counselor. Vance Team utscores Intramural pponent Scoring 212 points to their opponents' 20, the Vance House intramural football team easily captured the Cross Center championship with a 9-0 record. Vance House also partici- pated. in Campus Chest activities and held a Christmas project for the Red Cross. BOTTOM ROW: William E. Waters, Donald L. Stokes, Richard E. Neaves, Arthur D. Sanders, Bob Collier, Kenneth D. Nash. SECOND ROW: Stephen P. Kimmel, Ronald S. Potter, Dennis M. Deason, Edward E. Davies, Ronald Hoecker, James R. Benson, Nick A. Nardine, Mark D. Keyl. THIRD ROW: C. Dennis Lindsey, Mike D. Coffelt, Gary R. Crawford, Michael J. Dykslag, Douglas C. Earle, Ross E. McClish, John L. Edwards, Entertainment for the men of Vance came in the form of picnics with girls' dorms, blind dates, and the adoption of McCurtain of Cate Center as sister house. Art Sanders was counselor of the dorm and Richard Neaves served as president. Gary T. Bodane. FOURTH ROW: Michael E. Aldridge, Stephen L. Whaylen, Stephen A. Carter, To Jo Ewers, Flash Sheriff, Rod- ney J. Meadows Jr., Don C. Cornett, Cliff C. Pittman, Carl D. Robertson. TOP ROW: Roger L. Jackson, William M. Peters. David D. Senkowski, Daryl K. McCall, Steve Servies, Lee Mc- Quigg, Jeffrey R. Johnson. Bob Long, Bob Lancaster, Richard Riley. T"'7!'.KJ"" '7' '51 ' lr. BOTTOM ROW: Rusty Curtis, Harry S. Burke, J. Ladd Greeno, John Covotta, Jim LaGrone, Mike Morrison, John E. Boyle. SECOND ROW: Lawrence E. Garcia, John Caldwell, Ronald M. Gibbs, Bruce E. Eisenhard, John Kidd, Lloyd Hardin, Terence Gorski, Raymond W. Johnson. THIRD ROW: Mark Cavin, Leonard Goreham, James B. Dickson, Gary Claunch, Bruce Brothers, Frank D. Hood, Richard L. Greene. Michael E. Van- derpool, Steve Porter. TOP ROW: John R. Hatch, Robert C. Wallis, Marshall Colcord, Mark P. Schultz, James B. Brown, Darryl W. Ingram, Chris J. Beloncik, Scott Teagle, Barry C. James, Tom R. Flood. avy ROTC Men Compose Young Residents Men participating in the Navy ROTC pro- gram lived together in Young House this year with Rusty Curtis serving as counselor. The men of Young participated in all intramurals and in Campus Chest. Among their memories of the year will always be the football games with their sister dorm which ended as a splash- in at the duck pond on campus. President of the dorm was John Covottag and outstanding men of the NROTC program and campus activities were Jim LaGrone, Ladd Greeno, Lloyd Hardin and Mike Avery. Cross Presidents Urge Dormitory Constitution Meeting each Tuesday night in the lobby of Buchanan House, the Cross Center Presidents Council formed the legislative body for resi- dents living in Cross Center. A prime project for the council this year was to encourage each house to write its own BOTOM ROW: Michael Wise, Randy M. Baker, David McCur- dy, Richard Neaves, Steve Ewing. TOP ROW: Patrick M. Mor- constitution. Those houses with a constitution, among other privileges, were allowed to have open house on Friday nights, if they regis- tered it in advance. Service projects included purchase of ping pong balls for the Cross Cen- ter lounge and help for Campus Chest. rison, Walt Seiler, Mike Mclntosh, J. C. Whorton, John A. Covotta, Richard J. Hall, Mark Wollmershauser. BOTTOM ROW: Terry Gust, John Linville, VVilliam W, VVraj.'. Joseph C. Fallin, Stuart A. Bach. TOP ROW: John W, Byrne. Don Bowen, Leo E. Berkenbile, Richard F. Robertson, Peter l.ane ilson Presidents Council Sponsors rphans Planning the annual Wilson Center Or- phans Party for the Christmas season was the main project for the Wilson Center Presidents Council, which also includes presidents of Whitehand, Franklin and Robertson Houses. The council also furnished ping pong equip- Irving House Sponsors Sponsoring a game booth at the Campus Chest carnival with members of Pi Beta Phi sorority was an important project for the men of Irving House. A party with sister dorm, Herrick House, and participation in intramural football were other highlights of the year. BOTTOM ROVV: l-Irie Jacobson, John Curtis, Richard Page, Don Shan, Leonard West, John Linville, Dave Preston, Michael Stein- niann, Steve Ladd. SECOND ROW: Gary Blankenship, Victor A, James. James Nathan, .lim Snodgrass, James E. Williams, James .rl 1. it 9 - ment and lounge phones for each house. Sponsors for the group were John Byrne, Stuart Bach, and Don Shaw. The council was headed under the direction of John Linville. presidentg Terry Gust, vice president, and William Wray. secretary. Booth With Pi Phiis Irving House officers were John Linville. president, Dave Preston, vice presidentg Deb- bie Lund, secretaryg Don Shaw, treasurer, and Mike Harkey, social chairman. Other note- worthy residents were athletes Steve Reynolds. varsity track. and George Cohlmia. football. M. Yeager, Richard W. Wooten, Carl M. Coons, Charles W. Brown. TOP ROW: Carl Beck, Guy Rhone, Glendon Akins. John Jurkow, Larry Fout7, Michael Lubor, Larry Sntathers, Bill Millar, Steven Guy Oliver. Q L . ' Q 1. 75: 1' 72' f llfiV5'iil "Steady as you go" says a pretty participant in the beer can stack- ing contest sponsored by Boyd House for Campus Chest charity. 'Wine Bo d Wins Football Championship Boyd House spirit and unity was demon- strated this year through the residents' partici- pation in both campus and dorm activities. With their sister dorm, Holman House. the group sponsored a booth in Campus Chest and entered a couple for Beauty and Beast. BOTTOM ROVV: Thomas l-Qdxxard Lawler, Ronald Lee King, Mark Bayless, John Byrne, Steve Udouj, Jose Lamln, Dick Hall. SECOND ROW: Robert Rivera, Jeffrey Baum, Fung Chin, Steve VVelch, Larry Nolen, Michael Hess, Charles Jackson. Philip San- agursky, Steve Winer. THIRD ROW: Douglas San, Chuck Bechtel, Rick Hess, Christopher Kuhan, Gary Fowlks, Larry Boyd House this year won the Wilson Cen- ter football championship and posted entries in most other intramural events. Early in the year. wives of three former residents were se- lected as dorm housemothers and served as hostesses for Boyd's social gatherings. Hawkins, George Bledsoe, David Hawkins, William Tomlinson. FOURTH ROW: Ron Cook, Andy Hritl, Gary Shaw, Jess Barnes, Don Bauersfeld. Ronald Reagen, George Shelley, Randy Embry. TOP ROW: George Edmonson, .lack Stewart, Tom Verden, ,loe Rittcr, Mark Heeter, Ronald Flinn, Bill Rossiter, .lim Pregler, BOTTOM ROW: Lawrence Richard Washington, Mike Anthony Cerullo, Kenneth Joseph Brown, Darry Bergstresser, John Oakley Hays, Bruce C. Cherwinski, Rodney Dean Ervin, Jerry Gene Harms, Bradford G. Ackerman. SECOND ROW: Grady Tar- butlon Jr., George Huggins, Joe Reinke, Larry Louis Parker, Jack Donald Bennett, Owen Richard Hopkins, Thomas A. Hensley, Larry R. Doane, Paul B. Tucker, Edward J. Barry. THIRD ROW: Thomas Vernon Muncy, Chris H. Gillespie, Ron Coleman, Larry Leonhart, James Hamm, David Patrick McDonnell, Ray- Cleveland Holds Winning the Wilson Center championship in intramural basketball proved to be the most outstanding achievement for the men of Cleve- land. House this year. The dorm also displayed spirit signs prior to each Big Red football game in the fall. As social events the men of Cleveland held a successful all-campus dance and an ice cream mond Cline, Larry W. Phillips, Lee Cole, William K, McPherson. FOURTH ROW: Phillip Nelson Batdorf. David Burton Clifton, Michael L, Bedini, Robert H. Barton, Larry J. Ramsey. Danny G. Berry, Matt Waldroop, 'Travis J. German, Terry Gust, James F, Benge, Joseph DeBlasio. TOP ROW: James Carraway. Russell L, Engebretson. Gary Steven Stein, Charles P. Sweeney, Wayne B. Rutter, Gale Alan Stewart, William L. Bass, Michael J. Bea- dles, James R. Reese, Dan Wiggs, Steven J. Carson. All-Campus Dance party. The group participated in the Campus Chest carnival with a body-painting booth. Counselor Darry Bergstresser was aided by officers Terry Gust, presidentg Dale Buchholz, vice presidentg Steve Barringer, secretary- treasurer, and Charles Foushee and Larry Ot- taway, social chairmen. Organizing the men in athletic competition was Scott Bradford. Ken Hardwick. Cleveland House. shoots for a basket in intramural basketball. Cleveland House out- scored the Irving House players. i 'L gl A. f ' BOTTOM ROW: William W. Wray, Stephen M. Johnson, Rich- ard V. Arrington, John Gary Kramb, Bruce Edward Womer, Joel Barry Javcr. SECOND ROW: JeH B. Wolpin, Joe Ryan, Joel Savin, George Nobles, Robert G. Cochran, Randy Furley, Mitch Savage, Vernice Bates, S. Mike Stroud. THIRD ROW: Eric Mark Shelton, Warren W. Nowrott, Solon J. Valentine, Phil Mount, William Wassel, John Lewis Jr., Gregory C. Mare, Robert Allen Harding, Charles Robert O'Neill. FOURTH ROW: Steve Chris- topher Demos, Doug Fowler, Gary Robert Stuart, Robert 1., Young, Christopher L. Stoffel, Roy J. Poston, Harry B. Wallach, Dennis Leon Pierce, James R. Scarpitti, John S. Hugg. FIFTH ROW: Henry John Gucker, Peter Huggler, James Calvin Starr. Douglas W. Wilda, Rusty Muns, James G. Langdon, Ralph De- Santo, Tom Asthotz, Larry Scott, John W. Tomblin, Frank Fran- ein. TOP ROW: Carl Lawson Green, Darryl Jones, William Phil Kliewer, Mark Barrett, Stuart Jack Goodman, Alex Brown, Bill Snodgrass, Dan Gawin, Richard Rubinski, Wayne A. Bossert, Robert O. Miller. orcester Men Host Casino Part Highlighting the fall social calendar for the men of Worcester House was a Casino party, complete with a prize for the couple winning the most play money. Music for the event was provided by the "Headsmen," an Oklahoma City band. Residents of Worcester participated in Cam- pus Chest with a car smashing contest, and several of the men escorted orphans around the carnival grounds on Kids Day. Another accomplishment of the group was placing sec- ond in Wilson Center football. Worcester men also competed in basketball and other intra- mural sports. Presiding over the dorm's business meetings was William W. Wray. Other officers were Joel J aver, vice president and social chairman, and Bruce Womer, secretary-treasurer. "Not another penaltyu is the cry of a Worcester House footballer in the intramural rivalry with the men of Wilsons Boyd House. BOTTOM ROW: James W. McStay, John M. Shannon, Charles M. Palmer, Louis C. LeFlorc, Charles C. Smith, Anthony J. Stewart, Steven Askins. SECOND ROW: Donald P. Walker, An- thony J. Mancini, Steven G. Doughty, John M. Young, Mike E. Huddleston, Richard J. Darge, John P. Clark, John M. Cain. THIRD ROW: Don S. Budowsky, James F. Thayer, Robert L. 3 East, 3 West S Residents of 3 East and 3 West each dis- played individual traits throughout the year. Couch 3 East had an outstanding year in intramural basketball, with seven players in the East-West All-Star Game. In an experi- ment in self-government, 3 East began a "li- braryf a combination reading room and study room, with a collection of different magazines. BOTTOM ROW: Robert R. Raines Jr., David S. Rosen, Florian B. Hall, David L. Sober, Curtis R. Fair, Michael L. Spfller, Jim- mic T. Walker. SECOND ROW: William J. Dessauer, Dennis A. Strickland, James M. Johnson, Warren L. Felton Ill, Paul S. Duncan, William L. Turne lll, Keith Kernek, Charles R. Bentley, Niels Herold. THIRD ROW: Kcnith Lee Neugebauer, Larry D. Crout, Robert W. Middleton, William P. Galvani, G. W. Stud- nicka, Paul J. Lawrence, Robert J. Bauerlc, Donald R. Dabney. TOP ROW: Monty L. Ross, Steve E. Whiteside, Ashley P. Zere- sky, Dave Livingston, Michael T. Elmore, Joseph M. Payte, James R. Hall, Thomas M. Sumpter, Michael P. Powers. howl di iduali m Floor 3 West, under counselor Richard Raines, brought dormitory discipline prob- lems before an individual judicial board. A November hayride proved enjoyable for 3 West residents and their dates. Also diverting residents from studies were football games with Women's dorms and a Christmas pizza party. Resident Warren Felton had a 4.0. Hobbs, Jeffrey A. Dungan, Joel N. Cousins, Lawrence S. Squire, Phil G. Humble, John D. Hartley, John V. Hogan, James M. Ross. TOP ROW: Stephen Michael Epstein, Don L. Wilber, Da- vid C. Lynn, James K. Bailey, James C. Stout, Cecil Wayne Mc- Endree, John L. Thaggard, Michael W. Doyle. Gary B. Steves, James R. Bigham. Charlie Miller entertains u dale in his dorm room. a visit possi- ble due to u ruling allowing a pre-registered open house night. East Sponsors Dart-Toss Booth Students received the opportunity to express hostilities for their least favorite presidential candidates at the 4 East Campus Chest booth this fall. Teaming with members of Alpha Gamma Delta sorority, the men used cam- paign posters as targets for their dart-toss. BOTTOM ROW: Eric L. Hindman, Neal J. Grice, Billy Middle- ton, John Haliburton, Ralph Guild. SECOND ROW: Mark Pearson, Dan Washburn. Mike Huff, Darryl Guthrie, Greg Lamb, Featured speakers at 4 East dorm meetings included Dr. Gordon A. Christenson, assistant to President Hollomon, and David Burr. vice president for university affairs. Heading the steering committee for the honors dorm were presidents Charlie Miller and Lee Bettes, Jed Weiss. TOP ROW: Russell E. Wood, John T. Hanley, .Ion Q. Jacobs, John C. Adkins, Norman D. Wilkie, Bill Gorden Jr. FRONT ROW: James R. Becker, James T. Hurst, Ronny W. Rhoads, Alan J. Weedn, Chad T. Williams, David K. Hampton, Kenneth L. Frye, Glen D. Huff. SECOND ROW: Clinton R. Batterton, David L. Brown, Michael W. Varner, Joe O. Rogers, Robert M. Wade, Dennis L. Calkins, James A. Ferguson Jr., James H. Long, Richard S. Dowell. THIRD ROW: Bruce W, Walker, Gayle S. Lacy Jr., Dale L. Peters, Clifford L. Bettis. George M. Renfro, Thomas P. McMinn, Jodie Edwin Schmidt, David Paul Crass, Robert Lay. FOURTH ROW: Stanley L. Basler, Doug Darnold, Kenneth M. Howell, Gregory P. Walke, E. Neal Stone, J. Michael Shahan, Joe T. Camp, Steve G. Hub- bard, James M. Crews. TOP ROW: Raymond S. Lieber, Carl Edwin Ellison, Louis G. Buchanan, Kenneth R. Setter, L. Wen- dell Miller, David C. Haskett, James H. McAdoo. Fred Mayes Jr., Richard J. Brake, Gary M. Stevens. Honors 4 West Hears Speakers An outstanding speaker program highlight- ed the year for residents of honors dorm Couch Center 4 West. The program included such speakers as Dr. George L. Cross, Dr. J. Clayton Feaver, Dr. Gordon Christenson and G. T. Blankenship, attorney general of Okla- homa. Couch 4 West also managed to capture the Couch Center intramural football cham- pionship. This honors dorm housed two Top Ten Freshmen, John Haworth and Steve Hub- bard. The residents of 4 West, under counselor Michael W. Varner, remained active in cam- pus alfairs through Campus Chest. Couch 4 West residents hosted friends and families afer Satur- day home football games. Tam- sen Murray samples the punch. BOTTOM ROW: Lynn Mogg, Jay B. Boydstun. Tuck T. Saul. ROW: George E, Ellis, Raymond Neville, Don Moulton, Rick Ed R. Lehman, Ken L. Mogg, Douglas I-'. Allen. SECOND Harrison, Herb Graves, Bruce A. Peabody, Gary C. Johnson. ROW: Marv Garber, Dan E. Fox, James Kelly, Jerry Busch, Joseph G. Barlow. l-rancisco Baquero. .lohn Doriski Jr., Charles Dreyling. TOP East Invites Facult to Dinners The residents of Couch North 5 East were Campus activities played an important role able to discuss current university matters in 5 East as shown by David Pepper, dorm through a series of dinners with members of president and activity chairman of Sigma Chi the faculty and administration. Guests at pledge classg Larry Bookman, Sigma Alpha these dinners were Dr. Eugene Kuntz, Dr. Earl Mu pledge class president, and Alan Tiede. Sneed, Dean John R. Morris and Vice Presi- university scholar and Model UN delegate. dent of the University Community David Burr. Herbert Graves served as counselor. Men of Couch North 5 East que- ry guests of honor. former Law Dean Earl Sneed and current Col- lege of Law Dean Eugene Kuntz. " ER .fi l ln informal game among them- selves. 6 East guards Tom Vizard and Rick Pyle back up quarter- back Doug Reilant as Ron Franz prepares to center the football. East Men Ho t Fifteen Children A pre-Thanksgiving party at Lake Thunder- bird and a trip with disadvantaged children to Campus Chest highlighted the year for the men of 6 East. Together with the second and third Hoors of Muldrow Tower, their sister dorm, the men held a party at Lake Thunder- BOTTOM ROW: Michael D, Cox, Ronald I.. Franz, Gary M. Friedman, Stephen A. Fiss, Danny A. Purdum, Mark D, Warner, Tom Vilard. SECOND ROW: Mike Flanagan, David K. Bar- ringer, Richard A. Pyle, Ronald R. Recer, Richard A. Gaydosik, Douglas Reeland, William E, Bruner, Andrew J. Allen. THIRD ROW: Tim Cook, Douglas W. McCord, Homer F. McAvoy, .. .. A bird. With Alpha Chi Omega sorority they toured Campus Chest with fifteen children. Oilicers of 6 East, Ronald Franz, presidentg Gary Fox. vice president, and Gary Friedman, secretary, led the dorm in forming their own constitution and judicial board. Jonathan R. Clark, Ben F. Russell, Dennis E. Deatheage, Robert E. Jenkins, Kenneth M. Clark, Phillip H. Palmer. TOP ROW: Eldon L. Chowning, David W. Johns, Don D. Mayse, Glen R. Turncr Jr., Wallace P. Goodman, Jerry L. Jones, S. Craig Simms, Steve R. Nichols, Robert C. Nims. A - - Shaping crepe paper and ehicker. wire Ron Gettinger, Lynn Dough- ty and Phil Thompson hoped for the winning Homecoming lloat. West Builds Homecoming Float Residents of Couch 6 West were unceasingly involved in campus activities and service pro- jects this year. After capturing second place in Class "B" Homecoming competition, the dorm held a Homecoming dance. The dorm took advantage of the different BOTTOM ROW: Jack W. McMichael lll, Rene Goupilland, James E, Boyd, James E. Covey, David Diefenderfer, R. Dale Nichols, Randall Stewart, Ray Gibson. SECOND ROW: James R. Herhst, Neil K. Olonofl, Larry B. Copeland, Van R. Temple. Jack L. Dignum, Philip VV. Thompson, Kenneth I.. Doughty, facets of Campus Chest as they participated in the Beauty and Beast Contest, Kids Day and the carnival. The men also gave a Thanks- giving dinner for eighteen cerebral palsy chil- dren. Serving as counselor for the group was Raymond Gibson, a senior psychology major. Broun, Stephen R. Blackwood, Richard Goodman, David A. Cherry, Ronald M. Gettinger, Chip Crowell, Doug Amick, Phil Jones. TOP ROW: Doug Till, F, Wendell Frazier, Roy D. Phil- lips, George Moser, Ed C, Payne, Mare S. Weinberger, Richard Buffett, Bruce J. Berger, William Lay, Terry Johnson. 5 , . i Howard l. Greenberg, Steven Fisher. THIRD ROW: James C. l .l t it L BOTTOM ROW: Andrew W. Hampf, Patrick S. Cross, John M. Folks, Richard M. Katz, Christopher T. C. Smith, Charles W. Mooney, Bruce Heath, Steve Stevens, Fred Stern, James A. Har- ris. SECOND ROW: Marc W. Widolf, Richard A. Emery. Noble D. Daniel, James R. Sivalls, Robert L. Spray Jr., Bruce Stone, Thomas A. Gray, Tom Wright, Leo E. Woodard, Preston Hemp- hill. THIRD ROW: Brooks Male, Frank Teitelbaum, Steve Wil- Speakers Atten Guest speakers and films were the highlights of house meetings for the men of 7 East. Other activities of the dorm included the building of a Campus Chest booth which raised 5155, op- en houses for home football games and partici- pation in several intramural sporting events. Residents who were noted for their activi- ties included Bruce Heath, secretary of the Ad- moth, Steve Siegel, Danny B. Hare, John T. O'Shaughnessy, Steve Mangum, James A. Hackerott, Arthur L. Fisher, Norman J. Teiber. TOP ROW: David P. Hartson, Wayne T. Sparkman Jr., Thomas W. Steves, John D. Holt, Rick W. Phelan, Richard D. Honaker, Robert B. Smith, Steve Streeter, Douglas K. Henkel, Joc C. Randall. d 7 Ea t Meetings ams Center Presidents Council and recipient of a Dads Association scholarship, and Steve Sherber, Model UN delegate, state treasurer for the Student Lobby and one of two OU rep- resentatives to the Student Conference on Na- tional Affairs. Counselor Chuck Mooney was a Model UN delegate, a member of the athlet- ic council and Kappa Sigma. at J ,ef '.lV' 7 - Model UN homework can be fun when Chuck Mooney. Margaret Baxt, Mari Fass and Bruce Heath get together for their delegation. Michael Warren Acker, John Gary Adams. Jack Richard Au- gustensen. Larry Baker, Robert Lee Ball, Rufus Young Bandy Ill, Tom Birkett. Terry Clark, William Guy, Randy King Hill, Larry Carl Houchin, George Sid- ney Howard, Ronald Jones, James Holden Knight, Stephen Lee, Mike Marsh. Martin Benjamin Bernert, William McBee. Ralph L. McReynolds. David Mendenhall, William Mere- dith. Gary Lewis Moser, Mike C. Munson. Patrick J. Murphy. James Elliot Naylor, Robert G. Olmstead, Gerald Paine. Mel Penn. Charles Roark. Randy Rob- inson, John Sanders, Robert Shackelford. Stephen C. Smith. Steve M. Spec- tor. Christopher P. Suman. Larry Alan Tawwater. Randy Joe Titus. Jeif White. Jack Wright. 7 West Enjoys Active Social Life Open houses after all home football games, an election watch-in and a hayride with the women of Couch 4 West were events included in the active social life of 7 West residents. The dorm also contributed over S200 to chari- ty through a coin-toss for Campus Chest. As a special project the men of 7 West con- verted their ironing room into a library. Form- er OU football player, Ben Hart, coached the houseis football team, which ended the season with a 2-3 record. Further displaying their enthusiasm for sports, the men of 7 West held showing of the film H1967 OU Football." Res- idents formed their own government this year, writing a house constitution under the leader- ship of Randy Robinson, dorm president. Counselor Larry Tawwater leads a house meeting in discussion of members' interests in professor evaluation. .nd I - 5.,W,, Ckuuch 7 Wcsl rcsidentx are seen in uclion playing "fI'iZbia-J." non the "in" game ul the university. H " Singlcx ping pong champion Fred Nlzikkawi xmrkx on hix xcrvc by practicing in the Couch Mcnk RCCl'CLlIiUI11liciCl1lCl' .v In ax few I1liI1LlICN nf prxnnkish fun. on Mike .-Xckciy llirculcning in Couch 7 VVcwl rcxidcnlx gang up lhl'OXN him dmxn the tmxh chills. BOTTOM ROW: Tom T. Niceley, Charlie M. Holt, David B. B. Cullison, Robert M. Esecson, Donald M. Hener, Gary B. Meldahl, David J. Nobles. Lawrence D. Purkey, Gary R. Sligar. Steves, Robert P. Bunch, Timothy C. Wood, Douglas G. Cun- SECOND ROW: James E. Gordy, Charles B. Ryan, Richard ningham. TOP ROW: Larry L. Manuel, Mike Archer, Clifford A. Riggs, Glenn J. Radovich, Allen L. Tandy, Michael R. McCoy, H. Gordon, Randal K. Hallman, Mike Huey, George A. Kingsley, James Eubank Jr. THIRD ROW: Jerome E. Gaspardo, Frederick Dale W. Renke, John V. Howard. I O est W ins 1n Football League After winning first place in league competi- for a pizza party. Residents also entertained tion, the men of 8 West finished second in dates at a Lake Thunderbird picnic in the fall. Couch Center intramural football. Residents With hopes of receiving open house privi- combined efforts with three other housing units leges, 8 West men drafted a constitution bas- to collect over S5150 from a sidewalk cafe at ing dorm government on an executive and ju- the Campus Chest carnival. dicial, board. Assisting house president David Prior to leaving campus for the Christmas Nobles were Dick Holmes, vice president. and holidays, the dorm joined the women of 2 West Gary Sligar, secretary-treasurer. Charlie Holt and John Skinner watch intently as Mark Holt pre- pares to move his piece in a game of chess in their dormitory room. If' .HV ' TYVCIJYWI- BOTTOM ROW: Warren E. Jones, Phillip M. Murphy, Patrick J. Healy, Tom E. Pickett, Steven J. Weiss, R. Trent Cornelsen, Kevin S. Peters, George E. Bibbo. SECOND ROW: Stephen Evans, William A. Shelton, Joseph A. Caliri, Steve A. Ramsey, Jimmie E. Kelly, Frank J. Clark, J. Earle Haggard, David E. Mackey. THIRD ROW: Gregory K. Parker, Andre Licardi, Michael Shannon, John S. Bonner, Wayne M. Wilson, George P. Selvidge, Jo K. Chancey, Bob Lattimore, Bob Gansfuss. TOP ROW: Mike D. Cavnar, Daniel A. Scull, Phillip C. Wise, Lester J. Lowery Jr., David M. Boyd, Terry M. Breitbarth, Keary C. Kincannon, William Sikorski Jr., Michael J. Porter, Dan R. Pat-- terson. 5 West Men Sponsor Car-Smashing Contest Men of Couch Center 5 West, under coun- selor Warren Jones, designed and built their own Homecoming float, using the theme "Take the Tigers by the Tail." Taking an enthusiastic part in the Campus Chest carnival, the men sponsored a car- smashing contest booth, Hrst painting the car orange and white, the color of OU's upcom- ing football opponent. With president Pat Healy, they campaigned for Beauty and the Beast contestants Bill Sikorski and his partner from Floor 10 East, Couch South. East Men Draft First Operable Constitution Being the first housing unit to have its con- stitution approved and put into operation was a distinction held by 8 East. Men of the dorm also participated in Campus Chest with their "Lulu's Red Light Inn" booth and enter- ed all major events in intramurals. BOTTOM ROW: Dawson F. Lasseter, Stephen C. Kraker, Ran- dal M. Grigor, James R. Talley, John D. Lowrie, Samuel R. Sanders, Scott C. Cassel. SECOND ROW: Laurence R. Wasson, Tim Cummings, .lim McDaniel, Gary Bonner, Tris G. Speaker, h M - Noteworthy residents of 8 East included Larry Vann, Engineers' Club president, and Steve Alsworth, OU Track Team manager. Counselor James Tally was assisted by otiicers Larry Neidich, president, Larry Rodgers, vice president, and Samuel Sanders, secretary. William P. Murphy Jr., Dale R. Marlar. TOP ROW: Winston D. Peterson, Larry S. Smith, Lynn S. Lamb, James M. Merri- field, Rick F. Vermillion, Stephen C. Buskirk, Robert F. Luke, Joseph E. Koslow. Q 'Wm-is .X A .ef ff . fr r1m- . --.. -n-1 iil..v sfmf .,ff. . sw -p BOTTOM ROW: Jim McStay, James E. Covey, Dennis L. Cal- ROW: Charles Miller, Patrick J. Healy, Joseph M. Payte, Rene kms, Ronald L. Franz. David J. Nobles, Larry Tnwwater. TOP T. Goupillaud, R. Randall Robinson. Couch Presidents Council Discusses Problems Twelve presidents from the east and west wings of the six men's floors of Couch Center comprise the Couch Presidents Council. The men met together as a legislative body to dis- cuss problems and initiate new ideas. The Council sponsored East vs. West football, softball, basketball and volleyball games. Projects of the council included installing a color television set in the lobby of Couch Center cafeteria and building two chests in conjunction with Campus Chest week. Pre- med major Ron Franz presided. Franklin Residents Exchange Cultural ttitudes A relaxed and international atmosphere characterized Franklin House where approxi- mately iifty percent of the residents were for- eign students. Throughout the year, men liv- ing in the dorm had the opportunity to ex- change ideas and cultural attitudes, discuss world-wide politics and develop friendships BOTTOM ROW: John P. Gay, Ariel F. Aguirre, Melvin B. Rahming, Leo E. Berkenbile. Malcolm E. Adderley Jr. SECOND ROW: lraj Peseshk, Albert Sayad, Siamak Meftah, Hashem with students of various races and nationali- ties. Although not officially an adult dorm, the majority of Franklin House residents were over twenty-one and several were graduate stu- dents. Counselor was Melvin Rahming from Nassau in the Bahamas. Hozhabri, Setsuo Takatani, Douglas L. Jacobs. THIRD ROW: Forrest G. Park, Ohyama Yoneo, Otis W. Williams, Dun Ku- kudo, Charles R. Hoetov, Bruce E. Niemi, Robert L. Weakley. BOTTOM ROW: Larry Tauher, Ralph Rollins, William E. Welk, Gary N. Kerness, King Chi Lum. SECOND ROW: Thomas R. Muckinhaupt, Gerry li. Earll, Peter Sternberg, Sam Trager Jr., Chuck Kading, Jason Pingree. THIRD ROW: Dennis R. Martin. Edwin A. Epstein, Robert A. McElmurry, I-'red O. Turner, Dcn- nis P. Kimbro, lfrank W. Pirruccello, Ronald Eugene Fernandez. TOP ROW: John F. Rice, Larry N. Ham, Linn E. Hoguc, Bruce R. Hinds, Brian C. Lankton, Randy l.. Harris. Richad A. Ru- mick, Prankish Residents Kidnap Parker Counselor Kidnapping their counselor, Bill Welk, and throwing him in the duck pond was one of the most remembered events of the year for the men of Parker House. The dorm also spon- sored a booth in the Campus Chest carnival and held several parties with its sister dorm, Forbes House. Fielding intramural teams in Shaving Cream Part Residents of Sager House and their sister dorm. Davis House, were hit in the face with shaving cream, as part of their Campus Chest booth in the fall. Besides the booth, Sager residents entertained Davis girls with several parties, including a hayride. BOTTOM ROW: Bruce Allen Doolittle, I-'red Comancho, Bob Warner, Bill Southworth, Marvin Collin, Wayne Bromley. SEC- OND ROW: Michael L. Corcoran, Clarence J. Runyon, Robert B. Schurman, Kurt R. Schneider, Klaus Russ, Don H. Whiteman, Tom J. Kearney, Danny F. Schluchter. THIRD ROW: William E. Lecf, Steven K. Mallery, John E. Houston, Walter B. Kohlun, football, basketball and softball. the men also entered individual events in swimming and wrestling. Planning dorm activities were oliicers Roger Empie, president: King Chi Lum, vice presi- dent, and Dennis Kimbro. secretary-treasurer. Larry Ham was social chairman. of Sager House Booth Intramural football was a popular sport for the men, led by Bruce Doolittle, president: Jim Heatherly, social chairman, and Steve Mallery, intramural chairman. Luis A. Rijos from Puerto Rico added a foreign inliuence to the dorm. Bob Werner was counselor. Robert J. Vandewater, Donald J. Burand, Andy R. Meyrowitl, Charles A. Pohl. TOP ROW: Jimmy L. Heatherly, Richard A. Small, Terry L. Mackland, Stephen D. Wright, Cal R. Openshavx. Thomas L. Meyer, Delbert O. DeWitty, David J. Dersch, Randy Holland. 4. A Oliver House counselor Clark Musser looks for a place to pass the football in an intramural game with Sager House residents. Dean Discusses Studies for li er Dr. J. R. Morris, dean of University Col- lege, discussed emphasis on studies as part of a speakers program sponsored by the men of Oliver House. Another distinguished guest of the dorm was OU president J. Herbert Hollo- mon. In the fall, Oliver men held a hayride and BOTTOM ROW: Baron D. Garcia, G. Stephen Morris, R. Clark Musser, .lay Printz, Robert B. Bates. SECOND ROW: Patrick M. Doherty, Douglas J. Levy, Frank J. Whitbeck, John E. Love, Stephen A. Baron, William R. Agee, Donald S. Risi. THIRD ROW: David Knapp, David T. Boyett, David V. Schanzer, Den- a moonlight picnic with girls from Neill House. Approximately 300 students attended the Oliver House showing of films featuring high- lights from the 1956 and 1967 OU football seasons. The dorm also entered intramural competition in football, basketball and volley- ball. Robert Bates was president. nnis R. Moss, Gary C. Klis, Robert E. Baxter, Ron F. Frohlick. TOP ROW: Chris Koontz, Jim Gotwals, James Richard Branum, Victor H. Ackley, Kenneth L. Smith, Salvatore S. Termini, Jim Porch. -M-.., "Q . nal A live band with the menu. inducing a German atmosphere for Cate Center residents, was Sanger House's idea. Sanger Sponsors Foreign Dinner As a special project the men of Sanger House sponsored an Italian dinner in the Cate Center cafeteria early in the year. The pro- gram was later expanded to provide foreign dinner nights in all university housing cafete- rias. Events on the dorm's social calendar were a dinner with the women of Jordan House, a skating party and a hayride. Residents also rt Wesley Barbee. Gary Beeley. ry Lee Burchfield, Patt Carr. nneth Clagett. Sam Cochran, ichael Davidson, nthony DeMicco, Paul Emert, ane Fairbanks, Ken Farley, arles Hays. Stephen Holbrook, rnon Jones. lliam Fred Kelamis, Paul Lack- Richard Lane. Jerry Lee, Don cas. Mike McCulloh. Tom MC- lloh. aries A. McWilliams, David nneth Ragsdale, Elton Randall, n Richardson, Gary Ruezinsky, es Stranieri. rdon Vincent. Bruce Waddell, ldon Watson. James Whiteneck. liam Wilber. Duff Wright. held a surprise birthday party for counselor Mike McCulloh, ending the affair by throw- ing the guest of honor in the duck pond. Sev- eral Sanger House men participated in a tutor- ing program for underprivileged children. Sanger House government consisted of three committee chairmen and an executive board composed of representatives from each floor of the dormitory. BOTTOM ROW: George L. Murray, Joe Langhi, Michael C. Salem, Don Bowen, John Doesburg. Larry Bunting, Gerald F. Neuwirth, Albert G. Mata, T. Michael McGaughey, Charles E. Davis. SECOND ROW: William R. Kennedy, Ronald A. Bush. Francis A. Ferraro, John F. Fowler, Richard G. Corriveau, A. Kinney Cook, Gregory L. Fine, R, Michael Brutsche, C. Patrick Grove. THIRD ROW: Gerald D. Caldwell, William A. Walters, Larry R. Tom, Dennis E. Zeller, Douglas P. Kensell, Bill Lever- ence, C. R. Rettig, Doyle Easterwood, David A. McCool, David Robertson Fa hion Robertson House residents started the year out strong, building the Hrst-prize fioat in Class "BN for the Homecoming Parade. Presi- dent Don Bowen. in an effort to do away with apathy in the dorm, led the group in numer- ous activities, including several dorm dances and participation in the annual Wilson Center Orphans Christmas Party. At the October R. Million. FOURTH ROW. Robert B. Cherry, Allen J. Mail- man, Gregory W. Blanche, Ronald E. Cole, Jim D. Fine, Robert M. Kahanek, Ronald S. Stevens, Gareld L. Wiley, James M. Carminati, Stephen D. Hinrichs, Ellery N. Edwards. TOP ROW: Ronald P. Hawkes, Melvin Safstrom, Robert W. Nusz, John E. Rott, C. W. Pratt, Kendall J. Schulte, Gene Musgrove, George W. Hanthorn, Stanley A. Stewart, Gilbert E. Humphrey, Robert L. Wade, David W. Carter. Winning Float Campus Chest carnival, Robertson residents entertained nineteen children on Kids Day. Outstanding residents of the dorm included John Doesburg, member of the Varsity Rifle Teamg Michael Salem, WNAD radio announ- cer and Constitutional Convention delegate, and Albert Mata, member of Model UN dele- gation. Gerald Neuwirth was counselor. Putting nnishing touches on Rob- ertson's version of Dr. Hollomon for Homecoming are Pat Grove Robert Nusz, Gerald Caldwell. lfit9 ixn.':1v1n:- rc ati. , Hanging lui' passing motorists to see. ax sign atlvertises dormitory residents' sentimentsi "White hand Feels for cfztmpttt C'hest." Whitehand Start Scholar hip Fund To honor the long-time custodian of their dorm, residents of Whitehand Hall began the "Doc" DeWitt Scholarship this year. The S50 scholarship was presented to a member of the dorm to apply toward his housing fees. In the future, money for the scholarship will be raised through the Whitehand Alumni Devel- BOTTOM ROW: Gary L. Goldsberry, Braxton D. Reid, Ronald Korrireich, Stuart A. Bach, Ronald Stites, Cornelius M. Cren- shaw, Ben P. Ayres. SECOND ROW: Carter R. Waid, Robert D. Nusbaum. Dee Miller, Frederic Hall, Roland Lohmann, Wil- opment Fund which was organized by the dorm this year. Whitehand also initiated a big brother program for disadvantaged chil- dren from Little Axe. Activities for the chil- dren included campus tours, football games and art exhibits. The dorm also entertained orphans for Campus Chest. liam Goldsberry, David Cooksey, Bruce Collins. TOP ROW: John L. Burgelt, Joseph G. Rostas, James Waterhouse, Kendall Waguespack, Larry C. Davis, Ralph W. Clore. Richard F. Seeley. Joe Ed Alford, Herb Moring. T . ' 1.5 If -,M - - .il ' 7 ' ,X 4 .1 e V' . 7 I I I 5 'J I l 'IOP ROW: Christopher A. Rickey, Fred A. Purcell, Dick Brown, Larry Peters, Pete Kron, Kevin Vaughan, Larry W. Smith, Denny Rick Brucker, Mike Burt, Chip Hicks, Mark Carlton, Stan Rich- Cotner. FOURTH ROW: Mike Swenton, John Johnson, Ronnie ards, Curtis Hancok, Bill Blewett. SECOND ROW: Michael Hall, Harold Cowherd, Barry McKinnis, John DeGravelles, Ron- Dean Gregory, Craig M. Wise, Danny Littrell, Casey Smith, Greg nie Rowell, George Rives, Stephen N. Johnson, Skip Graham. Sunderland, Bill W. Luttrell, George Williamson, Tom Corbin, TOP ROW: Stanley Gilchrist, Bob Kraus, Steve Brodie, Bruce Terry Snow, George Radclillfe. THIRD ROW: Jim Ringo, Tom Haffner, Dennis Ranzau, Tim Hughes, Jim Gilham, Roh Balsters, Colbert, Jim Cook, Brent Harper, Dan Langston, Craig Warne, Gayle Bradshaw, Larry Davis, Steve Brinson. 6Jeff' House RCOCCOIEITCO E1'1l21I' ed 9 8 Moving from temporary quarters in Lincoln teams. A noteworthy resident of the dorm was House at the beginning of the second semester, OU wrestler John Eagleston, who served this the athletes living in Jefferson House quickly year as president of the Varsity "O" Club. adjusted to their newly redecorated, enlarged In addition to stressing excellence on the and air-conditioned dorm. playing field, residents of the house insured Residents of Jefferson House consisted of good academic performance through study members of the varsity swimming, golf, track, hall attendance. Periodic grade checks made gymnastics, wrestling, tennis and baseball sure of eligibility for varsity play. BOTTOM ROW: Carey Hollis, Doug Dattilo, Dick Rainer, Rich McGehee, Dennis Mathies, Jim Nosari. FOURTH ROW: Scott Orna, Barry Wilson, Howard Mizushima, Jerry Bagley, Ramon Harrington, Doug Folger, Jeff Greene, Dick Allred, David Wea- Randolph Repp. SECOND ROW: Jasper Biddy, Bruce Cole, ver, Bob Masteller, Richard Jacobs, Patrick McKinney, Tom Rick Carr, Joe Boone, Elden Hoffman, Bill Beakley, Don Par- Sight, Jim Troiano. TOP ROW: Bill Tarwater, Mark Holland, rish, Joe Bob Smith, Bill Speer, Larry Steele. THIRD ROW: Clyde Massie Chrisman, Kirk Smith, Willy Brandecker, Chris Larry Laush, Jerry Cramer, John Crow, Rodney Randall, John Leydorf, James Fagan, Thomas A. Gibson, Tex Henderson, Pat Hoke, Jerry Adams, Geoffrey Hutcheson, Shaun Scott, Marty Parkhurst, Jack Harris. . 5 I f ' 5 l -t Q 1, . , ., A - A A-. Q ni.. f ' RKl"'HI3 !,11K"i Vi -E 'M -f .21 " 1 f ri geifzf ff. . - all ,Q i 1 BOTTOM ROW: Bobby Thompson, Gene E. Barnes, Rodney A. Shelton, Edd McGehee, Rick Mason, Ken Mendenhall, Eddie J. McDowel, Gary N. Chrisman, Ron A. Frisk, Eddie G. Hinton, Lancaster, C. W. Moss. FOURTH ROW: Joe Justice, Gary Ja- Stan R. Keeley, Bob B. Warmack, Joe K. Pearce, Bill Elfstrom, mar, Bruce E. DeLoney, Alger Flood, Rick Baldridge, Carl E. Larry MacDuff. SECOND ROW: Bruce J. Derr, C. Mike Smith, McElroy, George C. Wallace, Myron L. Harris, Steve Casteel, Skip L. Davis, Jack W. Theimer, Larry A. Bross, Danny M. Noles, Joe Killingsvvorth, Steven G. Zabel. TOP ROW: Jerry Matulis, John D. Barr, Brucy J. Stensrud, Jerry L. Sims, A, C. Smithy Ronnie Lynch, Tom Hampson, Lloyd R. Whitfield, Steve L. Jr., Forb Phillips. THIRD ROW: Stephen F. Tarlton, Mike Scheck, James R. Heitz, John T. Yule, Richard I.. Dutter, Vester Hebert, Neil D. Craig, John Titsworth, Nelson Todd, Jack E. Marshall Jr., Bobby D. Jack, Jim D. Files. W h' t H St t Pogram A "big brother, little brother" program to member for his "big brother" in a program de- orient members of the freshman football team signed to help the freshman in university life. was instituted at Washington House, one of Residents were especially proud of the Big the athletic dormitories on campus. As in Jef- Eight co-championship and the football team's ferson House, residents of Washington were invitation to the Bluebonnet Bowl. Another members of the varsity sports team, most of source of pride was the undefeated freshman them in football and basketball. Each fresh- team. The dormis social events were usually man football player was designated a team sponsored through the Varsity HOU Club. BOTTOM ROW: Ralph Evans, Everett O. Marshall, Lionell Day, essy, Randy Davis. FOURTH ROW: Steve Scranton, Larry Sher- Randy Brown, Glen King, Larry Newton, Bill Holden, Scott Mar- rer, Joe Holladay, Kirby Jones, Ken Jones, Jimmy Gilmore, Geof- tin, Dick Theimer, Joel Tolliver. SECOND ROW: John Eagleston, frey Nordgren, Rick Worley, Steve Aycock, Mark Box, Glenn David Dillingham, Jim Quick, David Clearman, David Geren, Dewberry J. FIFTH ROW: Lynn Hughes, Darrel Waggoner, Mike Laub, Charles Hoffart, Frank Creamer, Darryl Emmert. Bruce Barrett, Robert Jensen, Donnie Kelin, Ron Stacy, Lindy John Shelley, Jack Mildren, Marco DeGiusti, Garry Swanson. Pearson, Max Dayton, Phil Jordan, Charles Zink, Bob Berry. THIRD ROW: Voy Dixon, John Gorman, Harry T. Brown, Mic- TOP ROW: John Watson, Albert Qualls, Robert Patterson, Bob key Ripley, Roy Bell, Lindell Shoemake, Mike Mullen, Herman Kanatzar, Charles Hardin, Clifford Ray, Garfield Heard, Mike Sykes, Robert Wooten, Ken Davis, Joe Kusiak, Steve O'Shoughn- Hawpe, Landy Watson, Glen Mullins, Steve Shotts. ml is -f 12' -' 1544 m!'.Mi1fQt!f'Sg15 fmlZ lv' ' xEitxaW' ixl f .Patti iwx 44 BOTTOM ROVV: Robert L. Bowser, Malcom I.. Murphy lll Jimmy K. Reynolds. James K. Robberson, .lim l.cath, Carl Rose Keith Hartje, Jeff Herren, Ron Robinson. SECOND ROVV: George W, Bittner, Glen C, Baisch. Wilson O. McDonald, Jack A. Beaird. Denny W, Smith. Alan K. Braly, Glenn Carriere. Ronald D. Klick, Robert Capshaw. THIRD ROW: William H. Gresham larry D. Wickline Dorsey K. Mclntosh Janie D. Livermon. S'1muel M. Barrett ll, Terry L. Young John D. Yates. John V. Harness, Rick Townsend Gary Dubois. TOP ROW: Bill Newsome Joe Taskcr, Earnest Vlleidner Jr. Paul Ezell, John Alevmdcr, Ed Hicks David Carpenter, Donald Watson. Haney Bottoms, Mike Sl'lDil'lll, Harvey McQt1iston. Johnson 2 8a 3 Holds Honors Men Men of Johnson Tower Floors 2 and - freshman honors students wrote their own dorm constitution, electing two directors in- stead of a president and vice president. Leading the group as directors were Joe Tasker and Harvey McQuiston. The Johnson 2 and 3 intramural team were the football champions of Adams Center. and resident Keith Hartje won in the wrestling intramurals. Four of the residents took part in an Urban Sociology Program an idea innovated by their counselor Robert Bowser. Those in the pro- gram with university cooperation took special honors and upperclass courses in sociology. Eight University Scholars and three Presidents Leadership Class members lived here. ff Salating a nationwide color tele- vision audience for the Nebraska football game were residents of ,lohnson 2 24: 3. Adams Center. ,K gf , liek at W. Y . ,,"3..w I Q . . as . my .iz X rw.. In if fa- W il l'ci.',4-anal Q 21- A V u. . - ,L Residents Dennis Burger. Bill Chancellor. Jim Vetter and Milt Davis find entertainment with Aretha. their pet guinea pig. Johnson 4 8: 5 Spon ors Seminar Residents of Johnson 4 81 5 furthered their non-classroom education through a four-part seminar attended by over forty students. Fea- tured speakers for the series included David Whitney and Dr. George Henderson, assistant professors of sociology, Dr. Stephen Sloan, as- BOTTOM ROW: John F. Chaney, Ernie Barnes, David G. L'Roy, John E. Vetter, Rex Tapp, Wally Walker. SECOND ROW: Danny Lee Gilliam, John R. Harmon, David A. Miller, Steven J. Outhier, Clark L. Gaylord, D. Milt Davis, Dennis Burger. THIRD ROW: Scott A. Andrew, Earl S. Marwil, Gary Lee Park. sistant professor of political science, and visit- ing professor John George. Topics of current interest to the students were discussed. Social events included parties at Christmas and Thanksgiving and a dorm party at the home of Dr. Horace Bliss, chemistry professor. Bill Chancellor, Bill Neilson, J. Phil Olson, Rudy Fenwick. TOP ROW: Stephen P. Frazier. Fred C. Timpson, Philip T. Ansteth. Mark Thurston, Lynn R. Willis. Mark Thompson, .John C. Deupree, William C. Dodson, Five men in Johnson Tower Floors 8 84 9 worked together on the Trinidad and Tobago delega- tion for Model UN Conference. Johnson 8 Sc 9 Men Sell Balloon A representative of OU's Employment Serv- ice discussed. the techniques of interviewing for jobs during a special seminar sponsored by the residents of Johnson 8 8: 9. Other activities of the freshman honors dorm included selling helium.-filled balloons at Campus Chest and BOTTOM ROW: W. Tom Crenshaw. Gary R. Morris, Tim Sand. lin, Ray VV. Hoffman, Greg L. Harris, Robert B. Robitshek, Ho- mer R. Majors, Reed W. Pigman Jr., Bruce Payette. SECOND ROW: Douglas R. Roszel. Raymond E. Penny, Stan R. Burger, Neal H. Mahrey. Bill F. Brubaker, David B. Sloan, Rex L. Gray, Danny C. Clark, Paul Heath. THIRD ROW: James O. Curtis. Jimi, fielding a successful intramural football team. Several. of the men also participated in Model United Nations in the spring. The Johnson 8 8: 9 social calendar included a banquet with the Women of 7 East. a picnic at Lake Thunderbird and a hootenanny. Ronald Gaines, Dale R. Mclntyre, Jones V. Alan, Mack Ar- wood, William P. Simmons, Dwayne Tilley, John Sakelaris, Larry M. Gorman, David P. Morgan. TOP ROW: Robert S. Massey, Mark E. Marzec, John M. Hite, .Jack L. Washburn, Lawrence W. Jones, Larry A. Green, Robert G. Cassell, Eric W. Engh, Dan Holden, Richard De Garmo, David T. Hall. .... .fl L A ,.. BOTTOM ROW: Wilton Berry, Larry Rhodes, Jack Rudd, Allan Keown, Doug Pereboom, Jim Smith, Victor Ruble, Steve Trout- man. SECOND ROW: Robert Coffman, Mike Adams, Bill Braun. Eric Schmidt, Wayne Wasemiller, Phil Pommier, Gary Shane, Ernie Woodruff. THIRD ROW: Roy Gene Schelper, Jamie Kee, Edward D. Crowe. John Henry Morris, Barry Biggs, Charles Brown, Ed Warren, Chris Louvicr, Kent Payne, Dwaine Boyds- tun. FOURTH ROW: Larry Dwain Novak, Timothy Alan Pat- ton, David C. Bagnall, Gary Ainsworth, David F, Miller, Larry Sandefer, Robert Grantham, Rick Paschal, Richard Mize, Monte Jones. TOP ROW: Steve Abbot, David Plumlee, Richard Nowell, Randy Veitenheimer, Ray Shirley, Steve Duran, Lynn Frame, Fred Mitchell, Edwin Stewart. Randy Irwin. John on IO-12 Hold Spook art A Halloween party for Norman grade school children who collected money for UNI- CEF was sponsored this year by the men of Johnson IO-I2 and their sister dorm, 7 West in Couch South. After the children's party at McFarlin Methodist Church, the two dorms gathered for pizza. Johnson IO-I2 and 7 West also teamed up to operate a kissing booth at the Campus Chest carnival and, later in the year, had dinner together in the basement of Johnson Tower. An outstanding resident of the dorm was Jamie Kee, member of the executive council of the President's Leadership Class. Counselor was Allan Keown, a junior history-sociology major from Norman. Johnson men Steve Abbot and Monte Jones discover that doing their laundry is just another adap- tation to living on the campus. if a -rfvwrffw ' V , 4 BOTTOM ROW: David D. Woodward, John M. Murtagh, Ste- phen A. Ciupale, Robert L. Abernathy, Elmer Knutter, Robert Randquist, Steve Bunch. SECOND ROW: Robert S. Jorgensen, Ken Balson, Ralph Edclberg, John Baxter, Bob Corder, Pat An- thony, Robert Powell, Tommy Blackburn. THIRD ROW: Wayne D. Reimer, Ronald R .Clapp, Jehangir F. Pestonjee, Lee W. Bell, Johnson 6 8a Stresses Academic excellence played an important part in the lives of Johnson 6 8: 7 residents this year. The honors dorm boasted a 2.98 grade average at the end of the first semester. Dorm activities included a party with the women of Muldrow 4 8: 5 and Christmas car- oling in Couch Center South. Highlight of the McCasland Men Displa On Dads Day when the Sooners met Iowa State and on the Saturday of the nationally televised football game with Nebraska, the men of McCasland Tower demonstrated their pride in the OU team by draping huge spirit banners from the twelfth to the first floors of the building. BOTTOM ROW: David Crane, Michael Sala, Ernie Costanzo, I-'ox Wood, Harris S. Smith. SECOND ROW: Jonathan Murlas. Dennis Abrams, Harold Sloan, Barry Paddor. Tom Shores, Tom Jeff Craig, Stan Phillips, David D. Andree, Terry L. Jackson. John McCune Grifiith. TOP ROW: Tommy L. Chester, Patrick W. Willison, Galen R. Smith, Harlan W. Barton, Edwin C. Ben- nett, Gary J. Barnes, Dan M. Shaw, Steven P. Wiehle, Paul V. Carlile, Mort G. Welch, Richard A. Dimick. Academic Excellence year was Winning a touch football game with the men of 4 East, upperclass honors dorm. Johnson 6 81 7 men also escorted orphans around the carnival grounds on Campus Chest Kids Day. Counselor of the dorm was Tom Chester Jr. Presidents for the iioors were Ray Hall and Galen Smith. Twelve-Stor Banner A pre-Christmas hayride at Lake Thunder- bird and a river bottom party provided resi- dents of the tower and their dates with tempo- rary escapes from studies. McCasland men also contributed to charity through Campus Chest and participated in intramural sports. The tower housed five dorm units. Bull. TOP ROW: Dan Groveman, Rick Banner, Brian Nasky, Dennis J. Red Elk. Paul L. Danzis, Tim W. Nagle, Mark Piinsler. Combining some intellectual discussion with socializing are Tarman Tower residents and dates at a party. As part of a university experiment in adult living. all men who were eligible and desired to live in adult dorms were housed together in Tarman Tower this year. Residents of the tower ranged in age from twenty-one to thirty and several were working toward graduate de- grees. Social highlight for the men of Tarman was a Christmas-New Year's party. Residents also contributed to charity through a massage booth at the Campus Chest carnival. Active participation in intramural sports was another important achievement for men living in the tower. Floors 2-5, 6-9 and 10-12 constituted the three housing units within the tower. Serving as counselors for the residents were David Wynn lbach, George C. Pospisil and David Crane. Tarman Tower is a wing of Adams Center, which has its own cafeteria. Steve S. Abrams, Michael An- thony. Glenn E. Beauchamp. Gorden Bennett, John Blue, Sam Buzbee, David Carman, Leonard Chubrick. Phillip T. Corbell. Steven A. Cor- bin. Greg Cunningham, Jerry Cupps, Larry Dacus, Avram Eule. John Ferguson. William Dale Gardner. Charles Garrison. Bruce Gash. Gordon Gross. Allyn Harrell. James Hunt, Steven Kennedy. Joe Laird, David Lewis. William Everett Lewis. Harold Martin. James Martin. Larry D. Martin. Walter McClanahan. Da- vid McCray. Gary Meadors. Les Grant Morris. Dave Purdue. George Curtis Popi- sil. Douglas A. Robitshek. Jeffrey Rock, William Rowan. Steve Rue- dy. Tom Schrick. Larry Seward. Frederick Skinner, James Spang- ler. Orvis Taylor. Larry Vann. James Wantland. Larry Wells. Rick Wilson. Bill Winston. BFUCB NVinston. WL I l'6'l'7'I6l7'Ib6'l' your name perfectly. bln I just calf! think of your fave. -REV. W. A. SPOONER Like something out of the past - Tribes warring against one another Speaking tongues of their own. The tests of bravery before initiation And each one recognized by the tribal jewelry covering hint. 353 354 The more you Tiddly The more you Tiddl y The more you Tiddly On snowing. snow -pon Q0 -pon go -pon Vicki Adair, Gailynn Arm- strong, Barhi Austin. Cathy Auten. Karla Bentley, Jo- Ann Budd. Annie Burns. Janis Butler. Mary Jean Carter. Carol Chenault, Cheryl Coburn. Margaret Cole. Karen Coley. Jan Coltharp. Barbara Comstock. Kathy Crews. Carol Cunningham. Renda DeCarolis. Billie Dishman. Pat Ehrlich. Jane Elliot. Barbara Flint. Kathy Flood. Linda Foreman, Claire Fortenberry, Janie Francis. Rhonda Frank. Judy Freeland. Sandra Freeny. Robyn Geatches. Becky Goen. Bar- bara Green. Debi Guillot. Linda Haag. Janie Harper. Marsha Harris. Lana Hart. Linda Hefner. Peggy Hig- ginhotham. Jane Holloman. Pam Hughes. Nancy Im- holte. Sue lxy. Mary Lou Jack- son. Suzanne Jackson. Car- ol Johe. Ann Johnson. Cyd Johnson. Paula Johnson. Penny Johnson. Karin Kongs. Sharon Lee. Janie Letson, Dehorah Love. Ki Manning. Joyce Mansell. Dell Boh Cochran and Al- pha Chi Nancy Newbern share first place honors in the Campus Chest Beauty and the Beast Contest. AXQ Gne hundred nine chapters. Found- ed DePauw University 1885. Psi chapter established 1915. Presi- dents: Linda Rogers, Judy Freeland. Alpha Chi Booth With a knack for raising funds for chari- table causes, Alpha Chi Omegas teamed with the Delts to have the most profitable booth at Campus Chest for the second consecutive year. They also sponsored a Christmas party for the Tulsa Boyls Home and an altruistic project at the Norman Cerebral Palsy Center. Besides giving a picnic for OU's football team, the Alpha Chi's held their annual Autumn Party, Pledge-Member Party, and 1115 College aises Most Funds presented the Red Carnation Ball at Christmas time. Campus notables were Linda Rogers, who was selected Miss OU and Mortar Board, Ki Manning, finalist for OU's Best-Dressed Coed, Pam Hughes, Ruf-Nek queen, Linna Ruby, Miss OU International, Julie Dixon and Billie Dishman, both varsity cheerleaders, and Judy Yeatts and Kathy Erskine, Top Ten Fresh- man Women. Newbern. nolds. Lee Dell Snyder. Barbara Voss. Yeatts. Stevie Marchman. Kathy Maricle, Vicki Mason, Nan cy Meaders, Jeanene Miller Marilyn Musser, Nancy Nancy Olmstead. Linda Pavlik, Peggy Phipps. Shel ley Quinn, Betty Reiff, J J Reynolds, Roxanne Rey Marilyn Rhodes. Linda Rogers, Shannon Ryle Judy Shebaster. Martha Singleton, Peggy Singleton Jane Stangeland, Lydia Taylor, Vicki Tirey, Janet Troutman, Stephanie Vahl berg, Mary Jane Van Hook Stephanie Warren, Stepheni Webber, Martha Willsie Pam Woods, Susan Woods Marian Wright, Judy "Af 'l'here's nothin' uite like a successful bob for an 21 le, Gin er Johnston discovers as the Al ha Delta Pi's ursue a Halloween favorite. ly Cl PP S P P Jerry Birdsbill. Judith Kay Bolene. Carolyn Sue Brady. Jean Mary Burford. Rhonda Butler. Marie Childers. Phyllis Hallman. Linda Hardis. Beth Hunter, Vir- ginia Johnston, Donna Kil- gode. Jennifer Kimhrel. Eliiahcth Kiwsick. Linda Lissi. Carolyn Long. Pat- sy McCloud, Diane Nicks. Jayne Oldham. Cheryl Potter. Marci Ris- kin. Marilyn D. Siler. Su- san Sitorius. Pamela Wa- ken. Paula H. Whiteside. AATF One hundred twenty-four chapters. Founded Macon. Georgia 1851. Gamma Zeta chapter established 1947. President: Janet Whitney. 1 1405 Elm DPi,s Host Halloween Movie Treat Alpha Delta Pi's celebrated Halloween by buying tickets to a special movie for the chil- dren at Central State Hospital. Later in the year. they hosted a Christmas party for the children. Throughout the school term, Alpha Delta Pi's kept in mind plans to build an addi- tional upstairs wing to their house. ADPi's active on campus included Janet Whitney. immediate past president of Pan- hellenicg Paula Whiteside. news editor for the Oklahoma Duffy and Sooner Greek representa- tive. and Pam Troutt, AFROTC honorary cadet colonel semi-finalist. Spicing the social calendar were the Sup- pressed Desire party and a Christmas party. Highlighting the year was the Black Diamond Weekend which featured a hayride on Friday night, contrasting a formal dance on Saturday. da Harris play ll leri lflernoon game of brit Pam lroull. Rhonda But ler. Nlurilx n Siler and lin du Members of Alpha Epsilon Phi practiced nightly putting, together a song and dance routine for a regular meeting of the Envmeers Club Susie Adler. Lynne Aun- tein, Elaine Bassman. Joanie Bernstein, Patti Blumberg, Patricia Brau- man. Debbie Burg. Sherrie Burstein, Terry Chassin. Tricia Copeland. Nancy Dellar. Sandra El- tis, Barbara Fink, Vickie Finke. Beverly Fishman. Susie Day Freedman, Renee Galanty, Stephanie Ga- loob. Jane Glassenberg. .loan Gold. Suzi Gold. Barbara Goldberg, Lenl Goodman. Alda Rae Gor- don. Adrienne Grant. Ja- net Grossman. Sherril Her- man. Pam Hyken, AECID Sixty-two chapters. Founded Bar- nard College 1909. Epsilon chapter established 1956. Presidents: Ianne Pone, Mary Mulmed. 640 Elm AEPhi Members in aried ffices Always active in campus affairs, Alpha Ep- silon Phi members won numerous titles and offices. Suzy Portnoff served as Panhellenic president, Gamma Gamma secretary and was named to Who's Who in American Colleges. Pam Hyken, chapter vice president, was tapped for Gamma Gamma, Ianne Pone was elected secretary of Pi Omega Pi, business education honorary, Carol Epcar won numer- ous roles in plays, and Stephanie Galoob .off served on the OU traffic court. As service projects, the AE Phi's collected food for Thanksgiving baskets for a needy Norman family, tutored children in Okla- homa City and sponsored a Halloween party for children at the Norman Cerebral Palsy Center. Members extended invitations to their parents for a Parents Weekend, and attended their annual Spring Formal during the year. Faye Levine. Ellen Jacobs, Cheryl Kahn, Wendy Kornlck Carol, Krakover. Ruth Lampert, Shelley Lasky Vivian Levine, Susan Mil ler, Beverly Moore, Mary Mulmed, Wendy Nagel. Lesley Palmer, Rena Pen- sky. Susy Portnoff, Harriet Prousnitzer. Leslie Raskin. Shari Rosenthal, Elaine Saper. Sally Schwartz. Alana Shniderman. Annie E. Siegel. Teri Stone. Jackie Tuber. Me- linda, Wexler, Nettie Young. Franny Zivin. Bar- bara Zox. A f rw In an informal atmosphere, Alpha Gams and their dates gather on the patio to relax and converse during the annual patio date dinner party Chris Allen, Bonnie An- spon, Mary Porter Bal- lard, Sharon Baxter, Mary Jane Boeve, Mimi Borel- li. Brenda Bowman, Terry Bowman, Anita Brad- ford, Nancy Bruce, Bar- bara Butler, Jane Byrd. Irene Carey. Nancy Car- uso, Jan Coleman, Jean- nie Copeland, Dianne Dunlop, Cherye Elston. Connie Enochs, Judy Graves. Gretchen Grover, Pat Hamilton, LaNita Harms, Laure Harms. Wendy Hilty. Sandy Kin- ney, Patti Kruger, Bonnie Ledford, Jacquelynn Leon- ard, Susan Lewis. mg. AFA One hundred chapters. Founded Syracuse University 1904. Upsilon chapter established 1919. Presi- dent: Gretchen Grover. Alpha ams Win Intramural softball champs, Alpha Gamma Delta boasted of a year of campus leaders, service projects and construction plans. As service projects, the sorority sponsored a fund-raising drive for the Alpha Gam inter- national philanthropic project. They also worked at the Norman Cerebral Palsy Center and went caroling during the Christmas sea- son. During the second semester, Alpha Gams 930 Chautauqua oftball Intramurals planned construction of an additional wing and extensive remodeling to their chapter house. Heading the social calendar were the fall Mountain Party, Christmas Formal, and the spring HRoaring Tvventiesv Party. AGD campus leaders included Gretchen Grover, Mortar Board and Who's Who, Susan Lewis, Outstanding Senior in the College of Education, and Melanie Lusk, Tassels presi- dent and Glenn C. Couch scholar. McGinnnis. Rice. Smith, Janet Springer Thorne. lyn York. Melanie Lusk, Kathy Ma her, Liz McCarty, Jane McCharen, Sally McCra vey, Susan McDonald Jo Nancy Mix, Mary Nep tune, Caryn Odom, St phanie Palmer, Millicent Perry, Judy Rhodes, Kathy Rose Ries, Paula Roan Tary Ruzek, Vickie Shep pard, Linda Sigle, Donna Jill Springer, Roberta Steele, Anita Strickland Rita Styron, Kay Taylor Sheri Taylor, D i a n e DeAnn Trammell, Lynda Vinez, Jo Ann Walko Karen Warma, Becky Wil liams, Ann Wolfe, Caro Elaine Adams, Laura An- derson, Penny Beck, Cheryl Bowman, Julie Bray, Beverly Brown, Mary Byars. Lowelle Childers, Kar- linda Couch, Judy Cur- tis, Mary Davis, Susan- ne Deacon, Marsha De- Mere, Lucie Dix. Janice Early, Julie Elverle, Valynda, Ewton, Jill Ful- enwider, Polly Gaebe. Elena Galainena, Penny Gall. Barbara Ganzkow, Sarah Gay, Carol Graham, Ja- nice Graham, Marilyn Graham, Judy Hamilton, Gloria Hawkins. Judi Hawkins, Diane Hay- ward, Denbie Hedges, Dia- na Hedges, Jeannette Hen- dershot, Pat Hess, Marilyn l-Iill. Sharon Hill, Lois Holla- biaugh. Anne Howard, Laura Howard, Nancy Huddleston, Cecile lnce. Sue Jackson. Nancy Starnes, Elaine Adams, Marilyn Hill, Valynda Wexton, Lucy Pix and Becky Yadon sort books for Vietnam collected as a pledge project, 4- an X F f 9' A E2 ..,,,,,-y, , if M' " e-x: vi. ACID Eighty-seven chapters. Founded Syracuse University l872. Phi chapter established 1917. Presi- dents: Linda Walker, Cecile lnce. 1401 College Alpha Phi's Sponsor Child in India Sponsorship of a child in India headed the list of Alpha Phi philanthropic projects this year. Besides working as a sorority to help collect donations for the American Heart Fund Association, Alpha Phi pledges sponsored a drive to collect paperback books which were sent to servicemen in Vietnam. Alpha Phi's outstanding members were Linda Walker. Alpha Lambda Delta and Gamma Sigma Sigma, Linda McDonald, Kappa Gamma Epsilon, language honorary, Cheryl Bowman, Gamma Sigma Sigma, UCRQ Barbara Weaver, Panhellenic treasurer and Little Sigma of Sigma Chi, and Polly Gaebe, recording secretary of Gamma Sigma Sigma, president of PEM Club and Dads Day Com- mittee. Highlighting the social calendar for the Alpha Phils were the Christmas Formal and the Spanish Phi-esta held annually. Phyllis Jones, Kitty Karr, Beverly Lange, Cynthia Langford, Julie Lloyd, Margo Maidt, Barbara Marrs. Linda McDonald, Pam Means, Cathy Monroe, An- nie Moorehead, Nancy Moser, Susan Myers, Su- san Olds. Susan Owen, Ginni Pe- tersen, Denise Prentice Peggy Proctor, Sandra Proskovec. Dale Raczko- wski. Mary Reppert. Leastle Rucker, Gayle Stagner, Nancy Starnes, Kathi Stewart. Barbara Strom. Eleanor Trevor. Karen Turnell. Vickie Vosburgh, Linda Walker, Barbara Weaver, Joanne Wilson, Madie Wooten. Becky Yadon. Chris Zeigner. Jane Alspaugh, Judi An- derson, Susan Barry, Jane Ellen Barton, Sue Vaughn Barton, Susan Beasley, Beverly Bennett. Joan Bissonnette, Mary Ann Black, Cindy Bowl- by, Carol Boyd, Karan Bragg, Carol Brown, Jane Buckley. Connie Butler, Carol Cain, Laura Caudill, Marty Clay, Melinda Cole. Patti Coon. Cathie Cowles. Debbie Crowell, Candice Davis, Cleta Deatherage, Jo Dee, Linda Eng, Lez- lie Fentem, Janice Fina. Debbi Flint, Gayle Free- man, Sharon Gallagher, Ga le Garms. Pam Gan y J , Meg Gholston, Toni Gib- son. Linda Gist. Susie Gould. Nancy Griggs, Betty Hite, Jean Holcomb, Tangy Hough, Jean Jackson. Barbie Joers, Ann Jones. Julie Jones, Debbie Kile. Ka e Kleine Pam Knud- Y , son, Barbara Kuykendall. In a thrilling flurry of excitement Chi O members greet their new second semester pledge Jo Ann Wolfe as she enters the front door mf- Wk limi' ' XD One hundred fifty chapters. Found- ed University of Arkansas 1895. Epsilon Alpha chapter established 1919. President: Judy Shearin. 820 Chautauqua Chi megas Celebrate Fiftieth Year Action keynoted the fiftieth year for the Chi Omegas with the undertaking of various philanthropic projects and a busy social calen- dar. Highlight of the social season was the cele- bration of the 50th Anniversary of the found- ing of OU,s Chi O chapter. Although the actual founding date was November 13, the main ceremony was scheduled for State Day in April. Chi Ois from three other Oklahoma chapters, national officers, and alumnae were present. Further special events included the annual orphans party with the Kappa Sigmas, the Ski Party and the Spring Barn Dance. The Chi O's captured the Campus Chest prize for 'fmost original boothi' with their spook house. The sorority sponsored a foster child in Columbia and served as sorority co- ordinator for the American Cancer Drive. Beverly Kuykendall, Su- zanne Lambert, Linda Lantow, Nancy Lobrecht, Iona Kay Low, Judy Loy, Lila Mannas. Melinda McElroy, Debbie McGraw, Jana Meek, Dot- tie Miller, Barbara Moore, Cindy Nelson, Tana Phil- lips. Gina Gay Ramsel, Bever- ly Reeeves, Marilyn Ro- berts, Nancy Rothlisber- ger, Meri Sacra, Charlotte Sellers, Judy Sheiarin. Linda Shilling, Christy Shoemake, Cathy Sim- mons, Maurita Snider, Cindy Swanson. Sally Thorpe, Linda Tisdal. Sally Ulmer, Peggy Wal- ters, Kathy Ward, Lori Westbrook, Linda Wil- liams, Judy Williamson, Ann Worrell, Mary Wor- then. dsl" Linda Birch, Debbie McDonald. Janet McAdams and Karen Kennon use the study hall in the newly-completed wing ofthe Delta Delta Delta house, Kathy Allen. Karlene Alt, Susan Anderson. Carol Aust. Kay Barr, Patsy Bassel. Nancy Batten. Mary Eve Beckett, Sally Berger. Mary Ber- talan. Nancy Bowman, Sharon Briery. Claudia Brooks, Jane Brunstet- er. Kaye Byrne. Anita Chance. Diane Darrough. Mar- deen Deer, Janis Dins- more, Claudia Edwards. Martha Foster. Cynthia Gist, Betty Gunter. Sara Jean Haddock. Terri Herndon, Becky Hil- ler. Joanese Honegger. Laura Husband, Katie Kates. Cindy Keen, Susan Kendall, Karen Kennon, AAA One hundred thirteen chapters. Founded Boston University 1888. Theta Gamma chapter established 1910. President: Debbie Mc- Donald. 1611 College New Wing Added to Tri Delt House Completion of a new wing on their house highlighted the year for Delta Delta Delta sor- ority. The new addition included a study hall, lounge, treasurer's office, and chapter room. Tri Delts contributed many campus leaders this year with seven Angel Flight members, three Pipers and one Tassels member. Karen Ostroot was named a Top Ten Freshman and Jackie Moncrief was chosen as a finalist for Best Dressed Coed. Karlene Alt and Debbie Moncrief were both selected as Miss OU final- ists. Instead of building a Homecoming float, the Tri Delts donated the money to purchase books for the OU library. During Christmas, the sorority worked on two projects, sponsor- ing an underprivileged Norman family and "adopting" a shipload of sailors stationed in Vietnam by sending them Christmas cards and gifts. Brooks Little. Janet Mc Adams, Kathy McCand- less, Carolyn Moncrief. Debbie Moncrief, Jackie Moncrief, Cecie More- field. Margaret Munger. Karen Ostroot, Denise Pal- mer, Melanie Palmer, Claudia Poole, Carol Reed, Sally Robertson, Janet Rogers, Dala Rookstool. Alice Jane Rowan. Eliz- abeth Sadler, Marilyn Schad. Daphne Shore, Linda. Strickland, Judy Anne Tarwater. Darlene Taylor, Vickie Teel. Gaia Thomas. Nancy Thomas, Connie Sue Tor- bert, Z. B. Voiles, Mi- chelle Wade. Linda Watts. Susan Wise, Ann Withing- ton. Valerie Abbot, M, An- nette Adkins, Sherry An- derson, Bernita Beaird, Lisken Ann Becker, Jan Benear, Suzan Benear. Sondra Benjamin, Leslie Bigham, Elizabeth Blair, Anne Brewer, Linda Brewer, Lynn Brewer, Lin- da Burk. Barbara Butcher, Jane Byron, Kathy Castle, Judy Cohenour, Margaret Coun- cil, Marsha Crabb, Linda Culp. Diane Danner. Deby Dav- enport, Jaclyn DeJarnet- te, Susan Dillman, Lynn Dillon, Marilee Downing, Marilyn Drace, Ann Dyer, Carolyn Eam- es, Wendy Elmore, Mary Lou Emery, Pam Fau- bion, Lynn Fitzgerald, Carol Foster. Lindy Gans, Mary Kay Garnett, Janet Gary, Re- becca Glover, Kathy Gold- man, Nancy Greber, Cathe Green. Salley Gruenig, Heidi Hansell, Amy Hayes, Diane Herrin, Sarah Hic- kerson, Mary Jane Hud- son, Lynda Johnson. Marti Johnson, Carol Jones. Katheryn Kidd, Nancy Kimmel, Jane Klah- zuba, Laurie Lamson, Jane Anne Lawler. Delta Gammas took part in the Sailing Club's 'kbilge bust" to see whose bo-at could hold the most people without sinking. AF' Ninety-three chapters. Founded Lewis Institute, Mississippi 1873. Alpha Iota chapter established 1918. President: Sammie Vinson. DG's Boast Top Delta Gamma members gave a special treat to their parents when their entry won the Dads Day Quartet contest during the fall. Annually, the sorority sells Christmas trees as part of a national Delta Gamma project of aid to the blind and sight conservation. They sponsored a Halloween party at the Norman Cerebral Palsy Center with the Phi Kappa Sigmas and an orphans party with the Lambda Chi's. Topping social entertainment for the 744 Elm Dads Day uartet Delta Gammas was their Spring Pinafore Party. Prominent Delta Gammas on campus in- cluded Sammie Vinson, UAB and Mortar Board, Pam Faubion, UAC, Gamma Gamma, and vice chairman of URCg Peg McMullen, Tasselsg Linda Burk, UACQ Lisken Becker, AEPi Calendar Girl and finalist for Home- coming Queen, and Kathy Goldman, president of Gamma Alpha Chi. Mullen. er. Shields. SOIL , Zwaan. i Connie Lee, Michelle Lefe bvre, Laura Lynn, Rebec ca Marshall, Lois Mat thews, Lynda McGee Margo McGee, Peg Mc Nancy McNeeley, Vicki Moo-re, Connie Mose. Bar bara Myers, Christy Nel son, Royena Newton, Nor ma Nickles, Jill Ostrand Teresa Pitts, Nancy Polll na. Margie Pribyl, Mary Rawlins., Debbie Roberts Mallory Robertson, Don na Romberg, Suzanne Cheryl Simpson, Jan Sims, Susan Sisney, Diane Smith, Bobbie Trussell J Lynne Tuttle, Sammie Vin Lynn Wells, Patty White Jean Ann Wilkes, Kay Woodliff, Nancy Woody Nancy Wright, Alida DPhiE pledges Lillie Simon. Betsy Nathan and Susan Klein converse and enjoy refreshments at a function with pledges from Phi Beta Delta Sandy Bacharach. llise Brown, Barbara Cohen. Dede Gerry. Margo fila- ter, Ann Goldstein, Patti Goldstein. Cindy Loeb. Myrna Newman. Susan Mishkin. Marlyn Paul, Robin Richter. .lanell Rock. Marian Se- ligman, Susie Seltzer. Ah- hy Shapiro. Judy Swade. Sherry Weiner. Si!! Q 1 3' visa: ACDE Thirty-six chapters. Founded New York University 1917. Delta Phi chapter established 1965. Presi- dent: Esther Brachfeld. DPhiE's Conduct Special Rush Week Completing a successful fourth year on the OU campus, members of Delta Phi Epsilon, aided by Panhellenic, took in a 30-member pledge class. A special three-day rush program was held at the Tri Delta house with members from the various OU sororities helping the DPhiE's with their rushing efforts. The DPhiE,s rush week consisted of casino, west- ern and preferential parties. Highlights for Delta Phi Epsilon members and pledges were the December Winter Party, Big-Sis, Little-Sis Picnic, the pledge walkout, and an open house honoring their pledge class. Members lived in university housing, while working on plans for building a chapter house within the next two years. Meanwhile, the DPhiE's were guests of a different sorority each month. They ate dinner weekly with their host house and were included in their social functions. Preparing invitations to the spring formal are Myrna Newman and Dede Gerry. l Delta Sigma 'Theta oilicers Jackie Mclluffy. Alvarene Owens and Margarate Brookneld sell tickets for the Black Heritage Week style show. Cynthia Barnes. M arye Dickson, Deborah Elliott. Otherine Graham. Guinnevere Hodges, Jac- queline L. Huey, Jacque- line lVlcDuffy. Alvarene N. Owens. 'Theopal Tyner, Millelte Waters, Erma White. Gwendolyn Woods. AEC-9 Three hundred twenty Chapters. Founded Washington. D.C. I9l3. Epsilon Lambda chapter establish- ed 1968. President: Jacqueline McDuft'y. Cynthia Barnes and Mary Dixon study in their Couch South study hall. Delta Sigma Theta ewest Sorority Panhellenic's newest addition, Delta Sigma Theta. kicked off a successful initial year on the campus as OU's sixteenth sorority. In October. sorority members helped with a voter registration drive in the Norman area to encourage residents to cast their ballots in the l968 general election. Delta Sigma Thetas also participated in a Black Heritage Work- shop sponsored by their alumna chapters. Delta Sigma Thetas active on campus in- cluded Theopal Tyner. member of Sigma Alpha Eta speech pathology fraternity and Afro-American Student Union: Millette Waters. Finance and Accounting Clubs and Afro-American Student Union: Guinnevere Hodges, delegate to the Constitutional Con- vention, Sooner Yearbook wonien's housing editor and Afro-American Student Union. l'or a style show tluiii Black Heritage Week. J ta Sig Gwendolyn Wvot models an .Xrhita taslii an Gail Appleby. Sheryl Ard. Ruth Arens, Jane Ash. Margy Ayres, Charlotte Babione, Cindy Baker. Jean Ann Baker. Judy Barnes, Jana Berryhill, Jac- qui Briggs, Victoria Chaf, fin, Kathy Cornelison. Marilyn Davidson. Marty Davis, Dana De- monbreun. Diane Dig- gle, Jennifer Dillon, Dee Dee Dodson, Sally Drake. Valerie Dunn. Diane Dunnett, Cathy Ed- wards, Marcene Etchieson, Jan Francis, Margie Frieze, Cheryl Gaines. Jo Anne Garvin. Sandra Gauchat, Dorothy Gerould, Ann Griffith, Connie Hair, Randy Hanes. Linda Hansen, Nancy Ham. Stacy Hart, Ann Hendrick. Peggy Hermes, Diane Herrmann, Cyndy Hib- don, Renai Higgins, Judy Hill. Kyle Hockman, Margaret Hughes. Judith Jackson, Linda Jackson, Laura Johnson, Valerie Johnson, Bonnie Kent. Nancy Kilpatrick. Connie Kinfz, Barb Lawrence, Sal- ly Livermore, Jane Ann Lockett, Margie Logan, Diane Mackey. Playing a game of hearts at the Valentine rush party are Gail Appleby, Valerie Dunn. Karen O'Connor. FCI? Ninety chapters. Founded Syracuse University 1874. Psi chapter es- tablished 1918. President: Diane Herrmann. 1105 College Founders Attend Anniversary Party Over 200 alumnae from across the country met in the fall to celebrate the 50th Anniver- sary of Gamma Phi Beta's founding on the OU campus. Nine of the eleven original founders of Psi chapter attended the event which fea- tured presentation of a diamond president's pin to the chapter. The Gamma Phils, besides furnishing play- ground equipment for a children's school in Noble and donating funds for underprivileged childrenls camps, built a house decoration for Homecoming and pooled abilities to win an intramurals trophy. Contributing to Gamma Phi success on campus were Diane Herrmann, chapter presi- dent and Mortar Boardg Carole Clausing, AWS president and Mortar Boardg Lee Ann Welch and Becky Rhodes, both Tassels and Gamma Gamma, and Judy Barnes, one of OU,s Ten Best Dressed Coeds. Amy Martin, Kay Ma- thews, Sue McConnell, Ann McCune, Dee Dee Mundell, Karen O'Connor, Robbie Palmore, Andre Pequignot. Dee Anne Platner, Lin- da Polk, Karen Price, Kyle Ranilerson, Helen Reinheimer, Becky Rhod- es. Marian Rhodes, Mary Rorex. Talesa Rose, Fran Rus- sell, Julie Rutledge, Sa- ra Shull, Cindy Sifford, Annette Smith, Carla Smith, Diana Snyder. Mary Stephenson. Darla Stokes, Linda Talkington, Patti Taylor, Priscilla Thomas, Karen Vieth, Ruth Walker. Gayle Walko, Lani Wal- lin. Lee Ann Welch. Vic- ki Welch, Carolyn Wilcox, Michal Williams. Suzan- ne Williams. Q ,.. Q A M '39 my W" K5 L, s V, A4 2? if M, - , . Q :-"k Q Mx ,SEG 2 dmffwgieiwaeij Eg rf ,ax LL gf si N ,T KAE-D Ninety-four chapters. Founded DePauw University 1870. Alpha Omicron chapter established 1909. President: Judy Poole. Thetas High in Always stressing grades, OU's chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta was fourth in scholarship out of the 94 national Theta chapters. In addi- tion to academics, Thetas sung themselves into first place in the women's division of Univer- sity Sing. Major social events were the Christmas Formal, the autumn l'Pansy Raid" with the Tri Deltas, and a spring barbecue and dance. With the SAE's, the Thetas held a Christmas 845 Chautauqua cholarship, Talent party at the local Cerebral Palsy Center. Further distinguishing themselves, two Thetas were named to Mortar Board and four were chosen as Big Women on Campus. In addition, four were picked by Tassels and five tapped by Pipers. Vicki Muse was named Greek Week Prin- cess, Carol Akright was elected to Student Senate and Constitutional Convention, and Margie Ratclifie was a Top Ten Freshman. THRU. Smith. Carol Stortz. Wrede. Pam Wright. Julie Lewis. Midge Lipp mann. Dorella Logan. Car lyn Manley, Karen Mir riott. Linda Marriott, Gail McCall. Caren McJunk1n Jane Meyer. Kathy Miller Betty Lou Morgan, Polly Murphy. Vickie Muse Barbara Nemechek. Nan cy Nesbitt. Susan New Barbara Orth, Shirley Pe tree. Judy Poole. Huley Jean Rankin. Marjie Rxt cliffe. Sue Reed, Rosillf. Riddle. Deborah Robert son. Vicki Robertson. Anne Rogers. Janet Russell Christa Schwab. Lynne Scott. Cheri Shadid. Ann Pam Thompson, Beth Till man, Laura Turney, Virgi nia Vance. Mallory War ner. Fran Wilbanks. Kay Kathy Albert, Kathy Al- len, Jill Amspacher, Frances Ballew, Vivian Bell, Laura Binkley, Bev- erly Blair. Carolyn Bratcher. Susan Braun, Gaile Brown. Cin- dy Burner. Marie del Bustillo, Barbara Camp- bell, Karen Campbell. Kay Castin, Penny Col- lins, Linda, Connell, Wynn Cooper, Cathy Davidson, Sammy Dillingham, Linda Evans. Cidney Fee, Barbara Fleischman, Mary Jane Flett, Betsy Gabriel, Mad- eline Gaden, Jacqueline Gallup, Ola Beth Goins. Gloria Gray, Elaine M. Green, Sarah Hardy, Jan Hart, Marsha Hart, Marl- lyn Henderson, Beth Hill. Nancy Hollis, Beverly Holmes, Sandy Howell, Kathy Hughes, Andrea Hurayt, Sharon Hurst, Mickey Husted. Barbara Jacobs, Kristy Johnson, Mary Laird, Ma- rian Lamb, K. Marles Long, Claudia Lowe, Bev- erly J. Lunsford. Getting a boost from members of Kappa Delta. a contestant boards the swinging barrel he will try to ride in the KD Campus Ches RIDT avfffrff amdfw 15+ 6 ink-veil KA One hundred eleven chapters. Founded Longwood College 1897. Gamma Theta chapter established 1956. President: Suzy Snodgrass. 505 Emerald Way ' Involved with Service Projects Participation in Engine Show, Greek Week Revue, and various dramas, plays, and ballets headed activities for Kappa Delta members. The KD's sponsored numerous service pro- jects to support a child in the Pauls Valley school for the mentally retarded. The group also sent funds to help finance a ward in the Crippled Children's Hospital in Richmond, Virginia. Outstanding members were Cindy Burner, Peggy Martin, Christina Mast, Cinda Mast, Connie McCreight, Karen Mc- Leod, Sandi McMahan, Kay Meyer. Nancy Miller, Linda Moss. Linda Moss, Diana Nau- man, Judy Noble, Kathryn Novak, Laura Peck. Paula Pennington, Kathy Porter, Susan Porter, Bec- ky Saunders, Kathy Sharp Anne Shrewsberry. Jill Simmons. Nancy Smart, Karen Snell, Suzy Snodgrass, Caryn Stoermer, Made- lynn Street, Carolyn Tur- ner, Sherry Walker. Sandra Warden, Marilyn Washburn, Rebecca Wet- sel, Lyndi Whitehead, Kendie Widner, Carolyn Williams, Kim Williams. winner of the Rita H. Lottinville prize for ex- cellence, Suzy Snodgrass, chapter president and Gamma Gammag Kathy Widner, co- director of the 1968 Sooner Scandals, J anene Dent, emcee for Engine Show, and Marles Long, winner of individual competition in Engine Show. Annual social events included the fall Hal- loween party, the Christmas formal, and a Hawaiian Luau in the spring semester. Ns-. ! I L K -af , .,.. 1 ' 'ar'Y.'lZ" 'H W' f 1. F ,. - W - 5 .6.21 i EE KKI" Ninety-two chapters. Founded Monmouth College 1870. Beta Theta chapter established l9l4. J President: Ellen Purves. 700 College Kappas Take f'Best" in Engine Show After weeks of perfecting their Engine Show Act entitled 6'Maggie and Herb," the Kappa Kappa Gammas walked off with the "Best in the Show" trophy. The sorority also joined with the Betas to build a float for the 1968 Homecoming parade. In addition to planning for the Kappa cen- tennial anniversary the next year, regular events of the social season were the fall barbe- cue, a Christmas formal and dessert, and the spring Monmouth Duo with the Pi Phi's. Prominent Kappa campus leaders include Mary Ann Reed, Mortar Board president, Most Outstanding Senior Woman, Ann Cos- grove, Most Outstanding Senior in the College of Arts and Science and Howdy Week chair- man, Ann Beard, BWOC and Mortar Board, Ellen Purves, Kappa president and Mortar Board, and Bobbie Arentz, AFROTC Honor- ary Cadet Colonel. Donna Jackson. Gay Jen- kins. Candy Jones, Jan Leonard, Dee Dee Lind- sey. Linda Long, Mari- lyn Mabrey. Gena Mac- Arthur. Margaret Mason. Trisha Mayhall. Donna McBee. Karen McMahan. Ann Monsour, Cathy Motsen- hoeker. Judy Neal. Nan- cy Norman. Jann Northrip. Johanna Oconnell. Janie Phillips. Laura Pierce. Leslie Pierce. Sharon Prestridge. Ellen Pewes. Carolyn Reed. Nancy Richard. Ginger Ridgeway. Debbie Sands. Jane Sharpe. Sally Sharpe, Sara Short, Jiama Smith. Melanie Smith. Ree Ann Solter. Genie Taylor. Lynn Tolson, Pamelia Vennerberg. Ann Von Kaenel. Carla Weid- ling. Linda Wilson. Pam- la Woods. Sarah Baker, Beth Bar- bour, Linda Bechtold. 1 Michel Bernhiardt, Jan Bielefeld, Carol Blakey. Trudy Blinn. Barbara Bomford. Nancy Breeden. Bana Burkett. Charlene Burlie, Anna Butler, Cookie Cole. Paula Collins. Cathy Cooper, Pam Cor- reia, Cindy Darnell, Mar- sha Darnell, Otie Ann De- laporte, Marilyn Dover. Tish Ellis. Susie Evans, Chris Fine- frock, Peggy Ford, Char- lotte Fulton, Kay Gallow- Way, Ann Gordon, Helen Grace. Jean Ann Grisso, Patricia Gurley, Debbie Hamm. Kathy Hieronymus, Pat Hieronymus, Jola Higgin- bottom, Debbie Holland. Jolly Hollman, Terry Hoopes, Joy Johnson, He- lene Johnston, Lisa Kim- rey, Linda Lake. Marsha Lane. Debby Lasater, Lynn Les- ter, Suzanne Logan, Kathy 3 Luke, Helen MacKellar Linda Markee, Suzanne Martin. I Christmas season found Pi Phi's Charlene Burlie and Susan Bussey tying greens to the staircase at the traditional tree decorating party. , , from . lt, 14 xsuwmw vamtgvsga gpg., , fm-Mggz. ,l, -w. . TTBCID One hundred eleven chapters. Founded Monmouth College l867. Oklahoma Alpha chapter establish- ed l 91 0. Presidents: Carol Rodgers, Rochelle Rudd. Local Pi Phi's Win National workshop proved to be a reward- ing experience for the women of Pi Beta Phi this year as they brought home the Balfour Cup, awarded to the top Pi Phi chapter in the nationg the Alice Webber Johnson Bowl, given to the chapter that has been in the top ten chapters in the nation the most times in ten years, and an individual scholarship awarded to Tricia Gurley, Sayre junior. Activities of the Pi Phi's this year included l70l Elm ational wards building a homecoming float with the Phi Delts and entering Sooner Scandals with the Kappa Sigs. The chapter began a Christmas scholarship fund. Outstanding Pi Phi's include Carol Rodgers and Nancy Breeden, Mortar Boardg Jeane Ann Grisso, Outstanding Freshman Woman and Alpha Lambda Delta president, Sally Burns, Outstanding Freshman Woman, and Ronna Riddle, finalist for Miss OU. Beverly Maulding, Chris Maxwell, Jane McCoy, Donna McCullough, Dian- ny Meaders, Julie New- ton, Nancy Osborne. Cin- dy Patterson. Carol Peterson, Beth Post. Becca Poston, Sally Rapp. Janey Richards, Carol Rodgers. Linda Rogers, Debbi Roller. Rochelle Rudd, Linda Sa- mis, Susan Samfs, Layne Schmidt, Lynda Selman, Sally Sewall, Ellen Shep- herd, Karen Smith. Maureen Snider, Nancy Stewart, Pamela Sue Stone, Penny Sumner. Jayne Sutton. Diane Ter- ry. Sue Ann Thompson. Mary Toile, Sally Uhlen- hop, Nancy Vaughn, Tere- sa Wotford, Joanie Woolf, Margaret Wright. Kay Young. Perfecting their l'Dog Patch" theme. Sigma Delta 'liau members worked long hours with Phi Delta Theta members on their act for Engine Show, .l anis Axelrod, Gloria Belz. Kathy Berger, Shel- lye Bernstein. Sandi Bloom, Donna Blumen- thal, Nancy Bogard. Susan Bravermzin, linda Brown, Karen Coffman. Jan Cohen, Linda Cohen. Elaine Cooper. Catherine Davis. Paula Derex, Suzy Don- enfeld, Sue Eisen, Mari- lynn Feintech, Jo-Ann Fendler. Carole Fetter- man. Bonnie Fine, Barbara Friedman. Susan B. Friedman, Janet Gallas, Gloria Gamm, Susie Ghertner. .lane Goldberg, Laurie Goodwin. Cathey Haas, Carolyn Hinchin, Margo Hirsch, Sue Husney, Gloria lsler, Janet Kalin, Joanne Kauf- man, Nikki Kerbel. M--+--v-..,.,..... L, My XAT Fifty-nine chapters. Founded Cor- nell University 1917. Xi chapter established 1929. President: Sharon Wade. 1714 Chautauqua DT's Enter Campus Productions Sigma Delta Tau's went in for university variety productions by entering a group act in Engine Show with the Phi Delta Thetas and two individual acts in the Greek Revue. At Thanksgiving, the SDT's collected food for needy families and, during Christmas, gave a party for orphaned children. With the Alpha Tau Omegas, the sorority took first place for their float entry in the 1968 Homecoming parade. SDT social events included the annual fall Frontier Pary and the Spring Formal. Active SDT's were Kathy Berger, emcee for Engine Show and Little Sigma of Sigma Chip Karen Coffman. runner-up in the Beauty and the Beast competitiong Cathy Haas, sweetheart of Sigma Alpha Mug Rusti Steinhorn, finalist for Navy ROTC honorary commander: Geri Sobel and Judi Levin, both Student Senators. Levy. Molask y. I Jane Royce. Schuster, Kay Selber. Zarrow, Janet Kleinman, Dorothy Knoipke, Barbara Kravet7 Nancy Leve. Helaine Le vine, Sunny Levine, 1-rin Darcy Lewis, Abbey M in del. Debbie Mann. Clio lyn Marcus, Fran Mend ler, Dehbv Milder. M iiti Paula Mostovoy. Vickie Mundt. Stephanie Pciiy Mickey Pierce, Judy Pi lor, Martha Richarcson Debbie Rudnick. Citi: Rudnick, Terry St tl man, Sari Schenk, ll bara Schmidt. Debbie Margie Siref, Rusti Stein horn. Sharon Wade. Elyse Weinstein, Leslee Wcin stein. Nanci Weinstein Fran Wittenberg, C11 BOTTOM ROW: Miss Anona Adair, Barbara Weaver, Suzy Port- noff, Ginger Ridgeway, Sandy Kinney, Millicent Perry, Dr. Doro- thy Truex. SECOND ROW: Trudy Blinn, Carol Ann Rodgers, Jeane Anne Grisso, Theopal Louise Tyner, Carolyn Turner, Ellen Purves, Ianne Pone, Jerri Birdshill. THIRD RIJW: Sherry l.ynn Council Change Innovation characterized the Panhellenic Council. A new method of oflicer selection was adopted, in which an oilicer was elected by popular vote of sorority members. Candi- dates for the office are selected by each of three eligible sororities, which are determined by a rotation based on the sororities' founding dates on the OU campus. Biggest Panhellenic project of the year was sponsorship of a special rush week for Delta Phi Epsilon. Another first for Panhellenic was a banquet in the spring honoring outgoing and incoming officers. The Council also created and funded the 35100 Dr. Dorothy Truex Scholarship. in honor of the retiring Dean of Women. Oflicers were Suzy Portnoff, president, and Ginger Ridgeway, vice president. Linda Pavlik was secretary: Barbara Weaver, treasurer and Kathy Knoop, public relations chairman. Jones, Carol Ann Slortz, Judy Dean Poole, Suzy Snodgrass, Carol Cain, Judy Shezirin, Adrienne Grant, Pam Fuubion, Susan Lewis. TOP ROW: Judy Freeland, Linda Lee Rogers, Gwendolyn Woods, Sharon Wade, Jacqueline MeDulTy, Susie Seltzer. Esther Bl'1lk'hfC'iti, Gretchen Grover, Sunimie Vinson, s Officer Selection Panhellenic otlieers use the computer during Rush Week. M ,, .----,,,,. M , -.1-7' ft! In Junior Panhellenic Plans Drives Newest members of the OU Greek system. the sorority pledges. under the auspices of Jun- ior Panhellenic undertook many major service projects this year. Always trying to further inter-sorority rela- tions, Junior Panhellenic sponsored pizza par- ties for the pledges of different houses. During Greek Week they held a penny drive which helped to finance the Greek disadvan- taged children's camp held each summer for two weeks. Junior Panhellenic members also held a "toys for tots" drive at Christmastime, handled the lighting of the Christmas tree on the South Oval and did the publicity arrangements for the Greek Review. Ofhcers were Andrea I-Iurayt, presidentg Beverly Moore. recording secretaryg Laura Turney. corresponding secretary and Sally Berger, treasurer. HO'l"l'OM ROW: l,aura Jurney, Beverly Moore. Linda Lissi, An- tlrca Htlrayt, Sally Berger, Peggy Perkins, SECOND ROW: Diane Smith, Susan Ann Cochran, Dede Gerry, Barbara Cohen, Char- lotte Babione, Judy Shebcster, Joyce Mansell. THIRD ROW: Andrea Hurayt, Cleta Deatherage and Doug Aikins hang posters announcing '4Rent-a-Pledge" Greek Work Day project. Chris Zeigner, Ann Withington, Beverly Lange. .lanicc lfina. Cleta Deatherage, Pam Henry, Gail Zarrow, Pam Resnik. TOP ROW: .lulie Hirzel, Priscilla Thomas, Linda Chesnut, Anita Strickland. lrenc Carey, .lane Glassenberg. Cathy Cooper, Becca Poston. Kappa Alphc Thefo Greek Week Princess 2 E 2 'R Hatfield peech Highlights Week Republican Senator Mark O. Hatfield from Oregon spoke on campus, highlighting the an- nual Greek Week activities in April. Senator Hatfield, author of a bill in Congress to do away with college deferments, spoke on "The Professional Army." The week opened with a statewide confer- ence to which representatives from state col- leges with sororities and fraternities were in- vited. Mark Houston led the Greek "Laugh- ln". a satirical look at the Greek system. The OU-OSU All-Star Greek basketball game was scheduled during the week. Ending the week was an Art Show on Moth- ers Day weekend, held in conjunction with residential halls. Co-chairmen Steve Edwards and Linda Pavlik led in planning the week's activities. Other events during the week included a powder puff football game among sororities, exchange dinners, and a golf tournament. Barbara Danzingcl and co-chairmen Stcvc Edwards and linda 'l'ri Delta Munger pr Pavlik view crafts Erin actice to be Donahue. Carolyn liubanks and Margaret for Greek Week powder puff football game displayed during a Greek Week art showin iN. lf 5 X V 3 k S. .,, if I'hc chorus linc rchcnrscs lor lhcir performance in thc Greek Revue PI'ULlllCllUIl. "An American cil1I'lNll1l2lN.-i staged in l,CCCl11l7t,l Greeks Present With the objective of funding a summer camp for underprivileged children, a cast of 65 sorority and fraternity members from I8 houses presented the annual Greek Revue. The l968 edition of the show, L'An Ameri- can Christmas," was presented to audiences on campus and in Gklahoma City. Also, the show was presented to airmen at Altus Air Force Base and at Sheppard Air Force Base. Texas. Appearing in the first act were a folk sing- ing group. a women's ensemble and vocal solo- ists. Production numbers by the Greek Revue chorus included musical scores from Broad- way shows with new lyrics by Kathy Widncr and Mark Houston. directors. Assisting with the show were sponsors An- ona Adair, assistant dean of women, and Jack Stout, assistant to the vice president of the University Community. Act two was a 'lChristmas Fantasy", a story told in music and drama. ' G 7 Christmas evue lnipish Urcclt Rcvnc "toys" make lronlwlq for Santa Clans FPC Co-Spon or 'Rent-a-Pledge? Striving to build potential leaders within the fraternities. the Fraternity Pledge Council met cvery two weeks to plan projects. They helped to sponsor Greek Work Day, in which individ- uals volunteered to help various organizations in Norman with clean-up jobs and to collect clothes for patients at Central State Hospital. With Junior Panhellenic, they sponsored the "Rent-a-Pledge" project, in which pledges earned 55350 by Hrenting' themselves out for odd jobs for three hours. The FPC organized intramural games for the pledge classes for the first time this year, getting involved in football, basketball, soft- ball and volleyball. President Dave Blumenberg led in establish- ing a tutorial program for children from low income areas of Oklahohma City. BOTTOM ROW: Ron Richerson, Stuart Cohen, Richard Fields, T. Doug Polk, James C, Quillian, Larry Bookman, Bobby Friedcn, Stan Brown, Dave Blumenberg. SECOND ROW: Gary Duck- worth, Larry Lawhon, Ed Lehman, Steve Miller, Sid Howard, Randy King Hill, Doug Aikins, Mel Perkins, Steve Smith, Ralph Howard, Ronnie Rauch. THIRD ROW: Ted Boyls, Joe G. Camp- FPC members show campus to a child from Oklahoma City. bell, Steve Fishcl, Steve Wilson, Stan Phillips, Larry Woolman, AI Black, Lec Kilpatrick, Bill Nation, Dean Alford. LAST ROW: Bill Tims, Phil McGowan, Michael Yocham, .lohn Sherman, Dec Simpson, Richard Kane, Dennis Thics, James Naylor, Tom Byrd, Michael T. Elmore, Joe Randall. BO'I"l'OM ROW: Wayne Gary, David English, Denny Moifett, Robert Stites. SECOND ROW: David Curtis. Gerald Oguss, Bob Cochran, Bob Musser, l.en Cason, TOP ROW: Charlcs Freede. IFC Supports Su Providing leadership for campus fraternities is the lnterfraternity Council. Besides regulat- ing rushing, pledging, social and intramural activities among the fraternities on campus. the Council has initiated various programs. Greek Exchange Week, Greek Revue. a summer camp for underprivileged children, BOTTOM ROW: John R. Sprieser, Ron E. Shotts, Denny Moffett, Dalton Rusty Curtis, Wayne Gary. SECOND ROW: Bob Tierno, Larry Huffman, Tom Walsh, Bill Scott, Cam Campbell, Mike Donahue. THIRD ROW: Stan D. Brown, Mack A. McGuire, Charles Wadsack, Carl D. Muller, Karl R. lsham, Warren R. Asher, mmer Program and the support of the grape boycott are all part of the new invigorating image the Coun- cil tried to promote under the presidency of Denny Moffett. IFC officers are elected by the Council members, composed of each fraternity's chap- ter president and one other representative. Kap Kappel, Kirk D. Fredrickson, Thomas F. Stewart, Steve Ed- wards, Jim Sharrock. TOP ROW: Warren R. Asher, .lim H. Ferris, Ronald C. Redus, Joe Street, Vincent Scoufos, Greg Feldman, Tom Norman, Norman Davis. rrRI' , larval arm. t - A M-, xxxxqc iikdf QfZ'?gi,tQ eggsmm WSJ Denny Moffett. son discuss thc As counselor at snnnncr camp financed hy comhined Greek ef- forts. senior Mary June Bumgar- ner teaches a swimming class. :-eq. cf rbuuwff Qwvwk ' on It T0 ks f""3 n 50' 1 Benoit!!! 1 VL' els,--1 if S , , Qdkfi wwulkfxis uisvsvii Semin' Y 51 'DW ps9 ul i YN Cxiiidzes Greek S153 9 . president of the IFC. and editor Dave John- ncxt iasue ot' thc Sooner Greek newkpaper. As part of the exchange to promote unity among tireeks. Gary Duckworth hosted Beta Russ McDougal for a week in the Pi Kappa Alpha honxc John H. Aldridge. Dale Adams. Pete Auer, Joe Baumgardner, Mike Bir- chall. Ted Boyls. Aaron Bush. Patrick Con- nor. Geoffrey Craig, Tho- mas Derricks. Bill Eseh. Richard Fancher. Vilis N. Fogels. Fred Fordham. Howie Hamil- ton. Gary Hand, Edward Harkins. Martin Helden- brand. Carl Higgins, Danny Holt. Richard Iorio. Jorge Lander. .lames Manzel- mann. James Mercer. Ronald Morris. Lawrence Naylor, Siam Nigh. Stan Phillips, Andrew Ranau- do. David P. Reader, Dick Savage, Richard Snavely, John Sprisser William Stone, Larry Sy- verson. Richard Wansley, Henry J. Weber. X iv Acacia's mascot "Charlie Brown" captures the atten- tion of Jim Mercer. Aaron Bush and Larry Naylor. ff"-K.. f' ACAC IA Fifty-four chapters. Founded Uni- versity ol' Michigan l904. Okla- homa chapter established 1920. President: Patrick Connor. cacians Enterta Pledges of Acacia and Alpha Gamma Delta teamed to host orphans from the Guthrie area at a Christmas party. As another service project, they took part in the blood drive for the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation. Their social events for the year included the Egyptian-oriented Nite on the Nile Party and the Black and Gold Formal. at which the Acacia Sweetheart Donna Smith was crowned. Plans for a new house were under consider- in 823 Chautauqua Guthrie Orphans ation, although no definite action was yet taken. Outstanding members were Andrew Ranaudo, IFC rush chairmang Michael Birchall, Phi Eta Sigmag Larry Naylor, Phi Eta Sigma and 4.0 grade average, and John Sprieser, IFC treasurer. Officers included Pete Auer, vice presidentg Michael Birchall, secretary: Willey Fogels, treasurer. and Jim Manzelmann, social chairman. Newly -initiated member and their parents were honored with a banq ct ,M bmi . ii., 4-Y at A' la ,, P4 if-"f"' V my Nluinhcrx ul' .-Xlpha Fpxilun Pi hold an llUllSC' meeting in their new residence. aflcl' living in university housing during the firxl xcrncslcr, lfcrrj Cohen. Stuart ifo- hcn, Sol Eiscnbaum, Greg Feldman. Gary Gallcr. Mark Kaiz. Gary Kalman, Gordon Kaplan. Howard l.c1'ncr, Mike lN1ogilcl'sky, Gerald Oguss, .lim Rosen- bcrgcr. Mark Slcin. Har- vey Slelman, Daryl 'la- lmchnick, Brace Willenzik. AElT Ninety-six chapters. Founded New York University l9I3. Omega Upsilon chapter established 1959. President: Gerry Oguss. lpha Epsilon Pi Changes were planned this year for the traditional Alpha Epsilon Pi calendar. The AEPi's allowed the calendar to lapse for a semester as they changed the printing schedule from August to July, instead of the previously- used January to December format. For the first time this year. the calendars will also list major university events for the first time. The fraternity rented a house during the . M ,itl . Amd A A. ' . .A 9 tu,-.5fg':f' . t -my t , ww., .,t,Mc'.J' 1 QA , if. t 1 -v t .,s My A-. it tes. A1 M' .,e 4 -tg -alpfwkv in 2 .gi . A 'F' 3"ga,Y"w'fjf'4?3214':.t ,- A, f,,,,.w , ' ' .. V vie-, iw, .mt 'jg-. ,yt '527 Fairfield Alters Calendar second semester, while making plans to buy a house near campus for the coming year. Annual Alpha Epsilon Pi parties included the Exotica Spring Formal and the second annual Viking Party. They also invited the AEPi calendar girls to a dessert. Gfficers of Alpha Epsilon Pi included Harvey Stelman. secretaryg Ira Askinas. treas- urer. and Mark Stein. social chairman. In their house kitchen, members Mark Stein and Gerry Oguss prepare the Monday night meal for their fraternity hrothers. 399 Q , f 1 1 A ta- ' W- , 1 - - V - f th -, t R Alpha Phi Alphax Jerry Johnxon. Jaftis Cavil and Phail Wynn demonstrate their accuracy and proficiency on the Couch Center Shll Jafus Cavil Jr., Deryl Crawford, Delbert DeWit- ty, Glenn Hawkins. Law- rence Hawkins. Eddie Hinton, Donnie Johnson, Jerry Johnson. John Lewis, Walter Mos- ley. Emmitt Patterson, Michael Tisdalc, David Weather- spoon, Robert Willis, Phail Winn Jr. ACDA One hundred thirty-seven chapters. Founded Cornell University 1906. Zeta Zeta chapter established 1967. President: Jafus P. Cavil. Cynthia Barnes was selected by Alpha Phi Alphas as their sweetheart. Alpha Phi Alpha Joining the Interfraternity Council this year, Alpha Phi Alpha became the 23rd fra- ternity on campus. Plans for their own house were first in their minds as they communicated with the national office for a building. A formal dance was held in December to cele- brate national and local chapter founding dates. OU varsity football player Eddie Hinton Tewest Fraternity was one of their leading members. Linton James and J afus P. Cavil were the first Negro members of the IFC at Oklahoma University. Directing their chapter this year were offi- cers Linton James Jr., vice presidentg Jerry G. Johnson, secretary-treasurer, and Eddie Hinton, social chairman. Among their nation- ally-known alumni are the late Dr. Martin Luther King and Senator Edward Brooke. Members Ronald King and Phail Wynn Jr. sell tickets for Black Heritage Week events which were sup- ported by the fraternity. Capturing the zttmospheie of ie isu tl Frid tv evenin ire Alphi Qi s ind their d nu in the livin room of the Alpha Sifmi Phi house Walter Arnold. Serge Au- bert. Robert Bziucrle. Rex W, Beach, Bill Brubaker. Tom Byrd, Michael Col- lins. Stephen Cook, Gerald Cox, Edward Cunning- ham. Chuck D'AmeIio. Ralph DeGeeter. Al M. Flournoy ll, Mike Goth. Tom Goth, Robert Ruy Grant, Henry Gucker, Gil Haas. Stephen Harbour. Coy Hobbs, Pete Huggler. Bruce Hunt, Robert Hunt, Jack Inman. Karl lshum. Nils F. Janson Jr., John Kramb, Douglas McBee, Sixty-one chapters. Founded Yale College 1845. Alpha Alpha chapter established 1923. Presidents: Karl R. lsham, Robert Hunt. 602 West Boyd Alpha Sig Alum Honored ationall OU Alpha Sigma Phi alumnus John Yar- rington was one of ten selected this year from among 61 national chapters to receive the fra- ternityis highest award. Social activities for the Alpha Sigs included the Madhatter's Ball, Bayou Bounce, Pajama Party and the Talisman Rose Formal where their Talisman Rose Queen was presented. They also held a Christmas party. Outstanding members include Doug Mun- ro, Lottinville Award, Top Ten Freshman, OU Band drum major and 4.0 grade averageg Gil Haas, Phi Eta Sigma, Lottinville Award finalist, and Bill Payne, second in the 1968 law class. Serving as officers for the fraternity were Raul Smith, vice president, Robert Hunt, secretary, and George Vick, treasurer. t Mark Meade, Lyle Miller. Nathan Mitchell, Robert Moore, Phil Mount, Doug Munro, Larry Novak. Nick Pascale. John Reeve. Charles, A. Rikli. Jim Rochelle, Stephen Ro' gers, Bill Shipley, Rocky Shockey. Raul Smith. Ronald Smith, David Stapleton, John Startz, Steven Steele. Bill Stone. Dennis M. Thies, Dale Travis, Douglas Travis. George Vick, H. James Wallace. Steven Young. Robert Allen. Roger Ap- plegate, Richard Bahner. Kenneah Barr, Frank J, Battle. Alan Bennett. Ter- ry Bcrkenhile. Brian Bishop, Larry Bow- ers, Dan Braine. Stan Brown, Barry Carter. Jer- ry Clary. Charles E. Cole Jr. James Collier, Larry Col- vin, Jack Cowardin, Terry Cox. George Craig. Ken Crocomhe. Clay Dewees. Mike Donahue, Lester Do- ty. Dudley Stuart, Roger Empie. Joe Field. Stephen Fishel, Jim Ford. Boh Goldey, John Gor- don, Ray Hand. Fred Henneke. Bruce Hunt. Walt Jackson, William Jenkins. .lim Johannesen. Bohlfy Judson. Charles Kendrick. Larry Laine, Andy Lam- herson. Lynn L. Laugh- lin, Dick Leuszfcr. John Lewis, Dave Malone. Craig Mann. Mike Mcln- tosh. Chic Morisseau, Lar- ry Morton. David Moul- ton. ATO's teamed up with Sigma Deltt I tu to comtruct the iwrtrd winning production for the Hoat competition in the mnu il Homecomln p ATO One hundred thirty-four chapters. Founded Virginia Military Insti- tute 1865. Delta Kappa chapter established 1921. President: Bob Musser. 1411 South Elm ATO's Repeat Homecoming Victor Repeating their homecoming parade victory for the second straight year, Alpha Tau Omega joined Sigma Delta Tau to win first place trophy for best float in the homecoming parade. Leading members were Stan Brown, IFC pledge trainer, Gamma Gamma and Dean's Honor Rollg Bob Musser, Moms Day execu- tive committee, UAC and Pop Series commit- tee, and Dick Leuszler, Campus Band Review and Moms Day committee. Barry Carter was vice president, Bruce Hunt, secretary, and Charlie Cole, treasurer. In fall, the ATO,s spent one weekend at the University of New Mexico in Albuquer- que, helping to colonize an ATO chapter. At the top of their social calendar this year was the 48th annual Bowry Ball. Other events were the Playboy Party, Christmas Party, and pledge-sponsored party for children. Register. Pat Renfro. Joe Spain. Michael Yocham. Steve Murphy, Bob Mus ser, James Musser, Dwight Neal, James Nelson, Joe Oates, Mark Parrington Mike Pearson, Rick P ters, Bill Piester. John Powell, Dan Poyner, Steve Roy Retthurg. James Roach. Michael Ronner Fred Schmidt. Glen Smith. William Smith Vern Stansell. Weldon Stout. Chris Suman, Steve Thornton, Alan Tiedc. Ro nald C. Torbett. iclx Vaughn. Steve Waldrip Ed Watson. Barry White Charley White. Steve Wiehle, Tim Willis, Jef frey Wilson, Cap Wolf Warren E. Askew, Jon Axton. Rufus Bandy III. Pat Barnes, Guy Berry, R. B. Berry, Warren Bick- fod. Barry Biggs. Tad Blood. John Brokaw. Chris Brown. Randy Brown. Ronald Brown. T. Logan Brown, Mike Bryant. Buck Buchanan. Chuck Buland. David Burnett. G. B. Caldwell. Ted Calin- son, Greg Calmes, Paul Carlile, Len B. Cason. Rod Clark, Vaughn Clark. Steve Cochran. Joe Cof- fey. Mark Coffin, Kim Cook. Bill Coyle, Jon Craig. Braden Cross. Craig How- ard Davenport. Emery Dilling. Rick Dimick. Boh Dow. Edward Edson, Steve Ed- wards, James Elder. Lar- ry Elliot, Levoy Ells- worth, Roy Don Folsom. Kurt Frantz, Steve Frantz. Steve Glasser. Jim Gotwals, John Hamp- ton. Joe Hardberger, J. Richard Harrison, James R. Hemphill. Robert M. Herlihy. Elden Hoffman. Tom Hopwood. Larry Houchin. Collie James, Ron James. Bill Jennings. Brad John- ston. Dick Kerr. Boh Klabzuba. E, J. Lipp- mann, Danny Littre.l. John Lockard. L. Scott Luff, Michael T. Lynch, John Mantooth. William Martin. Rick Mathews, Russell Mc- Dougal, Henry Meyer. Jim Meyer. Steve Miller, Reviewing strategy for their MUN delegation are Bet- as Vaughn Clark. Wayne Wasemiller. Chris Brown. BC-9Tl One hundred five chapters. Found- ed Miami University 1839. Gamma Phi chapter established 1907. Presi- dents: Len Cason, Steve Edwards. 800 Chautauqua Beta Theta Pi Wins Grid Honors The Betas were successful on the intramural football field, claiming the first place honor in competition in Class B. Repeating a social tradition, the Beta Barn Dance was held. Other parties sponsored were the Christmas Formal, Spring Party and the Reno-Veno Party. Seven members were claimed by ODK and four by Gamma Gamma. Members with other activities were Don Cogman, IFC president, Braden Cross, Sooner Scandals director, Pat Barnes, PLC president, Steve Edwards, Homecoming chairman, and Emery Dilling, yearbook assistant editor. Listed as fraternity officers for the year were Harry Reaugh, vice president, David Schimmel, secretary, Steve Glasser, treasurer, and Hank Meyer, social chairman. Mrs. Dorothy Greer began her first year as Beta Theta Pi housemother. Nuttle. berts. vid Schimmel. Synar. William Tims, liams. Robert Mitchell, Dan Moody. John Moore Louis Morgan, L. Sam Musallam, Joe Nevins John Northcutt, Marc Doug Pereboom, Pete Pierce, Charles Rainbolt Rob Rainbolt, Harry Reaugh, Quentin Remy John Ritz, Richard R Barry Robinson, Gregg Robinson, John W. Robi son. Ron Rogers, Hank Ryan, Don R. Sanders John A. Satterwhite. D G. Blaine Schwabe, Jim Sharrock, Steve Shotts John Skinner, Donald Stehr. Lou Stuart, Mike Fred Turner, Bruce W Vlarner, Andy Vogt, Tom H. Ward, Wayne Wase miller, Mike Weaver, Lar ry Wheeler, Tom Wil Carole Fetterman, assisted Pat Ashcraft, Ed Balikov, Thomas Ball, John Bar- rett. Dana S. Bousum, Don Burand, Richard Burns. David Butler, Jerry Bux- ton, Larry Buxton, Dennis Clowers, Mark Coe, Peter Martin Conforti. J. David Cooper. John Deupree, David Er- win. Frank Freeborg, J. Robert Fullerton, Bruce Gaddis. Frank Gatewood. James Griffin. Mike Hall, Steve Harrell, Howard L. Helton. Mark Hinshaw, Steve Hutchens. David Allen Johnson, Jay Jones. waiter? in X ziliiaiw " K , Qiee wi ,: ii' by Janet Kleinman, demonstrates her skills in the annual an competition aptly named the Deke Mod Bod Contest. AKE Forty-three chapters. Founded Yalc University 1844. Rho Lambda chapter established 1954. Presi- dent: Rob Stites. J, Q.: 700 Elm Better Grades Secure Deke Troph Overall improvement of grades clinched the IFC Scholarship improvement trophy for Delta Kappa Epsilon members. The pledge class ranked second in grades and received second-place honors in the pledge class of the year contest. The Dekes participated in the United Fund Drive, and later in the year teamed with Pi Beta Phi to give a party for orphans. The annual Diamond Formal captured much inter- est, as well as the Graveyard Party, Mod Bod painting contest and Deke Sweetheart Contest. Hank Helton was a leading member of the fraternity, serving as Ruf-Nek secretary. Rob Stites served in ODK, Homecoming Queen committee as chairman and IFC constitution and by-laws committee. Vice president was Fred Strebg secretary, Dennis Clowersg treas- urer, Richard Burns, and social chairman, Jim Griffin. Ouwita Moran was housemother. Lee Kilpatrick, Richard Legatski. Fred Logsdon. Victor L. Martin. Michael Marx. William D. Millar. Terry L. Miller. James William Mullen. Bill Nation. Tom Norman. Wes Owens. Ronald Phil- lips. Bob Pickup. Wade Pipkin. Jay Printz. Jim Recd. Da- vid Rosen. Stephen Sha- did. Alan J. Sherer. John Shuldt. Ron Sorter. Milton Spence. R. T. Stites. Fred Streb. Robert Tiernv. Douglas Vark. Thomas Vizard, John Whipple. Fred White. 4 .J .AP isa J Phil Ahshere. Mike Acker. Artie Alexander. Mike Armstrong, Jim Atkinson, Robert Ball. Bruce Barrett. Jim Brinkley. Tim Brown. Chris Burleson, Fielding Cagle. Steve Cagle. John Cargill. Toby Casleel. John Chaney. Bob Coch- ran. Bob Coleman. Cliff Conkle, Eddie Correia. Ju- lian Deese. John De Gra- velles. David Dougall, Terry Far- mer. Jim Ferris. John T, Ford. Ron Frank. Thomas D. Fritz. David Gooden. Jim Grasley, Jim Gregory. John Gregory. Mike Gre- gory. Ron Hall. Rick Har- rison. William Haselwood. Terry Hicks. David High. Mike Johns. Mike John- son. Mike S. Johnson. Warren Jones. Bob Kelli. David Keown. John Kerr. Tom Klos. David Knapp. John Kocher. Hank Kraft. Frank Langston Jr. President Bob Cochran receives from Mike Sullivan and Virgil Onan the trophy awarded to the Delts last spring for Frat rnity of the Yeai 5' 4 337 if " . I " -nn. . . 5,4 A K W my ,-W , . ., as - '- ATA One hundred three chapters. Founded Bethany College 1858. Delta Alpha chapter established 1922. President: Bob Cochran. 1320 College Delt Members Gain Championships and BMOCQ Eddie Correia, Phi Eta Sigma and Student Senate, and Jim Gregory, Army RCTC Brigade Commander. Guiding the Delts as officers were Mike Sullivan, vice Fraternity of the Year honors went to Delta Tau Delta in 1968. The Delts won the Inter- fraternity Scholarship trophy and the Spark Plug trophy, which is based on pledge class grades. In intramurals they won the over-all championship trophy, and Delt pledges came out on top with the pledge class intramural trophy. Leading members were Bob Coleman, ODK president: Jim Larimore and Cliff Conkle, both secretaries, and Jim Gregory, treasurer. The fraternity planned a new house to ac- commodate 84 people. During the year, they sponsored a Christmas party for orphans. Jim Larimore. Ron Law- rence, Danny Linville, Mike Longley, David Lynn, Allen Mann, David Marley, Lloyd Martin. Bob Martz, James Mc- Peak, Michael E. Michal- czyk, David Miller, David Morgan. Virgil L. Onan. Dennis Pool, Jerry Porter. Chuck Rankin, Scott Ray- mond, Bill Roark, Chuck Roark, John Rogers, Ron- nie Roswell, John Schug. Larry Sherrer. Richard Smalley, Gerald Snyder, Paul Spinfng, Mike Sullivan, Warren Taber, Dusty Torbert, Leonard West, Charles White. Sam Whitehill. Don Wil- ber, George Williamson, Craig Wise, Bruce Wood- lan, Bruce Woods, Wil- liam Wright. Sorority representatives face tough competition and egg in their faces when they square oif for the annual Delta Upsilon Easter Egg Hunt Carl Adams, Larry Bis- hop, Wendell Boyce, Mi- chael Brantley, Phil Brockhaus, lim Brown. Mike Cain, David Cald- well, Randall Casey, Larry Cassella, John Constan- tikes, Darrell DeMoss. Augustine Digneo, Don Duncan, Tom Filip, R0- bert Ford, Terry Fry, An- thony Gilkey. Jerry Golden, John Good- win, Mike Hampton, Mi- chael Holland, Tommy Hoot, Larry M. Huffman. AT Eighty-six chapters. Founded Wil- liams College 1834. Oklahoma chapter established l927. Presi- dents: Gary Lawhon, Mike Hamp- y ton. 603 West Brooks Delta Upsilon Places High in Golf Delta Upsilon members captured one first place and two third places in intramural golf competition. They participated in other sea- sonal intramural events. Considered to be their most important so- cial event is the traditional Feudal Dinner. At the annual dinner in the fall, Bella Rummel was crowned as their Feudal Princess. Other events of the year were the Big Brother-Little Brother Party and the Spring Formal. Some notable members of the fraternity were Duane Draper, Outstanding Senior Man, Larry Huffman, Top Ten Freshman, Rusty Curtis, Gamma Gamma, and Doug Aikins.. Greek Work Day chairman. Joining to lead the DU's were ofiicers Jerry Golden, vice president, Bob Ford, secretary, and Augie Digneo, treasurer. Larry Humphreys, Barry James, Robert Johnston, Gary Lawhon, Larry Law- hon, Tom Leonard. Curt Long, Mike Mancil- las, Bob Mason, George Metevelis. Frederick New- man, Bob Oliphant. Bill Pain. Doug Perry- man. Paul Schiebl, Gary Schwermer, Bill Simmons, David Sloan. William Smith, David Spencer. John Thomp- son, George Trilikis, Christopher Wiltse, Elliott Wiltse. Mike Winzenread. To make sure they get to class on time, Bob Morris and Frank Newcomb check the accuracy of the grandfather clock located in the KA foyer .lohn E, Boyle. Ross By- ington, Bill Collins, .lohn Creveling. Ronald Eisel. David Fisher, Chris Gil- lespie, Mory Harsh. Gil- bert lra Hayes. Jack lves- ter. Ed Lehman, Hunk Leo- nard, Mike Leonard, Tony Link, Tully McCoy, Ro- bert Morris. , W , KA Ninety chapters. Founded Washing- ton and Lee University 1865. Beta Eta chapter established 1905. Presidents: Keith Oberkrom. Jim Reeder. 601 Cruce Parties Enliven Kappa Alpha ear Highlighting the activity calendar for Kappa Alpha fraternity were the Plantation Ball in fall and Dixie Dance in spring. The Kappa Alpha Rose is announced at the Dixie Dance. Other fall semester activities for the KA's were the September Victory Party and the World War III Party in October. A spring party was the Big Brother-Little Brother Party. The Kappa Alpha pledge class completed mid-term with the highest grade average. KA's entered University sing with Gamma Phi Beta. Mrs. J. C. Moore was housemother for her seventh year. An outstanding alumnus of Kappa Alpha is Carl Albert, house majority leader for Congress and chairman of the 1968 Democratic Convention. Leading the frater- nity were Jim Reeder, vice president, and Jim Younger and Mike Prykryl, secretaries. Joseph E. Murray, Frank krom. Dennis Obremski. Thomas G. Potts. Mike Prykryl, Jim Reed- er, Robert Sewall, Terry Snow. Steve Stewart. Rick Volker. Tom Walsh. Robert Whitteberry. Den- nis Wiechman, James W0OlCy. Jim Younger. Newcomb, Keith Ober- Gary Adams, Dean Al- ford, Jerry Blackburn, Keith Bristow, Jack Brown, Lloyd Carlson. Conrad Carson. Jim Car- ter. Don Cecere, George Cripps. Eric Dickmann, James Eason, Whit Fen- tem, Frank Flack, Alan Ford, Barry Gangwer. John Gann, John Gillis, John Griffin, Rob Grimm, Kenneth Habben, J. Logan Hall, Bud Hammonds. Royce Hammons. David Hanna, Robert Hickerson, John Holland, Randy Holland, Richard Holmes, Harold Hopkins, Dan Hutcheson, Steve Johnson. Rex Jones, Tom Kearney, Bill Kelamis, Rick Ken nedy, Jack Key, Cliff Kirkpatrick, Jim Knight, Bob Loy, Bill Mackin. Bill Martin, Gary McGee. Charlie McWilliams, Greg McWilliams, Jim Mitrov- genis. James Montomery, Chuck Mooney, Johnny Neill, David Nepveux, David Newall, David Nobles, Brock Olivo. Steve Owens, Ralph Pal- mer, Dick Pate, Bruce Payette, Rex Phelps, Tom- my Pointer, Don Pfrim- mer. Elephants lumber down Elm carrying Kappa Sig- mas and dates to October "New Year's Celebration." K2 One hundred fifty-five chapters. Founded University of Virginia 1869. Gamma Kappa chapter es- tablished 1906. Presidents: Royce Hammons, Jerry Blackburn. 1100 College Elephants Come for Kappa Sig Party Signs announcing the arrival of baby ele- phants heralded the annual Kappa Sigma "New Year's Party" in the fall. Another tradi- tional party was the Mexican Party. Working with Chi Omega sorority, the Kappa Sigs held a Christmas party for orphans, and for the second year won the Alpha Phi Omega Junior Olympics. They en- tered University Sing with Kappa Kappa Gam- ma sorority and the 1969 Sooner Scandals show with Pi Beta Phi sorority. Gary Hensler was awarded the John Roberts Award for Excellence, the Samuel Watson Rieves memorial scholarship as the top math student on campus and the Legion of Valor in ROTC. Big Red football players Steve Owens, lead- ing rusher and scorer in the Big Eight, and Don Pfrimmer, defensive line backer and captain, are alumni of the chapter. Russell. Streche r. Turnbo. Wright. Jeff Zander. Mel Priddy, Ken Ragsdale Joe Randall, John Revelle Larry Richardson, Geor e Rives, Robert Ross, James Hartzell Schaff, Eric Schmidt, John Schwenne sen, James Shirey, Robert B. Smith. Arthur Soell Harry Spring. Steve Larry Stephenson, John Stroker. Harvey Stuide vant, Lawnie Sturdevant Lee Terrell. George Todd Stephen Treacy. D avid Mike Underwood, Monte Valentine, Larry Vincent Dave Walck, Dale Wil ters, Kerry Warner, Cleve Warren. Mark Wattman c Don Whiteman, J. C Whorton, Jim Williams Lee Williams, Barry Wil son, Gil Wright, Jack Kim Anderson. Dan Bales, Gary Bonner. Gary Capshaw. Wiley R. Carr. Dan Chapel. Brent Clark. David Cole, Jerry Conrad. Robert Culbertson. Dennis Daniel, Don David. John Duke, Noah Howard Ewing Jr. Robert Fano. Gary Fara- bough. Jim Fraser. Sle- phen Friot, Stan Gahring, Wendell Graham. Mike Hackett. Richard N. Hansen. John Harmon. Mark Harmon. Randy Harris. Larry Hef- ner. David Henderson. John Hestwood, Robert Hibler. Doug Hillis. Dan Holden. Terry Hold- en. ,lon Holland. Richard Dennis Honaker. Bob Jones. Bruce Kenny. John Ken- ney. Phil Kennon. Harold Kerbo. Dennis Lee, Doug- las Lee. Mike Long. new Dressed in western outfits. Lambda Chi Alphas "dig in" and decorate their front yard in prep ir mon for their upcoming Western 51 il f ff i ,all K ' ie gfifgaegv ,, '-1 ca. fm- ,. . , at N. if 5 2 'Q AXA On: hundred ninety-two chapters. Founded Boston University 1909. Gamma Rho chapter established 1926. Presidents: Mike Svec, Dave Curtis. 904 College ew Look Begins Lambda Chi Year The Lambda Chi Alphas began fall with a new look with the completion of interior re- modeling and extensive landscaping before school began. Beginning another year, the Lambda Chi's looked forward to the Trivia Bowl, Trade Winds and Western Parties. Service projects included taking voters to the polls and contributing to the Iranian Relief Fund. Mark Hammons and Val Pipps served as Constitutional Convention delegates. Dave McKee was a fraternity leader as UAB vice president, Pop Series director, and member of Pe-et and ODK. Dave Gillogly served as Homecoming vice chairman, Greek Week chairman, and BMOC. Grades, activities, and a first place in intra- mural swimming competition combined to net the Lambda Chi's third place in the 1968 fraternity of the year competition. Max Mayfield, Mike Mc- Clure, David C. McKee, Dennis McKee, Jerald Merriman, David Morgan, Steve Newell, Stan Oliver. Mike Patton, Kent Payne, Val Pipps, Dick Porter, Chris Puckett, John Rein- miller, Con Rice. John W. Ronck. Keith Ronck, Joe Ryan, Robert Ryan, Bob Schur- man, Bill Scott, Bob Skin- ner, Jim Smith, Ray Smith. Jim Sneed, Steve Snider. Mike Svec, Larry Taw- water, Charles Tefertiller. Mark Thompson, Max Thompson. Larry Tibbetts, Cody B. Waddell, Jim Webber, Da- vid White, Robert Wick- liffe. Richard Word, Ri- chard Wright. T T 4I9 Tony Aaronson. Jim Abrams, Bruce Alterman. Richard Atlas. Jimmy Bar- rasso. Barry Jay Becker. Alan Begner. David Bennett. Robert Berman. Tommy Bernard. Stephen Brown. Brttce Co- hen, Leonard Cohn, Nor- man Davis. Stuart Dolgin. Alan Ehrenberg. Richard Ehr- lich. Harold Eisenman. Stanley Eisenman. Paul Alan Epstein. Stephen Falk. Richard Frank. David Franke. Jay Frankel. Maurice Galoob. Steven Glazer. Lonny Gorchoff. Gary Gordon. Gary Greenberg. Joe Greenberg. Manny Green- berg. Alfred Greenblatt. Rick Greenspan. David Haspel. Mike Hollander. Ralph Howard. Scott Hur- owitz. lan Kalina. Gary Kaplan. Jeff Kern. Mark Klar. Dean Korbakes. Glenn Krause. Hayden Lait. Stanley Lanskf. Tommy Lautcrstcin. Wil- liam Laytin. Barry Leh- man. Kenneth A. Levy. Steve Shapiro. Alan Ross. Alan Priesman and Richard Polishuk eagerly scan the latest set of party pic proofs at the Phi Beta Delta house. MDX Founded as Iota chapter of Phi Beta Delta, Oklahoma University 1922. Merged with Pi Lambda Phi l942g since 1963 has been known as Phi Beta Delta. Presidents: Jerry Sepkowitz, Mike Metnick. 704 West Lindsay hiBD' Plan for ational Affiliation The Phi Beta Deltas took action toward affiliation with a national fraternity this year, after a five year disaffiliation with Pi Lambda Phi national fraternity, the result of a 1963 fire in their house. Construction on a new house is scheduled to begin when national affiliation is completed. PhiBD Norman Davis was a prominent member of the fraternity as rush chairman, IFC scholarship chairman, Beauty and Beast candidate, and Dean's Honor Roll. Mike Met- nick was president of the Hillel Foundation, Pi Sigma Alpha, and was on the Dean's Honor Roll. PhiBD,s sponsored a powder puff football tournament for sororities in the fall, and took part in the annual Nose Bowl. Spring and fall formals brightened the year for them. Jamie Lewis, Alan Merel, Mike Metniek, Arthur Meyerson, Bruce Miller, Ken Parker, Joel Patton, Richard Polishuk. Seth Pollack, Alan Pries- man. Ron Rappaport, Ronnie Rauch, Kip Ri- chards, Jeffrey Rose, Tom Rosen, Alan Ross. Lee Ross, Michael Ross. Richard Roth, Jamie Rothberg. Tony Rozan, Alan Stzmdganen, Lewis Schwartz, Jerry Sepko- witz. Don Serkin, Steven Sha- piro, Jeffrey Sherman, Larry Sheron, Michael Silvers, Harley Slutsky, David Sobel. Steve Spec- IOF. Mel Stein. Michael Ta- pick, Robert Watel, Van Weinberg. Mark Wein- stein, Brad Weitz, Lon Werner. Steve Zlotolow. Ron Abercrombie, Da- vid Anderson, Ron Ander- son, Warren Asher, Jerry Bias, Ronnie Bishop. Lar- ry Blakley. Bill Bonnell, Dave Bow- man, Johnny Branen. .lim Bratton, Kirk Bravvley. Brad Busch, Jack E. But- ler. Mike Cagle, Jim Cum- bridge, Steve Castcel, Pete Cawthon, John Chain, Ri- chard Chapman, Gary Chrisman. Ronnie Compton, Tom Corbin, Joel Cousins, Ter- ry Cowhey, David Curry, Billy Davis, Jed Day. Robert M. Deaver. Mike Douglas, Clif Easterling, Ellis Fflwards, Robbie Fe- rem, Robert Finley, Wil- liam Foglesong. Jim Ford. Bill Forney Jr.. Richard Franklin. Kirk Fredriekson, John Gard- ner, Greg Gawey. Char- lie Givens. John Glasco, Bob Griggs. Joe Hay, Bill Heller. Jim Hewgley, Phil Holbrook. Dan Hollacher. Kelly Hood, Ken Howell. Steve Imel, Chuck John- son, Monty Johnson, Doug Joseph, Kap Kappel. On a cool evening, Phi Delts and their Pi Phi dates enjoy a relaxinq atmosphere by thc Ere. CIDAO One hundred thirty-four chapters. Founded Miami University I848. Oklahoma Alpha chapter estab- lished l9l8. Presidents: Craig Copeland. Rusty Asher. 1400 College Phi Delts Place Third in Parade The Phi Delts started off a winning year with third place in the homecoming float con- test. They continued their winning streak with the second place trophy in the 1968 Engine Show. A nationwide Phi Delt activity was Community Service Day, when all chapters perform services within their individual com- munities. In the spring, Phi Delta Theta sponsored three social events. The first, the Phi Delt Turtle Race, is held annually on the South Oval with participants representing each sor- ority on campus. Also, the Roaring Twenties Party was held. Rounding out their activities list was the All Phi Basketball Tournament. Officers were Jim Lee, vice presidentg Rusty Asher, secretaryg Steve Mize, treasurer, and Parker Rogers, social chairman. Brien. Jay Odom. man. Kelly Robinett. land. liam Willis. Mickey Keilman, Mark 1 Keim, Tom Kender. Tom Kennedy, John Layden Whitney Marvin. Bob Mathews, Mack McGuire Joe Montgomery. Jeff Moorman. Grant Morrow Ed Nelson, Gary Nickel Philip Norris. Patrick O Harold Parker. Bill Pence Lambert Phillips. John Potts, Bill Priest. Dennis Ranzau. Robert Rick Stuart Ryser. Dan Savtge Curtis Shepard. Robin Siegfried. J. Mack Slaugh ter. Gene Smith, Steve Solomon. Everett Souther Bill Strecker. Randy T ift David Teaff. Steve Wei chert. Don West. Mike White. Steve Whitten, Wil P 5, K A.f,. . KMA Hal Kirkpatrick. Mike Las tter and Georfre Huvhes help throw the might of Phi Gamma Delta against the Delts in in Il'llI'il'l1Llfll footbill 5 Bill Abney. Tom Alford. Tom Baker. Brett Barrow- man. Roger Bloyd, Bill Borlaug. Bill Bozalis. Ter- ry Byers. Robert P. Campbell, Kent Cohenour, Steve Deal. Jer- ry Dick. Mark Dick. James Howard Edmond- son. Bob Eisel. Kendall Fvans. James Everest. Lewis B. Fisher Jr.. Steve Fisher. Charles Frecdc. Gary Clai- ll1CI', Michael Goddard. Frank Graves. Randy Hill. Chips Hough. Sid Hu- vvard, Huston Huffman. Brett Husserl. Kent James. Hal Kirkpatrick. Mike Lasater. Jay Lindsay. CIDFA One hundred chapters. Founded Jefferson College 1848. Nu Omega chapter established 1917. Presi- dents: Charles Freede, John Ples- singer. 1200 College Fiji's Start QHelp Week' Projects Beginning this year, the Phi Gamma Deltas introduced "Help Week," a project of their own innovation. With the hope of bringing the fraternity into closer contact with the univer- sity community, and perhaps of changing fra- ternity image, the Phi Gamma Deltas placed an emphasis on community service projects, aiding persons on the University campus and in the Norman and Oklahoma City areas. Officers for the year were Bill Borlaug, his- toriang Frank Graves, secretary, David Martin, treasurer and Hank Wahl, social chairman. Among their notable alumni are Mike Monroney and Jack Nicklaus. David Loggie, Danny ag-5: Marchant, Dave Martin, Blaine McCoWn, Ken Mc- ""' Neil, Kevin McNeil, Da- .-..... fv vid Merriman, Jay Miller. Mike Munson, Tim Nagle. Rick Nelson, Terry Par- man, Bruce Pitts, John Plessinger, James Price, James C. Ouillian. HTF' f"" . 'S Steve Ridgway. John Roll- lins, Charles Rucker. Alan Schmidt, Steve Shelton, Mike Smith, Stan Smith. QM Chris St. Cyr. Jon Stuart, 0- Burke Thomas. Robert Thorpe. Hank Wahl, Les Williams. Gordon Wynn. .4-1 wt wa -. J' as 4 - ., 1: -It K 1 1 a xf in Q 2332 S u 1 1' L Nvy' r All-American football player Greg Hicks from North Carolina State addresses remarks to the Phi Kappa Psi's following Monday night dinner. Bob Adams, Roger Ander- son, Joe Angus, James Ayars, Wes Barker, John W. Barksdale, Bill N. Barnes. Phil Baxter, George Bay- lor, Marcus Black, Dan Caldwell, Craig Cameron, Dean Campbell, Royal Carson. Cecil Chesser, Jamie Cobb, Johnson Cobb, Paul Dawson, Paul Denman. Mike D'Hoostelaere, Ray Drain. David Goodman, William Griffith, Scott Heller, Lar- ry Herzel, Gary Hobbs. Curt Hoffman, Art Ho- well. James Jacobs, Richard Kane, Keith Kernek, George Kurey, Mickey Law, Eric Lensgraf, Chuck Loring. CPKLI' Seventy-four chapters. Founded Washington and Jefferson College 1852. Oklahoma Alpha chapter es- tablished l920. Presidents: George Kurey, Charles Wadsack. l 720 Elm Phi Psi's Hold Deferred Rush Talk A Phi Psi-sponsored meeting attracted more than 100 Greeks representing every house on campus. The meeting was the first inter-Greek discussion of deferred rush. The Phi Psi,s claimed four Couch scholars among several other honors. Cecil Chesser was a McMahan journalism scholar, all-Greek football player and Army ROTC distinguished military student, Marcus Black, senior class vice president and Gamma Gamma president, and Scott Heller, Student Senator and URC member. Each semester the Phi Psiis honored faculty members with a dinner. They also sponsored a Christmas decorations contest among soror- ity and fraternity houses, and donated the prize money to charity. The annual Phi Psi 500 tricycle race was held. Winston Peterson. ward Rubae. Storms. holt. Wynne. Dale Mers, Manderson Miles. James Naylor. Law renee Packard, Jim Pan coast, James Peterson Reed Pigman. Jamie Pitts Ed Preble. Ronald L Proctor, Lynn Rainwater Roland Richerson, Ed Chris Semtner, David Smith, John E. Smith, R1 chard Smith, Robert L Smith, Sam Spivey, Bruce Tom Strandberg, Steve Swatek, Scott Thatcher Bryan Valentine, Louis L Von Tungele. Charles Wadsaek. Bill Weather Don Whitten, Bruce Wig gins. Dennis Wilson, Jim Wolgamott, Bruce Woli tarsky, Terry Woytal, Wal ker Wynkoop. Murray Tom Allder. Kelly Amen. Jack Barragree. Doug Beagle. Nevin Beagle. John Beattie. Gary Belie. Al Black. John Brandes. Fred Brehme. J. D, Bur- ford. Pat Carroll. Don Cathey. Howard Cavins. Don Chumley. Richard Ci- notto. Bryan Coats. Ron- nie Conn, Bob Corder. Dewitt Cox. Don Cox, Mike Culvvell. Tommy Dare. Larry Davis. Ste- phen Fla. Jim Fahren- bruch. Dale Fisher. John Fisk. Charles Fitch, Pat Fitz- gerald, Joe Foote. Mike Gaden. Reg Gaston. Jim Green. I-. J. Gregg. Dave Griffy. David Hart- son. Jim Herhst. Joe Houston. Bruce Hickman. Dan Hoover. Randy Kel- ler. Demonstrating durability ind versatilitx ire sorority representatives who picked their partner for the Phi Kappi Sivma Dmce CIDKZ Forty-six chapters. Founded Uni- versity of Pennsylvania 1850. Om- icron chapter established 1929. President: Nevin Beagle. Phi Kap Banner '4Phi Kap Dads Say Calm the Cyclones' was the winning banner slogan that netted Phi Kappa Sigma honors in the Dads Day contest. Combining a dance contest and an all- campus dance in spring, they hosted "Sorority a Go-Go,', and presented a trophy to the win- ning contestant. Other annual social highlights included the Black and Gold Formal and the Haunted House party. 736 Elm Wins Sign Contest Completing the list of officers were Jack Barragree, vice presidentg Jeff McDonald, secretaryg Richard Tims, treasurer and John Kuehnert, social chairman. Elected to the Constitutional Convention was Phi Kap Don Chumley. Alumni members had begun to raise money for a new house, but no plans had been final- ized. Completing her sixteenth year as the housemother was Mrs. Lydia Honess. Kenzie. more. man Jr. Woods. Bill Kronholm, Jim Kueh nert. John Kuehnert Lance Leipold, Chuck Luther, Mike Lynch, Je McDonald. James D. Mc David Miller. Kirk Mil chell, Michael Moore Chris Moran. Tom Mor gan. Glenn Morton. Girv Moser. Thomas Much John Phillip Olson, Mel vin Perkins, Ray Pomy kal. Robert Quick, John Radcliffe. Scott Rader John Roberts, Mike Rose Tom Rose, Larry Stun ders. Dan Selzer, Don Sessions, Steve Slick. liom Smith, Wayne T. Spark Mike Spiller. Joe Street Stan Symanski. James Thompson. Rick Tims Larrv Vervack. Robert Pi Kappa Alphas show off their "roving mascot," commonly known as the Pike fire truck, at a special exhibition held in their parking lo Bobby Adams. Ronald A1- bro. Stewart Bell, David Bohls, Darrell Bohrer. Ro- bert Caywood. Justin Ccrvi. Bob Coca- nower. Craig Coogan, Da- vid Darling. Marada Dec- ker. Gary Duckworth. Jeff Dungan. Clint Fair- ehild, James Gcmignani. Harry Gooding. David Hail. Rohcrt Hiss. Robert Houston. Billie Howard. .lim Huitt. Fred Jackson. Mark Jenkins. Lou Jullien. l TFKA One hundred fifty-nine chapters. Founded University of Virginia 1868. Beta Omicron chapter estab- , lished 1920. Presidents: Carl f -A-fa W Mullins, Art Collins. 'Rini'- -Q .rw --rf , V- 1 W- V - . iifl"1t::w::::H-as-rwfifzrgfwmhmmng ,. ...W - -M .sQ..,""l-..rieK-1-...W 1- '- ' H "M K K ' "---.w.,,, LL.. .. ,. 1203 South Elm Pi Kappa Alphas Present Engine Show Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity joined forces with Alpha Phi sorority in the 1968 Engine Show. Their annual social events included, in fall, the Pikeadellic and Christmas Parties, and during spring, the Roman Toga Party, Dream Girl Formal, and the Outer Limits Party. Among their outstanding members were Pat Keating, Air Force ROTC commander, Bobby Adams, sports editor of the Oklahoma Daily, and Curtis Fallgatter, Presidents' Leadership Class, Phi Eta Sigma and John Roberts Award. The Pi Kappa Alpha pledge class captured the intramural football championship with an undefeated record. Serving as officers were Pete Mosca, vice president, Rod Templer, secretaryg Bill Wilson, treasurer, and Arthur Collins, social chairman. Mrs. Georgia Stidham was the PiKA housemother. Donald Moore. son Pruet. Michael Tracy. Yarberry. 1 Pat Keating, Gregg Ma kris, David Miartz, John McBride, Michael Mecca Glen Moore, Peter Mos ca, Carl Muller, Robert Muller. Ed Owens, Madi Lee Rakestrew, Vincent Scoufos, John Sherman Jim Smith, Tommy Todd Jess Vincent, Doug Wil liams. Glen Williamson Bill Wilson. Ron Winder Robert Wolfard. John M Jerry Dale Allen. ,lohn Awsumb. Jeff Beeler. Brooks Bingmun. Larry Bittmun. William Bovvlen. Bob Bucciurelli. David Buxton. Pete Cun- trell, Ken Cushion. Vic Cheutvvood. Hul Clifford. Michuel Cloud. Marty Corcoran. Bobby Cox. John Cun- ningham. John Dztnner. Carl lidwardx. Kent Eld- ridge, David Englixh. Mike Purley. Doug Fears. Kent Fruncy. Pat Gibson. Chuck Gritt- bill. Bill Haddock, Chuck Haines. Don Hatcher. Bill Hertherington. Steve Hetherington. Tom Hoop- ingarncr. Rusty lohnxon. John Kruttiger. Don Lund. Tom litndrith, David Lee. Toi Ligon, A. K. Mztnzthan. li. X, Nlur- tin. Mike Muyhall. john McClymonds, Marty Mc- Gehee. Siu Alph members and pled ew father in the big: tt tdttloml circle topettorm their timous Sigma Alpha yell tftei Mondiy night dinner AE One hundred seventy chapters. Founded University of Alabama 1856. Oklahoma Kappa chapter established 1909. Presidents: Greg McKenzie. David English. 730 College 4'Little Brother" Adopted by Sig Alphs One of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon service projects for the year was the adoption of a little brother through the Big Brothers of America. The Sig Alphs also gave a Christ- mas party for children at the Cerebral Palsy Center and joined with other Greeks in pro- jects on Greek Work Day. Building plans were underway for a chapel to be added to the house in memory of Ted Hess, who served as the chapter advisor for several years. Leading their province in scholarship for eight years, the SAE's ranked second in grades at OU and were third in the 1968 intramural program. Social events which brightened the year for the Sig Alphs were the Jungle Party. Christmas Party and the International Ball which was held in the spring. Mrs. Alice Lawrence was housemother. Phil McGowan. Frank McGregor. Scott McNabb. Denny Moffett. Bill Mount. Mike Mullen, Lar- ry Neal, Bob Newton. Larry O'Kelley. Randy Olmstead. Robert Olm- stead, Joe Ownbey, Chuck Patterson, John Pearson. Don Pope. Buddy Puck- CII. Peter Ramsey, Ron Re- dus, John Reeves, Dwight Reynolds. Phil Roberts. Harvie Roe. Jeff Scog- gins, Robert E. Selman. Craig S. Smith. Mike C. Smith. David Southers. Don Spradlin. Dick Stokes. Bruce Stover. Mart Tisdal, .lim Totoro, Wayne Veal. Sam Veazej. Stephen Walker, Duff Weddle. Steve Wilson. Bob W00dS. Russell Worley. "Sit" is the command given to Ringo the tffectionate S immy m tscot is he pl iys with members on the p ttio of the new Sigmt Alpha Mu Jim Barns. Martin Ber- nert, Alan Blum, David Blumenberg. Larry Book- man, Barry Brody, Mur- ray Brott. Larry S. Dratch. Larry Epstein, Michael Feldman. Phillip Fisch- hein. Mark Fishman. Mark Fleischner. Murray Fredman, Steve Freidlin. Robert Friedcn. Mark Steven Geller. Mi- chael Golomb. Richard Grant. Steve Gross. Danny Groveman. Alan Guten. Hap Hart. Avram C. Her- man. Robert Horn. Larry .lef- ferson. Matt Julius, Steve Kalin. Donn Kaplan. Buce Kraft. Alan Kray. Michael Lewitz. 434 ZAM Sixty-four chapters. Founded New York City College 1909. Sigma .Alpha chapter established l920. Presidents: Sanford Rich, Mike Feldman. . """H,.., 3, fi 5 24 West B rooks ammies End Year in ew House Sigma Alpha Mu members spent their first year in the newly completed fraternity house. Mrs. Sonja Brown added another distinction for them as she served her 20th year as house- mother. The Sammies defeated Phi Beta Delta fraternity in the annual "Nose Bowl" football game. Other social activities for the year were their annual Spring Formal and the Desert Weekend Party. Two of their outstanding members were Dave Blumenberg, president of the Fraternity Pledge Council and Steve Harz, Gamma Gamma and past president of IFC. Officers for the year included Larry Shriber, vice president, Bill Pepper, secretary, M. Blake Yaffe, treasurer, and Steve Silver, social chairman. An outstanding alumnus of Sigma Alpha chapter is Bill Schwartz. Benjamin Linsky, Jeff Loeb, Mark Lowenthal. Larry Marshak, Charles A. Massie. Ben May. Mark Mehlman. Don Mit- chell. Billy Pepper. Jay Phillips. Steve Richman. Dennis Roodman, Harvey Rud- nick. Steve Schultz, .leff Serkes. Fred Sheinbein. Larry Shriber, Stephen Siegel. Paul Silver. Steve Silver. Marvin Solomon. Steve Superfine. Barry Syl- van. Allen Tandy. Richard Weiskopf. Mel Weiss. Craig Wells, Blake Yaffe. Howard York. Fred Youngswick. Stuart Zam- witZ. .AZ Ll Mrs, Rupel Jones, Wade Alexander, Fred Becker. Steve Bentley. Alan Bolt, Mike Bontrager. Richard A, Brewer. Wesley Brown. Rick Brucker, Doug Bul- ler. Ronald A. Burden. Jerry Burkitt. Don Bur- ton. Charles Clifford, John Clifford, James Conkling. Max Dayton, Porter Da- vis. Bruce DeBona, Larry Dennison, Pat Dooley, Pat Duncan. J. Michael Early. Rusty Ellis. Greg Farha. Richard Fin- ley. Jim Frankenfield. Da- vid Freele, John Glenn. David Graham, Bill Grimm. Ed Guthrie. Chuck Harris, Jack J. Harris, Garnett Haubelt, Dick Heatly, Larry Hold- erread. Alan Hollings- worth. Mark Houston. Rick Hunter. Frank lbach. Dan Johnson. Jeff .lohns son. Walter Johnson. Joe Justice. Robert Kahanek. Ronald King. Stephen Lee. Chris Lillard. Joe Marsh- hurn, Gary Martin. Chip Matthews. Greg McCraw. Hal McKnight, Brad Mi- chael. lack Montgomery. Bill Morris, Kenneth M. Morris. Patrick Morrison. l'om Niceley. For the first time. Sigma Chi's introduced a local chapter of Little Sigmas. a womenis honorary group. -is sw-.we 5 .su , One hundred fifty chapters. Found- ed Miami of Ohio 1855. Beta Kappa Chapter established 1912. President: John Wallace. Sigma Chi Three Sigma Chiis from the 1967-68 pledge class were named as Top Ten Freshmen last year. The Sigma Chi's also won honors by placing first in intramural football and wres- tling. The Sigma Chi list of annual social events included the Western Party, Baby Bawl, Christmas Formal, Sweetheart Dance at which their sweetheart was announced, Spring Weekend and Derby Day. Derby Day is a emb . .cv-,Qi.fsf,,ffffi , .Q--1,-554, get 5, .se M--. ir- .2 4 r " i-'AE5rif'i3'iff'iieqS5fi5f'lf3i:flifiisilfff' ni i . L 558 South University ers Win Honors two-day event which includes various con- tests between representatives of the sororities as well as a dance. Notable members were Ken Morris, Student Senate president, and Mark Houston, Pe-et president. Alan Hollingsworth, Chris Thomp- son, and Fred Purcell were Top Ten Fresh- men. Officers were Ed Guthrie, vice president, Steve Back, secretary, Bill Grimm and Bob Reilly, treasurers. Reins. ' Shadid. Gregg Stevenson. lach. Jeff Webb. Larry Woolman. Lynn Pack, Steve Palle- sen, Bill Patterson, David Pepper. Fred Purcell, John Rector, Robert Reilly. Bob Jimmy Reynolds, Stephen Reynolds, Donnie Rom- berg. Bill Sands, Bill Schopflin, Terry Schrein- er, Barry Shadid. Randel John Sherman, Doug Shirley, Brad Sinex, Dean Smith. Rick Smith. Bill Speer. Jay Spradling. Roark St. Romain. Mike Swenton, Phillip Travis. Paul Varvel, Mike Wahl. John Wallace, Harry Wal- Steve Weichbrodt, Tommy Weichbrodt, Robert C. White, Tom White, Ron Winfrey, Rick Wood- ward. Johnny Woolman. V .. - A,Ak Mel Allen. Richard All- red. Richard Awsumb. Johnny Barr. Mike Bar- tel. Preston Bell. Charles Binney. Dan A. Blaschke. Mike Blasehke. Mark Bradley, Steve Bradley. Steve Brin- ley. Larry S. Burke, .James Colwick. Rod Cook, Joe Couch. Barry Davis, Jerry Davis. W. C. Davis. Randy Deatherage. Roger Dicus. Doug Diehnel. Randy Dorsch. Roger Etling. C. Blair Fannell. Joe Ford. Stacey Forrest. Wayne Gary. John Giles, David Gil- more. George Gilmore, Jeff Greene. Tom Griffin, Russ Hanson, Scott Har- rington. Lawrence Hendon. Mike Hogan. Andy Husky, Dan Husky. Robert Jackson. John Johnson. .John Jones. John Lackey. Morris Lo- vett. Jim Maryott. James W. May. Mark McKinney. David Mendenhall. Con- way Merrett. An obviously happy boy between Don Swltt 1nd John Selph enhances the holidly spirit as Sigsml Nus host 1 Christmas party for oiph ins EN One hundred forty-seven chapters. Founded Virginia Military Insti- tute 1869. Delta Epsilon chapter established 1909. Presidents: John Selph, Wes Stone. Sigma u's Top in Campus Chest Carnival proved to be suc- cessful for the Sigma Nu's, who won first place in the competition for the originality of their booth. This year the fraternity began a Guest Speaker program. OU faculty members and other prominent people from the university and state were invited to speak. With Alpha Chi Omega, they visited the Tulsa Boys' Home 1300 South College Campus Carnival at Christmas time. They entered a Homecom- ing float competition with Kappa Alpha Theta. The Sigma Nu's claim their annual Border Dance to be the oldest annual party on campus. Their other social activities are the Hobo Party, White Rose Formal and Christ- mas Formal. They are credited with two var- sity football players. Mike Scott. Steven L. Swales. Waggoner. quinto. Brad Moore, Tom Mor ton, Richard Neal, Jim Nelson, Steve Outhier Gregory Owings, Mike Pattison, Tom Paynter Forb Phillips, Doug Polk Steve Ramsey. James Red wine, Donald Rice, Lewis Rice, Michael Saubert Tom Scott, John Selph Karl Semtner, Dee Simp son, Bruce Stensrud. Wes ley Stone, Glen Surbey Alan Swift, Don Swift Jack Tatroe. Steve Tur ney, Steve Underwood George Veazey, Dennis C. L. Wallace, Jack Web ster, Gerry Westby, John Wigley. Larry Wiles, Ken ny Womack, Robert Y 4 l l Hob Van Arsdale. Chip Douglas. Tom Wiseharl. and Tom Zongker carry in the evergreen in preparation for the Sig Ep Christmas tree raising. Nlrx. Tomi Lucas. -lcrry Babb. Paul Bishop. Mark Blakey. Mark Bums. Gary Branich. Donald Burk. Doug Campbell. Chip Douglas. Nlichael Elmore. Bob F vans. .I im Ford. Hmxard Galarneau. Ruger Geyer. David Hall. David Hansel. Ken Jewell. .lack Klinger. ZCIDE One hundred sixty-four chapters. Founded Richmond College 1901. Beta chapter established l946. President: Tom Zongker. 920 Chautauqua Sig Eps Innovate Two ew Parties Two new social events were introduced this year by Sigma Phi Epsilon members, the Feast of Bacchus and the Indian Summer Party. The annual Black Light Party, Vegas- Weekend, and Girl of the Golden Heart Formal were also held. The Sig Eps planned to have a new house built in time for occupancy in the fall, project- ing a modern concept for group living. In conjunction with the Oklahoma Heart Association, the Sig Eps joined forces with the Alpha Phi's to work on the Heart Fund Drive. They worked with Alpha Delta Pi to give a party for orphans at Central State Hospital. H. W. Norton Jr. was an outstanding Sig Ep as the top senior in the Engineering College. Among the officers were Chip Douglas, vice presidentg Doug Campanell, secretaryg Roger Geyer, treasurer, and John Rydzik, social chairman for the fraternity. Andre Licardi. David Liv- ingston. H. W. Norton Jr.. Patrick O'Reilly, Jack Por' ter. F. Jim Slater. Craig Smith. Stephen Smith. Tom Stewart. James Sullivan. Randy Ti- tus, Robert Van Arsdale. Richard Ward. Mark Wells, Thomas Wisehart. Lloyd Woodall, Ken Ze- tah. Tom Zongker. 44I M la. mira 'next to of course god america i love you land of the pilgrims' and so forth . . f' -E. E. CUMMINGS 'fill- Col. Theodore M. Raley is commander of AFROTC. AFRGTC Men Develop Skill The Air Force Reserve Gflicers' Training Corps at the university strives to provide of- hcers capable of accepting command and lead- ership responsibilities, developing skills to car- ry them into the U.S. Air Force as junior offi- cers. Men selected to complete the advanced program are screened for academic achieve- ment, character and leadership. Cadets attend a four-week Field Training Unit during the summer between their junior and senior years. Here, their abilities are as- sessed and the cadets get a closer look at life as it is on an Air Force base. Freshmen and sophomores receive basic training in international aerospace power. STAFF OFFICERS-Air Force ROTC staff officers serving thc Turner. Captain James W. Hull. Captain Robert D, .limes and detachment at the University of Oklahoma are Captain Dion W. Major Gene B. Basden. Gathered around the desk of sen- ior clerk Mrs. L. C. Marler are noncommissioned otiicers Stati Sgt. R. T. Wunder. Staff Sgt. J. H. Baker. Tech. Sgt. F. M. Daniel, and Master Sgt. G. I.. Nleyer. . ,nfl P' W. ,zu f - Cadet Col. Jerry Ciritlith served as fall wing commander. Cadet Col. W, Larry Bagby was the spring wing commander CADE! VHNG STA!-'le-BOTTOM ROW: Jerry Lee Grirlith, TOP ROW: Lester A. Nutter, Gary McSpadden, Neal Wultartl Cawun. Patrick H. Keating, Jerry Byrunt, Douglas Metcalf, Phil Brockhaus, Larry Flesner, Eugene Bray. L arf 0 Q an lsr G ti Members ofthe Wing Stall at work Re tk arc Cutter Maj. livanx and Cadet , ' Capt. Stucker in foreground. and Cadet Maj. Bauman and Magargee. ,, . 72' ,Ui L, L AFROTC Honorary Cadet Colonel Nancy Lobrecht and escort Charles Blackmon visit with Danny Williams on television show "Dannysday." Cadets Get Flight Indoctrination Cadet Lt. Col Gene Bray prepares to enter the Cockpit of the T-33 airplane on which he received Right indoctrination during summer Held training at the Air Force Academy. 1-'flVb. rk , - M t tlt, 1- W 13' have New " Members of the Air Force ROTC color guard are Technical Sgt. Hutchens, Staff Sgt. Taylor. A. B. Burand, and A. B. Kilpatrick. Team Seminars Direct Training Air Force ROTC develops leaders through a concentrated program of academics, leader- ship training and drill. Drill is designed to build self-confidence and discipline, to serve as a learning situation which teaches each man to work as part of a larger unit. The junior and senior years are dedicated to the employment of group dynamics tech- niques in team seminars and briefings. The studies are directed towards current world events and their military implication, space exploration and the role of air power. A four-week summer camp, designated Field Training Unit, offers intensive instruc- tion in Air Force doctrine and organization. A free base visitation program is also available to AFROTC cadets who wish to visit aero- space installations at Air Force bases. Volunteers from AFROTC form the Air Force ROTC color guard and the Cadet Air Police. The color guard, after many long hours of practice, serves at home football games. The Cadet Air Police maintain trafic control around the drill field on Tuesdays. As another cadet searches for a book in the Air Force li- brary, Cadet Captain Carlos De La Vega studies the material he must learn for his upcoming Air Force ROTC examination. Nancy Ann Lobrecht was elected Honorary Cadet Colonel this year by vote of the students in Air Force ROTC training. Cadets Choose Miss Lobrecht Cadets this year celebrated their 17th annual AFROTC Ball, held in the Union Ballroom. The evening of beauty and pageantry was climaxed by the announce- ment and crowning of Nancy Lobrecht as Honorary Wing Commander. Miss Lo- brecht was chosen by popular vote of the entire Cadet wing. She represented the Cadet Corps at university-sponsored func- tions throughout the year. Honorary Deputy Wing Commanders were also announced at the ball. Selected for the forthcoming year were Genie Tay- lor. Brenda Gilmore and Charlene Burlie. l BRENDA GILMORE GENIE TAYLOR CHARLENE BURLIE Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Present at the crowning of the Honorary Cadet Colonel were Cadet Colonel Nancy Lobrecht. and candidates Genie Taylor. Diana Heritage. last year's Cadet Colonel. newly-elected Brenda Gilmore and Charlene Burlie. with cadet escorts. Air Force ROTC students in the sophomore class receive instruction about world military systems from Capt. Robert D. Jones. ROTC Men Attend Class, Drill ' V " A .MQ At a junior classroom briefing, student leader Don Mc- Combs instructs Carlos De La Vega and Travis German. Senior cadets receive further briefing, useful to them after they are commissioned. in this senior classroom. Air Force ROTC cadets from all the classes participate in afternoon drills once a week. P45 'W-v BOTTOM ROW: William E. Lewis, Robert D. Jones, Ronald Kornreich. Jerry W. Byrum, Lester A. Nutter, Eugene E. Bray, James l.. Cole, James K. Magargee, Robert B. Lyon. SECOND ROW: Larry Cormell, Glenn A. Mercer, Frederick Engelbrecht, Dawson Lasseter, Dennis C. Robbins, Scott Carr, Don Stuart, Stanley Burman, Mitchell D. Stuckey. THIRD ROW: David Arnold ociet Arnold Air Society was established to de- velop potential Air Force officers and create a closer and more efficient relationship within Air Force ROTC. The OU chapter of the Arnold Air Society is named the "Waddy', Young Squadron, in honor of an alumnus who gave his life for his country as a pilot in World War Il. AAS Cdr. Clyde Miller and Exec. James Cole presided over bi-annual pledge smokers, and twice-monthly meetings. Service projects included program sales at football games and sponsorship of a model airplane contest in Norman. Representatives attended a retreat in Las Vegas and the dist- rict conclave which met in New Orleans. The Society works closely with Angel Flight on projects and in civic activities. Arnold Air Society strives to reach its goals by offering an education program that goes beyond the classroom. Membership is com- prised only of men who are sincerely interest- ed in the Air Force as a profession. McCurdy, Cris Lafferty, Frederic E. Ferris, Steve Hutchens, Jim Williams, Tom Seale, John Ford, Mark K. Ball, Dan B. Belcher. TOP ROW: Charles Hill, Stephen Rogers, Lynn S. Lamb, Terry M. Breitbarth, Don W. McCombs, Steven A. Hulin, Gary M. Seale, Donald J. Burand, Joe li. Alford, James E. Ford. Provides Services ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY OFFICERSABOTTOM ROW: J. W. Byrum, L. A. Nutter, R. D. Jones. TOP ROW: J. L. Cole, Ron- ald Kornreich, E. E. Bray. Angel Flight Drill for Television Performing on regional TV in March were members of Angel Flight, the honorary auxil- iary and drill team associated with OU's Arn- old Air Society and the U.S. Air Force. The girls performed at the OU-Nebraska basket- ball game. Angel Flight, a service organization, stayed busy with civic. university and Air Force pro- jects. Members were busy holding people's hands during the OU Red Cross Blood Drive. For Christmas, each girl wrote a letter to a boy in Vietnam. sending him a bottle of co- logne and making him a ditty bag. Another project was the sale of 'fstudy boards," pro- ceeds of which were used to finance civic pro- jects and trips made by Angel Flight. The flight served also by acting as hostesses at football recruiting banquets and ushering at numerous campus-wide events such as Presi- dent Hollomon's inauguration, commence- ment and the Engine Show. Each year they march in the Homecoming Parade. BOTTOM ROW: Susie Will, Linda Marriott, Billie Lankford, Lori Westbrook, Hana Burkett, Melanie Shearer, Ginger Ridge- way, Leslie Bigham, .ludy Barnes, Sherry Elwood, Gayle Johnson, SECOND ROW: Kathy Miller, Julie Newton, Charlene Burlie. Danny Meaders, Carol Bishop, Sharon Briery, Mary Eve Beckett, Kaye Ragsdale, Ann Gorden, Suzanne Williams, Nancy Durham. Flight members Susie Dillman and Suzanne Williams pack bags of useful items for Air Force servicemen in Vietnam. THIRD ROW: Susan Neuman. Linda Bremer, Melinda Mclilroy. Sandy Williams, Wendi Meyer. Laura Lynn, Becky Saunders. Carol Stortl, Susie Dillman, Carolyn Turner. TOP ROW: Mar- jorie Ratcliffe, Nancy Huneke, Diane Darrough, Susan Chestnut. .lan Leonard, Bobbie Arentz, Cathy Erskine, Debe Robertson. Col. Woodrow W. Wiltse heads the Army ROTC detachment. Arm Training In Fiftieth Year In its fiftieth year on the OU campus, the Army ROTC continues to train young men for positions of leadership. The ROTC has been. and continues to be a contributing or- ganization to the tradition of the university. Beginning as an infantry unit in 1919, it was converted to a horse-drawn Field Artillery in 1923 with the subsequent addition of the Ord- nance and Engineer branches in 1935. In 1955, branch instruction ceased and the Gen- eral Military Science curriculum was institut- ed. The last major change came into being in the fall of 1965 when the ROTC program be- came elective. Since its beginning, more than 5300 officers have been commissioned and each in his own way has served the university and his country in contributing to their strength and security. TOP ROWS LI. Col. R. F. Zeld- ner, Lt. Col. M. D. Harris, Lt. Col. A. F. Carrillo, Maj. C. G. Belan, Mzlj. C. ll. Bell, Maj. T. E. Cullins. BOTTOM ROW: Maj J. M. Lar- ens. Maj. W. l.. McGregor, Maj. E. A. Petersen, Capt. J. A. Helm- linger. Capt. J. K. Woodward. TOP ROW: Sgt. Maj. G. C. Mc- Q Combs, Sgt. 1C D. L. Claytor, Sgt. IC H. R. Goutcher, Sgt. 1C G. E. . -.f , Wynkoop, S. Sgt. J. K. Howard, S. I ' J", 'L' iQ., ,A .3 Sgt. W. E. Putman. - BOTTOM ROW Mrs Elaine Col Catherine Sublett lins, Mrs. Sue l5arris,.Mrs. Joann in Reynolds, Mrs. Betty Ross, Mrs. l 1 it flu: i.. -f x ,Qin f . -6'-4' ... P ROW: C. R. Chesser, Bde Bn Cdrg W, G. Cunningham, S l J. C. Doesburg, Bde SGM1 A English, Bn Cdr. hail Bn Cdr, Bde XO. IOM ROW: J. L. lVlcClen- Bdc SGMg C. W. Palmer, Bn VV. Prickell, Bn Cdr: J. H. de S-I, Bde S-3. Cadet Col. James Gregory Jr. was first semester commander. Brigade fficer St The Cadet Brigade officers are seniors cho- sen by a board of cadre oihcers. Basis for their selection is academic standing, ROTC grades, leadership potential and performance records from summer camp at Fort Sill. The Cadet Brigade Commander, his staff Second semester brigade commander was Cadet Col. Jon Ford. aff Leads Corps and the battalion commanders are responsible for the operation and performance of the ca- det corps at the weekly drill periods. Army cadets are taught the military concepts and procedures in the class instruction and apply these on the drill field. POND ROW: J. L. Golden, S4 J, Hamilton, Bde Opns na L. Helton, Bn Cdr: .I, H, Margaret McKinney, the i923 Honorary Colonel, is presented. . , Ht. 'LJ' tffatiilfw W ta. Ns-Eff' Honorary Cztdet Colonel Calene Green. eenter. at iunior , 4 f ' with r' ' ,, , ff ' W , I'rztctieul exercises prepare junior cadets for summer camp HF' H wi' -Q 752 2 WST pg, Q. iw' fi' A from Stilwell. und her stall. Lieutenant Colonels Charlotte x Sellers Terry Burnhttrt. .lo Anne Nathan and Suzi Benettr are presented to the Ckttlet Corps zu the Fiftieth Anniversary, Militttrx Hull Honorary Cadet Colonel CALENE GREEN Muldrow 6 8: 7 Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel i TERRY BARNHART p Kappa Alpha Theta Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel Suzi BENEAR Jo ANNE NATHAN CHARLo'r'rE SELLERS Delta Gamma Alpha Epsilon Phi Chi Omega pf"- o in ani' rv'- 4 it Fix' Naval ROTC commanding officer is Capt. Marcus I.. Lowe Jr. it ' STB .Akk , at 9x ROTC Offers tud Programs Since 1940, the Navy ROTC unit at the University of Oklahoma has been preparing young men for commissioning as regular and reserve officers in the United States Navy and Marine Corps. The Navy ROTC Program offers a study in naval and marine science. which eventually leads to commissioning as ensign in the Navy, or second lieutenant in the Marine Corps. Heading Oklahoma's unit are Captain Marcus L. Lowe Jr. as commanding officer. and Commander J. H. Davis, executive officer. The unit is staffed by four commissioned Navy officers and one Marine officer instructor. It is the tradition of the Navy ROTC to provide fine young officers for service in the country's military branch afioat, and midship- men of OU's NROTC unit are prepared with instruction in naval history. orientation, weap- ons, navigation, operations, leadership. engi- neering, tradition and military justice. FOP ROW: l.t. David Belton. Major H. J. Long. BOTTOM ROW: Lt. J. J. Young, l,t. R. D. Peterson, Lt. J. E. Foust. Cdr. James H. Davis is the executive officer of Navy RO IL. ' 1 Becky Williams. Alpha Gamma Delta. was elected Hono- rary Midshipman Captain by the Students of Navy ROTC. The Navy ROTC Ball featured the Coronation of Becky Williams. Honorary Commanders for Navy ROTC are Rusli Sleinhorn. Sigma Delta Tau: Sally Uhlcnhop. Pi Beta Phi. and Carla Weidling. Kappa Kap- pa Gamma. MIDSIIIPMAN BA'l'Al,l ION S'lAl-'lfgjamcs M. l.aGrone, Commander: James W. lVlcStay, Lieutenant Commander: Dun 'Hui' can H. Burgess, Commander: Daniel H. Brainc, Captain, and Michael V. Avery, Lieutenant Commander. I e' A , Eg it l wa m f S 1 - ,izxif f we eg , fi' A ge C ee S ,A -5 ' F xi: f 1 :57-:Q A , . W ,A K K 'e X Vi ' 'iifxif ff 4- ,,..,,,Z VL, v K if fi-zwkf ,pw - V. . fepw.::gg ,,, .i,, MW V . f . -L -liltfli t 5jlfg,i11t':ff:Q1Qgi2Q f serial? ' AL,,1. , ,A b ,ijt g.3m gb S Xt L 3 x x X .5 ig:-' wg -4- aii 'W ii' C ..,.. 4- iw., , Qxfi,-3,41 1 4,5 Aigistags if 4 . t t,.,,tikt www in v +25 j. f 457 mg, 1 i l s 5 1 2 I liv 4 l!f' . i 4? Nw' "'f"" BOTTOM ROW: lris M. Rodriguez. Kathryn S. Sykes. Nina Rose Pamela Srigley. TOP ROW: Robert J. Kish. Gayle Cluck. Jamie Jacoby, Linda S. Grissette. SECOND ROW: James S. Hamilton. While, Marianne Burke. Susan Puttroff. Major Charles ll. Bell. Linda! C. Turnbull. Sally J. Helnistctter. Pamela K. Thrasher, CAPER Design ew Uniform Designing and making new uniforms was one of the activities of Coed Afliliates of Pershing Riiies, women's honorary drill team. Members of CAPERS sold candy as a money- making project to finance their new uniforms as well as other activities of the group. CAPERS made field trips to Fort Sill, the Pershing Rifle National Convention and the CAPER National Convention. In accordance with the organizations pur- pose of providing greater knowledge of the Armed Forces. citizenship and patriotism. CA- PER scheduled recruiters from different branches of the service to speak at their meet- ings. Members of CAPER were involved in a complete reorganization of the national staff. and they assisted in the expansion program for new units. On campus. CAPER partici- pated in such projects as the Red Cross Blood Drive during February. ,,...,, CA P .il-K 4 ERS and visitors listen attenlively al a rush meeting 2lI'l of the ritual that every mam expects as at ROTC' student and later 215 at serviceman is the close inspection during Ji ' ii 5 0 s Every life is many days, day after day. We walk through ourselves, meeting robbers, ghosts, old men, wives . . But always meeting ourselves. JAMES JOYCE ,W t..- , , From 8 to 5 leach hour on the hourj Bodies with masqued faces march from buildings everywhere. Ana' iaee the ground with their seemingly pmposeful step. The Whyless souls Lost in the Labyrinth. Q 3 muh ,. v, We -NA y Q .Q H . 1' 52 J- S 6 3:11 Q ali asa T13 fm 3 ff. .. I . ir XG, ,.w. if sy -i .V 5 Q K f t ,,:wM,,- - mm, Tell it to me, prof . . . you know I'm not thinking . . . but maybe, just maybe, something will soak in . . . thafs the only hope, isn't it? Grziduzxlc student Tatu P. Wil- liams works with an oscilloscope in his field of nuclear physics. ,wr M ifiilw Zi, .55 GRADUATES AB - HI Wilman Aberna+hy, Eno., Baird, Tex.: Diane Adorino, Fr., Ardmore: Kaihy Alvis, Fr., Kansas City. Mo., Klili, 'l'BK, 'I'-il AA-X: Hollis Arnold, Fr. Muslcoriee' Rober+ Baker, Econ., Quilman Ga.: John Barrell, -5-KE Elec, Enqr., Muslcoxiee, lil' lEEE, Engr. Club. Sooner Shamrock, Larry Barron, Econ. Minden. La., lllli' Roberf L, Bafien, Bus. Admin., OC' Richard Beneiield, Philos. M.-wizurnz Gorden Bennelf, Bus. Admin., Guymonq Frank Boyd, Mah. Bolcoshe: Fred Bray, Mech. Enor,, Erokon Bow. Carol Breneman, Fr. Berlorz, Kan.: Lynn Bryan, Lib, Sci. l4oriSos Clly, Mox James Byrn, Lib. Sci., Lavvron- J. Ran- dolph Call, Lib. Sci.. OC, KKXP, CU Band: Theresa Tread- way Carroll, FA, Hollis: Ahmed H. Chawsheen, Ecor... Krilcuk, lrfiq, Arab Club ln+ernall. Club Kurdish Siud. Assoc. Charles Cleveland, Law, Thomas, -A-l'l'l' Vice Dean, Phillip T. Corbell, Bus. Admir. Ollzallon, lll.: Darrell Cornell, Chem., Denver Colo.: Roberi M. Deaver, Econ. Sfaberha, Kar.: Eva Dinda, AES, Princeior Junclion N.J.: Michael Dulcher, Soc. Work Anadarlmo, Cornelius Eiimoioir, Pol. Sci., Biafra Nigeria: David Erwin, Alili, Muskoqee: Avram Eule, Law, Maplewood N.J. Mens Rez.. Judicial Bd., Const Conv. Deloonre Dorm Judicial Rep.: Roberr Fano, AXA, Flisl. OC: Joan Fau- bion, Psych., Sfuari' Nydia Figueroa, Jourr., Puerw Rico. Charles Fraley, Ecor. Ardmore- Charles Garrison, Chem. En:ir,, Graaf Falls, Monl. AlChE: Franlx Ga+ewood, AKE, Law, Ardmore: Larry Neal Geis, lndus. Enfgi. Loyal' James Goldsberry, Enqr., Phys., Horseheads N.Y.: Reber? Ray Grani, A-Y'l', Bus., Concho. Jack Gray, Pub. Rel., Maryville, Mo., Benneif Griffin, Bus Admin., Norman: David Harold Hawk, Geol., Boise, idaho Jane Hawkins, Speech Therapy, Norman: I, E. Hendrix Bus. Admin., Norman: Bruce Hiclrman, 'PK-Y Bus, Admin. Who's Who, BMOC, UAB. 5 'ai as if iw GRADUATES HI - YO Carl Higgins, Acacia, Acci., Tulsa: Dan-ny Hol+, Acacia, Arch., Barrlesville: Alfred Hulsey, Nuclear Enqr., Fred' ericlcp Richard lorio, Acacia, Law, Norman: David Allen Johnson, AKE. Law, Tulsa: Donald A. Josephson, Maih, Norman. Shingo Kaiinami, Chem., Osaka, Japan, l-lon. Chem. Soc.: Phillip Ray Kinnamon, Mafh, Beihany: Carla Kilzmiller, Lib. Sci., EI Reno, Residenl Counselor, Deans Honor Roll: .lorge Landler, Acacia, Bus., Cochabamba, Bolivia: James B. Lang, Geoq., Fl. Worfh, Tex.: Hsien-Chi Li, Boi., Sine- nu, Formosa, AAUP, Olcla. Acad. Soc, oberi' Logan, Law, Norman: Homer Lowery, Econ., Rock ill, S.C.: Virginia Lumb, Ed., Cleveland, Ohio: Harold Viarfin, Malh, Sulphur, La.: G, Glayde Maw, Oeoq.. Roy, Lllahg Walier McClanahan, Sociol., OC. Conway MerreH', XX, Malh, Winier Park, Fla.: Jerry Moore, Environmenial Sci., Franklin, Tenn.: Charles E. Slellons. Music Ed., Houslon: Mohammad Reza Nilc-Khah, Elec. Enqr., Behshahr, Iran, Iranian Slud. Soc., IEEE: Hos- iein Nouri, Pelr. Engr., Tehran, Iran: Richard Olney, Biol. 3sych., Norman. iiephanie Olney, Boi., OC: Pafriclr O'Reilly, Iflrlf, Phys., C, Slud. Sen., IEC, fill, 55, Maih Club: Sfanley Pare- ien, Speech, OC: Raianilcanl C. Pafel, Mech. Enor., Pei- ad, Guiarai, India, India Siud. Assoc, Treas., SAE, ASME? Clarice Peiers, Lib. Sci., Cuba. Kan.: Wade Piplrin, -HUC, .aw, Tulsa. eorge Curfis Pospisil, Eng., El Reno, Admin. lniern, Dorm ounselor: Andrew Ranaudo, Acacia, P.E., Easi Ridgefield 'arlc N.J.: Jim Reed, AKE, Journ., OC: Rolaer+ W. 'leeds Jr., Reg. 81 Ciiy Plan., Norman: Donald L. RiHer, Loc. Work, OC: Glenn Robberson, Anrhrop., Musiang. lohn Roberis, 'PK-Y, Law, Barflesville: Owen Robinson, 'hys.. OC, Grad. Assf., Sailing Club: Don Sessions, 'PK-E, Ncci., Gvuwihrie: Manoi Shah, Civil Enqr., Ahmedabad, ln- lia: Kang-Ming Shiao, Radio 81 TV, Taiwan, China. onald N. Shori, Req, 81 Ciiy Plan., Norman: Susan Sifor- s, AAU, Lib. Sci., Golhenburg, Neb.: Donald Troup, ,hem., Walsh, Colo.: Linda Ullom, Lib. Sci., Canadian, ex.: Susan Vaughn, Music Ed., Elmore Cily, MENC, 'oung Rep. am Veazey, BAE, Law, Ardmore: William M, Vonder- Fi+h Jr., Enqr. Space, Reisferslown, Md., 'Hill Pres., FT, AIAA: Linda Walker, Enq., Enid: Rober+ Wallcer, con., EI Reno: Roberf Weilcel, Pol. Sci., Corpus Chrisli. ex. .on Winfrey, EX, Phys., OC: Charles Wood, Sani, Sci, 81 ub. Heallh, Lebanon, Tenn., Pub l-lealih Club Pres: Gil righf, K-Y, Law, OC: Jaclt Wrighf, KI, Law, Cherokee: loria Young, Marh, Rock Island, Ill. SENIORS AB - BA Linda Abborf, Ed., Lawron, SEA: Sfeve Abrams, AHS, Dale las, John Roberrs Award, Men's Res. Council Exec, Board: H-EA: Phil Abshere, ATA, ASS, OC: Mark Acker, ALS. Phillips, Tex.: Bobby Adams, HKA, AES, Muiualy Alex Adkins, AZSQS, Moore. Fuad Akhfarkavari, Engr., Tehran, lran: Susan Alekseius, AHS, l-lunringron Srarion, N.Y,: Tom Allder, 'PK-E. AES. OC, MUN: Andrew J. Allen, ASS, OC: Jane Allen, Pharm., Newkirk' Jerry Dale Allen, BAE, Bus., Ringling. Karlene AH, 3-A5-, Ed., OC: Bob Anderson, Ed., Tulsa: Roger Anderson, 'f'K'I', A8iS, Waurika, EVE, SEG: Susan Anderson, -333, AES, McLean, Va.: Chris'I'ine Andrew, EA, Tulsa: Michael Anrhony, AHS, Snyder, OU Sky Divers, Pershing Rifles, Scabbarcl 81 Blade. Roger Applegare, ATU, Bus., Falls Church, Va., ATU Treas.: A. Ahmad Arefi, Engr., Abadan, Iran: Rufh Arens, FTB, AHS, OC, ffl-Yfb, SOONER Yearbook Eearures Ediror' James Arvifes, AXS, Wilmelie, lll., Young Rep.: Jane Ash, IVPB, ASS, Norman, Deans Honor Roll, l"l'B Rec, Sec., H537 Cynfhia Ashcrafi, EA, Tulsa, MTE. Warren Asher, 'FASH AHS, Vicksburg, Miss., A-5-E Unicr Rep. Council, IFC lnrrarnural Chrn.: Janice A+lcison, A813 Frederick: John Awsumb, BAE, Engr., Memphis, Tenny Richard Awsumb, EN, Engr., Memphis, Tenn.: Joihn Axion, HHH, ASS, Barrlesyille: Ka+hryn Ayres, AHS, Dewey, C. J. Babbif, Bus., OC, Accr. Club: Keiih H. Bailey Pharm., Grandiield: Eli Balach, Engr., Easl Chicago, lnd. Jack Ball, Pharm., Lexinglon: Louise Ball, AES. Lexingfon Margarei- Ball, Ed., Barrlesyille, Mfmi, SEA, BSU. Dorn Counselor. AHS, Tulsa: Sherry Barnes, AHS, Lebanon, Mo.: Tricia Ba IXAU A815 Dallas Olkonornia Shadowbax l-lomecornin Pub. Chrn.: Jack Barragree, 'PK-E. Bus., Waynokat Lo Barre++, AHS, Orange, Tex., Morrar Board, Wornen's Gil Club, Okla. Daily. Fofis C. Bargeliores, Bus., EI Reno: Bill N. Barnes, 'PK'I' r e .g A i W '-.N . . W W vi 3 . fl ' 2 1. W "'wPi'1'f -Savile SENIORS BA - BR David Barringer, Engr., Larnesa, Tex., AlChE: Sherry Bar- fholomew, Ed., Wayne: Jane Ellen Barion, X9, Ed., Pauls Valley, SEA, Orchesis: Susan Bassel, Ed., Lawlon: Nevin Beagle, 'PK-E, Bus.. OC: Kay Beaird, ASS, OC, SEA. Okla. Daily. Ann H, Beard, KKI', ABS, Madill, Morlar Board, BWOC, Cons'r. Conv.: Glenn E. Beauchamp, AES, Miami, ATU: Fred Becker, XX, Bus., Moore: Lisken Ann Becker, AF. AES, Denver, Colo.: Wayne Beckmann, A8fS, Lawlon: Gary Beeley, Enqr.. Benlley, Kan. Vivian Bell, KA, A8:S, Norman, KA Scholarship Chm., I966 Okla, College Queen, Pres. l-lonor Roll: Sondra Beniamin, AF, AHS, Tulsa: Barbara Benskin, AES, l-louslon, Zfbll, 2AlI, Deans l-lonor Roll: Kaihy Berger, EAT, Ed., Sf, Louis, Mo,, :AT Firsl' Vice-Pres., Engine Show M.C., Greek Reyiew: Bill Bernauer, AHS, OC, 'FH-Y: Jerry Bias, 'DM-5, AHS, Muskogee Sheri Billings, EA, Cushing: Garefh Bishop, Bus., Chicka- sha: Paul Bishop, EWR, Bus., Findlay, Ohio: Tommy J. Bishop, Pharm., Wewoka: Marcus Black, 'l'Kxl', AXS, Lillle Rock, Ark.: Max Blakely, Pharm., Kinqsion. Mark Blakey, -Y'l'l'1, Bus., OC: William Blewe++, Engr.. Lawlorv, "O" Club, Varsily Track, Cross Counrryp Trudy linn, Uf5'l', AHS, OC: Bonnie Block, AES, New York City: ohn Blomgreni, Pharm., Lawlong Terry Lee Bock, ABS. Midwesi Cily. Leon Boelie, Enqr. Lone Woll: Chris Bolen, Ed., Carneqie: Mark Boofs, -Y'l'E, AES, Tulsa: Bill Borlaug, 'l'l'A, ASS, Mexico Cily, Mex.: Cindy Bowlby, XU, Ed., Norman, PEM Club, Cheerleader: Dorofhy Bowlby, ABS, Shawnee, F22 Pres.. BWOC, John Roberls Award. Cheryl Bowman, Afb, AHS, Midwesr Ciiy: Michael Box, 3us., OC, Dorm Counselor: Carole Boyd, XU.A81S, Dallas: Bill Bolzalis, 'l'l'A, AES, OC: Mark Bradley, IN, Bus., Tul- .a: Dan Braine, AT9, ABS, Pillsburq, Pa. lohn Brandes, flrlil, AHS, Eoresl l-lills. N.Y.: Paula Bran- 10711, FA, Lawion: Carolyn Brarcher, KA, Ed., Denison, Tex.: Qancy Braughi, KKV, AES, Norman: Pa+ricia Brauman, KET, Ed., Dallas: 'Susan Braun, KA, Bus., Slonewall. lulie Bray, A'l', AHS, Amarillo, Tex.: Eugene Bray, ABS, Nlorman, Pershinq Rilles, Arnold Air Soc.: Nancy Breeden, TWP, AES, OC, SOONER Yearbook Editor, Consr, Conv., IB4' Vice-Pres.: Edward Brock, ASS, Moore: Phil Brock- iaus, AT, Bus., Norman: Beki Brown, Al', Ed., Tulsa, 5l'l'l'f, XTQ Sweelhearl. David Brown, AES, Wichila, Kan.: Leslie Brown, Enqr., Woodward: Linda Brown, EAT, AES, Tulsa: Ronald Brown, 1-ill, AES, Elobarr: Sian Brown, ATU, AES, Tulsa: Tirn rown, ATA, EA, Shalluck. SENIORS BR - CR Linda E. Bryan+, Ed., Moore, PEM Club: Mike Bryanf, l5l'7ll, AES, Cushing: Bob Bucciarelli, BAE, FA, Joliet lll.: JoAnn Budd, AXU, AES, Amarillo, Tex.: Jean Mary Burford, A-All, Bus.. Miami, I'-533. 'l'HA, Newman Club: John L. Burgelf, Bus.. Tulsa, Mkr. Club, Mql. Club. Anna Burrows, AES, Midwesr Cify: JeH'a Budon, AES, Duncan: Ronnie Burfon, Bus., Duncan: David Bufler, AKE, Enid: Larry Buxlon, ANN, Bus., Muslanq: Mary Byars, Afif, Ed., Barllesville. Terry Byers, fbl'-X, Bus., OC, 'PFA Treas., Dean's Honor Roll: Jerry W, Byrum, Engr., Charlesfon, Ark., Engr. Club, Arnold Air Soc., AMS: Fielding Cagle, 5-TA, AHS, Law- lon: Ted Calinson, Wall, Enqr., Er. Worrh, Tex.: Cynfhia Calkins, AES, Norman, IQ68 KUVY Kulie: Greg Calmes, l5l'lll, Bus., Hobarl. Craig Cameron, 'l'KKl', Enqr., Wanraqh, L.l., N.Y.: Doug Campanell, Efbli, Bus., Haddonfield, N.J.: Dean Campbell, 'l'KXl', AXKS, Amarillo, Tex., Amer, Class. Soc.: Janis Carey, KAW, Ed., Tulsa: Larry Carey, Pharm., Velma: Cafhryn Carley, Ed., Lawlon. David Carman, Engn, Jackson, Miss., AMS: Len B. Cason, l3l'lll, AHS, Lindsay: Howard Cavins, 'PK-E, Bus., Ringling: John Chaney, ATA, AHS, Urbane, Ill., UAC, UAB, OAEN Edward Charley, Bus., Norman, Scabbard 81 Blade: Cecil Chesser, 'l'K'l', AHS, Allus. Carol J. Childs, AHS, OC, Shadowbox, AlrofAmer. Slud Union: Leonard Chubrick, ARS, Middlesex, N.J.: Richard Cinoflo, 'PK-Y, ASS, Bradley, Ill., Scabbard 81 Blade Treas. flrlill Treas., Union Movies Comm.: Jim Clabby, A815 Moore, l'l-TT: Jerry Clark, ATU, Bus., Duncan: Mariorie Clay, AES, Okmulqee. Tassels, Hal Clifford, SAE, Bus., OC: Nancy L. Cobb, AHS, OC Bob Cocanower, UKA, Bus., E+. Worlh, Tex.: Tiaiuana Cochnauer, AES, Ardmore, -YAH: Bob Cochrani, ATA Bus., OC: Nanefie Corffin, lll'3'l', Ed., Tulsa, SEA, Deana Honor Roll. Jan Cohen, I-3-'l', Ed., Dallas: Judy Cohenour, AF, Ed. Ponca Cily, '1'3ll5g Ken+ Cohenour, 'l'l'i, AHS, OC Charles Cole Jr., ATU, Enqr., Barrlesville, IIKN: James Cole, Bus., Norman, Arnold Air Soc., AEROTC Drill Tea Comdr,: Melinda Cole, Xu. AHS, Tulsa. Bob Coleman, ATA, Engr., Mud Creek, Whos Who. ODK Tlill: Kenn.e+l1 Collier, Engr., Duncan, AlChE: Barbar Colverf, KAK-l, Ed., Ardmore: PaHy Cooperman, EA, OJ KUVY Merir Award, MCI' Sec.-Treas., Broadcasfinq Club Sfeven A. Corbin, Bus., Ada, Mql. Club: Cloyd Ann Cornish, Ed., OC. Ann Cosgrove, KKl', AES, Norman, Pres. Honor Rol Tassels, Morlar Board: Joe Couch, EN, AHS, Norman Karlinda Couch, ArI', Ed., Sharruck: Don Cox, 'l'K5, Enqr Velma: Terry Cox, ATU, ASS, Scollsdale, Ariz.: Marsh Crabb, AV, AES. Dallas. enior Riehzird Roth mes Ili lihrziryk reference mulerizil while preparing ll term paper SENIORS EV - GA Dale Evans, Bus., Woodward: Noah Howard Ewing Jr., AXA, Bus., Purcell: Bahman Farid, Enqr., Boiiiourd lrfirg Melanie Farnsworlh, KKV, AES, Midwesl Cily- Pa+ricia Faullr, AHS, QC: Carole Fefferman, I-Yli, AX-S Dallas, Joe Field, -Vllfl A815 Shfmvif-c-' Sieve Fields, X-X818 QC Younm Amer. lor Freedom Pub. Chm, Pershivc: Rifles' Eileen Fihrer, Ed. Cornmficln. N.Y., SEA: Tom Filip, AT AHS, Johnson Cily, N.Y.: Gregory Fine, ASS, QC, Soils' bard Sf Blade -EVE: Mohammed Firouzabadi, Emir., Teh- iliri, lrfiry lrawiari Sud. Soc. Fwy Nancy Firsfenberger, AHS, OC' Phillip Fischbein, -:All Bus., Tulsa MH, Club Fin, Club, Deana Horror Roll: Har- old Fisher, AES, New Brllfiir, Conn., Lewis B, Fisher Jr., 'lfl'-X, Bus., El Dorado, Kan. MUN, Molhers Drill Cc-mm.: Pal' Fiizgerald, 'l'KZf, A813 OC: Jim Fleelwood, Sir. OC. Mary Jane Fle++, KA Ed. Telsag Vilis N, Fogels, Acffciri AKS, Bfirilesvillet Jim Ford, Ailifl, Enqr.. OC' Jim Ford, -E'l'l'i, Friar. Mldwesl Ci'-y. -:'lll'l Rec.: Bill Forney Jr., 'l'lll, Bm.. Sari Arilczrlio' Dyghl Founfain, FXS, Lriwfoil Scrfbbrivd 84 Elade, Ron Frank, ATA Errgr. l'vlid.wa.' Circ Ronald Franz, AES Selle-rose, N,Y.' Charles Freede, 'l'l'-X-. ASS, OC ll-EA? David Freele, IX, AXS. Pcmcfa Cily HMA, Uriv. Grill' eetmq Sfephen Friof, AXA, A815 Norfh Torwfiw-wd 1, N,Y,' Pafricia Eileen Fry, A813 C'C. Mary Jane Frye, Ed. Sul: her- Jennifer M. Fullcerson, A85 Montreal, C'!V'fldii' Pafriclc J. Fuller, Erfir. OC' Robert Fullop, Bus., Carmi, Illy Sherry Furman, A3 Cry, Daniel Furlalx, AES, Nlwillrir Mass, Bruce Gaddis, -Xlflf Bas. Hara: Madeline Gaden K3- FA, Poiirjfi Cify' Milxe Gaden, 'l'K: Erwr S Cheryl Gaines, li'T'l5, ARS, Olcrnulqee' Elena Aflf, AES, Sulphur: Howard Galarneau l'l'lC, Emir. Te-rvliel N.Y. lj.. SENIORS CR - EV Jon Craig, Wall, AHS, Tulsa: Judy Craig, ASS, Burlinge ron, N.C,: Pam Cravens, A8iS, Fort Smilh, Ark., UAC: Keifh Crenshaw, Bus., Midwesl Cily, L3-Zi'l', Acc+. Club: Ka+hy Crews, AXSZ, A8cS, For? Worlh, Tex.: Braden Cross, HHH, AHS, Norman. Greg Cunningham, Bus., OC: Larry Dacus, AES, Henry- efra, 'Nl-E, Pres. Honor Roll, Young Rep. Vice-Chm.: W, Fred Dale, Bus., Blackwell, AIII, Dean's Honor Roll: Sharon Dalrymple, AES, Noble: Mary Dammerman, AHS, C-rand Rapids, Mich., lnlernaf, Club, Arab Club, Anlhrop. Club: CharloHe Daniel, Ed,, Barflesville. David Dan-iel, Bus., OC, Scabbard 81 Blade, -X-ill, Accf. Club: Gary Darf, AHS, Tulsa? Candice Davis, X53, AHS, Barrlesyille: Por+er Davis, EX, Bus., OC: W. C. Davis, IN, Enor,, Ardmore: Bruce Day, Bus., Enid., Accf. Club, 'PBX ITYAX, Cheryl Day, Ed., Pond Creek, 'l'l'3A, Engine Show, SNEA: Carlos de la Vega, AES, Norman: Susanne Deacon, A'l', Pauls Valley: Sharon Deakins, Ed., Norman, HE, Oikono- mia: Paul Dechan+, Pharm., Denver, Colo.: Marsha De- Mere, NV, AES, Sl. Louis, Mo. Ar:i+hony DeMicco, Bus., Brooklyn, N.Y.: Larry Dennison, EX, Bus., Wafonqa: Harley DeVore, Enqr., Norman: Jerry Dick, 'I'l'.X, Bus., Woodward: Joseph T. Dommer, Ed., Norman: Suzy Donenfeld, I-ST, Ed., Daylon, Ohio. Pa'r Dooley, IX Bus., Dallas: James M. Doran, Bus., Chi- caoo, Dean's Honor Roll, SAM, AMA: David James Dofy, Bus., Tulsa AROTC: David Dougall, -Yl'-X, AES. OC: S+eve Dough+y, AHS, Allus, TUE, UNE, Pres. Leadership Class: Pai Dou+hi++, Ed., Duncan, IAN. Sally Drake, l"l'l3, Ed., OC: Sfephen Dyer, Pharm.. Tulsa: Pamela Dysinger, Ed.. Leavenworrh, Kan.: Carolyn Eames, AT AES, Midvvesl Cily: A. Wayne Earles, AES, El Reno' J. Michael Early, IX, ASS, Rosemont Pa. Bill Eason, AES, Camden. Ark.: Doyle Easferwc-od, Pharm., Healdron, SPHA, Sooner Anecdofe Slaiclg Ellery Nash Edwards, Bus., Seafrle. Wash., SAM, Deans Honor Roll: Jacob Egbert Enqr., Oak Harbor, Ohio, IT, IEEE, Enqr. Club: Pai Ehrlich, AXQ, AES, OC, HH, Oikonomia: Ron- ald Eisel, KA, AHS, Canoga Park Calif. Harold Eisenman, 'Ni-X, AZQS, Er. Worlh Tex.: James Elder, liflll, AES, Norman: Jessica EllioH, Ed., Barflesvil- le: Larry EllioH, Wall, Bus., Tulsa: Larry Ellis, Enqr., Dun- gan' Peggy Ellis, Ed., Norman, Shadowbok, Pop Series, Dorm Soc. Chm. Tish Ellis, lll5'l', A8iS, OC: Sandra Ellis, Al'i'l', Ed., Tyler, Tex., SOONER Yearbook Beauly Einalisf: David English. SAE, Bus., Gulhrie: Eloise Emily Eriksson, AES, Dallas' Marilyn Eskridge, AXS2, Ed., Norman, Deans Honor Roll: Bob Evans, 1i'l'l'i Bus., Hinsdale, Ill., llbli Soc. Chm. SENIORS GA - HA Janefr Gallas, BAT, FA, Kansas Cily, Mo., Orchesist Jacqueline Gallup, KA, AHS, Lawron: Maurice Galoob, 'l'l'5.l, FA, Healdlon: Angela Ganser, AHS, Canal Zone, Panama, 0-3'l', MUN, Olcla, Daily Slall: William Dale Gardner, AHS, Fr. Worlh, Tex.: Jamie L. Garis, AHS, OC. Jo Anne Garvin, l"l'B, AHS, Altus: Bruce Gash, AHS, Sallisaw, Glenn Couch Scholars VicefPres., flkxlf, 'l'l'f-5, Dorm Treas.: Reg Gaslon, 'l'Kfl, AHS, Lawion: Terry Gay, Bus., Moore: Richard Gaydosilc, Bus., Asioria, N.Y.: Mark S+even Geller, IAM, AHS. OC, NVQ, Dads Day Cornrn, Deans Honor Roll, Roger Geyer, fl'l'lf, Bus., Norman: Meg Gholslon, Xfl, AHS. OC, Young Rep., SEA, Miss Scheherazade: Toni Gibson, Xil, Pharm., Ponca Cily, SPhA: Sfanley Gilchrisi, Bus., Savannah, Tenn., SAM, "O" Club, Fellowship Chris- :ian Alhl.: Charles Gilmore, Enqr., Del Cily: George Gil- more, -YN, Bus., Ardrnore. Belly Globe, AHS, Tulsa: Sandy Glover, Ed., OC: Jerry Golden, ST, Engr.. Del Cily: Karhy Goldman, -5-l', AHS. OC, -Xl' Sec., VAX Pres., Olcla. Daily Adyr, Mgr.: Harry Gooding, IIKA, Bus., Haclconsaclc. N.J.: Sara Goodman, Ed., Shreveporl La., IAII. Gary Gordon, FPR-3, Bus., OC: David Gore, Ed,, Tipton, SEA: Mike Golh, A241 AHS, Barllesville, AEII, Inlrae mural Board: Bobbye Gowan, Pharm., Sulphur, Pres. Hon- or Roll, SPhA: Sue Graham, Ed., Minco: Norma Granr, AHS. Del Ciiy, Franlc Graves, 'l'l'l, AHS. OC: Gloria Gray, KA, AHS. Vinira: Roberl' M. Gray, Engr., Barllesville: Nancy Greber, ll', AHS, Creve Coeur, Mo.: Jim Green, 'PK-5, AHS, OC: Kafhryn Green, AHS, Houslon. Larry A. Green, AHS, Wichila, Kan. Dorrn Counselor: Gary Greenberg, fl'Rl, AHS, Chicago: Joe Greenberg, WBA, Bus., Omaha, Neb., Mkr. Club, Fin. Club, Psych. Club: Manny Greenberg, 'l'l3A, Bus., Shawnee Mission, Kan.: L. J. Gregg, THE, AHS, Duran+, Pres. Leadershio Class, Deanls Honor Roll, 'VKX Pres.: Jim Gregory, ATA, Bus., OC, lil'-5, ODK. Milne Gregory, -lil'-X, AHS, Midwesl Cily: James Griffin, ASNE, Bus., Chiclcasha: Linda Kay Griffin, IVN3, Bus., OC, Glenn Couch Scholars, lil'-Y: Dave Griffy, fblil, Engr.. OC: Bill Grimm, XX, Bus., Tulsa: Gordon Gross, AHS. Oueens Village, N.Y. Greichen Grover, AF-3, AHS, Gulhrie, AI'-X Fres., Morlar Board, Whois Who, Rila H. loliinville Award: Linda Gun- ning, KKV, Ed., Norman, PEM Club Sec., WRA Firsl Vice-Pres.: Leon Gurney, Engr., Harrah: Ed Gurhrie, XX, Bus., OC: Linda Haag, AX53, AHS Tulsa, ll-ffl! Slud. Press Assoc.: Milce Haclceir, AXA, AHS, Tulsa, J. Earle Haggard, Bus., OC: Richard Hague, Ed., Lea- wood, Kan.: Nelda Jean Hagy, Ed., Fullerton, Calif.: John Arihur Haliburlon lll, AHS, Guyrnon: David Hall, Iflfli, Enor., Tulsa: Pafricia Ann Hall, Ed., Dallas. SENIORS HA - HU Richard A. Hall, A8fS, Poulfney, Vi.: Roberf Hall, AES Vicrorville, Calif.: Susan, Hall, AHS, Naperville, III.: Bud Hammonds, KI, Engr., OC: Royce Hammons, lil Bus., Wilburron: John Hamp+on, Bfffll, Bus., Ponca Cily. Mike Hampion, AT AES, Midwesl Ci:-y, AT Soc. Chmp David Hansel, Iflfli, Bus., Tulsa: Janice Hanson, KAW, AXS. OC: Dianne Harden, KA1-V, FA, OC: Ben Harding, AES, OC, Okla. Daily Slafi: Edward R, Harkins, Acacia A818 Tulsa. Joe Harmisoni, Pharm., Frederick, 'l'-XX, SPhA: Mark Harmon, AXA, Pharm., Enid: Laure Harms, AVA, AHS, Buenos Aires, Argenlinag Kennelh Harper, AHS, OC. Dorrn Counselor. 'l'll-Y: Paula Harris, PA, Norman: J. Richard Harrison, Will Midwesr Cify, Pe-el, ODK, Morhers Day Chm, John Hasfings, AHS, Carrollron, Tex.: Pafricia Hafcher, Ed., Norman, SEA, Pres. Honor Roll: GarneH Haubelf, IDX, Enqr., Midwesi' Cily: Gloria Hawkins, A'l', AHS Shalluck: Edwin M. Healey, ASS, Noble. Pres, Honor Roll NMI, AEA Pres.: James R. Hemphill, Will, Enqr. Norman, IT, Engr. Club. Joyce Ann Henderson, Ed., l-luoo: Marilyn Henderson, K-A-, Ed., Tulsa, Hon. Mid. Commdr.: Ann Hendrick, ll'l'B, AES, Lawton: Peggy Hermes, l"l'l5, ASS, OC: Diane Herrmann, l"l'l3, AHS, OC, Morlar Board: Bill He+herin,g- ion, IAN, Bus., Norman. Joe Housfon, 'l'llI, Pharm., Tulsa: Cyndy Hibdon, l"l'H AES, OC' Roberi' Hibler, AXA, Bus., Hamrnon: Judifh Hill, Ed., OC: Mark Hinshaw, AKIC, Enjr., Norman' Eddie Hinfon, A'l'A, Ed. Lfawlon, SEA. David E. Hodges, Enqr., Tulsa, AMS: Guinnevere Hodges, A-EU, ASS, Muskogee, SOONER Yearbook, Airo-Amer. Slucl. Union Curr Hoffman, 'l'K'l', AES, Tulsa: James Lloyd Hoffman, Ed., Hof Springs, Ark.: Sfephen Holbrook, AHS, OC: Terry Holden, AXA, AES, OC, AA-fl. Dan Hollacher, 'T'.XH, Enqr., Blyrhville, Ark.: Jon Holland, AXA, Bus., Holberl: Nancy June Holland, AHS, Wynne- wood, AAA: Beniamin Hollander, Enqr., Cache: Kelly Hood, 'PAH A8rS, Midland, Tex.: Chris Hooper, Bus. iulsa. Earl Hooper, Enqr., Memphis, Tenn., AMS: Dan Hoover, fl'KI, AES, Clear Lake, S.D.: John Hoover, AXS, Midwesr Cily, Honor Dorm: Owen Hopkins, ASS, Montgomery' Ala.: Bonnie Sue Horner, Ed. Norman, SEA, Alll- Kay Horning, Bus., Norman. Fred Horion, Bus., Carnegie: Mark Housfon, ZX, AHS, Barrlesville: Billie Howard, llKA, Pharm., Ada, Okla. PhA' Laura Howard, A'l', Ed.. Ada: Joseph Howell, AES, Claremore: Kennefh Huckabee, Enar., Eloydada, Tex., Deans l-lonor Roll. SENIORS HU - LA Bruce Hunl, AT9, AES, Chalham, N.J.: James Hun'r, Engr., Dallas: Roberl Hun+, AE'l', Engr., Dewey' Rick Hun+er, -fx, AES, OC: Andy Husky, -EN. A815 OC' Pam Hyken, Al'i'l', Ed., Sl. Louis, Mo. Frank lbach, XX, Bus., Barllesville: Gloria lsler, -EAT, Ed., Elizabelh, NJ., EAT Rec. Sec., AWS, Shadowbox: Sue Ivy, ANU, Ed.. Norman: Kalhy Jackson, ASS Alrus, HE, Oikonomia: Nancy Jackson, AES OC: Shirley Jackson, AXS, Guayama Puerto Rico. Barbara Jacobs, KA, AES, Amarillo, Tex.: Gunda Jacob- son, Ed., Broken Arrow: Collie James, Will, Engr.. Sul- phur: Mark Jenkins, HKA, Bus., Sanla Rosa, Calif.: Wil- liam Jenkins, ATU, Enor., Fayelleville, N.Y.: David PiH- man Jennings, EA, Duncan, Mens Glee Club Pres., FA Oulslandino Sen. Jan Johndrow, AHS, Enid: Barbara Johnson, ALS Barlles- ville, Pres. Advisory Council, Womens Res. Pres. Council Pres., Dean's Honor Roll: Jerry Johnson, NPA, AES, Poleau: John H. Johnson, Enqr., Norman: Marfi Johnson, Ali, AHS, Yukon, Sieve Johnson, KE, Bus., Tyler, Tex. Brad Johnslon, HHH AES Enid- Carol Jones, AV. Ed., Ardmore: Don Jones, A815 Mooreg Phyllis Jones, AVP. AHS, El Reno, Phys. Therapy Club, li-YE: Warren Jonxes, ATA, AHS, OC' Cafhy Jordan, AES, Eulaula. Ka+hleen Kaiinami, AES, Mfalron Kan.: Sieve Kalin, EAM, Bus., IEC Greek Week Exec. Council, Sioux Cily, Iowa: Joseph Kano+z, AES, Canonsburq, Pa.: Gary Kaplan, 'PBA AES, Chicago: Bonnie Kashdan, Ed., Memphis. Tenn., SEA: Neil Kassani, Bus., Brooklyn, N.Y. Pal' Kealing, HKA, ASS, Norman, Arnold Air Soc.: Randy Keller, 'PK-E, Engr., Indianapolis, Ind.: Hugh Mike Kelly, Enqr., Tulsa, AXE, AlChE: Susan Kendall, AAA, AHS. Tulsa, AAA Sec.: Charles Kendrick, ATU, Bus., Broken Ar- row: S+even Kennedy, Bus., Crosserl, Ark. NNT. Phil Keninon, AXA AHS, Norman .EAX, AAI Pres.- Richard Kiewra, Pharm., Belhany, 'PAX SPhA: Donna Kil- gore, A3-ll, Ed., Lawlon: Jeanne King, Ed., Bixby: Sandy Kinney, AVA. AHS. OC, Morlar Board, l'l'. BWOC, Pane hellenic Rush Chm.: Joe Kirkbricle, Bus., OC. Kay Kleine, X53, AES, Shreveoorr. La.: Hank Kraf+, ATA, Erqr., OC: S. Allan Kraybill, Bus., Miami: John Kuehnerl, 'PK-Y, AXQS, OC: George Kurey, 'l'KAl' FA, Lockoorr, Ill.: Paul Lackey, Bus., Cameror. Clifford LaDrew, Enqr., OC: Tom Landrifh, -EAE, A815 Ada., Pres. Leadership Class' Margarei- Lanning, Ed., OC' S+acey Lanfer, AES, OC: Lynn L. Laughlin, ATU, A815 Gainesville, Tex.: Mickey Law, 'l'K'l', AHS, OC, Zool. Soc SENIORS LA - MA Gary Lawhon, -3-T, Bus., Shawnee, Nancy Lay'rin, Ed.. Omaha, Nab.: William Layfin, 'PH-3, A8fS, Er. Srnilh, Ark.: Dennis Lee, AXA, Bus., Tulsa, Mlcl. Club? Richard Le- gaislxi, 5-KE, ASS, Barllesville, MUN. Engine Show Di- recror, AKIC Soc, Chm.q Marvin Lehmann, Pharm., Hoisa inqlon, Kan. Eric Lensgraf, 'l'KlI'. AES, OC: Hanlr Leonard, KA, Bus., Elgin: Jacquelynne Leonard, Al'-3, EA, OC' Tom Leonard, -XT, Bus., Wagoner, MUN, Pres. Honor Roll: Richard Lerblance, AHS, Harlshorneq Lynn Les+er, lll4'l', AES, Dallas, Windmill Ari' Edilor, Poef. Coalirior. Vivian Levine, Al'1'l', Ed., Er. Worth, Tex.: David Lewis, AXS, Sulphur: Howard Lewis, Ed., Harrah' Mike Lewis, AZLS, OC, MUN: Susan Lewis, Al'-3, Ed., I-louwon, Mortar Board, Kill, Panhellenic, William EvereH Lewis, Engr.. Lawlon, :T El"l', Si. Pals Council, Arnold Air' Soc.. AIAA, Tony Linlt, KA, A815 Chickasha, Danrny Linville, -Yl'-3. Ed., Praouep Bonnie Livesay, AES, Porlland, Oren Cindy Loeb, A'l'l'Z, Ed., Houslon, Pres. Honor Roll' Dorella Logan, KAN, AXS, Norman, Morlar Board Sec., COR Chrn.. PWOC, Tassels: David Loggie, 'l'l'-X, AES, Wtnfra Falls, lex. Larry J. Lollar, AHS, Wayne, Univ. Band, Deans Honor Roll: Melanie Luslc, AVA, AES, OC, Tassels Pres., Glenn Couch Scholars, AAA, Lollinville Award, Pres, l-lonor Roll, Helen MacKellar, lll'i'l,, Ed., OC: James Magargee, ASS, Spokane, Wash. Arnold Air Soc., Denis Honor Roll, Michael Kenneih Mahan, AXS, Normar' Kafhy Maher, Xl'-X, ARS, Norman. Kafhleen Maiewslca, FA OC Orchesis Pres., Okla. Civic Baller, Dave Malone, ATS? Bus., Apache' Karol Maloy, Eel., Cache: John Manioolh, Will, ASS, Purcell: Kenneih H. Marchani, EA, Tahleouah: Linda Marrioif, KAW, AKS, OC, Deans Honor Roll, Angel Eliqhl, Down Counselor. Dave Marlin, 'Pl'-5, AXS, Muskogee: E. X, Marlin, SAE, Bus., Dallas: Gary Marlin, IX, Bus.. lrvirg, lex., Accl. Club, Ein. Club, James Marlin, AHS, ldabel: Larry D. Marfin, AXS, Shidler, Slud. Sen., Slud. Labbv Treas., Oufslandino lnd.: Vicfor L. Marlin, Alfli Puff Wayne, Ind. I I I PM " w SENIORS MA - MU Vicki Mason, AX52, AHS, Duncan, Z'l'll: Chrisfina Mas+, Ki, AHS, Norman, TNT, KA Soc. Chm., SEA: Bob Mafhews, 'l'-VV, Bus., Sapulpa: Paula Jo Maughan, A8fS. Enid: Beverly Maulding, llB'i', Ed., Sapulpa, Dean's Honor Roll: Linda May, A8fS, Tulsa, Dorm Assl. Counselor, Deanls Honor Roll. Palsy McBrayer, Ed., Ennis, Tex., Dorm Counselor: Wil- liam McCain, AXS, Tulsa: Kaihy McCandless. iii, Ed., McLean, Va.: Amelda McCor'rney, AHS, Ada: Richard McCor+ney, Pharm., Ada, VX Pres., SPhA: Bruce A. Mc- Coy, Bus., Norman. David McCray, ASS, Newcasrlez Donna McCullough, llB'l', ASS, OC: Mike McCulloh, Bus., Ardmore, Dorm Counselor, Senior Counselor: Roberl' L. McDaniel, Bus., Norman: Linda McDonald, AVP, AES, OC: Jacqueline McDuffy, A-YW, Bus., OC, Afro-Amer, Slud, Union. Charles McFall, Pharm., Frederick, SPhA Pres.: John Ed- win McGoogan, ABS. Crosseff, Ark., Navy ROTC: Doro- 'lhy R. McGrew, AHS, Norman: Rufherford McGuire, Pharm., Talihina, Dean's Honor Roll, 'l'3X, Red Cross Pres.: Bob Mcllroy, A8rS, Tulsa, MUN, COR: David C. McKee, AXA, AHS, Duncan, Pe-el, ODK, UAB Vice-Pres., Pop Series Direclor, Pafrick McKinney, AHS, Norman, Swimming Team: Sandi McMahan, K-X, AES, OC: William McNamara, Bus., Tul- sa, Mkl. Club Vice-Pres.: Mark Meade, A1512 AXQS, Lake Blull, lllx Nancy Meaders, AX9, EA. Ada, EAI, Gary Meadors, Enqr., Bixby, AlChE. Nancy Mechem, ASS, Okeene: Joseph Mellon, AES, OC: Darleene Mesarick, A8iS, Norman: Nancy Carole Messer, AHS, OC, l'l'lT: Louis Messina, Bus., McAlesler: Mike Meinick, 'l'l4l, AES, Chicago. Jane Meyer, KA9, AES, Norman: Kay Meyer, K-A-, Ed., Norman, 'Mi-X. XQH, SEA: Gregory Meyers, Bus., Sl. Louis, Mo. Pres. Honor Roll, 3:42 Mkf. Club: Linda Mid- dlefon, Bus., Barllesville: Manderson Miles, 'l'K'l', Bus., OC: Charles Miller, AES, Barllesville, Pe-el. Terry L. Miller, AKE, FA, Sapulpa: Glenda Mifchell, Bus., OC: Denny Morf'le'H, BAE, Bus., Ardmore, 0-3-lf, IFC Pres., Const Conv.: Jackie Moncrief, A-Xl, AES. OC: James Monfgomery, KI, Bus., Waurika: Dan Moody, BUII, Engr,, Norman. Chuck Mooney, KI, AES, Midwesl Cily, Pres. Honor Roll, HSA Youno Dem., KE Rush Chm.: Paula Mooney, Ed., OC: James Michael Moore, Pharm., Ringling, Sen. Class Presx Herb Moring, FA, Chickasha, Orcheslra. Univ. Band Pres.: Bill Morris, XX, Bus., Seminole: Kennelh M. Morris, IX, AHS, Por? Worlh, Tex., Slud. Body Pres., Pe-er, MUN Pres., ODK, Who's Who, Ronald Morris, Acacia, Enor., Norman, AIAA, lnlramural Board, Pres. Honor Roll: Tom Morfon, -YN, AHS, Sulphur, Pres. Leadership Class, -:N Treas.: Pefer Mosca, UNA, Pharm., Easl Norlhporr, L.l., N.Y.: Linda Moss, KA, FA, Norman? James William Mullen, llfli, Bus., Tulsa: Carl Muller, HK-X Enor.. Colorado Springs, Colo., IIKA Pres. fl SENIORS MU - PO Roberf Muller, HKA, AES, Colorado Sprinqs, Colo.: Dee Dee Mundell, l'1l'I4, Ed., Vandenberq AFB, Calif., l"l'H Vice-Pres.. lili, Scandals, Enoine Show: Donna Murray, AES, Norman: Joseph E. Murray, KA, Bus., OC, Accf. Clulo: Vicki Muse, KA9, AES, Tulsa: Bob Musser, AT9, Bus., Tulsa, UAC, Molhers Day Treas., MUN ATU Treas. Kaihy Nail, Pharm., Vinira: Cindy Nelson, X52 Ed. Mc- Alesfer, Deans Horor Roll, SEA: Glenda Nemecek, Ed., VVayne: Joe Nevins, Wall, AHS, Enid: Bun C. Newby, Bus.. Tecumseh: David Newell, KI Bus., Miami. Sieve Newell, AXA. Error., OC' Royena Newfon, -XV, AXS, Praoue: Ron Nolin, Ed., Arvada, Colo.: John Norris, Enqr,. Nicoma Park: Gayle Norfhcuif, AES, Ponca Cily, Consi, Conv. Parl. MUN, COR, BSU: Ronald Norihcuff, A815 Sulphur. H. W, Noricn Jr., :'l'l': Engr. Ardmore, THU, IT, HT-it Kenneih Norfon, Enqr. Norman, HKN THU, llllft Judifh Novak, PA Marslnalllown, lowa, Orchesis, Womens Olee Club' Kei'l'h Oberkrom, KA, Bus., Liberry Mo., KA Pres: Johanna O'Connell, KKF, AES, Nicoma Parki James William O'Connor, Enor., New Hyde Park N,Y., 'lliill IT, TIA, Bob Oliphanf, AT ASS, Norman, MUN, Howdy Weelc Comm., AT Sec.: Raymond OlleH Jr., Engr. Bronx, N.Y., SCAIA Treas. Dorm Vice-Pres.: Linda Ann O'Neil, AHS, Alva: Sylvia Oscherwi+z, Ed. Durcan, SEA, Hillel Council. Sec. Service Award: Jon Osferhoudr, Bus., los Angeles: Nancy Oswald, Pharm., Henressev, KE, SPhA. Susan Owen, Nl' A81S, OC: Alvarene N. Owens, 359. AES, OC, Airo-Amer. Siud. Union: Ed Owens, IIKA, Enor. Tulsa' James L. Owens, AES, Moore Deans Honor Roll: Joe Ownbey, .EAI-I A815 OC: Lawrence Packard. 'l'K'l', AXE, Lake Jackson, Tex, Charles Palmer, Enqr., Pryor: Ralph Palmer, KE. Pharm., Parnpa, Tex., SPhA, Varsiry Track, 'PA-X: Polc Cha Pang, EA, Pusan, Korea, lnrernal. Slud. Club: Dave Pardue, AES. Eorl Meade, Md., AROTC: Charles R. Parker, Enqr., OC: Mary Parker, Ed., OC. KH' Parsons, AHS, Barrlesville, IIEA, Dean's Honor Roll: James Pale, Enqr,, OC. THU, :Ti Cindy Paflerson, lIBfl', AHS, OC, Engine Show, Dean's Honor Roll, Scandals: Tom Paynler, IN, Bus.. Tulsa: Michael Payre, Bus., OC. UAC, Couch Pres., Council Pres., Const. Conv.: Freder- ick Pearson, AHS, Deiroii, Mich. Mike Pearson, ATU, A8iS, Barllesville: Laura Peck, Ki. AES, Poreau: Billy Pepper, SAM, Bus., Weslbury, N.Y.: Andre Pequignof, l"l'l'3, AHS, Alrus APB: Sharon Pefers, Pharm., Challanoooa, KE, Miss Pharm., SPhA: Carol Pei'- erson, lll3'l', Ed., Wiohila Falls, Tex., Top Ten Besl Dressed, SEA. R. JoNell Pelerson, AES, OC, Don Pfrimmer, KE, Edu Euless, Tex.: Rex Phelps, KI, AES, Tulsa: Judy Poole, KAW, AES, OC, KAP' Pres., Pres, Leadership Class, Deans Honor Roll: Jerry Porier, Xl'-3, Bus., Lawlor- Suzy Porf- nofi, Al':'l', Ed., Kansas Cirv, Kar., l'l' Seq, AAA, Pan' hellenig Preq, SENIORS PO - SA Befh Posf, llHfl'. ASS, Anfwerp, Begium: Cheryl Poffer, A-lil, A8fS, Midwesi Cify: Penny Powell, Ed., OC, Dorm Pres., UAB. Dean's Honor Roll: Mike Powers, ASS, Alius, Consf. Conv., Scandals Traffic Comm.: Dan Poynor, ATS!! Bus., Enid, Men's Glee Clulo, Greek Review, Dean's Hon- or Rall: Sharon Presfridge, KKF. ASS, OC, Dean's Honor Roll Shadawbax. James M. Price, AES, Norman, Orchesfra, OU Band, Hon- ors Program, Classics Soc.: Mel Priddy, KE, Bus., Mc- Alesfer: Sandra Proskovec, A41 Ed., Enid: Mike Prykryl, KA, A81S, OC: Ellen Purves, KKV, AES, Wichifa, Kan.: George J. Radcliffe, Ed., Flushing, N.Y., Track Team. John Radcliffe, fi'K-E, Bus., Waynoka: Roberf Raines, A8iS, Edmond, Afbg, ISA, Howdy Week Comm., Dorm Coun- selor: Jeff Raley, Ed., Pawhuska, Deans Honor Rall: Dennis Ranzau, 'DAM Bus., Housfon: Sally Rapp, IlB'i', Bus., OC: Geoff S. Rafher, Bus., Tulsa, John Roberls Award, Pres. Council, Econ. Club. Ken Rafhie, Engr., Bassano, Alfa., Canada: David G. Raw- lings, AES, Norman, 'Ni-Y, Oufsianding NROTC, Tridenf Soc, Vice-Pres.: Harry Reaugh, HHH, Engr., Breckenridge, Tex.: Lynn Reed, Bus., Norman: Sfeve Regisfer, ATQ, A8fS, Monfgomery, Ala.: Braxfon Reid, ASS, Tulsa. Pres. Honor Roll, fl'-E. Beffy Reiff, AX9, EA, Wewoka, Pres. Honor Roll, HKA, Dorm Counselor: Roloerf Reilly, -EX, Bus., Okernah: Helen Reinheimer, PTB, Ed., OC: Quenfin Remy, HGH, Engr., Norman: Jo Render, ASS, Bethany: Mary Repperf, A'l', Ed., Liberiy, Mo. Dennis Resnick, ASS, Springfield, N.J., Intramurals: C. R, Reffig, Pharm., Niagara Falls, N.Y., SPhA, Sooner 'Xnecdofe Edifor: John Revelle, KE, Bus., Ardmore: J. J, Reynolds, AXS2, AES, Norman: Wayne Rhodes, AES, Tulsa, Daily Mgn. Edifor: Kafhy Rice, AI'-X, Topeka Kan, Nlancy Richard, KKF, AXS, OC: Elaine Rigiroui, AHS, lolief, Ill., FEE: George Rives, KE, Bus., Jacksonville, lex.: Merilia Rizza, A8fS, Lawfon: Ralph Robinson, Engr., IDC: William H. Robinson, Bus., Norman, Afi'9, iohn W. Robison, Brill, A8fS, Enid: Douglas A. Robifshek, Bus.. Barflesville: Jeffrey Rock, AHS, OC: Carol Rodgers, TB'l', ARS, Tulsa, Morrar Board, Panhellenic, Dean's Hon- DF Rall, iIB'i' Pres.: Larry Rogers, Enor., Camden, Ark.: .inda Rogers, AX9, AHS, Lindsay, Morfar Board, Miss OU. Top Ten Freshmen. .inda Rogers, ilH'i'. Ed.. Tulsa, SEA: Camilla Rone, ASS, enrieffa: Michael Ross, 'PHA Bus., Nashville, Tenn., Mkf. Elub, Ein. Club: Jamie Rofhberg, 'PH-5-, Bus., Nashville, ienn.: Alice Jane Rowan, -ll-X, Aflanfa, Ga.: William lowan, AES, EI Dorado, Ark., 'l'lll, lllll, Phys. Siu. SOC. lonnie Rowell, ATA, Ed., Tulsa: Leasfle Rucker, Alb, Ed., DC, SEA, Classic Club: Geri Rudnick, ilili, Ed.. Skokie, ll., Shadowbox, Hillel Vice-Pres., I-lil' Rush Chm,: Liz lusseli, AES, Miami, VAX, Sailing Club, Young Rep., ihadowbox: Roberf Ryan, AXA, Bus., Lombard. lll.: Rob- rf Sabafh, AES, Chicago. SENIORS SA - SL Linda Sacol, Ed., Tulsa, SEA: Meri Sacra, X9, Bus,, Pauls Valley. Angel Flighr: Morad Sakhaee, Engr., Tehran, Iran' Arfhur Sanders, Bus.. OC: Larry Sanders, Pharm., Erick: Nancy Sangune++, AES, Tulsa. John Schanfz, FA, OC, Men's Glee Club, OU Band, KKXP: Vincen? F. Schlunf, ASS, OC: Pai Schmelzia, Pharm. Concord, Calii., KE, SPhA, Red Cross Exec. Council: Rob- erf Marc Schneider, ASS, Norih Miami Beach, Fla., Dorm Vice-Pres.: Terry Schreiner, XX, AHS, Midland, Tex.: Tom Schrick, AXIS, Florissanl, Mo., A'l'9. G. Blaine Schwabe, RUN, Bus., Tulsa: Sylvia Schwach- hofer, FA, Muskogee: Linda Scoggins, AXS, Duranl, Deans Honor Roll: Mike ScoH, -EN, AHS, OC: Samuel ScoH', Enqr., Hydro, IEEE Vice Chm., HKN Pres., TRU, Deans l-lonor Roll: Roberi E. Selman, BAE, Fngr., Tulsa. John Selph, EN AES, Tulsa: Dan Selzer, 'l'K?l, Bus., Alex: Jerry Sepkcwiiz, 'PB-3, AHS, Amarillo, Tex.: Don Serkin, 'PBA Bus., Nashville, Tenn.: Dian Sevier, ASS, Lawlont Larry G. Sexion, Bus., Tulsa. Marian Sexfon, ARS, Tulsa: Randel Shadid, EX, Bus., Allus, Slud. Sen., Mkr. Club Pres., Campus Chesl Treas. -X-EU: Sally Sharpe, KKV, AHS, Checolah: Judy Shearin, X52. AZQS, Dallas: N. Douglas Sheafsley, AHS, Alexandria, Va., Torus Malh Club: Joiyce Sheedy, AHS, Morris, Bol- any Club Treas., Russian Club Treas., Dean's Honor Roll, Sian Shelfon, Enqr., Lawlon, 'Nl-E, KKXV, -YT: John Sher- man, IX, ARS, Tulsa: Linda Shilling, XSZ, AHS, Ardmore, Okla. Daily Fdilor, l'l-34' Sec., Slud. Press Assoc. Sec.. Universily Scholar: Cindy Sifford, l"T'B, AHS, Forl Sill: Linda Sigle, AVA, AES, Tulsa: Jill Simmons, Ki. A8fS. FPO Seallle, Wash. Pairicia Simmons, AES, Muskogee: Brad Sinex, XX, Enqr.. Midland, Tex., TEH, -YT. NET: Susan Sisney, AF, Ed.. Tulsa: Fredrick Skinner, AES, Barllesville: Charles Slafer, Enqr., Waukesha, Wis., Rui Nek Treas.: Diane Sleizer AHS, Casper, Wyo. ff'i SENIORS SL - TA Darryl Sloan, EA, OC: Ann Smifh, KAH, Ed., Lawion, IISZ, EAN, SEA: AnneH'e Smi-Th, l"l'l5, AHS, Norman: Craig S. Smiih, BAE, Engr., Memphis, Tenn.: Glen Smifh, ATU, Bus., Moore: Jerry Smifh, Bus., OC, Ein, Club. Jim Smifh, llKA, Enqr., Norman: Jim Smirh, Bus. Adm., Nlorman: John- E. Smiih, 'l'K'I', Bus., OC: Linda Smiih, AHS, Winnipeg, Canada: Mary Smifh, Ed., Aliusg Melanie Smiih, KKl', AHS, Frederick, Dean's Honor Roll, Pres. Honor Roll. Ray Smiih, AKA, AHS, Sapulpa: Riias Smilh, AHS, Sem- nole: Jerry Smofrycz, AHS, New Brifain, Conn., Dean's Elonor Roll: Jim Sneed, AXA, AHS, Norman: Sieve Snid- er, AXA, AHS, OC: Suzy Snodgrass, KA, Ed., OC, Z'l'll Treas., KA Pres., Rush Chm, David Sobel, 'l'T5A, Bus., Tulsa: Jean Sorrels, AHS, Cush- nq, l'-Eli, Glenn Couch Scholars: Ron Sorrier, AKE, Bus., IDC: James Spangler, AHS, OC: Allen Norman Spiers, Bus., Weslbroolc, Maine, SAM: Jay Spradling, ZX, AHS, DC. lohn Sprisser, Acacia, Bus,, Park Ridge, Ill., OAR, IEC Treas.: Roberi Spurloclc, AHS, Temple: Jane Slangelanrl, AX9, AHS, OC, Tassels, TTT: Randy Keiih S+. Clair, AHS, Derry: S+even S1-eele, A342 AHS, Brisfow: John Marshall S+egger, Bus., OC. Qusfi Sfeinhorn, EAT, Ed., Dallas, SEA, Navy ROTC Cadef Domdr.: Pafricia Ann Slephens, Ed., Duncan: William Sfephens, AHS, Duncan, UAB Pres., Pe-er Vice-Pres., Dads Day Chm.: Janer Sfephenson, AHS, Waynesvil'e, Mo: Sregg Sievensoin, EX, AHS, Tulsa: Rufh Sfeward, Ed.. Del Ciiy. Anfhony John S'rewar'I', AHS, Eorr Sill, VST Treas.: John 1. Sfewari, Enqr., Midvvesl Cily, TRU, HKN, IEEE: Bill Hone, A?-VP, FA, Barflesville, fl'MA: James S+o'H'ann, AHS, Dhicleasha: Tom Sfrandberg, 'l'K'l', Enqr., Loclcpori, Ill.: Barbara Sfubblefield, Ed., Ada. Tom E. Sfubblefield, Pharm., Ada, 'l'AX, KPKT, SPhAI viichael J. Siuclrerf, AHS, Norman: Gary Sfudniclca, Bus., Downers Grove, III.: John Sullivan, Engr., Bolcchi+o: Milze Sullivan, ATA, AHS, Duncan: Rolaerf Sullivan, AHS, OC. 'enny Sumner, TTB'i', Ed., Shawnee: Pamela SuHon, AHS, Silver Spring, Md., AAA, NME, Siud. Acfion Task Group Dhm.: L, Gay Swarh, Ed., Arlesia, N.M.: Don Swiff, EN, Sus., OC: Larry Swingle, Pharm., Webb Cily, Mo., SPhA, Dean's Honor Roll, Honor Res.: Janice Tadloclc, EA, Jorman. lames Talley, Pharm., Miami, 'l'-AX, SPhA, Dorm Coun- elor: Mark Tanfon, AHS, OC, APO: Larry Tawwaier, XXA, AHS, Midwesl Ciiy: Kay Taylor, APA, AHS, Eorl Norlh, Tex.: Lydia Taylor, AXQ, Ed., Tonkawa: Sheri Tay- or, AVA, Ed., Wesr Harfiord, Conn, SENIORS TH - WE Jerrell Thaclcer, AHS, Chiclcasha: Alvin Thomas, AES. Ponca Ciry: Gayle Thomas, AES, Edmond: Nancy Thomas, AAA, A8cS, Tulsa, AAA Vice-Pres.: Eileen Thurman, AF, ASS, New Orleans, La.: Rick Tims, 'PK-Ai, AXKS, OC. Linda Tisdal, KU, Ed., Clinlon: Edwin Y. Tomila, Enqr., Wahiawa, Hawaii: Dusiy Torberi, ATA, AES, Lawfon: George Trililcis, AT, FA, Peoria, Ill.: Linnea Troup, Ed., Walsh, Colo.: Paul Tuclzer, AHS, Tulsa, Carolyn Turner, KA, ABS, Ponca Cily: Suzanne Turner, ASS, OC: Theopal Tyner, All-il Ed., Duncan, EAU, Pan- hellenic, Afro-Amer. Slud. Union: Sieve Udoui, Enqr., Forf Smiih, Ark.: Sally Ulmer, X9, A81S, Miami, SEA, Dean's Honor Roll: Mike Underwood, KE, Bus., Lawfon. l Jane Upp, AAA, Ed., Enid: Jorge J. Valladares, Bus., Woodside, N.Y,, Span. Club Vice-Pres.: Roheri' VanArs- dale, E'l'E, Bus., Norman, AIU, Accl. Club: Larry Vann, Enqr., Memphis, Tenn.: Richard Vannesf, AES, OC: Larry Varner, Enqr., Norman, AIAA Chm., Enqr. Club Second Vice-Pres., Sl. Pais Council. Paul Varvel, XX, Bus.. Shawnee, Mki. Club: George Vick, AAi'l', Bus., Rochesler, N.Y.: Karen Vielh, l"l'l5, Ed., King- lisher: Sammie Vinson, Al', AHS, OC, Morlar Board, UAB, Al' Pres.: Z. B. Voiles, AAA, FA, Hooker: Louis L. Von Tungele, 'l'K'l', Bus., Snyder. Cody B. Waddell, AXA, AXS, Eni.l: William Waering Bus., Por? ol Spain, Trinidad: Dennis Wagner, Pharm., Belhany, SPhA, Dean's Honor Roll: Pamela Walcen, AAU EA, Enid: Sieve Waldrip, AW-Z, AES, OC: Jeffrey Wales, AES, Cincinalli, Ohio, NNI, Infernal. Club, Pop Arlisl Series, Don Walker, AHS, OC: Linda Wallrer, A'l', AES, Barlles- ville: Ronald Wallcer, Bus., Cleveland: Jo Ann Wallxo AVA, AES, No'rnan: Larry F. Wall, A8cS, Norman: Johr Wallace, XX, Bus., Shawnee. Kimberly Wallach, AES, San Francisco, Pres. Honor Roll Shadowbox, Homecominq Oueen: Viclri Anne Wallach ASS, Oueens, N.Y.: Jo:eph Walls, FA, McAles'rer, Pres Honor Roll, S.W. Reperfory Co.: James Wanfland, AHS Housion, TIME: Phil Ward, Bus., OC: Tom H. Warql Will, Bus., OC. Genese Warr, Ed., Cleveland, Honors Dorm Prez., Ju dicial Board, -YAH: S+ephanie Warren, AX9, AHS, Norm an, Deans Honor Roll: MilleHe Wafers, A-59, Bus. Houslon, Afro-Amer. Srud, Union, Accr, Club, Fin. Club Bill Way, AXQS, Miami, AT: Jane Way, AES, Norman Dean's Honor Roll, Younq Rep. Sec., Admin. Inlern David Weaiherspoon, A'l'A, EA, Holdenville. Larry Wells, Bus., Lawfon, Srud. MH. Assoc., XA: Joria Wells, AHS, Norman: William Weller, Pharm., Chiclcasha SPhA: Mel Weiss, EAN, A8iS, Sl. Louis, Mo.: Van Wein Berg, KDKA, Bus., Memphis, Tenn.: Duff Weddle, EAI! Bus., Lawlon. SENIORS WE - ZO Lynn Wells, -SV, AES Burnet, Texg Lori Weslbroolc, XSZ, Ed., OC, Anriol Elifvlwf. SEA, llflll, X!! Treas.: Rebecca Wefsel, Ki, Ed.. Snnnirele Snadowbox, SEA. KA Edifor, Gary Don Whifcomb, IKE, Bus., Woodwfard, Pop Series, AE, DMC, lixli lrlrarnural Crum., Michel Whiffenberg, Fug., Caiiule, Army ROTC, Dennis Wiechman, KA, Law- lor., Soiiulwiicl X lilzilrv, Perslninri Riilfxs. Ron N. Wiley, EA, OC, Al'il', Beclcy Williams, AVA, AES, OC, Cindy Williams, lllifl' Ed., OC, Clieerleader, Deans l'lo1or Roll, Judy Williams, Xu, ASS, Lawion, Judy Wil- liamson, Nfl, Ed., Srfiwneet Marie Willis, AHS, OC, ln- lefral. Club, Arilh Club. Bill Wilson, IIKA, Bus., OC, Dennis Wilson, ,DK-l', Bus., Miami, Mary Wilson, Ed., Norman, Rick Wilson, AES, Lawlong Ellioill' V'fil'rse, -XT, AES, Norman, Jay Winfrey, ASS, OC. Bill Winsfon, APLS, Brov.1iie'd, Tex., Bruce Winsfon, Bus., OC: Kenny Womack, -EN, AZQS, OCZ Everell A. Wood, Bus., Endicoll. N.Y., Lloyd Woodall, l'l'l'i, Bus., Norman, SAM: Gwendolyn Woods, -3:49, Bus., l-louslon, Airo- Arner. Slud. Union, Panliellenic. Roberi Woods, 'l'Kll, Bus., Cilrus Heiqlwls, Calil., James Wooley, KA, AZLS Birrninqliarn, Micli., Russell Worley. SAE, Enigr., Diillas, Rila Worfhingfon, AES, Lawlont Linda Wriglwl, AES Seminole' Marian Wrigl1f, AXU, AES, Cliwlfw' Nlyi, Max Wrighl-, AXQS Norman. ACS, William Wrighl, Xl'-5, us., Tulsa, Myra Wunfch, AHS, Houslon, AK-LX, Siud. ciion, Soc. Clubg Wally Wycliopen, Enqr., Norlln Baliel- iord, Saskalclwewiin, Canada: Pliail Wynn Jr., NDA, Pres. ,eadersliip Class, Advanced ROTC, Afro-Amer, Slud. Jnion. De-in's l-lofzor Roll: Murray Wynne, 'l'K'l', Pliarm., iXALJSlKOflCC, Gary Young, ASS, Olcarclme, LeRoy Eugene Young, Plwarrn., -oyal, 'l'-AX, SPliA, Amer. Red Cross, Jim Younger, KA, LXES, Eoresl Hill, Md., Karen Youree, Ed., Wagoner, SEA, SAA, Sfuarf Zalowifz, 3331, AHS, Memphis, Tenn., A'i'9, vlafli Club, Dwarfs Honor Roll, EAM Sec., Barbara Zox, ll':'l'. Ed., Colurnbus, Oliio, UNDERCLASSMEN AA - AI Tony Aaronson, 'PB-X, UC, '7l, Tulsa: Valerie Abbol, AP, AHS, '7 Dallas: Ron Abercrombie, 'l'Af'l, AHS, '7l, Enid: Roberl' Abernalh UC, '72, Hugo: Bill Abney, 'l'l'A, UC, '7l, Edmond: Jim Abram 'l'l5A. UC, '72, Sl. Louis, Mo.: Mike Acker, ATA, UC, '72, Phiilip Tex, Ann Ackerman, UC, '72, OC: Bradford Ackerman, UC, '72, W naque, N.J.: Vicki Adair, AHS, '70, Lawlon: Bob Adams, 'l'K'I', Bu' '7I, Ardmore: Carl Adams, AT, U.C., '72, Muskogee: Dale Adan' Acacia, UC, '7I, Norman: Elaine Adams, A'l', Ed., '7l, Mulual, Gary Adams, Ki, UC, '72, Gwhrie: Michael Adams, UC, '7 Wagoner: Malcolm E. Adderley Jr., Bus., '70, Nassau, Bahama lf M. Annelle Adkins, AV, AHS, '7l, OC: Slephen C. Adkins, AH, '70, OC: Nancy Adkiscin, UC, '72, Tulsa: Susie Adler, AWP, U1 '72, Sl, Louis, Mo. Tommy Aker, UC, '72, OC: Pally Akins, AHS, '70, Tu'sa: Car Akrighl, KA9, AHS, '70, Barllesville: Kalhy Alberl, KA, UC, '7 Mc:Alesler: Mary Frances Alberl, KKV, UC, '70, McAlesler: Rona Albro, HKA, UC, '72, Sherrill, N.Y.: John H. Aldridge, Acaci Engr., '70, Indianapolis, lnd. Michael Aldridge, UC, '72, Norlh Lillle Rock, Arla: Arlie Alexanid A'l'A, AHS, '70, Duranl: Ellen Alexander, UC, '7I, Tulsa: John exander, UC, '72, lvlcAlesler: Wade Alexander, ZX, Bus., ' Lindsay: Dean Alford, KE, UC, '72, Tulsa: Joe Ed Alford, AHS, 'I Wewoka. Tom Alford, 'l'l'A, UC, '72, Muskogee: Chris Allen, AFA, Ed., '7 lvlidwesl Cily: Judy Allen, AHS, '70, Wilburlon: Kafhy Allen, K AHS, '7I, OC: Ka+hy Allen, AAA, AHS, '7I, Ardmore: Mel Alle Tlx, UC, '72, Norman: Roberl' Allen, ATU, Engir., '70, OC. Judy Allenswor+h, AHS, '70, Seminole: Rodney Alles, UC, '72, Nor: an: Donald Allred, UC, '72, OC: Richard Allred, -YN, AHS, '7 Tulsa: Jane Alspaugh, X52, '7I, Clinlon: Bruce Allermarl, 'l'l5A, U 72, Allanla, Ga.: Kelly Amen, 'l'K?l, AHS, '7l, Wealherlord. Jill Amspacher, KA, Ed., '7I, Norman: Bobby Anderson, UC, 'i Midwesl Cily: David Anderson, ll'Al'l, AHS, '7I, OC: Gloria And son, KAU, AHS, '7l, OC: Judi Anderson, XQ, AHS, '7l, Midla Tex.: Karen Anderson, UC, '72, OC: Kim Anderson, AXA, UC, 'i El Reno. Lara Anderson, A'l7, AHS, '7I, Norman: Ron Anderson, 'PAQ B '7I, OC: Sandie Anderson, Bus., '70, Jenks: Sherry Anderson, AHS, '7I, Aubuquerque, N.M,: Susan Anderson, AHS, '70, W komis: Karen Andrako, AHS, '7l, Tulsa: Cafhy Andrews, UC, ' Belhany. Joe Angus, 'l'K'l', AHS, '70, Lawlon: Dawn Anna, UC, '72, Del Cil Bonnie Ansponi, AVA, AHS, '7I, Richardson, Tex.: Roberi' Anlon, U '7I, OC: Gail Appleby, l"l'l3, AHS, '7I, OC: Kafhleen Appleb UC, '72, Alius: Bari' Applelon, AHS, '7I, Kinglisher. Sheryl Ard, 17443, AHS, '7l, OC: Bobbie Arenh, KKF, AHS, 'I OC: Gailynn Armslrong, AX9, UC, '72, Hannibal, Mo.: Mike Ar slrong, ATA, AHS, '70, Midwesl Cily: Tish Armslrong, UC, '72, A Don Arnold, UC, '72, Midwesl Cily: Waller Arnold, A342 Enqr., TI Norman. Mack Arwood, UC, '72, OC: Palrick Ashby, Engr., '70, OC: Ashcraff, A-KE, UC, '72, OC: Warren E. Askew, RENT, Engr., ' Ardmore: Sleven Askins, UC, '72, Edwardville, Ill.: Tom Aslh AHS, '7I, La Grange, III.: Jim Alkinson, ATA, AHS, '70, Colora Sprinqs, Colo. Richard Alias, 'l'l3A, UC, '72, Chicago: Serge Auberf, A242 B '7I, OC: Pele Auer, Acacia, Engr., '7I, Tulsa: Jack Richard Aug lensen, AHS, '70, Poinl Pleasanl, N.J.: Carol Aus+, AAA, AHS, ' Lawlonz Lynne Auslein, AWP, Ed., '71, Dallas: Mary Auslill, UC, ' Norwalk, Conn. ll - ,BfX AXSZ, UC, 72' Lynne Axelrod, Norllwille, III.: :+w,uC,7z cha racl'1, -NVE. Dallas: Merry C, '72, Sulphur, KAO, '70, UC, '72, OC: Bahn KAO aremoreq Gary 70, Kingfisher. 2, Fairfax, Va.: -bm., UQ, '72, UC, '72, Los I. UC, '72, Wells- urcellg Frances S, '7l, Topeka, r+ Wesley Bar- Barbour, KKF. 815, '7I, Tulsa? rham, UC, '72, ng Wes Barker, :lm W Barlcsdale NWI' A815 7l Olcmulgee J Tulsa: Cynfhia arne X 3 7 uslo ee u y rnes l"l'l5 Ed '70 uoo Lynn Barnes El nm 1 Pa Barnes 4 oseph Ba rlow. -n1,'A8.S', 'vo' AN, UC, '72, ex.: Kay Barr, UC 72 OC Kennefh Barr A19 Bus 7I San Juan, PR.: Ba rreff, ATA, 'N'-3, UC, '72, ke Barfel, EN, , OC: Harlan 2, Pauls Valley, S, UC, '72, EI Bassman, ABT, '71, Blaclcwellg ATU, Bus., '7l UNDERCLASSMEN BA - Bl Roberi' Bauerle, Afl'l', UC, '72, Wilmelle. Ill.: Susan Baum, KK AHS. '70, Tulsa: Joe Baumgardner, Acacia, Enor., '70, Tulsa: PI' Baxler, 'l'KXl'. Bus., '70, Tulsa: Roberl' Baxler, Enqr., '7l, Sapulpi Sharon Bax+er, AFA, Ed., '7l, OC: Tom Bayless, UC, '72, Tulsa. George Baylor, fl'lN', Enqr., '7l, Bonsenvillo, Ill.: Rex W. Beac A2i'l', Bus., '7l, Barllesville: Doug Beagle, 'l'KI, UC, '72, OC Berniia Beaird, Alf UC, '72, Norman: Eslher Beard, UC, '72, Mi. wesl Cily: JoEllen Beard lfKl', ARS, '70, Muskogee: Susan Beasle Xl-Z, UC, '72, OC. John BeaH'ie, 'l'lfl, Engr., '70, Midwosl Cily: Linda Beaucham AHS, '7l, Miami: Linda Bechlold, lll5'l', Edu '70, Wichita, Kar Penny Beck, A'l', UC. '72, Dallas: Barry Jay Becker, fl'l5.3, UC, '7 Sl. Louis, Mo.: Mary Eve Beckeli, AAA, ABS, '70, Norman: Je Beeler, IAN, UC, '72, OC. Alan Begner, 'l'l'5-3, Bus., '7l, Ailanla. Ga.: Gary Belie, 'l'K-E. Eng '70, Lawlon: Lee Bell, UC, '72, OC: Presion Bell, IN, UC, '72, OC Sfewari Bell, IIKA, UC. '7l, Princelon, N.J,: Gloria Belz, -:l'l', Ui '72, Memphis, Tenn.: Jan Benear, Alf UC, '72, Tulsa, Suzan Benear, -3-l', ABS. '7l, Tulsa: Alan Benneff, A'l'5l, EA, '7 Duncan: BeHy BenneH', UC, '72, New Orleans, La.: Beverly Bznnel Nil, FA, '7l, OC: David Benneff, 'l'l4A, UC, '7l, Memphis, Tenr Palsy Benne'H', AES, '70, Denver, Colo.: Bob Benfley, Bus., '7 Vlfealheriord. Karla Benfley, AXQ. UC, '72, Duncan: Sieve Benfley, IX, ASS, '7 Lawlon: Sally Berger, lil, UC, '72, OC: Terry Berkenbile, AT! UC, '72, OC' Nancy Berler, UC, '72, San Anlonio: Jill Berman, UC '7l, Eair Lawn, N.J.: Reber? Berman, 'l'l5A. Pharm. '70, OC. Richard Bernard, AHS, '70, Edmond: Tommy Bernard, 'l'l5-3 UC, '7 Nashville, Tenn.: Marlin Bernerl, IAM, UC, '72, OC: Michel Ber hardf, lll'l'l', EA, '7l, Midwesf Ciiy: Joanie Bernsfein, Al5'l', UC, '7 Dallas: Shellye Bernslrein, ZIAT, UC, '72, Forl Worlh, Tex.: Ani Berry, UC, '7l, OC. Bill Berry, UC, '72, OC: Bob Berry, UC, '72, Houston: Guy Ber Will, AES. '7l, Sapulpa: Michael Berry, UC, '72, OC: R. B. Beril l5l'lll, Bus., '70, Sapulpa: Jana Berryhill, l"l'li, Ed., '70, Barllesvill Mary Ber+alan, -333, UC. '72, Norman. Nancy Besly, ABS, '70, Amarillo, Tex.: Warren Dale Besly, Ed., '7' Amarillo, Tex.: Juclilh Ann Bever, lflflf Ecl,, '7l, Norman: G-eor Bibbo, UC. '7l, Bradiord, NH.: Warren Bickford, Will. Busu Blackwell: Jan Bielefeld, lllPi'l', UC, '72, Ferl Sill: Barry Biggs, BH! UC, '72, Ardmore, Leslie Bigham, L5-l', AES, '70, Norman: Maureen Billings, KAW, AX:- '7l, Woodward: Brooks Bingman, BAE, Bus., '7l, Sapulpa: Lau Binkley, KA, UC, '72, Seminole: Charles Binney. EN, UC, '72, Tuls Mike Birchall, Acacia, ABS, '70, OC: Jeri Birdsbill, AAII, Bus., 'T Albuquerque, N.M. Toim Birke'r+, UC, '72, OC: Carolyn Bise, A818 '70, Tulsa: Br? Bishop, ATU, Bus., '72, Por? Aranzas, Tex.: Jackie Bishop, UC, ' OC: Larry Bishop, AT, Enqr., '7l, Drumriohl: Ronnie Bishop, 'PA UC, '72, Norman: Joan Bissonne++e, NU, UC, '72, OC. Larry BiHing, UC, '70, Tulsa: Larry BiH-man, :All Bus., '70, Per Karin BiHo, UC, '72, Tulsa: AI Black, 'l'li1, UC, '7l, Houslon: Ma Ann Black, Xll. UC, '72, l-larlinqen, Tex.: Teresa M. Black, ASS, ' OC: Jerry Blackburn, K-fi, ABS, '70, OC. Beverly Blair, KA, UC, '72, Tulsa: Elizahefh Blair, A-l', AHS, ' Norman: Rhonda Blair, ABS, '7l, Tulsa: Susan Blair, UC, ' Norman: Larry Blake, UC, '72, OC: Edwinna Blakely, Ed., ' Kingslon: Carol Blakey, lll3'l', AHS. '70, Norman. JNDERCLASSMEN BL - BR arry Blakley, 'l'A4'l, A8fS, '7I, OC, Dan A. Blaschke, EN, A8fS, '70 DC, Mike Biaschke, EN, UC, '7I, OC, Nika Bledsoe, UC, '72, Davis: ad Blood, BSU, Bus., '7!, Norman, Sandi Bloom, EAT, Ed.' '7l an Diego, Calif., Roger Bloyd, 'l'l'A, UC, '72, Alva. ohn Blue, AES, '72, Busselion, Wesiern Ausiraliai Alan Blum, -EAM, lC, '72, Leviiiown, N.Y., PaHi Blumberg, Al'i'l', UC, '72, Shreve- ori, La., David Blumenberg, EAN, UC, '72, Des Moines, Iowa, 'onna Blumen+haI, EAT, A8fS, '72, Lincolnwood, Ill., Mary Jane oeve, AVA, Ed., '70, OC, Janis Bogan, AES, '7I, Housion. lancy Bogard, EAT. UC, '72, S+. Louis, Mo., David Bohls, UNA, lC, '7l, San Anionio, Darrell Bohrer, UKA, Pharm., '70, Duncan, an Boke, KKV, UC, '72, Norman, Judifh Kay Bolene, AAU, UC, '2, Ponca Ciiy, Harvey Bollinger, Engr., '70, Anilers, Alan Boll, X, UC, '7I, Barflesville, arbara Bomford, lllifly AHS, '71, Miami, Bill Bonnell, 'l'AX, UC, '72, uncan, Gary Bonner, AXA, AHS, '70, Norman, John S. Bonner, .XfS, '70, Tulsa, Barbara Bonirager, UC, '72, Perry, Mike Bonfrager, X, Ed., '70, Perry, Larry Bookman, EAM, UC, '72, Tulsa, ori Boormani, FA, '7I, Ardmore, CharloHe Borchers, AXS, '70, lordell, Mimi Borelli, AFA, Ed.. '7I, Denver, Colo., Linda Born- oeff, KKF, UC, '72, Wilmeiie, Ill.: Robin Bornsiein, UC, '72, kokie, lll., Harvey Boifoms, UC, '72, Ada, Dana S. Bousum, AKE, ngr., '70, Tulsa. 9 Karen Boufeller, KKV, AES, '70, Tulsa, Larry Bowers, ATSZ, us., '70, Norman, Vicki Bowers, AHS, '70, OC, William Bowlen. AE, UC, '7I, Edmonion, Alia., Canada, Susan Bowles, KAW, UC, '2, Shawnee, Brenida Bowman, AFA, UC, '72, Claremore, Dave owman, 'l'Af'l, Bus., '70, Housion. lancy Bowman, AAA, UC, '72, l-lousron, Terry Bowman, Al'-S, AX1S, 'O, Duncan, Wendell Boyce, AT, UC, '72, Barflesville, Curfis E. oyd, UC, '72, Tipion, Glen R. Boyd, Enqr., '70, OC, Dwaine Boyd- 'un, UC, '72, Snyder, Tex., John E, Boyle, KA, Ed., '7I, ViI'anova, Pa. ed Boyls, Acacia, UC, '72, Tulsa, Becky Bradeni, '7I, UC, Ponca ily, Aniia Bradford, AVA, Ed., '7I, OC, Sieve Bradley, EN, ASS, 'l, Tulsa, Caroilyn Sue Brady, AAU, AHS, '70, Tulsa, Karen Bragg, U, Bus., '7l, Sapulpa, Johnny Branen, TAG, Bus., '70, Enid. vary Branich, 13'l'l'l, UC, '7I, Perlh Ambor, N.J., Michael Braniley, T, AES, '7I, Lawion, Jim BraHon, 'DAQ A8iS, '7l, Norman: Susan raverman, EAT, AXS, '7l, Glencoe, Ill., Kirk Brawley, 'PAO, Bus., ll, OC, Fred Brehme, 'PK-Y, UC, '72, OC, Kafhleen Brennan, UC, 2. OC. inne Brewer, Al', FA, '7l, Tulsa, Linda Brewer, Al', Ed., '7i, Ok- iulgee, Lynn Brewer, AF, A8fS, Norman, Richard A. Brewer, Ex, lis., '7I, OC, Rick Brewer, EX, AES, '7I, OC, Sharon Briery, AAA, l8fS, '70, Seminole, Jacqui Briggs, PWR, A8fS, '70, OC. i lisan Brimer, UC, '72, OC, Jim Brinkley, ATA, Bus., '7l, El Ronin leve Brinley, -EN, AXKS, '7l, Pauls Valley, Keifh Brisfow, KX, ASS. O, Big Sprinqs, Tex., Nanci Brocafo, UC, '72, Chicago, Claire 'ockman, UC, '72, Hoi Springs, Ark., William S. Brodie, AXfS, '7l, ansas Ciry, Kan. arry Brody, EAM. Bus., '7l, Highland Park, Ill., John B. okaw' HHII, 815, '7I, OC, Charloife Brooks, UC, '72, Midwosf C'Ty, Claudia -ooks, AAA. UC. '72, Ardmore, Deborah Brooks, UC. '72, Blanch- -dp Murray Broil, -EAM, Engr., '7I, Glencoe, lil., Geraldine Brower, C, '72, OC. usfin Brown, A8fS, '7I, New Rochelle, N.Y., Beverly Brown, A'l', C, '72, Barilesville, Carol Brown, X9, UC, '72, Miami, Chris Brown, 911 UC, '7I, Ardmore: Courfney Brown, UC, '70, Norman, Craig 'own, FA, '7I, Ponca Cily, David Brown, Enqr., '7I, Blackwell. UNDERCLASSMEN BR - CF Deborah Browni, Bus., '7I, Denver, Colo.: Diana Brown, X9, A815 '69, Tulsa: Gaile Brown, KA, AHS, '7I, Midwesl Cily: Gary Brow! UC, '72, Healdlong Ilise Brown, A'l'l'i, UC, '72, Highland Park, Ill Jack Brown, K-Y, AES, '70, Del Cify: Jim Brown, AT, UC, '72, OC Mary Brown, AHS, '70, Wichifa, Kan.: Randy Brown, BQII, UC. '71 l-lobari: Srephen Brown, 'l'l3A, AXfS, '70, Aflanla, Ga.: Sfeve Browr UC, '72, Norman: T. Logan Brown, BDU, AX1S, '70, Miami: Wesle Brown, EX, AHS, '70, McA'r:s+er: Bill Brubaker, A-Y'f', UC, '71 Lawlon. i Nancy Bruce, Al'-X, UC, '72, Midwesl Cily: Rick Brucker, BX, Bus '7I, Valley Cenlcr, Kan: Roy Don Bruner, UC, '7I, Marlow: Su Brunk, KAW, UC, '72, Duncan: Jane Brunsfeier, AAA, UC, '72, Alva Richard Bryan, Enqr., '7l, Claremore: Buck Buchanan, B91-I, UC, '71 Enid. Jane Buckley, X9, El.. '7I, Muskogee: Donald S. Budowsky, A815 '70, Duncan: Elizaberh Buford, Ed., '7l, Guymon: Chuck Bulanc WHT. UC, '72, Sapulpa: Doug Buller, lx, Bus., '70, Enid: Jan Bumpers, KKF, AES, '7I, Ada: Dorofhy Bundrani, AES, '70, Roger Ark. Don Burand, AKIC, UC, '72, Lawlcng James Burchfiel, UC, '70, Va Buren, Ark.: Gary Lee Burchfield, UC, '72, Tulsa: Calherine Burdel Ed., '70, Tulsa: Ronald A. Burden, EX, ARS, '70, Tulsa: BeH'y Bu ford, Bus., '70, Lindsay: J. D. Burford, 'PK-Y, A81S, '70, Miami. Susan Burford, AXKS, '7l, Lindsay: Debbie Burg, AWP, UC, '72, S Louis, Mo.: Sian Burger, UC, '72, Tulsa: Nancy BurgeH, A8qS, '75 Tulsa: Donald Burk, UNC, UC, '72, Wilmerfe, Ill.: Linda Burk, All AXQS, '71, Alexandria, Va.: Larry S, Burke, EN, ABS, '70, OC. Bana BurkeH', ilB'l', AES, '70, Woodward: Jerry BurkiH', EX, UO '72, Laverne: Chris Burleson, ATA, Bus., '7l, Alexandria, Va.: Cha lene Burlie, IIWP, AHS, '7I, Shawnee: Diana Burlie, UC, '72, Shav nee: Cindy Burner, KA, Pharm., '7l, Norman: David BurneH, B191 Bus., '7I, Ponca Ciiy. Suzanne BurneH, ABS, '71, OC: Annie Burns, AXQ, A8cS, '7 Snyder: Jacquelyn Burns, UC, '72, OC: Richard Burns, AKE, Engr '70, OC: Becky Burris, KKV, UC, '72, Barllesville: John Burris, Enqil '70, Waukegan, Ill.: Michael Burris, Bus., '7l, Enid. Sherrie Burnsfein, Aliflf, UC, '72, Meridian, Miss.: Don Burfon, if Enqr., '7I, Euless, Tex.: Roberf Bur+on, UC, '72, Norman: Bra Busch, 'l'Af'7, UC, '72, Norman: Aaron Bush, Acacia, UC, '72, Enizl Bob Bush, UC. '72, Seiling: Maria del Busfillo, KA, UC, '72, Normal Barbara Bu+cher, AV, A8fS, '7I, OC: Anna Bufler, llB'i', FA, '74 Tulsa: Barbara Bufler, AFA, AHS, '70, OC: Beckey Buller, KKII AES, '7I, Tulsa: Connie Builer, X9, AES, '70, Hooker: Jack E. Bufle 'l'Al'5, UC, '7I, Duncan: Janis Builer, AXSZ, UC, '72, Norman. Johnny Bu+ler, UC, '72, Lawlon: Rhonda Bufler, AAU, Nursing, '7 Barrlesville: David Buxfoni, BAE, '72, UC, Ada: Jerry Buxfon, AK1 '70, Enqr., Muslanq: Ron Buxron, UC, '72, Miami: Sam Buzbei Engr., '70, Clarksville, Tex.: Ross Byingfon, KA, Enqr., '7I, Eufaula. Carl Gene Bynum, AES, '7I, Del Ciry: Jane Byrd, AFA, AES, '7 Coalqareg Tom Byrd, AE'l', UC, '72, Wilmelle, Ill.: Kaye Byrni AAA, '7I, A81S, Wichila, Kan.: Jane Byron, AF, ARS, '7I, Barlle ville: Marlene Cafone, UC '72, OC: Mike Cagle, 'PAH UC, '7 Muskogee. S+eve Cagle, ATA, ABS, '7I, Lawron: Carol Cain, X9, AES, '7 OC: Mike Cain, AT, UC, '72, Ardmore: Dan Caldwell, QKXP, Bus: '7!, Ardmore: David Caldwell, AT, Enqr., '70, Tulsa: Elaine Caldwe UC, '72, Moore: G. B. Caldwell, HOU, AES, '70, Midwesi Ciiy, JNDERCLASSMEN CA - CH Berald Caldwell, Bus., '7l, OC, Marian Caldwell, KKF, UC, '72, 'ulsa, Nancy Caldwell, KKV, AES, '70, Tulsa, Beckie Calhoun, UC. 72, Tishominqo, Laura Calverf, Ed., '7l, Purcell, Sherry Calverf, XKS, '7l, Norman, Jim Cambridge, 'l'Al'7, Bus., '7l, Cedar Rapidy owa. iarbara Campbell, KA, UC, '72, Tulsa, Karen Campbell, KA, AHS, 7l, Dallas, Nancy Campbell, KAK-J, FA, '7l, Midland, Tex., Roberf '. Campbell, flrl'A, Bus., Muskogee, Scoli' A. Campbell, UC, '7l, DC, Pe+e Canirell, -BAE, UC, '72, Durani, Gary Capshaw, AXA, JC, '72, Lawlon, rene Carey, AVA, AES, '7l, OC, Lana Carey, Bus., '7l, Ve'ma, ohn Cargill, ATA, Ed., '70, Lawlon, Paul Carlile, lil-ill, UC, '72, ialisaw, Lloyd Carlson, KS, UC, '72, OC, James Carminaii, Engr., 70, l-lobbs, N.M., Elleene Carnor, UC, '72, San Dieqo, Calir. 'al Carr, AES, '70, Tulsa, Randolph Carr, EA, '7l, Aloka, Wiley R. Iarr, AXA, Enqr., '70, Housfon, Pai- Carroll, 'PKZL UC, '70, Dallas, Iarolyn Carrulh, Bus., '70, Tulsa, Conrad Carson, KE, AHS, '70, 4iami, Royal Carson, 'PKXIC Bus., '7l, OC, have Carson, Enqr., '7l, Tulsa, Barry Carfer, A'l'52, AES, '70, OC, im Car+er, K-Y, Bus., '70, Tulsa, Mary Jean Carrer, AXSZ, AHS, '70, onca Cily, Nancy Caruso, ATA, AHS, '70, Mouniain View, Sfeve Iaruihers, UC, '72, Velma, Mar+i+ia Casey, EA, '7l, Texarkana, Tex. andall Casey, AT, UC, '72, Midwesl Cily, John H. Cash, AES, '0, Norman, Ken Cashion, -UAE, Bus., '70, OC, Larry Cassella, AT, d., '70, Easf Rulheriord, N.J., PaHi Cassody, UC, '72, Covinqfon, reve Cas+eel, 'T'-50, UC, '7l, Gar'and, Tex., Toby Casfieel, ATA, nqr., '70, OC. ay Cas+in KA, Pharm., '70, Okmulgeo, Kafhy Casile, AP, A815 '0, OC, Don Cafhey, fblffl, UC, '72, OC, Laura Caudifl, XU, AHS, 'I, Norman, Kay Cavenier, UC, '72, Yukon, Jafus Cavil Jr., AWA, .XcS, '70, Waco, Tex., Doyle Cavins, UC, '72, Ardmore. e+e Cawfhon, 'l'Af'T, AHS, '7l, Houslon, Roberf Caywood, HKA, us., '70, OC, Dom Cecere, KE, UC, '7l, OC, Paul Cerba, Engr., 'l, Cleveland, Ohio, Mike Cerullo, UC, '72, Vifeslbury, N.Y., usfin Cervi, UKA, Pharm., '70, Egg Harbor, N.J., David Chaffin, 815, '7l, OC. icforia Chaffin, 1"f'B, AES, '70, Morrislown, N.J., John Chain. A9, UC, '72, OC, Sheila Chambliss, Ed., '7l, El Paso, Tex., Aniia hance, AAA, AHS, '70, Tulsa, Candace Chandler, Ed., '7l, Norman, 1aron Chandler, UC, '72, Norman, Dan Chapel, AXA, Engr., '70, rkadelphia, Ark. ichard Chapman, WAS, UC, '7l, Waurika, Terry Chassin, Aliflf, C, '72, Pensacola, Fla., Vic Cheafwood, BAE, Bus., '7l, Wood- ard, Carol Chenaul+, AXSZ, Ed., '7l, Tulsa, Janice Cherry, AES, '70, C, Linda Cheslnuf, KKT, UC, '72, Miami, Susan Chesfnui, KKF, 815, '70, Miami. Ten o'clock coke break between classes falls just right for Deborah Miller and Tom Kceling in Union Terrace Room. UNDERCLASSMEN CH - CC Verna Befh Chesnuf, A8rS, '7l, Arneff, Lowelle Childers, Afb. UC '72, Duranf, Marie Childers, AAU, UC, '72, Pueblo, Colo., Jud' Childress, KKF, UC, '7l, Wagoner, Gary Chrisman, 'i'Af'l, Bus., '7l Carrollfon, Tex., Mary Chrisfian, AHS, '70, Norman, David Chrisfol ferson, UC, '7l, Yuma, Ariz. Don Chumley, 'l'KE, Pharm., '70, Del Cify: Kenneih Clageff, A215 '7l, Adair: Beniamin Clarlr, ASS, '7l, Norman, Brenf Clarlr, AXA AHS, '7l, l-loldenville, Carol Clark, KAGD, Ed., '7l, OC, Claudi- Clarlr, UC, '72, Norman, Connie Clarlc, UC, '72, Tulsa. Jacci Clarlc, AHS, '70, Sapulpa, John Clark, Pharm., '7l, Pofeau Kennefh M. Clark, UC, '70, OC, Rod Clarlc, BWI, UC, '72, Dallas Terry Clarlr, Engr., '7l, OC, Vaughn Clarlc, Biill, AHS, '7l, Norman Nancy Clarlcson, KKV, UC, '72, Olcmulgeo. Sfephanie Claxfon, UC, '72, Norman, Marfy Clay, KU, Ed., '7l, OC George Claypale, Engr., '70, Sparfa, N.J., Caren Clayfon, UC, '7' Norman, Cafhy Clem, KA9, Ed., '70, Midwesf Cify, Charl Clifford, EX, Bus., '7l, Lawfon, John Clifford, IX, UC, '70, O Darrell Cliffon, UC, '72, McAlesier, Larry Arfhur Cline, Engr., '7C Elmhursf, Ill., Kafhy Clinesmifh, KA9, AES, '70, Enid, Carol Cloe AHS, '7l, Moore, Michael Cloud, BAE, Bus., '70, Norman, Perr Clouse, Bus., '70, Vinifag Dennis Clowers, AKIC, Enqr., '70, OC. Bryan Coafs, 'i'K1i, Eng., '70, Tulsa, Jamie Cobb, 'l'KXl', UC, '72 Hugo, Johnson Cobb, 'i'K'P, Bus., '70, l-lugo, Linda Cobb, EA, '7C Olceene, Peggy Cobb, Ed., '70, Winnefka, Ill., Cheryl Coburn, Afl UC, '72, OC, Danny Cochran, ARS, '7l, Scoff Air Force Base, ll Sam Cochran, AES, '7l, Ardmore, Sfeve Cochran, Brill, Bus., '7, Cushing, Kafhleen Cochrane, KAW, ARS, '70, Shawnee, Marlc Co AKE, UC, '72, Ar lmore, Joe Coffey, Bhlll, Bus., '7l, Norman, Maj Coffin, BSU, AHS, '7l, Tulsa, Karen Coffman, BAT, AES, '70, 5 Louis, Mo. Barbara Cohen, A'i'l5. UC. '72, Abilene, Tex., Bruce Cohen, 'PB' UC, '72, Aflanfa, Ga., Linda Cohen, EAT, UC, '72, Duncan, Peril Cohen, UC, '7l, Woodmere, N.Y., S1-uarf Cohen, AEII, UC, '72, S Louis, Mo., Gary Cohenour, UC, '72, Ponca Cilv, Leonard Cohl 'l'l'3A, UC, '72, Gireaf Neclc, N.Y. Ken Colfer, UC, '72, Norman, Marshall Colcord, Bus., '7l, C-ree ville, N.C., Carolyn Cole, EA, '7l, Chevy Chase, Maryland' Cook! Cole, HBT, UC, '72, OC, David Cole, AXA, AXKS, '70, Dewey Jean Cole, Ed., '70, Marlow, Margaref Cole, AX9, UC, '72, Barfle ville. Paula Cole, UC, '72, Anchorage, Alaska, Jan Coleman, AFA, U '72, Tulsa, Trisha Coleman, UC, '72, l-lenryeffa, Karen Coley El., '70, Norman, Cafhy Colifz, UC, '72, Slcolcie, Ill., Boib Bus., '7l, Befhany, James Collier, ATU, '7l, Arfesia, N.M. ,AX Colli Karen Collier, Bus., '70, Ada, Bill Collins, KA, Bus., '70, OC, Brua Collins, AHS, '7l, Tulsa, Michael Collins, A-YP, UC, '7l, Colurnbu Ga., Pafricia Collins, AES, '70, Ardmore, Pau'a Collins, llwb, UCI '72, OC: Penny Collins, KA, UC, '70, OC, Keifh Colombilc, Bus., '7l, Highland Parlc, !iI., Jan Colfharp, AX Nursing, '7l, Waneffe, Larry Colvin, ATU, Bus., '70, OC, Jam Colwiclc, EN, AES, '70, Duranf, Ronnie Compfon, 'l'A4", UC, '7 McAlesfer, Barbara Comsfoclc, AX9, AES, '7l, OC, Pefer Mari Conforfi, AKE, Pharm., '7l, Flushing, N.Y. Cliff Conlcle, ATA, A8rS, '7l, OC, James Conlrling, EX, UC, '7 Amarillo, Tex., Ronnie Coinn, 'PK-Y, Ed., '7l, McAle-sfer, Linda Co nell, KA, UC, '72, Readingfon, N.J., Pafriclr Connor, Acacia, Eng '70, Charlesfon, S.C., Jerry Conrad, AXA, Ed., '7l, Midwesf Cif John Consfanfilzes, AT, UC, '72, Barflesville, JNDERCLASSMEN CO - DA Michael Conway, Pharm., '70, Nolole: Creig Coogan, IIKA, UC, '72, slorrnan: Harry Cook, AHS, '7l, Anadarko: Kim Cook, Bfrlll, UC, 72, Muskogee: Rod Cook, -YN, Bus., '7l, Enid: Sfephen Cook, A:'i', XZQS, '7l, Tulsa: David Cooksey, AES, '70, Miami. 'a'Hi Coon, XXI, ALS, '7l, OC: Caihy Cooper, Illiflf, UC, '72, OC: Debbie Cooper, A8fS, '7l, Poleau: Elaine Cooper, EAT, EA, '7l, njlianapolis, lnd.: J, David Cooper, AKE, EA, '70, Tulsa: Palricia Cooper, Ed., '7l, OC: Wynn Cooper, KA, Bus., '7l, Bellsville, Md. leannfie Copeland, AFA, Ed., '7l, Granile: J. Gregory Copeland, lus., '70, Erederick: Tricia Copeland, AWP, UC, '72, Skokie, lll.: 'om Corbin, 'i'A4'l, UC, '72, OC: Marly Corcoran, EAR, A8iS, '7l, fvanslon, III.: Bob Corder, 'PK-3, UC, '72, Wayne, Pa.: Margaref llorkery, AHS, '7l, Villa Park, Ill. falhy Cornelison, l"l'H, UC, '72, OC: Eddie Correia, ATA, AES. 70, Midvvesl Cily: Pam Correia, IIWP, UC, '72, Midwesl Cily: llargarel' Council, AT, Ed., '70, Norman: Joel Cousins, 'l'Af"7, UC, K2, Muskogee: Jack Cowardin, ATU, A8fS, '7l, Richmond, Va.: Terry owhey, KPA9, Bus., '70, La Grange, lll. :alhie Cowles, X9, ABS, '70, Miami: Bobby Cox, BAE, Bus., '7l, xmarillo: Dewi'H Cox, TKE, UC, '72, l-lousron: Gerald Cox, A342 X8fS, '70, River Eoresl, ll'.: R. Neale Coy, Pharm., '7l, OC: Rulh I:-y, UC, '72, Tecumseh: Bill Coyle, BETH, UC, '72, OC. Zheryl Craig, UC, '72, Tulsa: Geoffrey Craig, Acacia, UC,' 72, mid: George Craig, ATU, Bus., Enid: David Paul Crass, A8fS, '70, ulphur: Jennifer Craven, UC, '70, Guihrie: Deryl Crawford, AfI'A, lC, '7l, Amarillo: Mary Crawford, UC, '72, Norman. om Crenshaw, UC, '72, Alva: John Creveling, KA, AX1S, '70, lorman: Mike Crews, AHS, '70, Norman: George Cripps, KE, nqr., '7l, Tulsa: Manuele Crivello, Enqr., '7l, Soulh Milwaukee, Vis.: James Crockell, UC, '7l, Allus: Karen Crockelf, Ed., '70, xllus. en Crocombe, ATU, Bus., '7l, Elossmoor, Ill.: Ronald Crouch, i8iS, '70, Gage: Roberl' Crou+, UC, '72, Walronga: Charles Crowell, iXfS, '7l, Tulsa: Debbie Crowell, X5-7-4, AES, '7l, Houslon: Connie Zruse, A8fS, '70, Lindsay: Roberl' Culberfson, AXA, AHS, '70, arllesvillo. ink Cullison, AES, '7l, Barllesville: Linda Culp, AF, UC, '72, lrumriqhl: Mike Culpepper, Bus., '7l, OC: Linda Culver, Ed., '7l, DC: Mike Culwell, fblfli, UC, '72, Amarillo: Carol Cunningham, LXQ, ARS, '7l, Poleau: Doug Cunningham, AES, '7l, Woodward, dward Cunningham, AZT, Bus., '7l, River Edge, N.J.3 John Cun- ingham, BAE, A8fS, '7l, Brislow: Lisa Cunningham, FA, '70, Che- olah: Jerry Cupps, AHS, '70, Tulsa: David Curry, QA9, Tulsa: udy Curlis, Afb, UC, '72, Pauls Valley: Sherry Curlis, EA, '70, Alrus. ichard Cusack, UC, '7l, Moore: Don Dabney, UC, '72, Chickasha: Chuck D'Amelio, Af-FP, AES, '7l, l-laledon, N.J.: Dennis Daniel, XA, Bus., '7l, Ardmore: Noble Daniel, Bus., '70, Bar+lesville: Diane anner, AV, Ed., '7l, Tulsa: John Danner, BAE, AES, '70, Tulsa. ommy Dare, 'DK-5, Bus., '70, Auslin, Tex.: David Darling, HKA, C, '72, New Providence, N.J.: Cindy Darnell, IIWP, A8fS, '7l, Zlinlon: Marsha Darnell, llHfif, UC, '72, Clinlon: Douglas D. arnold, AES, '70, Barllesville: Diane Darrough, AAA, AES, '7l, OC: :ug DaH'ilo, Ed., '70, Arlinglon lrleiqhls, Ill, lax Daugh+rey, Enqr., '70, Duncan: Craig Howard Davenpori, Wil, UC, '72, Gainesville, Tex.: Deby Davenporf, AV, AXcS, '70. iainesyille, Tex.: Don David, AXA, AHS, '7l, Shawnee: Cafhy avidson, KA, '72, OC: Clinf Davidson, UC, '7l, El Reno: Marilyn avidson, IVPB, Bus., '7l, Ferl' Worlh. Tex. UN DERCLASSMEN DA - DC Michael Davidson, Bus., '7l, Gualemala Cily, Gualemala, Edwarm Davies, UC, '72, Tulsa, Joann Davies, KA9, UC, '72, Enid, Barr Davis, -YN, AHS, '7l, Tulsa, Billy Davis, IPAQ, UC, '7l, Duncan Cafherine Davis, EAT, UC, '72, Omaha, Nelo., Charles Davis, A815 '70, Shawnee. Debi Davis, UC, '72, OC, Diana Davis, AXKS, '70, Sapulpa, Frei Davis, UC, '72, Tulsa, Jerry Davis, iN, UC, '72, OC, Larry Davis 'PK-E. AHS, '7l, Duranl, Marly Davis, 1"l'B, UC, '72, Dallas, Mar Davis, Aflf, Bus., '7l, Wewoka. Norman Davis, 'l'l5A, Bus., '7l, Nashville, Tenn., Mary Dawson, UC '72, Purcell, Paul Dawson, 'l'K'l', AHS, '7l, OC, Poilly Dawson, UG '7l, OC, Deedee Day, KKF, AES, '70, OC, Jed Day, 'PAQ Bus '7l, Tulsa, Max Daylon, EX, UC, '72, Tulsa. Sieve Deal, 'l'l'A, UC, '72, Tulsa, Clefa Deafherage, XQ, UC, '72 OC, Randy Dealherage, EN, Engr., '70, OC, Bruce DeBona, EX UC, '72, Norman, Renda DeCarolis, AX9, UC, '72, Midwesl Cily Marada Decker, HKA, Pharm., '70, OC, Terry Decker, UC, '71 Columbus, Ohio. Jo Dee, X9, UC, '72, OC: Shari Deener, A8rS, '7l, El Paso, Tex Mardeen Deer, AAA. AES, '7l, Tulsa, Julian Deese, ATA, UC, '72 Ada, Ralph DeGee'l'er, A542 Engr., '70, Paramus. N.J., Joh Degravelles, A'l'A, UC, '7l, Lalayelle, La., Jaclyn DeJarneHe, A1 UC, '72, Ponca Cily. JoNel DeLaMoreaus, UC, '72, Tulsa, Olie Ann Delaporle, IIBKI UC, '72, Wealheriorcl, Nancy Dellar, AE43, UC, '7l, Tyler, Tex Karen DeLong, A8cS, '70, Tulsa, James De Luca, UC, '72, Ea: Meadow, N.Y., Dana Demonbreuni, 1"l'B, FA, '7l, lrvinq. Tex Darrell DeMoss, AT, AHS, '70, Ardmore. Paul Denman, 'l'KXl', UC, '72, Forl Worlh, Tex., Janice Dennis, Ed '7l, Comanche, Ricky Dennison, AES, '70, Walonga, Palricia Der son, EA, '7l, Gilmer, Tex., Paul Derex, -EAT, UC, '72, Evanslon, Ill Thomas Derricks, Acacia, AHS, '70, Pine l-lill, N.J., John Deuprer AKE, UC. '72, Tulsa. Clay Dewees, ATU, Bus., '7l, Dallas, Delberi' DeWi+'l'y, A'l'A, UCI '72, Tu'sa, Mike D'Hoos+elaere, 'l5K'l', ARS, '70, Ormond Beach, Fla Mahmoud H. Dilba, Enqr., '70, Tehran, Iran, Mark Dick, 'l'I'A, Bu '70, Woodward, Mary Lou Dickey, FA, '7l, Midwesl Cily, Gail Dickinson, UC, '72, Norman. Eric Dickman, KE, UC, '72, Shelbyville, Ill., Diana Dickson, UC, '73 Woodward, Marye Dickson, A59, Ed., '7l, Tulsa, Roger Dicus, 214 Eel., '7l, Jenks, Jann Diedrich, A8cS, '7l, Barllesville, David Diefencl erfer, Ed., '7l, OC, Doug Diehnel, -YN, Bus., '7l, Cleveland. Diane Diggle, FTB, UC, '72, Tulsa, Carol Belh Diggs, AES, '7 OC, Augusline Dignieo, AT, Enqr., '7l, Beacon, N.Y., Sheila Dillar UC, '72, Forl Worlh, Tex., Pam Dilldine, AXcS, '7l, Amarillo, Te Emery Dilling, HGH, A8iS, '70, Flelcher, Sammy Dillingham, K UC, '72, Norman. Susan Dillman, AT, FA, '7l, Tulsa, Jennifer Dillon, 1"PB, Ed., '7 Midwesl Cily, Lynn Dillon, A1', A8cS, '7l, Eorl Worlh, Tex., Riu Dimick, BQII, UC, '72, Midwesl Cily, Kay Dingman, UC, '7 Barllesville, Janis Dinsmore, AAA, AHS, '70, McAle-sler, Billie Disl man, AXSZ, Ed., '70, OC. Lucie Dix, Afb, UC, '72, Kenilworlh, III., Joyce Dixon, KKV, Bun '70, Purcell, Voy Dixon, AZQS, '70, Forl Worlh, Tex., Larry Doan Engr., '70, l-luqo, Maxine P. Dobbs, Bus., '70, Miami, Janie Dobbs AHS, '70, OC, DeeDee Dodson, 1'fI'B. Ed., '70, OC. Jeanne Dodson, FA, '7l, Lawlon, William Dodson, A8fS, '7l, O James P. Dolan, UC, '7l, Woodward, Sluari' Dolgin, CIPBA, AHS, ' Czreal Neck, N.Y., Yvonne Dollarhile, UC, '72, Tulsa, Dinah Dolli UC. '72, Tulsa, Jane Dolly, KKF, UC, '72, Farminglon, Ill. JNDERCLASSMEN DO - EL dike Donahue, ATU, AHS, '70, Norman: Linda Donley, UC, '72, DC: DeDe Donoho, EA, '7I, OC: Randy Dorsch, -YN, UC, '72, Tulsa: .esler Doly, NVQ, AHS, '70, Norman: Kennelh Lynn Doughly, nor., '7I, Marlha: Chip Douglas, 21'I'l'1, UC, '72, Arlinqlon I-leiqhls, ll. dike Douglas, 'PAQ Bus., '7l, Duncan: Marilyn Dover, lll5'l', Pharm., 70, Eulaula: Bob Dow, lII'Ill, UC, '72, OC: Ivan Dowell, AES, '70, Vaukee, Iowa: Diane Downey, FA, '7l, I-lobbs, N.M.: Marilee Iowning, AV, PA, '7l, Norman: Michael William Doyle, Bus., '70, Vilmelfe, Ill. flarilyn Drace, AV, Ed., '70, Norman: Ray Drain, 'VKXIC AHS, '7l, xrdmore: Larry S. Dralch, BAM, UC, '72, Lexinqlon, Mass.: Jeanie IuBois, UC, '72, OC: Gary Duckworlh, IIKA, AHS, '70, Frederick: rondra Duckworlh, UC, '72, Chickasha: Dudley Sluarf, ATSZ, IC, '7I, OC. flarsha Due, AHS, '70, Duncan: John Duke, AXA, ASS, '7I, Lawlon: ane Dunagan, KKV, AHS, '70, Perry: Don Duncan, AT, ASS, '7l, ryor: Pa+ Duncan, XX, UC, '72, OC: Paul Duncan, ASUS, '7I, OC: eff Dungan, HKA, UC, '72, Des Moines, Iowa, lianne Dunlop, AVA, UC, '72, Norman: Valerie Dunn, 1"l'R, FA, 7l, Midwesl Cily: Diane DunneH, I"I'l5. UC, '72, OC: John Dullon, IC, '72, Norman: Ann Dyer, AV, AES, '7I, Tulsa: Janice Early, A'l', IC, '72, Rosemonl, Pa.: James Eason, K-3, Bus., '7l, OC. Zlif Easlerling, 'l'Al'I, Bus., '7l, Norman: Julie Eberle, Aflh UC, '72, lallas: Janice Eby, AIRS, '7I, Ponca Cilyg Ralph Edelberg, UC, '72, DC: James Howard Edmondson, 'VVA, ASS, '70, Edmond: Jeanne dmondson, KAW, ASS, '7l, Edmond: Edward Edson, HHH, UC, '7I, eaumonl, Tex. Iarl Edwards, BAE, AES, '70, Amarillo, Tex.: Calhy Edwards, V'l'H, IC, '72, Dallas: Claudio Edwards, AAA, AHS, '70, Enid: Ellis Ed- 'ards, fDAl'I, AHS, '70, OC: Marsha Edwards, UC, '72, Ardmore: lancy Edwards, Ed., '70, Ponca Cily: S+eve Edwards, Hflll, A86, 70, Norman. Marilyn Effinger, UC, '72, OC: Alan Ehrenberg, 'l,I'3A, UC, '70, Iillside, NJ.: Richard Ehrlich, 'l'l5A, UC, '72, Chicago: Bob Eisel, 'VA, Bus., '7l, S+. Louis, Mo.: Sue Eisen, EAT, UC, '72, Beaumont ex.: Sol Eisenbaum, AEII, UC, '72, ldousfon: Slanrley Eisenman, 'BA, UC, '72, For? Worlh, Tex. ynn Eisenfraul, UC. '72, Midwesl Ciry: Slephen Ela, CPKE, A8fS, 'l, Weslon, Mass.: Ken? Eldridge, -EAW, ASS, '7l, OC: Jane Elliorl, X9, UC. '72, Nacoqdoches, Tex.: Deborah EllioH, A-29, Ed., '70, luskoqee: Rusly Ellis, ZX, Bus., '70, Dallas: Sue Ann Ellis, UC, '72, uncan. usie Ellis, KAW, FA, '7I, Duncan: Carl Ellison, Enqr., '7I, Wichila, an,: Sherry Ellisonr, Bus., '7l, Purcell: Levoy Ellsworlh, BDU, UC. '2, Slroud: Michael Elmore, -Y'l'l'f, UC, '72, OC: Wendy Elmore, V. UC, '72, Lawlon' Cherye Elsfon, AVA, AHS, '70, Brislow. I -R-YNY' Vg E .Al UNDERCLASSMEN EM - FI M'lynn Emanuel, FA, '7l, El Reno, Randy Embry, UC, '72, Dee Park, Tex., Paul Emer+, Ed., '7l, Ardmore, Mary Lou Emery, Al', UC '72, Norman, Roger Empie, ATU, UC, '72, OC: Linda Eng, X5-T UC, '72, Tulsa, Connie Enochs, AVA, UC, '7l, Sedalia, Mo. Kraeffli Epperson, AHS, '7l, Annandale, Va., Larry Epsfein, SAM, UC '72, Arlania, Ga., Paul Alan Epsiein, 'l'l3A, UC, '7l, Omaha, Neb. Mike Ernaga, UC, '72, Los Angeles, Bill Esch, Acacia, Pharm., '7C Barllesville, Linda Esquivel, A8fS, '7l, Dallas, Carla Essary, AHS, '7C Topeka, Kan. Marcene Efchieson, l"l'l5, UC, '72, Norman, Roger Efling, -EN, UC '72, Boise Cily, Merediih Eubanks, KAW, UC, '72, Midwesl Cily Kendall Evans, 'l'l'A, UC, '72, OC, Linda Evanis, UC, '72, Muskogee Linda Evans, KA, Ed., '7l, OC, Susie Evans, lll'3'l', AES, '7l, Duranl James Everest 'l'l'A, UC, '7l, OC, Sieve Ewing, UC, '72, Shreve porl, La., Valynda Ewfon, AT, AES, '7l, Shawnee, Jim Fahrenbruch 'VK-5, UC, '72, Enid, Diane Fairbanks, Bus., '7l, OC, Clin+ Fairchild IIKA, Enqr., '7l, Allania, Ga., Farhad Faiz, Engr., '70, Tehran, Iran Slephen Falk, 'i'TiA, UC, '70, Omaha, Neb., Richard Fanchel Acacia, AES, '70, Odessa, Tex., Gary Farabough, AXA, Bus., '7l Tulsa, Sandra Farber, UC, '72, Midwesl Cily, Greg Farha, Bus., '70, OC, Ken Farley, Bus., '7l, Be-lhany, Mike Farley, EAT' UC, '72, Allus. EX Terry Farmer, ATA, UC, '7l, OC, Barbara Ann Farrer, UC, '7' Okmulgee, Bob Farris, UC, '72, Tulsa, Linda Farris, UC, '72, Mi wesl Ciry, Pam Faubion, Al', ASS, '70, Norman, Cyndy Faul, U '72, OC, Sherry Faulkner. UC, '7l, OC. Diane Fayre, FA, '70, Barllesville, Doug Fears, -SAE, Bus., '7l, Eg mend, Cidney Fee, KA, AES, '7l, Tulsa, Marilynin Feinlech, EA UC, '72, DuBois, Iowa, Greg Feldman, AEN, AES, '7l, Chicagc Michael Feldman, IAM, Bus., '70, Si. Louis, Mo., Judilh llene Fel UC, '72, Tulsa. Warren L. Felion Ill, UC, '72, OC, Jo-Ann Fendler, -EAT, UC, '7' Alexandria, La., C. Blair Fennell, -EN, Ed., '70, OC, Lezlie Fenle XU, Ed., '7l, OC, Whif Fenfem, KI, UC, '70, OC: Robbie Fere 'l'Al'l, AES, '7l, Blanchard, John Ferguson, UC, '72, Midwesi Cir, John Ferguson, Enqr., '70, Marion, Ark.: Eugene Fernandez, U '72, Broken Arrow, E. Frederic Ferris, Engr., '7l, Wichiia, Kan., Ji Ferris, ATA, AES, '7l, Tulsa, Pamela Fields, UC, '72, Glencoe, Ill Janice Fina, XU, Ed., '7l, Aloka, Lillian Finch, UC, '72, Sapulpa Bonnie Fine, EAT, UC, '72, Skokie, Ill., Chris Finelirock, NHT, U '72, OC, Barbara Fink, AE'i', UC, '72, l-louslon, Vicki Finke, AE Ed., '7l, Barllesville, Diane Finley, UC, '72, OC, Richard Finle, EX, UC, '72, Shawnee, Rober+ Finley, 'l'Al'l, UC, '7l, OC. Karla Firesfone, Nursing, '7l, Goodwell, Jerry Fischer, UC, '7 lrving, Tex., Sfephen Fishel, ATSZ, UC, '72, OC, Arlhur Fisher, Bu '7l, Tulsa, Dale Fisher, 'PK-Tl, AHS, '70, Tulsa, David Fisher, K UC, '72, Balboa l-leiqhls, Canal Zone, Sieve Fisher, 'l'T'A, Bus., '7 El Dorado, Kan. Sieve Fisher, Enqr., '72, Midwesl Cily, Beverly Fishman, AEfI', UCI '72, Chicago, Mark Fishman, -EAM, UC, '72, Skokie, Ill., John Fis 1l'K.'5, UC, '7l, Dallas, Sfephen Fiss, Ed., '70, Monsey, N.Y., Charl Fifch, 'l'K2i, Bus., '70, Ardmore, Gail Files, UC, '72, Tahlequam Lynn Fihgerald, AV, UC, '72, Tulsa, Frank Flack, KB, UC, '7 Woodward, Frances Flavin, ALS, '7l, Houslon, Mark Fleischne EAM, UC, '72, Hof Springs, Ark., Barbara Fleishman, KA, UC, '7 Ann Arbor, Mich., Ronald Flinn, Enqr., '70, Barilesville, Barba Flinl, AXU, Ed., '70, Tulsa. JNDERCLASSMEN FL - GA Iebbi Flinf, X52, UC, '72, Alius, Alger Flood, UC, '7I, Olfmulgee, a+hy Flood, AXSZ, AHS, '7I, Norman, Al M. Flourney ll, A2342 us., '70, OC, Dorolhy Flowers, UC, '72, Norman, William Fogle- ang, 'PAQ Bus., '7I, Tulsa, Kafhy Folger, KAI-1, UC, '72, Tulsa. ,oy Don Folsom, T5f'7ll, AHS, '7l, Durani, Joe Foo+e, 'PK-3, AHS, 'I, Duranig Alan Ford, KE, Bus., '70, Miami, Jim Ford, 'PAQ UC, '2, Chickasha, Joe Ford, EN, ASS, '70, Lawion, John T. Ford, ATA, us., '7l, Midwesr Cify, Peggy Ford, IIHKP, A8rS, '7l, Shawnee. oberl' Ford, AT, AES, '70, Ailaniic Ciiy, N.J., Walfer Ford, Engr., 'O, Pasadena, Calif., Fred Fordham, Acacia, UC, '7l, Allendale, I.J., Linda Foreman, AX9, UC, '72, Tulsa, S+acey Forres+, EN, us., '70, Tulsa, Claire Forienberry, AX9, FA, '7I, Amarillo, Tex., oe Forfmeyer, UC, '72, Caldwell, Kan. onda Fosse'H', KKF, AES, '7l, Enid, Carol Fosier, AF, ASQS, '70, iiclland, Tex., Mar+ha Fosfer, AAA, A8fS, '70, Holdenville, Susan osfer, UC, '72, Siamford, Conn., Larry Fouh, UC, '72, OC, Arfhur ox, A8iS, '70, Tulsa, Deborah Fox, A8iS, '70, Moore, usie Fox, KKV, Bus., '70, Barilesville, Jane? Fracier, UC, '72, OC, ynn Frame, UC, '72, Midwe-sf Ciiy, Jan Francis, WPB, A8rS, '7O. PC, Janie Francis, AX9, Ed., '7I, Kingfisher, Ken+ Francy, EAW. C, '72, Tulsa, Rhonda Frank, AX9, UC, '7l, Midwest Ciiy. ichard Frank, WBA, AES, '7l, Tulsa, David Franke, WBA. UC, '72, PC, Jay Frankel, TBA, UC, '70, Fi. Worih, Tex., Jim Frankenfield, X, UC, '72, OC, Richard Franklin, 'PAQ Enqr., '7I, Tahlequah, uri Franh, Bfall, AES, '70, Enid, Sieve Franifz, HFHT, Bus., '70, nid. 'm Fraser, AXA, UC, '72, OC, Donn Fravel, Bus., '7I, OC, Kirk rederickson, fl'Af'1, A8cS, '7l, OC, Murray Fredman, EAM, UC, '7I, larion, Ill., Frank Freeborg, AKIE, UC, '72, Tulsa, Beih Freedman, C, '72, Skokie, Ill., Susie Day Freedman, Al'1'I', UC, '72, Skokie, III, Jdy Freeland, AXQ, Ed., '70, Norman, Dianne Freeman, UC, '72, IcLean, Va., Gayle Freeman, X9, Ed., '7I, OC, Janiice Freeman, C, '72, Tulsa, Pafricia Freeman, UC, '72, Checoiah, Sandra Freeny, X9, UC, '72, OC, Sieve Freidlin, EAM, Bus., '7I, Tulsa. oberl' Frieden, EAM, UC, '72, Tulsa, Barbara Friedman, EAT, A8rS, O, Fr. Smirh, Ark., Susan B. Friedman, EAT, UC, '72, Omaha, Neb., Iargie Frieze, 'l"I'B, UC, '72, Broken Arrow, Thomas D, Friiz, ATA, 815. '7l, OC, Vicki Frobel, UC, '72, Barflesville, Margaref 'oeschle, UC, '72, Cusier AFB, Mich. zrry Fry, AT, UC. '72, Del Ciiy, Kenneih Frye, AHS, '70, Duncan, II Fulenwider, AQ, AES, '7I, Des Moines, Iowa, Nancy Fuller, A9, A8iS, '7I, Muskogee, J. Roberf Fullerion, AKE, '7I, Engr., San ieqo, Calif., Charloife Fulfon, TTB'l', AES, '70, New Orleans, La., :hn Funk, Bus., '70, OC. acky Gable, UC, '72, OC, Betsy Gabriel, KA, Nursing, '7I, Tulsa, filliam E. Gaddis, ARS, '70, Aifon, Polly Gaebe, Afb, ASS, '70, kawville, III., Marilyn Gafford, KKV, AES, '7I, OC, Sian Gahring, XA, AHS, '7I, Shawnee, Gary Gai+her, fl1l'A, Enqr., '7I, Tulsa. enee Galanfy, AWP, Ed., '7I, Ailania, Ga., Penny Gall, A'l', Ed., I, Dayion, Ohio, Sharon Gallagher, X9, A8fS, '7I, OC, Gary aller, AEH, UC, '72, Wichiia, Kan., Kay Galloway, lTR'l', AHS, 0, OC, Sfephanie Galoob, AE'l', Ed., '70, l-lealclion, Gloria Gamm, AT, FA, '7I, Sl. Louis, Mo. 'ary Don Gandy, ASS, '70, l-lealdion, Barry Gangwer, KE, Bus., '7I, uihrie, Gaddis Gann, UC, '72, Tulsa, John Gann, KE, UC, '72, oken Arrow, Lindy Gans, AT', A8fS, '7l, Sania Fe, N.M., Gary ani, UC, '72, Ardmore, Pai' Ganf, UC, '72, Duncan, UNDERCLASSMEN GA - GC Barbara Ganzlcow, AT, Ed., '7l, La Grange, Ill.: John Gardnei TAD, Bus., '70, OC: Gayle Garms, XQ, Ed., '7I, Tulsa: Mary Ka GarneH', AT, FA, '70, OC: Jane? Gary, Al', EA, '7I, Ponca Ciry Wayne Gary, EN, Bus., '70, OC: Jerry Gaspardo, ABS, '70, Loni Poinr, Ill. Phyllis Gespardo, UC, '72, Long Poinr, lll.: Pam Gau, X9. UC, '72 Enid: Sandra Gauchal, l"l'B, ABS, '71, Shawnee: Greg Gawey TAD, A8cS, '7I, Tulsa: Sarah Gay, A'i', Bus., '7I, Ponca Ciiy: Roby Geafches, AX9, UC, '72, OC: Rod Geerdes, FA, '7l, Purcell, Janelle Geiger, AES, '7I, Tulsa: James Gemignani, HKA, UC, '7C Homewood, Ill.: Deborah Geniry, KKV, AHS, '7I, Pauls Valley David Geren, UC, '72, Eorr Smirh, Ark.: Linda German, UC, '72 Seminole: Dorolhy Gerould, l"l'3, AES, '70, Applelon, Wis.: DeD Gerry, AWE, UC, '72, Muskogee. Bill Geyer, ABS, '70, OC: Susie Gherlner, EAT, Ed., '70, S+. Loui: Mo.: Linda Gibbon, KA9, UC, '72, Tulsa: Anne Gibbs, Ed., '7C l-lominy: Jim Gibbs, A81S, '70, OC: Gail Gibian, UC, '72, Selmf Ala.: Pa-I' Gibson, EAW, UC, '72, Tulsa. Susan Gibson, UC, '72, Norman: Carolyn Gilberi, UC, '72, Del Cily Suzie Gilber+, KKV, AHS, '70, OC: John Giles, EN, UC, '72, OG James Gilham, UC, '72, McAles+er: Anfhony Gillcey, AT, AHS, '7r Pawhuska: Chris Gillespie, KA, ABS, '70, Red Oak, AnneHe Gilliam, ABS, '7I, Conway, Ark.: Charles Gillis, UC, '71 San Anlonio: Joihn Gillis, KE, ABS, '70, Barringlon, III.: Beverl Gilmore, UC, '72, OC: David Gilmore, -EN, UC, '72, Ardmore Cynfhia Gis'l', AA-A, Ed., '7I, OC: Linda Gish KU, EA, '70, Housroi Charlie Givens, 'l'A0, UC, '72, OC: John Glasco, 'i'Al'7, Bus., '76 Wichifa, Kan.: Merry Glaser, Nursing, '7l, Broken Arrow: Jan Glassenberg, AEfl', UC, '72, Winnelka, Ill.: Sreve Glasser, BW Bus., '70, Enid: Margo Glaier, A'l'l5, UC, '72, Dallas: S+even Glaze TBA, UC, '72, Tulsa. John Glenn, EX, UC, '72, Lawlon: Rebecca Glover, AT, ABS, '7 Grand Island, Neb.: Sfeven Goiad, AHS, '7I, Tulsa: Ann Goddarc KA0, ABS, '7I, Dallas: Michael Goddard, 'PTA-, UC, '72, OG Rebecca Godfrey, UC, '7I, Norman: Becky Goen, AXTZ, ABS, '7 Tulsa. Anihony Goins, UC, '72, Tulsa: Ola Beih Goins, KA, AES, '70, OG Joan Gold, AEKP, UC, '72, Nashville, Tenn.: Suzi Gold, AWP, UC '7I, Des Moines, Iowa: Barbara Goldberg, AWP, Ed., '7I, Highlan Park, Ill.: Jane Goldberg, BAT, UC, '72, Glencoe, III.: Joyce Gola berg, ABS, '7l, Sr. Louis, Mo. Kei+h Golden, FA, '7I, Del Cily: Bob Goldey, ATU, AHS, '7 Clilron, N.J.: Karen Goldman, KKV, UC, '72, OC: Ann Golds+ei ATE, Ed., '7I, Newark, N.J.: PaHi Goldsi-ein, ATE, UC, '72, Gle Coe, lll.: Michael Golomb, EAM, UC, '72, Mobile, Ala.: Diar Golfz, Ed., '7I, Hoi Springs, Ark. John Good, UC, '72, Ponca Cily: David Gooden, ATA, UC, '7 Tulsa: James R. Goodenow, UC, '7I, Norman: Sieve Goodenoi UC, '7I, Norman: Bruce Goodman, UC, '7l, Norman: David Goo:- man, 'PKXIC AHS, '7I, Kellyville: Leni Goodman, AEIP, Ed., '7 l-louslon. John Goodwin, AT. UC, '72, San Leandro, Calil.: Laurie Goodwi EAT, UC, '72, Fl. Worlh, Tex.: Lonny Gorchofi, TBA, UC, '7 Highland Park, Ill.: William Gorden, UC, '7I, Tulsa: Alda R Gordon, ART, Ed., Nashville, Tenn.: Ann Gordon, HBKTH ABS, '71 San Jose, Calif.: John Gordon, ATQ, UC, '72, OC. Larry G. Gordon, Bus., '70, Lavvion: Marcia Gore, UC, '72, Tiplo Leonard Goreham, UC, '72, Duncan: Roberi: C. Gorney, UC, Tulsa: Tom Gorh, A-543, Engr., '7i, Barllesville: Jim Goiwals, H0 UC, '72, Tulsa: Susie Gould, XSZ, Bus., '7I, Vfichira, Kan, INDERCLASSMEN GO - HA :ne Goupillaud, AES, '7I, Ponca Ci'y' Helen Grace, llli'l', AHS. I, Eorl Sill: Sally Grace, Ed., '70, Purcell: Carol Graham, A'l', C, '72, Dallas: David Graham, IX, Bus., '7l, Dallas: Hayes raham, Ed., '7l, Barrlesville: Janice Graham, A'l', AHS, '7l, OC. ie Graham, UC, '72, OC: Marilyn Graham, A'l', Bus., '70, Temple: iherine Graham, All-F, ASS, '7l, Muskogee: Wendell Graham, XA, AHS, '70, OC: Adrienne Granf, Al+I'lf, Ed., '70, Chicaqo: chard Granl, EAM, UC, '72, Greai Neck, N.Y,: Jim Grasley, I'-3, AHS, '7I, OC, enry Gralfan, UC, '70, Shawnee: Judy Graves, AVA, AES, '10, iawnee: Rebecca Graves, AHS, '70, Tulsa: Mariha Rose Gray, ZS, '7l, Norman, Rex Gray, UC, '72, Tulsa: Chuck Graybill, :Alf ZS, '7l, Lawlon: Barbara Green, AXXZ, UC, '72, Siillwell, alene Green, AHS. '70, Sfillwoll: Carhe Green, 5-l', Ed., '70, OCZ indy Green, KKV, Ed., '70, OC: Elaine M. Green, KA, AZQS, '7l, C: Frederick D. Green, UC, '72, OC: Linda Green, Ed., '7l, lsa: Alfred Greenlola++, 'l'l3A, Bus., '7I, Chicago. -fi Greene, BN, Enor., OC: Richard Greene, UC, '72, OC: Ladd reeno, Bus., '7I, Morrislown, N.J.: Rick Greenspan, 'Ni-3, AHS, '7l, wicaqo: Edwin Gregg, UC, '72, Wilmelle, lll.: John Gregory, Xl'-3, ZS, '70, Miclwesl Cily: Gary Gress, Ed., '70, Cleveland, Ohio. cal Grice, AZQS, '70, Muskogee: Debra Griffin, UC, '72, Bariles- le: John Griffin, Kff, UC. '72, OC: Tom Griffin, -YN, UC, '72, nslmore: Ann Griffiih, !"l'l4, AHS, '70, Lindsay: William Griffiih, KW, AES, '70, Honolulu, Hawaii: Bob Griggs, flak!-P, Bus., '70, OC. ancy Griggs, XYZ, AHS, '70 Wichila, Kan.: Randy Grigor, UC, '72, lsa: Lee Ann Grigsby, KAW. Ed., '70, Nowala: Rob Grimm, K-Y, HS, '70, Tulsa: Jean Ann Grisso, llli'l2 AHS, '7l, Seminole: Gail room, KKV, AHS, '70, Tulsa: Sieve Gross, :AAL UC, '72 S. iuis, Mo. nel' Grossman, Al'i'l', UC, '72, Kansas Cily, Mo.: Danny Grove- an, IAM, AHS, '7l, Hewleil, N.Y.: William Grovenburg, UC, '72, 5 Vegas, Nev.: Sally Gruenig, -3l', Ed., '70, OC: Henry Guclcer, WP, UC, '72, New York City: Ralph Guild, Engr., '70, Wewoksi: lgbi Guillol-, AXQ, UC, '72, Drumrighl. 'Hy Gunier, -X-X-X, Ed., '70, Duranl: Pairicia Gurley, llli'l', A815 D. Sayre: Evelyn Gurney, UC, '72, Harrah: Terry Gust AHS, '70. C: Alan Gu'ren, -EAM, UC, '72, Chicago: Darryl Gufhrie, AHS, '7I, rns Elaf: William Guy, UC, '72, Allen. sfhey Haas, EAT, AES, '7l, Shreyeporl, La.: Gil Haas, A542 QS, '70, Barilesville: Keninelh Habloen, KZ, UC, '7l, McAlesTer: l Haddock, -SAE, Bus., '70, Norman: Sara Jean Haddock, AAA, O, '72, Norman: Bruce Haffner, UC, '72. Hinsdale, Ill.: David Hail, KA Bus., '70, OC. Junior coed Ann Long falls victim to Oklahoma winds on her way to class. UNDERCLASSMEN HA - H. Margarel Hail, Ed., '7I. OC, Chuck Haines, BAE, Bus., '7I, La lon, Connie Hair, FTB, AHS, '70, Bixby, Terry Ray Halberl, UC, '7 Yukon, Carolyn Sandra Hale, UC, '72, Sand Springs, Lyndia Hal EJ., '70, Moore, Randall Hales, Bus., '70, Bridgeporl, Tex. Darlene Hall, UC, '72, Cheyenne. Wyo., George Hall, Engr., '7 Horseheads, N.Y., J. Logan Hall, KE, Bus., '7I, Sherman, Tex., Mi Hall, AKE, UC, '72, Pauls Valley, Ron Hall, ATA, AHS, '70, Eni Rosemary Hall, Ed., '70, Longview, Tex., Phyllis Hallman, AA AES, '7I, McAlesler. Randy Hallman, UC, '72, McAlesler, Joy Hamby, AES, '70, Polea Jim Hamersly, Bus., '7I, Augusla, Kan., Howie Hamillon, Acaci UC, '7I, Lillle Ferry. N.J., Judy Hamillon, A41 UC, '72, OC, P Hamillon, AFA, Ed., '70, El. Worlh, Tex., Debbie Hamm, HB' Ed., '70, Duncan. Wade Hamm, UC, '72, Moore, Gary Hand, Acacia, UC, '72, Of Ray Hand, ATSZ, AXQS, '7I, OC, Randy Hanes, FTB, UC, '7 Springlield, Va., Jesse Hankla, A8xS, '7I, Geary, Nancy Hanks, U' '72, OC, John Hanley, UC, '72, Barllesville. David Hanna, KE, UC, '72, OC, Terry Hansel, UC, '72, Tuls Heidi Hansell, AF, A8iS, '7I, Dallas, Linda Hansen, IVPB, UC, '7 Anchorage, Alaska, Richard N. Hansen, AXA, Bus., '70, El, Richar son, Alaska, Russ Hanson, EN, Bus., '70, OC, Debby Hanville, E: '7I, Cleveland, Ohio. Slephen Harbour, AE'i', Bus., '71, Enid, Joe Hardberger, B0 UC, '72, Beaver, Lloyd Hardin, A81S, '7I, OC, Roberl Allen Har ing,, UC, '72, Eunice, N.M., Janel Hardy, KAW, UC, '72, Tuls Joan Hardy, KAO, AHS, '7l, Tulsa, Sarah Hardy, KA, AHS, '7 Norman. Sleve Hardy, UC, '72, Tulsa, Rodney Hargrave, UC, '72, Tuls John Harmon, AXA, UC, '72, Enid, Palli Harmon, KKV, UC, '7 Lawlon, LaNila Harms, AVA, AES, '7I, Duncan, Nancy Hal FTB, UC, '72, Tulsa, Calhy Harned, KA9, UC, '72, Barllesyil John Harness, UC, '72, Ardmore, Janie Harper, AX9, UC, 'i Frederick, Allyn Harrell, Bus., '7I, Pauls Valley, Barbara Harre KKF, Ed., '7I, Chickasha, Sleve Harrell, AKE, UC, '72, Ames, low Scolrl' Harringlon, EN, Pharm., '70, Tulsa, Chuck Harris, EX, U '7l, Barllesville. Jack J. Harris, ZX, Ed., '7l, Tulsa, James Arlhur Harris, Bus., 'i Poleau, Linda Harris, AAU, AHS, '70, OC, Marsha Harris, AX Ed., '7l, OC, Oleka Harris, EA, '70, Lindsay, Randy Harris, AX UC, '72, OC, Shirley Harris, ARS, '70, Tulsa. Susan Harris, A8rS, '7I, Hobarl, Janice Harrison, AES, '70, Sapulp Rick Harrison, ATA, UC, '72, OC, Susie Harrison, KKF, UC, 'i OC, Mory Harsh, KAI-T, Bus., '7I, Sioux Falls, S.D,, Hap Ha EAM, UC, '72, Jackson, Miss., Jan Harl, KA, Nursing, '7I, Tuls Lana Harl, AX52, UC, '72, Muskogee, Marsha Harl, KA, UC, ' Alexandria, La., Slacy Harl, TVPH, Ed., '70, Pauls Valley, Ke Douglas Harlie, UC, '72, Minden, Iowa, Paul Roy Harlman, UC, 'i Norman, Donna Harlsell, Bus., '7I, El. Leavenworlh, Kan., Daw Harlson, 'PK-5, UC, '72, Tulsa. William Haselwood, ATA, AHS, '70, Orlando, Fla., David Haske AHS, '7I, Holdenville, David Has,pel, TBA, AES, '7l, New Orleai La., Cindy Halcher, UC, '72, Tulsa, Don Halcher, EAR, ARS, ' Norman, Linda Lou Hall, UC, '72, Lelhbridge, Alla., Cana Barbara Haun, Ed., '70, Moore, Glenn Hawkins, ACDA, UC, '72, Tulsa, Jane Hawkins, KAGJ, Edu 'I Tulsa, Judi Hawkins, A4', Ed., '7I, OC, Lawrence Hawkins, A45 UC, '72, Newark, N.J., Jolhn Haworlh, AES, '7I, Muskogee, Mich Hawpe, UC, '72, While Deer, Tex., Melanie Haxel, UC, '7I, Purcj INDERCLASSMEN HA - HO ad Haxel, Bus., '70, Vfashinqlon: Joe Hay, 'l'Al'l, UC, '72, Dallas: my Hayes, AV, UC, '72, Barllesville: Gilberl lra Hayes, KA, Bus., I, Marlow: Sandy Hayes, KKF, UC, '72, Shawnee: Brenda Haynie, ZS, '70, Allus: Charles Hays, Engr., '70, Enid, mei' Hays, UC, '72, Enid: Marcia Hays, Ed., '70, Schuller: Diane ayward, Aflf, UC, '72, OC: Joe L. Hayward, UC, '72, OC: Judy eald, UC, '72, Norman: Wayne Lee Healey, UC, '72, Swink: olly Hearn, AX1S, '70, San Anlonio. nda Healh, UC, '72, Tulsa: Loren Healh, Engr., '7l, Tulsa: Dick eally, EX, Bus., '7l, Blackwell: Joseph Real Heber+ Jr., AHS, '7l, ampasas. Tex.: Denbie Hedges, A'l', Ed., '7l, Midwesl Cily: Diana edges, AW, Ed., '7O, La Verne: Mark Heefer, Bus., '70, La Grange, nrry Hefner, AXA, UC, '7l, Lawion: Linda Hefner, AXQ, AES, '7l, ownlield, Tex.: Marlin Heldenlarand, Acacia, UC, '7l, OC: Bill eller, ll'Af'7, Engr., '7l, Dallas: Cafhy Heller, KAK-1, UC, '72, Tulsa: :OH Heller, 'l'K'1', Enqr., '70, Barllesville: Susie Heller, KA9, C, '72, Dallas. oward L. Helfon, AKE, Ed.. '70, Tahlequah: Jeannelle Hendershol, fI', UC, '72, Norman: David Henderson, AXA, A8rS, '7l, Tulsa: lyllis Henderson, UC, '72, Norman: Lawrence Hendon, EN, UC, 2, OC: Douglas Henkel, Engr., '7l, Tulsa: Fred Henneke, AT9, KS. '70, Enid. im Henry, KKV, UC, '72, OC: Sally Henry, Ed., '70, Allus: Keifh ensel, Bus., '7l, Enid: Jim Herlosl, fblif., UC, '72, OC: Roberl M. erlihy, HHH, A81S, '70, Enid: Avram C. Herman, EAM, UC, '72, ew Orleans, La.: Eddie Herman, UC, '72, Midwesl Cily. lerril Herman, AE'l', A8fS, '7l, New Orleans, La.: Terri Herndon, SA, UC, '72, Enid: Diane Herrin, Al', Bus., '70, Duncan: Roberl erron, Bus., '70, Calgary, Canada: Larry Herzel, 'l'K'I', Engr., '70, iawnee: Pal' Hess, A42 UC, '72, Ardmore: Richard Hess, AES, '70, ewey. lhn Hesfwood, AXA, UC. '7l, OC: Sieve Helheringi-on, ZAR. KS, '7l, Norman: Hank Hewell, UC, '72, OC: Jim Hewgley, 'l'Alrl, O, '70, Tulsa: Roberf Hickerson, KE, UC, '72, Allus: Sarah Hick- son, AV, Ed., '7l, Allus: Madeline Hickman, A8fS, '7l, Warren, Ark. l Hicks, UC, '72, Del Cily: Terry Hicks, ATA, AAS, '7l, Dallas: ul-hy Hieronymus, H1341 AES, '70, Woodward: Pai Hieronymus, Bfb, UC, '72, Woodward: Peggy Higginbo+l1am, AX9, Ed., '7l, allas: Jola HigginboH'om, llH'l', UC, '72, Liberal, Kan.: Renai iggins, IVTJB, Ed., '7l, Las Cruces, N.M. avid High, ATA, UC, '72, OC: Belh Hill, KA, UC, '72, Shawnee: dy Hill, 1"fIJB, AES, '7l, Tulsa: Kalhy Hill, Ed,, '70, Dallas: cinda Hill, UC, '70, Tulsa: Marilyn Hill, A'l', EA, '70, OC: Randy ill, KPFA, UC, '72, OC. aron Hill, A'l', UC, '72, Dallas: Becky Hiller, AAA, UC '72, OC: :ug Hillis, AXA, Bus., '7l, Lawlon: Wendy Hilly, ATA, AES, '7l, Juslonp Carolyn Hinchin, EAT, Ed., '7l, Alexander, La.: Eric 'ndman, AES, '7l, OC: Linda Hindman, UC, '72, Franklin, Pa. l :-phen Hinrichs, Engr., '7O, Slillwarer: Jan Hirsch, EA, '70, Shreve- rl, La.: Margo Hirsch, EAT, Ed., '7l, Highland Park, Ill.: Julie rzel, KAI-1, Ed., '7l, Oulhrie: Diana Hiskell, UC, '72, Tulsa: Roloerl ss, HKA, UC, '7l, Norman: BeHy HH-e, XQ, UC, '72, OC. ry Hobbs, ABCD, UC, '7l, Anadarko: Gary Holbbs, 'i3K'I', UC, '72, for: Kyle Hockman, 1"l'B, UC, '72, Norman: Kay Hodges, Ed., , OC: BeHe Hodur, UC, '72, OC: Ronald L. Hoecker, Bus., '7l, llerlon, Calif.: Eldon Hoffman, HHH, Enqr., '7l, Tulsa, -1 L UNDERCLASSMEN HO - HI Ray Hoffman, UC, '72, Barflesville, John Hogan, ARS, '70, Lawfor Mike Hogan, EN, UC, '72, Ada, Phil Holbrook, WA9, Bus., '70, OC Jean Holcomb, X9, Ed., '70, Norman, Dan Holden, AXA, UC, '71 OC, James Holden, Bus. '7i, Dallas. Melanie Holder, Ed., '7I, Eorf Smifh, Ark., Sandra L. Holder, UC '72, Midwesf Cify, Larry Holderread, EX Bus., '70, Cushing, Fre Holdsclaw, UC, '72, Duncan, Lois Hollabaugh, Afb, AHS, '7I, Ame rillo, Debbie Holland, IlBfl', Ed., '7I, Dallas, John Holland, K2 UC, '72, Norman. Michael Holland, AT. Enqr., '70, Norman, Randy Holland, K2 UC, '72, Kenilworfh, lll., Mike Hollander, WBA, UC, '72, New Yo Cify, Alan Hollingsworfh, KA, UC, '72, Tulsa, Jolly Holloman, AX9, UC, '72, Beverly Holmes, KA, UC, KE, Enqr., '72, Tulsa, R ZX, AHS, '7I, El Reno, Nancy Holli Hollman, HB'l', AES, '7I, Norman, Jan Frederick. '72, Hof Springs, Ark., Richard Holme ichard Dennis Honaker, AXA, UC, '7 Frederick, Joanese Honegger, AAA, Ed., '7l, OC, Sandy Hoof AHS, '70, Lawfon, Rebecca Hooper, UC, '72, Sulphur, Terry Hoope HBO UC, '72, Muskogee. Tom Hoopingarner, EAR, UC, '72, Dallas, Linda Hoof, Nursing, '7 Sulphur, Tom Hoof, AT, Ed., '7l, Sulphur, Harold Hopkins, K UC, '72, Norman, Vicki Hopkins, UC. '72, OC, Reginald F. Ho,pp A8cS, '70, Maysville, Woodrow Wilson Hopper, Bus., '70, OC, Tom Hopwood, BETH, Bus., '70, Deerfield, lll., Roberf Horn, EAA UC, '70, Sf. Louis, Mo., Gerald W. Horner, Engr., '7l, Normal Judy Horwich, AES, '7l, Glencoe, Ill., Kurf Hoss, UC, '72, Eufauli Larry Houchin, BETH, UC, '72, Barflesville, Chips Hough, 'PFA UC, '72, Vinifa. Tangy Hough, X9, UC, '72, Enid, Ernesf Houser, A81S, '7l, Cowef. Roberi' Housfon, HKA, Enqr., '70, OC, Anne Howard, Afir, UC, '7 Tulsa, Janel Albers Howard, Ed., '70, Union Cify, Jerry Howari AES, '70, Okarchee, John Howard, AHS, '70, Lindsay. Ralph Howard, WHA, UC, '72, Housfon, Sid Howard, 'l'I'A, UC, '7 OC, Tannah Howard, UC, '72, Alfus, Dean Howe, UC, '72, Shax nee, Ken Howell, -TAG, Enqr., '7l, OC, Sandy Howell, KA, UC, '7 Tulsa, Ari' Howgill, KFKNP, Bus., '70, Boerne, Tex. Sfeve Hubbard, AHS, '7I, Henryeffa, Mike Huddlesfon, UC, '7 Sapulpa, Nancy Huddlesfon, Afb, EA, '71, Barflesvillei Mary Jar Hudson, Al', UC, '72, Russellville, Ark., Jacqueline Huey, AE' ASS, '7I, Housfon, Mike Huey, Bus., '70, Eullerfon, Calif., Micha E. Huff, A81S. '70, Tulsa. Rose Ann Huff, UC, '72, Tulsa, Husfon Huffman, TFA, UC, '70, O Larry M. Huffman, AT, AHS, '7l, Norman, Pefe Huggler, AE Bus., '7I, Seminole, Kafhy Hughes, KA, UC, '72, Sf. Louis, M Margaref Hughes, l"l'H, UC, '72, Abilene, Tex., Pam Hughes, AX UC, '7l, OC. Jim Huiff, HKA, UC, '72, London, England, Phillip Humble, Eng '7I, Blackwell, Larry Humphreys, AT, '7l, Norman, Bruce Hu A241 UC, '72, Easf Orange, N.J., Debbie Hunf, UC, '7I, O Befh Hunfer, AAU, Ed., '7l, Elk Cify, Sherri Hunfer, KKF, Ed., ' Denver, Colo. Andrea Hurayf, KA, UC, '72, OC, Scoff Hurowifz, 'l'BA, UC, 'T Vermillion, S.D., James Hursf, A81S, '7I, Midwesf Cify, Shar Hursf, KA, UC, '72, OC, Gwenn Husak, UC, '72, Parlen, N. Laura Husband, AAA, UC, '72, Elk Cify, Heafher Huser, EA, ' Holdenville. Dan Husky, EN, UC, '72, AHS, OC, Sue Husney, EAT, UC, ' Evansfon, Ill., Bre'H' Husserl, 'l'l'A, UC, '72, Deal Park, N.J., Mick Husfed, KA, UC, '72, Cvufhrie, Jane Husfon, KA9, Ed., ' Housfon, Sfeve Hufchens, AKE, ARS, '71, Shawnee, Dan Hufc son, KE, AHS, '70, Willmeffe, lll. HY-JO hela Hyam UC 72 Schlaler Mlss Curhs E llkenhans Jr., Bus., O Pasadena Tex Sieve lmel IAM UC 72 OC Nancy lmholfe, X9 UC 7I Pensacola Fla Vick: lmlvlasche A815 7I, Houslong ecle lnce AI A815 70 Pawhu ka Wlllldm lngoe ari, Ed,, '70, man A us 7 M Alesler Ju I+ lorlo AHS, '70 I wesl' Clfy K r lham A us 70 Lubboc Tex., John r 5+ Israel UC 72 Onlarro C llf ack vesfer l X Bus., '70, ayre Jack Laverda UC 72 Tulsa Roger Allan Jacks Bus, '7l, onna Jackson lxlxl A845 7I Barllesvulle Fred Jackson, HKA. Ham: on Bermuda ean Jackson XSZ Ed '7I, OC: Jackson l'T'l3 FA 7l Chrllrcofhe Ill Linda Jackson, l"l'l5, 815 70 Norman Mary Lou Jackson NXSZ Ed 7l Muskogee: Je Jackson Al EA 70 Weslern Springs lll Suzanne Jackson, Ed 0 Lindsay Wall Jackson AISI Bus 7I Dallas: Ellen aco s AF4 UC 72 Bnrm ngharn Aa James Jacobs, 'l'K'l'. marv o ex rlc aco son Dullasy Janie rry James AT UC 72 OC Keni' James IIA UC '7I, OC: Jr Av'l' Gay AHS, '7I. en ewell NIF UC 72 Tulsa Palrmcla Jlcha UC 72, Norman: AXQS. '7l, Arlinqfon g L. Mike ancy Johns UC 72 Tulsa Ann Johnson XXQ Bus 7I, Chou- a Chuck Johnson PAP LJC 72 OC Cyd Johnson, AXSZ. u sa an o nson s 7 Wes ern Springs, Ill., onme Johnson AT X UC 72 Trl 3 Jeff Johnson , UC, '72, :hn Johnson XX A813 70 OC Joy Johnson lllil UC, '72, OC :le ohnson KAU Ed 7I Poroer Tex Krrsfy Johnson, K-3, C 72 Cedar Rapnds loma Larry Johnson UC 7I Auburn, Ala., aura Johnson Fd B UC 72 Duncan Lynda Johnson AV, EA, '7l, Ike Johnson -3-T-5 UC 72 Ada Muke Johnson -373 Bus., '70, awfon Mrllard Ruben Johnson Jr UC 72 Humble Tex.: Monfy :hnson TAO Bus 7l Amarillo Tex Paula Johnson AXQ, UC. I2 Ponca Cary Penny Johnson AXS7 Ei 70 Ponca Cify' Rus+y ephen Johnson UC 72 OC Theresa Johnson Ed 70, Midwesl my Valerle Johnson FTB A815 7I Tulsa Wal+er Johnson, IX, 70 Mrnneapolus Mlnn Helene Johnslon HRT UC '72, OC, oberi' Johnsfon AT UC 72 Waqoner Vnrgunsa Johns+on, AAU, UNDERCLASSMEN JO - K1 Janie Johnsione, KA9, AHS, '7l, Barllesville: Ann Jones, KA' AHS, '7l, Arclmore: Ann Jones, XYZ, Bus., '7l, Wichila, Kan.: Becl Jones, UC, '72, Snyder, Tex.: Beverly Ann Jones, UC, '72, Barlle ville: Bob Jones, AXA, AHS, '70, Tulsa: Candy Jones, KKl', A81 '7l, Muskogee. Jay Jones, AKE, UC, '72, Garland, Tex.: John Jones, EN, AXQS, '7 Lawlon: Julie Jones, X9, Bus., '7l, Tulsa: Karen Jones, UC, '72, OC Rex Jones, KE, Bus., '7l, Broken Arrow: Ronald Jones, AES, '7 Shawnee: Sherry Jones, KAT-I, A8cS, '70, OC. Vernon Jones, UC, '7l, Weslville: Roberl Jorgensen, UC, '7 Moore: Carol Joseph. UC. '7l, Glencoe, lll.: Doug Joseph, '1'Al UC, '72, Sapulpa: Lura Ellen Joseph, Ed., '70, Tulsa: Linda Jos UC, '7l, Barllesville: Bobby Judson, ATU, UC, '72, Wharlon, Te Ma'H' Julius, EAM, ASS, '70, Dallas: Lou Jullien, HKA, Bus., '7' Arlinglon, Va.: Joe Juslice, EX, UC, '7l, Waionga: Roberl' Kahane -EX, Pharm., '7l, Prague: Cheryl Kahn, AET, FA, '7l, New Orlean La.: Dennis Russell Kaik, UC, '72, Dallas: Mark Kaiz, AEH, AHS, '7 Skokie, lll. Janel' Kalin, EAT, Ed., '7l, Sioux Ciiy, lowa: lan Kalina, TBA, UV '72, S+. Louis, Mo.: Gary Kalman, AEN, AHS, '70, Brooklyn, N.Y Richard Kane, 'PK'I', AES, '7l, Guymon: Donn Kaplan, EAI UC, '7l, Omaha, Neb.: Gordon Kaplan, AEH, UC, '72, Forl Worl Tex.: Kap Kappel, 'l'Al'7, ARS, '7l, Tulsa. Ki'Hy Karr, Aflx AES, '70, Ankara, Turkey: Gary Karfer, Bus., '7 l-lousron: Sarah Kaspar, Nursing, '7l, Broken Arrow: John Kas' Engr., '70, Norman: Kalie Kales, AAA, UC, '72, Tulsa: Joanr Kaufman, EAT, UC, '72, Ashdown, Ark.: Virginia Kavanaugh, UC '72, OC. Tom Kearney, KE, UC, '72, Winnelka, Ill.: Cindy Keen, AA. Pharm., '7l, Norman: Mickey Keilman, FPA!-7, UC, '7l, La Grang lll.: Mark Keim, 'l'Al"l, UC, '72, OC: Bill Kelamis, KZ, UC, '7 Tulsa: Bob Kelly, ATA, AES, '7l, OC: Dennis H, Kelly, UC, '7 l-leavener. James Kelly, UC, '72, Dallas: Karen Kelly, UC, '72, Greai' Lakes, Il Tom Kender, 'l'Al'l. Bus., '70, Donlon, Ohio: Bob Kennedy, UC, '7 Shawnee: Cynl+hia Kennedy, UC, '72, Norman: Janice Kay Kenned UC, '72, Norman: Neal D. Kennedy, AHS, '7l, Norman, Rick Kennedy, KE, UC, '72, Dallas: Sheila Kennedy, UC, '7l, O3 Thresa Rumell Kennedy, UC, '72, Moore: Tom Kennedy, 'l'Al'l, U '7l, Wilmelle, lll.: Bruce Kenney, AXA, UC, '72, Purcell: Jok Kenney, AXA, Engr., '70, Purcell: Karen Kennon, AAA, A8fS, '7 Tulsa. ' Bonnie Ken+, TTB, A8fS, '70, OC: David Keown, ATA, UC, '7 Norman: Nikki Kerbel, EAT, Bus., '7l, Tulsa: Harold Kerbo, AXA AHS. '70, Miclwesl Cily: Jeff Kern, WBA, Bus., '70, Miami Beac Fla.: Keifh Kernek, 'l'K'I', UC, '72, l-loldenville: Dick Kerr, BGB UC, '7l, Ml. Prospeci, lll. John Kerr, ATA, AHS, '7l, Norman: Jack Key, KE, UC, '7 l-lenryelrag Bill Khourie, UC, '72, Elk Ciiy: Ka+heryn Kidd, AT, U '72, Lawlon: Debbie Kile, X9, UC, '72, Tulsa: Lee Kirkpairi AKE, UC, '72, Ponca Cily: Nancy Kilpalrick, PTR, Ed., '7 Barllesville. Jennifer Kimbrel, AAll, AES. '7l, Wichita, Kan.: Nancy Kimms AF, Ed., '7l, Tulsa: Lisa Kimrey, lll'7'l', UC, '72, Norman: Conn King, l"'l'B, FA, '7l, Kinqiisher: Mary Ann King, Ed., '70, Nobl Ronald King, EX, UC, '7l, OC: Marlene Kinslow, UC, '72, Allil Cliff Kirkpalrick, KE, AHS, '70, Colorado Springs, Colo.: Dia Kirkpalrick, UC, '72, Colorado Springs, Colo: Hal Kirkpairick, 'fl' UC, '7l, OC: Elizabefh Kissick, AAU, AHS, '70, Lawlon: B Klabzuba, BWI, Bus., '7l, Prague: Jane Klabzuba, AP, AHS, Worlh, Tex.: Mark Klar, WBA, UC. '77 Houslon. JNDERCLASSMEN KL - LE ane+ Kleinman, EAT, A8iS, '70, Hoi Springs, Ark.: Jack Klinger, WE, Engr., '7l, Del Cily: Tom Klos, ATA. UC, '72, Lawion: Carol luberfon, UC, '72, Reselree, Pa.: David Knapp, ATA, UC, '72, Euymon: Jim Knighf, KE, UC, '72, Guihrie: Phillip Knighf, UC, '72. onca Cily. Foroihy Knopke, BAT, FA, '70, Miami Beach, Fla.: Pam Knudson, ffl, AES, '7l, Pawhuska: Nickey G, Knufson, A8iS, '7l, Duncan: 'avid L. Koch, AHS, '70, OC: John Kocher, ATA, AHS, '7l, Enid: rances Kohn, UC, '72, New Orleans, La.: Karin Kongs, AXU, UC, 72, OC. lean Korbakes, 'PBA UC, '72, Chicago: Wendy Kornick, Alllflh IC, '72, Highland Park, lll.: Elliof Kozer, UC, '72, Woodmere, N.Y.: ennefh Kraemer, Bus., '7l, Glenview, Ill.: Bruce Krafr, EAM, IC, '72, OC: Carol Krakover, AE'l', UC, '72, Sl. Louis, Mo.: John ramb, A-YW, AHS, '7l, Lamesa, Tex, 'avid Kramer, Ed., '70, Greal Neck, N.Y.: John Kramer, UC, '7l, Vilmelie, Ill.: Peie Kramer, UC, '72, Norman: John Kra'H'iger, ZJAE, us., '7l, Duranf: Glenn Krause, 'l'BA, UC, '72, Skokie, Ill.: Barbara ravefz, EAT, Ed., '70, Tulsa: Alan Kray, EAM, UC, '72, Chicago. a+l1i Krohn, A8cS, '7l, Tulsa: Bill Kronholm, 'VKX AHS, '70, Tulsa: ynda Kro++inger, AHS, '70, Wichiia Falls, Tex.: Pa'Hi Kruger, ATA, lC, '72, OC: Susie Kubisfa, ASS, '7l, Tulsa: 'Sally Ann Kuehn, AHS, '0, S+. John's, Newli., Canada: Jim Kuehnerr, TKE, UC, '72, OC. erry Kuhlman, Engr., 70, Palierson, La.: Gail Kuhn, UC, '72, Tulsa: feve Kukuk, Engr., '7l, Perry: Sfan Kusch, UC, '72, Enid: Barbara uykendall, X5-75, Ed., '70, Dallas: Beverly Kuykendall, XYZ, AHS, '70, allas: John Lackey, EN, UC, '72, OC. eni' Lackey, UC, "72, Henryeiia: Gayle Lacy, AES, '7l, Fl. Worih: inda Lacy, UC, '72, Goodwell: Larry Laine, ATQ, Enqr., '70, OCT oe Laird, UC, '70, OC: Mary Laird, KA, AES, '7l, OC: Hayden aif, WBA, '70, Memphis, Tenn. inda Lake, l'lB'i', UC, '72, Shawnee: Lynn Lamb, Enqr., '7l, Nash- ille, Ark.: Marian Lamb, KA, AHS. '7l, Vifaqoner: Andy Lamberson, TU, AHS, '7l, Oskaloosa, Iowa: Suzanne Lambert KU, ASS, '70, DC: Louis Lamb, ALS, '70, Norfolk, Va.: Ruih Lamperf, AEIP, Ed., 'l, Skokie, III. homas Lampkin, UC, '72, OC: Laurie Lamson, AP, AES, '7l, hoenix, Ariz.: Don Land, EAE, AES, '70, Dallas: Mark Landguih, C, '72, OC: Leonor Landler, A8fS, '70, Cochabamba, Bolivia: anef Lane, UC, '72, Chappaqua, N.Y.: Marsha Lane, IlB'P, d., '7l, OC. ichard Lane, Bus., '7l, Tulsa: Beverly Lange, AT, AES, '7l, Mialwesi liry: Cynfhia Langford, AT, AES, '70, Enid: Frank Langsion Jr., TA, UC, '72, Barrlesvilleg Si-anley Lansky, 'l'HA, Ed., '70, Memphis, erm.: Linda Lan+ow, XSZ, UC, '72, Tulsa: Eve'He LaParche, UC, '72, iuncan. im Larimore, ATA, A81S, '7l, OC: Debby Lasaier, Hl'5'l,, Ed., '7l, PC: Mike Lasafer, 'P'l'A, UC, '7l, OC: Shelley Lasky, Ahlflf, UC, '72, l. Louis, Mo.: Dawson Lasseier, Enqr., '7l, Del Cily: Tommy su+ers+ein, "PBA, UC, '72, San Anionio: Carolyn Laux, UC, '72, Jlsa. arry Lawhon, AT, UC, '72, Shawnee: Jane Anne Lawler, AF, C, '72, OC: Ann Lawrence, UC, '72, Dallas: Barb Lawrence, 1bB, Ed., '7l, Lockport ill.: Kay Lawrence, UC, '72, OC: Roberi awrence, Enqr.. '70, OC: Ron Lawrence, ATA, Bus., '70, Lawlon. ,ahn Layden, fl'A0, UC, '72, McAlesier: James Leafh, UC, '72, Jlsa: Helen Ledbe'H'er, KA9, Ed., '7l, OC: Daniel Lederman, UC. 2, Monrreal, Canada: Bonnie Ledford, AVA, AES, '7l, Rockville. ld,: Connie Lee, AF, AES, '7l, Ponca Cily: David Lee, EAE. Js., '70, Pauls Valley. UNDERCLASSMEN LE - Ll Douglas Lee, AXA, Bus., '7l, Tulsa: Finis Lee, Engr., '7I, Mouniai View: Janel' Lee, AES, '7I, Tulsa: Jerry Lee, Bus., '70, Tulsa: Sharo Lee, AXSZ, Engr., '7I, Pauls Valley: Slephen Lee, EX, UC, '71 Tulsa: Trevis Lee, Enqr., '7I, Miami. Michelle Lefebvre, Al', UC, '72, OC: Louis LeFlore, UC, '71 Houslon: Barry Lehman, TBA, ARS, '70, Hillside, N.J.: Ed Lehmar KA, UC, '72, Muskogee: Lance Leipold, 'PK-E, UC, '72, Neenal' Wis.: Diana Leis+, FA, '7I, Woodward: Jan Leonard, KKV, AHS, '7I Sainesville, Tex. Mike Leonard, KA, UC, '72, Elgin: Howard Lerner, Ami, UC, '72 Sli Louis, Mo.: Janie Lelson, AXSZ, UC, '72, El. Woi'+h, Tex Dorolhy LeH, Pharm., '7I, OC: Dick Leuszler, ATS2, Enqr., '7l, OC Nancy Leve, EAT, UC, '72, Wilmelle, lll.: Janice Levin, Bus., '7C Rock lsland, lll. Linda Levin, UC, '72, Tulsa: Arlene Levine, Ed., '70, Tyler, Tex Ellen Levine, UC, '72, l-iouslon: Faye Levine, AWP, UC, '72, F- Worrh, Tex.: Helaine Levine, EAT, UC, '72, Memphis, Tenn.: Sunn Levine, EAT, Ed., '7I, Dallas: Fran Levy, EAT, Ed., '7l, Prairi Village, Kan. Kennefh A, Levy, TBA, Bus., '7l, Dallas: Darcy Lewis, EAT, UC, 7, OC: Jamie Lewis, WBA, UC, '72, Tulsa: John Lewis, ATQ, UC, '72 Dallas: John Lewis, AWA, UC, '72, Cenlre, Ala: Julie Lewis, KAW' Bus., '7I, Norman: Palricia Lewis, UC, '7l, l-larrah. Michael Lewiiz, EAM, '7I, Highland Park, lll.: Andre Licard E'l'E, UC, '72, Levillown, L.l., N.Y,: Toy Ligon, EAE, Bus., '7 Wewoka: Chris Lillard, EX, UC, '7l, Shawnee: Ed Lindsay, UC, '71 Ponca Ciiy: Jay Lindsay, 'l'l'A, Bus., '7l, Glenview, Ill.: Dee De Lindsey, KKF, UC, '71, Wewoka. Dennis Lindsey, UC, '72, Barilesville: Kalhy Linn., EJ., '7I, Tulsa Beniamin Linsky, EAM, UC, '7I, Tampa, Fla.: E. J. Lippman, BWI Bus., '70, Muskogee: Midge Lippmann, KAW, UC, '72, Muskoqe Linda Lissi, AAU, UC, '72, New York Cily: Brooks Lil-ile, AA-2 UC, '72, Ada. Danny LiH'rell, EWU, UC, '72, Muskoogee: Sally Livermore, T"l'l AHS, '7I, Sapulpa: David Livings+on, Eflfli, UC, '72, Ada:Julie Lloy Aflf, UC, '72, OC: Nancy Lobrechi, XQ, Ed., '7l, OC: John Lockard Brill, AHS, '70, Barllesville: Jane Ann Lockef, l"l'B, Ed., '71 Norman. Charles Lockwood, UC, '72, OC: Jeff Loeb, EAM. UC, '72, Shreve' pori, La.: Ann Elise Logan, UC, '72, Norman: Margie Logan, I"l'T AES, '70, Lindsay: Suzanne Logan, Ul'3'l', UC, '72, Norman: Fre Logsden, AKE, UC, '72, Allus: Ronald Lohmann, UC, '70, Alva, Caialynn Long, AAU, Bus., '7I, Sulphur: Curl' Long, AT, AHS, '7 OC: James H. Long, Enqr., '7I, OC: K. Marles Long, KA, EA, '7 Norman: Linda Long, KKF, Ed., '7l, Muskoqee: Mike Long, AX? UC, '72, Norman: Virginia Long, UC, '72, Oceanside, Calif, Leonard Longhorn, AHS, '70, Norman: Mike Longley, ATA, 14845, '7l Enid: Chuck Loring, fififilf, UC, '72, San Anlonio: Laura Lo'iz, UCI '7l, OC: Deborah Love, AX9, UC, '72, Norman: Roberl' M. Lov Pharm., '70, l-loldenvilleg Morris LoveH', EN, UC, '72, Norman. Jona Kay Low, X9, Ed., '71, Norman: Claudia Lowe, KA, Ed., '7ll OC: Mark Lowen+hal. EAN, UC, '7I, Greal Neck, L.l., N.Y.: Bo Loy, KE, UC, '72, Chickasha: Judy Loy, X9, UC, '72, Pawhuska David L'R0y, UC, '72, Tulsa: Michael Lubor, UC, '72, Skokie, l Don Lucas, ARS, '7I, Tulsa: L. ScoH Luff, BDU, Bus., '70, l-louslo Ka+l1y Luke, UB'i', UC, '72, Ardmore: Roberl F. Luke, UC, '72, Ad Anfhony Luker, UC, '72, Purcell: Melvin Lummus, UC, '72, O Beverly J. Lunsford, KA, Pharm,, '7I, l-lominy. JNDERCLASSMEN LU - MA Fhuck Lulher, 'PK-Y, Bus., '70, leheran, Iran, Linda L. Lullrell, UC, 72. OC, Michael T. Lynch, lildll, Enqr., '7I, Colorado Springs, Colo. Ailce Lynch, 'PK-Y, AHS, '70, Menlo Park, Calil,, David Lynn, ATA, XXQS, '70, Lawlon, Laura Lynn, AV, Ed., '7l, Houslon, Marilyn wlabrey, KKV, Ed., '7I, Olcmulgee. Pena MacArlhur, KKV, AES. '7l, OC, Diane Maclcey, l"l'l4, UC, 72, OC' Bill Maclcin, KI, AHS, '70, Ada, Milce Madison, Emir., '70, 'ul5a, Darius Maggi, AHS, '70, Wilburlon, Margo Maidl, Ally AHS, 70, OC, John Major, UC, '72, Amarillo, Tex. I'lomer Maiors, UC, '72, Barlle5villeT Dave Malcanani, Engr., '7I, lunlsvillc, Ala.: Gregg Malcris, UNA, UC. '7l, Concord, NH., iarbara Mallell, UC, '72, OC, A. K. Manahan, -EAN, UC, '72, Ada, llilce Mancillas, AT, UC, '7l, Overland Park, Kan., Abbey Man-del, fA'l', UC, '72, Dallas. red C. Manlcel, Bus., '7l, Wilmelle, Ill., Carlyn Manley, KAW, x8iS, '7I, Midwosl Cily, Allen Mann, ATA, Ed., '7I, McAlesler, Iraig Mann, ATU, AHS, '70, Wcbsler, N.Y., Debbie Mann, -EAT, lC, '72, San fxnlonio, Lila Mannas, X52, AXS, '7l, OC, Ki Manning, SXQ, Ed., '70, OC. oyce Mansell, AXSZ, UC, '72, Midwesl Cily, James Manzelmann, xcacia, Engr., '70, Parkridge, Ill., Dorolhy C. Mapes, UC, '72, OC, lanny Marchanl, 'l,I'A, UC, '70, OC: Slevie Marchman, AX9, d., '7l, OC, Carolyn Marcus, EAT, AES, '7I, Sl, Louis, Mo.7 Bregory Clifford Mare, UC, '72, Upper Saddle River, NJ. Ialhy Maricle, AXQ, UC, '72, OC, Linda Marlcee, 1ll5'l', Ed., '7l, arllesville: D. S. Marley, ATA, UC, '72, OC, Joe Marlow, UC, '72 lllon, Karen Marrioll, KA!-3, UC, '72, OC, Barbara Marrs, A'l' l., '7l, Norman, Milce Marsh, AHS, '70, Tulsa. ,arry Marshalc, EAN, AES, '7l, Tulsa, Rebecca Marshall, Al', Ed.. 7l, El Reno, Sherry Marshall, Ed.. '7l, El. Worlh, Tex., Joe Marsh- urn, IX, Bus., '7l, Allanla, Ga., Amy Marlin, l'1l'l3, UC, '72, Jorman, Bill Marlin, K-Y, AHS, '70, Waurika, Claudia Marlin, Ed., 70, OC. lennis Marlin, UC, '72, Eorl Cobb, Kaye Marlin, AHS, '7I, Wag- ner, Lloyd Marlin, ATA, AES, '70, Norman, Marsha L. Marlin, lC, '72, l-loaldlon, Peggy Marlin, KA, UC, '72, OC, Robe-rl Marlin, lC, '72, lishomingog Suzanne Marlin, llliflf, UC, '72, OC. Villiam Marlin, 15911, UC, '72, Barllesville, Bob Marlz, ATA, UC 72, Sioux Falls. S.D., David Marlz, UNA, AHS, '7l, Cranbury, NJ., Vhilney Marvin, 'l5AlTl, UC, '72, Norman, Earl S. Marwil, UC, '72 arllesville, Michael Marx, Alflf, Enqr., '70, Paoli, Pa., Jim Maryoll, TN, AHS, '70, OC. alhy Masengale, AHS, '70, l-louslon, Bob Mason, AT, UC, '7!. ulsa, Margarel Mason, KKF, Ed., '70, Norman, Charles A. Massle, 'ABL AHS, '7l, OC, Cinda Masl, KA, EA, '70, Norman, Linda lalhews, l"l'l3, Ed., '7l, Sapulpa, Rick Malhews, Blflll, Bus., '70, lorrnan in ...wma wmwswuufnavuinr- .1 ,W ,W .nu mmwawarf., ..1 Cathey Simmons studies at the library a relatively quiet place on campus UNDERCLASSMEN MA - ME Dennis A. Mafhies, Bus., '7I, Finleyville, Pa.: Alan Mafhis, Enqr., '7C Enid: Chip Mainihews, EX, UC, '72, Lawion: Lois Mafihews, Al' UC, '72, Dallas: James W. Maiiox, UC, '72, Moore: Marc Mafulich Engr., '7l, Sania Rosa, Calii.: Rae Ann Maughan, UC, '72, Norman Mary Kay Maulding, UC, '72, Sapulpa: Chris Maxwell, H1542 UC '72, Norman: Ben May, EAM, UC, '72, OC: Beverly May, Ed., '7C OC: James W. May, EN, UC, '72, OC: Lesley Ann May, UC, '72 Barilesville: Jennie Mayfield, UC, '72, Crysial Ciiy, Mo. Max Mayfield, AXA, AES, '70, OC: Miice Mayhail, BAE, Bus.. '7C Lawion: Trisha Mayhall, KKF, UC, '72, Ada: Janei McAdams, AAA ASS, '70, Brisiow: James McAdoo, UC, '7i, Carlsbad, N.M.: Donn' McBee, KKV, UC, '72, McAlesier: Douglas McBee, ADD, AHS, '7I Viniia. William McBee, Bus., '7I, Frederick: Margo McBrayer, UC, '72 Midwesi Ciry: John McBride, HK-A, Enqr., '70, OC: Gail McCall KAW, Ed., '7I, Norman: Liz McCar+y, AI'A, AES, '7I, OC: Rebecci Joyce McCary, Ed., '7I, Chailanooqa: Jane McCharen, APA UC, '72, OC. Palsy McCloud, AAII, Ed., '70, Barilesville: Milne McClure, AXA AES, '7I, OC: John McClymonds, BAE, AES, '7I, Nowala: Tone' McCollum, Bus., '70, l-ioldenyille: Bennie Leo McCombs, AES, '7I Norman: Rufh McConnell, UC, '72, Broken Arrow: Sue McConnell l"i'i3, Nursing, '7i, Fori Sheridan, III, Carol McCori'ney, UC, '72, Ada: Cynihia Jean McCorfney, UC, '73 Ada: Blaine Mccown, '1'l'A, UC, '72, OC: Jane McCoy, ilB'i', A8f '7I, Clinfon: Tully McCoy, KA, AES, '70, Chickasha: Sail McCravey, AFA, UC, '7l, l-lousfon: Greg McCraw, IX, Bus., '7C Norman. Connie McCreighi', KA, UC, '72, Kailua, Hawaii: John Mcculloug UC, '72, Tipion: Tom McCulloh, UC, '7I, Ardmore: Ann McCun l"l'l5, AIRS. '7l, Tulsa: Nan McDaniel, UC, '72, Richardson, Tex. Jeff McDonald, 'i'K-Y, Bus., '70, Tulsa: Susan McDonald, AFA UC, '72, OC. Russell McDougal, H1'iil, AHS, '7l, Chickasha: Melinda McElroy KU, Ed., '7I, Pauls Valley: Wayne McEndree, Enqr., '70, Aliu' Molly McFadden, UC, '72, New Orleans, La.: Rex McFarlin, UG '72, Sapulpa: Gary McGee, K-5, UC, '7l, Midwesi Ciiy: Lynd McGee, AL, Ed., '70, Norman. Margo McGee, AF, UC, '72, Ponca Cily: Mariy McGehee, -YAP Bus., '7i, Shawnee: Jo McGinnis, Al'-A, AES, '70, OC: Ph McGowan, -SAE, UC, '72, Tulsa: Debbie McGraw, XQ, UC, '71 Tulsa: Franlc McGregor, BAE, UC, '72, OC: Maclc McGuire, WAT! AHS, '7i, OC. Marsha McHenry. UC, '72, Midwesi City: Dorsey McIn+osh, UCI '72, Chiclcasha: Milne Mclnfosh, ATR, UC, '72, Aiius: Care McJunlcin, KA9, A8iS, '70, Tahlequah: Dennis McKee, AXA, UC, '7' Duncan: Lowry McKee, UC, '72, Norman: James D. McKenziil fbKZ, AHS, '7I, Pryor. Phiilis McKiddy, Ed., '7I, Noble: Marin McKinney, EN, Engr., '7 Carihaqe, Mo.: Barry McKinnis, AES, '7I, Fairview: Hal McKnigh EX, UC, '71, OC: Karen McLeod, KA, UC, '72, OC: Kare McMahan, KKV, UC, '72, Chiclcasha: Carle McMahon, UC, '71 Tulsa. Peg McMullen, Alf AHS, '70, Wichiia, Kan.: Bill McMurry, A81 '7l, Norman: ScoH' McNabb, -SAE, UC, '72, Norman: Nancy M Neeley, AF, UC, '72, Norman: Ken McNeil, 'i'1'A, Bus., '70, D Moines, iowa: Kevin McNeil, fi'T'A, Bus., '70, Des Moines, low James McPeak, ATA, AES, '7I, Meiuchen, N.J. Lee McQuigg, Ed., '70, Tulsa: Harvey McQuis+on, UC, '72, Wichiii Kan.: Ralph L. McReynolds, UC, '72, OC: Charlie McWilliams, K UC, '72, Broken Arrow: Greg McWilliams, KZ, AHS, '70, Brolc Arrow: Danny Meaders, H342 AZLS, '70, Ada: Pama Means, A Ed., '7I, OC. LJNDERCLASSMEN ME - MO vlichael Mecca, UNA, AES, '70, Passaic, N.J., Gary Medlock, Engr., '7l, Sand Sprinqs, Jana Meek, KU, Ed., '70, OC, Mark sflehlman, BAM, UC, '72, Sl. Louis, Mo., David Mellon, UC, '72, klamogordo. N.M., Nancy Mel+on, UC, '72, Claremore, Linda vienidelsohn, UC, '72, Balon Rouge, La. David Mendenhall, -YN, UC, '72, Enid, Fran Mendler, 2lA'l', FA, '7l, slew Orleans. La., James Mercer, Acacia, UC, '72, Brookfield, Wiz., Nilliam Meredifh, AES, '7l, Dumas. Tex., Alan Merci, 'l'liA, UC, 7l, Chicago, Jim Merrifield, AES, '7l, Ponca Cify, David Morri- nan, 'N'-A, AES, '7l, Midwesl Cily. lerald Merriman, AXA, Enqr., '70, Mitchell. S.D., Dale Mers, 'l'K4', JC, '72, Glenview, lll., S+anley E. Messinger, Bus., '70, Hanover, Pa., Seorge Mefevelis, AT, UC, '72, Tulsa, Carol Meyer, UC, '72, Tulsa, 'lenry Meyer, 151911. AHS, '7l, Tulsa, Jim Meyer, 15911, Bus., '70, iarllesville. Xr+hur Meyerson, 'l'l5A, Bus., '7l, l-louslon: Brad Michael, BX, Bus., 7l, New Iberia, La., Michael E. Michalczyk, ATA, Enqr., '7l, llasca, ll., Debby Milder, -EAT, UC, '72, Omaha, Neb., Jack Mildren, JC. '72, Abilene, Tex., William D. Millar, AKE, UC, '72, Floss- noor, III., Be'I'sy Miller, AES, '70, l-larlshorne, lruce Miller, 'PB-A, UC, '7l, Tulsa, David Miller, 'VK-fi, UC, '72, 'ulsat David Miller, ATA, UC, '72, Laiayelle. La., DoHie Miller, HZ, Ed., '7l, Miami, Franklin Dee Miller, Bus., '70, OC, Jay Miller, 71'-A, Bus., '7l, Muskogee, Jeanene Miller, AXSZ, UC, '72, OC, eanne Miller, UC, '72, OC, Jeff Miller, Bus., '70, Dallas: 'Kaihy riiller, KA!-bl AES, '70, Shalluck, Louis Wendell Miller, UC, '7l, 'onca Cily, Lyle Miller, A1142 UC, '72, Shreveport, La., Nancy Ailler, KA. Ed., '70, Decalur, Ill., Ray Ellis Miller, UC, '7l, OC. ileve Miller, l5l"lll, UC, '72, Tulsa, Susan Miller, Al'1'l', UC, '72. 'ulsa, David Million, ASS, '7l, Horniny, Susan Mishkin, A'l'l'i, UC, 72, Mobile, Ala., Don Mifchell, EAM, Bus., '7l, Jackson, Miss., Kirk Mifchell, 'l'K.'S, UC, '72, OC: Nafhan Mihzhell, A242 Bus., '7l, arlsborough. loberl E. Mikchell, W'lli, Enqr., '7l, Tulsa, Jim Mi+rovgenis, K-5, lC, '72, McAlesler, Nancy Mix, AVA, AHS, '70, OC, Richard Mize, lC, '72, OC, Howard Mizushima, UC, '72, Grand Junclion, Colo., ,inda Moberly, AHS, '7l, Calumet Vicki Mobley, UC, '72, Barllos- ille. Zookie Mogab, UC. '72, El Reno, John Mogab, ASS, '7l, El Reno, fennelh Mogg, Enqr., '70, OC, Lynn Mogg, UC, '72, OC, Mike dogilefsky, AEN, UC, '7l, New York Cily, Marli Molasky, EAT, lC, '7l, Sl. Louis, Mo., Carolyn Monicrief, AAA, UC, '72, OC. lebbie Moncrief, AAA, FA, '70, OC, Cafhy Monroe, A42 Ed., '7l, DC, Lynden Monroe, UC, '72, Midwesl Cily, Ann Monsour, KKV, lC, '72, Ponca Cily, Paula Monlague, AXQS, '70, Rome, Ga., Jack 4on1gomery, EX, Bus., '7l, Barllesville, Joe Monfgomery, fZ'A1'l, IC, '72, OC. .onnie Monlgomery, Pharm., '70, Holdenville, Kaye Frances Moody, lC, '7l, Duncan, Barbara Moore, X9, AHS, '70, Tulsa: Beverly doore, AE'l,, UC, '72, l-louslon, Brad Moore, -YN, UC, '72, Hugo: lonald Moore, HKA, AES, '7l, Moline, ill., Efhel Moore, UC, '72, as Vegas, Nev, ilen Moore, UNA, UC, '72, Pauls Valley, John Moore, HEMI, UC, '2, Blackwell, Michael Moore, 'PK-Y, Enqr., '7l, Midwesl Cily, lichael Moore, ABS, '70, Midwest Cilfy, Roberi Moore, A2142 nqr., '7l, OC, Terry Moore, Bus., '7l, Norman, Vicki Moore, Al', C, '72, OC. nnie Moorhead, A'l', Ed., '7l, Norman, Jeff Moorman, 'l'Al'7, us., '70, OC, Chris Moran, 'PK-Y, UC, '72, Tulsa, Cecie Morefield, AA, ABS, '7l, Alva, Beify Lou Morgan, KA!-ll Ag,5v '70, QQ: avid Morgan, ATA, AHS, '7l, Midwesr Cifyg David P. Morgan, XA, UC, '72, OC. ya .,, , 508 UNDERCLASSMEN MO - N l Louis Morgan, HGH, UC, '72, Wichira, Kan., Tom Morgan, 'PKZ UC, '72, Dallas, Omar Morillo, Enqr., '70, Maracaibo, Venezuela Chic Morisseau, ATU, AXcS, '70, OC, Debbie Morris, UC, '72, Tulsa Les G:-an+ Morris, Engr., '70, Calgary, Alla., Canada, Robert Morris KA, Bus., '70, Dallas. Pa+rick Morrison, XTX, UC, '72, Barrlesvilleg Sarah Morrison, Pharm '7I, Miami, Gran? Morrow, FPA4-J, UC, '72, OC, James Morrow Engr.. '7I, Del Cily, Glenn Morfon, 'PK21 UC, '72, OC, Larr Morfon, ATU, lfus., '70, Moore, Roberf Morion, Engr., '7I, OC. Sallie Morfon, UC, '72, Marshall, Mo., Connie Mose, AF. AHS, '7C Sapulpa, Gary Moser, 'PK-5, UC, '72, OC, Nancy Moser, Afl' El., '70, OC, Wall-er Mosley, A'l'A, A8fS, '70, McAlesfer, Lindr Moss, KA, UC, '72, Dallas, Paula Mosfovoy, EAT, EA, '70, Sf. Louis Mo. Caihy Moisenbocker, KKF, Pharm., '70, Barilesville, David Moul+ori ATU, Ed., '70, Perersburq, Va., Donald A. Moulfon, Enqr., '7C Lawron, Ronald Moulfon, A8iS, '70, McAles+er, Bill Mouni, EAI? UC, '72, Norman, Phil Moun+, AUP, Bus., '70, Marshalown, Iowa Thomas Muchmore, firKE, UC, '72, Ponca Cily. Mike Mullen, -SAE, UC, '72, Dallas, Mary Mulmed, AE'P, Ed., '7C Tulsa, Tom Muncy, UC, '7l, Vinira, Vickie Mund+, EAT, UC, '72 New Orleans, La., Margarei' Munger, AAA, Ed., '7l, Enid, Doum Munro, A2l'l', AHS, '7l, Ann Arbor, Mich., Mike Munson, 'PI'-A UC, '72, OC. Pafrick J. Murphy, UC, '72, Tulsa, Polly Murphy, KA9, UC, '72 Ardmore, Sieve Murphy, ATU, UC, '72, Purcell, Tamsen Murray AHS, '7I, OC, Sam Musallam, B91-I, UC, '72, OC, Gene Musgrove AHS, '70, Tulsa, James Musser, ATU, Bus., '7l, Enid. Marilyn Musser, AX9, UC, '72, Tulsa, Charlie C. Muzny, UC, '72 Prague, Barbara Myers, Al', Ed., '7I, Norman, Susan Myers, A'i AS, '7I, Midwesl Cily, Twilla Jane Myers, UC, '72, Lubbock, Tex. Joni Myfhen, UC, '72, OC, Wendy Nagel, AWP, UC, '72, Glencoe Ill. Tim Nagle, 'P1'A, UC, '72, Darien, Conn., Nick Nardine, AES, '75 Canonsburg, Pa., Bill Naiion, AKE, UC, '72, Tulsa, Diana Nauman KA, AHS, '7I, Falls Church, Va., James Naylor, 'PKKIC UC, '71 Norrhfield, III., Lawrence Naylor, Acacia, AHS, '71, Beihany: Dwigh Neal, ATU, UC, '72, Tulsa. Judy Neal, KKF, UC, '72, Carlsbad, N.M., Larry Neal, EAE, Bus '70, Lawion, Richard Neal, EN, UC, '7l, Sand Springs, Karl Nease Pharm., '70, OC, Richard Neaves, AES, '7I, OC, Johnny Neill, K2 Pharm., '7I, McAles'rer, Chrisfy Nelson, AF, AXS, '70, Muskogec Ed Nelson, TAD, AHS, '7I, Norman, James Nelson, ATU, ASS, '7C Knoxville, lowa, Jim Nelson, BN, Bus., '7I, Tulsa, Rick Nelson, 'PI' Bus., '7I, Lindslrom, Minn., Triieana Nelson, AHS, '70, Lawio Barbara Nemechek, KA9, Ed., '70, OC, Mary Nepiune, AFA, A815 '7l, Barllesville. Pafsy Nepiune, UC, '72, Barllesville, David Nepveux, KE, Pharm '70, McAlesier, Nancy NesbiH', KA9, UC, '72, Miami, Sharon NeL mann, UC, '72, OC, Nancy Newbern, AXQ, AHS, '7I, El: Worfl Tex., Clinfon Newberry, UC, '72, OC, Frank Newcomb, KA, Bus '7l, OC, Frederick Newman, AT, Enqr., '7l, Rumiord, R.l., Myrna Newman AWE, UC, '72, Tulsa, Susan Newman, KAP7, AHS, '70, Tulsa, Han Newmark, Bus, '7l, Del Cily, Pai' Newsom, AHS, '7l, Chickashf Bob Newion, BAE, Enqr., '7l, Evanslon, Ill., Gary New+on, UC, '7. Prague. Julie Newfon, HBGD, AES, '7I, Midwesr Ciiy, Tom Nicely, E5 UC. '72, Tulsa: Gary Nickel, IPAQ, ASUS. '70, Tulsa, Norma Nickle AF, Bus., '70, Amarillo, Tex., Diane Nicks, AAU, AES, '70, OO Sam Nigh, Acacia, AHS, '7!, Norman, Roberf Nims, A8:S, '70, Ere: erick, Md. JNDERCLASSMEN NI - PA om Nixon, UC, '72, OC: Judy Noble, KA, AHS, '71, OC: David 1ob1es, K-Y, UC, '72, OC: Susan Nordendale, UC, '72, 1-1igh1and ark, II1.: Nancy Norman, KKV, UC, '72, Wewoka: Tom Norman, TKE, A8fS, '71, San Anionio: P1'li1ip Norris, '1'A1"1, UC, '72, Ei. Vorfh, Tex. ohn Nor+hcu'H', 130111, AHS, '71, Ponca Cify: Barbara Norihingfon, IC, '72, Duncan: Jann Nor+11rup, KK1', UC, '72, Ada: Kafhryn 1ovak, KA, Ed., '71, OC: Larry Novak, AUP, UC, '72, Hcuslon: ames Now1in, Bus., '70, Musfanq: Marc NuH1e, 131411, AES, '71, onca Ciry. usan NuH'y, Ed., '70, OC: Norma Oakes, ARS, '71, OC: Joe Jafes, ATU, UC, '71, Tu1sa: Dennis Obremski, KA, Bus., '70, Nor- 'a1k, Conn.: Pafrick O'Brien, fi'-519, UC, '72, Tu1sa: Karen O'Connor, APB, EA, '70, Ponca Ciiy: Caryn Odom, UC, '72, OC, ay Odom, 'l'A0, Engr., '71, OC: Gerald Oguss, AEN, Bus., '70, 51encoe, I1I.: Larry O'Ke11ey, SAE, Bus., '71, Siroud: Jayne Oidham, AU, AES, '71, OC: Susan Oids, Afii, Ed., '70, La Orange, Il.: fan Oliver, AXA, UC, '72, Shawnee: S1-even Oliver, A8fS, '71, OC. rock Oiivo, K-E, Enqr., '70, 1-1o1denvi11e: Nancy Oimsfead, AXSZ, 1C, '72, Tu1sa: Randy O1ms1'ead, BAE, Bus., '70, OC: Roberi' Olm- 1ead, BAE, UC, '72, OC: John- Phillip O1son, 'PK-fi, UC, '72, A'1u5: im O'Mea1ey, UC, '71, OC: Virgil L. Onan, -STA, Bus., '71, OC. arbara Orfh, KAPJ, Ed., '70, Norman: Sic-von Oriiz, UC, '72, ar11esvi11e: Nancy Osborne, iilifif, AHS, '70, Fr. Si11: Sieve M. 1'S11aughnessy, UC, '72, Mid1and, Tex.: Caroiyn Osko, AHS, '70, u1sa: Jill Osfrander, AV, UC, '72, Okmulgee: Karen Osfrooi, -3--3-3, harm., '71, Duncan. +eve Oufhier, IN, UC, '72, Enid: Marsha Overbey, ASS, '70, Vir, inia Beach, Va.: Cindy Owens, UC, '72, Wayne: S+eve Owens, fl, UC, '70, Miami: Wes Owens, -31515, UC, '72, Ardmore: Gregory Pwings, EN, Bus., '70, Norman: Lynn Pack, -EX, AHS, '70, Duncan. ill Pain, -XT, AES, '70, Anadarko: Geraid Paine, UC, '72, End: 1-eve Pa11esen, IX, Bus., '70, OC: Denise Pa1mer, 3-33, UC, '72 PC: Joan Pa1mer, AHS, '71, Tu1sa: Les1ey Palmer, A1011 UC, '72, vhicago: Me1anie Pa1mer, -3-X-3, UC, '72, Tu1sa. Tephanie Pa1mer, Al'-3, A81S, '70, Wayland, Mass.: Robbie Paimore, '93, AHS, '70, El Paso, Tex.: Jim Pancoasf, 'PKXIC ARS, '70, Ok- u1gee: Char1oH'e Panne11, Nursing, '71, Miami: Carol Parker, ASS, '1, Deerfield, 111.: Harold Parker, 'PA-1'1, Enqr., '71, 1.iTT1e Rock, Ark: en Parker, 'PB-3, UC, '72 Oakhursf, N.J. erry Parman, '1"1'L3, AHS, '71, OC: Mark Parringion, ATU, UC, '70 YC: Tom Parrish, UC, '72, Mae1i11: Nick Pascale, A-3'1', UC, 72 1a1edon, N.J.: Cafhy Pa+e, ASKS, '71, OC: Dick Pafe, K-Y, Bus., '70 IC: James Wa1+er Pafe, A81S, '70, OC. --f' Modern dzmcc students Joellu Marek. Nancy Schneider, Mzlrles Long take part in OU's outstanding dance curriculum. UNDERCLASSMEN PA - PC Bill Palrerson, XX, UC, '72, Barilesville, Chuck Pa'Herson, :AE UC, '72, Tulsa, Donna PaHerson, UC, '72, Norman, EmmiH Pa'Her son, A'l'A, AES, '7I, Muskogee, Pairicia PaHerson, UC, '7l, Chou ieau, Mike Pafrison, IN, UC, '72, Tulsa, Joel Pafion, WBA, Bus '7I, Greaf Neck, N.Y. Mike Pafron, AXA, Bus., '7I, OC, Ray PaHon, UC, '72, Tulsa Marlyn Paul, NPR, UC, '72, Glencoe, lll., Linda Pavlik, AXSI, A815 '70, Ponca Cilv, Bruce PayeHe, KE, UC, '72, Dallas, Ed Payne Enqr., '7I, Ardmore, George Payne, Enqr., '70, Lawrenceville, ll Ken? Payne, AXA, UC, '72, Shawnee, Ken Peacher, UC, '72, E Reno, Peggy Pearce, AES, '7l, El Reno: John Pearson, EAE, Bus '7I, Lemars, Iowa, Lindell Pearson Jr., UC, '72, Overland Parlr Kan., Mark D. Pearson, UC, '72, Purcell, Vickie Pearson, UC, '72 Barrlesville. r Paul Pedrick, UC, '72, Tulsa, Jeanne Peisfrup, UC, '72, Tulsa, Bi Pence, fl'..M'l, Bus., '70, Norman, Michael Pendley, UC, '72, Caracas Venezuela, Mel Penn, UC, '72, Wagoner, Paula Penning+on, Ki UC, '72, Wichira Falls, Tex., Glenda Penny, UC, '72, Tulsa. Rena Pensky, AWP, UC, '72, Silver Spring, Md., Ann Peoples, A815 '70, Woodward, David Pepper, EX, UC, '72, Barllesville, Doui Pereboom, BDU, UC, '72, Los Alamiios, Calif., Melvin Perkin: 'l'KZ1, Enqr., '7I, OC, Peggy Perkins, UC, '72, Tulsa, Millicenf Perry Al'-5, AHS, '70, Ponca Cilv. Ronnye Perry, AES, '7I, Tecumseh, Srephanie Perry, EAT, Ed., '7l Indianapolis, lnd., Doug Perryman, AT, Enqr., '7I, OC, Dale Peiere UC, '7l, Frederick, Rick Pefers, AT9, UC, '72, Wynnewood, Ginr Pefersen, NP, UC, '7I, Ponca Cilv, James Pererson, 'l'Kq', Engr '7l, Barllesville. Winsfon Peferson, 'PKXTC UC, '72, Galvesion, Tox., Shirley Pefree KAW, Ed., '7I, OC, Donna PeH'y, AES, '7I, Prvor, Don Phillip! Enqr., '70, OC, Forb Phillips, -YN, Bus., '7I, Tulsa, Janie Phillip: KKl', Ed., '7I, OC, Jay Phillips, EAM, UC, '72, Si. Louis, Mo. Lamber+ Phillips, fl'-59, ABS, '70, Midland, Tex., Ronald Phillip: llili, AHS, '7I, Norman, Sian Phillips, Acacia, UC, '72, Enid, Tan Phillips, XYZ, Ed., '70, El Reno, Peggy Phillips, AXSZ, Bus., '7C OC, John P. Pickens, UC, '72, Norman, Bob Pickup, -9-KE, Bus., '71 Wellsville, N,Y. Glenda Pierce, UC, '72, Guymon, Laura Pierce, KKP, FA, '7l Dallas, Leslie Pierce, KKF, UC, '72, Muskogee, Mickey Pierce, EAT UC, '72, Glencoe, Ill., Pe+e Pierce, BDU, UC, '7I, OC, Bill Piesfei ATU, AES, '7I, Talihina, Pigman Reed, 'l'KXi', UC, '72, Ei. Worfl Tex. Tommy Pike, UC, '72, Broken Bow, Becky Pinson, UC, '72, l-lug Val Pipps, AXA, Bus., '7l, Shawnee, Judy Piilor, EAT, UC, '7 Omaha, Nels., Bruce PiHs, 'Pl'A, UC, '72, OC, Jamie Pills, "PK FA, '70, OC, Teresa PiH's, Ali, UC, '72, Ardmore. Dee Anne Pla+ner, TWH, UC, '72, Barllesville, John Plessinger, 'PTB AHS, '70, Denver, Colo,, S'l'acy Plofkin, UC, '72, Chicago, Lind Pogue, UC, '72, OC, Tommy Poinfer, KE, ABS, '7l, OC, Richarr Polishuk, 'l'l3A, UC, '7I, Dallas, Doug Polk, IN, UC, '72, OC. Linda Polk, TYPE, UC, '72, OC, Seih Pollack, 'PB-5, UC, '72, Tuls Nancy Pollina, AF, ABS, '70, Lawion, Ray Pomykal, 'l'K?l, AHS, '7 E+. Worrh, Tex., Dennis Pool, AT-LX, UC, '72, Norman, Claudia Pool A-X-3, UC, '72, Barilesville, Don Pope, BAE, A8fS, '70, Lawlon. Gary Pope, UC, '72, Tecumseh, Dick Por+er, AXA, Bus., '7EI Norman, Jack Por+er, EQE, UC, '72, OC, Kafhy Porler, KA, Ed '7l, OC: Sally Porfer, Ed., '70, Lawiong Susan Pcrfer, KA, Pharm '7I, Pryor, Becca Posfon, TTB? UC, '72, Norman. NDERCLASSMEN P0 - RH loy J. Posfon, UC, '72, Brisiow: Ronald PoHer, Engr., '7l, Del Ciiy: ,ohn PoHs, 'PAQ UC, '7l, OC: Thomas G. PoHs, KA, AXKS, '70, flidwesi Cify: Suzanna Poulsen, AHS, '7l, OC: Deborah Powell, 'd., '7l, Fox: John Powell, ATU, Bus., '70, Norman. ennie PraH, AHS, '70, OC: Ed Preble, 'l'KNl', Ed., '70, Norman: ames E. Pregler, UC, '7l, Tulsa: Denise Preniice, A'l', UC, '72, OC: dargie Pribyl, Al', EA, '7l, Tulsa: James Price, 'l'l'A, UC, '72, OC: faren Price, l"l'H, UC, '72, Midwesi Ciiy, undy Pridgen, UC, '72, German Town, Tenn.: Alan Priesman, WBA, IC, '7l, Omaha, Neb.: Bill Priesf, 'TAM-3, Bus., '7l, OC: Jay Prinlz, KE, UC, '72, Wilion, Conn.: Peggy Procior, A42 UC, '72, Midwesl lily: Ronald L. Procfor, 'DKNIL Engr., '70, Midwesi Cily: Harriei rousniizer, AEfl', Ed., '70, Liiile Rock, Ark. 'ladison Pruef, IIKA, UC, '7l, Ashland, Ala.: Buddy Puckeff, EAE, us., '7l, McAlesier: Chris Puckefi, AXA, UC, '72, OC: James lichael Pullin, AHS, '7l, Minco: Fred Purcell, EX, AXKS, '7l, OC: arry Purkey, UC, '72, Shawnee: Pamela Pursifull, AHS, '7l, Mid- esl Cily. iiane Pylanf, ARS, '7l, Duncan: Richard Pyle, Ed., '70, Norlhbrook, l.' Roberr Quick, 'PKZL Bus., '70, OC: James C. Quillian, UC, '72, DC: Pa+ricia Quinlan, AES, '7l, Okmulqee: Carol Quinn, UC, '72, ockiord, lll.: Shelley Quinn, AX9, UC, '72, OC. ale Raczlcowski, AT, A8fS, '7l, New Brunswick, N.J.: ScoH' Rader, 'K-E, AES, '70, Woodward: Ken Ragsdale, K-E, UC, '72, Broken ,rrow: Charles Rainbolf, Bkill, AHS, '70, Cordell: Rob Rainbolf, 1-PII, A8fS. '7l, Cordell: Lynn Rainwaier, fI'KXI', UC, '72, Sapulpa: ee Rakeslraw, ITKA, Bus., '70, OC. 'ina Gay Ramsel, XYZ, UC, '72, El Reno: Pei-er Ramsey, BAE, UC, '2, Shreveport La.: Sfeve Ramsey, A8fS, '70, Yukon: Sieve Ramsey, N, Enqr., '7l, OC: Bruce Ramzel, UC, '72, Barflesville: El+on andall, UC, '72, Warwick, R.l.: Joe Randall, KE, UC, '72, Wood- ard. yle Randerson, TTB, UC, '72, Highland Park, lll.: Chuck Rankin, TA, AHS, '7l, Tulsa: Hailey Jean Rankin, KAO, UC, '72, Norman: on Rappaporf, TBA, '7l, Muskogee: Leslie Raskin, AWP, AHS. I, Fr. Worrh, Tex.: Mariie Raicliffe, KA9, A81S, '7l, Jackson, Miss.: 1aron Rafliff, Pharm., '7l, l-lariiord, Ky. onnie Rauch, GPBA, UC, '72, Housion: Mary Rawlins, AT, UC, '72, arilesville: Joe C, Ray, FA, '70, Weleeika: Sally Ray, Ed., '70, lfus: ScoH Raymond, ATA, UC, '72, Muskogee: David P. Reader, Cacia, AXS. '70, Rye, N.Y.: Ronald Recer, Enqr., '7l, Lawion. :ihn Recfor, ZX, Bus., '7l, Dallas: Ron Redus, BAE, AES, '7l, marille, Tex.: James Redwine, EN, Bus., '7l, Huqo: Carol Reed, AA, Ed., '70, OC: Carolyn Reed, KKP, UC, '72, Norman: Siephen orrell Reed, UC, '7l, Moore: Sue Reed, KA9, ASS, '7l, OC. m Reeder, KA, AES, '70, Tulsa: Jim Reese, Ed., '7l, OC: Michael eese, Bus., '7l, OC: John Reeve, AE'l', Ed., '7l, Oirawa, Ill.: Bev- ly Reeves, KU, Ed., '7l, OC: John Reeves, EAN, Bus., '7l, OC: nne Regier, UC, '72, Wichiia, Kan. arolyn Sue Reinig, FA, '7l, OC: Malinida Reinlce, UC, '7l, Vine- nd, N.J.: John Reinmiller, AXA, A8iS, '70, l-lobarl: Bob Reins, ZX, is., '70, Tulsa: G. Mike Renfro, AES, '7l, Midwesr Ciiy: Pai Renfro, TQ, Engr., '70, Dallas: Dale William Renke, Engr., '70, Somers, N.Y. by ReHberg, A'l'9, AHS, '70, Arlinqion l-leiqhis, Ill.: Dwighi- Reyn- ds, -SAE, A31S, '70, Purcell: Jimmy Reynolds, EX, UC, '72, Barilese lle: Roxanne Reynolds, AXS2, UC, '72, Midwesl Ciry: Sfephen aynolds, ZX, UC, '72, Tulsa: Sam Rhoades, UC, '72, Tulsa: Becky 1ocles, l"l'l'i, AES, '70, Barflesville. UNDERCLASSMEN RH - RC Judy Rhodes, ATA, AHS, '7l, Barilesville, Marian Rhodes, 1"l'l UC, '72, OC, Marilyn Rhodes, AXQ, Bus., '70, OC, Con Rice, AX! Bus., '7l, OC, Donald Rice, EN, UC, '72, Pauls Valley, Lewis Rice BN, UC. '7l, Pauls Valley, Linda Rice, AHS, '70, Norman, Clare Richards, UC, '72, Minneapolis, Minn., Janey Richards, HB4 EA, '70, Shawnee, Kip Richards, WHA, UC, '7l, Tulsa, Larry Richarc son, K-E, UC, '72, Woodward, Mariha Richardson, EAT, UC, '71 Baron Rouge, La., Sian Richardson, UC, '72, VVaurika, Roland Ricl erson, 'i'K'I', AHS, '70, Wewoka. Sieve Richman, EAM, AHS, '7l, El Dorado, Ark., Marsha Richmonc UC, '72, Muskogee, Robin Richier, A'l'E, UC, '72, Chicago, Robel Rickman, 'PA-9, Bus., '70, Tulsa, Rosalie Riddle, KAN, UC, '71 Shawnee, Ginger Ridgeway, KKF, AHS, '70, OC, Sieve Ridgwai TTA, UC, '7l, OC, Roberi' Ridinger, AHS, '7l, OC, Rose Ries, AVA, AHS, '7l, Normar Richard Riggs, AHS, '7l, OC, Charles A. Rikli, A342 Bus., '7C Enid, Marci Riskin, AAU, UC, '72, Highland Park, Ill., Polly RiH'e Ed, '7l, Ardmore, John Riiz, BETH, Engr., '7l, Norman. James Roach, A'l'SZ, UC, '72, OC, Paula Roan, AVA, AHS, '7 Chickasha, Bill Roark, A'l'A, Engr., '70, OC, Chuck Roark, ATA, UC '72, OC, Suzanne Robben, UC, '72, Fr. Smilh, Ark., Dennis Robbin AHS, '70, Moore, Ruih Robbins, UC, '72, OC. Debbie Roberfs, AF, UC, '72, Purcell, Marilyn Roberfs, X9, Ed., '7 Dewey, Phil Roberis, -UAE, AHS, '70, Wewoka, Richard Roberf EWU, AHS, '7l, Ada, Deborah Roberison, KA0, AHS, '7l, I-lealdior' Malory Roberfson, Ali, Ed., '70, Norman, Mark Roberison, UC, '7' OC. Nancy Roberfson, AHS, '70, Muskogee, Sally Roberfson, AAA, UC '72, OC, Vicki Roberison, KA9, AHS, '7l, OC, Vicki Rober+so EA, '70, Mariella, Kelly RobineH, 'l'Al'l, AHS, '7l, Norman, Barrl Robinson, RC-ill, UC, '72, Clinion, Gregg Robinson, Twill, Bus., '7l Clinlon. Randy Robinson, AHS, '7l, OC, Ronald Robinson, UC, '72, Chick. sha, Sharlene F. Robinson, UC, '72, Chandler, Sfephanie Robinso UC, '7l, Tulsa, Roberi' B. Robiishek, UC, '72, Barllesville, Ji Rochelle, AUP, Bus., '70, Norman, Janell Rock, ATE, UC, '72, OC David Rodriguez, AHS, '70, Caracas, Venezuela, Iris Rodriguez, UC '72, Forl Sill, Harvie Roe, EAN, Bus., '7l, Shawnee, Anne Roger KA9, AHS, '70, Ardmore, Janei' Rogers, AAA, UC, '72, Ardmorr John Rogers, ATA, Engr., '7l, Lindsay, Mariha Rogers, Pharm., '7 Hulberi. Ron Rogers, BETH, UC, '72, Wynnewood, Sfephen Rogers, Ali' Engr., '7l, Odessa, Tex., Teresa Rogers, AHS, '70, Tulsa, Charl Rolader, Bus., '70, Allanra, Ga., Debbi Roller, Ili3'l', UC, '72, Pont Cily, John Rollins, 'l'i'A, Engr., '7l, Lawlon, Donna Romberg, A AHS, '7l, Shawnee. Donnie Romberg, UC, '72, Shawnee, John W. Ronck, AXA, Ui '72, Wakira, Keiih Ronck, AXA, Bus., '70, Wakila, Michael Ronn ATU, AHS, '7l, Teaneck, N.J., Dennis Roodman, EAM, Bus., 'T S+. Louis, Mo., Dala Rooksiool, AAA, UC, '72, OC, Mary Rore 1"i'H, Nursing, '7l, Cushing. Jeffrey Rose, 'i'BA, UC, '7l, Skokie, lil., Mike Rose, 'VK-E, UC, Tulsa, Talesa Rose, I"l'B, UC, '72, OC, Tom Rose, 'PK-3, UC, '7 OC, David Rosen, AKE, UC, '72, Wilmerle, Ill., Nancy Rosen, U4 '72, Dallas, Tom Rosen, 'l'BA, Bus., '70, Omaha, Neb. Jim Rosenberger, AEH, UC, '72, l-louslon, Gloria Rosenkran' UC, '72, Miami Beach, Fla., Shari Rosenihal, AEYII, UC, '72, Dallg Alan Ross, WBA, UC, '7l, Chicago, Lee Ross, 'i'l3A, Bus., 'r Omaha, Neb., Moniy L. Ross, UC, '72, Ar 'more, Roberi Ross, K AHS, '70, OC. l JNDERCLASSMEN' RO - SC ,ichard Rofh, 'PH-X AHS '70 OC' Nancy Ro+hlisberger, XQ, Ed., VO, Barilesville' Jane Royce, EAT UC, '72, Cleveland Ohio: Tony azan, 'Ni-X, UC, '72, i-lousron' Joleen Rozell, AHS, '7l, Ponca Ciiy: dward Rubac, 'l'K'i' AES, '7l, OC' Greg Rubensfein, UC, '72, rarnincgharn. Mass, Zharles Rucker, 'l'l'l, A8-S, '7I. OC: Rochelle Rudd, llli'i', AHS, 'O, lvlidwesl' Cily: Debbie Rudnick, -EXP, UC, '72, Skokie, Ill.: iarvey Rudnick, lA-ll, AHS, '70, Bosfon, Mass.: Sfeve Ruedy, Ed., 'O, OC: Gary Ruezinsky, UC. '72, Ridfweliewd Park, N.J.: Sam uffin, Bus., '70, Shaliuck, ella Rummel, UC '7l, Chicaqo' Clarence J. Runyon, AES '70, OC: ran Russell, l"l'l5, Ed., '71 OC: James Russell, Ki, Engr. '70 'iidwesi Cilyg Janef Russell, KA!-D, UC '72, Barflesville' Johnnie ussell, FA, '70, I-lenryeria' Julie Ruiledge, l"l'l'i, UC '72, Fi. Vorfh, Tex. ary Ruzek, AVA, ASS, '7l, Enid: Joe Ryan, AXA, UC, '72, Clark, l.J.: Hank Ryan, Wall, UC, '72, Lindsay: Susan Ryan, UC, '72, ibilene, Tex.: John Ivan Ryder Jr., UC, '72, OC: Shannon Ryle, -XQ, UC, '7I Pensacola, Fla.: Sfuari' Ryser, 'PAK-P: UC: '72, MUS. aqee. lizabeih Sadler, A5--X, A815 '70, Muskoqee: Melvin Safshom, Enqr.. 'O Calumer City, Ill.: John Sakelaris, UC, '72, Tulsa: Michael Salem, lC, '7l, Drumriqhi: Sherry Salle, UC, '72, Tulsa: Linda Kay Salm- ns, UC, '7l, Bridqeion, Mo.: Terry Salfzman, E15-'i', UC, '72, Shaker leiqhis, Ohio. inda Samis, Iii3'l', Ed., '7l, OC: Susan Samis, IIBII1, Ed., '7l, OC: arry Sandefer, UC, '72, Duncan: Don R. Sanders, EWU, Engr., '7l, ulsag Gail Sanders, UC, '72, Ponca Ciiy: John Sanders, Bus., '70, 4idwesf Cily: Alan Sandgarfen, 'PB-X, UC, '72, OC, ill Sands, lx, Bus, '70, Tulsa: Debbie Sands, KKl', A8iS, '7l, Fi. Vorih, Tex.: Elaine Saper, AEKP, Ed., '70, Joliel, Ill.: John A. Saf- zrwhife, BUTT, AXS, '70, Wagoner: Michael Sauberf, IN, UC, '72, ulsa: Tuck Saul, Nursing, 70, Tulsa: Becky Saunders, Ki, Pharm., 'I, OC. arry Saunders, 'PK-fl, Bus., '7I OC: Dan Savage, 'l'Al'i, AES, '70, ulsat Dick Savage, Acacia, AES, '70, Duncan' Marilyn Schad, A3-X, C, '72, Tulsa: Harizell Schaff, KX, ASS, '70, McAles+er: Sieve chall, UC '72, i-lewleir, N.Y.: Paula Scheffer, ASS, '7l, Norman. ari Schenk, -Y-ST, Ed., '7l, Chicago: Paul Schiebl, -5-T, UC. '72, orman: Paul Schiff, UC, '72, Highland Park, Ill.: Shirley Schiff, d., '7l, Duncan: David Schimmel, RHII, AHS, '71, Shawnee: arbara Schmidf, EAT, UC, '72 Dallas: Eric Schmidf, K-ff, UC, '72, PC. red Schmidt ATU, UC, 72, OC: Judy Schmidf, A8xS, '7l, Andover, ,J.: Layne Schmidi, HWY' UC, '72, Norman: Margarei Schmiii. 'ursinq, '7l, Tulsa' Alan Schmifz, 'bl'-X, UC, '72, OC: Bill Schopflin, X UC, '7l, Kansas Ciiv. Mo: Thomas A. Schrick, Enqr., '70, orissarf Mo. ' mfemxawxwxfim awY.,ii:::: J, ,Qff'f22,s2,,ffiif,:fi'u'f:'w1 lNFECTED ANIMAL QUAR ERS UNAUTHORIZED PERSONNEL PLEASE STAY OUT UNDERCLASSMEN SC - SI John Schug, Xl'-3, Bus., '7l, OC: Sieve Schulfzl IAM, AHS, '7f Sl. Louis. Mo.: Sleven Schullz, UC, '72, OC: Bo-b Schurmani, AXA UC, '72, Tulsa: Debbie Schusfer, BAT UC, '72, Louisville, Ky Sue Schulller, UC, '72, Wilmelre, Ill.: Chrisla Schwab, KA9, UC '7l, OC, Lewis Schwarlz, fllli-3, Ed., '7l, Chicago' Penny Schwarh, Ed., '7i Norman: Sally Schwarh, AE'l', UC, '72, Nashville Terr.: Joh Schwennesen, Ki, UC, '70, OC: Gary Schwermer, -XT, UC, '71 Barllesville: Jeff Scoggins, BAE, AES, '7l, Edmond: Barry Scol' Bus., '70, OC. Bill ScoH, AXA, AES, '7l Okmulcgee: Carol ScoH, AES, '7l, Tulsa Darlene P. ScoH, UC '72, Madill: Larry Fred Scoil, UC, '72, Oli mulgee: Lynn Scoll, KAI-ll UC, '72, Tulsa: Tom ScoH', EN, Bus., '7i OC: Vincenl Scoufos, UNA, AHS, '70, San Antonio, Tex. Richard Seeley, Bus., '70, Elmira, N.Y.: Palricio Seidel, Bus.. '7l Buenos Aires. Argenlina: Patricia Seiier, Ed., '70, Norman' Ka Selber, I-ST. UC, 72, Shreveport La.: Marian Seligman, -TPB UC, '72, Edna, Tex.: Charlofle Sellers, XYZ, AXKS, '70, OC: Lynd Selman, lll'5'l', UC, '72, Tulsa. Susie Sellzer, ATE, FA, '70, Dallas' George Selvidge, UC, '71 Ardmore: Chris Semfner, 'l'KXl', UC, '72, OC: Karl Semfner, EB Bus., '70 OC' Jeff Serlces, EAM, UC, '72, Sr. Louis, Mo.: Sfev Servies, UC, '72, Wichita Falls, Tex.: Larry Seward, UC, '72, Miam Roberf Sewell, KA, UC, '70, Tulsa: Sally Sewell, lll5'l', UC, '71 Clinfonz Roberl' Shaclcelford, A8fS, '70, OC: Barry Shadid, ZX, Bus '7l, Allus: Cheri Shadid, KAW, AHS, '70, OC: Ellen Shadid, A815 '70 OC: Slephen Shadid, AKE, AES. '70, Allus. Jan Shaffer, UC, '72 Ardmore: Joe Shahan, AES, '7l, Edmon Mifchell Shamas, AES, '70, Brisrow: Gary Shane, UC, '72, Tulsg Michael Shannon, UC, '72, Dallas: Abby Shapiro, -Vl'l'f, Ed., '7C Dallas: Sfeven Shapiro, 'Ni-1, ASS, '70, Los Angeles, Kafhy Sharp, K-5, UC. '72, Tulsa: Jane Sharpe, KKF. UC, '7l Checolah: Jim Sharroclx, Wall, AES, '70, Ponca Cily: Donna Shaw UC, '72, Norman: Kafhryn Shaw, ASS, '70, Reseda, Calil.: Melani Shearer, AHS, '70, Dodoe Cily, Kan.: Judy Shebasler, AXQ, UC, '72 Norman. Fred Sheinbein, IAM, AHS, '70, OC: Helen Sheldon, UC, '71 Bayard, N.M.t Sfeve Shelfon, 'l'l'-3, UC, '71, For? Lauderdale, Fla William Shellon, UC, '72, OC: Curlis Shepard, fl'-AH, UC, '72, O Gayle Shepard, UC, '7l, Tulsa: Ellen Shepherd, lll5"l', UC, '7 Tulsa. James W. Shepherd, UC, '72, OC: Viclxi Sheppard, Al'-5, UC, '73 OC: Alan J. Sherer, JKE, UC, '72, Wilmelle, Ill.: Jeffrey Sherma 'l'B-X UC, '72, Chicago: John Sherman, HKA, UC, '7l, Mounl Holly N.J.: Larry Sheron, 'PHS-, UC, '72, Allanla, Ga.: Larry Sherre -Yl'-3, UC, '72, Duranl. Wanda Elaine Sherrill, Nursing, '70, lvlcAles4rer: Belsy Shields, UCI '72, Texarkana, Tex.: Suzanne Shields, AF, A8fS, '70, Texarkana, Tex Nanci Shifrin, UC, '72, Wilmefle, Ill.: Bill Shipley, A245 Bus., '7 Lovinqlon, N.M.: James Shirey, KE, A815 '7l, Duncan: Doug Shil ley, IX, Bus., '70, Walonqa. Pal' Shirley, AES, '7l, l-loldenville: Alana Shniderman, Aliflf Ed '70, Wichila, Kan.: Roclry Shoclxey, A242 Bus., '7l, l-larrah: Chrisl' Shoemalre, X9, AES, '7l, Shawnee: Howard W. Shor, UC, '7 Oceanside, N.Y.: Daphne Shore, A5-3, UC, '72, Lawlon: Jim Shore UC, '72, Norman. Sara Shorl, KKF, UC, '72, Dallas: Sleve Shells, 154-111, UC, '7 Weatherford: Sondra L, Shouse, Ed., '7l, Barrlesville: Anne Shrew bury, K-3, UC, '70, Plymoulh, Mich.: Larry Shriber, IAM, Bus., '7 Sl. Louis, Mo.: John Shuldf, AKE, UC, '70. Norman: Sara Shu l"l'l4, UC, 72, l-luoo, INDERCLASSMEN SH - SP largarel Shuller, UC, '72, McAlesler: Anne E. Siegel, AEff', Ed., '7l, ellendorl. lowa: Sfephen Siegel, EAM, UC, '72, OC: Robin Sieg- ied, 'FAH Bus., '7l, Tulsa: Marilyn D, Siler, AAII, AHS, '7l, Ana- arko: Paul Silver, -EAM, UC, '72, Flushing, N.Y.: Sfeve Silver, AM, Bus., '7O. New York Cily. lichael Silvers, 'l'l5A, UC, '7l, Houslon: Bill Simmons, AT, UC, '72, luskogee: Calhy Simmons, X9, Bus., '70, Tulsa: Jean Simmons, ursinq, '7l, OC: Terry Simmons, ALS, '70, OC: Carolyn Sue lmpson, Ed., '70, Lillie Rock, Ark.: Cheryl Simpson, AF, Bus.. '7l, Uflfan. ee Simpson, EN, UC, '72, OC: Warren Simpson, UC, '72, OCZ an Sims, AV, UC, '72, OC: Marfha Singlefon, AXQ, AHS, '7l, lidwesl Cily: Peggy Singlefon, AX9, UC, '72, OC: Margie Siref. AT, Ed., '7l, Omaha, Neb.: Carol Sifnick, UC, '72, Glencoe, lll. ames Sivalls, Bus., '70, El. Worlh, Tex.: Bob Skinner, AXA, UC, '72, llusp John Skinner, 3911, UC, '72, Wynnewood: Don Skipwilh, UC. 2, Wichila Falls, Tex.: Kerry Slack, Ed., '7l, OC: F, Jim Slafer. QE, UC '72, OC: J. Mack Slaughfer, 'l'Al'7, UC, '7l, El. Worlh, EX. leve Slick, 'l'Kli, Bus., '70, l-louslon: David Sloan, AT, UC, '72, ilsa: Harley Slulsky, TBA, Bus., '7l, Sioux Cily, lowa: Margol malley, EA, '70, OC: Richard Smalley, ATA, AES, '7l, Erick: Nancy 'nar+, KA, UC, '72, Tulsa: Carla Smilh, 1"l'B, UC, '72, Norman. raig Smi+h, DUE, UC, '72, Kenilworlh, Ill.: David Smifh, 4'K'I', UC, 2, Okmulgee: Dean Smilh, EX, AHS, '70, Overland Park, Kan.: iane Smifh, AV, UC, '72, Lawlon: Diane Smifh, UC, '72, Dallas: onald Smi+h, UC. '7l, l-lenryella: Donna Smilh, ATA, Nursing, '7l, lwasso. ouglas C. Smifh, Bus., '7l, OC: Galen Smirh, UC, '72, Basfrop, La.: 'ene Smirh, 'PAQ ARS, '70, OC: Harris S. Smifh ll, AES, '7l, rdmore: Jama Smifh, KKP, AHS, '70, Alrus: Janel' Smilh, UC, '72, Jlsa: Jim Smilh, AXA, A8rS, '7l, Okmulgee. m Smilh, UC. '72, Wagoner: Karen Smifh, IIBKP, Ed., '70, Tulsa? arry Smifh, UC, '72, Tulsa: Lee Karen Smifh, Bus., '70, Tulsa: Lu- nda Smifh, UC, '72, Noble: Mike Smilh, 'l'1'A, UC, '72, OC: like C. Smiih, SAE, AES, '7l, Duranl. wil Smilh, UC, '72, Muskogee: Raul Smilh, A2i'l', A8rS, '70, Darien. onn.: Richard Smiih, UC, '72, OC: Richard Smifh, 'i'K'I', ASS, '7l, 'C: Rick Smifh, BX, Bus., '7l, Snyder: Roberi' B. Smilh, K-Y, UC, 2, Woodward: Roberl L. Smilh, KIIKYII, AES, '7l, OC. onald Smilh, Alfie, A8rS, '7l, l.eMesa, Tex.: Ronni Smifh, ARS, '7l, Jleauz Sfan Smilh, WTA, A8rS, '7l, Muskogee: Sfephen Smilh, QE. UC, '72, OC: Tom Smiflm, TKE, Bus., '70, OC: William Smi'l'l'1, T, uc, vi, union ony, William smnh, Arn, uc, '70, oc. onald Smifhers, Bus., '70, Norman: Richard Snavely, Acacia, Ed., 0, Midwesl Cily: Karen Snell, KA, A81S, '7l, Seminole: Maurine iider, IlB"l', ASS, '7l, Waurika: Maurifa Snider, XQ, Ed., '7l, iaurika: Bill Snodgrass, UC, '7l, OC: Sandy Snodgrass, Engr., '7l, hoclaw. arry Snow, KA. A8rS, '70, Ponca Cilyg Diana Snyder, l"l'B, UC, '72, Ct Gerald Snyder, ATA, Enqn, '72, Duncan: Lee Dell Snyder, X9, Ed., '7l, Miami: Ar+hur Soell, KI, Bus., '70, LaCrosse, Wis.: arvin Solomon, SAM, UC, '72, Bayside, N.Y.: Sieve Solomon, 'ILM-1, is., '70, OC. ze Ann Soller, KKV, Bus., '7l, OC: EvereH' Soulherland, 'l'Al'l. C, '72, Norman: Linda Soulhern, AHS, '70, Allus: David Soulhers, AE, AES, '70, Norman: Joe Spain, ATU, AES, '70, OC: Wayne Sparkman Jr., 'PK-Y, UC, '72. Tulsa: Sieve Speclor, WBA, UC, 2, Kansas Cily, Mo, UNDERCLASSMEN SP - Sl Bill Speer, ZX, UC, '72, Tulsa: Millon Spence, A-KE, UC, '72, Sand Springs: David Spencer, AT, UC, '72, OC: Larry Spencer, UC, '72 Tulsa: Sigrid Spencer, KKF, AHS, '70, Ponca Cify: Mike Spillel 'PK-S, UC '72, OC: Paul Spining, ATA, Bus., '7l. New Porf Beacl Calif. Barbara Spinner, UC, '7I, River Vale, N.J.: Sam Spivey, 'DKNY Erqr., 7I Waurika: Jana Spoffswood, AXQS, '7I, Broken Bow: D0 Spradlin, IAE, Bus., '70, OC: Harry Spring, K-fi, Engr., '7l. Arc more: Janel' Springer, AFA, FA. '70, Amarillo. Tex.: Jill Springer AVA UC '72. Ranfoul, Ill. Shirley Sprinkle, Ed., '70, OC: Henry Sfaffel, UC, '72, Winnefka, Ill. Ann Slafford, UC, '72. Camp Springs, Maryland: Shirley Sfafforc UC 7l, Apache: Gayle Sfagner, AT, UC, '72, OC: Arlene Sfaigel UC 72 Tulsa: Sally Slammer, Ed., '70, OC. William Sfandau, UC, '72, Wichifa. Kan.: Emma Lou Sfandingwafel UC, '72, Elk Cify: Cafhy Slangle, UC, '72, Moore: Vern Sfansel ATU. Ed., '71, OC: David Sfaplefon, A-TWP, Enqr., '7I, Buffalo, N.Y. Mary Ann Sfark, Nursing, '7I. Barflesville: Nancy Sfarnes, A4 Pharm. '7I, Dallas. James Sfarr, AES, '7I, Tulsa: John Sfarfz, AECP, UC, '72, Tulsa Phil H. Sfafham, UC, '72, OC: Chris S+. Cyr, 'PFA' UC, '72, OC Sieve Sfecher, KE, Bus., '70, Woodward: Rolserfa Sfeele, ATE AHS, 7l, Buenos Aires: Tom Sfeele, UC, '72, OC. Donald Sfehr, HBH, UC, '7I, Enid: Mark Sfein, AEH, AHS, '7C Hackensack, N.J.7 Mel Slein, TBA, UC, '7I, Chicago: Harvey S+el man, AEH, UC, '7I, Bronx, N.Y.: Bruce S1-ensrud, EN, Bus., '7C Dallas: Larry Sfephenson, K2, UC, '72, Edmond: Mary Sfephensor DVB, UC, '72, Norfhbrook, lll. Gary Masion Sfevens, Engr., '7l, OC: Ronald Sfevens, Pharm., '7C Mariefra: Craig Sfevenson, UC. '72, Norman: Michael Sfevensor ATU, ASS. '70, Muskogee: Connie Sfewarf, Nursing, '70, Balkc Kafhi S+ewar+, AT, Ed., '7I, Weslern Springs, Ill.: Nancy S+ewar' IIBFP UC '72, OC. Sieve Sfewarf, KA, UC, '72, Boulder. Colo.: Tom Sfewarf, DW AES, 70, Cedar Rapids, la.: R. T. Sfifes, AKE, AHS, '70, Dallas Darla Sloakes, F'f'B, UC. '72, Lincoln, lll.: Caryn Sfoermer, KA Nursing, '7l, Wesfmonf, III.: Dick Sfokes, SAE, UC, '7I. Amarillc Pam Sfone, UC, '72, Tulsa. Pamela Sue Sfone, HRT, UC, '72, Purcell: Teri Sfone, AEKP, UC '72 Sacramenfo, Calif.: Wesley Sfone, EN, Bus., '70, OC: Williar Sfone, Acacia UC, '72, New Rochelle, N.Y.: Bruce Sforms, 'PK4 AES, 7l, Norman: Carol Sforfz, KAO, AHS, '7I, Tulsa: Gay Sfoff' UC, '72. OC. Weldon Sfouf, ATU, A81S, '7I. Wewoka: Kafhy Sfovall, UC, '72 Minco: Bruce Sfover, SAE, Enqr., '7l, Midland, Tex.: Linda Sfowel AES, '70, Piffsburq, Pa.: James Sfranieri, UC, '72, Worcesfer, Mass Fred Sfreb, A-KE, Enqr., '7I, Wellsville, N.Y.: Bill Sfrecker, 'PAQ Pharm., '70, OC. Joe Sfreef, 'iJK'I', Bus.. '7I, OC: Madelynn Sfreef, KA, Ed., '70, OC Ani+a Slrickland, AFA, UC, '72, Amarillo, Tex.: Jerry Slricklanc UC, '72, Amarillo, Tex.: Linda Sfrickland, AAA, A8cS, '7I, OC Joseph John Sfrnad Jr., UC, '72, Hinsdale, III.: John Sfroker, IX? UC, '72, Las Vegas. Barbara Sfrom, AT, UC, '72, OC: Roark S+. Romain, EX, Bus., '71 Dallas' Jon S+uar1', 'PT-A. UC, '7l, Tulsa: Lou Sfuarf Jr., BQH, UC '72, Sapulpa: Shelly Sfubbs, UC, '7l, Tulsa: Harvey Sfurdevanf, KL AHS, '70, Norman: Lawnie Sfurdevanf, KE, UC, '72, Norman. Riia Sfyron, AFA, AHS, '70, l-lenryeffa: James Sullivan, ZFPE, Enqr '70, l-lanclen. Conn.: Mary Susan Sullivan, UC, '71, Tulsa: Chr Suman, AT9, UC, '72, OC: Tom Sumprer, UC, '72, La Verne: Sfev Superfine, -EAM, UC, '72, Chicago: Glen Surbey, BN, Engr., '7 Muskogee. JNDERCLASSMEN SU - TI layne Suffon, Illifir, UC, 72, Midwes+ City: Mike Svec, AXA X8iS, '70, Shawnee: Judy Swade, -3'l'l'f, UC, '72, Leawood Kar.: ifeven L. Swales, BN, Pharm., '70, Lawton: Cindy Swanson, X9, Ed., '71, Tulsa: Sfeve Swafek, 'PKKIA UC, '72, OC: Susan Swaydan. XSS, '70, Wichita Falls, Tex. sllike Swenfon, lx, Bus., '7l, Kansas City, Kan.: Alan Swi'H, EN JC, '72, OC: Marvin Swirsky, UC, '72, Glencoe, lll.: Barry Sylvan, 5AM. UC, '72, OC: Sian Symanski, 'PK-3, A8fS, '70, Tulsa: Mike iynar, liflll, UC, '72, lvluskoqee: Larry Syverson, Acacia AES. '71, Dordell. Daryl Tabachnick, AEN, UC, 72, S+. Louis: Warren Taben, AT-3, JC, '72, Norman: Randy Tail, fbll-l, Bus., '7l. Ardmore' Linda 'alking+on, l"l'l5, Ed., '7O. Verden: Allen Tandy, IAM, UC, 72, alillsdale, N.J.: Michael Tapick, 413-3, UC, '72, l-louslcn: Judy Anne 'arwa+er, AAA, AES, '7l, Duncan. loseph Tasker, UC, '72, Tulsa: Kennefh Tale, UC, '72, OC' Jack "a+roe, EN, UC, '72, Tulsa: Darlene Taylor, -5--Xl, Ed., '70, Tulsa: 5enie Taylor, KKV, Bus., '7l. OC: Guy Taylor, Bus., '70, Midwesf Sify: Jack Taylor, Bus., '70, Norman. Drvis Taylor, Enor., '7I, Tulsa: PaHi Taylor, l"l'l5, UC, 72, Sands iprings: David Teaff, fl'-A-l'l, AES, '70, Muskogee: Vickie Teel, -33-X, JC, '72, Tulsa: Charles Teferfiller, AXA, UC, '72, Al+us: Frank 'ei+elbaum, UC, '72, New York City: Van Temple, UC, '72, OC. 'larold S. Tenebaum, UC, '7I, Li++le Rock: Lee Terrell, KE, AES. 7l, Sherman, Tex.: Maureen Terrell, UC, '70, OC: Paul Eugene 'errell, UC, '72, Boise City' Roberl Terrell, Enqr., '7l. Lawlon: liane Terry, llU'l', UC, '72, Norman: John Thaggard, Enor. 71 kllus. lcoH' Thatcher, 'l'KNI', UC, '7l, Wood Dale, Ill.: Dennis M. Thies, S242 Bus., '7I, St. Louis: Audra Thiessen, UC, '7l, Normaf' Bobby homas, UC, '72, Honolulu Hawaii: Burke Thomas, fbi'-3 ASS 7l idmond: Gaia Thomas, -3--ll, A8fS, '70, Pawnee: James Neal Thomas, JC, '72, OC. 'riscilla Thomas, l"l'l5, UC, '72, OC' Sue Thoimas, AHS, '70, OC' Jianna Thompson, Ed., '70, OC: James Thompson, 'l'K1, Bus. 71, Aiami: John Thompson, AT, UC, '72, Tulsa: Mark Thompson, AXA JC, '72, OC: Max Thompson, AXA, Ed., '7l, l-lolbe-r+. 'am Thompson, KAI-P, Ed.. '7l, l-lobbs, N.M.: Sue Ann Thompson, IEW, AHS, '7I, McAlesler: Cheri Thornbrough, UC, '72, Albuquer- ue, N.lv1.: Diane Thorne, AI'-X, UC, '72, OC: Larry J, Thornlon, lC, '72, Woodward: Sieve Thornloni, ATU, UC, '72, Tulsa: Roberl' lhorpe, 'H'-5, Bus., '7l, Olympia Fields, lll. tally Thorpe, XQ, Ed., '7I, Enid: Rober+a Thorslenberg, Bus., 7I, Jorman: Pamela Thrasher, UC, '72, Chardon, Ohio: Larry Tibbells, KXA, Bus., '70, Chickasha: Alan Tiede, ATU, UC, '72, Barllesville: loberl Tierno, 3-KE, ARS, '7I, Carlisle Barracks, Pax Doug Till, hgr., '7l, Greeniield. gr Q, H, fn After class sessions. sophomore Marie Ann Peters gains listening amd speaking practice in Kaufman Hall language lab. UNDERCLASSMEN TI - WF Befh Tillman, KA9, UC, 72, Sfillwafer: Danny Tillman, UC, '71 Konawa: John Timmons, UC, '72, Tulsa: William Tims, l4l'7ll, UC, '71 Chickasha: Joseph Tipfon, Enqr., '7I, Marielra: Vicki Tirey, AX5 UC, '72. Woodward: Mari Tisdal, EAR, AHS, '70, Clinlorz. Michael Tisdale, AWA, AES, '70, Newark, N.J.: Randy Tifus, 34915 UC, '72, OC: George Todd, KZ, Enor., '70, Sr. Louis, Mo.: Tomm Todd, UNA, Bus.. '70, Sfillwell: Mary Toile, HELP, AHS, '7l, Okemah Lynn Tolson, KKV, UC, '72, Pawhuska: Vicki Toplefz, Ed., '70, Dallaf Connie Sue Torberl, li-3, AES, '70, Lawlon: Ronald C. Torbef' A'l'l-2. UC, '72, Tulsa: Jim Toforo, IAE, AHS, '7l, Norman: Richari Townsend, UC, '72, Del CIW: Michael Tracy, UKA AHS, '7l, OG DeAnn Trammell, Al'-3, A815 7l, OC: Dale Travis, Alfli UC '71 Mcfklesler. Douglas Travis, AE'l', Bus. '70, Mcfkleslerg Phillip Travis, ZX, A815 '70, Dallas: S+epl1en Treacy, KZ, UC, '72, Wilmerle, Ill.: Eleano Trevor, Nl! ARS, '70, New York Cily: Janef Troufman, AXSZ, Ed '7l, Dallas: Bobbie Trussell, -XV, UC '7l, Midwesl Cirvi Susan Tulabf UC, '72, Durcan , Jackie Tuber, AIGKP, Ed., '70, Highland Park, Ill.: Kalynne Tuck, U '7l, ET. Worlh, Tex.: Margaref Tuck, UC, '72, Tinker AFB: Sand Tucker, Bus., '7l, OC: Mary Turk, AHS, '7l, OC' David Turnbo, K Pharm., '70, McAles+er: Karen Turnell, NV, UC, 72, OC, Fred Turner, W'lTl, UC, '72, Shawnee: Glen Turner, Pharm., '7 Poreaur Ron Turner, ARS, '70, Tulsa: Rufh Turner, UC '72, Mankaic Minn.: William Turner, UC, '72, Clillon, Tex.: Laura Turney, KAP UC, '72, OC: S+eve Turney, -YN, AHS, '7I, OC. Mickie Turnham, Pharm., 7I, Wagoner: Jo Lynne TuHlle, Al' A815 '7l, Apache: Sally Uhlenhop, lll5'l', AES, '70, Ponca Cily: Joh Underwood, UC. '72, Sapulpa: Sieve Underwood, EN UC, '7 Moore: Sfephanie Vahlberg, AXU, AHS, '7I, OC' Bryan Valeniina 'l'Kll', UC, '72, Ardmore. Monfe Valeniine, KZ, Bus., 7I, Woodwar:d: Vahla Vammen, UC, 71 Tulsa: Jana Van Arnam, UC, '72, OC: Virginia Vance, KAW, UC, '7 Tulsa: Mary Jane Van Hook, AX9, UC, '72, OC: Karen Varga UC, '72, OC: Douglas Vark, 5-KE. UC, 72. Tulsa, Doug Varlend, UC, '72, Barrlesville: Bruce W. Varner, BEDIT, A81 '7I, Norman: Linda Varner, AHS, '7l, Norman: Kevin Vaugha Bus,, '70, S+. Louis, Mo.: Nancy Vaughan, ITWP, AXQS, '70, Tulsa: Di Vaughn, NVSZ, UC. '72, Dallas: Wayne Veal, BAE, AHS, '7l Norma George Veazey, EN Bus., '7l, Terrell, Tex.: Pamelia Vennerber KKV, UC, '72, Midwesl' Cily: Richard Vermillion, UC, '72, Chick sha: Larry Vervack, fbKE, Bus., '70, Midwesi Cilv: Krisfine Veverk Ed., '70, Wesfchesfer, Ill.: Janyce Vickers, UC '72, Enid: Gord Vincent UC, '72, Duncan. Jess Vincenl, IIKA, UC, '70, Tulsa: Larry Vincenf, KZ, Bus., '70, O Lynda Vinez, AVA, UC, '72, Amarillo, Tex.: Karen Vinyard, AES, '7 OC: Thomas Vizard, AKE, UC, '7I, New York Cily: Andy Vog Wall, UC, '72, Englewood, Colo.: Rick Volker, KA, Bus., '70 Ar more. Ann Von Kaenel, KKF, Ed., '7I, Lawlon: Vicki Vosburgh, AT, E '70, Kansas Ciiy, Mo.: Barbara Voss, AXQ, UC, '72, OC: Sue Vo UC, '72, Norman: Bruce Waddell, ARS, '7l, OC: Michelle Wad A-35-, UC, '72, Dallas: Sharon Wade, EAT, Ed., '70, Sioux Cily, I Charles Wadsack, 'l'KXI', Bus., '70, Wichira Falls, Tex.: Dennis Wa goner, EN, AHS, '70, OC: Robin Wagner, UC, '7l, l-lousion, Te Ron Wagoner, UC, '72, Miami: Hank Wahl, im'-3-, Bus., '7l, O Mike Wahl, XX, Bus., '7l, Tulsa: Carfer Waid, FA, '7l, Waurik UNDERCLASSMEN WA - WE Zo1ber+ Marshall Wakefield, Pharm., '7l, Broken Bow: Sheila Rufh Nakefield, Bus., '7l, Broken Bow: Dave Walck, KI, EA '70, Newport Nlews, Va.: Maff Waldroop, UC, '72, Alrus: Bruce Walker, Engr.. 7l, Cleveland: Bruce R. Walker, Bus., '7l, La Grange, Ill.: Jerry Nalker, UC, '7l, Enid. lim Walker, UC, '72, OC: Rulh Walker, l"l'l4, UC, '72, Tulsa: iherry Walker, KA, Ed., '7l, OC: Sfephen. Walker, BAE, UC, '72, Englewood, Colo.: Gayle Walko, lwblg, UC, '72, Norman: Sandra Nall, Nursing, '70, Norman: C. L. Wallace, IN, UC, '72, Moore. 'l. James Wallace, A-Y'l', AKS, '7l, Crossville lll.- Harry Wallach, EX, UC, '72, Hillsborouqh, Calif.: Anneffe Waller, Ed., '7l, Ok- nulqee: David L. Waller, UC, '72, Ardmore: Lani Wallin, l"l,l5, EA, 7l, OC: Roberf Wallis, Enqr., '70, Hammonlon, N.J.: Mary Rose Nalsh, AES, '7l, Norman. 'om Walsh, KA, Bus., '7l, Shawnee: Dale Wallers, K-Y, Bus., '7l, DC: Joy Walfers, UC, '72, Webbers Falls: Peggy Walfers, XS2, UC, 72, Enid: William Walfers, A8fS, '7l, OC: Ronald Wallon, Bus., '70, ihalfuckt Richard Wansley, Acacia, UC, '70, OC. Ihrisfine Ward, UC, '72, Alron, Ill.: Kalhy Ward, XS2, A818 '7l DC' Richard Ward, l"l'E, UC, '72, Tulsa: Sandra Warden, KA, JC, '72, Tishominqo: Karen Warma, AFA, AHS, '70, Tulsa: Kerry Narner, K-Y, AHS, '70, Tulsa: Mallory Warner, KA!-D, UC, '72, Mus- ooee. llark Warner, AHS, '70, OC: Cleve Warren, KI, Bus., '70, OC: Nayne Wasemiller, RKEDII, UC, '72, OC: Dan Washburn, UC, '72, larllesville: Marilyn Washburn, KA, Bus., '7l, OC: Laurence R. Vasson, Pharm., '7l, Tulsa: Roberf Wafel, 'l'BA, EA, '70. S+. Louis. Ao. E. Ann Walers, Ed., '70, Duncan: Greg Wafkins, UC, '72, Tulsa: id Walson, ATU, Bus., '7l. Kenmore, N.Y.: Weldon Wafson, AHS, 70, Tulsa: Mark Walfman, K-Y, AES, '70, Tulsa: Linda Walls, AAA, fd., '70, Lawion: Suzanne Waffs, Ed., '70, Ponca City. lill Weafherholf, 'l'KXl', Bus., '7l, Tulsa: Barbara Weaver, A'l', Bus., 7l, Cushing: Jan Weaver, AZQS, '7l, OC: Mike Weaver, l5l'lll, UC, 72, Blackwell: Jeff Webb, IX, UC, '7l, Dallas: Cheryl Webber, us., '70, Chesfer: Jim Webber, AXA, Pharm., '7l, Hobart -'repheni Webber, AXS2, UC, '72, Odessa, Tex.: Henry J, Weber. xcacia, Engr., '70, Omega: Jack Websfer, -YN, UC, '72, Weslporl: xl Weedn, AES, '7l, Cyril: Bob Weger, AHS, '7l, Tulsa: Sieve Veichbrodl, IX, UC, '72, OC: Tommy Weichbrodl, XX, AHS, '70, DC. feve Weicherf, 'l'-AH, ASS, '70, Tulsa: Carla Weidling, KNIT A8rS, 7l, Amarillo, Tex.: Earnesf Weidner Jr., UC. '72, Enid: Marc Wein- -erger, UC. '7l, Woodmere, N.Y.: Vicki Weindruch, UC, '72, Rock sland, Ill.: Sherry Weiner, ATE, UC, '72, Chicago: Elyse Wein- fein, BAT, UC, '72, Flossmoor, III. eslee Weinsfein, SAT, UC, '72, Birmingham Ala: Mark Wein- l'ein, 'PHA-, UC, '72, Dallas: Nanci Weinsfein, .EAT UC, '72, A+- anla, Ga.: Richard Weiskopf, -EAM, UC, '72, Chicago: Jeff Weiss, us., '7l, Tulsa: Brad Weill, 'Ni-A-, UC, '72, Arlanla Ga.: Lee Ann Velch, I"l'l5, Ed., '70 OC. lor? Welch, UC, '72, Broken Bow: Vicki Welch, l"l'l5, UC, '72, Voodward: Jeanie Weldon, AHS, '70, OC: Craig Wells, IAM, lC, '72, Skokie. Ill.: Mark Wells, ETE, UC, '72, Aurora: lll,: Pam Veils, Ed., '7l, Moore: M. Elaine Welfon, UC, '72, Midwesl City, on Werner, 'l'l5A, UC, '7l, Fl, Worlh, Tex.: Sfephanie Werlz, UC, '2, Deming, N.lv1.: Don Wesf. ff'-59. UC, '72, Tulsa: Leonard Wesf, TA, Enqr., '7l, OC: S+eve Wesf, UC, '72, McAlesTerg Gerry Wesl- y, EN, AHS, '70, Tulsa: Sharon Welmore, UC, '72, Cvuymon. UNDERCLASSMEN WE - W1 Melinda Wexler, AE45, UC 72, Fl. Wor+h, Tex.: Brian l.. Wheeler AHS, '7I, Tucson, Ariz.: Janel Wheeler, UC, '7I, Moore: Larry Wheeler, l5l'lll, Bus., '70, Lawlor: Nancy Wheeler, Nursing, '7I Laverne: Pele Wheeler, UC, '72, Rolling l-lills, Calil.: John Whipple -XKH, UC, '72, Tulsa. Barry While, AT9, UC, '72, Kewanee lll.: Charles While, -X-T-3 UC, '72, Duncan: Charley While, ATU, UC, '72, Norman: Davic While, AXA, UC, '72, Tulsa: Erma While, -52114, UC, '7l, Lillle Rock, Arla: Fred While, AKE. UC, '72, Ponca Cily: Glenda While FA, '70, Hol Springs, Ari. Jamie While, UC, '72, Ponca Cily: Jell While, UC, '72, OC: Jessie While, UC, '72, Wagoner: Mike While, flak!-P, AES, '7l Fl. Worrh Tex.: Pally While, AF, UC, 72, Fl. Worth, Tex.: Reggie While AHS, '7l, OC: Roberl C. While, IX, A818 7l. Norman. Tom While, IX, Bus. 70 Tulsa: Lyndi Whilehead, K-3, UC, '72 l-lousior: Sam Whi+ehiIl, -XT-5, Bus., 70, Houslon: Theresa While loclc, UC, '72, Owasso- Don Whileman, lil, UC, '72, Del Cily Thomas Whileman Jr., UC, '70, Midwesl Ciiy: James Whileneclx AHS, '7I, Woodward. Paula Whileside, A-ill, ARS, '70, Tulsa: Mary Whilley, AES, '7I Seminole: Laura Whilney, UC '72 Silver Spring, Md.: Roher' Whilleberry, KA, UC, '7l, Ponca Cify' Don Whillen, 'l'K:I', UC, '72 Norman: Sleve Whillen, fl'-Mal, Bus.. 71. Duncan: J. C. Whorlon liz, UC, '72, Mcfslesler. Paul Wicliberg, AHS, '70, OC: Roberl Wiclclille, AXA. AHS. '70 Lawion: Kenclie Widner, Ki, UC, '72, Racine, Wis.: Sleve Wiehle ATU, UC, '72, Pryor: Bruce Wiggin, 'l'K'l', UC, '7l, Tulsa: Phylli Wiggs, UC '72 Tulsa: John Wigley, SN UC, '72 OC. Fran Wilbanlcs, KAW, Ed. '70, l-loiderville' Don Wilber, -Xl'-3, UC '72, Barllesyille: William Wilber, Error., 7l Kinqsion, N.Y.: Caro Wilcox, FA, '7I, lvlailland, Fla.: Carolyn Wilcox, l"l'l5, UC, '72 Tulsa: Larry Wiles, -YN, UC, '7I, Palos Park Ill.: Jean Ann Willces AV, UC, '72, OC. Norman Willcie, UC. '7I, Weslville' Jeredilh Willenburg, X52 UC '72, Tulsa: Bruce Willenzilc, AEII, UC, 70, New Orleans, La.: Caro lynn Williams, KA, AHS, '71 Newport Ark.: Chad Williams, A815 '7I, Laverne: David Williams, UC. 72, OC: Doug Williams, IIKA Ed., '70, Norman. James Williams, Engr., '7I, Ringling: Jim Williams, K-Y, AES, '70 Tulsa: Jimmie Lee Williams, Bus., '70, Tulsa: Kim Williams, KA. U3 '72, Tulsa: Lee Williams, KE, Bus. 70, OC: Les Williams, T17 AES, '70, Raleigh, N.C.: Linda Williams, X9, UC, '72, OC. Marlxella P. Williams, UC, '7I, Kiowa: Michal Williams, l"l'B, Ed. '7I, Tulsa: Roberl L. Williams, UC '7l, Blanco: Sandy William Ed., '70, Wilburlon: Suzanne Williams, l"l'l5, AES, '7I, OC: Torj Williams, HHH, Bus., '7l, Woodward: George Williamson, ATA- Bus., '7l, Midwesl Cily. Glen Williamson, HKA, ASS, '70, Tulsa: Barbara Willis, UC, '7 Tulsa: Roberl Willis, Afl'A, UC, '72, Tulsa: Tim Willis, ATU, A81 '70, Mcfklesler: William Willis, 'l'l4'l, UC, '72, Tahlequah: Sherry Wills, UC, '72 Dallas: Marlha Willsie, AX9, UC, '72, Duncan. Sleve Wilmo+h, UC '72, OC: Barry Wilson, K-Y, Bus., '7I, Overlo, Tex.: Jellrey Wilson, ATU UC, '72 Tulsa: Joanne Wilson, A42 U '72, Minneapolis, Mirn.: Linda Wilson, KKI' UC, '72, Tulsa: Pamel Wilson, Ed., '70 Lindsay' Sleve Wilson, :Alf UC, '72, Cushing. Wayne M. Wilson, Bus. '7l, El Reno: Chrislopher Willse, AT, U '72, Norman: Dennis Wimer, UC, '72, Broken Arrow: Ron Winde IIKA, AHS, '70, Tulsa: Marilyn Winlield, Ed., '7I, Winnelka, III Donald Winslead, AES, '70, OC: Carol Winlers, Nursing, '7 Mounlain View. JNDERCLASSMEN WI - ZW dike Winzenread, AT A818 '7l OC: Craig Wise, ATA, Bus. '7l. Aidwesl Cily' Susan Wise, A-A-A UC, '72, Tulsa: Thomas Wiseharf, SIDE, Enqr., '70, Darien, Conr.: Gerald R. Wiseman, Enqr., '7l. Jofman: Merelyn Irene Wiseman, UC, '72, Norman: Ann Wiihing- on, A-AA, UC '72, Tulsa. ran Wi'Henberg, EAT, ARS, '70, Dallas: Teresa Wofford, lll3'l', x8fS, 7l, Ardmore: Cap Wolf, ATU, AES. '7l, Norman: Robcri Vollard, UNA, UC, '72, Norman: Ann Wolfe, Al'-A, AES. '70, hawnee: Ronald Wolff, AHS, '70, OC: Jim WolgamoH, 'l,K'l', ngr, '7l Alva. ruce Woliiarsky, flflilll, AHS, '7l, Norman: Joelle Woller, UC, '72, awron: Suzanne Wolpe, FA, '70, Coral Gables, Fla.: Maura Wood, x81S, '7l, OC: Bruce Woodlan, ATA, Enqr., '7I, Shawnee Mission, ,an,: Kay Woodliff, -AV, UC, '72, Henryella: Bob Woods, -BAE, xXfS, '70, Muskogee. ruce Woods, ATA, UC, '7I, Lawfon: Larry Woiods, Bus., '70, lorman: Pam Woods, AXU, UC, '72, OC: Pamela Woods, KKV. d., '7l, Dallas: Susan Woods, ANU, FA, '7I, Enid: Rick Woodward, IX Bus., '7I OC: Nancy Woody, AV, AES, '70, l-lursr, Tex. oanie Woolf, lll'3'l', UC, '72, Wfichila. Kan.: Johnny Woolman, IX, us., '7l, Nowala: Larry Woolman, -EX, UC, '72, Barllesville: Madie Voolen, AT, UC, 72, ldabel: Richard Word, AXA, Ed., '7l, Arnell: inn Worrell, XQ, UC, '72, OC: Mary Worihen, X-52, AES, '70, awron. erry Woy+al, 'T2'KxI', Engr., '70, Manilowoc, Wis.: Kay Wrede, KA1-T, d. '7l, OC' Duff Wrighf, Error., '7l Tulsa: Jack Wrighl, UC, '72, nid: James Wright Bus., '7O, Wilblirlon' Margarel' Wrigh+, lll3'l', i81S, '7l, Lawlor: Nancy Wrighf, AV, AES, '7l, Tulsa. am Wrighl, KAW, Ed., '7l, OC: Richard Wrighl, AXA, AXS, '7I ulsa: Walker Wynkoop, 'l'KXI', UC, '72, Kenilworrh Ill.: Gordon Vynn, 'bl'-A, UC, '70, Edmond' Becky Yadon, Afl' AES, '7l, Ml:- llesler: Blake Yaffe, XANI, Bus. '7I, Ardmore' Rober+ Yaquinfo, N, UC, 72, Dallas. ohn M. Yarberry, UNA, Pharma '70, OC: Teresa Yarnell, Ed., '70, Jicl-iila, Kan.: Judy YeaHs, ANU, Bus, '7l, Pauls Valley: Michael ocham, ATU, UC, '72. Tulsa: Carolyn York, AVA, AZLS, '70, ulsa: Howard York, -EAM, UC, '72, Toronto, Canada: James Young, C, '7l Norman: John Young, UC, '72, Sapulpa. ay Young, Hl'3fl', AXS, '70, OC: Nellie Young, AE'l', UC, '72, lilmelre, Ill.: Peggy Young, UC, '72, Tulsa: Sfelpheni Young, A-YP, .8fS, '70, Yukon: Terry Yolung, UC, '72, Enid: Fred Youngswick, AM, AES, '70, New York Cily: Mary Younf, UC, '7l, Barrlesville: eff Zander, KE, UC, '72, Tulsa. rail Zarrow, EAT, UC, '72, Tulsa: Chris Zeigner, A'l', AHS, '7I, os Alamos, N.M.: Ken Zefah, fl'l'l'i, UC, '72, Easl Meadow, N.Y.: Charles Zink, UC. '72, OC: Franny Zivin, AE'l', UC, '72, Glencoe, l.: S+eve Zloiolow, 'PB-3, Louisville, Ky.: Tom Zongker, l'l'E, AHS, 'O, Tulsa: Alida Zwaan, AV, UC, '72, Lawlcn, mwfwwzwifag M A--"' We seem ambitious God's whole work to undo-with new diseases on our- selves we war, and with new physic- a worse injury far. DONNE Students Honor Faculty Each year the students of the University of Oklahoma Medical School, in conjunction with the Student Council, select two profes- sors, one from the clinical years and the other from the preclinical years, to receive the Aes- culapean award for devotion to teaching. Dr. Eugene D. Jacobson was selected by vote of the second year class for the pre-clinical years citation, and Dr. Tomas Rubio was chosen by the fourth year class. They were honored, along with the entire faculty, by the precedent setting student-faculty dinner dance sponsored by the Student Council. Dr. Jacobson is a graduate of the University of Vermont College of Medicine, and joined the staff in 1966 from the University of Cal- ifornia School of Medicine at Los Angeles. As chairman of the department of Physiology, Dr. Jacobson also accepted the award for the department of Physiology in recognition of ex- ceptional teaching. Dr. Rubio, a native of Spain, joined the staff of Childrens Memorial Hospital as a re- search fellow in 1964 and was an instructor and chief pediatrics resident at the time of his selection. He has since been promoted to as- sistant professor. We feel that it is by recognition of outstand- ing professors that we show our respect and admiration for the entire faculty and staff. EUGENE D, JACOBSON, M.D. Aesculapean Award for Pre-clinical years ToMAs RUBIo, M.D. Aesculapean Award for Clinical years JAMES L. DENNlS, M.D. lOklahoma. l940l Vice-President in Charge of Medical Center Affairs, and Director and Dean of the Medical Center. Dean Dennis Heads Medical Center An outstanding administrator, Dr. James L. Dennis, in his fourth year as Dean and Director of the Medical Center, received the additional title of Univer- sity of Oklahoma Vice President for Medical Center Affairs last spring. In addi- tion, Dr. Dennis is a professor of Pediatrics. Having received his M.D. from the University of Oklahoma School of Medi- cine in 1940, Dr. Dennis returned to assume the position as Director and Dean in l964. He previously held appointments as Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs and Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Arkansas Medical Center. He currently is chairman of the section on pediatrics of the American Medical Asso- ciation and on the specialty editorial board of Postgraduate Medicine and GP. Dr. Dennis has directed the various programs for growth and remodeling of the Medical Center toward the modern community center approach. Associate Deans EDWARD N. BRANDI. IR.. M.D,. Ph.D Associate Dean of the School of Medicine Associate Director of the Medical Center Professor of Preventive Medicine and Puhlic Health Director of Computer Operations Associate Pofessor of Research Medicine Oklahoma 1954: M.S.. Oklahoma State l9551 NLD.. Oklahoma 19601 Ph.D. l963 XY A . ll t :till ge L! i t k J J PHILIP EDWARD SMITH, SCD. Associate Dean in Charge of Student Affairs Associate Dean of the Graduate College Profssor of Parasitology in Preventive Medicine and Public Health B.Fd, Southern Illinois University, 1940 M.S.. University of Illinois. 1942 Sc.D.. Johns Hopkins. 1949 ,,v-W" t V J, ,FL ROBERT MONTGOMERY BIRD. NLD. L' Associate Dean of Planning and Development I Professor of Medicine and of Physiology B,S,. University of Virginia, I937 M,D.. University of Virginia, I937 s ,Ii C .ti.i,i I , 1 SAMUEL NEWTON STONE. M.D. Associate Dean of Clinical Instruction Clinical Professor of Surgery B.S.. Oklahoma. 1929 B.A., Oklahoma. 1930 M.D.. Pennsylvania. 1932 M.S., Minnesota, 1938 MARK REUBEN EVERETT. Ph,D. Dean Emeritus Regents Professor of Medical Sciences Consulting Professor of Biochemistry B.S.. Bucknell. 1920 Ph.D.. Harvard, 1924 Sc.D.. Bucknell lHonoraryj. 1948 5 1 . f . i ..,. I K ,K .. uw DAVID CLINTON MOCK. JR.. M.D. Assistant Dean in Charge of Student Affairs Associate Proessor of Medicine B.A.. Southern California. 1944 M.D., Hahnemann. 1948 HISTORY AND TRENDS IN NURSING: Elizabeth Radcliffe, Barbara Holtzclaw, Jess Nunley, Martha Stockwell School MISS HELEN E. PATTERSON. Dean, School of Nursing B.A. East Central State College. 1936 lVl.A. Columbia University Teachers College, 1948 R.N. Oklahoma School of Nursing. 1941 ursing The School of Nursing, as an integral unit of the University. accepts the University's responsibility in providing higher educational opportunities to students of the State of Oklahoma. The School of Nursing has as its primary purpose the preparation of graduates for professional nursing to contribute essential services to the community health agencies. The completion of the work for the Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing usually requires four aca- demic years and one summer session. Two years are spent on the Norman campus in general education courses and two years and one summer session are spent on the Medical Center campus in upper division nursing major courses. Students receive their clinical experience in the Hospitals of the University of Okla- homa. Veterans Administration Hospitals, Mercy Hospital, Oklahoma City County Health Department and Visiting Nurse Association, and Cleveland Coun- ty Health Department, as well as many other commu- nity agencies which are utilized for observational purposes. The Program is accredited by the Oklahoma Board of Nurse Registration and Nursing Education and the National League for Nursing. The School is an agency member of the council of Baccalaureate and Higher Degree Programs of the National League for Nursing. DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH: Nadine Nelson, Assist. Prnt., Aida Bahravvy, Assist. Prof., linda Daniel, Assist. Prnt. Di-IPAR'l'MEN'li UF MEDICAL SURGICAL NURSING-SIiA'l'liD: vi nf xg f ,. f f DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHIATRY: Richard Wawro, Assist. Prof., Carol Crawford, Instructor, Emma Potter, Assist. Prof. DEPARTMENT Oil MATERNAL AND ClIII.D NURSING: .less Nunlcy, Instructor, Bcrna llultlcn, Assist. Prof., and llcad, SEATED: Marie Mink, Assist. Prnt' and iluad, Martha Primu- STANDINGQ ifrancis Hart. iIlNil'llClUI'. Barbara HtHillCiLlNK, illSll'UClUl. aux. Assist, Prnt. STANDING: Betty Ciurrcil, Assist. Prnt., Judy Stockztrtl. Inst ructot, X . '3 ff 529 N Dr. randt Assumes Deans Post Dr. Edward N. Brandt, Jr., assumed the position of Associate Dean of the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine and Associate Director of the Medical Center on July 1, 1969 following the resignation of Dr. Joseph M. White. Dr. White resigned to accept an appointment as Vice President for Academic af- fairs and Dean of Medicine at the University of Texas Medical Branch. A graduate of the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine with an M.D. in 1960 and a Ph.D. in Biostatistics in 1963, Dr. Brandt joined the faculty in 1961 as an Instructor. He was instrumental in devel- oping the Medical Research Computer Center and Biostatistical Unit in the Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health. Prior to being appoint- ed Associate Dean of the School of Medicine, he served as Assistant to the Vice President for Medical Center Affairs. Dr. Brandt's current assignment involves represent- ing Dr. Dennis, Office as Director and Coordinator of fiscal affairs and central administrative services. He also serves as Professor of Medical Biomathematics, Associate Professor of Research Medicine, and Di- rector of the the Computer Operations Unit and the Biostatistical Unit. In addition, Dr. Brandt has done considerable work in the Held of computer education as applied to medical areas. Alpha mega Alpha Members Elected WILLIAM W. O'NEILL STEPHEN C. COHEN LLOYD J. DAVIS President lst Vice-President 2nd Vice-President Each year three outstanding medical stu- dents are chosen from the third year class to serve as officers of Alpha Omega Alpha, the National Honor Medical Society, the choice of members is essentially limited by three cri- teria: 1D High scholastic achievement fused with 21 Open-mindedness, individuality, orig- inality and promise of intellectual growth. 35 ln the broadest sense, moral character involv- ing unselfishness, reliability, honesty and ap- preciation of obligation. The chapter was established on May l, 1953 and currently Dr. Richard A. Marshall, Associate Professor of Medicine is serving as the faculty counselor. Top Seniors Receive Awards GABRIEL A. SHAPIRO STEPHEN C. COHEN The Coyne H. Campbell Award consists of a cash prize and a Certificate, and is given to the current Senior medical student "in recog- nition of outstanding scholarship, intellectual promise. and creative ability" during his junior year. The award winner for 1968-1969 is Gabriel A. Shapiro. The Pfizer Laboratories Medical Scholarship is a cash prize given to a Senior medical stu- dent for outstanding scholarship during the previous three years of medical school. The scholarship recipient for 1968-1969 is Stephen C. Cohen. Students Receive Honors Thomas J. Hanson-The Mark R. Everett Award presented to the current Junior medical student in recognition of scholar- ship and ability during his sophomore year. Stephen A. Samuelson-the Roche Award presented to the current Junior student who best exemplifies the ideals of the mod- ern American physician. It recognizes scholarship, character, personality and seriousness of purpose. DAVID J. CONFER GALEN B. TOEWS Barry C. Esrig-The Allan J. Stanley Re- search Prize for best research project in the Medical Physiology course. THOMAS J. HANSON STEPHEN A. SAMUELSON David J. Confer-recipient of four awards: LeRoy Long Award for highest average in Gross Anatomyg the Harry Wil- kens Prize for highest scholastic record in Neuroanatomyg the Allan J. Stanley Re- search Prize for best research project in Physiology and the Dr. Tom Lowry Award for highest scholastic average during the freshman year. Galen B. Toews-the Alexander D. Ever- ett Award for excellence and interest in Biochemistry. BARRY C. ESRIG Hugh E. Eddy-The Florene C. Kelly Prize in Microbiology for outstanding aca- demic achievement and interest in Medical Microbiology. Gordon L. Phillips-The Allan J. Stanley Award in Physiology for the best essay in the Medical Physiology course. HUGH E. EDDY GORDON L. PHILLIPS Nathan R. Grantham-Medical Student Research Fellowship in Physiology. George H. Thompson-Medical Student Research Fellowship in Physiology. NATHAN R. GRANTHAM GEORGE H. THOMPSON William W. O'Neill-The Warren T. May- WILLIAM W. o'NE1LL field Memorial Award for excellence in the preparation for a career in medicine. Class of 1969 James T. Arnold, Tulsa, BA. '65, Keri-yon College' John T. Baldwin, Bfirllesville, BA. '65, O5U' Billy O. Barclay, Cushing, 85. '65, OU' Dennis W. Berry, Oklahoma Cily B5 '65 OU' Siephen M. Blum. Brooklw N.Y. 5.5. 55, Leno lslard U. Margarel' E. Bonnell, Musko ref- BA. '65, U. fv' Arkyifias. Douglas W Branf, Sliqlrei, B.5. '65, Norlheave 5lafe' Lyle W. Brooks, Sulphur 3.15. '65, Abilene Christian' Phillip Brown, Tulsa 8.5. 65 OU' James W. Browning, Oklahoma Ciw 8.5. '55 OSU' Philip C. Bryan, Del Cif, 3.5. '63 Oklfahorru Chos- iwz' David Til-Chiu Chan, Kowloon Hong Korg China. Dennis W. Coffman, Oklahoma Cin' 3.5. '65, CSC' Siephen Cohen, Brooklyn, N.Y. 8.5. 65, U of Mi. ami, Cary W. Couch, Jores 5.5. '55 OSU' David A. Cowden, Oklahoma Cily, 5.5. '65 OU: David F. Crowder, Ponca Cirv 5.5. 'oo OU: Waller Dandridge, Oklahoma Cily. BA. '65 OU. Bruce A. Darrow, Oklahoma Cify BA. 65. Phillies U.' Lloyd J. Davis, Chickashfi Bfx. '65, Rice-7 An- fhony T Denaro, New York Cily BS. '60, CN- Colleqe oi N.Y.: Quinlon M. Dilmore, Oklahoma Cily' Glenn P. Dosser, Lawfon, BS. 65. OU' Mi- chael J. Dwyer, Purim Cil-.f 5.5. 67 O5U. Norris William Dyer, Oklahoma Cin' Bid, 59 Tulsa Us Charles C. Freeman, Oklahoma CIW' John B. Freidenberger, La Junla, Colorado BJX. 61 Phillips Us Joseph N, Freund, Lnwlnn, 3.5. 63, OSU: Dan C. Galloway, Abilene Texas, SA. 65, r-lardi"-Simmofw William P. Gideon, Perm BS.. OSU. Carl C, Gill, Oklahoma Cily, 8.15. 65, Weslwiae sler' Rayburne W. Goen, Tulsa 8.5. '65 OU' Jonafhan A. Gold, Bloomlield, Corin., BA. o3 Boslor U.y Lawrence C. Green, Lawfow, 5.5. '64 OBU: Richard D. Green, Norman, 8.5. '65 OU' Jerry Gregory, Enid BA. 65 OCU, Kennefh W. Hagood, Albuquerque N.lvl., B.5. 55 U ol Nlvl' Newf L. Hardgrave, lrlerryelra B.5. 63 OSU' Michael R. Harlrey, Oklahoma Ciry' Gary C. Hassmann, Avwchorace, Ker1'uCk'y, 3.5. 65 OSU' William M. Henderson, l-lominy, 3.5. '65, OU' Richard C. Huff, Oklahoma CIW. B.5. '64 Sowh- woslern Slale. Lawrence A. Jacobs, Tulsa BA. '64 U ol Perfu- Joseph L, Karkowski, Oklahoma CIW, 8.5. '64, U ol Housfon, Lawrence L. Kay, Vinila, 3.5. '65, O5U: Larry K. Killebrew, Oklahoma Cily, HA. 65, OU' William J. Kruse. Oklahoma Cily, B.5. '65, CSC' Isaac J, Lawless, Waloncqa, B.5. 65 C5C- Yong Ming Lee, Sibu, Sairzwfik, 65 Seniors John E. Lewis, Purcell B.S. 63 Easf Cen+ral Stale? Billy H. Lipe, Oklahoma Cily' Joe L. Lowry, Blan- chard. B.S. 665, OU' Thomas W. Lucas, Oklahoma Ciry, BS. '66, OSU: Donald R. McCaf'free, Sfill- vraler, B.S. 65, OSU: James R. McCurdy, Okla- homa Cily BA. '65, OU, W. David Mclnnis, Oklahoma Cily BA. 65. Wesl- minsferq John E. Madewell, Midwesl' Cify: Michael W, Marko, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. 64, OU: Dennis R, Mask, Midwesf Cify, B.S, '64, CSC: Roberf S. Mausel, Eorresf Hills. N.Y,, BNA, '64, Adelphi Uni- varsily: Dan E. Miller, Lawfon B.S, '58, OSU. David D. Miller, Grandlield, Oklahoma' Dick A. Morgan, Ponca Cily. 8.5, '65, Belhany Nazarene: Roberl' C. Newberry, Senlinel, B.S. '65, Soulhwesl- err Sl-are: S+even W. Newell, Enid: Hans Pe+er Norberg, Tulsa, BA. 63 F-iaverlord: William W. O'NeiIl, Oklahoma Ciry. Linda S. Orr, Roosevelt Oklahoma, B.S. '65. OU: Roberf H. Phillips, Slillwaler, B.S. '65, Soulhwesl- ern Stale: Georgia R, Prenrice, Oklahoma Ciiry, BS. 162. CSC' Jose A. Rosell, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '59 U. ol Havana: An+hony G. Salem, Dromrighl. BA. '65, OU' Joe G, Salvage, Oklahoma Ciry. Gabriel A. Shapiro lGaryl, Tulsa, BA. 65, Tu- lare: Arvin D. Shorf, Wearherlorcl, B.S. '65 Soiirh- wesrern Srare: Floyd R. Shroader, Claremore B.S. '65, CSC: Terrill Simmons, Tlonkawa, B.S. '65, OU: Richard C. Slagle, Oklahoma Ciry, B.S. '62, OU: William C. Slick, Eoresl Ciry, Pa.. B.S. '57, U ol Scranlon. Jay Sfeven Smifh, Oklahoma Cily: James LeRoy Sfaiger, Burlinqron, Oklahoma, B.S. 65. Norlh- wesrern Srale: Keifh B. Sfouf, El Reno. BS, '65, OSU: William R, Swan, Pryor, Oklahoma: Roberl L. Sweef, Texhoma, BA, '65, Baylor: Poly Tan, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Max E. Taxfer, Oklahoma City, B.S. 64, CSC: Jerry Bob Troy, Mcfhlesfer, B.S. '62, Norrheasfern Slate: Herberl' W, True'H', Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '65 OU: John D. Voiles, Hooker, Oklahoma, BA, '65 OU: Kennefh F. Wainner, Oklahoma City, BA. '65 OCU: S+ephen J. Wallach, Brooklyn, N,Y., B.S. '65, Brooklyn Colleoe. Vicfor O. Wa+ers, Skiarook Oklahoma: James F. Wighf, Enid, BS. '65, Sr. Edwards: Verne L. Willifs, Oklahoma Cily, Bi.S, '65 Soulhweslern Sfalet Ron- ald E. Wrighi, Oklahoma Cily, BA. '65. OU? Ralph M. Yeakley, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '57, U ol Texas: Marlin D. Yoseloff, Long Beach, Calif., Pharm, D, '65, U ol California: Doroihy W. Young, Oklahoma Cily, M.Music '59, Yale. Class of 19 O Anihony Alvarado, Oklahoma Ciiy: Lloyd T. An- derson, Sapulpa, B.S. '66, OU: M. DeWayne An- drews, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. 66, Baylor: Sinclair W. Armsirong Jr., Vian, Oklahoma: Alan E. Aycock, Lawion, BA. '66, OCU: Doroihy Barber, Fi. Worih, Tex., MA, '63. Fordham Jackie J. Beller, Oklahoma Ciiy, B.S. '66, OSU: Michael M. Blue, Alva, B.S. '66, Norihwesrern Sfaret Richard J. Boafsman, Edmond, B.S. and D.V.M. '64, OSU: David R. Boyd, Norman, B.A. 66 OU: G. Bryani Boyd, Tulsa: Nafhan E. Brad- ley, Goodwell, Okla., BS. '66, Panhandle AEM. Raymond E. Brady, Tulsa, B.A. '66, OU: Virginia A. Bush, Oklahoma Ciiy, B.S. '66. CSC: Clifford K. Callaway, Belhany: Jay P. Cannon, Wiri, Okla., EA. 59, OU and BS. '65, Souihwesiern Sraie: Alfredo Cariaya, Miami, Fla.: David Clark, Del CiTy, B.A. '63 Washinglon U. Sfephen J. Cook, Shawnee: P. Dale Cosgrove, McAlesler, B.S. '66, OSU: Marilyn J. Crouch, Eefhany, B.S. '66, Beihany, Nazarene: Frank P. Crowe, B-erhany, B: H. Wayne Currey, Grand Junc- 'ioi Colorado, BA. '65, Colorado Siare: Daniel R. Davis, Gadaq, India, BA, '66, Beihany Nazarene. Ralph Day, Hanover, New Hampshire, B.S. '62, U. oi N.H.: Jimmy D. Dixon, Seminole, B.S. '66, OU. Thomas A. Dodson, Oklahoma Ciiy: Hugh E. Eddy, Ckiahoma Ciry, B.S. '6I, Oregon Sfaie and BS. io, U. of' Oregon: William L. Fesler, Elgin, B.S. 64 OBU and M.S. '66, OU: James E. Freed, Okla- homa Ciiy, BS, '66, Oklahoma Chrisiian. Harry D. Galoob, Healdion, B.S. '66, OU: Evere'He N. Gibbens, Oklahoma Ciiyg James M. Gilberf Eerhany, B..A. '66, Beihany Nazarene: Roy Naihan Gran+ham, Jr., Gage, B.A. '66, Phillips U.: Law- rence J. Gregg, Oklahoma Ciiy, B.S. '66, OU. J. Leon Gregsion, Oklahoma Ciiy: Thomas J. Han- son, Oklahoma Ciiy, B.S. '66, OU: Lynn H. Harri- son, Jr., Oklahoma Ciiy, BA. '66, Yale: Phillips R. Harwell, Oklahoma Ciryg Sfephen W. Haskew, Branson, Mo. Joel E. Holloway, Midwesi Ciiy, B.S. '66, OU: Rob- ERT S. Hood, Norman, B.A. '66, OU: Carl T. Hook, Weaiherford. B.S. '66, Soufhwesiern Sfaieg Paul A. Howard, Oklahoma Ciiy, .S. '66, OSU: Thomas R. Howard, Claremore. B.S. '65, U. of Tulsa. Roberi E. Hudson, Muskogee, BS. '66, Wesimin- sfer: Fred M. Hursf, Jr., Ponca Ciiy, BA. '66, OU? Norman K. lmes, Jr., Del Ciiy, B.S. '66, OU? Herberi L. Ingham, Jr., Ponca Ciiy, B.S. '66, OU: Earl F. Johnson, Oklahoma Ciry, B.S. '66, CSC. 536 -Q ,, QW -gs :Er V594 f .e.wa::":: wir.. Q Mi 3? 5. .55 2 T- as Y James M. Johnsion, Edmond, B.S. '66, CSC: Garry Wayne Kelly, Belhany, B.S. '66, CSC: James B. Kin- ney, Jr., lnglewood, Calif., B.S. '65, OCC: Donald H. Laasch, Oklahoma Cily, B.A. '66, Lewis College: Anfhony Len1, Laverne, B.S. '64, Soulhwesfern Stare: Guy D. Leveaux, Norman, BA. '66, Yale. Mary Ella Logan, Oklahoma Cily, BA. '66, OCU: Wallace B. Love, Tulsa, B.S. '66, OU: Richard Marlin, Pryor. B.S. '67, OSU: Milfon A. Meinhardr, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '66, OU: Myron K. Meinhardf, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '66, OU: Slephen C. Mills, Sfillwaler, B.S. '66, OSU. Harry C. Moore, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '6l, Sourii- A .f.' eslern Srale: James L. Morris, Oklahoma Cify. BA. '66, Slanlord: EvereH M. Murphy, Tulsa. B.S. '66, OSU: Muhammad S. Muslafa, Ramallah, Jord- an B.S. '65, Texas Wesleyan: Charles A. Ogle, Broken Arrow: Carl L. Osborn, Oklahoma Cily. Neal A. Pickelf, Jr., Elk Cily, B.S. '66, Southwestern S'are: Larry M. Praier, Tulsa, BA. '66, OU: Jerry E. Rhodes, Oklahoma Cify: Ray E. Rhodes, Jr., Purcell, B.S. '66, OU: David L. Richardson, Tulsa, B.S, '66, Norlheaslern Slale: Darvin R. Riichie, Pueblo, Colorado, BA. '66, Colorado U. Mark C. Ri'H'enhouse, Oklahoma Cify, BA. '66, OSU: Terrance A. Robinson, Mr. Clemens, Mich., 75.5. '66, Adrian College: S+ephen Rodgers, Fort Vwlorlh, Texas: John Sacra, Pauls Valle: Siephen A. Samuelson, Tulsa, BA. '65, Washinglon U: Michael A. Sarlin, Oklahoma Cily. Lee E. Schoeffler, Broken Arrow, B.S, '66, Norlh- easrern Slaie: Bennie B. ScoH', Wolfe Ciry, Texas, B.S. '66, Easf Texas Slale: R. Douglas Shaw, Okla- homa Cily, B.S. '67, OU: Gene R. Smifh, Jr., Alva, B.S. 66, U. ol l-lousfon: Gerald A. Snider, Tulsa, BS, '65, U. ol Tulsa: Darrell L. Speed, Oklahoma Ciry, B.S. '64, OU. William H. Sfipe, Tulsa. BA, '66, Yale: Richard E. Sfone, Oklahoma Cify, B.S. '66, OU: Mike Sfralrron, Sriilwaler, B.S. '66, OSU: Neal K. Sufhers, Arnefl, BS. '66, OSU: Perry T. Taaca, Oklahoma CIW: George H. Thompson, Oklahoma Cily, B.S, '66, CSC. Larry D. Underwood, Moore: Richard Wallralh, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '66, Easl Cenlral Slate: Sam- uel A. Wheeler, Oklahoma Ciry, B.S. '66, OSU: Timofhy K. Wilken, Tyrone: Roberl' D. Williams, For? Cobb, BA. '66, OU: Terry Jeff Williams, Cordell, B.S. '66, Oklahoma Chrisrian. Juniors Class of 19 1 Edward A. Abernefhy, Enid B.S. 67 OU: H. Wil- liam Allred Jr., Tulsa, B.S. '67, Noriheasrern Slafe' Alfredo R. An1'oneH'i, Wighifa Falls. Tex.. B.S. 67, Midwesfern U: Larry D. Balzer, Hooker, B.S. '67, Panhandle Srale: David W, Bank, Enid B.S. 67 Norrhwesrern Sfalef Clisfo D. Beaiy, Sco++ AFB, Il', BS. 67 OSU. Charles F. Befhea, Jr., Barflesville, B.A. 67. OU: Philip C. Bird, Oklahoma Ci+y, B.S. '67. OU' John W. Blaschke, Oklahoma Ciryt H. Chris Brown, Tulsa: Ronald L, Brown, Ponca Cify, B.S. 67 OSUI Mark Allan Capeharf, Tulsa. James E. Carley, Tulsa. BA. 67, Wesrminsrer' Roberf G. Cares, Aroka, B.S. '67, OU- James A. Chapman, Oklahoma CiTy7 James R. Claflin, 'Wa- kira- Janice Elaine Clark, Tulsa. BS. 67, U oi Tulsa: Thomas H. Coe, Oklahoma City BS. '67, CSC. Sfephen B. Coker, Midwesi Cily: Bruce W. Collier, Enid, Terry L. Collins, San Anlonio, Tex.: David J. Confer, Oklahoma Cify, BS. '67. OU' John H. Cook, Muskogee, BS. '66 OSU: John V, Coon, l-lenryelfa, Larry R. Demas, Oklahoma Cifyr Michael G. Dem! ing, Colorado Springs, Colo.t Jean Ann Dorsey, Alva' James L. Dunagin, Oklahoma Cilyy Sam L. Earnesl, Srillwaler, Ronald B. Easley, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '64, OBU, MS. 66, OU, Ph.D. '68 OU. R. Richar.d Edde, Oklahoma Cily BS. 67 CSC' Barry C. Esrig, Long Beach, N.Y., BA. 67, Syra- cuse' Joe G. Fagan, Ponca Cify, B.S. 67 OU' Sue Ann Fankhouser, Oklahoma Ciiy BS, '60 and MS. '65, Kansas Slaley Yvonne Fine, Oklahoma Cily, BS. '57, OSU: Andrew W. Fisher, Barrles- ville, BA. '67, U oi Kansas. Pafrick D. Fihgerald, Oklahoma Cily, B.A. '67, OU: Rober+ A. Frampron, Spanish Fork, Ulahg Bruce D. Fried, Hollis, B.S. '67, OBU7 John K. Ghan, Okla- homa Ciryg Amnon Gimpeleviiz, Jerusalem, Israel: William J. Graham, Oklahoma Cily. Bobby Eugene Gulhery, Broken Bowt J. Kenf Ham- ilfon, Oklahoma Cil-y, Bl.A. '67 Baylorg William D. Hamilfon, WiIbur+ong Roy Eugene Hardman, San Anfonio. Tex., B.S. '65, Trinify Ut James A. Hassel, Ponca Ciiy, B.A. '67, OSU? Harold H. Haslon, Del Cify, B.S. '67, OU: Conrad A. Henry, Sfilwell. BS. '67, Norrheaslern Slale. Tommy L. HeweH, Elmore Cily, B.S. '67 Easf Ce'-f Tral: John Richard Higgins, Alva, B.S. '67, Norih- wesiern Slarej Richard Olen Hubbard, Oklahoma Ciiy, B.S. '66, CSC: Phillip Leonard lsham, Okla- homa Cify, B.S. '67, CSC: Don Richard Ishmael, Oklahoma Cily, B.A, '67, OCU7 Donald Lee James, Norman, B.S. '65, OU: Sfeven Dee Jimerson, El Reno, BA. '67, OU. John B. Kamp, Oklahoma Cify' Anlhony Dwain Keys, Velma B.S, '67, OU: Roberf C. King, Del Ci+y1 Roberl' W. King, Oklahoma Cify: Ron Mich- ael Kreger, Tonkawa: Buddy Lynn LeCrone, Ring- wood BS. '67, CSC. Miichell W. Levenfhal, Brooklyn, NY., BS, '67, Long Island U: Anfhony E. Loehr, Miami: John walfer Long, Beaver, Pa., B.S. '66, U ol Pilrsburqlv Kevin David Lowe, Albuquerque, N.M.: Earl Win- 'fers Mabry, Enid, B.A. '67, Darlmoulh: Michael Bailey McCar+y, Oklahoma Cify, BS, '67, OU. Charles Kim McClean, Porfsmoulh, Nl-l., B.S, '67, OU: Phillip Lee Mccown, Oklahoma Ciry: Ricky Lynn McElrea+h, Midwesl Ciry: Michael David Mc- Gehee, Shawnee, B.A. '66, Drew U: Kenne+h Allan McGinnis, Cloyis, N.M., B.S. '67, Easrern N.M. Ut Dallon B. Mclnnis, Oklahoma Cify, BA. '67, Wesl- minsfer. William D. McMains, Oklahoma City B.A. '67, OCU: Joe Mendoza, Chanule, Kansas: Jack E. Meicalf, l-lollis: James P. Mefcalf, Allus' Danny Minor, Wichila, Kansas, B.S. '64, Oklahoma Chris- iiah Colleqe' William N. Morris, Oklahoma Ciry, BS. '67, CSC. John M. Morrison, Oklahoma Cilyi Pafrick Louis Mullens, Tulsa: Roberf David Ornilz, Mamaroneck, N.Y.. B.S. '65, U of Wisconsin: Marvin Dale Pey- fon, Cushing, B.S. '67, OSU: Gordon Leigh Phil- lips, Geary, B.A. '67. OU: Pal' Pugh, Moore, BA. '60, Vanderbill. Don K. Rahhal, Clinlon, B.A. '64 and M.S. '67 OU: Palmer Ryburn Ramey, Lawfon: Linda Kay Reed, Duncan, B.S. '67, OSU: David Augusiine Ronk, Lawlonp John Andrew Roye, Sligler, B.S. '67, Norlheasferri Slale: Sian Simon Shrago, Sioux Cily, lowa. Kennelh Roger Shryock, Enid, B.A. '67 Phillips U' Earl Edgar Smifh, Tulsa: James Marlin Smilh, Mid- wesl' Cily, B.A. '66 and M.A. '67, OU: Larry Ev- ereH' Smifh, Alva, B.S. '67, Norlhwesrerr Sfaie' Alanson Reed Spalding, Oklahoma City BA, 67, Vanderbilt William R. Sfefler, Oklahoma Cilf. Clinfon Riley Sfrong, El Reno: William Ashley Tal- bo'l', Fr. Worlh, Texas. B.A. '67, OU: Addison E. Thurman, Enid, B.S. '65, Soulhweslerr Slale and lM.S. 67, Tulane: Marlin A. Tippie, Barllesyille. 'B.S. '67, OSU: Galen Bruce Toews, Kremlin, BA. '67, Tabor College: Richard Trau+man, Oklahoma Cdy, as 64, osu. Timofhy A. Walker, Oklahoma Ciryg David Wil- liam Walsh, Oklahoma Cily, BA. '67, OCU7 John Ronald Walson, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '64, Langs- lon U7 Mary Anne Wighf, Enid, B.A. '67. Our Lady ol fhe Lake College: Sidney Dallon Williams, Slillwaler' Keilh Oliver Wilson, Pond Creek, BS. '65, OU: Damaris Sue Young, Oklahoma Ciry. Sophomores Class of 1972 Thomas A, Avery, Barllesvilley Diane Bear, Pills- burgh, Pa., BS. 68, San diego Slarej Roberi Harlin Beasley, Jr., Carneqie: Rick D, Beller, Ada, Ron- ald James Bergman, Bay Cily Mich. M.S. Ohio Slale' Carole M. Berliner, Carnoer NJ. Thomas Roy Bryanf, Okrnulgee- John Alfred Bullen, Dallas, Tex: Duane A. Burroughs, Alva, B.S. '68, Norlhweslrefc' Donald E. Cagle, Lawlony David Gary Casper, Del Cilyg John Coe, Tulsa, B.A. 68, Kansas U. William Wesley Cook lll, Norma". 8.5. '68, OU: George Benron Cooper, Okrnulgee B.A, '68 OU: William Lewis Corporan, Oklahoma Cily, BA. '67, Phillips U' Paul Harvey Davis, Kolar, lndia, A.8. '68, Balham Nazarene Coll: Marsha Delaney, Ok- lahoma Civ BA. '68 OCU' Harold Wayne Diers, Sheboyaar' Wie. William Howard Downham, Jr., Shawnee, B.S. '68 Cenlral Sfaret James Edwin Drake, Okmulqeeg Paul L. Dudley, Claremore, 8.5. 67' OU' Terry Lance Due, Duncar BA. 68, OU, John Keifh Earl, Tul- sa, 8.5. '68 OUA Ronald Louis Ercolani, Allus. Royice Bef? Everell, Erick 8.5. 58 OBU' Ralph B. Fillmore, Oklahoma Cily- Jerry Dale Firsl, Tulsa, B.S. '68, OU' Michael Frank, Oklahoma Cily, M.S. '68, OU' Roberl Gerner, Barvlesvllle BA. '68, U.. ol Kansas' Larry Gene Goss,'ff Williams Griffilhs, Missoula, Morfana, M.S. 67. OSU: Richard Hugo Grimm, Jr., Pauls Valley, BA. '68, OU7 Ka+hryn Hale, Beqos' David Hamblin, Okla. lDel Cirvlg William Cornelius Hamilfon, Jr., Ponca Ciiyt James E. Hanlon, Muskooee. Joseph Sfeven Hargis, Tulsa 8.5. 68 OU? Haskell Head, Slioler 8.5, '68, Norlheasfefn Slale' James Henderson, Ponca Ciry, 8.5. 68 OU: James Ed- ward Henrich, Oklahoma Clly 8.5. 68, OSU' Ross Hensley, Wealherlord, B.S. '68, Soulhweslern, Don Richard Hess, Billings, B.S. '67, Cerlral Slale. Don Duvall Howe, Ponca Cify BA. 68, Wes?- minsler: Paul Hull, Tulsa: Jerry Hyalf, Edmonds Roberl Kern Jackson, Oklahoma Cilyi David N. Kahn, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. 68 OU? Zev Kahn, Oke lahorna Cim. Michael Karasek, Barllesvillef John M, Kessinger, Oklahoma Oily: EvereH' KnoH, Mafmlord, 8.5. 64, OSU, James Andrew Lewis, Tulsa 8.5. '68, OUI Don Allen Mace, Edmond' Gerry Lee Maddoux, Maylield, M.S. 68, Soulhwesrern Slalet David Paul Maisenbaugh, Oklahoma City. Richard Paul Mayeux, Oklahoma Cir, 8.6. '68, OSU: James William McLeod, Ardmore' John William McReynolds, Oklahoma Cilv 8.6. '68, Norlh Texas Slale- Paul Richard Meyer, Oklahoma Cily' Roberl' Wafson Miles, Anaclafko- Larry Carl Minnick, Tulsa 8.5. '68, OSU. George Waller Moore, Enid, 8.6. 68 Phillios U: Michael Ted Moore, lvlidwesl Cirv: Charles H. Mangum, 8.5. '68, Soulhweslern 5la'e: Jerry Sleve Morgan, Red Oak: Roberl Oliver Morlon, Duncan: Linda Lee Nassif, Tulsa, 8.5. '68, Tulsa U. Roberi Dan Oliver, Oklahoma Cily 8.5. '68, Cen- lral 5'rale' Peyfon Edward Osborne, Oklahoma Cily: Ronald Phillip Painfon, Alva, 8.5. Norlhe weslern 5l'a'fe: Kay Linda Parlrhursf, Phillipirzes, 8.5. '68, Arkansas U' Dale Gene Park, Tulsa, 8.5, '68, OSU' Larry Leander Pa+chell, Pauls Valley, 8.6. '68, DePauw U. Philip Perryman, Jr., Tulsa, B.S, '68 Tulsa U: Nafh- an M. Pollack, Tulsa 8.6. '65, Boslon U' James Lewis Pool, Tulsa 8.5, '68, Tulsa U: William Lloyd Power, McAlesler' Ira Priluck, Massachusells, 6.8. '68, Indiana U: Sandra Ramer, Oklahoma Cifv, 8.6. '68 OU. Richard Redman, Gulhrie. 8.5. 67, OU: Edd Rhoades, Jr., Chickasha: Georgene Schmeckpeper, Oak Park, lllinois, M.A. '5l, lllinois U' Glenn Wil- liam Schoewhals, Shalruck' Richard Schuhmacher, Alva, 14.8. '68 OU: Alan R, Seay, Elk Cilv. Henry Thomas Se+hney, Tulsa, 8.A. 68, Wesl- ninsler: Fred George Silva, ll, Oklahoma Cily. 8.5. '68, OU: Douglas Carier Smilh, Tulsa, 8.5. 68, Belhanv Nazarene: Bruce Cli'f'ron Sfanlon, Mc- Axleslrer: Larry Roberl' Sfeiner, Wealherlord, 8.5. 68, OSU: Mchael Jon Sullivan, Harrah. Carol Ann Talacki, l-lunlinolon Valley Pai. 8.5. '68 J ol Penn: Cary Allen Tames, New York, 8.5. '68, -ong lsland U' Roberl Kin Wai Tang, l-long Kono' Sharleg Thomason, Slillwalerj Roberl' T-l1OmpS0l1, Axllus: John Tiplon, Marelfa. Caren Sue Vore, Ou-vrnon, 8.5. 68, Norlhweslern Slale: Joseph 8. Walcher, ll, Oklahoma Clif' Roger Dale Walker, Claiemofe 8.5. l68 OU: Ronald -ewls Wall, Lfii-.low Daniel Glywn Walfers, Okla- iorna Cily, 8.5. '68 OU: Rodney Wayne Webb, Nebloers Plilli 8.5, 68, O8U. Vlichael Louis Weber, Okeene' James Roberl Nendelken, Miami, 8.5. '68, Univ. ol Tulsa: Paul loberf Whifwam, Sanla Fe, N.M., 8.5. '68, Norlh- veslern Slale' Charles Vicfor Williams, II, Tulsa, SA, 68, OU: Peggy Wisdom, Alva, 8.5. 68, Jorrhweslerri Srfwer Willard M. Woods, Jr., Okla- ioma Cilv' John J. Zavoshy, Caiilofria 8.6, '68, ilanislaus Slale. Fre hmen P .D. Candidates Karen Alcins, Eiosrar-Epidem' Muhammad Ali, Ei:- creniiyfw' Tarilc I. Alieboori, Lab Piacfce' John B. Amadio, l-ifh. Admr Marlene Appley, Ar'a'cffiu' Cornelius Askew, Biosfa'-Epldem' Josephine Ban- neriee, Daihcico-if Alman J. Barker, H 'h Adm Wesley S. Beaver, Biol, Psy.: Charles S, Benson, Hurnar- Ecology: John C. Bess, Cfismm. Disorders? Owen Blaclc, Biochemisfryi' Roberi C, Bowers, PM and Pl-14 Allen E. Boysen, Comm, Disorders' Max D. Bozarfh, Comm. Disozders- William F, Brandy. Comm, Disoiders, James D. Broclrmeier, Biol. Psp Dale L. Campbell, bioz:l'femis'w' Lynn D, Carr, Hama' Fcoiogn George B. Carroll, Eryirof. Himy Franli Chan. A'e'omv Chin9'ShY0n9 Chen, Eiecrie-m'2'f.' David C. Cheung, Bic,:chcfmisffA,f' Naolxi Chiba, Bificrieif- ig,-V. Alec C. Chou, Physiology: James P. Cosliloe, Biosial-Fpidem' Joe Dan Coulier, Biol, F's,i.' Pamela Ann Craiger, Comm. Discrd-3-rep Jepiha W. Dal+son, i-'iflm Adm: Randolph E. Deal, Comm. Disorders' Dale C. Delano, Ervirfr, Hfhx John M Dennis, Comm, Disoiders. Roberl F. Devlin, Microbioloou John W. Drake, Biocrefniwrw Kimilco Dugan, Ara'o'ri,' Norman E. Dyer, Frvirof, Hlrhg Carole M. Eliason, Hl+l'. Adm: Fereshfeh Farhi, Microbioioiw Sfan Ferguson, B:- sfaf-Eoidenm' Philip R. Fine, Enviro-, HW William W. Finley, Biol. Psyx Earl D. Follr, Biiiusiai- Epidemp John A. Fosfer, Physioloxxyq M, Rebecca Fosier, Biochemisiry: Reginald H. Franlr, Erxfron Hlihx James M. Gilliam, Biochemi-vi: Sfephen J. Girsch, Biochemisfiy' Peler Gluslrer, Biol, Ps-,, Maury G. Gollob, Human Fcoiozp Venus B, Go- mez, Eicsraf-Epidem.: Franlx S. GOH, Biosiaf-Foe dem' Calherine L. Gregg, Biocne-"iis+r.f Alan S. Grubb, Hamar Ecology' Dale S, Gurunaniappa, Biova'-Enidemx Yeiid Gufierrez, Lab. Preacfice' Wayne R. Hanson, Comm, Dismdew. William G. Harless, Bioslnl-Epidefru' Frances C. Hari, Hlfh. Adm.: Pairiclc J. Hari, Hilmar Ecolo- ciy' Marilyn D. Henry, Physiology- Elizabeih B. Hensler, Hlfh. Adm.: Lawrence W. Hincls, Lab. Dfacnce' Joan A. Holloway, Biol. Psi: Slewarf Hoover, Erwircr. F4l+h. Charles N. Howard, Biochemisiiu Henry H. Huang, Eiocremisrryp Philip C. Hughes, Bio, Fax: George W. lngels, PM ard Pl-1' Lewis H, Irving, FM and PH' Charles L, Jackson, lnifli Aofm- Vic- +or L, Jackson, Humar Fccio-if Pa+ricia Jamison. Hifri, Adm. Cynlhia L, Janes, Biol, Psy: John W. Jansen Comm. Disorders: Alberi T. Joern, Biol, Psvip Leslie D. Johnson, Biochernisiiy' Ben M. Jones, Biol. Psy. Kennefh O. Jones, Comm, Disordewv John H. Kalb fleisch, Eicgfai-Enideim: Lawrence W. Keaiing Corrm. Disvdeii. Edward K. Lai, Bioche-mis'r.' James E. Lanlcford, y Comm Sisrer Leu, Micrcloio'og.'t Ching Lung Liu, Lab. Prrcrice' Mary Ann Lively, Comm. Disorders' Dean D. Loclr- wood, Comm. Disorders. Charles A. Lovig, Bioch.-'nisfr,' Larry Magnuson yrdifh. Adrrr.: Chi C. Mao, Physiolog-.i': Melody J lMarshall, Horner: Ecc:lof5r,r' Roberf C. Marshall 'Comrm Disorders' Vincenf Marshall, Microbicyioriys William R. Mafhews. PM -.rid PH- Theodore D McClure, Arrfirorrry. iWal+er J. McCona+hy, Biochemislry' Franlc McDon- laid, Comm. Disorders' Marlr T, McDowell, Comm Disorders' William A. Meissner, Comm. Disorders- Franlclin J. Milianli, Comm. Disorders: Waller M. iMoore, PM and PH' Ahmad S. Nasir, Errvirorw. W-Urhp Viola M. Neill, Microbiology. l 'Mavis Mfcrobiology: Glenda J. Ochsner, Comm. Disord- iers- Pe+er A. O'Mara, Biol. Psy: James D. Orfen, Picrnari Ecology: David Eldon Palm, Comm. Dis- ygrders' lParlrhurs'l, Bioche-mis'r,r. James Comm. cfoers- Bfor. P G. Richelr, Horror Ecocizfg Howell W. Rogers, M'crobic1ci.:.r. James A. Rosalrer, Parhology: Rolaerfl L, Russell, Comm. Disorders? Joseph Salamy, Biol, Psy: Franlc E. Sansone, Comm. Disorders: J. Edward Schneider, Bicchemisrry- Marfha J. Scifres, Comm. Disorders Francisco M. Serrano, Bios'ai-Eoiderri: Fawzi B. Shaya, C. Dene Simpson, Biol, Psy.: John K. Snodgrass, Heroin ers' M Solomon, plTrJSiOlCQ'yI Anlal E, Solyom, Biochem- fs'r,v Raymond D. Sfewarl, Biosrar-Eoidemx War- ren W. Sfinson, Ariaiorrry, David W. Slroman, Boclw-frriir.'r,f: Jack R. Tacker, fv1icrr:biC'or,' Yu-Lin Tai, Biciclw-rriis+rr,r' Richard E. Talbofl, Crvrrm, Dsorder-.' Billy K. S. Tam, Bio- Cnernisrrf Eugene Tan, Biochemistry: Ralph E. farler, Qoberl -we .2 ...r .rrx Su-Hsin Tung, Pnqsiczifzgf George M. fallrocich, Biochemis'r,r' A. Hale Vandermer, Er- frro' l-1 :un Wang, Biocherriisrrrr: Charles C, Weddle. Bio Ii'-grrtislr oberf L. While, Ar-frzrrip Rober+ Whilehead, cmrrr. Dir-ordery M. Elizabelh Wiebe, Homer .COrC1,' Wolfgang Wober, Biochemisrry' Nancy NU, EiCChif"fYli5iiyj Aniege Yunice' Eliviffm, Pllilif Nalfer J. Zelusky, Brofghf.-rr'if-if,, 3 s.: Arlhur V. Prancan, Prysioioigy' l-lerloerl Future Academic Leader . Disorders' Michael B. Laslrowslci, Physiofcwi' Lourdes Leal, Comm. Disorders: Richard W. l.. Niclrels, Biochemisrry' John E. Norfon, Donald E. Parlrer, Bioswf-Epidemx George Parlrhursf, Biocriernisfryz Roberl G. Paul, Disorders- Olen T. Pederson, Comm. Dis- Joe Penny, Arraromy: Rol.aer+ J. Person, Rarrioloigy. Ecolooy Sondra M. Snow, Comm. Disofd ichael S. Snyder, Ph-irmacoloigiy: Lura A. Biol. Psy.: John Todd, l-llln, fvdrri. Todd, Efyircrp r-il'h.' Kuei K, Tsai, Bo- irh: Donald R. Vardiman, Bio.. Ps.: Chi- r l Masters Candidates Norman Adams, Piihofogp Warren C, Aldridge, fdrh, Adm- Marilyn L. An+hony, Comm. Dior:- ers' Julia N. Arnold, Urclassilied' Donna L. Bahler, Comm. Disorders' Onah K. Bayless, Hllli, Ao", Elizabefh K. Binford, Comm. Disorders. Karen L, Blaclc, Hllh. Adm: Ruben L. Bley, Ei- chemislry- Phyllis M. Brodie, Unclassified' Janice A. Buckner, Microbiology: Kay L. Burris, Microow F oqy' Jaclc Cearley, Environ. Hlih.: Linda K. Cole, Comm. Disorders. Rcberi D. Coleman, Environ, Hlrh.: James E. Compron, Hlfh. Adm.: Roberi' S. Conrad, Micro.: Sharran Cowan, Comm. Disorders: Sharon E. Coz- zens, Unclassilied: Sherry A. Crews, Comm, Ds- orders' Richard H. Crook, Microbiology. Olivia L. Davis, Comm. Disorders: Peggy L. Decle- eri, Physioloqy' Alberf E. Dorr, Biosiarfgoidemi Arnold T. Dulce, l-llih, Adm,: Michele S. Dunn, Comm. Disorders' Thompson Eddy, Hllh, Adm.: Phoebe Fagan, Biosw'-Epidem. John D. Ferguson, Lab. Pracrice' Vernon J. Ficlren, Environ. Hlfhf Larry A. Fowler, Hlfh. Adm: David O. Galloway, Lab. Pracdce' Lynda B. Geron. Comm. Disorders' Suzanne Greenwood, Comm. Diia orders Carolyn J. Hall, Comm. Disorders, Clyde G. Hamer, Hlfln, Adm.: Bennie A. Hargrave, rdllh, Adm.: Rosemary K. Harluins, Araromy Pa- fricia A, Hawkins, Mierobioloqy' Sandra S. Heaih- eriy, Lao. praoice' Nancy J. Hedges, U'iclassi"ec' Jane K. Henson, Unclassified, Barbara S. Henfhorn, Hamas Ecoloqr- Herschel L. Hobson, Ervirori. Hllimg Jack H, Hoskins, Adm: Charles E, Huffman, Environ, Hlilix Mary H. Jennings, Llnelassified: David E. Jus'lus, Lili. Pirro liffi' Shirley J. Kay, Comm. Disorders. Charles E. Kei+hley, Uiiclassiried' Bernhard J. F. Kramer, Eriviror. Hlilw.: Timoihy R. Kramer, Mich:- bioloqy' David N. Lanlcford, Environ, l-lllh.: Donald V. Lassiier, Fnviror.. Hlfh.: Cafherine V. Lewis, Comm. Disorders' Min-Shu Louis Lin, Pallio om Investment In The Future Douglas M. Livingsfon, Environ, l-firing Clyde A. Lynn, PM and PH: Mary E. MacN-ab, Comm. Dis- orders' Zenaida D. Magdamo, Unciassiiied: Ron- ald F. Maly, Environ. l-lllhy Jimmy Marlin, Analo- mr Ronald R. Maxwell, Mizrobioloigi, Evelyn L. Maxwell, PM and Pl-l: Claire I. Mays, Unclassiiied: Harold W. Meyers, Comm, Disord ers: Gloria A. Moeller, Comm. Disorders: John A. Mohr, Microbiology' Palriclc W. Monroe, Micro- bioloqy: Judy A. Moore, Comm. Disorders. Norma J. Morehead, Comm. Disorders: Ralph O. Morgan, l-ilrh. Adm: Jimmy L. Newby, Comm. Disorders: Erma J. Newman, l-ilrln. Adm.: William Nisimblal, Hlrh. Adm: Jacque L. Noll, Comm. Disorders: Roberr E. Nordquisr, Parlnoloqv. MaH'hew M. Paslore, Comm, Disorders: Polly S. Pafriclc, Comm. Disorders: Billie K. Payne, Comm. Disorders: James T. Price, Microbiology' Helen C. Purdue, Comm. Disorders: Lynda J. Rabuclc, Comm. Disorders' Anna M. Ramey, Comm. Disorders. Janel' Riddle, Nursing: B. Glenn Robinson, Lab. Praclice: Jean L. Rogers, Unclassilied: Lonnie D. Russell, Anatomy: Leonard C. Ryan, Biochemisrry- Lucille Samarrin, Comm. Disorders: Tommy J. Sanders, Hlth. Adm. Margaref E. Seiler, Unclassilied: Kafhleen A. Sheff, Unclassified: Barbara E, Shipley, Comm. Disorders: James W. Smifh, l-llrh. Adm: Judie M. Smirh Comm. Disorders: Charles R. Sreves, Unclassified: Carol L. Temple, Comm. Disorders. Charlene P. Vavricelt, Unclassified: June C. Vifles Hlrln. Adm.: Rebecca M. Walker, Human Ecology R. Elizaberh Wallace, Comm, Disorders. Roberi' A. Warner, Hlrh. Adm.: Douglas A. Wes? Comm, Disorders: Doroifhy D, Whircomb, Comm Disorders: Ronald E. Whorfon, I-ilrh. Adm.: Caro- lyn J- Windham. Unclassified: lva S. Winn, I-llrh Adm.: Doris E. Young, Comm, Disorders. Eldred W. Tesrul, Comm. Disorders: William A. Turner, Environ. l-lllh.: Myrna Valenline, Hlrh Adm.: NURSING SCHOOL COUNCIL-SEATED: Dena Tcis, Linda Crotty, Betty l-ischer, Kathy Smith, Nancy Hunt, Alma Jansing, Patricia Silk, Barbara Conway. STANDING: Hermoine Tracewell. Karen Carstensen. Genie D'Hoostc-locrc. ursing School Council 8a Delta Alpha The Nursing Council, the executive body for the school of nursing, is composed of the student body officers, class presidents, Delta Alpha and OSSNA representatives, and fac- ulty advisors. The main functions of the council are to improve student-faculty relations and to pro- vide social and recreational activities for the student body. The annual Christmas Party. where Miss OUSN is crowed, is the highlight event of the year. Miss OUSN is chosen from the class able to raise the most money from their adopted financial projects. Delta Alpha is the honor society of the Uni- versity of Oklahoma School of Nursing. The purposes and aims of this society include: l.J recognition of scholastic achievement of superior quality 2.9 recognition of the development of lead- ership qualities 3.7 the fostering of high professional stand- ards 4.J the encouragement of creative work. and 5.3 strengthening the commitment of indi- viduals to the ideals and purposes of the profession of nursing. DELTA ALPHA-SEATED: Hermoine Tracewcll. Linda Crotty, Betty Pitts, Karen Carstenscn. Lee Pennington. STANDING: Sister Gurdak. Cornelia Chaney, Michelle Sykes, Dena Teis, Nancy Hunt, Karen Gerhards, Alma Jansing, Jimmie Cash, Ann Rush. Senior ursing Officers Eva Zeller, Sec., Genie D'Hosstelziere, President, lngred Hogue. Vice-Prem Mziry Jo Whaley, Treasurer Junior ursing Officers Sharon Striekler Red Cross Rep., Ann Rush, See-Tres: Valerie l-ox Vine President Bonnie Mitchell, Lump Stal? Elizabe N Senior ursing Students Having completed 4 years of requirements the sen- iors eagerly await the attainment of a BSN. The sched- ule consists of 2 years of general education courses and 2 years of clinical practice which includes funda- mentals of nursing, medical-surgical, obstetrics-pedi- atrics, psychiatric and public health nursing. The graduate is prepared to assume her professional posi- tion on the health team or to enter graduate school. There was a tremendous Esprit de Corps exhibited by the seniors this year. Despite the hustle and bustle. each Senior nursing student was able to contribute not only to the class but to the school. It is hoped that this enthusiasm for our class, school. and profession will never fade, and that feel as positive about this as We do. We forward to graduation this year with quiet and will remember the days spent here others may .are looking excitement, with pride. M. The nursing station, an area in which these students will spend many more hours. Rebecca Ann Bain, Ambler, Pa., FEE, ISA Rep. to OU Woman's Res. Coun., Pres., Robertson I-louse VVoman's Dorm., OSSNA: Mary Jane Millsteal Black, Okla. City, OSSNA: Karen Lee Carstense , Athens, Ga., "The Lamp" ed., AA, Laisson Comm., OSSNA, Alumni Fund Schol.: Cornelia Watlcii' Chaney, IRNI Tulsa, ANA AA-3, -5-A, Quota Clu Schol.: Barbara Faye Conway, Enid, OSSNA, SC Univ, Lite Comm., OSSNA Stud. Nurse ot the Yr. OSSNA Nat. Vot. Del. OSSNA Recruit. Chrr. OSSNA Dist. I Pres.. Outstanding Young Women in Amer, tor l9o7. School ot Nurs. Yrbk. ed., Mer' Schol., Deans I-IR: Kathy Jo Cornwell, Midwel City, OSSNA Dean's HR. Linda Ann Crotty, I-lenryetta. OSSNA, OSSN Nom. Cnm,, 3-A Pres., SC, KKV, Dean's I-IR: Susan Gay Cunningham, Commerce: Genie Marie D'- Hoostelaere, Ormond Beach, Pla., OSSNA, Se. Class Pres., Dean's I-IR, Nur. Club, Rec. Sec' Georgia Ann Diel, Burlington, OSSNA: Carolyi Diane Dowdy, Midland, Tex.: Sen. Class Fin. Chrr Jr. Class Sec., OU Fencing Club, OSSNA, Rep.: Lynda Kay Farr, Tuttle, OSSNA. ma Dee Hermanslu, Breckinridge OSSNA, Zon i Club Schol., Ingrid Ellen Hogue, Okla. City, OS. NA, Sen. Class V-P, Sen. Class Miss OUSN can - date: Iris Kay Meadows Landis, Olcla. City, OS NA, Jr. Class Pres.: Carol Janice Levine, Okl City: Carl Peter Perilla, Geary, OSSNA, OSSN x Dist. I Nom. Chm. Sister M. Amata Gurdalc IRNI Blackwell, AA: Ve ' i , l d Shattuck OSSIWA AA Tassels Dean's I-IR, Alum i Schol.: Diane Smith, Owasso, OSSNA: Kathie Ann Smith, Tulsa, OSSNA, XG, Stud. Body So Chm.. Sr. Class Soc. Chm.: Linda Ruth Spann, Tu sa, OSSNA, De-an's t-IR, Diane Virginia Phipps, Olcla. City: Betty Jane Pit-l e I Michelle Elaine Sykes IRNI I-locker, AA: Claud Sue Hughes Tindall, Okla. City: Hermione Hol Tracewell, Olcmulgee, OSSNA, FCPB, AA, Stu Body Pres., Dean's I-IR: Mary Jo Whaley, Okl City. OSSNA: Eva Ruth Zeller, Chattanooga. M. Paula Barber Bailey, Midwest CHM Virvinia R. Bain, Bartlesville' Joyce Elaine Bierig, Okeerae' Nancy Carrol Brooks, Tulsa: Kathryn DeLea Burg- torf, Shattuck: Jimmie Kaye Cash, Broken Arrow' Donna Marie Cox, Tulsa. Ernes+ine Eva Evans, Oklahoma City: Elizabeth Dean Fischer, Overland, Mo.: Judith Ann Floyd. Moore: Joan Carol Fortmeyer, Caldwell, Kansas: Valerie Elizabeth Fox, Short Hill NJ.: Linda Jean Freeman, Tulsa: Jane Ann Frifch, Norrnar, Karen Kay Gerhards, Guthrie: Gail Ann Gifferl, Norman: Carolyn Elizabeth Gooden, Tulsa: Mary Hall, Phoenix, Arizona: Janei Ruth Hoagland, Wichita, Kansas: Nancy Caroline Hunt, Blackwell: Omega B. Jaggers, Ardmore. Alma Frances Jansing, Norman: Jim Edward Kasfl, Norman: Helen Irene Kerbow: Patty Laurell Kisfler, Hastings, Minn.: Linda Marie Knechf, Enid' Marlha M. Laiendress, Midwest City: Elgin Leonard. Penelope Sue Lucas, Lawror: Judilh Ann McBee, Vinira: Vicki L. McEwen, Oklahoma City' Sally Elaine Mills, Midwest City: Bonnie Jean Mitchell, Cherokee: Pamela Lee Newman, G-uyrnon. Nola Max Oliphanl, Noble- Ellen Eli1abefh Parese, Norman: Carolyn June Rasp, Erid: Michael Row- le+'l, Wilton, Corm: Ruth Ann Rush, Er-Ed: Jeanie Rufh Ryba, Minco. Pa+ricia Louise Silk, Park l-lill Sandy Ann Sisemore, Midwest City' Carolyn M. Spradlin, Eva' Sharon Susan Sfrickler, Mooreland' Karen Lynn Tackefl, F' Sill: Dena Regina Teis, lisa. TLC demonstrated by Junior Nurses Junior ursing Students 'Variety is the spice of life' aptly describes this year's Junior class-the largest in the school's history. From the gentle art of ballet to the explosive skill of Karate the nursing students display their unique talents. Enthusiasm is the key word in describing the class. After the hard laborous days, the girls still found time to bake goodies so that a bake sale could be held to finance a Halloween party for the patients at Childrens Hospital. Thanksgiving means remembering those in need by distributing groceries to one or two families. By far the most rewarding experience that this Jun- ior class shares is that of furthering self by helping the sick. Team effort and spirit combine to make this class a most outstanding one. Perhaps the unified feeling that-"there for the grace of God go I"-lingers in the hearts of all directing the energies of those involved. Physical Therap Student This is the class of 1969, which speaks for itself. We are from the east and the south and as far north as Tulsa. Our main theme, as was stated so well by one of our instructors, is "Let me out of here". It is thought that this idea may be present also in the faculty, though their goal is to make us competent therapists. We spend approximately seven to eight hours a day in class and when not in class we can be found up- stairs at Charlie's. Before We are able to treat the pa- tients, we must practice with each other in lab. This explains why some of us have sun burns, broken legs and sore muscles. We realize the importance of hard work and practice, and we know that these will help to make us competent physical therapists. Mr. Doyle Bare, executive director of the Arthritis Founda- tion. visits with physical therapists. TOP ROW: Sheila Baebel, Cheryl Baker, Sharon Dance, Thelma Dakil, Linda Echols. SECOND ROW: Dana Glasscock, Ann Ingram, Pat Inman, Linda Jackson, Maretha Kerezman. THIRD ROW: Myra Klingenburg, Larry McCarty, Vicki Mullen, Wayne Munyon, Thurman Pitchlynn. BOT- TOM ROW: Marcos Romero, Cynthia Sanders, Dick Venier, Fabian Wambsgans, Ken Whitson. OFFICERS: Larry McCarty, president and Ken Whitson, Cynthia Landers, Dana Glasscock, student publication editors. Ol-'l-'ICERS-SEA'IiED: llarbura Recd, set.-stems.: Edie Mitchell. Pres.: June Crain. Vice-Pres. STAND- ING: Nancy Cilllllllllllgx Project Chairan: Arlene Gibson, Editor. l 6 Medical Technolog Students Ya x i? Ol' ROW: Elton Abbott. Jr., Diana Alexander, .lane Craine. SECOND OW: Catherine Culver, Regina I-illmore. Arlene Gibson. THIRD ROW: tndra Henderson, Kathleen Mzultlox, Etlith Mitchell. BOTTOM ROVV: isan Moore. Shirley Poe, Barbara Reeh. Lydia Smith. Armed with the red patch of student on the left sleeve and syringe and needle in hand, we fifteen began learning the technique of veni- puncture for which medical technologists are renowned. We soon discovered that the micro- biology laboratory at the Veterans Administra- tion Hospital also otfered a sub-course in po- litical science, and after learning the true meaning of incompatibility while training in the blood bank, we all decided to be very care- ful in selecting a mate. Registry exams are on the horizon, and with our successful completion of these, our red arm patch will be replaced by the long awaited blue one. V'Af g g X Medical Technology Students learn to use the Coulter Count- er with efficiency and accuracy. If mf? ,fr 1 , t S. its I If l 1 SEATED: Zeniada Magdamo, Mary Jennings, Jane Henson, Nancy Hedges. STANDING: Sharon Cozzens, Charlene Craig, Joslin Arnold, Carolyn Wendham, Marilou Brodie, Kathlene Shad. Margaret Sealer. The Dietetic Interns The Dietetic Internship at the Medical Cen- ter is the only hospital internship of its kind in this state. It provides one year of practical appli- cations of principles about foods, arts and sciences that were learned in undergraduate school. The program offers experience in these general areas of dietetics: Administration, Teaching, Therapeutics and Research. It also offers graduate courses which are a part of the proposed Master's Degree Program to be im- plemented in 1970. Mrs. Barley. Steve Samuelson. and Dr. Campbell hold high level discussions concerning a patients dietetic needs. At the end of this school year. in August, graduates from the School of Dietetics will be registered by the American Dietetic Associa- tion and will be eligible to become a Register- ed Dietitian tR.D.J. Renewed registration re- quires current membership in the American Dietetic Association and continuing education in Dietetics and related arts and sciences. The 12 Dietetic Interns this year represent I0 states and the Philippine Islands. K 5 Hospital food. to be served with a touch of glamour by Jane Henson and Zeniada Magdamo. gf! l SAMA's EXECUTIVE BOARD: Richard Edde, Sue Fankhouser. James l-lassell. Joe Fagan, .lan Clark. Clinton Strong. Student meriean This year was an industrious year for the Student .American Medical Association. The school year began with an orientation program and a smoker for the freshmen which gave the upper- classmen their first look at the new class. Later, in October. SAMA co-sponsored the SAMA- OSAMA banquet with the State Medical Association. Everyone had a wonderful time. especially at the dance that followed the banquet. This year. for the lirst time at OU. SAMA became actively involved in a community health program. The work consisted of volunteer help in screening clinic situations sponsored by the University of Oklahoma Family Medicine Clinic and the Community Action Program. The state Medical Association has been a tremen- dous help to us this year. They helped us organize and ellect the summer job program for freshmen and sophomores and they have invited any interested SAMA members to sit in on their committee meetinas. SAMA also undertook the task of evaluating the in- ternships lilled bv last year's graduates. This was a big success and the evaluations were well received by this year's senior class. The SAMA Film Series was a partial success this year and it is hoped that with better tilms and produc- tion. next vear's lilm series will be even better. ln short. SAMA had a very successful year. Medical Association SAMA Ol-l-ICERS: Sue l-ankhouser. Seeretary-'lireasiirei1 .lot l-agan. President: James Hassel. Vice-President. edical School STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS: Leldon Sweet, President: Eugene Thurman, Treasurer: Hugh Eddy, Secretary. STUDENT COUNCIL-SEATED: David Miller, Don James, Hugh Eddy, Leldon Sweet, Bill Cook, Mike Frank, Pete Dosser, David Casper. STANDING: Eugene Thurman, Bob McCaHrce, S tudent Council The Medical School Student Council is the ofiicial body designated to represent all medi- cal students. The council is composed of the four class presidents, two representatives from each class, a faculty advisor, and the president of the council chosen from the student body at-large. The major function of the student council is to serve as a vehicle for student-faculty com- munication and thereby to promote coopera- tion and understanding between students and faculty. The council also supervises and sets guide-lines for student conduct, and it coordi- nates and sponsors extra-curricular and social activities. For the past several years the student coun- cil has sponsored student-faculty smokers, a Christmas dance, the Gridiron, and the intra- mural athletic program. In addition, for the presentation of the Aesculapian Awards for teaching excellence, last yearis council initiat- ed a dinner-dance which promises to be the so- cial highlight of the academic year. Jim Gilbert, Dr. Snow fFaculty Advisory, Don Ruhhal, Tom Dodson. eric wt A 2 ' 1 P t Klan compared with the chimp. und losing? Vu Nec. tu touch. to lcurnlll! K 'f'?"F5g X And you complain that ,YllIl.l'l' gut zu hezulachc!! l .MR lf I pass my slide to the left. and you pass yourg to the right .. .l still don't undcrstzmcl! Bw-A--a......n..,,,...-, ...t, .-.W . , V mi 1--......,,,,, +r ! imma 555 mwwsi d0l4NJd'MlM3f lThe,v arel . . . imposed upon to buy a second time in fragments . . . what they have already in gross, if not in their memories, upon their shelves. JOSEPH FIELDING Thingp go better wlth Cqke. CW The relocaied Game Room wiih exclusive a+mospl1ere and dis+inc+ive decor UKLIIIIUMII MEMUIIII-II. UNIO THE OKLAHOMA MEMORIAL UNION SERVES STUDENT, CAMPUS, COMMUNITY, AND STATEWIDE ACTIVITIES. AUDITORIUMS 0 BALLROOMS 0 MEETING ROOMS DINING ROOMS 0 LOUNGING AND RECREATIONAL FACILITIES Other services include: a barber shop, beauty salon, newsstand. and bankette. We are equipped to handle both large and small conventions cmd group meetings. TRUSTEES . . . PRESIDENT ........... ...,.. L EE B. THOMPSON VICE PRESIDENT ................ JACK LUTTRELL TREASURER ....................... D. H. GRISSO SECRETARY and MANAGER . HILLYER EREELAND 559 Aver Michael 320 47 A Aaronsori, Anthony, 420, 484 Abbas, Anees, l20 Abbot, Stephen, 347 Abbot, Valerie, 370, 484 Abbott, Linda, 305, 468 Abel, Phillip, 3l4 Abercrombie, Ronald, 422, 484 Abercrombie, Thomas, 208 Abernathy, Kenneth, 3ll Abernathy, Robert, 348, 484 Abernathy, Wilman, 466 Abney, William Jr., 424, 484 Abraham, Susan, 280 Abrams, Dennis, 348 Abrams, James, 484 349, 468 Abrams, Oliver, Abrams, Steven, Abramson, Joyce, 289 Abramson, Linda, 303, 309 Abshere, Philip, 4l0, 468 Acacia, 396-397 Academics 84 Organizations, 66-I33 Accounting Club, 84-85 Acker, Mark, 468 Acker, Michael, 332, 333, 4l0, 484 Ackerman, Ann, 296, -484 Ackerman, Bradford, 323, 484 Ackerman, Lula, l28, 308 Ackley, Sheri, 285 Ackley, Victor, 338 Activities, 230-267 Adair, Anona, 38, 39, 373, 388, 392 Adair, Vicki, 356, 484 Adonia, 280 Betty, 364, 484 Adams, Adams, Adams, Bob, 426, 484 Bobby 5l 430 43I 468 Adams, , , , , Adams, Carl Jr., 4l2, 484 Adams, Jerry, 208, 342 Adams, John, 332, 4l6, 484 Adams, Marileigh, 294 Adams, Michael, 262,347,484 Adams, Norish L., 263 Adams, Paul, ll2, ll8 Adams, Richard, 396, 484 Sterlin 263 Adams, , Adderly, Cannon, 40l Adderley, Malcolm Jr., 252, 336, 484 Adkins, Alex, 99, 468 Adkins, Carol, 306 Adkins, John, 326 Adkins Adkins Adkiso Adler, , Mary, 260, 370, 484 , Stephen, 484 n, Nancy, 284, 484 Stanley, 84 Adler, Susan, 360, 484 Adorin o, Diane, 29l, 466 Admissions L Records, 40 Aeronautics If Astronautics, American Institute of, Il5 Afro-American Student Union, 263 Agee, William, 338 Aguirre, Ariel, 336 Ahmad, Ahmad H., I2I Ahmad, Mohammed, l2l Adrian, Max, l00 Aikins, Douglas, 389, 393, 4I3 Ainsworth, Gary, 262, 347 Air Force ROTC, 444-45I Aker, Tommy, 484 Akerman, Ed, 3l6 Akhoondzadeh, Youseph, 252, 253 Akhtarkhavari, Fuad, 252, 264, 466 Akin, Andy, 3l6 Akins, Glendon, 32l Akins, Patricia, 288, 484 Airlglif, ca-al, 44, 4s, 243, 245, 248, 25I, 378, 379, 484 Al Kotob, Fouad, 263 Al Otaibi, Hisham, 263 Al Qatami, Faisal, 263 AI Sabti, Abdulla, 263 Al Sait, Abdulla, 263 Al Sayer, Nasser, 263 Albert, Abbott, 3l6 Albert, Carl, 4l5 Albert, Kathryn, 3Ol, 380, 484 Albert, Mary, 382, 484 Albro, Ronald, 3ll, 430, 484 John, 396, 484 Kay, 293 Michael, 237, 3l9, 484 Susan, 29l, 468 Aldridge, Aldridge, Aldridge, Alekseius, Alexander, Arthur Jr., 4l0, 484 Alexander, Dale, II6 Alexander, Jeanne, 8l Alexander, John, 262, 344,484 Alexander , Sara, 300, 484 Alexander, Wade, 436, 484 Alfieri, Antoinette, 286 Alford, Dean, 393, 4I6, 484 Alford, James, Il6 Alford, Joe, 34l, 450, 484 Alford, Tom, 424, 484 560 Allan Helen, 306 Alldelr, thomas, 429, 468 Allen, Andrew, 329, 468 Allen Allen Allen Allen Allen Allen, Allen, Allen Allen Arman, 3l3 Cecil, lll, Il2, lla Douglas, 328 Glen, 3l3 Jerry, 88, 432, 468 John, II7, l2l Judith, 306, 484 Katherine Rose, 368, -484 Katherine Sue, l6l, 380, 484 Allen, Linda, 362,484 Allen, Loyd Jr., l22 Allen, Melvin, 484, 438 Allen, Patrice, 298 Allen, Robert, 484, 404 Allen Ulalah 468 Allensworth, Judy, 306, 484 Alles, Rodney, 484 Alley House, 3ll Allison, William ll, ll3, ll5, 3l7 Allred, Donald, 3l7, 484 Allred, Richard, 342, 438, 484 Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Chi Omega, 356-357 Delta Pi, 358-359 Delta Sigma, 96 Epsilon Phi, 360-35I Epsilon Pi, 398-399 Gamma Delta, 362-363 Phi, 364-365 Phi Alpha, 430-40l Phi Omega, 236-237 Phi Omega Sweethehart, l65 Sigma Phi, 402-403 Tau Omega, 404-405 Alspaugh, Jane, 366, 484 Alsworth, Steve, 335 Alt, Karlene, I63, 368, 369,468 Alter, Roger, 3l3 Alterman, Bruce, 420, 484 Alumni Association, 54-55 Alvis, Katherine, 466 Amen, Kelly, 428, 484 Ames, Lee, 260 Amick, Douglas, 330 Amiriiatari, Bahram, 253 Ammann, Vickie, 280 Amspacher, Jill, 380, 484 Anderson, Bobby, 247, 3I5, 468, 484 Anderson, David, 422, 484 Anderson, Deborah, l29, 262, 293 Anderson Frances, 305 Anderson: Gloria, 378, 484 Anderson, Jerry, 87 Anderson, Judith, 366, 484 Anderson, Karen, 302, 484 Anderson, Kim, 4l8, 484 Anderson, Laura, 364, 484 Anderson, Roger, 468, 426 Anderson, Ronald, 422, 484 Anderson, Sandra, 247, 484 Anderson, Sherry, 97, 370, 484 Anderson, Susan Dee, 304, 484 Anderson Susan Dorsey 368 468 Andrako, Karen, 297, 484 Andree, David, 348, 262 Andrew, Christine, 468, 245 Andrew, Scott, 345 Andrews, Cathryn, 303, 484 Andrews, Sandra, 262 Angel Flight, 43l Angus, Joseph, 426, 484 Ankney, Deborah, 294 Anna, Dawn, 292, 484 Anspon, Bonnie, 362, 484 Ansteth, Philip, 345 Anthony, Albert Jr., l20 Anthony, John, 349, 468 Anthony, Patrick. 348 Anton, Robert, 484 Anvar, Zabih, 264 Apostolos, Elaine 290 Appel, Lois D., 277 Appl. Franklin J., l I4 Appleby, Gail, 376 484 Appleby, Mary, 304, 484 Applegate, Roger, 404, 468 Appleton, Bart, 484 Arab Club, 263 Archer, James, 334 Archer, Nancv, 290 Ard, Sheryl, 376, 484 Areti, Atsha r, 253, 468 Arens, Nancy, 92 Arens, Ruth, 46, l6l, 376, 468 Arentz, Barbara, 46, 245, 261, 382, 383, 45l, 484 Argodale, Martha, 278, 279 Arias, Anthony, 3l3 Armstrong, Gailynn, 289, 356, 484 Armstrong, Letitla, 30l, 484 Armstrong, Michael, 3l8, 4l0, 484 Army ROTC, 452-455 Inde Arnold Air Society, 450 Arnold, Don, 3ll, 484 Arnold, Hollis, 466 Arnold, Ruth, 40 Arnold, Walter, 402, 484 Arrington, Norman, 324 Arrington, R. V. Jr., 3l0 Arrington, Sherry, 260, 299, 309 Arterbery, Paul, 3l7 Arts 8: Sciences, College of, 94-95 Arvites, James, 468 Arwood, Mack, 346, 484 Asenap, Richard, 267, 3l6 Ash, Jane, 376, 468 Ashby, Patrick, lll, IIZ, II3, ll5, 484 Ashcratt, Cynthia, l05, IO6, 468 Ashcratt, Steven, 408, 484 Asher, Warren Jr., 96, 394, 422, 423, 468 Askew, Warren, 406, 484 Askinas, lra, 399 Askins, Steven, 325, 484 Association of Women Students, 246 Astholz, Thomas, 324, 484 Atchlynn, Thurman J., l28 Athletic Council, l90 Athletic Staff, l9l Atkinson, Diedra, 305, 50l Atkinson, James, 4l0, 484 Atkison, Janice, 468 Atlas, Richard, 420, 484 Aubert, Serge, 402, 484 Auer, Peter, 396, 397, 484 Augustensen, Jack, 332, 484 Aust, Carolyn, ISO, l65, 236, 237, 368, 484 Austein, Marilyn, 360, 484 Austill Mar 282 4 4 , , , 8 Austin, Barbbra, 356, 484 Austin, Ben, 2l6 Donna, IO6, 307 Austin, Auten, Carol, 303 Auten, Catherine, 356, 485 Automotive Engineers, Society of, ll7 v. . . -5 Awsumb, John, 432, 468 Awsumb, Richard Jr., 438, 468 Axelrod, Janis, 294, 386, 485 Axelrod, Sheryl, 306, 485 Axtell, Wanda, 30l Axton, Jon, 406, 468 Ayars, James, 426, 485 Aycock, Stephen, 343 Ayers, Steven, 203, 204 Ayres, Ben, l03, 34l Ayres, Kathryn, 468 Ayres, Margaret, 30l, 376,485 Babb, Jerry, 3l2, 440, 485 Babbit, Chester, 468 Babcock, Barry, l7l, l78, 240, 243 245, 256 Baber, Barbara, 30l Babione, Charlotte, 376, 389, 485 Bach, Stuart, 3l0, 32l, 34l Bacharach, Sandra, 297, 372, 485 Bacher, Monty, 3l6 Bachle, Anne, l29, 284 Bachman, Patricia, 298, 485 Backus, Howard ll, 3l7 Bacoats, Gerald, 263 Bacy, Paula, 285 Baer, Jack, l92 Bagby, Merry, 292, 485 Bagby, W. Larry, 445 Baggett, George, 249 Bagley, Jerry, 208, 342 Bagnall, David, 347 Baha'i Club, 264 Bahner, Glenna, 283 Bahner, Richard, I2l, 404, 485 Bailey, Donalee, l27, 293, 485 Bailey, Harold, l26, l29, 468 Bailey, James, Il8, 259, 262, 325 Bailey, Mary, 288 Bailey, Dr. Robert, 40 Baisch, Glen, 344 Baker, Barbara, 378, 485 Baker, Bruce, 3l7, 485 Baker, Charles Jr., 3l3, 485 Baker, Cindy, 303, 376, 485 Baker, Dalelee, 378, 485 Baker, Deborah, 260, 283 Baker, Deborah Kay, 260, 283 Baker, Deborah Lynn, 302, 382, 485 Baker, Gary, 485 Baker House, 3l2 Baker, J. H., 444 Baker, Jean, 376, 485 Baker, Larry, IO2, 332, 485 Baker, Emily, 97 Basden, Gene B., 444 Baseball, 2l6-2I7 Basketball, 203-207 Baker, Marty, 290, 485 Baker, Randolph, 3l8, 320 Baker, Revelle, 94 Baker, Richard D., 87 Baker, Robert, 466 Baker, Sarah, I69, 298, 384, 485 Baker, Balach, Eli, 468 Balch, Ann M., 277 Baldridge, Richard, I88, I92, l93, I96, 343 Bales, Dan, 485 Thomas, 424, 485 Basler, Patty, 304 Basler, Stanley, 327 Basolo, Nancy, 257, 378, 485 Bales, Dennis lll, 3I6, 4l8, 485 Balikov, Edward, 3I9, 408, 485 Ball, Ethel, 468 Ball, Jack, l26, 468 Ball, Jane, 249 Ball, Margaret, 247, 302, 309, 468 Ball, Mark, 3l4, 450 Ball, Robert, 332, 4l0, 485 Ball, Thomas, 348, 406, 485 Ballard, Mary, 362, 485 Baller, Jimmy, 2l2 Ballew, Frances, 380, 485 Balsters, Robert ll, 266,342,485 Balson, Ken, 348 Bandy, Rufus lll, 332,406,485 Banks, Charles H., IO9 Banner, Rick, 348 Baptist Student Union, 247 Baquero, Francisco, 328 Barbaro, Louis, 3l4 Barbee, Bart, 339, 485 Barbee, Verna, 28l Barber, Patricia, 298 Barber, Seddie, 285, 309 Barber Wes, 426 Barbour, Elizabeth, 384, 485 Barbour, Mary, 382, 485 Bard, Sally, 292 Barefoot, Barbara, 286 Bartield, Susan, 378, 485 Bargeliotes, Fotis, 468 Barger, Barger, Dennis, 345 Sandra, 30l, 382, 485 Barham, Betsy, l06 Barham, Bettye, 485 Barham, Terry, IO6 Barker, Barker, Norman, 485 Wesley, 485 Bass House, 3l2 Bass, Janis, 288 Bass, John, 259, 485 Bass, Marilyn, 43 Bass, William, 323 Bassel, Patricia, 368, 485 Bassel, Susan, 303, 469 Bassman, Elaine, I63, 360,485 Batdort, Phillip, 323 Bates, John, 338 Bates, Vernice, 324 Batten, Nancy, 368, 485 Batten, Robert, 466 Batterton, Clinton, 250, 327, 485 Battle, Frank, 404, 485 Baucom, Donald, 225 Bauer, Deborah, 238, 286 Bauerle, Robert, 325, 402, 486 Bauersteld, Donald, 322 Baugh, Thomas, 3ll Baum, Jeffrey, 322 Baum, Susan, 382, 486 Bauman, Albert lll, lll, l20 Bauman, Gene, 480 Bauman, Patricia, 305 Baumqardner, Joe, 396, 485 Baumgarten, Arthur, 3I4 Baxt, Margaret, 303, 33l Baxter, John, 348 Baxter, Philip, 426, 486 Baxter, Robert Jr., IIB, 338, 486 Baxter, Sharon, 362, 486 Bayless, Mark, 3l0, 32l Bayless, Thomas, 3l5, 486 Baylor, George, 426, 486 Beach, Judith, 305, 309 Beach, Rex, 402, 486 Beadles, Michael, 323 Barksdale, John, 426, 485 Barlow, Joseph, 328, 485 Barnard, Rebecca, 485 Barnes, Bill Jr., 426, 468 Barnes, Cynthia, 263, 374, 375, 40l, 485, 50l Barnes, Deborah, 262 Barnes, Ernest, 345 Barnes, Gary, 262, 348 Barnes, Gene, l92, 343 Barnes, Jesse, 322 Barnes, Linda, lll Barnes, Marilyn, 308 Barnes, M. Judith, ll0, I69, 376, 377, 45l, 485 Barnes, Patrick, 25l, 255, 264, 406, 407, 485 Barnes, Sherry, 468 Barnes, Verna, 46, 286,485 Barnett, Max, 247 Barnhart, Terry, 378, 454, 455, 485 Beaqle, Douglas, 428, 486 Beagle, Nevin, 428, 429, 469 Beaird, Bernita, 370, 486 Beaird, Cherie, 469 Beaird, Jack ll, 344 Beakle , William, 208, 342 Beal, lyeresa, 280 Beam, Teresa, 287 Beard, Ann, 45, 46, 62, 93, I77, 248 254, 382, 383, 469 Beard, Esther, 285, 486 Beard, Jo, 382, 486 Bearer, Robert, 250, lO3 Beasley, Susan, 304,366,486 Beattie, John Jr., 428, 486 Beauchamp, Glenn, 237, 349, 469 Beauchamp, Linda, 28l, 486 Beauties, l50-I63 Bechtel, Charles, 322 Bechtold, Linda, 384, 486 Beck, Carl, 32l Beck, Karen, 283 Beck, Penny, 279, 364, 486 Beck, Steven, 437 Barnow, Bruce, 3l8 Baron, Stephen, 338 Baros, James lll, 434,485 Barr, James Jr., 3ll Barr, John, l92, l93, 20l, 202, 438, 485 Barr, Kay, 368, 485 Barr, Kenneth, 404, 485 Barr, Patricia, 378, 468 Barragree, Jack, 428, 429, 468 Barrasso, James, 420, 485 343, Beckel, Shirley, 28l Becker, Barry, 420, 486 Becker, Fred, 436, 469 Becker, James, 327 Becker, Janet, 300 Becker, Lisken, 370, 37l, 469 Becket Mary, 45l, asa, -ies l. Beckmann, Wayne, 469 Bedini, Michael, 323 Beeler, Jett, 432, 486 Beeley, Gary, ll6, 339, 469 Beelts, Lu, 286 Barrett, Bruce, 2l5, 343, 4lo, 485 Barrett, Cathryn, 282 Barrett, Cathryn Jane, 282 Barrett, Cathryn Lynn, 485 Barrett, John, 408, 466 Barrett, Lois, l06, 468 Barrett, Mark, 324 Barrett, Samuel ll, 344 Barrett, Steve, I88, l92, I93, I99 Barringer, David, ll5, 329, 469 Barringer, Stephen, 323 Barrington, Judith, 290 Barrois, Junel, 302 Barron, Larry, 466 Barrowman, Brett, 424, 485 Barry, Edward, 323 Barry, Susan, 299, 366, 485 Bartel, Michael, 438, 485 Barthel, Nan, 285,485 Bartholomew, Sherry, 469 Bartlett, Gov. Dewey, 28 Bartley, Gary, 3ll Bartling, Bruce, 2l8 Barton, Harlan, l2l, 348, 485 Barton, Jane, 366,468 Barton, Robert, 323 Barton, Sue, 260, 299, 366, 485 Barzegar, Ali, 253 Beeman, Norman lll, 3l6 Begner, Alan, 420, 486 Behrman, David, 3l0, 3l2 Beindort, Eileen, 284 Bekis, Rose, 307 Belan, C. G., 452 Belcher, Carol, l29, 306 Dan, l20, 450 Janice, 303 Belcher, Belcher, Belcher, Michael, 3l2 Sandra, 288 Belcher, Belie, Robert, ll5, 428, 486 Belknap, Harold, 60 Bell, Alfred lll, 3l2 C. H., 452, 458 Jae, 438, 486 Lee, 343, 436 Mary, 280 Robert, 3l7 Ray, 343 Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell, Bell Stewart Jr., 430, 486 Vivian 380 469 Bell, , , Bellows, Martin, l02 Beloncik, Chris, 320 Belsey, Brooke, 289 Belton, David, 456 Belz, Gloria, 386, 486 Bender, Johnnie Sue, 249 lt was born out Route 66. In rugged flatlands, once settled by a group of pioneers, who called the place Bethany. Now, Bethany is one of the headquarters of Aero Commander, which turns out the Turbo ll Com- manderC'9, Courser Commanderw' and Shrike Com manderm. Those are our twin-engine Tough Birds-- and they've flown Oklahoman workmanship and Oklahoman ruggedness all over the world. Maybe you'd like to get in for grow ini the field of engineering and aerodynamics. And you'd sooner stay a Sooner as you're doing it. We can give you that chance. just write or call Aero Commander Division North American Rockwell, 5001 N. Rockwell Avenue Bethany, Oklahoma 73008. A good way to take off-without leaving home. ABN Cdmmalldel' nemugnufrsmmnomimemmmameii Bender, Benear, Benear, Margarel, 308 Jan, 370, 486 Suzan, l59, 370, 454, 455, 486 Benefield, Richard, 466 Benge, James, 323 Beniamin, Sondra, 226, 370, 469 Bennell Bennell Alan, 404, 486 Bernard, 420 Bennell Belly, 486 Bennell, Beverl , 366, 486 Bennell, Cheryl, 303 Bennell David, 486 Bennell Edwin, 348 Bennell, Howard, 86, 349, 466 Bennell, Jack, 323 Bennell James, 3l7 Bennell Jeannine, 282 Bennell Palricia, l5B, 288,486 Bennell Ronald, 84 Benskin, Barbara, 98, 469 Benson, James, 3l9 Benlley, Charles, 325, 486 Benlley, Karla, 284, 356, 486 Benlley, Slephen, 436, 486 Berger, Bruce, 330 Berger, Kalhryn, 265, 386, 387, 469 Berger, Sally, 368, 389, -186 Bergslresser, Darry, 222, 323 Berkenbile, Leo Jr., I20, 32l, 336 Berkenbile, Terrell, 3l7, 404, 486 Berler, Nancy, 486 Berlin, Ira, 3ll Berlin, Regina, 306 Berman, Irwin, 208 Berman, Jill, 305, 486 Berman, Roberl, 420, 486 Bernard, Alberl Jr., ll4, ll5, l20 Bernard, Richard, 267, 486 Bernard, Thomas, 420, 486 Bernardi, Ray, 92 Bernauer, William, 469 Bernerl, Marlin, 332, 434, 486 Bernhardl, Dr. Arlhur, 253 Bernhardl, Michel, I6I, 384, 486 Bernslein, Joan, 297, 360, 486 Bernslein, Shellye, 386, 486 Berry Anna, 284, 486 Berry' Danny 323 Berry: Guy, 406, 486 Berry, Michaels, 486 Berry Berry Palricia, 98 Roberl B., 343, 406, 486 Berry: Roberl E., 486 Berry William, 486 BBFYY2 wiiian, 347 Berryhill, Jana, 376,486 Berlalan, Mary, 257, 368, 486 Besly, Nancy, 486 Besly, Warren, 486 Besl Dressed Coeds, I69 Besl, Troy, 79 Bela Gamma Sigma, B7 Bela Thela Pi, 406-407 Belhea, James, l3l Belles, William, 326 Bellis, Clifford, 327 Beyer, Judilh, 226, 382, 486 Bias, Sike, 422, 469 Bibbo, George, 335, 486 Bickford, Warren, 406, 486 C Biiddy, Jasper, 342 Bielefeld, Jan, 384, 486 Bienes, Jerry, 3l3 Biery, Thomas, ll4, IIB, II9, I20, I73, 256 Bigby, Byron, I92, I93 Biggs, Barry, 347, 406, 486 Bigham, James Il, 325 Bigham, Leslie, 370, 45l, 486 Billings, Maureen, 378, 486 Billings, Sheri, 469 Bingman, Brooks, 432, 486 Binkley, Laura, 303, 380, 486 Binney, John, 438, 486 Birch, Linda, 92, 368 Birchall, Edward, 396, 397, 486 Birdsbill, Jerry, 358, 388, 486 Birkell, Thomas, l'2I, 332, 486 Bise, Carolyn, l59, 286, 486 Bishop, Brian, 404, 486 Bishop, Carol, 26l, 264, 278, 287, 309, 45l Bishop, Garelh, 86 Jackie, 486 Dr. L. Doyle, 86 Bishop Bishop, Bishop, Larry, 4l0, 486 Bishop Paul B., 440, 469 Blackmon, Charles Jr., 446 Blackslock, Elaine, 54 Blackslock, Roberl, 54, 60 Blackwood, Slephen, 330 Blair, Beverly, 298, 380, 486 Eiimbefh, 370, -186 Blair, Blair, Laura, 92 Blair, Lizbelh, 486 Blair, Rhonda, l59, 283, 486 Larr 3l3 486 Blake, y, , Blakely, Helen, 486 B161re1y, Max 126, 469 Bliggy, c6ral1ne, 46, 48, 260, 384 Blakey, Mark, 440, 469 Blakley, Larry, 422, 487 Blalock, Mary, I5B Blanche, Gregory, 340 Blankenship, Arley, 32l Blankenship, G. T., 327 Blaschke, Dan, 438, 487 Blaschke, Michael, 438, 487 Blau, Slephanie, I76 Bledsoe, George, 322 Bledsoe, Nika, 304, 487 Blewell, William, I20, l88, 2l2, 342, 469 Blinn, Trudy, 384, 388, 469 Bliss, Dr. Horace, 345 Block, Bonnie, 469 Blomgren, John, 469 Blood, Leonard Jr., 406,487 Bloom, Sandra, 386,487 Blosser, William, 3l7 Blounl, Turner, 252 Bloyd, Roger, 424, 487 Blue, Barney, 249 Blue, John, 99, 349, 487 Blum Alan, 434, 487 Biumberg, Pain, so-i, 360,487 Blumenberg, David, 393, 434, 435, 487 Blumenlhal, Donna, 386,487 Bobbill, Beck , 247 Bobnslein, Robin, 290 Bock, Terry, 469 Bodane, Gary, 3l9 Boelle, Leon, ll4, ll7, II9, l2l, Boeve, Mary, 362, 487 Bogan, Janis, 307, 487 Bogard, Nancy, 299, 386, 487 Boggess, Rough, 40 Bohls, Louis, 430, 487 Bohrer, Darrell, 430, 487 Boke, Janice, 262, 382, 487 Bolen, Chris, 469 Bolene, Judilh, 262, 293, 358, 487 Bol er, Pal, 2l0 BolBnger, Harvey, l2l, 487 Boll, Alan, 436 Boll, Brenda, 305 Boll, Roberl, 487 Boll, Sherry, 28l Bomford, Barbara, 384, 487 Bond, Deanna, 300 Bone, Harold K., I20 Bonham, Ann, l26, I27 Bonhardl, Barbara, 29I Bonnell, Bill, 3l5, 422,487 Bonner, Gary Marshall, 335 Bonner, Gary Michael, 4l8, 487 Bonner, Jerry, 304 Bonner, John, 335, 487 Bonlrager, Barbara, 280, 487 Bonlrager, Michael, I86, 436, 487 Bookman, Larry, 328, 393, 434, 487 Boone, Joe lll, 342 Boorman, Vicloria, 307, 487 Bools, Mark, 440, 469 Borchard, Susan, 303 Borchers, Charlolle, 288, 487 Borelli, Marie, 260, 362, 487 Borlaug, William, 424, 425, 469 Bornhoell, Linda, 297, 382, 487 Bornslein, Robin, 487 Bosserl, Wayne, 324 Bollorns, Harvey, 344, 487 Bouchard, Carolyn, l28 Boudreau, Rex, 2l6 Boughan, Barry, 96 Bousum, Dana, 408, 487 Bouleller, Jo, 382, 487 Boyd, David, 335 Boyd, Frank, 466 Boyd, Glen, 487 Boyd House, 322 Boyd, James, 330 Lana, IO4 Boyd, Boydslun, Allen, 347, 487 Boydslun, Jay, 328 Boyes, Dr. Rodney, 82, l90 Susan, 285 Boyer, Boyell, David, 338 Boyko, Mary, 303 Boyle, Dorolhy, 92, 278, 284 Boyle, John Ill, 320, 4l4, 487 Boyle, Wyvonna, 29I Boyls, Ted Jr., 3l7, 393, 487 Bozalis, William, 424, 469 Brachleld, Eslher, 373, 388 Braden, Rebecca, 289, 487 Bradford, Anila, 362, 487 Bradford, Scoll, 323 Bradley, Beverly, 304 Bradley, David, ll4 Bradley, Mark, I20, 438, 469 Bradley, Slephen, 222, 438, 487 Bradley, Susan, 284 Bradshaw, Gayle, 342 Brady, Caroyln, 358, 487 Brady, Rodger, 2l2 Bragg, Karan, 366, 487 Bragman, Donna, 296 Braine, Daniel, 404, 457, 469 Brake, Richard, 327 Braly, Alan, 259, 344 Braly, Slephen, l03 Brand, Dennis, IBB, 208 Brandecker, William, 2l8, 342 Brandes, John, 428, 469 Brandner, Jackie, 5l Branen, Johnny, 422, 487 Branich, Gary, 440, 487 Brannon, Paula, 469 Branower, Richard, 3l7 Branson, Randy, 2l6 Branlley, Jerry, 3l0, 3ll Branlley, Michael, 4l2, 487 Branum, James, 249, 338 Branum, Sandra, 249, 284 Brasel, Ronald, l28 Bralcher, Carolyn, 380, 469 Brallen, Kalhryn, 306 Brallon, James, 422, 446, 487 Braughl, Dr, Gene, I02 Braughl, Nancy, 382, 469 Brauman, Palricia, 360, 469 Braun, Susan, 92, 380, 469 Braun, William, 347 Braverman, Susan, 386, 487 Brawley, Kirk, 422, 487 Bray, Eugene, 445, 446, 450, 469 Bray, Fred, Ill, ll3, 120, 255,466 Bray, Julie, 364, 469 Breakiron, Beverly, 282 Brechl, William, 3l7 Breeden, Nancy, 46, 47, 245, 384, 385, 469 Breedlove, Rachel, IO4 Brehme, Fred, 428, 487 Breilbarlh, Terry, 335, 450 Breneman, Carol, 466 Brennan, Kalhleen, 280, 487 Broughlon, Barbara, l06 Brower, Geraldine, 298, 487 Brown, Alene, 380, 488 Brown, Alexander, l04, 324 Brown, Arnold, 3l2 Brown, Auslin, 3l5, 487 Brown, Beverly, 290, 364, 487 Brown, Buck B., 267 Brown, Bick D., 267 Brown, Carol, 259, 366, 487 Brown, Charles R., 347 Brown, Charles W., 32l Brown, Chris, 406, 487 Brown, Craig, 487 Brown, David A., 469 Brown, David L., ll5, 327,487 Brown, Deborah, 488 Brown, Diana, 488 Brown, Gary, 488 Brown, Gennella, 282 Brown, Gilberl, ll5 Brown, Harry, l88, 203, 343 Brown, Henry, 420, 488 Brown, Dr. Horace B., 32, 34, 82, 83 Brown, Ilise, 98, 226, 298, 372, 488 Brown, Jack, 416, 488 Brown, James B., 320 Brown, James C., 330, 4l2, 488 Brown, James H., ll6 Brown, Janey, 308 Brown, Jill, 3304 Brown, Jo Ann, 308 Brown, Kennelh, 323 Brown, Lee, 487 Brown, Leslie, ll4, I20, 469 Brown, Linda E., 386, 469 Brown, Linda, S., 306 Brown, Lonnie Jr., 436, 488 Brown, Mary, 488 Brown, Pamela, 297 Brown, Randall, 343, 406, 488 Brown, Rebekah, 469 Brown, Richard, 342 Brown, Roberl, 2l2, 2l3 Brown, Ronald, 406, 469 Brown, Sonia, 435 Brown '4 405, Brown, Slephen, 488 Brown, Thomas, 46, 99, 406, 488 Brown, Timolhy, 4l0, 469 Brownie, Carol, l5I Brubaker, William, 346,402,488 Bruce, Bruce, Dr. John, l26 Nancy, 290, 362, 488 Brucker, Ricky, 342, 436, 488 Bruner, Roy, 488 Bruner, William, 329 Brunk, Karen, 378, 488 Brunsleler, Sara, 284, 368, 488 Brulon, Cecelia, 280 Brulsche, Roberl, 340 Bryan, David, 3l4 Bryan, Lynn, 466 Bryan, Richard, 3l3, 488 Bryanl, Linda, 470 Bryanl, Richard, 406, 470 Bryson, Roberl L., 96 Bucciarelli, Roberl, 432, 470 Buchanan, Anna, 288 Buchanan, Bradford, 406, 488 Buchanan, Charlene, 282 Eganley, 265, 393, 394, 404, Burgell, John, 88, 34l, 469 Burgell, Nancy, 286, 488 Burk, Donald, 3l3, 440, 488 Burk, Donnelle, 299 Burk, Linda, 63, 370, 37I, 488 Burke, Gary T., 249 Burke, Harry, I87, 320 Burke, Larry, 438, 488 Burke, Marianne, 98, 226, 458 Burke Palricia, 249 Burkell, Bana, 261, 384, 451, 488 Burkharl, James W., 87 Burkil Burles on, Aaron, 4l6, 488 Burlie, l, Jerry, 436, 488 Diana, 299, 488 Burlie, D. Charlene, 384, 448, 45l 488 Burlingame, Mrs. Jerry, 238, 258 Burman, Slanley, I20, 450 Burner, Cynlhia, 240, 250, 258, 380 aai, 488 Burnell, G. Suzy, 300, 488 Burnell, Paul, 406, 488 Burney, William E., I33 Burns, Annie, 356, 488 Burns, Jacqueline, 284, 488 Burns, Nancy, 284 Burns, Richard, 408,409,488 Burns, Sally, 258 Burns, Sarah, 385 Burr, David A., 32, 33, 37, 60, 30l, 328 326, Burris, Becky, 226, 302, 382, -isa Burris, Buna, 297 Burris, John, ll6, 3l2, 488 Burris Michael, 488 Burrows, Anna, 470 Bursle Burl, Burl, in, Sherrie, 266, 302, 360, 488 Bonnie, 285 Michael, 2l8, 342 Burlon, Belinda, 259 Burlon, Donald, 436, 488 Burlon House, 3l3 Burlon, Jella, 470 Burlon, Roberl, 488 Burlon, Ronnie, 84, 470 Busby, Angelia, 288 Busch, Brad, 422, 488 Busch, Gerald, 328 Buse, Susan, 287 Bush, Aaron, 3l4, 396, 488 Bush, Janel, 303 Bush, Lydia, 307 Bush, Roberl ll, 488 Bush, Ronald, 340 Business Adminislralion, College of, 82-B3 Buskir ir, srepirarr, 335 Bussey, Helen, 384 Busfil o, Maria, 262, 292, 380, 488 Bulcher, Barbara, 370, 488 Bulcher, Frank, 3l3 Buller, Anna, 384, 488 Buller, Barbara, l59, 362, 488 Buller, Charles, I33 Buller, Connie, 366, 488 Buller, David, 265, 408, 470 Buiier, Jack Jr., 422, 488 Buller, Janis, 356, 488 Buller, John, 488 Breslow, lrene, 65, 306 Brevig, Leroy, ll4, ll9, 255 Brewer, Linda, 370, 45l, 487 Brewer, Margarel, 370, 487 Brewer, Mary C., 289 Brewer, Mary L., 97, 370, 487 Brewer, Richard, 436, 487 Bridgells, Eileen, 279 Briery, Sharon, 368, 45l, 487 Briggs, Jacqueline, 376, 487 Brimer, Susan, 302, 487 Brink, Carol, 305 Brinkley, James, 4l0, 487 Brinley, Sleve, 438, 487 Brinson, Harry, 342 Briscoe, Clark, 3l4 Briskey, Vicloria, 238, 239, 308 Brisler, William, ll8 Brislow, Brile, C Keiih, 416, 487 ecil H., 44, 45 Michael, 220 Bishop, Paul W., 3ll Bishop, Ronald, 422, 486 Bishop Bishop , Sam, 3l4 Tommy, 469 Bissonrielle, Jaan, 304, 366,486 Bowen, Don, 32l, 340 Bowers, Larry, 404, 487 Bowers, Linda, I27 Bowers, Michael, 3l3 Bowers, Vicki, 288, 487 Bowlby, Cynlhia, l86, 366, 469 Bowlby, Dorolhy, 238, 28l, 290, 29I 309, 469 Bowlen, William, 432, 487 Bowles, Susan, 299, 378, 487 Bowman, Brenda, 302, 362, 487 Billing, Kalhryn, 287 Billing, Larry, 237, 486 Billman, Larry, 432, 486 Billo, Karin, 285, 486 Bizzell House, 283 Bizzell Library, 4I Black, Alberl, 393, 428, 486 Black, Marcus, 265, 426, 427, 469 Black, Mary, 366, 486 Black, Sleven, 3l6 Black, Teresa, 45, 26l, 287,486 Blackburn, Jerry, 4l6, 4l7, 486 Blackburn, Tommy, 348 562 Bowman, Cheryl, 364, 365, 469 Bowman Bowma n 487 Bowma n Bowser, Box, Ge , David, 422, 487 , Nancy, I69, 260, 302, 368, , Terry, 362, 487 Roberl, 255, 344 orge, 343 Box, Margery, 293 Box, Michael, 3l0, 3l9, 469 Box, Roberl, 3l3 Boyce, Don, l9I, l92 Boyce, Wendell, 4l2, 487 Boyd, C Boyd, C arole, 226, 366, 469 urlis, 3l6, 487 Broaddus, Goodwin Jr., 30 Broadous, Barbara, 284 Brocalo, Nancy, 487 Brock, Edward, 469 Brockhaus, Phillip, 84, 85, 4l2, 445, 469 Brockman. Claire, 30I, 487 Broder, Cheryl, 285 Brodie, Sleve, 342 Brodie, William, 2l8, 2l9, 487 Brody, Barry, 434, 487 Brokaw, John, 406, 487 Bromley, Wayne, 337 Bronson, Sharon, 288 Brooke, Sen. Edward, 40I Brooklield, Margarale, 374 Brooks, Charlolle, 284, 487 Brooks, Claudia, 297, 368, 487 Deborah, 280, 487 Brooks, Brooks, Gary, 2l6, 2l7 Brooks, Michael, 3l3 Broome, Rebecca, 280 Bross, Larry, I92, 343 Brolhern, Bruce, 320 Broll, Murray, 434, 487 Buchanan House, 3l3 Janis, 286 Buchanan, Bachanan, Louis, 327 Bucher, Bernice, 60 Buchholz, Dale, 323 Buckhold, Dorolhy, 285 Buckles, Judilh, 300 Buckley, Jane, 366, 488 Buckman, Marlene, 304 Buchwald, Arl, 240, 24l Budd, JoAnn, 356, 470 Budowsky, Donald, 325, 488 Buflell, Richard, 330 Buford, Elizabelh, 488 Buland, Charles, 406, 488 Bullard, Mary, 259, 262, 286 Buller, Douglas, 88, 436,488 Bullock, Ann, 279 Bullock, Jim, l03 Bumgarner, Mary, 84, 395 Bumpass, Rosemary, 63, 258 Bumpers, Jane, 46, 49, 245, 246, 258, 382, 488 Bunch, Roberl, 334 Bunch, Sleve, 262, 348 Bundranl, Dorolhy, 286, 488 Bunling, Larry, 340 Burand, A. B., 447 Burand, Don, 337, 408, 450, 488 Burch, Brenda, 305 Burch, Nancy, 306 Burchfiel, James, 488 Burchfield, Gary, 339, 488 Buckhardl, Susan, 306 Burden, Calherine, 488 Burden, Ronald, 436, 488 Burford, Belly, 488 Burford, Jean, 358, 469 Burlord, Jim, 428, 488 Burlord , Susan, 43, 294, 488 Burg, Deborah, 260, 28l, 360, 488 Burgar, Jimmie, I88, l92 Burger, Mike, 43 Burger, Slan, lI8, 346, 488 Burgess, Duncan, 457 Buller, Rebecca, 382, 488 Buller, Rhonda, 358, 359, 488 Bulner, George, 344 Bulls, Oma, 278, 286 Buxlon, J. David, 432, 488 Buxlon, Jerry, 408, 488 Buxlon, Larry, 408, 470 Buxlon, Ronald, 3l5, 488 Buzbee, Sam, 349, 488 Buzzell, Roberl, I20 Byars, Mary, 364, 470 Byers, Karen, 288 Byers, Terrance, 424, 470 Byinglon, Ross, 4I4, 488 Bynum Carl, 488 Byrd, Beniamin 111, 249 Byrd, Geary, I2I Byrd, Jane, 362, 488 Byrd, Roy Jr., 3l8, 393, 402, 488 Byrn, James, 466 Byrne, John, 3l0, 32l, 322 Byrne, Byron, M, Kaye, 368, 488 Merry, 370, 488 Byrum, Jerry, 445, 446, 450, 470 Cafon e, Marlene, 298,488 Cagle, Edward Jr., 4I0 Cagle, Michael, 422, 488 Cagle, Slephen, 245, 4l0, 488 Cahill, Cain, Cain, Carol, 366, 388, 488 John, 325, 4l2, 488 Caldwell, George, 406, 488 Caldwell, Gerald, 88, 340, 34l, 489 Caldwell, John, 320 Caldwell, Dr, Laylon, 57 Caldwell, Marian, I69, 302, 382,489 Caldwell, Michael, 426, 488 Caldwell, Nancy, 382, 489 Caldwell, Sylvia, 30l, 488 Caldwell, William Jr., 4l2, 488 Calho un, Rebecca, 287, 489 Calinson, Thaddeus, 406, 470 Caliri, Joseph, 335 .- -.- -c .1 C .-.4 .55 4.1. 4 ,. .-tx 535-:UE5E5ETE5E5:3:i:3:3:3:'2S:5:l?' ' -:f : - ' - - - I-'-:-:-.-.gQ.::g::Ec:.:.'?3go,.3c.. , ' ' ' """ 'f12vc3?:53:1Q5,-.-,. . . "'-'cx.:fc:::c-:-'- - . x.:.::mQ:ff-'-'-" ' M534-baf:2:z.:i H ' " E425 4.-r: r'-2 E351 Q :ISF .F a-:-: 3: 5 :2:f: ff 253: - 72715. ea. .Q . , A., M5'292:E:Er:a-Q:-9 . , . "-"-3- - " A "Q-'i"5:2:C:I:':-:-.-.-. .v'-:-:2:5ff?5:kk:c4.K55' ' v'7':':f52522EIEIE1EI:1:-:-:-:-:-.-. 1:2:13fIZ?:15I9V:"""x Q 1 I ""' 7 CHAMPLIN KEEPS THINGS MOVING QUALITY . . . PETRDLEUM PBUDUCTS I u - 1 V " -QXNF ' ' A ix -Y N g"'x-7-5, HAMPLIN PETROLEUM COMPANY A MEMBEH OF IME CELANESE GROUP Calkins, Cynthia, 470 Calkins, Dennis, 327, 336 Call, Jim, l0Z, 466 Callaghan, Patricia, 250 Callaghan, Sandra, 280 Callaghan, William, 2l4 Calmes, John, 406, 470 Calmes, Linda, 299 Calvert, Horace K., 3I Calvert, Laura, 287, 489 Calvert, Sherry, 489 Cambridge, James, 422, 489 Cameron, Craig, 426, 470 Camp, Joseph, 327 Camp, Leon E., 277 Campanell, Douglas, 440, 44l, 470 Campbell Barbara, 304, 380, 489 Cox DeWitt, 428, 49l cdmpbelij adb, 203 Campbell, David, 249, 3l3 Campbell, Garrett, 3l3 Campbell, George, 426, 470 Campbell, Joe, 3I4, 393 Cargtqpbell Karen, l06, 240, 250, 380, 4 Campbell, Nancy, IIO, I52, 378,489 Campbell, Paul, IO3, 3l6 Campbell Ralphie, 308 Campbell Robert Jr., 394, 424, 489 Campbell Russell, 87 Campbell Sandra, 307 Campbell Scott, 489 Campus Chest, 248 Campus Personalities, l72-I7? Campus Scene, I44-l79 Canada, Ann, 307 Cane, Gary, 3l2 Cantrell, Peter, 432, 489 Capers, 458 Caplan, Phyllis, 300 Caplinger, Guy, 3I7 Capshaw, Gary, 4l8, 489 Capshaw, Robert, 344 Carey, lrene, 260, 362, 389, 489 Carey, Janis, 378, 470 Carey, Lana, 489 Carey, Larry, I26, l28, 470 Cargill, John, 4l0, 489 Carillo, A. E., 452 Carlberg, Melanie, 30l Carley, Cathryn, 303 Carlile, Paul Jr., 262, 348, 406,489 Carlin, Gordon, 86 Carlson, Candace, 262, 293 Carlson, Lloyd, 4l6, 489 Carlton, Mark, 342 Carman, David, 349, -470 Carminati, James, 340, 489 Carney, Kerry, 287 Carney, Myrna, 38, 39, 303 Carnot, Elleene, 290, 489 Carolina, Sammy, 263 Carpenter, Bertha, 258 Carpenter, David, 344 Carpenter, Lyn, 306 Carr, James, I92 Carr, Morris, 489 Carr, Patrick, 243, 339, -189 Richard, 342 Scott, 3l7, 450 Carr, Carr, Carr, Wiley, l88, 4l8, 489 Carraway, James ll, 323 Carrero, Jesus, 252 Carriere, Glenn, 344 Carroll, Ann, 285 Carroll, Christine, 289 Carroll, Patrick, 428, 489 Carroll, Theresa, 466 Carruth, Carolyn, 286, 489 Carson, Conrad, 4l6, 489 Carson, Glenn, ll8 Carson, Johnny, 425 Carson, Royal Ill, 426, -189 Carson, Steven, 323, 489 Carter, Barry, 404, 405, 489 Carter, Darryl, 340 Carter, James, 88, l26, I29, 4l6, 489 Carter, John, 259 Carter, Mary, 356, 483 Carter, Nellie, 286, 30? Carter, Pe gy, 304, 309 Carter, Rdiluert, 92 Carter, Stephen, 3l9 Cartwright, Roy, l90 Caruso, Nancy, 362, 489 Caruthers, Steve, 3l8, 489 Carver, Candise, 304 Cascio, Frank, 3l3 Casey, Martitia, 305, 489 Casey, Randall, 3l3, 4l2, 489 Cash, John, 489 Cash, Pamela, 263, 286 Cashion, Edward, 432, 489 Cason, Len, 394, 406, 407, 445, 470 Cassel, Scott, 335 Cassell, Robert, 346 Cassella, Lawrence, 4l2, 489 Cassody, Patti, 98, 297, 48'-7 Casteel, Steve, I92, I93, I96, 343, 422, 409 Casteel, Toby, Il5, 4l0, 489 Castin, Mari yn, 380, 489 Castle, Kathryn, 370, 489 Cate, Lee, 267 Cates, Dr. Eugene F., l32, I33 Cathey, Donald, 428, 489 564 Catlett, Joel Jr., 3l6 Catlett, Rebecca, 293 Caudill, Laura, 260, 366,489 Caufield, Dennis, 3ll Cavener, Kay, 304, 483 Cavil, Jafus, Jr., 400, 40l, 489 Cavin, Mark, 320 Cavins, Doyle, 489 Cavins, Howard, 428, 470 Cavnar, Michael, 335 Cavnar, Paul, I87, 259, 3l6 Cawthon, Peter lll, 422, 489 Caywood, Robert Jr., 430, 489 Cecere, Domenico Jr., 4l6, 489 Cerba, Paul, I87, 489 Cerda, Elias, 252 Cerullo, Mike, 323, 489 Cervi, Justin, 430, 489 Chaabane, Ghassane, 252 Chaffin, David, l02, 3l8, -189 Chaffin, Evie, l26, l27 Chaffin, Victoria, 376,489 Chain John, 422, 489 Chambless, Steve, 3l6 Chambliss, Sheila, 307, 489 Chance, Anita, 368, 489 Chancellor, C. W lll, 345 Chancey, Jo, 335 Chandler, Candace, 247, 489 Chandler, John, 3l8 Chandler, Sharon, 489 Chaney, John Jr., 62, 255, 3l0, 345, 4l0, 470 Chapel, Daniel, 4l8, -489 Chapman, Judith, 280 Chapman, Rick, 422, 489 Charley, Edward, 470 Chear, Parviz H., 253 Chase, William, 225 Chassin, Terry, 260, 30l, 360, 489 Chawsheen, Ahmed, 466 Cheatwood, Victor, 432, 489 Cheerleaders, l86 Chemical Engineers, American lnstitute of, ll5 Chen, Jameson, ll5 Chenault, Carol, 63, 356, -489 Chernoff, Kim, 306 Cherry, David, 330 Cherry, Janice, 46, 26l, 306, 309, 489 Cherry, Robert, 340 Cherwinski, Bruce, 323 Chesnut, Linda, 302, 382, 389, 489 Chesnut, Susan, 382, 45l, 489 Chesnut, Verna, I27, 246, 307, 490 Chesser, Cecil Jr., 52, 96, 222, 426, 427, 453, 470 Chester, Tommy, lll, ll3, 3l0, 348 Cheves, Peggy, 290 Chi Omega, 366-367 Childers, Lowelle, IO6, 284, 364, 490 Childers, Marie, 262, 358, 490 Childers, Judy, 382, 490 Childs, Carol, 470 Chilnick, Lawrence, 50, l78 Chin, Fung, 322 Choi, Kyn Nam, 57 Chowning, Eldon, 329 Chrisman, Clyde, 342 Chrisman, Gary, I92, 343, 422, 490 Christensen, Jean, 290 Ctgrgtenson, Dr. Gordon, 36, 326, 2 Christian, Margaret, l28 Christian, Mary, 490 Christian Student Center, 24? Christofferson, D. B., 490 Christy, David, 3ll Chu Philip, II4, I20, 3ll chulsfiek, Leonard, 349, 470 Chumley, Howard, 428, 429, 490 Church, Joseph, 86 Cinotto, Richard, 428, 470 Cissel, Charles, l03, l04, IB6 Cissne, Myron, 3l2 Ciupak, Stephen, 348 Civil Engineers, American Institute Clark, Melba, 60 Clark, Michael, 3l6 Clark, Paul E., 480 Clark, Scott, 3l7 Clark, Terry, 332, 490 Clark, Virginia, 277 Clark, William M., 262 Clark, William v., 63, 248, 256, 406, 490 Clarke, Jane, 30l Clarkson, Nancy, 259, 294, 382, 490 Classes, 460-52l Claunch, Gary, 320 Clausing, Carole, 45, 62, I75, 246, 254, 284, 307, 377 Claxton, Stephanie, 490 Clay, Mariorie, 292,470 Clay, Martha, 366 Clay, Mart , 490 Claypole, George, 3l5, 490 Clayton, Caren, 490 Claytor, D. L., 452 Clearman, David, 343 Cleary, Patrick J., 87 Cleek, John, 30 Clem, Cathy, 378, 490 Clement, Linda, 90 Clements, R. J., 60 Clenne y, Jane, I27, 238, 308 Cleo Cross House, 287 Cleveland, Charles, 466 Cleveland House, 323 Cleveland, Ronald, l28 Cleveland, Victor, 52 Clifford, Charles, 436, 490 Clifford, Harold lll, 432, 470 Clifford, John, 225, 436, 490 Clifton, Butch, 2l4 Clifton, Darrell, 490 Clifton, David, 323 Clifton, Gayle, 289 Cline, Larry, 490 Cole David, 410, 490 Cole: Gland, 308,490 Cole Helen 62 Cole' James., 450, 470 Cole, Cole, Cole, Cole, Cole, R Colema Colema Colema Colema Colema Colema Colema Coley, Colitz, Collier, Collier, Collier, Collier, Collier, Collin, Collins Collins Collins Collins Collins Collins Collins Collins Collins Collins, Collins, I r Margaret, 356, 490 Melinda, 366, 470 Newton, 446 Paula, 490 onald, 340 n, Diana, 300 n, Janelle, 30l, 362, 490 n, John, 263 n, Patrice, I74, 254, 280 n, Patricia, 282, 490 n, Robert, 4l0, 4ll, 470 n, Ronald, 323 Karen, 356, 490 Cathy, 304, 490 James, 404, 490 Karen, 490 Kenneth, 470 Robert, 3l9, -190 Sherri, 309 Marvin, 337 Arthur, 43l Barbara, 303 Bruce, 34l, 490 Connie, 249 Elaine, 452 Georgeann, 302 Michael, 402, 470 Penny, 490 Patricia, 283, 490 Paula, 384, 490 William lll, 4l4, 490 Cline, Michael, ll5 Cline, Raymond, 323 Clinesmith, Kathleen, 378,490 Cloar, Paul, 203, 204 Cloe, Carol, 490 Cloninger, Sara, 298, 309 Clore, Ralph, 34l Cloud, Michael, 432, 490 Clouse, Perry, 490 Cloutier, Frank, 225 Cloutier, Susan, 279 Clowers, Dennis, 408, 409, 490 Cluck, Anita, 296, 458 Coats, Bryan, 428, 490 Coben, Michelle Ann, 282 Cobb, James, 259, 3ll, 426, 490 Cobb, Johnson, 426, 490 Cobb, Lir-da, 490 Cobb, Melanie, 304 Cobb, Nancy, 470 Cobb, Peggy, 286, 490 Coburn, Cheryl, 356, 490 Cocanower, Robert Jr., 430, 470 Cochnauer, Tiaiuana, 98, -170 Cochran, Danny, 3l5, 490 Robert, 324, 394, 470 Cochran, Cochran, Robert, 356, 4l0, 4ll Colombik, Keith, 490 Coltharp, Daryl, I29, 356,490 Colvert, Barbara, 378,470 Colvert, Susan, 304 Colvin, Larry, 404, 490 Colwick, James lll, 438, 490 Comancho, Fred, 337 Comes, Bert, l26 Comess, Burton, l26 Compton, Ronald, 422, 490 Comstock, Barbara, 356, -490 Confer, Margaret W., 87 Conforti, Peter, 408, 490 Conkle, Clifford, 4l0, 4ll, 490 Conkling, James, 436, 490 Conley, Jerry Ann, 30l Conn, Ada, l'l9, 285 Conn, Ronald, 428, 490 Connell, Linda, 282, 380, -170 Connolly, Patricia, T88 Connolly, Thomas, 3l6 Connor, Bonnie, 30l Cnnor, Patrick, 396, 397,490 Connors, Kevin, 3l2 Conrad, Gerald, 4l8, 490 Constantikes, John, 4l2, 490 Continuing Educatfon, College of, I32-I33 Conway, Michael, IZ6, l28, 49l Coogan, John, 430, 49l Cook, A. Kinney, 340 Cook, Harry, 3l5, 49l Cook, James, 2I8 Cook, Jim, 342 Cddk, Kim, 259, 319, 404, 43l Cook, Paula, l06 of, l2I Clabby, James, 470 Claiett, Kenneth, 339, 490 Clai orne, Linda, 28l Clapp, Ronald, 348 Clare, Virginia, lI5 Clark, Beniamin Jr., 43, 490 Clark, Claudia, l06, 490 Clark, Connie, I29, 285, 490 Clark, Carol, l6I, 246, 257, 26l, 3 490 Clark, Cynthia, 280 Clark, Danny, 346 Clark, F. Donald, l00 Clark, Francis, 335 Clark, Jacci, 286, 309, 490 Clark, James, 3I9 Clark, James, ll8, 406, 490 Clark, Jerry G., 3l2 Clark, Jerry L., 404, 470 Clark, Joe, 63, 248, 256, 266, 4l8, 490 Clark, John, 325, -490 Clark, Jonathan, 329 Clark, Kenneth M., I87, 329,490 Clark, Kenneth R., 237 Clark, Larry, l03, 3l6 Cochran, Samuel, 339, 490 Cochran, Steven, 406, 490 Cochran, Susan, 259, 294, 389 Cochrane, Kathleen, 260, 378, 490 Cody, Candace, 799 Coe, Mark, 3l6, 408, 490 Coffelt, Mike, 3I9 Coffey, Joseoh, 406, 490 Coffin, Donald, 406, 490 Coffin, Nanette, 470 Coffman, Karen, 386, 386, 490 Coffman, Robert, 347 Coggins, Sandra, 300 Cogman, Don, I79, 407 Cohen, Barbara, 372, 389, 490 Cohen, Carol, 300 Cohen, Diane, 490 Cohen, Herbert, 420, 490 Cohen, lan, II6, Cohen, lllene, 298 Cohen, Jan, 386, 470 Cohen, Linda, 386 Cohen, Perry, 398, 490 Cohen, Stuart, 393, 398, 490 Cohenour, Gary, 3l5, 490 Cohenour, Judy, 370, 470 Cohenour, Kent, 424, 470 Cohlmia, George Jr., 32I Cohlmia, Kay, 2l6 Cohn, Leonard, 420, 490 Cokely, Darrell, 86 Cokely, Gerald, 86 Coker, Janice, 305 Coker, John Jr., 3l3 Coker, Kenard, 490 Coker, Kent, 3l8 Colbert, Timothy, 259 Colbe rt, Tommy, 342 Colcord, John, 320, 490 Cole, Bernadette, 263, 279 Cole, Bruce, l88, 342 Cole, Caroyln, 226, 490 Cole, Carye Jr., 384, -490 Cole, Charles Jr., ll7, 404, 405,470 Cole, Charles, 323 Cook, Rodney, 438, 49l Cook, Cook, Ronald, 322 Stephen, I87, 402, -19l Cook, Timothy, 329 Cookse , Charles, 34l, 49l Coon, Ratricia, 366, 43I Coons, Carl, 32I Cooper, Deborah, 278, 307, 49l Cooper, Elaine, l05, l06, 304, 49l Cooper, Gayona, 287 Cooper, James Jr., 408, 49l Cooper, J. Christie, l86, 307 Cooper, John, 3ll Cooper, Cathy, 49l Cooper, Mary, 384, 389 Cooper, Patricia, l06, 265, 307, Cooper, Robert, 446 Cooper, William, 3l4 Cooper, Wynn, 380, 49l Cooperman, Patricia, 470 Correia, Edward Jr., 245, 264, 4l0 4ll, 49l Correia, Pamela, 384, 49l Corriveau, Richard, 86, 340 Cosby, Bill, 65 Cosgrove, Ann, 63, I79, 240, 250, 254, 382, 383, 470 Costanzo, Ernest, 348 Cotner, James, l88, 2l2, 2l3, 342 Cotney, Sherry, 304 Cotter, Debbie, 305 Couch Center North, 325-335 Couch Center North Presidents Council, 336 Couch Center South, 292-307 Couch, Glenn C., 274 Couch, Joe, 438, 470 Couch, Karlinda, 364, 470 Couch Scholars, 250 Coulson, Deborah, 284 Council, Margaret, 370, 49l Counselors, Men's, 3l0 Counselors, Women's, 309 Cousins, Joel, 325, 422, 49l Covey, James, 330, 336 Covotta, John, 320 Cowardin, John, 404, 49l Cowherd, Harold, 342 Cowhey, Terrence, 422, 49l Cowles, Catherine, 366, 49l Cowper, Janet, 238, 286 Cox Cox Cox, Cox, Cox Don, 428 Donald, 470 Gerald, 402, 49l Michael, 3l0, 329 Robert Jr. 432 49l Cox' Terry, 404, '470 I Coy, Coy, Coy Coz Cra bb, Craig R. Neale, 49l Ruth, 49l le, Bill, 3l5, 406, 49l ad, Dr. George C., l27 Marsha, 370, 470 Cheryl, 226, 292, 49l Craig: George, 404, 49l Craig, Craig, Craig, Craig, Craig, Crain Grover, 348, 396, 49l Jon, 225, 406, 47l Judith, 47: Nancy, 288 Neil, I92, 343 Sandra 287 Cramer, Jerry, 208, 342 Crane, Cranke, Crass, Jennifer, s, Pamela, 63, 288, 309, 47l , William Crawford, Deryl, Crawford, Gary, Crawford, Mary, Creamer, Craven, Craven Craver David, 3l0, 348, 349 Jimmy, l03 David, l03, 327, 49l 238, 29l, 49l Jr., l20 400, 49l 3l9 49l Frank, 343 Crenshaw, Cornelius, l03, 34l Crenshaw, Keith, 84 Crenshaw, William lll, 346, 49l Crenshaw, William K, 87, 47l Cresswell, Charles, 225 Creveling, John, 4l4, 49l Crews, Diane, 227 Crews, Gary, I87 Crews, James, 327, 49l Crews, Crews, Crider Kathy, 356, 47l Michael, 247, 250 Manle W. 87 cram, bf. Ed ry., sr' Cripps, George, 4l6, 49l Crisafulli, Joseph, l2O Crites, Dennis M., 88 Crivello, Manuele, 3l5, 49l Crockett, Charles, 3l9 Crockett, James, 49l Crockett, Karen, 49l Crocombe, Kenneth, 404, 49l Croisant, Rebecca, 262, 292 Crone, Carol, 287 Crone, Catherine, 287 Cronin, Bud, 203 Cross, Braden, 62, l77, 245, 255, 256, Cope Richard, 3l9 Copeland, Everett, 88, 423 Copeland, Jean, 362, 49l Copeland, Jefferson, 49l Copeland, Larry, 330 Copeland, Tricia, 290, 360, 49l Corbell, Philip, 349, 466 Corbin, Steven, 349, 470 Corbin, Thomas, 208, 342, 422, 49l Corcoran, Martin lll, 432, 49l Corcoran, Michael, 337 Corder, Robert, 348, 4-28, 49l Core, Judith, l27 Corff, Thomas, 3l6 Corkery, Margaret, 284, 49l Corman, Anne, 305 Cormell, Laird Jr., 450 Cornelison, Katherine, 298, 376, 49l Cornelius, Elizabeth, 300 Cornell, Darrel, 265, -166 Cornelsen, Richard, 335 Cornett, Donald C., 3I9 Cornish, Cloyd, 470 Corpening, Barbara, 308 406, 407, 47l Cross Center Presidents Council, 320 Cross Country Track, 2l4 Cross, David, 3ll Cross, Dr. George L., 87, 327, 259 Cross, Larry, 3l2 Cross, Leon, l9I, I92 Cross, Patrick, 33l Crossman, William, 3l2 Crouch, Ronald, 49l Crout, Robert lll, 225, 325, 49l Crow, John ll, 208, 342 Crowe, Edward, 347 Crowell, Charles lll, 330, 49l Crowell, Deborah, 260, 366, 49l Cruse, Connie, 288, 49l Crutcher, Caye, 289 Cudd, Deborah, 279 Culbertson, Robert, 4l8, 49l Cullins, T. E., 452 Cullison, Frederick, 334, 49l Culp, Linda, 370, 49l Culpepper, Mike, 49l Culver, Linda, 305, 49l .lf E UID M W oruW""..1 Grade A Www HOMOGENIZED 5TQff3f" Wifafmh fb WU' 11" lp Ki wr' OKLAHOMA 256, 471 Culwell, Michael, 428, 491 Cummings, Timolh , 335 Cunningham, Carol, 356, 491 Cunningham, Doug, 237, 334, 491 Cunningham, Edward, 402, 491 Cunningham, John P., 63, 140, 432, 491 Cunningham, John W. Jr., 311 Cunningham, Lisa, 308, 491 Cunningham, William, 349, 453, Cupps, Jerry, 349, 491 Curry, David, 422, 491 Curry, Jane, 285 Curlin, Phyllis, 100 Curlis, Dallon Jr., 265, 320, 394 Curlis, David, 394, 419 Curlis, James, 346 Curlis, John, 321 Curlis, Judy, 304, 364,491 Curlis, Karen, 303 Curlis, Rusly, 310, 413 Curlis Sherry 106 288,309,491 Cusack, Riensnsl, 491 D D'Amelio, Charles, 402, 491 D'Hooslelaere, M. R., 426, Dabney, Donald, 325, 491 Dacus, Larry, 349, 471 Dads Day Commillee, 264 Dagon, Sandra, 285 Daily, Anida, 304 Dakil, Thelma, 128 Dale, Douglas, 312 Dale, William 87,471 Daley, Nancy, 288 Dalrymple, Sharon, 471 Dammerman, Mary, 286, 471 492 Richard, 325 Damron, Sherman, 312 Dancy, Don, 247 Daniel, Charlolle, 303, 304, 471 Daniel, David A., 84, 87 Daniel, David P., 471 Daniel, Dennis, 418, 491 Daniel, F. M., 444 Daniel, Noble, 331,491 Dannacher, Emily, 279 Danner, John Jr., 432,491 Danner, M. Diane, 370, 491 Danzis, Paul, 348 Darby, Harold, 312 Dare, Tommy, 428, 491 Da rge, Darling, David, 311, 430, 491 Darnell, Cynlhia, 384, 491 Darnell, Marsha, 257, 384, 491 Danzinger, Barbara, 391 Darnold, Douglas, 327, 491 Darnold, Michael, 117, 121 Darrough, Diane, 258, 263, 264, 451, 491 Darl, Gary, 471 Dallilo, Douglas, 188, 220, 342, Daugherly, T omas, 316 Daughlrey, Max, 491 Daull, Gail, 286 Davenporl, Craig, 406, 491 Davenporl, Debra, 370, 4-91 Davenporl. Olha, 264 Davenporl, Sheila, 264 Daveudian, David, 120 David, Donald, 418, 491 Davidson, Calhy, 380, 491 Davidson, Evelyn, 284 Davidson, Harvey Jr., 491 Marilyn, 228, 376, 491 Michael, 339,492 Davidson, Davidson, Davies, Edward, 319, 492 Davies, Mrs. Frank L. Jr., 31 Davies, JoAnn, 302, 378, 492 Davis, Barry, 438, 492 Davis, Beda, 287 Davis, Billy, 422, 492 Davis, Candice, 229, 366, 471 Davis, Calherine, 289, 386, 492 Davis, Charles, 340, 492 Davis, Dawn, 238, 239, 286 Davis, Deborah, 302, 492 Davis, Diana, 285, 492 Davis, Donald, 345 Davis, Elaine, 287 Davis, Ellon G., 37 Davis, Floyd Jr., 111, 118, 120 Davis, Frederick Jr., 262, 492 Davis, Gerald, 438, 492 Davis House, 284 Davis, J. H., 456 Davis, Kennelh, 192, 343 Davis, Larry, 428 Davis, Larry C., 341 Davis, Larry W., 342, 492 Davis, Marsha, 301, 376,492 Davis, Mary, 92, 364, 492 Davis, Mill, 345 Davis, Monroe Jr., 86 Davis, Norman, 394, 420, 421, 4 Davis, Pally, 298 Davis, Paula, 293 Davis, Porler, 436,471 Davis, Randall, 343 Davis Skip, 34-3 Davis' William, 438,471 . Dawso Dawso n, Colleen, 285 rl, Mary, 298, 492 Dawson, Paul, 426, 492 566 368, 491 92 Dawson, Polly, 492 Day, Bruce, 471 Day, Cheryl, 471 Deedee, 161,492 Joseph Jr., 422, 492 Day, Day, Day, Lionell, 343 Daylon, Maxwell, 343, 436, 492 Deans of Sludenls, Office of, 38-39 DeB1asio, Joseph, 323 DeBona, Bruce, 436, 492 DeBose, San Toi, 192 DeCoursey, Raymond, 312 DeGarmo, Richard, 346 DeGeeler, Ralph, 121, 402, 492 DeGiusli, Anlhony, 313 DeGiusli, Marco, 343 DeGravelles, John, 214, 342, 410, 492 DeGuisli, Cynlhia, 286 DeJarnelle, Jacyln, 259, 294, 370, 492 DeLaMoreaux, Jo, 280 DeLaVega, Carlos, 447, 449, 471 DeLano, John, 126 DeLoney, Bruce, 343 DeLong, Karen, 288, 492 DeLuca, James, 265, 314, 492 DeMere, Marsha, 364, 471 DeMicco, Anlhony, 339, 471 DeMoss, Darrell, 412, 492 DeSanlo, Joseph, 324 DeSilva, Miriam, 300 De Slwolinski, Dr. Gail, 132 DeVore, Harley, 471 De Will, Doc, 341 DeWilly, Delberl, 337, 400, 492 Deacon, Susanne, 364,471 Deakins, Sharon, 471 Deal, Cheryl, 279 Deal, Slephen, 208, 424, 492 Dean, John O., 32, 34 Dean, Nancy, 257, 278 Deason, Dennis, 319 Dealherage, Clela, 259, 294, 366, 389, 492 Dealherage, Dennis, 329 Dealherage, Randy, 115, 438, 492 Deaver, Roberl, 422, 466 Deaville, Connie, 305 Decarolis, Renda, 285, 356, 492 Dechanl, Paul, 471 Decker, Marada Jr., 430, 492 Decker, Terry, 492 Dee, Jo, 298, 366, 492 Deen, Sleve, 312 Deener, Shari, 128, 300, 492 Deer, Mardeen, 368, 492 Deese, Julian, 262, 410, 492 Dellesh, Deheshdokhl, 304 Deilel, Andrew, 312 Dela Cruz Evel n 284 1 Y 1 Delaporle, olie, 260, 302, 354, 492 Dellar, Nancy, 360, 4192 Della Della Della, 368-369 Della Gamma, 370-371 Della Kappa Epsilon, 408-409 Della Phi Epsilon, 372-373 Della Sigma Pi, 87 Della Sigma Thela, 374-375 Della Tau Della, 410-411 Della Upsilon, 412-413 Demarlini, Gail, 280 Demonbreun, Dana, 376, 492 Demos, Slephen, 324 Denison, Laurie, 302 Denman, Paul, 426, 492 Dennehy, Dianne, 302 Denney, Kalherine, 303 Dennis, Connie, 301 Dergrgis, Dr. James L., 32, 33, 124, 1 Dennis, Janice, 492 Dennison, Larry, 88, 436, 471 Dennison, Richard, 492 Denson, Palricia, 105, 284, 492 Denl, Mary, 381 Denlon, Sammy, 188, 192, 193, 198, 202 Denyer, Helen, 161 Derex, Paula, 303, 386, 492 Derr, Bruce, 192, 193, 196, 198, 200, 201, 343 Derricks, Thomas, 396, 492 Dersch, David, 337 Dessauer, William Jr., 325 Deupree, John, 345, 408, 492 Deurmyer, Dean, 249 Devinney, Nancy, 299 Dewberry, Glenn, 343 Dewees, Clay, 404, 492 Diba, Farhad, 253 Diba, Mahmoud, 492 Dick, Jerry, 424, 471 Dick, Mark, 424, 492 Dickens, Paul D., 87 Dickerson, Lynda, 287 Dickey, Mary, 492 Dickinson, Gary, 492 Dickman, Eric, 416, 492 Dickson, Diana, 249, 262, 278, 292, 492 Dickson, James, 320 Dickson, Marye, 263, 291, 374, 492 Dicus, Roger, 192, 438, 492 Diedrich, Janie, 291, 492 Dielenderler, Slanley, 330, 492 Diehnel, Charles, 438, 492 Diggle, Diane, 301, 376,492 Diggs, Carol, 293, 492 Digned, Augusline, 412, 413, 492 Dignum, Jack, 330 Dillard, Sheila, 246, 301,492 Dilldine, Pamela, 303,492 Dilling, Emery, 46, 47, 255, 406, 407, 492 Dillingham, David, 192, 343 Dillingham, Sammy, 260, 380, 492 Dill us 1 161 3 0 51, man,San,10, ,7,4 492 Dillon, Jennifer, 376, 492 Dillon, Lynn, 370, 492 Dimick, Richard, 348, 406,492 Dinda, Eva, 309, 466 Dingman, Margarel, 302, 492 Dinsmore, Janis, 368, 492 Disbro, Rusly, 216 Dishman, Billie, 186, 356, 357, 492 Dunn, Valerie, 376, 493 Dunnell, Diane, 226, 304, 376, 493 Dunsky, Maxine, 298 Dunsmore, Billy, 262 Duran, Sleve, 347 Duranl, William, 128 Durham, Nancy, 451 Dulcher, Michael, 466 Duller, Richard, 343 Dullon, John, 493 Dyer, Ann, 370, 493 Dyer, Nicky, 318 Dyer, Slephen, 471 Dykes, Carolyn, 303 Dykslag, Michael, 319 Dysinger, Pamela, 471 Eagleslon, John, 188, 189, 342, 343 E Eames, Caroyln, 370, 471 208, 210, Emery, Richard, 331 Emmerl, Darryl, 343 Empie, Roger, 337, 404, 494 Enfield, William, 318 Eng, Linda, 355, 494 Engebrelson Russell, 323 Engleman, Charles, 60 Engelbrechl, Frederick, 311,450 Engh, Eric, 346 Engineering, College of, 108-109 Engineers Club, 110-112 Engineers Queen, 168 Englerl, Gail, 238 English, David, 174, 255, 394, 432 433, 453, 471 English, Exall, 30 Engslrom, Belly, 301 Enochs, Conslance, 362, 494 Enouen, Paul, 117 Eoll, Donald 115, 120 Epcar, Carole, 361 Dilmars House, 314 Dilmars, Jewell, 30 Diven, Calhy, 286 Dix, Lucie, 280, 364, 492 Dixon, C. Voy, 343, 492 Dixon, Joyce, 382, 492 Dixon, Julie, 357 Dixon, Mary, 375 Doak, Linda, 284 Doane, Larry, 323, 492 Dobbs, Janie, 492 Dobbs, Maxine, 307, 309, 492 Dodd, Virginia, 307 Dodson, Daryl, 376, 492 Dodson, Jeanne, 110, 278, 281, 492 Dodson, William, 345,492 Doesburg, John, 340, 453 Doherly, Palrick, 338 Earle, Douglas, 319 Earles, Alvin, 471 Earley, Roberl, 96, 99 Earll, Gerald, 337 Early, Cherry, 364, 493 Early, James, 436, 471 Earnesl, Sidney, 287 Eason, Bill, 471 Eason, James, 416, 493 Eason, Sharon, 286 Easlerling, Henr ll, 422, 493 Easlerwood, Doyile, 126, 340, 471 Eberle, Julia, 299, 364, 493 Eby, Janice, 493 Eckholl, Richard, 86 Eckley, Gerald, 54 Edelberg, Ralph, 348, 493 Edens, Marilyn, 177 Epp, Janel, 262 Epperson, Kraellli, 494 Epslein, Edwin Jr., 337 Epslein, Larry, 434, 494 Epslein, Lisa, 289 Epslein, Paul, 420, 494 Epslei n, Slephen, 325 Ercolani, Karen, 302 Eriksson, Eloise, 305, 471 Ernaga, Michael, 494 Ernsl, Phyllis, 289 Erskine, Calherine, 357, 451 Ersland, Susan, 281 Ervin, Erwln, Rodney, 323 Deyia, 408, 466 Esch, William, 313, 396, 494 Esecson, Roberl, 334 Eskridge, Ann, 104, 308 Dolan, James, 237, 492 Dolgin, Sluarl, 420, 492 Dolive, Linda, 284 Dollarhile, Yvonne, 297, 492 Dollins, Dinah, 492 Dollins, Dinah, 292 Dolly, Jane, 302, 382, 492 Dommer, Joseph, 471 Donaho, Dede, 105 Donahue, Erin, 260, 391 Donahue, Michael, 404, 493 Donaldson, Eileen, 61 Donenleld, Susan, 386, 471 Donley, Linda, 285, 299, 493 Edmonds, Palricia, 302 Edmondson, James Jr., 424, 493 Edmondson, Jeanne, 378, 493 Edmonson, George, 322 Edson, Edward 111, 406, 493 Educalion, College of, 90-91 Edwards Carl Jn., 190, 432, 493 Eskridge, Marilyn, 471 Esquivel Linda, 104, 494 Essery, Carla, 305, 309, 494 Esles, Carla, 279 Ela Kappa Nu, 117 Elchieson, Donna, 376, 494 Elhinglon, L. s., 277 Elling, Roger, 438, 494 Ellinger, Dale, 299 Eubank, James Jr., 334 Eubanks, Carolyn, 391 Eubanks, Meredilh, 296, Eule, Avram, 349, 466 Eulayyeh, Sabah, 263 378, 494 Donoho, Deidre, 493 Donohue, Michael, 394 Dooley, Doolin , Palrick, 436, 471 Mark, 316 Doolilliie, Bruce, 337 Doran, J Doriski, Dorner, ames, 88, 471 John Jr., 378 Michael, 311 Dorris, James, 312 Dorsch, Randle, 314, 438, 493 Dorsell, Linda, 287 Dolson, Duke, 114, 115, 120 Dolson, Elmo Jr., 317 Doly, David, 471 Doly, Lesler, 404, 493 Dougall, Dou hl David, 410, 471 Kennelh, 330, 493 Q Yi Doughly, Sleven, 325, 471 Douglas Douglas, Douglas, Doulhill ,Henry IV, 440, 441, 493 Roberl, 422, 493 Sandra, 297 William, 310, 315, 471 Dover, Marilyn, 127, 384, 493 Dow, Ro Dowell, Dowell, Dowell, berl, 313, 406, 493 lke, 237 Ivan, 493 Richard 111,327 Edwards, Claudia, 368, 493 Edwards Ellery, 86, 340,471 Edwards Ellis, 422, 493 Edwards, John, 319 Edwards, Marsha, 106, 297, 493 Edwards, Mary, 302, 376, 493 Edwards, Nancy, 306, 493 Edwards Sleven, 251, 255, 264, 391, 394, 406, 407, 493 Eek, Dr. Nal, 250 Ellinger, Marilyn, 282, 493 Egberl, Jacob, 118, 120,471 Eg1e,Dr. D.M.,1I1, 121 Ehrenberg, Alan, 420, 493 Ehrlich, Palricia, 356, 471 Ehrlich, Richard, 420, 493 Eick, William, 190 Eiger, Slelanie, 305 Eisel, Roberl 424,493 Eisel, Ronald, 414, 471 Eisen Suanne, 289, 386, 493 Eisenbaum, Solomon, 398,493 Eisenhard, Bruce, 320 Eisenman, Harold, 420, 471 Eisenman, Slanley, 420, 493 Eisenlraul, Lynn, 303, 493 Eiimofor, Cornelius, 466 Ekonen, Emily, 265 Elam, Pal, 60 Eleclrlcal 8: Eleclronic Engineers, lnslilule of, 118 Ela, Slephen, 428, 493 Elder, James, 406, 471 Evans, Ann, 286 Evans, Carol, 384, 494 Evans, Dale Jr., 471 Evans House, 288 Evans, Kendall, 424,494 Evans, Lesly, 300 Evans, Linda, J., 263, 282, 494 Evans, Linda K., 226, 380, 494 Evans, Ralph, 343 Evans, Roberl D. 440 Evans, Roberl W., 471 Evans, Slephen, 335 Evans, Tommy, 191, 208, 210 Everesl James, 424, 494 Ewers, To Jo, 319 Ewing, Noah Jr., 418, 471 Ewing, Slephen, 315, 320, 494 Ewlon, Valynda, 364, 494 Exlension Division, 56-57 Ezell, John S., 94 Ezell, Paul, 262, 344 F Facully Fealures, 70-77 199, Downey Diane, 493 Downey, Larry, 43 Downing, Marilee, 370, 493 Doyal, Charles, 118 Michael, 325, 493 Marilyn, 370, 493 Ray, 250, 426, 493 Doyle, Drace, Drain, Drake, Sally, 228, 376, 471 Draper, Duane, 264 Draper, E. Duane, 173, 244, 245, 256, 413 Dralch, Larry, 434, 493 Dreyling, Charles, 328 Dryer, Janel, 302 DuBois, Jeanie, 493 DuBois, Gary, 344 Ducharme, Denise, 297 Duckworlh, Gary, 393, 395, 430, 493 Duckworlh, Sandra, 257, 303, 493 Dudley, Sluarl, 493 Dudley, Thomas, 318 Due Marsha, 286, 493 Duffy, Palricia, 297 Duke, John, 418, 493 Duken, Heidi, 257 Dunagan,Jane, 63, 261, 382,493 Duncan, Donald, 412, 493 Duncan, Palrick, 317, 436, 493 Duncan, Paul, 325, 493 Duncan, Phillip, 317 Dungan, Jellrey, 325,430,493 Dunkley, Phyllis, 158 Dr. E, T., 30 Dunlap, Dunlop, Dianne, 297, 362, 493 Dunlop, Dr. Donald D., 252 Dunn, Margarel, 261 Eldridge, Clarence, 432, 493 Ellslrom, Waller Jr., 188, 192, 343 Ellason, Sleven, 316 Ellioll, Deborah, 374, 493 Ellioll, Jessica, 471 Ellioll, Larry, 406, 471 Ellioll Margarel, 356, 493 Ellis, George, 328 Ellis, James, 436, 493 Ellis, Larry, 247, 471 Ellis, Mary, 493 Ellis, Palricia, 384, 471 Ellis, Peggy, 307, 471 Ellis, Sue, 291 Ellis, Sue, 302, 378, 493 Ellison, Carl, 249, 266, 327, 493 Ellison, Helen D., 87 Ellison, Sherry, 288, 493 Ellislon, Davie, 84 Ellsworlh, Levoy Jr., 319, 406, 493 Ellsworlh, Sandra, 304 Elmore, Michael, 325, 393,440,493 Elmore, Wendy, 292, 370, 493 Elrod, Vicki, 304 Elson, David, 313 Elslon, Cheryl, 163, 362,493 Elslon, Judilh, 306 Ellis, Sandra, 360, 471 Elwood, Sherry, 451 Emanuel, Kalhleen, 282 Emanuel, M. Lynn, 106,281,494 Embrey, Linda, 278, 304 Embry, Randy, 322. 494 Emerl, Paul, 339, 494 Emery, Mary, 370, 494 193, Fagan, James, 218, 342 Fahrenbruch, Jim, 428, 494 Fair Curlis, 325 Faiglganks, cnne1,s4, 130, 131, 192 Fairbanks, Duane, 339, 494 Fairchild, Jack Jr., 494 Fairless, Jennings, Faiz, Farhad, 253, 494 Faiz, lrai, 253 Falk, Slephen, 420, 494 Fallgaller, Curlis, 431 Fallgaller, Sonya, 305 Fallin, Joseph, 321 Falvo, James, 88 Fancher, Richard, 396, 492 Fannell, C. Blair, 438 Fano, Roberl 418, 466 Farabou h, Gary, 418, 494 Farber, Sandra, 226, 262, 283, 494 Farha, Gregory, 436, 494 Farid, Bahman, 472 Farley, Kendall, 339. 494 Farley, Richard, 432, 494 Farmer, Bill, 52, 96 Farmer, George, 126 Farmer, Marlha, 126, 127 Farmer, Terry, 410, 494 Farnsworlh, Melanie, 301, 309,472 Farrer, Barbara, 301, 494 Farris, Charles, 128 Farris, Donald, 121 Farris, Ken 190, 191 Ferris, Linda, 303,494 Farris, Roberl, 311, 494 Farris, Sue, 452 w a , ,mv ms: A - - f I , X, R' 1-v ,,. 5 A veq , sw , - f E -2 - LNVMFE? TE' 4 K nz 5 has 1 .. 3 , M ggi PIM bf' x' bf . A' at V in M 111 i QE-van , , , v, . , 4-' 15, 11 I 1 In ,4 ,, . 4 , V, " ' 'X' ,if ' gg , t UI 55 5 - K , tg! I 3 W LA fn Qc-'-il ' '- A :ix Z 8 -' HE' 1 A by I N FM wma, 1 'G L If -4 KW? ' fs H .,,,L M ,.,A.f, - 1 'I 4 T, LN' W . j-ZWL-J V' A new . ff ii Q I ffl il 3 5 Zi :MEE Q, 1 1 Q E215 ia f HI? -f 'x 'iq I M Zi gm 'rf 2 ? 2 X 5. r s e 1' ...ul ,.Uwflwnuu,-X..-1.-.4 .H .,.,..,.W..,...--0.-. 1 .- , .K Ninn.v......--.funn f l 5 5,1 ' . f 4 Zi V if n . 5 -A , ix 3 S 3 xi Q lim , 3 J , , 2 I-, -.J Y 5 5 ,. x mg LQ., QD 'U' 11 Farshad, Fariborz, lI8 Fass, Marianne, 278, 303, 33I Faubion, Ellon, 466 Faubion, Pamela, 63, 265, 370, 37l, 388, 494 Faul, Cynthia, 299, 494 Faulk, Patricia, 472 Faulkner, Sherry, 305, 494 Faust, Cynthia, l27, 28l Favre, Diane, 288,494 Fazen, Robert, 86 Fears, Doug, 63, 432, 494 Feaver, Dr. J. Clayton, 77, 294, 327, I32, 259 Fee, Cidney, 380, 494 Fee, Paula, 226 Feintech, Marilynn, 386,494 Feld, Toni 306 Feldman, Gregory, 394,398,494 Feldman, Michael, 434, 435,494 Fell, Judith, 278, 303,494 Felton, Warren lll, 325, 494 Fendler, JoAnn, 386, 494 Fennell, Charles, 494 Fentem, Lezlie, 366, 494 Fentem, Thomas, lll, 4l6, 494 Fenwick, Rudy, 262, 345 Ferdowsian, Mahabat, 264 Fereday, Thomas Jr., 84, 85 Ferem, Robert, I92, 422, 494 Ferguson, James Jr., 327 Ferguson, John H., 249, 3l5, 494 Ferguson, John O., l20, 349,494 Fernandez, Ronald, 337, 494 Feron, Gregory, 3Il Ferraro, Francis, 340 Ferris, Frederic, II8, 450, 494 Ferris, James, 394, 4l0, 494 Fetterman, Carole, 386, 408 Feuerman, Charlotte, 472 Fezler, Georgene, 299 Field, Joseph, 404, 472 Field, Pamela, 249, 296, 494 Fielding, Fenella, 100, l0I Fields, Carlotta, 307 Fields, Richard, 393 Fields, Steve, 472 Figueroa, Carmen, ll2, 466 Fihrer, Eileen, 472 Files, Jim, IBB, I92, I93, 343 Files, Robert, l03 Filip, Thomas, 4l2, 472 Fina, Janice, l6I, 260, 366, 389, 494 Finch, Lillian, 302, 494 Findley, C. Lewis, 277 Fine Arts, College of, l00-l0I Fine, Bonnie, 386, 494 Fine, Gregory, 340, 472 Fine, Jim, 340 Finetrock, Chrisanne, 384,494 Fink, Barbara, 297, 360, 494 Finke, Vicki, 360, 494 Finley, Diane, 297, 494 Finley, Richard, 436, 494 Finley, Robert 422, 494 Firestone, Karla, l29, 494 Firouzabadi, Mohammad, 253, 472 Firstenberger, Nancy, 283, 472 Flschbein, Janine, 303 Fischbein, Phillip, 434, 472 Fischer, Diane, 265, 29l Fischer, Jerry, 3l8, 494 Fishel, Stephen, 393, 404, 494 Flood, Tom, 320 Flournoy, Al ll, 402, 495 Flowers, Dorothy, 495 Flowers, Thomas, Il6 Floyd, Bradley, 3I3 Fogels, Vilis, 396, 397, 472 Foglesong, William, 422, 495 Foley, Lynda, 262, 292 Folger, Doug, 2l6, 342 Folger, Kathy, 302, 378, 495 Folks, John, 33l Folsom, Roy, 406, 495 Fon taine, Francis, l87 Football, I92-202 Football Coaching Staff, l9I Foote, Dr. 8. L., lI6 Foote, Joe, 428, 495 For bes House, 284 Ford, Alan, 4l6, 495 Bill 3lI Ford, Ford James A. 404 472 495 Ford: James E., '422, 450 ' Fo rd James Edwin, 440, 472 Ford, Jee, 43s, 495 Fo rd John Jr., 4l0, 450, 495 Fordl Jon, 453 Ford For Fo rd , Margaret, 258, 263, 384, 495 d, Nikki, 297 Robert, 87, 4l2, 4l3, 495 Fordl Walter, lll, ll5, 495 Fisher, Art hur, 494 Fisher, Arthur L., 33l Fisher, C. Trudy, 308 Fisher, Dale, 428, 494 Fisher, David, 4l4, 494 Fisher, Donald, 99 Fisher, Harold, 472 Fisher, Karen, 262, 292 Fisher, Lewis Jr., 424, 472 Fisher, Linda, 294 Fisher, Margaret, l06 Fisher, Fisher, Ste Robert, 3l7 phen, 424, 494 Fisher, Steven, 330, 494 Fisher, Trudy, 249 Fishman, Beverly, 289, 360, 494 Fishman, Mark, 434,494 Fisk, John, 428, 494 Fiss, Stephen, 329, 494 Fitch, Charles, 428, 494 Fites, Gail, 292, 494 Fitz, Steva, l60, I86 Fitzgerald, Clee. 60 Fitzgerald, Myrlane, l86, 378 Fitzgerald, Patricia, 294, 370, 472, Fitzgerald, Pat, 428 Fitzsimmons, Pamela, 252 Flack, Frank, 4l6, 494 Flanagan, Mike, 329 Flavin, Frances, 306,494 Fleetwood, James, 472 Fleischman, Barbara, 282, 380, 494 Flelschner H. Mark, 434, 494 Flesner, La rry, 445 Flett, Mary, 300, 472, Flinchum, Linda, 28l Flinn, Ronald, 322, 494 Flint, Barbara, 356, 494 Flint, Debr e, 364,, 495 Flippo, Margaret, IO6, 302 495 Flood, Alg er, l92, 343, Flood, Kathryn, 356, 495 568 Forde, Oscar, 3l2 Fordham, Fred, 396, 495 Forehand, Barbara, 278, 284 Foreman, Linda, 292, 356, 495 Forney, William Jr., 422, 472 Forrest, Stace , 438, 495 Fortenberry, Charlotte, 356, 495 Fortmeyer, Joseph, 495 Fossett, Fonda, 382, 495 Carol, 370, 495 Foster, Foster, James, 98 Foster, Linda, 306 Marilyn, 293, 309 Foster, Foster, Martha, 368, 495 Susan, 289, 495 Foster, Fountain, Dyght, 472 Foushee, Charles lV, 323 Foust, J. E., 456 Fouts, Gail, 285 Foutz, Loren, 32l, 495 Fowler, Douglas, 324 Fowler, John Jr., 340 Fowler, Robert, 3l6 Fowlks, Gary, 322 Fox, Arthur, 495 Fox, Dan, 328 Fox, Deborah, 260, 29I, 495 Fox Fox, Dwight, I20, l2l Gary, 329 Fox, Susan, 83, 248, 382,495 Fozoonmayeh, Farldeh 252 Fracier, Janet, 495 Fraley, Charles, 466 Frame, Lynn, 347, 495 Frank, 324 Francin, Francis, Jane, I6l, 356, 495 Francis, Janice, IO6, 376, 495 Francis, John, II9 Francy, John, 432, 495 Frank, Joseph, IO9 Frank, Rhonda, 356, 495 Frank, Richard, 420, 495 Frank, Ronald, II8, l20, 2l6, 4l0, 472 Franke, David, 420, 495 Frankel, Jay, 420, 495 Madeline, 252 Frankel, Frankentield, James, 436, 495 Franklin, Aretha, 65 Franklin House, 336 Franklin, Kathleen, 263, 282 Franklin, Franklin Rene, 287 , Richard, 422, 495 Frantz, Harry, 406, 495 Frantz, Kurt, 225, 406, 495 Franz, Ronald, 329, 336, 472 Fraser, James, 4l8, 495 Fraternity Pledge Council, 393 Fravel, Donn, 495 Frazer, David, l92 Frazier, Barbara, 298 Frazier, Floyd, 330 Frazier, Janet, 302 Frazier, Stephen, 345 Fredman, Murray, 434, 495 Fredrickson, Kirk, 394, 422, 495 Freeborg, Frank, 3l6, 408, 495 Freed, Lynda, 293 Freede, Charles, 394, 424, 425, 472 Freeland, W, Hillyer, 60, 6l Freedman, Beth, 304, 495 Freeman, Christi, 62 Freedman, Mona, 300 Freedman, Susan, 299, 360, 495 Freeland, Judith, ez, 2el, 3519, 357, 388,495 U Freele, David, 436, 472 Freeman, Dianne, 296, 495 Freeman, Gayle, 257, 258, 260, 366, 495 Freeman, Janice, 260, 297,495 Freeman, Patricia, 280, 495 Preeny, Sandra, 298, 356, 495 Freidlin, Steve, 434, 495 Frieden, Laura, 289 Frieden, Robert, 393, 434, 495 Friedman, Barbara, 386, 495 Friedman, Gary, 3lI, 329 Friedman, Susan, 302,386,495 Fries, Jeanette, 284 Frieze, Margie, 262, 293, 376, 495 Frink, Robert, 3l8 Friot, Stephen, 4l8, 472 Frisk, Ronald, I92, 343 Fritz, Thomas, 4l0, 495 Frizzell, Lyndall, 3l2 Frobel, Vicki, 282,495 Froeschle, Margaret, 262, 292,495 Frohlick, Ronald, 338 Fry, Patricia, 472 Fry, Terr , 4l2, 495 Frye, Deborah, 286 Frye, Kenneth, 327, 495 Frye, Mary Jane, 308, 472 Fugitt, Patricia 299 Fulenwider, Jill, 364, 495 Fulkerson, Jennlter, 303, 309, 472 Fulkerson, Jerry, I2I Fulkerson, Michael, 2l6 Fuller, Glenn, 3l7 Fuller, Nancy, 378, 495 Fuller, Patrick, 472 Fullerton, John Jr., 408, 495 Fullerton, Nancy, 26I Fullop, Robert, 472 Fulton, Charlotte, 384, 495 Funk, John, 495 Furley, Randy, 324 Furman, Cynthia, 279 Furman, Sherry, 472 Furst, Alan, 3ll Furtak, Daniel, 472 Futayyeh, Sawsan, 263 Futayyeh, Summer, 263 Fytte, Carol, 282 Fytte, Jack, 96 G Gabbard, Jay, II8, l20 Gable, G. Ellis, 30 Gable, Rebecca, 283, 495 Gabriel, Betsy, I29, 380, 495 Gaddis, Bruce, 408, 472 Gaddis, William, 495 Gaden, Caroyln, 52 Madeline, 380, 472 Gaden, Gaden, Michael, 428, 472 Gaebe, Polly, 98, 364, 365,495 Gattord, Marilyn, 248, 258, 382, 495 Gahring, Stanley, 4l8, 495 Gaines, Cheryl, 246, 376, 472 Gaines, Lynnea, 280 Gaines, Ronald, 346 Gaither, Gar , 424, 495 Galainena, Eiena, 364, 472 Galanty, Renee, 307, 360, 495 Galarneau, Howard, 440, 472 Galbraith, Linda, l53 Gall, Penny, 364, 495 Gallagher, Sharon, 366, 495 Gallas, Janet, l04, 386, 472 Galler, Gary, 398, 495 Gallman, Richard, 3l3 Galloway, David, l27 Galloway, Helen, 384,495 Gallup, Jacqueline, 380, 472 Galoob, Maurice, 420, 472 Galoob, Stephanie, 266, 360, 36l, 495 Galvani, William, 325 Gamble, Julie, 303 Gamble, Michael, l92 Gamm, Gloria, 386, 495 Gamma Alpha Chi, 97 Gamma Delta, 265 Gamma Gamma, 265 Gamma Phi Beta, 376-377 Gamma Sigma Sigma, 238-239 Gandy, Gary, 495 Gandy, Thomas, 250, 3l2 Gangemi, Richard, 3l6 Gangwer, Barry, 4l6, 495 Gann, Gaddis, 3l5, 495 Gann, Jon, 4l6 Gans, B. Lindy, 97, I63, 370,495 Ganser, Angela, 288, 472 Ganstuss, Robert, 335 Gant, Barbara, 303 Gant, Gary, 3l6, 495 Gant, Gilda, l04 Gant, Patricia, Ruth, 292, 495 Ganzkow, Barbara, 364,496 Garber, Marvin, 328 Garber, Rebecca, 304 Garcia, Baron, 338 Garcia, Lawrence, 320 Gardner, Awanda, 288 Gardner, John, 422, 496 Gardner, William, 349, 473 Garis, Jamie, 473 Garms, Gayle, 366, 496 Garner, John, 3l3 Garnett, Mary, 370, 496 Garrett, Linda, 306 Garrett, Lynn, l03 Garrigus, Terry, 3l6 Garrison, Charles, 349, 466 Garrison, Denzil, 60 Garvin, Jo, 228, 376, 473 Gary, Janet, IO6, 370, 495 Gary, L. Wayne, 265, 394, 438, 496 Gas , Bruce, 250, 349, 473 Gaspardo, Jerome, 237, 334, 496 Gaspardo, Phyllis, 289, 496 Gassett, James, IO3 Gaston, Reginald, 428, 473 Gatch, Dr. Vera, 26l Gatewood, Frank, 408, 466 Gattis, Alana, 303 Gau, Pamela, 302, 366, 376, 496 Gauchat, Sandra, 496 Gawey, Gregory, 422, 496 Gawin, Dan, 324 Gay, John, 336 Gay, Larry, 3l3 Gay, Sarah, 92, 364, 496 Gay, Terry, 473 Gaydosik, Richard, 329, 473 Gaylor, Joyce, 279 Gaylord, Clark, 345 Geatches, Mary, 30l, 356, 496 Geerdes, Rodney, 496 Getvert, April, 30I Geiger, Janelle, 496 Geiger, Warren 3I7 Geis Larry, Ill, Il4, lI6 Geis, Llo d, 252 Geller, tvtark, 434, 473 Gemignani, James, 430, 496 Gennarelli, Louis, 3l6 Gentry, Deborah, I63, 382, 496 George, John, 345 Gerb, Kenneth, 3l4 Geren, David, 343, 496 Germain, Mariorie, 226 German, Linda, 259, 286, 496 German, Travis, 323, 449 Gerould, Dorothy, 376, 496 Gerry, Dede, 303, 372, 373, 389, 496 Gettlnger, Ronald, 330 Geyer, Roger, 440, 44l, 473 Geyer, William, 496 Ghaiar, Parviz, 253 Ghertner, Susan, 386, 496 Gholston, Margaret, 30l, 366, 473 Gianola, Robert, 3l6 Gibbon, Linda, 378,496 Gibbs, Anne, 286, 496 Gibbs, James, 496 Gibbs, Jamie, 285 Ronald, 320 Gail, 303,496 Gibbs, Gibian, Gibson, Patrick, 3l8, 432, 496 Gibson, Raymond, 3I0, 330 Susan, 496 Gibson, Gibson, Thomas, 2I8, 342 Gibson, Toni, 366, 473 Gidusko, Andrew Jr., 86 Giebner Michele, 308 Gittin, Gerald, 3l2 Gilbert, Carolyn, 496 Gilbert, John, 3l2 Gilbert, Pearl, 60 Gilbert, Suzanne, 26I, 382, 496 Gilchrist, Stanley, 86, 2l6, 342, 473 Giles, John, 438, 496 Gilham, James, 342, 496 Gilkey, Anthony, 45, 4l2, 496 Gilkey, Dickey, 2l5 Gill, Jimmy, 3l6 Gillespie, Chris, 99, 323, 4l4, 496 Gillett, Donna, 288 Gilliam, Annette, 278, 285, 496 Gilliam, Danny, 262, 345 Gillis, Charles, 496 Gillis, John, 4l6, 496 David 224 255 4l9 Gillogly, , , , Gilmore, Beverly, 282,496 Gilmore, Brenda, 306, 448 Gilmore, Bruce, 3l8 Gilmore , Chuck, 473 Gilmore, David, 438, 496 Gilmore, George, 438, 473 Gilmore, James, 343 Gilmore, Robert, III, ll2, II3, I Gilmore Robert Jr. 84 Gimlin, Sandra, 257, 302 Gingrich, Jane, 288 Ginsber , Ellen, 297 Giroux, lRichard, ll2, ll7, l2l Gist, Cynthia, 368, 496 Gist, Linda, 366, 496 Givens, Charles, 422, 496 Glasco, John, 422, 496 Glaser, Merry, l29, 284, 496 Glaisgsenberg, Jane, 257, 360, 389, 4 Glasser, Steven, 46, 406, 407, 496 Glassman, Patricia, 290 Glater, Margo, 299, 372, 496 Kathleen, 30I Glaze, Glazer, Steven, 420, 496 Glenn, John, 436, 496 Glenn, Mary, 308, 309 Globe, Betty, 305, 473 Rebecca, 370, 496 Glover, Glover, Robert, 265 Glover, Saundra, 473 Gluckman, Jenny, 285 Goad, Steve, 2l4, 496 Goatcher, H. R., 452 Gober, Richard Jr., 3l2 Goddard, Ann, 378, 496 Goddard, Michael, 424,496 Godfrey, Patricia, 279 Godfrey, Rebecca, 496 Goen, Rebecca, 356, 496 Goerig, Patrick M., 87 e-eff, Linda, 287 Gott, Stephanie, 282 Goins, Anthony, 3l8, 496 Goins, Ola, 380, 496 eeld, Jeen, 304, 360, 496 Gold Susan, 360, 496 oeldlsere, Bereere, 360, 496 Goldberg, Debra, 305 Goldberg, Ellen, 288 Goldberg, Jane, 30l, 386,496 Goldberg, Joyce, 307, 496 Goldberger, Margery, 305 Golden, Diane, 260,304 Golden, Jerry, l20, 4l2, 4l3, 453 473 Golden, Keith, 496 Goldey, Robert lll, 404, 496 Goldma, Karen, 746, 382, 496 Goldman, Kathy, 52, 97, 370 37l, 473 Goldsberry, Gary, 34l Goldsberry, James, 466 Goldsberry, William, 34l Goldstein, Ann, 372, 496 Goldstein, Patti, 372, 496 Golf, 22l Golomb, Michael, 3l2, 434, 496 Goltz, Diane, 299, 496 Gomberg, Bonnie, 306 Gooch, Helen, 278, 305 seed, Jenn, 3l5, 496 Goodbal Gooden, let, Margaret, 285 David, 4l0, 496 Goodenow, James, 496 Goodenow, Steven, 496 Gooding, Harry lll, 430, 473 Goodman, Ann, 305 Goodman, Bruce, 496 Goodman, David, 426, 496 Goodman, Jean, 285 Goodman, Leni, 360, 496 Goodman, Richard, l28, 330 Goodman, Sara, 473 Goodman, Stuart, 266, 324 Good ma n, Wallace, 329 Goodrich, Allen, 3l2 Goodwin, David, 3l9 Goodwin, John lll, 4l2, 496 Goodwin, Laurie, 386,496 Goodwin, Linda, 284 Gookin, Anne, 226 Gorchott, Louis, 420, 496 Gorden, Ann, 45l Gorden, William Jr., 326,496 Gorder, Bob Van, II7 Gordon, Alda, 360, 496 Gordon, Ann, 384, 496 Gordon, Barbara, 246 Gordon, Bobbi, 303 Gordon, Clittord, 259, 334 Gordon, Gary, 420, 473 Gordon, John Jr., 404 Gordon, Larry, 496 Gordon, Vicki, 280 Gordy, James, 334 Gore, David, 473 Gore, Marcia, 226, 297, 496 Goreham, Leonard, 320,496 Gorman, Gorman, John, 343 Larry, 346 Gorney, Robert, 3l6, 496 Gorski, Terance, 320 Goth, Perry, 402, 473 Goth, Th Gottlieb, Gotwals, omas, 402, 496 Helene, 286 James, 338, 406, 496 Gough, Linda, 306 Gouin, Helen, l22 Gould Susan, 366, 496 Goupillaud, Rene, 330, 336, 497 Gover, Mar aret, 36 Bo biinye, 29I, 473 Gowan, Grace, Helen, 384, 497 Grace, Sally, 497 Graduate College, 78-79 Graduates, 466-467 Gragg, Johnie 262 erenenr, cerel, 294, 364, 497 Graham, Charles, Sl Graham, David, 436, 497 Graham, Gregory, 342 Graham, Hayes, 497 Graham, Janice, I04, 364, 497 Graham, Joel, 497 Graham, Joseph, 3l4 Graham, Judith, 305 Graham, Marilyn, 364, 497 Graham, Otherine, 263, 288, 374,497 Graham, Sidney, 262 Graham, Skip, 22l Graham, Sue, 473 Graham, Wendell, 4l8, 497 Grant, Adrienne, l58, 360, 388, 497 Grant, A. Michael, 208, 2l0, 2l'l Grant, Carolyn, 247 Grant, Kathryn, 247 Grant, Norma, 473 Grant, Richard, 434, 497 Grant, Robert, 402, 466 Grant, Virginia, 293 Grantham, Karen, 226 Grantham, Robert Jr., 347 Grasley, Grattan, James, 4l0, 497 Henry, 497 Graves, Bennie, l20 l SPECIALIZING IN DIFFERENT TYPES OF PORTRAITURE 21.5-, - - . Commercial and Por+rai+ Pho+ography HQFFICIAL PHQTOGRAPHERS I969 SOONER YEARBOOKH University Studio 7 Wes'r Boyd Phone 32I-26 Graves, Frank, 424, 425, 473 Graves Herbert, 3l0, 328 Graves: Juaifn, 352, 497 Graves, Rebecca, 497 Gray, Barbara, I05 Gray, Bill, l9l, l92 Gray, Gladys, 309 Gray, Gloria, 265, 380, 473 Gray, Jack Jr., 466 Gray, Martha, 497 Gray, Randy, 3I6 Gray, Rex, 346, 497 Gray, Robert Leland, 3l4 Gray, Robert Martin, ll5, I20, 473 Gray, Thomas, 33l Gray Virginia, 306 Gra bill, Charles lll, 432,497 Greber, Nancy, 370, 473 Guild, Ralph Ill, Ill, ll2, l20, 245, 250, 255, 3l0, 326, 497 Guillot, Deborah, 298, 356, 497 Guller, Lynn, 290 Gulley, Dianna, 28l Gundersen Kathleen, 308 Gunning, Boyd, 54 Gunning, Linda, 98, 226, 227, 382, 473 Gunter, Elizabeth, 368, 497 Gurley, Patricia, 26l, 384, 385, 497 Gurney, Evelyn, 282, 497 Gurne , Leon, lll, ll2, 473 Gust, Terrence, 32l, 323, 497 Guten, Alan, 434, 497 Guthery, Jacquelyn, 300 Guthrie, Darryl, 326, 497 Guthrie, Grover Ill, 88, 4-36, 437 Hankowsky, Ruth, 254 Hanks, Betty, 308 Hanks, Nancy, 498 Hanley, John, 326, 498 Hanmer, Glenn, 249 Hanna, David, 4l6, 498 Hanna, George, 3ll Harder, H. O., 55 Hansel, David Jr., 440 Hansel, Terry, 3l8, 498 Hansell, Heidi, 97, 370,498 Hansen, Linda, 376, 498 Hansen, Richard, 4l8, 498 Hansford, Linda, 308 Hanson, Beth, l06 Hanson, Janice, 378, 474 Hanson, Russell, 438, 498 Hanthorn Geor eJr l26 l28,340 Harz, Steve, 435 Haselwood, William, 4l0, 498 Haskett, David, 327, 498 Haspel, David, 96, 420, 498 Hassler, Ann, 287 Hassler, Rosemary, l29, 285 Hastings, John, 474 Hatch, John, 320 Hatch, Monroe Jr., ll4, l20 Hatcher, Cynthia, 302, 498 Hatcher, Don, 432, 498 Hatcher, Patricia, 474 Hatfield, David, 225, 3I6 Hatfield, Sen. Mark O., 39l Sarah, 283 Hatfield, Hatt, Linda, 304, 498 Haubelt, Garnett, 436, 474 Haun Barbar 498 Hensley, Thomas, 323 Henson, Arie, 286 Henson, James, I03 Hepton, Bernard, l00 Herbert, Carol, 294 gergst,-Jaimes,2g30, 428, 499 er , in a top Heritage, Diana, 448 Robert, 406, 499 Herlihy, Herman, Avram, 434, 499 Herman, Herman, Eddie, 499 Michael, 96, 99 Herman, Sherril, 305, 360, 499 Hermes, Peggy, 376, 474 Hernandez, Agustin, l2l Herndon, Terri, 368,499 Herold, Niels, 325 Herren, Jeffrey, 344 Hicks, Greg, 426 Greek Life, 350-44I Greek Revue, 392 Greek Week, 39I Greek Week Princss, 390 Green, Barbara, 257, 287, 497 Green, Calene, 98, 288, 454, 455, 497 Green, Carl, 324 Green, Cynthia, 382, 497 Green Green Green Green , Elaine, 229, 380, 497 , Frederick, 3l9, 497 , James, 428, 473 Katherine 302 Green, Kathleen E., 370, 497 Green, Kathleen Riley, l60 Green, Kathryn Ann, 29l Green, Kathryn Lee, 473 Green Larry, l7I, I74, 247, 255, .4773 346, Green, Linda, 307, 497 Green Maril n, I05 Greenberg, Gary, 265, 420, 473 Greenberg, Howard, 330 Greenberg, Joseph, 420, 473 Greenberg, Linda, 290 Greenberg, Manny, 420, 473 Greenberg, Mark, 86 Greenblatt Alfred 420 497 Greene, Bairbara, 356 I Greene, Jeffrey, 342, 438, 497 Greene, Richard, l2l, 320, 497 Greenhaw Thomas! 3,4 Healy, Patrick, 86, 335, 336 Harms, Jerry, 323 Susan, 288, 498 Harris, Greenly, George Jr., II6 Greeno, John, 320, 497 Greenspan, Richard, 420, 497 Greer, Dorothy, 97 Gregg, Edwin, 3l7, 497 Gregg, L. J., 428, 473 Gregory, Dick, 25, 4Ol Gregory, Helen, l04 Gregory, James Jr., 87, 4l0, 4ll 453, 473 Gregory, John, 4l0, 497 Gregory, Michael, l88, 2l2, 2l3 342, 402, 473 Gresham, William, 344 Gress, Gar , 497 Grice, Neal, 326, 497 Grice, Sandra, 294 Bennett, 87, 466 Griffin, Griffin, Deborah, 294,497 Griffin, Gary, 3l8 James, 408, 409 Griffin, Griffin, John Jr., 259, 4l6, 497 Linda, 87,473 Griffin, Griffin, Thomas, 438, 497 Wilda P., I05 Griffin, Griffis, Stanley D., 87 Griffith, Ann, 376, 497 Griffith, Jerry, 445 Griffith, John, 348 Griffith, William B., 497 Griffith, William L., 426 Griffy, David, 423, 473 3I0, Griggs, Nancy, I69, 229, 366, 497 Griggs, Robert, 422, 497 Grigor, Randal, 335, 497 Grigsby Lee, 378, 497 Grillo, lfranlr 3l7 Grimes, Dr. Joseph E., 59 Grimes, William, 3l8 Grimm, Robert Jr., 4l6, 497 Grirnnn, William, 435, 437,473 Grissette, Linda, 238, 285, 458 Grisso, D. H., 60 Grisso, Jeane, 258, 384, 385, 388, Grissom, Mary, 308 Groom, Gail, 26l, 382, 497 Gross, Gordon, 349, 473 Gross, Michael, 3ll Gross, Steve, 434, 497 Grossman, Janet, 299, 360, 497 Grossman, Judith, 306 Grossman, Laurie, 304 Grove, Christopher, 340 Grove, Roger, 3l3 Groveman, Daniel, 348,434,497 Grovenburq, William, 497 Grover, Gretchen, 92, 254, 265, 353,350 473 Gruenrg, Sally, 370, 497 Grunder, Dr. Richard, l23, l28 Gruner, Donald, 3l9 Gucker, Henry lll, 324, 402, 497 Gueck, Brian, 3l4 Guedelhoefer, Chuck, 79 Guest, Bette, 247 Guest, Mary, 247 Guffey, Sheila, 304 570 497 362, Guthrie, Jack, 6l Guy, William, 43,332,497 Guydosik, Richard A., 84 Gymnastics, 220 H Haag, Linda, 356,473 Haas, Catherine, I6l, 386, 387, 497 Haas, Gilbert, 265, 402, 403, 497 Suzanne, 263 Haas, Habben, Kenneth Jr., 4l6, 497 Hackerott, James, 33l Hackett, William, 4I8, 473 Hackman, Cynthia, 28l Haddock, Sara, 257, 368, 497 Haddock, William, 432,497 Haffner, Bruce, 2l8, 342, 497 Hagen, Susan, 306 Haggard, Earle Jr., 335, 473 Hague, Richard, 473 Hagy, Nelda, 247, 473 Hahn, Christine, 297 Hail, David, 430, 497 Hail, Margaret, l54, 304, 498 Haines Charles, 432, 498 Hair, Connie, 375, 49a Ha'sak, Karol, 3l3 Halbert, Terrell, 3l3, 498 Hale, Carolyn, 92, 297, 498 Hale, L ndia, 498 r 9 -r r Hanville, Deborah, 304, 498 Harbison, Mary, 287 Harbour, Patrick, 220 Harbour, Stephen, 402, 4198 Harcourt, Stephen, 3l4 Hardberger, Joe, 406, 498 Harden, Dianne, 378, 474 Hardin, Charles, 343 Hardin, Lloyd Jr., 320, 498 Harding, Beniamin, 5l, 474 Harding, Laurel, 306 Harding, Robert, 324, 498 Hardwick, James, 2l2, 2l3 Hardwick, Kenneth, 323 Hardy, Janet, 294, 378, 498 Hardy, Joan, 378,498 Hardy, Sarah, l58, 380, 498 Hardy, Steven, 3l5, 498 Hare, Daniel, 33l Hargrave, Rodney, 3l7, 498 Hariry, Abdul, 263 Hariry, Sharran, 263 Harkey, Michael, 32l Harkins, Beth, 305 Harkins, Edward, 396, 474 Harmison, Joseph, l26, l28, 474 Harmon, Carolyn, 84 Harmon, Donna, 299 Harmon, John, 345, 4l8, 498 Harmon, Mark, 4l8, 474 Harmon, Nancy, 247 r 5. Haversly, Jim, 237 Hawk, David, 466 Hawkes, Ronald, 340 Hawkins, David, 322 Hawkins, Glenn, 3l2, 400, 498 Hawkins, Gloria, Ill, II2, 364,474 Hawkins, Jane Anne 466 Hawkins, Jane Lynalle, 370, 49a Hawkins, Judith, 364, 498 Hawkins, Lawrence, 322, 400, 498 Hawkins, Steven, 3l3 Haworth, John, 46, 63, 256, 327, 498 Hawpe, Michael, 343, 498 Haxel, Teddy, 499 Haxel, Melanie, 498 Hay. Jae, 422, 499 Hayes, Amy, 290, 370, 499 Hayes, Donnee, 298, 299 Hayes, Gilbert, 4l4, 499 Hayes, Sandra, 296, 382,499 Haynie, Brenda, 300, 499 Hays, Charles, ll6, 339, 499 Hays, Janet, 294, 499 Hays, John Ill, 323 Hays, Marcia, 304, 499 Hays, Robert, l03 Hayward, Beverly, 302, 364, 499 Hayw ard, Joe Jr., 499 Hazlett, Beverly, 303 Heald, Judy, 499 Healey, Edwin, 237, 474, 499 Herrick House, 285 Herrin, Diane, 370, 499 Herrmann, Diane, 254, 265, 376 377, 474 Herron, Robert, 88, 499 Herzel, Larry, 426, 499 Hess, John, 322 Hess, Marilyn, l27, 296, 309 Hess, Patricia, 226, 293, 364, 4 Hess, Richard, 322, 499 Hess, Ted, 433 Hester House, 308 Hestwood, John, 4l8, 499 Hetherington, Jerry, l92 Hetherington, Richard, IBB, l92 I93 Hetherington, Steve, 245, 432 499 Hetherington, W. Jr., 88, 432, 74 Heuston, Joe, 428 Hewett, Henry, 499 Hewgley, James lll, 422, 499 Hibdon, C nthia, 376, 474 Hibler, Robert, 4l8, 474 Hickerson, Robert, 4l6, 499 Hickerson, Sarah, 370, 499 Hickman, Bruce, 428, 466 Hickman, Christopher, 3l4 Hickman, Madeline, 499 Hicks, Bruce, 342 Hicks, Eawara ill, 262, 344,499 Hales, Randall, 498 Harmon, Patti, 382, 498 Haliburton, John lll, 326, 473 Hall Hall Hall Hall , Darlene, 246, 282, 498 , David L., 4-40, 473 , David T., 346 ,Florian ll, 325 Hall, Frederick Jr., 34l Hall, Gail, 300 Hall, Galen, l9l, l92 Hall, George, ll5, 498 Hall, James, 325 Hall, John, 4l6, 498 Hall, Lottie, 282 Hall, Michael, 408, 498 Hall, Patricia, 287, 473 Hall, Richard A., 45, 46, 48, 99,474 Hall, Richard D., 322 Hall, Richard J., 316, 320 Hall, Robert Jr., 2l8, 474 Hall, Ronald, 2l6, 342, 4l0, 498 Hall, Rosemary, 29l, 498 Hall, Susan, 474 Hallman, Phyllis, 260, 358, 498 Hallman, Randal, 334, 498 Hallock, Steve, 3l4 Halperin, Eve, 284 Haluska, Jerry, l08 Ham, Larry, 337 Ham, Ralph, 3l3 Hamaker, Susan, 297 Hamby, Joy, 304, 498 Hamersly, James Jr., 498 Hames, Katherine, 92 Hamilt n Howa rd, 396, 498 Hamiltgnl James, 453, 458 Hamilton, Jude, 285, 364 Hamilton Hamilton Michael, 3l4 Patricia 362 498 Hamilton, Terry, 84 Hamlin, Dennis, 225 Hamlin, Linda, 30l Hamm, Deborah, 384,498 Hamm, James, 323 Harms, Harms, La Nifa, 352, 490 Laura, 352, 474 Harn, Nancy, 30l, 376, 498 Harned, Catherine, 378, 498 Harness, John, 262, 344, 498 Harper, D. Brent, 2l8, 342 Harper, Gary, l92, I93, 20l, 2l6 Harper, Jane, 298, 356, 498 Harper, Kenneth, 3l0, 3I6, 474 Harper, Michael, l88, l92, I93, l98, I99, 2I6 Harper, Warren, l90, l9l, I92 Harral Donald, 5l Harrell, All n, 349, 490 Harrell, Barbara, 382, 498 Harrell, Ronald, 3l8 Harrell, Steve, 498 Harrell, Winnifred, 408 Harrington, Wayne, 2I6, 342, 438, 498 Harris, Alanna, 303 Harris, Charles ll, 436, 498 Harris, Claibourne, 3l6 Harris, Grady Jr., 60 Harris, Greg, 346 Harris, Jack, 208, 342, 436, 498 Harris, James, 33l, 498 Harris, Kathleen, 300 Harris, Kathryn, 30l Harris, Linda, 358, 359, 498 Harris, Dr. Loyd E., l23 Harris, M. D., 452 Harris, Marsha, 356, 498 Harris, Mike, l92 Harris, Myron Jr., 343 Harris, Oteka, I05, 293, 498 Harris, Paula, I05, 474 Harris, Randy, 337, 498 Harris, Richard, 4l8 Harris, Shirley, l28, 287, 498 Healy, Wayne 499 Heard, Garfield, las, 203, 204, 206, 207, 343 Hearn, Holly, 305, 499 Hearn, Max, II6 Hearn Melissa, 304 Heath, Heath, Loren, 266, 33l, 499 Heath, Paul, 346 Heather Gregory, 3l9 Heatherly, Jimmy, 337 Heatly, Richard, 436, 499 Hebert, Joseph Jr., 499 Hebert, Michael, l92, 343 Hedges, Denbie, 364, 499 Hedges, Diana, l62, 364, 499 Hedrick, Sheri, 296 Heeter, Mark, 322, 499 Heffernnan, Sharon, 83, 302 Hefner, Larry, 4l8, 499 Hefner, Linda, 356, 499 Heinen, Annabelle, 296 Heintz, Randall, ll8, l20 Heisch, Sherry, 293 Heitz, James, 86 203, 343 Linda, 299, 499 Halaenlarana, Marfin, 395, 499 Helfer, Jeffrey, 3l2 Catherine, 378, 499 Heller, Heller, John, ll5, 426, 427,499 Susan, 304, 378, 499 Heller, Heller, William, 422, 499 Helmer, Gary, 84 Helmlinger, J. A., 452 Helmstetter, Sally, 285, 458 Helton, Hewara, I87, 408, 409, 453, 499 Hembree, Jerry, 3 I 6 Hemphill, James, ll8, I20, 406,474 Hemphill, Preston, 331 Hendershot, Jeannette, 364, 499 Henderson David 4l8 499 Henderson: Dr. George, 73, 282, 345 Hicks Hicks , Paul, ll7, l2l , Stanley, 37, 38 Hicks, Terry, 4l0, 499 Hieronymus, Mary, 26l, 384,499 Hieron mus, Patricia, 298, 384 499 Higginbotham, Peggy, 356, 499 Higginbottom, Jola, 259, 30l, 384, 49 Higgins, Carl, 396, 467 Higgins, Carolyn, 300 Higgins, Higgins, Jan, 92 Renai, I63, 376, 499 High, David 4l0, 499 Hightower, Katherine, 30l Hilburn, Bruce, 87 Hilflinger, Cheryl, 288 I Ba rba ra, 286 Hill, Charles, 450 Hill, Elizabeth, 380, 499 Hill, Jimmy, 3l4 Hill, Judith, 474, 499 Hill, Judy, 376 Hill, Kathleen, 499 Hill Lucinda 306 499 Hill: Marilyn,'364, 499 Hill, Randy, 332, 393, 424, 499 Hill, Sandra, 279 Hill, Sharon, 104, 364,499 Hillel Foundation, 266 Hiller, Rebecca, 246, 297, 368, 499 Hillis, Douglas, 4l8, 499 Hamm, Wade, 498 Hamill House, 279 Hammer, Glenn, 249 Hammock, Wilbur, ll8 Hammon, Frances, l28, 29l Harris, Virginia, 305 Harrison, Doane, 87 Harrison, James, 406, 474 Harrison, Janice, 288, 498 Harrison, Richard, 255, 256, 265, 328, 4l0, 498 Harrison, Susan, 257, 297, 382, 498 Harroz, Gary, 3l6 Henderson, Mrs. George, 282 Henderson, Joyce, 474 Henderson, Marilyn, 380, 474 Henderson Henderson: Hend rs n Phyllis, IO6, 247, 499 Tex, 342 William 249 Hammonds, Samuel Jr., II4, ll9 I20, 4l6, 474 Hammons, Mark, 4l9 Hammons, Mark, 245 Hammons, Royce, 4l6, 4l7, 474 Hampf, Andrew, 33l Hampson, Thomas, 203, 204, 343 Hampton, Dayia, 327 Hampton, John, 2l5, 406, 474 Hampton, Michael, 4l2, 4l3, 474 Hampton, Nancy, 298 Hamra, Mary, 306 Hancock,Curtis, 2l4, 342 Hand, Gary, 396, 498 Hancock William Jr., 43 Hand, Marshall, 404, 498 Handler, Howard, 3l3 Hanes, Randall, 30l, 376, 498 Hankla, Jesse, l02, 3l4, 498 Harr , Billie, 279 Harsli, Mory, 4l4, 498 Hart, Anastasia, 376, 498 Hart, Ben, 332 Hart, Janis, 246, 380, 498 Hart, Jerri, l29 Hart, Jules, 434, 498 Hart, Lana, 356, 498 Harf, Marsha, 301, 300, 498 Hartlie, Keith, 265, 344, 498 Hart ein, Allan, 263 Hartley, John, 325 Hartman, Kathryn, 284 Hartman, Paul, 498 Hartsell, Hartson, Harvey, Donna, 288, 498 David, 33l, 428, 498 Robert, 3l3 e o , , Hendon, Lawrence, 438, 499 Hendrick, Mary, 376, 474 Hendrix, Chip, 249 Hendrix, Connie Jo, 249 Hendrix, ldus Jr., 86 Hendrix, Mick, 3ll Hener, Donald, 334 Henke, David, 250 Henkel, Douglas, 265, 33l, 499 Henneke, Frederick, 404, 499 Henry, Carol, 306 Henry, Deborah, 30l Henry, Martha, 304 Henry, Pamela, 246, 294, 295, 382, 389, 499 Henry, Sally, 288, 499 Hensel, Keith Jr., 499 Henslee, Janis, 303 Hensler, Gary, 4l7 Hilty, Wendy, 258, 362, 499 Hinchin, Carolyn, 386, 499 Hindes, Janet, 298 Hindman, Eric 326, 499 Hinarnan, Linda, 305, 499 Hinds, Bruce, 337 Hinkle, Alic L., 277 Hinrichs, Stephen, 340, 499 Hinshaw, Mark, 408 Hinton, Eddie, l88, l92, l93, I94, I97, 200, 20l, 343, 400, 40I, Hiny, Joe, 3l2 Hirsch, Jan, 288, 499 Hirsch, Margo, 386, 499 Hirschman, Sue, 278, 286 Hirzel, Julie, 257, 378, 389, 499 Hiakeff, Diana, 292, 499 Hiss, Robert, 430, 499 Hife, Betty, 257, 286, 355, 499 Hite, John, 346 Hobbs, Coy, 402, 499 Hobbs, Gary, 426, 499 Hobbs, Larry, l28, 325 Hobbs, Steve, 247, 266 Hockman, Kyle, 376, 499 Hodge, Preshie, l92 Hodges, David, ll6, 474 Hodges, Guinnevere, 46, 48, I39, 263, 374 375 Hodges, Jo Ann, 293 Hodges, Kay, 499 Hodgson, Rory, ll8 Hodrick, Lovie, 284 Hodur, Bette, 283, 499 Hoecker, Ronald, 3l9, 499 'HEGIYIIIEI1 IIIII Tofal Aviafion Service FAA 84 VA APPROVED FLIGHT TRAINING PROGRAMS AIRCRAFT CHARTER 81 RENTAL Cessna Sales 5 Service SUITE I36 MAX WESTHEIMER TERMINAL NORMAN OKLAHOMA 73069 I I I 1 I I I I A 405 329- I 058 g O O ooo O aaoykeooooeaj sc:-looL SUPPLIES 3 . 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Ho1den Ho1den, Jurnes 500 Ho1den, Tc-fry, 418 474 Holden Holder Holoer Wi11iL1rv1 343 Melunifg 257 260 500 Sandro, 500 1-lolcerreai Larry 436 500 Holcsdaw, Fm-11 Jr., 500 Ho1'nswo'1h Crufce, 287 Hc11aoauor Lois 364, 500 Hoiiccnrr, Dunirrl 113 422, 474 Ho11aday,Jor:, 188 203 204, 20? 206 207, 343 Holrend, Dabomr 160 384 :Ci 1-10115110 D2 C. .lor 45 John 416 300 Jcn 418 474 1-1o1rano,Murr 218, 342 Hoi and M'grr,ff-1 412, 501' Hc11and, Non6y,913 278 291, 474 Holland, Rundnll 337, 416 500 Hollander, 131.nidrv'in, 47-4 Ho11ander, Dinnr, 266 297 Hcllandcr M,.,1,if1 318 420 aff Hclwenbncr Jorr 31' 1-1Q11enoec1 Cfwol 308 -1C-Vngsworrh Alifn 46 48 24' 256 -136, 437, soo Hq11'nqswq,r11,A1sn 243 Hc:11's Curvy 188, 212 214 342 Hglafs Nnngy 298 380 500 14015510 Ho"anc Ho11rr1an Jo11y, 384 500 Ho11oY1an,J6ne 259 298,356 500 Holrormon Dr. J. Herber1, See Presioem, Unfyers'1y oF Olilu home Hollomon Mrs. J. Herberr, 292 Holloway, Mary, 299 Holman House, 285 Holmes, Beverly, 279, 380, 500 Hclrnes, Riharo, 334, 416 500 Homes, 13,12 297 Holsey Search 312 Ho1',Chgr1es Jr. 334 Holi Denny 396, 467 Holf, John 331 Holt, Lillie, 264 Holi Paul 264 Ho11,M,1rk 334 Homecoming Execulive Commilfee, 251 Homecoming Queen, 166 Hcnaxer RiQh.1rz'1,331 418 500 Honeqqer, Jouncse Jr., 226, 248 368, 500 Honess, Lydin, 429 Hood Ar1:1ruwJr. 422, 474 Hoon 1:r6nkJr.,320 Hcoc Sanrlrf, 305 500 Hcooer, Crfs 88, 216,474 Hoooer, Eu'1 474 Hcooe' Reocccu, 302 500 Hoooes, lfrry 384, 500 Hoopmoarnr-',1homas 432 500 Hoor Linda, 500 H001 Torrrmy, 412, 5017 Hoover Jorn 474 Hooser D 1n, 428, 474 Hnnbns H rc11'Jr 416 50C r-1::3x'ns Owen 323 474 HoCK'ns Vic! 287, 500 Hooklson, Suu 246 Hop1a, Dr. C1151 E. 58 HopOe', Rrrqinnld 500 Hooper, Woodrow Ju 500 HCCN0or: Thorrmas 406 500 Horn Qohvr' 434 500 r-'ern 5,s1n 307 Hornr' S3145 289 o.. ,1 , , r-'Qrnf' Bcnrf- 474 Horner Gvrfln 500 Horn nd, Km' 304, 309 474 Hcwon Cr1.1r1fs, 311 Herron Charles R. 336 Horron, Deborah 226 H rfon Fred, 474 Roberf 120 Horwich Judifh 300 500 1-1orw1lz, Mg1ri1yn,245 Hoss, Kurt, 315, 500 Houchin, John M. 31 Houchin, Lurry, 332 406, 500 Cnnrlrzs Jrs, 424 500 Houoh Hcsqh, Shan, 302, 366 500 572 1-1oJser E161 nu 304', Ernes1 11 500 Hauser Esfrs-r, 292 Houser Jolh Jr. 316 Housing Slaff, 277 Hcusrnan Gary 474 Housron, John 337 Ho,s'on, Jann, 120 Hc,s'cn L'n1n1yr, 287 Husron Mixrif, 170 176 248 25r 341 392 436 437 474 Housron P:11r'ci.1 285 Hous1on Ro1urv-1, 430 500 Howard, Alan, 316 Howard Anna, 364 500 Howard 131111 126 430 474 Howard Grorzqe 332 383 424 5110 Howard J K 452 Howard, Jnnr A. 500 Howirc, Jr-rw 304 500 Howard, Jorn 334 500 Howard Kr-nn1, 319 Howar Howa r Howe rd o d , luum 3511, 474 121111311 393, 420 510 Tunn.,r 500 Howdy Week, 240-241 Howe 1v1.,r'1,n 282 Howe, Rchu' 500 Howe'1 Arr'-uf '11 42: Howe11 Dm 1 218 Howe11 Josr-pri 474 Howe11 Krnnrlh, 327 Howe-11, Krnnwh 422 500 Howe11 5.fnQ1r1 304 385 5011 Howq' Ar' 500 Hozrebr 1-my' 335 Hr"z A',1'1w 322 Hrorres Fxrnv 262 311 Hunter: 5'-uf 247 250 256 20: 327 500 Huo1:1f1 Pr-any 110 Huckaee, Kennmh, 474 Huddlesfon M'c3hae1 325 500 Hudcresron Nancy, 364, 500 Hudqens, Curolyn 301 Hudson Dorothy, 280 1'1udSOr'1, Mary, 283,370,500 Hudson, Shari, 284 Hucqi1, Nnnry, 225 Huey Jacrxufrlino 303, 374 500 Huey,Micn6f,1,334 500 HJ' G16-n 327 Hu' M'cr'ue1, 326, 500 Rose 304 500 Huuine J'rrw 126 128 Huffman Husron, 31 Huflman Hus1on Jr. 424 500 Huuman, Larry, 240, 243 245 256 394 412, 413, 500 Huoq, John 324 Huggins Grcrfzr- 323 Ps-wr 111 324 402 501 8rfnL1.a 306 HJoo1er Hugres Hughes C' ur1o 291 Huqnes George, 424 Hughes, 14611-lren 290, 380 500 Hughes Lynn 343 Hughes Murdrve' 297 376 500 Hughes Pu'n11.-1 187 356 357 501 Hugres 1ir'o'h. 218 342 Hu"' J'r"r',f. Jr. 3'1 430 500 HJ n, S'ey'rn, 450 Hull J-wre1A.,444 H,1sey,A1'rf-11 467 Hurno1e,Pr,-111,115 317 12: 511 Hume House, 286 Humwrinrrw 615-r' 340 1-1,"Lth'fy1 Kr1'1f J. 87 Hynrhreys Lnurarce 413 501' Hnfyr Nrnc, 258 451 Hsn' Bruuf, 404 405 475 :FK H.1n' D1,L1:'f- 500 H.n1 Jurnfs 349 47: 1'1ur'n Mum Hun? Rolrrrv B. 402 403 Hunr Pcfhf-rv D., 402, 403 47' Huneer Bra' 358 500 247 283 Hunffv R'rnur: 436 477 H,n' Sr-r 'r" 382 500 "un'inJ1on ff fri 37 H1.'f.' Ann'-6 298 380 385 '11 Hurt: Jgnrf 280 Hu'111u" Mrrry 308 Hurowirz, Geourey, 420 500 Hursh Dond1d 252 Hurst, James, 266, 327, 500 H1351 Sharon, 303, 380, 500 Hurst Wcvzel Jr., 317 1'1url,Armanda, 106 Husek, Gwenn, 297, 500 Husband, Laura, 368, 500 Huser, Hemher, 106, 500 Husky Andrew, 438 475 H,5ky, Danri, 438, 500 Husncy, 5Json, 303, 386, 500 Hssser, Brr-'1, 424, 500 Hus":o Mickey, 294, 380 500 HJs1on, Jane, 378, 500 Hu1Chens, Mnrqu11a 283 Hu1chffns, Siephen 408, 447 451 500 H,?C"son Donie1 416, 500 -1u'err-son, Geoiirey, 188 211' 342 H, Q A111-, 286 Hyerrr 1241413 284, 501 1-ryenrs G31 304 Hyams, Krfnnwh, 259 318 Hywn Pnrnela, 265, 360 361 47 'fer' Prurw 349 436 47: ess: 5.31211 263 'qren' Porfz, 264 1-nr ms, Curfrs Jr., 84 501 "V1'131fy, M.1r1f'r1f', 308 1rr1 Muschcv, Vicki, 301, 309 51.1 "re1 Sleyfgn 259, 422, 501 mrorre Nnrmcy 303 356 501 nge CHC 15- 98 364 365 501 lnduslrial Engineers Club, II6 "llO51'.ar' VV'1i:1rrr 501 mg'en.1rf',1Nf11'g1rr1 214 -1351" D11"y1 320 nmffn, Howisirn, 312 wrrran Juak, 402 501 Inlerfralernily Council, 394-395 lnternalional Club, 252 lnlrarnural Council, 222 lniramurals, Men's, 222-225 lnframurals, Wornen's, 228-229 ur, Ju.11h 501 fic R' hyd 396 467 THE BIG V515 Dll-je l THE WAY You 1-N Iranian SfudenfSocie1y, 253 Irving House, 321 lrwin, Randall, 347 rsham, Kar1,394, 402,403,501 Isler, Gloria, 386, 475 Israel, John 501 lverson, Cheryl, 98, 265 1ves1er, Jack, 414, 501 lvy, Susan, 356, 475 Izadi, Mehrdad, 264 J Jack, Berba, 278, 299 Jack, Bobby, 343 Jack, Laveroa, 299, 501 Jacks, Roqer, 501 Jackson, Charles, 322 Jackson, Donna, 258,383,501 Jackson, Jean 298 366,501 Jackson, Fred Jr., 311,430,501 Jackson, Jane, 300 Jackson Joy, 283 Jackson, Judifh, 376, 501 Jackson, Kafhy, 247,475 Jackson, Linda, 376, 501 Jackson, Mary, 356, 501 Jackson, Nancy, 475 Jackson Roberf, 438, 501 Jackson, Roqer, 319 Jackson, Shirley, 475 Jackson, Susan, 364, 501 Jackson, Suzanne, 356 501 Jackson, Terry 348 Jackson, Walfer, 404, 501 Jacobi, Janrres, 317 Jacobs, Barbara, 380, 475 Jacobs, Douolas, 336 Jacobs, Ellen, 280, 304, 361, 501 Jacobs, Jarnes, 426, 501 Jacobs, Jon, 326 Jacobs, Linda, 65 Jacobs, Richard, 342 Jacobson, Eric, 321, 501 Jacobson, Gunoa, 305, 475 Jacobson, Janie, 257, 378 501 Jacoby, Nina, 458 Jacovifz, Susan, 305 Jahns, Karan, 306 Jan'1ar,Gary, 192,343 James, Barbara, 31 James Barry, 320, 413 501 Jarnesi caiirc 111, 11f7,'-105, -475 James, Jarnes, Jarnes, Jarnes, Jarnes, Jarnes, Kenf, 424, 501 Linfon Jr., 401 Nancy, 280 Par, 191, 192 Ronald 406,501 Vicior, 321 Jankowsky, Joel, 245 Janson Nils Jr., 402, 501 Janzen, Kafh1een, 282 Ja'chow, Mariorie, 293 Javcr, Joel, 324 Jayne, Jane, 284 Jefferson House, 342 Jefferson, Larry, 434 501 Jeffries, Linda, 300 Jenkins, Candice, 307 Jenkins, Gay, 302, 382, 501 Jenkins, Mark, 430, 475 Jenkins, Roberf, 329 Jenkins, Williarn Jr., 404 475 Jennings Davio, 103, 172 475 Jennings, William, 406, 501 Jensen, Roberf, 343 Jewell, Kennefh, 440 501 Jicha, Pafricia, 501 Jirnerson, Don, 191, 192 Jischke Marfin C., 113 Jobe, Carol, 356, 501 Jobe, John, 313 Joers, Barbara, 366, 501 Johannesen, Jannes 220 404, Johnorow, Janice, 293 475 Johns, Johns Dana, 247, 329 Mike 102 410 501 JohnsiMich1ae1,50I 5 Johns, Nancy, 226, 285, 501 Johnson, Al1en, 265 Johnson, Anira M., 277 Johnson, Ann, 92, 356, 501 Johnson, Barbara, 179, 261, 278, 296, 309, 475 Johnson Barton, 120 Johnson, Charles, 422, 501 Johnson, Cline, 188,212,214 Johnson Cyd, 301, 356, 501 Johnson, Cynfnia, 283 Johnson, Dan, 436, 501 Johnson, David, 395, 408, 467 Johnson, Donnie, 400, 501 Johnson, Eowinna, 451 Johnson, Eugene, 310, 318 Johnson, Gary, 328 Johnson 1-1oward,263 Johnson, Johnson Johnson Johnson, Johnson Johnson, Johnson Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson Johnnson Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Jarnes A, 43 Jarnes M,, 325 Jeffrey, 319, 436, 501 Jerry, 400, 401 475 Jill, 284 Joe, 128 John H. 475 John N., 342, 438 501 Joy, 292, 384, 501 Julie, 257, 287, 378, 501 Krisfine, 298, 380, 501 Larry, 265, 317 501 , Laura, 284, 376, 501 Lynda, 106, 370, 501 Marcellous, 192 Marfha, 370,475 Mary, 285 Michael, 410, 501 Milla'd, 501 Milo, 410, 501 Monlford 111, 422, 501 Johnson, Paula, 259, 294, 356, 50l Johnson, Penny, 263, 356, 501 Johnson, Rayrnond, 320 Johnson, Robert, 319 Johnson, Robin, 258 Johnson, Russell 111, 432, 501 Johnson, Slephen M,, 324, 501 Johnson, Slephen N,, 221, 342, 416 475 Johnson, Terry, 330 Johnson, Theresa, 286, 501 Johnson Tower, 344-348 Johnson, Valerie, 376,501 Johnson, Veronica, 307 Johnson, Wal1e',436, 501 Johnson, Willene, 277 Johnston, 8rad, 406 Johnsfon, Helene, 259, 384, 501 Johnsion, Jana, 84, 304 Johnston, Roberf, 413 Johnston, Robe'1, 501 Jahnsian, Rowell, 111 114 117 118 Johns1on,V'roinia, 159,358 501 Johnsfon Willis, 475 Johns1one,Jane, 258 378 502 Jolly Jarnes, 316 Jones, Ann, 366 502 Jones, Beverly, 292, 297, 502 Jones, Candice, 302 Jones Candy, 160, 383 Jones, C Jones, Carol Jean, 370, arol Ann, 378.1 502 502 475 Jones Jones, Jones Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones Jones, Jones Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones, 502 Jones Jones Jones Dale, 290 Darryl, 324 David, 313 Don, 475 Gorner, 190 Janice, 302 Jarold, 408, 502 Jerry L., 329 John, 438, 502 Ju1ie, 366, 502 Karen, 280, 502 Kennefh, 343 Kirby, 343 Lawrence, 346 Mary, 106 Michael, 86 Monfe, 347 Phil, 330 Pnyllis, 365, 475 Rebecca, 502 Rex, 416, 502 Roberr, 418, 450, 502 Roberf D., 444, 449 Roberf M., 37, 277 Ronald, 96, 332, Mrs. Rupel, 436 502 Sherry, 46, 47, 261 378, 388, Terry, 298 Vernon, 339, 502 V. Alan, 346 Warren, 310, 335, 410, 175 Jones-Parra, Leslie 263 Joplinq, Suzie, 158 Jones Jorabc Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordon ny, Ferioon, 252 , Barbara, 284 , Carhy, 291, 475 House, 280 , Sue, 159 ,Phillip, 343 Jorqensen, Roberf, II8 502 Joscner, Marqaref, 285 Joseph, Carol, 238 502 Joseph Joseph Joseph Joseph ,Douglas 315 42 Joseph Jr., 84 , Lura, 288 502 son, Donald, 467 Josf, Linda, 502 Jourda Journa in, Linda, 300 Iism Press, 43 262 3413, 2, so2 Juoson Roberf 404, 502 Julich, Julius, Cynlhia, 121 Ma11hew, 434, 502 Jullien, Louis 111, 430, 502 Panhellenic, 389 John, 321 Ar1yn, 192, 343.436, 502 Bobby, 88 K Kaoinq, Charles, 288, 337 Kahanek, Roberi, 340, 436, 502 Kahrnann, Barbara, 306 Kahn, Cheryl, 304, 361, 502 Kaik, Dennis Russell, 502 Kaiser, Linda, 287 Kaiz, Mark, 398,502 Kaiinarni, Ka1hlen,475 Kaiinarni, Shinqo, 467 Dan, 336 Junior Jurkow, Juslice, Jusfice, Kakudo, Kalin, Janef, 86, 502 Kalin, Sieve, 434, 475 ' Ian, 420, 502 Kalrna, Kalman, Gary, 398, 502 Kanafzar, Roberi Jr., 203, 343 Kane, Richard, 393, 426, 502 Kanoiz, Joseph, 475 Kaplan, Donn, 434, 502 Kaplan, Gary, 420, 475 Kaplan, Gordon, 398, 502 Kappa Alpha, 414-415 Kappa Alpha Theia, 378-379 Kappa Delfa, 380-381 Kappa Delfa Pi, 92 Kappa Epsilon, 127 Kappa Kappa Gamma, 382-383 Kappa Kappa Psi, 102 Sigma, 416-417 Kappa Kappel, Henry, 394, 422, 502 Kappus Williarn, 121 Karasek, David 317 Karir'1,S'doiq A., 252 Karr, Kafhrvn, 365, 502 Karrer, Gary, 502 Kashdan, Bonnie, 475 Kasper, Sarah, 307, 502 Kassan, Neil, 475 Kasfl, John, 502 Ka1es, Jack, 99 Kares, Kalhryn 368, 502 with University students for all their banking needs! IN NO RMAN You're FIRST with us' FIRST NATIONAL BANK 81 TRUST CO. 116 SOUTH PETERS - 321-4200 - MEMBER F.D.1.C. I r Katz, Richard, 33l Katz, Shelly, 290 Katz, Susan, 226, 299 Katzenbach, Dr. Edward L. Jr., 32, 34, 59 Kaufman, Joanne, 386, 502 Kavanaugh, Mariorie, 289, 502 Kazancigil, Durin, 246 Kearney, Thomas, 337, 4l6, 502 Keating, Patrick, 43l, 445,475 Kee, Robert, 347 Keeley, Mrs, Erma, 37 Keeley, James, I2l Keely, Racheal, 40 Keeley, Stanley, l88, I89, 208, 2ll, 343 Keeling, Thomas, 489 Keen, Cynthia, 368, 502 Keen, Janet, 278 Keen, Jerry, l9l, 2l5 Keen Paul V., 222 Keilrnan, Michael, 423, 502 Keim, Mark, 423, 502 Keith, Harold, l9l Keitz, Raymond lll, 245 Kelamis, William, 339, 4l6, 502 Kelin, Donald, 343 Keller, Randall, 428, 475 Kelly, Bob, 502 Kelly, Dennis, 3l7, 502 Kelly House, 3l5 Kelly, Hugh, 475 Kelly, James, 328, 502 Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kend Kend Kend Kend , Jimmie, 335 ,John D., 115, 317 , John R., 4lO , Karen, 296, 502 all, Martha, I28, 29l all, Susan, 368, 475 er, Thomas, 423, 502 rick, Charles Jr., 404, 475 Kennedy, Cynthia, 502 Kennedy, Donald S., 30 Kennedy Frederick, 4l6 Kennedy, Janice, l06, 502 Kennedy, Neal, 502 Kennedy, Richard Jr., 502 Kennedy, Robert Jr., 502 Kennedy Sheila 502 Kennedy, seven, 237, 349,475 Kenned , Theresa, 502 Kennediif, Thomas, 423, 502 Kennedy, Verne C. Jr., 32, 33 Kennedy William 340 Kenney, l3ruce, 3I3i, 4l8, 502 574 Kenney, John, II6, 4l8, 502 Kennon, Karen, 368, 502 Kennon, Philip, 96, 4l8, 475 Kensell, Douglas, 340 Kent, Bonnie, 228, 376, 502 Keown, Allan, 248, 250, 347 Keown, David, l36, 4l0, 502 Kerbel, Ethel, 386, 502 Kerbo, Harold, 4l8, 502 Kern, Jettrey, 420, 502 Kernek, Keith, 325, 426, 502 Kerness, Gary, 337 Kerr, John, 4l0, 502 Kerr, Kandi, 290 Kerr, Nona, I33 Kerr, Richard, 406, 502 Kerschner, Claire, 3Ol Kesner, Bruce, 3l9 Key, Jack Jr., 3l5, 4l6, 502 Keyes, Mollie, 284 Keyi, Mark, 265, 319 Keyser, Patricia, 306 Khan, Humayun, 252 Khan, Kausor, 252 Kharma, Munir, 263 Khemlani, Moti T., 252 Khourie, Bill, 3l8, 502 Kickingbird, Keron, l86, 245 Kidd, John, 320 Kidd, Katheryn, 370, 502 Kiehn, Robert, l22 Kienholz, Cheryl, 246,293 Kiewra, Richard, l26, I28, 475 Kight, Carmen, l26, l27, l29 Kilberg, Janet, 299 Kile, Deborah, 298, 366, 502 Kilgore, Donna, 358, 475 Kilgrew, Anne, 308 Killingsworth, Joe, l88, l92, I93, 199, 343 Kilman, Ronald, ll9 Kilmer, Diane, 305 Kilpatrick, Howard, 393, 409, 447 Kilpatrick, Nancy, 228, 376, 502 Kimbrel, Blair, 358 Kimbrel, Jennifer, 502 Kimbro, Dennis, 337 Kimmel, Nancy, 370, 502 Kimmel, Stephen, 3l9 Kimrey, Lisa, 257, 384, 502 Kincannon, Keary, 335 King, Connie, 246, 258, 284, 502 King, Constance, 376 Edwin, l87 King, King, Franklin, 343 King, James, l2l King, Jeanne, 226, 475 King, Jeannie, 98, 300 King, Martin Luther, 40l King, Mary, 502 King, Michael, 247 King, Ronald L., 252, 263, 322, 40l King, Ronald R., 436, 502 King, Stephen, 96 Kingsley, George, 334 Kinnamon, Philip, 467 Kinney, Sandra, I78, 254, 264, 265 362, 388, 475 Kinslow, Marlene, 287, 502 Kirby, Diane, 290 Kirk, Kirkb Candace, 246, 293 ride, Joseph, 475 Kirkpatrick, Cliiiton, 4l6, 502 Kirkpatrick, Diane, 299, 502 Kirkpatrick, Harold Jr., 424, 502 Kish, Robert, 458 Kissick, Elizabeth, I28, 306, 358, Kitchens House, 3l6 Kitts, Dr. David B., 72 Kitzmiller, Carla, 306, 309, 467 Klabzuba, Jane, 370, 406, 502 Klabzuba, Robert, 502 Klaitke, Jane, 304 1416f, Mark, 420, 502 Klein, Elizabeth, I27, top Klein, Susan, 289, 372 Kleine, Kaye, 366, 475 Kleinman, Janet, 387, 408, 503 Klick, Ronald, 262, 344 Kliewer, William, 324 Klinger, Jack, 440, 503 Klis, Gary, 338 Klitzman, Robert, l92 Klos, Tommie, 4l0, 503 Kluberton, Carol, 246, 257, 503 Klumpp, Rev. David J., 265 Knapp, David, 338, 4l0 Knapp, Donna, 503 Knight, Evalyn, 280 Knight, James, 332, 416, 503 Knight, Philip, 3l6, 503 Knoop, Kathy, 388 Knopke, Dorothy, 387, 503 Knowles, Elisa, 278, 287 Knox, Nancy, 299 Knudson, Pamela, 366, 503 Knutson, Nickey, 503 Knutter, Charles, 262, 348 Koch, David, 503 Kocher, John, 4l0, 503 Kohlun, Walter, 337 502 Kohn, Frances, 30l, 503 Kongs, Karin, 298, 356, 503 Koontz, John, 338 Kopplin, Michael, lI5, l2O Korbakes, Dean, 420, 503 Kornick, Wendy, 289, 36l, 503 Kornreich, Ronald, 34l, 450 Koslow, Joseph, 335 Kosoil, Linda, 304 Koza, Edwin, 3I7 Kozer, Elliot, 3l5, 503 Kraemer, Kenneth, 3l5, 503 Kraettli, Emil, 3l, 36 Kratt, Bruce, 434, 503 Kraft, Henry, 4l0, 475 Krag, Susan, 284 Kraker, Stephen, 335 Krakover, Carol, 302, 36l, 503 Kramb, John, 324, 402, 503 Kramer, David, 503 Kramer, John, 3l5, 503 Kramer, Peter, 503 Krattiger, John, 432, 503 Kraus, Robert, 2l8, 342 Krause, Delinda, l06, 306 Krause, Glenn, 420, 503 Kravetz, Barbara, 226, 288, 387, 503 Kray, Alan, 434, 503 Kraybill, Stanley, 475 Krickman, Judy, 278, 306 Krohn, Kathryn, 503, 306 Kron, Peter, l88, 2l2, 342 Kronholm, William, 429, 503 Krottinger, Lynda, 305, 503 Kruger, Patricia, 299, 362, 503 Kruis, Cynthia, 92 Krute, Robert, 249 Kuban, Christopher, 322 Kubista, Phyllis, 246, 288, 503 Kuehn, Sally, 503 Kuehnert, James, 429, 503 Kuehnert, John, 429, 475 Kuerston, Kathleen, 302, 309 Kuhlman, Jerry, 503 Kuhn, Gail, 503 Kukuk, Steven, 43, 503 Kumin, Dr. Hillil, ll6 Kuntz, Eugene, 130, 328 Kurey, George, 426, 427, 475 Kusch, Stanferd, 503 Kusiak, Joseph, l92, I93, 343 Kuykendall, Barbara, 366, 503 Kuykendall, Beverly, 63, 248, 26l, 265, 367, 503 Kysar, Billy, 43 Kyser, Joyce, 284 L L. Roy, David, l02, 249, 345, 504 LaDrew, Clifford, 475 LaGrone, James, 320, 457 LaPalrne, Jerry, 22l LaParche, 304, 503 Lacey, Linda, 293 Lackey, John, 438, 503 Lackey, Marvin, 3l5, 503 Lackey, Paul, 339, 475 Lacewell, Larry, l90 Lacy, Gayle, 327, 503 Lacy, Linda, 262, 503 Ladd, Charles, 259 3l8 Ladd, Stephen, 32l Ladin, Linda, 289 Latierty, Cris, 450 Laguros, Joakim G., 58, IO9, l2l Laib, Moselle, 305 Lain, Karen, 304 Laine, Larry, II7, 404, 503 Lair, Cynthia, 297 Laird, Joe, 237, 349, 503 Laird, Mary, 98, 380, 503 Lait, Hayden, 420, 503 Lake, Linda, 299 Lake, Linda Lou, 282, 384, 503 Lakin, Linda, 238, 29l Lamb, Gregory, 326 Lamb, Louis, 503 Lamb, Lynn, ll8, 335, 450, 503 Lamb, Marian, 380, 503 Lambda Chi Alpha, 4I8-4l9 Lambda Tau, I27 Lamberson, Andrew, 404, 503 Lambert, Nancy, 297 Lambert, Suanne, 367,503 Lamm, Louis, 322 Lampefi, Rm, 246, 307, 361, 503 Lampkin, Thomas, 503 Lamson, Laurie, l6l, 260, 370, 503 Lamsief, Eaaze, rea, 192, 193, 343 Lancaster, Robert, 3l9 Land, Donald, 432, 503 Land, Fannie, 303 Landguth, Mark, 503 Landis, Richard, 3l3 Landler, Jorge, 396,467 Landler, Leonor, 288, 503 Landrith, Thomas, 432, 475 Janet, 246, 296, 503 Lane, Lane, Marsha, 384, 503 Lane, Peter, 32l Lane, Richard, 339 Over 80 Years of Eine 8? 8 8 3, LHT GRAF ENQ and EES NXN have been "The nicest part of being a VOLKSWAGEN dealer is the fruly fine PEOPLE with whom we deal" Sll3lDVllllllb llMll.lD6lllflDllRS INC. produced in our TP at VOLKSWAGEN - PORSCHE Sales ancl Service 2404 West Main - 329-IO77 - Norman Norma n , Oklahoma "irr l 1 . li l , ' 1 . lillil s ' li: rnanscnuvr Plmss ' wir li illil 'Jill l N0lThUiA::Cl7Aul:g:LlA 321.1800 l Lane, Richard, 503 Lang, James, 467 Ronald, II3 Langdon, James, 324 Lange, Beverly, 365, 389, 503 Langford Langham, , Cynthia, 365, 503 Laytin, William, 420, 476 LeFlore, Louis, 325, 504 Leach, C. Jan, 240, 305 Leas, David, 87 Leath, James, 344, 503 Leavitt, Lynda 306 Lewis, Mark, 476 Lewis Logsdon, Fred, 409, 504 if Langley, Robert, Il5 Langston, Daniel, 2l8, 342 Langston, Frank, 4l0, 503 Billie 45l Lankiord, , Lankton, Brian, 337 Mar aret 475 Lanning, g , Lansky, Stanley, 420, 503 Lanter, Stacey, 308, 475 Lantow, Linda, 367, 503 Laraway, Gail, 284 Larens, J. M., 452 Larimore, James, 4lO, 4lI, S03 Larsen, Gail, 308 Larsen, Scott, 3I9 Larson, Emfly, 294 Lasater, Deborah, l63, 384, 503 Lasater, Robert, 424, 503 Lasky, Shelley, 36l, 503 Lasley, Royceanna, 280 Lasseter, Dawson, ll8, 335, 450, 503 Latimer, Rhonda, 294 Lattimore, Robert, 335 Laub, Kathryn, 252, 284 Laub, Mike, 343 Laughlin, Lynn, 404, 475 Laush, Laurence, 208, 2l0, 342 Lauterstein, Thomas, 420, 503 Laux, Carolyn, 503 Laverda, Jack, 299 Law, College of, l30-I3I Law, Mickey, 426, 475 Lawhon, Gary, 4l3, 476 Lawhon, Larry, 393, 4l3, 503 Lawler, James, 3l4 Lawler, Jane, 370, 503 Lawler, Thomas, 322 Lawrence, Alice, 433 Lawrence, Ann, 303, 503 Lawrence Barbara, 376, 503 Lawrence, Gary, 43 Lawrence, Kennie, 262, 292, 503 Lawrence Paul, 325 Lawrence Robert, lll, ll2, ll8, 503 Lawrencei Ronald, 4lI, 503 Lawson House, 286 Lawter, Joe, I33 Lawter, Sandra, 284 Lay, Robert, 327 Lay, William, 330 Layden, John, 423, 503 Laytin, Nancy, 476 Leabeiiei, Helen, 378, 503 Lederman, Daniel, 503 Lediord, Bonnie, 226, 362, 503 Ledgerwood, Thomas, 88 Lee Lee Lee Lee Cecil, I33 Claudia, 244 Connie, 258, 37l, 503 David, 432, 503 Letson, Janie, 257, 260, 303, 356, 504 Lett, Dorothy Rosa, l27, 504 Leuszler, Richard, 404, 405, 504 Leve, Nancy, 304, 387, 504 Leverence, William, 340 Lee Dennis, 4l8, 476 Lee, Douglas, 4l8, 504 Lee, James, 423 Lee Janet, 504 Lee Jerry, 88, 339, 504 Lee Jocelyn, 258, 278, 30l, 309 Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee John, ii4, i2O Larry, 3l5, 504 Montie, 84 Sharon, ll8, 356, 504 Stephen, 332, 436, 504 Travis ll5 3l7 504 Leei William, 337 ' Lefebvre, Legatski, Leggett, Catherine, 306 Lehman, Barry, 420, 504 Lehman, Carol, 226 Michelle, 279, 37l, 504 Richard, 409, 476 Leveridge, Sharon, 285 Leveritt, Judy, 98 Levin, Janice, 504 Levin, Judith, 387 Levin, Linda, 304, 504 Levin, Nancy, 299 Levine Arlene, 305, 504 Levine, Ellen, 302, 504 Levine, Faye, 296, 36l, 504 Levine, Helaine, 387, 504 Levine, Sonia, 387, 504 Levine, Vivian, 36l, 476 Levit, Rosanne, 298 Levy, Douglas, 338 Levy, Frances, 387, 504 Levy, Jean, 306 Levy, Kenneth, 420, 504 Levy, Leslie, 78 Lewis, Constance, 284 Lewis, Darcy, 387, 504 Lewis, David, 349, 476 Lewis, Howard, 476 Lewis, Jamie, 420, 504 Lewis, John, 404 Lewis, John Warren, 504 Lewis, John wiiiism, 324, 400, 504 Lewis, Julie, 379, 504 Linn, James, l92 Linn, Kathryn, 29l, 504 Linsky, Beniamin, 435, 504 Linville, Danny, 4ll, 476 Linville, Johnny, 32l Lippman, Edwin, 406, 504 Lippman, M, Midge, 379, 504 Lisk, Nancy, 306 Lissi, Linda, 358, 389, 504 Little, Linda, 304, 369, 504 Little, Quinton, 3I, 60 Littman, Erica, 299 Littrell Danny, 342, 406, 504 Livermon, James, 262, 344 Livermore, Sally, 504 Livermore, Sarah, 46, 258, 376 Livesay, Bonne, 286, 476 Livesay, Michael, 3l3 Livingston, David, 325, 44l, 504 Lloyd, Julie, 289, 365, 504 Lobrecht, Nancy, I58, 367, 446 448, 504 Lockard, John, 406, 504 Lockett, Jane, 376, 504 Lockhart, James, 453 Lockwood, Alexandra, 279 Lockwood, Charles, 504 Lodge, L. Kyle, 285 Loeb, Cynthia, 372, 476 Loeb, Jettrey, 435, 504 Lottin, Teresa, 278, 300, 309 Logan, Ann, 504 Logan, Burton, 250 Lehman, Edward, 328, 393, 4l4, 504 Lehmann, Marvin, I26, l28, I29, 476 Lehrman Dr. G. P. l26 Leighton, Stephen, 3l8 Leipold, Lance, 429, 504 Leist, Diana, 305, 504 Lemmon, Dr. W, B., 58 Lemmons, Sharon, 294, 295 Lemon, Leslie, ll6 , Patricia, 504 Lewis, Robert, II5, I20, 3l2 Leiyyl? Susan, 92, 254, 362, 363, 388, Lewis, wiiiism, iii, iis, i2o, 349, 450 Logan, Dorella, l72, 254, 379, 476 Logan, Grace, 267 Logan Margie, 376, 504 Logan, Richard, 3l6 Logan, Robert, 467 Logan Suzanne, 259, 384, 504 Loggi-5, William, 425, 476 , 476 Lewitz, Michael, 434, 504 Lensgral, Eric, 426, 476 Lenz, Mary, 5l, 476 Leonard, Harry, 4l4, 476 Leonard, Jacquelynne, lll, 362,476 Leonard, Jan, 383, 45I, 504 Leonard, Maribeth, 30l, 309 Leonard, Mary, 279 Leonard, Michael, 4l4, 504 Leonard, Thomas, 4l3, 476 Leonhart, Larry, 323 Lepley, Cynthia, I29, 306 Lerblance, Richard, 476 Lerman, Helen, 290 Lerner, Howard, 398, 504 Lerner, Susan, 305 Lester, Hazel, 384, 476 Lester, Miss Patricia, 260 Leydori, Chris, 2l8 Li, l-lsien Chi, 467 Licardi, Andre, 335, 44l, 504 Lieber, Ra mond, 327 Liebman, Ferne, 303 Lieppman, Liessa, 305 Ligon, Toy, 432, 504 Lillard, Chris, 436, 504 Lin, Douglas, 322 Lindsay, Edward, 237, 262,504 Lindsay, Jay, 424, 504 Lindsay, Dr. Vaughnie J., 92 Claude, 3l9 Lindsey, Lindsey, Diane, 246, 260, 383, 504 Lindsey, John, 504 Lingle, Donna, 47, I76, 294, 309 Link, Antony, 4l4, 476 Lohmann, Roland, 265, 34l, 504 Lollar, Larry, 476 Long, Arretta, 497 Long, Carolynn, 358, 504 Long, Curt, 266, 4l3, 504 Long, Glen, 2l2, 2l3 Long, H. J., 456 Long, James, II5, 327, 504 Long, Kathryn, I04, 258, 380, 38I, 504 , 509 Long, Linda, 383, 504 Long, Michael, 4I8, 504 Long, Robert, 3I9 Long, Virginia, 247, 302, 504 Long, Wayne, 2l2, 2l3 Longhorn, Leonard, 504 Longhorn, Lynn, 267 Longley, Michael, 4ll, 504 Looit, Vincent, II4 Loomer, Jim A., 87 Looney, Arulia, 60 Looney, Carol, 307 Lord, Jeanne, 226, 286 Lorett, Carolyn, 288 Loring, Charles, lll, 3l3 426,50 Lott, Susan, 306 Lotz, Laura, 300, 504 Louer, Charles, 3l9 Louthan, Mary, 282 Louvier, John, 347 Love, Deborah, 356, 504 Love, John, 338 Love, Tom J., ll7 Love, Robert, I26, I28, 504 Loveland, Claudia, 30l Lovett, Aline, 293 Lovett, Morris, 438, 504 Low, Jona, 367, 504 Lowe, Claudia, 380,504 Lowe, Capt. Marcus L., 42, 456 Lowenthal, Mark, 435, 504 Lower, Gary, l90, l9l, 2l4 Lowery, Homer, 467 Lowery, Lester, 335 Lowrie, John, 335 Lowry, Christina, 249, 278, 293 Lowry, Margaret, l62 Loy, Bob, 4l6 Loy, Judith, 260, 30l, 367, 504 Loy, Robert, 504 Loyd, Paula, 287 Lubor, Michael, 32l, 504 Lucas, Donald, 339, 504 Lucas, Mrs. Tomi, 440 Luccock, Mary Ann Reed, I77, 2 264, 265, 383 Lucero, Ramona, 289 Luckowski, Judith, 30l Lutt, Leslie, 406, 504 Luke, Mary, 297, 384, 504 Luke, Robert, 335, 504 Lukehart, Jo Ann, 29l Luker, Anthony, ll8, 504 Lum, King, Chi, 337 Lumb, Virginia, 467 Lummus, Melvin, 504 Lund, Deborah, 32l Lundy, Cynthia, 280 Lunsford, Beverly, l27, 380, 504 Luongo, Humberto, 252 Lurie, Robert, 3l3 4 54, Lusk, Melanie, 250, 26l, 362, 363, 476 Luster, Dewey, 222 Luther, Don, 429, 505 Luttrell, Billy, 208, 2l0, 342 At Kerr-McGee . . . ERG Y I Our Bu iness Born in the oil fields of Oklahoma, Kerr-McGee has grown steadily through the years and is now internationally recognized for its success in finding and producing natural resources, ga TE l including the four basic sources of energy -- oil, gas, uranium and coal. Kerr-lVlcGee's world-wide operations are if directed from headquarters in Oklahoma City. 4 Throughout the state, Kerr-McGee employs more than l,9000kIahomans. We are proud of our Oklahoma heritage. 59795 5'- ,tg , fr? it Mt .--X? 1 r 1 We t 43" K s, rf 'Q ' ff - 'i D ---arse, A. . :K i L... garage s, 5 . ,- .,.., , Y, , on assets., M Tb., ,. l f"',"2,u. f 1-W-'f fr fi x X 'MGGEF Developers of rufzsron mfrurunf 575 Luttrell, Jack, 60 Luttrell, Linda, 505 Lutz, Elaine, 287 Lykes, Lee, 302 Lyle, Marianne, 306 Lynch, Luise, 128 Lynch, Michael, 429, 505 Lynch, Michael Thomas, 406, 505 Lynch, Ronald, 343 Lynch, Susan, 280 Lynch, Woodie, 317 Lynn, David, 325, 411, 505 Lynn, Laura, 371,451,505 Lyon, Robert, 118, 120,450 Lyons, Mack, 263 M Mabrey, Marilyn, 383, 505 Mabrey, Neal, 346 MacArthur, Gena, 258, 383, 505 MacDutt, Larry, 192, 193, 343 MacKel1ar, Helen, 384, 476 M.seLeaa,Ja11n, 191, 203, zos, 207 Mack, Patricia, 283 Mackenzie, Jim, 190 Mackey, David, 335 Mackey, Diane, 282, 376, 505 Mackin, Bill 416, 505 Mackland, Terry, 337 Maclay, Michael, 313 Maddox, Gregory, 317 Madison, Michael, 505 Magargee, James, 445, 450,476 Maggi, Darius, 505 Maghrabi, Mahmaud, 263 Maghrabi, Thoria, 263 Magnin, David, 313 Mahatfey, Willis, 117 Mahallati, Shahla, 252, 253 Mahan, Michael, 476 Maher, Celia, 476 Maher, Kathhleen, 363 Mahl, Sharon, 297 Maidt, Margo, 365, 505 Mailman, Allen, 340 Makkari, Fred, 333 Maiewski, Kathleen, 104, 476 Maior, John, 505 MaLors, Homer, 346, 505 Ma anani, David, 316, 505 Makris, Gregory, 431,505 Male, John, 331 Mallery, Steven, 337 Mallett, Barbara, 303,505 Mallett, Mary, 303 Malliaris, Anastasios, 87 Mallory, Robert, 225 Molly, 306 Rickey, 314 Malloy, Malloy, Malone, Beth, 287 Malone , David, 404, 476 Malone, Freddy, 188, 192 McDona1, Rodney, 192,343 Malone, Jacqueline, 93 Maloy, Man of Leota, 476 Distinction, 170-171 Management, Society tor Ad- vancement of, 86 Manahan, Alta, 313, 432, 505 Mancillas, John, 413, 505 Mancini, Anthony, 325 Mandel, Abbe, 387, 505 Mandel, Ruth, 279 Mangum, Steve, 331 Mankel, Fred, 505 Manley, Carlyn, 379, 505 Mann, Craig, 404, 505 Mann, Debra, 387, 505 Mann, James, 128 Mann, Walter, 411, 505 Mannas, Lila, 367, 505 Manning, Henry, 263 Mannin Ki 160 169 356 357 505 91 .-.. . Mansell, Joyce, 389, 356, 505 Mansoori, G. Z., 253 Mansur, Thomas, 113 Mantooth, John, 406, 476 Mantooth, Linda, 283 Manuel, Larry, 334 Manzelmann, James, 396, 397, 505 Mapes, Dorothy, 304, 505 Mapoles, Alicia, 304 Marchant, Kenneth, 476 Marchant, William, 425, 505 Marchman, Stephanie, 162, 357, 505 Marciniak, John, 225 Marcus, Carolyn, 387, 505 Mare, Gregory, 324, 505 Marek, Joella, 104, 106,298,509 Maricle, Kathryn, 298, 357, 505 Markee, Linda, 83, 384, 505 Marketing Club, 88 Markham, Joan, 306 Markley, Jay, 191, 218, 219 Marks, Ellen, 306 Marks, Jodi, 289 Marks, John, 313 Marlar, Dale, 335 Marler, Mrs. L. C., 444 Marley, David, 411, 505 Marlow, Joe, 318, 505 Marriott, Karen, 262, 379, 505 Marriott, Linda, 301, 309, 379, 451, 476 Marrow, Charles, 319 576 Marrs, Barbara, 163, 365, 505 Marsee, Steve, 313 Marsh, Michael, 332, 505 Marshak, Larry, 435, 505 Marshall, Everet, 343 Marshall, John, 313 Marshall Marshall Patricia, 303, 309 Rebecca, 371, 505 Marshall, Sherry, 302, 505 Marshall, Vester, 203, 207, 343 Marshburn, Joseph, 436, 505 Martin, Amy, 377, 505 Martin Billy, 505 Martin Claudia, 505 Martin David Lawrence, 425, 476 Martin Deborah, 249 Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin, Martin Martin Marty, Martz, Martz, Dennis, 337, 505 Eugene, -132 Gary, 435, 476 Harold, 467 J. D., 191,212 James, 316 James, 349 Jan, 476 Kenneth, 249 Larry, 245, 249, 267, 349, Lloyd, 411, 505 M. Suzanne, 303, 384 Marsha, 505 476 Kaye, 159, 257, 303, 505 Ralph C., 113 Peggy, 301, 381, 505 Robert, 505 Sabra, 285 Suzanne, 505 Victor 409 476 I Wesley, 349 William, 416 William 114 120 ,Wi11iam, 343,'406, 505 Barbara, 260 David, 431, 505 Robert, 411, 505 Marvin, Whitney, 423, 505 Marwil, Earl, 262, 345, 505 Marx, Michael, 249,409,505 Maryott, James, 438, 505 Marzec, Mark, 346 Mascho, Marilyn, 300 Masengale, Kathy, 249, 505 Mask, Karen, 128 Mason, Margaret, 260, 383, 505 Mason, Richard, 343 Mason, Robert, 413, 505 Mason, Vicki, 357,477 Massey, Robert, 262, 346 Massie, Charles, 435, 505 Mast, Christina, 381, 477 505 Mast L,ucinda, 381 Masteller, Robert, 342 Master Plan, 35 Masterson, Margaret, 300 Mata, Albert, 340 Mathews, James, 477 Mathews, Lynda, 377, 505 Mathews, Richard, 406, 423, 505 Mathies, Dennis, 342, 506 Mathis, Charles, 506 Mathis, Dr. Russell, 103 Matt, Diana, 285 Matthews, Lois, 226, 229, 294, 371, 506 Matthews, Welborn, 436, 506 Mattox, James, 506 Matula, Louise, 291 Matulis, Gerald, 343 Maughan, Paula, 477 Maughan, Rae, 247, 506 Maulding, Beverly, 385,477 Maulding, Mary, 286, 506 Maus, JoAnne, 299 Maw, G. Glayde, 467 Maxie, Michael, 220 Maxwell, Christy, 385, 506 Maxwell, George, 61 May, Ma Mavi May. May. Ben, 311, 435, 506 y, Beverly, lll, 168, 305, May Cheryl, 291 James, 438, 506 Lesley, 299, 506 Linda, 281, 309, 477 506 Mayes, Cassandra, 286 Mayes, Fred, 327 Mayes, Jerry, 128 Mayfield, Britt, 419, 506 Maytield, Jennie, 292, 506 Mayhall, Michael, 432, 506 Mayhall, Patricia, 301, 383, 506 Mayse, Donald, 329 McAdams, Janet, 368, 369, 506 McAdoo, James, 327, 506 McAna11y, Dr. Arthur, 41 McAvoy, Homer, 329 McBee, Donna, 259, 301, 383, 506 McBee, Douglas, 402, 506 McBee,Wi1l1am, 332, 506 McBrayer, Margaret, 506 McBrayer, Patsy, 289, 309 McBride, Cynthia, 306 McBride, John, 431, 506 McCain HOJSE, 316 McCain, William, 314, 477 McCall, Daryl, 319 McCall, Neva, 379, 506 McCandless, Kathy, 369, 477 McCann, Patricia, 279 McCanne, Robert, 316 McCarter, Dr. Pete K., 322 McCarty, Elizabeth, 46, 363, 506 McCarty, Laurence, 128 McCa ry, Rebecca, 297, 309, 506 McCas1and Tower, 348 McCasland, Linda, 126, 127 McCasland, T. H., 60 McCharen, Jane, 304, 363, 506 McClain, Terry, 319 McClark, John, 116 McClanahan, Walter, 349, 467 McClary, John, 116 McC'ear1, John, 117 McClendon, James, 453 McCleskey, Sidney, 225 McClish, Ross, 247, 319 McCloud, Patsy, 358, 506 McClure, Michael, 419, 506 McClure, Rebecca, 296 McClymof1ds, John, 432, 506 McCollum, Toney, 86, 506 McCombs, Bennie, 506 McCombs, Don, 449, 450 McCombs, G. C., 452 McConnell, Brian, 312 McConnell, Ruth, 296, 506 McConnell, Sue, 377, 506 McCool, David, 340 McCord, Douglas, 115, 329 McCord, Michael, 312 McCormick, Carol, 247 McCortney, Amelda, 477 McCortney, Carolyn, 301, McCortney, Charles, 129, McCortney, Cynthia, 301, McCown, W. Blaine, 425, McCoy, Bruce, 477 McCoy, Jane, 258, 385 McCoy, Jane, 257, 506 McCoy, John, 414, 506 McCoy, Michael, 121,334 McCracken, Hope, 127 McCravey, Sally, 101, 363, 506 McCraw, Gregory, 436, 506 McCray, David, 349, 477 McCreight, Constance, 381, 506 McCuiston, Donna 285 Macallan, Michael, 310, 339, 477 McCulloh, Thomah, 339, 506 McCullough, Donna, 385, 477 McCullough, John, 316, 506 McCune, Ann, 228, 377, 505 McCurdy, David, 313, 320 McCurtain House, 281 McDade, Carol, 186 McDaniel, Jim, 335 McDaniel, 506 477 506 506 Nan, 284, 506 McDaniel, Patricia, 306 McDaniel, Robert, 477 McDonald, Deborah, 368, 369 McDonald, Jettrey, 429, 506 McDonald, Linda, 365, 477 McDonald, Oran, 344 McDonald, Richard, 319 McDonald, Susan, 279, 363, 506 McDonnell, David, 323 McKenzie, Gregory, 255, 433 McKenzie James, 429, 506 McKenzie, Joe, 120 McKiddy, Phillis, 260,506 McKinney, Margaret, 454 Mark, 438, 506 Patrick, 218, 342, 477 McKinney, Mciinney, McKinnis, Barry, 342, 506 McKithan, Ann, 297 McKnight, Hal, 436, 506 McLane, Jon, 117 McLane, Karen, 301 McLaughlin, David, 317 McLaury, Shane, 313 McLeod, Karen, 299, 381, 506 McLeroy, Robert, 191 McMahan, Karen, 383, 506 McMahan, Sandra, 381, 477 McMahon, William, 315, 506 McManus, David, 311 McMenamin, Mark, 319 McMichael, Jack, 330 McLinn, Thomas, 327 McMurray, Barbara, 98 McMullen, Peggy, 261,371,506 McMurry, William, 506 McNabb, David, 249 McNabb, Scott 433, 506 McNamara,Wil1iam,477 McNeeley, Nancy, 257,371,506 McNeil, Kenneth, 425,506 McNeil, Kevin, 425, 506 McNeill, Danny, 115 McNulty, Margaret, 306 McPeak, James, 411,506 McPherson, Tommy, 103, 249 McPherson, William, 323 McOuigg, Marion, 319, 506 McOuillen, Linda, 282 McQuiston, Harvey, 259, 344, 506 McReynolds, Ralph, 332, 506 McSpadden, Gary, 445 McSpadden House, 287 McStay, James, 310, 325, 336, 457 McWilliams, Charles, 259, 339, 416, 506 McWilliams, Gregory, 416, 506 Meacham, Randy, 188, 192, 199 Mead, Diane, 300 Mead, Mark, 403, 477 Meaders, Danielle, 385, 451, 506 Meaders, Nancy, 106,357,477 Meadors, Gary, 349, 477 Meadows, Rodney, 319 Means, Parna, 365, 506 Mecca, Michael, 431, 507 Mechanical Engineers, American Society of, 121 Mechem, Dennis, 187, 316 Mechezi, Nancy, 477 Medlock, Gary, 315, 506 Medicine 8: Nursing, 522-555 Medicine, College of, 124-125 Meek, Ivan, 113, 118 Meek, Jana, 367, 507 Mettah, Siamak, 253 Meyer, Nancy, 84 Meyer, Thomas, 337 Meyer, VVendy, 258, 451 Meyers, Gregory, 87, 477 Meyers, Susan, 303 Meyerson, Arthur, 421, 507 Meyrowitz, Andrew, 337 Michael, Bill, 190, 191, 192 Michael, Bradford, 436, 507 Michalczyk, Michael, 411, 507 Michaud, Mary, 303 Micka, Lou Ann, 281 Middleton, Billy, 326 Middleton, Linda, 84, 308,477 Middleton, Robert, 325 Mikke, Rosalyn, 307 Milam, Terry, 316 Milder, Debra, 290, 387, 507 Mildren, Larry, 343, 507 Miles, Dave, 103 Miles, Manderson, 427, 477 Miles, Stephen, 318 Millar, William, 187, 321, 409, 507 Millard, Monette, 97 Miller Miller Miller Miller, , Bruce Elliot, 421, 507 , Catherine, 298 serie, 303, 309, 507 Charles, 171, 179, 190, 243 245, 255, 256, 326, 33,6 477 Miller Clyde, 84, 87,247,450 Miller David, 345, 411 Miller David C. 1, 507 Miller David C. 2, 429, 507 Miller David, 347 Miller Deborah, 489 Miller Dorothea, 367, 507 Miller Franklin, 84, 341, 507 Miller Gloria, 284 Miller Jack, 262, 393, 406 Miller, Jan, 314 Miller, Jay, 425, 507 Miller Jeanene, 303, 357, 507 Miller Jeanne C., 507 Miller Jettrey, 507 Miller Kathryn, 379, 451, 507 Miller Louis, 327, 507 Miller Lyle 403,507 Miller Marthenia, 292 Miller Nancy, 381, 507 Miller, Ray, 507 Miller Robert, 324 Miller Robert, 208 Miller, Steve, 507 Miller, Susan, 507 Miller, Susan, 302, 361 Mi11er,Terrel, 103 Miller Terri, 477 Miller Terry, 409 Millerman, Georgiana, 209 Millican, Derryl, 114, 118, 119 Millican, Gayle, 249 Millican, Joe, 249 Million, David, 340, 507 McDougal, Russell, 46, 245, 395, 406, 506 McDutt'y, Jacqueline, 374, 375, 388, 477 McElmurry, Robert, 337 McElroy, Carl, 192, 343 McElroy, Melinda, 253, 367, 451, 506 McEndree, Wayne, 237, 325, 506 McFadden, Molly, 506 McFal1, Charles, 126, 477 McFall, Mary, 126 McFarlin, Antionette, 297 McFarlin, Rex, 315, 506 McGarry, Ronald, 446 McGaugghey, Thomas, 340, 310 McGee, Gary, 416, 506 McGee, Lynda, 371, 506 McGee, Margo, 297, 371, 506 McGehee, Martin, 342, 432, 506 McGehee, Perry, 192, 343 McGinley, Jane, 285 McGinnis, B. Jo, 260, 363, 506 McG1ory, Cleo, 208, 210, 211 McCoogan, John, 477 McGowan, Lyle B., 87 McGowan, Philip, 393, 433, 506 McGraw, Deborah, 367, 506 McGregor, Frank, 259, 433, 506 McGregor, William, 187 McGregor, W. L., 187, 452 McGrew, Dorothy, 477 Dr. W. C., 84, 87 Harold, 208, 210 211 Mack, 394, 423,506 Rutherford, 126, 128, McGrew, McGuire, McGuire, McGuire, McHenry, Marsha, 285, 506 Robert, 477 Mcllroy, Mclntosh, Dorsey, 344, 506 Mclntosh, Michael, 312, 506 Mclntosh, Michael J., 312, 320, 4 Mclntyre, Dale, 262,346 Caren, 378, 379, 506 McJunkin, McKee, David, 62, 175,419,477 McKee, Dennis, 317, 419, 506 McKee, Lowry, 506 McKee, Nelvina, 98 McKelvy, Robert, 312 477 04 Mehlman, Meisel, Barbara, Meldahl, David, Ma rk, 435, 507 288 334 Mellingger, Judy, 286 Melton, Melton, David, 259, 507 Joseph Euene, 477 Melton, Louis, 99 Melton, Nancy, 262, 302, 507 Melton, Tom, 212 Mendelsohn, Linda, 284, 507 Mendenhall, David, 332, 438, 507 Mendenhall, Ken, 188, 192, 193, 343 Mendler, Francine, 387, 507 Men's Glee Club, 103 Menz, Mantred, 87 Mercer, Glenn, 450 Mercer, James, 396, 507 Meredith, William, 332,507 Merel, Alan, 421, 507 Merrett, Conway, 438, 467 Merrifield, James, 335, 507 Merriman, David, 425, 507 Merrican, Jerald, 419, 507 Merrill, Dr. Maurice H., 130 Merritt, L. Gilbert, 277 Merritt, M. Kenneith, 303 Mers, Dale, 427, 507 Mesarick, Darleene, 300, 477 Messer, Nancy, 477 Messina, Louis, 477 Messin er, Stanley, 507 Metcalii, Douglas, 445, 446 Metcalt, Jack, 124 Metcalf, Jim, 124 Meteorological Society, American, I I6 Metevelis, D. George, 413, 507 Metnick, Michael, 421, 477 Metzinger, Marvin, 312 Mewsha.-1, Deborah, 305 Meyer, Carol, 292, 507 Meyer, G, L., 444 Meyer, Henry, 46, 243, 251, 406, 407, 507 Meyer, James, 88, 406, 507 Meyer Jane, 63, 257, 379, 477 Meyer, Kay, 92, 93, 381,477 Mills House, 317 Min, Sou Hong, 57 Minton, Johnny, 310,312 Minton, Stewart, 316 Minyard, Karol, 127 Miscione, Scott, 317 Mishkin, Susan, 294, 372, 507 Miss OU, 164 Miss Scheherazade, 167 Mitchell, Alfred, 262 Mitchell, Don, 435, 507 Mitchell, Fred, 347 Mitchell, Glenda, 286, 477 Mitchell, Kirk, 429, 507 Mitchell, Nathan, 187, 403, 507 Mitchell, Robert, 407, 507 Mitchell, Sally, 287 Mitrovgenis, James, 416, 507 Mix, Nancy, 363, 507 Mixon, Cathy, 305 Mize, John, 423 Mize, Richard, 347, 507 Mizell, Donald, 313 Mizell, Roderick, 310, 317 Mizushima, Howard, 208, 342, 507 Moberly, Linda, 507 Moberly, Merrie, 257 Mobley, Vicki, 297, 507 Model United Nations, 242-243 Mottett, J. Denny, 255, 265, 394, 395 433, 477 Mogab, John, 507 Mogab, Zahia, 292, 507 Mogg, Kenneth, 328, 507 Mogg, Lynn, 328, 507 Moghadam, Hossein, 253 Mogiletsky, Michael, 121,398,507 Molasky, Marti 159, 306, 387, 507 Moncfief, Carolyn, 294, 295, 369, 607 Moncriet, Deborah, 106, 369, 507 Moncriet, Jacquelin, 160, 169, 369 477 Montore, Mary, 246, 291 Monk, David, 318 Monnett, Monte, 299 Monroe, Cathy, 365, 507 Monroe, Lynden, 318, 507 Monroney, Mike, 425 Monsour, Ann, 294, 383, 507 Montague, Paula, 507 Montgomery, Erin, 436, 507 Montgomery, James, 416, 477 Newberry, Homer, 508 Montgomery, Joseph, 423, 507 Montomery, Ronnie, I28, 507 Montgomery, Sandra, 304 Montoio, Edward, 98 Morris, John, 347 Morris, Dr. J. R.,8l, 328,338 Morris, Kenneth, l7l, I72, 225, 243, 245, 256, 436, 437, 477 Muller, Robert, 43l, 478 Mullin, Charlotte, 283 Mullins, Glen 2l5, 343 Mulmed, Mary, l62, 307, 36l, 508 Morton Moody, Dan, 407, 477 Moody, Kaye, 304, 507 Mooney, Charles, 222, 3lO, 33I, 4l6 477 Mooney, Paula, 477 Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore, Moore, Moore , Amelie, 303 Barbara, 278, 296 Barbara, 162, 367, 507 Benny, ll9 Beverly, 294, 361, 384, 507 Bradford, 439, 507 Carl A., Il8, ll9 Daavid, II6 Delores, 288 Denise, 226 Donald, 43l, 507 Ethel, 260, 302, 507 Gerald, 249 Moore Glen, 43I, 507 Moore, James, 477 Moore, Mrs. J. C., 4l5 Moore, Jerry, 467 Moore, John, 259, 3l2, 407, 507 Moore Moore, Moore Moore Louise, 44, 45 Michael, 507 Michael John, l26, 429 507 Robert, 403, 507 Morris Lester, Il8, 349, 508 Morris, Rex, 3l7 Morris, Robert, lll, 4l4, 508 Morris Ronald 477 Muncy, Thomas, 323, 508 Munde, Margaret, 284 Mundell, Dee Dee B., 228, 265, 377, Morris, Rdaaid, 103, 115, 222396 William, 436, 477 Morris, Morris, Virginia, 98 Morrison, Jack, 262 Morrison, Michael, 320 Morrison, Patrick, 3l7, 320, 436, 508 Morrison, Sarah, 28l, 508 Morrow, Grant, 423, 508 Morrow, James, 508 Mortar Board, 254 Glenn, 429 508 Moore, Sonia, 239, 286 Moore, Terry, 507 More, Vicki, 37l, 507 Moore, Zelbert, 263 Morton Morton Morton Larry, 404, 508 , Robert, 508 Sallfe 279 508 Morton, Thomas, 477 Morton, Thomas Warren, 439 Mosca, Peter, 43l, 477 Mose, Connie, 37l, 508 Moser, Gary, 92, 332, 429, 508 Moser, George, 330 Moser, Nancy, 365, 508 Moses, Maretta, 285 Moses Wayne, 88 Mosier Lora, 303 Mosley Walter 400 508 Moss. Dennis 338 478 Munot, Victoria, 298, 387, 508 Munger, Margaret, 369, 39l, 508 Munro, Douglas, 256, 403, 508 Munroe, Eva, l06, 307 Muns, Burl, 324 Munson, Mike, 332, 425, 508 Munyon, Wayne, l28 Mu Phi Murlas, Epsilon, l05 Jonathan, 348 Murphy, James, 3l6 Murphy, Kathryn, 379,508 Murphy, Kathy, 303 Murohy Malcom, 344 Murphy, Marsha, 30l Murphy, Patrick, 332, 508 Murphy, Phillip, 335 Murphy ,Polly K,, 259,296 Murphy, Stephen, 405,508 Murphy, William, 335 Murray, Alfred, l30 Murray Donna, 28l, 478 Murray, George, 340 Murray, Joan, 298 Murray, Joseph, 4l5, 478 258 292 Murray, Tamsen, 46, 250, 327, 309, 508 Nagel, Wendy, 296, 36l, 508 Nagle, Timothy, 348, 425, 508 Nail, Kathy, 249, 478 Nance, Loree, 288 Naifeh House, 3l7 Nardine, Nicholas, 3l9, 508 Nash, Kenneth, 3l9 Nasky, Brian, 348 Nassir, Balkis, 253 Nathan, Betsy, 294, 372 Nathan, James, 32I Nathan, Jo Anne, 300, 455 Nation, William, 393, 409, 508 Natscher, Peter, 3l8 Naurnan, Diana, l60, 38l, 508 Navy Rorc, 456-457 Naylor, James, 332, 393, 427, 508 Naylor, Lawrence, 250, 266, 396, 397, 508 Neal, Donna, 306 Neal, Dwight, 405, 508 Neal, Judith, 286, 383, 508 Neal, Larry, 433, 508 Neal, Richard, 439, 508 Neary, Robert, 3l2 Nease, Karl, 126, 1223, 503 Neaves, Richard, 313, 320, 5013 Negroni, Carmen, 308 Nedich, Lawrence, 335 Neill House, 282 Neill John, 4l6, 508 Neilson, W'lliam, ll6, 345 Nevins, Joe, 407, 478 Newbern, Nancy, l55, l69, 356, 357, 508 Newby, Bun, 478 Newcomb, Frank, 414, 415, 503 Newell, David, 4l6, 478 Newell, Marilyn, 294 Newell, Steve, ll6, l20, 4l9, 478 Newkumet, Sylvia, 92 Newman Frederick, 4l3, 508 Newman, Myrna, 297, 372, 373 508 Newman Newman Newman ,Ruben W., 3l8 , Shirley, 286 , Susan, l63, 379, 45l, 508 Newmark, Henry, 3I5, 508 Newsom, Patricia, 246, 28l, 508 Newsome, William, 344 Newton, Charles, l92 Newton, Gary, 3l7, 508 Newton, Julie, 258, 385, 45l, 508 Newton, Larry, 343 Newton, Robert, Newton, Royena, Niceley, Thomas, 334, 436 508 Nichols, R. Dale, 330 Nichols, Stephen, 329 Nicholson, Dana, 302 Nickel, Gary, 423, 508 Nicklaus, Jack, 425 Nickles, Norma, 245, 37l 508 Nicks, Helen 358,508 Nieman, Mary, 226, 284 433, 508 371, 478 Moore, Zelbert, 37, 30l Moorhead, Elizabeth, 365, 507 Moorman, Jeiirey, 423, 507 Moran, Christopher, 429, 507 Morefield, Cecilia, 369,507 Nelson, Moreton, Ann, 247 Morgan, Betty, 379, 507 Morgan, David, 4ll, 507 Morgan, David Parker, 346, 4l9, 507 Morgan, Kendrick, ll7, l2l Morgan, Louis, 407, 508 Morgan, Patricia, 93 Morgan, Thomas, 429, 508 Moriarty, Eoward D., 87 Morillo, Omar, 508 Moring, Herbert, 34l, 477 Morisseau, Charles, 404, 508 Morris, Debra, 83, 302, 508 Morris, Gary, 346 Morris, George, 338 Morris, Jack, 87 Moss, C. W., 343 Moss, Linda 262 292, 38I, 477, 508 Moss, Linda Sue, 38l Mostovoy, Paula, 387, 508 Mote, Annie-Claire, 97 Motsonbocker, 383, 508 Moulding, Nancy, 30l Moulton, David, 404, 508 Moulton, Donalo, ll6, 237, 328, 508 Moulton, Ronald, 508 Mount, Bill, 433, 508 Mount, Ph'1ip, 324, 403, 508 Mount Vick' l63 Muchmore, Thomas 429, 508 Muckinhauor, Thomas, 337 Muldrow Hal 60 M uldrow Tower, 288-29I Mullen, James W., 409,477 Mullen Michel, 343, 433, 508 Muller Carl, 394 43l 477 Murtau ah, 3666, 262,348 Musallam, L. Sam, 407, 508 Muse, Vicki, 379, 478 Musqrove, John, 2l4 Musgrove, William, 508 Musser, James, 405, 508 Musser, Kay, I72 Musser, Marilyn, 257, 285, 357, 508 Musser, Robert, 338, 394, 3l0 Musser, Robert, 63, 405, 478 Muzny, Charles, 259, 3I4, 508 Myers, Barbara, 37l 508 Myers, Linda, 300 Myers Nancy, 284 Myers, Susan, 365, 508 Myers, iwilla, 280, 508 Myihaa, Ja, 303, 508 Naarko N mf, T. Gabby, 267 Nellons, Charles, 467 Nelson, Charlotte, 28l Nelson, Christina, 250, 37l, 508 Nelson, Cynthia, 367, 478 Nelson, Donna, 289 Nelson, Edward, 423, 508 Nelson, James, 439, 508 Nelson, James Lee, 405, 508 Nelson, Richard, 425, 508 Nelson, Tr'ieanna, I28, 303 508 Wayne, 88, l88, l92 Nemecek, Glenda, 478 Nemechek, 8arbara, 379, 508 Neptune, Mary, 288, 363, 508 Neptune, Patricia, 508 Neoveux, Ralph, 4l6, 508 Nesbitt, Nancy, 379, 508 Neugebauer, Kenith, 325 Neumann, Sharon, 292, 508 Neuwirth, Gerald, 340, 3l0 Neville, Raymond, 328 Niem', Bruce, 336 Nigh, Samuel, 396, 508 Nik Khah Mohammad, 467 Nm, Rabafi, 237, 329 509 Nistetter, Karen, 296 Nixon, George, 3l9, 509 Noble, Judy, 38l, 509 Nobles, David, 334, 336, 416, 504 Nobles, George, 324 Nolan, Philip, 255 Noles, Danny, l92, 343 Nolin, Ron, 478 Nordby, Gene M., l09 Noroendale, Susan, 304, 509 Nordgren, Geourey, 343 Nordstrom, David, 2l8 Norman, Mary, 282 Norman, Nancy, 260, 383, 509 Norman, Thomas, 394, 409, 509 Norris, John, ll4, II7, Il8, 478 Norris, Philip, 423, 509 Northcutt, Gayle, 299, 309, 478 Northcutt John, 407, 509 No oop-la, FoI-de- ol, l 1 ut-ons or- op-outs. And no beating around the bush. We get r-ight to the hear-t of your away-from-horne banking needs! l 5.555.513.2131 BANK 577 Northhcutt, Ronald, 478 Northington, Barbara, 259, 292, 509 Northington, Kathryn, 302, 309 Northrip, Jann, 259, 301, 383, 503 Norton, Henry, Il0, Ill, II3 II4 II9, I20, 44l, 478 Norton, Kenneth, 478 Norton, Spencer, l00 Norvill Lul n 294 1 V . Nosari, Jim, 342 Notgrass, P. Carole, 249 Nouri, Hossein, 467 Novak, Judith, l04, IO6, 478 Peck, Novak, Kathryn, 38l, 509 Novak, Larry, 347, 403, 509 Nowak, Elizabeth, 286 Nowe, Kathy, 262 Nowell, Richard Jr., 347 Nowlin, James, 509 Nowrott, Warren W., 324 Nuernberger, Julie, 308 Nunn, Janet, 29l Nurses Association, Student, I29 Nursing, College of, l24-125 Nusbaum, Robert, 34I Nusz, Robert, I20, 340 Nutter, Lester, 3I7, 445, 450 Nuttle, Marc, 223, 225, 407, 509 Nutty, Susan, 288, 509 Nye, Lendell, 343 Nystrom, Buck, I9l, l92 Nystrom, Jonette, 29I O O Brien, Patr'ck, 423, 509 O'Connell, Johanna, 383, 478 O'Connor, James, II4, l20, 478 P h an ell Patterson O'Connor O'Dell, Vi , Karen, 376, 377, 509 cki, 290 O'Donley, Juanita, 254 O'Kelley, Larry, 433, 509 O'Malley, Robert, 446 O'MaIley, Sandra, 284 O'Malley,Thon'1as, 87 O Mealey, Jimmy, 509 O'NeiI, Linda, 478 O'Neill, Charles, 324 O'Reilly, Patrick, 44I, 467 O'Shaughnessy, John, 33I O'Shaughnessy, Stephen 509 "O" Club, l88-l89 Oakes, Norma, 282 Oates, Joseph Jr., 405, 509 Oberkrom, Keith, 4I5, 478 Oberly, Martin, 3ll Oblander, Richard, 3l6 Obremski, Dennis, 4I5, 509 Odom, Caryn, 262, 302, 363, 509 Odom, Jay 423,509 Ogle, Myrna 286 oguss, eersla, 394, 398, 399, 503 Ohm, Dr. Robert, 9I, 93 Oldham, Jayne, 358, 509 Olds, Susan, 365, 509 Oklahoma Daily, 50-53 Oliphant, Bobby, 4l3, 478 Oliver House, 338 Oliver, Stanley, 4l9, 509 Oliver, Steven, 32l, 509 oityo, Braek,415, 503 Ollett, Raymond Jr., 478 Olmstead, Charles, 433, 509 Olmstead, Nancy, 259, 294, 357, 509 Olmstead, Robert, 332, 433, 509 Olney, Richard, 467 Olney, Stephanie, 467 Olonott, Neil, 330 Olson, John, l2l, 345, 429, 509 Omicron Delta Kappa, 255 Onan, vtfgti, 410, 411, 503 Oneth, Glenn, 3l6 Ontiveros, Irene, 3OI Openshaw, Calvin Jr., 337 Opitz, Michael, 265 Orban, Jetta, 282 Orchesis, I04 Orna, Richard ll, 220,342 Orr, Cynthia, 304 Orth, Barbara, 379, 509 Oritz, Steven, 3l6, 509 Orvis, Billy Jr., I03, 3I7 Osborne, Michael, II4, Il8, II9 Osborne, Nancy, 227, 385, 509 Oscherwitz, Sylvia, 478 Osko, Carolyn, 29l, 509 Osteen, William, 3l3 Osterhoudt, Jon, 478 Ostrander, Katherine, 294, 37I, 509 Ostroot, Karen, I27, 240, 248, 25I, 258, 264, 369, 503 Oswald Nancy, I26, I27, 478 Ottaway, Larry, 323 OU Press, 4I Outhier, Steven, 262, 345, 439, 509 Overa, Thomas, 88 Overbey, Marsha, 249, 305, 509 Owen, Ralph, l20, 478 Owen, Susan, 365,478 Owens, Alvarene, 263, 374, 478 Owens, Cindy, 302, 509 Owens, Glenn, 3t9, 409, 509 Owens, James, 478 Owens, Kathy, 46, Sl Owens, Loren, 4l6 Owens, Ralph Edward, 43I Owens, Steve, l88, I92, I93, I94, I95 136, 137, 1313, 133, 200, 201, 202, 417, 503 Owings, Gregory, 225, 439, 509 Ownbey, Joe, 433, 478 P Paaso, Richard, I92, I93, I94, I99 200, 20I Pace, James, I87 Pacey, Stephen, 5l Parker, s111y, 313 Parker, Carol, 299, 509 Parker, Charles, 478 Parker, Gregory, 335 Parker, Harold Ill, 423, 509 Parker H ouse, 337 Parker, Janet, 279 Parker, Kenneth, 42l, 509 Parker, Parker, Parker, Pa rker, Larry, 323 Mary, 478 Melissa, 304 Robert, II6 Parker, William, 3I0 Parkhurst, Patricia, 342 Parks, J. Parman, Parr, Fel Parrack, M. Jr., 3I3 Terry, 425, 509 icia, 252 Diane, 298 Payne, George, II8, 3l5, 5l0 Payne, James A., l20 Payne, Lloyd Jr., 347, 4I9, 5l0 Payne, Richard, Ill, II2, II5 Payne, William, 403 Payne William T. 30 Paynter, Thomas, 439, 478 Payte, Joseph, 63, 325, 336, 478 Peabody, Bruce, 328 Peacher, Kenneth, 317, 5l0 Peacock, Frances, 287 Pearce, Joe, l88, I92, I93, I99, 200 202, 343, 439 Parrington, Mark, 405, 509 Pearson, Ann, 297, 5l0 Pearson, Frederick, 478 Pearson, John, 433, 5l0 Pearson, Lir1deIIJr., 343, 5l0 Pea 'son 1v1ark,321s, 510 Pearsonl Michael, 405, 478 Laura, I63, 38l, 478 Pack, Charles, 437, 509 Packard, Lawrence Ill, 427, 446, 478 Paddor, Barry, 348 Padon, Nano, 306 Page, Richard, 32I Pain, Charles, 265 Pain, William, 4l3, 509 Paine, Paine, Allie, 2l2 Gerald, 332, 509 Pallesen, Steven, 437, 509 Palmer, Charles, II4, II8, 325, 453 478 Palmer, Elizabeth, 29l, 509 Palmer , Lesley, 304, 36l, 509 Palmer, Mack R., 99 Palmer, Meli-ne, 369, 509 Palmer Palmer Palmer Palmer Palmor Pancoa ,Ph1Il1p, 329 , Ralph, l28, 4115, 478 , Stephanie, 363, 509 , Tommy, 292, 369, 509 e, Robbi, 377, 509 st, James, 427, 509 Pang, Pok Cha, 478 enic Council, 388 Parrish, Donnie, 208, 342 Parrish, Thomas, 3I9, 509 Parsons, Edwin, II9, l20 Parsons, Kit, 478 Parsons, Robert, II8 Partlow, Connie, 306, 309 Pascale, Nicholas, 403, 509 Paschal, James, 37, 38 Paschal, Richard, 347 Pasierb, Frank P., 277 Pate, Catherine, 307, 509 Pate, James Jr., II4, II8, l20, 478 Pate, James, 237, 509 Pate, Richard, 4I6, 509 Patel, Ra ianikant, 467 Patterson, Charles, 433, 5l0 Patterson, Cynthia, 385, 478 Patterson, Danny, 335 Patterson, Donna, 5l0 Patterson, Emmitt, 266, 400, 5l0 Patterson, Helen, l25 Patterson, Patricia, I05, I06, 293, 5l0 Pagterson, Robert, 203, 204, 206, 207, 4 William, 437, 510 Pederson, Olen, l28 Pederson, Thelma, 98 Pe-et, 256 Pedrick, Paul, 5l0 Peistrup, Jeanne, 303, 5l0 Pence, Carole, 292 Pence, William, 423, 5l0 Pendley, Michael, 5l0 Penn, Melvin Ill, 332, 5l0 Penney, Mary, 92 Pennington, Paula, 3OI, 38l, 5l0 Penny, Glenda, 302, 5l0 Penny, Raymond, 346 Pensky, Rena, 257, 285, 36I, 5l0 Peoples, Ann, 29l, 5l0 Pepper, David, 328, 437, 5l0 Pepper, William, 435, 478 Peguignot, Andre, 377, 478 Pereboom, Douglass, II8, 262, 347 407, 5l0 Perigo, Jenni, 286 Perkins, Margaret, 2I9, 389, 5l0 Perkins, Melvin Jr., 393, 429, 5l0 Perpich, Jeanne, 93 Pankovich, John, I20 Pannell, Charlotte, 294, 509 Pansze, John, 3l0, 3I3 Pappan, Sandra, 303 Parang, Massood, 253 Pardue, Wallace Jr., 349,478 Paregien, Stanley, 467 Parekh, Fatima U., 252 Parekh, Jehan, 252 Parekh, Usman, 252 Park, Forrest, 336 Park, Gary, 262, 345 Pattison, Michael, 439, 5l0 Patton, Cleo Jr,, 3l3. 5l0 Patton, Joel, 42I, 5l0 Patton, Michael, 4I9, 5l0 Patton, Timothy, 347 Paul, Marlyn, 299, 372, 5l0 Paul Nanc 285 1 V1 Pavlik, Linda, 248, 26l, 265 357 388 39l, 5l0 Payette, Bruce, 346, 4l6, 5l0 Payne Anna, 308 Payne, Edmond Jr., 330 5l0 Perry, Mary, 305 Perry, 1y11111een1, 53, 64, 251, 264 265, 363, 388, 5l0 Perry, Robert, 215 Perry Stephanie, 304, 387, 5l0 Perry, Veronica, 300, 5l0 Perryman, Douglas, 4l3, 5l0 Pesek, Pamela, ll5, 250 Peseshk, Irai, 336 Pestoniee, Jehangir, 262 Peters, Bill, 3I9 Peters, Clarice, 467 42' 578 Q . lgporilfe-6ea14f ii THE ONLY HOTEL IN THE HEART OF NORMAN SIX MINUTES FROM THE CAMPUS 24 HOUR RESTAURANT --INN CLUB BANOUET 81 MEETING ROOMS CATERING SERVICES E 77 7777777 27777 325 W. MAIN ST., NORMAN, OKLA. 73069 PHONE 405 329-6220 Qazi, Abdul, 252 Pelers, Dale, 327, 5l0 Pelers, Deborah, 29I Pelers, Jim, ZIB Pelers, Kevin, 335 Pelers, Larry, 2l8, 342 Pelers, Marie, 5l7 Pelers, Rick, 405, 5l0 Pelers, Sharon, l26, I27, 478 Pelers, Susan, 287 Pelerserl, E, A., 452 Pelerserl, Virinia, 246, 365, 5l0 Pelerson, Carol, 385, 478 Pelerson, James, 427, 5l0 Pelerson, R. Jo Nell, 304, 478 Pelerson, R. D., 456 Pelerson, Roberl V., 44, 45 Pelerson Winslon 335 427 5l0 Phillips, Linda, 383 Phillips Ronald, 409, slo Phillips, Ronald, 330 Phillips, Stanley, 348, 393, 396, 5l0 Phillips, Sue, 5l0 Phillips, Tana, 367, 5l0 Phipps, Peggy, 92, 93, I63, 357, 5l0 William, 84 Phipps, Physical Educalion Maiors Club, 98 Physical Therapy Club, I28 Pia, Gerald, 3l4 Pi Bela Phi, 384-385 Pickens, John, 5l0 Pickell, Tom, 335 Pickup, Roberl, 409, 5l0 Pplfee, Shirley, 257, 379, sld Pelroleum-Geological Engineers Club, IIB Pelroleum Landmen's Associalion, 88 Pellibone, Jerry, I9l, 192 Pelly, Gary, l92 Pelly, Nancy, 249 Pelly, La Donna, 5l0 Pi Epsilon Tau, ll9 Pierce, Dennis, 324 Pierce, Glenda, 284, 5l0 Pierce, Laura, 383, 5l0 Pierce, Leslie, 302, 383, 5l0 Pierce, Marlene, 299, 387, 5l0 Pierce, Peler Jr., 407, 5l0 Piercy, Piesler, Pigman Palricia, 259 Bill, 405, 5l0 , Reed Jr., 346, 427, 5l0 Plessinger, John Jr., 425, 5l0 Plolkin, Slacy, 5l0 Plumb, Pamela, l59 Plumlee, Roy, 347 Pogue, Linda, 263, 282, 5l0 Poinler, Tommy, 4l6, 5l0 Polansky, Palricia, 300 Polhemus, Elhel, 283, 295 Polishuk, Richard, 420, 42l, 5l0 Polilzer, Roberl, 86 Polk, T. Doug, 393 Polk, Douglas, 439, 5l0 Polk, Linda, 260, 304, 377, 5l0 Pollack, Selh, 42l, 5l0 Pollina, Nancy, 37l, 5l0 Pololnick, Jacqueline, 289 Pomeranlz, Toni, 30l Pommier, Phillip, 347 Pomykal, Ray, 429, 5l0 Pone, lanne, 93, 36l, 388 Pool, Dennis, 4ll, 5l0 Pool, Marsha, l29, 306 Pool, Meridilh, 308, 309 Pevehouse, Janis, I2I Pfrirnmer, Don, l92, l93, l94, 202, 4 ls, 478 Pfrimmer, Don, 4l7 Pharaoh, Peggy, l20 Pharmacy, College of, l22-123 Phelan, Richard, 33l Phelps, Rex, 4l6, 478 Phelps, Roberla, 87 Phi Bela Della, 420-42I Phi Bela Lambda, 92 Phi Della Chi, I28 Phi Della Thela, 422-423 Phi Ela Sigma, 266 Phi Gamma Della, 424-425 Phi Phi Phi Kappa Psi, 426-427 Kappa Sigma, 428-429 lliber, Carrol, l2l Pi Kappa Alpha, 430-43I Pike, Thomas, 3l5, 5l0 Pilevsky, Jay, 3l4 Pimsler, Mark, 348 Pingree, Jason, 337 Pinkus, Maxine, 226, 306 Pinson, Rebecca, 260, 278, 302, 5l0 Pi Omega, 257 Pi Omega Pi, 93 Pipers, 258 Pipkin, Wade, 409, 467 Pipps, Val Sleven, 36, 4l9, 5l0 Pirruccello, Frank, 337 Pi Tau Sigma, II9 Pillor, Judilh, 290, 387, 5l0 Pillman, Clillord, 3l9 Pillman, Donald, l02, 3l8 Pillman, Howard, II7 Pillman, Ronald, 3I2 Poolaw, Bryce, 267 Poole, Claudia, 290, 369, 5l0 Poole, Judilh, Ill, 379, 478, 388 Poole, Roberl, 38, 39, 3l0 Pope, Gary, 3I2, 5l0 Pope, Orville, 433, 5l0 Pope, William, 3l4 Porch, James, 338 Porler, Gerald A., 93 Porler, Gloria, 304 Porler, Jack, I92, I93, 44l, 5l0 Porler, Jared, 4Il Porler, Jerry, 478 Porler, John, 3I2 Porler, Mary, 38l, 5l0 Porler, Michael, 335 Porler, Richard, 4l9, 5l0 Porler, Sally, 306, 5l0 Porler, Sleven, 320 Porler, Susan, 38l, 5l0 Porler meld Russell I9l 220 l' , , , Porlnofl, Susan, I73, 265, 36l, 478 Porlnoy, Melanie, 305 Posner, Lawrence, 3l4 Pospisil, George, 349, 467 Poller, Slephen, 3ll Polls, John, 423, 5ll Polls, Theodore, II7 Polls, Thomas, 4l5, 5ll Poulsen, Suzanne, 5ll Powell, Deborah, 304, 5ll Powell, John, 405, 5ll Powell, Penney, 479 Powell, Roberl, 348 Powers, Michael, 325, 479 Poynor, Daniel, 405,479 Pralle, Waller, 3l3 Pralher, John, 84 Prall, Charles, 340 Prall, Jenniler, 5ll Preble, Edward Jr., 427, 5ll Pregler, James, 322, 5ll Prenlice, Denise, 365, 5ll Prenfice House, 3l8 Presidenl, Universily of Oklahoma, 7, 29, 3I, 35, 36, 60, I00, I06, II2 l62, 237, 25I, 253, 259, 266, 326, 338, 45l Presidenl's Leadership Class, 259 Presidenl's Slaff, 36 Presley, Pamela, 303 Preslidge, Judy, 306 Preslon, David, 32l Preslridge, Sharon, 383, 479 Pribble, Cyrllhia, 290 Pribyl, Margarel, 37l, 5ll James M., 250, 479 James R., l2l, 425, 5ll Karen, 257, 302, 377, 5ll Linda, 293 Price, Price, Price, Price, Price, Dr. William, 40 Prickell, Roberl, 453 Prickell, Wilson B., 87, l90 Priddy, Mel Ill, 4l7, 479 Pridgen, Lundy, ll6, 289, 5ll Priesrrlan, Alan, 96, 420, 42l, 5ll Priesl, William, 423, 5ll Prinlz, Calhy, 294 Prinlz, Jay, 338, 409, 5ll Prizanl, Yvelle, 296 Proclor, Peggy, 365, 5ll Proclor, Ronald, 427, 5ll Prokop, Laurence, 3l8 Puckell, Chris, 4l9, 5ll Puckell, Lloyd, Jr., 433, 5ll Pullin, James, 3l2, 5ll Purcell, Fred, Jr., 256, 342, 437, 5ll Purdum, Danny, 329 Purkey, Lawrence, 247, 334, 5ll Pursilull, Pamela, 293, 5ll Purves, Ellen, I74, 254, 383, 479, 388 Pulrlam, Nancy, 285 Putnam, W. E., 452 Pulirofi, Susan, 307, 458 Pylanl, Diane, 293, 5ll Pyle, Richard, 329, 5ll Quaid, Edgar, l03 Quaid, Ronnie, IO3, 249 Qualls, Alberl, 343 Quick, James, l92, 343 Quick, Roberl, 429, 5ll Quillian, James, 393, 425, 5ll Quinlan, Palricia, 290, 5ll Quinn, Carol, 296, 5ll Quinn Shelley, 298, 357, 5ll Quinn, Suzan, 298, 299 R Rackell, Linda, 286 Raczkowski, Dale, 365, 5ll Raczkowski, Richard, 2l6 Radclille, George, 2I2, 342,479 Radclille, John, Jr., 429, 479 Rader, John, 429, 5ll Ragland, Dr. Roberl, 37 Radovich, Glenn, 334 Ragsdale, David, 339 Ragsdale, Kennelh, 259, 4l7, 5ll Ragsdale, Ramona, 45l Rahill, Randall, 3l7 Rahming, Melvin, 336 Rainboll, Charles, 407, 5ll Rainboll, Rob, 407, 5ll Rainer, Richard, 342 Raines, Roberl, Jr., 237, 3l0, 325 479 Rainwaler, Ray, 427, 5ll Pliinlps. Clisflps, 423, 5l0 gills, Efilgp, gzsioglo lgosl, lglsgv. 8826379 Proskovec Sandra 365 479 Egfgifrjmefgh 429,? 5" Plr' ,D ,slo 'il, , l, ef, .I .I I . . Philligi, Fginp, liz, 343, 439, slo Pilli, Jsmggalll, 427, 5l0 PgZ1on,ORebecca, 260, sas, 389 lgfousmlgeig Halimilii' 36" SH Ralev, Col- Theodore M-i 42. 444 Phillips, opioid, 435, slo Pills, Teresa, 284, 37l, slo Paslpp, Rpy, 324, 5ll Pfucficf ofa i,,, 43, 5,, Ramadan. Mohamed. 263 Phillips, Jack, 3l8 Plragemhjan, Pvlricgag 304 lgoller, ghiryl, 13528379 Pwirxyl JESSE, 96 99-45 479 Eamos, IRoieglA,a2g3 305 Ph'll' ,L ,3I7 P l, ., oller, e ora, . I. I I I I GVTIS S ., ,, , Philligi, Lgili, 323 Pl2liner,eDbye, 377, 5l0 Poller, Ronald, 3l9, 5ll Publlcallons Board, 44-45 Ramsel, Vlrglnla, 257, 284, 367, 5ll We Glve STAMPS 2 0 ho Our Besl lo You ln Fas lon l OKLRHOITIR Bonn - oxmnomn ownen - OKLRHOTTIR mnnncen O ' NM , CQLLEGE CQRNZR 579 Ramseff, David, 87 Ramsey, Larry, 323 Ramsey, Peler, 433, 5II Ramsey, Slephen, 439, 5Il Ramsey, Sieve, 334, 5II Ramzel, Edwin, 3l4, 5lI Ranaudo, Andrew, 396, 397, 467 Ranaudo, Andy, 265 Randall, Elion, Jr., 339, 5ll Randall, Joseph, 33l, 393, 4l7, 5ll Randall, Rodney, 208, 342 Reed, Carolyn, 383, 5ll Reed, James, Ill, 409, 467 Reed, Lynn, 84, 429 Reed, Mary, 379 Reed Slephen, 5ll Reed, Sue, 5II Reeder, James, 4l5, 5ll Reeder, Janice, 308 Reeds, Roberl, Jr., 467 Reedy, Roberi, 3I4 Reedy, Wanda, IO6 Reyna, Barbara, 284 Reynolds, Dwighi, 433, 5ll Reynolds, Flynn, 277 Reynolds, Jennifer, 237, 357 Reynolds, Jimmy, 437, 5ll Reynolds, Jimmy, 344 Reynolds, Joann, 452 Reynolds, Roxanne, 357, 5Il Randels, George, 3l7 Randerson, Kyle, 297, 377, 5ll Randguisl, Roberl, 348 Rankin, Charles, 4ll, 5ll Rankin, Hailey, 379, 5Il Ranzau, Dennis, 2I7, 342, 423, 479 Rapp, Sally, 385, 479 Rappaporl, Ronnie, 42l, 5ll Raskin, Leslie, 36l, 5II Rasmussen, Dr. Maurice, II5 Ralcliffe, Mariorie, 25I, 258, 379, 451, 511 Ralher, Geoff, 479 Ralhie, Kennelh, l2l, 479 Rallifi, Sharon, 304, 5ll Rauch, Phillip, ll2 Rauch, Ronald, 393, 42l, 5lI Rawlings, David, 479 Rawlings, John, 3l3 Rawlins, Mary, 290, 37I, 5ll Rawlinson, Ken, 98 Roy, ciiffofa, Jn, 203, 204, 206 343 Ray, Duane, 3Ol Ray, Joe, l02, 5II Ray, John, 3l8 Ray, Sally, 5ll Raymond, Scoll, 3l3, 4ll, 5Il 264, , 2 Reeland, Floyd, 329 Reese, James, 323, 5ll Reese, Michael, 5ll Reeve, John, 403, 5lI Reeves, Beverly, 367, 5ll Reeves, John, 433, 5II Reeves, Palricia, 307 Regenls, Slafe, 30 Regenfs, Universily, 3l Regier, Anne, I69, 293, 5Il Regisler, Slephen, 82, 405, 479 Reichslein, Jill, 305 Reid, Braxlon, 249, 34l, 479 Reid, Susan, 288 Reiii, sony, 297, 357, 479 Reilanl, Doug, 329 Reilly, Roberl, ll, 437,479 Reimer, Wayne, 348 Reinerl, Susan, 303 Reinheimer, Helen, 377,479 Reinig, Carolyn, l04, 5ll Reinke, Joseph, 323 Reinke, Malinda, 304, 5lI Reinmiller, John, 4l9, 5lI Reins, Roberl, 437, 5lI Reisberg, Karyn, 305 Remy, William, 407, 479, Reynolds, Slephen, 32l, 437, 5II Rho Chi, l29 Rhoades, Samuel, lll, 5lI Rhoa ds, Ronny, IO3, 327 Rhodes, Judilh, I27, 363, 5l2 Rhodes, Larry, 347 Rhod es Marian, 262, 377, 5l2 Rhoaoof Marilyn, 226, 246, 357, 5 Rhodes, Mary lKaThyj, 5I Rhodes, Mary, 246, 25l, 26l, 377, 5 Rhodes, Wayne, 5l, 479 Rhone, Guy, Jr., 32l Rice, Donald, 439, 5l2 Rice, Elroy, l90 Rice, Harry, lll, 4l9, 5l2 Rice, John, 337 Rice, Kalhleen, 363, 479 Rice, Leslie, 52 Rice, Lewis, 439, 5l2 Rice, Linda, 5l2 Rich Sanford, 435 Richard, Nancy, 383, 479 Richards, Clare, 226, 284, 5l2 Richards, Emmel, 42l Richards, Jane, 385, 5l2 Richards, Kip, 5l2 Richards, Slanley, 342 Richardson, Fred, 339, 5l2 Richardson, Kay, 302 Richardson, Larry, 4I7, 5l2 Ridgway, Slephen, 425, 5l2 Ridinger, Roberl, 237, 5l2 Rieger, David, 3l8 Rieger, Joseph A., l28 Ries, Rosemary, 363, 5l2 Riggs, Dr. Carl D., 32, 33, 78 Riggs, Richard, 334, 5l2 Rigirozzi, Elaine, 238, 307, 479 Riios, Malos, 337 Rikli, Charles, 403, 5l2 Riley. Richard, 3I9 Ring, James, l03 Ringo, James, 2l4, 342 Riordan, Elaine, 290 Ripley, Joe, I92, 20l, 202, 343, Ripps, Pauleffe, 307 Rippy, Cecilia, 288 Risi, Donald, 338 Risinger, Rulh, 286 Riskin, Marcia, 302, 358, 5l2 Risner, Kennelh, 3I8 Ritchey, Susan, 247 Riller, Donald, 467 Riiier, Nicholas, 322 Rnion, Polly, 307, 512 Rnz, John, 407, 5:2 Rivera, Roberl, 322 Rivers, James, Jr., IZO Rives, George, IBB, 22I, 342 479 Rizza, Merilla, I56, 300,479 Rizzuli, Palrice, 302 Roach, James, 405, 5l2 Roan, Paula, 363, 5l2 Roark, Charles, 332, 4ll, 5l2 Roark, George, Jr., 4Il, 5l2 Robben, Suzanne, 292, 5l2 Robberson, Glenn, 467 Robberson, James, 344 Robertson, Ellen, 26l Roberfson House, 340 Roberlson Roberlson Kalhy, 458 Kay, 28l Robertson, Mallory, 264, 37l, 5l2 Roberlson, Mark, 316, 5l2 Roberlson, Nancy, 246, 288, 5l2 Roberlson, Porl, l88, l9l Roberlson Roberlson Richard, 32l Sally 369 5l2 Roo-onion, Vicki, 37B,' 379, 5:2 Roberlson Vicki 306 5l2 Robinell, Kelly, 423, 5l2 Robinson, Barry, 407, 5l2 Robinson, Dr. Donald, 37 Robinson, Gregory, 407, 5l2 Robinson, Karla, 290 Robinson, Owen, 467 Robinson, R. Randall, 332, 336, 5l2 Robinson, Ralph, 479 Robinson, Roberl, 3I0, 3l7 Robinson, Ronald, 344, 5l2 Robinson, Sharlene, 239, 285, 5l2 Robinson, Slephanie, 284, 5l2 Robinson, William, 52, 96, 236, 237 479 Robirds, Robison, Robison, Robison, Crisline, 308 Charles, lO3 John, 407, 479 Rhana, 288, 309 Robilshek, Douglas, 349, 479 Robiishek, Roberl, 346, 5l2 Robling, Mary, l58 Rochelle, James, 403, 5l2 Rock, Janell, 260, 297, 372, 5l2 Rock, Jeilrey, 349, 479 Rockell, Chadwick, ll, II6 Rodesney, Sieve, 3I4 Razien, James, 247 Render, Jo, 479 Richardson, Marlha, 306, 387, 5l2 Robberson, John, l03 Rodgers, Carol, l75, 254, 385, 479 Reader, David, 396, 5Il Renegar, Laura, 259, 296 Richardson, Susan, 288 Robbins, Carol, 296 388 Reagan, Julia, 307 Renlro, George, 247, 266, 327, 5Il Richerson, Roland, 393, 427, 5l2 Robbins, Dennis, 450, 5l2 Rodgers, Larry, 335 Reagan, Ronald, 322 Reniro, Kennelh, 405, 5Il Richeson, Elizabelh, 279 Robbins, Helen, 292, 5l2 Rodgers, Robin, 279 Reams, Calherine, 302 Reniro, Mary, 297 Richison, Kalherine, 284 Roberds, John, 3l4 Rodolph, Larry, ll7, l2l Reardon, Janel, 292 Renke, Dale, II8, 334, 5ll Richman, Sieve, 435, 5l2 Roberls, Deborah, 285 Rodriguez, David, 5l2 Reaugh, Harry, II8, l20, 407, 479 Repp, Ramon, 220, 342 Richmond, Marsha, 292, 5l2 Roberis, Deborah Sue, 98, 298, 37l, Rodriguez, lris, 280, 458, 5l2 Recer, Ronald, 237, 329, 5ll Repperl, Mary, 365, 479 Eiclsller, ggbin, 2914, 372, 5l2 5l2 Roe, John, 433, 552 BIZ Re l ,John, 437, 5ll - , ic ey, rislop er, 342 R b l, J , 433, 5l2 R s, Anne, 37, R68 Gen, Dennis, 348 Eesfjmh "'S""u:,' 58 59 Rioioy, Ralph, 2I6 Rgoiiii, Jc3liiil9S429, 467, Riggs, Hooon, Jn., 4ii, 512 Roaoin, Sharon, 284 es' lenses. 249- 9 Rickey, Ronoo, 286, 309 Rooofio, Moniyn, 367, 5l2 Rogers, Janel, 296, 369, 5:2 Redeker, James, 247 Resnick, Dennis, 479 Rickman, Roberl, 423, 5l2 Roberls, Polly, 247 Rogers, Joe, 327 Reding, Kay, 305 Resnik, Pamela, 389 Riddle, Ronna, 97, 385 Roberls, Richard, 407, 5l2 Rogers, Larry, 479 Redon, David, 79 Reflberg, Roy, 220, 405, 5ll Riddle, Rosalie, 299, 379, 5l2 Roberls, Warren, II9 Rogers, Linda L., I64, l75, 357, 388, Redus, Ronald, 394, 433, 5lI Reilig, Charles, l26, 340, 479 Riddles, Jon, 3l6 Roberlson, Carl, 3l9 479 Redwine, James, 439, 5ll Revelle, John, 4I7, 479 Ridgeway, Virginia, 246, 248 26l, Roberlson, Deborah, I60, 45l, 379, Rogers, Linda Nelle, 302, 309, 479 Reed, Carol, 369, 5ll Reyer, Karl D., 88 383, 388, 45I, 5l2 5l2 385 O C . This Book IS Bound BOOKLETS C . In U BROCHURES Durand Cover C LETTERHEADS I NEWS LETTERS 0 O PROGRAMS . DU RAND PUBLICATIONS D . rinting co ' complete printing f designing ond lifhogrophing service VV. S1-reef Chicago Q' Illinois 434 bucllunun norman, nkla. 7306? 580 5a'rQ11 Mar1c"r-, 284 s M1111ns1, 512 ,HHS 865V Rcorrs Parker, Jr. 423 Roof-rs Ronam 407, 512 Rooerrs, 511'-V-hr-n, 403 512 Roocrs, Terua, 512 yVQ111arn, 120 R-cows Rcoozcnsk., E1a1ne, 161 Rofaoer, Charhe, 512 R611e:r, Dr-bomh, 301, 385, 512 Ro11f?r, D1.Dui1nC 1-1. D. 259 Ro117n W111111, 284 Rc1r'ns John, 425, 512 Rc11'ns, Ra1pr1, 337 FCM Char1e+f 94 Romrzf-ro, Donna, 371 512 Rcrnttnrq,DonnIr1 316,437 512 9c"ck, Jo'1r1, 316, 419, 512 Rcnck, Kf,11h, 419, 512 120115, C61rr1111a, 479 Rcnnc-', 1V1'C11q1L1,405 512 Rcoornan, Dcnn's 435, 512 Rco11s7oc1 136121, 292, 369 512 Room Gr:ra1:i,Jr. 310 8oo1,Pa111J.,118,119 Roor-f, Faye, 250 Rorcx, 1v1ory,249, 377, 512 Rorqc, Judy, 280 Ross, Carl, 344 Rosr Je11rQy, 512 POV 1v11chaC1, 429, 512 Rcsa Gran, Jr., 262 Rcsf 751056, 104, 280, 377 512 Rose 111o:r1as,313,4L1 429 512 8Csen Daxfo 325 409 512 Rosen Nancy 298 512 Rosen '11'6rne1s,421,512 Rosenberof-r, Jarres 398 512 8oseno1a11, Dayo, 316 Rosenhhr' Myne11e, 294 Rcsenkr1'1n1z, G1or1c1 512 Rosen1r1a1, 5hor1, 361,512 Ross A1114 4.0, 4.1, 512 Ross 8e11y, 452 Ross, Edna, 224 Ross, James, 325 Ross Leon, 421, 512 Ross M'chav1, 421, 479 Ross Monty, 263, 325, 512 Ross Rob6r1, 4'7, 512 'wr W'11"1rn 322 'loss Rcsfa Qcsw s, Josesr, 341 21 Rcnnf -111 Rosie-, Doug 11s, 346 ROTC, 442-439 ROTC Commanding Officers, 42 Rah Mf1f'1yn, 306 Ro1h Rlcnwo 421 472 513 Ro1h Wenrly, 304 Ro1hbfrrc1, Jarncs, 421, 179 Ro1h11sbQrqc1', Nancy, 367 513 RQ11, Jo Ann, 238, 278, 308 Rowan, A11ce, 369, 479 Rowa1n,W111111m, 349, 479 Rowc, Marybrfh, 226 289 Rows-, Tr-riora 280 Ray-1611, Ron111rJ 188, 216, 342 47 Roy, V'ncnn1 P. 87 Ro,a1 Ka' E-, 230 309 Royco J:1nff 387 513 Ronan P1n'hon1., 421 513 Ro1r1 Jokwon 513 Ruofac Edwaro 427 513 Ruozio Roorerfc, 103 Rsb9ns1r1n,6rCqo'y,318 513 Rub1nsk1 Rfchard, 324 Rub1f-, V'c1or, 259, 347 Rublr- V1rq1n 11, 297 Ruby, Undo, 252, 357 Rucker, Charles, 425, 513 Rucker, Edward, 263 RuCke', 105151153 365, 479 Rucker, Susan, 365 Ruoo,JC1ck, 347 Ruud, Roc11s11e,46 261, 385 El Ruon'ck, Drbra, 387, 513 Rudn1ck Ga-ra'd1ne, 161,387 Rucnlck 1-1.1ryey 435 513 '7uon1ck1,1v1 c'as,112 113 Ruedy, 5'Pye.-n 349 513 R6e1fnsky,Gary 339, 513 Ru:'n,5urnrr1y 513 R111.Ne11S, IB7 Ruggk-rs, Dr,Pa1u16.,75,266 Ruqq1es, Dona1d, Jr., 313 Ru1r', Roycim, 105 Rur'r11ck, R1chard, 337 Ro'r1rr1O1, 8o11a, 413, 513 Runyon, C'arence, 337, 513 Ruse Konnr-1h, 312 ram M11-, 182 Rusn, Tr-'ry 87 Russ, John 318 R,ss K1a6s 337 'R 47: 'iuSsf1,8LT1 .fn n J'. 328 R..ssr1 E1'zabe'h, 158 281 47 R,ssc11 Frm 377, 513 J:1"1Ps,417 513 Jane? 298, 379 53 R,ssc11 Johnn'e, 105, 106 308 8ussc1,J0hnn1e 513 R,11134ioc, Joan, 306 Ru11s:dqf5, Ju11a, 303 377, 513 Ru11f'r, Wayne, 323 Ruzvk, Jeanne, 363 513 Ryan C1'111'1135, 334 11111111 E11c-n 782 Rynn 1-111nry 407, 513 Ryan Huoh, 120 R1s1n,Joscor 324, 418 513 R..sss1 R.ssf'1 Ryan, 1.o's11J 284 Ryan Robe", 419 473 Ryan Shsun, 298 513 Rxan Vv"11'ar'n, 250 R1.or'r,Jonn Jr. 513 R,oy'k,Joh'1 441 R11f 5141'1nor1, 357, 513 101 Ryvhcr Wew'E1y'ne,259 Rxscr 51u.1f' 423 513 S Suoarh Robf:r1, 479 5uco1 L'n1.1a, 480 Sacrfn, N15-'1 367 480 5.1dbr-'ry' John, J'., 263 Sadrtohy, Fahao 253 f1'11f1r E1'z1bfa'h, 368 513 Saou' Andrfaa, 302 5.11.1 8onn'o 302 5.1'.1r', A' 253 S11's'rc'r Mdin 340 513 Sager House, 337 S.fkc111r's John, 346 513 Sakhrfc-, Morao 480 541111 Kannr1h Jr., 267 51113, M1chaQ1, 384, 103 5a1c:rr1, M1chQa1, 340, 513 551116, Sherry, 513 511111no1c' Mary 297 5o1'11on, Bob 43 5 nc L n 11 u-' 1ns 'ff 513, 303 5a'zn'1r1n Terry, 299, 387, 513 5a1zn1an K'rr1 303 5a'r:'s bnoa 385, 513 Si1"r's Marsrfra' 385 5-3 Ewen-Ons Rronda 106 52-m.1o , Barbara 246 5 anaoursky, Ph111p, 322 Sanandaf Jacob, 119 120 Sancidrr Larry 347 513 Sanders A. Ann, 106, 2K8 Sandcrs, Ar1hur, 310, 319, 420 Sanours, Dona1o, 407 513 Sanders, Jann1c, 285 Sandprs, John, 332, 513 Snndars, Larry, 249, 400 Sunoers, Mary, 296, 513 Sanders 5arr1ue1, 335 5an111.,.s 5 '-r Le1d, Mar1ha, 73 511noqar1en,A1an, 421 513 511nf11'n 11rr1, 346 Sunziol, Er'n11y, 283 Sanos Dcbb'e, 383 513 Sancs, 1N111'arn, 437, 513 Sanger House, 339 Sanounch Nancy, 483 511n'ee, Jack 31 Sarwr 151a1ne, 361, 513 Sarern, Arr11r, 119 Roberfa, 243 5ar11n, Gary, 208 Sar11n, 5co11, 318 5111163 Jan, 304 5a11erwh11e, John, 407, 513 Saubcr', James, 439, 513 5au1, 11.1ck, 237, 328, 513 51111nders,8ecky 127 381 451 Saunders Larry 439, 513 511y51ge, Dan, 423, 513 5I1y61oe,Jon'1, 396 513 Saxage, M'1che11, 324 5f1y'n, Joe1, 324 Summa: A1bC'? 336 5caro.11T Je1nnes,3f4 Schao Mar'1yn, 302, 363 513 5r'1a1', 1-1ar2ze11, 417, 513 5rha11, 51Uyen, 315, 513 Schantz, John, 103, 400 56h.1n7cr, Day1d, 338 Scharnberq, Denn1s, 318 Schr-ck, S1eyen, 203, 343 Schcmers, Joseph, 317 Schdler Pau1a, 513 Schembaurn Joan, 305 5cre1De', Roy 347 Schenk, 5ar', 387 S13 5f"e'r KQnnE1' 317 Sicfarr Kenny 317 5ch'r'b', Pa61 411 513 541-3' Pau1, 513 So If Sh1r1ey 238, 307, 260 513 5c'1"'rr1an, Franone, 304 5cr"11no, Char1es, 317 Sc"rn11z, Dr, Franc1s J., 250 5c111rnn1e1 Day1o,407, 513 5rh1uch1er Danny, 216 337 5fh1un1, V1ncEn1, 480 Schrnelzla, Pa1sy, 126, 127, 480 5chrr11d1ey, Mary, 279 Barbara, 297, 387, 513 Frederick, 405, 513 5Chrr11c11 5Chrr11d1 Sahnrndf, Jod1e, 327 5cnrn1dr,J1.1dy 513 5chrn'd1, Layne, 385, 513 5chw1o1, 8ober1 347, 417, 513 5cr11'o1,1ho'nas, 116 5chrn"', Margarc1 513 5c'1nw11z,A1an,425,513 Ann, 104, 279 B11 108 Scrne-'der Schncoer 1, Schns-'de' 1'1aro1d, Jr., 115 Schnwder Kurr, 337 Schnakier, Nancy 509 Schneider, Robe-r1 480 5c11n11zcr, Susan, 290 Schobcr, Char1es, 310 Schocmhal, Char1es, 311 5chop111n,W1111an'1 437, 513 5chorn1ck, La Dawn, 281 Svowaier, Anna, 228 Schrarneck, Mar11yn, 106 5chrQ1ner,Te'ry, 188, 216, 437, 4 Scrfck, Thornas, 237, 349 480 5 Scruo, Jonn, 411, 514 SQhu1o1 John 40? Srrune, Kenda11, 340 5chu1rhe'ss, Arfhur, 265 5chu11z, Ca1h1, 284 5chu11z, Laure1 306 5chu1fz Mark, 320 5chu11Z,51eV6n 5chu117, 51eyer'1 Sc11u1Z,Cyn1h1a,279 Schupbach, Marc1a, 262, 293 ,435 514 Lou1s, 514 8 Q 1 F Schurrnan, Robe-rr, 337, 417, 514 5c.'1us1sr, Deborah, 287, 387 514 Schusrer Ira, 319 Erruwen S'ep"en 84 5c'u111er Susan 279, 514 Schwab Chr's1a 379 514 PHILLIPS PATRONIZE YOUR NEARESI' PHILLIPS DEALER D OIL CC. YUUR PHILLIPS DISTRIBUTOR 5 Schw abe, George, lll, 407,480 Schwachhoter, Sylvia, 480 Schwalbe, Patricia, 284 Schwartz, Bill, 435 Schwartz, Carla, 239 Schwartz, Lewis, 42l, 5l4 Schwartz, Penny, 265, 5l4 Schwartz Sally, 298, 36l 5l4 Schwennesen John, 4l7, 5l4 Schwermer, Gary, 4ll, 5l4 Scoggins, Jettrey, 433, 514 Scoggins, Linda, 480 Scoggins, Kenneth, I8B, 2I2, 213 Scott Barry, 5l4 Scott, Bill, 394, 4l9, 5l4 Scott, Carol, 288, 5l4 Scott, Darlene, 285, 5l4 Scott, Eric, 3l7 Scott, Larry, 324, 5l4 Scott, Lynne, 294, 379, 5l4 sean, Michael, 439, 480 Sernple, Susan, 284 Semtner, Chris, 427, 5l4 Semtner, Karl, 439, 5l4 Senkowski, David, 3l9 Senning, Robert, Jr., 96, 99 Seniors, 468-483 Senter, Guy, 43 Sepanloo, l-looshang, 253 Sepkowitz, Jerome, 42l, 480 Sequoyah Club, 267 Serbin, Carole, 290 Serkes, Jettrey, 435, 5l4 Serkin, Donald, 42l, 480 Servies, Stephen, 3l9, 5l4 Sessions, Don, 429, 467 Setlift House, 3l8 Setter, Kenneth, 250, 266, 327 Sevier, Betty, 480 Sevit, Larry, 245 Scott, Robert, Jr., 3l8 Scott, Samuel, ll7, ll8, 480 Scott, Sandra, 283 Shuan 208 342 Scott, , , Scott, Thomas, 225, 439, 5l4 Scoutos, Vincent, 394, 431, 5l4 Scranton, Stephen, 343 Scroggins, Rebecca, 303 Scull, Daniel, 335 Seale, Gary, 450 Seale, Thomas, 3l7, 450 Seay, Cynthia, 302 Sebben, John, 3l2 See, Sheryn, 284 Seeley, Richard, 341, 514 Seely, Edward, l2l Seidel, Carlos, 252, 5l4 Seiler, Walter, Jr., 316, 320 Seiter, Patricia, 5l4 Selber, Kay, 387, 5l4 Seligman, Marian, 289, 372, 5l4 Sellers, Charlotte, l62, l69, 367, 454, 455, 5l4 Sellers, Link, 3l2 Sellers, Sonnie, 297 Sellman, Robert, 480 Selman, Lynda, 385, 302, 5l4 Selman, Robert, 433 Selph, John, 438, 439, 480 Seltzer, Susan, 372, 388, 5l4 Selvidge, George, 335, 5l4 Selzer, Dan, 429, 480 Semore, Enos, I9I, 216 Semp, Shelley, 298 Semple, Dorothy, 297 Sevitzer, Barry, l9l, I92 Seward, Larry, 349, 5l4 Sewell, Robert, 415, 5l4 Sewell, Sally, 299, 385, 5l4 Sexton, Candy, 29l Sexton, Edward, 319 Sexton, Larry, 84, 480 Sexton, Marian, 480 Sexton, Ray, 98 Sexton, Tom, 220 Seymour, James, 313 Shackletord, Robert, 96, 332, 5l4 Shadid, Barry, 437, 514 snaata, Cheryl, 379, si-i Shadid, Ellen, 303, 5l4 Shadid, Randel, 88, 222, 265, 437, 480 Shadid, Steve, 260, 409, 5l4 Shadowbox, 260 Shatter, Janet, 226, 290, 5l4 Shah, Mano, 467 Shahan, Joe, 327, 514 Shamas, Mitchell, 5l4 Shane, Gary, 347, 514 Shannon, John, 325 Shannon, Laurel, 86 Shannon, Michael, 335, 5l4 Shapiro, Abby, 159, 372, 5l4 Shapiro, Gail, 290 Shapiro, Rhonda, 289 Shapiro, Robert A., lI6 Sha iro Steven 96 420 4 l 14 rr , , , , 2 , 5 Sharp, Katherine, 262, 292, 38l, 514 Sharp, Maury, 292 Sharp, Susan, 258 Sharpe, Jane, l60, 383, 5l4 Sharpe, Sarah, 383,480 Sharrock, James, Jr., 46, 248, 255 265, 394, 407, 5l4 Shauberger, James, 46, 49, 5l Dan, 262, 348 Donald, 32l Shaw, Shaw, Shaw, Donna, 5l4 Shaw, Edward, 4l Shaw, Gary, 322 Shaw, Kathryn, 226, 287, 5l4 Shearer, Melanie, 46, 26l, 264, 294, 45l, 5l4 Shearin, Judith, 367, 388, 480 Shebester, Judy, 298, 357, 389, 5l4 Sheedy, Joyce, 305, 309, 480 Shettler, Victoria, 287 Shettler, Viva, 294 Shehadeh, Riyad, 263 Sheinbein, Fred, 435, 5l4 Sheldon, Helen, l28, 302, 5l4 Shell, Frances, IO4 Shell, Janice, l27 Shelley, George, 322 Shelley, John, 343 Shelton, Eric, 324 Shelton, Margaret, 247 Shelton, Jackie, 343 Shelton, Stanley, l2l, 480 Shelton, Stephen, 425, 5l4 Shelton, William, 335, 5l4 Shepard, Frank, 423, 5l4 Shepard, Gayle, 306, 514 Shepherd, Ellen, 302, 385, 5l4 Shepherd, James, lll, 5l4 Sheppard, Victoria, 280, 363, 5l4 Sher, Robyn, 290 Sherber, Steven, 33l Sherer, Alan, l87, 3l4, 409, 5l4 Sheritt, Clittord, 3l9 Sherman, Jettrey, 42l, 5l4 Sherman, John, 393, 431, 480, 5l4 Sherman, John, 437 Sheron, Larry, 42l, 5l4 Sherrer, Larry, 343, 4ll, 5l4 Sherrill, Wanda, 5l4 Shiao, Kang-Ming, 467 Mark, II8 Shidler, Shields, Elizabeth, 297, 514 M r 97 237 371 5l4 Shields, a y, , , , Shitrin, Nanci, 299, 5l4 Shilling, Linda, 50, 5l, 367,480 Bob, 3l0, 3l3 Wanda, 303 Shipley, Shipley, Shipley, William, 403, 5l4 Shirey, James, 4l7, 5l4 Shirley, Fred, 88, 437, 5l4 Shirley, Linda, 247 Shirley, Patricia, 307, 5l4 Shirley, Ray, 347 Shivers, Charles, 208, 2l0, 2ll Shniderman, Alana, I63, 36l, 5l4 Shobert, Roy, 6l Shockey, Hershel, ll, 403, 5l4 Shoemake, Christy, 367, 5l4 Shoemake, Lindell, 343 Shoemaker, Mary, 287 Shor, Howard, 514 Shore, Daphne, 257, 369, 5l4 Shores, Robert, 348 Short, James, ll, 5l4 Short, Ronald, 467 Short, Sara, 383, 5l4 Shotts, Ron, 38, 39, 255, 265, 394 Shotts, Steven, 343, 407, 5l4 Shotwell, Roy E., B7 Shouse, Sondra, 284, 309, 514 Shrewsbury, Anne, 38l, 5l4 Shriber, Larry, 435, 5l4 Shuldt, John, 5l4 Shull, Sara, 279, 377, 5l4 Shuller, Margaret, 299, 5l5 Shuttz, William, 3l9 Shursen, Jerald, lll Sibbitt, Sharon, 262, 293 Sibley, Don, 3l7 Siegel, Anne, 36l, 5l5 Siegel, Stephen, 331, 435, 5l5 Siegfried, Robert, Jr., 423, 5l5 sinara, cynihia, 377, 480 sight, Thomas, 218,342 Sigl, Patricia, 285 Sigle, Linda, 363, 480 Sikorski, William, 335 Silbey, Mike, 212 Siler, Marilyn, 358, 359, 5l5 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 432-433 Sigma Alpha Eta, 98 Sigma Alpha Mu, 434-435 Sigma Chi, 436-437 Sigma Delta Chi, 99 Delta Tau, 386-387 Sigma Sigma Gamma Tau, l20 Sigma Nu, 438-439 Sigma Phi Epsilon, 440-44I Sigma Tau, l20 Silva, June, l28 Silver, Paul, 435, 5l5 Silver, Steven, 435, 5l5 Silvers, Michael, 42l, 5l5 Silvia, Ben, l28 Simrnering, Joyce, 265 Simmons, Cathey, 367, 505, 5l5 Simmons, Jean, 304, 5l5 Simmons, Jill, 246, 38l, 480 Simmons, Patricia, 480 Robert, 99, 5l5 William, ll5, 262, 346 Simmons, Simmons, 4l3, 5l5 Simms, Ernest H., 87 Simms, Stephen, 329 Simon, Lillie, 303, 372 Simon, Suelten, 304 Simpson, Carolyn, 36, 306, 515 Simpson, Cheryl, 37l, 515 Simpson, Jay, 393,439,515 Simpson, Warren, 5l5 Sims, E, M., II7, l2t Sims, Dr. James, 247 Sims, Janice, 299, 371, 5l5 Sims, Jerry, I92, 343 Sine, Joseph, 259, 3l8 Sinex, Bradtord, Jr., ll8, II9, 225 437, 480 Singleton, Martha, 357, 5l5 Singleton, Peggy, 357, 515 Siret, Mariorie, 387, 5l5 Sires, Patricia, 288 Sisney, Susan, 37l, 480 Sites, Stephen, 3l2 Sitnick, Carol, 289, 5l5 Sitorius, Susan, Sivalls, James 358, 467 , 33l, 5l5 Skidmore, Harold, 3l2 Skinner, Skinner, Fredrick, ll, 349, 480 Jann, 334, 407, 515 Skinner, Linda, 306 Skinner, Skinner, Skipwith, Donald, 3l3, Slack, Kerry, 307, 5l5 Slanle, Stephen, 318 Slakis, Kathryn, 286 Slater, Charles, 187,480 Slater, Jim, 441, 5l5 Slaughter, Harlene, 305 Slaughter, J. Mack, 423, 5l5 Slaughter, Ollie, 318 Sleem, Ingrid, 288 Sleizer, Diane, 480 Slick, Steven, 429, 515 Sligar, Gary, 334 Sloan, Darryl, 48l Robert, 4l9, 5l5 Stanley, 99 5l5 ' fy! 9 Y X -1 - 0 0 o ,,,,,,, Mg, ,U 2 ' 1 E ,yy,, fa +1 mm' 2 mnklzrzn' 3 lllllllll stintialyi- jf:-5Qm?n:a,q,3,f,??j,fA DAN SAVAGE, Innkeeper Phone 329-1624 for reservations f 2600 West Main Free Advance Reservations To or From Any Holiday Inn NORMAN. OKLAHOMA 582 Steele Snyder, Sloan, David, 262, 2l5, 346, 4l3 Sloan, Harold, ll, 348 Sloan, Dr. Stephen, 345 Slotsky, Jettrey, 87 Slovacek, Carroll, 2l2 Sluder, JoAnn, 294 Slutsky, Harley, 42l, 5l5 Small, Richard, 337 Small, Robert, 43 Smalley, Alice, 5l5 Smalley, Richard, lll, 4ll, 5l5 Smart, Nancy, 226, 30l, 38l, 5l5 Srnathers, Larry, 32l Smiser, Sharon, 307 Smith Annette, 48l Smith, Carla, 299, 377, 5l5 Smith Casey, 342 Smith Cecil, I92, 343,433 Smith Charles, 325 Smith Charles, Jr., 3l6 Smith Christopher, 33l Smith, Craig, 44l, 5l5 Smith, Craig Sinclair, 433, 48l Smith Danny, 43 Smith David, II4, ll7, l20, 3l6 Smith David Lee, 427, 5l5 Smith David Wallace, 222 Smith Dean, 96, 2I8, 437, 5l5 Smith Dennis, 344 Smith Diane, 296, 389, 5l5 smith Diane, 5l5 Smith Dianne, 285 Smith Diusns, 239, 285 Smith Donald, 5l5 Smith Donna, l60, 363, 397, 5l5 Smith Douglas, 5l5 Smith Galen, 348, 5l5 Smith Gene, 423, 5l5 Smith George, Jr., 84 Smith Glen, 405, 48l Smith Harris, ll, 348, 5l5 Smith House, 3l9 Smith Jama, 383, 5l5 Smith, James, 43l Smith, James Harvey, 347, 5l5 Smith James, 4l9, 5l5 Smith Janet, 282, 5l5 Smith Jerry, 48l Smith, Jim, 48l Smith, Joe, I88, 220, 342 Smith John, 427, 48l Smith Johnny, 2l2, 2l3 Smith Judy, 247 Smith Julia, 377 Smith Karen, 306, 5l5 Smith ,Karen Lynn, 385, 5l5 Smith, Kenneth, 338 Smith, Kirk, 2l8, 2l9, 342 Smith, Larry, l88, 342 Smith, Lawrence, 335, 5l5 Smith, Linda, 284 Smith, Linda Ardell, 48l Smith, Linda Diane, 37l Smith, Lou, 379 Smith, Lucinda, 5l5 Smith, Mary, 293, 48l Smith, Melanie, 383, 48l Smith, Michael, 425, 5l5 Smith, Mike C., 5l5 Smith, Philip, 3l5, 319, 5l5 Smith, Raul, 403, 5l5 Smith, Ray, Jr., 487 Smith, Raytord, Jr., 4l9 Smith, Richard, 427, 5l5 Smith , Richard Charles, 259 Smith, Richard E., 237, 3l8, 5l5 Smith, Ricky, 437, 5l5 Smith, Ritas, 48l Smith, Robert, 33l, 4l7, 5l5 Smith, Robert, 427, 5l5 Smith, Rockwell, ll, 3l2 Smith, Ronald, 403, 5l5 Smith, Ronni, 307, 5l5 Smith, Ronnie, l08, ll5, l20 Smith, Sandranel, 284, 309 Smith , Stanley, 425, 5l5 Smith, Stephen, 332, 393, 441, 515 Smith, Susan, 288 Smith, Teresa, 29l Smith, Thomas, 429, 5l5 Smith, William, 515 Smith, Dr. Thomas M., 44, 45 Smith, William Murray, 4l3 Smith, W. Drake, 3l9 Smith, William, 515 Smith William Jr. 405 Snider, Stephen, Ross, ll5, 4l9, 48l Snodgras, James M., 32l Snodgras, Jo, 265, 38l, 388, 48l Snodgrass, Sandra, 305, 5l5 Snodgrass, William, 324, 5l5 Snoter, Margaret, 299 Snow, Terry, 2l5, 342, 4l5, 5l5 Bruce, 3I9 Snyder, Snyder, Snyder Sobel, Sobel, Sobel, Diana, 297, 377, 5l5 Gerald, 3l3, 4II, 5l5 Lee 357 5l5 'David 42l, 487 Geraldine, 387 Karen, 238, 308 Smitherman, Robert, 88 Smithers, Ronald, 515 Smithey, Albert, Jr,, I92, 343 Smoote, Darlene, 286 Smotrycz, Jerry, 48l Snake, Leila, 28l Snavely, Richard, 396, 5l5 Sneed, Candace, 29l Sneed, Earl, 328 Sneed, James, 4l9, 48l Sneed, John, 2l6 Snell, Karen, 38l, 5l5 Snelt, Luke, I2l Snider, Maureen, 385, 5l5 Snider, Maurita Nell, 367, 5l5 Sober, David, 325 Seen, Arthur, 4l7, 515 Sokol, Donald, 88 Soleimani, Gholam, 253 Solomon, Howard, 3l3 Solomon, Marvin, 435, 5l5 Solomon, Stephen, 423, 5l5 sorter, Rae, 83, 383, 515 Sommers, Dr. Blanche, l22 126, 26l Sonteimer, Constance, 259 Sooner Pharmaceutical Association, I26 Sooner Shamrock, lI3 SOONER Yearbook, 46-49 Sorrels, Jean, 250, 293, 309, 48l Sorter, William, 409, 48l Souder, Edith, 285 Soult, Carol, 279 Sousa, Margaret, 278, 288 Southerland, Everett, 5l5 Southerland, Kathleen, 289 Southerland, Otha, 423, 5l5 Southern, Linda, 26l, 293, 5l5 Southers, David, 96, 433, 5l5 Southworth, William, 337 Sowell, Michael, 5l Spain, Joe, 405, 5l5 Spangler, James, 349, 48l Sparkman, Wayne, 33l, 429, 5l5 Sparks, Bruce, l28 Sparks, Reuben K., 3l Speaker, Tris, 335 Spector, Steve, 332, 42l, 5l5 Speer, William, 208, 342, 437, 5I6 Spence, Milton, 409, 5l6 Spencer David, 3l7, 4ll, 5l6 Spencer, Larry, 3l8, 5l6 Spencer, Sigrid, 306, 5l6 Spiegel, Sandra, 305 Spiers, Allen, 48l Spiller, Michael, 325, 429, 5l6 Spillers, Leigh, l04 Spining, Paul, 4ll, 5l6 Spinner, Barbara, 226, 288, 5l6 Spivey, Samuel, 427, 5I6 Sports, iso-229 Spotted Bird, Lawrence, 267, 3l3 Spottswood, Jana, 5l6 Spradlin, Dewey, 433, 5l6 Spradlin, James, 48l Spradling, Jay, 437 Spray, Robert, 33l Sprieser, John, 265, 394, 396, 397 48l Spring, Harry, 4l7, 5l6 Springer, Janet, 363, 516 Springer, Jill, 363, 303, 5l6 Sprinkle, Shirley, 305, 5l6 Sprouls, Jamie, 304 Spurgeon, Robert, 3l7 Spurlock, Robert, 247, 48l Squire, Lawrence, 325 Squirrel, James, 43 Srinivasan, S., 252 Srigley, Pamela, 458 St. Clair, Randy, 48l St. Cyr, Orville, 425, 5l6 St. George, Janet, 299 St. Romain, Gregory, 437, 5l6 Stacy, Ronnie, I92, 343 Stattel, Henry, 3l8, 5l6 Stattord, Ann, 226, 290, 5I6 Stattord, Shirley, 304, 5l6 Stagner, Gayle, 262, 304, 365, 5l6 Staiger, Ellen, 282, 5I6 Stammer, Sally, 305, 5l6 Stanbaugh, John, 54 Standau, William, 262, 344, 5l6 Standingwater, Emma, 294, 516 Standlee, Mitzi, 300 Stanford, Thea, 285 Stangeland, Martha, 265, 357, 48l Stangle, Cathy, 5l6 Stansell, Vernon, 405, 5l6 Stapleton, David, 403, 5l6 Starcevich, Matt, 87 Stark, Mary, 300, 5l6 Starkey, David, 262, 3l8 Starks, Paula, 300 Starling, Dr, Kenneth E., IIS Starnes, Nancy, I27, 249, 364, 365, 5l6 Staron, Linda, 86, 88 Starr, James, 324, 5l6 Startz, John, 403, 3I7, 5l6 Statham, Philip, 5l6 Stearn, Robin, 257, 285 Stecher, Steven, 4l7, 5l6 Steele, d, l92 Steele, Davi Steele, Larry, 208, 342 Roberta, 363, 5l6 Steele, Steven, 403, 48l Thomas, 5l6 Steelman, Dessie, 249 Steeples, Richard, 3I9 Steian, Kathy, 246 Steger, John, 48l Stehr, Donald, 407, 5l6 Stein, Gary, 323 Stein, Mark, 398, 399, 5l6 Stein, Melvin, 42l, 5l6 Steinhorn, Rosalind, 387, 457, 48l Steinmann, Michael, 32l Stelman, Harvey, 398, 399, 5l6 Stemm, Sherry, 297 Stingrud, Bruce, I92, I93, 343, 439, l Stephens, Patricia, 48l, 93 Stephens, Susan, 304 Stephens, William, 46, 62, I76, 255 256, 264, 481 Stephenson, Janet, 48l Stephenson, Larry, 3l5, 4l7, 5l6 Stephenson, Mary, 303, 377, 5l6 Stephenson, Mike, 236 Stephenson, Thomas, 3l6 Stephenson, Stermer, Lo Vivian, 298 a M., 87 Stern, Ellen, 290 Stern Frederick, 33l Sternberg, Peter, 337 Stevens, Bob, 222, 223 Stevens, Gary, 247, 266, 327, 5l6 Ronald, 5l6 Ronald, l28, 340 Stevens, Steve, 33l Stevenson, Craig, 5I6 Stevens, Stevens, Stevenson, Michael, 237, 5l6 Stevenson, Robert, 48l, 437 Steves, Gary, 325, 334 Steves, Thomas, 33l Stewa rd, Stewa rt, Ruth, 48l Anthony, 325, 48l Stewart, Connie, 5l6 Stewart, Edwin, 347 Stewart, Gale, 323 Stewart, Jack, 322 Stewart, John, ll4, II7, ll8, 48l Stewart, Kathryn, 98, 365, 5l6 Stewart, Nancy, 295, 385, 5l6 Stewart, Randall, 330 CJ I'3. IIC 1 TIS . We specialize in QUICK DRAW Checking Accounts for OU students. Cl TY NATIONHI11 and Qiiust Cowipung in Jtloniiiaii CITY 'Mimi BANK BANK Conveniently located in downtown Norman Member F.D.l.C. 583 394, 409, 5l6 Slubb Slewarl, Slanley, 340 Slewarl, Slephen, 4I5, 5l6 Slewarl, Thomas, 394, 44l, 5l6 Slickle, Kalherine, 306 Slidham, Georgia, 43l Sliner, Alan, 3l6 Slinnell, Jacqueline, 286 sms, Raberr, 25l, 255, 264, 255, Sliles, Ronald, 3l0, 34l Sloermer, Caryn, 38I, 5l6 Slroul, Kennelh, l I7 Sluarl, Donald, 450 Sluarl, Dudley, 405 Sluarl, Gary, 324 Sluarl, Jon, 425, 5l6 Slua rl Louis, 407, 5l6 Slubblefield, Barbara, -lsr Slubblelield, l., I28, 48l Shelly 278 307 5l6 Taylorl Slollel, Chrislopher, 324 Slokes Darla, 296, 377, 5l6 Slokes, Donald, 319 Slokes Richard, 433, 5l6 Slokes Rila, 287 Slone, Billy, 403, 48l Slone, Bruce, 33l Slone, Earl, 327 Slone, Jon, 3l2 Slone, Pamela Dee, 302, 516 Slone, Pamela, 259, 385, 5l6 Slone, Teri, 289, 36I, 5l6 Slone, Wesley, 439, 5l6 Slone, William, l03, 3I9, 396, 5l6 Sloraski, Frederick, 246 5. - . . Slucker, Milchell, 445, 450 Sluckerl, Michael, 48l Sfudenl Lobby for Higher Educa- lion, 267 Sludenfs, l34-555 Sludenl Senale, 244-243 Sludin, Andrea, 305 Sludnicka, Gary, 325, 48l Sluermann, Waller, ll7 Sluhlberg, Harriel, l04 Slurdevanl, Harvey, 4l7, 5l6 Slurdevanl, Lawnie, 4l7, 5l6 Slurm, Mary, IO6, 294 Slyron, Rila, 363, 5l6 Sublell, Calherine, 452 Sugarman, Susan, l28 Slorms, Belly, l6l Slorms, Bruce, 427, 5l6 Slorlhz Ph llis 298 Slorlz, 'Carllnl, 258, 379, 388, 45I, 5l6 Slollman, James, 48l Slolls, Ramona, 298, 5l6 Sloul, Jack, 37, 392 Sloul, James, 325 Sloul, Weldon, 405, 5l6 Slovall, Kalhy, 282, 5l6 Slover, Bruce, 433, 5l6 Sullivan, James, 441, 5l6 Sullivan Sullivan Sullivan, John, 48l , Mary, 303, 306, 5l6 , Michael, 4l0, 4II, 48l Sullivan, Palricia, 284 Sullivan, Roberl, 48l Sullivan, Susan, lO6 Sullivanl, Olis, 97 Suman, Chrislopher, 332, 405, 5l6 Summers, Failh, 304 Slove r, Ca ndice, 257 Slowe, Paulelle, 288 Slowell, Linda, l28, IS9, 5l6 Slrandberg, Thomas, 427, 48l Slranieri, James, 339, 5l6 Slrauss, Tracye, 304 Slreb, Frederick, 409, 5l6 Slrecker, William, 423, 5l6 Slreel, Joseph, 394, 429, 5l6 Slreel, Madelyn, 38I, 515 Slreeler, Slephen, 33 I Slrickland, Dennis, 325 Slrickland, Jerry, 5l6 Slrickland, Linda, 25l, 369, 5l6 Slrand, Joseph, 5l6 Slroker, John, 4l7, SI6 Slrom, Barbara, 304, 365, 5l6 Summers, Roberl G., 86 Summers, Vickie, 306 Sumner, Penny, 385, 48l Sumpler, Thomas, 325, 5l6 Sunderland, Gregory, 342 Superfine, Sleven, 435, 5l6 Surbey, Glen, 439, 5l6 Susan, Karen, 30l Sulclille, Gary, 3l6 Sulherland, Dr. Slephen, 8l, 258, 262, 282 Swales, Sleven, 439, 5l7 Swank, Carol, 299 Swank, David, 36, l90 Swanson, Cindy, 367, 5l7 Swanson, Garry, 343 Swarlz, Gay, 300, 48l Swalek, Slephen, 427, 5l7 Swaydan, Susan, 305, 5l7 Sweeney, Charles, 323 Sweeney, Kalhleen, 278, 280 Swenlon, Michael, 342, 437, 5l7 Swill, Alan, 439, 5l7 swirl, Donald, 438, 439, 48l Swimming, 2I8-2I9 Swingle, Larry, l26, 48l Swinney, Mary, 252 Swirsky, Marvin, 5l7 Sworn, Candyce, 305 Swyden, Phillip, 3l9 Sykes, Barbara, 280 Sykes, Herman, 203, 343 Sykes, Kalhryn, 458 Sylvan, Barry, 3ll, 435, 5l7 Symanski, Slanley, 429, 5l7 Synar, Michael, 3l7, 407, 5l7 Syverson, Larry, 396, 5l7 T Tabachnick, Daryl, 266, 398, 5l7 Taber, Warren, 4ll, 5l7 Tadlock, Janice, 48l Tall, George, 3I7, 423 Tail, Hal, 3l6 Takalani, Selsuo, 336 Talasazan, Rouhollah, ll8 Talbol, Joseph, Il5 Talkinglon, Linda, 228, 377, 5l7 Tallanl, Irma, 306 Talley, James, I28, 335, 48l Talley, Richard, 84 Tanasazan, Roy, 6l Tandy, Allen, 334, 435, 5l7 Tanlon, Mark, 237, 48l Tapick, Michael, 42I, 5l7 Tapp, Millon, 345 Tarbullon, Barbara, 287 Tale, Dorolhy, 30l Tale, Kennelh, 5l7 Tale, Roberl, 2l6 Talroe, John, 439, 5l7 Talum, Sadie, 306 Tauber, Larry, 337 Tau Bela Pi, II4 Tau Bela Sigma, I06 Tawwaler, Larry, 99, 255, 3l0, 332, 336, 4l9, 48l Taylor, Brenda, 307 Taylor, Gary, 3l3 Taylor, Genie, I57, 383, 448, 5l7 Taylor, Ginger, 280 Taylor, Guy, 5l7 Taylor, Jack, 5l7 Taylor, Jamye, 369, 5l7 Taylor, Jimmie, 3l3 Taylor, Joseph, IOO Taylor, Lois, 363, 48l Taylor, Lydia, 357, 48l Taylor, Monle, 447 Taylor, Nancy, 296 Taylor Orvis, 349, 5l7 Palricia, 377, 5l7 Taylor, Sheriden, 92, 363, 48l Teagle, Scoll, 320 Teafl, David, 423, 5l7 Teel, Vickie, 369, 5l7 Teelers, Daniel, 84 Terlerliller, Charles, 4l9, 5l7 Teiber, Norman, 33l Teis, Dena, l25 Teilelbaum, Frank, 33l, 5l7 Teilelbaum, Mark, 3I6 Temple, Van, 330, 5l7 Templer, Rodney, 43l Tenenbaum, Harold, 5l7 Tennis, 2I5 Termini, Salvalore, 338 Terrell, Maureen, 288, 5l7 Terrell, Paul, 3l9, 5l7 Terrell, Raymond, 4l7, 5l7 Terrell, Roberl, 5l7 Terrell, Roberl L., 250 Terry, Diane, 385, 5l7 Theimer, Richard, 343 Thies, Dennis, I03, 403, 393, 5l7 Thiessen, Audra, 5l7 Thoes, Donald B., 277 Thomsa Thomas Adrian, 305 Alvin, 2l8, 482 Thomasl Bobby, 237, 5:7 Thomas, Burke, 425, 5l7 Thomas, Gaia, 369, 5l7 Thomas, Gayle, 482 Thomas, James, 5l7 Thomas, Joyce, 308 Thomas, Michael, 3l7 Thomas, Nancy, 369, 482 Thomas, Palla, 307 Thomas, Phyllis l06 Thomas, Priscilla, 299, 377, 5l7, 389 Thomas, Sonya, 306 Thomas, Sue, 5l7 Thompson, Bobby, l92, I93, l96, I97 343, isa Thompson, Chrislopher, 245, 256, 437 Thompson, Dianna, 304, 5l7 Thompson, Gayle, 296 Thompson, James, 429, 5l7 Thompson, John, 4I3, 5l7 Thompson, John, 2I6 Thompson, Kall-lleen, 305 Thompson, Lee B., 60 Thompson, Mark, 345, 4l9, 5l7 Thompson, Marlene, 30l Thompson Marsha, 290 Thompson, Max, 4l9, 5l7 Thompson, Michael, 259, 3l4 Thompson, Pamela, 63, 379, 5l7 Thompson, Pal, 258 Thompson, Philip, 330 Thompson, Ralph, 267 Thompson, Dr. Roberl C., 98 Thompson, Sandra, 304 Thompson, Sue, 385, 5l7 Thompson, Thomas, 208 Thompson, Tommy, 313 Thompson, Ward, 222 Thomson, Linda, 306 Thornbrough, Cheri, 282, 5l7 Thorne, Diane, 299, 363, 5l7 Slrickland, Anila, 262, 292, 363, 389, Sulherland, Mrs. Slephen, 26l, 282 Tarbullon, Grady, 323 Terry, Eslher, 286 Thornlon, Joseph, 405, 5l7 5l6 Sullon, Janice, 5l7 Tarllon, Slephen, l92, 193,343 Teydorl, Chris, 342 Thornlon, Larry, 5l7 Sullon, Jayne, 278, 302, 385 Tarman Tower 347 Thacker, Jerrell, 482 Thornlon, Phillip, 43 Sullon, Pamela, 250, 29l, 48l ' Thaggard, John, 325, 5l7 Thornlon, Ronald, 87 Sullon, Suzanne, 294, 295 Tarwaleri Judi- 399- 5l7 Thalen, Slephen, 3l7 Thorpe, Ginger, 293 Suvannadom, Surachai, 252 Tarwalef- Wllllamr 22l- 342 Thalcher, Scoll, 427, 5l7 Thorpe, Palricia, 289 Svec, Michael, 4l9, 5l7 Tasclli Kennellll ,9l8 Thayer, James, 325 Thorpe, Roberl, 425, 5l7 swsae, Juanr, 303, 372, 5l7 Tasker- Joseph 153- 262 346 517 Theimer, Diane, 258 Thorpe, Sally, I62, 367, 5l7 Swain, James E., 44, 45 Tassels, 26I Theimer, Jack, 2l5, 343 Thorslenberg, Roberla, 5l7 Slroud, Sleven, 324 CHARLES BU RGETT EE: '41 Planning Supervisor Operalions Planning THESE FORMER OU STUDENTS FOUND A CAREER AT PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY Three among many, they tell why they feel they chose wisely "No need lo become anliqualed lechnically...sem- inars and short courses provide access lo lalesl lech- nology, making professional performance possible" BurgeH'. "There's real challenge in swilil-paced 'rech- nical change"-NisleH'er. "You sharpen your own skills while helping provide an essenlial public service" -Howard. If you're interested in career opportunities at I D. NISTETTER w. J. HOWARD FUBZIU SERVICE ME. -50 EE. -5, DUMI'ANYOFUKLAH0ll1A Chief Engineer Ind. Sales Engr. 0 l Tulsa Power Sfafion Markefing write LeI'!'0ll Llftle, P.o. BOX TUESB, 584 Thrasher Pamela, 278 297 517 Thrasher, Ted, 319 Thurman Eileen, 482 Thurman, Terry 121 Thurrnond, Ray, 191,221 Trursfon, Joanne, 246, 308 Trursfon Mark, 345 T'bbe11s, La'ry, 419, 517 Trade, A1an,262, 405, 517, 328 Tierno, Robert, 394, 409 517 nil, Roy, 330, 517 Tillery Parrick 314 Tilley Dwaync, 345 Tillrrian,Da'1nv,518 T'llman, Vfanda, 283, 379 518 Timmons, Bcycc, 267 Tirnrnons, Jo'wn, 518 Timpson, Fred, 345 Tims, Richard, 429, 482 Tims, William, 393, 407, 518 Tfnkler, Mara, 127 Tinkler, Sharon 304 Tinsley, Rocky, 318 Tops Lame1a,287 T'rw1on, Josepr, 518 Tirey, Virginia, 357, 364, 518 Tisdal, James, 433, 518 Tisdal, Linda, 367, 482 Tisdale, Michael, 400, 518 T'1swor'h,John 188,192 193 196 343 Tfcs, Ra ndy 332,441,518 Tob as, 1-1elen,97,288 raaa, Dav'd A., 117, 118 Todd, George 417,518 Todd, Nelson, 192, 343 Todd, Tommy, 431, 518 Toder, Sreohen, 312 Tolberr, Cinoy, 303 Tolle, Marv, 45, 258, 385 518 Toll'ver Joel, 343 Tolson, Lynn 293, 383, 518 Tom, Larry, 265, 340 Tornblin, John, 324 Tornila, Edwin, 482 Tomlin, Fran, 226, 286 Tomlin, Michael, 312 Tomlin, Thornas, 192 Tomlinson, Will am, 322 To"1'ney, Linda, 265, 281 Toole Suzanne, 129 ramen, vicki, 307, 513 Torloerl, Connie, 369, 518 Torberl, Roberl, 411, 482 Torbcrr Randy, 318 Torbel' Ronald 405 518 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 l 458 Toro-ro, Jarncs, 433, 518 Townsend, Callie, 286 Townsend, Nancy, 279 Townsend, R chord, 344, 518 Trec1'rman,J'll, 300 Track, 212-213 Tracy, Michael, 431, 518 Tracy, Ralon, 317 Traqer, Samuel, 337 Trammel, DC, 363, 518 Travis, Dale, 403,518 Travis, Douglas, 403, 518 T'av's, Ph'll o, 437, 518 Treacv, Smonew 417,518 Trenam, Nancy, 288 Treniield, Linda, 300 Trevor, Eleanor, 365, 518 Trice, Slephcn, 82 Trilikis, Georqc, 413, -182 Troiano, James, 218, 219, Troup, L'nnea, 482 Troup, Donald 467 Trour, Dr, Roy, 132 Trourman, Janr:1,357, 518 Trourman, Sleve, 347 Troull, Pamela, 359 Trower, Tricia, 296 Troyer, 1-larvcy, 126, 129 Truex Dr, Dorolhy, 37, 38, 39 246 388 342 Trussell, Bobbie, 371,518 Tsocole, Marqccrile, 305 Tubb, Parricia, 104, 304 Tubbs, Susan, 262, 292, 518 Tuber, Jacoueline, 361, 518 Tubcr, Paula, 300 Tuck, Kalynne, 278, 304, 518 Tuck Maroarer, 286, 518 Tucker, Paul 323 482 Tucker, Sandra, 307, 518 Tull, Ron 212 Tuma, Gerald, 76, 117, 190 Tuma, John, 218 Turloey, Slephen E., 317 Turk, Adnan, 252 Turk, Mary, 284, 518 Turley Sreohen, 317 Turnbo, David, 417, 518 Turnbull, David, 319 Turnbull, Linda, 285, 458 Turnell, Karen, 285, 365, 518 Turner, Carolyn, 161, 388, 381 451 482 Turner Cherc, 303 Turner Dion W., 444 Turner rn-day, 259, 337, 407 sis Turner Glcn, 329, 518 Turner Jamcs, 120 Turner Judilh P., 86 Turner Kay 482 Turner Richard, 216 Turner Ronald, 518 Turner Rulh, 278, 285, 518 Turner William, 325, 518 Turney, Laura, 257, 379, 389, 518 Turney, Sharon, 285 Turney, Steven, 439, 518 Tarnham, Mickie, 518 Tus'no, Maroarel, 291, 309 Jo, 97, 371, 518 Turrle, Tygesson, Barbara, 305 Tyler, Tim R., 87 Tyner, Theopal, 158, 263, 374, 375, 388, 482 U UGOUi,S1Cp11CV1, 111 115, 322,482 Uhlenhop, Sally, 385, 518, 457 Ullon, Linda, 467 Ulmer, Sally, 367, 482 Underclassmen, 484-521 Underwood, John, 315, 518 Underwood, Michael, 417, 1182 Underwood, Michael, 439 518 Unger, Michael, 103 Union, 60-65 Universify, 18-133 Universily College, 80-Bl Universily Communily, Office of, University Scholars, 262 Uochurch, Melinda, 299 Ucp Jane 482 Urrerback, Debra, 262, 292 V Vaeqer, Donna, 290 Vahlberq, Slephanie, 357,518 Valenra, Karhleen, 304 Valenfnc 8ryan, 427 518 Valen1ine, Mon'e, 417, 518 Valenlinc, Solon, 324 Va1ladares, Jorqe, 482 Vammcn, Vahla, 301, 518 Van Arnam, 284, 518 Van Arsdale, 84, 87, 440, 441, 482 Van Auken Joseoh, 88 37 Van 8uskirk, Charles, 313 Van Ge1der,Judilh, 306 Van Gordor, Roberl, 121 Van Hook, Mary 279, 357, 518 Van Sick'e, Sherry, 280 Vance House, 319 Vance, Virq'nia, 167 262, 263 292 3751, 518 Vanderpool, Michael, 320 Vandewaler, Robert, 337 Vanderwerrh, W. C,, 43 vann, Larry, iii, 116, 349 482, 335 Vannosl, Richard, 482 296, 518 407, 518 Vargas, Karen Vark, Douglas, Varner, Bruce, 407, 518 Varncr, David, 316 Varner, Larry, 111, 112,115,482 Varner, Linda, 518 Varner, Michael, 310, 327 Varvel, Paul, 437, 482 Va1er,Jonn J. Jr. 30 Vaughan, Kevin, 212, 342 518 Vauqran, Marrha, 307 Vaughan, Nancy, 385, 518 Vaughn, Richard, 315, 405, 518 Vauqhn, Susan, 467 Veal, Eugenia, 306, 501 Veal, Wayne, 433, 518 Veazcy, George, 439, 518 Veazcy, Samuel, 433, 467 Ve"enhiemer, Rancy, 347 Venard, Vicloria, 285 Vennerberq, Pamela, 294, 383, 518 Venlers, Emily, 287 Verden, Thomas, 322 Verrnillion, Richard, 335 Versrrian, Louis, 313 Vervack, Larry, 429, 518 Veller John, 262, 345 Veverka, Cn"s1ine, 46 49, 307 158 518 Vevurka, Diana, 287 Vice Presidenfs, University of Oklahoma, 32-34 Vick, George, 87, 403, 482 Vickers, Janyce, 518 Vic'or Bonnie, 306 Vielh Karen, 46, 22898, 226 377, 229, 482 Vincenr, Gordon, 339, 518 Vincenl, Jesse, 431, 518 Vincenl, Larry, 417, 518 Vinez, Lynda, 299, 363, 518 Vinson, Eddie, 247 Vinson Sarnmre, 62, 254, 371 388 482 V'nyard, Karen, 2127, 518 V'zard, Thomas, 329 409, 518 Vlasak Eonarnae, 84 Vodr Ancvew 316, 407 518 Voiles, Zella, 369 482 Volker, Eredenck, 415, 518 Von Kaenel, Por1ia, 383, 518 Von Tunqeln, Louis, 427, 482 Vondrlrsmirh, W,, 114 120, 467 VOsburqh,Vic10ria, 158, 365, 518 Voss, 8arba'a, 259 299 357, 518 Voss, Sue 292, 518 Vucna, Maurce, 313 Vyskoc'l, Dianne, 305 W Wacker Sharon, 281 Waddell, Bruce 339, 518 Waddell Codv, 419, 482 Mfade Linca, 257, 299, 369 518 Roberf L., 340 Roberr M., 327 Wade Wadc, Wade, Sharon, 387, 388, 518 Wadsack, Charles, 394,427 518 Wacrinq, William, 482 Waqqoner, Darrel, 343 Waqdoner, Dennis, 439, 518 Vlfaqnef Carhv, 280 Wagner, Dennis 126 482 wagner K'1,1l2,l14 116 Waqner, Robin, 260, 300, 518 Slephen, 318 Waqncr, Waqoner, Ronald, 315, 518 Waquesoack, Kendall, 341 Henry, 425, 513 warn, wan, Mrmaei 437,518 -fer, 103,249 341,518 Wad, Ca Wakcdeld, Kalhy, 302 Roberr, 519 Wake"eld Vwfakeiield, Sheila, 519 Wakelee, Lloyd, 313 Waken, Pamela, 358, 482 Walck,DavEd,-117,519 Wa1den,James, 313 Vifalden, Violer, 60 Wlaldr o Sleven, 405, 482 waia-aaa, Man, 323, sw Wales Jeiirey, 237,482 Walke, Gregory, 327 Walker, Bruce, 419 Walker, Bruce W., 115, 327 519 Walker Carolyn, 281, 309 DR. PEPPER BOTTLING COMPANY Oklahoma Cily, Oklahoma 1 585 Walker, Dianna Ellen, 308 Walker, Donald, 325, 482 Walker, Gene B., 117, 118 Walker, Jerry, 308, 519 Walker, Jimmie, 325, 519 Walker, Linda, 246, 365, 467, 482 Walker, Marlha, 290 Walker, Roberl, 467 Walker, Ronald, 88,482 Walker, Rulh, 260, 377, 519 Walker, Sherry, 92, 381, 519 Walker, Slephen, 316, 433, 519 Walker Wally 262 345 Walko, Gayle, 377, 519 Walko, Jo Ann, 363, 482 Wall, Larry, 482 Wall, Sandra, 519 Wallace, Clarence, 439, 519 Wallace, George C., 343 Wallace, Henry, 403, 519 Wallace, John, 437, 482 Wallach Wallach Wallach , esii, 280 , Hairy, 324, 437, 519 Kimberly, 166, 251, 260, 306, 315, 482 w511sC1i, vida, 482 Waller, Waller, Wallin, Belly, 296, 519 David, 519 Lani, 377, 519 Wa1Iis, Roberl, 320, 519 Wallock, Walls, J Debra, 294, 295 oseph, 482 Walsh, Mary, 519 Walsh, Walsh, Wallers, Wallers, Palricia, 309 Thomas, 394, 415, 519 Dale, 417, 519 Joy, 279, 519 Wealherspoon, David, 102, 103, 400, 482 Weaver, Anila, 296 Weaver, Barbara, 365, 388, 519 Weaver, Dana, 301 David, 342 Weaver, Weaver, Janel, 293, 519 Weaver, Michael, 312, 407, 519 Webb, Jeffrey, 437, 519 Webb, Morris, 247 Webb, Terry, 318 Webber, Cheryl, 291, 519 Webber, James, 419 Webber, Slepheni, 357, 519 Weber, Henry, 396, 519 Weber, James, 519 Weber, Roberla, 309 Websler, Jack, 439, 519 weddle, J., 84, 224, 433, 482 Weddle, Margarel, 285 Weedn, Alan, 249, 327, 519 Weger, David, 312 Weger, Roberl, 519 Weichbrodl, Slephen, 437, 519 Weichbrodl, Thomas, 317, 437, 519 Weicherl, Slephen, 225, 423, 519 Weidling,Car1a, 383,457, 519 Weidner, Earnesl, 344, 519 Weikel, Roberl, 467 Weil-Malherbe, Claude, 252 Weinberg, Sanford, 245 Weinberg, Van, 421, 482 Weinberger, Marc, 330, 519 Weindruch, Vicki, 302, 519 Weiner, Sherry, 372, 519 Weinslein, Elyse, 387, 519 Weinslein, Leslee, 387, 519 Wulkin, Vicki, 298 Wallers, Ma r'or 289 Weinslein, Mark, 421, 519 Wallers, Wallers, Wallon, Wallon, Wansley, Wanllan I Yi Peggy, 260, 367, 519 William, 340, 519 Felice, 306 Ronald, 519 Richard, 396, 519 d, James, 349, 482 Ward, Chrisline, 246, 289, 519 Ward, Ward, Ward, J Ward, 257, Ward, Ward, Ward, P Ward, Ward, T Curlis, 88 David, 318 immy Max, 122 Ka11i1yn, 46, 63, 240, 248, 258, 367, 519 Louise O., 277 Nancy, 282 1ii1, 482 Ron, 216 homas H., 407, 482 Weinslein, Nancy, 304, 387, 519 Weiss, Jeffrey, 326, 519 Weiss, Melvin, 435, 482 Weiss, Sleven, 335 Weisskopf, Richard, 435, 519 Weissman, Larry, 96 Weilz, Bradford, 421, 519 Welch, Lee, 46, 63, 64, 261, 265, 377, 519 Welch, Morl, 259, 348, 519 Welch, Sleven, 322 Welch, Vicki, 304, 377, 519 Weldon, Jean, 519 Wigs, William, 111, 112, 113, 310, Weller, Warren, 99 Weller, William, 126, 482 Ward, Thomas R., 441, 519 Warden, Sandra, 381, 519 Waring, Lizabelh, 296 Warma, Karen, 363, 519 Warmack, Roberl, 178, 193, 194, 195, 197, 198, 199, 201, 202, 343 Warne, Craig 214, 342 Elizabelh, 379 Eric, 318 188, 192, Warner, Warner, Warner, Kerry, 417, 519 Warner, Warner, Warner, Mallory, 519 Marquis, 237, 329, 519 Roberl, 337 Warr, Genese, 98, 278, 287, 482 Warren, Cleve, 519 Warren, Edwin, 262, 347 Warren, Everelle, 316 Warren, George, 417 Warren, Slephanie, 357, 482 Warriner, Mary, 306 Wasgmiller, Wayne, 347, 406, 407, 51 Washburn, Daniel, 262, 326, 519 Washburn, Jack, 262, 346 Washburn, Marilyn, 381, 519 Washinglon House, 343 Washinglon, Lawrence, 323 Wassel, William, 324 Wasserman, Gaye, 246, 306 Wasserman, Lyn, 305 Wasson, Laurence, 128, 335, 519 Walel, Roberl, 421, 519 Walerhouse, James, 341 Claudia, 300 Elizabelh, 305, 519 Walers, Walers, Walers, Millelle, 374, 375, 482 Sharon 286 Walers, , Walers, William, 319 Walkins, Gregory, 259, 519 Walson, Bransford, 264 Walson, Cheryl, 280 Walson, Dennis, 111, 112, 115 Walson, Donald, 344 Walson, Edward H., 405 Walson, Edward R., 519 Walson, Johnny, 192, 343 Walson, Landy, 188, 203, 204, 206, 207, 343 Walson, Rodney, 319 Walson Weldon, 339, 519 Wallenbarger, Belly, 104 Wallman, Mark, 417, 519 Walls, Gregory, 263 Walls, Linda, 369,519 Walls, Suzanne, 257, 279, 309, 519 Waxler, Calhy, 294 Way, 8111, 127,482 Way, Jane, 482 Weakley, Roberl, 336 Wealherholl, William, 427, 519 586 Wells, Craig, 435,519 Wells, Joe, 119 Wells, Joria, 482 Wells, Larry, 349, 482 Wells, Lynn, 371, 483 Wells, Mark, 441, 519 Wells, Pamela, 519 Wells, Dr. Richard, 253 Welsh, Deborah, 305 Wellon, Elaine, 282, 519 Wenzel, Granl, 316 Werner, Lon, 46, 48, 421, 519 Werlz, Slephanie, 262, 292, 519 Wesl, Do nald, 423, 519 Wesl, Laurie, 292 Wesl, Leonard, 310, 321, 411,519 Wesl, Sleven, 312, 519 Weslbroo k, Linda, 367, 451, 483 Weslby, Gerald, 439, 519 Weslfa I 1, Gail, 128,288 Welmore, Sharon, 287, 519 Welsel, Rebecca, 381, 483 vvexlei, Melinda, 297, 361, 520 Wexler, Milchell, 314 Whaley, Margarel 285 Whaylen, Slephen, 319 Wheeler, Brian, 520 Wheeler, Clyde, 30 Wheeler, Gordon, 212 Wheeler, J., 407, 520 Wheeler, Janel, 520 Wheeler, Nancy, 106, 307, 520 Wheeler Peler, 316, 520 Whelslohe, Gwendolyn, 286 Whipple, John, 409, 520 Whilacre, Linda, 279 Whilaker, Randall, 247 Whilbeck, Frank, 293, 338 Whilaker, Mrs, John R., 252 Whilbeck, Theresa, 302 Whilcomb, Gary, 4-46, 483 While, Barry, 520 While, Charles, 405, 520 While, Charles W., 411, 520 While, David, 520 While, David, 318 While, Erma, 374, 520 While, Fred, 409. 520 While, Glenda, 305, 520 While, Jamie, 296, 458, 520 While, Jefry, 332, 520 While, Calherine, 262, 283, 520 While, Lowell, 259, 419 While, Marie, 284 While Michael, 423, 520 While, Palricia, 303, 371, 520 While, Reggie, 520 While, Roberl, 437, 520 While Roberl, 244 While: Thomas, 245, 437, 520 While While Dr, Thurman J., 32, 34 William, 405 Whilebook, Jill, 289 Whilehand Hall, 341 whiiehead, Lyiidi, 285, 381, 520 Whilehill, Samuel, 411, 520 Whileley, William, 314 Whilelock, Theresa, 287, 520 Whileman, Don, 337, 417, 520 Whileman, Thomas, 520 Whileneck, James, 339, 520 Whileside, Paula, 51, 358, 359, 520 Whileside, Sleve, 118, 119, 325 Whilefurlle, Irene, 267 w11i1fi-sid, Lloyd, 192, 343 David, 345 Mary, 306, 520 Slephanie, 284 Barbara, 284 Whilney, Whilley, Whilley, Whilney, Whilney, Janel, 359 Whilney, Laura, 292, 520 Whilleberry, Roberl, 415, 520 w1ii1151i, Donald, 427, 520 Whillen s1ep1ien, 423, 520 w1ii11eii15eig, Michel, 483 whdndii, Jody 312, 320, 417, 520 wiekbeig, Paul, 250, 520 Wickliffe, Roberl, 419, 520 Wickline, Larry, 344 Widner, Kalhleen, 381, 392 Widner, Kendra, 282, 381, 520 Widofl, Marc, 331 Wiechman, Dennis, 415, 483 Wiehle, Sleven, 348, 405, 520 Wienecke, Linda, 288 Wiener, Barry, 316 Wienges, Halle, 313 Wiggins, Bruce, 427, 520 Wiggins, David, 111, 112, 115, Wiggs, Danny, 323 Wiggs, Phyllis, 26, 282, 520 Wighl, Chares, 86 Wighlman, Roberl, 313 Wigley, John 111,439,520 Wilbanks, Frances, 379, 520 Wilber, Don, 325,411,520 wiiber, William, 339, 520 k 119 Wilcox W lcox Carol, 288, 520 Carolyn, 290, 377, 520 Wilcox, Lawrence, 319 Wilcze Wilda, Wilds, La Donna, 289 Wiles, Larry, 439, 520 Wiley, Garald, 340 Wiley, Ron, 483 Wilhile, Cliflon, 260 Wilkes, Jean, 371, 520 Wilkie, Norman, 127, 266, 326, 520 Wilkinson, Cary, 318 Wilkinson, Edward, 87 Will, Mary, 261, 285, 309, 451 , Carolyn, 285 Douglas, 121, 324 Willenburg, Jeredilh, 257, 259, 520 Willenzik, Bruce, 398, 520 Willell, Ginger, 303 Beverly, 303 Carolyn, 381, 520 Chad, 103, 327, 520 Williams Williams Williams Williams, Cynlhia, 186, 483 David, 520 Williams Williams, Douglas, 431, 520 Williams, James, 520 James A. 118 Williams, , Williams, James C., 417, 450, 520 Williams, James E., 321 Williams, Jimmy, 520 Williams, Judilh, 483 Williams, Kimberly, 381, 520 Williams, Lee, 417, 520 Williams, Leslie Jr., 425, 520 Williams, Linda, 298, 367, 520 Williams, Dr. Lloyd P., 74 Williams, Margie, 228, 377 Williams, Markella, 520 Williams, Melvin Jr., 312 Williams, Michael, 43 Williams, Michael R., 87 Williams, Michal, 520 Williams, Olis Jr., 336 Williams, Pele, 118 Williams, Rebecca, 162, 363, 457, Williams, Roberl L., 520 Williams, Roberl S., 318 Williams, Sandra, 306, 451, 520 Williams, Sherry, 304 Williams, Susan, 258 Williams, Suzanne, 377, 451, 520 Williams, Tale, 466 Tom 407 520 Williams, , , Wklggamson, George, 208, 342, 411, Glen, 431, 520 Williamson, Jack, 218 Williamson, Judilh, 367, 483 Richard, 86 Williamson, Williamson, Willis, Barbara, 290, 520 Willis, Lynn, 345 Willis, Marie, 284, 483 Willis, Roberl, 262, 400, 520 Willis Timolhy 405,520 wiiiisf wiiiiamhi., 312, 423, 520 Willison, Palrick, 262, 348 Willoughby, Janel, 294 Wills, Sherry, 301, 520 Willsie, Marlha, 296, 357, 520 Wilmolh, Slephen, 103,331,520 Wilson, Barry, 342, 417, 520 Wglson Cenler Presidenls Council, 21 Wilson, Dennis, 427, 483 Wilson, Donna, 46, 51 Wilson, Jeffrey, 405, 520 Wilson, Joanne, 303, 365, 520 Wilson, Linda Ann, 520 Wilson, Linda Carol, 299, 383 Wilson, Mary, 483 Wilson, Nancy, 226, 281 Wilson, Pamela, 300, 520 Wilson, Rick, 349, 483 Wilson, Roberl, 317 Wilson, Slephen, 249, 433 Sleve, 393, 520 Wilson, Wilson, Wa ne Jr., 335, 520 Wilson, William, 431, 483 Willse, Chrislopher, 413, 520 Willse, Ellioll, 413, 483 Willse, Col. Woodrow W., 42, 452 Wimer, Dennis, 520 Winans, Gary, 99 Winder, Ronald, 431, 520 Winer, Slacey, 284 Winer, Sleven, 322 Winfield, Marilyn, 159, 305, 520 Winfrey, Julian, 483 Winfrey, Ronald, 437, 467 Wingale, James, 313 Wingale, Terry, 312 Winn, Mary, 279 Winslead, Donald, 520 Winslon, Bruce, 349, 483 Winslon, William, 267, 349, 483 Winler, Marion IV, 259 Winlers, Carol, 281, 520 Winlers, Kalhy, 300 Winzenread, Michael, 225, 266, 413, 521 Wise, Craig, 214, 342, 411, 521 Wise, John, 62, 310, 316, 320 Margarel, 369, 521 Wise, Wise, Phillip, 335 Wiseharl, Thomas, 440, 441, 521 Wiseman, Gerald, 521 Wiseman, Merelyn, 521 Wilhin lon, Ann, 257, 369, 389, 521 Willengerg, Francine, 387, 521 Will , Gary, 319 Wofzord, Teresa, 162, 385, 521 Wolch, Brooke, 305 Wolf, O. D., 318 Wolf, Silas Jr., 249, 405, 521 Wolf, Dr. Slewarf, 255 W lfard Neal 445 Word, Ronald, 317 Worley, James, 343 Worley, Mary, 284- Worley, Owen Jr., 433, 483 Worrell, Virginia, 297, 367, 521 Worlhen, Mari, 367, 521 Worlhinglon, ila, 483 Woylal, Terrance, 427, 521 Wray, William, 321, 324 Wrede, Sharon, 379, 521 Wreslling, 208-211 Wrighl, Becky, 284 Wrighl, Duff, 43, 339, 521 Wrighl, Gary, 312 Wrighl, Jack, 332, 417, 467, 521 Wrighl, James Jr., 521 Wrighl, Joe, 117, 121 Wgggahl, Linda, 98, 173, 254, 287, 309, Wrighl, Margarel, 385, 521 Wrighl, Marian, 286, 309, 357,483 Wrighl, Max, 483 Wrighl, Michael, 143 Wrighl, Nancy, 371, 521 Wrighl, Pamala, 379, 521 Wrighl, Phillip, 43 Wrighl, Ray, 86 Wrighl Richard G., 419 Wrighl, Richard K., 521 Wrighl, Slephen, 337 Wrighl Thomas ll, 331 Wrighl, William E., 411, 483 Wrighl, William G., 417,467 Wunder, R, T., 444 Wunlch, Myra, 483 Wursler, Dr. Dale, 126 Wglfardl Robeil, 431, 521 wane, Ann, 363, 521 Wolfe, Jo Anne, 304, 366 Wolfe, Larry Jr., 245 Wolfe, Warren, 317 Wolff, Linda, 304 Wolff, Ronald, 266, 521 Wolgamoll, James, 427, 521 Wolilarsky, Bruce, 427, 521 Woller, Bruce, 120 Woller,Joel1e, 262, 292, 521 Wollmershauser, Mark, 319, 320 Wolpe, Suzanne, 306, 521 Wolpin, Jeffrey, 324 Womack, Kennelh, 439, 483 Womaslek, Darla, 301 Women's Glee Club, 106 Women's Presidenls Council, 278 Women 's Recrealion Associalion, 226-227 Womer, Bruce, 324 Wondrack, Waller M., 87 Wong Lorraine 307 Wood, Charles, '348 Wood Wood Wood, Wood, Wood Everell, 86, 483 Maura, 300, 521 Russell, 250, 266, 326 Timolhy, 334 Vicki, 285 Woodall, Lloyd, 86, 88,441,483 Woodard, Leo, 331 Woodard, Palricia, 306 Woodlan, Bruce, 218, 411, 521 Woodliff, Ka ,257 371,521 Woodrome, Beverly, 304 Woodruff, Ernesl, 249, 347 Woods Woods Bob, 429, 433, 521 Bruce 411 521 Wood, 'Charles 467 Woods, 388, 4 Woods, Woods, Woods Woods, Woods, Woodw Woodw Woodw Woodw Gwendolyn, 263, 374, 375, 83 Larry, 521 Pamela Jane, 297, 357, 521 Pamela Sue, 383, 521 Roberl, 483 Susan, 357, 521 ard, Charles, 84 ard, David, 348 ard, J. K., 452 ard, Richard, 437, 521 Woody, Nancy, 371, 521 Wooley, James, 415, 483 Woolf, 36611, 385, 521 Woolman, Johnny, 437, 521 Woolman, Larry, 393, 437, 521 Woolen, Mary, 284, 365, 521 Woolen, Richard Jr., 321 Woolen, Roberl, 203, 204, 343 Worcesler House, 324 Word, Richard, 419, 521 Wychopen, Waller, 112,483 Wylie, Claudia 287 Wynkoop, G. E., 452 Wychopen, Waller, 121,483 Wynn, Gordon, 425, 521 Wynn, Phail Jr., 263, 400,401,483 Wynne, Murray, 427, 483 Y Yadon, Rebecca, 163, 364, 365, 521 Yaeger, Theodore Jr., 312 Yaffe, Marvin, 435, 521 Ya uinlo, Roberl Jr., 315, 439, 521 Yalerry John, 431, 521 Yarne1l,l'eresa,284,521 Yarringlon, John, 403 Yales, John Jr., 344 Yeager, James, 321 Yealls, Judy, 240, 258, 357, 521 Yee, Richard, 318 Yen, Virginia, 260, 291 Yoch, Dr. James, 254 Yocham, Michael, 393, 405, 521 Yohn, Brell, 247 Yoneo, Ohyama, 336 York, Carolyn, 246, 261, 265, 363,521 York, Slanley, 435, 521 Youberg, Janice, 291 Youell, Jimmy, 99 Younce, Gu , 247 Young, Frecllda, 288 Young, Gary, 483 Young House, 320 Young, Gloria, 467 Young, James, 521 Young, Jerald W., 87 Young, J. J., 456 Young, John, 325, 521 Kalhryn, 385, 521 Young, Young, Le Roy, 126, 128,483 Young, Nellie, 361, 521 Young, Pe gy, 129, 298, 521 Young, Roiinerl, 324 Young, Sheryl F., 87 Young, Sleven, 187, 403, 521 Young, Terry, 344, 521 Younger, Howard, 415, 483 Younger, Roberl, 313 Youngswick, Fred, 435, 521 Younl, Mary, 304, 521 Youree, Karen, 483 Youslra, Linda, 106, 279 Yule, John, 343 Z Zabel, Sleve, 188, 192, 193, 194, 196, 197, 199, 212, 343 Zalowilz, Sluarl, 435, 483 Zander, Jeffrey, 313, 417, 521 Zanghi, Joseph, 340 Zanyor, William, 318 Gail, 302, 387, 389, 521 195, Zarrow, Zebrowski, Vincenl Jr., 121 Zeidner, R. F., 452 Zeigner, Chrisfina, 365, 389, 521 Zelby, L. W., 118 Zeller, Dennis, 340 Zeresky Ashley, 325 261511, k5n1i611i, 317, 441, 521 Zink, Charles, 343, 521 Zivin, Frances, 257, 302, 361, 521 Zlololow, Sleve, 421, 521 Zon ker, Thomas, 440, 441, 521 Zougan, Morleza, 252 Zox, Barbara, 361, 483 Zullowski, Jack, 317 Zwaaii, Alida, 285, 371, 521 A Aero-Commander Co. .. Agar-Ford Insurance .... Airmen, Inc. ............ . American Exchange Bank . B Brockhaus Jewelry ...... Brown's College Corner C Capitol Steel 8: Iron Co. . . . Champlin Oil Company Chastain-Holland Oil Co. .. City National Bank-Norman Clark, B. C.. Jewelers Coca-Cola Bottling Company Coronado Inn ........... D Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. . .. Durand Cover Company .. E Economy Advertising Co. . F First National Bank-Norman Advertisers' Inde G Gilt Edge Farms .... H Holiday Inn ..... The Hub ........... Hunzicker Brothers . . . K Kelly Farms ........ Ken's Pizza Parlor Kerr-McGee Corp. .. L Laird Printing ......... Lee4Way Motor Freight .. M Maxwell, Leo ....... Meadow Gold Milk . .. N Norman Park Motel O OK Stamp 8: Seal Company Oklahoma Memorial Union 589 582 589 588 565 589 575 580 589 588 588 589 588 559 Oklahoma National Bank-Norman Oklahoma Natural Gas. Co. . . P Public Service Co. of Oklahoma S Scovil Motors ............. Security National Bank-Norman Seismograph Service Corp. . . . Seven-Up Bottling Co. ..,.. . Southwestern Engraving Co. . T Transcript Press .. U University Book Exchange .. University Studio .......... V Valouch Electric Company . . . Varsity Book Shop ......., W Western Paper Company 7fze 1969. .. Saanea Printed and Bound by THE CLIO PRESS Yearbook Division of +he ECONOMY ADVERTISING CO. y 587 W5 .c.cQ.Mrt I Downtown - Mayfa' Oklahoma City, Okla. LEO MAXWELL CO.. INC. Wholesale Appliance Distributor Zenith - Fedclers 530 S. Broadway CE 6-4351 Oklahoma City More Oklahomans Drink MEADOW GOLD MILK Than Any Other Brand CAPITOL STEEL 6: IRON CO. Dependable Service Since 1910 Office and Plant - 1726 S. Agnew Oklahoma City ...... ME 4-6381 and 1902 Afton St., Houston, Texas WESTERN PAPER COMPANY Everything For the Printer 200 N.E. 34th IA 4-1515 Oklahoma City O. K. STAMP 5. SEAL CO. Rubber Stamps. Seals, Badges Plastic Name Tags-Desk Signs George Claymore, Owner 404 W. Main Okla. City CE 5-7853 HUNZICKER BROS. Electrical Supplies - Lighting Fixtures Oklahoma City Virginia at Fourth 236-3731 SEISMOGRAPH SERVICE CORP. 6200 E. 4lst Street Tulsa P. O. Box 1590 NA 7-3330 x.A .h.W A , TQ my AVMM, .. .V.V-if ,:vV,M ,JM '64 1-+-vw". 24-f Wvwiitliw' S V N w ,V 1 ,,m, 'Q 'Md h 'mf-". . NNN, , VV ., .. ,?3g?M.4 ' f y' H' .. ' V 1' F . Wi kd' M' , N ,,,, Q f "5-ww . Q ., .My Mfg. 4 l"""l "W -WV '12 ' Q- - 4-1':"... . ,V , .. W .. - .V i J 4 S be-2 V4 t N my? so i QL ,V V 1 f"!5'3'f?'a+.-,Vwga ' " K ,- J V- ' -- A ,i3,,,gwf,14-ggg,4.4u-Q-ff-"v'5551nz gs V M X N Q. .fn-g,wws:,,g f"1"VE'2'V3l7Ri3V:g'A"""T',f"QffgQ11+q ' pf WdMfQf"!i:.gfsg,gf.Q"i?T,'f.'Q?i!,Q,, ',N.2f4,lVf,.AM""'ff+nZ.,Y'L ,tw ,..VV E i,V,,,:k'f? , A .V K V' 5-'Mfrf'?'-1V-.ff?5i13.'iw-vi7x?ffr:H'W,A VM, K'-dj,f2"v',-Yagi.. ,W ,,,.V,.V.,,,,,,g.+w 'VVw,,Q,cfw3....-ef,..A:w,g,,,4 f V ' ,V rw uf. 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W, V M W. ,-9.57, , I rw -, " .vlF'..?""M"'?"'f M . , -'af f' " fn-vw,-w-nmifues. "'w"""""" v..,J. 'V+-4-Mm:"N3f"-37344 x -I v.,,,,,Jc1t-sni'e'i.',?"j,4Q3iS,rp ww", W W. :QWW 'k"m4V-555lv'1:?,,,,,,, Mnv-iL?"v14,:.u:""- ' N Qi 4 ' f .,m.qsgf--,+ . Vg, .,,..g V. V ,ms V, f ',., ,L-Y Aw .Axim-QEQVV. W ,nga .i-453' 'W' ,MV -W--, -n,,4...V Nz. , -7,-G f J-4.!,g:Qg'sJ'1 513. . 4 y ' . A , N i' 4, "V . 4' fsx ' Y A v 5 . L V, ,V V ..V F Y -" i ng '.,'f'k:..Q .' ' V A,,""lI8v, ' - VNV . flaw:-'."X-.vb , yt' 'T H j -VV- A Ar CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to All Graduating Seniors F.-EF. .WAX Where The Action Is... Home of the BIG RED Sooner Check American Exchange Bank and Trust Co. Main and Berry Road-Norman GENERAL 0FFlCES!3UUU W. RENU ST., UKLAHUMA CITY, UKLAHUMA Member F,D,I,C, 3' 1 tor the Finest in Merchandise and Service H S Brockhaus Jewelers X g 6 Omega Watcties Keepsake Diamonds . J PIZZA PARLOR 1303 S. Ienkins Sorority and Fraternity 1ewe1ry M Dine my CUNY Gut' or Delivery 752 Asp 321-4228 I i Phone 329-1161 Qift 6:9 e FA R M S q NORMAN ROY VALOUCH ELECTRIC CO. Electrical Contracting NuTone Intercom-Radio WifEXhaust Fans Heaters Home CS 1ndustria1 Wiring Lighting Fixtures 61 Supp1ies 113 W. Gray 321-6267 Norman, Ok1ahoma NORMAN PARK MOTEL A Come Bank 65 UNITS "B + B k - Q fs an Wl'l'h Us - Phones, TV's, Radios, Wa11-to-Wail Carpeting, Modern 'n the Air Conditioning and Heating. Popular Restauran' Big Ejghy' .uda few wok esf Adjacent. I 1 C S W ' th L' d NORMAN'S BEST GUEST VALUE I fl O' E campus on 'n my 1131 N. Porter St. A--A 321-3000 --- Near N. Campus In Towne-US Hwy. 77e24-Hour Switchboard 1600 W. Lindsey - Member F,D.l.C. - 329-2122 " " 'S The OPEN H "'u 24 hrs. .. Sat. fy H U B G G R 'F ,.,'.,'. P001 ee. Pinball Pgpefimks Iusujtauzz, Groceries f 1ce ff Beer 218 NORTH PETERS BOX 948 - NORMAN, OKLAHOMA, 73069 Varsity Village 1311 S. Ienkins 321-0603 I I I I 2 I I I 5 I I I I I 5 I I I I I Q I . I I z i . I I I I i s I 1 1 I I I x Z I I 1 I I I I , I E , E . I . I I I I I Q a 5 I I 3 I I I I . I . I I I e I s I I I n I I I I I -. ......,....m.,........,...-T.. ,....,,..I, .-4--, .4.X MM...-..... .M -. ........ ...................,.t......,AA-- ,,.. ........-T- .- ----, -f 4-----.f...,.....-,...u v----.-.........,1.-J ,, W....wn,...,..,.wA1 19,000 Different Faces-'Ab urd' Trying to portray the "faces" of 19,000 stu- dents is absurdg trying to picture even one student completely is an impossible task. I attempted another alternative: showing as many types of OU students as possible. Stu- dents with long hair, students who like beer better than botany, students bent on being good leaders, and students who still have goose bumps when they sing "Boomer Sooner? After all, that's really what this University is all about . . . students of all types and of no particular type. Sometimes the copy is cynical, sometimes humorous. Students are like that . . . things get old. I attempted to show the feelings that only students thrown together with other stu- dents can really display. Thank you is a bit trite when I try to express appreciation to all those who made this year- book a reality. A key staif member was Emery Dilling who served as my "Boy Fridayf, Greatest thanks must go to Donna Wilson and Kathy Owens who coordinated all staff efforts and to Cecil Brite, manager of student publi- cations. 6Thank You is To Mr. R. C. Walker and Miss Susan Baker of Southwestern Engraving Company of Tulsa, I extend appreciation for their yearbook de- sign, engraving and consultation. To Mr. Bill Bywater of Economy Advertising Company, I send a special thanks for his excellent printing services. The photographers who really made it all possible deserve special recognition: Jim Shauberger for serving as head photographer and contributing all the color picturesg Mark Miller for his queen and campus personality picturesg Ruth Dryden for her work on the Women's Housing group pictures and her beauty portraits, Robert Fields for contribut- ing his pictures throughout the book, Mrs. Marie Barringer of University Studio for the class pictures and Gil Jain with the University Photo Service for the organization photo- graphs. It's finished . . . a year's work. You, the stu- dent, will decide if it was worth it. I'll just look around one more time . . . and then I'll go. NANCY a Bit Trite . . . 9 Editor Nancy Breeden General Manager of Student Publications C. H. Brite Supervisor of Publications Mrs. Louise Beard Moore Associate Editors Donna Wilson Kathy Owens Engraving Southwestern Engraving Company Tulsa. Oklahoma Printing and Binding Economy Advertising Company Iowa City, Iowa Cover Durand Manufacturing Co. Chicago. Illinois Assistant Editors Emery Dilling Sherry Jones Copy Editor Mary Tolle Executive Secretary Susan Chestnut Features Editors Sherry Jones Ruth Arens Features Copy Editor Sally Burns Beauty Editor Bill Stephens Assistant Beauty Editor Russ McDougal Man of Distinction Editor Ann Beard Academic and Administration Editors Kris Veverka Janie Bumpers Services Editors Melanie Shearer Kathy Ward Faculty Features Editor Steve Glasser Sports Editor Logan Brown Assistant Sports Editor Jim Sharrock Womens Intramural Editor Karen Vieth Mens Intramural Editor Steve Glasser Women's Housing Editor Guinnevere Hodges Assistant Women's Housing Editor Tamsen Murray Women's Housing Copy Editor Sally Gregory Men's Housing Editor Richard Hall Assistant Men's Housing Editor Alan Hollingsworth Organizations Editor Carol Akright Assistant Organizations Editor Carol Blakey Organizations Copy Editor Janice Cherry Sorority Editors Bobbie Arentz Lee Ann Welch Sorority Copy Editor Sally Livermore Fraternity Editor Rochelle Rudd Assistant Fraternity Editor Hank Meyer Fraternity Copy Editor Liz McCarty Classes Editor Lon Werner Assistant Classes Editor Lynn Barnes Administrative Editors Janie Letson Diane Dunnett Chris Brown Jim Gotwals Gayle Garms Dianne Freeman Sally Henry Sarah Baker Kay Wrede Debbi Flint Ken Frye Vicki Mobley Photography Alex Adkins Don Burk Robert Fields Brent Helmer John Hockridge Gil Jain Mark Miller Bill Poythress Jim Shauberger Steve Winer Ruth Dryden Studio Norman Transcript University Photo Service University Studios Advertising Mary Helen Montgomery .5i',,.: 2 I'- I '1 ,. if A it V qs. iv 1' Y. u '11 7 5 v 5 fl: F

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