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CONTENTS Administration and Services Armed Forces ..... Athletics ....... Beauties and Personalities . Classes ....... Greeks ....... Medicine and Nursing . . Organizations . . . . Residential Centers . . Advertising .... . 56 124 162 204 242 320 404 436 514 592 XQESSDDNER UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA V I Norman, Oklahoma 1 l Published by the Publications Board Volume 62 Kirk Clausinq, Editor "The Taming of the Shrew" iinds British Director Prank Dunlop with live props. OU arks 75 Years Seventy-five years of Sooner heritage guides the Uni- versity oi Oklahoma forward today in the same quest for knowledge which nurtured the first classes of this in- stitution of learning in the fall of 1890-a heritage neither commonplace nor easily gained. The 1966 Sooiviin Yearbook wishes to portray briefly the 75th Anniversary Celebration of this university. Al- though celebrated throughout the 1965-66 school year, the anniversary drew two weeks of concentrated activities during October. The year's activities included dedications ol three new classroom buildings and two new residential centers, a campus-wide open house planned by students for every resident of Oklahoma and the presentation of 'gThe Tam- ing ol the Shrew," a University Theatre production. 2' ' ' 8 rig ri bn 'K .nm - f , i f s -Q'- ,. , v , -,,,,,,,, A - , , ws 0 0 W, si ,W . - .-, wk - ffm 1, f-f,-ww:-sf - figure? if N1l"','f'sf-f'1'.'7 e ' 'TQ - ' S L -z'5::,i,'-gh-" , 2' a,+',gsM5 1 . .,,f ' 'H 4, '- fbi' .L" Q i 5 ' 4 ' " xi? w i i 0 7" Mffige' slr kllziflwif 'wif 'Hs w'E31-U 'I' rv. 7' 1' .1 imgmw Q52 ,ii" f ' 'L'1 ' H I WT W' 'Y ' 4-, - V ' -'iw'-s., 'fy--AN -, 'asf Q fx '-" 1, 'Fw fv::s?g3..,f'.x:-,' iw-wr s?:"g"'i NM' :fi Losi' in fhe crowds, the stu den? who is 'ro become known among i7,000 is oniy begin ning his day when The iasf dass is dismissed in fho nifernoon. Dedicaiion of fhe Botany-Mi Crobioloqy Buiidinq in Ociober brinqs ioqeiimer Wasninqion Universiiys Dr. Barry Com- moner and OU'S Di: Lawrence Roinrbnuqh ior ceremonies. pp-.F 2 X sw 4- Y. W Q . . Q, ,., X H, Xxx ig - 5, W s.,, 3 it , Anniversary visifors ws-re wei- comed bf iii' open iwuse pimi ned by smdenis, if inciuded 0 Tour of Owen Fieids press box bv Ciii-wiender Dnvc- Raper. Modern arf sfudenfs leave clullered arf labs lo qalrv new lnapireliorm on 'flue lronl lawn of Jacobson Hall during cl morninq class ol summer school. l 2 2 555 r o Ba'H'ling il' oui on llwe lloor ol 'llwe "Snalcepil" in a Big 8 malclfm aqainsl Colorado is Go- mer Jones' second edilion of llwe Bio Red loolball team. 4-1 "f lj f , X ' v. i , -. ..: V--1, .A 41. 7 gf ., ,ry . frmg-9.-'Q F - -:-.,pj5i.'-:f,'bfC3iff4g3,,..t., JT ,A Him. ?g'g 1 7 IJ Q Ay:-'v,.-., I 1- 'ff-v w A .dm 5 'harp f I fu, .HJ ia? ff ,. -- 1- f." . "WL"-1-17: Aliv- -ff, N ,134 ,.--u.:g', . 45" A Q' J '- I rf' Fi , , 4' K -,-,lfgea fa? I-v .Wk 1 .enf . A 'f?z W X92 ,YM 'Hg J if law? 7 gif'1iff.' , ., , ,R J, ,,.A'f'1f , J f ff if ':f'Qg,l5'rv, , wf5Q'1mT' Q Y .H J, -I 71 41 'I -' ,V nrfsgv-F" .W gag, H hir.. f.,gl,. 4-5'-Lf A 'f' 75 J , F 5 ii K-.V .nh ' ff if Q' . . 'ae X , 5 if fy 4 ', fzi !4j "' Yi L, QM. 'yy-s .Al J E.1f'fb4! .ff ag f as 991325 :W "' """,, A 09522 , 4 'L .. , :N P ,ig 1 lwff ,M H ul' Q M Culture Builds Tradition Heading The cas? in Willifanw Shalcespearefs comedy, "The Taming of We Shrew" were visiflrwq Broadway sfars, George Grrzzard and Earbara Baffw. Mor+ar Board 'Ywfembers as-wed 15 Cohosfesscs WHH Dr. :md Mrs. Ge-orqfv Cross af H1 open Hmrzc in H10 prOsIdem+'i Homfe. elm., mwi-xwzswwnwfr A,"' Maarwfivvvxzvzaem 5 1 Premiere producfion in 'HP "fe Phe AVS C:CWffX"vx:f'TITS3p1"X mor and exrwNf:mcQ wr, 1' Temdfkd by an Nirvvimimi UMW 'group of Hwfmfm pafrfm A 'Lass- 'vii-fb s ,xv 3 Views Reflect Glimpse o History Views of the OU campus contemplate 75 years of tradition and spirit, knowledge and communication, research and dis- covery fostered by 73,000 graduates. And each new year brings more-enrollment in 1965 totaled l7,600 students. Physical structures on a university campus reHect more than mere bricks and mortarg they provide a glimpse of the history as well as the future oi an institution. The University ol Qklahoma is a living example of this survival and destiny. Dedication and 'Formal riaminq of The Towers as Adams Center by Housing Direcioi' Bill Siriclclarid took place during ann Regal arches grace The fron? QF fhe new FTne Arfs Cenfer which was dedicafed durinq 1135+ Fall! 75+h anniversary celebrafion. Memoriai Union, a cenfer of univer- sify life. sfrenqfnens campus edu- cafional and cuuurnf acfivifles. . . ,.vzs'!l4'v 1 ' V 7 ., A f K - 'ff'-iv :-vw ' 'L .' K 'M' ' " A V " i' -V ,7 .S -Ldv" J ,A : . 'I ... yf. gf ,ww U - .ww ..- - . 4 ,QQ + , f- --,sw .fn ,X-f M, ,MV ,ff-yt ,Q gf.. -2 ,V X.- X y-1pnA..iQri '3:,L1,k4,,5g..1Wi-if--,.,,u.:?E,,M fix.-ilfi-1,5-W, ,KN , we 5645553-,muulunvwwwwaw . f-ffl? f, ,. . ' A - ' A W- .mf-f-i1'1'.H ,. :g Ti 155.7 fi F . ' 5, hx, V K, , warn, 31121 , ' , 'flffiggifz mfilifi JYQW-S. -L -,- 'Z 'E '-,SQ -4 .Til--fi--s. . kim V . . - i -A' "i , 7 , ,Qu I V- fig?-'li Ql"5"5,7L :aff-fl.. xAf'ie?:,fL1'iQXlf L ,-'NWHL 5 ' "FL H39 4- ff 4,:,.fsf1v k fl, -+V' A ,",Y1f1f1?ff-K' . , , M, . M, . , wf,-W..,4,f- -K ,Mx w.,,,Wk , V. R . K .Wag S yfgi H. a,..,L,Y-3:-wgflfsf QM,,f,:. ua..-uf H .M 1-3823111 -W 2+ A-'W ,,. ,, ,, ,, ,, . . ,- . .ww-4 'L 'Y .f f s' ,, , . .. .W M- ' ,. . ., 'iiiyf 4.11 ,W - QV A -41 Li, 'ufriixwvfgii H - 1'-'39 1 'T'Z'h,f'-225555 32.3551 5"Wiif?Z??I35'?'53iJ"!5lw." V fix .N'fKfMiSf' Iii' I-.W 1. f Z mffq M-4, W--'--W""f Q . -f . 4 --91 Q 5' --effing,-Mkws 'fi www? -wig! .ju -, .-wg.,-5 W M221-vw,v-3. f ' 1- f ,gs 1 Q 3.43 . 'f . 2 gfgg zif Q- 42931 X. gy ,H .L 1 53 K ,.g.---fs-1 . :- -Q - f ,.'. , , --M-1 , - ,. - is 'f,fi2'gsi??11g-:Ef3xf:fS'5gi'aLe5e' 'M i f fi wg , . 1 , V-f,,i-12125 Z-1253 ? - yi f f If '- , f .: f , 5, 1' 3? H 41-.L W . Cons+ruc+ed on lhe Sourh Oval in I95I, lhe Educafion College offers shidy in 2I areas leading fo a bachelor of science degree. E A 'K ' Carnegie Hall, lhe firsl' universily library financed by Andrew Carnegie, now houses laculfy exchange and financial aids offices fm OU's Ari Museum is named For Dr. Oscar B. Jacobson, organizer of flue arf deparlmerwf in I9I5 and a member ol llwe Oklahoma l-lall of Fam Afhlefic en+husiasm reaches numerous peaks each year In Hue Fieldhouse as sfudenfs wafclw Sooner fearns cornpere In baskefbell and wresflinq. Bizzell Library, wifh Hs De-Golyer CoHec+Ion of Hisfory of Science and Hue Frank Philkips Colledion, is ranked arnonq Hue fines? Ellison lnfirmary, named for Dr. Gayfree Ellison who began OU sluclenf healfh services, provides experf and imrnediale medical affenlion. Physics Building became Nielsen l-lall lasl June, honoring Dr. J. Rucl Nielsen, research proiessor crnerilus of physics, for his 4l years of service. -T"-5-',vmH"fwz R4 Q 5 il!! K Giffinger Hall slands In memory of lm oulslandinq sfafe hisforlam, aullw Ur and eclwool adminislralor, 'XYIHV f Olzficial residence ol' flue presidenl ol flue universily is on Boyd Slreel, facing llwe Norllw Oval, Holmberq Hall and Evans Hall. I Copeland Hall, dedlcwled in N958 If lwowor ol lzramffffle Cocelrmd, is press-Nly bffhfl exparxdffd fo ffccorwfrmdnl we-'W 535969 mag gg 1152 gigs ,Miami Q-if ,l 'im S, l - ll 1 S - .Mg v ,L U ,5,.L. , 5 16 ,Ji-. ' "fer, ll ll ' . 5, ll M Ml l ?i3"!f , '- f lf rf 'fx WW ' -,h:f fl .wwzw-,.-fy' .M . S K 'P l l l Q ' " L l ., - 3' R i , M . 'l 47 V. x . ,.mw,A,W LMHWLWIJ A wp.: A H Q ,Q K: NA . t 'Q ,, V, Nafionally famous Qklfnlwomfw Cerwlor for Cfmlimhmy Eclucfaflarr spoumml, mam, mlwmf Qcnumes lm lndullk, ouch Wm, S. . Q n Q Q. f s Web ,an J '11 .ff ,-Y Q M., A 'RS , Ei 1 x nf. X V 'T 1 mt 2.2 'P , lf 43 Tv ef, U .. I ' ' 1 ' L 428 ,., 5 g- , M. . ,A--,r Y ,...-- lm' Sn. ams Hall fmd Hs flrmox are knowrw as Nw 'cormfry club' 80 business mniors Evans Hall, which Houses adminlslrafive olzlices, reellecls reqfal slalure in llwe Gollwic slyle ol av'Cl'1HS-Clure al 'rlwe end ofNorll1 Oval. ff Holmberg Hall, with Hs rich wlhealer lmdirlory wmloolic ol 'lime mls aporedaflow al OU. ,,-- '1 7 l f, 5: up 'FB' .svhlx me .mm M. , Wiz, 1.-L-.,4...:H H XJ Qi l Kggwy 'i ' i W A i K B9 5 f f uv ,F w 4 S 5 I ,! 7' Jim , -, in ,f X vt S 4 k Ea ' 1 1, gif," Y u 1 'A . ,..i' W 5 , ,J-:1u'N5 1 1 f v WN1, :WA . m,., 1 a 'ji ' .rv Lf 'S E- Q "'.v 1 if D.-4 ws., ---...N , 0- G 1, 1 ' 1 gg ' 2 " iii? Q E gig K ' 5 'M 3 ia 'Q 2 Ks 3 4 t iw ANN gb i W 1 A in, uh M-5-HM. . 4 i Hmmim irvy A Jglwjafj Iwi I KVWA LU Q L Q -A 4 . J 3 Y A4 jg :LL , ik H Q M 5 7 ' " f 5 "" ' 'Q , N ,M 'I if! " 1 r , i 'I L x T ' 1v'SQ?!'?i ' . , B ' M k Mm -Nw 4 A uu- Q fp janet Lai a ww S t Q Dominafing fhe Soufh Oval M, vb! 'Mg-Y ' 1, Dum , wd Mxrvwmlgwqz, !5!.'d'r' hh' -1 ,f J S25 wH7w wd gfpdwfwgg If Qcvgn ,MOM Mimosa boughs M, . ,. ,V .w HMM if7"7V"' C, Andi" x,-I Gould Hall is 'He mndovkrwkfic Home oi woiwqyf dfxssob, 99. I "'Wfi?:-Q A. AG Howdy Week Welcomes Students Linda Smith dives oft the low board into the university pool as well-wishers watch during "Get into the Swim of Things" night, one ot Howdy Week's activities. A big 'cHowdy,' greeted all stu- dents on their arrival at OU last fall. The new week-long event, spon- sored by the Howdy Week Commit- tee, was directed by co-chairmen Mike Bowles and Mike Hammer, with the assistance of lean Hjelle, the newly appointed director for University Housing. Free swimming in the indoor uni- versity pool for three nights, tours of the main campus conducted by the President's Leadership Class, and a Coke social in the Cate Cen- ter mall helped students become ac- quainted with the campus, its fac- ulty and facilities. Other activities of the week in- cluded a Howdy Partners dance in Adams Center, a night scrimmage in Owens Stadium, a Big Red Iam- boree and the Sign-up at OK Cor- ral. Closing the week was a minia- ture golf tournament which offered trophies for the best, worst and most consistent scores. Each age has its own characteristic dance craze. At OU this year it was discotheque rythms that sent the campus to the dance floor. aw If '1 A mum W 1 Q an it 3 HJ :- Qgk, if , G Sarah Miichell md vflffhfi Shuf- Eer en+er+21Ifed The crowd WWW folk sifqinq fi? We BM Red Jamboree. Even H19 worsi' golfer won A Tro- phy ai' Hwe mfmfafure links during Howdy Week fourney Compefifiom. mtllwf .pas-.a' fp --'-'..--iglf' Mig' Ed, , ,vv, r :I , gulf ' " 'pt' .6-V if 'lull' 4: ' in-e"f' .,i..fai:fW' Ng 2' ,A ...,,,N... i it fx , .. iw i Y: ! 41"1" xx I if Y W ,, t ,' it ,fi ..... A x Z ,N C-wi x 'h i LW l -Ani K t .LV ,L,, lLx,L.LA . ' .QV if 5,0 , 1 ta . K Q.. ,,i.,.A- f f-Us f dig , 'dk' ,, -.. . i VM I r L' b l -Y x 5' ' A ru. Crowded scenes lilce this one were representative oi Cate Center parking lots durino Rush Week especially around 7:30 in the evening. Record umber Pledge During Rush An 2111-time record nulnber of 1,-Hen and Janie4Parlcs' lou over nerr aeceptfirice speeds her steps: as she vnns irto lhe Dr-its Gfirnma house fit 'he end oi Rush. women were pledged to the fraternities and soror- itics at OU this fall. Pledging activities followed five days of formal rush for the 1643 high school graduates. Victory parties introduced freshmen to Greek social life and gave members a chance to re- lax after the hectic Rush Week activities. Delta Phi Epsilon came on campus this year as the third jewish sorority. Delta Phi was recogniz- ed as a national chapter after spring initiation. 1 , .ew 4 J.. . 11. . Tw? H, J' H ." Vu Lines were nov always boring Fu Sneilfi Baebel lound out while wait- , '92 irfi outside the Delvi Della Delta House wi+lw eaoer le-llow rushees. """WM- 'MM' idmifwt it ' V W"""'-'-N..,,,, vii' via or I' ' -mu K , wi ' 1- I ,L . ie. . " 1 , be .- .. Q- . fuwgwmxs H4 , ,av at 4 wnmgfi i' rg W ,,. ,. 4. , , 'J div lnlnn-gg ll 'Q' Kappa Sigma 'VWPVYWUWVS aw-G 'heh vw"v-rw cw?" 200 2 We -fr--f-r brow We AYQH CH? O'vfz11 hfuy H Nxxk iw' 'VS' 'em UDL' C' 'xufbea-f. A firm handshake, ,,'f'r:n'l 5' Rafm Nvfwr 1' CU 'zfv evo Save K-,ilf SI :mm Ahqrw ML. pN'+d1e,wr1,-f J94'GHtp1-vf welcfmwd Mm 'cw 'iw Fwwwf-. YWOW H O Nl E O F Sigmgiilp egistration Poses Endurance Test Fun and games in the Field- house, Union and Armory. That was the general atmosphere each semester when OU's 15,500 stu- dents tried to get the classes, sec- tions and professors they wanted. Enrollment last fall was a little less complicated than in previous years because most freshmen pre- enrolled. During enrollment week, they only had to go through a short matriculation involving one step-the Armory. Upperclass- men were spared time hy not hav- ing to answer those questions that only freshmen ask. Upperclassmen did, however, still have to secure their IBM card packets in the Fieldhouse, visit their advisers to tell them what courses they wanted and stand in lines in the Union to pay fees and he photographed for ID Cards. Spring semester enrollment was eased for graduate students and seniors, who were permitted to pre-enroll, and the Office of Ad- missions and Records promises a new enrollment system for all stu- dents next fall. Joe Gutel, university photographer, took no less than I,OOO pictures each clay of enrollment week for those complimentary lD cards. 28 Loolcing grim about parting with their money, these men line up to write checks to cover the expense ot enrolling. Adviser Pamela Merrifield counseled Lynda Swanda during pre- enrollment in July, while Linda Pennell completed her cards. sr. K . Checking cards and answering sfu- demxs' quesfions kepr Jan Lawhon busy in H13 Armory during eurolimenf wcelc. inning ilc D d D Quartet coctest was the Siizmfi Chi arctic' Sew- McCo. Phil Htl' Jwlw Fifi -arid Jim Wiltsl'I"t1. Activities Oecupy Students' Time partictiar iserso Bevy Bo Activities on the Oli campus were as plentiful as pretty coed smiles. From Campus Chest in the fall through Sooner Scandals in the spring, willing stu- dents had ample opportunity to forsake their studies. During the College of Unionology event, students signed up for committees which kept the Union Ac- tivities Board going all year. Friday at Four gave stu- dents the chance to relax while listening to and per- forming their favorite folk hallads. At Campus Chest everyone joined in the lun oi' mud-slinging and mous- ing, with all proceeds going to selected charities. The spirit oi competition was keen in the Phi Delt Turtle Race and the Phi Psi 5130. University Sing pitted student against student in musical hattle. All-campus dances dotted the academic calendar, allowing students to release their frustrations and huilt-up tensions with the frug and OU stomp. sm lint mliwfjii if E t iw, -fa 1 ll ' Kal it fe s :Still W in USPS it 449' in? '52, ""'-sf 'Q ,Q if xt 'fig " " 1 Ag. . . wg 3 wr - A K '5 tgfxm W-.. sn, W, ,. Q, 'iii ,QQ Q EQ Q .,...od':" Sooner Scandals com"rvif+QL1 was mrM nm of Pnawj, f1QHvIHes shldevfs Qouid feufsfef for durirq campus Umiorwofooy. ere's mud iv: 'vom eye was 'wo' Que' 'ww Q-mpfy exorehslov for Kfnen COXEV Ir We Alpha CHE Omeqa SUHQIF Sfuhrl boofh of Cnrnpus Chev Vast MH. ,Q 5 H fi . iw Wk ,Q- ff'-m . T K 1 'K v .al wi T iii? g bw. lm Begging 'cv vdf-1 v- QUE U:r1'e5' 'ww ow Cffmpw- .naf Bark MGMK Lfwwbdfv CHX ApFfaN9 C.1VkdYd:!+E. 1 Pride of Oklahoma' hines in Big D allas police were called out to direct the heavy traffic throuqh the do l lv e area as students poured into town for the io Qam . A lone halftime performance hy Ollas "Pride of Oklahomaw hand saved an otherwise dismal Dallas Weekend for Oklahoma fans as the Texas Longhorns won for the eighth consecutive year. Students paid little attention to the expected 19-U loss or to Texas eyes which glared in anger when lack of time kept the Longhorn Band from performing its halftime show. Marching time for the Texas hand was eliminated when the Longhorn team reentered the field too early, cutting short the supposedly extend- ed halftime period. The mix-up ap- parently resulted from game ollicial's unawareness of the longer period. But the "Eyes of Texas" prevail- ed. The University of Texas hand promptly marched onto the field fol- lowing the game to play for the glee- ful and victorious Texas boosters. Sooners emioyed fhe game even fhouqh one seems fo have swifchecl sides, the coach looked deiecfed and a couple disagreed with ri call. wmwuw ,.,4-I' ,f m ,V l sff' .5 Q s 5 ...- --I A View 9+ 'He viir new dx mfg-M SC 51 gmdgrve A BI: Tw :mm fb- fir The Chamber of Commerce and Hue Texas Sfafe Fair Assn, sponsored a reHy dame Friday MQW. Lively music by the Five Americans built a holiday atmosphere for alumni and students attendino the l-lornecomrno Dance in Union Ballroom 0 , 0 hz O s weep Homecommg Honors With the theme H1890-1965: Sooner Schooners to Sonic Boomersf' Homecoming helped emphasize the universityis progress since its beginning. Home- coming activities kicked off the festive 75th Anni- versary celebration at OU last fall. Chi Omega swept the winnings by placing first in the house decorations and by having Melinda Sellers crowned 1965 Homecoming Queen at the Saturday night dance. Returning alumni were rewarded to see OU de- feat the Kansas layhawlcs 21-7. OU alumni band members performed at halftime. fi . H f . .....v .f 11 48-11 OU's first band director conducted the combined Varsity-Alumni band during its performance at the halftime of the OU-KU qamc. 34 -5" fi --Q5 . ,4- Ji' 1 Q1 WE. 55555 1 'J ew g -rv u hr' if, M, .- Judges rode Wwe Campus Safurday morning +0 refs decomnons: Tnefas capfurcd second plate in Wwe annual confesf wiflw Hnis Hoa? enfry. Chi Omegas won firsi prize In 'ne annual Home-Connfnp ncusfz dicoraiof CO'T7CC'ITff2'q for Hnsw 'VSH1 Excursion of We Sooner Success" 'rafn NL Q1 I+! E . M. ff. N 34524, mf-,A .. -..Wu W gfwm-wg-wzf Y-1'-Agar! """' W A f V35 7 if MN' t if : A 7 1 imma ..-. ........ 95' if f i lin- . gizgfaffwm-,fa na 5. 4 Q ff, ff. uw W-' f ,- .. rmgvw' f .. ' 1' .K 7, - A 1 Gif' fy -'J' Q gwf?i7?3fJ'5 ian fffcfff fS4,4,.fff?f'f49g'f g "l"5f'.f,2: Q fy ., ' . , '1 , ' J - fg l 'J ,, ,' ' -' ' Q ,- ' -f 9 ' -fgmfiafi. ,g,E,,gfQ:m.f,'- 5 ii.- . 75? ,QU-.:.. 1,5595 ygwr..-:T-- -a-' - fy W 'f .-'mf' W ,A ' W -ff. A'--1 t.-.--- fm A A l? gf. maya- ,,, A y,.f,?7,,.5A-I "km, V, 5.65: 1. , XM-.gvg '-j I twr, ?,?4k-Mig 2 -i'b'1 "i"?..nWZ'f-J:-113-r'i."' fy! 205533 L YF-f 'F'T'.1::'4-fa L'-3 'aff 'w"--,,..g?- Gw- K I 1 Students Indulge in Fun Events Beautiful girls were the primary l feature of most contests at OU . this year. Barbara Buskirk won the title of OU,s Best-Dressed Coed in an all-campus contest sponsored by Camma Alpha Chi, womenis ad- vertising fraternity. Norman Iaycees brought the Miss Football USA contest to campus for the second year. Sandy Bias, Miss OU, was hostess for the 10 visiting contestants. Chris Akins from Auburn Univer- sity was crowned at the Friday night ceremonies and presented to the student body at the OU-Navy halftime show. Five new cheerleaders joined the pep squad of eight: Sherry Reece, Cheryn Ammerman, Dav- id Raper, Phil Abernathy and Warner Lovell. Club sweethearts, ROTC hon- orary officers and beauty candi- dates were presented in endless succession throughout the year, giving every girl the opportunity of being queen for a day. Cheryn Ammerman discarded her mild-mannered demeanor dur- ing the cheerleader tryouts held the second week in September. Q ,..g. r if mg Modeling in the evening gown competition ot the Best-Dressed H iii' Coed Contest, Barbara Buslclrk approaches the lighted runway. 1 ' 1. Ruf Nelc Queen Cindy Gauntt leaves the treld on the arm ot club president Harris Se-oal tollowinq her presentation at halftime testiyities. Miss Auburn University, Chris Akins, Srnnes for Dlnofograplners affer win- ning Hwe Miss Foofbafi USA confesf sponsored by Hne Norman Jaycees. Rock Albers, Dick Roberts, Bob White, Bill Cook, Randy Huffman, Jay Wooley, Doug lnhoie and Larry l-lerrol of "Top IO" loin Pe-ets Casey lruett, Sana Vinson Grayson Van Horn, John Wells, Ralph Ridlinqhafer, Robert Vaughan. Gary Eley, R. N. Dunaqan, Mike Ritz and Russ Bartee. eserving Scholars Meet Challenge University president Georqe L. Cross congratulates Linde Phillips on her selection as Top Freshman Woman. Scholarship remained an important part of OU life. Students received rewards for their efforts throughout their college careers by election to such honorary groups as Pe-et for senior men and Mortar Board for senior women. These two senior groups selected lO outstanding freshman men and women on the basis of scholarship, leadership and activities to make up two c'Top l0', freshman honoraries. R. N. Dunagan and Jane England, top senior man and woman, received the Dads' Association Awards in Qctober. Rita H. Lottinville Prizes went to Nlichaelyn K. Barker and Mischa Gorkuscha, as freshman woman and man with the highest grade averages. Linda Phil- lips was named the 'Top Freshman Womanl' by Mor- tar Board, and Rohert P. White won the Cross Citi- zenship Award for outstanding leadership and service in freshman housing units. Oukfanding rreshmfar' womer ramed by Morrar Board iii rhe iaii for iheir scholarship, ieaderihip ,ard acjfivifies were Sue Rarciirie Mary Combs Linda Phiiiips, Debbie Dowhim'q,CiFdwGfu1r'f' AM Beffiidw, Berfe Byrd Martin Hiiiirdef, Cfnrhihe Pharr, Melirie Cooper ard Suzlirre Marri Top senior mari R. N. Dunfmfirz CHM Brfaderi, Dads' Amociariori Preaiderir md for serior ffomfir' Java trwiard pose wifi' Trophies ai Dads Day game. a 1 1' I X .pf Cade-+ Crier Divewpoi' fir Quirky" iccepk Mc N-iv, Cross Awirrd 'or scmiimic fachiewrricrrii from Cecil R, Toiiey oiOkIi1hor'rif1 Ciry, member oi the Leaion oi V.ifor. Independents Initiate Bonfire Basketball coaches and players were introduced to the crowd at the bonti and pep rally sponsored by ISA to start the I966 sensor ott or a ltfibt rote. A Big Red bonfire started the bas- ketball season with an introduction of coach and players. Sponsored by the Independent Students Associa- tion, the bonfire was lighted on south campus by eager cheerleaders. Being an independent at QU this year was not as easy at is sounds. For one cannot attend OU without becoming aligned with one group or another. Most students gathered in the Union Terrace Room for a bite to eat or a cup of coflee with a friend. There was bridge each week in the Union or a book review for those interested. ISA also hosted its annual Christmas Formal in Adams Center. Tempted by various functions, students participated in Senate cam- paigns, Campus Chest activities and Howdy Week. Also high on the 'tmustw list were the Union movies each Weekend and the 25-and 50- cent Hicks. The Terrace Room in the Student Union otters cotiee and rest to studr-rts like Mike Harris, Gene lVlc6ir'nis and Susan Pace between classes Mi? Z. lil!!! ll! ,K 151-If . NX X ,..,.,.a.n-w" 31212521:T:1fl11I5i75i3?1- ":T1'f"f:lu1w-"X"fx - - R. 1 " EZ 5" Y' Sl H Q fl Lizi..-H V ig - ......w LM, K U M '2.T."ZZTI al nf CQQQ im ,.J:.,:,.., K wg: 'unauonw X 2 5 V , ' --Mwuwb 2 E A MYSSML 5 1 A 3 723522 "Yr -A .3 .,.. . '25 If iw QEEEQE Q. mil 2322 W-.1 .-fl li 5...w-,......a-,,,pu...... 551135 R f-f....w.-.,-.'..,,.....,....""""""E3l ,gijgjj M ---,..........,,u mm: 'fs , R I. I ..,1',,, H - -- Q-4... an W --"' N, ings ' 9 . . z -.., ,,...,....-A . .... ,,.......m..L., , .. ,,, fli nu.. W, H, WE 1 , ,ww ,, ,"' f'1f'-1f31i'Sxig"x..-.xt-..ffz vzzzgniifx' 33:52-525 ii1:"Nf-'l-Qfigzs 1 xi 2 3 Nl M A, 0 you-......,nt. :::1. own-...., Q L -,, .. Zf,""',,..:'vaQapds-uwu.,!'.4vv 'A-Nw nw .,L-..., ,0, M , Mmawqq sump.-1-zum 'L - ""',,,:,,,,,,,,,,,,,n'f1qaQmw-naouu..,. . ,,....-ww 4.,,,,,,,u,,4o.,....1..wv...a ,,,.,..n-41+-foovwvrvvv-vrww 1" 2 'N ,, 1:12 ff' SQQQQQQHQQZQEEE ws' i2u ,U,.,,:.:f.: . , ...muvu-n....,...'.N ,........-.wu4.w.f.,m.-.-.W...... , .,.....,-num..-...-.,..... N 1..,,....,.-...un-.......... N .., M...--qu u..........1 ' 2, 'M A fEfF5f7EQg?i3 '3 E'5?1ii-fffff' 2 ,:.1.gM-1,:,:.1W,1. M A Ffiitwrigfg -Lmzrffz :::z'f 4 2 , W Q-1:.,.........g...............1:1:::12e??f 'M 1 1 5315213iEiQ?.EiW?E'L'EEE ' f 'Wi"'2g.5ix?:1r::::.-:":::' 1 Shri-!Ei'i2ia5:?f2f1 212223 z ,iEE.-pfixgzfzzxliffif - "5 Yau.-f:3x.2:xL::::2:f iii: ,,g,,.........................,m.... W, ...,... ':........,.................,........, LY ' ....,.,'.,...,- W . H ,,,,,,.,........uuu-ff---V-H' ' -uv ,v ..,.....,...............,.,, ,XLLK . .. t. , .....-...............,...X..L...,... A ,....,..,...............,,.,w::. S .1 -::::::::r:gff5g:,g, ififfifiifsfzigg :kg r. lf.- : if A A X Bi x E X 5 -qu . ..,. ' 'QS-'f A-M-www :wih- 82" v-S-K . W.....-- -as iw I ' . ff I gn J f .' , 141- , Y' f -' ' K W,-x f A , 5 W R ally I ' 4,335 .swim 5 235' ,X ff, 'vi A A Ill 'll f 53 Q 5 2 4 OU Pop Series ticket holcleiw vit-ve r:iz'ei't'iiv'-ed duvmniy the first fattracticrw bv Rifihteouf, Brothers or TV time mid the Wfle Five Plat . Q . A udzences A pplaud F1 ne A rts, Pop Serzes Dedication of the new 5lSl.5 million Fine Arts Center highlighted the year for the OU College ol Fine Arts. Barhara Baxley and George Grizzard starred under the direction ol' Frank Dunlop in Shakespeards k'The Taming of the Shrewf' State and national dignitaries dotted the invitation-only audience oi the premiere performance. The Union Activities Board's Popular Artist Series hill featured such notahles as New Qrleans jazz man Pete lfountaing iollcsingers Glenn Yar- hroughg Peter, Paul and lVlaryg and the comical Back Porch Majority, an ollspring of the New Christy Minstrelsg and the Righteous Brothers. One-act plays :url 'fli 'rr':,u:l3ul 'iw 'P-tm bi e"e'tt5iei:'i 'heir it.:1'r-'r-- J nh' 'ff L f:r'nf-in rf, :CI1l,'Cl'WS'il2O'i'iil'l'3 i lOl Gil l Yfirbroufzlw -,r-le fi die-mr, iivrnfsmneif- witlt fi vfymfvitic Oil cl Performing br-low 'I eip-wily Pop Serin-ei Ciizwj ter 4' 2 i?gfff Mp A f fwffp my G-W ,W , I fw:-Q-1"ff I WW 7 arried Life A student's life may be difiicult, but a married student's life is practically impossible. Besides go- ing to class and studying for finals, married students cleaned house, grocery shopped, took the kids to nursery school and tried to find a little time for their fam- ilies, homelife. Married students found charge accounts a blessing until the end of each month, when most couples wished they had studied a little harder in that freshman account- ing course. With combined in- comes that scarcely kept them off the poverty rolls, couples found that their bank statements rarely balanced. Planning happy dreams of days ahead While eating beans and macaroni, married students stag- gered on, facing long hours of study and the increase in student housing rates with only the faint- est of grins. Kraettli Apartments residents Jane West and Jeanie Palmer oo over the list of house rules with counselor Claren an LA .N , km, .W L.,,.. L, -,'- .K N..v M . M Q '- A W . 41. 7 QM' ' 'bw an V rf we wr-so ff vm qgrpfh M25 'fx Some foddfers iw H115 group are end' Inq Their "sophomore" years af OU nursery wlwiWe wairinq for Hrxeir par- enfs fo compNe+e +heEr degrees. ,W-1 'ff f-will sin... Weelcly meetings oi the Camous Crusade for Christ group iF v ou so o fffrl fmtervwitv houses, dvtiw ewxthusifisuc siudeat crowds. Religion Answers Spiritual Need Quiet moments are available to Beverly Ray and Emma Lou Nelson as they use the Wesley Foundation library. m y ,ix wi se ' 5fV4,'.e"5i nu in, "The idea man takes toward Cod, or the idea of Cod is of fundamental importance for himselff' stated Melton Iones in his book Comparative Reli- gion. On the University of Oklahoma campus this year, a student had many avenues to walk to find this idea. The religious organizations were many, but the object of all was spiritual fulfillment. Religious faiths were represented on the campus hy these organizations: Baha'i Cluh, Baptist Student Union, Campus Crusade for Christ, Catholic Stu- dents, Association, Chi Alpha, Christian Science Fel- lowship, Church of Christ Bihle Chair, Episcopal Students, Gamma Delta, llillel Foundation, Naza- rene Youth Fellowship, Society of Friends, Student Religious Liherals, United Campus Christian Fel- lowship and the Wesleyf Foundation. Religious affairs of students were coordinated through the Office of the Deans of Students. f ' X X XX 1, X. pg X i . A X 6 .1 V ' x ' v 'X 1 55,-H 'L f QM . 5 'iff I in .X T . s 9 5 H? x L 4 -I 'I' 'il 7 MS' I A 193' ,,.,...,.. ....,, Siudenfs Vmd fmgwem 'c 'www cf their fewlv 1-aw2akf3"ed dcunfs HTVCLQE Their resoecive CHUVCPQS' reiuim Sunday morrwinj worsfvip service Noon Wafch sowicffs 'M THE' Bfapfiv Smdeff Uviof, faurfac' smdeffs WPC seek spfrimal rsfrwewaf iw We midq of hGC+?C dudert We :md faciviiies. Q . ifxf Donaiing 'time wc-rakfy in WW' md .M f,HHdw:h I The Cwebmi Pfyfm Ci'r'f1,v -'wfnL,Y1?K-5 'fm Uwww-vmr CP'mv'Q5 Q? Chfiuf 4- Judi-rt 1vf'puL,d3rf?C?1d b,fG1r,'EL1rP" International tudents ponsor Fair The International Club of OU sponsored an International Fair last lall with exhibits from around the world. Most ol' the booths ieatured objects made in the students' home- lands and utilities lrom their every- day lile in their countries. Exchange students brought not only instruments and products to UU, they also brought ideas. They gave students thoughts for improve- ment of relations and better under- standing between the countries of the world. After studying here they hope to return to their countries with innovations for a more econom- ically stable world. Campus area clubs active at GU this year were the African Students Union, the Arab Club, the Chinese Students Association, the India Stu- dent Association, the Iranian Stu- dent Society, the Pakistan Students Association and the Spanish Club. aa. f J .J 5' Chess players irorn any country speak the same lfivwiiufifie when plawwi. L "SWF" 't V" , , , . ,srfa W , E5 ,, 3,1 E? ,K - , X A- Ll - 5 2 .lt if e 1 . A A Wi 1 3 s., if .f it f 'tt ,, itta 7 4 t 7 -52111, L 4 S : if t . L 4 S 'f F' Arranging booths rerv'e1,-'ilf:livf-- ITC their countries' cialis 'miive costumes and erotic loods el the November lwlernational Fair are Mrs. Cyurdeep Balm' ol lridi 1, Bfihrfam Afniriifiiwi 'md l-lossein Mcvcxlwdfirn ol liar, fxncl Anthony Sfwlfirnfwcfi 'Hd Edfgdrdo Vlllema Ol the PhiliODir2eS. 39' . 4'-nf 3 X.,-ma, -M-N. lj ug! si' Maasai La Joia Bofolena is The Fifipfno folk dance done by Ramonifa Me- sina and Lim Vafasquoz af The fair. Final fouches are given the Awcrlcem display by Phmp Marvin of Ugcafdfa. 49 1 1 ,- Wd I llill RUTHY V t, ,f f , .1 fa H, 2 fi ,F 5225? rl! Pi Pl1i's won tirst place in the wornen's division ot the i965 annual spring show with their "The Unsinlrable Dr, T," directed by Vicki Love Variety 0 Talents Abound on ampus Student talent was displayed in varied forms at OU this year. Ranging from ballet and painting to singing and acting, students proved their abil- ities and versatility in the arts. Sooner Scandals provided a mammoth talent scope for puns and stabs thrown at the university, politics and television. The coveted title of 6'Best in Shown was sought by every entrant and won by the Lambda Chiis in the 1965 spring show for their "The Man From S.P.R.E.A.D.', The Windmill, campus literary magazine, gave students opportunities for publication in poetry, prose and illustrations. Band practice occupies hours ot studerts' time as they prepare tor concert periorrrances atter the rnarctiino season ends. Placing first in the Dads' Day quartet competition were Gam ma Pl'ii's Judy White, Jane White, Linda Dirks and Kathy l-larn In v Z f Q, A 3,1 f E- lf 5 L is. Ki ,., WAN' +-wm, . . ,W '77 K M Q sy K K ff. -- b , N 1 A?'W by af yn-1 4 il'vAggg?zE 1 ? sages , ' -'Lf-1" A f L- I .. Ymjg. wgiwg, m -1--......,n. ,. ,aww L V ? SJR Nw 2:3 1 ff -gi: gn- ,, , 1, ' 332 ,...M 7 Q4 ., -m l-fa W 'S 'MW W' wmv-M , 1 'WWW t. . gf- H 1 f 1131, ik, vm, V - ,. K H ,,.. - t. -, Arfisf M365 Mevfei .Mase dvlmwffz fzgicevred SV fha- cgvev ' A Tfxf 551' K The Wlndmlll 5 L F Winners Of Hare srnvirvfj debfsff: ioufrwfry he-Id by We OU Spfwch Dep3fevfwr,v" wa'-r+ f e Jn VPVSIJV cn Wm W v H w 5 44, 1 .2 A M , 3 " - f!,gj"'1:e5' 'W W -' V. . ' 'S' " f mi' ' . V, s.w4,wmw+Mwfm Greeks Party Ranked as Hprotessionalw by Playboy, students at OU could show anyone what a real party is. The realm included everything from two-hour dorm parties to weekend extravaganzas. With dif- ferent titles, but all basically the same, these parties included such revelries as the Sigma Chi Baby Bawl, the Lambda Chi Trade- winds Party, the Sigma Nu West- ern Party and the DU Feudal Dinner. Not to be forgotten was the campus favorite, the riverbottom party. A place to release oneis in- hibitions, the riverbottom provid- ed the right atmosphere of infor- mality for beach parties. Spring and Winter formals add- ed the culture necessary for a well-rounded party education, and costume parties provided stu- dents the opportunity to be some- one else for a night. in Leisure Time Informal basement parties were the Betas' torte this year, and Sheryl Suggs and Robbie Luttrell appear to ehioy them. Halloween party time at the Chi Omega house iound Bob Sevick Mar- sha Melton. Steve Garrett and Linda Dozier clustered about the dips. Vg The Viscounts made the music and Linda l-lunlce, Cindy Liqhimer, John Norman and Joe Owemby did the steps at a Kappa party. Monsfers assembled wifh Mark Bhakey fmd Becky Cammack for The Sigma PM Epsiknrv Morsfer Mas? Odffy. ' ..... Q s E ls Transportation worries plaque each student at one time or another, whether it is getting a ride to Dallas or taking the night train home. Year's End Reflects Giant Steps Alone at Owen Field on the first day of snow, John Crelly proves he is a staunch Big Red football Wild and hectic, pensive and sad, life on the OU campus went on. From the first week in September until the last week in May, l7,000 young adults called this campus home. For the person who wanted to be alone, there were places on the grounds to retreat to solitude. For those who wished gaiety and crowds, there were parties and dances to release tensions. The university, gathering place of all peoples, all ideas, all beliefs, turned out products of as many varied natures. And at last, after four to seven years of hard work, that memorable day became a reality for some. Grad- uation day offered many freedoms: freedom from exams, eight olcloclc classes and cranky roommates. But it also offered new and bigger challenges: for sen- iors guess that the newly found freedom may prove more complex and more exasperating than college life. WW -EQJL..-37j'Yr?.IQ12.t,-.'q'i.3?:5:-gvxt Vi, 63:33 .xsa': ,wk.:, K , H u, M K y ,- V, W- 1. ,sm I 'ri '- -5 I 4 -. a pt i t A if , Ty V "5'-""3-'--ffr..-fzffg'-'Q.w.f-5:25 .Q '2'.fm Au.,wx,g3,-E,,.,, - nk -94554 -xi W .. . .... . , A A W .. . S Q ii? -M- -'Sr-B'-:-v ff sn.- --v , .f Q 'A' - . , 1 -1 ' '-'a'-.'1'-'QQ-I-5.25-1.1 ..- P . V- .- ' 11 nazi' "J-1:11 -,-:ie-6.2 A -"' X, ' A v ' f V . I , my ,.-- ,uf M hal" , p- N - . . , ., ffw nr-mf" ' -' ramp- my 1' E25 My 4 Ili!!! - .... k,v,.... :INV 1 . I'-5? fyif "HN, L, V "A 11,L-:'Z?',f' Ev 2154. 523-ff2g"1:5: :wig :. 'af 1:-,,---- :W ,. -, '- Q. ww M y H 5"f3-ifx-"S'1f','f1w'QX?r'3L'Wn45ff ' ' s if 'A ' 2 . N s,,x -..f,,.z.v',. m.v,..,K V- . .4 ,. , 5 M-v - , . , ,L'-3jiE'L 211. :g1,1T3g:'.-ag.1."' f "I1'2'S-3"" ' :asf-'M ' ' Q - Q-...... W f A 1 N -..u.,,.., -...W W -H ,..,.. K -v .. 4' -,,,i. ---..,,.. M., -MV W M -A-...,,, .., K Mk ., MA -..L...,, -M ,V ,W ,nn M-M-A-A--.w,..,,M-.vm M -,,A,. W-Q-Aww M ... ,MLA-MRA M-I -- in-, , ...,,,WW-Yu A , 'K W -....h... FA f .W x W L+ -....,--....,,,M -.. -...,.,mMM 7 , H MH K --.wfw.....,A...,,. -4 Vw-bm WM f W.. .N W , -W 'WN M-..,. mummy Comrnencemenf +exf-rcisce if We dadlum we Yfwpressive fo pwrorfz, exheusfivq for fudmlrisfrafors and fm Moving in xi Cflfkdxh buopw 0? CNQWQ5 for Fi year car: bo fu man-sized lob, as Doucq GrIf'H'w discovered offer The +ervH1 irip 50 We Car. . 's A - n -1 1 A Av eil S u, v 1' .,., ::'::k ull' WV f " "-'fmf K Q.,-A 5: A 2 1 r A 'Q- ym-.. .. ,, Y -..-..,.,,u,wM Vow:-fawaE+ed freedom for 5fUd6'TfS, Local radio fr:-mfrcfxr Bob 5Q'r, ixmfw-Af.vQd We 'ew 'fvf'bfiNCo1aCHJF'vW Mxlckifzic ln a Prvmw beak'-fbd jmfil CHAPTER ONE -4.44 Y x f . X X , A X J V h 1 , 1 '-'. . ' ,A X , ' , X . 5 V . ADMINISTRATION AND SERVICES 1. 1 1? fig! ,S -i f r .454 Q View -C : frm.. - - ix .. ,, f it M, Q 'WW ,Q 1 4 fs? YF' :Ev wb 2 HQAQ., Y , , i 1 'P Q .A YP f ,,,.4-W' Q qk,:1, K . : F 1 I 45 1 .nf H, ,Vg fix 53 3' - 4 in nd!- . 4 1- it G ,Qxys ' I Q' uf ,, a gt. 3133 3 SA L e r ' fx sw ' 3 VS :Y fx. wc V "f ,u Xhwnrflj' Ai? L , if-iffy tw X 'L 2,551 , ,Q 1'-Q.. H A1 '57 'L,f1sA1g,?2g1YV, 5 A KWH fi sleigh 1-fffffgaifeiei. ' L-ifgfw fy. QOL 1ylEST47. 0 ae ? 42, in,gg5 va "" -V s? 0. -A 'I 1' STATE OF OKLAHOMA OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR HENRY BE ON OKLAHOMA CITY With the landing of the first settlers three hundred thirty-six years ago the civilization of this nation began. In this brief span of time the United States has emerged as the most powerful, just, and uniformly prosperous nation in all history. Seventy-five years ago the University of Oklahoma was established as a vital link in an educational system designed to bring oppor- tunity for intellectual attainment and for developing new knowledge within the reasonable reach of all Oklahoma citizens. Since that time the State of Oklahoma has emerged as one of the truly great states of our nation. The contribution which educated men and women have made to the progress and growth of the United States and of Oklahoma is immense. With the store of knowledge, and the instruments now available for its application, the potential for future progress is infinite. It is with pleasure and pride that I convey sincere congratulations to the members of the Class of l966 upon the success you have achieved in earning the degrees you have diligently sought, and best wishes to the remainder of the student body as they strive to achieve this high goal. As Governor of Oklahoma, I charge you to accept and develop the sense of social awareness and responsibility which is vital to success and survival in our rapidly changing and increasingly complex world. Henry Bellmon GOVERNOR Hsfkc Mrs. Ditmars Chairs For the first time in the history of the Okla- homa State Regents for Higher Education, the chairmanship of the board is held by a woman, Mrs. Tewell Ditmars of Muskogee. A member of the board since May 1961, Mrs. Ditmars is an OU a1umna and has long been active in Oklahoma education. Oiiicers serving with her are Willizlm T. Payne, Oklahoma City, vice chairman, Don- ald S. Kennedy, Oklahoma City, secretary, and Clyde A. Wheeler Tr., Tulsa, assistant secre- tary. Other state regents include Iohn Vater Tr., Enid, Bob E. Allee, Elk City, Cr. Ellis Cable, Tulsa, R. L. Crowder Ir., Tonkavva, and Harry P. Conroy, Duncan. Dr. E. T. Dunlap is chancellor and T. C. Sexton is administrative assistant. The state regents serve as the supervisory and fund-allocating board for 18 Oklahoma junior colleges and universities supported whol- ly or in part by state appropriations. State Board of Regents Dr. E. T. Dunlap is serving his fifth year as chancellor. State Regents were t-tarry P. Conroy. John J. Vater Jr.. R. l.. chairman: Dr. E. T. Dunlap, chancellor: Donald S. Kennedy, W. T. Crowder Jr., Bob F. Allee, Clyde A. Wheeler, Mrs. S. F. Ditmars. Payne O. Ellis Gable and T. O. Sexton, administrative assistant. Present at a monthly meeting ot the University Regents were Julian Little, Dr. George L. Cross. Reuben K. Sparks, l-lorace K. Calvert J. Rothbaurn, Dr. Mark R. Johnson, James G. Davidson, Ouintin and Emil R. Kraettli. Shown in the insert is Regent John l-touchin. University Regents Make ROTC Voluntary Shortly before the dedication ot the new Fine Arts Center, Regent Julian J. Rothbaurn, Dean F. Donald Clark, Dr. Georqe L. Cross and Dr. Nathaniel Eelr inspected the theater tacilities. OU students agree that the most populuar decisions made by the Regents of the Univer- sity of Oklahoma this year was to abolish phys- ical education and military training as required courses. The board, consisting of seven members ap- pointed by the governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate, for seven-year terms, serves without pay. They appoint the Univer- sity president, and on his recommendation, ap- point and fix the salaries of all faculty mem- bers and other employes. With the approval of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Ed- ucation, the OU board approves changes in requirements for admission and graduation, de- grees ollered, fees and expenses. This yearis oiiicers are lulian Rothbaum, Tulsa, president, and Dr. Mark R. lohnson, Oklahoma City, vice-president. Emil R. Kraet- tli serves as secretary and lVlrs. Barbara lames, assistant secretary. Othcr members are l lorace K. Calvert, Okla- homa Cityg Iames G. Davidson, Tulsag Iohn Houchin, Bartlesvilleg Quintin Little, Ardmore, and Reuben K. Sparks, Woodxx'ard. igigy., :SQ A5 ,H ,. K Zf' fzifi? W P mv ' V' R49 mga ' K , fx www, - pw -- M,-., , wg? , ,mm fi? ,,'?',-ms' Y, HW ,M ,gg Bbw Fx ,, 'YM ,fa I W M P' U w . . ,, my 'f x yi ,G UN K vw-Y. , ..,. i fi a. , ,. -V . D 5 Q af , I W H an K W K 'X mm mf S I i fb' gm 1 S, K J' x f Q' Kem H nv aww S. 1 J, Q . , im, 2 fs We' . v ,, W 1 5 r W ' Y gi 212 Z Q 5 is 9. , K ,f H 3-1, ' f 1 M ' if K Q? 1 ww gm: . gi: . m ,i A 3 , as Q '4 -A-Eu WWW K K' ' have r 1 f Mm.. fd 'vw-.,2.,,, L, ff w 5 ' gig 'Ea is 2-mi? 9 fl! it hh Q ,dsl 4' . Q A ?5Lg.m-if -f 5 Y 4.5. , g, R Q-.agfwfw 11 L' 53' is Q 3 - Q, jig f K ',ff5Qh ff :' 22 a 1 M , . , 5 -7 K m 'Af Q- All Q' pg: ' - ,WWW-M ' 5 Q W kg QQQQM, :ff W y lgl., -2 A , ,Q 5 X, F Q 'W d5gv25g,gg',s,' A gi?f3w?:sr,: iii? -Q21 Cross Leads OU From the empty prairie lands dedicated to educational purposes in December 1890, the University of Oklahoma has sprung - a giant among universities of the region. Much of the growth and excellence of its development have been the direct result of the ability of its ad- ministrators. Such an able administrator is Dr. George L. Cross, president of OU since 1944. His career at OU spans the years of the major growth of the University, for he became president just be- fore the wave of World War II veterans caused enrollment to boom. Dr. Cross came to the University in 1934 as an assistant professor of botany. Before he Was named president, he served as head of the botany department and as acting director of the Research Institute and acting dean of the Crad- uate College. A native of South Dakota, he holds degrees of bachelor of science and master of science from South Dakota State College. His doctor of philosophy degree is from the Universisty of Chicago. Under his influence, OU is providing for the future as vvell as the present. His Plan for Ex- cellence program to obtain private contribu- tions to meet OU academic needs has already been put into effect, supplementing faculty sal- aries and improving the Universityis physical plant and teaching program. A part of his presidential duties are Dr. Cross' speaking engageme Vice President McCarter Serves 13th Year WM war sieve U Vi. "We are doing what we can to help the faculty do its jobf' is the way that Dr. Pete Kyle lVlcCartcr sums up the functions of his otlice as vice president. He is in charge of the general ad- ministration of the departments, schools and colleges that make up the University. He is also the ad- ministrator who acts for the presi- dent in the absence of Dr. George L. Cross. As chairman of the Universityis Council on Instruction, he meets weekly with the council to consider and handle any recommendations for course and curriculum changes. He became vice president in 1953 after teaching English and doing ad- ministrative Work at the University ol' Mississippi. He gained his BA in lf-331 from the University of Missis- sippi and his lVlA in H933 and his PhD in l939 from the University of Wisconsin. An avid reader, Dr. lVlcCarter often takes library breaks instead of cotlee breaks to relax from oflice duties. His membership in honorary and professional organizations include Gmicron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma and Phi Beta Kappa. Dr. Swearingen Vice President For Research Dr. Lloyd E. Swearingen, vice president in charge of research and development since 1953, played a dual role in University administra- tive Worlc this year, serving as inter- im director of the OU Research ln- stitute in addition to his vice presi- dential duties. He had held the directorship of the Research Institute from 1947 to 1949 and from 1953 to 1958. "My job is mainly one of liaison between the president's oPHce and Research lnstitutef' he said. His ollice is also responsible for dealing with external sources of support for student and 'faculty research. He served on the OU chemistry faculty from 1932 until World War 11, when he was called into active duty as a colonel in the Army. He later directed some basic science re- search for the Army during a leave of absence from the University in 1951-53. He now holds the rank of profes- sor of chemistry at OU. Dr. Swear- ingen received his BS and NIS de- grees in chemistry from OU in 1920 and 1921 and a PhD from the Uni- versity of Minnesota in 1926. Horace B Brown Oversees Fiscal Affairs Dr. Horace B. Brown, as vice president in charge of husiness and finance, keeps and develops the Uni- versity budgets and oversees the fis- cal affairs of the University. In ad- dition, he is responsible for the gen- eral administration of the internal service agencies of the University. He received his BS degree from the University of Mississippi in 1931. lie earned his MBA in 1932 and his PhD in 1941 from Northwestern University. After serving as dean of the School of Commerce and Business Administration and professor of ec- onomics at the University of Missis- sippi from 1942 until 1949, Dr. Brown came to OU to he dean of the College of Business Administra- tion and professor of marketing. He was named vice president in 1960. He maintains an active memher- ship in the American Marketing As- sociation, American Economic As- sociation, Southwestern Social Sci- ence Association and the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business. He is also a memher of Omicron Delta Kappa and Beta Gamma Sigma honorary societies. BS W "' - Members oi Dr. Cross' stag include David Burr, Dud Giezentamier and David Swafik who meet regularly ro assist the president in his work. Staff Meets Weekly to Aid President In addition to the vice presidents, three other week to assist the president in the management men are members of the presidents staff. They and operation of the University administration. are David A. Burr, assistant to the president for Burr is responsishle for the University's puh- University relations and developmentg Dud lic relations and assists the president in the Giezentanner, husiness manager, and David Plan for Excellence, the long-range capital gifts Swank, assistant professor of law. fund drive. Gietzentanner is responsihle for fis- The staff meets regularly throughout each cal atlairs, and Swank for legal matters. Graduate College Guides Students in Study Dr. Cari D. Riggs, who cornpietes his tirst year as dean of t Graduate Cotterie, is atso dir:-ctoi' oi the OU biotoiiicfii static The CU Graduate College is a center of rc- search and of creative work, always maintain- ing the atmosphere essential to graduate in- struction. lt is the obligation of the college, therefore, to encourage investigation and to promote all forms of scholarly activity among its faculty. The college seeks to give each student a better grasp of his chosen field, more skills in methods of research, and greater powers of in- dependent thought. To this end, it offers him the daily use of its library and its laboratories and an acquaintance with faculty scholars, ready to guide and encourage him toward his academic goals. To this college, the student must bring his own initiative and assume responsibility for the progress of his studies. Classwork can be no more than a basis for wider reading and per- sonal inquiry. The student must master sub- jects, not merely courses assignments. The graduate degree is conferred not so much on the basis of credit hours acquired as for a high attainment in some major held and thorough grounding in its kindred branches. Dr. Carl D. Riggs began his hrst year as dean of the Graduate College last September. He succeeded Dr. Arthur H. Doerr, who returned to full-time teaching duties in the geography department. Dr. Riggs joined the OU faculty in 1948 as an instructor in Zoology and has been the director of the Oklahoma Biological Station since it opened in l95O. Map work is a maior item ior geography students titre Terry Britton and Chester Nftfeems, who use the tibrery tor study and research. ul " Ap, iQ 1, "' Gradua+e fassismnfs Arifwr IVICCOQHQU .md Eddie May aid ZOONOQV sfudenis Mfmrefhe Fuchs and WaNfer Shmrfer with Hweir caf dksecfion In lab BacferiologicaN r9Q,emfcF Fe Cfmrled DW bw crladume smdowfs Pefe Blrrwek "ard Furmrm CarrrfSU In Wm- vw Eorzw-Migrobirfiogzy Bmldfrfi X-5 my Q' 'B -.S Gradua+e asslsfanf WINNEam Fravdey HeNps Terry Baumeisfer Wir? -1 orobkxm af Hwy board while owen wal? Weir mms a+ 5 mmh Help eewiorx. Recep+ion3s'r Rwrvwv -A Thompson fmgwers 3rvsMrrwevw'5 quf:sHmv5 Hlbqwf vogfnkpvmf .g4m,',,,.Ii.,g, ,ind fha Qmf4mm5 k1v.1iYf:bMQ'?Hrouv1Yw Unfvevgiw Cqulkwzcf. niversity College Helps Frosh Adjust All students entering from high school are enrolled in the University College and take at least their Hrst two semesters of work in this college. lf they have not made a final decision regarding the field in which they Wish to study, they are assigned to advisers experienced in working with those Whose interests are at this time not clearly defined. If they have selected a major field of study, they are given an adviser who teaches in that area. ln either case, their University College enrollment will usually in- clude the courses that are required of all stu- dents in the University of Oklahoma and other courses reflecting interests they have or think they may wish to develop. Special aids in vocational counseling, im- provement of reading skills and study habits are only part of the services available to a stu- dent in University College. The dean's oflicc and faculty advisers of the University College work closely with the University Guidance Service, which administers counseling tests. This testing program gives the student oppor- tunity to explore his qualifications for various fields of work offered by the University. Dr. Glenn C. Couch this year completes his 21st year as dean of University College. Expert courselinq is provided by Ferre Burlfleo assisiarl lo ilnp dean, for freslirnan Larry Hogan as he plans his courses. H. r alrzrncr lla, irn ortan or pro or guidance D GI C c e p ce O p directs lhc- University College lor rnaxlrnurn service im irnshmen 7I Arts and Sciences Largest Division of OU 'I if Dr. John S. Ezell, A David Ross Bom! proiessor oi history, is row complelinfu his first year as clear oi Arts and Scierces fx . The College of Arts and Sciences was estab- lished in 1892, and the first degrees were grant- ed in 1898. lt is the largest division of the University of Oklahoma, containing 6 schools and 19 departments. The college aims, through its basic courses, to foster the spirit of free inquiry and indepen- dent thought, and to lay a foundation for the instruction students will receive in a profession- al school or in the Graduate College. Schools in this college are Geology, Home Economics, Iournalism, Library Science, Physi- cal Therapy and Social Work. Depaprtments include anthropology, botany and microbiol- ogy, chemistry, classics, economics, English, ge- ography, government, history, mathematics and astronomy, modern languages, philosophy, physical education, physics, psychology, re- gional and city planning, sociology, speech and Zoology. Dr. lohn S. Ezcll, a David Ross Boyd pro- fessor of history, became dean of the College of Arts and Sciences in September. Dr. Ezell, who was serving as chairman of the department of history, succeeded Dr. Wil- liam E. Livezy, dean since l954. Stephen Tedder checlcs the resonance point oi tone from fa tunica fork. as Liza Lepevre records the data gained in Physics 30 lab. Jerry Bias, David Power, Jerry Farrow and Erma Korafsky sfudy We preserved broloqlcaf specimens on display in Hwe Zoology showcases 'Q -:vsezsf Q Y In biology Mb Cord-354 iresrvwm Smarf Akers ones fbroujw a compound microscooe -1+ a womd of mimhe mime WQ iraide fr drop of wnee Maldir NS S-........-A"" 74 fx ,J IL' A' -SK fiat GT? fwrkiw' V N 'eng . ' "I 7, I ibimf. , ,..., M54 .fwf-Jw "-- emi www-, f f my ,wmv--- nfah,,,,:,MW -, 4,f.,A. g,:,,,gW,5.-,mf ,yy f ' K H Spacious Classrooms such sas H115 one accommodafe qiqanfic secflons of finance and economics, which are required of all business mafors 2479 4 Members of Pi Omnua Pi Hovxorary buslfwess educafiom fraferrwfw, gair' vahxabxe pmcfice 3m usiw: We various, fools of The m Nix ,X -r , ,mx oderv busivess wo' College of Business Has Six Departments The College of Business Administration was formed with a four-year curriculum in 1929, although business subjects had been offered at the University of Oklahoma since 1913, and a separate two-year school had been established in 1923. Dr. Arthur Barto Adams was named first dean of the college in 1929, and was followed by the present dean, Dr. Horace B. Brown, in 1949. The college has been a full member of the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business since 1926, and now contains six de- partments - accounting, administrative serv- ices, management, economics, finance and mar- keting. The college occupies Adams Hall, a four-story building erected in 1936 and named in 1952 for the late Dean Adams in recognition of his long service to the University. The curriculum is composed of courses lead- ing to degrees of bachelor, master and doctor of business administration and to the doctor of philosophy degree with majors in either eco- nomics or business administration. The Bass Collection in Business History now contains more than 11,000 volumes. This com- prehensive collection of books, periodicals and manuscripts affords business students abun- dant research opportunities. Practice sets sometimes require lonq hours ot tedious labor to get them to balance, or so says business student Susie Erickson. uf 'sk' V race Brown is dean ot the College ot Business Administra addition to beinq OU vice president in charge ot tinance College of Education Supplies Teachers The College of Education, a professional school, has for its purpose the preparation of qualified teachers for the public schools. Cre- ated in 1912 as the School of Teaching in the College of Arts and Sciences, it became the School of Education in 1913, and in 1921 be- came a separate organization with its own faculty and dean. The name was changed to College of Education in 1929. The building in which the College of Educa- tion has been housed since 1952 contains class- rooms, a curriculum center, seminar rooms, fa- cilities for special education and the University Reading Clinic and Laboratory. There is also space for a statistical laboratory, an adminis- trative laboratory, offices for the faculty, facil- ities for selecting audio-visual materials and for observing testing and counseling techniques and procedures. The University School, located on the north campus of the University, is operated by and is an integral part of the College of Education. It includes grades one through twelve and a kindergarten, providing excellent opportunities for directed observation, and experimentation in curriculum, administration and teaching methods. Dr. Iames C. Harlow is dean of the college. Reading lab tecbniques are explained by Pat McC1oskeyto Hubert Hardy and Julie Laud, who hope to improve tlneir reading ability. ....,,.4r Dr. James H. Harlow, who bas received national acclaim for bis works in education serves as dean of tbe Colieoe of Education i J - 76 Educa+ion major Lirda MCQMFIQV receives fha Thefi Sljzmfa Phi oufsffarwding Sevior woman Mafrix Award from Beffy Bonifiehi chapfer presidervf Universi+y High School, under fhe operafiom of fhe CoUeqe of Educaflon, provides for expcrimenfafiom in Teaching mszfhods and curriculum New Engineering Center Dedicated in Fall , , Dr. Gene M. Norby, dean of the Coiieoe of Eriqineeririq, surveys The view from the stops of the new buildioi: on the Main Campus. Rivaling the festivities of Engineers, Week this year was the formal dedication ceremony for the new Engineering Center in October. The College of Engineering, with its approxi- mate enrollment of 3,000 students, this year utilized every one of the l06,000 square feet of Hoor space the new center offers. The center houses offices, classrooms and lahoratories for the Schools of Chemical Engi- neering and Materials Science, Civil Engineer- ing and Environmental Science, Electrical and industrial Engineering. A new huilding on the north campus pro- vides research facilities, classrooms and offices for the School of Aerospace and Mechanical En- gineering. Other divisions in the college are the School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering, the School of Architecture, department of industrial education and the program in engineering psys- ics. Undergraduate core courses are taught in the department of engineering, which is headed by Dr. Gene lVl. Nordhy, now in his fourth year as dean of the college. , Petroleum erffiiiicerino studori Marcias Mfiviiiez does an experiment T on rhe relationships of he air-wafer voriex in a wafer tank. Engineering insfrucfor Frank J. Kern wafches as James M. Mchmuqwin and Jim D. Hahg run a proqram on Hue Dafafrom compufer in We lab During Hue 75W Anniversary celebra+?on cmd dedicafion ceremonies, Robe-ri B. Burns Jr. vlsifed H16 new cenfcfs open house WIH1 his parerwfs. F1ne Arts Center Houses Jones Theatre Dean Agn l l C ' A' Pie: Arts Dt F Dfw ,ld Cl-nk 1' ina fi bf-id., ol 54 t.ll me 'ace The highlight of the year for the College of Fine Arts was the completion of the first unit of the new Fine Arts Center. This heautiful huilding not only supplements the college's ed- ucational facilities, hut also provides a place where hoth students and the puhlic can come to participate in the arts. Une of the main features of the huilding is the Rupel jones Theatre which replaces llolmherg llall for use in drama and opera theatre presentations. Dedication of the flSl,- 500,000 structure took place in October as part of the Focus on Fine Arts Festival and the University's 75th anniversary activities. Headed hy Dean F. Donald Clark, the col- lege's lull-time faculty of 54 professors ollers students instruction and expert advice in almost every aspect of an education in the arts. The enrollment of more than l,200 students is divided among the three schools making up the college - art, drama and music. ln addition to the usual curricular activities of fine arts faculty and students, there are extra- curriculuar opportunities for them to exhihit their learning and talents, through drama and dance productions, art exhibits, recitals, con- certs and opera theatre presentations. OU drum mfiior David Westgate assists pianist Alice Aim Biker as she pr'epfii'es lor' an tioufs diligent practice at the keyboard, ,,..-- -""'..,...-A ,,.,-A ,H--f r-""',,,..-f-,,....--' -H-f""..-f'f"...'-'-' ,,,.N-,,,...f,,,,,,.,... ,,...4-- Q-r' ,...-"',,....-v- f-",.,.f-',,,,....-v -'-"'..-f--,..--' ...M- ,,..-,,....-- .,...-J,,,,.. Roberf Hale, fm OU faimwms appfwv-sed In time Coma Theatre orcdumicv' ' Susfvwvwh " -1corwymporaryow'-r.-1bycfavlislo Ffoyd prosevfe 1 . 5 ,l-.: N.. 1, G: ' V My Q ,M I E 9' Q hun Hours f' pill" ' ,WG 'fbwv io ww ckwowr: 5 wc? al, 'Hug fJ'x::k1f:1"1 zreymrf-d of or-frm spd,-Av' 'fu' .mf w' TV: Tww' W S' W1 5 Q95 Maw 4 5 W..-M5 A-'f"E ,W M,,,..,-f' ,5- 'X Iv V B, QW .........i..,......... B, . M ,wfav Md-1' .4-. Eugene O. Kuntz New College of Law Dean The College of Law occupies Nlonnet Hall on the north oval. The building is named in honor of the late Dean Emeritus Iulien C. 1V1onnet, who served as dean from the time the college was organized in 1909 until 1941. Eugene O. Kuntz, one of the nation,s fore- most authorities on oil and gas law, became dean in September, succeeding Dr. Earl Sneed. The college has been a member of the Associ- ation of American Law Schools since 1911. lt has been on the approved list of the American Bar Association since that organization first published an approved list in 1923. Model courtroom facilities are available for use by students in practice and moot court Work. The law library's holdings of more than 85,000 volumes include all the books required by standards established by the American Bar Association and the Association of American Law Schools. The Oklahoma Law Review, a quarterly per- iodical, is published under the auspices of the College of Law in order to give expression to legal scholarship and to serve the profession and the public by timely discussion of legal problems. The editors are chosen from second- and third-year students on the basis of scholar- ship and aptitude for editorial Work. gmummmvw Editor Ernest F. Godlove and adviser Mrs. Barber hurch fer on a story for the spring quarterly issue of " W R vl w." Dean Eugene O. Kunlz stands outside lvlormet Hall as he contem- ol l la b y first year he has had as dead ol the College ol Law. T School of Medicine to Get New Hospital Dr. James l.. Dennis is serving his second year as the dean o School ot Medicire and director of the OU Medical Cener. The GU Board of Regents this year approved the master plans for the construction of a mod- ern 200-bed teaching hospital and a basic sci- ence teaching building at the School of Med- icine. The new facilities will make it possible to increase enrollment and will enlarge clinical facilities. The University of Cklahoma School of Med- icine, located in Oklahoma City, organizes its courses to offer theoretical and practical train- ing to produce graduates who are competent general practitioners. Courses are arranged to give the student a thorough background in the history and ethics of the medical profession, and good training in general medicine, general surgery, gynecology, obstetrics and pediatrics. Approximately 50,000 volumes are contained in the library and more than l,000 current journals and periodicals are received each year. Microfilm and interlibrary loans supplement the service to students and staff. Dr. James L. Dennis is completing his sec- ond year as dean of the School of Medicine. Medical students review their charts at the end of ai long day conferring on appropriate treatment and care for their patients. KN X 1 xx F -X Senior sludemls Marcia Bieber. Fred Kuhn and Johh Schuhmacher examine a hospllal palferl under lhe careful supervision ol Dr. Carl Smllh. "Q ZEN Firsi' and second year medical sludenls pe-rlorm various experlmenls In The biochemislry laborafory at lhe Medical School In Oklahoma CIW. Symbolic of We fra To recruif Hgh sch dl '11 A ' d H1 cove-Wd ca displayed on fha nursimq cape. diiion of The rvursimq profession are The can e, r e nurses pm an Q , , p .L 9 K f-mi.. ,V X M K W N1 ,gf iz '??.,: X ' """"l W ff 5 -- V oo! smder-+5 fcr 'HQ Sched, CHarWoHe Bkavchard Don Hamilwow ard Lou Behve dfkcuss THQ museg fmure and Meir UL 6. Uv Nursing Students Train in City Hospitals To earn a bachelor of science degree in nurs- ing, students of the OU School of Nursing study two years on the Norman campus and two years at the OU Medical Center, Okla- homa City. Upon completion of the program of study, the student is eligible to take exam- ination for license as a registered nurse in Ok- lahoma. Dean of the School of Nursing is Helen E. Patterson. Faculty members in the school rec- ognize the need for producing professional nurses who will help meet the health needs of todayis changing society. The curriculum is designed to provide a broad and liberal educa- tion as Well as professional training. The School of Nursing has unusual facil- ities in the number of classrooms, available li- brary resources, vvell-equipped laboratories, and an excellent environment for learning ex- periences during the nursing major. The general nursing laboratory, with its modern equipment, is located in the School of Nursing building. The nursing care of patients is taught in the School of Nursing as Well as in all clinical areas of the University of Okla- homa Hospitals in Oklahoma City. State Board Examinations, required of every graduating senior nurse, cause Marilyn Hamilton and Mary Jane Martin to study harder. ean Helen E. Patterson, dean ot the School ot Nursing, reve s ber lecture notes while waiting tor the next class to b Pharmacy Requires Five-Year Program Dr. Loyd Harris, dean ot the Collette ot Pharmacy tor the past two ',fOF:VS promotes studeni irterest in Tian tive-fear prcniffrn. Instruction in pharmacy was first offered in a department of the University in l893, and the First two graduating classes from the Uni- versity consisted entirely of pharmacy students. The department later became a school, and in P1950 the name was changed to the College of Pharmacy. The college is a member of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, and as such, requires a minimum five-year curriculum, with at least three years, tull-time residence required of a student wishing to obtain a de- gree. It is also accredited by the American Council on Pharmaceuutical Education. Providing a training program that will quali- ty those who graduate for general practice or for any of the specialties of pharmacy is the primary objective of this college. This program within the college is coordinated with courses oltered by various other schools and depart- ments in the University, giving the pharmacy student the advantages of a comparatively small college as well as the opportunities of- tered by a large university. Dr. Lloyd E. Harris, professor of pharmacy, completes his second year as dean this year. Pharmacy student Lynn Quinn spends patien' hours on laboratory fissiormenrs such as determinino the titration ot aspirin tablets. SI i ,M wiv W7 ' W 4 Msigr H I' JK ,Q wk 1 ww 4 ,W,,.,,, z K if Q -1 K E v 2 144 P 2 if 4 K an 5 d,,,,.Y-V 3 ,,:X, 'Wifi ' 5 53,22 , : 5462 fr SL 1, 14 an W 5 Akiva , swf :- ai 1: , 5 9 X Q fu H, ., x ,. ,T f ug? 'i xii wg, 1 K 6 .Q M . , . Kx , Q D if 525' S57 f' 1- I 53:3 35, 4-if 51345513 WN M54 , 'h 5 Z' A W e , 1. if ,1 If K Q f J 7' we 'WU' I my mm, fm 1 will Si ar -dr 1 , 'F india-Qz. Q? W, ,kk x sa Q Lf ?5 Q Amway M , , 2? g .,:: , V 3? iii -an' QV " , +4 W H nur 9 Q W wi wgesgxezfyi, 1 ,mi College of Continuing Education Offers BLS The College of Continuing Education is the newest academic unit of the University and is an expression of the general faculty's concern for the development of quality programs for the adult part-time student body of the University. Established in 1961, the college includes the department of liberal studies, the Southwest Center for Human Relations Studies, the de- partment of continuing health studies and the Oklahoma Family Life Institute. The department of liberal studies offers a curriculum leading to the bachelor of liberal studies degree. The Southwest Center for Hu- man Relations Studies provides students the op- portunity of studying human conflict and con- troversy through institutes, conferences and workshops. The department of continuing health studies provides programs for the health professions through short courses and conferences on envi- ronmental health, health care administration, paramedical professions and community health. The family life institute sponsors workshops in family life education to aid teachers and counselors in working more effectively with youths. Dr. Thurman I. White is dean of the college. Adult education is the topic under discussion when Dr. Jess Burkett, Margaret Bridge and Dr. J. C. Feaver meei. Dr. Thurman J. White is dear of the Coilede Education, as well as director of fhe ex so d O Discerning Faculty Spur Student Intellect WW 1155 t mm will ,Ei R r. yygiaswmwgigttiygtti will H Khulna M5112 Formations tor the OU bands intricate halttirne shows are worked out on a planning board by Dr. Gene Braught, director. Professors at OU do not tit the stereotype of serious, dull pedant, for many are carrying on interesting and essential work in their Fields by doing research, writing and intro- ducing specialized materials. Such a teacher is Dr. Edward Ev-- erett Dale, who is noted for his ex'- tensive writing on the history of the West and of Oklahoma. Materials used by Dr. Edmund C. Nuttall, Dr. Barbara Hutchinson and Mrs. Lynn Hawtin in speech therapy supplement their knowledge of theory and research. Dr. Gene A. Braught, director of bands, spends hours at the planning board to bring fans varied programs at athletic events and concerts. 'Wah W1 Nun.. ., Speech therapy methods are studied by Dr, Barbara Hutchinson, Dr. Edmund Nuttall and graduate Lynn l-lawtin. Final fouches are applied by Miss Nancy Sade, OU Cosfumer, fo e Cape worm In "T-He Taming of The Shrew." Dr. Edward EvereH Dale Yoolcs over f one of Hue many books a copy o ' Okiahoma hisfory. he has wrlffen on il 'W' 'R' E Dr. Blanche Sommers, professor of pharmacy, gets practical experience in her field by working in the summer as a pharmacist in a local store. Teachers' Duties Extend Beyond Classroom Lecturing, grading tests and reading papers are standard Work for the college professor, but most faculty members have duties and activities which goes beyond these. Paul V. Keen, intramurals director, takes part in a summer program to teach children to swim. Dr. Carl D. Riggs, dean of the Gradu- ate College, is also a member of the Norman City Commission. Mrs. Erma Keeley, Wife of civil engineering professor loe W. Keeley, is director of the Soon- er City Nursery, which provides expert day care for the the children of students attending the University of Oklahoma. at Xl- ,leak 1,S H VV e .Q iii 5 l Director oi the Sooner City Nursery school, Mrs. Erma R. Keeley takes time out to read a story to some young friends. mv"""wv I' 5... may x ,1 chlmpavzee Jsecl iw is psyclwologlcal Qxperlmerl or Soull' Campm. .45 ln addiiion lo deem ol llwe Graduale College and direclor of OU Biological Slallon Dr. Carl Riqcw is on llwe Norman Clly Commisslon Dr. Vera M. Gafch, nsslslanf proloswv 05 psyclwolcoy carers, lor Professors Take Interest in Students In spite of their busy schedules, most professors take time out for individual conferences with their students, and many become inter- ested in their students' extracur- ricular activities. Coach Tommy Evans, for instance, is the sponsor for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Writing and research are an important part of many profes- sors, schedules. Dr. George Sut- ton has recently written and illus- trated sections of two National Geographic books, and is current- ly working on a book about Okla- homa birds. Dr. Maxwell Wilcomb engages in much research in the field of public health, in addition to his teaching duties. ifiqar E .ff Dr. George M. Sutton, Zoology proiessor, orniihologist and tai- entecl artist, is shown with a painting oi a Mexican Gray Hawk. OU wresfling coach Tommy Davis, whose Teams wow mafiorval COM9Qi5fS Horors if 1963 and I964 and beef OSU This year, sfands in from of 5 board of champions which picfures him as a comaqe wrcsiier, rccfor of STovfmU Museum, Dr. Mfxriom T, Hall spew? las? Qum- mev' CamNo.givwq md fypirvg lumps-r dank Throufmom Mindes. 'ow aww gg, .fa m m , V J -of A " 'S' T BILL BOQDERS 1 GILL KEAS ff, ST , K A 4 5 f fm ww Ja, if f' l gggggisij. W SAN HGSJE 1 NATIONA CHAMPIONS if m 'V if TOMMY Ev:-gras Ama' 2952 '54 UJTSSMDSPJGL WSW? 595264 4 9 3, 3 MAQEGN FOQEHAN N-.nw sncw' ggfl3a'S4,l,A JN!! .5 GORDON ROESLER wif, ' 356 VEQNON SISNEY -:Q Y 135361 Las. 1940 :as Las. 1 LEWK 97 'lf' .pw Staff members conferring with Dr. Jodie C. Smith in the Office William ff, Strickland Jr.. Charles R. Galbraith, Mrs. Erma R. oi Student Services are Dr. William Rex Brown, Dr. Dorothy Traex, Kee-iev Dr. William J. Mummerv and Dr. Don F. Robinson. O C O O Student Services Coordinates SIX ff1C6S 'The Ofhce of Student Services, HOW in its Dr. Jodie C. Smith directs the Office of Studerii Services. second year of operation as an administrative unit, coordinates programs benefiting Univers- ity of Oklahoma students in all phases of cam- pus life outside the classroom. Dr. Iodie C. Smith, a member of the OU staff since 1948 and a former director of hous- ing, heads the six offices making up the student services: the Office of the Deans of Students, the Housing Office, the Student Health Service, the University Guidance Service, the Office of Financial Aids, and the Sooner City Nursery and Kindergarten. A major goal of personnel in the Oflice of Student Services is to help all students attain maximum all-around personal development through a carefully balanced program of extra- curricular activities. Key staff members of the unit include Dr. Dorothy A. Truex, dean of Women, Dr. Will- iam Rex Brown, dean of men, William H. Strickland Ir., director of housingg Dr. Don F. Robinson, director of the Student Health Ser- vice, Dr. William Mummery, director of the University Guidance Service, Charles R. Gal- braith, director of financial aids, and Mrs. Er- ma R. Keeley, director of the Sooner City Nur- sery School and Kindergarten. dmissions Extends Pre-Enrollment Policy The Office of Admissions and Records is di- rected hy Dr. john Fellows, dean of admis- sions, registrar and professor of education. The office conducts and supervises the ad- mission and registration of each UU student. lt maintains a permanent academic file on all students attending OU, and determines which students are eligihle for admission. The ollice also certifies and sends copies ol' a student's records to those concerned with his academic well heing while attending Ol V. Besides processing applications for admis- sion to OU from high school students, the of- fice also directs the American College Testing program for all first-time entering freshmen, and processes applications from students trans- ferring from other colleges and universities. Dr. Fellows is assisted hy a stall' which in- cludes lVliss Ruth Arnold, director of admis- sions, Boyce D. Timmons, director of registra- tiong and Mrs. Racheal Keely, who serves as re- corder for the oflice. Meeting with Mrs. Rachewl Keely -wid otha-' -if-.ig nssislwts, Du Joh" E. Fefiews 1-vwtairs 'fre 1-rn."-iivi me-errollmeii' petncedures to hflvce D. Timnioiis Cfi-tilt-1 E. Smith Miss Ruth Arnold -and Rizurih A. Boiioess it fi staff conference of the Admissions and Records. staff. Savoie Lottinville, director ol lbe world larnous OU Press, stands before shelves filled willy books published at the universily. Library Tops Million Bizzell Memorial Library and its branches topped one million volumes this year, provid- ing a wealth of reference material for Univer- sity students and faculty members. All but about 60,000 volumes, which are in the li- brary of the School of Medicine, are located in Norman. Over 6,700 periodicals are received current- ly by the OU library system. The holdings al- so include government documents, maps, man- uscript and archival materials, and over 40,000 photographs. The General Library materials and services are organized around broad subject areas, re- flecting the major divisions of knowledge, the principal methods of instruction, and the needs of students and faculty. Some 500,000 books and journals are arranged in open stacks. Special libraries provided outside of the Gen- eral Libraries include those in the Colleges of Engineering, Law, Medicine, and Pharmacy, as well as the ones in the Schools of Architec- ture, Art, Drama, Geology, and Music, and those serving the departments of chemistry, physics and University School. OU Press Grows Under the direction of Savoie Lottinville since 1938, the OU Press has established a worldwide reputation for the quality of its publications. Now in its 38th year as the publishing divis- ion of the University, the Press has grown from publishing five books a year to producing some 30 editions per year of new books and reprint- ed editions. The OU Press has published 80 books on In- dian tribes in its Civilization of the American Indian Series, 46 books of original accounts in its American Exploration and Travel Series, and 26 other books in the Western Frontier Library. lt has also printed l25 books dealing with Oklahoma history, Indians, agriculture, ranching, petroleum and life. Looking at a receni addition to the Bass Collection ol business publications is Dr. Arlbur lv1cAnally, director ol libmrms. Two New R.O.T.C. Officers Join Ranks Men of OU will recall this as the year when compulsory ROTC classes were abolished. Participation in the ROTC programs of the the Army and Air Force was put on a voluntary basis in September. Participation in the Navy program already was voluntary. Many students elected to take the courses, knowing that when they completed the work successfully they would receive commissions as second lieutenants in the Army or Air Force or as Navy ensigns. Heading the OU units were Col. Woodrow W. Wiltse, Armyg Capt. Marcus L. Lowe Ir., Navyg and Lt. Col. Charles Dobbs, Air Force. This was Col. Wiltse and Lt. Col. Dobbs, first year at OU. ,gi-r, Col. W. W. Wiltse is professor oi military scicricc. Lt. Col. C. E. Dobbs comrnards Air Force ROTC uriii. KMSKH!.KlliY2f E1 in Capt. Marcus L. Lowe is professor of ririval :ciorcr ,,.r....-a0- O.C.C.E. Offers Adult Courses, Workshops fi Dean of the extension division as well as the College of Continu- ing Education, Dr. Thurman J. White has offices in the O.C.C.E. O.C.C.E. has earned national lame lor ils adult education proqrams such as this for lim Oklahoma l-liqhway Patrol. Hundreds of short courses, conferences and Workshops are held annually in the Oklahoma Center for Continuing Education, located on the south side of the Ollis main campus. Opened in 1962, this center has been term- ed the nationis finest adult education facility. Its principal function is to provide facilities needed for the University's adult study pro- grams. An extension specialist is assigned to each conference as a coordinator to make all physical arrangements, provide necessary equipment, insure that adequate facilities are ready, and to take care of emergencies that may arise during the conference. Aside from the courses offered by the Col- lege of Continuing Education, the center also provides space for the Extension Division of OU, headed by Dean Thurman White. The two major departments of the Extension Div- ision-School and Community Services, and Business and Industrial Services--hold their conferences, seminars, workshops and classes in the spacious center. Among the programs scheduled in the Cen- ter this year Were those concerning accounting, the advanced program in governmental studies, architecture, business and industry, civil de- fense, dental hygiene, education, engineering, human relations and law enforcement. e 'MTW- ko MM" v -- 1 IW' X IL ,N .gf Alumni Association The University of Oklahoma Alumni As- sociation performs valuahle services for more than 70,000 alumni throughout the United States and some 70 foreign countries. Each summer the association sponsors tours for alumni. ln i965 two alumni groups trav- eled through western Europe, while Dr. and lVlrs. George L. Gross conducted another tour around the world. Through the Alumni Development Fund, ov- er 5,500 persons contributed more than 513250,- 000 to OU for scholarships, special equipment, research and faculty support. Another vital function is the University of Oklahoma Foun- dation, which seeks and administers funds of a permanent nature and capital gifts. Executive director of the association is R. Boyd Gunning. Guy H. Brown is executive sec- retary, and Charles F. Long is assistant alumni secretary. Ronald K. Green serves as director of the Alumni Development Fund and assistant director of the Foundation, and Iohn B. Shake- ly is assistant director of the ADF. An assistant director of the Foundation in conjunction with OU's Plan for Excellence is lames F. Futrell. Under the leadership of editor Paul V. Gal- loway, the association puhlishes the Sooner Magazine, an alumni newspaper, Sooner News- malferq and the OU Goachis Football Letter. Alumni Association, now in ils b7ll1 year. is R. Boyd Gunnirif Sponsors World Tours Director Boyd Gunning talks over plans for next summers ou with John F. Y Stambauoh ot Tulsa, association presi Executive director ol the University ol Oklahoma Foundation and 1. W u xi - wt 2 Serving lfhmqi wr- PM Gf,Uc:v.-e Scarf-f Mwmzirhe 1di'or- Guy' Browf -if-cL.rRve izcriemrw md CH 5. Q w 9 3 5 ' ii ,ms .H S g L A, ,dw J':,'?WLI -ww ,M-W aw iv if 1 '.b,ww, 11: fpff'c.urwf1 acer A Discussing Aww 3 Lin . J-fm L-', P. Fm"-W mais 'Q-Cffzr fr P311 'Cr Exif-Mawr -xv d Rf1.fwvK,Grf1m1 Gif C v "nv Axyxrvwf Df'vf'lfvLfr'f'CA Fx 1 Research Institute Dr. Tom J. Love and Jim Hood inspect ea device for measuring the radiative characteristics of flames from various fuels. a Unique Service College textbooks arc the result of proven theories. lVlany University of Oklahoma facul- ty members, with the assistance of the OU Re- search Institute COURID, are doing the re- search necessary to make more complete text- books. All science and industry benefit from the other product, the research graduate. Much of the practical research in the United States comes from university-based specialists. OU is one of few universities with a research institute to help coordinate faculty research and assist industries needing university knowl- edge and facilities. The Research Institute is located in a 900- acre Research Park at the north edge of Nor- man. It administers research contracts and grants to OU faculty members for government- al and industrial research. OURI,s responsi- bility is to bring them together. In addition, the Institute recently began a unique program. Industries wishing to keep their scientists working on company projects while keeping them in touch with new knowl- edge in their fields can take advantage of the Research Institutes 'gsatelliteu lab program. The Institute will build, through tax-free bonds, facilities the industry might need to con- tinue research. These facilities would lze locat- ed at the Research Park and administered on a lease basis. Meteorologisf J. I. Dooley uses a weather radar unit to determine storm movement and velocity in severe storms lab in research work. L af - 3 S E x , k ,M 2 Q "ai, , ',,..N,, E gf, QA 1 'Nm 1, ff'-v Y M' , ,' inn ggi I Ai Miki W he , , f it f ,, fir ,. af nv W., .Mak . in Q. 7"k 3 3 45 1 X fl h.,- if. 'Z f ,,,. , 9 K , , A., 'nf ' 5 ' 9 V, if fri A ' ' if x E I A. 2 1 -f T' ' IW wsw,,M,, Vg., . ,, wwgffsigiwf -n-'rw'-zu 22251. 41.1 QQ - L, MVS' ' -115 f,. . 'f A 45, ' ' iaiwl H2 M its 'ff M 4 . Q I 1-fm Y . f fl", gf? g ' - it ' ev .ff-'Q' www 11 1 +6 ff,f1W",Mfs fi.-n'fzf1,',' , p - Q12 ax5QSi?p,ef 1v2i 'Q 21" Q f' f ' ' " Y Swv., V, .L ..+Fr,..a-M,5:i13,,,M- ,.,- swf aw f . . .. Q. .3,QI6i,?i, fagrlgzfgkgi g,3,g,, A 5:1 ,, v 2, A 1 if?--az, ' , 3- - V213 'f cf 4: 'ww Z 'f 5' 7 ' , A ' 1 A 3 W, -A f 1Ff'lT? I mg? 1' W- ,f q -1-155, gf. Lw:,gzL'Z , ' f Y I 2: f,ayfx?g1 ff , L .m f U ii 'QQ ww 'R ' K ' 5 , Iv A wif 1 , N, f- 'f .H-52.51. 5: " QQ? L , -, .:: Lib k ny? X T , I 16 , . ' 7, 9 311 M A 21 - - v wi . A W, in jg' 245 7 -nv ' if - bn. . 4 7.4: Z.. .Mm . A . Oklahoma Memorial Union UNION BOARD OF MANAGERS D. H. GR1sso, Chairman IACK LUTTRELL W. H. FREELAND HAL MULDROW Student Senate President DPIAN IODIE C. SMITH Oklahoma Daily Editor UNION BOARD OF TRUSTEES LEE B. THOMPSON, Oklahoma City . . President IACK LUTTRELL, Norman .... Vice President D. H. GR1sso, Norman . . .... Treasurer W. H. FREELAND, Norman . . . Secretary-Manager A. N. BOATMAN, Okmulgeeg HAROLD BELKNAP, Nor- mang R. I. CLEMENTS, Oklahoma City, IOR CURTIS, Pauls Valley, CLEE FITZGERALD, Stillwater, DENZIL GARRISON, Bartlesvilleg MENTER BAKER IR., Oklahoma City, T. H MCCASLAND, Duncan, HAL MULDROW, Norman. Ex Officio Members IULIAN ROTHBAUM, President of the Board of Regents DR. CrEORGli L. CRoss, President of the University IOHN F. Y. STAMBAUGH, President ol' thc University of Oklahoma Association Student Senate President Booking reservations and takinq care of other Union office affairs are Mrs. Melba Ctark, Mrs, JO Ann Nipper and Mrs. Berniece Bucher. Union Facilities Accommodate Community In the game room, Guy Barrett watches two students play pool, one Ot several Union game facilities available. The Oklahoma Memorial Union Building on the University of Oklahoma campus pro- vides service and recreational facilities and an activity program for the campus, including students, faculty and the community. Student leisure time activities on both a personal and organized group basis are effectively accommo- dated in the Union. Conference rooms, a game room, barber shop, newsstand, ballroom, auditorium and lounge facilities are available. Dining areas and food service units, including the Ming Room, Terrace Room and Will Rogers Cafe- teria, are designed and furnished with a view to the needs of students, faculty, alumni, townspeople and visitors to the campus, who use the facilities. University functions housed in the Union Building, but administered by other campus agencies are the University Book Exchange, Alumni Association, Faculty Club and Radio Station WNAD. Union Ac'Hvi+ies Board members include: TOP ROW: Russ Barlee, R. N, Dunaqan, Jane England, Jerry l-lassebroek, Linda Johnson, Marqarel McConnell. BOTTOM ROW: Nicki Meek, Nancy Monl qomery, Frank Olney, Arlhnr Thompson, Roherl Vauqhn, Sam Vincon. Union Ac'I'ivi'ries Council officers and chairmen are chosen on lhe basis ol Their applicalions and qualificalions. They include-TOP ROW: Jo Ann Allen, Ann Beaudry, Gary Eley, Gerald Fleming Clark Gilpin, Cherry Kay Grirfilh, Larry l-larral, Jenelred Heder- horsl. SECOND ROW: Charlene Heinen, Bruce Hickman, Doug lnhofe, Paula Landrilh, Jim McElralh, N. D. Moscoe, Camille Pharr, Adele Punq. BOTTOM ROW: Marilyn Redwine, Susan Shepard, Bob Slephens, David Sloner, Sally Talum, Sleve Varqo, Gayle Walling. E'-fi' .nw vh,,r Board, Council Supervise nion Activities Interest and diversity are two of the distin- guishing characteristics of the Union Activities program. lt is governed, organized and effected by student leaders. The Union Activities organization revolves around three main bodies, Union Activities Board, Union Activities Council and Union Representatives Council. Board members usually serve as chairmen of larger events such as Sooner Scandals and Popular Artists Series. Council members serve as vice chairmen of large events or chairman of smaller programs. Membership of Union Activities Board con- sists of l2 students of junior and senior stand- ing. Council membership is composed of 23 students of at least sophomore standing. New members are chosen each spring on the basis of their work on union committees. Any OU student may apply for a committee since participation is voluntary. Emphasizing development of leadership, present members are active in all phases of campus life, as shown by their over-all grade average of 3.5 and the cumulative total of more than 500 otlices, awards and honors. Riding the UAB bus to Big D lor the weekend might prove to be taster tor Camille Pbarr, Robert Vauqbn and Jenitred Hederborst. 4 'IBS CL: - .- "ZF-': v"":'.- ' .L - -",..... 449' ,"L'IJ':- -5fz"'... ...... ......... ,,.... 1:1--3 .. ...- 'fa-aw. .,.....-. ...Q- -uf 5 'ff' ,,,,.,..--- kllllwt f ka 1 N- s.ix-.TtXflw i Oflicers waiting outside the Union Activities otitice are Clark Gil- pin, UAC president: Bruce Hickman, UAC vice presidentg Jane England, UAB vice president: R. N. Dunadan, UAB president: Nancy Montqornorv, UAB secretary: and Susan Shepard, UAC secretary, Public relations chairman Linda Johnson and vice chairmen Warner Lovel and Gary Elev make plans tor the Unionoloqv publicity. Film Lectures Added Music of uevviril lofivids plfivirira simultfivveeouslv, plus the iillivir . . , , , ULN til lvwf iw if Ullr Hiiiflv' iviitwiw liivifl Rvvifv, 1 lviii tiirrw- ! Q , i of ff ' . i 3 Is- 2 ,fig 1 , a prt y A 3 - 3 Publicizing wffeklv Union Movies are Pmilfi Lfwclrifla. Urioi Mo' viei ci chfiiirvmf-' R. N. Dtivrima ard Smile Wfillii 'i ii' Ch iirmr-'i. to Union Program To accommodate growing student participa- tion and interest in the Union Activities pro- gram, Union Activities Board and Council con- tinually work to expand and improve activities and to provide new ones for the students. Added to the program this year was the Film lecture series, with guest lecturers showing films relating to various areas of the world. Purpose of the lectures is to acquaint students with problems of other people. Programs such as Sooner Scandals, Popular Series, University Sing and Dad's Day Quartet contests are geared for the entire student hody, while others such as Great Decisions and Inter- collegiate Games Tournaments appeal to only a limited number of students. Other phases of the activities program in- clude Priday at Four, a talent show which draws several hundred students every weekg Dallas trip, trips over spring hrealcg houscmoth- ers, hridge party, exhihits, hridge and travel hoard lor students needing rides home. Making pl-iris lor llie I965 Dads' D-ry Qrmilrrl coiilt-al iii lla- liall are David Mfmqirii, Selly Taturn, Linda Clarke arid Russ Bariee. gi 1 qv11,,,., W-ww Audiences enjoy Folksinqimq af We weekly Friday M Four pedormences in Meacham sponsored by the Union Adivifies commI'r+ee H 'il Ja MU -Ruffled-M .r...A-- ,. 'e,mm.1, Newesf ac'HvHy of WARS Gxbindimn pr'o'1mrr1 is The Wren Nffcfurr' wriei befqur' Mis wmv' fo acquaivv Swdurwfl, WW: OH'Qr me-.,a fu? WO WGVH Dr. Ralph D. szenfang John H. Casey, secfewy Board Directs Affairs of Student Publications Students and faculty members comprise the Publication Board of the University of Ckla- homa which acts as the publisher and policy- making body of student publications. Seven voting and three ex-officio members compose the 51-year-old board. Four students are chosen annually to represent The Okla- homa Daily and the SOONER Yearbook. Each student must have held a major staff position on the paper or yearbook to be considered for selection from that publication. Voting faculty members of this yearis board were Chairman of the Board Dr. C. Ioe Hol- land, director of the H. H. Herbert School of Iournalismg Secretary lohn H. Casey, professor of journalismg and Dr. Ralph Bienfang, pro- fessor of pharmacy, appointed to the board by Dr. George L. Cross. Ex officio members are Mrs. Louise Beard Moore, supervisor of student publicationsg Ce- cil H. Brite, general manager of student publi- cationsg and lim Swain, director of university relations and public information. Dr. C. Joe Holland, Chairman K Mrs. Louise Beard Moore R .P , ,fi A S Y. Publica+ions Board members are Bob Sfeohem, Bmw Bofaifiefd Bev Wh :fiom Robew W. Jmcobs. TOP ROW' Mrs, Louise Moore John H. Casey: Dr. Ralph Biorvffmfz Dr. C. Joe Hrilsmd, Cecil BriT9 si Cecil H. Briie Yearbook Records Anniversary Celebration Kirk Clausing, Editor The 1966 SOONER Yearbook, Volume 62, is the culmination of a yearis Work to record the observance of Oklahoma's 75th Anniver- sary celebration festivities. Beginning with the cover and continuing with the copy and pictures throughout the SOONER, the staff of over 50 persons attempt- ed to reflect the pride and anticipation shown throughout the observance and symbolized by the 75th Anniversary motto: 6'The Spirit of Learning ls a Lasting Frontierf, Used throughout the opening section and on each division page Were vintage pictures of the universityis early years, reflecting 75 years of growth from 1890 to 1965. Inlaid with met- al on the cover is the seal of the university inscribed with the date, 1890, of OU,s estab- lishment by proclamation of the Territorial Legislature. The opening nine pages tell the story of the flurry of activity during the 16 days of October set aside for special commemoration of the an- niversary. Printed in gold duotones in the opening pages are both sides of the anniversary medallion. The 1966 SOONER has been edited to tell the story of an academic year, it also attempts to reflect the past and the future. John Frank, Assista nf Editor H,-swx K I -1-von, ,X , if.. wr Wm .W Housing edifors fre Marlorie Clay and Arvlr Eldsov. Linda Praff, Classes edllov, calls Her slap lfof weeflrfg. I MH"-an BOTTOM ROW: Klrlc Clausim, Marlere Glazer, Paula Figlwmar ROW: Rardy Blaclc Narcv Turlc Carole Clfvsslwq Melissa Read Memo l-llllfinqer, Linda Phillips Gulnmevere Hodges. SECOND Dowxld ltelrisleim, Roclc Albers Jim Slwaubcrfler Linda Prml. TOP ROW: Mike Tlwompson, Rlmdfall l-lmclmsm Bobbie Bmmsorw, Tislw ROW: Arvim Eldsorw, Bud Jacobs, Blll Robinson Jim Howard, Bob Wlllcirwson. Peqqy Rafclige Judy Orllw, Judy Krasrwow. THIRD Sloplmms, Marlc F. Sclvidoe, Denvld Power Jolm Clvofale. Planning Begins Early Planning the layout for the 1966 SooNER be- gan in March l965, with the idea of making changes to improve readability and interest without radically altering the SOONER which is rich in tradition. Layouts which featured frequent use of large vertical pictures were drawn, with emphasis on improving sections for Beauties and Personal- ities, Greeks and Classes. Two composites replace the one formerly used for larger fraternities and sororities, in an effort to increase head sizes and permit easier recognition of individuals. Feature pictures were not used on every page in the Classes section, but were spaced in groups, breaking the monotony. Eight additional pages were added for in- formal pictures of the top eight SOONER Beau- ties, giving the Beauties section added recog- nition. Beauty nominees and finalists were pictured in blouses rather than in old-fashion- ed drapes. When completed in March, the SOONER con- tained over l0,000 pictures, and a new staff was being organized to begin work on next year's SOONER. BOTTOM ROW: Jane Sachs. Jeanne Strozier, Mary Leonard, Pa- tricia Heintz, Gunda Jacobson, Cathay Cain, Jan Wampler, Karen Bryan, Mariorie Clay, Helen Bergman, Gayle Northcutt. SECOND ROW: Wanda Sue Oneth, Mary Margaret Combs, Denise Kessler, i i iii, 5, 4 5?-M i 'Fx -ii"- Crowds gather to purchase their SOONER Yearbooks as they fight their way through fall enrollment lines in the Fieldhouse. Linda Quisenberry, Linda Adkins, David Curtis, Jim Morgan, Rich- ard M, Siqler, Allen Coleman, Larry Beach, Warren Jones, Bill Hare. TOP ROW: Anne Leslie. Susan Hollingsworth, Sue lvy, Dan Gon- zales, Lynn L. Laughlin, Bill Johnstone, Bill Hendricks, Steve Kennedy. Oklahoma Daily Makes Campus News News is The Oklalioma Daily's business, but this year the Daily has itself made news. A new offset printing plant, to be housed in an addition to Copeland Hall, is to be put into full production this summer. Quality of print- ing and pictures will be greatly improved. Boy Harris, first semester editor, installed on the editorial page a new cartoon series by Paul Conrad, Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist on the Los Angeles Times. Mike Hammer, second semester editor, be- came the Fifth junior ever to hold that post. Upon taking over the position, he launched the Daily into several campaigns: the Red Cross Blood Drive to collect l,000 pints of blood, and the "Beat the Heck Out of Silo Tech" Week before the OU-OSU wrestling match. Again the Daily was rated one of the top college papers in the country, winning a First Class award from the Associated Collegiate Press newspaper critical service. Several Daily staff members attended the an- nual Southwest Iournalism Convention in Fay- etteville, Ark., in March. The Daily vied for top paper in its class against the University of Texas paper. Mrs. Louise B. Moore, associate professor of journalism and supervisor of student publica- tions, directed the Daily newsroom. Roy Harris, First Semester Editor Mike Hammer, Second Semester Ed t Louise B. Moore, Supervisor ot St yd 'V' i Ref Fall Oklahoma Daily Shari- BOTTOM ROW: Mrs: Louise Moore, ROV Harris Mike Hammer, Virqi' Wilder! Belly Sraoos, Susan Wriqhi Nfircv Taylor. SECOND ROW: Di- fane Groom, Dean Clark, Doreen Nasli, Lee Ann Jolwns, Joel Gambill, Sal Camarillo, Slnfiron Ansley, Belsy B. Williams Kenn Culler, Bonnie Ale len, TOP ROW: Ronald E. Keerer Rev Rerirow Judy Cullev, Liwda Eur ef' Ardrefi Sfimorfa, Judy Grav- bill Ma'-, Susiiri Roloerls 'ierw l-leinemfva, Volunteers, Lab Workers Compose Staff i .. : N qi, , , A ' 4- Amr? I2O Spring Olclalwoma Daily Sl'-all-BOTTOM ROW: Mike l-lammer Linda Jolinsor, Hfiiww Geioqamfali, Belsv Williams, Millicewl Green, Andrea Samara Gaylor H. Wlwire. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Miller, Arnelie Albers Jfirice Rc'li Biirbarei Wirn, Randall l-lullmar, Jay Sorry. TOP ROW: Paul Pelican, Michael Zeeman Gary l-l, McKinney Barry Millard, Larry Cliilniclc. Advertising Staffs Sell, Prepare Pa age K ' - H-15? f35r""f""" in 3 Fall adverM5i':q grail? Efdeded lrese Ce-rsors. SEATED: Mfarrbwr Todd Derma Rouse. STANDING: Jorw' Srrcfg Jerry Laws George Tbffricr Reber? Robert Key Flud, Sfvdv' Saab Parry Cfmpberi, Gere Jevldrs 42 2 Spring fadvrwrtisimfq dufiee. wc-ro ml- rilled by Huis, dnss. SEATED: Tim Sclwrwoebelew Jfme Berrymfurv, Bev- erbr Wb'1r'rnr' CMO! P-1arreU.STANDf ING: Job" H. Cfrsey D-wr, CM-ry Wirylinrad Trurrwrrfg Dave H':r,fv.nrd Ron lXArr:r,rx,JE1,'Cv'Or1Y62f Dm Prisc- Ed Livermore- Gum Derrblir Jrfss Wade. Journalism Press Gets Offset Equipment Plans were completed this year to modern- ize the Iournalism Press and install a new 395,000 Goss Suburban offset press. Install- ation is expected to be competed during the summer, following the expansion of Copeland liall now underway. The new press will be capable of producing 32 tabloid size pages each run and will give clearer pictures, faster production and better legibility to publications. It also will be capable of printing color. Organized in 1930, the Iournalism Press as- sures the maintenance and assumes the respon- sibility of all mechanical needs of The Okla- homa Daily. W. C. Vanderwerth, shop superintendent, is in his 21st year at OU as director and coordi- nator of the work of students and full-time em- ployees in the pressroom. With approval of the university, the press makes all purchases and handles financial busi- ness for the Daily. It is one of few self-support- ing units on campus, paying for all costs through revenue of publications. W. C. Vanclerwertti, Superintendent BOTTOM ROW: Robert Roberts, Phil Burtord, Ed Fitzgerald, Snr- Grittin, James Squirrel, Dick Bedner, Joe l-lady, Bob Ritchey, Guy falou Grittin, Maroeret Reed, Paul Woody, Bob l-lernpbill. Tirn Senter, Merle Jacobs, David Rhea, W. C. Vanclerwertln, suoerin- Sclnrooelin, Herb Morinq. TOP ROW: Bob Salmon, assistant tendert. superintendent Alvin McCants. James Cellison, John Burtord, Jirn nb-r Members of the fall Sooner Sbarnrodlc magazine staff included Jay Loomis, Hal Cook, David Stoner, Paul Nall and Gary Kilpatrick. Sooner Shamrock Published by Engineers The Sooner Shamrock is now in its 25th year of publication as the official magazine of the University of Oklahoma College of En- gineering. Written and edited by a student staff of engineering students, the monthly mag- azine operates on an annual budget of S7,500, obtained from national advertising accounts and engineering students, subscriptions. A news column features activities of the En- gineers Club, other professional or honorary enginneering organizations and honors accord- ed to engineering students and faculty. The NASA Reports column keeps readers apace of latest space-age developments. The Shamrock ranks among the best of the engineering organizations and honors accord- This yearis staff included Hal Cook, editorg lay Loomis, associate editorg David Stoner, business managerg Paul Nall, circulation man- agerg and Gary Kilpatrick, news editor. Fall edi+or Hal Cook confers with Paul Nall about publication. ,Q 2, ,L,,, I M , px. , K, X - , --vm.. wap-are-'guy-ay-qv-Q--q--gr-.Q-.Q,, 1 f H 1, .. , . ,kk.., WL is , pa .1 ua q 5- ... atm Wa fr' - f 1-A -M R 1 fn' Q -ru r .-n-gan? w:f,, .WH-mm "M ru? I Q 5? imma ARIVIED FCJFICES nouns wmv umm: inns nsvfww 2 f E Si .. in 'Q f if fig, r k-W:- s 3 X WT E 1 5522 Q5 Q2 gw 5 ,LW 5 Mi-x .J 758' V My 1 ,H J , 4 U 'Hx iv 3? Y 4. 'rv if 3""""'f"-If 1 as-sm., 5 a Ea .sim ax-: 22' :QM J, ? 2 4, ml awww! CD -Inu-y... Q , Department of Aerospace Studies The mission of Air Force ROTC at the Uni- versity of Oklahoma is to provide officers ca- pable of accepting command and leadership re- sponsibilities. Students learn that few careers provide such excitement, varied experience, pride, and deep gratification of service to coun- try as does the ll. S. Air Force. r F- 4 i l Detachment Staff BOTTOM ROW Mal Randolph C Bates Jr Leon M. Moore, Capt. Robert W. l-layes, and Capt. Robert D. Mal John S Cole Jr TOP ROW Capt Gene B B Asden Capt Rinqle. cers: TSQt. Charles F. Black, MSgt. Gerald D. McDaniel, SSqt. Russell B. Rhodes, SSQT. Fred M. Daniel, T- Sfit. Eugene W. Rogers. Detachment Noncommissioned Otiti- Wing Commander for five fire? semes'er was Dixie A, Sie-vena. Wing Commander for The second semeyer was Lee M. Siweifcrw. 0 I Cadet W mg Commanders, Staff Lead Umt Cadei' Wing S+aFf - BOTTOM ROW: Dafe A. Srevems, Joe Moody, David Comier, Clwaries Misak. TOP ROW: Marion Guer- rey Wiii Rode-rs, Rey Councii. Group 674 Cade+ S+a'Ff -- BOTTOM ROW: Walfer Deif, Lowrie Weiron, Hank Spieimaru. TOP ROW: David Jormsom, Alien Tsuoa- Group 675 Cade? S+aff - BOTTOM ROW: Lee Sheffon, Roberf wa, Gerald Jones, Paul Anderson. Fieencr. TOP ROW: Roger Brown, Gregory Felwr, Neal Porky. dbh SQ., W , A highly competitive award, the Distinguished Cadet A- ward is presented outstand- ing senior cadets. BOTTOM' ROW: Bobby l. Davis, Lee lVl. Shelton, Walter L Dell, Charles K. Misalc. TOP ROW: Kenneth M. Taylor, Ioe D. Moody, Robert D. Cochrane, Dale A. Stevens, Peter M. lVlcNamee, Willis H. Ball, David A. Iohnson, Marion D. Gurney. AFROTC Color Guard is an integral part of the flag rais- ing ceremony at all home football games and other University functions. The ca- det Color Guard is a volun- tary activity which requires many additional hours of practice to gain proficiency. The 1965-66 color guards are Hank Reike, Mickey Roberts, Anthony B. Owere, Auguie Henry, and Louis M. Rodriquez. Cadet Air Police consists of an elite group of volunteers. The primary mission of this group of cadets is to maintain traiiic control around the drill field during leadership- laboratory periods on Tues- day afternoons. The group al- so furnishes military guards- oi-honor for special events. Members ol' llie Cedel' Advisory Slfzll wliicln approves all cedel expendilures are Bobby J. Davis, Clwarles K. lvliselc, Clarence E. Smiln, and Vincenl Roslce. f L -- 5 Cade? lnformalion Services Orlice members, responsible lor cnclel publicily are: BOTTOM ROW: Plwillip S, Marzolino, Willis H Bell, Gene C. Sands. TOP ROW: Neil Hollander, Perry Flelclwer Vlfilliam Robinson, Gregory lflfanson, Donald Meclcey. Arnold Air Sociely - BOTTOM ROW: Eddie Weelcs, Deen Gibbs Duane B. Bennellr, Terrence lvlelier, Allen Tsuqewe, Fred Wlnile- lwursf, Allen Murplwy. Ceol. Roberl D. Rinqle, Palricia Kiblinqer squadron sweellieerl. SECOND ROW: Phillip S. Marzolino, Mar- ior D. Gurney, Ricnard O. Snider, Vince Rosle, William M. Rooer Jr., Don Gray, Rey Council, Paul E. Lewis. THIRD ROW: Jess E R. Clerk, Mex R, l-lix, Jolwn l. Clwoale, Jelil'rey L. Plalle, Tom J Thompson, Clnarles R. Fosler, Slewdrl Thornburg, Georqe B. Car roll, Lowrie Welron. TOP ROW: Gary E. Koveslw, Ronnie Jusrice lmmo Gebbe, Pal Clriennaull, Bud Beeler Cary A. Oslerliaus Roberl B. Fleener, Weller L. Dell, Lee M. Slwellon. Base Visitation Program On base visils, cedels are flown in Air Force aircrell, suclw as llwis Convair T-29, willw experienced aircrews ful llwe conlrols. Cadefs four llie Museum ralWriql'1l-Pellerion Air Force Base, dur ing visilalion, qivinq llwem em piclure or' life in llne Air Force 'IHIIIW' -.-w-uU'r'tl"'5.l 111 E .fi ,QW Hex? if . Retreats are conducted each eveminq by cadets. Former Honorary Colonel Mary Spencer crowns Carolyn Meek ln preparing cadets for a commission, the classroom often takes on a realistic at- mosphere. Such things as court martials and classroom presentations over current world problems occupy much of the formal class training. Flight Instruction Program SCRAMBLE I I l . . . ? Where does this thing go? ix! AS rough weekly msoec ions TO unior C deis deve oo r is When distractions oi this sori come around, keepiwg tlwose ei ers ro ore arir em For commiss or' A ere ii 1 resevts more of a problem rbsir owe minlif th l The summer between the junior and senior years, AF- ROTC cadets attend a four week Field Training Unit where the abilities of the ca- det are assessed. In addition, the cadets are given a closer look at the life of an Air Force Base, and are shown the functions of the various departments is an important part ol' cacb cadetis training. Under the watchful eye of survival experts, cadets are taught how to live oil the land if it becomes necessary. Field Training Units Mean Hard Work, Learning, Fun is no wor To ur cr te i ea o teamwork i is litary discipline is stressed tbrouqlwout the wliole o me tr ed to oresewt en ertammer' tor the otber cadets oi tbe camp an 1 ri and l'1UV",jFy or not meals must not be an exceprror r'-'Mi 'N-N 'en C CAROLYN MEEK Honorary Colonel Honorary Cadet Colonel PRUDY KERR Honorary L+. Colonel PAT KIBLINGER Honorary L+. Colonel KAY BEEBE Honorary L+. Colonel Activated ai the beoinnino of the second semester, Air Force ROTC Angel Fliolii members held many similar early rnorninri drill periods. Angel Flight Formed, Officers Commissioned This was a full year for the cadets in Air AFROTC Angel Flight, with Polly Puckett as Force ROTC with the formation of Angel the First Commander. Flight and the commission of 63 officers from The Climax of four years of AFROTC study Oklahoma Universityis 675th detachment, and work is the Oath of Office. Cadets receive putting it among the top ten in the nation in their commissions in the US Air Force and are production of AFROTC commissioned officers. prepared to enter active service as second lieu- The Angel Flight is an auxiliary of the Ar- tenants. These commissioned officers go into a nold Air Society which participates in an active variety of fields from Maintenance Work to Pi- program of professional and service projects as lot Training and the Space Program. Regard- well as serving as hostesses at university, civic, less of the field he chooses, the commissioned and AFROTC functions. Thirty-one Angels oflicer may still have years of study and train- vvere selected this year to form OU,s first ing before him in the Air Force. Cadets receive the oafli of office and new second lieutenants parficipate in the traditional bar pinning ceremony during commissioning exercises. -,ui . , . .sm Captain Marcus L. Lowe Commander J. H. Davis Trident Staff Officers: Arthur' D. Jones. Ronald Borden, Williani Cepeda Robert Kelsey. Navy ROTC Active In 53 Universities From meager beginnings in 1926, the Naval ROTC program has proceeded to the point where it now provides a majority of the Navyis career otlicers. The program, started at the Uni- versity of California under the leadership of the late Fleet Admiral Nimitz, has now expanded to 53 colleges and universities. The unit at Oklahoma, under the leadership of Capt. Marcus L. Lowe Ir., continues to pro- vide highly trained and motivated Navy and Marine Corps officers. Academic instruction includes courses in Na- val history, orientation, Weapons, leadership, engineering, operations, navigation, military justice, piloting and traditions. During the summer months, midshipmen of the battalion are found out in the fieet, gaining valuable first-hand experience, and taking part in fleet operations, shipboard administration, and amphibious and flight training. These summer cruises also provide the midshipman with a little extra spending money, and pro- vide an excellent opportunity for travel. Another important part of the NROTC pro- gram is the Flight Indoctrination Program, which allows those students who are motivated toward Naval Air to earn their private pilot's license. One other phase of NROTC life for the mid- shipmen is the social world. Each year the Trident Society, the midshipman professional society, sponsors the Navy Ball. It was at the ball that Honorary Midshipman Capt. Iana Wassam was announced. S. M. Clawser, officer for first semester, and W. E. Mercer, second semester officer, perform the cbanqe of Command ceremony. Navy office staff members include the following: Omer E. Baucorn Jr., GMGC: Mrs. Martha Jones, James D. Lester, SKC: William Navy Chooses New jana Wassam, a music major from Tulsa, was voted this yearis Honorary Midshipman Captain. She is a member of Chi Omega soror- ity. Honorary Midshipman Commanders were Barbara Cohen, Sara Swanson and Barbie Ol-- son. Miss Cohen, a sophomore public relations L. Annis, FTGI: Winiord A. Deen, YNC: Garrell A. Ivey, OMCg Mrs. Laura J, Murray: MXSGT. William E. Binqaman. Honorary Midshipmen major and native of Highland Park, Ill., repre- sented Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority. Miss Swan'- son, a letters and English major, from Wichita Falls, Tex., was the candidate sponsored by Pi Beta Phi. Representing Alpha Phi sorority was Miss Olson, a La Grange, Ill., coed majoring in elementary education. Jana Wassam is Honorary Midsliiprnan Captain. Honorary Midshipman Commanders are Barbara Cohen, Sara Swanson find Barbie Olson. ,Rf Midshipmen First Class Lf. Commander N. H. Andrew V Vi' TOP ROW: D. J. Alexander, R. T. Bene V bow, R. D. Borden, N. T. Clefy. S. Qlew. I' Se' 'I'- .,1xvf' M R as SECOND ROW: C. S. Coward, J. D. Cromwell, T. L. Davis, B, Dickerson, W. C. Duke. 'nu 5, . .- THIRD ROW: T. Flalwerly, D. E. Gal- braillw, S. P. Germomtl, V. H. Hemmy, 'V I D, W. Hemllrle. ...L.,.,, V V ,SR af: sz FOURTH ROW: J. R. Hefelezeeee, A. D. ye Llille. I . Jones, E, R. Jones, R. B. Klnq, H. I. if' -Y x , 'S 'R1E"' Q . V fe .,4.. VV T ' 'wth' FIFTH ROW: I. N. Loveclay. G. B. MCA Vi Q V Q VV Annln I "gr 3 Govern, I-I. E, lvlclyre, W. E. Mercer ig T'. f ?.f'f1- 'fir C. S. Mrlelwell, D. P. Nelelef. N, I VQVW V K V - 'Q Q 3: R 3, . , . """'-'fm' I. -H '1f- wvwwwws R . - 'H' ' U ' .Z V .,. V V ' SIXTH ROW: V. Prep, J. P. Slwea III 'Z Z A ' V'.v W. C. Truesdell, R. W. Vauqlm, S. Wei. . ,,-...,. ,V Zzle e. SeVbeVVqV te- V Rf ee' , V . V affair' I36 Marine Option Students, BOTTOM ROW: Gunnery Sgt. W, T. J. Wooclimm. TOP ROW: R. W. List, M. D. Smith, H. 1. Some ROTC Students Take Marine Option L+. R. M. Mead, Mai. T. J. Woodham. Midshipmen Second Class-BOTTOM ROW: J. W. Stressberqer TOP ROW: R. J. Krause. W. D. Gottsclwelk, E. W. Hampshire, Jr., P. R. Srmifs Jr., O. G. Rarner, W. L. Cepeda, W. M. Wein- R. E, Scelly, C. A, Detlohn, W. F. Dutresne, E. B. Rickards Jr.. berq, J. G. Dicfirio K. L. Biaclc, J. W. Freed. J. G. Hailoran, L. F. Kamp, G. T. Jurgerson, M. A. June, R, L. Meqarity. R. D. R. D. Municres, V. J. Starks. J. P. Renatgrian, XX. M. Webber Jr. Frederick, R. J, Keisey, I. D. Warden Jr. l Lt. R. N. Nitschlce Drill team nwcnabcrs hold oroanizcd practices two ntternoons fi weelf. Battalion Participates in Activities Battalion activities have grown to be an inte- gral part of Navy life on the OU campus. The drum and bugle corps provides cadence and the traditional "Sound Oli", during mili- tary parades. Leading those parades is the pre- cision drill team, under the direction of lVlidn. R. I. Kelsey. These men also participate in in- tercollegiate competition. Color Guard ol the unit, which carries the national ensign, the Navy ensign, and the Marine Corps ensign, is under the command Midshipmen Third Class-BOTTOM ROW: A. E. Bauman Ill, J. J. Mulva Jr., D. C. Earle, R. E. Lowrey, M. L. Coolc, J. P. Grail, R. J. Davidson II, R, E. Lawton A. L. Jayiock N. Janlcowslcy. SECOND ROW: J. D. Riclcfarcls, W. O. Ivleldrurn, W. B. Adams, J, E. Crurn- rine C. J. Mauck Ill, D. C. Odlum, D. K. Ellis, R. W. Bell, W. J. Willis Ill, G. E. Raynes F. A. Sandoz, R. L. Morris, J. C. Wilter' of lVlidn. R. W. List. They also provide the honor guard for the Universityis home football games and various other functions. Off the drill field, midshipmen may be found participating in an intercollegiate rifle match. Their Fine record may be attributed to TVVSGT Bingaman and team captain A. E. Bauman. Following all the above activities is the "Flag- hoistfi Editor T. T. Flaherty provides articles concerning drill, and other events of special in- terest to the battalion. ll, J. R. Moseley, T. J. Neely, O. F. Darnron Jr. TOP ROW: R. J. Gibbens, D. B. Curtis Jr.. T. W. Hayes, A. L. Fincher, T. D. Star ley J. F. Watson, R. T. Luttrell lll, C. D. Rayne, D. R. Zinn, K. M. Ferry, O. S. Rucker T. E. Pool Jr, J. D. Crabb lvl. J. Wooley D. E. Boyd. -7 . F ' F W- ' Midshipman Fourth Class--BOTTOM ROW: G. Newsom, T, Byers M. Lewis, D. Burqess, M. Avery, C. Ellison, T. Wilson, L. Lydick, S. Hammonds Jr., J. Goins Jr., J. Hersh, W. Galvani, H. Gooding lll, J. Wilkinson Jr., J. Ferguson, L. Scott, L. t-toqan, W. Hargrave P. Chaprnar, R. Bingham, R, Schanclort. L. Depue M. Reeves, R. Myers, T. Mantredi, F. Fontaine, D. Walsh. SECOND ROW: D. Braine, M. McCormack, L. Loomis, R. Hill, T. Canada, J. Rabern P. Blinn, D. McClun'iphy, S. Lanq, D. Mills, S. Davis, D, Weclekind Jr., E, Perry, W. Sparks, A. Buono, V. Ackley, B. Adams, J. Early a ffers Subsidies The United States Navy offers high school graduates three separate programs by which they may become Naval officers while complet- ing their college education. High school seniors may compete prior to entering college, may re- ceive a four-year subsidy and thereby become a part of the regular Navy ROTC program. Should they desire, they may also apply dur- ing enrollment for the two- or four-year con- tract program in the NROTC unit. Drum and Bugle Corps: W. Weinberg, W, Cepeda, T. t-tayes, A. Fincher, D. Zinn M. Judd, J. McGoocjan, K. Fessenden V. Mar well, J, Gourley, G, Brown. J. Hall, R. Taliaterro, R. Scllman, J. Rodriquez J. Kanze L. Mills, R. lnfirie, K. Frantz, W, Schatter, D. Ice. T. Dozier Jr., R. Gauge, N. Donahue, M. Johnson, J. Kahrs, R. Ryan, M. Glass, B. Babcock S. Urbarek, K. Fessenden. TOP ROW: J. Bass, A. Man- cini, A. Chitty, D. Rawlings, J. Elsberry, F. Simon Jr,, J. Grimes J. McStay. T. Fritz, D. Kirnper F. Long, J. Laorone, E. Henry Jr. L. Fox, R. Hall Jr., P, Neely, R. Carter, J. Gourley ll. G. Brown. J. McGooqan, V. Maxwell. L+. J. A. Montanero Rifle Team-TOP ROW: V. Starks, R, List, Gunnery Sot. W. L. Binoarnar, E, B. Rickarcls, B. L. Babcock. BOTTOM ROW: T. Star- ioy, D, Kirnper, A, Bauman lll, M, Morrow, J. Rickards. , if ',f:l!5?5fl'L lf' i'vT"s5:e': " 'A Zflzifiigffwia, f A Q-lm, .... - - f'Qgiags4:i:Qgf ji.-, f' , ' ' PROFICIEN CY Cadets receive classroom training in various subjects such as military history, equip- ment, leadership, techniques, logistics, administration and map reading. LOYALTY The gold hars of a second lieutenant are awarded Army RCTC Graduates such as Paul Woody, who takes his oath of oilice from Colonel W. Wiltse. Lt. Woody will serve in the Ordnance Corps. LEADERSHIP On the drill field, cadets learn to execute verhal orders and commands. Upperclass- men hold command positions and employ their learned leadership techniques. tx,-gy? K i Col. Woodrow W. Wiltse OFFICERS STAFF TOP ROW: Lt Col. F, White, Mal. W. S. Kearns, Mal R. P. Bliss, Mal. l-l. V. Zahller, Maj. M. L. Weatherall, Capt B. C. l-lolland. BOTTOM ROW: Capt E. If Schroeder, Capt D. A. Corb ly, Capt G. J. Palrnierl, Capt C. C. Calhoun, Capt J. B Atwod, Capt D. J. Crocker. V. 5... N Department of ilitary Science The primary objective of the Department of Military Science is to provide training which will qualify selected young men as officers in the U. S. Army upon graduation. ROTC he- came voluntary at OU this year for the Plrst time since the unit was formed in 1919. Colonel Woodrow W. Wiltse assumed com- mand of the Unit in April 1965. The University of Oklahoma has commis- sioned 4,S11 second lieutenants in the Army and Army Reserve during the past 56 years. TOP ROW: SOM J. S. Cupples Jr. MSG B. M. Mc- Kown, MSG W. D. Erwin, SFC W. A. Sutherland, SFC N ...rf ili ENLISTED STAFF . ' I ' - 1 f' Y f ,E , ff ef 1 R. A. Elchler. 1 Qi Q . .I Borrom ROW: src c, L. simaerlana, src e. H. L1 yp. wise. src H. L. James, sse H. R. eoamhef, sse ' ikpz iii," . Y 'Q ::, I i': P. G. Kennedy, SGT G. A. Varnado. 1 4. CIVILIAN STAFF Mrs Betty Ross Mrs Catherine J Sublett Mrs JoAnn I . Aa ,,.. ?.fL"i V . A I: as 1 1 - 1 1 ' K Reynolds, Mrs. Joyce Phylllps, Mrs. Lourse Hood. i Q Cadets Assume Leadership Responsibilities The division commanders, staff oliicers and battalion commanders are responsi-Q ble for the drill field operation of the ca- det corps. These otiicers are selected on the basis of academic and military grades. military aptitude and demonstrated lead- ership ability. The LDC stall is com- posed of seniors who are especially sc- lected to lead and train junior cadets in the fundamentals of leadership, drill and command through practical application. Walter D. Hari' Jerry L. Laws First Semester Cadet Colonel Second Semester Cadet Colonel Division Staff FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER '13, i ' vig' XO-B. J. LeGree, Gil - R. l-l. Keitz, G3 - J. B. Giezentenner. XO - W. E. Hiqgins, GI - G. B. Lovelace, G3 f M. D. McCullouoh. Battalion Commanders FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Q Q-3. . -J - 'be ' V 4 Y . J. C. Mackey, W. E. Higgins, J. P. Adamson, F. M. Ringer. H. A. Sabine, J. W. Williams, S. F. McKee, F. M. Ringer. Leadership Drill Command Staff J. L. Lows M. B. Perlcs. G. B. Lovelace ill, J. W. Williams, H. A. Sabine D. J. l.eMonier, M. E. Gillett A. M. Norris. ' i Seniors Look Forward to Commissioning 1. . ' , M 1 rf' Q TOP Row. n. cs. Adam., J. W 2, ,..rfr-g , 'cr ' , 'T' Ig ,srs I P. Adamson. S. T. Ana, J. L. . I agp ., .. ,,, 4 an SB .fy 5 ,V ig Barnes, G. I-I. BuxIon, B. M. A , K 1- I ' SECOND ROW: J. W. case. jf' YF do R. fx. Chapman, J. G. CIark "2 ff- ' I Jr.. C. v. COX, R. s. Dawson W I I I Jr., M. P. Eason. Q 1 N , F I THIRD ROW: D. 6. Floyd, R. Y L. Ford, J. P. Forman, C. E. "",:" Friedrnan, S. P. Garre-IT, S. W. Gassefr. FOURTH ROW: J. B. Giezen- ranner. C. GiIIespie Jr., M. F. 6IIIeTT, J. M. Griffin, S. R. I'I51Iper, J. D. I-IarniITon. ,'K""65z. FIFTH ROW: H. G. Ham, iran I as l 'A rnond, J. O. Haney, B. D. Harf dan. W. D. Herr Jr., W. E. Hiqqiws, M. W. Hoffman. SIXTH ROW: G. H. Hope Jr.. J. D. Hyde, D. L. Iverson, J. R. Johnson Jr., R. I-I. Kenz III, R. V. Kennerner III. f .D , . Di.Di .J I '.:. -- ,imffr ' ,gpg ga. SEVENTH ROW: o. B. Kle- L up 'F L .Y F? A: --" fi 4 sv ,P .2 rnan, K. S. Kocnnnan, R. F. ,,.... . . , at Laws D. J. LeMonTor. l "ii 3' Mx ' """5: Kropo. B. J. LaGree J. L. EIGHTH ROW: E. K. Liver- , M more 6. B, Lovekace III, J. C. """"' 5 -eu Mackeu VV. C. Modsor, S. I. ,mpg ...ty MizrIcow5I4,r, R. A. MBVWV. . J, . 1 If 'K TOP ROW: R. A, Mason, J A. Masrers, J. R. Mccorvalway, T. A. Mccre-ary, M. D. MC Cuilouqrv, S. F. McKee. SECOND ROW: J. M. Mc Millam, J, B. McMIINin Jr., J '4 L. Mears J. L Mrls J. L Moor, R. W. Moore. THIRD ROW: A. L. Mmzrfl D. C. Newfom, R. S. Nickel, J E. Nofarwd, A. M. Norris. G M. Orr. FOURTH ROW: P. R. Oviarf M. B. Parks, R. S. Pafriclc, L J. Payne, C. J. Pelfon, L. V Richmond. FIFTH ROW: F. M. Rfwrefr P. R. Rope, J. F. Ross, H. A Sabine, W. J. Sauder, L. B Sdwrmrdr. BOTTOM ROW: J. C. Seofon C. M. Smnfh, R. R. Srmth E D. Soufrqrw III, R. D. Srevmrr .1 3 Sfrovfz, Seniors Cadefs R. Moore .and S. Arhfa receive Weir solo "wings" from Col. W. W. WXHSQ and N. Cole. 5115.7 H ,X -sr . tiki: J N Q.: ,yn 4-4- i A Ek K ps-2-sig A new , kv Tv' ' T39 ,,-vu 'LTV - m l- , . ' . A 1... rr.. awe. . , .Q-um, A , 3 .K y , , ' 21 'Qs ' S. u Ii f 'mm W . . N 5 .1 A 1... "' 1 "' ...X J ... pq... ...., . itgz is I ..t...-. ikL Vyryf i.., Z , lil A . hm In Q SUS F' , ' me wee. .-vw "' ' ' 'ni' -3 ...pus ,g-can 'ab' QAM, 'ev W' . M535 MK, , , rf? H1 g, -' -:B--, "' 2. ew 5 ' 0' . 'wr 'ff ' WE , , "f..':." ""f-'3',,, K T Vrgrk ,W,, 2: K I I Seniors TOP ROW: D. D. Sfewerf, J. L.Tf11c J. S. Tannen? C. E. Tomo- BOTTOM ROW: B. E, Woddirqn J, W. Wilnarns, R, L. WKWQ. Hrs NH J. R. Turk, M. S. View ALEF J. E. Waiker E. L. Waflcirs. D. D. Wilson J. R. WOUQ, W. R, Wcodw, J. W, Ywung, Q O Q O . Sooner Company Boasts D1st1ngu1shed Mllltafy Students BOTTOM ROW: J. C. Mackev, S. J. Lagree, J, B, Giezer:'fm'wer, Lovelace W J. M. Gnnrir: R. S. Dawsor Jr,, J, W, Ycwg M. W, D. Harf Jr., R. H. Keirz W, W. E. Hiqqins. SECOND ROW: P. Eason, D. D. Wilson, G. M. Orr, R. D. Sewer? Jr. TOP ROW: G. B. Kkemfan, M. E, Gflleff, J. O. Haney, F. M. Ringer, C. M, J, W, Wilfiarns, W. J. Sauder Jr. W. L.W,11kin5 H, G. Adams Smlfn, J. P, Adamson C. E. Tompkins III. THIRD ROW: G. B. J, L. Laws, S. F. McKee, R. S. Pfvffck, R. E. Kropp, L. J. Rowe. Juniors Decide to Go Advanced ROTC TOP ROW: C. E. Allen, A an 1 T g ... D. Amp, J. D. Ashmore. B. ,EQ G3 o 09- Ig ,J . '2 KT, eau T .Q R. Bacgby. R. A. Barb , R. Barrell. SECOND ROW: T. M. Barlley R. L. Beally, W. l-l. Beally Cr. J. Belclner, D. S. Benlley J. M. Bidcllnqer. THIRD ROW: 6. H, Bills, T. G. Bosley Jr., T. E. Brown P. D. Brunlon, R. O. Bryan, M M. Burclw. FOURTH ROW: L. E. Can- rrell Jr., W. W. Caller, L. T Chambers Jr., R. D. Cheek, J F. Clwlrcoraske, G. P. Cllnlon FIFTH ROW: J. F. Collins, J P. Coolc, T. L. Cooper, R. G Crawford, J. C. Davidson, D E. Duncan. -.yw 4-,sq 1. J - :T .. .fl V ,' gl .,, . peg' M 5 "Q, 1' ,sa-cr., 153 Wax. ,LQ J 'f To Il f ...K A 21 . Q J -- L . H ..,.'1 --X - QQQNGQ 1, Q my ,, 4' 9 . .0 -In I T: fav , :N -of ' - TK - - , I A 5 l 5 ,www 1' 5 ,uw .I 'xv .QE . t 4' W, , 0 ll . 'L .R ' f LXR 'T' .1 . of Li T a n 4 4 ,nr- 1 x r '. Q ' A 1 . 4 lb Y it A Y Y Q' . K V Tv . 9 ' ..., ""', .gt ,Q 3 Elly, 9 A 4 SIXTH ROW: R. s. Durbin .A T m F . M. B. Easley Jr., W. B. Feds lin T Sf ' gil Q Q ' A 1 ',Q"'fm+ J. T. Farrar, W, F. Favor, R. .5 TT' AT' xi. T C, Fade, ' .. J V.V' .... SEVENTH ROW: r. C. Glb- R F X J W, A. J. erlbefl-. e. W. em 1 A 'QUE . 'QF' ,Fl ,jg gn J Il J. R. Grall, T. F. Gray, H. la 'Q V at 'f I 'U' N' R- Grisham. R R fl r r J Bo1'roM ROW: R. J. lflalli- T ,. 1 . day, J. W. Flamlln, J. L. l-lill, 'f ' 'Q ..... f,, Q .Q if .. J G. L. Hopkins, M. Fl. l-lowell, .k,f f 'T .Y T K W . J , UT C. C. Huqlwes Jr. x, F V V V' .- . 1 Juniors Train for Summe V 5- hz, 1 :,VE . 1 Y fqsa Iii IZV J t Vi V ' V V U ,s 1'Q-" ti f , v -5," T.. In Q ,.,, i " . ff. . ' I I .... , 'I -. f i ig. ,,,,.,," SL.. ' , -:rr I ' ::.,- as 1 -.,, . - , Q. K . A A-fmhl.h , , f- xy xy in 1: I' , it Cixi f ik --ff , y. i 1 K I I lp 'sf A p . .io Yi kv egg V in .,. i f M ,Q I ,.g- ,"'...'S' , 5 ,ap VKL: I ' K A A . i I A . Sw nf if' I KAVL --v ihni il """""- . A ,"',...': , no Q ' A gig fqw on x" gp- 2 4-noun. ii : : r.. x . . Is 1. i lAh 'Q 3 ,- I up no ,g gr: 4. 1 We ,,, .. 2' 1' Camp TOP ROW: J. T. Hunfer, J. B. Jacobs, B. B. Jones, J. R. KoIsu, T. J. Kearns, W. L. Kidd. SECOND ROW: J. E. King, J. P. Koons, P. L, Kranker, F. C. I.auIIer, K. L. Lifile, W. L. LoCIceII Jr. THIRD ROW: R. D. Looney, P. H. Luccock, H. P. Mabe III. K. P. Maddox, K. F. Mar- IcIe, J. N. Mayfield. FOURTH ROW: D. M. Mc- Cory, F. R. McCord, J. B. McNeeIy, G. E. Meisel, J. F. Me-rcadonfe, J. R. Moore. FIFTH ROW: F. A. Morris, L. D. Muse, R. S. Newcomb Il, D. C. NoryeII, J. E. Norve-II Jr., F. X. OIney Jr. SIXTH ROW: R. D. Phipps. 'vV. L. PipIcin, W. W. Porch, T. C. PurceII, J. H. Requr, R. L. Ricnerson II. SEVENTH ROW: J. G. Riley, R. J. Rifz, R. T. Roberson, G. R. Robinson Jr. C. L. RoI'r- baugo, E. Ross. BOTTOM ROW: F. M. Ross III W. C. Ross fx. H. RUIJIQ M. K. Sawyer, G. K. Sclweirer. W. G. ScIniIIer. Leadership School provides refalisric rrainimq for Qurior cadets. Typicai is The operariorws order received for a somber parroi. Juniors Receive Leadership Training TOP ROW: S. E. Siwermeni II, . x 5 J. L. Shields, J. R, smoyef, nf5!'Qn 5595 r ' aw 'gg C. M. Smiiiw, J. P. Souriverrw, "W ii' 'Y xi i : :LE-.Q mi ki R. B. Thomas. -"' 51 5 Y Q i .Vih .F K t ..,,,, y 1 . .::., I secomo ROW: M. D. rm. . ef Q. 5, ,wi ' .i.. er, G. R. Underwood, R. M. . IA K Z ld, ,XS sgglxoi V. H Varm Jr., S. J. Veazey, l.. J- E ' ii ! 'W ii V vewamrem. M. R. Vick. . . ' A THIRD ROW: J. B. wide M. 61995, .1 Q, f, W-022 L. Wfegxner V. G. Wfarrer, M. 'Q' 5 :W 4 A fw C. Wf1s,i1burH, R. E. Wray. iri Q Q i f f -" A PW! f 1 ':1. b Q W ...,. d hh BOTTOM ROW: F. G. We- .5 . r den C. P. wmam. M. D. ' 'wi i n ii ' Q. ? Wi3iirf1ms C. E. Wiisov' W. G. Li, 2' -ftigf i E Youwqbloocl. .' in ' .A-' K O S V Ax Q .xr 'R 5 'Q ,Y , Us ' on .45 55? A .V ,avi 'tm . A w i i '25 -S .4 G. Ar , i Q Q rev . i 2 vykw A S' U xv . Ry, 3 -uv 4 ' an as ,W-r-A BOTTOM ROW: Dolores Marcoffe, Jeanne Strozier, Marilyn THIRD ROW: Carla L. Calori, Janeen White, Gail Brayfon, Pal Blythe, Gloria Robinson, Cheryl Whife, Tanya McDonald. SEC- Lenava, Kathy Rankin, Delaine Green, Dottie Bowlby. TOP ROW: OND ROW: Sandra Burlcs, Marquifa C. l-lall, Lea Anne Wood- Marianne Wulf, Pat Lindhorn, Linda Cay Mills, Donna Usher, cock, Sharon R. Richardson, Marilyn J. Coskery, Kathy Ayres. Nancy Jo Buland, Carolyn Clayton, Linda Brewer. Kaydettes Stimulate Coeducational Interest in Military The Pershing Rifles Kaydettes were organ- ized in the fall of l963 as an auxiliary march- ing unit of the Pershing Rifles, and was OUis first girl's military marching unit. The pur- pose of Kaydettes is to stimulate a coeducation- al interest in the military way of life. Interested coeds are offered a three-week Cadet Officers Club Plans, The Cadet Officers, Club is composed of all advanced course cadets and was organized dur- ing the l962-63 school year. The purpose of the club is to serve as a coordinating link be- tween the cadets and the Military Science De- partment and to plan and supervise cadet so- cial functions. In the late fall the Cadet Officers, Club spon- sored a reception honoring all nominees for Honorary Colonel. The Advanced Corps se- Club Officers: S. l. Marlcowslcy, H. A. Sabine, J. L. Laws, M. B. Parks, Maior M. L. Weafherall. training period at the beginning of each semes- ter. After a short pledgeship they may be in- itiated into full membership and receive their rank within the organization. On lanuary lst of this year Kaydettes be- came a national organization with its head- quarters at OU. Supervises Social Events lected the five finalists for the Honorary Col- onel contest at that time. The Club supervised the campaigning and election of the Honorary Colonel and sponsor- ed the 46th Annual Military Ball which was held in February. The new Honorary Colonel and her staff were presented at the ball. Other projects for the club were a turkey and ham shoot, held to finance the ball and other social events. Five finalisfs for Honorary Colonel were selected by the Ca- det Officers Club at a recepfion honoring the I7 candidates. ,ff 'Y xr' i l "lr BOTTOM ROW: R. D. Stewart Jr. R, Crawiord, M, Hale, E. L. B. Hansen, G. A. Masor F. Gilmore, W. J. Duncan, C. D. Srniib, Lacy D. Riley, l-i. Slzbire C. E. Tompkins ill, T. C. Gibson. SEC- D. E. Emmerson H. J. Reiilce, O. K. Hardirq. TOP ROW: R, A. OND ROW: lvl. Avery, F. Roberts R. Kish, L. Gilllaarri J. R. Jeck, lvl. E. Wbilierberq, J. H. Lockhart, E. Luce, J. A. Ward. C. Cook G. W. Srni'l'i A. Henry Ill, J. R. Miller. THIRD ROW: R. Clriesser H, W. Schneider, J. E. Verity, E. Balbacii, D. L. G. Fine, B. Stone, J. Farrar, G. Zebora, R, Ganstine. S. Fields, Andrew. J. Griffin G. F. Baird Jr., L. Fitz. FOURTH ROW: E, E. Bray, G. Pershing Rifles Furnishes Drill Competition Sponsors and Officers: Maier R. P. Bliss, Cadel E. L. Lacy, Cadet Pcrqhing Rigas at the liniver-Sity of Gklzlho- H. A. Sabine. K L i ma was established in 1948 and designated Company H of the Seventh Regiment. Outstanding cadets in their Freshman, Sophomore, or lunior year of ROTC may apply for membership. Activities include various military training and drill, guest lectures, an- nual White Rose Ball, Spring Awards Banquet, Regimental Assembly, drill competition, and field trips to military establishments. Advisers are Major Ralph Bliss, USA, Capt. Don Corbly, USA, Capt. Gene Basden, USAF, lVlfSgt. W. L. Bingaman, USMC. Honorary Ist Lf. Marcia Hale Honorary Capt Debbie Riley Honorary lst L+. Jane Woodard Sophomores Voluntarily Enroll in ROTC J Aff' . . O I. Top Row. R. D. Albers. J. P 1 R. AIden, R. O. Badgefr, E. gv. BaIac:Iw, F. A. Barker, R. L. , L . ' . .,., Q Gy, K BGHQSI J 0 A lrl' . . V W 2 H Q 1 I 1 SECOND ROW: G. L. Bishop. Brown. 'Qi QV THIRD ROW: D. M. Bruscni. nb I. L. Carfier, J. D. Conn, M. R. Crawford, J. T. Cruz, D. A. DanIeIs. FOURTH ROW: C. A. Davis. A. C. DeBeIIIs Jr., R. R. De- vens, R. L. Dilks, J. S. Dob- son, J. A. Dohrendorf. FIFTH ROW: J. W. DooIin, R. E. Duqgar, W. J. Duncan, R. E. DuIIwie Jr., C. V. Edwards Jr., D. A. EnqIisI'1. SIXTH ROW: D. E. Epperson Jr.. D. K. Epperson, D. F. Ev- ans, J. R. FIsI1er, R. L. Fnsk, F. M. Hemlnq. SEVENTH ROW: J. R. Fra- zIer, C. L. Fulfon, G. L. GameI, H3 R. E. Candy Jr.. J. C. Green M. H. Gre-enloaurn. BOTTOM ROW: J. E. Griffin. D. A. Grlffy. R. H. Grimm. R. T. Haight O. K. HardInq, G. L. HensIer. S. J. BIaI4e, T. K. Bovae, C. J. Bradford, K. R. Brown, R. B. ilitary TOP ROW: T. M. J-icksor, R. P. Joifinson, R. J. Kisin, E. J. Lfxncasicr, R. J. Leaiumonf, T. P. Leonard. SECOND ROW: S. W. Linde- mann, T. W, LOIIG, J. M. Loornis J. G. Maddox, L. E. Mariir Jr. O. A. Mason. THIRD ROW: M. G. Maie- Iicki, J. L. Mays, R. L. Mc- Daniei, M. K. McKinney, M. R. Meek, L. L. Messick. FOURTH ROW: J. T. Monks C. H. Pankey, W. D. Parker, L. P. Pauius, J. L. Pcrier, S. P. Povaiac. FIFTH ROW: G. R. Reed, M. M. Reismari, W. L. Rhodes, G. L. Rice. D. H. Roberis Jr., P. M. Roberfs. SIXTH ROW: R. D. Roberis, D. P. Roye Jr., R. E. Sabaiki W. R. ScI1r'ni++, S, C. SI'ieIIon. M. L. Slwidler. SEVENTH ROW: J. I-I. Shoe- make, J. R. Smiiiw, D. R. SO- koi, W. S. Sfory, C. T. Town- Iey, J. T. Tryon, R. M. Venfaior. BOT-TOM ROW: D. Viner, C. W. Ward, J. A. Ward Jr., R. C. Wenqeri P. L. Wefifxerklee, O. P. WiIIiar'ns, R. B. WoITard Jr. Jwu, Students Develop Discipline 1 7 in que, an .V . . ... . Y W S -..'. . .. "5 A ' w ' A -YY . M . M ., ,Vf 49 ,-5 'J M x 'QQ9 9 ,in 1 ps . . "' ,,, K K an f T 'R' K 'ii' - J 2. Q4 r ii .i -- - 1 ii ' ' A -L d H - - 1f.Ig',fi.' If in ci' ' -.4 ii i I dex' Ta'-L is I ll' .f fr .Q fi' . f . """ f , 13" . ii. ' 5 s f:,"""", I .. - ff: ' ,... Q . . I 0 ' 1 W ' ' L' I:i -I r i! sf I ii- . ii :.1 'uv Y. 'I' ' H' If i"' 'I I gg- """ I -. - . P ' 9 in A is ' K w ' Freshmen Gain First Drill Duties 'Z 2 TOP ROW: M. E. Acker, R. T. Aqee, K A-5 K .- i dersom. ,Tvs Beach. son, R. D. Block, L. R. Bracken, I. M. Brakefieid Jr. 9 V 0' 'll' 1'-:X FOURTH ROW: R. W. Brown, T. W. Brown, R. W. Bufler Jr., G. W. Celhours. P. A. Cf1r'wei,f. fd 'aa ' FIFTH ROW: W. R. cdfpmef, E. N. 'P 4':.',2.-W CTWTC-,, W. J. cm, H. H. Qmfofd, C. M. Coidrcrw. ,msg .h .4 ...H 3 8 Q Decal 0 fb- jg M -.Q A -H ,., f, ,,, Q' slxTH ROW: J. R. cOTVQf+.1f,, G. W. I X ' Q v ZVQ4 X Coumselmfam J A Craig J H Cromfmg I Y 1 Vi 7 T if ' ' ' I ' ' T W. G. Cunmimqkwam. 'V ' 'ri ..f,,: ji "f ,, . ' Q: SEVENTH ROW: R. C. Davis, J. W. Dm. Qv Y V 'R R 'V A Ford, H. R. DeVore J. C, Doesburg, W. ' ' . ' -Q. K- V' A P. Douikmifi. n K,v -:Q xv, w V ,' . N . 'Q ' ' ' I firm. ,,,' - 35 , Q . ,. K' .. ' V,... , I N...' EIGHTH ROW: J. T. Duke, C. B. Dukes, ...Aw we , ,,. V , .., D. D. EOR, W. T. Epps, R. E. Faiheree. 4 6. if g' A ... 4 2 T ' 5 5 K- 9,1 BoTroM ROW: e. L. me, P. B. Fuch- V T fk bein, S. J. Fiizpairick, R. V. Gamboa, J. R. Gibson. 1 v 0 A a 1, t ce l54 T. Aqorlcknas, R. C. Afsfon, W. G. Am- N A SECOND ROW: J. M. Anflwony, P. B. Ar- nofd, R. W. Balfey, G. R. Barreii, I.. R. THIRD ROW: K. A. Beackwfer, C. M. Ben- ,-if TOP ROW: W. F. Gilmore Jr., C. A Green, J. F. Gregory Jr., S. G. Grissom D. L. Hail. SECOND ROW: T. W. Hammond, J. E. Hampfon, E. B. Harkins, T. R. Hariman T. A. Heck. THIRD ROW: W. C. Hefneringion Jr., B. J. Hilburn, J. A. Holier, C. W, Imes, J R. Jackson. FOURTH ROW: C. F. James IN, P. D Jennings, J. W. Keeley, N. L. Keene, J King, M. L. Kung. FIFTH ROW: A. D. Lirdberg. D. L. Luin sire, L. H. Maddox, T. S. Maiwan, B. R MCAiisier, R. G. MCCuisiion. SIXTH ROW: H. D. McGuire, J. R. MCA Guone, R. A. Mengeilcamp, L. D. Middie siead, R. E. G. Miller, R. I. Morrison Jr. SEVENTH ROW: L. C. Morier, G. D. Noren, W. E. Oelsciviaeger, J. F. Orme, G. W. Owens, B. S. Pfiinier. Capf. D Crocker sooinomore insfrucfor goes over 'S' 'Q Freshmen 1- Learn Principles of Soldiering 2 Q49 , Ifszusx Q l A A AJ,- '.I. .CI L wr ' I 99 I I I ff ' I' I' I I .J 5? , , "' 'ff 'L ' o Q' , 0 ',S'v1Qg.. .12 is t 1? -- f gf- -1.2.-1 ., I 9... I ' ta pf, an KA I hw in I RQ Q A L as 'fy ? 'rv' M , 'M I - 51.-,w w . J . " . " .A 'N 'R , - N519 a I Q Q ,Ian sf- on in ,ww f. 5. WU: 13 -1 'g 'np . I 1 . " " auf! zzz". v fi I 9 W 'I ,MQ ,Q g 1 . .n-Q --g N " - '1 . Q Q-5, I .7 In 5. 4 . 'O ff . QA' QOL. f' 'Q?. -as ff" w 3 S A . 'HQ ' , . . ca sf' li! - as 4 a' A vim: " ,...,..V 'W K. WR A V ff mg!! L? SJ ,A Q Him, gg 5 l56 TOP ROW: C. M. PfaImer, W. D. Perdue Jr., J. A. Padirq, W, C. POINI, P. C. Poole. SECOND ROW: R. A. Powers, M. W Priddv. R. W. Procfor, D. R. Redburvw, K. W. Reece. THIRD ROW: T. W, RIICIHIIG S. W. Sam- ders, J, A. SCVWIMW, R, M. Sclwncwder, R. L. SIJHVICI.. FOURTH ROW: W. F.SI1aw, R. L. Shreve. J. D. Sires, J, D, Smiflw, R. G. Sonleifer. FIFTH ROW: W. M. Sfe-pI'vens, K. M. Sffouf, M. J. Smckerf, J. D. SuIInvfm, J. M. I'I'womfas. SIXTH ROW: K. E. Thomas, O. I.. Thom- as, J. W. Uwderwood, K. D. Vawm, R. L. Virdm. SEVENTH ROW: W, K, WaIIaCe, W. K. WaIsorw, J. R. WI'1IIe. T. F, WIWIIQ, W. E. Wlwife. EIGHTH ROW: M. E. Whiffembesrq, A, G. WxIImms Jr., W. R. WwIIwams, S. M. WQIIi5, N. C. Wfcrsfer. BOTTOM ROW: J. R. Youelf, H. J. Ycuuqer, G. J. Ze-bom, J. E. ZIWQSIIVN, R. J. ZIwosIIn. BOTTOM ROW: Robert W. Proctor, John C. Doesburq, Major Harvey J. Zohller, Philip R. Rope, Robert J. Kish, Eli Balach, Rich- ard V. Gamboa. SECOND ROW: Richard L. Bettes, James T. Duke, Owen K. Harding, Dar Lindberg, Richard Johnson, Jay L. Shields, Jay R. Turk, Larry R. Bracken. THIRD ROW: John J. Sheehan, Robert T. Aqee, Michael Anthony, Mike Coldren, Larry V. Richmond Corrie V. Edward Jr., William C. Pohl, Kenneth E. Thomas, Jack A. Pauling. FOURTH ROW: Steven T. Atha, David L. Luinstra, Michel E. Whittenberq, Harley R. DeVOre, Jim D. Sires, Robert T. Haight George B. Lovelace lll Fred M. Rob- erts James E. Griffin, Earl D. Souliqgny. TOP ROW: Mike K. Sawyer, Edward K. Livermore Jr., Wade L. Pipkin, J. L. Hill Gil- bert H. Bills, J. R. Graft, Kenneth E. Maricle, David A. Daniel, Terry M. Bartley, David H. Benretf. AUSA Insures Resources, Public Backing Sooner Company of the Association of the United States Army is proud to be the largest of 6l national ROTC Companies. Its ranks consist of over 200 basic and advanced cadets. AUSA was organized to insure that all compo- nents of the Army have the resources, support and public backing that national objectives require: and to fulfill the moral obligation the Nation itself has to the men and women in uni- Typical programs were studios of countries such as Korea, with the form. Sooner Company has done its best this year to keep its members informed on the situ- ation in Vietnam. One of the most memorable meetings was centered around the personal experiences of Dr. Percy Buchanan who spoke on "Problems in Vietnamf' Sooner Company was also a leader of campus organizations in the Red Cross Blood Drive held in February. authentic costumes modeled by P. Rope, and fi Viet Contig weapons exhibit. ,, i . 1 x H ,,.-o-- '1-sq 41 awp my-3,15 Officers: Jerry L. Laws James W. W'llifams Dorald J. Lelwoiwier, Richard W. Vfmqhn. Holly Kinkade is l'lOFTOl'5V',f Cfiolairi. Scabbard and Blade Builds Officer Qualities Scahhard and Blade is a national honor mili- tary society designed to unite closely the mili- tary departments of American universities and develop qualities of good ollieers. Cadets are invited to accept membership on the basis of leadership and academic performance. This BOTTOM ROW: W. Favor, J. L. Shields, K. S. Kochmariri, J. W. Williams, G. J. Palmieri, l'l. A. Sabine, M. E. Gillett, lvl. B. Parks. SECOND ROW: W. G. Schiller, K. E. Maricle, lvl. K. Morrow, J. E. Kirq, D. J. Lelvioriier R. Grisham, L. T. Chambers, R. Johnsoa. THIRD ROW: J. L. Laws, F. C. Laatler, M. P. year the local chapter initiated 29 new mem- hcrs during the first semester. The society holds a commissioning reception each semester honoring newly appointed offi- cers of Scahhard and Blade. Eason, P. l-l. Luccoclc, C. F. Williams, R. E. Kropp, J. l. Mills, R. W. Vaughn, li. X. Olney. TOP ROW: W. J. Saucier, R. A. Mar- tin, E. K, Livermore Jr., T. M. Bartley. E. D. Soulifihy. J. F. Mer- cadante R. S. Newcomb, S. l. Ivlarlcowskv 'l'. R. Barrett, M, l-l. l-lowell. 3 -L .6 . i 94 A - BOTTOM ROW: J. Y, Kanomata, l.. V. Richmond, l-l. B, Willis, J. E. Griffin, A. T. Tsuqawa. TOP ROW: W. Chesriul, B. llda, W. Schmitt, W. Piplcin, T. Dowell, W. C. Madsori, R, W. Sorter. SAME Unites Civilia The Society of American Military Engineers, founded in 1924, was formed to promote an as- sociation between the professional Army en- gineer and the civilian engineer. From this guiding purpose it has expanded into all areas of civil and military engineering. Capt. D. J. Crocker served as faculty adviser. This year, Marion Gurney was selected as the Pistol Team: BOTTOM ROW: Cadet M. Capri, Cadet T. Gib- son. TOP ROW: Cadet G. W. Smith, Cadet M. P. Eason, Cadet D. Eppersorv. n, Military Engineering outstanding member of the Oklahoma Univer- sity Post and received a S100 scholarship. Officers for the first semester included Willis Ball: president: Wzilter Saucier, vice president, Allen Tsugawa, secretary. Officers for the sec- ond semester were Larry Richmond, president: Neil Hollander, vice president, Larry Bracken. secretary, lim Sires treasurer. Rifle Team: BOTTOM ROW: l. L, Cartier, R. W. Proctor, J. G. Thompson, D. W. White. TOP ROW: SFC R. l.. Eichler, lvl. J. Stuclcert. J. E. Norvell Jr.. S, F. McKee, R. E. Duqgar, J. F. Mercandante, Capt. C. C. Calhoun. A as T a far: 7 g if? Z ' s ,-f' f-12, V, . x-. ... ga. 5-4:3 Asiaimkzgfji 'fl :' 1 mf fy mm Laika? 4 53,22 , ' ::':5?55:' : , ffs,,5,EJ5f7ff 32:5 gygsnazgmsi , ::- Q SQISSASW'-fails? -- M S, .5 , f5Si5ifga5f'ff's'-f W' 31:7 5 Wiiz 555' E2,55 f3ffs3' A S N9 fu H 9 X N? mme S 0 3, 5 L, ,ff A Q Qigegigyziseiz fn gdngx y -3, ,M-g y ,M Jews waw akfsffz -fs., 4' U - :,.::.,,, w A. J ,Mo " in ,5L:1,,, .L , win- 'k K 1 ,fum-.,G.,S.,L W f K, :ez Honorary Cacle+ Colonel JOAN AUSTIN Del+a Gamma -QQ Honorary Cade+ L+. Colonel Honorary Cade+ L+. Colonel SHARON GAFFORD PAM PERRY Kappa Kappa Gamma Pi Be+a Phi 'nd' Honorary Cade+ L+. Colonel KERRY WILLIAMS Chi Omega Honorary Cade+ L+. Colonel SHERRY POTTER Sigma Del+a Tau ATHLETICS if if 'fm Q as 5 V1 1 fs 1 Q1 V - . - I' .. as by zwvanrlv? Q ff" if if BOTTOM ROW: Lou Sharpe, Gomer T. Jones, George Fraser, David Swank. TOP ROW: John B, Bruce. Ken Farris, J. Clayton Feaver, ltlarolcl l-luneke, Harry E. l'loy, Dennis Crites, T. P. l-lore rick. Gene M. Norclby. Jim P. Artrnan, Gene Nance. Gomer Jones Remains Athletic Director The search for a new head football coach by the Athletic Council and the Board of Regents was the top sports story of the year, as Comer lones handed in a surprise resignation follow- ing a stamp of approval by the Regents. lones resigned December 7, after the OSU game. He said he was giving up his head coaching post because ul just got tired of the criticism . . . and listening to the untrue rumors concerning my position." A special screening committee made up of George B. Fraser is chairman of the Athletic Council, members of the Athletic Council chose a list of several big name head coaches and other as- sistant coaches, to be put in line for the head mentor's position. After two weeks of search- ing, Iim Mackenzie, the assistant coach at Ar- kansas, was named. He did not keep any of the jones, football coaching staff, naming Pat iames, Barry Swit- zer, Robert E. Lee, Billy Cray, Larry Lacewell, Galen Hall, Charles Fairbanks, and Homer Rice as assistant football coaches. Gomer T. Jones serves as director of athletics at OU. Mackenzie Fills Football Coaching Post As the new year came to the OU campus, so did a new head football coach for the Big Red. James Mackenzie, a 36-year-old former assist- ant head coach at the University of Arkansas, was selected over the 1965 Christmas holidays to succeed Gomer Tones, who resigned as foot- ball mentor, following the seasonis finish. Known for his defensive specialty, Mackenzie came to Oklahoma with two major problems facing him. These were the rebuilding of the Big Red football dynasty and the recruiting of the top high school talent who might start an- other long victory string for the Sooners. Mackenzie came to the campus lanuary 2, a Sunday after the Cotton Bowl, where his Ra- zorback squad fell to Louisiana State. Since then he has been becoming acquainted with the athletic program at OU, as well as getting the prospective footballers for the coming year into physical shape. He was a tackle on the Kentucky team that beat OU in the l95l Sugar Bowl which ended OU,s 31-game win streak. TOP ROW: Carl Allison, assistant football coach: Jack Baer. head baseball coach: Bob Cornell, assistant football coach: Bud Cronin, golf and freshman basketball coach: Tornrny Evans, wrest- ling coach: Ken Farris, associate director and business manager of athletics: Dick l-leatly, assistant football coach: Brewster Hob- by, assistant football coach. SECOND ROW: John Jacobs, asso- ciate track coach: Gomer Jones, head football coach and director of athletics: Jerry Keene, tennis coach: Bobby Drake Keith, as- Jim MacKenzie ioins the athletic staff as head football coach. sistant football coach: Harold Keith, sports information director: Jay lviarkley, head swimming coach: J. D. Martin, head track coach: Jay O'Neal, assistant football coach. BOTTOM ROW: Russell Porterfield, head gymnastics coach: Ken Rawlinson, head trainer, Joe Rector, assistant football coach: Port Robertson, ath- letic guidance counselor: Gordon Staufter, assistant basketball coach: Bob Stevens, head basketball coach, Jerry Thompson, as- sistant football coach. BOTTOM ROW: O, D. Wikoff, Alan Harper, Don Davis, Bobby Robinson, Joe Poslick, Thurman Pitchlynn, Boots Baqby, Robert Kalsu, Ray Haynes, Mike Burns, Byron Biqby. SECOND ROW: Rad Crosswhife, Phil Wetherbee, Bob Stephenson, Alan Hander- son, Eugene Ross, Ron Winfrey, Stan Henderson, Tommy Pannell, John Hammond, Gordon Brown, Carl McAdams, Bill Carlyle. Larry Brown, Mike Rinqer, Mike Base, Vernon Burkeif, Roberf Vardeman, Ed Hall, Bill Thomas, Gene Caqle. THIRD ROW: David King, Jim Linn, Dan Shane, Jim Burgar, Sammy Denton. Terry Baumeisier, Don Kindley, l.arry Crufchrner, .lim Riley, Bill Ross, Wes Butts, Tom Stidham, Willie Wystemp, Wayne Nelson, Jim Jackson, John Tiisworfh, Granville Liqqins, Jerry Alfieri. TOP ROW: Ron Shofts, John Koller, David Hammond, Ed Lancaster, Don Roberts, Mike Smith, Paul Bagwell, Harry Heffmannsperger, Ben Hari. Jon Kennedy, Sianley Crowder, Bob Craig, Dave Frazer, Gene Knight, Mike Oliver, Richard Goodwin, Mark Kosmos, Bob Flanagan. Lacks Experience in Building Year Billed as a rebuilding year, the second edi- tion of Gomer Tones, pigskin squad lacked val- uable experience, but hopes ran high as the team centered around a group of sophomores. After three losses to non-conference foes, the Big Red installed sophomore signalcaller Gene Cagle to begin the Big Eight league action. The Sooner offenses sparkled and sputtered during the league campaign. But the Sooners SEASON'S RECORDS Oklahoma . . 9 Pittsburg . . . Oklahoma . . 0 Navy . . . Oklahoma . . O Texas . . l Oklahoma . . 21 Kansas . . . y Oklahoma . . 27 Kansas State . X Oklahoma . , 0 Colorado . . . 1 Oklahoma . . 24 lowa State . . y Oklahoma . . 0 Missouri . . . N Oklahoma . . 9 Nebraska . . . 1 Oklahoma . . 16 Oklahoma Stale l Won 3, Lost 7, Tied 0 ln om., did hold No. 3 ranked Nebraska to only a 21-9 win on a nationally televised game Thanksgiv- ing Day. The season ended in disappointment as OSU stopped OU,s 20-year stranglehold of that ser- ies vvith a 17-16 heartbreaker. However, Soon- eris great linebacker, Carl 1V1cAdams, who led OU in a number of tackles, was named A11- American for the second year. l i Sooner Ben Haw cracks Hwrouzgh The Navy Pine buf is cauqbf by aw urwider- iffied Midshipman assisfed by Num- ber 34, Roger Lammefs. Leading We Hocking For Hari' is Big Red riqlwf quard Roberf Verde-man. All-American Carl McAdams ends up ow We berwcb wifb fa badNy sprained amide during fb Wowa Sfafe mssie. Mac ard John Hfamfnorvd idk over OU! 2420 yicfory as We stands empfy f MIKE BASE Riqlwf Tackle GORDON BROWN Rxqm End LARRY BROWN Fullback VERNON BU RKETI' LeT? Guard MIKE BURNS LOT? Tackle WES BUTTS Lefl Tackle GENE CAGLE Quarlerbaclc BILL CARLYLE Cenler ROD CROSSWHITE Quarlerbaclc STAN CROWDER Rlqlwl Halfback LARRY CRUTCHMER Riqhl Tackle ED HALL Rlqlnf Tackle JOHN HAMMOND Quarferbaclf BEN HART Riqlml HalTbaclc RON HAYNES Lefl End ALAN HENDERSON Riqlwl End BOB KALSU Lelf Tackle JON KENNEDY Fullback JOHN KOLLER Loft End GENE KNIGHT Defemgive Back I .AQ av-H-w ,mls 40" VK? ws Nfl! ily! qua-gg an M -1195 'XIX' Pittsburgh Paws OU Inexperience hampered the Iones, Boys as OU lost 13-9 in its gridiron opener against the University of Pittsburg in the Panthers, home stadium. The early minutes produced a fumble by Pitt on their own 22-yard line. Quarterback Iohn Hammond was unable to move the ball and was driven back to the 40- yard line. Another soft spot in the Sooner at- tack was in its kicking. Sophomore Tom Stidham, transfer from the Naval Academy, was rushed in getting oft his punts. But his average kick did not tell the whole story. Twice he put the Panthers inside their own 20. Coach tones had a lot of praise for Hammond. "Hammond did especially well, playing the best game of his careerf' Iones said. "He has matured a lot in the past year and be- come a Ieaderf' GRANVILLE LIGGINS Right Guard CARL McADAMS Detensive Back TOMMY PANNELL Lett I-Ialtback JOE POSLICK Right Guard JIM RILEY Right Guard MIKE RINGER Quarterback EUGEN E ROSS Safety RON SHOTTS Lett t-Iattback BOB STEPHENSON Detensive Back ROBERT VARDEMAN Right Guard PHIL WETHERBEE Lett Tackle RON WINFREY Lett Guard Balancing in mid-air is quarterback John Hammond who has been tripped by Panther detenses. Pitt clipped OU, I3-9, at Pitt -nn-.un-1-M -up-1 -1-.7 - ff f Sooners surround Midshipmen Calvin Huey as he pulis in a Navy aerial, buf if is defensive back Rod Crosswhife, No I7, who fakes him down Navy Upsets OU, 10-0 Navyis Midshipmen sailed into Owen Sta- dium looking for their Hrst victory of the sea- son. They captured their goal as they upset the Sooner eleven l0-0. A strong air attack gave the Middies a total of 376 yards - 218 in the air - against OU,s S3 yard total. The Sooner defense came alive during the second half as the Middies gained only S4 yards and three first downs. Coach Iones at- tributed OU's inability to move the ball to the green offensive line. jones gave the defensive line a high grade, but singled out Mike Ringer as leading the class. It seemed almost ironic that one of the few bright spots was the performance of a former Navy player. Tom Stidham, transfer from the Naval Academy, saved the Sooners several times with his booming punts. Defensive end Iohn Koller caught the Mid- dies for a 23-yard loss in the second half. The Big Red defensive squad caused Navy to fum- ble twice on the fourth down - once on the Sooner l-yard line. Gene Cagle saw his first action, but was unable to move the ball over the goal line. Longhorns Shut Out Red Qklahoma-out-manned, but not out-fought -fell to experienced Texas 19-O in the Cotton Bowl. The Sooners and All-American Carl Mc- Adams salvaged the individual gridiron dual as "MacH won the national AP lineman-of-the- week award for the second year, over his Long- horn counterpart Tommy Nobis. Coach Cromer jones, attempting to bolster his offensive line, placed defensive standouts jim Riley and Larry Crutchmer at offensive tackle and guard respectively. But, the Sooner attack failed to dent the tough Longhorn de- fense. Consequently, the Big Red defense was called into duty playing nearly 55 per cent of the game in 30 degree weather on the arena floor. Inexperience was again a problem as loncs used l9 sophomores-eight on the offensive team and ll on defense. Oklahoma's assorted attack apparently took something out of the Longhorns attack, for the Texans lost four of their last six games. Gklahoma gained ll4 yards compared to 379 for Texas. The Sooners completed 3 of l2 passes for an aerial gain of 30 yards. L gh l snag Sooner quart b kG C l b qbt Cutting back behind a key block by Richard Goodwin, No. 68, is Gene Cacile, No. Il, Okfahomds starting sophomore quarterback. Cagle Pilots Sooners Cver Kansas, 21 -7 The Big Red unloaded both barrels to knock the Kansas Iayhavvks out of the air by a score of 21-7. Sophomore Gene Cagle got his first chance to pilot the Sooners as starting quarter- back. Gagle carried the pigskin across three times to put the lid on OU's first victory of the season. Oklahomzfs pass defense perked up to hold the Iayhaxvks, passing attack to ll of 28 at- tempts. Sophomore Ron Shotts toed three extra points between the uprights. One of the con- versions came from 25 yards out after the Sooners were penalized for holding. Picked as standouts in the Sooner defensive squad were Phil Weaitherbee, Granville Lig- gins and Gene Knight. Kansas recovered an OU fumble to set up their only score of the day early in the fourth quarter. A But OU's offensive came back to cap the game with a 56-yard advance, making the score 21-7. Youth was the order of the day as l9 sophomores saw action, ll of them starting. Red Beats Wildcats Putting the second win of the season under its belt, the youthful Big Red traveled to Man- hattan to shut out Kansas State, 27-0. The Sooners seemed able to make the big play de- spite three fumbles, three pass interceptions, and 95 yards in penalties. Coach Gomer lones attributed the 342 yards rushing, with an average of 5.5 yards a carry, to the opening of holes in the Wildcat line. The pass defense also saw a better day, hold- ing the Wildcats to five completions for 63 yards in 20 throws. Gene Knight and Don Kindley made interceptions. Defensive stand- outs were Granville Liggins, Ioe Poslick, Mike Ringer, Vernon Burkett and Gene Knight. Sophomore Gene Cagle manned the team most of the afternoon and "called a good gamef' said jones. Cagle praised the fullback play, saying it was good for five yards most of the time. He also singled out Ben Hart as a standout contributing to the one-sided rushing yardage which gave OU its second win. Hanging in mid-air is Gordon Brown, No. 87, as be puffs in e pass durinq the Colorado-OU footbaii qarne the Sooners lost I3-O. Gainrng yardage in one of the numerous end sweeps in the 27-O win over K-State, Jon Kennedy picks up a block from Ben Hart. Buffaloes Stampede 0U Colorado's Buffaloes stampeded over the Big Red, dealing the Sooners a 13-0 loss before a capacity Dads, Day Crowd. lt was a battle of breaks and mistakes as Sooner penalties permitted the Buffs to rack up one TD and two field goals. Fifty yards in penalties allowed Colorado to set up the gameis only touchdown. One of two CU field goals was set up when Sooner halfback Tommy Pannell fumbled the kickoff and Colorado re- covered on OU's 25-yard line. The statistics put the Sooners on top in first downs, 14-10, and total yardage, 284-256. Gor- don Brown pulled in eight passes during the afternoon for a gain of ll0 yards. Gene Cagle completed 9 of 20 attempted passes and had two picked off by the Buffaloes. Former Oklahoma quarterback Eddie Crow- der, new coach of the Buffs, attributed CU's win to several key defensive plays which cut Big Red off deep in Colorado territory. OU was playing without injured Gene Knight. Oklahoma Outlasts Strong Cyclones, 24 - 20 Correcting most of the errors made against Kansas State two weeks before, Big Red made its winning formula jive again, putting down Iowa State 24-20 before a Band Day crowd of 45,000. OU gave up only one fum- ble and improved both its punting and rushing to gain a decisive control of the ball. "A goal line stand made by the Sooners in the second quarter when OU gave up its one fumble on their own 5-yard line and the 56- yard drive from the Cyclone,s kickoff that used up the last four minutes of the game were two key factors in the win,', said Coach Comer Iones after the third OU win of the season. The best offense of the season rushed for 299 yards as offensive linemen Gordon Brown, Ed Hall, Mark Kosmos, Richard Goodwin, Bill Carlyle, Robert Bardeman, lim Riley, and Rob- ert Kalsu displayed improved blocking. The Sooners carried the ball for 87 rushes compared to Iowa State's 31 and were led by Gene Cagle, who launched scoring drives of 40, 47, 69, and 70 yards. All-American Carl lVlcAdams was the lone but costly game casualty when he was put out with an ankle sprain with 7:06 minutes left. Fullbaclc Jon Kennedy IS pulled down by a host of Iowa State lmemen after making short yardage in OU's 24-20 shellaclcing of the Cyclones. Missouri's halfback Charlie Brown took off against the Sooners in Columbia, but was pulled down by OU's right guard Granville Liqqins. Missouri Racks Up 30-0 Win Over Big Red OU had a Tiger hy the tail as they went against sixth-ranked University of Missouri. The Sooners were without injured linehacker Carl McAdams against the Tigers. Under head coach Dan Devine, Mizzou rack- ed up a 30-0 victory, knocking the Big Red out of the running in the Big Eight. Following the loss, coach Gomer jones said "Not having Mc- Adams hurt us. He is our leader on defense. But that is no excuse." Missouri started the day with a 55-yard drive on the opening kickoff. The Big Red held the line, taking possession on the OU 4-yard line. Mike Ringer looomed a 50-yard kick which was returned 53 yards to the OU 34-yard line. Af- ter the kickoff, the Sooners fumbled on the first play from the line of scrimmage, giving Mizzou possession on OU's 47. In the third period a fumble and short punt set up Tiger touchdowns. Sophomore Gene Cagle drove the Sooner eleven against the first string Tiger defense down to the Tiger's 12- yard line during the fourth quarter for OU,s deepest penetration. But Missouri intercepted a pass to end the game and sew up a Sugar Bowl spot for New Years Day. .Q-.--..,, IN, 6-mi f ' ff f l io lull ac on Huskers Batter OU Thanksgiving Day, over 52,000 fans crowd- ed into Nebraska's stadium as millions more watched nationwide TV to sec the Big Red and Nebraska meet in a vital loop tilt. A Cornhusker win would sew up their third straight Big Eight title and give them a 10-0 regular season. The Sooners battled the Huskers to a near draw until the end of the first period when halfback Bon Shotts kicked a field goal to break the scoring ice. Early in the second quarter OU recovered a timely fumble and marched to the end zone for a 9-0 lead over the heavily favored Huskers. Fullback Larry Brown punch- ed over from the 3-yard line to finish the Big Redis scoring. But in the second half the mighty Huskers returned to overcome the Sooners. Charley Winters scored on a 30-yard fourth-down play and g'Lighthorse', Harry Wilson ran 66 yards and caught a 38-yard pass from quarterback Bob Churchich for the Cornhuskers' final 21-9 tally to clinch the Big Eight title. OSU Beats Red, 17-16 In the season finale OU gave up its first loss in 20 outings to OSU, 17-16. "We were ready for them. 1 think we played as good a game as weive played, but the OSU team really wanted this onef, said halfback Bon Shotts, who rushed 163 yards. The offense spurred the Sooners, rushing attack to 20 first downs to OSU,s 9. Quarter- back Iohn Hammond netted 11 completions in 16 throws with no interceptions. The Sooners averaged 53 yards on punts, fumbled once, and made only one penalty. Although statistics favored OU, the Cow- boys led 17-16 after Charles Durkeeis 35-yard field goal with 1:41 to play. After fumbling the Cowboy kickoff at the 10-yard line, the Sooners drove to the 41-yard line with 11 see- onds left. With time left for one play, and all timeouts gone, Ron Shotts attempted the field goal that would make the difference, but the cross wind blew the ball to the left of the posts. OU players and fans watch in dis usf as fhe wind blows Ron Shoffs ls k J K df Q U N brfisk-1 Tharilcsoiviwo tilt. unsuccessful field goal attempt off course in the OSU oame xa Am, ,Q W fv- Q I Qs, If 4. 1. - .Q 3 W.. , -If A - .Q M . A Q .. .. -1, , A-My-fl ' H-We' W - A F'?K'51H . 1 ed 1-ffhw Q v w ,, ,,1,,,,,lf qw l, Y Q af 4 at fr. . 1 qiwnw ,M w nr43vMf"uuv-'wr'- ' ' ' "W , .. ffg.-...A - unurn-me. u M-. in f. A . Aw Aznuwrm' l965 66 Oklahoma Varsily Baslcefball-FRONT ROW J y W l S 601 C 6 Chuck SCl1m.rrii,v,'i Tom Food, l-lovmrd John A e Gel e l Dar- Mike Ro nf-.V BW E Sooners Climb Out of Cellar, Place Fourth Qklahom Oklahom Qklahom Oklahom Oklahoma Uklahom Qklahom Uklahom Uklahom Qklahonia Oklahom Oklahom Oklahom Uklahom Oklahoni Oklahoma Oklahom Oklahom Uklahom Qklahom Oklahom Uklahom Oklahom Oklahom Oklahom frSIiASOlKl'S aiacioian Qkla. City ll. . Indiana . . . SMU . . . Bradley . . . Texas 'l'eeh . . California . . Butler . . . Qklahoma Stale Nehraska . . Iowa Stale . . Oklahoma Stale Colorado . . Kansas . . . Nebraska . Missouri . . lowa State . Kansas Stale , Nebraska . . Nlissou ri . . . Loyola ol' the S Iowa Slate . . Kansas . . . Kansas Slate . Colorado . . . Oklahoma Stale Wcmii Il. Lost I4. Fourth in Bi een. BACK ROW C cl G ck Bon nw, Sl -1 ,.f Kaz.- any -xv iii , n . 'Wal' -af E2-Q xr ,131 "' id 157 "X Qi' 7 i ! as , gi Em ,K My 4, 1? 5 uso 'sk gs 1 fk xy af Q5 ms . -B 23? f 0 Y , lk , , -. . - 5 Hf QV Af Xfw Av. 1, f sf ii Q S ph Willie Rogers wipes Bradley off the court as he drives Sooner jump shot in a vain affernpi' to upsei Bradl y ALAN AXLEY Eorwa rd JOE BOGAN Center TERRY DUE Guard TOM FLOOD Guard ALLEN GOTT Guard GEORGE HAWKINS Guard JIM JOHNSON Forward RICK KERSEY Forward OU SW-amps Cowpokes Sparked by the hot shooting of two sopho- mores, Don Sidle and Willie Rogers, the Crim- son and Cream of Coach Bob Stevens crawled out of the Big 8 roundball cellar to wind up with a 7-7 conference mark and finish in the upper division. The Big Red had finished at the bottom of the loop the last two years. The team finished the season with a ll-15 record. The 6-foot-7 center, Sidle closed the season with 22 points against Oklahoma State to rack up 441 points, shattering the former record held by LeRoy Bachner, who tallied 428 in the 1955-56 season. Rogers, 6-foot-3 forward, de- voured 4OO points for the season to become the second leading scorer for the Stevens' Go-Go- Go-Sooners. The Sooner five, down after several losses to tough teams in the league, rallied late in the season with the aid of the "Caddy-Up-Go" squad. Ioe Bogan, Rick Kersey, and Tom Flood pulled off fantastic plays to pop in needed points against Iowa State and jump from sixth to fourth in the league. 'um 5 from ou Ho d J I1 OU f,IarIer early II I p T Ihef I I ir: fi 2-pcwiri play, iw Ihr OU Nehragka mme that ondffci 83-82. WW' -0"""""'!v WILLIE ROGERS Forward MIKE ROONEY Guard DON SIDLE Center JERRY WALTHER Forward Mistakes Hurt OU The Sooners faced Oklahoma City Univer- sity in their first outing and lost a 4-point de- cision to the Chiefs. They came hack to take a l-point squeaker from Indiana in the home opener. The Big Bed, keeping the score tight, lost another l-point sethack to highly touted Bradley. The first game of the new year saw OU drop Qklahoma State, 64-53, at home. The Sooners had taken GSU in the Big Eight tournament in Kansas City at Christmas, where the Soon- ers placed fourth. The Big Bed opened the second half of the season with a loss to league pace-setter Ne- hraska, 86-78. That gave them a 5-8 over-all mark for the year. But the roundhallers hounc- ed right hack with a 88-70 druhhing of lVIiss- ouri on the home court. Giddy-Up-Go Team Sparks Late Surge Sooner D iwff ymiiilf. diirmfi wir' ul Ol on Sidle exhibits oulsiandirvi ball Coniiol in he 'mc-, roi ls ihifw rlfilfwii. ol Oklihorni Sifilf-. As the season coasted along into lfehruary, Oli held a 3-'S league mark and a tie for third place. But Kansas State shoved them into fifth with a 84-73 surprise win. Then league-lead- ing Nehraska visited Oli who put a huge scare in the mighty Cornhuskers who iinally edged out the Big Red, 85-Si. But the Sooners, hrushing up on their rag- gedness and hall mishandling, stomped the Tigers ol iVlissouri for the ninth consecutive time, liifi-89. hut fell hack into their usual routine oi untimely mistakes to fall to Loyola ol the South, 69-44. The victory over the Cyclones, leveled QI Vs record in the Big S to 5-5, hut they lost that advantage when Kansas sped by them, as the Jayhawks cleared a path toward the champion- ship. in the last home tilt OU upset Kansas State, SU-77 with the "Ciddy-lip-Gow team providing the winning spark. A Finish in the upper division looked iairly dismal and a long way oil' when the Sooners li-ll to the hlow oi' Colorado, 92-77, hut the Sooners, not having defeated the Cowhoys at Gallagher Hall since lfi2l, finished at a .500 clip with a 69-53 slaughter to round out the season. Grabbing in inbound horn in Coloivifio Lbldyei iii CUB Q2-Yf low, is Don Sidle who esifiloliihcd a new OU season record in scorinci. ooner Wrestlers Place Third In NCAA Coach Tommy Evans led Oklahoma's wres- tlers to one of their best dual records, fin- ishing l6-l and placing second in the Big Eight and third in the NCAA championships. Oklahoma amassed 69 points in the NCAA, finishing behind Oklahoma State's 79 and Iowa State's 70 while wrestling without the services of injured Bill Lam. Wrestling in the l6O-l67 class, Lam posted l9 straight wins be- fore losing in the Big Eight finals after wrestling in the tournament with a rib in- jury. Lam earned the applause of Evans as one of the best competitors he had ever coached. Oklahomais Greg Ruth successfully defend- ed his NCAA crown at l60 pounds. Oklahoma Stateis Gene Davis spiked Sooner hopes with an overtime victory over former champion Mike Sager in the l37-pound finals. Oklahoma also placed Roger Mickish sec- ond, Ierry Stanley and Luke Sharpe, third, and Tony Bennett, sixth. In his seven years as coach, Evans has produced two NCAA cham- pionship teams. Three have finished second and the last two have placed fourth and third in the NCAA championship matches. Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma lin-- SEASONS RECORD . . 2l Navy . . . . 32 Maryland . . . 20 Lehigh . . . . 34 Rutgers . . . 34 Kansas St. . . 37 Nebraska . . . 24 Arizona St. . . I4 Oklahoma St. . . . 39 Iowa . . . . 27 Michigan St. . . 3l Wisconsin . . . 37 New Mexico . . 30 Colorado . . . l7 Oklahoma St. . . . 27 Wyoming . . . 35 Colorado St. . . 23 Iowa St. . Won I6, I.ost l. Second in Big Eight. Third in NCAA. BOTTOM ROW: Curfis Bradford, John Renfro, Bryan Rice, Wayne Jimmie Green. TOP ROW: Sam Al-Karaqhouli, Rick l-league. Wells, Dickie Haxel, Steve Povelas, Russ McAdams, Ed Guthrie. Jerry Mullins, Tom Keelev, Luke Sharp, Tony Bennett, Roger SECOND ROW: David Clery, Grew Ruth, Bud McDaniel, Mike Mickisb, Tony Howard, Gil Reed. Saqer, Jerry Sliinlcy, Bill learn, John Eigleslon, Mike Rnicmfin, I83 OU Grappler Set New School P1n Record Oklahoma's wrestlers pinned 50 opponents to set a new school season record on their way to a 16-1 dual match season which included a stunning upset of arch-rival and number one ranked Oklahoma State before a statewide tele- vision audience. The Sooner win ended the Cowboys lengthy win streak. The near-perfect season was marred only by a 15-14 loss earlier in the season to OSU, which the Sooners later avenged 17-12 at Nor- man. The Sooners went on to place second in the Big Eight, losing to OSU 97-92. Greg Ruth led OU's grapplers, posting a 19-O record in the 160-167 class which includ- ed 10 pins. Close behind Ruth were Wayine Wells and Bill Lam with 19-1 records. Wells pinned nine opponents while Lam recorded five falls over opponents. Oklahoma outscored opponents overwhelm- ingly, compiling 482 points to 94. Wayne Wells, 152-pcurid gin' cor'iml', Cfilwifido opoorvenr Jim Oi 1 l Pi i 1 1 Sooner grapplers fm'-: RMU ,nd DW Lmvw Hui" ws? UJQT' TWVTVWM' Evxwr MM 'M' dv Qublfdi X' 'ww Qwfhwwf' If N2 1-.M www' OZ" OU Swimmers Win 12th Conference Title i i i SEASONS RECORD Perennial Big Eight swimming champion Oklahoma won its l2th straight conference ti- tle, compiling a comfortable 53-point margin over second-place Kansas. , l" ' ,. y Oklahoma ' ' 40 Souihim IH' ' Coach lay lVlarkley's Sooners won only four i Qklahomd l 34 gouthc,-,1 MQI11 individual titles but placed in all races to amass l l34 points. Fifteen records were broken in the Oklahoma . 54 lowa Sl. . . 16 Swimming events. Oklqhomq 55 Kansas Cracking the 1962 league record of former Q K ' ' ' ' Sooner Iohnnie Day by a second, Oklahoma's Qklahoma , 58 Nebraska , , Charles Scholoer stormed the 200-yard hack- stroke in a clocking of 2:05.5. In a new event Oklahoma - ' 60 Texas ' - ' on the schedule, Oklahomais relay team cap- Oklahoma 1 U 62 Kansas Slam n tured the 800-yard freestyle in a record time of i 7:25.5. Swimming on the relay team were lim l Oklahoma . 64 Arlington State Manring, Larry Nicolai, Doug Hellerson and l Bill Watts. 1 Won 6, Lost 2. The Sooners compiled a 6-2 meet record and i F, , B, Fwh placed second in the Southwest Invitational I 'mt m Ig ilk 1' Relays at Dallas. Losses were to non-confer- g g gg g ggg gdi ence powers, SIVIU and Southern lllinois. I965-66 Varsity Swimming--BOTTOM ROW: Charles Scliober, Nicolai, Carl Hostetler, Jay Merklev. TOP ROW: Mike Hall, Joe Maslwburm, Pete Dullie, Mike Nichols, Bill Walls, Les Mason. Carl Jolwamnegson, Jim Manrinq, David Usrey, Doug l'leller5oi'i, SECOND ROW: Bill Young, Jack Hove Rielmrd l-lular, Lfavif Richard Wivicli, Bob Liul, Bill Emel. lx 'SJ as V - K .-,, n , . , , ,K . Grabbing ra hmmm fx, he dwrnx 'Aff 1 Miki- Nidfmlw, formm BM 8 Cfmmp iv. Hu: 200 'NMW' lvulfiarfx pvvxcfirfff, Mvfwlf Jim Manring, Hrfg 8 MM, gtylf' dwvmwfv durm 1 Ns '3'7D1'VJ'TVJ'k" Nxri uMrrv',fw:1GU". M xv 71: 900-, md frm- at Yf "f 1 ff R Vw. bfi: ZH' ' iv-"Ag, Zu?" .. .ihikidikfwlkiw 'im,."'- D. i I BOTTOM ROW: Ted Oliver, John English, Frank Deramus, Jim Hamilton, James Jackson, Lee Calhoun. SECOND ROW: Jim Farrell, Bill Thomas, Dennis Taylor, Jim Johnson, Bill Mariin, Phil Aldridge. THIRD ROW: Tommy Davis, Vincent Johnson, Jim Baller, Gary Clinlon, Richard Cable, Milne Bailey. FOURTH ROW: Ken Farris Jr., Don Ellis, Carl Pellegrini, George Brose, Ralph Palmer. FIFTH ROW: Ed Hall, Bill Calhoun, Byron Berf line, Robert Amrnons, Ari Younger. TOP ROW: Manager Gene Jenkins, Manager Buzzy Burnside, Coach J. D. Mariin. OU Track Team Places Second in Big 8 The Sooner thinclads placed second in the Big 8's track season, edged out 100-91 by Kan- sas. It was the First season for Coach 1. D. lV1artin, at 25, the youngest head coach in any sport at OU. During 1Vlartin's undergraduate days at OU, he vaulted to a height of 15 feet, 93M inches, a new Big 8 record yet to be matched. Martin also captured the 1964 Pan-American decath- lon title, but gave up his berth on the 1964 U.S. Olympic team to become OU's mentor. Five school records fell during the 1965 out- door track season. Capturing the 440-yard run record with a time of 46.7 was Bill Calhoun. lim Iohnson hoosted the high jump mark to 6 feet, 9M inches. New marks also were set in the SSO-yard relay, 1:25.5g the mile relay, 3:10.5g and the sprint medley relay, 3:17.8. Pneumonia Downs under the east side of Owen Statdium was the setting for varsity in- door track meets. The lone victory for the Sooners in indoor dual meets came against Oklahoma State. The indoor track squad plac- ed Fifth at the Big 8 meet. Exerlion showing in the strained expression on his iace, Ken Farris goes ior a record broad iump in the OU-Kansas Stale meet. J X SEASON,S RECORD Indoor Oklahoma . . 77 Oklahoma State 45 Oklahoma . . 56 Kansas . . . 66 Oklahoma . . 39 Missouri . . . 83 Won l, Lost 2. Fifth in Big 8. Outdoor Oklahoma 47 California 61 Arizona St. 73 Oklahoma . . 73 Arizona . . . 72 l Oklahoma . . 87 Kansas State . 58 Oklahoma . . 89 Oklahoma State 56 t Oklahoma . . 67 Kansas . . . 78 Won 3, Lost 2. Second in Big 8. Coming Ott the ground to hurl the shot-put is Carl Pellegrini. Bill Thomas reaches the tirst barrier in the 60-yard hiqh hurdles in time torm, with his Kansas State opponent trailinq. OU won 87-58. Baseball Team Rebuilds During 1965 Season The first victory before the seasonis long string of disappointing losses came against na- tionally ranked Arizona State at Tempe Ari- zona, with a l-0 win. Starting pitcher Toe Cox limited the Sun Devils to only five hits in the second game of a double header. He also scor- ed the winning run, reaching home plate on a wild pitch in the eighth inning with the bases loaded. Then Cox held State for no runs in the final stanza. Losses that hurt the Sooners most were those pirated by the pro teams. Pitcher-outfielder Carl Morton signed with the Milwaukee Braves, while outfielder Dale Mitchell inked a contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Hurl- er Terry Morton signed with Washington, pitcher Tim Folsom signed with Kansas City, and relief outfielder Bill Parese joined the Yankee club. Coach Baer is ending his 22nd year as the head coach of the Sooner baseball team. Sooner baseballers, faltering from the loss of several key players from the l964 season, re- corded the worst record since the 8-13 mark in l962. Coach lack Baeris diamondmen posted a 7-20 mark for the season. Six of the squad's victories came during the middle of the spring campaign, taking two from the Kansas Iayhawks and two from the Colorado Buffaloes, just missing 3-game sweeps in both series. Single game victories came against Oklahoma State, Arizona State and Kansas State clubs. For Coach Baer it was a rebuilding year, as the Sooners Helded only one returning veteran in the infield. That was the sharp-hitting third baseman, lay Cronley, the jack-of-all- trades player who can play any infield position. Coach Baer called it a 'gyoung teami, with a lot of "unknown qualityf' Cronley was one of the top hitters for the Sooners again last year. The Sooner nine lost two starting pitchers, most ot the infield and two outfielders. t XNKL J y0KLAHUly A WKLHHUH i t--1. i,, .1'-Q, pl 1 ' X df' l90 t 'enum 0 uw""""'vni l 11 wg' Y ,E -f"""uf' BOTTOM ROW: Don Woolly, Tommy Maxwell, Allen Gott, Ran- Turner. George Ridqley, Terry Cooper. TOP ROW: Stan Wil- dy Deal, Steve Kline, Jirn Seabolt, Buddy Jones, Rick Baum. ner, Bruce Given, Ron Oreentield, Mike Smith, Bill Rohillard, SECOND ROW: Charles Austin, manager: Boots Bagby, Jim Garry Looper. Joe Windes, Jay Cronley, Joe Cox, Ron Horn- Vervnck, Carl Schreiner, Denny Hopkins, Douq Martin, Harvey beek, Bill Word. OU's Jay Cronley waits for the throw as an OSU player dives back safely to first base, ,ue ff e Cox shuts out nationally ranked Arizona State, I-O, early in year. Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma OU o hs tit U2-8, but OSU wo th ser SEASONS RECORD Texas . . Texas . Arizona . . Arizona . . Arizona State Arizona State Oklahoma State Oklahoma State Oklahoma State Missouri . . Missouri . Missouri . Kansas . Kansas . Kansas . Colorado . Colorado. . Colorado . Iowa State . Iowa State . Iowa State . Nebraska . Nebraska . Nebraska , Kansas State Kansas State Kansas State Won 7. Lost 20. Eighth in Big Eight Cross Country Men Returning only two harriers from last yearis cross country, Coach D. Martin had diffi- culty fielding a seven-man team, as the Soon- ers finished in the Big 8 cellar for the second consecutive year. . Forming the nucleus of Martinis second cross country edition were senior Phil Oviatt and junior Richard Cable. Injuries to Oviatt, Cable and lim Kubiak forced the team to with- draw from the Oklahoma State jamboree. Martin called on quarter-milers Lee Cal- houn, Iames Shields and Bill Reese and wrest- ler Bill Lam to strengthen the distance men. Lam later won a challenge to compete in the Big 8 tourney. The highest an OU individual placed in the Big 8 meet was Cableis 40th place. Shields and Lam nabbed 4lst and 47th places, respectively. The Sooners dropped matches to Arkansas, Wichita and Oklahoma State for an 0-3 sea- son record. Coach Martin, nationally known pole vault- er and decathlon star, is completing his second year as cross country mentor. lohn lacobs fin- ishes his second year as associate coach. Record Dismal Season Phil Oviaft, one oi 'lwo returning leilermen this year spends hours running lo stay In shape lor cross country SEASON,S RECORD QLow score wins.D Oklahoma . 38 Arkansas l Oklahoma . 46 wichna st. y Oklahoma . 50 Okla. State Eighth in Big 8. Cross Country learn members are Phil Oviait, James Shields and Bill Reese. petition. 17 16 l 4 i 154 SEASON'S RECORD l oklahoma . 4 Texasfiam. 3 l Oklahoma . 5 Southern Ill. . 2 , Oklahoma . 7 Okla. City U. 0 l Oklahoma , 3 Southeast. St. 4 1 Oklahoma . 3 Corpus Christi 3 1 Oklahoma . 0 Pan-American 5 Oklahoma , 0 Trinity . . . 7 Oklahoma . 4 Texas . . 3 Oklahoma . 3 Houston . . 4 Oklahoma . 6 Tulsa . . 1 1 Oklahoma . 5 Kansas . . . 2 Oklahoma . 5 TCU . . . 1 X l Oklahoma . 5 North Tex. St. 2 l Oklahoma . 7 Kansas State . 0 1 Oklahoma . 2 Oklahoma St. 5 Oklahoma . 5 Okla. City U. 2 , 1 Oklahoma . 5 Tulsa . . . 2 , , Oklahoma . 4 Wichita State . 3 l Oklahoma . 0 Kansas . . . 7 1 f Oklahoma . 4 Oklahoma St. 3 N Oklahoma . 6 Southeast St. 1 1 l Won 14. Lost 7. Ticd 1. 1 Tied for second in Big 8. lw TEHIIS Tennis Team: Jack Richards, Vance McSpadden, Hal McCoy, Mike Roolcer h J y K and Coac Keen Guides Netmen I if 3 f in ennis- a in cousins i e an GUCS C padden discuss fec Q fgr Warm, mafc , unior Davis Cu la er from Chile. Q rv rv P P Y T pl y g Mk d V M S nu ues before returnm to the ractlce court la. fi SFF GSU. to Second in Big 8 Coach Ierry Keen guided the 1965 Sooner netmen to a 14-7-1 dual record and a second place tie with Oklahoma State in the Big 8, with prospects pointing to an equally good season in 1966. Playing one of the toughest schedules ever attempted by an Oklahoma team, the Sooners split matches with Kansas and Oklahoma State before losing the conference championship to Kansas at Lincoln, Nebraska. Although the team was experienced with three seniors and a top-ranking sopohomore, it was the first season the Sooners did not ad- vance up the ladder since 1962. Mike Rooker and Hal 1V1cCoy had good years, but the big upset of the year came with the defeat of the Big 8 champion Lance Burr of Kansas by OU's Gordon Hebert. In addition to 1V1cCoy, Keen had three top prospects for the 1966 season in Dick Gilkey, three-time Oklahoma high school champion, Steve Stockton, nationally ranked in the U. S. Lawn Tennis Associationg and Edwardo Quell, Golf Team: Jerry Keel. Dick Orr, Tom Stevens, Marty Garber, Tom Metcalf, Coach Bud Cronin. Coach Cronin Leads Linksters to 19-3 Record ord with the help of an extra Wichita tourney, where they blasted both Wichita squads. OU placed fourth at the All-American invi- tational tourney in Houston, the highest they had ever placed. lerry Keel tied for second in individual scoring at Houston. Led for the first time by Coach Bud Cronin, the Sooner linksters Won their first several duals and Went on to tally a 19-3 season rec- ord. Cronin started the year by saying he felt the team would better their 17-3 performance of the previous year. They did better the rec- Dick Orr lines up a putt on the practice green of the OU course 'A "'4" A' I SEASONS RECORD i Oklahoma . . 8M Tulsa . . . 35 Oklahoma 10 Okla. St. . . 5 Oklahoma 5 N. Tex. St. . 2 Oklahoma 8 Oklahoma St. 7 Oklahoma 13 Kansas . . 2 Oklahoma 11 Wich. Gold . 4 Oklahoma IOLQ Wich. Black 4V2 Oklahoma 7 Oklahoma St. 3 Oklahoma 12 Kansas . . 3 Oklahoma 13 Kansas State . 2 Oklahoma 13M Wichita . . lk Oklahoma 9 N. Tex. St. . 6 L Oklahoma 1 1 V2 Kansas . . 32 Oklahoma 2V2 Oklahoma St. 12M Oklahoma 9 Nebraska . . 6 y Oklahoma 7 Kansas . . 8 Oklahoma 8 Kansas State . 7 Oklahoma 12 Missouri . . 3 Oklahoma SVQ Kansas . . 62 Oklahoma 10M Kansas State . 4M Oklahoma 13 Missouri . . 2 y Oklahoma 8 Tulsa . . . 7 l Won 19. Lost 3. Second in Big 8. l SEASONS REcoRD 1 Oklahoma . 120.55 Wichita st.. 293.50 ' Oklahoma . 88.65 Kansas . . 153.60 l Oklahoma . 118.25 Nebraska . 165.00 o1t1ahaiha . 118.25 Iowa State . 189.55 Oklahoma . 108.40 Fatt Hays . 148.95 o1t1ahahaa . 101.10 Wichita st.. 130.05 Oklahoma . 105.20 Naithwiii. st. 95.85 wah 1, Last 5. Fifth ih Big 8 sin ctawt works out on the horse as he llmbers up for a -.., . .. First Gymnastics Team Wins Fifth in Big 8 Oklahoma's first gymnastics team made its debut this spring with nine eager varsity per- formers in a sport made official only two years ago by the Big Eight conference. This year's team had no lettermen, no crack sophomores and no tradition. Varsity perform- ers were picked in tryouts last year. Ten freshmen, four with considerable high school experience, were quickly recruited as a modest scholarship program was begun. Eight meets, including the Big 8 and NCAA region- al tourneys, were scheduled for the varsity with three slated for freshmen team members. Coaching the team and responsible for de- veloping a gymnastics program was Russell Porterfield, former high school mentor at Phoenix, Arizona. He was chosen from l2 can- didates for the position. A crack performer on the high bars, Porter- field captained Iowa University's team. He de- veloped a similar program at Phoenix. Meets were held in the Fieldhouse where basketball and wrestling hold sway. The team worked out at South Base. I966 Varsity Gym Team: Coach Russell Porterfield, Johnny Mad- dox, Dain Zinn, Bill Crews, Forrest Barker, Mischa Giorkuscha, Alan Jones, Bernard Schwalbe ra Sha? M Wi Intramurals Provide Participation in Sports ,wmv Eg 'irr vnl, Y! Vziaa Sigma Nu's get into the swim in the intramural program which drew more student participation than in any previous season. The intramural program has grown in pop- ularity since its organization at OU in l925. President Cross has recognized the value of competitive athletics to the all-around health of the university student with these words: HYour days at the University of Oklahoma will he enriched because of your participation in in- tramural activitiesf, Paul V. Keen, active in the program for over 30 years, is head of the intramural department. Mrs. Elvi Bordeau handles the record keeping and hook work. Keen, Dewey "Snorter', Lus- ter, Mrs. Bordeau and the student managers selected by students interested in intramurals make up the Intramural Board which meets twice a month to discuss points in the program. The department emphasizes student leader- ship in the programg faculty guidance rather than dominance is provided. In the words of lVlr. Keen "This is an ideal set-up as a proving ground for democracy-sports for all-playing in- stead of watching. I96 'S'-T' BOTTOM ROW: Paul V. Keen, Larry Chambers. Mrs. Elvi Bor- deau, David Center. TOP ROW: Dewey Luster. Burdette Cavin, Mike Ritz Bucky Smith, Dale Stevens. Intramurals Winners TEAM SPORTS Touch Football, Class A Fraternity , Sigma Chi Touch Football, Class B Fraternity Sigma Alpha Mu Touch Football, Wilson Center , Irving House Touch F cmfi thall, Cross Center , , Bass House Touch F cmri tball, Adams Center ,, .,,.,, ,, Choctaw House Basketball, Class A Fraternity ,, ,, ,,,,,. lambda Chi Alpha Basketball, Class B Fraternity ,,,,,, ..... , Delta Tau Delta Basketball, Wilson Center H ...... Worcester House Basketball, Cross Center Smith House Basketball, Adams Center . john Ross Basketball, Independent ,. , Legal Eagles Wrestling, First Place ,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, ,, ,, ,, ,, Vandals Wrestling, Second Place ,, ,,,, Tie Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Kappa Sigma Wrestling, Third Place , ., Lambda Chi Alpha Volleyball, Class A ., ,, ..t,. ,. Beta Theta Pi Volleyball, Class B ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, , .....,., Delta Tau Delta Volleyball, Housing Champions , , , ,,,, Cleveland House Volleyball, Independent Champions , ,,... . Iranian Society Softball, Class A , ,,,,,, , ,, , ,. Beta Theta Pi Softball, Class B . ......,...,,,., , , Beta Theta Pi Softball, Hr mtis ing Champions , Burton House Softball, Independent Champions ,,,,,,, . Math Club Track and Field , , l.egal Eagles Swimming . . Sigma Nu Table Tennis ,,,,,, Iranian Society INDIVIDUAL SPORTS Badminton Doubles .... Mike McCullough and lanice Strain-PEM Badminton Singles , ,,,, , ,, Saengjai Laivadhana-Whitehand Handball Doubles Iohn Cole and Leonard Bernstein-Math Club Handball Singles ,,,,,, ,,,,,, , ,, , , ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, lawrence Levy Horshoe Doubles Richard Grimm and Steve Owen-Phi Gamma Delta Horseshoe Singles . .,,..., , ..,.. Tom Cable+Sigma Nu Coll Champi riti ship Spike Kelley-Sigma Alpha Epsilon Golf, Class A ,,,,,.,,, ,, Mark Van Aken-Beta Theta Pi Golf, Class B , .. ,, Cus Nlillcr-Kappa Alpha Paddlchall Doubles Rainey Mayhall and Mike Colbert-Sigma Alpha Epsilon Paddleball Singles , Rainey Nlayhall-Sigma Alpha Epsilon Tennis Doubles Bob Iichols and Paul Anderson-Delta Tau Delta Tennis Singles , , ..,. . , lim Cobb-Sigma Alpha Epsilon Table Tennis Doubles Tom Hill and Robert Crawley-Kappa Alpha Table Tennis Singles . David I. Confere-Pi Kappa Alpha l l' et, ts , aw t'te Eg M A t P 'QS , I his i,.ttt-i..,. fi. V, Beta Theta Pi sottball team is this yearls A division sottball wine ner. Team members are-BOTTOM ROW: Ronnie Pyle, Phil Ad- amson. TOP ROW: Doug Frantz, Fred White, John Swinetord. f- it ft lranian students were the l965 all-campus pingponq team cham- pions. Members ot their team are--BOTTOM ROW: Bahram Amiriiatari, Ata Moqharabi, Reza Molayi. TOP ROW: Fariborz Farshad, Farhad Morshed, Parvis Ghaiar. Members ot the winning B sottball team are Beta Theta Pils- BOTTOM ROW: Butch Coward, Mark Van Aken, Charlie Cole, John Lynn, Ronny Wood. TOP ROW: Steye Taylor, Dean l-tart, Larry l-lowze. I97 Kappa Sig Gll Wv'ifi1h+ wd SAE Jerry Grfwflv wvewflcd lo 1 HC Sigma Cl1i's worm A foolbfer. BOTTOM ROW: J. Wil'slwlvc, L Messkk M. UWTS J. K. Marflrslcy, P. Bwrmf G. Tlwerioi SEC- OND ROW. B. Mallory T. UWC' J. Becker l"1, Rfewwolds B. rlirsowiclf. TOP ROW: M. Twcmas H. Mmwxf J. Awrrc, A. Bfmsov. Del'ra Tau Delfa worn The B Volleyball comps-HHon. BOTTOM ROW: E, Smillw, J. Qoodmfw, P. Rvfm. TOP ROW: B. Eclwols, S. Vfxmo K. Mccartor. I98 "F"TTT'Lf Qf' 'IL aff Regular inlramural season COfT'IpGllllOVW saw plenfy of aclion on flue floor. like flwis ol Lambda Cl'1i's and SAM'Siumpimql'or'fl1e' ball. Phil Adamson is two-iime 'Jolt clwarnpionslvip winner. wwf ax AXA AXA Lambda Clwi's A iearn basketball clwamoiors are-- AXA BOTTOM ROW: J. Scrivner, D. Sfevens, R. Wil- Yarns. TOP ROW: G. Bauman, D. Hewlire, J. Nunnery, E. Meek. Intramural Sports Instill Competitive Spirit Tennis Doubles wirrers for Della Tau Delta were Patil Anderson and Bob Ecnols. ,,'2 ,,,. Q v .Q ROW: Klwossrow Diba, Bfulwrnan Farid, Melndi Me 'glmlcl'1i. TOP ROW: Farlwacl Morslwed Paribo Fmrsnacl, l-iasmr' Glworaalw. Iranian Siudenfs are independent volleyball clnarn- pions For llfie lourln consecutive year. BOTTOM Q, FZ I99 BOTTOM ROW: Frances C. Tyler, Pamela M. Kidney, Janie Potis, Thalia Thompson, Janice Strain, Kay l-lorninq, Anita Pennington, Hillie Kattouw. SECOND ROW: Judy Fire, Anita Sills, Judy Shields, Belva Presticlqe, Tamara Mandel, Nanna Machala, Anr Russell, Mary Ann Lapid, Susar Jane Fisher. THIRD ROW: Bar- bara Ruqcley, Jan Braden, Mary Jane Flatt, Marilyn Rousseau, Linda McDonald, Cheryl "Gaze" Hindsley, Constance Russell, Su- sie Garreti, Stephanie Savane, Sherry Fair. TOP ROW: Kathryn Conklin, Jane Stangelard, Paula Urnschweis, Carol Childs, Mari- lyn McBride, Sorclra Moore, Karer Vieth, Barbara E. Herzoo Joanie Aarons, Lynda McCallum. WRA Stimulates Women's Interest in Sports Members of the Executive Board are Janie Potts, Janice Strain, Thalia Thompson, Frances C. Tyler, Kay Horninq, Linda Gunning. Women's Recreation Association provides every woman in the university an opportunity to participate in a wide field of competitive sports, to foster good sportsmanship, and to relax mentally and physically from the routine of class Work. The WRA activities are directed by the council which is composed of represen- tatives from each sorority and dormitory on campus and from each club which WRA spon- sors. Main projects for WRA were the sponsorship of an intramural program and of various sports clubs for university women. The council also worked on cupcake sales and planned sports club trips to state meets. Officers were Thalia Thompson, president, Ianice Strain, vice president, Kay Horning, secrctaryg Linda Gunning, treasurer, Stephanie Savage, historiang Ianie Potts, publicity, Hillie Kattouw, OARFOWg Karen Black, socialg Miss Frances Tyler, sponsor. BOTTOM ROW: Alvita Fenriinrilori, Frances A. Mayer. Sandy Rey- rolds Sonya Ffilloatler, Linda Smith. TOP ROW: Ciridv Loeb Ducks Club Advances Skill Ducks Club meets once a week at the pool. The object of the organization is to increase in- terest and ability in swimming, especially syn- chronized swimming. The club sponsors a state scholastic synchronized swim meet for high school and college women. Other activities are to help with the intramural swim meet and to Jane Meyer Dofoflw Mclilriris B-iii Johrisorw Jovce Yieldirrfi. Phyllis Philo. in Synchronized Swimming produce a water show for OU Mothers, Day. To qualify for membership, students must at- tend a workshop and show acceptable quality in tryout routine. Ollicers were Sandy Reynolds, presidentg Bari lohnson, secretaryg Anita Pennington, treasurerg and Phyllis Philp, sponsor. Residential Dormitories Become Intramural Champions Winner of the intramural championship tro- phy was Residential dormitories which includes Hester, Robertson and Franklin. Residential entered all tournaments which WRA sponsor- ed. With Peg Turnage as intramural chair- man, the girls gained points throughout the BOTTOM ROW: Barbara l-lfiiqeri, Elaine Wells, Mi-irilyri Wtiil Peony Tornado, Barham l-levmfw, Cheryl Mclmtosh. TOP ROW: Rfh Berne-t' MHP: D ic" Fw" Lifikfnfi' year, collected first place points in the dance festival and the basketball and softball tourna- ments. Points were also accumulated by team and individual participation in other intramur- als. For compiling the highest total for the year. Residential was awarded the trophy. BOTTOM ROW: Phyiiis A. Philp, Thomas Maxweii, Janice Strain, Richard Celia, Bernard Schwatbe. SECOND ROW: Joe B. Smith, Penny Baker, June Knight, John ivlaoers Nadine Steele, Caroi McDacte. TOP ROW: French Clark, Rogers V. Shaw Il, Jim Kahrs, Byron Beriine, Aiexander Fletcher, Jim Foster. Physical Education Majors Active in Intra Although all students majoring in physical education are welcome to become members of the Physical Education Majors Club, the club is primarily composed of students who plan to teach after graduation. Because of this, the discussion, panels, guest speakers, films and outside projects are aimed at the teaching Mary Ann Reid captured the position ot tennis singles champion. .N if " . it J W, ,aa-no Nm-:Q-v-v"""""""" .name :A Mn rw? F T wr ,.,-a. ., 4. Q- ' x V ,s . 5 I A gi af it , 'S ' .H- a m ---"- L , r L c,tt. k A t Y QM, mf, ' ,.. s X l I , ii , are-,, , M-Qi Mu- -iv 4' H, 6 ., : i i , I X, g A Q. V ' 5 s 4 . s , 4 5 or Q f , 4? M 5, , bww: j 3 1 Q 4 A LM' c,,.., ,, """r'f A - J . t 4 . . . at wr v ., .. . cg F Q it +V v it Q by i V+ Q +V! 4 T .M r Wyagr. c,Ltc,, 5 , 1 3, 5 K , i it 'Q'-' i .. - .. Y if . I ij V as 6 ag , 7 . Q in , 'V 4 5. 4. - 4 V , f r "MY is sv, 4 ,,, 4 . c V P 4 A ,. , " v 4 s s 5 , - t t ' 5 t i ' V 5 L ' 3 4 . ..,,... . 4 'Uh ' - , 1 3 , 1 rifiii i rs 1 -Q ' siit ct,it aspects of physical education training. The PEM club which meets monthly also joined in participation in intramurals. This years, otlicers were Richard Cella, presi- dentg ianice Strain, vice presidentg and Thomas Maxwell, treasurer. Phyllis Philp was faculty sponsor for the coeducational group. Winners in tennis doubtes are Nancy Norris and Janie Henderson. Cllllltlnqqq ,H , l Speedball clwmolous .we PM Plwrs- BOTTOM ROW: Claudh Volleyball Chamolom lrom residewllal are-- BOTTOM ROW: Cmle-,, Paula Roqers Connie Dixor, Narelle Bilyeu, Kaflwmr Elaalrwo Wells, Ivlaril-p Wai? PCFITIY Turrwaqe. SECOND ROW: Corzlsllrv. TOP ROW: Marilyn Lcamlmg, Nan Llrgon, Emmy Der- Barbara l-legen, Barbara Harlman, Cheryl Mclmloslv. TOP ROW: by, Louarme l-lulsey Penny lsom, Mfarge1re1'Col:lr'rmr:. Rullw Burrwell, Mfurll Dunn Fran Lfmlcmam. Fencing Club enllwusiaals include Difme Dowdv Enrique A. Jor- daw, Axel Srelver Soervcer Jolvmsor. Judy Lybcll' fs lwdlvldufxl lworseslwoes clmmplofw. yo! 1 2. W 1 r fl f , . , , . if , 1 . , 1:1 - .W Volleyball Club-BOTTOM ROW: Dianne- Reauqh, Gee Hirmdsley. Frances C. Tyler. TOP ROW: Liwda Gurmirwq, Marilyn Mclirldfr lvlarfmrel COgrrm':. Girls lake lo flwe courf for an lrvlmmural bouf. , ll ,V ,,.:.,- - , sl 2' u sg Q: 2 t My 'Q sm . . 'W M Z, ,htr ff 51 gs, X. ,,zVL V wwf CHAPTER FOUR aw'- ! K 45 ,K BEAUTIES AND PEnsoNALl'rlEs -.M .' ff -4.1 X Yu 1+ if nl-f Nh W' if V 3? 'r QE 5, ""'1 l 5, Vim? fig ...Announcing the 1966 SOO ER Honorees Selection of a beauty or outstanding student is no easy task, and OU,s noted reputation for both only serves to make each annual task more arduous. SOONER Beauties were chosen on the basis of beauty, poise, personality and intelligence. From individual interviews with 2l0 nominees, 28 finalists representing every upperclass hous- ing unit on campus were chosen. Interviews with the finalists were again held and eight beauties were chosen. Conducting the interviews was a selection committee com- posed of Bob Benbow, Beauty Editor, Dennis McCary, Student Senate president, Williain Mac Sudduth, ISA president, Dr. William Chee, professor of finance, and Kirk Clausing, SOONER Yearbook Editor. Sean Connery of james Bond fame made the final selection on basis of photographs. Choosing a Man of Distinction from two upperclassmen nominated by each of the 22 fraternities was an equally difficult task. Final selection was made by Dr. Dorothy Truex, dean of women's affairs, Lee Savage, director of student safety and welfare, and james R. Agar, a Norman businessman. Camma Alpha Chi women,s advertising fra- ternity for the first time sponsored the campus- wide contest that determined the l0 best-dress- ed coeds who appear in this chapter. Barbara Buskirk went on to place as one of the 10 best-dressed coeds in the nation. Campus Personalities are outstanding sen- iors chosen by Mrs. Louise Moore, supervisor of student publications, Robert Vaughn, Pe-et president, Linda McQuillen, AWS president, Cathy Callahan, Mortar Board President, and Betty Bonifield, Personalities Editor. The 1966 SOONER proudly presents Miss Carolyn Meek, Yearbook Beauty, Robert Vaughn, Man of Distinction, and 24 students named top campus personalities. Beauty judges capture the top two faces of beauty. Sean Connery rated the top eight beauties. lllmg lo PICTURES. INC. J? WEST COAST STUDIOS BURBANK, CALIFORNIA December 22, 1965 Messrs. Benbow and Clausing University of Oklahoma Sooner Yearbook Norman, Oklahoma Dear Bob and Kirk: I may very well miss my plane to London in attempting the practically insuperable task of choosing between your Oklahoma beauties.u I am leaving this afternnon after completing the final scenes of A Fine Madnessn and will be gona for several weeks. But I delayed packing to go over the photos--again and again--which I have been doing intermittently, as a matter of fact, ever since they arrived. Obviously, my final choices can only be based on the pictures and as a result I am really troubled about doing someone an injustice. But you asked me and here goes: No. l--Carolyn Meek, for what I can only describe as a golden charm. No. 2--Linda Romano, for a kind of shining vitality. No. 3--Gilda Gant, who has a look--and dimples. No. h--Jane Woodard, for a wholesomeness--and those beautiful eyes. That's as far as I can go, fellows. when it came to Cindy Robare, Charlene Heinen, Debbie Downing and Jana See, I just couldn't pick between them. As a matter of fact, choosing between any of the eight was an arbitrary procedure and l have made up my mind that if I am asked to pick any more beauty queens, I will have to do it by some sort of personal appraisal. And now, as I rush off to pack and depart, my best wishes to you, to the 1966 Sooner Yearbook and to all the OU students. Best regards, Sean f gh' - L f:,: 1, f sz f,1fssM5Q,z,f bs . . ,Q ,Y I L, . J ,,,y W . , M., Vi .M W, vflim-W .w 1 :':f'f2 v, W , ef: 1 1 L' 9,952 :sw .V , k M L K , f . :f,5.gL,vnf.i-- H A ww4sw,L- rf , i A54-if7T,,4. I . ,,,, -Q 5 ,-,A , , gg,-1,22 1- f"f7if.e',.: we M, 5, ggi? I , wi? f' ,mg wg. 1, Q ' i: itfi mw , ,Q ,'e:fgf:ie,:3fqg, , ' ew- , - fn s S fx a f 41. wp in wf 7 Q , .fl ., , 'W u 1. . gA,,s --. ,gg - . ., 1 L 1-wx-YQQQS, v. , S 5 H -, l-,if flf?5T1MY , f. , I 'T .I . . , , 'giJgffQ?s1Ffi'v5i .::.W,'-1 wikis-'.-:kiL.,S21iffs6g??ffa'ffwizffx. a, 1,251-, ' ' -2 1 , 1 , 2-,,z1w1fi?fes':-gi-342 fx, 9 w9fmz,f1:gfg5gy:S nt-f,,,11mvQisgK5m,,'assi., T g??lx,P,,sa?,w,w ,,,, W'iF1asaQ2iiiMf1ffsf. '. ,I ffQfzimsffgf5giffr5f2Ss1i5YgSw,w 'i -if,sL':,3??QiQsg5vEg41,f4g:g15Eg5L,, mySgfgwggggQfggg7g:2fg,g5,M,31a455,M,5ky:,nE 'sw :VL ,-1.-,-'fg,,x1,'ii,5:'zzQ5mf:g1::z,sY':i2m.-, ., -f?S'g1if2Sf,Zszgfifwy gfSee?!g,,1'siKwEffwffie- .zfgw-,fz g5gfgggA,gif-,':xigw:,r',,:gs'f56s5':2fz, :L 15155:wal,f:Qf5sfiQgnigg1gf5f,s,4ff Y . by ,Qi Q ig f'.Qf5-,':.f2if5.l?S AfffxyfkfZff5i5f'f5l?f""',LHM ft, f fkymjh fi' - 77 7, bf V' f f 5 Q :Av fy J: . 7' -1 ttwwifw-24?a1fS5 ' nf " L 5' 2 ' ' essifmy, ywxk. fy - ' ffl-L, In , K A 11, ,, ' , u ff ' s ' - 1- ,, rw: ffm: .1321 ' ' . - 'l 4' ft- -2 yffl' 25,5 2 ,M , 435:5fififiwlfifi'TW: 6- i' I .if?7f? ' ' i ,Aff 47155f?fs,Sf4 r wi FF 1 , , 5315.1 iv nilffgl Hmxnw. B :HH I z -4 1 Q R l -ff' 'X lame: w wav 1 35 4' , fs'-' flffald- QaJcoQvc flffeefe, Carolyn is social chairman and assistant pledge trainer for Pi Beta Phi sorority and is an Oklahoma City sophomore elementary education major. This yearls Air Force Honorary Cadet Colonel, she is active in Angel Flight and Pipers. 3 Qu 5 Ei K E E B ? as E ig E if gi gf 3 T 5 s 209 Kruettli Apartments Linda is a sophomore from Oklahoma City and represents Kraettli Apartments in this yearis beauty section. She is majoring in journalism and minoring in home econom- ics. She is an active member of Shadowbox. E 'K i ,sm 25? ig K1 xg, af Wvesgy T . 'w i . wg. .r .f . wf4i ' !53Pg5m .gp .-Q, .. ,: 5, be M. ..:.. .Mal fiffcll- EAM SMC Alphc Chi Omega Gilda, better known as Gigi, is a sopho- more from Ardmore majoring in dance, and is pledge class president of Alpha Chi O- mega sorority. She was a can-can girl in 1965 Sooner Scandals and appeared in "An- nie Get Your Gunn this spring. A member of Orchesis, Gigi has performed in "The luggler of Notre Damef' 2 495, X , : Hy , M: as 4 J' N fssswziefgfiiszff' ' sill! fc wt L 15 fm? V' .. ...- Q Kappa Kappa Gamma Iane, a Tulsa junior majoring in elemen- tary education, represents Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. She is an Honorary First Lieutenant of Pershing Rifles and is a mem- ber of the Student Education Association. W5 Efgfiix -awk 7-225 pl 3 yi I ifflfe Delta Delta Delta Debbie is an Edmond sophomore majoring in French. She is active in Pi Omega, Al- pha Lambda Delta, Angel Flight and Pi- pers and served as pledge class president of Delta Delta Delta sorority. Debbie is one of ten top freshmen women, third runner-up for Miss OU, finalist lor Miss Oklahoma City and finalist for Miss Scheherazade. , , X wr flffcld- Q w4fec2cefc Kappa Alpha Theta Charlene, a junior history major from Ok- lahoma City, is treasurer of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority and is on the Union Activ- ities Council. She serves as publicity chair- man of Pop Series, and is active in Angel Flight. She was finalist for Aviation Queen and semi-finalist for Engine Queen. QQ- s V ii, H if -7,.g,L 75,5 , Q, . 3 fmmmwg-,, - W - " m 'Qf-Em W as may g fx" A JPN my wwf: A g -321 , 4 ' 1 v .www M- 1' sexism ,ssvfixv S ?5'f3f?fbEi 3' 4 1655 es. A,,.,i,,,. , m?'55M57'7V 7 , ,ifag - fi EJ .. ,pf V :f,, L, , 12:-Q, if ,riff Y Q Mia. cyma, 2205066 Krcettli Apartments Cynthia represents Kraettli Apartments in this year's beauty section. She is a sopho- more art major from Hastings, Neh. As a freshman, Cynthia attended Hastings Col- lege. !UQ-W f - wi,-f f fiffftd. drum See, Chi Omega Iana hails from Enid and is a junior ma- joring in interior design. She has served as pledge trainer of Chi Omega sorority and has been a Sooner Shamrock beauty and a semi-finalist for Miss OU. 223 Beaut Finalists BEVERLY GREMM BETTE BYRD Krae'Hi Aoaarfmemfs Gamma PM Em '1 ,,,, W J A N WATS O N AYQFS1 DCVA Pi ' Y' JAN DUNAGIN Tower IV DONNI KARR Roberfsow House CAROLE BULLEN Ksxooa DMM GRACE WELCH Kfcieffm Aparimeutw X 1g,,,lgg1- PATRICIA TITSWORTH Aloha Ph? SANDRA HAMER Kraeffii Aparfmenfs r SHARON BRUCE DIANA PATTON ELIZABETH VAN WEST K'?1E?T SHERRY POTTER Sffzwi Di-III: Tm. , PAMELA ROCKHOLD Evarw I-wx-J., I , I'Ifm5f,' I 'II Aofmfmerw, Fr'1'wkIIf I Q. PAMELA GREGORY fXIsI'wa Gfafwma De-IM JOYCE GREENWOOD Lam" Home 5 , .Y I i Qwx ,S I A We, fxgwf 'Q ' A 'wg -I '-fi 1: , . 6 1, ffl :- aw '. .wfgzgi , All ,gl its is 5,1 if KAREN BRATCHER DOREEN NASH De-Im Gwwnw WDW FDJVV DV CONNIE JO MITCHELL He-fe' Home ROCHELLE FORDIN D- M PV ECS' 5' 225 Beaut ominees FRANCES MATTHEWS DOIIn DSI?-1 DEIIH DALLAS DORSETT AIpIm Gamma DGITPI KAREN NEWELL AIcIwa CHI Omeca 226 JULIE GOODNER DQIIP1 Gamma iii W NANCY HECKERMAN Kappa DQITQ JOAN PITTS Kappa AIpI'wa Them ELISA MCCLENDON AIpI1a Gamma DSIM EMILY BROGDEN Kappa AIpI1a Thew GAIL MAYNARD Gamma Phi Bom RICKY CHASE Gamma PM Bev, SHERRY BUCHNER Sigma DQIM Tm. CAROL CHIPMAN De'm Gfwmfm JOSSIE LEVINE Shma DQIM Tim JOAN AUSTIN DeIIa Gfnmmfl JILL WEITZ SUSAN GUNDERSON RACHEL RAMSEY S11-W DMA Ti. D eIfe DSI", DMM- A'pHa Gfzrvmw DEH MP' SHIRLEY POLK AIQM CFI Qmwzf NANETTE BILYEU PI Bela Phi SUZANNE COOPER Alpha Gamma Dszlva Q0 PAMELA SLOAN Kappa Kappa Gamma DIANE GROOM Alpha Phi NANCY WILLSIE SONDRA SCHROEDER Kappa Della Alpha Chi Omcfga A A 1 -I V' , . ji K- -V ::: .fi . ., ,I KAY BEEBE BARBARA BUSKIRK Kappa Alpha Thela Chl Omg,-1,3 7.43 NANCY KEESEE Pl Bela Ph? JAN JARMON Chi Omega ? LOUISE LEUTHOLD Gamma Ph? Be'a JUDY PORCH Ch? Omeqa . U, an BARBY COHEN JENEFRED HEDERHORST Alpha Epgilor Phi Kappa Kappa Gamma -9 1 A W' ua 'A QF kg A 'frfw-pf V RUTH MAYER CECILLE CARAMEROS Alpha Epsilon Ph? Kappa Kappa Gamma DONNA LANGE JANE SEAY Slqma Della Tau Kappa Della Beaut ominees 227 Beaut ominees JO SCOTT AIoI'va PHI CHERYL CRAIG D951 Gamma POLLY PUCKETI' Kappa Kaooa Gamml 228 BARBIE OLSON AIQIM PHI W ANNE KESSLER Delm DQIH DeI'a LYNN TALIAFERRO Delta DeI+a DeI+a JAY ANN ANDERSON Kaopiu AIpIwa IWQIE PAT KIBLINGER DeITa Gawm 1 GAIL BANDY Down DfeI:fa DeIr51 EUGENIA VAN ZANDT Pl Bem PM MELINDA SELLERS CIM Omega ANNE RODGERS Kaooa Kappa Gamma PAULA BASI-IAW Kappa De-Ira PAMELA GREGORY AIpI'vsa CIM Owe-11 PAMELA PERRY P2 Bam Phi BETSY WILLIAMS Gamma PM Befa BONNEY BASSMAN AIpI'wa Gammff De-I'a SUZANNE SANDERS Gemma PH Befa We DONNA MOYER .HMALEA SCHOOLEY JUDY REID Chi Omenifi Alpha Chi Omeqa Alpha Garrirrm Della KATHY NELSON Pi Bela Phi KW? JOYCE MOWERY Pi Bam Phi SHELLEY SUTHERLAND PAULA HODGINS FRAN SPELLING NANCY MOSS Alpha Phi Alpha Delhi Pi Alpha Eosiloi' Phi Della Della Della MICHELLE KlRSCl"l Alnhfi Epsilon Phi 'W' VICKI JONES BOBBE BRAMSON JANA WASSAM JOY TSCHAPPAT K-ippa Karma Gfimrhu Sifuma Dirlw lm, Chi Omcfw, Kacsa Almha Thefe JEANNE BAKER JUDI WEINBERG NONA GORDON Ch? Omecm Alpha Epsilofi Phi Alcha Dplffi Pi KATHY MAGNUS Sigma Delhi Tum JUDY REEVES Gf-mfvi -1 Ph' Effie Beaut ominees 229 720605 Cfaafda Lcmbdc Chi Alpha Sana? SaJaRZt, Canal MOCW Jw, Km 9 3 925.-3' r ugh we AW S5 -V Q pr-w fb wg , 5 Q 15 - haf f.. is , ,1 g g i' i 2 s ' 3 7254- 1 " Jw.. K, 5 ,f . , ,L I , ,ifqsmi ,W -,kf if . ,.. Q QS ii -mf. L , gf., ,A:s:w,xy- . .1 1-Q2saamfS1 EQ A. . -ik: x 451 A' ,. Q, X vw X ,f'f,:ZQR,.' ' syldi S , A 1. Q .Q-1 I TEN BEST-DRESSED COEDS-BOTTOM ROW: Bfarbfam Murphy SUDUOD Orbfxdw, Bxvbara Buslcirk, SECOND ROW: Dffamz Shxw Jaw- KleTer Pfym Pr-rm, TOP ROW: M,mrwH'w Howe Viv :Mia MCC-ewpbeU Cfvvfh Wa :wwf C'md5e Wx:'vfn' Efmfiw Ev xrdw. 3 E 2 ? 2 if X u E 1 Z E F ff Q E 3 2 5 S l E 3 Delta Delta Delia M' OU Alain. Affedwil Sgfkw Chi Omega Homecoming Queen W P I z 1 W 234 l i 1 5 e 5 2 E w E i Q I A Q, 4 9: 2 au. Hg W. lf, , ,ff- f ff? K , , X F,iLg.5HiI N , A '. V -S " pei 644- . 1 M C - kj A .. , ,saga sm! ISA Sweetheart 1 li A ' iw' ,Le ,x:.gA-V A. , 'Www Q , ' " 7' ".f 234 " 235 ..-f--""'f,,. .w-fJ"""4' SAM VINSDN: 3.52, German, Russian, Sen- ior Class President, Omieron Delta Kappa Vice President, Pe-et, BMDC, UAB, VVho's VVho, Kappa Gamma Epsilon, Delta Phi Alpha, Sig- ma Alpha lipsilon Bush Chairman. GARY BLASI: 3.93, Political Science, CCl YN President, DU Scholars, Pi Sigma Alpha, Bass Scholar, Candidate for Rhodes Scholar, Lottin- ville Award lor Men, German Honor Society. Campus Personalities NIKI MEEK: 3.54, Social Studies, Mortar Board, Tas- sels, BWOC, UAB, UAC, VVho's VVho, Alpha Lamh- da Delta, Presidentis Leadership Class, Gamma Theta lipsilon, Chi Omega Vice President. NANCY MDNTGDMERY: 3.72, Mathematics, Mor- tar Board, Tassels, VVho's Who, Alpha Lamhda Delta Model UN, UAB Secretary-Council Coordinator, Kappa Kappa Gamma Scholarship Chairman. . 1 M32 ,4 GATHY GALLAUAN: 3.56, Speech Therapy, lVlortar Board President, Tassels, BWOC, Whois Who, Alpha Lambda Delta, Presidentis Leader- ship Scholarship, Kappa Kappa Gamma Presi- dent. af.: MARGARET lVlcCONNELL: 3.66, Social Work, Mortar Board, Tassels, BWGG, Who,s Who, Alpha Lamhda, Delta, UAB, UAC, President's Leadership Award, Alpha Gamma Delta Presi- dent. ZVIIKE BITZ: 3.0, Civil Engineering, Pe-et Sec- retary, Omicron Delta Kappa, BIVIOC, Intramur- al Board, Sigma Tau, IPC Executive Secretary, Beta Theta Pi. ,f:s1i.?ff. ?' 7.12?'5 I f 5 4 2 L, ae-g1.uwi,,:2?.sM,, ., 5, - ia- at., ...- 7 , ysf..,,,,,,.,,,,... wi :ga -ww. .Q .1 f--,. 3, ,, .. '- ' fwsfsrfeaww,-gm..J E 3 ' . .g,g-gf .i,,g3fg.ii,'35t: pi ,QL 5. f H Sf f' - w:wqf15,g,+5Zf+g,5N11,: BGBERT VAUGHN: 3.89, Government, Pe-et President, Omicron Delta Kappa Treasurer. UAB, Honors Program, BIVIGG, Whois Who, UAC, Pi Sigma Alpha, Student Senate, Kappa Alpha President. t, xi f 3 41, .ss , Q B. N. DUNAGAN: 3.77, Accounting, UAB President, Dadis Day Outstanding Senior, Om- icron Delta Kappa, BMOC, Pe-et Vice Presi- dcient, Who's Who, Lambda Chi Alpha Pres- i ent. GERALD FLEMING: 3.97, Mathematics, Sooner Guide, Phi Beta Kappa, BMOC, UAC, Phi Eta Sigma, Outstanding Freshmen, Gen- eral Motors Scholarship, judiciary Board. Campus Personalities LINDA MCQUILLENI 3.30, Education, AWS Pres- ident, Matrix Table Award, Tassels, Mortar Board, VVho's Who, BWOC, AWS Judicial Board, Lew Wentz Scholarship, Gamma Phi Beta. im-, ' -.x.,,x1b, il 'Sin Wi- f 5 or rw '-"' " ' bfaiq gf S F ,q .44 . 'ke X 5355 M.. . .E A .IVV 1 .sr , 2 -., JANE ENGLAND: 3.85, History, Mortar Board, Tas- sels, Alpha Lambda Delta, Dads' Day Outstanding Senior, BWOG, Who's Who, UAB Vice President, Kappa Kappa Gamma President. W A . .....,-NW., . ,,..,..W M M was V' . . K jUDY UBTH: 3.86, Speech Therapy, Sigma Al- pha Eta President, Senior Class Treasurer, Mor- tar Board, BWOC, Who's Who, Tassels, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Alpha Theta Standards Chairman. BUNNY BBADSHAW: 2.65, Finance, IFC Bush Chairman and President, Conference on Religion Chairman, BMOC, Who's Who, Phi Delta Theta President. jDHN WELLS: 3.52, English, Philosophy, Cox'- crnment, Model UN Secretary-General, BIVIDC. CATHRY IIANCS. 3.54, Vocal Music, UAC, Tassels Treasurer, Mortar Board, Outstanding ln- dependent, Great Books Chairman, Pi Kappa Lamhda, Who's Who. if 5 Who's Who, Pe-et, CCUN, 1964 MOD Finalist, T 5 Bass Scholarship, Delta Upsilon President. i ff .5 ,- HD LIVFRMORH: 3.00, lournalisni, liall lflfifl Oklahoma Daily Editor, Omieron Delta Kappa. IFC Soeial Chairman, Sigma Delta Chi, Seah- hard and Blade, Whois Who, Delta llpsilon. PAT LAUDERDALE: 3.70, Pre-Med, ISA President, BIVIOC, Whois Who, Outstanding Independent, Ereshman and Sophomore Pres- ident at Cameron College. 240 Campus Personalities VlCKl COTCI IER: 3.85. Fine Arts. Student Senate President, Tassels, Mortar Board. Who's Who, Most Outstanding Freshman Woman, Lexx' Wentz Scholar- ship, Kappa Kappa Camma. NG 'mam BETTY BONIEIELD: 3.20, Language Arts, Oklaho- ma Daily Summer Editor, Senior Class Secretary, Theta Sigma Phi President, Who's Who, Panhellenie Editor, Kappa Alpha Theta Secretary. ,A x15g5t,.'f',' 'il iw , " " Q-:wfw'f+W?'3"5li Jtgrw-fu., A ' .wqw f , I sfjf.-f,,g.'p1,,,,+.A: ,a 3-1 hs, PENNY ISOM: 3.74, Psychology, Mortar Board Treasurer, BWOC, Who,s Who, Alpha Lambda Delta, Lottinville Award for Outstanding Fresh- man, Psi Chi, College Bowl, Pi Beta Phi. CAROL ANN REID: 3.95, Letters, Mortar Board, Outstanding Independent, Alpha Lamhda Delta, OU Scholars Vice President, ISA Executive Com- mittee, Who's Who. ROY HARRIS: 2.5, journalism, Oklahoma Daily Pall Editor, Sooner Guide, Model UN, Student Press Association President, Sigma Delta Chi, Mc- Mahon Scholarship, Young Democrats. '--I 9 53? 'mv IOIIN KIRTON: 3.82, Mathematics, Omicron Delta Kappa President, Pe-et Treasurer, IEC Treasurer, BMOC, Who's Who, AEROTC Honor Cadet, SIME Treasurer, Beta Theta Pi Secretary. L... L I CHAPTER FIVE CLASSES gif: av if - , X 4543. 1' M ' L .F .1- - 2 ww ' 'Q S A ' . x - ' Y , K X Y w 4. Q K 'S Ma : I g 9 3-hi a. ' ,ki .. k N ' A A 'T N 5 l Q . - ' W' ' R Z Y-Q1 1 2 2 C QRNKPW, N1 W Bashir Ahmed, Civil Enqr., Karachi, Pakistan: Mir Ahme- duddin, Geol., Hyderabad, India: Mustafa Akbulut, Lib. Sci., Turkey: Abdul H. Al-rawi, Zool., lrawa, Iraq: Corne- lius Askew Jr., Sani Healih, Hawkins, Tex.: Lucille A. Barrett, Lib. Sci., Sand Springs. Mehmet Y. Bedesfani, Civil Enqr., Kayseri, Turkey: Patrick D. Bowlen, IIKA, Law, Edmonton, Alia., Can- ada: Charles William Boyd, Sani. Sci., Snyder, Tex.: Jerry Bryant, Sani. Sci., Amarillo, Tex.: James R. Burk- eH', 'PK-Y, Experimental Psych., Norman, WX: Khuong H. Chan, Civil Enqr., Saigon, South Vie? Nam, Inter- naiional Club. David L. Chang, Lib. Sci., Hopei, China: Rick Chew, IN, Law, OC: Chen-hwa Chiu, Chem. Enqr., Keelung, Taiwan, China: Sue Clauve, A-AH, Math, Albuquerque. N.M.: Pepper Cole, Zool., Talco, Tex.: Warren R. Cope- land, Lib. Sci., Norman. Errol Copilevifz, EAM, Law, East ST. Louis, III.: William R. Corr, AKH, Bus., Bartlesville: Vaylord Cox, Acct., Tulsa: Judy Crain, Social Work, Valliant: Penny R. Criswell, A-NT, Micro. Biol., Maryland Heights, Mo.: Richard C. Dalton, Geol., Port Arlhur, Tex., BITE, Grad. Asst. Richard A. Davis, Civil Enqr., East Si. Louis, III.: Dennis E. Deakins, Zool., Dixon, Mo., Ruinek, Cheerleader: Har- old R. Dimond Jr., Bus., Mgt., Nantasket Beach, Mass? Charles W. Dohnalek Jr., Law, Tulsa: Cecil Drummond, Law, Hominy: Eddie Ernest, Math, Duncan. George Fichfer, Zlflllfl, Meieoroloqy, Red Bank, N.J.: Ben Fischer, Law, Jackson, Miss.: John Forbrick, Mech. Enqr.: San Rafael, Calii.: Joe G. Foreman, A-E42 Malh, Norman: Lillian E. Franklin, Home Economics, OC: Joel Gambill, Journ., Jonesboro, Ark. Arun N. Gandhi, Ind. Enqr., India: Alvie Gapp, Malh. Salem. S.D.: Ed L. Garnett, -XT, Zool., OC: Frank Gate- wood, AKE. Law, Ardmore: Robert H. Gibson, Sani. Sci., Columbia, S.C.: Robert Goldfield, AT, Law, Norman. Advanced Studies Promote Specialization John S. Gorrell, Social Work, Hennessey: Thomas Gene Gray, Bus., Waldron, Ark.: John Green, EX, Law, Tulsa: Houston Greenhaw, AUP, Enqr. Phys., San Anionio: Gayle Gwinup, Music, Dumonl, N.J.: Ed Hall, Psych., Commerce, Tex. Grace Han, Lib. Sci., Taipei, China: William W. Harri- son, Acacia, Law, Reno, Nev.: Ellis D. Hart, Civil Engr., Crosseft, Ark.: Jafar F. Hashemi, Phys., Norman: Shamsul Hassan, Civil Engr., Karachi, Pakistan: Evereiie Hatch, KA, Meieorology, Wakefield, Va. Graduates Judi+h Hawkins, Malh, Sand Springs: Keilh W. Hawxby, Nalural Sci., Norman: Orlando M. Hernando, Polilical Sci., Ilailo Cily, Philippines: Hecfor Herrera, Engr., Cor- pus Chrisli, Tex.: Glenn Hinkle, Social Work, Barilesvillez Tran Ngoc Hoan, Civil Engr., Viel Nam. Bill Hodde, AXA, Bus., Hobbs, N.M.: Pairick Hogan, BX, Eng., Peoria, III.: David W. Horosz, Hislory, Norman: Dal- las Howard, ATA, Elec. Engr., Lawlon: James Howard, AXA, Law, Ponca Cily: Paul Hubble, IIKA, Law, Ard- FTTOFC- Forresf M. Hughes, Meleorology, Jacksboro, Tex.: Nor- man lnglef, Social Work, Dallas: Richard L. lorio, Acacia, Law, Ranroul: Jack L. Johnson, Maih, ldabel: Edgariia J. Jones, Social Work, OC: Davis D. Joyce, l-lisl., Green- wood, Ark. Richard Kahn, -EAN, Guid. and Coun., San Francisco: Sabry M. Kamhawy, Chem., Egypl: Don Kasperei'l', Reg. and Cily Planning, OC: Ronald Eugene Keener, Journ., Palmyra, Pa.: Kafhey Jean Keefer, AAII, Lab Tech., Tulsa: William A. Kennedy, Chem. Engr., OC. Judifh Ann Kihle, Spec. Ed., Ponca Cily: Roberf Kinzer, Phys., Grandiield: Lynn Knapp, A-ill, Micro-Bio., Benlon, III.: Kenneih Kochmann, EAM, Law, Norlh Hollywood: Ameer Koohyar, Chem. Engr., Tehran, Iran: James T. Lali- mer, Bus., Leonard, Tex. Roger Lee, Law, Wichila Falls, Tex.: Glen Lewandowski, AT, Ed., Norman: Kei+h Likes, Pharmacy, Calgary, Alia., Canada: Merediih A. Long, Bus., Barllesville: Troy W. Lowry, Sani. Sci.. San Marcos, Tex.: lvon H. Lowsley Jr., Civil Engr., Norman. Berfie Machel, Phys. Ed., Norman: Lee C. Mansfield, Geog.. Glen Rose, Tex.: Jake Manzanares, Mus., Sania Fe, N.lv1.: Emory Markovic, Geol., Mounl Ephraim, N.J.: Mar- +in K. Marsh, Bus., Nevada Cily, Calif.: Sfeve Mayer, EAM, Ed., New York Ciry. Sfanley C. Mazaleski, Engr. and Sani. Sci., Clarks Summil. Pa.: John R. McCain, Span., Norman: Donald G. McCoy, lvlalh, Harlingen, Tex.: Johnny L. McDonald, Eng., Alkins, Ark.: Pafricia McDonald, Social Work, New Porl, Ark.: Maurice D. McClenahan, Maih, Piilsburg, Kan. Rameshchandra K. Mehia, Mech. Engr., Bombay, lndia: Joyce Meihen, Malh, Porl' Lavaca, Tex: Ramoni+a Mesina, Eng. Lil.. Quezon Cify, Philippines: Bobby E. Miller, Sani. Sci., Elgin: E. Z. Million, ATU, lnd. Engr., Wealherliord. OAK, Lew Wenlz Fellowship: Pravinchandra J. Mody. Chem. Engr., Bombay, India, AlChE, lndia Sludeni Assn., lnlernaiional Club. Zelberl' Moore, Journ., OC: Barry Morris, AXA. Pub. Rel.. S+. Louis, Mo.: Charles H. Mullis Jr., Engr., Tuscaloosa, Ala.: Thomas D. Munroe, Malh, Dallas: Harold Murry, EX, Law, Tulsa: William A. Myers, Reg. and Cily Plan- ning, Bryan, Tex, Graduates David J. Neiman, Law, Milwaukee: Paul D. Newendorp, Pelr. Enqr., l.eMars, lowa: C. Terry Nickle, 'lfK'l', Journ., Calqary, Alla., Canada, Pres, Avialion Club, OU Flyinfg Team, SAX, Oklahoma Daily slalf: Alexander Oliphanf Ill, JKE, Bus.. Seminole: Howard Olson, Nal. Sci., Alberl Lea, Minn.: Sfephen C. Pallady, Span., OC: Bob Pansze, :Alf Phys, Ed. and 7ool.. OC. Charles Palrick, Nai. Sci., Whire Hall, Md.: Jack E. Par- fon, Na+. Sci., Beckley, W. Va.: D. Howard Phillips, Nu- clear Engr.. Millerlon, ANS: William Porfer, AKE, Bun.. OC: Clarice M. Pregler, A5-H, Bus. Ed., Minco: Melvyn Price, EAM. Psych, Tulsa. WX, CEC, NEA, Eencinq Club: Rosenrene Purnell, Eng., Wesl Point Miss, George Quisl, Engr., Albuquerque, N.M.: Janice J. Ran- +a, Social Work, Grand Rapids, Minn.: Carl A. Reed, Acacia, Zool., Miami: Jerry Risenhoover, Social Work. Norman: Reid Robison, EX, Law, Cushing: Coleman Robison, Law, Ardmore: Philip Russ, UKA, Law, Hale Cen- ler, Tex. John Rulh Jr., Law, Kingfisher: Allen Salikof, EAM, Journ., Massapequa, N.Y.: Alhene Sallee, Ed., Slerling, Colo.: Dave Sanders, BX, Law, Tulsa: William Emerson Schiller, Geog., Memphis: Charles H. Schow, Civil Enqr., Eorl' Worlh: Ja+in Gopaldas Shah, lnd. Enqr., Bombay. india. Akram S. Shakra, Econ., Damascus, Syria: Sa+ish K. Shar- ma, Geoq. Engr., Chandigarh, India: Elmer Shellenberger, Bus. Ed., Belhany: Claudia Shervanick, Guid. and Coun.. Riverside, Calif.: Yukio Shirahama, Psych., Tokyo, Japan: Sue Skinner, Social Work, Barllesvilleq Alan B. Smifh, SKK, Bus., Chickasha, IEEE. Howard C, Smi+h Jr., AKE, Bus., VVellsville, N,Y.: Palli- sue T. Smilh, Lib. Sci., Shawnee: Winfon Smilh, Ind. Ed., Esperance, N.Y.: Richard Souihern, Malh, Norman: Ar- minra S. Spalding, l-lisl., Tulsa: Larry D. Spencer, Social Work, Woodward: Nola Slover, Boi., Upland, Ind. Bruce Srrom, Bus.. Walerloo, lowa: Judilh E. Sugarman, AAU, Lellers, Elk Cily: Sumifra Suwannabha, Eng., Banq- kok, Thailand: Hisashi Takeda, Bus., Okinawa, Japan' Daniel P. Talbof, Ed., Ballimore: Sharon Tankersley, Micro.- Biol., Norman: John W. Taylor, KA, Geoq., Tulsa. Sharon Terhune, Accr., Los Angeles: Bhagwandas Thakkar, lnd, Engr., Bombay, india: R. David Thigpen, Chem., Den- lon, Tex., AXE: Huynh Ba Thoi, Civil Engr., Saigon, Soulh Viel Nam, lnrernalional Club: Larry Thomas, Planning, Springfield, Mo.: Hershel Thornburg, Ed., Wichila, Kan.: Loren C. Turnage, Span., Denver. Brenf Turner, Chem, Enqr., Oluslee, Tml. -ET: Edward Thomas Verd, Lib. Sci.. Bellevue, Wash.: John Vinconl, Ed., OC: Gordon E. Von Srroh, Econ., Winfield, Kan.: Harrison E. Walden ll, Soc.. Charlollo, Mich., AKA. 'l'X, 'lUV'7. Socioloqy Club: Chuck Warson, l3l'Pll, Law. Drumriqhl: Phyllis Seebeck Webb, Ed., OC. Brenda Wesner, AVA, Drama, Tulsa, Universily Players. Honor Roll: G. Joseph Wimbish, Malh, Norman: Carolyn Weilacher, Phys. Ed., Kane, Pa.: Donald L. WhE+fiII, Chem., Madill, fl'AT, -YE, Jimmy Wiley. Social Work, OC: Ver- lin Woolley, Social Work, Waynoka: Harry Young, 'bK1l', BUS., Wichila, Will, BMOC, Andee Abeles, Al'1'l', A8iS, Lilfle Rock: Cheryl Aber, Al'l'l', Ed., Ladue, Mo., HRC, KAH, Model UN, HQ, SEA: Kennelh Aboussie, EX, AES, Wichila Falls, Tex., Rush Chm: Oliver M. Abrams, ASS, Norman: Karen Acord, AV, Fine Arls, Dallas, AAA, Morlar Board, 3l'l'l'f, Oul- slandinq Freshman, Tasselsg Jeannell Adair, Ed., Norman. H. G. Buck Adams, K-E, AES, Guihrie, VP K-E, Sludenl Senale: Phil Adamson, 3911, Bus., Tulsa, Bob Addinglon, Bus., Prague: Linda Agee, Bus., OC, SAM, Accl. Club: Harvey Ahl, Pharm., OC, Pres. APhA, Ronald Alger, Engr., OC. Senior Class Assumes Campus Leadersh1p DiAnne Allen, KA, Ed., Decalurz Jennifer Allen, A41 Bus.. Parlc Ridge, Ill.: Jo Ann Allen, AFA, Pharm., Ringling, VP Morlar Board. UAC: Loyd V. Allen Jr., Pharm., Nicoma Park, +I, TAX, PXg Nancy Allen, AHS, Alolca: Karen Allman, A818 OC. Lorraine Allmon, AES, Allusq Ali Said Amiri, Engr., Qum, Iran, Clyde Amyx, 'f'K'l', Bus., Frederick, Dean's Honor Roll, Rush Chm.g Su Anderle, Afb, FA, Hinsdale, Ill., Jr. Panhellenic: Jane B. Anderson, AX52, AES, OC, Sec. and VP Axfzg Marlin G. Anderson, Engr., l-lawihorno, N.Y.. HKN, IEEE, :wi Paul R. Anderson, ATA, AES, Lawlon, HBA: Peer Ander- son, EAE, ASS, OC. Deans Honor Roll, NIA, Pres. Honor Roll: Teresa Anderson, Ffl'B, AHS, Norman, AAA, KAN, Band, David Andrews, Engr., Duncan, IIKN, IEEE, OU Avialion Club, IT, THU: Milre Andricos, -EX, Bus., Fairfax, Va., John E. Aranl, ATSZ, A8fS, Scarsdale, N.Y. Roy L. Armslrong, Pharm., Fairfax, APhA, Pres. TAX: Susan Armslrcng, AHS, OC: Joy Arndl, AES, OC: Shelley ArneH, TA9, Bus., Decalur, Tex., Terry Arnn, EAE, Bus.. OC: Michael R. Arsl, EAM, Bus., Allon, Ill., AEN, Finance Club, SAM. Janey Arfhurs, AX9, AES, Brislow, Universily Sing Comm., URC. Union Files Comm.: Mark A. Ashfon, Bus., Lawlony Jim Awfrey, EX, Bus., Shawnee, Sandra Ayala, Bus.. Honolulu, Hawaii, llflll, SAM: Dan Babcoclc, EAW, FA, Tulsa: Jewel Babialc, Ed., Washinglon. Viclry Baldwin, AES, Houslon: Jerry Bales, ATU, AES. OC' Bryan M. Ballard, Bus.. Wewolca, SAM: Michael Barlow, Allll, Bus., OC, Marlceling Club, TBA, SAM, Bob Barn- ard, FA, OC: Carolyn Jo Barnes, AXS, McAlesler, Oilco- nomifi, Shadawhax. Sally Barnes, Bus., OC, Accl. Club, Torus Malh Club' Barney Barnhill, -YN, Pharm., Hobbs, N.M.: Allen Barrow IX, Bus., Tulsa: Russ Barlee, AXA, AES, OC, BMOC OAK, Pe-el, Whos Who: Ron Barlon, ATA, Pharm., Thom- as, James R. Bassel, Acacia, Engr., Lawlon, ASCE, Engr. Club NROTC. John A. Baslian lll, Ed., New Orleans, Viclor C. Baslron, Engr., Bayard, Neb., AXE, AIChE,'fI1lIE, BT, TBII, David Baudo, Enqr., New Hyde Park, N.Y., SCAIA, Paul Bavaro, AT, Engr., Chicago, David L. Beadner, KE, Engr., Kansas Cily, Mo., Arnold Air Sociely, Baseball, IEEE, Fred Beclcer, BX, Bus., Moore. Jerry Bednar, JT-3, AES, OC, Top Ten Freshman Mon, Dennis D. Bac-se, Enqr., Lisbon, Iowa, Molly Behannon, K-3, EA, Dallas, Jill Bell, KA4-1, Ed., OCZ Franlc W. Bel- lows, KA, Enqr., Allus, Roloerl Benbow, -YT, Bus., Aurora, lll. Final Year of Stud Means Job Interviews Richard Bendix, Ed., New Yorlr Cily, Dean's Honor Rall, Sludenr Ed. Assn., Tom Benefiel, EN, Bus., Olceene, Jim Benefield, fblw-5, Bus., OC, Accl. Cluls, Slanley D. Bennell, 'PK-Y, Enqr., Snyder, Denney Benson, Bus., Duncan, Dean's Honor Roll, Accl. Club, A-Eli, EEl Accl. Award, Jerry Benson, AXA, A8fS, Slillwaler, Deans Honor Roll, Rush Chn. Franlc Bernharl, ABS, Norman, General Molors Scholar- ship, HMB, Universily Scholar, Sandra Bias, -353, ABS, Muslcoqee, BWOC, Charlene Bidasio, X53, Ed., Tulsa. Dean's Honor Roll, Sludenl Ed. Assn., Bob Bigelow, 'l'N'l, Bus., Tulsa, Sandralu Billings, AAA, Pharm., Cushinq, Gail Bishop, ABS, OC, AAA, Deans Honor Roll, -Nl'-3. Karen Blaclc, -3-543, ABS, Norman, Morlar Board, Pros. Honor Roll, Tassels, Merle Blaclc, Bus., Cleveland, June Blaclcerby, EA, Brislow, Don Blackwood, ATU, Enqr., Enid, Jimmie C. Blaine, Ed.. Snyder: Thomas Blakely, Pharm.. Norman, APhA, 'P-AX, Richard Blanchard, Enqr,, Scolia, N.Y., lEEE, Gary Blasi, ABS, Liberal, Kans., Bass Scholar, Dean's Honor Roll. Pres. CCUN, Pres. Honor Roll, Carol Ann Blandford, XQ, ABS, Dallas, Donald Blinn, Engr., Glidden, Iowa, EKN, lEEE, ET, TEH, Susan Blinn, IIBCP, AHS, OC, Morlar Board, Pres. HELP, Tassels, Slephen Bloch, XAM, Bus., Omaha, Nela., Finance Club, SAM, Young Rep. Jerry Blomgren, AHS, Lawlon, LeAnn Boeve, AVA, Ed., OC, Sludenl Ed. Assn., Young Rep., Don Bolen, fbi'-5, Bus., OC, Janel Boles, ARS, Temple, AVA, NEA, Calhy Bonduranf, AT, Nursing, Tulsa, David Bonduranl, Enqr., Cushing, AXE, AlChE, TBH. BeH'y Boniliield, KA9, ABS, Woodward, Edilor Oklahoma Daily, Senior Class Sec., 924' Pres.. S+eve Bonner, AXA, Bus., Norman, Ronald Borden, fiTK2i, Enqr., Tulsa, Barbara Borelli, Nfl, Ed., Kinglisher, X52 Sec., SEA Pres., H525 Marilyn Bossarl, Enqr., Washinqlon, D.C., Michael H. Boydslun, 'PK-E, Bus., Ponca Cily. James Bradford, AKE, Law, OC, Thomas A. Bradford, -SKB, ABS. OC, Joe Bradley, EX, Bus., Tulsa, Pal' Brad- ley, ABS, Waurika, Ron Bradshaw, 'l'1-59, Bus., OC, BMOC, COR Chrn., Pres. IFC, Pres. TAO, Who's Who, Raymond D. Brady, ATU, ABS, Tulsa. Seniors Charles Brannon, KA, EA, Nicoma Park: Sian Branfon, Enqr., Norman: Judy Braugh+, KA, Ed., Norman, Band, K'l', Wesley Found.: Edward H. Bre'H, Enqr., OC: Vic- foria Briskey, AES, Spencer: Jimmy Broadhurs+, Ed., Eri- ona, Tex., Dean's Honor Roll. Pres. Leadership Scholare ship, SEA. Bonnie Brown, ASS, Houslon: Elaine Brown, Pharm., OC: Pele Brown, AXA, Bus., OC: Phillip Brown, AKE, AHS. Tulsa: Roberl' T. Brown, Engr., Hamburg, Iowa, Dean's Honor Roll, XT, Tlillg Roger Brown, ATA, A8rS, OC. Sheila Bruno, Ed., Moore: Paul Brunlon, IX, AES, Tulsa? Ken Brus+, EX, Bus., Midwesf Cily: Sharon Bruza, AES. OC: Ella Bryanf, Ed., Frederick: James A. Buchanan Pharm., OC. Sherry Buchner, EAT, A8rS, OC, Dean's Honor Roll, Honor Code Comm., Pres. Honor Roll, Siudenl Senal'e7 Willa Buck, lll3'l', Ed., OC: Allen Bumgardner, Bus., OC: Jaclc Burdell, -5-KE, Bus., Checoiah: John Burford, AES, Lindsay, AEROTC Honor Cadei, Dean's Honor Roll, 'l'll5: Thomas Burger, Acacia, AES, Edmond, VP Rul- Neks. Charles BurgeH, Enqr., Tulsa: Carol Burke, AXU, Ed., OC, AWS, llilll, Judicial Board: Befh Burleson, KAW-1, A8rS, Praque: Homer Burfon, Pharm., Sawyer: Judy Burfon, A'l', AHS. El. Sill: Melissa Burwell, KKF, AES, Jackson, Miss., KA Rose, Panhellenic, Pres. Honor Roll. Garrison H. Buxlon Jr., ASS, OC: Clarence K. Cagle, Bus., Tulsa, ISA, Men's Glee Club, SAM: Roxee Calinson, lll5'l', A8iS, Eorl Worlh: Calhy Callahan, KKV, A8iS, OC. Pres. KKV, Pres. Leadership Class, Pres. Morlar Board: Chris Calverl, IIWP, EA, OC: Carolyn Campbell, AXiS, Hunler, ADA Scholarship, Dean's Honor Roll, Pres. Honor Roll, ON. lrene Campbell, Al'-X, AHS, Tulsa: Jerry Campbell, AHS. Hunler: Karen Campbell, AV, AES, Amarillo, Tex.: Pa'Hi Campbell, Afb, A8rS, Vinila: Ronald Carey, Pharm, Velma: Kay Cargile, 1"l'B, Bus., Shawnee. Kay Carleifi, AXSZ, AZQS, Grand Prairie: Jim Carloss, AHS, Tulsa, -YVE: Nancy Carman, Ed., Lawlon: Michael G. Carnes, ASS, Duncan: Charles Carson, TTKA, Bus., Midwesl Cily: L. Kay Car'I'er, Pharm., Lorenzo, Tex. Nancy Carfer, KAK-l, Ed., Norman: Warren Carey, EX. Bus.. Tulsa: Jack Carson, fx, Bus., OC: James Case, AES. Chicago: David B. Ca+le'H Jr., Bus., OC: Tobey Cenler, Ali'l', Engr., Lcxinglori. Donald J. Cerniglia, Acacia, AHS, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.: Pal Chambers, 'l'K'l', AHS, Muskogee, AED, Lew Wenlz Scholarship, OU Honor Program, Pres. Honor Roll: J. ScoH Chalmers, 'P-59, A8cS, Tulsa: Roy Charles Chaney, AE'l', Enqr., Dallas: Richard Chapman, AT-5, Bus., Lawlong Venghuo+ C.V. H. Cheam, A8rS, P. Penh, Cambodia, French Club, Inlernalional Club, Soccer Team. Job inferviews arranged by fiw empioyrnenf ofe fice find MarkJerninos iannirwior raduafion. , F3 Q L icy F ea J! 3 -M -me ,-,fi X K,- '73 . 5 ,iii E, 'B SH W...-Q-q Senior class officers Judy Or1iw,Sam Vinson, Beify Bonifieid and Torn Dodson conier wifiw sponsors David Burr, Boyd Gunninq and Dean W. R. Brown on plans for fine annual Senior Day. Conveying an idea fnrouqii 1 wax figure im bf bronmd are ii'-Q skiiiiui Hands of Marrgare' Meek.. 250 Q . nv! fbi H185 we-un-M x. ,W ff Ken Childers, EX, Engr., Okmulgee: Tedd Chilless, Enqr., Norman: Sieve Chrislic, KI, AES, Sherman, Tex.: Richard D. Chronisler, AUP, A8fS, OC: Humphrey Chu, Enqr.. Kowloon, I-lonq Kong: Chip Clark, SAIC, A8fS, OC. John Clark, Enqr., OC, IIKN, Dean's I-Ionor Roll, IEEE: Rick D. Clark, Enqr., Perry, Iowa: Joe Claro, 'Nil Bus., OC: Neal Clary, Bus., OC: Kirk Clausing, AT, Bus., Semi- nole, OAK, BMOC, AIU, Edilor I966 SOONER, Whols N'Vho, AT Sec.: Samuel M. Clawser III, EN, Enqr., Lilile Rock, Dean's Lisl, Scabbard and Blade, ZIT, Trirlonl So Only. Gene Clem, Bus., Shawnee: Sara Cliflon, A'l', AHS, Nor- man: Carole Cody, X53, ASS, OC: Carol Cofer, IIBfl', A8fS, El Dorado, Ark.: Bob Coffee, EX, AES, Shawnee? Charles M. Cole, BGTI, Enqr., Tulsa, BKZ Pres. Linda Cole, Ed., Marlow, Pres. Leadership Class, -EAII. SEA: Richard A. Cole, Ki, AES, Siigler, Freshman Fool- ball, Sporls Ediior Oklahoma Daily: Sieve Cole, EN, AHS, Tulsa: Alice Coleman, A8cS, Camden, Ark., Dean's Honor Roll, Mgr. of KUVY, Oulslandinq Independeni, URCI Don Coles, Enqr., Enid, Dean's I-lonor Roll, AIAA, Engine Show, V. Susan Collins, KA9, Ed., Mounl Vernon, 'Il. Cassie Collis, AHS, Albuquerque, N. M.: David Confer, IIKA, Pharm., OC, Deans I-Ionor Roll, Model UN, Inlra- mural Conlrol Board: Kalhryn Conklin, Ill-Viv, AES. Sliqler' Cliiif Conn Jr., 'l'lVI', AES, Wewoka: Leslie R. Conner, Enqr., Norman, Deans Honor Roll. ET, Sociely ol Enqr. Phyaicisls: Suzanne Cooper, Alil, Ed., OC, Dean's I-Ionor Roll, SEA. Gail Copple, AlCfl', AES, Des Moines, Iowa: Paula J. Corder, Bus., McAIesler: Dorolhy Cornwell, Pharm., Midf wosl Cily: Mary Lou Courlney, Ed., Ada: Charles S. Coward, BSU. Enqr., Cincinnali, Ohio: Charles E. Cred- duck, Enqr., Slonewall. Johnny Cradduck, Enqr., Slonewall: A. G. Crane Jr., Enqr., Wesl Palm Beach, Fla.: Carla Nan Craven, XYZ AXS, OC: Phillipa R. Craven Jr., EN, AES, Dallas: Jan Creekmore, KA9, Ed., Tulsa: J. David Cromwell, WKE, Bus., OC. Military Service Awaits Some O Men James M. Cronoble, KA, AES, Barllesville: Jack Crosbie, Enqr.. OC: Michael R. Cross, AES, Allus: Bill Cubbage, lx, AHS, Cushinq: Roberl Cunningham, Enqr., Norman: Kennelh Culier, IAN, A8fS, Carlsbad, Calif, David G. Dalbow, AES, OC: Palricia Daly, KA, AHS. Tulsa: John B. Daniel, :'l'I'i, Enqr., OC, Enqr. Club, Pres. DFPZ, IEEE: Alberi L. Daniels, ATU, EA,Shawneo: Charles Daniels, A342 Law. Barllosvillo: John Dank, ASS. Midwesl on-,. Carl Darnell, Pharm., Lawlon: R. Lewis Davenporf, ATS! Bus., OC, AMA, IE: Bobby Davis, A8rS, McAlesler: Garl land Davis, 'PK-E, Pharm., Forl Worlh: Mike Davis, EX ABS, Tulsa: Rod Davis, Efblf, Bus., Tulsa. Tommy Davis, Ed., Amarillo, Tex., Deanls Honor Rall, "O" Club, NROTC: Paul E. Davidson, Enqr., Pine Bluff, Ark., AIAA: Rock Dawson, 'l'-39, Bus., Midwesl Cily: Harold E. DeGraw, A2312 AXQS, Rockford, Iowa: Leslie Deman, Bus., New York Cily, Dean's Honor Roll, OAR, SAM: Sandi Denlon, IIBW, Ed., Forl Smilh, Ark., EAU. Miguel DeSocarraz, A8rS, Dallas: Henry L. DeVilliers, A81S, Ponca Cily: William J. Dewey, A8cS, Okmulqee: Khossrow Diba, Enoir., Tehran, lran: Massoumeh Diba, AES, Rashl, Iran: Barry Dickerson, Enqr.. Clillon l-leiqhls, Pa. Jimmy Diecker, AES, Duncan: Carl W. Diehl, Bus., Forl Worlh: Susan Dillon, l"PB, AHS, Midwesl Cilyq Mary A. Dinsmore, AHS, McAlesler, Dean's Honor Roll, Tassels: Carolyn Dixon, lIB'l', AHS, Forf Wallon Beach, Fla.: Larry Dixon, ll'Kll', Bus., Claremore, Band, IFC, HRC, 'PKNI' Pros. Ross Dixon, AES, OC, AMS: Jim Dodds, -EN, Bus., Wells- ville, N.Y.g Thomas A. Dodson, Xl'-X, AES, OC: James Donnelly, Enqr., Regina, Sask., Canada: Bill Doly, KI. AHS, OC: Gary Doublin, A8rS, Tulsa. Jack Dozier, IAN, A8rS, Cirrus Heiqhls, Calil.: Sleve Duggan, 'PKZQ Enqr., Tulsa: Sam Dugger, AT, Pharm., Wagoner: William Duke, AHS, Macon, Ga.: R. N. Duna- gan AXA, Bus., Perry, AXA Pros., UAB Pres., Pe-ol: Jan Dunagin, Xfl, A81S, Enid. Phillip W. Durrill, AES. Barllesville, Anlhropoloqy Club: Michael Eason, AHS, Norman: Charles H. Eby, Acacia. AES, Ardmore: Charlofle Echols, A8fS, OC, BSU, HEI Nancy Edwards, A8rS, Sand Springs: Aida Ali el Bahrawy, Nursing, Porl' Said, Egypl. Graduate School F ills Future Horizon Gary Eley, EX, AES, Norman: Phillip F. Elkins, KE, Pharm., Amarillo, Tex., BMOC, Dean's Honor Roll, MOD Finalisl, Who's Who: Jan Ellio'l"l', IlB'l', Ed., Barflesville: Kafhleen EllioH, KA, AES, Hunlsville, Ala.: Annice Ellis, A8rS, Muskoqee: David F. Ellis, FA, Norman, MENC. Dean's Honor Roll, 'PM-A, KK'l'. James L. Ellis, AKE, A8rS, Shawnee: Jane England, KKF, AES, Ada, BWOC, Morlar Board, UAB, KKI' Pres., Tas- sels: Mary Jane Eschler, Ed., Rancllelr: Mohammed Esfa- hani, Engr., Tehran, lran, lSS: Bonnie Esfes, AAU, Pharm., Fairland, Dean's Honor Roll, Law Wife: Kafhy Evans, KA, ASS, Tulsa, Ducks Club Pres., Honors Program, Slu- denl Senale Welfare Comm. Seniors Lois G. Evans, Ed., Moore: Pai Evans, AT, Bus., Tulsa, 3-YH: Richard Evans, Enqr., Temple: George Falk, Engr.. Calgary, Alla., Canada. Dean's Honor Roll, ASME, HT?-1, SAE: Carolyn G. Fano, AFA, Ed., OC, Sludenl House ol Represenlaiives, Junior Panhellenic, Rush Adviser: Mary L. Farha, AHS, Ponca Cily, UN, Shadowbox. Sandra Lea Farmer, AX53, ASS, Gulhrie, AXSZ Sec., PUT. SEA: Ralph Farrar, Bus., Roosevell: Jack Farrier, -EN, Bus., Houslon, IN Pres., IFC, Pres. Leadership Class: M. Clyde Faulkner, AXA, Bus., Copan: Gregory Fehr, SWE, Enqr., Norman, SAME, Enqine Club: Alan Feingold, Engr., Kan- sas Cily, Mo. Donald Feinslein, BAM, AES, Columbus, Ohio, A-55, Dean's Honor Roll, A-EH, 'PAW Harry G. Fender, AT. Bus., OC: Melferd Fergeson, Bus., Bixby: John Fesler, -ST-X. Bus, OC: John S. Fefherslon, Enqr., Greal Bend, Kan.: Tom Filbeck, A8fS, Gulhrie. Diane Fisher, A'l', Ed., OC: Richard Fisher, 'Mil A8rS, Memphis, Pres. 'l'l5-3: Ruih Ann Fisher, AES. Okemah, Morlar Board, Pres. Leadership Class, Tassels: Paula Fish- man, AWP, A8fS, Grinnell, lowa:Timo1'hy J. Flaherly, AES, Rulheriord, N.J., Deans Honor Roll, CCUN, Model UN, Soccer Club: Roberl Fleener, HHIL Enor., Norman. Gerald Fleming, ABS. Cushing, BMOC, Pres. Honor Roll, TDK. UAC: Jay Flinion, Bus., OC, Accl. Club: Kaye Flood, AAA, AES, OC: Jerry Foofe, Enqr., Beflendorl, lowa: Tommie Foofe, A8rS, Tulsa: Chrisfie Ford, KA9, Ed., Huqo. Roberl L. Ford, IAN, Bus., Shawnee: Jon Forman, EAM, Bus., Jersey Cily, N.J.: Larry Fosfer, Brill, Bus., Duncan: Roberl' Hugh Fowler, Enqr., Camarillo, Calif.: Jerre Fran- cis, K-3, Ed., New Orleans: Leslie Frank, Ed.. Tucson Ariz., Dean's Honor Rall, ISA, SEA. Doug Franlz, Hlrlll, A8rS, Enid: Don Frazier, T-IN, Bus., Enid: Mike Frazier, 344911, AHS, Ardmore: Jerry Fredericks, Bus., Norman: Troy R. French, ABS, Chickasha, Alumni Chem. Scholarship, Organic Chem. Award, fDATg H. Del- ber? Frieze, 4'-344, Bus., Broken Arrow, Pres. 4'-39, Pres. Leadership Award, VP Pelr, Land Mol. Club. Marvin J. Fuller, Bus.. Seminole, Dean's Honor Roll, Ili, Markelinq Club, SAM: Jim Fulmer, -EN, Bus., Hennessey: Pa? Fuferfas, AH'l', A8rS, Dallas, Sludenl Senale, -EAU, Campus Chesl' Chm.: Rober+ Gamble, AXA, Bus., Enid: Sieve Garman, AES, OC: Slephen GarreH', 'N'-3, Bus., Manqum, Accl. Club, ASH. John K. Garrison, KA, FA, OC: Silas W. Gassell, Bus.. Forl Belvoir, Va., AUSA, ABU, Pres. SAM: Neal Gay, Bus.. Chelsea, Belles Fellowship, Finance Club, Pres. Leadership Class: Carol S. George, Ed., Elk Cily: Jim George, IX, Pharm., Shawnee: Elaine Gibbard, ASS, Sulphur. Charles Gibbs, AT, Bus., Tulsa: Fran Gieck, A5-1, AES, Allus: Raymond D. Gilkey, Enqr., Kingslon, N.Y., Dean's Honor Roll, -EFT, 'l'IilI: Michael E. GilleH', AHS, Tulsa, Men's Glee Club Pres., Scabbard and Blade: Bernard Glassman Jr., EAM, Ed., OC, CCUN, Dean's Honor Roll, Windmill: Allen Glickman, A8rS, New York Cily, TWT. Seniors Howard Glickman :AAL Engr., Oueens, N.Y., SCAIA: Anne Glover, KKV, Ed., Omaha, Neb.: Ronnie Goddard, EA, Broken Bow, Dean's Honor Roll, MENC, 'l'MA: Ruth Ann Goggin, Ed., Wellston: Ronald Gold, Bus., Overland Park, Kan., AMA, A-EH, Hillel, SAM: Richard Goldstein, Bus., New York City, Acct. Club, Dean's Honor Roll. Fred Goodwin, AHS, Tulsa, Dean's Honor Roll: Roger Gossard, IX, Cotcieyville, Kan.: Vicki Jean Gotcher, KHP, FA, McAlester, Mortar Board, Pres. Student Senate, Who's Who: Mike Gottesman, AES, Brooklyn, N.Y., Oklahoma Daily Stahl: Jan Gottlob, EA, Arkansas City, Kan., AWS, Band, VP THE: Charles Greenberg, EAM, Engr., Kansas City, Mo., OU Council ot Planning and Development, SCIA. Betty Louise Greenstine, AES, Harrisburg, Va., Dean's Honor Rall, KUVY Radio Station, IAN, David D. Greer, Eine Arts, Prague: L. J. Gregg, q5K:, AES, Durant, Pres. QKE, Pres. Leadership Class, Honor Roll: Saralou Griffin, AES, Alexandria, Va.: Cynthia Grisham, KKV, Ed., OC: Terry Gross, Xll, AHS, OC. Bruce Grove, 'l'M'3, Engr., Denver: Dave Grubb, EX, Journ., OC: Don Gunning, Engr,, Carlsbad, N.M.: Mari- beth Gunning, FA, Altus, MFIJE, l1KAp Marion Gurney, Engr., Harrah, Afllilg Charles Habeger, Engr., Miami, Dean's Honor Roll, IT, THU. Sandra Hagg, AXQS, Waurika: Robert S. Hall, Engr.. Scotch Plains, N.J., Dean's Honor Rall, Student Chapter ot Arch., UAB: Stephen A. Hall, ASS, Ponca City: Larry Hallum, AXA, AHS, Arvin, Calit.: William E. Ham, Aca- cia, Engr., Norman: Donald Ray Hamilton, Nursing, Vin- ita. Jimmie Dean Hamilton, Ed., Lawton, Co-Captain Track Team, "O" Club, llilllp Linda Hamilton, AXU, EA, Enid: Hobart G. Hammond, IIKA, Bus., Plymouth, Mich.: Cath- ey Hangs, PA, Nowala, MENC, Mortar Board, Al'ltl'i: Chi- quita Hansen, Pharm., Norman: Glynda Hansen, Ed., Abi- lene, Tex. Larry Harden, KA, Bus., Tulsa: Mary Lee Harlan, AHS, Mangum, Dean's Honor Roll, Oikonomia, Outstanding ln- dependent, Pres. Honor Roll: Kent Harrell, 'l'KE. Bus., Ardmore: Marcia Harrell, IIBFP, ASS, Ardmore: Barney Harris, 'l'K1i, Engr., Broken Bow: James A. Harris, ATU, Pharm., Duncan. Lynda M. Harris, ASS, OC, AAA, lllll, Lotlinvillc Award. OU Scholars: Melanie Harris, A8rS, OC: Roy Harris, ASS, OC: Suzanne E. Harris, AES, Et. Sill: Roger Harrison, BAE, Norman, AlChE, Dean's Honor Roll, THU: Tricia Harrison, A'l', Ed., Fair Oaks, Calit. Terry Harroll, ATU Pharm., Gage: Phillip Harrolle, Pharm., Broken Arrow: Jon Charles Harshaw, 'l'KXl', EA, Okmule gee, University Players: W. Dean Hart, Bi-Dll, ALS, Peulg Valley: Marian Harvey, KU, ASS, Wagoner: Linda Hau- ser, Ed., OC, AA-X, Dean's Honor Roll, K-All, 'l'l5A, llilll. Edward R. Heintz, AXS. New York City, IAX: Vic Hem- my, 'PK-E, Bus., Kailua, Hawaii: Phil Henderson, KA, ASS, OC, OU Judo Club, Pres. Honor Roll, Wrestling Team: Don Henline, AXA. Bus., Ringwood: Ben Henry, BAE, Engr., Prairie Village, Kan., BMOC, Distinguished Mili- tary Student, Pres. BAE, IT: Woody Henry, A8rS, Pine Bluti, Ark., Dean's Honor Roll, f.'l'E. Rebecca Herilage, lU5'l', ASS, Norman: Jerry W. Her- ring, Bus., Tiplon, Deans Honor Roll, Pres. Accl. Club: Gary C. Herrman, SX, AHS, OC: Bruce Hickman, 'PK-E, Bus., Waynoka, VP UAC, Worldls Eair Sooner Guido: Dave Hicks, A:'l', AES. Tulsa: Pershing Hicks Jr., Enfn., Biq Lake, Tex., AMS, Pres. Honor Roll, XT, TRU, Rufh A. Hicks, AHS, Ardmore, KFE: Jerry Hiersche, 'Pl'-X A8cS, Midwesl Cily: Waller Higgins, AES, Sherman, Tex.: William S. Higgins, Enqr., Hominy: Howard W. Hill, Ed., Marlow: Linda Hisey, 1"l'l5, AES, Ponca Cily. Scholars Rely on Llbrary as Frlend Ray Michael Hively, AHS, Muskogee: Judifh Hix, Ed.. Rush Springs, Deans Honor Roll, ISA, Siudeni NEA: John- ny Hodges, Pharm., Allen: Paul Hodges, AT, Law, Tulsa: Mark Hoffman, AXA, OC: Waymond Hofheins, A8fS, Se- dalia, Mo. Carolyn Hogue, AES, Purcell, Oikonomia, UN, VP Sha- dowbox: Mar Holcomb, l"l'l3 AES, Murkoqeo' Don Hol Y 1 9 1 ' laday, AES, Duncan: Ray Holland, AKIC, AES, Poplar Bluili, Mo., AEP. E-5-X: Virginia Holland, XS2, EA, Allusi Arlene Holloway, Ed., Moore, Paul Holmes, AES, Tulsa, Young Rep.: Twila Honea, l"l'l5, Ed., Dallas: Richard E. Hopla, AES. Norman, 'l'lSK, 'ILXIC3 PaHy Horn, Ed., OC, Allernale Cheerleader, Dean's Hon- or Roll: Ronald L. Hornbeck, Ed., OC, Dean's Honor Roll, PEM Club, Varsily Baseball: Floyd D. Horfon, A245 AHS, Paraqould, Ark. Roberf Hovasse, AES, OC: Jim Howard, Enqr., Belen, N.M.: Ralph Howensline, AHS, Norman, Dean's Honor Roll, milf: Roger Hubbard, -YN, A815, OC: Michael Boen Hudson, AHS, Muskogee, Band: Jon M. Huff, Enqr., Ceniralia, III., EFT, ET. Wayne N. Hugus, Bus., Cushing: Larry Hulsey, EX, A8fS, OC: William F. Humphrey, Pharm., Abernalhy, Tex.: Ronda Humphries, Ed., OC: Dudley Hyde, -YN, A8fS, OC. IEC, 'PAH Sludenl Senale: David Wynn lbach, 'Pl'-3 AHS, Barilesville, Model UN, IIZA, Young Rep. William R. lseminger, AKE, AES, Alexandria Bay, N.Y.I Penny lsom, UB'l', AES, Tulsa, BWOC, Loliinville Award, Morlar Board, Campus Chesi: Mike lvens, 'PAQ AHS, Muskogee: Roberi' Jackson, 'l'K'1', Bus., Barflesville: Rus- sell Jackson, Ed., Wallers: William E. Jackson Jr., Engr., OC, IE Club. Rober+ W. Jacobs, -EN, AES, Pauls Valley, Pub. Board, ZJAX: Bob Jenkins, KA, AHS, Kansas Cily, Mo.: Mark W. Jennings, Bus., Tulsa: Anifa Johnson, AZQS, Norman, ON? Carolyn M. Johnson, AHS, Woodward: David Allen John- son, A-KE, AES, Tulsa, Pres, AKE, Sfudenl Senale, BMOC, Afiffl, Richard Johnson, AT, Bus., Tulsa, Deans Honor Roll, Model UN, Scabbard and Blade: Spencer Johnson, Engr., Amarillo, Dean's Honor Roll, Pres. Fencing Club, SCAIA: Lawrence B. Johnslon, KI, Pharm., OC, UO" Club, Wres- llinq: Ted Johnsfon, Bus., Comanche, A-Ell, Econ. Club. Markelinq Club: Ari Jones, Engr., Las Vegas, AIChE, En- gine Club, Pres. Tridenl Sociely, IT: Buddy Jones, EN. Bus., OC. Frank J. Jones, -5-T, Norman: Joe Jones, A8rS, Forl Srnilh, Ark.: John C. Jones, AES, Goodwell, IRC, 'l'lllf, IWC: Judy B. Jones, Hl5'l', A8rS, Forl Smilh, Ark.: Mary Filz- hugh Francis Jones, Al'-5, AHS, Charleslon, W. Va., Engine Vlfives, Ducks Club: Chuck Jordan, KE, AES, McAlesler, AFROTC. Graduatlon Causes Uncertamty for Many H. Hilion Kaderli Jr., ASS, Tulsa, AEP, Exec. Council KUVY: Jeri Lynn Kahn, 5-5-T, Ed., Memphis: Paul Kallen- berger, Bus., Ponca Cily: Linda K. Kane, AHS, Lawlon: James Kanomaia, Enqr., Pocalello, Idaho, AIAA, A'l'!Z, Enqr. Club, Sludenl Senale, URC: Don A. Karchmer, IAM, A8rS, Cenlralia, Ill. Kermelh Kau, FA, Harris, N.Y.: Tommy Lee Kay, ASS, OC: Roberl' Kearns, Bus., Fleminqfon, N.J.: Hank Keiiz, 'l'lU, Bus., OC: Sfephen E. Kelly, A8rS, Barllesville: Danny Kepner, AXrS, Sand Sprinqs, K-ill, 'l'll-Y, Pres, Leadership Class. Joe C. Kernke, 'l'lf'l, OC: Anne Kessler, -3-3-A, Ed., OC: Maurice Kharma, Enqr., Brummane, Lebanon: Keron Kick- ingbird, AT, AXfS, El Reno, Lilllo Red Mascot Gary Kil- pafrick, Enqr., Barllesvillo: Pai Kimmel, A'l', A8rS, OC. Allene King, K-3, AHS, Odessa, Tex.: Clay King, AHS, Lawion: Roger King, Engr., Bandera, Tex.: Bobbi Jo Kir- lin, l"l'l5, A8iS, Ouincy, Ill.: John Kirfon, HHH, AHS, Bar- llesville: Thoma: Kisinger, Enqr., Landover, Md., NMI. Gary Kleman, KA, FA, Florissanl, Mo.: Palricia Kline, ASS. Sayre: Janice E. Klopfensline, Ed., OC, NBBA, 'PBAZ Wade L. Knighl, AES, Wewoka, AEA, fbllfi, Pres. Honor Roll: John D. Knighlley, Bus., Wichila, Kan., Dean's Honor Roll, Yearbook Council: Henry A. Kolesnik, Enqr., Drum- heller, Alia., Canada, IE Club, Enqr. Club, Sl. Pafs Coun- cil. Fred Kramer, Bus., OC, Accl. Club: Peler Kranker, IIKA, Bus., Malibu Beach, Calif.: Harold Kranz, ATU, AHS, OC, Campus Chesl, IFC, Sooner Scandals: Richard Kropp, AES, Houslon: Larry Kuhlman, Engr., Pallerson, La., Dean's Honor Roll, Pres. ASCE, Sl. Pafs Council: Gary Kusch, AES, Guymon. Roberl Kyker, Enqr., Rinqlinq, ASME, SAE: Eugene L. Lacy Jr., AES, Lawlon, Arnold Air Sociely, Commander Pershing Rifles: Ingrid Lagerfeldl, ACP, AES, Grosse Poinle, Mich.: Brooks Lagree, BAE, ASS, Allus: Richard La Guardia, Ed., Slanlord, Conn., NBEA: Julie Laird, ASS. Sulphur, CCUN, French Club, Wesley Found. 1 Mehal sculpfuring is one form oi arf exoression iefarned by sfudenf Kenneiifv Kam, S Graduafe Ronald Robinson derr'ons'rkaLes rew rnicrobioio'1y rewercb lab i-iciiirieg, :rm V ww.. Q --...Kun 5 'AMN S1'uden+s spend many hours brieiinq cases in fine law library 257 Seniors Jim Lamb, ZAE, Bus., Wagoner: Charles Lane, 'iJ1'A, AES, OC, IFC, WX: J. Roherl Landsaw Jr., EN, FA, Norman: H. Beniamin Langdon, TPA, ASIS, Mangum, Rozanne Lan- ier, Ed., Shawnee, SEA: Roger Lapham, ZX, Engr., Nor- man. John J. LaReau, Pharm., Wanelle, APhA, TAX: Joe Lali- mer, EX, Bus., Dallas: Molly Lay, XQ, AES, Tulsa: Suzanne Ledbeller, Ed., San Diego, Calif.: John D. Lee, Acacia, Engr., Ada: Rodney Lee, Bus., Frederick, Accl. Club, Dean's Honor Roll, lnlramural Bowling. Ronald Lee, ATU, Engr., Seminole, Engr. Club, URC: Soon-Hee Lee, FA, Seoul, Korea, Dean's Honor Roll, MTE, Universily Choir: Leonard Leek, HKA, Bus., McAlesler: Lee Thomas Lehman, Pharm., Vinila, APhA, Dean's Honor Roll, WAX: Floyd Harold Leighly Jr., A8rS, Tulsa: Larry Lemon, TK?-1, Bus., OC, SAM. Susan Lemon, AFA, Ed., OC: Will Lenhardl, Engr., OC, Dean's Honor Roll, HKN: Rhoda Levin, AE'P, Ed., Texas Cily, Tex.: Lucy J. Lighl, AHS, Norman: Charles D. Lim- erick, Engr., Lawlon: Aline Linehan, HBfI', A8iS, Tulsa. Peggy Lines, AFA, Ed., Winnelka, III., Dean's Honor Roll: Herman I. Lillle Jr., AXA, San Anlonio, Marine Oplion ROTC: Edward Livermore, AT, ASS, Sapulpa, Dean's Honor Roll, Oklahoma Daily Edilor, IFC: Delores F. Lloyd, ASS, Collinsville, AAA, Dean's Honor Roll, Lavern Noyes Scholarship, Oulslanding lndependenl: Slephen Lobaugh, K-E, Bus., OC, Pres. KE, ROTC: Alan Loch, Engr., Read- ing, Pa., Navy Drill and Rifle Team, Wilson Cenler Pres. Council. Barney Loefller, XX, AES, OC: Suzi M. Loewenslern, AWP, Ed., Houslon, Dads Day, Moms Day, Sooner Scan- dals: Joe Lollman Jr., AT, Bus., OC, Pres. AZN: Ginger S. Looney, AHS, Tulsa, ISA, Oulslanding lndependenl, -EAU, Sludenl Senale: Wally Love, KE, AX1S, Tulsa, Dean's Honor Roll: George Lovelace, HKA, Bus., Shaw- nee. Claxlon Lovin, EAE, AES, Forl Worlh: Karen Ludwig, IVPB, Kingfisher: Linda K. Lunn, A'P, A8cS, OC: Gene Lulz, HKA, Bus., Milwaukee: Judy Lyboll, 1"Ll'B, AES, Midwesl Cily, FGE: David Lyle, Bus., Beaver. Chuck Lyon, BAE, Engr., Shawnee Mission, Kan.: Carlisle Mabrey, BDU, AHS, Okmulgee: John Mackey, ATA, A8:S, Lawlon: Clara Maehs, Bus., Kinglisher: Cal Maior, EN, Ed., Ryan: David Maloy, Engr., Seminole, ASCE. Mary Mallby, XSZ, Ed., Barllesville: Paul Mannas, KE, Bus., OC: Pal Maples, EX, Bus., Shawnee: John W. Maras, AES, Bloominglon, Ind.: Allen Marcus, AES, Baldwin, N.Y., ANZ, AFROTC, ISA: Sy Markowsky, EAM, A8cS, New York Cily. Bill Markwardl, Acacia, Engr., Tulsa: Karen Marshall, AFA, AHS, De-will, N.Y.: James Clevenger Marlin, EAE. Engr., Midland, Tex., Sludenl Senale: Janel Marlin, A8cS, Ponca Cily: Karen Marlin, AXS, Midwesl Cily: M. Doug- las Marlin, EN, Ed., Folsom, Calil., "O" Club. Pam Marlin, KU, Ed., OC: Roy Allen Marlin, Pharm.. Lawlon, APhA, AUSA, Cadel Ollicer, Scabbard and Blade: Suzanne Marlin, HB'l', ASS, Tulsa, Dean's Honor roll, ZIAH, Sociology Club: Taini Marlin, AVA, AES, OC: J. K. Marlinsky, EX, Bus., OC: Phillip S. Marzolino, AES Ardmore, Arnold Air Sociely, Men's Glee Club. Joe Mashburn, AHS, Norman, Swimming Team: Joe Ma- son, ATA, Bus., OC: Roberl Mason, ABS, Eorl Lewis, Wash.: Jerry Maslers, KA, Bus., Norman, IE, Markeling Club: Mike Malhias, Engr., Jonesboro, Ark., ASMA, Engr. Club, HTE. IT: Kenl Maxwell, ATU, Bus., OC. Final Year Byron Mayberry, Engr., Davis: Keron McAlisler, ASQS, Wichila Falls, Tex.: Karen McCandless, AXQ, Ed., OC, SEA, Young Democrals: Elisa Marie McClendon, AFA, Ed., Tullle, Shadowbox: Margarel McConnell, AFA, AES, Wynnewood, BWOC, Morlar Board, UAB: Belle Jo Mc- Coy, AHS, Eullerlon, Calil. Hal McCoy, EX, Engr., Emporia, Kan.: Suann McCuenn, EA, Ardmore: Monly McDannald, EAW, Bus., Houslon: Ginger McDonough, All AES, Dallas, Pop Series, lnlrae murals: Jim McDougal, EX. Bus., Chandler: Bill McDufl, Pharm, Amarillo, Tex., Pres. 'l'-AX, APhA. Frank McDullee, Bus., Tonkawa: Charles McFall, Pharm., Frederick: George McGuire, ATSZ, Engr., Medicine Lodge, Kan., Pres. Honor Roll, :ll-Y, ET, THU: Bob Mclnlosh, XX, Pharm., Tulsa: Cheryl Lynn Mclnlosh, AES, Chicka- sha, lnlramurals, PEM Club: Cheryl McKee, ASS, Cordell. Richard McKee, Bus., Larnonl: Belly McMullen, Bus., OC, AAA, BFE, Pres. Honor Roll: Don James McMullen, Engr., Henryella, HKN. IEEE, TBllg Charles McNally, Bus., Mid- wesl' Cily, Accl. Club: Nancy McQueen, AAA, Ed., Tulsa: Linda K. McQuillen, FTB, Ed., Wewoka, Morlar Board, Pres. AWS, Who's Who. Vance McSpadden, 'I'-A-9, Bus., Muskogee: Ed McTyre Jr., KA, ABS, Tuscaloosa, Ala.: Niki Meek, Xfl, A8rS, OCZ Margarel Meeks, AAA, EA, Barllesville: Belly Mellon, Ed., Norman: Bill Mellon, EN, Pharm., Lawlon, APhA, Deanls Honor Roll. Bill Mercer, Engr., OC, AIAA, Pres. Leadership Class: Mike D. Meredilh, A242 Bus., Dumas, Tex.: Bulch Melcall, EX, Engr., Garland, Tex.: Tommy Melcalf, 3911, Bus., Hooker: Sluarl' Meyer, EAM, Bus., Dallas, Afll, IE: Chris Meyers, KE, Bus., Shawnee. Palricia Michael, Xfl, Bus., Jackson, Miss.: Phyllis Milam, KU, EA, Chelsea, Universily Choir: Terry Milder, -EAT. Ed., Omaha, Neb., Dean's Honor Roll, Engine Show, HSI: Bama Miles, FTB, AES, Norman: Bennie A. Miller Jr., Engr., Maud: David H. Miller, Bus., Shawnee, AEH, SAM. .n 2 Adds Polish to Stud Skills l J l' Gus Miller, KA, A8rS, Elk Ciry, AAEg Carolyn Milliken, AES, Shawnee: Mary L. Mills, FA, Tonkawa: Michael Min- nis, ATA, AXfS, OC: Charles Misak, Bus., Wakiia, EFX, Dean's Honor Roll: Sharon K. Misak, A8fS, Wakiia, Dean's Honor Roll, Oikonomia. Sco'H' Mirchell, XX, AES, New York Ciiy: Paul A. Mobley, AHS, Vinifa: Jane Monroe, HRT, AES, Clinion: Nancy Monigomery, KKF, AHS, Purcell, BWOC, Moriar Board, UAB: Joe Moody, 'PKXIC Bus., Norman, Dean's Honor Roll: Jon Moon, KE, Bus., Ada. Jim Moore, EX, Bus., Coiieyville, Kan.: Randal Moore, Pharm., Davis, APhA: Michael E. Moran, KA, Enqr., Mid- wesf Ciiy: Sandra Morey, KA, Ed., Tulsa: Michael Morris, Bus., Park Foresi, lll.: Joel D. Morris Jr., Acacia, A81S, Norman. Dianne Morrison, 11343, Bus., Tulsa: Randy S. Morrison, AKH, FA, OC, KUVY, Universiiy Players: Calvin Mo'H', AKE, FA, Tulsa, Band Pres., 'I'MAg Be'H'y Mulligan, AQ, A8rS, Brownsville, Tenn.: Dwighi' A. Mundell, 'f'K23, ALS, Laverne: George Muraco, Bus., Winchesier, Mass. Jon Murdock, EX, A81S, Norman: Susan Murov, AEQJI Ed., Shreveport La,: Lomax Murphy Jr., Fnqr., Sayre: D. E. Murray, 4559, Bus., Forr Worrh: Henry D. Murray, WMI, AES, For? Worih, VP BKE: Toby Murray, ATU, Fnqr., Wauwaiosa, Wis. Gary Murrell, ASS, Denver, Dean's Honor Roll: Frances A. Mussen, KU, Ed.. Clinionq Alireza Nabizadeh, Engr., Neshed, Iran: Cheryl Naifeh, AAU, AHS, Norman, Dads Day, Socioloqy Club, Young Democrais: Paul Nall, Enqr., Seminole, HKN, Pres, Honor Roll, Shamrock: Bo Nance, K-E, AKS, OC, AEP, Alhleiic Council. Francine Nafhanson, Ed., Sf. Louis, Mo., Dean's Honor Roll: James Neal, Pharm., Shady Poinfg Lloyd Neal, Pharm., Hobbs, N.M.: Phil Neislar, KE, A8fS, For'r Smilh, Ark., "O" Club: Rod Nelberf, WBA, Bus., Lillie Rock, Ark., AK'l', Karafe Club, Psych. Club: Dan Nelson, ATA, A81S, Woodward. Students Reap Rewards for Year's Trials Roberi' Neiland, Bus., Brooklyn, N.Y.: Richard Newman, Bus., Ponca Cifyg Gary L. Nichols, 'l'KXI', Bus., Checoiah: Nancy Nichols, Ed., OC, Dean's Honor Roll, SEA: Roberf Michael Nisbei, BGITI, AHS, San Anlonio: Jim Noland, 'PAH A8fS. Davenporl, Iowa. Nancy Nolley, KAW, AES, Tulsa: Noble Nordahl, Bus., Greenville, Tex.: Joe Nunnery, AXA, ASS, Meeker: Tom Obermeyer, AUP, Eng., Fairmont Minn.: Mary Anne O'Connell, Xfl, FA, Norman, Miss OU, MTE, Pop Series: Meredi+h Ogden, AES, Ailania, Ga. Seniors Neal Ogle, AHS, Slroud: John E. Olinghouse, Alflf, Bus., OC: Barbara J. Olson, A'l', Ed., LaGrange, Ill.: Chesler Olson, HKA, Bus., Waynoka, Af-ill: Kafhleen Olson, Ed.. Tulsa: William Olsen, Enqr., River Foresl, Ill Jack Onofrio, AXIS, Choclaw, AKA, AFROTC, Sociology Club: Allen OrcuH', 'I'AlLl, AES, OC: Gary M. Orr, Engr., Cordell, Engine Show, Enqr. Club: Judy Orlh, KAW, AHS. Norman, BWOC, Morlar Board, Senior Class Treas.: Jerry Osborn, ABS, Midwesl Cily, AX3, Dean's Honor Roll, Films Comm.: Ronnie Gene Osborn, Acacia, FA, OC, MENC, 'lfMA, Band. Philip R. OviaH, Acacia, FA., Norman, "O" Club, Track: Frankie Owen, Ed., Maysville, Dean's Honor Rall, SEA: John B. Owens Jr., ATS2, Bus., OC: Susan Pancoasf, l"i'l4, FA, Okmulgee: Lewis R. Parlchill, AHS, Mannsville: Mayo Parks, Acacia, Bus., Linden, N.J., A-YH, Scabbard and Blade. James M. Payne, Enqr., Midwesl Cily, AIAA, Dean's Honor Roll: Larry J. Payne, AKE, Bus., Oakland, Calilx William B. Payne, ADP, AES, Arcadia, Calil.: Julian Pay- fuvi, Engr., Caracas, Venezuela, PEM Club, NET, Spanish Club: R. Alec Pearce, Engr., Genesee, Wis., AIAA, XT: Elvis Penninglon, KA, Bus., Lawlon. Neal Perlcey, KA, Bus., Burns Flal, Dean's Honor Roll: Melodie A. Pefersen, AHS, OC: Gordon Phillips, ATA, AZQS, Geary: James M. Phillips, Enqr., Barllesville: John F. Phillips, Bus., Dallas, AMA, SAM: John Pickens, 'i'K'I'. ALS, Dallas, IFC, ZAX. Gary Pippin, Pharm., Pharaoh: Thurman Pilchlynn, -EX, Ed., Wewoka, Foolball: Bill Pifls, AXA, Bus., OC, Dean's Honor Roll, fl'HE: Berl' Pohl, AES, Elmwood Park, IIl.7 Elmer Pollard, Bus., Smilhville: Thaddeous Pool, Engr., Purcell. Ed Porler, AT, Bus., OC: Roger Pofrah, Enqr., Oconorno' woc, Wis., AIA, Dean's Honor Roll, Pres. FA: Ahmed Poureshmenanlalemy, Engr., Reshl, Iran: Leslie A. Powers, Ed., Okemah: Larry M. Praler, AES, Tulsa: Carolyn Pres- coH', Bus., Allus. Dennis R. Pribil, Bus., Tulsa: Barbara A. Price, AES, Ok' mulgee, Oklahoma Daily Slall, ISA: Helen Price, Ed., Barllesville: Carol Prilchard, Ed., Mounlain View: Polly PuclceH, KK1', AHS, McAles'rer, Angel Flighl, Sludenl Senale, Tassels: Ronny Pyle, BDU, ABS, OC. David Quillin, -STE, Bus., Lamonl, SAM: Chuck Rains, IIKA, McAlesler: Roger Rains, Ed., Caldwell, Kan.: David Ramsey, AXA, A81S, OC: Jeanie Rapp, ALS, Red Oak: Freidoon Rasollxhani, Engr., Tehran, Iran, ASCE, Persian Club. Peggy Rafcliffe, KA9, AES, Tulsa: Dianne Reaugh, AXS2, AXS, Breckenridge, Tex., Sludenl Senale, Tassels: Jill Reber, AAA, Ed., OC, AAA, Morlar Board, Tassels: Roberl Reece, Bus., OC: Judilh A. Reeves, 1"l1B, A8iS, OC, Dean's Honor Roll: Carol A. Reid, AES, OC. lmpcrlance ol flue vacuum lube amplifier im ern qlneerlnq lab use ls realized by Jerry Crane Experienced balle+ s+uden+s pradlce lor llweir performance wlrlw llwe Oklahoma Cily Baller. Applying makeup properly is owe rhino Tearnod by Riclward Male-dow Urlverslry College sfuderwl. 262 Jack Reigh, 'PK9, A8cS, Oshkosh, Wis., Don Reilly, Engr., Whiriier, Calif., Dean's Honor Roll, HTE, ET, Jere Rein- auer, AEGP, A8iS, Lake Charles, La., Tom R. Rempel, EN, Bus., Enid, Sandra Reynolds, Bus., Norman, Acct Club, Dean's Honor Roll, Ducks Club, PAX, Pe'l'er Rhein, EAM, Bus., Easl lslip, N.Y. Sandra Rhein, Ed., New Orleans, Don M. Rich, EX, Bus., Hooker, Mark Club, Susan Richardson, APA, AHS, Den- ver, Lee Ridgway, A241 A8fS, Flelcher. WMA, Universiiy Chorale, Ralph Ridlinghafer, FXA, ASS, Duncan, Mike Ringer, A8fS, Pauls Valley. Ralph R. Risinger, Pharm., Cleveland, Michael C. Rilz, BGIT, Enqr., Norman, Pe-er, Dean's Honor Roll, OAK, ET, Bill Rifzhaupl, EX, A8aS, Edmond, Dean's Honor Roll, lnlramural Wresiling, UAC, Brenda K. Roan, EA, Chicka- sha, Pres. MQE, Pres. Women's Choral Club, MENC, Ernesl' Roark, A8fS, Frederick, Warren Robb, AT52, Erigr,, Eorl Worfh, Pres. AT9, IEC, Navy Scholarship. Linda Robbins, Ed., Wewoka, Charles Roberls, Bus., Mays- ville, John Rober+s, QDKE, Barllesville, Marva Roberfs, A8fS, Enid, Mary S. Roberis, KA9, AES, Prague, Roberl L. Roberfs, AHS, Hennessey. Gerald G. Roberfson, BSU, AHS, Norman, Linda Roberl- son, A81S, Norman, Michael A. Robinson, ATA, A8iS, Win- field, Kan., Joe Rodriquez, HKA, Bus., Lawlon, Freshman Baseball, Bill Roe, BAE, Bus., Shawnee, Marlha Roesch, KA9, AHS, Shawnee. Carole Rogers, AXS2, AES, Shreveport La., William M. Rogers, 'Enqr., Wes? Field, N.J., IAA, Arnold Air Society, ISA, W. D. Rogers Jr., AT, Bus., Wagoner, Pres. AT. ASH, SAM, Jane Roll, A8fS, Rochesler, N.Y., Philip Rope, FA, Whillier, Calif., AUSA Pres., Men's Glee Club, Uni- versiiy Choir, Doug Roper, ATA, AES, Lawion. Charles Rose, Enqr., Norman, lnd. Ari Club, ET, Lloyd Alan Rosenberg, Engr., Jersey Ciiy, NJ., Hermann Rofh- enbusch, Engr., OC, SCAIA, XA, Roger W. Rounds, VXA, AHS, Seminole, Baran T. Roy, Engr., Calcuiia, India, Donna Royse, XQ, A8fS, Elk Ciiy, VP FAX, Pres. Honor Roll, Shadowbox. Finals Threaten Seniors for Last Time Harold Rubin, Pharm., Passaic, N.J., APhA, Dean's Honor Roll, Nancy Rudd, KA6, Ed., Tulsa, Jane Margarel Rusch, AES, OC, SEA, Billy Rusk, Bus., Walker, Don Rus- sell, fPK'I', EA, OC, Ramona Russell, KA, A8:S, Alius, KA Social Chm., Universily Chorus. Sandy Sabaler, HKA, Bus., Philadelphia, Pa., Pres. IIKA, Siudenl Senale, IFC, Henry A. Sabine, ASUS, Lawion, Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade, Kenneih Sachen, Bus., OC, John C. Sacra, Rf-JH, AHS, Pauls Valley, Kim Say Saing, Engr., Komponq Thom, Cambodia, Jay C. S+. John, WPA. Bus., OC, Accl. Club, Dean's Honor Roll, Alill, Model UN. S'I'eve Sallee, AHS, Sierlinq, Colo.: Byron D. Salsman, Enqr,, Sapulpa: Gloria Sanders, Ed., Ponca Cily: Jerry Sanders, BUII, Bus., Wichila Falls, Tex., Pres. Leadership Class, UAC: Suzanne Sanders, 1"l'B, AES, Tulsa, Dean's Honor Roll, AAA: Meia Sandmann, AES, Coalgaie. Gene Sands, AUP, AES. Healdlon: Frances Sanger, ASS, Siloam Springs, Ark.: Joseph Sanforo, Engr., Brooklyn, N.Y.: Russell Schaefer, AHS, Lawion, :ll-Y, 'PH-Y, Band, Pres. Honor Roll: Tim Schnoebelen, ASS, Moorelandt Bruce G. Schoggen, Engr., OC. Jimalea Schooley, AXQ, Ed., Midwesi Cily, SEA, Infra- muralsj Carl Schreiner, IX, AES, Midland, Tex.: Luanne Schulfz, EAT, Ed., Waierloo, Iowa: J. David Selim, BN, AXS, Barilesville: John Sessions, 'l'K2l, Bus., Gufhrie, IEC, UAB: Richard Shaw, -XEH, Bus., Brooklyn, N.Y. Teresa Jan Shaw, Ed., OC: Mark Shek+er, EAM, Enqr., Indianapolis: Gary Shepherd, AHS, Wagoner: Judy Sher- rod, Al-5, AHS, OC: Jay Shields, AT, Bus., Tulsa: Rose- mary Shipe, KKV, AHS, Ada. Jerry Shipman, IIKA, A8fS, Sand Springs: Howard Siegel, Bus., Chicago, Finance Club, SAM, Econ. Club: Marianne Siegmund, AHS, Norman, AA-S,K1'E. HU. EAU: Roy Sik- kink, AXA, Tulsa: Richard V. Simon, KA, A8fS, Cushing: Louie Fayne Sisco, AES, Midwesl Ciiy. Earl Skarky, 'l'A4'?, Bus., Enid, BFE, Till, Pres. Leadership Class: Paul M. Skinner, Ed., Norman, Dean's Honor Roll, Kill, IEA, OEA: Edward J. Sloan Jr., AES, New Rochelle, N.Y.: John R. Smalley, Bus., OC: Carl Smiih, BDU, AHS, OC: Marlin Smilh, KA, ASS, Midwesl' Cily. Michael D. Smifh, Acacia. Ed.. Absecon, N.J.: William E. Smiih, Engr., Commerce Cily, Colo., AIAA, EFT, -ET: Charles Snider, AXA, Bus., Waurika, PEM Club: Sharon Spicer, EA, Neosho, Mo.: William H. Spradlin, EN, AHS, Lindsay: Charles Spillar, Bus., Lake Charles, La., Azll, SAIVI. Nostalgia Sweeps Class Like Epidemic Pa++i Springer, 5-V, AES, Dallas: Barbara Siafon Soder, Ed., OC, Dean's Honor Roll, HSZH, 'l'BA: Earl Souligny, AES, Ponca Cily, 'PAQ -EAU, Deanls Honor Roll: John E. Squarek, Engr., Bellevue, Alia., Canada, Pres. Peir. Enqr. Club, Sociely of Engr. Phys., LKOT: Sondra Slacy, Bus.. Comanche: BeHy Siaggs, lU5'I', AES, Pawhuska. John Sianford, Pharm., Holdenville, APhA: Vicky Sfaple- +on, Ki, Ed., Dallas, AWS, KAN, HU: Barry Slaub, WBA. AES, Dallas, Top Ten Greek Men, IEC: Melvin A. Sieele, Bus., Tulsa, Dean's Honor Roll, Pres. Honor Roll, Accl. Club: Nadine Sfeele, A81S, Norman: Rebecca S. Siegall, Ed., Sallisaw, Pres. FAX, HU, Shadowbox. Seniors Gil Sleidley, EX, Bus., Elk Cily: Marleen Sfein, AEKP, Ed., Dallas: Mark Sfein, Engr., Brooklyn, N.Y.: Don Slephens, AT, ARS, El Reno: Marcy Sfephens, XQ, FA, Seminole, Pres. AEP, Broadcasling Club, KUVY: John F. Siephen- son Jr., Engr., Anadarko, SCAIA. Mike Slephenson, AHS, Canal Zone, Panama: Larry S'rern, EAM, FA, Wichila Falls, Tex., Engine Show, OU Pageanl, Sooner Scandals: Dale Sfevens, AXA, ASS, Gamboa, Canal Zone, Panama, AFROTC, Dean's Honor Roll, Infra- mural Board: John Sfevens, 'bl'-53, A8fS, OC: Barbara S. Sfevenson, AES, Norman: James Sfevenson, AHS, Musko- gee. Dona Siickney, ASS, OC: Sue Sfinson, AFA, A8rS, Forlr Worlh: Cliliford Slockman, Engr., Valhalla, N.Y., SCAIA: Larry S+ou+, Pharm., Sulphur: Janice Slrain, ARS, OC: Margarel Srrang, Ed., Lawlon, Hflll, TBA, SAE. Ewing Sfroman, KE, Bus., Ardmore: Don Sfrong, Bus., Midwesr Cily: Brenda Sfurdevanf, A8rS, Midwesl Cily: Charles Suggs, AKE, FA, Norman, Band, Universily Play- ers: Elinor V. Suiior, Bus., OC.: John T. Suler, Engr., Chickasha, SCAlA, ET. David Sufherland, KZ, Bus., Dallas, IFC: Jim Swafford, AXA, AHS, Newkirk: Sfeve V. Swanson, AT, AHS, Jones? Cherie Tafge, FA, Norman: Dennis Taylor, Pharm., Pori Angeles, Wash., Track: Donna Taylor, ASS, Norman. Margarelrle C. Taylor, Ed., River Falls: Nancy Taylor, Ki, AES, OC, Ducks Club, 9-Y'l': Susan Telford, FA, OC: John S. Tennenf, Bus., Cleveland: George F. Theriof Ill, EX, A8rS, Dallas: Billy L. Thomas, Acacia, Engr., Allen. Mark W. Thomas, Engr., OC, ASME, IITE, SAE: Mike Thomas, EX, Bus., Pawnee: Norrell Thomas, ATU, Pharm., OC: Arl'hur Thompson, BQH, A81S, Prague: George B. Thompson, Bus., Ada: Janef S. Thompson, AES, Dallas. Friday a+ Four, India Sludenl Assn., lnlernalional Club. Kaye Thompson, A42 Ed., Lawlon: Thalia Thompson, AES, San Marcos, Tex., Pres. Honor Roll, Pres. WRA: PaHy Thomson, llB'P, AHS, Duncan: Sfewarf Thornburg, ARS, Norman: Michael D. Tinney, EN, ASS, Allus: Joe Todd, KA, Ed., Elk Cily. Marilyn Todd, XQ, AHS, Slillwell: Jonnie Tolle, l"l'B, AES, Nardin, Deans Honor Roll: Lanny Tonning, EX, AES, Memphis: Mary A. Tracewell, l"'l'B, AES, Okmulgee. Dean's Honor Roll, Sooner Scandals, Universily Sing, SEA: Sue Tracewell, DPR, Ed., OC: Mike Transue, 5'l'l'f, Bus., Belhlehem, Pa. William Truesdell, Bus., Delroil: Allen Tsugawa, Engr., Honolulu: Jay Turk, APRS, Tulsa: Pal Turner, KAI-J, AHS. Muskogee: Bruce C. Tufhill, Engr., Riverhead, N.Y.: Al- berl' F. Tufino, Bus., New York Cily. 5: -5 1 i Seniors Mike TuHle, AKE, Engr., Forf Smilh, Ark.: Sian Tyler, Bus., Guymon: Bob Uda, A?-l'l', Engr., Kailua, Hawaii, BMOC, Dislinguished Mililary Sludenl, Sl. Pa+'s Council: Charles Underwood, EX, Bus., Dallas: Marlha Van Hook, KA, FA, OC, Band, TB-Y: Grayson Van Horn, ATA, Bus., OC, Pres. Honor Roll, Peeel, OAK. James H. Vaughn, Engr., Kiowa, IITE, ET: Roberl' Vaughn, KA, ASS, Chickasha, Pres. KA, Pres. Pe-el, UAB: Mike R. Vaughf, AXKS, Anllers: Sharon B. Velinsky, AEQ, Ed., Shreveporl, La., Dean's Honor Roll, Sludenl Senale, Mod- el UN: Wanda L. Vernon, FA, OC. Dean's Honor Roll, Pres. Honor Roll, Band, M'l,E: Susan Vick, AHS, Dallas. Claire Vincen'l', Ed., OC: Jim E. Vinson, Ed., Duncan: Sam Vinson, BAE, A8fS, Wewoka, Pres. Senior Class, Top Ten Freshman Men, Pe-el, Who's Who: AnneHe Voss, Nurs- ing, OC: Werner Voss, Acacia, Engr., Alex: Donald Volh, Eng r., OC. Jack B. Wade, Bus., OC, SAM: Barbara Walker, FA. Cleveland: James E. Walker, Bus., McCloud: Bill Wallace, EX, Bus., OC: David B. Wallace, Bus., Norman: Larry Waller, Engr., EI Dorado, Kan. William Ward, Engr., Norman: Alice Walkins, KA9, FA, OC: Lynn Walkins, KE, Bus., Ardmore: Glen Wallenber- ger, Ed., OC: George Weaber, AKE, AES, OC: Pe'l'er Weaver, KA, A8fS, Muskogee. Grover Webb, Bus., OC: Sally Webb, APA, Ed., Duranf, Moms' Day Comm., Model UN, Sooner Scandals, Univer- sily Sing: Tom Webber, Pharm., Lindsay, WAX, Pres. Red Cross College Unit VP APhA: Jim Websler, KE, A8rS. Norman: Tom Weeks, KA, Bus., Barllesville: John A. Weick, EX, Engr., Buller, N.J., Swimming Team. Pal' Welch, Ed., Lawlon: John D. Wells, AT, AES, Dallas. BMOC, Pres. AT, Model UN, OAK, Who's Who: Donald W. Wenh, TKE, Bus., Lawlon: Marcia Wenfz, KA, Ed., Midwesl Cily: David L. Weslgale, AT, FA, Tulsa: Bev- erly Wharfon, FIDE, AES, Duncan. Joe D. Whilaker, Engr., Eulaula: Lincoln E. Whilaker, Engr., OC, HT-E: Dean While, AXA, ASQS, Tulsa, Dean's Honor Roll, NIE: Kennelh While, Pharm., Phillips, Tex.: John V. Wicklund, EX, Bus., Mounl Pleasanl, Mich.: Pam- ela Wiggins, AAU, Ed., Tulsa. Bob Williams, BDU, AES, Forl Cobb. AEA, Dean's Honor Roll: Brad Williams, 'l'A-9, AES, Tulsa: Byron Williams, ASS, Lindsay: Cheryl D. Williams, Ed., Dallas, NEA: Da- vid M. Williams, Bus., Norman: Henry L. Williams, Engr., OC, ASME, HT-E, Treas. -YT, VP -EPT. Many students learned computer programming to meet in- creasing industrial demands tor data processino experts. Mixed Emotions Greet Graduation Day James Williams, KA, ASS, Lawton, Distinguished Military Student, Pres. Scabbard X1 Blade, Young Rep.: James W. Williams, Engr., Longview, Tex., Pres. NET, ET, Scabbard and Blade: Joan Williams, A81S, Croodwell, Great Books, Model UN, CP-'V"t: Kathy Williams, AHS. Longview, Tex., Dean's l-lonor Roll, Torus Math Club: Kendall Williams, Ed., OC: L. Luann Williams, IIWP, AES, Tulsa. Bob Willis, ATA, AHS, Midwest City: R. Nolen Willis, Erigr., Tulsa: Jeanita Wilson, AES, Miami: Marion Wilson, KA0. AES, OC: Woodrow N. Wilson, KA, Bus., Collins- ville: Sandra Wingate, AHS, Wewolca. Ruthie Wiriclc, KKF, AES, Tulsa: James Wisdom, Pharm.. l-leavener, APhA: Sharon K. Womack, ASS, Ponca City, BSU: Joe Wong, Pharm., Ontario, Canada, international Club: Donna Wood, AVA, Ed., l-lugo, Pres. WBA, Young Democrats: Ronny Wood, HQH, Bus., Altus. Larry Woodard, AXA, OC, E3-X: Richard H. Woods, Ed., Norman, University Players: Paul Woody, A242 Bus., Mar- shall, Tex.: Marian Sandy Woolt, AHS, Vienna, Va.: Frank Worley, -EX, Bus., Norman: Steve Worthley, Bus., Tulsa. Charles G. Wright, A8fS, McAlester, Dean's Honor Roll. TBK, fblll, Pres. t-lonor Roll: John G. Wright, Enqr., Allen: Larry M. Wright, Engr., Moore, Band, AlCtiE, Engr. Club: Scott Wright, SAE, Engr., Tulsa: Judy Wyatt, KAW, Ed., Enid: Brian Wyche, -XT-3, AHS, l-lugo. Karen R. Wynn, ASS, Dodge City, Kan.: Mickey Wynn, AXA, Bus., Norman: William Wynn, Ed., Wilburton, Dean's l-lonor Roll: James L. Yeary Jr., 'PK-Y, Bus., Purcell: Billy Young, Enqr., Tulsa: Jerry Young, -Vi'-X, AES, Barnsdall, Dean's l-lonor Rall, Pres. Honor Roll, 'l'lll, Freshman Basketball. Judy Young, A-XII. AHS, Wichitsi, Kan.: Lee C. Young, AXA, Enqr.. Mountain Grove, Mo., BMOC, Outstanding Senior in Collerue oi Enfwr., Studen' Senate: Susan Young, EA, Eutaela Outsta-:oi':': lndeoendeet University Play- ers: Ali Zamani, Erur., Kermarsnfah lran' Christine K. Zehring, A-5-ll, Nursinfg, Vinita: Rhoda J. Zeldich, AHS, Tulsa. 267 v- Barbara Abernefhy, AAA, ASS, Allus: Edward Abernelhy, BFJH. AES, Enid: Charles Abner, ALS, El Reno: Jacquelyn Aboussie, Ed.. Allus: Viclri Abramson, EAT, Ed., Sl. Louis, Mo.: Drew Aclcerman, -YN, UC, OC: Pam Adams, IIBT, Ed., Cleveland. Gail Adreme, :A-T, FA, Leawood, Kan.: John Agnew, 'T'K'1', ABS, Grapevine, Tex.: Roberl F. Ahrens, 'l'Kxl', Enqr., Tulsa: Sfuarf Alrers, ABS, Cordell: lrene Alayniclc, -EAT, AES. New Orleans: Annelfe Albers, AHS, Union Cily: Bonnie Allen, l"f'B, A8fS, Barflesville. Cecil Allen, Engr., Seminole: Charles Allen, fifKZ, Bus., Pawhuslca: Jane Allen, Pharm., Newlcirlc: Mary K. Allen, Ed., Amarillo, Tex.: Re- cilla Allen, KA, FA, Lawlon: Larry Allford, EAE, Bus., McAlesler: Kay Allman, Ed., hlominy. Kais Al-Suiwaidi, Enqr., Baghdad, Iraq: Kalhy Amsden, Aflf, Ed., Norman: Judy Anderson, UBB, FA, Norman: Sharon Ansley, H342 ABS, Elk Cily: Jane Anlhony, FA, Weslern Springs, III.: Tracy An- fhony, AAA, ABS, McAlesler: Linda K. Armour, AHS, Grreal Bend, Kan. Carmen A. Arrabilo, UC, Troy, N.Y,: Jan Asbury, HB'l', AHS, Ton- lcawa: Jonalhon D. Ashmore, AES, McAles'l'er: Glenn Afchley Jr., Engr., Olney, Tex.: Linda Aflcins, IUVP, A8fS, Norman: Samuel J. Aflcins, GAG, Enqr., Wichila Falls, Tex.: John Allee, FA, OC. Ralph P. Au+ry Jr., Pharm., Norman: Don Azbill, AT52, ABS, Collins- ville: Leon Babb, DPR, Bus., Tulsa: Bools Bagby, ZX, Bus., Grand Juncrion, Colo.: Nancy BaggeH', Pharm., Wayne: Michael D. Bailey, Pharm., Maysville: Sfevan Bailey, FA, Tulsa. Pafricia Baird, Ed., OC: Bill Balcer, A-KE, Enqr., Lindsay: Jeanne Baker, Xfl, Ed., Olcmulqee: Pamela Balmer, ABS, Dallas: Peler K. Baker, ASS, Norman: John L. BarreH, AKE, Engr., Muskogee: Rob Barre'H', Engr., Ardmore. Jaclxie Barlley, Ed., Moore: Terry Barlley, AKE, AES, Dallas: Bon- ney Bassmann, AVA, ABS, Claremore: Gary Balcheller, AT, ALS. Sioux Falls, S.D.: Carolyn Bafes, ABS, Madill: Gene Bauman, AXA. ABS, Norman: Jimmy Bayles, Enqr., Tecumseh. Jean BeaH'ie, AAU, AES, Ardmore: Jesse Beclc, A81S, Comanche: Kay Beebe, KA9, Ed.,Enid: William Beery, UC, Salem, Ohio: Caro- lyn Bell, EAT, Ed., Kansas Ciiy, Mo.: Prudence Bell, AHS, Alwood, Kan.: Edward Belfram, AHS. McAlesler. Juniors Slip Into Upperclassmelfs Roles Don Benfley, EX, AXKS, Lawlon: Roy Benward, FIDE, ABS, Porfland, Ore.: Bruce Berman, AES, Chicago: Bruce BeHs, WK9, AES, Spring- lield, Vl.: Barbara Biclrford, ABS, Sand Springs: Phil Bird, ATA. A81S, OC: Jo L. Birlrhead, AT, A8fS. OC. Mary J. Bixler, Pharm., l-lydro: Kenneih L. Black, AHS, Midwesl Cily: Mary E. Blaclc, UC, Ouapaw: Phillip J. Blaclc, KE, Engr., Wilburlon: Thelma Blumen, AWP, ABS, Dover, N.J.: Neil Bogan, T-ix, AHS, Tulsa: Bill Bolding, ABS, Midwesl Cily. Ar+hur C. Bolion, ABS. Norman: Cheryl Bony, AAU, Ed., Midwesl Ciiy: Bobbie Jean Boolcer, Engr., Baylown, Tex.: Mary Borelli, XQ. AHS, OC: Travis Bosley, AES, Duncan: William F. Bourland, Ed.. Midwesr Cily: Laurie Bourne, KA9, A8fS, Carlsbad, N.M. I Juniors Michael D. Bowles, AHS. Midwesl Cily: Judy Bracewell, Ed., Pauls Valley: Jan Braden, AAU, AES, Medford: Waller Bran'l', Bus., Tulsa: Ray D. Brashear, Pharm., Slillwell: Susan BraH'en, AT, Ed., Memphis: Fred M. Bray, Enqr., Broken Bow. Arlhur F. Breeze, Engr,, Omaha, Neb.: Thomas Brendler, Bus., Tulsa: Dana Brewer, AF, FA, Tulsa: Linda Brewer, AXQS, Red Oak: Virginia Brewer, ABS, OC: LaDean Brigham, AP, ABS, l-lobarl: Mark L. Brodkin, BAM, AHS, Merion, Pa. Linda Brown, AFA, FA. Odessa, Tex.: Sally Brown, HB'l', ABS, Dun- can: Tom Brown, EN, Bus., Lawlon: Trebor Brown, EN, Bus., Mid- wesl Cily: Linda Brusl, AXQ, Bus., Midwesl' Cily: Judy Becker, AFA, ARS, OC: Carole Bullen, KA, ASQS, Tulsa. Gordon Bullivanl, AKE, Ed., Calgary, Alla., Canada: Roberla S. Bumgardner, A8cS, Chickasha: Carol Burkhard, Ed., Claremore: Sha- ren Burlon, A8cS, Belhany: Vicki Burlon, AXSZ, ABS, Columbia, Mo.: Anne Burzio, AF, AHS, l-lenrye-Ha: Sieve Busch, -YN, UC, Tulsa. Barbara Buskirk, XU, ABS, Dallas: David Buller, AKE, ABS, Enid: Linda Evelyn Buller, XYZ, ABS, Norfolk, Va.: Sue A. Buzzard, AF, Ed., Skialook: Mary L. Cabbage, AFA, AES, Barllesville: Charles Cahn, UC, Far Rockaway, N.Y.: Palsy Cain, ABS, Amarillo, Tex. Slephen Callaham, 'l'KE, Enqr., Foreman, Ark.: Paul Calmes, Ed., OC: Margarifa Calvo, AES, Shawnee: Sixlo C. Calvo, Enqr,, Shaw- nee: Salvador Camarillo, A242 AHS, El Paso, Tex.: Judifh Cameron, KKF, ABS, Henryella: Carol Campbell, KA, Ed., Newporl, Ark. Raymond D. Canada Jr., Engr., OC: Len Canlrell, ABS, El Paso, Tex.: Mary Carlson, AAU, ABS, Carlsbad, N.M.: Carolyn Carler, AAU, ABS, Ardmore: John C. Carler, BDU, AHS, Miami: William W. Carrier, ABS, OC: Charles Cash, KA, ABS, OC. Joe Caslleberry, Bus., Drumrighl: Roberl Cafes, KA, ABS, Aloka: Larry Chambers, EAE, Bus., Allus: Carol A. Chapman, FA, Shaw- nee: Sharon Charles, AAU, ALS, OC: Wilbur E. Cheslnuf, Engr.. Falls Cily, Neb.: Charlie Cheflain, AX9, Ed., Sl. Louis, Mo. Carol Chipman, All, Ed., Norman: Carole Choale, ABS, Norman: John Choale, AT, AES, Norman: Pal Choque'H'e, AAA, Bus., Tulsa: Bobbie A. Chrisfensen, AF, ABS, Kingsporl, Tenn.: Elizabelh Cines, A8iS, Barllesville: Mary Clark, KU, ABS, Barllesville. Mike Clark, 'PA-9, A81S, Gilmer, Tex.: Sieve Clark, Bus., Enid: Thom- as Clark, IPKXP, Bus., Tulsa: Tom A. Clark, EN, Bus., Pauls Valley: Linda Clarke, IYPB, Ed., Hobbs, N.M.: David Clery, EN, ABS. Belhlehem, Pa.: Larry Clynch, Engr., Ponca Cily. Kacy Coe, FTB, FA, Murrysville, Pa.: Dan Coffey, ABS, Sherman, Tex.: Ellen Colby, KKV, Bus., Madill: Jerry Cole, UC, Del Cily: Nancy L. Coleman, A8fS, Waurika: Ross Collier, :PAQ AHS, Dallas: Don Collins, AKE, AES. Ada. John Collins, EN, Bus., Mariella: Mike Collins, AXA, Engr., Nor- man: Louis Comroe, EAM, Bus., Dallas: Bill Conger, 3911, ABS, Tulsa: Ken Conklin, HKA, Ed., Sligler: Joan Conkling, AXQ, FA, Des Moines, Iowa: Margarel Conley, AAA, ABS, OC. James F. Cook, FA, OC: Jane Cooley, 1lH'l', Ed., Forl Smilh, Ark.: Wayne Cooper, 'i'Kxl', Engr., Lawlon: Phil Cornell, IN, Bus., OCT John Coumbe, 'l'Al"3, Lib. Arls, Dallas: J. L. Courlney, Bus., Pauls Valley: Don Cox, 'l'K:, Engr., Velma. 5 :sg Q5 .alnnu Gradua+e s+u Monday morning beqins and Freshman women wifh hair curlers and sleepy eyes go Through fhe long cafeieria lines. Learning fo punch a com ufer roo p p jam on an IBM card punch machine is Lucas Gonzalez. U. M MMM R den'rs In bofany sfudy pfanf fnorpholojy wnh new e uiorne W 'n fh fin, .. ,......- I W . Mg? A , 1 mu mm mme N, q r I e rnicrobldoqy laboraiories qwx K 4,- Q... ,,,,.v.f,f,, ,,, J , pfi r A - nn -ezn h .www . eff ,,4rm2E:..,. Q N 1-W' wg! , 1 ,I me I Joseph E. Coyne, A8fS, Chicago: Randall Craddock, 'VKX UC, Nor- man: Kaye Cradduck, Ed., Harden Cify: John Crain, HKA, Engr., Tulsa: Roberf Crawford, Bus., Bliss, N.Y.: Roberf Crawley, KA, Bus., Norman: Linda Crews, AP, A81S, Norman, Roberf Crews, KA, Bus., Tulsa: John Cripps, TIKA, AHS, Tulsa: Chloe CrockeH, UC, Duranr: Marion Crocke'H', Bus., Fairland: Vir- ginia Croft KA, AES, Evansville, lnd.: Richard Crone, KE, Enqr,, Memphis: Joe Crouch, fl'l'A, Pharm., Borger, Tex. Pai' Crowder, Bus., Manchesrer, Ga.: S+anley Crowder, Ed., Enid: Michael T. Cufhberfson, AHS, Midwesr Ciry: Pai Cuviello, EX, Bus., Gull: Port Miss.: Caihy Danielson, KA9, AHS, OC: Tommy Daugh+- rey, KA, Bus., Duncan: Michael Davalf, 'l'KE, Tulsa. John C. Davidson, TIKA, Bus., Honolulu: Sara Davidson, FA, Nor- man: Barbara Davis, A8rS, Tulsa: Trigg Davison, UC, Ada: Bruce Day, EX, UC, Enid: Roberl' DeCarolis, ATA, A8rS, Midwesi Ciiv: Mike DeLier, TAG, Engr., OC. Janel' Delhofal, UB1i', Ed., OC: Donna Denion, FA, Loomis, Calif.: Dora Deskins, AAA, FA, Ardmore: Donald DeSpain, -EX, Bus., OCZ Beverly Diggs, HB45, AES, OC: J. W. Dill, KZ, Bus., Norman: Diane Dillard, AF, FA, OC. Terry Disney, A42 AHS, Ames, Iowa: Jimmy Dixson, AES, Seminole: Jim Dodd, FXA, Bus., Sapulpa: Bob Dodson, Bus., OC: Dallas Dor- se'H', AFA, FA, Norman: Tom Dolson, 'l'KxI', FA, Frederick: Ralph E. Dofy, Ass, oc. Mike Doufhiif, AT, AES, Duncan: Mary E. Doyle, FA, Ponca Cilv: Linda Dozier, X52, FA, OC: BeHy Driver, KKF, FA, OC: Georgia Duckworih, Bus., Tulsa: Susan Dulaney, KKF, AES, Duncan: Jerry Duncan, A81S, Duncan. Morena Dunn, A8rS, Wichira, Kan.: Conrad Duprez, A81S, OC: Di- ane Durland, HBQJ, Ed., OC: Mary Easfman, XYZ, AHS, Tulsa: Judy Ebey, KKF, Ed., Ada: Bob Echols, ATA, Bus., OC: Joseph W. Edvy, Engr., Sourh River, N.J. Jacqualin Edwards, ASS, Moore: Walier Eeds, EN, Bus., Tripoli. Libya: Arvin W. Eidson, XN, AES, Sulphur: Judy Elderkin, AAA, Ed., OC: Judifh Elkins, XU, Ed., Dewey: Libby EllioH, A8rS, Tulsa: LyneHe EllioH, AMP, A8rS, Norman. Juniors Finally Select Their Major Fields George EndicoH', EX, Bus., Muskogee: David L. Enirikin, Acacia, ARS, Younqslown, Ohio: Margarel' A. Enyeari, AAU, AHS, Ashland, Ohio: Alfred Eschbach, AES, Hoboken, N.J.: Bill Esche, Acacia, AES, Barllesville: Mike Evans, KE, Bus., OC: Diane Ewing, KKl', Ed., Shreveport La. Joel Ewing, AES, Norman: Marfha Fair, KKP, AHS, Barrlesville: Carolyn Farha, AX9, AES, OC: John Thomas Farrar, AHS, Elgin: William E. Favor, ATU, A815-, OC: Marvin Feldman, EAM, AES, Dallas: Roberi' Fellows, AES, Tulsa. Diane Ferguson, UC, Tulsa: Maior S. Ferguson Jr., KI, Bus., OC: Mike Ferguson, Bus., OC: Jesse Field, EX, A8rS, Shawnee: Frances Finkel, EAT, Bus., Prairie Village, Kan.: Shirrell Finley, IVPR, A8fS, Anadarko: Thomas S. Finn, Engr., Tulsa. Gerry Fisher, ATA, Bus., Midwesr Ciiy: Palrick D. Fiizgerald, 'VKX AHS, OC: Mike Fihpairick, HKA, UC. Palesiine, Tex.: Billie Fleisch- man, AAU, AHS, Ann Arbor, Mich.: Barbara Fleske, AAA, Ed., OC: Donald Flefcher, KA, Engr., Las Cruces, N.M.: Joe Flippo, AHS. Tulsa. Richard S. Flood, IIKA, Engr., Pleasani Hill, Calif.: Diana Ford, AXQ, AES, OC: Mike Ford, AHS, Tulsa: Belsy Foree, H1342 AHS, Tulsa: Edward Fosburgh, Bus., Lovingfon, N.M.: Charles Fosier, Engr., Miami: Tommy C. Founfain, Pharm., Norman. Elise Franden, KAI-J, Ed., Wilmeif, Ill.: John Frank, KE, ALS, OC: Carol Frazier, IIl41l', Ed., Enid: Roberf Freele, EX, AHS, Ponca Ciiy: Roger M. Friedman, 'PBA-, Lib. Aris, Si. Louis, Mo.: Andrew Fros+, AHS, OC: Don Fruif, KE, Bus., Shawnee. Roberl' Furman, EN, Bus., Tulsa: Barbara Gabel, I"l'B, FA, OC: Bob Gaddis, ATU, AHS, Tulsa: Mike Gaden, 'l'KE, Engr., Seiling: Sharon Gafford, KKl', AHS, OC: Rick Gardner, 'l'A9, UC, OC: Judy Garner, KKP, AHS, Wilburion. Marshall Garfenlaub, Engr., Brooklyn, N.Y.: Rick Geniry, 'l'1'A, Bus., OC: Johnny D. George, Pharm., Okmulgee: Dean Gibbs, AT, Enqr., Hominy: Roberl' A. Giliiord, Engr., Hasiings-on-Hudson, N.Y.: Jeff Gilberl, EAM, Bus., Godfrey, Ill.: William C. Gilpin, AXA, AHS, Tulsa. Barry Glasberg, EAM. Bus., Kansas Ciiy, Mo.: Linda Glaffelder, Ali, Ed., Barilesville: Marlene Glazer, AE'l', UC, New Orleans: Richard Godfrey, -SAE, Bus., Amarillo, Tex.: Leonard A. Godwin, Ed., Alex: Marvin Goforih Jr., Pharm., Beihany: Lloyd Goldman, EAM, Bus., New York Ciiy. James M. Goode, ATQ, AES, London, Conn.: John Goodman, AXA. AHS, Durani: Randall Goodman, EAM, Ed., Kansas Ciiy, Mo.: Bob Goodner, 'I"K'1', Bus., Duncan: Barbara Gordon, Ed., Skiaiookq Rich- ard J. Gore, 15911, AHS. OC: Valerie Gossard, All, Ed., OC. John Gosseil, FA, Durani: Allen E. Golf, Physics, Valparaiso, Ind.: Larry D. Gray, Bus., Rooseveli: Mary Gray, AFA, Ed.. OC: Milliceni' A. Green, ASQS, Midwesi Ciiy: Shirley Green, AES, OC: Harvey Greenberg, EAM, AHS, New Orleans. Pam Greenshields, AQ, Bus., Norman: Beverly Gremm, EAT, FA, Dallas: Sidney Griffin, Bus., Cyril: Richie Grisham, Pharm., Norman: Sandra L. Groom, APA, OC: Bill Guerry, "l'K'I', UC, Temple: Cookie Guiou, Bus., Tulsa. an Fmd Tlme for Challenging Electives Don Hackeif, Bus., OC: Tom Haddan, 'l'KE, Bus., Pryor: Richard Hague, 'l'Kll', A8fS, Leawood, Kan.: Beih Hahn, Ed., Brownfield, Tex.: Sharon Haines, KKF, AHS, Lawionq Ed Hall, EX, Pharm., Eden, Tex.: Frank Hall, AXA, UC, OC. Alyce Ham, A'l'l'i, Ed,, Bellevue, Neb.: Joe Hamlin, 'l'A9, Bus.. Tulsa: Ronald Hamm, FA, Poieau: Mike Hammer, AHS, OC: Carl H. Hammerl, Enqr., Anadarko: Darlene Hammond, AX-52, Ed., Nor- man' Royce Hammons, KE, ASS, Wilburion. Caren Haney, KKF, Ed., Tulsa: Dick Haney, EX, Bus., Shawnee: Harry Arfhur Hansen, AES, Norman: Kaihryn Hardberger, XSZ, Ed., Beaver: Bill Hardwick, EX, Bus., Holdenville: Gary W. Harmon, AT, Bus., Duncan: Mike Harrell, UC, Pauls Valley. Juniors Gary Harris, Engr., Norman: Shirley A. Harris, ASS, Tulsa: Mary Harrison, KA, AES, Barilesville: Rolaerl' L. Hari, BQH, Bus., Chand- ler: Claudeife Harfgraves, FIPB, A8rS, Tulsa: Jerry Hassebroek, BFTH, Bus., Duncan: Richard Hasiings, KA, Ed., Chickasha. Leon S. Haicher Jr., Engr., Norman: Jim Hawkins, A8rS, Allus: Ron L. Hawkins, UC, Dallas: Laurie Hayen, KA, Ed., Ponca Ciiy: Carol Haynes, Ed., Cushing: Ray Haynes, UKA, Ed., Arkansas Ciiy, Kan.: Dave M. Hayward, AHS, OC. Judy Head, AF, AES, Barllesville: Su:-an Healy, IIB41, AHS, Bariles- ville: Nancy Heckerman, KA, FA, OC: Terry Heineman, ZX, A8rS, Tulsa: Charlene Heinen, KA9, AHS, OC: John Hemphill, BETH, Engr., Norman: Phyllis Hemphill, KA, A8rS, Louisiana, Mo. Allen Henderson, EX, AES, Hollywood, Calif.: Jack Henderson, Pharm., Forr Towson: Richard Henderson, KE, Engr., Norman: Susan Henderson, IVPB, Ed., Tulsa: Helen Hendrick, EA, Shawnee: Phyllis Hendricks, 114113. UC, Nowarag Anda Hickman, FA, OC. Carl Higgins, Acacia, UC, Tulsa: Joe Hill, A81S, OC: Roberi' Hill, Bus., Tulsa: Ronnie Hines, EX, A8rS, OC: Margaref A. Hirsch, AWE, FA, OC: Karen Hirzel, AAA, Ed., Pryor: Max Hix, UC, Rush Springs. Ruih Hochgraefe, ACP, Ed., OC: Karen Hodges, AX9, FA, Hooker: Walker Hodges, TIKA, ASS, Checoia: Judy Holcomb, IVPB, FA, Muskogee: Lynda Holden, AAA, A8rS, Dallas: Joy Hollacher, Nurs- ing, OC: Pamela Holland, Bus., Tulsa. Jim Holloman, flJKNI', Bus., Frederick: Chip Holi, Bus., OC: Linda K. Hol+, AMI, AHS, Miami: Garland Hooper, UC, Randleli: Jim Hoover, AT, AHS, Norman: Philip W. Hope, EX, AHS, Glendale. Calii.: Clinfon V. Horn, EN, Bus., Jonesboro, Ark. Gary Horwifz, TBA, Bus., OC: Roger Housley, ZX, Bus., Cushing? Linda K. Housion, AFA, Ed., Anadarko: Jack Hove, 4'AE-J, AHS, Shawnee Mission, Kan.: Sondra Howell, A81S, Claremore: Larry Howze, B9H, A8rS, Seminole: Karen Hudiburg, Ed., Midwesi Ciiy. Lynn Hudson, AF, Ed., OC: Randal Huffman, AT, AHS, Norman: Jimmy Hufford, ATU, UC, Nowara: Fred Hursf, AXA, AXrS, Ponca Ciry: Marilyn Hu:H'on, Ed., Henryerla: Joe Hylion, EWE, Engr., Long Branch, N.J.: Larry Ingham, AES, Ponca Ciiy. Ann Inglis, KK1', FA, Alius: Shirley lnnis, A8rS, Carlsbad, N.M.: Sandra Jacobson, A8rS, Tulsa: Richard Jaeger, A8cS, Tulsa: Frank Jarmurh, AEH, A8rS, New York Ciiyg Par Jarvis, X9, A8rS, Norman: Tom J. Jaworsky, li'KXI', AHS, Clinion. Alan Jenkins, EX, AHS, Tulsa: Tamela Jenkins, UC, OC: James John, ATU. AES. Sulphur: Gary W. Johnson, Pharm., Drumrighi: H. Lance Johnson, KE, UC, Midwesi Ciiy: Linda Johnson, FTB, A8rS, OC: Pa+sy Johnson, IIB'I', A8rS, Barilesville. Alan Jones, AES. OC: Janei' Mary Jones, A81S, Frederick: Vicki Jones, KKF, Ed., Duncan: Kaye Jusfice, AAA, A8rS, Waionga: Pafii Jusiice, AES, Norman: Ronald Jusfice, Engr., Dallas: Ramona A. Kaa+z, Lib. Aris, Joliet Ill. Susan J. Kahn, FA, Highland Park, Ill.: Frank Karliiskie, ZWE, Engr., Reading, Pa.: Donni Karr, AHS, Tulsa: Tobee Kaufman, AEKP, AHS. Wichiia Falls, Tex.: Tom Kearns, AHS, Paiierson, N.J.: Nancy Kee- see, HBW, A8cS, Edmond: Marilyn Kelly, Ed., Sulphur. 273 Juniors Roy J. Kelsey Jr., AHS, Sl. Louis, Mo.: Charles Kendrick, ATU, UC, Broken Arrow: Ann Kennedy, TWH, A8fS, Lawfon: Laurie Kennedy, KA9, Ed., OC: Mike Kennedy, A-KN, Bus., Tulsa: Neal Kennedy, Engr., OC: Bob Kerby, 'i'K'1', Pharm., OC. Prudence Kerr, KKV, AES, l-looker: Joel Keionen, AKE, Bus., Paw- nee: Tony Keys, AT, AHS, Velma: Bill Kidd, EAW, A81S, Wewoka: Carolyn Kidd, AES, Poleau: Barbara Kiker, FTB, AES, Allus: Donna Kilgore, AFA, Bus., Tulsa. Judy D. Kimbriel, KKF, A81S, Waco: Jay King, EN, A8fS, Clovis, N.M.: Kafhy King, AX9, Ed., OC: Holly Kinkade, IlH'i', AHS, Shawnee: Mickey Kirsch, AE-11, Ed., Hoi Springs, Ark.: Larry R. Kirchell, Bus., Sarasola, Ela.: Emily J. Klein, AKPE, Ed., Joplin, Mo. Richard L. Knapp, 'VK-Y, Bus., Ardmore: Debbie Knox, Alflrll, AES, Norman: Jay Koons, EX, Bus., Tulsa: Ronald Koslow, KE, Bus., Forl Worlh: Anne Kraff, KKF, Ed., OC: Diane Kropp, Ed., l-louslon: John Krummel, ATA, UC, Cincinnali, Ohio. Jim Kubiak, 'VKX AES, OC: Caryl Kunsemuller, A8fS, Norman: Ed- win Kurek, AT, UC, Midwesl' Cily: Karen J. Laber, AES, Tulsa: Woody Lackey, ZX, A84S, Tulsa: Janie Lake, H1342 FA, Shawnee: Paula Landrifh, KKIT, Pharm., Ada. Amelia Langdon, 1-IB'T', AHS, Purcell: Mary A. Lanier, UC, Norman: Myra Lapides, EAT, AHS, Kansas Cify, Mo.: Charles Lassefer, 41.56, UC, OC: Tom Lalhrop, ZVPE, Bus., Porlland, Ore.: Margarel La'H'i- more, FA, Gulhrie: Sandy Laugenour, KKF, Ed., Dallas, Linda Laughlin, KKF, A8cS, OC: ScoH Lawrence, Wall, Engr., Shreveport La.: Joanne Lawson, KA, ASS, Pampa, Tex.: Ronald Leader, flf'K'I1, Engr., Miami: Marilyn Leaming, HBFD, AHS, OC: Lucky W. Leavell Jr., A8fS, Muskogee, Kenl' M. Lebo, fbi!-3, Bus., Duncan. Mildred Lechner, AES, Arkansas Cily, Kan.: Jimmy Lee, A8fS, Tulsa: Waller L. Lee Jr., Bus., OC: Jean Leilzsey, 114913, AHS, Tulsa: Anne Leslie, A8cS, Slonewall: Kay Leufhold, IWPB, Ed., Muskogee: Barbara Lewallen, AXfS, Temple. David Lewis, ATA, Engr., Indianapolis: Dee Lewis, APA, Ed., Kirk- wood, Mo.: Michael D. Levine, A8fS, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Nan Ligon, HBT, A8cS, Wewoka: Barbara Lindsey, FA, Jerusalem, lsrael: Rick Linn, 111139, Bus., OC: Bob Lisf, ZFPE, AES, Park Ridge, lll, Kerry LiHle, Bus., ldabel: PaHy Li++lefield, A8fS, Denlon, Tex.: Tom Li'Hon, EX, Engr., Brislow: Larry Locke, AES, Dallas: Barbara Logan, AFA, ALS, Allon, Ill.: Roberl' Logan, Bus., Norman: Lana Loll, A81S, Fairfax, Va. Margarel' Londa, Bus., Elizaloelh, N.J.: Larry E. Long, "i'KNl', Engr., Ponca Cily: Garry Looper, HKA, Ed., Granile: Mary Love, KKF, FA, Chandler: Vicki Love, llB'l', AXcS, OC: Alexis Lovelace, Aff', Ed., OC: Vicki Lovin, KA1-J, Bus., Forf Worlh. Frank Lucas, Engr., Lawfon: Phillip H. Luccock, KA, Engr., Norman: David C. Ludwick, ATU, Engr., Norman: Marsha LuHrell, AAA, Bus., Muskogee: John E. Lynn, Bl'7ll, AXfS, Barllesville: Russell Ma- garify, A2142 A8fS, Lima, Peru: Judilh Mahan, A8rS, Norman. DaneH'e Mailafh, Ed., Commerce: Roberl L. Mallory, EX, ASS, l-louslon: Edwin Maloy, E-X, AES, l-loldenville: Doug Manning, 'l'Af9, Bus., Tulsa: Jim Manring, EX, AES, Tulsa: Dolores A. Mar' coH'e, A8cS, El. Sill: Margaref A. Marek, AES, Norman. Kennefh E. Maricle, AT, Bus., OC: John D. Mar+in, EN, Pharm. Alfus: Judiih A. Marlin, Ed., Des Moines, lowa: Sherry Mariin, KA9, Ed., Barilesville: Bunni Maslanslcy, EAT, Ed., New Orleans' Jo Karen Mason, Bus., Eorl Cobb: Les Mason, EN, Bus., Wichiia, Kan. Dave Massey, fi'A9, UC, Norman: Ann Maslerson, AFA, AHS, OC: Susan Maflcoff, ZIAT, Ed., Wichila, Kan.: Lynn MaHeson, AAU, Bus., Bixby: Emma J. Mauch, UC, Sapulpa: Dale Maughan, A8iS, Enid: Paula Maughan, AES, Enid. Tommy Maxwell, KE, Bus., Tulsa: Jody Mayer, KE, Bus., Miami: James N. Mayfield, IIKA, AHS, Norman: Mehdi Mazhari, Enqr., Tehran, lran: Sharon McAllis'rer, AES, Luiher: Befsy Ann McAnally, A'l,, AHS, Norman: Dennis McCrary, KE, AHS, Alolca. Class Vies for Selection to Honor Groups PaHie A. McClennen, A41 A8iS, Chandler: Jimmy L. McConnell, AFA, Ed., l-lobarr: Rick McCord, BAE, Enqr., Shreveport La.: Molly McCormick, KKIT, A3fS, OC: Gary McCowan, fbA9, Enqr., OC: Sandy McCoy, AT, Bus., Tulsa: S+eve McCoy, ZX, A8iS, Tulsa. Nona J. McDougal, AX53, EA, Chiclcasha: Nancy McGee, AF, AHS. Norman: Pe+er Mclnfyre, -YN, Lib. Arls, Tulsa: Pai' S. McLellan, Ed., Lindsay: Jane McNeely, FA, Brolcen Arrow: John McNeely, AT, AHS, Wichiia, Kan.: Edd McNeil, BETH, AES, Hennepin. Hugh McRae, IPAQ, A8iS, Dallas: Sidney McVey, 'l'K'l', Engr., Ver- den: Diana Meacham, Xfl, ASS, Clinion: Roberf A. Meese, Enqr., Lawlon: Michael Mehl, 'Ni-A, Bus., Wichifa, Kan.: Helen Menard, EA, Tulsa: Sandra Menefee, XS2, Ed., Pauls Valley. Roberi' MerriH, KA, EA, Siurgis, SD.: Jay Messenger, 'PK-2, AHS, Tonkawa: Jeanne Me+cal'F, XQ, Ed., l'loolcer: Bob Meizger, 'PKXIC A8cS, Olcmulqee: Charles R. Meyer, Bus., San Angelo, Tex.: Roger Miclcish, XX, AHS, Edmond: Anne Middlefon, Ed., Alion, lll. James W. Middlefon, Bus., Barllesville: John Miles, A241 A8cS, Los Angeles: James F. Miller, AES, OC: Mary Miller, EA, Carihaqe. Mo.: Ronald Minnix, KA, AXS, Norman: Connie Mifchell, AES, Checofah: Milre MoFFei+, "f'K4', Bus., Claremore. Milne D. Moody, KE, Bus., Siroud: James R. Moore, 'bK'P, Bus., Wewolca: T. C. Moore, Acacia, A8iS, Broken Arrow: Ted Moore, BWI, AES, Alius: Gerald Moorhead, Ed., Norman: Susan Moor- man, Ali, UC, OC: Edwin B. Morgan, Pharm., Lawlon. Gale Morgan, AXS2, Pharm., Wichiia, Kan.: John Mcricoli, EAE, Enqr., Tuiunqa, Calif.: Jen Morris, Bus., OC: N. D. Moscoe, KA. A8fS, Norman: Johnny Moser, Bus., Eredericlc: George R. Moses, AES, Housion: Gary Mueller, Bus., Colorado Springs, Colo. Linda Muir, AF, Ed., Wewolca: Jim Mullen, AKH, Bus., Tulsa: Marfy Mullen, I"'l'B. ARS, Tulsa: Nanci Mullendore, AAA, Bus., Tulsa: Max Muller, HKA, Bus., London, England: Jerry Mullins, IIKA, UC, Eairlfax, Va.: Beverly Murph, AHS, Harriman, Tenn. Gene Murphy, IIKA, Ed., Glen Ellyn, Ill.: Karen Murphy, AXSZ, Ed., OC: Marilyn Murphy, AHS, Sayre: Janef Murray, AES, Wayne: Clarlc Musser, ATA, Bus., OC: Linda Nabizadeh, Ed., Norman: Lynda Nale, EA, Midwesi' Ciiy. Doreen Nash, AWP, AHS, Wichiia, Kan.: Mary D. Neal, KKF, ASKS, Housron: James F. Neighbors, Pharm., OC: Roger Nelson, BSU, Bus., Muskogee: Ralph Newcomb, KA, AES, OC: Karen Newell, AX9, AHS, OC: John Nicol, EAE, Bus., Lombard, Ill. Tom Nikolas, A8rS, Aberdeen, S.D.: Mike Nichols, 'l'K5, AHS, OC: Neil Nichols, AHS, Lifrle Rock, Ark.: PaHy Novak, NP, Ed., Des Plaines, lll.: James Novell, QJKE, Lawlon: Trish O'Brien, 1'fl'B, Ed., Tulsa: Margo Olivares, KA, ASS, OC. Diana Oliver, AXKZ, Ed., Miami: Kaye Oliver, AAII, Nursing, Salli- saw: Norma Oliver, PPE, Ed., Duncan: Frank Olney, BAE, Bus., Norman: Peggy O'NeaI, A8rS, Del Cify: Tom Osherwifz, Bus., Dun- can: Burl O'S+een, AT9, Bus., Wichifa Falls, Tex. Most Students Pass English-J Exams Dub O'S+een, ATQ, Engr., OC: Be'H'y Ouion, FA, OC: Carole Over- man, Ed., Cleveland: Mary Owens, A8rS, Miami: M. Diana Pace, UC. McAlesler: Sfephen A. Pace, AT, Bus.. Long Beach, Calif.: Larry G. Padberg, KZ, Pharm, Ada. Doyle Paden, FA. Sand Springs: Ralph Palmer, KE, Pharm, Pampa. Tex.: Don Pape, AT, A8rS, OC: Mike Parish, EX, Bus., Omaha, Neb.: James H. Parker, EAE, AES, Shreveport, La.: Rick Parks, Bus.. Tulsa: Louis Pa++erson, Enqr., OC. Judi+h Paulsen, A81S, OC: Charlene Pearson, Ed., Tulsa: Peggy Pharaoh, Enqr., Pharaoh: Ken Pickle, AES, Waiis: Sherri Pierce, KKF, Ed,, OC: Wade Pipkin, AKE, A8rS, Tulsa: Joan Pi'Hs, KA9, Ed., OC. Donna Huelene Plumlee, AAU, AES, Sayre: Shirley Polk, AXQ, AHS. OC: Joanne Pollock, ATE, Ed., OC: Bill Porch, Bus., OC: Judy Porch, X-Q, Ed., Dallas: Faifh Porfer, Pharm., Erankiorl, Mich.: Curfis Pospisil, ALS, EI Reno. Sherry Po'H'er, EAT, Bus., Wichila, Kan.: Janie PoH's, X9, AES, Wells- Ton: Kalhy Powdrill, AF, ASS, Cleveland: J. B. Praif, AES, Ardmore: Trudy Pres+on, A8rS, Bel Air, Md.: Lyndle Price, A8rS, Seminole: Pam Price, AAA, Nursing, Lawion. Harlan Priesman, TBA, Bus.. Omaha, Neb.: James Prifchard, 13911. Bus., For? Worfh: Cindy PruiH', KA, A8rS, OC: Adele Pung, KA9. AHS, Evansville, Ind.: Roger Purser, AHS, Ponca Ciiy: Evelyn Pul- check, Ed., Hinton: PaHy Ragan, KH9, Ed., Norman. Barbara Raifsnider, ALS, OC.: Rachel Ramsey, AFA, Ed., ldabel: David Raper, AT. A8rS, Ada:Richard Raicheson, 'I'BA, A8rS, Chicago: Phil L. Rauch, Enqr., Tulsa: Sieve Raymond, 'l'K'l', AES, Norman: Rice Reavis, KE, Pharm., Ardmore. Richard Redman, AES, Gulhrie: Jenie Redmond, A8rS, Dallas: Louis S. Redon, AHS. Caracas, Venezuela: Bob Reed, AXA. BUS-. Norman: James Reed, AKE, A8fS, OC: J. Sharon Reed, Ed., OC? Ron Reese, AKE, AHS, Norman. John H. Regur, KZ, Bus., Norman: Pai Reinbold, A8rS, Corpus Chrisli, Tex.: Mike Reinhard, A8rS, Forl Smirh, Ark.: Roy Remmeri, EN, Bus., OC: Larry Renshaw, Bus., Red Oak: Roger Rensvold, A8rS. Duncan: Hal Reynolds, ZX, Bus., Shawnee. Juniors Joe Reynolds, EX, AES, Midwesl Ciiy: Paul Wayne Reynolds, Pharm., OC: David Rhea, AHS, Grandfield: Glenda L. Rice, X5-2. AES. Tulsa: Joy Richard, 1"'l'B. AHS, l-lobarl: Gail Richerf, XYZ. AHS, Tulsa: Larry Richmond, Engr., Moore. Liz Riddle, lll3'l', EA. Norman: James E. Riley, Acacia, Pharm., Tulsa: S+eve Riley, 'l'-59, Ed., Tulsa: Dennis Roberls, Bus., Enid: Edward Roberfgon, KE, A8iS, Gilmer, Tex.: J. W. Roberison, KE, AES, OC: Gloria Robinson, AAU, EA, Arlinglon l-leiqhls, lll. Pamela Rockhold, EA. Sapulpa: Elizabefh Rodriquez, A8fS, Wagoner: Mary A. Roepke, IVPB, A8fS. Alva: Ann Rogers, AFA, UC. Ardmore: Charles L. Rohrbaugh, A242 AHS, Norman: Bill Rollins, ABS, Law- fon: Richard Rose, Engr.. Shawnee. Bonnie Rosenihal, EAT, Ed., Memphis: lver Ross, EX, ABS, Tulsa: Michael Russell, ABS, Chicago: Carole Royds, AF, Ed., Manhallan Beach, Calif.: Brenda Rozen, AE'fP, Ed.. Tulsa: James B. Rudd, EN. ABS, l-looker: Linda Rudd, ASS, Ardmore. Mary Jane RuFFolo, Ed., Eullon, Mo.: Vivla R. Russell, ABS. OC: Pal' Ryan, ATA, A8fS. OC: BeHie Sabaih, AE41, Ed., Chicago: Carolyn L. Saenz, ARS, Lawlon: Rila Saferslein, EAT, Ed., Kansas Cily, Mo.: Kerry L. Salmon, A8:S, Shreveport La. Sandra Sandlin, AFA, AXQS, Seminole: Mariy Sanger, KA9, UC, OC: Kanal Say, Pharm., Phnom Penh, Cambodia: Waller Schiller, ATU, Bus., Belleville, lll.: Donald Schmidl', Engr., Lindenhursl, Long Island, N.Y.: Gail Schmidf, FTB, A8fS, Midwesl Cily: Dorofhy M. Schroed- er, Ed., Mounl Prospect lll. Sondra Schroeder, AXYI. AES, EI Reno: Ken Schuerman, BGIT, Bus., Alfus: Colleen Schupbach, FA, Burlinglon: Beverly Schurman, -All. Ed., Tulsa: Rober+ M. Schwarl-1, Engr., Fullerlon, Calif.: Frederick P. Schweers Jr., fl'-5-9, Engr., Honolulu: J. W. Schwenk lll, KE, Bus.. Independence, Mo. Car+er ScoH, 449. Bus., Dallas: Cheryl D. ScoH, Ed., Newkirk: Dennis ScoH', UC, Tulsa: Jolanda Sco'H', AT, EA, Parkridge, lll.: Nancy ScoH', UC, Broken Arrow: Sandy Seals, A8fS, Norman: Jane Seay, KA, AHS, Albuquerque, N.M. Harry Seck, AKE, Bus., Shawnee: Jana See, X9, AES, Enid: Susan G. Seelig, Aim! ABS, Sl. Louis, Mo.: Richard Segnar, B911 ABS, OC: Mary K. Seifer, EA, Norman: Andrew Sevick, WTA, A81S, Ama- rillo, Tex.: Bob Sexlon, Enqr., Muskogee. Diana Sex+on, A8iS, Okemah: Kenneih Shamblin, ABS, Minco: Sfacey Shannon, KA9, A81S, OC: Joe Shary, A8iS, Columbia, Pa.: Ray Shaw. A8iS, OC: Susan Shepard, AF, A8fS, Dallas: Charles F. Shield, ABS, Hunlsville, Ala. Johnny Shipley, A8fS, OC: Charles Shipp, ATSZ, Engr., Memphis: Suzanne Shires, AHS, Tulsa: James R. Shroyer, A8fS, Okmulgee: Porfer Shulfs, HKA, AES, Pine Blulil, Ark.: James A. Sigler, AES. Monlgomery, Ala.: Carlos E. Silva, ABS, Cali, Colombia. John B. Simpson, KA, AES, OC: Lynda C. Sims, AXS2, Pharm., Walonga: Marlene Sims, AHS, OC: Roberl' Sims, Engr., Norman: Sally Sinclair, KA9, EA. OC: Eileen Sinderbrand, AWD, Ed., Whar- lon, Tex.: Brooke Smilh, KA!-ll AHS, OC. Charles M. Smifh, 4519, UC, Panhandle, Tex.: Chrisfine Smi+l1, EA, Norman: David Smifh, IIKA, A8fS, Seminole: Dean Sm'i+h, 'P1'A. Bus., Woodward: Ellen Smilh, AFA, Ed., OC: Leslie A. Smilh, AX52, ASS, Bedford, Ind.: Marilyn Smiih, EA, Muskogee. Juniors Marsha Smifh, AAA, AES, Clovis, N.M.: Norma J. Smilh, A81S, OC: Paula A. Smifh, Bus., OC: Richard L. Smilh, AT, Bus., Midwesf Cily: Carol J. Sneed, IIBfP, AHS, Barllesville: George Snider, -SWE, Engr., Shawnee: Michael F. Snipple, AHS, Alva. King Solomon, KZ, Bus., Marshall, Tex.: Linda Soper, AFA, Ed., Law- ron: Paul Soper, KE, Bus., Lawlon: James F. Soulhern, A81S, Colo- rado Springs, Colo.: Craig Spann, IN, UC, Tulsa: Bill E. Spence, Engr., OC: Mary S. Spencer, Afb, Ed., Borger, Tex. Franklin Spry, AHS, New York Cily: Arvon Slaafs, Ed., Tulsa: Pamela Siacy, A8fS, Neosho. Mo.: Jean Slarr, A8fS, Shawnee: Sara Sleckel, ASS, Washingfon, D,C.: Gaynell Sfees, FA, Wichila, Kan.: Barbara Siegeman, FA. Tulsa. Susan S+einmeyer, AF, Ed., OC: Roberf S+ephens, AT, ASS, Lawlon: Lawrence Sfern, -EAM, ASS, Los Angeles: Janel Sfevenson, Ed., OC: John Sfewarf, E'f'E, AHS, Waco, Tex.: Tom Sfidham, EAW, Bus., Mil- waukee, Wis.: Ronnie Sfinson, Bus., Lone Grove. Slove Sfocldon, IIKA, Bus., Garden Cify, N,Y.: Mike Sfolper, 'IWBAK Bus., Ponca Cily: Teddy Sfovall, FA, Lawlon: Phillip Sfover, EFPE, Pharm., OC: John Sfrassberger, HKA, Bus., New Rochelle, N.Y.: Mandy Sfrickland, AAA, ASKS, Tulsa: Claudia Rhea, Slringer, AHS, Tulsa. Pai Sfufflebean, KU, Ed., Pauls Valley: B. P. Sudberry, KE, Bus., Muskogee: William F. Sullivan, A8fS, Tulsa: Tommy Summers, -EX. UC, Norman: Shelley Sufherland, A42 AES, Dallas: Cheryl Swearcn- gen, X53, Ed., Amarillo, Tex.: Jclm Swineford, HHH, AXKS, Chickasha. Sherman Taffel, UC, Rome, N.Y.: Bill Talbof, WWI, AHS, For? Worlh: J. Keene Taylor, AXA, Engr., Anadarko: Pauline A. Taylor, ASS, Midwesl Cily: S+eve Taylor, BHII, Pharm., Norman: Toni Tay- lor, KAW, AES, OC: Pam Thedford, A8cS, Lubbock, Tex. Anne Thomas, AXTSZ, Ed., Lawlon: Sheila Thomas, KA, UC, Tonkawa: Sieve G. Thomas, 'l'1'A, AES, OC: James Thompson, AHS, OC: Sandi Thompson, AFA, Ed., Lansing, Mich.: Charles Thorpe, ATS2, AHS, Chickasha: Al Tichansky, Engr., Birmingham, Ala. Terrence L. Tinkel, Engr., Soulh Bend, Ind.: Jerome Tifus, Bus., Fair- fax, Va.: Linda Kaye Toberman, AES, Norman: Candi Todd, UC. Phoenix, Ariz.: Cheryl Todd, KA9, A8cS, Norman: Sharyn Toler, KA, Ed.. Muskogee: Edwin Tomi+a, Engr., Wahiawa, l-lawaii. Edward G. Torrey, Bus., Weslern Springs, Ill.: George J. Tofo, UC, Long Island, N.Y.: Terry Treadway, AAII, FA, Hollis: Lynda Treich- ler, AAA, Ed., OC: Bob TroHer, EN, Bus., OC: Bobbie Trou+, AES. OC: Sfanley Tubbs Jr., AKE, ALS, Sallisaw. Chuck Tucker, 'l'K'1', Engr., Norman: Nancy Turk, AXS2, FA, Ard- more: Cherry K. Turnage, AHS, Wichifa, Kan.: Al C. Turner, A3341 AES. Norman: Dave Turner, EN, Bus., Geary: Harvey Turner, KE, UC, Springfield, lll.: Marilyn Tyler, AES, Vinila. Jean Uefrecht FTB, AHS, Dallas: Phil Ulmer, KE, AHS, Miami: Ev Ulness, Bus., Aurora, lll.: Gary Underwood, K-Y, Bus., Lawlon: Jimmie U'ri'l'z, Ed., Beaumonl, Tex.: Donna Vana, AES, Riverside, lll.: Ronnie VanaH'a, AES, Miami. Doug VanDyck, KA, AHS, Chickasha: Charles L. Van Nosfrand, ARS. Edmond: Jack Van Valkenburgh, KA, Bus., Sacramenlo, Calif.: Slephen L. Vargo, ATA, A8rS, Midwesl' Cily: Susan Vaughn, FA, El- more Cily: Sam Veazey, EAE, AES, Ardmore: DorreH'a Veccia, Bus., Bronx, N.Y. Class Looks Forward to Senior Year Jerry Venable, BSII, AHS, Beaver: Barbara Voiles, AAA, AHS, Hook- er: John Wade, AHS, Annandale, Va.: Howard Wagner, Bus., Fay- elleville, Ark.: Lynn Walcher, Ed., Blackwell: Jacque Wallace, 33-A, AHS, Enid: Roy Wallace, -EAM, Bus., Bronx, N.Y. Suzanne Wallen, Ed., Tahloquah: Gayle Walling, AFA, AHS, Ryan: Nancy Ann Wallon, KKIT, AHS, Shalluck: Susan Wallz, l"l'B, AHS. Lawlon: Bari' Ward, KA, Bus., Norman: Jimmy Ward, ATU, Pharm., Duncan: Irving D. Warden, AZ'l', Bus., Pillsburg, Kan. Phyllis Warmack, KKTT, Ed., Acla: Tom Warner, EX, Engr., Memphis? Glendon Warren, Bus., Lawlon: Jana Wassam, XYZ, FA, Tulsa: Judy Walers, AHS, Tulsa: Marlha Walson, KKF, AHS, Miami: Jim Wal- lers, KE, UC, Miami. Mike Weaks, -5-KE, UC, OC: Barbara Wealherly, AFA, Ed., Ryan? Morris Webb, Engr., Wichila, Kan,: Gloria Webber, Bus., Davis: William Weinberg, Ali-ll, AHS, Shorl l-lills, N.J.: William C. Wein- rich, BSU, AHS, Ponca Cily: Clif Weinslein, EAM, AHS, New York Cily. Lew Weinslein, EAM, Bus., Lawlon: Raymond Wenlzel, Engr., For- esl Park, Ill.: Margarel A. Wesl, 1"l'B, Ed., Binqer: Vicki Wesler, AXQ, Pharm., Garland, Tex.: William S, Whipple, AHS, Gollslown, N.l'l.: Fred While, Blau, Bus., Kewanee, III.: Jane While, IYPB, FA, Chandler. Judi While, 1"l'B, FA, Eorl Worlh: Kalrina While, XQ, AHS, Miami: Peler While, Bus., Tulsa: Bill Whilehursl, IIKA, Pharm., Ardmore? Fred Whilehursl, HKA, Pharm., Ardmore: William Whillield, AKE. AHS, Panama Cily, Fla.: Jim Whilmire, ATA, AHS, Slonewall. Sharron Whilney, KU, Ed., Dallas: Lloyd Whillall, ATA, AHS, Tecum- seh: Joe Whi++Ie, ATU, AHS, Sl. Pelersburg, Fla.: Jim Widman, EN, Bus., Greenwich, Conn.: Susan Wiglon, HRT, Ed., Swarlhmore, Pa.: Janice Wilder, Ed., Tulsa: Carol Wilkinson, AXU, EA, OC. Ben Williams, TKXII, Engr., Tulsa: Belsy Williams, TYPE, AHS, Omaha, Neb.: Charley Williams, EAR, Bus., Ardmore: Don L. William: ll, Engr., Anadarko: James B. Williams, AHS, McAlesler: Mike Wil- liams, ATA, UC, Pauls Valley: Ramon E. Williams, AXA, AHS, Dewey. Dana Williamson, AHS, Maysville: Bob Willmann, EX, AHS, Des Moines, Iowa: John Wilson, AHS, Seminole: Judy Wilson, UDB, Ed., Elk Cily: Mary Wilson, UC, EI Dorado, Ark.: Ramona K. Wilson, AHS, Norman: Richard L. Wilson, KA, Pharm., Miami. Jim Willshire, EX, Bus., Tulsa: Richard Winburn, fbllrl, Bus., Chick- asha: Ron Winfrey, XX, AHS, OC: John D. Winfermule, UKA, Bus., Arlinglon, Va.: David Wise, AEII, Bus., New York Cily: Jones Wilcher, fi'-319, Pharm., Amarillo, Tex.: Janie M. Wilhrow, AAA. AHS, Seminole. Bob Wood, EX, Business, Arlinglon, Tex.: Jane Woodard, KKTT, Ed., Tulsa: Maria Woodford, AHS, l-loldenville: Nancy Woodruff, KU, AHS. Kingfisher: Bill Word, AXA, Ed., Arnell: Gil Wrighl, K?-3, Bus., OC: Jack Wrighl, KI, AHS, Cherokee. Mark Wrighl, Pharm., Marshall, Tex.: Susan Wrighl, AXIZ, AHS, Norman: Marilyn Wyall, Ed., Boley: Tim Wynn, AXA, Engr., Daylon, Ohio: Carrie Wyrick, AFA, AHS, Aloka: Linda Yandell, 1"l'B, AHS, Wewoka: Carolyn Yeager, AF, Ed., OC. Susan Yeager, AF, AHS, OC: David Yoder, Bus., Blackwell: Douglas Young, AHS, Tulsa: Gary Young, AHS, Okarche: Judy Young, Ed., Rush Springs: Nancy Young, -5-AA, AHS, Bozeman, Monl.: Gary Yusl, AHS, Tulsa: Peggy Zumwall, UC, Frederick. M Sophomores Buckle Down f . l Donna Sue Abel, AX9. Ed.. OC: Phil Abernalhy, AT, A8fS, Henry- ella: Lynn Abney, AXTZ, UC, Marshall, Tex.: Bill, Adams, 'l'AfH3, UC. Mobile, Ala.: Paul Adams, KA, Enqr., OC: Palricia Adcock, KA, ABS, LaGrange, lll.: Rock Albers, AES, Union Ciry. J. Ramon Alden, Bus., Barllesville: Thomas P. Alesi, AXA, AXQS, Easl' Rochesler, N.Y.: Edward Alexander, AHIT. AHS. OC: Belsy Allen, Xfl, AZQS, Forl Towzon: Sammy Allen, KE, UC, OC: Shirley Allen, ABS, Barllesville: Verna Allen, AES, Eorl Worlh, Tex. Mike Aikinson, fb-39, A8iS, Tulsa:Rober+ Allerman, TBA, A8fS, Al- lanla, Ga.: Elizabelh Ann Al+sl'aH', 1"l'B, Ed., Norman: Sally Am- spacher, KA9, Bus., OC: Dick Anderson, UC, Dallas, Tex.: Jay Ann Anderson, KA9, Ed., Excelsior Springs, Mo.: Richard Anderson, AHS, Richardson, Tex. Jenne Angrisf, UC. Dallas, Tex.: Sheryl Anspaugh, A8iS, OC: Roger Applegafe, ATU, UC, Falls Church, Va.: Mike Archer, 'PAQ Bus.. Dallas, Tex.: Laura Arringlon, AAA, FA, OC: Sieve Asbury, BQH, Bus., OC: Mary Cynlhia Afchley, AFA, AHS, Lawlon. Joan Aus'I:in, AF, Ed., OC: Suzy Ausi-in, AX52, A8fS, Joliet lll.: Befsy Bacon, AF, FA, OC: Jane Bacon, HBfb, AES, Ardmore: Rober+ O. BadgeH, BFE, Engr., Porlland, Ore.: Joyce Bailey, KA, A8iS, Law- lon: Ginger Bain, UC, Barllesville. Rebecca A. Bain, AHS, Ambler, Pa.: Alice Ann Baker, KAG, FA, Duranl: Connie Baker, AE'l', Ed., Chicago: Penny Baker, UC, Eorl' Worlh: Larry Balch, A2142 UC, Tulsa: Susan Ballard, KA9, FA, Wich- ila Falls, Tex.: Gail Bandy, AAA. Ed., Barllesyille. Mary Bane, AFA, AES, OC: Ann Baplisf, KA9, Ed., Shawnee: Mel- vin Barnes, UC, Noble: M. Merlene Barnes, AES, Cyril: Calhy Barr, EAT, AXcS, Daylon, Ohio: James M. Barr, UC, Dover: Jim Barr, Bus., Tulsa. Donna Jean Barron, AES, Union Cily: Cafhy Bar'fle'H, AES, Anllers: Virginia Bar+leH, AAU, UC. Norman: Janel' Barlow, UC, Laverne: Paula Bashaw, KA, FA, l-lominy: Belinda Bales, TIB'fP, Ed., Tulsa: John Bauer, EN, UC, Tulsa. Beverly Baugh, AES, Midwesl Cily: Alberl Bauman, Engr., Balli- more, Md.: Richard Baumgarfner, UC, Derby, Kan.: Bruce Bayless, 'l'A9, Bus., OC: Palricia Bazhaw, A8fS, Tulllez Becky Beard, AAU, Ed., Moore: Gail Beasley, KKF, UC, Dallas. Tex. for Second Year Ann Beaudry, FTB, A8fS, Winler Park, Fla.: Jack Becker, EX, AES. Allus: Sieve Belanger, ATA, ASS, Guymon: Anne Bell, KA!-3' AES, Dallas: Carmen Bell, UC, Sligler: Chuck Bell, WPA, AES, Norman: Cliflon Bell, UC, Perrylon, Tex. Richard Bell, KA, Ed., Eorl Worlh: Lindsey Bellam, EA, Tinker AFB: Jerry Bendorf, Bus., OC: Larry Berglan, ZX, UC, Norman: Emil Lee AEH, ASS, Calumel Cify, lll.: Barbara Becky Berry, HWl', Ed., Norman. Bernick, Perry, AAA, AHS, Lawlon: Berry, AAA. ALS, OC: Joel A. Berryhill, AES, Barllesville: Bes'l', Ed., Barllesville: Michael K. Besl, BeH'es, AHS, Norman: Jerry Bias, "PAQ, Jimmy Biffle, KZ, Bus., Muskogee. Melody Francie Richard ALS, Tahlequah: AHS, Muskogee: Sophomores Biff Bigbie, HKA, ABS, Ardmore: Colleen Billings, KA9, ABS. Woodward: Rila Billingfon, AES. San Anfonio: Roberl' Billy, TKE, Bus., Midwesl' Cify: Roberia Billy, Ed., Midwesf Cify: James Black- well, Bus., Tulsa: Tom Blackwell, Bus., Tulsa. Sfeve Blake, EN, Bus., Pauls Valley: Nafalie Bloom, EAT, AXKS, San Diego: Susan Blubaugh, AF, ABS, Lawfon: Barney E. Blue, AHS. Porfales, N.M.: Bruce Blue, WBA, Bus., Louisville, Ky.: Davie Boal, XYZ, ABS, Eorf Smifh, Ark.: Janis Bogle, IWPB, Bus., Shawnee. Sandra Bolfon, Bus., Norman: Susan Bomar, AVA, Bus., OC: PaHy Bonnell, TIBIIY, AES, OC: Roberf G. Boren, fPAi-J Bus., Dallas: Kaye Bosley, XD, A8cS, Duncan: Jim L. Bofkin, 'PKE, Bus., Lawfon: Timo- fhy K. Bovee, A8cS, Norman. Konnie Bowden, UC, McAlesfer: Janie Bowen, NP, UC, l-leavener: Kafhy Bowlby, A8cS, Shawnee: Mary Be'l'l'1 Bowlen, X9, AES, Edmon- fon, Alfa., Canada: Don C. Bowman, ATU, UC, Lawfon: Jane Bow- man, I"l'B, FA, Tulsa: Sarah Bowman, KA9, Ed., Muskogee. John S. BoyeH, A8fS. Borqer. Tex.: Bill Boyle, AYP, UC, Paramus. N.J.: Don Boyf, EX, A81S, Shawnee: Curfis Bradforcl, FA, Bakersfield. Calif.: Jane'l' Bruce Bradley, AHS, Norman: Roger A. Brady, ATA, Bus., Midwesf Cify: Sarah Brady, ABS, Onfario, Calif. Bobbe Bramson, EAT. Ed.. Tarzana, Calif.: John Brandes, 'T'K:, A81S, Foresf l-lills, N.Y.: Clark Branf, ITKA, Bus., Tulsa: Vicki Branf- ley, AX9, AES, Dallas: Ronald Dale Brasel, Pharm.. Drumrighf: Susan M. Braun, UC, OC: Elise Breeding, A'l', UC, Dallas. Marilyn Breslow, EAT, Ed., Lincoln, Neb.: Susan Lee Bresnick, EAT. A8fS. Kansas Cify, Kan.: Nancy Brower, AFA, AES, Duncan: Chris Bricmonf, KA, Ed., OC: John Bridges, UC, OC: Susan Briggs, UC, Norman: Befi Ann Briscoe, AFP, Ed., Tipfon. Paul Brockwell, EX, Bus., Tulsa: Emily Brogden, KAH, Ed., OC: Lynwood Troy Brooks, A8fS, OC: Becky Brown, FA, OC: Candace Brown, AAII, Ed., San Anfonio: Elizabefh Brown, UC, Dallas: Ken- nefh Brown, KA, Bus., Lawfon. Sherry Brown, Bus., OC: Sfeve Browne, EAE, ABS, Wichifa, Kan.: Sharon Bruce, A8fS, Tinker AFB: Dave Bruschi, A2342 A8fS, Erie, Pa.: Jane Buchanan, 1-lB'l'. ARS, OC: Barbara Budlong, FA, Aflanfap Nancy Buland, Ed., Sapulpa. Diane Bunch, AF, AXKS, Ponca Cify: Jean M. Burford, A-Xll, Bus., Miami: Jim Burgar, 'PA-9, Bus., Lindsay: Donna Burger, AXSZ, EA, OC: Jean Burk, KA, Bus., Eorf Smifh, Ark.: Shay BurneH', TTTVP, ABS, Norman: David A. Burns, A8cS, Ponca Cify. Mary Jane Burrow, XD, ABS, Muskogee: Jon Burrows, FA, Tipfon: Lydna Bursey, AAU, UC, Eorf Worfh: Greg Burfon, HKA, Bus., Tul- sa: Ronnie Burfon, UC, Duncan: Sandy Busch, Afb, ASS, Norman: Nancy Sue Bufler, UC. l-lenryeffa. Ronny Bufler, EA, Tulsa: Beffe Byrd, FTB, Ed., Wichifa, Kan.: Jill Byrne, KKF. Ed., Ada: Gene Cagle, ATA, AES, Lawfon: Guyanne Calame, X9, Bus., Norman: Sherry Calhoun, UC, Amarillo, Tex.: J. Randolph Call, AHS, OC. Dianne Callahan, ABS, Conroe, Tex.: Pal Calverf, AEKP, Ed., Hous- fon: Melissa Camp, FA, Guymon: Dean Campbell, fI'KXI', UC. Ama- rillo, Tex.: Linda Campbell, AV, UC, Amarillo, Tex.: Marfha Camp- bell, Ed., OC: Roberf B. Candler, UC, Midwesf Cify. Sophomores David Canfrell, IIKA, UC, Kailua, Hawaii: Mark Capeharf, AHS, Tulsa: Cecille Carameros, KKF, A8iS, Shorf l-lills, N.J.: Jeff Carl- sfead, 'i'1'A, Bus., Flossmoor, III.: Tom Carnevale, Bus., OC: Shari Carpenfer, l"l'B, Ed., OC: Glenn P. Carson, Engr., La Junfa, Colo. Jim Carfer, KE, Bus., Tulsa: Linda Carfer, Ed., Seminole: Roberf Carfer, fl'-AH, Bus., Long Beach, Calif.: lan Carfier, ABU, Engr., New York Cify: Gary Casper, AX1S, Midwesf Cify: Kin Caudill, IIKA. UC, Norman: Lynn Caudle, AHS, Housfon. Evie Chaffin, AX1S, Norman: Gay Chalfanf, Xfl, Ed., Cheyenne: George G. Chandler III, AES, Exfon. Pa.: G. Mike Charlesfon, Bus., OC: Ricky L. Chase, 1"T'B, AHS, Seminole: Gary Cheney, 4'Kq', Bus., Sand Springs: Candy L. Cherniack, EAT, UC, Omaha, Neb. Georgina Chessmore, ASS, Sfillwafer: Nancy Childers, AXSZ, Ed., OC: Diane Chrisfoph, AES, Menasha, Wis.: Leonard Chubrick, AES. Middlesex, N. J.: Richard Cinoffo, 'l'KE, UC, Alfus: Blue Clark, ATU, ASS, OC: Bobby Clark, ff1A9, UC, Dallas. Ken Clark, HKA, UC, OC: Roberf Clark, KX, UC, Norman: Caro- lyn Clayfon, AHS, OC: Charles Clayion, ATA, AES, Midwesf Cify: Megan Clemenf, XSZ, AES, Ardmore: Vic Cleveland, EN, UC, Alfus: Hal Clifford, BAE, UC, OC. Carol Cliffon, Ali, AHS, Dallas: Bob Cline, B911 Engr., OC: Mike Cline, Engr., Camden, Ark.: Joan Cloe, Ed., Moore: Thomas J. Cloud, ATU, UC, OC: Jane Coffey, UC, Okarche: Margaref Coff- man, HB'i', AXQS, Ardmore. Barby Cohen, AWD, A8iS, Highland Park, Ill.: Wayne Cohen, AEN. Engr., Los Alamifos, Calif.: K. Cohlmia, ATA. UC, Shaffuck: Jen- nifer Coil, AAA, AHS, OC: Don Cole, BUTT, Engr., Muskogee: John Cole, HKA. Bus., OC: Cafhy Coleman, AHS, Waliers. James Coleman, Bus., Camden, Ark.: Larry Collier, BAE, AHS, Law- fon: Dwighi' Collins, AES, Tulsa: Terry L. Collins, A8fS, San Anfonio: Tommi Collins, Bus., Norman: Bob Colombe, UC, Tonkawa: Milfon Combs, AXA, Bus.. Enid. Doug Conn, AXA, AHS, l-lousfon: Daniel C. Conver, A8fS, Haddon- field, N. J.: Hal Cook AXA, Engr., Liberfy, Tex.: Karen Cook, Bus., Clinfon: R. Sco'H' Cook, ASS, Anadarko: William W. Cook, AHS, Norman: E. Toni Cooksey, AHS, Gufhrie. Melanie Cooper, X9, AXS, Wewoka: Robin Cooper, Ed., Dallas: Larry Core, A-KE, A81S, Tulsa: Paul Cosfilow, EAN, Bus., Lawfon: Linda Coihran, Bus., OC: Deniese Counfs, AIT, AHS, Shawnee: Nancy Coving+on, KA9, AES, OC. Don Cox, KA, UC, Ardmore: Kalhy Cox, AES, Rocky l-lill, Conn. Bob Craig, 'Nfl A81S, Tulsa: Cheryl Craig, AF, Ed., Norman: Ken Craig, Bus., OC: Carl Craighead, -EX, AHS, Barflesville: Connie Crawford, KA1-J, Ed., Ardmore. Fred Crawford, EX, AHS, OC: Gaylon Crawford, ZX, Pharm., La- verne: Marc Crawford, Engr.: Tulsa: Bill Crosby, 'PK-Y, AHS, Ard- more: Dex Crosby, KZ, Bus., Sf. Paul, Minn.: Roberf Crosslin, EX. Bus., Tulsa: Laura Crouch, ASS, Barflesville. Ken Cubbage, EX, Engr., Cushing: Susan Culp, IIBIP, A8fS, Ard- more: Susan Cunningham, Nursing, Commerce: LuBe'rh Curry, AAA, Bus., Muskogee: Rusfy Curfis, AT, Engr., New Cumberland, Pa.: Wayne Dabney, EX, AES, Verden: Jerry Damron, KA, UC, Elk Cify, Ray Dan, 'PB-A, UC, Brownsville, Tenn.: David Daniel, AES, OC: Lee Daniel, "i'Al'i, Bus., Nassau, Bahama: Havis O. Danmole, Bus., Lagos, Nigeria: Douglas E. Danner, UC, Evansville, lnd.: Mary Daron, AHS, OC: Gail Darrah, AHS, OC. Jeff Davidoff, 'i'Al'l, UC, OC: Roberi J. Davidson, A2342 ASTS. Paramus, N.J.: Bill Davis, 'l'Al'3, UC, Eori Smiih, Arlc.: Charles A. Davis, 'l'1'A, APRS, Tulsa: Sieve Davis, ATU, Engr., Wewoka: Joan Dean, KU, Ed., Tulsa: Tony DeBellis, TIKA, ASS, Lawion. Jack Deligans, Engr., Livermore, Calif.: Louiiiia Denison, A8fS, Brolc- en Arrow: Louise Denyer, 1"l'l4, ARS, Bedford, Tex.: Emmy Derby, IIB'i', AHS, Wichiia, Kan.: Vireshlcumar C. Desai, UC, Guiarai, ln- dia: Suzanne Dessauer, AE41, Ed., Norman: Charles Deuisch, TBA. AXQS, OC. Sophs Become Eligible for Varsity Sports Roberi Devens, AT, AES, Lawlon: Sam Devinlci, EAM, Bus., Kansas Ciiy, Mo.: Roberi O. Diclcey, ATA, AHS, Lawion: Cindy Dicus, Ed., Ada: Bob Dies, HKA, AHS, OC: Neil DiGiammaH'eo, EAE, UC. Sierling, N.J.: John A. Eaglesion, fbiigiy OC. Linda Dirlcs, 1"l'B, A8cS, Sioux Ciiy, iowa: John A. Dohrendorf, UC. Tulsa: Jane Domianovich, Ed., Ada: Janei' Dombelc, A8fS. l-lenryeiia: Glenn S. Dorfman, AEN, AHS, Roslyn, N.Y.: Claude Dorsey, UC. Alma, Ark.: Mary Dorsey, AAU, UC, Tulsa. 1 John Douglas, ARS, Whiiiier, Calii.: Ted Dowell, UC, Tulsa: Debby Downing, AAA, A86, OC: Marca Downing, AAA, AHS, Edmond: Don Dragg, 'l'AlT7, UC, OC: Susy Drewry, AP, UC, Lawion: Lynn Drury, ATA, FA, Prague. Gary Dudoviclc, Engr., Milwaukee, Wis.: Terry L. Due, AES, Dun- can: Roberi' Duerr, Bus., New York Ciiy: Janei K. Duffy, Bus., An- ihony, Kan.: Richard Dugan, 'i'K'I', Bus., Lone Wolf: Leslie Dunlap, UC, OC: Roy C. Dunn, UC, Del Ciiy. Toby Dunn, UC, Jei: Leslie Durall, EA, OC: Rober+ Duihie, Engr.. Holland, N.Y.: William Eales, UC, Hobari: Carol A. Earl, AHS, Fori Worih: John Earl, EX, A8iS, Tulsa: Wayne Earles, UC, El Reno. John Easiburn, Engr., Brisiow: Doyle E. Easferwood, UC, Healdion: Charles Echols, UC. OC: Corwin Edwards, AES, Annandale, Va.: Kaihy Elser, AHS, Barilesville: Susie Engel, AES, Ada: William En- gel, AXA, Bus., Elmwood Park, III. Nancy English, AXS2, ARS, Tulsa: Roberi' K. Epperson, EN, UC, Tulsa: O. Carey Epps, ATU, AZQS, Tulsa: Tom Erbar, A242 A8fS, El Reno: Susie Erickson, Ali, Bus., Dallas: Mary A. Eurion, X9, Ed., Nora man: David Evans, ITKA, UC, Ardmore. Peie Ewing, E'l'E, Engr., Wesiiield, N.J.: Roberi' Fano, AXQS, OC: Lou A. Farmer, AES, Duncan: Arihur Farrell, Engr., Babylon, Long Island, N.Y.: Jen Faullcner, IIBQJ, AHS, Claremore: Ann Fenion, AAA, Ed., OC: Ron Ferguson, ATA, ALS, Savannah, Ga. Sandy Ferguson, A'i', EA, Lawion: Mihi Ferris, T"i'B, Ed., Tulsa: Gary R. Field, A-ESP, Engr., Tulsa: Tom Filip, AT, UC, Johnson Ciiy, N.Y.: Marilyn Finch, Ed., Tulsa: Greg Finley, AT9, AHS, Tulsa: Janef Finley, Bus., Shawnee. Thomas C. Finnerly, Acacia, AES, Norman: John R. Fisher, KA, AHS, Balboa, Canal Zone: Pal' Flick, EN, Bus., Muskogee: Charles Floren, AHS, Barilesville: Roberl' Floyd, -ATA, Bus., OC: Vilis N. Fogels, Acacia, AES, Barilesville: Mabel Foley, Ed., Waverly, W. Va. Roberr Fonck, Bus., Norlh LiHIe Rock, Ark.: Kafhleen Forbes, UC. Honolulu, Hawaii: Jim Ford, ATU, Engr., OC: Rochelle Fordin, ATE, Nursing, New York Ciiy: Judy Forresf, UC, Del Ciiy: Sherron For- resrer, KA, AES, Allus: Lexy Forsberg, FTB, Ed., Ponca Cify. Ann Forsyfhe, Ali, FA, Ardmore: Cafhryn A. Fosfer, Ed., Miami: Francy Fosfer, UC, Lawlon: Glenn Fosler, AHS, OC: Kenny Franks, AHS, Okemah: Jeanne A. Franseen, Ali, FA, Del Cily: Connie Franfz, KAI-J, Ed.. Enid. Grade Po1nts Grow Harder to ake Up Dave Frazer, EX. UC, Rancho, Calif.: Tommy E. Fraiier, ATA, AES. OC: Michael Freeman, 'T'K9, UC, Tulsa: Margo Friedman, Alifb, Ed., Rock Island, Ill.: Mary Fromme, AHS, Bucklin, Kan.: Don Fron- rerhouse, KA, ARS, OC: Franklin Fry, UC, Huqo. Sally Frye, AV, Ed.. OC: Mariha Fryer, KAI-1, AES, OC: Susan Fryer, KKF, Bus., OC: Marie Frynfzko, KKF, AHS, Granire Cify, Ill.: Bill Fugi'H', KE, UC, OC: Linda S. Fulron, UC, Duncan: S. Ellen Gahan, AHS, OC. Randy Gaines, 3911, Bus., Okrnulqee: Jim Gallup, 2445, A8fS, Tulsa: Raymond Gandy, AXA, UC, Okmulqee: Gilda Gan+, AXS2, FA, Ard- more: Bud Garner, AHS, Midwesl Ciry: Janie Garner, AAA, FA, Amarillo, Tex.: Jim Garne'H', KE, AES, OC. Susan Garre'r'r, KH, Ed., Muskogee: Suzanne Garrei-f, AVA, A8fS, Barllesville: Gail Garrison, AHS, Winnelka, Ill.: Cheryl Gales, Ali, UC, Norman: Slephen Gaulrney, FA, Norman: Penny Gaunf, AES, Kansas Cify, Mo.: Cindy GaunH, HRT, AES, OC. Michael Geller, EAM, AES, Cliflon. N.J.: Charles Gerber, UC, Lil'- ilelon, Colo.: Chip Gerry, EAM, AHS, Muskogee: Richard Gibbens, AT. ARS, Casper, Wyo.: Ann Gibbs, KA, FA, OC: James N. Gib- son, AXA, Bus., OC: Marsha Gillogly, UC, Ponca Cily. Mary A. Gilmore, AHS, OC: Roberl' Gilmore, Bus., Blanchard: Cheryl Glass, AHS, Lawion: Rifa Glazer, EAT, UC, Tulsa: Howard P. Goldberg, AEN, UC, Newark, N.J.: Susan Goldsfein, Alifb, Ed., Sioux Cily, Iowa: Julie Goode, T"lfB, ASS, Duncan. Jimmy Goodman, ATA, Bus., OC: Barry Greyson, AHS, OC: Freda Goodwin, FA, Muskogee: Rick Goodwin, AES, Pampa, Tex.: Nona Gordon, AAU, Ed., Norman: Sfeven H. Gorin, AEN, Bus., Greal Neck, N.Y.: Sherre Goss, AXSZ, Fd.. OC. Howdy Goudy, KAW, AHS, Denver: Mike Graham, AES, Tahlequah: Jim Granf, EX, Bus., Tulsa: Jean Grauel, l"'l'B, A8fS, Barrlesville: Bruce Grayum, UC, Midwesr Cily: A. Bruce Green, BAE, Bus., Pur- cell: Jim Green, fl1KE, FA, OC. Michael Greenbaum, AEH, Bus., Arlanla, Ga.: Judy Greene, AT, Ed., OC: Pamela Gregory, AFA, A8fS, OC: Fransee Greif, AEIII, FA, Memphis: Benneff GriFFin, Bus., OC: James E. Griffin, AKE, UC, Chickasha: Caiherine Gri'Ffi+h, A81S, New Braunfels, Tex. Sophomores Cherry K. Grilifilh, KU, A8rS, Norman: Dave Griffy, fI'KZ, UC, OC: Pafricia Grimm, Ed., Liberlyville, III.: Jack R. Grisham, Bi'JII, AES, Wichira Falls, Tex.: Diane Groom, AGP, Ed., Corleeville, Kan.: Roberl L. Gross, UC, Barnesdall: Linda Grosse, Ed., Dallas. Charles Grovum, UC, Casper, Wvo.: Roberl A. Guderian, UC, Shawnee: Carole S. Gumm, AMI, AES, Cushing: Susan Gunderson, AAA, Ed., Fairfax, Va.: Suzanne Gunderson, AAA, A8rS, OC: Belinda Gunn, UC, Moraga, Calif.: Carolyn Gunn, A-All, A8rS, Waliers. Sherie Gunn, Aflf, Ed., OC: Libby Gusline, HWP, A8rS, Shreveport La.: Ed Gufhrie, EX, UC, OC: Diane Haberek, UC, Wanlagh, N.Y.: Elaine Hahn, KA, A8rS, OC: Marcia Hale, AAA, Bus., Moore: John Hall, AHS. Midwesr Cily. Judy Hall, AES, Midwesr Cily: Liz Hall, KAU, A8rS, Muskogee: Marquiia Hall, Ed., OC: Rifa Hall, FTB, AHS, Shawnee: Vance Hall, 'PK-Y, A8rS, For? Cobb: David Hammond, IN, Ed., Ada: Bill Ham- mons, ZAE, Bus., Shawnee. Bill Hamplon, Bus., Holly, N.J.: Roberl' Hamel, UC, Syracuse, N.Y.I Doug Hanes, EN, Dallas: Malcolm Haney, 'l'l'A, OC: Chip Hansen, ATA, AES, OC: James Hansen, Engr., Wesrminsrer, Calif.: Jan Hardy, AP, Ed., Union, Mo. Jim Hargrove, AT, AES, Liberal, Kan.: Abdulwahab A. Hariry, UC, Saudi Arabia: Roy Harkey, 'Pl'-A, Bus., Norman: Gary Harlin, UC, OC: Mary Harlow, H1342 A8fS, Norman: Darylene Harmon, AFA, FA, Elmhursr, lll.: Margarel' Harmon, Ed., Warrensburg, Mo. Kafhy Harn, 1"i'l5, EA, Tulsa: Larry Harral, 13911, UC, Norman: Sieve Harrell, A2142 Barllesville: Ed Harris, AEH, UC, Cranford, N.J.: Phillip Harris, KE, UC, Ada: Doane Harrison, -SAE, Bus., Norman: Thelma Harrison, Nursing, Viniia. Greg Har+, SN, UC, Tulsa: John F. Harvey, ARS, Abilene, Tex.: Mike Harvey, Bus., Dumas, Tex.: Sfeven Harz, EAM, AHS, Jersey Cily, N.J.: Lila Hawk, Ed., Wichiia, Kan.: Harva Hawkins, UC, OC: Lenora Hawkins, EA, Midwesi Cify. Roy Hawkins, UC, Sand Springs: Melany Hay, Ed., OC: Tom Hayes, -Yfl'E, Engr., Davis: Tommy Hayes, UC, Norman: Ellen Heard, KA, A8cS, Lawron: Donna Hearn, Bus., Marlow: Phyllis Hearisill, Ed., Midwesl Ciry. Elaina Heaih, A8rS, Barrlesvilleg Jeneired Hederhorsr, KKF, A8rS. Baylown, Tex.: Larry Hedges, AT, AHS, Lawlon: Jan Heinze, UC, OC: Douglas Hellerson, AXA, UC, Plainville, N.J.: Bob Hemphill, 'l'K2l, A8rS, Cleveland: Dave Henbesl, K-Y, A8rS, Barilesville. Anne Henderson, KA9, Ed., OC: Barbara Henderson, Ed., Norman: Janie Henderson, Xll, A8rS, Dallas: Louise Henderson, KKV, AES. Muskogee: Rober'r K. Henderson Jr., Bwll, Bus., OC: Sian Hender- son, EX, ASS, Hollywood, Calif.: Vicki Henderson, AHS, Vernon, Tex. William Hendricks, A8rS, Prague: Gordon Henley, UC, Sapulpa: Gary Hensler, KE, AHS, Ada: John Hensley, A8rS, Smirhville: Bar- bara E. Herzog, EAT, AES, Omaha, Neb.: Nancy Hess, KA, AES, Lawlon: Mary Hesfer, AHS, Alva. Terry Hesler, AAU, Pharm., Clearbrook, Minn.: Roberl' J. Hewihl, ATA, AHS. Muskogee: Frank HigginboH'om, AXA, AHS. OCZ Jan Hollingshead, KA9, AES, Srroud: Susan Holloway, KKF, AES, Tulsa: Andrea Hicks, AFA, A8rS, Edmond: Tom G. Hilborne Jr., Bus., OC. Sophomores Margo Hilfinger, F'l'B, AHS, Wichila, Kan.: Terry Hill, AHS, OC: Tom Hill, KA, UC, Barllesville: Max A. Hindes, AVA, Ed., OC: Bill Hinkle, AX1S, Barllesyille: Richard Hinkle, HKA, AES, Lawlon: Gloria HOIJIJS, UC, OC. Gwyneffh Hobson, AES, Wealherlord, Tex.: Paula L. Hodgins, AAU, Engr., Kansas Cily, Mo.: Alan Hoffman, Sfifli, Bus., El Reno: Jill Holderlay, AAU, Pharm., Cherokee: Jill Hollman, lll3'l', FA, Nor- man: Danny Holf, Acacia, Engr., Barrlesville: Jean Holzbeierlein, KKV, EJ., Duncan. Gary L. Homsey, -YN, AHS, Allus: Marilyn Hope, KA, Ed., Mays- ville: Sharon Hopkins, AXS2, Bus., Shawnee: Ellen Hcpp, Nursing, Miami: Linda Horn, KKl', UC, Alva: Sue Horn, AAU, Ed., Slill- waler: Bonnie A. Horne, AXfS, Randolph AFB, Tex. Robyne Horfon, ASS, Forl Sill: Craig W. Hosler, ATA, Bus., OC: John Hoslelfler, 24115, UC, Maywood, Ill.: Marsha House, AES, OC: Gary Howard, TKXP, Bus., OC: Carl Hughes, KA, UC, Sapulpa: Claudia Hughes, AX52, Nursing, OC. Palfy Hughes, A8rS, Dallas: Evalynne Hugon, UC, Midwesl Cily: Richard P. Hular, Engr., Yonkers, N.Y.: Judy Humphrey, EA, Dun- can: Karen Hunl, EA, Coalqale: Richard Hunl', EA, OC: Mary Hunler, FA, Hobarl. Ed Hunhicker, IIKA, UC, Memphis: Mary L. Hurlburl, UC, Tulsa: Wynona Hursl, UC, Chandler: Kalhy Huslon, KAW, Ed., Tulsa: James A. Hyde, TFA, UC, OC: Harold lmke, ATA, Bus., Shalluck: Ted lmpson, AXA, UC, Tonkawa. Howard D. lnglish, Engr., Del Cily: Dee Ingram, Ed., OC: Hank J. Inman, UC, Del Cily: Sleve Irwin, KA, UC, OC: Bob Jackson, ATA, UC, OC: Shirley Jackson, AHS, Barllesvillle: Merle Jacobs, UC. Huqo. Chris Jahnke, Bus., OC: Jan Jarmon, XQ, Ed., Eorl' Worlh: Tony Jayioch, UC, Sparfa, N.J.: Jeanie Jennings, AAA, AES, OC: Linda Jennings, Bus., Tulsa: Randy Jobe, UC, Frederick: Barfon Johnson, BWH, Enqr., Colorado Springs, Colo. Bu1 Johnson, UC, Barllesville: Carroll Johnson, UC, Moore: Charles W. Johnson, Bus., Old Greenwich, Conn.: Eugene Johnson, 'PK-S, A81S, Pawhuska: Johnny L. Johnson, Bus., Slroud: Karen Johnson, FA, Ardmore: Kenf Johnson, ATU, AHS, OC. Lynda Johnson, AHS, New Town, N.D.: Maureen S. Johnson, AHS, Norman: Paula Johnson, l"l'l5, AES, Lamar, Colo.: Rosilyn Johnson, KKV, Ed., OC: Slephen N. Johnson, KE, Bus., Tyler, Tex.: Sfeven L. Johnson, Engr., Midwesf Cily: Judilh A. Johnsfon, l"l'l3, UC, Holdenville. Troy Johns+on, FA, Clearwaler, Kan.: Charles Jones, BAE, UC, OC: Chrisly Jones, AES, OC: Donald N. Jones, Bus., Okmulgee: Linda Jones, Bus., LaNicoma Park: Mike Jones, HKA, UC, OC: Mike Juer- gens, KE, ARS, Miami. Falma G. Kamhawy, AHS, Eqypl: Ronald Kanfer, EAM, UC, Brook- lyn, N.Y.: Roberl' E. Kapp, Enqr., Blylheville, Ark.: Richard L. Kaser, Acacia, UC, OC: Gail Kafz, Al'i'l', Ed., Rocklord, Ill.: Marc Kalz, EAM, UC, New York Cily: Shelly Kay, AE? Lifha Kealor, AF, A8fS, Midwesl Cily: Tom Keeley, -EN, AHS, Black- well: Harlan J. Keirns, UC, Edmond: Dina Keller, A'l', AHS, OCZ George Kellock, Engr., Edmonlon, Alla., Canada: Hugh Kelly, Engr., Tulsa: Mark Kelly, KA, UC, Elelcher. Linn Kempner, 4'A9, Bus., Liffle Rock, Ark.: Kraig Kendall, TBA, AHS, Shawnee: Dick Kennedy, 'PAQ Enid: Harvey Kennedy, AHS, Arlingion, Va.: Marilyn Kennedy, KA, AES, Norman: Carol S. Kenf, A'i', Ed., Seiling: Melody Kerr, UC, LaGrange, Ill. Paula Kerr, X53, AES, OC: James Kersh, UC, Norman: Pafricia Kib- linger, AF, Ed., Dallas: Paul Kiewif, 'l'K:, UC, lndianapolis: Mike Kilcoyne, EN, Bus., l-lobbs, N.M.: James Kimberlin, Ed., l-lealdlon: Kay Kimberling, AAII, UC, Norman. Tiaiuana King, ARS, Ardmore: Cynfhia Kinkaid, AF, AES, Tulsa: Randy Kirchner, HKA, Bus., Jacksonville, Fla.: Farrell Kirk, AHS, Columbia, Tenn.: Kris+an Kirkpalriclc, KKT, AES, Eorr Smifh, Ark.: Roberl' J. Kish, AHS, Eorl Worlh: Sidney W. Kilchel, AES, Tulsa. Sophomore Clas Jim Kline, UC, Shaifuck: Elizabefh Knighl, A8iS, OC: Jim Knighf, FA, Tonkawa: Janice M. Knopf, Ed., Tulsa: Bob Koch, AHIT, UC, Fair Lawn, N.J.: Richard Koch, AKE, AHS, OC: Anifa Kochman, EAT, UC, Memphis. John Koller, IN, A8iS, Burklournelt Tex.: Suzanne Koons, Ffbli, FA, Tulsa: Bob Koppel, SAM, UC, Benlon, Ark.: Bill Kough, EAE, Bus., Shalruck: Ken Kraisky, ATU. ASiS, Yonkers, N.Y.: Charlie Kraker, ATA, Bus., Torrance, Calili.: Judy Krasnow, Al'3'l', Ed., Norman. Lesley Kralchman, ZIAT, Ed, Kansas Ciiy, Kan.: Charles Kronlc, UC, Oxone Park, N.Y.: John Kuehneri. 'VK-E, AHS, OC: Kalhy Kuhlrnan, AF, A8cS, Norman: Larry Kur+z, AT, UC, Tulsa: Toni Kusmer, AWP, Ed., S+. Louis, Mo.: Henry Laakman, Bus., Vincennes, Ind. Dana Laurel LaBarge, Nursing, Barllesville: Jill LaForge, AES, Tulsa: Douglas Lamberf, Bus., OC: Eddie Lancasfer, 'i,Af'i, AES, Shawnee: Rebecca Landon, AES, Coalgale: Siewarf Lane, AES, OC: Donna Lange, EAT, UC, S+. Louis, Mo. Jerry LaPalme, Acacia, UC, Puinam, Conn.: George Lavan, WPA, AHS, EI Reno: Sue Lawrence, KA, A8fS, Tulsa: Jane Lawson, AXSZ, Ed., Enid: Jim Lee, EN, Bus., Tulsa: Liza LeFevre, KKF, AHS, Ard- more: Charlene Lelifler, AFA, Ed., Counfy Line. John W. Lehwald, 'PK-Y, UC, River Foresi, Iowa: Andrea Leibs, EAT, AES, Liille Rock, Ark.: Elaine Lesfer, AFA, Ed., Sulphur: Mildred A. Levi, A8fS, Memphis: Charles M. Levin, 'i'i3A, A815 Memphis: Marilyn Levin, EAT, Ed., Kansas Cily, Mo.: Jozsie Levine, EAT, Ed., Memphis. Lynn Levinson, -EAT, Ed., Dayion, Ohio: Cynlhia Leviff, AWP, Ed., Dallas: Cindy Lewis, AAA, A8iS, Lawion: Howard Lewis, UC, Choc- law: Kay Lewis, lli3'i', Bus., OC: Michael Lewis, Engr., Lawfon: Richard Lewis, fi1.Xi-5, ASS, Shawnee. William Lewis, Enqr., Lawlon: Cindy Lighfner, KHP, AHS, Richard- son, Tex.: Gary D. Lilley, UC, Durant Judy Linehan, AFA, AES, OC: Pam Lincoln, EAT, ASS, Omaha, Neb.: Siewarl Lindemann, ATU, AES, Barilesville: Alan Lipp, 'l'K'l', Bus., Wellinq. Liz Lippmann, KAW, ALS, Muskogee: Richard W. Li'Hle, EN, Ed., Mounfain l-lome, Idaho: Roberf Livingsfon, EN, A8iS, Tulsa: Jane Lock, KA, AES, l-lousron: Ken Loffer, AES, Barllesville: Diane Logan, AXQ, Bus., Dallas: Sandy Loman, AX53, UC, Edmond. Pal' Long, KKF, EA, Calgary, Alla., Canada: Mary Longlbolham, AXQ, A8cS, Guymon: Jay Loomis, AXA, Engr., Redslone Arsenal, Ala,: Danny Looper, AT9, Engr., OC, Karhy Loh, Ed., OC: Sfephen Loving, AES, Sand Springs: Julie Lowe, AES, Prairie Village Kan. Roberf Lowrey, AT, AHS, Midwesl' Cily: John M. Lowsley, AKE, UC, Norman: Mike Loy, UC, Haddonlield, N.J.: Grelchen Lufher, 1"l'B, A81S, Ponca Cily: Roberl LuHrell, BGH, AES, OC: Kennelh Lyons, A8iS, Boulder Cily, Nev.: James Mabry, BQH, UC, Enid. Frank Machlica, UC, Endwell, N.Y.: Rolnerr Mack, 'l'KlI', Bus., Niles, lll.: John MacKay, AHS, Rome, N.Y.: Janis Mackey, AAA, Ed., Law- ron: Jim Mackey, KE, UC, Bilgur, Germany: Ronnie Macklin, AZT, Bus., OC: John Maddox, UC, Norman. Most Ready to Leave University College Marcia Maddox, KA9, Bus., OC: Sue Magness, HB'T', Ed., OC: Karhy Magnus, EAT, Highland Park, Ill.: Sieve Magoon, EAM, Bus., Tulsa: Maureen Maguire, A42 AHS, OC: Terrance J. Maher, ARS, Defroil: Rebecca A. Maior, EA, Amarillo, Tex. Edward Makler, WBA. A8fS, OC: Molly Malone, AF, AES, Dallas: Jelif H. Mandell, AETI, UC, Roslyn, N.Y.: Janice Mann, A8iS, EI Paso, Tex.: Jim Marr, IIKA, Bus.. Spokane, Wash.: Suzanne Marrs, A8iS, Norman: Gary Marlin, EX, UC, Tulsa. Judy Marlin, AFA, AES, OC:Kei+h Marlin, EAE, A84S, OC: Laura- iean Marlin, Ed., Albuquerque, N.M.: Lloyd Marlin, ATA, UC, Killeen, Tex.: Carol Masemore, A'l', Nursing, Enid: Michael M. Masoner, Bus., Mangurn: Chrisfina Masr, KA, Ed., Bay Village, Ohio. Mark Masferson, KA, Bus., Tulsa: Brenda Malhes, AX-Q, Ed., OC: Jeanne Malrhews, AHS, Seminole: Fran Malfhews, AAA, Ed., Perry: Clif Mauldin, Bus., Noble: Anna L. Maxwell, Nursing, OC: Cindy May, UC, Tulsa. Rufh Mayer, AE4l', Ed., l-lelena, Ark.: Jerry Mayes, IIKA, Bus., Tulsa: Larry Mayes, AXA, UC, Duncan: Gail Maynard, IMDB, UC, Muskogee: Joan McAdams, AAA, UC, Brislow: Melissa McCaIla, KAH, Bus., Chickasaw: Dick McCallum, 'l'A9, UC, Dallas. Carol McCann, KKF, AHS, Shreveport La.: Pam McCaskill, KKF, AHS, Minneapolis, Minn.: Val McClanahan, Bus., OC: Sco'H McClel- lan, fl'A9, Bus., Enid: Gloria McConnell, A8iS, OC: Linda McCrack- en, Nursing, OC: Sharon McCreary, UC, OC. Sandi Mccown, AXU, A8fS, Cordell: Michael McCulloh, Bus., Ard- more: Carol McDade, X52, UC, Norman: Roberf McDaniel, Acacia, Bus., Norman: Terry B. McDaniel, AX:S, Comanche: Norlaerl' McDer- mi'H', Bus., Ardmore: Sally McDonald, AFA, Ed., OC. Tanya McDonald, AES, Midwesl' Cily: Larry McFarland, Bus., Nor- man: Michael McGann, AAII, AES, Ada: Mark McGee, EN, A8fS, OC: Frank McGuire Ill, "PAQ, Bus., OC: Palricia McGuire, Bus., OC: Rufherford McGuire, Pharm, Talihina. Roddy E. McKenzie, Bus., Chickasha: Mike McKinney, UC, Musko- gee: Jon McLane, ATSZ. UC, OC: James McLaughlin, UC, OC: Carol McMahon, HB49, A8fS, Tulsa: Dan McMahon, EN, Bus., Tulsa: Paul McManus, IIKA, UC, Blylheville, Ark. it v. Q W'-5 1' " wk is A A ff ii 5 . fy , Jw. M .. '. 5 5: x QW1-..M,,.61 .L Q. Q k x ' .-i Q, Ag . 5 , , Q K W W .Wy 55 me A A 1' w'W'ww QQ. ifffig if jf I I asia x.. .Y M. 7 4 W gg' x I . W S ww.. Z 11 L2'i ' 'T si 'YQQF v afiggk 4 A Q-,gtg ,ls I QL 5, 5 5 E? f a fi 2,3 .1 as-ffl :W qufww f f,,eM,,,,.. .fu A 4. if -W... E-L... 1- QF' YJ. A 2 ,f b he 'A Q at-wg.-1.4 cf Wafa .V ,H Sophomores Judiih McMichael, A81S, Seminole, Donald McMullan, ATU, AHS, Bergenfield, N.J., Karla McNary, KA, UC, Tulsa, Bill McNeely, ATA, AES, Shreveport La., Jayne McReynolds, 1'fbB, Ed., Musko- gee, Diane Mead, X53, AES, Norman, Parrick Mee, ATA, A8fS, OC. Carolyn Meek, lll3'll, Ed., OC, Mike Meek, IIKA, AHS, Tulsa, Ann Mefferf, AFA, AXfS, OC, John Mehl, 'PA-9, UC, Dallas, Marcie Mellon, Afl', AXfS, Ardmore, Marsha Mellon, KU, EA, OC. Mary E. Menczkowski, UC, Omaha, Neb., Lonnie Messick, -EX, UC, Allus, Marilyn Melcalfe, KAU, Ed., Tulsa, Mehdi M. Mefghal- chi, Engr., Rashl, Iran, Richard Mefhvin, KE, EA, Chickasha, Mary Jo Meyer, HB"i', Ed., Barllesville, John W. Meyers, Acacia, Engr., Belhel Park, Pa. Tim Michael, EX, Bus., Jackson, Miss., Judy Mikeska, XXI, Bus., OC, Andrea Miller, UC, Lawron, June Miller, UC, Memphis, Larry Miller, KA, UC, Barllesville, Nancy Miller, AEfl', Ed., Sl. Louis, Mo., Sondra Miller, AX-53, Bus., OC. Derryl Millican, ATA, UC, Midwesl City, Margaref Millman, Ed.. Highland Park, lll., Jim L. Mills, A241 UC, Broken Arrow, Susan Minkin, EAT, Bus., Kansas Cily, Mo., Judy Milchell, AXX2, AHS. Wewoka, Gayle Mnookin, BAT, Ed., Shawnee Mission, Kan., Tom Monk, AT, Bus., Norman. John Arnold Moore, -XKIC, Enqr., Muskogee, Kaiy Monroe, llB'l'. AES. Clinlon, James Monfgomery, AT, UC, Tulsa, Marilyn Moody, AVA. AES, Eorl Worlh, Richard Mooney, Bus., Tulsa, Darleen Moore, UC,Tulsa, Joyce A. Moore, Bus., Enid. Judy Moore, TTT5'l', AHS, Shreveporl, La., Sieven Moore, BUTT, Bus., Allus, John Moran, Engr., Seminole, Tom Moran, 'T'Al'l, UC OC, Carole S. Morgan, AFA, AES, Tulsa, Edward Morgan, 'i'Kxi', Bus., Wesl Laiayelle, Ind., Jim Morgan, EX, Bus., OC. Ron Morgan, Bus., Comanche, Ronald Morgan, UC, Blackwell, Reed Morian, WA9, UC, l-lousron, Mike Morris, EX, A8rS, Winfield, Kan., Ronald Morris, Acacia, Enqr., Norman, Sally Morrison, AAA, AES. OC, Gary Morron, BAE, AHS, OC. Nancy Moss, AAA, FA, Tulsa, Jo Nan Mos+rom, KA9, Ed., Barfles- ville, Joyce Mowery, UB"l'. A8rS, OC, Donna Moyer, X52, AHS, Shawnee, Pal' Mullens, -YN, Pharm., Tulsa, John Mulliken, TTKA, UC, Fox, James J. Mulva, Bus., Depere, Wis. Barbara Murphy, KA9. Ed., Dallas, Michael Musiain, EAN, AXfS, Lawlon, Jeffrey Myers, AHS, Corpus Chrisli, Tex., Terry Neely, 'l'KXl', Bus., Sand Springs, Ann Neighbors, UC, OC, Emma L. Nelson, UC, Sayre, Kafhy Nelson, lll4'I', Ed., Tulsa. Wayne Nelson, AES, Claremore, Karen Nemechek, KKV, Ed., Ard- more, Terry Newkumei, AT, UC, Norman, Karen Newman, AAA. Ed., Garland, Tex., Lawrence Newman, EAM, UC, Kew Gardens. N.Y., Susan Newman, AWP, FA, New Rochelle, N.Y., James Nice- wander, Ed., Tulsa. Larry Nicolai, HKA, AES, LaGrange Park, Ill., Jan Nolan, AFA. UC, OC, Pal Nolen, X52, Ed., Shawnee, Ron Nolin, IIKA, UC. Arvada, Colo., John Norman, -BAE, Pharm., Wewoka, Judy Norris, KKP, A8fS, Shreveport La., Nancy Norris, KU, Ed., Ponca Cily. Nancy Nor+hcuH, A'l', AES, Ml. Clemens, Mich., Kennefh Nowick, KA, AES, Denver, Daniel C. Odlum, 'l'Kq', A8fS, Springfield, Mass., Marypar O'Donnell, UC, Tulsa, Keiih J. Oleary, A142 UC, Wesl- moreland, N.Y., John W. Olegnik, HKA, AES, OC, Sandra K. Oliver, EA, Gulhrie. Nan Olson, Ed., Arlington l-leighfs, Ill.: Rosalee O'NeaI, FA, Tulsa: Sue Ellen Orbach, Al'i'l', AES, OC: Mike Ormand, KE, Bus., Dallas: Mary L. Orr, AAII, FA, Norman: Selh C. Osborn, Bus., Norman: Michael Osborne, ATA, Engr., Lawlon. C. Charlene Osburn, ASS. Mounlain View: Harry Overman, AES, Freeporl, Tex.: Ed Owen, UKA, Engr., Tulsa: Huber? D. Owen, KA, Bus., OC: Carolyn Owerka, UC, Norwood, Mass.: Joe Ownbey. EAW, FA, OC: Sfephen J. Pacey, KA, UC, Aurora, Colo. Nancy A. Pack, AV, Ed., Duncan: Jeanie Palmer, Nursing, Tulsa: Sandra Palmer, A8rS, OC: Ginny Panganiban, Nursing, Lawton: Charles H. Pankey, fPK2i, AES, Lawlon: Linda Pannell, A8cS, Norman: Donald Park, A8rS, Baron Rouge, La. Pre-Enrollment Bill Parker, EAW, Engr., OC: William Parks, AXA, UC, Meeker: Chrisfine Parr, A81S, OC: Rick Parrish, AHS, Madill: Donald Pafe, Bus., OC: Max Paflerson, KA, Bus., Elk Cilyg Mary Payne, UC, OC. Jim Paynler Jr., EN, Bus., Tulsa: Vicki Pence, HPR, AES, Norman: Ann Pendlefon, Ed.. OC: Rick Penner, ATA, Engr., OC: Nancy Pennypacker, KA, Ed., Tulsa: Arlene Pepper, AXS, Houslon: Jerry Perigo, IX, A815-, Tulsa. James Perkins, A8iS, Hugo: Michele PermuH, AE'l', Ed., New Ora leans: Bufch Perry, ATA, Bus., Tecumseh: John P. Perry,, Engr., OC: Keirh Perry, A8rS, Scheneclady, N.Y.: Marsha Perry, XS2, Bus., Sand Springs: Pam Perry, lll'3'l', Ed., Wichila Falls, Tex. Jill Pe+er, UC, Davidson: Darlene Pefersen, A8rS, OC: Ken Peferson, K-Y, AES, Muskogee: Paul Pefersen, EX, Bus., OC: Marcia Pelfa, A8fS, Tulsa: Camille Pharr, XSZ, Ed., Memphis: Roberla Phelps, A'l', UC, Tulsa. Vicki Phelps, AAA, AHS, OC: Linda Phillips, KKF, Xenia, Ohio? John PickeH, AXA, AHS, Pampa, Tex.: Dave Pickrell, AXA, Bus.. Duncan: Bebe Pidgeon, EAT, ARS, Des Moines, lowa: Larry Pinker- lon, ATA, A8cS, Tulsa: Sallee PiHman, AAU, A8cS, Topeka, Kan. Jeff Plalfe, UC, Clinron AFB: Tim Pool, EN, UC, Ada: Janice Pope, Ed., Tulsa: Janice Porler, UC, Lawlon: Jerry Porfer, ATA, ASS, lon: Sieve Povalac, A8rS, Edison, N.J.: David Power, AT, Lawlon. Law- AES. Daniel Roberls Poynor, ATQ, Bus., Enid: Bill Poyfhress, HKA, AHS, Tulsa: Rufus Prados, UC, New Orleans: James Praff, 'l'KXl'. Bayiown, Tex.: Linda PraH, llH'l', AHS, Norman: Jacqueline KA, AHS, Forl'Sill:JanelPril1ker,AX1S, Memphis. Bus., Price. William J. Pro'FfiH,,A81S, Wadsworlh, Ohio: John PruiH, AIN, UC. Gale: Ernesf H. Prussner, Bus., Wesr l-lempslead, Long lsland, N.Y.: Barbie Pulnam, lll3'l', Ed., Dallas: Gerald Puff, EN, Bus., OC: Mollie Quillian, Xfl, Ed., OC: Linda Quisenberry, Nursing, Tulsa. Linda K. Ragsdale, A8rS, Grand Prairie, Tex.: P. R. Ramey, -SAE. A8iS, Lawlon: Janie Ramsey, AAA, Ed., OC: Andrew J. Ranaudo, Acacia, ARS, Ridgefield Park, N.J.: Hal Rankin, AHS, Tulsa: Robin Rankin, ANTI, A8fS, Shreveport La.: Jon Ranney, -YN, AES, OC. Plan Used With Success Ronald Raper, Ed., OC: Sharon Rapp, llB'l', Ed., Shawnee: Denniz Rasimas, Engr., Chicago: Sue Ralcliffe, KA1-P, A81S, Tulsa: Sreven W. Raulerson, AES, Ponca Cily: Beverly Ray, A81S, Duncan: Jo Allen Ray, ACP. AHS, OC. Keni' Ray, 'T'-3l'l, ASS, Shawnee Gerry Raynes, SAE, Bus.. Muskogee: Royse Reagan, 'l'KXl', Bus., Oscar: Marilyn Redwine, ill, A815-, Forl Worlh: Rusfy Reed, UKA, Bus., Norman: Charles A. Reese, AT, UC, Lawlon: Carlos Rego, Acacia, Bus., Miami, Fla. Mall Reiser, Engr., Pauls Valley: Mike Reisman, IIKA, UC, Chala- nooga, Tenn.: Diane ReMine, AXXZ, AHS, Forl Srnilh, Ark.: C. R. ReHig, Pharm., Niagara Falls, N.Y.: Marilyn Reynolds, Home Fc.. Del Ciry: Dwaine Rhodes, UC, OC: John Rhodes, fl'l'L3, A8fS, Tulsa. English Term Papers Make Frosh Squirm Wayne Rhodes, UC, Tulsa: Bryan L. Rice, 'T'-344, OC: Mike Rice, UC, OC: MineHe Ridings, A'l', FA, OC: Jan Rieves, KA9, A8fS, OC: Bill Rigg, EX, AES, Barllesville: Debbi Riley, X53, AES, l-louslon. Barbara Ripple, UC, Midwesr Cily: Karen Rilchey, AXSZ, ASS, Tulsa: Cindy Robare, FA, l-laslings, Neb.: Henry P. Roberson, AHS, Law- Ton: Donnie Roberls, -YN, A81S, Tulsa: Fred M. Roberls, UC, Forl Worlh: Gary P. Rober+s,AX1S, Marshall, Tex. Kalhi Roberls, Ki, UC, Ada: Kennefh D. Roberfs, HHH, AXS. Dewey: Nancy Roberrs, l"'l'l5, AES, Dallas: Richie Roberls, :Alf Bus., Wewokag Ronnie Roberls, 'l'KKl', UC, Maysville: Terry Roberls, Alfll, UC, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Barbara Roberfson, UC, Piggoll, Ark. Donna A. Robinson, AES, Tulsa: Kay Robinson, AHS, Tulsa: James Rochelle, A?-ill, Bus., El Reno: Chad Rockefl, 3'l'l'l, Fngr., Norman: Mike Rodriguez, AES, Lawlon: Janef Roe, l"l'li, UC, Concord. Calil.: Larry Rogers, UC, Camden, Ark. Linda Romerman, I"l'l5, AHS, OC: Barbey Rood, Ki. Ed., Colorado Springs, Colo.: Duane J. Rosa, Bus., Tulsa: Lee Rosenberg, UC, Tulsa: Gary Rosson, UC, Wagoner: Phillis Ruby, -Y-ST, UC, Chicago: Randy Rueb, Bus., OC: Lynn Ruffin, A'l', Ed., Shalluck. John Rupp, TTKA, UC, OC: Sian Rusf, 'l'KE. AHS, Snyder: Anila Ryland, llBfP, UC, OC: Susan Sadler, ll-3, Ed.. Muskogee: Andrea Samara, AHS, OC: Rod Sanders, IN, AHS, Sulphur. Pai' Sandoz, AHS, Medicine Park: Peggy Sapp, lll5'l', A81S, Miami Lory Sass, EAT, Ed., OC: Sieve Saunders, 'l,K'l', Engr., San Tome Venezuela: Phil Scaramucci, EX, UC, OC: Arlene Schachfer, AE'l1 Ed., Sl. Louis, Mo.: John Schanrz, UC. OC. Mike Schidlowski, UC, Tulsa: Carole Schiefer, Bus., Duncan: Kelley Schmidf AXQS, OC, Charles Schober, Ed., Indianapolis: Mary Jane Schoonover, AHS, l-lealdlon: Susan Schwarlz, -EAT, Bus., OC: Jeri ScoH, AES, OC. Mike Scudder, Fngr., Norman: William N. Searcy Jr., A8fS, Tulsa: Terry Seba, BAE, Engr., OC: John Siegel, BAM, UC, OC: Calhy Selig, 5-3-T, AES, Allanla, Ga.: Mary J. Sell, UC, Midwest Cily: Mark Sellergren, KE, Bus., Red Oak, Iowa. Sophomores Jill Sellers, AAII, AHS, Norman: Ronald Sellers, AHS, McAles+er: Mark Selvidge, AT, UC, Ardmore: Dana L. Selzer, 'PKPL Bus., Alex: Bob Senning, EX, UC. Midland, Tex.: Don Sessions, 'f'K23, Arch., Gulhrie: Dan Shane, Bus., l-lenryella. Marfha Shapiro, Alllfly UC, Sioux Cily, Iowa: Mike Sharp, Pharm., Norman: Pal Sheehan, UC, Si. Louis, Mo.: Sian Shelfon, ABS, Law- lon: Georgia Shepard, Ali, Bus., Lawlon: Mark Shidler, EAM, Engr., Tulsa: Sally Sue Shields, AAA, Ed., Enid. Hous+on Shirley, A8xS, Tulsa: Jim Shoemake, Btlll, Muskogee: Ron Sho++s, BETH, Bus., Wealherliord: Roy Sho+well, AWE, Bus., Moore: Sian Shrago, TTA, AHS, Sioux Cify, lowa: Doug Sickles, 'l'l'A, A81S, Morrisville, Pa.: Sandy Siegel, fIJBA, AHS, Tulsa. Alberl' Siemering, Bus., Indianapolis: Richard M. Sigler, Engr., Nor- man: Fred Silva, ATS2, AHS, OC: Jeff Simon, 'T'BA, Bus., Omaha, Neb.: Rick Simon, AEN, AHS, l-louslon, Tex.: Judy Simpson, AXQ, AHS, Tulsa: Mary S. Sisk, Bus., OC. Jess Skaggs, Engr., OC: Bill Slepka, EN, Bus., Okemah: Kay Skin- ner, A81S, Dallas: Pam Sloan, KKF, A8fS, Calgary, Alla., Canada: Barbara Smallwood, UC, Miami: Linda Smallwood, Ed., Chickasha: Carl Smilh, ATA, Bus., OC. Carol Smilh, KKV, Ed., OC: Earl "Bucky" Smifh, ATA, AES, Tulsa: Janice Smilh, Ed., Allus: Jim Smifh, AT, UC, Union Cify: John E. Smifh, fT'KNl1, UC, OC: Margarel A. Smilh, XU, ASS, Union Cily: Rurhee Smifh, KKl', Ed., OC. Sandra Smilh, UC, Del Cily: Sfephen Smifh, UKA, AHS, l-lenryella: Wayne E. Smifh Jr.. UC. Memphis: Janie Smolhers, AXQ, AES, OC: Carol Smyihe, AES. OC: Jerri Lynn Snow, l"l'B, Ed.. Allus: Richard Soard, Wan, UC. OC. Donald R. Sokol, Bus., Tulsa: Ron Sor+er, AKE, Bus., OC: Ar+ Soulh, Bus., OC: CharloHe Soulherland, AHS, Norman: Jim Spears, UC, Pampa. Tex.: RheH Douglas Speer, KA, AES, Tulsa: Sfeve Slack, KA, Bus.. Elk Ci+y. James W. Slacy, AKE. UC, OC: Allan Slader, AXA, Bus., Midlo- rhian, lll.: Susan Slaggs, URW, UC, Pawhuska: Kenl' Slallings, 'PAQ OC: Kaye S+andley, Bus., Okemah: Jan S+app, AF, ABS, OC: S+e- phen L. S+ark, 'PAQ AHS, Balboa Island. Calif. Mary S. Sfauss, AFA, AES, Wagoner: Jon Sfeiner, KE, Ed., Omaha, Neb.: Palsy Sfephens, Bus., Duncan: Roger Sfephens, 'l'K'l', Engr., Tulsa: Pam S'l'evens, Ali, AHS, OC: Bill Slewarf, AES, Norman: Ann Sfinson, AFA. ASS, For? Worlh. Barbara Sfiranka, Axfl, ABS, Housfon: Elizabelh Slocklon, AES, Tul- sa: Nancy Sfolee, A'l', Ed., Grand Forks, N.D.: David Sfoner, AXA, Engr., Enid: Bobbie Sloul, AFA, EA, Pasadena, Calif.: Paula Sfraley, AXU, Bus., OC: Darla Sfrange, AAA, Ed.. Tonkawa, Kalhi Shaw, UC. Norman: Jeanne S+rozier, AES, Forf Smi+h, Ark.: Linda Sluleville, AES, Kinglisher: Jeanne Slyron, AFA. AES, Lone Wolf: Sharla Sullivan, ABS, Wewoka: Bill Sulherland, ATA, ABS, Arlinglon, Tex.: Deanna Svore, KU, Ed.. Dallas. Susan Swan, AAA, AES, OC: Larry Swanson, ATU, Bus., Pillsburgh, Pa.: Sarah Swanson, HRT, ASS, Wichila Falls, Tex.: Larry Swingle, Pharm., Webb Cily, Mo.: Janice Tadlock, UC, Norman: Sam A. Talarico, UC, Niagara Falls, N.Y.: Rick Talialierro, EX, AHS, Duncan. Sophomores Lavon Taraba, Ed., Kansas Ciry, Mo.: Ronald Tale, AT, UC, Nor- man: Sally Talum, TWT5, A81S. Sapulpa: Gordon Taylor, ATU, AES, OC: Jean Taylor, AX53, AES, OC: Jerry Taylor, UC. Shawnee: K. Elizabefh Taylor, AHS, Norman. Tom Taylor, AT, Engr., Hcnryclla: Larry Teague, UC, Tulsa: Robbie Tennyson, AT'-5, FA, Tulsa: Sieve Terry, ANP, AHS, Tulsa: Diane Tholen, Al'-3, AES, Tulsa: Jack Thomas, -YN, Bus.. OC: Judilh Thomas, Nursing, Beaver. Barbara Thomason, Ed., Anadarko: Leslee Thomason, T"T'B, UC, Kansas Ciry. Kan.: Barbara Thompson, KAH, AES. Pauls Valley: Billy Thompson, Bus., OC: Leslie S. Thompson, UC, Garden Grove, Calif.: Ann Thurmond, KAH, Ed., Elk Cily: C. Bryan Tibbelrl, KA, Engr., Rolla, Mo. Jerriann Tiehen, X53, AES, Duncan: Jacque Paula Tiller, PCTJB, Ed., Wichila, Kan.: Ka'l'hy Tilsner, EA, OC: Pafricia Tifsworlh, A41 ASS, Buena Park, Calif.: Gary Tolberi, ATA, AES, Mounlain View: Thomas J. Tonkin, KA, AES, Norman: Candy Topham, AAA, Ed., Dallas. Bunny Toranfo, Ed., Birmingham, Ala.: Sammy Toys, 'PB-3, UC. Shreveport La.: Sparkey Trawick, IIKA, UC, Moore: Cecil Trice, ATU, AHS. OC: Jeri Trope, AE'l', AES, Lawfon: Gloria Tro'Her, AES, Ardmore: J. Terry Tryon, A2241 AHS, Rehrerburg, Pa, Joy Tschappal, KAW, Ed., Tulsa: Ned Tuck, ASS, Clinron: Jeanie Tull, AES, l-lobari: Marilyn Tully, Ed., Carnegie: Sylvia K. Turley, Al'-X, EA, Duranr: Richard Turner, W'lTl, Bus., Holdenville: Ronald J. Tyburczy, UC, Garfield, N.J. Toni Uselding, A-X-3, Ed., Duranf: Donna M. Usher, UC, Hunling- ron, N.Y.: Millon E. UH, Acacia. UC, Wilson: Sidney Vaello, ALS, Benavides, Tex:. Mike Valenline, KA, Engr.. OC: Nancy Valouch, El., Norman: Gala Van Eafon, UC, Carnegie. Reece Van Horn, ATA, A8fS, OC: Sharon Van Horn, A8fS, Ram- srein AFB: Eugenia Van Zandl, llH'l', Ed.. Eorl Worlh: Larry Varner, Engr., Norman: Fillmore Vaughan, "VKX, Engr.. Ardmore: Mike Venalor, 'TWA-. AES, Midwesr Ciry: Jane Vickers, Ed., Midwesl Cily. Marilynn Vidlock, UC, OC: Don Viner, Bus.. Tulsa: Janice Vinyard, AHS, OC: David Vogel, EAM, A8cS. Dallas: April Voiles, KU, UC. Perrylon, Tex.: Louis Von Tungeln, "T'K'I', UC, Snyder: Don Wadde- low, 'T'I'A, Bus., Ponca Ciry. Linda Wager, Hl5'T', AES, Tulsa: Roberl' Wages, ATSZ, UC, Tulsa: Tom Wagner, "PBA, AES, Kansas Ciry, Mo.: Kalhy Walberf, KAl'l, AHS, Los Angeles: Barbara Walk, Ali, Nursing, OC: Bob Walker, AHS. OC: Connie Walker, KKF, AES, Chandler. Paul Wallace, 'l'3l'l, Bus., Muskogee: Mary E. Waller, A8fS, OC: Bon- nie Wallers, AXSZ, Ed., Lal-labra, Calif.: Dan Wallers, ATA, EA, OC: Karyl Walfon, UC, Shalluck: James A. Ward, Bus.. Norman: Jo R. Warren, KAH, ASS, Shawnee. Ray Warren, :'l'l'T, UC, Pleasanl l-lill, Calif.: Suzanne Warren, A-XA, Ed., Newkirk: Eddie Warrick, l'3l'lll, UC, Alva: Janice Wafson, AAU. EA, Hooker: Joe Warson, AHS, Brisiow: Ronnie Waul, Zifblf, UC. OC: Bill Way, UC, Miami. Felfon Webs+er, UC, OC: Bobbi Wedlan, EAT, Ed., Tulsa: Judi Weinberg, AWP. ASS, Houslon: Van Weinberg, TBA, Bus., Mem- phis: Jay Weinsfein, TBA, AHS, Houslon: Jill Weifz, EAT, Ed., Al- lanla, Ga.: Marvin Welch, Efbli, AES, Pauls Valley. Len Weld, AIT, Bus., Waco, Tex.: Sally Welker, llBfl1, AHS, OC: Bill Weller, Pharm., Chickasaw: Jim S. Wells, ATA, AHS, Norman: Wayne Wells, KIPAH, l-louslon: Bob Wengerl, UC, Bronx, N.Y.: Jane Wesl, Ed., Anadarko. Jerry Wesl, KA, AES, Drumrighl: Joanne Wesf, AX53, AHS, Tulsa: Kalie Weslby, FA, Tulsa: Phil Welherbee, K-Y, AES, Amarillo, Tex.: Lou Dean Wehlengel, ASS, OC: Gordon Wheeler, IN, UC. Carls- hfid, N.M.: Mary Ellyn Wheeler, AES, OC. Bob While, EN, AES, Barllesville: Cheryl While, UC, Midland, Tex.: Linda L. While, UC, l-lunler: Bob Whilehill, AT, UC, Tulsa: Avis Whifworlh, AF, FA, Alrus: Charles Wilbanks, 'I'-39, UC, Tulsa: Jim Wilbanks, BAE, Bus., l-loldenville. Big Football Occupies Fall Weekends J. Larry Wilkes, AT, Bus., Ardmore: Alfrieda Wilkins, AES, Tulsa: Lyn Wilkins, KA9, AHS, Memphis: Marcia Will, llBfl1, AES, OC: Janel' WilleH, AHS, Lawlon: Gary Williams, EAR, Engr., Norman: Gwendolyn Williams, UC, Marshall, Tex. John Williams, IIKA, AES, OC: Linda Williams, AES, Norman: Michael Roy Williams, BUTT, 14815, Allus: Susan Williams, l"l'B, AES, OC: Susan Williams, AE"l'. AHS, Sl. Louis, Mo.: Vance Williams, HKA, UC, Moore: Warren Williams, EN, UC, Tulsa. Neo A. Williamson, FA, Ponca Ciry: Jim Willis, AT, UC, Midwesl Cily: Nancy Willsie, KA, AES, Midwesl Cily: Chrisline Willus, KA. FA, Freeporr, N.Y.: Maggie Wilson, AXSZ, Bus., Tulsa: Twink Wilson, AIT, Ed., Nashville: Lanna Wimberly, Ed., McAlesler. Bill Winslon, UC, Brownfield, Tex.: Bob Winfers, EX, Pharm., Tulsa: Charlolle Win'l'ers, AES, Mounlain View: Paul Wise, ATA, AHS, Te- cumseh: Sheila Wiseman, EAT, Bus., l-laslings, Neb.: John Wilher- spoon, KS, Bus., Dallas: Veronica Woerner, UC, Irving, Tex. Neal Wolfard, AHS, Enid: Rodney B. Wolfard Jr., ASS, Norman: Carole Wood, AES, OC: Pamella Wood, AHS, Devils Lake, N.D.: Theresa Wood, Ed., Joliet III.: Roberl' W. Woods, KTJKE, Bus., Cilrus l-leiqhls, Calif.: Bill Woodson, EX, Bus., Norman. Jay Wooley, B911 AHS, Jacksonville, Fla.: Wendy Woolf, Ed., Mi- ami Beach. Fla.: Barbara Worfhing, AFA, UC, OC: Molly Woska, KA, E:l., OCT: John Wrighf, AXA, Pharm., Pofeau: Larry Wrighl, 'l'-59, AES, Muskogee: Margarel Wrighl, AHS, Ada. Marianne Wulf, A-Ui, Ed., Lawlon: Beverly Wulfl, UC. Springfield, Mass.: Sydney Wyly, KKV, AES, Forl Worlh: JeFF Wynn, HKA, Bus., Dodge Cily, Kan.: Murray Wynne, fl'K'T', Pharm., Muskogee: Phyllis Yalile, Bus., Ardmore: Gail Yeary, FA, OC. Jim Youell, UC, Blackwell: Anne Young, A'l', FA, OC: Chesler Young, 'f'K'l', Ed.. Wichira, Kan.: Damaris Young, AHS, OC: Jana Young, AKD, Ed., OC: Robin Young, AES, Midwesl Cily: Becky Yuhas, Nursing, O'Fallorr, lll. Bobbi Yunker, SAT, AES, Cincinnafi, Ohio: Kennelh Zaloudek, fl'-39, Bus., Enid: Bernard F. Zdanowski Jr., Alflll, UC, Calumel Cily, III.: Michael Zeaman, AZLS, Allusz Skip Zedlih, ZAR, AES, OC: Dain Zinn, AXA, Engr., Sanla Fc, N.M.: Karen S. Zueck, XXI, Ed.. Whealridge, Colo. Largest Freshman Class Joan Aarons, EAT, UC, Birmingham, Ala.: Jane+ Aaronson, EAT, UC, Tulsa: David Abercrombie, IIKA, UC, Norman: Siephen Ab- ne-y, UC, OC: Richard Aboussie, UKA, UC, Wichiia, Kan.: David Abowi+z, AEN, UC, Yonkers, N.Y.: Jane Abrams, AWP, UC. Si. Louis, Mo. Phil Abshere, ATA, UC, OC: Nancy Abshier, UC, Siillwaler: Mark Acker, UC, Phillips, Tex.: Vicior Ackley, UC, OC: Roy Acrea, UC. Tulsa: Jim Acfon, AXA. UC, Midwesi Ciiy: Bobby Adams, UC, Mufual. Joe Adams, UC. OC: Nancy Adding+on, TWH, UC, Yukon: Linda Adkins, UC, Wewoka: Roberi' Agee, UC, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: Susan Alekseius, UC, Hunlinqlon Sfafion, N.Y.: Jane+ Alexander, KKV. UC. OC: Nelda J. Alford, UC, Fullerlon, Calif. Tom Allder, UC, OC: Bob Allee, KE, UC, OC: Cindy Allen, AX53, UC. Tulsa: Judy Allen, UC, OC: Ray Allen, EN, UC, Tulsa: Richard Alsion, UC, Maplewood, N.J.: Karlene Alf, AAA, UC, OC. Karen A. Amdur, UC, Housion: Sammy Amis, KA9. UC, Midwesi Cily: Cheryn Ammerman, HB'l', UC, Miami: Jerry Anderson, UC. Lawlon: Joyce Anderson, KA9, UC, Norman: Roger Anderson, 'l'KXl', UC, Waurika: Sid Anderson, AXA, UC, Frederick. Chris Andrew, UC, Tulsa: David Andrew, UC, Tulsa: Marrae And- rews, KA, UC, OC: Sherrie Anna, UC, Del Cify: Thomas L. Annes- ley, UC, Norman: Judy Applebaum, EAT, UC. Birmingham, Ala.: Roseann Applegaie, UC. Chickasha. Ron Argo, UC, Norman: Merna Argoviiz, AWE, UC, Borqer, Tex.: Beverly Arnold, UC, Rockford, lll.: Jeffery H. Arouesfy, AEH. UC. New York Cily: James A. Arvi+es, UC, Wilmelre. Ill.: Jane Ash, l"l'l5, UC, Norman: Larry Afchley, UC. Midwesl Ciiy. H. R. Afha, UC, Midwesl Cily: Donna Jo Ausfin, UC, Duncan: Jane Ausfin, Ali. UC, OC: Richard Awsumb, EN, Enqr., Memphis? Nancy E. Axelrod, Al'ifl', UC. l-lousion: Jon Axion, BDU, UC, Bar- ilesville: Ben P. Ayres, AXA, UC, Duncan. Kafhy Ayres, UC, Dewey: Margie Bacon, KA, UC. Berea, Ohio: Sheila Baebel, AAA, UC, London, England: John F. Bagwell, UC. Ardmore: Ka+hryn Bailey, UC, Moore: Ron Bailey, fbKXI'. UC, Law- ion: Debbie Baker, EAT, UC, Omaha, Neb. Adjusts to Revelle Baker, KKl', UC, Claremore: Sandy L. Baker, AFA, UC, Wynnewood: Dick Baldwin, ATU, UC, OC: Jack Ball, UC, Seminole: Margaref Ball, UC, Barllesville: Byron Ballas, EWR. UC, Norman: Mark Barber, UC, Pawnee. Seddie Barber, UC, Beaver: Bill Barnes, 'l'Kll', UC, Norman: Michael L. Barnes, UC, Ada: Susan Barnhari, UC, Edmond: Sherre Barnhill, UC, Denison, Tex.: Tricia Barr, KAH. UC, Dallas: Gayle BarreH, llH'l', UC, OC. Kennelh BarreH, KA. UC, Lexingron, Ky.: Lois BarreH, UC, Lub- bock, Tex.: Sieve BarreH, UC, Arlesia, N.M.: David Barringer, UC, Lalvlesa, Tex.: Donna C. Barron, UC, OC: Linda R. Barron, UC. Dallas: Sandy L. Barlh, EAT. UC, Chicago. Freshmen Jane Ellen Bar+on, NU, UC, Pauls Valley: Margo Barvin, UC, Hous- lon: Susan Basolo, UC, Muskogee: Marilyn Bass, UC, Del City: Joan Basfian, UC, Mefairio, La.: John Bafes, Ulili, UC, Canoga Park, Calif.: Rick BaH'en, fbi'-X, UC, Blackwell. PaHy Bauman, UC, Tul'a: Elyse D. Bauer, UC, Housion: Janei Bax- +er, UC, OC: Larry Baxler, UC, Sapulpa: Larry Beach, Wall, UC, Claremore: Kafhlecn Boachler, UC, Del Cily: Nevin Beagle, 'VKX UC, OC. Joanna Beaird, X52, UC. Shreveport La.: Kay Beaird, UC, OC: Cyfhesya Bean, UC, Marianna, Ark,: Ann Beard, UC, Madill: Sharon Beard, AAA, UC, Forl Worfh: William C. Beaffie, UC, LaPuon+e, Calif.: Bonnie Beckenhauer, IWPH, UC, Cruihrie. Dee Dee Becker, il"i'B, UC, Alius: Marlene Becker, AWP, UC, S+. Louis: Befsy Beebe, UC, OC: Ann Beecher, AE'l', UC, Des Moines, Iowa: Vic+oria Beeghly, AFA, UC, Dewey: Alan Begg, UC, Bloom- lield, N.J.: Beverly Belisle, UC, Choclaw. James Cur+is Bell, UC, Hammon: Dan Beller, 'PK-fi, UC, Conroe, Tex.: Linda Belsfock, AE'i', UC, Denver: Tom Bene, AXA, UC, Moore: Beverly Benedicl, AFA, UC, Amarillo, Tex,: Carmen Ben- neH', KA9, UC, Midwesl Ciiy: Dorsee Benne'H, UC, Wichila Falls. Tex. Jim BenneH, UC, Siillwell: Barbara Benskin, UC, Billings, Mon+.: Jim Benson, KA, UC, Chickasha: Karhy Berger, I-AT, UC, Sf. Louis, Mo.: Gene Bergsiresser, UC, Cordell: Mar+ha Berman, UC, Ponca Cily: William Bernauer, UC, OC. Cheryl Bernslein, AWP, UC, Forl Worfhz Sharon Bernsfein, -EAT, UC, Omaha, Neb.: Jan Berry, UC, Pawnee: Richard Berry, UC, OC: Joyce Berhers, UC, OC: Sheri Billings, UC, Cushing: H. Binford Jr., HK-A, UC, Norman. Rober+ Bingham, 'PKT-1, UC. Midwesl Ciiy: Paul Bishop, Zi'l'E, UC, Findlay, Ohio: Signe Biorkman, A'i', UC, Dallas: Donna Black, UC, Edmond: Randy Black, TKE, UC. Dallas: Janie Blackburn, AAA, UC, Barllesville: Terry Blackburne, UC, OC. Charles Blackmon, BQH, UC, l-lenrveila: Mark Blakey, 2i'i'E, UC, OC: Sue Blasdel, AFA, UC, Shawnee: S+ephanie Blau, UC, Wich- ila, Kan.: Richard Bledsoe, UC, Midwesi Cily: Paul Blinn, UC, Mas- sapequa, N.Y.: Joan R. Bloom, AE"f', UC, Silver Bay, Minn. Sandy Bloom, Aliflf, UC, Dallas: Leslie Bloornensliel, AEfl', UC, Balon Rouge: Connie Bloyd, Ali, UC, Alva: Pam Blubaugh, UC, Ponca Cily: Paul Bobbilf, UC, Tulsa: Terry Bock, UC, Midwesl Cilv: Chris Bolen, UC, Carnegie. Darrell Bollon, EX, UC, Tulsa: Karen Bond, UC, Norman: Susan Bonduranf, UC, Edmond: Gail Bonin, UC, Jacksonville, Ark.: Mark Boofs, EPPE, UC, Tulsa: Jacqueline Bosl, UC, Seniinel: Cindy Bowl- by, KU, UC, Norman. Dorofhy Bowlby, UC, Shawnee: Cheryl Bowman, UC, Miclwesl Cifyi Michael Box, UC, OC: Beverlie Boyd, KKV, UC, Tulsa: Carole Boyd, KU, UC, Dallas: Barry Brace, HKA, UC, OC: Esfher Brach- feld, -VUE, UC, Cralveslon, Tex. Larry Bracken, KA, UC, Barllesville: Judy Bradbury, UC, Wood- ward: Marydel Braden, UC, Medford: Mark Bradley, EN, UC, Tulsa? David Bradshaw, UC, OC: James Bradi, KE, UC, Sfigler: Mike Brady, ATU, UC, Tulsa. 8: Q. Typical freshman srudemr was Sandy Carr, who discovered how easy summer pre-onrolfmcnf procedures can be. 3: 1 'e A 1 1 Tours To acclimafe sfuderwfs' parerwrs were led by Lloyd VVNHQH, a member of me Presidenfs Leadership Class, Class ffssirgfrrrmfrmz for mm? fuesiwmfm sfuderus were mndz: during We summer in in relaxed aimosphere. lf- 'H Daniel H. Braine, ATU, UC, Pillsburqh, Pa.: Andy Bram, TBA, UC, Wanlaqh, N.Y.: Jerry Brandman, UC, OC: Paula Brannon, UC, Mc- Alesler: Carolyn Bralcher, KA, UC, Denison, Tex.: John Brau, KA, UC, Dallas: Nancy Braughi, KKV. UC, Norman. Pa+ricia J. Brauman, Al'i'l', UC, Dallas: Susan Braun, UC, Slonewall: Gail Braylon, AAII, UC, OC: Shirley Brazil, AV, UC, Snyder: Nancy Breeden, lll'3'l', UC, Vinirag Mark Breidenbach, li"lll, UC, Ponca Cily: Don Bridge, UC, Chandlcv. Ike Brighfon, 3'l'l'i. UC, Tulsa: Jim Brimer, -EX, UC, OC: Barbara Brindley, UC, Hugo: James A. Brisolari, UC, New York Cily: Ed- ward Broclc, UC, OC: Phil Broclchaus, AT, UC, Norman: Sfephanie Bromberg, AE41, UC, Columbus, Ohio. Barbara Brooks, AWD, UC, Dallas: Barbara Broughlon, UC, Rock' lord, lll.: Bill Brown, UC, Sasakaw: Gary Brown, UC, Tulsa: Glenda Brown, UC, Cushing: J. Hollis Brown Jr., UC, Allendale, N.J.: Joe Sfuarr Brown, l3l'lll, UC, McAlesler. Leslie W. Brown, UC, Woodward: Linda Brown, ll-XT, UC, Tulsa: Mike Brown, AXA, UC, OC: Ron Brown, BWI, UC, Holoarl: Sian Brown, ATU, UC, Tulsa: Tim Brown, ATA, UC, Shalluck: Wylie Neil Brown Jr., ATU. UC. OC. Regina Brownell, AX53. UC, Shawnee: Larry Bruce, UC, OC: Reid Brumley, 'PK-E, UC, Vernon, Tex.: Dave Brunk, UC, Frederick: Dec Ann Bruron, UC, Sulphur: Karen Bryan, UC, Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Virginia Bryan, UC, OC. Cheryl Bryan'l', K-X, UC, Norman: Fran Bryanf, UC, Midwesr Cify: Linda Bryanl, Alll, UC, Moore: Richard N. Bryani, Wall, UC, Cush- inq: Jackie Buchner, EAT. UC, OC: Jan Buchner, UC, Sand Springs: Judy Buckles, F'l'l5. UC, Arnoll. JoAnn Budd, ANU, UC. Amarillo, Tex.: Jack Bullard, UC, New Or- leans: Jeanie Bunch, UC, Mineral Wells, Tex.: Leslie Bunch, UC, Tulsa: Bruce Bunfing, 'PK-E. UC, Ponca Cily: Anfhony Buono, AXA, UC, Monsey, N.Y.: Harold Burba, EN, UC, OC. Ted BurdeH, AKE, UC, Checolah: John Burgeff, UC,'Tulsa: Bar- bara Ann Burleson, UC, Alexandria, Va.: Slanley Burman, UC, Owas- so: Greg Burns, UC, OC: Linda Burns, UC, Wynnewood: Palricia Busch, UC. Euless, Tex. Years of Study Excltement L1e Ahead D. J. Bush, A'l'. UC. OC: Kem Buskirk, EAN, UC, Dallas: Roberf Tafl' Bufler, UC, Hugo: Roberl W. Bufler Jr., UC, Norman: Jerry Buxlon, UC. Norman: Larry Buxlon, UC, Norman: Terry Byers, 'l'l'i, UC. OC. Sarah Pal' Bynum, UC, Blackwell: Fielding Cagle, SST-3, UC, Lawton: Ves'l'er Cagle, UC, Tulsa: Calhey Cain, UC, Nashville, Tenn.: Mike Caldwell, TTKA, UC, OC: Ted Calinson, Wall, UC, Forl Worth: Greg Calmes, l5l'lll, UC, Hobarl. Carla Lee Calori, UC, OC: Carolyn Campbell, UC, Okmulgee: Chris Canlield, SAE, UC, Tulsa: Nancy Canfield, UC. Memphis: Francis Cappello, UC, Fasl Meadow, N.Y.: Janis Carey, KAI-l, UC. Tulsa: Larry Carey, UC, Velma. Jean Cargile, IVDB, UC, Shawnee: Joyce Carpenfer, AAA, UC, OC: Pam Carpenfer, UC, Tulsa: Sandra Carr, UC, Sikeslon, Mo.: Enrique Carrero, UC, Caracas, Venezuela: Mike Carroll, UC, OC: Karen Carier, AAA, UC, OC. Kay Carier, AX53, UC, Amarillo: Mary Ann Carurhers, KA, UC, Pon- ca Cily: Glennis Cash, AX53, UC, OC: Len Cason, B911 UC, Lind- say: Lucy Cas+aneda, UC, Chickasha: Terry Lee Casiin, UC, Ok- mulqee: Randell Caswell, UC, Hollis. Linda Caianese, UC, Shreveporr, La.: John Ca+e, SAE, UC, Nor- man: Phil Caudill, 'PAH UC, OC: Karla Caviness, A'l", UC, Phillips, Tex.: Howard Cavins, 'PK-Y, UC, Rinqling: Wendle Cavins, UC, Ardmore: Nancy Cavnar, UC. OC. Mike Cawley, l3l'7ll, UC, Hooker: Louise Champeau, UC, Lexinqlon: Kim Champlin, AF, UC, Lawfon: John Chaney, ATA, UC, Urbana, Ill.: Jimmy Chapman, UC, Eulaula: Phillip Chapman, ATF-ll UC, Tulsa: Sharon Ann Chapman, UC, Yukon. Sharon Cheadle, UC, l-louslon: Carol Chearham, UC, Elk Cily: San- dra Cherfkov, UC, Dallas: Nancy Childers, UC, OC: Jacque Child- ress, KKF, UC, Wagoner: Jerry Childress, UC, OC: Pam Chilfon, UC, OC. Sally Chisholm, UC, Ponca Cily: Fred Chrislian, UC, Norman: Karen Chrisfian, UC, OC: Vernon Chrisfian, A542 UC, Anadarko: Nelson Chi'Hy, 'l'K'l', UC, OC: Mary Chronisfer, UC, OC: Frank Clark, UC, Morris. Jane Clark, X53, UC, OC: Kafhy Clark, XSZ, UC, Barrlesville: Peggy Clark, lll3'l', UC, Purcell: Roxanne Clark, AVA, UC, Tripoli, Libya: William Clark, UC, Wichifa, Kan.: Carole Clausing, FTB, UC, Sim- inole: Emily Lee Clayfon, UC. OC. Suzi Claylon, A'i', UC, Flossnnoor, III.: David Paul Clemens, UC, Norman: Dennis Clemens, ATU, UC, l-larleysville, Pa.: Sherrill Clin- lon, UC, Odessa, Tex.: Kalhy Coad, KKV, UC, Barllesville: Nancy Cobb, UC, Walerville, Maine: Teresa Cobb, UC, Ouymon. Bob Cochran, ATA, UC, OC: Karen Cochran, UC, Norman: Jean Cochrane, UC, Billings, Mont: Don Cogman, BQH, UC, Ponca Cilyt Harry Cohen, WBA, UC, Liffle Rock, Ark.: Jan Cohen, EAT, UC, Dallas: Lesley Cohen, AWP, UC, Denver. Campus Chest Means Nlght of Work, Play Paula Cohen, UC, Paramus, N.J.: Ron Cohen, WBA, UC, Sl. Louis, Mo.: Judy Cohenour, UC, Ponca Ci+y: Charles E. Cole Jr., ATU. UC, Barllesville: David M. Cole, UC, Duncan: James L. Cole, AT. UC, Norman: Allen Coleman, IWIY. UC, Tulsa. Dana Collier, UC, Tulsa: Karen Coley, AXU, UC, Norman: Connie Collins, UC, Norman: Barbara Colverf, KA4-D, UC, Ardmore: Jim Colverf, UC, Norman: Margarel Colver+, UC, OC: Jane Conners, UC. Moore. James Cook, UC, Fayelfeville, N.Y,: Julie Cook, AAA, UC, Norman: Ronnie Cook, UC, Vega, Tex.: Becky Cooper, UC, Norman: Marla Jane Cooper, Ari! UC, OC: Paula Cooper, AFFP, UC, Albuquerque: Parry Cooperman, UC, OC. Freshmen Craig Conway, ATA, UC, Kirkwood, Mo,: Sharon Kaye Cornelison, UC, Seminole: Carol Sue Cornell, XSZ, UC. Clinfon: Kafhy Corn- well, UC, Midwesi Cily: Shelia Corier, UC, OC: Sherry Cosper, UC, Midwesi Cilyg Khris Co'Hon, UC, Tulsa. Karlinda Couch, NP, UC, Shalluck: George W. Counselman, UC, Haddonfield, N.J.: Linda Counh:-rman, UC, Barflesville: Nancy Cow- dery, lIBli', UC, Barllesville: Charlofle Cox, UC, Walonqa: Cheryl Cox, AAA, UC, Cushing: Connie Cox, UC, OC. Paul Cox, UC, Cherokee: Marsha Crabb, Ali, UC, Dallas: Jon Craig, BQH, UC, Tulsa: Kay Craig, APA, UC, Olcemah: Richard Crawford, EX, UC, Laverne: Keiih Crenshaw, UC, Midwesf Cily: Ka+hy Crews, AX9, UC, OC. Jack Andrew Criifenden, KE, UC, McAlesler: Bill Crifienden, UC, Norman: Carl Crone, UC, OC: Aaron Warner Cross, UC, l-lousion: Franlr Taylor Cross, UC, Ringling: Linda Cro'Hy, KKl', UC, Henry- ella: John David Crow, UC, Shreveport La. David Cruce, K-E, UC, Barflesville: Dave Cummins, HKA, UC, Hol- lis: Joe Cummins, KA, UC, Eufaula: Doris Cupps, UC, OC: Susan Currell, UC, Lawlon: Sherri Curfess, UC, OC: David Curfis, AXA, UC, Frederick, William Dabney, KA, UC, Shreveporl, La.: Larry A, Dacus, UC, Henryeiia: Judy Dague, UC, Tulsa: Dennis Dann, BAM, UC, Indian- apolis: Gary Dari, UC, Memphis: Cynihia Daugheriy, UC, Midwesl Ciiy: Lynn Daugherfy, UC, Norman. Dana Davidoff, XLT, UC, OC: David Davidson, UC, Ardmore: Adri- enne Davis, I-AT, UC, Norman: Anne Davis, KA9, UC, OC: Bill Davis, EN, UC, Ardmore: Darhie Davis, A'i', UC, Midwesl Ciiy: Don Davis, AKE, UC, Chicago. Gail Ann Davis, KA, UC, Tulsa: Nancy Davis, EAT, UC, Omaha, Neb.: S+an Davis, EAM, UC, Wharlon, Tex.: Ron Day, 'PA-9, UC, OC: Sharon PeHi+ Deakins, UC, Norman: Linn Deaiherage, UC, Dal- las: Becky Deafon, AX9, UC, Memphis. Celia Defiel, AAA, UC, OC: Janei Demare+, UC, OC: Kaihy Demp- sey, UC, Tulsa: Larry Dennison, EX, UC, Wafonga: James Dens- ford, UC, Leonard Town, Md.: Harley Raymond DeVore, UC, Nor- man: Jeff Diamond, EAE, UC, l-loldenville. Jerry Dick, 'PI'-A, UC, Woodward: Richard Diclrinson, KE, UC, OC: Anne Dillard, AAA, UC. Memphis: David A. Dillingham, BMT, UC, Barflesville: Don DiPen+ima, UC, Deer Park, N.Y.: Carole Dixon, UC. Alfus: Danny Dixon, UC, Woodward, Howard Alan Dobelle, AEN, UC, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Jean Dodson, A'l', UC, Tampa, Fla.: Diane Donaho, UC, Sulphur: Dana Donaldson, HKA, UC, Norman: Dave Dona'I'han, 13911, UC, McAlesier: Suzy Donenfeld, EAT, UC, Dayfon. Ohio: Nancy Donohoo, KA, UC, Ponca Cify. Pal' O. Dooley, lx, UC, Dallas: James M. Doran, UC, Chicago? Marcy Doremus, UC, Dallas: Donna Dough+y, AVA, UC, Martha: Sieve Doughiy, UC, Alius: Pai Dou+hi'H, UC, Duncan: Susan Downs, AVA, UC, OC. David Doyal, UC, Las Vegas: Ellen Draganza, UC, Ellc Cily: James Drake, UC, Okmulqee: Sally Dralre, NFB, UC, OC: Sfephanie Dralre, KKIT, UC, OC: Paul Dreyfus, ZIAMI UC, McGehee, Ark.: Dave Dryden, ATU, UC, Tulsa. 30I Freshmen Ralph Duclcworfh, AKIC, UC, Tulsa: James Duke, UC, Allus: Chris Dunn, UC, Sand Springs: Russell Dunn, AT, UC, Norman: William Perry Dunn, UC, Tulsa: Dianna Dunsworlh, l"l'l3, UC, Norman: Bill DuPries+, UC, Sapulpa. Roberi Duran, KE, UC, McAlesler: David Durand, ATA, UC, Law- lon: Loralee Dyson, AAII, UC, Moore: Marcy Eagin, A'l', UC, OC: Carolyn Eames, UC, Midwesl Cily: J. Michael Early, xx, UC. Rosemont, Pa.: Susan Easferling, KKV, UC, Norman. ina Kay Easlham, AFA, UC, Sayre: William Eckhardl, 'PHY UC. OC: Riclcee Eddleman, AAA, UC, l-lugo: Jack Edens, UC, Tulsa: Jim Edmondson, fl'1'A, UC, Edmond: Sally Edwards, lllgfb, UC, Ponca Cily: Pal Ehrlich, AXS2, UC, OC. Drew Einhorn, UC, OC: Barry Einsidler, EAM, UC, Franklin Square. N.Y.: Ronald Eisel, KA, UC, Canoga Parlc, Calif.: Kalhryn Elcsirom, Ki, UC, Aurora, Colo.: James Elder, Bl'lll, UC, Norman: Carla Eley, KAW, UC, Norman: AnneH'e Ellioll, X5-l, UC, OC. Earl EllioH, AKE, UC, Tulsa: Larry Ellio'H', l3f'lll, UC, Tulsa: John Ellis, UC, Dallas: Larry D. Ellis, UC, Duncan: Pafricia Ellis, 111349, UC, OC: Peggy Ray Ellis, UC, Norman: Linda Ellsworlh, UC. Slroud. Sandra Ellis, AEKIY, UC. Tyler, Tex.: Belsy England, AAA, UC, OC: Larry England, KE, UC, OC: David English, BAE, UC, Gulhrie: Bob Eoff, KA, UC, OC: Donald Eofl, AT, UC, Norman: Bill Epps, ATU, UC, Tulsa. Gael Epp, UC, Fairview: Eloise Erilrsson, UC, Dallas: Richard Erario, UC, Long Island, N.Y.: Bobbi Erlel, -EAT, UC, Dallas: Marian Eslr- ridge, KKV, UC, Tulsa: Myra Efheredge, AXSZ, UC, Dallas: Janice Kay Eubanlrs, UC, OC. Dande Evans, BAE, UC, Ardmore: Hersha Evans, KA4-1, UC, Ray- lown, Mo.: Thad H. Evans, 'l'K'l', UC, OC: Noah Ewing, AXA, UC, Purcell: Paul Fahrenbruch, AXA, UC, Enid: Pam Fairley, UC, Bar- llesville: Scolfie Farley, UC, Devol. Bill Farmer, UC, Midwesr Cily: Lynda Farr, UC, Tullle: lris Farih- ing, KKP. UC, Shawnee: Michelle Fass, UC. OC: Richard Falheree, Blflll, UC, Pampa, Tex.: Susan Fafhree, UC, Ada: Palricia Faullr, UC, Grand Junclion, Colo. Barry Federman, 'l'l5l, UC, l-louslon: Ed Feinlech, 'PB-5, UC, Des Moines: Howard Feldslein, EAM, UC, Chicago: Pafricia Fenwiclc. UC, Anchorage, Alaska: Masie Ferguson,KA9, UC, Woodward: Ray- mond Ferguson, UC, Wynnewood: Carole Fellerman, BAT, UC. Dallas. Mariha Ficlrlin, UC, Chiclcasha: Pam Fidler, UC, Norman: Georgann Finberg, AWP, UC, Dallas: Keilh Finch, UC, Norman: Judy Fine, UC, Dallas: Ronnie Finley, :Alf UC, Dallas: Marlc Finnerfy, KE, UC, Tulsa. Jane Finlaw, UC, Bridgelon, N.J,: Pa'Hy Finn, Al'i'l', UC, Sl. Louis. Mo.: Linda Firnberg, 35-'l', UC, Dallas: Phillip Fischbein, SAM, UC, Tulsa: Cynfhia Fisher, lll5'l', UC, Midwesl Cily: Harold Fisher, UC, New Brilain, Conn.: Lew Fisher, 'l'l'i, UC, EI Dorado, Kan. Susan Fisher, li-5, UC, OC: Mike Fishman, 'l'l5l, UC, Glencoe, lll.: Fred Fifch, KE, UC, Lawlon: Sieve Fifzpalriclr, UC, Boslon: Larry Flesner, IAN, UC, Arlinglon, Va.: Mary Jane Fleli, K-X, UC, Tulsa: Linda Flinchum, UC, Tulsa. Michael Foo+e, UC, Crossell, Ark., Waller Ford, UC, Pasadena, Calif., Jan Forehand, UC, OC, Bill Forney, 'l'.M'l, UC, San An- lonio, Bruce Fosler, UC, Hnldonvillc, Burk Fosler, UC, ldabcl, James Fosfer, UC, Radnor, Pa. Randy W. Fosfer, IAN, UC, OC, Janis Fox, EAT, UC, Sl. Louis, Mo., Diane Fraher, UC, OC, Renee Frank, Al'i'l', UC, Tulsa, Ron Frank, AT-3, UC, Midwesl Ciiy, Kennefh Franlz, UC, OC, Kirk Frazier, KKV, UC, OC. Don Max Frazier, AXA, UC, Blackwell, Charles Freede, 'N'-3, UC, OC, Gary Freeman, UC, Tulsa, Michael Freisfaf, EAM, UC, Bev- erly Hills, Calif., Clark French, KA, UC, Miami, Candace Fried- man, UC, Wilmelle, lll., Eileen Fries, UC, Midwesl' Cify. Losing Football Season Casts Pall Nikia Fries, AAII, UC, Kansas Cily, Mo., Sfeve Friol, AXA, UC, Norfh Tonawanda, N.Y., Adele Frishman, UC, Louisville, Ky., Jackie Frobel, UC, Barilesville, Doro+hy Fry, UC, OC, Phyllis Funk, A41 UC, Racine, Wis., Sherry Furman, UC, Midwesl Cily. Kennelh Furfney, UC, Tulsa, Jack B. Fylife, UC, OC, Jay Gabbard, -SAE, UC, Ardmore, Bruce Gaddis, UC, Tulsa, Madeline Gaden, KA, UC, Ponca Cily, Merry Belh Gagle, l"l'l4, UC, Barllesville, Elena Galainena, UC, Sulphur. Larry Gallagher, UC, Concord, Mass,, Jane? Gallas, EAT, UC, Kan- sas Cily, Mo., Maurice Galoob, 'l'l'5l, UC, Healdlon, Bill Galvani, UC, Los Alamiios, Calii., Richard Gamboa, UC, Tulsa, Larry Gam- mon, KA, UC, Arlinqion, Va., Linda Garfield, KA, UC, San An- lonio. Jamie Garis, UC, OC, Roberf Garrefson, KA, UC, Duncan: Terry GarreH', Ki, UC, Ardmore, Dolly Garfen, IST, UC, Jacksonville, Fla., JoAnne Garvin, IWPB, UC, Allus, Mary Jane Gafchel, Xil. UC. Norman, Terry Gay, UC, Moore. Richard Gaydosik, UC, New York Ciiy, Tony Gaye, ATU, UC, Tri- poli, Libya, Mark Geller, EAM, UC, OC, Peggy Genfry, UC, OC: Raymond George, UC, Anadarko, Grace Gerchen, ZAT, UC, Sl. Louis, John Lee Gerik, UC, Wesl, Tex. Harvey German, UC, Valley Cenler, Kan., lris Gerson, AE'l', UC, Dallas, Roger Geyer, E'l'l'i, UC, Norman, Meg Gholslon, XXI, UC. OC, Presnall Gibbs, UC, Claylon, N.M., Jimmy Gibson, AT, UC. Duncan, John Gibson, KE, UC, Tulsa. Raymond Gibson, UC, OC, Toni Gibson, XQ, UC, Ponca Cilyi Jane Gilberl, KAW, UC, Barrlesville, Lance Gilberl, -EX, UC, Tulsa, Susan Gilberf, KKV, UC, Prairie Village, Kan., Randy Gilberf, UC, Sulphur, Slanley Gilchrisl, UC, Savannah, Tenn. Carolyn Giles, AXU, UC, Carnegie, Dane Gill, UC, Midwesl Cily, Joyce Gillespie, UC, Ponca Cify, G. William Gilliland, UC, Pills- burqh, Pa., Rober+ Gilmore, UC, OC, Judy Gilpin, KA, UC, Tulsa, John E. Glancy Ill, UC, Larchmonl, N.Y. Joan Glassman, EAT, UC, S+. Louis, Mo., David L. Gleason, UC, Norman, Edgar Lewis Goddard, EX, UC, Fayelleville, Ark., Jerry Golden, UC, Del Cily, Linda Golden, AE'l', UC, New Orleans? Joyce Goldfield, A-3-A, UC, Norman, Kalhy Goldman, AV, UC, OC. 303 Students Vie for Senate Kay Goldner, I-BT, UC, Memphis: Kaye Goldsmith, Aliflf, UC Memphis: Carol Goldstein, UC, St. Louis, Mo.: Paulette Goldstein UC, Memphis: Dan Gonzales, ITKA, UC, OC: Harry G. Gooding TTKA, UC, Hackensack, N,J.: Sara Goodman, l'l'l'3. UC, Shreve port, La. Wayne Goodowitz, -EAM, UC, OC: Rita Goodwyn, UC, Chickasha Donna Gordon, All-3, UC, OC: Gary Gordon, 'l'l3-3, UC, OC: Jo- Anna Gordon, K-3, UC, Tulsa: David Gore, UC, Tipton: Ben Gor- rell, AT, UC, Tulsa. Jan Goss, UC, Pauls Valley: Warren Gotcher, KE, UC, Muskogee Esther Gotz, I-YT, UC, St. Louis, Mo.: Kim Goulding, UC, Chicaqc Sue Lynn Goulcty, KKl', UC. Shawnee: Bobbye Gowan, UC, Sul phur: Reena Graber, I-ST, UC, Memphis. Seats: Few Win Carol Grable, lll4'l', UC, Midwest City: Jill Graham, X9. UC, Lincoln, Neb.: Leslie Graham, UC, Moore: Nancy Graves, KKF, UC, Muskogee: Cynthia Gray, UC, OC: Gloria Gray, K-3, UC, Tulsa: Richard Gray, UC, Cordell. Jack Greaves, UC, Dallas: Nancy Greber, Ali, UC, St. Louis, Mo.: Janice Green, KAW, UC, Tulsa: Kenneth Green, 'l'N'l, UC, Altuz: Martha Green, All', UC, OC: Susan Green, UC, Kenilworth, Ill.: Manny Greenberg, 'l'lt-X, UC, Shawnee Mission, Kan, Mark Greenberg, IAM, UC, Chicago: Barbara Jane Greene, llli'l', UC, OC: Barbara Sue Greene, All, UC, OC: Amelda Gregory, UC, Dallas: Jim Gregory, ATA, UC, OC: Pat Grittith, X53, UC, Norman: Johnie Grimes, UC, ldabel. Bill Grimm, IX, UC, Tulsa: Gordon E. Gross, Ami, UC, Oueens Village, N.Y.: Mike Gross, -EAM, UC, St. Louis, Mo.: Gretchen Grover, UC, Guthrie: Ralph Guild, UC, Wewoka: Linda Gunning, KKF, UC, Norman: Leon Gurney, UC, Harrah. Onkal Guzey, UC, OC: Donnel Gwin, EAE, UC, Ada: Linda Haag, AX9, UC, Tulsa: Toni Hagemane, AFA, UC, OC: Cynthia Hag- gard, UC, Tulsa: Harold Wayne Haggard, UC, Pauls Valley: Robert Haight, KA, UC, Anadarko. Barbara Halbrich, EAT, UC, North Miami Beach, Fla.: Barbara Hale, UC, Tulsa: Nyta Haley, UC, Tulsa: David L. Hall, :fl'l'i, UC. Tulsa: Mary Ann Hall, AV, UC, Roswell, N.M.: Pat Hall, UC, Dallas: Randy Hall, BWI, UC, OC. Richard Hall, UC, Poultney. Vt.: Steve Hamilton, ATU, UC, OCZ Sue Hamilton, UC, Ringling: Sandra Hammond, UC, OC: Tom Hammond, 4139, UC, Tulsa: Sam Hammonds, K-Y, UC, OC: John Hampton, lil-PII, UC, Ponca City. Michael J. Hampton, UC, Midwest City: Nina Hanchette, Xll, UC, OC: Jean Hanmer, UC, Bartlesville: Terry Hanna, UC, OC: David Hansel, Zi'l'l'1, UC, Tulsa: Gregory Hansen, UC, Belvidere, llI,: Jan- ice Hanson, KA1-1, UC, OC. Bob Hard, ATU, UC, OC: Leslie Ann Hardacre, UC, Kansas City, Mo.: Frankie Harding, 5-ST, UC, Omaha, Neb,: Charles Harclridge, UC, Bethany: Mike Harmon, A-ffl! UC, Norman: Laure Harms, UC, Buenos Aires, Aroontina: Cynthia Harper, Ki, UC, Norman. Freshmen Kenneth Harper, UC, OC: Vicki Harrall, UC, Tulsa: Allyn Harrell UC, Pauls Valley: Jenettie Harris, AAU, UC, OC: Paula Harris, UC Fort Sill: Suzan Harris, UC, Borger, Tex.: Virginia Harris, KA, UC Enid. Richard Harrison, BUTT, UC, Midwest City: Jan Hart, Ali, UC, We woka: Jan Hart, UC, Dallas: Barbara Hartman, UC, Clemenlon N.J:. Charlotte Harvell, UC, Kansas City, Kan.: Nord Hastings l5l'lll, UC, Tulsa: Troy Hatfield, 'H'-3, UC, Maysville. Kermit Eugene Hathcoat Jr., UC, Tulsa: Judy Hawk, AAU, UC Norman: Gloria Hawkins, A"l', UC, Shattuck: Be'He Hawkinson, A'l' UC. Topeka, Kan.: Kathy Hawthorn, Al':'l', UC. OC: Gloria Hayl man, UC, La Marque, Tex.: Carol Hays, UC, Cody, Wyo. Charles Hayward, KA, UC, Kingston: Gini Heath, A'l', UC, Blythe- . . X ville, Ark.: Janice Hechfman, -JAT, UC, Dallas: Joyce Hechtman EAT, UC, Dallas: Paula Heck, UC, Shawnee: Randy Heintz, UC Del City: James Heitz, UC, Garrett, Ind. Brent Helmer, K-Y, UC, OC: Harriette Helton, UC, Guthrie: James Hemphill, Blflll, UC, Norman: Marilyn Henderson, KA, UC, Tulsa' Diane Hendon, 111342 UC, OC: Merle Henneke, AT9, UC, Enid: Marilyn Hennessee, UC, Lawton. Auguie Henry, UC, Holloman AFB, N.M.: Brad Henry, EN, UC, Altus: Maurice Henry, UC, Sapulpa: Minta Hensley, UC, OC: Cheryl Herber, UC, Shattuck: Barbara Herd, AAA, UC, Durant: Kenneth Herman, AEN, UC, Miami Beach. Peggy Hermes, 1"l'B, UC, OC: Diane Herrmann, 1"l'l5, UC, OC: Larry Herrman, -EX, UC, OC: Jack Herrold, EX, UC, Tulsa: Julian Hess, WBA, UC, St. Louis, Mo.: Bill Hetheringfon, BAE, UC, Norj man: Corrie Sue Hicks, A-UI, UC, West Memphis, Ark. Bruce Hilburn, UC, Arlington, Va.: Gene Hildebrand, ll'K'1', UC. Lawton: Christine Hill, AAU, UC, Arcadia, Calif.: James Hill, 4'KXl', UC, OC: John Hill, UC, Grand Prairie, Tex.: Laura Hill, UC, Nor- man: Sherry Hillis, KKF, UC, OC, Jerry Himelstein, EAM, UC, Moorhead, Miss.: Marsha Himelstein, UC, OC: Mark Hinshaw, AKE, UC, Norman: Dianne Hirsch, AE'l'. UC. Wichita, Kan.: Steve Hirsch'fri'H', EAM, UC, Evanston, lIl,: Mike Hisey, UC, OC: Katie Hitchcock, AVA, UC, McAlester. Charles Hladik, UC, Douqlas: Lauren Kay Hobbs, UC, Frederick: Guinnevere Hodges, UC, Muskogee: Penny Holbert, UC, Tulsa: Patricia Holden, UC, Broken Arrow: Terry Holden, AXA, UC, OC: Joe Holladay, UC, Duncan. Bill Holland, BDU, UC, Yukon: Neil Hollander, ANU, UC, Norman: Susan Hollingsworth, UC, El Reno: Barbara Hollweg, UC, Kansas City, Mo.: Diane Holmsley, AF, UC, Dallas: Joe R. Homsey Jr., UC, OC: Kelly Hood, 'DA-'9, UC, Middleton, Tex. Sandy Hood, UC, Lawton: Michael Hooper, UC. Randlett: Sandra Hopcus, UC, Choctaw: Jan Hopkins, AX9, UC, Norman: Owen Hopkins, UC, Goldsboro, N.C.: Larry Hoppe, :'l'E, UC, Denver? Ellen Horevit-1, ABNF, UC, Chicago. Peggy Horn, UC, Sapulpa: Sandra Horn, UC, Verden: Kay Horn- ing, UC, Norman: Jeanne Horton, UC, Ponca City: Jackie Horwitz, -EAT, UC, St. Louis, Mo.: Marilyn Horwitz, EAT, UC, St. Louis, Mo.: Steve Housley, EX, UC, Cushing. Weighfed down wifh his issue of LJVFHOYKVUS Qmd cquipmemx for rm-,f R,O.T.C. is freshman Cade' Guy McWI1hf1mf,. Sfudy of hfaliio crys1aNsmwd other geology speci mom 'fook hours 5m freshmen like Lfiffy Chihwlck Linda Houslon, AXX2, UC, OC: Daniel Hover, 'DKZL UC, Clear Lake, S.D.: Linda Sue Howard, KKF, UC, Jackson, Miss.: Maureen Howe, X-Q, UC, l-louslon: Jerry Huddlesfon, -YN, UC, OC: Karen Huff, UC. OC: Dwain Hughes, AXA, UC, Enid. Wayne Hughes, AKE, UC, New Hyde Park, N.Y.: Kalhy Hull, UC. OC: Larry Hull, UC, Clarion, lowa: Pal Hulsey, l"l'l'3, UC, Midwesl Ciiy: Linda Humphrey, AF, UC, Tulsa: Karen Huneke, UC, Claree more: Linda Hunke, KKl', UC, Dallas. Bruce Hunf, UC, OC: James Hun+, UC, Dallas: Jeanie Hunl, AF, UC, Tulsa: Jim Hunl, UC, Claremont Calif.: Norma Hunler, UC, Del Cify: Paul M. Hunier, KA, UC, Elk Cily: C. J. Hurlbu+, UC, Chouleau. Belly Hurley, AAII, UC, Zurich, Swilzerland: Brad Husband, CPKW, UC, OC: Andy Husky, EN, UC, OC: Danny Hu'Hon, UC, Black- well, Richard Hulfon, AT, UC, Henryelra: Pamela Jo Hyken, AEI!! UC, Sl. Louis, Mo.: H. Frank lbach, UC, Barllesville. Alfred lngle, UC, Midwesr Cify: Jane lngle, KKl', UC, OC: Gloria lsler, UC, Elizabelh, N.J.: Gigi Israel, EAT, UC, Daylon, Ohio: Su- san R. lvy, UC, Norman: Joel Jackson, UC, Drumrighi: Kalhy Jack- SON. AP. UC Tulsa. Kurl' Jackson, UC, Pauls Valley: Marye Jackson, UC, Dallas: Nancy Jackson, UC, OC: Barbara Jacobs, KA, UC, Amarillo, Tex.: Gunda Jacobson, UC, Tulsa: Jill Jacobson, UC, OC: Chuck Jacobus, AXA. UC, l-louslon. Collie James III, Blglll, UC, Sulphur: Earl E. James lll, ATS2, UC, Eorl Worlh: Mark Jenkins, HKA, UC, Sanla Rosa, Calif.: William M. Jenkins Jr., ATU, UC, Urbana, lll.: Phil Jennings, BAE, UC, Nor- man: Bill Jernigan, UC, Norman: Sieve Jernigan, fl'l'A, UC, OC, Ari' Johnson, 'l'Kfl. UC, OC: Bari Johnson, UC, Grand l-laven, Mich.: Cynde Johnson, l'4'l3, UC, Des Moines, Iowa: David Johnson, BI-III, UC. Enid: Margarel' Johnson, KKV, UC, Amarillo, Tex.: Marlha Joe Johnson, AF, UC, El Reno: Peggy Johnson, UC, Anchorage, Alaska. Brad Johnslon, B'9H, UC, Enid: Jim Johnslon, UC, Tulsa: Bill John- slone, 13911, UC, Barllesville: April Jones, KKV, UC, Muskogee: Carol Jones, AT, UC, Ardmore: Genny Lou Jones, UC, Shawnee: Jere Jones, UC, Shreveport La. Rigid Schedules Regulate Frosh Studies Judilh Jones, KA, UC, Tulsa: Keifh Jones, UC, OC: Linda Karen Jones, All, UC, OC: Luanah Jones, UC, OC: Phil Jones, EX, UC, Garland, Tex.: Sharon Jones, UC, OC: Warren Jones, ATA, UC, OC. Carlhelia Jordan, UC, Marianna, Ark.: Joe Jordan, UC, Borger, Tex.: Donna Joyce, l"l'B. UC, Fairfax, Va.: Walfer Joyce, 1i'1'A, UC, Denver: John Joyner, UC, l-louslon: Sharon Julian, UC, OC: Judilh Ann Juslis, UC, Bealrice, Neb. Alan Kagan, EAM, UC, Dallas: Zev Kahn, EAM, UC, OC: Donald Kain, AXA, UC, Falls Church, Va.: Gay Kaiser, ll'l'l5, UC, Muskogee, Douglas Kalicki, UC, Slalzlord, N.Y.: Sieve Kalin, EAM, UC, Sioux Cily, Iowa: Lulu Kamin, EAT, UC, l-louslon. Howard J. Kane, AEII. UC, New York Cily: Arnold Kanter, WBA. UC, Havertown, Pa,: Judith Kanter, AFW, UC, Memphis: James Kanze, UC, l-laverlown, Pa.: Kenneth Kaplan, EAM, UC, Great Neck, N.Y.: Vicki B. Kaplan, Ami UC, Dallas: Bonnie Kashdan, AWWE, UC. Memphis. Neil Kassan, UC, New York Cily: David G. Kastl, UC, Amarillo, Tex.: Jack C. Katz, AEN, UC, Ponca City: Myra Katz, UC, Kansas City, Mo.: Rozzie Katz, Ai'i'fi', UC, Forl Worth: Sandi Katz, A'l'l'1, UC, Tulsa: Karen L. Kauskay, UC, Norman. Michele Kean, UC, Miami Beach: Janie Keesee, TIBCP, UC, Poleau: Dennis Keim, EN, UC, OC: Randall Keller, KA, UC, Indianapolis. George Kelley, EAR, UC, Shawnee: lna Mae Keliner, UC, Duncan: Susan Kendall, AAA, UC, Tulsa. Steven M. Kennedy, UC, Crossell, Ark.: Phil Kennon, AXA, UC, Norman: Richard G. Kern, A2111 UC, Rochester, N.Y.: Steven R. Kerr, BDU, UC, Mount Prospect, III.: Michael Kerran, ATA, UC, OC: Denise Kessler, UC, Alexandria, Va.: Donna G. Kilgore, UC, Lawton. Thomas E. Killip, 'l'KXl', UC, OC: Mike Kimbrell, AT, UC, Norman: Karole King, AAN, UC, Norman: Kris King, UC, Dallas: Kenneth Kinney, ETE, UC, Hinsdale, III.: Sandy Kinney, AFA, UC, OC: Don Kinsinger, WPA, UC. Blackwell. Terry Kirkpahick, Ul'3'l', UC, Fort Smilh, Ark.: Kanda Kirkwood, H1342 UC, OC: Steve Kirsch, UC, Hol Springs, Ark.: Bill Klahr, EX, UC. Tulsa: David Klahr, AT, UC, Tulsa: Florentine Kleinschmidl, UC. Cleveland, Ohio: Norman Kleinstein, AEN, UC, Wanlaqh, N.Y. Ellen Kline, UC, Pawnee: Evelyn Kloplienstine, UC, Del Cily: Greg- ory Klopfenstein, 'l'Kxl', UC, Waurika: BeHy Klofz, UC, Norman: Joe A. Klu'Hs, EN, UC, Okemah: Charles R. Knapick, UC, Midwest Cily: John Knapp, UC, Williamstown, W. Va., Tim Knott, KZ, UC, OC: Bill Kohlun, UC, Clinlon AFB: Philip Kohn, -EAM, UC, Highland Park, lll.: Daniel Kopack Jr., UC, Fairlawn, N.J.: Brina Koraisky, .A'fI9E, UC, Galesburg. lll.: Patricia A. Koza, UC. Norman: Susan Kreig, UC, Victoria, Tex. Dianne Krob, UC, OC: Raymond Krob, UC, OC: Thomas C. Krzy- wonski, UC, San Anionio: Gari Kuhlman, UC, Chickasha: George M. Kurey, "i'Kxl', UC, Lockport, III.: Russell Kurtz, TIKA, UC, Tulsa: Judith Kyle, AXSZ, UC, OC. Strict Campus Aids Finals Fatigue Jack Laffoon, -EX, UC, Tulsa: Margaret LaFon, UC, Norman: James LaGrone, UC, Porl Arthur, Tex.: Barbara Laib, UC, Caribou, Maine: Alan Laird UC, Tanneylown, Md.: Jim Laird, Ki, UC, Alius: Hay- den Lail, TBA, UC, Memphis. Bill Lalla. BWI. UC, Dallas: Sally Lang, AFA, Midwest City: Nance Langdon, KAW, UC, Mangum: W. H. Langley Jr., UC, Still- well: E. Joe Lankford, ATU, UC, OC: Mary Ann Lapid, ATE, UC, Overland Park, Kan.: Jane Lapides, AWE, UC, Osceola, Ark. Linda Larason, HB"l', UC, Fargo: Lynn Laughlin, ATU, UC, Gaines- ville, Tex.: Lana Laves, ATE, UC, Fort Worih: Mickey Law, GFKXII, UC, OC: Gary Lawhon, UC, Shawnee: Jan Lawhon, AX52, UC, Mid. west City: Mary A. Lawler, UC, OC. Freshmen Sharon Lawrence, A-A-3, UC, Texarkana, Tex.: Sherry Lawson, UC, Beaver: Carol Laycock, UC, Duranl: Jo Layman, AF, UC, Cherokee: Marlha A. Layman, UC, Cherokee: Bill Laylin, 'PBA-, UC, Forf Smilh, Ark.: Cindy Leaverlon, A"l', UC, Norman. Alice Lebowih, UC, Dallas: Mary L. Ledbelrer, UC, OC: Dennis Lee, AXA, UC, Tulsa: Janel Lee, UC, Ada: Richard Legalski, Alfli, UC, Barllesville: Linda Leifh, UC, OC: Pal Lenava, UC, Vinila, Jacquelynne Leonard, Al'-A, UC, OC: Mary C. Leonard, UC, Beaver, Thomas E. Leonard, -YT, UC, Wagoner: Beverley Leslie, UC, Slone- wall: Lynn Lesler, lll5'l', UC, Dallas: Melody Levenson, A'l'E, UC, Slalen Island, N.Y.: Janis Levenlhal, AE'fl', UC, Challanooga, Tenn. Janie Leverich, UC. Pampa, Tex.: Ellen Levey, EAT, UC, Sl. Louis, Mo.: Judi Levin, UC, OC: Judi Levin, EAT, UC, Chicago: Julie Levin, EAT, UC, OC: Mark Levin, EAM, UC, Surfside, Fla.: Julee Levine, AWP, UC, Borger, Tex. Vivian Levine, AWP, UC, Forl' Worlh: Linda Levy, Al'T"l', UC, Sr. Louis, Mo.: Susan Levy, UC, Columbus, Ohio: Diane Lewis, A'l', UC, Marshall, Tex.: Mark Lewis, UC, OC: Russell Lewis, UC, Mangum: Susan Lewis, AFA. UC, l-louslon. Ferne Liebman, A'l'l'i, UC, OC: Liessa Lieppman,Al'1'l', UC, Sl. Jos- eph, Mo.: Dan Lindberg, Acacia, UC, Tulsa: Nancy Linderman, -EAT, UC, lndianapolis: Pal' Lindhorn, UC, OC: Marfha Lindley, UC. Sa- pulpa: Barbara Lindsay, Xfl, UC, Barllesvillc. Carla Lindsay, AFA, UC, OC: Diane Lindskoog, UC, Mounl Prospecl, lll.: David Lingle, Acacia, UC, OC: Donna Lingle, UC, OC: An- 'rhony C. Link, KA, UC, Chickasha: Danny Linville, ATA, UC, Prague: Carol Lipman, -Y-AT, UC, Memphis. Nanci Lipshul-z, Ahlflf, UC, Chicago: Louise Lip'l'on, EAT, UC, Dal- las: Buzzy Lisfen, EN, UC, Wichila Falls, Tex.: Meg Lillie, UC, Dal- las: Julie Lockard, AIT, UC, Miami: James Lockharl, UC, Wallers: Cindy Loeb, UC, l-louslon. Dorella Logan, KA9, UC, Norman: Larry J. Lollar, UC, Wavne: Mary London, AF, UC, OC: Beffye Long, UC, Dallas: Brenda Long, UC. Sulphur: Judy Long, UC, Prague: Adela M. Lopez, UC, Norman. Bob Losure, UC., Tulsa: Vicki Lou+, UC, OC: Mary Loulhan, UC, OC: Sleve Loyd, TTKA, UC, Dallas: Michael Lubin, EAM, UC, Miami Beach: Jeanelle Lucas, UC, Norman: 'Karen Lund, AT'-A, UC, Tulsa. Lawrence Lydick, AT, UC, Laguna Beach, Calif.: Sandra Lynn, UC, Dallas: Nanna Machala, UC, OC: Hellen MacKeIIar, llliflf, UC, OC: Donald Mackey, TTKA, UC, OC: Kalhleen Maddox, KAN, UC, Enid: Larry Maddox, UC, Duncan. Richard Maddox, UC, Del Cilvz Gayle Magouirk, AAA, UC, Wood- ward: Michael K. Mahan, UC, Norman: Celia Maher, UC, Brussels, Belgium: Kalhleen Maiewski, UC, Pine Bluff, Ark.: Leslie Maior, AXQ, UC, OC: Thaddeus B. Malek, AEN, UC, New York Cily. Larry Mallinger, EAM, UC, Tulsa: Fred Malone, UC, Arfesia, N.M.: Dennis L. Maloy, UC, Norman: Karol Maloy, UC, Cache: Mike Man, -TJAQ, UC, Amarillo, Tex.: Thomas Manfredi, UC, Wood l-laven, N.Y.: George Mangham, UC, OC. Freshmen Marcia Mann, UC, Alva: John Manfoolh, BQH, UC, Purcell: Cyn- ihia Marlrs, UC, Duncan: Linda MarrioH, KAH, UC, C-ufhrie: Carolyn Marlin, UC, Tulsa: Cord Marlin, UC, Morgan Cily, La.: David Mar- lin, 'l'l'A, UC, Muslcogee. Judy Jo Mar+in, KKV, UC, Shawnee: Larry Marlin, 'T'I'A, UC, Dun- can: Leslie Marlin, UC, Baldwin, N.Y.: Marcy Marfin, AF, UC, Ard- more: Milce Marlin, UC, Norman: Viclor Marlin, ARE, UC, Forl Wayne, Ind.: Connie Marlinalr, UC, Dallas. Mary S. Marly, UC. Norman: Emmie Mason, A'f', UC, Dallas: Mari- lyn MaHeson, UC, OC: Beverly Maulding, IIWP, UC, Sapulpa: Bryan Maurer, EN, UC, OC: Linda May, Afb, UC, Tulsa: Linda May, KAH, UC, OC. Frances Mayer, AAII, UC, Vinilag Riclcey L. Maynard, UC, Pampa, Tex.: Norman Mazvinslry, EAM, UC, Lemars, Iowa: Bill Roy McAlis- fer, BGH, UC, Wynnewood: David A. McAninch, Efblf, UC, OC: Genie McBee, KAWTT, UC, Shawnee: Palsy McBrayer, UC, Ennis, Tex. Marilyn McBride, AP, UC, Mounlain View: Belh Mccafferly, IVPB, UC, Tulsa: William McCain, UC, Tulsa: Linda McCallum, UC, James- rown, N.Y.: Virginia McCampbell, AAA, UC, OC: Ka+hy McCandless, AAA, UC. OC: Donald S. McCarly, BGIII UC, OC, Luella McCar'ly, UC, OC: Lynn McClendon, KA, UC, Sfroud: Mich- ael A. McCormick, UC, OC: Jay McCown, ATA, UC, OC: Gary McCoy, UC, Tulsa: Judy Mccumber, UC, Norfolk, Neb.: Dianne McDaniel UC, Norman. Debbie McDonald, AAA, UC, Wichila Falls, Tex.: Linda S. McDon- ald, UC, OC: Susan McElyea, AXSZ, UC, l-lobarl: Candy McFarlane, UC, OC: John McGoogan, UC, Crossell, Ark.: Donna McGovern UC, Norman: Jean McGregor, KKV. UC, Barllesvillo. Marion McGuclcin, UC, Norlh Broolc, lll.: Bob Mcllroy, UC, Tulsa: David McKee, AXA, UC, Duncan: Anna McKinney, UC, Ardmore: Pal McKinney, UC, Norman: Sandi McMahan, KA, UC, OC: Molly McMichael, Aff! UC, Des Moines, lowa. Jim McS+ay, UC, Houslon: Marlene Meacham, AV, UC, Elk Cily: Marlc Meade, A-541, UC, Lake Bluff, Ill.: Nancy Meaders, UC, Ada: Tony Medina, HKA, UC. Tulsa: Sue Ann Meisel, AWP, UC, EI Campo. Tex.: Susie Meisfer, KA9, UC. OC. Wes Mel-lon, TAG, UC, OC: Richard Mann, 241141, UC, Chicago: John Merli, HKA, UC, Alexandria, Va.: Pamela Merrifield, AAA, UC, Lamar, Colo.: David Merrill, TKE, UC, Dallas: Nancy Messer, UC, OC: Jane Meyer, KA9, UC, Norman. Jerry Meyerson, EAM, UC, Forl Worlh: David M. Michaelson, EAM, UC, OC: Linda Middlefon, UC, Barflesville: Mandy Miles, 'PKKIR UC, OC: Augusl' Miller, A8fS, Konawa: Belle Miller, UC, Haris- horne: Charles Miller, UC, Barllesville. Connie L. Miller, AT, UC, OC: Karen Miller, AP1'1', UC, Kansas Cily, Mo.: PaHy Miller, UC, McAlesler: Roberl' Miller, UC, Sidney, Ohio: Shirley Miller, UC, Shalluck: Terry Miller, AKE, UC, Sapulpa: John B. Mills Jr.,l UC, Graham, Tex. Linda Mills, UC. OC: Jayne Millslead, UC, OC: Tom Milslead, BAE. UC, Shawnee: Linda Mines, UC, OC: Ronnie Minlrin, EAM, UC, Clillon, N.J.: Carol Minion, UC, Enid? Karol Minyard, UC. Norman. Frank Miskovsky, EN, UC, OC: Diane Milchell, UC, Frederick: Glen- da Mifchell, UC, OC: Jennifer Mifchell, PWR, UC, Tulsa: Lawrence Milchell, EAM, UC. Wichila, Kan.: Sieve Mize, 'PAQ UC, Enid: Roderick Mizell, UC, Birmingham, Ala. Denny MoFFeH, EAW, UC, Chickasha: Pa++y Mollison, l"l'l5, UC, Alfus: Jackie Moncrief, ll-3, UC, OC: Jeanne Monroe, UC, Barlles- ville: Alfred Monfaperfo, UC, Lawlon: Calhy Monfgomery, UC, Lenapah: Sally Monfgomery, KAW, UC, Barllasville. Virginia Monfgomery, AV, UC, Duncan: John M. Monrin, UC, OC: Edward Monioio, UC, Farmingdale, N.Y.: Dan Moody, l5'f'lll, UC, Norman: Charles Mooney, KE, UC, Midwesl' Cily: Mary Eileen Mooney, UC, Tulsa: David Moore, ATU, UC, OC. Stud Hall Makes Date Sltuatlon Tense Dorofhy Moore, UC, Chicago: Kafhleen Moore, UC, Norman: Les- lie Moore, Xfl, UC, Shawnee: Linda Moore, Al'-LX, UC, Tulsa: Pal Moore, BDU, UC, Okmulqee: Sondra Moore, UC, Wewoka: Susan Moore, -311. UC, OC, Jerry Kay Moorhead, UC, Norman: Jim Morgan, BAE, UC, Vernon, Tex.: Roselle Jeanne Morris, UC, Mounl I-folly, N.J.g Susy Morris, Ali, UC, Lawlong Tom Morfon, EN, UC, Sulphur: Rhonda Mosesman, -EAT, UC, Dallas: Alice Moss, KHP, UC, OC. Linda Moss, K-5, UC, Norman: Richard Mulanax, UC, EI Reno: Carl Muller, UKA, UC, London, England: Roberl Muller, IIKA, UC, Lone don, England: Marilyn Munger, -3-X-3, UC, Enid: Bobby Murcer, IX, UC, OC: lrene Murphy, UC, Ensl Norlhporl, N.Y. Louise Murphy, UC, Auqusla, Kan.: Timofhy J. Murphy, UC, Hop- kinlron, Mass.: Don Murray, UC, Hugo: Joseph Murray, UC, OC: P. C. Musgrove, UC, Wichila, Kan.: James Muslow, 'l'l4-3, UC. Shreveporl, La.: Bob Musser, ATU, UC, Tulsa. Bob Myers, IIKA, UC, Midwesf Cily: Sandy Nadlman, EAT, UC, Kansas Cily, Mo.: Janel' Nairn, A'l', UC, Ames, Iowa: Shirley Narra- more, UC, Maysville: John Nauman, ATU, UC, Norman: Donna Needham, UC, Tulsa: Lee Nelmes, AVA, UC, Dallas. Dianne Nelson, Ali, UC, Midwesl Cily: Dick Nelson, UC, Barllesf ville: Lana Nelson, UC, Arlinqlon, Tex.: Drew Neville, B'fTlU, UC, Tulsa: Joe Nevins, BETH, UC, Enid: Millard New, UC, Tulsa: Mary L. Newcomer, UC, Kansas Cily, Mo. Sieve Newell, AXA, UC, OC: Andy Newman, UC, Leawood, Kan.: G. Allen Newsome, Acacia, UC, Porl' Arlhur, Tex.: Roi Newfon, ll' UC, Prague: Susan Nickels, UC, Barllesville: Elizabeih Noble, UC, Dewey: S+eve Noevel,'l'l'i, UC, Muskogee. Garelh Noren, KI, UC, Drexel Hill, Pa.: Richard Norlh, 'PK-E, UC, Norman: Bill Nor+hcuH', -EN, UC, OC: Gayle Norfhcufl, UC, Ponca Cily: Jody Norfhcuff, UC, Noble: Kennefh Norion, UC, Edmond: Marilyn Novak, Axfl, UC. OC. Nancy Nye, UC, OC: Johanna O'Connell, UC, Nicoma Park: Kaye OFFu++, UC, OC: Melva O'Hern, UC, Shalruck, Linda Onofrio, UC, Choclaw: Paula Ordower, -EAT, UC, Hillside, N.J.: Teresa Osborn, UC, Tulsa. Zelda Osborn, UC, Tulsa: Sylvia Oscheiwifz, Afblfl, UC. Duncan: Di- ane Os+row, UC, Lillie Rock, Ark.: Nancy Oswald, UC, l-lennessey: Rober+ E. Ofis, "l'KXI'. UC, Duranl: Gary Overs+ree+, ATU, UC, Des Moines, Iowa: Judy Overlurf, UC, OC. Pam OviaH', KA, UC, Norman: Roberf Owen, IIKA, UC, Shawiee, Garry Owens, UC, Madison, Wis.: James Owens, UC, Moore: Karen Oxley UC, Tulsa: Lawrence Packard, 'l'K'l', UC. Lake Jackson, Tok.: Dick Padberg, l5l"lll, UC, OC. Donna Page, A-All, UC, Tulsa: Larry Pain, A-VP. UC, Anadarko: Bill Painfer, EN, UC, Anlhon: Charles Palmer, UC, Pryor: Jimmye Gayle Palmer, UC, Duncan: Donna Pankrah, AVA, UC, Tulsa: Sally Pape, A"i'E. UC, Prairie Village, Kan. Freshman Men Enjoy F 1rst Honor Dorm Kay Pappan, KKV, UC, OC: Wallace D. Pardue Jr., UC, Lawiont James Park, AKE. UC, Tulsa: JeaneHe Parker, KA, UC, Ponca Cily: Linda Parrish, UC, Madill: KH' Parsons, UC, Tucson, Ariz.: Bob Pa+e, 'l'Al'7, UC, Muskoqee. Bob Pale, IIKA. UC, Enid: James Pale, UC, OC: Cindy PaHerson, ll15'l', UC, OC: Jimmie PaHon, UC, Kiowa: PaH'y Paul, AA-3, UC, Norman: Jack A. Pauling, UC. Forf Sheridan, Ill.: Tom Payn+er, XMI. UC, Tulsa. Joseph M. Pay+e, UC, OC: Carol Pearson, UC, Duncan: Mike Pear- son, ATU, UC, Barflesville: Laura Peck, KA, UC, Dewey: Sheri Peck- ham, UC. Enid: Denny Pekny, UC. Lombard, Ill.: Susan Pendergrass, Xfl. UC, Tulsa. Linda Pennell, AVA, UC, OC: Audrey Penning+on, UC, Ada: Ahna- wake Penuel, AAII, UC,Lovinq1on, N.M.: Joe Ann Peoples, UC, OC: BeHy Perdue, UC, Verden: Fred Perkins, IIKA, UC, Monfclair, N.J.: Greg Perkins, K-E, UC, OC. Barbara Perrine, UC, OC: Sherri Perry, UC, OC: Sharon Pefers, UC, Faxon: Carol Peierson, IIIW, UC, Wichila Falls, Tex.: Chris Pe+erson, AKE, UC, Tulsa: Jo Nell Peferson, UC, Osawaiomie, Kan.: Sharon PeHlon, UC, Cedar Rapids, lowa. Rex Phelps, KZ, UC, Tulsa: Elaine Pickel, UC, Norman: Carol Pick- ens, KKF, UC. OC: Pafricia Pinker+on, KAFI, UC, OC: Nan Pipe, KAW, UC, ST. Louis, Mo.: Jack Pipkin, KA, UC, OC: April Poholsky, UC, Skokie, Ill. lanne Pone, Al'3'l', UC, OC: Merediih Pool, UC, Azlec, Mexico: Judy Poole, KA9. UC, OC: Pai' Poole, EWR, UC, Tulsa: Jane+ Popkess, AAA, UC, Kansas Ciry, Kang Allen Poppino, 'i'A'f'l, UC, OC: Suzy Porfnoff, Al'i"l', UC, Kansas Ciiy, Mo. Be+h Posr, lll5'l', UC, Barllesville: Cheryl Po'Her, UC, Tinker AFB: Deborah Pounds, l"'l'l5, UC, OC: Phillip Pourchor, IAN, UC, Shaw- nee: Penny Powell, UC, OC: Michael Powers, UC, Allus: Vic Pra- fher, :N UC, Tulsa. Phil PraH, BN, UC, Pauls Valley: Mike Price, BUTT, UC, Shawnee: Bob PrickeH, BX. UC, Norman: Mel Priddy, KE, UC, McAles+er: Barbara Priichard, UC. Manlius, N.Y.: Roberl Procfor, IIKA, UC, Barllesville: Dorofhy Prosser, Xfl, UC, OC. Freshmen Mike Prykryl, KA, UC, OC: Ellen Purves, KKV, UC, Wichilfi, Kan.: Mary Jane Quackenbush, UC, Shawnee: Andy Quial, 'l'l5-5-, UC, Denver, Colo.: Susan Kay Quick, UC, Barllesville: Jennifer Rags- dale, A'l', UC, Norman: Roberf Raines, UC, Canon Cily, Colo. Shirley Ramsay, AVA, UC, Tulsa: Kalhy Rankin, AMI, UC, Norman, Dennis Ranzau, 'T'll'l, UC, Houslon: Sally Rapp, lllifll, UC, OC: Geoff S. Ra+her, UC. Tulsa: Kay Ralliff, NP, UC, l-lobarl: Joyce Raflerree, UC. Wellinqlon, Kan. David Rawlings, UC, Warner Robins, Ga.: Brenda Ray, UC, OC: Lynn Ray, UC, OC: L. Melissa Read, UC, New Porl, Rhode Island: Harry Reaugh, Wall, UC, Breckenridge, Tex.: Roy Recfor, UC, Bar- llesville: David Redburn, UC, OC, Susan Reddoch, Xil, UC, Memphis, Tenn.: Kenneih Reece, "Ni-3, UC, Norman: Sherry Reece, A3-5, UC, Norman: Lynn Reed, AXA, UC, Norman: Mary Ann Reed, KKV, UC, Norman: Jasper Reeves, IX, UC, Cushing: Dan Reid, IIKA, UC, OC. Richard Reid, UC, Blackwell: BeHy Reiff, UC, Wewfoka: Roberl Reil- ly, IX, UC, Okemah: Ronnye Lynn Reifer, Aiifil, UC. Memphis: Jo Render, UC, OC: Shelagh Renov, Alifb, UC, Shrcvoporl, La.: Jim Reuber, UKA, UC, Midwesi Ciiv. John Revelle, K-fi, UC, Ardmore: Camilla Reynolds, UC, Norman: J. J. Reynolds, AX53, UC, Norman: Bonnie Rich, BAT, UC, Allanla, Ga.: Carol Rich, UC, Duncan: Sanford Rich, ZIAM, UC, Sl. Louis, Mo.: Nancy Richard, KKF, UC, OC. Londa Richards, NMC, UC, Tulsa: Dickye Richardson, AVA, UC, OCZ Kirk Richardson, UC, Midwesl Cilv: Roberf Rindley, IAM, UC, Miami Beach. Fla.: Danny Rinehar+, 'l'KXl', UC, Norman: Gayle Rip- py, UC, Tulsa: Tony Rilchie, UC, Duncan. Cyn+hia Rilienberg, NVE, UC, Chicago, lll,: Doug Rilzwoller, IAM. UC. Lawlon: George Rives, KI, UC, Jacksonville, Tex.: Dick Rob- loerson, UC, OC: Saundra K. Rober'ls,A1'l, UC, Moore: Bill Robin- son, UC, Duncan: Carol Robinson, UC, Midwesl Cily. Paul Robinson, AXA, UC, OC: Chrisrine Robirds, UC, Duncan: John Robison, BQII, UC, Enid: Doug Robilshek, UC, Barllesville: Neil Roche, UC, Easl Norih Pori, N.Y.: Carol Rodgers, IIBfIJ, UC, Tulsa: Jesse Rodriguez, UC, Houslon. Danielle Roemer, UC, Tulsa: Billie Rogers, AAN, UC, Norman: Linda L. Rogers, AXU, UC, Lindsay: Linda N. Rogers, IIHFIW, UC, Tulsa: Mary Jane Rogers, UC, OC: Parker Rogers, 'DM-3, UC, Clarksdale. Miss.: Elaine Rogozenski, -EST, UC, Kansas Cily, Mo. Mark Rollins, -ST-3, UC, Prague: Camilla Rone, UC, l-lenrvella: Ma- ria Resell, UC, For? Supply: Linda Ross, l-5--3. UC, Pawhuska: Mike Ross, 'PB-3, UC, Nashville, Tenn.: Elyse Rosse++, I-XT, UC, Chicago: James Roihberg, 'l,l5l, UC, Nashville, Tenn. Bruce Rorhenberg, -EAM, UC, Miami Beach, Flag Ricki Rofklein, -EAT, UC, OC: Marilyn Rousseau, UC, Madison, N.J,: William Row- an, UC, EI Dorado, Ark.: Barbara Rugeley, Kl, UC, Tulsa: Kenneih Ruhf, UC, Pelcrspurq, Va.: Cynlhia Rummel, iii, UC, Konilworih, lll. Pairicia Russell, AAU, UC, Lawlon: S. David Russell, UC, Housion: Ken Ruzyla, UC, Merrick, N.Y.: Cheryl Ryan, UC, OC: Roberl J. Ryan, AXA. UC, Lombard, Ill.: Anne Rycrofl, UC, Del Cilv: Eileen Sacks, UC, Memphis. 6 lk :. 4 Q .5 F. as ,x vf 1 "fJQs12g:si'.n- 1 we L A f7C " -' W: sm-A .ww Jane Sachs, A'l'E, UC, Waco, Tex.: Joyce Sachse, UC, Seminole: Linda Sacol, Afbli, UC, Tulsa: Meri Sacra, Nil, UC, Pauls Valley: Claudia Saina, UC, Cleveland, Ohio: Kennelh E. Sala, UC, OC: An+hony Salas, 'PK-fi, UC, Tulsa. Deborah Salilcoi, UC, Massapequa, N.Y.: Herberl Saller, UC, Willon, Conn.: Marilyn Sallz, AWP, UC, Galveslon, Tex.: Rhonda Sammons, UC, Norman: Debbie Sanborn, AAA, UC, Wichila, Kan.: Dee San- ders, ATU. UC. McAloslor: Karole Sanders, AV, UC, Ponca Cily. Sieve Sanders, -EN, UC, Tulsa: Jean Sarrell, UC, Norman: Mallory Saunders, HB'l', UC, Tulsa: Cyn+hia Sawfell, UC, Alherlon. Calif.: Mar+ha Schaff, KKV, UC, McAlesicr: Roy Schandorf, UC, Miclwcsl Cily: Anne Schiendler, UC, Tulsa. PaHy Schiller, UC, Sl. Louis, Mo.: Fred Schmed'l', 'l'1'A, UC, Allus: Palsy Schmelzla, UC, Concord, Calil.: Joe Schmidt BAE. UC, OC: Mary Schneider, AXLSZ, UC, OC: Rober+ Schneider, EAM, UC, Norlh Miami Beach, Fla.: Sandy Schneider, A'l', UC, Kirkwood, Mo. Glenn Schoenhals, l5l'lll, UC. Shailuclc: Janice Schonder, UC, Belle- ville, lll.: Alexander Schonwald, WBA, UC, Sl. Louis, Mo.: Avrum Schonwald, WBA, UC, OC: Terry Schreiner, ZX, UC, Midland, Tex.: Suzie Schumacher, XSZ, UC, Richardson, Tex.: Joel Schuman, EAM, UC, Baliimore, Md, Sandy Schuman, Al'l'l', UC, Maplewood, N.J.: Sfuarl Schusler, 'l'BA, UC, Forl Worlh: Blaine Schwabe, B9U, UC, Tulsa: Dorolhy Sco'H', AAA, UC, OC: Jaclr ScoH, AXA, UC, Olcmulqee: John ScoH, 'PAQ UC, Tulsa: Mike Sco'H', EN, UC. OC. Donna Seawrighl, AVA, UC, Pampa, Tex.: Barbara Segal, UC, Hous- lon: David Seligson, EAM, UC. OC: Bob Selman, -YAE, UC, Tulsa: John Selph, EN, UC. Tulsa: Janie Semple, KA4-3, UC, Duranlg Jerry Seplrowih, 'l'l3A, UC, Amarillo, Tcx. Don Serlcin, WBA, UC, Nashville, Tenn.: Bill Severe, UC, Enid: Larry Sevil, TBA, UC, Tulsa: Kalhleen Shadid, UC, OC: Randel Shadid, EX. UC, Allus: Joy Dawn Shannon, UC. OC: Jackie Sharp, AAA, UC, Comanche. James Shauberger, AXA, UC, Norman: Lynn Shear, KKV, UC, Dun- can: Judy Shearin, KU, UC, Dallas: Noble Shea+sley, UC, Alexandria, Va.: Joyce Sheedy, UC, Morris: Nancy Shelby, IlBfP, UC, Tulsa: Sheila Sheldon, AAU, UC, Tulsa. Frosh Master Unusual Art Techniques Bunny Sher, Al'1"l', UC. Birmingham, Ala.: Wilma Sherfield, UC. Sul- phur: John Sherman, EX, UC, Tulsa: Ernesl Shero, UC, Cabimas, Venezuela: Don Shield, UC, OC: Judy Shields, l"l'l3, UC, Tulsa: Linda Shilling, KU, UC, Ardmore. Rebecca Shinaull, AAU, UC, Norman: Libby Shirley, AMI, UC, l-linsdale, lll.: Carl ShorH', AXA, UC, OC: Rober+ Shrewsbury, UC. Azlec, N.M.: Don Shulman, ABU, UC, Cranford, N.J.: John Shurr, ATU, UC, Muskogee: Harry S. Siegel, AHIT, UC, Chicago. Wendy Sigal, UC, Miami Beach, Fla.: Linda Sigle, AFA, UC, Tulsa: Barbara Sigmon, KA9, UC, OC: Anila Sills, l"'l'R, UC, Pond Creelc: Pele Silva, UC, Barllesville: Busler Simon, EAN, UC, Clinlon: Paula Simon, UC, Tulsa. l Judy Sims, AX-53. UC, Texarkana, Tex.: Nelson Sims, fix, UC, Wa- ronqa: PaHy Sims, 5-ST, UC, Allanla, Ga.: Dean Simmons, AT, UC. OC: Jay Simon, 'PK-Y, UC, OC: Jim Sires, UC, Barflesville: Fred- erick T. Skinner ll, UC, Barllesville. Janel Skinner, UC, Dallas: Marvin Skinner, UC, Sallisaw: Mike R. Skinner, A1241 UC, Spearman, Tex.: Zan Skinner, UC. Tulsa: Linda Skorkowsky, UC, l-larrah: Carolyn Slack, AWP, UC, Sl. Joseph, Mo.: Tom Slagle, UC, Tulsa. Bob Slepka, EN, UC, Okemah: Jaynie Smeerin, EAT, UC, Omaha, Neb.: Craig S. Smi+l1, BAE, UC, Memphis: Darlene Smi+l1, AAA, UC, Wichila, Kan.: Dianne Smi+l1, UC, Owasso: Glen Smilh, UC, Moore: Howard Smi+l1, UC, Prague. James Smi+l1, TIKA, UC, Walerlown, S.D.: Jan Smiili, UC, Lawfon: Jay Smiili, UC, Cache: Jerry Smifh, EN, UC, Tulsa: Jim Smiih, UC, Midwesl Cily: Judy Smilh, UC, Vinirag Kalhy Smiih, X52, UC, Tulsa. Kay Ann Smifh, UC, Maysville: Linda Smi+l1, UC, OC: Lynda Smilh, UC. McAles+er: Melanie Smi+l'1, KKF, UC, Frederick: Ray Smiih, AXA, UC, Sapulpa: Rila Smilh, UC, Seminole: Rober+ Smifh, AT, UC, Noble. Robyn Smiih, AAA, UC, Wichila, Kan.: Sandy Smilh, UC, Hender- sonville, Tenn.: Sherry Smilh, UC, Barflesville: Sherrye Kaye Smilh, UC, Lexinglon: Terrance Smi+l'1, AKE. UC, Tulsa? Roberl' Smilher- man, IAE, UC, Shreveport La.: Jerry Smoirycz, UC, New Brilain. Conn. Sally Sneed, lll4'l', UC, Barilesville: Carol Snodgrass, UC. OC: Suzy Snodgrass, UC, OC: David Sobel, 'PBA-, UC, Tulsa: Dee Ann Soder, AX53, UC, OC: Sfephanie Solar, Al'3'l', UC, S+. Louis, Mo.: Gene Solloway, 'l'l4A, UC, Woodward. Karen Son, Alu, UC, Carnegie: Rickey Sonleifer, IZN, UC, Allur: Jean Sorrels, UC, Cushinq: Linda Soulherland, UC, Norman: Kay Sparks, AVA, UC, OC: Marilyn Sparks, KAI-P, UC, Tulsa: Rulh Sparks, UC, Tulsa. Linda Speakman, UC, Ponca Cilyg Pai' Spear, UC, OC: Dearlyne Speck, UC, Del Cily: Andrew R. Spence, UC, Radnor, Pa.: Linda Spence, UC, Wagoner: Linda Spivey. UC, Tulsa: John Sprieser, Acacia, UC, Park Ridge, lll. Dorm Living Engenders School Spirit Donna Sfacy, UC, Blanchard: Dwighf Siafford, UC, Apache: Linda Sfafford, AV, UC, Norman: Karen Sfandridge, APA, UC, McAles- fer: Jane Sfangeland, lxlfl, UC, OC, Bruce Sianlon, UC, Mcfxles- lor: Paul Slearman, UC. Burbank. Calif. Anlhony Sleelman, ATS2, UC, S+. Charles, lll.: Mike Sleelman, 5"l'l'3. UC, Omaha, Neb.: Donna Sleffens, UC, Miami: Ted S+ein, -APHA, UC, Kansas Cify, Mo.: Rusii Sleinhorn, EAT' UC, l-louslon: Bill Slengel, 'PK-E, UC, Clarenhill, III.: Bill Sfephens, UC, Duncan. Vivian Srephenson, KA9, UC, Claremonl, Calif.: Sheila Sfidham, UC, Taloqa: John Sfewarf, KZ, UC, OC: Jefla Slewarf, AFA, UC, Duncan: Terry Slevenson, UC, Liberal, Kan.: Farrell D. Slevenson, UC, Chickasha: Roberl G. Slevenson, EX, UC, Tulsa. Freshmen Billy Sione, UC, Barflesvillog James S+one, l5l'lll, UC, Yukon: Mari- nelle Sfone, UC, OC: Mary Siorch, AWP, UC, Allania, Ga.: Belly Jane Sforms, KAI-3, UC, Duncan: Michael S+oH'lemyre, UC, Hennes- sey: James Sfoui, ATA, UC, OC. Margarei S+ovall, UC, Muskogee: Carole Sfrauch, A-5--3, UC, Mem- phis: Jill S+ree+, AXSZ, UC, Lindsay: Ronald Sireeiman, 'l'-KE, UC, OC: Lynn Sfuarl, KA9, UC, Eorl Worfh: Michael Sfuckeri, UC. Lawfon: Penny S'rurgeon, UC, Edmond. Sheryl Suggs, UC, OC: John Sullivan, UC, Bokchifo: Mike Sullivan, UC, Duncan: Susan Sullivan, UC, Seminole: Penny Sumner, lIHfl', UC, Shawnee: Sherry Summers, AAA, UC, Dallas: Mary Jane Sul- ion, UC, Tahlequah. Geoff Swanberg, HKA, UC. Dallas: Sandra Swaney, UC, Tulsa: Charles P. Sweeney, UC, Windrrield, Kan.: Rusiy Swenson, AT, UC, Tulsa: Dick Talley, BAE, UC, Norman: Larry Tarranr, UC, Denver, Colo.: William Tarwa+er, EAR, UC, Duncar. Troyce Tale, AX52, UC, Wefonqa: Larry Tawwafer, ATA, UC, Mid- wesf Ciiy: Hugh Taylor, EX, UC, Tulsa: Kay Taylor, AFA, UC, Eorl Worlh: Lydia Taylor, AXSZ, UC, Tonkawa: Mark Taylor, ATU, UC, Grosse Poinl Farms, Mich.: Pam Taylor, KAI-3, UC, OC. Roberl' Taylor, UC, Norman: Sheri Taylor, AFA, UC. Avon, Conn.I Shirley Taylor, UC, FT. Sill: Roberl' Terrell, UC, OC: Jewel Tesch, UC, Muscaline, Iowa: John Tefens, 'lm-5. UC, Wichifa Ealis, Tex.: Linda J. Thayer, UC, Forl Worlh. Melody Thedford, UC, OC: Margaref Ann Thee, UC, OC: Karen Theimer, KKF, UC, Norman: Brenda Thomas, A4', UC, Enid: Gayle Thomas, UC, Edmond: Kenneih Thomas, UC, Tulsa: Nancy Thomas, A-5-A, UC, Tulsa. Vicki Thomas, AXU, UC, EI Reno: Beverly Thompson, UC, OC: Ken Thompson, UC, Midwesi Cily: Mike Thompson, NT, UC, Lawfon: John Thomson, AT, UC, Goodwell: Sfeven Thornberry, UC, Barlles- ville: Tom Thralls, EX, UC, Tulsa. Barbara Tills, AWP, UC, Forl Worfh: Richard Tims, KDKE, UC, OC: Cheryl Tiius, UC, Coifeyville, Kan.: Pafricia Todd, UC, Lawlonz Howard Toder, TBA, UC, S+. Louis, Mo.: Vickie Lynn Tolber+, UC. Tulsa: Susan Tomlin, UC, Tulsa. Brooksie Townley, UC, OC: Debby Townsend, All, UC, Duncan: Hermione Tracewell, WVR, UC, Okmulqee: Linda Trenfield, UC, OC: Alice Trexler, UC, Charlolle, N.C.: Carolyn Turner, KA, UC, Ponca Cily: Diane Turner, AF-3, UC, Norman. James L. Turner, UC, Dallas: K. Suzanne Turner, UC, OC: Wayne Turpin, UC, OC: James L. Tymeson, ATU, UC, Slorm Lake, Iowa' Roberf Ue'l'z, UC. Des Moines, Iowa: Sally Ulmer, XSZ, UC, Miami: Michael Alden Unger, AEN, UC, River Dale, N.Y. Sue Unruh, UC, Enid: Jane Upp, A-3-5, UC, Enid: Rosemary Vaello, UC, Benavides, Tex.: Bob Van Arsdale, E'1'E, UC, Norman: Wendell E. Van Hook, UC, OC: Kyle D. Vann, UC, Colifeyville, Kan.: Gladys VanVranken, UC, Enid. Pele Vaughan, 'lfKE, UC, Norman: Elizabelh Veal, UC, Ponca Ci'ry7 Jidge Verify, ATA, UC, OC: Naomi Vernick, UC, Newark, N.J.: Nancy Vernon, UC, Garland, Tex.: PaHi Vernon, UC, Dallas: Karen Viefh WVR, UC, Kingfisher. qv A-df' ' i r ue mn 2530 fa. Ui , f, y 4 WWW Sfudenfs Tell Their walking problems were solved when lhe Sooner Surreys hil 'rhe campus, buf The noble experimenl failed and il was noi long before lhey walked again. Freshmen Zella Voiles, AAA, UC, Hooker: Sherry Kay Wainfroob, EAT, UC Dan Walker, EN, UC, Alrus. Jo Ann Walko, AVA, UC, Norman: John Wallace, EX, UC, Shaw- nee: Roberfa Wallensfein, Al'1'l', UC, Chicago: Sandra Walling, All, UC, OC: Linda Kay Wallis, l"l'B, UC, OC: Joseph Kyle Walls, Acacia, UC, lvlcAlesler: Dewey Walsh, UC, Crosseil, Ark. Terry Walsh, UC, OC: Diane Waliers, UC, Tulsa: Jan Wampler, UC, OC: James Wanfland, UC, l-lousion: Don Ward, QPKXP, UC, OC: Jean Ward, UC, Lexinqlon: Thomas Ward, BGU, UC, Cushinq. Wayne Ward, UC, McCloud: Roger Warkenfine, UC, Fairview: Genese Warr, UC, Tulsa: Sfephanie Warren, AXS2, UC, Norman: Vicki Warren, AVA, UC, Porlaqeville, Mo.: Lucy Ann Washburn, l"l'l3, UC, Tulsa: MilleHe Walers, UC, l-lousfon. Doris Wa+kins, UC, OC: Bill Waison, B01-I, UC, Drumrighl: Michael Walson, UC, OC: Susan WaHs, UC, Norman: Jane Way, UC, Nor- man: Carol Ellen Weaver, UC, Tulsa: David Weaver, ATU, UC, OC. Janis Weaver, UC, Kansas Cify, Kan.: Rober+ J. Weaver, UC, Dal- las: Ellen Websier, UC, Norman: Jackie Websfer, UC, Norman: Ray Weems, SAE, UC, OC: Anna Lynn Weichbrodf, UC, Ard- more: Bill Weimar, BWI, UC, Norman. Sheila Weinberg, Ahlflf, UC, Prairie Village, Kan.: Sharon Weiner, AWP, UC, Columbus, Ohio: Jean Weir, UC, Tinker AFB: Charles Weiss, EAM, UC, Wesl Bury, N.Y.: Cindy Weiss, EAT, UC, New- ark, N.J.: Mel Weiss, -EAM, UC, S+. Louis, Mo.: Jo Ann Welles, UC, Duncan. Dianne Wells, UC, OC: Joria Ann Wells, UC, Norman: Lynn Wells, AV, UC, Burner, Tex.: Sfeven Wells, EN, UC, Ardmore: Mariha Welly, AFA, UC, Duncan: Carolyn Wesf, UC, Anadarko: Howard Wesferdahl, UC, Moline, lll. Rebecca Weisel, KA, UC, Seminole: Jane? Weizel, KA9, UC, OC: Gary Don Whifcomb, -SAE, UC, Woodward: Carol Whiie, UC. Tulsa: Claudia While, KA, UC, Tulsa: Daniel Whife, UC, Lawton: Janeen Whife, UC, Midland, Tex. Suzi Vile, EAT, UC, Kansas Cily, Mo.: Larry Vincenf, KZ, UC, OC' OC: Pamela Waken, AAU, UC, Enid: Sieve Waldrip, ATU, UC, OC: Karl While, UC, Duncan: Marlha While, A-3-A, UC, Tulsa: Sherry While, UC, Davidson: Susan While, ANU. UC, Duncan: William While, ATSP, UC, Tulsa: Sieve Whileside, UC, Waynoka: Janel Whifney, A-Ml, UC, Tulsa. Michael Whillenberg, UC, Canule: Diane Whyle, UC, Washing- Ton, D.C,: Jo Ann Widmar, UC, Tulsa: Kalhy Widner, KA, UC, Racine, Wis.: Karen Wielansky, -Y-XT, UC, Sl. Louis, Mo.: Joe Wilkinson, UC, Shamrock, Tex.: Larry W. Wilkinson, UC, OC. Tish Wilkinson, UC, New Orleans: Allon Gusfavius Williams Jr., UC, Lawlon: Carol Williams, AVA, UC, Dallas: Charles Williams, UC, Ardmore: Cheryl Williams, UC, ldabel: Cindy Williams, lll5'l', UC, OC: Doug Williams, HKA, UC, Norman. George Williams, UC, OC: Janis Elaine Williams, UC, Del Cily: Nancy C. Williams, UC, Chickasha: Charles Williamson, l5l'3ll, UC, Claremore: Daryl L. Williamson, ATA, UC, Midwesl Cily: Judy Williamson, X53, UC, Shawnee: Mike Williamson, EX, UC, Shawnee. Sarah Williamson, UC, Mounlain View: Marie Willis, UC, OC: Mike S. Willis, -YN, UC, Allus: Darla Willoughby, ANU, UC, Tulsa: Elaine Willow, UC, Grand Prairie, Tex.: Bob D. Wilner, AEN, UC, Fair- lawn, N.J.: Bill Wilson, UC, OC. Dennis Wilson, UC, Broken Arrow: Kalhy Wilson, l"l'l3, UC, OCT Kaye Wilson, UC, ldabel: Ralene Wilson, UC, Slroud: Ralph D. Wilson II, AKE, UC, Norman: Ryck Wilson, UC, Tulsa: Sandy Wil- son, UC, Norman. Tim Wilson, UC, Cordell: W. Roy Windel Jr., UC, Moore: Palricia Wingale, lll5'l', UC, Wewolca: Bruce Winsfon, UC, OC: Marlha Winfer, UC, Carmi, lll.: Sally Winfers, Ki, UC, Tulsa: Karen Wolf, UC, OC. Brenl Wolfe, LPKE, UC, Enid: Launie Ree Wolford, UC, Lonq Beach, lnd.: Jeff Wolfson, -EAM, UC. Sl. Louis, Mo.: Kenny Womack, -EN, UC, OC: Linda Wood, UC, Burkburnell, Tex.: Linda Woodall, UC, OC: Lloyd Woodall, UC, Tulsa. Dan Woodard, AXA, UC, OC: Lea Woodcock, A-ill, UC, Jellere son Cily, Mo.: James Wooley, KA, UC, Birmingham, Mich.: Jo Anne Worsley, UC, Williams, Calif.: Kalhleen Woolen, UC, Wichila, Kan.: Bill Wrighl, ATA, UC, Tulsa: Linda D. Wrighl, UC, l-louslon, Contagious Drop-itis Infects Class of '69 Linda Wrighl, UC, Seminole: Marian Wrighl, UC, Marshall, Texas: Phillip A. Wrighl, UC, Collinsville: Susan Wrighl, All, UC, Tulsa: Myra Wunlch, A'l'l'l, UC, l-louslon: Brenda Wyall, UC, Norman: Gordon Wynn, 'l'l'-5, UC, Edmond. Phail Wynn, UC, Lawlon: Gary Yandle, -SITE, UC, Henryella: Sandy Yarbrough, A-ill, UC, Norman: Kay Yeager, XS2, UC, Garland, Tex.: Michael W. Yeager, UC, Tahlequah: Sherry York, UC, Nor- man: James Younger, UC, Foresl l-lill, Md, Ronald Younglund, UC, Casper, Wyo.: Barry Zaklad, IAM, UC, Wes? Bury, N. Y.: Sluarf Zalowilz, -EAM, UC, Memphis: Larry Zankel, Alill, UC, Tulsa: Judy Zika, UC, Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Tillie Zimmerman, Al'1'l', UC, l-louslon: Barbara Zox, Al'i'l', UC, Co- lumbus, Ohio. CHAPTER SIX GREEKS S li ' 1 'Fi-1 S P aling lner way +o yiciory in Phi Psi "SOO" is Marlene Sims, as ieamrnale Linda Lieber? cheers r pasl ine liniski line flag. Q?-E Donna Sue Abel, Lynn Ab- ney, Cindy Allen, Jane B, Anderson, Janey Arilwurs Suzy Ausiin, Vicki Branfley, Regina Brownell. Linda Brusr, Jo Ann Budd. Donna Burger, Carol Burke, Vicki Burlon, Kay Carleiii, Kay Carfer, Glennis Casin. Clnarlie Clieilain, Nancy Childers, Karen Coley. Joan Conkling, Kaflny Crews, Becky Dealon. Pal Elnrlicln, Nancy Enqlisli. Myra Ellneredqe, Carolyn Farlia, Sandra L, Farmer, Diana Ford, Gilda Ganl Carolyn Giles, Siverre Goss. Linda Haaq. Linda l-larnillon, Darlene Hammond, Karen Hodges. Jan Hopkins, Sharon Hop- kins, Linda Houslon, Clau- dia l-luqlnes, Kailiy King. Judiiln Kyle, Jan Lawlwon, Jane Lawson, Diana Logan Sandy Loman. Mary Long- bolliarn, Leslie Major. Brenda Mailies, Karen MC- Candless, Sandi McCown Nona Jane McDouqal Su- san McElyea, Sondra Mill- er, Judy Miiclwell. Gale Morgan, Karen Mur- plny, Karen Newell, Marilyn Novak, Diana Oliver. Sliirf ley Polk, Robin Rankin. .-...N 'V' Q4 of if AXO ALPHA CHI OMEGA I I I5 College Psi Chapter Founder's Day Banquet Denotes 50th Year The Alpha Chi's celebrated their 50th year on OU's campus by holding a Founderis Day Banquet, Winning the Phi Psi 'c500', and hav- ing Gigi Gant named a Yearbook Beauty. Alpha Chi officers were Karen Newell, presi- dent, Nancy Turk and lane Anderson, vice presidents, Linda Hamilton, recording secre- tary, Sandi Farmer, corresponding secretary, Dianne Reaugh,.treasurer, and Shirley Polk, social chairman of the active chapter. Dianne Reaugh, Diane Re- Mine, J. J. Reynolds, Karen Ritchey, Carole Rogers, Lin- da L. Rogers, Mary Schnei- der. Jimalea Schooley, Sondra Schroeder, Judy Simpson, Judy Sims, Lynda C. Sims, Leslie A. Smith, Janice Smo- thers. Dee Ann Soder, Jane Stan- geland. Barbara Stiranlca. Paula Straley, Jill Street, Troyce Tate, Jean Taylor. Lydia Taylor, Anne Thomas. Vicki Thomas, Nancy Turk. Bonnie Walters, Stephanie Warren, Joanne West. Vicki Wester, Susan White, Carol Wilkinson, Darla Will- oughby, Maggie Wilson, Su- san Wright, Jana Young. Alpha Chi's on campus were Carolyn Far- ha, Student Senate rules and elections com- mittee chairman, Nancy Turk, named one of America,s Outstanding Young Women, Year- book MOD editor, Nancy English, SHR sec- retary, Pi Omega historian, Dianne Reaugh, Tassels, Who's Who, and Carole Wilkinson, Miss OU Pageant director, Student Senate. The pledge party and the Red Carnation Ball were the major social events. AATT ALPHA DELTA Pl Gamma Zeta Chapter ADPi Chapter Plans Active ADPi,s on the OU campus were Gloria Robinson, Panhellenic Vice president. Pershing Rifles Kaydettes commander, Sue Clauve, Model UN committee chairman, Mid- western Model UN, BWOCQ Iudy Morgan, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Alpha Theta, History Club, and Bonnie Estes, outstanding pharmacy senior. Leading the Zeta chapter at OU were Terry Treadway, president, Cheryl Naifeh and Mary l405 Elm Addition to House Carlson, vice presidents, Billie Fleischman, corresponding secretary, Pamela Wiggins, re- cording secretary, Iill Holderby, treasurer, and Paula Hodgins, social chairman. ADPi's are presently making plans for add- ition of a study hall onto their house. ADPi,s celebrated with the Black Diamond Formal, the Suppressed Desire Party and the Christmas Party. The girls also jointly pro- vided for charity with Sigma Phi Epsilon. Grand national pres1dentMrs. Maxine Blake is greeted by chapter president Terry Treadway and hostess Mrs. Lola Lomax on visit to OU. Virginia E. Barileil, Beclcy Beard, Jean Beaiiie, Cheryl Bony, Jan Braden, Marydel Braden, Gail Braylon. Candy Brown, Jean M. Bur- iord, Lynda Bursey, Mary Carlson, Carolyn Carier, Sharon Charles, Sue Clauye. Penny R. Criswell, Mary Dorsey, Loralee Dyson, Mar- garel' Ann Enyeariy Bonnie Esres, Billie Fleischrnan, Nik- ia Fries. Nona Gordon, Carole S. Gumm, Carolyn Gunn, Jan Harris, Judy Hawk, Terry l-lesier, Corrie S. i-licks, Chrisiy Hill, Paula l-lodgins, Jill I-lolderby, Linda Holi, Sue l-lorn, Belly l-lurley, Kaihey J. Keeler. Kay Kimberling, Karole King, Lynn Knapp, Lynn Marreson, Frances Mayer, Michael McGann, Cheryl Naiieh. Kaye Oliver, Mary Lou Orr, Donna Page, Ahnawalce Pen- uel, Sallee Piirnan, l-luelene Plumlee, Clarice M. Pregler. Kaihy Ranlcin, Gloria Rob- inson, Billie Rogers, Pairicia Russell, Jill Sellers, Sheila Sheldon, Rebecca Shinaulr. Libby Shirley, Judiih E. Su- garrnan, Terry Treadway, Pamela Walcen, Jan Walson, Jane? Whiiney. Pamela Wiggins, Lea A. Wodcoclc, Marianne Wulf, Sandy Yarborough, Judy Young, Chrisiine K. Zeh- ring. Coslume par+y al Hillel finds San- eqel, Marlene Glazer, Larr-.f arncer and Marlene Becker 'l il the 'hlarolds Club' lable. Andee Abeles, Cheryl Aber, Jane Abrams, Nancy E. Axe elrod, Connie Baker, Mar- lene Becker, Ann Beecher, Linda Belslock, Cheryl Bernstein, Joan R. Bloom Sandy Bloom, Leslie Bloornensliel Thelma Blu- rnen Palricia J. Braurnan, Slephanie Bromberfq, Barba- ra Brooks. Pal Calverr, Barby Cohen, Lesley Cohan, Paula Coop- er, Galle Copple, Suzanne Dessauor, Sandra Ellis Georqann Finberq. Pally Finn, Paula Fishman Renee Frank, Margo Fried- rnan, Pal Fulerlas, lris Ger- son, Marlene Gflazer, Linda Golden. Susan Goldslein, Frances Greil, Kalhy Hawlhorn, Di- anne Hirsch, Ellen Horevilz, Pamela Jo l'lyken, Judilh Kanlor. Vicki Balh Kaplan, Gail Kalz. Rozee Kalz, Tiobee Kaufman, Shelly Kay, Micke ey Kirsch, Debbie Knox. Judy Krasnow, Toni Kusmer, Janis Leverrlhal. Rhoda Le- vin, Julee Levine, Vivian Le- vine, Cynlhia Levill. Linda Levy, Liessa Liepp- manr, Nanci Lipshulz, Suzi M.Lowens+ern,Sandra Lynn, Ruth Mayer, Sue Anh Mei- sel. 640 Elm AECID ALPHA EPSILON PHI Epsilon Gamma Chapter Pledges Focus Attention on Charity Projects The Phi's went all out this year to win the Campus Chest trophy. The girls Washed cars and sold doughnuts to raise money for the an- nual charity contest held in the fall. Monte Carlo was the theme ot the annual fall party this year and in the spring the Phi's held their traditional Formal Weekend. That Friday they danced in the atmosphere of the South Sea Islands, and held a dinner dance in Oklahoma City that Saturday. Karen Miller, Nancy Miller, Susan Murov, Doreen Nash, Susan Newrnan, Sue Ellen Orbach, Michele Perrnutt. Outstanding members included Doreen Nash, Tassels, Homecoming executive com- mittee, Orchesisg Paula Fishman, Pi Omega vice president, Yearbook sorority editor, Su- zanne Dessauer, URC, Pipers, Student Senate Rules and Election Committee secretary, and Pat Futerfas, Campus Chest Award chairman, Student Senate secretary, Model UN. Serving as Student Senators were Betty Sahath, Fran Spelling and Sharon Velinsky. lanne Pane, Suzy Portnott, Jere Reinauer, Ronnye Lynn Reiter, Shelaqh Renoy, Brenda Rozen, Bettie Sa- bath. Marilyn Saltz. Arlene Schachter, Sandy Schuman, Susan G. Seeliq, Martha Shapiro, Bunny Sher, Eileen Sinderbrand. Carolyn Slack, Stephanie SO- lar, Marleen Stein, Mary Storch, Barbara Tills, Jeri Trope, Sharon Beth Velinsky. wa Roberta Wallenstein, Sharon Weiner, Judi Weirberq, Sheila Weinberq Susar Williams, Tillie Zimmerman, Barbara Zox. 'Y 327 AFA ' s Y--S.....,,, 'ff .. K A "- ssc.,,.m-Mgmt i if ff 'fr ..w...,a,-,a ' - K ? . . 1 ' f ifj f'f4 fm?Tf2f.?fW ,4 V.,'Y' ' ,V 3, 3 3' .,' , ' ALPHA GAMMA DELTA fa! ir" n f i . ,A Q- UPSNOH Chaim t A n ,, ,,,,A.., g W A 930 Chautauqua Plans Begin for Construction of New House The Alpha Gams lived in two houses this year but already were planning construction of a new house to provide one residence for girls wearing the red, buff and green. The purchase of the old Zeta Tau Alpha property served as an annex for the sorority study hall and housing for 25 girls. Founded at OU in 1919, Upsilon chapter was this year led by Margaret McConnell, president, LeAnn Boeve, first vice president, Gayle Walling, second vice president, Peggy Lines, recording secretaryg Marilyn Moody, corresponding secretary, Ann Masterson, treas- urerg Iimmy McConnell, social chairman. Social life included the Mountain Party, the Christmas Formal, and co-sponsorship of an Arabian Horse Show for charity. Top Alpha Gams were Margaret McConnell and Io Ann Ellen, Mortar Board, and Bonney Bassman and Gayle Walling, Tassels. i Jo Ann Allen, Mary Cynthia Atchley, Sandy Lee Baker, Mary Bane, Bonney Bass- mann, Judy Becker, Victoria Beeqhly, Beverly Benedict. Sue Blasdel, LeAnn Boeve. Susan Bomar, Nancy Brewer. Linda Brown, Linda Bryant, Mary L. Cabbage, lrene Campbell. Roxanne Clarlc, Suzanne Cooper, Kay Craig, Dallas Dorsett, Donna Doughty, Su- san Downs. Ina Kay Eastham, Carolyn G. Fano. Suzanne Garrett, Donna Gordon, Mary Gray, Parn- ela Gregory, Sandra L. Groom, Toni l-lagemann. Darylene Harmon, Andrea Hicks. Max Anna l-lindes, Katie l-litchcoclc, Linda K. Hous- ton, Mimi Jones, Donna Kil- gore, Sandy Kinney. Sally Lang, Charlene Lettler. Susan Lemon, Jacquelynne Leonard, Elaine Lesler, Dee Lewis, Susan Lewis, Carla Lindsay, Judy Linehan, Peg- gy Lines. Barbara Logan, Karen Lund, Karen Marshall, Judy Mar- lin, Taini Marlin, Ann Mas- rerson, Elisa Marie McClen- don, Jimmy L. Mcconrell. Marqarel McConnell, Sally McDonald, Ann Merierr, Marilyn Moody, Linda Moore, Carole S. Moroan. Lee Nelmes, Jan Nolan. Donna Panlcralz, Linda Pen- nell, Rachel Ramsey, Shirley Ramsey, Diclcye Richardson, Susan Richardson, Saundra K. Roberls, Ann Rooers. Sandra Sandlin, Donna Sea- wriqhr, Linda Siqle, Ellen Smilh, Karen Son, Linda So- per, Kay Sparks, Karen Slandridqe. Mary S. Slauss, Jerla Slew- arr, Ann Slinson. Sue Slin- sor, Bobbie Srour, Jearre Slyron, Kay Taylor, Sheri Taylor. Robbie Tennyson, Diane Tholen, Sandi Thompson, Sylvia Kay Turley, Diane Tur- ner, Sharon VanHorn, Jo Ann Wallco, Gayle Walling. Vicki Warren, Barbara Wealherly, Sally Webb, Mar+ha Welfy, Brenda Wes- ner, Carol Williams, Jeani Wood, Barbara Worlhing, Carrie Wyriclc. Moving chores develop lor Su- zarne Cooper and Elaine Lesler as lhe Alpha Sams annex lhe house nexr door for badly needed space. 4 329 ACID ALPHA Pl ll Phi Chapter Philanthopic Activities Alpha Phi beauties this year included Bar- bie Olson, Navy Queen finalist, Diane Groom, Miss Scheherazade finalist and Pam Green- shields, DU Feudal Princess finalist. Top Alpha Phiis on campus were Patty Mc- Clennen, Lambda Tau treasurer, and jo Lynne Birlchead, Red Cross secretary. Philanthropic activities included support of the Heart Fund with Sigma Phi Epsilon. The Phiis also have an exchange student, Eleni I40I College Include Heart Drive Tompazi of Cyprus, living at the house. Traditional social events on the Alpha Phi calendar include the Alumnae and Faculty Tea, the Christmas Formal and the Phi-Esta in the spring, complete with Mexican food. Alpha Phi officers were Ienifer Allen, presi- dent, Kaye Thompson and Sara Clifton, vice presidents, Tricia Harrison and Diane Fisher, secretaries, Betty Mulligan, treasurer, and Pat- ty Novalc, social chairman ol the group. Alpha Pl'1i's Sandy Feruusom ard lmorid Laoerleld' watch as Elewi Tornoazi shows Barbie Clsov ard Shelley Sullwerlafd Cypriot f nits. l ,Q ' 3 S 4: Q ., ' ,vague Qgft 'TL 1 1 Q K,w,i.-- Jenniler Allen, Kalhy Ams- den, Su Anderle, Jo Lynne Birlchead, Signe Biorkrnan, Calhy Bonduranl, Janie Bowen. Elise Breeding, Befi Ann Briscoe, Judy Burlon, D. J. Bush, Sandy Busch, Pafli Campbell, Karla Caviness. Suzi Claylon, Sara Cliflon, Marla Jane Cooper, Karlin- da Couch, Darloie Davis, Terry Disney, Jean Dodson. Marcy Eagin, Lynelfe Ellioli. Sandy Ferguson, Diane Fish- er, Phyllis Funlc, Marfha Green, Pam Greenshields. Diane Groom, Tricia Harri- son, Gloria Hawkins, Belle Hawkinson, Gini l-lealh, Rulh l-lochgraefe, Dina Kel- ler. Carol S. Kent Pal Kimmel, Ingrid Laqerfeldf, Cindy Leaverlon, Diane Lewis, Al- exis Lovelace, Linda K. Lunn. Maureen Maguire. Carol Masemore, Emmie Mason, Linda May, Befsy A. McAn- nally, Paflie A. McClen- nen, Molly McMichael. Marcie Mellon, Connie L. Miller, Belly Mulliqan, Jane Nairn, Nancy Norlhcuff, Pafly Novak, Barbara J. Ol- son. Roberla Phelps, Jennifer Ragsdale, Kay Rafliff, Jo Al- len Ray, Minelfe Ridinqs, Lynn Ruffin, Sandy Schnei- der. Jolanda ScoH', Nancy Slo- lee, Mary S. Spencer, Shel- ley Sulherland, Brenda Thomas, Kaye Thompson, Pa- 'rricia Tifsworfh, Anne Young. XD CHI OMEGA Epsilon Alpha Chapter 820 Chautauqua Girls Win Firsts in Homecoming Events Homecoming was a big Weekend for Chi Ois with the crowning of Melinda Sellers as Homecoming Queen and the Winning of first place in Homecoming decorations. Maintaining Chi Ois reputation for beauti- ful women were Iana See, SOONER Yearbook Beautyg Iana Wassam, Navy Queen, and Bar- bara Buskirk, Best-Dressed Coed. The girls Won the Sigma Chi Derby Day f ai, v f .4 and Sigma Nu Border Dance trophies. Active Chi O's included Niki Meek, Mortar Board, UAB, Camille Pharr and Melanie Cooper, Top Ten Freshmen women. Chi Ois ollicers were Marian Harvey and B. I. Albitz, presidentsg Niki Meek and Ieanne Metcalf, vice presidentsg Barbara Borelli, Iudy Elkins and Debbi Riley, secretariesg Leigh Maltby and Iudy Porch, treasurers. Betsy Allen, Jeanne Baker, Jane E. Barton, Joanna Beaird, Charlene Bidasio. Carol Ann Blandford, Davie Baal, Barbara Borelli. Mary Borelli, Kaye Bosley. Cindy Bowlby, Mary B. Bow- len, Carole Boyd, Mary J. Burrow, Barbara Buskirk, Lin- da E. Butler. Guyanne Calame, Gay Chaltant, Jane Clark, Kathy Clark, Mary Clark, Megan Clement, Carole Cody, Me- lanie Cooper. Carol Sue Cornell, Carla N. Craven, Dana Davidott, Joan Dean, Linda Dozier. Jan Dunaqin, Mary East- man, Judith Elkins. Annette Elliott, Mary A. Eurton, Susan Garrett, Mary J. Satchel, Meg Gholston, Toni Gibson, Jill Graham. Cherry K. Grittith. .1 . '- Pal Grihfilh, Terry Gross, Ni- na Hanchefle, Kafhryn Hardberger, Marian Har- vey, Janie Henderson, Vir- ginia Holland, Maureen Howe. Jan Jarmon, Par Jaryis, Paula Kerr, Molly Lay, Bar- bara Lindsay, Mary Mallby, Pam Marlin, Carol McDade. Diane Meacham, Diane Mead, Nilci Meek, Marsha Mellon, Sandra Menelee, Jeanne Melcalf, Palricia Michael, Judy Milcesha. Phyllis Milam. Leslie Moore. Donna Moyer, Frances Ann Mussen, Pal Nolen, Nancy Norris, Mary A. O'Connell, Susan Pendergrass. Marsha Perry, Camille Pharr, Judy Porch, Janie Polls, Dorolhy Prosser, Mol- lie Quillian, Susan Reddoch, Glenda l.. Rice. Gail Richerf, Debbi Riley, Donna Royse, Meri Sacra, Suzie Schumacher, Jana See, Judy Shearin, Linda Shilling. Kalhy Smilh, Marqarel A. Smirh, Marcy Slephens, Pal Sluflrlebean, Deanne Svore, Cheryl Swearenqen, Jerri- ann Tiehen, Marilyn Todd. Sally Ulmer, April Voiles, Jana Wassam, Kalrina While, Sharron Whilney, Judy Williamson, Nancy Woodruff, Kay Yeager, Kar- en S. Zueclc. 1: Enferfaining sons and brofhers ol Chi O members al the annual qacy dinner in fhe Fall are aclive members ol lhe chapler. Singing early in lhe morning is hard for any OU Greek, even Jrhough The occasion is lhe Tri-Del- Ta Biq Sis-Lirlle Sis Brealdasl. 334 Barbara Abernelhy, Karlene Alr, Tracy Anfhony, Laura Arrinqfon, Sheila Baebel, Gail Bandy, Sharon Beard. Melody Berry. Sandra Bias, Sandralu Bill- ings, Karen Black, Janie Blackburn, Joyce Carpenler, Karen Carler, Pal Cho- quelfe, Jennifer Coil, Marqarel Conley, Julie Cook, Cheryl Cox, LuBe'rh Curry, Celia Deliel, Dora Deskins, Anne Dillard, Deb- by Downing. Marca Downing, Rickee Ed- dlernan, Judy Elderkin, Bef- sy England, Ann Fenlon, Su- san Fisher, Barbie Fleske, Kaye Flood. Janie Garner, Fran Gieck, Joyce Goldlield. Susan Gun- derson, Susie Gunderson, Marcia Hale, Barbara Herd, Karen l-lirzel. Lynda Holden, Jeanie Jen- nings, Kaye Jusfice Susan Kendall, Anne Kessler, Shar- on Lawrence, Cindy Lewis, Marsha Luflrell. Janis Mackey, Gayla Mag- ouirk, Fran Mallhews, Joan McAdams, Virginia Mc- Cambell, Kafhy McCand- less, Debbie McDonald, Nancy McQueen. Marqarel' Meeks, Pam Mer- rifield, Jackie Moncriei, Sal- ly Morrison, Nancy Moss, Nanci Mullendore, Marilyn Munqer, Karen Newman. aw-Qi? . ,L J' I6ll College AAA DELTA DELTA DELTA Theta Gamma Chapter Pledges Build Winning Campus Chest Booth ln the fall, the Tri-Delt pledges joined with the Delta Tau Delta pledges to build the win- ning booth for Campus,Chest. This was the twelfth consecutive year that the girls have won this trophy. Active members ot Delta Delta Delta includ- ed Susan Gunderson, Debby Downing, Nlarca Downing and Lynda Treichler. Qtticers were Lynda Treichler, president, Margaret Conley, vice president, Judy Sherrod, Patty Paul, Barbara Perry, Vicki Phelps, Janet Popkess, Pam Price, Janie Ramsey, Jill Reber. Sherry Reece, Linda Ross, Susan Sadler, Debbie San- born, Dorothy Scott, Jackie Sharp, Judy Sherrod. Sally Shields, Darlene Smith, Marsha Smith, Robyn Smith, Darla Strange, Carole Strauch, Mandy Strickland. Sherry Summers, Susan Swann, Nancy thomas. Can- dy Topharn, Lynda Treich- ler, Jane Upp, Toni Usel- ding. Barbara Voiles, Zella Voiles, Jacque Wallace, Suzanne Warren, Martha White, Ja- nie M. Withrow, Nancy Young. secretary, Sue Gunderson, treasurer, and Mar- sha Luttrell, social chairman. The week of Valentineis Day was Heart Sis- ter Week for the girls. Having drawn names, each person planted clues to her identity in the form of little presents and notes in the room of the girl whose name she had drawn. For legacy weekend, the Tri-Delts went Ha- waiian tor an afternoon dance held in the house at l6ll College Street. 335 New rooms provide pleasanl sur- roundings lor a quick bridge qame lor Carole Royds, Susan Sleinmeyer, Sue Ann Buzzard and Susie Payelle during finals. Karen Acord, Jane Auslin, Joan Auslin, Belsy Bacon, Connie Bloyd, Susan Blu- bauqh, Susan Brallen, Shirley Brazil, Dana Brewer, LaDean Brigham, Diane Bunch Anne Burzio, Sue Ann Buzzard, Karen Camp- bell. Linda Campbell, Kim Charnplin. Carol Chiprnan, Bobbie A. Chrislensen, Car- ol Clillon, Deniese Counls, Marsha Crabb. Cheryl Craig. Linda Crews, Diane Dillard, Susy Drew- ry. Susie Erickson, Ann For- sylh, Jeanne Ann Franseen. Sally Frye, Cheryl Gales. Linda Glallelder, Kalhy Goldman, Valerie Gossarcl, Nancy Greber, Barbara S. Greene. Judy Greene, Mary A. l-lall, Jan l-lardy, Anne l-larf, Jan Hari. Judy Head, Diane l-lolrnsley. Lynn l-ludson, Linda Hum- phrey, Jeanie Hunl, Kalhy Jackson, Marlha Joe John- son, Carol Jones, Linda K. Jones. Lilha Kealor, Palricia Kib- linger, Cynlhia Kinlcaicl, Ka- lhy Kuhlman, Jo Layman, Julie Loclcard, Mary London. Molly Malone. X, gifs! ,. .. . i una:-..i,..,. rl' 744 Elm DELTA GAMMA ,.....,...-i Alpha Iota Chapter Wall, Wings Give DG's House New Look The Delta Gammas moved not once but three times last fall when they came back to school. Living in the old Zeta Tau Alpha house, DG,s met rushees in the Union. When school began they moved into the completed portion of their new house. They moved for the third and Final time when the house was completed several weeks later. Outstanding DG's on campus were Karen Acord, Mortar Board, Kappa Sigma Dream Marcy Martin, Marilyn Mc- Bride, Ginger McDonough, Nancy McGee, Marlene Meacham, Virginia Mont- gomery, Susan Moore. Susan Moorrnan, Susy Mor- ris, Linda Muir, Dianne Nel- son, Roi Newton, Nancy A. Pack, Kathy Powdrill. Marilyn Redwine, Carole Royds, Cynthia Rurnmel, Karole Sanders, Beverly Schurrnan, Georgia Shep- ard, Susan Shepard. Patti Springer, Linda State tord, Jan Stapp, Susan Steinmeyer, Pam Stevens, Debby Townsend, Barbara Walk. Sandra Walling, Lynn wells, Avis Whitworth, Twink Wila son, Susan Wright, Carolyn Yeager, Susan Yeager. Girl, Student Iudiciary Advisory Board, Susan Shepard, UAC secretary, AWS treasurer, Iudy Head, Greek Week co-chairman, Sooner Scand- als program chairmang Pat Kiblinger, Air Force Queen finalist, Sooner Shamrock beauty. Delta Gamma officers were Karen Acord, president, Ieanne Posey, and Carla Herndon, vice president, Susan Yeager and Susan Stein- meyer, secretaries, Susan Shepard, treasurer, and Iulie Goodner, social chairman. l .4 AB. li.. .... A ill ACPE DELTA PHI EPSILON Delta. Phi Chapter Study halls are fi necessary part oi sorority lite. D Phi E's Colonize as 15th CU Sorority Delta Phi Epsilon colonized on the OU cam- pus in November, becoming the 15th and new- est sorority on campus. The new chapter be- gan with 27 pledges, meeting weekly in the Union. They also secured a room on campus to be used as a study hall. Prior to initiation in the spring, D Phi E's spent the year learning about the national so- rority and becoming integrated into the QU Greek system. D Phi Eis participated in Greek Work Day and the Greek-Independent Picnic and held a Spring Formal in addition to sev- eral desserts with fraternities. First oflicers for the sorority were Ioanne Pollock, presidentg lune Miller, vice presidentg Peggy Hirsch and Bonnie Kashdan, secretariesg Alyce Ham, treasurer, and Cynthia Ritten- berg, social chairman. D Phi E's lived in university housing with hopes of having their own house soon. First officers of Delta Phi Epsilon. OU's newest sororiiy, are Peggy Hirsch, Bonnie Kashdar Joanne Pollock, June Miller mid Nyce Ham. A ,...... , Merna Arqoyilz, Esfher Brachfelcl, Rochelle Forclin, Paulelle Goldsfein, Sa ra Goodman. Alyce l-lam, Peggy Hirsch, Bonnie Kashdan, Sandi Kalz, Emily J. Klein. Brina Korafslcy, Mary A. La- pid, Jane Lapidas, Lana Laves, Melody Levenson. Ferns Liebman, June Miller, Sylvia Oscherwilz, Sally Pape, Joanne Pollock. Loncla Richards, Cynfhia Rillenberq, Jane Sachs, Pal- 'ry Schiller, Linda Sacol, My- ra Wunfch. ,,..f-"""A --v Siar+ing Their l-learl' Fund Drive af 'lhe door of +heir facuhy sponsor are pledges Paulelfe Goldslein and Alyce l-lam. I"ClDB GAMMA PHI BETA Psi Chapter lI05 College Gamma Phi's Sweep Dads' Da Awards Gamma Phi's had a successful Dads, Day weekend, winning their fourth consecutive quartet contest and trophies for first in wom- enis division and best in Engineeris Show. If that was not enough, Gamma Phi's pledge class was named runner-up for last year's Out- standing Pledge Class Trophy. Gamma Phiis named Top Freshmen Women were Ann Beaudry, UAC, Alpha Lambda Delta secretary, DU Feudal Princess, Bette Byrd, Stu- dent Senator, Rose of Delta Sigma Pig Margo Hilfinger, Alpha Lambda Delta. Also active were Linda McQuillen, AWS president, Matrix Table Outstanding Senior Woman, Mortar Board, and Linda Iohnson, UAB, Oklahoma Daily Managing Editor. Oliicers were Suzanne Sanders, president, Bonnie Allen, vice president, Margo Hilfinger, secretary, Louise Leuthold, treasurer, and Twi- la Honea, social chairman. Nancy Addington, Bonnie Allen, Elizabeth A. Altstatt, Judy Anderson. Teresa An- derson, Jane Ash, Ann Beau- dry, Bonnie Beckenhauer. Dee Dee Becker, Janis Bo- qle, Jane Bowman. Judy Buckles, Bette Byrd, Jean Cargile, Kay Cargile, Shari Carpenter. Ricky L. Chase, Linda Clarke, Carole Clausing, Kacy Coe, Louise Denyer, Susan Dillon, Linda Dirks, Sally Drake. Dianna Dunsworth, Mitzi Ferris, Sbirrell Finley, Lexy Forsberq, Barbara Gabel, Merry Beth Gagle, Jo Anne Garvin, Julie Goode. Jean Orauel, Rita Hall, Kathy Harn, Claudette Hartgraves, Susan Hender- son, Phyllis Hendricks, Peg- gy Hermes, Diane Herr- mann. Margo Hillinqer, Linda Hi- sey, Judy Holcomb, Mary Holcomb, Twila Honea, Par Hulsey, Cynde Johnson, Lin- da Johnson. Paula Johnson, Judilh A. Johnsion, Donna Joyce, Gay Kaiser, Arn Kennedy, Barbara Kiker, Bobbi JC Kirlin, Suzanne Koons. Jill LaForqe, Jean Leilzsey, K, Louise Le-urhold, Grei- chen Lulher, Judy Lybolr, Karen Ludwig, Gail May- nard, Belh lvlccalleriy. Linda K. McQuillen, Jayne McReyrioIds, Bama Miles, Jennifer Miichell, Parry Mollison, Marry Mullen, Trish O'Brien, Norma Oliver. Susan Pancoasr, Viclci Pence, Deborah Pounds, Judiih A, Reeves, Joy Richard, Nancy Roberis, Janer Roe, Mary A. Roeplce. Linda Romerman, Suzarne Sanders, Gail Schmidt Judy Shields, Anila Sills, Jerri L. Snow, Sally Talum, Leslee Thomasor, Jacque P. Tiller. Jonnie Tolle, Sue Tracewell, Hermione Tracewell, Mary Ann Tracewell, Jean Uer- rechr, Karen Vierh, Linda K. Wallis, Susan Wallz, Lucy A. Washburn. Margarer A. Wesi Beverly Wharlon, Jane While, Judi While, Belsy Williams, Su- san Williams, Judy Wilson, Karhy Wilson, Linda Yan- dell. ' ri . Nj .Q ,, A 4 E, , 'E rig-f ,bf L . 5 ,L ef Q... W 5 KAC-3 KAPPA ALPHA THETA Alpha Omicron Chapter 845 Chautauqua Charities Benefit From Thetas' Work Theta pledges participated in three chari- table projects. They cleaned and made repairs on a childrenis nursery, collected food for needy families and gathered toys for logopedics. The- tas also joined Sig Alphs in hosting an orphan's party. Thetas still found time for the Christmas Formal, Big Sister-Little Sister Halloween par- ty and all-campus dance in the spring. Active Thetas included Betty Bonifield, 'FV WT 5 f 4 ' ' ,fr , in my Oklahoma Daily Summer Editor, senior class secretary, Theta Sigma Phi president, Iudy Orth, Mortar Board, senior class treasurer, Mary Susan Roberts, UAB, Adele Pung, Alpha Lambda Delta, outstanding freshman woman. Charlene Heinen, SOONER Yearbook beauty, Kay Beebe, Air Force Queen finalist, Laurie Bourne, Engine Queen finalist and Barbara Heinen, Homecoming Queen finalist, main- tained Theta's reputation for beautiful women. Sammy Amis. Sally Ams- pacher, Jay Ann Anderson, Joyce Anderson, Alice A. Baker, Susan Ballard, Ann Baptist, Tricia Barr. Susan Basolo, Kay Beebe. Anne Bell, Jill Bell, Carmen Bennett, Colleen Billings, Betty Bonifield, Laurie Bourne. Sarah Bowman, Emily Brog- den, Beth Burleson, Janis Carey, Nancy Carter, V. Su- san Collins, Barbara Colvert, Nancy Covington. Connie Crawford. Jan Creelcrnore, Cathy Daniel- son, Ann Davis, Carla Eley, Hersha Evans, Masie Fer- guson, Christie Ford. Elise Franden, Connie Frantz, Martha Fryer, Jane Gilbert, Howdy Goudy, Ja- nice Green, Liz Hall, Janice Hanson. Clwarlene l-leinen, Anne Henderson, Jan Hollings- lnead, Kalny l-luslon, Laurie Kennedy, Nance Langdon, Liz Lippmann, Dorella Lo- gan. Vicki Lovin, Kailnleen Mad- dox, Marcia Maddox, Lin- da Marrioil, Slierry Marlin, Linda May, Genie McBee, Melissa McCaIla. Susie Meisler, Marilyn Mel- calfe, Jane Meyer, Sally Monfgornery, Jo Nan Mos- irom, Barbara Murplwy, Nancy Nolley, Judy Orin. Palricia Pinlcerlon, Nan Pipe. Joan Pills, Judy Poole, Ad- ele Pung, Paliy Ragan, Sue Raicliffe, Peggy Rafclifie. Jan Rieves, Mary S. Rob- erls, Marina Roescli, Nancy Rudd, Marfy Sanger, Janie Semple. Sfacey Shannon. Barbara Sigrnon, Sally Sin- clair. Brooke Srnillw, Marilyn Sparks, Vivian Sfeplwenson, Belly J. Slorms, Lynn Siu- arf. Parn Taylor, Toni Taylor, Bar- bara Thompson, Ann Tlwur- mond, Cheryl Todd, Joy Tscliappaf, Pal' Turner. Kaflwy Walberl, Joe R. Wa r- ren, Alice Wallcins, Janel Welzel, Lyn Wilkins, Mar- ion Wilson, Judy Wyafl. Singing are Tlweras Honored a Lillie Sislers ol Minerva serious Serenade given by flue Sig Alplws lafe one evening Palricia Adcoclc, DiAnne Alf len, Recilla Allen, Marrae Andrews, Margie Bacon, Joyce Bailey, Paula Ba- shaw, Molly Behannon. Carolyn Braicher, Judy Brauqhl, Chris Bricmonir, Cheryl Bryanf, Carole Bul- len, Jean Burk, Carol Camp- bell, Mary Ann Carulhers. Virginia Croil, Pafricia Da- ly, Gail A. Davis, Nancy Donohoo, Kaihryn Ekslrorn, Kalhleen Ellioli, Kalhy Ev- ans, Mary J. Flell. Sherron Forresler, Jerre Francis, Madeline Gaden, Linda Garfield, Ann Gibbs, Jofxnna Gordon, Gloria Gray, Elaine Hahn. Cynlhia Harper, Mary Har- rison, Laurie Hayen, Ellen Heard. Nancy Heclcerman, Phyllis Hemphill, Marilyn Henderson, Nancy Hess. Marilyn Hope, Barbara Ja- cobs, Judirh Jones, Marilyn Kennedy, Allene King, Sue Lawrence, Joanne Lawson, Jane Lock. Chrislina Masf, Lynn Mc- Clendon, Karla McNary. Sandra Morey, Linda Moss. Marqo Olivares, Pam Ovi- air. Jeanelfe Parker, Laura Peck, Nancy Pennypacker, Jac- queline Price, Cindy Pruill, Barbey Rood, Barbara Rug- eley. Ramona Russell, Jane Seay, Vicky Slaplelon, Nancy Tay- lor, Sheila Thomas, Sharyn Toler, Carolyn Turner. Mariha Van Hoolc, Claudia While, Kalhy Widner, Nan- cy Willsie, Chrisiine Willus, Sally Winlers, Molly Wos- ka. KA 505 Emerald Way KAPPA DELTA Camma Theta Chapter Sorority Celebrates 11th Year on Campus The Kappa Deltas had reason to he proud ol their llth year at OU, with completion ol as new addition to their three-year-old house and the crowning of Chris Akin, a KD at Au- hurn, as Miss Foothall in the contest held on the OU campus during the fall. Annual KD social events included the Hallo- ween party, Christmas Formal and Spring Luau. Each year Kappa Delta also sponsors a mentally retarded child for whom they buy Helping their sorority sister Ramona Russell -irraiii new hail iyie tor the Christmas liormal are Nancy l-leclcermfm and Carol Campbell, clothes, hooks and other gifts. Officers for Kappa Delta this year have been Carole Bullen, prcsidentg Chris Bricmont, vice prcsidentg Nancy Taylor, secretaryg Laurie lelayen, treasurer, and loycc Bailey, social chair- man. Active KD's included lane Seay, Tassels his- torians, Moms, Day Council, Cwinny Croft, Wiiirlmill co-editorg and Nancy Taylor, Clfla- lioma Daily news editor, Theta Sigma Phi. is if S1 5, it it if is i. 2 -'S Chorus girls Sue Lynn Gouldy, Judy Kirnbriel and Iris Farfhinq are all smiles as lhey airracl fha crowd lo a Campus Chesl boolh. Janel Alexander, Revelle Baker, Gail Beasley, Beverlie Boyd, Nancy Brauqhl, Me- lissa Burwell, Jill Byrne. Calhy Callahan, Judilh Cameron, Cecille Caramer- os, Jacque Childress, Kalhy Coad, Ellen Colby, Linda Crolly. Sfephanie Drake, Belly Driv- er, Susan Dulaney, Susan Easrerling, Judy Ebey, Jane England, Marian Eskridge. Diane Ewing. Martha Fair, lris Farlhinq, Kirk Frazier, Susan Fryer, Marie Frynlzko, Sharon Galtlorcl. Judy Garner, Susan Gilbert Anne Glover, Sue L. Goul- dy, Nancy Graves, Cynlhia Grisham, Linda Gunning. Sharon Haines, Caren Ha- ney, Jenelred l-lederhorsl. Louise Henderson, Susan Holloway, Jean Holzbeier- lein, Linda Horn. Linda l-lunke, Jane lnqle, Ann lnglis, Marqarel John- son, Rosilyn Johnson, April Jones, Vicki Jones, Prudence Kerr. Judy D. Kirnbriel, Krislan Kirkpalrick, Anne Krall, Paula Landrifh, Sandy Lan- qenour, Linda Laughlin, Li- za Lelievre, Cindy Liohlner. KKI' KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Beta Theta Chapter 700 College Kappas Rate for Soho arship, Beauty Kappas of the golden key have been known for their Sorority of the Year and two consecu- tive over-all scholarships trophies, and efforts were made in the fall for a third win. This year they became known for beauties with lane Woodard, SOONER Yearbook Beauty, and Sharon Gafford, Honorary Army Cadet Lieutenant Colonel. Other Kappas of reknown included Cathy Callahan, Mortar Board president, past Kappa l Pat Long, Mary Love, Judy Jo Martin, Carol McCann, Pam McCaslcill, Molly Mc- Cormick, Jean McGregor. Nancy Montgomery, Alice Moss, Mary D. Neal, Karen Nemechelc, Judy Norris, Kay Pappan, Linda Phillips. Carol Pickens, Sherri Pierce, Polly Puckett, Ellen Purves, Mary A. Reed, Nancy Rich- ard, Martha Schatt. Lynn Shear, Rosemary Shipe, Pam Sloan, Carol Smith, Melanie Smith, Ruthee Smith, Karen Theimer. Connie Walker, Nancy A. Walton, Phyllis Warmaclc. Martha Watson, Ruthie Wi- riclc, Jane Woodard, Syd- ney Wyly. president, and lane England, UAB, Dads' Day outstanding senior woman. Kappas also found time to party. There was the tall barbeque, Christmas formal and the Monmouth Duo with the Pi Phi's. Oliicers were Iane England, president, Anne Glover and Paula Landrith, vice presidents, Wendy Woods and Rosemary Shipe, secretar- iesg Molly McCormick, treasurer, and Vicki Iones, social chairman. Pam Adams, Cheryn Am- merrnan, Sharon Ansley, Jan Ashbury, Linda Alkins, Jane Bacon, Gayle Barrefl, Be- linda Bales. Becky Berry, Susan Blinn, PaH'y Bonnell, Nancy Breed- en, Sally Brown, June Bu- chanan, Willa Buck, Shay Burnell. Roxee Calinson, Chris Cal- verl', Peggy Clark, Carol Co- ler, Margarel Coffman, Kalhryn Conklin, Jayne Cooley, Nancy Cowdery. Susan Culp, Jane? Delholal, Sandi Denlon, Emmy Derby, Beverly Diggs, Carolyn Dix- on, Diane Durland, Sally Ed' warcls. Jan Ellioll, Pafricia Ellis, Jen Faulkner, Cynlhia Fisher, Belsy Foree, Cindy Gaunlf, Carol Grable, Barbara J. Greene. Libby Gusline, Mary Har- low, Marcia l-larrell, Susan Healy, Diane Hendon, Re- becca l-lerilaqe, Jill Hol- man, Penny lsom. Palsy Johnson, Judy B, Jones, Janie Keesee, Nancy Keesee, Holly Kinkade, Ter- ry Kirkpalrick, Kanda Kirk- wood, Janie Lake, Linda Lar- ason. Marilyn Leaming, Lynn Les' +er, Kay Lewis, Nan Liqon, Aline Linehan, Vicki Love, Helen MacKellar, Sue Mag- ness, Suzanne Marlin. Mn l70l Elm Tl'BClD PI BETA PHI Oklahoma Alpha Chapter Pi Phi's Noted for Campus Beauty Queens Carolyn Meek, SooNER Yearbook Beauty and Air Force Queeng Cindy Guantt, Rut-Nek Queeng Pam Perry, Army Queen tinalistg Sarah Swanson, Navy Queen finalistg and Nancy Kee- see, Miss OU Runner-upg are reasons why Pi Phiis are known for beautiful women. Other outstanding Pi Phi's wearing the ar- row included Mortar Board members Penny Isom and Susan Blinn, and Top Ten Freshmen Women Cindy Guantt and Susan Culp. Beverly Maulding, Carol McMahon, Carolyn Meek. Mary Jo Meyer, Jane Mon- roe, Katy Monroe, Judy Moore, Dianne Morrison. Joyce Mowery, Kathy Nel- son, Cindy Patterson, Pam Perry, Carol Peterson, Beth Post, Linda Pratt, Barbie Putnam. Sally Rapp, Sharon Rapp. Liz Riddle, Carol Rodgers, Linda N. Rogers, Anita Ry- land, Peggy Sapp, Mallory Saunders. Nancy Shelby, Carol J. Sneed, Sally Sneed, Betty Staqgs, Susan Staqqs, Pen- ny Sumner, Sarah Swanson, Patty Thomson. Eugenia Van Zandt, Linda Wager, Sally Welker, Susan Wiqton, Marcia Will, Cindy Williams, L. Luann Williams, Patricia Wingate. Pi Phi's, under leadership of Susan Blinn, presidentg Timmie Heritage, vice presidentg Connie Dixon and Sandy Denton, secretariesg Dianne Morrison, treasurer, and Cindy Guantt, social chairman, entered Sooner Scandals with Lambda Chiis after winning first in the wom- en's division last year with their act on "Hello, Dorothy." Social lite included the Beaux and Arrows party, and the Monmouth Duo. XAT SIGMA DELTA TAU Xi Chapter l7I4 Chautauqua SDT's Social Life Keep Weekends Filled The Frontier Party in Oklahoma City, the annual Spring Formal Weekend, Pledge Party, and the Christmas Party with the Phi B D,s for underprivileged children were only a few of the social events which kept SDT's busy. Several new rooms also were added to the new SDT house before school began. Jeri Lynn Kahn, president, Sherry Buchner and Bonnie Rosenthal, vice presidents, Myra Lapides, re- cording secretaryg Sherry Potter, treasurer, and Susie Bresnick and Bobbie Wedlan, social chairman, led SDT's through a successful year. Outstanding SDT's include Bev Gremm, Panhellenic president, student senator, Bobbe Bramson, student senator, Panhellenic public- ity chairman, Kathy Magnus, Miss OU run- ner-up, and Sherry Potter, Honorary Army Ca- det Lieutenant Colonel. Joan Aarons, Janet Aaaron- son, Vicki Abramson, Gail Adreme, lrene Aiayniclc, Ju- dy Applebaurn, Debbie Ba- ker. Cathy Barr, Sandy Lou Barth, Carolyn Bell, Kathy Berger, Sharon Bernstein. Natalie Bloom, Bobbe Bram- son. Marilyn Breslow, Susan Lee Bresniclc, Linda Brown, Jackie Buchner, Sherry Buch- ner, Candy Lynne Cherni- aclc, Jan Cohen. Adrienne Davis, Nancy Da- vis, Suzy Donenteld, Bobbi Ertel, Carole Fetterrnan, Frances Finkel, Linda Firn- berg. Janis Fox, Janet Gallas, Dot- ty Garten, Grace Gerchen, zer, Kay Goldner. Joan Glassman, Rita Gla- Esllwer Golz, Reena Graber, Beverly Grernrn, Barbara Halbricli, Frankie Harding. Janice Heclniman, Joyce l-leclilrnan, Barbara E. Her- ZOC. Jackie Horvvilz, Marilyn l'lorvvilZ, Gloria lsler Giqi lsrefil, Jeri Lynn Kalin, Lulu Kamin, Aniia Kocliman, Les- ley Kralclirnan, Donna Lange, Myra Lapi- des, Andrea Leibs, Ellen Le- vey, Judi Levin, Julie Levin, Marilyn Levin, Jossie Le- vine. Lynn Levinson, Pam Lincoln, Nancy Linderrnan, Carol Lipman, Louise Lipion, Ka- flwy Magnus, Bunni Maslan- sky, Susan Malloll. Terry Milder, Susan Minlcin, Gayle Mroolcin, Rbonda Mosesrnan, Sandy Nadlman Paula Ordower, Bebe Pid- qeon, Slierry Poller. Bonnie Ricb, Elaine Rogzen- slci, Bonnie Rosenllial, Elyse Rossei, Riclci Rolklein, Plnil- Iis Ruby, Eileen Saclcs, Riia Salerslein. Lory Sass, Luanne Scliullz, Susan Sclnwariz, Cafby Selig. Paify Sims, Jaynie Smeerin, Rusii Sieinlworn, Suzi Vile. Slierry Kay Wainlroob, Bob- bie Wedlan, Cindy Weiss, Jill Weilz, Karen Wielanslcy, Sheila Wiseman, Bobbi Yunlner. W 11" 'in-f I 'Q f? BOTTOM ROW: Gloria Robinson, Nancy Rudd, Dr. Dorothy Truex. Beverly Gremrn, Kathleen Elliott, Fran Spelling. SECOND ROW: Margaret McConnell, E. Jane England, Linda Johnson, Suzanne Sanders, Susan Blinn, Judith Burton, Karen Newell, Sondra Schroe- der. THIRD ROW: Marian l-larvey, Nancy Woodruff, Marie Voe- cial, Susan Gable, Judy l-lead, Bobbe Bramson, Jennifer Allen, Mitzi Ferris. TOP ROW: Polly Puckett, Lynda Treichler, Cindy Lewis, Carole Bullen, Terry Treadway, Jeri L, Kahn, Bonney Bass- man, Bettie Sabath, Jeanne Posey. Panhellenic Council Sets High Standards Under leadership of Panhellenic Council, Delta Phi Epsilon, OU's third Iewish sorority was colonized during the year. Composed of the 15 sororities on campus, Panhellenic has as its goals to maintain on a high plane sorority life and interfraternity relations and to cooperate with the university in its efforts to maintain high cultural, educa- tional and social standards of sorority Women. Panhellenic also cosponsored the second an- nual Greek Week with IFC. Special events during Greek Week included exchange dinners, seminars concerning Greek problems, the Greek Banquet and a dance. The purposes of Greek Week were to re- examine fraternity and sorority ideals, to ap- praise progress toward realizing the ideals for which Greek organizations stand. Greek Week also provided time for seeking solutions to com- mon problems. Panhellenic Council is composed of the 15 OU sororities, with each sorority represented by its president and representative. The sorority system is governed by rules of Panhellenic in rushing, pledging, initiation, chapter social functions and any other area in- volving the sororities. Bev Gremm was president, Gloria Robinson, vice president, Kathy Elliot, recording secre- tary, Fran Spelling, corresponding secretary, Nancy Rudd, treasurer, and Dr. Dorothy Tru- ex, faculty sponsor. Panhellenic awarded scholarships totaling over 581,000 to 12 deserving sorority Women this year on the basis of grades and need. Scholarship trophies also are awarded by Panhellenic to the sorority with the highest over-all grade average, the pledge class with the highest grade average, the membership with the highest grade average and to the so-- rority making the greatest scholastic improve- ment during the previous semester. Each spring a Panhellenic retreat is held for evaluation of the year's accomplishments, plan- ning for the coming year and installation of the new executive council. -4:17 Planning OUS second annual Greek Weelc are Judy l-lead, co-cnairman: Bev Grernm, Panlriellenic presidenf: and Ralplw Ridlinqlwaler, co-clwairrnan of The week. 0U'IT3Tlhellenic To bring a new sororily on flue campus lakes planning by Panlwellenic officers Fran Spelling, Gloria Robinson, Kaflrmy Ellioll, Dr. Dorolny Truex, dean of women: Beverly Grernrn and Nancy Rudd, as lliey meel To qo over Panlwellenic rules qoverninq llwe I5 sororifies on campus. Junior Panhellenic Y"-my Christmas tree proiecl is planned For Junior Panhellenic by oth, cers Leslie Moore, Sandy Kinney Meri Sacra and Marilyn Munqer. on Starts Fall Picnic The Greek-Independent picnic held in the fall was an innovation of lunior Panhellenic Council this year. The council plans to malce this an annual event along with the equally new Coke party given lor the Fraternity Pledge Council. Other activities include their annual eosponsorship of Greek VVork Day, Blind Dates and Rush Surveys. Sandy Kinney, president, Leslie Moore, vice presidentg Sherry Kay Wzlintroob, secretary, Marilyn Henderson, treasurer, and lanet Whit- ney, corresponding secretary, directed council activities. Anona Adair acted as sponsor for the group. Membership of junior Panhellenic consists ol each pledge class president and a representa- tive lrom each pledge class. Ollicers are chosen on a rotation system allowing each sorority to hold an oliice in its turn. The organization serves as a bond between pledge groups and develops leadership ability by encouraging girls to participate in various campus activities. M ' . ' 1 r' .ef ' 'W 5 'f " 1 x wr A . ig J 5, . V - V , - 2 -Q , ,L - M ri .sri ' -, . ' . QQ. , as an we A ,- as , , K .. .. X if M ,Q , Ak - U . if r I . rt . BOTTOM ROW: Janet Whilney, Leslie Moore, Marilyn Hender- Turner, Martha Green. TOP ROW: Joyce Carpenter, Marilyh son, Sandy Kinney, Sherry Wainiroob Gloria Robinson. Barbie Ol- Munuer Stephanie Warren, Kay Taylor, Nancy Childers Fairy sor. SECOND ROW: Meri Sacra. Dianne Nelsor Susan Moor- Mollison, Joyce Anoerson, Kathy Rarlrir, Laurie Bourne. niar, Party Finn l-leleri Marie Mficliellar Julie Rae Levir, Carolyn IFC Expands Activities, Evaluates Program Continued expansion of activities along with reevaluation of basic programs was made this year by the OU Interfraternity Council dur- ing its 54th year on campus. For the second straight year, the IFC co- sponsored Greek Week with Panhellenic Council under leadership of Greek Week co- chairmen Ralph Ridlinghafer and Iudy Head. Greek Week activities included exchange dinners, seminars on Greek Affairs, a blood typing program for pledges and members who were not typed during last yearis Greek Week, a banquet and dance. New features of Greek Week this year in- cluded the chartering of Gamma Gamma, an honorary fraternity for sorority and fraternity members. Selection for Gamma Gamma is based on the individualis actual service to the Greek system and is limited to one per cent of the Greek population at OU. Greeks also enhanced their public image with the Greek Week campaign to raise money through alumni donations for an endowed chair for a visiting professor at OU. Greek Week Banquet speaker was Robert W. Krovitz, president of the National Interfra- ternity Council. Earlier in the year, Richard R. Fletcher, national executive secretary of Sig- ma Nu was guest speaker at the IFC Installa- tion Banquet, held for newly elected officers for the 1966-67 year. Other beneficial projects of the IFC include the Graham B. Johnson Memorial Fund which provides funds for contributions to the Alumni Development Fund, the Universityis Plan for Excellence, the Phillips Collection and other worthy projects. In its third year of operation is the Fraternity lVIanager's Association, the cooperative food purchasing agency, under the direction of C. I. Stewart, the agency provides sizable savings to the individual fraternities in food. BOTTOM ROW: Don l'lenline, Ralph Ridlinghater, Ed Livermore, Bob Ritz, Jim Lamb, David Sutherland, Mike Ritz, Ron Bradshaw, John Kirton, Dudley Hyde, Joe Dorman, Jerry lvtaddux, Clark Musser, Dean Smith. SECOND ROW: Jack Farrier, John Earl, David Payte, Lee S. Ridqway. Don Draqg, Mike Juerqens, Steve Lobauqh, R. N. Dunaqan, Doug lnhote, Doug Frantz, Robert Vaughn, Emil l.. Bernick, Jett lvlandell, Sandy Sabater, Biff Big bie. Steve hlarz, Doug Conn, John Agnew, Larry Dixon. P. R Rainey. TOP ROW: Don Karchrner, Bob Willis, Larry Pinkerton Bob Beasley, Warren Robb, Dan Poynor, John Daniel, Pat Poole Dave Johnson, Dave Butler, Chuck Lane, Dick Fisher, Rich Rat cheson, David Entrikin, John Sessions, Mayo Parks, Executive Council members tor the I965-66 IFC are-BOTTOM Dorman, Dean Smith. TOP ROW: Don t-lenline, Ed Livermore, ROW: Dudley l-lyde, Clark lviusser, Mike Ritz, Jim Lamb. SEC- Ron Bradshaw and John Kirton. OND ROW: Bob Ritz, Ralph Ridlinqhater, Jerry Maddux, Joe Executive Officers Supervise Council Affairs The lnterfraternity Council at OU is a mem- ber of the National lnterfraternity Council and annually is recognized as one of the most active and Well organized councils in the country. OU,s IFC is composed of the president and a representative of each of the chapters on campus. Ollicers are elected by the lnterfraternity Coun- cil and committee chairmen are appointed. Mrs. Pat Starzer handles the duties ot the lFC secretary. Dean W. R. Brown, lFC taculty adviser, and Joe Dorman, IFC pledge trainer, plan Fraternity Pledoe Council activities tor the tall semester. F9931 ,., In.. IFC officers are John Kirfon, freasurerg Ronny Bradshaw, president Mike RHZ, execuffve secrefaryg and Don Henline, secrefary -- f ,? S ,W gQflwfW'fb3f11f-'W gf mf-4,-ww. 1: 1 A- wg. ,- f 1 - 4, I K f . 5 K g,:.,,j5g,3,g awww, my,zgfwiwwg-M J' A ' QQQMLQQP1'-":es1, NSW!!-4-:www M., wfffyw A . ..,g .A I A L , f A' QQ , Mjw T M A 1,7,,- he kg I 4 . , ' 0 " 'Y Wm!5UVVk,,wK5,,2w5i,i5,, ,M y ,N Ewn W---wwffm24f15?Q2v?EfiW'35P'N"f-ug'""yEM " L2 'M- f f . L' A f Kivwad,,Q1m?gfAg53g?,5m5,ig5gRZ5m5s,f::161: A.,, ,- wp 1 H A H - J., , , V.,-ul4,:l,w,,aLiz Whig f z, ff 1 zz ,. , ,K ,. : .zgs-wfP?1'f:-'12 - W YQ 'sfniifkkvff f5'w,'5:g51,:-ff? k K, : V K k if sg S j W., Ak,, ' 3 ,gy wiv, ,few w1,smf,.11ggw,A,H+if4555422w2iv?546S5,3fFN7P32555WffH'Mg'AWig' '7MP"'5m - " "-W" " ' f 4 ' if '55, .j.,L,x, ,, ,Jfnlii K fl A M? Mx H V 1. ' N wwX,ggi75f?Mii!,3f4,,32Q,,,4i,1,7, mm ,fem-.94 6 W I I H , ,WW Q i WF Nw,mg3.,, , ,,. ,, 2 f ' ,M.,?,-,x,.,,,,f U ,, 1 J ,,.L , yvv Z gy 'ST Y . ,- ,Wk - wziwwvd Mm' wiv,-,wxaw ,m,.,,,w W. 4 V E ,A T. Hs ,, J.. , ji , , wwffwf ,ii "ES: i ,, -, .M . f ,i 1? ,M 3 V s ,,.,E x M, 1 T V A ,f 5 i ,W?, :. Mira h 't 5 -fw'ffsi2fm ' - fgggfw 2 img-iz 'N 1 fs, 2 FPC Introduces Pledges to Greek System Orientation of fraternity pledges to the op- erations ol the Creek system and introduction to the duties and tasks ol the big brother or- ganization, lnterlraternity Council, are the main objectives of the Fraternity Pledge Coun- cil. Pledges are absorbed in the IPC when in- itiated as members of their fraternities. Projects included co-sponsorship of Pledge Wcark Day at Central State llospital with lunior Panhellenie Council, blood typing of all pledges during Creek Week, and purchase of an all-sports trophy. Other activities included blind dates among pledge classes and a pledge class basketball tournament. Oliicers were Bill Painter, president, Lynn Reed, secretary, and Hal Cliilord, treasurer. Committee chairmen were lVlilce Early, socialg Dick Padberg, intramural: Ross Dunn, special events, lohn Scott, constitution and by-laws, and Tim Payne, scholarship. loc Dorman was pledge trainer. PPC is composed of the president and one representative from each pledge class. 4-fYf9 ' Blood-typing is fi Greek Week activity olaered by Lynn Reed Bil Painter and Russ Dunn, and sponsors Doug Corin arid Lee Savane BOTTOM ROW: Joe Dorman, Lee Savaqc l-lei Cliltord Biil lim Payne, Jett Woltscnr' Russell Durxix Daw Reid, Barry Br-ice Joh Ptiifiler Lyriri Reed, Doug Conn, Murray Wyrihe, Bryan Maurer. E. Smith, Dick Pfidberfi, l-lowerd G. Caviris. TOP ROW: Mar SECOND ROW: Larry Pfiiri, Terry Tryon, Charles l-layweird, Rich- l-liiishfiw, Philip Stover led Btirdell, Dennis Dfirih like Pisto' fard l'l:is'ir is lerw hloldfvr, Ros Frrmk David Sobel Dfw Lird- Rfiiwh Rickey, tlirn Grezor, Da" lviver Ted S'r?i' Aiid, lduisk Q-1-ii David Fr iligh. THIRD ROW: Marvin Welch lim Kerr' Jmliii Scott. Q s l?"1"' , ' Wffifffi QE' . 7W5?75X?955i ' f'fi555i ---'- w r vi -is ACAC IA ACACIA Oklahoma Acacia 544 Elm Acacia Celebrates 46th Year on Campus Acacia activity men on campus were Bill Ham, Sigma Tau, IEEE, St. Pat's Council, Ier- ry Warren, Phi Eta Sigma, Carl Higgins, var- sity golf team, Don Cerniglia, varsity tennis team, Phil Oviatt, varsity track and cross coun- try, Mike Smith, varsity baseball, and Ron Os- born, social chairman. Besides activities and athletes, Acacia held numerous parties with the Triangle Ball, Christmas Formal, the Nite on the Nile Party, oldest traditional costume party on the OU campus, and the Christmas Pledge Dessert highlighting the social calendar. First semester officers leading the Oklahoma Chapter of Acacia were Mayo Parks, president, David Entrikin, vice president, I. E. Riley, sec- retary, Thomas Moore, treasurer, and Ron Os- borne, social chairman. Acacia, one of the oldest fraternities on the OU campus was established in 1920. Hoping that Viiis Foqeis and Joel Morris clon't drop those barbeiis, Andrew Ranauclo prepares to do a bench press in the Acacia basement. James R. Bessel, Thomas Burger, Donald J. Cerniq- lia, Charles H. Eby, David L. Enlrikin, Bill Esche. Thomas C. Firinerly, Vilis N. Fogels, William E. Ham, William W, Harrison, Carl Higgins, Danny Hol'l. Richard L. lorio, Richard L. Kaser, John D. Lee, Dan Lindberg, Jerry Lapalme, David Lingle. Bill Marlcwardl, Roberl Mc- Daniel. John W. Meyers, T. C. Moore, Ronald Morris. Joel D. lWoodyl Morris Jr. G. Allen Newsome. Ronnie G. Osborn. Philip R. Ovi- all, Mayo Parks, Andrew J. Ranaudo, Carl A. Reed, Carlos Rego. James E. Riley, Michael D. Smilh, John Sprieser, Billly L. Thomas, Millon Edward UH: Werner Voss, Joseph K. Walls. Keeping iraclr of liralernily business oc- cu ies the lime of Lee Berniclc vice resi P 1 P ' denl, and Bill Weinberg. lreasurer. David Abowilz, Edward Al- exander, Jeffrey H. Arou- esly, Michael Barlow, Emil L. Berniclc, lan Carfier. Wayne Cohen, Howard A. Dobelle, Glenn S. Dorfrnan, Howard P. Goldberg. Sfe- ven H. Gorin, Michael Greenbaum. Gordon E. Gross, Ed Har- ris. Kennelh Herman, Neil Hollander, Frank Jarmulh. Howard J. Kane. Jaclc C Kafz, Norman Klein- slein, Bob Koch, Thaddeus B. Malek, Jeff H. Mandell, Terry Roberis. Richard Shaw. Don Shulman, Harry S. Siegel. Riclc Si- mon, Michael A. Unger. William Weinberg, Bob D. Wilner, David Wise, Larry Zanlcel, Bernard F. Zdan- owski Jr. BIS S. Jenkins AElT ALPHA EPSILQN Pl Omega Upsilon Chapter AEPi's Publish Calendar Featuring Coeds During its seventh year on the Oklahoma campus, AEPi won the IEC scholarship im- provement trophy, was runner-up in the Greek Week participation contest, and published a calendar featuring l2 lovely campus coeds. Leading the fraternity in one of its most ac- tive years were Emil Lee Berniek, presidentg Ed Alexander, vice presidentg Wayne Cohen, secretaryg William Weinberg, treasurerg and Ed llarris, social chairman. Leading AEPi ollicers in the national fra- ternity visiting the chapter were George Toll, AEPi executive secretary, and Robert Krovitz, national IFC president, who addressed the IFC Greek Week banquet. The chapter also was honored by the return of their housemother, Mrs. Mildred Eisher, who had been absent from OU since 1963. AEPi social life included the Hawaiian Ex- otic Eormal, Beatnik party and hayride. From this group ot campus befawies AEPi oicked F2 girls, ore tor h 'fn to be 'meats or honov at house 'unctwors daring the year. AZCID ALPHA SIGMA PHI Alpha Alpha Chapter 602 West Boyd 'Hamlet on Rye' Wins Second Place in Show Alpha Sigma Phi, founded on the GU cam- pus in l923, boasted of three BlVlOC,s this past year and the reign of Bob Uda as St. Pat of the Engineers. Uda was a BMOC along with Bill Payne and Boy Chaney. Otlicers of the OU chapter, one of 86 nation- ally, were Bussell Magarity and Al Turner, presidentsg Chuck Bohrbaugh, vice presidentg Steve Harrell, secretaryg Irv Wairden and Ron Macklin, treasurersg and Dave Bruschi and Keeping the house in top shape occupies the time ot Steve l-lerrell Keith O,Leary, social chairmen of the group. The men of the cardinal and stone placed second in the men's division of Engine Show with their satire "Hamlet on Ryef, Also in campus activities was Al Turner, Student Sen- ate academic ailairs chairman. Social highlight at the Alpha Sig house was the Bayou Bounce. The entire house was over- run hy a swamp scene with a hugh waterfall covering the front porch for the affair. ary Field as they rearrange one ot their tremed crests on the wall. :,,. ,.t2' - rf' ' ..... ..,.. , ,. 2 g 4 B " . v ::- .. .. bwym M if ,... rt irnrr Larry Balch, Dave Bruschi, Bill Boyle, Salvador Cama- rillo, Tobey Cenler, Roy C. Chaney. Vernon G, Chrislian, Rich- ard D. Chronisler, Charles Daniels, Roberl' J. David- son, Tom Erbar, Gary R. Field. Joe G. Foreman, l-louslon Greenhaw, Mike l-larmon, Sleve l-larrell, Dave Hicks, Floyd D. l-lorlon. Richard G. Kern, Gary Kil- palrick, Ronnie Macklin, Russell Maqarily, Mark Meade, Mike D. Meredilh. John Miles, Jim L. Mills, Tom Obermeyer, Keifh J. O'Leary, John E. Oling- house, Larry Pain. William B. Payne, l-larold E. DeGraw, Lee Ridqway, James Rochelle, Charles L. Rohrbauqh, Gene Sands, Mike R. Skinner. Sleve Terry, J. Terry Tryon, Al C. Turner, Bob Uda, lrving D. Warden, Len Weld, Paul Woody. N-...MM Building almosphere is much easier Than building a Tire decide AI Turn- er, Chuck Rohrbaugh and Bob Granl' afler several lrys. iz. , A - ' A Mx, 4-4 . ATU ALPHA TAU OMEGA Delta Kappa Chapter -,-..--.'-- -X ,A '-f-ma., g T"""r'-e-... I4II S. Elm ATO's Move Into House on Fraternity Row Alpha Tau Omega, established at OU in 1921, was led this year by Warren Robb, presi- dent, Iohn Arant, vice president, Carey Epps, secretary, Walter Schiller, treasurer, and Ray- mond Brady, social chairman. The ATO's were the latest group to join residents on Mortgage Row, moving into a new S275,000 house. They placed third in softball and fourth in grades last year. Adding to the successful year was the busy social calendar filled with the Playboy Party, the Christmas Party, the Initiation Dance and the Bowery Ball. Active ATO,s were George McGuire, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Scabbard and Blade, Gor- don E. Taylor, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Pi Sig- ma, Model UN 3 Walter Schiller, Phi Eta Sig- ma, Accounting Club, Scabbard and Blade, and Warren Robb, IFC executive committee, IEEE, Trident Society and Engineering Club. gate, John E. Arani, Don Azbill, Dick Baldwin, err Don C. Bowman, Milne Brady, Raymond D. Brady, Daniel l-l. Braine. Sian Brown, Wylie N. Brown Jr., Phillip Chapman. Blue Clarlc, Dennis Clemens, Thomas J. Cloud, Charles E. Cole Jr., Albert L. Dan- iels, R. Lewis Davenport, Steve Davis. Dave Dryden, Bill Epps, O. Carey Epps, William E. Fa- vor, Greg Finley, Jim Ford, Bob Gadclis. Aline Asher, Roger Apple- J y Bales, Don Blackwood. Tony Gaye, James Goode, Sieve l-lamilion, Bob l-lard, Terry l-larrell, James l-larris, Merle l-lenneke, Jimmy l-luilord. Earl E. James III, William M. Jenkins Jr., James John, Kenl Johnson, Charles Ken- drick. Ken Kraisky, Harold Kranz, E. Joe Lankiord. Lynn Laughlin, Ronald Lee, Slewarl Lindemann, Danny Looper, David C, Ludwick, Kenr Maxwell, George Mc- Guire, Jon McLane. Donald McMullan, E. Z. Million, David Moore, Toby Murray, Bob Musser, John Naurnan, Dub O'Sleen, Sieve O'S+een. Gary Overslreel, John B. Owens Jr., Mike Pearson, Daniel R. Poynor, Warren Robb, Dee Sanders, Waller Schiller, Charles Shipp. John Shurr, Fred Silva, An- fhony Sleelman, Larry Swanson, Gordon Taylor, Mark Taylor, Norrell Thom- as, Charles Thorpe. Cecil Trice, James L. Ty- meson, Roberr Wages, Sieve Waldrip, Jimmy Ward, David Weaver, Will, iam While, Joe Whiflle. Relaxing from Their sludies, James Harris, Siu Liridemann E. Z. Million and Roger Apple gale play a few hands oi bridge 367 GTF BETA THETA PI Gamma Phi Chapter 800 Chautauqua Betas Excell in Scholarship, Intramurals The men of Beta Theta Pi Won the IFC ov- er-all scholarship trophy for the 18th time in 22 years, second in intramurals and the run- ner-up trophy for Fraternity of the Year. Beta also Won Best in Show in Sooner Scan- dals for their mixed acts with Kappa Alpha Theta, entitled NA Wise Spy's Guisef' Traditional Beta social functions were the attention-attracting Barn Dance, Senior Din- ner, Pledge Formal and Spring Party. Betas of campus reknown were Iohn Kirton, UDK president, Pe-et, Man of Distinction fi- nalist, Mike Ritz, Sigma Tau, ODK, Pe-et, IFC secretary, Art Thompson, UAB, UBC chair- man, Eric Feaver, Model UN president. Beta otlicers were Doug Frantz and lohn Kirton, presidents, Doyle Murray and Carl Smith, vice presidents, Bob Luttrell, secretary, Phil Adamson, treasurer, and Ierry Robertson, social chairman of the active chapter. l Edward Abernethy, Phil Adamson, Steve Asbury, Jon Axton, Larry Beach, Charles Blackmon, Mark Breidenbach, J. Stuart Brown. Ron Brown, Richard M. Bryant, Ted Calinson, Greg Calmes, John C. Carter, Len Cason, Mike Cawley, Bob Cline. Don Coqman, Charles M. Cole, Don Cole, Allen Coleman, Bill Conqer, Charles S. Coward, Jon Craig, David A. Dillingham. Dave Donathan, James El- der, Larry Elliott, Richard Fatheree, Robert Fleener, Larry Foster, Doug Frantz, Mike Frazier. Randy Gaines, Richard J. Gore, Jack R. Grisham, Randy Hall, John Hamp- ton, Larry t-larral, Richard Harrison, Robert L. l-lart. W, Dean Harl Jerry Heis- sebroek, Nord Haslinqs, James Hemphill, John Hemphill, Roberl K. Hen- derson Jr. Bill Holland, Lar- ry Howie, Collie James lll, Barlon Johnson, David Johnson, Brad Johnslon, Bill Johnslorie, Sleven R, Keir John Kirlon, Bill Lfillii. Scoll Lawrence. Roloerl Lula lrell. John E. Lynn, Carlisle Ma- brey, James Mabry, John Manloolh, Bill Roy Mcfklr isler, Donald S. McCarl',f, Edd McNeil, Tommy Mel- call, Dan Moody. Pal Moore, Sleven Moore, led Moore, Henry Doyle Murray, Roger Nelson, Drew Neville Joe Nevins, Roberl Michael Nisbel Dicic Padbero. Mike Price, James Prifch- ard, Ronny Pyle, Harry Rea ugh, Michael C. Rilz, Kennelh D. Roberls, Gerald G. Roberlsor, Johr Robison, Johr C. Sacra. Jerry Sanders Glenn Soho enhals Ken Schuermar, Blaine Schwabe, Richard Seqnar, Jim Shoemalce, Ron Sholls, Carl Smilh, Richard Sf-Wild, James Slone, John Swine- lord, Bill Tallool, Sleve Tay' lor Arlhur Thompson Riche ard Turner, Jerry Venable, Thomas Ward, Bill Walson. Chuck Walsor, Bill Weimfir William C. Weinrich, Fred While, Bob Williams, Mi- chael Roy Williams, Charles Williamson, Rorry Wood, Jay Wooleiv. Going up lor a rebound lwo members ol lhe Be'a learn dem- ers'ra'e lhe wmniri slxfle llwl idvarced lliem lo lhe rikayolls. Bill Baker, John L. Barrelf, Terry Barlley, James Brad- ford, Thomas A. Bradford, Phillip Brown. Gordon Bullivant Jack Bur- deir, Ted Burdeif, David Bufler, Don Collins, R. Scoif Cook. Larry Core, William R. Corr, Don Davis, Ralph Duclcworlh, Earl Ellioll. James L. Ellis. Frank Gafewood, James E. Griffin, Mark Hinshaw, Ray Holland, Wayne Hughes, William R. lseminger. David Allen Johnson, Milne Kennedy, Jael Kelonen, Richard Koch, Richard Le' qafslci, John M. Lowsley. Viclor Marlin, Terry Miller, John A. Moore, Randy S. Morrison, Calvin MOH, Jim Mullen, Alexander Oliphanl Ill. James Park, Larry J. Payne, Chris Pelerson, Wade Pip- kin, William Porier, James Reed, Ron Reese. Harry Seclc, Alan B. Smiih, l-loward C. Smiih Jr., Ter- rance Smifh, Ron Sorler, James W. Slacy, Charles Suggs. Sranley Tubbs Jr., Mike Tulile, George Weaber, Milre Wealxs, William Whil- iield, Ralph D. Wilson ll, Gary Yandle. 700 Elm AKE DELTA KAPPA EPSILDN Rho Lambda Chapter Remodeling Program Begins on Frat House The Dekes are currently conducting an ex- tensive remodeling program on their house. The first phase already is completed with the first floor being decorated to resemble a gen- tleman's club room. Realizing a house does not make a fraternity. Dekes held the Diamond Formal, the Deke A- Go-Go Party and the Graveyard Party. ln addition, the Deke Undertakers won hrst place in men's division of Engine Show. Taking a break, Jud, Jofce -wad Lf1v'vw,' Cafe co: niet tv we of selecti Established in IS44, Deke has 54 national chapters and was led locally this year by Dave johnson, president, Harry Seek, vice president, Calvin Mott, secretary, Randy Morrison, treas- urer, and Mike Tuttle, social chairman. Dekes on campus were Dave johnson, BM- OC, Student Senate, Distinguished Air Force Cadet, Calvin Mott, Band president, Phi lVlu Alpha, Charles Suggs, Phi Eta Sigma, Univer- sity Playersg and john Barrett, Phi Eta Sigma. r". .ffwbei --iii 1 while l-i-ww Sock -:rd Town Bw-idtord dance wvh the-if dm-s. H Xu Q if -' Compefifion for lhe besr home- corninq decoralion lrinds lhe Deli pledge class 'busily' working in fronl ol 'rheir house on Elm. qv . Phil Abshere, Paul R. An- derson, Ron Barron, Jerry Bednar, Sieve Belanqer, Phil Bird, Roger A. Brady, Rog- er Brown. Tim Brown, Fielding Caqle, Gene Cagle, John Chaney, Richard Chapman, Charles Clayron, Bob Cochran, K. Cohlmia. Craig Conway, Roberr De- Carolis, Roberr O. Dickey, Thomas A. Dodson, Lynn Drury, David Durand, Bob Echols, Ron Ferguson. John Fesler, Gerry Fisher, Roberl Floyd, Ron Frank, Tommy E. Frazier, Jimmy Goodman, Jim Gregory, Chip Hansen. Roberr J. Hewirr, Craig William l-iosfer, Dallas i-loward, l-larold lmke, Bob Jackson, Warren Jones. Mi- chael Kerran, Charlie Kra- ker. John Krummel, David Lew- is, Danny Linville, John Mackey, Lloyd Marlin, Joe Mason, Jay McCown, Bill McNeely. Parrick Mee, Derryl Milli- can, Michael Minnis, Clark Musser, Dan Nelson, Mi- chael Osborne, Ric Fenner. f s,Qff'f7'? .K m?f'f- 4 630 Elm ATA DELTA TAU DELTA Delta Alpha Chapter Delts Score in Intramurals, Scholarship Delts won intramural track, B-team volley- ball, third in University Sing, and the IFC scholarship trophy last spring. They also en- tered Scandals with "Goofs Plotf, Delt activity men were Kyle lVlcCarter, QU Scholars president, ODK, Top Ten Freshmen, Grayson Van Horn, Pe-et, ODK, Larry Pink- erton, Top Ten Freshmen, Clark Musser, Top Ten Freshmen, ODK, Steve Vargo, Scandals production manager, UAC, ODK, and Iohn Butch Perry, Gordon Phil- lips, Larry Pinkerton, Jerry Porter, Michael A. Rolsln- son, Mark Rollins, Doug Ro- per. Pat Ryan. Carl Smith, Earl Smith. James Stout, Bill Sutherland, Gary Tolbert, Grayson Van l-torn. Reece Van l-lorn,Stepl1en L. Var o, .lid e Verit, Dan Q Q Y Walters, Jam S. Wells, Jim Wlnitmire, Lloyd Wlnlttall. Mlke Williams, Daryl L. Williamson, Bob Willis, Paul Wise, Bill Wrlglwt, Brian Wyclme, Jerry Young. Pinkerton who was Campus Chest chairman. But Delts still found time for social life with the Delt Dive, Victory Party, Christmas Party and the Little Guys Party. Officers for the purple, White and gold were Bob Willis and Kyle lVIcCarter, presidents, Kyle lVlcCarter and Clark lVlusser, vice presi- dents, lohn Mackey and Gary Tolbert, secre- taries, Steve Vargo, treasurer, and Clark Mus- ser and Richard Chapman, social chairmen. Homecoming lloar comperilion ar the Thefa house finds The DU's helping The girls Complefe lheir decoralions for rhe big day. Phil Abernarhy, Gary Bar- cheller, Paul Bavaro, Rob- erl' Benbow, Phil Brockhaus, John Choale, William Clark. Kirk Clausinq, James L. Cole, Rusry Curlis, Roberf Devens, Mike Douihill, Sarn Dugoer, Russell Dunn. Donald Eolff, Pal' Evans, Harry G. Fender, Tom Filip. Ed L. Garnelr, Richard Gib- bens, Charles Gibbs. Dean Gibbs, Jimmy Gibson, Roberr Goldfield, Ben Gor- rell, Jim Hargrove, Gary W. Harmon, Larry Hedges. Paul Hodges. Jim Hoover. Randal Hullfrnan, Richard Hurfon, Richard Johnson, Frank J. Jones, Tony Keys. Keron Kickingbird, Mike Kimbrell, David Klahr, Ed- win Kurek, Larry Kurlz, Thomas E. Leonard, Glen Levvandowski. Edward Livermore, Joe Loll- man Jr., Roberr Lowrey. Lawrence Lydick, Kennefh E. Maricle, Sandy McCoy. John Mclxleely, Tom Monk. 603 W. Brooks , A T DELTA UPSILON Oklahoma Chapter DU's Crown Ann Beaudry Feudal Princess Five ODK's, three members of Whois Who, and one Pe-et member were DU,s. So were john Wells, Dads' Day chairman, Model UN Secretary-General, Ed Livermore, Oklahoma Daily Editor, IFC social chairman, Bob Ste- phens, UAC, and Kirk Clausing, 1966 SOONER Yearbook editor. Other active DU's were Dave Westgate, Drum Major, Randy Huttman, Student Sen- ate, University Scholar, Kirke Kickingbird, Lit- James Montgomery, Terry Newlcumet, Stephen A. Pace, Don Pape, Ed Porter, David Power, David Raper. Charles A. Reese, W, D, Rogers Jr., Mark Selvidqe, Jay Shields, Dean Simmons, Jim Smith, Richard L. Smith. Robert Smith, Don Ste- phens, Robert Stephens Steve V. Swanson, Rusty Swenson, Ronald Tate, Tom Taylor. tvlilce Thompson, John Thomson, John D. Wells, David L. Westgate, Bob Whitehill. J. Larry Wilkes, Jim Willis. tle Red, and Bob Goldfield, A Phi O president. Olticers were John Wells, and Tay Shields, presidents, Bob Stephens and Terry Newku- met, vice presidents, Sandy lVlcCoy and Ron Tate, secretaries, loe Lollman, treasurer, and Jett Treeman, social chairman. DU's hosted their l3lst International Con- vention in August, won the IFC Spark Plug Trophy for last spring, and crowned Ann Beaudry, Gamma Phi, Feudal Princess. KA KAPPA ALPHA Beta Eta Chapter 6Ol Cruce Building Boom Hits Southern Gentlemen The Southern Gentlemen of Kappa Alpha were among the 'chouse-buildingi' fraternities this past year, planning to begin construction on their new house some time this summer with hopes of being able to move in during the l966-67 school year. But apartment living apparently did not hurt the KA,s. The members placed First in grades and the chapter ranked third over-all. Activities also were recognized. KABS known on campus included Robert Vaughn, Yearbook Man of Distinction, Pe-et president, UAB, ODK treasurer, and N. D. Moscoe, UAC, Uni- versity Scholar and Top Ten Freshmen. KA's were led this year by Robert Vaughn, president, lerry Masters, vice president, Tom Weeks, secretary, Neil Wilson, treasurer, and Peter Weaver, social chairman. Social life included the Plantation Ball, Christmas Party, and the Old South Ball. Paul Adams, Kenneth Bare rett, Richard Bell, Frank W. Bellows, Jim Benson, Larry Bracken, Charles Brannon. John Brau, Kenneth Brown, Charles Cash, Robert Cates, Don Cox, Robert Crawley, Robert Crews. James M. Cronoble, Joe Cummins, William Dabney, Jerry Damron, Tommy Daughtrey, Ronald Eisel, Bob Eoll. John R. Fisher, Donald Flet- cher, Clark French, Don Fronterhouse, Larry Gam- mon, Robert Garretson, John K. Garrison. Randy Gilberl, Roberl Haighl, Larry Harden. Rich- ard Haslinqs, Eyerelle Halch, Charles Hayward, Phil Henderson, Tom Hill. Carl Hughes, Paul M. Hun- ler, Sleve Irwin, Bob Jen- kins, Randall Keller. Mark Kelly, Gary Klernan, An- lhony Cole Link. Phillip H. Luccock, Jerry Maslers, Mark Maslerson, Ed Mclyre Jr., Robert Mer- rill, Gus Miller, Larry Mill- er, Ronald Minnix. Michael E. Moran, N. D. Moscoe. Ralph Newcomb, Kennelh Nowick, H. Den- nis Owen, Slephen J. Pacey, Max Pallerson, Elvis Pen- ninqlon. Neal Perkey, Jack Pipkin, Mike Prykryl, Richard V. Si- mon, John B, Simpson, Mar- lin Srnilh, Rhell Douqlas Speer, Sleve Slack. John W. Taylor, C. Bryan Tibbell, Joe Dodd, Thomas J. Tonkin, Mike Valenlinc, Douq VanDyck, Jack Van Valkenburgh, Roberl Vaughn. Earl Ward, Peler Weaver, Tom Weeks, Jerry Wesl, James Williams, Richard L. Wilson, Woodrow N. Wil- son, James Wooley. lg H lliwl KAPPA SIGMA Gamma Kappa Chapter IIOO College Kappa Sig Grappler Ties for First Place Kappa Sigs on the OU campus included Dennis McCary, Student Senate president, Da- vid Sutherland, IFC rush chairman and secre- tary, and Gary Hensler, Student Senator. ln varsity sports were such Kappa Sigs as Phil Wetherbee, starting lineman on the Big Red, Tom Maxwell and Don Wooley, starters on the varsity baseball team, and Steve Iohn- son, OU golfer. Kappa Sigma othcers were Steve Lobaugh, president, Buck Adams, vice president, Mike Evans, secretary, Brad Windsor, treasurer, and Mike Iuergens, social chairman. Highlight of the Kappa Sigma social calen- dar was the New Yearis Party held in March this year, complete with elephants. Other parties included the Christmas Formal and the Helzapoppin' held in the spring. In intramurals Kappa Sigs tied for first in Wrestling and fourth in basketball. l-l. G. Buck Adams, Bob Allee. Sammy Allen, David L. Beadner, Jimmy Bittle, Phillip J. Black, James Bradt. Jim Carter, Steve Christie, Robert Clark, Richard A. Cole, Jack A. Crittenden, Richard Crone, Dex Crosby. David Cruce. Richard Dick- inson, J. W. Dill, Bill Doty, Robert Duran, Phillip F. El- kins, Larry England. Mike Evans. Maior S. Fer- guson Jr., Mark Finnerty, Fred Fitch, John Frank, Don Fruit, Bill Fuqitt. Jim Garnett, Terry Garrett. Cher, Sam Hammonds, Harris. -FF' John Gibson, Warren Got- Royce Hammons, Phillip Brenf Helmer, Dave Hen- loesl, Richard Henderson, Gary Hensler, H. Lance Johnson, Sfephen N. John- son, Lawrence B. Johnslon, Chuck Jordan. Milne Juerqens, Tim Knoll, Ronald Koslow, Jim Laird. Slephen Lobauqh, Wally Love, Jim Maclcey, Paul Mannas. Tommy Maxwell, Jody May- er. Dennis Mccary, Rich- ard Melhvin, Chris Meyers, D. Mille Moody, Jon Moor, Charles Mooney. Bo Nance, Phil Neislar, Gar- elh Noren, Milce Orrnand, Larry G. Padberq, Ralph Palmer, Greg Perlcins, Ken Pelerson. Rex Phelps, Mel Pricldy, Rice Reavis, John H. Requr, John Revelle. Georqe Rives, Edward Roberrson, J. W. Roberlson. J, W. Schwenlc Ill, Mark Seller- qren, King Solomon, Paul Soper, Jon Sleiner, John Slewarl. Ewing Slroman, B. P. Sud- berry, David Sulherland, Harvey Turner, Phil Ulmer, Gary Underwood, Larry Vin- cenlx Lynn Waflcins, Jim Wallers, Jim Websler, Phil Welher- bee, John Wilherspoon Gil Wriqhl, Jaclc Wriqhl. ' If Wishing lho "Monl" were a Kap- pa Sig annex, Don Grimes, Steve Lobaugh, Richard Cole and Phil Neislar relax by lhe fire. Poislung up llieir Scandals acl lie Pi Pliils paid oil lor llie Lambda Cl1i's, wlio placed s ond in llie ciroup division. Jim Aclon, Tlwomas P. Al- esi, Sid Anderson, Ben B. Ayres, Russ Barlee, Gene Bauman, Tom Bene, Jerry Benson, Sleve Bonner, Mike Brown, Pele Brown, Anllwony Buono, Mike Collins, Millon Combs, Doug Conn, l-lal Cook. David Curlis, Jim Dodd, R. N. Dunaoan, William Enqel Noalw Ewinq, Paul Faliren- brucli, M. Clyde Faulkner, James Fosler. Don Max Frazier, Sleve Fri- ol. Roberl Gamble, Ray- mond Gandy, James N. Gibson, William C, Gilpin, Jolin Goodman, Frank Hall. Larry Hallum, Douglas Hel- lerson, Don l"lenline Frank l-ligqinbollom, Bill ldodde, Mark l'lollman, Terry l-lol- den, James l-loward. Dwain Huqlies, Fred l-lursl, Ted lrnpson, Cliuck Jacobus, Donald Kain. Pliil Kennon, Dennis Lee. l-lerman l. Lillle Jr. Jay Loomis, Larry Mayes David McKee, Barry Mor- ris, Sieve Newell, Joe Nun- nery, William Parks, Jolin Pickelld 904 College AXA LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Gamma Rho Zeta Chapter Chapter Wins Fraternity of the Year Trophy It is no Wonder the Lambda Chi's won the Fraternity of the Year Trophy twice. Lambda Chi,s placed second in the mixed division of Sooner Scandals with the Pi Phiis, won over-all Sooner Scandals trophy last year, and won intramural basketball. Top Lambda Chiis on campus were R. N. Dunagan, UAB president, Pe-et, 1965 Sooner Scandals Director, Clark Gilpin, UAC presi- dent, Don Henline, IFC secretary, and Ralph Ridlinghater, IFC Greek Week Chairman. Making the year complete, Lambda Chi's celebrated with the Tradewinds Party and Christmas Party. Othcers were R. N. Dunagan and Ralph Ridlinghafer, presidents, Ramon Williams and Clyde Faulkner, Vice presidentsg Keene Taylor and Frank Higginbottom, secretaries, Iim Dodd and Larry Mayes, treasurers, and Dale Stevens and Clark Gilpin, social chairmen. Dave Pickrell, Bill Pitts. Da- vid Ramsey, Bob Reed, Lynn Reed. Ralph Ridlinghater, Paul Robinson, Roger W. Rounds. Robert J. Ryan, Jack Scott, James Shauberqer, Carl Shortt, Roy Sikkinlc, Ray Smith, Charles Snider, Allan Stader. Dale Stevens, David Stoner, Jirn Swattord, J. Keene Tay' lor, Dean White, Ramon E. Williams, Dan Woodard. Larry Woodard, Bill Worcl, John Wriqht, Mickey Wynn, Tirn Wynn, Lee C. Young, Dain Zinn. CIDBA PHI BETA DELTA Local Chapter I20l College Local Chapter Takes 35-Man Pledge Class Phi Beta Delta in its second year on the DU campus as a local fraternity completed a 330,- 000 remodeling project on an old fraternity house, making it possible to move out of apart- ments where PhiBD's had been living since their house was destroyed by fire. But plans still are being made for construc- tion of a new 33001500 house sometime in the next few years on their former site. Brotherhood has to be stron T cause Eddie Makler, Sandy Si Leading the PhiBD's as a local fraternity were first semester oflicers Barry Pulaski, presi- dentg Rich Ratcheson, vice president, Bruce Blue, secretary, James Berlowitz, treasurer, and Dick Fisher, social chairman. Despite the apartment living the first semes- ter, PhiBD,s still took a 35-man pledge class. Social functions included the Hellis Angels party and the Spring House Weekend. Van Weinberci fo face fbe problems of moving out oi apartments. 1 i .Q ji 'i "Q Roberl Allerman, Bruce Blue, Andy Bram, l-larry Co- hen, Ron Cohen, Ray Dan. Charles Deulsch. Barry Federman, Ed Peir- lech, Richard Fisher, Milce Fishman, Roqer M. Fried- man, Maurice Galoob, Gary Gordon. Manny Greenberg, Julian Hess, Gary l-lorwilz, Arnold Kanler, Linn Kempner, Hay- den Lair, Bill Laylin, Charles M. Levin, Edward Malcler, Michael Mehl, James Muslow, Rod Nel- berl, Harlan Priesmar An- dy' Quial. Richard Ralcheson Mike Ross, James Rolhberg, Ay- run Schonwald Sandy Schonwald, Sruarl Schusfer Jerry Sepkowilz. Dor' Serkin, Larry Seyit, Sandy Sieqel, Jehl Simon David Sobel. Gene Sollo- way, Barry Slaub. Ted Slein, Mike Slolper, Howard Toder, Sammy Toys, Torn Wagner, Van Wein- berg, Jay Weinslein. Moving irlo lheir remodeled hcuss: Rich Ralcheson, Maclcie Sardar, and Jell Jacobson lry ro we' Thiros back ir wood order. S+udying does occur occasionally he Phi Dell house, as Kenl inqs, Lee Daniel and Ron calch up lor linal exams. -1? '64 -3 ,,, T? 1 3 of 'F'S"'4 as k Bill Adams, Mike Archer, Shelley Arnefl, Samuel J. Afkins, Mike Alkinson, Bruce Bayless, Jerry Bias, Bolo Bigelow. Roberl G. Boren, Ron Brad- shaw, Jim Burqar, Rober' Carler, Phil Caudill, J. Scofl Chalmers, Bobby Clark, Mike Clark, Bennie Collier, John Cournbe, Lee Daniel, Jehl Davidoff, Bill Davis, Rock Dawson, Ron Day Mike De- Lier. Dor Drago, John A. Eagle- sron, Bill Forney, H. Delberl Frieze, Rick Gardner, Ken- nelh Green, Bruce Grove Joe Hamlin. Torn Hammond, Kelly Hood, Jack Hove, Mike lvens, Hank Keilz, Kraiq Kendall. Dick Kennedy, Joe C. Kernke. Eddie Lancaster, Charles Lasseler, Kenl M. Lebo, Richard Lewis, Rick Linn, Mike Man, Doug Manning, Dave Massey. Dick McCallum, Scoll Mc- Clellan, Gary McCowan. Frank McGuire lll, Hugh McRae, Vance McSpadden, John Mehl, Wes Mellon. -1. cher, Larry Wright, Ken- th Z l d lc l400 College I U 9 PHI DELTA THETA Oklahoma Alpha Chapter Phi Delts Get State Scholarship Trophy Rep. Iohn Iarman, Van Hetlin, Robert Kerr Ir., and Frank Lloyd Wright are members of the Grand Old Fraternity, Phi Delta Theta. So are Ronny Bradshaw, IFC president and COR chairman, Wayne Wells, and Bryan Rice, Big-8 Wrestling champs, Allen Orcutt, Student Senate president, and lim Burgar and Iohn Hammond, Big Red football players. The men of the blue and White won their Alumni Clubis scholarship trophy for the best grades of any Phi Delt chapter in Oklahoma tor spring semester last year. To exhibit ver- satility, they also Won second place in intra- mural football and held another successful Roaring Twenties Party. Phi Delt otticers were Brad Williams and Ronny Bradshaw, presidents, Iim Noland, vice president, Scott Nickel and Ken Ray, secretar- iesg Rick Linn, treasurer, and Steve Riley and Scott Nickel, social chairmen. Steve Mize, Tom Moran, Reed Morian, D. E. Murray, Jim Noland, Allen Orcutt, Bolo Pate. Allen Poppino, Dennis Ran- zau, Ken Ray, Bryan L. Rice, Steve Riley, Parker Rogers, Frederick P. Schweers Jr. Carter Scott, John Scott, Earl Skarlcy, Charles lvl. Smith, Kent Stallinqs. Ste- phen L. Stark, Paul Wallace. Wayne Wells, Charles Wil- banks, Brad Williams, Rich- ard Winburn, Jones Wit- Vle GOUQ. Phi Gems now have no excuse lor poor grades following conf uclion oi a siudy hall for use by brolhers and pledges. Bill Baker, Guy Baldwin, Rick Ballen, Bud Beeler, Chuck Bell, Jim Berieiield, Bruce Berlin, John Berryman, Bob Bishop. Don Bolen, Bill Borlauq, Lynn Bralcher, Busier Brown, Terry Byers. David Cain, Jehf Carlslead, Joe Claro, Kenl' Cohenour, David Cole, Sieve Cook, Joe Crouch. Bob Daniel, Charles A. Davis, Craig Da- vis, Jerry Dick, J. W. Doolin, Dan Duncan. Jerry Durbin, Jake Easlon ill, Jim Edmondson, Sieve Finley, Lew Fisher, Charles Freede. Slephen Garrell. Rick Genlry, Don Gellinger. Frank Graves, Richard Green, Richard Grimm, Malcolm Haney. Roy Har- key, Julian Harris, Troy Hafiield, Jerry Hiersche, Drew Hodges. Ben Holder, Terry Holmes, Phil Hool, Mike Hubbard. George Hughes, James XX. Hyde, David W. lbach, Nick Jankowsky, Sieve Jernigan. Mark Johnson, Waller Joyce, Bill Karr, Bob Keahey, Don Kinsinger, Charles Lane, H. Beni. Langdon, Mike Lawrence, George Le- VBUV Bill Lockell, David Loggie, Doug Longmire, Bob Loon- ey, Jim Loy, Jim Luiz, Hugh Mabe, Travers Mahan. 1 .4' 4-N at CP V A ,V wt l200 College PHI GAMMA DELTA Nu Omega Chapter New Library Draws Attention to Scholarship Under the official color of royal purple, the men of Phi Gamma Delta were known for such notorious social events as the Fiji Island Party, the Norris Pig Dinner and the Fiji Nightclub Party held during the year. Leading Nu Omega Chapter, founded on the Oklahoma campus in l9l7, were Chuck Lane, presidentg Vic Holt, vice presidentg Dean Smith, secretaryg lim Benefield, treasurerg and Buddy Coke, social chairman. David Martin, Larry Martin, Jim McLauchlin, Jon Meade, Bob Meason, Ray Moss. Bill Nichols, Steve Noever. Steve Owen, Mike Parham, Steve Pruette, Hal C. Ram- sey, Kenneth Reece, John Rhodes, Ralph Rickey, Torn Ridqway. Larry Roberts, Tom Roth- roclc. Kelly Scarce, Fred Schrnedt, John Schofield. Andrew Sevick, Stan Shra- oo, Doug Sickles. Mike Smiley, Dean Smith. John Smith, Jay C. St. John, Steve Steakiey. John Stevens, Bob Sullivan. Alan Terril. John Tetens, Steve G. Thom- as, Lal Threlkeld, Jerry Tolleson, Tom Veaie, Milne Venator, Don Waddeiow, Gordor Wiynn. Founded nationally at lelterson College in l848 on the principle of secrecy, the Oklahoma chapter boasts of such outstanding alumni as Senator Mike Monroney, Representative Ed Edmonson, and a former governor of Okla- homa, Howard Edmondson. During the past year, Phi Cams completed and furnished a new study hall and library for the house with increased emphasis on the scholastic standing of the fraternity. CIDKLI' Pill KAPPA PSI Ol-flrzlioma Alpha Chapter Phi Psi's Again Stage Founded at Iefferson College in i852 and established at OU in 1920, Phi Psi's cardinal red and hunteris green won third in intra- mural swimming and placed in bowling. Once again the Alpha Chi's won the thrill- ing Phi Psi 55003, tricycle race held in the spring. But everyone lost out at the Shipwreck Party and the Poverty Ball. Other enjoyable social events were the Christmas Party and Spring Formal. Race 'fans see plenty oi fast movmq leos as ity qirls lorqet 720 Elm '500' Tricycle Race Leading Phi Psi's this year were Larry Dix- on, president both semestersg Iohn Agnew and Bob Metzger, vice presidents, and Bob Metz- ger and Dean Campbell, secretaries. Serving as treasurer and social chairman during both administrations were Wayne Cooper and Bob- by Goodner. Phi Psiis on campus included Pat Cham- bers, Alpha Epsilon Delta, President's Hon- or Rollg and Harry Young, Phi Eta Sigma. immty in the annual Pb: Psi 500 pedal pushing C T t. I flu.. sq., ff!! Z! 1 J x , , ,- A- Ja 'lt - f-mu-sig ixc' Y 'i i' V fi, 4, ,.,, - John Agnew, Roberl' F. Ahr- ens, Clyde Amyx, Roger An- derson, Ron Bailey, Bill Barnes, Dean Campbell. Par Chambers, Gary Che- ney, Nelson Chilly, Thom- as Clark, Cliff Conn Jr., Wayne Cooper, Larry Dixon. Tom Dolson, Richard Du- gan, William Eckhardlr, Thad H. Evans, Bob Good- ner, Bill Guerry, Richard Hague. Jon C. Harshaw, Gene Hil- debrand, James Hill, Jim Holloman, Gary Howard, Brad Husband, Rober+Jack- son. Tom J. Jaworsky, Bob Ker- by, Thomas E. Killip. Greg- ory Klopfenslein, George M. Kurey, Mickey Law, Ronald Leader. Alan Lipp, Larry E. Long, Roberr Mack, Sidney Mc- Vey, Bob Melzger, Mandy Miles, Mike Molrleil. Joe Moody, James R. Moore, Edward Morgan, Terry Neely, Gary L. Nich- ols, C. Terry Nickle, Daniel C. Odlum. Roberl E. Ofis, Lawrence Packard, John Pickens, James Prarr, Sieve Ray- mond, Royse Reagan, Dan- ny Rineharl. Ronnie Roberis, Don Russell, Sieve Saunders, John E. Smirh, Roger Siephens, Chuck Tucker, Louis Von Tungeln. Don Ward, Ben Williams, Murray Wynne, Chesrer Young, Harry Young, Ron- ald Younglund. Tom Allder, Charles Allen, Nevin Beagle, Dan Beller, Slanley Bennelf, Roberl Bil- ly, Roberl Bingham, Randy Black, Ronald Borden, Jim l.. Bofkin, Michael H. Boydsfun, John Brandes, Reid Brumley,Bruce Bunling. James R. Burlseff, Siephen Callaham, Howard Cavins. Richard Cinoflo, Don Cox. Randall Craddock, Bob Craig. J. David Cromwell, Bill Crosby, Michael Davalf. Garland Davis, Sieve Duq- qan, Pairiclc D, Filzgerald, Mike Gaden. Jim Green, l.. J. Gregg, Dave Grifly, Torn Haddan. Vance Hall, Ken? Harrell, Barney Harris. Vic Hemmy, Bob Hemphill, Bruce Hickman, Daniel Ho- yer, Arr Johnson, Eugene Johnson, Paul Kicwil. Richard L. Knapp, Jim Ku- bialc, John Kuehnerf, John W. Lehwald, Larry Lemon, Dave Merrifl, Jay Messen- qer. Dwiqhl' fx. Mundell, Milie Nichols, Richard Norlh, James Novell. Charles H. Panlcey, John Roberls, Sian Rusl. Anlhony Salas, Dana l.. Sel- zer. Don Sessions, John Ses- sions, Jay Simon, Bill Slen- qel. Ronald Slreelrnan. Richard Tims, Fillmore Vaughan, Pele Vaughan, Donald W. Wenlz, Roberl W. Woods, James L. Yeary Jr. 726 Elm CPKZ Pl Il KAPPA SlGlVlA Omicron Chapter Phi Kappa Sigmas Reveal New House Plans Final plans for Omicron Chapter's new 88- man house were revealed this spring with com- pletion planned for spring of 1967. Phi Kap service projects included a party for Cerebral Palsy children and a Christmas party for orphan children. They also held their second all-sorority dance marathon. Social events included the Haunted House Party and the Black and Gold Formal. Phi Kaps announced plans this sprinq 1 new house. but by the l lc Campus leaders included Bruce Hickman, Sooner Guide, UAC vice presidentg Pat Fitz- gerald, OU Scholars vice president, Sooner Guideg Mike Nichols and Bill Stengel, varsity swimmers for the Big Red. Phi Kap otlicers were L. I. Gregg, presidentg lohn Sessions, vice presidentg Bob Craig, sec- retaryg David Cromwell, treasurerg and Iames Kuhiak, social chairman of the fraternity. this haunted house party, it could be that they waited too lonq. 'ne' D091 .W ns..- qg f Q Q. Marr f . if ITKA t Pl KAPPA ALPHA Beta Omicron Chapter I203 S. Elm PiKA's Engage in Active Social Season The Roman Toga Party, the Garnet and Gold Christmas Formal, the Dream Girl and the Outer Limits parties were top social events for PiKA,s this year. Pike public service events during the year in- cluded a Christmas Toy Drive, pre-Dallas ral- ly dance and an all-campus dance. In intramural competition the Pikes placed fourth in softball and reached the finals of both A and B basketball competition. Serving as PiKA otlicers this year were San- dy Sabater and Chuck Rains, presidents, Bill Whitehurst and Doug Wintermute, vice presi- dents, Doug Wintermute and Gary Meldrum, secretaries, Ioe Rodriguez, treasurer, and lim Marr, social chairman. Activity men on campus were Sandy Saba- ter, Student Senate, Who's Who, Bill White- hurst, Model UN, Candidate for Senate presi- dent, and lerry Maddox, IFC, Student Senate. David Abercrombie, Richard Aboussie, Bitt Bigbie, H. Bintord Jr., Patrick D. Bow- len, Barry Brace, Clark Brant, Greg Burton, Mike Cald- well, David Cantrell, Charles Carson, Kin Caudill, Ken Clark, John Cole. David Conter, Ken Conklin, John Crain, John Cripps, Dave Cummins, John C. Da- vidson, Tony DeBellis. Bob Dies, Dana Donaldson, David Evans, Mike Fitzpat- rick, Richard S. Flood. Don Gonzales, Harry G. Good- ing. Hobart G, Hammond, Rav Haynes, Richard Hinkle. Walker Hodges, Paul Hub- ble, Ed Huntzicker, Mark Jenkins. Mike Jones. Randy Kirch- ner, Peler Kranker, Russell Kurlz, Leonard Leek, Garry Looper, George Lovelace, Sieve Loyd. Gene Luiz, Donald Mackey. Jim Marr, Jerry Mayes, James N. Mayfield, Paul McManus, Tony Medina, Mike Meek. William G. Meldrum, John Merli, Carl Muller, Max Muller, Roberl Muller, John Mulliken, Jerry Mullins, Gene Murphy. Bob Myers, Larry Nicolai, Ron Nolin, John W. Oleinik. Chesler Olson, Ed Owen, Roberl' Owen, Bob Pale. Fred Perkins, Bill Poyfhress, Roberl' Proclor, Rusly Reed. Mike Reisman, Joe Rodri- quez, Chuck Rains. Dan Reid, Jim Reuber, John Rupp, Philip Russ, Sandy Sabaler, Jerry Shipman, Porier Shulfs. David Smilh, James Smilh, Slephen Smilh, Sieve Siock- rori, John Sirassberger, Geoff Swanloerg, Sparky Travvick. Bill Whilehursl, Fred While- hursi, Doug Williams, John Williams, Vance Williams, John D. Winrerrnure, Jeli Wynn. .1 PiKA's sponsor ri pre-Dallas rally darce To boosl school spirit bul affendance closely' malches the I new Bio Reds score in The game. ZAE SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Oklahoma Kappa Chapter 730 College SAE's Rate High on List of Grades, Activities Sam Vinson, senior class president, UAB, Top Ten Freshman, Frank Olney, Moms' Day Chairman, UAB, Top Ten Freshman, David Slear, NROTC Battalion Commander, Sigma Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, and Richard Roberts, Top Ten Freshman, are a few reasons why Sig Alphs are known for grades and activities. Of course good grades and activities demand celebration. And anyone who has been to the Sig Alph Iungle Party or International Ball knows that the Alphs know how to party. Oth- er social functions include the Christmas Party and Dinner and Sig Alph--Theta Christmas Orphan Party. Guiding Sig Alph in its 57th year on the OU campus were Bill Roe and Chuck Lyon, presidents, Bruce Wilkinson and Iohn Mori- coli, vice presidents, Charlie Williams, secre- tary, Frank Olney, treasurer, and Iohn Mari- vich, social chairman. Iv1rs.Alice E, Lawrence, Lar- ry Alltord, Peer Anderson, Terry Arnn, Dan Babcock, Steve Browne, Ken Buslcirlc. Chris Cantield, John Cate Larry Chambers, Chip Clark, Hal Clitzlord, Larry Collter, Paul Costxlow. Kenneth Cutter, Jett Dia- mond, Jack Dozier, David English, Dande Eyans, Ron- nie Finley, Larry Flesner. Robert L. Ford, Randy W. Foster, Jay Gabbard, Rich- ard Godfrey, A, Bruce G D l G ' B'lI FEED. OVYUS WIU, It t-lammons. Doane Harrison, Roger Har' rison, Ben Henry, Bill Hefhe erinqlon, Phil Jennings, Buz Johnson, Charles Jones. Georqe Kelley. Bill Kidd, Bill Kouqh, Brooks Laqree, Jim Lamb, Claxlon Lovin, Chuck Lyon, James C.Mar1in, Keifh Marlin. Rick McCord. Monly Mc- Dannald, Tom Milsfead, Denny Moffel, Jim Morgan. John Moricoli, Gary Mor- lon, Michael Muslain. John Nicol. John Norman, Frank Olney, Joe Ownbey. Bob Pansze, Bill Parker, James H. Parker, Phillip Pourchol. P. R. Ramey, Gerry Raynes, Richie Roberls, Bill Roe, Joe Schmidt Terry Seba, Bob Selman, Busler Simon. Craig S. Smilh, Roberl Smilherman, Tom Slidham, Dick Talley, William lar! wafer, Sam Veazey, Sam Vinson. Ray Weems, Gary Don Whilcomb, Jim Wilbanks, CharleyWilIiams,GaryWill- iams, Stoll' Wriqhl, Skip Zedlifz. Sig Alphs Jim Morgan and Larry Flesner proudly display T eir award-winninq scrapbook lo nal ional secrelary Ron Ma lrsf place Trophies in loorball and Campus Chesr are showr ob Koppel, Mark Kalz, Don Feinslein and Sleve l-larz. Sofia Brown, Michael R. Arsl, Slephen Bloch, Mark L. Brodkir, Louis Comroe, Errol Copilevilz Dennis Dann, Sian Davis. Sam Devinki Paul Dreyfus, Barry Einsidler, Donald Fein- stein, Marvin Feldman, l-loward Feldslein, Phillip Fischbein, Jon Forman. Michael Freislal, Mark Gel- ler, Chip Gerry, Jeli Gil- berf Barry Glasberq, Ber- nard Glassnrian Jr., Howard Glickmar. Lloyd Goldman, Randall Goodman, Wayne Goodo- wilz, Charles Greenberg, Harvey Greenberg, Mark Greenberg, Mike Gross, Sreven l-larz. Jerry l-lirnelslein, Sreve hlirschlrill, Alan Kaoan, Richard Kahn, Zev Kahr, Sieve Kalir, Ronald Kanrcr Kernelh Kaplan. Don A. Kachmer, Marc Kali, Kennelh Kochmann, Philip Kohn, Bob Koppel. Mark Levin, Michael Lubin, Sleve Maqoon. Larry Mallinoer, Sy Mark- owsky. Sieve Mayer, Nor- man Mazvinsky, Sluarl Mey- er, Jerry Meyerson, David M. Michaelson. Y if 3 3 K t is A , l F1 T 1 i- , rijfli Q ta if rt i ,, M- ,, , Ln- 7 ,W,,v ., - ' -f 1 , , ,, ,,,,,. .,,,+, ,ir ,,,.V,.iffr 1 AM 'r at 4 y Mf'2f,,f ,Q ere-f-15 'A 524 West Brooks SIGMA ALPHA MU Sigma Alpha Chapter Sammies' House to Be Completed in Fall Recovering from a fire that destroyed their old house, the Sammies are hoping to move in- to their new S300,000 house next fall. Don Karchmer Was Sammy president. Other ollicers were Larry Newman, vice presidentg Randy Goodman, secretary, and left Gilbert, treasurer of Sigma Alpha chapter. Making sure that the Winter and Spring Formals were social successes was social chair- man Chip Gerry, a Muskogee sophomore. Ronnie Minlnin, Lawrence Mitchell, Lawrence New- man, Melvin Price, Peter Rhein, Santord Rich, Rob- ert Rindley. Doug Ritzwoller, Coleman Robison, Bruce Rothenberg, Allen Salikott, Robert Schneider, Joel Schuman, John Siegel, David Seliqson, Marla Shek- ter, Mark Shidler, Larry Stern, Lawrence Stern, Da- vid Voqel, Roy Wallace. Clit Weinstein, Lew Wein- stein, Charles Weiss, Mel Weiss, Jett Woltson, Barry Zalclad, Stuart Zalowitz. Sammies began the year right, taking one of the largest pledge classes in the history of OU,s Sigma Alpha chapter. They went on to win the first place trophy in Campus Chest and first in intramural fraternity football. Sammy activity men included Larry Stern, Master of Ceremonies for the Miss OU pag- eant, and last year's Sooner Scandals, Steve Harz, IFC treasurer, and Marvin Feldman, Al- pha Delta Sigma regional vice president. Kennelli Aboussie, Mike An- dricos, Jim Awrrey, Bools Baqby, Allen Barrow, Fred Becker, Jack Becker, Don Benlley, Larry Berqlan, Neil Booan. Darrell Bollon, Don Boyl, Joe Bradley, Jim Brimer. Paul Brockwell, Paul Brun- lon, Ken Brusl' Warren Carey, Jack Carson Ken Childers. Bob Corlee, Carl Craig- lwead, Fred Crawford, Gay- lon Crawlorcl, Richard Crawlord, Roberl Crosslin, Bill Cubbaqe, Ken Cub- baqe, Pal Cuviello, Wayne Dabney. Mike Davis Larry Dennison, Donald DeSpain, Pal O. Dooley, Jolnn Earl, J. Mi' cliael Early, Gary Fley George Endicoll, Jesse Field, Dave Frazer. Roberl Freele, Jim Georqe, Lance Gilbert Edgar L. Goddard, Roger Gossard, Jim Gran+,Jol1n Green, Bill Grimm, Daye Grubb, Ed Gullwrie. Ed Hall, Dick Haney, Bill Hardwick, Terry Heineman, Alan Henderson, Sian Hen- derson, Gary C. Herrman, Larry Herrman, Jack Her- rold, Ronnie Hines. Palrick Hogan, Philip W. Hope, Roger Housley, Sieve Housley, Larry Hulsey, Al- an Jenkins, Flwil Jones, Bill Klalir, Jay Koons. Woodie Lackey, Jack Lal- loon, Roger Laplram, Joe Lalirner, Tom Lillon, Barney Loelliler, Roberl' L. Mallory, Edwin Maloy, Jim Manrinq. Pal' Maples, Gary Marlin. J. K. Marlinsky, Hal Mc- Coy, Sieve McCoy, Jirn McDougal, Bob Mclnloslw Lonnie Messick, Bulcli Mele call. SIGMA CHI Beta Kappa Chapter 558 South University Boulevard ,m...w. Lam., .4 f - . -Q'-r-a'2i.s,.':.:' tw . Ewsrgssi 2-za., 'ki?'t?"' .saaszimaaa Cherry Griffith New Sweetheart of Sigma Chi The apex of Sigma Chi social life was the crowning of Cherry Kay Griffith, Chi Omega, as the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi at the Sweet- heart Formal, and the selection of Miss Karen Newell, Alpha Chi Omega, as Miss Venus in the annual Derby Day Weekend. The Sigma Chi's also enjoyed the Baby Bawl, Western Party and Harlem Ball. In be- tween these events they found time to win Dads, Day Quartet contest and host an Or- Tim Michael, Roger Mick- ish, Scott Mitchell, Jim Moore, Jim Morgan, Mike Morris, Jon Murdock, Bob- by Murcer, Harold Murry. Mike Parrish, Jerry Periqo Paul Petersen, Bob Prickett. Thurman Pitchlynn, Jasper Reeves, Robert Reilly, l-lal Reynolds, Joe Reynolds. Don M. Rich, Bill Rigg, Bill Ritzhaupt, Reid Robison, lyer Ross, Dave Sanders, Phil Scaramucci, Carl Schreiner, Terry Schreiner. Bob Senninq, Randel Sha- did. John Sherman, Nelson Sims, Gil Steidley, Robert G. Stevenson, Tommy Sum- mers, Rick Taliaterro, Hugh Taylor. George P. Theriot lll, Mike Thomas, Tom Thralls, Lanny Tonninq, Charles Under- wood, Bill Wallace, John Wallace, Torn Warner, John A. Weick. John V. Wicklund III, Mike Williamson, Bob Willmann, Jim Wiltshire, Ron Wintrey, Bob Winters, Bob Wod, Bill Woodson, Frank Worley. phans, Christmas Party with the Pi Phiis. Top Sigma Chi's included Gary Eley, ODK, UACg Roger Mickish, Big Red wrestler, Alan Henderson, Thurman Pitchlynn and Boots Bagby, OU football players, and six senators. Otticers were Mike Davis, president, Tim Wiltshire and Mike Andricos, vice presidents, Charles Underwood and Woodie Lackey, sec- retaries, Bill Wallace and Iver Ross, treasur- ers, and loe Latimer, social chairman. EN SIGMA NU Delta Epsilon Chapter I 300 South College Border Dance Frenzy Features Greased Pigs Sigma Nu's held another successful Border Dance and Roundup with DG,s winning the trophy and the greased pigs getting away. Other Snake social functions of campus re- known were the White Rose Formal, Pledge Party and the Hobo Party in the fall. In between these events, the Nu's found time to win intramural swimming and partici- pate in campus activities. Active Sigma Nuis were Bob White, Top Ten Freshman, Cross Center Citizenship Award, Candidate for Stu- dent Senate president, IFC Rush Manual Edi- tor, Mike Kilcoyne, Student Senate, Miss OU Pageant, Senate Health Program chairman, and Bill Painter, FPC president. Officers were lack Farrier, president, Craig Spann and lim Lee, vice presidents, Robert Ia- cobs and Mark McGee, secretaries, lim Fulmer and lim Widman, treasurersg and Randy Cra- ven and lohn Martin, social chairmen. Drew Ackerman, Ray Allen, Richard Awsurnb. Barney Barnhill, John Bauer, Torn Benefiel, Steve Blake, Mark Bradley. Tom Brown, Trebor Brown, Harold Burba, Steve Busch, Rick Chew, Tom A. Clark. Samuel M. Clawser lil, Dai vid Clery. Vic: Cleveland, Steve Cole, John Collins, Phil Cornett, Phillip R. Craven Jr., Bill Da- vis, Jim Dodds, Walter Eeds. Arvin W, Eidson, Robert K. Epperson, Jack Farrier, Pat Flick, Don Frazier, Jirn Ful- mer, Robert Furman, David l-larnrnond. Douq l-lanes, Greg l-lart, Brad l-lenry, Gary L. Hom- sey, Clinton Van Horn, Rog- er l-lubbard, Jerry Fluddle- ston. Andy Husky. Dudley l-lyde, Roberl W. Jacobs, Buddy Jones, Torn Keeley, Dennis Keim, Mike Kilcoyne, Jay Kind, Joe Al- len Klufls. John Koller, J. Roberl Land- zfiw Jr., Jim Lee, Buzzy Lis- len, Richard W. Lirrle, Rob- erl Livingslon, Cal Maioi, John D. Marlin. M. Douqlas Marlin, Les Mason, Bryan Maurer, Mark McGee, Peler Mclnlyre, Dan McMahon, Bill Melron, lzliflflli Miskovsky. Tom Morlon, Pal Mullens, Bill Norlhcull, Bill Painler, Rick Parks, Jim Paynler Jr., Tom Paynler, Tim Pool. Vic Pralher, Phil Prall, John Pmilr, Gerald Pull, Jon Ranriey, Roy Remmerl, Torn R. Rempel, Mike Ringer, Donnie Roberls, James B. Rudd, Ron Sanders, Sieve Sanders, Mike Scoll, J. Da- vid Selim, John Selph, Bill Slepka. Bob Slepka, Jerry Smilh, Rickey Sonleifer, Craig Spann, William H. Spradlin, Jack Thomas, Michael Don Tinney, Bob Troller. Dave Turner, Dan Walker, Sleve Wells, Gordon Wheeler, Bob While, Jim Widman, Warren Williams, Mike S. Willis, Kenny Wo- mark. Mad scrambles for greasy pigs find qirls 'liqhlinq among lhem- selves while delerminiriq which pid will win the Roundup. A relaxed a'I'mospl1ere plus The presence ol a dale makes if easy lo sludy or nol lo sfudy. so Jill Sellers and Joe Hyllon decide. Mrs. Elizabelh D. Gossarn, Leon Babb, Roberl O. Bad- fgeff, Byron Ballas, John Balcs, Roy Benwarcl. Paul Bishop, Mark Blakey, Mark Bools, lke Briqhfon John B. Daniel, Rod Davis. Neil DiGiamrnalleo, Pere Ewirri, Gregory Fehr, Georgie Fichrer, Jinfi Gallup, Rofior Geyer. David l.. Hall, David Han- sel, Torn Hayes, Alan Holl- rnar, Larry Hoppe, Johr l-losleller. Joe l-lyllon, Frank Karlilskie, Kennelh Kinney, Torn La- throp, Bob Liar, David A. Mcfxxninch. Richiird Mann, Par Poole, David Quillin, Chad Rock ell, Roy Sholwell, G-eoi-,iff Srider, Mike Sleelrnan. John Slewarr, Phillip Slov- er, Mike Transue, Bob Van Arsdale, Ray Warren, Ron- nie Waul, Marvin Welch. 5 5 i 536 South University Boulevard ZCIDE SIGIVIA PIII EPSILON Oklahoma Beta Chapter Sig Eps Help Alpha Phi's on Heart Drive Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded nationally in l9Ol. The l60 chapters include such alum- ni as Ted Mack, Duncan Hines, Woody Her- man, Tom Ewell and Dallas Ling. Local Sig Eps of the purple and red were jon Horwedel, ODK, BIVIOC, Knights of St. Pat, IEEE presidentg Iohn Daniel, IEEE St. Pat's representative, Engine Cluhg and Greg Fehr, AIAA, SAIVIE, Engine Show committee Chairman, AIIROTC Ollicers club. Leading the men in their twentieth year on the OU campus were Mike Transue, presidentg john Daniel, vice presidentg Chad Rockett, sec- retaryg Ken Taylor, treasurerg and Alan Holl- man, social chairman. A major project of the chapter each year is the heart fund drive with the Alpha Phi's. So- cial funetions during the year include the Girl of the Colden Heart Formal, the Christmas Ski Party and the Playboy Formal. Pledge duties lor Std kps Mark Boots and David Hall ericl with initiation which they lhmlc is probably Scheduled lor the Twelfth ot Never. ' , KX: 1 l NIEDICINE AND NURSING WW? A , 3 :gp-M Z3 -VL 5:1 1 zzf..Ml"-M 1' ffwfzf'S1e342 1 4595133 fVs?i??'ffXSLi '5 I fi xiii? 'fii liif' 1'.. Q P ' 1 egg g f , , Y l ,,., . .. mi ' 4 ' 5- f war ., .M P. ,W 'Q E myw n M, ggigegw mssff ,ugmfgw 8 V 134 M KS L ,f f 5515 E MN! an K w fl. A jf V, X7 w e 4' .,-,rv 'K , y fm, N. .nlu Dean of the School of Medicine Horizons of health care and student learning exploded when Dean Iames L. Dennis arrived in l964. The Medical Center soon plans to become the foun- tainhead of community medicine in Ok- lahoma. First year students soon will study clinical medicine and work in small units of the new, specifically plan- ned buildings. The dapper dean took some bold steps with his sweeping plans. Teaching hos- pitals usually stay cloistered to preserve their academic excellence and keep medi- cal growth strong. "But surelyf' says Dean Dennis, "excellence is compatible with social responsibility? Now the Center will provide vigorous leadership in meeting the needs of citi- zens. A "Project Responsibility" will set up programs for rural health. Residents will be trained specifically in the new Division of Family Medicine. A new ro- tating internship will keep OU Medical School graduates in training in the state. Specialists in family medicine will have high training standards. The Cen- ter will not dispense mass medicine. But its continued excellence should be a sparkling model for all community health centers. In the future the Center will be the core of many autonomous units in the Oklahoma Health Center. Says the Dean, "To the Center's fifty years of growth in education, research and service now is added our medical social responsibility? At the age of ten, Oklahoman Dean Dennis learned to give vaccine in a ty- phoid epidemic. Later a top student and class president, he practiced among fam- ilies after graduating from the medical school. But he "always felt humble and wanted more training." Later, pediat- rics kept his family touch, but in l953 the Dean began to teach and to design progressive programs. "I always go to the students," he says, Hto find out what is neededf' Today the Dean misses treating families and teach- ing students, but his present building job is challenging, and he is at home again in Oklahoma. Joseph M. Whife, Jr., M.D. Professor of Aneslhesiology Associafe Direcfor of fhe Medical Cenfer Associafe Dean of fhe School of Medicine B.S., Soufhern Mefhodisf Universify M.D., Soufhwesfern Medical College MS., lowa Sfafe Universify Associate Deans X 1 Samuel Newfon Sfone, M.D. Clinical Professor of Surgery Associafe Dean of Clinical lnsfrucfion BS., Universify of Oklahoma l5.A., Universify of Oklahoma M.D., Universify of Pennsylvania M.S., Universify of Minnesofa Graduafe School of Medicine Philip Edward Smifh, Sc. D. Professor of Parasifology in Prevenfive Medicine and Public l-lealfh Associafe Dean of Graduale College Associafe Dean in Charge of Sfudenf Affairs B.Ed., Soufhern Illinois Universify M.S., Universify of Illinois Sc. D., John Hopkins ev' Roberf Monfgomery Bird, M.D. Professor of Medicine and Physiology Associafe Dean of Planning and Developrnonl BS.. Universify of Virqiria M.D., Universify of Virqinia ri E252 fi 2,2 Vi? Q, is 'ff P3 ,QQ 52 , cl 3 if fu'-M-dwwwifwaw ,mi .W -:Q me gg HE 155155 W- .' if f,,f ,., fq 3, .,,, . . t, ' "'x', ., ' 5,ffffs.Ag.:5gQ. INEZ, E ,gg J R A , M .- 12: ,mf 1 Z " If 5 342 0 iq I. Q we IW , , r,,.iiz WYE 'V I ir ' A 1321? Q as i Q. ,L ,.,., .. A: . 5 Deparlmenl' of Biochernisfry-BOTTOM ROW: Re-aqan H. Brad! Kin? M. Dubowslci Felai A. Alfmpmvic, Paul B. McCny, J. l-iiil lord, Allor C. Kuriz, B. Connor Jolnnson, Mary F. Cnrpeenler Arqlir, Jr., Wffllncfi Friedberf: Pflnl T. Condil Raul Cnrubelli, Noi-lon G. McDuniQ, Paul W. Wigler, Mfirlc R. Everefl. TOP ROW: Url G. Lareei Quincy E. Cridnr Rcrifild l.. Colvrnfir. Experienced Faculty Asset to Medical School Depar+men'r of Anaiomy-BOTTOM ROW: Kennellw K. Faulkner, Ernesi Laclirnfan. Garrnon H. Dnron. TOP ROW: Jolwn E. Allison, Roberl E. Cr-valwn, lawrence G. Giimluwclr. Deparfmenl of Public Medicine and Preven+ive Heal+h-BOTTOM Snacks-Ilford, Tliornfis N. Lynn. TOP ROW: Edwrird N. Brandi, ROW: Rucloll G. Wanror Vivian S, Srniili, Williarn W. Scholls- Wilson D. Sle-on, Pliilip E. Srnilln, Cfarl A. Nan, Tliornfas C. laedl Clinlor M, Miller Ill. SECOND ROW: Marfmrel F. Poirls, Guy V. Rico Jarnes P. Cosliloe, Micliael l-l. lvo,f. l F' Deparfmeni of Gynecology and Obslei- rics-BOTTOM ROW: Jamm l., lvlallwig, Mrllrm J, Searww, Jame-1 A. Merrill Niclwolris li. We'wi'll'iesserw. TOP ROW: Aiiclroy J. IVlcMaslors, Fmrrlclirr D. Bar- rwll. Jimmy B, Wallace, Jolm R. Cauqilw- , i':'i, Rfvzar D. Qiimr' Wfill l. Slialilfar. V .la i ,za fy, -' . 2- ws? A .F 'xv ' ' 5 f, is ,..,V . .X I .. 'O Q i MQ' al M . -l ? Depar+meni' mf Radiology-BOTTOM ROW: Sidwaf P. Traub Gail D. Ad' im--, Carl R. Bofffirdiis Jr.. Seymour l-l. lrrvilr C. l.. DPLar','. SECOND ROW: G, ll. Ladd, Clmrles l-l, Lfiwrarrce, Q. S. Kiirw, C. F. Prfillwer L. E. Swiscliuln. TOP ROW: G. lvlfalweslwwari J. Willa, R. Q, Diclsoi' J. K, Cl'wef,mi', R. G. Vlfilsfwu .,l. T, lifrrngillvv Pvfms, A. 5'ir'i:w'il'l-1. Depar+men+ of Opl1+l1almology-BOTTOM ROW: William Click Carl R, Smillw, Rower Cole. Joe Bloclc, James P. Lulori. SECOND ROW: Georqe R. Correlius, David W, Bislwop, William A. Cum- rirfmam Charles A. Rc-,f-er, Tam L. Johnsow. Edwin N. Roberlson Jr., Evorelr L. Wiigqirvs. THIRD ROW: James B. Mills, William l-leallw, Coy McClure, Welborm W. William S. Muenzler, Gerald Dixon. Roberl W. Kimi. Sramfori L. Wifleri Marsh, Roberl A, Nozilc James S. Sanqor, William l'l. Carnier. TOP ROW: James R. Reed Joseplw R, l-lerwlce, Dorald W. Reed James Lilrle. ..vK,4 vi Depari'men'r of Urology-BOTTOM ROW: James S. Boyle, Lucien Jess E. Miller, Paul Donal, Jerry Blankenship Fred LeDerer C, Kayan, Meredilh M, Applelon, William L, Parry, Jim M. Tay- Francis F. Barlorie, Barney J. Limes, Richard Thompson Jamo lor, Robcrl l'l, Akin. TOP ROW: S. D. Barnes, Prod Schachl, R. Geyer, John T. Boaz, Bobby G. Smilh, Gus A De uenedo Depar+men+ of Surgery-BOTTOM ROW: John A. Schilling, G. Rainey Williams. TOP ROW: William E. Price, Thomas G. Daniel. KA V,.: v..A . . .: K... Deparfmoni of Anes+hesiology-BOTTOM ROW: Joseph lvl. TOP ROW: Charles A. Carmaclc, Irvin G. Hamburger Bcrlram While, James A. Culler, Yildiz G. Kulkam, Waller H. Massion. E. Sears. X I L ' ' iijffl' ,f'fx5i'.2,I:5ir i'i,"liZ7ifffll f z .. wi:'E5ii.:g2,,2f11145152 4 xi-.: fi ' fi... W ,..,w1m5y..,,,.,5.,,wuK,. H . . 1 ii 2 1 ' ,M-fi-fs3'1 , S i9: :? .. fd?5:ww'-':,a?' 111 . s 4 I 3+ .r ' -ww -. ,Q -.9 I wi ,B x T . Deparfmenf of Psychiairy-BOTTOM ROW: Mabellw S, Collins, B. Ruffin, David E. Kemp. TOP ROW: Arnold M, Mordlfffl Eliznbellw M. Tfxckweil, Alma C, Gideon, Mary N. Hall. NSEC- Harold L. Willifxms, Oscar A. Parsons, Clwarles A. Adsell, Row OND ROW: Gordon H, Dnrlce-rl, Eudono Pumpian-Mindlin, An ald S. Kruq, Robnrl Edelberfg, Jay T. Slmurley, Jolin P. Woll',, drr: M. Weilzrnliollor, Tlwomfis S. Ray, Arllwr Vedra, Jr., Josepln Donald J. Berloclw Robcrf M. Wieneclcrv. Depar+men+ of Con+inuing Educa- Deparimenf of Orfhopedic and Fraclure Surgery-BOTTOM ROW: Gael R. Frank, Howard B. Sliorbe, Don H. O'Donoql'iue, Ke-nnelln Jolwns'on, SECOND ROVV: Jolnn R. Sracy, James P. Bell, Will, iam A. Miller Lionel Lobo. THIRD ROW: Julian C. Monnel, Lowell N. Templor, LeRoi B. Gardner, Jr., Joe B. Jarman, Rich- ard Howland. FOURTH ROW: A. R. Mueller, Russell D. Har- ris Cliarles R. Rourwree, Marvin K. Mango, Eclwir Rico. FIFTH lon--lrwin H. liroxvi, Knllq M. Wesl .. My-r . .1-if-f -' . ROW: Grady Jofer, William L. Wnldrop Willifam N. Hfarslnfi James C. Amspaclier, Kennellw Ellis. SIXTH ROW: Dfwid Fleslwfrr David R. Brown, Ralplw E, Payne, Jr., Jolir Florence, David Gov' din. SEVENTH ROW: Edwin R. Maier, Travis While, Joseplw F, Messenbauqlw, Joseph D. McGovern. TOP ROW: Jfaclc D. Spon- cer, Sreplwen Tlcfacln, S. Fullon lomplcins, Lee W. Beennolt. STAND4 ING AT LEFT: Frank Maldonado, Willifim Jolfinson. ii? - '55 Depar+men+ of Pa+hology--BOTTOM ROW: Belly J. McClellan, Wilma J. Green, Jacqueline J. Coalson, A, Laurence Dee, Waller . 5, Joel. TOP ROW: Ahmer L. Kuilcam, Roberf C. MacKay, William J. Williams, Bill Blevins. 'ani' X w-m-4, Deparfmeni' of Physiology-BOTTOM ROW: Francis J. l-laddy, Ching-chunq Chou, Joe M. Dabney, Allan J. Slanley. TOP ROW: Jerry B. Scoff, M. Jack Keyl, A. Kurf Weiss, Roberl' M. Daugh- erfy. J :va 1 J K if , Il 4. 4 Deparfmenf of Dermafology-BOTTOM ROW: J. Hill Anqlin, E. Nix, Jr., Roberl L. Olson. TOP ROW: Kendrick Doran, Michael Jr., Marlc A. Evereff, Roberf J. Morgan, Phyllis E, Jones, Thomas Berqeon, E. A. l-lanlcins, Dennis Weiqand. W Deparfmeni' of Microbiology-BOT TOM ROW: Florence C. Kelly Lawrence V. Scolf, Frances G. Fel ion. TOP ROW: Jolin R. Sokfalcli Riclward lvl. Hyde, Gifzrin S. Bkllmfil' Rob?-rl A. R.-ilnode. syn- 'T Depar+men+ of Oforhinolaryngology-BOTTOM ROW: Sylvesler R. William J. Preslon Dick M, Lowry, W. David Siuarl, K, A. Roqeit., Shaver, Eflwan A. Walker, Jr., James B. Snow, Jr., Lawrence C. Jnlwn L. Glornsel, Jr. McHenry, Lee K. l?n'ienl'iiser. TOP ROW: Ralpli R. lvlarlclancl, V . V i .1 . Deparfmeni of Laborafory Medi- cine--BOTTOM ROW: Kurl lvl. Du bowslci, Ben l. l-leller, Fiancee G FeliO'i. ROW! Aiildim. li. llul lun, Carol li. IVICCLN, Clwreircf- l Bayless. Deparfmenr of Medicine-BOTTOM ROW: Arrhur F. EIIIOH, KeI- Iy M. Wee,T, James A. Haqans, Siewarf Wolf, Adrian A. Kyriako- pouIous, Naroo Pmei, Roberr H. Purmar. SECOND ROW: Leon- ard P. EIieI, Orer T. Skouqe, WiIIiam O. Smirh, Henry H. Turner Paul T. Condif Roberr C. Lawson, Roberr A. Schneider Bert P. Kelfz. THIRD ROW: Georqe L. Winn, Harry T. Avey, Jr., CarI W. Smith. Richard M. Burke, Melvin L. CIarIc, James R. Ricks Jr., .lark D. WeIsh, WiIIiam K. Ishmael. FOURTH ROW: W. W. Deparfmezd of Pharmacology. Ervin G. Erdos Joanne I. Moore, Jiro Nalrano. - -fy B2 R Deparfmenf of Pedia+rics-BOTTOM ROW: James B. Snow, Je- rome D. Shahfer, HaroId W, Buchner, Berrha Levy, LiIIian Holme, Theresa B. Haddy, P. Noi, Joseph D. Srnirh. SECOND ROW: SamueI Sepkowirz, Herberr V. L. Supper. THIRD ROW: Thomas Thursron, Paul David RiIey, EIIidee D. Thomas, Cosrnehfo Cages 'Q Schorrsraedf, James P. Hamrnarsheri, Philip C. Johnson, W. W, Rucks, Jr., C. G. Quran, Ju'ier W. Eahr, WiIIiam S. PugsIey, James W. Hamoron. FIFTH ROW: Thomas N, Lynr, Jr., Roberr 5. EIIIS, AIIen R. Hermes, David C. Mock, Loyal L. Conrad, George N. Barry, Byror P, Smi'h Virr.qiI R. Poresrer, Johnny A. BIue, Rich ard G. Hahn, R. PaImer Howard. TOP ROW: AIexander H. Woods, Evererf R. Rhoades, Richard W. Payne, Robert M, Bird, CnIen P. Robbins, SIuriIev P. Berger, Vernon Wind Rf1IpIi A. Srrliih -1-QPPV' KF Roberf L. Harris, Vicior R. Nvarez, Georqe H. Garrison. FOURTH ROW: Ben H. NichoIson, Lawrence A. Chifwood, James E. Mays, Jr., Webb M. Thompson, Jr., DeImar L, Ghz-er, Jr, Arfhur W. Nurnerv. TOP ROW: Alexarder W. Pierce, Jr., M. E. Flux. il i F li as Gordon H, Declcert and Richard Allen Marshall Students Pick Aesculapian Award Winners GORDON HARMON DECKERT believes that a school must teach the use of the doctor- patient relationship and show students how to learn. c'These and basic science and medical principles enduref' he states, "while contents of courses change rapidlyf, Being a good teacher and role model is re- warding, says Dr. Deckert, AOA, trained at Northwestern, the Mayo Clinic and OU. But he hopes that more critical feedback will help evaluate teaching in the new curriculum. The Aesculapian award "means a great deali' to him. And it "says much" about the electing students: "They appreciate the role of psychiatry in medicine, efforts to organize lecture material, teachers who care about their progress and developmentf' RICHARD ALLEN lVlARSHALL's prime objective is quality in the training of medical students. '5lViediocrity is our enemyf' he in- sists. "We want to stimulate learning and competitionf, Dr. Marshall returned to academic medicine after nearly three years at the Lovelace Clinic. "I learned a lot in private practicef, he says, "but I liked best the student externs who came mostly from OU." He is a graduate of OU Medical School, Phi Beta Phi, AOA, trained in medicine at Duke and OU with a Harvard- Boston City Hospital fellowship in hematology. He really appreciates and is very proud of the Aesculapian Award and is glad that this tradition can be handed down. "Tradition helps the school earn the loyalty of its alumni." TOP ROW: Roberl M. Adams, Choclaw: Thomas R. Ahrend, Oklahoma Cily: Siephen C. Allin, Norman: Mary Ann Anderson Shawnee: Bobby D. Anfhony, Carney: Jon N. Aslle, Blackwell Hal D. Balyeal, Oklahoma Cily: Gordon A. Bocox, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: Charles S. Bollman, Muskogee: Henry R. Bra- manli, Las Vegas, N.lv1.: David L. Brewer, Okrnulqee: Roy E Camp, Waynoka: John G. Campbell, Oklahoma Cifyq Thomas M Carler, Tonkawa: Roberf G. Case, Oklahoma Cily: Carolyn S Cafes, Norman. THIRD ROW: William B. Cobb, Purcellg Joe C. Cole, Okla- homa Cify: Joseph S. Colner, Oklahoma Cify: Glenn R. Cunning- ham, Brislow: Morris S. Curry, Jr., Oklahoma Cily: William S Davies, Ponca Cily: Glenn W. Dunningfon, Cherokee: Gene M. Earl, Jr., Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: Johnny B. French, Arlesia, N. M.: Joseph B. Frey, Chickasha: Berl C. Frichol' lll, Cushing: Charles M. Gelnar, Granile: John W. Geurlcink, Chickasha: Donna F. Gibson, Oklae homa Cily: James D. Gormley, Oklahoma Cily: Edward Gwin IV, Ada. FIFTH ROW: Thomas L. Hansen, Slillwaler: John G. Hal'cheH, Pawhuaka: Roberl L. Hemphill, Orange, Tex.: Alfred D. Hill, Jr., Oklahoma Cily: Carroll E. Holsled, Carnegie: James P. Hughes, Tulsa: Homer C. Hyde, Oklahoma Cily: Ransy L. Jeffrey, Huqo. BOTTOM ROW: James L. Johnson, Manqum: Jay C. Johnslon Oklahoma Cify: John A. Junker, Edmond: Phillip N. Kingery, Manqum: Roger L. Kinney, Edmond: Frederick A. Kuhn, Okla- homa Cily: Kemper C. Lain, Ponca Cily: Roberf M. Lamberl, Ardmore. Seniors TOP ROW: Ronal D. Legako, Wellston: Joyce J. Lemmons, lv1cAlester: Joe C. Leon- ard, Ponca City: Jerry D. Leu, Alva: Charles L. Lewis, Oklahoma City. SECOND ROVV: Clark C. Lipe, Oklahoma City: James R. Lucas, Sand Springs: Jon T. Madeira, Lawton: James L. Males, Cheyenne: David T. Manning, Edmond. THlRD ROW: James E. Mantooth, Lindsay: Clarence O. Maxey, Midwest City: Muriel E. McGlamery, Mooreland: William J. Mc- Kinney, Oklahoma City: Danny J. Metcalf, Altus. FOURTH ROW: Robert C. Milam, Oklaho- ma City: Thomas L. Moffeit, Oklahoma City: Richard L. Morris, Weatherford: Richard A. Nelson, Perkins: Byron A. Niebruggc, Snyder. EIETH ROW: William C. Noble, Spiro: Da- vid D. Parker, Bethany: Stanley Pelofsky, Brooklyn, N. Y.: Robert J. Quinn ll, Oklaho- ma City: Joseph K. Robertson, Oklahoma City. SlXTH ROW: R. Layton Runkle, Oklahoma City: Francisco T. Sanchez, Jr., Panama City: Panama: John F. Schuhmacher, Alva: James T. Shaeffer, Oklahoma City: M. Bruce Shields, Enid. SEVENTH ROW: Tommy L. Sloan, Duncan? Richard V. Smith, Oklahoma City: Larry G. Stabler, Oklahoma City: Carl R. Stevenson, Oklahoma City: Mark S. Sullivan, Oklahoma City. EIGHTH ROW: Ellen H. Taliaferro, Oklaho- ma City: Mark Tong, Seoul, Korea: Jan T. Turley, Eutala: James S. Wall, Oklahoma City: James A. Waltermire, Perry. BOTTOM ROW: Ray E. Warren, Norman' Phillip E. Washburn, Oklahoma City: George H. Weaber, Oklahoma City: Robert E. Wor- ley, Enid: David H. Young, Oklahoma City. TOP ROW: Joe W. Anderson, Hugo: Viclor G. Anderson, Tulsa: William F. Bird, Lawlon: James D. Bowie, Oklahoma Cily: Spencer H. Brown, Jr., Fayelleville, Ark: Lincoln J. Bynum, Oklahoma Cify: William M. Chealham, Ardmore: John R. Chrisliansan, Ulysses, Kan. SECOND ROW: Dale G. Claflin, Wakila: Thomas W. Coale, Okemahg Sleven S. Cohenour, Tulsa: Joe E. Coker, Oklahoma Cily: Jeffrey T. Collins, Tulsa: William F. Cook, Jr., Oklahoma Cily: John T. Craig, Jr., Enid: William C. Culp, Mcfxlesler. THIRD ROW: Gene C. Cunningham, Oklahoma Cily: Roberl' A. Dickey, Oklahoma Cily: William E. Dieker, Pryor: Roberl' A. Dix, Oklahoma Cify: Slanley J. Dombek, Henryella: Gary W. Elam, Tulsa: Edwin F. Ellis, Muskogee: Kennelh L. Evans, Mariella. FOURTH ROW: George B. Flaming, Cordell: Coy Freeman, Mc Alesfer: Mayo D. Gilson, Oklahoma Cily: Marlin E. Glasser, Okla homa Cily: Charles R. Gosnell, Tahlequah: Larry B. Graham Tahlequah: Robin R. Gunning, Oklahoma Cily: Charles L. Ham Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: Joe B. Harbison, Tulsa: R. E. Hardbergcr, Beaver Jeane P. Hesler, Chickasha: Ronald J. Hill, Clinion: Sally Holden For? Worlh, Tex.: William M. Jackman, Norman: Johnny H. Jones Jr., Shawnee: Chrislian E. Kaufman, Greenfield, Mass. BOTTOM ROW: Mark A. Kelly, Oklahoma Cify: John L. King Guymon: Charles H. Lapo, Concordia, Kan.: Joseph E. Leonard Rush Springs: Roberf B. Livingsfon, Oklahoma Cily: Slanley J Locke, Ardmore: Bob E. Lynch, Tulsa: Roberl F. Marchbank, Tulsa Juniors TOP ROW: Erma J. Mauch, Sapulpa: Roberl B. McCloy, Oklahoma Cily: Joseph D. Mc- Kean, Jr., Oklahoma Cilyg Ralph L. Mc- Laury, Ponca Cily: Kennelh R. Miller, Harl- shorne. SECOND ROW: Russell C. Mifchell, Milburn: Judilh B. Myers, Tulsa: Leo A. Myers, Jet: Charles C. Nimmo, Clinlong Ronald J. Norih, Enid. THIRD ROW:Garland L. Parks, Tipton: Earl H. Parsons, Lawlon: Randel A. Pa'Hy, Ada: Judy R. Pahkowsky, Oklahoma Cily: Jack PeH'e'H', Caddo. FOURTH ROW: John R. Pelligrove, Barfles- ville: William W. Pinglelon, Haileyville: James R. Ricks, Oklahoma Cily: Clarence A. Riser, Henryella: Elmo J. Robison, Jr., l-luqo. FIFTH ROW: Fenfon M. Sanger, Oklahoma Cily: Charles W. Seward, Oklahoma Ciry: Naebeal Shadid, Oklahoma Cify: John M. Shane, Tulsa: Roberi' W. Shaw, Miami. SIXTH ROW: David G. Sherman, Le-xinqlon: Gary G. Shrago, Sioux Cily, lowa: Norman P. Singer, Oklahoma Cilyg Michael B. Smifh, Tulsa: William D. Smilh, Nowala. SEVENTH ROW: John J. Sfamafis, Oklaho- ma Cily: Waller J. Slark, Jr., Oklahoma Cily: Richard B. Slice, Oklahoma Cilyg John H. Sluemky, Newkirk: Charles D. Taylor, Okla- homa Cify. ElGHTH ROW: Elmer L. Treaf, Noble: Dan- iel W. Tubb, Tahlequah: William W. Wallace, Jr., Ardmore: James R. Waren, Kingfisher: Roberi J. Weedn, Duncan. BOTTOM ROW: Elizabefh H. While, Den- ver, Colo.: Curiis S. Williams, Slillwalert Don A. Wilson, Blackwell: Harold J. Wood- ward, Fairview: David E. WyaH', Sapulpa. TOP ROW: Gary W. Abrams, Purcell: Thomas W. Amsden, Jr., Norman: Preslon A. Bagley, Midwesl CIW: Dorolhy G. Barber, Oklahoma Cily: Michael E. Bell, Edmond: John M. Benson, Nor- man: James E. Berner, Tulsa: Jack L. Berry, Cushinq. SECOND ROW: Herberl' l. Bias, Jr., Shidlerz Gary K. Borrell, Oklahoma Cilyg Clark W. Brazil, Senlinelg Roberl L. Buford, Guymong Vaud A. Burfon III, Ardmorei Gerald R. Buller, Nor- manf Harrison G. Buller, Tulsa: Elizabelh Camm, Scarsdale, N,Y. THlRD ROW: Sfephen B. Campbell, Tulsa, David T. Chan, Hong Kona, China: Raymond L. Cornelison, Oklahoma Cilyq Da- vid A. Cross, Hobarl, Roberf W. Daniels, Oklahoma Cilyg Guy O. Danielson, Oklahoma Cilyg Jerome M. Dilling, Jr., Flelcheri Gorsl H. duPlessis, Pveloria, S. Africa. S FOURTH ROW: John W. Ellis, Oklahoma Cilyg Mary Ann Engel, Ada: Phyllis P. Engles, Duranl, Jackie L. Finney, Webbers Falls: Palrick C. Freeny, Oklahoma City: Donald H. GarreH, Oklahoma CIW' William P. Gibbens, Norman, Jimmy D. Giddens, Wakita. FIFTH ROW: Lawrence C. Green, Lawton, Charles M. Gunn, Cordell, Gary W. Harris, Dacoma: Thomas D. Harris, Oklahoma Cily, James H. Hari, Mcbeansboro, Ill.: Joseph W. Hayhursl, Blanchard, Delberl L. Heske++, Crescenlq Roberf G. Hooper, Oklahoma CIW. BOTTOM ROW: Daniel J. Houlman, Tulsa, William A. Hub- bard, Oklahoma Cllyq Lynn A. Hughes, Columbus, Ohio, lra M, Jackler, Valley Slream, N.Y.g Linda M. Johnson, Chickashag War- ren W. Kendall, Tulsa: Roberf W. Krasnow, Norman: Samuel J. Lalvioniel Oklahoma Cily. Sophomores TOP ROW: Sherman B. Lawlon, Norman: Sle- phen A. Lay, Tulsa: Ellon W. LeI-Iew, Jr., Oulhrie: Terry M. Lewis, Lamont Laurence R. Mansur, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: James E. Marvel, Hawaii: Sidney R. Ma++hews, Wilson: George C. Mc' Anelly, Jr., Barllesvilleq William J. McDaniel, Blackwell: William E. McGuire, Talihina. THIRD ROW: John D. McLaughlin, Oklahoma Cily: Alan D. Menefee, Ada: Rufhann Monk, Norman: Nicholas E. Moorad, Marloyoun, Lebanon: Gary H. Moore, Wellslori. FOURTH ROW: Thomas M. Murphy, Ponca Cily: Larry M. Nau, Oklahoma Cily: Charles L. Neal, Tulsa: David A. Neumann, Okarchc: John R. Oglesbee, Oklahoma Cily. FIFTH ROW: Winnifred B. Oldham, Okla. homa Cilyg Paul F. Park, Tulsa: Ira J. Pryor, Lexinqlonj John H. Purcell, Hall-ayville: Rod- die L. Reed, Oklahoma Cily. SIXTH ROW: John K. Rikkers, Sanla Bar- bara, Calil.: Malcolm G. Robinson, Oklahoma Cily: Jose A. Rosell, Miami, Florida: Esber N. Samara, Oklahoma Cily: Michael E. Sand- lin, Mcfxlesler: Royce L. Sedo+aI, Porl Ar- lhur, Tok. SEVENTH ROW: Sfan K. Shields, Oklahoma Cily: Randall P. SingIe+on, Tulsa: Sara B. Slighf, Oklahoma Cily' Verne A. Smilh, Tulsa: Sfephen V. Sfephenson, Chickasha' Mar+in L. Slokes, Oklahoma Cily. EIOHTH ROW: Thomas R. Slough, Balham: Margaref J. Thompson, Hobbs, N. M.: Vic- Ior C. Tisdal, Elk Cily: Carl L. Tuck, Tulsa: Hal B. Vorse, Oklahoma Cily' Linn W. Wain- ner, Oklahoma Cily. BOTTOM ROW: Roland A. Wallers III, Ok' lahoma Cily: Kenne+h W. WhiH'ingfon, Okla homa Cllyt Gary W. Wilson, Del Cilf' Ellison H. WiHeIs, Oklahoma Cllyq John A. Wood, Miricot Willie G. Wyall, Eliiin. 'P' 44. 42l wir ,Q TOP ROW: Sinclair W. Armsirong, Vian: James T. Arnold, Tulsa: John T. Baldwin, Barllesville: Billy O. Barclay, Cushing: Dennis W. Berry, Oklahoma Cily: Sfephen M. Blum, Brooklyn, N.Y.' Margarel E. Bonnell, Muskogee: Douglas W. Branl, Sliqler: Lyle W. Brooks, Sulphur. SECOND ROW: Phillip Brown, Tulsa: James W. Browning, Okla- homa Cily: Dennis W. Coffman, Oklahoma Cily: Slephen Cohen, Brooklyn N,Y.: Cary W. Couch, Jones: David A. Cowden, Okla- homa Cily: David F. Crowder, Ponca Cily: Waller Dandridge, Pauls Valley: Bruce A. Darrow, Oklahoma Cily. THIRD ROW: Lloyd J. Davis, Chickasha: Anlhony T. Denaro, New York Cify: Quin+on M. Difmore, Grove: Glenn P. Dosser, Lawlonq Michael J. Dwyer, Ponca Ci+y: Norris W. Dyer, Okla- homa Cify: Fred F. Farris, Oklahoma Cily: Charles C. Freeman, Oklahoma Cily: John B. Freidenloerger. Oklahoma Cily. 1 .wo ' .,. -3 1 FOURTH ROW: Joseph N. Freund, Lawlon: Dan C. Galloway, Oklahoma Cily: William P. Gideon, Perry: Carl C. Gill, Oklaho- ma Cily: Rayburne W. Goen, Tulsa: Jonalhan A. Gold, Bloom- field, Conn.: Richard D. Green, Norman: Jerry Gregory, Enid: Kennelh W. Hagood, Albuquerque, N.M, FIFTH ROW: Newl L. Hardgrave, Henryella: Michael R. Harkey, Midwesl Cily: Gary C. Hassman, Anchorage, Ky., William M. Henderson, Muskoqee: Thomas R. Howard, Claremore: Richard C. HuFF, Geary: Lawrence A. Jacobs, Tulsa: Alberf T. Joern, Lawlon: Sfanley C. Jones, Plainview, Tex. BOTTOM ROW: Joseph L. Karkowski, Oklahoma Cilyq Lawrence L. Kay, Vinilaq Larry K. Killebrew, Oklahoma Cily: James B. Kin- ney, Jr., San Angelo, Tex.: William J, Kruse, Oklahoma Cily: lsaac J. Lawless, Oklahoma City: Yong Ming Lee, Sibu, Sarawak: John E. Lewis, Marlha: Joe L. Lowry, Blanchard. 9 Freshmen TOP ROW: Thomas W. Lucas, Oklahoma City: Donald R. McCai:Free, Slillwaler: James R. McCurdy, Purcell: W. David Mclnnis, Okla- homa Cily: John E. Madewell, Midwesl Cily: Michael W. Marko, Oklahoma Cily. SECOND ROW: Dennis R. Mask, Midwosl Cily: Roberl' S. Mausel, Forest l-lills, N,Y.' David D. Miller, Grandiieldg Danny L. Minor, N1Vichila, Kan.: Dick A. Morgan, Ponca Cilyg Nancy L. Morris, Oklahoma Cily. THlRD ROW: Muhammad S. Musiafa, Fori Worlh, Tex.: Jerry L. Myers, Oklahoma Cilyi Roberi C. Newberry, Senlinel: Sfeven W. Newell, Enid: James B. Noel, Oklahoma Cily' Hans P. Norberg, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: William W. O'NeiII, Okla' homa Cily: Linda S. Orr, Roosevell: Carl L. Osborn, Ada: Sieven Palascher, Leviflown, N. Y.: Roberi H. Phillips, Siillwaier: Georgia R. Pren+ice, Oklahoma Cily. FIFTH ROW: Anlhony G. Salem, Drumriqhl: Joe G. Savage, Oklahoma Cily: John S. Shackiord, Oklahoma City: Gabriel A. Sha- piro, Tulsa: Arvin D. Shorf, Wealherlord: Floyd R. Shrader, Oklahoma Cily. SlXTH ROW: Terrill Simmons, Tonkawa: Richard C. Slagle, Oklahoma Ciiy: Jay Sie- ven Smiilh, Oklahoma Cily: James L. Siaiger, Burlinqlon: Keiih B. Sfouf, EI Reno. SEVENTH ROW: William R. Swan, Pryor: Roberi L. Sweet Texhoma: Poly Tan, Phnom- Penh, Cambodia: Herberi W. True'H', Jr., Ok- lahoma Cily: Roy T. Van Kirk, Oklahoma Cily. HGHTH ROW: John D. Voiles, Hooker: Kenne+h F. Wainner, Jr., Oklahoma Cily: Sfephen J. Wallach, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Vidor O. Waiers, Skialook: Roberf L. While, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: James F. Wight Enid: Verne L. Williis, Jr., Fairview: Ronald E. Wrighi, Oklahoma Cilyg Ralph M, Yeakley, Oklahoma Cily' Marlin D. Yoselofi, Lonq Beach, Calil. li .' . ii: . if U fi ,gr 2 1 "To have 5T'riven, To have made fan ellorl, To have bww Two 'fl CNT-slr: ldealsf TTU-. falcvweb T: worlh Thr? slrurqwle. Medic The ro VTlUld5 ' Oxlpr ' QELQ x lf N Vs l " 5573 ,K-N A5 T- Q :S LN- rx, T s , ,N . -S. 'W x v, al School. 'Sludy wlThIn These buildings only plank oTs ol lcnowledqe: IT does mol male brains, buf merely Them and equips Them Tor more and qrealer work." - Charles l'l. lvlfayfw "The Type of school l hflvo wlwdyfl Tell The l-Tosplml should ber: fm plnce ol rolurqfe Tor The siclf poor UT The ciTy--fx plach whfrrv The bra-ST Thal is known is Tnuqhl To a group ol Th? bQsT' xlUdOVTlS'F1 place where few Thouwhl ls male-rialized in r'Qasek1rch---1 school whmf' mon are vrvcourimed 'fo bfaso 'hh fm norm The sclpwcfe nf me-dlclhe ff founlalw 'fu which Mg-fiqhfw, lv evgm zublrg-cr would comix lov 'rspkallm' fa placfx wilh -1 hefarly whlcczme To evevy prnCTlTiouer whn sswlce Twlp fm CQm5ulTlrv'4 Crenlm' Tor The whfulm COurTTry In Cfqw, ml mhucur :T-,f. Onlfw an X EII.-H445 J Ll .117 ia J.:-D J-1.1 I EQ J.: J in-.zu-ann 1 lil S333 :J DQ. A 5.23 rig . 235: 1? Fir .urine L QE W, M z 5 il 1,4 wwf fi J ,.,,, ,..........-.- 'lu ll' ,..-of ,pq "' - -- 83,7 2512.-" . -5-, "" 'TTE -1 135- 1.T2..3.f 5-3'-'??5f'f1x?i:. 1 4-U, 1 N- , . ""' -Q. - " ,.K,.. qi,-A as. ,Avo ,.-tv rr D ,A .-'S W -- ' ' Hx: 'W lf5,.,Q:. aes -Lai -in Q:-on A 'nn 1 431: tl-',,'l I-L-1' " 5 n 0,554 .A , .af fe41..:... , - fa ,, Wi .....-LL h, f -" .',.Q-- gig:-2. ale-v - QL au..-v W...-5 'gli Q gg "The aim of medicine ir ln ...naw mn Pfgvflfil difffaw and pmlfmq lilm llw iclwal cl mffdifimfi ig fn Qliminala fha rifwfl fri 5 plwysiciarmll William J. Mayo Veferans Adminis'rra+ive Hospital Universify Hospifal Universify Hospiial Clinics. l by pmsislcnl irielli iam slndq cv di ei upon ia mellwodicfal plfifw ol Qxamirmlim that fi mlm qrfadufxlly lofirrwf, YO l1i5 df-iily lessons wiflw llw Pac Lwrpvimia fixnpriewcr- fwd llwaw if'llfv',', 'rw fiCqHlv'f-, flliliil ld VY1 COT!! .r 5. , 5 1, L. P+.. , 4 I Tefach w Tw md' WV Tm!!! Um? 'ww ff fWwv M Trw' 'r f p ursing Careers Draw Young Men, Women The School of Nursing, as an integral unit of the university, has as its primary purpose the preparation of graduates for professional nurs- ing to contribute essential services to the com- munity health agencies. A democratic atmos- phere for learning is created by the faculty which refiects the use of sound educational principles and a concern for the continuing de- velopment of the student as a maturing indi- vidual and citizen. Professional nursing is attracting more young men and women who are intellectually, emotionally, and physically qualified, as evi- denced by the expanding program of increased enrollment and number of graduates. Still there remains a great need for additional students who, upon graduation, may be instru- mental in helping decrease the admitted short- age in this and allied disciplines. National cog- nizance has been given to this need. The school, with its significant role, is helping meet the health needs of society, continually Striv- ing toward realizing this responsibility. Winning the title of Miss Oklahoma University School of Nursing from the senior class was Miss Darlene Pratt of Oklahoma City Carol Knight from Texhoma was 'unior class I candidate for Miss OU School oi Nursinq. Students Learn Four Areas of Profession ' K f1?Wfi'7'f??? - Q e Y. ,fx is 7 f i , A 4191-..'ifghafQ jgQ, 1 X XX x xxx kNNf"i"'Xw -1 -xiii 5' fi Q- Ng Experience is lwelplul in lefarninfg nboul mnlernol child lnealllw, Nursing sludenls learn lo deal willw problems in public liealllw E f , ,A ,M Sfudenfs are lreined in psyclwielric as well ns physical Afiuide tosmq was 1 ...,...,,.. lweelfn. Siudenl nurses ere prepared lo meet medical and surgical needs Mary Nell Cole Shirley Lynn Dooling Juanifa Garrison RN, BSN, MS RN, AA, BSN, MS Residence Direcfor Assisfanf Professor Assisfanf Professor Public Healfli MedicalASurqicaI Helen E. Pa'Herson 1' RN, AB, MA r Dean of flwe School of Nursin-.4 Carolyn Hardesfy Frances C. Har? Ada Hawkins RN, BSN RN, BS, MA RN, BS, SM F l Insfrucfor Assisfanf Professor' Professor t Mafernal-Child Heath Medical-Surqical Nursing y Verna Lee Holfzen Bernice T. Hoplcins Nancy L. Mayes Marie C. Minlc Herberl' A. Nishilcawa RN, BA, MS RN, BS. MPH RN, BSN RN, BS, MA RN, BSN, MS Assisfanf Professor Assisfanf Professor lnsfrucfor Assisfanf Professor Assisfanf' Professor Medical-Surgical Public Healflw Psyclniafry Mfafernal-Child l-lealflm Medical-Surqical Jess Celia Nunley Vera I. Pefers Margarei' Cecilia Shaw Mar'l'l1a L. Sfoclcwell Richard Leon Wawro RN, BSN BS. MHEC RN, BSN, MS RN, BSNE, MN RN, BSNE, MS lnsfrucfor Assisfenf Professor Assisfenf Professor Assisfanf Professor Assisfanf Professor Medical-Surgical Nufrifion Mafernal Child l-lealfli Psycffiafry Psyclfiafry Seniors Demonslraling lirsr aid procedures, Juclilh Thomas Checks The pulse while Elizabelh Bell and Jeri Hayes see To ihe welfare ol palienl Linda Walls, Pafricia Sanders Barraclcman, Broken Arrow, OSSNA. AA. Deans Honor Holly Kary Ann Canfrell, Sapulpa. GSSNA, senior class pres.: Sharon Joyce Chambers, Duncan, OSSNA, AA, Deans Honor Roll Sludenr Council: Clois D. Clapp, Muslcoqee: Rulh H. Cole, OSSNA, senior class sec. Lois Krause Decker, Enid: DoH'ie Sue Di++ner, Enid: Beclcy Doss, Alhens, Ga., OSSNA, sludenf body pres., AA: Aida Ali el Bahrawy, Porl-Said, Eqypl, OSSNA, AA, VP senior class: Margaref Darlene Far- rar, Norman, OSSNA. M. Joella Francis, Blackwell: Darla Jean Freidline, Enid, OSSNA, AA pres: Donald Ray Hamilfon, Vi' nilag Helen Virginia Hein, OCq Sally Lee JarreH, Drumriqhl Mary Chrisline Kirlcpalriclc, Duncan, OSSNA, AAA, Deans Honor Roll: Edi+h C. Klein, Midwesl Cilyg Mary Jane Mar'I'in, Sprinqfieli, Ill., XSZQ Donna F. McDaniel, Carmen, AA- Darlene Praif, OC. Charlo'H'e Rich, Norman, AA: Bobella Jo Roberfs, OC, OSSNA, AA: Vic+oria Lynn Schoolcra'F+, San Anlonio, OSSNA, lSA, Deans Howor Roll: Evelyn Lee Smi+h, Saoulpw Gail Ann Spooner, Chelopa. Kan., OSSNA. Gayle V. Tafe, OC, AA, OSSNA: Charles Anneife Voss, OCg Claudia Jane Whisler, Chelsea: Cecilia Wrighl, Poleau. TOP ROW: Caflwie D. Balenfine, Nowafa: Eloise A. Belwne, Guy- rnon: Judiflw A. Bell, OC: Cl'1arloH'e T. Blanchard, OC: Karen S. Taylor, Media, Pa.: Clefa J. Cox, Mayfield. SECOND ROW: Carla M. Cunningham, OC: Marilyn J. Hamil- +on, Sapulpe: Janice K. Hindman, Beaver: Mary K. Houck, Nor- man: Anne H. Kefclwam, Tulsa: Carol L. Kighf, Texluoma. BOTTOM ROW: Kaihryn Kyser, OC: Marcia McMurry, Guymon Wilma F. Ray, Ferl Gibson: Brenda K. Roberis, Tulsa: Barbara H Saunders, Duncan: Carol C. Sfriclcler, Mooreland. Juniors Mrs. Susan Dewey, secrelary fo The dean ol nurs inq, assisls Jeri Hayes and Juclilln Thomas in plan ning Their curriculum for flue coming semesler. ,, ,,hV: 1,5 17, X -'1'5fQasag " f K ' Qs-M L . ja. f V p - V 'Q Q ' ' I :, , .Qfs- E . , C I 1 N i , , W all . K 1 2 ti b BOTTOM ROW: Becky Doss, Sharon Chambers, Sally Jarrett. Darla Frledline, Aida Bahrawy, Bobbi Roberts, Donna McDaniel. TOP ROW: Sylvia Davis, lvlary K, l'louck, Mary King, Joan Shraeder, Cathie Balentlne, Charlotte Rich, Gayle Tate Claudia Barnes, Nancy Singleton. Delta Alpha Plans Service Projects, Social Functions Delta Alpha, honorary sorority for nursing students, lists as its primary activities sponsor- ing service projects and social functions for its members. Service projects include residence improvements, maintaining a residence library, Student Council Regulates The Student Council acts as the executive council for the student body. lt is composed of the student body oflicers, class presidents, and club representatives. Voting on residence rules, Kary Cantrell, Darla Frleclline, Darlene Pratt, Darlene Farrar, Sally Jarrett, Becky Doss, Nancy Singleton, Sharon Chambers, Judy Bell, Marilyn Hamilton. and handling the nursing texts for classroom Work. Requirements for membership include good ethical standing, professional attitude, and high scholastic achievement for women in, the School of Nursing in Oklahoma City. School of Nursing Activities approving outside projects, social and recre- ational activities, and making recommenda- tions for the student body to approve are among its duties. It meets monthly. , T 'sv 'ti MW BOTTOM ROW: S. Jarrett, S. Chambers, G. Spooner, D. Dittner, Cox, K. Williams, C. Striclcler, K. Copple, K. Cantrell. TOP ROW: B. Roberts, D. Pratt, A. Bahrawy, D. Farrar, D, Friedline. SECOND S. Davis, G. Tate, B. Saunders, C. Kight, B. Roberts, M. Dietriclc, ROW: B. Doss, M. McMurray, L. Behne, C. Balentine, J. Bell, J. L. Mullican. 0 0 0 0 Student Nurses Assoc1at1on Stlmulates Understandlng To encourage the student to promote and The organization also tries to stimulate an maintain high educational standards is the pri- interest in and an understanding of the cur- mary purpose of the Oklahoma State Student rent problems effecting the nursing profession, Nurses Association. not only in the state, but on a nationwide basis. O O Q . Student - Faculty L1a1son Committee Improves Relatlons The student-faculty liaison committee strives Students chosen from the student body meet to improve the communication and relations with a group of instructors serving on the com- between the students, the faculty and the ad- mittee once a month to discuss problems and ministration of the School of Nursing. make suggestions to help nursing students. Student-Faculty Liaison Committee: Cecilia Shaw, Judy Bell, Shirley Dooling, Mary Ellen Dietrick, Sharon Chambers. CHAPTER EIGHT Sn xg -, A I Ek .N +355 1 N.. ? gk, Gavhwg xt ORGANIZATIONS Vw .N V' "W, .- L , .,.. , ,.z,,,..,,, , E.. VM. , .. ,N .,.., ..M.W-Ty-M---Q i 5 NA-fy-Y ,, 4.,...,,,.m. , f fx K 4 me v vgf v- , W . - . Ai? wiiim ' 1 1 3 Q , . A W . ,. ig, M E Qt. ii- ar W H 5 ' X . M ' .I -WV fa, ig " 'ff WW- .QA f , f , . ,S wx 7 I ,ik ,y -1. K .. mm 17: Q ff. '- i gigiiifg 2 4 , V 1 1 y W 1. ' if 3 . 'Q wg 1 ' 1 hy , Q, - ,. V A V .,., J M f f ' Y 5 L32 w vs ',.., if " r' -. -1' af Ji 5 S L. . ' f 1 Wi ii? K r 'wx K X K W ff wsS?T5w5,gwT4gQ1,tygg:gi5i..51 tj L- ff A.,,,.5..5ff . ' K ' -z .. 'NA M. EJY'.fidlffS1,ilffT':iff"i-iii733 f ' , , R Q1 f'5l'?wg33f. . . .E ' . M , fmt . ., ,WM--V. Q - A ,. Mlm -,,.,,, .4 .y,..,.,w.,,, , . , 5 ' H , ,. Q iw-. 438 BOTTOM ROW: Molly Behannon, Joy Tschappai, Sally Frye, Camille Pharr, Dorothy Truex, Linda McQuillen, Janie Potts, Su- san Shepard, Betsy Foree, Molly McCormick. SECOND ROW: Libby Gusiine, Mary Jo Meyer, Kanda K. Kirkwood, Sharron L. Whitney, Marilyn Horwitz, Gayle Mnookin, Jane Kleier. Sandy Kinney, Kathy Wilson, Linda Phillips. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Rice, Susan Basalo, Diane Donaho, Georqann Finberg, Gwendolyn Woods, Carol Williams, Barb Bielde, Jackie Frobel, Robin Cooper, Connie Walker TOP ROW: Anne Davis, Cindy Loeb, Chloe Crockett, Rickee Eddlernan, Charlie Chetlain, Susan Mellott, Vicky Stapleton, Cheryl Bowman, Sally Winters, Carol Burke, Jean Leitz- sey. WS Sponsors Women's Recognition Night Freshman Melissa Read listens eagerly as Joy Tschappat explains the advantages of being a member oi Associated Women Students. AWS strives to stimulate the development of educated women by of-fering programs of an intellectual and thought-provoking nature and providing a forum to discuss matters affecting university Women. AWS sponsored for the first time a Womenis Recognitions Night with a banquet. AWS awarded its first scholarship and attended the national convention in Stillwater. It also gave a tea for out-of-state freshman Women. Officers were Linda McQuillen, presidentg Ianie Potts, vice presidentg Betsy Foree, re- cording secretaryg Susan Yeager, correspond- ing secretary, and Susan Shepard, treasurer. Committee chairmen were loy Tschappat, public relationsg Charlie Chetlain, service, Camille Pharr, IAWSg Linda Phillips, financeg Michaelyn Barker, scholarshipg Molly McCor- mick, publicityg Sally Frye, correspondence, and Molly Behannon, activities. Dorothy Tru- ex was faculty sponsor. The AWS executive council establishes all rules, regulations, and permissions for Women. '.,,..r-nn, 1725, ,ei AWS oFficers 'fJk7"? f-'VF Dr. Dorofhy' Twex ard Li--da McQ.,f1'fAf we Jfwifl Povs. Suxm Sh-2rwvr:i Susdf Ymxzev- md M',r.1Ie Fo ,M L M., A+ fhe fall AWS fem for new women, Freshmen became .mcquaimfvid WMF each mhor cmd with five campus Throufqh Nm pfnqes mf Wm SOONER BOTTOM ROW: Ronald l-larnrn, Leroy Kelfner Jerry A. Warden Jerry Stovall, Mark Clnanfiloers, John Gosseft, Robert Merritt Jarnes Eaulconer, Ronald Goddard, Jim l-lenderson, Jerry Abbott, John Smalley, Melvin Schuetfe, David Ellis, Louis Gray, David Westgate, Jaclc Foote, Charles Suqqs, Jerry Goodspeed, Ronald Osborn, Calvin Mott, James Coolc, Steve Bailey, Harold l-lasfon, Ronald Dyer, John Thomas Marlc Morgan, l-lerry Young, Guy Logan, Thomas l'lardin. SECOND ROW: Alice Edwards, Loufitia Denison, Judifh Buclcles, Martha Lindley Diana Tholer, Linda Searcy, Mary Marfy, Sharon Peters, Nancy Reutlincier, Neoslna Walfernnan, Meredith Pool, Cheryle Smith Marriaref Lal:or, Alice Deakins, Judy Brauohf, Christine Smith Nancy' Brauoh' Doris Wilson, Louise Vernon, Nancy Cobb. Marilyn Gay, Cynthia Guthrie, Carolyn Clure, Margaret Liifle, Betty Reiff Melissa Camp, Martha Van Hook, Susan Sullivan Gay King. THIRD ROW: Robert Murphy, Chelsea Tipton David Ereele, Bob Shrewsbury Joe Johnsor, Earl Elliott, Milce Yeager Ernest Caes- ar, Floyd Anderson, Wendle Cavins, Milce Pentecost, Larry Bux- ton, Erederick Stern John Haliburfor Linda Wriciht Jan Srnifln Susar Branunn, Jerre Francis, Cheryl Gifhers Rhonda Sarnrnors, 6 O , O C Prlde of Oklahoma The 175-piece Marching Band, "The Pride of Oklahomaf' lent color and atmosphere to the l965 football season, delighting thousands of football fans with its performances. Colorful programs and halftime perform- ances in band pageantry and precision march- ing were presented at each home game, and at out-of-town games with Texas, and the Uni- C3pt1V3teS Audlences versity of Nebraska on national television. Drum majors for the 1965-66 'gPride', were David Westgeite, senior music major from Tul- sa, and Louis Gray, sophomore from Del City. National champion twirlers Dorinda Gill of Kingfisher and Robert Murphy of Denver cap- tivated fans in Owen Statdium with their twirling speed, high throws and turfbounces. David Westgate Senior Drurn Maior Gfxrv McKinnev, Ken Sala, Fnrreli Sfevenson Jerrv Buxion, Dan nv Burr'e'r, Glirv Brown Dfarreii Trou+i Divid Br-idsinaw, Sreve Flarrner, Jinq Corder Aia' Bonner Lfirrv Lolfar Jake Marzar- ires, Dorirdii Giii. FOURTH ROW: Gene A. Brmmini Liore Edmond Ckmck Cunrincgkmm Max McGregor, Mike Powers, Georqe Wiiiiams, George Hansen Roberf Burler Maurice Ga ioob, Jokin Gerik, Biilv Cliriord Tom Befiis James Wfaferkiouse Paui Cox Kerrerin Lovorr Robert O'is Mike Makinr' David Mfa iore, Greg Wifcor, Jarnes Foul, Georqe Courseirnan, David Jen nir'1s Lfirrv Cilark. Earl James, David Miies Roberi Wi++en, Ron Twirlers Roo-err Murcim -md Dorircm GW pefornn wiin fiafis. J Louis Gray Soprornore Drum Mnior Kilmsin, Serv Owens, Vernon Tkiornpsori, Clwaries Hiil, Herberr Morirw J. C. Combs, Leon Burris. TOP ROW: Bill Dunn Sarn Eriinder Wayne Mccarre, Cinares Sykes Gier Wfaoos SWF Skeiron, Frcank Frv Jon Eurrows, Dwionr Coiiirs Cnlxries Lavmer, Doud Darner, Lvnn Drurv, Mark Brandon Mike Brake, Greg Perry Sieve Johnson, Pkmiiiip Barfieri, Dwiqiwi Sullinoer, Ernesr Prussner, Joiw Sckiarrz, Mike Graham, Ken Grass Sreve Ysmrkwouon, Biil Filirwqran, Rardoipin Cai! Ronnie Wkmire Rooer Parsons, Rorliid Tavior, Dickv Dickinson, Biii Lernino, John Erziirqier, Deirnar Mc- Nfvr Rornie Kern, ,!' Andy Oldroyd, Jerrv Abborr, Jack Poor compare bard urifornns. f fw 'Y " H M-3 aw-r ' .-fi: IL :. rr I '. '-4 ,jg 55? fl? ,X .qv 5i".,T1t"133-f'?g:9:.9J..Q1l? 'F V " Qi,-as 3.2 . S5752--23'?1Q5i?'f'1"?f!''fiflif ,Atv inf , V V 'G,,'?,QQ,f,' V, . mg.:,i3,1,gqNf-n-4' . '.f1:12r-- . Q, L , .:. , ,fats '-, ' vzligsg , Q ,-Qi. egg!-2' i mlqyjklggb' l, -W .- S fwfi H '-.iu.f?+,,.,4 fm:-in-y -Q. :fa 3' , J ., -A sr"f: 5-w ' 'ls 74-fel O, 'film ,i w 4 I . ,V fi1Y" ,gEq,:1' Jr. . f Q s "" ' , .M A " sf 1 'Sli-5.51-4,5, ,f ' -MTN I , r 9- 4 Q 'I 7? ' 2 1 s ' 4HL2Zg,,. ' Q If 5? -:Lg '. gfgflrf , ,,.:. 5, 1. ' I. .. . O ., . , A - , Ta, ,L g ,T rf M in z vw . k k K V' w 8 '-s f , " , ur - M ' , ' ,"' ",- Y' . 1 ow ' . "'1i2-32'-33 :, ' 'r -5 ., A ., 1. .Q iiwfvi 'rv iQ-g,+.:- :- W i - :.",.w-gf:- ,. 'is OU Band Day fircls 54 Okifikornfw inioki scnool bands Darricipaiirf Dr. Gene A. Braughi' Legh W. Burns Direcror of Bands Assisfanr Direcfor Members of ine Universiry of Okiaiwoma Symphonic Band prepare For one of Their many performances. Percussion secfion oi ine OU band consisrs of fine finest musicians, for irev' Se+ fine ie-mpc for ine orners. Band officers are-BOTTOM ROW: Ronnie Osborn, Calvin Mott, Christine Smith. TOP ROW: Robert Merritt, Jerry Abbott, Martha Van Hoolc, Mike Blake, and Bill Clifford. Band Program Builds Competent Musicians At the conclusion of the marching season the band membership is divided into tvvo con- cert organizations: the Symphonic Band and the Concert Band. Membership in the Sym- phonic Band is gained by audition. ln the Concert Band, membership is open to all stu- dents of the various colleges of the university, also through audition. Activities of the Symphonic Band include formal concerts on the campus in February, March and May. The annal spring concert tour found the band performing for audiences in northern and northeast Oklahoma. Dr. Gene A. Braught, director of bands, serves as director of the Marching Band, con- ductor of the Symphonic Band and supervises On hand for this lab band practice session are I6 Sooner bandsm en. The the Concert Band, Air Force and Army ROTC Bands. University Bands are administered through the School of Music of the College of Fine Arts. Additional members of the band staff in- clude Legh W. Burns, assistant conductor, Li- onel Edmunds and C. Combs, graduate as- sistantsg and Mrs. Nancy Canonico, secretary. Assistant Director Burns also serves as assist- and director of the Marching Band and con- ductor of the Concert Band and Brass Choir. He also performs as a Cornet soloist and serves as a clinician and adjudicator. The band program continues the develop- ment of music appreciation and understanding through study and performance. lab provides extra help for students having ditficutly with music. l.x...l. ST. Pai Dick WiN5i5amso', and Queer Llxurlc Bourre beam WHH pride Pr beivq adecfed 'fo reofcserf We E'VW'1f7?E?C!S for We cfvrvivfm yew: Mos? Secre+ of campus orqanizafioms is H10 Loyal Kmiqhh of Old Tmmy group Composed of We oufsfamdzvw ersumeermo sfudemfs if OU Engineers' Club Promotes Fellowship The Engineers, Cluh promotes fellowship among faculty and students and governs extra- curricular aetivities among engineers. Highlights of the year were the annual En- gine Show and Christmas Party. The annual open house climaxing Engineers Week, hosted faculty, students and the general public. Al- so held in connection with Engine Week is the heard growing contest which attracts many contestants. The Engineers, dance and ban- quet, the dubbing of Knights of St. Patrick, and the crowning of the Engine Queen cap off the active week. Oflicers were Ierry L. Foote, president, Ter- rence Tinkel, first vice president, Gary Mack Orr, second vice president, Allen Tsugawa, see- retaryg Sam Hatcher. treasurer, and Bob Uda, St. Patis Council representative. Iudy Elder- kin was Queen with Brandon H. Griffith and Harold Bone as faculty sponsors. YH' A ""'-Tv-. Gamma Phi Be'ra's mirstrel act took top honors in Emqire Show. if-is . BOTTOM ROW: Brandon i-L Griffith Tereace Tinkel, Allen Tau- ley Alworfh, James Y. Kafiorrmffm, Thomas P. Guilfoil.. TOP ROW: jilawfa, Jerr, L. Foo'e Judy Eiderkir Bob Uda Gary Mack Orr, .lessee D. l-ieiarichs, Hal Cook, James H. Vauqhan, John F. Her- Sfam i-ilvclfer Harold Bose. SECOND ROW: Fred M. Bray, Mar' dry, Larry G. Kulhmav, David C. Ludwick. Rayrnord Harris, Doe- iifarei E. Wriinhi, James lviclvluiiee, L-arry M. Wriwht, Henry A. aid A. Reilly, Robert D. Colemar, Robert F. Fieidino. koiesiiik, Richard B. Vifilliamzow, Lee Caridier Youriq,iCliaries Wes- 445 BOTTOM ROW: Sharon Beth Velinsky, Allen Qeorqe Orcutt, Bob White, Sharon Gatlord, Dennis M. McCary: Monty McDannald. Ken Pickle. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Farha, Jane Stangeland, Carol Wilkinson, Bette Byrd, Beitie Sabath, Chrissie Thornburg Beverly Gremm, Susan Culp. THIRD ROW: John l. Choate, Paul Petersen, Bill Bonnell, Milce Kilcoyne, Jim Morgan, Robert D. Vin- cent, George Moses, Charles Miller, Robert D. Coleman, Marla l-louston. TOP ROW: Dudley Hyde, Dave Johnson, Mike Fors- man, Bill Whitehurst, Al Turner, Jimmy Miller, Gary Hensler, James C, Martin, Lee Candle-r Younq, lry Warder. Senate Initiates Book Co-op, Leadership Lab Gary Hensler, Bobbe Bramson and Vivian Baumqarclner run oii aqerda tor use in senate campaign begzinning the boolc co-op sales. Student Senate projects for 1965-66 includ- ed sponsoring a book co-op, establishing office hours for senators and helping sponsor the first Leadership Lab. The senate also reor- ganized the Miss OU pageant, sent delegates to the second annual ASG convention, and helped organize Howdy Week. A major accomplishment for the senate was their successful campaign to raise the mini- mum wage for student employees. First semester oflicers were Dennis lVIcCary, president, Allen Orcutt, Vice president, Shar- ron Gaftord, secretary, Ken Pickle, treasurer, Monty lVlcDannald, parliamentarian and Bob White, public relations. Otlicers for the second semester were Allen Orcutt, president, Bob Vincent, vice president, Carolyn Farha, secretary, Ken Pickle, treasur- erg George Moss, parliamentariang and Paul Peterson, public relations. Representatives are selected from each col- ege, as well as from the ISA, IFC and Panhell- enic Council. lugs J , , .,, -1-,Q 1 , wi Vxfgyg. Q , """"'-M, M f. 2 'Fi s U 6 M' 8 Q kf g 4, i 1 5 if I' 6 4 3 5 ,Tk Q, 5 1, ig 1 , 1 I ' E Q 3 Q A ' 1 A ,Q ff 1622 4' V. .4 .,, L M nz, .. .. A 5513193 My M ,M an R wfffw E im mfi? Q ,uf .. Ab. . K L Y A ' f ,, L d Z v ' K x 3 -Q-gs f 5 H I' ' Varsity 'O' Club Members Hold Open House Varsity HOU Club held Open House this year to honor Oklahoma Universityis 75th an- niversary. Visitors attending the open house learned the purpose, the organizational struc- ture, the functions and the social activities of the "On Club. The oflicers of the club show- ed them through their lounge, the center of its activities. The primary purpose of the HO" Club is to promote the spirit of loyalty among lettering athletes, both undergraduates and graduates, toward the betterment of all Oklahoma Uni- versity athletic interests. Scholarship, sports- manship and an active interest in both social and campus activities are also encouraged among members of the Club. A sound rela- tionship with the Sooner coaching staff is well maintained through mutual understanding of these objectives. A primary function of the Varsity "OU Club is to orientate the Oklahoma University fresh- men athletes. Freshmen orientation is coor- dinated with high school athletes visiting the University campus. Another important func- tion is the accommodation of visiting athletic teams. Membership requires the earning of a Uni- versity letter through participation in inter- collegiate athletics according to conference rules. The letterman also must pass initiation and the approval of the Athletic Council. 'COB Club is built on four-corner classifica- tion of members-active, inactive, alumni, and honorary. Active members participate in all club activities with full voting power. In- active members and alumni may attend meet- ings but are not allowed to vote or hold office. Honorary membership is extended to persons who have rendered exceptional service to the athletes and the athletic program throughout the years. Timely articles and commentaries of inter- est to sportsmen throughout the country are featured in the Varsity 'SO' Club's Newsletter. Each active member who has paid his dues for the year receives the Newsletter monthly. "L'-2' BOTTOM ROW: Gary R. Clinton. Rodney Crosswhite, R. Alan Tommy D. Pannell, Mike l-lall, Vincent Johnson, James Jackson, hlendersor, Williarn C. Larn, Mike Ringer, Bill F. Carlyle, Robert Vance McSpadden, Torn Flood. Mike Nichols, John Hammond. J THI l C l Vardernar George R. Ridqley, Mike Sager, Jerry W, Starley. RD ROW: Jirn Farrell, Mike McSpadden Ed l-lall, Bil a- SECOND ROW: Frank Derarnus, Greqq Pittman, Larry Brown, houn, Howard Johnson, Ben Hart, Bill Young, Bob List, Roger Athletes Help Celebrate 75th Anniversary Activities of the Club center around the "Oi, Club lounge, officially opened in 1951 and lo- cated at the north end of Owens Stadium. The Lounge serves as a meeting place for both members and alumni who enjoy use of its snack bar, television, records, card tables, var- ious games, and many other facilities. The Lounge is also open three nights a Week to let- termen and their guests. Luncheons for alumni and families are serv- ed in the lounge before every home football game with a reception following the game. Dads and mothers of the members are guests each year on Dads' Day for a special luncheon in the lounge before the Dads, Day Game with an entertaining reception following the game. Homecoming weekend, "O" Club extends a very special invitation for all its varsity alumni to come visit the spacious lounge. The MOM Club activity attracting statewide interest among sports fans is the annual Var- sity-Alumni football game held on the last day of spring practice. The club invites all "Big- Redn players to participate in this game. The officers for this year were Carl Schrein- er, presidentg Bill Lam, vice president, and Mike Ringer, social secretary. The sponsor of the UO" Club is Port Cf. Robertson. The exec- utive council schedules club meetings when needed and with the social secretary, plans the social activities. "O" Club's annual social events include the Christmas party and the Valentine's dance and the picnic-outing to Lake Murray. The high- light of the HO" Clubis social activity comes with the traditional letterman's banquet. Let- ters and membership plaques are presented to those athletes qualifying for membership, and a distinguished guest speaker gives the dinner speech. Oklahoma University athletes belonging to the Varsity "Oi, Club can be proud of the hon- or and merit gained through their member- ship. The club has served and will continue to serve as inspiration to young athletes through- out the state. Mickish Jon Kennedy, Les Mason. FOURTH ROW: Philip R. Mike Rooney, Gordon Brown, Tony Bennett, Byron Berlire, Jim Oyiatf, Michael D. Smith Jay W. Cronley, Don R. Ellis, Eugene Johnson, Bill Thomas, Alan f'Xxley,Oeorqe l-lawkins, Mike Base, Carl Ross, Lee Calhoun, Joe W. Cox, Ray Haynes, Jim Manrinq, Fred Fleetwood, Kenneth Eugene Farris Jr., Joe Mashburn. TOP ROW: McAdams, Jim Riley. Pi A A .. l BOTTOM ROWg William C. McGraw, Ellen Jane Colby, Paul M. Myers, Jess R. Clark, Jerry Wayne Herrino, Sharon K. Ter- hure, Lefxrne Stacy, Tommi Collins. SECOND ROW: Richard Carson Newman Robert Lynn Gamble, W. Ken Frank Martin J. Bell Don-,ld N. Jones, Sharon L. Barfoot, Kathleen Ployanicln, Clara Maelws, Linda Mae Robison. THIRD ROW: Dennis l.. Rohrei Top Seniors Receive Computers that signify modern methods are observed by Dennis Roberts, Ellen Colby Paul Myers, Jess Clerk ard J, W. Herring Rodney L. Lee, Tom Oslrierwitz, James M, Cook, Denny J. Benson, Dayid Keck Williams, Bart l-l. Warcl, Edward M. King, Gary lf. Mueller. TOP ROW: John F. Fesler Jr. Robert R. Fonclc, Rob- ert Earl Loqfin Glendon Warren, Melvin A. Steele Thomas D. Clanton, Fred T. Keifer Jr., R. N. Dunfiqan Jim Hollomari, James Cameron Pratt. Accounting Club Keys Creating a closer relationship between ac- counting majors and helping members to gain a practical outlook of the accounting profes- sion are the purposes of the Accounting Club. For membership a student must have complet- ed six hours of accounting. Several field trips are taken each semester to give students first-hand information about the business world. Included in the program first semester was a field trip to the computer cen- ter at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City. Accounting Club oHicers were lerry Herring and Paul Myers, presidentsg less Clark and Dennis Roberts, vice presidcntsg Ellen Colby, secretaryg and Paul Myers and Kenneth Frank, treasurers. Prof. William C. lVlcCrew was fac- ulty sponsor. Each spring the Accounting Club holds its annual banquet at which time it recognizes the top graduating scniors by awarding them Ac- counting Club Keys. Scholarships to account- ing majors also are announced for the next ac- ademic year. ADS Members Elected to Regional Offices The Williiim Wrigleyf jr. chapter of Alpha Delta Sigma was honored to have two of its memhers elected to regional posts this spring. Dr. Robert Bryson jr., chapter adviser, was elected regional vice president and lVlarvin Feldman was elected regional student vice presi- dent at the convention in Houston. The national professional advertising frater- nity has as its main goal the closing ol' the gap hetween the college classroom and the husi- ness world. OU otlers an advertising curricu- lum in the husiness, art and journalism schools. lVlemhers of the group may represent any of the schools. Activities of the chapter included two rush smokers, a letterhead design contest won by Ron llawkinsg work on the "lO Best-Dressed Coeds Contest," sponsored by Gamma Alpha Chig and a field trip to the facilities of WKY- TV in Oklahoma City. Sandy Sanders served as president for the first semester and was succeeded hy Ron llaw- kins in the january elections. Q9 it . A ' if-14 O -3. LJ f' R an V J?" 5 Q, Houstonebcurcl membersSf1rdv Seals Bch 'ner Jw Soi'-,f -,fo Rm' V-iewkim mam out d D l MH JhMRkd tr BOTTOM ROW: Edward Safvdew A. Steve Thomas Sardv Seals. stein, Marvin M. Feldmas, Gus ici Mark Moroew Robert L. Bryson Jr, TOP ROW: Donald L. Fein- Sevick Gene F. Jenkins, Ron Hawkins, APO Sets Red Cross Blood Drive Record President Bob Goldtield and Dr. Arthur Bernhart discuss plans ior campus-wide blood drive with OU president George L. Cross. Donald H. Allen, Richard Baumgariner, Kenneth L. Black, Bill Bolding, Ken Buclcman, Robert W. Butler Jr., J. L. Courtney, Bill Criitendon. Otha Davenport, Michael Foote, Marshall Garten- laub, Richard Giroux, Rob- ert Goldiield, Charles Gro- vurn, Marion D. Gurney, Terry Hill, Paul Hubble, Alan Jones, James Kanornata, Steven M. Kennedy, James Kim- berlin, Alan Laird, Allen Marcus, Kenneth Maricle. Mike Martin, Michael A. McCormick, Terry B. Mc- Daniel, Wayne Munyon, Jeilrey Myers, Bob Nantois, Donald Parlc, Keith Perry. Larry M. Prater, Phil L. Rauch, Matt Reiser, Larry Renshaw, Ken Ruzyla, Pat Sandoz, Paul Shreiner, Torn Slagle. J. David Stevens, Tom Tay- lor, George J. Toto, Rich- ard Weaver, Bob Wenqert, William Whitfield, Bruce Winston, Neal Woliard. OU's Delta Beta chapter of Alpha Phi O- mega, menis service fraternity, is open to all OU male students. APO, celebrating its 23rd anni- versary, has over 400 chapters out of which Delta Beta is ranked seventh nationally. Ac- tive membership has jumped from 7 to over 50 in the past year. APO emphasizes service by sponsoring such projects as Ugly Man on Campus, Red Cross Blood Drive, Annual Charity Bowl, Model UN ushering, Boy Scout camp clean-ups, and many other benefits. Delta Beta chapter aided the campus by the purchase of a printing press available for campus-Wide use. Officers for the Delta Beta chapter are Bob Goldfield, presidentg Bob Nantois and Tom Taylor, vice presidents, Terry Hill, recording secretary, Wayne Munyon, corresponding sec- retary, Ken Buckman, treasurer, Dr. Arthur Bernhart and Charles lVl. Evans, sponsors. AIAA Creates Interest in Aerospace Field The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics is the principal United States aerospace technical society. Its national mem- bership includes most of the leading scientists, engineers, and technical managers of the coun- tryas aerospace program. The OU chapter is one of 93 established at the college level. Interest in the aerospace field is the only re- quirement for membership. The chief objective of the AIAA is to create interest in all areas of the aerospace industry. The AIAA was founded on the OU campus in 1963 by the merger of two other groups- the American Rocket Society and the Institute of the Aerospace Sciences. The institute of Aerospace Sciences had been a recognized national professional society since its founding in New York City in l932. The American Rocket Society, which was also founded during the l93O,s had been a national organization active in the dissemination of in- formation and the building of rockets. The major project of AIAA this year was building an exhibit for the Engineers, Open House, an annual display in which all engi- neering organizations participate. Monthly meetings featured speakers from NASA, LTV, General Dynamics, and FAA. A spring picnic for students and faculty was the major social activity. Officers were Fred Nl. Bray, president, Will- iam Smith, vice president, Robert A. Nleese, seeretaryg Will Rogers, treasurer, and faculty sponsor was Dr. Edward Blick. The national AIAA operates one of the world's most comprehensive aerospace libraries. Under contract to NASA it operates Interna- tional Aerospace Abstracts. It has 36 techni- cal committees responsible for the technical quality and content of the activities of the In- stitute. The AIAA at OU sent delegates to a Nation- al Convention at Dallas. Here the local repre- sentatives were informed of current trends, events, ideas, and developments in the aero- space industry. ,Q Sl 'OK K, 'Q BOTTOM ROW: Dr. lf. F. Blick, Fred Bray, Robert A. Meme, Will- Tsufjfiwfi. TOP ROW: Dori l.. Williams II. Robert E. Cbiesa Sim- fR lCTSiDdWl TW RbffScbkJ j iam Rogers. SECOND ROW: James Y. Kfmorrialfa, Rober . Walters, Bok Udo R01 Morris. Harold Robert Fisher Allen T. ue ,. wif, avi iii ms, om firmer, 0 or . ic .i BOTTOM ROW: Harvey Ahl, Paula Landritln. Bonnie Estes, Blanche Sornmers. Tom Webber, Jean Brown, F. J. Hicks, Bill D. Nolen. Paul L. Dudley, John B. Bruce, Hildeqarde Long. Ralph Bionfano. Loyd F. Harris. SECOND ROW: L. Kay Carter,Catl'1- erine C. Reyman, Elizabeth Hicks, Jerry Patton, Marshall Scantlin, Jick Holloway, Phillip E. Elkins. THIRD ROW: Max L. Blakely. Loyd V, Allen Jr., Jimmy M. Ward Dennis Taylor, Thomas Blake- ly, Pat Sclnmelzla, Janice Roberson, FOURTH ROW: Norvin Barrows. JoAnn Allen, Toni Hagernann, Dwight Andrew Vance, Judy Jones, James Louis Neal, Chiquita Hansen, Vicki Lynn Lout, APhA Gives Insight Pharmacy queen Carolyn Hood greets two drufi company repro- sentatives on campus to Ss-t up exlnibilf. for the '1'tUUiilPl"i'3VYTW'lC,fD'l!. to Rose Marie Culvey. Ralene Wilson. FIFTH ROW: Edqar Lynn Huffman, Larry Stewart, Bill Wliitelnurst Marvin Grofortln, Fred Whiteburst. Johry Hodges. SIXTH ROW: Faith Porter, Mary Bixler, Ron Carey, John C. Colqan, Patricia Deaton, Cindy Lillen as. SEVENTH ROW: Ralph Autry, Lloyd Bottoms, Michael Rochelle, Keith F. Likes. David J. Confer, John LaReau Randal F. Moore, Dan Kendall. EIGHTH ROW: Clnarles F. Barnes. Lynda Carol Sims, C. R. Rettiri. TOP ROW: Georne Sawabini, Carl Darnell. Elaine Brown. Larry Stout, Bill Dart. Pharmacy Students The American Pharmaceutical Association takes pride in the fact that it provides the phar- macy student with an insight into the profes- sion. This is, in fact, the aim of the group. In order for the student to be eligible for membership in the organization, he must be a member of the College of Pharmacy. APhA is active with projects such as the an- nual Career Day and Pharmacy Day. Also, social functions are frequent. The annual Christmas party and annual picnic are such events of APhA. This yearis slate of officers included Harvey Ahl, president: Tom Webber, vice president: Bonnie Estes, corresponding secretaryg Paul Dudley, treasurer: Bill Nolen, Sooner Anti-- dote editor: Paula Landrith, recording secre- tary: and Dr. Iohn Bruce, faculty sponsor. At the meetings of the APhA there were of- ten guest speakers on hand to deliver messages of interest. Films were also used frequently for APhA programs. ASCE Prepares Students for Engineering The American Society of Civil Engineers, oldest national engineering society in the coun- try, was established in 1852 to help civil en- gineering students to enrich their college ca- reers by beginning professional contacts and associations. ASCE was founded at OU in 1915 as the Stadia Club, and became a nation- al chapter in 1922. Founded a century ago, the national society has over 145 student chapters, with branches on every major campus in the nation. Students must be majoring in civil engineering, such as sanitary, structural, or transportation, to be- come members. The society was instituted for the purpose of advancing engineering and architectural knowledge and practice, maintaining a high professional standard among its members, en- couraging association between men of practi- cal science, assisting its members to gain knowledge in current problems and technical subjects, and establishing "a central point of 1. -:"" lg reference and union for its membersf, Other functions of ASCE are to afford mem- bers an opportunity to become acquainted, to promote a spirit of congeniality among its members, to enhance knowledge through com- petent speakers and to foster the development of a professional spirit. Meetings are held the first and third Wed- nesdays of the month with the first in conjunc- tion with the professional chapter in Oklahoma City and the other in the Union on campus. ASCE officers were Gary lVf. Orr, president, joe Sestak, vice presidentg Mike LelVfarr, sec- retary, james C. jordan, co-secretary, james R. Bassel, treasurer, Larry G. Kuhlman, St. Patis representative and Gomer H. Bittle, contact member. Dr. Brandon H. Griffith, assistant professor, was faculty sponsor. Annual activities include engineering queen, competition in enginering open house-which involved construction of a 60-foot suspension bridge, and an annual spring banquet. - .al , BOTTOM ROW: Brandon H. Griffith, J-ames R. Bassel Larry G. Huqulev, James B. Nevets Ibrahim Elhassan, Khuonq l-luriq Chan Kuhlman, Joe Sestfak, Gary M. Orr, Mike Lelvifirr, James C. Jor- Tr-in Nooc Hoan Stephen Yue, Walter Enqelken. TOP ROW dan, Gomer H. Birtle. SECOND ROW: Larry V. Richmond, Ler- H. A. Burkett, John G. Wrifiihl, Gene Jensen, Gilbert D, Gardner ry W, Fielding Bsihman Hariri, Gholfimreza Shfinehchian, Alirezfi Hector Herrera, Mehmet Bedestani, David F. lvifilov, Oeorfje C Nabizadeh, Mohammed Esfahani, Yoetink Rrnlc, Huynh Bri Thoi. Oiiiit Jr., Dale Hart Richard A, Davis. THIRD ROW: Kim Say Sairmi, Fri'-idoor Rfisollchari, Doivild l. Baptist Student Union i f 1 , L ,,,, .. .Ns -gl ,Vw .L 1 BSU's Noon Watch devotional attracts many students who tind it fi rewardirtci and relaxirfg moment in their heavy schedules. Hosts Internationals Baptist Student Union, established in 1924, serves to further develop the college student in- to strong Christian character. Membership is open to all students atliliated with the Baptist Church who wish to participate in the BSU program. Worship, counseling, social activities, class, and discussion groups comprised the Weekly program. Other BSU activities included Bible studies in OU dorms, weekly services at the Cerebral Palsy Center, and monthly services at the Baptist Mission in Oklahoma City. Special events were an International Ban- quet with over 40 international students at- tending, treshman week held in September and February, a September Revival, Spring Ban- quet, and Falls Creek Retreat. Oflicers this year were Bill Winans, presi- dent, Ken Pickle, vice president, Nancy Mc- Gee, secretary, Travis Wiginton, BSU direc- tor, Margaret Shelton, assistant BSU director, Dexter Blevins, pastor-adviser, and Peggy Keck, faculty sponsor. BOTTOM ROW: Craiq Wiginton, Kyle Wiginton, Kevin Wiginton, Mrs. W. L. Dillard, Ken Pickle, Margaret Shelton, Mary Louise Mills, Nancy McGee, Paul E. lzitzqerald Jr., Rodney B. Woltard Jr., Jerry Duncan, Paul Calrnes. SECOND ROW: Susan Briqqs. Suzanne Merry, A. Carol Pearson, Donna K. Pearson, Patricia M. Justice, Cleta Davis, Patricia A. Shirley, Charlotte Southerland, Vera Beth Phillips, Carolyn Ruth Hughes. Nancy Valouch, Belya J. Prestidge Kay Womfack. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Travis Wiqintoiw, Willifim T. Stewart, Oryille A. liesler, Dottie Wilson, Judy Mar- lin, Jr-finntta Williarnfs, Judith L. Buckles, Betty Reitt, Marqiiita ttall, Elaine Caqle, Donna Jean Barron, Arretle Albers, Mary Lynne Guest. FOURTH ROW: Travis E. Wiqinfori, t-lerman H. Green- haw, Charlotte A. Hallock, Norman E. lnfilet, Jack L. Johnson, Karen K. Boren, Susan Nickels, Janann Strinqer, Richard V. Mul- anax, Larry D. Ellis, Richard P. Henderson, Nancy D. Turk, Ste- yen D. l-larris, Margaret J. Ball, Pamela Wirtters. TOP ROW: James N. Redeker, Joe R. Flippo, Gary A. Yust, Willifam C. Duke Walter A. Smith, Brett D. Yohr, Francis L. Bailey, Carolyn Clay- ton Rock Alban., Robert Ritchey, Charlex R. Bilbo Roderick D. Mizell. if 'war 75337 BOTTOM ROW: Pal liuterifis, Judi White Sasfia Blinrg P i lsom. TOP ROW: Charles M. Evans, John C. Kiilon Srniib, John P, Pinlcerlovi Campus Chest Carnival Benefits Charities A campus-wide charity drive was carried out in September by Camps Chest to benefit local, state, national, and international charities. The drive lasted a week and included door-to- door canvassing, dispersion of collection con- tainers, the sale of sorority pledge classes, and several contests. This yearis drive was climaxed by the an- nual Campus Chest Carnival at Owen Sta- dium. During the carnival 16 booths vied for the crowd's attention. Two coveted awards were announced at the carnival. Bob Looney was awarded the Ugly lVlan on Campus trophy. The Campus Chest Award, given to the house raising the most money, was presented to Alpha Epsilon Phi. Oflieers were john Pinkerton, chairmang Penny lsom, vice chairman, lohn Kirton, car- nival chairman, Pat lfuterlas, Campus Chest award chairman, Susan Blinn, house repre- sentative chairmang Bonnie Allen, publicity chairman, Dean Smith, treasurer, and ludi White, secretary. Chuck Evans was sponsor. Students crowcif-d Pwfi 'ba srmdlnm t'we'v fuck 'iid fll 'Mimi-Y'1iis D'v'1'l'l', C'llJVi'i'i thc Cifnpim Chad Ciimwll ?f:v filt V CHEERLEADERS: Phil Abernathy, I-Iollv Kinkade, Gary Corroio, Lynne Stewart, Kirke Kiclcinr1l3ird,Cheryn Ammerman, David Ra- per. Sherry Reece, Warner Lovell. Sooner Cheerleaders Foster School Spirit Sooner spirit and loud cheers are the aims of OU's Cheerleaders. The cheerleaders and Little Red, OU,s official Mascot in authentic Indian costume, lead cheers at home games and pep rallies to stimulate enthusiasm and support for the OU football team and basket- ball squad. They also attended out of town, non-conference, and Big Eight games as often as possible. In addition, OU's cheerleaders hosted the annual state cheerleaders contest sponsored by the National Cheerleader Associ- ation. Varsity cheerleader tryouts are held annual- ly to H11 any vacancies created by graduation or resignation. Any undergraduate student with a 2.0 average is eligible for the tryouts. New cheerleaders and alternates are selected after two performances before a panel of judges. Kirlce Kickingbird was mascot, with regu- lar cheerleaders Phil Abernathy, Cheryn Am- Cheerleaders' duties do mi end with fooibail Season, for the merman, Cary Corrotto, David Raper, Sherry Reece, Warner Lovell, Lynne Stewart, and Holly Kinkade, head cheerleader. boosters are also on band for basketball games and other eveviis, Church of Christ Bible Chair Visits Center The Church of Christ Bihle Chair has striv- ed to provide religious instruction for univer- sity credit to supplement secular academic training and also to provide for the spiritual needs of the students. At the present each group is a strictly inde- pendent organization, but the Churches of Christ have Bible chairs in over 60 dillierent colleges and universities. The program of the organization was de- signed especially to meet the needs of the stu- dents of the Churches of Christ who attend OU, but the accredited Bihle and religious courses are available to students of all faiths on campus. Some of the projects of the Bihle Chair were weekly visits to the Cerehral Palsy Center, Tuesday and Thursday morning devotions, the ollering of a religious course for college credit, monthly student newspaper, and the student chorus. They also sponsored an annual Christ- mas Banquet. Cary Burke is the student director or cam- pus minister for the Church ol Christ. 1 s rs, ,,,i A , , 1 V is Student-led groups me-er mice .weekly 'oi' devotional: 'ard viell ilw local Cerebral Pfilsv lo cnierlaiii lhe children each wvrzlc. .el l BOTTOM ROW: Browriii'-1 l., Smilli lvlniv K, Srnilh, Jvfiiiiie lvl. Tlvlchei Sue Horfi, Phillip lvlfirzoliiio Jim Thivgllfeld l iirv Tfgii :tie lVlfa'lif'w,. Chew' lvlclfef- Dow 1 G, Bridw--s El-iii -1 l-le-:ln Ros: G-iw Emir-. TOP ROW: D-:vid D. Webb lesser- D, l-leiiiiichs C. ina :lies P-iisv Burki Meiwhi Threllc-1 F1 Eilzrbfiii Orr Cfvrcif' Cliwl C. arowzwivz Willi-ini K. dow'-, J-ack le, Orr, Sw' ex E. allia- Te-ffiiiff. Judy Wil'3ofl. SECOND ROW: ,lick B-ivlfw Rofiriifl Piet Li-iiry D. Johnson, Steve l-lfiiqis Rich-nd l-l. Row W1i,ii'- T. Cher llfvhlw l'l. ,lohnsfwi David K. Htl :hr fi., paul L. Nall. l3f"ii,f D. Srnilh. 459 BOTTOM ROW: Susan Barclay, Virfiiinia Holland, Paul Nutt, Pam- ela Rockhold Alan Barfhel Margaret Raines Mike Herman. Rob- erta Schmidt, Ted Kalmon, Betty Driver, Mike Grissom, Linda DeSilva, Nancy Scott. SECOND ROW: Paula Thompson, Jan Wafsori, Karen Braicher, l-larry J. Overman, Jimmy l., McConnell, James Mahaney. Sharon Spicer, John Deaver, Sandra K. Oliver, Darryl Jones, Sharor Babbitt, Phyllis Milam, Soon-Hee Lee. THIRD ROW: Sandra K. Oliver, Avis Whifworth. Alfred L, Mc- Daniel, Jonette Dunlap, Paul Jordan, l-lelen Menard, Don Downinq. Sharon Womfick, Dennis Clark, June Blackerby, Doyle Paden, Mary Anne O'Cornell, TOP ROW: Cynthia Sawfell, Robert Giles. Liz Riddle, James Wilhelm, Gwendolyn Burgess, Judith Burris, Mi- chael lnqham, Marcus R. Barber, Bob Fisher, Kaye Raunilcar, Cafhey l-larjs, Milne Lane, Beryl Nash, James Redelcer, Karen Acord. Dr. Russell Mathis Directs Concert Choir The University of Oklahoma Concert Choir was formed in l963 from the Chorale. lt met the need for a large combined ensemble to per- form music written for a large variety of voices. The presentation of the finest music possi- ble for the satisfaction of both musician and listener is the principle interest of the Concert Choir. Dr. Russell Mathis, director, was assisted this year by Bob Fisher, presidentg lim Wil- helm, assistant directorg Liz Riddle, secretaryg and Dennis Clark and Paul Nutt, managers. The University Concert Choir is one of Eve choral groups oltered by the School of Music to interested students on the Oli campus. Membership in the Concert Choir is gained through auditiong therefore the organization consists of a select and elite group of male and female vocalists. The 57 members of the choir come from a variety of backgrounds and aca- demic interests but are united in the common cause and pleasure of fine choral performance. Since the inception of the group, they have appeared for clubs, civic groups and schools throughout Oklahoma. Concerts this year have even included a tour in Kansas. Other performances were given during the fall and spring semesters, and the group made a spring tour. The Concert Choir is rapidly assuming a position of national importance in their field. They were invited to appear in Kansas City at the National convention of the American Di- rectors Association. This is one of the most highly prized invitations that any collegiate choral group may receive and competition is extremely hard. This award was made on the basis of submitted audition tapes. An appearance with the Oklahoma City Symphony Orchestra provided an opportunity for the choir to wear their new outfits. The ladies wore long white crepe dresses, While the men dressed in black tuxes. The new cos- tumes were obtained this year. i sf . A Delta Sigma Pi Aids Soldiers in Viet Nam OU's business fraternity sent 731 campus packs to US soldiers in Viet Nam as their out- standing project for the year. Other projects included professional tours to various business around the state, while guest speakers gave a diversity of views on business in bi-monthly meetings. Delta Sigma Pi's main annual event is the "Rose of Delta Sigma Pin banquet. Bette Byrd, chosen as Beta Epsilon Bose and presented with the gtraveling trophyf will compete for the national title. Other events are the annual faculty-basketball game and a service project to Norman. Promotion of educational and social benefits to students ot business are the basic purposes of Delta Sigma Pi. Unanimous approval and sophomore standing with a 2.4 average in the College ot Business are required for member- ship. This year's sponsor was Dr. james A. Con- stantin, with joe Lallman jr., as presidentg Clarence Smith, vice president, Bob Beatty, secretary, and Tom Osherwitz, treasurer. .ms- Spring projects include a taculty-student basketball dame de- siqned to draw business students and protessors closer lodether. BOTTOM ROW: Robert L. Gamble, Clarence E. Smith, Joe Loll- rnan Jr., Robert L. Beatty, Torn Osherwitz, Richard Johnson, Gene Yalicki. SECOND ROW: Martin J. Bell, Denney J, Benson, Robert T. Benbow, Duane J. Rosa, Donald N. Jones, John W. Chandler, Larry E. Oakes, Hank E. Laakman. THIRD ROW: R. N. Dunadan, Gomer A. Evans, J. Larry Wilkes, Ronald L. Gold. Donald L. Feinstein, Dewey lvl. Lonnes, Chester lvl. Olson, James R. Coleman. TOP ROW: Ted P. Johnston, Kirk Clausing, Robert Earl Loqan, Robert R. Fonck, George L. Dorsetl, Gary Skibicki, Steven T. Atha, Clyde H. Amyx, Charles R. Spillar. F. J. A. Membership Visits Area Paper 2 si, President Dave Gilloqly, Larry Cliilniclc and Sally Sreed prepare a bulk rriailino io be serf to all chapters and clulos ir: 'be rafion. 3 5 E i fx A field trip to the Oklahoma lournal, larg- est offset produced newspaper in America, was the highlight of the year for FIA members. They observed the actual compilation and pro- cedures of producing a state-wide newspaper. OU,s Future Iournalists of America, the headquarters for college level chapters of FIA, is primarily aimed at freshmen interested in journalism. Both the FIA chapter and club- high school-level FIA-explore and examine the various fields of journalism. Meetings are held monthly and include evening workshops in which national FTA bulletins are prepared for mailing to all chapters and clubs. Officers of Oklahoma Chapter of Future Iournalists of America were Steve Dimick, presidentg Susan White, vice presidentg Nancy Breeden, recording secretaryg Carol Fetterman, corresponding secretaryg Kathy Baily, treasur- erg with Prof. Iohn S. Casey, sponsor and na- tional president since the founding of OU's chapter in 1958. BOTTOM ROW: Larry Cliilniclc, Susan While, Nancy Breeclen. Gloria Grey, Pam Oyiaff, Linda l-laaq. TOP ROW: Susan Holl- Kafby Bailey, Sieve Dirnick, Danielle Roemer, SECOND ROW: inqsworfb, Larry Tawwafer. Phil Caudill, Bob Losure, Bill Oliver, Lirda l-lomfon Sally Dralce, Viclci l-lenderson, Harrieiie l-lelfor William Robirson. - A Q. at if, 6 +4 Vi? 'TCF BOTTOM ROW: Joyce I-larvis, Toni Taylor, Marilyn Todd, Rehec- White Debbie Krox, Lyn Wilkins. TOP ROW: Bonnie Stallings ca Steciall, Sharon Ansley Donna Ro-yse. SECOND ROW: Marv Patricia Arm Turner, Sharon Aw: Van Horn, Beiiv Allen, Marilyn H, Montaomerv, Sandra RCxrt0lds Sqivadiw Schroeder Sui' Ani R. Lindsev Kaye Bosicv. Gamma Alpha Chi's Attend Houston Meeting Mu Chapter of Gamma Alpha Chi, national professional advertising fraternity for women, completed a full year of activities including a regional meeting in Houston in which it join- ed with Alpha Delta Sigma to present a re- ception for the Southwest Begion, and the sale of corsages for Moms, Day. ln November, Mu chapter sponsored the Ten Best Dressed Coeds contest and the first annual style show presenting the winners. Loving cups were given to all of the girls and a "traveling trophyw was presented to Barbara Buskirk, picked to represent OU in Glamour Magazineis national Ten Best Dressed Coeds contest. Gamma Alpha Chi is open to women inter- ested in advertising who are enrolled in an ad- vertising curriculum and have a 2.5 over-all grade average. This year's oilicers were Behccca Stegall, presidentg Donna Boyse and Marilyn Todd, vice presientsg and Sylvia Sheldon, secretary- treasurer. Mary H. Montgomery was faculty sponsor for Gamma Alpha Chi. i li, rid 5 ii Hours oi clwiririfi by Rebecci Stejall, Marilpi Todd ard Deaf: Rovse hee exolaic 'he success oi 'he Best-Dressed Coed contes+ BOl-l'OM ROW: Steve Yarbrough, Darian Debolt. Karen Theinier, Mary E. Sproul Cheryl Coqnnar. Jim Buchanan. SECOND ROW: Howard Westerdabl, Becky Shinault, Pam Woods. Willifini H. Hecht. Bill Weinricli, Gail Kieke, Stewart Linclemann, Beverly Hamilton. THIRD ROW: Bob Mcllroy Dennis Lander, Pat Gamma Delta Writes Dignitaries fit the Chapels dedication were Dr. Oliver l'lfirrns Dr. Georoe Cross, the Rev. William H, l-lecht Dorothy Truex. Dr. Glenn Couch, Gov. Henry Bellmon and Dr. A. O. Fuerbrinqer. Potratz, Mitzi Lechner, Maxine Talbot. Glenda Tiernann, Donna Stephers, Mirciaret Corrsfien. Dorothy McKirrris, Paula Brir"'o'i. TOP ROW: Rose-r Potratz, Dewey Lonnes Mike Brady, David lverson, Gordon Von Stroh, Bill Barker, Doi: Wedekirtd Dick Koch. Viet Nam Soldiers Writing letters of encouragement to the servicemen in Viet Nam was the chief project of Gamma Delta Lutheran organization. Gov- ernor Bellmon and other state leaders endors- ed this project. Any Lutheran student may join Gamma Delta. Its aims include service, fellowship, and the fostering of knowledge of the Bible. Officers were Bill Weinrich, presidentg Pam- ella Wood, vice president, Gail Kieke, secre- taryg Stewart Lindemann, treasurerg Darien De- Bolt, program chairmang Dick Koch, project chairman. Dr. Ralph Bienfang was faculty sponsor and Rev. W. H. Hecht was pastoral adviser. In September the new Lutheran Student Center and Chapel was dedicated. Special pro- grams of the year were a panel discussion on the proof of God's existence, Dr. Francis Ko- vach's lecture on St. Augustine and St. Thom- as Aquinas, and Capt. jim Penrod's talk on his Viet Nam experiences. During the semester break, there was the annual ski trip to Winter Park, Colorado. ISA Enters Sooner The major purposes of the Independent Stu- dents Association are to represent the 13,000 independents on campus and provide social ac- tivites tor them. ISA is credited tor inaugurating Howdy Week. Social activities this year included the 75th Anniversary, Christmas, Post Mortem, and Sweetheart dances, Moms, Day, Dads' Day, and Homecoming coitees, and the Out- standing Independents Banquet. "You Canit Win'em Allf' the ISA entry in Sooner Scandals this year, was directed by Ralph Doty. The act was the first ISA entry in Scandals in years. Pat Lauderdale, Rock Albers, and Mac Sud- duth were presidents, Rock Albers and Bill Cook, vice presidents, Mike Sudduth and Shar- on Cobb, secretaries, Mike Bowles and Wzilter Smith, treasurers, George Moses and Ken Pickle, senators. Faculty sponsors were Ioanne Burkes and Lee Savage and Mrs. lean Hjelle was social sponsor. 4 , Y - Scandals Competition ,- it qv-s g gg ,,,--v-"' . Men planning tor the lSA qrouo are Bill Cook, ac-idemic ,itlnirs chairman? Mac Sudduth, president' and Rock Albers, vice president. l 1 9 BOTTOM ROW: Dorothy Moore, Suzi Merry, Rheta Dewberry, Mike Bowles, Ken Pickle, Joanne Burkes, Rock Albers, Mac Sud- duth, Mrs. Jean Hielle, Bev Bryant, George Moses, Connie Jo Mitchell, Bill Hinkle, Rebecca A. Bain. SECOND ROW: Linda Trentield. Laura Crouch, Diane Lindskooq, Billie Lanktorcl, Kathy Bowlby, Jill Harris, Troy Johnston, Kay Hobbs, Charlotte Cox, Sue Walkingstick, Leslie Martin, Jane Otter, Robin Cooper, Sharon Cobb. THIRD ROW: Bill Stone, Mike Reeves, Charles Miller, Bill Stewart, Jim Barr, Charles E. Tompkins lll, Michael Cuthf bertson, Howard Westerdahl, Carolyn Clayton, Charlotte Har- vell, Donna Freeman, Sherrie Anna, Rosette Morris, Marquita Hall, Cathy Coleman, Sandy Valentine. FOURTH ROW: Will- iam E. Crozier, Ralph Doty, Don Park, Michael L. Bfirrres, Ginfjer Looney, Richard Reid, Raymond Gibson, Mike McCulloh, William M. Rogers, James Robert Pollard, Bill Porch, Robert Green, Grecici Meyers, Sandra Lockhart, Jerry Anderson. TOP ROW: Jerry Jay Srnotrycz, Ron Henderson, C. J. Hurlbut, Wailter Smith, Tom Fereday, Alton Williams Jr., Allen Marcus, Kenneth M. Morris David H. Bennett, William W. Cook lll, Terry Burke, Dave Shollar. India Students Give Film Lectures One of the newest organizations on the Uni- versity of Oklahoma campus is the India Stu- dents Association. The organization is com- posed of students from India studying at the university and any other international student desiring to be a member. Purposes of the association are to promote a closer relationship between the international students and to provide an organized group for acquainting American students with Indian customs, beliefs and problems. First semester officers of the group were Ra- jinder Brah, president, Timir Roy, vice presi- dent, lanet Dhoneson, secretary, Toni Mc- Crary, assistant secretary, Mrs. Pappur Shiva- kumar, treasurer and Prof. Balfour Whitney was faculty sponsor for the group. Second semester officers were Majid Khan, presidentg Ashok Sheth, vice president, Ianet Dhoneson, secretary, Toni McCrary, assistant secretary, Mrs. Shivakumar, treasurer, and Prof. Balfour Whitney, faculty sponsor. First semester activities of the association centered principally around participation in the first annual International Week. The par- ticipation included display of several exhibits of clothes and other articles used in India. Activities of the association during the sec- ond semester included a banquet with a speak- er, several picnics during the spring and the showing of films relating to life in India. Meetings of the association were held every other Friday with programs consisting of guest lecturers and the showing of films. Among guest lecturers appearing in the bi- weekly programs were members of the faculty and other leading citizens of Norman, includ- ing Edward L. Myles, an instructor in the de- partment of geography. In addition to lectures, the association held panel discussions on current world problems and possible solutions. Discussions and edu- cational programs also were held on the pro- motion of better understanding between Amer- ican students and international students at- tending Oklahoma University. , Fi is i i A if f r 1 r t it . . BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Ourdeep Baiari, Toni L. Mccrary, Timir Barah Roy Balfour S, Whitney, Raiihder Singh Brah, Mrs, Varahtha Rao, Mrs. H. M. Reddy, SECOND ROW: Maiid Khan Ramiit K. Maiumder, Mir Maieeduddiri, Mir Ahmeduddin, Viresh C. Desai, Ashok J. Sheth, Subhash V, Kapadia. THIRD ROW: Mihir B. Roy, Kiritlcumar T, Mehta, Pravinchandra J. Mody, Arun N, Shaadi, Kishor Sheih, Moti T. Khemiahi, Bhaqwandas M. Thak- kar, Vireh P. Desai, O. N. Rao. TOP ROW: O. R. Parikh, .latin G. Shah, Suresh C. Sharma, Ramesh K. Mehta, Satish K. Sharma, H. M. Reddy, Azeem Farooki, Gian Sarup, S. Suresh, Abdul Raoof Khan. BOTTOM ROW: Moti Kherniani, Ashok J. Sheth, Viresh Desai, Raoot Khan, Arun Gandhi, Mrs. Beverly Ballard, Sunday Fadulu, Charlie Chetlain, Azeem Faroki, Donna Bishop, Mrs. Zienab EI Hassan, Mohammed El-Hassan, Ada Deakins. Ramonita L. Mesina, Erlinda L. Reyes, Marianela Martinez, Emirva Martinez. SECOND ROW: Diane Turner, Jean Sarrett, Dickye Richardson, Vivian Bell, Mir Maieeduddin, Fotis Barqeiiatoes, Timir Baran Roy, Bhagwandas Thakkar, Judy Ediger, Mohammed Estahani, lb- rahim M. EI Hassan, Dushyant Arab, Esther de Martinez, Ana de Perruoio, Kadru Adachi. TOP ROW: Mehdi Ghattarzadeh, Ken- neth B. Lyons. Jatin G. Shah, Pravinchandra J. Mody, R. K. Mehta. P. H. Sheng, V. K.-Mehta, Marcias Martinez, Mir Yousut- uddin, Akihiko Taira, Hisashi Takeda, Tomas Perruolo, Ashok Shenoiikar. International Club Holds Banquet of ations A "Banquet of Nationsfi a fashion show and an "International Fair" Were the major activities of the International Club this year. Founded at OU in 1946, the International Club promotes better understanding among students from various countries. Officers were Mashlcoor Alam, presidentg David Bennett, vice presidentg Claudia Wilson, secretaryg Adnan Turk, treasurerg and Dr. Christos Constantinides, faculty sponsor. Most of the 520 international students at OU this year belonged to the organization. Any other person interested in the club may also become a member. The International Club sponsored a trip to Indian City near Anadarko and held bi-Weekly meetings Where the international students shared the culture and arts of their home countries. Also the International Club main- tained a student center and published a month- ly newsletter, "The Internationalf, This club does much to improve student understanding of international relations. H , Officers include-BOTTOM ROW: Mashkoar Alam, president: Christos Constantinides, faculty sponsorg Claudia Suzanne Wilson, secretary. TOP ROW: David H. Bennett, vice president: Maiid Khan, India Students Association president: Adnan Turk, treasurer. BOTTOM ROW: Pafviz Ohaiar Abdolhosseiri Baheirloui. Khossrow Dlloa Avi Moqhar-ibi, Mitra Moohadam, l-losseiir M. Moqhadam Kfizem Moirizadeh, Reza Molavi, Morleza Nassir, Bahram Amiriia-'i. SECOND ROW: Aiariri fxrisfiri, Marina Varffmy, Ami' Maz- lviii, Mfissoumeh Diba, Forouqh Moriharabi, M.1rlhfiWeld. Andrea J. Millei Margaret M. Lorida, Bfirbara S, Adams Corrie Sue Hicks, Rfimirie Nabiz-ideh, Liwdfi Nobizsideh, THIRD ROW: I-loomam Koohvar Babak Koohvai' Maryam Koohyar, Alan Vfiriany Mehdi Mazhari, Carlene Baharlou. Siavosh Dehesh Ali A. Za- marii, Jalnf Samimi, Mehdi Gl'iElfiIr:il'Z?idSfi r':fii-had Morshed, Ali Said Pxrniri, Reza Nabizadeh. TOP ROW: Ameer N, KOOfT7fi'il' Morad Salfhaee, S. M. Mofeez, Khosrew Ansari, Oholomreza Sharie- hchiavx Bfihmfnri Farid, Fereidoum Sfxlemia. Abbas Esmfiili, Par'- iborz F. F-av-shad l'lf!SS'!Yi S. Ohorfislw, Mehdi Mefohalchi, Moz- -ifar Diba. Iranlan Students Seek Better Understanding Chris+mas fellowship ai the House of lrari is enioved by Balimari Farid, Bahram Amiriiafafi, Hossein Moqhsdam and Parviz Ghaiar. The Iranian Students Society was founded on the OU campus in 1958 for students con- cerned with presenting cultural and social ac- tivities for development of a better understand- ing between the people of Iran and the United States. Iranian students are intrigued with campus life here at the University of Okla- homa and take an active role on campus. Membership in the society requires only per- sonal interest in Iran, its people and culture and the payment of semester dues. Meetings are held bi-monthly in the Ilouse of Iran on Elm Street followed by refreshments and social dancing. Principal activities of the Iranian students are a faculty tea party held first semester and a banquet and dance held after spring hrealc. They also sponsor classes in the Persian lan- guage. Officers for i965-66 were Bahram Amirija- fari, presidentg Kazem Nloinzadeh, vice presi- dentg Parviz Ghajar, treasurerg and Reza lVlo- lavi, sports chairman. 700 Students Participate in odel U The Model United Nations held its seventh session in February as 700 delegates, including l50 from other campuses, intensely debated current UN issues for three days at the Ckla- homa Center for Continuing Education. The Model UN,s objectives are educational and include two elements-acquired know- ledge of international problems and an under- standing of the UN process of debate and leg- islative accord. Topics debated this year includ- ed such controversial items as apartheid, dis- armament, and the question of Red China's representation in the UN. Participation in the Model United Nations is open to all interested students, and selection for country assignments is quite competitive. It began and has continued under the spon- sorship of the QU chapter of the Collegiate Council for the United Nations, a national col- lege afliliate of the United Nations Association of America. Dr. Rufus Hall, professor of political science, was faculty adviser. Leaders in lbis years Model UN include--BOTTOM ROW: Jay Woolely, Gary Elm, Donna Kilgore, Frank Olney. TOP ROW: John Wells, Eric Feever, Georjqo Moses find Dr. Rulus l-lull. Model UN cleleqfites meet lri the Forum Room oi the Oklahoma Center tor Contiriulno Education to qive proceedinrgs on authentic atmosphere. 469 Mortar Board Builds Loyalty, Leadership 40 Mortar Board officers plfawairii fm fin Call 'yealkfptiiii fare Jil Rf' tier Olde Rot.-ix Jan-1 Pi :lard f'f-Ve, lwvrsn fied Cfvh, Callilw, Nlortar Board is a national senior vvomen's honor society. Ol Vs Owl and Triangle chap- ter was founded in range from 5 to 25 This organization loyalty, to advance fellowship, and to l925. Menihership may members. strives to promote college the spirit of service and recognize and encourage leadership. lt is also their goal to stimulate and develop a finer type of college woman. Officers for this year were Cathy Callahan, presidentg Io Ann Allen, vice presidentg jill Re- her, secretaryg Penny lsom, treasurerg and jane England, Tassels representative. lVlrs. Ruth Hankowskyg Mrs. Dorothy Fritz, Nlrs. Gail dc Stwolinslci, and Dr. Dorothy Truex were sponsors. ' Mortar Board memhers select the top ll freshman women and announce them in the fall at their annual walkout held in conjunc- tion with the Pe-et Pou'woxx'. Other annual ac- tivities include the Smarty Party, crystal dis- play, junior tea, and Homecoming hrunch. BOTTOM ROW: Gail de Sfvvolinski, Penny Lynn lsorn, E. Jane Nancy Monftionieiv, Niki Meek, Vicki Goichni. TOP ROW: Mai'- Erirgltivcl, Cliihv Cfillahfiit Jo Ann Allen Jill Reber. SECOND iarel McConnell, Karen Acoid Chfirlire l-lfiiiison Cafhev i-lfanns ROW: Judy Orff' Caiol Aww Reid Sugar Blim, Gavin Ann Rossi Linda M:Oaillc:' Ruth Arr Fisher Kate" Lei Black, 470 JA, ' 1 'i' ' l 1 f L ,...T,, l , . . i F BOTTOM ROW: Glen Burns, Jiclc Holloway, Dr. Percy Buchanan, Jim Phillips, Tom Filip, Gordon Mobley. SECOND ROW: Albert Bauman, Kaye Phares, Brenda Roberts, Caryl Love, Aurelia Mob- ley, Pat Bazhaw, Jay Feldman. TOP ROW: Bob Roberts, Robert Henderson, Garland Hope Jr., J. Thomas Kelly lll, Paul F. Hal- pern, Jack Randall Jobe, Bob Foote, Les Brown. OU Judo Club Teaches Contact Sport Dr. Percy Buchanan, director of the Insti- tute of Asian Affairs and professor of history, was this yearis faculty sponsor for the OU Iudo Club. loel ulicki' Holloway held the position of president of the club, with lim Phillips assist- ing him in the post of vice president and Glenn Burns performing the duties of secretary- treasurer. The primary purpose of the Iudo Club is to instruct its members in the art of judo as a contact sport. They also worked this year for the acceptance of judo as a collegiate sport. Membership is open to all university-all'iliat- ed persons interested in the sport. lnstructive meetings were held at least twice weekly and monthly tournaments or ushaiaif, were sponsored by "Atarashii Kaif' Oklaho- ma,s judo organization. The final tournoment was held in April. Members also held a promotional clinic, in which they advanced first from the white belt to the green belt. Falling for a qirl like this can be murder, Jiclr Holloway decides as he sees Jim Phillips being thrown by freshman Carol Love. BOTTOM ROW: Jose Pirvero, l. H. Lowsley Jr., Wally Encgelken, Richard Davis, Huynh Ba Thoi, George C. Quisl Jr., Farokh Rasa Howard Vincent, Bob Miller, Stan Little, Stanley C. Mazaleski, Dan oulkhani, W. R. Mathews. TOP ROW: Gustavo H. Garcia, Her- E. Guyer, Max J. Wilcornb, Robert Y, Nelson, Cornelius Askew bert J. Abbott, Richard S. Krarnkowski, Jarnes A, Kraeqer, Calvin Jr., Allen C. Moll. SECOND ROW: Donald C. Gilbert, Tomas C. Vauqhn, Jerry W. Bryant, Don G. Brown, Hale Vanderrner, Perruolo, Nelson Perry, Bob I.. Dillard, M. F. Reece. Joe A. Coy- Troy W. Lowry, Larry O. Garten, Robert H. Gibson, Kimsfay Sfiinfi, inrilori, Charles Wauhop, John P. Conrad. Abdelrnhrnan M. Ra- Timothy L. Morris H. S. Oey, Torn Love, harna Hector Herrera, Buich Naole, Dale Hart, Charles W. Boyd OU Public Health Club nique Chapter Oklahoma University Public Health Club was founded in l95O at the University of Ok- lahoma. This is the only chapter of its kind in the country at the present time. The principal aims of the organization are to promote the best interests and welfare of the department of sanitary science of the Uni- versity of Oklahoma and its students. Also stressed by this organization is the promotion of fellowship between students enrolled in the department of sanitary science and between this department and those of other schools and colleges of this university. This club also strives to further knowledge and its application in the field of public health. Qualifications lor membership in the Public Health Club re- quire that a student be properly enrolled in a course in public health or sanitary science. Monthly meetings were held in the Student Union. Cuest speakers were often on hand to give talks on public health activities. Dr. Carl Nan from the University Medical School in Oklahoma City was invited this year to speak to the club. Mr. Richard Vaughan also was a guest speaker. Mr. Vaughan is the director of the Robert S. Kerr Water Pollution Center. There have also been speakers from the US Department of Agriculture. the Food and Drug Administration, the US Public Health Ser- vice, the Oklahoma State Department of Pub- lic Health, and the World Health Organiza- tion. Many of the members of the organization are international students. This association with these students provides all members with a general understanding of world health con- ditions. Many of these international students will take back home with them a broader un- derstanding of public health. They may be able to put this knowledge to work in an at- tempt to improve living conditions in their native lands. Officers this year were Stanley F. Little. presidcntg Stanley C. Mazaleski, vice presidentg Bobby Earl Miller, secretaryg and Dr. Maxwell Wilcomb, faculty sponsor. GDK Promotes Versatility in College Life Omicron Delta Kappa, national leadership honor society, was founded at Vlfashington and Lee University in 1914. lts founders believed that exceptional leadership and versatality in college should be recognized and that repre- sentative men in all phases of college life should cooperate in worthwhile endeavor for the university. Members are selected from the ranks of jun- iors, seniors, graduate and faculty men. Out- standing scholarship as well as exemplary char- acter, genuine fellowship, dedication to demo- cratic ideals and special achievement in cam- pus activity are requirements for membership. An annual activity was the presentation of the Omicron Delta Kappa Talent Show for Moms, Day weekend. Proceeds from this April event provided a substantial scholarship. This scholarship was given to an outstand- ing high school senior boy in the area who plans to attend the University of Oklahoma. Officers of the group were Iohn Kirton, presi- dent, Sam Vinson, vice president, Robert Vaughn, treasurer, and Dr. Philip Nolan, fac- ulty sponsor. Omicron Delta Kappa was established on the OU campus in 1955. Its membership, drawn from all phases of college life, recog- nizes men who have made outstanding con- tributions to campus activities and programs. Because its membership is drawn from the campus leaders who mold student opinion, ODK gives students and faculty members the opportunity to meet on a basis of mutual in- terest, understanding and helpfulness in dis- cussing pertinent campus issues. The purpose of Omicron Delta Kappa is threefold: to recognize men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate ac- tivities, to bring together the most representa- tive men in all phases of collegiate life, to bring together members of the faculty and student body of the university on a basis of mutual in- terest and understanding to meet these aims. f dns' BOTTOM ROW: Grayson P. Van Horn, John C. Kirton. Robert Vauqhn, Sam Vinson. TOP ROW: Carl S, Schreiner, Rufus New- ton Dunaqari Ill, Milne Ritz, Edward K. Livermore Jr. l Q A .4 Px fx A BOTTOM ROW: Glenn C, Couch, Phillipa Prather, Lynda Mar- qaref l-larris, Gary Blasi, Kyle McCarfer, Carol Ann Reid, Judy Chapman. SECOND ROW: Randall Huffman. Patrick D. Fit7- frerald, N. D. Moscoe, Kenneth Maddox, Mark Chambers, William T, Sfewarl, Elaine Heath, Elizabeth Mcfknally. THIRD ROW: William C, Weinrich, David A. Burns, Susan Arrnsfronq, Paul R. Hamilton, Larry N. l-ledges, Bill Hinkle, Richard Koch, Carole Choate, Suzanne Marrs. TOP ROW: Gary Hensler, Ken Loffer, Mark E. Adams, William Cook lll, Joe R. Flippo, James Thomp- son, Joel C. Ewinfi, John A. l-lenslcy,J.S1eyo l-larqis,S1eyr: Wilson. OU Scholars Present Best Teacher Award This was thc second year of existence for the new honorary group on the university campus, the OU Scholars. Membership in the group is quite selective. To be eligible, a stu- dent must have been a University Scholar dur- ing his freshman year and must maintain an over-all grade average of 3.0 to keep his mem- bership status. While members of the group were only sec' ond and third year students, many had at- tained senior and even graduate standing. Oflicers for the year were Kyle lVIcCarter, president, Carol Reid, vice president, Gary Blasi, treasurer, Iudy Chapman, recording sec- retary, Phillipa Prather, corresponding secre- tary, and Lynda Harris, historian. Dr. Glenn Couch, dean of University College, was adviser. Meetings were held about once a month. At one meeting future projects were discussed with the group deciding to present an award to the professor that the scholars felt was most out- standing in the field of teaching. At another meeting, Dr. Arrell Gibson, chairman of the history department, discussed records of Oklahoma history that the group might be able to uncover from the attics and trunks of friends, neighbors, and relatives. Such personal records arc of great value to the historian he told the group. Three winners of Lottinville awards of past years were members of OU Scholars. These were Michaelyn Barker, Lynda Harris, and Gary Blasi. Other scholars continued to build impressive academic and extracurricular records, with one scholar receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree after only two years of study at the university. Dedicated to excellence in scholarship, OU Scholars found time to welcome and guide the freshman scholars at OU. Pe-et Honors Scholarship, Leadership Dedication of the Pe-ct twin oaks was the highlight of the year for this Senior lVlen's honorary group. The oaks stand for scholar- ship and leadership, the two criteria for mem- hership in Pe-et. Pe-et, founded in l9lU, is the oldest honor society on the OU campus. Its aim is to rec- ognize the lil outstanding senior men on the campus and at the same time to uphold In- dian traditions estahlished hy Oklahoma trihes. Pe-et takes its name from an Indian word meaning "10hest." Serving as ollicers this year were Robert Vaughn, presidentg Grayson Van Horn, vice presidentg lVlike Ritz, secretaryg and lohn Kir- ton, treasurer. Faculty adviser was Charles R. Galhraith. Pe-et names the Top l0 Freshman lVlen each fall at the society,s annual Pow-VVOW, held just helore the Mortar Board Wtllkout. lVlen1- hers ol Pe-et also choose the next yearls mem- hers and hold the tapping ceremony for them in the spring. A spring picnic is also given. . f Dr. George Cross visiw wirh Pcrei members Robert Vauwhw Wd R. N. Dtihaqaiv iv the North Oval, where Po-et plfwthd Two fzfiks. 1, , Q .au ws. 1.5, . A A 4-mu ' 1 V' U- in ' ...fs-aug, 9-of' ,,,,,, BOTTOM ROW: Johv C. Kirtorr, Roliveii G. V-au ihv' Givvs " P Van l-lorry R. N. Duvmrgfm. TOP ROW: Johh D. Wells Russ Bari tee. Michael C. Ritz Sam Vinson, Ralph D. Ridlirwihfater. 475 BOTTOM ROW: David A, Burris, Sidney W. Kitchel, Gregg A. Lee, James L. Mchlrath, Jerry E. Perioo, Randall H, Huiiman, William T, Stewart, J, Sleven Hfirdis, Siewfiri E, Lane, Jon M. Bedciwell. SECOND ROW: Joe K. Jackson Jr., Tim R. Tyler, Richard D. Coleman Frederic J. Fenner, Terry A, Seba, Richard D. Roberts Laurence L, Pirlcertor, Douglas L. Inhoie, Millard J. Wooley, C. Victor Williams, Kenneth D. Ray, Patrick L. Mullens, Jeilrey I. Jacobson, Joe B, Champion, Larry Hedges, Gary M. Siuver. THIRD ROW: Dan Walters Marvin Lehmann, Kenneth F. Loiier, Richard T. Schuliz Myron K. Meinhardi, Rolland J, Si. Aubiw Lfirrr, Drimas Luis Rodriguez, Georcie l.,. LeVfin Michael I.. Graves, Charles B, Jordan, Sleven B. Golcer, Bruce H, Fruech linri, Kenneth li. Lyons. FOURTH ROW: Michael A, Osborne, Stanley G. Oslcamp, Walter A. Smith Jr., Morden K. Powell. Ede Wir A, Rieke, Donald N, Jores, David A, Daniel, Darian C. De- Bolt, Rock D. Albers, Elslfjfillt? E. Johnson, Robert M. Gray James Pratt. Jack R. Grisham. FIFTH ROW: Henry P. Roberson, Siu- ari A. Bach, Kevin D. Lowe, Charles M. Floren, James M. Barr Matthew J, Reise-r, Alan H. Lemmon Terry L. Collins, Johr' W. Reese, Terry S. Wilson. William E. Cromwell, James D. Lewis. TOP ROW: Roqer A. Brady, Thomas P. Guilloil, John F. Hendry, Jeilrey Van Myers, J. David Stevens, Paul R. Shreiner, Bob E. Dies, Roy A. SimrnonsJr,, James N. Thompsor Jr., Gary L. Hens' lor, William W. Goolc Virfiil L. Holden, Thornic H. I-lvlielcl Gor don E. Taylor Ji., Charles D. Deulscli. Phi Eta Sigma Encourages Scholarship Fall initiates-BOTTOM ROW: James Mulvfi Slarley Shelter, J 1, Weiraf,le:ii: Robrerl Simmons, Earl Smilh, Geolfie Tillell, Larry Hol- linrislirviid. TOP ROW: Don l'Ifinmer, James VVhile, John Bed' lord Dwi S-issfiio, Bill lNoods, Fred Silvia ard Bolo Golernfirr. The purpose of Phi Eta Sigma is to promote a higher standard of learning and to encour- age high scholastic attainment for freshmen men. Membership is open to any man who at- tains a grade-point average of 3.5 or above for the First semester ol his freshman year or an over-all average of 3.5 for his freshman year. Phi Eta Sigma was founded in l923 at the University oi lllinois, and has since grown to include l2l chapters throughout the United States. The OU chapter was established in l927. This yearis otlicers were Randall Hurliman, presidentg jerry Perigo, vice president: William Stewart. secretary: Steve llargis, treasurerg and lim IVlcElrath, historian. Dr. Paul Ruggiers served as faculty adviser. Initiation ol new members was held in the fall and spring. Eight members of Phi Eta Sigma were among this yearis Top lil Freshman IVIen. Tra- ditionally many ol its members later attain membership in senior honorary societies. Pi mega Gives Service To Community Pi Omega women's service organization aims to provide service to the campus and com- munity and to promote friendship and cooper- ation among university Women. The officers were Ellen Colby, president, Paula Fishman, vice president, Kay Meacham, corresponding secretary, Sherri Pierce, record- ing secretary, Rosilyn lohnson, treasurer, Nan- cy English, historian, and Gayle Wells, fac- ulty sponsor. Pi Omega women make daily visits to the infirmary and weekly visits to Norman rest homes and to the Cerebral Palsy Center. Each year a Red Cross clothes and toy drive is spon- sored by Pi Omega. This year the organization participated in a football game for the United Fund. They also lent assistance in elections. Membership is open to any university Woman who is interested in being of service to her school and community. After they com- plete l0 hours of service and at least one hour in each of the four visitation programs, pledges are initiated into Pi Omega. Pi Omega pledqes listen attentively as pledge trainer Paula Fishman explains Pl Omeqa proiects proposed tor the cominci year. BOTTOM ROW: K. Hutt, L. Cohen, L. Stattord, D. Downinq, N. English, M. Downinci, S. Dessauer, K. Meacham, P. Fishman, E. Colby, S. Pierce, R. Johnson, S. Morrison, R. Smith, B. Cohen, L, Hall, L. Keator, R. Rotklein. SECOND ROW: Z. Skinner, J Baxter, O. Maynard, J. Moncreif, K. Alt, E, Draqanza, J. Gold- tield. B, Herd, L. Belstock, J. Fine, P. Vernon, J. Kantor, N. Ax- elrod, J, Garner. M. Smith, J. Alexander, B. Boyd, L. Bloomen- stiel, C. Eley, L. May, A. Elliott, J. Meyer, D. Logan, S. Bloom, D. Joyce, S. Oouldy, J, Aaronson. THIRD ROW: M. Borelli, D. Brown. M. White, N. Thomas, C. Cox, J. Shields, l. Gerson, T. Brauman, J. Cohen, M. Becker, J. Overturt, C. Rittenberq, D. Hirsch, T. Zimmerman S. Solar, C. Bernstein. M. Saltz, S. Swan- son, S, Basolo, L. McDonald, J. Bloom, J. West, J. Kyle. S. lyy FOURTH ROW: L. Tisdal, C. Cornell, J. Baker J. Ash, P. Her dricks, P. Johnson, S. Bromberq, R. Reiter, R, Wallensteii' A Beecher, J, Clark, C. Park, J. Tesch, N. Hohl, J. Linehan, J. Law son, B. Walters, D. Abel. T. Haqemann, J. Sorrels, K. Blosscr, L Ellsworth, R. Wilson. FIFTH ROW: C. Shervanick P. Taylor, M Ledbetter, J. Roe, L. Clarke, M. Oaqle, Dee Dee Becker S Weiner, V. Kaplan, B. Zox, B, Seqal, J. Strozier, K. Sparks, A McKinney, Ci. Rippy, P. Carpenter, P. Koza, C. Loeb, S. Lawrence C. Smith, J. Skinner, K. King. TOP ROW: Jo Anne Garvin. P Hulsey, J. Mitchell, H. Tracewell, K. Lund, S. Renov, P. Foley C. Clayton, C. Schieter, L. Golden. Q-N., nav BOTTOM ROW: Jimmie l-lamillon, Ellen lvlcliown, Linda Glat- Jariel lvlccombs. TOP ROW: Beverly Schurmem, Carol Burke 'eldai Jan Creelcmore, Dr. Raymond R. White. SECOND ROW: Juclv Porch, Nadine Wilccamb N.-may Cfirm-iii, iviarciaidet Stmrqe Jiiwi Smi'l'i, Jill Bell Norma Oliver, Laura Blair, Linda Hauser, Pi Omega Pi Delegates Attend Convention , L3 'ZW Li' 478 fees! Officers planning meetings are Laura Blair Linda Glatlelder, Jan Creelcmore, Ellen lvicKown Norma Oliver and Dr. G. A. Porter, Pi Omega Pi, honorary business education fraternity founded in 1923 at Northeast lVliss- ouri State Teachers College, unites into one membership all students of high scholastic standing toward a life of business teaching. Pi Omega Pi now has over 125 active chapters giving recognition to outstanding scholarship and further instruction in business education. National POP conventions are held biennial- ly, where outstanding chapter members are awarded expense-paid trips. Membership in OU,s Alpha Lambda chap- ter requires enrollment in a business teacher education curriculum, completion of 3 semes- ters, 12 hours of business, 3 hours of educa- tion with a 3.0 average and in the upper 35 per cent ol' the class. Ollicers this year were lVlrs. Ellen 1V1cKown, presidentg Linda Glatlelder, vice president, jan Creekmore, secretary, l. D. Hamilton, treas- urerg Norma Oliver, historian, Laura Blair, re- porter, and Dr. Gerald A. Porter, sponsor. President's Award Goes to Top Students The President's Leadership Award program was initiated by President George L. Cross in l96l. President Cross explained that 6'By rec- ognizing lcadership in the same way we rec- ognize scholastic and athletic excellence, We can encourage more high school students to accept their responsibilities as the future lead- ers of our state." Each recipient is awarded a certificate of merit which attests to his leader- ship capabilitics during high school. Each winner who wishes to enroll in the leadership training course as a member of the President's Leadership Class at QU is present- ed a Lew Wentz scholarship of at least 35250. Members of the class attended a 12-week series of seminars conducted by key adminis- trators, professors and student leaders who spoke on all phases of university activity and encouraged members ot the class to develop their varied talents. The group also served on numerous special assignments from the Presi- dentis Otlice. Selection to membership in the Presidents Leadership Class is a distinction tor top students such as Eugene Hilderbrandt, Jim Gregory, Bill Watson, Bob Tally, Susan Basolo and Tom Milstead. BOTTOM ROW: Donna Jo Austin, Beverlie Boyd Tom Milstead, Bob Talley. Susan Basolo, Euqene hlilderbrandt, Jim Greqory, Bill Watson, Pcqqy Claris, Gayle Barrett, Janie Blackburn, Jackie Sharp. SECOND ROW: Janie Keesee, Ann Beard, Nance Land- don, Janie Semple Judy Poole, Steve Doughty, C. M. Palmer, Mark Tanton, Kaye Cornelison, Mary Chronister, Michelle Pass, Brooksie D. Townley, Mary J. Sutton, Deanne Nelson, Alicia Prince. THIRD ROW: Joe Johnson, Jack R. Edens, Larry Atch- ley, Torn Morton, Dave Cummins, Larry Carey, Jerry Anderson, Judy M. Smith, Dee Ann Barton. Cathy Coulter, Sherrye Smith Kay Robinson, Braden Cross, Robert Bowser, Brad Johnston Charles Blaclcrnon, Jacque Childress, Mary Ann Reed. TOP ROW: Jerry W. Diclc, Robert V, Reilly, Thomas S. Landrith, David Enri- lish Jerry D, Allen, Leonard l-loclc Bob Mathews, Raymond Gib- son, Phail Wynn Jr., Al Thomas, Joe Winters, Guy P. Staqnei Jr., Kenneth W. Klinqenberq, D. Don Spradlin, Marla Rollins, Robert Lyon, Danny Givens. BOTTOM ROW: Mickey Cottom, George Moses, Harris S. Segal, Dan Quinn, Merle Arens, lmmo Gabbe, Bo Bolton, Bob Restor Kay Carletti, Bill Madsen, Richard DeSpain, Charles Mason. TOP August A. Miller, Mike Martin, Ken Clark. ROW: Claude L. Dorsey, Bob Sexton, Dennis Read, Joseph Edvy, l Raf-Naka Cheer Big Red Team in Nebraska I ,, . . 'Ma .W Intramural football gives Rui-Nek members the opportunity to play the game that they support throughout the Big Red's fall season. The Ruf-Neks, the oldest men's pep club in the nation founded in 1915, has had as its principal aim the fostering of school spirit, the aiding and assisting of cheerleaders, and the protection of the campus in case of inter-school rivalry. The qualifications for membership in the organization include an 8 to 10-Week pledge period. The Ruf-Neks have in the past given the tra- ditional "go-go-go awardw to the outstanding basketball player at each home game. Each year the Ruf-Neks make a trip to a football game away from Norman. This year they traveled to Lincoln, Nebraska, to Watch and cheer the Sooners. Ofiicers this year for the Ruf-Neks were Harris Segal, president, Richard DeSpain, vice presidentg George Moses, secretary, Bill Mad- son, treasurerg and Mickey Cotton, pledge trainer. This year's Ruf-Nek queen Was Cindy Gauntt, member of Pi Beta Phi. Sigma Tau Furthers The aims of Sigma Tau are to further en- gineering education by encouraging students to greater effort and to promote fellowship among students training for the engineering profession. lVlu chapter of Sigma Tau, chartered at the University of Oklahoma in l9l6, is one of the oldest honorary organizations on campus. Sig- ma Tau was founded at the University of Nebraska in 1004, and now boasts 28,000 na- tional members, 2,000 of which are from OU. Officers were Henry Williams, president: Ron Alasin, vice president, Pershing Hicks Tr., secretary: Ray Harris, treasurer, Frank Dugan, historian, and H. K. Bone, faculty sponsor. Major activities included monthly lectures, several parties, and the spring initiation ban- quet. The Pyramid is the otiicial publication of the national fraternity. To be eligible for membership, engineering students must have 90 hours or more and be in the upper one-third of their class. Engineering Education . ini Meeting by the Sioma Tau pyramid are Dorald Reilly Pershing t-licks Jr., t-tenry Williams, Ron Allison and Prot. t-tarotd Bone. BOTTOM ROW: Peter M. Border, Robert L. Vowelt Jr., Charles C, t' Ji., Montiomery R. Coats, John J. Thomasson, Rershr ir'i hticks Jr. Ronald A. Alasir Jim A. Dietrich Frark J. Dtrzar Ci, W. RiSf't'l'iOCV6li. SECOND ROW: Robert Wright Charles Lyon, James C. Martin David E. Andrews t-tarold Bone, Robert F. Fietdinfz Jr. James t-t. Grunz, Jerry L. Foote James W. Will' itms Henri, L. Williams, Dcnfild A. Reilly Gary Kilpatrick Charles Alvior'n, Victor C. Bastroh. THIRD ROW: Thomas W. Sl'-inaul' Maurice M. Kharma, Dennis J. Alexander Mike Ritz, Wilbur Ches- ri,1 Robot' Meese Leslie R. Conner, Charles Clark, Charles td. Trzcpi Rifnfvnd L. t-tarris Orr, M. Wilsor Kent Smitt Dorald E. Blinn, William A. Kennedy, Bahman S. Moohadam. Samuel C. Swift, John Rirkerton, Kenneth Maddox, James l-t. Vausihan. FOURTH ROW: Sam Hatcher, Terrence Ticket David L. Bon- durarit, Richard J. Matteson Oeorde Falk, John Suter. Jack Cros- bie Marion D. Gurney, Michael A. Lilly, William O. Brinkman, Thomas D. Sawyer, Charles E. Cradduck, Glen R. Darnelt, Gerald Jores William E. Smith, Jon M, htutt. TOP ROW: Bob Uda, Aiec Pearce Maruel Cosmea R. T. Brown Martin Arwdersor, Car- los A. Alemai' Douglas C. l-lifghtield, Robert L. Shick Jr., Charles E. Rose James Gamble, William M. Woodard Anthony L. l-tines James Mctytaller. Roi Caruthers Doujilis Darner. BOTTOM ROW: Roberf Vincent, Jolnn Gorrell, Janie Means, Ted Morris, Jerry Risenlnoover. SECOND ROW: William D. Petillo, Verlin R. Wooley, Anna K. Sturges, Shirley Lyon, Sue Skinner, Lila M. Eelirends, George A. Cooper, Patricia Lehman, Rose Mary Sheelny, Dora M. Durham, Dean Villines, Norman lnqleff, Edgar- ifa Jones, Diclcye B. Mines, Hazel G. Garrett, Janice Ranfa, San- dra Petliick, Patricia McDonald, Marilyn Marcum, Rebecca Riclia arson, Velinfa Bolinger, Christine Russell. THIRD ROW: Jolnn T. Butler, Gerald Huffman, Larry D. Spencer, Jimmy Wiley, J, B. Brannen, Judy A, Crain, Mabel L. Church. Pearl Williams, Kale M. Gault, Evelyn M. Lee, Lena H. Howell, Maxine Hays, Hilma Duey, Liz Yoakum, Deloris Dillard, Efl1elWilliamson, Jane Haines, Gwendolyn P. Morris, Ofrah Kulla, Marion A. Mace, Geraldine R. Anderson, Mary Briffon, Rose Willis. TOP ROW: Tom Craig, Dick Randoph, Louis P. Ybarra, Jerry Tayor, Larry Martin, James Bohanon, Jerry DeLozier, Dennis M. Sharp, Wesley Ruclcer, Herman T. Breslners, George G. Overturf, George W. Gossaqe. Charles Waite, Nathan C. Martin, Joe Brown, Winston Dunaway, Ollie Woodard, Russell Warner, Bill Cliuculate. Social Work Club Presents Films, Forums C s 'lr if Q . if Community Action Program director of Oklahoma City, Walfer Mason, tells the club of the successes of the War on Poverty. The Social Work Club, founded at the Uni- versity of Oklahoma in 1952, Works to ac- quaint students With the opportunities in the field of social Work. The club is open to all students and faculty interested in social work. Social work includes three major fields of research - community organization, group therapy, and psychotherapy. Monthly club meetings feature outstanding speakers from across the country, and present films, forums, and discussion groups as inform- ative programs. A social hour is held follow- ing each meeting. One project of the Social Work Club is a student loan fund which it sponsors for the benefit of its members. Ofiicers this year were Bob Vincent, presi- dent, Ted Morris, vice president, lane Means, secretary, Iohn Gorrell, treasurer, and Leon Ginsberg, sponsor. Social activities include an annual fall pic- nic and an annual spring party. SA Events Include Direction Career Day The Society for Advancement of Manage- ment, better known as Sooner SAM, was founded in 1912 and currently has 210 chap- ters in the United States. The aims of the organization include the de- velopment of human resources and providing business with a better employee to train, mold, and refine to meet its needs. The OU chapter was recognized as the fourth best out of the 210 in the nation. It also received a growth award for significant increase in membership. The Society for Advancement of Manage- ment, held its regular meetings on the First and third Wednesdays of the month. Special events which were held included the Direction Career Day in December, the annual spring banquet and special debates. Officers were Silas W. Cassett, president, Bob Graham, Don Hudson, and Charles Wa- ters, vice presidents, Don Wilson, secretary, Bryan Ballard, treasurer, and Dr. S. E. Robb, faculty sponsor. Guest speakers and panel discussions are a regular part ot the programs ot the Society tor the Advancement ot Management BOTTOM ROW: Linda J. Aqee, Robert Graham, Don L. Wilson, Silas W, Oossett, Willifam C. WcllGIk3, Donald C. Hudson, Bryan M. Ballard. SECOND ROW: Carolyn F. Prescott, James L. Yeary Jr., Bruce L. l'llclcr'nfan, Leslle J. Dernan, Thornas T. Ikeda, Sarn Tennant, Sheryl J. Freeman. THIRD ROW: Victor l-l. Hernrny Jr., Larry l-l. Lemon, Michael Barlow, Joe Maldonado. Gary Shay ler. Ronald L. Gold, Larry L. Gmyblll, Robert C. Strader, TOP ROW: Wlllllrnv R, Loqan, Clarence K. C5lQ1lC, Torn R. Rernpel Lee M, She'tor,, Don L. Klrdley. George L. Dorsett Jerome B Titus Robert K. lfearrs, Edward N. Stmder. Q 9 A I , , , ...,, . ,Y 1 A? X 4: .ff 45 ev rf f , T me ,S . 5 , : fm- v r L .X ' uf 1 1 , -, f i , 2 - 5 as BOTTOM ROW: E. Jane England Jane Seay, Janie Potts, Paula Landrith, Juanita O'Donley, Susar Shepard, Marlene Sims. SEC- OND ROW: Betsy Foree, Eller Colby, l-lolly Kinkade. Carolyn Farina Nancy Keesee, Bonney Bassniann. THIRD ROW: Lynda , 53 Treichler, Doreen Nash, Cynthia Pruitt, Sherri Pierce, Sharon Gatlord, Jan Sneed, Adele Pune, Cheryl Todd. TOP ROW: Bar- bara Voiles, Molly McCormick, Judy l-lauq, Judy Chapman, Betty Driver, Judy l-lead, Stacey Shannon, Sandra lvienetee. Tassels Provides Recognition for Service Planning Womens Recoonition Night proqrarrls and activities tor April are Paula Landriiln, Doreen Nash, Janie Potts and Jane Seay. Tassels is a fraternity to honor women stu- dents who have made outstanding contribu- tions in scholarship, leadership and service. Tassels strives to encourage these outstanding qualities in freshman and sophomore girls. This year letters were sent to other schools to encourage the founding of similar organiza- tions and to join them together into a national fraternity. In the spring, Tassels helped Womenis Rec- ognition Night. Trophies were awarded to outstanding women's dormitories in the schol- astic field and in intramurals. New members were announced at that time. A party for Alpha Lambda Delta and a candy sale were also held. Paula Landrith held the ollice of president with Ianie Potts as vice president, Marlene Sims as secretary, and Susan Shepard as treas- urer. Iuanita O,Donley was faculty sponsor. Tau Beta Pi Fosters Spirit of Culture Oklahoma Alpha chapter of Tau Beta Pi was installed at OU in 1926. The purpose of the organization is to mark in a fitting manner those who have conferred honor upon their al- ma mater by distinguished scholarship and exemplary character as undergraduates in en- gineering, and to foster a spirit of liberal cul- ture in the engineering colleges of America. To be eligible for membership, seniors must rank scholastically in the upper fifth, and juniors in the upper eighth of their classes in the engineering curriculum. Only a small number of first semester juniors are selected for membership and these are initiated as "Honor iuniorsf, Officers for the fall semester were Victor C. Bastron, president, William Hesler, vice presi- dent, Don McMullen, recording scretary, Rob- ert T. Brown, corresponding secretary, lohn Worden, treasurer, Bob Fielding, cataloger, and Charles Alworth, St. Patis Council repre- sentative. New ofiicers for the spring semester were David Bondurant, vice president, Roger C. Harrison, recording secretary, Robert lVleese, corresponding secretary, Roy Caruthers, treas- urer, and Paul Nall, cataloger. Faculty sponsors were Dr. T. Love, direc- tor of the School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Prof. Toe Smay, Prof. Gerald Tu- ma and Dr. F. Appl. The first chapter of Tau Beta Pi was found- ed in H485 at Lehigh University. The founders had originally attempted to secure a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa for Lehigh, but due to a senti- ment against the admission of technical stu- dents, they decided to establish a new, separate honor society whose membership would be limited to technical men. The first years brought the expected difficulties but with time the society grew in strength and in size. At the present time there have been over 130,000 members initiated by 123 active chapters. The number of chapters is steadily increasing and usually one or two new chapters are installed every year on campuses across the nation. BOTTOM ROW: Joe E. Smay, James McMullen, Victor C. Bas- tron, Charles Alworth, William W. l-lesler, R. T. Brown. SECOND ROW: l-lend S. Oey, William A. Kennedy. George McGuire Rob- ert lvleese, Raymond Oillcey, James l-l. Grunz, David L. Bondur- ant. THIRD ROW: Glen Darnell, Donald Blirin, Pershing l-licks Jr., Charles C. HabeqerJr., Julian Paytuvi, Barry Dickerson, Rob- ert F. Fielding Jr. Terrence Tinlcel. TOP ROW: Roy Carufhers, Charles Limerick, Robert L. Shick Jr., Thomas W. Shinault, David E.Andrews, li. Leland Rayre Tom J. Love. BOTTOM ROW: Dr. R. L. Boyes, William l-l. Keown, John D. Knightley, Paul M. Thompson, Lance F. Harmon, Joe Gold. SEC- OND ROW: W. Darrell Bryan, Glenn Redeker, David Suther- land, Roger D. Hagar, Pete Brown, Robert M. Harris, Kent Har- rell, Milton combs. TOP ROW: Robert Wood, Robert R. Sim- mons, Mike Charleston, Frank Hall, James W. Owens, Charles Snider, James McPherson, Albert Erickson. Petroleum Landmen Boost Scholarship Discussing classroom studies ol' oii-shore drilling rigs are Albert Erickson, John Erickson, Delbert Frieze amd Jim McPherson. University of Oklahoma Association of Pe- troleum Landmen was founded in 1959 to ad- vance the profession of landwork in oil explor- ation, to insure better understanding of the oil industry, and to promote scholarship among students of this curriculum. Voting members must be enrolled in a Petroleum Land Management curriculum and maintain a 2.0 grade average. Short course instructional programs for management, outstanding speakers in close Contact with the oil industry and Various edu- cational films in the field of petroleum com- prise the associationis program. This year a field trip was taken to the Tulsa World Oil Exposition. A special winter banquet honored the re- tirement of Dr. William Keown, sponsor of the association since its founding, and the induc- tion of Dr. Rodney Boyes as the new sponsor. Olhcers this year were Iohn Knightley, presi- dentg Lance Harmon, vice presidentg lim Mc- Pherson, secretaryg and Albert Erickson, treas- urer of Petroleum Landmen club. High Schools Supply University Scholars A new recognition of excellence emerged on the campus of the University of Oklahoma when the first University Scholars group was formed in the fall of 1963. Now, each spring 50 top high school students are selected to he- come University Scholars. Those selected are given the personal guid- ance of Dr. Glenn C. Couch, dean of the Uni- versity College and Dr. Tohn R. Morris, assist- ant dean. They are treated individually in planning their academic programs which are hest suited to their personal talents, interests, and aspirations. Distinguished professors and administrators lecture at their weekly meetings. Scholars are encouraged to explore new di- mensions through honors courses and special Scholars seminars. Advanced standing credit allows the Scholars to progress on a higher educational level at a faster rate than the av- erage freshman. The University Scholars is the only program of this kind to offer such opportunity and ex- cellence to qualified students. Top scholars Dorothy Fry, Barry Babcock, taculty sponsor J. R. Morris, Judy Rose, Gary Bricker ard Mike Keene discuss program, BOTTOM ROW: J. R. Morris, Joyce Sachse, Vicki l-larrall, Linda Kay Wallis Jean Sorrels, Judy Rose, Dorothy Fry. Glenn C. Couch. SECOND ROW: Susan Nickels, Marcelle Eaoin, Pamela Sutton, Susan Schilde, Mary A. Reed, Doralla Logan, Gayle Rippy, Mari- lyn Scurlock, William L. Fitz, Steve Dirnick. THIRD ROW: Robert P. Burns Steve lzarrner Steve Lance, Robert Bowser, Braden Gross, Gretchen Grover Elizabeth Veal, Lirda Shilling, David Kahn. FOURTH ROW: Michael Corlee, Richard l-larrison, Joel Jack- son, Charley Cole, Gary Bricker, Michael Wright, Ralph Guild, Mike Keene, Jirn Johnston, Stan Davis. TOP ROW: Mi- chael Charles l-loward, Gregory Scott Lowry, Mark Houston. David McKee, Jim Reuber, Steve Snider, Bruce Gash, Bob Dur- an, David l'lenke, Joe Melton, Barry L. Babcock. L li Q BOTTOM ROW: Belle Jo McCoy, l'lelen Menard, Linda Rola- erlson, Carolyn Gunn, Carolyn Dillrich, Linda Crews, Maridee Bailey, Beverley Ray, Barbara Jane Richards, Marlene Sims, An- nelle Murphy, Gail Dunslcy. SECOND ROW: M. J. Murrell, Neil E. Nichols, Marilyn R. Kennedy, James L. Sneed, Sharon Tankers- ley, Allred McDaniel, Sondra Howell, Clay Ballard, Jim Shields, Waymon l-lolheins, Sheryl Freeman. THIRD ROW: Cindy Har- per, Ralricia Ann Linn, B. Lynn Harper, Royella Rule, Emma Lou Nelson, John C. Gallin, Dona Besl, Gary McCoy, Jim Pallon, Pam Sullon, Linda Middlelon, Kalhleen O'Brien, Judy Crain, Me- gan Riley. FOURTH ROW: Linda Pannell, Mary Chronisler, Mary l-lonnold, Ellen Tolberl, Dorolhy Rodgers, Bob Cochrane, Gail Darrah, Jack K. Floyd, Jim Pallon, Larry Dacus, Nancie Slew- arl, Ann Crain, George Sherriclc. TOP ROW: Charlie Mauck, Joe l-lowell, Don Wilhers, Douglass Souligny, Samuel Fred Roach, Kennelh Lyons. l-lerb Woller, George Tillell. Jim Gourley. John E. Barlholomew, Archie C. Le-Bror, Belly Rodgers David Gore. Wesley Center Provides for Student Needs '24, f Practice makes perlecl, or so hope the Rev. Jim Shields, Dona Besl and Archie Le Bron as lhey galhcr aboul lhe piano lor a son 1 Wesley Foundation represents the Metho- dist student movement in the college commun- ity, seeking, through organized fellowship in both state and independent colleges, to provide for the spiritual, moral, and social needs of stu- dents. Since its founding in 1906 at the Uni- versity of Illinois, Wesley Foundation has cs- tablished over l8l chapters. OUis Wesley College Chapel, located at Lindsay and Elm, serves as the center for many special events. This modern chapel provides lor leisure activities, lectures, movies and dis- cussion groups throughout the week, in addi- tion to the traditionally full Sunday program. Rev. lim Shields is director of the Wesley Foundation youth group. Oilicers for this year were Neil Nichols, president, Clay Bal- lard, campus minister, and commissioners Max Murrell, Marilyn Kennedy, Iim Sneed, Pam Roclchold, Dave Hattaway, Sharon Tankersley, Alfred McDaniel, Sondra Howell, and Iudy Braught. Women's Choral Group Represents Sooners The Oklahoma University Womanis Choral Croup is composed of 53 members who repre- sent the university in an outstanding musical way. They perform for many university func- tions, civic meetings and also take a spring tour. This yearis tour went south to Noble, Blanchard and Lindsay, where they performed in all three high schools. ln the spring, the group joined with the Men's Clee Club to present their annual Spring Concert. Developing musically and educating the var- ious audiences are only two of this choral group's aims. Membership is open to any girl each semester and an audition is conducted. Director of the group is Dr. Leland Fox. llc was graduated from Baylor University and got his PhD from Florida State. He is the opera theatre director for the School of Music. Accompanist for the group was Cleta Davis. Qilicers for the year were Kay Roan, presidentg Marilyn Smith, secretaryg and Nancy Turk. treasurer of the choral group. Women's Choral otticers are Marilyr Smith, secretary: Kay Roe' oresidert: Nancy Turk, treesurerq ard Dr. Leland Fox Soorsor S Q i 2 BOTTOM ROW: Lirofa Wiebb Rfilene Wilsor Judy Snaitl' Prirn rnofn Mona l-laoer, Liwdn Roxiers Beck-,f Brown Linda Write Gregory, Pamela Johnson, Gaylfi Wagner Jeannie Murphy, Pri- Patti Windes. Lynda Hale Marilyn Mccarlev, Holly Richter vriciei Polvfatz Colleer Sclmipbach Betty Outer M-irilyr Srnith Cyd Lawrence, Jean Morroe Dsirylene Harmon Ann lncilii, Aer K-fy Roar, Melvi Bute", Mary Loi. Mi'l5 Clem Davis, Elizabeth Dobbiis, Karen l'loCl:ies Sasav Vfiuqnr, Jo Ars Refaves Finnell: Neil Bobbie Stout, Linda l-late, Jfire White, Jo lniclnrnfan, Diarf: Wf,ker', Lirda Brown Jo Anr Payre Terry Tiefadwmf line' Lee, Ardith Cannon, Sandy Meredith, Ray Russell. TOP ROW: Johnson, See Lawrence, Nancy Turk, Dr. Lelfird For Kerry Sfilrnon Shfiror Edricrnon lVlf!V'liVEl Lattie BOTTOM ROW: ivlohame Bendrissou, Philip Elcu Mawa, lbrahim M. EI Hassan, Yemi G. Lawoyin, Godfrey J. Elcwueme, Gene Rus- sell, Abdelrahman Rahama. SECOND ROW: Balfour S. Whitney. Franklin Parlrer, Mrs. Waldo E. Stephens, Dr. Waldo E. Stephens, African Students Build The African Student Union strived to bring the African Students on the OU campus into closer contact. It also served as a means of presenting a true picture of Africa to the stu- dents of Oklahoma University. In order that the members of the African Student Union might be able to promote good will and understanding on campus, a display Dioulcle Dialla. Max J. Wilcomb, Mrs. Frankin Parker. TOP ROW: Havis Olalcunle Danrnole lbrahirna Baba Dialla, Ebun Fafuroii, Darbe Ellioil. Good Will, Understanding of things of interest was shown in the Student Union during the fall semester. Officers were Nlohame Bendrissou, presi- dentg Ibrahim lVl. El Hassan, vice president: Yemi C. Lawoyin, secretaryg Philip Eku Mawa, trcasurerg Abdelrahman Rahama, internation- al and social affairs oflicerg and Dr. Max Wil- comb, faculty sponsor. Alpha Chi Sigma Chemistry Group Led by Irelan Alpha Chi Sigma, founded at the University of Wisconsin in l902, had 63 groups by 1965. Qualifications for membership in Alpha Chi Sigma included an over-all C average and IU semester hours in chemistry. Alpha Chi Sig- ma strives to build lasting friendships, to aid its members in their ambitions as chemists, BOTTOM ROW: Victor C. Bastron, David L. Bondurant, Gerald R. Robertson, Eugene C. Cole, J. R. Smiley lrelan. TOP ROW: and to advance chemistry both as a science and a profession. Officers this year included Smiley Irelan, president: Cene Cole, vice presidentg David Bondurant, secretaryg Vic Bastron, treasurer: Cerald Robertson, reporter. Serving as faculty sponsor for Alpha Chi Sigma was Dr. N. Fogel. Charles C. Wedclle, James A. Porter Jr., Jerry D. Osborn, R. Vance l'lall, Paul T. Bayaro, Ben Henry. BOTTOM ROW: Robert Borctiardt, N. D. Moscoe, Pat Fitzger- ald, Marcia Sbatfer, Robert Williams. TOP ROW: R. Douglas Shaw, Roger K. Parser, Larry lnqlnam,Jirnn'1y Dixson, Wade Kniqlnt. Alpha Epsilon Delta Stimulates Scholarship in Pre-Med The principal aims of Alpha Epsilon Delta are to encourage and recognize excellence in pre-medical scholarship and to stimulate an appreciation of the importance of pre-medical education in the study of medicine. Requirements for membership are 3 semes- ters of college work, a 3.0 over-all average and a 3.0 average in all science courses. During the year, guest speakers and films were utilized in the meetings of the club to make them more informative. Officers were Marcia Shaffer, presidentg N. D. Moscoe, vice presidentg Pat Fitzgerald, sec- retaryg Pat Chambers, treasurerg Bob Will- iams, historiang and Dr. Iohn M. Augenfeld, faculty sponsor of the pre-med society. Alpha Epsilon Rho Holds 25th Anniversary Celebration Alpha Epsilon Rho was founded in 1941 at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri. OU,s Dr. Sherman Lawton was the original founder. The chapter at OU was founded in 1946. There are now over 40 chapters. To be qualified for membership in Alpha Epsilon Rho, the student must be a broadcast- ing major who has above a 3.0 average in BOTTOM ROW: Lesli Horwitz, Bo Nance, Francie Goldman, Pat Turner, Marcy Gene Stephens Slnerrnar P. Lawton. SECOND ROW: Sally Ann Cooksey, Jean Starr, Parn Gregory, Blake Wade, broadcasting courses at the university. Activities include the spring initiation and the pledging breakfast in the fall. Officers this year were Marcy Stephens, presidentg Pat Turner, vice presidentg and Francie Goldman, secretary-treasurer. This was the 25th anniversary year of the national organization. Steve Garman, Hank lnrnan, Randy Morrison. TOP ROW: R. G. Priest, Daniel L. Furtak William S. Whipple, Ray l-lolland, Rich- ard O. Cheek, Jerry W. Polen, Hal C. Rankin. Wa 'f F, , ,X R, M5 , . 2 O T -rf V ."i5' if f- " Z T i q . 7 is iv F- T i Y 'Q O 11' 7 1 BOTTOM ROW: Joy Tschappat, Sue Rerclitfa Jane Reed Ann Beaudry. Liz Hall Michaelyn Barker Cirdv Qiauntt Marilyn Me?- calle, Carolyn Gunr, Linda Phiilios Donna Hearn. SECOND ROW: Margo Hiltinger, Bette Byrd, Lexy Forsberg, Debby Dawn- ing, Marca Downing, Sheila Wiseman, Carol Masernore, Litha Keator, Diane Bunch, Vivian Baurngardner, Connie Walker Gin- ny Hamilton. THIRD ROW: Judy Mitchell, Sherye Freeman Su- zanro Marrs, Marianna Owen Elizabeth Kright, Nancy Hess Dar- lene L. Petersen, Neo Ann Williamson Laura Crouch, Cathy Bart- lett, Patricia Kiblinger, Lou Arne Farmer, Parn Mccaskill. FOURTH ROW: Judy Linehan, Megan Clement, Kay Yeager Melanie Cooper, Diane Mead. Donna Barron, Shirley Aller, Gloria Trot- ter, Carole Choate. Gail Kieke, Louise Henderson, Ann Miller, Melissa Uhlenhop, Linda Walls. TOP ROW: Fran Soelling Bar- bara Moss, Lena Hamrick, Lauraiean Martin, Susan Gunderson. Parnela Winters, Marilyn Rutk Kerredv Catherine Grittith, Sandra Palmer Maroaret Shultz. Alpha Lambda Delta Rewards Freshman Scholastics The major principle of Alpha Lambda Del- ta is the promotion of superior scholarship among freshman women. Highlights of this year included the pledg- ing ceremonies and the initiation banquet. The organization was founded in l924 on the campus of the University of Illinois. The chapter on this campus was founded in H329 by Dr. lewel Wurtzbaugh, and it has been ac- tive ever since. Dean Dorothy Truex is cur- rently a national otlicer. This yearis otlicers included Michaelyn Bar- ker, president: Ann Beaudry, secretary: Cindy Gauntt, treasurer, Betty Evans, sponsor. AIChE Introduces Engineering Responsibilities The student chapter of AIChE is a profes- sional organization designed to introduce the student to his responsibilities as a practicing chemical engineer, while giving him an oppor- tunity to exert his leadership abilities. Meetings include guest speakers, who dis- cuss phases of chemical engineering from re- BOTTOM ROW: Richard Huntinovor, Wayne Cohen David Johr- son, Michael L. McGuire Elvir T. Bounds, Gary A. Kilpatrick, Art Jones. David L. Bondurant, Larry M, Wright. SECOND ROW: Eugene Cole, David Ramsey, Wilson S. Lee Godtrey Ekvvuenie, Canneron A. Vickers Harris H, West, Paul T. Bavaro, Pravinch- -indra J. Mody, O. K. Crosser, Arneer N. Koohvfir, Bahrarn Antivi- iatari. THIRD ROW: Ben Heni,i, Giloert Brown, David Hatt-V search to manufacturing to sales. Officers for the year were Gary Kilpatrick, president, Elvin Bounds, vice president: and David Bondurant, secretary-treasurer. In the fall a picnic was given to introduce the freshman to upperclassmen in the Held. A spring picnic was also held. way, Williarn A, Kennedy, Victor C. Bastror, Joe Provire, Frank Cantield Richard Williamson Robert Sanders, Kishor Shcth, Rob- ert E. Rose. TOP ROW: W. M. Woodard, R. M. Schwartz. D. 6. Langston, Charles W. Wilson, James Jantz. Michael Lewis, Rooer G. Harrison, Robert W. Bobst M. D. Polderrnan L. E. Erown, H. W, Schneider. A 4. A IN A 41. l i BOTTOM ROW: John L. Clark Jr., John Ray Middleton, Bruce Frederick hi. Granum. TOP ROW: Donald W. Brooks, David D Renneke. Morris S. Webb. SECOND ROW: William B. Max- Sislc Larry R. l-lays, Edward F. Dempsey, Ronald W. Crandall well Jr., Larry E. Recklirq, Edward J. Perantoni, Billy D. Bainier, Gordon A, hlamnnons. AMS Promotes the Advancement of Professional Ideals The University of Oklahoma Student Chap- ter of the American Meteorological Society was sponsored this year by Prof. Walter Saucier. Aims of the AMS are uthe development and dissemination of knowledge of meteorology in all its phases and applications and the ad- vancement of its professional idealsf, OU chapter met monthly for business and educational activities. lt sponsored field trips for its members and lectures by distinguished members of the science and profession. The American Meteorological Society also participated in this year's Engineering Center Open House during anniversary festivities. American Society of Mechanical Engineers Advances The American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers strives for the advancement and dissemi- nation of knowledge of theory and practice of mechanical engineering. Any regularly enroll- ed student pursuing an approved engineering curriculum may become a member. Officers this year were Terry Tinkel, chair- mang loc Whitaker, vice chairman, Don Reilly, BOTTOM ROW: E. F, Dawson, E. M. Sirns, Joe Whilfnker, Ter- rence Tinkel, D. W. Hearn. SECOND ROW. Charles E. Crad- duck Reber' E. Kipp, Wiliam A. Tinnberfike, Jack S, Crcsbfe, secretaryg D. W. Hearn, treasurerg and Dr. C. W. Bert, faculty sponsor. Regular monthly meetings were held in Fel- gar Hall Auditorium, with a guest speaker or film at each meeting. Activities of the year included the Engineers Open House, annual spring picnic, and the semi-annual luncheon. Donald A. Reilly, James N. Vau'ih'ar:. TOP ROW: Wilbur E. Chesnuf, S. C. Swift, Leor S, Hatcher Jr., Johnny D. Crfidduck. y.-4 E BOTTOM ROW: Walled Saralcloi, Armen H. Mirzaian, Johnette Helms, Marwan Saralfbi, Hamid Belclcouche. SECOND ROW: Ghassane Chaabane Ahmed H. Chawshecn, Akram Shalcra, Nas- sira Boulradoum, Zahara Suzanne Ledbetter, Haddadin Anwar. TOP ROW: Kais Al-Suwaidi, Abdul Halcim Al-Rawi, Maurice M. Kharma, Steve Adm, lzouad lvlalcarem, Kamal Salman. Arab Club Supports Independence, Unity for All Arab Clubis president for the fall semester was Armen Nlirzaian. Tahsin Al-Koudsi took over the duties for the spring semester, with Dr. William H. Maehl as sponsor. Membership is open to all Arab students, and others may join as affiliated members. The club was established in l954, and it meets regularly for discussion. lts purpose is to promote understanding between Arabs and Americans, and to support independence, lib- erty, unity, and economic and social justice. Activities of the club included the banquet held each spring, picnics and a campus-Wide Miss Scheherazade queen contest and dance. Beta Gamma Sigma Aids Business Administration Majors The aim of Beta Gamma Sigma, a national honorary scholastic society, is to encourage scholarship in the College of Business Admin- istration, students of all classes. Membership is restricted to those juniors in the upper 3 per cent and seniors in the upper lO per cent of their respective classes. BOTTOM ROW: Linda Ann Maltby, Betty Jo Praq, Jane White Farrell, Dianne Schwab Rice Christie A. Ashmore, Patricia Christ- more, Mary E, Bryant, Viva Lee Kennedy, Hudson O. Harder. SECOND ROW: John lnqle Jr., Arnold F. Parr, Thomas P. White, Ler Marrella, Travis P. Gofiqars, Ahmed R. Mardour, Alex J. The group was founded nationally at the University of Wisconsin in l907, and the Ok- lahoma chapter was established in 1933. Dr. D. IVI. Crites was this year's presidentg Dr. James A. Constantin was vice president, Dean Wilson B. Prickett acted as secretaryg and Dr. Travis P. Goggans was the groupis treasurer. Kondonassis, Dennis lvl. Critee. FOURTH ROW: Charles K. lvtisal, John P. Cooper, Gerald A. Starr, Richard E. Dowell, Ber- nie lvlalson, Donald E. Clarlc, Donald E. Elliott. TOP ROW: Earl A. Slcarky, James Carl Davenport, Randall D. Mock, George D. Allen, James A. Constantin. l. Q v i.w,.,,.i y BOTTOM ROW: Joseph M. Gutel, Betty Outon, Joseph M. Gu- tel Jr., Louis Duncan, Nelson T. Abbott. SECOND ROW: Wil- bur E. Harnrnock, Judy L. Koonce, Josette G. Merrell, Hermann Rothenbusch, Gary V. Van Meter. TOP ROW: John C. Deaver, Larry M. Prater, Bob G. Foster, N. Dean Brown, M. Mitchell Chouteau. Chi Alpha Provides Fellowship for Pentecostal Students Chi Alpha is the Christian fellowship group for Pentecostal students on the campus. There are about 60 chapters throughout the country. Officers for the past year were Ioseph Gutel lr., president, Louis Duncan, vice president, Betty Outon, secretaryg Mitchell Chouteau, treasurer, loseph Gutel, chaplain, and Don Lorance, sponsor. The group aims to provide fellowship for those of the Pentecostal faith. Chi Alpha has two annual retreats-a state retreat in the fall and a four-state retreat in the spring. Weekly meetings include group discussions, lecturers and films designed to stimulate the studentis interest in Christian ideals Engine Wives Lend Assistance to Engineering College The Engine Wives worked this year as a ser- vice organization to the College of Engineering. A traditional highlight was the awarding of the PHT degrees to wives of graduating sen- iors. PHT means "putting huhhy throughf, Oliicers were ludy Turner and Carol Tinkel, presidents, Carol Tinkel and Carolyn Pearce, first vice presidents, Carolyn Pearce and Doris Bray, second vice presidents, Phyllis Brokow- BOTTOM ROW: Margaret Wright, Carol Tinkel, Judy Turner, Carolyn Pearce, Phyllis Borkowski, Doris Bray. SECOND ROW: Janet Loott, Lilliar' Kellock, Anne Vosika, Tornrnie Foote, Barbara Engelken, Vicki Johnson, Cindy Weaver. THIRD ROW: Joanne Kyker, June Lowsley, Mary Fetherston, Marilyn Murphy, Karen Y. ski and Geneva Hancock, secretaries, Patty Guilfoil and Tommie Foote, also secretaries. retaries. Other ofiicers were Doris Bray and Susan Vandaveer, treasurersg Tommie Foote and Marilyn Murphy, historians, Peggy Wright, St. Pat's representative, and Mrs. George Reid, faculty sponsor. Johnson, Beth Mills. Marq Ranger, Bess Greit. Betty West. TOP ROW: Sally Jones, Sara Branton, Jowana Yazel, Geneva Han- cock, Betty McMullen, Becky Roske, Sharon Gordon, Sunny Hula- bard, Mimi Jones. ,. gnng .veal riae1e: .sszzcvr . . ' i BOTTOM ROW: Linda Toberrnan, Marquita Hall. Melba Cheu- vront Charlofle Echols, Lynette Elliott Anne Marshall. SECOND ROW: Deere Sue Taylor, Jofar Milan betty Perdue Sardra l-lore. THIRD ROW: Peggy O'Neal, Gwendolyn J. Williams, Sarah L. Deakins Rebecca Landon. TOP ROW: Becky Welsel, Jacqualln Edwards Janice Rolh. Eta Epsilon Writes High School Home Ec Students Eta Epsilon is an organization of the Home Economics School at OU. lts aims are to aid the professional development of homemaking majors and to promote friendly associations be- tween students and faculty. Projects of the year included writing to high school students to explain the vocational possi- Eta Kappa Nu Membership Outstanding college men in electrical en- gineering belong to Eta Kappa Nu. A 3.0 grade average in electrical engineering is re- quired for membership. juniors must be in the upper one-fourth of their class and seniors in the upper one-third. The aim of the organization is the promo- tion of better relations between faculty and BOTTOM ROW: Maurice M. Khanna, Paul L. N-ill, James L. Sreed J. Don McMullen, Donald Elinr, Martin O. Andersor G, Wayrle D-lily. SECOND ROW: Johnny B. Worderl Lomax Mur- ohq Jr., Charles Alworih David E. Andrews, William R. B-irdy , 4 hilities of a career in the home economics field. Eta Epsilon also works closely with its national affiliate, the Home Economics Association. Oiiicers were Anne Marshall, president, lVlel- ba Cheuvront, vice president, Linda Tober- man, secretary, Charlotte Echols, treasurer: and Iannie Clark, faculty sponsor. Limited to Top Scholars students while fostering the desire for scholas- tic achievement. They also have a banquet and dance each semester. This yearis oflicers were Donald Blinn, presi- dent: G. Wayne Daily, vice president, Martin G. Anderson, recording secretary: Paul L. Nall, Bridge correspondent, I. Don lVlclVlullen, St. Patis Representative. Charles P. Schaefer Kewneth L. Wlnkelmal: Bohm-ir S. Moi- hadam. TOP ROW: Frank J. Kern. Will K. Lenhardt, Jon l-l. l-lorwedel, Joseph M. Woods Thomas D. Sawyer, D-irrell R. Will- iarns, Johrl M. Clark, J. D. Pfnlrner, D. T. Yourg, ,Pk l f5..-as as E 5. 5 , 1 g BOTTOM ROW: Stephen M. Sutherland, Gail A. McCurdy, Will- iam C. Wonders, C. Martin Smith, Don R. Ellis. Judith Lybolt, Jane Monroe, Edward L. Myles. SECOND ROW: Linda E. But- ler, Jane England, Mary V. Sausa, Kathryn E. Nardone, Mimi Jones, Sandra Menefee, Lillian M. ldamor, Linda Kay Armour, Niki W. Meek, Leta M. White. THIRD ROW: Stuart M. Quiqq, William E. Eavor, Warren R. Copeland, John G. Gosseit ll, Dale B. Howard, Edward D. Usewicz, Jerry Colinq, Todd A. Eonstad. David T. Stephens, Lee C. Mansfield. TOP ROW: Paul M. Bien- eman, Edd Pairter, Phil l-lurley, Ambrose Szalwinski, Paul E. Schultz, Harold Carlick Jr., Archie L. Edwards, Bill Schiller, John W. Taylor, Allen Gliclcman, Kenneth Reilinq. Gamma Theta Upsilon Furthers Interest in Geography Gamma Theta Upsilon is a national profes- sional fraternity in the field of geography. The major purpose of the organization is to further professional interest in geography by affording a common organization for those interested in this field. OU,s chapter received its charter in l950 and now includes about 40 members. Ofiicers were Martin Smith, presidentg iudy Hillel Foundation Leads The Hillel Foundation has as its principal goal the promotion of levvish life on the Uni- versity of Oklahoma campus. Hillel Foundation invited guest speakers to their meetings. The organization held many mixers with other groups this year in order that each group BOTTOM ROW: Brenda Rozen, Edie Goldberg, Jeff Jacobson, Carolyn Bell, Victor Eppstein, Vicki Abramson. TOP ROW: Lybolt, vice presidentg Don Ellis, secretaryg Gail lVlcCurdy, treasurerg and Mr. Edward L. Myles, chapter sponsor. The student must have completed six semes- ter hours in geography with an above average grade for these courses and signify his inten- tion of completing 12 semester hours in geog- raphy to qualify for membership. Jewish Student on Campus could be benefited by the association. Serving the organization as president was Carolyn Bell, with Ieif Iacobson assisting as vice president. Edie Goldberg acted as record- ing secretary, Brenda Rozen as corresponding secretary, and Vicki Abramson as social chair- man. Rabbi Victor Eppstein was director. Charles Deutsch, Van Weinberg, Marvin Feldman, Eileen Sinder- brand, Donald L. Feinstein, Ronald Kanfer. BOTTOM ROW: Charles Rose, Michael R. Vick, Ray Haynes, Don Smith, Duane Selvey. SECOND ROW: Roger Lee Rains, Win- ton L, Smith, Paul M. Skinner, Willie C, Wilson. TOP ROW: Prank Bourland, William Be-rninqer, L. E. Dietrich, Robert A, Hardin. Industrial Arts Club Completes Student's Activities The Industrial Arts Club strived to complete the activities of industrial arts students major- ing in both education and industrial fields. A student must be an industrial arts major to be qualified for membership. Officers were Charles E. Rose, president, Mike Vick, vice president, Don Smith, secre- tary, Ray Haynes, treasurer, and Dr. R. A. Hardin, faculty sponsor. At the meetings of the Industrial Arts Club, which were held in the Student Union, speak- ers from industry were often on hand. Members will remember the Awards Ban- quet, the fall and spring picnic and club dinner. Industrial Engineers Club Guided by Steve Garner Ofiicers serving the Industrial Engineers Club this year were Steve Garner, president, Chester Bradley, vice president, Dave Pearce, secretary-treasurer, Scott Lawrence, publicity chairman, and Henry Kolesnik, St. Patis Coun- cil. Dr. Robert Shapiro was faculty sponsor. The Industrial Engineers Club strives to BOTTOM ROW: Monty McGinnis, Steve Garner, David Pearce, Scott D. Lawrence, Marshall N. Gartenlaub, Jerry Ervin, Dr. R. A. Shapiro, Dr. C. L. Proctor. SECOND ROW: Kiritkumar T. Mehta, Manohar D. Nasta, Arun N. Gandhi, Masud Faruqui, Hen- ry A. Kolesnik, Randy Lenna, Richard Evans, Bhaqwandas Thak- kar, John G. Burk. THIRD ROW: Chester Bradley, Kent Smith, bring students into Contact with the practice of engineering. In addition, it is concerned with the improvement and installation of integrat- ed systems of men, materials, and equipment. The organization sent representatives to the seventh Annual Southwest Area Student Con- ference held at Kansas State University. Philip Dick, Stacy Brewster, William E. Jackson Jr., Gerald L. Jones, Lloyd R. Smith Jr., A. Carrol Evans ll, G. R. Parikh. TOP ROW: John Mills, Truman Sicks, Herbert M. Garvin, Jatin G. Shah, Glen R. Darnell, John W. McDonald, William N. Chessmore, John W. Tway, Stan Branton, Dave Grubb. BOTTOM ROW: Gary V. Van Meter, Alexander G. Crane Jr., Jessee D. Heinrichs, A. Jetirey l-lindman, James McMullen, Don- ald F. Blinn, G. Wayne Daily. Gary W, Wilson. Johnny B. Wor- den. SECOND ROW: Maurice M. Kharma, Lomax Murphy Jr., William R. Williams, James L. Sne-ed. Steve J. Provines, Richard E. Blanchard, Paul Nall, Robert Newman, James A. Bradbury ll. THIRD ROW: Martin Gi. Anderson, Edward C. Mc:Ouaiq, David E. Andrews. R. T. Brown, William R. Bandy, Warren A. Robb, Charles P. Schaeter, Jaqdishchandra T. Gaiiar, William D. Reeves, William G. Brinlcman. TOP ROW: Thomas D. Sawyer, Charles Alworth, Joseph M. Woods, T. Allen Blaslce, G. Tuma, Jon l-l. Hor- wedel. D. R. Williams, John M. Clarlr, Frank J. Kern, J. D. Palmer, D. T. Young. IEEE Club Membership Open to Qualified Engineers The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers requires that a man be an engineer- ing student to qualify for membership. This organization has as its main function the furthering of the electrical engineering studentis education by promoting good will be- tween the organization's members and the practicing engineers. International Center Stresses The International Center houses some 25 men who come from various countries through- out the world. The center stresses fellowship and brother- hood within its membership. The men are al- so able to learn more about other countries which helps to broaden their education. The International Center this year was the BOTTOM ROW: Anthony J. Salamanca. Mehmet Kesebir Dono- lass Souliqny, Gian Sarup, Yulcio Shirahama, Timir Baran Roy, Philip Mawa. TOP ROW: Kosin Phoiphayuhalciri, Jorge Flores IEEE oihcers included Iames Don McMul- len, president: Donald Blinn, vice presidentg Wayne Daily, secretaryg lessee D. Heinrichs, St. Pat's council representativeg and leflrey Hindman, treasurer. In keeping with their purpose, the IEEE had electrical engineers speak at the monthly meet- ings. Brotherhood, Fellowship site for the first International Fair on the OU campus. Attractions of the fair were open to the general public. Anthony Salamanca served as counselor and David Bennett was the assistant coun- selor. Cene Russell, director of International Exchange, served as the sponsor for the Inter- national Center. Edqardo Villenn Mustata Alcbulut Suan Sino Lau, hlisashi Ta- keda, Alrihilro Taira. Ag' Kiln .iE.'-gw. in Im I "9 . 5 .R L ff - --f fgivggv if . iff? . .qu .. !. x BOTTOM ROW: Perry Lanier, Bettye Jennings, Christie Ford, Louise Rarick, Bettie Sabbath, Judy Orth. SECOND ROW: Jerre Francis, Charlene Pearson, Pamela Seltzer, Lynnea Key, Parn Mc- Bee, Cheryl Scott, Sandy Laugenour. TOP ROW: Leigh Maltby, Marty Mullen, Vicky Stapleton, Sherri Pierce, Paul M, Skinner, Ronnie Moss, Diane Kropp, Frank Pearson, Bruce Munro. Kappa Delta Pi Honors Junior Education Students Kappa Delta Pi is an honorary education society for juniors with a 3.0 grade average planning to enter the teaching profession. This organization was founded in l9ll at the University of Illinois. OU's chapter was chartered in 1915 and is now one of 239 chap- ters chartered nationally. The purpose of the organization is to recognize and promote Kappa Epsilon Stimulates Kappa Epsilon, the professional pharmacy fraternity for Women, has 33 chapters through- out the country. This year marked the initia- tion of the OU Womenis pharmacy fraternity into the national organization. Officers were Kay Carter, president, Mary Bixler, vice president, Paula Landrith, secre- tary, Bonnie Estes, treasurer, and lo Ann Al- BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Ralph Bientanq, Paula Landrith, Mary Bix- ler, Bonnie Estes, Kay Carter, Mrs. Loyd E. Harris. SECOND ROW: Dr. Blanche Sommers, Kay Trowbridge, Joanie Leibowitz. Vicki Wester, Gale Morgan, Janet Balaty, Jo Ann Allen. TOP achievement in the profession of teaching. This year's officers Were Christie Ford, presi- dent and Perry Lanier, secretary. Under the sponsorship of Bettye Jennings, this organization maintains student interest in teaching. Programs consist of speakers chosen from the leading authorities in the field of education, forums, panels and film lectures. Professional Consciousness len, historian of the pharmacy fraternity. To be eligible for membership, a woman must be enrolled in the College of Pharmacy and have a 2.0 grade average. The goal of Kappa Epsilon is to stimulate in its members a desire for high scholarship and professional consciousness and provide a bond of loyalty and interest for women pharmacists. ROW: Elizabeth Hicks, Sharron L. Schrock, Lynda Sims, Nancy Baggett, Patricia A. Deaton, Barbara E. Overstreet, Catherine C. Reyman, Rose Marie Culvey. a-m , ,, l, , , , ' i .i i i A - A i , i BOTTOM ROW: Michael E. Pentecost, Dave Westgate, John R. L. Johnson, Kenneth Sala, Larry Buxton, Jerry Buxton. TOP ROW: Smalley, Wayne P. McCanne, Stanley C. Shelton, David F. Ellis. Randolph Call, David Malone, John Schantz, Robert Merritt, Gar- SECOND ROW: Raymond Fry, Terry Stovall, Jon Burrows, Steven ry Owens, William L. Clark, Larry J. Lollar, Sam L. Ettinger. Band Fraternity Furthers Improvement of Programs The purpose of Kappa Kappa Psi is to fur- ther the development and improvement of American college band programs. This nation- al honorary fraternity for bandsmen was found- ed at Oklahoma State University in i919 and the OU chapter was the fourth to be initiated into the organization. Oiiicers of the organization this year in- cluded David Ellis, presidentg Stan Shelton, vice presidentg Wayne McCann, secretary, Iohn Smalley, treasurerg and Legh Burns, fac- ulty sponsor. The OU chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi has 24 members. Students with a 2.0 grade average, possessing music ability and an interest in band, may quality for membership. Kappa Phi Holds Rose Tea for Prospective Members Kappa Phi is a women's service organization for the Wesley Foundation. Any OU woman who is a Methodist may join. Kappa Phiis ac- tivities included a Christmas party for under- privileged children and several fund raising projects for charity. Major programs included the showing of "The Parablef, a panel discussion on marri- BOTTOM ROW: Gail B. Dunslcy, Nancy L. Hess, Karen Lea Wynn, Sondra R. Howell, Marilyn R. Kennedy, Meqan C. Riley, Linda K. Tobermar, l. Linda Robertson, Shirley L, Allen, Jane Clenney. SECOND ROW: Dixie Reese Ellen Heard, Helen Menard, Karen Wood, Billie J. Lanktrd, Cindy J. Harper, Linda McCracken, N. Annette Murphy, Jeanette R, Parlcer, Madeline J. Gaden. THIRD ROW: Patricia A. Fenvvicli, Arnelda Greqory, Joyce C. Bailey, age, and a lecture on the '6Role of Woman in Contemporary Society." A Rose Tea for pros- pective members and initiation ceremonies were other highlights. Oiiicers were Linda Robertson, presidentg Karen Wynn, vice president, Judy Haug, sec- retaryg Linda Toberman, treasurerg and Mrs. Prank Mosley, sponsor. Janel McCornbs, Elizabeth Altstatt, Emma Lou Nelson, Lynda K. Farr, Max Anna Hindes, Ellen Tolbert, B. Lynn Harper, Mary Walter, TOP ROW: Sharon S. Cheadle, Frances Rodgers, Linda Crews, K. Ann Crain, Laurie C. Hayen, Judy K, Brauqht, Mary C. Chronister, Vivian L. Bell, Sandy Kinney, Dichye L. Richardson, Holly D. Richter. BOTTOM ROW: Dr, George Cozad, Murphy Bryles Jr., Patricia A. McClennen, Nancy L. Keesee, Betsy Foree, Charlotte Souther- land. SECOND ROW: Nancy Coleman, Shirley Barrett, Eller, Heard, Mary Puckett. Linda K. Crews, Loutitia Denison, Patricia Alston. TOP ROW: Fred Ray, Lynda Rogers, Willa Smith, Jeanne M. Mathews, Pamela Stacy, Marilyn Fdqmor Carolyn L. Saenz. Lambda Tau Meetings Feature Speakers in Pathology Alpha, the first chapter of Lambda Tau, was founded on the University of Oklahoma campus. lt has been followed by 12 others throughout the country. Dr. Hopla, zoology professor at OU, is national chairman. Lambda is a working honorary society. A student must be majoring in medical labor- atory technology, parasitology or radiology. George Cozad, faculty adviser, invites different pathologists to come and speak at the Lambda Tau meetings. Officers included Murphy Bryles, president, Nancy Keesee, vice president: Betsy Foree, sec- retary, Patti lVlcClennen, treasurer. Men's Glee Club Acts as Goodwill Ambassador for OU The Singing Sooners of the lVlen's Glee Club were organized in l907 to entertain students and faculty, to provide an outlet for OU men who like to sing at a professional level and to act as a goodwill ambassador for OU. Over the years, they have appeared on both coasts, from New Orleans to Chicago, in every corner of Oklahoma and on nationwide television at BOTTOM ROW: Philip R. Rope, F. James Bullock, Michael W. Yeager, Ronald F. Morgan, George M. Grummon, Carl E. Si- berts, Jimmy E. lnman, Paul A. Nutt, John H. Atlee. Jamie J. Inman, John G, Maddox, Dr, Russell Mathis. SECOND ROW: Michael E. Gillett, Charles E. Allen, Dimpster E. Epperson, Jack F. Foote, N. Dean Brown, Michael F. Snipple, Kennis N. Wes- sel, Chuck Doss, Gary W. Bricker, Dick Farley, William H. Hinlcle. Q gl. - Q the Big Red home football games in Norman. This year they toured Texas and appeared at the Inter-American Festival of Arts. Officers this year were Michael Cillett, presi- dentg Ioe Flippo, vice president, Philip Rope, uty sponsor of the Men s Clee Club THIRD ROW Stan O Tyler Joe H Harmison Edwin A Rieke c L dett R nald E orris iam James Ken Pc e, Tm F. Martin, David P. Jennings, William L. Clark. P ROW: Robert C. Merritt, H. Gordon Hanson, Michael A, Cald- well, William W. Cook lll, George G. Chandler lll, Robert Reagan Smith, Walter A. Smith, Joe R. Flippo, Rich Hutton, Daniel R. Poynor. Joe D. Winters. secretary-treasurer, Bill Hinkle, tour manager: and Dr. C. Russell Mathis, director and fac- 9 Jai .Bur:, O' .M ,wair if ,' sl 1 kl i ' ' ' ' ' TO Q BOTTOM ROW: Mildred Andrews, Cathey l-lanqs, Ann Dobbins, Pamela Roclchold, Brenda K. Roan, Marilyn R. Smith, Betty A. Driver Soon-l-lee Lee SECOND ROW- Liz Riddle Bett A Outeni, Linda L. Webb, Paula J. Thompson, Mary Anine ORCOVW- Mu Phi Epsilon Sends Mu Mu Phi Epsilon is an international music sorority in the professional field having as its purpose the advancement of music in America and the promotion of musicianship and schol- arship. A Woman music major possessing outstand- ing musicianship, character and personality, being of second semester freshman standing mall, Mary Lou Mills, Cleta S. Davis. TOP ROW: Jonette Dun- lap, Louise Vernon, Ann K. Inglis, Colleen R. Schupbach, Avis G. Whitworth, Karen E. Acord, Terry Treadvvay, Christine M. Smith. sic, Instruments Abroad and having a 3.0 over-all average, may qualify for membership. Activities included sending used music and instruments to children in the Phillipines. Kay Roan was president, Pam Rockhold, vice presi- dent, Ann Dobbins and Marilyn Smith, secre- taries, Betty Driver, treasurer, and Mildred Andrews, faculty sponsor. Oikonomia Presents Scholarship to Home Ec Student Serving as president of Oikonomia this year was Frances Mussen. Officers working with her were Peggy O,Neal, vice president, Rose- mary Shipe, secretaryg joan Milan, treasurer, Martha Roesch, membership chairman, and Marla McBee, publicity chairman. Frances Seeds was the faculty adviser. Oikonomia is a local honors organization for BOTTOM ROW: Margarette Taylor, Martha Roesch, Frances Ann Mussen, Peggy O'Neal, Rosemary Shipe, Joan Milan. SECOND ROW: Jean Leitzsey, Jean Uetrecht, Barbara L. Weatherly, Mari- home economics majors at the sophomore lev- el. The club was organized to foster friendly relations between the members and to raise money for a scholarship to be presented to an outstanding home economics student. Mem- bers must have a 3 point average in all home economics courses. Cookie and candy sales were fund raising projects. lyn Rice, Carolyn Campbell, Charlotte Echols. TOP ROW: Carol Ann Blandford, Beverly Sanders, Donna Sue Taylor, Frances Seeds, Anita Johnson, Mclba Cheuvront. BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Margene Ludlow, Linda Walls, Jeri l-layes, Roberla Dunn, Susan Cunningham, Judith A. Thomas, Judilh A. Beach, Elizabeth Bell, Rochelle Fordin. SECOND ROW: Michi Fox, Janel Barlow, Judy Rhoads, Ellen Hopp, Martha Berman, Jayne Millslead, Kathy S. Rowland, Ernesline Evans, M. Arlene Soulherland, Angela Chrislenberry. THIRD ROW: Janie Keesee, Marilyn l-lenderson, Kalherine Roberts, Laura Peck, Diane Dowdy, Karen l-lull, Catherine M. Walsh, Dena L. Gardner, Karen L. Wynn, Carmen K. Bell. FOURTH ROW: Mary Compton, Judith A. Juslis, Sherrill L. Clinlon, Susan E. Tomlin, Elizabeth A. Stall- ings, Becky G. Yuhas, Darleen K. Moore, Mary B. Sproul, Elaine F. Caqle, Linda K. McCracken, Carol A. Masernore. TOP ROW: Christine W. James, Geraldean Marlin, Judilh E. Birky, Belly J. Pills, Linda Jo Quisenberry, Marsha Gillogly, Thelma M. Har- rison, Vicki Dobbins, Donna Slellans, Belly Palmer, Elhel Spen- cer, Kathleen G. Woolen. Capping Ceremony Highlights Nursing Student's Year The ceremony in which second-year nursing students receive their caps from the School of Nursing is the highlight of the year for the Oklahoma State Student Nurses Association. The organization has as its principal aims to establish a background for prospective nurses and to instill an enthusiasm in the students through educational meetings and projects. Ollicers this year were ludith Thomas, presi- dent: Teri Lee Hayes, vice president, and Eliza- beth Bell, treasurer. All pre-nursing students at the University of Oklahoma are eligible for membership in the nurses association. micron Nu Promotes Leadership in Home Economics To recognize outstanding students scholas- tically and to promote leadership and research in the field of home economics are purposes of Omicron Nu. The club is a national honorary home ec- onomics association. To be eligible for mem- bership a student must have a 3.0 average. ln the fall the members have an open house BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Sarah R. Crim, Anne Marshall, Joan Mi- lan, Carolyn Campbell, Mary Farha, TOP ROW: Beverly San- ders, Charlolle Echols, Peqqy O'Neal, Donna Taylor, Barly Shipp. for all students on campus interested in home economics. Miss Sarah Crim was this yearis faculty spon- sor. Ollicers were loan Milan, president, Ann Marshall, vice president: Carolyn Campbell, secretary: Mary Farha, treasurer: Mary Har- lan, editor, and Connie Hahn, membership chairman. 'RFP BOTTOM ROW: Donna Jo Austin, Jayne McReynolds, Jerri L. Snow, Jean Orauel. Alice Trexler, Linda Marriott, Phyllis Funk. SECOND ROW: Jane Abralnarnson, Lana Nelson, Dottie Wilson Elli Corrigeux Marilyn Barton, Mary K. Seiter, Cheryl Lovett, Lincla Noltemeier. TOP ROW: Carole K. Boyd, Der Wallis, Charles C. Suggs ll, Kay Brumrnett, Andy Oldroyd. Dottie Brig- lnarn. Barbara Stegernan, Kathleen Maiewslci. Orchesis Fosters Creative Techniques of Dance Membership in Orchesis is open to any OU student who can satisfy the entrance aud- itions which show technical and creative abil- ity. The organization seeks to foster under- standing of dance through creative participa- tion and performance for the public. Two major productions are presented each year-Wldhe Iuggler of Norte Damel' and a spring recital. Orchesis assists on all drama and musical productions. As a reward for the year's work, an outstanding member was chosen. Officers were lane Abramson, president, Charles Suggs, vice president, Mary Margaret Combs, secretary, Dottie Wilson, treasurer, and Miss Helen Gregory, sponsor. Petroleum-Geological Engineers Promote Oil Relations Petroleum and Geological Engineers, Club was founded in l933 for the purpose of better- ing understanding and relationship between students and the oil industry. Membership is open to all students enrolled in the petroleum engineering or geological engineering. Dr. L. P. Moore replaced W. F. Cloud, pro- BOTTOM ROW: Frederick R. McCord Lyle E, l-lendersor Lar- ry Clyneli. Preyon L. Moore Sf-rnuel J. Aflcirs Ill, l-lowfird D. lnglisln Julian Pfiytuyi, Jirn Pfillon. SECOND ROW: Wilbur E. l-larnrriock, Enrique Carrero, John W. Pitzer, D-iltorx B. Curlis Jr. fessor emeritus, who had served as faculty sponsor since the clubis founding. Oflicers this year were Larry F. Clynch, president and St. Pat's Council representative, Bob Coleman, vice presidentg Lyle Henderson, secretary- treasurerg Sam Atkins, entertainment chair- man and Rusty Curtis, speaker chairman. Robert F. Taylor Glen C. Sturgis James W. Williams, Arthur F. Breeze, TOP ROW: Jonr: VY. Meyers. led P. Calirsor, Barlow M. Jobrson Olerzn P. Carson Tom E. Ferffday, I-larris S. Segal Sleohen L. Cate Bob Colcrnan. BOTTOM ROW: Dudley l-lyde, Mike Tinney. Ruth Anne Thomas, Gail McCurdy, Linda Lockett. SECOND ROW: Greg Eslinqer, Fred Roach, Maxine Taylor, Jane Monroe, Dr. Kenneth Dailey. THIRD ROW: Nancy Fleming, Barbara Perhay, George Burris, John Painter, Martha Thurmond. FOURTH ROW: Tom Brewer, Phi Alpha Theta Sponso Phi Alpha Theta is an international honor so- ciety in history. The membership is composed of students who have been elected on the basis of excellence in the study of history. OU,S chapter sponsors speakers, forums, dc- bates, and seminars. This active honorary fraternity also had a banquet meeting of state Gerry Sargent, Howard Butler, Douglas Souligny, William Min- yard, Donald Manqels, Irvin May, Ronald Frederick. TOP ROW: Dwight Mayo, Jim Chastain, Davis Joyce, Donald Feinstein, Jac- queline St. John, Tom Walters, Tom Reynolds. rs History Forums, Debates members in the spring. Dr. john H. Franklin of the University of Chicago was the featured speaker. Officers were Mrs. Maxine F. Taylor, presi- dent, Fred Roach, vice president, lane Monroe, secretary, Lloyd Roberts, publicity chairman. Faculty sponsor Was Dr. Kenneth Dailey. Pharmacy Group Celebrates 53rd Year on Campus Oklahoma Rho chapter of Phi Delta Chi is one of the oldest organizations on campus. This pharmacy organization was installed at OU in 1913 to advance the science of phar- macy and to foster and promote fraternal spirit among its members. Officers were Roy Armstrong, president, Tack Arnold, vice president, Iohnny George, BOTTOM ROW: Roy Lee Armstrong, Johnny D. George, Bill McDuff, Tom Webber, Jack Arnold, Jerry Patton, Marshall Scant- lin. SECOND ROW: L. Thomas Lehman, James A. Buchanan, secretary, Terry Patton, treasurer, Marshall Scantlin, master-at-arms, Tom Webber, pre- late, Bill McDuff, correspondent. All sophomores in the College of Pharmacy with at least a 2.0 grade average may become members. Meetings are held bi-monthly. An- nual activities include sponsorship of Phar- macy and Career Days. Ronald G. Thomas, Larry D. Stout, N, Warren Roberts. TOP ROW: Joseph A. Rieqer, Dick R. Risinqer, John J. LaReau, Ralph P. Autry, Loyd V. Allen Jr. ' ra QR. 12' ff M766 BOTTOM ROW: Ronald Goddard, John Oossett, Betty Driver, ROW: Terry L. Stovall, William l. James, Robert C. Merritt, David F. Ellis. SECOND ROW: Edwin A. Rieke, Ronald L. Hamm, Stephen L. Yarbrough, Donald L. Downing, Stevan C. Bailey. Leroy D. Keltner, Earl M. Bricker, David L. Westgate. TOP Phi Mu Alpha Fosters Brotherhood of Music Students Phi Mu Alpha was founded October 6, l898 at the Conservatory of Music in Boston. This organization advances the cause of music in America and fosters the Welfare of brotherhood of music students. Activities for the year in- cluded the promotion of the Walden String Quartet, providing music loans and scholar- ships and adding record collections for the music history departmentis listening library. Membership is not limited to music majors. David Ellis was president, Ronny Goddard, vice president, Terry Coodspeed, secretary, lohn Gossett, treasurer, and Lionel Edmonds, faculty adviser. Physical Therapy Club Educates Students in Field The principal aims of the Physical Therapy Club are to further physical therapy and to bet- ter educate and stimulate interest to students concerning physical therapy. To be eligible for membership in the club a student must have a 2.0 grade average or above and show interest in physical therapy. Projects included a ticket sale for the March BOTTOM ROW: Diedra Dyer, Marsha Dilley, Karen Black, Cindy Pruitt, Bobbie Burngardner, Brenda Ngum, Mrs. L. Lynch, Mrs. B. Milacelc. SECOND ROW: Pattymac Hewitt, Linda Clinesmith, Wilma Draper, Peggy Paramore, Cordelia Jewell, Marilyn K. Benslcin, Patti Sharp, Janie Blorne. THIRD ROW: James Hardy, Cheryl Paul, Patti Craig, Pat Kimmel, Nancy Nye, Adele Frish- of Dimes Anniversary Ball, a birthday party for a child in the University Hospital and a field trip to the Physical Therapy School in Oklahoma City. Miss Thelma Pederson was faculty sponsor this year. Officers were Cindy Pruitt, presi- dent, Bobbie Bumgardner, vice president and Brenda Ngum, secretary-treasurer. man, Dana Davis, K-Kay Moorhead, Mary Walter. FOURTH ROW: Tracy Anthony, Sheila Marshall, Frances Rodgers, Michael McCann, Sheila Sheldon, Rosette Morris, Sheila Cudio, Jocelyn Evans, Nancy Walton. TOP ROW: Grover Smallwood, Logan, Sheila Baebel, Sally Winters, Pat Dozier, Yemi Jay Carter, Steve Faruzzo, Ryclc Wilson, Doris Robinson. Barbara Lawoyin, as ' ' -as . fl P iifsi 4, sv? 9' rv E BOTTOM ROW: James W. Wiiiiams Dwight L. Dauben, Julian Paytuvi, Waiter F. Fox. TOP ROW: Robert B. Burwell, James A. Sinex, James A. Kaiser, Samuei J. Atkins Iii Arthur P. Breeze. Pi Epsilon Tau Sets Ideals for Petroleum Engineers Pi Epsilon Tau fosters a closer bond between its members and the petroleum industry. In addition, Pi Epsilon Tau broadens the scope of activities of its members and maintains high ideals and standards of engineering. Qualifications for membership of a graduate is the recommendation of the faculty, a senior must be in the upper 25 per cent of his classg a junior must be in the upper 17 per cent of his class. Iames H. Williams held the ollice of presi- dent with assistants Iulian Paytuvi, vice presi- dent, and Dwight Dauben, secretary-treasur- er. Dr. Paul Root was the faculty sponsor. Rho Chi Membership Highest Honor in Pharmacy The advancement of pharmaceutical scien- ces through encouragement of sound scholar- ship is the purpose of Rho Chi, now 71 chap- ters strong. The main function of OU's chap- ter is to present certiiicates of recognition to pharmacy freshmen averaging 3.0. Membership requires the student to be in the BOTTOM ROW: Raiph W. Clark, Bonnie L, Estes. James A. Bu- chanan, Chiquita D. Hansen. TOP ROW: Joseph A. Rieqer, Ken- neth D. White, Loyd V. Aiiers Jr., Armen H. Mirzfaifan. upper 20 per cent of his class and to have a 3.0 average in ll2 hours. 45 hours in the Col- lege of Pharmacy. Oiiiccrs this year were james A. Buchanan, president, Kenneth White, vice president, Chi- quita Hansen, secretary, Loyd Allen, treasurer, with Dr. Ralph Clark, faculty sponsor. lm.. sl .1 . . , f - z we , BOTTOM ROW: Marilyn Breslow, Barbara Halbrich, Carolyn l-loque, Cassie Collis, Mary L. Farha, Margaret Marek, Jenefred l-lederlnorsf, Susan Gunderson, Cheryl Jo Gates, Carolyn Clayton. SECOND ROW: Suzi Vile, Jackie Moncrief, Susan Fisher, Jan Forehand, Linda Ross, Marilyn Horwitz, Patricia E. Miller, Peggy R. Ellis, Donna Barron, Jackie Buchner. THIRD ROW: Susan Mc- Elyea, Bette Miller, Mary Sforcb, Cindy Ludrnan, Bunni Maslansky, Anne Dillard, Jackie Horwitz Glenda Sue Blasdel, Janice Schen- der, Diane Mitchell, Vivian Baumzgardner, Patty Sims. FOURTH ROW: Jean Leitzsey, Ann Layman, Caryl Kunsernuller, Rebecca Landon, Christine Willus, Nancy Edwards, Grace Gerchen, Kay Sparks, Patricia A. Ehrlich, Rita Glazer, Linda Haaq. TOP ROW: Sharon K, Pettit, Barbara Jacobs. Jacqualin Edwards, Dianne Smith, Diana Sexton, Suzan l-larris, Janice Eubanks, Judy Sims, Elisa McClendon, Donna Usher, Rhillis Ruby, Susan Kilqo. Shadowbox Assists in Miss Football Style Show Shadowbox was organized at OU to create interest in fashion arts. Events included co- ordinating the style show for the "Miss Foot- ball, USAH pageant held at OU, lectures and several style shows. Officers this year included Margo Marek, president, Carolyn Hogue and jenefred Heder- horst, vice presidents, Carolyn Clayton, treas- Sigma Delta Chi Sponsors Sigma Delta Chi is a professional journalis- tic society for men engaged in journalism. The societyis motto is "He serves best who serves the truthf, lt is the oldest, largest and most select organization for men in journalism. Sigma Delta Chi this year sponsored a for- um on the rights and responsibilities in pub- urerg Susie Gunderson, modeling assistant, Nancy Willsie, corresponding secretary, Cher- yl Cates, recording secretary, Mary Farha, so- cial chairmang Cassie Collis, public relations, Wendy Woods, publicity, Elaine Hahn, mem- bership chairmang and Sylvia Dumas, histor- ian. Mrs. Clara Dumas and Miss Patricia Les- ter were faculty sponsors. Forum, Dallas Soonergram licizing police reports and charges of "trial by newspapers? They also sponsored the annual Soonergram to the OU football team in Dallas. Officers were Gene Sands, presidentg Robert C. Parrott, vice president, Robert Clark, sec- retary, Larry Woodard, treasurer. Dr. C. joe Holland was faculty adviser. BOTTOM ROW: Larry Woodard, Barrett Morris, Robert Clark. TOP ROW: Edward R. Heintze, Gene Sands, Robert C. Parrott. Zelberf L. Moore. BOTTOM ROW: E. F. Dawson, E. M. Sims, S. C. Switt, W. A. ROW: Joseph D. Whitaker, Donald A. Reilly, Terrence Tinlcel, D Timberlake. SECOND ROW: Charles E. Cradduck, Robert E. W. l-learn, James l't. Vauqhan. Kapp, Fred M. Bray Jack S. Crosbie, Johnny D. Cradduclr. TOP To promote the arts and sciences and en gineering practices connected with the design construction and utilization of automotive ap paratus is the aim of the Society of Automotive Engineers All regularly enrolled engineering students ire eligible for membership in the student branch of the society. The group sponsored two field trips each semester and had various speakers, usually iuthorlties in some branch of the automotive Field at their meetings Oiiicers for the 1965 66 year were Sam Svxift chairman Mark Thomas vice chairman, ind Bill Timberlake secretary treasurer E M. Sims was ficulty adviser. SAE Hears Speakers From Automotive Field P Society of Engineering Officers for the Society of Engineering Phys- icists this year were Richard Matteson, presi- dent, Marion D. Gurney, vice president, Thom- as Guilfoil, treasurer, Iohn F. Hendry, St. Patis Representative, and Dr. Chun Lin, faculty sponsor. This organization strives to help all engi- neering physics majors to become better in- BOTTOM ROW: Chun C. Lin, John F. Hendry, Thomas P. Guil- toil, Richard J. Matteson, Marion D. Gurney, Janice S, Wilhite. SECOND ROW: Thomas A. Greene, William R, Schmitt, Kenneth h sicists Informs Members formed concerning their major field of interest. Any student who is interested in engineer- ing physics is eligible to become a member of this organization. Among guest speakers on hand for the club's monthly meetings was Dr. G. W. Paxton of Texas Instruments. The topic of his lecture was infra-red detection. Paul Maddox, Leslie R. Connor, Rodger B. King, Paul R. Hamil- ton, Kenny V. Cunningham. TOP ROW: George Tillett, Jerry L. Foote. Roy Chaney, Robert Benzin, Roy Caruthers, Robert Sims. BOTTOM ROW: Donald R. lngold. Charles S. Gibbs, Bill Mar- ion, Jaclc Onofrio, James M. Hays, Rene E. Mendoza. SECOND ROW: Judith Kanfor, Nancy Axelrod, Mary Coates, Sue Onofrio, Lin Onofrio, Farideh Fozoonmayeh. THIRD ROW: Kent N. My- ers, Susan Lewis, Ralph Sammis, Carole Morgan, John McGoogan, Judy Linehan, Katie Elcstrorn. TOP ROW: John P. Cook, Mike McSpadden, Kenneth M. Morris, Linda Pennell, Patricia Daly, Riclc Batten, Jerry J. Smofrycz, Gail Davis, Cheryl Naifeh. Sociology Club Participates in OU Campus Movements OU Sociology Club, open to all students in- terested in sociology, strives to promote soci- ological interests and social problem research among interested students. Officers this year were Bill Caldwell, presi- dent, Alan Laird and Ralph Sammis, vice presidents, lack Onofrio, secretary, Pat Daly, treasurer: Pat Swift, public relations chairman, Frank Hensley, program chairman, and Rene Mendoza as faculty sponsor. On the agenda for the club Were monthly meetings with lectures, forums and tape ses- sions on various topics of sociological interest. They were also active in campus movements involving social issues, as well as sponsoring the publication of a club paper. Spanish Club Increases Interest in Romance Language Spanish Club is the oldest language club on the OU campus. lt was organized to unite American and Latin American students and to increase and develop the interest of all the student body in the Spanish language. One of the main goals is academic improvement of members. Special activities this year included the SPANISH CLUB: David J. Haight, Anthony Salamanca, Henry showing of several Spanish films and a Span- ish banquet. Officers were Douglas Souligny, president: Adela Lopez and Margaret Rosell, secretaries: Iuan Mondejar, treasurer, and Joseph Kincaid, faculty sponsor. Students in good standing with an interest in Spanish may be members. Carrero, Maggie Rosell, John P. Mondeiar, Douglas Souliqny. BOTTOM ROW: Ruth Ann Fisher, Lorraine Allrnon, Adele Sal- adow, Barbara Borelli, Tobee Kaufman, Judy Elkins, Helen Price, Bettye Jennings. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Broadhurst, Diana Ol- iver, Donna Abel, Nancy Caynar, Marcia Wentz, Jerre Francis, Dorsee Bennett, Marcy Doremus, Judy I-lix. THIRD ROW: Carol Ann Burkhard Judy Mitchell Sherre Cross, Karen Murphy, Char- W. line l-larrison, Pamela Wiqqins Cheryl Bony, Jean Silverman, Patria Parnell, Jane Meyer. TOP ROW: Linda Cole, Rozanne Lanier, Judy Brauqht, Lynn Walcher, Elizabeth Blarcl Paul M. Skinner, Carole Epcar, Sharon Mechem, Dorella Logan, Vivian Stephenson Mary Eurton. SEA Develops Professional Attitudes Among Students Student Education Association aims to pro- mote the development of professional attitudes among students preparing to enter the teach- ing profession after graduation. Being very active this year, the organization held a workshop for high school FTA mem- bers in the spring, tutored, and planned teach- ers' teas throughout the school year. Ofiicers were Barbara Borelli, president, Margaret West, vice president, Iudy Elkins, corresponding secretary, Adele Saladow, re- cording secretaryg Ruth Ann Fisher, treasurer, and Dr. Herbert Hengst, sponsor. Interest in the teaching profession and a de- sire to participate are the only requirements for membership. Symphony Orchestra Accompanies Musical Productions The Oklahoma University Symphony Or- chestra Was conducted this year by Donn Mills. The officers were Linda Terry, presi- dent, Bill Clifford and Iames Waterhouse, stu- dent managers. The Symphony Orchestra is open by aud- ition only. The purpose of this organization is to provide professional experience for music VIOLIN: P. Roby, L. I-larvin, L. Terry, M. Harvin, P. Schneider, D. Gay, E. Heath, M. Williams, L. Tucker, J. Leonard, L, Atkins, S. Cheadle, S. Kuhlman, K. Lyons. S. Tomlin, B. McMullen. VIOLA: M. Tuven, S. Chisholm, A. Thomas, P. Fowler, A. Mc- Daniel, O. Crumroy. VIOLONCELLO: M. Cornelius, M. Harris, C. Sleeper, M. Cannon, M. Gay, J. Waterhouse, S. lnnis, K. Kuhlman. CONTRABASS: C. Hoag, B. Cromwell, R. Hamm, J. Annas. FLUTE: C. Smith, O. Kinq. A. Deakins. PICCOLO: S. Yarbrough. OBOE: L. Robey, B. Clifford, D. Jennings. CLARI- majors who participate. It also seeks to satisfy its audiences with the best quality music pos- sible presented at regular concerts. The Symphony Orchestra gave six concert performances this year and traveled to many area high schools to give concerts. In addition, they accompanied musical plays staged by the drama department. NET: R. Goddard, D. Westgate, A. Edwards. BASS CLARINET: R. Osborne. BASSOON: M. Eastham, L. Searcy, S. Koons. FRENCH HORN: L. Vernon, J. Thayer, O. Fichter, N. Reut- linger, R. Rodeheaver. TRUMPET: J. Ooodspeed, J. Abbott, M. Blake, R. Merritt. TROMBONE: D. Ellis, L. Keltner, M. Pool, H. Morinq. TUBA: D. Sullinqer. HARP: D. Young. PIANO: B. Walker. PERCUSSION: C. Mott, J. Cook, T. Stovall, J. Combs. CONDUCTOR: Donn Mills. MH ML BOTTOM ROW: Linda Wright, Carolyn Clure, Marilyn Gay. Guthrie, Nancy Cobb, Rhonda Sammons. TOP ROW: Neosha Wat' Christine Smith, Martha Van Hok, Melissa Camp, Loutitia E. terman, Cheryl Smith, Judy Brauqht, Jan Lu Smith, Nancy Reut- Denison. SECOND ROW: Jerre Francis, Alice Edwards, Mary linger, Margaret Laton, Betty Reitt, Nancy Brauqht. Sue Marty. Diane Tholen, Susan Sullivan, Sharon Peters, Cynthia Tau Beta Sigma Pledges Outstanding Bandsmen Tau Beta Sigma is the honorary band ser- vice organization for women. A student must have a 2.0 over-all average and must have been a member of the band for two semesters to join. One activity of the group was the initiation of their new pledges at Lincoln, Nebraska, during Thanksgiving when the band traveled Theta Sig Matrix Dinner Theta Sigma Phi, national honor fraternity for women in journalism, was founded in 1909 at the University of Washington and was es- tablished at OU in 1915. Highlighting the year was the annual Mat- rix Table Banquet with Ruth Philpott Collins, childrenis writer from St. Louis, being the speaker. Six professional journalists spoke dur- BOTTOM ROW: Betty Bonitield, Grace E. Ray, Kathryn Guinness, Sydney Moran, Linda Johnson, Sondra Schroeder. SECOND ROW: Susan Waltz, Betty Staqqs, Toni Taylor, Lee Ann Johns, Susan to the game. Other activities were selling doughnuts on trips and a shoe shine project. Serving as officers were Christine Smith, president, Marilyn Gay, vice president, Caro- lyn Clure, secretary: and Martha Van Hook and Melissa Camp, treasurers. The groupas aim is to serve the OU band and to promote fine band music in the nation. Features Ruth Collins ing the year, including Bruce Palmer. The fraternity also will send a delegate to the Aug- ust national convention. Oflicers for the year were Betty Bonifield, president, leanie Burgess, vice president, Kath- ryn Cuinness, secretary, Susan Wright, treas- urer, Nancy Edwards, archivist, and Grace Ray, faculty sponsor. Wright, Sharon Ansley. TOP ROW: Bonnie Allen, Millicent Green, Betsy B. Williams, Patricia Ann Turner, Jeanie Kathleen Rapp, Josephine l-l. Spivey, Marcia l-larrell. CHAPTER NINE , Q. """WdF"" ' in-nuns:-up ,, i -M "Q :.v U 49 W I, L 5, V, ,-,fl gf-fx-4. . -.i 1,25 :, 1 wmfff .1- jfj s ,V if 4 A J' I I I I Q' 2 2 E RESIDENTIAL CENTERS : 21, s 'EW sv 4 2 S 2 A fl' Zi . 0 A i ,, m .I al I, ,M ,Q ri' ' , I 1' F , 1 . "' fl Xe K -'Q 4- -lk L ,.. Migqvgw-M-w 3 A T15 1 'W ' swf . 1. I ,. sf nf 5 1 View from the air shows the Kraetili Apartments complex located one mile south of the main campus. They were formally named this year. New Housing Facilities Dedicated in Fall The 321-unit apartment complex on south campus was opened in the fall to single men and women students. This complex, along with the 104 units of married students, apartments on West Constitution Street, was formally named Kraettli Apartments during the 75th Anniversary ceremonies, in honor of Emil R. Kraettli, secretary of the University of Okla- homa and the University Board of Regents. George E. Wadsack was honored at the same time by having the streets circling the new Kraettli Apartments named in his honor. Adams Center was the name given to the Towers, opened in the fall of 1964. They were dedicated during the anniversary festivities, in honor of K. S. 'cBoots', Adams of Bartlesville. The four towers composing the center were named in honor of T. Howard lVlcCasland of Duncan and the late E. B. lohnson, Fred Tar- man, and the family of the late Hal L. Muld- row, all of Norman. Adams Center accommodates 1,000 students. Plans also were announced this spring for con- struction of two more centers, similar to Adams, which each will house 1,500 students. The center for women is expected to be completed in the fall of 1967 and the center for men will he ready for occupancy in fall, 1968. University housing provides facilities for 3,- 200 other single students in Cate Center, Hes- ter-Robertson, and Franklin houses, Cross Cen- ter, Woodroixi' Wilson Center and Whitehand House. Married student apartments are Nie- mann, South Base, Logan and Parkview. Adams Center is the tirst of three roposed towers that will be built p I , to accommodate urnversity students. it '1 Tl YI ,, , f A . Q, L A V M A A nw 'aL5jg:f-2f1'fQi- " ., fG'amwi4Sff:1i5'!-if-fe '- f. - f - K ' , , X , Cross Cen'rer Housm sirxole mum. H . .M-if" W NW If N raw.. rf Ca're Cenfer for Coeds is fl modem faciH+v which provides living space fof IOOO slngia women sfudemfs or We Umlversilry o? Oklahoma. -1' e.. +?m1u1v,7g5,w Q f ' l11z'S'mj?,"-9 :L 'f"????V 7328! , - 3 1 ' 1 X 7, K -T"W7VfYk7i' fps" me ' iiffliffv 152:11 :ig f , A ,551 ry 111 ' K 1: ' r A ,S ' . , ,, Q x .'.' A If KraeHli uolfs House mfarrled sfuderfs. Woodrow Wilson Ceofof We for :fe mor. Whifehand House Ts or 'CHQ' f-rd M campuf 5I7 Iii-Aim-1 s Housing Staff Exceeds 700 Employees A total of 746 employees Work in the uni- versity housing department directed by Wil- liam H. Strickland lr. Key stall members meet Weekly to maintain proper conditions. Food services for all housing cafeterias and supervision of the commissary are under direc- tion of Frank Pasierb, assistant housing direc- tor. Mrs. Myrtle Kellerhals, supervisor of food service, and Mrs. Louise Wzird are trained dieti- cians who plan and supervise preparation of the more than l5,000 meals served daily. Mrs. Alice Hinkle manages the housing department Commissary. Mrs. Virginia Clark is manager of the hous- ing directoris office and supervises all applica- tions tor university housing. L. S. Ethington does the accounting for university housing. L. G. Merritt, assistant housing director, BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Virqinia Clark, Mrs. Mariorie Kuhlman, Mrs. Lois Music, Mrs. Alice Hinkle, Mrs. Willene Johnson, Mrs. Louise Ward, Mrs. Myrtle Kellerhals. TOP ROW: Earl Raburn, Wintred supervises all residence areas and their main- tenance. Don Thoes manages the furniture re- pair shop and makes all draperies for univer- sity housing. Personnel of the various housing divisions are Earl Raburn, supervisor of married apart- ments and maintenance, Mrs. Marjorie Kuhl- man, manager of Kraettli Apartments, Mrs. Lois Music, manager of Parkview, Niemann and Logan apartments, and Flynn Reynolds, manager of South Campus apartments. Mrs. Willene Johnson is housekeeper fore- man and Winfred Kersey is building custodian foreman. Their staffs are responsible for the housekeeping in all residential centers. Otis johnson is the foreman responsible for mov- ing, storage and inventory of the housing de- partment, including warehouse management. Kersev, Don Thoes, Gilbert Merritt, William H. Strickland Jr., Frank Pasierb, Flynn Reynolds, Otis Johnson, L. S. Ethington. 9? U in O Addressing the Adams Center dedi- cation audience is William l-l. Strick- lard Jr. with Robert E. West, archi- tectg Dr, George L. Cross and Reu- ben Sparks, OU Regent listeninq. BO'l'l'OM ROW: Jean Hielle. Mary Jane Schoonover. Parnela Rock- hold. Helen Price, Barbara Winn, Wanda Sue Oneth. Ann Miller. SECOND ROW: Gunda Jacobson, Cathey Cain, Marilyn Matteson, Karen Bryan, Linda Adkins, Cookie Guiou, Penny Powell, Jane Sachs. TOP ROW: Susan Hollingsworth, Anne Leslie, Gretchen Grover, Donna Linqle, Mary Catherine Leonard, Sue lvy, Gayle Northcutt, Judy Waters, Helen Bergman. Presidents' Council Promotes Activities Members of the Women's Residential Hous- ing Council, headed by president Pam Rock- hold, had the job of providing and promoting activities for Women in university housing. Their success in fulfilling this job was seen in the participation in the Orphanis Party, the annual spring dance, "Hanging of the Greensf' and the traditional banquet with Cross, Wilson and Cate Centers. Oliicers who helped plan these activities were Helen Price, vice presidentg Mary lane Schoon- over, secretaryg and Barbara Winn, treasurer. Mrs. lean S. Hjelle, faculty sponsor, coordinat- ed events, in addition to her varied duties as social director of university housing. In addition to planning sessions, the council heard such speakers as Frank Pasierb, food ser- vicesg Dr. Glenn Couch, dean of University Collegeg and David Burr, assistant to the Uni- versity president, Dr. George L. Cross. Planning their party with Cross Cen- ter are Mary Leonard. Cookie Guiou and Mary Jane Schoonover. 5645- gt L Wi is ti' in aw .. Q . .1 , ,5. -1, Q . 1-:i.,,. V rig? . . BOTTOM ROW: Rebecca We'sei, Kaye Wilsor Masie Ferguson, bert Janet Eason, Kay Beaird Joyce Carperter Gayla Maoccirk, Nancy Richard Melody lnedtord, Janet Arrnour, Suzi Clayton, Lynn Lanius. TOP ROW: Judy Overturt Judy Jones, Barbara Suzan Settlernire, Barbara Kirkpatrick Diane Phipps. SECOND ROW: Carla Lindsay, Toni Haqernann Nancy Jackson, Jane Git- Lindsay, Shiree Hockrnan, Kerry Mcflrady Annette Elliott, Steph- anie Drake, Kay Sparks. Dorothy Prosser. Bizzell House Residents Full of Surprises It was a year of surprises for the girls of Bizzell House. Beginning with a surprise Hallo- ween Party during study hall, planned by the counselors, the year was not complete until the girls of the dorm planned their own surprise birthday party for Barbara Kirkpatrick, assist- ant counselor. Melody Thedtord handled gavel duties at Bizzell, with Ioe Ann Peoples holding down the vice presidentis post. Suzi Clayton was secre- tary of the dorm, and lanet Armour, treasurer. Planning social events was Iamie Gilbert, so- cial chairman. Representatives were Cynthia Rittenberg, WBAg Kay Beaird, ISA, and janet Eason, AWS. Miss Ann Belanger, graduate student major- ing in law, served as head counselor. Bizzell House was named for Mrs. Carrie Wray Sangster Bizzell, wife of OU,s Fifth presi- dent, Dr. William Bennett Bizzell. H Caught in the act, Cynthia Ritten- berq, Janet Armour, Lynn Lanius and Gayla Maqouirk think twice about using those torbidden tire stairs. Creating a 'Prairie Schooner' 'lor lheir dorm homecofniro clecoref floss are Brcolcsie lowrley, Michelle Pass ard Swv White, ' . 'Aff lQ.,i1.2a,. " ,A'vP'-n Brooks House Girls Add Continental Flavor Bringing a Continental flavor to dorm activ- ities during finals week, Brooks residents ob- served an age-old French tradition with their "lVlerde to the Nth Degree" party as a sym- holic pre-finals good luck celehration. Nancy Fleming, graduate history major and counselor of Brooks, initiated the party last year upon her return from study in Paris. BOTTOM ROW: Marilvr- Rodesrwcy Beth l.vr'ri lVlCCleiidOri Jarie SMP'-elard Sherrie A' Cherrl Bowrriary Arr' Millet Jeeeilei Miterell Dwirqlle Roemr-r Lirda Shillirz K-1, lvlarfiri. SECOND ROW: Laurel Sriavrari, Shire, Allen Difwac lvlercilf Jaclcie Spcars Kareri Carter, Marian Eskridqe, Elairief Willow, Linda Kay W'xllis, Kathryn Bailey. THIRD ROW: Susan Schilde, Jan Wil, K +3 pi K 'W' I ,, ,L , , Helping with party preparations were oliicers Anne Miller, president: Cheryl Bowman, vice president: Danielle Boemer, secretary: and Linda Shilling, treasurer. Other ollicers included Lynn lVlcClendon and jennifer Mitchell, social chairmen: and dorm representatives lane Stangeland, WBA: and Sherrie Anna, ISA. liams, Gloria Trotter Jail Lu Smith Linda Barhee, Sharon Peters, Pamela Sutter Karol Davis, Dive Bfirses M-irtha Ficklir lvl.-rrilvr Scarlock. TOP ROW: Dofce Elevifs Jfwiet l"lamillo', Siisar l'lili Pfalricia Gail Tedd, Shaver' Sae Cheadle, Lois Barre" Karer Luro Gail Darrah, Barbara Jacobs, Sardifi Palmer Judith Kreusler. Ai my A Q 7 i ff rv-, M f Q, , on Q Q r S rw , ., iffy is 33 as 94 YJ 52l Enjoying pizza and Coke with the residents ot Cleo Cross is the dorm's quest, Mrs. Cleo Cross, wite ot' President George L. Cross. Cleo Cross House Girls Help at Hospital Residents of Cleo Cross House, freshman honors dormitory, along with honors dorms Brooks and Baker, inaugurated a "student-to- patient' program at Central State Hospital. Through this program, the second of its kind in the nation, students attempted to rehabili- tate patients by introducing them to the World beyond the confines ot mental illness. The social highlight of the year for Cleo Cross girls was a Christmas party given by BOTTOM ROW: Ann Thee, Linda McDonald, Billie Lanlctord, Kay Blosser, Gretchen Grover, Susan Lewis, Marjorie Clay, Linda Mar- riott, Peggy O'Neal, Linda Robbins. SECOND ROW: Mary Jane Sutton, Margie Ball, Carol Ann Greenwood, Dorothy Eileen Fry, Marcy Eaqin, Laure Harms, Judy Rose, Vicki Harrall, Cindy Wil- liams, Estella Nora Howard, Signe Biorlcman, Louise Lipton, Judy Shearin. THIRD ROW: Linda Walker, Jean Sorrels, Judy Gilpin. Mrs. Cleo Cross, wife of President George L. Cross. Earlier in the year, Mrs. Cross was spe-- cial guest at the dorm's pizza party. Miss Linda Rohhbins, senior education ma-- jor, was counselor, assisted by Peggy O,Neal. Otlicers were Gretchen Grover, president, Su- san Lewis, vice president, Marjorie Clay, sec- retary, Kay Blosser, treasurer, Linda Marriot social chairman, Anne Thee, HRC, Billie Lankford, ISA, and Linda McDonald, WRA. 3 Allison Camp, Ellen K. Kass, Mary Adkins, Mary Guest, Patricia Faullc, Cheryl Potter, Betsy Ellen Smith, Jeannie Alford, Diana Brown. TOP ROW: Pat Grittith, Cheryl Ryan, Carolyn M. East- man, Elizabeth Veal, Jeanne Horton, Barbara Picelc, Mary Chron- ister, Susan Nickels, Elizabeth Jones, Joyce Sachse, Nancy Greber, Sally Chisholm, Rita Smith. 5 i Vt? ,E , 4 , , f if v r 1 .- N, if rf R if , , 2 i , W, -, .W J, Yi I I 5 ,. . nk, if 11 '-, ' 7 -ew' f J . Hi .. QL, ' t, .. i BOTTOM ROW: Amber Ellis, Christine Hill, Darbie Davis, Kathy Guilford, Diane Donaho, Sherry Lawson, Guinnevere A. Hodges, Ann Russell, Leslie Martin, Freda French. SECOND ROW: Cheryn Arnmerman, Sheila Weinberg, Sally Pape, Barbara Smith, Phyllis Cross, Pat Fenwick, Susan Tomlin, Troyce Tate, Janie Leverich, Lida Leith, Chris Andrew. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Munger, Luella McCarty, Elyse Rosset, Shellie Kean, Myra Beverly Wuntch, Kay Kennedy, Amelda Gregory, Florentine Kleinschrnidt, Nancy Cobb, Linda Spealcman. TOP ROW: Jayne Hunter, Dorothy Scott, Linda May, Sally Ulmer, Cheryl Williams, Evelyn Kloplfenstine, Cindy Daugherty, Anna Lynn Weichbrodt, Sallie Buzbee, Sherry Hillis, Brenda Linn Thomas. Davis House Jokers Challenge Counselor From hidden tape recorders, illegal popcorn poppers and candid photographers, to hidden alarm clocks, short sheeted beds and greased door knobs, residents of Davis House kept their counselor, graduate art major Freda French, busy and bewildered. Named for Alice Brown Davis, the only wo- man ever elected chief of one of the five civil- ized tribes, Davis House included active par- ticipants in campus events. Together with the rest of Cate Center's front row, they copped the third place award in the annual Homecoming Decorations contest. Davis House also won first place honors in the annual Dads, Day con- test and celebration. Sherry Lawson was presidentg Diane Dona- ho, vice president, Guinnevere Hodges, secre- tary, Kathy Guilford, treasurer, lane Leverich, social chairmang and Sally Pape, Leslie Martin and lulie Lockhard, representatives. 'X A hootenany during strict campus? Brave musicians are Julie Loclchard, Sherrie Lawson, Pam Fontaine, Cin- dy Daugherty and Brenda Thomas. I ,, ax, . wg. V, ky In .- A Qi 'ff Q Q W S X A BOTTOM ROW: Janice Vinyard. Linda Kay Armour. Rheta l.. Dewberry, Mary Coates, Roberta Bumqardner, Anne Leslie, Doris Robinson, Ella Bryant, Cheryl Williams, Rhoda Jan Zeldich. SEC- OND ROW: Jane Roll, Pamela Seltzer, Claire Sleeper, Colleen O'Berg Carol Ann Shadi-d, Carrol Northinoton, Pam Rockhold, Sharla Sullivan, Gloria Sarders. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Oakley, Jane Yoakum, Linda Hauser, Margaret Strange, Roberta Jan Dunn, Phyllis Wilkinson, Gail Sharon Kieke, Vicki Henderson. TOP ROW: Charlene Pearson, Linda Cole, Cathy Bartlett, Hope Hard- er, Gail Thompson, Ellen Tolbert, Nancy A. Poe, Helen Price, Ruth Arn Fisher. Evans House Wins Dads' Day Competition Evans residents overcame three counselors in one semester, the punch at the Christmas party, and the rnottoes on lane Rollis door. Nor will they forget OSU friends during vacations or washing dishes during "Hanging of the Clreensfi Outstanding residents at Evans included Hope Harder, Ruth Ann Fisher, Helen Price, Pam Rockhold, Linda Cole and Cathy Bartlett. Rhoda Zeldich was head counselor. E55? 2933 QWUQSWZHET s2U2Q2r?fM"5 2s,,m5g2?92?w W5-Oiflsnucvfiffm GSE.-+0 "'c'Df'DO ixgsfbriocnmg bo,-.,-q.NfD:lf'D ,-, -srl'-5"'E:'w0U:J' Om? 'Y EE Gr: 053250 am-gg,.,,,fqm3Q 934 '1,f9"'1UQ:n 59, ggafrnhim f-f5QncD6'5"HQ 1' N.. mS.f"U514 agp 5'F5"mm'5-f"im :S ' Q"5:CDSD 4 iomwwbgb-R OQQEQEEQL: Sari. we wslom glsgrm saws 03:16 LLWQQ 3333 39:3 WV fa, 2 "Honestly, we tried to be on time." Rhoda Zeldich listens as Rheta Dewberry, Willa Smith, Erlann Adams and Vicki Henderson plead. "Hands oFf," could be the mes- sage Paula Cohen, Carolyn Turn- er, Sandy Schneider and Suzy Ra- dinsky qet trom Gayle Northcutt. V yksyz F, .S xi, fr' Forbes House Pyramids Noted for oise The Leaning Tower of Pisa has nothing on Forbes' famous falling pyramids, or so the girls who lived downstairs say. Cecilia lane Willis, senior speech education major, regretted that counselor's quarters were on first floor. Handling gavel duties for the dorm was Gayle Northcutt, assisted by vice president Marilyn Mascho. Donna Hammons served as secretary, and Gretchen Withington as treas- urer. Dorm representatives included Marilyn BOTTOM ROW: Jill Harris, Marilyn McBride, Gretchen Withing- ton Marilyn Mascho, Gayle Northcutt, Donna l-lammon, Carolyn Turner, Sarah Pat Bynum, Phyllis l-ieartsill, Cecelia Willis. SEC- OND ROW: Susan Radinsky, Karen Wielansky, Elaine Roqozenski, Betty Pitts, Sonia Lapkin, Diane Hendon, Pamela Blubauqh, Karen Beck, Jean Weir, Paula Cohen, Betsy Beebe, Marilyn Bass. THIRD ROW: Donna Needham, Sandy Hood, Suedie Pittman, Janice - ' 1 .1 'J 4, it U McBride, WRAQ Carolyn Turner, student houseg Jill Harris, ISAQ and Sarah Pat Bynum, homecoming. Forbes House proved to be a virtual 'cluliet hideavvayi' as the girls participated in Bass, Baker, Alley, and Lincoln House parties, in ad- dition to hay rides and pizza parties. Top residents were Alice Trexler, Marilyn McBride, Gayle Northcutt, Marilyn Mascho, Janice Hechtman and Carolyn Turner. Brown, Jenny Lucas, Alice Trexler, Gail Brayton, Sherry Smith. Peggy Alston, Susan Quick, Nancy Oswald, Patricia Busch. TOP ROW: Janie Keesee, Pam Hale, Roberta Wallenstein, Anita l-learn, Susan Parker, Susy Morris, Kim Champlin, Judy Buckles, Betty Reitt, Janis Weaver, Linda Mills, Sandy Schneider, Carole Petterman. r 'K , Q: :ff - ax A - 1. Q. 3 rr 2 C9 M r 1 433 l HE. YT? . wtf 4 l Q 425 Franklin House residents tound time to snack and talk over their diets at impromptu ice box raids. Secret Santas Set Trend for Franklin The craze may be secret service shows, but Franklin House residents set a new trend with their "Secret Santan show of consideration. Each resident received a name of a "dormmate" prior to Christmas and did a deed a day for her secret pal. Otlicers included Nancy Wood, presidentg Margaret Harmon, vice presidentg Nova Nell Wyatt, secretaryg Cheryl Glass, treasurerg Mar- garet Shafer, social chairmang Paula Umschweis BOTTOM ROW: Cheryl Lovett, Jane Mauch, Betty Greenstine, Nancy Wood, Diana Patton, Cheryl Glass, Susan Mellott, Lynda Johnson, Becky McCarthy. SECOND ROW: Lilia A. Velasquez, Pamela Glisan, Jere Jo Chieppo, Sarah Brady, Karen Kay Hunt, WRAg and Linda Bevvley, ISA representative. Outstanding residents at Franklin include Judy Ferguson, French Honors Club and sec- ond semester assistant counselorg Linda Searcy and Shirley Innis, Orchestrag Peg Shafer, one- act playsg Mary Ed Peters, leading role in "The Physicists' and other drama productionsg and Lilia Velasquez, graduate assistant in the phys- ical education department. Betty Greenstine was counselor. Faith Porter, Prudence Belt, Nota Stover, Cheryl Eastburn, Leslie Dunlap. TOP ROW: Judy G. Eason, Kathy Elser, Lorna Rhodes, Beth MCG-onnell, Marsha Gillogly, Shirley lnnis, Jane McNeely, Carolyn Saenz, Mary Frornme, Royetta Rule. K . Q ,. 14 rr ' . is ."Q.g' A V 57 1' f 3 , 7 ll i 'I' Sli W Q M L T T . -,.. ig., ew' 7 fl' r V V, Q V - Ha., ' z R J, if . 'R A M ii .HD iw' H if J 3 I I A . I . , Jw . .. X p :A an X r , 3, V K , , 4 Vi V fri-Q V, f . Fair L ' . x i Q K . . 1 I x .. ' 1 lx N 7 r ii BOTTOM ROW: Nikki Murphy, Suzi Merry, Belva Prestidqe, Gay Susan Downs, Jane Conners, Sammy Amis. FOURTH ROW: Judi Kaiser, Cathey Cain, Mary Ann Watts, Kay Taylor, Nyta l-laley, Levin, Ellen Jeffries, Pat Lenava, Judy Allen, Louise A. Murphy, Diane Dillard, Carolyn Johnson. SECOND ROW: Melody Leven- Kathy Dempsey, Yevonne l-lull. Jane Parks, Iris Farthing. TOP son. Judy McCumber, Marilyn King, Mary Jane Louthan, JoAnn ROW: Kathy Smith, Suzy Turner, Carol Love. Patti McGinley Dee Tanenhaus, Judi Cohen, Frann lbach, Saundra Roberts, Carol Lip- Ann Soder, Kathy Clark, Carol Roberts, Gloria Fay l-layman. Lyn man. THIRD ROW: Janet Dover, Ellen Kaplan, Janet Gallas, Car- Bozeman, Leslie Moore, Elaina Fulkerson. men Bennett. Theopal Louise Tyner, Linda Onotrio, Lynda Farr, Prowler Becomes Party in Hamill House Carolyn Iohnson, senior Spanish major and Kay Taylor, treasurer, Nyta Haley, social counselor of Hamill House, had the surprise of chairman, and campus representatives Belva her life one evening when her assistant reported Prestidge, WRA, Nikki Murphy, URCg Sandy that someone was attempting to break into the Nadlman, HRC, and Suzi Merry, ISA. dorm. Miss johnson marched into the lounge Hamill highlights of the year included win- and was greeted by Hamill residents, surprise ning third place in the Homecoming Decora- hirthday party for her. tions Contest, with Dee Levenson, Hamill resi- Cathey Cain served as president, with Mary dent, serving as chairman of Cate Center dec- Ann Watts, vice president, and Gay Kaiser, oration, and the girls' successful light to the secretary. Included on the ollicers' slate were finals in the volleyball tournament. Three minutes is not lonq enough to WN-Q describe OU. Kathy Clark finds, but tor Lyn Bozeman Leslie Moore and Cathey Cain, it is too long. if UZ Y ,, .rv f .'Q,, W K , ., f fn may V 5 if m szii . ,J l BOTTOM ROW: Donna Freeman, Sharon Weiner, Nanna Mach- ala, Lynn Ray, Sandi Mclvlahan, Nancy Addington, Marilyn l'tor- witz, Mary Lynn Newcorner, Mary Ellen Doyle, Barbara Frank. SECOND ROW: Glennis Cash, Ann Bannister, Carole Boyd, Janet Alexander, Donna Gale Stacy, Donna Ross, Ann Beard, Karole Sanders, Jackie Horwitz, Karol Maloy, Jill Street, Joan Glassrnan, Susan Gilbert, THIRD ROW: Nancy Reitike, Vicki Schenk. Kathy Herrick Girl 'Spir Christmas spirits were high in Herrick House this year, and the person responsible was not good St. Nick but counselor Barbara Frank, who was elected as "The Spirit of Christmasf, Helping coordinate dorm activities were Mary Lynn Newcomer, president, Marilyn Horwitz, vice president, Nancy Addington, sec- l-lull, Cynthia Haggard, Nancy Nye, Marrae Andrews, Judy Co- henour, Sue Unruh, Roseann Applegate, Sharan Ray, Marfgaret Geis, Susan Braun. Beverley Leslie. TOP ROW: Karen Sue l-tuneke Revelle Baker, Judy Gregg, Sharon Statham, Martha Schatt, Susan Bondurant, Linda Catanese, Gayle Thomas, Sandra Chertkov, Mar- garet Harrnash, Kathleen Marshall, Jeane Johnson Linda Spann. it of Christmas' retary, Sandi lVlclVlahan, treasurer, Lynn Ray, social chairman, and representatives Nanna lVlachala, WBA, and Donna Freeman, ISA. Outstanding residents were Ann Beard, Presidentis Leadership Class, Carole Boyd, En- gine Show performer, and Ann Bannister, one- act plays performer and member of the lighting crew for "The Taming of the Shrewf, Paiamas and carlers rnioht not be appropriate tor a lorrnal party, but tor Herrick dorm parties, nothing else will do. f P' t Adding an interrational tlavor to dorrn activities are Erlinda Reyes and Rarnonita Mesina, Philip- pines: Anna Marie Lhermitte, France: Maria Rosell, Cuba: Brenda Ngurn, Hawaii: Anne- cirete Budde, Denmark, Farideh Fozoonrnayeh lrart and Frances l-light American lndian. Hester Residents Compete in Intramurals Outstanding upperclass dorm for two conse- cutive years, Hester House worked to retain the honor through participation in campus activ- ities. Hester residents competed in all intra- mural sports, winning volleyball. ln other events, Hester listed five members of Sooner Scandals and eight outstanding resi- dents. Included on this list were Connie jo Mitchell, Susie Engel, Sandy Valentine, Phillipa Prather, Kathy Bowlloy, ludy Chapman, Fran- BOTTOM ROW: Marilyn Ray, Charles Abner, Dolores Marcotte, Janet Martin, Mary Linvolle, Maria M. Rosell, Carol Ritchey, Elizabeth Knight, Mary Elaine Walter, Susan Janies, Joan Desiderio, Sherry Cosoer, Fari deh Fozoonmayeh, Kathy Ay'es.SECOND ROW: Jane Clenney, Lillian Black, Carole Levine, Elaine Bush, Shirley Ann Harris, Mary Lu Puckett, Cathy Colernan, Sharon Cobb, Susie Engel, Marty Taylor, Wanda Sue Oneth, Deborah Perdue, Kathy Hensley, Judy Zika. THIRD ROW: Ra- rnonita L. Mesing, Brenda Ngurn, Elizabeth Hutchinson, Peggy Pharaoh, Judy Bradbury, Frances Hight, Pat Bazhaw, Sue Ann Stallard, Gloria Hobbs, Phyllis Pennington, Kathy Bowlby, Gwendolyn J. Williarris, Bobby Lou Winans, Barbara Ann Hartnwan, Barbara Hagen, Bonnie Sutharo, Vivla Ray Russell, Victoria Briskey. FOURTH ROW: Dianne Johnston, Car- ccs Hight and Wander Oneth. Hester also list- ed eight resident international students among the girls living in the dorm. Qtliccrs were Wander Sue Qneth, president, lVlarty Taylor, vice presidentg Sandy Valentine, secretaryg Debi Perdue, treasurer, Susie Engel, social chairman, Dottie Bowlhy, student house, and Cathy Coleman and Marty Metz, lSAg with lVliss Elaine Bush, a senior English major as head counselor. ol Haynes, Linda Ellis, Magel Frederick, Sherry Leatgreen, Barbara Lynn Harper, Nancy Burnes, Sharon Pettlon, June Kelley, Stella Schuller, Son dra Howell, Karen Labor, Linda Stuteville, Cindy Marks, Mary Metz, Rexa Dunn, Nancy Lyn Coleman, FIFTH ROW: Suzanne Ledbetter, Mary M. Burton, Jeanie Rapp, Mary Jean Sell, Sharon McAllister, Marcia Shatter, Francine West, Patti Hartley, Judy Chapman, Linda Dianne Hodge, Phillipa Prather, Kathleen Ann Crain, Dottie Bowlby, Joyce Veneigli, Pat Lindhorn, Annette Albers, Jane Hurst. TOP ROW: Linda McLaughlin, Kathleen Baurnwart, Cathy Montgornery, Mary Cornpton, Dierdra Bracv Nancy Park, Christine Sigrnan, Corrie Sue Hicks, Linda Ann Johnson Kathryn Jorgensen, Mary Jo Whaley, Janice Turk, Eloise Nixon, Janice Curnrnings, Paula Heck. G Q 6 99 9 - 'Ba a . ,n no ie E 1 l K r l E Greeting the most sought atter man on campus are Jean McGregor, Karen Bryan, Susie Brannum, Joyce Hechtman and Vivian Levine. Hohnan House Records Hume Feud, Fun Ten years from now, Holman residents will probably still talk about that disastrous toilet paper fight and the good times they had as freshman in college. Karen Bryan was president of the dorm, aid- ed by vice president Gwendolyn Woods, secre- tary Debby Townsend, treasurer Connie Miller and social chairman Marilyn Hulsey. Repre- sentatives were Dorsee Bennett, ISAQ lune Knight, WHA, and Marcy Doremus, URC. BOTTOM ROW: Jeanne McGregor, June Knight, Marcy Doremus Gwendolyn Woods, Karen Bryan, Jacqueline Woltt, Debby Town- send, Connie Kay Miller, Judy Comeqys, Delores Lloyd. SEC- OND ROW: Mary Ann Lawler, Nancy Cavnar, Vivian Levine. Jane Adams, Nancy Childers, Sally Montgomery, Nancy Cope- land, Joyce Hechtman, Toni Henderson, Lesley Cohen, Janice Counseling the girls of Holman House was Miss Delores Lloyd, senior Spanish major who graduated after the First semester. Outstanding Holman girls included Susie Branum, second place winner in tri-state twirl- ing, Marilyn Hulsey, Miss Oklahoma Dance, and Linda Gunning, Varsity volleyball team. The feud between Holman and Hume, birth- day parties, serenades and candlelights contrib- uted to a great year. Hechtman. THIRD ROW: Linda Gunning, Sandra Lynn, Honey Vertreese, Linda Flinchum, Nancy Holland, Ann Blaloclc, Nancy Gerber, Bonnie Rich, Linda Wright, Sharon Peters, Traute Heise. TOP ROW: Diane Dowdy, Ellizabeth Good, Sherry Heavin, Cyd Lawrence, Linda Sigle, Lynn Stuart, Susie Bland, Mary Cummins, Ann Kutner, Cheryl Stamman, Merna Arqovitz, Jewel Tesch. I A 1 . -xg, I :QV V E 'fi if fe K' 'ii at s 4, s EF f -- .J , , as - s L dt . t 'i tif? BV me BOTTOM ROW: Jan Bucliner, Margo Baryir, Penny L. Sturgeon, Betsy Brownfield, Gunda Raye Jacobson. Lynn Patchell, Jan Law- hon, Jacqueline L, McDuffy, Linda Liebert, Adrah Barnes. SEC- OND ROW: Karen Rodgers. Sandy Lou Barth Linda Beth Ramsey Nancy Donohoo, Beth Mcflafferty, Nancy Shelby, Barbara Brindley, Mary Grimes, Dena Teis, Donna Semkoff. THIRD ROW: Carol Park, Nancy Jeane Reufunoer, Genny Lou Jones, Donna Thornton, Di- ff 1 11. lr... anne Nelson, Pat Hall, Suzy Snodgrass, Carol J. Snodgrass, Barbara lnlollweg, Parn Chilton, Donna Black, Kathy Coad, Janie Blackburn. TOP ROW: Dixie Reese. Ina Kay Eastham, Leslie Ann Hardacre Mary Ann Carurlriers. Jody Norflicuff, Scottie Farley, Melissa Read, Jeanne Campbell, Mryna Jackson, Carole Byrd, Carole Ep- car, Patty Bauman, Peggy Horn, Arvilla Bills. Hume House Residents Surprise Counselor A wastebasket full of gifts was the rather un- usual shower planned by the imaginative girls of Hume House for their counselor, Adrah Barnes, who left to be married. Heading the slate of officers at Hume was Gunda Iacobson, aided by Lynn Patchell, vice president. Secretary Cindy Weis kept dorm records and treasurer Iackie iVlcDuffy handled Preparing for Santas annual visit are Hurne residents Gunda Jacob' son, Penny Sfurwc-on, Barbara Brind- ley, Linda Ramsey and Susan James, the funds. ian Lawhon, social chairman, was in charge of activities. Representatives were Ieanne lVlcCleod, ISA, and Margo Barvin, Women s Recreation. Midnight serenades, campus and dorm par- ties, candlelights and Homecoming activities all contributed to making this a memorable year at Hume House. 53l VK' .. ' 4.4 7 P J 'M if , ,, Q, i 3, , A Y' :V -, r 1 . l i 5 fr . ik 'G Y BOTTOM ROW: Suzanne Phelous. Jackie Probel, Eloise Eriksson, Linda Karen Jones, Celia Detiel, Penny Powell. Karen Vieth, Sandy Smith, Phyllis Cluclc, Charline Harrison. SECOND ROW: Sylvia Switt, Donna Pearson, lvlyra Bivins, Jayne Millstead, Kay Craig, Beverlie Boyd, Jane Campbell, Sherry Waintroob, Linda McVey. Carla S. Eley, Ellen Besseler, THIRD ROW: Denise Kessler, Les- Jordan Initiates Chr Counselor Charline Harrison, senior English major, and Penny Powell, president, led the girls of lordan House in a fun-filled and often exciting year as freshmen. Originating several trends during the year, jordan residents were responsible for a special tradition of 'gtearing the squarei' prior to Christmas break. A similar custom was evolved in the now famous pre-Christmas countdown which Iordan girls initiated this past year. lie Bloomenstiel, Jeanette Williams, Teresa Cobb, Linda Abram- son, Carol Grable, Jamie Garis, Pat Fowler, Patsy Schmezla, Linda Smith, Janice Roberson, Joan Bastian. TOP ROW: Sylvia Malizia, Jackie Snow, Carol Goldstein, Linda Bryant, Barbara Laila, Bey- erly lvlauldinq, Kay Ann Smith, Lydia Taylor, Joyce Ratterree, Pat l-lolden, Joyce Swim, Joy Bethers. istmas Countdown Helping plan dorm activities were Iackie Frobel, vice president, Celia Detiel, secretaryg Linda lones, treasurer, Eloise Erikson, social chairman, Suzanne Phebus, ISA, Karen Vieth, WRAg and Sandy Smith, HRC. Dads and daughters alike enjoyed the Dads, Day skit prepared by Iordan residents as a satire on the counselors. The deed was re- venged as the counselors presented a skit show- ing the girls, idiosyncrasies. Donna Pearson, Sardy Smith, Pat I-loldeny Mary Jane Quaclcenbush and Joy Ratlerree seem to enioy lhrowino Celia Deliel into the shower. Displaying skill and loyalty as they worlc on a pep sign are Lora Chastain, Jo Ann Widmar, Viv- ian Elliott and Anne Schiendler. Kirk House Ink Fights Result in Bedlam Kirk House residents remember their Hal- loween party when the girls dressed as "before and after" pictures of Dallas weekend. Another high point in the lives of Kirk resi- dents was the fourth floor ink fights and the bedlam which inevitably resulted. Serving as counselor of this active bunch was Miss Gail Fogarty, senior majoring in education. Kirk House president Mary Catherine Leo- BOTTOM ROW: Rosette Jeanne Morris, Constance M. Russell, Jacqueline Sharp, Jane l'l. Einlaw, Mary Catherine Leonard, Georg- ann Einsberg, Janis Fox. D. J. Bush, Mary Jane Schoonover, Gail Fogarty. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Campbell, Kathleen Shadid, Evelyn Johnston, Jo Ann Welles, Carol Pearson, Sally Rapp, Carol E. Weaver, Suzi Vile, Chrissie Thornburg. THIRD ROW: Ernestine Eva Evans, Sharon Babbitt, Karen Oxley, Cynthia Ellen Gray, Eileen Mooney, Terrye Sue Payne, Sheryl Suggs. Donna Gordon, . Q 6 1' 4 ' -' If . A 'W . ,X fish .. . ,K in s .- .V V . K, :hz ' ' ' mf F J M K Q I L. -on S. avr- A nard planned an interesting year for the girls, assisted by vice president Ceorgann Finhcrg and secretary lane Finlaw. Treasurer Ianis Fox handled the funds, with D. Bush serving as social chairman. Dorm representatives were Rosette Morris, ISA, Lona Chastain, WRAg and Dee Dee Becker, HRC. Outstanding girls were Ceorgann Finberg, Jackie Sharp, Lynn Shears and Dee Dee Becker. Jane Anthis, Mary Storch. FOURTH ROW: Jere Jones, Claudia Saina, Paula Simon, Dee Dee Becker, Joann Widmar, Lona Jean Chastain, Ann Beecher, Pat Pinkerton, Jo Anna Gordon. TOP ROW: Vivian Ann Elliott, Linda Wooclall, Seddie Barber, Jo Anne Garvin, Janeice Moore, Barbara Marley, Grace Gerchen, Virginia McCar'npbell, Anne Schiendler, Virginia Montgomery, Lyn Shear. egg y 17 - .. Q5 if ii -s 'QP' . 'Z' 3: Q -11' .., f 1 an ,ef-r Lawson residents Kathy Hawthorne E "Hope the counselor doesn't seen' Lawson Pranksters Fill Room With Paper The girls of Lawson House will never forget the night they filled their counselorts room with newspaper wads, in fact, Miss Ioan Ratzlatt, senior English major and counselor at Lawson, is having trouble forgetting it. Named for Roberta Lawson, granddaughter of Chief Iourneycake, last chief of the Dela- wares, Lawson House boasted live outstanding residents. These were Iulie Levine, jackie Buch- BOTTOM ROW: Carol Childs, Beverly Belisle, Katie Ekstrorn, Johanna O'Connell, Susan lvy, Kathy Hawthorn, Susan Reinert, Sandra Patterson, Karen Moore, Carolyn Kidd. SECOND ROW: Kathy Rowland, Esther Brachteld, Jane Norvell, Judi Embach, Jerry McPherson, Bobloye Gowan, Elena Galainena, Paula Allen, Doris Cupps. THIRD ROW: Bonnie Block. Alvarene Owens, B. G. Siq- rnon. Charlotte Wood, Dianna Stuart, Vivian Stephenson, Kathleen ner, Sue Ivy, Sandy Patterson, and Maureen Howe. Martha Weld, from Managua, Nicar- agua, was Lawsonis international student. Othcers of Lawson House included Sue Ivy, president, Kathy Hawthorne, vice president, lohanna O,Connell, secretary, Katie Ekstrom, treasurer, Sandy Patterson, HRC, Sue Reinert, social chairman, Beverly Belisle, ISA represent- ative, and Margaret Iohnson, WRA. Maddox, Jane Upp, Martha Lindley, Marinelle Stone. FOURTH ROW: Ida Nowlin, Betty Perdue, Carol Rich, Jule Levin, Ann Emery, Vicki Beth Kaplan, Iris Gerson, Linda Karn, Jill Nassau, Patty Sirns. TOP ROW: Janee Anderson, Jackie Buchner, Martha Weld. Maureen Howe, Martha Strunk, Margaret Johnson, Gail Ann Davis, Paula Orclower, Candy Friedman. I W . ,,. T if I E 1 it ,, , , i , i iiii 1 . "" , in . 5 a 'Q -. ' .. ,.., i I i I tt ' i ts at Doris Cupps, Julie Levin, Sue lvy. Gail Davis, Sandra Patterson pray, i CF fem, nf? qw BOTTOM ROW: Janet Sussex. Judi Levin, Myra Katz, Donna Joyce. Cindy Loeb, Gloria lsler, Susan Levy, Tricia Barr, Cheryl Smith, Claudia Shervaniclc.SECOND ROW: Ellen Kline, Karen Amdur, Beverly Thompson, Carolyn Eames. Gayle Rippy, lna Mae Keltner, Jeannette Parker, Marilyn l-less, Toni Gibson. THIRD ROW: Marie A. Willis, Shirley Miller, Melva O'l'lern, Sherry Q Furman, Kallie Aday, Jo Ann Nations, Peggy Glenn, Launie Rae Wollord. TOP ROW: Glenda K. Mitchell, Sharon Strickler, Pam Grinstead. Suzanne Hoelcstra, Cynthia Calkins, Anna McKinney, Molly McMichael, Rusti Steinhorn, Martha l-larter, Linda Counier- man, Jeanne Monroe. McCurtain House Slave Auction Nets S50 There is more than one Way to skin the pro- verbial cat, or feed an empty kitty, as the case may be, concluded McCurtain House residents following a fall house meeting. So with the cry of 'gSlaves for a Day,', the girls planned a slave auction at the menis dorms, which ended with a net gain of 350. Ollicers who planned and coordinated the auction included Gloria Isler, president, Cindy Loeh, vice president, Sharon Lawrence, secre- tary, Donna Ioyce, treasurer, Susan Levy, so- cial chairman, Myra Katz, ISA, Roberta Bates, WRA, and Gayle Rippy, HRC. Miss Claudia Shervanick, graduate student in guidance and counseling, served as head counselor at McCurtain House. Listed as outstanding residents of McCurtain were Gayle Rippey, University Scholar, Molly McMicheal, outstanding Alpha Phi pledge, and Ianet Sussex, OU opera. Having a chat and a cup ol coilee or OU Dads' Day are Joe Mitchell, Mrs. Dwight Loeb Eltor Kline Gloria lsler and Ellen Kline. 9 2 553, .5 i' i i, 5. 3 1 6 , wav, Ii , f , 5 5,5 5, , lx , gil. wif, ,gy 17. if , ,V , , M4 i sv i A ' A 'gf' i ig' I ia-fir' V : . ,411- ,. a sa r 1 is 1 - X . , :,. .H ,, 1, .3 ' W ,. ,J 21.41. K ra 1 A Hz, gm, 'ill' " 4. I a 5, Q - MM sa x Y UZ . ii if ii 5 - ,, , C A V , ,M .1 .r , ,... at it 1 i 9' 1 as I x , .E i t 1 , Y . H ,, ,VW ,WV ' -I 'Gr 2 - 1 r f Q ?axF'i " .JT f .c I I F-, - fs- BOTTOM ROW: Slephanie Bromberq, Jeri Kern, Mary Ann Lapid, lrene Murphy, Rickee Eddlernan, Jane Sachs, L. Sue l-loward, Jo- lincla Lower, Sharon Haines, Jeanila Wilson. SECOND ROW: Kalhy Roberlson, Karen Slelan, Lee Nelms, Pal Halsey, Suzy Port- noll, Judilh Kyle, Lucy Caslaneda, Pally Schiller, Susan Nissena baurn, Linda Mines. THIRD ROW: Donna Maria Guslin, Paula Belh Cooper, Kalhy Slellan, Belly Klolz, Shirley Kay Ramsey, Belle I-lawlcinson, Pamela Johnson, Kaye Goldsmilh, Sharon Chapman, Linda Spivey. FOURTH ROW: Libby Shirley, Teri Kinnear, Laura Linda Culp, Denise Grirnshaw, Marqarel l-lopp, Kalhy Minnis, Dyan Nagurney, Nancy Cowdery, .lanel Poplcess. TOP ROW: Babs Burleson, Marion McGuckin, Pam Carpenler, Sherry Ryle, Chesla- lene Bowerman. Nan Pipe, Charlolle Harvell, Zella Voiles, Belh Posl, Diane Fraher. McSpadden Girls' Dads Try Dorm Life Counselor leanita Gail Wilson gave Sher- lock Holmes a run for his money when lVlc- Spadden Houseis Christmas tree disappeared prior to their party. With a mysterious, "Ele- mentary, my dear Watsonf' she discovered the tree just in the nick of time. Beginning the Christmas party was a candlelight procession with each girl dedicating her candle to some- thing or someone special. Visiting fathers got a taste ol dorm life when inn! they spent the night in the house Dads, Day weekend. Fun began as dads unknowingly broke house rules - and were caught. Ollicers were lane Sachs, president, Rickec Eddleman, vice president, lolinda Lower, sec- retary, Sue Howard, treasurer, social chairman, leralyn Kern, scholarship chairman, Beth Post, and rcpresentatives Mary Ann Lapid, Irene Murphy, Kathy Robertson and Charlotte Har- vell worked for their dormitory. i Enioying pizza during the annual Dads' Day lesliyilies are Mr, Millar Marion McC5uckin's qrandlalherj Marion, Belly Klolz, Belly's dad and lrere Murphy. Jacks helped Judy Oksa, Katie Hitchcock, Joyce Gillespie and Linda Sorkin oet through tirals. Neill House Residents Dance in Street It will be a long time before residents of Neill House forget the night they danced the "Hora" in the street with three other dorms. The fact that the street was Cate Center Drive made it even more exciting. Outstanding residents of Neill House includ- ed Virginia Bryan, Orchesis member, lane Kleier, one of 10 best-dressed coedsg Sally Sneed, Student Senator, Carla Calori, Kay- dettesg Ianie Potts, assistant counselor and vice BOTTOM ROW: Jenniter Shields, Linda Ellen Bierman, Sondra Moore, Jan Hart, Katie Hitchcock, Jean Camp, Jane Kleier, Linda Adkins, Janie Potts, Linda McOuillen. SECOND ROW: Shirley Narramore, Gloria Hawkins, Carla Calori, Lulu Kamin, Linda Sor- kin, Sheila Arnold, Linda Wright, Linda Houston, Judy Oksa. THIRD ROW: Patricia Wingate, Susan Sullivan, Joyce Anderson, Nancy Davis, Ernmie Mason, Regina Brownell, Nancy Hohl, Sandy A 3 A 1- e, A M V... , ,J A if Irl , ,K V f ' 5 .i J, , ,U 2 :M V,,. :. as lnyff, ,, K , , ,rut LX uf gg i 1 an iz ,,, Q 'Qi " Q --4- , X, My - we , 9, " iv "2 " Q71 'r' 5 41 iv? president of both AWS and Tasselsg and coun- selor Linda lVlcQuillen, president of AWS and Mortar Board, Whois Who, BWOC, Matrix Table award winner, Outstanding Senior and Yearbook personality. Handling the presidentis post in Neill House was Linda Adkins, assisted by lane Kleier, vice president. lean Camp served as secretary, Ian Hart, treasurer, and Katie Hitchcock, Neillis social chairman in charge of parties. Schuman, Julee Levine, Dona Jacobs. FOURTH ROW: Karlinda Couch, Ahnawake Penuel, Molly Sue Smith, Cheryl Owens, Shirley Taylor, Connie Grayson, Fran Bryant, Carol Jo Mann, Pam Harris, TOP ROW: Jeanie Hunt, Merry Beth Oagle, Sally Snead, Virginia Bryan, Oari Kuhlman, Jacquetta Archer, Rebecca Baker, Maxine Talbot, Linda Watkins, Susan Barnhart. - ','ff "sf Q., f v I I 'ii , , , , ,,,yp S y f w , T, at 'H 11554 i ,, 'wtf' " I ipytp y S V 1 V ii Q 'i " 1 ,Q H S X , W' 'Q' ' ar 1 S +1 Sr .if -,ffl ham 3 K Q ff e- 3' 2 T ' . r Q it . 1 , , My K - . it As the candle passes trom one qirl to another, each wonders who the lucky one will be, and perhaps each dreams ot her special someone. liver House Girls Help Needy Famil Susan Hollingsworth handled the gavel for Oliver House, aided by vice president Anne Davis and secretary Nancy Ahshier. Keeping house fines in order was treasurer Janice Green. lanice Hanson and Susie Emmett shared duties as social co-chairmen, while Sherry Fair, Glen- na Davis and Hersha Evans represented Oliver in campus organizations. Miss lean Semrau, graduate student in guid- ance, served as counselor for the girls. BOTTOM ROW: Cindy Rumrnel, Sherry Fair, Sandy Carr, Nancy Abshier, Susan Hollingsworth, Anne Davis, Janice Green, htersha Eyans, Susan M. Emmott, Cindy Lillenas. SECOND ROW: Jac- queline Bost, Jean Ward, Marcia Martin, Ellen Draqanza, Linda Burleigh, Jane Austin, Penry Sumner, Sheila Lynn Stidharn, Donna Jo Austin, Frances Ann Mayer, Beverly Arnold. THIRD ROW: Four individuals were listed outstanding residents of Oliver House. Among these were Sarah Mitchell, Friday at Four performer, Don- na Io Austin, Presidentis Leadership Class and Orchesis memherg Marci Martin, Dads' Day Quartet Singer, and lane Austin, Oklahoma State Girls' diving champion. Highlighting the year at Oliver House was a special Christmas party given for a needy couple and their two small children. Donna Evans. Deloris Beltz, Cheryl Jean Myers, Sue Lynn Giouldy, Pam Fidler, Sharon Goin, Ralene Wilson, Denise Tuohy, Louise Mc! lntyre, Naomi Verniclc, Dianne Hirsch. TOP ROW: Phyllis Barton, Audrey Pennington, Pam Fairley, Joanne Worsley. Judy Jo Martin, Barbara Jane Greene, Cristina Robirds, Susan Alelcseius, Jirnmye Gayle Palmer, Tish Ellis, Peggy Gentry. 3 w S 'Y f it if J f ,J i , acer , 538 - is . 1- f i 'S J i , , L s t y V, 4 ,,,, , , D L , , as B at ' g Jk . , M 'ff' if - H , six n ff. ,--5 5, Q L f' ,.,'.jie, L . ' . ii S X L , 6 X . 'I BOTTOM ROW: Diane Winsley, Diane Lewis, Connie Bloyd, Rox- anne Clark, Sally Winters, Jane Partaine, Teresa Osborn, Deborah Langston, Susan Vick, Thalia Thompson. SECOND ROW: Ellen Purves, Nancy Meaders, Martha Welty, April Poholsky, Lincla Marie Scott, Zelda Osborn, Linda Levy, Eileen Sacks, Verna Harms. THIRD ROW: Vicki Thomas, Lynn Lester, Patty E. Miller, Vickie Tolbert, Penny Guthrie, Stephanie A. Blau, Genie McBee, Karen Parker Girls Win F Maintaining their Winning tradition, girls at Parker House proved to the World that they really do like pizza when they rated top honors in a local pizza parloris Contest for the fourth consecutive year. Heading the officers at Parker this year was lane Partaine, president, Sally Winters, vice president, and Diane Lewis, secretary. Connie Bloyd was WRA representative and Thalia Although paperinq the dorm is not a typical dorm activity, culprits Debbie McDonald, Connie Bloyd and Vickie Tolbert are enioying it. Stanridqe, Linda Moore, Linda Belstock. FOURTH ROW: Brina Koratsky, Leslye Slaughter, Debbie Sanborn, Debbie McDonald. Elizabeth Rogers, Marilyn Henderson, Bonnie Beckenhauer, Jac- quelynne Leonard, Janice Eubanks. TOP ROW: Anne Rycrott, Glenda Gail Brown, Sherrill Clinton, Myrna Null, Ruth Arens. Diane Shaw, Karen Lawrence, Betty Jane Storms, Linda Raqsdale, Betsy England. ourth Pizza Title Thompson, English major, was counselor. Listed as outstanding residents were Diane Shaw, one of the Top 10 Best-Dressed Coeds, Betsy England, Delta Delta Delta pledge class secretary and Junior Panhellenic scholarship chairman, Debbie Lyle, Presidentis Leadership Class, Stephanie Blau, Pi Omega and Alpha Lambda Deltag and Thalia Thompson, presi- dent's honor roll and president of WRA. Fx.. DH ' ,A fi 1 .5 a 1 it ig 6 Q l 5 'i 1 0 53 ' -N! A y -'iw Q ul, is y xi I 0 iflzi , BOTTOM ROW: Gail Dunslcy, Barbara Shelton, Barbara Gordon, Donni Karr, Barbara Lamb, Ruth Burnett Coolcie Guiou, Chloe Crockett, Tish Denison, Mary Lou Hurlburt, Rebecca A. Bair, Sue Wallcinqsticlc. SECOND ROW: Victoria J. Beeghly, Paula Bran- non, Janet Bartow, Marilyn Trainor, Sandy McCarthy, Carolyn S. Samara, Karen Allen, Dena Lou Gardner, Rebecca Smith, Carolyn Pettit, Kay Sipes, Pam Jumper, Rachel Joyce Schroth, Barbara Walkingsticlc. THIRD ROW: Phyllis M. Funk, Kathi Maiewslci. Judy Koonce, Pam Whaley, Jo Lincoln, Paula Rippy, Judy Noyce Kay Newcomb, Susan A. Byers, Fran Laakman, Jean Starr, Vicky Robertson Residents "Outstanding" was the keynote to residents and activities at Robertson House this year. Listed among these individuals were Anna Ow- en, Alice Edwards, Lena Hammerick and Benn Kime, presidentis honor roll, Nancy Webb, Vicki Strothman, Donni Karr and Cookie Guiou, deanis honor roll, Barbara Gordon, fi- nalist for Homecoming Queen and member of Angel Flight, and Donni Karr. Officers were Cookie Cruiou, president, Nan- Strothmann, Judy Looney, Pamela Tieyah. FOURTH ROW: Frances Moyer. Karen Reusser, Marilyn Jean Wyatt, Dottie Mc- Kirnis, Sheila Lynette Cudio. Carol Laycock, Mary Fay Honnold, Alice Morrow, Nancy Sue White, Cheryl A. Hindsley, Barbara Budlonq, Nancy Sue Butler, Linda Jean Walls. TOP ROW: Mary Grissom, Dorretta Robinson, Birdi Turner, Kathy Lotz, Artheda M. Rails, Verna Maree Allen, Jeanne Moore, Sue Vrana. Joy C. Hollacher, Karen Smith, Linda Kaye Brewer, DeLaine Green, Jeanne Marie Mathews. Give 'Sister' Party cy Webb, vice president, Tish Dennison, sec- retary, lVIary Hurlburt, social chairman, Fran Laakman, WBA, and Ruth Burnett, treasurer. Counselor was Barbara Shelton. Robertson House excelled in women's intra- murals, winning first places in dance, softball and basketball, thereby gaining the women's intramurals championship trophy. Social high point of the year was the "Big Sister-Little Sistern party in the dorm. Nr Helping fi' Chrisvnas Alice Mor- row. Lirda Noltomeier and Tom O- Donnell turn Robertson l-louse lounoe into Santas workshop. Three on a skateboard can have disas'rous results as Betty Palrner, Carol Hays ard Zan Skinner are in the process ot discoverir kr Sager House Fills Year With Activities Residents of Sager House will remember their first year at OU as a busy one, filled with a dance with Kingfisher House, Dadis Day coffee and open house for visitors, Christmas parties and participation in "Hanging of the Creensf' Model UN, Pi Omega, Student Sen- ate Committees and Student Nurses. i Otiicers at Sager included Helen Bergman and Cindy Howard, presidentsg Margaret Sto- vall, vice presidentg Zan Skinner, secretary, BOTTOM ROW: Gail Bonin, Marilyn Rousseau, Linda Thayer, Zan Slcinner, Marqaret Stovall, Helen Bergman, Kathy Berger, Nancy Breeden, Megan Clernent, Susan Wood. SECOND ROW: Bobbi Ertel, Susan Fathree, Ruth Sparks, lrene Weisman, Marcia Mann, Carol Hays, Harriette Helton, Pamela Marqaret Anne Walcen, As- sunta Davis. THIRD ROW: Darla Compton, Elizabeth Noble, 4 5 6 'ev' " I 'sm i ,A ' ,vc i ,ifiil ti if at t ' I I 'fnglli' 1 i i , al P' Nancy Breeden, treasurer, Marty johnson, so- cial chairmang Marilyn Rosseau, WRAQ and Marcia Mann, ISA. Outstanding residents included Iudy Smith, Presidentis Leadership Class and 'iSusannah" cast, Susan Engle, University Seholarsg Vir- ginia Harris, solo performer in Engine Show, and Carol White, Alpha Lambda Delta mem- ber. Counselors were Susan Wood and Carla Fioroni. Carol White, Jo Render, Barbara Howard, Linda Burns, Martha Winter, Maril Bushman, Pat Russell, Rhonda Mosesrnan. TOP ROW: Cheryl Titus, Betty Palmer Cindy Howard, Leslie Bunch Mary Virginia Harris, Kathleen Carrner, Cynde Edwards Marv Ann Ryles, Ann Dillard, Meg Little. , , A ,, ..,: . WJ i, i , M. r as 5 L vm 'P Q 9 Masq Q Preparing a hearty welcome tor all OU Dads are Sharon Julian, Penny Holbert and Emily Clayton, as they t'r'ish their "OU Daddy" sior. Sanger House Lists Outstanding Leaders Sanger House, named for Dr. Winnie Sang- er, a widely known OU faculty member, had its fair share of leaders. Eight girls were listed as outstanding residents of the dorm. These included Linda Trentield, recipient of CHX, Scottish Rite and OU scholarships, Marilyn Matteson, outstanding Oklahoma speech stu- dent in 1965, co-chairman of the ISA Public Relations Committee and chairman of public- ity for the Wilson Center Orphan's Party, lane BOTTOM ROW: Sheila Purcell, Barbara Benslcin Lynda Mc! Callurn, Linda lrentield, Susan Moore, Marilyn Matteson, Jan Goss, Janet DeMaret, Priscilla Viclr, Nita Kay Flowers.SECOND ROW: Carol Minton, Carolyn Slaclc, Louise Bryan, Kay Moorhead, Karla Caviness, Kathleen Robinson, Beth Crumb, Sharon Julian, Barbara Herd. THIRD ROW: Lynda Smith, Eileen Fries Charlere Gooclwyn, Millette Frances Waters, Patricia Sirnrnons, Kathy Sheets, iii' eg 25, ,Q 5, V, , K ., .af 5 -V a Y Q S . . ' il' , is it " if , 'Near Semple, Cayle Barrett, and Penny Holbert, President's Leadership Class, Susan Moore, treasurer of Delta Gamma pledge classg Lana Nelson, dancer in Hluggler of Notre Dame" and Meredith Poole, OU band member. Nita Kay Flowers, senior microbiology major, was coun- selor of Sanger House. One of the girls, favorite experiences was the candlelight reading of the story of Christmas at the dorm's Christmas party. Carol Lacey, Jear Cochrane. FOURTH ROW: Glenda Srnith Vicki Ann Dobbins, Nancy Mechern, April Jones, Diane l-lolmsley, Lizette A. Stephens, Rebecca Kay Chester, Sandra l-lopcus, Sheri Peclfharn, TOP ROW: Donna Seawriqht, Lana Nelson, Linda Gar- tield, Suzanne Hiclcrnan, Lynda Jann Swanda, Donna Stettens Meridith lnes Pool, Janell Peterson. 7 my 1,55-A? P: " f 3 1 .V W img, ' . ag" - f' ' - H, . . 5 ,wr .- 'r 1 '. K ' ep ,, 1 'H e V 1 v 1: l W LIZ, ill ::-, BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Thomas, Liessa Lieppman, Doroihy Moore, Marla Jane Cooper, Kathy Wilson, Donna Linqle, Barb Pritchard, Mary Jane Fleii, Mary Lee Harlan, Meta Kay Sandrnann. SEC- OND ROW: Donna McCullough, Diane l-lerrrnann, Jane Ellen Bar- ton, Meri Sacra, Leslie Maior, Judy Poole, Carol Cornell, Dear- lyne Speck, Linda Tisdal. THIRD ROW: Linda Barron, Sharon McCasland, Floors Residents of McCasland Tower, Floors 2 and 3, may not look it, but they were really football stars. In a rough and rollicking game with Set- lifl House, the Towers' girls emerged from the pile with a l2-6 victory, proving Womenis su- periority. Counselor, Miss Meta Kay Sandman, senior sociology major, along with president, Donna Lingle, led the girls in an active year. Other ollicers who aided in making dorm plans were I+ may be a whiie glove inspection, but Linda Barron, Cheryl Cox, Diana l'lerrrnan, Kathy Jackson and Donna Lingle are not worried - yet. gr if f X l N -. ,Sf-av i ' 'iw-,,,y2,,fs,, an as . ,iff-wr--vii-:sea - - --'Q -H l , 1 5,,ii, uma qgxsffs a':::ia- ., 1-aa are 2 : QE: , i , 5.135 521- -E - - -fm. aw, , fi s a " Q. ., . ina- S -11--YFQQ - -iiwsr..-,ga g..-::af',.5,.. -. iw- No, ,, -as- . , aim, . in It is F4 lisa? it 2 3 E .,,,,,,, , ,si .i Q W f ,ggi is-,gig Q N-x 'Fx la! Nels, if fa 1 ,Si an sg , M,fr"f i ww 'sa "2 ra 2 ,slr 1 l::,f: 'R iii? l wi lililg , 3 , ,, . . it .1 5 ,Y as if JL F? E -- .1-f1,1,,f 1, , ,i '35, .V A '3'f'?!i5iI'S!wQ - i ':vl H, l ,,, ,K ,, 3 2" lsilzssi ' - ' -: wi 'fax' Q VL 1 A - A Beard, Martha While, Deborah Richmond, Claudia White, Barbara Sue Greene, Pam Taylor, Sherry Anell White. TOP ROW: Mary Lynn Ledbetter, Deborah Pounds, Dickye Richardson, Sandy Kin- ney, Vicki Warren, Sue Blasdel, Donna Doughty, Beverly Benedict, Bonnie Kaye Wines, Karen Jeanne I-luhf. Ea" 3, Play Football Kathy Wilson, vice president, Debbie Epstein, secretary, Marla Cooper, treasurer, and Barb Pritchard, social chairman. Representatives were Mary Fleet, WRAg and Dorothy Moore, ISA. ludy Poole, Sandy Kinney, Kathy Wilson, Liessa Lieppman, Meri Sacra and lane Ellen Barton were listed as outstanding residents. According to the girls, their outstanding ac- complishment was surviving finals. 543 V. x P 1 W it .9 , B li if ii t BOTTOM ROW: Peggy Anderson, Kay Hobbs, Nancy Vernon, Khris Cotton, Patty Hulsey, Sherri Lynette Perry, Stephanie lrwin, Peggy Clark, Susan Fisher. SECOND ROW: Debbie Baker. Judy Applebaurn, Dotty Garten, Sandy Bloom. Judith Kantor, Dana Cal- lier, Linda P. Middleton. Diane Scotto, Ellen Leyey, Jaynie Smeer- in, Reena Graber, Frankie Harding. THIRD ROW: Jackie Mon- McCasland, Floors Spotlighted on the social calendar of Mc- Casland, Floors 4 and 5, Were the surprise birthday parties given for the girls, the get- acquainted pizza party during First semester and the pre-Christmas break party. Outstanding residents included Nance Lang- don and Kaye Cornelison, Presidentis Leader- ship Class members, Pat Ienkins, treasurer of the Alpha Gamma Delta pledge class, Patti Mollison and Rena Graber, University Chorus, 'I 3. ia - 5. 'E criet, Catherine Walsh, Judy Beach, Donna Carol Barron, Joni Henderson, Susan Green, Patty Mollison, Jan Forehand, Jetta Stewart, Nance Langdon, Pat Jenkins, Martha Berman. TOP ROW: Jan Youberg, Kaye Cornelison, Patricia A, Ehrlich, Kay Moncus, Diane Whyte, Janet Lee, Myra Jean Etheredge, Esther Gatz, Mar- lene Meacham, Sannmye Jones, Nancy Williams. , Recall Parties and Khris Cotton, Hanging of the Greens Invi- tation chairman. Oliicers were Khris Cotton, president, Kanda Kirkwood, vice president, Peggy Clark, secre- tary, Nancy Vernon, treasurer, Patty Hulsey, social chairman, Sherri Perry, Homecoming chairman, and representatives Kay Hobbs, ISA, and Susan Fisher, WRA. Miss Margaret Anderson, graduate student majoring in education, served as counselor. "No popcorn poppers are allowed' is the explanation Beth Hahn, Khris Cotton and Pat Jenkins giye tor this unusual use ot an iron. ix ,E iii Lite has rnore zirfi when one adooled by Tarrnan Tower aizret K Cheryl White Judy Waters, Phil l F Srnithen, Robin Cooper and Steve Barrett, as they play. McCasland, Floors 8 Ed' , ot Lonely Residents of lVlcCasland Tower, Floors 8 and 9, might have been lonely at the First ot the year, but the situation changed. As insurance against those solitary Saturdays, the girls were adopted by 'tbig brothers" in johnson Tower. Iudy Waters was president ol the dorm, aid- ed by Robin Cooper, vice president, and Mari- lyn Finch, secretary. Treasurer lane Domjano- vich handled the funds, and Ruth Mayer served as social chairman. Barbara Moss was the BOTTOM ROW: Nancetta t-ludson, Alice Coleman, Pat Thomp- son, Joan Leibawitz, Robin Cooper, Linda De Silva, Judy Waters, Patty Littletield, Lou Dean Wettengel, Jan Dunaqin. SECOND ROW: Barbara Ann Moss, Judith Dutton, Betty Clason, Donna Jean Barron, Ernrna Lou Nelson, Jane Cottey, Jean Tanner Mac- kay, Marilyn Firch, Marilyn Tully. THIRD ROW: Gay Shlclc , dorm's WRA representative. Counseling the girls was Nancetta Hudson. Among outstanding residents were Barbara Moss, Donna Barron, Lou Ann Farmer and lean MacKay, Alpha Lambda Delta Members, Cheryl White and Donna Usher, Kaydettesg Linda Barron, finalist in "Top Ten Freshman Womengn Robin Cooper, judicial board mem- ber, and Linda DeSilva, OU music scholarship recipient represented lVlcCasland in Fine Arts. Bobbie Jean Booker, Dona S. Sticlcney, Gala Van Eaton, Sherie Gunn, Lou Anne Farmer, Marilyn Kay Hutton, Penny Baker, Jane Dornianovich, Jackie Hetley. TOP ROW: Dawn Ellison, Janice Roth, Christy Jones, Donna M. Usher, Cheryl Sue White, Jeanie Tull, Karol Kay Kirnbarlc, Marqaret Rayburn, Susan Raye Kennedy, Cindy Dicus, Sharon Bartoot. ' ,-' sf M- - .., -lit, fr W? y Y I a l .3 K. H' 2 .af if if-it it -Zia rf .aj 2 A 'f-- -' , Shelagh Renov, Judy Sims and Linda Rogers reqrel beinq late as they crinqe betore counselor Jan Schon- der who promises checks. uldrow, 4 , Bounces With Superball '6Playing superball in an elevator - at mid- night?H As wild as it sounds, residents of lVlul- drow Tower, Floors 4 and 5, did exactly that, in addition to their booby trap for burglars and their starving search for food before Christmas. It was quite a busy year. judy Dague was president, aided by Linda Lee Rogers, vice president. Serving as secretary was Ianne Pone, while Sara Goodman was treasurer. Other otlicers were Maureen McGee, BOTTOM ROW: Gayle Gwinup, Linda l-laaq, lanne Pone, Judy Daque, Barbara Ruqeley, Sara Goodman, Maureen McGee, Lor- raine Allmon. SECOND ROW: Sandi Katz. Mary Schneider, Doris Watkins, E. Diane Mitchell, Charlotte Cox, Judy Shields, Carolyn Giles, Sue Hamilton, Gloria Gray. THIRD ROW: Barbara Per- rine, Kathy Cornwell, Tish Wilkinson, Marilyn Saltz, Jane Rogers, X 1 . V .. 3 , ,qi if f W' Y 'tau-' mi-ffl , , ln social chairmang and representatives Linda Haag, student house and Barbara Rugeley, WRA. Miss Beth Hahn, elementary educa- tion major, was counselor. Other highlights of the year included a spe- cial candlelight for the counselor, participation in the Wilson Center Orphans, party and the dormis Christmas pizza party, as well as partici- pating in intramural volleyball competition where lVIuldrow finished high in the standings. Paula Harris, Karen Son, Meg Gholston, Connie Hudson, Minta Hensley. TOP ROW: Jan Schonder, Shelagh Renov, Judy Sims, Mallory Saunders, Linda N. Rogers, Barbara Hale, Carole Claus- inq, Susan Currell, Camilla Rome, l-lermione Tracewell, Riclci Rot- klein. Ili, 'f K in 1-sa" f 92 t Hai .C 1 5 "'-1149: s 1 I, G ix Tfgj? . , - - ,. .. . , T .. eu. . ' : ' - ' ,.--'ff-' 1 My BOTTOM ROW: Linda Slcorlcowslcy, Susan Easterling, Cindy Pat- terson, Karen Coley, Pat Spear, Connie Cox, lvlarye Jackson, Su- san McElyea, DiAnne Allen. SECOND ROW: Carole Strauch, Sheila Sheldon, Kathy Crews, Cythesya Bean, Peggy Hermes, San- dra Horn, Margie Gaines, Alice Lebowitz. THIRD ROW: Anita Muldrow, Floors 6 Residents of Muldrovv, Floors 6 and 7, had a pleasant shock one evening when they assem- bled for the inevitably long and often monoton- ous house meeting and found instead a surprise pizza party planned by their counselors. As one girl stated, "lt was the nicest 'house meeting' weave ever hadf' Sabra Martin, senior majoring in special ed- ucation, served as counselor of the dorm. "Elevator stuclc again," groan Kathy McCandless and Connie Cox as they stagger trom a Towers elevator, too late tor their next class. 'Y y i l x, nigga , . .. I K I df .V E V . . Sills, Kay Ratlitl, Kay Pappan, Kathy McCandless, Donna Page, Kay Horning, Elaine England, Alice Moss, Kay Human. TOP ROW: Carthelia Jordan, Kaye Ottutt, Lynn Deatherage, Harriet Wineinger, Sheila Baebel, Judy Justis, Betsy Miller, Linda Sute ton, Jan Harris. 7, Meet Surprise Heading the slate of oflcicers were Pat Spear, president, and Connie Cox, vice president. Sec- retary Mary Iaclcson kept the records while treasurer Susan Easterling handled the funds. Anita Sills was the WRA representative. Kay Pappan, president of the Kappa Kappa Gamma pledge class and member of the Union Representatives Council, was listed as an out- standing resident of Floors 6 and 7. l i 3 3 s 2 Q Q i K i i Q l at 1 Q -I 4 " his H fi me ""' if -.H 'i ' Q S ,si X lil s ' i Y EY ,.,. . -"A r BOTTOM ROW: Susan Kreig, May, Ann Casey, Earlene Young, Nedra Nedbalek, Judy SECOND ROW: Cindy Allen, Paulette Goldstein, Shirley Nancy Canfield, Melanie Smith, Mary London, Linda Firn- THIRD ROW: Susan Kendall, Ray Anne Walker, Sue Ann Dee Ann Barton, Jill Jacobson, Linda l-lull. Brazil, berq. uldrow, Floors 8 Stagestruck and starry-eyed, residents of Nluldrow Tower, Floors 8 and 9, wrote, direct- ed, and produced "Prairie Romance," a special Christmas party type performance. ludy Hall, junior language major, was counselor. Nor was dorm talent restricted to drama. Outstanding residents included Dee Ann Bar- ton, Presidentis Leadership Class Executive Committee, Linda Larason, Dads' Day Mail- ing and Publicity Committees, Sandra Eltis, 6'9" it . x 3 Dee Ann Bruton, Marilyn Novak, Kay Donna Pankratz, Jo Ann Budd, Jennifer Fulkerson. TOP ROW: Becky Eileen Fry, Lana Eve Laves, Linda Pennell, Sheri Billings, Perry, Carolyn West, Janie Clark, Nancy Messer, Linda Meisel, Carter, Deaton, Colleen Golden. 9, Produce Drama Alpha Epsilon Phi pledge scholarship chair- man, lane Clark, Student Senate Labor Com- mittee, and Melanie Smith, URC and Student Senate Welfare Committee. Dee Ann Barton handled gavel duties, with Sandra Eltis, as vice president and Nedra Ned- balek as secretary. Treasurer was Iill lacobson and social chairman was Linda May. Dorm representatives included Susan Kreig, student house, and Dee Ann Bruton, ISA. Birlliday surprises for Sheri Billings were given by Eileen Fry, Martha Green, Ann Casey, Linda Pennell, Sharon Lynn, Nancy Messer and Lana Layes. - 'if-rf--W "wir ------Y --wi Cards and letters trorn triends at horne rnean a lot to Helen Mac- Kellan, Janet Skinner and Mar- qaret l-leard in Muldrow, iuldrow Tower, 10-12, Throw Cupcakes The moon must have been shining just right that fateful evening when residents of lVluldrow Tower, Floors lO-12, threw a surprise birthday party for their counselor and surprise cupcake Fight for everyone else. Or perhaps the bedlam began when the entire dorm crowded into two elevators. Handling gavel duties for the dorm was Marian Wright, presidentg aided by Susan Ba- BOTTOM ROW: Patsy Mclirayer, Linda Ellsworth, Judy Fine, Nan- cy Graves, Susan Basolo, Marian Wriqhi, Bettye Long, Marilyn Sparks. Margaret Heard, Kathy Baker. SECOND ROW: Sally Williamson, Patti Vernon, Karen Christian Darla Willoughby, A . .Zi , .., hz Wi solo, vice president, and Nancy Graves, secre- tary. Sally Willizimson was treasurer and Ka- thy Iaclcson, social chairman. Ieanne King was ISA representative and ludy Fine, WRA. Selected as outstanding residents of the dorm were Susan Basolo, Presidentis Leadership Class and Dads' Day emceeg Susie Meister, president of Kappa Alpha Theta pledge class, and Karlene Alt, Orchesis member. Karlene Net, Carol Pickens, Susie Meister, Jane lnqle, Janet Wetv zel. TOP ROW: Jeanne King. Kim Goulding, Linda Wood, Kris Kinq, Janet Skinner, Peqqy Lynn Johnson Jane Wfiy. fs, it if av wr at i Wa- rr '99 W ,... M at i , Q is w i qs 1. .rn-" .... Q I . "' T it fr af- aa if rf - ,fa ' Q V . :Q . . . ,,,, ,kz- di . .. , L it ssa. J S fr t fl l 73 ra l it I iv A h' 5 iii'-Q17 BOTTOM ROW: Carolyn Clayton, Charlotte Wintei's, Sandra Lockhart, Carol Jo lce, Wanda Lee, Helen Sue Lebowitz, Tanya Lee McDonald, Linda Redder, Anita Pennington, Mary Margaret Combs. SECOND ROW: Jill Peter, Jonette K. Starks, Suzanne Elizabeth Harris, Kathleen Plovanich, Sandra Cleary, Penny Gaunt, Jan DiAntonio, Cheryl Coqman, Colleen R. Schupbach, Janet McCasland Tower, Floors Mary Margaret Combs served as president of McCasland Tower, Floors 6 81 7, this year. Other oliicers were Charlotte Winters, vice president, Tanya McDonald, secretary, Carol io Ice and Linda Lotaro, treasurers, and Linda Redder, social chairman. Ioanne Brodsky, graduate student in psy- McCas1and, Floors 10-12, When Towers elevators balked, residents of McCasland, Floors 10-12, really got some ex- ercise, but the girls were not too tired to par- ticipate in campus activities and work for re- spectable grades. Honors Went to seven of the girls who receiv- ed Tassel recognition. Michaelyn Barker was president of Alpha Lambda Delta, and seven BOTTOM ROW: Kitty Edmunds, Anne Carol Radicelli, Melissa Uhlenhop. Troy Johnston Jeannie Strozier. Lynda Rogers, Patty Hughes, Jan Casey, Brenda Sturdevant, Genie Redmond. SEC- OND ROW: Patricia A. Grimm, Barbara Davis, Betty Barnard, Sydney Jane Winn, Barbara Miller, Valerie Strauch, Chaniece Kennedy. Sally Ann Cooksey, Janet Finley. THIRD ROW: Elaina E K 2 t V V! Q Boles, Maria Sue Ward, Kay Vickers, Linda Green, Melody Kerr. TOP ROW: Bonnie Horne, June Miller, Darleen K. Moore. Mary Beth Sproul, Paula Lee Robison, Francine Nathanson, Judy Sneed, Kathy Stephens, Patricia Deaton, Janet Stevenson, Candi Todd. Pat Sheehan. Carolyn Daley. 6 EG? 7, Led by Mary Combs chology, and Carolyn Clayton, sophomore dietetics major, were counselors. Although not active in intramural sports, the girls had a full social calendar which in- cluded numerous dorm parties, a hayride and a Dad's Day open house. The girls will also recall the exciting dorm meetings and study. Excercise Without Elevators other residents were members of the group. Kitty Edmunds, senior special education major, served as head counselor. Ieanne Strozier was president, Mickey Bar- ker, vice president, Troy Iohnston, secretary, Lynda Rogers, treasurer, Patty Hughs, social chairman and Brenda Sturdevant and Melissa Uhlenhop, representatives. Heath, Bette Young, Karen Cook, Neo Ann Williamson, Kathy Kane, Cheryl McKee, Marilyn Council, Linda Lou Webb. TOP ROW: Ruth Ann Hicks, Sharon Cummings, Carol Dudley, Jeannie King, Rebecca Landon, Judith Anne Thomas, Sharon McCreary. Merrilyn Blackburn, Carole Harrell, Susan Kilqo. Q i -- wise, S ll - - .. , .. .. .,-X. . . B . 5 . 75, , 25' . , , ,gt a 999 v 'ff it ,VH lr AL v BOTTOM ROW: Jan Berry, Vicki Lynn Lout, Carolyn Martin, Sheri Taylor, Jan Wampler, Carol Williams. Janeen White, Sheila Cor- ter, Sandy Johnson. SECOND ROW: Jeanie Bunch, Jacque Childress, Sandra Swaney, Linda lrtunke, Dana Davidott, Sandy Baker, Rosemary Vaello, Barbara Colvert. THIRD ROW: Ann . , V Qs . !. Q. , fi.. L. Layman, Carolyn Bratcher, Diane Walters, Brenda Long, Connie Martinak, Linda Spence. TOP ROW: Chris Allison, Giqi Robert- son, Karen Wolt, Dianne Smith, Janet Whitney, Pat Tutty, Janet Nairn, Laurie March. Muldrow Tower, 2 EG? 3 Hold, 'Tower A-Go-Go' Dance Participation was the key to Muldrow Tow- er, Floors 2 and 3, as the group listed Sherri Taylor, Carol Williams, Ian Wampler, Cindy Williams, and Barbara Colvert as outstanding residents. Sandy lohnson, a senior in home ec- onomics, was head counselor. Heading the slate ot otticers was Ian Wamp- ler, president, aided by Carol Williams, vice president, Carolyn Martin, secretary, Sandy Benjamin, treasurer, and Ianeen White, social chairman. Representing the dorm were Diane Lindskoog, ISA, Sherri Taylor, student house, and loannie Aarons, WRA. The outstanding social event was a dance given by the entire Adams Center Complex called the "Towers A-Go-Gow party. Kraettli Apartments, Units 313 Ei 314, Lose Counselor It was a short but happy year for the girls in Kraettli Apartments, Units 313 81 314, for the group was disbanded at midterm when their counselor, Mrs. Pat Heinz, moved to New York. The girls were moved into units supervised by other counselors for the spring term. Fall social events for the group included a BOTTOM ROW: Sally Eberle, Suzy Mason, Elizabeth Stockton, Patricia l-leintz, Cindy Robare, Elizabeth Neill, Necia Ann Cul- breath, Julie Lowe, Ellen l-topp. SECOND ROW: Joanne Adele Pollock, Kathi Stewart, Cindy Ludman, Sheila Ann Marshall, Pat- ricia McDon'ald, Joycelyn M. Evans, Judith Paulsen, Shirley Green, Georgia Duckworth, Judy Rhoads. THIRD ROW: Jacqueline watermelon party hosted by Suzy Mason. Cof- fee klatches and cooking sessions were also ta- vorites with the girls. Many learned how to cook and clean house. Outstanding residents from this Kraettli unit included Cindy Robare, one of the top eight SOONER beauties, and Iuli Lowe, Iudicial Board Smith, Mona Hager, Dana LaBarqe, Angela Christenberry, Patricia Linn, Stephanie Waters, Marcia Petta, Bette Jo McCoy, Mitzi Lechner, Leslie Durall, Patti Hopkins. TOP ROW: Jan Knopt, Virginia Wager, Lynda Nale, Janice Plonsker, Kathie Moore, Dee Ingram, Carole Cheatham, Sherry Calhoun, Linda Grosse, Rita Glazer, Libby Elliott. n As they pack 'heir irrfrlrfrqe avoir r , . -a BO'I'I'OM ROW: Patti Hfirrisor Emily Rosf-rr Julie delfr Cruz Marie Smith, Doris Willilams Jfrrice Kfrxr Srrrill' Clfrrev Kido. SECOND ROW: Jefrrie Palmer Lwrc- S'ew'rr', Jfrrrice Pooe Jtrd. Hail, Carol Smythe, Mkarcifr Wilsor Beverrv Murph Lirdfr Romfrfo. THIRD ROW: Viroiriifa Louy Dotlie Schroeder' Ev Ulrresz Alf Kraettli, Units 406 EG? 407, Girls living in Kraettli Apartments, Units 406 81 407, along with all other Kraettli resi- dents, proved to he human guinea pigs for set- tling rules and restrictions at the apartments. They found from experience that keeping the fioors waxed and cleaned for room checks was not always the most interesting joh around. 'ff' ' ' i ? H r trieda Willcins, Frarrcy Foster Kerry Salmon Kay Bell, Sharron Eowles Patty Woodwrrrd. TOP ROW: Jaoe Wersi dare Vickers Paua Foley, Latraiefv, Marte loci Coolsey Judy Humolirefr Linde, Fulton Carole Scleie-ter Jirditr Arsrse Dorrrevl Lirda Lou White. Adjust to Apartments A girl said, "We worked. hut it was funf' Counselor for the units was Mrs. Claren Kidd, senior geography student. Outstanding residents included Linda Ro- mano, one of the top eight SOONER heautiesg Carol Ann Reid, Mortar Board member and Outstanding Senior award Winner. 5 lrreshfrier' Pfrilr-r Fiore frrrd Pfam l-lrr- ker .tordrrr frloou' flilrr irrs' ,re-' J ' ,. 11' 4 't, Q ' "lui-ul BOTTOM ROW: Jeanine Armey, Pam Trout, Janet Duity, Kaye Standley, Diane Schieten. SECOND ROW: Susan Caster, Marsha Whiteman, Rose Ann Sedita, Patricia Coyle, Gloria J. Faris. di lgff 'A' Q Jana i ay if is , Z5 3 TOP ROW: Sandra l-liqrnan, Susan Wensel, Linda Ranclels, Pat Campbell, Mary Payne, Janet Weiskopi. Girls of Kraettli Apartments, 317 Ei 318, VValk to School When the Sooner Surreys stopped making daily runs out to Kraettli Apartments, the girls of Units 317 81 318 had plenty to say about it. After all, it is a mile jaunt to the campus. In addition to their classwork, Kraettli co- eds learned a few things about cooking and housekeeping not in a book. Listed as outstanding residents were ludith Foster, Iudicial Board memberg Sharon Bruce, semifinalist in both the SOONER Yearbook and Engineeris beauty contestsg Mary Cannon, or- chestra memberg and lane Offer, ISA Board. janet Weiskopf was social chairman and San- dra Higman represented her unit in HRC. Mrs. Ieanine Armey, graduate student in ed- ucation, served as counselor for the girls. lt was 'Fun at first, but Sharon Bruce, Vicki Johnson and Linda McCrack- en beqin to doubt their cooking skills. K .sf-4 , Nancy Allen, Kay Allman, Jane Anthony, Susan Arm- strong, Denise Dennis. Mary A. Dinsmore, Donna l-learn, Gwynettli Hobson, Marilyn Kelly, L. Jane Nel- son. Mary Owens, Barbara Pip- ple, Cheryl D. Scott, Sue Skinner, Barbara Stegeman. Logan House Honors Parents at Luncheon Logan House girls gave luncheons honoring their parents visiting them on Dads, Day and Moms' Weekend. Also on their social calendar this year were monthly parties for each girl celebrating her birthday that month. Barbara Stegeman served as president of Lo- gan House, assisted by Kay Allman, vice presi- dentg Marilyn Kelley, secretary and treasurer. Spring chairman was Mary Dinsmore. Two outstanding drama students lived in Lo- gan House this year: Ioyce Greenwood took the title roll in the university production, "Annie Get Your Gun," and Barbara Stegeman played the leading lady in "Sunday in New York," a graduate production staged under the auspices of University Theatre. Mrs. Lake Ann Taylor served as housemoth- er for the fourth consecutive year in the dor- mitory that is open to upperclass independent women who wish to live off campus. End-of-term sales are discussed by Jane Nelson, Jane Anthony, Gwyn Hobson and Marilyn Kelly as they see Jane's sweater. '25 BOTTOM ROW: David Mike Curtis, Bob Pale, Jim Morgan, Billy ROW: Bill Vifaison, Richard Harrison, Charles Blackman, Larry Quigley. Jerry Dale Allen. SECOND ROW: Earl Slcarlcy, Don S. Beach. Bill Johnstone, Dick Padberfg. Pate, Kelly Hood, Phil Caudill, Lynn Laughlin, Dave Rawlings. TOP Cross Center Council Presidents and vice presidents of the l6 houses in Cross Center compose the Cross Cen- ter Presidents' Council. Members of the council coordinated activities of Cross Center and met to discuss mutual house problems. One of the more important organizations on campus, the Presidents' Coun- cil is allotted a budget which is used to benefit men of Cross Center in the form of parties and Discusses Problems improved house and center facilities. The Cross Center Presidents' Council spon- sored the Cross Center Orphans, Party and the annual Presidents' Council banquet. Council OHIICGIS this year included Richard Harrison, president, Ierry Allen, vice president, Bill Watson, secretaryg Bill Iohnstone, treasur- er, and lim Morgan, social chairman. Mr. E. H. Miles was faculty adviser for the council. Mutual problems oi presfdenis are discussed by Kelly Hood, Ear Sharlcey ard Dave Rawlinris. I if ,-. A519939 C3 - -- .. - -- - - BOTTOM ROW: Alan A. Loch Charles Miller, Ron Frank Bok: Burr-S, Richard Harrison, Ralph T. Guild lll Jack Roth Edens, John G. Thomson, Mike Rodriguez. SECOND ROW: John A. ldaliburion III, Frederick J. Bullock lV, Keiili Williamson, Sieve Douobtv, Ronald Kern, Mike Brown, Tom Morton, Rai Moore Don Wsilker, Roberi D, Uetz. THIRD ROW: Joel Jacksor Joseph Melton, Mike Corlee Star Davis, David N. Kahn, Aniborf J, Manciri, James W, Densiord Larry C. Overlv, Steven Lance Gary Stephanie. Gary Bricker, Mike l-lowerd. FOURTH ROW: Barrv L. Babcock, Wsivre Meeks Jim Reuben Bolo Owen, Tommy Canada, Merrill Likes, Jim Actor, Jerrv Golden Thomas L. Rolen, Max McGregor, Danny McNeill, Donald Eoti. TOP ROW: Richard Maddox, Randy l-ieintz, Carroll Cfiqle, Michael Sirout Stephen Srider Mich-wel Scott, Mike Keene Forrest Kcehne, David I., Hall Ted R, Burdett, Chris F. Dcrn. Alley Residents Active in Campus Events This year Alley was not only known for its scholars but for its participation in numerous campus activities as Well. Richard Harrison served as president of the Cross Center Presi- dents, Council and Model UN Delegation Chairman. Charles Miller was on the ISA EX- ecutive Board and Student Senate. Alley House participated in this year's Homecoming by building and entering a Float in the contest. They had parties with pledge classes of Alpha Chi Omega and Kappa Delta social sororities, as well as making a 4-l record in intramural football and a trip to the semi- Finals in that sport. This yearis oilicers were Richard Harrison, president: Bob Burns, vice presidentg Ralph Guild, secretary: Ron Frank, intramural chair- man: and Charles Miller, ISA representative. Alan Lock, a senior engineering major, was counselor for Alley House this year. 'in-'UF' Obviously olcfiseid Wir 'lnr-'rift-ive--2 'or hiin 1 dressed un fare Alley House oiiiceis Charles Miller Richard klfiriisoii, Ronnie Frank, Bob Biirrs fwd Jack Roth Edevis. Steve McQueen would be prcnd ot the Ore-it Escape PhilC1iUdill -ind Larry Tfiwwater made, big: Jim Johnson was not sure -about the outcome ot the qetfivfii.. iw ...firm Baker House Honor Dorm Aids Patients Life in an honors dorm and development of a program to work directly with patients of Central State Hospital were among the more important things which Baker House residents remember about their first year at OU. Their social life included a dorm party with Forbes House. The men also built a float for the 75th Anniversary Homecoming. An outstanding dorm resident was Phil Cau- dill who served as dorm president. Caudill also BOTTOM ROW: Johnny B. Worden. Alvin L. Thomas, David A. Freele, Philip R. Caudill, Roger L. Anderson. Joe S. Flowers, Tom Hammond. Milce Rodriguez. SECOND ROW: William l-t. Martin. Clark Morter, William L. Fitz, Ralph E. Mclilmurry, Michael E. Pentecost, Noble L. Proctor, Steve Dirniclc. Merle I-lenneke, Wil- liam l-l. Bernauer. THIRD ROW: Gerald C. Roop Jr., David Cummins, Terry Stevenson, Richard Schtihmacher. Lew Fisher Kent Murray, Steve Farmer. Bruce Gash, David Meldahl, Henry C. Divis. organized the hospital work program and par- ticipated in the Model United Nations and Eu- ture journalists of America. Other otlicers were David Ereele, vice presi- dent: Roger Anderson, secretary-treasurerg and Tom Hammond, social chairman. Representa- tives were Larry Tawwater and Willizim Bern- auer. Head counselor for Baker House was lohnny Worden, a senior majoring in electrical engineering and a member of IEEE. Larry Tawwater. FOURTH ROW: Kenneth D. Norton, Richard A. Legatslci, David C. McKee, Mark l-louston, Claud Lacy, Charles M. Brake, William P, Galvani, Jack G. l-larris, John P. Conner ll. Jim Johnston, Michael J. Hunter, John W. Tipton. TOP ROW: Carl Eugene Benton Jr., Robert N. Cash, Gregory Lowry. Stephen E. Lile, John D. Hoover Walter P. Stuermann. Kenneth L. Lovorn, Paul Knaop, Leslie W. Browr, Joe W. Harrinoton, Danny L. Dixon. Am it 4 fi -1 S Doing their part to maintain the men's grade-point average, John ter Simon and Mike Cawley exercise. sf' Bass Residents Win Football Intramurals Bass House residents Won the Cross Center intramural football championship this year, but intramurals Were not their only interests. So- cial life received full attention, with the men sponsoring three dorm parties. Counselor was Patrick M. Ryan, a tri-major in history, government and economics. Officers were Terry D. Allen, president, Wayne Turpin, vice president, Richard Dick- inson, treasurer, and Tom Iohnson, intramural BOTTOM ROW: Tim Brown, Jim Edmondson, Tom Johnson, Jerry Dale Allen, Pat Ryan, Mike Gillett, Wayne Turpin, Richard Dick- inson, Fred Fitch, Buster Simon. SECOND ROW: Daniel White, Howard Jay Kane, John Hornung, Johnie Grimes, Jim Lutz, Gary Watson, John Bond, Stephen Abney, Ken Frantz, Charlie Spencer. THIRD ROW: John Brau, Michael A. Coursey, Gene D. Berg- stresser, Charles T. Parent, Gareth David Noren, Roger W. Brown, Franklin M. Graves, Gordon H. Wynn, Jett Calhoun, James Els- -Y -4 I yo gs ll es ., . chairman of the Winning Bass team. Active residents were Terry Allen, vice presi- dent of Cross Center Presidents, Council, Band Review Committee member and Presidents, Leadership Class, Tim Edmondson, Pop Series Committee and Tudicial Board, and Bob Allee, Gaylord Science Scholarship Winner. Bass House is named in honor of Robert Dean Bass, a former OU student killed in mili- tary service during World War II. berry. FOURTH ROW: Bob Allee, Jim Younger, Mike Cawley, George Johnson, Jett Laird, Dave Davidson, W. C. Davis, John Hampton, Doug Robitshek, Michael A. Unger, Dick Robberson. TOP ROW: Bill Street, Geary Girard, Jim Hunt, C. J. Hurlbut, Clark French, Michael J. Stuckert, William M. Jenkins, Don Mc- Combs, Hank Kratt, James D. Mahanay, Tim M, Wilson, Theo Fred Schmedt. tiff-3 F Lg Wt' .. 5, , nf, 'fri fbi: eki 'ri l Bond strums on his guitar while Bus- -s... ...vJ-M.- 'C . +2 in 1, x W, ,L .f 1 GPM, ' if it ' Nl' xp s. BOTTOM ROW: Ron Drew Bob Warner, Robert E. Way Brad rant, Roqer lolces, Art Deflue. FOURTH ROW: John L. Burgetl. Johnston, Dwain Hughes Greqg Meyers, Larry Beach, Dave Mar- David R. Hansel, Robert Wood Anderson, David A. Dougall, Kit lin. SECOND ROW: Stephen C. Jennings, Robert W. Proctor Parsons, Larry l-lerrman, Dave Klahr, Sandy Schonwald, Larry John J. lvlerli, Kenneth Kaplan, Dan Beller, David Smith, Bill Bruce, Steve Carella. TOP ROW: Larry Dale Spears, l-loward S. Grimm, Richard Martin, Bill Klahr. Milne l-lunt. THIRD ROW: Smith, Kenny Furtney, R. Richard Hutton. Reid Brurnley, Patrick Steve Reese. Chance W. Chester, Paul W. Gotcher, Jidoe Verirv, C. Poole Paul B. Bishop Bill Garrisor Michael A. Mailoclc. Buchanan House Completes Active Year Larry Beach led the men of Buchanan House Outstanding men in the house included through a year of activities which included par- Richard Maledon, a University Scholar and ticipation in intramurals, Dads, Day activities freshman drama student who participated this and parties with Cate Center houses. year in three OU productions. Also active on Other oliicers were Brad lohnston, vice presi- campus was Paul Robinson, Oklahoma City, dent and social chairman, Gregory Meyers, ISA who was a Friday at Four committee chairman. representative and intramural chairman, and Paul Bishop, a Tulsa freshman, finished Robert Way, judicial Board. third in intramural wrestling, and Robert An- Ron Drew, a senior engineering student, derson and john Bergett, both Tulsa freshmen, served as counselor of the house. ran cross country in intramurals. Dave Dou all iillhouah livable to g , , . c exoifiin haw John Rarnei s ,urns was cauihf if 'i Soath Seas lslard rnfisk, is iryiwi to treo him, J QW ri Xi. fi. f ' N- E 191710 ,i E - . r r a ' f 'T' A , ,1 ' . . .3 ,,L. Egi,M,,, -- , y Eliffi l A M Q 'gl ggi - , i Q its fi my f in v i - X . , jg , . , 2 5 -'P 5 T Z i 'yt' If 3. ill? 1 3' ,Ps 1 BOTTOM ROW: Steve Kirsch, Donald Landis, Billy Quigley, Sam- uel James Atkins lll, Michael Blake, John Ellis, Robert Green, Dick Shriner. SECOND ROW: Douq Lonqmire, Ken Meyers, Gary Whitcornb, William V. Dupriest, Thomas B. Hardin, Robin Roth, Charles S. Cunningham, Douqlas W. Kalicki, Beryl L. Deck. THIRD ROW: Jerry Brandman, Raul Kelly, Richard V. Garnboa, Dan Lind' berq, William C. Pohl, Kenneth Thomas, Marvin R. Welch, Kurt H. Jackson, Terry J. Holmes, Robert Franke. FOURTH ROW: Burton House Leads Christmas caroling with the girlis dorms, basketball and football games and the Cross Center Orphans, Party were among some of the most remembered events of a busy year for Burton residents. In addition to thc Orphans' Party, Burton also held a house party with the girls from Hamill House. Last year's winners of the Donaldson trophy, Burton this year placed fourth in Cross Center football competition and had a 2-l record in Dick Anderson, Paul Bobbitt, Jack Herrold, David Cruce. E. X. Martin, Robert T. Butler, Pete Carney, Steve Wilkerson, Fred J. Streeter, Michael Hooper, Harold W. Haggard, Dewey McPher- son. TOP ROW: Steve Olim, George Hanthorn, Butch Chaney, Howard Feldstein, Joe Howell, Allyn Harrell, Kenneth Barrett, Gregory Hansen, Rick Gaydosik, Garry Owens, Ronnie Finley, Bob Musser. Active Social Life intramural basketball during the 1965 season. Outstanding man in Burton House was Billy Bruce Quigley who participated in Greek VVork Day and served as parliamentarian of Cross Center Presidentis Council and president of the Burton House residents. Richard Floyd Shriner HI was vice president: Iohn Sanders Ellis, secretary and treasurer: and Donald Terry Landis, Iudicial Board repre- sentative. Counselor was Sam Atkins. Upside-down Steve Wilkersorx pays the price of shavinq tight winner, as Kenneth Barrett, Allyn Harrell and Thomas Fsehak take their revenqe. Larry Carr and Roi' Younglund view the picture of Sidney Dit- mars, for whom their dorm is named. Ditmars was lcilled while serving in World War ll. Social Lif C Residents of Ditmars House posted a perfect record in intramural football this year. How- ever, it was a perfect losing streak instead of a winning one. They compensated for this by many hours of hard studying and by an active year of house social activities. Heading the list of social events for the men of Ditmars House was a Christmas party at the BOTTOM ROW: Richard lvl, Bryant, David A. Dillingham, William O, Johnstone, George D. Bennett, Greocr Lee Larry Carr, Walt Joyce, Charles Freeoe. SECOND ROW: Terry Lee Castin, Bryan Maurer, Frank Schieten John Epperson, Donald McCain Richard Rhodes, Kelly Scarce, Sam Brenner, Jerry l-limelstein. THIRD ROW: Samuel Eftinfger, Andy l-lusky Tom Ward, Bill White James Dake, Ron Younglufrd Pat Purtell, Dwight Collins, Johnny L 4 .... . -, ,- s- ,, , rl . , I ' . , ,,,.f- ,, me-t"'l 'f H M 5 if-3: E-'JQ 2 -SE ' :X fm 12 ' 1 Hy, , . Y '1 . if q 7375 'wr . -r . 1 ii"7' K ci' 1 iz t 'ii' ' 6 A Y 1 , T T L ii ti X4 , f ,- r J i ily 11 f ii X, X 1 all Dominates Ditmars House Men Cerebral Palsy Center and a serenade. Dormitory life and the freshman year of col- lege produced their share of nicknames. Such names as Bruce "The Coosei' Allemon, Larry "The Moose" Carr, Sam HSanta Clausw Bren- ner, and Carl HCrease,' Crone could be heard up and down the halls of Ditmars. This year's oflicers were Bill lohnstone, presi- dentg and Larry Carr, secretary. Stewart, Bill Nichols. FOURTH ROW: Bruce E. Allennan, William T. McCain, Frank P. Fontaine Dave Redburn, Terry Lee Bock, Ellery Edwards, Alan Bonner, Raymond George, Geoff Swanbero Lynn Bratcher, Ray E. Smith. TOP ROW: Raymond Milton Busby, Robert Haight, James E. Verity, Ronald Weinqartner, Carl R. Crone. Joe Don Winters, William J. Clarlc. Leland Smith, James E. Bradt, William T. Epps Dennis D. Bland. "Happy birthday to our counselor," yelled the Kelly boys as they sur- prised Rat Lauderdale with a mam- moth cake comolete with candles. Kelly House Scores Second in Football ln intramural sports this year, Kelly House participated in both basketball and football. ln football, the house was runner-up in Cross Center with a record of 6-2. Ollicers for the first semester were Bill Wat- son, president, Tim Foster, vice president, Terry Byers, secretary-treasurer, Bill Robbinson, so- cial chairman, and lim Towson, intramural chairman. Second semester othcers were Bob Thomp- BOTTOM ROW: Terry Byers, John Berryman, Donald DeMoss. Jim Foster, Bill Watson, Pat Lauderdale, Andy Bram, Ralph Duck- worth. SECOND ROW: J. Hollis Brown Jr., James D, Pate Jr., William Morris, Eddie Feintech, Glen V. Mclntyre, Owen K, Hard- ing, Mike Coldren, Larry Bracken, James John Sadler, J. S. Mize. THIRD ROW: Bob Cochran, Phail Wynn Jr., John H. Martin Doyle E. Easterwood, Jim Lawson, Gary E. Setti, Tom F. Roth- A EBFQSA son, president, Bob Cochran, vice president and social chairman, Terry Byers, secretary, and Tim Towson, intramural chairman. Counselor for the first semester was Pat Lauderdale, a senior in pre-med, and Skip Branson, a junior pharmacy major, was second semester counselor. Social events included a house party given jointly with Kitchens House for Holman and Neill Houses. rock, Hayden D. Lait, Earl Robert Donaldson, Ronnie Thompson. FOURTH ROW: James Robert Pollard, Robert Thompson, James M. Stetten, Steye Sellers, John Kamlet, John Robberson, Don Bowen, Steve Fitzpatrick, James R. Crockett, Fred Ross, Bruce Kessler. TOP ROW: Richard Hudson, Stephen Burtord, Charles Emmons, John Constable, Bob Hard, David C. Winn, Don Kin- singer, Terry Hanna, Jim Cacy, Amos Spence, Rick Batten. Q 4 HX .A fk AV' A A ... BOTTOM ROW: David Johnson, David W. Bell, David W. Win- ters, Maurice Henry, John W. Bagwell, Bob Pate, Jon Craig, Dick Padberq. SECOND ROW: Bruce Berlin, Jay McCown, Rob Hib- ler, Mark Meade, Glenn W. Gilliland, Walter Hardy, Bill Layfin, Mark L. Blakey, Richard J. Green. THIRD ROW: Jack Paul Ball, Barry Brace, Ben F. Powell, Howard S. Toder, Don Radzewicz, Don- nel Gwin, Mark Johnson, Edward Harkins, James R. Friday, Sam J. Hammonds. FOURTH ROW: Ronald E. Morris, Richard G. Kern, Michael A. Albano, Charles E. Standriclqe, Thomas M. Vollmer, Robert C. Losure, Larry R. Speer, Brent Wolfe, Sieve Grissom, Frank Cappello, Tony Gaye. TOP ROW: Norman Maz- vinsky, Stormy Lainq, James Doran, Robert Love, James Curtis Bell. Richard Aboussie, Gary Dart, John Brewer, John Ballina, Kent Connally, Terry Miller. Kitchens House Men Contribute Dorm TV Leading in activities of all kinds this past year, residents of Kitchens House helped with the Cross Center Orphans, Party and held three parties of their own with women from Hamill, lVlcCurtain and Lawson Houses. Kitchens House also participated in both Dads, and Moms, Day festivities and held open houses on football weekends. They also con- tributed a television set for use in the dorm lounge this year and in the future. Kitchens House also placed emphasis on in- tramurals and made a strong bid for the Cross Center intramural trophy. Residents found time occasionally for guest lectures by pro- fessors on special subjects. Dick Padberg served as president under the supervision of Dave Bell, head counselor. Other oflicers were Tohn Bagwell, social chairmang Dave Tohnson, representativeg and john Craig, judicial Board representative of Kitchens. When Santa Claus made it to Cross Center this year, he found David Johnson and Brent Wolfe prepared. in , i ' 1 1 , yur? y , BOTTOM ROW: Mickey J. Roberts, David Enqlish, Lynwood Troy Brooks, Royce Sample, Bob Pansze, Robert A. Guderian, Jim Laird. SECOND ROW: Bob Selman, Gael D. Epp, Neil Brown, Johr Beasley, Fred Farha, Don Alexander, Bob Mathews, Richard Cal- houn. THIRD ROW: Chris Peterson, Fairon Wootten, Stephen Parks, Ronald Eisel, Wendle Cavins. Roger Warlcentine, Bill Stephens, Phillip Cromwell, Walter Ford. TOP ROW: John Rush Joyner, Don Frazier, Greg Cunningham, Dave Smith, Joe Reynolds, Torn l-layes, Joe Dan Peters, James Bass, Thomas Gann Milsiead, Phillip M. Pourchot, Glenn W. Schoenhals. McCain Men Finish Well-Rounded Year McCain House was one of the most Well- rounded dorms in Cross Center this year. The residents fared well in intramural football fin- ishing the season with a 2-2 record. Their social events included one dorm dance and a pizza party. McCain House residents also had a Christmas party for area orphans. Three of the outstanding residents were Lynn Laughlin, 3.0, dorm president, Model UN and an Alpha Tau Omega pledge, Bill Stephens, 3.13, delegation chairman to the Model UN, Pop Series, Union Movies and Dads, Day, and Glen Schoenhals, 3.5, active in intramurals, and a Beta Theta Pi pledge. Dorm oilicers were Lynn Laughlin, presi- dent, Howard Cavins, vice president, Troy Hatfield, social chairman, Roy Sample, intra- mural chairman, and Dave English, I-Board. Study is the key to good grades, as Walter Ford, Terry McDonald, Royce Sample and Bruce Bunting are soon io discover as they lace iinals. . vin, , '05 Q .43 ,JJ is James Smith and Carol Rich are 'N I I ready lo leave David Curtis 'o his studies and Bill Tarwa'er lo his dreams oi lootball qlory al OSU. 745 F""""" Mills House Sets Value on Scholastics Following the leadership of president David Curtis, vice president Don Brigade, and secre- tary Pat Douthitt, the men of Mills House set a high value on scholastic achievement for the men in the dorm. They also took time to compete in intra- murals, where both their football and basket- ball teams won opponents, respect. Social life was also important. Those events most remembered were the Moms' and Dads' BOTTOM ROW: William Olin Tarwaier, Edd D. Rhoades, David Curtis, Don Bridge, Pat Douthitt Fred Perkins Bill Devine Torn Landrith, Ronald Tieher. SECOND ROW: Sidrev M. Willis, Barry Millard, Alan John Laubhan, Salah F. A, lesa VVilliam L. Rowar Richard M. Taliaierro, Dave G. Brunk, Randall Keller James H. Buoq, Dirnpster E. Epoersoa, THIRD ROW: Steoher Noever Day Open Houses and the victory party after their first intramural football game. They took an active part in the Cross Center Orphans, Christmas Party and similar events around the campus. Counselor for Mills House was Ronny Tie- hen, a senior from Duncan. The men of Mills made his job as easy as possible and took pride in the unity they achieved as classmates, team- mates and friends. Georoe W. Williams, Larry D. Gallagher, Leonard l-lock, Kent l-lall, Faisal Al-Qalarni, Herbert K. Morino Jr. Rardell L. Cas- Nell, Richard G. Fetters Chrisrooher Ker' S'eve Kalir. TOP ROW: David Cochran, Rex Phelps Jr., Mike P. Sullivan, Dennis L. Chiavelli, Roland Radcliizle Jr., Jack Greaves, John Calmes, James C. Smith Mike Stricklaad, Frarklia A. Clark Glenn A. Foster, .. - A s L .. ailw Making sure that Steve Newell does not ialfe too long on the phone. Henry Zuchowslci and Butch Tyler rernird hirn oi his tate if he does. aifeh Residents Win Dads' Day Troph Winning the Dads' Day Trophy proved to be the highlight of the year's social activities for the Naifeh House residents. They won by having the most fathers register at the House during the annual Dads' Day. In addition to the Dads' Day trophy, Naifeh residents also will remember the party held with the Alpha Chi Omega pledge class, and a house party and football game with Hume. BOTTOM ROW: Larry E. McElreath, Timothy J. Murphy, Joe R. Homsey, Dan Gonzales, Steve Newell, Bob Terrell, Richard Geary, James Wilson. SECOND ROW: Joe Klutts, Tom Bene, James Park, Tommy Bishop, Tony Panganiban, Geoffrey Lee, Harral Sco't, Harry Gooding, Malcolm L. Kantzler. THIRD ROW: Lawrerce Mitchell, Dave Hoyt, Dick Nelson, William Harlan, Henry Zuchow- ski, Curtis Ward, Robert F. Berger, Harold Tyler, Robert Bucciar- 7 .1 L Participation was the key to success, and the men of Naifeh House proved this by establish- ing an enviable record in Cross Center intra- mural competition of 5 wins and l loss in in- tramural football. This resulted in their win- ning third place in Cross Center. Officers were Dan Gonzales, presidentg Toe Homsey, vice president, Bob Terrell, secretary, and Steve Newell, treasurer. elli, Richard Berry. FOURTH ROW: Larry McConnell, Bob Slep- lra, Tim Flaherty, Bill Dinger, Ned Luce, Michael Hamra, John Taylor, Randy Thompson, Don Shield, John W. Underwood. TOP ROW: Joe S. Brown, Bob J. Justice, Jim Wantland, Joe Lanlc- iord, Joe Jordan, Jaclc C. Katz, Thad H. Evans, Richard Mendel- lqamp, Jim Sneed, J, Michael Early. A 2. L.. Q pdl A L 4 ASQ.. ls BOTTOM ROW: Oihie G. Burk, Michael L. Thompson, Timothy Knott, Michael A. Price, Jirn Morgan, Randy Hail, Richard Reid, Eli Baiach, SECOND ROW: Kenny Rocgers, Michael Sioitlennyre, Steve Waidrip, Richard Baldwin Wa-yne Ooodowitz, Mike Met- nick, Kenneth Sala, Jerry Se-pkowifz, Richard Hail. THIRD ROW: Gary Lawhon, Collie F. James lil, Mark A. Lewis, Ken G. Thomp- son, Pete Silva, Cari Shortt, Scott Beail, Craig Davis, Steve Cook, David Loggie. FOURTH ROW: Bruce Hilburn, Bob Myers, Douq Ritzwoller, Gary McSpadden, Larry Baxter. Ray Smith, Phil Ala- shere, Wayre Firik, John David Crow, Keith Jones. TOP ROW: Harvey M. Kennedy Angelo Strolio. Robert Witter, Victor Ack- iey, Andrew Deniston, Ronnie G. Smith, Gary Freeman, Charlie W, Nicol, John S. Scott, Bill Ginn. Prentice House Spotlights Scholarship Grade-point averages seemed to take the spotlight this year in Prentice House. Out- standing residents recording a successful year were Iohn David Crow with a 3.5, Richard Hall with a 3.4 and Iohn Scott with a 3.0. Prentice House also lent a helping hand in the Orphans' Christmas Party given this year hy Cross Center residents. Iames Morgan, in addition to serving as pres- ident of the dorm. was a member of the Student Senate, Cross Center Presidents, Council social chairman, and pledge class rush chairman of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Other officers were Randy Hall, vice presi- dent and social chairmang Carl Shortt, secre- tary-treasurerg lerry Sepkovvitz, intramurals chairmang Richard Reid, ISA representativeg and Mike Thompson, Student Senate represen- tative. Counselor was O. Galen Burk, a senior accounting major. Tired oi being kidded about his hearts and Flowers, Kenny Rogers -'goes aiier Jirn Morgan with the shavinq crearn and a war whoop, -, WQ is . . .f K W: .,, I M, I . , .. . hi ' M, . , ,-1, iii M . ., , ,iq BOTTOM ROW: Dernis Clemens Larry Bagov lvlfke Daffron, Ed McCornas, Jon Axton, Ken Harper, Aran Moquin, Denny lvloffet. SECOND ROW: Steve Rimic-Qi, Richard Lifton O. Lee Thomas Hank Aldridge fxvrum Schohwald, Charles Weddle, Kent Cohen- our, Joe Harth Jahr Deasorx THIRD ROW: James Sommer Ar' Sanders James Hood William H, Halley Stan Brovvr Torn Allder James Cook, Phil Bliedorn, Charles Hladik, Gary Overstreet. FOURTH ROW: Nfzrmar' Kleivstein, James Virson Talbot, Ber P. Ayres, Joel Anthony Schuman Kenneth Michael Clark, James A. Shackelford, Stuart Zalowitz, Barry Reeves Steve Housley, John F, Charey, Bill Ray lvlcllxlisler. TOP ROW: Doaalas J. Dawson, Jim Gourlev, Roloert Mcphearsor, Ronald R. Browr Dave Pollock, Louis Ferauson, James R. Hall David T, Wefivcr Doug Shaw Paul R. Fahrenbruch. Girls Beat Setliff House Football Team Highlighting the year for the residents of Setlilf House was an intramural football game with the girls from Tower Ill. Second on the list of social events for Setlilf was a house party that featured music, food and entertainment. Setliff House actively participated in intra- murals, fielding teams in football, basketball, volleyball, and softball. They established an 0-4 in football, and a 4-O in basketball. This year's oilicers were Charles Blackmon, president: Ion Axton, vice president and social chairmang Mike Daffron, secretary and treas- urer: and Ken Harper, intramural chairman. Ed lVlcComas, a junior law student, was coun- selor. Sctliff House is named for Edward B. Set- liif of Madill, a former OU student who died in military service during World Weir ll. Upholding OD s reputfitionas El party school Linda Crotty and Charles Blackman dance while Donna Jcvce ffrcl Girly Overstreet request a tune. Taking fi break tiom dancing: .it a Smith l-louse party are Alter Poppino Oermy Lott Jores, Jfir Lawhori and John White. Smith House Men Remember Alligators A house party with Hume, Oliver and Vance Houses, the many enjoyahle house meetings and Gordon Henley's hahy alligators are among memories Smith House residents have of their freshman year at OU. Counselor for Smith House was Earl Skarky, senior accounting major. Otlicers included David Rawlings, president, james lVlcStay, vicc presidentg Ted Calinson, secretaryg and Drew Neville, social chairman for the dormitory. BOTTOM ROW: Eari Skarky Ted Calirasos Drew Neville Jim lvlc- Stav, Dave Rawlivas, Tom Fereday Richard l-ierrirtiton David Wynw lbaca. SECOND ROW: Rardy Keller Mike Cody. Joh' White, Don Goldstein G-ir, Greenberg Dale Pollock Wilbur l-lamrnock, James l-l. Wildermuth. Joe Nevins. THIRD ROW: Paul Drevtps Phil Smith Oordor Healer Ralph Choate Bill Severe Jo" Burrows J'm lVlcOuone, Yes Citie, Rav Aller Gordor Q Also serving the dorm were joe Nevins, URC representative, Frank Carpenter, Tudicial Board representative, Tom Fereday, ISA, and Rich- ard Harrington, intramural chairman. Smith House made the toothall playotts with a 3-2 record. They also fielded a hard to heat haskethall team. Smith House is named for Harrison Morton Smith jr. of Oklahoma City, a former OU stu- dent who gave his life in military service. Orotts. FOURTH ROW: Jim Lee, Allen Poppirvo J-my Roberts Bobby Mixon, Bill Dabrey William Clark, Mark David Bradley Douoil-lammar John Lee Oerik, Philip O. Dick, Michael A. Kirk- patrick. TOP ROW: Nelson M. Sims Tom A. Walker. Mike Brady Jettrey Arouesty, Jerry Farley, Bill Brinkman, Frank Carpenter John hlockridoe, Stanley Burmari, Richard Shreve Duane Douthitt. H ga Friendly counselor Dave Grubb pro- vides a warm and encouraging study atmosphere tor residents Ken Eessen- den, Billy Dalton and David Doty. Vance House Men Keep Counselor Busy Listed as the top social event of the year for the men of Vance House was a party with the girls from Hume House. In addition to the social side of life, residents of Vance enjoyed an active year in intramurals but accumulated no outstanding record. They also participated in study halls every week- night, making a push to raise their grades. Dave Grubb, a Tulsa graduate student in BOTTOM ROW: Lawrence Chilniclc, Dennis Lee, Dave Grubb. Stuart Bach, Don Pate, Gregg Stevenson, John Edwin McGoogan. SECOND ROW: Marl: Breidenbach, Jack Crittenden, Bill Cun- ningham, Gary Brown, Larry Dacus, Billy Dalton, Jay Salter, Don Cogrnan. THIRD ROW: Manny Greenberg, Doug Campanell, Craig Morris, Gordon Ainsworth, Kenneth D. Eessenden, Earl Elliott, Ronald Cole, Dale Dudley, Dennis Motley. FOURTH K industrial engineering, was counselor of the lively group that listed its aims "to promote brotherhood and high ideals in the dorm and to leave the fire hoses alonef, Leading the men of Vance House this year as president was Don Pate, assisted by vice president Dennis Leeg and secretary Greg Stev- enson. Billy Dalton, a ringleader of the Vance House crew, served as goodwill chairman. ROW: George John Zebora, Larry Don Ellis, Robert E. Smither- man, Owen Green, Bob Eott. Fred Roberts, Jerry King, Bill Bailey. Ken Ruzyla, Neil Roche. TOP ROW: Alan E. Laird, James Goode- now, Milne Fishman, Ron L. Day, William C. Eclchardt, Robert Hunt, John Sullivan, Aaron Cross, George Counselman, Steve Friot, Ryclc Wilson. O , p V, r yl y,, lg ' 1 M' Lg ' 'f if ,QQ ,,,, W tsic .'.1E J 5 if A l, I 7 1 P , . ' T i' SZ , 1' ,H , , . . 'i" P ' ' , it ,.-, M, N i 1 Q i' l 5 is l l r l Q a M lr 5 ... .Q L i f H .J lm. J Forgetting school tor a while, Qenie McBee and Torn Gille-rt en- iov themselves at Younw t-louse. Young Enters Homecoming Float Contest Turning out for Homecoming, Young House men built a float with the help ot Alley House, Baker House, and lVlcCasland Tower. Also on the social list for the residents of Young was a party with Sanger House. In intramurals they posted a 3-2 record in football and entered two basketball teams. Outstanding individuals in the house includ- ed Mark Tanton, member of the President's BOTTOM ROW: Bill Stone Curtis Pospisil, Bill Mercer Kelly Hood, Torn Gillerf. Jerry Periqo, Carl Jensen, Jarnes Rothberq. SECOND ROW: Lonn Bernev, Charles Courson, Anthonv Laporte Jirnv Gibsor Charles Penderqratt, Greg: Kesel, Mark Jenkirs, Mike Hopkirs, Frederick S'ern. THIRD ROW: David Luinstra, John Estes, Clyde Miller Jr., Bob Jech, Len B. Carson, Ron Streetman, Leadership Class and HRC, Charlie Cole, Uni- versity Scholarg and lerry Perigo, President's Leadership Class. Young Housc officers for this year were Kelly Hood, president, Tom Cillert, vice president and social chairman, Curtis Pospisil, Iudicial Board representativeg and Carl Iensen, intra- mural chairman. Bill Mercer, senior aerospace engineering major, was counselor. Don Ward, Parker Rogers, Don Serkin, Charley Cole. FOURTH ROW: Mike Davidson, Jirn Sires, Rick Mulanax, Rick Kunzelman, Georoe Trilikis, Jett Diamond, Richard Oertle, Wilburn L. Koonce, Jav Gabbard. Larry Lollar. TOP ROW: Mike Walter, Mike Barre-s, Fred Skirrer ll, Terrv Rush, John B. Green Jr., David T. Moss, Paul M. Hunter, Clark Lang, Dande Evans, John Pickens. Presidents' courcil rneetirq gives Jirn lVlcDermitt the chance to prove bis musical ability to Ron- nie Pyle find Steve Kennedy. Towers Presidents Purchase Dorm Piano The Adams Center Presidents' Council is the representative body for the 1,000 men and women living in Iohnson, lVlcCasland, Muld- row and Tarman Towers. Contributions of the council this year in- cluded the purchase of a piano for the use of Towers, residents. In addition they purchased ping pong tables and other equipment. Social activities included Dads' Day activities, BOTTOM ROW: Jolnr C. Gatlin Rorny Pyle, Barney Blue, Steve Kennedy, Mary Marqaret Combs Jeen l-lielle. SECOND ROW: Kbris Cotton, Judy Waters, Jen Wampler, Donna Linqle, Judy an act for Sooner Scandals and the 6'Wreck Silo Tech" dance. The council also participated in the dedica- tion of Adams Center during the 75th anni- versary celebration. Oliicers this year included Barney Blue, pres- ident: Donna Lingle, vice president: Iudy Wat- ers, secretaryg and Steve Kennedy, treasurer. lean Hjelle was faculty adviser for the group. Daque, Jeannie Strozier. TOP ROW: Paul Powell, Donald Hack- ett, James Redelcer Gary Murrell, Bill Hendricks, Jim McDernii7t, Steve D. Barrett. A , in QQ V C it "' ff 'fum' on 31- ,QQ 1 "N" u - 'fr-1 qi. , xiii ,ff if '-1' X 0 V ei E A x em, . 4 I. 5 lt L J' E. K ""- t 572 . :gm s,. w BOTTOM ROW: W. l'l. Langley Jr., Terry l-lolden, Greg Pere kins, Michael L. Kerran, Ron Carey, Eric R. Craine, J. W. Csiz- madia, Howard Wesferdahl. SECOND ROW: Larry Vincent, Harry Cohen, Larry A. Mallinger, Zev Kahn, James Muslow Jr. Bill Wright, David Michaelson, Lawrence Packard, Charles Reina, Mike Skinner. THIRD ROW: James E. Gasseif, Presnall Gibbs, f 4 Q ,r'- - M X A l l A I M s Q. , it .. -. .,,., . . sir., jk rk, . r 1' 'af 4 'N an ff V 5 i M C John W. Daolim, Joe Harmison, Larry Gammon, I-larry C. Reaugh, Larry Sevif, Lairy Wilkinson. Danny l-luifon, Mickey W. Law. TOP ROW: Rusty Swenson, Bob Mcllroy, Sieve Whifeside, Kenneth Green, Gary Gordon, Tom Killip, Randy Foster, P. C. Musgrove, Philip Leigh, Roger Anderson, Travers Mahan, Julian I-larris. Companionship Keynotes Chickasaw Team Fellowship was the byword in lohnson Tow- er, Floors 4 81 5. Being freshman, the men had many adjustments to make to college life, but the companionship of the other men played a large role in helping each individual overcome his tribulations. Taking the name of Chickasaw for their in- tramural team, the men lived up to the name of the tribe admirably, according to Ron Carey, All night cram sessions may be part of college life, bul Julian l-larris promises himself he will never get so far behind in classes aoain, E X ti i ttr fki ' a senior in pharmacy and residence counselor. Chickasaw excelled in intramurals this year, competing in basketball, volleyball, softball and football. They won second place in Adams Center in football with a 6-l record. Under the leadership of Mike Kerran, presi- dent, Greg Perkins, vice presidentg and Terry Holden, secretary-treasurer, the men had a profitable first year at OU. l .. L ij -gr r , , .f ,I ig. , Q BOTTOM ROW: David Gore, Tom Taylor, Danny Linyille, Steve Kerrredy, Kirk Hershey, Neal Stanley Roger A. Schmitt, Jim Er- win. SECOND ROW: Bill Wilson, Larry D. Carey, Chris Boler, Mel Pridcly, Phillip Fischhein, Ernest Lee Shero, Mark Geller, Greg Crurn, Mike Barnes. THIRD ROW: Dewey M. Walsh, George Gilmore, Mike Caldwell Bob Borinosiein, Bill Tyo Mike Tarman, Floors 4 E99 Tarman Tower, Floors 4 81 5, adopted the name of famous Oklahoman Wiley Post for its intramurals designation. International students living in the dorm this year included Farihorz F. Farshad, a petroleum engineering major from Tehran, lran, and Lee Shero, a pre-dentistry major from Cahimas, Venezuela. Outstanding men of the house were Steve Man, Tommy Slagle, Bruce Winstor Lance Gvilherd Torn Paynier, Dayid Sobel Russell Kurlz. TOP ROW: David Selioson Alired lnqle, Mike Foote, Reqqie Mason, Bob Duran, Larry Ellioii, Mark Rollins, Michael Ross, Lloyd Woodall, Roberl Reilly, Johnny Sherman. 5, Name Top Men President's Council and Model UN, Boh Du- ran, University Scholar, and Robert Reilly, Larry Carey, and Mark Rollins, all members of the Presidentis Leadership Class. Oilieers included Steve Kennedy, president, David Core, vice president, Kirk Hershey, sec- retary-treasurerg Danny Linville, athletic direc- tor, Mike Barnes, ISA representative, and Greg Crum, HRC. Resident counselor was senior jim Erwin, an engineering major. Kennedy, Alpha Phi Omega, Adams Center . f t x ' , 4 .5 i 5 - ' .V I, From iheir sly looks it is evident thai "Suri" Hershey and John Sher- mar know ihe real words io ihe King- mefs version oi "Louie Loeief A 4. S92 . ,' Elie' if Watching his tropical tsn Steve Barrett fakes a break trorn his stu- dies to release his new purchases into one ot ivvo community tanks. Sports, Scholarship Cood grades and an equally good intramural record were high points of the year for residents of Tarman Tower, Floors 8 81 9. They entered teams in football, basketball and baseball, Win- ning fourth place in Adams Center football competition. Outstanding members were Matt Reiser, vice chairman of the College of Engineering,s open house, Bill Hinkle, ISA parliamentarian, mem- ber of the second place Dads' Day quartet, and Bottom Row: Ken Pickle, Steven Loy Hunter, Ken Lotter, Steve D. Barrett, Ron Henderson, Michael Carnes. Mark McClean, Don Hackett. SECOND ROW: Ronnie Kirkpatrick, George Mae son, James Miller, Bill Boyle, Phillip Smithen, Ronald E. Sellers, Henry E. Young, Richard M. Sigler, Art Spencer. THIRD ROW: Frank Kenslovv, Gary Lee Nash, Ron Kanter, Bob Koppel, Marc Katz, Gary Hugh McKinney, Bill Hinkle, Jim Kirby, Jack Bur- Get Equal illing BSU music chairman, Bill Boyle, Student House of Representatives and Model UNg and Steve D. Barrett, OU Flying Club historian and Young Republicans Club. Ofhcers were Steve Barrett, president, Steve Hunter, vice president, Ken Loffer, secretary- treasurerg Mark McLean, social chairman, Ron Henderson, ISA representative, and Phil Smith- en, intramurals chairman. Ken Pickle was counselor for the men in Tarman 8 81 9. rouqhs. FOURTH ROW: William R. D. Morse, Emery M. Craig- head ir., James Crabb, James Seal, Bob Casebeer, David Green- berg, James F. Eisman, Duane J. Rosa, David A. Burns. TOP ROW: Duane Hollak, Joseph E. Chicoraske, Charles McClean, Wayne Rhodes, Ken l-libbard, Matthew Reiser, Robert Sabath, Gary Garnet, Robert Grimm, Tom Waqner. Q- 1 Scanning the Uriversily hoesinfi -area iforn their Tnrrnan Tower vintage ooint -are John Mercandanle, Jim rnie Lee and Mike l-lurnohreifzi ..r:'f-,-A Tarman Men Recall Counselor, Elevators lVIen of Tarman Tower, Floors lil 81 l l, claim that the counselor, john Goodman, gave every- one in the dorm such a hard time that he even drove the house president to marriage in the middle of the year. Residents added that their most frustrating moments ol' the year came when the Tovver elevators stopped on all lil floors going down - every day. Outstanding residents were Gary lVlurrell, Tower Presidents' Council, Honor Resident. BOTTOM ROW: James A. Emhree Gary Merrell, Mike S. John- son, John N. Goodman, Sidney W. Kitchel, Steven L. Johnson J-lines T. Hevdl, Dave J. Shellfrr. SECOND ROW: Rickv MCE?- refalh Sieve Coker Gt. l"i. Loder G-nf Cl-iise' Lfifz, Hives' Leon C. As' Bill James John Tvef Jon" Wilson THIRD ROW: John Rock' Dol1i'e'1dori Chffiile. Eehos G-ii. E. Ko- and judicial Boardg Sidney Kitchel, Presidentls Leadership Class, OU Scholar, Honor Resident and Phi Eta Sigmag Steve Yarhrough, Oli Marching Band, OU Symphonic Band and Phi iVlu Alpha Sinfonia. Ollicers this year were Gary lVlurrell, presi- dentg Mike johnson, vice presidentg Steve iohn- son, secretary-treasurerg Tim Heydt, intra- mural chairmang David Shetlar, ISA represen- tative from Tarman, Floors lil 81 ll. vash, George Boatriqhf, S+eve Rfiulerson, John W. Meyers Wil- liam C. Kite Der Swill, Miko l-liinnishrevs. TOP ROW: Joh' E. Merc-idawe Dave Eilis Edwi' Moxie' Ltciaf Pee .is Eil' G-isi.-,ffi Jifn Williams H. Jfinses Lee 'l Jckf li. Skiwe' Leofufd A. Ghi.C'ick r4ei'h Grief. M lofi BOTTOM ROW: R. Asa Walker, Mark Dill, Earle C. Bowers Ill, Jim Knight Doug Van Dyck, Steve Holbrook. SECOND ROW: Charles l-l. Parkey, Charles l-l. Grovum, Patrick A. Sandoz Mi- chael D. Bowles Michael W. McElroy. Wayne Ci. Munyon, Veno- hout Cheam, Jesse Skaocgs, Kennis Wessel. THIRD ROW: John Moran, Mike Ferguson, Robert S. Witzel, Charles Lawter, Mike McCulloh Mike W. Hammer Steve Faruzzo, Ronald C. White, Ralph Doty, Ruthertord T. McGuire. FOURTH ROW: D. Mike Johnson, Floors 2 fb? 3, For residents of johnson Tower, Floors 2 81 3, studies and activities were important this year. Among the most outstanding in these areas were Kennis Wessel, President's Leadership Class, Men's Clee Club, Iudo Club, ISA Exe- cutive Council, HRC Representative,and intra- mural athleticsg Mike Hammer, editor of Okla- homa Daily, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Delta Chi, Moody, Michael D. Levine, Steve Bailey, Jonathon D. Ashmore, Neal E. Woltard, Mike McKinney, Charles Ewers, David Oliver, Dick Zumvvalt, Jimmy McDermitt Robert G. Priest. TOP ROW: Glendon Warren, Tom F. Gray, J. I., Courtney, John l.. Gossett Robert l.. Mclntyre Ernest H. Prussner, Scott Robb, John C. Zim- merman, Georqe W. Lindley, Roy G. Caruthers, William S. Whipple. Stress Studies, Activities Outstanding Independent and Model UN dele- gation, and I. L. Courtney, OU Band, Alpha Phi Omega and honor resident. Otlicers this year were lim McDermitt, presi- dent, Dick Zumwalt, vice president, Ralph Doty, secretary-treasurer, and Dick Zumwalt, social chairman. Doug Van Dyck, a junior in pre-dentistry, was counselor. Choctaw Team Sweeps Football, Basketball Intramurals Intramurals were the main interest of the residents of Iohnson Tower, Floors 6 81 7. In Adams Center football, the Choctaw team came out on top with a 6-O season record. They also became league champions in basketball with a 4-O record. In addition to excelling in intramurals, Choc- BOTTOM ROW: Phil Martin Wallace Reid Jim Mackey, Dow Park James Thompson, Robert Dovvell, Barrev Blue Terry Jar- gerson, Jack Mentesana. SECOND ROW: Robert Duthie, Keller, Schmidt, Dewey Smith. Ron Lodes, Dave Vogel, Michael Libbee. Lary Ross Demas, Harold Jorski, Mike Crawtord, THIRD ROW: Terry Bruce McDaniel, Jackie Dale Victory, Ken Shear Ken Craif: i,,,' 3, , Q -.3 tavv boys did not fare badly in the academic field. Outstanding resident was Rock Albers. President Barney Blue and vice president and social chairman lim Mackey, was cooper- ative with counselor Terry jurgerson, a junior in marketing, in arranging social events for the residents, including a party with Neill House. Jr. Tory Jayiock, David Wright, Ned Tuck Jett Smith, Richard Clements, Rolland St. Aubiii Houstor Shirley. TOP ROW: Will- iam Heidbreder, Jim Wiliis, Jack Delioans Tory Dihlicolii Don Bell, Rock Albers, Chuck Anthony, Dan l-liohley, Jim McMillan, Lloyd Gene Bottoms. 5551 15:15 ggi? , g 'iEL'. r . - ii iw .5 .1 a 1- " r ' 1 l , . ii: I , i - 'Q' . 1 fi f :-'i L 4 f ' L -gf, -l, 2 :Q BOTTOM ROW: William Hendricks, William J. Sullivan, Gary V. Harlin, Charles Max Williams, Arthur F. Breeze, John W. Wade, David Hattaway, Allen Marcus. SECOND ROW: Richard M. Dickinson, David L. Lentz, Eddie Roarlc, Bill Winston, R. Franklin Fry, Ken Delashaw, Richard H. Hobbie, Larry Rogers. THIRD ROW: Anthony J. Moseley Jr., Mischa Gorlcuscha William O. Eales Jr. Rorald L. Campbell, Ronnie J. Vanatta, James L, Sneed Ralph Gray ll, Ronald Wayne Martens, Mark Allan Capehart. TOP ROW: Mike Schwartz, Walter Brant, Ray M. Hively, J. Michael Oiarnese, Charles Floren Thomas Brendler, Frank Ketch. James E. Crurnrine, Alan Harper. Johnson, Floors 8 6? 9, Concentrate on Academics Residents of Johnson Tower, Floors 8 85 9, concentrated their efforts on studies. Outstand- ing men of the dorm included Mischa Gorku- scha, Outstanding Freshman Man with a 4.0 av- erage, and Iames Sneed, member of Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, IEEE, and commissioner for Wes- ley Foundation. William Hendricks was president, Arthur Johnson, Floors 10 E? 11, An outstanding intramural record gave rcs- idents of johnson Tower, Floors IO 81 ll, rea- son to be proud of their house this year. Their intramural team won all university football in I964 and l965 and were Adams Center cham- pions in softball following the competition held during the spring of l965. BOTTOM ROW: W. Michael Shawn Bun Johhson, Bil Seach Jay F. Spry, Marcelo R. Canelfis Raul H. Powell, Larry Iirfiham Carl B. Kaupp ill, Dennis J. Alexander. SECOND ROW: Steve Dyer, Loren Lester Carl Doly, Oeorcie Tillett Terry Stovall, Bob Nantais Terry R. Hill Frank Lucas, Joiire Stephens. THIRD ROW: Victor Slarks bob Fellows, Jim Howard James Frfirneron .. L Breeze took over the duties of vice president, the position of secretary was filled by Max Wil- liams and Steven Harz acted as treasurer and social chairman. David Hattaway, a junior, served as counselor. Taking the team name of NCreek,,, the boys participated in intramural football and basket- ball throughout the season. Outstanding in Sports Officers this year were Paul Powell, presi- dent, James Scillam, House Representatives Council, William Crozier, Independent Stu- dents Association representativeg and Herbert Ingham, social chairman. Dennis Alexander, a senior in industrial en- gineering, was counselor. Tom Osherwifz, Ray Brashear, Johr W. Freed Richard L. Vaughn, Bruce D, Crawlord, Jimmy Dixson, TOP ROW: Richard D. Red- man. Joe Wriqht, Don Sokol, Don L. Williams, M. Lee McDon- filJ, Robert C. Weraqert Dennis Read, James H. Leutwiler, Will- iam N, Searcy Jr., Lawrence P. Slern Avmord Sever. 2 fx A - , BOTTOM ROW: Larry E. Swinqle, James F. Barr, Mike Rice, Stan Shelton, T. K. Bovee, Jay Plinton, Steven P. Leakey. SECOND ROW: Val McClanahan, James Wayne Middleton, Gary Dildo- vick, Morris S. Webb, Lee A. Rosenberg III, Dan Sweeney, Rob- ert M. Gray, Kevin D. Lowe, Mark Shidler. THIRD ROW. Joe D. Coyne, Michael Gottesrnan, Alan Flinton, Tom Finn, Michael F. Snipple, Jay C. Walderich. Ronnie Burton. Jett Platte, Terry Col- lins. TOP ROW: Henry Laakrnan, Jerry Kozlow, Travis G. Bos- ley, Mike Harrell, Tommy Rains, David Carman, Bob Gilford, William Reeves, Terry Graham, John Schantz. Scholars Dominate Tarman Tower, Floors 2 E? 3 Residents of Tarman Tower, Floors 2 and 3, participated in intramural activities this year, posting a 4-2 record in football. The social season included dorm parties with Muldrow Tower and Herrick House. Outstanding residents included john Bur- ford, a government major with a 3.46 grade point, Dick Stieber, a sociology major with a 3.7 grade point, and Ed Fitzgerald, an electrical engineering major with a 3.3 grade average. james Redeker was president this year. Vice president was Dale Walker, jay Flinton was secretary-treasurer: and Mike Rice was intra- mural chairman of the Tarman men. Tarman, Floors 6 Eb" 7, Celebrate at "Silo Tech" Party Tarman Tower, Floors 6 81 7, had an enviable record in intramurals this year. Under the team name of Ross House, they remained un- defeated in basketball and advanced to the fi- nals in intramural football. Outstanding social events for the group were a Halloween party and the Adams Center Presidentis Council 'SBeat Silo Techn dance. BOTTOM ROW: Grover D. Fulkerson. John C. Gallin, James A. Ford, Jirn Spears, l-loward "Johnny' Lewis, Richard A. Bailey. Bill J. Nugent Philip R. Rope. SECOND ROW: David Zfachry, Ower Davis, Michael Rosset, James J. Mulva, Doi' C. Sassano Jarnes F. Rogers ll Robert M. Pano, Gary W. Meadors. THIRD ROW: Dennis Meehan, Charles F. Patrick, Mike Zeeman, Edwin A. Rieke Residents felt that the collective efforts of their group led to the betterment of the Towers through active support of the newly formed Adams Center Presidenfs Council. Ross House officers included john Catlin, president, jerry Hammand, vice presidentg and Tim Spears, intramural chairman. Crover Ful- kerson was counselor of the group. Stephen E. Kelly, William E. Lewis, Frank A. Jarrnuth, Edward G. Torrey, Joe Provine. TOP ROW: Howard W. Olson, Larry F. Wall, Jerry M. Taylor, Robert R. l:onck, Mark D. Wright, Jack Harnrnond, Lawrerce E. Levy Morgar K. Rowell, David W. Lyle, Johr F. l-larvey. Q SS Keeping their egiiipmert in snao occupies the time of baseball players Steve Sanders -and Terry Cooper. K a- 1 'S-We " Jefferson Houses 0U's Varsity Athletes More commonly known as Jeff House. lef- ferson provides housing for members of the University of Oklahomais varsity Wrestling, track, tennis, and golf teams. Although they are unable to participate in intramurals, they obviously have a full ath- letic schedule. Iefferson House enforces regular study halls. in accordance with University policy, and members of the teams are required to maintain BOTTOM ROW: John Cash, Daryl Williamson, Greg Ruth, Pete Mosca, Cleo McGlory, Phil Simms, Bill Larn, Gary Bonner, Bryan Rice, Curtis Bradford, Ken Scoggins, Jimmie Green. SECOND ROW: Jerry Hill, Johnny Smith, James Hardwick, Tommy Mele ton, Tony Howard Henry Marchetti, Steve Cesar Wayne Wells Jerry Stanley, Clayton Wyse, Ed Guthrie, Stephen Povalac, Russ McAdams, John Eagleston. THIRD ROW: Michael Osborne, John Hamrnons, Ratph Palmer, Gary P. Clinton, Jimmy J. Baller, Torn Pennington, Rick Maynard, Steve W. Sanders, Vincent Johnson, Wayne Long, Glen Long, Roger Mickish, George Aldredge, Mike Silvey, Don Scott. Don Carder. FOURTH ROW: Ismail Al-Kan their grades in order to continue to participate in intercollegiate athletics. Possibly the most outstanding international student living in Iefferson House is Sam Al- Karagouhli, l37-pound wrestler from Iraq. leff House, named for Thomas Iefferson, has a list of champions familiar to sports fans over the entire nation. This year's officers included Bill Lam, pres- identg and Phil Simms, secretary. aghouli, Tom Maxwell, Doug Manning, Ellis Winkle, Ronald E. Walker, Chris Forsberg, Larry Smith, Robert Ammons, Jim Shields, Art Younger, K, Cohlrnia, Rex Boudreau Bill Calhour Bill Melton. FIFTH ROW: Mike Colbert, Robert E. Minnis, Ronrie Rowell, Bob Winters, Garry Loooer Russell Disbro, Jay Cronley, Joe W. Cox George R. Ridgley, Don R. Ellis, Roger A. Brady. Robert C. Burn- side, Raymond G. Reed, Richard A. Cable. TOP ROW: Larry Patterson, Dennis Ranzau, Dave Durand Richard Newton, Byron Berline, Lake Sharoe Leo Calhoun Ralph Rickey Ronald Tull, Gary Lilley, Gene Smith, David Guthery. BOTTOM ROW: Bob P'ickcii Bob Wa'ma:k, Sieve Snider, Terry Schei- ner, Bill Hendrix, Eddie Hinton, Jon Hart, Robert Vardoman, Willie Wys- temp, Johnny Mills, Rochard McCuislion, .loo Selman, Tommy Bowden, Joe Pearce, Timothy Tarirnan. SECOND ROW: F, Caqle, D. Dillingham Bill Fo'ney H. Long, Steve Barrett, Randy Dcke, Harlan Kcirns Byron Bigby Joc Poslick, Bi'l F. Carlyle, M. Kosmos, Stanley Crowder, Alan Henderson, Wes Butts, David Hammond, John Lawson, Bob Ramos, Vic Prather, Jim Linn. THIRD ROW: Charles M, Smith, Mike D. Smith Randy S. Meacham, Ricky B. Hetherinqfon, Jimmy R. Basden, S. T. Dc' Bose, Mike Burrow Bobby D. Price, Rick K. Gooowin, Granville O. Liq- qins, James R, Jackson, Ben Hart, Tom Flood, Jim Norwood, Danny Noles Anthony Orme, Thurman Pitchlynn, Dan Shane, Howard Johnson, Sian Henderson, Mike Lamo Check Williams. FOURTH ROW: Terw' L. Due Willie D. Roqers, Donald R. Sidle, Allan Riley, Gcorqe Hawkins, Chris Canfield, David B. Ladner, F. Malone, D. Frazer, Vic Poe, Chebon Da- con Rickey Burqcss, Ron Winirey, Bobby Robinson, Bob Stephenson Bil' Beery, Jorn O. Kolier, Davio W. King, Miko L, Kino Jim Fletcher, Larry Roberts, Mike Haroer. FIFTH ROW: Mike Base, Arirur Cruichmer, Mike Ringer, Jim Riley, Mike Burns, Ned Williams, C, Newton, D. Roberts, P. Pratt, Robert E. Craig, Eddie J. Lancaster, J, Burqar, Don Davis, Phil Weiherbec, Bob Kalsu Wayne Nelson, Bill Laila, Gay Dilbeck, Gene Cagle, Saw Harper, Eoo McGehce. TOP ROW: J. K. Aliicri, Gcfdon Brown, Ed Hall, John Tiisworth, Bill Thomas, Bob Flanaqan, Mike Oliyc' Ray Haynes, Jim Johnson, Joe Boqan, Jerry Walther. Mike Smith Plays Santa for Washington Wzishington House, as one of two residential housing centers for OU athletics participating in intercollegiate sports, was not permitted to enter intramural sports. Harry Hettmannsperger, vice president of the house and a sophomore from Stockton, Calif., earned the annual George Stokes Schol- arship Trophy this year. Otlicers serving with him were Victor E. Poe. presidentg Byron Bighy, treasurer, Granville was f s,1.s::if'2-its-:livlw S51 ff Snag Qliirifini 5 i if' W' Q .La B Aftermath oi hfwd d-i,1 cf icfiee iifds vhlcte Joh Kollii 'reedi' fi hi-io iifzm his roomrrifttc Doi. Robe mats lo 'let into his loo blink. -,M,,,,,-.H-f-'Mr' , Liggins, secretary, and Bill Hendrix, social chairman. Port G. Robertson was faculty sponsor, and counselors were graduates Walt lVlizell, lack Richards, and Howard Phillips and senior Guy R. Willihey. Social events of the year included the Christ- mas Dance at which Mike Smith played Santa Glaus, and the Morris Tennenhaum Annual Tie Auction. , ,-.X ,QQ 3 ,. xl! ,EMM it s . , BOTTOM ROW: Thomas A. Greene, Warrrzrr Jones, Russell Jaclr- son, Nord l-iasiinos, E. l-l. Miles. SECOND ROW: Donald C. Schmidt, Donald R. Shaw, G. Elaine Schwlabe, Allen Coleman 7' TOP ROW: Roberi J. Weaver, Georqe V. Casielli, Billy L. Younq, Dan lee, Daniel Braire Tom Padden. Wilson Presidents Give All-Campus Dance Composing the Presidents' Council of Wood- row Wilson Center were the presidents and vice presidents of the seven Wilson Center resi- dences. The group was the central council rep- resenting Wilson Center in matters concerning the residents' welfare at OU. Each year the council sponsors an Orphans Christmas Party and a Presidents' Council Banquet. This year, the council also sponsored an All-Campus Dance last November. At the orphans, party, children were brought to the campus to be entertained by the residents with games, movies, lunch and presents. Sponsor of the council was E. ll. Miles, as- sistant dean of men for housing. Russel lack- son was president, Warren Jones, vice presi- dentg Nord Hastings, secretaryg Allen Cleman, treasuurer. and Don Shaw, social chairman. 'QW'-f 1' Meeting lo discuss rnulual problems ol houses in Wilsori Center are Thorn- as A. Greere, Warren Jones, E. H Miles and Russell Jackson. Spring fever came early this year for Doug Stabler, who does not seern worried about tallino. Boyd House Men Help Cate Center Win Boyd House is named for the first president of the University of Oklahoma, David Ross Boyd who served from 1892 to l909. Outstanding event of the year for Boyd House men was helping the front row of Cate Center win third prize in the Homecoming decorations contest. Boyd House twice a month sponsored a lec- ture series that featured speakers from all Walks of campus life and organizations. BOTTOM ROW: Johnny Brewer, Howard A. Dobelle, George V. Castelli, Dan Ice, Jerry J. Srnotrycz, Lyndel G. Clark, Rodger B. King, Andy Phillips. SECOND ROW: Bill Beattie, Jay Winfrey James l-lunt, Bob Lubowicki, Robert Grilli, Richard Gesten Dan Burnett, Eugene Case, John R. Vaughan, Mike Wilson, Neal R. Donahue, Mike J. Rosati. THIRD ROW: Randolph E. Smith, Richard L. Madsen, Michael Frahrn, William R. Ciskowski Joe Cunningham, Gregory Edmond, Thomas E. Murphy John Selph, J i i, 214 3 .. Basketball proved the strongpoint in intra- murals for Boyd. The house posted a 3-l rec- ord as opposed to 0-3 record during intramural foothall season. Eugene Hilderhrandt and lames Gregory were in the President,s Leadership Class. Boyd House oflicers this year included George Castelli, president: Danny Ice, social chairman and vice president: Bill Kohlon, sec- retary: and Lyndel Clark, HRC. Larry G. Flesner, L. Eugene Hilderbrandt III, Bob Ryan, Kirk Mi- chael Estes, R. J. Schinler. FOURTH ROW: Randy Hardridge, Rohn Munn, Mike Goth, Steve Kerr, Dave Pardue, John Leaver, lhornas Lotte, Kenneth Lyons, Drew Einhorn, Robert Hall, Sarn Morris, Jack Wilson, Larry Bynum, Bryce Poolaw. TOP ROW: Robert l"lener, Edward Dempsey, Kenneth Klingenberg, Richard Guniley, Stephen E. O'Malley, Jack B. Fytte, Dennis Resrick, Larry Geis, Dave McGlurnphy, Richard Griffith Tom Dozier, Ray lngle. I i i A ix ,. ,.,,, E , : 583 an , 3 -, . I . ra it! it Taking 1: break from studies, Jack Herdersor and Russell Jackson exer- cise wi'h barbells to build muscles uw. nv ' ll Cleveland Men Remember Year's Parties The men of Cleveland House will take fond memories of good times with them when they leave. Among these, the house party with Hes- ter House and their party with the Sigma Delta Tau Pledge class will rank highest. They will also remember the afternoons on the intramural fields where they scored in the winning column of the record hooks. The officers attempted to perform in the tra- BOTTOM ROW: Greo Burns, Claude Dorsey Neal Berkin. Clar- ence E. Wilson, Thomas A. Greene, Russell Jackson, Clifford Call- away, Raymond Gibson. SECOND ROW: Andy Quiat, Gary Da- vid, Ron Cohen, Jerr Buchanan, Barr Federman, Douglas C. Y Y Bassett, Bennie A. Miller Jr., Kent Lamar, l-l. Prank lbach, A David McCool. THIRD ROW: Frank T. Cross, Richard Phillips John Paul Piachek, Brian L. Daigle, Kerneth Ruht, Ralph E. Pleet- ham, Ronnie Watts, Stever J. Wells, Don Schmidt, Jack Pipkin 11 L ty x Q I . - J y. , I f is has 44 ' Sy 6- ,Q Q. dition of Grover Cleveland, after whom their house is named. Officers included Russell jack- son, presidentg Cliff Calloway, vice president and social chairman, and David lVlcCool, sec- retary-treasurer. Other officers were lerry Meyerson, athletic director, and Raymond Gibson, ISA. Counselor for Cleveland House was Tom Greene, a senior majoring in physics. Jimmy Chapman. FOURTH ROW: Marion E. Neighbors Charles Fehr, Jeffrey P. Butler, Lynn E. Knorr, James Hiatt, James An- thony Brisolari, William A. Wilson. Don Shaw, Jack Henderson Julian M. Hess, Charles Sweeney. TOP ROW: Leonard M. Maker, Bill Brown, Bill Ohl, Garth Christian, Prank Sutherland lV, l-larold Blakelock, Ronald Deaton, Charles Pratt, Pat Vann, James Lock- hart, Ed McConnel. L X 2 if ...- D . i .. 11 A , 5 A ,,.. r ' we i f . --r. i ., .. 7- 't 1 . f li't l . v i 4 ti . Q. si I 1 a liaiwi T . as ii as I - Q BOTTOM ROW: Donald Hamilton, Bob Meason, Harold Fisher, Jerry Brantley, Blaine Schwabe, Robert Bowser, Nord Hastinqs, Max J. Murrell, Roger Rains, John P. Graff, Dean Snyder, Terry Black- burne, Bmce Foster. SECOND ROW: Edwin Tomita, Richard Bledsoe, Glenn Grenier, Harry Siegel, Dennis Carpenter, Jim Bennett, James R. Corder, David L. Gleason, Jimmie Patton, Clinton Chamberlain, Joel R. Bybee, Donald E. Mackey, John E. Cowier, Tony W. Ritchie, Douglass Stevenson. THIRD ROW: John E, Hill, Robert E. Cox, Donald L. Combs, Roy Hier, Frank Pelc Jr., David Cole, Ronnie Roqgli, David Held, John Byrne, Joe Wallen, Rick Alston, John E. Francis, Geoffrey C, Hutcheson, Richard J. Gage, John B. Howell. FOURTH ROW: Vincent Reqalis, Rus- sell Garber, Steve Lehmer, Brad Henry, Jim Ford, Alan Matthews, John Shurr, Neil Kassan, Thomas Maniredi, Mike Smith, Steve Hollis. John Wilfert, Stanley Stewart, Mike Mallonee, Robert Bingham, Berry Doyal. TOP ROW: Kenneth M, Morris, Brucc H. Hunt, Michael W. Blank, Mike Troutman, Larry Sanders, Skip Graham, Dan Wright, Marc Johnston, Gary Edqmon, Larry'Loomis, Bob Maxwell, Mark Taylor. Irving House Social Calendar Filled The main event on the social calendar for Irving House was a house party with Kirk and Sager Houses held in Wilson Cafeteria. Officers for the first semester were Nord Hastings, president, Blaine Schwabe, vice pres- ident and social chairman, and Robert Bowser, secretary. Second semester officers included Ken Mor- ris, president, Bruce Hunt, secretary, Sidney Splashing on ore drop oi Evolish Leather for Karer, three for Arn, two for Kay . . . Frank Miskovvsky oats carried away as he dresses for class. iagiggft 'f Griffin, athletic chairman, Tohn Byrne, ISA representativeg and Robert Bowser, Student House of Representatives. Irving House, named for Washington Irving, had as its counselor Max Murrell, a junior in business. Irving fared well in intrarnurals. They were Wilson Center football champions, and par- ticipated in basketball, volleyball, and softball. BOTTOM ROW: Howard Smith, Larry Clynch, Gene Johnson, Peter Lutz, Jake Easton Jim Thompson, Wayne Hughes, Charles Mooney, Cecil Ches- ser, Geof: Rather, Michael Anthony. SECOND ROW: Edward Montoio, Abraham Green, Larry Alley, Raymond Bellwood, Joey Kanotz, Larry Atcnley, Chuck Bell, Terry Gibson, Charles Neerman, Bob Wilner, Lee Shaner, Richard Cullfson, John Ferguson, David Harris, Charles Hill. THIRD ROW: Craig Conway, C, R, Rettig, Allen Mailman, John Pitzer, Brad Sinex, Sam Talarico, Chuck Jacobus, Pat Smith, Jack Carnagey, Ed- ward Castillo, Steve Register, Mark Finnerty, Michael Judd, Tommy Stid- ham, Owen Hopkins, Bill Dunne, Rocky Cline, Richard Jorski, William Cunningham, Charles Sims, Thomas Christopher, Henry Dolive, George Scors. FOURTH ROW: Robert Bazewicz, Will'am Gardner, Arthur Feld- man, Thomas Biery, Jack Covington, Arthur Cox, Gary Studnicka, Walter Kingfisher Receives Counselor Howard Smith imposed strict rules for his residents and received notable re- sults when Kingfisher House received the hous- ing award for the cleanest dorm and had one of the lowest deficiency totals for men's dorms. This year the residents fared well in intra- murals, finishing third in football and basket- ball. Aside lrom intramurals and scholarship, the men of Kingfisher House sponsored two Hoiman, Richard Waack, Jack Geiger, Ron McGarry, Jack Giand, John Staulier, Ron Stucker, Vic Martin, Charlie Grissom, Robert Paul, Bruce Rothenberg, James LaGrone, Larry Borovfcka, Howard Stern, Daniel Bar- teltce, Robert Wolfram, Robert Agee, FIFTH ROW: Luther Like, Michael Powers, Karl Miller, Mack McNutt, James Morrison, Joe Wilkinson, Alan Kagan, Onkal Guzey, Maurice Galooh, Mark Boots, Larry Stone, Richie ' Keith Thomason, George Nershi, John Colin, Howie Olson, Jack , Barry Fitzgerald, Randolph Call, Robert Bunch, Paul Blinn, Alan Sutton, Mondee Hooker, David Doty. TOP ROW: Steve Finley, Ben Holder, Steve Jernigan, Guy Edward, Jim Fleming, James Arvites, Roy AcreBaM lxgiihael A, Pearson, H. W. Schneider, Charles Fowler, Tom Thom- as oo. Erario, Smith Least Deficiencies dorm parties, donated S25 to Cerebral Palsy, and initiated a study hall from 6 to 12 p.m. First semester oliicers were Tim Thompson, president, Wayne Hughes, vice president, Pete Lutz, secretary, and Don Kimper, athletic chairman. Second semester officers were Toed Rather, presidentg Cecil Chesser, vice presi- dent: Bill Evans, secretary, and Larry Stone, athletic chairman for Kingfisher House. Bat Man was not on the boob tube the night betore trirals, thus enabling Dar: Walker to study and postpone his trip to Southeast Asia. g 2V?k7 l 9 viry kk . , , i r s it ii 3 L , L 5? T ,g 'a Y , 'i A, ".1 , , Q - i A fl ' N :f fm ' V A nl ' . ' i i .Ti a 7 V V, , 'QMS' It 4 i BOTTOM ROW: James N. Kanze, Neil E. Nichols, Tim R. Tyler, Billy Young, William Walls, Mike l-lall, John MacKay, Larry We- ber, Viclor L, Garnand, Mark Acker. SECOND ROW: Roberl Pappano, Danny L. Rohmer, Sleven E. Thornberry, Louis W. Pal- lerson, Larry Vernon, Bill Holden, Roberl E. Duerr, Joseph C. Polls, Eddie Genqa, Marvin Golorlh. THIRD ROW: Dick Cavin, David Gilliland, Wayne G. Gruber, Jack K. Bullard, Dale W. Hill, Thomas Francis Ollara, Joe Mashhurn, Barry Einsidler, Maurice M. Siegel, Thomas Pliszek, Noah Howard Ewing Jr. FOURTH ROW: Bill Engel, Bill Welk, Dave Miles, Paul Tucker, David Mea- dor, Osmun Lalrobe, Dennis Dann, John Bowles, Waller Dial- schenko, Luis Sevilla, Richard Banks. TOP ROW: Slanley Yale Jalle, William M. Schipper. Sleve Meyer, Roberl J. Weaver, Will- iam G. Anderson, Larry D. Bigelow, Michael E. Box, Tommy Kis- sick, Larry Waller, Slephen Goldberg, Douglas Hellerson. Freshman Men Take Over Lincoln House This year Lincoln House became a predom- inately freshman residential center for the first time in several years. Previously Lincoln housed mainly upperclassmeng but due to the influx of new students this year and the apart- ments opened for upperclassmen, Lincoln Filled mainly with freshmen. One of the distinguishing characteristics of Lincoln House this year was the number of boys with bald heads early in the fall. This is an annual occurence since the varsity swim- ming team is housed in Lincoln, and the boys are required to have their heads shaved as part of going out for the varsity team. Bill Young was president of Lincoln House and Bill Watts was vice president and social chairman. Mike Hall was secretary and Iohn MacKay was ISA representative. Dorm coun- selor Was Clarence Wilson, a junior majoring in pharmacy at the university. Giving Tom Pliszex a shower proved lo be a handlul lor Brenl l-lelmer, Mike Lewis and Dave Gilliland. as , L., BOTTOM ROW: William Dunn Ill, Terence I-lollfman Ronald Mink'n Mike Wind, Steve Abrams, James Phillips, Gary Sieohenson, Tom Ray, Allen Coleman, Phillip Koenig, Kyle Vann, Jesse Rodriguez, Henry Hur- chins, To'n Padden, William Schmitt, Sian Reich, John Reyelle, Larry Pranqe. SECOND ROW: Greg Fine, Leo Berkenbile, Ronald I-lill, Don Murray, Warren Oelschlaeger, Chuck Schultz, Jon Osterhoudt, Joe Schmidt, Bob Cobianchf, Kenny Womack, Joe Kirkbrioe, Steve May C. M, Palm- er, Van Maxwell, Tom Leonard, Albert Baqdadipour, John Berry, Steve Fields. THIRD ROW: Karl Write, Mike Carroll, Bill Lcyy, Cnet Ross, Jack Pauling, Rick McConahy, Larry Fishel, Ruins Prados, R. Chabora, T. Dee, A. Roundy, Larry Scott, Kenneth Duncan, Elliotl Glaier, Ronnie Cook, DJke Dotson, James Magargee, Stephen E. Ward, Robert Brison. FOURTH ROW: Thomas Aven, Fred Gilmore, Bruce Bateman, James Maples, Jack Chernick, Bobby Adams, Richard Fatheree, John Rob' ison, Jim Turner, Don Shulrnan, John Wilkinson, Mike Pearson, Larry Matthews, Dale Gray, Larry LaMar, Arnold Peterman, Bob Nickles. FIFTH ROW: Wayne Bolin, George Freidkin, John Schoen, David Spark- rnan, Donald DiPentima, Larry Meason, Alan Sade, Ernest Spencer, Eric Yeloell, Chuck Gilmore, Floyd Brown, Jacob Simmons, C. E. Hunter, Carl Muller, Scott Lang, John Hartman, Edwin Miller Ill, Danny Givens. TOP ROW: Alec Caudell, Robert Miller, Paul Parton, Robert Muller, Rick Richwalski, Leon Gurney, Fred l-lorton, James Stott'nan, Bruce Gad' dis, Philip Allen, Thornan Krzywonski. Sequoyah House Team Places Second The social calendar of Sequoyah House this year included a dorm-sponsored dance with Davis and Lawson Houses. Several ol Sequo- yah,s residents tried out for Sooner Scandals. On the gridiron Sequoyah residents fought for first place in the league, only to lose in a sudden death overtime period. The intramural program under direction of Henry Hutchins also included participation in basketball. Allen Coleman served as president with Phil Koenig acting as vice president and social chair- man. Representing the dorm in both the ISA and HRC was George Friedkin. Counselor was Torn Ray, a graduate student in petroleum engineering. Sequoyah House is named for the Indian who originated the Cherokee alphabet. Se- quoyah is located in Woodroxv Wilson Center. , ., ,I ,ml Q Seeing the sly aria or her datels iace Diane Dowalno wonders what miohr be in the cup Phil Allen is hafdirq hcl fit the Seoguoyah party. q-- - Forum rneelinris with campus leaders aid oi'o'essors were ea reiiular ter ture lor Daw Braihe. Larry Kelly Mike Best and Errique Carreiw, N: . ni? Worcester Men Break Party Tradition Worcester House broke tradition this year by giving the first independent house party held on a weekend. As Worcester residents des- cribed the party, it was the most successful dorm party of the year. Another activity was a weekly discussion group-the Worcester Forum-was sponsored by residents. Speakers included Dr. Arrell lVl. Gibson, chairman of OU's history departmentg Dr. l. R. lVlorris, assistant dean of University BOTTOM ROW: Dennis W'lson Paul Nauioks Bill Robertson, George Calhoun, Albert Bauman, Bill Painter, Enrioue Carrero, Dan Braine, War- ren Jones, Terry Burke, Alan Jones, Lewis Parkhill David Boron, Sidney Grittin, Michael Yeager, Richard Yuelcunq To, John Lee. SECOND ROW: Alan Begg, Larry Cooper, John M'lls, Cora Marfn Thomas Boyd, Ale-Y Kcahey, B'll Robinson Dwight Staiiord, Leroy Maroon, Robert Nusbaurn Janncs Swann David Crtolewa, Edward Ccancc, Jerry Johnson Rana, Beller, Gary Clooton, Larr, Mills, David Aoowir, Devo Barfnoer, John Baqwell. THIRD ROW: G'lbert Humphrey, Gary McCoy, Larry Bross Jerry Clark, Dan Gillette, Joseph Di Carlo, Franz Lautier, Robert Kish, Bob Kolker, Antony Link, Mitchell Stuckcr Williarr Blewett Jovrey Kern, Vincent Mesis Jr., Jerry D'ck Rooerl Henoerson, Raloh DeGeeter J'nt College, and the Rev. Charles Swett of St. Thomas More Parish. Warren Tones was president of Worcester with Daniel Braine as vice president, Bill Painter, social chairmang and Lewis Parkhill, counselor. Outstanding resident was assistant counselor David Boren, freshman law class president. Boren, a Rhodes Scholar, was a member of Phi Beta Kappa at Yale University. FOURTH ROW: Jrn Loy, Ronald Franz, John Brannon Anthony Dc Jessa, Gcnc Powell, Guy McWillii1n1s, Charles Schiller, Larry Potts, Art Chitty Larry Kelly, Joe Heuston, Mike Butler, Bobby Langley, Mike Warner, Thornas McGovern, John Steciak, Jinn Tyrneson, Mike Steelman, Dana Johnson, Eddie Goddard, Tad Malek, John Sheehan, Mike Best. FIFTH ROW: Al'an Hartlefn, Dav'd Weible, Ron Sehestcd, Ken Keene, Trov Soccrs, Rooefck Mizell Gene lsaacs, Jorn Jenk'ns, Rcharo Gray, Bruce Stanton, Steve Tr'ce Larry Enqlano Roqcr Conway, Michael Glass, Mi- chael Pitts, tvtichacr Stansberry, Ben Gorrell, Joseph Frank, Gregory Wil- cox, Stuart Renes, Larry Rodden, Earl James Ill, Bill Clitlord. TOP ROW: Dale Evans, Kent Ferguson, Torn Mahaflav, Richard Carr, Robert Carter, John Gay, Harvey Boli'noer, Jarnes Paul, James Srrith, Jack Scott, Pete Ene Terry Ganeft, Randc Shadd, R':kev Sonle"er C'r's Kfnke. Kron, David Malone. , . Qs Q 4 - 3 9 - ii . .s...... lr-NNW M rm, 5 "nS "?""' .I Wishing that they had a set ot chromed wheels like these, Jerry Huddleston and Bill Northcutt take fi closer' lok. Whitehand House Open to Freshman Men Effects of the increased freshman enrollment last fall were felt by Whitehand House, with a large number of freshman men being housed in the residential center normally reserved for upperclass students. Under direction of head counselor David Landholt, senior government major, and Tom Fightmaster, athletic directorg Whitehand res- idents captured flrst in badminton. Whitehand differs from Woodrow Wilson BOTTOM ROW: John Jacobs, Jimmy Inman, Michael Grissom, Stephen Loving, Bob Bullard, David Crupper, Skip Branson, Bill Way, Bob Kel- sey, Dave Landholt, Jim Ellis, Benny Hodqes, Miles Keener, Christian Towles, Bob Coleman, Carlos Pekny, lke Brighton, Ron Fanelli, Jeremias Cruz, Saenqiai Laivadhana, Harold Mason. SECOND ROW: Ronny But- ler, Craig Smith, John Sprieser, Fred Reynolds, John Fudala, Roy Rec- tor, Jamie Inman, Chuck Doss, George Welborn, Larry Hogan, Gary Mar-- tin, Mike Cook, Braxton Reid, Abdul Khan, Richard Williamson, Mike McDermit, Joseph Adams, Joseph Rostas, Bunny Robinson, Charlie John- son, Jim Coniey. THIRD ROW: Walter Stark Jn, Joseph Maiorana, Joe Shary, Alan Lamoureaux Gene H'loabrand, Bob Roberts, John Eastburn, and Cross Centers in that it is located near Campus Corner on Boyd Street. Officers were Barry Lotman, presidentg Den- nis Wackman, vice president: Max Blakely, treasurerg Chris Towles, ISA representative, and Gene Yalicki, Iudicial Board. International students included Ahmed K. Allam of Egypt, Abdul Khan of Pakistan, Saen- jai Laivadhana of Thailand and Terry Cruz of Guam, arousing interest in World affairs. Tom O'Donnell, Jon F. Oi-ne, Thomas Fiqhtmaster, Tim Tant, Carl Frank- lin, William Rose, David Merritt, Bruce Grayum, James Nabors, Max Blakely, Dave Storms, Tony Salas, Michael Wein, Ferdinand Simon, Ker- mit Hathcoat. FOURTH ROW: Ben Ardito, Conrad Carlton, Harvey German, Jerry Beaver, Phil Bartlett, Donald McCarty, Dee Fuller, Leo Hawkins, Don Roudebush, Bill Northcutt, Gerald Huddleston, Bob Arm' strong, Allen Newsome, Larry Woolverton, Terry Flick, Gary Loessin, Ric Raines, Ken Buckman, Larry Cummings, Lawrence Mitts, TOP ROW: Jon Jerlow, Randy Jankowski, Eddie Childers, Kenneth Kinney, James Lain, Gary Kusch, Robert Hays, Henry Roberson, Joe Miller, Wayne Ross, Steve Urbanek, Wayne Sparks. . . in Tw ' fr, , V Activities lor mens housirg -are discussed by E. ld. Miles, Kurt Jackson Marvin Welch Russell McAaror, Mis Elhelyw Cox and Mrs. Wanda Sieyens. xv , V Q, Men's Counselors, Staff Lend Help The men's housing program is aimed toward helping the student succeed in college, and is under the direction of E. H. Miles, assistant director of menis affairs. This program pro- vides adequate study facilities as well as food and housing needs. Academic achievements or failures are noted and appropriate measures are taken for special recognition or for special counseling. BOTTOM ROW: Lewis R. Parkhill Michael E. Gillett, Luis M. Rodriguez, Bob Pansze, Pat Ryan, Ron Carey, David W. lbach, Larry McElreath, O. Galen Burk, E. l-l. Miles. SECOND ROW: Lloyd T. Anderson Dennis J. Alexander, John N. Brewer, Jerry Brantley, Rodger Kiro, Gene Johrson, Max Murrell, Keith E. Likes, Alan A, Loch, Eric R. Craire, Bob Warner Johnny B. Worder. THIRD ROW: David l-tatfaway, John Douglas. Bob Coleman Gregg Lee, Neal D. Borkin David Boren, Neil E. Nichols, James Wilson Ron Drew, Arden Bealmear, Dave Grubb, Dave Bell. Employed in the program are resident, as- sistant and study counselors. These counsel- ors work in each of the 16 units of Cross Cen- ter, Woodrow Wilson Center, Adams Center and Whitehand Hall. Men are chosen for their qualities and abilities in counseling and guid- ance. At the beginning of each year they un- dergo intensive training in guidance fields to prepare them for their positions as counselors. FOURTH ROW: Ker' Pickle, Tom Taylor. Jim Phillips, Bob Kel- sey, Roger Rains, Jimmy Broadhurst, Thomas Walker, Alan Moguin, Sidney Grittin, Don l-lackctt, Ed McComas, Andy Phillips. FIFTH ROW: George D. Bennett, Ronny D, Pyle, Mike Blake, Samuel J. Atkins lil, Bill Mercer, Robert A, Guaterian, Glenn A. Foster Jr., Clarence E. Wilsor Jim Erwir, Larry Weber Johr E. Hamil- ton. TOP ROW: Tim R. Tyler, Eli Balach Donald DeMoss, Doug Van Dyck, John N. Goodman, Earl Sharky, Larry Clynch, Gary Stephenson, Tom Ray, Terry Jurgerson, Ronald Tiehen. CHAPTER TEN 'I , 1135 'iii xii, T1 AREA was 4 F 4 E-E :xv w 1,-f- s ' ,-21 . K . ,:,Vwrk ff- ' K Z srumm, IS L 5Q'?lBf5i":l. 6ST Q DVEFITISING 14? fm fi - ,Q 1 2 5 . 35 kg, 4 a 5 lf l 5 1 Z M ff 2 f A 2 . 1 S -5 ff , Qs? Q ' Ei fi ii, 'Q f Q ig .........w.A 1 rs S E 335 ' E5 1 25 I , 1 ? e 5 ! 'E a s fi ? 5 s 3 V if 3 3 . KE 6 1 i 2 5 'Huw -Wen - mf You'lI go better refreshed with ice-Cold Coca-Cola. Gives a lift to your spirits a boost to your eriergy,a big, bold, unmistakable taste. lri sbort: Coca-Cola is more than an ordinary soft drink. things gg Drink better Wlth TRADEMARK CED C51 ,ii I lig 1' W' H0 Anvil' The Will Rogers Cafeleria 0lll.l-lll0Mll MElVl0lllllI. lllll THE OKLAHOMA MEMORIAL UNION SERVES STUDENT, CAMPUS, COMMUNITY, AND STATEWIDE ACTIVITIES. AUDITORIUMS - BALLROOMS MEETING ROOMS - DINING ROOMS LOUNGING AND RECREATIONAL FACILITIES We are equipped to handle both large and small conventions and group meetings. TRUSTEES . . . PRESIDENT ......... ...... L EE B. THOMPSON VICE PRESIDENT ................ IACK LUTTRELL TREASURER ....................... D. H. GRISSO SECRETARY and MANAGER . I-IILLYER FREELAND A Aarons, Joan, 30, 200, 296, 350, 55l Aaronson, Janet, 296, 350, 477 Abbott, Herbert, 472 Abbott, Jerry, 440, 44I, 443, 5l2 Abbott, Nelson, 495 Abel, Donna, 280, 322, 477, 5l2 Abeles, Andrea, 247, 326 Aber, Cheryl, 247, 326 Abercrombie, David, 296, 392 Abernahty, L., 36, 280, 374, 458 Abernethy, Barbara, 268, 334 Abernethy, Edward, 268, 368 Abner, Carles, 268, 529 Abney, Lynn, 280, 322 Abney, Stephen, 296, 558 Aboussie, Jacquelyn, 268 Aboussie, Kenneth, 247, 398 Aboussie, Richard, 296, 392, 563 Abowitz, David, 296, 362, 589 Abrams, Jane, 296, 326 Abrams, Oliver, 247 Abrams, Steven, 588 Abramson, Jane, 505 Abramson, Linda, 532 Abramson, Vicki, 268,350,497 Abshere, Philip, 296, 372, 567 Abshier, Nancy, 296, 538 Acacia, 360 Accounting Club, 450 Acker, Mark, I54, 296, 587 Ackerman, Andrew, 268,400 Ackley, Victor, l39, 296, 567 Acord, Karen, 247, 336, 337, 460, 470, 503 Acrea, Roy, 296, 586 Acton, James, 296, 380, 556 Adachi, Kaoru, 467 Adair, Anona, 354 Adair, Sylvia, 247 Adams, Barbara, 468 ams B Jane 530 Ad , . , Adams, Bobby, I39, 296, 588 Adams Center President's Council, 572 Adams Daniel, Jr., 82 Adams., Erlann, 524 Adams, Hugh, I44, I46, 247, 378 Adams, Joseph, 296, 590 Adams K. S. "Boots", 5l6 Adams, Mark, 474 Adams, Pamela, 268, 343 Adams, Paul, 376 Adams Paul R., 280 Adams William l38 280 384 Faculty-Student Index Allam, Ahmed, 590 Allder, Thomas, 296, 390, 568 Andgerson Martin, 247, 48l, 496, 49 Anderson Paul, I27, I97, l99, 247, 377 Anderson Peer, 247, 394 Anderson, Richard, 280, 560 Anderson, Richard W,, 280 Anderson Robert, 559 Anderson Roger, 557, 573 Anderson, Roger, 296, 389 Anderson, Sidney, 296, 380 Anderson, Teresa, 247, 340 Anderson William I54 587 Andrew, Christine, 296, 523 Andrew, David, l5l, 296 Andrew, N. H., I36 Andrews, David, 247, 48l, 485, 496, 499 Andrews, Marrae, 296, 344, 528 Andrews, Mildred, 503 Andricos, George, 247, 398, 399 Angel Flight, I33 Angrist, Jenne, 280 Anna, Sharon, 296, 465, 52l Annas, John, 5lZ Annesley, Thomas, 296 Annis, William, l35 Ansari, Afarin, 468 Allee, Bob, 60 Allee, Robert L., 296, 378, 558 Alleman, Bruce, 56I Allen, Bonnie, l20, 268, 340, 457, 5l3 Allen, Cecil, 268 Allen, Charles, I47, 268, 390, 502 Allen, Cynthia, 296, 322, 548 Allen, Di Anne, 247, 344, 547 Allen, Donald, 452 Allen, Elizabeth, 280, 332 Allen, Elizabeth A., 463 Allen, George, 494 Allen, Jennifer, 247, 330, 33l, 352 Allen, Jerry, 479, 555, 558 Allen, Jo Ann, ll0, 247, 328, 454 470, 500 Allen, Judy, 296, 527 Allen, Karen, 540 Allen, Loyd, 247, 454, 506, 508 Allen, Mary, 268 Allen, Nancy, 247, 554 Allen, Paula, 534 Allen, Philip, 588 Allen, Ray, 296,400,569 Allen, Recilla, 268, 344 Allen, Sammy, 280, 378 Allen, Shirley, 280, 492, 50l, 52l Allen, Ulalah, 768 Allen, Verna, 280, 540 Alley House, 556 Alley Larry, 586 Allford, Virgil, 268, 394 Allinson, Mary, 55l Allinson, Carl, I65 Allman, Karen, 247 Allman, Kay, 268,554 Allmon, Lorraine, 247, 5I2, 546 Allsup, Avis, I47 Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Chi Omega, 322 Chi Sigma, 490 Delta Pi, 324 Delta Sigma, 45l Epsilon Delta, 49l Epsilon Phi, 326 Epsilon Pi, 362 Epsilon Rho, 49l Gamma Delta, 328 Lambda Delta, 492 Phi, 330 Phi Omega, 452 Sigma Phi, 364 Baugh, Adamson, John, I43, I44, I46, I97, I99, 247, 368 Aday, Kallie, 535 Adcock, Patricia, 280, 344 Addington, Bob, 247 Addington, Nancy, 296, 340, 528 Adkins, Linda, ll8, 296, 5I9, 537 Adkins, Mary, 522 Administration, 5649I Admissions 8 Records, 99 Adra, Steve, 494 Adreme, Gail, 268, 350 African Student Union, 490 Agee, Linda, 247, 483 Agee, Robert, I54, I57, 296, 586 Agnew, John, 268, 355, 388, 389 Agorichas, Kenneth, I54 Ahl, Harvey, Jr., 247, 454 Ahmed, Bashir, 244 Ahmeduddin, Mir, 244, 466 Ahrens, Robert, 268, 389 Ainsworth, Gordon, 570 Air Force ROTC, l26-I33 Akbulut, Mustata, 244,499 Akers, Stuart, 73, 268 Alam, Mashkoor, 467 Alasin, Ronald, 48l Alaynick, 268, 350 Albano, Michael, 563 Albers, Annette, l20, 268, 456, 529 Albers, Rock, aa, 117, 152, 280, 456, 465, 476, 577, 632 Albitz, Betty, 332 Alden, John, I52, 280 Aldredge, George, 580 Aldridge, J. Hank, 568 Aldridge, Phillip, las Alekseius, Susan, 296, 538 Aleman, Carlos, 48l Alesi, Thomas, 280, 380 Alexander, Dennis, I36, 48l, 578, 59I Alexander, Edward, 280, 362, 363 Alexander, Janet, 296, 346, 477, 528 Alexander, W. Don, 564 Altieri, James, I66, 58l Alford, Nelda, 296, 522, 632 Alger, Ronald, 247 Al-Karaghouli, lsmail, 580 Al-Koudsi, Tahsin, 494 596 Alpha Tau Omega, 366 Al Quatami, Faisal, 565 Al-Rawi, Abdul, 244, 474 Alston, Patricia, 502 Alston, Peggy, 525 Alston, Richard, I54, 296, 585 Al'Suwaidi, Kais, 268, 494 Alt, Karlene, 296, 334, 477, 549 Alterman, Robert, 280, 393 Altstatt, Elizabeth, 280, 340, 50l Alumni Association, l04 Alworth, Charles, 445, 48l, 485, 496, 499 Amdur, Karen, 296, 535 American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 453 American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 492 American Meteorological Saciety, 493 American Phaarmaceutical Association, 454 American Society ot Civil Engineers, 455 American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 493 Amiii,A1i, 247,468 Ansari, Khosrow, 468 Ansley, Sharon, l20, 268, 348, 463, 513 Anspaugh, Sheryl, 280 Anthis, Jane, 533 Anthony, Charles, 577 Anthony, Jane, 268, 554 Anthony, John, I54, I57, 586 Anthony, Tracy, 268, 334, 507 Anwar, Haddadin, 494 Appl, F. J., 485 Applebaum, Judy, 296, 350, 544 Applegate, Roger, 280, 366, 367 Applegate, Roseann, 296, 528 Arab Club, 494 Arab, Dushyant, 467 Arant, John, lll, 247, 366 Archer, Jacquetta, 537 Archer, Michael, 280, 384 Ardito, Benedict, 590 Arens, Merle, 480 Aerns, Ruth 539 Argo, Ronald, 296 Argovitz, Merna, 296, 339, 530 Armey, Jeanine, 553 Armour, Janet, 520 Armour, Linda, 268, 497, 524 Armstrong, Robert, 590 Armstrong, Roy, 247, 506 Armstrong, Susan, 247, 474, 554 Army ROTC, I40-I6l Arndt, Joy, 247 Arnette, Shelley, 247, 384 Arnn, Terry, 247, 394 Arnold Air Society, l29 Arnold, Beverlv. 296, 538 Arnold, Jack, 506 Arnold, Phillip, I54 Arnold, Ruth, 99 Arnold, Sheila, 537 Arouesty, Jeffrey, 296 362, 569 Arrabito, Carmen, 268 Arrington, Laura, 280, 334 Arst, Michael, 247, 396 Arthurs, Saundra, 247, 322 Artman, Jim, l64 Arts 8- Sciences, College ot, 72 Arvites, James, 296, 586 Asbury, Janice, 268,348 Asbury, Stephen, 280, 368 Asden, Gene, l26 Ash, Jane, 296, 340, 477 Asher, Aline, 366 Ashmore, Christie, 494 Ashmore, Jonathan, l47, 268, 577 Ashton, Mark, 247 Askew, Cornelius, Jr., 244, 472 Association of Women Amiriiatari, Bahram, 48, I97, 468, 492 Amis, Sammy, 296, 342, 527 Ammerman, Cheryn, 36, 296, 348, 458, 523 Ammons, Robert, l88, 580 Amsden, Katheryn, 268, 33l Amspacher, Sally, 280, 342 Amyx, Cly, 247, 389, 46l Anderle, Susan, 247, 33l Students, 438-439 Association of US Army, l57 Ast, Leon, 576 Athens, Becky, 432 Athletic Council, I64 Athletics, l62-203 Atchley, Glenn, Jr., 268 Atchle Larr 296 479 586 Anderson, Floyd, 440 Anderson, Geraldine, 482 Anderson, Jane, 247, 322, 323 Anderson, Janee, 534 Anderson, Jay, 228, 280, 342 Anderson, , Joyce, 296, 342, 354, 537 Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson Jerry, 296, 465, 479 Judith, 268, 340 Lloyd, 59l Marguerite, 544 Yi V. i 1 Atchley, Mary, 280,328 Atha, Harry, 296 Atha, Steven, 144, l45, 157, 461 Atkins, Linda, 268, 348 5I2 Atkins, Samuel, lll, 268, 384, 504, 508, 560, 59I Atkinson, Michael, f80, 384 Atlee, John, 268, 502 Atwood, J. B., l42 Augenteld, John, 49l Austin, Donna, 296, 479, 505, 538 Austin, Joan, l60, l6l, 226, 280, 336 Austin, Marion, 296, 336, 538 Austin, Susan, 280, 322 Autery, David, 506 Autry, Ralph, Jr., 268, 454, 506 Aven, Thomas, 588 Avery, Michael, I39, l5l Awsumb, Richard, Jr., 296, 400 Awtrey, Jim, l98, 247, 398 Axelrod, Nancy, 296, 326, 477, 5ll Axley, Alan, l78, IBO, 448 Axton, Jon, 296, 368, 568 Ayala, Sandra, 247 Ayres, Ben, 296, 380, 568 Ayres, Kathryn, l50, 296, 529 Azbill, Donald, 268, 366 Babb, Leon, 268, 402 Babbitt, Sharon, 460, 533 Babcock, Barry, I39, 487, 556 Babcock, Dan, 247, 394 Babiak, Jewel, 247 Bach, Stuart, 476, 570 Bacon, Elizabeth, 280, 336 Bacon, Jane, 280, 348 Bacon, Mariorie, 296, 344 Badgett, Robert, I52, 280, 402 Baebel, Sheila, 26, 296, 334, 507, 547 Baer, Jack, l65, l90 Bagby, Buford, l47, I66, l90, 268, 398, 399 Bagby, William, 568 Bagdadipour, Albert, 588 Baggettf Nancy, 268, 500 Bagwell, John, 563, 589 Bagwell, John, 563, 589 Bagwell, John M., 476 Bagwell, John W., 563 Bagwell, Paul, I66 Baharloui, Abdol Hossein, 468 Bahrawy, Aida, 432, 434, 435 Baharlou, Carlene, 468 Bailey, Francis, 456 Bailey, Joyce, 280, 344, 345, 50l Bailey, Kathryn, 296, 462, 52l Bailey, Maridee, 488 Bailey, Michael, l88, 268 Bailey, Richard, 579 Bailey. Ronnie, I54, 296, 389 Bailey, Steven, 268, 440, 507, 577 Bailey, William, 570 Bain, Rebecca, 280, 465, 540 Bain, Virginia, 280 Bainter, Billy, 493 Baiurd, George Jr., l5I Baird, Patricia, 268 Baker, Alice, 80, 280, 342 Baker, Billy, 386 Baker, Connie, 280, 326 Baker, Debra, 296, 350, 544 Baker, Donna, 268 Baker Houes, 557 Baker, Jeanne, 229, 332, 477 Baker, Kathryn, 549 Baker, Menter, Jr., l09 Baker, Pamela, 268 Baker, Penny, 202, 280, 545 Baker, Peter, 268 Baker, Rebecca, 537 Baker, Revelle, 296, 346, 528 Baker, Sandra, 296, 328. 55l Baker, William, 268, 370 Balach, Eli, l5l, I52, I57, 567, 59I Balan,Gu1-deep. Mrs., 48, 466 Balaty, Janet, 500 Balch, Lawrence. 280, 365 Baldwin, Guy, 386 Baldwin, Richard, 296, 366, 567 Baldwin, Victoria, 247 Balentine, Cathie, 433, 434,435 Bales, Jerry, 247, 366 Ball, Jack, 296, 563 Ball, Margaret, 296, 456, 522 Ball, Willis, l28, l29. l59 Ballard, Beverly, 467 Ballard, Bryan, 247,483 Ballard, Clay, 488 Ballard, Susan, 280, 342 Ballas, Byron, 296 402 Baller, Jimmy, l88, 580 Ballina, John, 563 Band, 440-443 Bandy, Gail, 228, 280, 334 Bandy, William, Jr., 496, 499 Bane, Mary, 280, 328 Banks, Richard, 587 Bannister, Ann, 528 Baptist, Ann, 280, 342 Baptist Student Union, 456 Barbeau, Raymond, I47 Barbee, Linda, 52l Barber, Mark, 296,460 Barber, Seddie, 296, 533 Barclay, Susan, 460 Bardeman, Robert, I74 Barfoot, Sharon, 450, 545 Bargeliotes, Fotis, 467 Barker, Forest, I52, l95 Barker, Michaelyn, 38, 438, 474, 492, 550 Barker, William, 464 Barlow, Michael, 247, 362, 483 Barnard, Betty, 550 Barnard, Bob, 247 Adrah, 53l Bill Jr. 296 389 Barnes Barnes ,,,, Barnes, Carolyn, 247 Barnes, Charles, 454 Barnes, Claudia, 434 Barnes, Diane, 52l Barnes , M. Merlene, 280 Barnes, Barnes, Barnes, Barnes Melvin, 280 Michael, 296, 465, 574 Michael, 57l Sally 247 Barnhart, Susan, 296, 537 Barnhill, Barney, 247,400 Barnhill, Sherre, 296 Barr, Cathy, 280, 350 Barr, James, Jr., 280, 465, 579 Barr, James, M., 280, 476 Barr, Patricia, 296, 342, 535 Barrackman, Patricia, 432 Barrett, Gary I54 Barrett, Gayle, 296, 348, 479, 542 Barrett, Guy, l08 Barrett, John, 268, 370, 37l Barrett, Kenneth, 296, 376, 560 Barrett Barrett Barrett Barrett Barrett Lois, 296, 52l , Lucille, 244 , Shirley, 502 Stephen, 545, 572, 575 Steve 296 575 58l Barrett: Terry,l I47,' l58 l Barrett, Wallace, 268 Barringer, David, 296, 589 Barron, Donna, 296, 544 Barron, Donna J., 280, 456, 492, 509 545 Barron, Linda, 296, 543, 545 Barrow, Allen, l98, 247, 398 Barrows, Norvin, 454 Bartee, Paul, 38, ll0, ll2, 247, 380, 475 Barteluce, Daniel, 586 Barth, Sandra, 296, 350, 53l Barthel, Alan, 69, 460 Bartholomew, John, 488 Bartlett, Cathy, 280, 492, 524 Bartlett, Paul, 440, 590 Bartlett, Virginia, 280, 325 Bartley, Jacqueline, 268 Bartley, Terry, I47, I57, l5B, 268, 370 Barton, Dee, 479, 548 Barton, Jane, 297, 332, 543 Barton, Marilyn, 505 Barton, Phyllis, 538 Barton, Ron, 247, 372 Bartow, Janet, 280, 504, 540 Barvin, Margo, 297, 53l Basdon, Gene, l5l Basden, Jimmy, 58l Base, Michael, l66, l68, 448, 58l Baseball, l90 Bashaw, Paula, 228,280,344 Basketball, I78-l82 Basolo, Mary, 297, 342, 438, 477, 479, 549 Bass House, 558 Bass, James, Jr., I39, 564 Bass, Marilyn, 297, 525 Bassel, James, 247, 36l, 455 Bassett, Douglas, 584 Bassman, Bonney, 228, 268, 328, 352, 484 Bastian, Joan, 297, 532 Bastian, John, lll, 248 Bastron, Victor, 248, 48l, 485, 490, 492 Batcheller, Gary, 268,374 Bateman, Bruce, 588 Bates, Belinda, 280, 348 Bates, Carolyn, 268 Bates, John, 297,402 Bates, Randolph, l26 Bates, Roberta, 535 Batten, Richard, 297, 386, 5l 1, 562 Ba ucom, Omer, l35 Baudo, Bauer, David, 248 Elyse, 297 Bauer, John, 280,400 Beverly, 280 Baum, Richard, l90 Bauman, Albert lll, l38, I39, 280, 47l, 589 Bauman, Gene, l99, 268, 380 Bauman, Patricia, 297, 53l Baumeister, Terry, 70, I66 Baumgardner, Vivian, 446, 492, 509 Baumgartner, Richard, 280,452 Baumwart, Kathleen, 529 CONGRATULATIONS TO GRADUATING SENIORS AND A HAPPY SUMMER TO ALL . UNIVERSITY BUUK EXCHANGE IIN THE UNION BUILDING, "IT HAS BEEN A PLEASURE TO SERVE YOU" Bavaro, Paul, 24s, 374, 490, 492 Baxley, Barbara, 6, 42 Baxter, Janet, 297, 477 Baxter, Larry, 297, 567 Benward, Roy, 268, 402 Benzin, Robert, 5l0 Berger, Kathryn, 297, 350, 54l Berger, Robert, 566 Bayles, Dudley, 459 Boyle, Jimmie, 268 Bayless, Bruce, 280, 384 Bazewicz, Robert, 586 Bazhaw, Patricia, 280, 47l, 529 Beach, Judith, 504, 544 Beach, Larry, IIB, I54, 297, 368, 555,559 Beachler, Coral, 297 Beachler, Keith, l54 Beadner, David, 248, 378 Beagle, Nevin, 297, 390 Beaird, Cherie, 297, 520 Beaird, Joanna, 297, 332 Beall, Scott, 567 Bealmear, Arden, 59l Bean, Cythesya, 297, 547 Beard, Ann, 297, 479, 528,632 Beard, Frances, 280, 325 Beard, Sharon, 297, 334, 543 Beasley, Arnold, 564 Beasley, Josephine, 280, 346 Beasley, Robert, Jr., 355 Beattie, Jean, 268, 325 Beattie, William, 297, 583 Beatty, Robert, l47, 46l Beatty, William, I47 Beaudry, Ann, 38, Il0, 280, 340, 375, 492 Beauties, 204-229 Beaver, Jerry, 590 Beck, Jesse, Jr., 268 Bergett, John, 559 Berglan, Larry, 280, 398 Bergman, Helen, lI8, 5l9, 54l Bergstresser, Gene, Jr., 297, 558 Berken bile, Jr., sas Berkin, Neal, 584, 59I Berlin, Bruce, 386, 563 Berline, Byron, 188, 202, 448, 580 Berlowitz, James, 382 Berman, Bruce, 268 Berman, Martha, 297, 504, 544 Bernau er, William, 297, 557 Berney, Lonn, 571 Bernha Bernha rt, Arthur, 452 rt Frank, 248 Bernick, Emil, 280, 355, 362, 363 Berninger, William, 498 Bernstein, Cheryl, 297, 326,477 Bernstein, Leonard l97 Bernstein, Sharon, 297, 350 Berry, Bob, 55 Berry, Janet, 297, 55l, 632 Berry, John, 588 Berry, Melody, 280, 334 Berry, Rebecca, 280, 348 Berry, Richard, 297, 566 Berryhill, Joel, Jr., 280 Berryman, John, l20, 386, 562 Bert, C. W., 493 Beseler, Ellen, 532 Best, Dona, 488 Best-Dressed Coeds, 23l Beck, Karen, 525 Beckenhauer, Bonita, 297, 340, 539 Becker, Diana, 297, 340,477,533 Becker, Fred, 248, 398 Becker, Jack, l98, 280,398 Becker, Judith, 269, 328 Becker, Marlene, 297, 326, 447 Bedestani, Mehmet, 244,455 Bedtord, John, 476 Bednar, Bednar, Dick, Jr., l22 Gerald, Ill, 248, 372 Beebe, Betsy, 297, 525 Beebe, Sharon, l32, 227, 268, 342 Beecher, Ann, 297, 326, 477, 533 Beeghly, Victoria, 297, 328, 540 Beeler, Claude, Jr., l29, 386 Beery, William, I78, 268, 58l Beese, Dennis, 248 Begg, Alan, 297, 589 Behne, Eloise, 86, 433, 435 Behannon, Molly, 248, 344, 438 Behrends, Lila, 482 Bekkouche, Abdel, Hamid, 494 Belanger, Ann, 520 Belanger, Steven, 280, 372 Belcher, Gary, l47 Belisle, Beverly, 297, 534 Belknap, Harold, l09 Bell Anne, 280, 342 Bell Carmen, 280, 504 Bell Carolyn, 268, 350, 497 Bell, Charles, 280, 336, ses Bell Clitton, Jr., 280 r Bell, David, 563, 59I Bell, Donald, 577 Bell Elizabeth 432 504 Bell, James, 297, 563 Bell, Jill, 248, 342, 478 Bell Judith, 433, 434, 435 Bell Martin, 450, 46I Bell Prudence, 268, 526 Bell, Richard, l38, 280, 376 Bell Saundra, 522 Bell Vivian 467 50l Best, Francie, 280 Best, Michael, 280, 589 Beta Gamma Sigma, 494 Beta Theta Pi, 368 Bethea, James, l44 Bethers, Joyce, 297, 532 Bettes, Richard, I52, I57, 280 Bettis, Tommy, 440 Betts, Bruce, 268 Bewley, Linda, 526 Bias, Sandra, 36, 232, 248, 334 Bias, Sike, 73, 280, 384 Bickford, Barara, 268 Bidasio, Chalene, 248, 332 Biddinger, Joseph, I47 Bieber, Barcia, 85 Bieneman, Paul, 497 Bientang, Ralph, lI4, ll5, 454, 464 Bienfang, Ralph, Mrs., 500 Bierman, Linda, 537 Biery, Thomas, 586 Bittle, Jimmie, 280, 378 Bigbie, William, Jr., 28l, 355, 392 Bigby, Byron, I66, 58l Bigelow, Larry 587 Bigelow, Robert, 248, 384 Bilbo, Charles, 456 Billings, Colleen, 28l, 342 Billings, Sandralu, 248, 334 Billings, Sheri, 297, 548 Billington, Rita, 28l Bills, Arvilla, 53l Bills, Gilbert, I47, l57 Billy, Robert, 28l, 390 Billy, Roberta, 28l Bilyeu, Nanette, 203, 227 Binford, Harry, 297, 392 Bingaman, W. L., l35, l38, I39, l5l Bingham, Robert, I39, 297, 390 585 Bird, Philip, 268, 372 sirkliesa, Ja, zss, 330, 33l Birky, Jiidiih, 504 Brown Bellam, Lindsey, 280 Beller, Danny, 297, 390, 559 Beller, Randy, 589 Bellmon, Henry, 58, 59,464 Bellows, Frank, 248, 376 Bellwood, Raymond, 586 Belstock, Linda, 297, 326, 477, 539 Beltram, Edward, 268 Beltz, Deloris, 538 Benbow, Robert, I36, 206, 248, 374, 46I, 632 Bendix, Richard, 248 Bendort, Jerry, 280 Bendrissou, Mohamed, 490 Bene, Thomas, Jr., 297, 380, 566 Benedict, Beverly, 297, 328, 543 Benetiel, Thomas, 248,400 Benetield, James, 248, 386, 387 Beniamin, Sondra, 55I Bishop Donna, 467 Bishop: Gail, 248 Bishop, Gareth, l52 Paul, 297, 402, 559 Bishop, Bishop, Robert, 386 Bishop, Tommy, 566 Bittle, Gomer, 455 Bivins, Myra, 532 Bixler, Mary, 268, 454, 500 Bizzell House, 520 Bjelde, Barbara, 438 Biorkman, Signe, 297, 33l, 522 Black, Charles, l26 Black, Donna, 297, 53l Black, Karen, 200, 248, 334, 470, 507 Black, Kathryn, 632 Black, Kenneth, I37, 268, 452 Bennett Carmen, 297, 342, 527 Bennett., David, ls7, 455, 467, 499 Bennett, Dorsee, 297, 5l2, 530 Bennett, Duane, l29 Bennett, George, 82, 56l, 59l Bennett, James, Jr., 297, 585 Bennett, Robert, 448 Bennett, Stanley, 248, 390 Benskin, Barbara, 297, 542 Benskin Marilyn, 507 Benson: Cha rles, I54 Benson, Denney, 248, 450, 46l Benson, James, 297, 376 Benson, Jerry, 248, 380 Bentley, Donald, I47, 268, 398 Benton, Carl, Jr., 557 598 Black, Black, Mary, 268 Black, Merle, lll, 248 Black, Phillip, 268,378 Black Thomas, II7, 297, 390, 632 Blackburn, Jane, 297, 334, 479, 53l Blackburn, Merrilyn, 550 Blackburne, Terry, 287, 585 Blackerby, Gloria, 248,460 Blackmon, Charles, Jr., 297, 368, 479, 555, 568 Blackwell, James, 28l Blackwell, Thomas, 28l Blackwood, Donald, 248, 366 Blaine, Jimmie, 248 Blair, Laura, 478 Lillian, 529 Blake, C. Michael, 440, 443, 5l2, 560, 59l Blake, Maxine, 324 Blake, Stephen, I52, 28l, 400 Blakelock, Harold, 584 Blakely, Max, 454, 590 Blakely, Thomas, 248, 454 Blakey, Mark, 53, 297, 402, 563 Blalock, Adelia, 530 Blanchard, Charlotte, 86, 433 Blanchard, Richard, 248,499 Bland, Dennis, 56l Bland, Elizabeth, 5l2, 530 Blandford, Carol, 248, 332, 503 Blank, Michael, 585 Blasdel, Glenda, 297, 328, 509, 543 Blasi, Gary, 236, 248, 469, 474 Blaske, Theodore, 499 Blau, Stephanie, 297, 539 Bledsoe, Richard, 297, 585 Blevins, Dexter, 456 Blevins, Dorice, 52l Blewett, William, 589 Blick, E. F., 453 Bliedorn, Phil, 568 Bligrg, Donald, I39, 248, 48l, 485, , 499 Blinn, Paul, 297, 586 Blinn, Susan, 248, 348, 349, 352, 457, 470 Bliss, R. P., l42, l5l Bloch, Stephen, 248, 396 Block, Bonnie, 534 Block, Randolph, l54 Blome, Janie, 507 Blomgren, Jerry, 248 Bloom, Joan, 297, 326, 477 Bloom, Natalie, 28l, 350 Bloom, Sandra, 297, 326, 477, 544 Bloomenstiel, Leslie, 297, 326, 477 532 Blosser, Kay, 477, 522 Bloyd, Connie, 297, 336, 538 Blubaugh, Pamela, 297, 525 Blubaugh, Susan 28l, 336 Blue, Barney, 28l, 459, 572, 577 Blue, Bruce, 28l, 382, 383 Blumen, Thelma, 268, 326 Blythe, Marilyn, l50 Boal, Davie, 28l, 332 Boatman, A. N., I09 Boatright, George, 576 Bobbitt, Paul, Jr., 297, 560 Bobst, Robert, 492 Bock, Terry, 297, 56l Boeve, Le Ann, 248, 328 Bogan, Joseph, l78, I80, 58l Bogan, Neil, 268, 398 Boggess, Rough, 99 Bogle, Janis, 28l, 340 Bohanon, James, 482 Bolding, Wlliam, Jr., 268,452 Bolen, Chris, 297, 574 Bolen, Donald, 248, 386 Boles, Janet, 248, 550 Bolin, Richard, 588 Bolinger, Velinta, 482 Bollinger, Harvey, 589 Bolton, Arthur, 268, 480 Bolton, Darrell, 297, 398 Bolton, Sandra, 28l Bomar, Susan, 28l, 328 Bond, John, 558 Bond, Karen, 297 Bondurant, David, 248, 48l, 485, 490, 492 Bondurant, Nancy, 248, 33l Bondurant, Susan, 297, 528 Bone, Harold, 445, 48l Bonitield, Betty, 30, 77, ll5, 206 240, 248, 250. 342. 5l3, 632 Bonln, Gail, 297, 54l Bonnell, Patricia, 28l, 348 Bonnell, William, 446 Bonner, Alan, 440 56l Bonner, Gary, 580 Bonner, Stephen, 248, 380 Bony, Cheryl, 268, 325, 5l2 Booker, Bobbie, 268, 545 Boots, Mark, 297,, 402, 586 Borchradt, Robert, Jr., 49l Bordeau, Elvi, I96 Borden, Ronald, I34, I36, 248,390 Border, Peter, 48I Borelli, Barbara, 248, 332, 5l2 Borelli, Mary, 268,332,477 Boren, David, 589, 59l Boren, Karen, 456 Boren, Robert, 28l, 384 Borinstein, Robert, 574 Borkowski, Phyllis, 495 Borlaug, William, 386 Borovicka, Larry, 586 Bosley, Kaye, 28l, 332, 463 Bosley, Travis, Jr., I47, 268, 579 Bossart, Marilyn, 248 Bost, Jacqueline, 297, 538 Botkin, Jim, 28l, 390 Bottoms, Lloyd, 454, 577 Boudreau, Rex, 580 Boukadoum, Nasr, 494 Bounds, Elvin, 492 Bourland, William, 268, 498 Bourne, Laurie, 268, 342, 354, 444 Bovee, Timothy, l52, 28l, 579 Bowden, Konnie, 28l Bowden, Thomas, 581 Bowen, Don, 562 Bowen, Janie, 28l, 33l Bowerman, Chestalene, 536 Bowers, Earle, lll, 577 Bowlby, Cynthia, 297, 332 Bowlby, Dorothy, I50, 297, 529 Bowlby, Mary, 28l, 465, 529 Bowlen, Mary, 28l, 332 Bowlen, Patrick, 244, 392 Bowles, John, 587 Bowles, Michael, 24, 269, 465, 577 Bowles, Sharon, 552 Bowman, Cheryl, 297, 438, 52l Bowman, Donald, 28l, 366 Bowman, Jane, 28l, 340 Bowman, Sarah, 28l, 342 Bowser, Robert, 479, 487, 585 Box, Michael, 297, 587 Boyd House, 583 Bosigg, Beverlie, 297, 346, 477, 479, Boyd, Carole, 297, 332, 505, 528 Boyd, Charles, 244, 472 David, l38 Boyd, Boyd, Thomas, 589 Boydstun, Michael, 248, 390 Boyes, R. L., 486 Boyett, John, 28l Boyle, William, 28l, 365, 575 Boyt, Edward, 28l, 398 Bozeman, C. Lyn, 527 Brace, Barry, 297, 359, 392, 563 Bracewell, Judy, 269 Brachteld, Esther, 297, 339, 534 Bracken, Larry, I54, I57, l59, 297, 376, 562 Bradbury, James, ll, 499 Bradbury, Judith, 297, 529 Braden, James, 39 Braden, Janice, 200, 269, 325 Braden, Marydel, 297, 325 Bradford, Curtis, I52, 28l, 580 Bradford, James, 248, 370 Bradford, Thomas, 248, 370, 37I Bradley, Chester, 498 Janet, 28l Bradley, Bradley, Joseph, Jr., 248, 398 Bradley, Mark, 297, 400, 569 Bradley, Patricia, 248 Bradshaw, David, 297,440 Bradshaw, Ron, 239, 248, 355, 356, 357, 358, 384, 385 Bradt, James, 297, 378, 56l Brady, Dierdra, 529 Brady, Michael, 297, 366, 464, 569 Ramond, Ill, 248,366 Brady, Brady, Roger, 28l, 372, 476, 580 Brady, Sarah, 28l, 526 Brah, Raiinder, 466 Bragne, Daniel, I39, 299, 366, 582, 5 9 Brake, Charles, 557 Brakefield, lra, Jr., l54 Bram, Andrew, 299, 383, 562 Bramson, Roberta, II7, 229, 28l, 350, 352, 446, 632 Brandes, John, 28l, 390 Brandman, Jerold, 299, 560 Brandon, Mark, 440 Brannen, J. B., 482 Brannon, Charles, 249, 376 Brannon, John, 589 Brannon, Paula, 299, 464, 540 Branson, Randolph, 590 Branson, Ray, 562 Brant, Clark, 28l, 392 Brant, Walter, 269, 578 Brantley, Jerry, 585, 59I Brantley, Vicki, 28l, 322 Branton, Sara, 495 Branton, Stanley, 249, 498 Branum, Roberta, 440, 530 Brasel, Ronald, 28l Brashear, Ray, 269, 578 Bratcher, Carolyn, 299, 344, 55l Bratcher, John, 386, 56l Bratcher, Karen, 225, 460 Bratten, Susan, 269, 336 Brau, John, Jr., 299, 376, 558 Braught, Gene, 92, 440, 442, 443 Braught, Judy, 249, 344, 440, 488, 50I, 5l2, 5l3 Braught, Nancy, 299, 346, 440, 5l3 Brauman, Patricia, 299, 326,477 Braun, Susan, 299, 528 Braun, Susan M., 281 Bray, Doris, 495 Bray, Eugene, l5l Bray, Fred, 269, 445, 453, 5l0 Brayton, Gail, I50, 299, 325,525 Brazil, Shirley, 299, 336, 548 Breeden, Nancy, 299, 348, 462, 54l Breeding, Elise, 28l, 33l Breeze, Arthur, 269, 505, 508, 578 Breidenbach, Mark, 299, 368, 570 Brendler, Thomas, 269, 578 Brenner, Samuel, 56l Breshers, Herman, 482 Breslow, Marilyn, 28l, 350, 509 Bresnick, Susan, 28l, 350 Brett, Edward, 249 Brewer, Dana, 269, 336 Brewer, John, Jr., 563 Brewe r, Johnny, 583, 59I Brewer, Linda, I50, 269, 540 B rewe B rewe r, Nancy, 28l, 328 r, Thomas, 506 Brewer, Virginia, 269 Brewster, Stacy, 498 Bricker, Earl 507 Bricker, Gary, 487, 502, 556 Brismont, Chris, 28l, 344, 345 Bridge, Don, 299, 565 Bridges, Donna, 459 Bridge, Margaret, 90 Bridges, John, 28l Brigade, Don, 565 Briggs, Susan, 28l, 456 Brigham, Dorothy, 505 Brigham, La Dean, 269, 336 Brighton, lra, 299, 402, 590 Brimer, James, 299, 398 Brindley, Barbara, 299, 53l Brinkman, William, 48l, 499, 569 Briscoe, Beti, 28l, 33l Briskey, Victoria, 249, 529 Brisolari, James, 299, 584 Brison, Robert, 588 Brite, Cecil, Il4, ll5, 632 Britton, Mary, 482 Britton, Terry, 68 Broadhurst, Jimmy, 249, 5l2, 59l Brock, Edward, 299 Brockhaus, Phillip, 299,374 Brockwell, Paul, Ill, 28l, 398 Brodkin, Mark, 269,396 Brodsky, Joanne, 550 Brogden, Emily, 226, 23l, 28l, 342 Bromberg, Stephanie, 299, 326, 477, 536 Brook s, Barbara, 299, 326 Brooks, Donald, 493 Brooks House, 52l Brooks, Lynwod, 28l, 564 Brose, George, I88 Bross, Larry, 589 Broughton, Barbara, 299 Brown, Beauty, 299, 586 Brown, G., l39 Brown, Betty, 454 Brown, Bonnie, 249 Brown, Candace, 28l, 325 Brown, D. Elaine, 249, 454 Brown, Diana, 477, 522 Brown, Don, 472 Brown, Elizabeth, 28l Brown, Floyd, 588 Brown, Fred, 249, 380, 486 Brown, Gary, 299, 440, 44l, 570 Brown, Gilbert, 492 Brown, Glenda, 299, 539 Brown, Gordon, l66, l68, l72, I73 I74, 448, 58l Brown, Guy, l04, IO5 Brown Horace, 66, 75 Brown: James, Jr., 299,562 Brown Janice, 525 Brown, Joe, 299, 3148, 482, 566 Brown, Kenneth, I52, 28l, 376 Brown, L. Z. M., lll, 386 Brown, Larry, l66, l68, l76, 448, 492 Brown, Leslie, 299, 37l, 557 Brown, Linda, 299, 350 Brown, Linda L., 269, 328, 489 Brown, Michael, 299, 380, 556 Brown, Norval, 495, 502 Brown, Phillip, 249, 370 Brown, R. W., I54, l55 Brown, Rebecca, 28l, 489 Brown Robert, 249, 48l, 485, 499 Brown: Roger, l27, 249, 372 Brown, Ronald, l52 Brown, Ronald R., 299, 368, 558, 568 Brown, Sally, 269, 348 Brown, Sherry, 28l Brown, Sonia, 396 Brown, Stanley, 568 Brown, Stanley Douglas, 299, 366 Brown, Thomas, I47, 269, 400 Brown, Timothy, I54, 299, 372, 558 Brown, Trebor, 269, 400 Brown, William, 98, 250, 356 Brown Wylie 299 366 564 ls, Stephen, 28l, 394 Brownell, Reqina, 299, 322, 537 Brownfield, Elizabeth, 53l Browning, Clint, 459 Bruce, John, l64, 454 Bruce, Larry, 299, 559 Bruce, Sharon, 225, 28l, 553 Brumley, Marion, 299, 390, 559 Brummett, Linda, 505 Brunk, David, 299, 565 Bruno, Sheila, 249 Brunton, Paul, l47, l98, 249,398 Bruschi, David, I52, 28l, 364, 365 Brust, Ken, 249, 398 Brust, Linda, 269, 322 Bruton, Dee, 299, 548 Bruza, Sharon, 249 Bryan, Karen, IIB, 299, 5l9, 530 Bryan, Mary, 542 Bryan, Robert, I47 Bryan, Virginia, 299,537 Bryan, Woodrow, 486 Bryant, Beverly, 465 Bryant, Cheryl, 299, 344 THE MARK 0F I TEGRITY It 333 31 j i33333 , 3 fo E33 333 35 Q33 f 3 i3 53 333 33 5 3 3 3 Q no E 133f73?3? 3 3 3 o w 3f 3 i3n A o 4, 25 33 3 i 32 33 53 333 35333 3 WORLD'S LEADING MANUFACTURER or on. wELL DRILLING TooLs HUGHES TOOL COIVIPANYXOH Tool Division Houston, Texas KD C T C Calhoun Jettrey, 558 Ella, 249, 524 Bryant, Bryant, Frances, 299, 537 Bryant, Jerry, 244, 472 Linda, 299, 328, 532 Mary, 494 Richard, 299, 368, 561 Bryant, Bryant, Bryant, Bryson, Robert 451 Bucciarelli, Robert, 566 House, 559 Buchanan Buchanan, Jane, 281, 348 Buchanan, James, 249, 464, 506, 508 Buchanan, Jerry, 584 Buchanan, Percy, 157,471 Bucher, Berniece, 109 Buchner, Jacqueline, 299, 350, 509, 534 Buchner, Janetta, 299,531 Buchner, Sheryl, 226, 249,350 Buck, Willa, 249, 348 Buckles, Judith, 299, 340, 440, 456, 525 Buckman, Kenneth, 452, 590 Budd, Joann, 299, 322, 548 Budde, Annegrete, 529 Budlong, Barbara, 281, 540 Bugg, James, 565 Buland, Nancy, 150,281 Bullard, Jack, 299, 587 Bullard, Robert, 590 Bullen, Carole, 224, 269, 344, 345, 352 Bullivant, Gordon, 269, 370 Bullock, Frederick, IV, 502,556 Bumgardner, Allen, 249 Bum ardner, Roberta, 269, 507, 524 Bunclii, Jean, 299, 551 Bunch, Leslie, 299, 541 Bunch, Paula, 281,336,492 Bunch, Robert, 586 Bunting, Bruce, 299, 390, 564 Buono, Anthony, 139, 299, 380 Burba, Harold, 299,400 Burch, Marvin, 147 Burdett, Jack, 249, 390, 502 Burdett, Ted, 299, 359, 370, 556 Jay, 122 Burtord, Burford, Jean, 281, 325 Burford, John, Jr., 122 Burtord, John, 249, 579 Stephen, 562 Burtord, Burgar, Jimmie, 166, 281, 384, 385, 581 Burger, Donna, 281, 322 Burger, Thomas, 249, 361 Donald, 139 Burgess, Burgess, Gwendolyn, 460 Burgess, Jeanie, 513 Burgess, Rickey, 581 Burgett, Charles, 249 Burgett, John, 299, 559 Burk, Jean, 281, 344 Burk, John, 498 Burk, oihia, 567, 591 Burke, Gary, 47, 459 Burke, Mary, 249, 322, 438, 478 Burke, Patricia, 459 Burke, Terence, 465, 589 Burkes, Joanne, 465 Burkett, Hugh, 455 Burkett, James, 244, 390 Burkett, Jess, 90 Burkett, Vernon, 166, 168, 173 Burkhard,Caro1, 269,512 Berkleo, Fern, 71 Burks, Sandra, 150 Burleigh, Linda, 538 Burleson, Barbara, 299, 536 Burleson, Mary, 249, 342 Burman, Stanley, 299, 569 Burnes, Nancy, 529 Burnett, Danny, 440, 583 Burnett, Ruth, 201,203,540 Burnett, Sharon, 281, 348 Busch, Sandra, 281, 331 Busch, Steven, 269, 400 Bush, Dorothy, 299, 331, 533 Bush, Joyce, 529 Bushman, Mari1,541 Buskirk, Barbara, 36, 227, 231, 269, 332, 463 Buskirk, Jack, 299, 394 Business Administration, College of, 74 Butler, David, 269 Butler, David M., 589 Butler, David R., 281, 355, 370, 590 Butler, Howard, 504 Butler, Robert, 440 Butler, Jeffrey, 584 Butler, John, 482 Butler, Linda, 120, 269, 332, 497 Butler, Nancy, 281, 540 Butler, Robert, 299, 361, 560 Butler Robert 154 299 452 Butts, Wesley, 166, 168,581 Buxton, Garrison, 144,249 Buxton, Jerry, 299, 440, 501 Buxton, Larry, 299, 440, 501 Buzbee, Sallie, 523 Buzzard, Sue, 269, 336 Bybee, Joel, 585 Byers, Susan, 540 Byers, Terrance, 139, 386, 562 Bynum, Larr , 583 Bynum, Sarah, 299, 525 Byrd, Bette, 38, 224, 281, 340, 446, 461, 492 Byrd, Carole, 531 Byrne, Ann, 281, 346 Byrne, John, 585 Bywater, Bill, 632 C Cabbage, Mary, 269, 328 Cable, Richard, 188, 192,380 Cacy, Jimmy, 562 Caesar, Ernest, Jr., 440 Cattey, Leonard, 569 Cagle, Clarence, 114,249,483 Cagle, Donald, 166, 168, 170, 171, 172, Caqle. . -. Cagle, Elaine, 456, Cagle, Vester, 299, 556 Cahen, Bryan, 144 Charles, 269 173, 174, 175, 281, 372, 581 Edward Jr 299, 372, 561 504 Cahn, Cain, Catherine, 118, 299,519,527 Cain, David, 386 Cain, Patrticia, 269 Calame, Theresa, 281, 332 Caldwell, Michael, 502 Caldwell, Michael J., 299, 392, 574 Caldwell, William, 511 Calhoun, Charles, 142, 159 Calhoun, George, 154,589 Candler, Robert, 281 Canelas, Marcalo, 578 Cantield, Christopher, 299, 394, 581 Canfield, Nancy, 299,548 Cannon, Ardith, 489 Cannon, Mary, 512,553 Canonico, Nancy, 443 Cantrell, David, 282,392 Cantrell, Harley, 69 Cantrell, Kary, 432, 434, 435 Cantrell, Leonard, Jr., 147, 269 Capehart, Mark, 282, 578 Cappello, Francis, 299, 563 Capri, Matthew, 159 Caramoros, Cecille, 227, 282, 346 Carder, Don, 580 Carella, Stephen, 559 Carey, Janis, 299, 342 Carey, Larry, 299, 479, 574 Carey, Ronald, 249, 454, 573, 591 Carey, Warren, 249, 398 Mary, 300, 340 Sharon, 249, 340 Cargile, Car ile Chamberlain, Clinton, 585 Chaimbers, Aubrey, 249, 388, 389, 4 1 Chambers, Lawrence, Jr., 147, 158, 196, 269, 394 Chambers, Mark, 440, 474 Chambers, Sharon, 432, 434, 435 Champeau, Ethel, 300 Champion, Joe, 111,476 Champlin, Kimberly, 300, 336, 525 Chan Khuong, 244, 455 Chance, Edward, 589 Chandler, George, Ill, 282,502 Chandler, John, 461 9 . cariaih, Anita, 249, 322,480 Carlick, Harold, Jr., 497 Carloss, James, 249 Carlson, Mary, 269, 324,325 Carlstead, Jettrey, 282, 386 Carlton, Conrad, 590 Carlyle, Bill, 166, 168, 174, 448, 581 David, Carman, 579 Carman, Nancy, 249,478 Carmer, Kathleen, 541 Carnagey, Jack, Jr., 586 Carnes, Michael, 249, 575 Ca rnevale, Thomas, 282 Carney, Peter, 154, 560 Carpenter, Dennis, 585 Carpenter, Francis 111,569 Carpenter, Joyce, 300, 334, 520 Carpenter, Pamela, 300, 477, 536 Carpenter, Sharon, 282, 340 Carpenter, William, 154 Carr, Larry, 561 Carr, Richard, 589 Carr, Sandra, 298, 300, 538 Carrero, Jesus, 300, 505, 511, 589 Carroll, Don, 300, 588 Carroll, George, 129 Carson, Charles, 249, 392 Carson, Glenn, 282, 505 Carson, Jack, 249, 398 Carter, Carolyn, 269, 325 Carter, James, 282, 378 Carter, Jay, 507 Carter, John, 269, 368 Carter, Karen, 300, 334, 521 Carter, Linda, 282 Carter, Linda K. No. 1,249,454,500 Carter, Linda K. No. 2, 300, 322, 548 Carter, Nancy, 249, 342 Carter, Robert, 282, 384 Carter, Robert W., 139,589 Carter, William, 147,269 Cartier, lan, 152, 159,282,362 Calhoun Calhoun Lee, 188, 192, 448, 580 Richard, 564 Calhoun, Sherry, 281, 551 Calhoun, William, 188,448,580 Calinson, Roxana, 249, 348 Caligson, Thaddeus, 299, 368, 505, 56 Calkins, Cynthia, 535 call, Jim, 281, 440, 501, 586 Callaham, Stephen, 269,390 Callahan, Cathy, 206, 237, 249 346, 347, 470 Callahan, Dianne, 281 Callaway, Clitford, 584 Callison, James, 122 Calmes, John, 299, 368, 565 Calmes, Paul, 269,456 Calori, Carla, 150, 299, 537 Burns, David, 281, 472, 476, 575 Burns, Ernest, 471 Burns, Gregory, 299, 584 Burns, Judith, 460 Burns, Legh, 440, 442, 443, 501 Burns, Linda, 299,541 Burns, Michael, 166, 168,581 Burns, Robert, Jr., 79 Burns, Robert P., 487, 556 Calvert, Christina, 249, 348 Calvert, Horace, 61 Calvert, Patricia, 281, 326 Calvo, Margarita, 269 Calvo, Sixto, 269 Camarillo, Salvador, 120,269,365 Cameron, Judith, 269, 346 Cammack, Becky, 52 Camp, Allison, 422 Burnside, Robert, 188, 580 Burr, David, 67, 250, 519 Burris, George, 506 Burroughs, Jackie, 575 Burrow, Mar ,281, 332 Burrow, Willliam, 581 Burrows, Jon, 281, 440, 501, 569 Lynda, 281, 325 Bursey, Burton, Gregory, 281, 392 Burton, Homer, 249 Burton House, 560 Burton, Judtih, 249, 331, 352 Burton, Mary, 529 Burton, Melva, 489 Burton, Ronnie, 281, 579 Burton, Sharon, 269 Burton Vicki 269 322 Burwell, Mary, 249, 346 Burwell, Robert, 508 Burzio, Augusta, 269, 336 Busby, Raymond, 561 Busch, Patricia, 299, 525 600 Camp, Jean, 537 Camp, Melissa, 281, 440, 513 Campanell, Douglas, 570 Campbell, Carol, 269, 344,345 Campbell, Carolyn, 299, 533 Campbell, Carolyn L., 249, 503, 504 Campbell, George, 281, 388, 389 Campbell, Jane, 432 Campbell, Jeanne, 531 Campbell, Jerry, 249 Campbell, Karen, 249,336 Campbell, Linda, 281 Campbell, Martha, 281 Campbell, Mary, 249, 328 Campbell, Patricia A. No.l, 553 Campbell, Patricia A. No. 2, 121, Ronald, 578 249, 331 Campbell, Campus Chest, 457 Campus Views, 9-23 Canada, Raymond, Jr., 269 Canada, Tommy, 114, 139,556 Caruthers, Mary, 300, 344, 531 Cgggthers, Roy, Jr., 481, 485, 510, Case, James, 144, 249 Case, Leroy, 583 Casebeer, Robert, 575 Casey, Jan, 550 Casey, John, 114, 115, 121, 462 Casey, Patricia, 548 Cash, Charles, 269, 376 Cash, Glennis, 300, 322, 528 Cash, John, 11, 580 Cash, Robert, 557 Cason, Len, 300, 368, 571 Casper, Gary, 282 Castaneda, Luz, 300, 536 Castelli, George, 582, 583 Caster, Susan, 553 Castillo, Edward, 586 Castin, Terence, 300, 561 Castleberry, Joe, 269 Caswell, Rande11,300,565 Caswell, William, 576 Catanese, Linda, 300, 528 Cate, John, 300, 394 Cate, Stephen, 505 Cates, Robert, 111, 269, 376 Catlett, David, Jr., 249 Caudell, Alec, 588 Caudill, Philip, 300, 384, 462, 555, 557 Caudill, Walter, Jr., 282, 392 Caudle, Diana, 282 Cavin, Richard, 587 Cavin, W. Burdette, 196 Caviness, Karla, 300, 331, 542 Cavins, Howard, 300, 359, 390, 564 Cavins, Wendle, 300, 400, 564 Cavnar, Nancy, 300, 512, 530 Cawley, Mike, 300, 368, 558 Cella, Richard, 202 Center, Julian, Jr., 249, 365 Cepeda, William, 134, 137, 139 Cerniglia, Donald, 247, 360, 361 Cesar, Stephen, 580 Chaabane, Ghassane, 494 Chabora, Robert, 588 Chattin, Evie, 282 Chalfant, Marylyn, 282, 332 Chalmers, James, 249, 384 Chaney, Charles, 560 Chaney, John, Jr., 300, 372, 568 Chaney, Roy, 249, 364, 365, 510 Chang, David, 244 Chapman, Carol, 269 Chapman, Jimmy, 300, 584 Chapman, Judy, 474, 484, 529 Chapman, Phillip, 139,300,366 Cgggnman, Richard, 144, 249, 372, Chapman, Sharon, 300, 536 Charles, Sharon, 269, 325 Charleston, G. Mike, 282,486 Charley, Edward, 154 Chase, Ricky, 226, 282, 340 Chastain, James, 506 Chastain, Lona, 533 Chawsheen, Ahmed, 494 Cheadle, Sharon, 300, 501, 512, 521 Cheam, Venghuot, 249, 577 Cheatham, Carol, 300, 551 Cheek, Richard, 147,491 Cheerleaders, 458 Cheney, Gary, 282, 389 Chennault, Pat, 129 Cherniack, Lynne, 282, 350 Chernick, Jack, 588 Chertkov, Sandra, 300, 528 Chesnut, Wilbur, 159, 269,481,493 Chesser, Cecil, Jr., 151, 586 Chessmore, Georgina, 282, 498 Chester, Chance, 559 Chester, Rebecca, 542 Chetlain, Charlotte, 269, 322, 438, 467 Cheuvront, Melba, 496, 503 Chew, Gary, 244, 400 Chl Alpha, 495 Chi Omega, 332 Chiavella, Dennis, 565 Chicoraske, Joseph, 147, 575 Chieppo, Jere, 526 Chiesa, Robert, 453 Childers, Edward, 590 Childers, Nancy, 282, 322 Childers, Nancy J., 300, 354, 530 Childers, Sloan, Jr., 251, 398 Childress, Jacque, 300, 346, 479, 551 Childress, Jerry, 300 Childs, Carol, 200, 534 Chilless, Ted, 251 Chilnick, Lawrence, 120, 306, 462, 570 Chilton, Pamela, 300, 531 Chipman, Carol, 226, 269, 336 Chisholm, Sally, 300, 512, 522 Chitty, Arthur, 139, 589 Chitty, William, 300, 389 Chiu, Chen, 244 Choate, Carole, 269, 474, 492 Choate, John, 117, 129, 269, 224, 446 Choate, Ralph, 569 Cholewa, David, 589 Choquette, Patricia, 269, 334 Chouteau, Marcellus, 495 Christenberry, Angela, 504, 551 Christensen, Roberta, 269, 336 Christian, Fred, 300 Christian, Karen, 300, 549 Christian, Vernon, 300, 365, 584 Christie, Steven, 251, 378 Christmore, Patricia, 494 Christoph, Diane, 282 Christopher, Thomas, 586 Chronister, Mary, 300, 479, 488, 501, 522 Chronister, Richard, 251, 365 Chu, Humphrey, 251 Chubrick, Leonard, 282, 576 Chuculate, Richard, 482 Church of Christ Bible Chair, 459 Church, Mabel, 482 Churchill, Barbara, 83 Cines, Eliz Cinotto, Ri Ciskowski, abeth, 269 chard, 282, 390 William, 483 Claiser, Gary, 576 Clanton, Thomas, 450 Clapp, Clois, 432 Clark, Carter, 282, 366 Clark, Charles, 481 Clark, David, 269, 384 Clark, Dennis, 460 Clark, Donald, 494 Clark, F. Donald, 80, 120 Clark, Franklin, 300, 565 Clark, French, 202 Clark, Jane, 300, 322, 477, 548 Clark, Jerry, 589 Clark, Jess, 129, 452 Clark, John, Jr., 493 Clark John M., 251,496,499 Clark, Kathleen, 300, 332, 527 Clark, Kenneth, 480, 568 Clark, Kenneth R., 282, 392 Clark, Lyndel, 440, 583 Clark, Mary, 269, 332 Clark, Melba, 109 Clark, Pe gy, 300, 348, 479, 544 Clark, RaTph, W. sos Clark, Richard, 251 Clark, Robert, 509 Clark, Robert G., 282, 378 Clark, Robert H., 282, 384 Clark, Roxanne, 300, 328, 539 Clark, Steven, 269 Clark, Thomas, 269, 400 Clark, Thomas G., 269, 389 Clark, Virginia, 518 William, 154,561 Clark, Clark, William L., 300, 374, 501, 569 502, Clarke, Linda, 112, 260, 340, 477 Claro, Joseph, 251,386 Clary, Neal, Jr., 136,251 Clason, Betty, 545 Classes, 242-319 Clausing, Carole, 117, 300, 340, 546, 632 C1ausir1g,W. Kirk, 116, 117, 226,251 374, 375, 461, 632 Clauve, Sue, 244, 324, 325 Cliaovgser, Samuel, 111, 134, 136, 251, Clay, Mariorie, 117, 118,522,632 Clayton, Carolyn, 150, 282, 456, 465, 477 509, 550 Clayton, Charles, 202, 372 Clayton, Emily, 300, 541 Clayton, Suzanne, 300, 331, 520 Cleary, Sandra, 550 Clem, Ulis, 251 Cleman, Allen, 582 Clemens, David, 300 Clemens, Dennis, 300, 366, 568 Clement, Mary, 282, 332, 492, 541 Clements, R. J., 109 Clements, Richard, 577 Clenney, Jane, 501, 529 Cleo Cross House, 522 Clery, David, 121,269,400 Cleveland House, 584 Cleveland, Victor, 282, 400 Clittord, Billy, 440, 442, 512,589 Clifford, Harold, 111, 154, 282, 359, 394 Clitton, Carol, 282, 336 Clitton, Sara, 251, 330, 331 Cline, Claud, 282,368 Cline, Michael, 282 Cline, Rocky, 586 Clinesmith, Linda, 507 Clinton, Gary, 147, 188,448,580 Clinton, Sherrill, 300, 504, 539 Cloe, Joan, 282 Clopton, Gary, 589 Cloud, Thomas, 282,366 Cloud, W, F., 505 Cluck, Phyllis, 532 Clure, Carolyn, 440, 513 Clynch, Larry, 269, 505, 586, 591 Coad, Kathleen, 300, 346, 531 Coates, Mary, 511, 524 Coats, Montgomery, 481 Cobb, James, 197 Cobb, Nancy, 300, 440, 513, 523 Sharon, 465, 529 Teresa, 300, 532 Cobb, Cobb, Cobianchi, Robert, 588 Cochran, David, 565 Cochran, Karen, 300 Cochran, Robert, 300, 372, 562 Cochrane, Jean, 300, 542 Cochrane, Robert, 128, 488 Cody, Carole, 251. 332 Cody, Michael, 569 Coe, Karen, 269, 340 Coffee, Robert, 251, 398 Coter, Carol, 251, 348 Cottey, Daniel, 269 Cottey, Jane, 282, 545 Coffman, Margaret, 203, 282, 348 Cogman, Cheryl, 464, 550 Cogman, Don, 300, 368, 570 Cohen, Barby, 135, 227, 282, 326, 477, 632 Harry, 300, 383, 573 Cohen, Cohen, Jan, 300, 350 Cohen, Judi, 477, 527 Lesley, 300, 326, 477, 530 Paula, 300. 525 Ronald, 300, 383, 584 Cohen, Cohen, Cohen, Cohen, Wayne, 282, 362, 363, 492 Cohenour, Judy, 300, 528 Cohenour, Kent, 386, 568 Cohlmia, Kay, 282, 372, 580 Coil, Jenniter, 282, 334 Coke, Marion, Jr., 387 Coker, Steven, 476, 576 Colbert, Richard, 197, 580 Colby, Ellen, 269, 346, 450, 477, 484 Coldiron, Mark, 444 GradeA PASTEURIZED Homoofmzen VITAMIN n IW I I. IC ELK CITY. OKLAHOMA 252, 384 Coldren, Charles, 154, 157, 562 Cole, Charles, Jr., 300, 365, 571 Cole, Charles M.,1l1, 197, 251, 368, 487 Cole, David, 386 Cole, David M., 300, 585 Cole, Donald, 282, 368 Eugene, 490, 492 Cole, Cole, James, 300, 374 Cole, Jerry, 269 John 282,392 Cole, , Cole, John S., 126, 197 Cole, Linda, 251, 512, 524 Cole, Mary, 431 Cole, Newton, 145 Cole, Richard, 251, 378, 379 Ronald, 570 Ruth, 432 Cole Cole, Cole, Steve, 251, 400 Troy, 244 Cole, Coleman, Alice, 251, 545 Coleman, cefhy, 2112, 465, 529 Coleman, James, 282,461 Coleman, Nancy, 269, 508, 529 Richard, 476 Coleman, Coleman, Richard, Jr., 118, 300, 368, 582, 588 Coleman, Robert, 445, 446, 476, 505, 590, 591 Coleman, William, 43 Coles, Donald, 251 Coley, Karen, 31, 300, 322, 547 Colgan, John, 454 Colin, John, 586 Coling, Jerome, 497 Colleges, 68-91 Dana, 300, 544 Collier, Collier, Eugene, Jr., 269, 384 Collins, Larry, 282, 394 Collins, Connie, 300 Donald, 269, 370 Collins, Collins, Dwight, 282, 440, 561 Collins, John, 147, 269, 400 Collins, Orville, 269, 380 Collins, Ruth, 513 Terry 282, 476, 579 Collins, , Collins, Tommi, 282, 450 Virginia 251 342 Collins, , , Collis, Cassandra, 251, 509 Colombe, Robert, 282 Colvert, Barbara, 300, 342, 551 Colvert, James, Jr., 154, 300 Colvert, Margaret, 300 Combs, Donald, 585 Combs, Joseph, 440, 443, 512 Combs, Mary, 38, 118, 505, 550, 572 Combs, Milton, 282, 380, 486 Comegys, Judith, 530 Commoner, Barry, 3 Compton, Darla, 541 Compton, Mary, 504, 529 Comroe, Louis, 269, 396 Concert Choir, 460 Confer, David, 127, 196, 197, 251, 392, 454 Conger, John, 269, 368 Conklin, Kathryn, 200, 203, 251, 348 Conklin, Kenneth, 269, 392 Conkling, Joan, 269, 322 Conley, Claudia, 203 Conley, James, 590 Conley, Margaret, 269, 334, 335 Conn, Clifford, Jr., 251, 389 Conn, James, 152, 282, 355, 359, 380 Connally, Kent, 563 Conner, John, 557 Conner, Leslie, 251, 481, 510 Connors, Jane, 300, 527 Conrad, John, 472 Conroy, Harry, 60 Constable, John, 562 Constantin, James, 461, 494 Constantinides, Christos, 467 Constien, Margaret, 464 Continuing Education, College of, 90 Continuing Education, Oklahoma Center tor, 102 Conver, Daniel, 282 Conway, Craig, 301, 372, 586 Conway, Roger, 589 Cook, Herald, Jr., 123, 282, 380, 445 Cook, Cook, James M., 440, 450 James S., 300, 568 James, 269,512 Cook, Cook, John, I47, 151,511 Cook, Julie, 300, 334 Cook, Cook, Karen, 282, 550 Michael, 138, 590 Cook, Richard, 282, 370 Robert, 386, 567 Cook, Cook, Ronald, 300, 588 Cook, William, 111, 38, 282, 465, 474, 476, 502 Cooksey, Edna, 282, 552 Cooksey, Cooley, Coo er Sally, 491, 550 Mary, 269, 348 p , Becky, 300 Cooper, George, 482 Cooper, Harold, 269, 388, 389 Cooper, John, 494 Cooper, Larry, 589 602 Cooper, Marla, 300, 331, 543 Cooper, Melanie, 38, 282, 332, 49 Coo er, Paula, 300, 326, 536 2 P Cooper, Roberta, 282, 438, 465, 545 Cooper, Suzanne, 227, 251, 328, 3 Cooper, Terrence, 147, 190, 580 Cooperman, Patricia, 300 Copeland, Nancy, 530 Copeland, Warren, 244, 497 Copilevitz, Mark, 244, 396 Copple, Gail, 251, 326 Copple, Karen, 433, 435 Corbly, Don, 142, 151 Corder, James, 440, 585 Paula, 251 Corder, Core, Larry, 282, 370, 371 Corlee, Michael, 114,487,556 Cornelison, Sharon, 301, 479, 544 Cornelius, Merl, 512 Cornell, Bob, 165 Cornell, Carol, 301, 332, 477, 543 Cornett, Philip, 269, 400 Cornwell, Dorothy, 251 Cornwell, Kathy, 301, 546 Corr, William, 244, 370 Corrigeux, Ellen, 505 Corrotto, Gary, 458 Corter, Sheila, 301, 551 Coskery, Marilyn, 150 Cosmea, Manuel, 481 Cosper, Sherry, 301, 529 Costilow, Paul, 282, 394 Cothran, Linda, 282 Cottom, Mickey, 480 Cotton, Khris, 301, 544, 572 cgirsn, Glenn, 71, 464, 474, 487, Couch, Karlinda, 301, 331, 537 Coulter, Cathy, 479 Coumbe, John, 269, 384 Council, Marilyn, 550 Council, Ray 127129 Counselman, George, 154, 301, 440, 570 Counterman, Linda, 301, 535 Counts, Deniese, 282, 336 Coursey, Michael, 558 Courson, Charles, 571 Courtney, J. L., 269, 452, 577, 589 Courtney, M. Lou, 251 Covington, Jack, 586 Covington, Joe, 472 Covington, Nancy, 282, 342 Coward, Charles, 136, 177, 251, 3 Cowdery, Nancy, 301, 348,536 Cowfer, John, 585 Cox, Arthur, Jr., 586 Cox, Charlotte, 301, 465, 546 Cox, Cheryle, 301, 334, 477, 543 Cox, Cleta, 433 Cox, Clinton, 144, 244 Cox, Connie, 301, 547 Donald, 282, 376 Cox, Cox, Donald E., 269, 390 Ethelyn, 591 Cox, Cox, Joe, 190, 191, 448, 580 Cox, Kathryn, 282, 435 Cox, Paul, 301, 440 Robert 585 Cox, , Coyle, Patricia, 553 Coyne, Joseph, 271, 579 Cozad, George, 502 Crabb, James, 138, 575 Crabb, Marsha, 301, 336 Craddock, Randall, 271, 390 C1E3I?7dUCK, Charles, 251,481,493 Cradduck, Glenda, 271 Cradduck, Johnny, 251, 493, 510 Craig, Cheryl, 228, 282, 336 John, 563 Craig, Craig, Jon, 154, 301. 368, 563 Craig, Kay, 328, 532 Craig, Kenneth, Jr., 282, 577 Patricia, 507 Craig, Craig, Robert, 166. 581 Craig, Robert V., 282, 390, 391 Tommy, 482 Craig, Craighead, Carl, 282, 398 Craighead, Emery, Jr., 575 Crain, John, 271, 392 Craln, Judy, 244, 482, 488 Crain, Kathleen, 488, 501, 529 Craine, Eric, 573, 591 Crandall, Ronald, 493 Crane, Alexander, Jr., 251, 499 Crane, Jerry, 262 Craven, Carla, 251, 332 Craven, Phillip, Jr., 251, 400 Crawford, Crawford Bruce, 578 Connie, 282, 342 Crawford, Frederick, 11, 282, 398 Gaylon, 282, 398 Crawford, Crawford, Jack, 577 Crawford, Marc, 152, 282 Crawford, Richard, 301, 398 Robert 147 151 271 Crawford, , , , Crawley, Robert, 197, 271, 376 Creekmore, Janet. 251, 342,478 Crelly, John, 54, 632 Crenshaw, William, 301 Crews, Kathy, 301, 322, 547 Crenws, Linda, 271, 336, 488, 501, 5 2 Crews, Robert, 271, 376 29 68 Crews, William, 195 Crim, Sarah, 504 Cripps, John, 111,271,392 Criswell, Penny, 244, 325 Crites, Denn is, 164, 494 Crittenden, Jack, 301, 378, 570 Crittendon, William, 301,452 Crocker, Do n, 142, 155, 159 Crockett, Chloe, 271, 438, 540 Crockett, Ja mes, 562 Crockett, Marion, 271 Croft, Virginia, 271,344,345 Cromling, John, 154 Cromwell, James, 136, 251, 390, 391 Cromwell, Phillip, 564 Cromwell, William, 476, 512 Crone, Carl, 301,561 Crone, Richard, 271, 378 Cronin, Bud, 165, 194 cr6n1ey,J6y, 121, 190, 191,448,580 Cronoble, James, 251, 376 Crosbie, Jack, 251, 481, 493, 510 Crosby, Dexter, 282, 378 Crosby, Will iam, 282, 390 Cross, Aaron, 301, 570 Cross, Braden, 479, 487 Cross Cente r President's Council, 555 Cross, Cleo, Cross Count Cross, Frank 6, 63, 104, 520, 522 ry, 192 , 301, 584 Cross, George, 6, 38, 61, 62, 63, 64 67, 104, 109, 114, 196, 452, 464, 475, 479, 518, 522 Damron, Gerald, 138,282,376 Dan, Ray, 283, 383 Daniel, David, 152, 157, 283,476 Daniel, Fred, 126 Daniel, John, Jr., 251, 355, 402, 403 Daniel, Lee, 111,283,384 Daniel, Robert, 386 Daniels, Albert, 251, 366 Daniels, Charles, 251, 365 Danielson, Cathleen, 271, 342 Dank, John, 251 Danmole, Havis, 283,490 Dann, Dennis, 301, 359, 296, 587 Danner, Douglas, 440, 481 Danner, Douglas E., 283 Darks, Helen, 108 Darnell, Carl, 252, 454 Darnell, Glen, 481, 485, 498 Daron, Mary, 283 Darrah, Gail, 283,488,521 Dart, Gary, 301,563 Dauben, Dwight, 508 Daugherty, Cnthia, 301, 523 Daugherty, Lynn, 301 Daughtrey, Tommy, 271, 376, 377 Davalt, Michael, 271,390 Davenport, Otha, 39, 452 Davenport, Reno, Jr., 252, 366 David, Gary, 584 Davidoff, Dana, 301, 332, 551 Davidoff, Jeffrey, 283, 384 Davidson, David, 301,558 Davidson, James, 61 Davidson, John, 147,271,392 Davidson, 'Lewis, 571 Davidson, Paul, 252 Michael, 251 Cross, Cross, Phyllis, 523 Crosser, O. K., 492 Crosslin, Robert, 282, 398 Crosswhite, Rodney, 166, 168, 170, 448 Crotty, Linda, 301, 346, 568 Crouch, Joe, 271,386 Crouch, Laura, 282,465,492 Crow, John, 301, 567 Crowder, Earl, 166, 168,271,581 Crowder, James, 271 Crowder, R. L. Jr., 60 Crozier, William, 465, 578 Cruce, David, 301, 378,560 Crum Gregory, 574 crnrnls, Bern, 542 Crumrine, James, 138,578 Crumroy, Otto, Jr., 512 Crupper, R. David, 590 Crutchmer, Arthur, 166, 168, 171,581 Cruz, Jeremias, 152,590 Csizmadia, Joseph, 573 Cubbage, Kenneth, 282, 398 Cubbage, William, 251, 398 Cudio, Sheila, 507, 540 Culbreath, Necia, 551 Cullen, Judith, 120 Cullison, Richard, Jr., 586 Culp, Laura, 536 Culp, Susan, 282, 348, 349, 446 Culvey, Rose, 454, 500 David, 301 Cummings, Cummings, Janice, 529 Cummings, Larry, 590 Cummings, Sharon, 550 Cummins, David, 392, 479, 557 Cummins, John, 301, 376 Cummins, Mary, 530 Davidson, Robert, 138, 283, 365 Davidson, Sara, 271 Davis, Adrienne, 01, 350 Davis, Assunta, 541 Davis, Barbara, 271, 550 Davis, Beda, 521 Davis, Bill, 283,384 Davis, Bobby, 128, 129, 252 Davls Charles, 152,283,386 Davis: Cletta, 456, 489, 503 Davis, James, 134 Davis, Dana, 507 Davis, Darbie, 301, 331, 523 Davis, Don, 166,581 Davis, Donald, 301, 370 Davis, Gail, 301, 344, 511, 534 Davis, Garland, 252,390 Davis Davis Davis Davis , Glenna, 538 House, 523 , Loring, 136 Margaret, 301, 342, 438, 538 Davis: Michael, 198, 252, 398, 399 Davis, Nancy, 301, 350, 537 Davis, Owen, Jr., 579 Davis, Raymond, 154, 386, 567 Davis, Richard, 244, 455. 472 Davis, Rudhey, 252, 402 Davis, Stanley, 301, 396, 487, 556 Davis, Stanley M., 114, 139 Davis, Stephen, 283,366 Davis Sylvia, 434, 435 Davisz rernrny, lea, 252 Davis Davls , William, 301,400,558 on, Tri 271 QQ. Dawson, Doug las, 568 Dawson Dawson , E. F., 510 , Floy, 493 Dawson, Rockleigh, Jr., 144, 146, Cunningham, Carla, 433 Cunningham, Charles, Jr., 440 560 Cunningham, Joe, 583 Cunningham, Kenny, 510 Cunningham Robert, 251 Cunningham, Susan, 282, 504 Cunningham, William, 570 Cunningham, William G., 154,564 Cunningham Cupples, Jo Cupps, Dori ,William M., 586 hn, 142 s, 301, 534 Currell, Susan, 301, 546 Curry, Lu, 28 2, 334 Curtess, Sherri, 301 Day, Bruce, 271 Day, Ronald, 301, 384, 570 Deakins, Ada, 467, 512 Deakins, Alice, 440 Deakins, Dennis, 244 Deakins, Sarah, 496 Deakins, Sharon, 301 Deal, Randy, 190 Dean, Joan, 283, 332 Deason, Johnny, 568 Deatherage, Phyllis, 301, 547 Deaton, Patricia, 454, 500, 550 Deaton, Rebecca, 301, 322, 548 Deaton Ronald, 584 Curtis, Dalton, Jr., 138, 282, 374, 505 Curtis, David, 118, 301, 380, 555, 565 Curtis, Joe, 109 Cuthbertson, Michael, 271, 465 Cutter, Kenneth, 120, 251, 394 Cuviello, Patrick, 271, 398 D Dabney, B. Wayne, 282, 398 Dabney, William, Jr., 301, 376, 569 Dacon, Chebon, 581 Dacus, Larry, 301, 488, 570 Daffron, Michael, 568 Deqne, Judith, 301, 546, 572 Daigle, Brian, 584 Dailey, Kenneth, 506 Daily, Garland, 496, 499 Dalbow, David, 251 Dale, Edward, 92, 93 Daley, Carolyn, 550 Dalton, Richard, 244 Dalton, Robert, 570 Daly, Patricia, 251, 344, 511 Deaver: John, 46Q 495 DeBe De8o Ilis, Anthony, Jr.. 152,28 lt, Darian, 464, 476 DeBose, San, 58 DeCa Deck, rolis, Robert, 271,372 Beryl, 560 Decker, Lois, 432 Dee, Deen, Detie Thomas, 588 William, 135 1, Celia, 301, 334, 532 DeGeeter, Ralph, 589 DeGr ay, Harold, 252 Dehesh, Siavosh, 468 DeJessa, Anthony, 589 DeJo1-ln, Charles, 137 DeLaCruz, Julie, 552 Delas haw, Kenneth, Jr., 578 Delhotal, Janet, 271, 348 DeLier, Michael, 271, 384 Delig Dell, ans, Jack, Jr., 283, 577 Walter, 127, 128, 129 DeLozier, Jerry, 482 Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta, 334 Gamma, 336 Kappa Epsilon, 370 3,392 Delta Phi Epsilon, 338 Delta Sigma Pi, 461 Delta Tau Delta, 372 Delta Upsilon, 374 Deman, Leslie, 252, 483 Demaret, Janet, 301, 542 Demas, Larry, 476, 577 Demastus, C. J., 632 DeMoss, Donald, 562, 591 Dempsey, Edward, 493, 583 Dempsey, Katherine, 301, 527 Denison, Loutitia, 283, 440, 502, 513, 540 Deniston, Andrew, 567 Dennis, Denise, 554 Dennis, James, 84 Dennison, Larry, 301, 398 Desrgford, James, 111, 114, 154, 301, Denton, Donna, 271 Denton, Sammy, 166 Denton, Sandra, 252, 348, 349 Denyer, H. Louise, 283, 340 dePerruola, Ana, 467 DePue, Leland, ll, 139, 559 Deramus, Osley, 188, 448 Derby, Emily, 203, 283, 348 Desai, Virendra, 466 Desai, Vireshkumar, 283, 466, 467 Desiderio, Joan, 529 DeSilva, Mary, 460, 545 Deskins, Dora, 271, 334 DeSocarraz, Miguel, Jr., 252 DeSpain, Don, 271, 398 DeSpain, Richard, 480 DeStow1inski, Gail, 470 Degsiauer, Suzanne, 283, 326, 327, Deutsch, Charles, 283, 383, 476, 497 Devens, Robert, 152, 283, 374 Deyilliers, Henry, 252 Devine, William, 565 Devinski, Sam, 283, 396 DeVore, Harley, 154, 157,301 Dewberry, Rheta, 465, 524 Dewey, Susan, 44, 433 Dewey, William, 44, 252 Dhoneson, Janet, 466 Diallo, Diou1de,490 Diallo, 1brahima,490 Diamond, Harry, 301, 394, 571 Di Antonio, Janice, 550 Diba, Massoumeh, 252, 468 Diba, Mozafar, 468 Diba, Tabatabai, 199, 252,468 DiCarlo, Joseph, 137, 589 Dick, Jerry, 301, 386, 479 Dick, Philip, 498, 569, 589 Dickerson, Barry, 136, 252,485 Dickey, Robert, 283, 372 Dickinson, Richard, 301, 378, 558 Dickinson, Richard M., 440, 578 Dicus, Mary, 283, 545 Diecker, Jimmy, 252 Diehl, Carl, 111, 252 Dies, Bobby, 283, 392,476 Dietrich, Jlmmy, 481 Dietrich, L. E., 498 Dietrick, Mary, 435 Diggs, Beverly, 271, 348 DiGiammetteo, Neil, 283,402 Di1beck,Gay,581 Dilks, Richard, 152 Dill, James, 271,378 Dill, Mark, 577 Dillard, Anne, 301, 334, 509, 541 Dillard, Bobby, 472 Dillard, De1oris,482 Dillard, Diane, 271, 336,527 Dilley, Marsha, 507 Dillingham, David, 301, 368, 561, 58 Dillon, Susan, 252, 340 Dimick, Steven, 462, 487, 557 Dimond, Harold, Jr., 244 DiNicho1a, Anthony, 577 Dinsmore, Mary, 252, 554 Dinger, William, Jr., 566 DiPentima, Donald, 301, 588 Dirks, Linda, 50, 283,340 Disbro, Russell, 580 Disney, Terry, 271, 331 Ditmars House, 561 Ditmars, Jewel, 60 Dittner, Dottie, 432, 435 Dittrich, Carolyn, 488 Henry, 557 Carole, 301 Divis, Dixon, Dixon, Carolyn, 252, 348 Dixon, Connie, 203, 349 Dixon, Danny, 301, 557 Dixon, Larry, 252, 355, 388, 389 Dixon, Ross, Jr., 252 Dixson, Jimmy, 271, 491, 578 enko Walter 587 Diatsch , , Dobbins, Ruby, 503 Dobbins, Vicki, 489, 504, 542 Dobbs, Charles, 101, 126 Dobelle, Howard, 301, 362, 583 Dobson, John, 152 Dodd, James, 271, 380, 381 Dodds, James, 252, 400 Dodson, Jean, 301, 331 Greai' Momenfs In Educahon af Brown s :ECCIJLLEGE CQRNZIEE o 3 Q Jr ' " r rs Y IDWI' .aa A J No Ma++er Wha+ You Weni' "Ou+" For This Year . Your "ln" Fashions Always Came From WBA? wwf was Wi s Finley, Farshad, Fariboz, 197, 199,468 Dodson, Robert, 271 Dodson, Thomas, 250, 252, 372 Doerr, Arthur, 68 Doesburg, John, 154, 157 Dohnalek, Charles, Jr., 244 Dohrendorf, John, 152, 283, 576 Dolive, Henry, 586 Dombek, Janet, 283 Domianovich, Jane, 283, 545 Donaho, Linda, 301, 438, 523, 588 Donahue, Neal, 139,583 Donaldson, Dana, 301, 392 Donaldson, Earl, 562 Donathan, Grady, 111,301,368 Donenteld, Susan, 301, 350 Donnelly, James, 252 Donohoo, Nancy, 301, 344, 531 Dooley, Patrick, 301, 398 Dooley, S. T., 106 Doolin, John, 152,386,573 Dooling, Shirley, 431, 435 Doran, James, 301, 563 Doremus, Marcy, 301, 512, 530 Dorfman, Glenn, 283, 362 Dorman, Joe, 355, 356, 359 Dormitories, 514-591 Dorney, Judith, 552 Dorsett, George, 461, 483 Dorsett, J. Da las, 226, 271, 328 Dorsey, Claude, 283, 480, 584 Dorsey, Mary, 283, 325 Doss, Becky, 434, 435 Doss, William, 502, 590 Dotson, Duke, 588 Dotson, George, 271, 389 Doty, Coyl, 578 Daiy, David, 570, sas Doty, Ralph, Jr., 271, 465, 577 Doty, William, Jr., 252, 378 Doublin, Gary, 121,252 Dougall, David, 559 Doughty, Donna, 301, 328, 543 Doughty, Steven, 114, 301, 479, 556 Douglas, John, Jr., 283, 591 Douthit, Duane, 569 Douthitt, John, 271, 374 Douthitt, William, 154,301,565 Dover, Janet, 527 Dowdy, Carolyn, 202, 504, 530 Dowell, Robert, 577 Dowell, Ted, 159, 283 Downing, Deborah, 38, 216, 217, 283, 334, 335, 477, 492 Downing, Donald, 460, 507 Downing, Marca, 283, 334, 335, Dunlap, Jonette, 460, 503 Dunlap, Leslie, 283,526 Dunlop, Frank, 42 Dunn, Dunn, 8111, 440 Chris, 302, 556 Dunn, Marthalie, 201, 203 Dunn, Morena, 271 Dunn, Rexa, 529 Dunn, Roberta, 504, 524 Dunn Roy 283 Dunn,' Russell, 302, 359,374 Dunn, Toby, 283 Dunn, William, 111, 302, 538 Dunne, William, 586 Dunsky, Gail, 488, 501, 540 Dunsworth, Diana, 302, 340 Duprez, Conrad 271 DuPriest, William, 302, 560 Durall, Leslie, 283, 551 Duran, Robert, 302, 378, 487, 574 Durand, David, 302, 372, 580 Durbin, Gerald, 11,386 Durbin, Robert, 147 Durham, Dora, 482 Durland, Diane, 271, 348 Elkins, Phillip, 252, 378,454 Elgigt, Annette, 302, 332, 477, 520, Elliott, Darbe, 4490 Elliott, Donald, 494 Elliott Earl, Jr., 302, 370, 440, 570 Elliott: Janlaa, 252, 348 Elliott Elliott Elliott Elliott Elliott Ellis Ellis Ellisl Ellis, Ellis E11is,l Ellis Ellis Ellis Ellis Ellis Ellis :Viviari, 533 Jean, 252, 344, 352, 353 Larry, 302, 368, 574 Mary 271 551 W. Lynette, 271, 331, 496 , Am ber, 523 Annice, 252 David, 252, 440, 501, 507, 512 David, 138, 576 Donald, 188, 448, 497, 580 James, 590 James L., 252, 370 John, Jr., 302, 560 Larry, 302, 456, 570 Linda, 529 Patricia, 302, 348, 538 Peggy, 302, 509 Ellisbn, carrla, 139 Evans, Katherine, 252, 344 Evans, Lois, 253 Evans Michael, 271, 378 Evans, Richard, 253, 498 Evans, Thad, 302, 389, 566 Evans, Tommy, 96, 97, 165 Evans, William, Jr., 302, 394, 571 Ewers, Charles, 577 Ewing, Diane, 271, 346 Ewing, Joel, 271, 474 Ewing, Noah, Jr., 302, 380, 587 Ewing, Peter, 283, 402 Ezell, John, 72 Durrill, Philip, 252 Duthie, Robert, Jr., 152,283,577 Dutton, Judith, 545 Dyer, Diedra, 507 Dyer, Ronald, 440 Dyer, Stephen, 578 Dyson, Loralee, 302, 325 E Eagin, Marcelle, 11, 302, 331, 487, 522 Eagleston, John, 283, 384, 580 Eales, William, Jr., 283, 578 Eames, Carolyn, 302, 535 Earl, Carolann, 283 Earl, John, 30, 283, 355, 398 Earle, Douglas, 138 Earles, Alvin, 283 Early, James, 139, 302, 359, 398, 566 Easley, Mitchell, Jr., 147 Eason, Janet, 520 Eason, Judy, 526 Eason, Michael, 144, 146, 158, 159, 252 Eastburn, Cheryl, 526 Eastburn, John, 283, 590 Easterling, Susan, 302, 346, 547 Ellison, Helen, 545 Ellsworth, Linda, 302, 477, 549 Elsberry, James, 139, 558 Elser, Kathleen, 283, 526 Eltis, Sandra, 302, 326, 548 Embach, Judith, 534 Embree, James, 576 Emery, Eliabeth, 534 Emmons, Charles, 562 Emmott, Susan, 538 Endicott, William, 271, 398 Engel, Susan, 283, 529 Engel, William, 283, 380, 587 Engelken, Barbara, 495 Engelken, Walter, 455, 472 Engineering, College of, 78 Engineers Club, 444, 445 Engine Wives Club, 495 Engine Queen, 234 England, Betsy, 302, 334, 539 England, E. Jane, 38, 39, 110, 111, 238, 252, 346, 347, 352, 470, 484, 497 England, Larry, 302, 378,589 England, Sandra, 547 Engle, Susan, 541 Enolish, David, 152, 322, 359, 394, 477, 492 Downs, Susan, 301, 328, 527 Doyal, Charles, 585 Doyal, David, 301 Doyle, Mar ,271, 528 Dozier, Jack, 252, 394 Dozier, Linda, 52,271,332 Dozier, Patricia, 507 Dozier, Thomas, Jr., 139, 583 Draganza, Ellen, 301, 477, 538 Dragg, Donald, 283, 355, 384 Drake, James, 301 Drake, Sally, 301, 340, 462 Drake, Stephanie, 301, 346, 520 Draper, Wilma, 507 Drew, Ronald, 559, 591 Drewry, Susan, 283, 336 Dreytus, Lewis, 301, 396, 569 Driver, Betty, 271, 346, 460, 484, 503, 507 Drummond, Cecil, 244 Drury, Lynn, 283, 372, 440 Dryden, David, 301, 366 Ducks Club, 201 Duckworth, Georgia, 271, 551 Duckworth, Ralph, 302, 370, 562 Dudley, Dale, 570 Dudley, Jeanne, 550 Dudley, Paul, 454 Dudovick, Gary, 283, 579 Due, Terry, 178, 180,283,581 Duerr, Robert, 283, 587 Duey, l-1ilma,482 Dutt, Bill, 454 Dutty, Janet, 283, 553 Dutreshe, William, 137 Dugan, Frank, 481 Dlgan, Richard, 283, 389 Duggan, Steven, 252, 390 Duggar, Robert, 152, 159 Dugger, Samuel, 252, 374 Duke, James, 154, 157, 302,561 Duke, Ranson, 581 Dukes, Charles, 154 Duke, William, Jr., 136, 252,456 Dulaney, Susan, 271, 346 Dumas, Clara, 507 Dumas, Sylvia, 507 Dunagan, R. N., 111, 38, 39, 110, 1.11, 112, 230, 238, 252, 355, 380, 381, 450, 461, 473, 475 Dunagin, Jan, 224, 252, 332, 545 Dunaway, Vernon, 482 Duncan, Daniel, 147,386 Duncan, Jerry, 271,456 Duncan, Louis, 495 Ken, 588 Duncan, Duncan, William, 151, 152 Dunlap, E. T., 60 604 Easterwood, Doyle, 283, 562 Eastham, Ina, 302, 328, 531 Eastham, Mary, 5122 Eastman, Carolyn, 522 Eastman, Mary, 271, 332 Easton, Jake, 1lI,359,386, 586 Eberle, Sally, 551 Ebey, Monte, 271, 346 Eby, Charles, 252, 361 Echols, Charles, 283, 576 Echols, Charlotte, 252, 496, 503, 504 Echols, William, 197, 198, 199, 271, 372 Eckhardt, William, 302, 389, 570 Eddleman, Rickee, 302, 334, 438, 536 Edens, Jack, 302, 479, 556 Edgemon, Sharon, 489 Edgmon, Gary, 585 Edgmon, Marilyn, 502 Ediger, Judith, 467 Edmond, Gregory, 583 Edmonds, Lionel, 507, 4440 Edmondson, James, Jr., 302, 386, 558 Edmunds, Kitty, 550 Edmonds, Lionel, 507, 440 Education, College ot, 76 Edvy, Joseph, 271,480 Edward, Guy, 586 Archie, 497 Edwards, Edwards, Alice, 440, 512, 513, 540 Edwards, Corwin, Jr., 152, 157,283 Edwards, Cynthia, 541 Edwards, Ellery, 561 Edwards, Jacqualin, 271, 496, 509 Edwards, Nancy, 252, 509, 513 Edwards, Sally, 302,348 Eeds, Walter, 147,271,400 Eeek, Dr. Nathaniel, 61 Etfinger, John, 440 Etfinger, Samuel, 440, 501, 561 Ehrlich, Patricia, 302, 322, 509, 544 Eichler, R. A., 142, 159 Eidson, Arvin, 116, 117, 271, 400, 632 Einhorn, Edward, 302, 583 Einsidler, Barry, 302, 396, 587 Eisel, Ronald, 302, 376, 564 Eisman, James, 575 Ekstrorn, Kathryn, 302, 344, 511, 534 Ekwueme, Godfrey, 490, 492 El Bahrawy, Aida, 252 Elder, James, 302, 368 Elderkin, Judith, 234, 271, 334, 445 Eley, Carla, 302, 342, 477, 532 Eley, Gary, 38, 110, 111, 252, 398, 399 El Hassan, lbrahim, 455, 467, 490 El Hassan, Zienab, 467 Elkins, Judy, 271, 332, 512 479, 564 English, John, Jr., 188 English, Nancy, 283, 322, 323, 477 Entrikin, David, 271, 355, 360, 361 Enyeart, Meg, 271, 325 Eott, Donald, 154, 302, 374, 556 Eott, Robert, 302, 376, 570 Epcar, Carole, 512, 531 Epp, Gael, 302, 564 EDDerson, Dimpster, Jr., 151, 152, 502, 565 Epperson, D. K., 152, 159 Epperson, John, 561 Epperson, Robert, 283, 400 Epps, Oliver, Jr., 283, 366 Epps, William, 154302, 366,561 Eppstein, Victor, 497 Erario, Richard, 302, 586 Erbar, Thomas, 283, 365 Erickson, Albert, 486 Erickson, John, 486 Erickson, Susan, 75, 283, 336 Eriksson, Eloise, 302, 532 Ernest, L. Edward, 244 Ertel, Barbara, 302, 350, 541 Ervin, Jerry, 498 Erwin, Jimmie, 574, 591 Erwin, W. D., 142 Eschbach, Altred, 271 Esch, Bill, 271,361 Eschler, Mary, 252 Esehak, Thomas, 560 Esfahani, Mohammed, 251455, 467 Eskridge, Marian, 302, 346, 521 Eslinqer, Greg, 506 Esmaili, Sardari, 468 Estes, Bonnie, 252, 324, 325, 454, 500, 508 Estes, John, 571 Estes, Kirk, 583 Eta Epsilon, 496 Eta Kappa Nu, 496 Etheredge, Myra, 302, 322, 544 Fthington, L. S,, 518 Eubanks, Janice, 302, 509, 539 F Faculty Features, 92-97 Fazlulu, Sunday, 467 Fahrenbruch, Paul, 302, 380, 568 Fair, Martha, 271,346 Fair, Sherry, 200, 538 Fairbanks, Charles, 164 Fairley, Pamela, 302, 538 Falk, George, 253, 481 Fallgatter, Sonya, 201 Fanelli, Ronald, 590 Fano, Carolyn, 253, 328 Fano, Robert, 283, 579 Farha, Carolyn, 271, 322, 323, 446, 484 Farha, Fred, 504, 564 Farha, Mary, 253, 509 Farid, Bahman, 199,468 Farley, Charles, 502 Farley, Jerry, 569 Farley, Scottie, 302, 531 Farmer, Floyd, 11,302 Farmer, Lou Anne, 283, 492, 545 Farmer, Sandra, 253, 322, 323 Farmer, Steve, 440, 487, 557 Farooki, Azeem, 466, 467 Farr, Lynda, 302,501,527 Farrar, John, 147, 151, 271 Farrar, Margaret, 432, 434, 435 Farrar, Ralph, Jr., 253 Farrell, Arthur, 283 Farrell, James, 188, 448 Farrier, Jack, 253, 355,400 Farris, Gloria, 553 Farrgs, Kenneth, Jr., 164, 165, 188, 44 574 Farthing, lris, 302, 346, 527 Faruqui, Masud, 498 Faruzzo, Steve, 507, 577 Fass, Michelle, 302, 479, 520 Faggaeree, Richard, 154, 302, 368, Fathree, Susan, 302,541 Faturoti, Ebun, 490 Faulconer, James, 440 Faulk, Patricia, 302, 522 Faulkner, Jen, 283, 348 Faulkner, Marvin, 253,380,381 Favtgr, William, 147, 158, 271, 366, 4 Features, 24-55 Feaver, Eric, 368, 469 Feaver, J. Clayton, 90 Feglerman, Jay, 302, 383, 584 Fehr, Charles, Jr., 584 Fehr, Gregory, 127, 253, 402, 403 Feingold, Alan, 253 Feinstein, Donald, 117, 253, 396, 451, 451, 497, 505, A32 Feintech, Edward, 302, 383, 562 Feklman, Arthur, 586 Feldman, Marvin, 271, 396, 397, 451, 497 Feldman, Michel, 471 Field, Jesse, 271, 398 Fielding, Larry, 455 Fielding, Robert, Jr., 445, 481, 485 Fields, Steve, 151, 588 Figahtmaster, Thomas, 590 Fil eck, John, 253 Filip, Thomas, 283, 374, 471 Finberg, Georgann, 302, 326, 438 533 Finch, Ear1,302 Finch, Marilyn, 283,545 Fincher, Alva, 138, 139 Fine Arts, College of, 80 Fine, Gregory, 151, 154,588 Fine, Jim, 589 Fine, Judith, 200, 302,477,549 Finik, Wayne, 567 Finkel, Frances, 271,350 Finlaw, Jane, 302, 533 Finley, Greg, 283, 366 Finley, Janet, 283, 550 Finley, Ronnie, 302, 394, 560 Finley, Sara, 271, 340 Stephen, 386, 586 Finn, Patricia, 302, 326, 354, 552 Finn, Thomas, 271, 579 Finnerty, Mark, 302, 378, 586 Flnnerty, Thomas, 284,361 Fioroni, Carla, 541 Flrnberg, Linda, 302, 350, 548 Figghbein, Phillip, 154, 302, 396, 4 Fischer, Benno, 244 Fishel, Larry, 588 Fisher, Cynthia, 302, 348 Fisher, Diane, 253,330,331 Fisher, Gerry, 272, 372 Fisher Harold 302 453 585 Fisher: Jallrl, 152, 284,376 Fisher Fisher Fisher, Fisher, Fisher, Lewis, Jr., 302, 386, 557 Mildred, 363 Richard, 253, 355, 382, 383 Robert, 460 Ruth, 253, 470, 512, 524 Fisher, Susan, 200, 302, 334, 509, 544 Fishman, Michael, 302, 383, 570 Fishman, Paula, 117, 253, 326, 327, 477, 632 Fisk, Ronnie, 152 Fitch, Frederick, 302, 378, 558 Fitz, William, 151,487,557 Fitzgerald, Barry, 586 Feldstein, Howard, 302, 396, 560 Fellows, John, 99 Fellows, Robert, 271, 578 Fencing, 203 Fender, Harry, 253, 374 Fenton, Leslie, 283, 334 Fenwick, Patricia, 302, 501, 523 Fereday, Thomas, Jr., 465, 505, 569 Fergeson Melterd, 253 Ferguson, Diane, 271 Ferguson, John, 139,586 Ferguson, Judy, 526 Ferguson Maior, Jr., 271, 378 Ferguson Ferguson Ferg uson Ferguson Ferguson Masie, 302, 342, 520 Raymond, 302, 589 Raymond L., 568 Robert, 271, 577 Ronald, 283, 372 Fitzgerald, Clee, 109 Fitgerald, Patrick, 272, 390, 391, 474, 491 Fitzgerald, Paul, Jr., 122,456,579 Fitzpatrick, Michael, 272,392 Fitzpatrick, Steven, 154, 302, 562 Flalrarry, Timothy, 136, 138, 253, 566 Flanag ar, Billy, 440 Flanagan, Robert, 166, 581 Fleene 368 r, Robert, Jr., 127, 129, 253, Fleetham, Ralph, 584 Fleetwood, Fred, 178,448 Fleischmann, Billie, 272,324,325 Fleming, Fred, 152 Fleming, Gerald, 110,238,253 Fleming, James, 586 Fleming Nancy, 506,521 Fleske, Blarba ra, 272, 334 Flesner, Larry, 302, 394, 395, 583 Fletcher, Alexander, 202 Fletcher, Donald, 272, 376 Fletcher, James, 581 Fletcher, Perry, 139,459 Fletcher, Richard, 355 Fletcher, Ronald, 459 Flett, Mary, 200, 302, 344, 543 Flick, Patrick, 284,400 Flick, Terry, 590 Flinchum, Linda, 302,530 Flinton, Alan, 579 Flinton, Joseph, 253, 579 Flippo, Joseph, 272, 456, 474, 502 Flood, E. Kaye, 253, 334 Flood, Richard, 272,392 Flood, Thomas, 178, 180,448,581 Floren, Charles, 284, 476, 578 Flores, Jorge, 499 Flowers, Joe, 557 Flowers, Nita, 542 Floyd, Dale, 144 Floyd, Jack, 488 Floyd, Robert, 284, 372 Flud, Kathryn, 121 Fogarty, Gail, 533 Fogel, N., 490 Eurton, Mary, 283, 332, 512 Evans, Albert, 498 Evans, Betty, 492 Evans, Charles, 457. 459 Evans, Dale, Jr., 589 Evans, David, 152,283,392 Evans, Donna, 538 Evans, Ernestine, 504, 533 Evans, George, 586 Evans, Gomer, 253, 374,461 Evans, Hersha, 302, 342, 538 Evans House, 524 Evans, Joycelyn, 507, 551 Ferguson, Sondra, 283, 330, 331 Ferris, Mary, 283, 340, 352 Fesler, John, Jr., 253, 372, 450 Fesler, Orville, 456 Fessenden, Kenneth. 139,570 Fetherston, John, 253 Fetherston, Mary, 495 Fetterman, Carole, 302, 350, 462, 525 Fetters, Richard, 565 Fichter, George, 244, 402, 512 Ficklin, Martha, 302, 521 Fidler, Pamela, 302, 538 Field, Gary, 283, 364, 355 FogeIs,Vi1is,284,360,361 Fold, 8ill, 586 Foley, Mabel, 284, 477, 552 Folsom, Jim, 190 Fonck, Robert, 284, 450, 461, 579 Fonstad, Todd, 497 Fontaine, Francis, 139,561 Fontaine, Pamela, 523 Football, 166-177 Foote, Bobbie, 471 Henry, 303, 452, 574 Foote, Foote, Jack, 440, 441, 502 Foote, Jerry, 253, 445, 481, 510 Foote, Tommie, 253, 495 i SPECIALIZING IN DIFFERENT TYPES OF PORTRAITURE EI DAVID WISE, Sophomore from Tecumseh Commercial and PorIrai'r Phofography "OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS I965 SOONER YEARBOOKH University Studio Wesf Boyd Phone JE 4-26 Forbes Forbes, 1 House, 525 Kathleen, 284 Forbrich, John, 244 Ford, Ford, Christie, 253, 342, 500 Diana, 272, 322 Ford, James, 284, 366 Ford, J ames A., 579 Ford, James E., 585 Ford, Mike, 272 Ford, Robert, I44, 253,394 Ford, Walter, 303, 564 Fordin, Rochelle, 225, 284, 339, 504 Foree, F. Elizabeth, 272, 348, 438, 484, 502 Forehand, Jan, 303, 509, 544 Foreman, Joe, 244, 365 Forman, Jon, I44, 253,396 Forney, William, Jr., 303, 384, 58l Forrest, Judy, 284 Forrester, Sherron, 284, 344 Forsberg, Chris, 580 Forsberg, Lexy, 284, 340, 492 Forsman, Michael, 446 Forsythe, Ann, 284, 336 Fosburgh, Edward, 272 Foster, Cathryn, 284 Foster, Charles, I29, 272 Foster, Dean, 303 Foster, Glenn, Jr., 284, 565, 59l Foster, James, 202, 303, 380, 562, 5 Foster, Judith, 553 Foster, Larry, 368 Foster, M. Francys, 284, 552 Foster, Foster, Founta Founta Fowler Fowler, Fowler Randall, 303, 394, 573 William, 303, 583 in, Pete, 42, 43 in, Tommy, 272 Charles, 586 Patricia, 5l2, 532 Robert, 253 Janis, 303, 350, 533 Fox, Fox, Leland, 489 Fox, Lillard, I39 Michele, 504 Fox, Fox, Walter, Jr., 508 Fozoonmayeh, Farideh, 5l l, 529 Fraher, Linda, 303, 536 Frahm, Michael, 583 Frampton, James, 578 Francis, Geraldine, 253, 344, 440, 500, 5l2, 5l3 Francis, John, 585 Francis, Mary, 432 Franden, Elise, 272, 342 Barbara, 528 Frank, Frank, John, II6, 272, 378, 632 Frank, Joseph, 589 Frank Kenneth, 450 Frank, Leslie, 253 Frank, Renee, 303, 326 Frank, Ronald, 303, 359, 372, 556 Frank, W. Ken, 450 Franke, Robert, 560 Franklin, Carl, 590 Franklin House, 526 Franklin, Lillian, 244 Franks, Kenny, 284 Franseen, Jeanne, 284,336 Frantz, Constance, 284, 342 Frantz, James, I97, 253, 355, 368 Frantz, Kenneth, I39, 303, 558 Franz, Ronald, 589 Fraser, George, I64 Fraternities, 355-403 Fraternity Pledge Council, 359 Frawley, Whilliam, 70 Davld, I66, 284, 398, 58l Carol, 272 Frazer, Frazier, Frazier , Don, 303, 380, 564 Frazier, Donald, 253, 400 Frazier, James, l52 Frazier, John, 253, 368 Frazier, M, Kirk, 303, 346 Frazier, Tommy, 284, 372 Frederick, Magel, 529 Frederick, Ronald, I37, 506 Frederlcks, Jerry, 253 Freed, Freede John, I37, 578 , Charles, 303, 386, 56l Freeland, W. H., l08, IO9 Freele, David, 440, 557 Freele, Robert, 272, 398 Freeman, Donna, 465, 528 Freeman, Freeman, Gary, 303, 567 Michael, 284 Freeman, Sheryl, 483, 488, 492 Freidki Freidline, n, George, 588 Darla, 432, 434, 435 Freistat, Michael, 303,396 French, Clark, 303, 376, 558 French, Freda, 523 French, Troy, 253 Freshman Class, 296-3l9 Fricke, Robert, I47 Friday, James, 563 Friedkin, George, 588 Friedman, Candace, 303, 534 Friedman, Charles, I44 Friedman, Margo, 284, 326 Friedman, Roger, 272, 383 Fries, Eileen, 303, 542 Fries, Nikia, 303,325 606 Frieze, Harold, 253, 384,486 Friot, Stephen, 303, 380, 570 Frishman, Adele, 303, 507 Fritz, Adele, 303, 507 Fritz, Dorothy, 470 Fritz, Timothy, I39 Frobel, Jacqueline, 303, 438, 532 Fromme, Mary, 284, 526 Fronterhouse, Don, 284, 376 Frost, Andrew, 272 Fruechting, Bruce, 476 Fruit, Don, 272, 378 Fry, Dorothy, 303, 487, 522, 548 Fry, Frank, 440 Fry, Raymond, 284, 50l, 578 Frye, Sally, 284, 336,438 Fryer, Martha, 284, 342 Fryer, Susan, 284, 346 Fryntzko, Marie, 284, 346 Fuchs, Maretha, 69 Fudala, John, 590 Fuerbringer, A. O., 464 Fugitt, William, 284, 378 Fulkerson, Elaina, 527 Fulkerson, Grover, 579 Fulkerson, Jennifer, 548 Fuller, Dee, Jr., 590 Fuller, Marvin, 253 Fulmer,Jim, 253,400 Fulton, Carl, l52 Fulton, Linda, 284, 552 Funk, Phyllis, 303, 33l, 505, 540 Furman, Robert, 272, 400 Furman, Sherry, 303, 535 Furtak, Daniel, 49l Furtney, Kenneth, 303, 559 Futerfas, Patricia, 253, 326, 327, 457 Futrell, James, I04, l05 Future Journalists of America, 462 Fyfee, Jack, 303, 583 G Gabbard, Jay, 303, 394, 57l Gabbe, lmmo, I29, 480 Gabel, Barbara, 272, 340 Gable, G. Ellis, 60 Gable, Susan, 352 Gable, Thomas, I97 Gaddis, Bruce, 303, 588 Gaddis, Robert, 272, 366 Gade, Nancy, 93 Gaden, Madeline, 303, 344, 50l Gaden, Michael, 272, 390 Gafford, Sharon, l60, l6l, 272, 346, 347, 446, 484 Gage, Richard, 139, 585 Gagle, Merry, 303, 340, 447, 537 Gahan, Sharon, 284 Gaines, Margie, 547 Gaines, Newton, 284, 368 Gaiiar, Jagdischandra, 499 Galeinena, Elena, 303, 534 Galbraith, C'harles, 98, 475 Galbraith, Donald, ll, I36 Gallagher, Larry, 303, 565 Gallas, Janet, 303, 350, 527 Galloway, Paul, l04, l05 Gallup, James, 284,400 Galoob, Maurice, 303, 383, 440, 586 Galvani, William, I39, 303, 557 Gambill, Joel, l20, 244 Gamble, James, 48l Gamble, Robert, 253, 380, 450, 46l Gamboa, Richard, I54, l57, 303,560 Gamel, Gary, l52, 575 Gamma Alpha Chi, 463 Gamma Delta, 464 Gamma Phi Beta, 340 Gamma Theta Upsilon, 497 Gammon, Lawrence, 303, 376, 573 Gandhi, Arun, 244, 466, 467, 498 Gandy, Raymond, Jr., l52, 284, 380 Ganstine, Robert, l5l Gant, Gilda, 2l2, 2l3, 284, 322, 323 Gapp, Alvie, 244 ' Garber, Marty, l94 Garber, Russell, 585 Garcia, Gustavo, 472 Gardner, Dena, 504, 540 Gardner, Gilbert, 455 Richard, 272, 384 William, 586 Gardner, Gardner, Garfield, Linda, 303, 344, 542 Garis, Jamie, 303, 532 Garman, Daniel, 253, 49l Garnand, Victor, 587 Garner, Judy, 272, 346, 477 Savannah, 284, 334 Garner, Garner, Steven, 498 Garner, William, 284 Ed, 244, 374 Garnett, Garnett, James, 284, 378 Garretson, Robert, 303, 376 Garrett, Hazel, 482 Garrett, Stephen, 52, I44, 253, 386 Garrett, Susan, 200, 284, 332 Garrett, Suzanne, 284, 328 Garrett, Terry, 303, 378, 589 Denzil, I09 Garrison, Garrison, Gail, 284 Garrison, John, 253, 376 Garrison, Juanita, 43l Garrison, William, 559 Garten, Dorothy, 303, 350, 544 Garten, Larry, 472 Gartenlaub, Marshall, 272, 452, 498 Garvin, Herbert, 498 Garvin, Jo Anne, 303, 340, 477, 533 Gash, Bruce, 487, 557 Gassett, James, 573 Gassett, Silas, I44, 253, 483 Gatch, Vera, 95 Gatchel, Mary, 303,332 Gates, Cheryl, 284, 336, 509 Gatlin, John, 488, 572, 579 Gault, W. Kate, 482 Gaultney, Stephen, 284 Gaunt, Penny, 284, 550 Ga untt, 480, 492 Cynthia, 36, 38, 284, 348, Gay, Dorothy, 5l2 Gay, John, 589 Gay, Marilyn, 440, 5l2, 5l3 Gay, Ne al, 253 Gay, Terry, 303 Gaydosik, Richard, 303,560 Gaye, Stephen, 303, 367, 563 Geary, Richard, 566 Geiger, Jack, 586 Geiogamah, Henry, l20 Geis, Larry, 583 Geis, Margaret, 528 Geller, Mark, 303, 396, 574 Geller, Michael, 284,396 Genga, Eddie, 587 Gentry, Margaret, 303, 538 Gentry, Richard, 272, 386 George, Carol, 253 George, James, 253, 398 George, Johnny, 272, 506 George, Raymond, 303, 56l Gerber, Charles, 284 Gerber, Nancy, 530 Gerchen, Grace, 303, 350, 509, 533 Gerik, John, 303, 440, 569 German, Harvey, 303, 590 Germond, Stanley, I36 Gerry, Norman, 284, 396, 397 Gerson, lris, 303, 326, 477, 534 Gesten, Richard, 583 Gettinger, Donald, 386 Geyer, Roger, 303, 402 Ghaffarzadeh, Mehdi, 467,468 Ghaiar, Parviz, I97, 468 Ghee, William, 206 Given, Bruce, I90 Givens, Danny, 479, 588 Glancy, John, lll, 303 Glasberg, Barry, 272, 396 Glass, Cheryl, 284, 526 Glass, Michael, I39, 589 Glasstan, Bernard, Jr., 253, 396 Glassman, Joan, 303, 350, 528 Glater, Elliott, 588 Glatfelder, Linda, 272, 336, 478 Glazer, Marlene, ll7, 272, 326 Glazer, Rita, 284, 350, 509, 55l Gleason, David, 303,583 Glenn, Peggy, 535 Glickman, Allen, 253,497 Glickman, Howard, 254, 396 Glisan, Pamela, 526 Glover, Ann, 254, 346, 348 Goatcher, H. R., l42 Goddard, Edgar, 303, 398, 589 Goddard, Ronald, 254, 440, 507, 5l2 Godfrey, Richard, 272, 394 Godlove, Ernest, 83 Godwin, Leonard, 272 Gotorth, Marvin, Jr., 89, 272, 454, 587 Goggans, Travis, 494 Goggin, Ruth, 254 Goin Sharon, 538 Goins, Joseph, Jr., l39 Gold, Freddie, 486 Gold, Ronald, 254, 46l, 483 Goldberg, Edith, 497 Goldberg, Howard, 284, 362 Goldberg, Stephen, 587 Golden, Jerry, 303, 556 Golden, Linda, 303, 326, 477, 548 Goldtield, Joyce, 303, 334, 477 Robert, 244, 374, 375, 452 Goldfield, Goldman, Frances, 49l Kath 303 336 Graham, Leslie, 304 Graham, Michael, 284,440 Graham, Robert, 483 Graham, Robert R.,585 Grant, Bob, 364 Grant, James, 284, 398 Granum, Frederick, 493 Grass, Kenneth, 440 Grauel, Jean, 284, 340, 505 Graves, Frank, 386, 558 Graves, Michael, 476 Grave s, Nancy, 304, 346, 549 Gray, Billy, I64 Gray, Cynthia, 304, 533 Gray, Dale, 588 Gray, Gloria, 304, 344, 462, 546 Gray, Larry, I29, 272 Gray, Louis, 440, 44l Gray, Mary, 272, 328 Gray, Ralph, 578 Gray, Raymond, 82 Gray, Richard, 304, 589 Gray, Robert, 476, 579 Gray Thomas, I47, 577 Gray, Thomas G., 244 Graybill, Judith, I2O Graybill, Larry, 483 Grayson, Constance, 537 Grayum, Bruce, 284, 590 Greaves, Jackie, 304, 565 Greber, Nancy, 304, 336, 522 Greeks, 320-403 Green, Abraham, 586 Green, Alan, 284, 394 Green, C. A., l55 Green, lcy, I50, 540 Green, James, 284, 390, 580 Green, Janice, 304, 342, 538 Green, John C., l52 Gren, John, Jr., 57l Goldman Goldman, Lloyd: 272: 396 Goldner, Kay, 304, 350 Galdaniirh, Kaye, 304, 535 Goldstein, Carol, 304,532 Goldstein, Don, 569 Goldstein, Paulette, 304, 339, 548 Goldstein, Richard, 254 Goldstein, Susan, 284, 326 Golf, 240 Gonzales, Daniel, II8, 304, 392, 566 Gonzalez, Lucas, 270 Green, John R., 244, 398 Green, Keith, 576 Green, Kenneth, 304, 384, 573 Green, Linda, 550 Green, Martha, 304, 33l, 354, 548 Green, Green Milliccni, 120, 272, 513 Owen 111, 570 Green, Richard, 386, 563 Green, Robert, 465 Green, Robert W., 560 Green, Roger, l05 Green, Ronald, l04 Gholston, Marion, 303, 332, 546 Ghorash y, Hassan, I99, 468 Giand, John, Jr., 586 Giarnese, John, 578 Gibba rd, Gibbens, M. Elaine, 253 Richard, 138, 284,374 Gibbs, Ann, 284, 344 Gibbs, Charles, 253, 374, 5ll Gibbs, Harold, l29, 272, 374 Gibbs, P Gibson resnall, 303, 573 Arrell, 474, 589 Gibson, James, 284, 380 Gibson, Jimmy, l54, 303, 374, 57l Gibson, John, 303, 378 Gibson, Raymond, 303 465, 479, 584 Gibson, Robert, 244,472 Gibson, Terrance, 586 Gibson, Thomas, I47, l5l, l59 Gibson, Toni, 303, 332, 535 Gieck, Frances, 253, 334 Giezentanner, Dud, 67 Giezentanner, James, l43, l44, I46 Gifford, Gilbert, Gilbert Robert, 272, 579 Alan, 27, I47, 272,396,397 Donald, 472 Gillaarr' Jack, 303, 377 Gilbert., Gilbert Jane, 303, 342, 520 Pearl, l08 Gilbert, Susan, 303, 346, 528 Gilbert, W. Lance, 303, 398, 574 Gilchrist, Stanley, 303 Giles, Carolyn, 303, 322, 546 Giles, Robert, 460 Gilkey, Dickey, I93 Gilkey, Raymond, 253, 485 Gill, Dorinda, 440, 44l Gill, George, I47 Gillert, Thomas, 57l Gillespie, Chandler, Jr., l44 Gillespie, Joyce, 303, 537 Gillett, Michael, l43, l44, I58, 253, 502, 558, 59l Don, 589 Larry, l5l Glenn, Jr., 303, 563 Gillette, Gillham, Gilliland, Gilliland, John lll, 587 David, 462, 632 Gillogly, Gillogly, Marsha, 284, 504, 526 Chuck, 588 Gilmore, Gilmore, George. 574 Gilmore, Mary, 284 Gilmore, Robert, 303 Gilmore, Robert, Jr., 284 Gilmore, William, Jr.. I5l, l55, 583 Gilpin, Judith, 303, 522 Giloin, William lll, ll0, lll, 272, 380, 381 Ginn, William, 567 Ginsbero. Leon, 482 Giroux, Richard, 452 Girard, Geary, 558 Githens, Verna, 440 Good, Elizabeth, 530 Goode, James, 272, 367 Goode, Julia, 284, 340 Goodenow, James, 570 Godenow, James, 570 Gooding, Harry, lll, I39, 304, 392, 566 , Jimmy, l98, 284, 372 Goodman, John, 272, 380, 576, 59l Goodman, Randall, 272, 396, 397 Goodman, Sara, 304,339,546 Goodner, Bobby, 272, 388, 389 Goodner, Julie, 226, 337 Goodowitz, Wayne, 304, 396, 567 Goodspeed, Jerry, 440, 507, 5l2 Goodwin, Freda, 284 Goodwin, Frederick, 254 Goodman Goodwin, Rick, I66, I72, l74,284, 58I Goodwyn, Rita, 304, 542 Barbara, 272, 540 Donna, 304, 328, 533 Gary, 304, 383, 573 Gordon, Gordon, Gordon, Gordon, Jo Anna, 304, 344, 533 Gordon, Gordon, Gordon John, Jr., 43 Max, 383 , Nona, 229, 284, 325 Gore, David, 304,488,574 Gore, Richard, 272, 368 Gorin, Stephen, 284, 362 Gorkuscha, Mischa, 38, l95, 578 Gorrell, Beniamin, Jr., 304, 374, 589 Gorrell, John, 244, 482 Goss, D. Jan, 304, 542 Goss, Sherre, 284, 322, 5l2 Gossage, George, 482 Gossard, Roger, 254, 398 Gossard, Valerie, 272, 336 Gossett, John, 272, 440, 497, 507 Gossett, John L., 577 Gotcher, Paul, 304, 378, 559 Gotcher, Vicki, 240, 254,470 Goth, Perry, 583 Gott, Allen, I78, l80, I90, 272 Gottesman, Michael, 254, 579 Gottlob, Jane 254 Gottscholk, William, I37 Gotz, Esther, 304, 350, 544 Goudy, Margaret, 284, 342 Goulding, Kimberly, 304,549 Gouldy, Sue, 304, 346, 477, 538 Gourley, James, I39, 488, 568 Governor, 58, 59, 464 Gowan, Bobbye, 304, 534 Gramber, Reena, 304, 350, 544 Grable, Carol, 304, 348, 532 Graduate Class, 244-246 Graduate College, 68 Graff, John, l38, 585 Graft, Joel, I47, l57 Graham, Jill, 304, 332 Graham, Joel, 579 Shirley, 272, 551 Green, Green, Susan, 304, 544 Michael, l52, 284,362 Charles, 254, 396 David, 575 Green ba um, Green berg, Greenberg, Greenberg, Ga ry, 569 Greenberg, Greenberg Harvey, 272, 396 , Manny, 304, 383, 570 Greenberg, Mark, 304, 396 Greene, Barbara, 304,348,538 Greene, Barbara S,, 304, 336, 543 Greene, Judy, 284, 336 Greene, Thomas, 5l0, 582, 584 Greenfield, Ron, I90 Greenhaw, Herman, Jr., 244, 365, 456 Greenshields, Pamela, 272, 330, 33l Greenstine, Betty, 254, 526 Greenwood, Carol, 522 Grenwood, Joyce, Greer, David, 254 Gregg, Judy, 528 Gregg, Lawrence, 254, 390, 39I Gregory, Amelda, 304, 50I, 523 Gregory, Helen, 505 Gregory, James, Jr., l55, 304, 359, 372, 479, 583 Gregory, Pamela, 225, 284, 328, 489, 49l Gregory, Pamela R., 228 Greif, Bess, 495 Greif, Frances, 284, 326 Gremm, Beverly, 224, 272, 3l4, 350, 352, 353, 446 Grenier, Glenn, 585 Greyson, Barry, 284 Griftin, Bennett, 284 Griffin, Doug, 55 Griffin, James, l22, l5l, l52, l57, l59, 284, 370 Griffin, John, I44, I46 Griffin, Saralou, l22, 254 Griffin, Sidney, 272, 585, 589, 59l Griffith, Brandon, 445,455 Griffith, Catherine, 284, 492 Griffith, Cherry, ll0, 285, 332, 399 Griffith, Jerry, l98 Patricia, 304, 333, 522 225, 554 Griffith, Griffith, Richard, 583 Gritty, David, l52, 285, 390 Grilli, Robert, 583 Grimes, Donald, 379 Grimes, Jahnia, 139, 304, 558 Grimes, Mary,.53l Grimm, Patricia, 285,550 Grimm Grimm Richard, Jr., 152, 197, 388 Robert, 575 Grimm, William, 304, 398, 559 Grimshaw, Denise, 536 Grinstead, Pamela, 535 Grisham, Cynthia, 254, 346 Grisha Grisha m, Harold, l47, l58, 272 m, Jack, 285, 368, 476 In The Skirvin Tower Hotel O Young Viewpoint Fashions -for the young woman of discriminating taste l JI- "I Sportswear 4, gI,1,..1g',i il: .V , Q api, 3 - 4 -- --'pf 'ii Daytime at I ' ' :S ii 1 Evening Q Dresses ij 47415 ' 3 ' 5 i 'f lllI'Il . . ff - i f. , . Llngerxe . 574. . ' , . ,, , 5 ii., w 4 , ' ' 1' 4 . Accessories ff' V all-,f,iiiiy, 3ggsgjsg U W!! I if f I JI Tllll u 1 'ff lin A fi! ll l I a f I X ' ll I rl T W e I lif f jlx lftii 1651 f 'ii + X X "' l 1 f.f,,ff,' I ', . 0,1 f,,,,,,.,,.i ,tm . 1 Q OKLAHOMA'S FINEST SHOP QW has if I tl 'I if 222 EAST EUFAULA ORGANIZATION AND BUSINESS MEN WITH DREAMS MAKE BIG THINGS HAPPEN! , ,fn let Commander . . . sleek, fast, a valuable management tool saving costly man hours for executives on the move. The let Commander is the result of a dream shared by men of dreams. Men with vision, who saw the need for cor- porate aircraft - and designed and pro- duced the equipment to meet that need. The door to tomorrow is open for young people with dreams Young people who want to make big things happen. Are you one? PRINTING Q N PUBLICATION SPECIALISTS l TELEPHONE JE4 l800 0 ..., ,AERO cuiviivmmnen Division of Rockwell Standard Corporation NORMAN, OKLAHOMA l 5001 N Rockwell Ave, Bethany, Oklahoma, Complete Printing ervice gf-fr--1' :QL li' I l U T " U.S.A Henderson Grisso, D. H., 109 Grissom, Charles, 586 Grissom, Mary, 540 Grissom, Michael, 460, 590 Grissom, Steve, 155, 563 Grizzard, George, 6, 42 Groom, Diane, 120, 227, 285, 330, 331 Groom, Sandra, 272, 328 Gross, Gordon, 304, 362 Gross, Michael, 304, 396 Gross, Robert, 285 Gross, Terry, 254, 333 Gross e, Linda, 285, 551 Grotts, Gordon 569 Grove, Bruce, 254, 384 Grover, Gretchen, 304, 487, 519,522 Grovum, Charles, 285, 452, 577 Gru?bb, David, 254, 398, 498, 570, 5 1 Gruber, Wa ne, 587 Grummon, George, 502 Grunz, James, 481, 485 Gude rian, Robert, 285, 564, 591 Guerry, William, 272,389 Guest, Mary, 456, 522 Guild , Ralph, lll, 304, 487, 556 Guiltoil, Patty, 495 Guiltoil, Thomas, 445, 476, 510 Guiltord, Kaherine, 523 Guinness, Kathryn, 513 Guiou, Dorothy, 272, 519,540 Gumley, Richard, 583 Gumm, Carole, 285, 325 Gunderson, Susan, 226, 285, 334, 335, 492, 509 Gunderson, Suzanne, 285, 334 Gunn, Belinda, 285 Gunn, Carolyn, 285, 325,488,492 Gunn, Sherie, 285, 545 Gunning, Boyd, 104, 250 Gunning, Donald, 254 Gunning, Linda, 200, 203, 304, 346, 530 Gunning, Ma ribeth, 254 Gurney, Leon, 304, 588 Gurney, Marion, 127, 128, 129, 159, 254, 452, 481, 510, Gustin, Donna, 536 Gustine, Elizabeth, 285, 348, 438 Gutel, Joseph, 495 Gutel, Joseph, Jr., 28, 495, 632 Guthery, Cynthia, 440, 513, 539 Guthrie, David, 580 Guthrie, Grover, 285, 398, 580 Guthrie, Jack, 108 Guyer, Dan, 472 Guley, Onkal, 304, 586 Gwin, Robert, 304, 394, 563 Gwinup, Gayle, 244, 546 Gymn Haag, astics, 195 H Linda, 304, 322, 462, 509, 546 Habeger, Charles, Jr., 254,481,485 Habe rek, Diane, 285 Hackett, Donald, 272, 572, 575, 591 Hadd an, Thomas, 272, 390 Hagar, Roger, 486 Hagemann, Toni, 304, 328, 454, 477, 520 Hagen, Barbara, 201, 203,529 Hager, Mona, 489, 551 Hagg, Sandra, 254 Haggard, Cynthia, 304, 528 Haggard, Harold, 304, 560 Hague, Richard, 272, 389 Haqv. Joe, 122 Hahn, Connie, 504 Hahn, Elaine, 285, 344, 507 Hahn, Elizabeth, 272, 544, 546 Hahs, Jimmy, 79 Haight, David, 511 Haight, Robert, 152, 157, 304, 377, 561 Haines, Jane, 482 Haines, Sharon, 272, 346, 536 Hall, Randall, 304, 368, 567 Hall, Richard, 304, 567 Hall, Richard V., 285, 390,490 Hall, Rita, 285, 340 Hall, Robert, 254, 583 Hall, Rutus, 469 Hall, Stephen, 254 Hall, Susan, 521 Halley, William, 568 Hall Hall Hall Hall iday, Russel, 147 ock, Charlotte, 456 oran, John, 137 um, Larry, 254, 380 Halper, Stephen, 144 Halpern, Paul, 471 Ham, Alyce, 272, 338, 339 Ham, William, 254, 360, 361 Hamel, Robert, 285 Hamer, Sandra, 224 Hamill House, 527 Hamilton, Beverly, 464 Hamilton, Donald, 86, 254, 432, 585 Hamilton, Frances, 304,546 Hamilton, Ginny, 492 Hamilton, Janet, 521 Hamilton, Jimmie, 144, 188, 254,478 Hamilton, John, 591 Hamilton, Linda, 254, 322, 323 Hamilton, Marilyn, 87, 433, 434 Hamilton, Paul, 474, 510 Hamilton, Stephen, 304, 367 Hamlin, Joe, 147,272,384 Hamm, Ronald, 272, 440, 507, 512 Hamman, Douglas, 569 Hammand, Jack, 579 Hammand, Jerry, 579 Hammer, Mike, 24, 119, 120, 272, 577, 632 Hammerick, Lena, 540 Hammert, Carl, 272 Hammock, Wilbur, 495, 505, 569 Hammon, Donna, 525 Hammond, Alice, 272, 322 Hammond, Hobart, 144,254,392 Hammond, James, I66, 285, 400, 581 Hammond, John, 166, 167, 168, 169, 176, 385, 448 Hammond, Sandra, 304 Hggmond, Thomas, 155, 304, 384, Hammonds, Samuel, Jr., 139, 304, 378, 563 Hammons, Gordon, 493 Hammons, John, 580 Hammons, Royce, 272, 378 Hammons, William, 285, 394 Hamor, Lillian, 497 Hampshire, Eddie, 137 Hampton, John, 155, 304, 368, 558 Hampton, Michael, 304 Hampton, William, 285 Hamra, Henry, 566 Hamrick, Lena, 492 Han, Grace, 244 Hanchette, Nina, 304, 333 Hancock, Geneva, 495 Henderson, Alan, 165 Hanes, Dou las 285 400 Haney Haney 9 - . , Caren, 272, 346 James, 144, 146 Haney: John, 285, 386 Haney, Richard, 272, 398 Hangs, Catherine, 239, 254, 460, 470, 503 Hankowski, Ruth, 470 Hanmer, Don, 476 Han mer, Jean, 304 Hanna, Terry, 304, 562 Hansel, David, Jr., 304, 402, 559 Hansen, Chiquita, 254, 454, 508 Hansen, Clayton, Jr., 285, 372 Hansen, George, 440 Hansen, Glynda, 254 Hansen, Gregory, 129, 151,304,560 Hansen, Harry, 272 Hansen, James, 285 Hanson Han Harland, Jr., 502 Janice, 304, 342, 538 . son, Harlan, William, 566 Harlin, Gary, 285, 578 Harlow, Dr. James, 76 Harlow, Mary, 285, 348 Harmash, Margaret, 528 Harmison, Joseph, 502, 573 Harmon, Darylene, 285, 328, 489 Harmon, Gary, 272, 374 Harmon, Lance, 486 Harmon Larry, 576 . Harmon, Harmon, Margaret, 285, 526 Michael, 304, 365 Harms, Laure, 304, 522 Harms. Oliver, 464 Harms, Verna, 539 Harn, Kathryn, 50,285,340 Harper, Alan, 166,578 Harper, Barbara, 488, 501,529 Harper, Cynthia, 304, 344, 488, 501 Harper, Gary, 581 Harper, Kenneth, 305, 568 Harper, Michael, 581 Harral, Larry, 38, 110, 285,368 Harrall, Vicki, 305, 487 522 Harrell, Allyn, 305, 560 Harrell, Carole, 120,550 Harrell, Kent, 254, 390, 486 Harrell, Marcia, 254, 348, 513 Harrell, Michael, 272, 579 Harrell Stephen, 285, 364, 365 Harrington, Joe, 557 Harrington, Richard, 569 Harris, Barney, 254, 390 Harris, David, 586 Harris, Edward, 285, 362, 363 Harris, Gary, 273 Harris, Jack, 557 Harris, James, 254, 367 Harris Jenettie 305 547 Harris, Joyce, 463 I Harris, Julian, 386, 573 Harris, Kathryn, 465, 525 Harris, Loyd, 88, 454 Harris, Mrs. Loyd, 500 Harris Harris , Mary,305, 512,541 Harris, Lynda, 254, 474 Melanie, 254 Harris, Pamela, 537 Harris, Paula, 305, 546 Harris, Phillip, 285, 378 Harris, Raymond, 481 Harris Raymond M., 445 Harris, Robert, 40, 486 Harris Roy, Jr., 119, 120, 241, 254 Harris, Shirley, 273, 529 Harris Steven, 456 Harris, Suzan, 305, 509 Harris, Suzanne, 254, 550 Harrison, Doane, 285, 395 Harrison, James, 305, 368, 487, 555, 556 Harrison , M. Charline, 470, 512, 532 Harrison, Mary, 273, 344 Harrison, Patricia, 552 Harrison, Patricia E., 254, 330, 331 Harrison, Roger, 485 Harrison, Roger G., Jr., 254, 395, 492 Harrison, Thelma, 285, 504 Harrison, William, 244, 361 Harroll, Terry, 254, 367 Harrolle, Phillip, 254 Harshaw, Jon, 254, 389 Hart, Ben, Jr., 166, 167, 168, I72, 173, 448, 581 Hart, Dean, 197 Hart, Ellis, 244,455,472 Hart, Frances, 431 Hart, Gregory, 285, 400 Hart, Jan, 305, 336, 537 Hart, J. Anne, 305 Hart, Jon, 581 Hart, Robert, 273, 368 Hart, Walter, Jr., 143, 144, 146, 254, 369 Harter, Martha, 535 Hartgraves, Claudette, 273, 340 Harth, Joseph, IV, 568 Hartlein, Allan, 589 Halbrich, Barbara, 304,350,509 Hale, Barbara, 304, 546 Hale, Lynda, 489 Hale, Marcia, 151,285,334 Hale, Pamela, 525 Hale, Robert, 81 Haley, Jack, 632 Haley, Vinita, 304, 527 Haliburton,John 111,440,556 Hall, Carl, 448, 587 Hall, Charles, 166, 168, 174, 188, 272, Hall 398, 581 Clarence, 448 Hall, David, 155, 304, 402, 403, 556 Hall, Frank, 272, 380, 486 Hall, Galen, 164 Hall, James, 139,568 Hall, John, 285 Hall, Judith, 44 Hall, Judith A., 285, 552 Hall, Kent, 565 Hall, Marion, 97 Hall, Marquita, 150, 285, 456, 465, 496 HalT, Mary, 304, 336 Hall, Mary E., 285, 342, 477,492 Hall, Patricia, 304, 531 608 Hanthorn, George, Jr.. 560 Hard, John, 304, 367, 562 Hardacre, Leslie, 304, 531 Hardberger, Kathryn, 272, 333 Harden, Larry, 254, 377 Harder, Hyla, 524 Hardesty. Carolyn, 431 Hardin, Bryan, 144 Hardin, Thomas, 440, 560 Harding, Frankie, 304, 350, 544 Harding, Owen, l5l, 152,157,562 Hardridcle, Charles, 304, 583 Hardwick, James, 580 Hardwick, William, 198,272,398 Hardy, Hubert, 76 Hardy, James, 507 Hardy, Janet, 285, 336 Hardy, Walter, 563 Hare, Billy, 118 Hargis, Joseph, 459, 474, 476 Hargrave, Willis, 139 Hargrove, James, 285, 374 Hariri, Bahman, 455 Hariry, Abdul, 285 Harkey, Roy, 285, 386 Harkins, Edward, 155,563 Harlan, Mary, 254, 504, 543 Hartley, Patricia, 529 Hartman, Barbara, 201, 203, 305, 529 Hartman, John, 588 Hartman, Timothy, 155,581 Harvell, Charlotte, 305, 465, 536 Harvey, John, 111,285,579 Harvey, Marion, 254, 332, 333, 352 Harvey, Sherman, 285 Harvin, Larry, 512 Harvin, Marianna, 512 Harz, Steven, 285, 355, 396, 397, 578 Hashemi, Tatreshi, 244 Hassan, Shamsul, 244 Hassebroek, Jerry, 110,273,369 Hastings, Glen, 273, 359, 377 Hastings, Sven, 305, 369, 582,585 Haston, Harold, 440 Hatch, Everette, lll, 244, 377 Hatcher, Leon, Jr., 273, 445, 481, 493 Hatfield, Troy, 305, 386, 564 Hatchcoat, Kermit, Jr., 305, 590 Hattaway, David, 488, 492, 578, 591 Haug, Judith, 484, 501 Hauser, Linda, 254, 478, 524 Hawk, Judith, 305, 325 Hawk, Lila, 285 Hawkins, Ada, 431 Hawkins, George 178, 180,448,581 Hawkins, Gloria, 305, 33l,, 537 Hawkins, Harva, 285 Hawkins, James, 273 Hawkins, Judith, 245 Hawkins, Lenora, 285 Hawkins, Leo, 590 Hawkins, Ronald, 273,451,632 Roy, 285 Hawkins, Hawkinson, Bette, 305, 331, 536 Hawthorn, Katherine, 305,326,534 Hawtin, Eleanore, 92 Hawxby, Keith, 245 Hay, Melany, 285 Laurie, 273, 344, 345, 501 Hayen, Hayes, Jeri, 432, 504 Hayes, Robert, 126, 590 Hayes, Thomas, 138, 139, 285, 402, 564 Hayman, Gloria, 305, 527 Haynes, Carol, 273, 529 Hanes, Marvin, 166, 168, 273, 392, 448,498,581 Hays, Carol, 305, 541 Ha s, James, 511 Larr 493 V Hays, y, Hays, Maxine, 482 Hayward, Charles, 305, 359, 377 Hayward, David, 121,273 Head, Judy, 273, 336, 337, 352, 353, 355, 484 Healy, Kathryn, 273, 348 Heard, Ellen, 285, 344, 501, 502 Heard, Margaret, 549 Hearn, Anita, 525 Hearn, DeForest, Jr., 493, 510 Donna, 285, 492, 554 Hearn, Heartsill, Phyllis, 285, 525 Heath, 550 Marie, 285, 459, 474, 512, Heath, Virginia, 305, 331 Heatly, Dick, 165 Heavin, Sherry, 530 Hecht, William, 464 Hechtman, Janice, 305, 350, 525,530 Hechtman, Joyce, 305, 350, 530 Heck, Paula, 305,529 Heck, Thurman, Jr., 155 Hgcgerman, Nancy, 226, 273, 344, 4 Hef1erhorst,.lenefred, 110, 1l1,227, 285, 346, 509 Hedges, Larry, 285, 374, 474, 476 Hefley, Jacqueline, 545 Heidbreder, William, 577 Heiman, Walter, 586 Hein, Helen, 432 Heineman, Terry, 120, 273, 398 Heinen, Barbara, 342 Heirien, Charlene, 110, 218, 219, 273, 342, 343 Heinrichs, Jessee, 445, 459, 499 Heintz, Edward, 254, 509 Heintz, Patricia, 118, 551 Randall, 305, 556 Janey, 285 Heintz, Heinze, Heise, Waltraud, 530 Heitz, .lames, 305 Held, David, 585 Hellerson, Douglas, 285, 380, 587 Helmer, Gary, 305, 379, 587 Helms, Johnette, 494 Helton, Harriette, 305, 462, 541 Hemmy, Victor, Jr., 136, 254, 390, 483 Hemphill, James, 305, 369 Hemphill, John, 273, 369 Hemphill, Phyllis, 273, 344 Hemphill, Robert, 122, 285, 390 Henbest, David, 285, 379 Henderson, Anne, 285, 343 Barbara, 285 Frank, 273, 398 Henderson, Henderson, Henderson, Jack, 273, 584 Henderson, James, ?S4, 377,440 Joan 544 Hegdersonl Joseph, iss, 285, 398, 5 i Henderson, Katherine, 285, 346, 492 Henderson, Lvle, 505 Henderson, Marilyn, 305, 344,, 354, 504, 539 Henderson, Martha, 202, 285, 333 Henline, Donald, 136, 199, 254,355 356, 357, 380, 381 Henneke, Vernon, 305, 367, 557 Hennessee, Marilyn, 305, 632 Augie, lll, 128, 151,305 Henry, Henry, Benn, 254, 395, 490, 492 Henry, Brad, 305,400,585 Henry, Emil, Jr., 139, 305, 563 Henry, Thomas, 254 Hensen, Carl, 571 Hensler, David, 378 Hensler, Gary, 152, 285, 379, 446, 474, 476 Hensley, Cathy, 529 Hensley, Frank, 511 Hensley, John, 285, 474 Hensley, Minta, 305, 546 Herber, Cheryl, 305 Herbert, Gordon, 193 Herd, Barbara, 305, 334, 477, 542 Heritage, Rebecca, 255, 348, 349 Herman, Kenneth, 305, 362 Herman, Michael, 460 Hermes, Peggy, 305, 340, 547 Hernando, Orlando, 245 Herndon, Carla, 337 Herrera, Hector, 245, 455, Herrick House, 528 Herrick, T. P., 164 Herring, Jerry, 255, 450 Herrington, James, 569 Herrman, Gary, 255, 398 Herrman, Larry, 305, 398, 559 543 472 Herrman, Diane, 305, 340, Herrold, Jack, 305, 398,560 Hersh, Joel, 139 Hershey, Kirk, Jr., 574 Herzog, Barbara, 200, 285, 350 Hesler, William, 111,485 Hess, Julian, 305, 383, 584 Hess, Marilyn, 535 Hess, Nancy, 285, 344, 492, 501 Hester House, 529 Hester, Mary, 285 Hester, Terry, 285, 325 Hetherington, Richard, 581 Hetherington, William, Jr., 155, 305, 395 Hettmannsperger, Harry, 166, 581 Heuston, Joe, 589 Hewitt, Patricia, 507 Hewitt, Robert, 285, 372 Heydt, James, 576 Hiatt, James, Jr., 584 Hibbard, Kenneth, 575 Hibler, Robert, 563 Hickman, Anda, 273, 489 Hickman, Bruce, 110, 111, 255, 390, 391, 483 Hickman, Suzanne, 542 Hicks, Andrea, 285,328 Hicks, Corrie, 305, 325, 468, 529 Hicks, David, 255, 365 Hicks, Frank, 454 Hicks, M. Elizabeth, 454, 500 Hicks, Pershing, Jr., 481, 485 Ruth, 255, 550 Hicks, Hier, Roy, Jr., 585 Hiersche, Jerry, 255, 386 Higginbottom, Frank, 285, 380, 381 Higgins, Carl, 273, 360, 361 Higgins, Walter, 143, 144, 146, 255 Higgins, Williams, 255 Highfield, Douglas, 481 Highley, Francis, 577 Hight, Frances, 529 Higman, Sandra, 553 Hilborne, Tom, Jr., 285 Hilburn, Bruce, 155,305,567 Hggcabrand, Clinton, Jr., 305, 389, Hilderbrandt, Loren, 479,583 Hiltinger, Margo, 39, 117, 286, 340, 341, 492, 632 Hill, Charles, 440, 586 Hill, Christine, 305,325,523 Hill, Dale, 587 Hill, Howard, 255 Hill , James, 305, 389 Hill, Jerry, 580 Hill, Joe, 147, 157,273 Hill, John, 305,585 Hill, Laura, 305 Hill, Robert, 273 Hill Ronald, 139 588 Hill Hill Hill Q Terry, 285, 452, 573 Thomas, 197, 286, 377 el Foundation, 497 i Henderson, Richard, 273, 379, 456 Henderson, Robert, 165, 399, 448, 471, 581 Henderson, Robert K. Jr., 285, 369 Henderson, Robert P., 589 Henderson, Ronald, 465, 575 Henderson, Susan, 273, 340 Henderson, Toni, 530 Henderson, Vicki, 285, 462, 524 Hendon, Diane, 305 348, 525 Hillis, Sherry, 305, 523 Himelstein, Jerry, 305, 396, 561 Himelstein, Marsha, 305 Hindes, Max, 286, 328, 501 Hindman, Janice, 433 Hendrick, Helen, 273 Hendricks, Billy. 118 285. 572,578 Hendricks, Phyllis, 273, 340, 477 Hendrix, Billy, 581 Hendrix, William, 581 Hendry, John, 444. 445, 476, 510 Hener ,Ro'oert, 583 Hengst, Herbert, 512 Henke, David, 487 Henley, Gordon, 285, 569 Hindman, A. Jeffrey, Jr., 499 Hindsley, Cheryl, 200, 203, 540 Hines, Anthony, 481 Hines, Ronnie, 273, 398 Hinkle, Alice, 518 Hinkle, Glenn, 245 Hinkle, Richard, 286, 392 Hinkle, 502, William, 286, 465, 474, 575 Hinshaw, Mark, 305, 359, 370 Hinton, Eddie, 581 SCHOOL SUPPLIES EI - BOOKLETS , O II 0 BROCHURES Q I - LETTERHEADS o ' News LETTERS x ' -I I - PROGRAMS a I PUBLICATIONS . 5 II D QII 6 5 VARSITY Plljillg BQQK SHOP iust a few steps from the campus I I 798 ASP - NORMAN JE 4 5607 IE 5-2033 V QHSWSIIM I In I .ff. I ipsum Think FIRST For Student Accounts Bank FIRST The College Bank Think FIRST in Norman-Most Students Do f FIRS JFTWIQMIQ Iwi' MEMBER F.D.I.C. 609 coiiia, 111, 155, 307, 359, Jordan Hirsch, Dianne, 305, 326, 477, 538 Hirsch, Margaret, 273, 338, 339 Hirschtritt, Steven, 305, 396 Hirzel, Karen, 273, 334 Hisey, David, 305 Hisey, Linda, 255, 34l Hitchcock, Catherine, 305, 328, 537 Hively, Ray Michael, 255, 578 Hix, Judith, 255, 5l2 Hix, Max, l29, 273 1-1'a11a, Joan, 24, 455, 519, 572 Hladik, Charles, 305, 568 Hoag, C., 5l2 Hoan, Tran, 245, 455 Hobbie, Richard, Herman, 578 Hobbs, Gloria, 286, 529 Hobbs, Lauren, 305, 465, 544 Hobby, Brewster, l65 Hobson, Gwynetth, 286, 554 Hochgraete, Ruth, 273, 33l Hock, Leonard, 479, 565 Hockman, Shiree, 520 Hockridge, John, 569 1-ioaae, Bill, 245, 380 Hodge, Linda, 529 Hodges, Benny, 590 Hodges, Cyrus, Ill, 273,392 Hodges, Guinnevere, II7, 305, 523, 632 Hodges, Johny, 255, 454 Hodges, Karen, 273, 322, 489 Hodges, Malcom, 386 Hodges, Paul, 255, 374 Hodgins, Paula, 229, 286, 324, 325 Hoekstra, Susanne, 535 Hoffman, Alan, 286, 402, 403 Hoffman, Mark, I44, 255, 380 Hofheins, Waymon, 255, 488 Hogan, Larry, 7l, I39, 590 Hogan, Vern, 245, 398 Hogue, Carolyn, 255, 509 Hohl, Nancy, 477, 537 Holbert, Penelope, 305, 542 Holbrook, Stephen, 577 Holcomb, Judith, 273, 34l Holcomb, Mary, 255, 34I Holden, Lynda, 273, 334 Holden, Patricia, 305,532 Holden, Terry, 305, 359, 380, 573 Holden, Virgil, 476 Holden, William, 587 Holder, Ben, 386, 586 Holderby, Jackie, 286, 324, 325 Hollacher, Joy, 273, 540 Holladay, Don, 255 Holladay, Joe, 305 Hollak, Joe, 305 Holak, Duane, 575 Hollana, B. C., I42 Holland, Bill, 305, 369 Holland, C. Joe, II4, lI5, 509 Holland, Edward, 255, 370, 49I Holland, Nancy, 530 Pamela, 273 Virginia, 255, 333, 460 Holland, Holland, Hollander, Neil, l29, l59, 305, 362 Holliman, Terence, 588 Hollingshead, Jan, 285, 343 Hollingshead, Larry, 476 Hollingsworth, Susan, II8, 305, 462, 5l9, 538 Hollis, Stephen, 585 Hollman, Jeralyn, 286, 348 Holloman, James, 273, 389, 450 Holloway, Joe, 454, 47l Holloway, Robbie, 255 Holloway, Susan, 285, 346 Hollweg, Barbara, 305, 53I Holman House, 530 Holmes, Paul, 255 Holmes, Terry, 386, 560 Holmsley, Frances, 305, 336, 542 Holt, Francis, Jr., 273 Holt, Linda, 273, 325 Holt, Phil, 30 Holt, Robert, 286, 36l Holt, Vic, 387 Holter, John, I55 Holtzen, Verna, 43l Holzbeierlein, Jean, 286, 346 Homecoming Queen, 233 Homsey, Gary, 286, 400 Homsey, Joe, Jr., 305, 566 Honea, Twila, 255, 340, 34l Honnold, Mary, 488, 540 Hood, Andrew, Jr., 305, 384, 555, 57l Hood, Carolyn, 454 James, 568 James D., l06 Hood, Hood, Hood, Louise, I42 Hood, Sandra, 305, 525 Martha, 443 Hook, Hooker, Mondee, 586 Hooper, Garland, 273 Hooper, Michael, 305, 560 Hoot, Phillip, 386 Hoover, James, 273, 374 Hoover, John, 557 Hopcus, Sandra, 305, 542 Hope, Garland, Jr., I44, 47I Hope, Marilyn, 286, 344 Hope, Philip, 273, 398 Hopkins, Bernice, 43l 6I0 Hopkins, Carole, 305, 322 Hopkins, Denny, l90 Hopkins, Gary, I47 Hopkins, John, 57l Hopkins, Owen, 305, 586 Hopkins, Patti, 55I Hopkins, Sharon, 286, 322 Hulsey, Patricia M., 307, 34l, 477, 536 Human, Kaye, 547 Hume House, 53I Humphrey, Gilbert, 589 Humphrey, Judith, 286, 552 Hopila, Cluff, 502 Hopla, Richard, 255 Hopp, Ellen, 286, 504, Hopp, Margaret, 536 Hoppe, Lawrence, 305, 402 I-Iorevitz, Ellen, 305, 326 Horn, Clinton, 273, 400 Horn, Linda, 286, 346 Hgrn, Patty, 255 Horn, Peggy, 305, 53I Sandra, 305, 496, 547 Sue, 286, 325, 459 55l Horn, Horn, Hornbeek, Ronald, l90, 255 Horne, Bonnie, 286, 550 Horning, Kay, 200, 305, 547 Hornung, John, 558 Horosz, David, 245 Floyd, 255, 365 Horon, Horton, Fred, 588 Jeanne, 305, 522 Horton, Horton, Robyne, 286 Horwedel, Jon, 403, 496, 499 Horwitz, Gary, 273, 383 Hogvgitz, Jacquelyn, 305, 350, 509, 5 Losii, 491 Marilyn, 305, 350, 438, Hoster, Craig. 286, 372 Hostetler, John, 286, 402 Houchin, John, 6l Houck, Mary, 433, 434 House, Marsha, 286 Horwitz, Horwitz, 509, 528 Humphrey, Linda, 307, 336 Humphrey, William, 255 Mumphreys, Bichael, 576 Humphries, Ronda, 255 Huneke, Harold, I64 Huneke, Karen, 307, 528 Hunke, Linda, 52, 307, 345, 551 Hunt, Bruce, 207, 585 Hunt, Dorothy, 307, 336, 537 Hunt, Hunt, James, 307, 583 James P., 307, 558 Hunt, Karen, 286, 526 Hunt, Richard, 286, 559 Hunt, Robert, 570 Hunter, Clarence, Jr., 588 Hunter, James, l48 Hunter, John, IO7 Hunter, Mary, 286 Hunter, Michael, 557 Hunter, Norma, 307, 523 Hunter, Hunter, Paul, 307, 377, 57l Steven, 575 Huntington, Richard, 492 Huntzicker, William, 286, 392 Hurlbert, Clyde, 307, 465, 558 Hurley, Eliza beth, 307, 325 Hurley, Phillip, 497 Hurst, Fred, Jr., 273, 380 Hurst, Jane, 529 Hurst, Wynona, 286 Husband, Bradford, 307, 389 Husky, Andrew, 307, 359, 400, 56l Huston, Sara, 286, 343 Housing, 5l5-5I8 Housley, Roger, 273, 398 Housley, Steve, 305, 398, 568 Houston, Linda, 273, 328 Houston, Linda L., 307, 322, 462,537 Houston, Mark, 446, 487, 557 Hovasse, Robert, 255 Hove, John, 273, 384 Hover, Daniel, 307, 359, 390 Howard, Howard, Anthony, 580 Barbara, 54l Hutcheson, Geoffrey, 585 Hutchins, Henry, 588 Hutchinson, Elizzabeth, 529 Hutchinson, Barbara, 92 Hutchinson, Jimmy, I36 Hutton, Daniel, 307, 573 Hutton, Marilyn, 273, 545 Hutton, Russell, 307, 374, 502, 559 Hyde, James, 286, 386 Hyde, James D., I44, 255, 355, 400 446, 506 Hyfield, Thomas, 476 Hyken, Pamela, 307, 326 Hylton, Joseph, Jr., 273, 402 Howard, Cynthia, 54l Howard, Dale, 497 Howard, Dallas, 245, 372 Howard, Estella, 522 Howard, Gary, 286, 389 Howard, James, II7, 245, 380 Howard, James O., 255, 632 Howard, Linda, 307, 536 Howard, Michael, 487, 556 Howard, Thad, 578 Howe, Maureen, 23l, 307,333,534 Howell, John, 585 Howell, Joseph, 488, 560 Howell, Lena, 482 Howell, Michael, I47, l58 Howell, Sondra, 273, 488, 50l, 529 Howenstine, Ralph, 255 Howze, Lawrence, Ill, I97, 273, 369 Hoy, Harry, I64 Hoyt, David, 566 Hubbard, Mike, 386 Hubbard, Roger, 255,400 Hubbard, Sunny, 495 Hubble, Jean, 245, 392, 452 Huddleston, Gerald, 307, 400, 555, 590 Hudiburg, Karen, 273 Hudson, Constance, 546 Hudson, Donald, 483 Hudson, Loreta, 273, 336 Hudson, Michael, 255 Nancetta, 545 Hudson, Hudson, Richard, 562 Huff, Jon, 255, 48l Huff, Karen, 307, 477, 504, Huffman, Edgar, 454 Huffman, Gerald, 482 Huffman, Randall, 38, II7, l20, 273, 543 lbach, David, 255, 386, 569, 59l lbach, Frann, 527 lbach, H. Frank, 307, 584 Ice, Carol, 550 Ice, Daniel, 139, 502, 583 lesa, Salah, 565 lkeda, Thomas, 483 lmes, Charles, l55 lmke, Harold, Jr., 286, 372 lmpson, Ted, 286, 380 lmrie, Richard, I39 Independent Students Association, 465 India Students Association, 466 Industrial Engineers Club, 498 lngham, Herbert, 273, 491, 578 lngham, Michael, 460 Ingle, Alfred, 307, 574 lngle, Jane, 307, 346, 549 lngle, John, Jr., -194 lngle, Raymond, 583 lnglet, Norman, 245, 456, 482 Inglis, Ann, 273, 346, 489, 503 lnglish, Howard, 286, 505 lngold, Donald, 5ll Ingram, Dorrie, 286, 551 lnhofe, Douglas, 38, ll0, 355, -476 Inman, Henry, 286, 49I Inman, Jamie, 502, 590 Inman, Jimmy, 502, 590 lnnis, Shirley, 273, 5l2, 526 Institute of Electrical and Elec- 374, 375, 474, 476, 632 Huttord, Jimmy, 273, 367 Hughes, Carl, 286, 377 Hughes, Carolyn, 456 Hughes, Charles, Jr., I47 Hughes, Claudia, 286, 322 Hughes, David, 459 Hughes, Dwain, 307, 380, 559 Hughes, Forrest, 245 Hughes, George, 386 Hughes, Patricia, 286,550 Hughes, Rosa, 459 Hughes, Wane, 307, 3l0, 586 Hugon, Mary, 286 Huguley, Donald, 445 Hugus, Wayne, 255 Huken, Pam, 552 Hular, Richard, 286 Hull, Judy, 548 Hull, Katherine, 307, 528 Hull, Larry, 307 Hull, Yevonne, 527 Hulsey, Larry, 255, 398 Hulsey, Hulsey, Hulsey, Louanne, 203 Marilyn, 530 Patricia, 544 tronics Engineers, 499 Interfraternity Council, 355 International Center, 499 International Club, 467 Intramurals, I96-I99 Iorio, Leo, 245, 36l Iranian Students Society, 468 lrelan, J. R. Stanley, 490 Irving House, 585 Irwin, Stephanie, 544 Irwin, Steve, 286, 377 Isaacs, Eugene, 589 ISA Sweetheart, 235 lseminger, William, 255, 370 lsler, Gloria, 307, 350,535 lsom, Penny, 203, 24I, 255, 348, 349, 451, 470 Israel, Virginia, 307, 350 lvens, Michael, 255, 384 Iverson, David, I44, 464 Ivey, Garrell, l35 Ivy, Susan, lI8, 307, 477, 5I9, 534 Jackson, Jackson, J James, I88, 440, 531 Jim, 155 Jackson, Joe, Jr., 476 Jackson, Joel, I55, 307, 487, 556 Jackson, Katherine, 543 Jackson, Kathy, 307, 336, 549 Jackson, Kurt, 307, 555, 560 Jackson, Marye, 307, 547 Jackson, Myrna, 53I Jackson, Nancy, 307, 5"0 Jackson, Robert, 286, 372 Jackson, Robert N., 255, 389 Jackson, Russell, 255, 582, 584 Jackson, Shirley, 286 Jackson, Thomas, l53 Jackson, William, Jr., 255, 498 Jacobs, Barbara, 307, 344, 509, 52I Jacobs, Donna, 537 Jacobs, John, I48, I65, l92 Jacobs, John G., 590 Jacobs, Merle, l22, 286 Jagzibs, Robert, ll5, II7, 255, 400, Ja!-ciacjbson, Gunda, ll8, 307, 5l9, Jacobson, Jeffrey, 383, 476, 497 Jacobson, Jill, 307, 548 Jacobson, Sandra, 273 Jacobus, Charles, 307, 380, 586 Jacoby, Ray, 632 Jaeger, Richard, 273 Jaffe, Stanley, 587 Jahnke, Chris, 286 Jain, Gil, 632 James, Barbara, 6l James, Christine, 504 James, 567 James, Earl, lll, 307, 367, 440, 589 James, Pat, I64 James, Susan, 529, 53I James, William, Jr., 502, 507,576 Jankowski, James, 590 Jankowsky, Nicolas, l38, 386 Jantz, James, 492 Jarmon, Janis, 227, 286, 333 Jarmuth, Jarrett Frank, 273, 362, 579 Sall 432 434 435 i Yi i r Jarvis, Patricia, 273, 333 Jaworsky, Tommy, 273, 389 Jayiock, Anthony, 138, 286, 577 Jech, Bob, 57l Johnson, Larry, 459 Johnson, Linda, IIO, III, 120, 273, 340, 34I, 352, 5I3, 632 Johnson, Linda A., 529 Johnson, L nda, 286, 526 Johnson, tvllargaret, 307, 346, 534 Johnson, Mark, 386, 563 Johnson Mark, 6l Johnson: Martha, 307, 335, 541 Johnson, Johnson Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Maureen, 286 Michael, I39, 576, 589 Mike, 576 oiia, 51a Pamela, 489, 536 Patricia, 273, 348 Paula, 286, 34I, 477 Peggy, 307, 549 Richard, l57, l58, 256, 374, 451 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, 440 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnston, Johnston, Johnston, Johnston, Johnston, Johnston, Johnston, Johnston, Robert, 153, 286, 395, 578 Rosilyn, 286, 346, 477 Stephen, 286, 378, 379, Steven, 286, 445, 50l, 576 Sandra, 55l Spencer, 203, 256 Thomas, 558 , Tower, 573, 577, 5713 vioki, 495, 553 Vincent, Jr., l88, 448, 580 Willene, 5l8 Dianne, 529 Frances, 533 H. L., I42 Jimmy, 307, 487, 557 Judith, 286, 34I Lawrence, 256, 379 Marc, 585 Ted, 256, 46I Johnston, Johnston, Johnstone, William, Il8, 307, 369, 555, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones . Jones, Jones Jones Jones Jones, Jones, Jones Jones Jeck, Phillip, I5l Jefferson House, 580 Jeffries, Ellen, 527 Jenkins, Gene, l2I, l88, 45I Jenkins, John, 589 Jenkins, Mark, 307, 392, 57l Jenkins, Patricia, 544 Jenkins, Richard, 273,398 Jenkins, Robert, 255, 377 Jenkins, Tamela, 273 Jenkins, William, Jr., 307, 367, 558 Jennings, Bettye, 500, 5l2 Jennings, David, 440, 502, 5l2 Jennings, Jeanie, 286, 334 Jennings, Linda, 286 Jennings, Mark, 250, 255 Jennings, Phil, I55, 307,395 Jennings, Stephen, 559 Jensen, Carl, 57l Jensen, Glen, 455 Jerlow, J Jernigan, Jernigan, on, 590 Stephen, 307, 386, 586 William, Jr., 307 Jewell, Cordelia, 507 Jobe, Jack, 286, 47l John, James, 273, 367 Johns, Le e, l20, 5I3 Johnson, Anita, 255, 503 Johnson, Art, 307,390 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, 255, 35 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, 586 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, 58I Johnson, Johnson, Bari, 20l, 307 Barton, 286, 369, 505 Bobby, 459 Carolyn, 255, 527 Carroll, 286 Charles, 590 Charles W., 286 Cynthia, 307, 34l David Alan, 307 David Allen, I27, l28, 5, 370, 37l, 446 David E., 369, 563 David W., 493 E. B., 5l6 Eugene, 286, 390, 476, Gary, 273 George, 558 Howard, I78, l8l, 448, Howard L., 273, 379 J. Richard, Jr., I44 Johnson, Jackie, 245, 456 Johnson, Jeanne, 528 Johnson, Jerry, 589, 59l Joh8nson, Jim, I78, l80, l88, 448, 5 I Johnson, Johnny, 286 Johnson, Joseph, 440, 479 Johnson, Karen, 286 Johnson, Karen Y., 489, 495 Johnson, Kent, 286, 367 Jones, 256, Jones Jones, G I7l, Jones, H Jones, Jones, J Jones J Troy, 235, 455, 550 wi 115, 307, 369, 479, 559 56l Alan, 195, 273, 452, 559 April, 307, 346, 542 Arthur, I34, I36, 256,492 Byron, Jr., l48 Carol, 307, 336 Charles, 286, 395 Darryl, 460 Donald, 255, 450, 451, 475 Earl, I36 Edgarita, 245, 482 Elizabeth, 522 Frank, 256, 374 Genny, 307, 531, 569 Gerald L., No. l, I27, I90, 400, 498 , Gerald L., No. 2, 48l orriar, 3, 154, 155, 155, 159, 173, 174, 175 elen, 2135, 545 Janet, 273 ere, 307, 533 ohn, 256 Jones: John M., 255, 393 Jones, Joseph, 256 Jones Jones, Jones , Judith, 454 Judith K., 307, 344, 37I, 520 , Judy, 256, 348 Jones Keith, 307, 567 Jones Jones Jones L Jones , Linda, 286 , Linda K., 307, 335, 532 uanah, 307 Q Marina, 135 Jones, Mary, 256, 328, 495, 497 Jones Jones P Jones Jones , Melton, 46 hillip, 307, 398 I Sally, 495 , Sammye, 544 Jones, Sharon, 307 Jones, Vi Jones, 589 Jones Jordan, Jordan, cki, 229, 273, 346, 347 Warren, ll'8, 307, 372, 582, William, 459 Carthelia, 307, 547 Charles, 476 Jordan, Cuane, 256, 379 Enriq ue, 203 Jorda Jorda Jorda Jorda Jorge Jorski I1 l'l fl F1 I'1 Jorski: Joyce, Joyce 568 Jo?ce Joyne 1 rl House, 532 , James, 455 , Joe, 307, 566 , Paul, 460 sen, Kathryn, 529 Harold, 577 Richard, 586 Davis, 245, 506 Donna, 307, 34l, 477, 535, wanar, 307, 355, 551 John, 307, 554 Judd, Michael, I39, 586 Judo Club, OU, 47I Juergens, William, 286, 379 355, 378, Julian, Sharon, 307, 542 Jumper, Pamela, 540 June, Michael, I37 Junior Class, 268-279 Jurgerson, George, I37, 577, 59l Justice, Bobby, 566 Justice, Kaye, 273, 334 MILK for VITALITY We're proud of 'I'he SOONERS. We're GEWJIIWIIIIIIISINGTUIIIIIIYS proud Io be a par'l' of Iheir Oklahoma. ' - 010,55 And we're proud of Ihe fine producfs we 5H0PP5R5dD.v,,.,,,,,, make Ihaf help give Olclahomans Ihe good UNE nur Ngg: W' healfh and vi+aIiI'y everyone associafes wifh Wm ,W our Iousfiing, growing Sfare. We appreci- ' are Ihe opporfunify Io be recorded here Fin as Boosfers for Big Red! J N affizggw vnrzcuv usvsuluzfn 9 95146 ,4 'QSM Ho W IMIALIATIIIZED W, . D ui'I'M ..,::f:: U--' L K Mi, fD"'h l"3i'J.',fii,g5w-.,, r' ox,-A FINEST BY REPUTATION eruing Since 1914 Over 'rhe years, we've seen O. U. grow info happy Io be a par+ of Ihaf growfh. OFFICERS one of fhe 'Iop Universi'I'ies in Ihe Nafion. We X :K X W. H. PATTEN .,.. .,,... Chairman of Ihe Board Q. J. H, PATTEN . . , r......., ,e,. . . ,,...,ae Pfesidenf X 5 FVM, D. H. GRISSO . Execufive Vice Presidenf ' 'T Y ,UNH-pJDliSMH1-L' 'TV In " Joi-IN MCFARLAND ,. ., vice Pfesidenf ,ienf.vlUf' X AL LOEFFELHOLZ, JR. Vice Presidenf 5' 'V , '- TL' - ff A' '17, XX WM. M. CARROLL , . Vice Presideni I", . ig I' 5 5 ' U I ' 3 'ix ERIEEIQR ,, Assisranr Vice Presidenf 1 TQ 'ggi , , -T' ,gr fer . . , . Cashier an ,iw I., ' ' 'i ,y S ' C h' if E fi 'f-I"'4' I 15, gf ' 1 ' I ' DALE . WOOD CHAS. R. HOLLINGSWORTH , TRUST DEPARTM R. DALE VLIET , W.. DIRECTORS W. H. Paffen V. C. Braffon E. H. Grisso R. W. Hufio O, T, McCall Asslsianf as ler Assisianf Cashier I ENT Trusf ConsuIfanI John McFarIa nd are I if If . F. E. Mclniire John L. Morrison J. H. Paifen X SECURITY NATICJNAI. BANK .. SLTFIUST CQMPANY MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION I 544 Kantzler, Malcolm, 566 Ken' Rahari, I38 Lawton, Justice, Patricia, 273, 456 Justice, Ronald, I29, 273 Justis, Judith, 307, 504, 547 K Kaatz, Ramoha, 273 Kaderli, H. Hilton, 256 Kagan, Alan, 307,396,586 David, 487, 556 Kahn, Kahn, Jeri, 256, 350, 352 Kahn, Kahn, Richard, 245, 396 Susan, 273 Kahn, Zev, 307, 396, 573 Kahrs, James, I39, 202 Kain, Donald, Jr., 307, 380 Kaiser, James, 508 Kaiser, Sarah, 307, 34l, 527 Kalicki, Douglas, 307, 560 Kalin, Steve, 27, 307, 396, 565 Kallenberger, Paul, 256 Kalmon, Ted, 460 Kalsu, James, l48, I66, I68, I74, 58l Kamhawy, Fatma, 286 Kamhawy, M. Sabry, 245 Kamin, Lulu, 307, 350, 537 Kamlet, John, 562 Kamp, Lothar, I37 Kane, Howard, 308, 362,558 Kane, Linda, 256, 550 Kanter, Ronald, 286, 396,497,575 Kanomata, James, l59, 256, 445, 450, 453 Kanotz, Joseph, 586 Kanter, Arnold, 308,383 Kantor, Judith, 308, 326, 477, 5lI, Kanze, James, l39, 308, 587 Kapadia, Subhash, 466 Kaplan, Ellen, 527 Kaplan, Kenneth, 308, 396, 559 Kaplan Vicki 308 326 477,534 izabaii, 286, 493', 510 Kipp. Kappa Alpha, 376 Kappa Alpha Theta, 342 Kappa Della, 344 Kappa Delta Pi, 500 Kappa Epsilon, 500 Kappa Kappa Gamma, 346 Kappa Kappa Psi, 501 Kappa Phi, 50l Kappa Sigma, 378 Karchmer, Donald, 256, 355, 396, 397 Karlitskie, Frank, 273, 402 Karn, Linda, 534 Karr, Donna, 224, 273, 540 Karr, William, 386 Kaser, Richard, 286, 36l Keller, Randall, 308, 377, 565 Keller, William, 569 Kellerhals, Myrtle, 5l8 Kelley, George, I97, 308, 395 Kelley, June, 529 Kellock, George, 286 Kellock, Lillian, 495 Kelly House, 562 Kelly, Hugh, 286 Kelly, John, 47l Kelly, Larry, 589 Kelly, Marilyn, 273, 554 Kelly, Keiiy, Kelly Mark, 286, 377 Paul, Jr., 560 Stephen 256 579 King Clifford, Jr., 256 King David, I66, 58l King Edward, 450 King Frances, 256, 344 King, Gay, 440, 5l2 King, James, I55, 274,400 King James, I48, l58 King Jeanne, 549 King Jeannie, 550 King Jerry, 570 King Kathryn, 274, 322 King Kristine, SR, 477, 549 King Marilyn, 527 King Mary, 434 King Michael, I55, 58l Kaisya, Robertl, i34', 137, 133, 590, 5 1 Kelsey, Roy, Jr,, 274 Keltner, Ina, 308, 535 Keltner, Leroy, 440, 507, 5l2 Kempner, Linn, 287,383 Kendall, Dan, 454 Kendall, Susan, 308, 334, 548 Kendall, William, 287, 384 Kendrick, Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy Charles, Jr., 274, 367 Alice, 274, 34l Annie, 274, 343 Bernard, 274, 370 Kennedy, Chaniece, 550 Kennedy, Donald, 60 Kennedy, Harvey, lll, 287,567 Kennedy, Jon, I66, l68, l72, I74, l76, 448 Kennedy, Kay, 523 Kennedy, Marilyn, 287, 344, 488, 492, 50l Kennedy, Neal, 274 Kennedy, P. G., l42 Kennedy, Richard, Jr., 287, 384 Kennedy, Steven, ll8, 308, 452, 555, 572, 574 Kennedy, Susan, 545 Kennedy, Vivian, 494 Kennedy, William, Jr., 245, 48l, 485, 492 Kennemer, R. Victor, lll, l44 Kenney, Grace, l08 Kennon, Philip, 308, 380 Kenslow, Frank, 575 Kent, Carol, 287, 33l Kent, Christopher, 565 Keown, William, 486 Kepner, Danny, 256 Kerby, Robert, 274, 389 Kern, Frank, 79, 496, 499 Kern, Jeffrey, 589 Kern, Jeralyn, 536 Kahn, Richard, 303, 365, 563 Kern, Ronald, 440, 556 Kernke, Joseph, 256, 384 Kerr, Melody, 550 Kerr, Paula, 287, 333 Prudence, l32, 274, 346 Knapp Kauska Kashda n, Bonnie, 308, 338, 339 Kaspereit, Don, 245 Kass, Ellen, 522 Kassan, Neil, 308, 585 Kastl, David, 308 Kattouw, Hilde, 200 Kat, Gail, 286, 326 Katz, J Katz, ack, 308, 352, ssh Marc, 2135, 39s, 575 Katz, Myra, 308, 535 Katz, Katz, Kau, K Rosalyn, 308, 326 Sandra, 308, 339, 546 enneth, 256, 257 Kaufman, Tobee, 273, 326, 5l2 Kaupp, Carl, lll, 578 y, Karen, 308 Khemlani, Mot, 466, 467 Kay, Rochelle, 286, 326 Kay, Tommy, 256 Kaydettes, I50 Keahey, Charles, 589 Keahey, Robert, 386 Kean, Michele, 308, 523 Kearns, Robert, 256,483 Kearns, Thomas, l48, 273 Kearns, W. S., l42 Keator, Litha, 286, 336, 477, 492 Keck, Peggy, 456 Keel, Jerry, I94 Keeley, Erma, 94, 98 Keeley, James, I55 Keeley, Joe, 94 Keeley, Thomas, 286, 400 Keely, Rachael, 99 Keen, Paul, 94, l96 Keene, Jerry, l65, I93 Kenneth, 589 Keene, Keenep Michael, I55, 487, 556 Keener, Miles, ll, 590 Keener, Ronald, l20, 245 Keesee, Mary, 308, 348, 479, 504, 525 Keesee, Nancy, 227, 273, 348, 349, 484, 502 Keeter, Kathey, 245, 325 Keifer, Fred, Jr., 450 Keim, Dennis, 308, 400 Keirns, Harlan, Jr., 286, 58l Keith, Bobb , l65 Keith, Harold, I65 Keitz, Raymond, lll, I43, I44, I46, 256, 384 Keller, Dina, 286, 33l I2 Kerr, Stephen, 308, 369, 583 Kerran, Michael, 308, 372, 573 Kersey, Ricky, l78, l80 Kersey, Wintred, 5l8 Kersh, James, 287 Kesebir, Mehmet, 499 Kesel, Gregory, 57l Kessler, Anne, 228, 256, 334 Kessler, Bruce, 562 Kessler, Denise, ll8, 308, 532 Ketch, Frank, 578 Ketcham, Anne, 433 Ketonen, Joel, ll, 274, 370 Key, Lynnea, 500 Keys, Tony, 274, 374 Khan, Abdul, 466, 467, 590 Khan, Abdul M., 466, 467, 590 King, Rodger, I36, 256, 5lO, 583, 59l King, Tiaiuana, 287 Kingfisher House, 586 Kinkade, Holly, I58, 274, 348, 458, 484 Kinkaid, Cynthia, 287,336 Kinnear, Terry, 536 Kinney, Kenneth, 308, 402, 590 Kinney, Sandra, 308, 328, 354, 438, 50l, 543 Kinsinger, Donald, 308, 386,562 Kinzer, Robert, 245 Kirby, James, 575 Kirchner, Randal, 287,393 Kirk, Freddy, 287 Kirk House, 533 Kirkbride, Joseph, 588 Kirkpatrick, Barbara, 520 Kirkpatrick, Kristan, 287, 346 Kirkpatrick, Mary, 432 Kirkpatrick, Michael, 569 Kirkpatrick, Ronald, 575 Kirkpatrick, Terry, 308, 348 Kirkwood, Kanda, 308, 348, 438, 544 Kirlin, Bobbi, 256, 34l Kirsch, Michelle, 229, 274, 326 Kirsch, Steve, 308, 560 Kirton, John, 230, 24I, 256, 355, 356, 357, 368, 369, 457, 473, 475 Kish, Robert, l5l, I53, I57, 387, 589 Kisinger, Thomas, 256 Kissick, Thomas, 587 Kitchel, Sidney, 287, 476, 576 Kitchell, Lawrence, 274 Kitchens House, 563 Kite, William, 576 Klahr, David, 308, 374, 559 Klahr, William, 308, 398, 559 Kleier, Jane, 23I, 438, 537 Klein, Edith, 432 Klein, Emily, 274, 339 Kleinschmidt, Florentine, 308, 523 Kleinstein, Norman, 308, 362, 568 Kleman, Gary, I44, I46, 256,377 Kline, Ellen, 308, 535 Kline, Jim, 287 Kline, Patricia, 256 Kline, Steven, l90 Klingenberg, Kenneth, 479, 583 Klinke, Christopher, 589 Klopfenstein, Gregory, 308, 389 Klopfenstine, Evelyn, 308, 523 Klopfenstine, Janice, 256 Klotz, Betty, 308, 536 Klutts, Joe, 308, 400, 566 Knapick, Charles, 308 Knapp, H. Paul, 557 Knapp, John, 308 Knapp, Lynn, 245, 325 Richard, 274, 390 Knight, Aiiafd, Ji., iss, isa, 172, 173 Kovach, Francis, 464 Kovash, Gary, I29, 576 Koza, Patricia, 308, -477 Kozlow, Jerry, 579 Kraeger, James, 472 Kraettli Apartments, 55 l -553 Kraettli, Emil, 6l, 5l6 Kraft, Anne, 274, 346 Kraft, Henry, lll, 558 Kraisky, Kenneth, 287, 367 Kraker, Charles, 287, 372 Kramer, Fred, 256 Kramkowski, Richard, 472 Kranker, Peter, l48, 256, 393 Kranz, Harold, Jr., 256, 367 Krasnow, Judith, ll7, 287, 326,632 Kratchman, Lesley, 287, 350 Krause, Robert, I37 Kreig, Susan, 308, 548 Kreusler, Judith, 52l Krob, Dianne, 308 Krob, Raymond, 308 Kron, Peter, 589 Kronk, Charles, 387 Kropp, Diane, 274, 500 Kropp, Richard, I44, l46, I58, 256 Krumrnel, John, 274, 372 Krzywonski, Thomas, 308, 588 Kubiak, James, l92, 274, 390, 39l Langdon, Nance, 308, 343, 479, 54 Lange, Donna, 227, 287, 350 Langley, Robert, 589 Langley, William, Jr., 308, 573 Langston, Deborah, 539 Langston, Donald, 492 Lanier, Mary, 274 Lanier, Perry, 500 Lanier, Rozanne, 258, 5l2 Lanius, Lynn, 520 Lanktord, Billie, 465, 50I, 522 Lankford, E. Joe, 308, 367, 566 LaPalme, Leo, Jr., 287, 36l Lapham, Roger, 258, 398 Lapid, Mary, 200, 308, 339, 536 Lapides, Jane, 308, 339 Lapides, Myra, 274,350 Lapkin, Sonia, 525 LaPorte, Anthony, 57l Larason, Linda, 308, 348, 548 LaReau, Joseph, 258, 454, 506 Lasseter Charles, 274, 384 Laster, James, l35 Lathrop, Thomas, 274,402 Latimer, Latimer, James, 245 Joseph, Jr., 258,398,399 Latrobe, Osmun, 587 Lattimore, Margaret, 274,489 Lau, Suan, 499 Laubhan, Alan, 565 Kuehne, F rrest, 556 Kuhlman 9 John, 2137, 390 Kuehnert, , Gari, 308, 537 Kuhlman Larry, 256, 445, 455 Kuhlman, Mariorie, 5l8 Kuhlman, Mary, 287, 336, 5l2 Kuhlman S. 5l2 Kuhn, rflad,'a3 Kulla, Otrah, 482 Laud, Julie, 76 Lauderdale, Patrick, 240, 465, 56l, 562 Lauffer, Franzz, l48, I58, 589 Laugenour, Sandra, 274, 346, 500 Laughlin, Linda, iia, 274,346 Laughlin, Lynn, 308, 36l, 555, 564 Lavan, George, 287, 386 Kunsemuller, Caryl, 274, 509 Kuntz, Eugene, 83 Kunzelman, Richard, 57l Kurek, Edwin, 274, 374 Kurey, George, 308, 389 Kurtz, Larry, 287, 374 Kurtz, Russell, 308, 393, 574 Kusch, Gary, 256, 590 Kusmer, Toni, 287, 326 Kutner, Ann, 530 Kyker, Joanne, 495 Kyker, Robert, 256 Kyle, Judith, 308, 322,477,536 Kyser, Wanda, 433 L Laakman, Frances, 20l, 203, 540 Laakman, Henry, 287, 46I, 579 La Barge, Dana, 287, 55l Laber, Karen, 274, 529 Lacey, Carol, 542 Lackey, Woodrow, 274, 398, 399 Lacy, Claud, 557 Lacy, Eugene, l5l, 256 Ladner, David, 58l Laffoon, Jack, 308, 398 LaFon, Margaret, 308, 440, 5l3 LaForge, Margaret, 287, 34l Lagerfeldti Ingrid, 256, 330, 33l LaGree, Brooks, Jr., l43, I44, I46, 256, 395 LaGrone, James, l39, 308 LaGuardia, Richard, 256 Laib, Barbara, 308, 532 Lain, James, 590 Laing, D. H., lll, 563 Laird, Alan, 308, 452, 5I l, 570 Laird, James, 308, 379, 564 Laird, Jeff, Jr., 558 Laird, Julianne, 256 Laves, Lana, 308, 339, 548 Law, Co llege of, 82 Law, Mickey, 308, 389, 573 Lawhon, Lawhon, 569 Lawler, Lawoyin, Gary, 308, 567 Jan, 29, 308, 322, 531, Mary, 308, 530 Grace, 490, 507 Lawrence, Cyd, 489, 530 Lawrenc Lawrence, Lawrence, Lawrenc Lawrenc 535 e, Eliabeth, 287, 344, 489 Karen, 539 Michael, 386 e, Scott, 274, 369, 498 e, Sharon, 309, 334, 477, Laws, Jerry, l2l, I43, l44, I46, I5 ISO, Lawson, Lawson Lawson, Lawson Lawson, Lawson, 8 Cheryl, 523 House, 534 B. Jane, 287, 322, 477 James, 562 Jqhn, Jr., 58l Mar , 274, 344 Lawter, Charles lll, 440, 577 Lait, Hayden, 308, 383, 552 Kharma, Maurice, 256, 48l, 494, 496, 499 Kiblinger, Patricia, I29, I32, 228 287, 336, 337, 492 Kickingbird, Keron, 256, 374, 375 458 Kidd, Carolyn, 274, 534 Kidd, Claren, 44, 552 Kidd, William, l48, 274, 395 Kidney, Pamela, 200 Kieke, Gail, 464, 492, 524 Kiewit, Paul, 287, 390 Kight, Carol, 429, 433, 435 Kihle, Judith, 245 Kiker, Barbara, 274, 34l Kilcoyne, Michael, 287, 400, 446 Kilgo, Mary, 509, 550 Kilgore, Donna, 308, 469 Kilgore, Donna J., 274, 328 Killip, Thomas, 308, 389,573 Kilman, Ronald, 440 Kilpatrick, Gary, l23, 256, 365, 48l, 492 Kimbark, Karol, 545 Kimberlin, James, 287, 452 Knight, Elizabeth, 287, 492, 529 Knight, James, 287, 577 Kimberling, B. Kay 287,325 Kimbrell, David, 308, 374 Kimbriel, Judy, 274, 346 Kime, Benna, 540 Kimmel, Wynona, 256, 33l, 507 Kimper, Donald, l39, 586 Kincaid, Joseph, 5ll Kindley, Donald, Jr., I66, I73, -183 King, Billie, 308, 325 Knight, June, 202,530 Wade 256 49l Knight, , , Knightley, John, 256, 486 Knopf, Janice, 287, 55l Knorr, Lynn, 584 Knott, Timothy, 308, 359, 379, 567 Knox, Deborah, 274, 326, 463 Koch, Arthur, Jr., 287, 370, 464, 474 Koch, Robert, 287, 362 Kochman, Anita, 287, 350 Kochfnan, Kenneth, I44, I58, 245, 396 Koenig, Phillip, 588 Kohlun, William, 308,583 Kohn, Philip, 308,396 Kolesnik, Henry, 256, 445, 498 Kolker, Robert, 589 Koller, John, I66, l68, l7l, 287, 400, 58l Kondonassis, Alex, 494 Koohyar, Ameer, 245, 468, 492 Koonce, Judy, 495, 540 Koonce, Wilburn, 57l Koons, Jay, l48, 274, 398 Koons, Suzanne, 287, 34l, 5l2 Kopack, Daniel, 308 Koppel, Robert, 287 396, 575 Koratsky, Brina, 73, 308,339,539 Koslow, Ronald, 274, 379 Kosmos, Mark, I66, I74, 58l Kough, William, Jr., 287,' 395 Laivadhana, Saengiai, I97, 590 Lake, Jane, 274, 348 Lalla, William, 308, 369, 58l Lam, William, Jr., I92, 448, 580 Lamar, Angus, 584 Lamar, Walter, 588 Lamb, Barbara, 540 Lamb, Jack, 58l Lamb, James, 258, 355, 356, 395 Lambda Chi Alpha, 380 Lambda Tau, 502 Lambert, Ronald, 287 Lamoureux, Alan, 590 Lancaster, Eddie, l53, I66, 287, 384, 58l Lance, Steven, 487, 556 Landholt, David, 590 Landis, Donald, 560 Landon, Rebecca, 287, 496, 509, 550 Landriih, Paula, 110, 112, 274, 346, 347, 454, 484, 500 Landrith, Thomas, 429, 565 , Sherman, 49l Lay, Molly 258,333 Laycock, Carat, 309, 540 Layman, Margaret, 309, 336 Layman, Martha, 309, 55l, 509 Laytin, William, 309, 383, 563 Leader, Ronald, 274, 389 Leafgreen, Sherry, 529 Leakey, Steven, 579 Leaming, Marilyn, 203, 274, 348 Leaumont, Richard, I53 Leavell, Lucky, Jr., 274 Leaver, John lll, 583 Leaverton, Cynthia, 309, 33l Laba, Kent, 274, 384 Lebowitz, Alice, 309, 547 Lebowitz, Helen, 550 LeBron, Archie, 488 Lechner, Mildred, 274, 464, 551 Lawton Ledbetter, Mary, 309, 477, 543 Ledbetter, Suzanne, 258, 494, 529 Lee, Dennis, 309, 380, 570 Lee, Evelyn, 482 Lee, Geoffrey, 566 Lee, Gregg, 476, 56l, 59l Lee, Homer, 274, 576 Lee, J. Diana, 36l, 489 Lee, James, 569 Lee, James M., 287,400 Lee, Janet, 309, 544 Lee, John, 258 Lee, John W., 589 Lee, Robert, I64 Lee, Rodney, 258, 450 Lee, Roger, 245 Lee, Ronald, 258, 367 Lee, Soon, 258, 460, 503 Lee, Walter, Jr,, 274 Lee, Wanda, 550 Lee, Wilson, 492 Leek, Leonard, 258, 393 Lefavre, Liza, 72 Landsaw, J. Robert, Jr., 258, 400, 45l Lane, Charles, 258, 355, 386, 387 Lane, Michael, 460 Lane, Stewart, 287, 476 Lang, Ralph, 57l Lang, Lang, Sally, 308, 323 scan, 139, 538 Langdon, Amelia, 274 Langdon, Horace, Jr., 258, 386 LeFevre, Elizabeth, 287, 346 Leffler, Elsie, 287, 328 Legatski, Richard, 309, 370, 557 Lehman, Lee, 258,506 Lehman, Patricia- 482 Lehmann, Marvin, 476 Lehmer, Robert, 585 Lehwald, John, Jr., 287, 390 Leibowitz, Joan, 500, 545 4 44.4 Leibs, Andrea, 287, 350 Leigh, Philip, 573 Leighty, Floyd, Jr., 258 Leith, Lida, 309, 523 Leitzsey, Jean, 274, 34l, 438, 503, 509 LeMarr, Mike, 455 Lemmon, Alan, 476 Lemirlg, William, 440 Lemon, Larry, 258, 390, 483 Lemon, Susan, 258, 329 LeMonier, Donald, I43, I44, I58 Lenava, Patricia, I50, 309, 527 Lenltefai, Wiltried, 258,496 Lenna, Randy, 498 Lentz, David, 578 Lewis David, 274, 372 Lewis, Deeife, 274, 329 Lewis Diane, 309, 33l, 539 Lewis Howard, 287,579 Lewis, James, 476 Lewis James R., 287, 384 Lewis Mark, 139, 309, 567 Lewis, Michael, 287, 492, 587 Lewis Paul, l29 Lewis, Russell, 309 Lewis, Sharon, 287, 348 Lewis, Susan, 309, 329, 5ll, 522 Lewis, William, 287, 579 Lhermitte, Anne, 529 Libbee, Michael, 577 Liebert, Linda, 322, 53l Leonard, Jacguelynne, 309, 329, 5l2, 539 Leonard, Mary, ll8, 309, 5l9, 533 Leonard, Thomas, l53, 309, 374, 588 Leslie, Beverly, 309, 528 Leslie, Patricia, II8, 274, 5l9, 524 Lester, Elaine, 287, 329 Lester, Hazel, 309, 348, 539 Lester, Loren, 578 Lester Patricia 509 Looney, Jo, l08 Leuthold, Kay, 227, 274, 340, 34l Leutwiler, James, 578 LeVan, George, 476 Levenson, Melody, 309, 339, 527 Leventhal, Janis, 309, 326 Leverich, Jane, 309,523 Levey, Ellen, 309, 350, 544 Levi, Mildred, 287 Levin Charles, 287, 383 Levitt, Lindsay, Carla, 309, 329,520 Loettler, Walter, 258, 398 Levin, Judith, 309, 535 Levin, Judith A., 309, 350 Levin, Julie, 309, 350, 354, 534 Levin, Marilyn, 287, 350 Levin, Mark, 309, 396 Levin Rhoda, 258, 326 Levine, Carole, 529 Levine, Jocelyn, 226, 287, 350 Levine, Julee, 309, 326, 537 Levine, Michael, 274, 577 Levine, Vivian, 309, 326, 530 Levinson, Lynn, 287, 350 Cynthia, 287, 326 Liebman, Ferne, 309, 339 Lieppman, Liessa, 309, 326, 543 Lightner, Cynthia, 52, 287,346 Litton, Richard, 568 Liggins, Granville, I66, I69, l72, l73, I74, 58l Light, Lucy, 258 Ligorl, Nan, 203, 274, 348 Like, Luther, 586 Likes, Keith, 245, 454, 59l Likes, Merrill, Jr., 556 Lile, Stephen, 557 Lillenas, Cynthia, 454, 538 Lilley, eefy, 287, 580 Lilly, Michael, 48l Limerick, Charles, 258, 485 Lin, Chun, 5l0 Lincoln, Carolyn, 540 Lincoln House, 587 Lincoln' Pamela, 287, 350 Lindberg, Arthur, Jr., l55, l57, 309, 359, 36l, 560 Lindemann, Stewart, I53, 287, 367, 464 Linderman, Nancy, 309, 350 Lindhorn, Patricia, I50, 309, 529 George 577 Lindley, , Lindley, Martha, 309, 440, 534 Lindsay, Barbara, 309, 333, 520, 632 Levy, Lawrence, I97, 579 Levy, Linlla, 309, 326, 539 Lindsey Barba ra, 274 Lindseyl Marilyn, 463 Lingle, David, 309, 36l Lingle, Donna, 309, 5I9, 543, 572 Link, Anthony, 309, 3l l, 589 Linn, James, I66, 58l Linn, Patricia, 488, 55l Linn, Richard, Jr., 384, 385 Linville, Danny, 309, 372, 574 Linville, Mary, 529 Lipman, Carol, 309, 350, 527 Lipp, Alan, 287, 389 Lippmann, Elizabeth, 287, 343 Lipshutzz, Nancy, 309,326 Lipton, Louise, 309, 350, 522 List, Robert, I37, I38, I39, 274, 402, 448 Listen, Robert, 309, 400 Little, Herman, Jr., I36, l37, 258. 380 Little, Kerry, l48, 274 Little, Margaret, 440 Little, Meg, 309, 54l Little, Quintin, 6l Little, Richard, 287, 400 Little, Stanley, 472 Littletield, Patricia, 274, 545 Litton, Thomas, l98, 274, 398 Livermore, Edward, Jr., l2l, I44, l57, I58, 240, 258, 355, 358, 374, 375, 473 Livezey, William, 72 Livingston, Robert, 287,400 Lloyd, Delores, 258,530 Lobaugh,-Stephen, 258, 355, 378, 379 Loch, Alan, 258, 555, 556, 59l Lock, Jane, 287, 344 Lockard, Julia, 309,336 Locke, Larry, 274 Lockett, Linda, 506 Lockett, William, Jr., l48, 386 Lockhard, Julie, 520, 523 Lockhart, James, l5l, 309, 584 Lockhart, Sandra, 465, 550 Lodes, Ronald, 577 Loeb, Cynthia, 2ol, 309, 438, 477, 535 Loessin, Gary, 590 Loewenstern, Sue, 258, 326 Logan, Dorella, 309, 343, 477, 487, 5l2 Logan, Guy, 440, 576 Logan House, 554 Logan, Robert, 274, 450, 46l Logan , William, 483 Leagle, William, Ji., 388, 567 Loll, Lana, 274 Leller, Larry, 309, 448, 50l, 57l Lollman, Joseph, Jr., 258, 374, 375, 4el Loman, Sandra, 287, 322 Lomax, Mrs. Lola, 324 Londa, Margaret, 274, 468 London, Mary, 309, 336, 548 Long, Bettye, 309, 549 Long, Brenda, 309, 55l Long, Charles, l04, 105 Long, Long, Long, Frederick, I39 Glen, 580 Hugh, 58l Long, Judy, 309 Long, Long, Long, Larry, 274, 389 Meredith, 245 Patricia, 288, 347 Long, Wayne, 580 Longbotham, Mary, 288, 322 Longmire, Jack, 386, 560 Lonnes, Dewey, 46l, 464 Loott, Janet, 495 Loomis, Jester lll, l23, l53, 288, 380 Loomi S, Larry, I39, 585 Looney, Judith, 540 Loone Robert, Jr., l48, 386, 457 Y. Looney, Virginia, 258, 465 Loope Loope Lopez r, Danny, 288, 367 r, Garry, l90, 274, 393, 580 dela, 309, 5ll , A Lorance, E. Donald, 495 Losure, Robert, 309, 462, 563 Lotrrla n, Ba rry, 590 Lottiriville, Savoie, l00 Lotz, Kattlreine, 288, 540 Lout, Vicki, 309, 454, 55l Louthan, Mary, 309,527 Luoy, Love, Virginia, 552 Carol, 47l, 527 Love, Wallace, 258, 379 Loveday, Leonard, I36 Lovelace, Alexis, 274, 33l Lovelace, George lll, I43, I44, I46, l57, 258, 393 Lovell, Warner, Jr., 36, lll, 458 Lovett, Cheryl, 505, 526 Lovin, Claxton, Jr., 258,395 Lovin, Vicki, 274, 343 Loving, Stephen, 288, 590 Lovorn, Kenneth, 440, 557 Lowe, Julie, 288, 55l Lowe, Kevin, 476, 579 Lowe, Marcus, Jr., I0l, I34 Lower, Jolinda, 536 Lowrey, Robert, I38, 288, 374 Lowry, Gregory, 487, 557 Lowry, Troy, 245, 472 Lowsley, lvon, Jr., 245, 472 Lowsley, Jphn, 288, 370 Lowsley, June, 495 Loy, James, Jr., 386, 589 Loy, Michael, 288 Loyd, Stephen, 309, 393 Lubin, Michael, 309, 396 Lubowicki, Robert, 583 Lucas, Frank, 274, 578 Lucas, Jeanelle, 309 Lucas, Jennifer, 525 Luccock, Philip, l48, I58, 274, 377 Luce, Edward, ISI Luce, Ned, 566 Ludlow, Mary, 504 Ludmarl, Cynthia, 509, 55l Ludwick, David, 274, 367, 444, 445 Ludwig, Karen, 258,341 Luinstra, David, l55, I57, 57l Lund, Karen, 309, 329, 477, 52l Lunder, Dennis, 464 Lunn, Linda, 258, 33l Luster, Dewey, l96 Luther, Gretchen, 288, 34l Luttrell, Jack, l09 Luttrell, Marsha, 274, 334, 335 Luttrell, Robert, lll, 52, I38, 288, 368, 369 Lutz, Gene, 258,393 Lutzz, James, 356, 558 Lutz, Peter, 586 Lybelf, Juaifh, 203, 258, 34l, 497 Levy, Susan, 309, 535 Lindskoog, Diane, 309, 465, 55l Lotaro, Linda, 550 Love, Mary, 274, 347 Lydick, Lawrence, I39, 309, 374 Levy, William, 588 Linehan, Aline, 258, 348 Lotter, Kenneth, 287, 474, 476, 575 Love, Oliver, Jr., 472, 485 Lyle, David, 258, 579 Lewallen, Barbara, 274 Linehan, Judith, 287, 329, 477, Lotte, Thomas, l53, 583 Love, Robert, 563 Lyle, Debbie, 539 Lewandowski, Glen, 245, 374 492, 5ll Logan, Barbara, 274, 329, 507 Love, Tom-, l06 Lynch, Mrs, L., 507 Lewis, Cynthia, 287,334,352 Lines, Margaret, 258, 328, 329 Logan, Diana, 287, 322 Love, Vlckl, 50, 274, 348 Lynn, John, I97, 274, 369 l We are proud to be a part ot the expansion program ot Oklahoma Uni- versity. By contributing to the comtort and utility ot the educational facilities ot Oklahoma, we are helping to provide maximum educational opportunity tor its youth. 4 l 2 5' l mm 49 V' 41 53' 92. 2 A C E 9 A Hinos HARMUN GUNSTRUIITIUN BU., INC. OKLAHOMA CITY. OKLAHOMA , 4335 W. Reno WI 6-4471 6l3 Lynn, Sandra, 309, 326, 530 Lynn, Sharon, 548 Lyon, Charles, 258, 394, 395, 481 Lyon, Robert 111, 479 Lyons, Kenneth, 288, 467, 476, 488, 512, 583 Lyon, Shirley, 482 M Mabe, Hugh, 111, 149, 386 Mabrey, William, 111,258,369 Mabry, James, 288, 369 Mace, Marion, 482 Machala, Nanna, 200, 309, 528 Machel, Bertie, 245 Machlica, Francis, 111, 288 Mack, Robert, 288, 389 MacKay, Jean, 545 MacKay, John, 288, 587 MacKellar, Helen, 309, 348, 354, 549 MacKensie, Jim, 55, 164, 165 Maggcey, Donald, 129, 309, 393, 5 Mackey, James, 288, 379, 577 Mackey, Janis, 288, 334 Mackey, John, 143, 144, 146, 258, 372, 373 Macklin, Ronald, 288, 364, 365 Maddox, John, 153, 195, 288, 502 Maddox Kathleen, 309, 343, 534 Maddox Kenneth, 148, 474, 481, 510 Maddox Larry, 155,309 Maddox, Marcia, 288, 343 Maddox, Richard, 309, 556 Maddux Madson,' Madson Jerald, 355, 356, 392 Richard, 583 William 144 159 480 Maehi, Wwiinsrfl, 494 ' Maehs, Clara, 258, 450 Magargee, James, 588 Marcum, Marilyn, 482 Marcus, Allen, 258, 452, 465, 578 Marek, Margaret, 274, 509 Maricle, Kenneth, 148, 157, 158, 275, 374, 452 Marion, William, Jr., 511 Markley, Jay, 164 Markovic, Emory, 245 Markowsky, Simon, 144, 150, 168, 258, 396 Marks, Cynthia, 310, 529 Markwardt, William, 258, 361 Marley, Barbara, 533 Maroon, Leroy, 589 Marr, James, 288, 392, 393 Marrella, Len, 494 Marriott, Linda, 310, 343, 505, 522 Marrs, Suzanne, 39, 288,474,492 Marsh, Martin, 245 Marshall, Karen, 258, 329 Marshall, Kathleen, 528 Marshall, Martha, 496, 504 Marshall, Sheila, 507, 551 Martens, Ronald, 578 Martin, Carolyn, 310, 551 Martin, Dania1,310,589 Martin, David, 310, 387, 559 Douglas, 190 Eugene, 560 Martin, Martin, Martin, Floyce, 259, 329 Martin, Gary, 288, 398, 590 Geraldean 504 Martin, , Martin, James, 258, 395, 446, 481 Martin, Janet, 258, 529 Martin, J. D., 165, 188, 192 Martin, John, 275, 400 Martin, John H., 562 Judith, 275 Martin, Martin, Judith K., 288, 329 Martin, Judy, 310, 347, 538 Martin, Judy K., 456,521 Magarity, Russell, 137, 274, 364, 365 Magers, John, 202 Magness, Sue, 288, 348 Magnus, Kathy, 229, 288, 350 Magoon, Steven, 288, 396 Magouirk, Gayla, 309, 334, 520 Maguire, Margaret, 288, 331 Mahaftay, Tom, 589 Mahan, Judith, 274 Mahan, Michael, 309,440 Mahan, Travers, Jr., 155, 386, 573 Mahanay, James, 460, 558 Maher, Celia, 309 Maher, Terrence, 129, 288 Mailath, Danette, 274 Mailman, Allen, 586 Maiorana, Joseph, 590 Maieeduddin, Mir, 466, 467 Maiewski, Kathleen, 309, 505, 540 Maior, Cal, 258, 400 Major, Leslie, 309, 322, 543 Maior, Rebecca, 288 Maiumder, Raniit, 466 Makarem, Fouad, 494 Maker, Leonard, 584 Makler, Edward, 288, 382, 383 , Maldonado, Culberto, 483 Maledon, Richard, Jr., 262, 559 Malek, Thaddeus, 309, 362, 589 Malizia, Sylvia, 532 Mallinger, Larry, 309, 326, 396, 573 Mallonee, Michael, 585 Mallory, Robert 111, 198, 274, 398 Malone, David, 440, 501, 589 Malone, Freddy, 309, 581 Malone, Molly, 288,336 Maloy, David, 258, 455 Maloy, Dennis, 309 Maloy, Leota, 309, 528 Maloy, Theo, 274, 398 Malson, Bernie, 494 Maltby, Linda, 500 Maltby, Mary, 258, 332, 333 Man, Michael, 309, 384, 574 Mancini, Anthony, 139, 556 Mandel, Tamara, 200, 524 Mandell, Jeff, 288, 355, 362 Mandour, Ahmed, 494 Manfredi, Thomas, 139, 309,585 Mangels, Donald, 506 Mangham, George, 309 Mangini, David, 112 Mann, Carol, 537 Mann, Janice, 288 Mann, Marcia, 310, 541 Mann, Richard, 310,402 Mannas, Paul, 258, 379 Manning, Doug, 274, 384, 580 Man of Distinction, 230 Manring, James, 187, 274, 398, 448 Mansfield, Lee, 245,497 Mantooth, John, 310, 369 Manzanares, Jake, 245, 440 Maples, James, 588 Maples, Patrick, 258, 398 Maras, John. 258 Maravich, John, 394 March, Laura, 551 Marchetti, Henry, 580 Marcotte, Dolores, 150, 274, 529 614 Martin, Karen, 258 Martin, Keith, 288, 395 Martin, Larry, 153, 482 Martin, Larry G., 310,387 Martin, Lauraiean, 288, 492, 552 Martin Leslie, 310,465,523 Martin Lloyd, 288, 372 Martin, Marcia, 310, 337, 538 Martin, Marvin, 258, 400 Martin Mary, 87, 432 Martin Michael, 310,452 Martin, Mike, 480 Martin, Nathan, 482 Martin, Pamela, 259, 333 Martin Phil, 577 Martin, Richard, 559 Martin, Ronald, 144, 158 Martin Roy, 259 Martin Sabra, 547 Martin Sharol, 275, 343 Martin Suzanne, 259, 348 Martin, Timothy, 502 Martin, Victor, 310, 370, 586 Martin, William, 188,557 Martinak, Connie, 310, 551 Martinez, Emirva, 467 Martinez, Ester, 467 Martinez, Marisnela, 467 Martinez, Marcias, 78, 467 Martinsky, John, 198 259, 398 Marty, Mary, 310, 440, 513 Marva, Philip, 49 Marzolino, Phillip, 129,259,459 Mascho, Marilyn, 525 Masemore, Carol, 288, 331, 492, 504 Mashburn, Joseph, 259, 448, 587 Maslansky, Barbara, 275, 350, 509 Mason, Charles, 480 Mason, Emalyn, 310, 331, 537 Mason George, 151, 153,575 Mason Harold, 590 Mason, Jo, 275 Mason, Joseph, Jr., 259, 372 Mason Leslie, 275, 400, 448 Mason Reginald, 574 Mason Robert, 145, 259 Mason Suzanne, 551 Mason Walter' 482 Masoner, Michael, 288 Massey, Mark, 275, 384 Mast, Christina, 288, 344 Masters, Jerry, 145, 259,376,377 Masterson, Maude, 275, 328, 329 Masterson, William, 288, 377 Matetich, Michael, 153 Mathes, Brenda, 288, 322 Mathews, James, 564 Matgews, Jeanne, 288, 459, 502, 54 Mathews, William, Jr., 472, 479 Mathias, Michael, 259 Mathis, Russell, 460, 502 Matkotf, Susan, 275, 350 Matlock, Michael, 559 Matteson, Marilyn, 310, 519,542 Matteson, Merry, 275, 325 Matteson Richard, 481, 510 Matthews., Alan, 585 Matthews, Frances, 226, 288, 334 Matthews, Larry, 588 Mauch, Emma, 275, 526 Mauck, Charles, 111, 138, 488 Maughan, Dale, 275 Maughan, Paula, 275 Mauldin, Clittord, Jr., 288 Maulding, Beverly, 310,349,532 Maurre, Bryan, 310, 359, 400,561 Mawa, Philip, 490, 499 Maxwell, Anna, 288 Maxwell, James, 259, 367 Maxwell, Robert, Jr., 585 Maxwell, Tommy, 190, 202, 275, 378, 379, 580 Maxwell, Van, 139, 588 Maxwell, William, Jr., 493 May, Cynthia, 288 May, Drew, 588 May, Edward, 69 May, lrvin, 506 May, Linda, 310, 331,548 Linda M., 310, 343, 477, 523 May Mayberry, Byron, 259 Mayer, Frances, 201, 310, 325,538 Mayer, John, 275,379 Mayer, Ruth, 227, 288, 326, 545 Mayer, Steven, 245, 396 Mayes, Jerry, 288, 393 Larry, 288, 380, 381 Nancy, 431 Mayes, Mayes, Mayfield, James, 148,275,393 Mayhall, Ray, Jr., 197 Maynard, Gail, 226, 288, 341, 477 Maynard, Rickey, 310, 580 Mayo, Dwight, 506 Mays, Jetfrey, 153 Maaleski, Stanley, 245, 472 Mazhari, Azar, 468 Mazhari, Mehdi, 275, 468 Mavinsky, Norman, 310, 396, 563 McAdams, Carl, 166, 167,169, 171, 174, 175, 448 McAdams, James, 580 McAdams, Joan, 288, 334 Bill, 155, 310, 369,568 McAlister, McAlister, Keron, 259 McAllister, Sharon, 275,529 McAnally, Elizabeth, 275, 331, 474 McAnally, Arthur, 100 McAninch, David, 310, 402 McArron, Russell, Jr., 591 McBee, Genie, 310, 343, 539, 571 Mc8ee, Marla, 503 McBee, Pamela, 500 McBrayer, Patsy, 310, 549 McBride, Marilyn, 200, 203, 310, 337, 525 McCatferty, Beth, 310, 341, 531 McCain, Donald, 245, 561 McCain House, 564 McCain, John, 245 McCain, William, 310, 561 McCa1la, Melissa, 254, 343 McCallum, Carl, 288,384 t McCallum, Linda, 200, 310, 542 McCampbell, Virginia, 231, 310, 334, 533 McCandless, Karen, 259, 322 McCand1ess, Kathy, 310, 334, 547 McCann, Carol, 288, 347 McCanne, Wayne, 440, 501 McCants, Alvin, 122 McCartey, Ethel, 489 McCarter, Peter, 64 Pete, Jr., 198,373,474 Rebecca, 526 McCarter, McCarthy, McCarthy, Sandra, 540 McCarty, Donald, 310, 369, 590 McCarty, Luella, 310, 523 McCary, Dennis, 148, 206, 230, 275, 378, 379, 446 McCaski1l, Pamela, 288, 347, 492 McCasland, T. Howard, 109, 516 McCasland Tower, 543, 545, 550 McClenahan, Walter, 288,579 McC1ean, Charles, 575 McC1ean, John, 575 McClellan, Louis, 288, 384 McClenahan, Maurice, 245 McClendon, Beth, 310, 344, 521 McClendon, Elisa, 226, 259, 329, 509 McClennen, Patricia, 275, 330, 331, 502 McCloske , Patrick, 76 McC1umpliy, D., 139 McComas, Arthur, 568, 591 McCombs, Don, Jr., 558 McCombs, Sylvia, 478, 501 McConahay, James, 145 McConahy, Richard, 588 Joseph, 584 McConne1, McConnell, Arthur, 69 McConnell, Gloria, 288 Mjgyonnell, Jimmy, 275, 328, 329, Larry, 566 McConnell, Margaret, 110, 237, 259, McConnell, 328, 329, 352, 470 McCool, David, 584 McCord, Frederick, 148, 275, 395, 505 McCormick, Michale, 139,310,452 Migormick, Molly, 2751 347, 438, McCowan, Gary, 275, 384 McCown, Jay, 310, 372, 563 McCown, Sandra, 288, 322 McCoy, McCoy, Gary, 310, 488, 589 McCoy, George, 275, 374, 375 McCoy, Hal, 193,259,398 McCoy, Stephen, 30, 275, 398 Mggracken, Linda, 288, 501, 504, Bette, 259, 488, 551 McCrady, Kerry, 520 McCrary, Toni, 466 McCreary, Sharon, 288, 550 McCreary, Thomas, 145 McCuen, Suann, 259 McCuistion, Richard, 155, 581 McCu1loh, Michael, 288, 465 McCullough, Donna, 543 McCullough, Michael, 143, 145, 197, 577 McCumber, Judy, 310, 527 McCurdy, Gail, 497, 506 McCurtain House, 535 McDade, Carol, 202, 288, 333 McDaniel, Alfred, 460, 488, 512 McDaniel, Dianne, 310 McDaniel, Donna, 432, 434 McDaniel, Ernest, 44 McDaniel, Gerald, 126 McDaniel, Judith, 44 McDaniel, Robert, 153, 288, 361 McDaniel, Terry, 288, 452, 577 McDannald, Robert, 259, 395, 446 Michael, 590 McDermit, McDermitt, Norbert, 288, 572, 577 McDonald, Deborah, 310, 334, 539 McDonald, John, Jr., 498 McDonald, Johnny, 245 McDonald, Linda, 200, 310, 477, 5 Michael, 578 McDonald, McDonald, Patricia, 245, 482, 551 McDonald, Sally, 288,329 McDonald, Tanya, 150, 288, 550 McDonald, Terence, 564 McDonough, Virginia, 259, 337 McDougal, James, 259, 398 McDougal, Nona, 275, 322 McDuff, W .F., Jr., 259, 506 McDuftee, Frank, 259 McDutfy, Jacqueline, 531 McElmurry, Ralph, Jr., 557 McElrath, James, 110,476 McElreath, Larry, 566, 591 McElreath, Ricky, 576 McElroy, Mike, 577 McE1yea, Susan, 310, 322, 509, 547 McFall, Charles, 259 McFarland, Larry, 288 McFarlane, Candyce, 310 McGann, Michael, 288, 325, 507 McGarry, Ronald, 586 McGee, Jerry, 559 McGee, Maureen, 546 McGee, Nancy, 275, 337, 456 McGee, Patrick, 288, 400 McGehee, Perry, 581 McGinley, Patricia, 527 McGinnis, Gene, 40 McGinnis, Monty, 498 McGlory, Cleo, 580 McGumphy, David, 583 McGonne11, Mary, 526 22 McGoogan, John, 139, 310, 511, 570 Donna, 310 McGovern, McGovern, Gary, 136 McGovern, Thomas, 589 McGregor, Jean, 310,347,530 Max, 440, 556 McGregor, McGrew, William, 450 McGuckin, Marion, 310, 536 Frank, 111, 288, 384 McGuire, McGuire, George, 259, 366, 367, 4 Harold, 155 Michael, 492 McGuire, McGuire, McGuire, Patricia, 288 McGuire, Rutherford, 288, 577 McGuone, James, 155, 569 Mcllroy, Robert, 310, 464, 573 Mclntosh, Cheryl, 201, 203, 259 Robert, 259, 398 Mclntosh, Mclntyre, Glen, 562 Mclntyre, Louise, 538 Mclntyre, Peter, 275, 400 Mclntyre, Robert, 577 McKee, Cheryl, 259, 459, 550 McKee, David, 310, 380, 487, 557 McKee Richard, 259 85 McKee: sfephen, 143, i-as, 146, iss McKenzie, Roddy, 288 McKinney, Anna, 310, 477, 535 McKinney, Gary, 120, 440, 575 Mikel, 153, 288, 577 Patrick, 310 McKinney, McKinney, McKinnis, Dorothy, 201, 464, 540 McKown, B. M., 142 McKown, Ora, 478 McLane, Jon, 288, 367 McLauchlin, James, 387 McLaughlin, James, 79, 288 McLaughlin, Linda, 529 McLean, Mark, 575 McLel1an,, Patricia, 275 McMahan, Sandra, 310, 528 McMahon, Carol, 288, 349 McMahon, William, 288, 400 McManus, Paul, 288, 393 McMichael, Judith, 290 McMichael, Molly, 310, 331, 535 McMillan, James, Jr., 145, 577 McMillin, Joe, Jr., 145 McMullan, Donald, 290, 367 McMullen, Betty, 259, 495, 512 McMullen, James, 259, 445, 481, 485, 496, 499 McMurry, Marcia, 433, 435 McNally, Charles, Jr., 259 McNamee, Peter, 128 McNary, Karla, 290, 344 McNatt, Delmar, 440 McNeely, Jane, 275, 526 McNee1y, John, 148, 275, 374 McNeely, William, Jr., 290, 372 McNees, Opal, 108 McNeil, Eddie, 275, 369 McNeill, Danny, 556 McNutt, Mack, Jr., 586 McPhearson, Robert, 568 McPherson, Deweydell, 560 McPherson, James, 486 McPherson, Jerry, 534 McQuaig, Edward, 499 McQueen, Nancy, 259, 334 McQuillen, Linda, 77, 206, 238, 259, 340, 341, 438, 470, 537 McRae, Gene, 632 McRae, Hugh, l11,275, 384 McReynolds, Jayne, 290, 341, 505 McSpadden, Gary, 567 McSpadden House, 536 McSpadden, Michael, 193, 448, 511 McSpadden, Richard, 193, 259, 384, 448 McStay, James, 139, 310, 569 McTyre, Harry, Jr., 136,259,377 McVey, Linda, 532 McVey, Sidney, 275, 389 McWilliams, Guy, Jr., 306, 589 Meacham, Diana, 275, 333, 477 Meacham, Randy, 581 Mead, Mary, 290, 333,492 Mead, R. M., 137 Meade, Jon, 387 Meade, Mark, 310, 365, 563 Meaders, Nancy, 310, 539 Meador, Qavid, 587 Meadors, Gary, 579 Means, James, 145 Means, Wilda, 482 Meason, Larry, 588 Meason, James, Jr., 387, 585 Mechem, Nancy, 542 Mechem, Sharon, 512 Medicine, 404-427 Medicine, School of, 84 Medina, Julio, 310,393 Mee, Patrick, 290, 372 Meehan, Dennis, 579 B., 199 Meek, Meek, Carolyn, 130, 132, 206, 268, 209, Meek, 290, 349 Michael, 153, 290, 393 Meek, Niki, 110, 236, 259, 232, 333, 470, 497 Meeks, Arthur, Jr., 556 Meeks, Margaret, 250, 259, 334 Meese, Robert, 275, 453, 481, 485 Mettert, Emma, 290, 329 Mehl, John, 290, 384 Mehl, Michael, 275, 383 Mehta, Kiritkumar, 466, 498 Mehta, Ramesh, 245, 467 Mehta, Vasantkumar, 467 Meinhardt, Myron, 476 Meisel, George, Jr., 148 Meisel, Sue, 310, 326, 548 Meister, Susanne, 310, 343, 547 Meitzen, Joyce, 245 Meldahl, David, 557 Meldrum, William, 138,392,393 Mellott, Susan, 438, 526 Betty, 259 Melton, Melton, Joseph, 487, 556 Ma rcelle, 290, 331 Melton, 52, 290, 333 Melton, Marsha, Melton, Thomas, 580 Wesley 310, 384 Melton, , Melton, William, 259,400 Melton, William J., 580 Menard, Helen, 275, 460, 488, 501 Menczkowski, Mary, 290 Mendoza, Rene, 511 Menefee, Sandra, 275, 333, 484, 497 Mengelkamp, Richard, 155, 566 Men's Counselors, 591 Men's Glee Club, 502 Mentesana, Jack, 577 Mercadante, John, 148, 158, 159,576 Mercer, William, 134, 136, 259, 571, 591 Meredith, Michael, 259, 365 Meridith, Sandalyn, 489 Merli,John, 310,393,559 Merrell, Josette, 495 Merrifield, Pamela, 28, 310,334 Merritt, David, 310, 390, 590 Merritt, L. Gilbert, 518 Merritt, Robert, 275, 377, 440, 443, 501, 502, 507, 512 Merry, Suzanne, 456, 465, 527 .4 Mr.-77725, M77r77v-77 57 Mr-57710, ,R.3rron?7.3 49 245 467 529 Mssrf, V7nr,5-r77 J'. 509 Messenger, Mufcn Jr., 275 390 Mcsser, Nnno. 370, 5423 MQsS7C7f, Lonn7Q, 753, 790 290 390 MP7ca7f, D7,7n6, 527 Me7ca7', Jcvxnno, 275, 332, 333 Me7ca77 Lwvrfrncf-, 259 390 Meta.: 7r7'77r77,, 794 259 369 MQrQa74Q, M77"77,n 290 343, 492 MMQ77237777' 7V7r'7'1' 799 290 460 Mewvn R7r77.,r.3, 290, 7774 MC7n7c.k, M74,7r.n-I 567 ML-72, M0777 529 Mr-716337, Ro7wr7 275, 3730 3739 M7:y0', C7.1"7'X, 275 Mrryer J.3n0, 207 370 543, 477 5 Mpyer M,.,ry, 290, 349 430 Moyer, S7rfv77n, 507 Mcyfif, 070.777, 259, 396 Mevew, Grrrrqow, 465, 559 Meyers, Jc"n 290 367, 505 976 Mcvcrs Krnrr--777, 560 MCye'5 Or'r7, 77 259, 379 Meyersor7,Jr1rry 370, 396, 5734 M7c77a07, M77777w-7 290, 399 Mkhael, P.r7f7fsf,, 259, 333 M7c5ae7son Drfyo, 370 396 573 M'c7c7sr Rozwr 275 399, 440 500 M7f3d,e57037f Lwy, 735 M'oo7e7on,Anne1,275 M7dd797or7, J..7rr7c-s 275, 579 M7dd7e7on Jo77n 493 M7Q37Q7On, 714733, 370, 4373 344 MQW73 30.07 240, 333 M770cEk, Mrs. 0. 507 Mmm, P74y77g, 2577, 333, 4377 Mi7f3n, M77der, Trrrry7, 259, 357 M77oS, 0.17773 259 347 M7765 00747 440, 5737 M765 E. H., 555, 5732 wr M'7es Jo77n 275, 365 Mnmirfson, Jr., 370, 389 Myrr.7, 496, 503, 504 M77es, M777ard, Bury, 720, 565 M777er, Andrpeu, 260 290 M'77E', 757717, 492, 579, 527 Mf77e' AUQU37 Jr. 797, 370 457 400 M777ar, 350 M7771-r M777Pr M'7'e', M'77c', M'7'e' M777er M777cr, M777er, M777Q' M,77s-r, M77Pr Mf77cr M'777gr M777Qr, M777C", M'77er M'77er M777Qr, M777Pr, M777or, MZ77er, M'777:r, 7v7'77er M'77e' M:77gr7 730777777-, Jr., 259, 5734 00777: 370, 509 547 Bobby, 245, 472 C7 fr705 370 446 465 C7,r3f- Jr., 577 Conn'7-, 530 Connh- L., 370, 337 D0v7r7 259 E77w'n 77, 7, 500 JJ7r4-5 720, 275, 747, Jwrrr-s R., 757, 575 Jorg, 590 J73r77-, 290, 330, 339 550 Kurrgrr, 370, 327 74.377 506 7..777y 290, 377 Mmv, 275 7X7.7ng7,, 290 327 P7,7r'fx,, 370, 503, 4,377 Robcri, 500 730737377 EU 755, 370 5r'r7L'v, 370 535 Sonrim 290 322 77-rry, 370, 563 NN7777,s777, 377 M7777cr:r7, Dr-rryl, 290, 372 M77777car1, C07o7yn, 260 M'77'Or7, E7r77::7, 245, 367 M'77'nan, Mfwrgxare' 290 M7773 Be 45 M7775 M7775, M7775 M'77s 7v7'77S M'77s, M7773 M777s, M777s, M7775 M1775 .,, 0 Dnyru 739 Donn, 572 House, 565 Jarnr-5, Jr,, 290, 365 J 7 745 750 Jc'71 J7, 509 John 0, Jr., 370 507 John D., 490 Larry, 739, 509 Lfndn 750 370, 525 Myy, 240, 456 489, 503 M777s'eao, Mum 370 504, 532 M77s7aed, '77'7o'r7Js 370 395 479 564 Mlnes, M7nPs, M7n7i. M7r77c7r7 MQnk'n M7nn's M'nn's D7C71ye, 402 Undo, 370, 536 Mar7c, 437 , Ronuffi, 370, 397 5977 , SJs3n 290 357 , 745777 Hr-77, 536 M':,77,w7 260 372 M7r77775 Ro737'77, 777 500 Mrnnrf Ron73771 727 275 377 Mlrrron, C3767 370 542 Mnyard, 7427rc:7 370 Mfnyfva W',7 3"7, 506 M77'2a7an Arrrrf-n, 494 500 Mfmk, C7mr7r-s, 727, 720, 729, 260, 494 Mrmv, 577737717 260 M3716-fsky, Vrmv 777 377 400,505 Miss OU, 232 M777.77L:77 C'7.7'77s 736 260 399 M77f77r:77, Connh- 225, 235 275 435, 529 M 767077 D 777- 790 Mr7Qrf7., 0647, 377 504, 444. M7v:,ne7', C574-77713, 377, 535 M77nr7e77 Jorwnrwgr, 377, 347, 477, 527 M77rL77G77, Judy, 290, 322, 492, 572 M77Q77e77, Lowrri-nge, 377 397, M'7 77e77 S3 3 30 566 'L 77.5255 M'7's, Lfxwrvrrgfg, 590 M'xon, Bombvr 569 M729 John, 377 305, 562 M777:77, 73od7:r7c7r, 37 I, 456 509 M7m77, Wd 77177, 507 Mnoom, 6,.y7f., 2770 .737 430 Momffy Aw-7:73, 477 Mo737ey, Gorf7o77, 477 Mo737ey Pa 07 260 Mock, Ranr77777, 494 Model UN, 469 Mody, P'1y7n7,7.771:77: 245 466, 492 Mo'6e2, 543, 460 Mo77o'T M'Q'7.7r77, 275, 309 MQHQ77, Jr, Moqbadarrr, Mor177nda'r7, Moqnadarrr, Moqhaoanv Moqnarao Moqhorab rrma 777, 377, 395, 560 B7377rnfm, 407, 496 7-7oss67n, 460 Mo7777r31r"off, 40 460 M7773 460 A7uC7C17' 797 460 Foro73Q77ossf371.77, 460 Mo 07n Alun, 560, 597 Q . Mornzdden, Mo7nv', Re Mo77 A750 Kuzsrnn, 460 10, 7277, 408 472 M07 son, Pfwf 7 377 347 354 544 467, Mor7L77 717, Jr7f.7777c.-7711 377 334 '777 503 544 , y Moncu s 727773, 544 Mor711a'ar Jc 77 '7' Mcnr, 3044, 77537 290, 374 Monroe Berry, 377 535 Monroe, Jan:-, 260, 349, 497, 506 Monroe, Je-Lan, 409 Monroe KQ777w7r-fan, 290 349 Mon73L:e"o A797-7 377 Mcnmgorrrffr, E777 rr, 529 Mon7qcrr7e7'y J37-773, 290 375 Morvqornwy Mnry 463 Mon7qo7'nc7y, Nianpy 770, I77 236 260, 347, 470 Mon7QO'nor7,7 S.7'7y, 377 343, 530 Mon'oorn9r,7, V'rr1.r7'g3 377,337 533 Mon7In, Jonn, 377 Mor7!o7o, E:7ww71, 377 506 Moody, Dan, 377, 369 Moody, Don 275, 379, 577 Moo7.1y,JOf', 727 720, 260 3739 Moouy, Mfar47vn, 290, 320 329 Moon Jon 745, 260 379 Mooney, C7mr7f-5 377, 379, 507 Mooney, M71ry,377, 533 Mooney, R7Q77777:7, Jr. 290 M0074 Annu, 533 Moore Dar7f-no 290 504, 550 Moore Diffs, 367 Moors-, D73y'7,7 S., 377 Moors", Doro77wy, 377, 465, 547 Moors, James, 260, 399 Moore James R. 740 275 309 M oorv, Moo? Moore Maori Moore Moors- Moow Move M oo rn Moore Moore 206 Moorff Moow Moorf: Moore Moor' PATRONIZE YOUR NEAREST PHILLIPS 7Jcnn', 540 7 7 JO'V7 290 370 Jovor, 290 J0r3'r77, 290, 349 Karen, 534 717377777-, 557 Ka7n7of-n, 377 Capt Leon, 726 Lesfr- 377 333 354 527 L'n:177 377,329 539 7.o7J7sr:, 774, 775 779 720, P37773 377, 369 5734 Prcs7on, 505 260 454 745 Sonor, 200 377 5.4 72an7:07 Ron.1o Mo7,77', Moorv Moore, Moowr S7L:yvr7, 290, 369 Susan 377 337 542 7973 275 369 Tfor-135 275, 360 367 Ze77JPr7, 245, 509 do Gf,r.77r1 275 dO,JQ77y, 377,507,542 Moorrrmn, Mrxry, 275, 337 354 Moorr- Moorrrp Moo'r7r- MO'-7r7 Mcmrr Mo'7:77 Mom" M1377 y, Murqml Momrrsn Mo'q.777 Mo'Q77n Morrmn 446, 5 Morrqnn Mor4g.3r7 Mo'C1.7n Mzyqgxn MorL1.1n Mor'.377. Morkor Mor7r7q, 565 Mo7r'3, Mo'r 5 Morffs, Mo'r7s, Morris, Morr7s, Morrl, Morrfs, Mo'7'3 Jonn 290, 577 7-7. 7'7o7rx7s, 290 305 M157-, 2730 377 Symnr-v, 573 Sinrxrrx, 260, 344 , C.:ro7r-, 290, 329, 577 Edwmfi, 290, 309 , ELIWA77 Jr., 275, 576 ,Quo 275 322 500 Jr1'77f 770 37 7, 395, 67 ,Jorvrm s R., 290, 399 , 307.72777 324 ,M3r7, 440, 457 , Ron27771 290 502 73on.37o L., 290 S7or777ry, 290 305 I, 30774, Jr., 275, 394, we Hfvrbvr-7 J7. 722, 440, C. 0f3'77 77 37, 245 300 Cf3rr'f, 377 337 5273 C'7,fr7e-5 583 Cralq, 570 Freq, 740 Gwenr7r77y77 402 Jazk, 487 Jon Joi-7, Jr,, 260, 360 367 275 , ,, Mc:"rs J. R., 509 Morr7x Kenn4g777, 465, 577 505 Mo777s M7c7m7fr7, 260 Morrfe. M'Q7mL-7 G., 290 399 MorriS Ror73771, 502 563 Mo7r.3 Ror71a7:17. 730, 290,367,453 Muff Mo7r73, Morr75 S ROSQ7727, 377, 465 507, TCG, 402 77rno777y, 472 Morrrs W7777,7m, 562 Morrrso Mor' so n Dfonno, 260, 349 '7 Janos J'. 506 Morfson 732377110 260 370, 377 497 7V7L,7'A5r: n Row-rr Jr., 755 PHILLIPS DEALER D DIL C0. voun PHILLIPS nusmmuron 533 Morrison, Sally, 290, 334, 477 Morrow, Alice, 540 Morrow, Michael, I37, I39, l58 Northington, Carrol, 524 Morse, William, 575 Morshed, Farhad, I97, I99, 468 Mortar Board, 470 Morter, Luther, I55, 557 Morton, Carl, l90 Morton, Gary, 290, 395 Morton, Terry, l90 Morton, Thomas, 3l I, 400, 479, 556 Mosca, Peter, 580 Moscoe, N. D., IIO, 275, 376, 377, 474, 49l Moseley, Anthony, Jr., 578 Moseley, James, l38 Moser, Johnny, 275 M2583 George, 275, 446, 465, 469, Mosesman, Rhonda, 3ll, 357, 54l Mosley, Mrs. Frank, 50l Stephen, 246 Moss, Alice, 3ll, 347, 547 Moss, Moss Barbara, 492, 545 , David, 57I Moss, Linda, 3ll, 344 Moss, Nancy, 229, 290, 334 Moss, Raymond, 387 Moss Ronnie, 500 Masitam, Jo Nan, 290, 343 Motley, Dennis, 570 tvtott, Calvin, 260, 370, 37l, 440, 443, 512 Mowery, Joyce, 229, 290, 349 Mgyer, Donna, 229, 290, 333 Moyer, Frances, 540 Mueller, Gary, 275, 450 Muir, Linda, 275, 337 Mulana Mulrow x, Richard, 3ll, 456, 57I , Hal, IO9, 5l6 Muldrow Tower, 546, 549, 55l Mullen, James, 275,370 Mullen, Martha, 275, 34l, 500 Mullendore, Nancy, 275, 334 Mullens, Patrick, 290, 400,476 Muller, Carl, 3l I, 393, 588 Muller, Muller, Mulllca Max, 275, 393 Robert, 3ll, 393, 588 n, Linda, 435 Mulligan, Betty, 260, 330, 33l Mullike n, John, 290,393 Mullins, Jerry, 275, 393 Mullis, Charles, Jr., 245 Mulva, James, l38, 290,476,579 Mummery, William, 98 Mundel I, Dwight, Jr., 260, 390 Munger, Marilyn, 3ll, 334, 354,523 Munkres, Raymond, I37 Munn, William, 583 Munro, Munroe, Bruce, 500 Thomas, 245 Munyon, Wayne, 452, 577 Mu Phi Muraco Murcer, Epsilon, 503 , George, 260 Bobby, 3I I, 399 Murdock, Jon, 260, 399 Murov, Mur h p . Murphy, Murphy, Susan, 260, 327 Beverly, 275, 552 Allen, l29 Barbara, 23l, 290, 343 Murphy, Gene, 275, 393 Murphey, Karen, 275, 322, 489, 5l2 Murphy, Irene, 3ll, 536 Murphy, Lomax, Jr., 260, 496, 499 Murphy, Louise, 3ll, 527 Murphy, Marilyn, 275, 495 Murphy, Nikki, 527 Murphy, Nova, 488, 50l Murphy, Robert, 440, 44l Murphy, Thomas, 583 Murphy, Timothy, 3l l, 566 Murray, Burbank, Jr., 260, 367 Murray, Don, 3ll, 588 Murray, Uoyle, 260, 368, 385 Murray, Henry, lll, 260,369 Murray, Janet, 275 Murray, Joseph, Jr., 3lI Murray, Kent, 557 Murray, Laura, l35 Murrell Gary, 260, 572, 576 Murrell, Max, 488, 585, 59I Murry, Harold, Jr., I98, 245,399 Muse, Larry, l48 Musgro ve, Pierce, 3ll, 573 Music, Lois, 5l8 Muslow, James, Jr., 3ll, 383,573 Mussen, Frances, 260, 333, 503 Mglgzer, Robert, 275, 372, 373, 355, Musser, Robert W., 3ll, 367, 560 Mustain, Michael, 290, 395 Mutzig, Andy, I45 Myers, Cheryl, 538 Myers, Jeffrey, 290, 452, 476 Myers, Kent, 5ll Myers, Paul, 450 Myers, Robert, 139, 3l 1, 393, 557 Myers, William, 245 Myles, Edward, 466, 497 N Nabizadeh, Alireza, 260, 455 Nabizadeh, Linda, 275, 468 6l6 Nabizadeh, Ramine, 468 Nabizadeh, Reza, 468 Nabors, James, 590 Nadlman, Sandra, 3ll, 35l, 527 Nagle, Mary, 348 Nagle, William, 472 Nagurney, M. Dyan, 536 Naifeh, Cheryl, 250, 324, 325, 511 Naifeh, House, 566 Nairn, Janet, 3ll, 33l, 551 Nale, Lynda, 275, 55l Nall, Paul, I23, 260, 459, 485, 496, 499 Nan, Dr. Carl, 472 Nance, Lennis Ill, 260, 379, 49l Nance, Ronald, I64 Nantois, Robert, 452, 578 Nardone, Kathryn, 497 Narramore, Shirley, 3ll, 537 Nash, Beryl, 460 Nash, Doreen, I20, 225, 276, 327, 484 Nash, Gary, 575 Nassau, Jill, 534 Nasta, Manohar, 498 Nathanson, Francine, 260, 550 Nations, Jo Ann, 535 Nauioks, Paul, 589 Nauman, John, 3ll, 367 Navy ROTC, I 34- I 39 Neal, James, 260,454 Neal, Lloyd, 260 Neal, Mary, 276, 347 Nedbalek, Nedra, 548 Needham, Donna, 3ll, 525 Neely, Paul, I39 Neely, Terry, l38, 290, 389 Neerman, Charles, Jr., 586 Neighbors, Ann, 290 Neighbors, James, 276 Neighbors, Marion, 584 Neill, Elizabeth, 489, 55I Neill House, 537 Neiman, David, 246 Neislar, David, I36, 260, 379 Nelbert, Roddy, 260, 383 Oma, 3ll, 329, 536 Nelms, Nelson, Charles, 3ll, 566 Dianne, 3ll, 337, 354, 479, Nelson, Emma, 46, 290, 488, 50l, 545 Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, 53l Finis, I66, 290, 58l Kathleen, 229, 290, 349 Lana, 3ll, 505, 542 Lillian, 554 Nelson, Robert, 472 Roger, 276, 369 Nelson, Nelson, William, 260,372 Nemechek, Karen, 290, 347 Nershi, George, 586 Net, Karlene, 549 Netland, Robert, 260 Nevels, James, -455 Neville, Jack, Jr., 3ll, 369, 569 Nevins, Joe, 3ll, 369, 569 New, Millard, Jr., 3ll Newcomb, Ralph, I48, l58, 276, 377 Newcomb, Zella, 540 Newcomer, Mary, 3ll, 528 Newell, Karen, 226, 276, 322, 323, 352, 399 Newell, Steve, 3ll, 380, 566 Newendorp, Paul, 246 Newkumet, Phil, 290, 375 Newman, Andrew, 3ll Newman, Newman, Newman Karen, 290, 334 Lawrence, 290, 397 , Richard, 260, 450 Newman, Robert, 499 Susan 290 327 Newman, , , Newsome, Garth, I39, 3ll, 36I, 590 Newton, Charles, 58l Newton, Douglas, I45 Newton, Richard, 580 Newton, Royena, 3ll, 337 Ngum, Brenda, 507, 529 Nicewander, James, 290 Nichols, Gary, 260, 389 Nichols, Henry, 387, 56l Nichols, Michael, I87, 276, 390, 39l, 448 Nichols, Nancy, 260 Nichols, Neil, 276, 488, 587, 59I Nickel, Randall, I45, 385 Nickels, Susan, 31 1, 455, 487, 522 Nickle, Carl, 246, 389 Nickles, Robert, 588 Nicol, Charlie, 567 Nicol, John, 276, 395 Nicolai, Lawrence, 290, 393 Nikolas, Thomas, 276 Ni er Jo IO9 PP 1 1 Nisbet, Robert, 260, 369 Nishikawa, Herbert, 43l Nissenbaum, Susan, 536 Nitschke, R. N., l38 Nixon, Eloise, 529 Noble, Eliabeth, 3ll, 54l Noever, Stephen, 3ll, 387, 565 Nolan, Janice, 290, 329 Nolan, Philip, 473 Noland, James, I45, 260, 385 Nolen, Bill, 454 Nolen, Patricia, 290, 333 Noles, Danny, 58l Nolin, Ron, 290,393 Nolley, Nancy, 260, 343 Noltemeier, Linda, 505, 540 Nordahl, Noble, 260 Nordby, Gene, 78, 79, I64 Noren, Gareth, I55, 3ll, 379, 558 Norman, John, 52, 290, 395 Norris, Albert, I43, I45 Norris, Judith, 290, 347 Norris, Nancy, 202, 290, 333 North, Richard, 3l l, 390 Northcutt, Gayle, ll8, 3ll, 5l9, 525 Northcutt, Marsha, 3ll, 53l Northcutt, Nancy, 290, 33l Northcutt, Richard, 43 Northcutt, William, 3ll, 400, 555, 590 Norton, Kenneth, 3l I, 557 Norvell, Carolyn, 534 Norvell, David, l48 Norvell, James, Jr., l48, I59 Norwood, James, 58l Novak, Marilyn, 3ll, 322,548 Novak, Patricia, 276, 330, 33l Novell, James, 276, 390 Nowick, Kenneth, 290, 377 Nowlin, Ida, 534 Noyce, Judith, 540 Nugent, Billy, 579 Null, Myrna, 539 Nunley, Jess, 43l Nunnery, Joe, I99, 260, 380 Nurses Association, Oklahoma State Student, 504 Nursing, 428 Nursing, School of, 86 Nusbaum, Robert, 589 Nutt, Paul, 460, 502 Nuttall, Edmund, 92 Nye, Nancy, 3ll, 507, 528 O Oakes, Larry, 46l Oakley, Marilyn, 524 O Berg, S, Coleen, 524 Obermeyer, Tom, 260, 365 O'Brien, Kathleen, 488 O'Brien, Patricia, 276, 34l "O" Club, Varsity, 448-449 O'Connell, Johanna, 3ll, 534 O'Connell, Mary, 260, 333, 460, 503 Odlum, Daniel, l38, 290, 389 O'Donley, Juanita, 484 O'Donnell, Marypat, 290 O'DonnelI, Thomas, 540, 590 Oelschlaeger, Warren, I55, 588 Oertle, Richard, 57I Oey, Hong,, 472, -185 Otter, Jane, 465, 553 Ottutt, Kaye, 33Il, 547 Ogden, Meredith, 260 Ogle, Neal, 26l O'Hara, John, 90 O'Hara, Thomas, 587 O'Hern, Melva, 3ll, 535 Ohl, Williams, 584 Oikorlomia, 503 Oklahoma Daily, II9 Oksa, Judy, 537 Oldroyd, Lawrence, 44l, 505 O'Leary, Keith, 290, 364, 365 Oleinik, John, 290, 393 Olim, Felix, 560 Olinghouse, John, 26l, 365 Oliphant, Alexander, lll, 246, 370 Olivares, Margo, 276, 344 David, 577 Diana, 276, 322, 5l2 Oliver, Oliver, Oliver House, 538 Oliver Michael, I66, 58l Oliver, Norma, 276, 34l, 478 Oliver, Sandra K., No. I, 460 Oliver, Sandra K., No. 2, 290,460 Oliver, Ted, l88 Oliver, Virginia, 276, 325 Oliver , William, 462 Olney, Frank, Jr., ll0, l48, l58, 276, 394, 395, 469 Olsen, William, 26l Olson, Barbara, l35, 228, 26l, 330, 33l, 354 Olson, Chester, 26l, 393, 46l Howard, 246, 586 Olson, Olson, Howard, 579 Olson, Olson, Kathleen, 26l Nancy, 29l O'MaIley, Stephen, 583 Omicron Delta Kappa, 473 Omicron Nu, 504 O'Neal, Jay, l65 O'Neal, Peggy, 276, 496, 503, 504, 522 O'Neal, Rosalee, 29l Oneth, Wanda, ll8, 5l9, 529 Onotrio, Jack, 26l, 5lI Onotrio, Lin, 5ll Linda, 3ll, 527 Sue, 5Il Onotrio, Onotrio, Opening Section, I-23 Orbach, Sue, 23l, 29l, 327 Orchesis, 505 Orchestra, Symphony, 5l2 Orcutt, Allen, 26l, 385, 446 Ordower, Paula, 3ll, 35l, 534 Organizations, 436-5I3 Orme, Anthony, 58l Ormond, Thomas, 29l, 379 Orne, Jon, I55, 590 Orr, Barbara, 459 Orr, Dick, I94 Orr, Gary, I45, I46, 26l, 445, 455 Orr, Jack, 459 Orr, Mary, 29l, 325 01111, Judy, 117, 239, 250, 251, 342, 343, 470, 500, 632 Osborn, Jerry, 26l, 490 Osborn, Ronald, 26l, 360, 36I, 440, 443 Osborn, Seth, Jr., 29l Osborn, Teresa, 3ll, 539 Osborn, Zelda, 3l2, 539 Osborne, Michael, 29l, 372, 476, 580 Osborne, Ron, 5l2 Osburn, C. Charlene, 29l Oscherwitz, Sylvia, 3l2, 339 Osherwitz, O. Thomas, 276, 450, 451, 578 Oskamp, Stanley, Jr., 476 O'Steen, Burl, 276, 367 O'Steen, Desmond, 276, 367 Osterhaus, Cary, l29 Osterhoudt, Jon, 588 Ostrow, Diane, 3l2 Oswald, Nancy, 3l2, 525 Otis, Robert, Jr., 3l2, 389, 440 OU Libraries, l00 OU Press, IOO OU Scholars, 474 Outon, Betty, 276, 489, 495, 503 Overly, Larry, 556 Overman, Carole, 276 Overman, Harry, 29l, 460 Oversreet, Barbara, 500 Overstreet, Gary, 3l2, 367, 568 Overturt, George, 482 Overturt, Judy, 3l2, 477, 520 Oviatt, Pamela, 3l2, 344, 462 oviali, Philip, 145, 192, 251, 350, 36I, 448 Owen, Frankie, 26l Owen, Hubert, Jr., 29l, 377 Owen, Marianna, 492, 540 Owen, Ralph, 29l, 393 Robert, 3l2, 393, 556 Stephen, I97, 387 Owen, Owen, Owens, Alcarene, 534 Owens, Cheryl, 537 Owens, Garry, I55, 3l2, 440, 50l, 5 Owens, James, 3l2 James W., Jr., 486 Owens, Owens, John, Jr., 26l, 367 Mary, 276, 554 Anthony, l28 Owens, Owere, Owerka, Carolyn, 29l Ownbey, Joe, 52, 29l, 395 Oxley, Karen, 3l2, 533 P Pace, M. Diana, 276 Pace, Stephen, lll, 276,375 Pace, Susan, 40 Pacey, Stephen, 29l, 377 Pack, Nancy, 29l, 337 Packard, Lawrence, lll, 3l2, 389, 573 Padberg, Larry, 276, 379 Padberg, Richard, 3l2, 359, 369, 555, 563 Padden, Thomas, Jr., 582, 588 Paden, Doyle, 276, 460 Page, Donna, 3l2, 325, 547 Pain, Charles, 3l2, 359, 365 Bill, I55, 3l2, 359, 400, 589 Edd 497 Painter Painter, , Painter, John, 506 Pallady, Palmer, Palmer, Betty, 504, 54l Bruce, 5l3 Palmer, Charles, l56, 3l2, 479,588 Delia, 44, 29l, 552 Palmer, Palmer, J. D., 496, 499 Palmer, Jimmye, 3l2, 538 Palmer, Ralph, l88, 276,379,580 Sandra, 29l, 492, 52l Palmer, Palmieri, G. J., I42, l58 Pancoast, Mary, 26l, 34l Panganiban, Antonio, 566 Panganiban, Ginny, 29l Panhellenic, 352 Panhellenic, Junior, 354 Pankey, Charles, l53, 29l, 390,577 Pankratz, Donna, 3l2, 329, 548 60 Pannell, Linda, 28, 29l, 488 Pannell, Tommy, I66, l69, I73, 448 Pansze, William, 246, 395, 564, 59I Pape, Donald, l2l, 276, 375, 632 Pape, Sally, 3l'Z, 339, 523 Pappan, Kay, 3l2, 347, 547 Pappano, Robert, 587 Paramore, Peggy, 507 Pardue, Wallace, Jr., l56, 3l2, 583 Parent, Charles, 558 Parese, Bill, l90 Parham, Michael, 387 Parikh, Gunvantrai, 466, 498 Park, Carol, 477, 53l Park, Donald, 29l, 452, 465, 577 Park, James, 3l2, 370, 566 Park, Nancy, 529 Parker, Parker, Parker House, 539 Parker, James, 276, 395 Franklin, 490 Mrs. Franklin, 490 Parker, Parker, Parker Jeanette, 3l2, 344, 50l, 535 Susan, 525 William, 153, 29l, 395 Parkhill, Lewis, 251, 559, 591 Parks, Jane, 26, 527 Parks, Mayo, I43, I45, l50, l58, l60, 26l, 355, 360, 36I Parks, Richard, 276, 400 Parks, Stephen, 564 Parks, William, 29l, 380 Parnell, Parr, A Parr, C Parrish, Parrish, Parrish, Parrott, Parsons, Parsons Patria, 5l2 rnold, 494 hristine, 29l Linda, 3l2 Michael, 276,399 Richard, 29l Robert, 509 Kit, 312, 559 , Roger, 440 Partaine, Mary, 539 Parton, Pasierb, Patchel Pate, Paul, 588 Frank, 5I8, 5l9 I, Ellis, 53l Bob, 3l2, 385, 555 Pate, Don, 29l, 555, 570 Pate, James, Jr., 3l2, 562 Pate, Robert, 3l2, 393 563 Paifiek, Charles, 245, 579 Patrick, Richard, 145, 145 Patterson, Cynthia, 3l2, 349,547 Patterson, Helen, 86, 43I Patterson, Larry, 580 Patterson, Louis, 276, 587 Paterson, Max, 29l, 377 Patterson, Sandra, 534 Patton, Diana, 225, 526 Patton, Jack, 246 Patton, James, 488, 505 Patton, Jerry, 454, 506 Patton, Jerry R., 73 Patton, Jimmie, 3l2, 488, 585 Patton, Paul, ll, l20 Paul, Cheryl, 507 Paul, James, 440, 589 Paul, Patricia, 3l2, 335 Paul, Robert, 586 Pauling, Jack, l56, l57, 3l2, 588 Paulsen, Judith, 276, 55l Paulus, Lucian, l53, 576 Payette, Kathryn, 336 Payne Cha rlcs, l38 Payne: Francis, 485 Payne, James, 26l Payne Jo, 489 Payne, Laurence, 145, 145, 251, 370 Payne Mary 291 553 Payne, Terrye, 533 Payne, Payne, Payne Timothy, 359 William, 26l, 364, 365 W. T., 60 Paynter, James, Jr., 29l, 400 Paynter, Thomas, 3l2, 400, 574 Payte, David, 355 Payte, Joseph, 3l2 Paytuvi, Julian, 26l, 485, 505, 508 Pearce, Carolyn, 495 Pearce, David, 498 Pearce, Joe, 58l Pearce, R. Alec, 26l, 48l Pearson, Ardelia, 3l2, 456, 533 Pearson, Charlene, 500, 524 Pearson, Donna, 456, 532 Pearson, Frank, 500 Pearson, Michael, 586 Pearson Michael B. 3l2 367 586 Peek, Laura, 312, 344, 504 ' Peckham, Sheridan, 3l2, 542 Pederson, Thelma, 507 Pe-et, 475 Pekny, Charles, 3l2, 590 Pelc, Frank, Jr., 585 Pellegrini, Carl, l88, l89 Pelton, Charles, I45 Pence, Vicki, 29l, 34l Pendegratt, Charles, 57I Pendergrass, Susan, 3l2, 333 Pendleton, Ruthetta, 29l Pennell, Linda, 3l2, 329, 5ll, 548 Penner, Frederic, 29l, 372, 476 Pennington, Anita, 200, 20l, 550 Penington, Audrey 3l2, 538 Pennington, Elvis, Jr., 26l, 377 Pennigton, Phyllis, 529 1966 SOONER l 3 C3 0 4 0 I-I Ph O I-I 5" 0 l l Designed cmd Produced ISJQHRFP a BY 3 KINGSPORT PRESS l INC. p ' RAINBO BAKING COMPANY p KINGSPORT' TENN' Oklahoma Cily Oklahoma l To The l l l l QG RQ 4' a c 3' '-:' SF-'Isa O Q 4' 2. E ,2 .,.. .35 Q a 2. Y. H K9 Y Q 4 ..,, 33 --aa. ra RW' Universily of Oklahoma Congralulafions on lhe pasl 75 years p of progress in higher educafion for The S+a're of Oklahoma. J. J. Cook Conslrucfion is proud fo l be a parf of 'rhe physlcal growfh of The faclllhes on 'rhe Norman campus J J Boukllnnstructllln lnl: .. . B p 9 . . , . 3 5131 Classen Blvd. Oklahoma clly, Oklahoma Vlctor 3-9339 Perdue, Penington, Thomas, 580 Pennypacker, Nancy, 29l, 344 Penrod, James, Jr., 464 Pentecost, Michael, 440, 50I, 557 Penuel, Annawake, 3l2, 325, 537 Peoples, Joe, 3l2, 520 Pepper, Arlene, 29l Perantoni, Edward, 493 Betty, 3l2, 496, 534 Peterson Perdue, Perhay Deborah, 529 Ba rbafa, 506 Perigo: Jerry, 291, 399, 475, 571 Perkey, Billy, 26l, 377 Perkins, Frederick, 3l2, 393, 565 Perkins, Greg, 3l2, 379, 573 Perkins, James, 29l Perky, Neal, I27 Permut, Michaele, 29l, 327 Perrine, Barbara, 5l2, 546 Perruolo, Tomas, 467, 472 Perry, Alice, 548 Perry, Barbara, 280, 335 Perry, Edwin, I39 Perry, Gregory, 440 Perry, James, Jr., 29l, 373 Perry, John, 29l Perry, Keith, I38, 29l, 452 Perry, Marsha, 29l, 333 Perry, Nelson, 472 Perry, Pamela, I60, l6l, 228, 23I, 29l, 349 Perry, Sherri, 3l2, 544 Personalities, 236-24l Peter, L. Jill, 29l, 550 Peterman, Arnold, Jr., 588 Peters, Joe, 564 Peters, Mary, 526 Peters, Sharon, 3l2, 5l3, 530 Peters, Sharon L., 440, 52l Peters, Vera l. 43 Petersen , I , Darlene, 29l, 492 Petersen, Melodie, 26l Petersen, Paul, 29l, 399, 446 Peterson, Carol, 3l2, 349 Peterson, Chris, 3l2, 370, 564 Peterson Kenneth 29l 379 fR.Je, 3l2, 542 Pickrell, David, 29l, 38l Pidgeon, Bebe, 29l, 35l Pierce, Sherri, 276, 347, 484, 500 Pinero, Herrera, 472 Pinkerton, John, 373, 457, 48l Pinkerton, Laurence, 29l, 355, 373, 4 6 Pinkerton, Patricia, 3l2, 343, 533 Pipe, Nanette, 3l2, 343, 536 Pipkin, Jack, 3l2, 377, 584 Pipkin, Wade, l48, l57, I59, 276,370 Pippin, Gary, 26l Pitchlynn, Thurman, Jr., I66, 26l, 399, 58l Pittman, Gregg, 448 Pltman, Sallee, 29l, 325 Pitman, Suzanna, 525 PPitts, Betty, 504, 525 Pitts, Linda, 226, 276, 343 Pitts, Michael, 589 Pitts, William, 26l, 38l Pitzer, John, 505, 586 Platte, Jeffrey, l29, 29l, 579 Pliszek, thomas, 587 Plonsker, Janice, 55l Plovanick, Kathleen, 450, 550 Plumlee, Donna, 276, 325 Poe, Nancy, 524 Poe, Victor, 58l Pohl, Bert, 26l Pohl, William, I56, l57, 560 Poholsky, April, 3l2, 539 Polderman, Mark, 492 Polen, Jerry, 49l Polk, Shirley, 226, 276, 322, 323 Pollard, Elmer, 26l Pollard, James, 465, 562 Pollock, Dale, 569 Pollock, David, 568 Pollock, Joanne, 276, 338, 339, 55l Pone, lanne, 3l2, 327, 546 Pool, Meredith, 3l2, 440, 5l2, 542 Pool, Thaddeus, III, 26l Pool, Tilman, Jr., l38, 29l, 400 Poolaw, Bryce, 583 Poole, Judith, 3l2, 343, 479,543 Poole, Patrick, I56, 3l2, 355, 402, 559 Pribil, Dennis, 26l Price, Barbara, 26l Price, Bobby, 58l Price, Helen, 26l, 5I2, 5I9, 524 Price Jacqueline, 29l, 344 Price: Lyndle, 275 Price, Melvyn, 246, 397 Price, M1chael,3l2, 369, 567 Price, Pamela, 276, 335 Rich Ranzau, Pethick, Sandra, 482 Petillo, William, 482 Petroleum a d G I Engineers,n505 eo ogy Petroleum Landman's Association, 486 Petta, Marcia, 29l, 55l Pettit, Carolyn, 540 Pettit, Sharon, 509 i:Ettloni1Siiaron, 3l2, 529 U50 . , 276, 529 Phares, Arc?i'i'EY47l Pharmacy, College of, 88 Pharr,Anita, 39, llo, 111 291 332 333, 438 ' ' ' Phebus, Suzanne, 532 Phelps, Rex, 3l2, 379, 565 Phelps, Roberta, 29l, 331 Phelps, Victoria, 29l, 335 Phi Alpha Theta, 506 Beta Delta, 382 Phi Delta Chi, 506 Delta, Theta, 384 Eta Sigma, 476 Gamma Delta, 386 Kappa Psi, 388 Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi KGPPB Sigma, 390 Phi Mu Alpha, 507 Phillips, Andrew, 583, 59l PI"lIIlPS. Douglas, 246 Phillips. Gordon, 251, 373 Phillips, Howard, SBI Phillips. James, 251, 533, 591 Phillips, Jim, 47I Phillips, John, 26l Phillips, Joyce, l42 Phillips. Linda, 39, 117, 291, 347, 433, 492 Phillips, Richard, 584 Phillips, Vera, 456 Philp, Phyllis, 20l, 202 Phipps, Diane, 520 Phipps, Robert, I48 Pholphayuhakiri, Kosin, 499 Physical Education Maiors Club, 202 Physical Therapy Club, 507 Pi Beta Phi, 348 Pi Epsilon Tau, 508 Pi Kappa Alpha, 392 Pi Omega, 477 Pi Omega Pi, 478 Piachek, John, 584 Picek, Barbara, 522 Pickel, Marie, 3l2 Pickens, Carol, 3l2, 347, 549 Pickens, John, 57l Pickens, John, 26l, 389 Pickett, John, 29l, 380 Pickle, Kenneth, 276, 446, 465, 502, 575, 59l 6l8 Pope, Janice, 29l, 552 Popkess, Janet, 3l2, 335, 536 Poppino, Robert, 3l2, 385,569 Porch, Judy, 227, 276, 332, 333,478 Porch, William, l48, 276, 465 Porter, Alvan, 26l, 375 Porter, Faith, 276, 454, 526 Porter, G. A.. 478 Porter, James, Jr., 490 Porter, Janice, 29l Porter, Jared, I53, 29l, 373 Porter William 246, 370 Prickett, Robert, 3l2, 399, 58l Pricketf, Wilson, 494 Priddy, Mel, Ill, I56, 3l2, 379, 574 Priesman, Harlan, 276, 383 Priest, Robert, 49l, 577 Prince, Alicia, 479 Pritchard, Barbara, 3l2, 543 Pritchard, Carol, 26l Pritchard, James, 276,369 Pritzker, Janet, 29l Proctor, C. L., 498 Proctor, Noble, 557 Proctor, Robert, 156, l57, I59, 3l2, 393, 559 Proffitt, William, 29l Prosser, Dorothy, 3l2, 333, 520 Provirle, Joe, 492, 579 Provines, Stephen, 499 Pruette, Steven, 387 Pruitt, Cynthia, 276, 344, 484, 507 Pruitt, Johnny, 29l, 40l Prussner, Ernest, 29l, 440, 577 Prykryl, Michael, 3l3, 377 Public Health Club, OU, 472 Publications, Board ot, ll4 Puckett, Mary, 502, 529 Puckett, Polly, 133, 228, 251, 347,352 Pulaski, Barry, 382 Pung, Adele, ll0, 275, 342, 343,484 Purcell, Sheila, 542 Purcell, Thomas, l48 Purnell, Rosentene, 246 Purser, Roger, 276, 49l Purtell, Lawrence, 56l Purves, Ellen, 3l3, 347, 539 Putcheck, Evelyn, 276 Putnam, Barbara, 29l, 349 Putt, Gerald, 29l, 40l Rasolkhani, Farokh, 472 Rasolkhani, Freidoon, 26l, 455 Ra3tg3heson, Richard, 276, 355, 382, Ratcliffe, Catherine, 39, 292, 343, 492 Ratcliffe, Peggy, II7, 26l, 343, 632 Rather, Geoff, 3l3, 586 Ratcliff, Jennifer, 3l3, 33l, 547 Ratferree, Lillian, 3l3, 532 Ratzlatf, Joan, 534 Rauch, Phillip, 276, 452 Raulerson, Steven, 292, 576 Raunikar, Francis, 460 Rawlings, David, I39, 3l3, 555, 569 Rawlinson, Ken, l65 Ray, Beverly, 46, 292, 488 Ray, Brenda, 3l3 Ray, Fred, 502 Ray, Grace, 5l3 Ray, Jo, 292, 33l Ray, Kenneth, 292, 385, 476 Ray, Lynn, 3l3, 528 Ray, Marilyn, 529 Ray Sharan 528 Ray, Thomas, 588, 59l Ray, Wilma, 433 Rayburn, Margaret, 545 Raymond, Steven, 276, 389 Raynes, Gerald, l38, 292, 395 ReMine, Elizabeth, 292, 323 Read, Dennis, 480, 578 Read, L. Melissa, II7, 3l3, 438, 53l Reagan, Royce, 292, 389 Reaugh, Dianne, 203, 26l, 323 Reaugh, Harry, 3l3, 369, 573 Reaves, Joe, 489 Reavis, Rice, III, 276, 379 Reber, Jill, 26l, 335, 470 Reckling, Larry, 493 Rector, Joe, l65 Rector, Roy, 3l3, 590 Redburn, David, I56, 3l3, 56l Redder, Linda, 550 Reddoch, Susan, 3l3, 333 Reddy, H. M., 466 Redeker, Glenn, 486 Redeker, James, 456, 460, 572, 579 Redman, Richard, 276, 578 Redmond, Eugenie, 276, 550 Redon, Louis, 276 Redwine, Marilyn, IIO, 292, 337 Reece, Kenneth, I56, 3l3, 387 Reece, Monroe, Jr., 472 Reece, Robert, 26l Reece, Sherrilyn, 36, 3l3, 335, 458 Renes, Stuart, 589 Renfrow, Robert, Ill, l20 Renneke, Bruce, 493 Renov, Shelagh, 3l3, 327, 477, 546 Renshaw, Larry, 276, 452 Rensvold, Roger, 276 Research Institute, IO6 Residential Centers, 5l4-59l Resnick, Dennis, 583 Restor, Bob, 480 Rettlg, Charles, 292, 454, 586 Reuber, James, 3l3, 393, 487, 556 Reusser, Karen, 540 Reutllnger, Nancy, 440, 5l2, 5l3, 53l Revelle, John, 3l3, 379, 588 Reyes, Erlinda, 467, 529 Reyman, Catherine, 454, 500 Reynolds, Flynn, 5l8 Reynolds, Fred, 590 Reynolds, Hadley, Jr., I98, 276, 399 Reynolds, Jennifer, 3l3, 323 Reynolds, Jo, l42 Reynolds, Joe, 399, 564 Reynolds, Joseph, 277 Reynolds, Marilyn, 292 Reynolds, Mary, 3l3 Reynolds, Paul, 277 Reynolds, Sandra, 20l, 263, 463 Reynolds, Thomas, 506 Rhea, David, l22, 277 Rhein, Peter, 263, 397 Rhein, Sandra, 263 Rho Chi, 508 Rhoades, Edd, Jr., 565 Rhoads, Judy, 504, 55l Rhodes, John, 292, 387, 45l Rhodes, Lorna, 526 Rhodes Richard 56l Rhodes, Richard D., 292 Rhodes, Russell, l26 Rhodes, Wayne, I53, 292, 575 Ricciardelli, Alex, IO7 Rice, Rice Bryan, 292, 385, 580 Dianne 494 Rice: Gary, l53 Rice, Glenda, 277, 333 Rice, Homer, I64 Rice, Marilyn, 438, 503 Rice Michael 292 579 Rich: Bennie, 313, 351,530 Rich, cerel, 313, 534, 555 Riell, Den, 253, 399 Rieli, lzee, 432, 434 Sanford, 3l3 397 Porterfield, Russell, l65, l95 Portnoff, Susan, 3l2, 327, 536 Posey, Phyliss, 337, 352 Poslick, Clayton, I66, I69, I73, 58l Pospisil, George, 276, 57l Post, Mary, 3l2, 349, 536 Potretz, Patricia, 464, 489 Potratz, Roger, 26l, 464 Potter, Cheryl, 3l2, 522 Potter, Sherry, I60, l6l, 225, 276, 350, 35l Potts, Janie, 200, 276, 333, 438, 484, 537, 632 Potts, Joseph, 587 Potts, Larry, 589 Pounds, Deborah, 3l2, 34l, 543 Pourchot, Phillip, 3l2, 395, 564 Poureshmenantalemy, Ahmad, 26l Povalac, Stephen, I53, 29l, 580 Powdrill, Frances, 276, 337 Powell, Ben, 563 Powell, Gene, 589 Powell, Morgan, 476, 579 Powell, Paul, 572, 578 Powell, Penny, 3l2, 5l9, 532 Jon, 72, II7, 29l, 375, 632 Leslie, 26l Michael, 3l2, 440, 586 Richard, l56 Daniel, 29l, 355, 367, 502 Power, Powers, Powers, Powers, Poynor, Poythress, William, 29l, 393,632 Prados, Rufus, Jr., 29l, 588 Prak, Yoeung, 455 Prange, Lawrence, 588 Prater, Larry, 26l, 452 Prather, Eugene, Jr., 3l2, 40l, 58l Prather, Larry, 495 Prather, Phillipa, 474, 529 Pratt, Charles, 584 Pratt, J. B., Jr., 276 Pratt, James, 29l, 389, 450, 476 Pratt, Pratt, Pratt, Linda, 429, 432, 434, 435 Linda G., II7, 29l, 349,632 Phillip, 3l2, 40l, 58l Pregler, Clarice, 246, 325 Prentice House, 567 Prep, Victor,, Jr., I36 Prescott, Carolyn, 26l, 483 Pyle, Ronny, I97, 26l, 369, 555, 572, 59l Ouackenbush, Mary, 3l3, 532 Quell, Edwardo, I93 uiat, Andrew, 3l3, 383, 584 uick, Susan, 3l3, 525 uigg, Stuart, 497 Quigley, Billy, 555, 560 Quillian, Mollie, 29l, 333 Quillin, David, 26l, 402 uinn, Lynn, 88 uinn, Phillip, 480 uisenberry, Linda, ll8, 29l, 504 Ouist, George, Jr., 246, 455,472 R Raloern, John, I39 Raburn, Earl, 5l8 Radcliffe, Roland, Jr., 565 Radicelli, Anne, 550 Radinsky, Susan, 525 Radzewicz, Donald, 563 Ragan, Ragsda Ragsda Patricia, 276, 343 le, Jennifer, 3l3, 33l le, Linda, 29l, 539 Rahama, Abdelrahman, 472, 490 Raifsnider, Barbara, 276 Raines, Raines, Margaret, 460 Robert, Jr., 3l3, 590 Rains, Charles, 26l, 392, 393 Rains, Roger, 26l, 498, 585, 59l Rains, Thomas, 579 Ralls, Artheda, 540 Ramer, John, 559 Rarrler Orville, 137 Ramey, Palmer, 29l, 355, 395 Ramos, Robert, 58l Ramsey, David, 492 Ramsey, Gary, 26l, 38l Ramsey, Hall, 387 Ramsey, Linda, 53l Ramsey, Mary, 29l, 335 Ramsey, Rachel, 226, 276, 329 Ramsey, Shirley, 3l3, 329, 536 Ranaudo, Andrew, 29l, 36l Randels, Linda, 553 Randolph, Richard, 482 Ranger, Mary, 495 Rankin, Hal, 29l, 49l Rankin, Kathryn, l50, 3l3, 325, 354 Rankin, Robin, 29l, 322 Ranney, Jon, 39l, 40l Ranta, Janice, 246, 482 Dennis, 3l3, 385, 580 Reed, Carl, 246, 36l Reed, Edward, 552 Reed, Geoffrey, l53 Reed, James, Ill, 276,370 Reed, Jane, 492 Reed, Joan, 276 Reed, Lynn, 3l3, 359, 38l Reed, Margaret, l22 Reed, Mary, 3l3, 347, 479, 487 Reed, Porter, Jr., 292, 393 Reed, Ra mond, 580 Reed, Robert, 276, 38l Reese, Charles, 292,375 Reese, Reese, Dixie, sol, 531 Fred, 192 Reese, John, 476 Reese, Ronnie, 276, 370 Reese, Steve, 559 Reeves, Judith, 229, 36l, 34l Reeves, Michael, I39, 465 Reeves, Thomas, 568 Reeves, William, 3l3, 399 Reeves, Rega Rege Regs Register, William D., 499, 579 lis, Vincent, 585 nts, State, 60 nts, University, 6l Stephen, 586 Rego, Carlos, 292, 36l Regu Reich, Reid Reid r, John, l48, 276, 379 Stanley, 588 Barbara, 229 Braxton 590 Reiaf cefel, 24l, 251, 470, 474 Reid Reid Reid Daniel, 3l3, 359,393 George, 495 Melissa, 632 Reid, Richard, 3l3, 465, 567 Reid, Wallace, Jr., 577 Reiff, Betty, 3l3, 440, 456, 5l3, 525 Reitk Reifk e, Henry, l5l e, Nancy, 528 Reigh, Jack, 263 Reike, I-lank, l28 Reiling, Kenneth, 497 Reilly, Donald, 263, 445, 4Bl, 493, 5l0 Reilly, Robert, ll, 3l3, 399, 479, 574 Reinauer, Jere, 263,327 Reinbold, Patricia, 276 Reinert, Susan, 534 Reinhard, Michael, 276 Richard, Joy, 277, 34l Richard, Nancy, 3l3, 347, 520 Richards, Barbara, 488 Richards, Jake, 58l Richards, Londa, 3l3, 339 Richards, Watt, Jr., I193 Richardson, Dickye, 3l3, 329, 467, 50l, 543 Richardson, Kirk, 3l3 Richardson, Sharon, l50 Richardson, Richarson, Susan, 263, 329 Rebecca, 482 Richerson, Robert, ll, l48 Richert, Susan, 277, 333 Richmond, Deborah, 543 Richmond, Larry, l45, l57, I59, I77, 455 Richter, Hollace, 489, 50l Richwalski, Clarence, 588 Rickards, Elwood, Jr., I37, 139 Rickards, John, l38, I39 Rickey, Ralph, 359, 387, 580 Riddle, Ruebena, 277, 349, 460, 503 Ridgley, George, l90, 448, 580 Ridgway, Lee, 263, 355, 365 Ridgway, Thomas, Ill, 387 Ridlngs, Minette, 292, 33l Ridlinghafer, Ralph, 38, 263, 353, 355, 356, 38l, 475 Rieger, Joseph, 506, 508 Rieke, Edwin, 476, 502, 507, 579 Rieves, Jan, 292, 343 Rigg, William, Jr., 292, 399 Riggs, Carl, 68 Riggs, Carl R., 94, 95 Riley, Debbi, l5l, 292, 332, 333 Riley, Riley, James, 277, 360, 36l Riley, Everett, 58l James G., l48, I66, I69, l7l, ,l74, 448, 531 Riley, Megan, 488, 50l Riley, Steve, 277, 385 Rlmlcci, Steven, 568 Rindley, Robert, 3l3, 397 Rinehart, Frank, 3l3, 389 Ringer, Frank, I43, l45, I46, 166, I69 l7l, I73, l75, 263, 40l, 448, 58l Ringle, Robert, l26, l29 Ripple, Barbara, 292, 554 Rippy, Gayle, 3l3, 477, 487, 535 Rippy, Paula, 540 President, 6, 38, 6l, 62, 63, 64, 104, 1 1 479, 513, 522 09, 14, 195, 452, 464, President's Leadership Class, 479 President's Staff, 67 Prestidge, Belva, 200, 456, 527 Preston, Trudy, 276 67, 475, Rao, G. N., 466 Rao, Varantha, 466 Raper, Charles, 3, 36, 276, 375, 458 Raper, Ronald, 292 Rapp, Jeanie, 26l, 5l3, 529 Rapp, Sally, 3l3, 349, 533 Rapp, Sharon, 292, 349 Rarick, Louise, 500 Rasimas, Dennis, 292 Reiser, Matthew, 292, 452, 476, 575 Reisman, Mike, I53, 292,393 Reiter, Ronnye, 3l3, 327, 477 Remmert, Roy, 276, 40l Rempel, Tom, 263, 40l, 483 Renaghan, Joseph, I37 Renaudo, Andrew, 360 Risenhoover, G, W., 48l Risenhoover, Jerry, 246, 482 Risinger, Ralph, 263, 506 Ritchey, Carol, 529 Ritchey, Karen, 292, 323 Ritchey, Robert, l22, 456 Ritchi e, Tony, I56, 3l3, 585 Rittenberg, Cynthia, 3l3, 338, 339, Render, Jo, 3l3, 54l 447, 520 4.3 Roepke, Mary, 277, 34I Roesch, Marlha, 263, 343, 503 Rogers, Billie, 3l3, 325 Rogers, Carole, 263, 323 Rogers, Elizabelh A., No. I, 277, 329 Rogers, Elizabelh A., No. 2, 539 Rogers, Eugene, l26 Rogers, James, ll, 579 Rogers, Kendrick, 567 Rogers, Linda, 3l3, 323, 546 Rogers, Linda N., 3l3, 546 Rogers, Lynda, 502, 550 Rogers, M., Jane, 3l3, 546 Rogers, Parker, Jr., 3l3, 385, 57l Rogers, Paula, 203 Rogers, William, Jr., 375 Rogers, William L., 292, 578 Rogers, William M., Jr., I27, l29, 263, 453, 465 Rogers, Willie, I78, IBO, I8I, 263, 58l Roggli, Ronald, 585 Rogozenski, Elaine, 3l3, 35l, 525 Rohmer, Danny, 587 Rohrbaugh, Charles, l48, 277, 364, 365 Rohrer, Dennis, 450 Rohrbaugh, Lawrence, 3 Rolen, Thomas, 556 Roll, Nina, 263, 524 Rollins, Mark, 313, 372, 479, 574 Rollins, Roger, 277 Romano, Linda, 2I0, 2ll, 552 Romerman, Linda, 292, 34l Rone, Camilla, 3l3, 546 Ross, Belly, l42 Ross, Chesler, 588 Ross, Donna, 528 Ross, Eugene, l48, I66, I69, 448 Ross, E, Mclver, 111, 148, 277,399 Ross, Frederick, 562 Ross, John, I45 Linda, 3l3, 335, 509 Ross Ross, Michael, 3l3, 383, 574 Ross Ross, Roberi, 590 William, 148, les Rossef, Elyse, 3l3, 35l, 523 Rossei, Michael, 277, 579 Rossi, Gayle, 470, 478 Rosson, Gary, 292 Roslas, Joseph, 590 ROTC Commanding Officers, IOI Rorh, Janice, I20, 496, 545 Roih, Robin, 560 Rolhbaum, Julian, 6l, l09 Rolhberg, James, 3l3, 383, 57l Rorhenberg, Bruce, 3l3, 397, 586 Rolhenbusch, Hermann, 263, 495 Rolhrock, Thomas, 387, 562 Rofklein, Ricki, 3l3, 35l, 477, 546 Roudebush, Don, 590 Rounds, Roger, 263, 38l Roundy, Alion, 588 Rousseau, Marilyn, 200, 3l3, 54l Rowan, William, 3l3, 565 Rowell, Ronald, 580 Rowland, Kaihy, 504, 534 Roy, Mihir, 466,499 Roy, Timir, 263, 466, 467 Rule, Royella, 488, 526 Rummel, Cynfhia, 3l3, 337, 538 Rupp, John, 292, 393 Rusch, Jane, 263 Rush, Terry, 57l Rusk, Billy, 263 Russ, Philip, 246, 393 Russell, Ann, 200, 523 Russell, Chrisline, 482 Russell, COVISTBDCS, 200, 533 Russell, Don, 389 Russell, Gene, 490, 499 Russell, Patricia, 3l3, 325, 54l Russell, Ramona, 263, 344, 345 Russell, Sfanley, 3l3 Russell, Vivla, 277, 489, 529 Rusr, Slanley, 292, 390 Rufh, Gregory, 580 Rufh, John, Jr., 246 Ruzyla, Kennelh, 3l3, 452,570 Ryan, Cheryl, 3l3, 522 Ryan, Palrick, I78, 277, 373, 558, 59l Ryan, Roberl, I39, 3l3, 38l, 583 Rycroif, Drusilla, 3l3, 539 Ryland, Anira, 292,348,349 Ryle, Sherry, 536 Ryles, Mary, 54l S Sabaler, Adrian, 230, 263, 355, 392, 393 Sabalh, Beffie, 277, 327, 352, 446, Rilz, Michael, 38, I96, 237, 263, 355, Roberison, Johnny, Jr., 277 356, 357, asa, 369, 473, 475, 4131 Roberfson, Kslny, 536 Rilz, Roberf, l48, 355, 356, 358 Roberlson, Porl, I65, 449, 58I Rifzhaupf, William, 263,399 Roberrson, Virginia, 55l Rirzwoller, Harold, 3l3, 397, 567 Roberlson, William, 589 Rives, George, 3l3, 379 Robillard, Bill, I90 Roach, Samuel, Jr., 506 Robinson. BUNNY. 36l. 590 Roan, Brenda, 263, 489, 503 Robinson. Carol. 3I3 Roark, Ernesr, 263, 578 ROl9lflS0f1. DOH. 98 Robare, Cynfhia, 220, 22l, 292, 55l RObll'lS0l'1. DOUUG. 292 Robb, Sgoff, 577 Robinson, Doris, 507, 524 Robb, Seward, 483 Robinson, Dorreiia, 540 Robb, Warren, 263, 355, 366, 499 RObll'l5Df1. GSOVQE- M81 I66. 5Bl Robbergon, James, 3l3, 558 Robinson, Gloria, l50, 277, 324, 325, Robberson, John, 562 352. 353. 354 Robbins, Linda, 253, 522 Robinson, Kalhleen, 542 Robbinsons, Bill, 552 Robinson, Michael, 263, 372 Roberson, Henry, 292, 476, 590, 632 R0blnSOf1. Paul. 3l3. 33l Roberson, Janice, 454, 532 R0bjf150n, Ronald. 257 Roberson, Robert, 148 Robinson. Sandra. 479 Rgberfson, Bob, 471 Robinson, Sharon, 292 Roberls Bobefta, 432, 434, 435 RObif1S0f1. William, ll7. 462 ROL-,eng Brenda, 433, 435, 471 Robinson, William H., 3l3, 589,632 Robe,-15 Carol, 527 Robirds, Crisiine, 3l3, 538 Rgberfg Charles, 253 Robison, Coleman, 246, 397 Roberfg David, 58l Robison, John, 3l3, 369, 588 Roberis Dennis, 277, 450 RObiS0I1. Linda. 450 Roberfs, Donald, Jr., l53, 292, 40l R0b1S0"1. Pallla. 550 Roberls, Donald R., I66, 58l ROlD1SOf1. Reid. 246. 399 Robe,-fs Ellen, 505 Robllshek, Douglas, 3l3, 558 Roberls, Fred, ISI, l53, l57, 292,570 R0l3Y. Paul. 5l2 Roberls, Gary, 292 R0l3'Y. l--. 5l2, Robe,-15 Jay, 559 Roche, Cornelius, 3l3, 570 Robeffg John, 263, 390 Rochelle, James, 365, 392 Roberls Kalherine, 292, 504 ROCilellE. MiCl'l56l. 454 Robe,-fs Kgnne1h,292,369 Rockell, Chadwick, ll, 292, 402, 403 Roberls, Lawrence, 387 Rockhold, Pamela, 255, 277, 460, Roberls, Mary, I20, 263, 342, 343 438. 503. 5l9. 524 Roberrs Marva, 263 R0ddef1. l-GUY. 539 Roberls Mickey, I28, 564 Rodeheaver. Reuben. 5l2 Roberls Nancy, 292, 34I ROd6SV16Y. M6l"lYf1. 52l Roberls Noel, 506 ROdQeV5. Anne. 223 Roberls, Richard, 38, I53, 292, 394, R0dQefS. BETTY. 438 395, 475 Rodgers, Carol, 3l3, 349 Roberfs, Roberi, l2l, l22, 263, 590 Rodgers, Dorolhy, 488 Roberrs, Ronnie, 292, 389 Rodgers, Frances, 50l, 507 Roberis, Saundra, 3l3, 329, 527 Rodgers, Karen, 53I Roberls, Terrence, 292, 362 ROCTVIQUCZ. Elllabffih. 277 Roberrson, Barbara, 292 Rodriguez, Joe, 263, 392, 393 Rodriguez, Joseph, I39, 3l3, 588 69 Rodriguez, Luis, l28, 292, 476, 556, 557, 59l Roe, Janel, 292, 34l, 477 Roe, William, 263, 394, 395 Roberlson, Edward, 277, 379 Roberlson, Gerald, 263, 3 Roberlson, Gerald, R., 368, 490 Roberlson House, 540 Roberlson, Irma, 263, 488, SOI Roemer, Danielle, 3l3, 462, 52l Yourgmids c1lFidelily Riwww' .. . .xiii-XM' sir' 3 335493433653 swuf The Class of 1966 Rood, Barbara, 292, 344 Rooker, Jerry, I93 Rooney, Michael, I78, l8l, 448 Roop, Gerald, Jr., 557 Roor, Paul, 508 Rope, Philip, l45, l57, 263, 502, 579 Roper, John, 263, 373 Rosa, Duane, 292, 46I, 575 Rosali, Michael, 583 Rose, Charles, 263, 48l, 498 Rose, Judirh, 487, 522 Rose, Richard, 277, 459 Rose, Roberl, 492 Rose William Jr. 590 Rosell, Merle, 313, 5Il, 529 Rosen, Emily, 552 Rosenberg, Lee, 263, 292, 579 Rosenlhal, Bonnie, 277, 350, 35l Roske, Vincenl, Jr., l29 Roske, incenl, Jr., I29 "PEOPLE WITH A PURPOSE" Royds, Carole, 277, 336, 337 Roye, David, Jr., l53 Royse, Donna, l2l, 263,333,463 Rozen, Brenda, 277, 327,497 Rubin, Harold, 263 Ruble, Al, 148 Ruby, Phillis, 292, 35l, 509 Rucke Rucke r, Orville, l38 r, Wesley, 482 Rudd, James, 277, 40l, 632 Rudd, Linda, 277 Rudd, Nancy, 263, 343, 352, 353 Rueb, Randy, 292 Ruffin, Lynn, 292, 33l Rulfol o, Mary, 277 Ruf-Neks, 480 Ruqeley, Barbara, 200, 3l3, 344, 546 Ruggi Ruhf, ers, Paul, 476 Kennelh, 3l3, 584 500 Sabalh, Roberi, l53, S75 Sabine, Henry, lll, I43, l45, l50, I58 l5l, , 263 Sachen, Kenneih, 263 Sachs, Jane, ll8, 3l5, 339, 5l9, 536 Sachse, Joyce, 3l5, 487, 522 Sacks, Eileen, 3l3, 35l, 539 Sacol, Linda, 3l5, 339 Sacra, John, 263, 369 Sacra, Meri, 3l5, 333, 354, 543 Sadler, James, 562 Sadler, Susan, 292, 335 Saenz, Carolyn, 277, 502, 526 Saiersiein, Rila, 277, 35l Sage, Alan, 588 Sager House, 54l Sager, Michael, 448 Saing, Kim, 263, 455, 472 Saina, Claudia, 3l5, 533 Sakhaee, Morad, 468 :Zi mlqilkx ,. 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Schipper, William, 587 Schlunt, Joseph, l56 Schmedt, Theo, 3l5, 387, 558 Schmelzla, Patsy, 3l5, 454, 532 Schmidt, Donald, 277, 582, 584 Schmidt, Gail, 277, 341 Schmidt, James, 292, 577 Schmidt, Joseph, 3l5, 395, 588 Schmidt, Lowell, l45 Schmidt, Roberta, 460 Schmitt, Ro er, 574 Schmitt, Wiiliam, I53, l59, 5lO, 588 Schneider, Harold, Jr., l5l, 492, 586 Schneider, Mary, 3l5, 323, 546 Schneider, Philip, 5l2 Schneider, Robert, l56, 3l5, 397 Schneider, Schnoebelen, Timothy, l20, l22, 2 Schober, Charles, 292 Schoen, John, 588 Schoenhals, Glenn, 3l5, 369, 564 Schofield, John, Jr., 387 620 64 Schoggen, Bruce, .464 Schonder, Janice, 3l5, 509, Schonwald, Alexander, 3l5, Schonwald, Avrum, 3l5, 383, Schoolcraft, Vi