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-.- 1w1'1"TW'i' ""-"H .:. , ' 4-'J' . i ""'-'F-4n- X ' , Q , It 'Z w . ' . hs.. ,A U .7 1L'C.',.,1 . ,-. ,.--..,.,, , ' f I Ll Vg. V. Vu. V 'Vdfw-wwf., .k.. ',g,:1 ' I 1 1 . wr 1 Z ,E-:J 1-:V r -gf' ff" ,-Q .-2 ":lfJ3I1.7'.-'1'3tV V 'v' -- -!ii.i0VV'?i is 52- 4 ' H V- - .,j.-,.! 11- V.' .1'T"t,2 V .., 'IW 1' --5, , ' vi. .. V .- 9,1 V .- ,.V uv: .rw Wg, ,V M .. HW... V M. z V.:-w5V.s:.5gxVV-52V '.,...-4.V.' . ,. .. , I - L , ' i .156 iii- 'fV:V: VV- "xiii-.1 ifgu J. VV , V-V.'uc.Vf VW-Vmm VVV.VVVVVVVV-.V .. Mir: V-n-1 " El?- :Vr-VVV -.V.,. 1- . .4 3, P kg ,, F.. .,, .. - - ,V .XV , 2-,, , ' L???'.3. 'V 'J'-.E 'mi --ag. 3:1 14.5, ,.L, ,. f , -. V '.:.-,.., . In-H. ., . ,T VJ .N 2.41. fi-:.:f' 1 : - V-V.V-.V..V.-V,V,. V .ly V577 5 .V rupvfgx.. Q ijjgc-gp '.g.'1x'-.'7 -1:v4V- -5-me-T:-.:.f,1Lx'v:.",u:12 -fi V' ' ' 0' W'L":'l'i"AV Y V-3.55352-2,1-3Z"fi3f ' ' . . V' 'J'!.f'5f 'V-'F iii? 'E .Q .Y- Q V - . A V , .N 1 -. E , VV V: gm - gf, QQ.,--.-g,5,,1 . ' V - - . f: V '. ff - f?iEs?5iI:..fg 'f ' ' v V ., . V .2 . V ' V i1?f'2-""fii2-3:1 ' ' ' ' . J ' 'e- - V if -VVlii ' V' . Q ' :IJ ' .Va In . ,. - -, L 1 f' Er .Vai 'V wi . A , , px , .. . - " . -L f :N , 1 ' , L . Y .V A j W i ' 5 f V' V VA ' .V ' . W .V'91'?iiffE1l' A . , V V , f'wVVVVV.-...J VV' - w,.V..VVV:.V-- "'fi:...,,:--' 1 , 13: 11-.:V, ": , '- . 1' "1:..1-:'V'I, . mV pVEQIj3'V-EMI-VVH'-V ' ,E 1' " M' ' ""'VVV:'AW'S9-ZVVVB ' U'V'J-.T,'S1SixV2QEVii3'1-V: -gV::j1f.iiMY?3y1'V1f'.--'V ., ., 91 ' 'VVV :VW - f3j'I'IegQ:k'V f :ZZQE11-,gE:Q -L " 55-- V V -gb: I . VHVWI' ' I-.-:L gifs' ' + 1 , iff:-.fV:V. .if 1 IA V::r: V, ' V " -VVVV.: ,jlg-,-f4.'--'v .mam ---2"'1L1-p'-:.- :ea ,, .I ,,. ' V ' "J-Ty"i:1.V " IV as-53' f'1"iE l"5?g Vf"' 1-.5-1 f-EV3: :-'-:V5i.f.ZgVlf.-i.VQ..'::'.VfCIV Lfiff , H V f 3.-5301.3,-V':.d1,Q,4::s:-' ' -:V . 1. -'LE-,VV-1V:?f'-0.35V.-'UZ29" 'V if." . V - .. V 335 A-Vi-.rfj263'is3WffifiVQ+E1.5'35V?HVV:f.k5V?'QPV54-"im-VM" .V - 'Www VJVVV. ...l51,: x 5 " " .1'f1'Z?i?" 3.1-""flT'1'I J- X " V' - f 1 7 ViV:'E V .-.N,.,, W R. I A, V. ,W , 4 -. V59 V - 4- 'if , X V 1. ' VJ - '.:g3,Vq'- V .f .,...VfVx,..V-,-.V ., .. " y..:VV VVf'1-, VV ..l .VV 'wi ,:,.VI:u4 354.53 Lsjf: '5'gg"V9!.1, .iw -- -- - :AV if V ll.-..V,-.M - 2,-rm ,1 Q4 2 25-f'ff,.29'f' 5? ' ' '5-11-.E "iii-' . L. ,. L- N "-V-ak V .1-E-, -., . - V ' --lu- 3' 159.-f V., .1 -.'-Vf.V'-Z.: V' 22,5- 'V .WK,VfW' 'TVVWEWIVVE WTS E f .Vw -SEV V V .1 .PU Z..-V-VM., , xi..- .1 . .. JI' "in V NM :mf . -. ,V'. :7"" 'f?5??'v 'Vi R' V-VV'-.,.., V.. A- WV..-f.V. - .gn ,, Y V. YW- -gf.-,.-.Vp.,,5QI, V--,VV-V ,Q V' . ,L ,VV Vffl ' , ' V- , 5 JL . J FV 'V, 1 ag 5+ .V V ' I- Q n X "" "S ur 'V -M V V , V , 7 XV. , .V 'WV QM 'F 5 '4 V V 7 "1 V fx S 41 V F I u' . f ' V' V VJH7 V V VV V 'VV V V, Y Ar. V I I L U V X 1 V N I b. V V J X -V -V-- gin 1--V ..-V, 'SVEL-3I'1RfVw! J' V51 ' V 'Iii '1:f"yJ'g'-.'-Vlfwfg. il ' -V.VV-2' . 3, VfVMVf,VVV..VV.-VVVV4 VVVVFVV. V. my VV "WV-:VVVVVr.V V ',..VfV1Yx M' V. V .Al 1 l,4gw'f,e-Vg-,,sg,-af .1 . . 4, it -5.7! M. ,, .f .EfVV.sf-13.5.1 3,- , M49 tsifepc-535801111101 Content Administration and Services . . 64 Armed Forces ...... 132 Beauties and Personalities . . 182 Athletics and Intramurals . . 208 Greeks ...... . 250 Medicine . . 336 Nursing . . 360 Law. . . 368 Classes . . . 378 Dorms . . . . 452 Organizations . . 526 Advertising . . 602 UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA Norman, Oklahoma Published by the Publications Board Volume 61 ALLAN THOMPSON, Editor All illustrations of World's Fair exhibits and attrac- tions copyrighted Q 1960. 1961, 1962, 1963, New York Wor1d's Fair 1964-1965 Corporation. 'ii 1 ll 1 X l lf. . if 1 'ff c lx I 1 X y N 1 D f ri' Wap The 1965 Sooner yearbook is dedicated to Oklahoma's exhibit at the 1964-1965 World's Fair, and to the work of so many of OU,s stu- dents, faculty, and staff members whose efforts were largely instrumental .in making the ex- hibit the tremendous success that it was. Their achievements reflect the great spirit, pride, and burning desire for growth, recognition, and ad- vancement the entire student body, faculty, and administration of the University of Okla- homa possess. The students in the above picture, Larry Lucas, Kent I-Iatley, Roy Harris, Corky Butler, Len Clayton, Dick Self, lerry Sanders, Ioe Kas- parek, R. N. Dunagan, Bruce Hickman, and Danny O,Brien, were OU,s guides at the ex- hibit. They were chosen, along with additional E965 student guides from other colleges around the state, after a thorough screening program based on grades, personality, appearance, ease with people, interest in, and knowledge of, the State of Oklahoma. After they were chosen, they began a rigor- ous indoctrination program in Oklahoma's ge- ography, geology, culture, points of interest, industries, and vital statistics. A four-day tour of the state was included to give the students firsthand knowledge of what they would be showing visitors at the exhibit. Members of the staff and faculty who were instrumental in the choosing of guides and in the orientation program were David A. Burr, assistant to the president for university rela- tions and development, Dr. Iohn W. Morris, '14 Sooner chairman of the department of geographyg Dr. Elmer L. Lucas, professor of geologyg Dr. Ste- phen M. Sutherland, assistant professor of ge- ographyg and Dr. George G. Huffman, profes- sor of geology. The Oklahoma exhibit was landscaped en- tirely under the direction of Robert H. Rucker, OU's supervisor of landscape and grounds. Rucker wanted to create a "physical environ- ment of a park .... 'i This was achieved with fantastic success, and Oklahoma spent less money than any other state exhibit at the Fair. Raymond Moon, assistant foreman of land- scape and grounds, stayed at the exhibit all summer and kept the gardens and grounds in top shape. The Oklahoma exhibit became a haven of rest and shade in the very middle of the hustle and bustle of the Fair. ,.. A A TYPICAL SATURDAY NIGHT finds OU 5 li-T?:ffQ , I' .ff V I il ludenls campaigning for Hue Ugly Man on Campus lroplwy af 'rlwe annual Campus Clues? Carnival. v ,QQ K' --an Ax HARD STUDY SESSIONS musl be sprinlcled willw frequenf breaks, and i'r's really no? foo lar from +lse library lo 1-he Union Terrace Room. l l fy, N, OU is many things . . . Life at OU is many things to many students. It may be the excitement of the Union coffee shop on a Monday morn- ing . . . it may he the thrill of a long touchdown run on a Sat- urday afternoon . . . it may he a quiet Sunday morning mist over the campus gardens . . . it may be the lazy droning of the Friday afternoon classes in Kaufman Hall . . . it may he the roar of a large bonfire at the riverbottom on a Saturday night . . . it may be the hleakness of the drill Held on Tuesday afternoons . . . it may be the boisterous atmosphere of the Monterrey on a Thursday night . . . or it may be the long routine of a Wednesday afternoon lab. Whatever life at OU is to the individual student, it can only be partially glimpsed in the Sooner. The varied moods of OU, the many memo- ries, the countless good times can only he relived in our hearts in the years to come. HAPPINESS IS BEING a freshman, as reflected in this new cheerleader! face. A LONG DAY OF CLASSES can drive even fhe hardiesf of facully members lo a coffee break in Residenlial Hall caleferia. W. .: X . l GRADUATE STUDENTS in The archileclure school 'finish a model of Eufaule Lodge for lhe World's Fair 'topographic map of Oklahoma. DR. PAUL KENDALL, Professor of English ai Ohio Universily. was e guesf lecfurer al the Shakespeare Ouaclri-Cenlenniel Arr Fesfival. fi . . V , U, gh i. irq '..V.V, , A sly,-,HZ-,u,,J5,5,i ',. . ivy. il-Y, . I -' M - - ' -- , - .1-:ff 'i,. 1 2,1 .X .4 il, V Q 'T , SUMMER FLOWERS bloom brilliantly before succumbing to the creeping fall colors on the South Oval. it is classes, faces, lectures . . . University life is going strong 24 hours a day. The University day begins at 8 a.m. and ends at 5 pan., the student's day begins at 6 a.m., encompasses countless classes, labs, com- mittee meetings, conferences, and lectures, and ends, with luck, around midnight. A professoris day is just as full. There are lectures to be made, papers to be graded, stu- dents to be counseled, organizations to be spon- sored, and faculty meetings to be attended. An OU student rarely sleeps, except in class, and he gulps down coffee and soft drinks by the gallon. The library is his natural habitat, and during Hnals Week, an empty chair is difficult to Find. Good grades are the mark of college success, and an A on the final report is a satisfying measure ol a job well done. THE CUSTODIANS are the 'bel-rind the scenes' men and a long day of lectures, plays and conferences can take its toll. LTYYZL-.- 'Ji.5,1!'.IJ. .. .... , Ulf-R. . 7 .. A -,,,,..-4'-'Q , -ig. lg-,1.,41 -,ff, -Qi., H. -1..,-W-. -' fy: A' . 'f' -H' f I 1 7-1 I J' ' 1 84,4-,,,,i- ,, ,.f,, 3, va ,, YZ," . . . 1 ,- , 'V X 4 . K an N -F -!l,f, gf sw-Mm-F , v .jx W .-x', 1 , .f 5 .. ? I -V "y, , f , . 4 .gffv . 'P . . vi J I .. "Q, f M: , ,.,. , ' ,ww-N 'S 1 Q X tate Fair oI0ldahdr i A Elf nuts' nun" THE "PRIDE OF OKLAHOMA" was honored with an invitation to play before President Johnson when he visited the State Fair of Oklahoma. it is hard -work and rewards . . . MARCHING WITH the band on the hot, windy day at the fair was enough to exhaust any student. But with the hard Work come the rewards. OU was founded in 1890, and since that time has conferred more than 67,000 degrees to students from all over the World, and its current enrollment is over 14,000 The University has the world's largest geology and petroleum engineering schools, and one of the nation,s best law colleges. The 1V1en's Glee Club, pictured on the end sheets of the 1965 Sooner, is among the top in the nation, and was invited to sing at the federal pavilion at the 1964-1965 Wor1d's Fair. A new engineering building, fine arts center, and microbiology building reflect the current building boom. I OU STUDENTS SHOW the "inverl'ed horns" and rally in vain for The OU-Texas clash which was bolh The high poinl and low ebb of lhe Fall. OU'S NUMBER 77 appears lo have fhis silualion well in hand, buf looks can be deceiving as lhe score laler proved. it is the excitement of football . . . Q-"'w.fY., . ' l" !"J'4U- i -w , .im BEGINNING OF A SATURDAY afternoon of excitement is signaled as the Big Red is led onto the field by OU Cheerleaders and Little Red. PRETTY OU SENIOR cheerleader, Cai Morgan, is interviewed by the Daily as she watches the cheerleader tryouts. Saturday comes once a Week, and in the fall it comes with a roar, because it's football time. A football weekend at OU is an unforgettable ad- venture. An aura of excitement encircles Owen Stadium as 60,000 fans mill about, clustering here and there at the gates. Finally they are sucked through the gates and pop up into the stadium only to sway back and forth, cheering and shouting, as the Big Red fights it out on the floor of the "Snake Pit." The Sooners are usually on top at the after- noonis close, and as proof they hold 16 all-time NCAA records including a tremendous 47-game win- ning streak that will likely stand forever in the books. it is labs and more labs . . . Integral parts of student life at the University of Oklahoma are the numerous laboratories, the practical sides of learning. Each school has its share of laboratory training, whether it is the mixing of com- pounds in a pharmacy lab, a prac- tice court session in the law school, a freshman reading lab, a business research statistical survey, a drama school production, or a student teaching position in Oklahoma City. The laboratory offers a student opportunity to effectively use skills he has learned in class. With the exception of on-the-job training through summer employment, lab Work is probably the most instru- mental phase in preparing the stu- dent for a profession upon comple- tion of his college education. :ffl THE OFFICIAL OKLAHOMA State Seal held a prominent position at the New York World's Fair with the mammoth tecleral pavilion in the background. OFTEN THE NEMESIS ot students, atlorclinq them a prime excuse to change trom pre-med to business, chem lab can also be a rich experience. in Mil' 5 ' I 1 211,55 -Y-ui, bm '13 F v ' R. ' -r .A A '7 L ,ny 5 ,fi Lx, I vi. X .af f 'K' .- ,- . fl' I a - I X -ff ,ge S 0,331 , ,Q r-5? f 'fa ,55 n55',,,' .- ' ""' 'Q 5-f - ,V 'ze I-f f rx- P, r ' .J ,i 1' ' V 'J 1 ' ' X M,,,,v fx "Y: VW- gn- Q L M O H ., ! 3 1., ' 1 3 1, xr 1, , I l N 4, 6 1,6 W-. ' ' ' Q,-'gf Q I. Q N "IO g Y, .2 I ' A x,s 4 5 E I v ,'-- 0 . 4' f 5 v lla 3 ., y, "" " -' ave , .l,5.k..?9fjv-1:-wn,'P""" A GROUP OF MISS FOOTBALL candidafes lisien affenfively +0 some of The erfrerfainmenf provided during Hweir visit To Norman. MISS FOOTBALL, Ruth Henderson, smiles in victory. .L 'i TWO OF THE candidates pose in the dressing room be- fore the Friday night talent show in Holmberg Hall. K - it is beauty . . . OU is noted for its many beautiful girls, and perhaps this reputation was partially responsi- ble for bringing the 1964 Miss Football U.S.A. contest to Norman. Ten beauties representing colleges across the United States, plus Donna Axum, Miss America of 1964, and Tack Ging, star of ABC TV's Eleventh Hour, were on hand for the event. Ann Kent, OU junior, was the reigning Miss Football, one of three Oklahoma girls to have won the title. The girls endured a rigorous week of press conferences, television appearances, and lunch- eons before Ruth Henderson from the Univer- sity of South Carolina was crowned at the Fri- day night talent show. -.a-mia., V s swf ,. . - . . . ..,q,. THE CONFUSION and close schedule ofa beauty pageant can be exhausting. 55' fr WITH A TUMBLING STREAM in the foreground, the administra- tion building at the Oklahoma exhibit malces a tranquil Fair scene. it is a -way of life. The 1965 Sooner is designed to be a record of the school year, but it is more than that. In the years to come, it will be a key that unlocks the door to forgotten memories of past friend- ships and adventures. Through its pictures and Words will be reflected the emotions and feelings of this memorable period in each stu- dentis life. And through these same pictures and words will be reflected a small bit of the spirit which motivates the students of OU. This is the same spirit which can be seen in the statue on the cover and on page threeg the spirit of unlimited desire to achieve that which has never been accomplished beforeg the spirit which compels men to reach for the stars, and to someday touch them. It is hoped that the 1965 Sooner has captured some of this spirit for the generations to come. gf. NOTHING IS QUITE as depressing as a poor test grade after hours and hours of endless studying, but . . . . . . there is always another chance, and spirits are soon soaring in the friendly campus environment af OU. -'ii 'A- "Hi ia:-af If 'H' -"LR Q juyri' ik 5 THE BRINGING TOGETHER of sharp, inquisilive minds is the primary goal of any universify. and OU's library offers excellenf slucly materials. I CARNEGIE BUILDING, erec e in . is e o es t cl I904 th Id t b Id g on campus, and now houses th f Iiy h q The University of Oklahoma, estab- lished by an act of the legislature of Oklahoma Territory in 1890, has grown into a major institution of over 14,000 students. The growth story of the Uni- versity is fascinating. The first campus building was Car- negie Hall, located on the North Oval. It was built in 1904. Evans Hall and Monnet Hall joined Carnegie in 1912- 13, and by the end of World War 1, the Presidenfs home, Holmberg Hall, and the Chemistry Building had been add- ed to form the Oval. ADMINISTRATION OFFICES V X, MONNET HALL. known as The law barn, was buili in l9I3, and was exiensively remodeled 50 years lafer. HOLMBERG HALL is Hue scene of many fine sfudenf producfions. THE SCHOOL OF PHARMACY. one of ihe nal'ion's finest, has graduated many of Olclal'1oma's druggisls. The postwar boom began and the North Oval spread southward. From the years 1919 to 1929 growth was rapid. Carpenter Hall and the Ar- mory C19l9jg the Art Museum and the Women's Building C1920-2133 Felgar Hall, Pharmacy, Buchanan Hall, Hester-Robertson, and the base- ball bleachers C1925-261g and the Stu- dent Union and the Library H928- 29j were all erected and ready for use. At the end of 1929 and the begin- ning of the depression, OU had ex- panded to a complex of over 30 build- ings. UNIVERSITY, Arts and Sciences, and Graduate col- leges are in Buchanan Hall. the Liberal Arts building. Af THE SCHOOL OF ART, wifh i+s naiionally known facul+y, is locafed in Carpen+er Hall. -L,,fww,A-,law 4 : .-4:.:.,,a an A ... -1? BIZZELL MEMORIAL LIBRARY, in addi+ion +o currenf volumes, holds many rare book collecfions RICHARDS HALL long provided classroom and laboratory space for ihe schools oi Botany, Microbiology. and Zoology. During the depression and throughout the thirties, expan- sion was at a low ebb. The only construction of great significance was the erection of Richards Hall and Adams Hall to H11 the gap between the Library and the Armory. The decade from 1939 to 1948 saw the beginning of the hous- ing complexes. Iefferson House Cl9427g Niemann Apartments, Whitehzind Hall, Sooner City, and Wilson Center H9465 were all added. The period beginning with l948 might be known as the modern era of campus expan- sion. ADAMS HALL houses ibe College of Business Adminisiraiion and Bureau oi Business Re- search. ,K v r 1 1 Ag 'A " A s 1 l I xl V x r 5 Q I' 'a I l. I - ' A N244 A - w' ' - f I w 17.34- 4 tu , N ' f 5 , 'Y no ' 'bl ss" ""',f""F7j 5 C." - " ' P"'2"s xl . . A A --fr p.....-..-1.4- , I rw' -n I J '9. New H-'ix ga - w -P 5 STUDENT TEACHING, feacher placemenf programs. and Hue School of Educafion are conduded fromH'1e Educa+Ion Building. K .l7" ' 1 1 1 9 r . , ' 5 Qgsg , . ' I fgn , A, JJ. f X. ' ' ': ,i H- N . ,- - . ...fb 1 t. ,iv IL . .1-. , ' 'f ' TY .- - ' .. Aw- fl 'A V . . " 5 -, 4. . ' - QA 9 . :.f"L' "i " 1 . :. N . . I , ' ' LT- ' T?l?kwg11:v:N1.'L- 1 Hy ,. 1: - ' ,. f 1 ' ff' 112r+4aLfiw5' . gf s.. 1ve-m A f new .1 , . -ff . Q '- P frf ' A ' " WE, N wr '-1-LM. .K 9 .A ,- .9 +h..'lJ ' , I X, f J 1 I it, - f , ix-w V J 1, -, fx l . 5, . ,,. ,, . A l ll. . . . 1. 7, ' ' " 'M' 'Vw ,ph V t vm" " . W V' ' ' l 4 -L " , f Rf- A "J . X , 1 1-11,1 a 5 t ' ' N' V ' 2 ,I F, , , . t -- , 5 n X . - U xg., l,i.,, 1 is :NE-,LLg'a S Q ' Y- , .gym .A U!" s ,J tra: f 1 'L ' is li:-:z, 'A , " 1 " J Y Li' A T '-gil... V r , . 'Q -1. -f ,iq , 'tr ' 33 ........- A I W' ' assi: 'H -5 ' A -'51 1 l I X 1 V! A "Z: 1 ,, Www. ., 2. I I ,.- 5 , . . , . -1,7 - -A 5' 15' !:,:' , I in 1' 1 3. .4...w..,-1 L, -V f, N ,Jfr t ". 'Y' - b '-f.:3'f:' ., . , ' ' .. - -Q, .isuvv - ' .4 . J.. , p "" Tilt-'4?"' -' - - - wi-A-6 --1. . :fi-,Q--v-TP ,I 's.M,, ,,:f M. ,, ,, . 'V l . ., 1.41-v .4 . ,gp- "', fr . . . 1 Y ', .'-fl uf' ' an-", gp-ff -' '- .,- h ,.,-1 ' , 1' ' " ' 1- ' -.Q 1M':'f'i,'-- 'ree' M' A up ,A - ..yf5'??IJ,3f" QL.. Y 'W' , if Qs V Hi? Q1-1-'31 1-f...v--'ff f, ,,, 1.9- . si' T' 52- '15 COPELAND HALL, named for a former professor, houses the Sooner Yearbook. the Oklahoma Daily, and the H. H. Herbert School of Journalism. With the addition of the Oklahoma Center for Continuing Education, OU became recog- nized as having one of the leading university physical plants in the Southwest. The Towers were completed and ready for use in the fall of 1964. They include a four- tower complex connected at the base by a cen- tral cafeteria and lounge, and were built at a cost of 34,200,000 Another new building is the nine-story Botany and Microbiology Build- ing at a cost of 32,306,000 S 5? Q .w"'1? 'aw MANY CONFERENCES and Universify shorf courses are held in The nafionally famous Oklahoma Cenfer for Confinuing Educaiion. OU APARTMENTS provide IO4 large, 'furnished uni+s for married sfudenfs. OU'S NEWEST DORMS, 'The Towers, house IOOO siudenis. ,.,.- x 'r ki i wg., 17' -.--3 , , '1.-1-- -'w -..g.......,.- BOTANY-M ICROBIOLOGY aifracis researchers. The four-story, two-basement engi- neering complex CfB2,820,000Dg the 581,453,000 three-story mosaic, steel and concrete Fine Arts Centerg and a new three-story addition to Adams Hail all add to the growth of a tight urban campus. A 600-SEAT THEATER is in ihe Fine Arts Cenier. Z. S"-wgfy, THE ANNEX fo Adams Hall flue busmess burlding, greatly Increased classroom and research space ONE OF THE MOST modprn enqlneermq laboralory facllnhes in The Soullwwesl IS provided OU by The new Englneermq Bullclmg --?5"i',IgF- '.-S-: 1:-,-'I fe-,516 " 4:2355 ' 1 'af 1155? , z-1 5-15,-5 S A L ll A- jif' Q. ,FM ,Y-5? . r 43' , x J. . Q4., 1' . 1- A , .- , J - , , is K fy 5, ik ,i J .V , . -1' ww X 334 M 1 S '14 5 ev ax 'N A 1 , X L, , . Ni 1:2 N sg new 1 I K' 1 Y 'v 1 xx .L-N xg FK .WU r 15 , .Y '. 'fi 1 5 -,. 35:21 35731 , . , 'ip . 4.,x,,. .J .Aa 1 ,, V 1 1 V I 'vu' nfs. m . . , q u A QL: . .- ,w , k A-4: M 19 f 4' , I E ,fa 7- . V 1, ' W 1-" 'h ff 4. Q Y: A W. , ,Z A " ff A , aw ,,a .1 A ,f ir' M f A. r 1 r I" en- X R. 'll' f- '3' I Lili -ini 41- A. I . , A - -.av-,N-1-'. 'ti' 1 - .w ". x. 4 ' ,I 'Zi S ww PARKING PROBLEMS on the OU campus can be overcome easily by the use of imagination: the VW driver had it: the policeman clidn't. Another Year Begins . . . CHEERLEADER TRYOUTS were the first of many yelling hours for winning freshman Lynn Stewart. Another stab toward the goal of obtaining a college degree was made last fall as OU students returned to Norman with new life and vigor from a busy summer. The new coeducational Towers opened in the fall, provid- ing residences for 1,000 students. Along with normal problems of moving in and attending dorm meetings, unpaved streets and mud added to parking problems around the Towers. On the bright side of life, students looked forward to meeting freshman coeds during cheer- leader tryouts and renewing old social acquaintances at their favorite meeting place-the riverbottom. For the new freshmen there were orientation classes and freshman convocation. As the semester progressed through those frustrating periods of work and rush weeks into enrolment and finally to classes, students prepared to study again. Rush S-weeps Campus Climax of a vigorous summer rush came early in September when over l,000 high school graduates became pledges of one of the strongest Greek systems in the nation. That hectic live-day scramble known as Rush Week ended a two-Week period be- fore classes began. Even though Work week was for all Greeks, older members, Wise to the Ways of col- lege, avoided the work and spent their time playing. Cleaning house and planning skits were left to the younger sophomores. Rush Week Was really only the beginning as 23 fraternities and 15 sororities perpet- uated the system through pledging. New life came to the campus as new pledges Worked hopefully for initia- tion and membership. Along with Rush Week Went the victory parties, where freshmen got their first tastes of Greek social life and members for- got the many tears, tired faces sore from smiling, and swollen hands. WHAT BETTER WAY could the Fiiis celebrai L... -- - L V. , -1-K . ,Mir YW -4- Y- . - . ,' l 4 PINNING RIBBONS on her sisler Sue. Peqgy Rafcliile is surrounded by Mary Smi'rl'1, Virginia Byrd, Mary Susan Roberfs and Sally Sinclair, --:.:"' :Q 4, , W' Q 'NF Q i fb T? 1 N in-ei SMILING, SQUEALING. lwuqqinq and plenfy of Talking fill Rush Week, as members and ruslwees a .,1z'.f , .f . ' 'llfi .1 . nxiously wail' for The faleful Bid l-louse. Enrolment hortens Mone i7fti5EFETE5'4:gHgtiif-FQRE-Q'Z.'3:QrZ gif. K, .Q ENDLESS ENROLLMENT cards confront everyone at registration. causing this student. like many others, to set up his desk on the Fieldhouse steps. Pre-enrolment, tried for the first time at OU in the fall, was not used for spring semester enrolment. So students contin- ued standing in long lines before discover- ing the section they wanted was closed. The problem of tired muscles and aching feet was never overcome, as even veteran students were vexed with the run-down feeling. A record of nearly 15,000 stu- dents enrolling increased the need of cor- rectly filling out the seemingly needless information cards. Freshmen, who had pre-enrolled during the summer, could not understand the problems involved until they had to enrol with everyone else in the spring. Despite the increase of stu- dents and pre-enrolment problems, school officials felt that enrolment went smooth- ly. Students tended to disagree, crying for a workable pre-enrolment process, but the drone of "No. 3 card, pleasen rose above all other sounds as the never ending lines shuffled through the Fieldhouse. SAFETY INSPECTION, required before any vehicle can be registered, is another responsibility of student drivers during enrolment week. '?'s.. :ff l K.. -Vi t.. .. J , ,. . t QE- yt A'- Aam' .. "P, 5 i--Jn I.-1345 a Quik., .A,is,,1-3... -, -. ,, . -M4114 l.'f?z"?...JL 'il ' 0L""j W ' J ,y --5-nun- .IX BUT I NEED Huis fo qraduafcf' pleads Ginger Duqqer, who is mef by an unconvinced look from a feaclwer working ai' cnrofmenf SADDEST CHECKPOINT ai'enrolmenTis'fl'1e counfer where s+uden+s line up fo pay H'1eIr'rui'rion and fees, - 5 1 r' 16: E , , i "Ex I A ,.4i:ub'QV- 1 M gf . 1 -Sf' L Ns.: 1- I lqiii . IT LOOKS LIKE these Alpha Sams are more excited about winning the Phi Deli' Turtle Race than their chief contestant, the turtle. Freshmen Get Into Swing . . . ANITA RYLAND discovers what it is to be a real "egqtiead" as Linda Pratt drops another egg in Pi Pt1i's Campus Chest Booth. t i l Activities were the heartbeat of life at OU as freshmen learned there is more to college than studying. Contests of all sorts sprouted quickly after classes convened and students signed up for many activities during the Col- lege of Unionology. Some campaign was al- ways barnstorming around campus for pub- licity, with freshmen doing a little work and having most of the fun. There was the selling of sorority pledge classes to fraternity pledge classes and men's dormitories with the pro- ceeds going to charity. Everyone enjoyed the Campus Chest contests and pep rallies, and for some freshmen, entering the swing of things was the first step to campus honors. THE THREE STOOGES could not have done a better iob than Kathy Walbert and Lyn VVilkins at the Theta Fling Booth. 5 it "":k i 3, i ,H X w, 17,174 JT., 4: Q. Il' :fi :WU X rw. 51.1, O 'N fl ANOTHER HAND goes up fo bid on a sororify pledge class af Campus Carnival, and we hear "Two bi+s!" from The man in Hue madras shiri' DR. CROSS conqraiulafes ou1s'I'anding Freshmen James Eby. ci+izenship winner, and Lynda Harris and Gary Blasi, l.o'rHnviIIe winners. 15' ,. iisnssxd 5 -A,:. .f if .f""' Q '. Q-L' QA," H ' 1- I 'gui ', V gf g if Q3 f Y Q Q A M Q jg, Q A M5 Q'-,IFJ 5 . x ' e 1.3-'-Q , 1 53 'R Y QQ' ., Q P 'fri 719,51 ri u F I gli . .J ' sud- ' 'Skt X VN 'lt' ,u.,! f V - 1,it-,g55'z-44- .f ,QAMQ - C fa-,'. Jim i as 4 se 1:-,, CONFERRING with Dr. Dorothy Truex. Dean oi Women and Student Affairs, are six of the Top Ten Freshman Women? Jeannette File, Carol Reid, Bonnie Malcolm, Janie Potts, Betty Driver, Marlene Sims, and Judy l-lead. the Outstanding Freshman Woman of l965. Top Students Bag Top A-wards . . . Aside from their lame as party-goers, OU students are TOP FRESHMAN Woman Judy Head excels lf' widely known for their scholastic achievements. Among top government and business leaders today are OU alumni with high academic honors. Every student knows the key to activities and success is excellence in the class- room. The enthusiasm of students delving into their studies was greater than that shown for other activities- especially during finals week. This interest brought na- tional honors, including the second Rhodes scholar in as many years-Bill lVlcGrew. Honorary groups recognized those top-ranking students with membership in such organizations as Mortar Board, Pe-et, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Beta Kappa and Top Ten Freshmen for men and women. Although numerous activities attract students, "booking it" comes First. extracurricular activities as well as scholastics. 4I Royal Weekend psets Sooners . . . This was the year to beat Darrell Royalas Texans and win the na- tional grid championship. Pollsters predicted itg OU students hoped for itg the team expected it. The big home game was with Southern California, who lowered the chances of the national titleg top game away from home was at Big D, when Texas ended the chance. But the Texas loss was forgotten by the end of the weekend as parties overshadowed all disappointment. In a year when any team could beat another team on a given weekend, the fast-rising Sooners upset Big 8 Champion Nebraska and only a tie with Missouri kept Gomer Iones from faring better in his first year as head coach. Climaxing the season was the usual win over OSU- thanks to a Cowboy pass receiver- and a trip to the Gator Bowl. OU didn't fare very well against the Florida State Seminoles, but oil the field, players and students enjoyed the sun and social aspects of a Flori- da weekend. ,4- if 44 ,,J 'Q l, ..1l.iTi'1, ! n V " O WISTFUL THINKING didn? change the facts, as Oklahoma came in second on the OU-Texas scoreboard for the seventh consecutive time. Maybe next year? FOOTBALL BLUES get to Newt Burton and Butch Metcalf in the Sooner dressing room after losing the Texas game. 3 k.- J SMOTHERING a yawn or chuckle? Chances are Allen Bumgardner was jusl' sighing wllh relief Thal' lhe Texas player was sfopped. fy 'Q 'Q FACIAL EXPRESSIONS ol' speclalors change rapidly as 'lhe score goes lrom OU's 7-7 He al halllume lo Texas' 28-7 vlcfory. l ! Fans Cheer Jones Boys . . . -' -A ' X f"2e"'rv:' " ' 5 Q- S 'e ,iff - .1-F".' -N 1 V. if " ' Q.. 'N-4. 4 , " 'Z .' ' ro' ' vi - - if" '1'. GAMMA PHls pictured the OU student in e Mad, Mad World tor their homecoming decoration which won second in the house competition. Homecoming decorations came back to the campus this year for the first time since 1961. Sororities and women's dorms entered the contest and students spent sleepless hours Hnishing their entries be- fore judging time. Kappa Alpha Theta Won first place and Gamma Phi Beta won second, but Alpha Chi Omega's "Pop the Corn" third place entry best represented the Sooners' upset of the Nebraska Corn- huskers. Bruce Channel played at the homecoming dance to climax the exciting day that had started with Phi Delta Theta's turtle race. The Sooner Schooner, pulled by Boomer and Sooner, made its Hrst appearance at Big Red football games this fall. Most fans supported the team through its ups and downs, but nearly everyone was glad when the long season ended and sports interest shifted to basketball. UNABLE TO FIND a seat in the crowded Dallas stadium, these two fans take advantage ot the Sooner Schooner to watch the games progress. tfxixgisaint , ,,,,. .,,,,,., ,, t,.1,,.,.' 1' .- ' - 1' Yigzvfffyf Q15 1 ,-,3r:5f- -A4 4-:xii 55127 '?.7lZi1?-1" ' Q1 iff ' M6 itgsizzf - I'f gf . 4 Ta' ' 55, - ' l 'il , 573,42 -- FV ' ' ii if. ll 'N f. MomjHH5Y THETAS' THEME in lhe lirsl place enfry was "The Worlcl ls Slill Fair af OU." comparing homecoming in lhe lwenlies 'ro lhe present ONE BAD CALL causes lhe all-knowing crowd lo voice ils disapproval of The referee, opposing Team and world silualion in general. Q J 9 49459244 - , 'rd'--f:.5qg:,s A e my i "' at an 5 , , Y ' 4-I it 'fag .N - , V - .. -4,..., . l Q .-.1 1 -I , 'i . Q.- Vg 19- .' '15, lhl,-L..-' -. in' .gm agen-QL t ATHLETIC SKILLS of the Engine Wives' Club prove too much for the Law Wives who go down to a 24-6 defeat in the annual gridiron match. 0 Independents Record Act: eve Year . . . Engine Wives defeated Law wives in football CATE CENTER women assemble to begin the Christmas season . , , , with an impressive ceremony called "Hanging of the Greens' this Vifhlle freshman englneerlng Students , ' with ovvlish ideas were caught in the Law Barn. The November election campaigns swept the campus pitting Republican against Demo- crats. Students gathered around television sets in dorms or at the Union election watch party to watch the returns. Highlighting social ac- tivities oi Independent Students Association was the Christmas Formal held in the cafe- teria oi the Towers. Cate Center residents held the annual Hanging of the Greens while vari- ous university choral groups presented their 4 Choral Concert at lVIcFarlin Methodist Church. li ISA recognized the top independent students in the spring, While nearly everyone on cam- pus Was interested in the Miss OU pageant sponsored by the Student Senate. NATIONAL ELECTION returns attracted students to KUVY's "Watcl1 Part" in November to see the expected results. f LB xj vu L x lllllllll v qi 3 I 1: My f 1. A . ' 'A 4 ' . 4 ' . I! .Q I. , Q. I M, 3 . . 'fb A ' nr 11 "'- , fi. 1 3' , X V r W 'Riff N ii www f! x , ,y 3 X 1 ' 1 1 Q Y, 12 f fi' ibn. K' Q Wx X fl! Xv t l -11: 4,2 ,K J Q h u. Q ff h 18' 4 i I A .ff If 'I I rl I , SPANISH COMBO members Chuck Pieraldi. Julian Payfuvi, Ivan Danger, Erich Zschaeck and Winsion Carrillo en+er+ain in Ihe Terrace Room. -17' Y H I I Q N I , ffl' K I I 1: I ffl- DISI-IPAN HANDS In This 'IamiIy beIong Io Howard Glafsfeing wife Penny has a much drier sense of humor. EXOTIC FOOD prepared Ihe Persian way affracfs Mari- Iyn London Io The I:i'rchen of her neighbor AII S. Amirf. Ei -1 fe-if Y E 'rm APPARENT RELIEF sweeps Frank Jones as he gets the card he needs while Linda and Bruce Schuife and his wife Judy lust afch any Begin Married Life . . . Although the average student at OU is an unmarried United States citizen, married and foreign students are welcomed. The period of adjustment to University life is much the same for the two groups, as married students feel almost as alien to the dual roles they assume as the students from foreign lands feel in facing a new country. The increasing number of married students-nearly 4,000 this year-brought an accelerated construction pro- gram on South Base to provide adequate housing. Sooner City will be permanently closed at the end of the spring term, ending the era of temporary housing that followed World War II. A similar increase of foreign students brought the for- mation of strong foreign student organizations which made their influence felt. Both groups-married and for- eign-lent a broader perspective to campus life. "BY THE TIME I start first grade maybe Daddy will have his Ph.D." this baby muses as she waits at the nursery for her parents return fom class Q., .- .L ,hy M"'Qfl .5 aa' ' rm -1 1'-ai fp , .. D - rf .,.--qgi -A - tudent Talent Flourishes . . . Whether at the Engine Show in the fall or Sooner Scandals and ODK Talent Show in the spring, talent ahounded as students sought stage roles. The DGS, Tri-Delts and Al- pha Chis entered Engine Showg Scandals played to another sell-out crowd and Delta Tau Delta Walked away with the Dad's Day Quartet trophy. Dance routines, colorful costumes and strong voices, along with many hours of hard practice, were com- mon characteristics of all shows. With the work went a scarce but necessary element-plenty of mon- ey. But the coveted trophies were worth the effort. No one on the campus could deny the presence of talent, although some participants did hemoan the loss of grade points. DELTA GAMMAS ran away with all ,- DAD'S DAY Quartet saw fathers entertained by the winning Deltones quartet composed ot Tom Dodson, Jim Slaughter, John Mackey and Dallas Howard. votes tor their Engine Show act which satirized the November 3 general election. gl CHI OMEGAS 'fried oul early one Safurday morning lo show iudges Ilweir acl, "2 B's Plus P: ldeal I." should be in flue spring Scandals. .Fi l 2 r I I l I 'X BEAUTIFUL FACES were found in every Engine Show acl, including lhese of Mike Riggs, Julie Goodner, Belly Bonilleld and Judy Elderlain F' 'Auf 5 -"' 1 . Hifi' Efvery Coed a Queen . . . -.,..f,. fi., ix, 52 RUF-NEK QUEEN Kay Carlet-H .,,A'., ' ' if t' ,fariftf ff.-:A isis?-oA's':'iss: 1 I ' l 1 leaves the football field, escorted by Ruf- Nek president Dennis Deakins, following her Coronation at halftime. Pretty girls are a tradition at the Uni- versity of Oklahoma and nearly every girl has the opportunity to win at least one beauty contest and be queen for a day, or maybe even a year, during her four years here. This year's beauty contests offered honor and rewards, including a trip to the Gator Bowl for Ruf-Nek Queen Kay Carletti and to Memphis for Reha Bristow and Ianet Kerr, two of the twenty finalists for Maid of Cotton. But before finals there were those brief, but perplex- ing, interviews with judges who enjoyed asking questions more than the contest- ants liked answering them. Along with contests went hours of making banners, campaigning and performing skits. Sooners found that OU's beauties ranked among the nation's best early in the fall when the Miss Football contest was held here and students compared the top college beauties of the nation. Every- one agreed-OU's coeds were among the prettiest. No wonder men outnumber women on this campus. PLENTY OF ROOM is left for good luck by Reba Bristow and Janet Kerr as they pack for the Maid of Cotton contest in Memphis. 'J' 51 '1 1'-fx-1 ' .,, 5-Q x '1 fi F V 9 C gt. ' li' 4 '1 5 i G P+ y of- " ,Q X-rl . 4 "ff ' -V. 1' 9,l: O1 R 4. I 3 'ff ,""f -W1 5,1 x., . .? f A 4 W4 0 L Z N. - V.-.'f,'f7' 'K' 6 . 1 4 QV . f.' .,,-,.-:1 , ,qi 1? ,- 61.511, VAS J b,4iff-J, .3 EFQ H iw '11 if 2- Q " "R, nlix C J f.. 1"w xx, .. . f, ,L M, T523 . f'g5.f5:4w'+f1sf.,,:'g2'13:3 fifi-555 .JV .:fLV:vM Y l-51 ' - "WT V.f"x-fa U., . V' 1 A , .Q-Q:2gw..f'gH ' n 'V -, " A YM, . 'iii'-!1? 1.4.2 J, f ,. - r . I I Y 11 . ' 1 . I Y . -Y , 5 ' XV ,A-, I H .hr I, in ':3-' 'I 'fifg ' ,. ' '54'1"'4Qf' 1 4.734-, "2 1 TW W. - " ' . QTEK , I :av-'il . I. YQ ' ' N," ,5 -iw ,ff ,:' . WS ,., SEVERAL BALLET students from OU appeared in a tour-part ballet program presented by Oklahoma City Civic Baller early in the fall. OU Guys and Dolls NO RIBS were tickled here as Stephen Coleman threatens Bob Lashlaroolcs life in "Rashomon," a University Playhouse production. Caper . . . Reflecting the growing interest in the cul- tural development of OU students was the construction this year of the new Fine Arts Center. Built to provide facilities for Univer- sity Playhouse productions, vocal and instru- mental concerts and dance presentations, the center supplements Holmberg Hall. This growth recognizes the desire to go be- yond classroom bounds to draw upon cultural opportunities, as evidenced by the appearance of students and faculty members of the Fine Arts College in Oklahoma City Civic Ballet and Oklahoma City Symphony Orchestra presentations. Major plays produced by the School of Drama this year were "Rashomon,,' "Guys and Dolls," "The Firehugsf' "The Braggart Warrior'3 and "The Winslow Boy." SPENDING an evening at "The l-lot Box" in the Caribbean were these characters in a Playhouse production of "Guys and Dolls." ' ' " nb 525:51 Slit-ll E1 G -'L 2,1 5574 x s- , . I D El X A A V ' F ' NL 5 H -c ' U ' , " 1 le I , liiu faif if J U, gfild 1 N, ?1NlC I ' , R. . -K' ' f dd' -fl X 1 1 ffl?- ,, , .Lg-3 X ' if Ag Q ki W kifffl ' w f 1 H . In-1' W , - I .1 1- I Q g .gl K ,. .QV .21 1 ,, . . .' ' A -.1"- ,,.... g-- ., . k .J----"" . , -.7....'.L.:Q , 4' - , .' lv. -.--pg: -'UQ 'f-4:1 rf' 1- e-'L' L- i . . i ar'-l' y:v:r-Imff ' f'2?"'f.. . . " . at ,gf-'11.,3",f5ii - 42:15,-fl Q . , - K?-Jer' ,5.a,.,.-,. .,......,,:- , J M- A ,,.,.,,. , . ..,.--1:-f' 1" ' 3 I - ' esQ3,..fJg-WW" .f . Mu. 2'4" Lf "-"f?i't .-- 'ff-Jak:-" i . - f ., '-..f, ,, f :ima-3,4 'ff' Y , ,.-Li 1 'J fag.-:lf-cg:-.1-' , - , . rp- V-Ap' V,-. ,AM M . , AVTK' ' . 1:31-if - . 3.4. gl -nv-v-0 .. . M3 , ' . ,Q :W J,-.a.Yt.. I V1 My -.iw V,, ...i. fl " .,. ,, .-. A,.,.,,,,: . f ' ' 1 '-Q'r'f5'.i'I"-f2,iH1'+? 'V 6 s.,-ni. . ' ',,.,.L-,mn 3 f r - r' 'rs M'-in 'I,.---A".-..- f -,ir '-i ER' -ff?-D ffff7"'f '..,. 9"":' ,','i'T ffl" 1 " . "Bu," '-'?'f"..'f1---'ef .41 ,Iv gp' ,M -n ','f-Q-Qjafiga ff't'f'?7 -' 1 , I - 11 ' ,way - U-.. ' -inf'-. . . , . l , .-'- ir.-:e!"".,.....Ls,f .... .. ...H J-'L' . .... ' -2 . e , v-, . FIRST SNOW of the year came a week ahead of finals, leaving students little time for snowball fights on the way to the library. Regardless of one's taste, he can find the right atmosphere on the Sooner campus sometime during the year if only he waits long enough. Whether it be the hot, jazzy trumpet music of Al I-lirt or the quiet beauty of falling snow on a peaceful winter afternoon, the mood is available. The colorful Pop Series program brought many top-notch performers to the campus, including Peter Nero and the New Christy Min- strels, who returned the second con- secutive year by popular demand. On the quieter side, students couldn't re- sist the temptation of snowball fights in place of studying-even with finals looming only a week away. AL HlRT talks with KUVY interviewers Francie Townes and Bob Priest following his Pop Series performance. .l ' 1 s , f ul P ' ,lf l -1 w ' 1 P V , A 1- Pi .f. -.L. 911 4 -. 1 ' -I ,, 4 I .W 1 Q , . 'Q' ,: HF . x f ii by J 21 Q Aki' H MD """"'-5. Y Q g "fQ.,,-.., E ' "' -- Tl w, '7f'Z?4'. 77119-v.,4 'W' -M., iillarvt-A .fr . , ,. , ,.-,,...... .. .. .,-, x 1, .,-.,-, -, . , ,IQ7 sr ,Y . tri , ' ' , ""'f"f'-rf. U-:-f.,.J.:.. ,W ,1.. , sllffyv 1,-11: 'I ...'?.,:4,',',.f .,.. I' V . ,-16.3" T V., V Y, , , U - F 1 E351 .-R E" X 'U , .... . , I .1 I' ff. l N 'iff - GJ' ..., bl 6 K 4 ihuf. , F hh 1 A 1 . YV 4.5 .1 A, . , .. A 'R x inf? 'iwsw ' Slang vi: V Tn A-L ll ,fc -is ,vr SQ, , a 1 -1 NY' W A 4 Q 4 SIGMA CHVS Baby Bnwl lound lhis couple immersed in lun as fliey aclively demonsfrafe Their belief Tha? lime "swim" is here To slay. 4 ,N COSTUME PARTIES 'rlwaf resulf in some wild ideas include lhe PiKA Roman Toga parfy, DU Viking Spiking and Alpha Gam Mountain Ball Greek Week Heralds Spring . . . Recognition of OU's fraternity system came early in the spring as the IFC and Panhellenic cosponsored Greek Week for the first time since 1958. Packed with activities ranging from a blood-typing project for fraternity mem- bers to a fraternity and sorority tug-of- war, Greek Week also honored house- mothers with a luncheon, style show and bridge tournament. Seminars provided time to seek solu- tions to problems common to all sororities and fraternities. National Greek officers attended a banquet recognizing campus leaders and everyone rocked to the music of Clarence "Frogman" Henry at the all- campus dance. Greeks agreed that the week more than accomplished its goals of appraising prog- ress toward fraternity and sorority ideals and acquainting the campus and commu- nity With their ideas and beliefs. PITCHING IN to help movers load the van with everything from the old Delta Gamma house are members Nancy Ryder and Joy Campbell. SPRING was also the time ot renewing faith for many students like these taking communion in St. John's Episcopal Church. ,., . -pg ' rv 1 xg , V' J +A f if f 'Q I , V r P J ff 'f J. ,, f x F ' f I - ,lr , i f r ,f '2- ,,l .f' , f I 'f41' f' f f fi 5. v I , '1 I . . I 9 ' -A, ,Twig .xv la -1. ,r 'Fw wx X A ww Q.. ,fr J 'Q 2 vi-xx' 3f.Q. W ? AHF " mg X - ,mi fn 5 If 'K SPRING FEVER invades the campus with the first budding leaves, causing students to shed their shoes and, sometimes, their studies. . . . And Another Year Ends. "lT'S TOO LATE to change your mind." says Jacqueline Chalfant as she waits for Jim Hargrove to cast his vote in Senate elections. l 'i As the fall term ended and the spring semes- ter began, students drifted out to study in the Warm sun on the old golf course. Spring brought excitement of moving for Delta Gammas, who left their old house so it could be remodeled. For SAES it meant moving into their newly completed fraternity house, the largest in the nation. Ahead lay finals, and the approaching sum- mer meant school for some, while for others it marked the end of one life and the begin- ning of another. Each faced friends he might never see again, but would remember always. It had been a good year-the beginning and the ending-to be treasured by each through other years to come. A WOMAN'S ADVICE is needed. or so Maria lv1cBee tries to tell Scott Wriqht and Jim Ogg as they move into the new SAE house. fa MH A .va - . Wy I V K jpigiiinsfifnjil 1 ' 5 A ,.,.......--w, ll '1'I'A'r-" mfg I I 1 ' ITU Heil Q 5-aiu' IIE E2 'f4E L4ISQw5!L ' 'ff i fiiih Skim ,440 "na -1 ' 'E K 1 'A' ' 2 -lg 'S 2 2l."!llu. Ch gpte I PHOTOGRAPHIC n vlnv-clwelw f' I' if ,i- " OU 'vm Vwu Liu OU Son.: .f-.nigh ' rv-al.. ,,,:,l ""'l'-r' 31-.Q nkdh u- -v f 'Kg - 2 ri I nr- -.--. , S., ' i" , ' i'-K 'Www Administration and Services . f Y .1 f uzwaygid V ' .Sl ..,.. wN'vT V ,r.,.Yn nun-L ' ' 4.4! , J I ave:-2 b A. k .' WVZ' :iw STARTING his third year as the State's first Republican governor. Henry Bellmon discusses kia oma's fut AT the openirn of O O h klahoma's exhibit 1' th N 9 ld F G Bellmon chats with I lo t York Wor 's air. ov. Bellmon Leads State Henry Bellmon, first Republican to be elected Cov- ernor of Oklahoma, has provided the state with dy- namic leadership during his two years in office. Bellmon was born Sept. 3, 1921, in Tonkawa. He attended Noble County schools and was graduated at Billings in l938. He received a bachelor of science degree in agriculture at Oklahoma State University in 1942. During World War II Bellmon served 40 months in the Marine Corps, most of the time as a platoon leader of a tank company. He was awarded the Legion of Merit for action in the invasion of Saipan and the Silver Star for bravery in the Iwo lima invasion. The 43-year-old wheat farmer from Billings has long been active in state affairs and the Republican Party. He served in the Oklahoma House of Representatives from 1946 to 1948. He rose from the precinct level to become state chairman of the Republican Party. He resigned that position to run for governor in 1962. Bellmon and his wife, the former Shirley Osborn, have three daughters. They have a farm eight miles southeast of Billings, part of which is the original home- stead settled by Bellmon's father when the Cherokee Strip was opened. The Bellmons are members of the Presbyterian Church. The Governor is a member of the executive commit- tee of the Governors' Conference, the Interstate Oil Compact Commission executive committee, the indus- trial development committee of the Southern Cover- nors'dConference and the Southern Regional Education Boar . 1 AHOMA State Regents for Higher Educa ion include Wh OKL t Mrs. S. F. Ditmars, R. L. Crowder Jr., E. T. Dunlap, chancellor, Mathies, Guy M. Harris, Donald S. Kennedy. Bob F. Allee. William T. Payne, John J. Vater and G. Ellis Gable. tate Regents Preseribe College tandards DR. E. T. DUNLAP is chancellor. The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education serve as the supervisory and fund- allocating board for all Oklahoma junior col- leges, senior colleges and universities supported Wholly or in part by state appropriations. The State Regents, specific powers granted by the Constitution include prescribing stand- ards for each institution, determining functions and courses of study, granting degrees and other forms of recognition for completion of courses, establishing fees and recommending to the legislature budgets for the l8 colleges and universities and the 7 constituent agencies of the state system. Serving as chairman of the State Regents this year is Iohn I. Vater, Enid. The other regents are Mrs. S. F. Ditmars, Muskogeeg Wil- liam T. Payne, Oklahoma Cityg Wharton Mathies, Claytong Robert Allee, Elk Cityg G. Ellis Gable, Tulsag R. L. Crowder lr., Ton- kawag Donald S. Kennedy, Oklahoma Cityg and Clyde A. Wheeler, Tulsa. Dr. E. T. Dunlap is chancellor and T. G. Sexton is administrative assistant. is -v-fr wav" x 53, i 1 QQ gy WSW s f QQ' L -ig , 174 ', 1. ,4avL,. 1 .11 p ag, fi y hir QI I - 1" Ar- : 2-N v-- , , ' if bf ,, , : ' - -V if'g.:,'f.1,f'?f+v,ga . , '- f , -4 1---.::'w.,:g,:.5x-,L.',. , -...l,l 'ls-. 'Ni. DR. GEORGE L. CROSS pauses in his busy day To observe The grow+h of fha Universify since his coming +o The campus 21 years ago Dr. Cross Guide OU Dr. George Lynn Cross, who became president of the University of Oklahoma in 1944, has guided it to greatness in the past 21 years. Continually striving to improve the educational pro- gram tor the Universityas rapidly expanding student body, President Cross has devoted his leadership abili- ties to development ot the "Plan for Excellence," which is a long-range campaign to obtain 9520 million in pri- vate contributions which are being used to supplement faculty salaries and improve the University's physical plant and teaching program. Dr. Cross came to the University in 1934 as an as- sistant professor ol botany. Before he was named president, he served as head of the botany department and as acting director of the Research Institute and acting dean ot the Graduate College. A native of South Dakota, he holds degrees of bach- elor of science and master of science from South Da- kota State College. His doctor of philosophy degree is from the University of Chicago. He taught at South Dakota State College and the University of South Dakota before joining the OU faculty. President Cross is a fellow of the Oklahoma Academy ot Science and American Association for the Advance- ment of Science. He also is a member of Phi Beta Kap- pa, Sigma Xi, and the Oklahoma Science and Arts Federation and is serving as chairman of the board of directors of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Topeka. He holds honorary degrees from South Dakota State College and Oberlin College. PATlENCE, understanding and dedication are charac- teristics Dr. Cross' tace retlects in conversation. PRESIDENT Cross and Earl Bricker. president ot the OU Men's Glee Club, admire a picture taken ot the group at their New York Worlds Fair appearance. iVlcCarter Administers Academic Matters Dr. Pete Kyle lVIcCarter has been vice pres- ident and a professor of English at the Univer- sity of Oklahoma since September, 1953. He is in charge of all academic matters and the general administration of OU colleges, schools and departments. With degrees from the University of Mis- sissippi and the University of Wisconsin, Dr. McCarter held the position of professor of English and department chairman at Mis- sissippi. I-Ie coauthored an English textbook, Com- plete College Composition, and is the author of many articles in professional journals. Dr. lVlcCarter's memberships in honorary and professional organizations include Dmi- cron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma and Phi Beta Kappa. p d t li g f d c matters and general administration of the various colleges. Li,-"'k DR. LLOYD SWEARINGEN is the vice president who heads the research and development programs for the University of Oklahoma. wearingen Handles Dr. Lloyd Swearingen became vice president for research and development at the University in 1953. He holds the academic rank of professor of chemistry and has been a faculty member at OU since 1923. His duties as a vice president include head- ing the University's research programs, dealing with external sources of support for research and development, maintenance, and the use of the physical plant. Dr. Svvearingen distinguished himself in the service during World War II and directed the Armyis basic science research during a leave oi absence from the University in 1951-53. He received his BS and MS degrees in chem- istry at OU in 1920 and 1921 and a PhD in chemistry at the University of Minnesota in 1926. Research, Development Brown Develops University Financial Policy Dr. Horace B. Brown was named vice pres- ident in charge of business and finance in 1960 by the OU Board of Regents. Dr. BroWn's particular vice presidential du- ties entail keeping the University budgets, the general administration of fiscal affairs, the development of financial policies and the in- ternal service agencies. He came to OU in 1949 from the Univer- sity of Mississippi to become dean of the Col- lege of Business Administration and professor of marketing. He is listed in Who's Who in America and the Who's Who in Commerce and Industry. During a leave of absence from OU to teach at Harvard University in 1955, Dr. Brown was appointed consultant on recruiting and train- ing for the Controller General of the United States. DR HORACE B BROWN in the University budgets and the administration of fiscal affairs. AJ V a .---,,,,,,....--' taii Assists Dr. Cross in Admini tration In addition to the vice presidents, three other men are members of the presidentis staff. They are David A. Burr, assistant to the president for University relations and devel- opmentg Dud Giezentanner, business mana- ger, and David Swank, assistant professor of law. The staff meets regularly throughout each week to assist the president in the manage- ment and operation of the University administration. Burr is responsible for the University's pub- lic relations and assists the president in the Plan for Excellence, the long-range capital gifts fund drive. Giezentanner is responsible for fiscal affairs, and Swank provides assist- ance in legal matters. 4, 00 tutlents Enrol in Graduate College GRADUATE studen s the labs working on individual research problems and prolects. More than 4,500 students were enrolled in the OU Graduate College last year. Doctoral studies are available in 26 areasg masteris de- grees are offered in 64 fields. Research and scholarly activity are the hallmarks of the Graduate College. Total graduate degrees awarded by OU is 12,205. The tremendous growth of interest in higher degrees is reflected by the soaring number of graduate degrees awarded in recent years. From 1900 to 1960, the University granted 8,996 masteris degrees, 2,328 masterls degrees have been given just since 1960. The record of doctoral degrees is even more over- whelming: between 1929 and 1960, 489 were grantedg the number awarded since 1960 al- ready totals 392. Financial aid for graduate students of high- est caliber comes in the form of outright grants, scholarships and teaching assistantships. Dr. Arthur H. Doerr, professor of geography and dean of the Graduate College, has an- nounced his resignation as dean to return to full-time teaching activities, effective Aug. 31, 1965. A well-trained graduate faculty of research- ers and teachers enables students to associate with top-ranking scholars who are always ready to guide and encourage them toward their academic goals. DEAN Arthur H. Doerr has announced his resignation as dean ot the Graduate College to return to full-time geography teaching. GRADUATE ASSISTANT Eddie Ernesf gains valuable classroom experience in leaching as an inslrucfor in Huis freshman mall-i class APPLICATION ol llweory learned in llwe classroom is made in microbiology lab by 'fhis pre-med sfudenl and llne lab assisfanl. .7 " s ,, .Q LU int- N Q l I - - L I , 1 L L 1- -L l e-f .e f- 1 F r M- 5--.-:.....-1:... ,M I --. f-1 W-, 1. W-- , 4-V..."-S'-" GUIDANCE counseling by experfs such as Dr. J. R. Morris is one of flue services available lo sludenls in Universily College. HANDING BACK Themes wriflen in English 2l, qraduafe esssisranl' Paul H. Cox urges sfudenls wifh wrifinq problems ro come see him we Q ll il V is l' .I g .ef K we DEAN GLENN COUCH observes his 20th year as head of the University College, as he discusses the guidance and supervision freshmen need. niver ity College Provide Tren ition Time Every student, regardless of his major field of study, automatically is enrolled in Univer- sity College for his freshman year at OU. University College, which provides a trans- ition from high school to the degree-granting colleges, offers a student guidance and super- vision designed to insure that he progresses along lines suited to his interests and abilities. Trained educational counselors are ready to assist each student in his first year of col- lege. Since every course open to a freshman counts toward a degree, the student is able to explore fields of interest before settling on a specific major field of study. High school seniors often find the transition to university life a difficult change to make. Special aids in vocational counseling, im- provement of reading skills and study habits are only part of the services available to stu- dents in University College. OU is the only institution of higher learning in Oklahoma using the University College system. Dr. Glenn C. Couch this year completes his 20th year as dean of University College. Y Wiigiiiis VOCATIONAL guidance by Dr. W. J. Mummery is another kind of service available to students enrolled in the University College. zufs1!:e:!?ev DEAN WILLIAM LIVEZEY has resigned as dean to return to i II time 'reaching in the department of history, effective Sept. I, I965. rts and ciences Largest 0 Division ll' DENTS eri'o .workin with modern. e ui ment in the new lab- l Y Q Cl P tory facilities in the Botany-Microbiology Building. The College of Arts and Sciences is the larg- est division of the University of Oklahoma. The college aims, through its basic general courses, to introduce students to an under- standing of the complex world in which we live-its physical and biological structure, to a knowledge of man's economic, political and social development, to an appreciation of his mental and spiritual inheritance, his music and art, his philosophy and literature. The col- lege also provides a foundation for instruction which students will receive in a professional school or in the Graduate college. It contains 6 schools and 19 departments. Schools in this college are Geology, Home Economics, Iournalisrn, Library Science, Phys- ical Therapy and Social Work. Departments include anthropology, botany and microbiol- ogy, chemistry, classics, economics, English, geography, government, history, mathematics and astronomy, modern languages, philosophy, physical education, physics, psychology, re- gional and city planning, sociology, speech, and zoology. More than 4,500 undergraduate students were enrolled in the college last year. Dr. William E. Livezey, who has been dean of the college since 1954, this year announced his resignation, to be effective Sept. 1, 1965. A member of the faculty since 1937, Dr. Live- zey will return to full-time teaching in the department of history. 10 0 0 l I I sv" jf I U I J". fr ,I ,n I" ,O v" 59' 1" ,I N' .1 4. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. an ,a ,n 'I .U I ,a I I I ,I I ,oc ..- .v- -.. n ' mg ea lf' 1" 9" 10' I 0" ,A pl ,i"A., v. w N - FOREIGN languages are easier fo learn if sludenls can record and play back 'rheir own pronuncialions in 'rlwe privacy of a lab booiln. WORKING as parlners in as proiecr in physics lab noi only means one finishes fasier Than he would alone, buf if also means more fun. -- 3 .LAL LARGE seclions, like flwis one of Dr. Jack L. Robinsons Economics 4l, find llie new forum classrooms in Adams Hall annex a blessing TYPING lab exercises provide Viva Lee Kennedy flue assurance she will need when she faces The lime-keeper on her nexf speed lesl. -1 1 'Q :---W--4--- Bu iness Admini tration Oiier Opportunity The major departments of the College of Business Administration-accounting, admin- istrative services, business management, eco- Q V - 5' i 4 3 ' nomics, finance and marketing-offer students the opportunity to master the tools of the busi- ness trades. A special effort has been made to provide a balanced curriculum of technical training and liberal arts courses. The college offers courses leading to the degrees of bachelor, master and doctor of bus- iness administration and the doctor of philos- ophy degree with majors in either economics or business administration. A special master of business administration program is maintained, allowing employed persons to earn the degree in a minimum of six semesters' course work. In an effort to keep pace with the fast- moving business World, the college regularly invites prominent state and Southwest busi- ness executives to lecture to students. it i hi iiwhs' .'- . 4"4-'TN -S: E i ,era FRIDAY afternoons are a goocl time to catch up on a backlog ot assignments in statistics lab-there are plenty of vacant places. wwf-fav :FIN DR. HORACE B. BROWN is dean of the College ot' Business Administration, in addition to being OU vice president in charge ot fiscal attairs. 'R ' "--is., Wa College ei Education Prepare Teacher S WORKING to improve their reading speed are Marsa Wynn. Sally Files and Francine Nathanson, with Charlotte Lam assisting them. The CU College of Education prepares men and Women for careers as teachers in the pub- lic schools. One of the oldest units of the university, it began in 1912 as the School of Teaching in the College of Arts and Sciences. The name was changed in 1913 to the School of Educa- tion. The present name Was adopted in 1929 and the collegeis attractive building was com- pleted in 1952. The building on the south oval contains classrooms, a curriculum center, facilities for special education, seminar rooms and the University Reading Clinic and Laboratory. Also included are offices for the faculty, and facilities for selecting audio-visual material and for observing testing and counseling tech- niques and procedures. The college is responsible for the operation of the University School on the north campus, which includes grades 1 through 12 and a kindergarten. The principal function of the school is experimentation in curriculum, ad- ministration and methods of teaching. The dean of the College of Education is Dr. lames G. Harlow, Who also is director of teacher education and has the title of professor of education. Dr. Harlow has received na- tional recognition for work in education. at DR. JAMES G. HARLOW, in addition to serving as dean of the College of Education. directs the teacher education program. I .,.-7 ' 5'-"'-""-'V' '- ml ' -- 9 575' ' ' if AS PART of her senior year 8-week praciice reaching experience. Carol Jameson reaches reading +0 second graders al' rhe lab school. FLASH CARDS and a mirror are lools used by Porfwood Williams Jr. and Marie Anderson as They help improve 'their sfudenrs' speech. ::::::'g-' :::::::::::::"-':'-- 1. o ana... no ' ..' ,' n ' ' , ' A on 0 au.. u . ' " ' Q 4 :Q 1 u one Q 2 ' n i ..- v 'us' , . 0 -.Q I u..- an I nu nun.. nu. u s a nu.. .--Q 4...- 1 Q lose' , F 4 fc ,f I A x ve.-. .T anus -4 1 l ' ' '-1 1 A L af-N 1 In '-A4 H. A5 'v K1 '1 -'Vt ' .u 'rf-'r 3 '54 ' . 4, F. , ' Lf .4 V, E' ,Q 'Fin -f ,. N 5 I L:-':l ,-I.- fl TH-L .irejlffx 1 " Af, .2 . A . sv ' . . ,,,,, ' 'r Q 4" ff? ' 4 Kg 'A i' :Fifi f 1: V - ' : fi41'f' iii- I Af AQ? FQ , , l Uv rw-5,3-fr I ,J 5 f:g'1'.. . Y" 'W ' , , -6 2,451 X '- l !:,..-- .-' ,. "-Qi! TM Vfgyipa l1MGuq'?l' -'fi ,. :el -1: iw College ei Engineering' Faeilitie Gro Instructional and research programs in the OU College of Engineering received a big boost this year with the completion of a 553.3 million building program. The handsomely designed Engineering Cen- ter on the northeast corner of the main cam- pus contains l06,000 square feet of floor space. It houses ollices, classrooms and laboratories for the Schools of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Civil Engineering and En- vironmental Science, Electrical Engineering and Industrial Engineering. The Aerospace Building on the north cam- pus provides research facilities, classrooms and offices for the School of Aerospace and Mechan- ical Engineering. Qther divisions in the college are the School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering, the School of Architecture and the department of industrial education. Undergraduate core courses are taught in the department of en- gineering, which is headed by Dr. Gene M. Nordby, who is in his third year as dean of the college. Two new research centers were instituted this year. They are the Petroleum Research Center and the Systems Research Center. The new facilities are providing space for a current enrolment of 2,000 undergraduate students and 500 graduate students. KEATS SODER, research assistant in engineering. watches this machine as ii records the 'findings of a spectrometer. DEAN F. DONALD CLARK reflects happy feelings of pride while discussing OU's newly constructed ultramodern Fine Arts Center. Fine Arts Center to Open in Fall INTENT on her work, this artist's concentration causes her to for- get her surroundings as she seeks to express her thoughts on canvas. Learning while doing could be the motto of the College of Fine Arts and its schools of Art, Drama and Music. While studying for their bachelor or master of fine arts degrees, students in the college offer continuous entertainment to the public while they display their talents in the many plays, musicals, concerts, recitals and art exhi- bitions during the year. Works of students in the School of Art are on year-round display in Carpenter Hall and in the Museum of Art, which also exhibits works of professional artists and attracts hun- dreds of visitors each year. Drama students increase their professional knowledge of the theater through the presenta- tion of dramas, musicals and ballets. The University Playhouse stages plays and a mus- ical comedy. The Summer Circle Playhouse gives students experience in theater-in-the- round. The School of Music maintains a program of student and faculty recitals and choral, band and orchestra concerts. Several opera works are staged each year by the Opera Theater, giving students technical experience. The new Fine Arts Center will open formally next fall, providing outstanding facilities for plays, operas, musicals and concerts. F. Don- ald Clark is dean of the college. F" W EI! V' ,li V Q fi I V' N - 2 TJ H Y A 1 V l .. . l hr 1 H..- A i 1 .,-- lv .-. ,5 - iff , il -PUUQUQQQQQQW! In I- --Y .4 , . . 4 , L one o-,cocoa . . , , 5 ,f . v . 4 , 1 N . ,F A -. 3 , 'I MAX' iw v A 'ww , , 1 , ' A, ' 5 ' gfrffl-x riffs. ' nl X 1 wx 'N X ri- 1 gx- 5 ...- my x. V' 1 -M Qthbhx Lagxs Xl AMES I '1 JI 'G an xx 'Uk i Q L , w ,, 1,,1 1 Q EEfZ ' gli lmufwwl 'J 1 l g . ' W NNW L , W i if I gi I , , F fe Q I 1 f w XV 1: N -Eg , Q 2 1 v 1 5 - .fl , ' , ,I : f ,' N W ,' vi A " 'v Y' mt 1 ' ' A wa- : , 1' W' H 1 9 I F Q , F ,,Q:.,Q1W,,, . !,NN M In it ,iw .A-'qw I ,,-,Lb .,,,,...-f A -. , -' 5 W T V W X ' Y , .,. V mf wi I , '. U ,'5 1 Y' me A L yf f 4... agnu. 3' 6 Q Y I x y,mMMw 2-kai.- . a N , M, nf - -1f'- f A . -4' W -4 , V 4 . . ' .- 2 "' QL W ,iw uv I 'Q 'N' . ,-X.,-nr . . E' 43"-A A "4!f",R " A W-ff' A 1 M QM gl . 0 ' V - V My as B Q in .Q i f f' ' f :FQ ?' 'F' RQ fff- wwmn-,E 3mm, N -MW was , R ', 'cl'-'-, gwswfff' A " ' - " '23 .- 1 " ' -15? A -::::- -. " ., - 1 img AML- - - : - , H Q 'K . S .. P A 1-lg?- li 1 - 1. ' 7 3-N ' !' JM fffjg! A N ' XWV' Ts , 'vu Over 400 tudent in College et Le The OU College of Law began the academic year with an enrolment of 439 students, the largest body in its history except for 1947-48, when enrolment of veterans was at an all-time high. A distinguished faculty and an outstanding library combine to make the college one of the nation's Finest centers of legal education and training. The college has trained most of Oklahoma's attorneys and its graduates include men and women in many important positions, includ- ing federal judges, state executive otlicers and members of the Oklahoma Legislature. Organized in the fall of 1909, two years after Oklahoma became a state, the college has been in continuous operation since that time. It has been a member of the Association of Ameri- can Lavv Schools since 1911 and has been on the approved list of the American Bar Associa- tion since that organization first published an approved list in 1923. Dr. Earl Sneed, who joined the faculty of the College of Law in 1945 and has served as dean for 16 years, announced in December that he will resign as dean of the college and professor of law Sept. 1, 1965. Dr. Sneed, who has been primarily respon- sible for the remarkable growth of the college, also serves as mayor of Norman. COVETED position ot editor ol the Oklahoma Law Review held this year by John Kinslow, law school senior. DR. EARL SNEED, dean ot the College ot Law tor I6 years, has announced his resignation from that oftice. effective Sept. I, I965. edical chool Build Competent Doctor TOM AHRAND and Clarence Maxey, iunior med students. realize lab work is a vital part of their medical training. Courses at the OU School of Medicine, Ok- lahoma City, are organized to offer both the- oretical and practical training to produce grad- uates Who are competent general practitioners. The faculty strives to develop the student's capacity to learn, and to give him a general background on which to build in any direction he chooses in his post-doctoral years, and to instill in him a desire to continue to study and to develop his abilities. The courses are arranged to give the stu- dents a thorough background of the history and ethics of the medical profession, and good training in general medicine, general surgery, gynecology, obstetrics and pediatrics. The School of Medicine Building houses the classrooms and laboratories used in the instruction in the basic sciences. The library, located in this building, includes a large general reading room, catalog room, individual study cubicles and ample stack room. There are more than 48,000 volumes in the library and more than 1,000 current journals and periodi- cals are received each year. Microfilm and in- terlibrary loans supplement the services of the library to the students and staff. Serving in his first year as dean of the School of Medicine and director of the OU Medical Center is Dr. James L. Dennis, Whose previous position was that of associate dean and professor of pediatrics at the University of Arkansas Medical Center, Li.ttle Rock. DR. JAMES L. DENNIS is serving his first year as dean of the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine in Oklahoma City. U7 I MED SCHOOL freshmen Lynn Hughes, Bill McDaniel and Larry Neal siudy cross secrions of fhe head' and skull for anaromy finals. DON BRASHEAR, senior medical sludenr. demonsirafes 'rhe Vande Graff radium Jrreafmenf machine used in rherapeufic cancer 'ireafmenl' X in SX i 4 -. 5 in if xx DISPLAYING +l'1eir senior sfripes are nursing s+uden'is Julia Meyer, Judy Taylor, Nancy Teague, Rosemary Kyles and Al Carson. STUDENT NURSES gei rogeflwer To praciice recognifion and handling of surgical insirumenrs under operafing room condiiions. A 1? .f HELEN E. PATTERSON, dean oi the School oi Nursing in Oklahoma City, recognizes need for producing professional nurses. chool of Nursing Oiier 4-Year Program The OU School of Nursing Oilers a 4-year basic degree program that includes two years of study on the Norman campus and two years at the OU Medical Center, Oklahoma City. Dean of the School of Nursing is Helen E. Patterson. Upon completion of the program, the student receives the bachelor of science degree in nurs- ing and is eligible to take examination for li- cense as a registered nurse in Oklahoma. The degree program, which has been in ef- fect since 1951, was transferred in 1957 from the College of Arts and Sciences to the School of Nursing. Faculty members in the School of Nursing recognize the need for producing professional nurses who will help meet the health needs of a changing society. The curriculum is designed to rovide a broad and liberal education as well, as professional training. The professional nurse is prepared to think critically and creatively, to exercise discrim- inative judgment in the application of princi- ples to varying situations, to establish good interpersonal relationships, to give directions and assist with nursing care and to accept re- sponsibility for her continued personal and professional growth as a productive member of the health team. The professional nursing graduate is prepared for beginning staff posi- tions in hospitals and in other agencies. "--'-mg ,Ali-,-bt -rn.. La-A-4 , , S 'Q 1 L STATE BOARD examinations required oi every graduating senior nurse mean long hours of reviewing the four years oi study. DR. LOYD E. HARRIS, in his first year as dean of the College of Pharmacy, has sought to improve the curriculum and equipment. College of Pharmac 0ldest 0U Department MIXING prescriptions represents the culmination of the five years of study for all students in the University College of Pharmacy. Established by Dr. Edwin DeBarr, the first professional department at OU was the de- partment of pharmacy. The first two graduat- ing classes from the University consisted en- tirely of pharmacy students. The department later became a school and in 1950 the Okla- homa State Regents for Higher Education changed the name to the College of Pharmacy. Constant improvement in curriculum, per- sonnel, equipment, student body and gradu- ates is evident. The College of Pharmacy is proud of its more than 2,000 Well-trained graduates who are serving mankind with de- votion, dedication and integrity. To achieve this result, cultural, scientific and professional courses are offered. The curriculum embraces training which will qualify graduates for the profession of pharmacy in all its branches: community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, industrial pharmacy and pharmaceutical research. Ac- tion in 1960 by the American Council of Pharmaceutical Education requires students in the College to take a 5-year curriculum. Dr. Loyd E. Harris assumed the post as dean of the College of Pharmacy in Iuly, 1964. He is also a professor of pharmacy. ,ii .sz , ' ' . 4 s., .111 .4-c PREPARING for iheir careers in pharmacy. siudenls work long hours in labs To unclersiand lhe properfies of fhe drugs They will mix EXPERIMENTS with while mice are included in laborafory courses lo acquainl every pharmacy sfuclenl wifh 'rhe effecls of drugs. R? 1 u --wb, H I A I I',-' 'ff fi ' V X 1 X lei' V.. 'xixlvgn lk' 5 , 7 1- x :sr ,.,, rf X -NR ,f , 4 , gig ,Q N di it , in f V - 'xi -in " rf" NN. L ifv" ""4h 'I -'lv , ' T E, f "f . G I i - 14, X M ' Q ,F f u '- u F .f ,-f"" Continuing Education The College of Continuing Education is one of three units that comprise the Oklahoma Center for Continuing Education. Organized in 1961, the college has more than 500 adults enrolled in the bachelor of liberal studies degree program. The BLS program provides adults with an opportunity to earn a degree, combining in- dependent study in three broad areas, the hu- manities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences, with a total of only 13 weeks of summer residence study at the University. Degrees have been earned in as little as two years. The college also otlers various other adult programs through the department of liberal studies, Leadership Training Center, depart- ment ot health studies and the Southwest Cen- ter for Human Relations Studies. Dr. Thurman White is dean of the Col- lege of Continuing Education and the Exten- sion Division. Dr. less E. Burkett was appointed assistant dean of the college in 1964. Collogo Attract Adult Tin.: 1! 1101 DR. ARNOLD MOSELEY, narcotics education specialist with the Oklahoma State Department ot Health. appears at "Drugs and Society" conference. DR. THURMAN J. WHITE is dean of the College ot Continuing Education, one ot three units comprising the Center tor Continuing Education. 1 ff' F" 5. 433253 ef A u . i l ,i l J ifq' , V in X DR. FRED SHELLABARGER 'lakes one lasl loolc 'io maine sure his drawings of 'ihe new air 'Terminal ai Max Wesiheimer Field are correci I00 THE SAND TRAP provides Dr. Carl Rihman, professor of speech. an affernoon of relaxalion on 'rhe golf course. PAINTING ouiside his inferesling home, Dr. Eugene A. Bavinger. professor of arf, spends a leisure hour. an aff. 'X ' Mix, or. Q rggxi " fif , f i fi' "" U It s 0 " KEEPING AN EYE on his plants, Dr. Frank Rinehart, assistant professor of botany, checks the plants he will use as examples in class. F M ll H Val"01l Many students think of their professors as persons who spend all their time either in their offices pondering over a research paper or taxing their brains to think up new exams. This is not a true picture, for, given a chance, professors do lead normal lives. Hobbies may occupy the teachers, leisure hours-and these are as varied as the teachers themselves. It may be golfing, bowling or writing a research paper on a pet topic that interests a professor most in his hours away from his ofhce and classes. Dr. Eugene Bavinger, professor of art, combined his hobby and home by designing his unique house himself. A real hideaway, his home nestles comfortably into its surroundings. Like all other teachers, after a long day of classes, conferences, grading and studying he appreci- ates the peace and quiet he finds at home. MELVILLE R. SPENCE, assistant director of librar- ies, looks at an early edition of Shakespeare at the Folger Library's traveling collection exhibit. IOI U I A Y xirzrqaygg-Qiggf j,jw 3 1'5'.',-..JfIgf'f'f'X- "' rWLLJiff4LihllQL LEMNN ".:f1 ' " ' r N H hz .. ,, W I 4 ' dl r 5 A P 4. ww g 1' f.4m...:dl, - 'x life! 3. YF HQ. is 'Q-Pen 4 Svfznihr fl' ' :A efxmyfx ,. AW R vmznucm 'QA '. This fincniih dbg og Becta-her, V .V A Nikfiknu hundred "K Slifgv fiom- , W may ERNEST T Humana R rh0Pf33mK :LRE hi: N '1f QQ f v i Q L 1 y. I, ,m..f:' 'R ir-.s Y ,.-.-ax. Y ........ ..-fu1f"'f'. - - 1 l l r 'IU-'r 'lv- r-1 1111! ,IQ fmt, ,LJ fAx,,, ifrm "ntl iblffh UMfn'u'r sw ,Wk -501,1 FAVORITE PROFESSOR in The School of Music, Dr. Ernesjr Trumble. receives fhe "Professor Flor" award from Kay Roan and Judy Asbury - .QF BOWLING is one of 'Ihe favorire sporfs of Charles Sunderland, Dr. Arfhur Bernharr, Dr. Dennis Crifes and Dr. Edward Sroever Jr. nlver ity Teacher Carr, on Re earth Students usually think they do all the studying, but if they will only stop to in- vestigate, they will find that most Uni- versity professors carry on extensive re- search in their respective Helds. Dr. Lloyd P. Williams, professor of education, affords an example of this devotion to study. Not only is he an outstanding lec- turer in his classes, but he manages to read at least three hours each day, Work- ing and studying on the problems in education. School-based social affairs include Fac- ulty Club gatherings. Une of the most gala teas of the year was the one which gave the faculty members the opportun- ity to meet the new faculty and to renew old acquaintances. Although there are numerous outside activities and events that faculty mem- bers take part in, their school Work comes first. FIRST FACULTY function of the year was a Faculty Club tea lionorrnq new te cbers and serving as a meeting place for old acquaintances. K tx 1. W' 4. J 1 W'-lqpli tm xt -in N- .-,f. Ar., '. A.. ,, ' , A 1 ...k WL- " " .gf 1 -:,E,,?'33 'ifYQ,,. -ff' 2 i"' L., H . 314 'A Q A 1. 'J ll' " P' 3' " rf V. fl 'Ji-: 1 up . Oiiiee ei tudent erviees Newly Formed The Otiice of Student Services, a new ad- ministrative unit, was formed in October to coordinate programs which benefit University of Oklahoma students in all phases of campus life outside the classroom. Dr. lodie C. Smith, a member of the staff since 1948 and director of housing since 1962, was named dean of student services by the OU Board of Regents. Dr. Smith serves as chief administrator for the OHice of the Deans of Students, the Hous- ing Otiice, the Student Health Service, the University Guidance Service, the Otlice of Fi- nancial Aids, and Sooner City Nursery and Kindergarten. A major goal of personnel in the Office of Student Services is to help all students attain maximum all-around personal development through a carefully balanced program of extra- curricular activities. Key staff members of the new unit include Dr. Dorothy A. Truex, dean of women, Dr. William Rex Brown, dean of men, William H. Strickland Ir., director of housing, Dr. Don F. Robinson, director of the Student Health Service, Dr. William I. Mummery, director of the University Guidance Service, Charles R. Galbraith, director of financial aids, and Mrs. Erma R. Keeley, director of the Sooner City Nursery School and Kindergarten. DR. JODIE C. SMITH direct STAFF MEMBERS ot the new administrative Otliice ot Student Dr. Dorothy Truex. Dr. Joclie C. Smith, Dr Wll R B D Services are Dr. William J. Mummery, William H. Strickland Jr.. Don F. Robinson, Mrs Erma R Keeley a .L . lr' Q . 1 ff. ALL MATTERS of admissions and records are handled by Mrs. Rachel Keely. Boyce D. Timmons, Miss Ruth Arnold and Dr. J. E. Fellows. Admission and Records Vlaintain File The Oflice of Admissions and Records is directed by Dr. Iohn E. Fellows, dean of ad- missions, registrar and professor of education. The oflice conducts and supervises the ad- mission and registration of each student at OU. It also maintains a permanent academic file on all students attending OU. In addition to determining which students are eligible for admission, the olhce certifies and sends cop- ies ol students' records to those concerned with his academic Well-being. The oilice processes applications for admis- sion to OU from high school students from within and outside of the State of Oklahoma. The oliice directs the American College Test- ing CACTQ program for all first-time entering freshmen. The otlice also has the responsibility of processing applications from students trans- ferring from other colleges and universities. Dr. Fellows is assisted by a staff which in- cludes Miss Ruth Arnold, director of admis- siong Boyce D. Timmons, director of registra- tiong and Mrs. Rachel H. Keely, who serves as recorder. '35 I ,bu- renal, ' -. .-ff . .seff-if - 1 'S' Q-ec. 1 - .. :,. ln'-r.. 'Z 'I ' ' 415131 f 55 ,fr 531.635-"H 1 DIRECTOR of OU Press is Savoie Lottmvllle. wa ,,-1-' mf r T-fiiwes - S" " 4 '-'A ASSISTANT director Melville R. Spence and Dr Arthur Mcffmally, director of libraries. confer about purchases for a ll ti 0 Press Wins Fame The University of Oklahoma Press has won fame around the globe for the excellence of its scholarly publications. Now in its 37th year as the publishing di- vision of the University, the Press has pub- lished more than 600 books which cover a wide range of subjects. Four distinguished series carry the Press imprint. They are The Civilization of the American Indian, The American Exploration and Travel, The Western Frontier Library, and The Centers of Civilization Series. Since 1938 the Press has been directed by Savoie Lottinville, OU graduate and former Rhodes Scholar who left a newspaper career to join the Press staff in 1933. Librar ources Grow Bizzell Memorial Library and its branches contain more than 940,000 volumes which provide a wealth of reference material for Uni- versity students and faculty members. Of special interest are the Frank Phillips Collection devoted to history of Oklahoma, Indians and the Southwest, the DeGolyer Col- lection of the History of Science and Technol- ogy, the Bizzell Bible Collection, and the Bass Business History Collection. Dr. Arthur M. 1VIcAnally, director of Uni- versity libraries, received three degrees from OU and the doctor of philosophy degree from the University of Chicago. In 1963-64 he taught at the University of Ankara in Turkey on a Fulbright-Ford grant. IO8 l CAPT. MARCUS L. LOWE JR. COL. RALPH L. STEVENSON Professor of Naval Science Professor of Air Science Fall ROTC Classes to Be Voluntary Many of tomorroW's oliicers in the United States armed forces are being trained in the OU units of the Army, Air Force and Naval Reserve Oliicers' Training Corps. Participation in the programs of the ROTC units will be on a voluntary rather than compulsory basis beginning in September, 1965. Students who complete the work suc- cessfully may receive regular or reserve commissions as second lieutenants in the Army or Air Force or as Navy ensigns. Capt. Marcus L. Lowe Ir. heads the Naval ROTC unit and Col. Ralph L. Stevenson heads the Air Force unit. Col. R. F. Thweatt recently retired as head of the Army unit. COL. RICHMOND F. THWEATT Professor of Military Science HIKING in the Wichita Mountains is one phase of these Peace Corps members' training at the Oklahoma Center of Continuing Education. OCCE Program Attract ational Interet The Oklahoma Center for Continuing Edu- cation, which was opened in 1962, is often termed the nation's finest adult education fa- cility. Valued at more than S4 million, the Center is located at the southern part of the University's main campus. Among the wide variety of programs offered at the Center through School and Community Services are law enforcement training, human relations for educators, evaluation and testing courses and family finance institutes. The department also offers correspondence study courses and sponsors resident study centers in towns throughout the state. The newest program, already attracting nation-wide interest, is the Advance Program in Governmental Studies for federal, state and local government employes. Students may earn a master of arts degree in public admin- istration in as little as one and one-half years. The program, which begins in August, of- fers an opportunity for employes to pursue accredited graduate study without interfering with their occupations. Business and Industrial Services offers a wide variety of courses and seminars for prac- ticing professional people in such technical fields as petroleum engineering, geology and oil processing. Seminars range in length from two days to two weeks and are taught at the graduate level, thus providing persons in en- gineering and other technical fields the oppor- tunity to continue their education. The finest in housing and food is offered conferees and visitors. Rooms are available in Sooner House, the Hall for Advanced Studies, and 10 family cottages. DEAN of 'lhc Exicnsion Division. as well as Hwe College of Coniinuinq Educafion, is Dr. Thurman J. Whiie. 'sn-1.--.1 ,.-4 ATTENDING Hue Highway Palrrol Refraining banque+ were Sfafe Safefy Commissioner Roberf Lesier and Gov. Henry Belimon J- il-I W lil ,qfffif .hug , 'u ,,, .. .v. --g V 4 D. J A ., .. .J . -xJ ,. X - , .,r,,-"J -'90 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of the University of Oklahoma Alumni Association is R. Boyd Gunning, who has held that position since July, l95O. Association Repro ent 0 er 14,000 Alumni The University of Oklahoma Alumni As- sociation, which has its headquarters on the mezzanine of the Oklahoma Memorial Union, provides over 14,000 of its members a variety of services. Since its beginning 66 years ago, the association has grown to include active members in every state and in 40 foreign countries. Among the services provided its members are publications such as the Sooner Magazine, Sooner News-Makers, and Gomer lones' Foot- ball Letter. Economical summer trips abroad and trips to out-of-state football games are other services provided alumni. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are con- tributed to the University by interested alumni, through the Alumni Development Fund. The University uses this money for scholarships, special equipment, research and faculty. Executive director of the Alumni Association is R. Boyd Gunning. Guy H. Brown is execu- tive secretary and Ted B. Neptune is assistant alumni secretary. Ronald K. Green is direc- tor of the ADF. RECORDS oi thousands oi OU alumni are brought up to date by the association secretaries. Charline Pappan and Hazel Watson. .. a XJ .-fa 3, .2 we-1 f ri, 1 il, ii l, ,.,. K V. 'J 9 .F 1 PN h,,,-- l-l B T' secrelar . and Ted B. Nepfune. field direclor. DISCUSSING plans lo increase Alumni Associalion services are Guy . rown, execu ive y TALKING informally before a rneelinq ol Alumni Associalion olfi- Bill H. Ridley, assislanl direclor of Plan for Excellence: and James cers are Ronald K. Green, direclor of Alumni Developmenl' Fund: F. Frelwell, assis+anl direcfor of Plan for Excellence. A ,Q 0 . g 1' . H' 'an I ii ii Re earch In titute Furthers Scientific tufly Dedication marks the scientist prominently engaged in research. In turn, the Research Institute is dedicated to service and the estab- blishment of active, continually growing co- operation between outside interests and the scientific community. Now approaching its 24th year of operation, the Research Institute has shown dramatic evidence of a distinguished past while prepar- ing for the challenges of the future in this, the Space Age. At the end of its first fiscal year the Institute administered II research con- tracts worth 36,200 Today the total volume of contracted business stands in excess of 36.50 million. Since 1941 Institute-administered research activities at the University have been steadily expanded and diversified, contributing toward progress in almost every scientific and social endeavor. Research participation, ranging from pure to applied scientific studies, is shared by all faculty members and graduate students. Engineering leads in greatest numbers of re- search projects, followed by the life, physical and social sciences. Aiding in the successful completion of many complex studies are In- stitute facilities such as the Merrick Computer Center and the Cryogenics, Natural Gas, At- mospheric Research and Chemical Engineer- ing Research Laboratories, all located in the Research Park on the north campus. In its significant role as coordinating agency, the Research Institute is devoted to the con- cept of service for man as he shapes a more richly rewarding, imaginative life-through research. THE OSAGE computer is utilized by Paul Johnson and Arlin Lee in a systems research project underway on north campus. fm . vn X'-. fn, . ag:-rv JI ,J 'JN' .' 1 W , 1 , 'ww' Af ' '. X- :tm,41, . ,QZQCXQ -, ,X . " ' Elfgif fy, hw -I sig-fgmi , ,, 1.5 A221121 V 1:1-U 4 , . 5 .5 V 2 1 1. , ,gag ?:.f.. g.,Qf -"r 'I ,. , , . Q- .5 . : , gfg,. . A .1 -V al "ff :Wa-Hqfgg-'-1 A .VN-'2 "J ,f A 4. .- Us -.L-f--nf,--:,v-1-w-f9u rv . " 4 Af.. :-"if: . -. fe 52 ,J-,Q v:-1A,1LI"--"' - f - 1 -- f .gy-4 -nn: rr -.'1v-f.1. U - 1 Q1- N- 311, 11 1 -'iff' T..-v-. 'srrv ' qT.i1"" '--1 H14 ,mf 1 ' ' , ,. , ,U Y' ' f .L-1 .-. gd- Q' .-. 'I . ,,.'.",r9' ffqm- if 1. 11: -4 . , 41, . 1, lv - 1 ,V ,,, , V, ',,"Q1'C: ' IT- . Fu' 'T'5"'3".,'-1?"",.f:gv,: - . :Qf1lSff:f- N1-M-, 1- . 1 - 1' 112 L 5:11-1111, "'1-' f J 1 -1 71'l:,',,f 7.113 " 11 1 1 IQ., ' PJ?-H 111 , 1 .' , - -1 , . 3- ,,-W L F, . , 1" 11-'r-f1,i.ZL'1.". 'i ' I 1 Z ' 1 3,55 1. ' f ,.,1,V-- I--5.19. .I .. , : N Y ix A Tx . P... Uwkvf v1,kLL,dy,-- I M in mwiiiy: , wp: -11411 QQ.: , 1 1 1 . '- :'1.. Ag 14' g , r. 1, '1 , ,z . , Q ,yy 1 - - v .g- , - ' ' ' rx?i-'ff ' IQ' i lvl! 1 .l f ' I I ,,,...if , I . . lf ., 1 u 1 f,,,.,- y -"H ' W . i I nf' . -Q! F - -1 , m X ,aa55?1?5g'?b. V . 51" J L .ew 6,5 T If .Ji 1 K' 532503 .L,v, I .wr ff , , v Q , :gm F 11 11 W' lin 11 , is 9 ,Q 1 mi ! s1 F 43? 9 W' li.: ' P K' 14 nw' QW, 1 ff - J L if 1, gp 'Egg' 1 W'-H91 , W1 L: I FM ml P- s 5 ll 111. 9 5 ' M It , I 4,-1 Q POPULAR Memorial Union acfivifies are planned and managed direclorg Jack Gufhrie, assislanl Union manager: and W. H. for Hue OU siuclenr body by Mrs. Helen Darlcs, Union acfivilies Freeland, Union manager. l TAKING A BREAK from planning and preparing banquefs for The many Union evenls are James McCall. food deparrmenl manager: Mrs. Pearl Gilbert assisfanf food clirecrorq Mrs, Opal McNees. 'Food visor. Af! she J. :SLE- Q' I service supervisor: and Mrs. Grace Kenney, produclion super- 0KLAHOMA MEMORIAL UNION UNION BOARD OF MANAGERS D. H. GRISSO, Chairman IACK LUTTRIELL W. H. FREELAND I'IAL MULDROW Student Senate President DEAN IODIE C. SMITH Oklahoma Daily Editor UNION BOARD OF TRUSTEES LEE B. THOMPSON, Oklahoma City . . . President JACK LUTTRELL, Norman .... Vice President D. H. GRISSO, Norman ....... Treasurer W. H. FREELAND, Norman . . Secretary-Manager A. N. BOATMAN, Okmulgee, HAROLD BELKNAP, Nor- mang R. I. CLEMENTS, Oklahoma City, IOE CURTIS, Pauls Valleyg CLEE FITZGERALD, Stillwater, DENZIL GARRISON, Bartlesvilleg CLINT LIVINGSTON, Marietta, T. H. MCCASLAND, Duncan, HAL MULDROW, Norman. Ex Officio Members EPH MONROE, President of the Board of Regents DR. GEORGE L. CRoss, President of the University HAROLD TISDAL, President of the University of Okla- homa Association Student Senate President FROM THE RESERVATIONS desk. Mrs. Melloa Clark and Mrs. JoAnn Nipper handle Over 5,000 requests for rooms in the Union. Union Center oi Activity for Community SUPERVISING activities at one of the pool tables in the base- ment of the Union is Guy Barrett. manager of the game room. The Oklahoma Memorial Union Building on the University of Oklahoma campus pro- vides service and recreational facilities and an activity program for the campus, including students and faculty, and the community. Stu- dent leisure time activities on both a personal and organized group basis are effectively accommodated in the Union. Conference rooms, dining areas, a game room, barber shop, newsstand, ballroom, au- ditorium, lounges, and food service units in- cluding the Ming Room, Terrace Room and Will Rogers Cafeteria are designed and fur- nished with a View to the needs of students, faculty, alumni, townspeople and visitors to the campus who use the facilities. University functions housed in the Union Building, but administered by other campus agencies are the University Book Exchange, Alumni Association, Faculty Club, and Radio Station WNAD. UNION ACTIVITIES BOARD: TOP ROW: Shirley Biggs, Don Crews, R. N. Dunagan, Jane England, Barbara Grundy, Kent Hat- ley. BOTTOM ROW: Peg Lemme, Butch Linville, Orlin Rickard, Pat Taylor. Lee Wlneless. Union Activitio Board Swing Into Action Yi BOARD OFFICERS Don Crews, Pat Taylor, and Kent I-lailey dis- cuss UAB plans for the year with Mrs. Helen Darks, director. DI STACKIS of interest cards from the College oi Unionology are evaluated by UAB members Orlin Rickard and Shirley Biggs. Interesting, diversified, and constructive are the terms characteristic of the Union Activities program. Union Activities strives to offer cul- tural programs to the University while em- phasizing the development of leadership qual- ities in those who participate actively. The program is governed by, organized by, and effected by students. Anyone who is enrolled in the University may apply for a committee, since the participation is on a voluntary basis. Union Activities Board, Union Activities Council, and the Union Representatives Coun- cil are the three main bodies that compose the organizational structure of Union Activities. The membership of the Union Activities Board consists of ll students of junior and senior standing. The membership of Council is com- posed of 18 students of at least sophomore standing. New members are selected every spring from those students who have been out- standing committee Workers in the UA pro- gram the past year. Present members of the Board and Council are active in all phases of campus life as shown by the over-all scholastic average of 3.5 and the cumulative total of over 500 offices, ac- tivities, honors, and awards. The Union Representatives Council mem- bership is composed of one representative from each organized house on campus. i UNION ACTIVITIES COUNCIL: TOP ROW: Anne Abernathy. Russ Bartee, Roseann Bouziden, Reha Bristow. Gary Eley, Sue Ford, Clark Gilpin, Cathey Hangs. SECOND ROW: Jerry I-lassebroek, Bruce Hickman, Linda Johnson, Edwin Maloy, Margaret McCon- UNION ACTIVITIES CIIUNCIL In order to accommodate the growing stu- dent participation and interest in the Activi- ties program, the Union Activities Board and Council continually work to expand and im- prove present activities and to provide new ones for the students. Programs such as Soon- er Scandals, Popular Series, University Sing, and Dads' Day Quartet contest are geared for the entire student body, while others, such as Great Books and Intercollegiate Games Tourn- aments, appeal only to a limited number of students. Other phases of the activities pro- gram include Friday at Four, our newest ac- tivity which draws at least 500 students every week, Dallas trip, spring vacation trip to Nas- sau, Housemother's bridge party, exhibits, bridge, and the travel board. nell. Niki Meek. Mitch Mertes. Nancy Montgomery. BOTTOM ROW: Frank Olney, Dick Perryman, Terry Ridley, Lloyd Roberts. Mary Susan Roberts, Arthur Thompson, Robert Vaughn. Sam Vinson. ROSEANN BOUZIDEN, UAC president, teaches Anne Abernathy. vice president: and Mitch Mertes. secretary: how to use the tiles. HELPING to round out the activities. URC supervises the Housemother's bridge party. the travel board, and the Christmas decorations. . rl11 l ENTERTAINING lhe many sludenls who allend The weekly Friday a+ Four lo celebrale The end of a week are lhis group ol -Folk singers, WAITING for The UAB bus headed soulh for Big D are Roberl' Vaughn. Terry Ridley, Jane England. and Sam Vinson. GREAT BOOKS discussions are sponsored by The UAB. ANOTHER popular ar+is+ ahlraclion were The Serendipily Singers MARGARET MCCONNELL and Ginger Wilson make Band R who drew a large crowd of sludenrs 'ro l-lolmberg and lhe ballroom. view plans. HELPING Dads' Day are Roseann Bouziden and Bruce Hickman 'P .A,. . l ' , ' . , -'i5?l-,H , v'-2:g!.'f. , - ,W fl -, 112, ' Y , ,QA , Fu R iii F M ' V 5 ca.-f-0 " ii ,. lv 4 f' 4. A 4 f 44 ...a-"""-M --uuuyuuvl-xii! J. .1 5 MARY ROBERTS, Clark Gilpin and Sam Vinson adveriise UAB films. LINDA JOHNSON and Bufch Linville enioy chaining wiih Hue Chrisfy Minsfrels during infermission of their Pop Series performance. ,J l 1 ' 4 n l pr . .it C V N ' -43:15 ,. f CECIL H. BRITE JOHN H. CASEY, Secretary Board upervises Student Publications The Publication Board of the University of Oklahoma is composed of both students and faculty members and acts as publisher and policy-making body for the two student pub- lications, the Oklahoma Daily and the an SOONER Yearbook. if The board is composed of seven voting and three ex officio members. Four students are chosen annually from applicants to represent the two publications and publications-at- large. Voting faculty members of the board are Dr. Ioe Holland, director of the H. H. Her- bert School of Iournalism, chairman of the - board, Iohn H. Casey, professor of journalism, 'fffffgv' secretary, and Dr. Ralph Bienfang, professor ' I of pharmacy, appointed to the Board by OU president, Dr. George L. Cross. Ex officio mem- bers are Mrs. Louise Beard Moore, supervisor of student publicationsg Cecil H. Brite, gen- ,X-"' eral manager of student publication, and Iim Swain, director of university relations and pub- lic information. Student members of the board for the year were Reha Bristow, Lee Ann Iohns, Frank Hermes, and Hank Keitz. The board has been supervising the publi- cation of the Oklahoma Daily and the DR. c. Joe HOLLAND, chairman SOONER Yearbook since 1915. 122 l 1- , . ' 1 H fl A 1 Y 'Y . , 4""'9", a,.'5' 'S iv :J - nu .1 - wi LOUISE B, MOORE 'S F N.-f DR. RALPH BIENFANG I l -af, 177' 'sl Q9 BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Louise B. Moore, Rena Brisfow, Dr. C. Joe Holland, Lee Ann Johns, John H. Casey. TOP ROW: Frank Hcrmcs, Jim Swain, Dr. Ralph Bienfanq. Cecil H. Brife, Hank Keifz. ami YS' nf, ,- ,ff ALLAN THOMPSON. Editor SOONER YEARBO0K STAFF Editor .... Assistant Editor . Features Editor . . . Organizations Editor . Fraternity Editor . Sorority Editor . . WOmen's Housing . Men's Housing . Classes Editor . . Chief Photographer . . Administrations . Beauty Editor .... Man of Distinction Editor ALLAN THOMPSON . NANCY T URI: . KIRK CLAUSING . BOB STEPHENS CLIFF VVHITMORE . PAULA FISHMAN BONNIE MALCOLM RON HAWKINS . ALVIN TURNER . . BUD JACOBS . LOUISE ROWE . CRAIG HALL . GAYLE Rossi Sports . . . . DON DAVIS, LINDA JOHNSON Services . . . .... KAREN WYNN Assistant Features ...... PEGGY RATCLIFFE DON FEINSTEIN, MARLENE GLAZER Copy . . . DIANNE GURLEY, JIM HOWARD JOHN WELLS, BETTY BONIFIELD Assistant Beauty ...... PAM MCCASKILL F - 4 NANCY TURK. Assistant Editor Plan lor Yearbook Planning stages for the 1965 SOONER were begun as early as March, 1964, when a theme was decided upon and basic designs for the cover were submitted. The World's Fair theme was chosen because the fair would be in progress at the time the book came out, and the Oklahoma exhibit was so greatly aided by members of the OU ad- ministration and faculty and by the many OU Sooner Guides. The cover employs a symbolic theme of the fair. This year it was decided that most of the color appropriation for the book would go for 4-color end sheets, and what could be more appropriate on these end sheets than the Menis OU Glee Club at the Fair. When it was all over and the book was sent to press, over 7000 pictures had been taken for the more than 648-page SOONER. Major changes in the 1965 SOONER in- clude a new style of type, the division of the book into 12 chapters for easier reading, more photo-journalism through picture series, and a livelier style of copy. BOTTOM ROW: Kirlc Clausinq, Louise Rowe, Bob Stephens, Nancy Turk, Allan Thompson, Peggy Raiclilile, Cliff Whitmore, Linda John- son. TOP ROW: Gayle Rossi, Dianne Gurley, Don Davis, , .T r . Alvin i 7 QT I2 .v, L Begin in Early pring KIRK CLAUSING. Features Editor Turner. Dick Krasnow, Jim Howard, John Wells, Don Feinstein. Betty Boniiield, Marlene Glazer. W 3 ' L..i ' 't"' + I- 1' an 4 ,M -3-ll 1 flispe ' 19 .. ,V N -, so 'P Eimf - l .. s fl' .A N SOONER YEARBOOK slalf members include Don Pepe Paula Taylor and Craig Hall. FILING piclures 'fakes considerable lime and is a big job in producing a yearbook. Taking llweir +urn eller wrifing copy are secrelaries Kalhy Ernesl and Carolyn Smyrl. ew Leek Apparent This was a year of innovation, experiment and the unusual for the Oklahoma Daily. First semester editor, Ed Livermore, super- vised several Saturday editions made up in true tabloid style: a large picture on the front page with only headlines referring to inside stories. Beth Resler, second semester editor, re- vamped several regular features in the paper and started a new cartoon series," Profession: Student." Innovation was the word for her staff as a coed, Linda lohnson, took over the sports desk for a term and Sandy Seals became the second boy to ever be campus editor. The Daily took several William Randolph Hearst awards during the year, including a na- tional second place in editorial writing by Beth Resler with her editorial, "Bargain, Bargain . . . Classes for Salef' Ed Livermore also received honorable mention in that contest. Five South- west journalism Congress awards went to the Daily, including first place in photography and a second place to Ed Livermore in sports writing. The Daily is supervised by lVlrs. Louise B. Moore, associate professor of journalism and supervisor of student publications. I . .. .4iQ. MRS. LOUISE B. MOORE, supervisor of student publications: and J. P. Smith. photographer, look over pictures in the Daily office. in Campus Newspaper ED LIVERMORE Fall Semester Editor BETH RESLER Spring Semester Editor -: -,V X - V L ff' f il ,f Q X 'L J, 53 ,ffwff FALL SEMESTER STAFF: Sian Skinner, Syd Ronish, Bern Resler. Sandy Seals. Millicenl' Green, Jon Denfon, Ed Livermore, Willis Ball, Mike Hammer, Sal Camarillo. E' l ..... ""'w ' ll Lf FALL SEMESTER STAFF: Terry Nickle, Margie Bowen, Barbara Kirkpalriclc, Bill Rilzlwaupf, Belly Bonilield, Beverly Wharfon, Don Davis, Dennis Scolr. Linda Johnson, Virgil Wilcley. SPRING SEMESTER STAFF: Terry Nickle, Linda Johnson, Jim Haney. Warner Lovell. Sandy Seals, Melinda Sellers, Dennis Scoff. Millicenl Green. T - - lun , : 445 l - LEE . ' i 1.1, -,,. L SPRING SEMESTER STAFF: Willis Ball, Milne Hammer, Jimmy Miller. Sal Camarillo, Margo Hilfinger, Belh Resler, Belly Boni- field. Jay Turk, Julie Hunl, Marilyn Todd. 3 BOTTOM ROW: James Scrillian, James Squirrel, George Smith. Callison, John Buriord. Robert Roberts. Tim Schnoebelen, Graham Margaret Reed. Saralou Griffin, John Howard, Ed Fitzgerald. Weakley, Joe Haqv. Merle Jacobs, Bob Hemphill, W. C. Vander- Michael Coovert. TOP ROW: Bob Salmon, Dick Beclnar, James worth. Journali m Press Print Dail Paper The Journalism Press assumes the respon- sibility and assures the maintenance of all the mechanical needs of the student newspaper. It was organized in 1930, by an act of the Pub- lication Board, which recognized the need for such an organization to assure the mainte- nance of the mechanical needs of the Okla- homa Daily. W. C. Vanderwerth, shop superintendent, directs and coordinates work of students and full-time employees. Vanderwerth came to OU in 1945, from Bryan, Tex. He had been me- chanical supervisor there since 1921. With the approval oi the University, the Press makes all purchases and handles finan- cial business for the Daily. It is one of the few self-supporting units on campus, paying for costs of production, maintenance and salaries through revenue from advertising and sale of student publications. Each semester students are employed by the Press to do the composing, typesetting, page make-up and press Work for the Daily. W. C. VANDERWERTH eener hamreek Publi lied B Engineer The Sooner Shamrock, Written and edited by a student staff of engineering students, is the ollicial magazine of the University of Ok- lahoma College of Engineering. The maga- zine, completely self-supporting, is now in its 24th year of publication. Its annual 357,500 budget is obtained from national advertising accounts and engineering students, subscrip- tions. By presenting material of a varied nature in each issue, the magazine contains subjects of interest to students in all fields of engineer- ing. Because of this variety of skillful report- ing, among other things, the Shamrock ranks among the best of the engineering college magazines in the country. In each issue readers are kept apace of la- test developments in the space age through the NASA Reports column. A news column features activities of the Engineers Club and other engineering professional or honorary organizations and honors accorded the students and faculty. Olhcers were Roger Clapp, editor, Eddie Fin- ley, associate editor, Roy Carter, business man- ager, Paul Nall, circulation manager, and Gary Kilpatrick, news editor. DISCUSSING the helpful aids to engineering featured in ihe latest edition ol Sooner Shamrock are Paul Nall and Roger Clapp. SOONER SHAMROCK staff members for I964-65 were Eddie Finley, Roy Carter. Roger Clapp, Paul Nall, Gary Kilpatrick . , ."'.4V. of -In If V1 3 .,3,fV'9g V ..J 1:--fi' , M,-'M HQ :,"f"f,.g4,x. I, w , pg . -u ,, ' V V, .. V3 ,-.. A, 'H .g .+I . 1, "1 'f A,VV,V, Vqr 43- ol --A 5 XX. .iff YJQSZ, -1 -Q., -, .-.- 1-' , , , q ,Q Nqgg H ' r ,fra '- .- 2 if ww V's,,,fi'fJe-:5u..'Vf , Nw- lh - A - Q. ' NE V , -V Vt, V1 V ," -1, . - I '., r V x 'XX V r 5L5'gf'4a!'t.f'AJ1 Q' .A V 'Q gV 1-14, " ' A i..,V'V' Q- V Q 1 ' " . V " f L2 S I ". 'V' 1 V V rar -,Q 1 -- vf .7-,df ,IVVV "' I 'K 1- .A X . V V1 0 . '-. f ' -4 't 'fl x 5-sl ' ' I ,-gy..m',b-:LV ,A V V-1' 5 " 'V-' .' f.. ',.g"',s4 . M Pr. , Va V M,,,,V , 1 7 .V V A V ,I 1 ' A , V V .': J . . ' ' Z :fiflr I W , ,, . , , , , , A .. , L' 4, I .N V 'rw ' . , 5 4 .ye .. s jj USW UW ha.-i. C 'iq A Y i ' 'f-spgxgggxhnal , .1 1 , -fx' I ! V f 5' K 'II I - y, I V ' " , ' I ,A 3aA,,.-1 I -' fa 'f ' " I . - 'Hi 'ff' " 1 -'ff-4'w'S x f I X .1 1 -,' V , . --, ff: f up '11, -f,-45 f J r 1 ' '. -'Z uf -JH., "' ,'f.:V'V , " 1 ' 1 Y 'Q ,ar ff . ' VV - JV A V 'gL,.J,"'i!kll.EQ'Q,V'V 1. , , Q 1 "f'ff3'-"..'.'Lf f5"' 'ny N' 4 V V f V 7 if :VV-i V ' EV-,g V V L , , , 1 , I 1' A r' F ' , ' , 'ffl' 'I V-"'-1: J. ' r J hm V. A V V V!" . 5 .j, VV' V: V VV J V V luv. ' '-ld ' ' 1 V . V ' ' xl I L1 f ff ' 'wr . -my lr v , l .-J 'J F Yi, ' .. ,tu I V 4 2' I 1: J V ,V . ' jf u V .r I Wk! x, 33 - :EZ V 1 f'.f H 'V '. 'L ' ,K 2+ ff? 4151 4321? '31 fi? ef iff wax if Armed Forces Department of Since its beginning 55 years ago, the Army ROTC at the University of Oklahoma has commissioned 4,725 second lieutenants in the United States Army Reserve and the United States Army. Each male student who is phys- ically qualified is required to take two years military training at OU. Those who are inter- ested and qualify may apply for advanced mili- tary training. When a cadet has successfully completed the 2-year advanced program, he is awarded his commission when he receives his degree. In 1955, the Army adopted a General Mili- tary Science Program which allows graduates to request their commissions in any branch of the Army which correlates with their academic major. Col. R. F. Thweatt, an OU graduate 119395, was commissioned through the OU Army ROTC and served as the Professor of Military Science from November, 1959, until his retire- ment December 31, 1964. Nlilitar cience COL. R. F. Thweaft: Professor of Military Science. TOP ROW: Lt. Col. Fred F. White, Mai. William S. Kearns Mai. Harvey V. Zahller. SECOND ROW: Capt. Marcus L. Weatlwerall, Capt. Billy C Q BOTTOM ROW: Capt. Don A. Corbly. Capt. Richard O l Borqstrom. Capt. Donald J. Crocker. ,i ,... TOP ROW: Sql. Mai. John S. Cup- V . is - A A ples, M. Sql. Bruce M. McKown, M. ' - - . A --, ,I l 4. " . 1 Sql. William D. Erwin, Sql. l.C. I ' 4 - l , r D '? '-A ' ' William A. Sulherland, Sql. l.C. an ' . , 3 , 1 f Roland A. Eichler. Sql. l.C. f 'Q Q. ' Charles L. Sunderland. J A ,." ' ., - ' 7' ' 0 ' ' 0 I ' Q S , . 1 1 H s e 6, . 0 l.. I f BOTTOM ROW: Stall Sql. Howard ' , M V P, , L. Johnslon, Stall Sql. Harold R. 2-6 A'- 7. N 'J L- - a G Goalcher. Stall Sql. Paul G. Ken- '- ' V ' , v L 0 nedy. Slell Sql. Charles A. Jackson, N ' - 1' , -I 37 T Sql. Gene A. Varnado. i "' M2 V U.. ' A ,. I 4 C , N 1 5 ClVlLlAN STAFF: Mrs. Belly Ross, Mrs. Calherine Sublell, Mrs. JoAnn Reynolds, Mrs. Joyce Phillips, Miss Slar Bobys. Distinguished Military Students TOP ROW: J. D. Bass, J. F. Briclcman. C. C. Buxton, D. W. Craig. C. M. Mayhall, J. C. Moricoli J. C. Davis. SECOND ROW: D. N. Davison, l-l, G. Fender ll. D. l-l. Slreel. M. D. Garber. Jr.. A. L. R. l-lill. H. W. Hill. BOTTOM ROW: Jr.. T. D I Pannell, D. L. Pauling D. W. CRAIG Army ROTC Division Commanders The division commanders, staff oHi- cers and batallion commanders are se- lected on the basis of academic and military science grades, military apti- tude and leadership ability. These sen- ior cadets are responsible for the mili- tary drill Held operation. First Semester - Division Staii - H. W. HILL Second Semester XO D. DAVISON, G-I D. STREET, G-3 J. MORICOLI. XO M. GARBER, G-I J. DAVIS, G-3 J. BRICKMAN. Battalion Commanders F' PQ? FIRST SEMESTER: J. Brickman, C. Buxton, J. Davis, T. Pfmneii. SECOND SEMESTER: D. Craig. J. I-Iarviile. J. Moricoii. J. Williams. cabbard and Blade Scabbard and Blade is a national honor so- ciety open to outstanding advance course cadets of all services. Membership is by invitation to the cadet meeting certain academic and mili- tary standards. Purpose of the society is to unite in closer relationship the military departments of Ameri- can universities and collegesg to preserve and develop the essential qualities of good and ellicient ollicersg to prepare the members as edu- cated men to take a more active part in the military affairs of the community and above all to spread intelligent information concerning the military requirements of our country. After commissioning exercises each semester, Scabbard and Blade holds a reception and tea in honor of the newly appointed oliicers. Also, during the school year, an orientation for Iiancees and wives of all cadets is presented. This program is designed to introduce the fu- ture otlicers' Wives to military life and is cli- maxed with a visit to an armed forces post. The honorary cadet company commander elected this year by the membership was Holly Kinkade. Miss Kinkade was appointed an hon- orary captain and served as hostess for all Scab- bard and Blade activities. BOTTOM ROW: L. Dow Davis IV, Ben Henry, Capt. Richard O. Borqslrom, Arlen J. Hanle, James F. Briclcman, Robert Swendson. SECOND ROW: George Grant McGuire, Henry Alexander Sa- bine, James Wilson Williams, Jr.. John Moricoli, Denver N. Davi- son, Jay M. Galt, Tom Deal. THIRD ROW: John A. Shows, James ABOVE: Otficers lseatedl D. Davis, J. Brickrnan, lstandingl A. Hanle, Capt. R. Bergstrom, adviser, and B. Henry discuss banquet plans. BELOW: Honorary Capt. Holly Kinkade receives the Scabbard and Blade citation cord from Capt. Ben Henry. W. Swank, Richard E. Kropp, James W. Williams, J. Douglas Mist- ler, Clarence C. Buxton, Carl M. Mayhall. TOP ROW: Jerry Lynn Laws, Roy Allen Martin, Carl Stephen Darnell, Richard Douglas Southern, Walter J. Saucier, Robert H. Christman, David H. Street, John C. Davis. enior MISS STAR BOBYS of The Millfary Science Deparfmenf pins The bars for 2fL'r. John Benien affer his commissioning. ,:.. xx v I I I , ,db . r J An Q E I 52 I 'I I 'in ' ' v, - . 1-' v I Y Q X- 1:- f fn. 'QXVIRQQ , , WAY l' , 10 -nf .fl .13 35. I38 TOP ROW: R. S. Ambler, J. D. Bass, L. R. Biddy, J. R. Blake, B. E. Blasingame, D. C. Bowlby. SECOND ROW: J. F. Briclcman, C. D. Buller, C. C. Buxlon, H. D. Cleaver, Jr., D. W. Craig. C. S. Darnell. THIRD ROW: J. C. Davis, D. N. Davison. T. B. Deal, G. L. Dorself, R. Douqherly, T. E. Drummond. FOURTH ROW: H. G. Fender, M. A. Finkel- slon, F. M. Fosfer, J. M. Gall, M. D. Garber. Jr., C. H. Gericlce. FIFTH ROW: J. W. Glennon, R. J. Hamilfon, R. A. Hamillon, J. L. Harville, F. B. Henry. Jr., A. L. R. HIII. SIXTH ROW: H. W. Hill, W. H. Hill. J. O Hood, W. P. Horlon, H. H. Huffman, W. A Ingels. BOTTOM ROW: G. E. Killinqsworlh, V. R Kulp, S. L. Lobaugh, S. P. Mann, J. A. Mal Hnqly, C. M. Mayhall. TOP ROW: R. McCarlhy, M. E. Milslead J. D. Misller, J. C. Moricoli, Jr., T. M. Mud rick. SECOND ROW: J. R. Newport B. D. Nolcn R. C. Olsen. T. D. Pannell. D. L. Pauling. THIRD ROW: C. J. Pellon, J. E, Pense, E. A. E. Porfer, D. C. Porler, R. P. Reed. FOURTH ROW: J. A. Replce. A. D. Roberls R. D. Russell, R. S. Simms, R. D. Soulhern. FIFTH ROW: D. H. Sfreef, J. W. Swank. R. R. Swendson, R. G. Taylor, W. P. Taylor, J T. Thompson. SIXTH ROW: W. B. Thompson, L. E. Under- hull, Jr., R. F. Volllanl, J. A. Vlckers. V. H. Wagqoner. T. W. Walberl. BOTTOM ROW: C. D. Walson, Jr., J. W. Williams, R. P. Williams, R. G. Will, C. P. Wood. T. D. Woods. RJ - ...J ,ss G as one Y Q . ,f - . gn W ' 9:-rlxmr 'T iivw L ro .fr R: ' A 4 A . if .+ f 4. I J' ,S f 4.- 'flv' 7 it ' 'pf' ' 'Q S Tu.. , ,- . 9 I Q . -, Y ' V R. J 5 CANDIDATES are infroducecl 'lo 'Hwe Ca- clel Oflkers' Club ar The Honorary Cadei' Colonel Conlesl. pq-s fa Junior JUNIOR CADETS in Leadership School learn lhe funclamenlals of perrolling by praclical exercise. . 1 t A x ' . ' N W 1 .J IQ. Y Y 5 el Y i ,,- Y. . .- N .. M., ,l .. ' V 'F V ., w: any .-Qu: ni YV vv.. IW. I4O rife N ' gan., -2 TOP ROW: H. G. Adams, J. P. Adamson S. T. Afha. G. B. Allrinson, J. L. Belhea, J. Di Blomqren. SECOND ROW: M. C. Buchwald. G. H. Buxlon, B. M. Cohen, J. W. Case. T. J. Cas- lollo. R. A. Chapman. THIRD ROW: J. G. Clark, Jr., T. L. Cooper, R. S. Dawson, Jr.. M. P. Eason. J. B. Ewbanlr J. H. Farley. FOURTH ROW: D. G. Floyd. R. L. Ford J. P. Forman, L. W. Fosler, Jr., C. E. Fried- man, S. P. Garrell. FIFTH ROW: S. W. Gassell. J. B. Giezen- ianner, C. Gillespie, Jr., M. E. Gillerr, D. H G-illey. D. W. Green. SIXTH ROW: J. M. Griffiin. S. R. Halper, J D. Hamillon. H. G. Hammond, J. O. Haney B. D. Hardin. BOTTOM ROW: W. D. Hari, Jr., W. E. Hig girls, M. W. Hoffman, J. D. Hyde, D. L. Iver- son, L. R. Jenkins. TOP ROW: J. R. Johnson, Jr., R. K. John- sfone. P. E. Kallenberger, J. J. Keithley, R. H. Keifz III, R. V. Kennemer ll. SECOND ROW: G. B. Kleman, K. S. Koch- mann. R. E. Kropp, J. L. Lows. W. M. Loe- bron II, D. J. LeMonier. THIRD ROW: E. K. Livermore. G. B. Love- Iace III, J. C. Mackey, W. C. Madson, S. I. Markowsky, R. A. Mariin. FOURTH ROW: R. A. Mason, J. A. Masfers, T. A. McCroary, M. D. McCullough, S. F. McKee, J. M. McMiIIem. FIFTH ROW: J. B. McMiIIin, Jr., J. L. Means. J. I. Mills, J. L. Moon. R. W. Moore, M. P. Morford. SIXTH ROW: A. L. Mufzig, R. T. Nefland, D. C. Ne-w1'on. R. S. NicIceI, J. E. Noland, A M. Norris. SEVENTH ROW: W. A. Norris. 6. M. Orr. P. R. Ovlaff, M. B. Parks, R. S. PEIIFICIQ, L. J Payne. EIGHTH ROW: L. V. Richmond. F. M. Ring- er. P. R. Rope, J. F. Ross, H. A. Sabine, W. J. Sauder. NINTH ROW: L. B. Schmidt K. E. Schrnifh J. L. Shields. J. A. Shows, S. J. Skinner, C. M. Smifh. BOTTOM ROW: E. D. Souliqny III. F. W. Soufhern. Jr.. R. D. SIewarI, J. B. Srrong, B. Sfronqwaior, D. D. SIUBFI. E, W no . QV 6 L ,Q .5 jg - .??k:-:if .xl ' ' ' fx I I I 'I 4.7 .?"""f' Q if 4 I A 'WR u IIVII I ...nn -1 I4l .gnu . 3 Juniors TOP ROW: J. l.. Tale, J. S. Tennant. W. Thomas, G. B. Thompson. J. R. Turlc, M. S. Van Alien. SECOND ROW: J. Welker, E. L. Weflcins, B. E. Wedding, J. W. Williams, R. L. Willis, D. D. Wilson. BOTTOM ROW: G. H. Wilson. J. R. Wolfe. , 4, W. P. Woody, R. W. Yeats, J. W. Young. ' Per hing Rifle Ka dette The Pershing Rifles Kaydettes were organ- ized in the fall of 1963 as an auxiliary march- ing unit by the Pershing Rifles. This marks the first OU girls, military marching unit. The Kaydettes will compete in drill meets with such established girls, marching organizations as OSU's Angel Flight. is K, 1 BOTTOM ROW: Pat Mims, Gloria Faye Robinson, Rosema.y McGee, Carolyn Prescott, Harriet Ann Diamond, Loretta Sue Pillow. SECOND ROW: Florence McCauley, Lou Dean Wetten- gel, Jeannie Strozier, Leslie Anderson. Tish Denison, Jacqueline Orr Price, Chrisiina Louise Mast. TOP ROW: Susan Smith, Cheryl White, Charlotie D. I-laltom, Janei Kay Netherlon. Dolores Mar- cotte, Tanya Lee McDonald. BOTTOM ROW: John Calderas. Jr.. Eugene L. Lacy, Betsy B Williams, Judy l.. Porch, Cynthia Lee Pruitt, Robert D. Stewart, Billy C. Holland. SECOND ROW: James R. Miller, Cleaphas R Steele, Ray O. Porgy. Stephen F. McKee, Stanley J. Skinner, Ron- ald B. Greenfield, James M. Bannister, Robert G. Crawford THIRD ROW: John S. Brandes, Thomas C. Gibson, Michael H Greenbaum, David Hugh Kennedy, Seth O. Osborn. Joey Men- CHECKING WEAPON are Capt. Billy C. Holland, Gunnery Sgt. W. L. Bingaman and Capt. Robert D. Stewart, Jr. PERSHING RIFLE Honorary Captain Judy Porch. 5. . mf it doza. Charlie Cahn, George W. Smith. FOURTH ROW: Michael Turner Smith, George A. Mason, Fred Stewart. Dimpster E. Epper- son. John P. Cook, Henry A. Sabine, Jim Grilhn, Mike Reisman. Bobby Kish. TOP ROW: Hal Vinson, Raymond J. Stone. Len Weld, Phillip A. Jeclc. Hubert E. Rogers, Jr., Eli Balach, Charlie Bentley, George J. Toto. Larry Dale Gillham. Rifle Pershing Rifles was established in 1891 at the University of Nebraska by Lt. lohn I. Pershing, later to become the highest ranking military officer in the history of the United States. Today Pershing Rifles serves as a liv- ing memorial to this great American. Pershing Rifles at the University of Okla- homa was established in 1948 and was desig- nated Company H of the Seventh Regiment. Advisors are Capt. Billy C. Holland, U. S. Army, and Gunnery Sgt. W. L. Bingaman, USMC. H-7 Commander is Capt. Robert D. Stewart, Ir. This year, for the first time, the Pershing Rifles elected three honorary oliicers. They are Honorary Capt. Judy Porch and Honorary Sec- ond Lieutenants Cindy Pruitt and Betsy Will- iams. PERSHING RIFLES Honorary lst Lieutenants Betsy Williams and Cindy Pruitt. .u. P. a- Q. fs .7 x 1 . ' . hr.,- v"'P 'ii 'Ulf w.4':J 1 Q 1 .Q v -. In ,QT .' . , :Q if gy.- ophomore all M, ai .s y. ng 3 , , "V-' . .' 3 sg gp" . in M.. ' . 5 , . Q 1. 'iw UT 'XT I . Q l . ' 151' "Wy ' Loki ' Q L A an . , Wu '-iff!" F going' i , li lf. I44 TOP ROW: A. A. Alcerman, J. E. Agnew, M. D. Allen, s. J. A+1.:.... ln, B. R. Baqby, J. L. Barrelr. SECOND ROW: J. E. Barllwolomew, W. F. Bares. G. J. Belcher, D. S. Benrley, B. J. Ber- man, G. H. Bills. THIRD ROW: L. N. Boyinqlon, W. D. Branl. R. D. Braslnear, M. M. Burch, R. C. Burnside. D. W. Burrrum. FOURTH ROW: C. J. Cahn, L. E. Canlrell, Jr., P. S. Carlelon, A. J. Carrel, R. G. Cafes III, L. T. Chambers. FIFTH ROW: J. R. Chapman, J. E. Chicor- aslce, D. M. Clark, T. A. Clark, D, W. Coch- ran, M. C. Coke. SIXTH ROW: H. J. Cole, Jr., B. F. Cook, J. P. Cook, J. L. Courfney, H. G. Davis, W. E. Davis. SEVENTH ROW: R. C. DeSpain. J. R. Dodd. R. A. Duffy, M. T. Evans, W. E. Favor, M. M. Feldman. EIGHTH ROW: M. S. Ferguson, Jr., R. P. Fisher. T. G. Fisher, L. G. File, P. E. Fifzger- ald, R. O. Forqy. BOTTOM ROW: R. Forfe. R. B. Freele, R. C. Fullum, D. W. Garrelr, A. J. Gilbert R. L. Gold. TOP ROW: B. R. Goodner. A. E. Goff, J. R. Grail, T. F. Gray, H. R. Grisham, P. R. Ham- ilfon. SECOND ROW: R. O. Honess, G. P. Hargis J. C. Hassebroek, R. L. Hawkins, M. R. Haynes, J. G. Hemphill. THIRD ROW: M. R. Henson, D. W. Hill, J L. Hill, J. L. Hirzel, D. G. Holladay, G. L Hopkins. FOURTH ROW: L. C. Horlon, D. M. Huffer, N. K. lmes, J. B. Jacobs, F. A. Jarmuili. T. L Jenkins. FIFTH ROW: J. C. John, A. B. Jones, J. R Kalsu. T. J. Kearns, J. R. Kennedy, J. P. Kelo- nen ll. SIXTH ROW: R. D. Kirkpafrick, J. R. Kubiak F. R. Lederman, J. M. Lee, R. R. Linn, Jr. K. L. Lillle. SEVENTH ROW: W. L. LockeH, Jr.. R. D Looney, Jr., M. E. Lord, D. C. Ludwick. K. P Maddox, B. Magness. EIGHTH ROW: T. E. Maloy. E. M. Malflwews P. K. McCarler. D. M. McCary, G. M. Mc- Coy, Jr., C. R. Miller. .,....,... , iw. i 9 H ,J A , . - ill. 9 ii la .5 ? I-.. . . iw , O Y Q 931,33 T' ? 'J y E"-at 0 ,, 0 . V- i.u v i i Q, 'i .:... JM- -i QE-'if -' a sm L . . hy.. f' liiii .i Q? A HIQFPH iz. .H+ 3 lx , T i Mew . ,- ..- :ff ,il To v in 0 " U ' li 555 in "6 o N W S 6 ll . 5. 'Y 5 l NINTH ROW: J. P. Monahan, B. L. Morgan - , 1' W J. W. Mullen, J. L. Mullins. G. W. Nemecek - ' I V-if P. T. Newkumof. 'K .D 1 1 O a y 1 . BOTTOM ROW: W. R. Newlon. s. O. os- y born, Jr., O. T. Oslnerwih. R. J. Oullaw, D. .i F -' . I G. Paden. C. E. Pearce. Q2 T s we ,il f cw 'Daz , 0 , f is f. , R ..- , ' iw. ig , ,M .. 1 ,, 1, . l . xgy. A FG Q Q Q ,, il N i,- R R' llllll I : s I 2 Q V l45 'Q .YQ 0,-City . DQ .4-5 . T . - .Q Q j' ' g " 1 N 4. 'Q' , . . Q ra I., ., - 4... y 1' Q 1 f T . my P Q .L . II 'ww . 0 1. 8 ry- ,. LL , 1 :E L . ' vm.. . ,rf Z1 - P . Nun. it .' Wu' .4 .. D s . M. Xl. 15? . 1, ., 1'4- if p 91 I Q F I46 Sophomores TOP ROW: J. P. Perry, W. L. Piplcin, T. W Pool, W. W. Porch, P. H. Powell, T. C. Pur- cell. SECOND ROW: P. L. Rauch. J. L. Reed lll R. J. Reecl, P. A. Reynolds, J. G. Riley, R. J Rifz. THIRD ROW: J. W. Roberls. K. J. Robinson E. Ross, R. W. Ross, W. C. Ross, A. H. Ruble FOURTH ROW: lvl. K. Sawyer, T. G. Sclnenlc W. B. Seach, J. P. Sessions, A. R. Sevick, J W. Shary. FIFTH ROW: T. L. Sheelz, J. R. Slwroyer. C M. Smillw, E. W. Smii-h, R. R. Smilh. M. W Smy+l1. SIXTH ROW: K. T. Solomon, J. Daryl Spence D. G. Slamelis, S. J. Sfaron, R. F. Sleplwens R. G. Slone. SEVENTH ROW: G. C. Sfurqis. B. P. Sud- berry, J. K. Taylor, D. K. Thompson, K. E Thompson, S. G. Thompson. EIGHTH ROW: E. Y. Tomila, A. C. Turner Jr., H. L. Turner, R. L. Vaughn, S. J. Veazey M. R. Vick. NINTH ROW: H. L. Wagner, C. R. Walker B. H. Ward. R. E. Way, W. C. Weinrich. J Q. Wilson. BOTTOM ROW: R. Winburn. J. D. Winler- mule, J. Likely Wilclrer, L. M. Wolf, W. M Word. W. G. Younqbloocl. BOTTOM ROW: Lee Candler Young, Thomas Walter Plosila, Al- len T. Tsugawa, Bernard Schwalba, Willis H. Ball, Bob Uda, Darby A. Gray, Ricl: Steed, Capt. Donald J. Crocker. SECOND ROW: Robert E. Gay, Tom Mansur. Marion D. Gurney, Carl H. Gericlce. Terry R. Perkins, George A. Mason, Jester M. Loomis Ill, Robert M. Gray, James Y. Kanomata. THIRD ROW: Michael Charles Cline, Stan Skinner, James W. Williams, James R. Miller, David C. Bowlby, Larry A. Rosen, John Lewis, John S. Brandes. TOP ROW: John E. Ayers, Otha B. Davenport, Don Viner, Jim Over- man, David L. Beadner. Loren D. Leavell, Gregory P. Fehr, Robert G. Crawford, Michael D. Tuttle, Bruce N. Donley, Roger E. Meade. eeiet ei American Militer Engineer Since its founding as a national organiza- tion in 1924, the Society of American Military Engineers has expanded its guiding purpose to promote knowledge in all aspects of civil and military engineering concerning national de- fense. Capt. Donald Crocker served as fac- ulty adviser this year. Officers for this year were Darby A. Gray, presidentg Bob Uda, vice presidentg Bernard Schvvalbe, secretary. Two field trips highlight each yearis activi-ties. Association ei the United tate Arm The Sooner Company of the Association of the United States Army is composed of ROTC cadets who are interested in furthering their knowledge of the army's role in national de- fense. Sooner company is the only cadet or- BOTTOM ROW: Floyd Foster, Carl Gericlce, Osvaldo L. Oliveros, Leta M. White, Michael Greenbaum, Maior Harvey V. Zahller, Rodney P. Reed. SECOND ROW: Stephen F. McKee, David Hugh Kennedy, James R. Miller, Leonard G. Weld, Billy E. Blas- ingame, David C. Bowlby, J. Douglas Mistler, Robert Crawford. THIRD ROW: James M. Bannister, Fred M. Roberts, Michael ganization of the AUSA in Oklahoma. Cadet Rodney P. Reed served as the 1964-65 captain of the Sooner company. Major Harvey V. Zahller was company adviser. Turner Smith, George A. Mason, John S. Brandes, Cecil P. Wood, John P. Cook, Vilis N. Fogels, Cary Bartlow. TOP ROW: Ray Porgy, Charlie Bentley. Larry Dale Gillham, Phillip A. Jeclc. Hal Vinson, E. Douglass Souligny lll, Eli Balach, David A. Daniel, Hubert Rogers, Jr. ,ag QV ' ' K A S o , X 0 ' 3 0 B ' W ' ' ' ' Ur 9 -A Q A A - V X . 0 it E L 33 'va al I48 Wiki 'L I 1 i . , al or K 25. -.fy . H ,337 ,,... ,Q , my. '13 V. V ,. l 4 'f 'iw 'V -6' ---fs - s . Q XS If .T Jia? I Il l Freshmen TOP ROW: R. R. Albers, R. W. Allen, S. P Asbury. R. A. Bailey, E. Balach, D. G. Balch SECOND ROW: G. D. Balclwin, F. A. Barker T. R. Barnard, M. D. Barnes, J. M. Barr, S. B Bassman. THIRD ROW: J. R. Bauer, C. E. Bell, D. E Bennefr, C. R. Benlley, L. S. Berglan, R. L Belles. FOURTH ROW: s. J. Bias. B. F. Bigby. J. E Bingaman, Jr., G. L. Bishop, T. E. Blackwell Il S. J. Blake. FIFTH ROW: B. E. Blue, J. L. Bofkin, W. E Boyd. E. D. Boyi, J. R. Brackin, C. J. Brad- ford. SIXTH ROW: C. S. Branr, M. S. Brinson. P. A. Broclcwell ill. M. S. Brown. N. D. Brown, S. B. Browne. SEVENTH ROW: M. W. Bruce, D. M. Bru- sclwi, J. C. Burge, A. L. Burns, Jr., D. A. Burns, D. E. Caqle. EIGHTH ROW: T. F. Cagle, G. D. Campbell. D. L. Canrrell, D. R. Carey, J. A. Carlsfead. J. D. Carman. NINTH ROW: T. A. Carnevale, J. S. Carler. R. G. Carfvvrighf, A. Cecere, R. E. Chapman. G. M. Charleslon. BOTTOM ROW: G. M. Cheny, B. B. Clwicli. W. R. Ciskowslci, R. G. Clark, R. H. Clark, C. E. Claylon. Freshmen TOP ROW: V. E. Cleveland, G. M. Cloud J. C. Coburn, D. R, Cole, K. D. Cole, D. C Coleman. SECOND ROW: J. R. Coleman, R. D. Cole man, T. R. Collins, M. D. Combs, F. E. Con well, W. W. Cook lll. THIRD ROW: A. P. Corley, L. M. Cox, R. E Craig. P. L. Crenshaw, W. E. Cromwell, J. T Cruz. FOURTH ROW: D. K. Cummings, B. W Dabney, G. V. Damron, D. A. Daniel, J. M Davidoff, C. A. Davis. FIFTH ROW: L. H. Davis, T. C. DeBellis, L R. Demas, D. C. DeMoss, R. R. Devens, R. O Dickey. SIXTH ROW: R. L. Dillcs, D. L. Donwerilw, C. L. Dorsey, M. J. Dougan, R. E. Downing, D. A. Dudley. SEVENTH ROW: D. L. Durham, R. E. Dulhie. W. S. Dye, B. E. Dyess, D. E. Easrerwood, C. R. Eazor. EIGHTH ROW: C. D. Echols, M. W. Ellis. D. E. Epperson, Jr., O. C. Epps. R. N. Ernesl, G. K. Esles. NINTH ROW: W. F. Esles. D. F. Evans, S. S. Farlwa, G. C. Feiqlmer, Jr., J. P. Field, C. E. Fiorelli. BOTTOM ROW: R. L. Fisk, R. P. Floyd, V. N. Fogels. R. R. Fonclc, W. Fouseca, J. A. Ford. NPI' v' .v. W 'F 'Ei' ."iL 'S CG L' fr ,-. 1 Q r J ' iv ' ' 'eg-5 3 , :J Qwilv-P . " 0 'Sim . ,. Q y ,, Ei 2 A . F? 4 Q K lr ni r W A 'L .. - ..y Y.. H Elf' . ' r 3' in ., vi, . Pl , , -f o ,Q o,y. 0 so 'a 93 has W Q F A--E M, .irq ' -qi- 'y'f" .J ,. i f Qvff I49 11. in .Y V. l 5 'N . ' 1 w 5 1 ' v 7' ' 4- Q pe, 'Z y u 14,9 . ,F-. al, 5-Zi 0 I E .A If y-. , dh Q1 .41 5 .AQ .1 O 5 O J gy. M- Lu I50 2 Freshmen TOP ROW: C. E. France, D. C. Fronferlwouse, C. L. Fullon, D. J. Gaither, K. S. Galbraillm G. L. Gamel. SECOND ROW: R. E. Gandy, Jr., W. A. Galewood, M. S. Geller, D. E. Gilkey, D. F. Gill, R. P. Gill. THIRD ROW: R. W. Gilmore, R. E. Gingrich, R. L. Giroux, J. A. Glidden, M. H. Gold- slein, J. K. Goodman. FOURTH ROW: R. K. Goodwin, R. J. Gore. R. M. Grable, R. M. Gray, M. H. Greenbaurn, D. A. Grilzly. FIFTH ROW: R. A. Guderian. G. E. Gullwrie Ill, A. O. Haferkarnp. R. V. Hall, H. E. Hall- ock, S. C. Halpern. SIXTH ROW: D. J. Hammond, J. D. Ham- mond, D. R. Hammer, C. C. Hansen, O. K. Harding, E. A. Harris. SEVENTH ROW: D. A. Harrisf, G. E. Hart R. l. Harvey, T. G. Hayes, D. D. Hays, L. N. Hedges. EIGHTH ROW: J. W. Heqer, R. K. Hender- son, B. F. Hendricks, G. L. Hensler, D. A. Hesler, J. T. Heydl. NINTH ROW: T. G. Hilborne, W. H. Hinlcle. C. W. Hosler, J. F. HufHne, A. L. Hughes. C. D. Huqlwes. BOTTOM ROW: G. B. Hulsey, K. J. Humplwf reys, M. M. Humphreys, R. M. Hunt, H. Imlce. Jr., J. S. lnqle. Freshmen TOP ROW: D. L. lnliofe, S. R. lnman, T. M Jackson, T. L. Jenkins, L. M. Jones, C. B. Jor dan. SECOND ROW: J. N. Jordan, W. M. Juer gens, P. R. Kelly, W. K. Kendall, D. R. Kerby. A. L. Kimery. THIRD ROW: R. E. King, R. J. Kish, S. W. , Kiichel, T. N. Kizer, A. R. Koch, Jr., M. D Kopelman. FOURTH ROW: W. D. Kough, Jr., J. M Kozlow, R. D. Lambert, E. S. Lancasler, G. A. Lee, M. F. Lee. FIFTH ROW: A. H. Lemmon, R. C. Ler blance, L. S. Lesler, H. J. Lewis, J. A. Lewis. G. Liqgins. SIXTH ROW: S. W. Linclemann, J. W. Lind ley, J. W. Linn, J. A. Liss, L. L. Lilsey, R. W Lillmann. SEVENTH ROW: D. M. Livinqsfon. R. J. Liv- ' 4 E' QT . l ' ' 'Y Y' Tl. was .... . s-I , f ' " V -. ... 1,1 ' i 'iz' wr . .3 .cw - Q. -... my . 'Q .l fy .D ' ' ' 'ow fo ly . W T A , '.f .' A . ' Q3 . L. I Tl 243. ,., f ' f Pl - lov! . . -A ' -vw ff- Q . ,,-. ingsfon, T. W. Lolle, R. E. Logan, J. M. ,,-,, , Loomis lll, R. W. Lowrey. V 4. f L 7 0 , , N f r ...ER 'GL up ef Else-:TH ROW: J. ca. Maddox. w. M. Mad- F 'I' T, Uv dux, D. T. Mahony, A. J. Mailman, D. S. Mal- 1- H colm, T. D. Mansur. Y , NINTH ROW: R. W. Marlens, B. L. Marlin G. M. Marlin, L. E. Marlin, M. L. Marlin, G. A. Mason. BOTTOM ROW: H. E. Mason, M. G. Male- ficlw, C. R. McCallum, J. K. McCann, W. V. McClexnal'ian, R. L. McDaniel. 3.9. r gist' 5 Ox O V ii -J ' 'pxivi .9 ,4 L eww ' S 1. E yy. 1 . L E A +.. .4 . ' RIA 2. in 'i 3 R' iA,. -p A v - , v V . fl v O J V . 6 l5l -1 . ,if 1 , ' u O O ., Z7 G Q 0 up M, Q4 A .. s. Q. 0 , a ny 0 , -,,-A A--x. fa-' 'S' 1,-,, l' -1 w , . K' y Gnu fi fl 1 M W in .'Z,. T - 4'- . .,, 'i' Ax 'W-H .vf,, li Hy, .Q -1 ' .wf. -sf? M. .Ga fy. l52 Freshmen TOP ROW: P. M. McGee. P. W. Mclnlryre M. L. McKinney, J. M. McLane, W. J. Mc Neely, Jr.. J. K. Meade. SECOND ROW: G. W. Meadors, D. L. Mee han. M. R. Meek, J. M. Mennella. L. L. Mes- sick. M. T. Michael. THIRD ROW: V. C. Michael. E. L. Miller. R T. Miller, D. E. Millican, R. V. Mifchell Il, G L. Mixon. FOURTH ROW: J. T. Monk, J. I. Monfqom- ery, G. B. Moore, J. D. Moore, W. D. Moore. G. K. Morfon. FIFTH ROW: P. L. Mullens. A. R. Munde. R. D. Murphy, F. W. Nelson. S. A. Nisbef, D. H. Noble Ill. SIXTH ROW: A. C. O'Geen, J. W. Oleinik. A. M. Oliver, R. G. Olleff, Jr., R. E. Owen, J. N. Ownbey. SEVENTH ROW: W. D. Parker, W. D. Parks, M. C. Pajderson, M. D. Pafferson, J. C. Payn- for, S. D. Peck. EIGHTH ROW: V. E. Pellow, Jr., W. S. Pel- fon. R. M. Perry, R. J. Phelps. C. R. Phillips. J. T. Pickeff. NINTH ROW: D. E. Plckrell, J. W. Pifzer ll, C. J. Poslick. R. L. Power, W. J. Poyihress, A. K. Price. BOTTOM ROW: L. W. Price. D. H. Prince. H. J. Quinlin, P. D. Quinn. T. O. Ouong, R. J. Rafrcheson. Freshmen TOP ROW: K. D. Ray. R. L. Redelcer, G. R Reed. M. J. Reiser, M. M. Relsman, D. L Rennie. SECOND ROW: R. M. Reynolds, 6. L. Rice S. C. Rice. D. H. Roborls, Jr., F. M. Roberls K. D. Roberfs. THIRD ROW: R. D. Roberfs, T. A. Roberfs, R. M. Roberlson, W. D. Rogers. D. J. Rosa M. A. Roselle. FOURTH ROW: R. W. Rowland. C. J. Royer. S. P. Rulfner. J. M. Rupp. M. C. Sackelr. B. S. Sarber. FIFTH ROW: C. H. Sawders, Jr., G. R Scanllin, R. A. Scheiderlein, R, J. Sclwmoll C. T. Schober. J. J. Schillian. SIXTH ROW: J. D. Scism. J. B. Selman. M F. Selviclge, R. J. Serlass, D. E. Sessions, S C. Slwellon. SEVENTH ROW: W. S. Sherman, J. V. Shields, J. H. Shoemalce, R. P. Siberls, F. D Smilh, M. F. Snipple, EIGHTH ROW: D. R. Solcol. C. R. Spaziani H. W. Spurr, S. Slack, N. T. Slalford, J. K Shillings. NINTH ROW: S. R. Slealcley, J. M. Sreqer. M. B. Sleinberq, J. L. Sleplwens, R. L. Sfepln- ens. L. P. Slern. BOTTOM ROW: F. M. Slewarl, R. J. Slone W. S. Slory, R. L. Svec. D. T. Taylor, G. E Taylor. 'v' I . ,.1rl I Q . 'L . '. ivy.. - . " Z .A A . I ' I I o ss . . I .0 Q 0 N ,Y 0 oy Yo IN Q, Liga' .nal s 2 5 , In ' ' cy 'D Y .i . - ' ta ' ', ' . wsnvsla v V .1 ws- wg. Io l . , "yo . q V . ,JE V' .- ', f., , Y.. Q.. T "I: 3 eg.. . .Ti. owen.. , ., 'XA 0 .r 'if' I53 0 W QQ idk L . ' S T 1 A ily. A Tl.. . Pl" ' , I an X 1' ' le Q' T' ,gil 'lf . W F ' 4 .., ' T T' I " ' S ' , , -' - 5 1 w- ' 1 ' V ' 'T' 4 Q ' , T o ' 0 H XXV 4-5 Freshmen TOP ROW: W. W. Taylor, W. C. Telford, D. F. Tennanf, S. L. Terry. J. E. Thompson, L. D. Threlkeld, R. K. Thurman, C. R. Tooley. SECOND ROW: J. T. Tryon, N. B. Tuck, D. R. Tullius, R. K. Tur- ner, J. Tylenicz, Jr., S. R. Upchurch, M. E. UH, R. M. Van Horn. THIRD ROW: R. M. Vann, Jr., F. L. Vaughan ll, A. E. Vaz, R. M Venalor, D. Viner, H. A. Vinson Il, D. F. Waddelow, T. R. Wads worlh. I54 FOURTH ROW: F. D. Wagner. L. F. Wall. l.. V. Wall lll, P. B. Wallace, J. A. Ward, R. E. Waul, H. Welch, J. S. Wells. FIFTH ROW: R. C. Wengerl, P. Welherloee, L. M. While, R. P. Whiiehill, C. P. Wieqand, C. E. Wilbanks, G. W. Will, C. V. Williams. BOTTOM ROW: G. P. Williams, R. A. Williams, R. L. Williams, R. L. Wilson. R. B. Wolfard, Jr., D. C. Womack, D. E. Workman. J. A. Wynn, J. C. Zimmerman. . JL, "gy al i, s , ? LS? X, H4 Q . V A 1 A gg Q' 'ii s '- XA -A 1 . Al ,1 ? l i-5 Q 5479 V, wa .. 5 ,-, , 'L X , 4 fx., f',x' 0 v. 'E' W ?' 4 ev W I v LE, 1 s 3 0 KEN 9 .N , , gil g I X 'HK ' 52'-A Q' ' H' irisfm 7 I Jan Corder Della Delia Delia Honorary Cadef L+. Colonel Holly Kinkade Pi Befa Phi Honorary Caclei' L+. Colonel Vicki Jones Kappa Kappa Gamma Honorary Cadei' Colonel Ti.. Jeanne Posey Sherry Marlin Del+a Gamma Kappa Alpha Thefa Honorary Cadei' L'l'. Colonel Honorary Caclei' Lf. Colonel ""I'!f7"7 'F o 754, -,, , "Y-1. 1-1:-, - X-K lg.55M5ffM-N., If '1 ,pf I I I I CAPT. MARCUS L. LOWE, Commanding Officer I-f' I Q Ilf- LT. COL. K. E. FASER, Executive Officer RQITC Train Mo t of Today's llfiicer BATTALION COMMANDERS include Lt. Col. Faser. Executive Officer: D. G. Slear, J. R. Milliken, Capt. Lowe, Commanding Ofhcer. TRIDENT SOCIETY Staff members Art D. Jones, S. M. Clawser. Bob Wills. D. G. Slear. Dick Vaughn plan week's agenda. Since the founding of the N ROTC program at the University of California in August, 1926, midshipmen have been not only supplementing the Naval Academy, but subsequently provid- ing a majority of today's naval ofiicers. The University of Oklahoma NROTC Unit takes pride in the men it sends to 'the fleet. A staff of 7 officers and 6 enlisted personnel in- structs the middies in naval history, navigation, weapons systems, engineering and naval lead- ership. Aviation training is also available dur- ing the senior year. Instruction is offered in such subjects as nuclear weapons, guided missiles, space tech- nology and astronautics. Effective leadership is stressed through a study of applied psychol- ogy. During the summer most of the midshipmen get their first taste of salt Water. Cruises in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans are scheduled in carriers, cruisers, destroyers and submarines. Ports in Iapan, South America, Europe and Mexico are visited and midshipmen get first- hand knowledge of the life and problems of our friends across the seas. Some midshipmen apply and are accepted for marine training. These midshipmen spend one summer with the Marine Corps at Quanti- co, Va., and upon graduation are commissioned Second Lieutenants in the Marine Corps. Supplementing the hard work are many so- cial events, one of which is the Navy Ball. Also sponsored by the unit are the Trident Society, drill team and rifle team. ,5 T 1 -' . ' - -f.-A - A - 4 f if A n 4 f 1 fi! . ' ' ' X ., 'R ' 5 41" i""j va 11: : 4 ., , -Af 4 3 -WMM I 6 8 Q Q Qrpaigkgj t'f.ffA Q Atvggil' 3 3 W V .: x. X - ww, . ge - - Q-is Q 4.3-I M . 5 a ' 'sg 2 J x. at , - - ' . Y l If 11 Y rL,qu.,: .. . 4--.4 f -5 xi "YK E V Fi: . I " f f'-R fig' x Alf - - ' . . Q - ' 9 , l.. ' 1 -- , :A - uf' Y 4:-. w -Q- --'ff -1-fr AK E-fix ,-R 2? N' .,,.,ff ii'ffX f,..,' x -1 M ..:. -5 ,gx . . ggi, Wifi' QNEV V55 ggi i A XY BA N- , f ,ruff x,,, . A X gd, 1 H! F Q 'tg ' '19 'Q M 5 X ,, JV, l Mid hipmen A Fir t Class v 1 . Yr L l ' ' Tq I 7' 7 ' YV , A . , i T V " I . ey.. 1- - l60 1 1' 1 " -'. I L Q LT. CMDR. NEIL H. ANDREW TOP ROW: E. T. Ashby. G. V. Bershinslxy, N M. Biclcel, W. P. Bleakley. P. D. Borchardf. SECOND ROW: R. H. Burnham, R. H Chrisfman, J. M. Cochran, J. D. Cochran J. D. Cromwell, L. D. Davis. THIRD ROW: J. A. Egnew. A. J. Hanle, L. H. Keely. H. K. Lee. G. G. McGuire. FOURTH ROW: W. E. Mercer. J. R. Milli- kan. D. C. Nelson, H. S. Raleigh Jr., J. P Shea III. FIFTH ROW: V. N. Sfewarf. G. K. Siraiis. S. C. Suydam, D. E. Swafforcl, T. L. Thomson. BOTTOM ROW: M. J. Transue, W. H. Wal- ion Jr.. E. O. Warren. R. G. Wilkins, A. L. Willhife, E. W. Young ll. , V , N ':1 ""'f' -- - f-x .1 Q :fl 'eg 1 ,l.l QQ' - Riagg, . A 5 4 L, I ' ' . . , ,. I O ig - WJ "R 4 ' E K i f A 1- ' ' ' - I W fi? x - -Y N "' " 1 qu 1 ,f T . ' ' 0 . n 0 Ny JD 'f 2 -5 if -1541 vga 1 11+ - 9 ' A f " , .' , ', . - M .,l 3 gc ,Q W T H- M-M ,,- Nflfxefl' rg s 0 5 ' A I 52' ' r' z :L ' , 'Q X ' Y, L is JM JWS , . N t - Q. ' 1 v Q In O 'i i . A ,ar II' in : 1 4 1 r Midshipmen Fourth Class BOTTOM ROW: L+. H. P. Sexlon, M. Cook. J. Mulva, R. Lowrey M. Smillw, O. Damron. R. Geiger, J. Riclcards, M. Benge, D. Earle J. Lowsley, N. Jankowslry, T. Neely, L. Hullum, A. Sleiner, D Zinn. SECOND ROW: A. Soulh, R. Morris, M. Morris, P. Sandoz, A. Fincher, A. Bauman, T. Slanley, D. Curiis, D. Jones, W Jacques, J. Graff. K. Perry, W. Doyle, A. Jayiock, W. Mann THIRD ROW: W. Adair, D. Easl, J. Hoagland, T. Hayes, R Lui-lrell, R. Davidson, K. O'Leary, G. Raynes, T. Chemberlen, R Douglas, J. Moseley. D. Cruzan, D. Williams, J. Erlcer, J, Ham- mand. FOURTH ROW: J. Wilferl, R. Lawfon, D. Payle, J. Talum, J. Crumrine, R. Gilabens, K. McColly, 5. Wally, R. Bell. W. Willis, R. Maqarily, C. Payne, S. Askew, T. Hamillon. TOP ROW: D. Burke, J, Hammancl, W. Meldrum, W. Adams, O. Rucker, J. Wafson, D. Pale, D. Kieclw, D. Ellis, J. Brant D. Odlum. C. Mauck. T. Pool, R. Spiceland, R. Rowsey. CHANGE OF COMMAND performance of Midshipmen Balfalion Commanders David G. Slear and Jaclc Millikan willi Capl. Lowe officialinq. -Ii-' 44 A 'MC 1 4 V N I g .. JL Q uv E .Ng ., X L Y Y 5 ' - 1 F 'ff 'Zhi r. I if .,L. ' WV- "f1'1'5 .'1-l"'f '- ' -- -.-, . j .3 -31 ,V ' f' l ,-'ja - N P D5 m ,f.g rj ,vfg-K4 ' Y' 'w' LVM F , , . .4-f. ,A JL, if w M 2 vf f .. ? . - ' . ' o I 1 I c - ' ' I F .- . . , v A - E , 1 ' A I V V Q a 1 K f' fi X1 ' X- 1 W -3 5' ' , .X 1 Lff3'-L' Gf , 5 f 1 Y 'N x I k W' ,- 'WL X - 'V 'v gy E m 1-5 1 'X' .. X 4-1 . , fb: ' .,. flaw 'N .' ' lf M, ' f 1 . 4 -W wa Q-.f f 1 f " if F 1 .X ' QQ- 6 45 ii' xv 5 su 'fl' t ' I 711.3 in ' H Xi -.Q-V Q - ' - n x, ,455 -.f. . RM ,. . 'V' xi: , 1 i' J' 1 ' 't 1 4 I B 1 ilu I' -f' :WA . 1 1,72-Qi, ,' q W 1 li. X A Lfffy ,hvd Xb. 'ne Qx X Aw-,j', ' rd ,vi '1'i-Tii. 1 I "THOSE WHO TEST our courage will find il slronq. and llwose who seelc our 'friendship will 'find if lwonorablef' Lyndon B. Johnson Department oi Air cience The mission of Air Force ROTC at the Uni- versity of Oklahoma is to provide officers cap- able of accepting command and leadership re- sponsibilities. Today the ROTC program in 186 colleges and universities is the major source of procurement for Air Force oliicers. The com- mand of tomorroW's Air Force will rest in the hands of these men. DETACHMENT STAFF .. ' -r ,.,.,-M-.-7. un - I1 .i,. . 4 .. l 1-1. P'I li 'if COL. RALPH L. STEVENSON O U W -La 'T BOTTOM ROW: Mai. Randolph C. Bates, Jr., Maj. John S. Cole. ROW: Capt. Robert D. Rinqle, Capt. Robert W. Hayes, Capt. Jr., Mai. M. C. I-lartley, Jr., Capt. Lawrence D. Ortolani. TOP James M. Harris, Capt. Leon M. Moore. DETACHMENT I1-v-' NONCOMMISSIONED OFFICERS BOTTOM ROW: S. Sgt. Russell B. Rhodes. T. Sgt. Elmer L. Howe, S. Sgt. Lee B. Mozley. TOP ROW: T. Sgt. John W. Powell, Airman I. C. Joel, C. McCutheson, Jr.. T. Sgt. Eu- gene W. Rogers, M. Sgt. Gerald D. Mc- Daniel. .s .1 f . . q. 1 , .xi 1 5 - Ii, .7 T, ' .i Cadet Officer CADET WING STAFF officers exercise adminislralive abiliries as They plan The operarion of The corps of cadels. BOTTOM ROW: John Hammond, Roberf T. Uda, Jack Shannon, Ralph W. Tibberr, Jr., M. Williams. SECOND ROW: Jerry L. Windel, l-lerberl' B. l-lays, Grover D. Fullcerson, George E. Worlhsim, Gene Smilh. TOP ROW: James E. Pale, Perry S, Main, Marion C. Bauman, Ted Ownloy, Jr., William D. Reed, William R. Smifh. SQ UADRON COM MANDERS if 2 1 ' ' fr 1 C! ' v ' 'I V . ' -R' lil? i T 5 V lj 1 J . , T ii 5 i 'i I 2 BOTTOM ROW: Paul E. Davidson, Jerry W. Hauser, Max J. TOP ROW: Roger E. Meade, John R. Allgood, Larry D. Brown- Roadruclc. Jr., Jimmy C, Baker. SECOND ROW: Harold A. Rans- ing, Richard D. Chronisler, Roberr G. Cook. ford. Merle L. Black Ill, Michael D. Collins, Gibson C. Akers. . ' A V , - COMMANDERS . T T ' ' ' ' " cwer eRouP we G ar? A If .ff-if CADET GROUP COMMANDERS carry ouf proscribed drill orders qiven by The Winq Commander. BOTTOM ROW: Jimmy Gil- sfrap, Jim Messenger, Donald Miller, Marfen Lanqworfhy. TOP ROW: Charles E. Ausfin. Paul C. Tradelius, Richard P. Sl-end, Neal R. Moyer, James M. Smilh. J 1 1 FIRST SEMESTER Cadei' Col. Jack D. Shannon Cadet Wing Commanders SECOND SEMESTER Caclei' Col. Herber'r B. Hays NX iN STUDENTS are ofien in 4,,A,..4.- .Y "' , 'iw iw! charge of class. CADETS pariicipaie in formal refreai. Cadet Activitie DRILL insiruciion from Cade? NCC. CADETS do fa liiile recruiiing on The side. iliiii LOOKS like a winner from ihis angle. EXHIBITS add To The AFROTC curriculum. i 1. 1 -1-al., : -5 ,.:, It amz? Av? AFROTC DRILL TEAM This allevolunleer unilr, ihrough conscieniious eirlori and unseliish dedicarion. won naiional honors in 1963-64 drill compelirion, placing lirsl in fancy drill and second in regulalion drill. Many hours of praciice are required io gain Ihe proficiency of Ihis oulsranding Ieam. The I964-65 Ieam upheld 'Ihis 'rradilion of drill comperilrion honors for 'rhe AFROTC Deiach- rnenl and 'rhe Universily oi Oklahoma. DISTINGUISHED CADETS The Dislinquislned Cadel Award is presenfed 'Io a selecr number of senior caclels on a highly corn- pelifive basis. BOTTOM ROW: James N. Ham- mond, Roberl T. Uda, Jaclc D. Shannon, Johnnie L. Williams: SECOND ROW: Roger E. Meade. Jerry L. Windel, Herberl B. I-lays, Grover D. Ful- lcerson, George E. Woriham. TOP ROW: Marion C. Bauman, Richard P, Slead, Larry D. Browning. Ted Ownby, Jr., Richard D. Chronisler, William D. Reed. if . '. . i ,' ' ." 'i"'.'i- -QP5'11'. ' ' -. ADVISORY COUNCIL Elecled by Ihe AFROTC Cadei Corps, The Cade? Advisory Council is responsible for proper use of The coder aclivily fund. BOTTOM ROW: Dennis Clark, Carl Craiqhead, Ken Pelerson, Ed Robie. TOP ROW: Tom Richards, Bryan Tiltrbell, Gary Blasi, Frank Baird, I-Ierberl Hays. INFORMATION OFFICE The Cadel' Inlorrnaiion Oilice publishes The Cade Wing Newspaper and wriies all cadei news re- leases, SEATED: Sandy Sanders. STANDING Bill Way, Richard Knapp, John Buriord, Tom Had dan, Randall Craddoclc, Brown Wallace, Pai' Filz- qerald. BASKETBALL TEAM The ieam is selacled by iryouls from ihe eniire cader wing eligible for pariicipaiion. The ieam plays in The Norman infracily league. They exem- pliiy lhe line spiril of aihlelic endeavor encour- aged by lhe Air Force ROTC. BOTTOM ROW: Richie Carr, Jerry W. Hauser. Larry Tedder, Jim Messenger. TOP ROW: Bobby J. Davis. William R. Dudarlc, John F. I-larlcins, Charles K. Misalc. CADET AIR POLICE The Cadel' Air Police consisis of an "elii'e" group of volunieers. Their primary mission is 'ro mainiain saieiy around The drill field by direcling lrailic during leader-labora- iory periods. Selecl members of This group furnish flag de-fails and honor guard forma- iions for imporlani Universiiy iunclions. F'-1-ff-3:5'N v-vi, 'i A 1- 2 a ll U52-i'l"Tw 1 -eve. as 'fl 'slr Q ., ,:, 7511 if "- 4.4. ,, --a...g3 ' fa ,. fs' "?f- AFROTC BAND is an "inslrumen+al" parl ol The leadership lalsoralory. They play for all parades and reviews ol The Caclel' Wing. COLOR GUARD Each year lhe Caclel Color Guard parlici- pales in flag-raising Ceremonies al loolball games and olher Universily funciions. In acl- dilion The group marches in parades and ree views in coniunclion wiih 'rhe Drill Team. The members are volunleers who pul forlh a greal deal of ellorl' in learning drill and maneuvers. The I964-65 colors guards were Neal Harris, Henry Reifke, Vince Marmorale, Jerry Black and Dwayne Lesler. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY is an honorary professional organizafion ol oulslanding AFROTC Cadels. BOTTOM ROW: Roloerl T. Uda, Phillip S. Marzolino, Max J. Roadruclc, Jr., George E. Worfh- am. Ralph W. Tibbeif, Jr., Allen T. Tsugawa. SECOND ROW: Ray H. Council, James N. Hammond, Slanley D. Bennelf, Norman H. Pence, Richard D. Chronisler, Ronnie Smilh. THIRD ROW: ii g. ' T A , -12 ' 4 L Wayne T. Allen, lvlarion D. Gurney, J, Slewarf Thornburg, Eugene L. Lacy, William D. Reed, Jim Messenger, William M. Rogers. TOP ROW: Roberl B. Fleener. Jr., Charles S. Gibbs, Thomas J. Kisinger, Clarence E. Smiih, Charles R. Fosler. David A. Johnson, Allen V. Murphy, O+ha Davenport 2 I . Al ,T - DONT ASK ME Ive never lundccl an alrplwne before in my life' FIP CADETS al Wesfheimer Field gel acquainled wilh lhe new FLIGHT INSTRUCTION PROGRAM Elemenlary flight 'lraining is offered 'lo quali- lied advanced sfudenfs Through an Air Force confracr wilh The Universiry of Oklahoma. The flighf curriculum is approved by bofh 'rhe FAA and fhe Air Force and a privale pilo'r's license is awarded 'ro s'ruden+s who complele lhe lraining. The insfruclion includes 36 hours ol inslruclion wi'rh each cadel logging over I5 hours ol solo lime. BASE VISITATION PROGRAM allows cadels a close view of Air CADETS PASS The Time while enioying Their firsl ride in an Air My M- rw- ff-va r , rf-I 1,1 , . ,P - '- " " ,U F.. "3-fy:-ff-5, -H -' ' .iii-BA E.. Emvmlwzj. , w X X 5 . t , mu s H m ' 'HgN."i.i'2,-5 A "MQ f H' , Vu-,-Emir... Y T N -I., y. , ,QI f 1 aff-PA' ff V? , 1' , H H I, 5 .. 1 1 I ' I . 1 Lil 1. F. f Ve wg, iz. " ' :- '. va' 1 , v U- l '.' w i A-rn'.inr,. -P AFROT Cadet Wing Shown in mass formation is the 1964- 65 AFROTC Cadet Wing. Of all uni- versities and colleges in the United States, the University of Oklahoma is one of the 16 largest producers of Air Force officers. The AFROTC program furnishes the student with a firm foun- dation for aerospace-age citizenship by offering a challenging combination of ideas, ideals and practice. The AFRO TC curriculum attempts to enlarge the scope of every cadet in regard to the problems and conflicting ideologies which exist in today's complex world. Honorary Cadet Lieutenant Celonels Z-4 X ll?ff'Xa 'Ne A RIGGS POLLY PUCKETI' MIKE RIGGS AFROTC BALL The highlight of the Cadet Wing social season was the l3th Annual AFROTC Ball, held in the Union Memorial Ballroom. The feature ot the eve- ning was the announcement and crowning of the Honorary Cadet Colonel for I964-65, Mary Sharon Spencer. The Honorary Cadet Colonel is chosen by the popular vote of the entire Cadet Wing to represent the Corps of Cadets at Univer- sity sponsored functions. And the HONORARY COLONEL for 64 65 is MARY SHARON SPENCER! -.,.,f , -....- Q WHEN IT COMES +o planning, iwo heads are beller ihan one. DRILL COMMANDS are imporiani' for developing discipline and leadership. Leader hip Training Laboratory CLASSROOM WORK is an imporiani phase in leadership THE STAFF ROOM is where all deiails are ironed oul'. Training. ANYTIME is an appropriaie lime for SBX 'resiing-or is he iusl looking for worms? CADETS GO Through processing before STU work begins. 5 sin, h ummer Training Unit THANKFUL for a chance fo rest weary Cadefs find AF chow io "HlDY HI and Hidy Ho, Le'r's go ou? and march some mo'."- +heir liking. and ihey did! ". . . 989, 990-iusr i0 more sifups and ihen we'lI Try a few pushups." I 1 I Q? 3' -is W: 4+ W ads lx- 1 'Ya- w is if F tr 'M , 4 - .. v H ,.,,, 509' Q l, ,p --va J. - 15, 'IJ '32 ,M .,h.., g wing: 2 ". . . WE MUST sec: io if 1l'mf inc aerospace-our fair and ine space beyond-shall never become a me- dium by which man can exploir rnnn, nor by which rmiion can prev upon ne1i'Eon, noi' by which 'Freedom can be suppressed anywhere on Efxrflwf' -Euqenc M. Zucker? wi 'D'- '5' ' ug. 111 Chapter 3 4 gf M .gl -51 27, 41 'lk Beauties and 21,9 421 if gg 7311? 'ik' wk 431 69? 06096 Xe X Y ve 9166 5001125 . Deaf ?3A1'co'ca'.- Xhave aocoftxpfxekweo me 340905590 we warmer oi we 'oeaow cogfxgeixixon io: your X965 Y we imagined eado Xaosf in evening, gowns , -svlifo mime , 'aptone and Qatkea . T we Kmagmeo Coed! Ko Boexxos ee- , B-owe, Sew ict? and on a Aesetk. isXao6,. NN bard -:Wm Satkgoe as X vltkte, 0655 io: fog aeacewcq. 551 Ae: we kqogacx. oi a 1e'w-1aX1efme6YKa1e10 cofc9Xe,+ A ef-creased onw Xa-ax weev. aim: V619 zxefoendooe. ekiorx., Xq avg :Dom 31 was 'Coe inc M1 xi e.go'oXee brain 1:eeXa gi'- that X was sore X 'oe 'Xi xjoo vlonoet S2701 , Yue, oohj fgfxcv-ed ioot Xadkee , X can on Aeeexx K,eXaod aeqoence Coax ooflio foe. Ykrsu xhkea 990681 SXCMOX5 io: 'nes 501665, and xo-.1 ew ikgute. '5ec,oo6'. rffxee Seven Sqnkth ict 'net RN eqes "i'oi1A'. Nfxas vottsjme Bauina Sox Ae,-Jixqoaq -case . foowc-'. glfvss San Cocoa: io: 'ner beaoxq an i seteoiw. Xe-see CatoXe YXa11:eXX, 'Yvl1Xa Xfkooea, SQCTSCCT X can be gawiox max. ah A nw foiooz and DN ki wear boq re in Y'-ocfvao and X am 'odge . ao-ta o Yo: NX ylorex Owen and sham was 'ooq irieods camxox tea itienda cooXA read 194 foiod, Kxxesj a e-Mew in 3,05 p.ogeXee. rbi eincete, 'cbafwle ict kwlkwcm-gp me xo 3 be-ak wishes to mme X04 ew Xaiyxee . bod 101 oooy:a'coXankone- 't dates. I Oordxahq , Geox Ye A 'Com GEO RGB PEPP ARD u Sfar O f -- The Car Pefba 99ers ., . rated Jrhe 'rep eiqhf W- Soone r Yearbo ok fin alms 'Yff'FT- w p, l I ee .F 's E' .2- MA NY FAC Es of be 5u.l,y W ere capfured d uring me P Ina' ro und O f H1 e Soo ner , 'udqfn Q. I 1 A A I. ...Presenting the 1965 eener Beauties The selection ol a yearbook beauty is, at best, a difficult task. She must be a girl with personality, charm, poise, intelligence, and of course, beauty. When there are 230 candidates with these qualities, then choosing only one of them to repre- sent the yearbook becomes almost impossible. These 230 candidates are selected from the 27 girls, houses. Each of the girls is individually judged, and 27 finalists are picked. These final- ists are judged again and eight beauties are chosen. This year, George Peppard, Hol- lywood personality, was sent an in- formal and a formal shot of each of the top eight girls. From these pic- tures, he made the final selection. We are proud to present our 1965 Sooner Yearbook Beauty, Miss Nancy Nichols. sms PAUSE f f p f a 141. V, V , . K gg. pp.-Sk..' S is, Mu A! Afbdod. Kappa Alpha Theta f-f--- YF? 1 -,f ,NL..,',..,:.4,m.g,.JL.. . , - -. ., - -.qi , YN, 71- ,-f "' ' 'f N- "' ..- x Q U, mu. Ai lL5.,3-JR Q -1 ., ,. i ., ,, 1, ' ,'.-:1E5,4:I:f,g1w- .-Q ,ki--5-' :P ' - ' -'i'1i2',,f,. ' ' , ,, ,M fm- T . an gg H 1 ' vV'v 1 lin-I-1 .1 N -:w11.a--x1'.4..'- ' ,PLZ ,Q 'S .5 1 ww!! 'Al H: L1a '-"- 'QL5"'fp,1A . 'J , , I .lb ihrw xi 1 J , 6 fer.. -. ' . :X 5' .1 ,Q'f1f"'F':j J?-. . .fi '- 51- ai V- ::.3 -Ug2.,,? ,A mm?-' ':,-7.-,uq-Am mini V- 4 N ,'i',L.. 71153311 Q" . :V , : I ,:y' f'N.2'j,1'2'-fw if 'im-.92 -- ' "a ' ' t-..1',Z-1:-fQ5f- 4' .,'.ff"f w g- L-3 Lf- 51:-11' , V A -I .' ' v "1'x.' ",'l"'+ " '.-:Fzfri Ape., , 'g:':' -, '-.'- .HI-wii,-,-fif 'Vlfj' -q,:15..,.'1. E . -1-':a,',-12-3fi'-1-q'-T: :-, YA - 1-,-52 ., ,- wi , ffl! 1 12" Nr' 4 . , , .Lfgf-f W ,Hp 3 m vw 4,':., 'r-A5"f',,i"f-5.11:Q . 'x 'WX x - Y, ' U W 1:47 f 'H ,.:g'm. Ajnib " U F :gf 71, , '7 ,V -' J V 1 k 32. ' 'rf 221255-' , "Q: f' 'yfni' Lg , ag Li"-.xLLw3f':f'- - -1 1 ' -1,-f f. 1 , Q' -ffm? . .1 ' gi .- Qffwiw ' - 1 -J A ij, P., v . ., ,, , ., -. . .. ,,,. L, , A I. V ,fij-i' If- agar: . rl, , .,-, .nf -- , , -- 17 -n." 4' - . mf . , , - :.: M -,M Q", ,- " .Finn .Wh - A V. fm few' , 1:'1-'- -'v'7. .4 '-T714 'fm if -VL. 1- , .QL 3,,?'E,,',1- ' 1 -F-. ' H .Jljgzll-,, ins Y .MINI , UT. :. . :..1 ,., ,. 4' U. mf- V ':r..i.JJ, .?5L.,'C-Z: H if -, 'L ..--1'7'CQ, -" -QEJQQQQ, . "1 5:6577 f: mash' 'L Wi' .V ..7f:'h'3 Vyj, - 'if ' -2? fwfr'-': I 'M Lgiffjllz ' 1 -511,5 rj -V.':Qli'iff ' H ' fig? , '--P. 'f-ag, f Y. ,A-A 41, . t - X -.-V X -1 yd? v if Fd I r Jffl. ffui., Aft-QL L ' 'gamim Alpha Chi Omega 'X' Sli?" ' 4 L. 5: 1 vl, ..' J-."u .Wf-x 11' w 'w 1 w R-1! b f-f :Jw ,,J. -S' rf, Q 1 , ,Q 54 ' -inn ' W.. .K . Affdu. w4!a,we!Z np-m1-r 1 I-'mf--1 ,:'f ,, -z. ,tl-2-L -ff-. , "V -. - 1- 1 nf Y - ' rj,-:, .w,1'.'- , ' . V , P IIN ' - . L ' M - V' - , I A1624 7aTdQL-Afaveea, Gamma Phi Beta AJJL4- Laafwf OAJIC. Mu Mm? Spmw '4- 4 S Beaut Finalists xxwr... . . , A1 4 'i Q 5 ffl P -'Jil KERRY WILLIAMS LORETTA ABY Chi Omega Alpha Gamma Della ,WH f A, Y l l 1 .4 4 'TT I my ni, I I la, A ' T g T T' .g f T. 7 .f T il "-, , if JANET PRICE NANCY MONTGOMERY REHA BRISTOW Tower Il Kappa Kappa Gamma Della Gamma MARY THURMAN SANDI FLYNN Della Della Della Zela Tau Alpha I94 JEAN MORROW Roberlson House ' .,ffTff'il fl -,I-p.-Y wa, .r' tl CAROL COFER Tower lll A -'Y I rm, BENTE RASMUSSEN CATHEY HANGS MARION OPPENHEIMER BETTY HARRIS Franklin House Tower II Alpha Epsilon Phi Kappa Della Beauty Finalists JUDY GAUER CANDY CONTRERAS PAM STONER Alpha Della Pi Hesler House Evans House I - -...,. xi--, U Mila. .Q X115 , W .1 . KAROL KIMBARK SUZANNE WALTERS SHARLET RIDGE Tower II Logan House Cleo Cross House .es Q MLM., i 4:-, if --,, M DIANNE ALLEN. Kappa Delia: KAREN HODGES, Alpha Chi Omega: DIANNE GURLEY, Kappa Alpha Theta: PRISCILLA Beaut TOP ROW: V. B. GLAZENER, Della Della Della: GAIL ADREME. Sigma Della Tau: LYNN PATTERSON, Gamma Phi Bela: SUSAN WELBORN. Della Gamma: JANA SEE. Chi Omeqa. SECOND ROW: RENEE SCHOOLEY, Alpha Chi Omega: BETTIE SABATH, Alpha Epsilon Phi: MILLIE DETJEN, Chi Omega: LEANN BOEVE, rg.: f . PAGE, Alpha Della Pi: BARBARA ANN HULME, Della Gamma. ominee Alpha Gamma Delia: MARSHA FINLEY, Pi Bela Phi. BOTTOM ROW: JOAN FELDGREBER, Sigma Della Tau: MOLLY McCOR- MICK, Kappa Kappa Gamma: TERRY DISNEY. Alpha Phi: SHER- RY MARTIN, Kappa Alpha Thela:JUDY BRAUGHT, Kappa Delia. ,,- - -4- , A-' M: J.. , v Tx, lbw' 3 5 aaaa 1 l infix qu--v '-.1 TOP ROW: BETTY EARNEST, Pi Bela Phi: SUSAN DILLON, Gamma Phi Bela: CAROLE ROYDS. Della Gamma: JANE FRANKLIN, Sigma Delia Tau: SHARON HUNT, Della Della Delia. SECOND ROW: SHIRLEY WOLBERG, Alpha Epsilon Phi: CAROLE CODY, Chi Omega: PRUDENCE KERR, Kappa Kappa Gamma: JO SCOTT, Alpha Phi: SHARON HARTIN, Alpha Gamma Della. THIRD ROW: KAYE OLIVER, Alpha Della Pi: SUSAN SWEENEY, Chi Omega: HELEN WIDMAYER, Alpha Chi Omega: VICKI JONES. Kappa Kappa Gamma: BARBARA VOILES. Della Della Della. FOURTH ROW: JOAN PITTS, Kap- pa Alpha Thefa: LINDA YANDELL, Gamma Phi Bela: GINNY CLARK, Alpha Phi: BEVERLY GREMM, Sigma Della Tau: LINDA LIEBERT, Alpha Chi Omega. BOTTOM ROW: SANDY SAND- LIN, Alpha Gamma Delia: PEGGY YERKES, Kappa Della: NAN- CY KEESEE, Pi Bela Phi: KATHY POWDRILL, Della Gamma: LESLEE FISCHER, Alpha Epsilon Phi. Beauty ominee TOP ROW: KAROL VEAL, Chi Omega: CONNIE HENLEY. Gamma Phi Bela: CINDY CHESNU'I'I', Kappa Kappa Gamma: PATRICIA CORBETT, Delia Della Della: LEE WHELESS, Pi Bela Phi. SECOND ROW: MARY CLARK, Chi Omega: ANNE KESS- LER, Della Della Della: ANN WILLIAMS, Gamma Phi Bela: MARIAN HARVEY, Chi Omega: SUSAN HEALY, Pi Bela Phi. THIRD ROW: KAREN LUDWIG, Gamma Phi Bela: JANET WALKER. Pi Bela Phi: KAREN HOSTER, Alpha Chi Omega: I K ...I ,433 SANDY BIAS, Delia Delia Della: MYRA LAPIDES, Sigma Delia Tau. FOURTH ROW: ADELE PUNG, Kappa Alpha Thela: DOR- EEN NASH. Alpha Epsilon Phi: CYNTHIA SMITH, Chi Omega: SUE ANDERLE, Alpha Phi: KATY LOU DIXON, Kappa Kappa Gamma. BOTTOM ROW: LINDA PIPE, Kappa Alpha Thela: KAREN BRATCHER, Della Gamma: CINDY PRUITT, Kappa Della: CPATHEY LITTELL, Alpha Epsilon Phi: MARTY NELSON, Pi Bela P i ,Ji . E J. I Rl L- ' IE ,E Falla' 'IA a I I 'Qld' 'a S' I I D' 'A' ' ,J If ,-9 a If I I X: 1, 'V b. n M6241 ffffwyf 74-mee,CD' Chi Omega Miss OU 1 ' ,. -x '.4 , ,, .v..w!. A . - .ui-K-Iii:-.-My In 1 V4 A 3:-,u.n1:qL:.x.' ' LL. .. . N., f. L, ,.-f.1- , L- ! -An' :- .Mn ,ll Q. , 'f Jw Fw 'A . -51-, lf' v X, - I s,- - 1 "3 x, 9 , - f ' 5 Wt- il' ' '73 ' Q A .5 f5"5f":"' L .uw 4 . fl 'Pl xf' A YT, '41 . -if-mf' A1-f ' s 'B' x . rs: 7 If 'ie 'il I 'M ,A 33, :P ev s Campu Per 0 NEWT BURTON: 3.01, Pre-Den- tistry, Whois Who, Co-Captain Football, All-Big Eight and All- American Academic team, ODK, AFROTC Honor Cadet, Sigma Chi. BILL BLEAKLEY: 2.75, Government, ISA president, BMOC, CCUN, Student Sen- ator, Top Ten Freshmen, Out- standing Independent, ODK, NROTC Star Award, Who's Who. ANNE ABERNATHY: 3.5, Interior Decoration, Who's Who, BWOC, Mortar Board, COR chairman, UAC, Matrix Table award, Omicron Nu, Model UN, Kappa Alpha Theta. Ilalitie NITA ANDERSON: 3.07, International Rela tions, AWS BWOC, CCU man Relations Commission, Pi Sigma Alpha. k president, Mortar Board, Tassels N, Outstanding Independent, Hu i ing Senior, Beta Theta Pi. IUDY HALL: 3.92, Lab Tech- nology, Mortar Board, Tassels, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Beta Kappa, BWOG, Whois Who, Top Ten Freshmen, Gamma Phi Beta president. REI-IA BRISTOW: 3.25, Iournalism and Home Economics, Tassels, Alpha Lambda Delta, UAG, Sooner Yearbook staff, South Plains Maid of Got- ton of Texas, Theta Sigma Phi, Delta Gamma president. l DON CREWS: 3.86, Letters, l UAB president, ODK presi- dent, Pe-et, Who's Who, BMOC, Sooner Man of Dis- tinction, Dad's Day Outstand- Campus Per onalitie ROGER CLAPP: 3.68, Engineering Physics, Sooner Shamrock editor, St. Pat's Council, BMOC, Pe-et, Who's Who, Lottinville Prize, Lambda Chi Alpha. 203 'Qi -5 nl' Campu Per onalitie RANDY SHREVE: 3.30, Letters, Model UN president, CCUN vice president, Pe-et, BMOC, Midwest Model UN president, Who's Who, Delta Sigma Rho, Lambda Chi Al- pha. KENT HATLEY: 3.23, Gov- ernment, History, Economics, Sooner Guide, UAB, UAC, Pe-et, President's Leadership Class, ISA treasurer, BMOC, AFROTC Honor Cadet. SHIRLEY BIGGS: 3.34, Busi- ness Education, Mortar Board, Tassels, UAC secretary, Pan- hellenic rush chairman, Pi Omega Pi, Phi Beta Lambda, Chi Omega president. IANICE PULLIN: 3.69, Mathematics, Mortar Board, Tassels, WRA president, Outstanding In- dependent Woman, ISA, Alpha Lambda Delta, WhoIs Who, Presidenfs Honor Roll. ' H gh, '1 QL 1 wfk 4 LARRY KOZOYED: 3.50, Engineering Physics, St. Pat's Council, Navy Enlisted Scien- tific Education Program, Pe- et, BMOC, Phi Eta Sigma, Who's Who, Sigma Tau. CARILEE HOGAN: 3.30, Vo- cal Music Education, Mortar Board, Tassels, Alpha Lamb- da Delta, Glee Club vice pres- ident, Who's Who, Mu Phi Epsilon, Alpha Chi Omega. Campu BILLI KAYE SMITH FOGG: 3.87, Government, Philosophy, Sociology, Mortar Board, Tassels, Dadis Day Outstanding Senior, Panhellcnic pres- ident, Delta Gamma. li? 5 A J .., .""!. 1 4 Per onalities ORLIN RICKARD: 2.50, Psycholo- gy, Dad's Day chairman, University Sing chairman, UAB, UAC, URC vice chairman, Model UN, Whois Who, Friday at Four, Delta Upsi- lon. fi. A iw. 205 ampu Per onalitie .rg BILL MCGREW: 3.85: Zoology, Rhodes Scholar, Phi Eta Sigma pres- ident, Pe-et, ODK, Campus Chest chairman, OU College Bowl Team Captain, Who's Who, Delta Tau Delta. CASEY TRUETT: 345, Zo- ' ology, ISA vice president and treasurer, Phi Eta Sigma, Out- standing Independent, Presi- dentis Honor Roll, French Club, Alpha Epsilon Delta, ROSEANN BOUZIDEN: 3.- 44, Mathematics, BWOC, UAC president and vice presi- dent, Mortar Board, Tassels, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Gamma Delta. ANN WIEST: 3.77, Mathematics, Mortar Board, Tassels president, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Beta Kappa Scholarship, BWOC, Model UN, Delta Delta Delta president. . BUTCH LINVILLE: 3.51, Electrical Engineering, Pe-et l president, UAC, UAB, BMOC, Sigma Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Engineers' Club, Top Ten Y Freshmen, Sigma Alpha Epsi- , lon. P PAT TAYLOR: 3.43, Lan- guage Arts, Mortar Board president, Tassels, Alpha Lambda Delta, UAB, UAC, BWOC, Senior Class secre- tary, Whois Who, Gamma Phi Beta. BETH RESLER: 3.5, Iournalism, Oklahoma Daily editor, Mortar Board, Tassels, Alpha Lamb- da Delta, UAB, Kappa Phi, Theta Sigma Phi vice president, Matrix chairman, ISA. f at-.X Campu Per onalitie IIM HOWARD: 2.47, History UAC president, IFC president, Young Democrats president, BMOC Sooner Shamrock staff, Sooner Year- book staff, Xi Mu, Lambda Chi Al- pha vice president. 'T X ' .ui -A . Q ,A H ' ' r ' , 76 " . z.,- -',..' ., - .--V , -' .. Q, 4 Ag L ,, . ,F 'Y fig,-Q Hg. " --ff 4 5 A ggi L2 0 ,fx 'L -. ,Q 31 ,A-ialy . ,J ,lm , .1 , fd 3 !'f4'uQ-f'afE:"f.- M, ' SwC,',E'f::'If'fT?'1'f'?T'U 5 ' sh f""' -, - I PE 3 "Xl , 4 5 :.fif5fj7-V -ff , ,I -i 5 -+s."ff- , I Chapter 4 ul ,iq 982-' 3 ? Q X! -.13 qw itat: V Athletics and Intramurals 23' sk ii 5' i' 'M tiff? '31 'fl t Dr. Earl need Resigns From Ceuneil The resignation of Dr. Earl Sneed from the post of Athletic Council chairman was the top news story of the year in the athletic depart- ment. Dr. Sneed, whose resignation will be- come effective Sept. 1, 1965, also announced his resignation as dean of the College of Law, a position he has held for 16 years. Dr. Sneed has been a member of the OU faculty for 20 years, and has held his position with the athletic department for 19 years. He is also mayor of Norman and a Colonel in the Air Force Reserve. "I went to the Big Eight when Oklahoma was at the very peak of its power in football," Dr. Sneed said. "If there has been any trend of continuity in my efforts in the conference, it has been to insist that other schools come up to the excellence of Oklahoma, and not try to cut Oklahoma down to mediocrity. To some extent I have been successful, although even now there persists the thought that the con- ference must be leveled-that everyone must be just like everyone elsef, As an example, he said he was the lone dis- GOMER JONES' A,.h,e.iC Diredor senter when the Big Eight voted to set a lim- itaifion of 35 football scholarships starting next a . "Oklahoma opposed this limitation because p of our philosophy that you do not achieve e greatness by weakening the strongf' During recent years the Big Eight confer- ence has become one of the country's most powerful, fielding two or three national powers each year. Men like Dr. Sneed have played a large part in this development. Other top events of the year included the naming of wrestling coach Tommy Evans to the Helms Amateur Wrestlng Hall of Fameg the appointment of Ierry Keen, businss mana- ger of the Touchdown Club and special assistant to the OU athletic department as the new tennis coach to succeed Don Russellg and the resignation of Bob Iames as Oklahoma golf coach to devote full attention to main- tenance of the University golf course and the management of its golf shop. Bud Cronin, freshman basketball coach, was named to be Iames' successor. l DR. EARL SNEED, Athletic Council Chairman 2I0 F ATHLETIC COUNCIL: BOTTOM ROW: George G. Russell, Dr. Blankenship, Dr. Donald J. Berlhrong, George B. Fraser, Dr. Harold Dennis Crifees, Dr. Earl Snood. Dr. A. M. Gibson, Dr. R. E. Mc- Huneke, Dr. Harry Hoy. NOT PICTURED: Leonard Hauq, Gomer Curdy, Dr. William G. Monahan. TOP ROW: Ken Farris, Larry Jones. niver it of 0klahoma Athletic tail TOP ROW: Carl Allison, Assislanr Fooiball Coach: Jack Baer. Head Baseball Coach: Bill Carroll, Head Track Coach: Bob Cornell, Assislanl Foolball Coach: Bud Cronin, Freshman Baskelball Coach: Tommy Evans, Head Wresflinq Coach: Ken Farris, Assislanf Alhlefic Direcfor: Dick Hea-Hy, Assislanf Foofball Coach. SECOND ROW: Brewsier Hobby, Assisfanl' Foofball Coach: John Jacobs, Associaie Track Coach: Bob James, Head Golf Coach: Gomer Jones, Head Fooiball Coach: Bobby Drake Keiih. Assislanr Foolball Coach: Harold Keifh, Sporrs lnformaiion Direclor: Jay Markley, Head Swimming Coach: J. D. Marlin. Track Coach. BOTTOM ROW: Jay O'Neal, Assislani' Fooiball Coach: Ken Rawlinson, Head Trainer: Joe Recfor. Assisl'an+ Foofball Coach: Pori Roberlson. Afhlelic Guidance Counselor: Don Russell. Head Tennis Coach: Gordon Srauffer, Assisianl' Baslceiball Coach: Bob Slevens, Head Baslcelball Coach: Jerry Thompson. Assisranl Foolball Coach. 30 F Y ,-,, ,, ,F ,,. - V ,fu , 1. "5" , . 9 ui . i'q.Q'4"' ff ,F ix' imiw- bw wid W-I5 . V ..! it Y J na If-'f9',' in X-. ' N w' r' ' O .I rw an 5' X 1 Q n D ri "" ... 1 I ,W 1 .'ib jf V 't, - la " n ' ' , -.4 '. " - . '-, r ia i' F 4,1 '- b Q 9 O a It f A 1 " f ' .Q P S '., x V - an ' t Q . V Q- I' I 3 1, vi ., I J , 4 3, f'.r ". r,. A 1 A - i, ts "' A 'lf l., , I X. 4. , . ' "Q Q I ,, 0 J' 7 10 x msn. Q A 'M I V A .g. 7 . 9 If, I xl-at 9' 'Ar , 4 J 4, ,.. ' 'N If -1: 'I Illia., A .5 V,' :gl 'V . Q. 1, -' V J . 1 , T gf? . .,4,.-- 43 .1 sl X ' ' W7 -w.-,,..m.--"2 x ' x gum m "'Q"'H" A " X .v ' , ni ,Si 4' q1,g.,,.f. ,r 3' nw'-5 ,,,' , - - . v'-.1 s. ' Lf? 1. ,-"fvA W'--Q: N, - 1 315: ,-.W A 9, A ,o .1 ml-4."f"4 '-,Q--11 fvfk- A-I as "1 -. . ,"'.'. v"j- "' . ' " " 9 lf like ,Q Hjf' 4 ,fWF1"K. Y' , . A' 'y ' 'fig' . TQ -. 5? w"4.,A"' .' 1, xL.2'.l'-1.5.4 ' " 'L ' S ' A ,, V ' fi- ' QIM1 vi -Q -W ,,.,-1' -- ,A f V iw, f- , ,, f,.4'. Y. I .tl 4: -1' ' H :- ' ' , , ff . ' A ' - - 'LJ' , ' '-' - w -L- vi 4 a .7 ' .In a - . '-1, N. f55'1"A--- nf- " a . . ' -v 1 ' . -v , ' U , ., , . A . r , v .v 1 . ' Q 'X I f' Q 9: ,, .q Qs. 'M Q-, C -9 nh -A Y' a I 5 , v, , I 3 ,p s I , 3 av A .,f-H-, 1 ' ' 1 , .1 ,1 .nv , P Q f' 11 5 r - F lv E ,nh Q,.c v 4.- . . , . - ' , W ,, b- - -: ' 4. ,-l"Uf"".rv.b 'i X rf '- 41. px 'V' .",- . ",,-A I " '-. . ' LEW 'H . . , ' . Q ' 4, .. .x -, v b ,VE syvq. fx, . , ,A N . 1 K . Gomer Leads 0U to 6-3-1 Record, Gator Bo l The University of Oklahoma and the Uni- versity of Mississippi would be the No. 1 and No. 2 teams in the nation according to the major pollsters and prediction experts at the beginning of the 1964 football season. Tim Cohane, the sports editor of Look magazine, picked the Sooners to land the No. 1 spot and other magazines picked Mississippi. The big question was to be which team would take first place. The big question was answered two weeks after the season began in a topsy-turvy year that saw Ole Miss get measured by Tulsa in the Bluebonnet Bowl and Oklahoma get clobbered by Florida State, 36-19, in the Ga- tor Bowl, a game marred by the premature signing of pro contracts by four of the Soon- ers' top players. BOTTOM ROW: Mike Ringer, Charles Mayhue. Butch Metcalf. Ron Harmon, Rod Crosswhi'I'e. Larry Shields, Bill Carlyle, Thurman Pitchlynn, Ray Haynes, Jay King, Bill Thomas, Ed Hall. Ron Flet- cher. Alan Henderson, Eddie Mc:Ouarters. SECOND ROW: Jerry Goldsby, Robert Vardeman, Ron Winfrey, Roger Rains, Robert Kalsu, Mike Bruns, Boots Bagby, John Garrett, Newt Burton, Stan Crowder. Larry Brown, Carl Schreiner, Vernon Burkett, Teddy Dod- son, Bobby Page, Norman Smith, Rick McCurdy, David Voiles, Ralph Neely. THIRD ROW: Gordon Brown, John Hammond. Gomer jones' first campaign saw OU start slowly against Maryland, get derailed by a vengeful Southern Cal crew, be blasted by Texas again, and drop a heartbreaker to Kansas to ruin their Big Eight hopes. But a strong 5-0-1 finish, including a 17-7 victory over No.4- ranked Nebraska made his first season a success. jumbo lim Grisham and big Ralph Neely were everybody's picks for All-American at the season's start, but Grish ran afoul of injury trouble and bad breaks and he was overlooked in the 1964 balloting. Big Ralph made A11- American, however, along with junior Carl Adams, whose alert linebacking play stopped many an opponentis back dead in his tracks. Carl McAdams, Glen Condren, Eugene Ross, Tony Jenkins, Jon Kennedy, Jim Riley, Bill Ross, Paul Jones. Larry Allford, Jim Lee. Jerry Alfieri, Jim Reynolds, Don Kindley, Lance Rentzel, Greg Burns. Tommy Pannell, Tom Corbitt. TOP ROW: Bill Hill, Larry Crutchmer, Nehemiah Flowers. Dave Jones, Mike Smith, Bobby Robinson, James Jackson, Ben Hart, Allen Bumgardner. Mike Har- man. Paul Bagwell, Bob Minnis, Michael Base, Chris Jordan, Wes Skidgel. Jim Grisham. ooners Rall to udge ar land,13-3 'Nl' ' 0 if September 19 had come at last. The Sooners, ranked No. 2 nation- ally by AP and No. l by Look, were playing their season opener against a 15-point underdog Maryland team at College Park, Md. Numerous "watch partiesi' were getting un- derway at residences all over campus for the locally televised affair. Not since the super teams of the mid- fifties had OU fielded a squad so deep in talent. Then came the kickoff. and Go- mer Iones' OU coaching debut had begun. But it was not a romp. Again and again in the first half, OU failed to get a drive going. The offense seemed to be plagued by miscues. At halftime the score was deadlocked at 0-0. The students around the televi- sion sets were gloomy: "What's the matter? We'll never beat Texas. Whatis the matter?', The third quarter was a night- mare to OU fans. The Sooners had the hall three times and had to punt each time. Then early in the final period, Bernard Bramson, a con- verted soccer player, booted across a Maryland field goal from the 14 to make the score 3-0 in favor of the Terrapins. Then with the ball on the OU 10 with just three minutes left on the clock, reserve QB Iohn Ham- mond Went in and faded back to pass. He spotted Lance Rentzel in the clear at the 45 and fired to him. Rentzel grabbed the ball and easily outdistanced the Maryland second- ary to the goal. OU led, 6-3, and the fans went wild. Then David Voiles intercepted a pass, and three plays later, quarterback Mike Ringer ran the ball across from the seven. Butch Metcalf converted, and the final score was set at 13-3. EDDIE MCQUARTERS hauls down Marylandgs Kahn- ' ' f l 'l ny Ambruske early In the furs quar er a er e gains four yards around left end. 4 QUARTERBACK MIKE RINGER tries in vain to break away from the pile, but he is caught from behind as other USC players close in. Q . C S inks B1 Red Title Ho es 40-14 9 A sell-out crowd of 61,700 apprehensive fans filled Owen Stadium for the September 26 clash with revenge-minded Southern Califor- nia, only to find their worst fears confirmed, as the Trojans destroyed the Sooneris pass defense and the Sooneris national title hopes with a 40-14 runaway. Southern Cal quarterback Craig Fertig com- pleted 16 passes for 212 yards as compared to OU's 202 yards total offense. USC scored the first two times it had the ball to build up a 14-0 first quarter lead. This was quickly cut to 14-7 by OU,s only sus- tained drive of the game capped by a 10- yard scoring pass from quarterback Mike Ringer to halfback Lance Rentzel. The extra point was added by Butch Metcalf. OU's defense, however, couldn't hold the Tro- jans on the crucial third down plays, and USC quickly marched 73 yards to paydirt and built a 20-7 halftime lead. A dropped punt by OU and a Southern Cal recovery in the end zone, and a 66-yard punt return by USC's Bill Renison put the game out of reach midway in the third quarter. With the score 40-7 in the fouth quarter, Rentzel returned a punt 48 yards to set up the the final GU score, a 2-yard run by halfback Larry Brown. 1-'Q -' X' if LANCE RENTZEL is in a 'Familiar position of the day. being gang-tackled by three Steers as Ben Hart looks on helplessly. Longhorns Trample Fallen onners, 28-7 The fired-up Sooners, after surprising No. 1-ranked Texas with a 7-0 first quarter lead, were trampled by the Longhorns for the sev- enth straight year, 28-7. The game was played before a capacity Cotton Bowl crowd of 75,505 and a national television audience. The aroused Big Red carried the fight to the Texans in the first quarter by holding an early Texas drive on the OU 1-yard line. Then, linebacker Carl McAdams intercepted a Long- horn pass on their 43-yard line and ran it back to the 15. Seven plays later Lance Rentzel slammed across from the two. Butch Metcalf added the extra point, OU had a 7-0 lead, and sweet thoughts of victory began to crowd the Sooners, heads. But Texas quickly put a stop to that in the second quarter. After recovering an OU fumble on the Sooners, 44, the Long- horns took only four plays to push across the TD and made the halftime score 7-7. The second half belonged entirely to Texas as the Sooners saw their upset hopes fade. The Texans blasted across three more touch- downs in the final 30 minutes, one as a result of an intercepted pass, and another after OU's fourth lost fumble. Kansas Takes 0U in The Kansas Iayhawkers scored on the first and the last plays of the game to edge the Sooners, 15-14, in their conference debut. The statistics read: first downs, OU-20, KU-115 rushing yardage, OU-255, KU- l0lg total offense, OU-352, KU-192. But the score is what counts, and key penalties and fumbles kept the Big Red behind in that department. Kansas, All-American halfback Gale Sayers shocked the Sooners with a 93-yard return of the opening kickoff that gave the Kansans a quick 7-0 lead. The Sooners bounced back by launching an 82-yard scoring drive. Quarterback Iohn Ham- mond fired passes to halfback Lance Rentzel for gains of 27 and 19 yards in the long drive which spanned the first and second quarters. Big Eight Debut, 15-14 Fullback lim Grisham burst across from the one for the score. As usual, Butch Metcalf added the extra point and the score was knotted at 7-7. Two possessions later the Big Red launched a drive from their own 49, highlighted by an 18-yard Grisham jaunt, and capped by a six- yard run by Rentzel for the score. lV1etcalf's placement made it 14-7 and the Sooner's ap- peared to have the game under control. But Kansas didnit share that feeling as they mounted a desperation drive from their own 18 in the closing seconds and passed the Sooners into the grave, finally turning a screen pass from the 26 into a touchdown as time ran out. A sweep around right end gave the Iayhawkers the 2-point conversion and the victory over the stunned and reeling Sooners. HALFBACK LARRY Shields is hauled down by a barrage of Kansas iacklers after he has crashed for short yardage through th 1 unnrnm-1141.-n,.l1-A-.,-us.--113mn.::z I Oklahoma iluttzlasses Kansas State, 44-0 4 - 0 - .- , -'I 1- w --- .-1-44,1 ,v ' K , 5 , ,, 'V ' 1 in she!---46l.1ih!'g " 4'9" ' . -qg,,Q,'-'V' ,,,. , .,hk,: . -1' 'Q ,Y-ri-1,.d, v ,mg 4114,-Q, 4 isp? ,rg -"W,-e..N n . .ag d., Despite three lost fumbles, one intercepted pass, and 75 yards in penalties, the Sooners managed to take out their frustrations on an out- classed Kansas State team, 44-0. The Big Red rolled up 519 yards in total offense to even their Big Eight record at 1-1. OU was stopped inside the Wild- cat 10 on the first series of downs, and the crowd began to fear that they were about to witness another Sooner day of heartaches, but the Big Red then cruised 35, 96 and 59 yards to touchdowns and added a safety when end Allen Bumgardner blocked a punt for a safe 23-0 half- time lead. OU's second score in the first half was a 55-yard pass play from halfback Tommy Pannell to end Ben Hart to up the score to 16-0 and leave the fans little doubt as to the outcome. Hart snared two other passes in the game for a total of three completions for 106 yards. The Sooners were held scoreless during the third quarter after fumbling away one drive at the 18 and being stopped on another drive at the 6. But in the final eight and one-half minutes they shattered the Wildcat defenses with three more touchdown drives. Five different Sooners scored touchdowns in the game, with quar- terback Bobby Page leading the way with two TDS, smashing across from the 4 and the 2 in the fourth quarter. In addition to Page and Hart, touchdowns were scored by Pannell from the 6, starting quarter- back Iohn Hammond from the 9 and fullback lim Grisham from the 1. As time ran out the Sooners were pressing for another touchdown, but were stopped by the clock at the Wildcat 9. BEN HART OUTDISTANCES a Kansas State de- fender and prepares to grab a 55-yard 'touchdown pass to put OU ahead I5-0 in the second quarter. N , Big Red Outlasts Stubborn Colorado, 14-11 Oklahoma managed to outlast a stubborn Colorado team, notching a 14-ll Big Eight victory in a hard-fought defensive battle at Boulder. Touchdowns by Lance Rentzel and Larry Shields provided the winning margin for the Sooners. Rentzel broke from scrimmage with 9:57 gone in the first quarter, treating the crowd to a beautiful 40-yard open field run. Butch Metcalf added the extra point and OU led 7-0. Midway in the third quarter, Colorado started a drive from its own 10, finally to face a fourth and 5 situation at the OU 21. The Buffalo went for and made the field goal and the score was an uneasy, 7-3. Early in the fourth quarter, lim Riley re- covered a fumble on the Colorado 26, but Oklahoma couldn,t drive it in and Metcalf missed a field goal from the 30. With 4:50 gone in the final period, Shields burst through the entire Colorado team for a 57-yard run and Metcalfis kick put the Sooners ahead, 14-3. The Buffalo came back, gamely scoring from the 1 and adding a 2-point conversion, to make the score, 14-11. But only two minutes remained in the game and Oklahoma fielded the onside kickoff and ran out the clock. s l l TOMMY PANNELL breaks through the line for a long gain againsi' the Iowa Sfate Cyclones before he is finally caught from behind. ooner tliiense Batters Cyclones, 30-0 Iurnbo lim Grisham gained 121 yards to boost his career total to 2,090, breaking Buck 1VIcPhail,s old mark and leading the sometimes erratic Sooners to a 30-0 battering of hapless Iowa State. The Big Red out-offensed the Cyclones 329 yards to 86, but OU piled up 129 yards in penalties and fumbled the ball away twice on the way to the victory. The first tally came in the early stages of the second quarter after Ralph Neely crashed through the line to block an Iowa State punt on the Cyclones 37. Four plays later, Bobby Page had led the Sooners to a 6-0 edge. Then midway through the same quarter, Bill Thom- as recovered a dropped fair catch attempt on the Iowa State 36. The Sooners drove to the 15, but were forced to bring Butch Met- calf for the field goal attempt when it was fourth and 5. The kick was good and OU led, 9-0. Early in the third quarter, Oklahoma set up a 71-yard drive with Grisham going over. Grisham's understudy, rounded out the Sooner scoring as he added two more touch- downs. Tigers Knot Red, 14-14 Oklahoma entered the Missouri game with a 3-1 conference record, needing the victory to stay alive in the Big Eight race. But an in- spired performance by the Tigers and another erratic performance by the Sooners resulted in a 14-14 tie, a lethal blow to the Big Red's title hopes. Missouri broke the ice first on a 9-yard run, making the score 7-0, but the Sooners bounced right back going 75 yards in 10 plays. The scoring play was a 30-yard pass from Bobby Page to Gordon Brown who was wide open in the middle of the Tiger secondary. Butch Metcalf added the placement and the score was tied, 7-7. No more scoring was done until the third quarter when Tommy Pannell passed to Ben Hart for 35 yards and the go-ahead tallly. OU led 14-7 and the Tigers came to life. Quarterback Gary Lane began to lead Mis- souri down the field as the clock ticked away in the fourth quarter. Twenty plays later they smashed across from the 1, kicked the extra point and tied the game, 14-14. TOMMY PANNELL is pulled down from behind by a Nebraska tackle early in the second quarter of the Sooners' l7-7 upset' win. BOBBY PAGE FADES back to pass as the Sooners desperately try to brealc e I4-l4 tie in the late stages of the Missouri game. 0 Trips Huskers, 17-7 With nothing to lose but the game, and nothing to gain but sweet revenge, the Soon- ers upset No. 4-ranked Nebraska. The Big Red's flawless performance, led to a 17-7 win, but it was too late, for the Cornhuskers had already clinched the conference championship. Butch Metcalf staked the Big Red to an early 3-0 lead with two minutes gone in the second period, but Nebraska came roaring back when quarterback Bob Churchich dropped a 56-yard scoring bomb to end Free- man White, causing the Sooners to depart the field trailing 3-7 at halftime and leaving the fans muttering, "It's no usef' The teams fought a scoreless duel in the third quarter, but with three minutes left in that period, OU started a perfect 24-play, 88- yard drive that ate up 10 minutes of the clock. Bobby Page went over from the 1 and the score was 10-7. Three plays later, Allen Bumgardner intercepted a Husker pass at their 48. On the first play from scrimmage Page handed to Larry Brown and he burst through the mid- dle of the big Nebraska line for 48 yards and the game-icing tally. Within three minutes the Sooners had pulled the upset of the season. JIM GRISHAM BURSTS over right tackle tor a 7-yard gain, but he still tails short ot the Big-Eight rushing title. Big Red 21, 0 U 16 Fired-up Oklahoma State, lean and hungry, almost scared the Oklahoma Sooners out of the stadium before fall- ing, 21-16, before the Big Red for the 19th straight year. OU lost a grand total of five fumbles, all at crucial moments in the game, and picked up an additional 50 yards in pen- alties to further aid the rugged Cowboys. - State, after spotting the Tones' boys to a first quarter 7-O lead on a 22-yard run by Bobby Page, countered with a quick tying touchdown to close out the quarter, 7-7. Charles Durkee, the Cow- boy placement ace, then added field goals of 28, 28 and 29 yards to leave OU dangling on the ropes, trailing by 16-7 as the fourth quarter began. Then the lifeless Sooners became in- spired as Bobby Page fired a 14-yard scoring pass to Ben Hart. The kick was good and OU trailed, 16-14. Five min- utes later the two connected again and OU took the victory, 21-16. 1 7 . fs' Qs-fa el . ,J GORDON BROWN Right End ', N Q 4 W VERNON BURKETI' Right Guard GLEN CONDREN Right Tackle JERRY GOLDSBY Lett Tackle X'4ll"9' L. ' 3 I Gt .5 fi L ar F ., ' A it l-wry . .S LARRY BROWN Lett Haltback Gs.- -mr-mmf ggi NEWT BURTON Rig ht Guard ROD CROSSWHITE Quarterback JIM GRISHAM Fullback WJ ALLEN BU MGARDN ER Right End BILL CARLYLE Center JOHN GARRETT Center ED HALL Right Tackle vwggnl . f a., .ml JOHN HAMMOND RON HARMON BEN HART BILL HILL JON KENNEDY CHARLES MAYHUE Querlerbeck Lell End Riqhl End Lefl Tackle Fullbaclc Defensive I-lalfbaclc .dir CARL McADAMS Cenler BOBBY PAGE Quarlerback EUGENE ROSS Righl' Helfback RICK McCURDY Righl End TOMMY PANN ELL Leff Halfbelck CARL SCHREIN ER Lelf Guard EDDIE McQUARTERS Lefl' Gua rd LANCE RENIZEL Rigl1+ Halfbaclc LARRY SHIELDS Lefl Halfback BUTCH METCALF Righlr Tackle JIM RILEY Righl Tackle BILL THOMAS Defensive Halfbaclc RALPH NEELY Lefl Taclcle MIKE RINGER Rlghl' Halfback DAVID VOILES Righl Gua rcl 4.5m J "'-"mr SEASON'S RECORD Seattle 98, OU 81 Indiana 87, OU 69 OU 86, Texas 73 OU 78, Hardin-Simmons 67 OU 85, Texas Tech 79 Bradley 83, OU 75 'kKansas State 75, OU 65 "'OU 76, Iowa State 72 i"Oklahoma State 65, OU 46 Kansas State 71, OU 69 Iowa State 73, OU 72 OU 89, Nebraska 82 Northern Michigan 75, OU 74 Iowa State 87, OU 81 Colorado 71, OU 70 OU 87, Missouri 74 Kansas 77, OU 68 Colorado 57, OU 55 Kansas 74, OU 57 OU 80, Kansas State 65 Missouri 89, OU 82 Oklahoma State 64, OU 54 Nebraska 67, OU 63 OU 94, Loyola 80 Oklahoma State 89, OU 66 i"Big Eight Pre-season Tourney. Won 8, Lost 17. Eighth in Big Eight. FORWARD Fred Fleetwood makes a lump shot late in the iowa State game, but OU failed to rally, and Iowa State wins 87-81. 0U Plays Cellar Role in Roundball ction The Sooner basketballers took the cellar role for the second straight year as Coach Bob Steven's Go-Go-Go boys had trouble finding the right combination and wound up with a Big Eight record of 3 wins and ll losses, and an over-all record of 8-17. Perhaps an indication of the dark season ahead came when the first light failure in the 36-year history of the OU Fieldhouse oc- curred halfway through the season opener with nationally ranked Seattle. Play was held up for over an hour and a half while fans walked about the errie, darkened gym guided by candles, matches, and flashlights. The Sooner roundballers should have taken the hint, because when the lights came on in the Fieldhouse they went out for the Big Red as Seattle turned a 53-43 halftime lead into a 98-81 rout. Oklahoma had last seen the lead over two and a half hours earlier. SOPHOMORE FORWARD Jim Johnson goes high for a rebound against Nebraska. ALAN AXLEY I ' I Forward , DAVE BARRETT K N Cenler - ' I' I FRED FLEETWOOD 'K I Forward TOM FLOOD Guard JAMES GATEWOOD Forward GEORGE HAWKINS 175 Forward HOWARD JOHNSON I'-' Guard 'tvs- JIM JOHNSON Forward BUTCH ROBERTS Guard MIKE ROONEY Guard BILL WHITLOCK Forward WILLIE WILSON Cenrer ff BOTTOM ROW: Bulch Roberfs, Allen Golf, Tom Flood, Dick James Garewood Joe Bogen Alan Axley Wrllne Wulson Dave Maxey. Fred Fleerwoocl. Mike Rooney, Howard Johnson. Bill Wal- Barrerr, Mike Henson Bob Srevens Ion. TOP ROW: Gordon Slauffer, Bill Whillock, George Hawkins, W . l ll: ll ll I L4 Hard Luck ooners Drop Close Decisions The Sooners then traveled to Big Ten country, meeting Indiana, who were impolite hosts, building up a 10-0 lead and coasting to an 87- 69 victory. Texas was next on the list, and the Big Red had an 81-78 1965 loss to avenge. The Sooners led all the way, getting only one scare as the Longhorns cut the lead to 20-18 midway through the first half, but OU rallied and led 36-27 at half- time. During the game they hit a sizzling 59 per cent from the field to Texas, 45 per cent. lames Gate- wood canned 21 points in leading Oklahoma to the 86-73 rout. Bill Whitlock hit 22 points and Tom Flood pumped in 17 to lead the Sooners to a 78-67 victory over Hardin-Simmons at their second step on the Texas tour. Hardin- Simmons held a 37-33 halftime lead, but OU wiped out a 9-point deficit to knot the score, 55-55, 11:22 from the final gun, and then went ahead to stay. N ext, the Sooners traveled to Lub- bock to meet Texas Tech, the pre- season Southwest Conference favor- ite. OU hit 54.5 per cent from the field in the first half but went into the locker room trailing 48-44. Tech was still ahead, 72-68, with six minutes left, but the Sooners fought gamely back, and Gatewood put them ahead at 76-74. Dave Barrett dumped in 5 more quick points and the Sooners went into a deep freeze finally icing an 85-79 victory. Whitlock totaled 20 points and Gatewood followed with 17. The Sooners, now boasting a giddy 3-2 record ran afoul of Brad- ley. They were outrebounded 45-33 and Bradley sunk 25 free throws to clinch the 83-75 victory and break the Big Red winning string at three games. GEORGE HAWKINS cuts sharply in front of a Colorado guard as he drives for a layup. MIKE ROONEY steals ihe ball from an Missouri player and starts down court with it. The Sooners won the game 87-74. Fans Go for tevens' Go-Go-G0 ooners OU went into the Big Eight tourney with high hopes and quickly built a I7-6 lead over first-round opponent, Kansas State, but the Sooners got careless and pitched them the ball a few times too many. Kansas State went ahead 28-27 and never again trailed in the 75- 65 victory. Gatewood hit 21 points in the losing cause. In the consolation bracket the Sooners drew Iowa State and handled them 76-72 only to be beaten out for fifth place by old Crosstown rival Oklahoma State, 65-46. After the Big Eight tourney, the Sooners quickly hit the conference trail and abruptly dropped two squeakers by a total of three points. Then they shucked the Nebraska Corn- huskers 89-82 for their first Big Eight vic- tory. Whitlock scored 22 points to lead the Sooners out of the Big Eight basement, but the game was tied 74-74 with 4:25 left and was still very much in doubt until the Big Red outscored the Huskers, I5-8, down the stretch. After a I-point loss to Northern Michigan, a 6-point loss to Iowa State, and a I-point loss to Colorado, the Sooners unleashed their frus- trations upon the Missouri Tigers, 87-74, hit- ting 47.7 per cent from the field in the victory. KANSAS, ranked No. 2 in the Big Eight Conference, proved too much for the Sooners to overcome, as the game ended, 74-57. 1966 Team Prospects Look Encouraging After dropping two more close conference decisions, OU met second place Kansas before a Big Red Fieldhouse crowd of 3,500 and a regional television audience. The Sooners trailed, 37-17, with four and one half minutes left in the first half, but outscored KU, 16-2, to make the score 39-33 at halftime. KU came back equally strong in the second half, how- ever, and smashed the Sooners, 20-5, in the initial minutes. Walt Wesley hit 38 points for Kansas in the 74-57 rout. Perhaps the Sooners' finest victory of the season came in the next game, against Kansas State. Before a crowd of 3000, OU blasted the Wildcats, 80-65, outscoring K. State, 30-12, in the first ll minutes of the second half. The Sooners then dropped their second game of the year to arch-rival Oklahoma State, 64-54, and traveled to Nebraska only to lose, 67-63. They then dumped Loyola of New Orleans, 94-80, for their eighth victory, one better than 1965. Things looked better for the talented fresh- man Sooners, however, as they beat the OSU Colts, 65-54 and 100-76, and won five out of seven games for the year. lig VITY LATER THAN YOU THINK 7 l , .4-4 l A BOTTOM ROW: Casper Lipe, Karel Blubauglfi, Mike Sager, Bill Landrey, Pete Skarzenski, Tony Bennett, Sven l-lolm, Jerry Mullins. Lamb, Dickie Haxel, Jolin Maqers, Gregg Pittman, Ismail Al- Gil Reed. Karaghouli. TOP ROW: Roger Miclrisli, Ricky Hague, Bruce Wrestling coach Tommy Evans was named to the SEASONS RECORD I-Ielms Amateur Wrestling I-Iall of Fame in 1965. When Evans wrestled for the University of Gkla- Oklahoma Afizfma - - - homa, was NCAA champion in 1952 and 1951i 1n Oklahoma Arizona State I his weight division and he was named outstanding NCAA wrestler both of those years. I-Ie won a silver Oklahoma 52111 Diego State medal in the 1952 Olympics. Oklahoma UCLA . u ' In his five years as coach, he has produced two NCAA championship teams, and his teams finished Oklahoma M2-Hk21f0 SUNG - second the other three years. I-Iis wrestlers have Okl h Oki h taken ll individual titles since he has been coach. a Oma a Oma ' ' In 1965 he coached his team to one of its best dual Oklah0ma C01O1'Hd0 Sf- C01- match records, finished 14-3, losing only to Oklahoma Oklahoma CO1 O ra d O St. Univ State and Iowa State. Oklahoma Wyoming . . Oklahoma Colorado MIKE SAGER, NCAA champ, is on way to victory in Mankato State match. Oklahoma Iowa . . . l Oklahoma Oklahoma . Iowa State Oklahoma . . Oklahoma Northwestern . Oklahoma Minnesota . . . Oklahoma Kansas State . . Oklahoma Kansas . . . I 1 .f 1- qw: 1-CW... my..-1 mg..-f ik i ,..,,.W,, ,,w1f21,. Mmzfwm. , "'5f.i?H?v , un ,, w mm H. ' , V ,ffzsiw ,1 ,, .N N W, J sf ws Q if I M- , l X 4, Y, 4 f1""" , g"- 'G 1 V wzivfz -X N sm- - M -M 1-,,, ?Aj, H SL. H. , .M ': - , w- L wu mzewafm . 1- ww- w?fQs7sQw, " ' N ,A :Mgr ,.. 357.014, X., M MW x'vQfn1 ggmy 351. 2G?:.,,:L,,, U sq: fwq, '- M, wz:Qfsf, 1 'W f , ,,,.,,YW. A , K ' x Ps,- ww JOHN MAGERS gets his opponent in a cradle in the l3O-pound division in the OSU match. but he was beaten, as was OU, 21-3. eener Grapplers Complete 14-3 Season Bill Lam, Mike Sager, and Roger Mickish led OU's grapplers to a 14-3 dual match sea- son, marred only by losses to No. 1-ranked Oklahoma State and No. 2 Iowa State. Lam, a junior who wrestles in the 157-167 class, had a sparkling 15-O-2 record for the year which included six pins. Sager, NCAA champion in 1964, compiled a 14-3-O record with three pins in the 137-147 division. Mickish, 167-177 pound sophomore had a 13-2-1 match record with four of those wins being pins. Greg Ruth in the 157-167 pound bracket had five pins to highlight his 7-2-0 record compiled since becoming eligible at midterm. Sven Holm, 177-Heavyweight division, who compiled a 14-8-2 record last year, and finished fourth in the NCAA in the 191-pound category, cracked a shoulder bone at Stillwater in the Sooneris first loss to the Cowboys, and had to sit out the remainder of the season. He fin- ished with an 8-3-0 mark which included four pins. p Oklahoma had a successful season, piling i up points to their Opponents KAREL BLUBAUGH groans in agony as his opponent' masters him in the first OSU match. It was his only loss of the year. M5149 , W, . 0 . v ,. V s 7 'L - 17 , 43 ' Q- i - E o J - - - . - 0 -- ' .- pf 5 . rl Q I 3. T ev fi' E 1, eu- , . , , 45 ' A , , Q... , .,.... - Q- ' "LIL -Lai? ' 4' ' W 5 , a " ' '-"' . Fi? ,-,of , an ' - 3 . 4 - , . V ' --rj - ' .Y ft! -. W V ? vtyggbgg VJ. . - I ., Q . f Jw tl, x -4.1- A - - ,J 1 up Y ' ' ' ' - - Y Y 9 " f ' , 4 ' - . ",,.u t . ' -' ' 'kiiffx "-3-'-L ,f - ' ' - Lx .4.- "'- - fm. '75 '-fzlrwu-1' 24' 14, L' P- ' ' N -' , ,jgaiff N' , N '-- 'N-'z - 35, 'fx HT15' . 4 A rf, as-ng-111313 V- - x ,Ns ,G ' , -. ,B - .2 . , ' 'Q 4 . -...arg - 1-55 -V4 -Q V --1 -- -V ' -. - z., -11 mf' x '-Z-.. Ki., "- A - f kr.. fat' 1 3.1-Q, V F-H H., .nf .,Vv, . :QQ ,if , 1 - .A --- . :""'T".L"TQTy-.T ' "" ,A . , "'-f1T3g,T,'Cr-if N ' - - - - --lbw: ' ' 1 ' ' - , "- x' x ' " 5 1 " I' " - 'G-"Q : 'f - -i-L - ff . f ,mp ,Q I., -7 ' N.- - " ' - ' , ' A 'F V-1 ,.f2's.:, '-'J -Q ,L -1 . 1' . -' - 'f.u-i1-- . H' f rf 'Vi'!K4.??":i7iL 4h- L "'f 'HT' 4 . D . F' li 4 '11 A yi A , ' I,-Af' -'gf B.-.wg-J. 'J-' .j -14 . ' 1' ,Ji V . Q ,L-,AIQQIL ,ewr :IH . v L 'gg 1 I, 5' 1-i,,- It ip.. 5 K L I J n.s.,3! L , ,A --rin grin ww ' I - ' 1, , i ,vfq--'Pk ' .WWE K.. , ,- f --Q. , - ,A -. M i., , . JW . . ' W.:-+A - -, ' - .-in Q ., ., ,,,.pw' - L lf , ,WA Q, ,p -- ' b , e - v , A I . 1 4, . ' ' - .1 ,, 'F ' L" f k ' L., fix ' -- x J ' ' ,. Q, , -' V . . " A -' .. , -"' '-- X YL " - 'xl ' vi.. - - - - 1 A,.. . rx. , ' - 'wg' " .ff "Nl A f . ' ' ' 5' A 'Q M . , , f - V , - ,WWE Q14 ' x-'531'5"jaF'f7' A, ft, s-"" ., "5 . - , , ,"" ' --V L, 4Q",.x " M, fx A +.,ffq lv' sir-, .eg-L., ,N K , " 'M ' , Q , , . f f-55.21 '5 V' i ,h 5:-p, -V -, h I , . , 5 . 4 'I " '-,,g- ' -gg.. A ,A "' if 1 , A , ,x -, qv. J . ., A M 1 V ,Pvt-J lx I 'gf-f'1'E' ,Q-1 ' 2 ' '- ,.' ' sf " v ,A H" f", Y. 1 5' ' ff ' , 'SN-. -1 . A 5' S get 1, x 3' ' . 5 -' .W-v - 1 b i ' f 3 Q . A .. --.,... r '. . "VY 1' 7 , f7"J A u' ' f - f . ,.,- -' 'f' P' ' U u ' .a u ,A '32, ' ' - 1.3-vf"". 11 -- , -A. 'r- - ', ' ' ' " Hr ' Mm. IL "' 1- . - . , ., .VW '--Q 1 V ,A A' . , ' 5 'ji 5 f v . ' , , , Q- ,. ,'aiZ,.. , ' , 3 - 7 4. , f- ,,-Q.. ...png .Ad x .. I", ,ff WFT' 4' , - QT, . 1 3. I 5,5 '.f"'j:p,t,.1?H Q . , 3-2 Agl . - . .f 1 , , Ig W - - ' .A ,- - , , N 0 5. ., .1-5--A 114.11 .Q 7,4 - - Q, .F YM, 'gin fi - "1 , ' ,.5. V, A ,Q - 1 aff-- ., ,. ,qw-' "4-t' ' 1' , '- '11 all " . . A 'u . .2 1 1-. ., . - -fs. ' .,,-f . -..-- '1 23. SQ f,Q,.- "M " f "' ' A , "V 142 L.. ' ' 4, 4 '-' .5 , "- - Q , ' .. ,Tw - - f , f ff - f ' - W .s -...uw ' ' - Y ' .. W WMM. ,Wg 1 y ' - I . - A , qv. ,Q gf.. - .J ' . ,N H U jf La. X ,t ,, . in V H, -.As '11, -1' , .. 5 ,ff , 45 is . S fl-KT, . A- - an . 'Fug 5 pf, ' j Q 'Q' u I-N 1 Lb an i I- .' iii? 5, , . 6 n 'H M-Q-. . . 0 , 'O' 4. 'f 4 ' 'Q' ' - - 1 4 . O , . 1 'll H. . C' -' Q1 -' F I. . I v Q i V ' L ' fad .,,,,,,A- Y-- -. ' ' ,. . ' l 0 'NR - - " I ' , . "9 ' 0 V , Mgt' J' N0 ' 'L V V I L . L Q4 la. n lfhblv My -rv, gg! A gp -1- if ' ' V ' " ' :LJ " 1 if 7 K 'X' ' - . ' - K . . lgmilvlii V, ,Tyr-J ' V ' sv. F " -V ,,-,- ' - f" ' fm.. ,, 'V ' gem, " 1, ' 'N dr 71621, ,m 4: A Jw- A M I V W ' iz. ,W 1 -, f . ltrn.. 'J' ff W - RN 1 .. ' -n. .N X K u 1-...,,5,, . .A 97 BOTTOM ROW: Les Mason. Bob List. Jim Manring, Jerry Tate, Jack Hove, Joe Mashburn, Mike Hall, Toby Morey, Mike N c Bob Welty, Joy Markley. TOP ROW: John Kemp. Jim Wiclman. 0U Swimmer Win 11th Conference Title Oklahoma's swimmers continued their Big Eight mastery as they again won the title for the 11th straight year. Oklahoma won the final event, the 400-yard free- style relay, in the record time of 3:18.9 to clinch the Big Eight meet title with 116 points to Iowa State's second place with 105. lim Manring won two events, took second in another, and was on the 400-yard free- style relay team, and Iohn Hove took two firsts and anchored the relay team. The Sooners, under third-year coach Iay Markley, compiled a 6-2 mect record which showed losses only to non-conference powers, SMU and Southern Illinois. JOE MASHBURN comes up for air at the peak oi ei breaslstroke. SEASONS Oklahoma . . 57 Oklahoma . . 71 Oklahoma . . 66 SMU . . 68 Oklahoma . . 61 Oklahoma . . 55 Oklahoma . . 66 Southern Ill. . 52 Won 6, Lost 2. RECORD Iowa State . Kansas State . Kansas . . Oklahoma . Eastern N. Mex Nebraska . Colorado . . Oklahoma . Won Big Eight Improved Track ter Better League Record 1 I Zhi like 0' 4 1. ,, ANTHONY WATSON, OU's sprint and broadiump champion, prepares for a lump in his first contest of the I964 season. BOTTOM ROW: Dennis Taylor. John English, Frank Deramus, Bill Oriflln, Teddy Oliver, Walt Mizell. Woody Young. SECOND ROW: Phil Oviatt. Sieve Morelock, Preston Bagley, Phil Neislar. Phil Aldridge. Vincent Johnson, Charles Reed. George Brose, Jim The Sooner sprinters finished fourth in the Big Eight indoor tourney and also fourth in the outdoor tourney, to highlight the track year. OU Won a tri-match with Arkansas and Tulsa scoring 93 ponits to Arkansas' 57 and Tulsais 26 by winning 12 firsts out of the 17 events. Sophomore lim Farrell went 15-4 to Win pole vaultg Richard Inman Won the shot put with a 53-ZMZ heave and won the discus with a toss of 155-2313 and Anthony Watson Won the 100-yard dash in 9.6. Oklahoma sprinters ran the fastest 440-yard relay ever run by a Sooner team to Win the Drake championship in that event, but Wat- son pulled a muscle in his left thigh as he lunged into the tape to edge arch rival SMU. Preston Bagley, Phil Aldridge, and Frank Der- amus were on the team with Watson, which Won in 40.6. The old record was 40.7. In the Outdoor Big Eight track meet, In- man Won the discus throw with a heave of 167 feet and eight inches. Farrell. TOP ROW: Ray Frogge, Tommy Davis. Richard Inman. Byron Berline. Jimmie Hamilton, Anthony Watson. Mike Bailey, John Nunley, Mickey Williams. Gene Jenkins, Bill Carroll. OSU's Jesse Tier and ihe Sooners' Ari Younger and Bill Thom s cle h if 'r lu n ih 60 yard hgh hurdl s OU on 7745 SEASONS RECORD INDOOR Kansas . . 66 Oklahoma . . . 56 Missouri .... 87 Oklahoma .... 35 Oklahoma finished fourth in the Big Eight. OUTDOOR Arizona State . . . 89 Oklahoma . . . 55 Oklahoma .... 77 Arizona ..... 67 Oklahoma 90 . Drake 47 . Wichita 25 . Tulsa 21 Oklahoma 88 . Kansas State 56 . Texas Tech 32 Oklahoma 98 . . Arkansas 57 . . Tulsa 26 Oklahoma State . . 77 Oklahoma .... 68 Kansas ..... 91 Oklahoma .... 54 Oklahoma finished fourth in the Big Eight. U ' 5 Z o xt' f '- if Q 2 U' 'Yi I , A V+ 9 Q u 5 A , . by Q " 1 E , 1 - Q i Q 33' ' 0 v"',. 0 Vg." -rn. S n ' Q , 5 W ..- 2 I s , , , .,.. --,- V 1 5 ,Lw -fm Q . I if 1 3 N y wr ,.,1'1 .1 s - K ,us ' ' U ,lwilngi - ,, - I , .. 'Y 1 L3-' f 'lt .14 :QA L' su kvkj , V 'tm Y-.v 1,- if ati!-K 4- T V H 11' - 9. . 3 " - . - - 1 .L , , A s , , . L 'A ,I l bv W 51. 1 F ' L ' ,iff'fa:gg,,i-4 M S ' .1 , '73,-1 , I 1 ' I' ici "Q w?'T:.Q"1A'f' .Liv-5 4 . ' ,, pw ,, , ..,, .7?.fV ,. g, , ,milki- E . - -4 s V ' Jg'i' lf'fi' ' , H4 xr '15 X Xiu Q !'K,tY 1 Q ,AW w K ,sm ., O After three straight losses to Missouri midway N F' vi' T' lr wi " , i , . . 'L - 1. , .1 , .1 T, V. ' W- 1- mr, .J . 11-YH ' gm". ff if ana fri' -'--251-aff' TifU7f?"" -' 1, ,fi I 'Y 5.4" I-I -4,5 - 'I 'T I uv I f , .H Natl.,-1 jg ,, -i . r '- ' ,,., i.- r'- 'fu . .i JIIJM' -ii-.-in .-liyygf-Ii,,,j ' L" -QQ'-,nL:q"', -'iziirffve H'-' Q: 1. ,1l,i:n.?:,,?,J"n-iffy. H33 ' .3-51"i,s.. W i V: 3, i, ,--., our-:g 41152115135 M-,go-,-. -' . LY3, -Jfik:1.'1QH'n -gifffyglin-gifmza.. 1 'f:f:i:gr,dl1igi' .. V 1- H LII 'A I .qi '- ,cy 7 lj -Pu, ,,, i-,.,,g 4 "M - "I, TJ 1- pl 'H 1-. I,.'.!,i-,. I fa rf' ,Ln 'tw ,6eg, 1,a-IJ.n '.-. ' j g.1IH!fo 'yfjif ' I 3gp"1!Lfy.1 f'j',1,., . idgwlffz IF' :,- ' wr.. T" 'A .- " L , '. . ui. tqqwly. ,qf,j,fgf1.-,-1:19 gr- 11.21 fag Jffeazilfd-LE!! .-'3gf'gg-L-gulf-1:',f.-xsr.' y d, -1-3 , f, . J ' si rr. . . - , -.1 i , gt, L., ,-, AI ., I, . ... ...i I A' .Wi - .- mn , : sg, .-IP., v Y-.-- .1-,. 1 - ,' . 5 ' 1 ' '. ' ,, 4' ' ',i',- . ' . rg, . -"" 'MTW 1, ,ffnxn 11123-..5,:f'fZ 1,1-'J .ji fT2i'g.',,l . pf? ,I-153'-Qgfr',"!!, -' "fi',41". XQ ",u'.'f'E . i I III I, .II. 'gI:g1II3rI,17.Ig,III if II, I,-I A IIN...-Ii,-fit g1IIR5Ig:5.III.aIII i., I--If-QI.:-II,f:I.I,ffIIyi: , ' 'N ' 1 iw 1 - iffy 2 '-'F'f1'5l'3'iliQl'ZYl I-illIJ1'1'i.'f7ff 'se " .ff -1,- T .4- ...1f, i, 4,-..,a'...m-- ,V e I ,L I I . ISL N' BOTTOM ROW: Jim Seabolt, Bill Ford, Jim Folsom, Jann Christ- ian, Keith She-an, Torn Lindsey, Randy Deal, Buddy Jones, Steve Kline, Joe Jones. Richard Baum, Charley Austin. SECOND ROW: Don Woolly. Carl Morton, Ron Hornbeek. Dave Beaclner, Jim Vervack, Denny Hopkins, Doug Martin. Jerry Hutton, Gary Ste- ooner Ba eballers Stage trong Fini h phenson. Carl Schreiner, Lonnie McGuire, Doyle Tunnell. TOP ROW: Jackie Cowan, Mike Smith. Travis Curd, Jerry Beardslee, Joe Cox. John Kern, Jay Cronley, Bill Parese. Lonnie Holland. Larry Webber. Terry Cooper, Lynn Overton, Terry Morton, George Ridgley, Dale Mitchell, Jr. through the 1965 campaign, the Sooners finished the , I , , , , Baylor . . . 13 Oklahoma . season with victories in seven out of their last eight Oklahoma I I 3 Texas I I games to take second place in the Big Eight with a 13-8 Texas I I I 10 Oklahoma I record behind the Tiger's sparkling 19-0 finish. Okla- Oklahoma I I 23 New Mexico homa finished fifth in team hitting with 266, and Oklahoma 11 New Mexico third in team pitching. Old h ' ' 6 N b k Iohn Kern, Iann Christian, and Dale Mitchell made Oklghggg 7 Ngbjgiki the first team All-Conference, and second teamers Oklahoma I I 12 Nebraska I from OU were Keith Shean, Tommy Lindsey, and Kansas State I I Oklahoma I Carl MOFLOH: I I I inningsb Morton hit a blistering .339 to take 10th place in Oklahoma I I 2 Kansas St I conference batting and had a 5-2 pitching record. Oklahoma I I 5 Kansas SLI Mitchell was second in the league with triples, hitting C15 inningsb three of them' Colorado . . 5 Oklahoma . I I I I I I Oklahoma . . 10 Colorado . BIHIS g4IIeIII:IlII ilgrlgl IIj:IaIIfIeI al 2g:rII3Ifter Iowa State s first baseman dropped the Eaqlorad? I I 12 ggagorna I ISSOUYI . . H 01113. . Missouri . . 3 Oklahoma . Missouri . . 1 Oklahoma . Kansas . . . 7 Oklahoma . Oklahoma . . 8 Kansas . . Oklahoma . . 14 Kansas . . M4' -uzznirr Oklahoma St. . . 3 Oklahoma. Oklahoma . . 4 Oklahoma St Oklahoma . . 4 Oklahoma St Oklahoma . . 6 Iowa State Oklahoma . . 6 Iowa State Oklahoma . . 5 Iowa State Won 17, Lost 10. Second in Big Eight Crosscountry Men utter Bleak Season In spite of nine returning lettermen, the road was often long and bumpy for the Crosscountry Sooners as they finished eighth in the Big Eight this fall. The highest an OU individual placed in the Big Eight meet was Iohn Englishis l6th place spot, Phil Oviatt and Tommy Davis nabbed 35th and 36th places respectively. l. D. Martin, nationally known pole vaulter and decathlon star, was the new coach this year, replacing Bill Carroll. lVIartin's distance men were weakened by the loss of Walter Mizell to graduation and were able to win only one meet, that against Wichita and Oklahoma Baptist. The Sooners lost seniors George Brose, Tom Davis, Iohn English, Ted Oliver, Dennis Taylor, and Mickey Williams at the end of the year, but anticipate an im- proved year next fall as several key sophomores and juniors gained valuable experience. Richard Cable, who took lVIizell's place this year, will lead the squad of returning men. The Sooner dropped matches with OCU, Oklahoma State, Kansas and split two with Arkansas to finish the season with a 2-4 record. , ,fi- ' ' . ,L , 4- ,.- 4-l.iS .ni , SEASONS RECORD CLOW score winsj OCU, 18, Arkansas 49, OU 64 Oklahoma State 15, OU 50 OU 29, Wichita 40, OBU 64 Kansas 6, OU 13 Eighth in Big Eight BOTTOM ROW: Ted Oliver, John English. Charley Reed, Dennis Taylor. TOP ROW: Richard Cable. George Brose, Tommy Davis, AI Joern, Phil Oviatt. JOHN ENGLISH spends hours of practice t 1' crosscountry to insure that he is in top shap SEASON'S REcoRD K v g ,I H l I fr 1' I 5,65 11 a -.I 1 1-MV? 4. sew 1'1'FI4.'?'u n-' fliq'-113"H2'111r ' , 'rg,,.. fe X ' 7 OU .... 4 Southeastern . 2 Pan Amer. Col. . 7 OU .... O Corpus Christi . 6 OU .... 1 ' f Texas .... 6 OU . . . 1 ly M V Texas Aaivi . . 4 ou .... 3 , 7 'X y ' 9 i Q OU .... 7 Colorado . . 0 ,A-V -I wow Ill ' -L E Wichita . . . 5 ou .... 2 OU . . . 7 Nebraska . . 0 OU . . 4 Kansas . . . 3 OU . . 5 N. Texas St. . 2 OU . . 5 Oklahoma St. . 2 OU . . 6 Tex. Christian . 0 OU . . 7 Kansas St. . . 0 OU .... 7 Missouri . . . 0 OU .... 7 Okla. City . . O Pan Amer. Col. . 5 OU .... 1, OU .... 6 Southeastern . 1 OU . . 4 Oklahoma St, . 3 OU . . 5 N. Texas St. . 2 OU . . . 6 Okla. City . . 1 Won 14, Lost 6. Second in Big Eight E2FSU21.ll9X!e.2A'E2.52,3ZZZi?3"4.Ff"Ee5.ZZi?"iii"iei1L".Z2i' 10" ROW' 0 Russell Guide 0U etmen te 14-6 Season Coach Don Russell the Sooner TENNIS TEAM members spend most of their time on the practice netmen to a 6 dual record and a Second court. Here Vance McSpar:lden warms up before a match. place finish in the Big Eight, and then re- , signed to accept a teaching position at Pan- American College of Edinburg, Tex. Oklaho- ,,:1,+:--4 - H ma was edged, 12-10, by Kansas for the Big Eight championship after wins over Kansas and Oklahoma State in regular season play. The Sooners have advanced one rung up the league ladder each season since 1962 to reach the second place finish in 1964. Vance and Mike McSpadden fcousinsj both had good years. Vance, a southpaw, was rated first among the netman. Mike Won a Big Eight championship in the number five bracket. Mike Rooker played some great ten- nis for the year. He had good speed and serves. Ierry Keen, business manager of the Touch- down Club and special assisant to the OU ath- letic department, was appointed new coach. Keen is president of the Norman Tennis Club which he helped organize three years ago. "We have a team that has the potential to Win the Big Eight championship . . . we should be in top shape by the time the conference tournament comes in May,', Keen said of 1965 prospects. ,NN . 1 X N. , .3 xx 1 ' . . x .'.-,-QW. -. 4 ,L 'J ooner Linksters Finish Second in Big Eight Coach Bob Iames resigned in 1965 to devote full time and attention to maintenance of the University golf course and the management of the golf shop, after leading the linksters to a 15-1 dual match record in the 1964 season. James' Sooners established an all-time school rec- ord of 30 consecutive victories the past two seasons, finishing 17-3 in 1963. His career record in dual meets was 81-33-1 for .710 per cent and his Sooners of 1956 and 1957 won conference championships. Bud Cronin, freshman basketball coach, is the new golf mentor. Cronin, 24, played college golf at the University of South Carolina. Iames said of the 1964 linksters before the season, " . . . I look forward to equaling or bettering last year,s 17-3 dual record. We have a young squad, only two seniors. We expect to be a little shaky during the first few matches but we should level off after thatf' OU,s shaky start included 14 straight victories be- fore their first loss to Oklahoma State, 10V2-4b. They went on to place second in the Big Eight, second in the State College, fifth in the Pikes Peak, and tenth in the Houston Intercollegiate. The Sooners split their dual matches with Oklahoma State, winning the first one, 8-7. SEASON'S RECORD OU .... 15 OBU . . OU . . 8 N. Texas St. . OU . . HM Kansas St. OU . . . 15 Iowa State OU . . 9 Wichita . OU . . . 12M Kansas . OU . . . 13 Nebraska . OU . . . 8 Oklahoma St OU . . . 10 Wichita . OU . . . ll Kansas . OU . . . 15 Kansas St. OU . . 13M Tulsa . OU . . 14W OBU . . OU .... 11 North Texas Okla. St. . . 105 OU . OU .... 95 Tulsa . Won 15, Lost 1. Second in Big Eight. 0 7 3K2 0 6 Qyz 2 7 5 4 0 IW W 4 4V2 5Wz BRUCE WILKINSON, Ardmore iunior, warms up. BOTTOM ROW. Gary Terry, Tommy Stevens. TOP ROW. Marty Gerber, Jim Awfrey, Bruce Wilkinson, Bob James. I' .ns lf3T'E' I!!! BOTTOM ROW: Larry Hulsey. Dewey "Snorter" Luster, Elvi Bor- Blake. David Street. Bill Meek. Dallas Howard, Jim Braden. deau. Paul V. Keen, Milce Ritz. TOP ROW: Cavin Burdette, Joe Intramural Game Promote port man hip The OU intramural progrram was formally Hil..-,.4jg-l.' if-it f-1:1 organized in 1925 when various sports attract- ed some 256 participants. In the past 40 years the program has continued to expand and the list of men and women entering the pro- gram in these years exceeds 5,000. The head of the department is Paul V. Keen. Since 1937 when he was Wrestling coach, Keen has been active in various phases of athletics. I-Ie has been active in the intra- mural program for over 30 years. Dewey "Snorter', Luster is another long- time member of the staff. Mrs. Elvi Bordeau is in charge of all team entries, scoring records and the book work involved in the department. The intramural board is composed of Keen, Luster, and Mrs. Bordeau and a corps of stu- dent managers. They meet twice a month to discuss policies and possible improvements to be made in the program. Each year the student members of the board are selected from students working with intramurals. g This system is designed so that all students will be suiliciently trained to hold the position i . 'rt ff at 1' I .5 .-1 ,g ,A-7 , ..'3E..Qf Ull'i'ffif, , I. ,V 1,417 '---Z". ' 3:5133-...:l.Ji 11 of Senior manager: and to the functions FIRST PLACE trophy winner in wrestling was Sigma Alpha Epsilon. required for tournament and league play. Two members ot the team were Slcip Zedlitz and Mike Colbert. BETA THETA PI "B" Toolball champs are: BOTTOM ROW: Bob Riiz, Charlie Belhea. SECOND ROW: John Swineford, Bruce Cole lier, Jerry Hassebroek. TOP ROW: Mike Washburn, Fred While. Jerry Venable, Ronnie Wood. PHI DELTA THETA won The "A" 'Foorball championship. They are Mike lvens, Bob Bigalow, Jim Noland, Brad Williams, Doug For- resf. and Scofl' Chalmers. No+ piciured are Sieve Riley, Delberl' Frieze, Palmer Koonh, Sam Arkins, and Jim Wilson. TOP POSITION in A-Tlighr golf inlramurals was won by Roberi' Fosrer, who represenred Sigma Alpha Epsilon frarernily. lr "B" BASKETBALL champions were 'rhe Bela Thela Pi's, David Craig, Tim Leonard, John Berry, Buich Coward, and Tom Swine- ford. .11-11-I .1--u-4 --1-it xA S. SIGMA CHI "A" Team inlramural baskelball champions for The I964-65 season are: BOTTOM ROW: Jim McDougal, Bill Durcher. SECOND ROW: Linus Williams, Mike Thomas. TOP ROW: Ed Johnson, Dennis James. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON fook firsl and second place in paddle- ball doubles. Second place winners are Chuck Lyon and Tommy Sfevens. ' Legal Eagles Touch Touch Touch Touch Touch Touch Touch Football, Football, Football, Football Football: Football, Football, TEAM SPORTS Class A Fraternity ...... Class B Fraternity ...... Wilson Center ...,..,..,, Cross Center .,....... Towers ....,........ Housing ......... Independent ..,,.., Basketball Basketball Basketball Basketball Basketball Basketball Wrestlingi Wrestling, Wrestling, Volleyball Volleyball Volleyball: s 1 s a 1 Class A Fratemity ......,. Class B Fratemity ...... Wilson Center .........,. Cross Center .......... Towers ............... Independent ....... ........ First Place ........... .....,. Second Place .,..... Third Place ....... Class A .....,..,.,...... Class B ,......,............ Class A Housing .,..,,. Softball, Class A ........................ Softball, Class B ........,,,..,....... Softball, Independent ,....... Intramurals Phi Delta Theta Beta Theta Pi Irving House Kitchens I-Iouse Seminole Seminole Sigma Chi Beta Theta Pi Kingfisher House Burton House Choctaw Legal Eagles Sigma Alpha Epsilon Kappa Sigma Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Phi Epsilon Beta Theta Pi Kelly House Beta Theta Pi Delta Tau Delta , l...... ,..,...... A rchangels BETA THETA PI "B" volleyball champs: BOTTOM ROW: John Berry. TOP ROW: John Hemphill, Larry Foster, J. Sieve Smith. NOT PICTURED: John Graves. Joe Kasparek, David Craven. , , . tl? " str' I If 2? 1, 51 A CLASS "A" volleyball was won by Sigma Phi Epsilon. BOTTOM ROW: John Daniel, Mark Fritz, Warren Fouls, Sian Morrison. TOP ROW: Ernie Collins. Ralph Smith, Jon l'lorwe-del, Greg Fehr. .hy Winners Track and Field ..,....,............,...,.............,.,,.. , ........ Legal Eagles Swimming ......,....,.................................,.....,...,...........,..... . Sigma Nu INDIVIDUAL BRACKET SPORTS Badminton Doubles David Conler and Richard Perry, Pi Kappa Alpha Badminton Singles ........,,,......... Richard Perry, Pi Kappa Alpha Handball Doubles .... Felixberto David and Ion Cole, Math Club Handball Singles ..,.........,........... Felixberto David, Math Club Horseshoe Doubles Bill Hodde and Mike Nix, Lambda Chi Alpha Horseshoe Singles ,...,.....,......... Doyle Newsom, Delta Tau Delta Golf, Championship Flight ........ Phil Adamson, Beta Theta Pi Golf, Class A ..................,. Robert Foster, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Golf, Class B .........,.....,......,. Bruce London, Phi Kappa Sigma Paddleball Doubles Duane Blankenship and Don Finkenbinder, SAE Tennis Doubles Stoney Anderson and Dunning Sanger, Sigma Nu Tennis Singles ....................,..............,.... Kip Walls, Good Guys Table Tennis Doubles David Confer and Iay Spry, Kelly House Table Tennis Singles .......,..,......... David Confer, Kelly House DELTA TAU DELTA won ihe "B" softball championship. Team members were BOTTOM ROW: Bill Hopkins, Bill Spear, Roger Brown. Paul Anderson. TOP ROW: Jack Fesler, Richard Chap- man, Milne Williams, Dan Nelson. 7,-1.-lvl Ii-XL it rf, -he -ta--anis I Y ' sl.:-,llanfaganaaagsga - nil, I l52llf21QIiflll A 1 ' I ,r. no ,f. SIGMA NU intramural swim leam winners were George Wilson, Tom Rempel and David Selim. 8129+ BADMINTON doubles champions represeniing Pi Kappa Alpha ALLAN THOMPSON and Gomer Evans are former champions of were David Confer' and Richard Perry. lhe "B" golf doubles championship. Intramurals DELTA UPSILON and Phi Gamma Della fighi' if oul' on ihe baskeiball floor in an iniramural "A" game. DU won ii by a score of 37-I I 41 ,., .,-2.3 '1- iz' I 5521. u, - ir. 1 55 MJ PM-Ma , 3: .5 W- 1 Q- vr "'. , ,ww . . . Q - - -Q ,L ., in I Qxugu 'z : 1 --ff r ill - L rr 1 .. Q ,wp-' - , I 3 ,..-nl r "L 4" Q . ,.,-f-"" 1-5 5 LXN ? Xw,,,, ' 2 E x 1 X ...T-1" 4 V.. ,' I , v I n, 5" 1 ,,,-1-r ", FY ' 'izin 1 "ttf ,Q --mv-"'j "W' ..liJ'-wi -I ' "",' ... . 'fWg' ' Y N -Glu' .-.L,.x. , H'-'N fwmm' "X"'-'t .LLL ll -""fl " " f'f.3.K""'-'V'""""2N"-Rblfllheziv7' -iraL1w""VQ'1 A " -u,'Q.xf.'.lxH'"."'7""N'W'"TM me t7m .. ,tm-NMR.:xx,.Y.y7,,.uy..N.:,1l,Vi'5y-2V- 'LMDY---,-.-c.,.l.k..1 Lf -54, --- ,x AIX A L1vEyTu-yvnb-. f1' YlY.xA.HE... I - x u,fm1 g , gm .-Agy 1 -aw , L.,Nf,v5k'XX" X- LQ3 fr .Rag XX Yrwf 1 . MINI ' -M RX R' V ,'v'f'f .'1:?IXIig ax ' YL f 1 ML ml.v,'.,'T', 4 xq5.:,,.-Jai: +V-ivr ,VET fly H N LN 1 ! . 3. V5 4 ,-f war MI V, ik ,-eq , - '5 N' H "A Y -f' A "' 'Y ' , f an - f ' "2 'w. ' X1 I, ' ' V 5 -1' L? f 367 f 3' If 4 . 1 -' f - - ' K' iam tl' ' I A Intramural , WRA Boo t Physical Fitness BOTTOM ROW: Karen Tanlcersley, Kathryn Conklin, Janice Strain, Kathy Munn. TOP ROW: Bonnie Allen, Miss Carole Hass, spon- sor: Karen Black. Janice Pullin, Thalia Thompson. BOTTOM ROW: Miss Carole Hass, adviser: Kathy Munn, Karen Black, Thalia Thompson, Janice Pullin. Karen Tankersley, Bonnie Allen. SECOND ROW: Lynn Williamson, Bente Rasmussen. Peggy Zumwalt, Phyllis McClain, Joclene Hathaway. Phoebe Thompson. Women's Recreation Association provides every Woman in the university an opportunity to participate in a wide field of competitive sports, to foster good sportsmanship, and to relax mentally and physically from the rou- tine of class Work. Every Woman at OU is a member of WRA, and the WRA Council is composed of elected representatives from each house and dorm on campus, and a rep- resentative from each club that WRA sponsors. Projects included sponsoring an intramural program for university women, clubs for var- ious sports, candy and cupcake sales, and hosting the state WRA business meeting held at OU. Olhcers were Janice Pullin, presidentg Karen Tankersley, vice president: Ianice Strain, sec- retaryg Karen Black, treasurerg Kathy Munn, social chairmang Thallia Thompson, historiang Bonnie Allen, publicity chairmang and Kath- ryn Conklin, OARFCW Representative. Mary Ellen Doyle, Patricia Burton, Stephanie Savage. TOP ROW: Marilyn Smith, Carolyn Daley, Brenda Roberts. Bailey Piclgeon, Jean Palce. Anita Pennington, Kathryn Conklin, Peggy Evans, Peggy Turnage. 9 BOTTOM ROW: Jean Palma, Sandee Reynolds. Ann-Caryl Tucker. ion, Miss Phyllis Philip, sponsorg Carolyn Kidd, Mimi Francis, Nan- Nan Holcomb, Bette Young, Judi Johnston, Bette Rinqrose. SEC- cy Taylor. Phyllis Wilkinson, Pam Smith. Kathy Evans, Mary Lee OND ROW: Recilla Allen, Peggy Zumwali. Judy Comeqys. Lynn Patterson, Phoebe Thompson, Elizabeth Bell. TOP ROW: Kay Ken- Hale. Ducks Club Creates Interest in Water Fun The Ducks Club meets at the pool once a week and the object of the organization is to increase interest and ability in swimming, especially synchronized swimming. Producing the water show for moms on lVlother's Day weekend, helping with the intramural swim- ming meet and with the state high school girls swimming meet are the major activities of the club. In order to qualify for membership, stu- dents must attend a workshop and show ac- ceptable quality in a tryout routine. Miss Phyllis Philip is Ducks Club sponsor. Pi Phi's Are Wemen's Intramural Champs Pi Beta Phi sorority won the first place tro- phy in the women's division of intramurals for 1964. The trophy was won on the basis of points awarded for placing in the individual games and events. The Pi Phi's compiled BOTTOM ROW: Kathy Munn, Gail Mcflurdy. TOP ROW: Susan Blinn. Marilyn Hamilton, Susan Boddy, Connie Dixon, Linda Grif- the highest total score during the school year. The Pi Phiis won the trophy under the leadership of their intramural chairman, Kathy Munn. The girls voluntarily entered the sports in which each felt she would do the best, and all sports were entered. Tin. Pi Beta Phi sorority won the over-all intramural trophy this year. BOTTOM ROW: Charles R. Buck. sponsor: Janice Strain, Doug Martin. Kathy Munn. Virginia Morris. Anita Pennington. SECOND ROW: Ramona Stegall, Karen Allman, Paula Kay Redeker, Jean Palce, Tamara Manclel, Nancy Joan Reed, Margaret Ann Coffman. TOP ROW: Richard Cella, O. D. Wikoii, Deanna Holland, Richard Newton. Michael McCullough, W. R. Pansze, Peggy Turnage. PEM Club Panel Aid Teaching Ability The Physical Education Majors Club is com- posed primarily of students who plan to teach after graduation, either in public school or in college. The discussions, panels, guest speak- ers, films and outside projects, therefore, are JANICE STRAIN. Karen Allman and Janice Pullin battle it out. WHA Executive Beard SERVING as the WRA Executive Board are: BOTTOM ROW: Janice Strain. Kathryn Conklin and Janice Pullin. TOP ROW: Miss Maurine Bowling, Karen Tankersley, Miss Frances Tyler and Karen Black. aimed at the teaching field. The club, popu- larly known as PEM, meets monthly and membership is open to all physical education majors. BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Pat Fors. sponsor: Patty Hendrick, Janice Pullin. Karen Allman. TOP ROW: Janice Strain. Geneva Jones. Ginny Gibson. Peggy Turnage. " -r-T 5 r 'rife K - ' y l e. ' " , ,Ri l f I Yi? BOTTOM ROW: Sylvia Davis. SECOND ROW: Arlene Soulher- land. Donna Barron. THIRD ROW: Corky Jewell, Renee Lane. Kalhryn Conklin. TOP ROW: Marry Donaldson, Sherry Sleele. Peggy Turnage. Kalhy Munn. Field Hockey Club 1. .. . ,- ...I MANJULA GHALLA, Marilyn Wall, Charlofle Chellain. and Mary Soulherland warm up for field hockey. SWING CLUB MEMBERS are Mary Lou Baskerville. Nancy Her- rick, Belnlie Sabalh. Sharron Cowan, Ann Maslerson, presidenl: Ba ketball Club SHERRY STEELE and Kalhryn Conklin iump. wwfu V, w ,m ,,lI. , .. ,X I, W, awe. ali.-vi-lu!-if 1 ,. 1- M , :: :: :. 'aa: ' ' " ' ,- , -nesvrss E 32:4-f' i gi' f L - I , 6,0 ix l ' 2' 7 HOCKEY CLUB MEMBERS are Mary Sou'll1erlancl, Marilyn Mc- Carley. Susie Slraregier, Melony Hay. Elizabelh Bell, Merrilea Kelly, Paula Hodgin. Carolyn Coales. Marilyn Coales, secrelary-Jrreasurer: Vicki Branl- ley, Marie Voegeli. Cindy Gaunrl. Susan Richardson, vice president "1 ..- I-. 0 C? l YI i x Ju mf X? Chapter 5 +1 ff T W ' .ij 'A VA-5,5 Q, Li , fbi fe iff Q , 2+ Af Greeksfff A K TOP ROW: Donna S. Abel, Jane Allen, Janey Arlhurs, Susan Auslin, Ginger Bain, Penny Baker. Lorraine E. Ballina, Sharon Bradley, Viclci Branlley. SECOND ROW: Linda Brush Car- ol Burke, Kay Carle'Hi, Calhy Casslevens, Joan Conlcling, Judy Ann Corkran, Carla Davis, Susan Dunn, Nancy English. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Farha, San- dra Lea Farmer, Gloria J. Farris. Diana Fields, Sheryl Freeman, Sherre Goss, Judy Lynn Gravlin, Kay Gregory, Mary Lou Guild. FOURTH ROW: Linda Kay Ham- illon. Darlene Hammond, Rey Hancock, Judilh C. Harris, Susie Harris, Judy Haug, Sharon K. Hopkins, Karon Hosler, Jan Jala- ulewicz. FIFTH ROW: Susan Jordan, Kaihy King, Linda Rulh Lieberr, Mary Lee Liming, Diana L. Logan, San- dy Loman, Mary Longbofham. Sharileo Malkin, Janel' Lee Mc- Callisier. SIXTH ROW: Sandi McCown, No- na Jane McDougle, Sharon Ann Meilcle, Sondra K. Miller, Judy Lynn Milchell, Angela Moore, Gale Linn Morgan, Karen Murphy, Suzann E. Myracle. SEVENTH ROW: Nancy M. Neil. Karen K. Newell, Diana Oliver. Jane? Sue Piplcin, Shirley Polic. Robin Rankin, Dianna Reaugh, Ann Reisner, Diane ReMine. EIGHTH ROW: Sally Sue Rey- nolds, Sallie Rickelrls, Michele E. Riggs. Karen Rilchey, Ruihie Roads, Carole Rogers, Jimalea Schooley, Renee Schooley. NINTH ROW: Sharon Ann Shir- ley, Judy Simpson, Lynda Carol Sims, Marlene Sims, Aniia Jo Singlerary. Leslie Smirh. Paula Ann Smiih, Janie R. Smoihers. TENTH ROW: Barbara Sfiranlca, Paula R. Slraley, Susan Sireelrnan, Brenda Slurdevani, Lauralea Tay- lor, Anne Thomas, Nancy Turk. Linda Walls. BOTTOM ROW: Joanne Weslr. Vicki Wesler, Helen Widmayer, Carol Wilkinson, Maggie Wilson, Terry Wood, Susan L. Wrighl, Jana Young. ALPHA CHI OMEGA I I I I5 College Alpha Chi's Take First in Phi Psi 500 The Big Sister-Little Sister Christmas Party, the Spring Red Carnation Ball, the Gamma Phi-Alpha Chi picnic, the Pledge Class Pov- erty Party, and the Autumn Party have kept the Alpha Chi's pretty busy on the weekends this year. But, during the weeks, they have managed to take a third place trophy in the Engine Show and a third place trophy for their Homecoming float. Mike Riggs was an Air Force Queen finalist this year. Kay Carletti was the Ruf-Nek queeng Iimalea Schooley was a Miss Scheherazade finalistg and Gale Morgan was a DU Feudal Princess finalist. AT CAMPUS CARNIVAL, Alley and Buchanan houses bought Alpha Chi pledges. Vicki Brantley dances with guest at the party. V 'sicwgf . M., , The Alpha Chi's also Won Phi Psi 500. Alpha Chi otlicers were lanet Pipkin, pres- identg Ann Reisner, first vice president, Iudy Harris, second Vice presidentg Kay Gregory, secretaryg Helen Widmayer, treasurerg and Nancy Turk, social chirman. Mrs. Mary Fountaine was the Alpha Chi housemother. Alpha Chi's on campus were Dianne Rea- ugh, Tassels, Student Senateg Ianet Pipkin, Mortar Board, Tasselsg Carilee Hogan, Tas- sels, Mortar Board, Who's Whog Ann Reisner, Alpha Lambda Delta, Tassels, Mortar Boardg and Carolyn Farha, Outstanding Freshman Woman and Student Senate. TWO SANTAS, no relation to Claus. pass out surprise presents to pledges at the annual Big Sister-Little Sister Christmas party. ALPHA DELTA PI i405 Elm Parties, Projects Keep ADPi's Busy Alpha Delta Pi, founded in 1851 at Wes- leyan Female College in Macon, Ga., was the first social sorority formed. Wesleyan was also the first college in the world to graduate women students. The Gamma Zeta chapter at OU Was this year under the leadership of Sue Clauve, pres- ident, Gloria Robinson, vice president, Roberta Kunkel, secretary, Lynn Knapp, treasurer, and Iudy Gauer, social chairman. Mrs. Lola Lo- max has been ADPi housemother for five years. The Black Diamond Formal, the hayride, the Suppressed Desire Party, the Christmas Decorating Party, plus the Christmas Party BURYING Mary Carlson in piles ot the winning boxes, Donna Usher and Kaye Oliver celebrate winning the Marlboro Contest. new f. I A -nil-4 Q7 WPA! " . and program for Cerebral Palsy children made this a successful year. Top ADPi's on campus were Io Sue Skir- vin, College of Pharmacy outstanding senior, Mortar Board, Rho Chi secretaryg Bonnie Lane, Miss Pharmacy, Sue Clauve, Milvvestern Model UN, Panhellenic treasurer, Iudy Sugar- man, History Club, Phi Alpha Theta, Gloria Robinson, Panhellenic corresponding secretary, Kaydettes officersg and Kaye Oliver, Nursing Club treasurer, Red Cross, Dads' Day regis- tration committee. The ADPi's, established at OU in 1947, have as their colors azure blue and white. EVEN DEVILS like Charles Hott and Roberta Kunkel had a chance to live it up at this year's Suppressed Desire Party on Halloween. TOP ROW: Virginia E. Barllell, Jean M. Beallie. Jan Braden. Sharon S. Charles, Sue M. Clauve, Penny R. Criswell. Margarel' Ann Enyearl. SECOND ROW: Dell Louise Fobes, Judy L. Gauer. Nona C. Gordon. Linde: Carol Greer, Car- ole Sue Gumm. Slfmerian E. Hamra, Pafricia G. Harn. THIRD ROW: Jill l-lolderby, Lin- da Kay Holi, Sue Horn, Mary Lou Hurlburr. Kaihey Jean Keeler, Kay Kimberling. Lynn Knapp. FOURTH ROW: Roberla Jeanne Kunkel, Bonnie Lane, Janice Mc- Govern. Linda Moore, Cheryl Dee Naifolw, Virginia Kaye Oliver, Mary Lou Orr. FIFTH ROW: Priscilla Page. Clar- ice M. Pregler. Gloria Robinson. Jo Sue Skirvin. Bonnie Jean Slain- hoff, Judifli E. Suqarman. BOTTOM ROW: Terry Treaclway. Donna Usher, Jan Walson. Pamela Wiggins. Judy Young, Chrisfine K. Zehring. TOP ROW: Andee R. Abeles. Cheryl Aber. Connie Baker. Joan Barnholiz. Sharon A. Bilner, Thel- ma Blumen, Beverly Brown. SECOND ROW: Elizabelh N. Brown, Pal Calverl. Barby Cohen, Gail Coppy, Sissy M. S. Davidson, Suzanne Dessauer, Cheri Deufch. THIRD ROW: Carol Lynn Fischer. Leslee F. Fischer, Paula Fishman, Joan Freed. Margo Friedman, Ro- salie Friedman, Pal Fuferfas. FOURTH ROW: Belle J. Glad- sfein, Marlene Glazer, Carole Lynn Glueclc. Susan G. Goldslein, Bar- bara Ann Gordon. Frances l. Grail, Rebecca Lee Kahan. FIFTH ROW: Gail Ellen Kafz, To- bee Kaufman, Shelly Kay. Mickey Kirsch, Debbie Knox, Toni Kusmer. Rhoda Levin. SIXTH ROW: Cynlhia Levifi Cafhey Lifiell. Suzi M. Loewen- slern. Tamara M. Mandel, Janice Mann, Rul'h Mayer. Nancy Miller. SEVENTH ROW: Susan Murov, Doreen Nash, Susan E. Newman, Marion Oppenheimer, Sue Ellen Orbach, Jean C. Fake. Arlene H. Pepper. EIGHTH ROW: Michelle L. Per- muH', Janel M. Prilzker. Carol Ju- difh Robbins, Sandra Lee Rosen- zweig. Janice Roih. Brenda Rozen, Bellie A. Sabalh. Arlene C. Schachler. NINTH ROW: Beverly Gay Schen- berg, Susan Gene Seelig, Mariha Shapiro. Eileen R. Sinderbrand. Fran Spelling, Marleen S. Slein. Carole Sludna, Linda Gail Tein. BOTTOM ROW: Jeri Trope, Di- anne Velinsky, Sharon Befh Velin- slcy. Nancy Anne Waldman. Debi Weinberg, Judi A. Weinberg, Su- sie Williarns, Shirley Rae Wolberg. 640 Elm Phi' Win cholar hip The AEPhi's Won the Panhellenic scholar- ship improvement trophy this year. Other ventures of a less academic nature were the Winter Party, the Pledge Party, and the Spring Formal weekend. Active Phiis were Pat Futerfas, Student Senate senate secretary, Rules and Elections committee chairman, Campus Chest executive committee, Greek Week exchange dinner co- chairman, Carole Clueck, Mortar Board, Who's Who, Homecoming executive commit- tee, Model UN, Phi Alpha Theta, Doreen Nash, Orchesis, Student Senate academic Af- fairs committee, Homecoming decoration com- mittee secrctary, Bettie Sabath, Pi Omega, Stu- SATURDAY afternoons are more fun when girls raid the ice- box, agree Elaine Wolfson, Arlene Schechter and Tammy Mandel. ALPHA EPSILON PHI Improvement Award dent Senate, special projects committee, Dads, Day mailing, and Sharon Velinsky, Student Senate, Model UN, Rules and Elections com- mittee secretary, and Senate Insurance Com- mittee. AEPhi officers this year have been Carole Clueck and Bettie Sabath, presidents, Ta- mara Mandel and Doreen Nash, first vice pres- idents, Paula Fishman and Adele Saladovv, sec- ond vice presidents, Gail Copple and Debbie Knox, corresponding secretaries, Bettie Sabath, recording secretary, Barbara Lerner and Elaine Wolfson, treasurers, and Tobee Kaufman, so- cial chairman. Mrs. Helen Hugill was AEPhi housemother. DECORATING the room for the "matchmate" party are Bettie Sabbath. Tobee Kaufman, Leslee Fischer and Marion Oppenheimer. I ALPHA GAMMA DELTA lpha Gams Captu The Alpha Gams have had a great year in fraternity events. They Won the Phi Delt turtle race, were second in the Phi Psi 500 and the DU Easter egg hunt, and took third in the KA fastest girl on campus competition. In additi- tion they participated in Sooner Scandals and took second place in University Sing. The Alpha Gamma Delta Mountain Party, the Christmas Formal, and the All-Campus Pre-Dallas Dance, provided a little relaxation for the girls of the red, buff, and green. Some of the active Alpha Gams were Rose- ann Bouziden, UAC president, CCR vice chairman, BWOC, Tassels, Mortar Board, Who's Who, loAnn Allen, Tassels, Dad's Day DRESSED in their best mountaineering gear, Russ Bartee and Mar- garet McConnell attend the traditional autumn Mountain Party. T0 930 Chautauqua Fraternit Prizes Quartet traffic committee chairman, Great Books secretary, Sooner Scandals security vice chairman, Margaret McConnell, Tassels, UAC, Campus Band Review chairman, Greek Week Banquet Chairman, Barbara Grundy, UAB, SEA, Great Books Chairrnang and Ann McConnell, Panhellenic president. Upsilon chapter, founded at OU in 1919, was led this year by Roseann Bouziden, presi- dent, Barbara Grundy, vice president, Shirley Olive, secretary, Brenda Wesner, treasurer, and Iudy Monroe, social chairman. Mrs. La- Vonne Snoddy has been Alpha Gam house- mother for two years. MEMBER Susan Richardson serves coffee to visiting alumna Mrs. Floyd Jones Jr. at the bridge party to benefit the Altruistic Fund. TOP ROW: Lorella Aby. Ann Adkins. Beverly Gail Adkins. Jo Ann Allen. Cheryl Kay Anderson. Marsha Baca. Bonney Rae Bass- mann. Judy Becker. Belly C. Bel- lord. SECOND ROW: Judy Bell. Mar- guerire Bleyberg. LeAnn Kay Boeve, Susan Kay Bomar. Rose- ann Bouziden. Nancy Brewer, Su- san Briggs, Linda L. Brown. Shar- on E. Bruce. THIRD ROW: Mary Lynn Cab- bage, Irene Campbell. Kalhy Carr. Calhy Collier. Suzanne Cooper. Kae Coury. Helen Jo Dorr. Dal- las Dorself. Jean Ann Dorsey. FOURTH ROW: Sandra Dean Er- win, Carolyn Grace Fano, Ann Ferrell. Marcia Folks. Mimi Fran- cis. Suzanne Garrelr. Cynfhia Scolf Gerhardl. Diann Goff. Mary V. Gray. FIFTH ROW: Pamela Jo Gregory. Barbara Grundy, Darylene Har- mon, Sharon l-larlin, Linda Hous- Ion, Donna Kilgore, Susan Leigh Kimerer. Melinda King, Charlene Lefller. SIXTH ROW: Elaine Lesler. Dee Lewis, Peggy Lines, Barbara Lo- gan, Carol Ann Marsh. Karen Marshall. Taini Marlin, Ann Mas- Ierson. Pal Mayer. SEVENTH ROW: Elisa Marie Mc- Clendon. Ann McConnell, Jimmy Lynn McConnell. Margarel Mc- Connell, Sally McDonald. Judirh Kay Monroe. Marilyn K, Moody. Sue Moore, Madelon Nebergall. EIGHTH ROW: Jennifer G. New- man, Shirley A. Olive, Margie B. Orr. Lorelia Ann Pierce. Gylynn Reed, Judy Reid. Susan Richard- son, Pal Riser. Sherry D. Robin- son. NINTH ROW: Ann Rogers, San- dy Sandlin. Myra Ann Scalarone. Carolyn Schlosser, Ellen Smilh. Su- san Sfauss, Ann Slinson. Sue Slin- son. Barbara Ann Sloul. TENTH ROW: Jeanne Marie Sly- ron, Susan Helene Taylor. Robbie Tennyson. Sandra Thompson. Ev- elyn Toombs. Kay Turley, Sharon Ann Van Horn. Gayle Walling. BOTTOM ROW: Barbara Wealh- erly. Sally E. Webb. Brenda Wes- ner. Judy Wilson. Palli Windes. Jeani Wood, Sally Woodward. Barbara Worlhing. TOP ROW: Flo Adams. Jenniler Allen. Susan Jane Anderle, Jo Lynne Birlchead, Calhy Boncluranl. Michele Bourland, Sherry Lou Bow- man, Carroll Jun Briscoe. SECOND ROW: Sharon Burba, Cherie Jane Burgess, Jan Burlin- game. Judifh S. Burfon, Sandra R. Busch, Barbara Bulrerworfh, Pa'r'ri Campbell. Ginny C. Clark. THIRD ROW: Sara Clifion. Sally R. Coleman, Janel' E. Council. Terry Ellen Disney, Lyne1"re Ellioir. Penny Sue Ellioil. Jean Finney, Di- ane Fisher. FOURTH ROW: Nancy Flowers, Kalhy Forbes, Shirley Kay Goforlh, Pam Greenshields, Nancy J. Grimm, Diane D. Groom, Jessica Hagan, Palricia Harrison. FIFTH ROW: Emilee Kay I-lariley. Rulh Hochqraefe. Barbara Jack- son, Carol Sue Kent Pal' Kimmel, Kay Klulls. Ingrid K. Lagerleldl. Jane Lindsey. SIXTH ROW: Alexis Lovelace. Maureen M. Maguire, Pam Lynn Mason, Cindy May. Andrea Mayo, Palfi McClennen, Marcie Mellon. Beisy Ann McAnalIy. SEVENTH ROW: Corrie Miller. Suanne Miller, Sammie A. Milor. Laurie Mooney, Belly Mulligan, Sherry Musselman, Nancy Norlh- cufr. Nova Judilh Norfhcuif. EIGHTH ROW: Diane Nourse. Parry G. Novak, Palii Kay Nuss, Ann I-l. Peiers. Toni Raschke, Judy Razook, Mineife Ridings. NINTH ROW: Lynn Ruffin. Lin- da Louise Sabalelle, Jo Scofl' Lee, Anne Smiih, Mary Spencer, Nancy Spielmann, Mary Slili. BOTTOM ROW: Melinda S1ill'. Shelley Sulherland, Jan Thomp- son. Kaye L. Thompson. Pal Tils- worlh, Gayela Anne Word, Anne D. Young. l ALPHA PHI l40l College ocial Events Fill Alpha Phi alendar Alumnae and Faculty Tea, the Christmas Formal, and the Phantom and Phi Party are traditional social events on the Alpha Phi calendar. Alpha Phi's this year have had a finalist for the Alpha Sigma Phi Talisman Rose Queen, the DU Feudal Princess, a Navy Queen, the Delta Sigma Phi Dream Girl and the Engine Queen. In the activity realm the Alpha Phi's boast Barbara Butterworth, Kaydettes, Model UN, Panhellenic, SEA, Greek Week Executive Com- mittee, Young Democrats, Andrea Mayo, Un- ion Activities Service Award, ADS candidate for Miss Iournalism, Theta Sigma Phi, Iota CUTTING out hearts for the Heart Drive cosponsored with the Sig Eps are Terry Disney, Mary Stitt, Jimmy Clarkand Patty Novak. Epsilon, Young Democrats, lun Briscoe, UAB, Sigma Alpha Eta vice president, AWS repre- sentative, and Mary Pauline Stitt, Union Ac- tivities General Art Committee, Interior Dec- orating Club, Shadowhox, University Sing cos- tume committee chairman. Alpha Phi oilicers were Kay Klutts and len- nifer Allen, presidents, Elaine Swank and Kaye Thompson, vice presidents, Laurie Mooney and Diane Fisher, secretaries, Janet Council and Betty Mulligan, treasurers, and Su Anderle and Patty Novak, social chairmen. Mrs. Edna Trawick completed her first year as Alpha Phi housemother. "THESE MONSTER movies on TV tascinate me." Nancy Grimm tells Wayne Robbins at the Halloween Phantom and Phi Party. CHI 0MEGA Chi 0's Sponsor Part As usual, Chi O had beautiful girls this year: Iudy Porch, Pershing Rifles Queen, Barbie Listen, Kappa Sig Sweetheart, Terry Gross, KA Rose, Linda Maltby, Sweetheart of Sigma Chig Sally Lucas, Dream Girl of PiKAg and Mary Anne O'Connell, Miss OU. Chi O also had many girls in activities: Shirley Biggs, Mortar Board, Tassels, UAB vice president, Dads' Day Quartet Contest chairman, Niki Meek, Tassels secretary, Homecoming chairmang UAC secretaryg Terry Ridley, Tassels, Mothers, Day chairman, UAC, Ianie Potts, Top Ten Freshmen, AWS finance pihairmang and Susan Stone, AWS vice presi- ent. SOFT DIET enthusiasts are Marian Harvey, Linda Dozier and Pat Michael. who sneak downstairs tor a midnight marshmallow snack. ' f l , , , l 15 X i Q l 5 V l K X I I . I I 820 Chautauqua for Indian Children And Chi O's had parties: the Ski Party, the Fall House Party, the Chi O-Kappa Sig Christmas Party for Indian children, and the Legacy Weekend. The Chi O's entered Sooner Scandals and they hosted the Miss Football contestants at a special dinner. Chi Omega spring semester oliicers were Marion Harvey, president, Niki Meek, vice president, Barbara Borelli, secretary, Leigh Maltby, treasurerg and B. I. Albitz, social chairman. The Chi O's were organized at the Univer- sity of Arkansas in 1895 and now have 138 chapters. DEER HEADS put up by Joan Dean and Bob Winters helped pro- vide a resort lodge atmosphere tor the traditional Chi O Ski Party. TOP ROW: Berry Allen, Susie Allcins. Jeanne Baker, Ann Belang- er, Charlene Bidasio, Shirley Ann Biggs, Carol Ann Blandford, Davie Lee Boal, Barbara Borelli. SECOND ROW: Kaye Bosley, Mary Belh Bowlen, Fredda Bris- coe, Barbara Kaye Bullard, Barb- ara C. Buskirlc, Linda E. Builer, Guyanne Calame. Merrilee Cafch ing, Gay Chaliani. THIRD ROW: Mariha Chrisl. Mary Clark, Carole A. Cody, Ju- dy Coyle, Nan Craven. Joan Dean, Millicenl' Delien, Linda Di- anne Dozier. Jan Dunaqin. FOURTH ROW: Mary Easlman. Judy Scoii Elkins, Janice E. Har- ris, Mary Alice Eurlon, Marilyn Findlay, Janef Garrison, Phyllis Gill, Cherry Kay Griifilh, Terry Gross. FIFTH ROW: Barbara G. Ham- mons, Kalhryn Ann I-lardberger. Marian I-larvey, Lynn Havighursf, Virginia Holland, Krislina Holm. Jan Jarmon, Pal' Jarvis, Molly Lay. SIXTH ROW: Leigh Maliby. Lin- da Ann Maliby, Paifi Marshall, Pam Marlin, Connie McClain. Carol R. McDade, Joan Mclnfire. Kay Meacham, Diane Mead. SEVENTH ROW: Niki Meek. Marsha Ann Melron, Sandra Men- eiee, Jeanne L. Melcalf. Pai A. Michael, Judy Milreslra, Phyllis A. Milam, Ann Moran, Donna Moyer. EIGHTH ROW: Frances Ann Mussen, Pai Nolan. Nancy Norris, Mary Anne O'Connell. Nanci Car- ol Parrofl, Marsha Perry, Camille Pharr, Kalherine Piflman. NINTH ROW: Judy Lyn Porch, Janie Polfs, Rebecca Lynn Ram- sey, Susan Ann Reddoch, Glenda Lea Rice, Gail Richerf, Terry A. Ridley, Debbi Riley. TENTH ROW: Sue Ann Rodgers, Donna Royce, Louise J. Schuler, Jana Lou See, Melinda Sellers. Ju- dirh R. Sighls, Kaihryn Sieadley. Marcy Gene Slephens. ELEVENTH ROW: Julie Slephen- son, Susan Slone, Deanne Svore. Cheryl Swearengen. Susan Sween- ey, Jerriann Tiehen, Marilyn Todd, Lynda Tyler. BOTTOM ROW: Jana Wassam, Kafrina Kay While, Sharron Lynn Whiiney, Merrilee Wicksirom, Ker- ry Williams, Sharon Wilson. Nan- cy Woodruff, Karen Sue Zueclc. 76 TOP ROW: Barbara Aberneihy. Theresa Anfhony, Laura Berry Ar- ringion. Mary Ann Ashlock, Gail Bandy, Melody Berry. Sandy Bias. Sandy Billings, Karen Lea Black. SECOND ROW: June Blackerby, Candy G. Blalock, Carole L. Bland, Palsy Bynum, Carole Chacey. Pal' Choquelle. Linda Clinesmilh, Jen- niler Coil. Claudia Collins. THIRD ROW: Margarel' A. Con- ley, Ann Cook. Pairicia Ann Cor- beli, Jan Corder, Janie Couch. Ann Cowans, Suzanne Cunning- ham, Lu Belh Curry, Dora E. Des- kins. FOURTH ROW: Susan Deupree. Deborah Louise Downing, Marca Jane Downing, Marilyn Sue Ech- ols, Judy Elderkin, Ann Fenion. Barbie Fleske, Kay Flood. Fran Gieck. FIFTH ROW: V. B. Glazener. Ja- nila Guriey. Susan M. Gunderson, Suzanne Gunderson, Vicki Ann Gunler, Marcia Hale, Toni Hamp- ron, Charline Harrison, Jodene Haihaway. SIXTH ROW: Linda Hay, Karen Hirzel, Lynda Holden. Anne Hooker, Susan Ingram. Jane John- son, Ann Morgan Jones, Kaye Jusfice. Anne E. Kessler. SEVENTH ROW: Cindy Lewis. Mary Lyn Lipscomb. Mary Ann Lively, Sue Livingsfon, Vicki Loei- iler, Marsha Lufirell, Fran Mafih- ews, Ann McCoy. Mila Michael. EIGHTH ROW: Margaref Meeks. Joy Monroe, Cai Morgan, Sally Ann Morrison, Nancy Moss, Lena Berh Murphy, Jill Newkirk, Judy Newkirk, Karen Newman. NINTH ROW: Suzanne Paynler. Mary Ann Phelps, Vicki Phelps, Paliy J. Ploll, Carolyn Prescohk, Pam Price. Jill Reber, Donna Reece. TENTH ROW: Linda R. Reece, Becky Reed, Ronda Reid, Margof Rhodes. Marqarel' Ann Richards, Judy Rickman, Susan Sadler. Cherre Schwab. ELEVENTH ROW: Judy Ann Sherrod, Sally Sue Shields. Carole K. Slepka, Cecelia D. Smiih, Mar- sha Smilh. Kaye Siandley. Darla Jean Srranqe, Mandy Srrickland. TWELFTH ROW: Lynne Taliaier- ro. Mary L. Thurman. Candy Top- ham. Lynda Treichler, Belly Shar- on Tuma. Toni L. Useldinq. Bar- bara E. Voiles, Jacque Wallace. BOTTOM ROW: Palli Wallher. Suzanne Warren, Liz While, Janie M. Wilhrow. Ann Wiesi, Jerri Young, Nancy Young, Trudy Zwick. I6II College DELTA DELTA DELTA f Tri-Delis Contribute Two Scholarships This year the Tri-Delts Won second place in the Engine Show, first place in Dad's reg- istration, first place in pledge scholarship, first place in Campus Chest, first place in the specialty division of Sooner Scandals, and were first runners-up in the Kappa Sig Sorority of the Year competition. They also provided a scholarship consisting of room and board for a foreign student, and gave a scholarship to a college Woman at large. Four Tri-Delts were tapped for Mortar Board, four for Tassels, and six Tri-Delts were chosen as BWOC. Active Tri-Delts were San- dy Bias, Homecoming Queen finalist, Out- ENGINE SHOW practices mean hours of practice, hard work and fun for Marcia Downing, Gail Bandy and Debby Downing. standing Union Activities Worker, Tassels spe- cial projects chairmang Ann Wiest, BWOC, Mortar Board, Who's Who, Sooner Person- ality, Mary Ann Lively, BWOC, Mortar Board, Who's Who, Iill Reber, Tassels histor- ian, and Kaye Flood, Tassels social chairman. Social events for the girls of the silver, gold, and blue were the Christmas Dance, the Heart Sister Week, the Spring Dance, and the Christmas Party for the Cerebral Palsy In- stitute. Officers this year were Ann Wiest, president, Kaye Flood, vice president, Betty Tuma, sec- retary, and Mary Ann Phelps, treasurer. CULTURAL pastimes, such as artistic sign painting, occupy the leisure hours of Ann McCoy, Donna Reece and Mila Michael. DELTA GAMMA Q! 744 Elm DGS Aid Blind tudents by Tree ales Eva Marie Saint is a Delta Gamma, so are Linda Barthel, Miss Scheherazade, Susie Boy- ette, DU Feudal Princess, and Susan Gans, Lambda Chi Crescent Girl. In addition to beauty, the 1964-65 DGs had talent. They won the Sooner Scandals Best in Show trophy and first place in the Engine Show. They also had the most outstanding freshman woman, Iudy Head, and senior wom- an, Billi Kaye Smith Fogg. If that's not enough, each year the DGs sell Christmas trees for their national project, sight conservation and aid to the blind. They give scholarships to blind students on campus, and purchase tape recorders for their use in the library. CONTRIBUTING time to e national proiecl' for the blind, Sandra Rune sells a Christmas tree to Carol Chipman and Nancy McGee. The Delta Gammas have started construc- tion work on their house which will be com- pleted by September. Some of the top Delta Gams were Marilyn Moore, Pi Omega president, Who's Who, Tas- sels, Sue Ford, UAC, President's Leadership Class, Gayle Rossi, AWS secretary, Tassels, Karen Acord, Phi Mu Alpha sweetheart, Tas- sels, Alpha Lambda Delta, Billi Kaye Smith, Fogg, Who's Who, Miss Oklahoma, Tassels, Mortar Board, Sooner Personality, Nancy Singleton, Tassels, and Gale Parker, Shadow- box president. Reha Bristow was president of Delta Gam- ma. Established at OU in 1918, the DGs have as their colors bronze, pink, and blue. DESCENDING the stairs 'ro greet their dates Richard Winburn and Danny Robertson are Julie Goodner and Beverly Schurman. TOP ROW: Karen E. Acord, Pam Adams, Joan Austin, Linda Bar- lhel, Susan Blubauqh. Nancy A. Bolks, Susan Boyeile, Karen Brai- cher, Susan Brallen. SECOND ROW: Dana B. Brewer, LaDean Brigham. Reha Brislow, Barbara Ann Brown. Diane Bunch. Sue Ann Buzzard, Carol Campbell. Karen Campbell, Susan B. Camp- bell. THIRD ROW: Carol Chiprnan. Bobbie A. Chrislensen, Carol Ann Clillon. Judy Comeqys, Charlolle Council. Sandy Lee Cox, Cheryl A. Craig, Linda Kaye Crews, Sher- yl Davenporl. FOURTH ROW: Diane Dillard. Susy Drewry, Deanna Sue Ellioll. Susie J. Erickson. Sue Ford, Ann Forsylhe. Sally Frye. Sarah Lynne Fuqilr, Susan M. Gans. FlFTH ROW: Cheryl Jo Gales, Linda Kay Glallelder, Julie Good- ner, Rena R. Goodson. Judy Greene, Lillian Hamor, Janel P. Hardy, Jody Head, Judy Head. SIXTH ROW: Carla J. Herndon, Janice L. Henlhorn, Sue Hill. Lynn Hudson, Barbara Ann Hulme. Mary Johnson, Lifha Kealor. Kafhryn Keilh, Lynnea Key. SEVENTH ROW: Palricia Ann Kiblinger, Cynfhia Kinlraid, Molly Malone, Anne Marshall. Ginger P. McDonough, Nancy McGee, Mari' lyn Meacham. Sally Markle, Palfy Ann Mohair. EIGHTH ROW: Marilyn Moore. Mary E. Morris, Carol Jean Mor- rison. Kalhy Morler, Linda Lou Muir. Nancy Ann Pack, Gale Park- er. Susie Payelle, Peggy Plummer. NINTH ROW: Jeanne Posey, Karhy Powdrill, Marilyn Redwine, Jeri Mac Richardson, Gayle Ann Rossi, Carole V. Royds, Sandra Rune, Nancy Ryder, Beverly Schur- man. TENTH ROW: Georgia Shepard. Susan Shepard, Nancy Sinqlelon. Parli Springer. Jan Slapp. Susan L. Sleinmeyer, Pam Slevens, Pam- ela A. Troul, Kay Van Vallcen- burgh. BOTTOM ROW: Barbara Walk, Mary Katherine Wallace, Susan Elaine Welborn, Avis Glea Whil- worlh. Judy Widney, Twink Wil- son, Carolyn Yeager. Susan Yea- ger, Susan A. Zadilc. TOP ROW: Bonnie Allen, Ginger Allen, Judy Anderson, Terri G. Anderson, Ann E. Beaudry. June Bielefeld, Janis Boqle, Susan J. Bogie, Jane A. Bowman. SECOND ROW: Mary Ann Bulla, Mary Kay Burgess, Sharon Kay Cargile, Ricky L. Chase, Judy Diane Crews, Belle Byrd, Susan Dillon, Linda L. Dirlcs, Sylvia Du- mas. THIRD ROW: Nancy Ellis. Milzi Ferris, Shirrell Finley, Lexy Fors- lnerq, Barbara Jean Gabel, Julie Goode, Frances A. Grable, Jean Ann Grauel, Palli Gravell. FOURTH ROW: Judy Ann Hall. Rila Joyce Hall, Kalrhy Harn, Claudelle Harfqraves, Susan E. Henderson, Connie L. Henley. Margo Hillinger, Judy Holcomb. Twila Honea. FIFTH ROW: lla Claudean John- son, Linda Johnson. Judilh Ann Johnslon, Barbara J. Kilcer, Mari- lyn A. Klnq, Bobbi Jo Kirlin, Jill LaForqe, Jean A. Leilzsey, Louise Leulhold. SIXTH ROW: Susan Lory, Judy Kay Lovelace, Jan Lovering, Leslie Ann Loyd. Karen Marie Ludwig, Judy Lylooll, Gail E. Marlin, Gloria J. Marlin, Jayne McRey- nolds. SEVENTH ROW: Bama Lee Miles, Melinda S. Miller, Suzi Mollison. Marly Mullen, Jonell O'Brien, Trish O'Brien, Norma Louise Oli- ver, Susan Pancosl, Angela Parnell. EIGHTH ROW: Palria Parnell, Lynn Pallerson, Viclci J. Pence, Pamela J. Pilrls. Janice Pope, Pa- lricia R. Primrose, Judy Reeves, Juanila L. Renllro, Linda Kay Romerman. NINTH ROW: Syd L. Ronish. Gail V. Schmidl, Donna Lee Shir- ley, Barbara Jo Smilh, Jerri Lynn Snow, Joanna Gail Slevens, Sally Eileen Talum, Pal Taylor, Sherry Ann Thomas. TENTH ROW: Leslie Ann Thom- ason, Kay Thornbrouqh, Jacque Paula Tiller, Karen Lynn Tims, Jonnie Lou Toile, Mary Ann Trace- well, Sue Tracewell, Jean Uelrechl. ELEVENTH ROW: Janel' A. Vick- burq, Carolyn Sue Walker, Susan L. Wallz. Tina Ware, E. Bryanne Welch. Marqarel Ann Wesl, Bev- erly Wharlon, Jane While. BOTTOM ROW: Judi Kay While, Ann Williams, Belsy B. Williams, Susan Williams, Lynn Williamson, Judy Wilson, Melody L. Wynn, Linda Yanclell. I I05 College GAMMA PHI BETA Gamma Phi Quartet Wins Dads' Day ward Gamma Phi's were widely known on cam- pus this year for their many activities. These included a first place trophy in University Sing, a first place trophy in the Dads, Day quartet contest, a second place trophy in the Homecoming Decorations contest, and a first place trophy in the mixed act division ot Sooner Scandals with the DUs. Gamma Phi's ranking high on the campus activities list were Pat Taylor, Mortar Board president, UAB vice president, Who's Who, Sooner Personalityg ludy Hall, Mortar Board, Phi Beta Kappa, Who's Who, BWOC, Sooner Personalityg Ginger Allen, Tasselsg Bonnie A1- len, Student Senate, and ludy Holcomb, an MUSIC provides a soothing background for study. so Ann Williams Yanclell prepare to listen to a Johnny Mathis record. will outstanding Freshman Woman. And there were the Gamma Phi parties: the Legacy Weekend Ranch Party, the Pink Car- nation Formal, the Fraternity of the Year Ban- quet, and the Christmas Party for the Concho Indian School. The Gamma Phi othcers for 1964-65 were Iudy Hall, president, Iune Bielefeld, vice presi- dent, Iudy Crews, secretary, Pat Taylor, treas- urerg and Iudy Lovelace, social chairman. Gamma Phi Beta was founded in 1874 at Syracuse University, and has grown to 77 chapters with the Psi chapter established at OU in 1918. CONCHO Indian School children visit with Santa Claus as the Gamma Phi's help the old gentleman hand out gifts at their party. H I l KAPPA ALPHA THETA 845 Cbauta uq ua Theta-is Add Eiiicienc Troph to Collection Sally Sinclair, Campus Chest Queen, Lin- da Pipe, Sigma Nu White Rose Queen, lanet Kerr, Maid of Cotton finalist, Nancy Carter, Navy Queen finalist, and Ianet Smith, Sooner Yearbook Beauty, are a few of the reasons why Kappa Alpha Theta is widely known for its many beautiful girls. Thetas, under the leadership of Susan Ak- right, presidentg Anne Abernathy, vice presi- dentg Carol Bird, secretary, Becky Hall, treas- urerg and Virginia Byrd, social chairman, also Won third in Panhellenic scholarship, Won the trophy for the best Homecoming house decor- ations, took a trophy for an individual act in Engine Show, had an act in Sooner Scandals, CAMPUS CHEST Queen Sally Sinclair accepts a bouquet of roses and a trophy almost as big as she at the tall benefit carnival. and won the efficiency trophy for the second outstanding Theta chapter in the nation. Active Thetas were Anne Abernathy, Matrix Table Outstanding Senior Woman, Mortar Board, UAC vice president, Pat Turner, Tas- sels, Scandals program chairman, Mary Susan Roberts, UAC, Scandals promotion chairman, Karen Tankersley, Tassels, WRA vice presi- dent, COR, Pop Series executive secretary, Peggy Ratcliffe, COR press chairman Student Senate, Iudy Orth, Tassels, Dads' Day Quar- tet chairmang Ian Fife, Alpha Lambda Delta, CCUNQ and Betty Bonifield, Oklahoma Daily Managing Editor. ENGROSSED in tier studies before the fireplace, Janet Smith. SOONER Yearbook beauty, works out a homework assignment. J'! 2' -1 ' -'l"'-! TOP ROW: Anne Aloernalhy. Me- lissa McCalla. Susan D. Alcrighl. Sally C. Amspacher, Alice Ann Baker. Susan Ballard, Ann Baplisl, Penny Beach. SECOND ROW: Kay Beebe, Anne Bell, Jill E. Bell, Colleen Bill- ings, Carol Bird, Judy Bird. Leslie Boqqs, Belly J. Boniiield. THIRD ROW: Sarah Bowman, Belh Burleson, Sharon Kay Buller. Virginia Byrd, Nancy Ann Carler. Suzie Cowen. Connie Sue Craw- lord, Jan Creelcmore. FOURTH ROW: Shari Deason, Linda J. Donnell. Ann E. Foersler. Susan Ford, Elise Franden, Marlha Fryer. Rila Ann Gerrily, Howdy Goudy. FIFTH ROW: Dianne Gurley, Liz Hall, Sue B. Harvey, Charlene Heinen, Ann Henderson, Pam Hodder, Jan Hollinqshead, Jennie D'Orsay Hughes. SIXTH ROW: Kaihy Huslon. Jane Thompson Jones, Viva Lee Kennedy, Jane-'I' Kerr, Befh Lieb, Liz J. Lippman, Viclci Lovin, Mar- cia Lynn Maddox. SEVENTH ROW: Sherry Marlin, Pam McBee. Marilyn Melcalle. Jo Nan Moslrorn, Barbara Ellen Murphy. Judy J. Orlh. Linda Pipe, Adele Punq. EIGHTH ROW: Pally Regan, Peq- qy A. Ralclihfe, Sue Ralclilife. Jane Reed, Connie A. Reid, Marilyn Rice, Becky Riddle. Mary Susan Roberls. NlNTH ROW: Rindy A. Roberl- son, Marlha Roesch, Carolyn Rog- ers. Marty Kay Sanger, Sally Ann Sinclair. Cheryl Smilh, Janel' Smilh. Susan Kay Smool. TENTH ROW: Jane A. Slamper. Karen Tanlcersloy, Toni Taylor, Bar- bara Thompson, Ann Thurmond, Cheryl Todd, Joy Tschappal, Ne- cia Mae Turner. BOTTOM ROW: Palricia Ann Turner. Valerie Voehl, Connie Waqnon, Kalhy E. Walberl, Alice Waflcins. Janel' Wille1'l', Judy A. Wyall. MN gr 1 ' ' 5.1 If . 33 1 I .J wa agl ff .Y 3' '? , ,X il np.- -six x -A V- 1 Q . xv 3 QS f'N , 'T f' " ?, I ' 1 ,aw Q 4 J! X, SN 5 Mg -f 1 i 5 N if I .W "ff" yl ' XTR. ri . M Q 1 'ff' ff , Q. if -9 'S J 505 Emerald Way KAPPA DELTA ports Championships Fall to Kappa Deltas The Kappa Deltas won the Women's Intra- mural speedball championship, tennis singles, and the horseshoes championship. They are currently having an addition built onto their newly completed house. The addi- tion will include a chapter room with a fire- place, a kitchenette, and a patio, plus several new rooms upstairs. KD officers this year have been Barbara Wilkison, presidentg Kay Frantz, vice president, Martha Dahm, secretary, Ierre Francis, treas- urer, and Margo Olivares, social chairman. Mrs. O. A. Cleveland has been the KD house- mother for five years. Outstanding Kappa Deltas were Molly Be- ONE BRIDEGROOM is all that's lacking, as bride Marianne Lyle waits with "preacher" Ginny Croft in the Campus Carnival booth. Q fl hannon, AWS activities chairman, Greek Week projects chairman, Laurie Hayen, Alpha Lambda Delta, Greek Work Day cochairman, Scandals traffic committee, Cindy Pruitt, Per- shing Rifles Honorary First Lieutenant, UAB, pop series and films committees, URCg Iudy Braught, Tau Beta Sigma, Kappa Phi presi- dent, OU band vice president, and Barbara Wilkison, Omicron Nu, Shadowbox vice presi- dent, and Ruf-Nek Queen finalist. Gamma Theta chapter of Kappa Delta was established at OU in 1955. The sorority colors are green and White. Annual social events were the Christmas Formal and the Spring Luau. DECIDING where their newly won women's intramural trophies should cio are member DiAnne Allen, Laurie Haven, Jane Seay. 1 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 700 College Kappa Pledges Rate Panhellenic Award The Kappas celebrated their fiftieth anniver- sary at OU by taking the second place Dads' Day Quartet trophy, the most original Cam- pus Chest booth award, and the Panhellenic Most Outstanding Pledge Class Award. Three of the Top Ten Freshmen Women were Kap- pas and six Kappas were named to Tassels. Individual Kappas of reknown were Vicki Cotcher, Student Senate president, Tassels, Most Outstanding Freshman Woman, 1962- 635 lane England, UAB, Tassels vice president, Sharon Gafford, Student Senate, AWS, Top Ten Freshmen, Cathy Callahan, Panhellenic scholarship chairman, Alpha Lambda Delta, SMOKE SIGNALS seem one solution to strict campus rules before finals for Patty Mac Sloan, Wendy Woods and Paula Landrith. , LL President's Leadership Class, and Paula Landrith, AWS scholarship chairman, Sooner Scandals finance chairman, and President,s Leadership Class. Kappa social life led them to share honors at the Monmouth Duo, plus holding the Hol- iday Christmas Desserts, the Christmas Formal and the Annual Founders Day celebration. Kappa was founded nationally in 1870. The founders liked the color blue, so they made the Kappa colors light blue and dark blue. Beta Theta chapter of Kappa was established at OU in 1914. SOGGY Dwight Johnson reioins his pinmaie Linda James after having been thrown into the duck pond to celebrate their pinning. 0, aa : .3,.i 1 '57--fig X WSF.-: Plc? ' ,G'7Tf"r' TOP ROW: Edwina Appleby, Janei' C. Barnes, Harmie Biddle. Marilyn Billingslea, Karlann Boni- field. Gwen Brown, Belly Bryan'r, Melissa Burwell. SECOND ROW: Jill Byrne, Calhy T. Callahan, Judy A. Cameron, Ce- cille Carameros. Cindy L. Ches- nuH', Ellen Jane Colby, Belly A. Driver, Susan Dulaney. THIRD ROW: Jucly Ebay, Jane England, Marlha Fair, Judy A. Fosrer, Jackie G. Frank, Susan L. Fryer, Jeanne T. Frynfzlco. Marie Anna Frynlzlco. FOURTH ROW: Sharon G-afford, Anne T. Glover. Vicki Gofcher. Sharon V. Haines. Caren E. I-laney, Jena-'Fred Hederhorsl, Louise Hen- derson, Diane Cole Holloway. FIFTH ROW: Susan King Hollo- way. Jean E. Holzbeierlein, Bonnie Ann Horne. Ann K. Inglis, Linda Jane James, Judi Johnson, Rosi- lyn A. Johnson, Vicki Lynn Jones. SIXTH ROW: Mary Jane Jordan. Kay Kenlon, Prudence Kerr. Jan Lise Kelcham. Anne Krall, Paula E. Landrifh. Sandy Laugenour, Linda Lee Laughlin. SEVENTH ROW: Liza Jane Le- Fevre, Cynlhia M. Lighlner. Pal L. Long. Mary Love, Marla McBee. Carol McCann, Pamela Ann Mc- Caslcill, Molly McCormick. EIGHTH ROW: Kalherine W. Mc- Craw. Lyne'He L. Mehl. Mary Karhryn Merrill, Nancy Monlqom- ery, Mary Dee Neal, Karen Neme- chelc. Judy Norris, Linda Phillips. NINTH ROW: Susan Pickering, Sherri L. Pierce, Marsha Dianne Piplcin, Polly Puckell. Joan E. Ralf- askas, Lloyd Roberis, Anne E. Rod- gers, Anne Savage. TENTH ROW: Shirley R. Scoll. Ken Sue Shear, Rosemary Shipe, Emily Sholly. Pam K.Sloan, Rulhee Smifh, Susan Talley. Connie Wallc- er. BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Wallon, Parli Ward, Phyllis J. Warmack. Sue Weaver, Jane A. Woodward, Rulhie Wyriclc. Jane Young. TOP ROW: Pam Adams. Sammye Jo Albin. Sharon Ansley. Judy Asbury. Calhie E. Balanline. Kalhy Bell, Becky Berry, Nanelle Bilyeu, Susan Blinn. SECOND ROW: Pally Bennell. Carolyn Breaden, Sally N. Brown. Jane F. Buchanan, Willa Buclc, Belly Bruce Burke, Roxee Calinson. Chrislina Calverl, Jody L. Cashion. THIRD ROW: Carol Clark. Mar- qarel Collman, Kalhryn A. Conk- lin. Claudia G. Conley. Jayne Cooley. Jan S. Cooper. Susan M. Culp. Sandi Kay Denlon, Emmy Derby. FOURTH ROW: Anne Dew. Mar- iory Ann Diamond, Connie Dixon. Marlha L. Dowling. Diane E. Dur- land, Belly M. Earnesl, Jan Ellioll. Linda Evans. Phoebe Farmer. FIFTH ROW: Marsha Finley. Belsy Foree. Margie Foree, Cynlhia A. Gaunll, Danella Gilmore. Jane C. Graves, Linda G. Griffin. Marilyn J. Hamillon, Mary A. Harlow. SIXTH ROW: Marcia Harrell, Bar- bara S. Harris. Jan A. Harl, Mil- ann Haslinqs. Susan Healy. Re- becca Herilage. Janie Hicks. Jill Hollman. Janel Hope. SEVENTH ROW: Penny Lynn ls- om. Kendall Rex Jacobs, Palsy Johnson. Judy B. Jones. Nancy Louise Keesee. Belh Kennedy. Marlha Jean Key. Holly Kay Kin- kade. Pam Laird. EIGHTH ROW: Gail McCurdy. Carol Ann McMahon. Carolyn Meek. Sandalyn Meridilh, Mary Jo Meyer, Jane Monroe, Judy Moore. Dianne Morrison. Joyce L. Mowery. NINTH ROW: Janie K. Lake. Marilyn Leaminq, Peg L. Lemme. Sharon Kay Lewis, Nan Ligon, Al- ine M. Linehan. Carole Looney. Sue Ann Maqness, Susie Marlin. TENTH ROW: Amelia Munn. Kalhy L. Munn, Kalhy Nelson. Carol L. Orinqderll. Lucy Pang- burn. Pam Perry. Sally Phillips, Linda Prall, Mary Lu Puckel, ELEVENTH ROW: Barbara S. Pul- nam. Susan Pyeall. Sharon Lou Rapp. Liz Riddle. Jane L. Robbins, Paula Roqers, Anila G. Ryland. Sherry Paiqe Sellers. Jan Snead. TWELFTH ROW: Belly E. Slaggs. Susan J. Slaylon, Sherry Ann Sleele. Sarah Frances Swanson. Cindy Ellen Tale, Pally Thomson. Marie Voegeli. Eugene Van Zandl. BOTTOM ROW: Linda Lee Wag- er. Gayla C. Wagner, Janel' Walker. Sally Lynn Welker, Lee Wheless, Sue Ann While. Marcia Sluarl Will, L. Luann Williams. I70I Elm PI BETA PHI Jubilant Pi Phi's Celebrate Winning Award The Pi Phi's won the Panhellenic scholar- ship trophy this year, and then celebrated at the Monmouth Duo, the Sigma Chi-Pi Phi Orphan Party, and the Glass Slipper Classic football game with Gamma Phi's. Penny Isom, Campus Chest vice chairman, Psi Chi, Big Eight College Bowl Team, Mortar Board scholarship, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pres- ident's Leadership Class, Lee Wheless, Top Ten Freshmen, Alpha Lambda Delta vice pres- ident, UAC, UAB, Dads' Day publicity chair- man, Homecoming publicity chairman, Tas- sels presidentg and Peg Lemme, Alpha Lamb- da Delta, Tassels, UAB, Who's Who, Top Ten Freshmen, and Great Books committee, FOOTBALL practice puts Bette Burlce, Ann Forrester and Kendall Jacobs in trim for the Glass Slipper charity football classic. carried the Pi Phi banner in the activities realm. Pi Beta Phi was founded in 1867 and since that date has grown to 111 chapters. Oklahoma Alpha chapter was established in 1910. The sorority colors are wine and silver blue. Officers this year were Linda Evans and Susan Blinn, presidents, Peg Lemme and Roxee Calinson, vice presidents, Beth Kennedy and Gail McCurdy, secretariesg Dianne Mor- rison, treasurer, and Marilyn Hamilton, social chairman. Mrs. W. D. Pfeiffer has been the Pi Phi housemother for three years. COFFEE BREAKS that offer time for relaxation and a little gossip are popular with Carol Oringderfi, Jane Cooley and Pam Adams. SIGMA DELTA TAU I7I4 Chautauqua i ma Delta Tau's Host Frontier Part Barby Burnett, president, Lyn Siegal, first vice president, Arlie Fedman, second vice pres- ident, Ieri Lynn Kahn, recording secretary, Sherry Potter, corresponding secretary, and Margo Altman and Cheryl Newman, social cochairmen, have led the SDTS through a suc- cessful year. Some of the outstanding Sigma Delta Tau's include Janet Kamber, Mortar Board, COR executive secretary, Theta Sigma Phi treasurer, Bev Gremm, Student Senate, Panhellenic vice president, Lew Wentz award, Miss OU semi- finalist, AFROTC Queen semi-finalist, and Laurel Olsen, Greek work day cochairrnan, GUEST of honor at this little sister "party" is Phyllis Seliqson, who prepares to receive a paddle from member Jeri Lynn Kahn. Alpha Lambda, Sooner Shamrock beauty, Sooner Beauty finalist, and Monthly Queen for Sports Magazine. Sigma Delta Tau was founded nationally in 1917, and adopted the colors, cafe au lait and old blue. Xi chapter was established at OU in 1929. Mrs. Charles Champion was SDT housemother this year. Traditional SDT parties included the Frontier Party, the Spring Formal, and the Pledge Party. The SDTS plan to add several more rooms to their new house within the next two years. QUICK-DRAW Gail Aclreme shoots Bev Gramm before she has a chance to draw her cap pistol in defense at the SDT Frontier Party. TOP ROW: Dixie Lee Champion. Housemolherg Viclti M. Abramson. Gail L. Adreme, Irene M. Alay- niclc, Margo Allman, Tina Gail Alfman, Calhy J. Barr, Carolyn Bell. SECOND ROW: Anne Bernstein, Naralie Bloom, Andi G. Bookey, Bolobe Bramson, Marilyn Breslow. Susan Bresniclc. Jane Ellin Brown. Sherry Buchner. THIRD ROW: Barby Burnell, Jo Helen Bushman. Renie Cenler. Candy Lynne Cherniaclc. Cissy Cohn, Jill Hope Colodny, Linda A. Emmer, Arlene H. Fedman. FOURTH ROW: Joan Feldgre- ber, Frances Finlcel. Jayne Frank- lin. Joan B. Friedman, Edie M. Goldberg, Marsha Goodman, Bev- erly Gremm. Barbara E. Herzog. FIFTH ROW: Alice Jacobson, Jeri Lynn Kahn, Janel Kamber. Anira Kochman. Leslie Ann Kral- chman, Barbara R. Kuller, Donna Lee Lange, Myra K. Lapides. SIXTH ROW: Diane Lean. An- drea Leibs, Marilyn Levin, Jossie Levine, Lynn Levinson, Pam Lin- coln, Julie Lumberr. Kalhy Mag- nus. SEVENTH ROW: Susie Maflcoll. Judy Michel, Sharon Miller, Terri Milder, Susan Minlcin, Gayle Mnoolcin, Lynn Nassau. EIGHTH ROW: Cheryl Newman, Laurel R. Olsen. Elaine Oscher- wiI1, Bebe Pidqeon, Joie Ploclcer, Sue Dee Pollack. Sherry Poller. NINTH ROW: Mary Sue Robin- son, Bonnie Rosenllwal. Sondra D. Rudin, Rira Salerslein, Ann Eliza- belh Sapof, Lory Sass, Judi A. Schochler. TENTH ROW: Susan Schwarlz. Calhy F. Selig, Elaine Seligson, Phyllis Seliqson. Luanne K. Schullz, Liane "TanI:y" Slolen, Bobbi S. Wedlan. BOTTOM ROW: Cheri Wein- berg, Janis Weinberger, Jill Weilz. Eleanor "Lolly" Wilk, Sheila Wise- man, Bobbi Yunker, Laura Zaban. , W: ' 151- -, , l I " W BRIDGE GAMES are a way lo forge? examinalions Jean Goad, Susan Noble. Nancy Scroll and Doris Moser find. 280 TOP ROW: Susan Armslrong. Georgia L. Duclcworll-i. Sandi Flynn. Jean Goad. SECOND ROW: Barbara Groov- er, Pamela Rae Kenl, Ann Lander, Doris R, Moser. THIRD ROW: Janel Marilyn Mull- er, Susan Noble, Janice Diane Pace. Mary Ka'rl1ryn Price. BOTTOM ROW: Colleen ReNee Scliupbaclc. Nancy V. Scofl. Palfi Sharp. Lee P. Sperber, Margarel J. Wilclerman, Qs. . . ' - 'r -re r " "r l..-2.-.- -- - eine- ,L . , 920 Chautauqua ZETA TAU ALPHA Zeta's to Go Ott Campus After 12 Years Top Zetas this year were Colleen Schup- bach, Alpha Lambda Delta, Model UN, MENC, Women's Clee Clubg Susan Arm- strong, Alpha Lambda Delta, University Scholars, Kappa Phi, Young Democrats, Ann Lander, Oklahoma Daily Managing Editor, Theta Sigma Phi, Gamma Alpha Chi, Susan Noble, Eta Epsilon, Student Traffic Court, Philosophy Club, Big Eight College Bowl co- chairmang and Sandi Flynn, Senate Rules and elections committee, Kappa Phi, Creat Books, Young Democrats, Sooner Beauty finalist. Susan Noble was president, Iean Coad, vice president, Barbara Croover, secretary, and so- cial chairman, and Patti Sharp, treasurer. Mrs. POPCORN by the fireplace is a treat at the Zeta house for John Thomesson. Mary Hamilton, Janet Muller and Roger Chaltant. , I fr '- ,, 5' X r ,.- pt.: ' J'51a.4'- - ' . Martha Price spent her first year as Zeta Tau Alpha housemother. Zeta Tau Alpha was founded nationally at Longwood College in Faunville, Virginia, Oc- tober 15, 1898. Zeta, whose colors are tur- quoise blue and steel gray, has grown to 120 chapters. Gamma Upsilon chapter was estab- lished at OU in the fall of 1953. Zeta Tau Alpha will officially be off-campus at the end of the semester. This will end 12 years of laughter and gaiety for the Zeta sis- ters who will long remember the Halloween parties, Christmas smorgasbords, Valentine parties, and White Violet spring formals. PRACTICING at the piano for a house performance puts Pamela Kent, Janet Muller and Colleen Schupbach into thoughtful moods. Panhellenic Governs Sorority System To maintain on a high plane sorority life and interfraternity relations and to cooperate with the University in its efforts to maintain high cultural, educational, and social stand- ards of sorority women are the goals of the Panhellenic Council. Also Panhellenic serves as a forum for the discussion of the problems common to the 15 sororities and it strives for greater unity and cooperation among the groups. Panhellenic compiles and enforces rules gov- erning rushing, pledging, initiation, chapter so- cial functions, and any other areas involving the sorority system. Panhellenic awarded over 31,000 in scholar- ships to deserving sorority women this year. Panhellenic also awards three trophies each semester to the sorority with the highest grade average, the pledge class with the highest BOTTOM ROW: Trish Thomas, Gloria Robinson, Sandi Flynn, Beverly Gremm, Ann McConnell, Dorothy Truex. SECOND ROW: Roseann K. Bouziden, Kris Holm, Shirley Ann Biggs, Carole Lynn Glueck. Pat Futerias. Karen K. Newell. Janet Sue Pipkin, Barby Burnett. THIRD ROW: Cathy T. Callahan, Pearl Sharon Hartin, grade average, and the sorority with the great- est scholastic improvement. This year Panhellenic and IFC cosponsored Greek Week. Special events during the week included exchange dinners, housemother luncheon, blood-typing program, Greek Ban- quet and Dance. The purposes of Greek Week were to reexamine fraternity and sorority ideals, to appraise progress toward realizing these ideals, and to acquaint the campus and community with the ideals for which fraterni- ties and sororities stand. Greek Week also pro- vided time to seek solutions to problems among the fraternities and sororities themselves, he- tween the sororities and the college, and with the community at large. Sorority presidents and elected representa- tives comprise Panhellenic Council. Barbara Wilkison, Linda Johnson, Karen Kay Kluits, Barbara Ann Butterworth, Sue Harvey, Jane Monroe. TOP ROW: Ann Wiest. Judy Sherrod. Melissa Burwell, Sue Clauve, Susan Noble, Rehn Bristow, Susan Boyette, Susan Akright, Linda Evans. l MEETING fo discuss Panhellenic rules are Pafricia Thomas. Ann McConnell, Dr. Truex. Beverly Gramm and Sandi Flynn. '45-V 283 'Z' BOTTOM ROW: Donna Lee Lange, Susie Atkins, Twink Wilson, Judy Lynn Wilson, Beverly Gremm. SECOND ROW: Joyce Lynn Mowery, Phyllis Dade Hearisill. Leslee Ann Thomason, Marilyn Breslow. Ann Elizabeth Beaudry, Beti Ann Briscoe, Mary Lynn I-larnilton. Pamela Rae Kent. THIRD ROW: Liz Hall, Sue Ellen Orbach, Fran Spelling. Jana Young. Gail Bandy. Debby Down- ing. Robbie Jo Tennyson, Hillie Kattouw. TOP ROW: Nancy Lynn Wood, Aline Marie Linehan, Shirley Kay Goiorth, Paula Anne Smith, Liza LeFevre, Cecille Carameros, Terry Treadway, Connie Jo McClain. Junior Panhellenic Conduct Ru h Survey POLICIES of Junior Panhellenic are discussed by officers Donna Lange, Ann Beaudry and Twink Wilson at a monthly meeting. To cooperate with University authorities in their efforts to maintain high cultural, educa- tional, and social standards of both fraternity and non-fraternity women is the aim of the Junior Panhellenic Association. Projects and accomplishments of this year's Iunior Panhellenic have been the conducting of a rush survey, a blind date survey, and a Christmas Tree project. Of course, the or- ganization also participated in the annual Greek Work Day project with the Fraternity Pledge Council. lunior Panhellenic officers this year were Twink Wilson, presidentg Judy Wilson, vice president, Susie Atkins, secretaryg Donna Lange, treasurerg and Miss Ioanne Burkes was the faculty sponsor. To be eligible for membership in the Tun- ior Panhellenic Association, a girl must be president of her pledge class or the Iunior Pan- hellenic representative of her pledge class. lnteriraternity Council Expand Activitie The Interfraternity Council has enjoyed a year of expanded activities, as well as a com- plete reevaluation of its basic programs and procedures. In 1912 the IFC was established on the cam- pus. In the ensuing 53 years it has developed into one of the most dynamic forces within the student body. As the governing body for the 23 fraternities, it provides broad guide- lines for all these groups. This year Greek Week was revived under the leadership of Mike McDanel and included exchange dinners, seminars on fraternity af- fairs, blood-typing program, tug-of-war, ban- quet ancl dance. Leo Cade, past national president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, was the banquet speaker. The week was a tremendous success and will be continued in the coming years. BOTTOM ROW: Butch Battey, John P. Hardwick, David F. Suther- land, W. R. Brown, Jim Howard, Barry Staub, Phil Horton, Ronny Bradshaw. Donald R. Crews. SECOND ROW: Joe Dorman. John Collins, Jay Shields. Warren Robb, Mike McDanel, Dudley Hyde. Robert Vauqhn, George Patterson, David Johnson, Mike Ritz, John Daniel, Larry Foster. THIRD ROW: Gene W. Smith, Jr., Bob Rose, Joe Todd. Richard L. Knapp, Kip Ferguson, David Butler. Morris Hailey. Jim Holloman. Richard lorio, Terry Arnn, Michael The Graham B. johnson Memorial Fund provided funds for contributions to the Alumni Development Fund, the University's Plan for Excellence, the Phillips Collection, and other worthy projects. The IFC foster child, Irene, is a 16-year-old Italian girl who lives in a small village, and is the only one in her family of seven who at- tends school. IFC support is helping provide her with an education. Revising the IFC constitution was one of the big projects of the year. The new version is four pages shorter and is much easier to use. The Fraternity Managers' Association, the cooperative food purchasing agency, has moved into its second year of operation under the direction of C. I. Stewart, providing siza- ble savings to individual fraternities. Transue, Ray Moss. FOURTH ROW: Dick Kobdish, Robert H. Christman. Harold E. Krauz, Jr., Phillip F. Elkins, Thomas D. Had- dan, Barry A. Glasberq, Mark L. Brodlcin, Reid Robison, Sandy Sabater, Don Henline, David L. Entrikin, James R. Rodgers. TOP ROW: Gary B. Williamson, Grady Merritt. Mike Fiiipatrick, Les B. Fertig, Thomas Fellman, Floyd Horton. William Tylinski, James Martin, H. James Whisnand, Robert F. Stephens. R. Clark Musser. Jim B. Bennett, Ben Henry. .19 Renewal ef Greek Week Highlight IFC Reergani ation DEAN W. R. BROWN. IFC facuffy adviser, and Mike RHZ Talk over plans for upcoming Greek Week evenfs and adiviiies. . 3 is I I 5 i H Tea 286 RONNY BRADSHAW, presidenh and Dave Suflner- land, rush chairman, discuss rush manual plans 5.7 Y -51 ,a!. W. x ii xi sv. 'iii :nv-P - 3. ax- fg- "' ,. f X Fil' f Q , . I 5 SAE "Ik Y JM . A r Y' Q - - I N If v mx, K R r ff . - , , 1. , V-' 'V-'Lg ,.-- V 1 ",jZ'fr:, A ' 4- 1 , 1 V A1 OFFICERS OF I964-65 lnferfrafernify Council were John Hard wick. Treasurer: Jim Howard, presidenf: David Sutherland, secre fary: and Barry Sfaub, execufive secrefary. Pledge Council Guide Orientation The chief goal of the Fraternity Pledge Council is orientation of fraternity pledges. The main objective is to instruct pledges in the operations of the Greek system and to in- troduce them to the duties and tasks of the big brother organization, Interfraternity Coun- cil, into which the pledges become absorbed when initiated as members into their respec- tive fraternities. Projects this year included the revision of the constitution. Annually, the group coop- erates with Junior Panhellenic Council in Pledge Work Day at Central State Hospital. Another activity is blind dates among sorority and fraternity pledges, designed to help pledges get acquainted. Meeting twice a month, the FPC is com- posed of one pledge representative and the pledge class president of each of the 23 fra- ternity classes on campus. Butch Battey and Ioe Dorman were FPC pledge trainers this year. BOTTOM ROW: Eldon Battey, Joe Dorman, John Monk, Earl Smith, James Stallings, John Sacra, Randall Huitman, Roger Holmes. SECOND ROW: Robert V. Mack, Ronnie R. Roberts. Robert Reed. Kenneth J. Kolilmyer. Ronald L. Morris, Dan G. Wal- ters. Carl R. McCallum. James V. MCC-Buckin. THIRD ROW: BOB BEASLEY, Dick McCallum. and Joe Dorman. pledge trainer, plan activities tor the spring semester. Randy Kirchner, Ben Dellavedova, Steve Meyer, Steve Harrell, Larry Schwartz William M. Masterson, Jerry Dean West. Terry A. Seba. TOP ROW: Jerry Wayne Shipman, Don E. Sessions, Larry Melton Swanson, Irving D. Warden, Gordon M. Bullivant, Lamar E. Grimes, Jimmy H. Biffle, Jim W. Dill, Bob Beasley. IGNORING work is dirficulf. or so Tom Moore and Torn Finnerly would have Don Cerniglia believe as he vacuums around lhem. TOP ROW: James R. Bassel, Paul D. Borchardr. Thomas S. Burger, Don Cerniglia, Charles H. Eby, David Leighron Enlrikin. T. Charles Finnerly. SECOND ROW: Charles Haberl. William E. Ham, William W. Har- rison, Carl I. Higgins, Roloerl D. Holr, John J. Hudak. John Edgar Hunfer. THIRD ROW: Richard lorio. Richard L. Kaser, Kennelh J. Kohl- myer, Jorge F. Landler, Leo G. La Palme, James W. Madden, William C. Markwardlz FOURTH ROW: Thomas C. Moore. Ron L. Morris, Joel D. "Woody" Morris, Jr., Ronnie G. Osborn, Phil Ovial"r, Mickey J. Palovich, Mayo B. Parks. FIFTH ROW: Bol: A. Prolzman. Andy J. Ranaudo, Mike Jay Ran- son, Carl A. Reed, J. E. Riley. Mike D. Smifh. BOTTOM ROW: Roberl C. Slra- der, Bill L. Thomas, Charles Turn- er, Wade Werner Voss. Jerry A. Warren, Sfeven Len Welly. 544 Elm 'W ACACIA eaeias Receive IFC ehelarship Treph The Acacias have been busy this year. They have increased their active membership by over one hundred per cent, they were the re- cipients of an IPC scholarship trophy, they remodeled the first floor of their house, and they won the Alpha Phi Omega blood drive trophy. They have held numerous parties: the Tri- angle Ball Christmas Formal, the Nite on the Nile Party, the oldest traditional costume party on the OU campus, and the Christmas Pledge Dessert. The Oklahoma chapter of Acacia fraternity, founded on the campus in 1920, was led this year by Dick Iorio, president, Mayo B. Parks, SITTING 'lhis one out al' the Acacia party honoring all worthy campus hoboes are John Hudalc and his date, Linda Williams. vice president, Mike Smith, secretary, Iames R. Bassel, treasurer, and Paul Douglas Bor- chardt, social chairman. Their housemother Was Mrs. W. C. Vernon. Acacia activity men were Bill Ham, Sigma Tau, IEEE, Fraternity Pledge Council, St. Pat's Council, lerry Warren, Phi Eta Sigma, Sooner MOD nominee, Deanis Honor Roll, Carl Higgins, varsity golf team, Don Cerniglia, varsity tennis team, Phil Oviatt, varsity track and cross country, Mike Smith, varsity base- ball, Dick Iorio, IFC president's council, SEA, and Ron Osborn, University Symphonic Band. BIG BEN gets a checkup from Ronnie Osburn and Mike Smith to be sure that none of the brothers are late for appointments. ALPHA EPSlLON Pl .ff-E T AllPi lin ertains With Annual "TGIF" Party Omega Upsilon chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi was established at OU in 1959, after being organized and colonized in l957. The frater- nity constitution dedicates itself to the promo- tion among its members of personal perfec- tion, a reverence for God, and an honorable life devoted to the ideal of service to all mankind, in nobility of action and understanding among all faiths. This yearis ofhcers were David Wise, pres- identg Sylvan Steinberg, vice president, Her- man Schwartz, secretary, Robert Newman, treasurer, and Richard Shaw, social chairman. Some of the outstanding AF.Pi's on campus DECORATING the living room wall with a plaque in their temporary house at 743 DeBarr are Dave Wise and Lenny Bokor. ryn l were David Wise, IFC, Fraternity Pledge Council pledge trainer, Sylvan Steinberg, KUVY, IFC, Fraternity Pledge Council, Bowl- ing Club vice president, Richard Most, Sooner Scandals, AEPi sergeant at arms, athletic chairman, Intramural program, and Robert Newman, AEPi rush chairman, chaplain and treasurer. The AEPi,s had an active social program that included the Pi Pad Beatnik Party, the annual Hay Ride, and the yearly Thank Good- ness Itis Friday party. Mrs. Beulah Bowling was AEPi house- mother. AGAIN the pledges must fall victims of the members, as Larry Schwartz posts the notice for the pledge-member football game. TOP RONV: Beulah Bowling, Housemolher: Michael Barlow, Sfeve D. Barrefr. Emil Lee Berniclc. Donald A. Blousfine. Leonard Al- len Bolcor. SECOND ROW: Wayne Cohen, Jack Roberr Fein. Michael E. Fried, Sfeven H. Gorin. Michael H. Greenbaum. Edward A. Harris. THIRD ROW: Frank Arrl-nur Jar- mufh. Roberr W. Koch. Mike D. Kopelman, Howard Leibowih, Larry E. Levy. Mike S. Luger. FOURTH ROW: Richard Terry Most Rolserr L. Newman, Sruari' Barry Robbins, Terry Roberls, Lar- ry Allen Rosen, Frank Edward Salle. BOTTOM ROW: Lawrence A. Schwarlz, Richard P. Shaw, Sylvan J. Sieinberg, Don Viner, William M. Weinberg, David Henry Wise. 5' 9 DALLAS WEEKEND found lhis happy carload in Big D: Evonne Trour, Dave Wise, Bill Weinberg. Helena Wellner. Fran Greif. Mike Fried and lsfandingl Terry Mosh Larry Schwariz and Larry Rosen. LARRY BALCH. Dave Bruschi and Rusiy Magarily enler Iheir second childhood as Ihey wrap presenfs for underprivi- leged children. TOP ROW: Larry S. Balch. Rich- ard J. Ballles. William J. Boyle, David Bruschi, William S. Burl. Salvador ILouieI Camarillo. SECOND ROW: Tobey Cenler. Roy Charles Chaney. Richard D. Chronisler, Charles Daniels, Har- old E. DeGraw, Tom Erbar. THIRD ROW: J. A. Godchaux, Jr.. Slephen G. Harrell, Dave Hicks. Floyd D. Horlon, George Jackman. Jr., Gary A. Kilpalrick. FOURTH ROW: Ronnie R. Mack- lin, Russell L. Magarify. Don B. McAllisI'er, Mike D. Meredifh, John R. Miles. Tom L. Obermeyer. FIFTH ROW: John E. Olinghouse, William B. Payne. Manfred Ray, Lee S. Ridqway, Charles L. Rohr- baugh. Gene C. Sands. BOTTOM ROW: Tim Schnoebelen, Alvin C. Turner, Jr.. Bob Uda. Irving D. Warden. Jr.. Paul Woody. nw u r 602 W. Boyd Ba ou Bounce Adds Alpha Sigma Phi was founded at Yale Uni- versity in 1845, and has grown to 61 chapters. The Alpha Alpha chapter was established at OU in 1923. The fraternity colors are cardinal and stone. Social activities were an important part of life at the Alpha Sig house and the Talisman Rose Formal, the Black and White Formal, the Bayou Bounce, and the Madhatters Ball, kept things jumping. The men of Alpha Sig also held the Underprivileged Children's Christmas Party, an annual affair. Alpha Sig activity men were Bob Uda, Stu- dent Senate, St. Pat's Council, 1965 Engine Queen Selection Committee chairman, Society of American Mechanical Engineers vice presi- THE SONG says "put your high-heeled sneakers on" but Le Ann Boeve and Al Turner resorted to pajamas for the P. J. party. l ALPHA SIGMA PHI to 0 ocial Calendar dent, Bill Payne, IFC alumni relations chair- man, BMOC, Student Senate, University Sing Executive Committee, Mothers' Day assistant treasurer, Paul Woody, Sigma Delta Chi, Sooner Greek Editor, URC, SAM, Moms' Day registration, Iohn Olinghouse, Delta Sigma Pi, Young Republicans, IFC Presidentis Coun- cil, Dads, Day coordinator, and Floyd Horton, IFC Creek Week committee, Spanish Club president, Young Republicans, HRC, and Dads, Day production committee. Alpha Sig oflicers for the year were Iohn Olinghouse and Gene Sands, presidents, David Hicks and Bill Payne, vice presidents, Iohn Miles and Roy Chaney, secretaries, and Greg Plater, treasurer. CANDY Contreras and Harold DeGraw find' thai' it is indeed a mad, mad, mad, mad world at the Alpha Sig Maclhatters Ball. W . -,V , :.. -.., ALPHA TAU 0MEGA ,-4. lin, . .- ,, .- .,,.. P . . , - , J M- tc: ,. -,:-.-:q.'..',:::::,.-,..i.1L.e...,, - f, ..-..:f.'Lag'- '----- ,, , ...........-..,w.. .-.....-,.,, i-....--..- l005 S. Jenkins ew Home on Fraternit Row a Reality Alpha Tau Omegas are rapidly gaining re- spect for their numerous service projects This year they have busily collected old clothes for the Mt. View Christian Boys' Home in Oklahoma City. They have also worked with a rehabiliation program for boys in a nearby detention home. In addition, their pledge class annually participates in a community work project. Plans are now in progress for the ATOs' own service project, a new house. Some of the ATOs about campus were War- ren Robb, IEC executive committee, chairman IFC general welfare committee, Greek Week Seminar chairman, George McGuire, Naval LOOKING to their future home are Warren Robb, Don Black- wood. Mike Goode, Jerry Bales. John Owens and Dave Ludwiclc. it Future 'Hvme f A T H ROTC company commander, Scabbard and Blade, Sigma Tau, Society of Engineering Physicsg and joe Eder, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Kappa Psi, URC, HRC, and Campus Chest committee. The Alpha Tauis, founded on the OU cam- pus in 1921, were led by Bob Christman, pres- identg Ray Brady, vice president, Mike Powers, secretary, Walter Schiller, treasurerg and joe Whittle, social chairman. Traditional ATO parties are the Playboy Party, the Christmas Party, the Initiation Dance, and the Bowery Ball. Delta Kappa chapter alumni include Max Boydston, loe McBride, and Dale Lewis. WONDERING who will be the ATO's "Play Girl ofthe Month" at the Playboy Party are Gall Martin and Harold Kranz. TOP ROW: Sleven L. Allen, Kennelh O. Allwhile, John E. Ar- an'r. John Tom Ashmore. Jerry Bales, C. Mike Berry, Donald W. Blackwood. SECOND ROW: Donald C. Bow- man, Raymond E. Brady, Colne Brown, Roloerl' H. Chrislman. Car- 'rer Blue Clark, Thomas Jay Cloud, James H. Coling. THIRD ROW: John P. Cook. John Cousins, R. Lewis Davenporl. Kip De LaFleur. Fred Silva, Joe E. Eder, Tommy L. Edgar. FOURTH ROW: Carey O. Epps, Louis A. Evans. William E. Fav- or, Greg Richard Finley, Charles Enqell France. Roberl W. Gadclis. Mike Goode. FIFTH ROW: James A. Harris, James G. Henderson, Jack High, Mike Holleyman, Bill James. Jim D. Johnson. Kenl Scoll Johnson. SIXTH ROW: Charles F. Ken- drick, Roberl Lee Kidd. Harold E. Kranz, Jr., Ronald M. Lee. Slew- arl W. Linclemann, David C. Lud- wiclc, Ken? Maxwell. SEVENTH ROW: Pele May. George G. McGuire. Michael E. Mclnlosh. Don F. McMullan, James W. Mehl, Ken Million. Burbank "Toby" Murray. EIGHTH ROW: Dub O'Sfeen. Slave O'Sleen, John Owens, Paul R. Pelly, Mike Powers. Dan R. Poynor. David L. Pugh. NINTH ROW: Warren A. Robb. Richard Russell, Waller G. Schill- er, David J. Shefler. Marvin Spears, John Slurges. Ken L. Swanson, Larry M. Swanson. BOTTOM ROW: Gordon E. Tay- lor, Jr.. Norrell Thomas. Cecil W. Trice, John L. Tyer, Bill Van Dall, Jimmy Max Ward, Joe C. Whil-ile. Johnny Mack Williams. TOP ROW: Edward Abernelhy, J. Phil Adamson, Jerry C. Beeson. John B. Berry, Charles F. Beihea. Camp Bonds, Mark Allan Cape- harI', John M. Coffey, Charles M. Cole. SECOND ROW: Don R. Cale, Bruce W. Collier. Bill Conger, Charles Coward, Donald R. Crews, John R. Cully, John H. Cunningham, Travis A. Curd, Tom Drummond. THIRD ROW: Larry W. Fosler, James "Doug" Franiz, Mike Fraz- ier, Randy Gaines, Dick Gore, John Lane Graves. Richard Mac G-rillilh, Jerry E. Gunfer, Larry S. Harral. FOURTH ROW: John H. Harris. Roberl L. Hari, W. Dean Hari, Jr., Jerry C. Hassebroek. John G. Hemphill. Roberf K. Henderson. William Monroe Henderson, Dav- id A. Hesler, Ken Hicks. FIFTH ROW: Bob Hood, Larry Howze, Sieve R. Inman. Doug ln- hole, Norman P. Jones, Gene A. Kasparek, Don R. Kerby, Kenneih R. Kienlen, John C. Kirion. SIXTH ROW: Jim D. Korn, Will- liam C. Lam, Jr., Scoil' D. Law- rence, Tim Leonard, James P. Lesler, Roberl T. LuH'rell. John E. Lynn, Carlisle Mabrey, Douglas Max Marlin. SEVENTH ROW: Clyde R. Maxey, Michael B. McCarl'y, Edd R. Mc- Neil. Tom R. Miskovsky, Ronald W. Moore, Sleven E. Moore, Ted Moore, Doyle Murray, Roger G. Nelson. EIGHTH ROW: Sieve Newell, Michael Nisbei, Sieve Nisbel, James W. Odom, Tom G. Parroil, E. Tom Palrick, Vernon E. Pellow, Jr., James E. Priichard, Ronnie Pyle. NINTH ROW: Bob Riiz, Michael C. Ril-1. Danny Roberlson, Jerry Roberlson, John C. Sacra, Karl E. Schmill, Kenneih Schuerman, Harry Richard Segnar, Tam Sher- man. TENTH ROW: James H. Shoe- malce, Kenl Shoemaker, Carl Michael Srnifh, Ron W. Slevens. Kennefh E. Siowell, Jr., Mike H. Slronq, William R. Swan, John C. Swinelord. Thomas D. Swineford. ELEVENTH ROW: Bill A. Talbol. Sieve Taylor, Arlhur Thompson. Richard Kelley Turner, Bryanf Turpen, Mark S. Van Aken, Jerry Lee Venable, Donald N. Vickburg. Michael C. Washburn. BOTTOM ROW: William C. Weinrich, Fred While, Terry T. Wiens. Michael R. Williams, Rob- erl' D. Williams, Richard B. Will- iamson. Ronnie L. Wood, Millard J. Wooley. BETA THETA PI 800 Chautauqua Betas Set ew Intramural ports Records It has been another scholastic year for the Betas. They won the over-all Scholarship Tro- phy for the 17th time in the last 21 years, they set a new Intramural record with 93 points, and four of the Top Ten Freshmen men were Betas: Ierry I-lassebroek, Bill Weinrich, Charles Bethea, and Eric Feaver. It looks as if they re- cruited a good freshman team, too, because the l963-64 pledge class won the IPC Spark Plug trophy, which is presented to the pledge class with the best over-all grades for the year. Don Crews, fall Beta president, Dads' Day Outstanding Senior lVlan, President of UAB and ODK, director of 1964 Sooner Scandals, ALWAYS ready to take time out to eat are Randy Gaines and Jay Wooley, but Judy Mikeska and Kathy Nelson are ready to party. Top Ten Freshmen, Pe-et, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa, BMOC, Whois Who, and Year- book Man of Distinction, and Iohn Kirton, Top Ten Freshmen, treasurer of Campus Chest, lighting chairman of Sooner Scandals, Phi Eta Sigma, and ODK are two reasons why Betas are so well represented in campus activities. Spring semester oiiicers were Tom Parrott, president, Carlisle Mabrey, vice president, Eric Feaver, secretary, Phil Adamson, treasurer, and Bobby Vedder, social chairman. Beta social life included the Beta Barn Dance, the Senior Dinner, the Pledge Formal and the Spring Party. THE OLD swimming hole has changed. but Tom Metcalf, Joe MC- Millan, Steve Garner and Jeff Wooley enjoyed Bete's Pool Party. l '0- -- as EQ -Pav rt . when -- . iw gg. DELTA KAPPA EPSILON 700 Elm Dekes Celebrate Heuselnethefs Tenure A Deke is a "jolly good fellow." A Deke is also a gentleman and a scholar, because these are the attributes most desirable in a college man as stated by the 12 original founders of Deke at Yale University in 1844. The Rho Lambda chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon was established on this campus in 1954, and it has been proud to have the same housemother, Mrs. Isla Harris, for these ll years. This year,s officers were Robert Rose, pres- ident, David Iohnson, vice president, Mike Tuttle, secretary, lim Reed, treasurer, and Stan Gerrnond, social chairman. RUSH DINNERS are fun times for house boys Mike Kennedy and Bill lseminger. Anyone know where the silver goes? Traditional social events included the Deke Christmas Party, the Deke Diamond Ball held each spring in conjunction with Founder's Day, and the Champagne Finale, which reached its finale this year. Some of the Dekes about campus were Charles Suggs, Kappa Kappa Psi president, University players, Lew Wentz scholarship, Deanis Honor Rollg Randy Morrison, KUVY staff head, Outstanding Broadcasting Student, University Players, and Iohn Barrett, Frater- nity Managers Association Trustee, Phi Eta Sigma, IEEE, and Engineers' Club. HAVING er cheery time at the Delta Kappa Epsilon Christ- mas party are Bill lseminqer and the rest of the crowd. TOP ROW: James F. Barr, John Lee Barrelf, Rex L. Beclcenhauer, James A. Bradford. Thomas A. Bradford. Phillip Brown, Gordon M. Bullivanl. SECOND ROW: Jack L. Burdefl. Don Burneil. David C. Buller, Rich C. Cole. Donald B. Collins. Rich- ard S. Cook, Larry F. Core. THIRD ROW: William R. Corr, James Ellis. Tracy Farmer, Dick Frazier, Frank C. Galewood, Slan Germond, James E. Griffin. FOURTH ROW: Lamar F. Grimes. Mike Gurren, William R. lsemin- ger, David A. Johnson, B. Mike Kennedy. Joel P. Kelonen, Terry C. Laflure. FIFTH ROW: Warren Leslie. Chrisfopher Love, Douglas C. Lyle, Kennafh R. McColly, William P. McEnroe, J. Arnold Moore. SIXTH ROW: Randy S. Morrison, James W. Mullen, Alexander Oli- phanl lll, George S. Parlerson. Larry J. Payne, Wade L. Piplcin. SEVENTH ROW: Harry S. Ral- eigh. Jim L. Reed. Ron Reese, Roberl A. Rose. Bob Schroeder, Harry F. Sack Jr. BOTTOM ROW: Alan B. Smilh. Charles C. Suggs II. Milce D. Tur- lle. Bennie Villar, William M. Wealcs. Rusfy Weller. DELTA TAU DELTA Delis See Active Campus Lite This Year Delta Tau Delta, established at Bethany College, Va., in 1858, was led at OU this year by lim Bennett and Grayson Van Horn, pres- idents, Grayson Van Horn and Bob Willis, vice presidentsg Tom Dodson and Bob Warner, sec- retariesg Randall Mock and Ted Dubie, treas- urersg and Roger Brown, social chairman. Roger made sure that the Delt Dive, the Little Guys, Party at Christmas, the Christ- mas Dance, Fall Formal, Victory Party, and the Lake Texoma Party, were all great successes. The Delts won Dads, Day Quartet, took second in "A" football intramurals, and TO RELIEVE study hall tension, Joe Starr and Biii Hopkins take time out for a singing session with their guitars. fourth in "Bn football intramurals, and led Iohnson, one of their recent alumni was elect- ed the youngest representative in the U.S. House of Representatives. Top Delts-on-Campus were Bill lVIcGreW, Rhodes Scholar, Campus Chest vice chairman, Student Senate, ODK, Pe-et, MOD finalist, Phil Horton, Senior Class president, Student Senate, IFC Executive Committee, Iohn Pink- erton, Campus Chest chairrnang Don Wilson, Senior Class vice president, ODKQ and Steve Vargo, Sooner Scandals stage crew chairman. Mrs. Earl Ammons has been Delta Tau Delta housemother for ll years. TO UNDERSTAND "morning aiter the night before" feeling. John Brant, Steve lnqle and Jim Moseley look at party pictures. E v TOP ROW: Paul Raymond An- derson, John P. Bachle, Jerry F. Barneli. Ron D. Barion, Jack Bell. Jim Bennell, Mike Bible. Ronald Brackin, John G. Branf. SECOND ROW: Don Brighi, Dick J. Brooks. Roger A. Brown. Mark A. Byrd. James R. Chapman, Rich- ard A. Chapman, Charles E. Clayion. K. S. Cohlrnia. Roger L. Conley. THIRD ROW: Bob Dickey, Thom- as A. Dodson. Peie Dosser, Ted P. Dubie. Jim Erwin. Ron C. Fer- guson, Jack Fesler, John Finney, Gerry D. Fisher. FOURTH ROW: Terry Gene Fish- er. Bob Floyd. Ben Franklin. Jim K. Godman, Bill Gorney. Ray C. Hall, Bruce Edward Hare, Bill Hendricks. Roberi J. I-lewih. FIFTH RCW: Gary Hill. Bill C. llopklns, Phil Horfon. Craig will- iam Healer. Harold Imko. Sieve Inqlo. Mike Kelly. Charles E. Kra- ker. John M. Krummel. SIXTH ROW: Jerry L. Laila, Dave A. Lewis. Tom J. Lynch. John Mackey. Lloyd E. Marlin. Roberl L. Marlin, Joe E. Mason. Eddie M. Maiihews. Kyle McCar- fer. SEVENTH ROW: Bill McGrow, Bill McNeely, Pairick I-I. Mee. Der- ryl E. Millican. Mike Minnis. Ran- dall D. Mock. Jim Moseley, R. Clark Musser. EIGHTH ROW: Paul M. Myers. Doyle D. Newsom, Mike A. Os- borne. Terry Pansza. Ronald J. Pendergrafl. Dick Perryman, Gor- don L. Phillips, John P. Pinkerion. NINTH ROW: Larry Pinkerion, John H. Pinkner. Jack S. Prail. Mike Robinson, Doug Roper. Pai' M. Ryan, Mike J. Scribner. James R. Slaughier. TENTH ROW: Earl "Bucky" Smilh, Bill D. Spear, Nick Slaii- ord, Scoil Siory, Bill Suiherland. Roland Tague, James T. Thomp- son. Grayson P. Van Horn. ELEVENTH ROW: Reece M. Van Horn, Sieve L. Vargo. George R. Vaughn. Dan Waliers. Jim Scrib- ner Wells, James R. Whiie, Jim Whifmire, Lloyd C, Whiiiall Jr. BOTTOM ROW: Michael D. Will- iams, Sam Lee Williamson. Bob Willis. Don R. Wilson. Paul E. Wise, Lance Wyche. Jerry W. Young. Woody Young. TOP ROW: Phil Abernalhy. Sieve Alha, Paul T. Bavaro. Roberf Ben- bow, Joe Biddinger, Earl M. Bricker lil, John lrvan Choale. SECOND ROW: Kirk Clausing. Dallon B. Curlis, Jr., Randy R. Devens, Mika Dou+hi'r'r, Sam Dug- ger. Pal Evans, Harry G. Fender. THIRD ROW: Ed L. Garneli. Richard J. Gibbens. Charley S. Gibbs, Dean Gibbs, Craig Hall. Jim Hargrove, Gary W. Harmon. FOURTH ROW: Larry B. Hawk- ins, Bill Hinkle, P. Jay Hodges, Jim Hoover. Randall Huiiman. Richard Johnson. Frank J. Jones FIFTH ROW: Tony D. Keys. Ker- on K. Klckingbird, Dick J. Kras- now, Ed Kurh. Larry W. Kurlz. Glen Andrew Lewandowski, Ed Livermore. SIXTH ROW: Joe Lollman. Bob E. Lowrey, Kennefh E. Maricle, Sandy McCoy. Michael McCulloh. John B. McNeely. Tom Monk. SEVENTH ROW: Jim Monlgom- ery, John Munding, Riichey New- lon, Sieve Pace, Don Pape. Rich- ard E. Parker. Roy M. Payne. EIGHTH ROW: John Sco'H' Poole, Ed Porler. Richard L. Power. Dav- id Rennie. Orlin Brenl' Rickard, W. D. Rogers, Jr.. Bruce Schulle. NINTH ROW: Mark F. Selvidge, Jay L. Shields. Don S+ephens. Rob- erf F. Srephens, Sieve V. Swan- son. Ron Tale, Allan Thompson. BOTTOM ROW: John D, Wells. David L. Wesfgare, H. James Whisnand, Robert P. Whirehill, J. Larry Wilkes, Charles Wilson. 603 W. Brooks DELTA UPSILON DUS Win Men's University Sing, candals The DUs this year have been busy adding such trophies as the first place trophy in the men's division of Sooner Scandals, and the first place trophy in the men's division of Univer- sity Sing. The DUs also won their division of intramural A-football, and are to host the Delta Upsilon International Fraternity Convention in August. They also won the mixed division of Sooner Scandals with the Gamma Phi's. The men of Delta Upsilon known on campus for their activities this year included Dave Westgate, OU Band Head Drum Major, Earl Bricker, lVIen's Glee Club president, Ed Livermore, Oklahoma Daily editor, Iohn Wells, Top Ten Freshmen, Phi Eta Sigma, JOHN WELLS and Gayle Rossi are honored with a pinning serenade given by the Delta Upsilons and Delta Gammas. Model UN 3 Orlin Rickard, UAC, UAB, Dads' Day chairman, University Sing chairman, lay Shields, OU cheerleader, IFCg Kirke Kick- ingbird, OU's Little Red, and Allan Thomp- son, SOONER yearbook editor, IFC rush manual editor. Miss Susie Boyette, Delta Gamma, Was crowned DU Feudal Princess at the Feudal Dinner in the fall. Other DU social activities ot a less distinguished nature were the Victory party, the Big Brother-Little Brother party, and the Senior Ball. Darrell Royal is the chapter's most infam- ous alumnus for the seventh straight year. TlNMAN Orlin Rickard oils his fingers while he waits tor a cue in the DU Scandals performance ot "The Wizard of Ozlahomaf' A KAPPA ALPHA W outhern Gents Take This has been a year of scholastic achieve- ment for the KAS. They Won the IFC,s first place scholarship trophy and they received a trophy for national scholarship achievement recognition. Apparently, their dads couldn't believe it, and had to come see for themselves because the KAS also Won the Dads' Day Plaque for the highest percentage of dads in attendance at the OU Dads' Day festivities. Of course, good grades demand celebration, and the KAS provided for that adequately with the Victory Party, the World War III Party, the Plantation Ball, the Christmas Party, and the Old South Ball. To round out the year, SEEMS LIKE Martin Smith forgot to tell Beverly Wharton that the World War lll party was going to be a real blast. 60l Cruce cholarship Award the annual KA-DG Christmas Orphan Party was held. The KAS were led this year by Neil Wilson, presidentg Peter Weaver, vice president, Robert Vaughn, secretary, Gary Kleman, treasurer, and Charles Cash, social chairman. N. D. Moscoe, Phi Eta Sigma vice president, Top Ten Freshmen, University Scholar, 4.03 Tom Weeks, president of Young Republicansg and Tom Amsden, Phi Eta Sigma and Phi Beta Kappa, represented the group in campus affairs. Carl Albert, House majority leader, is an alumnus of the Oklahoma chapter. PLEDGE duties for Mike Valentine, Bob Fisher, Nick King and Bill Boyd include keeping the "Dixie Derringern clean. TOP ROW: Paul Roberl Adams, John R. Ames. Richard W. Bell, Frank W. Bellows, Bill Boyd, Charles H. Cash. Roberl' G. Cafes. SECOND ROW: Don D. Cox. Kennelh P. Craig, Roberl L. Crawley, Roberl H. Crews, James M. Cronoble. Gerald V. Damron, Blair Douglas Dishman. THIRD ROW: John R. Fisher. Donald F. Flercher, Sleven M. Franklin, John K. Garrison. J. Burr Gibbons, Michael Gibson. Tom J. Hanson. FOURTH ROW: Larry E. Harden. James P. Henderson, Thomas M. Hill, Carl D. Hughes, Roberi' F. Jenkins, Dennis E. Johnson. Ron- ald W. Kelley. FlFTH ROW: Mark C. Kelly, Nick King. Gary B. Kleman. Philip H. Luccock, David L. Mangini, Jerry A. Maslers, William M. Mailer- son. SIXTH ROW: Joseph B. McElyea. James B. McGinfy, Ed McTyre. Roberf C. Merrill, Gus Miller. Larry D. Miller, James l. Mills. SEVENTH ROW: Ronald G. Min- nix, Michael E. Moran, N. D. Mos- coe, Roberl Allan Newman, Ken- nelh Nowick. W. Dean Oshel, Den- nis Owen. EIGHTH ROW: Siephen Pacey. Max C. Paflerson. Michael Pal- ferson, James J. Pavlonnis, Neal B. Perkey, Sleven W. Raulerson, H. Garrell Reese, Barry S. Sarber. NINTH ROW: Houslon Shirley, John A. Shows. R. V. Simon, John Gary Sims, James Marlin Smiih. Sieve Slack, Lewis G. Slephens lV, James W. Swank. TENTH ROW: Jeffrey A. Swili. Arlhur H. Tanner, John W. Tay- lor, C. Bryan Tibbell, Joseph C. Todd. Tom Tonkin, Michael L. Valenline, Doug Van Dyck. BOTTOM ROW: Roberf G. Vaughn. Barl H. Ward, Peler C. Weaver, Tom Weeks, Jerry Dean Wes'r, Alan While. James W. Williams, W. Neil Wilson. TOP ROW: Buck Adams, Sreve Allen, John T. Ball, David L. Beadner, Roberl J. Beavers, Jim H. Biiile, Phillip J. Black. SECOND ROW: Sidney Brown, Jim R. Carler, Sleven J. Chrisiie, Richard Clark. Robert Clark, Rich- ard Andrew Cole. Joe T. Crain. THIRD ROW: Dexier Crosby. Denver N. Davison, Randy Deal. Bill Dofy, Scorr Dunn. Phillip Franklin Elkins, Vaughn C. Esper. FOURTH ROW: Mike T. Evans. Kip Ferguson, John E. Frank, Dan- iel F. Freeman, Jay M. Gall, Jim Garneii, Phil Gibson. FIFTH ROW: Tom P. Gordon, Don Grimes, Mike Grimes, John P. Haddock, Royce M. Hammons, John Hardwick, Phil Harris. SIXTH ROW: Richard P. Hen- derson, Gary L. Hensler, Harold T. Hickerson, Don L. Howard. Richard M. Jennings, H. Lance Johnson, Brel? Johnslon, SEVENTH ROW: Joe D. Jones, Ronald L. Jones, Charles Jordan, Mike Juergens, Jack Lambert Tom S. Lawrence, Bill Maiors. EIGHTH ROW: Paul E. Mannas. Tom Maxwell, Chris Meyers, Den- nis M. McCary, Jon Moon, Bob Moore, Bo Nance, Phil Neislar. NINTH ROW: Mike H. Nelson. David Newell, Mike Ormond. Lar- ry G. Padberg. Dick Phillips. Rice M. Reavis, John H. Requr, Lance Renlzel. TENTH ROW: Roberl K. Roach. Mark Sellergren, King T. Solomon, Harold Spurr, Dean Sfamaiis, Suddy Sudloerry, David F. Sulher- land, Bob R. Swendson. BOTTOM ROW: George B. Thompson, Jack L. Tillery, Philip C. Ulmer, Lynn E. Walkins, John P. Whilesicle, Cliff M. Whifmore. Brad Windsor, Jack Wrighl. I I00 College New " KAPPA sloioo 25,000 Remodeling oi House Completed The men of Kappa Sigma, recognizing that the New Years in November party Ccomplete with elephantsj, the Christmas Formal, and the Spring Viking Party, do not alone a fra- ternity make, also boast of several men in high campus positions. Phillip Elkins, Kappa Sig president, is a yearbook MOD, and belongs to UAB, HRC, and IFC, David Sutherland, Sig vice president, has moved from IFC secretary to rush chair- man, Lance Rentzel is an outstanding OU "pig Skinner", Dennis lVIcCary is the vice pres- ident and former treasurer of the Student Sen- ate, not to mention chairman of several sen- ate committees, such as food service and fi- nance, lim Vervack is a member of "O" Club, CHECKING the mailbox for extra money from the home front are Kappa Sig sophomores Brad Windsor and Richard Phillips. i...4.. --........, ll varsity baseball and a student senator, and Iohn Hardwick, treasurer of both Kappa Sig and the IFC, round out the Kappa Sig student activities delegation. The vvearers of the scarlet, white and em- erald green kept physically fit by making the intramural football finals, and by Winning second place in Wrestling. With an eye toward public relations, the Kappa Sigs and Chi Omegas held a Christ- mas party for a group of underprivileged children and were the hosts for their Found- ers' Day Banquet. And, with an eye toward relaxation, 30 members took their dates to Col- orado for a weekis ski trip during the semester break. ALL WORK and no play is not the worry for Chris Meyers. Jim Dill ancl Vaughn Esper. but they clo try to catch up before finals. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Lambda Chi Alpha Activity men, plus good grades, plus a fourth place finish in Intramurals Won the Lambda Chiis the Fraternity of the Year Tro- phy in 1964. This spring they also added a Sooner Scandals trophy to their cabinet. Some of the foremost activity men in the chapter were lim Howard, IFC president, UAC president, Who's Who, BMOC, Cam- pus Personality, Roger Clapp, Pe-et, Sooner Shamrock Editor, Top Ten Freshmen, BMOC, Campus Personality, R. N. Dunagan, UAC, UAB, Sooner Scandals director, ODK, Top Ten Freshmen, Sooner Guide, and Randy Shreve, CCUN president, Pe-et treasurer, ODK, Who's Who, BMOC, and Campus Personality. JERRY RANSOM shines up the Fraternity ot the Year trophy the house won. as Jim Swatford and David Ramsey lend moral support. 4 A ff' 904 College amed Top Fraternity All fraternities must have one or two social events to make a successful year, and the Lamb- da Chiis were no exception. They held the Trade Winds Party, the Lambda Spread, the Christmas Dance, the Moulin Rouge Party, the Victory Party, and the Thanksgiving Or- phans, Dinner. The men of purple, green, and gold were led by Grady Merritt and R. N. Dunagan, presi- dents, Gerald Butler and Russ Bartee, vice presidents, Ralph Ridlinghafer and Ramon Williams, secretaries, Bill Pitts and lim Dodd, treasurers, and Bill Hodde and lim Swaltord, social chairmen. Mrs. Francis Cur- nott is Lambda Chi housemother. IT TAKES top strategy and Greek know-how to beat the house residents to the phone, but Milton Combs has faked them out. ffl 'W if X . .. g 4.-..- TOP ROW: Ramon Alden, Russ Barlae, David W. Bell, Jerry Ben- son, Sfephen W. Bonner. Jerry Branlley. Pele Brown, Gerald Buf- ler. SECOND ROW: Dan W. Cav- aness. Roger C. Clapp. Mike Col- lins, Millon D. Combs. Douglas Conn, Joel G. Conlreras. W. C. Dandridqe. Ken Delashaw. THIRD ROW: Jim Dodd, R. N. Dunagan Ill, Eddie Finley, Fred R. Fleelwood, Brad Gambill. Ray E. Gandy, James N. Gibson. Clark Gilpin. FOURTH ROW: John N. Good- man, Larry V. Hallum, Jim O. Haney, Mike Harkey, Don Hen- line. Bill Hodde. Mark W. Holl- man. Preslon L. Horslman. FIFTH ROW: Roberl' V. Hovasse. James K. Howard. Fred M. Hursl. Gena F. Jenkins. Donald M. Kain, Dick Lerblance, Penn Edwards Ler- lalance, Herman I. Li'l"rle. SIXTH ROW: Conrad J. Mas- ferson, Jr., Mike McDanel, Gary McLellan, Bill Meek, Grady Mar- riff. Slave Meyer, Toby R. Morey, Mike Nix. SEVENTH ROW: Joe M. Nun- nery, William D. Parks, Rick Par- rish. David L. Pauling. Bill Pills. Dan C. Porler. Darrel Rains, Gary David Ramsey. EIGHTH ROW: Jerry Ransom, Tom M. Richards. Ralph D. Rid- linghafer. David K. Roberfson, Gala R. Rogers, Roger W. Rounds. Jim Scrivner. NINTH ROW: Jack D. Shannon. Sian Shaw. Randy Shreve. Roy Dean Sikkink, Charles Snider, Dav- id L. Sfonar. Ed Tarum. TENTH ROW: Keene Taylor. Ra- mey Tracy, Roger M. Turner. Tim Tyler. Brown Wallace, W. Roger Webb. Dean K. While. BOTTOM ROW: Ramon E. Will- iams, Larry Woodard. John A. Wright Michael Paul Wynn, Jr.. Tim Wynn. Lee Candler Young, Dain Zinn. TOP ROW: Roberr Marshall Al- lerman. Ronny G. Allman, Jona- lhan F. Bank. Sleve B. Bassman. Richard Baum. James P. Berlowilz. John Berry, Bruce E. Blue. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Brown. Richard L. Brown. Kennelh S. Churin. Alan Cohen. Ray Dan, Jeff Dasher, Lee H. Davis, Roberl Edelman. THIRD ROW: Richard J. Epslein, Daniel N. Farber. Jerry Feinsfein. Tom Fellman, Richard A. Fierslein, Gerry W. Fine. Charles H. Fine- berg, Charles S. Finkel. FOURTH ROW: Mika Finkelslon. Richard Fisher. Charles E. Fried- man. Roger M. Friedman. Sleve Gaines. Harry D. Galoob, John W. Gollub. Joel R. Gardner. FIFTH ROW: Greg A. Goldberg. Max Gordon, Alan H. Horwilz. Gary R. Horwilz, Jeff I. Jacobson. Joel Jankowsky. Rob Kaufman. Larry Kavich. SIXTH ROW: Linn J. Kempner, Ted Kessel. Marshall J. Kramer. Kannelh York Krandel. Frank Led- erman. Marc Levin. Roberl' L. Lip- siel, Brefl Llflell. SEVENTH ROW: Alan Livingslon. Ed Makler. Pe+e J. Mallen. Mich- ael D. Mehl, Srewarr A. Miller. Larry A. Mizel. David S. Mouber. Roger C. Olsen. EIGHTH ROW: Harlan W. Pries- man. Barry L. Pulaski, Richard J. Rarcheson. Bob Ranberg, Marvin J. Robinowilz, Ronald Rose, Al Ross. Craig Rubins. NINTH ROW: Roberr E. Sabarh. Barry C. Sadofsky. Howard Alan Schainker, Al Schneider, Mark L. Shidler, Sanford H. Siegel. Jr., Jeff Simon. Rick G. Simon. TENTH ROW: Richard A. Sing- er. Jerry M. Sluslcy, Lesfer Smith. Barry A. Slaub. Rick K. Sleinharf. Mike Slolper, David B. Sugarman. BOTTOM ROW: Sammy Toys. Roberf M. Travis. Tom Marshall Wagner. Van Weinberg. Jay J. Weinslein. Roberl L. Weinsfein. Alan Arnold Zox. PHI BETA DELTA 1201 College PhiBDs Established as Local Fraternity On September 1, 1964, Iota Chapter of Pi Lambda Phi disafliiliated with the national chapter and thus established itself as a local fraternity on the CU campus. This new or- ganization readopted the name the fraternity held prior to 1941 when Phi Beta Delta and Pi Lambda Phi National fraternities merged. Despite the difficulties in changing to a local status, the PhiBDs still rallied and pledged a 36-man class and continued to excel socially with traditional events such as its Spring I-louse Weekend and annual rotating MOVING their belonqings into the old Traeder House, now the PhiBDs temporary home, are Robert Edelman and Ken Churin. parties with Phi Gamma Delta, Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Phi Delta Theta. Fall semester officers of Phi Beta Delta were Ioel lankowsky, president, Barry Pulaski, vice presidentg Rick Baum, treasurerg Alan Living- ston, secretary, and Rob Kaufman, social chairman. Phi Beta Deltas are currently living at 538 E. Chesapeake, but they are looking forward to the construction of a new SlS300,000 fraternity house at their former address on College Street. CRAIG RUBIN tells Bonnie Rosenthal and Frank Leclerman about the one that got away. but it wasn't a 'fish-it was his date! TOP ROW: Mrs. L. B. Perkins. Housemolher: Shelly Arne'He, Samuel J. Alkins, Dave E. Benneli, Jerry Bias, Bob Bigelow, Lawrence Blankenship. Roberl' G. Boren. SECOND ROW: C. A. Briggs. William N. Burks Ill, J. Scofl Chalmers, E. Ross Collier, Vaylord Cox. Jeff Davidoff, Rock Dawson. Michael J. DeLier. THIRD ROW: Ben E. Dyess Jr., John A. Eagleslon, Kennefh R. Eiheredge, Jim Farha. Delbe-ri' Frieze. Paul K. Frosi, Rick Gard- ner, Chris Gibbs. FOURTH ROW: Chuck W. P. Gibson. Roberl' P. Gill, John F. Grou'l', Jr., Bruce Grove, Eduardo Guell, Joe W. Hamlin, James W. Harris, Gene Hifchcock. FIFTH ROW: Jack C. Hove, Mark W. Jennings, Everefl L. Johnson, Hank Keirz, Joe C. Kernke, Rodney T. Kirkham, Dick M. Kobdish, Eddie J. Lancasier. SIXTH ROW: Charles E. Lasse- fer, Rick Linn. Wayne A. Massad. Dave Massey, Dick McCallum. Rick McCurcly, Hugh M. McRae, R. Vance McSpadden. SEVENTH ROW: John D. Mehl. Dee Murray, Jim E. Noland, Allen George Orcuif, Sidney L. Pailer- son, Jr.. Ken D. Ray. Mike S. Russell. EIGHTH ROW: Charles Schueife, Carier Scofi. Earl A. Skarky, Charles Michael Smifh, Keafs E. Soder, Jr.. Daryl T. Srallings, Bill W. S. Thomas. NINTH ROW: Tim Traynor, Paul Wallace. Wayne Wells, Perer K. While, Oiho R. Whifeneck, Clay P. Wiegand, Charles E. Wilbanks. BOTTOM ROW: Brad J. Williams, Clifford Winburn, Richard G. Winburn, Jones L. Wiicher, Tony Wright Kennefh J. Zaloudek, Jr.. Larry Zook. PHI DELTA Tum i400 College Turtle Race uccessiul for Phi Delts Oklahome Alpha of The Grand Old Fra- ternity, Phi Delt, held a very successful Turtle Race this year. There were no turtles stolen on the evening of the annual affair and the Alpha Cams Won the trophy. The Phi Delts also held a successful roar- ing Twenties Party fit wasn't raidedj, and a tug-of-war between the pledges and mem- bers fwonder who Won?j. But in the midst of all of this jolly good revelry, the men of the blue and white won the trophy given by the Alumni Club for the best scholarship record of any Phi Delt Oklahoma chapter. And, to exhibit their versatility, they also Won the A- team intramural football trophy. BOB BOREN is not sure how much "help" he can stand from Bryan Brown and Tony Briggs as they carry in wood tor the tireplace. Some of the more distinguished Phi Delts on campus included Keats Soder, Engineers' Club president, St. Pat's Council, Who's Who, Sig- ma Gamma Tau, Sigma Tau, Ronny Brad- shaw, IFC rush chairman and presidentg Del- bert Frieze, Petroleum Landmanis vice pres- ident, IFC constitution and by-laws chairmang Larry Blankenship, Student Senate president ftvvicei, Who's Who, law school vice pres- identg and Ioe B. Dorman, Student Senate finance committee, chairman of Friday at Four arrangements, and Phi Eta Sigma. Outstanding alumni of the Oklahoma chap- ter include Congressman Iohn Iarman and actor Van Heflin. TURTLE RACE winner and Taini Martin accept trophy tor Alpha Sams trorn Dick Kobclish, as Tony Briggs shows winning time. PHI GAMMA DELTA r Y,- 1 v . A si i ta I200 College Phi Gams Take Honors at Campus Chest Golf professional lack Nicklaus, Supreme Court lustice Byron White, Senator Mike Mon- roneyg Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNa- mara, and clergyman Norman Vincent Peale, are all alumni of Phi Gamma Delta, established in 1848. Phi Gams at OU won the Ugly Man on Campus Trophy this year with Jerry Hiersche, and a trophy for the most contributions from a booth at the Campus Chest Carnival. The Nu Omega chapter was led by lim Rod- gers, presidentg David Hoover, recording secre- taryg Chuck Lane, corresponding secretaryg Steve Garrett, treasurer, and Steve Thomas, social chairman. Mrs. Ralph Kramer has been GIRL SCOUT Kathy Lierman found out David Cain. Dick Holt. Ray Moss and Bud Beeler had a sweet tooth for GS cookies. the Phi Gam hostess for nine years. The Fiji Nite Club Party, the Norris Pig Dinner and the Fiji Island Party were three of the top social events of the year. Top Fijis Were Bob Williams, Alpha Pi Omega past president, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau, Engineers, Open House chairman, and Mike Griffin, American Institute of Architects, and Sigma Tau. Phi Gam was formed at Iefferson College by Iohn T. McCary, Samuel Wilson, Ellis Gregg, Naaman Fletcher, James Elliott, and Daniel W. Crofts with royal purple as their oflicial color. There are now 91 chapters. CAMPUS CARNIVAL brings out the ugly in men, but Phil Horton presents Uqiiest Man oi Campus trophy to Phi Gam Jerry Hiersche. TOP ROW: Bun Baker. Guy Dean Baldwin, Gary R. Bane. Bud Beel- er, Chuck Bell, Jim Benefield, Bob Bishop. SECOND ROW: Wm. Mike Brew- er. Busfer Brown, Jeb Bucher. Dav- id Cain. Danny J. Cassidy, Joe Claro. Bob Daniel. THIRD ROW: Charles A. Davis. Dan E. Duncan. Jerry Durbin. Sie- phen P. Garreif, Rick Genfry, Bob E. Ginqrich, James R. Graham. FOURTH ROW: Richard Grimm, John Richard Gurley. Malcolm Haney. Jerry Hiersche. Rudy "Doe" Hiersche, Phil M. Hoof. David Hoover. FIFTH ROW: Jim Hyde. D. Wynn lbach. Bill Karr, Roberl' Keahey. Karl Kroeqer. Jr., Bob Lammeris. Jr.. David Lampion. SIXTH ROW: George L. LeVi-nn, Bill Loclceir. Roberi' D. Looney. Huqh P. Mabe. Siephen P. Mann, Todd Markum, Charles J. Marlin. SEVENTH ROW: William C. Mc- Clure, Ray G. Moss. Ted Ownby. Jr., Milce L. Parham. Richard E. Pafferson. J. Charles Pierce. Milne Pills, Sieve Prueiie. EIGHTH ROW: Bruce Raley. Hal C. Ramsey. John M. Rhodes. Lar- ry F. Roberis. Jim Rodgers. Orvis H. Rundell. John Schofield. Bob Seviclc. NINTH ROW: Sian S. Shraqo. Dean Smiih, John R. Smiih, Sieve Sieakley. John H. Stevens, Jay S+. John, Roberr L. Sullivan. Hank Ta- lum. BOTTOM ROW: Alan D. Terrill, Sieve Thomas. Lal D. Threllceld, Tom K. Veale, Michael Venaior. Peier M. Way. Craig E. Williams, Roberr Paul Williams. TOP ROW: John E. Agnew, Rob- eri' Francisco Ahrens, Clyde H. Amyx, Eldon L. Bailey, Don R. Brannon, Joe W. Brindley. SECOND ROW: Roberl' C. Burn- side, Dean Campbell, A. Pai Chambers, Cliii Conn. Jr., Wayne Cooper, Pele Devaney. THIRD ROW: Larry A. Dixon, Tom Dolson, Bob Goodner, Al Halerkamp, Rick Haque, Morris L. Harley. FOURTH ROW: Jim Holloman, Gary E. Howard, Bob N. Jackson, Roberl' E. Kapp, Guy Keilh, Tom J. Laub. FIFTH ROW: Ronald W. Leader, Alan L. Lipp, Bob Mack, Bill R. Mann. William Lusier Marlin, Dale McDoulefl. SIXTH ROW: Joe A. McKen- zie, Dick Mele, Roberl C. Melczger, Joe D. Moody, Dick Moore, Ed- ward G. Morgan. SEVENTH ROW: S. A. Musser, Jr., Eddie Neal, Terry Neely, Gary Lee Nichols, C. Terry Nickle, Dan C. Odlum. EIGHTH ROW: Dick Orr, John Thomas Pickens, Sieve H. Ray- mond, Mike Reynolds, Don C. Russell, Sieve Saunders. BOTTOM ROW: Roger Slephens, Millon Slrain, Chuck Tucker, Dave E. Workman, Roberf W. Years. 720 Elm Phi Psi's Stage H5 The thrilling Phi Psi "500" was won this year by the Alpha Chi Omegas, the Shipwreck Party was won by no one, and the Spring Por- mal and the Christmas Party were enjoyed by all. Phi Psi otiicers were Morris I-Iatley and El- don Battey, presidents, Pat Chambers and Bob lackson, vice presidentsg Larry Dixon, corres- ponding secretaryg Iim Holloman and Iohn Agnew, recording secretaries, Bob Iackson and Dale McDoulett, treasurersg and Dick Moore and Don Russell, social chairmen. Mrs. Ernest C. Ross, Phi Psi housemother, has been with JOE MOODY, Bob Jackson and Don Russell are all ready for a TGIF party except tor two torgotten items: girls and money. PHI KAPPA PSI 00" Race on Campus the fraternity for ten years. Best known Phi Psi's were Harry Young, Phi Eta Sigma, BMOC, Finance Club presi- dentg Eldon Battey, IFC executive committee, Sigma Delta Chi, Presidentis Leadership class, Oklahoma Daily news editorg and Pat Cham- bers, Alpha Epsilon Delta and Presidentis Honor Roll for five consecutive semesters. Phi Kappa Psi was founded in 1852, at lef- ferson College in Canonsburg, Pa., and Okla- homa Alpha joined the fraternity in 1920. Phi Psi colors are cardinal red and hunteris green. COULD THIS be a University tour, or have Jon Wade and Jim- 'Ly MC lltgtt th I bt pt'7 ITIIE nn C Ofifie OF O ED 6 l"U9 6 OU WOUIGTI U SBIFS. t ,V 4 Mft t' -f,,r,, 1 4: 7,2 - 7 x . K ' ,f xx PHI KAPPA SIGMA XX t 1 736 Elm Phi Kaps Render ervice to Community Phi Kaps service projects this year included the annual Halloween party given with the Delta Gammas for the children at the Cerebral Palsy Institute. Later in the season a gala Christmas party was given for underprivileged children by Santa and the Phi Kaps. In intramurals the football eleven captured the league championship, and the fraternity's barber shop quartet placed third in the Dads' Day competition. Social events of the year were full and var- ied. The Black and Gold Formal highlighted the social calendar. Other outstanding annual parties were the Haunted House Party, the Hillbilly Party, and the Phi Kap Man party. LOOKS LIKE the rest of the pledges have headed for the hills and left Fillmore Vaughan to finish up the yard cleaning. Campus leaders in the fraternity included lack Foote, Student Senate, University Bands presidentg Bruce Hickman, Worldis Fair guide, UAC, URC vice chairman, Stan Foster, Greek Week seminar chairman and member of the IFC Executive Committee, Pat Fitzgerald, OU Scholars vice president, Greek Week projects chairman, Bill Nolen, Student Senate, "Soon- er Antidotei' editor, L. I. Gregg and Don Ses- sions, President's Leadership Class, and Larry Shields and Mike Nichols, varsity football and swimming teams. Outstanding alumni of Omicron include Iack Ging, movie and TV star, and Albert G. Kulp, national president of Phi Kap. DON COX finds the spirit of Christmas as he helps one of the many underprivileged children open her present at their party. TOP ROW: Eddie Allen. Thomas L. Baker. Roger L. Bayless, Ron- ald D. Borden, Jim L. Belkin, John Burlord, Milce Boydslun, Barry J. Buflalohide. SECOND ROW: Ron Burlcell, Sieve L. Callaham. Tom A. Carne- vale, Richard E. Carr, Richard M. Cinolfo, Don Cox, Randy J. Crad- dock. Bob Craig. THIRD ROW: Dave Cromwell. Dave Currln. Michael E. Davall. Garland D. Davis, Jim C. Day. Ben Dallavedova. Arlhur Duden- hoeffer, Slave Duggan. FOURTH ROW: Keifh A. Ealon. Jimmy Fellers, Pafriclc D. Filrzger- ald, Jack Edward Foole, Slan L. Fosler, Edwin C. Fox, Jr., Don Fuller, Mike D. Gaden. FIFTH ROW: L. J. Gregg, David A. Grilfy, Tom Hacldan, Richard Vance Hall, Kenl J. Harrell, Car- fer Harf. Viclor H. Hemmy. Bruce Hickman. SIXTH ROW: Richard M. Hunl, J. B. Klinilslcl. Richard L. Knapp. Dan Kubialc, Jim Kubiak. Viclor K. Kulp, John W. Lehwald, Jr., Larry H. Lemon. SEVENTH ROW: John Lillle. Bruce London, Jim McFarlane, Ter- ry Mclienzie, Jay Messenger, Mil- 'ron Milslead, Gary B. Moore. Dwiqhl A. Mundell. EIGHTH ROW: Milne R. Nichols. Tim E. Nicholson, Bill D. Nolen, Owen K. Norlhcull, David Nor- yell, Gary L. Oberg, Dick Osborn, Leland Payne. NINTH ROW: Charles L. Powell. Alan B. Refi, Gil Reyes, Mike Ri- Iey. John P. Roberls, Richard Roclcell, Dale G. Rose, Edward Sanders. TENTH ROW: Don E. Sessions. John Sessions, Charles Slrandberg. Jack W. Tarpley, Floyd Taylor, B. Durand 'Winlc" Thixfon, Richard J. Thompson, Dennis Usewicz. BOTTOM ROW: Fillmore L. Vaughan. Dick J. Venier, Bill V. Way, Larry Weber. Don Wenlz. Dick F. Wilburn, Roberl W. Woods, Gary D. Wriqhl, James L. Yeary, Jr. FINDING maneuvering al' 'lhe Miclnighi' Maneuver Pearly more difficull lhan They had imagined. ihese couples seem lo enioy if. TOP ROW: Mrs. Marie Caudill, Housemolher, John Calderas, Jr., Joseph E. Chicoraske, Wall' E. Davis, Slephen E. Gruce, Jr. SECOND ROW: Roger D. Holmes. Edward J. Hullas, Lewis R. Jones, James V. Marlin. Jim V. McGuckin. THIRD ROW: Frank W. Rees. Jr.. Jack D. Reiqh, Michael Wayne Rozneclc, James R. Runff, Roberi' E. Scally. BOTTOM ROW: Pafrick Shea, J. Slave Snider, Bob Thompson, Wil- liam P. Tylinslci. 707 W. Boyd PHI KAPPA THETA embers Plan Construction ni ew Home Phi Kappa Theta was founded nationally in 1889, and adopted as its fraternity colors, car- dinal red, white, and gold. Since that time it has grown to 71 chapters, one of which is Oklahoma Kappa chapter, established here in 1934. Phi Kap was led by Iames V. Martin, pres- identg Daniel O,Brien, vice president, Walter Davis, secretary, Robert Scally, treasurer, and Patrick Shea, social chairman. Mrs. Marie Caudill has been the Phi Kappa Theta house- mother for four years. Phi Kap alumni include the late president Iohn Fitzgerald Kennedyg Ed McCauley, coach of the St. Louis Hawks, Thomas F. Patton, "NOW WHERE could the Math 2 files be?" ponders John Mc- Laughlin as he tries, without success, to work out an assignment. tit i 1 Ugg: if it n .mg president of Republic Steel corporation, and Robert Calvin, president of the Motorola corporation. The Phi Kappa Thetas plan to start con- struction of a new fraternity house in September. Traditional Phi Kap social activities are the Fall Formal, the Christmas Dance, and The Roman Holiday. Two of the outstanding Phi Kappa Theta activity men were Patrick Shea, Navy ROTC scholarship recipient, former IFC secretary, and Iohn Calderas, Navy most outstanding midshipman. ENJOYING a lazy evening playing cards at the house are Phi Kappa Thetas James McGuckin, Jack Reigh and Fred Merliss. Pl KAPPA ALPHA Philanthropic ct The Christmas Toy Collection for needy children, the Easter Egg Hunt for Or- phans, the Toga Party, Western Party, Gar- net and Gold Christmas Formal, the Dream Girl Formal, and the Paper Party were the top social and public service events for the PiKAS. Pike activity men were Sandy Sabater, Stu- dent Senate, IFC representative, Dean's Honor Roll, Intramural Wrestling, Charles Musgrave, Marketing Club president, Society of the Ad- vancement ot Managementg Dwight Yenzer, AEP broadcasting fraternity president, KUVY Station Manager, and Robert Pishel, Psi Chi, Deanis Honor Roll. CHANGING the scene a little from "girlie" rides to service proiects, the PiKAs take Christmas toys to the underprivileged. l203 Elm ivities 0ccupy Pikes PiKA oliicers were Blair F. Core and Dwight Yenzer, presidentsg Robert Pishel and Charles Kreutz, vice presidentsg Ken Corklin and Steve Dunning, secretariesg Charles Rains, treasurerg and Lanny Sockwell and Vernon Bolstad, social chairmen. Mrs. Velma Forck has been Pi Kappa Alpha housemother for nine years. Established in 1868 at the University of Vir- ginia, PiKA nationally boasts 129 chapters and seven colonies. Alumni of the local chap- ter include: Gomer Iones, head football coachg Boyd Gunning, Executive Director of the OU Foundation, and loe B. Hunt, head of the Ok- lahoma City Insurance Commission. HROMANS, ROMANS everywhere," think Mary Lonqbotham and Nick Mayfield as they survey the room at the Pi KA toga party. TOP ROW: Gary R. Bennell, Bill Bigbie. Bob Bigler. Vernon Bolsled, Jay W. Boynlon, T. L. Bradford lll. Clark S. Branl, Allen Lewis Burns, Jr., Gregory S. Burlon. SECOND ROW: David L. Can- rrell, George B. Carroll, Charles W. Carson. Tony Cecere, Ken Clark. Jerry D. Cockerell, John Cole. Donald Charles Coleman. Frank B. Collier. THIRD ROW: Michael D. Collins, David J. Cormier, Kennelh Roy Conklin, Blair F. Core, John Crain. Carllon B. Cunningham, Orville E. Damron, John C. Davidson, Wayne Davis. FOURTH ROW: David E. Dealh- erage, Tony C. De Bellis. Roberl Lee Dornfeld. David F. Evans, Jimmy M. Everell, Harold L. Fire. Mike Filzpalrick, Jack A. Gehl, David Gilley. FIFTH ROW: Bob Lake Grove. Hobarl' G. Hammond, Alvin C. Harrell, Raymond M. Harris, Dav- id Allen Harrisl, William H. Har- vey. Jr.. M. Ray Haynes, Dick J. Hinkle. C. Walker I-lodges. SIXTH ROW: Paul I-lubble, Ed Hunlzicker, Sam Houslon Johnson Ill, Mike J. Jones, Noah A. Ken- nedy Il, John J. Kessler, Randy R. Kirchner. Peler L. Kranker. Charles Allen Kreulz. SEVENTH ROW: Leonard Leek. Garry Looper, George B. Lovelace Ill. Gene E. Luiz, Jerry M. Mad- dux, James Marr, Jerry Lee Mayes. James N. Mayfield, Paul R. McManus. EIGHTH ROW: Mike E. McNi- chol, Gary L. Mclfniqhl, Terry L. Midclleswarlh, James F. Moran. Max Lee Muller, John Mullilcen, Jerry Mullins, Gene D. Murphy. Charles R. Musgrave Ill. NINTH ROW: John W. Oleinik. Chesrer M. Olson, Ed Owen. Mark Perkins, Richard Perry, Roberr G. Pishel, Douglas R. Poole. Bill Poylhress. TENTH ROW: Charles Rains, Richard L. Rineharl, Joe J. Rodri- guez. Philip R. Russ, Sandy Saba- ier. Jerry W. Scolf, Lee Shellon. Jerry Wayne Shipman. ELEVENTH ROW: Porler R. Shulls, Rod Sipe. Lanny R. Sock- well, Harold E. Sfansberry, Bill Slewarr, Slephen Richard Slock- lon, Charles W. Slrolher, William Thompson. BOTTOM ROW: Gordon M. Trawick, Don E. Wallis. Arfie Washburn, Fred O. Whilehursf, William O. Whirehursr, John Cam- eron Williams, Vance E. Williams, John Douglas Winrermure. TOP ROW: Eddie Adams, Larry Allford, Lynn R. Arnn, Terry Bry- an Arnn. Dan H. Babcock, Teb Blackwell, Roberr C. Brighr, Mike S. Brinson. SECOND ROW: Sieve Browne, Roberl H. Burnham, Jim Capps, Larry Chambers, Chip Clark, Mike Colberr, Danny Cole, Larry E. Collier. THIRD ROW: Allen C. Cowdery, Dick Croom, Don C. Davis, L. Dow Davis IV, Jack E. Dozier, John A. Egnew. Terry Wayne Ellsrrom, Bill B. Fears. FOURTH ROW: Roberr L. Ford, Michael L. Gibson, George W. Gill, A. Bruce Green, Jerry L. Grirlirh, Bill Hammons, Doane F. Harrison, Roger Harrison. FIFTH ROW: Rudy Harvey, Ben Henry, William W. Hesler, Bill H. Hill. John D. lngle, Jr., John B. Jacobs, Ron Jensen, Bill Kough. SIXTH ROW: Brooks J. La6ree, Jr., Jim Lamb. Roberr Land, Mar- 'ren Lanqworlhy. Jim Lasley. De Lawlor, Tom Leach, Burch Linville. SEVENTH ROW: Claxfon E. Lo- vin. Chuck Lyon, John Maravich, James C. Marlin, Keifh L. Marlin, Jim McBee. Larry McCari'y, Monfy McDannald. EIGHTH ROW: Sleve Meacham, Bill Merrill, Allen W. Miller, Don Moore, John Moricoli, Gary Mor- lon, John R. Norman, Bill Norris. James W. Ogg. NINTH ROW: Frank X. Olney, Joe N. Ownbey, Bob Pansze, Bill D. Parker, James H. Parker, John P. Porfer, Troy S. Quigley, P. R. Ramey, Roger L. Redeker. TENTH ROW: Jack Richards. Richard D. Roberfs, Bill Roe, Ter- ry A. Seba, Bill R. Shawn, Bob Shipley. David G. Slear, Jr.. Don- ald T. Skevens, David H. Slreelz BOTTOM ROW: Sam Veazey. Sam Vinson, David E. Webb. Charley Williams. Gary P. Will- iams, David D. Wilson, Ron Wright Scolf Roberr Wrighr, Skip Zedlirz. .afxw 730 College lphaslM0ve Back The Sig Alphs rose from the depths of their Iungle Party to win second place in University Sing, third place in the Fraternity of the Year contest, second place in scholarship, a place in Sooner Scandals, the Intramural golf and wrestling championships, second place in B- football, and the award for the best Sig Alph chapter in the province, not to mention their new 5B500,000 house. All of these honors made the International Ball, the Victory Party, the Pi Lam-Sig Alph Party, the Christmas Party, and the Sig Alph-Theta Christmas Orphan Party much more enjoyable. Butch Linville, Phi Eta Sigma, Pe-et, ODK, UAC,UAB,BlVIOC, Who's Who, Sooner MOD, Sam Vinson, Phi Eta Sigma, ODK, UAC, Top ADDING THE final touch to the new house, Chuck Lyon and Allen Cowdery are aided by Little Sister of Minerva Mary Sue Roberts. to SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 0riQinal Location Ten Freshmen, Prank Olney, Phi Eta Sigma, Top Ten Freshmen, UACQ Dow Davis, Stu- dent Senate, Scabbard and Blade, and Ben Henry, St. Pat's Council, Scabbard and Blade, Engineers, Queen Contest Chairman, and out- standing BOTC junior keep the Oklahoma Kappa chapter of the purple and gold repre- sented on campus. Ben Henry and Butch Linville have been Sig Alph presidents this year, Butch and Chuck Lyon have shared the duties of vice president, Tim Lamb and Delyle Lawler have been secretary, and Bill Roe and Marten Lang- Worthy have bridged the administrations as treasurer and social chairmen. GETTING THINGS ready tor the Sig Aiph Jungle Party are those local natives, Sharon Gatiord. Jimbo Martin and Jim Capps. I I I1 't' . :Ii at I 1 ..,j,ii. SIGMA ALPHA MU Y fm: ..,-gng? ammies Reveal Hous The Sammies, one of the "house-buildingv fraternities on campus, plan to move into their new house in September for the 1965-66 school year. This year the Sammies sponsored an all- campus dance featuring the Coasters. Their other social events, although not quite as spec- tacular, were the Winter Formal and the Sammy Spring House. Sammy activity men were Errol Copile- vitz, Student Senate, IFC, CCUN, Howard Fagin, SAM, Conference on Religion, CCUN, Engineers' Club, Marvin Feldman, Hillel Foundation, IRC, ADS, IFC Presidents' Coun- cil, Oklahoma Daily staff, Don Feinstein, Soon- SERVICE with a smile is the password when Linda Emmer. Stuart Meyer, Don Feinstein and Jimmie Jay Uiiiz take a break. 524 W. Brooks e Plans to Campus er yearbook staff, Hillel vice president, Xi Mu, and Chuck Greenberg, Student Senate and vice chairman of OU College Bowl Selection committee. Sigma Alpha chapter was founded at OU in 1920. Sammy officers this year were Howard F agin, president, Mark Brodkin, vice president, Larry Rudin and Bruce Strongwater, secretaries, Randy Arst, treasurer, and Richard Kahn and Ronnie Freidburg, social chairmen. The Sam- mies have had the same housemother, Mrs. Sonia Brown, for 17 years. Charles Goren, bridge expert, is a member of Sigma Alpha Mu. SAMMY president Howard Fagin watches as the wrecking crew 'rears down the old Sigma Alpha Mu house destroyed by fire. i TOP ROW: Sonia Brown, House- morher: Michael B. Arkin, Michael R. Arsi. Sieve Bloch, Howard Bock, Mark L. Brodkin. SECOND ROW: Edward R. Co- hen, Errol Copilevilz. Larry M. Daiches, Howard E. Fagin, Don Feinsiein, Marv M. Feldman. THIRD ROW: Jon Forman, Ron- nie D. Freidberq, Michael S. Gel- ler. Jeffrey Gilbert Barry A. Ginsberg. Bernard Glassman. FOURTH ROW: Howard Glar- siein, Howard E. Glickman, Mi- chael M. Goldberg, Lloyd Gold- man. Randall J. Goodman, Sieve C. Halpern. FIFTH ROW: Sieve Barry Harz. Richard Kahn. Ronald Alan Kan- fer. Don Karchmer. Marc Karz. Allan David Klein. SIXTH ROW: Bolo Koppel, Sieve Magoon, Sy Markowslcy, Sleven W. Mayer. Sfuari' Meyer, Thomas Mudrick. SEVENTH ROW: Michael Terry Myers. Lawrence B. Newman. Mel Price. Peler S. Rhein. Coleman Robinson. Bernie Rolhbaum. EIGHTH ROW: Larry Rudin. Al- len B. Salilcol, Mark Shekrer, John A. Siegal, Slanley Spigel. Larry P. Slern. Larry S. Slern. BOTTOM ROW: Sieve Sfeven- son, Bruce Slrongwaler, Roy Wal- lace. Allen A. Weiner. Clifford I. Weinsiein. Lew Weinslein. Roger Zelnick. 1 A ' illil ' . ii r I . "":V iii? .V B ' B ' .- 1 ,L Y - 1 A V . Y., ly t I I If ' I I R .4Ll.aci' K ' l . I . F, A ' . L-lr K I , . N i . Q . , if , b ' Q . 4 4 Vh'Y J, V X .lrl ' - 1. VY-V ' r H I- X I, , . it 'FT' .9 F vlrl T I. 1 Y' T TT X 3' R V g - lv in I I - ,gum li? 4 I V 'rm 6 gl -T , I - , i I '- S ' wg i ,' 5- c -5 I . ' lr i ' 1 I I Y is H E A- i 'Q-,Av , Y Y A . .yn K 4 ' my 5-if sy, L X l, - - - 1 - I Ti I y a.-1 ry I gi: Q Y' B gig.. 'fl . if, xi I rx . ., H 9 . 1 li fi. E' ' I , - ' I , i . I-is . V Y 9 5 W -5 X ..V,, 'si b. I ,A p 1 I 1. 5 - ii Y-M C- sy In :- . I i A i ,J Y i V I n W Y., If I 'IW Q Y .v 5 . V V ---. Kill A S al I I-7 59 .'I f .57 , . 330 TOP ROW: Fred W. Becker Jr.. Jack D. Becker. Don S. Benlley. James E. Blalock. Don Boyf, Neil E. Bogan, Paul A. Brockwell III. Louis H. Brigham, Ken Brusr, Newl' Burlon. SECOND ROW: Jerry E. Buller, Warren H. Carey. Phil S. Carle- Ion, Reed Carpenler, Jack J. Car- son, Ken Frank Casey, Gene Chamberlain, Sloan K. Childers. Sieve A. Childers, Bob Coffey. THIRD ROW: Carl F. Craighead, Fred L. Crawford. Gaylon Craw- ford, Robarl' L. Crosslin, Bill Cub- bage, Pairick V. Cuviello. Wayne Dabney, Michael R. Davis. Don- ald E. DeSpain. Bill Durcher. FOURTH ROW: John Earl, Gary W. Eley, Bill Endicofl, Jesse P. Field. Jim Galaal, John H. Gar- rerr, James M. George, Roger Gossard, Jim Granr, John Ray Green. FIFTH ROW: David C. Grubb. Ed Guihrie. Edwin Hall. Richard L. Haney, William H. Hardwick, Terry D. Heineman. Alan Hender- son. Sian Henderson, Gary Herr- man, Mike Hewill. SIXTH ROW: Dan F. Highley, Ronnie W. Hines, Jim Hodges. James D. Holly Roger O. Hausley. Gary B. Hulsey, Larry Hulsey, Dennis L. James, Alan Jenkins, Ed Johnson. SEVENTH ROW: George B. Ker- nek. Jay Phillip Koons, Woodie Lackey. Joe Larimer. Tom Lil"ron. Roberl L. Mallory Il, Edwin Maloy. Jim Manrinq, Mike J. Maples. J. K. Marlinsky ll. EIGHTH ROW: Mike G. Maie- iich, John E. McCormick. Jr., Hal McCoy, Sieve McCoy, Mike E. McCurl'ain, Bob Mclnlosh, Julian P. McNeely. Lonnie Messick, Law- rence A. "BuIch" Melcali, M. Tim Michael. NINTH ROW: Roger A. Mickish, C. ScoH' Milchell. Jeff Morehouse. James R. Morgan. Mike Morris. John Murdock, Harold David Murry. Bob C. Nepfune. Mike E. Parish. Dan Penlecosr. TENTH ROW: Thurman J. Piich- lynn, Eugene Pollard, Gil Reed, Hal Reynolds. Joe R. Reynolds. Ronald N. Rickeils. Bill Rigg, Bill Rilzhaupi, Reid Robison, Iver Ross. ELEVENTH ROW: Bruce Gordon Rossiler. James T. Rowan. Dave Sanders, Carl S. Schreiner III. Ken D. Shean. Bruce E. Skaislis, E. W. Smirh, Jr., Norman W. Smilh. Gil Sleidley, Van Sfewarl. TWELFTH ROW: Rick Taliaierro, George P. Theriol III, Mike Thom- as. Lanny Tonning, Charles T. Un- derwood, Jr., Don Wachlrnan, Bill Wallace. Torn Warner. John A. Weick, John V. Wicklund Ill. BOTTOM ROW: Gary B. Will- iamson, Bob Willman, Jim A. Wilf- shire, Bob Winlers. Bill Woodson, Kenny Aboussie. Mike Andricos. Jim Awlrey. Bools Bagley, "Rocky" J. A. Barrelr, Allen Barrow. SIGMA CHI ' 1'-w - 'z-.4 s., . . . .s ff- ' rjg3.q.'...,, . . , . ' - , . , . 4.-,,. ,,., -f. . . . , A. ...., -ui. .. I . t-wc, In ..-mn6H'!':Ci',!..Lsei-:r. f.-:e....,..fZ'.s..4,.f-.. 4d...fse...21I...QUi'.i'-:main -Azul.-,'Tamar-.uYfwJir.aA.,u1,.e.xQ.s... 558 S. University Blvd. i ma Chi's Host Variet oi Parties The Beta Kappa chapter of Sigma Chi is busily trying to graduate a brother destined to become as widely known as Iohn Wayne, Barry Goldwater, or Milton Canifl. Mike Maples, Knight of St. Pat, CDK, Pe-et, BMOC, president of UAB and UACg Bill Dutcher, Pe-et, BMOC, ODKg Mike Hewitt, ODK, Pe-et, BMOC, varsity hurdlerg Gary Eley, ODK, UAC vice president, and Newt Burton, ODK, All-Big Eight guard, and foot- ball cocaptain are the current top contenders for this distinction. The Sigma Chiis had a good time at the Baby Bawl, the Western Party, the Harlem Ball, the Derby Day Weekend, and the Sweet- PAT CUVIELLO gets e rough ride from the barrel horse at the Sigma Chi Western Party. Meanwhile, back at the house . . . heart of Sigma Chi Formal. In between these events, they found time to boost their com- munity image through a joint Orphan Party with the Pi Phiis. Their image was enhanced by eight members on the football team, and the wrestling team pinning champ, Sven Holm. Sigma Chi was led this year by Gary Wil- liamson, fall semester president, and Harold Murry, spring semester president. Bill Ritz- haupt was vice president, Gene Chamberlain and Roger Housley were secretaries, and poor Gary Eley was treasurer all year long. Sigma Chi is one of the oldest of the OU fra- ternities, established here in 1912. GOING WILD on the strings at a weekend party are George Ker- nak. Dan Pentecost and Gary Eley, who brought down the house. SIGMA NU I, i', igma n Outstanding Intramural football and Wrestling cham- pions for 1962 and 1963, Sigma Nu maintains a full and Well-rounded calendar of events. Last year, Sigma Nu teamed with the Tri- Delts to Win the mixed group division in Sooner Scandals. They also Won intramural swimming and track championships. The Nus, outstanding in scholarship as Well as intramurals, also are active in the social life of OU. This year was strewn with social events such as the Hobo Party, the Pledge Party, the White Rose Formal and the tradi- tional Border Dance, the oldest established party on campus. Sigma Nu, founded in 1869, has many top JIM HUNTER and Gene Atkinson had a Spring Break ski trip planned but how does one carry long skis in a short car? T w'.'. I300 College in 0U Intramurals alumni which include novelist Zane Greyg Dave Guard of Kingston Trio fame, All- American Iim Owen, and Supreme Court lus- tice William Berry. Olticers were Gene Smith and lim Landers, presidentsg Ioe Blake and Roger Hubbard, vice presidents, Dudley Hyde and Randy Craven, secretariesg Don Frazier, treasurer, and Parke Davis and Mike Tinney, social chairmen. Top Sigma Nus were Ioe Blake, Scabbard and Blade, Phi Eta Sigma, Iota Epsilon, and Dudley Hyde, IEC Executive Committee, FMA Board of Trustees, Student Tratlic Court Judge and Deanis Honor Roll. DAVID SELIM, Gene Smith and Mike Tlnney extend a hardy wel- come to Freshman Jerry Putt during a dinner at the Nu house. TOP ROW: Drew A. Ackerman. Gene Alkinson. John R. Bauer. Tom Boneliel, Vernon "Buddy" Biggers, Johnny Bingaman, Joe R. Blake, Slove Blake, D. Burdelie Blue Ill. SECOND ROW: Henry P. Brad- ley, Tom E. Brown, Treloor Brown, Mike Bruce, Jack Bryan, W. Dar- rell Bryan, Rick Chew, Tom A. Clark, Samuel M. Clawser Ill. THIRD ROW: Vic Cleveland. Sieve Cole, John Collins, Rod Compion, Barry Cook, Terry L. Cooper, Phil Cornelr, Jerry Craig, Dean J. Craven. FOURTH ROW: Randy Craven, Parke H. Davis, Waller L. Dell, Jim Dodds. C. Dewayne Dolson, Arvin W. Eiclson, Roberl K. Ep- person. Mike S. Forsrnan, Don Frazier. FIFTH ROW: Doug E. Hanes. Greg Hari, Kinross Holi, Clinl Ven Horn. Roger A. Hubbard, James T. Hunler, J. Dudley Hyde, Bucl Jacobs, Peier Joers. SIXTH ROW: Buddy Jones, Tom F. Keeley, Mike T. Kilcoyne, Jay King, Jim Landers, Bob Landsaw, James Lee, Michael Leebron, Rob- erl J. Livingsion. SEVENTH ROW: Cal Maior. Don R. Maranville, John D. Marlin. M. Douglas Marlin, Mark McGee, Dan Mclviahan. Peler Mclnlyre. James W. McWilliams, Jr., Bill Mellon. EIGHTH ROW: Joseph A. Mik- lasz, Richard Mooney, Pal Mullens. Ronald L. Myles, Mike Olsen. Keilh Parris, John W. Pallerson, Jim Paynler, Jr., David Payie. NINTH ROW: Tim Pool. John Pruill, Jerry W. Pulr. Roy Rem- merf. Torn R. Rempel, Mike Ring- er, Donnie Roberfs, George G. Russell, Jr., Rod M. Sanders. TENTH ROW: J. David Selim. Sieve Simmons, Bill Slepka, Gene Smiih Jr., Slave Snyder, Siephen Craig Spann, Sky C. Suydam, Jerry L. Tale. BOTTOM ROW: Blaine L. Thack- er, Michael Don Tinney, James Roberr Troller, Larry E. Underhill. John David Voiles, Bob While. Jim S. Widman, George H. Wilson. HOUSE CLEANINGS are for irhe birds. says Neil DiGiamma+'reo, as he gels a hand from Pai' Frazee-preferably birds +ha'l' dus'r. or -L L- l TOP ROW: Roberl' O. Badgefi, Mike Belanger, Larry F. Benneii, Gilberl' H. Bills, Allen Blaslce, John B. Daniel, Rodney S. Davis. SECOND ROW: Neil S. Di Gi- ammarreo. Jayme Dunn, Terry W. Esfes, Greg P. Fehr, Par Frazee. Jim D. Gallup, Larry Geis. THIRD ROW: Richard Allen Gen- iry, Roger Griffilh, Jerry l-leger, Ken B. I-lodgdon, Alan Hoffman, Donald M. Hoover, Jon Horweclel. FOURTH ROW: Bill Hubbard. Frank Karliislcie, Bob Lisr, Bob Mc- Carlhy, Larry McDade, Jim Mous- er, Dee Oliphanr. FIFTH ROW: Vic Prep, Alan K. Price, David L. Quillin, Jack Ro- bison, Chad L. RoclceH'. Ralph B. Smifh, George W. Snider. BOTTOM ROW: George Slralis. Roberr Vaughn Sullivan, Ken M. Taylor, Jr., Mike Transue. Jay C. Walderich, Ken B. Wanderer, Marvin Ray Welch. l ,.. , . i i i-l 11-- 1 . ,fn V ... 1 - 4, .......-,+G . , ,L , ,., L +,,l.-,2iL4,. ....... ,.'... ..-' ..1 -,. 1 -. .. -- . - -,- f .W . ..v.,, .,i.., .- ....- -- 536 S. University Blvd. SIGMA PHI EPSILON ig Eps Place Emphasis on Activities The Sig Eps were the spring semester volley- ball champs, placed third in scholarship im- provement, and were in the top ten fraternities in scholarship this year. The men of purple and red, led by Mike Transue, president, Terry Estes, vice president, john Daniel, secretary, George Stratis, con- troller, and George Snider, recorder, are a rel- atively new OU fraternity, being established here in 1946. Their housemother, Mrs. Eliza- beth Gossom, has been with them for about half of their existence, seven years. Duncan Hines, Dallas Ling, Tom Ewell, Ted Mack and Woody Herman are Sig Eps. DISPLAYING the largest Christmas tree on campus, Joe Hylton. Jim Gallup and Dickie Gentry prepare it for the Yuleiide party. So are Ion Horwedel, ODK, BMOG, Knights of St. Pat, IEEE president, lohn Daniel, IEEE St. Pat's representative, IEEE banquet chair- man, IFC, Engine Club, and Greg Fehr, AIAA, SAME, Engine Show committee chairman, AFROTG Oiiiceris c1ub, and AFROTG Queen Selection team. Sig Ep social functions included the Girl of the Golden Heart Formal, the Christmas Ski Party, the Halloween Monster Mash, the Playboy Formal, and numerous sorority serenades. Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded nationally in 1901 and has grown to 160 chapters. PLEDGES are not the only ones harassed at the house. Ken Taylor, Ralph Smith and Ken Wanderer pay a playful visit to Mrs. Walker. fa 3 X? 23, Chapter B ,K :ef- ftigff 4237 'ifrqfk fbzi? Dean of the chool of edicine On September 1, 1964, Dr. Iames L, Dennis be- came the new Dean of the School of Medicine, suc- ceeding Dr. Ioseph M. White Ir., interim Director and Dean since Dr. Mark R. Everett's retirement from the dual post at the end of the 1963-64 academic year. Dr. Dennis, a 1940 graduate of OU Medical School, came here from the University of Arkansas Medical Center, where he was asociate dean, in charge of clin- ical instruction and professor of Pediatrics. In addition to his new title of Dean of this medical school he holds the academic position of professor of Pediatrics. Dr. Dennis is also an editorial adviser of GP and Pediatrics medical journals. - h W5-1 5 r., ..-,. .... N , ,.-,.,.- .-.,- Mllr- , tv'1:.:h .. . , q 1.1, , , yu ' ,.,.- , . .My j V 'gh il? fi V 541 'za' !,,,,,.-' ' .I .,. is-n"F'n:,f,' - . . :K L ' x , 4 f 1 1 m 1 1 4 w I . X , ,fr-V. 'M' V ,1 pw: S ' ji Ffewl t' 3 ' i I N- J Basie Science Department Chairmen ERN EST LACHMAN, M.D. Anaiomy , 2 Q yn X, 7,1 "E ' X., LAWRENCE VERNON SCOTT. Sc.D. Microbiology 5' " 'x I I 7 Ifyi 1, 4, ' if x ..'5VI X 1 I FRANCIS J. HADDY, M.D., Pl-l.D. Physiology HENRY N. KIRKMAN, M.D. Biochemistry KENNETH M. RICHTER, M.D. l-lisloloqy. Embryology WILLIAM W. SCHOTTSTAEDT, M.D. Preveniive Medicine and Public Healih I ahh. l I MARION DE V. COTTEN, PH.D. Pharmacology WILLIAM E. JAOUES, M.D. Pafholoqy Clinical Department Chairmen S srewfuer e. woLF, M.D. Professor oi Medicine M.D. degree from Johns Hopkins S F , .fefz J . ' "Were f v f ., JOHN A. SCHILLING, M.D. Professor of Surgery M.D. degree from Harvard Universiiy "5-,.E L , "-J HARRIS RILEY JR., M.D. JAMES A. MERRILL Professor of Pediairics Professor of Obsieirics and Gynecology M.D. degree from Vanderbili Universiiy M.D, degree from Universiiy of California WILLIAM PARRY, M.D. Urology Clinical Department Chairmen f .xg t .fx' -, I KN- I X . JAMES B. SNOW JR., M.D. O+orI1inoIaryngoIoqy MARK A. EVERETT, M.D. Dermahnlogy LOUIS J. WEST Psychiafry SIDNEY P. TRAUB, M.D Radiology DON H. O'DONOGHUE, M.D. TULLOS O. COSTON, M D Orkhopedics Ophfhalmoloqy NN C. BARNES, M.D. BURDGE F. GREEN, M.D. K. E. WHINERY, M.D. E. C. LINDLEY, M.D. MALCOLM MOLLISON, M.D. CARLTON E. SMITH, M.D Nowala Sfilwell Sayre Duncan Alfus l'lenryeH'a IOWELL E. FRY, M.D. C. S. CUNNINGHAM. M.D. J, A. GRAHAM, M.D, O. H. PATTERSON, M.D. ROYCE C. MCDOUGAL, M.D. J. WILLIAM FINCH, M.D Slillwafer Poleau Pauls Valley Sapulpa Holdenvllle Holaarl' and Dr O H Paflerson lake hme 1? 4 ou'r fo discuss an unfereshng pahenl' j MANUEL HENSLEY, senior sludgnl, N 4 -. ' - . . . ' during a busy clay In Sapulpa. 343 344 WE' 155' ' . ' r E77 l , . 'greg-' 3 ' . r . - -,rio-in - 1. nun I 5 l ' fi ' I.. ' . ,,,. .. 2 A 'I H , ' 4'.::z:jLQ3".i. L.: ,Y .FQ-I 1,-1, M- 5,4 W L X 1I':.',.. U". Jun., I I - ,ap I- , wg.w'ff':g I- 1 .Q ., 3, . ' ' 'BE' If a."fa:!f'..f'fT 1 I DEPARTMENT or PHYsloL- " "'- . -I QE ' OGY. BOTTOM ROW: A. J ' ' Sfanley. F. D. Haddy, M. J Keyl. TOP ROW: J. B. Scoll. A. K. Weiss, J. Dabney. i I F.-' .-A: . ,I ,'-I '.-ff, .j.Li'. 3' 4 1 .. 196 Faculty I I I I I , 14 I lv, 5:5 -.5 F F . I . 7723.52 ' I I'-.ff I .' YJ lv T' fl A ' P V- A ll ,lil L V- V ' .fr-, f .. I -Q ji.. I' 1 Q 1 ' u f ,, ' I -Q I. I lx I . V 'auf , K . . ' 4 . Q' fi ., , Y 1- . Il . Grztlxl ' vi' . 1:1 1 iff.: --'. ,I ,A 7 I J V 5- Y! W ' li. I , 17 1. I- we I :.v Y . " , I N x X I' I YB! if I 13,4 as-fe...-- liffig . I " gg ' 5 ,L il li I I I K ,lg fa 'it DEPARTMENT OF ANATOMY. BOTTOM ROW: Don Coalson, nelh M. Richler, John F. Lhollca, Laurence G, Gumbreclc, Garmon Ernesf Lachman, Alice M. Brues, John E. Allison. TOP ROW: Ken- H. Daron. Kennefh K. Faulkner. 5... I . Q- .?ffl 'Ari fl' I ' . Q , I ,I I . I r . . . A DEPARTMENT OF BIOCHEMISTRY. Mark R. Everell, Fay Shep- Raul Carubelli, O. B. Houchin, Quincey Cricler, M. S. Sheller, P. pard. E. G. Larson. Kurf Dubowski, Regan Bradford, Arley T. Bever, Alaupovic. H. N. Klrlcman. DEPARTMENT OF PREVEN- iris-'iir iwu F ' TIVE MEDICINE AND PUB- . ' Lv LIC HEALTH. BOTTOM ROW: Carl R. Doering, Olivia M. Smyfhe, Pearl D. Fisher. V..-?L51'2f'l I- . l .1 I.-M13 gn, . 'liar ' M.: X IU' Ar si f . I' ff' Margarei' F. Shackelford, Viv- 5 Q' ian S. Smilh, Herberl' Kent Q' Grady F. Maihews. secono Sf ROW: Edward Brandi, James , A. Hagans, Joseph B. Gold- QT smilh. C. G. Gunn, Wm. W. 3, Scholrrslaedl. Joe O. Rogers, I ,- Raymond D. Crews, Roberl C. ' I Lowe. Philip E. Smifh. TOP . L ROW: H. P. Reinhardt Samuel M. Meyers, W. David Sfeen. DEPARTMENT OF MICROBI- OLOGY. BOTTOM ROW: John R. Sokalch, Florene C. Kelly, L. Vernon Scofl. Frances G. Felron, Roberl A. Pafnode. TOP ROW: John M. Hale. Evereii' C. Bracken, Alexander H. Woods, Glenn S. Bulmer. George J. Friou. 196 Facult ...H .-4. - '?'?:Ev-ETFIX' 'I ' -':-5241 .I JI 1: ' f vw " 14 wa, 15:35, an , ... . J r. Iv 5., ... ' 1195 27531 - m , FIR' I 'I x IJ 1 -'fi f ' 1 T I -4 .EJZQR If DEPARTMENT OF ANESTHESIOLOGY. BOTTOM ROW: J. ROW: M. Yurdalcul, J. King, B. Sears, M. Pefer, W. Massion, C. Carrea. Y. Kuflram, J. While. L. Wills, N. Naiions. N. Foiias. TOP Carmack, C, Kenf, J. Tapuz. DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACOLOGY: John H. Goqeriy, Jiro anne I. Moore, William B. Sfavinoha. Nakano, Roberf Rosensfein. Marion de V. Coflen. Chairman: Jo- ! ' ' DEPARTMENT OF RADIOLO- ' ,-, GY. BOTTOM ROW: S. M. 71 Glasser, G. S. Knox, S. P. I Traub. S. H. LevH+, 6. A. Wood. TOP ROW: G. H. , Ladd, L. E. Swischuk, J. P. , Wills, J. D. Bush, R. P. Dick- son, G. D. Hallum, F. H. I Sloclcfon. 3' il- ' in 4- - --U5 11 DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE. BOTTOM ROW: Arlhur F. EIIioH. Kelly M. Wesf. James A. Hagans, Slewari Wolf, Adrian A. Kyria- lcopoulous, Na+oo Pafel, Roberr H. Furman. SECOND ROW: Leon- ard P. Eliel, Oren T. Skouqe, William O. Smiih, Henry H. Turner, Paul T. Condi+, Roberi C. Lawson, Roberi A. Schneider, Beri F. Keliz. THIRD ROW: George L. Winn, Harry T. Avey Jr., Carl W. Smirh, Richard M. Burke, Mervin L. Clark, James R. Ricks Jr.. Jack D. Welsh, William K. Ishmael. FOURTH ROW: W. W. 1 Schoiisraedi, James F. Hammarsien, Philip C. Johnson, W. W. Rucks Jr.. C. G. Gunn, Julien W. Bahr. William S. Pugsley, James W. Hampron. FIFTH ROW: Thomas N. Lynn Jr.. Roberf S. Ellis, Allen R. Hennes, David C. Moclc, Loyal L. Conrad, George N. Barry, Byron F. Smifh. Virgil R. Foresrer, Johnny A. Blue, Richard G. Hahn. R. Palmer Howard. TOP ROW: Alexander H. Woods, Everel-I R. Rhoades, Richard W. Payne, Roberi' M. Bird, Galen P. Robbins. Sfanley E. Berger, Vernon Ward, Ralph A. Smiih. 196 Faculty 5 nuff DEPARTMENT OF OTOLAR- YNGOLOGY. BOTTOM ROW: L. C. McHenry. J. B. Snow Jr., E. A. Walker Jr. SECOND ROW: O. A. Warson. D. M. Lowry, S. R. Shaver, W. B. Moran. THIRD ROW: R. L. Casebeer, J. V. D. Hough, W. D. Siuarf. K. A. Rogers. TOP ROW: R. R. Marlnland, C. S. Meinsfein. DEPARTMENT OF GYN ECOL- OGY AND OBSTETRICS. BOT- TOM ROW: A. S. Porfer, P. W. DeShan, W. M. Crosby, J. A. Merrill. N. T. Werihessen. SECOND ROW: W. L. Shafe fer, F. D. Barnerf. J. R. Caughe ron, C. C. Rogers, K. G. Klinqes. TOP ROW: L. D. Threllreld, F. W. Coqgins, G. W. Fuller. C. W. Macomber, W. K. Harfiord. DEPARTMENT OF UROLOGY BOTTOM ROW Roberr H Aklns Kavan Jess E Miller Roberr Kummen, J. F. Cram, S. D. Barnes. DEPARTMENT OF ORTHO- PEDICS. BOTTOM ROW: S. Fulron Tompkins, Rufh Wingo. Howard B. Shorbe. Don H. O'- Donoghue, Richard A. Sforis, Joe Bob Jarman. Jerry Sisler. SECOND ROW: Edwin Maier, Charles R. Rounfree, Gael R. Frank, William Miller, Lowell Templar, LeRoi B. Gardner, James A. Seeley. THIRD ROW: Ralph E. Payne Jr., Marvin Margo. Jack Spencer, E, Harold Evenson, James W. Zeiders, Phillip Lehman, L. H. Fuller. TOP ROW: William Harsha, James Amspacher, John Florence, Kennefh John- son, Slephen Thach, Adolph Mueller, Roberf B. Mifchell. DEPARTMENT OF PEDIATRICS BOTTOM ROW J Bucldingh Jones W M Thompson Jr A W Pierce Jr. TOP ROW: B. Levy, H D Riley Jr H V L Sapper R A Beargie J D Smirh EC J T Jabbour J R Seely H W Buchner, S. Sepkowirz, D. Sheen, OND ROW E C Bracken L H Chilwood B H Nicholson J J J Urruria P Howard T Rubin R. Gilmarlin. .55 . iff ' ' F ,J -. - -.i-E 4. 4: - gm- 1 f-aifflfegag f QQ' Q11 ff K -A- l N r l 1, 196 Facult ROW: William R. Richardson, G. Rainey Wil- liams. John Schilling, Gilberl S. Campbell. TOP ROW: Carl Nagel and William Price. DEPARTMENT OF DERMATOLOGY. BOTTOM ROW Olaf Nor son Marla A Everell Thomas Nix Jr William Loney William wood. Lloyd A. Owens. H. A. Foersler, Phyllis Jones William Mc Srmlh William Jones Julian Swann Maurice Colley Creighl. Roberl Morgan. C. J. Young. TOP ROW Donald John DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHIATRY, NEUROLOGY AND BEHAV Marshall Edelson Kennelh Shewmalcer Oscar Parsons Andre M IORAL SCIENCES. BOTTOM ROW: Gordon H Deckerl Eliza Weilzenholler Charles Brodie Arnold M Moralcoll Jan Owen belh M. Taclcwell, E. Pumpian-Mindlin, Alfonso Paredes O Boyd Harris TOP ROW R M Wnenecke J L Malhxs V Pushkin L J Houchin. John G. Bruhn. SECOND ROW: Herman Riesenberg Wesl' H J Sluarl J A Fosler Wanda Genlry, Alma Gideon. Vernon V. Sisney THIRD ROW DEPARTMENT OF OPHTHMALOLOGY. BOTTOM ROW Emil TOP ROW William H Garnier James P Lulon William F Old Farris, Coy McClure, Gerald Dixon, James R Reed James Mills W S Muenzler Slanlon L Waller Everelf L Wiggins R P Tullos O. Coslon. Roberl l. Trenl, Richard A Clay Dick Wyrick Shaver Roberl' E Campbell Tom L Johnson S B Leslie ,., . K 1 .LM . Aesculapian Awards Gunter Hasse. William The Aesculapian Awards for excellence in teaching were presented to three outstanding Medical Center professors. Gunter R. Hasse, M.D., professor of Neur- ology, now associated with Temple University School of Medicine as professor and chairman of the department of Neurology, received the clinical year's Aesculapian Award. William S. Middleton, M.D., visiting pro- fessor and Chairman of the department of Medicine from Veterarfs Administration Hos- S. Middleton, William E. Jaques ' pital in Madison, Wisconsin, received the first special Aesculapian Award for his outstanding contributions in teaching and medicine during his year's stay. William E. Iaques, MQD., professor and chairman of the department of pathology re- ceived for the second time the pre-clinical year's Aesculapian Award. Dr. laques will journey to Formosa next year for a year's stay as visiting professor of Pathology. 35l32 Q3 ii ia as G-Q . f',.i.bff,-4-, Lx? fe -elMe..l - have ' 1.111 V ,,'.?r"' "" aff--dill 41 --ff", yy, ,,- Y h , :lm , ff 'lf Iv, . .I FY! r Miliivf K fr-fl, E: --fe V ' :Q-qgyajfi ffl. N. T1 N fi gf ' 55-.xfyj 2i,iiQQ!f52xjqg4,:,-131585 W feesilxegeygfhiiggsfi Y ' . 'f ': A ' 4- .ll Fen-.G'lAJ'fch .eelev .w,Dw eeee an NR ffl ,lf flHV:mw ff. .,' N V .,, l gg, .. . ,..-:ff ' ' Rf ' if , xl ' fu l" " " .3 ,, 1 ,, f 1' I iff! fr' A f' ' N , , f if , . ' J , I , V ,. ,. .H .nf , f x ' " ,1 -' 1-f" . 1. , ..'.-' -- f, .r -1 f ,131 Q "-- . ' . -" 4 ' ,. N A , 1 , - L , ,l 4 V A v,f , x ,I 1 1-'7 " - ' l' I . ,,,.. 4 ' 9 , sf 'x' 1 . X' . ' 7 N f "Qi , e I 1 ,iw . 1, f- ,I -5 js an il " QTNQL ' ' 'it' inq- 5... 'G Winler Scene of +he School of Medicine, Research Founclafion, and Veferans Aclminis+ra+ion Hospifal. The Oklahoma Medical Research Foundafion. .fu ejil The University ei Oklahoma Medical Center Universily Hospilal Clinics Research Building enior ro ff- 4-0 'VX 'K -Q., 9. i 'Z 3 - Nt' 'ffl TOP ROW: 'Samih Y. Alami, American Universify of Beiruf, Bei- ruf, Lebanon: Roberf C. Arnold, OU, Oklahoma Cily: Donald C. Bailey, OU, Slroud: Charles W. Barlaee, OU, Anlrlers: V. Michael BarkeH', OU, Oklahoma Cify: Jonne L. Barney, OU, Anadarko: George N. Barry, OU, Oklahoma Cify: Shelba J. Befhel, Norfh- easfern Sfafe College, Del Cify. SECOND ROW: Charles V. Blair, OU, Oklahoma Cify: Curfis O. Bohlman, OU, Wafonga: John R. Bozalis, OU, Oklahoma Cify: J. Donald Brashear, Norfheasfern Sfafe College, Sfilwell: Sfanley F. Brunn, Long Island Universify, Brooklyn. N.Y.: Bob L. Brufon, Norfheasfern Sfale College, Harfshorne: Dale R. Bufler, OU, Nor- man: Roberi' J. Capeharf, Cenfral Sfare College, Muskogee. THIRD ROW: Roberf P. Carfer Jr., Cenfral Sfafe College, Tonk- awa: Lyle B. Carfwrighf, OU, Norman: Jeffrey H. Cohenour, Tulsa Universiiy, Tulsa: Charles F. Coker, U. S. Naval Academy, El Reno: Billy N. Colvard, Cenfral Sfafe College, Oklahoma Cify: Jerry A. Cook, OU, Oklahoma Cily: Phil D. Craff, Norfheasfern Slafe College, Hugo: Ronald I. Cramer, OSU, Elmwood. FOURTH ROW: David K. Eakin, Washingion and Lee Universify. Tulsa: Charles T. Folsom, Soulheasrern Sfale College, Marieffa: Theodore H. Forfmann, OU, Oklahoma Cify: Twilah Fox, Tulsa Universily, Bixby: Tom H. Garre'H', Soufheasfern Sfale College. Anadarko: Eldon V. Gibson, Norfheasfern Sfale College, Tahle- quah: Charles S. Goree, OU. Oklahoma Cily: D. Max Gregory, Cenfral Sfafe College, Oklahoma Cify. FIFTH ROW: Sfephen S. Haas, Universify of Michigan, Oklahoma Cily: James G. Henry, OU. Tulsa: Manuel Hensley, Befhany Naza- rene College, DeOueen, Ark.: Roberf C. Hoffman, OSU. New- kirk: Mariin R. Hullender, OBU. Frederick: M. Price HuHs, Tulsa Universify, Vini'ra: Jimmie K. Jackson, OSU. Healdfon: Donald F. Johnson, Tulsa University, Inola. BOTTOM ROW: Ray M. Johnson, OSU. Sfillwafer: Roy D. King. Norfheasfern Sfafe College, Midwesl' Cily: Abbas E. Kifabchi, OU, Oklahoma Cifyq Joseph L. Krueger, Cenlral Sfafe College, Lawfon: Roberf K. Lee, Norlheasfern Sfale College, Tahlequah: Pafrick D. Lesier, Norfheasfern Sfafe College, Broken Arrow: Larry W. Mag- nuson, Norfhwesfern Sfafe College, Alva: Rex R. MaH'hews, OU, Oklahoma Cily. Class of 196 fin. van! k 43' QS 2' Q... L i-rf' NP 13 Q-.I f""?l. Z' ,..., SJ' in A R ov- Nw l- QU:-sl 'I' TOP ROW: Donald E. McHard, OSU. Blackwell: James F. Mc- Murry Jr., Cenlral Slale College, Oklahoma Ciiy: T. Richard Med- lock, OU, Ada: Don W. Meinders, OSU, Pauls Valley: N. Lin Meir- ing, OU. Oklahoma Cify: James E. Milfon, OSU, Harrah: D. Dee Mi+chell, Cenrral Slare College, Oklahoma Cily,: Burr C. Monfa- gue, OU, Lawlorx. SECOND ROW: Kirk T. Mosley Jr., OU. Oklahoma Ciry: Paul L. Nave, OU. Enid: J. Gail H. Neely, Cenlral Slare College, Ed- mond: Thomas C. Neese, OU, Seminole: Roberf R. Pavlu, Sl. Bene- dicfs College, Waukomis: Dennis G. Penningfon, OSU, Midland. Tex., J. Kin Pirlle, Norfheaslern Slafe College, McAles1'er: Charles R. Plank, OU, Fairview. THIRD ROW: Kerri' H. Poffs, OU, Wellslong Gary W. Rahe, OSU, Crescenf: Anfhony C. Reding, OSU, Srillwarer: A. J. Reed, OSU. Kiowa, Kan.: Jim L. Reed, Norlheasrern Slafe College. Nowala: Samuel T. Rice, OU, Wewoka: Lois R. Rollins, Norlheaslern Sfale College, Tulsa: Thomas R. Russell, Weslrninsler College, Meeker. KY -N ai 'IR . Opxl FOURTH ROW: Mary L. Saddoris, OU, Barllesville: lldiko M. Sandford, OU. Oklahoma Cily: Frederick W. Schachl' Jr., Norrh- wesrern Universiry, Oklahoma Cily: Harley J. Scholz, OSU, Perry: Roberi A. Searcy, Weslminsrer College, Tulsa: Gary L. Shepherd, Park College. Barllesville: Sfanley A. Skaer, OSU. Augusra, Kan.: Teresa M. Sracy, OCU, Oklahoma Cily. FIFTH ROW: Nicholas J. Sfephanou, OSU, Oklahoma Ciry: Rex E. Slockard, OSU, Sfillwarer: Gary F. Sfrebel, Norfheasiern Sfale College, Okay: Leaford Thornbrough, Soulhwesrern Slaie College, Clinronz Jon D. Tillinghasf, OBU. El Reno: James F. Todd, OSU. Srillwarer: R. Paul Tucker, U. S. Naval Academy, Tulsa: Donald L. TuH', Cenrral Srafe College, Duncan. BOTTOM ROW: Bruce M. Van Horn, OU, Oklahoma Ciiy: Thomas E. Vogel, Beneclicline Heighrs, Tulsa: James E. Walraven, Cenrral Sfale College, Lexinqfon: Marvin Weisbard, Columbia Universily. Oklahoma Cily: Carroll L. Zahorsky, Norrhwesfern Srare College, Carmen: David P. Wesf, Cenlral Srare College. Oklahoma Ciiy: Jon T. Willis, OSU, Blackwell. am' Junior TOP ROW: R. M. Adams, OU, Chocfaw: T. R. Ah- rend, Easl Cenrral Slale College, Oklahoma Cily: S. C. Allin, OU, Norman: M. A. Anderson, OU, Shaw- nee: B. D. Anlhony, OSU, Carney. SECOND ROW: J. N. As+le, OSU, Blackwell: H. D. Balyeal, OU, Oklahoma Cily: C. P. Bieber, OU, Ponca Cily: J. C. Bloom, Cenlral Slale College, EI Reno: G. A. Bocox, OU, Tulsa. THIRD ROW: C. S. Bollman, OU, Muskogee: J. G. Campbell, Weslminsler College, Oklahoma Cily: T. M. Carrer, OSU, Tonkawa: R. G. Case, OU, Oklahoma Cily: C. S. Cafes, OU, Norman. FOURTH ROW: W. B. Cobb, OU, Purcell: J. C. Cole, Cenlral Slale College, Oklahoma Cily: J. D. Con- nally, Universily of Washinglon, Slrallord: J. S. Col'- ner, OU, Oklahoma Cily: G. R. Cunningham, OU, Brislow. FIFTH ROW: M. S. Curry Jr., Cenlral Slale College, Oklahoma Cily: W. S. Davies, Universily of Wiscon- sin. Ponca Cily: G. W. Dunningfon, OU, Cherokee: J. B. French, OU. Anlesla, N.lv1.: J. B. Frey, Easl Cenrral Slale College, Chiclcasha. SIXTH ROW: B. C. Frichol' lll, OU, Cushing: C. M. Gelnar, Soulhweslern Slaie College, Cvranife: J. W. Geurkink, OSU, Chickasha: J. D. Gormley, Cenlral Slafe College, Oklahoma Cily: E. Gwin IV, Easl Cen- lral Slale College. Ada. SEVENTH ROW: T. L. Hansen, OSU, Slillwaler: R. L. Hemphill, Belhany Nazarene College. Orange, Tex.: A. D. Hill Jr., OSU, Oklahoma Cily: S. Holden, TCU. Fl. Worlh, Tex.: C. E. Holsled, Soufhweslern Slale College, Carnegie. EIGHTH ROW: J. P. Hughes, Nolre Dame, Tulsa: H. C. Hyde, OU, Oklahoma Ci'ry: R. L. Jeffrey, OSU, Hugo: J. L. Johnson, OU, Mangum: J. C. Johnslon, Cenlral Slale College, Oklahoma Cily. BOTTOM ROW: J. A. Junlcer, Cenlral Srale College. Edmond: P. N. Kingery, Sourhweslern Slale College. Mangum: R. L. Kinney, Cenrral Slale College, Ed- mond: F. A. Kuhn, OU, Oklahoma Cify: K. C. Lain, OSU, Ponca Cily. Junior TOP ROW: R. M. Lambert OU, Ardmore: R. D. Leg- ako, OSU, Wellsron: J. C. Leonard, DePauw, Ponca Cily: J. D. Leu, Norihweslern Sfale College, Alva: C. L. Lewis, OU, Oklahoma Ciiy. SECOND ROW: C. C. Lipe, OU, Oklahoma Cily: J. R. Lucas, Norlheaslern Slale College, Sand Springs: J. T. Madeira, OU, Lawron: J. L. Males, Soulhwesiern Siale College, Cheyenne: D. T. Manning, Cenrral Siale College, Eclmond. THIRD ROW: J. E. Manfoorh, OU, Lindsay: R. F. Marchbank, Universify of Tulsa, Tulsa: C. O. Maxey, OU, Miclwasl Ciiy: M. A. McGee, Slaniord, Oklahoma Ciiyz M. E. McGlamery, OSU, Mooreland: W. J. Mc- Kinney, Universify of Tulsa, Oklahoma Ciiy. FOURTH ROW: D. J. Mefcalf, OSU, Aliusi R. C. Milam, Cenlral Slale College. Oklahoma Ciiy: R. L. Morris, Soulhwesiern Slare College. Wealherforcl: B. A. Niebruegge, OU, Snyder: S. Pelofsky, Long Island Universily, Brooklyn, N. Y. FIFTH ROW: D. D. Parker, Ceniral Siafe College. Beihany: R. J. Quinn ll, OU, Oklahoma Cily: J. K. Rol::er'+son, Befhany Nazarene College, Oklahoma Ciiy: F. T. Sanchez Jr., Easi Ceniral Siaie College. Panama Cily: J. F. Schuhmacher, Norfhwesiern Slaie College, Alva. SIXTH ROW: N. L. Shadid, Ceniral Slaie College. Oklahoma Cify: J. T. Shaeffer, OU, Oklahoma Cily: M. B. Shields, Phillips Universily, Enid: T. L. Sloan, OU, Duncan. SEVENTH ROW: R. V. Smiih. Wesrminsier College. Oklahoma Cily: L. G. S-iabler, Universily of Tulsa, Oklahoma Ciiy: C. R. Sievenson, Universiry of Tulsa, Oklahoma Ciry: M. Tong, OU, Seoul, Korea. EIGHTH ROW: J. T. Turley, OSU, Euiaula: J. S. Wall, OU, Oklahoma Cilyz J. A. Walfermire, OSU. Perry: R. E. Warren, OU, Norman. BOTTOM ROW: P. E. Washburn, Belhany Nazarene College, Oklahoma Ciiy: G. H. Weaber, oui Okla- homa Cily: R. E. Worley, Phillips Universiry, Enid: D. H. Young, OU, Oklahoma Ciiy. x Nl! as Y ,np ji M QQ' ophomore TOP ROW: J. W. Anderson, Hugo: V. G. Anderson, Tulsa: W. F. Bird, Lawlon: J. A. Bourrand, Oklahoma Ciiy: J. D. Bowie, Oklahoma Cify. SECOND ROW: S. H. Brown, Fayerieville. Ark.: L. J. Bynum, Oklahoma Ciiy: W. M. Cheaiham, Ardmore: J. R. Chrisiianson, Ulysses, Kan.: D. G. Claflin, Wa- kiia. THIRD ROW: l.. A. Clinkenbeard, Oklahoma Ciiy: T. W. Coale, Okemah: S. S. Cohenour, Tulsa: J. E. Coker, Oklahoma City: J. T. Collins, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: W. F. Cook, Oklahoma Ciiy: J. T. Craig, Enid: W. C. Culp, McAlesi'er: G. C. Cunning- ham, Oklahoma Ciiy: R. W. Day, Cornish, N. H. FIFTH ROW: W. E. Dieker, Pryor: S. J. Dombek. Henryeifa: G. W. Blam, Tulsa: E. F. Ellis. Muskogee: K. L. Evans, Marieiia. SIXTH ROW: G. B. Flaming, Cloud Chief: C. Free- man, McAles'rer: M. D. Gilson, Oklahoma Ciiy: M. E. Glasser, Oklahoma Ciiy: C. R. Gosnell, Tahlequah. SEVENTH ROW: L. G. Graham, Tahlequah: R. R. Gunning, Oklahoma Ciiy: C. L. Ham, Tulsa: J. B. Harbison, Tulsa: R. E. Hardberger, Beaver. EIGHTH ROW: J. P. Hesier, Chickasha: R. J. Hill, Clinion: W. M. Jackman, Norman: J. H. Jones, Shaw- nee: C. E. Kaufman, Greenfield, Mass. BOTTOM ROW: J. L. King, Guymon: C. H. Lapo, Concordia, Kan.: J. E. Leonard, Rush Springs: R. B. Livingsfon, Oklahoma Ciiy: S. J. Locke, Ardmore. TOP ROW: B. E. Lynch, Tulsa: E. J. Mauch, Sapulpa R. B. McCloy, Oklahoma Ciiy: J. D. McKean, Okla- homa Cily: R. L. McLaury, Ponca Cily. SECOND ROW: K. R. Miller, Harlshornal R. C Mi+chell, Milburn.: J. B. Myers, Tulsa: Lynn Myers Oklahoma Cily: C. C. Nimmo, Clinlon. THIRD ROW: R. J. Norih, Enid: G. Parks, Tlpiong E. H. Parsons, Lawion: R. A. PaH'y, Ada: J. PeHel', Caddo. 1 FOURTH ROW: J. R. Pefiigrove, Barilesville: W. W. Pingiefon, Haileyville: J. R. Ricks, Oklahoma Ciiy: C. A. Riser, Henryella: J. C. Robbins, Muskogee. FIFTH ROW: E. J. Robison, Hugo: F. M. Sanger. Oklahoma Cily: C. W. Seward, Oklahoma Ciiy.: J. M. Shane, Tulsa: R. W. Shaw, Miami. SlXTH ROW: D. G. Sherman, Lexinglon: G. G. Shrago, Sioux Ciiy, Iowa: J. H. Smi+h, Jackson, Miss.: M. B. Smilh, Tulsa: W. D. Smi+h, Nowaia. SEVENTH ROW: J. J. Sfamalis, Oklahoma Ciiy: W. J. Shark, Oklahoma Ciiy: J. H. Sfuemky, Newkirk: C. D. Taylor, Oklahoma Cily: E. l.. Treat Noble. ElGl-lTl'l ROW: D. W. Tubb, Tahlequah: W. W. Wal- lace, Ardmore: J. R. Waren, Kingfisher: R. J. Weedn, Duncan. BOTTOM ROW: E. H. While, Denver. Colo.: C. S. Williams, Slillwarer: D. A. Wilson, Blackwell: H. J. Woodward, Fairview. 5 A F A x- iq' 'it' un... , ,ll Z 452' W' f cr- 1 IVY I-LAL L ill, QQQQIJ. H.. 5".'f.5h i., TR," s 415, uf' 5.5. 5'-, Fld - -...,, ,-n- .vn- Nf..,l. . If kfel ,. l li . xl -Q A ae . , A ,gg qt fr- T hi ' I : ' - B' , 2 Cl '43 :fin 358 Fre hmen TOP ROW: G. W. Abrams, Purcell: T. W. Amsden Jr., Norman: P. A. Bagley, Midwesi' Ciiy: D. C. BarneH', Tulsa: S. R. Beasley Jr., Perry: M. E. Bell, Edmond. SECOND ROW: J. M. Benson, Norman: J. E. Berner, Tulsa: J. L. Berry, Cushing: H. I. Bias Jr., Shidlen: G. K. Borrell, Oklahoma Cily: C. W. Brazil, Seniinel. THIRD ROW: R. L. Buford, Guymon: V. A. Burfon, Ardmore: G. R. Buller, Norman: H. G. Builer III. Tulsa: G. E. Camm, Scarsdale, N.Y.: S. B. Camp- bell, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: D. T. Chan, Hong Kong, China: R. L. Cornelison Jr., Oklahoma Cily: D. A. Cross, Hobari: R. W. Daniels, Oklahoma Cily: G. O. Danielson, Oklahoma Ciiy: J. M. Dillings Jr., Flelcher. FIFTH ROW: G. H. DuPIessis, Preloria, S. Africa: J. W. Ellis, Oklahoma Cily: M. A. Engel, Ada: J. L. Finney, Webbers Falls: D. H. Garreif, Okla- homa Ciiy: W. P. Gibbens, Oklahoma Ciiy. SIXTH ROW: J. D. Giddens, Wakila: J. M. Gil- liam, Oklahoma Cily: R. H. Glassberg, Brooklyn, N.Y.: L. C. Green, Lawlon: C. M. Gunn, Cordell: G. W. Harris, Dacoma. SEVENTH ROW: T. D. Harris, Oklahoma Cify: J. H. Hari' lvicieansboro, III.: J. W. Hayhursi, Blanchard: D. L. Heske1"f, Cresceni: R. G. Hooper, Oklahoma Ciiy: D. J. Houiman, Tulsa. EIGHTI-l ROW: W. A. Hubbard, Oklahoma Cify: L. A. Hughes, Columbus, Ohio: R. J. Hulchison, Edmond: I. M. Jackler, Valley Sfream, N.Y.: O. I. Jacykewycz, Canion, Ohio: L. M. Johnson, Chick- asha. BOTTOM ROW: W. W. Kendall, Tulsa: R. W. Krasnow, Norman: S. J. LaMon'I-e, Oklahoma Ciiyt S. B. Lawfon, Norman: S. A. Lay, Tulsa: E. W. LeHew, Gukhrie. Fre hmen TOP ROW: T. M. Lewis, Lamont: B. H. Lipe. Oklahoma Cily: G. C. Logsdon Jr., Ada: L. R. Mansur, Tulsa: J. E. Marvel, Fl. Sill: S. R. Ma+- fhews, Wilson. SECOND ROW: G. C. McAneIIy Jr., Barllesvillez W. J. McDaniel, Haskell: W. E. McGuire, Talihina: J. D. McLaughlin, Parma, Ohio: D. E. Miller, Fair- view: R. Monk, Norman. THIRD ROW: N. E. Moorad, Marioyoun, Lebanon: G. M. Moore, Wellslon: T. M. Murphy, Ponca Cily: L. M. Nau, Auslin, Tex.: C. L. Neal, Tulsa: D. A. Neumann, Okarche. FOURTH ROW: J. R. Oglesbee, Muskogee: W. B. Oldham, Sacramenlo, Calif.: P. F. Park, Tulsa: I. J. Pryor, Olusfae.: J. H. Purcell, Hailey- ville: R. L. Reed, Oklahoma Cily. FIFTH ROW: R. M. Rice, San Anlonio, Tex.: J. K. Rikkers, Greenfield, Mo.: E. N. Samara, Oklahoma Cily: M. E. Sandlin, McAlesl-er: R. L. Sedofal, Porl Arlhur, Tex.: S. K. Shields, Tulsa. SIXTH ROW: R. P. Singlefon, Tulsa: W. C. Slick, Foresl Ciiy, Pa.: S. B. Slight Oklahoma Cily: V. A. Smilh Jr., Tulsa: S. V. Sfephenson, Chickasha. SEVENTH ROW: T. R. Slough, Geary: A. E. Tar- cliff, Tulsa: M. E. Tax+er, Garnell: M. J. Thompson, Hobbs, N. M.: B. L. Tipfon, Moore. EIGHTH ROW: V. C. Tisdal III, Elk Cilyi H. B. Vorse, Oklahoma Cily: L. W. Wainner, Oklahoma Cifyz R. A. Walfers III, Oklahoma Cily: K. W. WhiH'ing'I'on, Amarillo, Tex. BOTTOM ROW: G. W. Wilson, Lawlon: E. H. Wiffels, Oklahoma Cify: J. A. Wood, Minco: W. G. Wya'Hf, Del Cily: D. W. Young, Oklahoma Cify. . 'EFF , 'F ,, ,, ' ' , Q I fi '. . ' lllyi f . 'J . ""::' ' ,-. 4. : ' " , ' 'i i. 4 f I .J I ,: N i' IN' , Nl .ll If., 1 , El, H I , I., . , , ef . . - ,ff-'i ' ' of ' 1-5...-x, . 519- - 'Q L-I 'A ' - -1:1 .Lv . .-- " - , - ' 1 .-::r2 ' I I I PSSIQQF! I . ' is, P Z5 ...--A 'IS' ya as , 6' . . I , 1- ..-W 4 1 'C , A i 'lfi W W Q U U ' AU ' 41' ' ,.Qif1Qj.If E I 1 1 ,.. '. 'ii' SJ HI Yi -I 23 53' 'Tv .E ,., l - . ,gf I I' " :."f,,,l gg, 135- - 5' L I I I s ' F l i . 'I., ' , F, G' . ' Ev' ,I 'Spa .-5 . 2- ,' , ' v Nd, ,. Ex- , 1 I -if f '-H: .ff , .qt 1 V Wai- Q - ' ,. , A-.ul A A 359 ,'? by v 'V ,P V-M 5 Qafsrijgig W-.'f7',f:ELIiG ' ' 4 - K 1 1. BSD T.. ..f.f.TZA ,111 g ..4ue1.,. --..... N V 1 v ..? ' .s ..- -.- .!Lnl:..lv1E' SIL. ! I-JS N IFE - . 5- 'G :Z:,uJW:'E1'4s, ,. ' V - f?- .ffm - igggfgghfmwmmulw E M+' WPwv'HvQnv K ll If l', I2j, il' ':y zlmilnf mmm I L 5 L L " In' UTSIH F?"" ,. , .-ge.-..Y 4 k H, ggsfgv ' I I - S' ' 1 - "I iz, L At -45 -gg' .ci "' .f-f. 'ILA-f' 5 SHIRLEY L. DOOLING RN, AA, BSN, MS Assisfanf Professor Mafernal-Child Healih JUAN ITA GARRISON Residence Direcfor 'STUDENTS and faculfy meew' Io solve problems. Faculty sx . S f - SUE FORRESTER SHARON FRENCH CAROLYN HARDESTY FRANCES HART ADA HAWKINS RN, BSN RN, BSN RN, BSN RN, BS, MA RN, BS, SM lnslrucfor Instrucfor Insfrucfor Assisfanf Professor Professor Fundamenlals Public Heallh Fundamenlals Medical-Surgical Nursing Medical-Surgical Psychialry Medical-Surgical ,, VERNA L. HOL'I2EN FRANCES INZER LILLIAN JONES RN, BA, MS RN, BSN RN, BS, MA Assislanf Professor lnsfruclor Assisfanf Dean Fundamentals Fundamenfals Assisfanf Professor Medical-Surgical Medical-Surgical VERA PETERS MARTHA STOCKWELL JESS CELIA WILSON BS, MHEc RN, BSNE, MN RN, BSN Assisfanf Professor Assisfanf Professor Instructor Nufrificn Psychiafry Medical-Surgical urn, MADELINE KINGERSKI MARIE C. MINK RN, BS, MA Assisfanf Professor Mafernal-Child Heallh RN, BSPH, MAPN Assisianf Professor Public Healfh No? piciu red a re: EDNA L. KILLIAM, RN, nal-Child Healfhl MARGARET C. SHAW, RN, BSN, MS, Assisfanf Professor lMaI'ernal-Child Healihl BSN, lnslrucior In Nursing lMafer- TWH:- V-'WPI' ug.. 1 ff Xl be E9 1 iv, vxp. FRN I 1. , , , W .I . , ' , ", ' if -5,7 f ' 1 -L , N, 1 I 6 1 i 6 Q is ' ' l I if I 'N nn K 'H-4 U. i I 5 ll ri L i, i- , . 'l 'wwf IS I' Nj I .Emil '51, ' i 11' 1' fi enior SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS are BOTTOM ROW: Cecilia Samara. vice presidenl: Judy Taylor, president TOP ROW: Susan McNeely, sluzlenl-lacully represenlalive: Julia Meyer, secrelary- lreasurer: and Carol Ferguson, annual represenlalive. TOP ROW: Darlene Anderson, Norman, OSSNA: Alberla Car- son, Tulsa, OSSNA. Dislricl Secrelary, Sludenl Council, DA: Marion Cozart Lawlon, DA: Valerie Day, Norman, OSSNA. Secre- lary, Dean's Honor Roll: Ann Doil, OC, OSSNA, DA, Social Chair- man, Miss OUSN Runner-up. SECOND ROW: Mary Dunn, Tonlcawa, OSSNA. DA Secrelary: Carol Ferguson, OC, Annual represenlalive and Co-Edilor, Slu- denl' Council: Sharon Ferguson, Haskell, XXI, DA president AAA, Dads' Day Oulslanding Senior Award: Maryanne File, Mangum. OSSNA. DA Junior vice presidenl: Berly Gales, Wynnewood, An- nual represenlafive, Sludenl Council, OSSNA. THIRD ROW: Juclilh Groves, OC, Dean's Honor Roll: Ann Hobbs, OC, DA, OSSNA: Louise Hunt Marlow, BGN: Pal' Kelley, Sporrs chairman, Sludenl' Council: Rosemary Kiles, OC, KA9, Sludenl' Body president Sludenl Council, sludenl-lacully repre- senfalive. FOURTH ROW: Janis Lambert Perry, Daan's Honor Rcll, DA Treasurer: Elizalaelh Maggi, Brislow: Jean Marlow. Glencoe, Dean's Honor Roll, DA, Sludenl Body secrelary, Sludenl' Council, recruil- ing commillee: Mary Jane Marlin, Lawfon, Dean's Honor Roll. OSSNA, DA, Miss OUSN: Jaclclyn Maze Jones, OC, OSSNA. FIFTH ROW: Susan Denlon McNeely, Allus. OSSNA. Former Slua denl Body vice president Srudenl Council, sfudenl-lacully repre- senlalive: Julia Meyer, Pauls Valley. OSSNA, Freshman and Senior class lreasurer, Miss OUSN I963: Jane Mollen, Ponca Cily, BGN: Pamela Nesllerode, OC, Sludenl Body Treasurer. Sludenl Council, DA. SIXTH ROW: Almei'l'a Nor'l'on, Marlow, OSSNA: Rudolph Ryan, Norman: Cecilia Samara, OC, Senior Class vice president Slu- denl' Council: Carol Smilh, OC, OSSNA Treasurer and dislricl' represenlalive, DA parliamenlarian. Sludenl Council, Annual rep- resenlalive and co-edifor. BOTTOM ROW: Pal- Soulhward, l-leadrick, OSSNA, Sfudenl Council. Oulslanding Freshman Sludent DA vice president Slu- denl Body vice presidenl: Judy Taylor, Henryella, OSSNA, DA Senior Class president Sludenl Council, Annual co-edilor: Jane Tinsley, Midwesl' Cily, OSSNA. Social chairman, Sludenl Council: Nancy Willronson Teague, Sapulpa, OSSNA. Junior JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS are BOTTOM ROW: Darlene Farrar Sharon Chambers, Vickie Schoolcrafr. TOP ROW: Karen Denlon Sally Jarrell, Gayle Tale. Joella Francis and Bobby Roberrs. TOP ROW: Pafricia Barrackman, Broken Arrow: Mary Jane Bro- kaw, Plainfield. N. J.: Kary Can+rell, Sapulpa: Sharon Chambers Duncan SECOND ROW: Ru+h Cole, Enid: Karen Denfon, Oklahoma Cily Do-Hie Diflner, Oklahoma Cily.: Rebecca Jane Doss, Arhens, Ga. THIRD ROW: Judy Dyser. Oklahoma Ciryg Aida el Bahrawy, Egypr: Darlene Farrar, Norman: Joella Fox Francis, Nardin. FOURTH ROW: Darla Friedline, Enid: Dora Mae Grayson, Okla- homa Cifyy Don Hamilfon, Vinira: Sally Jarreif, Drumrighf. FIFTH ROW: Chris Kirkpafrick, Duncan: Araceli Mendoza, Phil- ippines: Donna McDaniel, Carmen: Wilma Faye Ray, Forr Dixon: Charlo'He Rich, Norman. SIXTH ROW: Bobeira Roberfs, Oklahoma Ciiy: Vicforia School- craff, San Anlonio. Tex.: Evelyn Smiih, Sapulpa: Gail Spooner, Scheropa, Kan.: Gayle Tale. Oklahoma Cily. BOTTOM ROW: Ann Vearch, Ringling: Anna-:He Voss, Edom, Tex.: Linda Walfers, Oklahoma Cily: Claudia Whisler, Chelsea: Cecilia Wrighf. Pofeau. .,-"rl" "F-. "'.f,, A.,-3' BOTTOM ROW: Jean Marlow, Sharon Ferguson. Pam Nestlerode, Carol Smith, Sharon Chambers. TOP ROW: Jane Tinsley, Rose- ' 1 '. I Ph' 'K' mary Kiles. Francis lnzer, Judy Taylor and Pat Southward. tutlent Council Directs Nursing ehool Aetivitie The Student Council acts as the executive council social and recreational activities, and improving stu- for the student body. It is composed of the student dent-faculty relations are among its duties. It meets body oiiicers, class presidents and club representatives. Voting on residence rules, approving outside projects, monthly before student body meetings. Delta Alpha, Promote Professional, oeiol Unity Delta Alpha, honorary sorority for nursing students, lists as its primary activities sponsoring service projects and social functions for its members. Service projects include residence improvements, maintaining a resi- BOTTOM ROW: Janis Lambert, Jean Marlow, Sharon Ferguson, Alberta Carson. Carol Smith, Janie Martin, Maryanne Fite, Pat Barrackman. TOP ROW: Gayle Tate. Bobby Roberts. Sally Jar- . on dence library, and handling the nursing texts for class- room Work. Requirements for membership include good ethical standing, professional attitude and high scholastic achievement. reit, Vickie Schoolcrait, Donna McDaniel. Judy Taylor, Pat South- warcl, Mary Dunn. Ann Hobbs, Pam Nestlerode, Darla Friedline. Aida el Bahrawy, Sharon Chambers. rl , . I g, 7' x - s "Lf 5 '52-' l Q rf 1 lvl l I y 1 , i f P 5' l ,7 -4' J i: 'l ' -. , :gl . 3, 1 . . "inf ' 4 ' iii l S t 4 i . J , a ' ' l K rl' . V 4 A A Q 2 y t ' L 4: ' Q n 1 at BOTTOM ROW: G. Tote, S. Ferguson, A. Carson. V. Schoolcraft, A. Mendoza, D. Farrar. S. Chambers, P. Barraclcman, P. Nestle- rode. J. Tinsley. D. Anderson. M. Fife. TOP ROW: B. Roberts. J. Francis, J. Jones, S. Jarrett, G. Spooner, J. Taylor, A. Norton. D. McDaniel. P. Southwarcl. M. Dunn, R. Kiles. D. Pratt, A. Hobbs. D. Friedline. J. Martin, C. Smith. J. Meyer, S. McNeely, A. Bahr- awy. tudent Nurses Association Promote High tandard To encourage the student to promote and maintain high educational standards is the primary purpose of the Oklahoma State Student Nurses' Association. The organization also tries to stimulate an interest in and an understanding of the current problems af- fecting the nursing profession not only in the state but nationwide. Alumni Association Advances School, Proiession The Alumni Association of the University of Okla- homa School of Nursing is an active and interest-pro- voking organization. Its members meet bimonthly to conduct business meetings and to stimulate their inter- est in professional trends in nursing today. To provide the members with a more well-rounded life, the meet- ings often include a speaker representing a nonmedical field. The members feel this gives them a needed rest from their day-to-day duties. Problems peculiar to specific fields of nursing often arise. When this happens, the association offers its help or supplies the proper resources for help in study- ing or solving the problem. Its members are interested in recruiting qualified applicants for the school. One of the prime functions is in the area of recruitment. The association works to familiarize the public with the various aspects of train- ing and education available both at this school and in the area of nursing in general. A most important project for the group is sponsoring a scholarship program for selected students. This scholarship is one of the most applied for and coveted in the school. It is presented on the basis of need, scholastic achievement, other activities and personal qualities. Each year the Alumni Association presents an award to the student considered the most outstanding in her graduating class. This much sought award is presented to the student at the annual banquet given to honor the graduating Senior Class. Membership is open to all graduates of the Univer- sity of Oklahoma School of Nursing. Automatic mem- bership is conferred on all graduating seniors for one year following their graduation. This is to promote their interest, in the hope that it will continue into future years. Uhgpter KNY vga 4 fimlaww Q 7512? ZTW 01' , , I TOP ROW: Ed Abel, 'l'K'1', Jr., OC: Michael B. Arkin, EAM, Sr., Arlinglon, Va., ll'AA, Okla. Law Review: Anlhony Ashmore, Sr., Mc- Ala rer, 'l'Afl': Miko Iiw ' 2 if '-3. Sr.. Guymon: David W. Bell. AXA, Fr., OC.: Loyd L. Benson, Sr.. Comanche: Lawrence Blanken- ship, 'l'A9, Sr., OC, Pres. Nalional Assn. Sludenr Govi. of America. Pres. of Sludeni Senalo. SECOND ROW: Paul Bledsoe, Sr., OC, IPAA: D. Burdefle Blue Ill, EN, Sr., Tulsa, 'l1AA. Pres. APO, Pres. Honor Roll: James A. Brad- ford, AKE, Jr., OC: Roberl W. Breece Jr., Fr., Blackwell: Gary Brown, Fr., Picher: John M. Coffey, BGII, Jr., Norman: Charles Daniels, AEA, Sr.. Barllesville. ABK, HBA. 'I'A'l'. THIRD ROW: David E. Dealherage, HKA, Sr.. Sapulpa, 'PAA: C. Dewayne Doison, EN, Sr., OC, 'I'AA: Cecil G. Drummond, Fr., Hom- iny: Dale Duncan, ATA, Sr.. Purcell, Pres. 'i'A'i', V. Pres. Board ol Gov., Exec. Sec. College ol Law Assn.: Terry W. Esles, FRE, Fr., Moore, V. Pres. 3'l'l5- .lim Farha, 'I'-A9, Jr. Ponca Cily. 'l,AA: Arlen Fielden, Sr., Slroud, 'I'A'l'. Okla. Law Review. FOURTH ROW: Roberl' Fosler, EAU, Sr., Midland, Tex., GHZ, 'l'AA: John W. Garland, Jr., Pauls Valley: Roberl' E. Goldfield, Fr.. Norman: John Ray Green, EX. Fr., Duncan: Reber-l Green, Sr., Elk Cily: Roger Grilifilh, 2i'l'E, Sr., Moore: Bob Lake Grove, HKA, Jr.. Panama. FIFTH ROW: Slephen E. Gruce Jr., 'I'K9, Fr., Bridgeporl, Conn.: William W. Harrison, Acacia, Fr., Barllesville: Bob Hays, TIKA, Sr., Wearherford, 'l'AA: P. Jay Hodges, AT, Jr., Tulsa, flJAfIf, AEII, IFC Judiciary Commillee: James D. Holf, EK, Fr., Ponca Ciiy: Paul Hubble, TIKA, Fr.. Ardmore: Tim Leonard, B9H, Sr., Beaver, "O" Club. SIXTH ROW: Penn Edwards Leblance, AXA, Jr., Norman, HBA, Dean's Honor Roll: William LiH'Ie, Sr., Norman, 'T'A4': Jerry M. Maddux, IIKA, Jr., Barllesville: Todd Markum, fI'I'A, Sr., Clinlon, 'I'AA: Roberl' McCandless, Sr., Hobarl, 'l'A'lI: Phil McColgin, Sr., Reydon: Mike McDaneI, AXA, Fr., Norman. SEVENTH ROW: Gary L. McKnighi', HKA, Jr., McAIesier: John G. McLinn, Jr.. Indiahoma: Slewarl Medress, Fr., Brooklyn, N.Y.: Joseph A. Miklasz, EN, Fr., Severn, Md.: Duane Miller, Sr., Fair- view, 'l'AA,: Auburn L. Mifchell, Fr., Hooker: Larry A. Mizel, TBA, Fr.. Tulta. EIGI-ITI-I ROW: John Roberl Mon+gomery, Fr., Salem, III.: Bob Moore, KE, Fr., OC, Pres. Sludenl Senale, Who's Who, BMOC. Dean's Honor Roll: Jim Mouser, E'l'I5, Sr., Perry: Odie A. Nance, Sr., Moore: David F. Nemecek, Fr., OC: Leroy L. Newlon, Fr., OC: Dee Oliphanl, E'i'E, Jr.. Norman. NINTH ROW: Ted Ownby Jr., 'i'1'A, Fr., Yukon: Lee W. Paden, Fr., Broken Arrow: Leslie D. Page, Fr., Kaw Ciiy: James H. Payne, Jr., Sianlord: Charles David Pelers, Fr., Covinqlon: James M. Pelers. Sr., Tishomingo: Roberi' J. Pelriclc, Sr.. OC, 'i'AA. TENTH ROW: Paylon L. Phelps, Sr., Durani, A9'i-': Mark Harold Price, Jr., Miami: Charles A. Purser, Sr., Norman, Pres. A942 Sluarl Barry Robbins, AEU. Fr., Auslin, Tex.: Ricardo Juan Rodgers, Sr.. Norman, Treasurer Board of Gov., Sludenr Bar Assn., Sludenl Sen- aie. 'l'AA: Philip R. Russ, HKA, Fr., Hale Cenfer, Tex.: George G. Russell, Jr., EN, Jr., Miami, A9'I', Alhlelic Council. ELEVENTH ROW: Frank Edward Salle, AEU, Jr., Tulsa: Charles Schueife, 'I'A9, Fr., Columbus, Ind., Swimming Team: Jack N. Shears, Sr., Galena. Kan.: Marvin Spears, AT52, Sr., Nowala: Joe C. Taylor, Fr.. Durant: Roland Tague, ATA, Sr.. OC, QAA: William Thompson, UKA, Norman. 'PA-A. BOTTOM ROW: Bill Van Dall, ATU, Jr., Barllesville: W. Roger Webb, AXA, Jr.. Heavener, 'l'AA: Larry Weber, fI'K2, Fr., Olusleei Don R. Wilson, ATA, Sr., Shawnee, V. Pres. Senior Class, BMOC: Vicfor Carson Wood Jr., Fr., Guihrie: Charles C. Yon, Sr., OC: Larry Zook, 'l'A9. Sr., Lawlon, TAA. Pres. Soc. Advancemenf Man- agemenl. l 1 A - L IQ - BOTTOM ROW: Robert Green, Lee Witcher, Bob Hays, Joe Robertson, F. David Nelson, Larry R. Zoolc, Larry L. Foster, Ricardo Juan Rodgers, Dean Spears, James H. Gray, Ralph T. Hood Jr., Anthony D. Ashmore. SECOND ROW: Charles E. Wade Jr., Odie Nance, Kenneth R. Johnson. Loyd L. Benson, Galen E. Ward, Jack N. Shears, James W. Mouser, Arlen E, Fielden, Charles E. Daniels. Philip l. Holmes, James R. Cox, Victor W. Pryor Jr., David L. Pippenqer. THIRD ROW: Daniel J. Fowler, William R. Hughes Jr., Charles Purser, Bob Reid, Stephen C. Wolfe, Robert Schacher, Michael B. Arkin, William N. Little Jr., Charles C. Yon, Robert L. lvester, James P. Beall, Gene Livingston Jr., Fred Zahn. FOURTH ROW: David E. Dealherage, Jack W. Love. Phil Mc- Colgin. John P. Tawes, Mont Powell Hoyt, Robert A. Gannaway, Artis, Visanio Johnson. Jerry Reed, William F. Powers, Terrence T. McCaiiery, Dale O. Johnson, Charles Wilson, Clifford K. Cate Jr., Roland Tague. FIFTH ROW: Payton L. Phelps, Roger Griffith. Duane Miller, John Martens, James E. Sharp, Timothy D. Leonard, Guy Palmer Clarlc, George Van Wagner, David L. Russell, Leland C. Neeley Jr., D. Burdette Blue lll, Phillip J. Schwarh, Stanley Balch. John W. Kinslow, David Stratton, Robert McCandless. TOP ROW: Jon Palmer, C. Dewayne Dorson, Vance Kriete, Kenneth Webster, Billy S. Edwards, Roberi' J. Peirick, William C. Brining. David W. Edmonds, Duane D. Wall, James McKee Robinson Ill, Todd W. Marlcum, J. Dale Duncan, William B. Thompson, Edward L. Moore Jr. Senior Low Class Looks Ahead to Career The time has come for each member of the Senior Law Class to go his separate Way. But in their short remaining time at the Univer- sity, members of the senior class have three common characteristics: their participation in the Practice Court course Where students gain practical trainingg their efforts to keep their noses to the legal grindstoneg and their appre- hensive feeling toward the coming bar exams. Leaders of this dauntless class which lists as its principal aim "to graduatev are David Nel- son, presidentg Larry Zook, vice presidentg Lar- ry Foster, treasurerg and Ioe Foster, secretary. Members of the Board of Governors, pic- tured on the opening page of this section, are BOTTOM ROW: Rick Rogers, Dan Rambo, Ianice Reed, Dean Earl Sneed, David Nelson, lean Fisk, Ed Abel. TOP ROW: Charles Pur- ser, Ed Clover, Stan Ward, lohn Kinslovv, Lee Neeley, I. Dale Duncan. LEISURE time is ai' a premium for lseatedl Larry Zoolc, David Nelson, lsrandingl Joe Robertson and Larry Foster. BOTTOM ROW: John G. McLinn, Ronald G. Franklin, James S. Hines, Hugh A. Baysinger, P. Jay Hodges, John M. Coffey, Glen M. Burdick, Shirley George, Stanley M. Ward, Dan George, John J. McLean, Gayle Welcher, .lim Hayes, Larry R. Rowe. SECOND ROW: Hegel Branch Jr., Mark H. Price, Ben Gene Price, James H. Payne, Frank L. Bollinger, Rob- ert Sformont, Jerr R. Parker, Elton L. Johnson Jr., Warren P. Taylor, William M. Bonnell, William J. Perry, Sally Merrill Ervin, Noel Blake Le- Crone, Nancy DeVilliers. THIRD ROW: William O. West, Jim Farha, Joe Ballard, Charles G. Hollis, Robert F. Brandenburg Jr., James Alan Brad- ford, John Ronald Allgood, Lester H, Goldberg, Neal Beekman, James D. Goodpasfure, Edwin D. Abel, Frank E. Salle, Paul F. Ferwald, Floy E. Dawson, Gary McKnight. FOURTH ROW: Ed Gage, L. Dee Oliphani, Max M. Witzel, Jerry H. Barnes, Richard P. Cornish, Jerald M. Maddux. Bob Lake Grove, Bill Wines, John C. Brannan Jr., James Parker, William Hadwiger, A. Don Rhoads, John W. Garland, Roger Lee, David Mark Harbour. FIFTH ROW: Bill Wiles, Ronald Callicoli' Charles Grethen, Dan C. McClung, Don Lee Jemison, Allen D. Gray Jr., Sian Wiles, William W.V DllMkBi S I-lll AldC.SkJhE an a , ar ou on, am e man, re par s, o n . Shipp. TOP ROW: Sam Joyner, Jerry E. Otis, Ernest F. Godlove, John O. Sparks, Charles E. Drake, Gary W. ugjger, Don Liles, J. Stewart Arfhurs, W. Roger Webb, S. Forrest Miers, Ro erf H. Gilliland Jr., Don Timber- lake, David Pomeroy, Duane A. Woodliff, William D. Huser. Junior Law Class Emphasizes Tradition LAW LIBRARY facilities appear to be to the liking of John Coffey. Stanley Ward, Shirley George and Glen Burdick. Reasons for organizing the Iunior Class in- clude the encouragement of scholarship, in- creased emphasis on the traditions of the legal profession and to further an interest in the study of law. Future lawyers spent much time in the excel- lent law library maintained in Nlonnet Hall. They entered their second year of law training with such subjects as Income Tax, Trial Prac- tice, Evidence, Criminal Law, Pleading and Commercial Transactions to conquer. This year's oiiicers were Stanley M. Ward, presidentg lohn M. Coffey, vice presidentg Shirley George, secretaryg and Glen M. Bur- dick, treasurer. At meetings held on a monthly basis, the students listened to outstanding figures from both the law profession and other fields of public service. By the end of the year every student was looking forward to the third and final year. La Fra hmen Maintain nperinr Tradition Aims of the Freshman Law Class are to suc- cessfully finish three years of study with a profound knowledge of the law and to con- tinue the tradition of academic superiority that makes the OU College of Law respected among law schools across the nation. To help achieve these aims Freshman Class members participate every year in the lecture series sponsored by the Student Bar Associa- tion. These lectures are given by distinguished graduates of the college. The class also par- ticipates in the state meeting of the Oklahoma Bar Association held in Oklahoma City. The future lawyers were indoctrinated into the law school and told what to expect of their remaining two years at the annual Gridiron Show presented by the junior Class. The show gives an exaggerated representation of the law professors and their peculiarities. Ollicers for the year were Ed Clover, pres- BOTTOM ROW: A. Barton Weirich, Lee W. Paden, Gordon F. Rainey Jr., Stewart Mcdress, Allen Wayne Grecson, Daniel D. Adams Jr., Auburn L. Mitchell, J. Scott Brown, Ann Belanger, Lawrence F. Boettcher, Glen E. Clover, Robert Casey, Carole Smith, J. David Harden, George W. Cath- ey, Douglas Stuart, Barney Stewart lll, Warren Grittin, Millard C. Kratz Jr., Leslie R. Brafman, Larry A. Mizel. SECOND ROW: Leslie D. Page, Bill Breecc, Miko Lewis, Joe A. Winfield, Barry Benetield, George McBee, Tom Gable, Philip R. Russ, Robert Bolding, John K. Lottinville, Stuart B. Robbins, Rex D. Brooks, Bill Halstead, Gary Brown, Jerr Lathrop, Ken- neth Love, Ja Carson, Victor C. Wood Jr., Coleman Robison, Joe Con- rad, Stanley Arcader, Michael E. Krasnow. THlRD ROW: Joe Rockett, Robert Goldtield, Donald Shanahan, Duane Woodard, Paul Weinstein, Kenneth R. Smith Jr., Thomas Wisener, Stuart Herbst, Bruce Robinett, John T. Eberle, Earl A. Berry Jr., Hal Kemcpt, Terry Estes, William W. Harrison, Ray Finegan, Stephen Young, An rew R. Hickman, David S. Terla'e, James D. Holt, David R. Garrison, Stanley E. Galkin. FOURTH ROVvi:M'S JhN'llM D.MIt N J.Pktt arvln pears, o n ei , ax ou on, orman uc e . Michael L. Fought, Robert B. Kellough Jr., Leroy J. Patton, Cecil G. identg Fred Boettcher, vice president, Ann Bel- anger, secretary, Bob Casey, treasurer. Scott Brown and lohn Green were Honor Council representatives. To be admitted to law school, freshman law students must have completed 90 hours of pre-legal study or have a degree from an ac- credited college or university. After completing courses in Contracts, Prop- erty, Torts, Legal Bibliography, Judicial Ad- ministration, Equity, Moot Court and Legis- lation or Legal Accounting, the first-year stu- dent has established the basis for more study for his remaining years. The excellent law library maintained in Monnet Hall is available for many long hours of study. It now contains more than 60,000 volumes, including volumes donated by for- mer OU law students. Drummond, Claude Prater, Bob Kane, John Robert Montgomery, Bryan Watt, Wayne Moss, Charles Schuette, Donald Wilson Steve Lewis, Joe C. Taylor, Bill Steger, Daniel Daly, Dale Briggs, Ronald Abramson. FIFTH ROW: Paul Hubble, Stephen B. Peter, David Bell, Raymond Gray, William L. Brock, Larry Patton, Victoria E. Fox, Robert J. Jantzen, Richard T. Walters, Ridge McMichael, Ronnie Smith, Clyde Muchmore, John Hohn, Tim Armstrong, Robert C. Montgomery, James R. Barnett, R. Howard Mashburn, Nicholas D. Garrett, Gary Rhodes, Leroy L. Newton, Bob Moore. SIXTH ROW: Bill Casey, Ronald Hudson, Fred L. Simpson, Clark Halderson, Robert M. Johnson, LarrysAWeber, Monte Arney, John J. Mc- Cormick, Pete Frank, Dave Russell, ike Martin, Steve Gruce, Bob Hill, Joseph A. Miklasz, James Whalen, Richard M. Tomlinson, Ed McComas, Peter B. Evans, Scott Downing, Douglas Bo d, George D. Allen. TOP ROW: Ken Hemry, Richard Overton, Kenneth Butler, Michael G, Smith, Samuel E. Hooper, Russell H. Harbaugh Jr., John Ray Green, Paul Gaines, Ted Ownby Jr., Phil Porta, Wendell E. Howell, George L. Pace, R. Denning Crowe, David Peters, David F. Nemecek, Gary Fulton, Gary Hickmon, Charles D. Watson Jr., Ross O. Swimmer, John R. Couch Jr. Delta Theta Phi Publishes Legal Directory N-. FRATERNITY proiects won the plaque Peyton l.. Phelps shows Ron Callicott in the Delta Theta Phi onlce. BOTTOM ROW: Lee Witcher, John G. McLinn, Charles Purser. Payton L. Phelps, Charles E. Wade Jr., Dean Spears. SECOND ROW: Bob Reid, O. Lee Gregory, George G. Russell Jr., James R. Cox, Billy Edwards, Hegel Branch Jr. THIRD ROW: Frank Elkouri, Robert A. Gannaway, Claiborne Dodson, Ronald Callicott, Uniting of congenial students of law and leading them and their fellow students to high scholarship and legal learning are the prin- cipal aims of Delta Theta Phi legal fraternity. Founded in l9l3, the OU senate is one of 60 senates in the national fraternity and was headed during the 1964-65 term by Charles A. Purser. Other oflicers included William R. Hughes, vice presidentg Paul Dean Spears, sec- retaryg Charles W. Wade, treasurerg Payton L. Phelps, clerk of rollsg C. B. Dodson, mas- ter ritualg and Lee Witcher, bailiff. Editing and publishing of the Law School Directory proved to be one of the most import- ant fraternity projects for the year. Members also were responsible for the bulletin board cartoon series and served as hosts in the cof- fee room on Law Day. Any law student with a C average who is not a member of some other legal fraternity is eligible for membership. Biweekly luncheon meetings with guest speakers are held with several social functions throughout the year. Gary Cooper, Dari McClung, James P. Beall. TOP ROW: John Martens, Stanley E. Niece, John W. Garland, Terrence T. Mc' Caffery, Artis Visanio Johnson, David Pippenger, Edward L. Moore Jr., Ralph T. Hood Jr. BOTTOM ROW: Gayle Welcher, Jean Johnson Fisk, Orpha A. Merrill. TOP ROW: Noel Blake LeCrone, Sally Merrill Ervin, Nancy A. DeVilliers, Shirley George. Kappa Beta Pi inspires Kappa Beta Pi, national legal sorority, was founded in Chicago in 1908. It now consists of 79 chapters. The sorority promotes a higher professional standard among women law students hy edu- cational and social enjoyments. Women Law Student This year's oliicers were Nancy DeVilliers, dean, Noel B. LeCrone, associate dean, Gayle Welcher, registrar, Orpha A. Merrill, chan- cellor, and Sally A. Ervin, marshal. lean I. Fisk served as dean for the first semester. Fac- ulty sponsor Was Orpha A. Merrill. Law Wives Function a Service Club te Law Seheel The organization of Law Wives began at the Universtiy of Oklahoma in 1950, primarily as a service club to the law school. This year's otlicers were Mrs. lerry Reed, president, Mrs. Iames Gray and Mrs. Pat Phelps, vice presidents, Mrs. Iack Shears, sec- BOTTOM ROW: Judy Halstead, F. Eloise Woodlitt, Sherry Taylor, Janice Reed, Barbara Peters, Ellouise Shears, Emily Stratton, De- anna Garland, George Ann Cooper, Jane Phelps. SECOND ROW: Gennie Johnson, Sharon Rippy, Marcia Cleary Sparks, Nancy Abel, Barbara Blue, Donna Van Dall, Heidi Brandenburg, Mary Jane Fielden, Suzanne Hines, Connie Gray, Neclra Allen, THIRD ROW: retaryg Mrs. Duane Woodliff, treasurer. Fac- ulty sponsors for the group were Mrs. R. Dale Vliet and Mrs. Maurice Merrill. The Law Wives annually have a fall dance, a spring picnic, and give two S100 scholarships. Trisha Bradtord, Gay Love, Ann Thompson, Virginia Jones, Beth Garrett, Juanita McLinn, Barbara Simpson, Dee Zoolc, Louise Ter- laie, Lynda Clark, Glenda Garrison. TOP ROW: Janell Brock. Phyllis Drake, Judy Park, Francine Branch, Ruth Robinett, Lou Mc- Knight, Alice Johnson, Kay Hooper. Carolyn Bouton, Patsy Daw- son, Billi Kaye Fogg. Sharon Arney. BOTTOM ROW: Hugh A. Baysinger, Jerry Reed, Ricardo Juan Rodgers, Max M. Witzel, Loyd L. Benson, Robert H. Mitchell, Le- land C. Neeley Jr., Roland Tague, Glen M. Burdick, Mark H. Price, William O. West, James H. Gray, Larry R. Rowe. SECOND ROW: Dan George, William C. Brining, Charles G. Hollis, Ken- neth Turner, Gary J. Dean, Charles C. Yon, James H. Payne, A. Don Rhoads, Sam Hellman, Warren P. Taylor, William M. Bon- nell, Frank L. Bollinger. James S. Hines. THIRD ROW: C. De- wayne Dorson, Gary McKnight, Bill Wiles, David L. Russell, Terry Shipley, Michael B. Arkin, Larry R. Zook, Stephen C. Wolfe, Da- vid E. Deatheraqe, James W. Mouser, James M. Peters. James Parker, Shepard S. Touchstone. FOURTH ROW: Robert F. Brand- enburg Jr., David Harbour, Galen E. Ward, Bill Wines, Rex Giv- Phi Alpha Delta H GUIDING fraternities are BOTTOM ROW: Dean Elden S. Magaw, Leland C. Neeley Jr., TOP ROW: Larry Foster and Loyd Benson. ens, Ed Gage, Joe Ballard, Jim Farha, John C. Brannan Jr., Ed Campbell, Jerry Maddux, Fred A. Zahn, Timothy D. Leonard, Bob Hays, Lester H. Goldberg. FIFTH ROW: Kenneth R. Johnson, Robert L. Foster, Mont Powell Hoyt, Charles E. Drake, Jon Pal- mer, F. David Nelson, Ben Benedum, Robert Schacher, Robert J. Patrick. George Van Wagner, D. Burdette Blue lll, James E. Sharp. Mike Miers, J. Stewart Arfhurs. William J. Perry. TOP ROW: William D. Huser. G. Kent Fleming, Gary W. Dugger, John O. Sparks, Allen D. Gray Jr., David Pomeroy. Stanley M. Ward, Larry L. Foster, John E. Shopp, Don Liles, William B. Thompson, Clifford K. Cate Jr., Robert H. Gilliland Jr., W. Roger Webb, David Stratton. elp iLaunch Career Membership in Phi Alpha Delta is open to law students in good standing who have made a C average in law school. This year's oliicers were Larry Foster, Loyd Benson, Leland C. Neeley Ir., and Dean Elden S. Magaw. Principal aims of PAD are to give service to the law students, the law school and the legal profession. Outstanding members include Harry S. Truman, Woodrow Wilson, William H. Taft and Warren G. Harding. Other mem- bers are Supreme Court Iustices William O. Douglas, Tom Clark and Charles E. Whit- taker. The national fraternity has 91 active stu- dent chapters and 51 alumni chapters. Chief project of the alumni chapters is maintaining a placement service for graduating seniors. The Harlan Chapter of PAD operates the Graham B. Iohnson lending library that provides text- books for law students. PAD has also donated a large number of books to the law library. BOTTOM ROW: R. Dale Vliei. John M. Coffey. Odie Nance. Maurice H. Merrill. Robert E. L. Richardson. William F. Powers, Duane D. Wall. George B. Fraser. Elbridge D. Phelps. SECOND ROW: L. Dee Oliphant. James D. Goodpasture, Arlen E. Fielden. P. Jay Hodges. J. F. Rariclc, Don Emery, William N. Little Jr.. Charles E. Daniels, Maior W. Park Jr.. Robert Siormoni. THIRD ROW: Gene Livingston. David W. Edmonds, Charles S. Wilson. Edwin D. Abel, Duane Woodliff, Sam Joyner. Robert L. lvesier, Joe Robertson, James McKee Robinson lll. TOP ROW: Phillip J. Schwartz, Vance Kriete, Donald B. Reece. Ernest F. G-odlove, Q. Dlale Duncan. Anthony D. Ashmore. Kenneth Webster, John W. ins ow. Phi Delta Phi Promote Higher Ethic Phi Delta Phi legal fraternity was founded at Michigan Law School in 1869. The Okla- homa University chapter is one of 81 chapters throughout the United States. Principal aims of this fraternity are to pro- mote a higher standard of professional ethics and culture in law school and to unite mem- bers in fraternity and to interest them in the profession at large. Officers were Steve Wilson, president, Du- ane Woodliff, secretaryg 1 ay Hodges, historian, Jim Goodpasture, treasurer, Ken Webster and Sam loyner, rush cochairmeng and Dr. R. Dale Vliet, faculty sponsor. Qualifications for membership in this fra- ternity are a B-minus average or top 20 per cent of the class standing, whichever is greater. This year three members of Phi Delta Phi composed the 1964 University of Oklahoma Moot Court team which reached the semi-finals of the National Tournament in New York. They were Sam Ioyner, Major Park and Du- ane Wall. The editor-in-chief of the Okla- homa Law Review, Iohn Kinslow, is a mem- ber of Phi Delta Phi, as are three of his offi- cers, Ken Webster, note editor, Steve Wilson, case editor, and Hon Reece, managing editor. All four members of the Law Day Moot Court group which argued before the Supreme Court of Oklahoma during 1964 were Phi Del- ta Phi's. In addition to these outstanding achievements, Duane Wall has been named the outstanding law student of OU by the Ok- lahoma Bar Association for the 1964-65 school year. This organization sponsored bimonthly luncheons in the Student Union and had speakers to discuss various aspects of the legal profession. Social events included a fall picnic and a spring banquet and dance. '-fl .'ff'H"'a"f -g- .. .::.::. A. .5,4. u5f.t.1.,.. 1 . Mil. . J. ml, Jw -1 V " 5 K xl V Jwlztlli I I - . , r w A ,3f,2?i, J'3"?1-"1 4, A L If, L55 -gf: :.f U ng-Q33-luElgfliy'-Yff:-15.275,? W 5 - ,..,. -Egg 'Ukaig-fi'1,,Qf' i51S"Mif5,f' 1 'ff "+G-12641-2-QLQJVLZQ ' .1 I A v 1 i f I v . 1 W . E3 'Q 'f' :lv . -1- , gy , ? -x V tx fc, " 'Q -::' W H K ' :fQ5:bA' ' 17 , 'Q f, , Y 'ra V! , I I Figs. 'fa .35 I i f 1 Q 5 ' g'....4 . ' , Jig, in 14. L.. v? "'-'L1-. wie: 4 iz X? CIHSSBSJK 4 w wx fffifl' 'W ll-M H 1 -'Ak Vuf. v ,. W' ..-.F ' Ll. V1 w 1 . 1 Graduate TOP ROW: Sunshine Adkins, Educ. Guidance, Norman, KAH, Amer. Personal Guidance Assn., NEA: John H. Ad- mire, Journ., Tulsa, Grad. Asst: Sylvia Dawn Allbriffon, Lib. Sci., Gainesville, Tex.: Barbara Allman, Zoo., Jal. N.M.: Abdul Halcim-A Al-Rawi, Zoo., Rewa, Iraq: Jamal J. Azar, Aerospace Enqr., Beiruf, Lebanon, EFT, ET. SECOND ROW: Allen L. BlanceH, Chem. Engr.. Norman: Lawrence E. Banks, Phys.. Springfield, Mo.: BeHy L. Bar- wiclr, Span., Wichiia. Kan., EAU, KAU, KPE: Dudley Jack Bayles, Mech. Engr., Tecumseh: Jane Anne Beachner, Guidance-Counseling, Sl. Paul. Kan.: John O. Benneif. Malh.. OC. THIRD ROW: John B. Berry, BGH, Ind. Engr., Pawnee: Franlc W. Blakely, Ind. Educ., Norman, Rui-Neks, OIAA, ITA: Wayne A. Bliss, Radiol.-Heallh, Lookoul: Jack Boai- righ'l', Pub. Healih, Shreveport La.: Barbara Ann Bohan, Lib. Sci., Alexis, Ill.: Jan Bourland, Soc. Work, Green- ville. Tex., Soc. Work Club, NASW, Pres. Honor Roll. FOURTH ROW: Frazier L. Bronson, Radiol.-Heallh, Inde- pendence. Mo.: BeHy Jean Brown, Lib. Sci.. McAles+er: Nicholas John Buffone, Ed., New York. N.Y., WX, 'i'AK: Mary Ann Bulla, 1"I'B, Piano, Duncan, Moriar Board, BWOC, Oulslanding Senior Fine Aris: Ron BurlteH', QK2, Psych., Norman, WX: William S. Bur-i', A242 Phys., OC. Circ. Mgr. for Windmill, Vice Pres. Russian Club. FIFTH ROW: David E. Burl-on, Sanii. Sci., Norman: Henry N. Buscher, Zoo.. Savonburg, Kan., 412. 25: Carol Camp- bell, AP, Guidance-Counseling, Mi. Vernon, III.: Richard W. Campbell, Arch.. Midland, Tex., AIA: Susan B. Camp- bell, AF, Guidance-Counseling, Mr. Vernon, Ill., Roger W. Chalfanl, Ind. Engr., Wichiia. Kan., ET. SIXTH ROW: Dewey Tracy Chrisfian, Music, Longview. Tex., AWA: Donald E. Clarlr, Bus., OC: John M. Clayion, Geol., Dallas, Tex., EPB: J. C. Combs, Music Ed., Clear- monr, Mo.: Floyd L. Coppedge, Sec. Educ., Kansas, Olcla.: Roger L. Corlrins, Polilical Theory, Norman, ODK. UEA. Siudenr Senaie, ISA Execufive Council. SEVENTH ROW: William R. Corr, AKE, ville: Joe T. Crain, KE, Cily Planning Thomas R. Crifes, Radiol.-Healih, Sikesron E. Diclcs, Hisl., Norman: Edward D. Dolly, ingron, Ill.: David P. Drennan, Microbiol., 'Pl Men's Glee Club, Universily Chorus. Bus., Bariles- Hope, Ark.: Mo.: Samuel Geol., Farm- Denron, Tex., BOTTOM ROW: Lionel V. Edmunds, Music Educ., Albu- querque, N.M.: Eddie Ernes'l', Malh., Duncan: Larry D. Farrell, Microbiol.. Woodward: Ben Franklin, ATA, Elec. Engr., OC, TBIT, Vice Pres. HKN, Pres. Honor Roll: William Fosler, Journ., Jonesboro. Ark.: Brad Gambill, Regional and Ciiy Planning, Pawnee. 0 er 2,000 Return for Graduate turlle TOP ROW: Gary L. Garner. Geol., Solana Beach, Calif.: Jarrell W. Garsee. Psych.. Norman: Larry Geis, 2'l'E, Acct, Cherokee: Amelia A. Gorena. Lib. Sci.. OC: John P. Haddock, KE. Bus., Norman, IE. Dean's Honor Roll: Ray C. Hall, ATA. Journ.. Norman. SECOND ROW: Jerry E. Hamas. Aerospace Engr.. Nor- man, EPT. 'i'A2?: Hope Harder, Eng. Lif., Tulsa: Mary Una Hardin. Lib. Sci.. Mariefla: Carl O. Hari. Ind. Engr.. OC: William H. Hecl1+. Philos., Norman. Grad. Assr.: Claire Heckmann, Marh.. Homewood. Ill. THIRD ROW: Arvella E. Heriie, Span.. Purcell, EAU. KTE, AAA: Ying Yan Huang, Geol., Miaoli, Taiwan. EFE: Marshall L. Ishmael. Mafh., Jenks: Tillman V. Jack- son, Ed. Admin.. Knoxville. Tenn.. AWA, QAK. NEA: Chrisiina Jameson. Soc. Work. Broken Bow: Bob Johnson, Soc. Work. Norman. Soc. Work Club. FOURTH ROW: James R. Johnson, Chem.. Bay, Ark.: Marilyn E. Johnson, Speech Correcrion, OC: Richard Kahn, EAM. Ari. San Francisco: Roberfa Bork Kauskay, Lib. Sci.. Norman: Abdel Kader Mohamed Kofb, Pefr. Engr.. Cairo. Egypf: Raymond P. Keen. Psych.. Pueblo. Colo. FIFTH ROW: Taing Ly Khy. Elec. Engr.. Cambodia. Asia: Sameha M. Korb. Lib. Sci., Cairo, Egypf: Donald E. Law- rence. Aerospace Engr.. El Dorado. Ark.: Michael R. Lehr, Psych.. OC, WX. AEA: Glen Andrew Lewandowski. AT. Ed.. Norman: Janef R. Lifflefield, Span., Denron, Tex. SIXTH ROW: Bill L. Lucas. Ed.. Carnegie: Raniii' K. Mai- umder. Psych, Calcuira. lnclia, lnrernaiional Club. WX. Psychiairic Dept of Univ. Hospiral: Alam Mohd Nazir Malik, Civil Engr.. Pakisfan: Donzle Gene McClain, Eng.. Wynnewood: Mike E. McCur1'ain. Soc. Work. Lexingion: Jim McFarlane, 'VKX Maih., OC. SEVENTH ROW: Meredifh A. McKee, Eng., Tulsa: James W. Mehl, ATU. Dallas. Tex.: Jerry L. Meyer, Music Educ.. Olron. Tex.: Richard Allan Milburn. Aerospace Engr.. Washing+on, D. C.: E. Z. Million, Ind. Engr., Wearherford. GHZ. ODK. Soc. of lnd. Mgt Engr.: Jan E. Million. Educ. of Psych.. Norman. ElGl'ITH ROW: R. Jeffery Miichell, Spec. Educ., Fred- erick: Don R. Moore, Psych.. Norman. A'lJA. OEA, NEA: Jean Moore. Educ.. Aflanfa. Ga.: Zelberf L. Moore. Journ.. OC, EAX. AA2. Managing Ecliror of Oklahoma Daily, Summer. I964: Lillian Morris. Voice, Norman. Pres. Acacia Morhers. Acacia Meri? Award, MENC: James P. Murphy. Soc. Work. OC, NASW. Soc. Work Club. Dean's Honor Roll. BOTTOM ROW: Lawrence Murray. Bus., Richwood. N.J.: Ronald L. Myles. EN, Slarisiics. Tulsa: Paul D. Newen- dorp, Perr. Engr.. Norman, UET. Perr. Engr. Club:Hos- sein H. Nouri, Peir. Engr.. Tehran. Iran: Kaya Olcay. G-eol., Ankara, Turkey: Bob Pansze. 2-AE, Phys. Ed.-Zoo.. OC. McCain Counselor, Dean's Honor Roll. PEM Club. Higher Degrees A venee C reers, S uelies TOP ROW: Don Phillips. Acci.. Corpus Chrisii, Tex.. BFE, ODK, Who's Who, OU Band: John C. Pisoni, Ger- man, SI. Louis, Mo., KPE, -5-'l'A: Lloyd D. Powers, Speech, Chickasha: Mel Price, Guidance-Counseling, Tulsa, WX. Fencing Club, CEC: Rulh S. Purdy, Sec. Educ., Elk Cilyz Horacio Jose Quiniero, Mech. Engr., Maracay, Vene- zuela. SECOND ROW: Barbara Z. Rauch, Elem. Admin., Carls- bad, N.M., KATIg Carl A. Reed, Zoo., Miami: Benie Gorm Rasmussen. Marh., Eclmonion, Canada, Yearbook Beauiy, WRA Rep. Pop Series Comm.: Nancy Ann Reyer, Lib. Sci., Tucson. Ariz.: Coleman Robinson, EAM, Bus. Mgk., Ardmore: Lawrence J. Rummerfield, Geol.. Norman, SPE, Por, THIRD ROW: Orvis H. Rundell, 'PFA Psych., OC, WX: Jerry Walker Ruiledge, Eng., Bayfown, Tex.: Jerry Sans. Ciiy Planning, Beihany: Gene Marlin Scalarone. Micro- biol., Arma, Kan., ODK: Roberi' P. Self, Geol., Pasadena, Calif., EVE: Jamie G. Shoffs, Radiol-Health, Julesburg. Colo. FOURTH ROW: Bilqis Siddiqi, Educ., Karachi, PaIcis+an: Shah Waheed Siddiqi, Govt-Eco.. Karachi. Pakisian: Karen L. Sisney, Soc. Work. OC, NASW. Soc. Work Club, OHWA: Joel R. Sloan, Zoo., Fr. Meade, Fla.: Norman Wallace Smiih, Soc. Work, Norman, AAMD, NASW, OHWA: Frank H. Smyrl, Hisf.. Tyler, Tex. FIFTH ROW: Merlin R. Snowbarger, Chem.. Sylvia, Kan.: Hassan Sobhani, Elec. Engr., Tehran, Iran, lnierna- rional Club, Iranian Club, Baha'i: Nelson Hunier Spencer. Arch., Dallas, Tex., Fencing Club, Pres. Cricker Club. AIA: Keiih L. Sianley, Biol., Newlcirk: S+eve Sievenson. Bus. Educ., Lake Charles. La.: Bill Sfewari, UKA, Journ., OC. SIXTH ROW: Thomas D. Swineiord, BSU, Pub. Rel., Chickasha: Sharon Tankersley, Microbiol., Norman. BWOC, UAC. Wesley Foundaiion: George M. Thompson, Geol.. Columbia, S. C.: Thelma Payne Thompson, Eng. Lif., Dallas. Tex.: Jim Thurman, Eng., Alva: Herman L. To'H'en, Lib. Sci., Muskogee. NPA. SEVENTH ROW: Arihur E. Truiillo, Regional and Ciry Planning, Raron, N.M.: Jerry Breni' Turner, Chem. Engr.. OIus'ree, TBTI, ET, Pres. Honor Roll: Chumnarn Ungsu- singh. Elec. Engr.. Bangkok, Thailand: Relelha Upion, Lib. Sci., Magnolia. Ark.: Dennis Usewicz, 'PK-YI, Geog.. Par- amus, N.J.: Zaki Ahmad Usmani, Civ. Engr., Pakisian. EIGHTH ROW: Cameron A. Vickers, Chem. Engr., OC. AXE, Amer. Insr. of Chem. Engr., Dean's Honor Roll: Gordon E. Von Sfroh, Eco., Windfield, Kan.: Carol Ann Waliers, Civ. Engr., Norman, ET. Pres. Honor Roll, Our- sianding Civ. Engr. Senior: Perry V. Waison, Jr., Civ. Engr., Monroe. La.: Jusfine W. Washingron, Elem. Educ.. Aihens, Ga.: A29. NACW, AAUP: Samuel H. Wells, Geol., Norman. BOTTOM ROW: Gilberi L. Whifeman, Journ., Guilford. Conn., ILKA, KUVY News Announcer: Ronald D. Wiclcens, Civ. Engr., OC, fl'-'39, Pres. Honor Roll, ET, HT2: Don R. Wilkinson, Chem., Norman: Maudecca L. Wilson, Elem. Educ., Alamo, Ga., AKA. Amer. Teacher Assn.: Gary Thomas Worfhley, Accr., Housion: James G. Wya'H, Ind. Engr.. Mason, Ohio. at 4 I ' A i N .311 g-g I-+7-T: TOP ROW: Anne Abernafhy, KAW, A8fS, Shawnee, BWOC, Morlar Board, V-Pres. KA9, Dean's Honor Roll, Pres. Honor Roll: Henry R. Adams, AHS, Ballimore, Md.: Laura M. Adams, Educ., Foreman. Ark., SEA: Waller D. Adkins, Enqr., Wewoka: Donald Allen Adler, ABS, OC: Gibson C. Akers, Bus., Cordell. SECOND ROW: John Thomas Akin, Pharm., Claremore. APA, Dean's Honor Roll: Susan D. Akrighf, KA9, ABS. Barllesville, Pres. KA6. Pres. Honor Roll. 'I'A9: Jane M. Aldrich, KA, ABS, Tulsa, Dean's Honor Rall, Pres. Honor Roll. Young Republicans, AAA: Jacqueline A. Alger, Educ., Yukon: Kenneih O. Allwhiie, -ATU, Educ., Blackwell: Ronny G. Aliman, 'I'BA, Engr., Tulsa, UAC, Sludenr Sen- ale, BMOC. THIRD ROW: Sara L. AI+sfa'H', Educ., Maysville, HE, Oikonomia: Charles W. Alworlh, Engr., Norman, ET, Chrmn. IEEE, Sec. Enqr. Club: John R. Ames, KA, Engr., Housron: Home Amiri, Pharm., Abadan, Iran, APA: Juan- i+a Anderson, A8rS. Mall-oon, III., AWS Pres.. Morlar Board, Tassels: Marie Anderson, Educ., Plainview, Tex. FOURTH ROW: Richard Lee Anderson, Bus., Midwesl Cily, Advanced AFROTC, Arnold Air Sociefy: David E. Andrews, Enqr., Duncan, IIKN, IEEE, OU Avialion Club: R. Dewif Anglin, Bus., Mangum, ISA V-Pres. 84 Pres., Siu- denl' Senale, Who's Who: Fernando J. Anrezana, Engr.. La Paz, Bolivia, ET, TBU, 9113: Dushyani Rai Arab, Engr.. Huderabad, India, lniernarional Club, ASME: Allen L. Arms, Engr., Chickasha, IEEE. Engr. Club. Rui- Neks. FIFTH ROW: Jane Ann Armsfrong, Educ., Noble: Mary Lucille Armsfrong, Educ., Webber Falls: Lynn R. Arnn, ZAE, Bus., OC: Judy Asbury, Hliflfl FA, Tonkawa, Dean's Honor Roll, MENC Pres., MTE: Chrislie A. Ashmore, Bus., McAIes+er: John C. Ausfin, Pharm., Gulhrie. SIXTH ROW: Jim Awfrey, EX, Bus., Shawnee: Zaefia Jean Azar, Educ., Lincoln. Nab.: John P. Bachle, ATA. Bus. OC: JoAnn Baker, Educ., Lindsay: Lorraine E. Bal- lina, AXSZ, FA, OC, Orchesis, Miss OU Finalist Dean's Honor Roll: William Roberl' Handy, Jr., Engr., Norman, 'QT H , BOTTOM ROW: Jonaihan F. Bank, WBA, Bus, Omaha. Neb.: Sarah E. Barker, KA, A8rS, Tulsa, Dean's Honor Roll, UAB, UU: Jean Barnard, AXQS, OC: Janel' C. Barnes, KKF. Educ., Ponca Ciiy: Jerry F. Barneir. ATA. Bus., Tulsa: Georgiana G. Barry, AHS, Quarry Hgls., Canal Zone. -' lb .AW ,J Eg nior DECISIONS abour whar classes 'lo lake are made by seniors Sharon Harlin and Jo Dorr. lass of 66 Face Future Confidentl TOP Cily. Mari KPE, Neb., ROW: Linda Barlhel, AF, A8rS. Ardmore. EAU. Pres. Honor Roll: Viclor C. Basiron, Engr., Bayard. ET, AICE, AXE: Eldon L. Bafley, fIJK'Il, A8:S, Elk EAX, Pres. Leadership Class. Dean's Honor Roll: on C. Bauman, ABS. Norman: Roger L. Bayless, WKE, Pharm., Enid: Penny Beach, KA9, AHS, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: Rex L. Beclcenhauer, AKE, A81S. Gulh- rie: Ann Belanger, X9, Law, Guymon. Morlar Board, Tas- sels, Dean's Honor Roll: BeHy C. Belford, AFA, Educ.. Norman: Jim Bellah, Bus., Lawron, AEH, Accf. Club: Mohamed Bendrissou, Engr., Beni-isguen, Algeria: Riia L. Benischelc, Pharm., Albuquerque, N.M.. APA. THIRD ROW: Jim Bennei-P, ATA, A81S, Midwesf Ciiy. Pres. ATA: Larry F. Bennefl, 2'l'E, A81S. Tulsa: Judy Ben- son. Educ., Comanche. NEA: Paula E. Benfley, ABS, Che- colah, 9219: John Berry, 'l'BA. A8aS, Tyler. Tex., Chmn. Sooner Scandals Sound-Arr. Dean's Honor Roll, Judo Club: Pafricia Maria Biddle, ABS, OC, WX. Pershing Rifles Kaydefres. FOURTH ROW: June Bielefeld, I"I'B. AHS. Fl. Sill: Vernon "Buddy" Biggers, EN, Bus., Midwesl' Ciry: Shirley Ann Biggs, Xfl, Bus. Ed., OC. Morrar Board, Tassels. Pres. X9: Bill J. Bighearr. FA, Pawhuslca, KKW, WMA. MENC: Sandy Billings, AAA, Pharm., Cushing. Dad's Day Comm., Universily Sing. Dean's Honor Roll: Thomas Carl Billings, Educ., Temple. FIFTH ROW: Carol Bird, KA9, A8rS. Tulsa: Judy Bird, KA9, A8cS. Okmulgee: Sharon A. Bifner, ABQ. Educ., Kansas Ciiy. Mo., SEA. Assf. Pledge Trainer: Merle L. Blaclr, Bus.. Cleveland: Joe R. Blalce, EN, Bus., Pauls Val- ley. fI1H2. Accl. Club, Scabbard 81 Blade: Candy G. Bla- lock, AAA. A8rS. Pauls Valley. SIXTH ROW: James E. Blaloclc, EX, A8rS, Duranf: Allen Blaslce, ZWPE, Engr., Galveslon, Tex.: Sharyn Anne Bledsoe. Bus., Lubbock. Tex.: Marguerife Bleyberg. AFA, A8rS. OC: Susan J. Bogie. IVPB. A8rS. Shawnee: Laurence R. Bolen Il. Bus., Carnegie, AETI. Accl. Club. SEVENTH ROW: Nancy A. Bollcs, AF, ASS, Sioux Cily. Iowa: Vernon Bolslad, HRA, Bus., Miami, Fla.: Camp Bonds, BGIT, Engr., Muskogee: Roberl' Wayne Boolh, Bus., Tulsa: Paul D. Borchardf, Acacia. Bus.. Osage, Iowa, Acer. Club, Semper Fidelis Tridenf Sociery: Roseann Bouziden. AFA, A8rS. Alva, Pres. AFA. Morrar Board. Dean's Honor Roll. EIGHTH ROW: Elizabelh D. Bovee, Educ., Norman! Sherry Lou Bowman, NP. A8rS, OC: Janice J. Boyd. Educ.. Fay. Dean's Honor Roll. SEA. House Rep. Council: Susan BoyeH'e, AF. FA, OC, Panhellenic Rep.: Henry P. Bradley, EN, Bus., Waurika: Paul L. Brandi, A8rS, Houslon. BOTTOM ROW: Don Brannon, 'l'K'I'. AHS, OC: Carolyn Breeden, UB'l', A8cS, Vinila. Mor-lar Board, Young Repub- licans, Pres. Honor Roll: David F. Brewsler, AXQS. Baxler Springs. Kan.: Earl M. Briclcer III, AT. A8rS, OC, Pres. Men's Glee Club, TMA, Universily Sing: James F. Briclc- man, Bus., Lawfon. Army ROTC Oflicers Club, Scabbard 8: Blade. Dislringuished Mililary Sludenr: Harold Briechle, Educ., Braman, Inlramural Sporls, Thespian. TOP ROW: Thomas W. Briggs, Enqr.. Tulsa, Counselor Baker House: Louis H. Brigham, IX, Bus., Hobarl: Don Brighf, ATA, AES, Greer Bend, Kan.: Roberi' C. Brighi, BAE, A8cS, Alva: Laura Brighfman, A8cS, Tulsa, 119, Hu- man Relalions Comm., 2Olh Cenr. Sociely: Carroll Jun Briscoe, A'l', A8fS, Tiplon, V-Pres. EAU, Corr. Sec. A'l'. SECOND ROW: Reha Bris'l'ow, Ali, AES, Lubbock, Tex., Pres. AV, Tassels, News Ediror Okla. Daily: Rosalee Bron- son, Engr., S+. Charles, Mo.: James R. Brooks, Engr., Mar- low: Jon A. Brosseau, Enqr., Tulsa, AIAA: Barbara Ann Brown, AV, Educ., Dallas, Tex.: Clyde Ernes+ Brown, Engr.. Sapulpa, APO, Induslrial Arls Club. THIRD ROW: Coke Brown, ATU. A81S, OC: Gwen Brown, K-KF, Bus., Tulsa: Jimmy Brown, 'l'BA, Bus., Sr. Louis, Mo.: Larry D. Browning, Educ., Chickasha, Disfin- guished Milifary Sludenr AFROTC, Dean's Honor Roll. Junior Honor Cader: Darlene J. Bryan, Educ., Norman, SEA: Jack Bryan, EN. FA, Lawlon. FOURTH ROW: Linda Jean Bryan, FA, Ponca Ci1'y. Treas. -WINS: W. Darrell Bryan, EN, Bus., Norman, Treas. Perroleum Landrnerfs Assn.: Berry Bryanf, KKl', Bus., Cushing. AAA, Dean's Honor Rall, Young Democrals: Judy Bryant AHS. OC, Sec. VQE: Linda Farris Bryanf, AHS, Norman: Murphy C. Bryles, A8fS, Lawion, Dislin- guished Mililary S+uden+, AT. Dean's Honor Roll. FIFTH ROW: Carl K. Buckner, Pharm., Tulsa, V.-Pres. APA, Bus. Manager Soonererles, Dean's Honor Roll: Sharon Burba, A'l', Educ., OC: Berry Bruce Burke, llB'l'. Educ., Frederick, KATI: Barby BurneH', EAT, Educ., OC. Pres. EAT, Pros. Honor Roll: Roberl H. Burnham, BAE. Bus., Chickasha, Semper Fideles, HRC Rep., Young Re- publicans: Greg Burns, Bus.. OC. SIXTH ROW: New+ Burfon, EX. AHS, Springfield, Mo.. OAK: Gerald Buller, AXA, AES, Lawion, V.-Pres. AXA: Sharon Kay Buflar, KA9, A8:S. OC: Barbara BuHerwor+h, A'l'. FA, OC, Panhellenic Rep., Model UN, Rush Chair- man A'l': Virginia Byrcl, KAW, A8eS, OC: Wencie Ann Byrd, Educ., Norman. BOTTOM ROW: Dennis A. Camp, Pharm., Fox: M. Coy Campbell, Enqr., Lawton, Sociely of Ind. Enqr.: Warren H. Carey, EX, Bus., Tulsa, Marks-ling Club, IE, Sooner Scandals: Kaihy Carr, AVA, Educ., Lawion: Richard E. Carr, 'PK-Y, Bus.. Logansporl, Ind.: Winsion C. Carrillo, Engr., Caracas, Venezuela, ET, Pelroleum Engr. Club, Spanish Club. enior MUTUAL inleresl in sludies somelimes supporl' Suzy Taylor and Sandy Erwin's quesl' for knowledge. enior s ADVERTISING usb ieaches Ron srewarr To draw ads ' " f V , for use in rhe daily campus newspaper. 'KI . FN , 4 ' -' ' . . -.-1 ' 4. ig , ,, ff' Q in - . wig.-.. W. 1 I sg.: r- is . , A ff s- TOP ROW: Kay Carier, Pharm., Lorenzo, Tex., APA: Janei Childers. Casey, A8fS. OC: Ken Frank Casey, EX. Enqr., Arlanra. Ga.: Burdefle Cavin, Educ., Dumas, Tex.: Tobey Cenler, A3112 Engr., Lexingron: Carole Chacey. A-55, AES, Muskogee. SECOND ROW: Leon J. Chandler, AXS. OC. Human Relalions Commission: Linda Kay Chandler, AHS, Spencer, HIIX, K'l', Pres. Leadership Class: Roy Charles Chaney, A342 Engr., Dallas, Tex., ET. TBU, Chrmn. Securiiy Com- rnillee for Engine Show: Rick Chew, EN, AHS, OC: Sloan K. Childers, EX, Enqr., Madrid. Spain. Perr. Enqr. Club: Pamela Gay Chiles, AHS. OC. THIRD ROW: Kennefh Paul Choafe, AES, Norman: Melvyn Y. Choy, Engr.. Honolulu, Hawaii: Roberi' H. Chrisfman, NVQ, A8:S, Tehran, Iran, Scabbard 31 Blade. Pres. ATU: John A. Chrisfner, FA, Mounlain View, AEP, ISA Exec. Council: Richard D. Chronisier, AE'l', AES. OC, Arnold Air Sociefy: Roger C. Clapp, AXA, Enqr., OC. Pe-ef, Ediror Sooner Shamrock. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Sue Clark, AES, Tulsa: Dennis L. Clark, FA, Tonkawa. OU Band: Ginny C. Clark, NP, A8fS, Madison. N.J., Engineers Queen, Dad's Day Quar- ier, Vice Chmn. Dad's Day Arr.: Mary Clarkson, A8fS, OC. Sue M. Clauve, A-CUT, AHS, Albuquerque, N.M., Pres. AAU, Pres. Honor Roll, Model UN: Samuel M. Clawser lll, EN, Engr., Norlh Lilrle Rock, Ark., -if-T, Dean's Honor Roll, Scalaloard 84 Blade. FIFTH ROW: Margie Clifron, AHS, Tulsa. FAX, 95'l'. De-an's Honor Roll: Joe Claro, WPA, Bus., OC: Cissy Cohn, EAT, A81S, Tulsa: Eugene C. Cole, Enqr., Norman, AXE, AICE: W. Siephen Coleman, FA, Norman, Pres. Universiry Players, OU Judo Club: Donald E. Coles, Engr., Enid. SIXTH ROW: Calhy Collier, AF-5, Educ., Beihesda, Md., Social Chmn. APA, Execurive Council: Edward L. Collins, Bus., Raleigh, N.C.: James L. Collins, A8fS, El Cenlro. Calif., EYE, Pres. Baha'i Club, Dean's Honor Roll: Michael D. Collins, IIKA, Bus.. Tulsa, IE, Dean's Honor Roll, Sec. UKA: Roger L. Conley, ATA, Pharm., Beau- monr, Calif.: Joel G. Confreras, FKA, AES, OC, 'l'A9, Dean's Honor Roll. BOTTOM ROW: Roberf G. Cook, Enqr.. Novaro, Calil.: Jan S. Cooper, 1'I'l3'l', A81S, Shreveporl. La.: Errol Copile- viiz, EAM, A8fS, E. Sr. Louis, lll., CCUN, Sludenr Senare. Pres. EAM: Pafricia Ann Corbelr, AAA, Educ., River For- esl, III.: Tom R. Corlailf, Bus., Srillwarer, Head Foorball Manager: Blair F. Core, IIKA, Bus., OC, Pres. UKA. enior Year Mark Ending Beginning TOP ROW: Judy Ann Corlcran, AXSZ. A8rS. Arlesia. N.M., Philosophy Club, Universily Sing: Duane H. Cosilow, A8rS, Norman: Janei' E. Council, A'l', Bus., OC, Treasurer A'l'. Dean's Honor Roll: John Cousins, A'l'fl, Bus., Cal- gary, Alberla, Canada: Charles Coward, BGII, Enqr.. Cincinnaii, Ohio: Allen C. Cowdery, BAE, Bus., Barlles' ville. SECOND ROW: Vaylorcl Cox, 'l'-39, Bus., Tulsa: Donald R. Crews, BGIT, A8cS. OC, Pres. UAB, Pres. BGTI. Sooner Scandals Direclor: Penny R. Criswell, AAU, A8rS, Mary- land Heighfs. Mo., Aviaiion Club, AT, AAA: Dave Crom- well, 'l'K-Y, Bus., OC: Carlfon B. Cunningham, HKA. Bus., Tulsa: Jenny Lynn Cunningham, Educ., Commerce. THIRD ROW: John H. Cunningham, BSU, AHS. Dalharf, Tex.: Mar-lha G. Dahm, KA. ARS. Dallas, Tex.: W. C. Dandridge, AXA. A8:S, Pauls Valley: David D. Daniel, Bus., Pauls Valley: John B. Daniel, 3'l'E. Enqr., OC, Sec. ETE, IFC Rep., IEEE: Carl Darnell, Pharm., Lawion. FOURTH ROW: Cullen Ray Darnell, Engr.. Norman, TBII, I-IKN, IEEE: Susan Darrough, A8iS, Housion. Young Republicans: Jeff Dasher, WBA, AXQS. Jersey Ciiy, N.J.: Nancy Lee Daspii, KA, A8rS, Shreveport La.: John H. Davenporf, A8rS. Grand Prairie, Tex.: Janifh Gwynne Davids, Enqr., Bronxville, N.Y., ET. FlFTH ROW: Paul E. Davidson, Engr.. Pine Bluff, Ark.i Sissy Davidson, AWP. Bus., Meridian, Miss., Rifualisf AE'l'. IE. Dean's Honor Roll: Don C. Davis, BAE. A8cS, Lawlon. Siudeni Senaie, Scabbard 34 Blade, SAX: Dora Jean Davis, KA. Educ., Muskogee: Garland D. Davis, 'i'KE, Pharm., Forl' Worlh, Tex.. APA. Pres. 'l'KE: Joe A. Davis, A8rS, Eufaule. SIXTH ROW: L. Dow Davis, -SAE, AHS, Erie, Pa., NEA, Scabbard 8: Blade. Sludenr Senafez Michael R. Davis, EX. AHS, Tulsa: Parlce H. Davis, EN, Bus., Tulsa: Rodney S. Davis, DDE, Bus., Tulsa: Denver N. Davison, KE, Bus., Ada, Scabbard 81 Blade: Gary G. Day, A8rS. Fairview, Dean's Honor Roll. SEVENTH ROW: Jean Ann Day, Bus., Pryor, BSU, IE, Markeiinq Club: Deanna M. De Bellis, Educ., Lawion. SEA: Jane C. Declrerl, ARS, Midwesi' Ciiy: Harold E. DeGraw, A?-3'i', AHS. Rockford, Iowa, Young Republicans. Il-YA: Kip DeLaFleur, ATG, AHS. Mexico Cify. Mex.: Michelin Ann De Lier, A8rS. OC, Pres. Honor Roll, Dorm Counselor. EIGHTH ROW: Marva Sue Dellr, A8rS, Spearman, Tex.: Waller L. Dell, EN, AIRS, OC: Olivia J. Denson, A8fS, Fori Worlh. Tex.: Fallie D. DeVore, AHS, Norman, Kfll, AT, Red Cross: Barry S. Dickerson, Engr., Philadelphia, Pa.: Blair Douglas Dishman, KA, Bus., Terrell, Tex., Finance Club, Manaqemenl Club. BOTTOM ROW: William Dissly, A8fS, Tulsa: Jerry L. Dixon, FA, Beverly Hills, Calif., AAE, Young Republicans. Dean's Honor Roll: Jim Dodds, EN, A8rS, Wellsville, N.Y.: Ted E. Dodson, Educ., Miclwesl' Cily, Varsi'I'y Foolball, Ad- vanced AFROTC: Charles W. Dohnalelc, Jr., Bus., Tulsa: Karmen Dennis Dolly, Educ.. Farmingion, Ill., 'l'T5A, Tl-QU. ' r BICYCLE racks ma be srurd enou h lor some slu Y Y Q ' denrs, bur Ivan Haynie prefers a more subslanfial prop. TOP ROW: Wayne L. Doran, AHS, Mounl Holly, N.J., Canlerbury Club, ASCE, SAME: Roberf Lee Dornfeld, HKA, A8fS. Oalc Park, Ill., Social Chmn, IIKA, lnrramural Wresllingz Helen Jo Dorr, AFA, Educ., Pecos, Tex.: Rus- sell C. Dougherly, Bus., Del Cily: Lawrence Francis Doyle, AHS. New York, N.Y.: Ted P. Dubie, ATA, Bus., Sand Springs, Finance Club, Daan's Honor Roll. SECOND ROW: Arlhur Dudenhoeliier, 'PK-Y, Grandfield: Charles D. Dudley, Bus.. Alva, AZN: Milce Dunn, Bus.. Lone Wolf: Bill Dufcher, EX, AHS. Barllesville, Pe-el, BMOC, TE: BeH'y M. Earnest TIB'l', AXQS, Shawnee: Marsha Eddins, Bus., Tulsa, Sludenl Senale Execulive Council, Big 8 Collage Bowl Chmn., HRC. THIRD ROW: Joe E. Eder, ATU, Alles. Chiclnasha, OU Band, HRC. Sooner Scandals: Tommy L. Edgar, ATU. Pharm., Perry: John A. Egnew, SAE, Enqr., Midland, Tex., ASME Pres., V.-Pres. Enqr. Club: Phillip Franlclin Elkins. KE, Pharm., Amarillo, Tex., Pres. KE, Treas. APA, Pres. Honor Roll: Penny Sue Ellio'H', A'l', A8fS. Muskogee, 9247: William G. EllioH', A8fS, Sapulpa, Human Relarions Comm., Dean's Honor Roll, Honor Resiclenl. FOURTH ROW: Terry Wayne Ellslrom, BAE, Enqr., Law- 'ron, TBU, ET, HET: Gary A. England, A8fS, Sailing, Young Republicans: Juan Anfonio Ermecheo, Engr., Man- zanillo, Cuba: Sandra Dean Erwin, APA, A8cS, Forl Worlh, Tex.: Connie Jo Esch, Educ., Tonlcawa, Dean's Honor Roll, TE, FBLA: Z. Ali Alcbar Esmaili, Engr., Raf- sanian, Iran. FIFTH ROW: John P. Essley, Bus., Tulsa: Kennelh R. Elheredge, 'PAQ Bus., Dallas, Tex.: Linda Evans, 1TB'i', AGS, Poleau, Pres. lTB'l': Louis A. Evans, ATU, Engr., Borqer, Tex.: Richard H. Evans, Engr., Temple: C. Sfanley Ewing, Engr., Richardson. Tex. SIXTH ROW: Howard E. Fagin, -SAM, Engr.. OC, Pres. EAM, IFC, Dean's Honor Roll: John H. Fannin, AHS. Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia: Sandra Lea Farmer, AX9, AHS. Gulhrie: Greg P. Fehr, 2'l'E, Engr., Norman, Engine Club. AIAA, Engine Show Comm. Chmn.: Jerry Feinslein, fI'BA. AHS, Wichila, Kan.: Jerry L. Feinstein, AHS. Hunfinglon. N.Y. BOTTOM ROW: Jimmy Fellers, 'PK-S, Bus., Slroud: Harry G. Fender, AT, Bus.. Mexia, Tex.: Melferd Fergu- son, Bus., Bixby: Charles E. Fern, Engr., Belhany, Pefr. Engr. Club, Dean's Honor Roll: Ann Ferrell, AFA, AHS. Longview, Tex.: Diana Fields, AX9, FA, Amarillo, Tex., M'l'E, Dad's Day Ouarlel, Dean's Honor Roll. ls- S 'Q " 99-A I. i Class s, Lab TOP ROW: Mike Finkelslon, WBA, Bus.. Kansas Cily. Mo.: Eddie Finley, AXA, Enqr., Enid: Richard Fisher, 'PB-5, A8rS, Memphis, Tenn.: Timolhy J. Flaherly, A8cS, Ruiherlord, N.J., CCUN, Gen. Assembly Model UN. AlAA: Delphine Ann Floyd, AKS, Duncan. BSU, SEA. Dean's Honor Roll: Dell Louise Fobes, ANI. AHS, Sa- pulpa. SECOND ROW: Jack Edward Foofe, 'l'KE, FA, Duranl, Treas. 8: Pres. OU Band, Treas. 8: Pres. WMA, Dean's Honor Roll: Billy A. Foreman, AHS. Norman: Dana Wilson Foresee, ASS, Norman: George D. Forsyihe, AXQS, Enid: Judy A. Fosler, KKP, Educ.. Shawnee, Pres. Honor Rell: Sian L. Fosler, 'l'K?-3, Bus., OC, IFC, EM, TE. THIRD ROW: Paul Fox, ASIS, OC, Sfudeni Senare. Model UN, Dean's Honor Roll: Jayne Franklin, EAT, Educ., Liflle Rock, Ark.: Sfeven M. Franklin, KA, A8fS. Tulsa: Ronnie D. Freidberg, EAM. Pharm., Barllesville. APA: Dennis Lowell Fricke, Enqr., OC: Kay Friedlander, Educ., Norman, SEA, OU Band, TEE, Dean's Honor Roll. FOURTH ROW: Eleanor Jane Friedman, Bus. Ad., OC. Accl. Club: Delberl Frieze, 4759, Bus., Broken Arrow. Pres. 'l'-59, Pres. Peir. Land Managemenf Assn., Presiden- lial Leadership Award: Paul K. Frosl. 'PAQ Bus.. OC: Sarah Lynne Fugill, AF, Educ., OC: Don Fuller, WK-'5, Engr., OC: Jim Gabal. EX. AHS, Cushing. Pres. AAN. 115. FIFTH ROW: James D. Gaberino, Bus., McAles+er, TE. Markeling Club, Finance Club. Dean's Honor Roll: Duane Gage, AXIS. OC: Jay M. Gal+, KE, Bus.. OC, AET1, Scabbard 8: Blade, Finance Club: Joan E. Gall, Educ.. OC: Gre'I'chen K. Ganschinieh, AXIS, Bellville, Ill.: Joel R. Gardner, 'l'13A, Bus., OC. SIXTH ROW: Brooks Garner, A8cS, Tulsa: John C. Gar- reH', Bus., Slillwell: John H. Garre'H, EX, Bus., Coalgaie: John K. Garrison, KA, FA, OC, Sec. AAE, Sec. KA: Judy L. Gauer, AAU, Educ., Wichila, Kan., Soc. Chmn. AAU, EAII. UAB: James M. George, EX, Pharm., Miami. SEVENTH ROW: Carl H. Gericke, Enqr., Gary, Ind.: Rifa Ann Gerrily, KA9, A8aS, Washinglon, D.C.: Bob Giarrapulo, Bus., Denison, Tex.: Charley S. Gibbs, AT. AHS, Easlon. Pa., Dad's Day Comm.. Sooner Scandals. Dean's Honor Roll: Chris Gibbs, 'l'Nf7, Engr., Amarillo. Tex.: Michael Gibson, KA, Bus., Amarillo, Tex. EIGHTH ROW: Michael L. Gibson, BAE, Engr., Tulsa: James Gilberf, A8iS. Tonkawa. BEA: Phyllis Gill, X9. Educ., Shreveport La.: Gregory J. Glahn, Enqr., OC. Dean's Honor Roll, Pres. Honor Roll, Public Heallh Club: Howard Glafsfein, EAM, Engr., Memphis, Tenn., HRC. SCIAA, Dean's Honor Roll: Carole Lynn Glueck, AE'l'. ASIS, Hobarl, Ind., Tassels, Morlar Board, 'l'A9. BOTTOM ROW: Jean Goad, ZTA, A8:S. Allus, 'I'X, V- Pres. ZTA: Gene Goldberg, Bus., Ml. Vernon, N. Y.: Michael M. Goldberg, EAM, Bus., Wilburlon, Sec. EAM. Young Democrals: Henry B. Goldberger, A8fS, Elizabeih, N.J.: Delberl R. Goodin. Bus.. Maud, Dean's Honor Roll. Sec. Sludenf Landman Asso.: Rena R. Goodson, AF, AES, Dallas. Tex., Social Chairman AF, Dean's Honor Roll. Part ing Get Equal Time enler Make Me t of La I College Year TOP ROW: Gayle Boswell Gorclon, A8fS, Forl Worlh. Tex.: Tom P. Gordon, K?-3, A8:S, OC: Frances A. Gralole, 1"l'B, Educ., Miclwesi' Cily: James R. Graham, IPFA, Engr., Anadarko: Sami Schuber Graham, Educ., Dewey: Jane C. Graves, HB'l'. ABS, San Marino, Calif. SECOND ROW: John Lane Graves, BETH, ABS, San Ma- rino, Calif., Pres. BK-S: Roberl' Wayne Gray, Educ., Dun- can, KAH, SNEA, Nalional Science Teachers Assn.: Don- ald J. Green, Engr., Mannsville, Sludenl' Chapler Al. Dean's Honor Roll: James Lynn Greensione, AES, Dallas. Tex., NVQ, WX, ARCCU: Kay Gregory, AX9, FA, Shaw- nee, Sec. AX9. TE, Dean's Honor Roll: Linda G. Griffin, HBIIP, A8:S, Lawlon, EAU. THIRD ROW: Sandra Ann Griffin, AHS, Norman, WX: William H. Griffin, AXQS, OC, Dean's Honor Roll, French Clulo: William V. Grolhe, Jr., Engr., Chula, Mo., ASME, -YT, Dean's Honor Roll: Bruce Grove, fI'A9, Engr., Den- ver, Colo.: David C. Grubb, EX, Engr., Tulsa, TUE, OAK, ET, TBIT, BMOC: Barbara Grundy, AFA, ARS, Waurika, UAB, AA, Dean's Honor Roll. FOURTH ROW: James S. Gude, Engr., Colorado Springs. Colo.: Virginia Carmen Guerrero, FA. OC, V-Pres. A'l'A, Chrisimas Ari' Auclion, Caiholic Srudenls Assn.: Janifa Gulifey, AAA, ASUS. OC: Vicki Ann Gunrer, AAA, A8:S. Hoi' Springs, Ark., Honorary Cadel L+. Col. AFROTC. Dean's Honor Roll: Dianne Gurley, KA9, ABS, Blackwell: Mike Gurren, AKE, Educ., Norman. FIFTH ROW: Jessica Hagan, A'l', FA, Madison, Wis.. Shadowbox, Mom 8: Dacl's Day, Slandard Board: Craig Hall, AT, AHS, Miclwesl Ciiy, Beauly Edilor, V-Pres. AT, Dean's Honor Roll: Judy Ann Hall, 1"l'B, AHS, OC Pres. l"l'B, Moriar Board, 'l'BKg Larry V. Hallum, AXA,I AES, Arvin, Calif.: Charlofle Deen Hallom, A8fS, New York Ciiy. French Club, Aviaiion Club: William E. Ham, Aca- cia. Engr., Norman, IEEE, ET, IFKN, V-Pres. Acacia. SIXTH ROW: AnneHe Jean Hamil, AES, Paris, Tex.: Sherian E. Hamra, AAU, Pharm.. Fori Worlh, Tex.: Julie Anne Hanks, A8fS, Tulsa. TE: Maren Louise Hanson, ASQS. Los Angeles, Calif., CCUN, Russian Club. URC: John Hardwick, KE, Bus.. Wichiia Falls, Tex., Treas. KE, Slu- denl Senafe. Sociefy for Advancement of Managemenl: Bruce Edward Hare, ATA, Bus., Amarillo, Tex., IE. SEVENTH ROW: Jerlene A. Hargis, A8cS, Fosioria. Ohio: Karen C. Harlow, AHS, Tulsa, Sec. French Club. Shadowbox: Pairicia G. Harn, AAU, A81S, Dallas, Tex., K'l', ITU, Pres. Council: BeH'y K. Harris, KA, Educ., Wesl' Palm Beach, Fla.: James W. Harris, 1l'A9. Bus., Shawnee Mission, Kan.: Janice E. Harris, XQ, AHS, Norman. EIGHTH ROW: John Harris, ABQS, Norman: Judilh C. Harris, AXS2, Educ., OC, Dean's Honor Roll, V-Pres. AX9, AWS, Miss Scheherazade: Orval L. Harris, Bus., Norman, Young Republicans: Charline Harrison, AAA, A8fS, OC, Engine Show: Sharon Har'I'in, AFA, A8fS, Tul- ile: Emilee Kay Harfley, A42 Educ., Eldorado. SEA, WRA. Bible Chair. BOTTOM ROW: Sue B. Harvey, KA9, Bus., Forr Worlh, Tex.: Morris L. Halley. 'l'KII'. A8:S, Muskogee, Pres. fbK'I', Pres. Council, IFC: R. Ken+ Harley, ABS, Duncan. UAB, UAC: Jerry W. Hauser, ABS, Ardmore: Havighurs+, X9, A8rS, Scolrsdale. Ariz., French HSI, SEA, Dean's Honor Roll: Judilh Ellen Hawkins, Tulsa, Pe-ei, Lynn Club. A8rS. YL- -1 TOP ROW: Jerry L. Hayden, Bus., Maud, "O" Club. S-'rudeni Coach lor Foofball, IE: Mahmoud Hemassi, Engr.. Kashan, Iran: James G. Henderson, ATS2, Bus.. Beaver: James P. Henderson, KA, AES, OC, Wrestling Team: William Monroe Henderson, BGIT, A8rS, Musko- gee, AEA, Young Republicans: Connie L. Henley, F'I'l4. A8rS. OC. SECOND ROW: Ben Henry, -SAE. Engr.. Prairie Village. Kan., Pres. -SAE, ET, AXE. Scabbard 81 Blade: Thomas W. Henry, AHS, Pine Bluff, Ark.: Elizabeih Ann Hen- fhorn, FA, Shidler, Women's Glee Club. MENC: Gary Herrman, EX. ASS. OC: Charles Roberi' Hewes, Engr.. Mounfain View, TBII, KN, INDI: Mike HewiH'. EX, Engr.. Barllesville, Pe-ef. Varsily Track. THIRD ROW: Janie Hicks, HB'I', Educ., Frederick, Siu- denl Senare. Senior Class Treasurer, Young Republicans: Jack High, ATS2, A8rS, OC: Hugh Caros Hilburn, Engr.. Duncan: Bill H. Hill, ?-UAE. A81S, OC, Scabbard 8: Blade: Sue Hill, AF, Educ., Lubbock, Tex.: A. Jeffery Hindman, Jr., Engr., OC. IEEE, Engr. Club. FOURTH ROW: John David Hines, A8fS, Clinfon, I-AX, Sporls Pub.: Judy L. Hirsh, Educ., Fori Worfh, Tex.: Tran N. Hoan, Engr., Viei' Nam: Bill Hodde, AXA, Bus.. Hobbs, N. M.. IFC, Young Republicans, Social Chmn. AXA: Joan C. Hodges, AHS. Norman, Honorary Capt Pershing Rilles, Young Republicans: Roy L. Hodges, Engr.. Norman, Engine Club, AIAA. Pershing Rifles. Advanced AFROTC. FIFTH ROW: Carilee Ann Hogan, FA, OC, AA. Mortar Board, Tassels. Dean's Honor Roll: Mal Holcomb, Engr., Jacksonville. Fla., AIAA. EFT, ET. TRU: Kinross Holi. EN. Bus., Alius: Bob Hood, I39III, ASQS, Norman, BK-Y. HBA, V-Pres. HGII: James I.. Hopkins, Bus., FI. Bragg, N. C., IE: Ronnie J. Horn, Educ.. Yukon, "O" Club. SIXTH ROW: Ronald L. Hornbeek, Educ.. OC. Varsily Baseball, PEM: Pres+on L. Horsrman, AXA, AHS, Black- well: Floyd D. Horron, A-Y'I', A8zS. Paragould, Ark., EIIVI, Spanish Club, IFC, Young Republicans: Phil Horfon, ATA, AES, OC, Pres. Senior Class. IFC, Sludeni Senaie: Jon Horwedel, 3'I'E, Enqr., Hinlonz Alan H. Horwih, 'I'BA, Bus.. OC, Finance Club, Dean's Honor Roll, IE, AEII, Model UN, IFC. BOTTOM ROW: Karen Hosfer, AX9, AES, OC: James K. Howard, AXA, ASS. Ponca Cily, IFC Pres., UAC Pres., Young Democrais Pres., V-Pres. AXA, BMOC. Who's Who: J. Roberi- Howard, Engr., Lawfon, AIAA, ET, Engine Club. Judo Club: Bill Hubbard, 25'I'E, Engr.. OC: Claudeffe Hubbell, Educ., Sfillwaier. Dorm Counse- lor: Thomas L. Hudman, Bus.. OC, Dean's Honor Roll. . . enior CHECKING a s'rudy ouiline for arl are Susan Noble and Ann Lander, survivors of enrolment Crammlng Come Easy After Four Year TOP ROW: Jennie D'Orsay Hughes, KA9, A8:S, Fl. Sill: Lurlene Hulme, Educ., Chiclcasha, Chrislian Science Or- ganizalion, AWS: Larry Hulsey, EX, Enqr., Waynolca: Julie C. Hun'l', A3aS, Tulsa, 9-E'l', Dean's Honor Roll. EAX Award: John Edgar Hunler, Acacia, A8fS, Ada, Anlhro- pology Club, Fencing Club, IFC: Eward J. Huflas, 'I'K9, Enqr., Chilliwach, Brilish Columbia. SECOND ROW: Harold R. Hu++on ll, Pharm., OC, Univ. Band, Sludenl APA: John D. lngle, Jr., 3-All Bus., OC: Tullio lnglese, Engr., Wa'ler'l'own, Mass.: Susan Ingram, AAA, FA, OC: Richard lorio, Acacia, A8fS, Ranloul, Ill., HA9. SEA: Kirk M. lvener, Bus., Sioux Cily, Iowa, AETI. THIRD ROW: Judy E. Jageler, ASQS, Tulsa, FAX. 9-YP. K'l'. FJA, Dean's Honor Roll, Pres. Honor Roll: Kendall Rex Jacobs, HB'l', Bus., Pryor: Alice Jacobson, EAT. Educ., Glencoe, III.: Bill James, AT-fl, Bus., OC, Rush Chmn. gl Treas. ATU: Dennis L. James, EX, Bus., Hous- lon: Joel Janlcowslcy, 'I'BA, Bus., Tulsa, Pres. 'l'BA. FOURTH ROW: Mark W. Jennings, 'l'A'l', Bus., Tulsa: Lee Ann Johns, ABS, Fl. Sill. Pres. 92741, Sludenl Publi- carions Board, Tassels, AAA, Dean's Honor Roll: Roberl' Henry Johns, Engr., Sheridan, Ind.. American Mereorology Sociely: Edna L. Johnson, Educ., Norman: Evereli' L. Johnson, TAG, Enqr., Norman, Pres. UET, Dean's Honor Roll, Sludenl Senale: lla Claudean Johnson, 1"I"B. Educ., Allus. FIFTH ROW: Jim D. Johnson, ATS2. Educ., Midland, Tex.: Judi Johnson, KKT, ASS, OC, Dean's Honor Roll: Ted Paul Johnslon, Bus., Comanche: David C. Jones ll, AES, Slerlinq, Younq Democrals, Dean's Honor Roll. Pres. Honor Roll, French Club,: Frank J. Jones, AT, Bus., Tulsa: Joe D. Jones, KE, FA, Wichira Falls, Tex. SIXTH ROW: Rebecca Lee Kahan, AE'l', Educ., Norman: Gary M. Kahler, Bus., Camarillo, Calif., UAB, Sludenl' Senaie, IFC, Model UN: Janel' Kamber, EAT, AXIS, OC, Morlar Board, 9E'l', Dean's Honor Roll: Rob Kaufman, 'l1BA, Bus.. Shawnee Mission, Kan.: Karhey Jean Keeler, AAU, AES, Tulsa: Belly Lou Keezer, AXIS, Norman, An- lhropology Club, Biology Club Pres. SEVENTH ROW: Kalhryn Kei'lh,A1'. A3:S, Hollis: Ronald W. Kelley, KA, Educ., Lawlon, Young Democrals: John T. Kemp, Educ., Springfield. Ill., Varsily Swimming Team: Belh Kennedy, UBKP, Educ., OC, EAU, Rec. Sec. 1-IB'PZ Gary Wayne Kennedy, Educ., Norman: James E. Kennedy, Bus. Ad.. Norman. EIGHTH ROW: Noah A. Kennedy ll, IIKA, Bus., Wauri- ka, Aflffl, IE: Viva Lee Kennedy, KA9, Bus., Tulsa: Will- iam A. Kennedy, Jr., Engr., OC. ET, AICE: Kay Ken-lon, KKF, ARS. Tulsa, Regislrar KKF, Pres. Ducks Club: George B. Kernels, EX. Bus., Holdenville: John J. Kessler, IIKA, AES, Jersey Cily, N. J. BOTTOM ROW: Jan Lise Kelcham, KKV, AES, New Or- leans, La.: Maurice M. Kharma, Enqr., Brummana, Leba- non, ET, Inlernalional Club: Moli T. Khemlani, Engr., Lucknow, India, Pres. lnlernalional Club, V-Pres. India Sluclenls Assn., IEEE: Keron K. Kiclcingbird, AT, A8fS, El Reno. Mascol' of OU: Roberl' Lee Kidd, ATU, Poleau: W. Calvin Kilgore, AES, Lawlon. Pres. KKW, THE. Univ. Band. TOP ROW: Linda Kay Killian. AES. Fori Worih. Tex.. Edilor Olsla. Daily, Tassels, 9-WP, Oufslanding Indep. Jr. Woman: Judiih F. King. A8fS, Bixby. EAU. Dean's Honor Roll: Melinda King. APA. Arr. Arlinqion. Tex.: Rodney T. Kirlrham, 'l'A9, Educ.. Dallas. Tex.: Allan David Klein. EAM, Bus.. Dallas, Tex., IE: Kay KIu'H's, A'l'. Educ.. Dun- can. Pres. A'I', Panhellenic. Assf. Pledge Trainer. SECOND ROW: Lynn Knapp, A-5-ll. AHS, Benton. III.. Aviafion Club: Dick M. Kobdish, 'I'A6. Bus., Midland. Tex., Pres. 'I'A9. IFC. Sludenl Senale: Lawrence W. Kozoyed. Engr., Cicero. III.. Pres. Engr. Club, Pres. Sociely oi Engr. Physicisls, BMOC: Candace P. Krafr, AHS. San Francisco: Fred Mac Kramer, Bus.. OC. Accl. Club: Mar- sI1aIl J. Kramer. WBA, Educ.. Ladue, Mo.. Campus Chest Dean's Honor Roll. IIC. 'PBIL THIRD ROW: Kennefh York Krandel, WBA. Engr.. Hous- ron, AIA: Karl Krueger. Jr., 'W-'A. Bus.. OC. URC, IE, Marlreling Club, Young Republicans: Donald W. Kruslcy. Engr.. Coronach. Sasli., Canada: Dan Kubialr, 'PK-S. AIRS, OC: Vic+or K. Kulp. 'I'K-Y. Bus.. Tulsa: Ed Kuriz. AT. Bus.. Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: Judie Kyle, KA. A8fS, Befhany: Pam Laird. IIB'l', AHS. For? Worlh. Tex.: David Lamplon, 'I'1':3, ASQS, Norman: Ann Lander, ZTA. A8cS, Dallas. Tex.. ffl-Y'1'. PAX. Hisforian 81 Reporler ZTA: Roberi' Land, BAE, AHS. Dallas, Tex.. AEA. AXE. Dean's Honor Roll: Jane Ann Landre+I1, Educ., Wichira, Kan. FIFTH ROW: Bonnie Lane. A-MI. Pharm., Vinila. V-Pres. Kfb. V-Pres. PUFFS. Honors Sc Acr. Chmn. AAU: Mona A. Lane. A8iS, Tecumseh. ON, SEA. Oikonomia. Young Democrals, HE: Marfen Langworfhy, EAN, Bus.. Tulsa. Social Chmn: Jerry R. Lawhorn. Pharm.. Bixby: Hon K. Lee, Engr., New York. N. Y., Ruf-Nelcs, Semper Fidelis, Judo Club: Lee Thomas Lehman, Pharm., Vinifa. WAX. SIXTH ROW: Peg L. Lemme, lIB'I'. A8fS, San Bernar- dino. Calif., V-Pres. lll3'l'. UAB. Panhellenic, AAA: John N. Lemon, FA. Norman: Parricia H. Lemon. Educ.. Flor- ham Park, N. J.: Joseph Pairiclc Leningfon, Educ., Mid- wesl Ciryg Warren Leslie, AKE. Bus.. Lawfon: James C. Lesseig. Enqr.. Nederland, Tex. BOTTOM ROW: Jerry L. Levisee. Engr., Fort Worth. Tex.: Befh Lieb, KAO, Educ.. Nowafa: Keifh E. Likes, A8fS. Calgary. Alla.. Canada: Michael A. Lilly, Engr.. Carls- bad. N. M.: Mary Lee Liming. AX52. Educ.. OC. Scholar- ship Board. Ducks Club. Sooner Scandals: Ron G. Linden, Bus.. Calgary. Alfa.. Canada. enior INK BLOT 'resls or modern arf? John Olinghouse quesrions Linda Bar'rheI's inferpreiaiion. enior WORKING al' i'l1e enlarger in The darkroom is Jon Denlon, srudeni pholograplwer for The Daily. TOP ROW: Tommy L. Lindsey, Educ., Borqer, Tex., Var- sily Baseball: Bufch Linville, BAE, Engr., Prague, V-Pres. BAE, Pe-el, Dean's Honor Roll, UAB. UAC, BT, TBH. BMOC, IEEE: Wayne D. Linville, A8fS, Slcialook, Dean's Honor Roll: Mary Lyn Lipscomb, AAA, A8cS, Duranfi Roberi L. Lips+e+, 'l'l3A, AES, Housion: Caihey LiH'ell, AWP. FA, Houslon. SECOND ROW: John LiH'le, 'I'KZZ, Bus., Minco: Mary Ann Lively, AAA, A8cS, McAles+er, AAA, Moriar Board, Vice-Chrnn. Homecoming: Sue Livingsion, AAA, Educ.. OC: James Lee Loffis, Engr., OC, Dean's Honor Roll. Pres. Honor Roll, ET, '1'BTly Beih Longesi, Educ., OC: Carole Looney, HB'If, A815. OC. Inferior Design Club. Dean's Honor Roll. THIRD ROW: Monfe T. Lorrigan, Enqr., Weiser, Idaho, ET. TBU, EFT, AIAA: Chrisfopher Love, AKE, Engr., Socieiy for Engr. Pl'lysicis'rs:Judy Kay Lovelace, 1"l'B, A8cS, Olney, Ill.: Jane M. Lucas, A8cS, OC: Barbie J. Luper, AES, Scarsdale, N. Y., WX: Douglas C. Lyle, AKIG, A81S, Mesa, Ariz., Model UN, Young Republicans. FOURTH ROW: James F. Lynch, Engr., Norman, IEEE: William A. Macecevic, Jr., Engr., Efna, Pa.: Jim C. Ma- gers, Bus.. Maysville: Perry S. Main, AHS, Norman, Avia- 'rion Club, WX, AFROTC: Pafricia S. Malone, Educ., Per- ryron, Tex., EAU, KAU: Linda Ann Maliby, X9, Bus., Barllesville, Sweell-:earl EX, Pledge Trainer, Dean's Honor Roll. FIFTH ROW: Vincenf Mancini, Engr., Brooklyn, N. Y.: Bill R. Mann, 'l'K'l', A8fS, Okmulgee, Young Republicans: Sfephen P. Mann, 'I'1'A, ABS, Anaclarlco: Mike J. Maples, EX, Engr., Holdenville, Wl1o's Who, BMOC, Dean's Honor Roll, Pres. Honor Roll: Don R. Maranville, EN. Bus., Midwesl Cily: Jeffrey Barry Marcus, AHS, New Yorlc, N. Y. SIXTH ROW: Roger L. Markham, A8:S, Midwesi Ciiy: Gloria J. Marlin, F'l'i3, AHS, Seymour, Tex.: M. Douglas Mar+in, EN. Educ.. Folsom, Calif., "O" Club, PEM. Dean's Honor Roll: Ronald Ray Marfin, A8fS, Slcialooki William Lusfer Marlin, 'PK'l', Educ.. McAlesfer: J. K. Marfinsky Il, EX, Bus., OC. BOTTOM ROW: Wayne A. Massad, 'l'A9, Bus., Duncan: Jerry A. Masrers, KA, Bus., Norman: Conrad J. Masfer- son, Jr., AXA, AES, OC: Sharilee Mailcin, ANU, Educ., Liberal, Kan.: Jack A. MaH'ingly, AHS, Roswell, N. M.: Clyde R. Maxey, 13911, Bus., El Reno, "O" Club. Pressure Bui TOP ROW: Thomas B. Maxwell, Educ., OC, PEM Club: Pere May, ATU. Enqr., Franklin. La.: Sieven W. Mayer. EAM, Educ., Manharian, N. Y., PEM Club: Charles D. Mayhue, Educ., Ada, "O" Club, Varsiiy Foolball: Andrea Mayo, A'l', A8rS. Sallisaw, Pres. FAX, Young Democrals. 93'l': Sam Rodney Mays, Enqr., OC, ASME. S+. Par's Council. Enqr. Club. SECOND ROW: Karon McAlisfer, A8rS, Wichira Falls, Tex.: Roger Errol McCallum, Engr., Peace River, Alfa.. Canada: Bob McGar'ihy, SWE, Educ., Brooklyn, N. Y.: William C. McClure, 'I'1'A, A8fS, Norman: Ann McCon- nell, AFA, Educ., Hobari. Panhellenic Pres., Dean's Honor Roll, Rush Chmn.: John A. McConnel, Engr., Crescenl. THIRD ROW: Joseph E. McConnel, ARS, Crescenf: Rick McCurdy, 'l'AF'J, A8rS, Purcell, "O" Club. Dean's Honor Rall, Pres. Honor Roll: Lawrence H. McDonald, Engr.. Sainl Alberi. Alia., Canada, ET, AICE: Roberi Lynn McDonald. Educ., Sanla Ana, Calif.: Frank W. Mc- Dufiee, Bus., Tonlcawa. Accl. Club: William P. McEnroe, AKE, Bus., Wellsville, N. Y., iii. Finance Club. FOURTH ROW: Bill McGraw, ATA. A81S, Norman. 'f'll'?J, Pe-ei, BMOC, Dean's Honor Roll, Pres. Honor Roll, Slu- denf Senaie: Donald D. McGrew, Enqr.. Souih Gare, Calif.. V-Pres. AMS: Jim V. McGuclrin, 'l'Kl'3, UC, Norrh- brook. III.: George G. McGuire, ATSZ. Enqr., Medicine Lodge, Kan.. ET. Scabbard Xi Blade, Sociely of Engr. Physicisis: Bob Mclnfosh, EX, Bus., Tulsa, Marlcering Club: Michael E. Mclnrosh, ATSZ, ARS, London, England. FIFTH ROW: Terry McKenzie, 'l'KI'-3, AES, Ponca Ciiyz Roberi E. McMaslers. Enqr., OC: Julian P. McNeely, EX. Bus., Alius, Accr. Club: Judifh A. McProud, A8rS, Nor- man, Russian Club, Friday al' Four, Dean's Honor Roll: James D. McQuillen, Jr., Engr., Weiumlca: Jody Head. AF. A8rS, Barilesville. Tasse-ls, Panhellenic, Dean's Honor Roll. SIXTH ROW: Roger E. Meade, AHS, Lake Bluff. lll.. So- cieiy of Milifary Enqrs., Dean's Honor Roll, AFROTC Honor Cadet Dislinguished Miliiary Srudenr: Bill Meek, AXA, AES. Hobarf: Lynefie L. Mehl, lfKF. ASS, Dallas. Tex., ON, Oilconomia, Dean's Honor Roll, V-Pres. KKF2 Pafricia Ann Meidenbauer, A8rS, Binghamion. N. Y.: Sharon Ann Meilrle, ANU, A8fS, Norman. Pres. Oikonomia, Pres. Honor Roll. V-Pres, HE: Bill Mellon, EN, Pharm.. Lawlon. SEVENTH ROW: William E. Mercer, Engr., OC, Pres. Commilfree on Enferfainmenf and Social Evenis, Pres. Leadership Class, Counselor Young House: Sally Merlrle, AF, A8rS, OC: Grady Merriir, AX-A. Bus.. Nowala, Pres. AXA: Mirchell Merfes, FA, Norman: James Dee Messen- ger, Bus., Nash, AFROTC Baslcerball Team, Arnold Air Socieiy, Ollicers Club: "Bu'lch" Lawrence A. Melcalf, EX. Educ.. Garland, Tex., Varsiiy Fooiball, "O" Club. EIGHTH ROW: Sfuarf Meyer, EAM, Bus.. Dallas, Tex., ASH, IE: Terry L. Middleswarfh, UKA, A8:S, Shawnee: Michael F. Migdal, Bus., Syracuse, N. Y., Markeling Club, IE: Allen W. Miller, BAE, Bus.. Hinron: Brenf Miller, Educ., OC: Corrie Miller, A'l'. AHS, OC, K'l', Tm. BOTTOM AFROTC Milligan, ET, IEEE. Lani+a G ROW: Ken? Miller, AES, OC, Advanced , FA: Roberi' A. Miller. Bus., OC: David A. Engr., Canlon: Jack R. Millilcan, Engr., Tulsa. Engr. Club: Milfon Milsiead, 'PK-Y. Bus.. OC: . Mims, ABS, OC, Young Democrais. ld as Seme ter Progress s enior THE CALL of 'rhe greal oufdoors helped spring sludies along for sludenls like Melinda King. TOP ROW: Parricia Mims, Educ., Albuquerque, N. M.. SEA, Kaydelles, Univ. Chorus: C. Sco'H' Miichell, EX, A81S. New York, N. Y.: Suzanne Milchell, A8aS, Dallas, Tex.: Randall D. Mock, ATA, Bus., OC: Pravinchandra J. Mody, Engr.. Bombay. India, lnlernalional Club: Palfy Ann Mohair, AP, Educ., OC, Dean's Honor Roll. SECOND ROW: Suzi Mollison, l7'l'B, A8cS, Allus: Joy Monroe, AAA, Educ., Norman: Judifh Kay Monroe, Al'-3, A8eS, OC: John L. Moore, Engr.. Beaumont Tex.: Air Force lnslilule ol: Tech.: Judifh L. Moore, A8rS, Black- well: Marilyn Moore, AF. Educ., Slroud, Tassels, Pres. HQ. CCUN, Mom's Day Confacls Comm. Chmn. THIRD ROW: Ralph E. Moore, AHS, OC: Sue Moore, AFA, AXQS, Kingfisher. Shadowbox, TE, Dean's Honor Roll: Ann Moran, XS'-4, Educ., Seminole: James F. Moran, TIKA. A8fS, Sapulpa: Jeff Morehouse, ZX, Bus., Corpus Chrisfi, Tex.: Toby R. Morey, AXA, Bus., Houslon, Swimming Team Capfain. FOURTH ROW: Cai Morgan, AAA, ASS, OC. Cheer- leader, AEP, Orchesis, Runner-up Miss OU: Mary E. Morris, AF, Educ.. Lawton: Nancy L. Morris, A8cS, OC. Pres. AEA, ISA, WX, Pres. Honor Roll: Joel D. "Woody" Morris, Jr., Acacia, AES, Norman: C. Suzanne Moss. KA. EA. OC, EAT. Symphony Orcheslra, MENC, Dean's Hon- or Roll: Verna Marie Moss, KA, Educ.. Norman, Nfl, Slu- denl Senale. SEA. FIFTH ROW: Thomas Mudrick, BAM, Bus., Ollawa, Kan.: James A. Muldowney, Engr., Panama Ciiy, Fla., HKN, Dean's Honor Roll: Beniamin E. Mullins, Bus., Tiplon, Accl. Club: Ka'l'hy L. Munn, HB'l', AHS. Siigler, Pres. WRA, Pres. PEM, HQ: Joyce Marie Murray, FA, Norman: Gary A. Murrell, Enqr.. Casper, Wyo. SlXTl-l ROW: Harold David Murry, SX, A8fS, Broken Ar- row: Charles R. Musgrave lll, HKA, Bus., Barllesyillei Michael Terry Myers, EAM, AES, Tulsa: Kaiy Myles, Educ.. Forl Smilh. Ark.: Diane Neaves, KA, Educ., Nor- man, K'I': Dianne Neely, ASS, Farminqlon, N. M. BOTTOM ROW: Harold G. Newcomb, Bus.. Pryor. U5. Markelinq Club, Track Team: Judy Newkirk, AAA, ASS, Muskogee: Roberl' Allen Newman, KA, Engr., Lawlon, IEEE, Engine Club, Young Republicans: Tim E. Nicholson. 'T'KE, Enqr., Okmulqee. IEEE, Enqr. Club, OU Men's Glee Club: C. Terry Nickle, 'l'K'I', A8zS. Calgary, Alia., Can- ada, Pres. Avialion Club, Okla. Daily Sfaif: Susan Noble, ZTA, AES, Uvalde, Tex., Pres. ZTA, UE. Sludenl Traffic Courl. Panhellenic. tudent Di cover Librar a Final ear TOP ROW: Bill D. Nolan, 'I'KE. Pharm., Lawfon, 'PA-X. Srudenl' Senare, APA, Dean's Honor Roll: Diane Nourse, A'l', Educ., OC. Treas. NP, SEA. Dad's Day Comm.. Mom's Day Comm.. Homecoming Comm.: Tom L. Ober- meyer, AZN' Enqr., Fairmont Minn.. Sluclenl Senale. TBH. Dad's Day Comm.. AIA: Jonell O'Brien, 1'4'13, Educ.. Tule sa: James W. Ogg, EAW. AHS, Kellogg, Iowa: John E. Olinghouse, A3'l', Bus., OC, Pres. ABP. Ouisiandinq lndep.. Dean's Honor Roll. SECOND ROW: Alexander Oliphan+ Ill. AKE, Bus.. Seminole. Pres. SAM, American Markeling Assn., Dean's Honor Roll: Shirley A. Olive, AFA. Educ., OC. HE, Dean's Honor Roll: Teddy H. Oliver, Educ.. Shaller, Calii., Cross Couniry Track: Roger C. Olsen, 'I'BA. Bus., Dallas, Tex.: Chesier M. Olson, HKA, Bus., Waynoka, SAM: Alvin E. Osburn, A8fS. Mounlain View. THIRD ROW: Dan D. Oswald, Jr., Enqr., Fl. Cobb: John W. Padberg, ASS. OC: Priscilla Page, AAU, Educ., Mar- shall. Tex., SEA: Jean C. Pake, AWP, Educ., Monrgomery. Ala.. WRA, PEM Club, Ducks Club: James Palmer, ARS. Barrlesville: John S. Palmer, Engr., Baron Rouge, La., ET, American Sociery oi Civil Engrs. FOURTH ROW: Richard E. Parker, AT. AXfS, Coleman. Tex., UAB Trips Comm.. URC, Mom's Day Comm., Dean's Honor Roll: Sandra K. Perkins, A8iS, Balilecreek. Mich.: Pairia Parnell, l"l'i3. Educ., Tulsa: Michael Parr, Bus., OC: Tom G. Parroif. RENT, ABS, Claremore: George S. Pai- ierson, AKE, Bus., Tulsa. IFC, Markering Club, Finance Club. FIFTH ROW: John W. PaH'erson, EN, Bus., Elk Ciiy, TE: Sidney L. "Pai" PaH'erson, Jr., 'I'-59, Bus., Norman: David L. Pauling, AX-A. AES, Fi. Sheridan, Ill., Pres. Leadership Class. Dean's Honor Roll: James J. Pavlonnis, KA, Educ.. Sayrevllle. N. J.: Jim R. Payne, Pharm., Sapulpa. PX. APA. Dean's Honor Roll. Pres. Honor Roll: Leland Payne, 'l'K3, Engr., Healdfon. SIXTH ROW: Roy M. Payne, AT. ARS. McAlesi'er. Sec. AT, Trees. French Club, German Club: William B. Payne, AXP. A8cS, Arcadia. Calif., Dad's Day and Mom's Day Exec. Comm., IFC, BMOC, Dean's Honor Roll, Pros. Honor Roll: Suzanne Paynrer, AAA, Educ., Tulsa, Corres. Sec. AAA. Dean's Honor Roll: David D. Pearce, Engr.. Norman. SIME: Marilyn Marie Pearce, Educ., Manhassel, Long Island. N. Y.: Carl E. Pellegrini, Bus., Dallas, Tex.. Accr. Club. SEVENTH ROW: Beiiy E. Pelion, AES. OC. Oikonomia. AFROTC Honorary Lf. Col.. Dean's Honor Roll: Norman H. Pence. AHS, Hugo: Ronald J. Pend6rgraf+, ATA, Pharm.. Norman: Mary Dell Pendley, A8cS, Houslon: Dan Pen+ecos+, EX, Engr., Tulsa: Dick Perryman, ATA, A8fS. Waionga, UAC. EIGHTH ROW: Ann H. Peiers, Nb, AHS. Turpin: Mary Ann Phelps, AAA, Enor., Tulsa, Treas. AAA, Treas. ET. Sec. Engr. Club: John Thomas Pickens, 'l'K'l'. AHS, Dallas, Tex.: Susan Pickering, KKF, A8fS. OC: Loreffa Ann Pierce, ATA. A8zS. OC, Srandards Chairman: Linda Pipe, KA9, Educ., Sr. Louis, Mo., Pledge Trainer, Dean's Honor Roll, EN Sweelhearl. BOTTOM ROW: Jane? Sue Pipkin. ANU. A8fS, OC, Pres. AXQ. Dean's Honor Roll. Moriar Board. Orchesis: Roberf G. Pishel, TIKA, AHS, Tulsa. V-Pres. HKA. 'I'X: Kaiherine Pillman, KU, Educ.. OC: Pamela J. Piffs, I'fl'B, A81S, Ada. Ducks Club, Dean's Honor Roll: Thomas W. Plosila, Engr.. Downers Grove. Ill.. Men's Glee Club, IEEE, SAME: PaH'y J. Plo'H, AAA. A8cS. Kincheloe AFB, Mich., 'l'A9. Job Inter ie and Que tiennaire Begin TOP ROW: Peggy Plummer, AF, A8cS, Tulsa: Allen Pols- grove. Educ., Midwesr Ciiy, AFROTC: John Scoh' Poole, AT, Engr., Corpus Chrisii, Tex.: Dan C. Porfer, AXA, A81S, Beaver: Ed Porier, AT, Bus., OC: Mike Powers, AT-9, AXKS, I-Iousion. SECOND ROW: Jack S. PraH', ATA, Bus., OC, TE: Clar- ice M. Pregler, AAU, Educ., Minco, V-Pres. AAII7 Vic Prep, SWIG, Engr., Frankville, Pa.: Pairicia R. Prim- rose, F'l'B, Educ., Norman: Bob A. Profzman, Acacia. AHS. OC: Shirley J. Prueii, Bus., OC, BFE, Acci. Club. Dean's Honor Roll. Pres. Honor Roll. THIRD ROW: David L. Pugh, ATS2, FA, Wayne, Mich.. Sec., V-Pres., Pres. ATU, AKDA, IFC, Pres. Council: Barry L. Pulaski, 'I'BA, A8cS. Housion: Derrell R. Pulis, Bus., An- adarko: Janice L. Pullin, A8cS, Minco, AAA, Tassels, Mor- rar Board, WRA, ISA, Mosi' Ouisianding Inclep. Woman: Sharon Quaid, FA, Wynnewood, Tassels, Morrar Board. Dad's Day Award, Pres. M'I'l3. HKA: David L. Quillin, -'5"I'E, Bus., Lamonl. FOURTH ROW: Tommie Sue Ragsdale, AHS, Muskogee: Harry S. Raleigh, AKE, ABS, Silver Spring, Md., Srudeni Senaire, CCUN, Model UN: Harold A. Ransford, Bus.. Cresceni: Jerry Ransom, AXA, Enqr., Buffalo: Susan Fran- ces Records: A8aS, OC, 9343, FAX: William C. Reddick, Engr.. New York, N. Y. FIFTH ROW: Dianne Reed, ASIS, Des Moines, Iowa. TAX: Gylynn Reed, APA, Educ., Midwesi Ciiy: Rodney P. Reed, AHS. Norman, Pres. FQT, Caprain oi Assn. of U. S. Army, IFC, Pershing Rifles: Frank W. Rees, Jr., 'i'K9, Engr., Housfon: Ronda Reid, AAA, A8cS, Alirus: Ann Reis- ner, AX9, A81S, W. Laiayeiie, Ind., ATA, Tassels, Moriar Board, Dean's Honor Roll, Pres. Honor Roll. SIXTH ROW: Susan Gaye Reiier, FA, Wilmerie, III.: Bob Renberg, fI'BA, Bus., Tulsa: David Rennie, AT, Engr., Nor- man: Lance Renhel, KE, AES, OC: Rene G. Reque, Engr., Bolivia, Soccer Team: Beih Resler, A8:S, Norman, Moriar Board, Ediior Okla. Daily, Top IO Freshman Women, Who's Who. SEVENTH ROW: Pefer S. Rhein, EAM, Bus., Weslr Islip, N. Y., TE, Dean's Honor Roll: Dianne Schwab Rice, Bus., OC: Jack Richards, BAE, A8cS, Shawnee, "O" Club, 'i'HZi: Margarei' Ann Richards, AAA, A8iS, Shawnee: Jeri Mac Richardson, AF, Educ., Albuquerque, N. M.: Wensil M. Rick, Bus., FI. Cobb. EIGHTH ROW: Orlin Breni Rickard, AT. AX:S, Ponca Ciiy, Dad's Day Chmn., UAB: Ronald N. Rickeiis, EX. AES, Tulsa: Judy Riley, Educ., OC, SEA: Mike Riley, 'blf-3, Enqr., Aiion, SIME, ET: Roberf K. Roach, KE, A31S, OC: Max James Roadruck, Jr., Enqr., Lawron, Arnold Air Socieiy. BOTTOM ROW: Ruihie Roads, AXQ, AHS, Amarillo, Tex., Corres. Sec. TI9, Assi. House Manager, Dean's Honor Roll: Carol Judiih Robbins, AUP, ASS, Liirlle Neck, N. Y.. V-Pres., TAX, 9242 Ili: Jane L. Robbins, HB'I', Educ.. Ardmore, Pres. Liirle Sisrer of Minerva: Kennefh T. Roberfs, Enqr., Kaw Cily. ASME, SAE. OU Aviaiion Club: Jack Robison, SPE, Engr., Wilmeii, Ill., AIA: Richard Rockeii, 'PK-53, Enqr., Durango, Colo. TOP ROW: Jim Rodgers, 'PI'-5. ASS, Blackwell, Pres. 'l'1'A: Sue Ann Rodgers, X5-l, Educ., Tulsa: Kay Rogers, FA, Tulsa: W. D. Rogers, Jr., AT, Bus., Wagoner: Barry Roolrer, Bus., McLoud: Dale G. Rose, 'PKI'-T, A8fS, OC. SECOND ROW: Roberi A. Rose, A-KE, Bus., Roosevelt Pres. 5-KE, 'l'Pl-Y. Finance Club, Accl. Club: Bruce Gor- don Rossiier, EX, ABS, Bellaire. Tex., V-Pres. Siudeni Senafe, Direclor of Miss OU Pageani, Dean's Honor Roll: Harold Rubin, Pharm., Passaic, N. J., APA, Doan's Honor Roll: Larry Rudin, EAM, AHS. Housion: Sharon Marie Rupp, AES, EI Paso. Tex., American Meleorology Sociely: Richard Russell, ATR, Bus.. Miami. THIRD ROW: Nancy Ryder, AV, Educ., Van Nuys, Calif.: Guillermo A. Salas, ABIS. Mexico Cily. Mex., SPE, Span- ish Club: Allen B. Salilcoli, EAM, AES, Massapequa, N. Y.: Dave Sanders, EX, A8rS, Tulsa: Edward "Sandy" Sanders, 'PK-5, ASS, OC. AA-Y, BAK. Dean's Honor Roll: Sandy C. Sanders, Educ., Bonham. Tex., Jr. Panhellenic Pres.. NROTC Honorary Col.. SEA. FOURTH ROW: Myra Ann Scalarone, Al'-5, A81S, Am- arillo. Tex.: Howard Alan Schainlrer, WBA. A8rS, S+. Louis. Mo.: Fred Schmidt Engr., Glen Head, N. Y.. Soccer Team Coach, Wresiling Manager: Louise J. Schuler, X9, Educ.. Chickasha. Dad's Day Mailing Comm., Sooner Scandals, AWS: Mike Schuman, AHS, Housron, KUVY, AEP: Bruce Schu'He, AT, Bus., Culver, Ind. FIFTH ROW: Linda R. Schuffe, Educ., Tulsa, OEA, Shad- owbox, NEA: Richard O. Schwalre, Engr., Sulphur: Irvine D. Scoff, Bus., Midwesr CiI'y: Phil R. Scoff, Bus., Waurilca: Shirley R. ScoH', KKF, FA, Lawlon, Yearbook Cover Ar- lisf, AT Feudal Princess, Dean's Honor Roll: Mary Helen Sears, Educ..'s Summii, Mo. SIXTH ROW: Jaclc D. Shannon, AXA, AXKS, Anadarlcoi S+an Shaw, AXA, A8fS, Evansville, Ind., PEM Club: Abdul Aziz Shawly, Engr.. Saudi Arabia, Arab Club, lnlernaiional Club: Pafriclc Shea, 'l'K9, Bus., OC. Pres. 'l'K9: Marie Shelder, EAM. Engr., Toledo, Ohio: Pamela Jane Sher- wood, AHS, OC. BOTTOM ROW: Reber? Lee Shiclr, Jr., Engr., OC, AIAA, ET, EFT: Kaaren Kay Shields, A3cS, Tulsa, TAX, Young Democrals, Dean's Honor Roll: Donna Lee Shirley, F'l'l3. Engr., Wynnewood: Sharon Ann Shirley, AX-Q. A8cS, Wa- ronga, Chaplain AX9, EAU, Dean's Honor Roll: Sybil B. Shori, KA. Educ., OC: Randy Shreve, AXA, AXIS, Nor- man, Pe-el, BMOC, CCUN. Model UN Pres., Sludenl' Senale. enior FUTURE archiieci Torn Obermeyer siudies plans of The newly compleied Engineering Building. Thought of heep kin Break pring Fever TOP ROW: Mary Glenn Shroyer, ARS, Okmulgee: Terrill H. Simmons, ABS, Tonkawa: Anifa Jo Singleiary, AX52. Educ., OC, Campus Chesl' Queen. Soc. Chmn. AXQ. Dean's Honor Roll: Jo Sue Skirvin, AAU, Pharm., Vinifa, Tassels, Morrar Board, AAA. BWOC. PX: Jim L. Slaugh- fer, Educ., Pauls Valley, Band, Arnold Air Sociefy, Pres. Council, 'PBA: David G. Slear, Jr., BAE, Enqr., Washing- ron, Pa., Pres. EFT, ET, Scabbard 81 Blade, Pres. Tridenf Socieiy, Siudenl Senale, Engr. Club. SECOND ROW: Carole K. Sleplra, AAA. Educ., Okemah. Pres. Leadership Award: Alan B. Smifh, AKE. Engr., Chickasha, IEEE: Barbara Jo Smiih, 1"l'B, ABS, Fi. Bragg, N, C.: Dennis C. Smilh, Engr.. Evergreen, Ala.. TBU. HKN. IEEE: Gene Smiih, Jr., EN, Bus.. Elk Ciiy: Kafhleen Smifh, Bus., Frederick. THIRD ROW: Lee Anne Smifh, A'l', A8fS, Pauls Valley. Pres. Honor Roll, Chmn. Dad's Day. Dean's Honor Roll: Lesler Smifh, TBA, Bus., Housion: Michael Sfephen Smifh, A8eS, OC, 'I'HE,: Norman W. Smifh, PIX. Bus., Monahans. Tex.: Ralph B. Smifh, TUPE, Bus., Kenmore. N. Y.: Richard Allen Smifh, Engr., Mountain View. FOURTH ROW: Winfon L. Smifh, Engr., Esperanee, N. Y.. lndusrrial Educ. Club: Susan Kay Smoof, KA9, AES. Tulsa: John G. Snavely, Bus., Midwesl Ciiy, Accl. Club: J. Sieve Snider, fI'KG, Bus., OC, Dean's Honor Roll, Accr. Club, lnlramural Chmn.: Jackie Sue Snodgrass, KA, Educ., OC: Kenneih J. Snyder, AHS. Duncan, Sec. Soonairs. FIFTH ROW: Lanny R. Sockwell, UKA, Bus.. Lawion, So- cial Chmn.: Keais E. Soder, Jr., 'PA9. Engr., OC, Pres. Engr. Club. ET, Traas. 'PA9, Siudenl Senaie: Link Spann, ABS. Tulsa: Lyon E. Speegle, Jr., Enqr., Norman: Lee P. Sperber, ZTA, Educ., Tulsa, 'I'X, Dorm Counselor: Clyde Edgar Spruell, Bus., OC. SIXTH ROW: Jane A. Siamper, KA9, AES, Anrlers, EAU. AAA: Joe Bob Sfamps, ARS. Broken Bow: Doyle G. Siandifer, Bus.. Wapanucka: Gerald A. Sfarr, Bus. Ad.. Shawnee: Barry A. Siaub. 'PBA, A8cS. Dallas. Tex., IFC, FMA Board of Trusiees, Rush Chmn. 'I'BA, IE: Susan J. Sfayron, 1TB'P, A8iS. Wichila Falls. Tex.. AKA. SEVENTH ROW: Richard P. Sfead, AES, Okmulgee. Treas. SAME: Kafhryn Sfeadley, XSD-4, Educ., OC, Sec. X9. Dad's Day Comm., Dean's Honor Roll: Sherry Ann Sfeele, TIB'l', A8cS, Norman: Mark Sfein, Enqr., Brooklyn. N. Y.: Bonnie Jean S1'einhoFF, AAU, ABS. Palaiine, Ill.: Lewis G. Siephens IV, KA. Enqr., Tulsa. EIGHTH ROW: Larry T. Sfern, Bus., Tulsa, AFROTC, Markeiing Club: Elena Sfevens, A8cS, Ada: Joanna Gail Sfevens. IVPB, Educ., OC: Van Sfewarl, EX. A81S, Wan- ragh. N. Y.: Ann W. Sfiles, AHS. OC, Oikonomia: Mary S+iH', A'I'. FA. Topeka, Kan.. Shadowbox, FAX. Siandards Chmn., Dean's Honor Rall. BOTTOM ROW: Doyle Tracie Sfogner. Jr., Engr.. Temple. Peir. Engr. Club: Susan Sfone. KH, ABS, OC, AWS V- Pres., Dean's Honor Roll: Roberi C. Sirader, Acacia, Bus. Ad.. Fredonia, N. Y., American Markeling Assn., Wesley Foundalion Choir: George Sfraiis, E'PE, Bus.. Brooklyn. N. Y.: David H. Sireel, EAE. AHS. OC, Scabbarcl 81 Blade, lnrramural Board: Bruce Sfrongwaier, EAM, Bus., Rockville Cenler. Long Island. Social Chmn., lniramurals. TOP ROW: Brenda Jean Sfubel, Engr., Dallas, Tex.. Can- 'lerbury Assn. Treas., AIA: John Sfurges, AT-Tl, Bus., Hugo: Judi+l1 E. Sugarman, AATI, AES, Elk Cify: John F. Sullivan, Bus., Chickaslwa, SAM, IE: Sigrid Lee Sundvahl, Educ.. Tulsa: Sky C. Suydam, EN, Bus., Grand Rapids, Mich. SECOND ROW: James W. Swank, KA, Bus., Lawfon. Pres. KA. Scalobard 8: Blade, IFC Exec. Coun.: Bob R. Swendson, KE, A8fS, Minneapolis, Minn., Scabbard 31 Blade: Susan Talley, K-KF, ABS, Madill: Jack W. Tarpley, 'PK-2, Enqr., Sayre. IEEE: Ed Talum, AXA, A8fS, Sapulpaz Hank Ta+um, 'I'T'A, AES, Dallas Tex., EAX. THIRD ROW: Dennis S. Taylor, Pharm.. Porf Angeles, Wash., Varsily Track Team: Floyd Taylor, 'l'KE, AHS, OC. Young Democrals: John W. Taylor, KA, ABS, Tulsa, F011 AFROTC. Dean's Honor Roll: Judy P. Taylor, AES, Tulsa. Dean's Honor Roll: Pal Taylor, I"I'B, A8cS. OC, Morfar Board Pres.. UAB, Treas. IVPB: Sfeven Earl Taylor, Enqr., Ardmore. FOURTH ROW: William J. Taylor, Engr.. Pine Bluff, Ark.: Linda Gail Tein, Aliflf, Educ., Denver, Colo.. Treas. AEKIP, 1-19, CCUN. SEA. Dean's Honor Roll: Sharon K. Terhune, Bus., Los Angeles: Alan D. Terrill, 'T'1'A, Bus., Wichila Falls. Tex., IFC, V-Pres. Finance Club: Blaine L. Thacker, EN, Bus., Dallas, Tex., Assl. Social Chmn.: Roberf W. Thafcher, Enqr., Norman, IIKN, ET, IEEE, Enqr. Club. FIFTH ROW: George P. Theriol Ill, EX, AHS, Dallas, Tex.: Mike Thomas, EX. Bus., Pawnee, Markelinq Clulo, IE: Palricia E. Thomas, KA. ABS, Pryor: Allan Thompson, AT. A8:S, Lawlon, Edilor Sooner Yearbook, Pres. ATI James T. Thompson, ATA, Bus., Forl Worlh. Tex.: Richard J. Thompson, 'l'KE, Engr., Ada. TBTT, HKN. SIXTH ROW: Louis A. Thorpe, Bus., Kingfisher: Mary L. Thurman, AAA, A8iS. Alfus, Sooner Scandals, Univ. Sing. Dean's Honor Roll: Karen Lynn Tims, 1"T'B, Educ., Allus. AAA, Pres. Leadership Class, KATIg Raymond M. Toler, A8:S, Lima. Peru: Mike Transue, 3'I'E. Bus., Belhlelwem, Pa., Pres. DPW. Commander NROTC: Tim Traynor, 'l'A9, Bus., Enicl, 'IrI'lE, Accr. Clulo. BOTTOM ROW: Lynda I. Trope, Educ., Lawrong Pamela A. Trouf, ATT, AES, Wichila Falls, Tex.: Belly Sharon Tuma, AAA, ASKS, Norman, Sec. AAA, 'l'A9, Dean's Honor Roll: Dian E. Turner, Educ., Maysvillez Kenneih Turner, Law, OC, 'l'AA: Necia Mae Turner, KA9. FA, Holden- ville. enior OPERATION CRAM occupies John Glennon, caclel' capiain in Army ROTC, as he faces finals. J .XF TOP ROW: Roger M. Turner, AXA, A8rS, Okmulgee, WX. Young Democra+s, Dean's Honor Roll: Verdelle Turner, A8:S, OC: Lynda Tyler, X9, Educ., Guymon, Treas. SEA. Dean's Honor Roll, Pres. Honor Roll: Bob Uda, AE'l', Engr., Kailun, Hawaii: Larry E. Underhill, EN, Bus., Law- lon: Arden W. Van Zanle, Bus., OC, Accr. Club. SECOND ROW: George R. Vaughn, ATA, Engr., OC: Tom K. Veale, 'l'1'A, Bus., Le Mars. Iowa: Susan Darlene Viclc, A8iS, Dallas. Tex.: Donald N. Viclcburg, B911 Educ.. Tulsa, V-Pres. BQU: James Vickers, A8:S, Jackson, Miss.: John David Voiles, EN, A8cS, Hooker. THIRD ROW: Linda Voyles, Educ., Madill, SEA, Campus Crusade for Chrisl, UU, Young Republicans: Joyce Louise Wadley, Educ., Tahlequah: Nancy Anne Waldman, AE'P. AES, Dallas. Tex., Pres. AWD, SEA, Sludenlr Senaie, Dean's Honor Roll: Carolyn Sue Wallrer, 1"'l'B, Educ., Pawhuska: Waynel Walling, FA, Ryan, AAA, M'f'E, Women's Glee Club, MENC: Roberl R. Wallers, Engr.. Norman, EFT, Pres. ET, THU, AIAA Oulslandinq Member, Sludenl' Sen- ale. Dean's Honor Roll. FOURTH ROW: Cecil Granl Wallon, Bus., Norman: Bill R. Warner, Engr., Miami: Jerry A. Warren, Acacia, A8fS, Barilesville, IFC, THE. EM, Dean's Honor Roll: Marcus M. Wasson, Bus., Wilson: Peler M. Way, 'l'PA. Enqr., Houslon: W. Graham Wealcley, A8:S, Skialook, lnierna- Iional Club, Weslminsler Fellowship. FIFTH ROW: John A. Weiclc, EX, Engr., Builer, N.J., Swimming Team: Allen A. Weiner, EAM, Bus. Ad., New Orleans, La., AEH: Su A. Weinslein, AGS, Miclwesi Ciiy, Pres. Classic Socieiy. AWS: Susan Elaine Welborn, AP, AES, OC, Sludenf Senaie, Yearbook Beauly Finalisi. NROTC Queen, CCUN: E. Bryanne Welch, FTB, Educ., OC: Brenda Wesner, AFA, FA, Tulsa, Universiiy Players, Treas. AFA, Dean's Honor Roll, AWS. SIXTH ROW: H. James Whisnand, AT, Bus. Ad., Lawion, Pres. AT: Joe David Whiialrer, Engr., Eufaula, Enqr. Club, ASME, SAE, Dean's Honor Roll: James R. While, ATA, Bus., Norman: Ofho R. Whileneclc, 'T'A9, A8fS, Enid: Keilh E. Whi+HlI, Enqr., Muskogee, ET, EFT, TBTI, AIAA, SAE! John V. Wiclrlund Ill, EX, Bus., Mi. Pleasant Mich. BOTTOM ROW: Barbara Rae Wiclrness, A8fS, Rochelle, Ill.: Helen Widmayer, AX9, Educ., Marshall, Tex., Treas. AX9, Universily Sing, Dean's Honor Roll: Terry T. Wiens, B911 Bus., Enid, Freshman Baseball, Campus Chesl, Ju- dicial Board Rep.: Ann Wies'I', AAA, AXIS, Norman, Mor- lar Board, Pres. AAA. Dean's Honor Roll: Judilh C. Willc- erson, A8rS, OC. BSU, SEA: Barbara A. Wilkison, KA, AHS, OC. I Bu iness Bid A ait Graduating enior TOP ROW: Ann Williams, l"I'B, Bus., OC: Doyle W. Wil- liams, Engr., Ardmore: James W. Williams, Engr., Long- view, Tex., ET, Peiroleum Club, Dean's Honor Roll: John- nie Lee Williams, AHS, OC, AFROTC, Dislinguished Mili- 'rary Sludenl: Johnny Mack Williams, ATS2, Bus., Marlow: Roberi' Paul Williams, 'l'1'A, Engr., Muskogee, 'T'I'lE, ET. A'l'5'2, ASCE. SECOND ROW: Gary B. Williamson, EX, Bus., Shawnee, Pres. EX, Markeiinq Club, Dean's Honor Roll: Sam Lee Williamson, ATA, Engr., OC, Engr. Club. AIAA: Charles Wilson, AT, Engr., Ardmore: Don L. Wilson, Bus., OC: Keiih O. Wilson, A8iS. Pond Creek, Lawrence Wilson, A8rS. Tulsa, 'l'EE. 'I'A0, Hisiory Club, Dean's Honor Roll. THIRD ROW: Clifford Winburn, 'l'A9, Bus., Amarillo. Tex.: Acc+. Club. TE: Shirley Rae Wolberg, AEfI1, Educ., Kansas Ciiy. Mo.. Honorary Li. Col. AFROTC, Arnold Air Socieiy Sweolhearr. SEA: Mary E. Wonderly, A8c5. Mexico Ciiy, Mex.: Gerry Odell Wood, AES. OC, Band. AXE: Sandra Nelson Wood, Educ.. Hanna: Larry Wood- ard. AXA, A8fS, OC. FOURTH ROW: Vickie Lynn Woodrow, FA. Norman: John F. Woodruff, Bus.. Housion, Markeiing Club, Man- aqemenl' Club: Joseph M. Woods, Engr., Norman, V- Chmn. lEEE, ET, HKN, TBTI: Richard W. Woods, Engr., OC: Paul Woody, AE'l', Bus., Marshall, Tex., Pres. ADP. Treas. EAX. SAM. Dad's Day. Campus Chesi: Paul S. Woolsey, Bus., Duncan. FIFTH ROW: Carolyn Gail Work, Educ.. Tulsa: George E. Woriham, A8iS, Spencer, Arnold Air Sociely, HRC. Pres. Honor Roll: John G. Wrighf, Engr., Norman. ASCE. Engr. Club: Tony Wrigh+, KPA9. AES. Falls Church, Va.: Marsa Gail Wynn, Educ., Norman, Yearbook Slaii. SEA, Dad's Day, Univ. Sing, Dean's Honor Roll: George A. Young, Educ.. OC. BOTTOM ROW: Jerri Young, AAA, A8fS. Tulsa: Lee Candler Young, AXA, Engr., Mounfain Grove, Mo., PIT. TBH, Siudenl' Senale: Susan E. Young, FA, Euiaula. Or- chesis, Universiiy Play House: Woody Young, ATA, AHS. OC, Model UN. Varsiiy Track Team, Dean's Honor Rell: Susan A. Zadilc, Al'. A8fS, Dallas. Tex,: Mike Zaydan, Engr., Rasselbloui, Lebanon. ATTEMPTING rhe diificuli 'lask oi reading ihrough his eyelids is nighl' owl George Bershinsky. Junior Begin Swinging Year in Hi h pirit TOP ROW: Jerry D. Abbolf, FA, Durani: Andee R. Abeles, ABCD, ABS, Lillie Rock, Ark.: Cheryl Aber, AWP, Educ., S+. Louis, Mo.: Kenny Alaoussie, EX, ABS, Wichira Falls, Tex.: LoreH'a Aby, AFA, Bus., Dallas, Tex.: Karen E. Acord, AF, FA, Dallas, Tex.: Buck Adams, KE, ABS, Guihrie. SECOND ROW: Donna Marie Adams, Educ., Sayre: J. Phil Adam- son, B911 Bus., Tulsa: Diane Adee, KA, ABS. Hunlingion, N.Y.: Linda Jean Agee, Bus.. OC: Roberi' Francisco Ahrens, 'I'KXI', Engr., Tulsa: Carol Jo Akin, ABS, OC: Be'H'y Allen, X9, ABS. OC. THIRD ROW: Dianne Allen, KA, Educ.. Decalur, Tex.: Ginger Al- len, IVDB, Educ., OC: Jennifer Allen, A'I', Bus., Park Ridge, lll.: Jo Ann Allen, AFA, Pharm., Ringling: Richard L. Allen, Bus., Chicka- sha: Sieve Allen, KE, A8cS, Tulsa: Wayne T. Allen, UC, Duncan. FOURTH ROW: Lorraine Allmon, A8rS, Alfus: Jane Allschwager, ABS. Columbus, Wis.: Clyde H. Amyx, fIfK:If, Bus., Frederick: Su Anderle, Aflf, FA, Hinsdale, lll.: Lloyd T. Anderson, ABS, Sapulpa: Paul Raymond Anderson, ATA, ABS. Lawion: Peer L. Anderson, ABS, OC. FlFTH ROW: Terri G. Anderson, I"I'B, ABS, Norman: Mike Andri- cos, EX, Engr., Fairfax, Va.: Roberl- H. Anguish, FA, Sapulpa: John E. Aranf, ATG, A8rS, Scarsdale, N.Y.: Shelly ArneHe, fivA9, Bus.. De- calur, Tex.: Terry Bryan Arnn, EAE, Bus., OC: Michael R. Arsr, EAM, Bus., Allon, lll. SIXTH ROW: Mary Ann Ashlock, AAA, Bus., Lawlon: Jane E. Ash- worrh, KKF. A8rS, Midwesl Ciiy: Joan M. Asper, FA, Rio de Jan- eiro: Mike Aiha, Engr., Norman: Sieve Aiha, AT, UC, Norman: Gene Alkinson, EN, ARS. OC: George C. Ausman, Bus., Bronx, N.Y. SEVENTH ROW: Dan H. Babcock, fl-AE, ABS, Tulsa: Nancy Lee Baggelri, Pharm.. Wayne: Michael Duane Bailey, Pharm., Maysville: Donna J. Baker, KA, A8eS, Tulsa: Vicky Baldwin, AHS, Houslon: Jerry Bales, ATU, ABS. OC: Bryan M. Ballard, Bus., Wewoka. EIGHTH ROW: Michael Barlow, AEH, Bus., OC: Adrah Jane Barnes, Educ., Sand Springs: Carolyn Jo Barnes, ABS, McAlesler: "Rocky" J. A. BarreH', EX, UC, Shawnee: Allen Barrow, EX. Bus., Tulza: Russ Barfee, AXA, AHS, OC: Alan F. Barlhel, FA, Shawnee. NINTH ROW: William M. Barlley, Bus., Moore: Ron D. Barron, ATA, Pharm., Thomas: James R. Bassel, Acacia, Engr., Lawlon: Rich- ard Baum, 'DBA, Bus., Daylon, Ohio: Paul T. Bavaro, AT, Engr., Chi- cago: David L. Beadner, KE, Engr., Tinker AFB: Drew H. Beams, ABS. Dallas, Tex. TENTH ROW: Fred W. Becker, Jr., ZYX, ABS, Allus: Molly M. Be- hannon, KA, FA, Dallas. Tex.: Jill E. Bell, KA9, Bus., OC: Kafhy Bell, HUP. Bus.. Ada: Frank W. Bellows, KA, Engr., Alius: Roberl' Benbow, AT, Bus., Aurora, lll.: Jim Benefield, 'l'I'A, Bus., OC. ELEVENTH ROW: Tom Benefiel, EN, Bus., Okeene: Denney J. Ben- son, Bus., Duncan: Jerry Benson, AXA, A8:S, Siillwaler: Byron D. Berline, Educ., Caldwell, Kan.: Sandy Bias, AAA, ABS, Muskogee: Charlene Bidasio, X9, Educ., Tulsa: Harmie Biddle, KKF, ABS. Chesler. Pa. BOTTOM ROW: Bob Bigelow, 'i'A9. Bus., Tulsa: Bob Bishop, 'l'FA, Bus., OC: Karen Lea Black, AAA, ABS, Norman: June Blackerby, AAA. FA. Brisiow: Donald W. Blackwood, ATU, Engr., Enid: Carole L. Bland, AAA, Educ., Muskogee: Carol Ann Blandford, Xfl, ABS, Dallas, Tex. TOP ROW: Gary L. Blasi, ASS, Liberal, Kan.: Susan Blinn, HB'l'. A8fS, OC: Sfeve Bloch, EAM, Bus., Omaha, Neb.: Janie Blome, A8fS. Anadarlco: LeAnn Kay Boeve, AFA, Educ.. OC: David L. Bonduranf, Engr., Cushing: Belly J. Bonifield, KA9, ABS, Woodward. SECOND ROW: Srephen W. Bonner, AXA. Bus., Norman: Pafricia Ann Booker, Pharm., Houslon: Ronald D. Borden, 'l'K.E. Engr., Tulsa: Barbara Borelli. X-9. Educ., Kingfisher: Linda Bowser, Educ., Blanch- ard: Milce Boydslun, 'l'K3, Bus.. Ponca Cify: Thomas A. Bradford, AKE. A81S. OC. THIRD ROW: Pai Bradley, ABS, Waurilca: Sharon Bradley, AX53. FA. Corpus Chrisfi, Tex.: Raymond E. Brady, ATU, ABS. Tulsa: Trish Bragassa, ABS, Evansville, Ind.: Judy Braughf, KA, Educ., Norman: Ellen T. Brauman, Educ.. Dallas, Tex.: Larry K. Briggs, Bus., El Reno. FOURTH ROW: Pele Brown, AXA, Bus., OC: Phillip Brown, AKE. ABS, Tulsa: Roberl T. Brown, Engr.. Norman: Roger A. Brown, ATA, ABS, OC: Ken Brusf, EX, Engr., Midwesi Cify: Sharon R. Bruza, ABS, OC: Sherry Buchner, EAT. ABS, OC. FIFTH ROW: Willa Buck, 1TB'I'. Educ., OC: Harold Dean Buffalow, ABS, Liberal, Kan.: Jaclr L. Burde+'r, AKE. Bus.. Checorah: Thomas S. Burger, Acacia, ABS. Columbus. Ohio: Charles R. Burgefi, Engr.. Tulsa: Carol Burke, AXQ, Educ.. OC: Diane Burlchaller, A8fS, Aille- boro, Mass. SIXTH ROW: Befh Burleson, KAO, ABS. Prague: Juclilh S. Burien, ABS, Fr. Sill: Melissa Burwell, KKF, A8fS, Jackson, Miss.: Jo Helen Bushman, EAT, Bus.. Dallas, Tex.: Pafsy Bynum, AAA, ABS, OC: Marlc A. Byrd, ATA, ABS. Coalgaie: David Cain, 'l'l'A. Bus., OC. SEVENTH ROW: John Calderas, Jr., 'l'K9. Engr., Oniario, Calif.: Roxee Calinson, Ulifif. ABS, Forf Worih, Tex.: Call-ry T. Callahan. KKF. A8fS. OC: Chrisfina Calverf, Uliflh FA. OC: Irene Campbell, AFA, ABS. Tulsa: Karen Campbell, AF, UC, Amarillo, Tex.: Pa'Hi Campbell, A'l'. A8fS. Viniia. EIGHTH ROW: Susan M. Gans, AF, AES, Sanfa Fe, N.M.: Ronald W. Carey, Pharm., Velma: Sharon Kay Cargile, 1i'l'B, Educ.. Shaw- nee: Kay Carle'Hi, AX9, A8fS. Grand Prairie, Tex.: Jim Carloss, ABS, Tulsa: Bill F. Carlyle, A8fS, Marieifa: Nancy Ellen Carman, Educ.. Lawlon. NINTH ROW: Reed Carpenfer, EX, Engr., Chagrin Falls, Ohio: George B. Carroll, IIKA, Engr.. Omaha. Neb.: Don Joe Carrufh, Pharm., Lindsay: Nancy Ann Carfer, KAEJ, Educ., Norman: Charles W. Carson, TIKA, Bus., Midwesr Ciiy: Jaclc J. Carson, EX, Bus., OC: William W. Carlfer. AES, OC. BOTTOM ROW: James W. Case, ARS, Chicago, Ill.: Joe Casfle- berry, Bus., Drumrighl: Dan W. Cavaness, AXA, Bus., OC: Don Cerniglia, Acacia, AES. Poughkeepsie, N.Y.: J. Sco'r+ Chalmers, 'I'AT. ABS, Tulsa: Gene Chamberlain, EX, Bus., Dallas. Tex.: A. Pai. Chambers, 'l'K'I'. A8rS. Muskogee. Junior "WHO wroie ihai' head?" managing edilor Be+'ry Bonifield wonders as she reads 'lhe Daily. Junior HORSING around in 'rhe Phillips colleciion ai' The library are George Dolory and Dale Eubank. TOP ROW: Richard A. Chapman, ATA, Bus., Lawfon: Warren L. Chapman, Jr., Engr., Midland, Tex.: Sleven J. Chrisfie, KE, A8cS. Sherman, Tex.: Thomas D. Clanlon, Bus., Lawlon: Chip Clark, BAE. A31S, OC: Kirk Clausing, AT, Bus., Seminole: Phillip L. Clay, Jr., AHS, Sand Springs. SECOND ROW: Linda Clinesmirh, AAA, AES, Enid: David L. Coaf- ney, Bus., Ponca Cily: Carole A. Cody, KU, AHS. OC: Carol Ann Cofer, A8rS, El Dorado, Ark.: Bob Coffey, EX, A8rS, Shawnee: Ed- ward R. Cohen, EAM, Educ., Passaic, N.J.: Charles M. Cole, BSU, Engr., Tulsa. THIRD ROW: Linda Cole, Educ.. Marlow: Richard Andrew Cole, KE, AHS, Srigler: Sieve Cole, EN, A8rS, Tulsa: Alice Coleman, AHS. Camden. Ark.: David R. Coleman, Bus., Tulsa: Cassie Collis, Bus., Albuquerque, N.M.: Karen Jean Combs, Educ., Fairfax, Mo. FOURTH ROW: David J. Confer, HKA, Pharm., OC: Kafhryn A. Conklin, 1IB'I', A8fS, Siigler: Cliff Conn, Jr., 'l'K'I', AHS, Wewoka: Ann Cook, AAA, Educ., El. Collins, Colo.: Suzanne Cooper, AFA. Educ., OC: Terry L. Cooper, EN, Bus., OC: Judy Copeland, Educ., Graniie. FIFTH ROW: Gail Copple, AWP, A3cS, Des Moines, Iowa: Karen Sue Copple, Nursing, Media, Pa.: Janie Couch, AAA, FA. Ard- more: Elizabeih Coughlin, Pharm., Enid: Charlolle Council, AP. AES, Norman: Ann Cowans, AAA, Pharm., Anadarlco: Linda Cowles, AHS, OC. SIXTH ROW: Joseph E. Coyne, UC, Chicago, III.: Jerry Craig, EN, Engr.. Hoi Springs, Ark.: Nan Craven, KU, A8fS, OC: Randy Cra- ven, EN. AES, Dallas, Tex.: Gaylon Crawford, EX, UC, Laverne Jan Creekmore, KA9, Educ., Tulsa: Allen B. Crockefr, Jr., Educ.. Norman. SEVENTH ROW: James M. Cronoble, KA, ABS, Barilesville: Mary J. Crosfhwaiir, Pharm., Del Ciryz Bill Cubbage, EX, UC. Cushing: Sharon M. Cummings, A8rS, Chanule AFB, lll.: Travis A. Curd, BGII, ARS, Sl. Louis, Mo.: Pairicia J. Daly, KA, A8:S. Tulsa: R. Lewis Davenporf, ATU, Bus., OC. EIGHTH ROW: Cleia Sue Davis, FA, Lawron: Rock Dawson, 'l'A9. Bus., Midwesl Cily: Jim C. Day, 'l'KE. Pharm., Enid: Randy Deal. KE, AHS. OC: Shari Deason, KA'l', AXQS, OC: Sandi Kay Denfon, HB'i', Educ., Er. Smilh, Ark.: Osly Franklin Deramus, Bus., Broken Bow. NINTH ROW: Millicenl Defien, X53, A8rS, Pryor: Randy R. Devens, AT, UC, Lawion: William H. Devine, AHS, OC: Mariory Ann Dia- mond, HBIP, A8eS, Holdenville: Massoumeh Diba, A3:S, Rashr. lran: Philip G. Dick, Engr., Mi. Hope, Kan.: Marsha V.S. Dilley, A81S, Norman. BOTTOM ROW: Susan Dillon, FTB, A8cS, Midwesl Ciiy: Mary Alix Dinsmore, AHS, lvlcAlesrer: Connie Dixon, HB'l', A8rS. Eglin AFB, Fla.: Larry A. Dixon, 'I'KiI', Bus., Claremore: Thomas A. Dodson, ATA, A8rS, OC: Linda J. Donnell, KA9, AZQS, Norman: Pam G. Dor- mon, KA, AHS. OC. Football, Partie TOP ROW: Pele Dosser, ATA. AHS, Lawlon: Bill Do'ry, KE. A8fS. OC: Gary D. Doublin, ASQS. Tulsa: Mariha L. Dowling, U13'l', Educ., EI Dorado, Ark.: Jack E. Dozier, BAE, Bus., Cirrus l-leighls, Calif.: George M. Drake, Bus.. OC: Wilma Jean Draper, A81S. Muskogee. SECOND ROW: Sieve Duggan, 'PK-5. Engr., Tulsa: 'Sam Dugger. AT. Pharm., Wagoner: R. N. Dunagan lll, AXA, Bus., Perry: Jan Dunagin, XD, AXQS, Enid: Dan E. Duncan, 'I:1'A. AES, OC: Tom E. Durkin. Pharm., Coffeyville. Kan.: Diedra Dyer, A8cS. Muskogee. THIRD ROW: Judilh A. Dyser, Nursing, Del Ciiy: Michael P. Eason, A8cS, Ardmore: Keifh A. Ea+on, 'l'K2i, Engr., Millay: Charles H. Eby, Acacia, ASQS. Vicksburg, Miss.: Nancy Jo Edwards, AGS, Sand Springs: James Fredrick Eisman, AHS, Whirlier. Calif.: Gary W. Eley, ZX. AHS. Allus. FOURTH ROW: Jan Elliof, 11B'I', Educ., Bar+lesville,: Deanne Sue EllioH', AP, Educ.. OC: Kaihleen EllioH, KA, AES, I-lunlsville, Ala.: Bobby G. Ellis, UC. Shawnee: David F. Ellis, FA. Norman: James Ellis, AKE. Educ., Shawnee: Linda A. Emmer, EAT, Educ., OC. FIFTH ROW: Jane England, KHP, ARS. Ada: Jim Erwin, ATA. Engr., Chickasha: Mary Jane Eschler, Educ.. Randleff: Ka+l-iy L. Evans, KA. A8cS. Tulsa: Pai' Evans, AT. Bus., Tulsa: George L. Falk, Engr., Norman: Carolyn Grace Fano, AFA, Educ.. OC. SIXTH ROW: Phoebe Farmer, HB'l', Educ., Norman: Tracy Farmer, AKE, AES. Brunswick, Ga.: M. Clyde Faulkner, Bus.. Copan: Ar- lene H. Fedman, EAT, A8:S. Tulsa: Don Feinslein, EAM, A81S, Co- lumbus, Ohio: Joan Feldgreber, EAT, Educ., Tulsa: Tom Fellman, 'l'BA, Bus., Omaha, Nab. SEVENTH ROW: Paula J. Ferguson, FA, Lawlon: Jack Fesler, ATA, Bus., OC: Tom Filbeck, A8fS, Guihrie: Charles S. Finkel, 'l'BA. Bus.. Broken Arrow: Marsha Finley, UB'l', Educ., Dallas, Tex.: Jean Fin- ney, A'l', A8iS. Norman: Diane Fisher, AJP, Educ.. Ardmore. EIGHTH ROW: Ruih Ann Fisher, A8cS. Okemah: Paula Fishman. Alifb. AHS. Grinnell. Iowa: Fred R. Fleefwood, AXA, Educ., Indian- apolis, lnd.: Gerald B. Fleming, A8cS, Cushing: Kay Flood, AAA. AES, OC: Nancy Flowers, NP, Educ., Barllesville: Ann E. Foersier, KA9, AXQS, OC. NlNTl'l ROVV: Roberl' L. Ford, 3-AE, Bus., Shawnee: Margie Foree, TIB'l'. A85 Tulsa: Jon Forman, EAM, Bus., Jersey Cily, N.J.: Charles R. Fosler, Engr.. Miami: Larry W. Fosier, BGIT, Bus.. Dun- can: Tom C. Founfain, Pharm.. OC: Jerre L. Francis, KA, Educ.. New Orleans. La. TENTH ROW: Mimi Francis, AVA, A8:S, Charleslon, W. Va.: Leslie Ann Frank, Educ., Tucson. Ariz.: James "Doug" Franh, BDU, ARS, Enid: Kaihryn l. Franfz, KA, AES. New Orleans, La.: Don Frazier, EN. Bus., Enid: Mike Frazier, 13911, AES, Ardmore: Linda Jean Frederick, KA, Bus., OC. ELEVENTH ROW: Michael E. Fried, ANU, AES, Hackensack. N.J.: Charles E. Friedman, fl'BA. AHS, Liille Rock. Ark.: Joan B. Fried- man, EAT. UC, Des Moines, Iowa: Jeanne T. Frynfzko, KKF, FA. Graniie Cify. Ill.: Pai- Fuferfas, Aliflv, A8fS. Dallas, Tex.: Karla Gaiiher, A3cS. Norman: Harry D. Galoob, 'I'13A, A8:S, Healdlon. BOTTOM ROW: Anne L. Gamble, Educ.. Jefferson. Tex.: Sfephen P. Garre'H', 'I'FA. Bus.. Mangum: Frank C. Gaiewood, AKE. Bus.. Ardmore: Neal H. Gay, Bus., Chelsea: Pam S. George, Educ., OC: Sian Germond, AKE, Bus., Poughkeepsie, N.Y.: Chuck W. P. Gib- son, "l'A9. A8fS, Ossining, N.Y. Kick 0if Fall Term Junior DRAMA maiors Doroihy Brigham and James Burge receive poinlers from Prof. Charles Suggs. TOP ROW: Fran Gieck, AAA, AHS, Alius: James M. Gilberf, A8cS. Befhany: Ronald D. Gilbert Bus., Duncan: Dorinda I. Gill, KA, UC, Kingfisher: David Gilley, UKA, UC, Lawion: Jerry O. Gilson, Bus., Shairuck: Terry P. Ginn, Bus., OC. SECOND ROW: Bernard Glassman, EAM. AHS, OC: V. B. Glaze- ner, AAA, FA, Marieiia: Howard E. Glickman, EAM, Engr., Jamaica, N.Y.: Anne T. Glover, KKF, Educ., Omaha, Neh.: Diann Goff, AFA, A81S, OC: Ronald L. Gold, Bus., Overland Park, Kan.: Jerry Goodspeed, FA, Mangum. THIRD ROW: Carole Dawn Goodwin, Educ., Fi. Sill: Roger Gos- sard, EX, Bus., Coifeyville, Kan.: Vicki Gofcher, KKF, FA, McAles- Ter: Richard D. Green, ASS, Norman: L. J. Gregg, 'PKZL AHS, Dur- ani: Nancy J. Grimm, Adi A8cS, Befhany: Barbara Groover, ZTA, Educ., Fox. FOURTH ROW: Terry Gross, XYZ, A8iS, OC: Marion Daniel Gurney, Engr., Harrah: Edwin Hall, EX, Pharm., Eden. Tex.: Linda Kay Hamilfon, AKD, FA, Enid: Marilyn J. Hamilfon, HB'l', Nursing, Sapulpa: Carl Henry Hammerl, Engr., Anadarko: Hobarf G. Ham- mond, ITKA, UC, Plymouih, Mich. FIFTH ROW: Jim O. Haney, AXA, AES, Anadarko: Cafhey Hangs, FA, Nowaiag Tom J. Hanson, KA, AHS, OC: Larry E. Harden, KA, Bus.. Tulsa: Mary Lee Harlan, AES, Mangum: Waller C. Harneii, UC, Easi Meadow, N.Y.: Marcia Harrell, 1TB'l', A8cS, Ardmore. SIXTH ROW: James A. Harris, ATU, Pharm.. Duncan: Lynda Mar- garef Harris, A8iS. OC: Suzanne Elizabefh Harris, A8fS, Fr. Sill: Pairicia Harrison, A'l', Educ., EI Monie. Calif.: Roger Harrison, BAE. Engr.. Norman: W. Dean Hari, Jr., BGTI, ASUS, Pauls Valley: Marian Harvey, XYZ, AHS, Wagoner. SEVENTH ROW: William H. Harvey, Jr., ITKA, Engr., Tallahassee. Fla.: Danny Paf Haugan, Engr., Moore: Linda Hauser, Educ., OC: Kafhy Helvension, A8eS, Longview, Tex.: Vicfor H. Hemmy, 'PK-il. Bus., Kailua, Hawaii: Sco'H' Hendren, ARS, OC: Don Henline, AXA, Bus., Ringwood. EIGHTH ROW: Rebecca Heriiage, HTTP. ASS, Claremore: William W. Hesler, EAE. Engr., Prairie Village, Kan.: Bruce Hickman, 'PK-5. Bus., Waynoka: Dave Hicks, ADP, AHS, Tulsa: Rufh Ann Hicks, A8cS, Ardmore: Jerry Hiersche, 'I'1'A, A8iS, Midwesr Ciiry: John Hilliard, Bus., Lawion. NINTH ROW: Gene Hifchcoclc, 'l'A9, AES. Enid: Suzan Hodde, AHS, Springfield, III.: Jim Hodges, EX, Bus., OC: Mark W. Hoff- man, AXA, Bus., OC: Don G. Holladay, A8iS, Duncan: Ray Holland, ASS, Poplar Bluff, Mo.: Virginia Holland, KU, FA, Alius. BOTTOM ROW: Mike Holleyman, AT-Q, UC, Norman: Marfha E. Hollingsworih, Educ.. Dallas, Tex.: Diane Cole H A'way, KK1'. Educ., Springfield, Ohio: Hedy Sue Holsapple, A8fS, Purnam: Twila Honea, F'I'B, Educ., Dallas, Tex.: Anne Hooker, AAA. AHS, Forr Worlh, Tex.: Phil M. Hoo'l', 'P1'A, A8iS, Perry. tudents Use Holi TOP ROW: Gary R. Horwilz, 'I'BA, Bus., OC: Roberr V. Hovasse. AXA, A8eS. OC: Mary A. Hubbard, Educ.. Ponca Cify: Roger A. Hubbard, EN, ABS. OC: Donald C. Hudson, Bus., Alexandria, Va.: Wayne Nelson Hugus, Bus.. Cushing: L. Guy Huniley, Engr., OC. SECOND ROW: Dudley J. Hyde. EN, A8cS. OC: D. Wynn lbach, 'Pl-RA, AHS, Barllesville: Ralph l. lge, Engr., Honolulu. Hawaii: William R. lseminger, AKE. A8:S, Arlingion, Va.: Penny Lynn Isom, IU3'l'. AES, Tulsa: Bob N. Jackson, 'I'K'I', Bus.. Barilesville: Edgar T. Jackson, A8cS. Knoxville. Tenn. THIRD ROW: Bud Jacobs, EN, A8fS. Pauls Valley: Linda Jane James, KKF, Educ.. Richardson, Tex.: Isam R. Jamioom, Engr.. Jed- dah, Saudi Arabia: Gene F. Jenkins, AXA, ABS. Lawion: Roberl F. Jenkins, KA, A8fS, Kansas Cify. Mo.: Cordelia Jewell, A8rS, Wau- komis: Pefer Joers, EN, Engr.. Hoi Springs, Ark. FOURTH ROW: David A. Johnson, AKE, AES, Tulsa: Richard Johnson. AT, Bus.. Tulsa: Robin D. Johnson, Educ., OC: Spencer A. Johnson, Engr., Amarillo. Tex.: BreH Johnslon, KE, Pharm.. OC: Buddy Jones, EN, Bus., Puinam Cily: Joe B. Jones. A8cS, Fori Smiih, Ark. FIFTH ROW: Judy B. Jones, 1U3'l', A84S, For? Smiih, Ark.: Norman P. Jones, 13911. AES. Duncan: Charles Jordan, KE, ARS, McAles- 'rer: Mary Jane Jordan, KKP, Educ.. El Reno: Jeri Lynn Kahn, EAT, Educ., Memphis, Tenn.: Paul E. Kallenberger, Bus., Bari-lesvilleg James Y. Kanomala, Engr., Pocalello, ldaho. SIXTH ROW: Don Karchmer, EAM, A8cS, Ceniralia, III.: Cary L. Kassebaum. ABS, Tinker AFB: Kennefh Kau, FA, Harrison, N.Y.: Rober+ Keahey, 'l'1'A, Bus.. OC: Rober+ W. Kearns, Bus., Fleming- lon. N,J.: Jerry Don Keel, Pharm., Berger, Tex.: Hank Keilz, 'l'A9. Bus., OC. SEVENTH ROW: Slephen E. Kelly, A8fS, Barllesville: Danny Kep- ner, AHS, Sand Springs: Joe C. Kernke. 'l'A9. Bus.. OC: Anne E. Kessler, AAA, Educ., OC: Lynnea Key. AP, Educ., Ardmore: Mariha Jean Key, UB'l', FA. Roswell. N.M.: Richard L. Key, Bus., Miami. ElGHTH ROW: Gary A. Kilparrick, A2i'i", Engr.. Barllesville: Don G. King, Bus., Hamburg. Iowa: F. Allene King. KA, A8fS, Odessa. Tex.: Gary B. Kleman, KA. FA, Florissant Mo.: Karol Kay Kim- bark, AHS, Grand Prairie. Tex.: Susan Leigh Kimerer, AFA, AHS. OC: Pai Kimmel, A412 A81S, OC. NINTH ROW: Bobbi Jo Kirlin, 1"I'B, A8rS. Ouincy, III.: John C. Kirfon, BGU, AHS. Barflesville: Tommy Kissick, A8cS, Lawion: Wade L. Knighf. ABS, Wewoka: John D. Knighiley, Bus., Wichiia, Kan.: Tom H. Knoll, Engr., OC: Jim D. Korn, BDU, Bus.. Sapulpa. TENTH ROW: Peler L. Kranker, UKA, Bus., Malibou Beach. Calif.: Harold E. Kranz, Jr., ATU. ABS. OC: Dick J. Krasnow, AT, Pharm.. Srone Mounfain, Ga.: Charles Allen Kreufz, IIKA, Educ.. Wayne. N.J.: Richard E. Kropp. A8eS, Houslon: Gary L. Kusch, A8fS. Guy- mon: Eugene L. Lacy, Engr.. Lawfon. ELEVENTH ROW: Ingrid K. Lagerfeldi, AIP, A81S. Grossepoinie. Mich.: Brooks J. LaGree. Jr., EAE, A8:S. Allus: William C. Lam, Jr., 13911. Educ.. Boulder. Colo.: Jim Lamb, BAE. Bus., Wagoner: Jack Lamberi, KS, UC, Ada: Jim Landers, EN, AHS, El Dorado, Ark.: Kaye Landes, Educ., OC. BOTTOM ROW: Bob Landsaw, EN. FA. Norman: J. P. Lassifer. Enqr., Tulsa: Joe Larimer. EX, Bus., Dallas, Tex.: Jerry L. LaHa, ATA, Engr.. OC: Tom J. Laub. 'PK1I', Bus.. Okmulgee: De Lawler, BAE, Bus., Ardmore: Jane A. Lawley, AXQS. OC. da to ako pWork Junior Engli h Exam Mean tudy, Angui h TOP ROW: Tom S. Lawrence, KE, A8iS, McAlesler: Molly Lay, X9, A8rS, Tulsa: Diane Lean, EAT, FA, Kansas Cily, Mo.: Roberl E. Lee, Bus., OC: Rodney L. Lee, Bus., Frederick: Ronald M. Lee, ATU, Engr., Seminole: Waller L. Lee, Bus., OC. SECOND ROW: Michael Leebron, EN. A8iS, Elk Cily: Leonard Leek, TIKA, Bus., McAlesler: Larry H. Lemon, 'PK2. Bus., OC: Rhoda Levin, AE'l', Educ., Texas Cily, Tex.: Mary Ann Lierman, UC, Tulsa: Aline M. Linehan, HB'l", AES, Tulsa: Peggy Lines, AFA, Educ., Winnelka, Ill. THIRD ROW: Herman I. Lil-lle, AX-A, A8rS, San Anlonio, Tex.: Ed Livermore, AT, AGS, Sapulpa: Alan Livingslon, fI'BA, AHS, Tulsa: Alan A. Loch, Engr., Reading, Pa.: Suzi M. Loewenslern, AWP, Educ., Houslon: Joe Lollman, AT, Bus., OC: Ginger Looney, A8iS, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: Anlhony Lord, A8iS, Lawlon: George B. Lovelace Ill, IIKA, UC. Shawnee: Warner E. Lovell, A3cS. Wealherlorcl, Tex.: Jan Lovering, I"l'B, FA, Denver, Colo.: Claxlon E. Lovin, EAE, AES, Forl Worlh, Tex.: Glenda L. Lowry, A8cS, Duncan: Karen Marie Ludwig, DDB, Educ., Kingfisher. FIFTH ROW: Gene E. Luiz, UKA, Bus., Milwaukee, Wis.: Judy Ly- boll, 1"'l'B. A8:S. Midwesl Cily: David W. Lyle, Bus., Beaver: Tom J. Lynch, ATA, Bus., OC: Chuck Lyon, EAE, Engr., Shawnee Mission, Kan.: Carlisle Mabrey, 13911, A3:S, Okmulgee: John Mackey, ATA, ASS, Lawion. SIXTH ROW: Clara Maehs, Bus., Kingfisher: Gary E. Magid, AHS. Dallas, Tex.: Cal Maior, EN, Bus., Waurika: Bill Maiors, KE, Bus., OC: David F. Maloy, Engr.. Seminole: Leigh Mallby, X9, Educ., Barllesville: Tamara M. Mandel, AE'I', Educ., Shreveporl, La. SEVENTH ROW: David L. Mangini, KA, A3iS, Ponca Cily: Paul E. Mannas, KE, Enqr., OC: Sy Markowsky, EAM, Bus., New York, N.Y.: William C. Markwardl, Acacia, Engr., Tulsa: Carol Ann Marsh, APA, FA, Tulsa: Anne Marshall, AF, A8rS, Sl. Louis, Mo.: Karen Marshall, AFA, ABS, DeWill, N.Y. EIGHTH ROW: Palli Marshall, X-Q, AHS, Barllesville: James C. Marlin, EAE, Engr., Midland, Tex.: James V. Marlin, 'l'K9, Bus.. New York, N.Y.: Janel L. Marlin, AHS, Ponca Cily: Pam Marlin, XD, Educ., OC: Roberl L. Marlin, ATA, AXfS, Prague: Roy Allen Marlin, Pharm., Lawlon. NINTH ROW: Susie Marlin, HB'l'. AES, Tulsa: Taini Marlin, AFA, A31S, OC: Phillip Marzolino, Educ., Ardmore: Joe C. Mashburn, A8cS, San Francisco, Calil.: Charles Mason, AES, Hendersonville, N.C.: Joe E. Mason, ATA, Bus., OC: Pam Lynn Mason, A'P, Educ., Tulsa. TENTH ROW: Roberl A. Mason, A8rS, Tacoma, Wash.: Mike R. Malhias, Engr., Jonesboro, Ark.: Kalhy Mauch, AES, Dodge Cily, Kan.: Kenl Maxwell, ATU, Bus., OC: Pal Mayer, APA, A8rS, Forl Bragg, N.C.: Barbara E. McAIis+er, AHS, OC: Jim McBee, EAE. Bus., Shawnee. ELEVENTH ROW: Marla McBee, KKF, ABS, Frederick: Michael B. McCarly, B91-I, AHS. OC: Elisa Marie McClendon, AFA, A8zS. Tullle: Sherry Ann McClure, A8rS, Clinlon: Margarel McConnell, AFA, A81S. Wynnewood: John F. McCormick, Jr., EX, A8cS, Tulsa: Suann McCuen, FA, Ardmore. BOTTOM ROW: Gail McCurdy, UB'l', A81S. Purcell: Larry Mc- Dade, 2IfIJE, A8rS, Norman: Marcia G. McDaniel, KA, Educ., Mid- wesl Cily: Monly McDannald, EAE, Bus., Houslon: Ginger P. Mc- Donough, AF, A8cS, Dallas, Tex.: Bill McDuFi, Pharm., Norman: Charles E. McFall, Pharm., Frederick. TOP ROW: Joan Mclnlire, xg, FA, Shawnee: Beisy J. Mclnfyre, AHS, OC: Sfephen F. McKee, AHS, Edmond: John J. McLean, Law, Vinila: Jim McMillan, AXIS, Viniia: Marcia McMurry, Nursing, Guy- mon: Charles J. McNally, Bus.. Midwesl Ciry. SECOND ROW: Linda K. McQuilIen, Ecluc., Wewoka: R. Vance McSpadden, 'I'N'7, UC, Muskogee: Ed McTyre, KA, Engr., Tusca- loosa, Ala.: James W. McWilliams, Jr., EN, Bus., El Dorado, Ark.: Marilyn Meacham, Ali, FA, Elk Ciiy: Louisa Mead, AHS, Albuquer- que, N.M.: Niki Meek, XQ, A8:S, OC. THIRD ROW: Margarel Meeks, AAA, FA, Barilesville: Mariha J. Melinder, Bus., Claremore: Mike D. Merediih, A-Eflh Bus., Dumas. Tex.: Mary Kaihryn MerriH', KKF. Bus.. Enid: Chris Meyers, KE, Bus.. Shawnee: Pai- A. Michael, X9, Bus., Jackson, Miss.: Phyllis A. Milam, KU, FA, Chelsea. FOURTH ROW: Myra Joan Milan, AES, Sayre: Terri Milder, EAT, Educ., Omaha, Neb.: Bama Lee Miles, 1"i'13, AXIS, Norman: Aniia Sue Miller, Ecluc., OC: Gus Miller, KA, AHS, Elk Ciiy: Melinda S. Miller, IWB, Educ., Hinsdale, III.: Siewari' A. Miller, 'I'BA, AHS, OC. FIFTH ROW: James l. Mills, KA, AHS, Miclwesf Cify: Mary Lou Mills, FA, Tonkawa: Mike Minnis, ATA, A8fS, OC: Tom R. Miskov- sky, BUTT, AHS, OC: Linda Gail Mifchell. Educ., OC: Marla Moais, UC, Forf Worth, Tex.: Paul A. Mobley, A8fS, Vinifa. SIXTH ROW: lohammad H. Moghadam, Enqr., Tehran, Iran: Charles W. Mohr, Jr., ASIS, Norman: Kazem Moinzadeh, Enqr., Tehran, Iran: Jane Monroe, TfB'l', A8fS, Clinton: Nancy Monfgom- ery, KKF, AHS, Purcell: Joe D. Moody, 'i'K'I', A8rS, Norman: Jon Moon, KE, Bus., Ada. SEVENTH ROW: Laurie Mooney, A'l', AES, Norman: Ronald W. Moore, BQH, Enqr., OC: Michael F. Morris, Bus., Park Foresi, Ill.: Dianne Morrison, HB'I', Bus., Tulsa: Michael E. Moran, KA, Engr.. Midwesl' Ciiy: Sandra Morey. KA, Educ., OC: Carol Jean Morrison. AF, FA, Ponca Cily. EIGHTH ROW: Randy S. Morrison, AKE, UC, OC: Calvin B. Moii, FA, Tulsa: Belly Mulligan, NP, ASS, Brownsville, Tenn.: Dwighi A. Mundell, 'i'KE, AHS, Laverne: John Murdock, EX, UC, Norman: Susan Murov, AEfl', Educ.. Shreveport La.: Lena Beih Murphy, AAA. Educ.. Ardmore. NINTH ROW: Burbank "Toby" Murray, ATS2, Engr., Wauwafosa, Wis.: Dee Murray, 'PD-9, AHS, Fori' Worih, Tex.: Doyle Murray, 13911. AHS, Fori Worlh, Tex.: Frances Ann Mussen, X9, Educ., Clinron: S. A. Musser, Jr., '1'K'I', A8fS, OC: Paul M. Myers, ATA, Bus., Midwesl Cily: Suzanne E. Myracle, AX9, AHS, OC. BOTTOM ROW: Cheryl Dee Naifeh, AAU, AES, Norman: Paul L. Nall, Engr., Seminole: Bo Nance, KE, UC, OC: Francine Nafhan- son, Educ.. Si. Louis, Mo.: Eddie Neal, 'i'K'l', AHS, Barllesville: Phil Neislar, KE, AHS, Forr Smiih, Ark.: Mike H. Nelson, KE, Bus., McAlesler. Junior SOME need help more ihan oihers, so Irene Campbell Cynlhla Johnson and Jo Ann Allen 'lake vifamins. Ad ance Courses Prev e ew Experience TOP ROW: Roloeri' Neiland, Bus., Brooklyn. N.Y.: Sieve Newell, 13911, A8cS, Enid: Richard C. Newman, Bus., Ponca Ciiy: Doyle D. Newsom, ATA, AHS, Enid: Belle Le Newion, Educ., Lawlon: Gary Lee Nichols, 'I'KXP, Bus., Maysville: Nancy E. Nichols, Educ., OC. SECOND ROW: Michael Nisbef, B911 AES. San Anionio, Tex.: Mike Nix, AXA, UC, Ardmore: Jim E. Noland, 'l'A9, A8:S, Daven- porr, Iowa: Bill Norris, BAE, A8iS, Lawron: Sue Nuckols, A8fS. Ponca Ciry: Joe M. Nunnery, AXA, AHS, Meeker: Mary Anne O'Connell, X-9, FA, Norman. THIRD ROW: James W. Odom, B911 A8cS, Wagoner: Merediih Lee Ogden, A8aS, Ailania, Ga.: Kalhy Olson, Educ., Tulsa: Allen George OrcuH', CPA9. A8cS, OC: Dick Orr, 'PKXIL Educ., Okmulqee: Gary M. Orr, Engr., Cordell: Margie B. Orr, AFA, Educ., Norman. FOURTH ROW: Judy J. Orih, KA9, AHS, Norman: Dick Osborn, 'I'KE. Engr., OC: Ronnie G. Osborn, Acacia, FA, OC: W. Dean Oshel, KA, A8cS, Alva: Phil OviaH', Acacia. FA, Norman: Frankie Owen, Educ., Maysville: John B. Owens, Jr., AT-Q, UC, Falls Church, Va. FIFTH ROW: Terry Pansza, ATA. Bus., OC: Susan Pancosr, I"1'B. FA, Okmulgee: Gale Parker, AP. AHS, Beckville, Tex.: Lewis R. Park- hill, UC, Mannsville: Mayo B. Parks, Acacia, Bus., Linden, N.J.: Rich- ard S. Pairiclr, Bus., McAles'rer: James Michael Payne, Engr., Mid- wesi Ciiy. SIXTH ROW: Larry J. Payne, AKE, Bus., San Francisco: Julian Payruvi, Engr., Caracas, Venezuela: R. Alec Pearce, Engr., Tennessee. Wis.: Paisy Sue Pendleion, ABS, Jay: Neal B. Perkey, KA, Bus.. Burns Flai: Don C. Pefers, ASS, Midwesr Ciiy: Melodie Peiersen, A8cS. OC. SEVENTH ROW: Paul R. Peiiy, ATU, AHS, Bern, Swilzerland: H. Ken? Pharaoh, Enqr., Pharaoh: Ardiih Kaye Phares, KA, Nursing, OC: Gordon L. Phillips, ATA, A8fS. Geary: James M. Phillips, Engr., Barilesville: John F. Phillips, UC, Dallas, Tex.: Carlos Pieraldi, Enqr., Caracas, Venezuela. EIGHTH ROW: John P. Pinkerfon, ATA, Engr., Sand Springs: Thur- man J. Pifchlynn, ZX, Educ., Wewoka: Bill PiHs, AXA. Bus.. OC: Mike PiH's, 'l'11A, Bus., Wichiia Falls, Tex.: Beri' P. Pohl, A8:S, Elm- wood Park, Ill.: Sue Dee Pollack, EAT, Educ., Glencoe. Ill.: T. W. Pool, Engr., Purcell. NINTH ROW: James A. Porier, Jr., A8cS, Lansing, III.: John P. Por- fer, EAE, AES, Shawnee: Mary Jane Porfer, Bus.. Madill: Jeanne Posey, AF. A8nS. Minneapolis, Minn.: Richard L. Power, Pharm.. Lawlon: Leslie Ann Powers, Educ., Okemah: Befiy J. Prag, Bus., OC. TENTH ROW: Larry Praier, ABS, Weleelka: Carolyn Prescoii, AAA, Bus., Alius: Helen M. Price, Educ., Barflesville: Sieve Prueiie, 'l'FA. Engr., Carlsbad, N.M.: Polly PuckeH, KKF, AHS. McAlesier: Ronnie Pyle, B91'I, A8rS, OC: Troy S. Quigley, BAE, Bus., Dallas, Tex. ELEVENTH ROW: Charles Rains, IIKA, Bus., McAlesier: Sara Jane Rainus, AES, Midland. Tex.: Gary David Ramsey, AXA, A8cS, OC: Jeanie Kay Rapp, AHS, Red Oak: Mehdi Rashidpour, Educ.. Ahwaz. iran: Peggy A. Rafclifie, KA9, ABS, Tulsa: James B. Rauch, Educ., Carlsbad, N.M. BOTTOM ROW: Judy Razook, AIP, FA, Cherokee: Dianne Reaugh, AX9, AHS, Breckenridge. Tex.: Jill Reber, AAA, Educ., OC: Donna Reece, AAA, A81S, Norman: Roberi' A. Reece, Bus., OC: Becky Reed, AAA. AHS. Houma. La.: Judy Reeves, F'l'B, ABS, OC. TOP ROW: William D. Reeves, Engr., Jonesboro, Ark.: Alan B. Refi, 'l'KE. FA, Crooksion. Minn.: Carol Ann Reid, A8fS, OC: Judy Reid, AFA, FA, Norman: Jack D. Reigh, 'l'K9, A8:S, Oshkosh, Wis.: Tom R. Rempel, EN, Bus.. Enid: Juanifa L. Renffro, TTB, A8rS, OC. SECOND ROW: Sally Sue Reynolds, AX-fl, Bus., Norman: Sandra R. Reynolds, Bus., Norman: Margol Rhodes, AAA, AXS, Tulsa: Susan Richardson, AVA, A8:S. Casper, Wyo.: Larry V. Richmond, Engr., Moore: Judy Rickman, AAA, AHS, Tulsa: Sharlei' Kaye Ridge, ARS, Tulsa. THIRD ROW: Lee S. Ridgway, APPR. FA, Flelcher: Terry A. Ridley, X52, AHS. Norman: Ralph D. Ridlinghafer, AXA, A8vS. Duncan: J. E. Riley, Acacia, Pharm., Tulsa: Mike Ringer, EN. A81S, Pauls Valley? Pal' Riser, All-3, Nursing, Henryella: Michael C. Rilz, BSU, Enqr.. Norman. FOURTH ROW: Bill Rihhaupl, EX. A8rS. Edmond: Brenda Kay Roan, FA, Chickasha: Warren A. Robb, AT-YZ, Engr.. Form' Worrh. Tex.: Brenda Kay Roberls, UC, Tulsa: Charles D. Roloerfs, Bus., Maysvillez Ellen Lloyd Rolaerls, KKF, AES, Arlingion, Va.: John P. Rolaeris, 'l'KE. AES. Barllesville. FIFTH ROW: Mary Susan Roberis, KA9, AHS, Prague: David K. Roberison, AXA, UC, Sapulpa: Gerald Roberlson, A8fS. Lawlon: Jerry Rolaerlson, 73911. A8fS, Norman: Doris Robinson, UC, Alluwe: Mike Robinson, ATA. AES, Winfield, Kan.: Reid Rolnison, EX. AES. Cushing. SIXTH ROW: Anne E. Rodgers, KKF, AHS. Searcy. Ark.: Joe J. Rodriguez, TIKA, Bus., Lawion: Bill Roe, EAE, Bus., Shawnee: Mar- 'rha Roesch, K-A9, A8rS, Shawnee: Carole Rogers, AX9, A8rS. Shreveport La.: Jane Roll, A81S, Rochesier. N.Y.: Syd L. Ronish, l"l'B, AES, Lawlon. SEVENTH ROW: Philip R. Rope, FA. La Puenfe. Calif.: Doug Roper, ATA, A8fS. Lawlon: Gene Rose, Engr., Norman: Ronald Rose, WBA. AES. Wichi+a, Kan.: Sandra Lee Rosenzweig, Al5'l', Educ., New Or- leans, La.: Al Ross, 'PBA-, AHS, Omaha, Nob.: Phillip B. Ross, Pharm., Sulphur. EIGHTH ROW: Gayle Ann Rossi, AF, A8rS, Arlinqlon Heiqhls, III.: Myron R. Rolh, AES. New York, N.Y.: Bernie Rofhbaum, EAM, AES. Chickasha: Roger W. Rounds, AXA, ASS, Seminole: James T. Rowan, EX, AES, FI. Riley. Kan.: Donna Royce, X9, AES, Elk Cily: Jane Margarel Rusch, A8fS, OC. NINTH ROW: Don C. Russell, 'l'K'I', FA, OC: Ramona G. Russell, KA, AES. Allus: Juanila Ryan, A8fS, Lindsay: Sandy Sabaier, UKA, Bus., Gradyville. Pa.: John C. Sacra, BQU, AES, Pauls Valley: Mike Sager. Educ., Tulsa: Kim Say Saing, Engr.. Cambodia. Asia. BOTTOM ROW: Kay Sample, ASIS, Norman: Gloria DeAun San- ders, Educ., Ponca Cily: Millon L. Sanders. A8rS, Norman: Gene C. Sands, AFP, AES. Healdlon: Marwan S. Sarakbi, Engr., Damascus, Syria: Anne Savage, KKF, A8fS, OC: A. Russell Schaefer, AHS. Lawlon: Jimalea Schooley, AXU, Educ., Tinker AFB. Junior RELAXATION aiier a rough day al school means an evening al' +he piano for Lorraine Allmon. Junior WORKING in ihe library as a perl-'lime employee seems a happy lob For Kalhleen Ellioli of Hunlsville. Ala. TOP ROW: Karl E. Schmifl, B9-U, A8eS, Lilllefon, Mass.: Tim Schnoebelen, A-YP, A8fS, Mooreland: Bruce G. Schoggen, Enqr., OC: Carl S. Schreiner III, EX, AHS, Midland, Tex.: Lawrence A. Schwarh, AEU, A8iS, Miami Beach. Fla.: Jim Scrivner, AXA, UC, Heavener: Harris S. Segal, Engr., Brooklyn, N.Y. SECOND ROW: J. David Selim, EN, AHS, Barllesville: Sherry Paige Sellers, HRT, Pharm., Eulaula: John Sessions, 'bKE, Bus., Guihrie: Joe J. Seslalc, Engr., OC: Richard P. Shaw, AEU, Bus., Brooklyn, N.Y.: Rogers V. Shaw, Bus., Kirkwood, Mo.: Bill R. Shawn, BAE, Bus., Shawnee. THIRD ROW: Ken Sue Shear, KKP, A8fS, Duncan: Sylvia Anne Sheldon, A8cS, Wichiia Falls, Tex.: Lee Shellon, UKA, Bus., Lom- poc, Calif.: Gary C. Shepherd, A81S, Wagoner: Carey Sherman, Pharm., Lexinglon: Judy Ann Sherrod, AAA. A8iS, OC: Barbara Kay Shellon, AHS, Allus. FOURTH ROW: Jay L. Shields, AT, Bus., Tulsa: Rosemary Shipe, KKF, A8iS, Ada: Jerry Wayne Shipman, HKA, A8cS, Sand Springs: Kenl Shoemaker, BETH. Bus., Tulsa: Emily Sholiy, KKF, Educ., Glen Ellyn, Ill.: Roger M. Shor+, UC, Chickasha: Luanne K. Shulh, EAT. Educ., Waierloo, Iowa. FIFTH ROW: Howard B. Siegel, Bus., Chicago: Judilh R. Sighis, KU, A3cS, Monlqomery, Ala.: Roy Dean Silclcinlc, AXA, Engr., Tulsa: R. V. Simon, KA, A8iS, Cushing: Jerry D. Sims, Pharm., Medford: Lynda Carol Sims, AX9, Pharm., Waionga: Nancy Singlelon, AP, Nursing, Tulsa. SIXTH ROW: Earl A. Slcarlzy, 'I'AT, Bus., Enid: John R. Smalley, Bus., OC: Carl Michael Smilh, BDU, AHS. OC: Cheryl Smilh, KA9, Educ., OC: Donnie D. Smilh, Educ., Mangum: James Marfin Smilh, KA, AXQS, Midwesl Ciiy: Janel- Smi+h, K-A9, Bus., Housion. SEVENTH ROW: Linda C. Smilh, Educ., Edmond: Milce Smifh, Aca- cia, Educ., Absecon, N.J.: William E. Smifh, Enqr., Commerce Cily, Colo.: Paula Jeanne Smoof, UC, Tulsa: Charles Snider, AXA, Bus.. Waurilca: George W. Snider, Zi'I'E, Engr., Shawnee: Sieve Snyder, EN, Bus., OC. EIGHTH ROW: E. Douglass Souligny, A8iS, Ponca Cily: Marcia Jean Spalh, A8:S, Si. Louis, Mo.: Bill D. Spear, ATA, A8cS, OC: Sharon L. Spicer, FA, Neosho, Mo.: PaHi Springer, TAF, Educ., Dal- las. Tex.: John E. Squarelr, Engr., Bellevue. Alberla, Canada: Belly E. Sfaggs, TIB'I'. A8:S, Pawhuslca. NINTH ROW: John Sfanford, Pharm., Holdenville: Harold E. S+ans- berry, TIKA. UC, OC: Vicky D. Slaplelon, KA, Educ., Dallas, Tex.: Melvin A. Sleele, Bus., Tulsa: Gil Sieidley, ZX, Bus., Ellc Cily: Mar- Ieen S. Sfein, AWP, Educ., Dallas, Tex.: Sylvan J. Sfeinberg, AEII, AHS, Skokie, Ill. BOTTOM ROW: Don Slephens, AT, A8iS, EI Reno: Marcy Gene Siephens, XYZ, FA, Seminole: Larry S. Slern, EAM, FA, Wichiia Falls. Tex.: Dale A. Slevens, AHS, Gamboa. Canal Zone: Donald T. Slevens, SAE, Bus., Enid: John H. Sievens, 'l'1'A, UC. OC: Judiih E. Sfevens, Educ., Clinlon. fm Junior Look Forward to un of Final Year TOP ROW: Sue Slinsion, AFA, ABS, Norman: Jay S+. John, TTA. Bus., OC: Reber? G. Srory, Engr., Tulsa: Larry D. S+ou+, Pharm.. Sulphur: Charles Slrandberg, 'l'K2i, ABS, Alexandria, Minn.: M. Margarel- Sirange, Educ., Lawlon: Peggy Sirauss, Nursing, Spring Valley, N.Y. SECOND ROW: Janell' Suchy, Bus., Norman: David B. Sugarman, 'l'BA, Bus., Forl Smilh, Ark.: Charles C. Suggs, ll, AKE, AES, FA, Norman: Elinor V. Suilor, Bus., OC: John T. Suler, Enqr., Chicka- sha: David F. Sulherland, KE, Bus., Dallas, Tex.: William R. Swan, B9U. ABS, Pryor. THIRD ROW: Sieve Swanson, AT, AHS, OC: Karen Tankersley, KA9, A8rS, Norman: Arihur H. Tanner, KA, UC, Alva: Tere Tanner, UC, Tulsa: Bevlyn B. Taron, AHS, Norman: Jerry L. Tale, EN, Bus., Elk Cily: Ken M. Taylor, Jr., STE, ABS, l-lominy. FOURTH ROW: Nancy Taylor, KA, A8fS, OC: Susan Helene Tay- lor, AFA, Educ., OC: Susan Telford, FA, OC: Bill L. Thomas, Acacia, Engr., Allen: Bill W. 'S. Thomas, 'i'A9, A8cS, Lawlon: Johnie E. Thomas, Engr., OC: Norrell Thomas, AT9. Pharm., OC. FIFTH ROW: Sherry Ann Thomas, I"!'B, A8rS, Norman: Arihur Thompson, BQIT, AES, Prague: Bob Thompson, fI'K0, Bus., Norman: George B. Thompson, KE, Bus., Ada: Jan Thompson, Afb, AHS. Dal- las. Tex.: Kaye L. Thompson, NP, Educ., Lawion: Thalia Thompson, ABS, San Marcos, Tex. SIXTH ROW: Paily Thomson, TU3'l', A8fS, Duncan: Kay Thornbrough, IVDB, A8cS. Clinion: Sfewari' Thornburg, ARS. Norman: Michael Don Tinney, EN, AES, Allus: Jane Todd, ARS, Wallers: Joseph C. Todd, KA, Educ., Elk Cily: Marilyn Todd, XS2, AHS, Siillwell. SEVENTH ROW: Jonnie Lou Tolle, I"I'B, A8cS, Nardin: Lanny Ton- ning, EX, A8fS, Memphis, Tenn.: Mary Ann Tracewell, I'fI'B, AES. Okmulgee: Sue Tracewell, 1"I'B, Educ., OC: Bobby L. TroH'er, Enqr., Chickasha: Kay Trowbridge, Pharm., Tulsa: William C. Truesdell, Bus., Delroir, Mich. EIGHTH ROW: Casey TrueH', A8fS, Monlgomery, Ala.: Jay R. Turk, AES, Tulsa: Nancy Turk, AX9, FA, Ardmore: Pairicia Ann Turner, KA9, AHS, Muskogee: Mike D. TuH'le, AKE, Engr., For? Smiih, Ark.: William P. Tylinslri, 'l'K9, A8rS, Hicksville, N.Y.: Mark S. Van Aken, 13011, Bus., Barllesville. NINTH ROW: Mariha F. VanHoolr, KA, FA, OC: Grayson P. Van Horn, ATA. Bus., OC: Kay Van Vallcenburgh, AF, A8fS, Tulsa: James H. Vaughan, Engr., Kiowa: Roberi G. Vaughn, KA, AES, Chickasha: Mike R. Vaughl, A8rS, Anilers: John L. Veccia, UC. New York, N.Y. TENTH ROW: R. Bruce Vegier, Engr., Elmhursi, III.: Sharon Befh Velinslcy, AWP, Educ., Shreveport La.: Claire Vincen+, Educ., OC: Sam Vinson, BAE, A8:S. Wewoka: Wade Werner Voss, Acacia, Enqr., Alex: Jack Barion Wade, Bus., OC: Dean M. Wadley, Engr., Tahlequah. ELEVENTH ROW: Barbara M. Walker, FA, Cleveland: Jane1'Walk- er, HB'l,, FA. Taylor, La.: Jim E. Walker, Engr., McCloud: Bill Wal- lace, EX, Bus.. OC: Mary Kalherine Wallace, AF, FA, Hominy: Linda Walls, AX9, A8fS, Bedford, lnd.: Larry Mac Walfer, Engr., El Dorado, Kan. BOTTOM ROW: Suzanne Walfers, A8fS, Liille Rock, Ark.: Pa'Hi Ward, KKP, Educ., Houslon: Tom Warner, ZX, Engr., Memphis. Tenn.: Alice Walkins, KA9, FA, OC: Lynn E. Walkins, KE, Bus., Ardmore: Becky Waul, KA, FA, OC: Peier C. Weaver, KA,.A8cS. Muskogee. Junior FIRESIDE siudy may noi be 'rhe mosl' eiiecfive meihod oi learning, buf Sharlei' Ridge finds il mosi enioyable. TOP ROW: Sue Weaver, KKF, Educ., Hobbs, N.M.: Tom Weeks, KA, Bus., Barllesville: Cherri Weinberg, Z-AT. FA, Prairie Village, Kan.: John D. Wells, AT, A8fS, Dallas, Tex.: Don Weniz, 'PKZL Bus., Lawion: David L. Wesigafe, AT, FA, Tulsa: Beverly Wharfon, TWH. AHS, Duncan. SECOND ROW: Lee Wheless, UB'l'. FA, Shrevepori, La.: Edward L. Whisiler, Bus., Dewey: Dean K. While, AXA, ASS, Tulcaz Ken- nelh D. While, Pharm., Phillips, Tex.: Leia Whiie, A8fS, Encino, Calif.: Liz While, AAA, ASQS, Barilesville: Sue Ann While, T1B'l', FA, Norman. THIRD ROW: John P. Whifeside, KE, Bus., Fori Smiih, Ark.: Judy Widney, AF, A8cS, Albuquerque, N.M.: Pamela Wiggins, AAU, Educ., Tulsa: Marian Wilcramanayalce, A8:S, Kandy, Ceylon: Janel' Wille'H', KA9, AGS, Lawion: Brad J. Williams, 'PAQ A8:S. Tulsa: David M. Williams, Bus., Norman. FOURTH ROW: Henry L. Williams, Engr., OC: James W. Williams, KA, A3cS, Lawion: L. Luann Williams, ITB'T', AES, Tulsa: Pamela J. Williams, Educ., OC: Roberi' D. Williams, BETH, A8fS, Fi. Cobb: Richard B. Williamson, B"l'TT, Engr., Tulsa: Bob Willis, ATA, AES, Midwesi Ciiy. FIFTH ROW: David D. Wilson, BAE, Engr., OC: George H. Wilson, EN, A81S, Enid: Jeaniia Gail Wilson, AXQS, Miami: Nancy C. Wil- son, AES, OC: Sharon L. Wilson, Educ., Norman: W. Neil Wilson, KA, Bus., Collinsville: Pal"l'i Windes, AFA, FA, OC. SIXTH ROW: Kay Womack, AHS, Ponca Cily: Cecil P. Wood, Bus., Lawion: Jeani Wood, AFA, Educ., Hugo: Ronnie L. Wood, BETH. Bus., Alius: William M. Woodard, Engr., Norman: Richard H. Woods, FA. Norman: Vernon E. Woods, Engr., Tul:a. SEVENTH ROW: Gail Wooldridge, Educ., Burneyville: Siephen Worfhley, Bus., Housion: Charles G. Wrighi, A8fS, McAlesier: Larry M. Wrighf, Engr., Moore: Ron Wrighi, BAE, A81S, Ponca Ciiy: Scoil' Roberl' Wrighf, SAE, Engr., Tulsa: Judy A. WyaH, KA9, Educ., Enid. EIGHTH ROW: Lance Wyche, ATA, AHS, Hugo: Bill Wynn, UC, Wilburion: Karen R. Wynn, AXfS, Dodge Cify, Kan.: Michael Paul Wynn, Jr., AXA, Bus., Heavener: Ruihie Wiriclc, KKF, A8iS. Tulsa: James L. Yeary, Jr., 'PKZH UC, Purcell: Roberi' W. Yeafs, 'l'K:I', UC, Lawlon. BOTTOM ROW: Peggy Yerlces, KA, AXQS, Alleniown, Pa.: Billy Lee Young, Engr., Tulsa: Jane Young, K-KF. AHS, Muskogee: Jerry W. Young, ATA, AHS, Pawhuslca: Judy Young, AAU, Educ.. Wichiia, Kan.: Chrisfine K. Zehring, AAU, Nursing, Vinila: Roger Zelnick, EAM, UC, Pallerson. N.J. l, ills' ,pn- f"" 4I6 'Qgj 'G TOP ROW. Carles Abner Educ. EI Reno Barbara Abernelh i I 1 i Yu AAA, A8cS, Allus: Edward Aloernafhy, BSU, ABS, Enid: Vicki M. Abramson, EAT, UC, Universily Ciiy, Mo.: Drew A. Ackerman, EN, UC. OC: Flo Adams, A'l', UC, Amarillo. Tex.: Pam Adams, HB'l'. Ecluc.. Tulsa. SECOND ROW: Ann Adkins, APA, Educ., Norman: Gail L. Ad- reme, EAT, FA, Leawood, Kans.: John E. Agnew, 'I'KXT', ABS, Grape- vine, Tex.: Sfuarl W. Akers, A8zS. Cordell: Beverly Akin, ABS, OC: lrene M. Alaynick, ZiA'1', UC, New Orleans, La.: Melissa Linda Al- berding, KA. UC, Kenilworih, Ill. THIRD ROW: Jo Aldridge, Educ., Tulsa: Bonnie Allen, 1"l'B, AHS, Barllesville: Eddie Allen, 'l'K5, UC, Pawhuska: Larry Allford, EAN, Bus., McAles'rer: Margo Allman, EAT. Educ., Tulsa: Tina Gail Ali'- man, EAT, ABS, Baytown, Tex.: Sammye Jo Albin, llB'i', A8cS, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: Jane Allen, AXS2, A8iS, Newkirk: Recilla Allen. KA, FA, Lawron: Judy Anderson, 1-"PB, ABS, Norman: Sharon Ans- ley, l'lBll', ABS, Elk Cily: Jane Ellen Anfhony, FA, Chicago: Theresa Anfhony, AAA, ABS. McAles'rer, Edwina Appleby, KKF, ABS, Shaw- nee. FlFTH ROW: Linda Kay Armour, UC. Greal Bend, Kan.: Susan Armslrong, ZTA. A8iS. OC: Janey Arfhurs, AX9, ABS, Brislow: Sam- uel J. Alkins, 'l'139, Engr., Wichiia Falls, Tex.: Bools Bagby, EX, Bus., Grand Junclion, Colo.: Bun Baker, 'l'1'A. UC, OC: Jeanne Baker, XSZ, Educ.. Olcmulqee. SIXTH ROW: Pamela Baker, UC, Dallas, Tex.: Peier K. Baker, ABS, Norman: Cafhie E. Balenfine, HB'i', UC, Nowaia: Charles B. Barnes, UC. Collinsville: Jo Barreff, ABS. OC: John Lee Barre++, AKE, Enqr., Muskogee: W. Robby Barrelf, UC, Ardmore. SEVENTH ROW: John E. Bariholomew, UC, Norman: Jacqueline S. Barlley, AES, Moore: Mike J. Base, Bus., Gary: Mary Lou Basker- ville, A8iS, Spirit Lake, Iowa: Bonney Rae Bassmann,'AFA, A8fS, Claremore: Jean M. Bea'Hie, AAII, AHS, Ardmore: Jean Marie Bea'H'ie, A8iS, Ardmore. EIGHTH ROW: Judy Becker, AFA, ABS, OC: Kay Beebe, K-49. ABS, Enid: Bud Beeler, 'l'1'A, ABS, OC: Jerry C. Beeson, BGH, Bus., Yukon: Lou Behne, Nursing, Guymon: Carolyn Bell, EAT, Educ.. Kansas Cily. Mo.: Judy Bell, AFA, UC, OC. NINTH ROW: Gary R. Benneff, TIKA, Bus., Tulsa: Judifh Ann Ben- ne++, ABS, OC: Don S. Benfley, EX, A8iS, Lawion: Bruce J. Berman. ABS, Chicago: Frank Reiff Bernharf, ABS, Norman: Charles F. Be- fhea, 13911. A8cS, Barllesville: Bruce E. Belis, ABS, Springfield, V+. BOTTOM ROW: Mike Bible, ATA, UC, OC: Joe Biddinger, AT, AHS, Liilleion, Colo.: Bob Bigler, UKA, UC, Glen Ellyn, lll.: Mari- lyn Billingslea, KKIT. A8fS, Lawton: Gilber+ H. Bills, 3'l'E, Engr.. Tulsa: Jo Lynne Birkhead, A'I'. A81S. OC: Jerry W. Black., Bus.. Noble. 1' " l , 1 -A ophomore "2 REQUESTS for inlormaiion flood 'lhe loooih in lhe Adminisiralion Building, as Tom Nikolas soon finds oul. ephemere Part tud en Weekend TOP ROW: Phillip J. Black, KE, Engr., Wilburion: Judy A. Blake, UC, Duncan: Donald A. Blousiine, ABU, Engr., Kansas Ciiy, Mo.: Thelma Blumen, AWP, A8aS, Dover, N.J.: Marilyn Blyihe, ABS, Paw- nee: Howard Bock, EAM. UC, Dallas, Tex.: Leslie Boggs, KA9, ABS. Ardmore. SECOND ROW: Leonard Allen Bolcor, AEU, Engr., Norfh Bellmore, N.Y.: Bill Bolding, A8fS, Midwesf Cily: Andrea Bornsfein, Educ.. Prairie Village, Kan.: Travis G. Bosley, ABS, Duncan: Rober+ H. Boris, UC, OC: Michele Bourland, A'l', Bus., Housfon: Michael D. Bowles, A81S, Miclwesi Ciiy. THIRD ROW: Jay W. Boynfon, UKA, UC, Hereford, Tex.: Judy A. Bracewell, Educ., K. I. Sawyer AFB, Mich.: Jan Braden, AAU, ABS, Medford: T. L. Bradford III, IIKA, UC, Dallas, Tex.: Walier D. Brani, Bus., Tulsa: Jerry Branrley, AXA, Bus., Hobbs, N.M.: Ray Dean Brashear, UC, Slillwell. FOURTH ROW: Karen Brafcher, AV, FA, Norman: Susan Braiien, AF, Educ., Memphis, Tenn.: Arfhur F. Breeze, Engr., Omaha, Neb.: Dinah Lee Brendle, UC, Norman: Dana B. Brewer, AF, FA, Tulsa: Linda Kaye Brewer, UC, Red Oak: William Mike Brewer, 'l"i'A, UC, Pauls Valley. FIFTH ROW: C. A. Briggs, 'l'A9, Bus., Dallas, Tex.: LaDean Brig- ham, AF, ABS. Hobari: Joe W. Brindley, 'I'KYi', UC, Hugo: Fredda Briscoe, XYZ, Educ., Allus: Marlc L. Brodlcin, EAM. AES, Merion Sia- iion, Pa.: Diclc J. Brooks, ATA, UC. OC: Beverly Brown, AE'i', Educ., Kansas Ciiy, Mo. SIXTH ROW: Bonnie Brown, UC, Housion: Busier Brown, 'l'1'A, AES, Toledo, Ohio: Linda L. Brown, AVA, UC, Odessa. Tex.: Richard L. Brown, 'i'BA, UC, Tulsa: Sally N. Brown, UB'l', ABS, Duncan: Tom E. Brown, EN, Bus., Lawion: Trebor Brown, EN, Bus., Midwe:i Cify. SEVENTH ROW: Linda Brusf, AX9, Bus., Miciwesl Ciiy: Barry J. Buiifalohide, IIJKE, Bus., Washinqion. D.C.: Thelma Kay Bugher, UC, Lexinqion: Carole Bullen, KA, ABS, Tulsa: Gordon M. Bullivanf, ARE, A8eS, Calgary, Alberra, Canada: Roberia S. Bumgardner, AES, Chiclcasha: John Burford, 'lYK1'I, Bus., Miami. EIGHTH ROW: Gwendolyn Lee Burgess, FA, Seminole: Mary Kay Burgess, 11'i'B. UC. El Reno: Carol Ann Burlchard, Educ., Claremore: Jan Burlingame, A'I', Educ., Des Moines, Iowa: Don BurneH, AKE, ASIS, Muslcoqee: Roberi' C. Burnside, 'l'K'l'. Pharm., Tulsa: Thelma Burris, UC, Tulsa. NINTH ROW: Barbara Kay Burrow, Bus., Norman: Anne Burzio, A8fS, Henryefraz Barbara C. Buslcirk, X9. ABS. Deming, N.M.: David D. Builer, AKE, ABS. Enid: Jerry E. Builer, EX, UC, Cushing: Linda E. Bufler, X52, AXrS, Norfolk, Va.: Sue Ann Buzzard, AF, ASIS, Skia- ioolc. TENTH ROW: Susan Ann Byers, Educ., OC: Mary Lynn Cabbage, ATA, ABS, Barilesville: Charlie Cahn, UC, Far Rockaway, N,Y.: Sieve L. Callaham, 'i'KE, Engr., Foreman, Ark.: Paul G. Calmes, UC, OC: Margarifa M. Calvo, AHS. Shawnee: Salvador Camarillo, A-:'i', ABS, EI Paso, Tex. ELEVENTH ROW: Judy A. Cameron, KK1', UC, Henryeiia: Len Canlrell, AXIS, El Paso, Tex.: Phil S. Carlefon, EX, Bus.. Shawnee: Bill Carpenfer, UC, Tulsa: Larry B. Carr, Bus., Purcell: Allen J. Car- rel, UC, Penns Grove, N.J.: Nola M. Carier, KA, ABS, York, Neb. BOTTOM ROW: Roy E. Carurhers, Engr., Ponca Ciiy: Jan Casey, Educ., Midwesi Ciiy: Charles H. Cash, KA, A8rS, OC: Jody L. Cashion, HBfi', AHS, Enid: Rober+ G. Caies, KA, A8rS, Aioka: Larry Chambers, EAE, Bus., Alfus: James R. Chapman, ATA, Bus., Pauls Valley. TOP ROW: Judy Ann Chapman, A8rS, Ponca Cily: John E. Chap- delaine, UC, Framingham. Mass.: Sharon S. Charles, AAII, ASS. OC: Cindy L. Chesnu'H', KKP, Bus., OC: CharloHe Cheflain, Educ.. Sf. Louis, Mo.: Joseph E. Chicoraslre, 'l'K9, Bus.. Choclaw: Sieve A. Childers, EX, UC, OC. SECOND ROW: Carol Chipman, AF, Educ., Norman: John Irvan Cho-ale, AT. A8zS. Norman: Pal Choqueffe, AAA. AHS, Tulsa: Bob- bie A. Chrisiensen. AV, APRS, Kingsport Tenn.: Kenne+h S. Churin, 'l'BA, ARS. Richmond Hill, N.Y.: Elizaloefh Cines, ASS, Barilesville: Carol Clark, HT3'i', Bus.. Tulsa. THlRD ROW: Mary Clark, X9, AHS, Barllesville: Sfeve Clark, UC. Enid: Tom A. Clark, EN. Bus.. Pauls Valley: Sara Clifron, A'l', Educ.. Norman: Mary E. Coafes, ARS, Chickasha: Alan Cohen, 'l'T5A. Omaha. Neb.: Gwen Cohen, AHS, Kansas Cily, Kan. FOURTH ROW: Mary Ann Colbert FA. Pauls Valley: Ellen Jane Colby, KKF. Bus., Maclill: Danny Cole, BAE. ARS, Wewoka: Jerry D. Cole, Pharm.. Midwesf Cilyz Rich C. Cole, AKE. UC. Loves Park, lll.: Linda Kay Coleman, Educ., Henryelfap Bruce W. Collier, BQH, AES, Enid. FIFTH ROW: Ross E. Collier, 'i'A9. A8cS. Dallas, Tex.: Frank B. Collier, ITKA, UC, Lawlon: Donald B. Collins, AKE, UC, Ada: John Collins, EN, UC. Marieila: Mike Collins, AXA, Enqr., Norman: Jill Hope Colodny, EAT, ASS, Mr. Vernon, N.Y.: Judy Comegys, AF. AES, Norman. SIXTH ROW: Rod Complon, EN ARS, Tulsa: Kennelh Roy Conklin ling, AXS3. FA. Des Moines. lowa Bus., Lawfon: Bill Conger, BSU, , UKA, Bus.. Sliqler: Joan Conk- : Claudia G. Conley, HBYII, AES. Tulsa: Margarer A. Conley, AAA, ABS, OC: Susan D. Confreras, ASS. OC. SEVENTH ROW: Barry Cook, EN. Enqr.. La Porte, ind., James F. Cook, ASS, Tulsa: John P. Cook, ATU, A8:S, Anadarko: Sally Ann Cooksey, A8fS, Ada: Jayne Cooley, HB'l'. Educ., Forl' Smirh, Ark.: Joyce Cooper, Educ., Los Angeles: Wayne Cooper, 'T'K'I', Engr.. Lawlon. EIC-HTH ROW: Joan E. Corbeff, AXQS. OC: Jan Corder, AAA, AHS. Liille Rock, Ark.: C. Rex CorleH', UC. Guihrie: Phil Cornef+, EN. Bus., OC: J. L. Couriney, Bus., Pauls Valley: Suzie Cowen, KA9, Ages, Shawnee: Clefa Joy Cox, Nursing, Mayfield. NINTH ROW: Don Cox, 'l'KE, UC, Velma: Larry Michael Cox, UC. Moore: Pairicia Coyle, Educ.. OC: Randy J. Craddock, 'PKE Norman: John Crain, IIKA, Engr., Tulsa: Roberr L. Crawley. UC. Norman: Bill Crews, UC, Norman. . UC. KA, BOTTOM ROW: Judy Diane Crews, FTB, Educ., OC: Linda Kaye Crews, AF, A8rS, Norman: Roberf H. Crews, KA, Bus.. Tulsa: Vir- ginia Crofr, KA, AHS. Evansville, Ind.: Judy Lee Crow, UC, ldaloell: E. Sfanley Crowder, UC, Enid: John R. Cully, B911 UC, Shalluclc. l ophomore FRUSTRATED is fhe word for Terry Newkumel' as he looks up an oulside assiqnmenr in Jrhe library's card calalog. 4I9 FINALS GARBAG-ED? No ii' isn'I' Jrhal'-so homore Sam I P Haicher is deposiiinq his unsalable lexlboolcs in File I3. 4 TOP ROW: Carla M. Cunningham, Nursing. Olcmulqee: Suzanne Cunningham, AAA, A8rS, Ardmore: Dave Currin, 'I'KE, UC, Ox- lord, N.C.: Palriclc V. Cuviello, EX, AES, Gull Porl, Miss.: Larry M. Daiches, EAM, Bus., Forl' Worfh, Tex.: Bob Daniel, 'l'1'A. Enqr., OC: Margaref M. Dalin, UC, Gulhrie. SECOND ROW: Tommy L, Daughfrey, Enqr., Duncan: Michael E. Daval+, 'PK-S, UC, Tulsa: Sheryl Davenporf, AF. Educ.. Mariefla: John C. Davidson, UKA, AES, Fr. Devons, Mass.: Sara E. Davidson, UC. Norman: Barbara Kay Davis, AHS. Tulsa: Carla Davis, AX!-3, UC. Ponca Cily. THIRD ROW: Harry G. Davis, UC, Ardmore: Wall E. Davis, 'l'K9, A31S. Sand Springs: Carol Deason, A8rS. Norman: Michael J. De- Lier, 'l'A9, AHS, OC: Donna R. Denfon, UC, Loomis, Calif: Linda DeSilva. FA, Duncan: Dora E. Deslcins, AAA, FA, Ardmore. FOURTH ROW: Donald E. DeSpain, IX, Bus., Enid: Susan Deupree, AAA, Bus., Tulsa: Anne Dew, HB'l', FA, Moline, III.: Mary Ellen Diefriclc, Nursing, Turpin: Diane Dillard, AF, FA, OC: Terry Ellen Disney, A'I'. UC, Ames, Iowa: Jimmy Dixson, A8cS, Seminole. FIFTH ROW: Jim Dodd, AXA, Bus.. Sapulpa: Dallas DorseH', AFA. Ari, Norman: Jean Ann Dorsey, AFA, A8cS, Alva: Tom Doison, 'l'K'I'. UC, Fredericlc: Ralph Doly, AHS, OC: Milce Dou'I'hiH', AT. AHS. Duncan: Sherrill Dove, KA, AHS, Tulsa. SIXTH ROW: Mary Ellen Doyle, FA, Ponca Ciiy: Linda Dianne Dozier, XSZ, FA, OC: Be'Hy A. Driver, KKF, FA, OC: Gary E. Drumb, Engr., McAlesIor: Tom Drummond, BSU, Bus., Pawhuslca: Georgia L. Duclcworfh, ZTA, Bus., Tulsa: Susan Dulaney, KKF, A8:S. Duncan. SEVENTH ROW: Susan Dunn, ANU, UC. Norman: Conrad Louis Duprez, AXQS, OC: Jerry Durbin, 'l'I'A, Bus., San Francisco: Roberfa E. Durham, UC, Chicago, Ill.: Diane E. Durland, HB45, Educ., OCZ Judilh Kay DuI"Ion, Educ.. Tecumseh: Ann Eas+, FA, Pryor. EIGHTI-I ROW: Mary Easlman, XU, ARS, Tulsa: Judy Elaey. KKIK Educ., Ada: Marilyn Sue Echols, AAA, AES, Tulsa: Roberl' Edelman, 'l'BA. UC, Dallas, Tex.: David N. Edger, Educ., Tulsa: Joseph W. Edvy, Enqr., Souih River, N.J.: Gary R. Edwards, UC, Clearwaier. Fla. NINTH ROW: Arvin W. Eidson, EN, AES, Sulphur: Judy Elderlcin, AAA, Educ., OC: Judy ScoH Elkins, XYZ, Educ., Dewey: LyneH'e Ellioil, Afb, UC, Norman: Nancy Ellis, 1"l'B, FA, Allus: Bill Endi- co1'l', EX, Bus., Muskogee: David Leighlon Enirilcin, Acacia, A81S, Youngslown, Ohio. BOTTOM ROW: Margarel Ann Enyearf, AAU. AIRS, Ashland, Ohio: Richard J. Epsiein, 'I'BA, UC. Omaha. Nels.: Alfred Thomas Esch- bach, AHS. Jersey Cily. N.J.: Vaughn C. Esper, KE, A8cS. Arling- lon, Va.: Mike T. Evans, KE, Bus., OC: Charles E. Ewers, UC. Barflesville: Joel Chafham Ewing, AES, Norman. YJ.. . .ann Fall eme ter Offer Excitement of Football TOP ROW: Marlha Fair, KK1', AHS, Barilesville: Fred R. L. Falco, UC, Silver Spring, Md.: Carolyn Farha. AXSZ. AES, OC: William E. Favor, AT-il, AHS, OC: Marv M. Feldman, EAM, A8cS, Dallas, Tex.: Diane L. Ferguson, UC, Tulsa: Kip Ferguson, K-Y, Bus., OC. SECOND ROW: Jesse P. Field, EX, UC, Shawnee: Marilyn Findlay, X9, AHS, Barllesville: Frances Finkel, EAT, Bus.. Prairie Village. Kan.: Shirrell Finley, 1i'l'l3, AES, Anadarko: Leslee F. Fischer, AWP. Educ., Si. Louis. Mo.: Gerry D. Fisher, ATA, Bus., Midwesl Cify: Terry Gene Fisher, ATA, Bus.. Midwesf Ciiy. THIRD ROW: Pafrick D. Fifzgerald, 'l'KE, AHS, OC: Paul E. Fiiz- gerald, Engr., Shawnee: Dewey J. Fihpafrick, AXQS, Greenville, Tex.: Mike Fifzparrick, IIKA, UC, Midwesl Cify: Barbie Fleske, AA-5. Educ.. OC: Donald F. Flelcher, KA. Enqr., Las Cruces, N.M.: Gary W. Flinchum, Enqr.. Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: Joe R. Flippo, UC, Norman: Sandi Flynn. ZTA. AES. Miclwesl Cilv: Sue Ford, AP, ASS. Sfroud: Befsy Foree, URW. AHS. Tulsa: Ray O. Forgy, UC, San Anlonio. Tex.: John W. For- res+er, FA, Midwesl Cily: Mike S. Forsman, EN, Bus., Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: Robin Forie, ARS. Farminqion. N.M.: Francie M. Forlenberry, UC, Muskogee: Edward L. Fosburgh, UC, Lovinqlon, N.M.: Edwin C. Fox, Jr., 'l'KE. UC, Massapequa, N.Y.: Elise Fran- den, KA9, UC, Wilmelle. Ill.: John E. Frank, KE, A81S. OC: John R. Frankenfield, Engr., OC. SIXTH ROW: Kenny A. Franks, UC, Olcemah: Don Frans, A8cS, Kingfisher: Joan Freed, AE'l', Educ., Shreveporl. La.: Roberr B. Freele, A8fS, Ponca Cily: Roger M. Friedman, 'PB-A, ARS, Universily Ciiy, Mo.: Rosalie Friedman, Al5'l', UC, Tulsa: Daniel L. Furiak, AHS, Nahanl, Mass. SEVENTH ROW: Barbara Jean Gabel, 1"l'B, FA, OC: Roberf W. Gaddis, ATU, Enqr.. Tulsa: Mike D. Gaden, 'lrKE, Engr., Sailing: Sharon Gafford, KKP, A8iS. OC: Rick Gardner, 'i'A9. UC. Del Ciiy: Barbie Garelich, Educ., Sl. Joseph. Mo.: Marshall Neal Garlenlaub, Enqr., Brooklyn, N.Y. EIGHTH ROW: Janel Garrison, XQ, Nursing, O'Fallon, Ill.: Jack A. Gehl, UKA, UC, Mi. Prospect Ill.: Rick Genlry, 'l'I'A, Bus., OC: Cynlhia Scoll' Gerhardl-, APA, AHS, Tampa, Fla.: Dean Gibbs, AT. Enqr., Horniny: Phil Gibson, KE. UC, OC: Jeffrey Gilberf, EAM. Bus., Godfrey, lll. NINTH ROW: George W. Gill, BAE, Bus., Lawlon: Roberl P. Gill, 'PAQ UC, OC: Clark Gilpin, AXA, A8fS. Tulsa: Walfer A. Girard, UC, Duncan: Barry A. Glasberg, EAM, Bus., Kansas Ciiy, Mo.: Linda Kay Glaffelder, AV, UC, Barllesville: Marlene Glazer, AEfl!, UC, New Orleans, La. TENTH ROW: Shirley Kay Goforlh, A'l'. AHS, Midwesl Ciiy: Edie M. Goldberg, EAT. Bus.. Dallas, Tex.: Lloyd Goldman, EAM, UC, New York. N.Y.: John W. Gollub, 'l'BA, ASS, Tulsa: Mike Goode, ATU. A8:S, New London, Conn.: John N. Goodman, AXA, Bus.. Duranl: Randall J. Goodman, EAM, UC, Kansas Ciiy, Mo. ELEVENTH ROW: Bob Goodner, 'l'K'1'. Bus., Duncan: Julie Good- ner, AP, Ecluc., Duncan: Barbara Ann Gordon, AEIP, E:luc.. S+. Louis, Mo.: Barbara S. Gordon, Educ., Skiaiook: Dick Gore, BSU, ASS, OC: John P. Gornny, UC, Tulsa: Allen E. Golf, Bus., Val- paraiso. ind. BOTTOM ROW: PaHi GraveH, 1"l'B, Educ.. Tulsa: Mary V. Gray, AFA, Educ., OC: Tom F. Gray, UC. Guihrie: Pam Greenshields, A'l', Bus., Norman: Howard Corky Greer, AXQS, Ardmore: Delores Gregg, UC. OC: Beverly Gremm, EAT' FA' Dallas' Tex, ophomore ELECTION over, Dennis McCary and Jimmy Miller reiurn one oi 'rhe loalloi boxes lo ihe Siudenf Senaie office. TOP ROW: Don Grimes, KZ, UC. OC: Mike Grimes, KE, UC, OC: Harold R. Grisham, Pharm., Ponca Ciiy: Michael A. Grisson, FA, Wynnewood: John F. Grouf, Jr., "PAQ, Bus., Miami Beach, Fla.: Eduardo Guell, 'l'A9, Bus., Sanliago, Chile: William Lee Guerry, UC, Temple. SECOND ROW: Mary Lou Guild, AX-Q, FA, Barllesville: Cookie Guiou, Bus., Tulsa: Jerry E. Gunier, B9-H, UC, Hoi Springs, Ark.: Tom Haddan, 'PK-Y, UC, Pryor: Rick Hague, 'l'K'I', A8aS, Leawood, Kan.: Bev Hahn, Educ., Brownfield, Tex.: Sharon V. Haines, K-KF, AHS, Lawion. THIRD ROW: Gary Hale, Educ., Los Angeles: Paul R. Hamilfon, Enqr., Tulsa: Joe W. Hamlin, fI'A9, Bus., Tulsa: Ronald L. Hamm, FA, Poieau: Mike W. Hammer, AHS, OC: Darlene Hammond, AX9, Educ., Norman: Royce M. Hammons, KE, UC, Wilburion. FOURTH ROW: Lillian Hamor, AP, A8iS, OC: Eddie W. Hamp- shire, UC, OC: Rey Hancock, AX9, UC, OC: Richard O. Haness, Engr., Hoi Springs, Ark.: Caren E. Haney, KKF, AXcS, Tulsa: Rich- ard L. Haney, ZX, UC, Shawnee: Karhryn Ann Hardlaerger, X9, FA, Beaver. FIFTH ROW: William H. Hardwick, EX, Bus., Holdenville: Mike Harkey, AXA, A8cS, Ada: Gary W. Harmon, AT, UC, Velma: Alvin C. Harrell, ITKA, Bus., OC: Carole Ann Harrell, UC, Chickasha: Ken-I J. Harrell, 'l'KE, Bus., Ardmore: Michael Sieven Harrell, ASQS. Pauls Valley. SIXTH ROW: Gary A. Harris, Enqr., Norman: Joyce Harris, Bus., Si. Charles, Mo.: Shirley Ann Harris, AHS, Tulsa: Susie Harris, ANU, Bus., OC: Mary F. Harrison, KA, A8rS, Barllesville: Carol A. Har- rod, ARS, OC: Carier Hari, 'I'KE, Engr., Knob Nosier, Mo. SEVENTH ROW: Jan A. Harf, 1lB'l', Educ., Pauls Valley: Roberi L. Hari, BGIT, UC, Chandler: ClaudeHe Harfgraves, PTB, AHS, Tulsa: Jerry C. Hassebroek, BSU, Bus.. Duncan: Milann Hasfings, UB'I', Nursing, Tulsa: Judy Haug, AX9, AXfS, Norman: Larry B. Hawkins, AT, AHS. OC. EIGHTH ROW: Laurie C. Hayen, KA. AHS, Ponca Ciiy: Carol J. Haynes, Educ., OC: M. Ray Haynes, IIKA, Engr., Arkansas Ciiy, Kan.: David Michael Hayward, AES, OC: Judy Head, AP, AXQS. Barilesville: 'Susan Healy, IlB'l', ASS, Barilesville: Gordon H. He- berf, Bus., Houslon. NINTH ROW: Nancy M. Heckerman, FA, OC: Charlene Heinen, KA9, AHS, OC: Phyllis A. Hemphill, KA, UC, Louisiana, Mo.: Terry D. Heineman, EX, AXTS, Tulsa: John G. Hemphill, BGII, Engr., Nor- man: Alan Henderson, EX, AES, Fair Oaks, Calif.: Susan E. Hender- son, IVPB, Nursing, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: Susan L. Henderson, UC, Del Cily: Richard P. Henderson, KE, Engr., Norman: Helen Hendrick, A8cS, Shawnee: Pal-sy L. Hendrick, UC, Hunler: Michael R. Henson, Bus.. Indian- apolis, Ind.: Janice L. Henihorn, AF, Bus., Enid: Carla J. Herndon. AF, AHS, Midwesi' Ciiy. ST ENT ,SENATE ,a Box I Campu Politic Dominate Early Autumn TOP ROW: Harold T. Hickerson, KE. A8cS, Alius: Ken Hicks, BETH. AHS, Chandler: Carl l. Higgins, Acacia, Bus., Tulsa: Bonnie Jean Hill, Educ., OC: Joe L. Hill, A8:S. OC: William L. Hill, UC, Mid- wesr Ciiy: Ronnie W. Hines, ZX, A8cS, OC. SECOND ROW: Jeff Hirzel, A8zS, Gufhrie: Karen Hirzel, AAA, Bus.. Pryor: Ruih Hochgraefe, A'l'. UC. OC: Ken B. Hodgdon, ZVPE, UC. Ozone Park, N.Y.: C. Walker Hodges, ITKA, AXQS. Checoiah: Charles E. Hoff, FA, Erie, Pa.: Judy Holcomb, 1'fI'B, FA, Musk- ogee. THIRD ROW: Lynda Holden, AAA. A8fS, Dallas, Tex.: Joy C. Holla- cher, A81S, OC: Kay Holladay, Bus., Duncan: Pam Holland, Bus., Tulsa: Jim Holloman, 'i'K'I', A8fS. Frederick: Krisiina Holm, X9. AES, Denver, Colo.: Roger D. Holmes, 'I'K9. UC, Ardmore. FOURTH ROW: Linda Kay Holi, AAU, A8rS, Miami: David Hoo- ver, 'l'1'l3, A8:S, Tulsa: Donald M. Hoover, 2i'l'E, AHS, Norman: Jim Hoover, AT, AES. Norman: Janei' Hope, HB'i', ASS, Wichira, Kan.: Bill C. Hopkins, ATA, UC, OC: Gwendolyn J. Hopper, Nursing. Maysville. FIFTH ROW: Clini' Van Horn, EN. Bus., Jonesboro, Ark.: Roger O. Housley, EX. Bus., Cushing: Linda Housfon, AFA, UC, Anadarko: Jack C. Hove, 'I'-'39, A8cS. Shawnee Mission, Kan.: Sondra Ruih Howell, A8cS, Claremore.: Larry Howze, B911 UC, Seminole: Lynn Hudson, AF, Educ., OC. SIXTH ROW: Edgar Lynn Huffman, Pharm., Grandview. Tex.: Bar- bara Ann Hulme, Ali. Educ.. Ardmore: Gary B. Hulsey, EX, Engr.. Waynoka: Pafricia Ann Huni, UC, OC: James T. Hunfer, EN, AES. Ada: Fred M. Hurs+, AXA, AHS. Ponca Ciiy: Marilyn Kay Hu'Hon, FA, Henryeiia. SEVENTH ROW: Herberf L. Ingham, A8cS, Ponca Ciiy: Ann K. Ingles, KKP, FA, Alfus: Barbara Jackson, A'l'. Educ., Wesiern Springs. Ill.: Sfephanie Jackson, Educ., Del Ciiy: John B. Jacobs. BAE, Bus., Waco, Tex.: Roger L. Jacobsen, Bus., OC: Riia Jaeger, FA, Sullivan, Mo. ElGHTH ROW: Jan Jakulewicz, AX9, Bus., Abilene, Tex.: Frank Arihur Jarmufh, AED. A8:S. New York Ciiy: Pai' Jarvis, Xfl, A8rS, Norman: Charles James Jeffrey, Engr., Okmulgee: Alan Jenkins, EX. A81S, Tulsa: Margaref Ann Jennings, Educ., Lawlon: Mary Lois Jennings, Educ., Tulsa. NINTH ROW: Richard M. Jennings, KE, Bus., Sulphur: Ed John- son, EX. UC, Brownwood, Tex.: Gary W. Johnson, Pharm.. Drum- wrighi: H. Lance Johnson, KI, UC, Midwesl' Cily: L. W. Johnson, UC, Beihany: Linda Johnson, 1"l'T3. A81S. OC: Pafsy Johnson, il'U3'l'. ASS, Barilesville. TENTH ROW: Sam Housion Johnson lll, HKA, Engr., Longview. Tex.: Alan B. Jones, AXKS. OC: Lewis R. Jones, 'l'K9, Bus.. Chicago. Ill.: Ann Morgan Jones, AAA. A8iS. Chickasha: Jacquelyn A. Jones, AES. Tulsa: Mike J. Jones, ITKA, UC, OC: Vicki Lynn Jones, KKF. Educ., Duncan. ELEVENTH ROW: Enrique A. Jordan, UC. Tele, Honduras: Kaye Jusfice, AAA, ASQS, Waionqa: Donna J. Kain, UC, Falls Church. Va.: Roberi' Kalsu, Educ.. Del Ciiy: Frank Karliiskie, SWE, Engr.. Frackville. Pa.: Bill Karr, 'l'1'A, UC, Tinker AFB: Donni Karr, UC, Chicago. lll. BOTTOM ROW: Dianne Kasmiersky, UC, Conroe, Tex.: Tobee Kauf- man, AE'i', UC. Wichiia Falls. Tex.: Larry Kavich, WBA, UC. Omaha, Nob.: Thomas J. Kearns, UC, Pafierson, N.J.: Marrha Kendall, FA. Sayre: Charles F. Kendrick, AT9, A8fS, Broken Arrow: Francis R. Keen, UC, OC. empu Queens Selected From Class Beautie TOP ROW: Nancy Louise Keesee, HB'l', AES, Poieau: Roy J. Kel- sey, AHS, S+. Louis, Mo.: Danelle E. Kendall, UC, Midwest Ciiy: B. Mike Kennedy, AKE, Bus., Tulsa: Neal R. Kennedy, Engr., OC: Pam- ela Rae Kenf, ZTA, A8fS, Long lsland, N.Y.: Janef Kerr, KA9. Educ., Dallas, Tex. SECOND ROW: Prudence Kerr, KKF, A8cS, Hooker: Ann Kefcham, KA, Nursing, Tulsa: Joel P. Keionen, AKE, Bus., Pawnee: Tony D. Keys, AT, AES, Velma: Carolyn Kidd, A81S, Poieau: Barbara J. Kiker, Pfl'B, ALS, Alius: Donna Kilgore, AFA. Bus., Tulsa. THIRD ROW: Jay King, EN, UC, Clovis, N.M.: Kaihy King, AX9. ARS, OC: Mary Ruih King, Nursing, Guyrnon: Holly Kay Kinkade, UBIP, AHS, Shawnee: Ronnie Kirkpairick, Bus., Mcfxleslerr Mickey Kirsch, AE'l", Educ., Hof Springs, Ark.: Richard L. Knapp, 'l'KE, Bus., Ardmore. FOURTH ROW: Debbie Knox, AE'l', ARS, Nowala: Jay Phillip Koons, EX, Bus., Tulsa: Anne Krafr, KKF, Educ., OC: John M. Krummel, ATA, UC, Cincinnaii, Ohio: Jim Kubiak, 'PK-S, AES, OC: Jon E. Kucholiz, Enqr., Abilene, Tex.: Roberla Jeanne Kunkel, AAII, AHS, Enid. FIFTH ROW: Caryl Kunsemuller, AES, Norman: Edwin A. Kuralc, UC, Midwesi' Ciiy: Barbara R. Kuiler, EAT, Educ., Omaha, Neb.: Karen J. Laber, AES, Tulsa: Woodie Lackey, EX, A8fS, Tulsa: La- verne A. Lamb, ARS, Midwesl' Ciiy: Jorge F. Landler, Acacia, Engr., Cochabamba, Bolivia. SIXTH ROW: Paula E. Landrifh, KKF, Pharm., Ada: Rozanne Lan- ier, Educ., Shawnee: Janie K. Lake, 1'lBfl', FA, Shawnee: Susan Lan- ey, AES, Camden, Ark.: Mary Ann Lanier, UC, Norman: Anihony Lapara, AES, Pensacola, Fla.: Myra K. Lapides, EAT, UC, Kansas Cily, Mo. SEVENTH ROW: Charles E. Lasse+er, 'l'-59, UC, OC: Sandy Lauge- nour, KKF, Educ., Dallas, Tex.: Linda Lee Laughlin, KKP, AHS, OC: ScoH' D. Lawrence, BSU, Enqr.. Shreveport La.: JoAnne Lawson, KA, AHS. Pampa, Tex.: Lucky William Leavell, Jr., AHS, Muskogee? James Lee, EN, Bus., Tulsa. EIC-HTH ROW: Ronald W. Leader, fl'Kil', Engr., Miami: Marilyn Leaming, HUP. AGS. OC: Frank Lederman, 'PBA-, Bus., New York. N.Y.: Jackie Lee, UC, Honolulu, Hawaii: Wanda C. Lee, UC, Wag- oner: Jean A. Leihsey, I-"PB, ARS, Tulsa: James P. Lesler, 15911, ABS. Alius. NINTH ROW: Jerry H. Lesier, Engr., Beihany: Thomas P. Lesier, AHS, Durani: Louise Leulhold, 1"l'l3, Educ., Muskogee: Dave A. Lewis, ATA, Engr., Indianapolis, Ind.: Dee Lewis, AFA, ARS, Kirk- wood, Mo.: Palsy Ann Lewis, UC, OC: Linda Ruih Lieberf, AXQ. A8aS, Dallas, Tex. TENTH ROW: Gerald B. Liedeker, Bus., Corpus Chrisii, Tex.: Nan Ligon, HB'l', ASS, Wewoka: Cindy Lillenas, Pharm.. Beihany: Jane Lindsey, A42 Educ., OC: M. Lenore Lindsey, Nursing, Jerusalem. Israel: Rick Linn, 'l'A9, Bus., OC: Bob Lisi, P-i'l'E, ARS, Park Ridge, Ill. ELEVENTH ROW: Larry J. Lifchford, Bus., OC: BreH LiHell, 'l'BA, UC. Housion: Kerry L. LiHle, Bus., ldabel: Paify Liiileiield, AES. Denion, Tex.: Tom LiH'on, EX, Engr., Brisiow: Bill Lockeli, 'I'1'A. Engr., Norman: Linda K. Lofaro, Educ., N. Terryiown, N.Y. BOTTOM ROW: Barbara Logan, AFA, AHS, Allon. lll.: Guy H. Logan, AHS, Barilesville: Roberf Earl Logan, Bus., Norman: Mar- garel' Londa, UC. Elizabeih, N.J.: Bruce London, 'l'K-S, AHS, OC: Larry E. Long, Engr., Ponca Ciiy: Rober+ D. Looney, 'Pl-'A. A8fS, OC. TOP ROW: Garry Looper, ITKA. Educ., Granile: Mary Love, KHP. AES, Chandler: Alexis Lovelace, A'l', Educ., OC: Vicki Lovin, KA9. Bus., Forl Worlh, Tex.: Leslie Ann Loyd, I"l'l3, AXIS, Dallas, Tex.: Philip H. Luccoclr, KA, Engr.. Norman: David C. Ludwiclr, ATU. Engr., Denver, Colo. SECOND ROW: Yvonne A. Lunsford, UC, OC: Marsha Luffrell, AAA, AHS. Muskogee: Marianne Lyle, KA. ASIS. Mesa, Ariz.: John E. Lynn, BGJII, Bus., Barilesville: Hugh P. Mabe, 'l'T'A, Bus., Nor- man: Dwighl A. Maclcie, UC. Pampa, Tex.: Russell L. Magarily, A3'l', UC, Lima, Peru. THIRD ROW: John T. Magers, UC. OC: Bonnie Malcolm, AHS. OC: Roberl' L. Mallory Il, EX, Bus., Gladwyne, Pa.: Edwin Maloy, EX, AHS, Holclenville: Jim Manring, EX, A81S, Tulsa: Tom Mansur, Enqr., Tulsa: John Maravich, BAE, Bus., OC. FOURTH ROW: Paula Marie Marchanl, Educ., Iowa Falls, Iowa: Dolores A. Marcolle, A81S, Fi. Sill: Margarel Ann Marelc, AES. Norman: Kennelh E. Maricle, AT. Enqr., OC: Sheila A. Marshall, AES. Egan, La.: Douglas Max Marlin, BBII, AHS, Hennessey: Gail E. Marlin, 1"l'B. ASS. Alexandria, Va. FIFTH ROW: John D. Marlin, 3'-iN, Pharm., Allus: Sherry Marlin, KAO, Bus., Barllesville: William M. Marlin, A8rS, Pampa, Tex.: Harold E. Mason, Educ., OC: Dave Massey, 'l'A0. UC, Norman: Ann Maslerson, AVA, A8fS. OC: Carolyn Mafhers, KA, A8zS, Nor- man. SIXTH ROW: Susie Maflcoff, EAT, UC. Wichila, Kan.: Lynn Malle- son, UC. Tulsa: Eddie M. Mallhews, ATA, UC, Clinlon: Dale Lea Maughan, A8rS, Norman: Paula Jo Maughan, A8fS, Norman: Tom Maxwell, KE, AES. Tulsa: James N. Mayfield, TIKA. AZIS, Norman. SEVENTH ROW: Beisy Ann McAnalIy, A'l', UC, Norman: Pam Mc- Bee, KA9, Educ.. Shawnee: Janel' Lee McCallisl'er, AXS2, FA, Fl. Sheridan, III.: Kyle McCarler, ATA, A8:S. Norman: Larry McCarly, :All A81S. OC: Dennis M. McCary, KE. A8:S, Aloka: Connie Mc- Clain, X9, Educ.. Indianapolis, Ind. EIGHTH ROW: Palli McClennen, A'l', A8rS, Lindsay: Jimmy Lynn McConnell, APA. Educ., Hobarl: Molly McCormick, KKF. AHS, OC: Ann McCoy, AAA, Educ., Ardmore: Hal McCoy, EX, Bus., Winfield, Kan.: Sandy McCoy, AT. Bus., Tulsa: Sieve McCoy, EX. Bus., Tulsa. NINTH ROW: Nona Jane McDougle, AXSZ, FA, Chiclcasha: Dale McDouleH', fl'K'I', Bus., Duncan: Joseph B. McElyea, KA, UC, Ho- barl: Nancy McGee, Ali, A8rS, Norman: Thomas J. McLarney, UC. Riverside. N.J.: Jane A. McNeely, FA. Broken Arrow: John B. Mc- Neely. AT. ARS, Wichila, Kan. R- Hennepin: M, McRae. 'l'A9, A8fS, Dallas, Tex.: Sidney A. McVey, Engr., Verden: Kay Meacham, X9, Bus., Clinlon: Rolaerf Allan Meese, Engr., Law- lon: Michael D. Mehl, 'l'BA, Bus.. Wichila, Kan.: Gary R. Mellon, UC, OC. ophomore KEYPUNCHING is an arf all Hs own, sophomore Joel Ewing finds as he Tries lo masler The lechnique in lab. ophomore Eligible ior Varsity Team TOP ROW: Sandra Meneiee. XYZ, Educ., Pauls Valley: Sandalyn Meridilh, HB'f', FA, Dallas. Tex.: Bill Merrill, ZAE. Bus., Duncan: Roberi' C. Merrill, KA, FA, Slurgis, S.D.: Jay Messenger, 'i'K2, ABS, Charlesion, S.C.: Jeanne L. Mefcalf, X9, Educ., Hooker: Rob- erf C. Mehger, 'l'K'1', OC, Okmulqee. SECOND ROW: Mila Michael, AAA, Educ., Chappaqua, N.Y.: Judy Michel, EAT, Educ., Memphis. Tenn.: Donna K. Mickelberry. UC. Si. Paul, Minn.: Roger A. Mickish, EX, ABS. Edmond: James W. Middleion, Bus.. Barilesville: John R. Miles, A242 Bus., Siudio Cily. Calii.: Sharon Miller, EAT, AES, Plainview, Tex. THlRD ROW: Suanne Miller, A'I', FA, Muskogee: Ken Million. ATU. Bus., Rye, N.Y.: Ronald G. Minnix, KA, A8rS, Norman: Connie Jo Mifchell, ABS. Checolah: ToneHe Moeller, A8rS, Tulsa: Barbara J. Moore, AES, Hunisville, Ala.: Dick Moore, 'l'K'I', Bus., Wewoka. FOURTH ROW: Ted Moore, BGJII, A84S. San Francsico: Thomas C. Moore, Acacia. ABS, Broken Arrow: Gale Linn Morgan, AX-Q, UC, Wichiia. Kan.: John Moricoli, EAE, UC, Tuiunga, Calif.: Kafhy Morler, AF. A8fS. Ardmore: N. D. Moscoe, KA, ABS, Norman: Johnny M. Moser, Bus., Frederick. FIFTH ROW: George R. Moses, A8rS, Housron: Ray G. Moss, 'PI'A, ASS. OC: Richard Terry Mosl, ABU, Engr., Brooklyn, N.Y.: Carol Sue Moisenbocker, KA. Educ., Barilesville: David S. Mouber, 'I'BA. UC. Kansas Ciiy, Mo.: Linda Lou Muir, AP, Educ., Wewoka: James W. Mullen, AKE, Engr., Tulsa. SIXTH ROW: Marfha L. Mullen, Educ., Sapulpa: Marly Mullen, IVDB, AHS, Tulsa: Max Lee Muller, HKA, Bus., England: Linda Gail Mullican, ASS, Viniia: Jerry Mullins, IIKA. UC, Fairfax, Va.: Ray- mond O. Munkres, UC, Ames: Amelia Munn, TU3'i', A81S, Purcell. SEVENTH ROW: Gene D. Murphy, HKA, Educ.. Glen Ellyn, lll.: Karen Murphy, AXQ, Educ., OC: Max J. Murrell, Engr., Norman: R. Clark Musser, ATA, Bus., OC: Linda Joy Myers, FA, Enid: Doreen Nash, Alifll. ABS. Wichiia, Kan.: Jozelle Neel, UC, Wesiern Springs. Ill. EIGHTH ROW: Cheryl M. Nelsen, FA, Grange Park, III.: Jane L. Nelson, Educ., OC: Roger G. Nelson, 13911, Bus., Muskogee: Ralph S. Newcomb, Engr., OC: Karen K. Newell, AX-Q. ABS, OC: Cheryl Newman, EAT, Educ.. Tulsa: Roberi' L. Newman, AEU, Bus., New York, N.Y. NINTH ROW: Rifchey Newlon, AT, A8cS, Enid: Mike R. Nichols, 'l'K2. A8cS, OC: Thomas D. Nikolas, UC, Aberdeen. S.D.: Janice M. Nolan, Educ., OC: Owen Nor+hcuH', 'PK-3. A8rS, Enid: David Norvell, TKE, A8cS, Fi. Sill: Pa'Hy G. Novak, A42 Educ.. Des Plaines, Ill. TENTH ROW: PaHi Kay Nuss, Afih FA, Amarillo, Tex.: Gary L. Oberg, 'i'K2, UC, Ligonier, lnd.: Trish O'Brien, I"l'B. Educ., Tulsa: Margo J. Olivares, KA. A8fS, OC: Diana Oliver, AXS2, Educ., Mi- ami: Norma Louise Oliver, F'PB, Bus., Duncan: Virginia Kaye Oliver, AAU, A8fS, Sallisaw. ELEVENTH ROW: Frank X. Olney, BAE, Bus., Norman: Laurel R. Olsen, EAT. Bus., Dallas, Tex.: Mike Olson, EN. A8cS. OC: Peggy L. O'Neal, AHS, Del Cily: Marion Oppenheimer, AE'l', Educ., New Orleans: Carol L. Oringderff, IVIWP, Educ., Enid: Diane L. Osborn, A8zS. Clinion-Sherman AFB. BOTTOM ROW: Seih O. Osborn, Bus., Norman: Kafhleen Gay Os- borne, AES, Chaiianooqa, Tenn.: Elaine Oscherwiiz, EAT, A8fS, Duncan: Tom Osherwifz, Bus., Duncan: Dub O'lS+een, ATU, UC, OC? Sieve O'S+een, ATSZ, Engr.. OC: Peggy Jane OHinger, A8rS, Ar- cadia. TOP ROW: Belly A. Oufon, FA, OC: Carole Elizabelh Overman, Educ., Cleveland: Connie Overlon, UC, Enid: Jack H. Owens, UC, Pawnee: Diana Pace, UC, Norman: Janice Diane Pace, ZTA, AHS, Norman: Larry G. Padberg, KE, Pharm., Ada. SECOND ROW: Doyle G. Paden, FA, Sand Springs: Ralph J. Pal- mer, Pharm., Pampa, Tex.: Mickey J. Palovich, Acacia, Engr., Pills- burgh, Pa.: Don Pape, AT, AHS, OC: Mike E. Parish, EX, Bus., Omaha, Neb.: James H. Parker, BAE, AES. Shreveport La.: Louis W. Pafferson, Enqr., OC. THIRD ROW: Lynn Pafferson, IWB, Educ., Norman: Charlene Pear- son, Educ., Tulsa: Mary Kay Pepper, Educ., Norman: KiHy Perry, KA, UC, Jackson, Miss.: Domingo Pesfano, UC, Caracas, Venezuela: Sue Peiers, UC, Midwesf Cify: Dick Phillips, KE, Bus., Midwesr Cify. FOURTH ROW: Ken S. Pickle, AES, Tahlequah: Sherri L. Pierce, KKF, Educ., OC: Loreiia Sue Pillow, Bus., Hobarr: John H. Pinkner, ATA, AGS, Rosemoni, Pa.: Marsha Dianne Pipkin, KKF, AHS, Ama- rillo, Tex.: Wade L. Pipkin, AKIC, AES, Tulsa: Joie Plocker, EAT, UC, Clayion, Mo. FIFTH ROW: Kafhleen Plovanich, UC, Tulsa: Shirley Polk, AX9, UC, OC: Eugene Pollard, EX, UC. Tulsa: Judy Lyn Porch, Xfl, Bus.. Dal- las, Tex.: Sherry PoH'er, EAT, Bus., Wichira, Kan.: Janie Po'Hs, Xll, AES, Wellsron: Karhy Powdrill, AF, AES, Cleveland. SIXTH ROW: Charles L. Powell, 'l'K2l. Bus., Joplin, Mo.: Paul H. Powell, AES. Ponca Ciiy: J. B. PraH, AES, Ardmore: Janef K. Price, AHS, OC: Mary Kafhryn Price, ZTA, Educ., Norman: Pam Price, AAA, UC, Lawlon: Harlan W. Priesman, 'l'BA, Bus., Omaha, Nab. SEVENTH ROW: James E. Prifchard, 15911, Bus.. Forf Worfh, Tex.: Sharon L. Prue'H', UC, Norman: Cindy Lee Prui'H, KA, AHS, OC: John PruiH', EN, UC, Gaia: Adele Pung, KA9, ASQS, Evansville, Ind.: Roger Purser, ASS. Ponca Cily: Duard F. Pyle, UC, OC. EIGHTH ROW: Mary Lu Puckeif, I1B'l', AHS, Rockville, Md.: PaHy Ragan, KA9, Educ., Norman: Darrel Rains, AXA, A8rS, Prague: Bruce Raley, 'l'I'A, Pharm.. Tulsa: Ronald L. Ramsey, Engr., Bedford Park, III.: Richard J. Raicheson, 'l'BA, UC, Chicago: Phil Rauch, Engr., Tulsa. NINTH ROW: Barbara Ann Ravis, AES, Tulsa: Manfred Ray, AE'I', Engr., OC: Sieve H. Raymond, 'l'Kq', ASS, Norman: Rice M. Rea- vis, KE, Pharm., Ardmore: Genie K. Redmond, AHS, Dallas, Tex.: Richard Don Redman, AHS, Gurhrie: Linda R. Reece, AAA, FA. Norman. BOTTOM ROW: Gil Reed, EX, FA. OC: Jim L. Reed, AKE, AES. OC: Sharon Reed, Educ., OC: Ron Reese, AKE, A8:S, Norman: John H. Regur, KE. Engr.. Midwesi Ciiy: Connie A. Reid, KA9, AES, Si. Louis, Mo.: Mary Margaref Reilly, UC, Okemah: Michael A. Reinhard, A81S, Fori Smifh, Ark. 5 ophomore STAMP flying, Margarel Wilderman marks lhe dale of reiurn on records being checked our of library's colleciion. ophomore i- CLATTERING away on his 'lypewriler in iournalism lab. James John learns To be a hard-driving reporler. MN TOP ROW: Roy Remmerl. EN, Bus., OC: Larry M. Renshaw, Engr.. Red Oalc: Roger B. Rensvold. ARS, Duncan: Billy D. Reynolds. Pharm., Miami: Hal Reynolds. EX, UC, Shawnee: Joe R. Reynolds. ZX, Bus., Midwesl' Ciiy: Milce Reynolds, 'l'K'I'. UC, OC. SECOND ROW: David C. Rhea, ABS, Grancliield: Glenda Lea Rice, X9. A8eS, Tulsa: Marilyn Rice, KA9, UC, Walonga: Tom M. Richards. AXA. Engr., Enid: Gail Richerl, X9. ABS. Tulsa: Liz Rid- dle, HB'f', FA. Norman: Michele E. Riggs, AXS2, Educ., Tulsa. THlRD ROW: Sandra S. Rigsby, ABS, Tulsa: Bob Rilz, HGH, Enqr.. Norman: Jay W. Roberls, ABS. Ardmore: Paula Rogers, HB'i', AHS. Tulsa: Dennis Conway Rober+s. Bus., Enid.: Larry F. Roberfs, 'N'-5. Bus., OC: Danny Roberlson, 13911. Bus., Muskogee. FOURTH ROW: Rindy A. Roberfson, KA9, ABS, OC: Gloria Rob- inson, AAII, FA, Burlinglon. Iowa: Sherry D. Robinson, AFA, UC. Duranl: Pamela Gay Roclchold, FA, Sapulpa: Frances A. Rodgers, ASQS, Norman: Ann Rogers, AFA, FA, Ardmore: Carolyn Rogers. KA9, Educ.. Blackwell. FIFTH ROW: Keiih R. Rogers, UC, OC: Charles L. Rohrbaugh, AE'I'. AHS, Norman: Larry Allen Rosen, AETI, UC, Lebanon, Pa.: Bonnie Rosenfhal, EAT, ABS, Memphis, Tenn,: Iver Ross. EX, Engr., Tulsa: R. Wayne Ross, UC. Lindsay: Carole V. Royds. AF. Educ., Manhalian Beach. Calif. SIXTH ROW: Brenda Rozen, AE'i', Educ., Tulsa: Michael Wayne Rozneclr, 'bK9. Engr.. Chociaw: Craig Rubins, 'l'BA, UC. Tulsa: Son- dra D. Rudin, EAT, A81S, Daylon, Ohio: Mariiane RuFFolo, UC. Ful- ron, Mo.: James R. Runff, 'i'K9. UC, For? Smifh. Arla.: Milne S. Russell, fI'A9. Pharm., Waionga. SEVENTH ROW: Pal M. Ryan, ATA, ABS, OC: Bellie A. Sabafh, AE'I', Educ., Chicago: Rifa Safersfein, EAT. Educ.. Kansas Cify. Mo.: Alan A. Sage, Bus., Norlh Chicago, Ill.: Sandy Sandlin, APA. UC, Seminole: Marry Kay Sanger, KA9. A8eS, OC: Barbara Hulene Saunders, Nursing, Duncan. ElC5HTH ROW: Charles H. Sawders. Jr., UC, Comanche: Roberi' E. Scally. WK9, ABS, Bronx, N.Y.: Judi A. Schechier. EAT, UC, OC: Waller G. Schiller, ATU, Bus., Harrisburg. Pa.: Carolyn Schlosser, AFA. A8aS. Norman: Donald C. Schmidt Engr., Long Island, N.Y.: Gail V. Schmidf, 1"l'B, Bus., Midwesf Cily. NINTH ROW: John Schofield, 'l'11A, UC, Albuquerque, N.M.: Renee Schooley. AXQ, A8iS, Tinlcer AFB: Sondra L. Schroeder. A8cS. El Reno: Kennelh Schuerman, BDU, Bus.. Alfus: Colleen ReNee Schupbaclc, ZTA. FA, Burlinglon: Beverly Schurman, Ali. Bus.. Tulsa: Susan Schwarh, EAT. Bus., OC. BOTTOM ROW: Carfer ScoH, 'l'A9, Bus.. Dallas. Tex.: Cheryl Dean Sco'H', Educ.. Newlcirlc: Dennis R. ScoH, ABS. Tulsa: Jo ScoH, A'l', ABS. Parlcridge, lll,: Nancy V. Sco'H, ZTA. ABS, Broken Arrow: Sandy Seals. A8iS, Norman: Jane Seay, KA, A8iS, Albuquerque, N.M. ' i 11 tudent Buckle De n forF1nel Week TOP ROW: Harry F. Seclc, Jr., AKE, Bus., Shawnee: Jana Lou See, X9. A8fS. Lindsay: Susan Gene Seelig, AE'l', A8aS, Universify Cily. Mo.: Harry Richard Segnar, 13911, Engr.. OC: Elaine Seligson, EAT, Educ.. OC: Melinda Sellers, XYZ. AES, OC: Bob Seviclc, 'I'l'A, UC, Amarillo, Tex. SECOND ROW: Diane Fisher Sexlon, A8fS, Okemah: Marcia Shaffer, ABS, OC: Belly E. Sharp, UC, Duncan: Donald P. Sharp, UC, Lulh- er: Joe W. Shary, ASQS, Columbia, Pa.: Doug Shaw, A8fS, OC: Su- san Shepard, AF, A84S, Dallas, Tex. THIRD ROW: Charles F. Shield, III, A8fS, Hunlsville, Ala.: Johnny A. Shipley, A8rS, OC: Susie Shires, UC, Tulsa: James R. Shroyer, A8cS. Olamulgee: Porfer R. Shulls, IIKA, Engr., Pine Bluff, Ark.: Phyllis McGan Siddens, Educ.. Union Town, Ky.: James A. Sigler, ABS. Monlqomery, Ala. FOURTH ROW: John B. Simpson. AZQS, OC: Marlene Sims, AXS2, ABS, OC: Roberl' A. Sims, UC, Norman: Sally Ann Sinclair, KA9, AHS, OC: Eileen R. Sinderbrand, AWP, Educ., Wharlon, Tex.: Rich- ard A. Singer, 'I'BA, Engr., Enid: Mary Jo SIeH'en, UC, Plalf. S.D. FIFTH ROW: Liane "Tanlcy" Sloien, EAT, Educ.. San Anlonio, Tex.: Jerry M. Sluslcy, 'I'l3A, Bus., Omaha. Neb.: Cecelia D. Smilh, AAA, ASS, Comanche: Chrisfine M. Smiih, FA, Norman: Dewey L. Smifh. AES. Shawnee: Ed W. Smiih, Jr., EX, A8cS, Tulsa: Ellen Smith, APA, Bus., OC. SIXTH ROW: Leslie Smiih, AX9. A8fS, Bedford, Ind.: Marilyn R. Smiih, FA, Muskogee: Marsha Smilh, AAA, A8fS, Clovis, N.M.: Paula Ann Smifh, AXSZ, UC. OC: Michael Frederick Snipple, FA. Alva: James R. Slaughfer, ATA. ASS, OC: Charles Michael Smiih. 'FAQ UC, Panhandle, Tex. SEVENTH ROW: Dean 'Smilh, 'I'FA. Bus., Woodward: Jan Sneed, llB'l', AES. Barllesville: King T. Solomon, KE, Bus., Marshall, Tex.: Slephen Craig Spann, EN, UC, Tulsa: Bill E. Spence, Engr.. Spring- field. Mo.: Mary Spencer, A'l'. A8fS, Borger, Tex.: Arvon R. Sfaals, UC, Tulsa. EIGHTH ROW: William K. Siacy, ARS, OC: Daryl T. Slallings, 'l'A9, UC, OC.: Elizabelh Ann Slallings, Nursing, Allus: Dean Sia- mafis, K?-3, Bus., OC: Mary Ann Sianley, UC, Tulsa: Cleophas Sfeele. Jr., AXQS. Dallas. Tex.: Gaynell Slees, FA, Wichila, Kan. NINTH ROW: Barbara Sfegeman, FA. Tulsa: Susan L. Sfeinmeyer, AF, Educ., OC: Roberl F. Slephens, AT, AHS, Lawlon: Larry P. S+ern, EAM, A8fS. Gardena. Calif.: Ron W. S+evens, BGII, UC. Tulsa: Janel' Slevenson, UC, Tinker AFB: John Thomas Slidham, UC, Milwaukee, Wis. TENTH ROW: Melinda Sfill, A'I', Nursing, Topeka, Kan.: Sfephen Richard Sfocldon, IIKA. UC. Garden Cilv N.Y.: Terry Lee Sfovall, FA, Lawlon: Kennefh E. Slowell, Jr., 13911, Bus., Wichifa, Kan.: Mandy Sfriclcland, AAA, A8:S, Tulsa: Carol C. Slriclcler, Nursing, Mooreland: Claudia Slringer, UC, Tulsa. ELEVENTH ROW: Milne Sfolper, 'l'BA, Bus.. Ponca Cily: Milce H. Slrong. BQU, A8fS, Tulsa: Brenda Slurdevanf, AX9, AXQS, Tinker AFB: Suddy Sudlaerry, KE, Bus.. Muskogee: William F. Sullivan, A8fS. Tulsa: Shelley Sulherland. A'I', UC, Dallas, Tex.: Ken L. Swan- son, ATU, Bus.. Lawlon. BOTTOM ROW: Cheryl Swearengen, X9, Educ., Amarillo, Tex.: Susan Sweeney, XU. Educ.. OC: John C. Swineford, BQH, A8fS. Chickasha: Bill A. Talbof, 1395. A8:S, Forr Worlh, Tex.: Anne E. Tay- lor, A3cS, Norman: Keene Taylor, AXA, Engr., Anadarlco: Lauralea Taylor, AX9, Educ., Tonkawa. READING abou+ The Age of Romance, Bonney Bassman is convinced 'lhaf srudying is nor always such a chore. TOP ROW: Pauline A. Taylor, UC, Midwesi Cily: Sieve Taylor, 13911. Pharm., Norman: Toni Taylor, KA9, AHS, OC: Pam J. Thed- ford, A8cS, Lubbock, Tex.: Anne Thomas, AXSZ, Educ., Lawron: John Thomas, UC, Duranl: Sfeve Thomas, fI'1'A, UC, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: David K. Thompson, UC, Tussy: Pafricia Ann Thompson, Educ., Midwesr Cify: Sandra Thompson, AFA, Educ., Tulsa: Jack L. Tillery, KZ, Bus., Odessa, Tex.: Jerome B. Tifus, Bus.. Fairfax, Va.: Linda Kaye Toberman, UC, Norman: Candi Todd, UC. Phoenix, Ariz. THIRD ROW: Cheryl Todd, KA9, AHS, Norman: Diane J. Toile, Educ., Housion: Ellen Tolber+, Educ., Hobarl: Sharyn S. Toler, KA, Educ., Muskogee: Edwin Y. Tomifa, Engr., Wahiawa, Hawaii: George J. Tolo, UC, Long Island Ciry, N.Y.: Ramey Tracy, AXA, Engr., Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: Terry Treadway, AAII, EA, Hollis: Lynda Treichler, AAA, Educ., OC: James Roberr TroH'er, EN, AHS, OC: Bobbie Trour, UC, OC: Caryl Tucker, KA, FA, London, England: Chuck Tucker, 'l'K'I', Engr., Norman: Elayne Marie Tull, UC, Deplford, N.J. FIFTH ROW: Alvin C. Turner, Jr., A-YP, ASQS, Norman: Harvey L. Turner, Bus., Springfield, lll.: Jean Uefrechf, I"l'B, ASQS, Dallas, Tex.: Philip C. Ulmer, KE, ASQS, Miami: Charles T. Underwood, Jr., EX. AES, Dallas, Tex.: Jimmie Jay U'ri+z, Educ., Beaumonr, Tex.: Claud- e'H'e M. Valeniine, Educ., Tulsa. SIXTH ROW: Donna J. Vana, KA, AXQS, Riverside, lll.: Doug Van Dyck, KA, AHS, Chickasha: Sieve L. Vargo, ATA, AXQS, Midwesf Cily: Patricia Vaughey, AXQS, Jackson, Miss.: Susan E. Vaughn, FA. Elmore Cily: Sam Veazey, SAE, AES, Ardmore: Dorre'Ha Ann Vec- cia, UC, Bronx, N.Y. SEVENTH ROW: Jerry Lee Venable, BGJII, A8eS, Beaver: Dick J. Venier, 'PKR UC, Denver, Colo.: Srephen R. Verges, UC, Dallas. Tex.: Janel' A. Vickburg, F'l'B, Educ., Tulsa: Marie Voegeli, UBfl', AXcS, Muskogee: Valarie Voehl, KA9, UC, Davis: Barbara E. Voiles, AAA, AES, Hooker. EIGHTH ROW: Roberl' Lee Vowell, Jr., Engr., Lawion: John William Wade, A8cS, Paiuxenf River, Md:. Ann F. Wages, ABS, Wichifa Falls, Tex.: Howard L. Wagner, UC, New York, N.Y.: Lynn E. Wal- cher, Educ., Blackwell: Brown Wallace, AXA, A8fS, Ponca Cily: Jacque Wallace, AAA, AHS, Norman. NINTH ROW: Roy Wallace, EAM, UC, Bronx, N.Y.: Gayle Wall- ing, AFA, AHS, Ryan: Nancy Walfon, KKF, A81S, Shalrluck: Susan L. Walhr, 1'fI'B, AES, Lawfon: Kennefh B. Wanderer, E'PE, A8rS, Hamilron AFB, Calif.: Barr H. Ward, KA, Engr., Norman: Jimmy Max Ward, ATU, AHS, Duncan. BOTTOM ROW: lrving D. Warden, Jr., A2342 Bus., Piflsburg, Kan.: Tina Ware, 1"I'B, ABS, Barflesville: Phyllis J. Warmack, KKF, Educ., Ada: Ar'rie Washburn, HKA, UC, Tulsa: Michael C. Washburn, BGU, A8:S, Norman: Jana Wassam, XYZ, UC, Tulsa: William H. Wa'Hs, UC. Okmulgee. eeend-Year College tudent Relax More l TOP ROW: William M. Wealrs, AKI5, UC. OC: Barbara Weafherly, All-A Educ R an' Sell E Webb APA Educ Duranl' Abbol-+ M. . .. y , y . . ' - . -. . Webber, AXQS, Sf. Pelersburg, Fla.: William M. Weinberg, AEII, UC. Shorl Hills, N.J.: William C. Weinrich, BGTI, ASS, Ponca Cily: Clifford I. Weinsfein, EAM, UC, New York, N.Y. SECOND ROW: Lew Weinsiein, EAM, UC, Lawlon: Roberi L. Weinslein, TBA, Bus., Omaha, Neb.: Kennis N. Wessel, A8fS, Mid- wesr Cily: Margarel' Ann West, 1"l'l5, Educ., Binger: Mary Belh Wesf. A81S, Healdlon: Vicki Wesler, AX9, Pharm., Garland, Tex.: William S. Whipple, UC, Golilsiown, N.H. THIRD ROW: Jane Whiie, 1"l'I3. ASQS. Chandler: Fred While, BGII, Bus., Kewanee, Ill.: Judi Kay While, I-"PB, FA. Forl Worlh, Tex.: Kalrina Kay While, XS?-, A8fS. Miami: Peier K. Whi+e, 'PA-9, Bus., Tulsa: Fred O. Whifehursf, TIKA, Pharm., Ardmore: William O. Whilehursl, IIKA, Pharm., Ardmore. FOURTH ROW: Jim Whilmire, ATA, AXcS, Slonewallg Cliff M. Whilmore, Bus., Pensacola, Fla.: Sharron Lynn Whilney, X9, Educ., Dallas, Tex.: Lloyd C. Wl1i'HaII, Jr., ATA, Engr., Tecumseh: Joe C. Whifile, ATU, ARS. S+. Pelersburq, Fla.: Jim S. Widman, EN. Bus., Greenwich, Conn.: Dick F. Wilburn, 'PK-E, Bus., Norman. FIFTH ROW: Janice M. Wilder, UC. Tulsa: Pam L. Wildhagen, UC, Dallas, Tex.: Eleanor "LolIy" Wilk, EAT, UC, New York, N.Y.: Carol Wilkinson, AX9. FA, OC: Belsy B. Williams, IYPB, A8zS. Des Moines. Iowa: Charley Williams, BAE, Bus., Ardmore: Craig E. Williams, 'I'1'A, A8fS, Dallas, Tex. SIXTH ROW: Don L. Williams, Engr., Anadarko: Karen Williams, Nursing, Keyes: Kerry Williams, X52, FA, OC: Michael D. Williams, ATA, Bus., Pauls Valley: Ramon E. Williams, AXA, AES, Dewey: Dana Williamson, A8fS, Maysville: Bob Willman, EX, AHS, Elk Grove Village. Ill. SEVENTH ROW: David Wilson, 'I'IfYI', Engr., Norman: Judy Wilson, l"I'B. Educ.. Elk Cify: Ramona Kay Wilson, UC. Norman: Sarah S. Wilson, UC, Larned, Kan.: Jim A. Willshire, EX, Bus., Tulsa: Rich- ard G. Winburn, 'I'-59, Enqr., Chicleasha: Brad Windsor, KE, Bus.. Midwesl Cily. EIGHTH ROW: Ronald M. Winfrey, UC, OC: John Douglas Win- -lermule, TIKA, A8fS, Arlinglon, Va.: David Henry Wise, AEH, UC. Long Island Cily, N.Y.: Jones L. Wifcher, 'Il-'39, AHS, Amarillo, Tex.: Janie M. Wiihrow, AAA, Educ., Seminole: Louis M. Wolf, Educ., Harrisburg, Pa.: Jane A. Woodard, KKF, Educ., Tulsa. NINTH ROW: Nancy Woodruff, Xll, A8fS, Kingfisher, Bill Wood- son, EX, UC. Norman: Sally Woodward. ATA, Nursing, OC: Gay- ela Anne Word, A'l', UC. OC: William M. Word, Educ., ArneH': Gary D. Wrighl, 'I'K3, Bus.. Eva: Jack Wrighl, KE, UC, Cherokee. TENTH ROW: Mark D. Wrighf, AHS, Marshall, Tex.: Susan L. Wrighl, AX9, A8eS. Norman: Karen Lea Wynn, A8rS, Norman: Tim Wynn, AXA, Engr., Kellering, Ohio: Linda Yandell, 1"l'B, A8fS. We- woka: Carolyn Yeager, Ali, Educ., OC: Susan Yeager, -BV, Educ., OC. BOTTOM ROW: Douglas Richard Young, ASS, Tulsa: Nancy Young, AAA. AES, Grosse Pointe. Mich.: Pafricia Ann Young, UC, New- -lon, Kan.: Gary Alden Yusl, Engr., Tulsa: Don S. Zimmerman, AES. Thomas: Alan Arnold Zox, 'I'Ur5. AHS, Des Moines. Iowa: Peggy M. Zumwall, UC, Frederick. From High chool en10rtoLowl Froh TOP ROW: Donna S. Abel, AX9, UC, OC: Phil Alaernafhy, AT, UC, l-lenryeifa: Eddie Adams, EA-E, UC, Broken Arrow: Mark E. Adams, UC, Muskogee: Pam Adams, AF. UC, Amarillo, Tex.: Paul Roberf Adams, KA, UC, OC: Beverly Gail Adkins, AFA, UC, Norman. SECOND ROW: Rock D. Albers, UC, Union Ciiy: Ramon Alden, AXA, UC, Barllesville: Bessy Allen, UC, Hugo: Shirley Louise Allen, UC, Barilesville: Sieven L. Allen, ATU, UC, Newkirk: Roberl' Mar- shall Alierman, 'IfBA, UC, Allania, Ga.: Elizabeih Ann Alis+a'H', UC, Maysville. THIRD ROW: Sally C. Amspacher, KA9, UC, OC: Cheryl Kay Anderson, AFA, UC, Del Ciry: Jay Ann Anderson, UC, Excelsior Springs, Mo.: Richard C. Anderson, UC, Dallas, Tex.: Richard W. Anderson, UC. Richardson, Tex.: James V. Annuschaf, UC, King- fisher: Roger L. Applegare. UC, Falls Church. Va. FOURTH ROW: Chris Archer, UC, Tulsa: Merle M. Arens, UC. Braman: Linda Armsfrong, UC, Tulsa: Laura Berry Arringlon, AAA, UC. OC: Rachel Aschmann, UC, OC: John Tom Ashmore, ATS2, UC. Norman: Leah Kay Askew, UC, Moore. FIFTH ROW: Kenny D. Afkins, UC, Tulsa: Susie Afkins, Xlil. UC, Tulsa: Alviia A. Auslin, UC, Bradley: Joan Ausiin, AF, UC, OC: Susan Ausfin, AX9. UC. Joliei. Ill.: Marsha Baca, AFA. UC. New- lourgh, N.Y.: Roberl O. Badgeii, SWE, UC, Greal Falls, Monf. SIXTH ROW: Joyce C. Bailey, KA, UC, Lawion: Ginger Bain, AX9, UC, Barilesville: Alice Ann Baker, KA9, UC, Duranr: Connie Baker, AE'l', UC, Chicaqo: Penny Baker, AXQ, UC, Forr Worlh, Tex.: Thomas L. Baker, 'l'K3, UC, OC: Eli Balach, UC, Easi' Chicago, lncl. SEVENTH ROW: Larry S. Balch, UC, Tulsa: Donna Fay Baldrachi, UC. Barllesville: Guy Dean Baldwin, 'l'I'A, UC, Tulsa: John T. Ball, KE. UC, Breckenridge, Tex.: Louise Ball, KA, UC, Marlow: Susan Ballard, KA9, UC, Wlchila Falls, Tex.: Gail Bandy, AAA, UC. Barilesville. EIGHTH ROW: Gary R. Bane, 'l'T'A, UC, Madill: Aniia Michaele Bank, UC, Rapid Ciiy. S.D.: Ann Bapiisf, KA9, UC, Shawnee: Linda Barger, UC, OC: Michaelyn Kay Barker, UC, OC: Joan Barnhollz. AE'l', UC, San Anionio, Tex.: Melvin D. Barnes, UC, Noble. NINTH ROW: Merlene Barnes, UC, Cyril: Ron D. Barnes, UC, OC: Calhy J. Barr, EAT, UC, Dayion, Ohio: James F. Barr, AKE. UC. Tulsa: James M. Barr, UC, Dover: Sieve D. Barre'H', AEN. UC, Dal- las, Tex.: Donna Jean Barron, UC, Union Cily. TENTH ROW: Gail T. Barihel, UC, Ardmore: Calhy Sue Barl'leH'. UC, Anilers: Virginia E. Bari'le'H', AAU, UC, Norman: Paula Bashaw, KA. UC, Hominy: Sieve B. Bassman, WBA, UC, Des Moines, Iowa: Richard J. BaH'les, AE'l'. UC. Tulsa: John R. Bauer, EN, UC, Tulsa. ELEVENTH ROW: Beverly Anne Baugh, UC, Midwesi Ciry: Alberl E. Bauman, lll, UC, Baliimore, Md.: Vivian Elaine Baumgardner, UC. Dallas, Tex.: Becky Beard, UC, Moore: Ann E. Beaudry, FCPB, UC. Tinker AFB: Roberi J. Beavers, KE, UC, Waurika: Jack D. Becker, EX, UC. Alfus. BOTTOM ROW: William L. Beckey, UC, Grays Lake, III.: Sieve B. Belanger, UC, Guyrnon: Anne Bell, KA9, UC, Dallas, Tex.: Chuck Bell, 'PF-A, UC, Norman: Jack Bell, ATA. UC. Ferryion, Tex.: Rich- ard W. Bell, KA. UC, Forir Worrh, Tex.: Jerry B. Bendorf, UC, OC. .X' TOP ROW: Dave E. BenneH, 'I'A9, UC, Tulsa: Sandy Benniqhf, UC. Yukon: Larry S. Berglan, UC, Norman: James P. Berlowih, TBA, UC. OC: Emil Lee Bernick, AEN, UC, Calumel Cily. III.: Anne Bern- slein, EAT, UC, Des Moines, Iowa: Becky Berry, I1B'l'. UC, Nor- man. SECOND ROW: Melody Berry, AAA, UC. OC: C. Mike Berry, AT-Q. UC. OC: Joel A. Berryhill, UC, Barllesville: Richard Lynn Befles, UC, Norman: Jerry Bias, 'l'A9, UC, Muskogee: Ernie Bier- man, UC, OC: Biff Bigbie, HKA, UC, Ardmore. THIRD ROW: Jim H. Biffle, KE, UC, Muskogee: Charles Roy Bilbo, UC, Norman: Colleen Billings, KA9, UC, Woodward: Rifa Sue Bill- in lon, UC, San Anionio, Tex.: Roberla E. Billy, UC, Midwesl Cilyi 9 Naneife Bilyeu, 1'l13'l', UC, Grancllorks AFB, N.D.: Johnny Binga- man, EN. UC, Alius. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Bishop, UC, OC: Garelh L. Bishop, UC. Chickasha: Anila Joyce Black, UC, Yukon: Karen Margaref Black, UC, Elmhursi, III.: Teh Blackwell, BAE, UC, Tulsa: Sleve Blake, EN, UC. Pauls Valley: Nalalie Bloom, EAT. UC, San Diego, Calif. FIFTH ROW: Barney E. Blue, UC. Poriales, N.M.: Susan Blubaugh. AF. UC, Lawlon: Bruce E. Blue, 'l'BA, UC, Louisville, Ky.: Donna Blume, UC, Lifile Rock, Ark.: Davie Lee Boal, XYZ, UC, Ferl Smilh, Ark.: Neil E. Bogen, EX, UC, Tulsa: Janis Bogle, 1"l'B, UC, Shaw- nee. SIXTH ROW: Susan Kay Bomar, APA. UC. OC: Calhy Bonduranf, NP, UC, Tulsa: Karlann Bonifield, KKP, UC, Lawron: PaHy Bon- nell, 111341, UC, OC: Andi G. Bookey, EAT. UC. Des Moines, Iowa: Raymond L. Boolh, UC. Elkharl, Incl.: Roloerl G. Boren, 'l'-59, UC. Dallas, Tex. SEVENTH ROW: Kaye Bosley, X9, UC. Duncan: Jim L. Bolkin, 'l'KE, UC, Lawlon: Timolhy K. Bovee, UC, Norman: Mary Kalhryn Bowlby, UC. Shawnee: Mary Belh Bowlen, X9, UC, Edmonlon, AI- beria. Canada: Donald C. Bowman, AT-Q, UC, Wichiia, Kan.: Jane A. Bowman, 1"l'B. UC, Tulsa. EIGHTH ROW: Sarah Bowman, KA9, UC, Muskogee: Bill Boyd, KA, UC, Elk Cily: Pal' Boyd, UC, Forl' Worlh, Tex.: William J. Boyle, UC. Paramus, N.J.: Don Boyl, ZX, UC, Shawnee: Ronald Brackin, ATA, UC. Sand Springs: Joye Valene Braden, UC, Rand- Iell. NINTH ROW: Bobbe Bramson, EAT, UC, Highland Park, III.: Joyce Ann Brand, UC, Sand Springs: Clark S. Branf, ITKA, UC. Tulsa: John G. Branf, ATA, UC, OC: Vicki Brantley, AXSZ, UC, Dallas. Tex.: Marilyn Breslow, EAT. UC, Lincoln, Neb.: Susan Bresnick, EST, UC, Prairie Village, Kan. BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Brewer, AFA, UC, Duncan: Chris Bricmonr, KA, UC, OC: Susan Briggs, AFA, UC, Norman: Mike S. Brinson, ZA-E, UC, OC: Paul A. Brockwell lll, EX, UC, Tulsa: Lynwood Brooks, UC, OC: Candy Brown, UC, Washinglon, D.C. Fre hmen LEAVING lor school, Karlann Bonilield slarls her leaf colleclion for bofany early in 'rhe fall semesirer. Bubble Bursts With Fir t Exam Re ult TOP ROW: Darrell E. Brown, EX, UC, Tulsa: Elizabeih N. Brown, AE'P, UC, Dallas, Tex.: Gilberf Brown, UC, El Reno: Jane Ellin Brown, EAT, UC, Clayron, Mo.: Sherry Lyn Brown, KA, UC. OC: Sidney Brown, KE, UC, OC: Sieve Browne, BAE, UC, Wichira, Kan. SECOND ROW: Mike Bruce, EN, UC, Tulsa: Sharon E. Bruce, APA, UC, Tinker AFB: David Bruschi, UC. Erie, Pa.: Jane F. Buchanan. IIBKIP, UC, OC: Kennefh R. Buchanan, UC, OC: Jeb Bucher, TFA, UC, Casper, Wyo.: Barbara A. Budlong, UC, Arlanla, Ga. THlRD ROW: Barbara Kaye Bullard, X9, UC, Tulsa: Diane Bunch, AF, UC, Ponca Ciry: Donna Burger, UC, OC: Cherie Jane Burgess, A'l', UC, Casrle Rock, Colo.: Jean S. Burk, KA, UC, Fori' Smirh, Ark.: Maxey Burke, UC, Jones: William N. Burks lll, fl'-A9, UC, Evansville, lncl. FOURTH ROW: Carol Ann Burns, UC, OC: Allen Lewis Burns, Jr., UKA. UC, Wilmingion, Del.: David Alan Burns, UC, Ponca Ciiy: Lynda Louise Bursey, UC, Fori Worfh, Texas: Gregory S. Burion, TIKA, UC, Tulsa: Ronnie D. Burl'on, UC, Duncan: Sandra R. Busch, A'f', UC, Norman. FIFTH ROW: Nancy Sue Bu+ler, UC, Henryerra: Be'He Byrd, 1"l'B. UC, Wichira, Karl.: Byrne, mp, UC, Ada: Pafgy Ann Caffrey, UC, OC: Guyanne Calame, X9, UC, Norman: Donna Jean Cald- well, UC, Aloka: Pal' Calver'l', AE'l', UC, Housion. SlXTH ROW: Melissa J. Camp, UC, Guymon: Dean Campbell, 'l'Kl1', UC, Amarillo, Tex.: Ronald Lee Campbell, UC, Hugo: Rob- eri' B. Candler, UC, Tinker AFB: Mary Lou Cannon, UC, OC: David L. Canfrell, HKA, UC, Kailua, Hawaii: Mark Allan Capehari, BQII, UC, Tulsa. SEVENTH ROW: Jim Capps, BAE, UC. OC: Cecille Carameros, KKF, UC, Paris. France: Jeffrey A. Carlsfead, UC, Flossmoor, lll.: Tom A. Carnevale, 'PHX UC, OC: James J. Carroll, UC, Arlingron, Va.: Roberi' L. Carroll, Jr., UC, Temple: Glenn Carson, UC, La Junia, Colo. ElGHTH ROW: Jim R. Carfer, KE, UC, Tulsa: Roger G. Cari'- wrighf, UC, Lawlon: David Casper, ATA, UC, Midwesi' Ciry: Danny J. Cassidy, 'I'1'A, UC, Blackwell: Calhy Cassfevens, AX9, UC, Tam- pa, Fla.: Merrilee Cafching, X9, UC. Liirle Rock, Ark.: S1-ephen L. Caie, UC, Whiie Plains, N.Y. NINTH ROW: Gwen Caro, UC, Jackson, Tenn.: Tony Cecere, HKA. UC, OC: Renie Cenfer, EAT, UC, Arlanla, Ga.: Paul Howard Cerba, AEW, UC, Cleveland, Ohio: Gay Chalfanf, XYZ, Cheyenne: Sieve E. Chambers, UC, OC: George G. Chandler lll, UC, Whir- ford Exion, Pa. TENTH ROW: John W. Chandler, UC, Spencer: Joe P. Chapman, UC, OC: Mike Charlesron, UC, OC: Ricky L. Chase, PKPB. UC. Seminole: Tom L. Chemberlen, UC, Visalia, Calif.: Candy Lynne Cherniack, EAT, UC, Omaha, Neb.: Nancy A. Childers, UC, OC. ELEVENTH ROW: Linda A. Chrisman, UC, Midwesr Cily: Melvin D. Chrisman, UC, Midwesl' Cify: Marrha Chrisf, X9, UC, Tulsa: Richard M. CinoHo, VPKE, UC, Alius: Carrer Blue Clark, ATQ, UC. OC: Ken Clark, UKA, UC, OC: Richard Clark, KE, UC, Norman. BOTTOM ROW: Roberf Clark, KE. UC, Norman: Carolyn Clayion, UC, OC: Charles E. Clay!-on, ATA, UC, Midwesr Ciiy: Sandra W. Cleary, UC, Brownsville, Tex.: Mary Kay Clemons, UC, Midwesr Ciry: Megan Clement UC, Ardmore: Jane Clenney, UC, Los Lunas, N.M. TOP ROW: Vic Cleveland, EN, UC, Allus: Carol Ann Cliffon, AF. UC. Dallas, Tex.: Michael Cline, UC, Camden, Ark.: Joan A. Cloe. UC, Moore: Thomas Jay Cloud, ATS2, UC, OC: John Coburn, UC, Maumee, Ohio: Jerry D. Cockrell, ITKA, UC, Ardmore. SECOND ROW: Carolyn M. Coffey, UC, Midwesl Cily: Margaref Coffman, 1TB'l', UC, Ardmore: Cheryl Ann Cogman, UC, Ponca Cily: Barby Cohen, AWP, UC, Highland Park, III.: Wayne Cohen, AEN, UC, Rosemore, Calif: K. S. Kohlmia, ATA, UC, Shailuckg Sleven L. Cole, UC, Arkansas Cily, Kan. THIRD ROW: Jennifer Coil, AAA, UC. OC: Mike Colberf, SAE. UC, Clinlon: Don R. Cole, 13911, UC, Muskogee: John Cole, HKA, UC, OC: Donald Charles Coleman, IIKA, UC, Wichila Falls, Tex.: James Richard Coleman, UC, Camden, Ark.: Sally R. Coleman, A'l', UC. OC. FOURTH ROW: James H. Coling, ATU, UC, OC: Larry E. Col- lier, BAE, UC, Lawlon: Claudia Collins, AAA, UC, Tulsa: Dwighl' A. Collins, UC, Tulsa: Tommi Elizabelh Collins, UC, Norman: Karen Sue Cook, UC, Clinlon: Richard S. Cook, AKE, UC, Anadarko. FIFTH ROW: William W. Cook, UC, Norman: Toni E. Cooksey, UC, Gurhrie: Mickie Cooles, UC. Forl Worlh. Tex.: Melanie Jane Coop- er, UC, Wewoka: Roberfa Ann Cooper, KA, UC, Dallas, Tex.: San- dra Lynne Cooper, UC. Tulsa: Millon D. Combs, AXA, UC, Enid. SIXTH ROW: Douglas Conn, AXA, UC, Forl Worlh, Tex.: Mike Conn, UC, Wewoka: Kenl B. Connally, UC, Norman: Larry F. Coro, AKE, UC, Tulsa: Linda J. Cofhran, UC, OC: Mickey H. CoHom, UC, Mounds: Marilyn Jean Council, UC. Maxwell AFB, Ala. SEVENTH ROW: Kae Coury, AFA, UC, Perrylon, Tex.: Don D. Cox, K-A, UC, Ardmore: Kalhy Jane Cox, UC, For? Smilh, Ark.: Sandy Lee Cox, AP, UC, Amarillo, Tex.: Judy Coyle, KU, UC, Ada: Susan L. Craddock, UC, Norman: Bob Craig, 'FK-Y, UC, Tulsa. EIGHTH ROW: Cheryl A. Craig, AV, UC, Norman: Kenneih P. Craig, KA, UC, OC: Carl F. Craighead, EX, UC, Barllesville: Kaih- leen Ann Crain, UC, Waynoka: Dean J. Craven, EN, UC, Oneonla. N.Y.: Connie Sue Crawford, KAG, UC, Ardmore: Fred L. Craw- ford, BX, UC, OC. NINTH ROW: Gay Lyne'He Crawford, UC, Lawlon: William E. Cromwell, UC, Enid: Dick Croom, EAW, UC. Ardmore: Dexfer Cros- by, KE. UC. S+. Paul, Minn.: Roberf L. Crosslin, EX, UC, Tulsa: Laura E. Crouch, UC, Barllesville: Susan M. Culp, HB'l', UC, Ard- more. BOTTOM ROW: Susan Gay Cunningham, UC, Commerce: Judy Currier, UC, Lamonl: Lu Belh Curry, AAA, UC, Muskogee: Charloffe E. Curfis, UC, El Reno: Dalfon B. Curlis, Jr., UC, New Cumber- land, Pa.: Kaihy E. Cushnie, UC, Keaau, Hawaii: Wayne Dabney, EX. UC, Verclen. Fre hmen DISCOVERING 'rhai' his leachers mean business, Reyndell Siockman digs in 'ro research his lirsr college paper. Fre hmen LAZY Saiurdays give Wayne Earls and James Rochelle The opporiunify To loolc over exlriibiis in Slovall Museum. TOP ROW: Carolyn Daley, UC, OC: Gerald V. Damron, KA, UC, Elk Ciiy: Orville E. Damron, HKA, UC, Tulsa: Ray Dan, TBA, UC. Brownsville, Tenn.: David Allen Daniel, UC, OC: Judi Daniel, UC. Crescenl: Douglas E. Danner, UC, Evansville, Ind. SECOND ROW: Mary Jane Daron, UC, OC: Gail Margaref Dar- rah, UC, OC: Jeff Davidoff, 4-'59, UC, OC: Charles A. Davis, TFA, UC, Tulsa: Dave A. Davis, UC, Ada: Diane E. Davis, UC, Sny- der: Karol Davis, UC, OC. THIRD ROW: Lee H. Davis, 'l'BA, UC, Tulsa: Siephen W. Davis, UC, Wewolca: Susan Lea Davis, UC, Denison, Tex.: Walfer R. Davis, UC, Eulaula: Wayne Davis, ITKA, UC, OC: Joan Dean, Xfl, UC, Tulsa: Tony C. DeBeIlis, IIKA, UC, Lawlon. FOURTH ROW: Roberi' E. Deering, UC, OC: Laura Lynn Deerin- wafer, UC, Wichiia Falls, Tex.: Ken Delashaw, AXA, UC, OC: Ben Dellavedova, fI'K2, UC, Tulsa: Jack Dennis Deligans, Jr., UC, Liver- more, Calif.: Larry Ross Demas, UC, Lawion: Sue Dennis, UC, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: Emmy Derby, HB'i', UC, Wichiia, Kan.: Richard P. Derix, UC. DeKalb. lll.: Fred Silva, ATU, UC, OC,: Suzanne Dessauer, AE'I', UC, Norman: Cheri Deu+cl1, AE'l', UC, Kansas Cily, Kan.: Charles Deufsch, UC, OC: Fefe Devaney, -PKXP, UC, Forl' Worih. lex. SIXTH ROW: Ann Dibrell, UC, Ardmore: Bob Diclcey, ATA, UC, Lawion: Mary Linda Dicus, UC, Ada: William E. Diepenbroclc, UC. Norman: Neil S. DiGiammaHeo, ZFPE, UC, Siirling, N.J.: Linda L. Dirks, I"lfB, UC, Sioux Cily, Iowa: Jane Susan Domianoviclw, UC, Ada. SEVENTH ROW: Jucliih A. Dorney, UC, OC: Claude L. Dorsey, UC, Alma, Ark.: Roberi' J. Dorsi, Jr., UC, Siirling, N.J.: Roberi H. Douglas, UC, OC: Ronald A. Downey, UC. Pillsburgh, Pa.: Deborah Louise Downing, AAA, UC, OC: Marca Jane Downing, AAA, UC, OC. EIGHTH ROW: Rober+ E. Downing, UC. OC: Susy Drewry, AF. UC, Lawlon: Dennis A. Dudley, UC, Columbia, Tenn.: Janel Kay Duffy, UC. Aniliony, Kan.: Sylvia Dumas, IVPB, UC, Norman: Debbie L. Dunn, UC, Miclwesr Ciiy: Jan Dunn, UC, Lone Wolf. NINTH ROW: Jayme Dunn, PPE, UC, Shawnee: ScoH' Dunn, UC, McAlesl'er: Leslie Jean Durall, UC, OC: Roberf E. Dufliie, UC, Holland. N.Y.: Sieve Dyer, UC, Tulsa: Ben E. Dyess, Jr., 'PAQ UC. Fori' Wor'rl'1, Tex.: Jol1n A. Eaglesron, 'l'A9, UC, OC. BOTTOM ROW: William G. Eales, UC, Hobarr: John Earl, EX, UC, Tulsa: Wayne Earles, UC, El Reno: Doyle E. Easierwood, UC, Velma: Charles D. Echols, UC, OC: Marilyn Edgmon, UC. Purcell: Julie Anna Elder, UC, OC. writ Current of C TOP ROW: Helen Dawn Ellison, UC. Graham, Tex.: Siephen R. England, UC. OC: Nancy English, AX9, UC. Tulsa: Rober+ K. Ep- person, EN. UC, Tulsa: Carey O. Epps, ATU. UC. Tulsa: Tom Erbar, ADP, UC. El Reno: Susie J. Erickson, AF. UC, Dallas. Tex. SECOND ROW: Jody Esfes, KA. UC. Allanla. Ga.: Mary Alice Eurfon, XS2, UC. Norman: Bob Evans, UC. Ardmore: David F. Evans. ITKA. UC, Ardmore: Jimmy M. Everell, HKA, UC, Tulsa: Sandra Kay Enell. UC. Sapulpa: Roberf M. Fano. UC, OC. THIRD ROW: Daniel N. Farber, 'l'l'5A, UC. Memphis, Tenn.: Siephen S. Farha. UC, OC: Lou Anne Farmer, UC. Duncan: Gloria J. Far- ris, ANU. UC. Norman: Sfeve Faruzzo, UC. Valley Slream, N.Y.: Bill B. Fears, BAE, UC, OC: Jaclc Roberi' Fein. AEI-I. UC, Laurellon. N.Y. FOURTH ROW: Edward A. Felmlee, UC, Tulsa: Ann Fenfon, AAA. UC. OC: Cynihia Alyne Ferguson, UC, Alexandria, Va.: Ron C. Ferguson, ATA. UC. Lawion: Marguerile J. Ferrer, UC, Lawlon: Mihi Ferris. I"l'B. UC, Tulsa: Richard Fierslein, 'I'BA, UC, Souih Orange. N.J. FIFTH ROW: Marilyn S. Finch, UC, Tulsa: Gerry W. Fine. 'l'BA. UC, Dallas, Tex.: Charles H. Finelaerg, TBA, UC, Memphis. Tenn.: Greg Richard Finley, ATSZ, UC. Tulsa: Janel' Finley, UC, Shawnee: T. Charles Finnerry. Acacia, UC, Norman: John Finney, ATA. UC. Norman. SIXTH ROW: Carol Lynn Fischer, AEKP, UC. Sl. Louis. Mo.: John R. Fisher, KA, UC, Balboa Hqis., Canal Zone: Harold L. Fife. NKA, UC, Beihany: Ralph E. Fleelham, UC, El Reno: Bob Floyd, ATA, UC. OC: Elizalaelh Floyd, UC, Cushing: Ronny Floyd. UC, Duncan. SEVENTH ROW: Paula Foley. UC. Waverly, W. Va.: Marcia Follxs, APA. UC, OC: Roberf Raymond Fonclc, UC. Norih Liirlle Rock. Ark.: Kalhy Forbes, A'l'. UC. Honolulu, Hawaii: James A. Ford, UC. Tinker AFB: Susan Ford. KA9, UC, Hugo: Rochelle S. Fordin, UC. New York. N.Y. EIGHTH ROW: Lexy Forsberg. 1'll'B. UC, Ponca Cify: Ann For- syihe, AF, UC, Ardmore: Glenn A. Fosler, UC, OC: Paily A. Fow- ler, UC. Norman: Charles Engell France, ATU, UC. OC: Jackie G. Frank. KKT-'. UC. Houslon: Pal- Frazee. 2'l'E, UC, Urbana, Ohio. NINTH ROW: Dick Frazier, AKE, UC. OC: Daniel F. Freeman, KE, UC. Wewoka: Mike Freeman. UC. Tulsa: Sheryl Freeman, AX9, UC. Norman: Margo Friedman, Al5'l', UC, Rock Island. Ill.: R. Franlclin Fry, UC. Hugo: Sally Frye, AF, UC, OC. TENTH ROW: Marfha Fryer, KA9, UC, OC: Susan Lee Fryer, KKF, UC, OC: Marie Anna Frynlzlro, KKF, UC. Graniie Ciry, lll.: Rolo- erf A. Fullop. UC. Carmi, III.: Carl L. Fulfon, UC, Ada: Linda S. Fulron, UC. Duncan: Louis J. Gagnon, UC, Sparla, N.J. ELEVENTH ROW: Randy Gaines, BSU, UC, Olcmulgee: Sieve Gaines. 'I'BA, UC, Tulsa: Jim D. Gallup, 2'l'E. UC, Tulsa: Michael Galluzzo, UC, New York, N.Y.: Linda J. Galoob. UC. San Fran- cisco: Ray E. Gandy, AXA. UC. Rome. N.Y.: Roberl' Dale Gans- line. UC. Belle View. Neb. BOTTOM ROW: Gilda L. Ganf, UC. Ardmore: Judi A. Garland, KA, UC, OC: William D. Garner, UC. Miclwesi' Cily: Jim Garne'H'. KE, UC, OC: Suzanne GarreH, AFA, UC, Barilesville: Gail Fay Garrison, UC, Winneia, Ill.: Cheryl Jo Ga-les, AP. UC, Norman. ollege Courses Hit Home Fre hmen "HISTORY was never This much fun before," Thinks Dave Bruschi as he fries 'ro concenlrale on his lessons. TOP ROW: Cyn+hia A. Gaun'H, 1TB'l', UC, OC: Michael S. Geller, EAM. UC, Clifron, N.J.: Richard Allen Genfry, 2'i'E, UC, OC: Charles M. Gerber, UC. Lifilelon, Colo.: Sfanley A. Gersf, UC, McGuire AFB, N.J.: Richard J. Gibbens, AT, UC, Casper, Wyo.: J. Burr Gibbons, KA, UC, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: Ann Gibbs, KA, UC, OC: James N. Gibson, AXA, UC, OC: Danne Gilmore, HUP, UC. Cushing: Mary Ann Gilmore, UC, OC: Roberl' W. Gilmore, UC, Blanchard: Bob E. Gingrich, fl'I'A, UC, OC: Belle J. Glads+ein, AWP, UC, McAles+er. THIRD ROW: J. A. Godchaux, Jr., A-ti'l', UC, New Orleans: Greg A. Goldberg, 'l1BA, UC, Prairie Village, Kan.: Howard P. Goldberg, UC, Newark, N.J.: Susan G. Golds+ein, AE'l', UC, Sioux Cily, Iowa: Pai' Golem, UC, Tinker AFB: Julie Goode, FTB, UC, Duncan: Jim K. Goodman, ATA. UC, OC. FOURTH ROW: Marsha Goodman, EAT, UC, Kansas Ci+y, Mo.: Max Gordon, 'l'BA, UC, Prairie Village, Kan.: Nona C. Gordon, AAU, UC, Norman: Melinda Ann Gordy, UC, Ponca Cify: Sfeven H. Gorin, AEU, UC, Greer Neck, N.Y.: Bill Gorney, ATA, UC, Tulsa: Sherre Goss, AXS2, UC, OC. FIFTH ROW: Howdy Goudy, KA9, UC. Denver, Colo.: John Perry Graff, UC, Harlingen, Tex.: Lawrence F. Graham, UC, Purcell: Jim Granf, EX, UC, Tulsa: Jean Ann Grauel, IVPB, UC, Barllesville: Judy Lynn Gravlin, AX9, UC, OC: Roberi Marlin Gray, UC. Barilesville. SIXTH ROW: Bruce D. Grayum, UC, Midwesr Ciiy: A. Bruce Green, SAE, UC, Purcell: Keifh B. Green, UC, OC: Michael H. Green- baum, AEH, UC, Allania, Ga.: Judy Greene, AF, UC, OC: Linda Carol Greer, AATT, UC, Prague: Pamela Jo Gregory, AFA, UC. OC. SEVENTH ROW: Frances l. Greif, AWP, UC, Memphis, Tenn.: Benny M. Griffin, UC, OC: James E. Griffin, AKE, UC, Chickasha: Cafherine Griffifh, UC, New Braunfels, Tex.: Cherry Kay Griffifh, KU, UC, Norman: Jerry L. Griffifh, BAE, UC, OC: Richard Mac Griffifh, BETH, UC, Shreveport La. EIGHTH ROW: David A. Griffy, 'PK-il, UC, OC: Lamar F. Grimes, UC, Mariefla, Ga.: Pairicia A. Grimm, UC, Liberlyville, III.: Rich- ard Grimm, 'l'1'A, UC, Pauls Valley: Jack Rodney Grisham, UC, Wichita Falls, Tex.: Diane D. Groom, A'l', UC, Souih Colleyville: Roberi' L. Gross, UC, Barnsdall. NINTH ROW: Linda L. Grosse, KA, UC, Dallas, Tex.: Penny Lee Guinn, UC, Ada: Carole Sue Gumm, AAII, UC, Cushing: Susan M. Gunderson, AAA, UC, Fairfax, Va.: Suzanne Gunderson, AAA, UC, OC: Sherie Gunn, UC, Amarillo, Tex.: John Richard Gurley, WPA, UC, Blackwell. BOTTOM ROW: Libby Gusfine, UC, Shreveport La.: Ed Guihrie, EX, UC, OC: Charles Haberl, Acacia, UC, Eafonrown, N.J.: Ann Haddock, UC, Norman: Al Haferkamp, 'I'KXI', UC, Norman: Elaine F. Hahn, KA, UC, Midwesf Cily: Marcia Hale, AAA, UC, Moore. ..4z1u1..La f P- .x-.1 1.11. Home, Family Sometimes Seem Far Away TOP ROW: Mary Lee Hale, KA, UC, Morgan Cify, La.: Liz Hall, KA9, UC, Muskogee: Marquifa Hall, UC, OC: Richard Vance Hall. 'PK-3, UC, Fl. Cobb: Rifa Joyce Hall, FDB, UC. Shawnee: Sieve C. Halpern, EAM, UC, Dallas, Tex.: Sandra Kaye Hamer, UC, Mid- wesi' Cily. SECOND ROW: Jack R. Hammond, UC, Glenview, ill.: Barbara G. Hammons, X9. UC, Seminole: Bill Hammons, BAE, UC, Shawnee: Toni Hampfon, AAA, UC, Meeker: Doug E. Hanes, EN, UC, Dallas, Tex.: Malcolm Haney, 'l'FA, UC, OC: Philip Sinks Haney, UC, Tulsa. THIRD ROW: Linda G. Hansford, UC, Lawion: Owen K. Harding, UC, Midwesf Ciry: Janei' P. Hardy, AF, UC. Union, Mo.: Joseph S. Hargis, UC, Tulsa: Jim Hargrove, AT, UC, Liberal, Kan.: William Ronald Harlan, UC, Vinifa: Gary V. Harlin, UC, OC. FOURTH ROW: Mary A. Harlow, 1TB'l', UC, Norman: Darylene Harmon, AFA, UC, Elmhursr, Ill.: Kafhy Harn, IWB, UC, Tulsa: Larry S. Harral, 13911, UC, Norman: Jim O. Harrel, UC, Midwesi Cify: Sfephen G. Harrell, A2342 UC, Barilesville: Sandra Harring- +on. UC, OC. FIFTH ROW: Barbara S. Harris, TIB'b, UC, Ada: Edward A. Har- ris, AEIT, UC, Cranford, N.J.: John H. Harris, BGH, UC, OC: Phil Harris, KE, UC, Roff: Raymond M. Harris, IIKA, UC, OC: Doane F. Harrison, EAR, UC, Norman: David Allen Harrisf, HKA, UC, Lawlon. SIXTH ROW: Greg Hari, EN, UC. Tulsa: John F. Harvey, UC, Abi- lene, Tex.: Rudy Harvey, BAE. UC, Shawnee: Sieve Barry Herz, EAM, UC. Jersey Ciiy, N.J.: Jodene Haihaway, AAA, UC, Barlles- ville: Harva J. Hawkins, UC, OC: Roy D. Hawkins, UC, Sand Springs. SEVENTH ROW: Linda Hay, AAA, UC, Dallas, Tex.: Melany A. Hay, UC, OC: Jeri Lee Hayes, UC, Oologah: Tommy G. Hayes, UC. Norman: Jerry B. Heap, UC, Frederick: Ellen Heard, KA, UC. Lawlon: Donna L. Hearn, UC, Duncan. EIGHTH ROW: Phyllis Hearfsill, KA. UC, Midwesi Ciiy: Elaina Heafh, UC, Barilesville: Jenefred Hederhorsi, KKF, UC, Bayiown, Tex.: Jackie Hefley, UC, Prairie Village, Kan.: Jerry Hager, 2'l'E, UC, Hydro: Barbara Heinen, UC, OC: Jan Kay Heinze, UC, OC. NINTH ROW: Douglas C. Hellerson, UC, Plainfield, N.J.: Bob Hemphill, UC, Cleveland: Joseph A. Hendon, UC, OC: Bill Hend- ricks, ATA, UC. Prague: Anne Henderson, KA9, UC, OC: Louise Henderson, K-KP, UC, Muskogee: Roberi K. Henderson, 13911, UC, OC. TENTH ROW: Sfan Henderson, ZX, UC, Fair Oaks, Calif.: Cafhy Hensley, UC, OC: Gordon B. Henley, UC. Sapulpa: Marsha J. Henry, UC, OC: Gary L. Hensler, K-3, UC, Ada: Richard Herring- ron, UC, Ardmore: Barbara E. Herzog, EAT, UC, Omaha, Neb. ELEVENTH ROW: Nancy Hess, KA, UC, Lawion: David A. Hesier, 3911, UC. Chelsea: Joyce L. Hauser, UC, Kerfering Ohio: Rober+ J. HewiH', ATA, UC, Muskogee: Susan Gae Hia'H', UC, Barilesville: Rudy "Doe" Hiersche, fI'I'A, UC, Midwesi' Ciiy: Dan F. Highley, EX, UC. OC. BOTTOM ROW: Billie M. Highfower, UC, Lexingion: Tom G. Hil- borne, UC, OC: Randy Kenf Hilding, UC, New Orleans: Margo Hilfinger, 1"i'B, UC, Wichira, Kan.: Gary Hill, ATA, UC, OC: Terry R. Hill, UC, OC: Thomas M. Hill, KA, UC, Barflesville. ome Drop by Way id eg Other Enduro TOP ROW: Bill Hinkle, AT, UC, Barilesville: Dick J. Hinkle, UKA, UC, Lawlon: John R. Hoagland, UC, OC: Gloria J. Hobbs, UC, OC: Pam Hodder, KA9, UC, Miclwesi' Ciry: Alan Hoffman, ZWE. UC. El Reno: Jill Holderby, AAU, UC, Cherokee. SECOND ROW: Jan Hollingshead, KA9. UC, Srroud: Larry D. Hollingshead, UC, OC: Jill Hallman, fIB'l', UC. Norman: Susan King Holloway, KKF, UC, Tulsa: Roberi' D. Holi, Acacia, UC. Barllesville: Jean E. Holzbeierlein, KKF, UC, Duncan: Marilyn Hope, KA. UC, Maysville. THIRD ROW: Sharon K. Hopkins, AXS2, UC, Shawnee: Gary K. Horn, UC, Grandview, Tex.: Sue Horn, AAIT, UC, Siillwafer: Linda Hornbuckle, UC. Tulsa: Bonnie Ann Horne, KKF, UC, Chickasha: Craig William Hosfer, ATA, UC, OC: Don L. Howard, UC. Lex- ingion, Ky. FOURTH ROW: Gary E. Howard, 'I'K'1', UC, OC: Mary Lynn Howard, UC, Midwesl' Cify: Nancy Carol Howard, UC, Hinron: Barbara Howe, UC, OC: Randell Huffman, AT, UC, Norman: Carl D. Hughes, KA, UC, Sapulpa: Claudia Sue Hughes, UC, OC. FIFTH ROW: Richard M. Hunf, JJKE, UC, OC: Crisiina D. Hun?- er, UC, Midwesi Ciiy: John J. Hudak, Acacia. UC. Pilisburgh, Pa.: Reed O. Hudson, UC. OC: Evalynne Hugon, UC, Miclwesi Ciiy: Judy Humphrey, UC. Duncan: Keni J. Humphreys, UC, OC. SIXTH ROW: Glenda Hunf, UC, Midwesi Ciiy: Mary F. Hunfer, UC, Hobarr: Ed Hunizicker, UKA, UC, Memphis, Tenn.: Mary Lou Hurlburf, AAU, UC, Tulsa: Karhy Husfon, KA9, UC, Tulsa: Jim Hyde, 'I'1'A. UC. OC: Mike Hynes, UC, Okemah. SEVENTH ROW: Harold Imke, ATA, UC, Shairuck: Sieve Ingle, ATA, UC, OC: Howard D. Inglish, UC, Del Ciiy: Dee Ingram, UC. OC: Doug lnhofe, B911 UC, Tulsa: Henry J. Inman, UC, Del Cily, Sieve R. Inman, BETH, UC. OC. EIGHTH ROW: Murla Jean Ishmael, UC, Jenks: Sondra Sue lvie. UC, Tulsa: George Jackman, Jr., A2342 UC, Norman: Joe Kennefh Jackson, UC, OC: Shirley A. Jackson, UC. Barllesville: Jeff I. Ja- cobson, 'I'BA, UC, Des Moines, Iowa: Jan Jarmon, X9, UC, Fori Worrh, Tex. NINTH ROW: Ron Jensen, BAE. UC, Ardmore: Barfon Johnson, UC, Norman: Becky L. Johnson, UC, Norman: Bill Johnson, UC. Old Greenwich, Conn.: Bob Johnson, UC, Ada: Dennis E. Johnson, KA, UC, OC: Jane Johnson, AAA. UC, OC. TENTH ROW: John H. Johnson, UC, Midwesr Ciiy: Karen L. John- son, UC. Ardmore: Keni' ScoH' Johnson, ATU, UC, OC: Linda H. Johnson, UC. Memphis, Tenn.: Mary Johnson, AF, UC. OC: Paula Johnson, UC, LaMar, Colo.: Rosilyn A. Johnson, KKP. UC, OC. ELEVENTH ROW: Srephen N. Johnson, UC, Tyler, Tex.: Sieven L. Johnson, UC, Midwesr Ciiy: Vivian E. Johnson, UC, Belen, N.M.: Judiih Ann Johnsfon, IWB, UC, Holdenville: Troy E. Johnsfon, UC. Clearwafer. Kan.: David S. Jones, UC. Tulsa: Donald N. Jones, UC. Okmulgee. BOTTOM ROW: Jane Thompson Jones, KA9, UC, Birmingham, Mich.: Ronald L. Jones, KE, UC. OC: Susan Jordan, AX9, UC. OC: Mike Juergens, KE, UC, Miami: Donald M. Kain, AXA, UC. Falls Church, Va.: Ronald Alan Kanfer, EAM, UC, Brooklyn. N.Y.: Roberi' E. Kapp, 'I'K'I', UC, Blyrheville. Ark. TOP ROW: Richard L. Kaser, Acacia, UC. OC: Gene A. Kasparek. 13911. UC, Barilesville: Gail Ellen Kell, AE'l'. UC, Rockford, Ill.: Marc Kahz. EAM. UC. Jamaica, N.Y.: Laurie A. Kaufman, UC. OC: Shelly Kay. Al'i'l', UC, Denver. Colo.: Liiha Kealor, Ali, UC, Mid' wesl Cily. SECOND ROW: Tom F. Keeley, EN. UC, Blackwell: Guy Keiih, 'I'K'l'. UC. OC: Jane R. Kelley. UC. Anchorage, Ky.: Bob D. Kel- logg, UC, OC: Mark C. Kelly. KA, UC. Flelcher: Mike Kelly, ATA. UC. Tulsa: Linn J. Kempner, 'l'BA. UC, Lillie Rock, Ark. THIRD ROW: Chaniece Anne Kennedy, UC, Midwesl Cily: Harvey M. Kennedy, UC, OC: Marilyn Kennedy, KA. UC, Norman: Susan Raye Kennedy, UC. Gainesville, Tex.: Carol Sue Ken+, A'l'. UC. Seilinq: Don R. Kerby, Bt-III, UC, Norman: Melody Kerr, UC, La Grange. III. FOURTH ROW: Ted Kessel, 'l'BA. UC, Dallas, Tex.: Frank D. Kelch. UC, OC: Pairicia Ann Kiblinger, Ali. UC, Dallas. Tex.: Jim P. Kidd, UC, Poleau: David C. Kiech, UC, Jonesboro. Ark.: Kenneih R. Kienlen, BDU. UC, OC: Mike T. Kilcoyne, EN, UC, Hobbs, N.M. FIFTH ROW: Susan Kilgo, UC, Midwesl Cily: Dennis D. Kilian, UC, Dover AFB. Del.: James W. Kimlaerlin, UC, Wilson: Kay Kimber- Iing. AAU, UC, Norman: Allen Kimery, UC, Prague: Marilyn A. King, 1"l'B, UC. Tulsa: Nick King. KA. UC. Chociaw. SIXTH ROW: Cynlhia Kinkaid, AF. UC. Tulsa: Sandra Kirby, UC. Vienna, Va.: Randy R. Kirchner, UKA, UC, Muskogee: J. B. Klini'l- ski, 'l'K23. UC, Colo. Springs, Colo.: Paula C. Kneppell. UC, Law- lon: Elizabeih Anne Knighl, UC, OC: Robert W. Koch, AEN. UC. Fair Lawn. N.J. SEVENTH ROW: Anila Kochman, EAT, UC. Memphis. Tenn.: Ken- nelh J. Kohlmyer, Acacia, UC. Lorain, Ohio: Mike D. Kopelman. AEH, UC. Tulsa: Bob Koppel, EAM, UC, Benlon, Ark.: Bill Kough. BAE, UC, Shailuck: Charles E. Kraker. ATA, UC, San Bernardino. Calif.: Leslie Ann Kraichman, EAT, UC, Leawood, Kan. EIGHTH ROW: John H. Kuehnerl, UC, OC: Larry W. Kurfz, AT. UC. Tulsa: Toni Kusmer. AE'l', UC, Si. Louis, Mo.: Henry E. Laak- man, UC. Midwesl Cily: Jill La Forge, 1"I'B, UC. Tulsa: Larry L. Lamlaerf, UC, Jackson. Miss.: Bob Lammerls, Jr., 'I'FA, UC, OC. NINTH ROW: Eddie J. Lancasler, 'PAQ UC, Shawnee: Donna Lee Lange, EAT, UC. Sl. Louis. Mo.: Leo G. La Palme, Acacia. UC. Pulnam. Conn.: Jim Lasley, EAE, UC, Ardmore: Terry C. LaHure. AKE. UC, OC: Gloria Lawrence, UC, OC: Tom Leach. BAE, UC. Duncan. BOTTOM ROW: Loren D. Leavell, UC, Checofah: Diana Lee, UC, Sapulpa: Gregg Alan Lee, UC, Ponca Cily: Liza Jane LeFevre, KKP, UC. Ardmore: Charlene Leffler, AFA, UC. Counly Line: John W. Lehwald. Jr., 'l'KE. UC, River Forest Ill.: Howard Leibo- wilz. AEH. UC. Bronx, N.Y. HEADS UP! Pal Long and Pam Sloan make a much preilier ioiem pole 'lhan lhe one al The campus museum. I l tamp oi Collegian Aiiixed by Midterm TOP ROW: Andrea Leibs, EAT, UC, Liiile Rock, Ark.: W. Vaughn Leming, UC, Pawhuska: Jim E. Lemm, UC. Barringion, Ill.: Dick Ler- blance, AXA, UC, Harlshorne: Elaine Lesfer, APA, UC, Mill Creek: George L. LeVan, 'I"FA, UC, EI Reno: Marc Levin, WBA, UC, Mem- phis, Tenn. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Levin, EAT, UC, Kansas Cily, Mo.: Jossie Levine, EAT, UC, Memphis, Tenn.: Lynn Levinson, EAT, UC. Day- ion, Ohio: Cynfhia LeviH', AWP, UC, Dallas, Tex.: Larry E. Levy, ANU. UC, New York, N.Y.: Cindy Lewis, AAA, UC, Lawion: Mich- ael W. Lewis, UC, Lawion. THIRD ROW: Sandra Sue Lewis, UC, Lawion: Sharon Kay Lewis, TIB'I', UC, OC: William Evere'H Lewis, UC, Lawfon: Cynfhia M. Lighfner, KKF, UC, Richardson, Tex.: Pam Lincoln, EAT, UC. Omaha. Neb.: Sfewarl' W. Lindemann, ATKZ, UC, Barilesville: Judy D. Linehan, UC, OC. FOURTH ROW: Judy Link, UC, Crow Agency, Monf.: Alan L. Lipp, UC, Glendale. Calif.: Liz J. Lippmann, KA9, UC, Muskogee: Michael W. Lil'l'le, UC, OC: Randall W. Liilmann, UC, W. Des M. I .. EN oines, Iowa, Roberl' J. Lrvingslon, , UC, Tulsa: Vicki Loeililer, AAA. UC, OC. FIFTH ROW: Jane Lock, KA, UC, Tulsa: Ronald W. Lodes, UC, Okarche: Ken Lofier, UC, Barilesville: Diane L. Logan, AXSZ, UC. Dallas, Tex.: Lorel-la M. Loman, UC, Lindsay: Sandy Loman, AXTZ, UC, Edmond: Pal' L. Long, KKF, UC, Calgary, Alloeria, Canada. SIXTH ROW: Mary Longbofham, AX9, UC, Guymon: Susan Lory, 1"l'B, UC, Barilesville: Kaihy Diane Loh, UC, OC: Siephen M. Loving, UC, Sands Springs: Julie Belinda Lowe, UC, Prairie Village. Kan.: Bob E. Lowrey, AT, UC, Midwesi Ciiy: Mike S. Luger, AEH. UC, New Hyde Park, N.Y. SEVENTH ROW: John V. Luker, UC, Moore: Julie Lumberl, BAT. UC, San Anlonio, Tex.: Roberl T. Lu'Hrell, BGTI, UC, OC: Bob Mack, 'i'K'1', UC. Niles, III.: Ronnie R. Macklin, A242 UC, OC: Susan Weslie Madanick, UC, Birmingham, Ala.: James W. Madden, Acacia, UC, Norman, EIGHTH ROW: John G. Maddox, UC, Norman: Marcia Lynn Mad- dox, KA9, UC, OC: Elaine Madonia, UC, Tulsa: Sue Ann Magness, IlBfl', UC, OC: Kafhy Magnus, EAT, UC, Highland Park, Ill.: Sieve Magoon, EAM, UC, Tulsa: Maureen M. Maguire, A42 UC, OC. NINTH ROW: Allen J. Mailman, UC, New York. N.Y.: Ed Makler, 'PBA UC, OC: Peie J. Mallen, 'l'BA, UC, Chailanooga, Tenn.: Molly Malone, AF, UC, Dallas, Tex.: Janice Mann, AE111, UC, El Paso, Tex.: Marie Louise Manuel, UC, Tulsa: James Marr, UKA. UC, Spokane, Wash. TENTH ROW: Suzanne Marrs, UC. Norman: Ronald Wayne Mar- iens, UC, Arcadia: Charles J. Marfin, :PF-A, UC, Barilesville: Judiih K. Mariin, UC, OC: Keiih L. Marlin, EAE, UC, OC: Lauraiean Marlin, UC, Albuquerque, N.M.: Lloyd E. Marlin, ATA, UC, Kil- leen. Tex. ELEVENTH ROW: Carol Ann Masemore, UC, Enid: Chrisiina Louise Masi, UC, Bay Village, Ohio: William M. Masferson, KA, UC, Tulsa: Mike G. Malefich, EK, UC, Tulsa: Jeanne Marie Mafhews, UC, Seminole: Fran Maiihews, AAA, UC, Perry: Sam Malihews, UC. Norman. BOTTOM ROW: Clifford H. Mauldin, UC, Noble: Cindy May, NP. UC, Tulsa: Ruih Mayer, AE'l', UC, Helena, Ark.: Jerry Lee Mayes, IIKA, UC, Tulsa: Larry Jon Mayes, UC, Duncan: Don B. McAllis+er, A2i'l', UC, Sapulpa: Melissa McCalla, KA9, UC, Chicka- sha. TOP ROW: Dick McCallum, 'l'A9, UC, Dallas, Tex.: Carol McCann, KKF. UC, Shreveporl, La.: Pamela Ann Mccaskill, K-KF, UC, Minneapolis, Minn.: Val McClanahan, UC, OC: Kennefh R. Mc- Colly, 13-KE, UC, Hinsdale. Monl.: Gloria J. McConnell, UC, OC7 Sandi McCown, AX9, UC, Cordell. SECOND ROW: Kalherine W. McCraw, KKP, UC, Tulsa: Sharon Elaine McCreary, UC, OC: Michael McCulloh, AT, UC, Ardmore: Carol R. McDade, XXI, UC, Norman: Rober-r L. McDaniel, UC, Nor- man: Terry B. McDaniel, UC, Comanche: Roberi B. McDonald, UC, Shreveport. La. THIRD ROW: Sally McDonald, APA, UC, OC: Tanya Lee McDon- ald, UC, Midwesf Ciiy: Larry Joe McFarland, UC. Norman: Keiih W. McFa'l'ridge, UC, Wichiia Falls, Tex.: Mark McGee, EN, UC. OC: James B. McGin+y, KA, UC, Terrell, Tex.: Janice McGovern, AAU. UC, Norman. FOURTH ROW: Pefer Mclnfyre, EN, UC. Tulsa: Mike McKinney. UC, Muskogee: Jim McLaughlin, UC, OC: Keni' Meade, UC, OC: John D. Mehl, 'l"A9, UC, Dallas, Tex.: Dick Mele, 'I'KNI', UC, Ar- lingion His.. lll.: Joe A. McKenzie, 'I'KrI', UC, Del Cify. FIFTH ROW: Gary McLellan, AXA, UC, Lindsey: Dan McMahan, EN. UC, Tulsa: Carol Ann McMahon, lTB'I', UC, Tulsa: Paul R. Mc- Manus, IIKA, UC, Blylheville. Ark.: Don F. McMullen, ATSZ, UC. Bergenfield, N.J.: Karla D. McNary, KA, UC, Tulsa: Bill McNeely, -5-TLS. UC, Shreveport La. SIXTH ROW: Mike E. McNichol, HKA, UC, Tulsa: Jayne McRey- nolds, IVPB, UC. Muskogee: Sieve Meacham, BAE, UC, Clinlon: Diane Mead, X52, UC, Norman: Gary W. Meadors, UC, Bixby: Pai-- rick H. Mee, ATA, UC. OC: Carolyn Meek, UB'l', UC, OC. SEVENTH ROW: Jeff L. MeGown, UC, Okmulgee: Marcie Mellon, NP, UC, Ardmore: Marsha Ann Melfon, KU. UC, OC: Judy Ann Mesa, UC, OC: Lonnie Messick, EX, UC, Alius: Diane Mefcalf, UC. Purcell: Marilyn Mefcalfe, KAO, UC, Tulsa. ElGHTH ROW: Mehdi Meighalchi, UC, Rashl, Iran: Dan A. Meyer. UC, Sealile, Wash.: Mary Jo Meyer, 1TB'l', UC, Barllesville: Sieve Meyer, AX-A, UC, Pauls Valley: M. Tim Michael, ZX, UC, Jackson. Miss.: Vann C. Michael, UC, Jeclcson, Miss.: Marilyn Midkifi, KA. UC. Balon Rouge, La. NINTH ROW: Judy Mikesha, X52, UC, OC: James R. Miller, UC, Shreveport La.: Joan Miller, UC, Vicloria, Tex.: June Miller, UC, Memphis, Tenn.: Larry D. Miller, KA, UC, Barllesville: Mildred L. Miller, UC, OC: Nancy Miller, AWD, UC, Sf. Louis, Mo. BOTTOM ROW: Roberi' Teryl Miller, UC, Keyes: Sondra K. Miller, AXQ, UC. OC: Derryl E. Millican, ATA, UC, Midwesf Cily: Pal- ricia Ann Milligan, UC, Olaihe, Kan.: James L. Mills, UC, Broken Arrow: Sammie A. Milor, A'l', UC, Mariefla: Susan Minkin, EAT. UC. Kansas Ciiy, Mo. Fre hmen STUDYING in The library is Randolph Call's way of compelinq wiih noisy neighbors. TV sefs and bull sessions. Fre hmen BONING UP for fheir firsf college hisfory examinalion are Ronnie Macklin and his besl' friend. Cyn-Cyn. .Q X TOP ROW: Judy Lynn Mifchell, AX9, UC, Wewoka: Gayle Mnoo- kin, EAT, UC, Shawnee Mission, Kan.: James Delfon Moffeff, UC, Midwesf Cily: Tom Monk, AT, UC, Norman: Jim Monfgomery, AT. UC. Tulsa: Marilyn K. Moody, APA, UC, Forl Worlh, Tex.: Richard Mooney, -YN, UC. Tulsa. SECOND ROW: Amelie Moore, KA, UC, Tulsa: Angela Moore, AX9, UC, Tulsa: Darleen K. Moore, UC, Tulsa: Don Moore, BAE, UC, Wagoner: Gary B. Moore, 'I:KE, UC, Pauls Valley: Gary J. Moore, UC, Midwesf Cify: J. Arnold Moore, AKE. UC, Muskogee. THIRD ROW:Joyce Ann Moore, UC, Enid: Judy Moore, IIB'IJ. UC, Shreveporl, La.: Linda Moore, AAU, UC, Shawnee: Sfeven E. Moore, BQH, UC, Alfusg James A. Morehead, UC, Norman: Carole Sue Morgan, UC, Tulsa: Edward G. Morgan, 'I'K'l', UC, W. La- fayeffe, Ind. FOURTH ROW: James R. Morgan, EX, UC, OC: Ronald E. Mor- gan, UC, Comanche: Mike Morris, ZX, UC, Winfield, Kan.: Ron L. Morris, Acacia, UC. Norman: Sally Ann Morrison, AAA, UC, OC: Gary Morfon, EAE, UC, Ardmore: Jim Moseley, ATA, UC, Mid- wesf Cily. FIFTH ROW: Nancy Moss, AAA, UC, Tulsa: Jo Nan Mosfrom, KA9, UC, Barflesville: Joyce L. Mowery, UB'I', UC, OC: Donna Moyer, X9, UC. Shawnee: Paf Mullens, EN, UC, Tulsa: John Mulli- ken, HKA, UC, Ocean Grove, N.J.: John Munding, AT, UC, Tulsa. SIXTH ROW: Barbara Ellen Murphy, KAG, UC, Dallas Tex.: Sherry Musselman, NP, UC, Barllesvillep Jeffrey Myers, UC, Corpus Chris! ri, Tex.: Lynn Nassau, EAT, UC, Allanfa, Ga.: Mary Dee Neal. KKF, UC, Housfon: Madelon Nebergall, AFA, UC, Norman: Burnie Alice Neely, UC, Tulsa. SEVENTH ROW: Terry Neely, 'Y'-KW, UC, Sand Springs: Nancy M. Neil, AX9, UC, Housfon: Emma Lou Nelson, UC, Sayre: Kafhy Nelson, HB'I', UC, Tulsa: Marilyn L. Nelson, UC, Miclwesf Cify: Elvonda K. Nemecek, UC, Nolole: Karen Nemechelc, KKF, UC, Ard- more. EIGHTH ROW: Bob C. Nepfune, EX, UC, Barflesville: Janef Kay Nefherfon, UC. Enid: David Newell, KE, UC, Miami: Jill Newkirk, AAA, UC, Muskogee: Jennifer G. Newman, AFA, UC, OC: Karen Newman, AAA, UC, Garland, Tex.: Lawrence B. Newman, EAM, UC. Kew Gardens, N.Y. NINTH ROW: Susan E. Newman, AWP, UC, New Rochelle, N.Y.: Frank E. Newsom, UC, Midwesf Cify: James Paul Nicewander, UC. Tulsa: Lawrence F. Nicolai, UC, La Grange Park, III.: Bill Nims, KZ, UC, Ada: Sfeve Nisbef, BDU, UC, San Anfonio, Tex.: Gala Jean Nixon, UC, Cyril. BOTTOM ROW: Pai' Nolen, X9, UC, Shawnee: John R. Norman, ZAE, UC, Wewoka: Judy Norris, KKF, UC, Shreveporl, La.: Nancy Norris, X9, UC, Ponca Cify: Nancy NorfI1cuH, A'I', UC. Mf. Clem- ens, Mich.: Nova Judifh Norfhcuff, NP, UC, Mf. Clemens, Mich.: Glen T. Nosse, UC, Honolulu, Hawaii. Fre hmen Face Challenge ei College Work TOP ROW: Kenneih Nowiclr, UC, Woodward: Colleen O'Berg, UC. OC: Dan C. Odlum, 'l'K'P. UC, Springfield, Mass.: James Michael O'Donald, UC. Lilllelon, Colo.: Donald L. Oksa, UC, Tulsa: John W. Oleinik, IIKA, UC, OC: Lana P. Oliver, UC, Broken Bow. SECOND ROW: Nancy Ruih Olson, UC, Arlinglon His., Ill.: Sue Ellen Orbach, AE'I'. UC. OC: Mike Ormond, KE, UC, Dallas, Tex.: Mary Lou Orr, AAII, UC, Norman: Charlene Osburn, UC, Moun- iain View: Mike A. Osborne, ATA, UC, Lawion: H. J. Overman. UC, Freepori, Tex. THIRD ROW: Dennis Owen, KA, UC, OC: Ed Owen, TIKA, UC. Tulsa: Carolyn Owerka, UC, Norwood, Mass.: Joe N. Ownbey, EAU, UC, OC: Sieve Pace, AT. UC. Long Beach, Calii.: Srephen Pacey, KA, UC, Aurora, Colo.: Nancy Ann Pack, AF, UTC. Duncan. FOURTH ROW: Jeanie Palmer. UC, Tulsa: Sandra Jean Palmer, UC. OC: Lucy Pangburn, HRW, UC, Amarillo. Tex.: Linda Sue Pan- nell, UC, Norman: Mike L. Parham, 'l'I'A, UC, Wichiia Falls, Tex.: Bill D. Parker, EAU, UC, OC: Cynfhia B. Parks, UC, Washingion. D.C. FlFTH ROW: William D. Parks, AXA. UC. Meeker: Angela Parnell, 1"l'B, UC, Tulsa: Keifh Parris, EN, UC, Lawlon: Rick Parrish, AXA, UC, Maclill: Nanci Carol ParroH, X9, UC, Claremore: Don S. Paie. UC, OC: E. Tom Pairick, HGH, UC, Sapulpa. SlXTH ROW: Max C. Paflerson, KA, UC, Elk Cily: Michael Pai- ierson, KA. UC, Calgary, Alberia, Canada: Richard E. Paiferson, WTA, UC, Edmond: James R. PaHy, UC, Norman: Judy Paull, UC. Housion: Susie Paye'He, AF. UC, Dallas, Tex.: Jim Payn'l'er, Jr., EN, UC. Tulsa. SEVENTH ROW: David Payie, EN. UC, Forr Worih, Tex.: Vernon E. Pellow, Jr., BSU, UC, OC: Vicki J. Pence, 1"l'B, UC, Norman: Aniia Penninglon, UC, Ada: Nancy E. Pennypacker, UC, Tulsa: Ar- lene H. Pepper, AWP, UC, Housion: Mark Perkins, ITKA, UC. OC. EIGHTH ROW: Michelle L. PermuH, AE'l'. UC, New Orleans: James T. Perry, UC. Tecumseh: Marsha Perry, KU, UC, Sand Springs: Pam Perry, UBRH UC. Wichiia Falls, Tex.: Richard Perry, HKA, UC. OC: L. Jill Pefer, UC. Davidson: Darlene L. Pefersen, UC, OC. NINTH ROW: Camille Pharr, XR, UC, Memphis. Tenn.: Vicki Phelps, AAA, UC, OC: Linda Phillips, KKP, UC, San Anronio, Tex.: Sally Phillips, IIB'T', UC, OC: John Picke'H', UC, Pampa, Tex.: David E. Pickrell, UC, Duncan: Bebe Pidgeon, EAT, UC. Des Moines. lowa. TENTH ROW: J. Charles Pierce, 'l'1'A, UC, OC: Larry Pinkerlon. ATA. UC, Sand Springs: Tim Pool, EN, UC, Tulsa: Douglas R. Poole, HKA. UC, Wichiia, Kan.: Janice Pope, FFPB, UC. Tulsa: Andrew John PoH's, Jr., UC. Norman: Lloyd Yales Powers, UC, Denver, Colo. ELEVENTH ROW: Dan R. Poynor, AT-Q, UC. Enid: Bill Poylhress, IIKA, UC, Tulsa: Rufus H. Prados, UC, Columbus AFB, Miss.: Linda Pra'H', HB'l', UC, Norman: Alan K. Price, E'l'E, UC, Black- well: Jacqueline Orr Price, KA. UC, Fi. Sill: Janel' M. Prihker, AEfI1, UC, Memphis, Tenn. BOTTOM ROW: William J. Profii'H', UC, Wadsworrh. Ohio: Ernesi Harry Prussner, UC, Long island, N.Y.: Ainslie Pryor, UC, Memphis. Tenn.: Jack R. Pugh, UC, OC: Pal Purrell, UC. Tulsa: Barbara S. Pufnam, H342 UC, Dallas, Tex.: Jerry W. Pu'H', EN, UC, OC. trict Campu Bring Lull Before torm TOP ROW: Susan Pyeaif, 1'IB'l', UC, Pauls Valley: Tommy Rains, UC, Ponca Ciiy: Joan E. Ralraslcas, KKP, UC, Wichiia, Kan.: P. R. Ramey, ZAE, UC, Lawion: Hal C. "Dill" Ramsey, fP1'A, UC, Tulsa: Rebecca Lynn Ramsey, XD, UC, Shawnee: Andy J. Ranaudo, Aca- cia, UC, Ridgefield Park, N.J. SECOND ROW: Hal Charles Rankin, UC, Tulsa: Robin Ranlrin, AX9, UC, Shreveport La.: Mike Jay Ranson, Acacia, UC, Paris. Tex.: Sharon Lou Rapp, TIB'l', UC, Shawnee: Toni Raschlce, Afb, UC. OC: Sue Raicliffe, KA9, UC, Tulsa: Sleven W. Raulerson, KA, UC. Ponca Cily. THIRD ROW: Ken D. Ray, 'PAQ UC, Shawnee: Margaref Ann Rayburn, UC, OC: Linda Kay Redder, UC, Duncan: Susan Ann Reddoch, X9, UC, Memphis, Tenn.: Roger L. Redelcer, ZAE, UC, Prague: Marilyn Redwine, AF, UC, Fori' Worrh, Tex.: Jane Reed, KA9, UC, Fl. Sill. FOURTH ROW: H. Garrefl' Reese, KA, UC, Barllesville: Henry Reiflce, UC, Meiuchen, N.J.: Mafihew Jay Reiser, UC, Pauls Valley: Suzanne L. Reisz, KA, UC, Shreyeporr, La.: Diane ReMine, AX9, UC, Forl' Smilh, Ark.: Karen C. Renz, UC, Torrance, Calif.: C. R. Rei-Hg, UC, Niagara Falls, N.Y. FIFTH ROW: Gil Reyes, 'DK-3 UC, Tulsa: Lynne Ellen Reynolds, UC. OC: Marilyn N. Reynolds, UC, Del Cily: John M. Rhodes, WPA, UC, Tulsa: Richard Dwaine Rhodes, UC, OC: Sallie RiclreHs, AX9. UC. Tulsa: Beclry Riddle, KA-9, UC, Shawnee. SIXTH ROW: Minelrle Ridings, A'l', UC, OC: Bill Rigg, EX, UC. Barilesville: Debbi Riley, X9, UC, Housion: Megan C. Riley, UC. Norman: Richard L. Rineharl, IIKA, UC, OC: Karen Rifchey, AXSZ, UC, Tulsa: ScoH D. Robb, UC, Tulsa. SEVENTH ROW: Henry P. Roberson, UC, Lawion: Bob E. Roberis, UC, Tulsa: Donnie Roberfs, EN, UC, Tulsa: Fred Rober+s, UC, Forr Worih, Tex.: Gary P. Roberis, UC, Marshall, Tex.: Kalhy Roberfs, KA, UC, Fl. Sill: Nancy J. Roberfs, UC, Dallas, Tex. EIGHTH ROW: Richard D. Roberis, ZAE, UC, Wewolca: Terry Roberfs, AETI, UC, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Barbara S. Roberison, UC, Pig- qoli, Ark.: Marvin J. Robinowih, TBA. UC, Tulsa: Mary Sue Rob- inson, EAT, UC, Oysier Bay, N.Y.: Chad L. Roclceii, ECPE, UC. Norman: Janel' Lee Roe, UC, Concord, Calif. NINTH ROW: Gale R. Rogers, AXA, UC, Amarillo, Tex.: Larry Rogers, UC, Camden, Ark.: Wanda Louise Rogers, UC, Bray: Linda Ann Romano, UC, OC: Linda Kay Romerman, IVPB, UC, OC: Barbara C. Rood, KA, UC, Colorado Springs, Colo.: Milne Roselle, UC, OC. BOTTOM ROW: Lee Alan Rosenberg, UC, Sr. Louis, Mo.: Janice Rorh, AWP, UC, Dallas, Tex.: Brenda Rowe, UC, OC: Ralph W. Rowsey, UC, Arlingion, Va.: Lynn Ruffin, NP, UC, Shaliuclc: Sianley Paul Ru'FFner, UC, Snyder: Sandra Rune, AF, UC, Forr Worih, Tex. TOP ROW: Rufh Ann Russell, UC, Skialoolc: Dennis L. Ryan, UC. Wichla. Kan.: Anile G. Ryland, UB'I', UC, OC: Linda Louise Saba- felle, A'I'. UC. San Juan, Puerlo Rico: Roberl' E. Sabalh, 'l'BA. UC, Chicago, Ill.: Susan Sadler, AAA, UC, Muskogee: Barry C. Sadof- slcy, 'I'BA, UC. Omaha, Nob. SECOND ROW: Andrea Lee Samara, UC, OC: Rod M. Sanders. EN, UC, Sulphur: Pa+ricI4 Allen Sandoz, UC, Medicine Park: Ann Elizabelh Sapof, EAT, UC, Sl. Louis, Mo.: Barry S. Sarber, KA, UC, Wewoka: Lory Sass, EAT, UC, OC: Barbara Louise Saunders, UC, Duncan. THIRD ROW: S+eve Saunders, 'I'K'I'. UC, San Tome, Venezuela: Sfephanie Savage, UC, Ada: Arlene C. Schachler, AE'l', UC, S+. Louis, Mo.: Beverly Gay Schenberg, Alflflf, UC, Sl. Louis, Mo.: Carole L. Schiefer, UC, Duncan: Diane Schiefen, UC, Tulsa: Al Schneider, 'l'BA, UC, Des Moines, Iowa. FOURTH ROW: Bill Schneider, UC, Pryor: Charles Schober, UC, Indianapolis, Ind.: Mary Jane Schoonover, UC, Wewoka: Jerry W. Sco'H, TIKA, UC, Tulsa: Bob Schroeder, AKE, UC, Tulsa: Cherre Schwab, AAA. UC, Alva: Jim J. Scillian, UC, Whealon, Md. FIFTH ROW: DeLavon Sco'H, UC, Slillwaler: Jen Ellen Scoil, UC, Tulsa: Wayne P. ScoH', KE, UC, Ada: Mike J. Scribner, ATA, UC. Muskogee: Mike Scudder, UC, Norman: William Neal Searcy, Jr., UC, Tulsa: Terry A. Seba, BAE, UC, OC. SIXTH ROW: Calhy F. Selig, EAT, UC, Allanla, Ga.: Phyllis Selig- son, EAT, UC, Shawnee Mission, Kan.: Mark Sellergren, UC, Red Oak. Iowa: Ronald E. Sellers, UC, McAlesler: Mark F. Selvidge, AT. UC, Ardmore: Roberl' C. Senning, UC, Midland, Tex.: Don E. Ses- sions, 'PKT-3, UC, Gulhrie. SEVENTH ROW: Dan S. Shane, UC, Henryefla: Marlha Shapiro, AWP, UC. Sioux Cily, Iowa: W. Michael Shawn, UC. Shawnee: Ken D. Sheen, EX. UC. Woodward: Palricia E. Sheehan, UC, S+. Louis, Mo.: Slanley C. Shellon, UC, Lawlon: Georgia Shepard, AF, UC, Lawlon. EIGHTH ROW: Tom Sherman, 1if9'l', UC, Purcell: David J. Sheiler, AT9, UC. Indonesia: Mark Lee Shidler, 'l'BA, UC, Tulsa: Sally Sue Shields, AAA, UC, Enid: Bob Shipley, SAE, UC, Nowala: Houslon Shirley, KA, UC, Tulsa: James H. Shoemake, BGIT, UC, Muskogee. NINTH ROW: John A. Shows, KA, UC. Lawfon: Sian S. Shrago, TFA, UC, Sioux Cily, Iowa: Paul R. Shreiner, UC, Belhany: Carl E. Siberis, Jr., UC, Okmulgee: Douglass Siclcles, 'I'I'A, UC, Morrisville. Pa.: John A. Siegal, EAM, UC, OC: Sanford H. "Sandy" Siegel, Jr., 'l'I'7A, UC. Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: Candy Sue Simmons, UC, Tulsa: Sieve Simmons, EN, UC, OC: Jeff Simon, 'l'l3A, UC, Omaha, Nels.: Rick G. Simon, 'l'T3A. UC, Housion, Tex.: Jackie L. Simonson, UC, OC: Judy Simp- son, AXQ, UC, Tulsa: John Gary Sims, KA, UC, Marshall, Tex. Fre hmen FEBRUARY'S false spring broughl sludenls like Fran Spelling and Carol Fischer oulside lo sfudy on ihe lawn. l l i r l l i, l l , 448 Il . : Final Exam Leave Some Fra hmen Ga pin TOP ROW: Rod Sipe, HKA, UC, OC: Jesse S. Skaggs, UC. OC: Bruce E. Slcaislis, EX. UC. Tulsa: Mary Kalhryn Skinner, UC, Dallas, Tex.: Charles H. Slaler. UC, Waukesha. Wis.: Bill Slepka, EN, UC. Olcemah: Pam K. Sloan, K-KF, UC, Calgary, Alloerla, Canada. SECOND ROW: David R. Smilh. UC, Guymon: Earl "Bucky" Smilh, ATA. UC. Tulsa: Eleanor Lee Smilh, UC, Sapulpa: Janice Kay Smiih, UC, Alrus: Jim E. Smilh ll, UC. Union Cily: John R. Smilh. TFA. UC. Pauls Valley: Michael Turner Smiih. UC, Shreveport La. THIRD ROW: Pam Smilh, KA, UC, Evansville, lnd.: Rulhee Smifh, KKP, UC. OC: Sandra Jean Smilh, UC, Del Cily: Slephen W. Smilh, UC. Henryefla: Waller A. Smifh, Jr., UC. Midwesl' Cify: Willa Kay Smilh, UC, Tulsa: Janie R. Smoihers, AX9, UC. OC. FOURTH ROW: Jerri Lynn Snow. IWB, UC, Allus: Don R. Sokol, UC, Tulsa: William A. Sommers, UC, Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Mike L. Sparkman. UC. Tecumseh: Charles R. Spaziani, UC. Weslchesfer. Pa.: Fran Spelling, AE'l', UC. Dallas, Tex.: Nancy Spielmann, Afb, UC, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: Sfanley Spigel, EAM, UC, For'r Worih, Tex.: Harold Spurr, KE, UC. Shawnee: Sieve Slack, KA. UC, Elk Cily: Nick S+a'FFord, ATA, UC, Fl: Sill: Kaye Slandley, AAA, UC, Olcemah: Susan Lee Sfanley, UC, Memphis. Tenn.: Karen S. Sfanfon, UC, OC. SIXTH ROW: Jan Slapp, AF. UC. OC: JoneHe Siarks, UC, OC: Susan Sfauss, AFA, UC, Wagoner: Sieve Sfeakley ,fl'I'A, UC, OC: Rick K. Sleinharf, TBA, UC, Beaumonf, Tex.: Kafhy Sfephens, UC. Tulsa: Parricia Ann Slephens, UC. Duncan. SEVENTH ROW: Roger Sfephens. 4'K'I'. UC. Tulsa: Julie Sfephen- son, X5-2. UC. Amarillo, Tex.: Dave Slevens, UC. Belhany: Pam Sfevens, AF, UC, OC: Pam Slevens, UC, Sand Springs: Bob Sfeves. UC, OC: Ann Sfinson, AFA, UC. Norman. EIGHTH ROW: Barbara Sfiranka, AX9, UC, Houston, Tex.: Reyn- dell K. Sfockman, UC. Harrah: David L. Sioner, AXA. UC. Enid: ScoH' Slory. ATA, UC. OC: Barbara Ann Sfour. ATA, UC, Pasadena, Calif.: Milfon Sfrain. 'l'K'I', UC, Norman: Paula R. Sfraley, AX9. UC. OC. NINTH ROW: Darla Jean Sfrange, AAA, UC, Tonkawa: Carolyn Sue Sfrafegier, UC, Norman: Susan Slreerman. AX9. UC, Seminole: Charles W. S'l'ro'l'her, HKA. UC. Arlinglon Hgls., Ill.: Maggie Jean Siroup. UC, Moore: Carole Sfudna, AE'P. UC, Shawnee Mission. Kan.: Jeanne Marie Slyron, AFA, UC, McAles'rer. BOTTOM ROW: William Mac Sucldulh, UC, Norman: Diana Lynn Sullivan, UC. Tulsa: Roberi' L. Sullivan, fI11'A, UC, OC: Roberi Vaughn Sullivan. 24'E, UC. Tulsa: Sharla Sue Sullivan, UC, Wewoka: David J. Surbey, UC, Muskogee: Bill Sulherlancl, ATA. UC. Arling- fon. Tex. TOP ROW: Wendy SuHon, UC, Norlh Adams, Mass.: Deanna Svora, KU, UC, Dallas. Tex.: Mike 'Swafford, UC, Broken Arrow: Alan G. Swan, UC, Rainlree, Mass.: Larry M. Swanson, ATSZ, UC. Pilis- burgh. Pa.: Sarah Frances Swanson, Ul5'l'. UC, Wichila Falls, Tex.: Sam A. Talarico, UC, Niagara Falls, N.Y. SECOND ROW: Lynne Taliaferro, AAA, UC, Ada: Rick Taliaferro, EX, UC, Duncan: Cindy Ellen Tale, lll5'l', UC, Forl Worlh, Tex.: James F. Tale, UC, Ballimore, Md.: Ron Tale, AT, UC, Norman: Sally Eileen Tafum, 1"l'l5, UC, Sapulpa: Carol Ann Taylor, UC, Norman. THIRD ROW: Gordon E. Taylor, Jr., NTU, UC, OC: Guy E. Taylor, UC, Midwesl' Cily: Tom Taylor, UC. Henryella: Robbie Tennyson, AFA, UC, Tulsa: Jannis Thiessen, UC, Moore: B. Durand "Wink" Thixfon, 'PK-Y, UC, Sacramenio. Calif.: Judilh Anne Thomas, UC. Beaver. FOURTH ROW: Leslie Ann Thomason, l"l'I'i, UC, Kansas Cily, Kan.: Barbara Thompson, KA9, UC, Pauls Valley: James N. Thomp- son, UC, OC: Pal Thompson, UC. Tulsa: Phoebe Thompson, UC. Tulsa: Vickie A. Thompson, UC, Midwesl Cily: Chrissie C. Thorn- burg, UC. Dallas, Tex. FIFTH ROW: Elaine Marie Thornlon, UC. Omaha, Neb.: Lal D. Threlkeld, 'l'I'A, UC, OC.: Roger K. Thurman, UC, OC: Ann Thur- mond, KA9, UC, Elk Cily: Nancy J. Thurow, UC, Madison, Wis.: C. Bryan Tibl9e++, KA, UC, Fl. Leonard Wood, Mo.: Jerriann Tiehen, XQ. UC, Duncan. SIXTH ROW: Jacque Paula Tiller, I"l'B, UC, Wichila, Kan.: Ka+hy Tilsner, UC, OC: Pal Ti+swor+l1, A'l', UC, Shawnee: Gary L. Tolberi, UC. Mounlair View: Tom Tonkin, KA, UC, Norman: Evelyn Toombs. APA, UC, OC: Candy Topham, AAA. UC, Dallas, Tex. SEVENTH ROW: Sammy Toys, 'l'l3A, UC, Shreveport La.: Roberf M. Travis, 'l'l315. UC, Tulsa: Gordon M. Trawick, HKA, UC, Moore: Cecil W. Trice, ATSZ, UC, OC: Carol Diane Trimble, KA, UC, Dal- las, Tex.: Jeri Trope, Al'l'l', UC, Lawlon: Gloria TroHer, UC, Ard- more. EIGHTH ROW: Pam Trouf, UC, Tulsa: Mary E. True, UC, OC: Joy Tschappal, KAI-D, UC, Tulsa: Ned Tuck, UC, Clinion: Marilyn J. Tully, UC, Carnegie: Kay Turley, Al'-5, UC, Duranl: Charles Turner, Acacia, UC, Hollis. NINTH ROW: Richard Kelley Turner, BSU, UC, Holdenville: Bryan? Turpen, Will, UC, Duncan: John L. Tyler, ATSZ, UC, Ard- more: Harold Tyler, UC, Vinifa: Roberf B. Tyler, UC. Cleveland: Tim Tyler, AXA, UC, Prague: Melissa Uhlenhop, UC, Ponca City. BOTTOM ROW: Toni L. Uselding, AAA, UC, Durani: Donna Usher, A-Ml, UC. Hunlinqion, N.Y.: Sidney Louise Vaello, UC, Benavicles. Tex.: Della Ann Valdez, UC, Wallers: Michael Valenline, KA, UC. OC: Nancy Valouch, UC, Norman: Gala Van Eafon, UC, Carnegie. 1410! sw, Fre hmen THE JOLLY GREEN GIANT, disguised as Chrissie Thorn lourq, looms overa model Indian village in lhe OU museum 450 r Bla o Sooond- erm Fro hmon Look Ahead TOP ROW: Reece M. Van Horn, ATA, UC, OC: Sharon Ann Van Horn, AFA, UC, OC: Eugenia Van Zandl, HB'l', UC, Forl Worlh. Tax.: Larry D. Varner, UC, Norman: Fillmore L. Vaughn ll, TK2, UC, Ardmore: Tony E. Vaz, UC, Pallerson. N.J.: Michael Venalor, 'PFA-. UC, Miclwesl Cily. SECOND ROW: Dianne Velinsky, AWP. UC. Shreveporl, La.: Bobby L. Vick, UC, OC: Bennie Villar, AKE, UC, OC: Don Viner, AEH, UC, Tulsa: Harold A. Vinson, UC, Tulsa: Janice K. Vinyard, UC. OC: Cindy Ann Volz, UC, OC. THIRD ROW: Elisa Rosemonda Voss, UC, Alex: Don Wachlman, EX, UC. Pawhuska: Don F. Waddelow, UC, Ponca Cily: Terry R. Wadsworlh, UC, Garden Grove. Calil.: Linda Lee Wager, TIB'l'. UC, Tulsa: Gayla C. Wagner, IIB'T', UC, Slillwaler: Tom Marshall Wagner, 'PBA UC, Kansas Cily. Mo. FOURTH ROW: Connie Wagnon, KA9, UC. Wichila Falls, Tex.: Kalhy E. Walberl, KA9, UC, Van Nuys, Calil.: Jay C. Walderich, 2l'lJE, UC, Midwesl Cily: Barbara Walk, AP. UC. OC: Bob Walker, UC, OC: Connie Walker, KKF, UC, Chandler: Larry Wall. UC. Okmulgee. FIFTH ROW: Paul Wallace, 'l'A9, UC, Muskogee: Don E. Wallis, -HKA. UC, OC: Dan Wallers, ATA, UC, OC: Palli Wallher, AAA. UC. Manhassel, N.Y.: Jackie A. Warner, UC. Moore: Joe Rulh Warren, UC, Shawnee: Ray C. Warren, UC. Pleasanr Hill, Calil. SIXTH ROW: Suzanne Warren, AAA, UC, Newkirk: Craig S. Was- sam, UC. Tulsa: Ginger Carol Walson, UC, Houslon, Tex.: Jan Walson, AAIT, UC. Hooker: Beama Walls, UC, Norman: Bill V. Way, 'l'KE, UC, Miami: David E. Webb, BAE, UC, Duranl. SEVENTH ROW: Bobbi S. Wedlan, EAT: Fellon J. Websler, UC, Byers: Dwighl Weeks, UC, Guymon: Debi Weinberg, AE'l', UC. Houslon: Judi A. Weinberg, AE"l', UC, Houslon: Van Weinberg, 'l'l3i, UC, Memphis, Tenn.: Janis Weinberger, EAT, UC, OC. EIGHTH ROW: Jay J. Weinslein, 'l'l3A, UC, Houslon, Tex.: Janel Weiskopl, UC, Miami Beach. Fla.: Jill Weilz, EAT, UC. Allanla. Ga.: Gracie Welch, UC. Grand Junclion. Colo.: Marvin Ray Welch. Efbli, UC. Pauls Valley: Sally Lynn Welker, HB'l', UC, OC: Rusly Weller, AKE, UC, Midwesl Cily. NINTH ROW: Jim Scribner Wells, ATA, UC, Norman: Wayne Wells, 'PAQ UC, Houslon: J. Roberl Welly, UC, Sanla Ana, Calil.: Sleven Len Welly, Acacia, UC. Norman: Roberl C. Wengerl, UC. Bronx, N.Y.: Mary Susan Wensel, UC. Grove: Jane Wesl, UC. Anaclarko. BOTTOM ROW: Jerry Dean Wesl, KA. UC, Drumrighl: Joanne Wesl, AX9. UC, Tulsa: Rosalind Clare Wesl, UC, Bryn Mawr, Pa.: Lou Dean Wellengel, UC, OC: Mary Ellyn Wheeler, UC, OC: Alan While, KA. UC. OC' Bob While, EN, UC, Barllesville. TOP ROW: Cheryl Sue Whi+e, KA, UC, Midland, Tex.: Linda Lou While, UC, l-lunler: Ronald Clarke While, UC, Frederick: Roberl' P. Whilehill, AT, UC, Tulsa: Carolyn Wl1i+enack, UC, Tulsa: Avis Glea Whifworfh, Al', UC, Alius: Merrilee Wickslrom, KU, UC, New Orleans. SECOND ROW: Clay P. Wiegand, 'l'Al:l, UC, Eori Worth, Tex.: Charles E. Wilbanks, 'l'AU. UC. Tulsa: Emory Edward Wiley, UC. Pruill' Cily: J. Larry Wilkes, AT, UC, Ardmore: Phyllis Jean Wilkin- son, UC, Anadarko: Marcia S'ruar+ Will, 1l15'l', UC. OC: Daniel Q. Williams, Jr., UC, Newporl, R. l. THIRD ROW: Gary P. Williams, BAE, UC, Norman: John Cameron Williams, UNA, UC. OC: Michael R. Williams, 13911, UC. Alfusz Susan Williams, l"l'li, UC, OC: Susie Williams, AWP, UC, Sl. Louis. Mo.: Vance E. Williams, UKA, UC. Moore: Lynn Williamson, TWH. UC. McAlesier. FOURTH ROW: Neo Ann Williamson, UC, Ponca Cily: Jim Wil- lis, UC, Midwesl' Cily: Nancy E. Willsie, KA, UC, Midwesr Cilyt Chrisfine C. Willus, UC, Freeporl, Long Island, N.Y.: DoH'ie Gail Wilson, UC. Dallas. Tex.: Judy Wilson, AFA, UC, Cordell: Karen Wilson, UC, Coalqaie. FIFTH ROW: Maggie Wilson, AX9. UC, Tulsa: Sharon Wilson, X9. UC, OC: Sharon N. Wilson, UC. Coalgaie: Twink Wilson, AF, UC, Nashville, Tenn.: Lanna Wimberly, UC, McAlesler: Bill S. Winslon, UC, Brownfield, Tex.: Bob Winfers, EX, UC, Tulsa. SlXTl-l ROW: Charlohle Winiers, UC, Mouniain View: Gary F. Winiers, UC, Norman: Pamela Winlers, UC, Norman: Paul E. Wise, NTA, UC, Maud: Sholia Wiseman, EAT, UC, l-lasiinqs, Nelo.: Vir- ginia L. Wilcher, UC, Amarillo, Tex.: Veronica Woerner, UC, Sioux Cily. Iowa. SEVENTH ROW: Carole R. Wood, UC. OC: Nancy Lynn Wood. KA. UC, Dallas, Tex.: Terry Wood, AXS2, UC. Joliel. Ill.: Rolaeri' W. Woods, 'PK-Y, UC. Cilrus l-lgis., Calif.: Millard J. Wooley, 13911. UC. Jacksonville, Fla.: Jamie Worden, UC, Dallas, Tex.: Dave E. Workman, 'l'K'I', UC, l-lousfon. EIGl-lTl-l ROW: Barbara Worfhing, AVA, UC, OC: Ri+a Lee Worihinglon. UC. Lawlcn: Molly J. Woslca, KA, UC, OC: John A. Wrighf, AXA, UC, Poleau: Susan Carol Wrighi, UC, OC: Beverly Ann WulFf, UC, Sprinqiield, Mass.: Melody L. Wynn, F'l'B, UC. Chula Vlsla, Calif. NINTH ROW: Phyllis E. Yafle, UC, Ardmore: Anne D. Young, A'l', UC, Prague: Beife Young, UC, Olcmulgee: Jana Young, AXSZ, UC. OC: Robin Young, UC, Midwesl' Ciiy: Rebecca G. Yuhas, UC, O'- Fallon, Ill.: Bobbi Yunker, EAT, UC, Cincinnaii. Ohio. BOTTOM ROW: Laura Zaban, EAT, UC, Allanla, Ga.: David D. Zachry, UC. OC: Kennefh J. Zaloudek, Jr., 'l'Al5l. UC, Enid: Skip Zedlih, EAU, UC, OC: Dain Zinn, AXA. UC, Sanla Fe, N.M.: Karen Sue Zueck, XSZ, UC, Wheai Ridge, Colo.: Trudy Zwick, AAA. UC, l-lousion. Fre hmen DREAMS oi a lorighier iornorrow carry many iloundering lreshmen ihrough 'rheir iirsl year away from home. viibfgivbb VT'- 3. 1531, nnrql-," - ,db . ' 1, l"':5-" 1 fv.-" fl 'H ,fy Zz," ',' I, . , A ,,' 2 .N ' "irq ',' 4 " HLESLLM., , cn5'pmf1o 'S P K rm '15 ,gym ff I , I I 'A QA .if-.4 " ' ' "-?- We: 4 ff? UYIUSXF fi rf? fe 2? MARRIED STUDENT HOUSING received a boost with the construction of these 3l2 South Base units which will open in September. 0 I-I . P . d F l. I . it . f 4 9 0 0 ou ing rovl e acl 1 I0 or , The giant 312-unit apartment buildings for married students, under construction on South Ienkins, will be opened in the fall, bringing the number of married student housing com- plexes on the OU campus to six. Others are Parkview, Niemann, South Campus, Logan Apartments and W. Constitution Street Apart- ments, which now accomodates 650 students, families. University housing also provides facilities for 4200 single students. A 12-story complex called the Towers opened in the fall to accommodate 1,000 single students. Its unique construction features four separate structures joined on the first floor by a central dining-lounge area. Single women live in Cate Center, Hester, Robertson and Franklin houses. Single men live in Cross Center, Woodrow Wilson Center and Whitehand Hall. All students live in University housing, or housing approved by the University, unless they are 21 years of age or older, are working for rooms, commuting or living with parents. SINGLE MEN live in Whiiehand l-lall. ' .,: r. . . . . - , I . ' li' 1 1 i- lk ' WOODROW WILSON Center provides housing for single men WOIIl0Il,S Residential Hou ing Pre ident 'Council The purpose of Wornen's Residential Hous- ing Presidents' Council is to promote the wel- fare and development of the residents of Women's Residential Housing, to unify the activities of the individual units, and to en- courage high standards of living in each house. Annual activities include the "Hanging of the Greens" at Christmas, Presidents' Coun- cil banquet CCross, Wilson, and Women's Residential Housing togetherj, senior break- fast, spring formal, and a joint Christmas party for orphans with Wilson Center. Women's Residential Housing is the new name for what was formerly known as Cate Center. It includes Cate Center, the Towers, Franklin House, and Hester-Robertson. Linda McQuillen was presidentg Barbara Frank, vice president, Pam Roclchold, secre- tary, Kay Martin, treasurer. The sponsor was Miss lean Mooney. BOTTOM ROW: Benna Kay Kime. Chrissie Chapman Thornburg. Chaniece Kennedy. Kay Martin, Pam Rockhold, Barbara Frank. Linda McOuiilen, Linda Chandler. Jean Mooney. SECOND ROW: Barbara Winn, Sherry McBride, Nancy Heclcerman, Donna Kay Meth. Jane Vickers, Claudette Valentine. Lena Liles, Rosalind West, Jackie Hailey, Pat Sheehan. Jan Mason, Donna Adams, CONFERRING about housing with Miss Jean Mooney are Pam Rockhold, Barbara Frank. Karen Kay Martin and Linda McQuiIlen. Lanna Wimberiy. Martha L. Mullen, Libby Gustine. Mary Jane Schoonover. Carolyn Hood. TOP ROW: Donna Kain, Diane Thompson, Paula Mooney. Karen Sue Cook, Toni Cooksey, Laura- iean Martin, Leslie Hobson, Nancy Nordyice, Pat Forrest, Beth Hahn, Shari Carpenter, Christine Bove, Dianne Burkhalter. KEEPING UP with the daily news happenings means reading every "Peanuts" comic strip tor trosh Paula Kerr and Marca Downing. BOTTOM ROW: Sally Morrison, Marca Downing, Paula Kerr, Lena Liles, Camille Pharr, Barbie Putnam, Claudette Hubbell, Michelin De Lier. SECOND ROW: Bette Young. Kay Lewis, Carolyn Meek, Christina Mast, Kay Turley, Pat Calvert, Vicki Brantley, Mary Johnson, Lynn Levinson, Cathy Barr. THIRD ROW: Melissa Camp, Bobbi Yunker, Andrea Leibs. Carol McCann, Sandi McCown, Vivian Baumgardner, Carol Fischer, Marilyn Redwine, h Bizzell Hou e Bizzell House women enjoyed a hectic year ot fun and games. Highlight of the year was the ughost partyi' during the power failure. Other parties included one at Halloween and a Secret Pals Christmas party. Residents of Bizzell represented the "X" in all vvomenis intramurals and in numerous campus activities, including Model UN, the OU Band and various service clubs. Those accumulating the most activity points were Vivian Baumgardner, Chris Mast, Carol Mc- Cann, Carolyn Meek, Camille Pharr, Sally Morrison, and Barbie Putnam. The women will not soon forget dorm coun- selor Michelin DeLier and her favorite cry, "Discipline, girls, discipline!" Assistant coun- selor Was Claudette Hubbell. Officers were Lena Liles, president, Camille Pharr, vice president, Paula Kerr, secretary: Barbie Putnam, treasurerg and Marca Down- ing, social chairman. Susan Applegate, Anita Ryland. FOURTH ROW: Debi Wein- berg, Diane Phillips, Jeannie Strozier, Jana Young, Janet Dombek. Janie Jones, Bette Gladstein, Nancy Willsie, Phyllis Heartsill, Linda Grosse. TOP ROW: Carolyn Daley, Margaret Rayburn, Debra Dinaburg, Janice Roth, Sandy Loman, Mary True, Julia Lumbert, Ainslie Pryor, Sue Lawrence, Christine Willus, Dawn Ellisor. vi- ly ii f 1, r was it fr- ' Q . T' J tratr r if Ar? -. 's i X 4 N' 42 a' ,-1-ua--7 77-7 l l CATE CENTER FOR WOMEN is a modern housing lacilily for approximelely l,OO0 single women sfudenfs al lhe Universify l 1 .4 ..-- EL X F CROSS CENTER is a complex lor single men. MARRIED s+uden+s live af W. Consfiiulion Aparlmenfs. C Civ i A' Ql ?:?'f ' 1 -1 .- 7irf.j4+R SINGLE STUDENTS lived in The new Towers dorm, a I2-sfory complex complefed las? summer. il- ..... -...---,il,.-1 E -,...,,1! BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Louise Ward, Mrs. Alice l-linlcle, Mrs. Willene Johnson, Earl Raburn, L. S. Etlwington, Mrs. Virginia Clark, Mrs. Myrtle Kellerhals, Mrs. Mariorie Kulwlman. TOP ROW: William H. Strickland, Jr., Winfred Kersey, Otis Johnson, Frank P. Pasierb, Flynn Reynolds. R. F. Tlwweaft, Don Tlwoes. Hou ing teft Direct Varieu Department A total of 650 employes Work in all areas of the University housing department directed by William H. Strickland lr. Key members of his staff meet Weekly to assure that students in University housing have proper living, din- ing and studying conditions. Food services for all housing cafeterias and the supervision of the Commissary are under the direction of Assistant Director of Housing Frank Pasierb. Mrs. Myrtle Kellerhals, super- visor of food service, and her assistant Mrs. Louise Ward are trained dieticians who plan the menus and supervise the preparation of the 15,000 meals served daily in housing cafeteriasg While Mrs. Alice Hinkle manages the housing department Commissary. Mrs. Virginia Clark is manager of the hous- ing director's office and supervises the reserva- tions office which handles all applications for University housing. L. S. Ethington and his staff do the accounting for University housing. R. F. Thweatt, assistant director of housing, oversees the physical facilities, supervising the maintenance and properties of housing. The furniture repair shop, managed by Don Thoes, keeps all furnishings in good repair and makes all the draperies used in University housing. Managers of the various housing divisions are Earl Raburn, supervisor of married apart- ments and maintenanceg Mrs. Marjorie Kuhl- man, manager of Parkview, Niemann and Logan Apartments, and Flynn Reynolds, man- ager of South Campus and W. Constitution Street Apartments. Mrs. Willene Iohnson is housekeeper foreman, and Winfred Kersey is building custodian foreman. Their staffs are responsible for the housekeeping in all residen- tial centers. Otis Iohnson is the foreman re- sponsible for moving, storage and inventory of the department, including the keeping of the warehouses. C3 C7 gg BOTTOM ROW: Ann Miller, Connie Walker, Susan Pope, Patricia Grimm, Janie Smothers, Joanne Wesi, Nancy Fleming, Linda Rob- bins, SECOND ROW: Shirley Allen. Brenda Maihes, Diane Mei'- call, Marilyn Edgmon. Anita Michaele Bank, Marilyn Smith, Diane Davis. THIRD ROW: Toni McCrary, Sheryl Cupps, Ann Sellers, Jean Burk, Susan Hiatt, Kathleen O'Brien, Emma Lou Nelson. Brook Hou e Brooks House proved to be the scholars' hideaway of residential housing with 10 resi- dents members of Alpha Lambda Delta, 4 members of University Scholars and 4 mem- bers of the President's Leadership Class. Sophomore privileges were enjoyed by the women living in the honors dorm. To live in Brooks House the women were required to make a certain composite score on the ACT test. A 3.0 grade average was required to live in the dorm during second semester. Thirty- one persons made this average, or better, with four girls recording straight-A averages. During the year, the residents held a dorm party with the women of Tower II and the men of Burton and Buchanan houses. A Christmas dinner and gifts were provided for a needy family. The fun ended soon after Christmas vaca- tion as strict campus went into effect, coffee pots started brewing day and night and the lights never went off. Counselor was Nancy Fleming, senior letters major. Marsha Perry. FOURTH ROW: Vickie Thompson, Rebecca Yuhas. Diane Elizabeth Barnes, Pamela McLaughlin, Anita Kay Miears, Susan Sanders,, Karol Davis, Dianne Callahan, Karen Stanton. TOP ROW: Darla Strange, Sandra Palmer, Nancy Wood, Janice Cummings, Gail Darrah, Michaelyn Barker, Judy Simpson, Mary Kay Clemons, Robin Young, Cecille Cararneros. MARY LONGBOTHAM waits breathlessly for Karen Cook to turn the page and continue ihe exciting story she is reading aloud. ! l I A to BOTTOM ROW: Monte Phelps, Leslie Hobson, Paula J. Hackett, Marilyn Everts, Margo Murray, Linda Smith, Kaye Landes, Simone Botkin, Claudette Hubbell, Sue Olds. SECOND ROW: Rushella Latimer, Virginia Langdon, Melanie Parnell, Karen Sue Copple, Jean Ann Day, Sumitra Sulannabha, Paula Corder, Alice Coleman. Kay Barnes. THIRD ROW: Ann Williams, Charley Donn, Gwen Hill, Ann Stiles. Darla Freidline, Marilyn K. Forrester, Jane Hen- BREAKING from their studies for a cup of coffee and a half- hour talk are Karen Copple. Lorrain Allmon and Karen Adams. 9 . . V vw' , li! . ' 'L . ,. ef-1 or , as - . . -. Q "' 'v, i v i . 'Q 4' 4 . i ., ,f xl . X, -id son, Carol Walters. Mary A. Cantrell, Lynda Pitts. FOURTH ROW: Bonita Watson, Ann H. Traylor. Carlynn K. Adams, Doro- thy Jo Brown, Dona Sticlcney, Janis Mixon, Linda Cole, Ruth Ann Fisher, Sandy Woolf. TOP ROW: Karen Adams, Dorothy F. Brown, Linda McQuillen, Karol Kimbarlc, Carol Jones, Dianne Burkhalter, Leanna Sallinger, Leah Gellinqer, Peggy Strauss. Cleo Cross Hou e A get-acquainted party at the beginning of first semester got Cleo Cross House Women off to a roaring start. Studies, parties and ac- tivities kept most residents busy, even during finals week. Barbara Bohan, graduate student in library science, served as counselor. Assistant coun- selor Was Sharlet Ridge. Outstanding residents included Ruth Ann Fisher, Tassels, Torus Math Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, and President's Leadership Classg Hope Harder, Mortar Board, Iosephine Hambler, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Ieanne Brooks, roles in "Guys and Dollsv and sev- eral operas. Leslie Hobson served as dorm president, Ruth Ann Fisher, vice president, Patricia Daly, secretary, Kathy Kyser, treasurer, and Rheta Dewberry, social chairman. Cleo Cross House was named in honor of Mrs. Cleo Cross, Wife of OU president George L. Cross. ' 'C' Davi Hou e Iudy Brown, senior psychology major, and Laura Dobbs, senior English major, led Davis House women in a successful year which saw many of the residents participating in various campus organizations. Miss Brown was coun- selor tirst semester, before graduating. Outstanding residents included Bette Byrd Student Senator, Delta Sigma Pi Rose Queen, Sooner Scandals, and activities chairman of Gamma Phi Beta, Margo I-Iilfinger, Model UN, Sooner Scandals, executive secretary tor Miss OU contest and recipient of Gamma Phi Beta pledge scholarship award, and Leslie Durall, who had the leading role in the drama production, "The Playis the Thingf' Dorm othcers were Donna Mettz, presidentg ludy Pike, vice president, Susan Williams, sec- retary, Darleen Moore, treasurer, and Bonnie Horne, social chairman. BOTTOM ROW: Beth Longest. Judy Pike, Donna Kay Mettz. Bette Byrd, Bonnie Horne. Susan Williams, Darleen Moore, Judie Brown. SECOND ROW: Lexy Forsberg, Sharla Sullivan. Dona Kay Best, Gloria Tasier, Angela Parnell, Donna Baldrachi, Barbara Moss. Cindy Lightner, Melody Kerr. THIRD ROW: Judy Mitchell, Gwen Waldbaurn, Janice Mann, Alvita Austin, Sandra Cleary. s.a1'1:1: ' 'l MIKE BRINSON and Melody Kerr loolc through a magazine as they wait for Clyde Amyx to call his date on the Davis House phone. Betty Clason, Marsha Louise Carter. Julie Anne Elder. FOURTH ROW: Leslie Durall, Jane Loclc, Marilyn Midkitt, Pam Stevens. Peggy Evans, Pam Smith, Ginger Watson, Kathy Dixon, Susan Wensel. TOP ROW: Donna Robinson, Jill Holderby, Suzy Austin. Melodye Eason, Beverly G. Thompson, Linda Randals, Barbara Williams, Jane Buchanan, Diane Bunch, 'nf 1 - ' it 'K I . ' ,, ia y ,s .af , - T 43 V ' M 4,553 , Ll ,lr l ki I l , 3 ! 5 5 Q' -f Q in in 3 X H 5 U W ' 1 X Q 1 ra , L, , . 9 af' , A I - V in - 2 I uw- . l i , , WP- N.. 'HW -sd A CAPTIVE AUDIENCE of Annette Hamil, Doris Robinson and Sandy Rigsby listen to Roberta Durham practice playing the zifher. BOTTOM ROW: Joyce Niblett, Barbie Garelich. Sandy Riqsby. Pamela Roclchold, Donna Adams, Helen Price, Carol Byrd, Meta Kay Sandmann. SECOND ROW: Margaret Strange, Carol Ann Mcifntire, Ann Nagel. Pat Coyle. Susan Brown, Claire Sleeper, Jane Roll. THIRD ROW: Charlotte Mae Echols, Pamela Stoner. Patricia Pohl, Elayne Tull, Judy Lynn Strang, Mary Coates, Bobbie 1 i s Eau Hou e Scholarship ranked high in importance for Evans House women, witnessed by the seven persons making a 3.5 grade average or better. Accumulated leadership abilities gave several residents membership in numerous campus organizations along with the honors. Outstanding members from the dorm were Peggy O'Neal, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pam Rockhold, secretary of Mu Phi Epsilon, Model UN, and vice president of Glee Club, and Nancy Muir, Who's Who, Pi Lambda Theta, Alpha Chi, and honors graduate. The Christmas party was the highlight of the year, although none of the Women will forget some of the birthday parties. Coun- selor vvas Carol Byrd, graduate student ma- joring in Zoology. Ollicers were Donna Adams, president, Pam Rockhold, vice president, Helen Price, secre- tary, Sandy Rigsby, treasurer, and Barbie Gar- elich, social chairman. Others were Deanne Hammonds, WRAg Peggy O'Neal, ISAg Mar- garet Strange, and Ann Casey, URC. Bumgardner, Mary Katherine Goodwyn, Ella F. Bryant. FOURTH ROW: April Hobson, Dian Turner, Roberta Durham, Deanna May, Janie Leibs, Peggy O'Neal, Mary Jane Porter, Doris Robinson. TOP ROW: Orinda Adams, Thelma Burris, Olivia J. Denson. Margaret Constien. Annetta Jean Hamil, Ann Casey, Paula Marie Marchant, Margery A. Osborn, Margaret Dalin. P 'WA I gl i', 'bl 4' r lr el ,...f . ll 112. i V7 I i LT 9-Q N TJ , ..4, i l i BOTTOM ROW: Barbara Frank, Janet Pritzker. Michele Lynn Permutt. Sherry McBride, Martha Donaldson. Barbara Jane Olson. Sharon Bowles, Tita Smith. SECOND ROW: Janice Green. Susan Petty, Marilyn L. Nelson, Linda Long. Russanne Bull, Diane Schieten, Beti Ann Briscoe. THIRD ROW: Janice Looney, Gwen- dolyn J. Williams. Pelty Day, Celia Levinsohn, Marion Gibson. liorbe Hou e The fun-loving women of Forbes House will have a lot of memories of this year, including pizza-eating contests, shaving cream fights and door-papering contests. Then there was finals Week, when residents vied to see who could make the most noise during strict campus without being caught. Despite being enjoyed by the women, the fun and games were enough to give counselor Patricia Smith a few gray hairs and plenty of hard times. Miss Smith was a junior ma- joring in education. Forbes I-Iouse residents participated in nu- merous campus activities during the year. Several women played roles in the annual "Hanging of the Greensi' at Christmas, while others helped work on Cate Centeris Horne- coming decoration. just mention the word upartyi' and the Forbes House women were ready to go. Pizza parties, birthday parties and various other surprise parties including the whole dorm kept everybody in a gay mood. g.....L "ei ' .e ir, e .t I i A as XJ . ' K , 2:53:- ' f, 'F . 'H yy ii, , , 4 l l - an N ,fx K l Penny Gaunt, Katy Livingston, Joann Pincham. FOURTH ROW: Glenda Surrency, Carol Roso, Aneta Newton, Anita Black, Jerri Lee Hayes, Linda Chrisman, Katie Royal, Jane Burgess. Anne- Marie Lherrnitte. TOP ROW: Jacqueline Mary Gorski, Barabara G. Bott, Bonnie Ross, Patti Burns, Joetta Cobb, Rita Lee Worth- ington, Diana Greene, Janie Henderson, Barbie Ludlum. LONG-DISTANCE phone calls to her hometown in Pennsylvania cause Barbie Ludlum to glow, as Janie Henderson awaits her turn. 463 ZQT-.. , E P Y Q x A -1 , ,, ' ,dl X i 1 ' lx -. il! ' g me - BOTTOM ROW: Patricia E. Riser, Marilyn Watt, Mary Ann Lier- Verdelle Turner, Arby Engels, Peggy Ollinqer. Lavonna Ann Wel- man. Charlie Chellain, Nancy Heckerman, Tiaiuana Haitensiy, Bente Rasmussen, Margi Anderson, Devey Hoskin. SECOND ROW: Linda Crabtree. Virginia Guerrero, Frone Lehmann, Bar- bara Bowman, Judy Kay Ferguson. Marita A. Jones, Suzanne Derby, Georgia Kauley, Pamela Williams, Judy Browning, Sherry McClure, Pamela Garmon. THIRD ROW: Liza Kim, Diane Frye, Mary Sausa, Judy Blake, Danelle Kendall, Margaret Ann Shafer, rl X in l i i l gg, i il l LISTENING to the latest music before hitting the books are Nancy Heckerman. Judy Blake, Danelle Kendall and Diane Frye. ler. FOURTH ROW: Carole Goodwin, Janice Briece. Eleanor Jane Friedman, Louise Hollis, Laura Brightman, Diana Patton. Peggy Lee Paramore, Alice Baliierra, Patricia Meidenbauer, Vicky Elaine Myers, Pamela Susan George. TOP ROW: Marilyn K. Eenskin, Helen Hendrick, Jane Keltner, Charlotte Deen Haliom, Peggy Jean Brichacelc, Lona Thrasher, Gwendolyn Hopper, Jane A. McNeely. Patricia C, Allen, Linda Perkins. Franklin Hou e Campus activities seemed to dominate the life of Franklin House Women. Along with the activities went high grade averages for most participants. Residents with many activities included Marilyn Watt, Sequoyah Club Homecoming Princess and Sequoyah club officer, Betty Greenstine, KUVY continuity director, Sigma Alpha Eta and Dean's Honor Roll, Nancy Heckerman, cochairman of Wilson-Cate Cen- ter orphans, party, Sharon Womack and Suzy Darby, Women's Clee Club. Marita Tones, junior psychology major, served as dorm counselor. Foreign students living in Franklin House were Bente Rasmus- sen of Sweden, Maxima Cruz of Guam and Liza Kim of Korea. Officers Were Nancy Heckerman, presidentg Charlie Chetlain, vice president, Betty Green- stine, secretaryg Tiajuana Hattensty, treasurer, Mary Ann Lierman, social chairman: Marilyn Watt, URCQ Margo Anderson, ISAQ and Bente Rasmussen, WRA. Hamill Hou e "Breaking in" their counselors at the begin- ning of school kept Hamill House women busy for several weeks and provided them with some experiences they will not soon forget. The counselors also had their share of fun, catching many of the women repeatedly using the fire doors. Gail Bandy served as an alternate Big Red cheerleader and Debby Downing led the Delta Delta Delta pledge class as president. Merlene Barnes was one of the top 10 semifinalists for ISA Sweetheart. A coffee welcomed dads on Dads' Day and a Halloween party raised spirits-morale, not ghosts. Pizza parties, along with a Christmas party, helped students forget about studies. Ollicers were Toni Cooksey, presidentg Su- san Lory, vice presidentg Beverly Baugh, sec- retaryg Carole Schiefer, treasurer, and Sydney Wyly, social chairman. Ian Hooks, graduate student in guidance, was counselor. BOTTOM ROW: Sherry lvlusselman, Laura Berry Arrington, Carole Schiefer, Susan Lory, Toni Coolcsey, Beverly Baugh, Lynn Howard, Cecelia Willis. SECOND ROW: Cynthia Ann Volz, Joanie Barn- holiz, Marlene Barnes, Sally Frye, Sydney Adair Wyly, Marilyn Levin, Donna Lange, Gayle Mnoolcin, Nancy Miller. THIRD ROW: Gail Kielre, Janis Weinberger, Cindy Gauntt, Debby Downing, Trudy I-laast, Diana Lee, Becky Madden, Ann Harmon. FOURTH 1-.-1-11 LAURA CROUCH discovers that ironing is a never ending task- even Ruthee Smith's expert advice doesn't make it any easier. FOW: Laura Crouch, Jeanne M. Mathews, Melissa Uhlenhop. Sandra Kirby, Rosilya Johnson, Ginny Linn Hamilton, Vicky Stroth- mann, Al Florence McCauley, Ruth Gwendolyn Lewis, Cathy Bart- lett. TOP ROW: Linda Fulton. Nancy Thurow, Jan C. Taylor. Mary Hunter, Ruthee Smith, Rochelle Fordin, Gail Bandy, Gala Nixon, Laurie Kaufman, Jane Reed, Agnes Ann Stephens. ' ,J - . - B1 "Ti 'i X it ii i' if tra , it - r r ' . a "t F' .W ' " I J :Q 1 , ' , Q X - . 4 , it X Ha - wut , . . ,in . ' i f yf q , ' f as , 1 .X " A - V RQ' ,Qi , i 1 if g ,V I V 1 b I ' U V l I ' Q Y ' . T .tfi 465 N345-'iiiill BEING LOCKED out of the dorm is one of the minor consequence facinq Ann Thurmond for returning to the dorm after hours. BOTTOM ROW: Jill Hollman, Ann Haddock, Nancy Roberts. Terry Wood, Nancy Norclylce, Barbara Hammons, Mary Wallace Sara Jacobs. SECOND ROW: Janice Kay Smith, Davie Lee Boal, Marcia Hale, Elizabeth Van West, Melody Berry, Kaye Standley, Bev Horwitz. Diane Lee Alexander, Roberta Billy. THIRD ROW Jerri Lynn Snow, Claudia Collins, Judie Childress Nancy Butler, Herrick Hou e Sara Iacobs, senior in fine arts and coun- selor at Herrick House, led her women in an active and most successful year. The house participated in intramurals, Cate Center- Wilson Center orphans' party and numerous other group activities. Officers were Nancy Nordyke, presidentg Terry Wood, vice president, Marsha Baca, secretaryg Ann Haddock, treasurerg and Nancy Roberts, social chairman. Among social events during the school year were Halloween and Christmas parties, surprise birthday parties and so many pizza parties the residents wondered if they could ever look at another pizza. Checks for breaking quiet hours and the strict campuses during finals evoked many critical remarks from Herrick House Women but when the final grades came out many wished they had studied more and yelled less. mond, Susan Anne Pratt, Janet Duffy. FOURTH ROW: Sharyn Riboli, Judy Lynn Wilson, Mary Cynthia Atchley, Robin Ellen Ran- kin, Linda Jean Walls, Jane Bowman, Diane Groom, Gayla Wagner, Merrilee Catching. TOP ROW: Barbara Horwitz, Mary Jane Daron, Jane Kelley, Vicky Sutton. Mary Linda Dicus, Barbara Murphy, Sandra Harvey, Wendy Sutton, Jill LaForge. Cheryl Anderson, Marquita Hall, Patty Hughes, Gail Ann Thur- -ia ' '79 La' :NXT : - 6 4 ,A all 1, 1 far, ' t I L xv- 9 lk? L I 1 V it I Y SH, I i C V Q C A U ll Y 1 + 3,4 , -L 3 N ' ' 4 ' H ' l 1' -4 i A 1, A ' - . I f x I N r x , Y J J . 466 Y 'i' i P l ' V l Q sq ,, 5, 4 , . Y . ,gh 1 1 1. -:-'K x 'Y L I 523' K V Us W' J K 1 ' Q I is ' - JG' ff" rv " ' "M " ta' i BOTTOM ROW: Jane Clenncy, Brenda Rozen, Sandy Valentine, Margaret Ann Jennings, Suc Riggs, Carolyn Hood, Phillipa rather, Karla Kelle, Diane Holloway, Mary Lu Puckett, Elaine Bush. SECOND ROW: Candly Contreras, Carol Haynes, Paula Corder, Cordelia Jewell, Andrea Hutch- ings, Janet Martin, Hcdy Sue Holsapple, Melany Hay, Chloe Annette Cook, Charlec Jo Rom, Carolynne Barnes, Linda Hansford, Wanda Sue Oneth, Dianne De Beixedon, Susie Engel, Diedra D er, Barbara Kay Shel- ton, Lcsli Horwitz, Barbara Hogan, Linda Carol llilyatt, THIRD ROW: Cleta Davis, Marlene Glazer, Nancy Carman, Deborah Perdue, Janice Pullln, Pamela Quisenberry, June Kelley, Barbara Lynn Harper, Nancy Maas, Linda Crabb, Gloria Trotter, Donna Hearn, Linda Sluteville, Sharon He ter Hou e Hester House ranked second in over-all in- tramural points at the end of the first semes- ter. Residents reached the sernilinals of volley- ball and the quarterfinals of speedball and ping pong. Activities received equal emphasis, with several residents being outstanding Women. They were Carol Ann Reid, Top Ten Fresh- man WOHIZIH, Outstanding Independent, OU Scholars vice president and Alpha Lambda Delta, Janice Pullin, Mortar Board, Who's Who, WRA president and Outstanding Inde- pendentg Candy Contreras, Homecoming Queeng Bonnie Malcolm, Outstanding Inde- pendent, Top Ten Freshmen Women, ISA president, and Student Senaterg and Carolyn Hood, Pharmacy Queen. Elaine Bush, senior English major, was counselor. Ollicers were Carolyn Hood, presi- dent, Sue Riggs, vice president, Phillipa Pra- ther, secretaryg Karla Kelley, treasurer, and Margaret lennings, social chairman. se 3 rf. 11 ST Y Cobb, Kathy Bowlby, Patricia Balhaw, Phyllis Pennington, Sandra Howell, Sylvia Davis, Juanita Renttro. FOURTH ROW: Carles Abner, Judy Paul- sen, Mary Margaret Burton, Jeanie Kathleen Rapp, Saralou Griffin, Susan Swimley, Jane Todd, Margaret Harvecy, Su Weinstein, Mary Susan Sisk, Kathleen Ann Crain, Cathy Coleman, onnie Jo Mitchell, Marcia Shaffer, Jane Altschwager, Judy Bennett, Marcia McMurry, Nancy Miles. TOP ROW: Carol Strickler, Linda Agee, Melodie Petersen, Martha Boynton, Marla Jo Moats, Gay Osborne, Judy Chapman, Kathy Olson, Donna Bishop, Cindy Janes, Reletha Upton, Linda Bowser, Susan E. Young, Linda K. Dennis, Karen Williams, Mary Ellen Dietrick, Carla Cunningham, Jeannie King, Glenda Lowry. RAIN doesn't dampen these students' spirits, but walking through drying umbrellas does perplex Sharon Cobb and Janice Pullin. 7 l . I I . .. - ..v.D.,. . , , ,.,..,......,, 54' fm 9 A in at...-1 :ii Q 'I . . i V W C ' 51 J T' 1, L A' ll 5 ., .V pf - f X , ,g ' V 4 I X ' I, . 'T' , 4 TZ T ci 1 -1' ' r ' 423, 'if-1 "FH l I .. gi , , A Z. I! . . I 1 . Q- -r , ' . if 1' 1 , V I p ' . - Y' . V Y Q 1.1 - i .- X D I, . f E . V-.1 5 X kj. 5 I 6 I ,, - ., 4 'H 'F T' , M if , X , I 4 'Pu i X ' A P . - ' 1 , -1 I ' . f J 4 ' , . " P' 0 1 m , ,AQ ,. BOTTOM ROW: Judy Humphrey, Gilda Gent, Julie Towe, Joy Tschappat. Betsy Allen, Gail E. Kaiz. Janet Weiskopf, Gayle Younghein. SECOND ROW: Kathy Ward, Ann Gibbs, Shirley Jackson, Ann Dibrell, Pamela Trout, Linda Barger, Paula Wood, Anita Kochman, Delores Lloyd. THIRD ROW: Ginny Panganiban, Carol Frey, BeH'y Barnard, Julie Stephenson. Joyce Hall, Gail Barthel, Martha Christ, Mary Jackson, Michele Murphy. FOURTH I i 4 l 4 P. R , X E .i ,N x,k FINDING GOSSIP hard to keep quiet if one of the girls is under the drier are Linda Borger, Joyce Yeilding and Joy Tschappai. I if: , - arx. ROW: Linda Armstrong, Nancy Johnson., Pamela Ann Miles. Janet Roe, Catherine Baker, Willa Kay Smith, Janice Wilhite, Susan Wright, Carolyn Joan Owerka, Belinda Bea Gunn, Joyce Yeildinq. TOP ROW: Beverly Lachner, Susan Kennedy, Catherine Whalen, Fran McPhaiI, Linda Owen. Phyllis Ann McClain, Judy Dorney, Linda Lou White, Dottie Gail Wilson, Rosalee O'NeaI. Evelyn Self, Jackie Hefley. Holman Hou e Participation in Cate Center's "Hanging of the Greensv and Dads' Day were among the many activities keeping Holman House Women busy during the school year. A picture of their dorm decoration before Dallas Weekend was featured in the Oklahoma Daily. Dorm parties were of much interest and provided lasting memories of the residents, first year at OU. Outstanding women and their accomplish- ments during the school year were Dottie Wilson, Orchesisg Gigi Gant, Orchesis, Guys and Dollsg Ianice Wilhite, University Scholarsg and Ioyce Yeilding, National Gymnastic Queen and Civic Ballet dancer. Serving Holman House as counselor this year was Delores Lloyd, a senior Spanish major. Dorm officers included Iackie Heliey, presidentg Ioy Tschappat, vice presidentg Iulie Lowe, secretaryg Gail Katz, treasurer, and lanet Weiskopf, social chairman. Vs nw.. sr , 4 .str Hume Hou e Life was made interesting at Hume House this year with "jam sessions" late into the night, a Christmas party with Santa Claus, and the many friends from different sections of the country. States represented by residents were Wisconsin, Kentucky, California, and several girls had lived in Europe. The women participated in intramural speedball and horseshoes. Residents active in campus organizations were Nancy Neil, Or- chesis, and Mary Dee Neal, who campaigned in student politics. Otlicers for the year were Ian Mason, pres- identg Sally Tatum, vice president, Karen Dykstra, secretary, Barbara Stiranka, treasurer, and Marilee Muller, social chairman. Serving as counselor was Marcia Weaver, a senior speech therapy major. Hume House held several social functions with various menis dormitories and appeared in a Christmas program at the Cerebral Palsy Center. BOTTOM ROW: Paula Lee Hodgins, Sharon Dykstra, Marilee Muller, Karen Dykstra, Jan Mason, Barbara Stiranlca, Liza Le Fevre. Nita Kay Flowers, Marcia Weaver. SECOND ROW: Sandy Bartlowe, Linda James, Mary Lou Johnson, Elaine Thornton. Mar- guerite Ferrer, Carole Wood, Cheryl Studier. THIRD ROW: Sharran Cowan, Alice Ann Balmer. Cathy Casstevens, Marsha Goodman, Marilyn Reynolds, Carole Levine. Pam Hall, Gay Craw- J RISKING checks it they are caught snealcing through the tire door are Sharon Kimberlin, Barbara Herzog and Marsha Goodman. ford. FOURTH ROW: Janice Carol Ginter, Judy Forrest, Jean Kelley. Carol Sue Kent, Renee Lane, Eleanor Lee Smith, Colleen O'Berg. Cynthia Kinkaid, Sharon E. Kimberlin. TOP ROW: Debby Patterson. Sharon Ann Van Horn. Donna Brannon, Sandra Harring- ton, Mary Dee Neal, Barbara Herzog, Georgia Hartman, Nancy Neil, Sherryl Geer. Gretchen Luther. s '. u 4 .p'. pi ,J gg IA. 1 ,fn . Q . ' -w wk :Ui fr N f I Z A s A X L 1 'H Io! .' ga f ff SIGNING IN and out is quite an inconvenience, but Rose Ann Sedita decides it beats being campused the next Saturday night. BOTTOM ROW: Janace A. McKellar, Linda Jones. Jan Dunn. Suzanne Dessauer, Pat Sheehan, Barby Cohen, Adrah Barnes, Lee Ann Johns. SECOND ROW: Ruth Jean Beatty, Sharon E. Bruce. Barbara Stout. Kathy Huston. Carol McMahon, Nancy Childers. Donna Burger, Nancy Edwards, Sharyn Mack. THIRD ROW: Pat Campbell, Emmy Derby, Joanie Ralcaslras, Kaihy Tilsner, Susan ii Y fi Jordan Hou e Social functions with Kelly and Young houses, along with a Halloween party and the singing of Christmas carols provided Iordan House Women material for many memories of their freshman year in college. Highlights of the year was the naming of Lee Ann Iohns, dorm counselor, as Top Sen- ior of Womenis Residential Housing. Miss Johns, a journalism major, received the honor at the annual "Hanging of the Greens? Iordan House women participated in intra- mural speedball, tennis, ping pong and volley- ball. Serving as first semester ollicers were Pat Sheehan, president, Suzanne Dessauer, vice president, lanice McKellar, secretary, Ian Dunn, treasurer, Barby Cohen, social chair- man, and Emmy Derby, intramural chairman. Second semester officers were Louise Den- yer, president, Barbara Worthing, vice pres- iclentg Linda jones, secretary, Monte Hender- son, treasurerg and Ioanie Rakaslcas, social chairman. Cunningham, Marilyn Oakley, Laura Deerinwater, Barbara Worth- inq. FOURTH ROW: Louise Denyer, Lou Dean Wettenqel, Anna Lou Maxwell, Paula Johnson. Carol Roth, Louise Henderson. Shelly Kay. Kathy Cushnie, Jan Heinze. TOP ROW: Phyllis Wilkinson. Susan Caster, Candy Tapham, Sandra Phelps, Liz Lippmann, Lor- etta Loman, Fhillis Ruby, Barbara Bishop. 470 . ' X . rf. ' f V -fy v 'fw X i: l ' J 97' .. G W BOTTOM ROW: Linda Romerman, Terrye Newkirk, Varga Gar- land, Kathy Harn, Libby Gustine, Linda Hay, Gail Fogarty, Laura Dobbs. SECOND ROW: Ann Sapot, Della Ann Valdez, Linda Cothran, Linda Robinson, Regena Ann Trent, Evalynne Huqon. Mitzi Ferris. THIRD ROW: Marilyn King, Suzy Mason, Toni Kus- mer, Gloria Lawrence, Leta White, Jean Grauel, Barbara Patterson, Kirk Hou e Kirk House residents parted company when the dorm was closed at the end of the first semester. The Women became residents of other dorms as the Delta Cammas moved into Kirk house for the spring semester. Many new friends were made by Kirk House residents by the moving, but memories lingered on of the Christmas tree trimming party and the singing of Christmas carols with Iordan and Lawson house Women. During their semesteris residence in Kirk House the women participated in volleyball and table tennis. Libby Gustine served as president. Kathy Harn was vice president. Other oiiicers were Linda Hay, secretaryg Varga Garland, treas- urerg Terrye Newkirk, social chairmang Candy Cherniack, WRAQ and Iudy Moore, HRC. Laura Dobbs, senior English major, served as dorm counselor. Gail Fogarty was assistant counselor. 5 rw F ww. 1 - 1.2. - . N l T." YT n i "Mi" . u . -' I L. , 'yi -' ' i A , . i V if Q. ,I 1 , 1 , n s rl I Z i se MJ rm W sy, L , ix - Linda Staron. FOURTH ROW: Sandra Smith, Susan Seefluth, Eugenia Van Zandt, Margaret Heard, Brenda Rowe, Carole Sue Morgan, Linda Lou Webb, Marie Manuel, Lincla Dirlcs. TOP ROW: Toni Raschlce, Sandra Sue Lewis, Pat Dollarhite, Linda Kay Fisher, Ginger Cook, Candy Lynne Cherniack, Arlene Schachter. Donna Caldwell, Marsha Palmer, Sheryl Anspaugh. END OF FIRST semester meant packing trunlcs and moving to other dorms tor Candy Cherniack, Libby Gustine and Sandra Smith. Maw, maxim Fiat 1 ii fi ' -E5 -,, all 1 ,...w 4 sag a al it!! BOTTOM ROW: Sarah Bowman, Pat Boyd, Marsha Merrell, Con- nie Wagnon, Barbara Winn, Debbie Taylor, Sarah Hawthorne, Joan Ratzlati. SECOND ROW: Susan Newman, Pam Lincoln, Susan Reddoch, Phoebe Thompson, June Miller, Nancy Spielmann, Jane Yoakum, Susan Ballard, Carrol E. Northinqton. THIRD ROW: Austa Potter. Anita Hall, Gloria Hobbs, Janet Netherton. LISTENING to the big snow job is Carol Burns, as Pat Boyd and Janet Netherton recall hearing the same romeo's line before. 1 , fn .WV I 9 Jud. 1 :., -52.111 'L' 'if 4. ' iv: it I I it 1 . x gy y., 1 .a l i' 5 .- . - "I ai W ' 13:1 ' X ' I 5 ,- , - j I L Q.. is --- I ,rv I .i, X . , - w Y Wilma Hutson, Jannis Thiessen, Maria Teresa Rodriguez, Carol Masemore. FOURTH ROW: Jene Criswell, Patti Singleton, Leah Askew. Kathi Corvin. Georgia Shepard, Susy Drewry, Pam Hodder. Karen Newman, Carol Burns. TOP ROW: Jan Stapp. Sharon Denning. Penny Guinn, Sandi Benniqht. Mary Lee Hale, Barbara Bullard. Charlotte Curtis, Liz Hall, Ricky Chase, Susie Garrett. Law on Hou e A spirit of friendliness and cooperation reigned at Lawson House where women from all parts of the country were brought together for a brief time to enjoy college. Ioan Ratzlaff, junior in the College of Arts and Sciences, was counselor. President was Barbara Winn. Other ollicers were Nancy Northcutt, vice presidentg Susan lordan, sec- retaryg Carol Northington, treasurer, and Pat Boyd, social chairman. Lawson House was named in honor of Ro- berta Campbell Lawson, outstanding club woman and granddaughter of the last chief of the Delawares, journeycake. Intramurals, dorm parties, homecoming dec- orations and practical jokes filled the Lawson House girls' school year. Books, classes, study halls and trips to the library, of course, con- tributed to a busy year. Along with the fun went the strict campuses, boobey traps for "checkers', and attempts to make those emergency phone calls after hours. -wr- lVlcCurtain Hou e Women Build Friend hip Warm friendships and exciting college ex- periences helped make a happy year for Mc- Curtain House women. Activities, honors and high scholarship characterized the residents. Outstanding residents included Susan Hol- loway, Dads' Day mailing and entertainment committees and Kappa Kappa Gamma pledge class scholarship chairman, Iudy Moore, URC executive committee, Homecoming Dance committee, Friday at Four, and Pi Beta Phi pledge class treasurer, Susan Hiatt, University Scholar, and Suzie Gunderson, historian and publicity chairman of Tri-Delt pledges. Counselor for lVIcCurtain House was Carilee Hogan, a senior majoring in vocal music ed- ucation. Ollicers of the year were lane Vickers and Becky Beard, presidents, Carol Cox, vice pres- ident, Carol Cox and Connie Frantz, secre- taries, Connie Frantz and Ioyce Mowery, BOTTOM ROW: Susan Weslie Madaniclc, Sally Amspacher, Con- nie Frantz, Kay Joseph, Jane Vickers, Carol Cox, Susie Gunderson. Claudia Hughes. SECOND ROW: Lonna Black, Nanette Bilyeu. Lynne Stewart, Teresa Wright, Kathy Nelson, Melinda Gordy, Lory Sass. THIRD ROW: Becky Beard, Delynn Arnold. Karen Renz. Roberta Cooper, Jill Weitz, Avis Whitworth. Mary Lou Orr. Milli I l F V ,vi v . .- ft. -. l J: - . I v El 1-.q..Jl9.- treasurers, and Sally Amspacher and Suzie Gunderson, social chairmen. Also serving as ollicers were ludy Moore, URC, Kathy Nelson, WRA, Cheryl Cogman, ISA, and Charlotte Haas, HRC. Suree Assawa- matiyanont, a premedical student from Thai- land, was a resident of the dorm. Whether the opponent was from Lawson or McSpadden houses, McCurtain House -res- idents never had any trouble starting a shav- ing cream fight. Residents were always getting caught going through the fire doors. Dads and Moms were entertained in the fall and spring. Residents participated in Cate Center's annual "Hanging of the Greensf' and the construction of the Homecoming decora- tion for Womerfs Residential Housing. Plan- ning pizza parties, birthday parties or just a party for the sake of a party kept the social calendar filled at lVlcCurtain House. J. Anderson. FOURTH ROW: Susan Mahan, Mary Beth Sproul. Ruana Sartin, Barbara Budlonq, Marilyn Hope, Cheryl Coqman. Sharon Rapp, Joe Ruth Warren, Kit Johnson. TOP ROW: Char- lotte Haas, Cathy Bettis, Judy Norris. Colleen Billings, Joyce Mowery, Linda Wager, Kaye Raunikar, Jill Byrne. -V"-f, W A i 1 'Z' T 61? we'- DESPITE such shaving cream fights as this, most freshmen like Jayne McReynolds and Lynn Williamson still made their grades. BOTTOM ROW: Lynn Williamson, Jayne McReynolds, Marilyn Tully, Linda Phillips, Lanna Wimberly, Jeanne Marie Styron, Linda McQuillen, Sally Merkle. SECOND ROW: Roseanne Sedita, Car- olyn Coiley, Trigg Davison, Cheryl Lynn Deutch, Judy Morehead, Ellen Heard, Ellen LaH'imore, Judy Looney, Paula Kneppelt. THIRD ROW: Sandra Kay Ezzell, Kathleen Forbes. Carol Barnes. Becky Cooper, Sue Jacobs, Jeanie McConnell, Joan Miller. Joyce ,. If 1 . Mc padflen Hou e A Halloween Party with each woman dress- ing as an item in her room and a Christmas party with skits performed by each floor kept the spirits high in McSpadden House this year. Some of the residents and their activities included Lanna Wimberly, Presidentls Lea- dership Classg Mary Margaret Combs, who danced in the Oklahoma City Civic Ballet pro- duction, "The Nutcracker Suite," and "The Iuggler of Notre Dame", and Carole Sue Gumm, who had roles in "Long Day's Tourney Into Night" and several one-act plays. McSpadden House was named in honor of Sally McSpadden, wife of Will Rogers. Pres- ident of the dorm was Lanna Wimberly. Other officers were Linda Phillips, vice president, Marilyn Tully, secretary, leanne Styron, treas- urerg and Iayne McReynolds, social chairman. Counselor was Sally Merkle, senior chemis- try major, and Marian Wikramanayake of Ceylon was assistant counselor. Bailey, Mary Margaret Combs, Suzie Merry. FOURTH ROW: Judi An Weinberg, Elizabeth Ann Alistair, Barb Harris, Carole Sue Gumm, Gala Van Eaton, Molly Malone, Mary Lou Cannon, Susie Stroud, Susie Atkins. TOP ROW: Susan Davis, Nancy Jo Buland, Renee Landers, Gae Lynne Riley, Linda Redcler, Pat Golem, Edie Burrs, Jill Thomson, Carolyn Nikkei, Christy Jones, Marsha l-lenry. ' ' 9 If V ,Vx I ' 'll 1 ' , X ,ij .iff jg' 1 r f .9 ,,., ,Q -W .- t. 'gf' Q if Q5 1 . 'f f, . P--ki., i r s i ri of Q T i V V ill I V I ' T ' T' il 'v T 1 ff , - rg , T .3 in T ,l l A , A by - I g . is A H VX K . at 3 V R? F l ,. Y 1 1 A ' 1 ' f A , ' V 1 ' 4 "' i 7 1- ' l , ' Tl ' 4' 7, L : Ti. qi 1, 1 'ff' "I, , I S ' "v gx , l 5 rl y . BOTTOM ROW: Dee Holland, Jane Lawson, Jeanne Ann Fran- seen. Susan Thompson, Diane Thompson, Ann Beauclry, Kay Martin, Gretchen Ganschinietz. SECOND ROW: Valerie Strauch, Sue Barnhart, Susan Ford, Barbara Miller, Susie Erickson, Nancy Hess. Sandra Cooper, Ann Bradford, Sammie Ann Milor. THIRD ROW: Barbara Howe, Darlene Petersen. Jan Hollingshead, Marilyn Met- calfe. Jana Ellin Brown, Kathy Walbert, Minette Ridings, Marsha eill Hou e Leadership seemed the magic word for res- idents of Neill House, with several of the women serving as presidents of different organizations. Presidents of their pledge classes were Ann Beaudry and Fran Spelling. Ian Hollingshead was a member of the President's Leadership Class and Twink Wilson was president of lun- ior Panhellenic. Dorm decorations welcomed fathers of Neill I-Iouse on Dads' Day. Everyone was out to make a good impression when they met the men of Burton and Ditmars houses for a dorm party. Most residents were spoofed at the Halloween Party and gifts were exchanged at a Christmas Party. President of Neill House was Diane Thomp- son. Vice president was Susan Thompson. Other officers included Ann Beaudry, secretary- treasurerg Ieanne Ann Franseen, social chair- mang Iane Lawson, HRCg Twink Wilson, UACQ and Marcia Will, Intramurals Chair- man. Counselor was Gretchen Ganschinietz, a senior majoring in government and history. Melton, Linda Coley, Jan Watson. FOURTH ROW: Donna Jean Barron, Rita Billington, Altriecla Wilkins, Becky Riddle, Karron Lynn Johnson, Jay Ann Anderson, Sue Ratclitte, Lyn Hope Wilkins, Mary Dorsey. TOP ROW: Margaret Shultz, Thelda Williams, Ann Metlert, Ann Baptist, Twink Wilson, Sally Welker, Sharon Renea Richardson, Marcia Will, Fran Spelling, Nancy Ann Pack, Jerriann Tiehen. TWINK Wilson's assurance that she can "cut as long as the hair lasts" disturbs Diane Thompson, so Jeanne Franseen sympathizes. ' i t O 9 ,V 4.A Q ,. i xg L 1 C F' X ' A i - . L 6 nit' A L I I Y '14 . 'X 1 BOTTOM ROW: Susie Payette, Melody L. Wynn, Andrea Samara. Jan Scott. Chrissie Thornburg. Sally McDonald, Barbara Kirkpat- rick, Jody Head. SECOND ROW: Eileen Robin Lewe, Melanie Aven, Nancy Norris. Miclcie Cooles. Ramona Collier, Jan Jar- mon, Madeleine Sucher. Patricia Hull, Jo Nan Mostrom. THIRD ROW: Jodene Hathaway, Darylene Harmon, Jonette Starks, Mary Sloan, Cathy Richey, Donna Lee Davis, Diane Haberek, Nancy Oli er Women urpri Crowding 50 women into one room for a surprise birthday party honoring Iody Head, dorm counselor, highlighted Oliver House activities. The party followed a room check by Miss Head, who discovered every room to be empty except the last one of the fourth floor. The dorm soon earned the name of being a noisy bunch for such antics as a dorm-wide door slam, which resulted in a check for every resident, and the soap and water fights with Parker house. Parties topped all other events on the ac- tivities calendar. Dorm couselors surprised everyone with a Halloween party after letting the residents think they were going to attend a lecture from Dean Truex about deficiencies. A Christmas party with residents reading orig- inal poems about their roommates also pro- vided many laughs. Outstanding dorm residents included Mar- ilyn Murray, Iane Boxberger, and Patsy Steph- Olson, Jane Otter, Karen Black. FOURTH ROW: Jean Holz- beierlein, Cindy May. Nancy Howard, Julie Goode, Elaine Lester, Sherry Lynn Davis, Sherry Lee Douglass, Pat Long, Delyte Drake, Martha Burton. TOP ROW: Marilyn Murray, Marcie Melton. Jane Boxberger, Kathryn Karlann Bonitield, Pamela Jo Gregory. Patricia Ann Stephens, Cindy Lewis, Cyndy Parks, Pam Sloan, Jan Hardy, Phyllis Yatte. e Conn elor With Antic ens of Alpha Lambda Delta, Pat Long, Stu- dent Senate and Homecoming dance com- mittees, Elaine Lester, President's Leadership Class, HRC, and COR, and Andrea Samara, secretary of Future Iournalists of America. Oliver House was named for lennis Harris Oliver, writer of children's stories about Oklahoma. During the year Oliver House women par- ticipated in speedball, tennis singles and dou- bles, table tennis and reached the semifinals of horseshoes. Officers were Chrissie Thornburg, president, Ian Scott, vice president and AWS represent- ative, Andrea Samara, secretary, Sally Mc- Donald, treasurer, and Melody Wynn, social chairman. Others included lane Offer, ISA representa- tive, Elaine Lesterr, SHR representative, Io- dene Hathaway, WRA representative, and Susie Payette, URC representative. ope. Nancy Pannypaclcer Rosalind Wes? Judy Snell Thalia Thornp ker ays rn- O1'1S I' 3. nd lso ere refreshments at a surpr1se Halloween par ded ty. I'O1'1 cle in se- the ved as- son. ner. Rifa anie ndra Bell. 4-.1 f.i5 "FOR EMERGENCY Use Only" fhe 'Fire hose sign says, so Rosalind Wesl' and Sherry Brown prepare an emergency for Susie Williams. FOURTH ROW: Elizabefh Floyd, Jane We-sf, Laurie Pierce, Leona Chisholm, Sharon Thomas, Paula Bashaw, Mary Reid, Marcia Mad- dox, Candy Brown. TOP ROW: Rebecca Ramsey, Pal' Nolen, Susan Briggs, Marie Frynlzlco. Vicki Phelps, Dee Ingram, Molly Drea. Marfi McCul'cl'1eon. Pafricia Adcoclc, Janei' Wege, Leslie Sfeckler. A W L! g ' ' 'li 5:32 1 ' - fn 145 ' 1 gizf- L W X ' it . ' sf ? . 'l ., R X l l JONI FRIED will live up to her name it she stays where she is when Donni Karr lights the logs in the Robertson tireplace. BOTTOM ROW: Gail Dunsky, Rhoda Jan Zeldich, Diana Kime, Sue Horn, Lucinda Wasson, Benna Kay Kirne, Pam Glisan, Barbara Walkingstick, Gracie Welch, Betty Outon, Donni Karr, Nita Anderson. SECOND ROW: Alice Eileen Edwards, Barbara Jane Richards, Dena Gardner, Annetta Murphy, Rachel Schroth, Mary Ruth King, Dolores Marcotte, Judy Brace- well, Maretha Fuchs, Jean Morrow, Susan Byers, Dorothy E. Guiou, Beverly Wulff, Megan Clement, Jearline Franklin, Vicki Johnson, Jackie Frank, Jean Starr, Paula Berland, Dorothy McKinnis. THIRD ROW: Mary Jen- nings, Pat Mims, Sharon Mechem, Patricia A. Buchanan, Judy Boyer, Gail Fay Garrison, Marthalie Dunn, Patricia Bivins, Loutitia Denison, DeLaine Green, Linda Brewer, Lynnellen Reynolds, Mary Lynn Hamilton, Marilyn Robert on Hou e Social events for Robertson House included a Halloween dance with Whitehand Hall and a Christmas pizza party. An interesting resident of the year was Leili Badii of Iran. Outstanding residents were Diane Wisnower, Fencing Club presi- dent, WRA representative, Francie Townes, KUVY sales manager, Broadcasting Club, Donni Karr, Mothers' Day Scholarship, Out- standing Independentg Dorothy Guiou, secre- tary UAB, Dean's Honor Roll, dorm president, Student Senateg and Nita Anderson, AWS president, Mortar Board, BWOC, and Whois Who. Three girls were delegates to the Model United Nations. Otlicers were Benna Kay Kime, president, Barbara Saunders, vice presidentg Pam Cli- san, secretaryg Sue Horn, treasurer, Cindy Wasson, social chairman, Gracie Welch, URC representative, Tere Tanner, HRC represent- ative, and Pam Glisan and Kathy Lotz, ISA representatives. Tuttle, Donna Hack, Joy Hollacher, Liz Hinchee, Elizabeth Anne Knight. FOURTH ROW: Burnie Alice Neely, Marianna Kay Owen, Charlotte Win- ters, Patricia Freeman, Elizabeth Griswold, Elisa Voss, Joyce Ann Moore, Sue Dennis, Alice Dealcins, Charlene Osburn, Carolyn Gunn, Estelle Sper- ber, Rebecca Bain, Kathy Lotz, Freda Coulter, Chloe Crockett, Ruth Bur- nett. TOP ROW: Donna Denton, Theresa Jaye, Pamella Wood, Toni Fisher, Ann Henthorn, Suzanne Baker, Sue Copeland, Otis Ann Newman, Lana Oliver, Mary Lou Hurlburt, Mary Lee Harlan, Billy Kay McKinney, Margaret Elder, Lena l-larnrick, Verna Ray Morris, Mary Beth West, Janet Klabzuba, Janice Vinyard. -. , , . i t , P . - sw vgugq K Q4 V Y A i --s t 1 A i Lx: will - 'Bla X. rj 4 x i N . nl X -it li ft N t T El s Q " ' ' "" i li 3 W! .sf v 555' ' s G? . .L , 1 BOTTOM ROW: Susan Stanley, Marcia Polks, Kathy Cox, Mary Jana Finley, Shari Carpenter, Nan Holcomb, Susan Darlene Vick. Teresa Thomas. SECOND ROW: Emily Rosen. Patti Harrison. Sharon Rust, Bunny Murr, Lynn Puffin, Denny Kepner. Julie de la Cruz, Arlene MacKay. Susan White. THIRD ROW: Virginia Louy, Barbara Levine, Sandy McCarthy, Judy Coyle, Susan Garrett, Liiha Keator, Judy Milieska, Linda Hornbuckle, Pat Thompson. ager Hou e An Americanization Party for Iulie de la Cruz after she gained her U. S. citizenship was the most exciting social activity for residents in Sager House. Gag gifts put everyone in the right spirit at the Christmas party. Earlier in the year, the women got soaking wet while bobbing for apples at their Halloween party. Other parties included a dance with Vance House and a party honoring dads on Dads, Day. Serving on many campus committees were Patricia Kiblinger, Litha Keator, Sharon Kay Carpen- ter, Nan Holcomb and Mary Io Meyer. Sager House also participated in intramurals. Leading the residents were Kathy Cox, president, Litha Keator, vice presidentg lulie de la Cruz, secretary, Rebecca Brown, treas- urer: and Iudy Mikeska, social chairman. Others included Bebe Pidgeon, WRAg Pat Harrison, ISA, Virginia Bain, SHof R, and Litha Keator, AWS. Teresa Thomas, senior journalism major, was counselor. 5563" N ,aa . ,-53' 'E ' , Nancy Lea Norihrup. FOURTH ROW: Mary Sue Robinson. Mary Jo Meyer, Howdy Goudy, Sue Magness, Dahl Leiler, Jo Allen Ray, Sally Phillips, Sydney Jane Winn, Glenda Hunt. TOP ROW: Jane Domianovich, Bailey Pidgeon, Becky Brown, Susan Bomar, Lynda Rogers, Genie Emery. Kathie Anderson, Nancy Flagler. Sandra K. Lockhart, Judith Holi. FAVORITE pastime of Virginia Louy is playing her guitar, but Bebe Pidgeon wonders why she always has io be the music rack. 479 ,...:,-,-s..,.---.--f-F V , IS 1-'K 1-4 BOTTOM ROW: Stephanie Savage, Bev Schenberg, Jimmie Marie Archer, Diane Logan, Mary Jane Schoonover, Melanie Cooper, Patricia Denny. Candy Blalock. SECOND ROW: Eileen Osborn, Judy Ann Mesa, Linda Louise Sabatelle, Sandra Kay Oliver, Carol Stacy, Gay Taylor, Elaine Hahn. THIRD ROW: Randi Kay Lillard, Jerry Ruth Patton, Sharon Cannady, Louise Renee Ball, Karen Sue l SPRING CLEANING also means rearranging the furniture in their Sanger House room for freshmen Joye Braden and Wanda Rogers. 3 Zueclc, Jane Walker, Jocelyn Levine, Barbey Rood. FOURTH ROW: Diane ReMine, Melissa McCalla, Sondra Miller, Rosalind Ann Rees, Judy Beams, Wanda Rogers, Fanny Nelson. TOP ROW: Paiiy Bonnell, Janet Morris, Cherre Schwab, Joye Braden. Mikel Ruster, Cherry Kay Griffith, Sondra Ivie, Judie Daniel. anger Hou e Sanger House women had a royal ball pre- senting a skit that was a take-off on the Bea- tles for their dads on Dads, Day. They then climaxed the weekend by winning the Dads, Day trophy for having the most dads present. Desire to Work proved to he tremendous as residents of Sanger House were found in many campus activities. Among them were Melanie Cooper and Carol Stacy, members of Presi- dent's Leadership Class, Elaina Heath, Uni- versity Scholar and member of the University Symphony Orchestra, and Arlene Pepper, Student Senator and member of Shadowbox. Officers were Mary Ann Schoonover, presi- dent, Diana Lynne Logan, vice president, Me- lanie Cooper, secretary, Marie Archer, treas- urerg and Beverly Schenburg, social chairman. Intramurals ranked high as girls participated in volleyball, speedball, horseshoes and ping pong. Cherri Kay Griiiith and Stephanie Sav- age reached the tennis semi-finals. Counselors were Candance Blalock, a senior English major who graduated in january, and Pat Denny, a junior psychology major. To er II, Floor 2 The residents of Tower II, Floors 2 81 3 enjoyed a party with Buchanan and Burton houses, complete with a band and all the trimmings. They also participated in such intramural sports as ping pong, horseshoes, and tennis. This year's olticers were Paula Mooney and Mary Bane, presidents, Suzanne Warren and Iane Johnson, vice presidents, Patty Woodward and Carol Iohnson, secretaries, Sharon Hop- kins and lennifer Coil, treasurersg Carol Iohn- son and Emily Brogden, social chairmen, Liz Brown and Donna Moyer, URC representa- tives, Kay Silvers and Sherri Gunn, HRC rep- resentatives, Dianne Velinsky and Natalie Bloom, WBA representatives, and Paula I Green, ISA representative. Sandy Iohnson, a senior home economics major, was counselor. Susan Culp, an outstanding resident this year, has served as a Student Senator. Bottom Row: Sandy Johnson, Jeanita Wilson, Carol Johnson. Paula Mooney, Suzanne Warren. Patty Woodward, Dianne Velinsky. SECOND ROW: Paula Straley, Jean S. Taylor, Joan Austin, Bar- bara Walk, Emily Brogden, Karen D. Wilson, Cathy Selig, Donna Moyer. THIRD ROW: Judy Paull, Sharon N. Wilson, Sherre Goss, Cynthia Levitt. Susan Goldstein, Frances Greit, Cindy Buchanan, Troy Johnston, Bobbi Wedlan. FOURTH ROW: Paula 'Ei ' 4- It ff 'T 'i f, . -YJ "" vi i V. sg A . y '4 N A W' E ' i l i 511-m si '- SHERIE GUNN and Karen Wilson come down trom their rooms in Tower ll tor a quick bite in the cateteria betore going to class. Green, Donna Sue Abel, Judy Garland. Jenetred Hederhorst, Jody Estes, Natalie Bloom, Susan Minkin, Elizabeth Brown, Rebecca Landon, Jennifer Newman. TOP ROW: Molly Woska, Pamela Stevens, Jennifer Coil, Jane Johnson, Kaye Bosley, Elaine Madonia, Diana Kay Silvers, Ann Forsythe, Linda Greer, Mary Bane. Sherie Gunn. .ak-1 -Vega. SLIDING DOWN the banisier is one way that Judy Currier, Pat Milligan and Judy Thomas manage to forget their wicked finals. BOTTOM ROW: Ann Day, Susan Pyeatt, Pam Adams, Lauraiean Martin, Barbara l-leinen, Pat Titsworth, Lucy K. Panqburn. SEC- OND ROW: Patricia Biddle, Sally R. Coleman, Judy Currier, Toni l-lampson. Cathy Olson, Joan Leibowitz, Ruth Mayer, Brenda Ngum. THIRD ROW: Sarah Swanson, Pam Ferry, Linda Johnson, Deanna Svore, Judy Thomas, Alice I-liniker. Carole Garbade, ,-if - -.. Q, o as ' ' . .X F I o 0 To er II, Floor 4 81 5 Active participation in campus organization marked residents of Tower II, Floors 4 81 5. Dorm residents took part in such activities as Pop Series, Dads' Day, AWS, Homecoming, and the publication of the Windmill. Among those serving on committees were Lucy Pangburn, Barbara Heinen, Ioan Dean and Debbi Riley. Ann Day, a graduate stu- dent in special education, served as dorm counselor. Officers included Laurajean Martin, pres- identg Barbara Heinen, vice president, Pat Titsworth, secretary, Lucy Pangburn, treas- urer, and Debbi Riley, social chairman. Social activities during the year included a get-acquainted dance with the men of Tower IV and a private pizza party shortly before Christmas vacation. Working on decorations for Homecoming and Dads, Day provided the residents with the opportunity to work together. Donna Usher. FOURTH ROW: Susan Kilgo, Kathy Stephens, Janet Finley, Linda Moore, Marilyn Moody, Joan Dean, Robbie Tennyson, Beverly Ray, Marilyn Finch. TOP ROW: Paula Foley, Mary A. Payne, Karen Gleason, Evelyn Toombs, Sharon McCreary. Sherry Maierus, Sandra Cox, Debbie Dunn, Sandra Rune, Rosemary Lewis. EFT 3. L-.1 A.. X .- Q7 glJ 1 'i S L11 L.a..... BOTTOM ROW: Mary Ellyn Wheeler, Mary Lee Liming. Cris Hunter, Chaniece Kennedy, Sharon Roberts, Virginia Witcher. Nancy Moss. SECOND ROW: Nancy English, Karen Ritchey, Kitty Griitith. Pam McDonald, Lynda Bursey, Jill Peter, Sheila Wiseman, Andi Bookey. THIRD ROW: Nancy Neblett, Margaret Coffman, Maggie Wilson. Jackie Ellen Greer, Charlene Lettler. Tower III, Floor 2 A 28-I4 gridiron victory over the men of Tower IV gave women residents of Tower III, Floors 2 81 3 their most exciting moments of the year. A party with the losers allowed the women to celebrate their superiority. The orphans' party helped everyone realize the true meaning of Christmas. The women gave a Christmas basket and gifts to the orphans. Nancy Brewer and Ellen Hayhurst were members of the President's Leadership Class. Marilyn Council was a finalist for Ruf-Nek Queen and a candidate for ISA Sweetheart. Miss Kitty Edmunds, graduate student in special education, served as head counselor. Beth Hahn was assistant counselor. Ofhcers were Chaniece Kennedy, president, Sue Gunderson, vice president, Sharon Roh- erts, secretaryg Ann Bernstein, treasurerg and Ginger Witcher. Others were Cheryl White, WRAQ and Ieanne Tull, URC. LA A T Susan Stauss. Judith Ann Johnston, Sidney Louise Vaello, Nancy Brewer. FOURTH ROW: Connie Crawtord, Karen Nemechek, Jackie Simonson, Judy Cilliland, Lu Beth Curry, Carol Graham. Marilyn J. Council, Barbara Thompson. TOP ROW: Carolyn Whitenack, Susan Sadler, Susan Lee Fryer, Cheryl White, Jeanie Tull, Harva Hawkins, Ellen l-layhurst, Susan Gunderson. MONEY from home is always welcomed with a beaming smile by Kitty Griffith and Sidney Vaello, as they check their mailboxes. 'Q7 BOTTOM ROW: Bunny Talley, Renie Center. Carol Ann Clifton, Pat Forrest, Susan Hughes, Amelie Moore. Sherron Barnhill. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Breslow, Laura Zaban, Ronnie Woerner, Barbara Saunders, Tanya McDonald, Karla McNary, Jacqueline Orr Price, June Anthony. THIRD ROW: Nana Parratt, Kathy Magnus, Bobbe Bramson, Barbara Robertson, Penny Baker, Lynn UNAWARE of hidden cameras In the laundry room, Martha Sha- piro, Phyllis Seligson and Marilyn Breslow start their weekly wash. '57 Cheryl Nassau, Kae Coury. FOURTH ROW: Suzanne Reisz, Jill Newkirlc, Gail Maynard, Linda Galoob, Cathy Bondurant, Diane J. Tofte, Leah Allen, Judy Linehan. TOP ROW: Lou Anne Farmer, Phyllis Seligson, Marcia Anne Ratlitl, Gay Chalfant, Mary Beth Bowlen, Milcki Baird. Megan Benson, Paula Tiller, Gwen Cato. To er III, Floor 4815 Bunney Talley, junior public relations major, led the Women of Tower III, Floors 4 81 5 in a successful year the women will long remember. There were the water and shaving cream fights not to forget the pizza eating contests. All was fun and games except for those times when finals interfered. Some of the outstanding residents were Mar- ilyn Breslow, president of her pledge classg Lou Ann Farmer, Alpha Lambda Delta: and Renie Center, treasurer of her pledge class. Patricia Forrest and Gayle Maynard served as presidentsg with Carol Clifton and Bobbie Bramson, vice presidentsg Susan Hughes and Suzanne Reisz, secretariesg Amelie Moore and Iune Anthony, treasurersg and Sherron Barn- hill and Mary Bowlen, social chairmen. Other oH'icers were Suzanne Reisz and Mar- ilyn Breslow, URCQ Gayle Maynard, HRC representativeg and Delavon Scott and Penny Baker, WRA representatives. To er III, Floor 6817 Women of Towers III, Floors 6 81 7 remem- bered the night the university power failed above all other events of the year. Lights went out, elevators stopped between floors and women screamed. The event provided many laughs the next day, but at the time it didnit seem funny to most residents. Birthday parties and numerous hall riots kept everyone happy until finals came along. Only planned party during the year was at Christmas but every weekend was a party for most of the women. Pizza parties always were taking place. Dorm counselor was Nancy Skinner, a grad- uate student majoring in English. Serving as ollicers under Miss Skinner were Beth Hahn, presidentg Anne Burzio, vice president and so- cial chairmang Lou Behne, secretaryg and Peggy Zumwalt, WRA. BOTTOM ROW: Jeanne Berry, Genie Redmond, Janie Withrow. Anne Burzio, Libby Elliott, Peggy M. Zumwalt, Doris Williams. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Anes. Celia Farha, Patty Rahhal, Janet Price, Janet Stevenson, Trish Johnson, Joyce Nelson, Cherry Willc- erson. THIRD ROW: Sally Ann Coolcsey, Jan Casey. Kathy "FlNALS were really bad this year," sob Nancy Skinner. Beth Hahn. Ginger Looney and Jo Ann Clayton as they look at Candi Todcl. Smith, Francine Nathanson, Lynn Walcher, Cathey Reyman, Jill Francis. ..TOP ROW: Ruth Anne Hicks, Judy Cameron, Pam Hol- lancl, Gayle Patterson, Lincla Foster, Sharon Cummings, Susan Laney. Loretta Sue Pillow. COFFEE is a girl's besT iriend aT Tinals Time Barbara Davis and Barbara Staub decide as They go Through The line once more. BOTTOM ROW: PaTTi l-lunT, Mary Elizabeth Black, Jackie Lee. Donna Kain, Diane Osborn, Sue Ann STallard, Linda Coleman. SECOND ROW: Jimmie Jay UTiT1, Mary Anne TibbeTTs, Susan Burns, Mary Ellen Doyle, Barbara Davis, Ann Wages, Ginger Swanson. Dee Dee SmiTh. THIRD ROW: Joyce Harris, Joyce Brand, Judy Crow, Mary Ann CollDerT, Mickey Kirsch, Jean Marie Wt P E' W 'fs ,, ll TTT' .: - , 'Q " . . Uv., 12, ,-. , Y. 5 Z , - , 'FP To er III, Floor 881 Christmas spirit was overcome with sad- ness as residents of Tower III, Floors 8 8: 9 learned of the death of their president Donna Kain. Miss Kain died in a traiiic accident in Missouri during the Christmas vacation. She had been a member of the Presidents, Council for two years. Serving as officers along with Miss Kain were Jackie Lee, vice president, Diane Osborn, secretary, Sue Ann Stallard, treasurer, and Linda Coleman, social chairman. Other of- ficers were Patti Hunt, ISA, Gwen Burgess, SHOTRQ Mary Ellen Doyle, WBC, and Kath- leen O,Brien, SHoiR. Second semester offi- cers were Sue Ann Stallard, president, Patti Hunt, vice president, Barbara Davis, secretary, and Libby Elliott, treasurer. Beauty ranked as a common characteristic of many residents of Floors 8 81 9. Among them were Patti Hunt, finalist for ISA Sweet- heartg and Mary Anne Tibbetts, Engine Queen semi-finalist. BeaTTie, Betsy Mclntyre. FOURTH ROW: Sheila Purcell, Priscilla Viclc, Sarah Wilson, Mary Margarei Reilly, Susan E. Vaughn, Caro- lyn Kidd, Gwendolyn Burgess, Gaynell Stees. TOP ROW: Saundra Kay Bell, Mary Fash, Paula Bobb, Jayne Eberly, Diane Ferguson, Nancy Poe, Carol Coler, KaThleen O'Brien. ,ff 11' ly T his iT! I .X .av , :LS .wir 1, -' R Cf "'.!l."21s " a,e BOTTOM ROW: Lee Sperber, Helen Wellner. Valerie Gossard. Martha Mullen, Lee Michaels, Gwen Cohen, Virginia Ann Norris. SECOND ROW: Martha Hollingsworth, Rochelle Bernert. Sandy Martin, Georqiana Barry, Linda Kay Lotaro, Patricia E. Riggs. THIRD ROW: Alice Coleman, Jane Henson. Rebecca Long. Cheryl Nelsen, Phyllis Cluck, Jacqueline A. Jones, Patricia Burton. FOURTH ROW: Judy Mobley, Dona Stickney, Joan Schroeder, Patricia Young, Nancy Vieth, Marian Sandy Woolf, Linda Cowles. Maria Sue Ward, Jo Barrett. TOP ROW: Marilyn Hutton, Ruth Kurlender, Sandy Greenfield, Karol Kay Kimbarlc, Kaye Landes. Susan Telford, Nancy Harrison, Gay Shick, Sharon Bartoot, Peggy Strauss. To er II, Floors 6 81 7 Enjo Aoti e Year in ew Hou ing Women living in Tower II, Floors 6 81 7 will remember the newness of their surround- ings when they were among the first to move into the Towers in September. They will long remember the friendships made at the pizza parties and in the cafeteria. To or II, Floor 8 81 9Women Tower II, Floors 8 81 9 is a dangerous neck of the woods for anyone without a football helmet. The "89ers,' Cnamed for their foot- ball teamj put down the lim Thorpe men in a gridiron classic, by a score of 19-13. Coaches selected the outstanding player to receive the BOTTOM ROW: Linda Smith, Pat Baird, Paulette Sheritl. Dianne Burlcholter, Mary Ann Stanley, Marilyn Blythe, Nancy Sinex. SECOND ROW: Patty Littlefield, Sondra Schroeder, Nancy Mor- ris, Bonnie Browri, Lynne Washbourne, Leslie Ann Powers, Linda Hauser. THIRD ROW: Wanda Lee, Colleen Power. Elizabeth Coughlin, Mary Ann Nathman. Jean Riddlebarger, Marlene Bol- P Officers for the year were lo Barrett, presi- dentg Meredith Ogden, vice presidentg Martha Mullen, secretaryg Gay Shick, treasurer, Anne Norris, social chairmang Rochelle Bernert, WRA representativeg Linda Lofaro, URC representative, and Georgiana Barry, HRC. Beat Jim Thorpe in Football "I-Iugn award. Officers for the year were Dianne Burk- halter and Ann Gamble, presidentsg Paulette Sheriff and Linda Chain, vice presidentsg Mary Ann Stanley, seeretaryg and Marilyn Blythe and lean Brosseau, social chairmen. stein, Tena Azeltine. Francie Fortenberry. FOURTH ROW: Janice Wilder, Jean Brosseau, Frankie Owen, Nancy Nichols, Margaret Londa, Claudia Shirley, Suzi Loewenstern. TOP ROW: Susan Hodde, Ellen Brauman. Rose Marie Wilinslci, Joan Corbett, Donna K. Miclcelberry, Linda Chain, Sally Barnes. Jo Carroll McKinney. LOGAN HOUSE Ro idont Honor Mom , Dad at Luncheon A special treat was in store for parents of Logan House residents on Dads' Day and Moms, Weekend. Luncheons were held and skits performed in their honor. Another memorable occasion at Logan, as Well as on the rest of the OU campus, was the Christmas season. This year it was cele- brated by Logan House women with a special Christmas party and exchange of gifts. Other parties were held during the regular school year, along with dinners each month for the Women with birthdays that month. Officers for both semesters were Ianie Esch- ler, presidentg Robin Iohnson, vice presidentg Wilma Draper, secretary-treasurer, and Ioyce CHRIS WHITE is left holding the books, while Marie Anderson and Joyce Greenwood hang their coats after a trip to the library. Neue'- r ,I ,,.. .fc li' Greenwood, AWS. Mrs. Lake Ann Taylor was the housemother for the third consecutive year. Outstanding residents representing Logan House on campus were Kay Roan, Mu Phi Epsilon presidentg lanie Blome, Physical Ther- apy Club presidentg and Ioyce Greenwood, Sooner Scandals Can-Can Girls' director. Logan House placed second in scholarship for upperclass independent dormitories in the fall semester, after receiving the first place scholarship trophy for the two preceding semesters. Logan House is located at 823 Chautauqua Street. SHINING the scholarship trophy Logan House women won for the second consecutive semester are Linda Killian and Marva Sue Delk. T TOP ROW: Marie Anderson. Janie Blome, Pai' Bradley. Trish Bragassa. Cassie Collis. Susan Darrough. SECOND ROW: Marva Sue Dells, Wilma Jean Draper. Mary Jane Eschler. Robin D. Johnson. Linda Kay Killian. Jane A. Lawley. THIRD ROW: Cindy Lillenas. Kafhy Mauch, Suann McCuen, Louisa Mead. Anifa Sue Miller. Brenda Kay Roan. BOTTOM ROW: Elizabellu Ann Slallings. Barbara Slegeman, Su- zanne Wallers. Nancy C. Wilson. Gail Woolridge, Karen R. Wynn. 'SA g PUSHING BOOKS and sfudies aside for a relaxing game of hearrs are Janie Blome, Robin Johnson, Wilma Draper and Kay Trowbridge. m.L1u T' , BOTTOM ROW: Janet Boles. Janice Jeanne Boyd. Betty Praq, Christine Bove. Lynda M. Harris, Pam Baker, Sharon Avery. SECOND ROW: Carole Overman, Simone Botlcin, Nancy Lyn Coleman, Geneva May Jones, Janice Green. Anne Middleton, Dianne Kasmierslcy, Kay Hindman, Sharon Spicer, Paula Ferguson. THIRD ROW: Carol Burlchard, Patsy L. Hendrick, Barbee Smith. Pamela Seltzer, Kathleen Plovanich, Sharon Rose Kimmel, Susie To er II, Floor 10, 11 Campaigning tor Pat Riggs for Air Force Honorary Cadet Colonel, decorating the Women's Residential Housing Homecoming float and participating in the Christmas choir for "Hanging of the Greensi' highlighted the activities of Tower Il, Floors lO, ll 81 12. tl" 1 k , '. 1 i ' " s gr, Qi Shires, Diane Bartlebauqh, Suzanne Harris, Karen Allman. FOURTH ROW: Janice Strain. Carol Kiqht. Marian Jo Evans, Sandra V. Evans, Ann H. Traylor, Bobbie Booker, Kathy Price, Ann Stiles, Myrna Smart. Carol Jo Ice, Cleta Joy Cox. TOP ROW: Susan Rice, Kay Alspauqh, Jane Anthony, Mona Ann Lane. Nancy Snell. Diane Adee, Carol Jo Akin, Cheryl Grittin, Marsha Kirchner, Cathey Hangs. 12 Participate in Acti itie Outstanding residents included Lynda Har- ris, recipient of Lottinville Award, Patricia Riggs, Air Force Honorary Lieutenant Colonel, and Betty Prag, recipient of Cecil Woods and T. Bettis scholarships. Phyllis De Priest, graduate guidance student, was counselor. Tower Ill, Floor 10, 11 81 12 Lit 0ut tanding tudent Outstanding residents of Tower HI, Floors 10, ll 81 12 for this year were Dana William- son, who was invited to President Iohnson's inaugural ball, and Sandy Johnson, who won the McDowell Award for Outstanding Fresh- man in Music. BOTTOM ROW: Kay Young, Jackie Bartley, Barbara Gordon. Claudette Valentine. Pauline Ann Taylor, Kay Allman, Donna Korn. SECOND ROW: Bobbie Trout. Diann Elzo, Linda Hall. Claudia Stringer, Jozelle Neel, Barbara Ravis, Suzy Ferron, Lyn Williamson. THIRD ROW: Betty Sharp, Sandra Johnson, Leslie Ann Frank. Jo Karen Mason, Linda Kay Storozyszyn. Dana Williamson, Rhonda Olticers were Claudette Valentine, president, Barbara Gordon, vice president, Pauline Tay- lor, secretaryg Kay Allman, treasurer, and Donna Korn, social chairman. Camilla Finley, a graduate English student, was counselor. Shaclid, Judy Young, Vicky Baldwin. FOURTH ROW: Patricia Ann Mebine. Marilyn Sue Kelly, Lana Loll, Rosalind Mary Fish- rnan, Julie Laird, Patsy Lewis, Cheryl Scott, Judith Dutton. TOP ROW: Paula Freeman, Judy Stevens, Doretta Veccia. Rita Jaeger, Jane Nelson, Carole Harrell, Betty McKinney, Connie Hedden, Barbara Moore. l . 2 ' M BOTTOM ROW: Harold lmlce. Derryl Millican, Bob White. Mike Gillett. Gary Morton, Melterd Fergeson. TOP ROW: Russell Mcfkrron. P. R. Ramey, Joel Berryhill, Gary Rosson. Ronald Fergu- son, Ralph Rowsey, Steve Asbury, Eli Balach, Phil Abernathy, David Payte, lzarl Slcarlcy. Cross Center Pre ident ' Council The Cross Center Presidents, Council is composed of the presidents and vice presidents of the 16 houses in Cross Center. Une of the major organizations on campus, the group's members coordinate activities of the center and discuss mutual problems of the houses. It is allotted a budget which is used to benefit all residents of the center, in the form of parties and facilities. For the first time this year, the council spon- sored a Cross Center-Cate Center party in which all houses of both centers joined for a dance. Faculty adviser for the council was E. H. Miles. Counselors serving as advisers were Earl Skarlcy and Russell McArron. Olhcers of the council were Bob White, presidentg Gary Morton, vice presidentg Mike Cillett, secretaryg Melterd Fergeson, treasurerg and Derryl Millican, parliamentarian. COUNSELORS Jerry Griffith, Gary Morton and Joel Berryhill meet to swap ideas and discuss the problems ot their residents. BOTTOM ROW: Alan A. Loch, William Hendricks, James N. Gibson. Danny J. Cassidy. Charles D. Echols. James S. Whitmire. SECOND ROW: Rick Taliaierro, Donald Norman Jones, Carl Edwin Siberis. Jr.. Sam C. Pyeaiie, Bill Nims, Ken Delashaw, Howard Dean lnglish. Alan Kent Price, Michael Lynn Aichley. THIRD ROW: Alfred Delmore Maiihews. Gary Harlin, David Fraser Evans, Steven Lester. Gregg Alan Lee, Harold Dean Bryant, FOLKSINGING is popular around Alley, especially with freshmen Howie Goldberg, Howard Inglish, Gregg Lee and Ken Delashaw. Emory Edward Wiley, Jr., Jay Smith, Sieve Caie, Howard Paul Goldberg. FOURTH ROW: Douglas E. Danner, Millard Jay Wooley. Slcip Fiorerti, Jack Bell, Dick Zumwali. Jim Spears, Steve Randolph Steakley, Jon Kent Meade, Mark Stein. John Frank Harvey Ill. TOP ROW: Donald C. DeMoss, Scoii Michael As- kew., Craig W. Hoster, Harold Keith Bailey, Sian S. Shrago. Jimmy McDermiH, Steven E. Moore, Doyle E. Easterwood. Alley Hou e Scholars is the term synonymous with the residents of Alley. Robert White served as president ofthe Cross Center Presidents' Coun- cil and held a seat in the Student Senate. Dan- ny Cassidy was president of the President's Leadership Class, a member of the Student Senate, and an honorary National Merit Schol- arship Winner. Alpha Chi Omega social sorority gave the residents a casino party after having been pur- chased by the house in the annual Campus Chest pledge auction. The residents played host to their dates when they combined efforts with members of Baker House and gave a Western party with the traditional bar, band and showgirls. Oflicers this year were Robert White, presi- dent, Robert Crosslin, vice president, Danny Cassidy, secretary, Charles Echols, athletic di- rector, and Carter Clark, URC representative. Baker Hou e Residents of Baker will never forget the Western Party they planned and executed with Alley House. The two houses invited dates and all wore western outfits. Some popular at- tractions of the party were the combo in Alley lounge and the "barn in Baker lounge. Good old sarsaparilla was the favorite of most of the dudes. Being an ingenious group of boys, the resi- dents contrived nicknames for most people in the house. It wasn't strange to hear names such as "Zeke,', "Frosty,,' "Riz," "Boog," and "Dode" being projected down the hallowed halls. Residents will also remember those glorious days when the ground was white and peace- ful. Peaceful, that is, until Alley House literal- ly froze them in a snowball iight. Ollicers this year were Gary Rosson, presi- dent, David Stoner, vice president, lclc God- chaux, secretary, and lim Coleman, intramural chairman. BOTTOM ROW: James Richard Coleman, J. A. Godchaux. George Terry Jurgerson, Tom Briggs, Gary Dale Rosson, David Lindbloom Stoner. SECOND ROW: Robert Wayne Koch, Stan Shelton, Jim Morgan, Bob Mack, Mike Gill, Phil Harris, Dick Anderson. Ken Kienlen, Larry Ross Demas. Jim Hyde, Don Ham- mond. THIRD ROW: Ronald L. Reed, Fred M. Roberts. Larry E. Joplin, James Douglas Conn. Gary E. Howard, Roger K. Thurman. Jim Griffin. Gary R. Maddux. Paul R. Hamilton, Joe A. McKenzie. I ,. , - - l Y, l :az - -, 5-p-1+ DAVID COCHRAN finds that small study cards help him corre- late his thoughts tor that terrible history course and the tests. Larry W. Fassino. FOURTH ROW: Richard Scheiderlein, John J. Munding, Larry Samter Levy. Ronald Lee Saunders. Bill Vaughn Way, James P. Kirby ll. Phillip A. Jeclc, David M. Henbest, Philip H. Kell, Gary David Casper. TOP ROW: Allen Lewis Burns. Jr.. Miles Edward Elliott, Clayton Charles Hansen. Jr., Johnny H. Ad- mire, Larry Dale Gillham, David Allen Daniel. Keith D. Neumann. Thomas Anthony Rizzo. Bill Sutherland, F. Berton Grubb, Bob Fisher. A GOOD WAY 'ro study is to first be comfortable, says Ben Dellavedova, a professional "good" student, who demonstrates. BOTTOM ROW: Neil E. Nichols, Ron Ferguson, Ron Jones, James C. Pralrl, Richard Mac Griffith, Bill Caldwell. SECOND ROW: George A. Mason, John S. Brandes, Robert Kenneth Dedis, Pete Devaney, Gary M. Cheney, Jim Hargrove, Vernon E. Pellow ll. Dale Bunney, Ronnie Morgan, Mike Loving. THIRD ROW: Jim Blackwell, Jerry W. l-leger, Roy W. Geiger, William E. Cromwell, Sammy Toys, Tony Jayiock, Robert Louis Svec, Kenneth E. Thread- gill, Ken Craig, Richard Lee Giroux. FOURTH ROW: Dave Bass Hou e Ron Ferguson, a Bass resident, headed that dormis list of outstanding students this year, serving in the Student Senate, Windmill pub- lication committee and the freshman swim- ming team. Mac Grifiith, head Pi Beta Phi house boy, also served on the Dallas Rally Dance committee. Residents participated in all intramural sports and had a 3-1 record in basketball. Officers this year were Ronald Ferguson, president, Ron Jones, vice president and social chairman, James Pratt, secretary-treasurer, and Mac GriHith, intramural chairman. William Caldwell, a psychology junior, served as coun- selor. Heading the list of memories this year was the Cross Center Dance. The 20 houses in Cate Center were invited to the Cross dance which was held in the Cross Center lounge and cafeteria. McDonald, John Spurden Dobson, Randy Norcross, Kenneth R. McColly. Jimmy Karl Goodman, Bill Willett, Fred A. Devin, Jr., Kevin D. Lowe, Michael John Strulson, Bob Roberts, Alan Flinton. TOP ROW: Bruce G. Cotfas, Ronald B. Cox, Robert L. Sullivan, Bob Steves, Tom Joyce, Jimmy LeRoy Kowalski, Rick Parrish, Ben Dellavedova, Bob Cole Neptune, Robert Allen Guderian, Mike McKinney, Mike lrvin, Sammy Allen. BOTTOM ROW: Larry Eugene Collier, Jerry Lee Griiilith, Ron Drew, Larry E. McElrea'l'h. P. R. Rarney. SECOND ROW: David Ray Smith, Torn Hylield, Kent Stallings, Paul Rodney McManus, Wallace Austin Reid, Richard A. Walker, Mike Rudnicki, Bob Kukol. Gregory J. Glahn, Charles Wesley Edmounds. THIRD ROW: Carlos J. Martinez, Bob Johnson, James Timothy White. Mick Hynes, Herbert Garrett Reese, Ricky L. McElreath, Larry D. Rodolph, Hal C. Ramsey, Tim Schnoebelen, Gary Edwin Hill. Buchanan Hou e This year marked an all-time number of in- dependent purchases at the traditionally Greek Campus Chest pledge auction. Buchanan House was on the top of -the list with their purchase ol the Alpha Chi Omega pledge class. Parties this season included the Oliver party, the Herrick party, the Las Vegas party and the Cross-Cate Center party. Residents participated in the play-offs in in- tramural basketball and had a 2-4 record in football this year. The outstanding athlete of Buchanan was Gary Camel, a member of the OU soccer team. Olhcers this year were jerry Grillith, presi- dentg P. R. Ramey, vice president and social chairmang Garret Reece, secretary-treasurer: and Larry Collier, a member of the Cross Cen- ter judiciary board. Counselor this year was Ron Drew, a junior engineering major. FOURTH ROW: David Lawrence East. Robert H. Douglas, Randy Jankowslci, Micah L. Pippin. Lal D. Threlkelcl, Lawrence Bruce New- man, Scott Story, Terrance C. Latiure, Frank G. McGuire, Doyle G. Paden, Thomas Blake Crabtree. TOP ROW: Gary Gamel, John Mounts, Mark F. Selviclge, John G. Grout, Jr., John M. Rhodes. Reece M. Van Horn, Frank E. Newsom, Gary C. Shep- herd, John W. Meyers, Joe Krill, Michael M. Humphreys, Robert E. Way. ii' 5 'Wifi . H TV N! Q if . fa V I MICHAEL HUMPHREYS and Robert Kulrol try their skills al' the game of scholars, as Reece Van Horn, an amateur player, observes. l -T-.,.,.a-- L, .....,,.f .,- -.v,-. .., , . .JJ , 1 - 'i ,J ii' 1 , .- 1' F" - ,ii iii ' ',, . iii -. si '. BOTTOM ROW: Russell Mc.Arron, Jay Loomis, Patrick H. Mee. Mike Gillett, George G. Chandler lll, David N. Spellman, Jerry W. Brantley. SECOND ROW: Benny Griffin. Don Dragq, John Haskell Harris, Jim Carter, Guy N. Keith, Jr.. Jay D. Rutland. Johnny Lewis, Mike Crawford. Jim Marlar, Mike Powell.. THIRD ROW: Jimmy Ford. Gale R. Rogers, William George Slepka. Jr.. Alan L. Lipp, Robert Martin Gray, Richard Bari' Clements, Royse Lynn Reagan, Ken G. Peterson, Alfred Charles Zelitz, Fillmore LEWIS HULLUM will be the first to tell you that studying re- quires energy, and a milk shake is the best energy one can find. .m,-.,,....,..,,m, ..,Y, W., .N , ,. ,. -, - n :-,, . 4,1 sf, - . i - -- -, A. W. L-2' 1' i Ps 1 Q , in J.,q., I all .fy ei.. i :-4-H fr.,,-.affair--1-'- 'ft '- -. -...pew-2 -J.: ' -'li-YJ-'vi .ig , . 1 , . rf , wa - r ' it . i, ..,-nm, ,-1 . -f.-.1'1L'f:: H--F, N ' P. '. , 'P . -33.-"id iifki-i1ii'l'5'f'h ivigifi fr Q Q -X - V , ll'-Egg7'jG-Elxg,'r!"ig1. ' xiii., 5 ' ' - 'J . . f Q '1 --fn afhii-I ""5 U " 'f at er. . z f ' - , ' ' ',, . 'lf-'vi-' .vu 3' 'V . 3 qui. 9 3 ' H 1 O lf 34 ' in I " , l , -JAC' f . 0 ,A 3 r 'QI " an V i x V if Q . 4 . V F 1 - , . y ' ,. , ,W . -- - J. - f 4- f i f -Q , 1 9 Y S 91 00- 3 W' av ' " A 1 I V V l P. I 6 . I X A w . , . 4 'A K l I K i. Lanier Vaughan ll, Dennis Adrian Lalli. FOURTH ROW: Jimmy Overman, Leland James Turnipseed. Michael Lon Graves, Michael K. Shattuck, Robert Michael Brooks, Dick Linhardt. Req Boudinot, Bob Koppel, Mike Patterson. Walter Ralph Davis, James Paul Berlowitz. TOP ROW: Charles Edward Ewers, Bob Beasley, Jerry Lester. Loren Dean Leavell, Mark Perkins, Robert Paul Kolker, Don X'Vallis. Robert R. Fonclc, George Lafayette LeVan, Dan Allen Sweeney, Lee Alan Rosenberg ll. Burton Hou e Residents of Burton lost their first semester counselor over the Christmas holidays to that institution called marriage. They gave him a Christmas-going away party and will remem- ber it as one of their outstanding parties of the year. One outstanding man of Burton was Harry Overman, who served on the Pop Series ar- rangement and Sooner Scandals committees, and was a member of the OU Chorus and ISA representative. Burton was active in intramural sports -this year, coming out with a 2-2 record in basket- ball and a 1-3 record in football. They also participated in the Cross Center basketball play-offs. Oliicers this year were Mike Shattuck, presi- dentg Skip Zelitz, vice presidentg Gerry Fine, secretaryg and David Spellman, judicial board representative. Sam Atkins was second semes- ter counselor. Ditmar Hou e Charles Jordon, Ditmars House secretary- treasurer, headed that dorm's list of outstand- ing students by being a University Scholar. Mike Reisman was a member of Ruf-Neks and Pershing Rifles. Students participating in ath- letics this season included Charles lordon, Mel- ferd Fergeson, David Winters and Mike Reis- man. A sore subject around Ditmars was their scoreless football season. They compensated for this record, however, by having an unde- feated basketball season. Ditmars was not without its share of celebri- ties this year. They included "Our Beetlei' Phillip Smitten, and "Littlest Manu Kelly Schmidt. Officers for the year were Melferd Fergeson, president, jim Willis, vice president and social chairman, Charles Jordon, secretary-treasurer, and David Winters, intramural chairman. George Bennett, law freshman, was counselor. BOTTOM ROW: Jim Willis, Melterd D. Ferqeson, George D. Bennett, John E. Collins. Charles B. Jordan. SECOND ROW: Chuck Wilbanks. John Howard Fowler, Mischa Gorkuscha, Gary Lee Nash, Lyle Everelte Henderson, Donald Victor McCain, James Kelley Schmidt, John William Strassberger, Michael Mathews Reisman, Max Currier Patterson. THIRD ROW: John l-l. East- burn, Ronald W. Chopski, Max Gordon, Greg Goldberg, Pat Purtell, Dwight A. Collins, G. Mike Charleston, Bill James, W. L. Q L my E 0 "1iL' ... N, SHAKESPEARFS Romeo would be proud ot Mackie Gorclon's tech- nique as he charms freshman Lory Sass at the Cross-Cate dance. Giezentanner, Jim Lewis, Phillip Jearld Smithen. FOURTH ROW: Robert J. Livingston, Vic Cleveland, Johnny Bingaman, Steve lngle, Bill Mann, Larry Jones, Bryant Turpen, Tony DeBellis, Dave Gritty, Ray Harris, Robert Edward Mayes. TOP ROW: David Michael Oliver, Michael Steven Lane, Bill Parker, Jim l-larrel, Ric Penner. Ron Stubbletield, Michael Ray Meek, David W. Winters, Jerry Oskamp, Dick Gurley, Charles Joel Mauck lll, Bill Boyd, Jay Carlton Walderich. Q ? is agua.. i it 1 fiirlii 497 "BRAlNS over brawn" is not the motto at Kelly House. as Greg Hart and Brooks Garner build their muscles for final exams. BOTTOM ROW: Steve Provines. John Charles Noble, Jr., Ralph William Rowsey, Bob Kenney, John Earl, Eric Richard Craine. Ronald Wayne Carey. SECOND ROW: Tom Erbar, Robert Ervin Gingrich,Jr., Paul Howard Cerba, Tommy L. Dumbell, Alexander George Crane, Jr.. John Vernon Coon, Robert Leroy Schroeder. Robert Edward Duthie, Jr., Greg Hart, Richard Mooney, Mike Williams. THIRD ROW: Dwight Russell Weeks, Dale Reynolds, Dan Walters, David Greenberg, Michael E. McNichol, Edward H. Kell Hou e Residents of Kelly House were shocked and saddened this year when their first semester president, Ralph Rovvsey, was killed in a Mis- souri automobile accident while returning to Norman after the Christmas recess. Rowsey was a freshman from Arlington, Va. Social events this year included the Cross Center party in November and a Kelly House party in October. Led by their counselor Pat Lauderdale, a pre-medical junior, the residents of Kelly par- ticipated in all intramural athletics. Their bas- ketball record vvas a not so outstanding 0-4 but they did make a showing in football with a 2-2 record. Officers this year were Eric R. Craine, presi- dentg Greg Hart, vice president and social chairman, Dan Walters, secretary-treasurer, and Mike lVIcNichol, athletic chairman. King, Larry Balch, David M. Bruschi, Jack D. Becker, Brooks Gar- ner. FOURTH ROW: David W. Ramsey, Gary Allen Claiser. Ken Clark, Larry George Kuhlman, Gary B. Moore, Stephen D. Dyer, Mike E. Warren, John M. Gregg, Steve Smith, Torn Litton. Jim Lawson. TOP ROW: Robert Dale Hatfield, Jimmy Claude Sullivan, Buddy Davis, Fred Crawford, Bill Parks, Steven F. Meyer, Jerry L. Hammand, Richard J. Battles, Jack Dennis Deligans, Jr., Jack Richard Hammand, Scott Douglas Robb, Phil Bartlett. BOTTOM ROW: Gary Kenneth Morton, Mike Kelly, Bill Gorney. Harold Knight, Doug Van Dyck Dexter Crosby Joe Ownbey Terry sees. SECOND ROW: Jain Lee ryef, Neil s. Di eamf matteo, John T. Ball IV, Robert J. Dorsi, Jr., Wayne Collins Tel- ford, Mickey Jack Roberts, James R. Miller, Gary M. Meadors. THIRD ROW: Jay Dee Young, Houston Shirley. Bob Senninq. Barry Stephen Sarber, Ray Chester Warren, Edwin Allen Rieke. Gary Sims, Alan White, Mike Ormond, Tommy Rains. FOURTH Kitchen Hou e The residents ot Kitchens House won the intramural football trophy for Cross Center with 21 7-0 record this year. Kitchens was honored by having the lowest number of deficiency hours in all ot Cross Center, combined with the year's highest study hall rating. Socially, Kitchens cosponsored a dance with two other Cross Center houses in the fall. Individuals with honors and achievements included Gary Morton, who served on the Model UN committee and as secretary of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon pledge class. Terry Seba also worked with the Model UN committee and was a member of the student judicial board. Ollicers this year were Gary Morton, presi- dentg Dexter Crosby, vice president and social chairmang Mike Kelly, secretary-treasurerg and Bill Gorney, intramural chairman. ROW: David A. Carman, James L. Mills, Leroy Dean Keltner, Sandy Siegel, Steve Yarbrough, Jerry Lee Mayes, Mike Valentine, Larry F. Wall, Tommy Reeves, Donald Dwayne Cox. TOP ROW: Arthur Patrick Corley, Harvey Morris Kennedy, Joe Clifford Wright, Bruce Edward Skaistis, Robert Jenner Zwermann, John Chris Zimmerman, Gregory Steven Burton, Bill Poythress, Morgan Kip Powell, Greg Richard Finley,'Bill Wilborn, Pat Frazee. ONE MORE comment from Larry Wall will be enough to make John Tyler let him have it, iudging trom the gleam in Tyler's eyes. ... o r c i . , J. l i' .. - 4 so W- ' iff ' ,r A a T N. H ' f ' . i "ff . . - y ' c A . . . xl i , In V 4 - X . V ag r .. ' 1' gn-7 ' H , -t Q 0 ia- 1 , T-i 'lf 'ii il 1 ara- e ' 5 I f -1. f 1 1 f - .' i ' i i 1x I - BOTTOM ROW: Kenneth R. Stephenson, Gene Arthur Kasparek, Eli Balach, Ernest Lynn Bierman, William Robert Pansze, Rodger Bryan King, Edward Balsinger. SECOND ROW: George l. Cin- tron, Thomas W. Hayes, Michael L. Cook, Donald Oksa, Owen Harding. Harold Fire, Lonnie King, Steve lnman, Anthony James Moseley, Jr. THIRD ROW: Larry Nathan Hedges, Bill Holder. Jim Lasley, Tom Marshall Wagner, Chuck Slater, Forrest Foley. -i ,L 4'-4 THE TEMPTATION to quit and go 'ro bed is almost too qreai for Kenneth Siephenson, as he tries to concentrate on his studies. Dee Epperson. Steve Hall. FOURTH ROW: Joe Etten. John W. Forrester, Don R. Hammer, Carl E. Craighead, Jerry B. Ben- dorf, Thomas M. Brown, Mickey R. Frisby. Ronald A. Kanter. Charles Thomas Townley. TOP ROW: Dick Hinkle, Jim Green. Gary Hensler. Mickey Ray Wesson, Henry P. Roberson, Lynwood Troy Brooks, John Murray Rupp. Harold A. Vinson ll, Don A. Cruzan. Michael F. Daves, Kent S. Johnson. McCain Hou e Gary Hensler, McCain resident, excelled in classes this year and brought honor to his house with his 4.0 average. Hensler is a mem- ber of Kappa Sigma social fraternity and is a University Scholar. Steven Inman, a member of Beta Theta Pi social fraternity, carried a 3.2 grade average and served on the student judi- cial board. . Bob Pansze, counselor, finished the intra- mural season undefeated in wrestling for the second time in two consecutive years. Pansze is a 130-pound graduate student, majoring in physical education and Zoology. Oliicers this year were Eli Balach, presidentg Ernie Bierman and Iohn Turner, vice presi- dentsg Don Hanmer, secretary-treasurerg Gene Kasparek, social chairrnang Ed Balsinger, intra- mural chairmang and George Cintron, ISA rep- resentative. Mill Hou e The men of Mills House had a full social cal- endar this year, including a western party with three houses of Cate Center. The party was cohosted by two Cross Center houses and held in the three lounges. Costumes and school clothes were the rule of dress in the atmos- phere of the old-time saloon. Residents participated in all intramural ath- letic sports and took third place in Cross Cen- ter with a 3-1 football record and a 5-3 basket- ball record. Outstanding scholars of the house were Richard Schultz, with a 3.55 grade averageg Iames Mulva, with a 3.47 grade averageg and Ioel Berryhill, with a 3.2 grade average. Officers this year were loel Berryhill, presi- dentg Tay Wooley, vice president and social chairmang and Richard Roberts, secretary- treasurer. Ronald Tiehen, a business manage- ment senior, served as counselor. BOTTOM ROW: Bill Rigg. Joel Berryhill. Ronald Tiehen, James Mackey. SECOND ROW: James Joseph Mulva, Jr., David Scott Jones, Jr., Jimmy M. Everett. Mike Reeves, Ronnie Dale Burton, Mike Juergens, Rusty Weller, John H. Johnson. THIRD ROW: Wayne T. Allen, George Steele Boatriqht, Bruce Gordon Thomp- son, Richard Matthew Cinotto, Randy Gaines, Joe Royer, Cecil Walter Trice. Stephen Lisle Stark, Reed Olin Hudson. FOURTH DON MOORE berates the Oklahoma wind as he again tries un- successfully to tame his cowlick with some ot that greasy kid stuti. ROW: Bill Kouqh, Richard T. Schultz, Gregory Lee Michael. Jere Dean Schranti, Larry Miller, Bill Small, Bill Hinkle, Ken Nowick. Bob Boren. TOP ROW: James Ronald Brackin, David Alan Lock- wood, Clayton Nicholson. Ted David Kessel, Thomas Charles May, Robert Gritlith Grimm, Bill Pensoneau, Bob Whitehill, Richard D. Roberts. Charles Harold Fineberg. TIM FLAHERTY talks on the phone tor what seems like hours to Steve Harqis, Dave Hester, Doug lnhote and Barney Blue. BOTTOM ROW: Walter Charles Adair, Donald F. Shanahan. Dave Hester, Gerald E. Copher, David R. Hattaway, Henry A. Sabine, Doug lnhote. SECOND ROW: David Eldon Pickrell, Robert Candler, Tim Flaherty, Robert Manuel Fano, Clay Robert Carroll, John Carlton Gatlin, William Ronald Harlan, Patrick Allen Sandoz, James Delton Mottett, Larry James Fiese. THIRD ROW: Harold Hunt Tyler, Steve Hargis, Jerry W. Scott, Stanley J. Dem- aree. Ralph D. Robinson, Stewart Edward Lane, Kenneth J. aiieh Hou e Outstanding members of Naifeh House this year included Doug Inhofe, Dave Hester and Larry Pinkerton. Doug Inhofe had a 3.67 grade average, served as vice president ot the Dads, Day quartet publicity committee, was HRC and a University Scholar. Hester was also a University Scholar, held a 3.2 grade av- erage, and was a member of the President's Leadership Class and treasurer ot his pledge class. Pinkerton had a 3.62 grade average, ser- ved in the Student Senate and also was vice president of his pledge class. Social events this year included a party with Herrick House and the Cross Center-Cate Cen- ter Dance. Olhcers this year were Gerry Raynes, presi- dent, Dave Hester, vice president and social chairman, Curtis Ward, secretary-treasurer, Ronnie Harlan, athletic director, Pat Sandoz, ISA representativeg Alan Stader, judicial board representative, and Doug Inhofe, HRC. Zaloudek, Jr., Tony Ford, Steve Stark. Carey Epps. FOURTH ROW: Rick Reynolds, Allan Richard Stader, Roger Lee Stephens, Larry Pinkerton, James Walter Kimberlin, Eddie Adams, Allen J. Carrel. Carl Douglas Hughes, Barney Earl Blue, Gerry Raynes, Richard A. Bailey. TOP ROW: Jerry Damron, Dennis Dwayne Kilian, Kent Watson, Charlie Bentley, Larry Jon Mayes, Randy Kent Hilding, Frank Lester Higginbottam, Randy Thompson, Newt Burks, Keith B. Green, Harold L. Holtmann, Jr., Gary Keith McLellan. -BA.-- BOTTOM ROW: Othic Galen Burk, Harold lmke, Teh Blackwell, Steve L. Cole, John Norman Goodman. SECOND ROW: John Gary Burk, Jimmy Capps, Robert Scott LaScelle, Jr., Jimmie Troy Reed, Emil Lee Bernick, Ken Shean, Joe Bradley, Ricky Wayne Black, Val McClnnahan, Geary Lee Byrd. THIRD ROW: Mark Boyett Dill, Joseph Walter Shary, Daniel N. Farber, Sammy Leon Carolina, Michael Thomas Darnold, Neal Albert Sersen, Jon Michael McLane, Dennis Leigh Meehan, David Dale Zachry, Terry Leigh Collins, Harold Lee Jorslci. FOURTH ROW: Michael Prentice Hou e The highest grade average in Prentice House went to second semester president Ken- neth Hason, who had a 3.79. Emil Lee Bern- ick, an Alpha Epsilon Pi pledge, had a 3.72 gradepoint, and Harold Cook, a Lambda Chi Alpha pledge, had a 3.41 grade average. Social events this year included the Cross- Cate Centers' dance and a party with Iordan House. Prentice House participated in all intramural events. In football, they had a 4-1 record which captured fifth place. In basketball, they had a 2-2 record. Oihcers this year were Harold Imke and Kenneth Hason, presidents, Steve Cole and Randal Kirchner, vice presidents and social chairmeng Thomas Blackwell and Steve Paruz- zo, secretary-treasurersg David Bennett, ISA representative, Iohn Cary Burk, judiciary board representative, and Doug Inhofe, HRC. Anthony Albano. Michael Gregg Morris, Robert Byron McDonald. Larry Floyd Core, Steve Faruzzo, Earl Douglass Souligny, Kenneth Hason, Randal Kirchner, Don Fronterhouse, Hal Cook, Joseph Louis Talbot, Jr. TOP ROW: Richard Wiley Bell, Ed Huntzicker, Donald Frank McMullan, Douglas Stuart Malcolm, Stanley Reed Morian, David Howard Bennett, Michael Martin De Genova, Bruce Ellis Blue, Bill Bond Chick, Frances Daniel Highley, Paul Robert Adams, Phillip Leroy Boardman. l -I I. B nwx. -'N 5' f l ,Q I " an Q I f 4, . : "l I J 3 .1-9 g VP., r. Wei I I! ix. '.,, ' oe 0 "" .., I I 'Iis' U -ff so 1 0,5 "HOLD STILL, partner, iust one more minute," artist Doug Mal- colm tells his taithtul sidekick, but impatient model, Joe Shary. E Z ' 4 " ., .-.. V.- . l - ',.w-,, ,A . W V, BOTTOM ROW: John A. Siegel, Stephen D. Fiskin, Ed McComas, Slephen Phillip Asbury, Roberl K. Henderson. SECOND ROW: John Malcolm Haney, Richard Harold Soard, Wayne Clark Mun- yon, Jess Skaggs, Delmar Ray McNall, Thomas G. Hilborne, Jr.. Jell Davidoll, William R. Hamplon, Michael Wray Bruce. Stephen Mark Brownlee. THIRD ROW: David Ewell Bennell, Roberl John Nanlois, William Harold Spurr, Charles Morgan Lawler lll, Gary Lewis Rice, Alva LaDon Fincher, Sleve Wilson. Jack Lyle Clay- more, Roberl D. Kellogg, James Sommer, Joe C. Graham. I i rf 1 RICHARD POWER wanls lo gel oll lhe phone lo see whal Chuck Lawler, Keilh McFalridge and Bob Kellogg lound in lhal magazine. FOURTH ROW: Craig Sturgis Wassam, Slephen Davis, Rolland James Shepherd Sl. Aubin. James Drew Dunn, Bill Fonseca, John H. King, M. David Washuk, Edward G. Morgan, Leon Messick. Gary Rodney Sharpley, Edward Alan Makler. TOP ROW: Michael Sleven Geller, Michael Lewis Parham, Charles E. Boyd. Richard L. Power. David L. Delrick, Travis E. Anlhony, Roberl W. Gilmore, Jr., Thomas D. Brisco, Kennelh R. Marlin, Mickey W. Lang, Donald C. Coleman, Larry D. Hollingshead, Thomas P. etlifi Hou e The residents of Setliff will not forget the two outstanding dances of this year. The first dance was held in conjunction with Smith House in the Cate Center Lounge. Residents of Tordan and Neill were invited to this dance. Second on the list of social events for the resi- dents ol Setlill was the Cross Center Presi- dents, Council dance held in the Cross Center Cafeteria. The 16 houses of Cate Center joined the 16 houses of Cross for a fantastic evening ol dancing and food. Outstanding individuals in the house in- cluded T. Steve Wilson, University Scholarg and Wayne Munyon, a member of the fresh- man track team. Setlill participated in all intramural sports this year with uunmentionably horribleu re- sults. Ollicers this year were Steve Asbury, presi- dentg Bob Henderson, vice president and so- cial chairmang Tohn Siegel, secretary-treasurer. Crawley. mith Hou e On the social calendar this year there were two house parties for Smith House. The First, which featured live music and entertainment, was with the girls of Jordan House at Smith lounge. The second was with the girls of Kirk House in the Cate Center Cafeteria. A combo played for this party. Led by their counselor, Earl Skarky, a junior business major, the residents of Smith partici- pated in all intramural athletic events. Both Stewart Lindemann and Ken Loffer were on the list of University Scholars. Den- nis Svvift was listed as an outstanding student for his participation in all intramural athletics and maintaining a good grade-point average While working. Officers this year were David Young, presi- dentg Fred Silva, vice president and social chairman, Richard Nlethvin, secretary-treasur- er, and Robert Carroll, athletic director. BOTTOM ROW: Earl A. Skarky, David G. Payte, Robert Vaughn Sullivan. James Montgomery, Richard M. Jennings, David J. Shet- lar, Donald Hackett. SECOND ROW: Ralph Herman Gray ll. David Allen Harrist, David Allen Young. Robert Scott Dunn. Richard Glover Methvin, Reyndell Keith Stockman, James Coplin. Jon Hanes Burrows, Marc Barry Steinberg. THIRD ROW: Marvin Ray Welch, Wayne Phillip Scott, James Edmond Jackson, Samuel Beniamin Rosenbleeth, Fred George Silva, Jay William Roberts, Gordon B. Henley, Stephen H. Gorin, Don Elliot Goldstein, Ken L L L RICHARD HERRINGTON is caught in one ot his relaxed mo- ments, telephoning one ot his many girl triends in Cate Center. Lotter, John Harold Kuehnert. FOURTH ROW: Hugh Mayo, James Richard Herrington, Jim L. Botkin, Thomas L. Baker, Mike Schidlowski, Tim Price, John B. Tatum, Robert E. Lawton, Dave A. Davis, Stephen B. Browne, Robert J. Hewitt. TOP ROW: Randall H. Smith. Stewart Ward Lindemann, Bryan Lee Martin. Robert L. Carroll, Jr., George Nathan Elliott, Tony DiNicola. Francis Wyman Carpenter lll, Bill Brinkman, David A. McAninch, Jim Gallup, Jerry Bob Farley, Michael Lee Hanson. IT LOOKS as it Mike Blake is on his way to the showers, courtesy ot Dick Anderson, Bob Walker, Joe Mennella and Frank Ketch. BOTTOM ROW: Louis Philip Abernathy, Douglas Eugene Hanes, Rodger M. Sanders, Bill Mercer, Bob Grable, Pat Henry. SEC- OND ROW: Samuel Joseph Bellotto. Jr., Ronald Clarke White, Herman Gary Garton, Barry Joel Greyson, Robert Paul Billy. Robert Edward Deering. THIRD ROW: Robert Joseph Schmoll, Don Moore, William Everett Lewis, William Allan Sparks, Gary Bill Goree, Terry Bruce McDaniel, James Ellis Smith ll, Terry Young Hou e Christmas was more than a Word around Young House this year, as residents actively participated in the Cross Center childrenis par- ty. Sponsored annually by the president's council, the party is financed by residents of the entire center, who donate money for gifts for needy children who come to the day-long party. Outstanding residents of Young House in- cluded Tom Taylor, a member of the Presi- dent's Leadership Classg and Gordon Taylor, a University Scholar. In intramural sports, Young placed fourth in football and participated in the finals in bas- ketball. Olhcers this year were Phil Abernathy, presi- dentg Doug Hanes, vice president and social chairman, Rod Sanders, secretary-treasurer, Tom Taylor, HRC, Wayne Rhodes, URC rep- resentative, and Bob Grable, intramural chair- man. Bill Mercer was counselor. Randolph Hill, Tom Taylor. FOURTH ROW: Matthew Jay Reiser, Stephen P. Allen, Tim Michael, Vann C. Michael, Joe Mennella, John R. Bauer, Robert K. Epperson, Dick Anderson, Mike Martin. TOP ROW: James Neal Thompson, Jr., Richard J. Ratch- eson, Norman Gerry, James Robert Walker, Frank Dennis Ketch. James Michael Flanery, John Getty Brant, Thomas George Phillips, Wayne Laurence Rhodes, Jr., Ronald Dee Henderson. 3 1 9 ' Ti' fi 1 1 ' L n , ' :TTT-l BOTTOM ROW: David C. Grubb, Derryl Eugene Millican. Thomas Anthony Carnevale, Carl Richard McCallum. SECOND ROW: Paul Thomas Thibault, Larry E. Swinqle, Richard Alan Fierstein, Joseph Allen Hendon, Jettrey Richard Simon, Barry Sadotsky. Terry Neely. THIRD ROW: James Park Kidd ll, William Michael Shawn, Robert Wallace Evans, Richard Lee Kaser, Gary Lynn Tolbert. Je'H'rey Alan Carlsteacl, Edward Alexander. FOURTH Vance Hou e Men hape All residents dreaded the weekly inspections by the supervisor, but Vance House men were glad to see him one week, for they won the prize for the biggest welcome during his in- spection tour. Officers this year were Derryl Millican, presi- Tower I, Floor 2 81 3 Residents of Tower I, Floors 2 81 3 are proud of one fact-they were along the first to live in the Towers. Among their outstanding men were VVarren Kuehner, Torus Math Club, Presidents Leadership Class, Newman Club, CCUNg and Cheam Venghuot of Cambodia, BOTTOM ROW: Kenneth L. Jones, Rogers V. Shaw ll, Todd W. Markum, David W. Lyle, Stephen E. Kelly. SECOND ROW: Dewit Anqlin, Billy Wayne Rusk, Robert T. Roberson, Keith Oliver Wilson, Calvin Bruce Mott. THIRD ROW: Terry Paul Harris, Rick Glasser, Dewey L. Smith, Arthur Frederick Spencer, Robert B. Freele, Jerry Devon Cole, Laurence Randolph Bolen Il. FOURTH P em ROW: Steve Belanger, Richard Michael I-lunt, Don Joe Carruth, Raymond Franklin Fry, Dana Lynn Selzer, Ronald Wayne Martens, Ralph Edward Fleetham, Wyatt Marlow Macldux, Robert Lee Gross. TOP ROW: Michael Jay Ransom, Robert Wayne Ross, Paul David Kiewit, Don Saine Pate, John A. Wright, Rock Albers, Glen M. Schmidt, Neal Ellsworth Woltard, John Thomas Pickett. for Weekl In peetion dent, Tom Carnevale, secretary-treasurer, Rudy Heirsche, social chairman, and Wayne Ross, intramural chairman. Dave Grubb, sen- ior industrial engineering major, was counse- lor and Mike Gillett was study counselor. e Out tending Re ident International Club and soccer team. Officers this year were Warren Kuehner, president, Steve Stockton, vice president and social chairmang and David Lyle, secretary- treasurer. Todd Marlcum, a law senior, was counselor. ROW: Stephen Roy Stockton, Michael Fournier Morris, Jim Wortham, James Wheeler Seal, Phil Rauch, Robert G. Cook, Venghuot Cheam, David L. Thome. TOP ROW: James Harvey Leatwiler, J. B. Titus, Larry F. Clynch, Bob Botts, Jim Cook, Arthur C. Bolton, Warren E. Kuehner, William Doak Reeves, Dwight Lynn Rosenbaum. ni BOTTOM ROW: Bill Word, Thomas W. Deering, Jr., Keith L. Martin, Ron Dyer, Ken Jones. TOP ROW: Ronny Dee Pyle, Paul Ll RONNY PYLE, Keith Martin, Vic Williams and Don Cole trim the Towers' first Christmas tree with ornaments from the council. Hinshaw Powell, Tom Foster Gray, Doyle Wayne Williams, Vic Williams, Raymond D. Munkres, Joe T. Crain. Towers Presidents Council Established in the fall, the Towers Presi- dents, Council is the representative body of the 500 men living in Towers I and II. Its contributions during this first year in- cluded the purchase of television sets and Christmas decorations for the residents' enjoy- ment. Members of the Council acted as hosts to parents and visitors at home football games and participated in the Dads' Day welcoming program. Headed by Ronny Pyle, an American studies junior, the council worked on service projects to benefit residents. The opportunities offered by the Towers for an enjoyable student life are the main considerations of the council for the future. The first president of the Towers Presidents' Council was Bill Word. Other officers were Ron Dyer, vice president, Keith Martin, sec- retary, Ken jones, treasurer, and Tom Deer- ing, parliarnentarian. To erI,Floor 4815 Men of Tower IV, Floors 4 81 5, will long re- call their social activities ol 1964-65, which in- cluded dances with the freshman girls of Tower III and I-Ierrick House. Taking "Wiley Post" for their intramural sports name, they finished the season with a 1-3 record in football and a 2-2 record in bas- ketball. Outstanding residents included Sidney Kit- chel, who had a 3.89 grade average and mem- bership in University Scholars, President's Leadership Class, Torus Math Club and Phi Eta Sigmag and Vic Williams, a Beta Theta Pi pledge who had a 3.80 average and was a mem- ber of the President's Leadership Class, Phi Eta Sigma, Miss OU pageant committee and Model UN. Ollicers were Vic Williams, president, Phil I-Ianey, vice president, Paul Wallace, secre- tary-treasurerg Mark Capehart, judicial boardg Don Sokol, ISA representative, and Richard Grimm, intramural chairman. Tim Erwin Ir. S6 OI' BOTTOM ROW Paul Bruce Wallace Marlc Allen Capehart Philip Sinks Haney Charles Victor Williams Jam R Erwin Richard Huqo Grimm Donald R Sokol SECOND ROW Paul Edward Wise Gerald Mikel Martin Timothy Harold Hedrick Jim Barr Ed Taylor James T Perry Jr Steve Maqoon Charles Deut ch L-e H. Davis. THIRD ROW, Larry Willces, Jerry Bias, Larry T. Wright Dean Campbell Don Sassano. William E. Biqbie Steve Saunders, Ronald Wayne Lodes, Jay Weinstein. FOURTH ROW: .Q 1 was counselor and Iohn Goodman, study coun- l . IR , OU FRESHMEN Bitt Bigbie and Larry Wilkes pass their leisure time reading "superior literature" in their comfortable desk chairs. Jerry Max Taylor, John Michael Schantz, James Nolan Redeker. William Larry Rogers, Lynn F. Drury, Mark L. Shidler, Ben E. Dyess, Sidney W. Kitchel, Jim McGinty, Richard Vance Hall. TOP ROW: Guy Dean Baldwin, Larry E. Levy, David C. Kiech. Don Viner, Jim Shoemalce. Donald Redmond Cole, Paul Anthony Broclrwell lll. Henry Spielmann lll, Richard E. Kropp, Richard Rob- ertson. ., X Meivg-:gg eagle ai JOHN COLGAN, Raymond Munkres and Larry Stout discuss ac- commodations of the new Towers after they move into their rooms. BOTTOM ROW: Jay L. l-lutchens, Raymond D. Munlcres, Eddie W. Hampshire, Frank A. Jarmuth, Richard O. l-laness, Joseph E. McConnel. SECOND ROW: Dave Foreman, Francis R. Keen, Jr., Larry Dee Stout, John Charles Colgan, Ray Houston Council, Lloyd Victor Goldman. Ray Harvey Wallace. THIRD ROW: Bill Guerry, John Robert Thomas, Robin Forte, Jimmy Dixson, Jack 3 l l To er IV, Floors 8 81 The residents of Tower IV, Floors 8 81 9, participated in all intramural athletics this year and survived the season with a 3-3 foot- ball record, a 1-3 basketball record and a O-2 volleyball record. Another record set by the Towers was the First coeducational football game in independ- ent housing. The match boasted the "89ers,, of Tower II, Floors 8 81 9 and the egotistical men of 8 81 9. None of the men will now admit it, but the girls won. Social events this year included two house parties with the girls of Tower III and Davis House. Ollicers this year were Bud Munkres, presi- dentg Ed Hampshire, vice president and social chairmang Rick Hayness, secretary-treasurerg and Bill Magness, intramural chairman. Raymond Klahr, William Herbert Beatty, Robert Lee Beatty, Joe Stephens. Michael Andrew Grissom. TOP ROW: Randy Moore. Gary McCrea Kahler, Ray Dean Brashear, Gary Everett Whiteside, Bill lvlagness, George J. Toto, Charles A. DeJohn, John Garner Halloran, Mark L. Hutton, John A. McConneI. BOTTOM ROW: Clarence K. Cagle. Ron Wilson, Doyle Wayne Williams, James Howard Frampton, Raymond Clarence Spalding lll. SECOND ROW: Charles Richard Anderson, John O. Wilson, Guy H. Logan, Larry M. Daiches, William E. Esch, Lomax Murphy, Gary Don Quine. John W. Freed. THIRD ROW: Gary Lee Blasi, To er IV, Floor 10 11 Gary Blasi and lim Eby were two of the out- standing uppcrclassmen living in Tower IV, Floors 10 81 ll this year. Both were honored at the Freshman Convocation in September, when Dr. Cross presented Blasi with the Lot- tinville prize and Eby with the Cross Citizen- ship award. Blasi, with his 4.0 grade average, was also one of the four finalists in the Rhodes Scholarship competition at OU. Paul Nall, se- lected as outstanding independent, served as one of the 32 Sooner Guides at the New York World's Fair, was circulation manager of Sooner Shamrock, and was active in Engine Show and Friday at Four. The house chose "Stand Watie" as its intra- mural name, in honor of the Cherokee Indian who became a Confederate general during the Civil War. Ollicers this year were Doyle Williams, pres- identg Ron Cooper, vice president, Ray Spald- ing, secretary-treasurer, and Ron Wilson, in- tramurals chairman. Clarence Cagle, a busi- ness management major, was counselor. Alan Anthony Sage, Paul Eugene Kallenlaerqer, Ed Filigerald Gary L. Cathey, Laurel A. Price, James L. Sneed, Carl D. Friend Chip Holt. TOP ROW: Tim Pentecost, Bill James, Andrew F Frost, Ray Michael l-lively, Larry Neal Boyington, Cleophas R Steele, Jr., Paul L. Nall, Tommy Kissiclc. DOYLE WILLIAMS, Chip Holt, Paul Kallenherqer and Jim Framp- ton help the girls' Tower produce their Homecoming float entry. BOTTOM ROW: Jim Paynter, Patrick McBride Flick, Charles Kim McClean, Lloyd Anderson, Keith Martin, Roger Dale Walker. Marvin Lee Lehmann. SECOND ROW: Darrell Edgar Brown, Mike Kopelman, Allen Leslie Kimery, Bob Shipley, Philip Wright Burke, Steve Blake, Earl Edgar Smith lll, Dean John Craven. THIRD ROW: Roger Redeker, Marvin Robinowitz, George Gill. Peter J. Mellen, David M. Livingston, Patrick L. Mullens, William John McNeely, Jr., Mike Archer, Rod Lynn Sipe. FOURTH ROW: Duane James Rosa, Stephen N. M. Truelove, Jerry Applewhite. Michael Gary Matetich, David A. Burns, Jack Rodney Grisham, Robert V. Craig, Donald B. McAllister, Stephen G. Harrell, Don F. Waddelow. John Michael Schisler. TOP ROW: Ken Ray. Charles Francis Harding, Jr., Steve D. Barrett, William Burton Fears, Robert Lee Mclntyre, Patrick Mark McGee, John Arnold Moore, William Neal Searcy, Jr., Mark Edward Adams, Jack Rob- ert Fein, Ronald Barnes. David N. Erwin. To or I, Floor 4 81 5 Maintain High cholar hip The men of Tower I, Floors 4 81 5, had an outstanding 2.58 over-all grade average for the first semester. This could be attributed to the air-conditioned, quiet Towers or to just plain good study habits. Whatever, they were listed among the outstanding independent houses this year. Ofiicers this year were Keith Martin, presi- dent, james Paynter, vice president and social chairman, Marvin Lehmann, secretary-treasun erg and Mark Adams, ISA representative. Lloyd Anderson, junior Zoology major, was counselor. To or I, Floor 6 81 7 Football Team Loses to Girl It's bad enough when girls outdo men by displaying their superior intellect, but when the guys canit even win in their native sport of football, itis all over but the shouting. The residents of Tower I, Floors 6 81 7 will never forget the upowderingi' they got by the mem- BOTTOM ROW: Donald Lee Frans, William Marshall Word. Johnny B. Worden, Sidney W. Gritiin, SECOND ROW: David LaRue Bondurant, Alfred Thomas Eschbach lll, Jim Embree, James Wayne Middleton, John McLaughlin, Hugh Kent Pharaoh, Neal Ogle. THIRD ROW: Charlie Cahn, Mike G-ottesman, Jeffrey lpswitch Jacobson, Robert Marshall Alterman, Henry Earl Young. lg, ll, A . bers of the girls' football team, the "Powder Puffs? Officers this year were Bill Word, president, Byron Williams, vice president and social chairman, Sidney Griffin, secretary-treasurer, and Don Frans, intramural chairman. Warner Earl Lovell, J. R. Turk, Larry Prater. FOURTH ROW: Willis A. Easley, Jr., Rusty Pool, J. B. Pratt, Jim Rogers, Michael S. Harrell, Richard Amen, James O. Karn, Bill Carpenter, Mike NfVinn. TOP ROW: Roy Caruthers, Jay Stocks, Cary A. Ostere haus, Michael Calderone, Ronald E. Justice, Mark D. Wright, Bob Weeks, Jack D. Reigh, William S. Whipple. ' , ' of ,lx T 'ft' '-'3I'W1'WfT 'ET' , g 'J 0 'wp' ' -, BOTTOM ROW: Ron Hawkins, Ron Dyer. Jim L. Slaughter, Har- vey L. Turner ll, Gary Alden Yust. SECOND ROW: Arthur L. McMullen, James Alan Siqler, Gary Lynn Pippin, Jett Hindman, Mika Bowles, Arthur Frederick Breeze, Max Williams, David Michael Hayward, William Bowen Seach. THIRD ROW: Arvon R. Staats, Vance Allen Primm, Richard Herman Hobbie, Michael Duane Bailey, Howard Leroy Wagner, James Albert Peters, Gary Wayne Tarkinqton, Kennis Wessel ll, Ronald Lee Hamm, Wayne Wagner. FOURTH ROW: Larry R. Margolies, Bill Weinrich, James Thomas Spradley, Jr., Raymundo Gutierrez. O. Thomas Osherwiiz, Charles Wayne Carson, Robert A. Gittord, Mike W. Hammer, Douglas Richard Young, Charles C. Habeger, Larry W. Fielding. TOP ROW: William G. Youngblood, Michael Everett Davalt, Burl T. Bailey, Don Leon Williams II, Ben Robert Williams. Wayne Nelson Hugus, George Oran Talbot, Charles Franklin Shield lll, Gerald Rankin Robertson, Danny Ray Merritt, Joe Coyne. Te er I, Floor 8 81 9 Re ident Remember Partie Residents of Tower I, Floors 8 81 9, will not forget the many parties associated with their first year in the Towers. The season started with a dance in Cate Center. It was followed by a hayride on a private farm north of town and ended with a surprise pizza party after Hnals week. Charles Shield, a Lew Wentz Scholarship re- cipient, finished with a 3.9 grade average. Officers were Ron Dyer, presidentg Harv Turner, vice president and social chairmang and Ron Hawkins, secretary-treasurer. To er I, Floor 10 81 11 Take ame of eminele Tower I, Floors 10 81 ll, in its first year cap- tured the independent men's intramural foot- ball championship with its 4-0 record. Resi- dents, who took the intramural name "Semi- noles," also participated in basketball and vol- leyball. BOTTOM ROW: Dennis Ray Scott, Jimmy Miller, Kenneth Frank Casey, Richie Grisham. SECOND ROW: Steve Clark, Bill Wade, Nick Kennedy, Lenny Horton, Dale Gene Floyd, Charles R. Parker. THIRD ROW: John M. Giarnese, Harold Lee Briechle. Terry Lee Stovall, Marvin Feldman, Alan Jettrey Gilbert, Caris Mack Canslcr, James Crothers. FOURTH ROW: Michael Fred- ,,.L. ,. Mokhtee Ahmad, a University College jun- ior from London, was probably the first English Seminole in history. Oliicers were Thomas Deering, presidentg Iames Miller, vice president, and Harold Cris- harn, social chairman. Kenneth Casey, senior mechanical engineering major, was counselor. erick Snipple, Jim Carloss, John Lynn Gossett, Ralph A. Wheeler, James William Owens, Silas William Gassei-t, Pete Sights, Walter David Brant. TOP ROW: Kenneth F. O'Hornett, Roger B. Rens- vold, Barry Alan Glasberq, Jerry Dale First, William Francis Sulli- van, Joe Allan Provine, Mark Leslie Brodkin, Lawrence Paul Stern, Glenn Baxter. T Wi J 1 E ri BOTTOM ROW: Tom F. Gray, Jett Hirzel, Steven P. Leakey, Alan LaGrange Hotalinq, Tom H. Gould, Rex Corlett. SECOND ROW: Larry Allen Rosen, Bernie Schwalbe, John David Peed, Rex Downer, James Melvin Gilbert, Thomas Charles Gibson, Mark Morgan. THIRD ROW: Steve Hanks, Sam Weiss, David Moore, Rob Bar- rett, Philip Robert Rope, Robert Martin Bednar, Howard McMil- lin. Jr., Charles B. Barnes. Bruce L, Morgan. TOP ROW: Altred Roy Jennings, Jr., Robert Doyen Phipps, Travis G. Bosley, Jr.. Richard Don Redman, Mitchell Easley, Harry G. Davis, Dave Mil- ler, Royce M. Hammons. Tower IV, Floor 2 3 Hold erathon Bridge Game "Marathon" is not a new term on a dance Hoor or a track, but in bridge it is. The men of Tower IV, Floors 2 81 3 had a marathon bridge game this year that lasted until 3 a.m. The game was held in the unoliicial lounge, Room 204. To er IV, Fleer 6817 lVIen Residents of Tower IV, Floors 6 81 7 partici- pated in all intramural athletics this year, end- ing with a 3-I record in football and a 3-0 rec- ord in basketball. Don Zimmerman, a member of the Presi- dent's Leadership Class, was one of the out- standing men ofthe house. BOTTOM ROW: Phillip Marzolino, Mark Ardor Celeste, Grover David Fulkerson, Donald Scott Zimmerman, Paul Hinshaw Powell. Russell Schaeter. SECOND ROW: Bill Porch, David Frank Crowder, James Y. Kanomata, W, Calvin Kilgore, Tom Johnson. Jay Franklin Spry, Jr., James Edward Reese lll, James D. Cross- land, Dwight A. Mackie. THIRD ROW: Jim Grant, William A. Oliicers were Tom Gray, presidentg lay Flint- on, vice president and social chairman, Tell I-lirzel, secretary-treasurer, and Tom Gould, intramural chairman. Steve Leakey of Mel- bourne, Australia, was counselor. Enter Intramural E ents Residents of Tower IV will remember the party at the Lockett Hotel as the only one of its kind given by an independent dorm. Officers this year were Paul Powell, presi- dent, and Don Zimmerman, vice president and social chairman. Black, Jim McMillan, James Carl John, Kenny Arthur Franks. Joseph William Edvy, Mike King, Wade Knight, Edward L. Fos- burgh, Richard Eldon Patterson. TOP ROW: George Womack Lindley, Bob Priest, Steve Gaines, Neil Boqan, Larry Ingham, Victor James Starks, Jen Greer Morris, Gary A. Murrell, Phillip G. Harrolle, Casey Truett. F , , Q, xii Whitehand Hou e The only men's dormitory on the north side of the University of Oklahoma campus, White- hand I-Iall offers its residents the advantage of being in the heart of the "Campus Corner" area. Most of Whitehand residents walk over to Residential Hall for their meals-the reason for this is obvious-there are girls to dine With. New aluminum doors and Windows were in- stalled last summer, in a refurbishment of the hall that this year's residents have appreciated. Wliiteliand men participated in all intra- mural athletics, but Without much success in building records-other than in sportsman- ship. Ofiicers this year were Tom T. Thompson, presidentg and Donald I. Cerniglia, secretary- treasurer. Thomas Ray was counselor, with David William Bell and Richard P. Stead act- ing as assistant counselors. BOTTOM ROW: David William Bell, Riclc Steed, Thomas Ray. Tom J. Thompson, Donald J. Cerniglia. SECOND ROW: Bruce David Grayum, Jimmy Inman, Anthony Clitiord Sutherland. George Ray Welborn, Robert Allan Meese, Dwight Lee, John R. Pung. John E. Chapdelaine, Allen T. Tsugawa. THIRD ROW: Jamie Joe Inman, Eugene Stanley Yaliclci, Michael Kitchens Morrow, Charles James Jeffrey, Maury L. Greenberg, Thomas N. Taylor, Edwin W. Snyder, Carl Phillips, John Gibson Gossett Il. Richard Williamson. r 9 , i 3 l ' 19' J JOHN SHOWS and Tom Thompson inspect the aluminum doors that were added during Whitehand's summer remodeling program. FOURTH ROW: Randall Eugene Moore, Kenneth Alan Buckman. William H. Hinds, Terry Glenn Schenk, Edsel Ford Clarke, Stewart Medress, Mark Sellergren, Ed Whistler, William Charles Doss, Bob Geldart. TOP ROW: Roger Emmett Meade, Robert L. Shick, Jr., Ron Frederick, Kenneth A. Nelson, Phillip Leroy Clay, Jr.. Bob Stevenson, Tom Rogers. Lawrence Edgar Mitts, Daniel Thomas Mahony, Jerry Dale Sims, Larry J. Cummings, tr' V i 1 atv l ARTHUR CLARY explains a football play to K. Cohlmia and Jim Hamilton that he thinks will take the opponents by surprise. BOTTOM ROW: Ron Lee Nolin, Richard Alan Cable, Gary Paul Clinton, Byron Douglas Berline, Michael Allen Osborne, Raymond Gil Reed. SEC- OND ROW: Gregg Allen Pittman, Curtis Jay Bradford, Douglas Bronson Manning, Casper Reid Lipe, Jerry Lee Mullins, Charles Mason Reed, Jim Kevin McCann, Thomas Francis Keeley, Mike bager, John Vernon Lawson THIRD ROW: Harlan William Hankins, G. Edward Guthrie, Paul Eugene Sikkink, William C. Lam, Karl S. Galbraith, Jimmie Dean Hamilton, Bryan L. Rice. Richard Haxel. Wayne A. Wells, Stephen Paul Povalac, Ralph James Palmer. Don R. Ellis. FOURTH ROW: David Hiram Prince, James Milford Seabolt, David Albert Clery, Gene Franklin Jenkins, John Edward English, Felix Phil Simms, Ismail AI-Karaghouli, Arthur M. Clary, Richard . I. l I ' ' . , . , -- 1 I f:.,'. . Y ,1 fznl 'Q 1 I l lizzie ' ' + Y - -Af-li I .W . -.azz ' V II max , .letter on Hou e One of the two athletic dormitories, jefferson House quarters men who participate in swim- ming, Wrestling, track, baseball and tennis. Supervising their schedules this year were Mike Ritz, a junior civil engineering major, Kent Sloan, a junior government majorg jerry Hay- den, a business seniorg and Tom Kerr, a busi- ness senior. Outstanding on the resident list was Mike Ritz, a member of Beta Theta Pi, ODK and the intramural board, who also served as chairman of the IFC constitution and by-laws committee. He is a former chairman of the President's Leadership Class. Spring is the season which boasts awards for residents of jeff House, for this is the time of their athletic events. Otiicers this year Were Bill Lam, president: Richard Williams, vice president, jim Seabolt, secretary, and Al joern, treasurer. Allan Williams. Daryl Eugene Graves, Terry Lee Cooper. FIFTH ROW: James William Lindley, Mickey Lee Williams, Earl Woodford Young ll, Osly Franklin Deramus, Carl Pellegrini, Richard Bird Hague, Robert Leslie Watts, John Allen Hammons, James V. Shields, Jim J. Baller, Howaro Michael Compton, Gerald Lee Jones. SIXTH ROW: John Arthur Eagle- ston, Roger Alan Mickish. Rex Eldon Boudreau, Kay Samuel Cohlmia, Wil- liam Eugene Calhoun, Arthur Lee Younger, Robert Price Winters, Gary Dean Lilley, Johnny Worth Adams, Vincent Lee Johnson, Jim Farrell, Rob ert Carson Burnside. TOP ROW: Tony Bennett, Jim Ray, Russell Leroy Disbro, Garry DeWayne Looper, William Michael Martin, Lee Harrison Calhoun, Ron Eugene Walker, John Bernard, James Nolan Hardwick. 1 , r 'f,i'1,Q! 1 Lu' '- . x 't "im . A, s 5 as BOTTOM ROW: Milton Edward Ult Robert Carl Duncan, Lance Rentzel, Robert Ray Vardeman, Bob Louis Slcphenson, James Edward Reynolds, Robert Henderson, Michael Sackett, Richard Warren Lillle, Bob Kelso, Phil Welherbee, Jim While, Granville Liggins. SECOND ROW: Boots Bagby, Thurman Jay Pitchlynn, Norman Wi lard Smith, John David Voiles, Rick McCurdy, Ron Enstine Harmon, Albert Wesle Skidgel, Ben Hart, Bill Folsom Carlyle, Bill Henry Whitlock Howard Fllallis Johnson, Dennis Alan Cox, Gilbert Martin Cloud, Joe Poslick, Don Roberts. THIRD ROW: Don Wayne Davis, Jimmy C. Martin, Richard Keller Goodwin, Jim Linn, Stephen E. Sherment, Tom R. Corbilt, Charles Edwin Hall, James Ray Jackson, Marvin Ray Haynes, Paul W. Bagwell, Thomas Christopher Jor- dan, David 'Charles Jones, Timothy Lewis Eckland, Byron Fredric Bigby, Alexander Llssow, Eugene Ross, Mike Base, Robert Craiq, Allen Gott, Harry Hellmannspergher. FOURTH ROW: Mitchell Lloyd Bowles, Dan S. Shane, Ronnie Flelc er Ashley Winfield Rutherford, Carl S. Schreiner, Gordon Brown, Mike l-larman, Jim Burgar, Willie Wystemp, Charles M. Smith, Virgil Larry Alllord, Jerry Keller,. James Andrew King, George Robinson, James Monroe Lee, Tony Jenkins, Thomas E. Floo , Gary L. Wa hington Hou e Washington is the second athletic dorm on campus. In it are housed the men who repre- sent OU at athletic events throughout the United States. Counselors this year included David Nelson, law senior, Floyd Skarky, predental senior, Walt lVIizell, government graduate, and How- ard Phillips, nuclear physics graduate. Not allowed to enter intramural athletics, the residents must rely on other social events to pass their non-study hours. Some ot these are the annual Morris Tetibaum tie sale and dance, and the annual Christmas party, which this year featured Floyd Skarky as Santa. Never will these men forget Christmas holi- days when everyone else Went home and they stayed for study hall. Ollicers this year were lohn Koller, presidentg lack Nelson, vice president, Mike Rooney, trea- surerg and Walt Mizell, social chairman. Mixon, Stan Henderson, Archie Henry Pendergralt, Kenneth David Roberts, FIFTH ROW: Roger Lee Taylor, Terry Lance Due, Ron Eugene Sholls, John Paris Hammond, Ronald Marak Winfrey, Alford Eugene Knight, E. Stanley Crowder, Arthur Lawrence Crutchmer, Michael William Elis, Roger Lee Rains, David Hammond, James Robert Kalsu, David Warren King, Terry Ken Baumeisler, Jerry Eugene Pill, Wes Bulls, Leonard Arnold, Donald Eugene Cagle, Eddie J. Lancaster, Warren Scott Pellon. SIXTH ROW: Donald Roy Sidle, Willie Daniel Rogers, Jerr Lee Wallher, Mike Burns, Michael. Robert Henson, George Mic ael Hawkins, Jose h Borrows Bogan, Mike Ringer, Gordon Edwin Wheeler, John Tytenicz, Mike Scribner, Bob Flanagan, John Allen Trlsworth, John Owen Koller, Tommy Joe Thompson, Rodney Wayne Crosswhite, Oren Dale Wikofl, Robert Edward Mrnnrs, Bobby Lamar Gregory. TOP ROW: David Paul Frazer, David William Barrett, Edward Lawrence Szczesny, Alan Axley, Willie Wilson, Bill Thomas, James Glen Riley IV, John Paul Jones, James Stanley Robin- gln, George Richard Scantlin, Ronald LeRoy Tull, Jim Johnson, Mike Iver. 2 1.114 ll MAID SERVICE is the dream ot many students at the University, and Eugene Ross ol Washington House proves to be no exception. SANTA CLAUS is doing a good job of making these children happy by passing out gifts at the Christmas party for orphans. BOTTOM ROW: Lawrence F. Doyle. Joe D. Riddle. Michael A. Reinhard, John C. Hove, Thomas A. Greene. SECOND ROW: Kerry Little, Carl Fulton, Steven W. Raulerson, B. Durand Thixton. Wil on Center Pre ident ' Council Presidents and vice presidents of the seven mens, dormitories in Woodrow Wilson Center compose the Presidents' Council. The group works hand-in-hand with the University ad- ministration in promoting better relations be- tween the students and faculty. Each year the council sponsors projects for all members of the center. An annual project of the council is the Christmas party in which presents are purchased for orphan children. The children come to campus on Saturday morning and are entertained with games, mo- vies, lunch and presents by the residents of the Center. The only difficult job of the project is finding someone -to play Santa Claus, though several of the men fit his description. Officers ofthe council this year were Michael Reinhard, presidentg joe Riddle, vice presidentg jim Manning, secretary-treasurer and Lawr- ence Doyle, advisor. Joseph C. Mashburn. TOP ROW: Gordon Bullivant, Cliii Calla- way. Jeff Treeman. Dick Lerblance. John Molloy. ' ' W fr ' ' W 7" - V 7 - ., -,, L-: A E, 4 U., ' 'f-, f AH Aq3f,. ,, .Q 1 ELEM l i -r ' . f:,wf- :.. .H fi. . - .QQ, U- r L . ' ' rg,--.?:' i lk' F 1V gy ' if r -'5e.,f-1-'gals 3, ' 1' ' flfl' 'FW i'-lf - it 9 ., r s qv H 4 . -L! I ,Liga ' ' f e, l- if ' W ig r- 1- .- ' ' . ff? 17-limi JkQ1.1g9?4qE' . . 1 , I , , . 5,-at-'-in,i.5 'i?:+r..I,j .,. A i 4 v rv 1 ,Q lv , .' eil ' L ' L i ' . .. if , ' 'i , ,Roig ggi tif 'ai , ' ' r ' ri: L +1535 i V I . . 2 at -'sf o sew '1 ea , . - . 55 ' Y ' ,I . ,H '14 . ' I , Y , B L xv- RF l . ii it A Y QgL1UAEivw N. , . 'L .- ' . bg ' v - . ', 1 ' P I BOTTOM ROW: Tommy Lide, Marc Levin, William Floyd Bates, Albert Kurl' Fankhouser, Larry Duane Muse, Kerry Lynn Little, Gordon Moores Bullivant, Stanford C. Smith, James A. Wilson, Osvaldo L. Oliveros. SECOND ROW: Billy DeWayne Reynolds, Beaver Snow, Bob Lowrey, Dal- ton Bouldin Curtis, Jr., Richard Keith Newville, Robert Edward King, Charles Joe Marlin, Dave Slevens, Bill Ciskowski, Dennis Dudley, Jim Moseley, Jellrey Alan Wynn. THIRD ROW: Ken Jackson, Richard Louis Vaughn, Jim Barr, Louis Gifford Parlchurst, Jr., Jeffrey A. Swift, David Michael Wright, Bennie Alden Miller, Jr., Robert Dowe Coleman, Gene Johnson, Gerard G. Gaddy, Gary Richard Edwards, Jerry L. Hoover. FOURTH ROW: Al Schneider, Bill Blalrely, Arthur D. Jones, Leslie R. Con- Bo dHou e Gordon Bullivant, a student from Canada, is one of the outstanding residents of Boyd House. While serving as president ofthe house he has participated in all intramural activities. Boyd House Won second place in intramural football in Wilson Center and their basketball team started the season with a 3-O record. Boyd House is named for one of the first presidents of Oklahoma University, David Ross Boyd. Residents of Boyd will never forget their riverbottom party held in September. Olticers this year were Gordon Bullivant. president, Billy Reynolds, vice president and social chairman, and Dalton "Rusty', Curtis, secretary-treasurer. Bill Bates and Larry Muse served on the student iudicial board, and Pat Lauderdale and Dave Wright were intramural chairmen. ner, Trevus Doyle Armstrong, Tommy Lee Doughtrey, Graham LeRoy Beav- ers, Jr., Charles Michael Gerber, Earl Vinson, Edward A. Harris, Glen R. Hastings, James Kirtley Garnett, Phil DeWitt. FIFTH ROW: Melvin Dean Chrisman, Dennis Roy Wittrup, Jeffrey Van Myers, Robert Earl Chapman, Donald M. Kain, Jr., William K. Perram, Thomas Lowell Chemberlen, Elmer D. Pollard, Nicolas Jankowsky, Steve B. Bassman, Richard Steine. TOP ROW: John William Lehwald, Carl Henry Hammert, Bob Travis, Rex W. Daugherty, Charlie Austin, Michael Robert Snell, Danney Charles Cox, Felder Lamar Grimes, Steve England, John Arthur Dohrendorf, Michael Wayne Reynolds, John Arthur Christner. BOYD HOUSE had its tollcsinginq stars, too. l-lere Bill Reynolds. Melvin Chrisman and Craig Williams "put down the sounds." 5I9 l l Jr.. BOTTOM ROW: Michael Stanley Wilson, Orville Damron, Charles Richard Spaziani, Gary P. Roberts, Jim Carroll, Roger John Serfass, William Kel- ley, Mark Cephas Kelly. SECOND ROW: Andrew John Ranaudo, Michael Terry Kilcoyne, Daniel Leonard Furiak, William Joseph Boatman, Gilbert Brown, Sam Houston Johnson, John Harold Fannin, Max Jesse Mulrrell, Richard Charles Lerblance, John Perry Graff, William Franlclln Jallnski, Patrick Lawrence McCallis'rer. THIRD ROW: Marten Delano Ekizian, Dennis Owen, Larry Newton Dines, Edwin Yutaka Tomita Len Weld, Ken- neth Eaton, Larry Lyle Lambert, Peter John Ewing, Joseph Chapman, Michael S. Brinson, William B. Adams, Larry Don Johnson, Bill Michael McKinney, Laird Douglas Duncan, Billy Nick Griffin, Charles Callyin Wed- dle, Jr., Duane David Hollak, Ken Ronald Whitehouse. FOURTH ROW: John Wayne Gosney, Joey Mendoza, Robert Allen Fullop, Ali Reza Amiri, Robert Sidney Witzel, John David Colin, Bill Roy Peiffer, Ronald Allen Burdick, Rex Wilson Dauqherty, William S. Swan, Gerald W. Putt, Tommy Jim Hammer, Jeffrey Allan Liss, Sian Ruffner, Douglas Charles Earle, if T .4 FT' ' l SLEEPING during the day always produces practical iolces. l-lere. Ken Kraft is the victim oi Max Murrell and counselor John Fannin. Charles Kronk, Jimmy R. Hudson. FIFTH ROW: Gary Wayne Dudovick, Daryl Wagne Hyatt, Michael Robert Mallonee, Claude Lyndon Dorsey, Wiliam lenn Eales, Jr., Donald LeRoy Henderson, Jr., Robert Allen Pendergrass, Daniel Allen Meyer, Gary Michael Stuyer, Dale Lawrence Thomason, Robert Wesig, James H. Bellingham, Gary R. Field, J. Terrv Tryon, Steve Lee Terry, Howard Leibowitz. SIXTH ROW: George Milton Grumman, Roberl' O'Brien Badgeit, Michael Galluzzo, Anthony Marco Paolo, Jr., Kenneth Joseph Kraisky, Larry Puckett, Richard Allen Gentry, Lloyd Yates Powers, Fredrick Ellsworth Yaeier, Silas Bonner, Jr., Jim Nicewander, Mike O'Donald, Jerry Michael ozlow, Ken Lyons Kenneth Lee Janzen, John Christian Wilfert Il. TOP ROW: Stan Gerst, Kenneth L. Kraft, Robert E. Hobson, Charlie Turner, Charles Edward Crowe, Tom Leach, Dick R. Croom, Ron Fowler, Jim McLau hlin, Robert Baker Tyler ll, lghchael Wayne Lewis, John Anthony Hensley, gDavid Gary Jopling, Randy ranson. Irving Hou e Irving House men have the reputation for having the gayest house on campus. Under the guidance of Mike Dunn, an accounting senior, the boys this year participated in all in- tramural athletic events. They won first place in Wilson Center with their football record of 4-0, and in basketball they captured third place. Socially, these men also have something on the ball. This year they had their two annual riverbottom parties and two house parties. Irv- ing vvas the First independent house on campus to purchase a sorority pledge class in the an- nual Campus Chest pledge auction. This year, however, they were outbid by other independent houses on campus. They can at least claim they started the popular tra- dition among independent houses. Oiiicers this year are Mike Kilcoyne, presi- dent, Bill Adams, vice president and social chairmang and lohn Colin, secretary-treasurer. Kingii her Hou 0 Kingfisher House displayed its athletic prow- ess this year by entering two basketball teams in intramural competition and grabbing titles with both. Their "Av team won first place in Wilson Center and their "B" team took the championship in University housing. In foot- ball, they fared well with a I-1-1 record. Socially, the residents hosted two house par- ties and participated in the Wilson Center Christmas party for children from an orphan- age in Oklahoma City. Outstanding members of the house this year included Mike Reinhard, who was listed on the Dean's List with his 3.44 averageg Larry Oakes, who was also on the Dean's List and a mem- ber of the President's Leadership Class with a 3.43 grade average. Officers this year were John Douglas, presi- dentg Ray Ollett, vice president and social chairmang Glenn Carson, secretary-treasurerg Ed Weeks, intramural chairmang and Charles Tooley, ISA representative. BOTTOM ROW: Henry Lawrence.Dolive, Wagne Cohen, Jaclc.L. Wampler, Dennis C. Bradshaw, obert Sepic, Carroll . Northrup, Vilis N. Fogels, Alan L, Hoffman, Gary W. Flnnchum Thomas L. Burton. SECOND ROW: Paul R. McLaughlin, Raymond G. Ollett, Jr.,. Joe Bob Stamps, Jerry Ed- ward Perigo, Edward Raymond Weeks, Dennis Jay Alexander, Eugene L. Lacy, Samuel James Atkins lll Michael Allan Reinhard, Dwight Coleman, Theodore Amendola, Richard Lewis Nadler. THIRD ROW: John Warren Pitzer ll, Ralph Edward Owen, Gregory Ross Perry, Carl R. Hario, Roier Doyle Holmes, David Edwin Boyd, ichael Charles Cline, Chris E. Jahn e, Ronald Gene Harrison, Gary Kenneth Horn, John J. Culbertson, Thomas Leroy Restor Mickey Hugh Cottom, Bob Neel, John Douglas, Jr., Jack Mentesana, Jr., Larry Boroyicka. FOURTH ROW: Larry Heath Brad Jay Sinex, Bob Allen, Bobby Kirk, John Jefferson, Raymond James Stone, Rick Steinhart, Gary Paul Breshares, Jeffrey Gage Smith, C. R. Rettig, Phil Crenshaw, Don Howard, Milton Dean Combs, William L. Baker, Neal EDDIE WEEKS, Charles Tooley and Bill Taylor relax after a long day ot class and study by joining in the campus tad, tolksinging. Wesley Harris, Hank Reifke, Robert T. Stone. FIFTH ROW: Glenn T. Nosse, Sam Talarico, Larry Oakes, Darian Clarke.DeBolt, Charles Daniel Payne, Cary Bartlow, Kent Connelly, Myron Goldstein, Ray Gene McCarter, William R. Shepard, George Feig ner, Jr., Everett B. Delano Jr., Thomas R. Procopia, J. Randolph Call, William W. Taylor,.Earnest Holdsclaw, Paul A. Liddle, Benny Villar. SIXTH ROW: David Richard Groshong, R. Alec Pearce, William Francis Estes, Gary Keith Estes, Terry Rand Free- man, Robert Williams, Jr., Steve W. Irwin, Stephen James Pacey, James Everett Crumrine, Paul Richely Shreiner, Michael Douglas Swafford, Dan Frazier Gill, Roddy Eulan Mc enzie, Arthur Richard Koch, Jr., Charles Ray Tooley, Donald Phillip McDaniels. TOP ROW: Allen Joseph Mailman, Jeffery Lynn MeGown, Kenneth James Seal, Richard Parker.Derix, James Andrew Lewis, lmmo Rolf Gabbe, Ray O. Foriy, Robert Michael Hemp- hill, Glenn Philip Carson, Harold William Sc neicler, Jr., Don Franklin Bayless, Richard James Gibbens, Michael Paul Morford. M .TEV .1 If A PING PONG match in the Sequoyah lounge otlers Dennis Hottman and Doug Ritter a respite from their academic careers. BOTTOM ROW: Leonard W. Carter, George D. Ritter, Dain R. Zinn, Eyron M. Hoahwah, Roy.C. Dunn, Danny R. Cassil, Tommy Carter Rice, lchael R. Shores, Patrick Maglnn, Ronald Edward Sellers, Epigmenio Munoz, Jr. SECOND ROW: Alan G. Carey, Fred Crenshaw, David Ed- ward Webb, Richard Unkiewicz, B, Durand Thixton, Bob Hewes, Lawrence F, Doyle, Clarence E. Wilson, Frank Baird, Robin W. Winkel, Warner Howard Doyle, Jr., Rodney Bishop Wolfard, Jr., Ronald Andrew Downey, Albert E. Bauman lll. THIRD ROW: David Rodriguez Lopez, James Fallin Tate, Richard McCoy Dickinson, William James Boyle, Robert James Davidson, Thomas William Lotte, Edmund Burke, Robert W. Woods, Stan- ley R. Rust, Louis Joseph Gagnon, Dennis A. Hoffman, Charles R. Eazor, Harold C. Kane, Fred J. Munsell, Terrence Roberts, Stephen Pinner, Aurehlio J. de la Cruz, Steve Jones. FOURTH ROW: Douglass H. Sickles, Jackie L. Earls, Charles E. Shores, Edward M. Ray, Stuart A. Bach, Wil- liam R. Maynor, Alan Glen Swan, James Curtis Hulsey, Jr,, Elmer Lee Davis, Jr., Jerry E. Miles, Ray E. Smith, Raymond L. Booth, Bernard Frank Zdanowski, Jr., John Charles Coburn, Jettrey John Calhoun, Robert Dale Ganstlne, James Richard Hargrove, Francis John Machlica lll, Terry Ray equo ah Hou e Everyone at OU remembers the OU-Texas game and all the activities surrounding it. But residents of Sequoyah House will long remem- ber the "Beat the Hell Out of Texasv dance. It seemed that Sequoyah was the most heavily represented independent house at the dance. Anytime you bumped into someone on the tloor, he was from Sequoyah. Always first in line at the Coke counter Was a rnan from Se- quoyah. And when the dance was over and everyone left to take their dates home, the men standing around Without dates were from Se- quoyah. On campus, the residents participated in all intramural athletic events with no mention- able records. Officers this year were left Treeman, presi- dentg B. Durand CWinkj Thixton, vice presi- dent and social chairman: and Frank Beard, secretary-treasurer. Larry Doyle, a business senior, served as counselor for the 126 resi- dents. Perkins. FIFTH ROW: Richard James Morales, Duane Wagner, George Clayton Tillett, Jr., Jerry Wayne Polen, James Franklin Graham, Larry Van Chambers, Bob Nager, J. L. Courtney, Kenneth Robert Brown, Jack Charles Erker, William Robert Ries, Larry Neal Geis, Richard Henry Griffith, Donald John Raiogpi, Michael Sherwood Tierney, William Gar- rigues Meldrum, Freddie rn Conwell, Stanley Duane Bennett, Thomas Edward DeShazo, Glen Edward Jones, William C. Kite lll. SIXTH ROW: George Sherrick, Ned Bennett Tuck, Randall Wayne Littmann, Ronald Martin Settimo, William Lee Kaiser, Danny Earl Phillips, David Lee Can- trell, Charles D. Bednar, .Ernest Harry Prussner, Lawrence Addison Scott, William Lewis Beckrely, Michael Lee McVay, J. B. Klinitski, Lloyd James Bush, Jr., Gary J. oore, Terry Ralph Wadsworth, William John Protitt, Robert Eugene Duerr, Robert L. Vick, Tony Cecere, Bob Cline. TOP ROW: Ha C. Rankin, Robert R. Danner, Hubert E, Rogers, Jr., Bryan Tibbett, Mickey Freeman, David N. Edgar, John F. Harkins, Robert Charles Wengert, William Arthur Sommers, Robert Lewis Dowell, Donald M. Hufter, John Michael Geschwind, Ray Gandy. BOTTOM ROW: Ed Felinlce, John Alvin Mitchell, Nick Stafford, Tony Vaz, Charles Edward Krakcr, Don E. Burnett, Steven William Raulerson, David Allen Milligan, Paul Raymond Anderson, Lewis Ray Parkhill, Roger Lynn Applegate, Michael H. Grcenbaum, Michael Edward Underwood, Terry Hammons, SECOND ROW: Michael Lee McCulloh, Ronald William Jensen, Ricke Alan Womack, Victor Casppetla, Jr., John Douglas Rickards, Alan Bruce Jones, Dennis Lee Ryan, teven Boyce Coker, Bobby Story, Robert F. Hamel, Larry William Kurtz, Robert Wayne Patterson, William J. Theis, Jr., Keith M. Perry, Gary Lewis. THIRD ROW: Rhett Douglas Speer, Ronnie Lee Taylor, John Eric Bucher, Jerry Bob Heap, Curtis Wayne Ward, Gerry Dale Patton, Bruce H. Fruechling, Franc Christian Laut er, James M. Chandler, Robert Dean Murphy, Carl L. Fulton, Pete Duffie, Bruce N. Donley, John R. Norman, Larry Graham, Art Osborne, Bob Worse ter Hou e Worcester residents lived in one of the newly renovated Wilson Center dorms. Some of the new accessories include new ceilings in the rooms, banisters on the staircases, new desks, new lights in the rooms, new chairs and new mattresses, giving an entirely new look to Wil- son Center. In intramural athletics, Worcester chalked up third place in Wilson Center with both of their football teams. On the social scene, the Worcester boys hosted three house parties with girls' houses in Cate Center. Also, the members of the house will long remember their riverbottom party. Oiiicers this year were Charles Kraker, presi- dent, Steve Raulerson, vice president and social chairman: Don Burnett, secretary-treasurerg Gilbert Skeen, intramural chairman, and left- rey Smith, ludicial Board representative. Chabora. FOURTH ROW: Rudy Harvey, Kraig Kendall, John Warlick, Bill MacDonald, Alton R. Roundy, Ray H. Dan, Van S. Weinberg, Ray- mond M. Crews, Paul A. Fisher, Joe C. Dibrell, Robert Louis Sanders, Lester V. Wall Ill, Rufus H. Prados, Jr., Larry J. Mandt, Carl D. Cam- panella, Larry L. Murray, J. Burr Gibbons, Tommy Kearns. FIFTH ROW: Jimmy Harold Biffle Robert .Joel Beavers, Richard Dowe Coleman, David Price Roye, Jr., Jeffrey William Smith, Richard Hular, John E. Caraher, Dean Edward Eggleston, John Michael Vanlandingl-iam, Gilbert Carter Skeen, Robert Edgar Downing, Elwood B. Rickards, Jr., Dick Baumgartner, Ronald Lee Morgan, Tim Stanley, Rich Fee, Kenny Atkins, Bob Dickey. TOP ROW: Bob E. Dies, Michael A. Caldwell, Kennan Goodman, Richard Herbert Kollen, Jr., Larry W. Tedder, Steven L. Johnson, Bud Garner, Hunter W. Fry, Willie H. Ball, Joe F. Watson, Mark D. Palmore. 1322 " X , , II r I rga- V A 1151: IE if " 'Ili ,Z T y li I 'ii",l,,"',, zz:-.-. .. ... IN HIS SPARE time, Larry Mandt trys studying, tor he has heard the rumor on the campus that it really snows the professors. l 2 . 1 .. Ti I J. I I I a r R BOTTOM ROW: Kenneth Pickle, Wade Leakey, Thomas A. Greene, M. Clyde Faulkner, Robert Lloyd O'Rear, Joe D. Riddle, Russell D. Jackson, SECOND ROW: Salman Kamal Hanna, Otha Bea Davenport, Mashkoor Alam, Benjamin N. Frith Ill, Richard S. Knox, Ronny Floyd, Jamieson G. Shotts, Donald C. Schmidt, Vin- cent A. Tapia, Robert Daniel Holt. THIRD ROW: Keith Beqay. Richard H. Crook, Richard L. Key, Ken Neptune, Jimmie Wayne Havens, GeralJ Bruce Liedeker. Frederick Warren Southern, Jr., ooiol Whirl Dominate Residents of Cleveland House could be con- sidered one of the biggest party-going groups on campus. It started with the purchase of the Pi Beta Phi pledge class at the Campus Chest, next a house party with Sanger, followed by a party with the nurses at Central State Hospital Walter Eugene Hawkins, James Robert Barnett, Kenneth James Kohlmyer. FOURTH ROW: Harris Stuart Segal, Ray Bob LeBlanc, James P. Monahan, George Alan Davis, Philip Gene Dick, James Willie Williams, Henry L. Williams, Jerry D. Blomgren, William S. Krewson. TOP ROW: Joseph Eugene Chicoraske, Robert Theo- dore Netland, Robert Vincent Hovasse, Glenn Ramer, George Allen Dryer, Charles Raymond Foster, Joe John Sestak, Cliti Calla- way, Earnest Richardson, Steve Johnson. Mon of Clo oland Hou o and finally their date party at the Loclcett Ho- tel. Oliicers this year were Mike Dillenback, presidentg Don Schmidt, vice president and so- cial chairrnang and Phil Rauch, treasurer. Lincoln Hou e Mon Record 6-1 Football oason Finishing the intramural season with a 6-1 record in football, the residents of Lincoln House boast of their athletic ability. lim Manring, a member of the varsity swim- ming team, Was also secretary of Wilson Center BOTTOM ROW: Vernon E. Woods, Jettrey F. Butler, Billy Lee Young, Michael K. Dunn, Charles Luciano. SECOND ROW: Frank Kamp, Leslie R. Karl, Elliott W. Chideckel, Doug Bassett, Jim F. Hutiine, Mike Nichols, Everette Girdens, Peter M. Border, Jerry S. Finkelstein, Brad Smith. THIRD ROW: Barney Harris, Toby Morey, Dennis Watson, Michael A. Lilly, Bill Fesler, Kenny Thomp- son, Donald W. Altom, Larry Max Vernon, Michael O. McDonald. Harold Rubin, Jerry Buchanan, John F. Hendry. FOURTH ROW: Presidents, Council. Oilicers this year were lim Manring, presi- dent, Billy Young, vice president and social chairman, and left Butler, secretary-treasurer. Bob Anguish, Jack Hove, Larry Nicolai, Thomas James Kissinger. Keith Burbank, Thfmas F. O'Hara, Carl Hootetter. Len Cantrell. Richard Jaeger, Robert Rycroit, Louis M. Wolt, Michael Joseph O'Shea, Kenneth R. Dean. TOP ROW: Mark Walters Chambers, Douglas C. Hellerson, Doug Shaw, Larry Mac Walter, Richard Myles Winch, G. William Watts, Jerry L. Tate, J. Robert Welty. Bob List, Mike Hall, Joe Mashburn. Carl Johannesson, Dave Lloyd. en' Conn elor and Oiiice taii Under the supervision of E. H. Miles, assist- ant director of men's affairs in charge of hous- ing, the n1en's housing program is run on the basis of helping the student succeed in college. It accomplished this objective by providing adequate facilities for academic endeavors as well as the basic needs of food and shelter. The oitice keeps a close watch on all men in Uni- versity housing. Academic achievement or failures are noted and appropriate measures are taken for special recognition or counseling. Resident, assistant and study counselors are employed in each unit of Cross Center, Wood- row Wilson Center, Whitehand Hall and Tow- ers I and IV. These men are chosen for their qualities and abilities in counseling and guid- ance. At the beginning of each year, they un- dergo extensive training in these and other re- lated fields. BOTTOM ROW: Lewis Parkhill, Larry E. McElreath, Jim L. Slaugh- ter, Ronald W. Carey. Bob Hawes, Thomas A. Greene, Loyd T. Anderson. O. Galen Burk, E. H. Miles, Lawrence F. Doyle. David A. Milligan, Gene Hitchcock, Bob Parisze. John B. Worden, Stanford C. Smith, Stephen D. Fiskin, Larry A. Thompson. SESOND ROW: Joe T. Crain, Alan A. Loch. Rodger B. Kinq. Sam Houston John- son III. Dennis J. Alexander. Pat Henry, Danny Kepner. Russell McArron. Steve Provines, Dave Hattaway, Mike Dunn, Jerry Brant- ley, Neil E. Nichols, Jay Raper, Bill Caldwell, Max J. Murrell, Ken snr'- 5 . . ittfiiiii E. H. MILES. Mrs. Betty Simmons. Mike Gillett and Mrs. Ethelyn Cox work in the Cross Center Office to help in University housing. Frank Casey. Clifton Grubb. THIRD ROW: Pat Lauderdale. David Bell, Gerald E. Copher. Ronnie Pyle. Harold Knight, Ron Drew, Samuel J. Atkins, Jim Erwin, Earl Skarky, Tom W. Briggs. Doug Van Dyck, Grover Fulkerson. Jay Hutchens. Jim Whitmire, Don Hackett, Clarence Wilson. TOP ROW James Wilson. Ronald Tiehen, Wade T. Leakey, Tom Ray, Eugene L. Lacy, Bill Mercer. John Fannin, Rick Stead, Paul R. Anderson. Steve Leakey. Charles Kim McClean, Ed McComas. George D. Bennett, John Goodman. Terry Jurgerson. Clarence K. Cagle, Dale Gregory Parent. norm rnszsm unavum UAC'AIerf wana: Of -Fi,-,-,, :A FRIDAY Ghiter LI, A' -Q. '. i.,-' lg S. 'K .0 -., R2 A R "x l 'legal' , I 1' "au" ' I 'Q f f ji fm" M 'Q M ,. I ' --r - xy' if , 1 1 ,n '.' X -I., M7 +1 Q hM . I 5 L.- Ni, I Q' LW? In Dv u fix? E' 2+ 1 .gg X? ik 431 5915137 THE FANFARE heralds the opening ot the show. DAVID WESTGATE Senior Drum Maior iiThe Pride oi 0kleheme" Entertain Thou and The 175-piece Marching Band, "The Pride of Oklahoma," lent color and atmosphere to the 1964 football season, delighting thousands of football fans with its performances. Colorful pregame and halftime perform- ances in precision marching were presented at each home game, and at out-of-town games BOTTOM ROW: Roger Parsons, Robert Kellogg, Robert Merritt. Jerry Abbott. Ronnie Goddard, Andy Oldroyd, Robert Anguish, Ronnie Osborn, Jim Henderson. Bill Bigheart. Dennis Clark, Calvin Kilgore, Calvin Mott, David Ellis. Louis Gray, David Westgate, Jack Foote, Jerry Meyer, George White, Joe Bob Stamps, Roy Daniels, Larry Wright, John Smalley, Barney Harris, Ronald Bor- den, Russell Schaefer, Jerry Goodspeed, Charles Suggs. Johnny Ettinger, Leroy Keltner. SECOND ROW: Dr. Gene A. Brauqht, James Howell, Karen Brewster, Alice Edwards, Jerre Francis, Tish with Texas and Oklahoma State. Climax of the fall semester was the appearance of the band in the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, Fla. Dur- ing its stay in Florida, the band was featured at the Gatorama Festival, Where an audience of more than 10,000 heard the band in concert. Denison, Martha Van Hook, Melissa Camp, Marion Gibson, Linda Robbins, Marcia Melton, Louise Vernon, Patricia Stapp, Dallas Dorsett. Anne Young, Mary Lee Hale, Christine Smith, Judy Braught, Alice Deakins, Jeri Gottlob, Janet Gottlob, Marilyn Gay. Linda Searcy, Dorinda Gill, Carolyn Clure, Gay Crawford, Linda Coleman, Cheryl Githens, Rheta Dewberry, Barbara Richards, Rob- ert Murphy, Legh W. Burns. THIRD ROW: Lionel Edmunds, Glen Woods, Stephen Yarbrough, Reg Boudinot, David Stoner, Bill Lem- ing, Jerry Warden. Bill Sparks, Gary Yust, Jim Vinson, Ernest LOUIS GRAY Freshman Drum Maior at Football Game Drum majors for the 1964-65 "Pride" were David Westgate, junior music major from Tulsa, and Louis Grey, fresman from Del City. National champion tvvirlers Dorinda Gill of Kingfisher and Robert Murphy of Denver captivated fans in Owen Stadium with their twirling speed, high throws and turfbounces. Prussner. John Cole, John Geschwind, Mike Ransom, Keith Rogers, Jim Faulconer, Roger Rensvold. John Forrester, Dennis Kilian. Charles Turner, Gary Moore, Edward Fosburgh, John Gossett, John Schantz. Douglas Danner, Franklin Fry, Jim Mills. Henry Dolive. Thomas Moore, Gary McKinney, Jimmy Ford. J. C. Combs. FOURTH ROW: Delmar McNatt, Reyndell Stockman. Charles Law- ter, Ronald Hamm. John Thomas, Jotlre Stephens, Jimmy Dixson, Gary Potter, Mike Bartlett, Dwight Coleman, Mark Merrill, Steve Meyer, Ken Grass, Mike Blake. Milas Alagood, Paul Bell, Steve "l GET the Blues When lt Rains." i - ua, T - " A-Ziff' 137 AT .5455 -. , 3 L, w, l ' ' ff',g.jA -.,., , 'Sc gsisijgsistllg '-I ' l .'t5"d. wifi- ijxmist' l 4 ii .'. ':.'l'wE,r?:1 - T - , 1:1 "t 1lf ' :E YQ?- lwx 1 , pf , . l li i , W - 1 K , , Y.. W , , TWIRLER Robert Murphy exhibits skill. Johnson, Bud Garner, Dwight Sullinger, Jim Cook, Roger Cart- wright. John Hoagland. Randall Paden, Mark Hutton, Lynn Drury. Bill Guerry. Lloyd Whittall, Richard Morales, Dickie Dickinson, Larry Demas. TOP ROW: Henry Young, Wayne McCanne, Mark Morgan, G. H. Logan, Dwight Collins, Ronnie White, Joe Dibrell, Gary Meadors. Jerry Farley. Jon Burrows, Larry Long, Keith Carl. Jim Cole. Harold Heston. Mark Chambers, Randolph Call. Gerald Raynes, Jim Perry, Ronald Dyer, Jim Wilson, Terry Stovall, Mike Collier. Stanley Shelton, L. G. Parlchurst, James Whited. the band builds on their base. uditions Determl DR. GENE A. BRAUGHT Director of Bands SYMPHONIC BAND concerts are given on a spring tour that ne Symphonic Bandsmen At the conclusion of the marching season, the band membership is divided into two concert organizations: the Symphonic Band and the Concert Band. Membership in the Symphonic Band is by audition. In the Concert Band, membership is open to all students of the various colleges of the University, also through audition. Activities of the Symphonic Band included formal con- certs on the campus in February, March and May. The annual spring concert tour found the band performing for audiences in southwest Oklahoma. They proved espe- cially popular with high school audiences. Dr. Gene A. Braught, director of bands, serves as di- rector of the Marching Band, conductor of the Symphonic Band and supervises the Concert Band, Air Force and ROTC Bands. University Bands are administered through the School of Music of the College of Fine Arts. takes the group into many Oklahoma High Schools. PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE members must always be good musicians, for tail 'il til 1 I l l l i. l Band Program Develops Student Talent Additional members of the band staff in- clude Legh W. Burns, assistant conductor, Lionel Edmunds and I. C. Combs, graduate assistantsg and Mrs. Sandra Dicks, secretary. Assistant Director Burns also serves as as- sistant director of the Marching Band and conductor of the Concert Band and Brass PREClSION formations like this prove skill. Choir. He also performs as a cornet soloist and serves as a clinician and adjudicator. The band program continues the develop- ment of music appreciation and understand- ing of the student through the study and per- formance of the best in music. It develops competent performers, teachers and conductors. f. l V , LEGH W. BURNS Assistant Director Twirler DORINDA GILL BOTTOM ROW: Linda Robbins, Martha Van Hook, Judy Brauqht, Chris Smith, Jerre Francis. TOP ROW: Lionel Edmunds, Marilyn Tau Beta igma tirganizes This year Tau Beta Sigma was in charge of entertaining guest bands visiting OU, band socials, and organizing activities for the bandis Gator Bowl trip. Olticers included Iudy Braught, president, Christine Smith, vice presidentg Martha Van Gay, Janet Gottlob, Carolyn Clure, Rheta Dewberry, Gene A. Braught. Band' Gator Bo lTrip Hook, secretary, and ianet Gottlob, treasurer. Dr. Gene A. Braught served as faculty sponsor. The principal aim of this national organi- zation is to promote the existence and Welfare of college and university bands. Kappa Kappa P i Honorar for Band men Kappa Kappa Psi, national honorary fra- ternity for college bandsmen, was founded at Oklahoma State University in 1919. It has been directly responsible for much of the im- provement in the over-all college band pro- grams in this country. This national organiza- tion sponsors music education services and BOTTOM ROW: Jerry L. Meyer, David Stoner, Russ Schaeter. Jack E. Foote, Charley C. Suggs ll, Gary Hu-gh McKinney, Larry M. Wright, W. Calvin Kilgore, John R. Smalley, Dave Westgate. SECOND ROW: Thomas Carter Moore, Jimmy Dixson, John W. Forrester, Louis G. Gray, Steven L. Johnson, Gary J. Moore, Keith music programs, and commissions prominent composer to arrange and compose music for bands. Membership is restricted to students with a 2.0 grade average, music ability, an interest in band and the desire to serve. R. Rogers, Dwight Coleman, Mike Ransom, Dr. Gene A. Braught. TOP ROW: Jottre Joseph Stephens, James Whited, Wayne Mc- Canne, David F. Ellis, Lionel Edmunds, W. Vaughn Leming, Bill Bigheart, Andy Oldroyd, Franklin Fry, Randolph Call. BOTTOM ROW: Dr. Russell Mathis, Linda DeSilva, Betty Driver, Carilee l-loqan, Beryl Nash, Liz Riddle. Sharon Womack. Soon l-lee Lee. TOP ROW: Chris Wright, T. Roy Carmichael, Mike Ingham, Bob Fisher. Don Downing, George Welborn. hamber Choir Ha Exten ive Repertoire The University of Oklahoma Chamber Choir was formed in the fall of 1962 to meet a need for an ensemble to perform music or- iginally written for a limited number of voices. Repertoire of this kind ranges from the earliest periods of Western Music to the present time. Since the inception of the group, they have appeared for clubs, civic groups and schools throughout Oklahoma. Concerts this year have included performing for President Iohnson at the Eufaula Dam dedication, high school performances at Okarche, Blackwell, Tonkavva, Ardmore, Ft. Sill, Wynnewood, We- Woka, Shawnee and Dallas, as well as both the state and national conventions of the Na- tional Music Teacher's Association. In addi- tion they carry on an active schedule of ap- pearances on campus. The Chamber Choir is one of five chorale groups offered by the School of Music to interested students on the OU campus. Mem- bership is gained through auditiong therefore the organization consists of a select and elite group of vocalists. Most students belonging to the choir are music majors. The size of the Chamber Choir varies with the demands of the music to be performed, but never exceeds a force of 14. Leading the activities of the Chamber Choir this past year as president was Robert Fisherg vice president was Don Dovvningg secretary was Betty Driver. Dr. Russell Mathis served as director of the organization. Through participation in singing the members form an association with students from various colleges of the University. The Chamber Choir offers a rich musical exper- ience for all University students and provides an opportunity for all OU students to con- tinue participation in a musical organization for personal satisfaction. BOTTOM ROW: Calvin B. Mott, Ronald Goddard, Jerry Good- speed, Franklin williams. Karen Acord, Jack Edward Foote, David F. Ellis. David L. Westgate. SECOND ROW: Lionel Edmunds. Russell Mathis, Lynn F. Drury, Jerry Dan Abbott, Dewey Tracy Christian, Robert L. Murray, Ronald Lee Hamm. James Joseph Phi Mu Alpha pon Membership in Phi Mu Alpha sinfonia fra- ternity is open to any person showing a love for music by adopting it as his profession or by Working to advance music. The Howard Hanson Banquet held during the 1965 OU Composer's Symposium was ME C Fo ters Und National Music Educators Conference is a professional organization of music educators with nearly 20,000 members. President of the OU chapter for 1964-65 was Judy Asbury. Other oihcers included Den- nis Clark, vice president, Kay Ron, secreta- BOTTOM ROW: Marilyn Smith, Betty Driver, Chris Smith, David Westgate. Judy Asbury, Kay Roan,June Blackerby, Paula Ferguson. SECOND ROW: Alice Dealcins, Liz Riddle, Marilyn Hutton, Karen Acord, Jeanette Wilson, Martha Kendall, Paula Powers, Barbara Walker. Terry Treadway. THIRD ROW: Ruth Ann Russell, Colleen C Keithley. William Isaac James, Gary Lynn Potter. TOP ROW: Ter- ry Lee Stovall, John A. Hillabolt, Donald L. Downing, C. Roy Wil- son. John L. Gossett, Dwight Coleman, Charles K. Hoag, Robert C. Smith, Larry E. Long, Jerry L. Meyer, Jerry A. Warden, Lee S. Ridgway, James R. Burqett. ors Han on Banquet sponsored by Phi Mu Alpha. Officers for 1964-65 were lack Foote, presi- dentg Dave Ellis, vice presidentg Dave West- gate, secretaryg Ronnie Goddard, treasurerg and Franklin Williams, faculty sponsor. tanding of ll ic ry-treasurerg and Iune Blackerby, correspond- ing secretary. Monthly dinner meetings were held with guest speakers or performers in attendance. Serving the state music educators conference as vice president is Nancy Turk. Schupbach, Virginia Holland, Phyllis Milam, Bobbie Stout, Jeri Gottlob, Cathey Hangs, Sharon Spicer, Susan Barclay, Ronnie Tay- lor. TOP ROW: Lee S. Ridgway, Michael A. Caldwell. Jack Foote, Bill J. Bigheart, George Welborn, Elmer L. Davis, Jimmy Inman, David F. Ellis, Jamie lnman, Chuck Doss. Chris Wright. ,f .1 1 1 -.1 A Q BOTTOM ROW: James A. Mariin, Michael E. Gillett, Ken E. Mariclo, Earl M. Bricker. Phillip Marzlina, Jamie lnman, Philip R. Rope, Carey L. Sherman. James J. Keithley, T. Roy Carmichael. Neal T. Clary, James V. Annuschat, Thomas E. Drummond. SEC- OND ROW: Roberl A. Rose, William H. I-linlcle, Tom W. Plosila. Joe Flippo, John Choate, Robert L. Hart, Charles Allen, Wil- en' Glee Club to Per The Singing Sooners of lVIen's Clee Club were organized in 1907 to entertain students and faculty, to provide an outlet for OU men who like to sing at a professional level, and to act as a goodwill ambassador for OU. Only 10 of the 43 members were music ma- jors this year, the remainder represented most of the other colleges on campus. The Sooners were the first Oklahoma group to perform at the World's Fair and a return visit in June, 1965, is planned. Dr. Russell Mathis is the sixth director in the club's history. Over the past years, the Singing Sooners have appeared on both coastsg from New Orleans to Chicagog in every cor- ner of Oklahomag and on nationwide televi- sion at the Big Red home games last season. Ollicers for the year were Earl M. Bricker, presidcntg Neal T. Clary, vice presidentg and Clarence K. Cagle, secretary. liam James, Kennis N. Wessel. James M. Gill, Richard C, DeSpain, N. Dean Brown, David P. Drennan. TOP ROW: James l-l. Lassiter, Dan R. Poynor. Ken S. Piclcle, Clarence K. Caqle, William W. Cook. Clay Fullum, Kent Watson, Kenneth Grass, Ronald Folsom. Walter A. Smith, Richard O. Cheek. Joe W. McCord, Jimmy ln- man. form at World' Fair Y . . K ,Y lt - -' I 4 ' " 'V I llflig fl-i ,12- ,. x-if I DIRECTING a practice session is Dr. Russell Mathis. Women' Glue Club Oiiers Musical Education SPECIAL practice with Dr. Leland Fox is called for Pam Rockhold, Kay Roan, Cleta Davis, Karen Acord, and Judy Asbury. BOTTOM ROW: Paula Powers, Pam Rockhold, Linda Brown, Diana Lee, Jill Hellman, Roberta Rule, Cieta Davis, Martha Kendall. Mar- garet Langley, Karen Johnson. Ann Rogers. Melva Burton, Waynel Walling. SECOND ROW: Barbara Stout. Mary Lois Jennings, Darylene Harmon, Avis Whitworth, Janice Wilder, Jeanie Brooks, Susan Vaughn, Susan Applegate, Melinda Gordy, Ann East, Linda Webb, Teresa Wright, Judy Asbury, Nancy Cowan. THIRD ROW: To represent OU, to develop musically and to educate our audiences musically -- these are the aims of the Wornen's Glee Club Soonerettes. To be eligible for membership, a student must audition and qualify before a panel of music professors. Auditions are open at the beginning of each semester to any Woman student. The Soonerettes performed at many Uni- versity functions, including Christmas appear- ances and joint concerts with the lVIen's Glee Club. The annual spring tour was made to area high schools, enabling the Soonerettes to show OH the new dresses they sported this year. Accompanist for the group was Cleta Davis. Oliicers included ludy Asbury, pres- identg Pam Rockhold, vice presidentg Karen Acord, secretary, Kay Roan, treasurerg Dr. Le- land Fox, director. Colleen Schupbach, Marianne Siegmund, Winema Stiefer Copher, Patti Windes, Terry Treaclway, Kathy l-lardberger, Nancy Turk, Dr. Leland Fox, Linda Atkins, Ruthie Russell, Beverly Adkins, Ann Hen- thorn, Jeanette Wilson, Alta Selvey. Paula Rogers, Adrah Barnes. Marilyn Hutton. TOP ROW: Ardith Cannon, Sandy Meridith, Mary Lou Mills, Suzanne Darby. Kay Roan, Marilyn Smith, Betty Outon, Ann lnglis, Jean Brosseau. BOTTOM ROW: Dewey Christian, Karen Bratcher, Mary Ann O'- Connell, Judith Senner, Mike Grissom, Linda DeSilva, Susie Car- michael, Mariheth Gunning, Paul Nutt. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Milam, Nancy Scott, Sandra Johnson, Jaynee Grayson, Jonette Dunlap, June Blackerby, Meg Raines, Ramona Collier, Carilee Ho- gan, Sharon Spicer. Dorothy Lee. THIRD ROW: Jimmy Lynn Mc- Univer ity Concert The University Concert Choir performed at the National Music Teachers, National Association Convention in Dallas during the spring semester. Regularly scheduled con- certs were given during the fall and spring semesters, and the group made a spring tour. Any regularly enrolled student may audition for membership in the choir at the beginning of each semester. The presentation of the finest music possible lor satisfaction of both musician and listener is the principle interest of the Concert Choir. Dr. Russell Mathis, director, was assisted this year by Julie I-Iunt, presidentg John Hillabolt, vice prcsidentg and Liz Riddle, secretary. Connell, Gwen Burgess, Julie Hunt, Lee Ridgway, Nancy Ellis, Cathey Hangs, Scotty Salmon. Bette Ringrose, Betty Driver, Alarm Barthel, Barbara Walker, Sharon Quaid, Joanne Reaves. TOP ROW: John Hillaloolt, Christian Wright, Hal Waters. Altred Mc- Daniel, John McCarthy. Mike Ingram, James Wilhelm, Floyd John- son, Dennis Clark, Doyle Paden. Choir Aim to Plea e 'ts fff"k, ,gh i DIRECTOR ot University Concert Choir is Dr. Russell Mathis. BOTTOM ROW: Jim R. Eby. Joseph M. Gutel, Bob G. Foster. Patsy Sue Pendleton, Nelson T. Abbott. SECOND ROW: Bobby Ray Ely. Betty Outon, Freda Arveline Coulter, Donna Marie Hack, Hermann Rothenbusch. TOP ROW: Rex E. Downer, Mitchell Chou- teau, N. Dean Brown, Louis Duncan, Joseph M. Gutel Jr. Chi Alpha Urganization iliiers Pentecostal Fellowship Chi Alpha is the Christian fellowship group for Pentecostal students on the campus. There are about 400 chapters throughout the country. Officers for the past year were Bob Foster, presidentg lim Eby, vice president, Patsy Pen- delton, secretary-treasurerg loseph Gutel, chap- lain, and Dr. R. O. Corvin, faculty sponsor. Fellowship socials were held at least once a month to provide better relations between the young people and the church. Mu Phi Epsilon Music Froternit Exeels in oholorship OU's chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon wornen's music fraternity this year received the Eliza- beth Mathias Award for having the highest scholastic average in the nation. To qualify for membership, a woman music major must be of second semester freshman standing, have a 3.0 over-all average, BOTTOM ROW: Mildred Andrews, Karen Acord, Sharon Quaid, Judy Asbury, Waynel Walling, Brenda Kay Roan. SECOND ROW: Soon-Hee Lee, Ann Inglis, Ann East, Diana Fields, Jeanette Wilson, and possess outstanding musicianship, char- acter and personality. Sharon Quaid was president, Kay Roan, vice president, Waynel Walling, recording sec- retaryg Bette Ringrose, corresponding secretaryg Karen Acord, treasurerg and Mildred Andrews, faculty sponsor. Marilyn Smith. Sandalyn lvieridith. TOP ROW: Betty Driver, Ca- thay Hangs, Carilee Hogan. Charlotte A. Hallock, Paula Ferguson. Liz Riddle. mphony 0rche tra Yield Rich Re ard Members of the University of Oklahoma Symphony Orchestra must audition for their positions with the group. The orchestra offers credit hours for students participating, but more than this, it offers a rich musical ex- perience for audience as well as participants. Numerous concerts are given throughout the school year, giving all University students the opportunity to enjoy the musical organization. Selections for each concert performance are made with care to give each audience a Well- rounded program. For instance, the fall con- cert in Holmberg Hall included Works of Mo- zart, Bloch, Delius, and Borodin. Dr. George Trautwein is conductor of the symphony orchestra and C. M. Stookey is associate conductor. Many members of the orchestra also play in smaller groups-en- sembles, quartets and trios. In addition to reg- ular rehearsals and concert performances, these groups appear on radio, television and before local civic organizations. VIOLINS: Paul Roby, Linda Atkins, Jim Bratton, Betty Driver, Rob- erto Grad, Colbert l-Iackler. Elaine Heath, Gene Kasparek, Ken- neth Lyons, George Mondie, Suzanne Moss, Linda Terry, Linda Tucker. Roz Warble, Barbara Wharton, Leo Whinery, Mary Ellen Williams. VIOLAS: Patti Fowler, Judy l-lull, Alfred McDaniel, Roy Wilson. Vernon Woods. VIOLONCELLOS: Marge Cornelius, Mary Lou Cannon, Bob Carroll, Richard DeSpain, Betsy Foree, Mary Har- ris, Linda Myers, Claire Sleeper. William Wharton. CONTRA- BASSES: James Burgett. Bill Cromwell, Jeri Gottlob, Ronald Hamm, Charles Hoag. PIANO: Mardele Maryott. PERSONNEL MANAGER AND MUSIC LIBRARIAN: Roy Wilson. FLUTES: Gay UNIVERSITY Trio members include Paul Roby, violing Digby Bell. piano: and Marjorie Cornelius, cello. Crawford, Alice Deakins, Christine Smith, Stephen Yarbrough. OBOES: Marion Gibson, Linda Lowe, Randall Smith. ENGLISH HORN: Marion Gibson. CLARINETS: Bill Bigheart, Marilyn Gay, Ronnie Goddard. BASS CLARINET: John Forrester. BASSOONS: Paul Bell, Linda Searcy. HORNS: G. H. Logan, Joe Thayer, Lou- ise Vernon, George White. TRUMPETS: Jerry Goodspeed, Robert Merritt. Jerry Meyer. TROMBONES: Lionel Edmunds, David Ellis, Leroy Keltner. TUBA: Dwight Sullinger. TIMPANI: J. C. Combs. PERCUSSION: Phillip Bartlett, Thomas Erbar, David Keich, Terry Stovall. v AW Member hip Include All Women tudent FALL MIXER given by AWS a++rac+s capaci+y crowd +o Union Ballroom. AWS Stimulate Creative U e ei Intellect AWS strives to stimulate the development of educated women by oHfering programs of an intellectual and thought-provoking nature and providing a forum to discuss matters effecting university Women. All women students are members of AWS. The vice president of each dorm, the house manager of each sorority, and additional representatives determined by the size of the house serve on the AWS Executive Council, which establishes all rules, regulations, and permissions for women students on the campus. Ollicers for the year were Nita Anderson, president, Susan Stone, vice president, Linda lVIcQuillen, recording secretaryg Gayle Rossi, corresponding secretary, Barbara Frank, treasurer. Trophies were given for the sororities, pledge classes, and dorms with the highest grade averages. "Dorm of the Year" trophies Went to dorms with the best records. BOTTOM ROW: Barbara A. Frank, Linda McQuillen, Susan L. Stone. Nita Anderson, Dorothy Truex, Gayle Ann Rossi, Niki W. Meek. Molly M. Behannon. SECOND ROW: Donna J. Wood. Nancy E. Pennypacker, Marlene Sims, Phillipa L. Prather. Janie L. Potts, Paula A. Smith, Judy C. l-larris, Paula E. Landrith. THIRD ROW: Jan E. Scott. Nancy V. Scott, Melinda S. Stitl. Suzanne J. Dessauer, Cristina D. Hunter, Jimalea Schooley, Carol Burke, Bar- bara J. Wallcingstick. Valerie J. Sirauch. Barbara K. l-leinen. . af' REGIONAL coordinator is Carol Byrd, OU graduate student FOURTH ROW: Susan K. Lory. Judy L. Pike, Sherry D. McBride Mary J. Finley, Lynda M. Harris, Diane L. Logan, Sharon A. Gat- tord, Camille A. Pharr, Barbara C. Borelli. Susan Blinn, Joy C Tschappat. Barbara A. Saunders. TOP ROW: Carol A. Clitton Ruth A. Fisher, Linda A. Hisey, Janie R. Smothers. Charlie Chet: lain, D. Sue Riggs, Su A. Weinstein, Dora Deskins, Suzanne P. Warren, Margaret A. Conley, Cathy Danielson, Linda K. Phillips. Diana K. Meacham, Vicky D. Stapleton. Jackie S. Snodgrass. f ,F BOTTOM ROW: S. Rodney Mays, Allen T. Tsugawa. Jim Hough. Rusty Pool. Bob Uda, David A. Rennie, Forrest R. Michael. SEC- OND ROW: Charles Wesley Alworth, Martha Mansur, John A. Egnew, Lee Wheless, Brandon H. Griffith, Virginia Clark, Larry Kozoyecl. Judy Bird, Billy S. Douglas. TOP ROW: Leon Samuel Engineer ' Club tage PRESIDENT of Engineers' Club is Larry Kozoyed. Hatcher Jr., Richard A. Milburn, Mal Holcomb, Keats Socler Jr.. John E. Squarek, William E. Ham. Terry Tinlcel, Victor C. Basiron, David T. Hamilton, Richard J. Matteson, Terry W. Ellstrom, Lee Candler Young. Annual Engine how One of the largest groups on campus, the Engineers, Club promotes fellowship among faculty and students and governs extra-cur- ricular activities in the College of Engineering. Membership is open to all undergraduate stu- dents enrolled in the College of Engineering. This year's president was Larry Kozoyed, Iohn Egnew, vice president, Bill Douglas, vice president, Charles Alworth, secretary, Rusty Pool, treasurer. Faculty sponsors were Bran- don Griffith, Harold Bone, and Arthur lVlcCray. Events for the organization were the En- gine Show and Christmas party. Engineers' Week and St. Patrick's Celebration included an open house, Engineers' Queen campaign and coronation, a beard-growing contest, and the engineers' dance and banquet, capped by the dubbing of the Knights of St. Patrick, and The Loyal Knights of Old Trusty Firing Out. ' 5 r 1-6- 2 l 5:55359-2 b ,f X QP ,,' , ff Q ' ' . xA -1 Y,-. 'x,., . , A Q I 4 , A , A , ' f I V 1 .- 'V " wi 1 4, , 4:54-' . ' PYYIQ I., fy" c 'n Ill , 1 I Lf i W W W . f " Q I 1 - ' 'A , ' + A..Q1f.,l 1 ! A! A i f 1 ,X AQQ' 1 .fjwff -.--f-.....' .uf '-lf? ff- G 'fa- AI4 ' 'r' Y 415 rv if 3 425 , 415 - 41a 420 421 422 42 . 424 425 1' Lg? ITL if r 'f- 'J 'Y' .4 ,Zn 1 2 LKDT f - - . V h , .:,, Y i , .fi 1 - ' , .. qVg:43e-:Ia-f2'RyE"'sa3:' 'ki-Q" .,1fi?L ,nqsqg-'ff:.! - , , ,, ff. 'f""' ' x ' il J 9? 'g-'5',f,gl up ,fu '-5' - : 1.,','-351.7-.vggg-.- A ' .2 51 . A- -1,2235 .sv V . 2 4 A g1.a'g,x, , x- ,,. Nif -" iii 17 .-,,,-fsfwwti S4 - fsvf mf rg-'P ff E -ffuf 'i1l1"'T1,g1: Ji .1 2' ' L21 x, - 1-,f iz-2, . :.-,. J 4 ,, '42, , ,,, 2 avr-f H ,. fi 31 f 1 f it J it ' it is gi 5 l , l f li, 5 ia if 1 1 i 1 r ,K a -l. 1-. 1 1 ' - 5 .Ai is si- BOTTOM ROW: Larry Blankenship. Larry Patton, Bob Moore. Vicki Gotcher. Dennis McCary, Marsha Eddins. SECOND ROW: Sharon Velinsky, Bonnie Malcolm, Carolyn Farha, Pat Futertas. Polly Puckett, Bonnie Allen, Dianne Reauqh, Stacey Shannon. Sharon Gatford, Vicki Jones, Beverly Gramm. THIRD ROW: Allen George Orcutt. Bill D. Nolen. Robert M. McDannald, Phil Horton, Paul Fox. Bob Uda. Larry A. Mizel, Richard L. Brown. TOP ROW: L. Dow Davis. Sandy Sabater, Mike Forsman, Bill Bleakley, David G. Slear, Lee Candler Young. Ricardo J. Rodgers. John C. Brannan Jr., Charles Greenberg, John l. Choate. tudont onato Hosts National Convention ni- ' a- 4' Q 7 'x 3 .f""z'i"' al., sxxi' rl A N v J ' Il ff COORDINATING their senate committees plans are Sharon Gatiord, Susan Culp and Allen Orcutt. The Student Senate projects for 1964-65 were course evaluation, permanent ID cards, and the establishment of an honor code system. The Association of Student Government held its first national convention at OU during the Thanksgiving holidays. Larry Blankenship and Carolyn Farha served as regional chair- men. The convention was attended by 90 col- leges and universities. The Senate is made up of students and is financed by student funds. Elections for po- sitions as senators are held each fall and spring. Representatives are selected from each college, the number being based on enrolment in that college. First and second semester officers for the Student Senate were Bob Moore and Vicki Gotcher, presidentsg Larry Patton and Dennis McCary, vice presidentsg Dennis McCary and Monty McDannald, treasurersg Vicki Gotcher and Pat Futerfas, secretariesg Marsha Eddins, public relations directorg and Larry Blanken- ship and Paul Fox, parlimentarians. y.-,,,--1, r-'L -2, '- .,"" Y.-' if 5, l, enate Acti itie Include OFFICERS include Pal' Fulerfas. Vic- ki Golcher. Paul Fox, Monly Mc- Dannald. Marsha Edclins and Dennis McCary. E aluation i ' El l Y Ji., REPRESENTATIVES Larry Pal-lon. Brenda Slurdevanf and Carolyn Farina keep busy assembling informarion packels. . . . . E , 5' . . V . N . A . ,, ,l , . BOTTOM ROW: Carl McAdams, Carl Schreiner, John Garrett, Larry Shields. Larry Brown. SECOND ROW: Ron Harmon, Jerry Goldsby, Ralph Neely. Norman Smith. THIRD ROW: Mickey if ity ro" Club Or Varsity "O" Club engenders a closer spirit of loyalty in athletics. To gain membership in the top athletic organization on campus, a man must earn the "O" letter through par- ticipation in intercollegiate athletics and meet the approval of the Athletic Council. Graduate and undergraduate lettermen join in the "OH Club's promotion of University athletic interest. The group encourages scholarship, development of sportsmanship, both by example and preceptg bolsters social activities, accommodates visiting athletic teams and promotes better relations between athletic groups and students, faculty and alumni. Another important function of the club is orienting freshman athletes at OU. This is coordinated with the promotion of relations with high school athletes who visit the OU campus during the year. This year's officers were Norman Smith, president, Mike Hewitt, vice president, Lance Williams, Allen Bumgardner, Tom Flood, Gordon Brown, Mike Ringer, Newt Burton. TOP ROW: Bobby Page, George Hawkins, Fred Fleetwood, Dennis Ward, Jim Farrell. ientate Fre hmen Rentzel, social secretary, and Leon Powers, executive secretary. Port G. Robertson served as faculty sponsor. The executive council schedules meetings whenever needed and, with the social secre- tary, plans social activities from time to time. Social events for the year include Christmas and Valentine's parties and the annual picnic and outing at Lake Murray. Various other parties, dances and club activities are held in the "O" Club Lounge, located in the north end of Owen Stadium. Oiiicially opened in 1951, the lounge serves as a meeting place for past and present members. Lunch is served there before home football games for alumni and their families. Many facilities including a snack bar, tel- evision, records, bridge tables and games are available for use. The lounge is open three nights each week for lettermen and their guests to enioy all the available facilities. BOTTOM ROW: Willie Wilson, John Kemp, Jerry Tate. Billy Young, Woody Young. SECOND ROW: Butch Metcalf, John Hammond, Bill Lam, Mike Sager, John English. THIRD ROW: Phil Neislar, Ted Dodson, Rick McCurdy. David Voiles. Ed McOuarters. TOP ROW: John Bernard, Lance Rentzel. Wes Slcidgel, Robert Vardeman, Frank Deramus, Ted Oliver, Tommy Davis. Lettermen Accommodate i iting Athlete Another activity attracting wide interest among sports fans around the state is the an- nual varsity-alumni. football game sponsored by the club. The game is held each year on the last day of spring practice. The club in- vites past "Big Red" players to participate in the game. Dads and mothers of the members are guests each year on Dads, Day for a special luncheon in the lounge before the game and a reception following the game. On homecoming Week- end, a special welcome is extended to all alum- ni of Oklahoma University by the Varsity "OU Club. The club is composed of four classes of membership: active, inactive, alumni, and honorary. Active members participate in all club activities. Inactive and alumni members may attend club meetings but are not allowed to hold oflice or to vote. Honorary membership in the organization is extended to persons who have rendered exceptional service to athletes and to the development of the OU athletic pro- gram from year to year. Letters and membership plaques are pre- sented to those qualifying for membership at the traditionaal "On Club banquet. A distin- guished speaker is invited each year to the affair. Timely articles and comments of interest to sportsmen around the country are featured in the Varsity "O" Club Newsletter. The let- ter is published monthly and sent to all active members who have paid their dues for the year. Any University of Oklahoma athlete belong- ing to "On Club can be proud of the honor and merit gained by membership. Inspiration for many young athletes has been gained from the "Ov Club. The club hopes and intends to continue this in the future. S Center Link Campu to Church OFFICERS for I964-65 were BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Turk, Miss Peggy D. Keck, Lorraine Allmon, Julie Hunt, Ruth Ann Fisher. TOP ROW: Loyd V. Allen Jr., Judy Carpenter, Bill Winans, Travis Wig- inton. Janette Wilson and Gary Brown. BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Turk, Ronnie Sellers, John Goolsby, Pat Mims, Karen Brewster, Gary Shepherd, Barbee Smith, Ruth Ann Fisher, Doyle G. Paden, Gary W. Brown, Lorraine Allmon, Bar- bara Hackett, Ray Noel, Carolyn Turner, Kay Womack, Beverly Adkins. Judy Carpenter, Craig Wiginton, Kevin Wiginton. SEC- OND ROW: Julie Hunt, Bill Stover, Kyle Wiginton, Mrs. W. L. Dillard, Jean Ann Day, Mary Beth West, Mike Dunn, Carolyn Clayton, Marquita Hall, Barbara Lindsey, Susan Briggs, Dottie Wilson, Bob Ritchey, Kathy Kyser, Marilyn Smith, Martha L. Mul- len. Billy Fesler. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Travis Wiginton, Humphrey Chu, Margaret Langley. Lynne Washbourne, Glen M. Schmidt. Charlotte M. Echols, Howard McMillin Jr., Keary D, Hayes, Joyce Segroves, Nancy McGee. Linda Hall, Linda Mullican, Jane Mc- Neely, Bill Callison, Candy Brown, Ken Pickle. Ruth Ann Russell, Youth-led revivals and dormitory Bible studies were among this yearis projects of the Baptist Student Union. Morning Watch and noon-day services were held each day, as well as fellowship every Sunday evening after church services. BSU accommodates all students, fulfilling its pledge to be the bridge which links campus with church. Officers were Bill Winans, president, Ruth Ann Fisher, vice president, Iulie Hunt, pub- licity chairman, Bill Stover, Christian citizen- ship, Ieanette Wilson, music, Lorraine All- mon, devotion, Iudy Carpenter, enlistment, Barbee Smith, evengelism, Loyd Allen, mis- sion, Gary Brovvn, social, and Nancy Turk, noonclay chairman. Director Travis Wiginton was assisted by Maureen Poe. Peggy Keck was faculty adviser, and Victor Cerne, pastor adviser. Fran Matthews, Kaye Phares, Brenda Roberts, Barbara Gordon, Nancy Valouch, Delphine Floyd, Ann Adkins, Nancy O'Neal. TOP ROW: Joe Hagy, Bill Stewart, Gilbert Skeen, Mary Daron, Donna Jean Barron, Jill Peter, Joe Flippo. Pam Winters, Linda Cole, Mary Hubbard, Mary Lou Mills, Cleophas R. Steele Jr., William W. Cook Ill, Stanley Ray Upchurch, Vera Beth Phillips, Marilyn McCarley. Karen Boren, Phil Burtord, Rock Albers, Bill Duke, Le- nore Lindsey. Ken Mullican, Sharon King, David Rhea, John Glen Maddox, Robert Downing, Richard Henderson, Bill Crews, Gary O. Williams. Ed Fitzgerald, Rodney Woltard Jr., Eddy Hallock, Walt Mizell, Sam Rice, James Kimberlin, Jimmy Moore, Mike Loving. Allen Crockett, John Green, Mike Wilson, Jerry Black, Jim Lassi- ter, Bill Wilson, Gary Yust. BOTTOM ROW: Bob Prall. Marion Strumas, Georgia Hartman. Dave Hannah. SECOND ROW: Carole Strong. Sandra Willey, Ginni McKoon, Sherryl Geer. THIRD ROW: Nita Kay Flowers, Willa Buck, Jan Elliott, Linda Voyles, Sandy Mericlith, Jaynee 0 Campu Cru ade Campus Crusade for Christ officially be- came recognized as a campus organization this past year. The local group is one of 108 local chapters of Campus Crusade. It was founded at UCLA in 1951. President of the local group is Kent Humphreys. The group had not been officially recognized as a campus organization prior to this year. Primary purpose of Campus Crusade is to present the beliefs of Jesus Christ and the basic truths of the Christian faith in all areas of campus life. "College Lifev is a weekly meeting in which business and professional men share their Christian experiences. "Collegiate Lifei' is the otlicial publication and is distributed throughout the campus. Members of the national advisory board in- clude Oregon's Governor Mark Hatfield, Dr. V. Raymond Edman, President of Wheaton College, and former Congressman Dr. Walter H. ludd. Grayson, Cecelia Willis, Judi Wilkerson. TOP ROW: Robert Ed- ward Deering. Bobby Kent Grayson, Mike Collier, Don D. Strong Kent Jack Humphreys, Bob Steves, Mike Blake, Dick Anderson Curt Pospisil. for Chri t Recognized MEMBERS gather tor their monthly meeting. Canterbury Hear Program on Theology l 30 .E BUFFET suppers are popular after meetings. BOTTOM ROW: W. Grosvenor Pollard lll, Robin Gunning, Rev. Robert J. Webb, Mike Owen, Roy Wilson. SECOND ROW Charles Dear, Leta White, Patty Wheatley, David B. Shoebotham Brenda J. Stubel, Cara Mitchell, Linda Joy Myers, Katie Seger. THIRD ROW: Jim Barr, Nancy Skinner, Carol Knox, Sally Wells Canterbury gatherings on Sunday evenings are times when students may worship and grow in their Christian convictions. The most important part of this association is worship. The Sunday night meetings offer students an evening of singing followed by supper and a program. These programs this year centered around a series on theology. Canon Mohring- er and Dean Van Dyk of St. Paul's Cathedral in Oklahoma City both gave lectures, as did Father Iohn Vrana of St. Francis De Sayles Roman Catholic Seminary in Oklahoma City. Conferences in Norman and Austin, Tex., were also sponsored for Canterbury members. Ollicers were Cara Mitchell, president, David Shoebotham, program chairmang Patty Wheatley, secretary, Penny White, treasurer, Mike Owen, publicity. Anne Clover, Steve Franklin, lim Overman, and Linda Myers served as student representatives on the Col- legiate Board, a board of faculty and students who work in an advisory capacity with the Rev. Robert I. Webb, Episcopal Chaplain. Diane Mashburn, Anne Lynch, Sandy Rigsley, James C. Knittel. Harry M. Young. TOP ROW: Jim Kerthley, Charles W. Alworth. W. L. Giezentanner, H. J. Overman, Alan Smith, Randy Mondie, Bob Clrabora. rs lx BOTTOM ROW: Jimmy R. Bayles, Jack Bayles, Joann Bayles, Browning L. Smith, Mary Katherine Smith. Sandra Reynolds, Ken- neth Black. Sharon Cannady, Connie Jo Mitchell, Cheryl McKee, Elaine Heath, Maretha Fuchs, Frank Notgrass. SECOND ROW: Bobby Kelso, Gary Clinton, Paul Nall, Doris Robinson, Annetta l-lamil. Linda Killian, Gerry Wood, Perry Fletcher, Barbara Lewal- Bible Chair E tabli This year marked the establishment of the Church of Christ Bible Chair at OU. Its pur- pose is to strengthen and develop Christian faith and Christian fellowship. David Webb served as Student Director. Student chairmen of various committees were elected by the group. Thrice-weekly devotionals were held throughout both semesters. Weekly Bible study classes designed especially for Christian students were presented. Local hospital and Cerebral Palsy Center visits have been feature activities as well as on-campus visitation. Socials of various kinds were arranged dur- ing the year. The spring semester Bible Chair offering on Monday nights was "A Study in I Corinthians." A feature social activity for the year was the Valentine Banquet. Students also conducted one Wednesday evening service each month. len, Peggy O'Neal, Ronnie Fletcher. THIRD ROW: Charles Wil- lard, Ann l-lenthorn, Phillip lvlarzolino, Jessee Heinrichs, Dwight Rosenbaum, Barney Blue, Steve l-largis. David Drennan, Jack Mil' lilcan, David Baird. TOP ROW: Phil Oviatt, Todd Markum, Johnny Moser, Larry Johnson, O. Glenn Ramer, Clint C. Browning, Bob Kelsey, Bill Schneider. hed At 0U Thi Fall . 1 l OFFICERS pausing after meeting are Steve l-largis, Connie Jo Mitchell. Barney Blue, Cheryl McKee, Barbara Lewallen, Ken Black. 7 Gamma Delta Move te ew Student Center REMODELING an old traternity into a church are Paul Tradelius, Roger Potratz, Rev. William Hecht and Prot. Lloyd Iverson BOTl'OM ROW: Richard Koch, Ernest H. Prussner. Herbie Hecht. Stewart W. Lindemann, Bob Lawton. SECOND ROW: Cathy Ol- son, Paul C. Tradelius, Margaret Constien. Roger F. Potratz, Lloyd A. Iverson, Rev. William H. Hecht, William C. Weinrich. Paula Marchant, Patricia Buchanan. Pam Wood. THIRD ROW: Dr. Paul Unger, Suzie Simmons, Nancy Thurow, A. Laurence Mortensen. Completion of the new Lutheran Church and Student Center only a block from the major dorm complexes highlighted the year for Gamma Delta, which almost tripled its membership this year. Any Lutheran student at OU may join. While awaiting the April opening of the new facilities, the group converted an old fra- ternity house into a church and student center. During the semester break, there was a ski trip to Winter Park, Colo. Special programs of this year were a film entitled "The Gift," a dinner and program with the Canterbury Club, a panel discussion of "Lutheran Synods-Past, Present, and Future," and Dr. Robert Reigol's lecture on "The Lutheran Reformation." Roger Potratz was presidentg Paul Trade- lius, vice presidentg Margaret Constien, secre- taryg Bill Weinrich, treasurerg and Beryl Nash, program chairman. Faculty sponsor is Lloyd Iverson. Charles R. Foster, Gordon E. Von Stroh. William J. Dewey, Keith D. Neumann. Cindy Wasson, Gail Kieke. Cheryl Studier. TOP ROW: Kent Miller. Bruce C. Winkler, Jim Buchanan, Janet Mul- ler, David Iverson, Will Wietteldt. lmmo Gabba. Allan R. Stader, Larry J. Fiese. Darian DeBolt. Marvin Lehmann. P 1"-Iii ,, if ft BOTTOM ROW: Richard E. Kropp, Diane J. Tofte, Jon R. Den- ton, Gail Dunslcy, Raymond Spalding Ill. Judy Brought, Bob Coch- rane. Kay Freeman, Nancy Morris. Carl D. Friend, Joe A. Davis. Sharon Tankersley. Al McDaniel. SECOND ROW: Jim Shields, David Bruschi, Sheryl Freeman. Marlene Sims, Pam Rockhald. Son- dra Howell. Barbara Lynn Harper. Jane Rae Kelley. Anneirie Mur- phy. Barbara Jane Richards, Elizabeth Ann Altstatt. Carolyn Kaye Dittrich, Karen Tanlrersley, Marsha Baca, Colleen O'Berg. THIRD ROW: Clay Ballard. Larry Jones, Milne Lelviarr, Dorothy Rodgers. Judy Haug, Linda Kaye Crews, Linda Pannell. Lena l-lamriclc, Gail Darrah. Megan Claytasue Riley. Marilyn Kennedy, Barbara Thomp- son, Robert C. Strader, John Choate. FOURTH ROW: Ed Whist- ler, George C. Tilleti' Jr., James Sneed, Phil Dick, Charles Mauclc, Thomas Criies, George Michael King, Jack Floyd, Ann Crain. Maw E. Wonderly. Ellen Hayhurst. TOP ROW: Doug Shaw. Charles Max Williams, Floyd Hughes, Kenneth Huffman, Roger B. Rensvold. Keith Green, Jim Cromrine, Dimpster Epperson Jr., Jeff Myers. Stanley Burris. We ley Foundation tilize Active Religion Program Special events of the Wesley Foundation in- clude an outstanding program of lectures given by Widely known guest lecturers. Mov- ies, discussion groups and daily meetings are also used in the campus-wide work of the foundation. Since its founding in 1906 at the University of Illinois, Wesley Foundation has established 181 chapters. The Wesley Foundation is the Methodist Church at Work on the college cam- pus. The foundation sponsors a year-round program of worship, study and service for Methodist students and joins with other reli- gious groups in campus-wide activities of all varieties. Rev. Iames Shields is the director of the Wesley Foundation youth group at the Uni- versity of Oklahoma. The center for students of the Methodist faith is the Wesley Collegiate Chapel, on the corner of Lindsay and Elm. This picturesque building is located in the center of OU's residences. MARSHMALLOWS roasted good old-fashion style attract Karen Wynn, Dorothy Rodgers, Alfred McDaniel and Bill Winston. BOTTOM ROW: Carolyn Bell, Dick Fisher, Rabbi Victor Eppstein, Donald Feinstein, Rebecca Kahan, Joan Silver. TOP ROW: Clive Binai B'rith Hillel Foundation lewish education on a collegiate level, Ievvish Worship and fellowship, and personal counsel- ing and leadership training are all aims of the B'nai Birith Hillel Foundation. Weekly worship services were sponsored by the students. Lectures and discussion Kappa Phi Women Active Kappa Phi, founded in Lawrence, Kan., in 1916, is a service organization for women of Methodist preference. Service projects for this year were making Christmas placemats for local nursing homes and singing in the choir at the McFarlin Me- BOTTOM ROW: Karen Lea Wynn, Martha Anne Marshall. Judy Braught, Jackie Sue Snodgrass, Diane Neaves. Bonnie Lane, Sylvia J. McCombs, Fallie DeVore. Karla Gaither, Mrs. F. F. Gaither. SECOND ROW: Marsha Karen Baca, Dianne Ruth Buckley, Lynn Harper, Marilyn R. Kennedy, Shirley Louise Allen. Annette Murphy, Nancy Sue Butler, Lou Dean Wettengel. Kathy Cushnie, Anne Ketcham, Mrs. Frank Mosley. THlRD ROW: Emma Lou Nelson. in V. Andriesse, Charles Deutsch, Marvin Feldman, Sylvan Steinberg, Richard Epstein. Michael Fried. Build Jewish Leader hip groups on current World problems, as well as educational classes were functions of the Foundation. Fall and spring officers were Dick Fisher, president, Richard Epstein, vice presidentg and Becky Kahan, secretary-treasurer. Methodi t Church Work morial Methodist Church. The president was Iackie Snodgrass. Other officers were Fallie DeVore, vice presidentg Iudy Braught, secretaryg Betty Tuma, treasurer, and sponsors were Mrs. Frank Mosley and Mrs. F. F. Gaither. Jane Rae Kelley, Mary Katherine Houck, Carolyn Lois Schlosser. Carolyn Dittrich, S. Colleen O'Berg, Ramona Gail Russell, Mary Louise Fash, Linda Kaye Toberman, l. Linda Robertson, Linda Carol Greer. TOP ROW: Corrie Miller, Laurie Mooney, Dotty Rodgers, Laurie Claire Hayen, Helen Dawn Ellison, Margaret Ann Rayburn, Megan Claytasue Riley, Elizabeth Ann Altstatt, Marsha Jean Henry, Nancy Laurene Morris. Susan Carol Wright. ADS Member Gain Members of Alpha Delta Sigma, national honorary advertising fraternity, gain practical knowledge and experience in advertising through their association. Bridging the gap between theory and practice, ADS encourages students to apply what they learn in class to such projects as the sale of Calendars for Cam- pus, and work on the Interfraternity Coun- cil and Panhellenic Council rush manuals. New members carried sandwich boards as part of their initiation requirements. Ieff Repke was chosen president for this year. Vice president was Linus Williamsg sec- retary was john Carrisong and treasurer was Roy Smith. Robert Bryson was faculty sponsor. Alpha Delta Sigma members met every other week in the Bronson Room of Copeland Hall to hear speakers from different phases of advertising. In addition, field trips were or- ganized to advertising firms in Oklahoma City. BOTTOM ROW: Jeffrey A. Repke, Linus G. Williams, John K. Garrison, Roy Smith. SECOND ROW: Jim Dwayne Shahan. Gene F. Jenlcirrs, Marvin M. Feldman, Mark I. Morgan. Sandy Seals. TOP Practical Knowledge SANDY SEALS studies Marvin Feidman's sign at initiation. ROW: Robert L. Bryson Jr., Joe Kirk, Ron Stewart, Jerry L. Dixon, Zelbert L. Moore, Steve G. Thomas. BOTTOM ROW: Mickey Shackelford, Ronald Standridge, Ellen Colby. Larry J. Bryan. Clara Maehs, Jane W. Farrell. Prof. Travis P. Goggans. SECOND ROW: Arden W. Van Zante, Louis A. Thorpe, Robert G. Bigham, Donald C. Fuller, Stephen F. Worthley, Darrell R. Woody. Edward M. King, Robert L. Doyel, Albert D. Segroves. THIRD ROW: Dennis C. Roberts, Mike Dunn. Martin Goodpasture, Jack Christian, Jim Bellah, R. N. Dunaqan, Charles J. McNally Jr., Frank McDuffee, Dewit Anqlin. TOP ROW: Clarence E. Smith, Fred Kramer, David W. Lyle, Benjamin E. Mul- lins, James E. Thielke. Edward L. Collins, Jack L. Burdett. Cecil Grant Walton, Gary E. Meunier. Accounting Club Enable Member to Meet Businessmen The Accounting Club creates a closer re- lationship among accounting majors, and en- ables members to meet successful accountants and businessmen. For membership, a student must have completed six hours of accounting. Each semester a field trip is made to gain first-hand information about the business world. Officers this year were Ronald Standridge, president, Larry Bryan, vice presidentg Clara Maehs, secretaryg Mickey Shackelford, treas- urer. Dr. T. P. Goggans was faculty sponsor. Chemi tr Fraternity Ad ance Profession Alpha Chi Sigma, founded at the Univer- sity of Wisconsin in 1902, now has 63 active chapters. Qualifications for membership in Alpha Chi Sigma are an over-all C average and 10 se- mester hours in chemistry. It strives to build lasting friendships, to aid its members in their BOTTOM ROW: Gerry Wood, J. Brent Turner, Ken Wolfe. J. R. Smiley lrelan, Gary Anderson. TOP ROW: Ben Henry, Eugene C. ambitions as chemists, and to advance chem- istry both as a science and a profession. Officers were I. Brent Turner, president, Kenneth E. Wolfe, vice president, David A. Milligan, secretary, Gary D. Anderson, treas- urer, l. R. lrelan, reporter, and Dr. H. H. Row- ley, faculty sponsor. Cole. Victor C. Bastron. Richard Williamson, David L. Bondurant. Gerald R. Robertson, Ahmed A. Taha. BOTTOM ROW: Bob Uda, Richard A. Milburn, J. Robert How- ard. Robert L. Shiclc Jr.. Sam Hatcher, Edward F. Blick. Allen T. Tsugawa. SECOND ROW: Robert R. Walters, Max Williams, James Y. Kanomata, Michael A. Lilly. Mal Holcomb. Otha B. Dav- enport, Robert Allan Meese. Joe Rios. THIRD ROW: Bill R. Warner, James Toto George. James H. Grunz, Robert Fielding. William E. Smith, Dick J. Wilkins. Donald E. Lawrence, Keith E. Whiiafill. TOP ROW: Monte T. Lorrigan, David G. Slear, Don L. Williams ll. Wm. Pool Thaddeous lll, Gregory Fehr. Larry Mac Walter, Sam Williamson, Jon A. Brosseau, Richard O. Schwalce. Aero pace Indu tr Attract AIAA Member To promote all areas of the aerospace indus- try is the purpose of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. The organ- ization was founded on the OU campus in 1963 by the merger of two other groups-the Amer- ican Rocket Society and the Institute of Aero- space Sciences. The Institute of Aerospace Sciences had been a recognized national professional society since its founding in New York City in 1932. The American Rocket Society, also founded during the 30's, had been a national organi- zation active in the dissemination of informa- tion and the building of rockets. The combined group at OU joined 93 other college chapters to form the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. This provides a professional society for students studying in the aerospace field or expressing an interest in aerospace sciences. Officers for this year were I. Robert How- ard, chairman, Richard Milburn, vice chair- man, Bob Shick, secretary-treasurer, Bob Uda, publicity and membership chairman, Sam Hatcher, St. Pat's Council Representativeg and lVIal Holcomb, Open House chairman. Dr. Edward Blick served the organization as fac- ulty sponsor. The major project of AIAA this year was building an exhibit for the Engineers' Open I-Iouse, an annual display in which all en- gineering organizations participate. Monthly meetings featured field trips and speakers from NASA, LTV, General Dynam- ics, and FAA. Social meetings included a spring picnic for students andy, faculty members. ' , .. ., ...ef A . 5 .W . T F E -21-2 BOTTOM ROW: Phil Linnemann, Nancy Morris, John Berry, J. M. phen E, Kelly. William M. Henderson, William R. Swan Augenteld. TOP ROW: David Frank Crowder, Casey Truett, Ste- Alpha Ep ilon Delta Stresses Premedieal Education Since Alpha Epsilon Delta premedical and predental honor society was founded at the University of Alabama in 1926, it has grown to include 64 college chapters. Its aim is to stimulate an appreciation of the importance of prernedical education in the study of medicine. Dr. iohn Augenfeld was the faculty spon- sor. President was Nancy L. Morris, with Iohn Berry vice president, Kaye Flood, secre- taryg Phil Linneman, treasurerg and Ronald E. Wright, historian. Alpha Lambda Delta Encourages Superior oholar hip Projects of Alpha Lambda Delta, freshman Womerfs honor fraternity, were the Mortar Board Walkout, Women's Recognition Night, and AWS strict campus for all freshmen women during the week preceding finals. Oihcers for this year were Paula Landrith, presidentg Patricia Iarvis, vice president, Judy BOTTOM ROW: Janice Lynn Henthorn, Pat Jarvis, Paula E. Land- rith, Judith Head, Martha Mullen. SECOND ROW: Josephine Harnblen, Kathy King, Carol Ann Reid, Marlene Sims, Linda Lo- taro, Karla Kelley, Sondra Howell, Elizabeth Cines. Jeannette Fife. THIRD ROW: Ellen Jane Colby, Jo Gayle Walling. Adele Ruth Pung, Carol Jan Sneed, Cathie Dee Balentine, Betsy Foree, Tina Gail Altman, Marilyn Sue Echols, Susan L. Waltz Jane White. Lynda Margaret Harris. FOURTH ROW: Nancy Ann Walton. E i J' j it . p . i 1 L i l Head, secretaryg ianice Henthorn, treasurerg and Martha Mullen, historian. Dr. Betty Evans was faculty sponsor. A scholastic average of 3.5 the first semes- ter or 3.5 average for both semesters is required for membership. Patty Ragan, Pattymac Sloan, Peggy Louise O'Neal, Elaine Oscher- witz, Karen Laber. Judy Haug. Susan Shepard. Sandra Lynn Mene- tee. Louise Leuthold, Sherri L. Pierce, Betty A. Driver. TOP ROW: Margaret Olivia Ann Constien, Judy Ann Chapman, Sharon Bar- toot, Lynn Watcher, Gay Shick, Barbara Ann Hulme, Vicki And- ers, Janie L. Potts, Laurie C. Hayen. Marilyn Billingslea, Terri Anderson, Prudence Kerr, Barbara Voiles. MEMBERS: H. Ahl, J. Akin, J. Allen. L. Allen, H. Amiri, R. Arm- strong, J. Arnold. R. Autry Jr.. J. Balaty, N. Barrows, R. Bayless. R. Benischelc. S. Billings. T. Blakely, D. Bloss. G. Bolton, E. Botts. W. Bradford. R. Brashear, K. Bresliears, E. Brown, T. Brown, J. Buchanan. C. Buckner. W. Burns Jr., D. Camp, R. Carey. D. Car- ruth. K. Carter. J. Chafiant. C. Chamlee, J. Colgan, D. Confer. D. Cornwell. M. Couqlwlin. C. Darnell, G. Davis, J. Day, M. Del- hotal, F. DelVero, E. Donati. P. Dudley. S. Dugqer. P. Elkins. J. Foley, R. Freidberg, J. Galewood. M. G-aylor. G. Gernert. C. Graff, J. G-reenstone, M. Hadding, S. Hamra. C. Hansen. R. Harrell. G. Hendren. J. Hodges, J. Holloway, C. Hood. J. Hoover. J. Huliine, J. Huffman. L. Huffman. W. Humphrey. H. Hutton ll. Fir t Class Fini he FORMER QUEEN Bonnie Lane crowns Carolyn Hood "Miss Pharmacy." G. Johnson. J. Keel. J. Kelley. D. Kendall. P. Landritli, B. Lane. J. Lawhorn. D. Lawrence. L. Lehman, L. Lewis, P. Lyles. R. Martin, B. McDufl', C. McFall, W. Melton, C. Miller. W. Mills, A. Mir- zaian. B. Mitchell, R. Moore. M. Morgan, J. Neal. J. Neighbors. J. Newport, B. Nolen, J. Norris. L. Padberq, R. Palmer. J. Pattan. J. Payne, J. Phillips. G. Pippin. L. Quinn, P. Reynolds, D. Risin- ger, W. Roberts, D. Rodriquez, H. Rubin, M. Russell. M. Scantlin. H. Schwartz. S. Sellers. M. Sharp, C. Sherman, R. Shrader. L. Sims, J. Skirvin. W. Smith, J. Stanford. L. Stout, D. Swalander, D. Swann, D. Taylor. S. Taylor, R. Thomas, J. Tubla, R. Tucker. T. Webber, B. Wedding. V. Wester. K. White. L. White, J. Wisdom, R. Womack. J. Y. Wong, S. Woodruff, G. Yeaclium. J. Zander. Five-Year Pf0QfRHl The Student Chapter of the American Pharmaceutical Association strives for the im- provement of professional relations and to give the pharmacy student a better insight into the profession of pharmacy by providing pro- fessional activities for the student body. Officers were Dennis A Camp, presidentg Carl K. Buckner, vice presidentg Marilyn Had- ding, secretaryg Phillip Elkins, treasurerg Kay Carter, corresponding secretaryg Iohn Foley, Antidote editorg and Dr. John Bruce, faculty sponsor. This year's graduating class is the first to finish the five-year pharmacy program at OU. Carolyn Hood was named Miss Pharmacy for 1964-65, and Dwight Vance was selected for this year's delegate to APhA National Convention. Special events included speakers and films from the pharmaceutical industry and high school pharmacy career day. crawl, iwgmma-Lau-,. 5'p.,n.F5. 5 I ,, 4-1 L-.. -:. - ,, ,L--u- ai nn..-I .. a 1 BOTTOM ROW: James Y. Kanomaia. Jim Mullen. Marion D. Gurney, Michael D. Dillenbaclc, Robert Goldfield, David A. John- son. SECOND ROW: Neal Ogle. Dennis Watson, Bob Williams, Alpha Phi ilmega Produce To develop leadership, promote friendship and provide service are the objects of Alpha Phi Omega service organization. Membership is open to college men who desire to provide service and who are or have been associated with scouting. Pai' Henry, Jim Barr. TOP ROW: George J. Toto, Larry Prater. Phillip Rauch, Mike Tuttle. Clyde E. Brown, Wayne C. Munyon. Campus Service Project Officers Were David A. Iohnson, president, Michael D. Dillenback and Robert Goldfield, vice presidentsg Marion D. Gurney, treasurerg lim Mullen, secretaryg Iames Y. Kanomata, historiang Dr. Arthur Bernhart, faculty sponsor. peaker Acquaint AICE Members with Indu try In keeping with the principal aim of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, promoting professionalism in chemical engin- eering, guest speakers were invited to every meeting to acquaint members with industrial work in America. The club participated in the BOTTOM ROW: R. L. Huntington. J. Brent Turner, R. D. Daniels. Ken Wolfe, Richard Williamson, M. L. McGuire. SECOND ROW: Lawrence H. McDonald, Eugene C. Cole. Mike Zaydan, Victor C. Bastron, David L. Bondurant, Larry M. Wright, Juan L. Garcia. annual Engineers' Open House. Dr. M. L. McGuire was faculty sponsor for this club. Oflicers were l. Brent Turner, pres- identg Ken Wolfe, vice presidentg David Mill- igan, secretary: Dick Williamson treasurer. TOP ROW: Fernando J. Anrezana, Ben Henry, William A. Ken- nedy Jr., Joe Provine. Arthur D. Jones. Elvin T. Bounds, Gary A. Kilpatrick. BOTTOM ROW: Daryouslw Diavaheri. Larry Kuhlman, Brandon H. Jordan. TOP ROW: Joe J. Sesfak, Larry V. Richmond, Kim Say Griffith, James Bessel, Robert P. Williams, B. V. Hingorani. SEC- Sainq, Mike LeMarr. John S. Palmer. Tran Ngoc Hoan. Pedro OND ROW: Nazir Alam Malik. Alireza Nabizacleh, Mohammed Abich. Esfahani, Gilbert Gardner, Gary M. Orr, Bahman Hariri, James C. A CE Help Prepare tudent for Career One of the oldest organizations on the OU campus, the American Society of Civil En- gineers Was founded in 1852 to help students prepare themselves for careers in civil engineering. OU's chapter was organized in 1915. Ori- ginally it was called the Stadia Club, but in 1922 the group became affiliated with the American Society of Civil Engineers, which now has 142 student chapters across the country. These student chapters afford the begin- ning of professional associations. Each chapter provides an opportunity for student civil en- gineers to meet and know each other, acquaints them with the field through addresses by corn- petent speakers, and teaches them to work to- gether for common benefits and experiences. Monthly programs generally consist of films on technical subjects or speakers chosen from among leading men in the profession. In ad- dition to regular meetings, various field and inspection trips are made. Membership is open to anyone majoring in civil engineering or allied courses. Larry Kuhlman led the group as president this year. Other officers were Bob Williams, vice president, Cecil Cotner, secretary, lim Bassel, treasurerg and Brandon Griffith, fac- ulty sponsor. St. Pat's Council representative was Dave Rennie. Regular activities include a trip to the na- tional ASCE convention each year and an annual banquet and dance. In addition, the chapter is responsible for the civil engineering exhibit at the Engineers' open house. AICE strives for the advancement of chem- ical engineering in theory and practice and the maintenance of a high professional stand- ard among its members. Members participate in all activities spon- sored by the College of Engineering. BOTTOM ROW: Billy S. Douglas. David T. Hamilton, Donald W. Krusky, John A. Egnew. E. M. Sims, E. F. Dawson. William V. Grothe Jr. SECOND ROW: Keith E. Whitiill, Rod Mays. Ron' ald E. Savage, William D. Richards, Joe Rios, Dushyant Rai Arab, Mechanical Engineering Members of the American Society of Me- chanical Engineering this year competed in the regional technical papers contest held in Manhattan, Kan. Promoting the science of mechanical engineering, the students hope to broaden the usefulness of the engineering pro- Henry L. Williams, Charles Cradduck. TOP ROW: George Falk. Tom D. Harris, Joe D. Whitaker. Kenneth R. Russell, D. W. l-learn. Ashok Kapur, Werner Voss, Terry Tinlcel, Johnny D. Cradcluclc. tudent Compete in Centet fession by sharing experiences among engin- eers and fellow students. Ollicers were Iohn Egnew, presidentg Bill Douglass, vice presidentg Don Krusky, secre- tary: and Mike Bickel, treasurer. Faculty spon-V sor was Dr. C. W. Bert. ilrganization oi Arab tndent Fosters Under tanding Annual activities of the Arab Club include a banquet in the spring, two picnics during the year and sponsorship of the Miss Scheherazade contest and dance, a campus-wide event. The club meets regularly every two weeks for discussion. BOTTOM ROW: Ramoniia Mesina. Elinor l-larris, Ghassane Chea- ban. lsam Jamioom, Michel Dallal. Mrs. John Harris. Adnan Turk. Abdelhamid Belclcouche. SECOND ROW: Jawad Hallaq, Merrilea Kelly. Judy Harris, Doraines Rincon. Melany Anne Hay. Jabir l-l. Al-Daussary, Ahmed l-l. Chawsheen, Anwar B. l-laddadin, Carolyn Every Arab studying in Oklahoma is eligible for membership in the organization. Oliicers for 1964-65 were Michel Dallal, presidentg lsam Tamjoom, vice presidentg Ghassane Chaabane, secretaryg and Adnan Turk, treasurer. Daley. Asad A. Haddadin. Jackie Edwards. Anita Gentry. TOP ROW: Maurice Kharma. Samira Beydoun, Ghassan J. Beydoun. Abdul Hakim Al-Rawi, Roger L. Corkins, Bassam Malhas. Ahmad Shanaa, Mustafa S. Adra, Kamal Sabbour, Louis Sawabini, Curtis Edwards. Campus Chest Drive A campus-wide charity drive was carried out in the fall by Campus Chest to benefit a number of local, state, national, and interna- tional charities. This year's drive total of over 5Bl0,000 broke the previous record of 37,200 raised in 1963. The October drive lasted a week and in- cluded door-to-door canvassing, dispersion of collection containers, and Campus Chest Queen and Ugly Man on Campus contests. It was climaxed by the Campus Chest Carn- ival, at which Sally Sinclair was crowned Campus Chest Queen, and Ierry Hiersche was awarded the Ugly Man on Campus trophy. Bill lVIcGrew was chairman for Campus Chest this year. Other olhcers were Sue Ford, secretary, Linda Kaszubowski, treasurer, lohn Pinkerton, Carnival chairman, Penny Isom, publicity chairman, Marlene Sims, queen con- test chairman, Barry Staub, UMOC chairman, and Nancy Singleton, House Representatives chairman. Chuck Evans was faculty sponsor. BOTTOM ROW: Pat Fuiertas, Cheryl Smith, Sue Ford, Marlene S Climaxed b Carnival CARNIVAL BOOTHS at Campus Chest can get pretty sloppy! ims. TOP ROW: Barry Stauh, Bill lvlcGrew, Penny lsom, Charles Evans. BOTTOM ROW: James A. Constantin, Othel D. Westfall, Kay Mullins, Nancy Lynn, Frances L. Radford, Shirley J. Pruett, L. Doyle Bishop. Travis P. Goggans, D. L. Barnes. SECOND ROW: Michael Collins Miller, Howard B. Sivils, William K. Powell, Ted B. Westfall. James D. Gooclpasture. Tom Gable, Richard Luetke- rneyer. TOP ROW: Curtis Graham, William A. Wilson. William O. Strange. M. Scott Chapline, John R. Barnes. Ernest W. Collins. Ronald L. Jones. Beta Gamma igma Encourage Bu iness Student Beta Gamma Sigma, national honorary scholastic society, aims to encourage scholar- ship in the College of Business Administration. Membership is restricted to those juniors in the upper 3 per cent and seniors in the upper 10 per cent of their respective societies. The group was founded nationally at the University of Wisconsin in 1907, and the Ok- lahoma chapter was established in 1933. Dr. D. R. Childress was this year's president and Dr. D. M. Crites, vice presidentg Dr. Tames Constantin, secretaryg Dr. Travis Goggans. treasurer. Chinese Students' Association Furthers Under tanding To promote scholarship and general welfare among Chinese students and further under- standing among international students is the general aim of this organization which was founded at OU in 1963. All Chinese students of the University and any persons interested in the association and its purposes are eligible for membership. BOTTOM ROW: Joseph C. Tsenq, Dah-Cheng Wu. Huei Ling. Han M. Hsia, Edward T. P. Lee. Henry Chao, Bob Kenyon. Rich- ard Kuo. Beniamin Yee, Chao-Hang Chen. Silvio Hin-Shum Lam. James K. K. Ho. SECOND ROW: C. M. Ting, J. T. Yang, Diana D. M. Sun, Chu Ling, Laureen Bao-Ting Tang, Grace Han, Marian Nee, Y. S. Yeh, Mrs. John Harris, Margaret' Kuo, Sarah Dealrins, This year two Chinese movies were pre- sented and Mr. Iohn Casey was guest speaker. Robert Kenyon was faculty sponsor. Officers were Henry H. Chao, presidentg Richard Kuo, vice presidentg Margaret Kuo, secretaryg Rich- ard Kuo, treasurerg and Benjamin Yee, social chairman. Mrs. J. H. Philips, Mrs. John H. Casey, Prof. John H. Casey. Charles C. Chang. TOP ROW: Chu Humphrey, James H. Philips. Pu-Shiang Chu, Chen-Tuan Li. Chinqisao Tu. Yih-wan Tsai, Ying- Yam Huang, Po Tsou, Chiai-Jen Ting, Yeong-wen Hwang, Tzu- tang Lin, Robert Kwan-Hwan Lin, Daniel Cheng, David Lo-Tao Chang, Ashok Shenolikar. if Qfff? s T 1'-yy i . 1 a -' 1 - " ,ig y x .,.., t W V . lg-2 ' ' Q , l. , Cheerleaders Areuse Sooner eheel pirit Cheerleaders are ambassadors of school spirit and good sportsmanship, and work hard to arouse school spirit at every game. Annual tryouts are held to fill vacancies. Cheerleaders are selected after two perform- ances before a panel of judges. In addition, OU's cheerleaders host the annual state cheer- leaders contest sponsored by the National Cheerleader Association. Any single under- graduate with a 2.0 grade average is eligible to try out for cheerleader. Mascot for the cheerleaders is Kirke Kick- ingbird, known as Little Red. The cheerlead- ers and Little Red appear at pep rallies to stim- ulate enthusiasm and support for the OU football team and basketball squad and attend non-conference and Big Eight games as often as possible. Alternate cheerleaders were Carol lVIcDade, Gail Bandy, Earl Lovell, and Garry Garrotto. The regular cheerleaders were Cai Morgan, Kay Brummett, Holly Kinkade, Lynne Stew- art, Paul Hubble, Head Cheerleader, lay Shields, Gerry Dalton, and Lloyd Rosenbery. Chuck Evans was faculty sponsor. KIRKE KICKINGBIRD ls OU's official mascot. "Little Red." BOTTOM ROW: Jay Shields. Paul Hubble. Lloyd Rosenberg. Gary Dalton. TOP ROW: I-lolly Kinkade, Kay Brummeit, Cai Morgan, Lynne Stewart. l L A BOTTOM ROW: Martha Mansur. Carol Tinlcel, Geraldine Finkel. Katie Petty. Sandra Hough, Norma White, Donna Muldowney. SECOND ROW: Arlene Klecker, Diana Albano, Carol Matteson, Merry Katherine Beets, Gaby Gonzalez, Judy Turner, Doris Bray. THIRD ROW: Linda Worden, Karen Douglas, Penny Swift, Carol ngine Wives Conier 'Putting A rummage sale, an Engine-Law Wives football game, a Thanksgiving basket for a needy family, and a plaque for Willoughby Lounge have been the projects of Engine Wives this year. Officers were Mrs. Terry Petty, presidentg Mrs. Jim Hough and Mrs. Monty Fickel, vice Walters, Peggy Wright, Suzie Baerst, Patricia Falla, Peggy Hames. TOP ROW: Carolyn Pearce. Marieanne Thatcher. Mary Bishop, Pat Mays. Elaine Alexander, Jean Macecevic, Judith Hula. Joan Milburn, Colleen Ellstrom. Hu bond Through' Degree presidents, Mrs. Terrence Tinkel, secretaryg and Mrs. Iim White, treasurer. Faculty spon- sors were Mrs. Laurence Reid, Mrs. loe Kelley and Mrs. E. Leigh Secrest. A traditional highlight was the awarding of the PhT degrees to wives of graduating seniors. Eto Ep ilon 0pen to tudent Intere ted in Home Economic An affiliate of the American Home Econom- ics Association, Eta Epsilon promotes friendly associations between faculty and students, and aids professional development of college home economics students. This year's main project was writing high school students interested in home economics to explain the vocational possibilities of such a career. Eta Epsilon girls also provided toys BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Jannie Clark, Myra Joan Milan, Mary K. Gooclwyn. Anne Marshall, Sharon Meikle, Jane Elizabeth Ashworth, Lynette Elliott, Linda Toloerman. SECOND ROW: Martha Roesch. Sara Rainus, Jane Graves, Kathy Morter, Charlotte Mae Echols, and refreshments for handicapped children at Christmas. Mrs. Iannie Clark was faculty sponsor. Officers were Ioan Milan, president, Sharon Meikle, vice president: Linda Toberman, secretary: Lynette Elliott, treasurer, lane Ashworth, publicityg and Mary Kay Smith, membership. Marie Archer, Carol Stacy, Carolyn Smith. TOP ROW: Shirley Ann Olive. Karen Marshall. Elisa McClendon, Susan Noble, Melba Cheuvront, Mona Ann Lane, Donna Marie Adams, Marquita Hall, Donna Taylor. . . . v i!-ig 1. Delta i ma Pi Beneiit Bu iness Major Feature speakers from the business World who provide diversity of views and experience in an informal atmosphere are the main fea- ture of Delta Sigma Pi.'s bimonthly meetings. They provide educational and social benefits to business students and help bring students and businessmen together. Rush and initiation activities were carried out this year, along with the main social ac- tivity, the "Rose of Delta Sigma Pin banquet, and presented with OU's largest traveling trophy. Faculty sponsor this year was Gaylord Ientz. Gerald Starr was presidentg Mike Parr, vice presidentg Kirk Ivener, secretaryg Larry Bolen, treasurerg and Mike Miller Ir., vice president. Unanimous approval is required for mem- bership and students must be of sophomore standing with a 2.4 average in the College of Business. Founded nationally in 1907, OU's Beta Ep- silon chapter was chartered in 1929. BOTTOM ROW: Mike Parr, Laurence Randolph Bolen ll. Gerald Starr, Michael Collins Miller, Kirk Michael lvener, Jim David Flynn. SECOND ROW: Skip Nichols, Denney J. Benson, John P. Hard- wick, Charles D. Dudley, Jay M. Galt, Stephen P. Garrett, John l t 4 . 42 . . I A ' 1 BUSINESS leaders ot Delta Sigma Pi focus on the business at hand. Marion Oppenheimer, who was sweetheart oi the group. Olinghouse. TOP ROW: Mickey Shackeliorcl, Jim Bellah. Gordon Hale Atchley. Clarence Edward Smith, Robert Benbow, Joe Loll- rnan Jr.. Kirk Clausing, Allen A. Weiner. Q it 1 Z l . nj i 3 1 i 5 - - 1, .1 I BOTTOM ROW: Frederic William Neilzke, Bob Thatcher, William E. Ham, J. l-l. Horweclel, Bob Hewes. SECOND ROW: Donald E. Blinn, Cullen R. Darnell. Michael L. l-lowe, Walter J. Loving- foss. S. R. Sneed, Charles W. Alworth. THIRD ROW: James A. Eta Kappa n Emphasizes Outstanding men in college are recruited for membership in Eta Kappa Nu. Specific requirements include having a 3.0 grade av- erage in electrical engineering. luniors must be in the upper one-fourth of their class and seniors must be in the upper one-third. The Mulclowney. Udo Karst. Joe Woods. Ben Franklin, Mike Maples, Don McMullen, Henry B. Meeks. TOP ROW: Dennis C. Smith, Darrell R. Williams, Patrick K. Miller, Rudolph Alexander. Gerald Tuma, Ralph Dorsett. Martin Anderson. David Andrews. Scholarship, Leadership Aims organization meets once a month and has as its aims the promotion of a better relation between faculty and students and the fostering of a desire for scholastic achievement. Social events each year revolve around two banquets held in the fall and in the spring. Finance Club Increases Interest in Finance, Business To further interest and knowledge in the financial world through the presentation of qualified speakers is the purpose of the Finance Club. Membership is open to all juniors and seniors interested in finance. One business meeting is held each semes- BOTTOM ROW: Bob Rose, Harry M. Young, Betty Bryant, Jack Drake, Dr. Robert A. Ford. SECOND ROW: Jerry Sanders, Ken Etheredqe, Alan Horwitz, Jay Galt, Neal Gay, Linda Maltby, War- ter by the club and periodic meetings are held at which outstanding speakers from the finance world speak to the club. Officers were Harry Young, president, Bob Rose, vice president, Betty Bryant, secretaryg and lack Drake, treasurer. ren Carey. TOP ROW: Bill James. J. Stephen Snider, Fred W. Dippold, Phil McEnroe. Jaclc Fesler, Ted P. Dubie. George Patter- son. Betty Prag. FJA Encourage Journali m Student Future Iournalists of America is open to all students interested in journalism. Its purpose is to acquaint interested students of ability and good character with the variety of oppor- tunities open to them through journalistic endeavors. Presidents were Don Boyt and Linda Pratt, vice presidents, Linda Pratt, Bob Hamel, Lyn Wilkins and Richard Kolleng secretary, An- drea Samarag and treasurers, Melody Berry and Sharon Van Horn. Prof. Iohn H. Casey, national president and one of the founders of the group, served as faculty sponsor. Meetings were held monthly in the Iourn- alism Building. Projects included the sale of candy and Bibler cartoon books. The club served as hosts to the Oklahoma Interscholas- tic Press Association meetings and held a ban- quet with the KNOR radio station staff. Future Iournalists of America was estab- lished at OU in 1958. FUTURE JOURNALISTS Don Boyt and Linda Pratt interview Dr. Cross. BOTTOM ROW: Lyn Wilkins, Richard Kollen, Linda Pratt. John Willis, Milne Douqan, Linda White, Catherine Baker. Mary True H. Casey. Andrea Samara, Sharon Van Horn. TOP ROW: Jim Cathy Bartlett, Robert Hamel. Don Boyt. BOTTOM ROW: Carole Chacey, Susan Boyette. Carol J. Rob- ROW: Dianne Reed. Sylvia Sheldon, Mary Stitt, Marilyn Todd. bins. Judy Jageler. Andrea Mayo, Mary H. Montgomery. TOP Margie Clifton, Terry Ridley, Jennifer Allen. Gamma Alpha Advertising Women Have Big Year Mu chapter of Gamma Alpha Chi, national professional advertising fraternity for women, completed a full year of activities including a field trip to Dallas, guest speakers, surprise parties and Work projects. Gamma Alpha Chi is a professional fraternity open to Women interested in advertising who are enrolled in an advertising curriculum and have a 2.5 over- all grade average. This yearis officers were ludy Iageler, presidentg Susie Boyette and Carol Robbins, vice presidentsg Carole Chacey, secretary, Helen Stretesky, treasurer, and Andrea Mayo, historian. At the biennual convention in November Mary H. Montgomery, sponsor, was elected executive secretary for the national organ- ization. lndustrial Arts Club eeks Professional Advancement President of Industrial Arts Club this year was Duane Selvey. Other officers Were Don Smith, Vice presidentg Bobby Newton, secre- tary, Gene Rose, treasurer, and Robert Keck, faculty sponsor. The club strives to further the professional standing of the field of industrial arts in Okla- home. A student must be in good standing BOTTOM ROW: Robert V. Keck, Eugene Charles Rose, Duane R. Selvey, Don D. Smith, Bobby Newton. SECOND ROW: l.. E. Dietrich, Bobby Story. Paul McDonald Skinner, Chester L. Mc- and enrolled in industrial education, indus- trial option, or teacher option to be eligible for membership. Lectures and presentations from various professional and industrial organizations were special events or regular meetings throughout the year. Ilroy, Timir Baram Roy, Chuck Parr. TOP ROW: Henry Reifke, Winton L. Smith, Paul C. McCain, Bob Jarvis. Robert A. Hardin. Independent tudent To represent the independent student and to work toward furthering his political, aca- demic and social interests on the campus are the principal aims of the Independent Stu- dents Association. Elected representatives attend the ISA Ex- ecutive Council-a group of about 80 students. A weekly newsletter, "Independent Thoughtj, is published by ISA. Bonnie Malcolm was presidentg Casey Tru- ett, vice presidentg Ralph Doty, secretaryg Mike Bowles, treasurerg and Joanne Burkes, faculty sponsor. The ISA senators this year were Ken Pickle and George Moses. Social activities included a Christmas dance, the ISA Sweetheart Dance and the Outstand- ing Independents, Banquet. The highest honors given independents, the Outstanding Independent Awards, were presented at this banquet to the 50 most out- standing independents. The outstanding freshman man and the outstanding foreign student received individual awards. BOTTOM ROW: Michael Bowles, Bonnie Malcolm, Dewit Anqlin. Joanne E. Burkes, Casey Truett, Ralph Doty. SECOND ROW: Jeannie Strozier, Patricia Ann Hunt, Lincla J. Galoob, Carol Ann Burns, Kitty Baker, Mary Kathryn Bowlby, Nancy Lyn Coleman, Sandra Valentine. Kathy Loti, Darleen Moore. THIRD ROW: Janice L. Pullin. Carole J. Levine, Donna Jean Barron, Vicky Sut- ton. Karol Kimbark. Erlann Adams, Candy Brown. Lynda D. Rog- Publi h Weekl Paper INDEPENDENT students' tuture plans are discussed by Casey Truett, Joanne Burkes, faculty adviser, and Bonnie Malcomb. ers, Nancy Carol Howard, Pamela D. Glisan, Mary Margaret Combs. FOURTH ROW: Helen Louise Denyer, Paul Fox, Paul L. Nall, Wayne C. Monyor, Bill Seach. Alan B. Jones, Kennis Wes- sel. Bill Porch, Dennis Scott. Peggy O'Neal. TOP ROW: David H. Bennett. Rock Albers, Daniel Furtalc. George Moses. Ken Pickle, Bill Bolding, Bob Schmoll, Michael Askew, Eric R. Craine, Larry Prater, James Scillian. BOTTOM ROW: Rosalee T. Bronson, Joseph M. Woods, Charles Robert Hewes, Charles Wesley Alworth, A. Jettrey Hindman Jr.. Charles E. Harp. SECOND ROW: Maurice Kharma, Thomas W. Plosila, Eugene A. Baiew, .lessee D. Heinrichs, S. R. Sneecl. Robert IEEE Field Trips Increase Field trips for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer, Inc. this year have in- cluded a visit to the OGSLE Horseshoe Lake Plant and a visit to the Western Electric Plant in Oklahoma City. Principal aims of the group are to promote Future Educators Join K Kappa Delta Pi, honorary education society, was organized in 1911 at the University of Il- linois, and the OU chapter chartered in 1915. Members must be of junior standing, have a 3.0 grade average and intend to enter the teaching profession. BOTTOM ROW: Ann K. Kaiser, Bette Bruce Burke, Karen Lynn Tims. Barbara Burnett. Jill Reber. Christie Ford. SECOND ROW: Sally Albertine Jeanette Murray, Joetta Paulette King, Barbara Ann Rider, Linda Arlene Hauser, Penny Brown. Joan C-Salt. TOP T. Brown. TOP ROW: Jack R. Millikan, David E. Andrews, Bobby L. Trotter, James Don McMullen. William E. Ham, William G. Brinkman. James F. Lynch. Interest in Area Electronics a professional interest in the field of electrical engineering. This year's officers were Charles W. Alworth, president, Toe Woods, vice president, Charles R. Hevves, secretary, I. A. Hindman, treasurerg and C. E. Harp, faculty sponsor. apps Delta Pi Honor cciet Oliicers this year were Bette Bruce Burke, president, and Ann K. Kaiser, vice president. This society has as its purpose recognizing and promoting achievement in teaching. The OU chapter is one of 239 chapters chartered nationally. ROW: Marilyn Moore, Frances Diane Neaves, Leslie Carolyn Hobson. Mary Katherine Carpenter. Judy Ann Foster. Danny Lea Kepner, Robert Wayne Gray. International Club The International Club, founded at OU in 1946, opened a new student center this year. Its aim is to promote better understanding be- tween American students and other interna- tional students. Otlicers were Moti T. Khemlani, presidentg Luann Williams, vice presidentg Ramonita L. Mesina, secretaryg Susila Rajendram, treasur- erg and C. T. Constantinides, faculty sponsor. Any students or staff member of this Univer- sity or any other person interested in the club and its purpose is qualified for membership. The International Club sponsored a trip to Six Flags Over Texas and to Mexico. Other social events included a "Banquet of Nations," "Christmas Dancef' and an "International Picnicf' The club also publishes a bi-weekly newsletter "The International." This active club does much to improve student under- standing of international relations. BOTTOM ROW: Hermann Rothenbusch, Sabad S. Benito, Maurice Khar- ma, Balfour S. Whitney, Taoufik Zeribi, Ahmad Shanaa, Venghuot Cheam, Ahmed H. Chawsheen, Raiaram Krishna Prabhudesai Abdelhamid Abdel- kader Bakkouche, Narendra Tambc, Alireza Nabizadeh, Emirva Martinez, Marcias Martinez, Malla Reddy. SECOND ROW: Flor Maria Ceballos, Bob Kenyon, Kamal Sabbour, Asoke Basu, Ashok Shenolikar, Ibrahim M. El Hassan, M. Chaaban Ghassan, Jabir H. Al-Daussary, Gene Russell, Adnan Turk, Holur V. Raiaram, Mashkoor Alam, B. V. Hingorani, Suku- mar Pal, Bill Stewart, Mokhlee Ahmad, G. N. S. Rao, Jorge Landler. THIRD ROW: Regina Lisboa, Rabinder Mahendra, Elizabeth Ball, Marian Wilcramanayalre, Shahin Sobhani, Elinor Harris, Luann Williams, Mrs. Alvin Turner, Donna Bishop, Janet Constanlinides, Dr. Christos Constantinides, Mrs. John Harris, Moti T. Khernleni Ramonita L. Mesina, Susila Raien- dram, Nelda Santos De La Cruz, Abdul R. Sheikh, Mir Yousutuddin, Gaby Gonzalez, Jose Gonzalez, Marina B. de Perry. FOURTH ROW: Alicia Chiribo a, Shamsul Hassan, Suresh Sharma, Mir Maieeduddin, Anwar Haddadin, Fund Farr-ni, Mrs. Fuad Farrai, Ali Moayeri, Keyvan Shambay- Opens Student Center L Z P INTERNATIONAL Club othcers include Ramonita Mesina, Nelda De la Cruz, Jabir AI-Daussary. Satish Sharma, and Muhammad Us- man Mirza. ati, Ali Zamani, Fouad Makarem, Barbara Stout, Roger L. Corlcins, Muk- und Desai, Merrilea Kell, Michel Dallal, Dora Ines Rincon, Nazir Alam Malik, Shashi Mohan Kulbhrestha, Mir Rasheeduddin, Lisa Arlene .Noble. FIFTH ROW: Ashok J. Sheth, Jagdish Patel, Raniit Maiumder, Krrrtiumar T. Mehta, Victor D. Byrd, Abdelgadir Eltilib, Chen-hwa Chiu .Z. A. Us- mani, Azeem Farooki, Diane Lee Alexander, Maria Teresa Rodriguez, Mu- hammed Usman Mirza, Mrs. Diovlde Diallo, lbrahima Diallo, Asad Had- dadin, Po Tsou, James K. K. Ho, Salman Siddiqi, Mir Ahrneduddrn, Gra- ham Weakley. SIXTH ROW: Sudesh K. Arora Mohamed Bendrrssou, Mo- hamed Younis, Gamal E. I. Ahmed, Linda Killian, Abdul Hakim Al-Rawi, Mir Hameeduddin, Charles Bilbo, Nasser E. Boukadoum, April Jane Bouka- doum, Bashiru Yesufu, John G. Gossett, Lynne Gossett, Raimder S, Brah, Dushyant Rai Arab. TOP ROW: Henry Ball, Tirnir Baran Roy, Rahman Golam, Paul Fox, Mohd Fawzi, Isam R. Jamioon, Zelbert L. Moore David H. Bennett, Mohamed Ali, Kwam-Chung Sum, Henry H. Chao, Tan Sun Chen, Mustafa S. Adra. . . , ., , Y ,L gg . .t -. H5 -1.1-M..-:.' L F I 'G 55-1111-mt, -' 'I r -F , ..-i7.f4'i"' .di .. d--.HF 4. ,' 11 f 1' il .5 .'Ir"':i L' , V .yi '-:ji -I '-:xii i t -,J 1 , .f,,.p., -rvfqsef 5 BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Keesee, Karen Adams, Fallie DeVore, Jane Aldrich. Betsy Foree, George C. Cozacl. TOP ROW: Linda Mullican, Barbara Davis. Karen Lea Wynn, Patti McClennen, Susan Hodcle. Kaye Justice. Lambda Tau trives to Raise Sohola tio tandard Lambda Tau, founded at OU in 1942, has strived to raise scholastic standards of students in medical technology, laboratory technology and microbiology. This organization enhances students' interest in their field. This year's officers were Fallie DeVore, presidentg Karen Adams, vice president, lane Aldrich, secretaryg Nancy Keesee, treasurer, Nita Kay Flowers, publicity chairmang Susan Hodde, historiang and Dr. George Cozad, fac- ulty sponsor. Oikonomia Home Economic Group Sets High tandard To be eligible for membership in Oikon- ornia, a home economics student rnust be at least a second semester sophomore with a 3.0 grade average, and show interest in home economics. This year's oliicers were Sharon Meikle, pres- identg Rosemary Shipe, vice presidentg Frances BOTTOM ROW: Myra Joan Milan, Frances Ann Musser, Donna M. Adams. Lynette Mehl, Rosemary Sliipe, Frances Seeds, Sharon Ann Meilcle. SECOND ROW: Donna Taylor, Cissy Cohn. Sharon Jo Hunt, Celia Lynn Farlwa, Jane Lucas, Jacqueline Clialfant. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Jo Barnes, Louisa Mead. Jane Ashworth, Mussen, secretary, Donna Adams, treasurer, and Frances Seeds served as faculty sponsor. Projects included giving a scholarship to the outstanding senior in home economics, giv- ing a Christmas charity package, and sponsor- ing a candy sale. Margarette Clark Taylor, Janice l-larris, Carolyn Chancellor. FOURTH ROW: Ann Stiles. Linda Lunn, Mary L. Farha, Nancy Utley, Sharon Kay Misalr. Carla Nan Craven. TOP ROW: Susan Noble, Mona Lane. , ,,-Q, BOTTOM ROW: Robert Graham. Steve Waterman. Dr. Pearce C. Kelley. Jack S. Pratt, John Patterson, Janet Baber. SECOND ROW: Jeli M. Morehouse, Jerry Barnett, Julie Anne Hanks, Sue Moore, Andrea Mayo, Carol J. Robbins, Connie Dixon. THIRD ROW: Jimmy Fellers, Gary McClanahan. Robert Ivy, Carol A. VV it Blandford, Pat Michael, Henry P. Bradley, R. A. Charles. TOP ROW: Allan David Klein, Harold G. Newcomb, Mike Migclal. Phil McEnroe, Michael M. Goldberg, Robert Bisacca. Cecil P. Wood. Iota Ep ilon tudies Small Enterprises Iota Epsilon, founded at OU in 1953, en- courages its members to realize and understand the problems of management in small enter- prises. Membership is open to any student in good standing at the University who is inter- ested in the aims of the club. lack Pratt was president, Robert Graham, vice presidentg lanet Baber, secretary and treasurer. Dr. Pearce Kelley, professor of mar- keting in the College of Business Administra- tion, was faculty sponsor. Meetings were held once a month by the group. Small business and professional men appeared as guest speakers to give members the benefit of their personal experiences. Spe- cial events of the year included a style show and the annual Founder's Day Banquet. SPONSOR of lota Epsilon is Dr. Pearce Kelley. BOTTOM ROW: Joyce Ann Brand, Virginia Kaye Oliver, Karen Sue Copple, Marcia McMurry. Claudia Shirley, Patricia E. Riser. Judith Lu Judd. SECOND ROW: Diane Lee Alexander. Karen D. Wilson. Elizabeth Haines Bell, Anne Ketcham, Geneva Jones, Jan Dunn, Darleen Moore, Lenore Lindsey. THIRD ROW: Carol Cath- erine Strickler, Cleta Joy Cox, Ardith Kaye Phares, Brenda Kay Roberts, Patricia Ann Freeman, Mary Ellen Dietrick, Lou Behne, Mary Beth Sproul. Mary Ruth King. TOP ROW: Barbara Hulene Saunders, Judith Anne Thomas, Rochelle Sharon Fordin, Nancy Jean Thurow. Gurtha Karen Williams, Leona Mae Chisholm. Linda Jean Walls, Susan Gay Cunningham, Carol Masemore, Roberta Elizabeth Billy. tndent Nurses Association E tablishes Background The ceremony in which second-year nurs- ing students receive their caps from the school of Nursing is the highlight of the year for Ok- lahoma State Student Nurses' Association. Principal aims of the organization are to es- tablish a background for prospective nurses and to plant an enthusiasm and drive to make the nursing profession better known. Officers were Claudia Shirley, president and Iudith Lu Iudd, vice president. Landmen's Association 0iier Job Placement ervice The OU group of Petroleum Landmen's As- sociation is affiliated with the parent associa- tion in a summer job placement program for students. This program has been successful in placing many OU students in jobs through- out the country. BOTTOM ROW: H. James Whisnand, H. Delbert Frieze. R. Del- bert' Goodin. W. Darrell Bryan, Harry N. Mills Jr. SECOND ROW: Hank Spielmann, John P. Hardwick, Lance F. Harmon, A home-grown group, founded here in l958, the association is now a part of national pro- grams in the field. Officers for the year were Iames Whisnand, presidentg Delbert Frieze, vice presidentg and Harry N. Mills Ir., served as faculty sponsor. Roger G. Nelson, Sam S. Bailey, Stan M, Estell. TOP ROW: Jim S. Harrell, John B. Kirkpatrick. Glenn L. Hunter. Tom L. Ivey. Michael C. Miller, Donald E. Harris. Paul M. Thompson. Iranian tuilents Association Better Relation The Iranian Students Society was founded on the OU campus in 1958. These students are concerned with presenting cultural and social activities for development of a better understanding between people of Iran and the United States. Membership requires personal interest in the society's programs. The principal aim is to introduce Persian students to the American Way of life and traditions. Students from Iran find themselves generally intrigued with the American campus life at the University of Oklahoma. The clubis meetings are held bimonthly in one of the University's lounges. The banquet for the No-Rooz party during spring vacation is one of the highlights of the year for the club. Other social events included the faculty tea party during the first semester and a picnic at the end of spring vacation. BOTTOM ROW: Babel: lrandanan, Abdol Hossein Baharlou, Mo- hammed Eslahnni. Khossrow Diba, Gholarnali Feizy. Reza Marefat. SECOND ROW: Andrea Hutchings, Dr. Elmer L. Lucas. Mrs. El- mer L. Lucas, Arthur Bernhart. Khorshide Metghalchi, Donna Bish- op. Hooman Koohyar. Marqam Koohyar, Farideh Fozoonmayeh, Leili Badii. Carlene Baharlou. Julie Hildebrand. THIRD ROW: Touran lranpanah, Massoumeh Diba, Daryoush Diavaheri, lradi Yelc' .' 1' IRANIAN students have an informal chat session. tashenas. lradi Adli, Alireza Nal:-izadeh, Farhad lvlorshed, Ameer Nasser Koohyar, Babalc Koohyar, S. Ali Amiri, Faramarz Zarrabi. Roger L. Corlcins. Ali Zamani, Biuck Moomchi. TOP ROW: Man- soor Safaiyeh. lviehrdad Esfandiari. Assad lranpanah, Soorin Soh- batin, Bahman Salimi Moqhadam, Kazem Moinzadeh, Ali lvloayeri Mohammad. Keyvan Shamhayati, Mahmoud Hemassi, Bijan Estan- diari. Henrik Vertani. Siavosh Dehesh, Mehdi Metghalchi. BOTTOM ROW: Brenda Mae Ngum. Karen Lea Black. Jeannie Draper. Patti Marshall, Janie Blome. Thelma Pedersen, Pat Hen- drick. SECOND ROW: Edna Schmidt, Marilyn K. Benskin, Diedra Dyer, Kathy B. Guy, Mary F. Mead, Luiese Lynch, Lena M. Esk- ridge. THIRD ROW: Linda Clinesmiih, Frances Rodgers, Linda Ph sieal Therap Club The Physical Therapy Club is composed of students majoring in and interested in phys- ical therapy. Projects of this year included a candy sale, Christmas party, and a field trip to the Physical Therapy School in Oklahoma City. Miss Thelma Pederson was faculty sponsor Cowles. Pattymac Sloan, Peggy Lee Paramore. Corky Jewell, Bar- bara Staiger, Katherine Ann Arrnold, Linda Jane Neumeier. TOP ROW: Dennis Faqerberg, Doris Robinson, Freda Coulter, Dianne Burkhalter. Trish Thatcher, Jane Ellen Pollard, Karen Brorsen. San- dra Sigler, M. O. Eclcel. Makes Field Trip to Cit this year. Officers were Ianie Blome, presidentg Karen Black, vice presidentg Patti Marshall, secretary-treasurerg and leannie Draper, publicity. Meetings are social as Well as professional gatherings. Pi Tau igma eeiet Creates Bend Between Engineer To create a closer bond of fellowship among mechanical engineers is the principal goal of Pi Tau Sigma. This year's officers included David Hamil- ton, presidentg George Gallagher, vice presi- dent, Don Krusky, recording secretryg Bill Grothe, corresponding secretaryg Bill Doug- BOTTOM ROW: Darrel G. Harden, George J. Gallagher, Bill Douglas. David T. Hamilton, Donald W. Kruslcy. TOP ROW: las, treasurerg and loe Repko, St. Pat's Repre- sentative. Dr. D. Harden was faculty sponsor for the group. The organization was founded in 1915 at Illinois University and now has 74 national chapters. George R. Vaughn, Larry D. Estes, George Fallc, Neil Milze Biclrel. Thomas W. Shinaulf, Johnny Cradduck, Charles E. Cradduck. Nlarketing Club View lndu trial rea Ollicers serving the Student Marketing Club this year were Charles R. Musgrave III, pres- identg Gene Chamberlain, vice presidentg Pat Michael, secretaryg Bob Mclntosh, treasurerg and Iudy Iageler, publicity director. Dr. Den- nis Crites sponsored the organization. The principal goal of the club is to present students the opportunity of observing the field of marketing in practice and to develop an awareness of marketing in business relations. The club made field trips to various indus- trial locations in the Oklahoma City area or had a featured speaker for their meetings which were held once a month. A special social event of the year was a picnic. Membership is limited to students interested in marketing and the goals of the organization. BOTTOM ROW: Dr. Dennis M. Crites, Clint Rogers, James R. cll P Wood Alexander Ollphant TOP ROW Harold Newcomb White, Jean Ann Day, Judy Jageler, Linda Jean Frederick. Charles Mike Thomas Louis H Brigham Stean A Steanson Leonard Leek R. Musgrave lll, Dale Eugene Chamberlain. SECOND ROW: Douglas D Hobbs Thomas L Oakley Ronald G Linden Jerry Robert W Davies. Robert D. Mclntosh. Robert 5. lvy, Bruce G. Barnett Mike Migdal Swaine. John H. Garrett. John F. Woodruff, Mark E. Latham, Ce- BOTTOM ROW: Jerry Allan Huffman. Marilyn Hadding,JoSue Slcirvin. TOP ROW: Jim R. Payne. Dr. Ralph W. Clarlc, Gary Hendren. Rho Chi Recognizes Students' Scholarship in Pharmac Rho Chi was founded at the University of Michigan in 1922 to promote the advancement of pharmaceutical sciences through the en- couragement and recognition of sound scholar- ship. To qualify for membership a student must be in the upper 20 per cent of his class with a 3.0 over-all grade average and have completed 70 per cent or 112 hours toward a degree in pharmacy, with at least 45 semester hours in the College of Pharmacy. Officers were lim R. Payne, presidentg Jerry A. I-Iuffman, vice presidentg Marilyn I-Iadding, secretaryg lo Sue Skirvin, treasurerg and Gary I-Iendren, historian. The faculty sponsor was Dr. Ralph Clark. equo ah Club Inspires Indian Educational Programs Sequoyah Club was founded to encourage education among Indians, perpetuate Indian customs and traditions, and provide social activities. Officers for the 1964-65 year were Marvin Stepson, presidentg Franklin T. Overly, vice presidentg and Charmain Pensoneau, secretary- BOTTOM ROW: Mary Beth West, Marvin Stepson. Brenda Kay Roberts, Georgia Kauley, Dorothy Howlingwater. SECOND ROW: Charles Boynton. LaVonna A. Weller. Linda C. Dunagan, Marilyn treasurer. Mr. and Mrs. Boyce Timmons were sponsors. Sequoyah Club maintains one of the oldest campus rites, the Homecoming Pow-Wow. Other activities and projects included Indian school visitations to encourage Indian children to finish high school. Watt. Charmain Pensoneau. John S. Painter. TOP ROW: Timothy Cochnauer. Mike Charleston, William Pensoneau. Franklin L. Ober- ly, Lonnie Eugene Emhoolah, Jim Brown, Stuart Tonemah. L limi' ' .ortar Board Maintain Hi h tandard ' Mortar Board is a national senior vvomen's honor society. OU's Owl and Triangle chap- ter was founded in 1925. Membership may range from 5 to 25 members. To promote college loyalty, to advance the spirit of service and fellowship among univer- sity Women, to promote and maintain a high standard of scholarship, to recognize and en- courage leadership, and to stimulate and de- velop a finer type of college woman are the goals of the organization. Olhcers for this year were Pat Taylor, pres- ident, Carolyn Breeden, vice president, Ann Reisner, secretary, Ianice Pullin, treasurer, and Ann Wiest, Tassels representative. Mrs. Dor- othy Fritz, Mrs. Ruth Hankovvski, Mrs. Gail de Stwolinski, and Dr. Dorothy Truex were sponsors. Annual activities of the group include the Mortar Board Walkotit, selection of top ten freshmen women, Smarty Party, Crystal dis- play, junior tea, and homecoming alumni brunch. BOTTOM ROW: Pal Taylor, Janice Louise Pullin. Carolyn Joy Breeden, Ann Reisner, Ann Wiesf. Janet Sue Piplcin. SECOND ROW: Judy Hall, Carole Glueclc, Beth Resler, Shirley Biggs, Cari- , ..- X. . 7 T. 7.1 . fm- . .7.-- . .1 -- WALKOUT plans are made by Mortar Board officers Janice Pullin, Roseann Bouziden, Nita Anderson, and Pat Taylor. lee Hogan, Roseann Bouziden. TOP ROW: Janet B. Kamber, Mary Ann Lively, Sally Merlcle, Nita Anderson. Anne Katherine Aber- nailiy. 0 rg . - li t - i , A . 'f it saw .5 5 V" .- ' L5 .V . L i . - 4, ' - . BOTTOM ROW: Teree E. Myers, Donna Royse. Ann Adkins, Mary L. Farha. Gale Parker, Jan Ketcham. Renee Schaoley, Bonnie Ros- enthal, Barbara Buskirk. SECOND ROW: Barbara Walk. Joan C. Austin. Beverly Schurman, Susan F. Blubaugh, Maureen Maguire, Charlotte Cheflain, Pam Lincoln, Nancy Grimm, Ainslie Pryor. Linda Atkins, Nancy Cowan, Margo Marek. THIRD ROW: Lynda Bur- sey, Donna Lee Lange, Marilyn Jo Levin, Gayle Mnookin, Mary Stitt, Cathy Selig, Lynn Cheryl Nassau, Barbara Herzog, Anita Kochman, Bobbe Bramson, Jan Stapp, Mary Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Sheila Wiseman, Andrea Leibs, Lynda Carol Sims, Judy Graylin, Marsha Carter, Kris Holm. Judy Porch, Carol Ann Bland- ford. Charlene Bidasio, Pam Martin, Carol Sue York, Karen Zueck. Nona Jane McDougal, Carole Harrell. FIFTH ROW: Linda Fred- erick, Nancy Willsie, Elaine Hahn, Beverly Brown, Carol Fischer, Karla Gaither, Vivian Baumgardner, Carolyn Clayton, Charlotte Echols, Linda Toberman, Cathy Littell, Cheryl Jo Gates. TOP ROW: Caryl Kunsemuller. Mary Kay Clemons, Phyllis Dade Heari- sill. Pat Golem, Edie Burrs, Sue Ellen Orbach, Rosalie Friedman, Leslee Fischer, Arlene Pepper. Arlene Schachter, Thelma Blumen, Mickey Kirsch, Beverly Gail Adkins, Connie Baker. hodo box Focuses Women's Attention on Fa hion Art Shadovvbox was organized at OU to create interest in fashion arts. Events of this year have included a film lecture by Pat Schockey, Oklahoma City fashion coordinator and model, and several style shows. Shadowbox coordin- ated the style show for the "Miss Football, USAR pageant held at OU, and staged the igmo Delta Chi Repro The aim of Sigma Delta Chi is to better journalism and to work for freedom of the press in order to serve the modern society. An annual activity of the group is to spon- sor the Soonergram of student greetings to the OU football team before the game in Dallas. BOTTOM ROW: Dr. C. Joe Holland. Gene Sands, Paul Woody, Frank Hermes, Joe Davis. Zellsert Moore, Jim Bruce. SECOND ROW: Tom Swineford, Terry Nickle. Willis Ball, Dean Clark, Larry "Best-Dressed Girl on Campus" contest. President was Cale Parker, Mary Farha, vice presidentg Bonnie Rosenthal, secretaryg Ann Alkins, treasurer. Faculty sponsors were Miss Edith Mahier, Mrs. Clara Dumas, and Miss Phyllis Kay. ent Honor in Jonrnali m This year's ofHcer's were Frank Hermes, presidentg Ioe Davis, vice president, Ierry Criswell, secretaryg and Paul Woody, treas- urer. Dr. C. Ioe Holland served as faculty sponsor. Woodard. Robert Parrott. Gil Whiteman. Jack Tolbef, Don Davis. TOP ROW: John Brandenburg, William Payne. Dale Rose, Bob Willis, Joe Marchant. Jim Haney, Ed Heinh. l , ,W BOTTOM ROW: Maxwell J. Wilcomb. Ahmed M. Nur. Beniamin Yanlcson. llielc Dioko Purwadi. Gregory Joseph Glahn, Ching Dud- ley lsac, Dan E. Guyer, Vicente Orellana. SECOND ROW: Wayne Allen Bliss, Jamieson G. Shotts. Alejandro M. De Greeft, Jabir H. Daussary. Henry Hagan, Abd-Elqadir El-Tahir EI-Tilib, Joseph Wil- fred Boatenq, Elcufileh John Dixon, Omar Montero. Joseph R. Asserizo. THIRD ROW: Ernst lvl. Davis, Litsey L. Zellner, Frazier L. Bronson, Robert A. Gearheari, Tom Love, Henry P. Hutson. Jerry L. Yoder, Tadueik Zeribi, Jon R. Perry, Charles H. Schow. TOP ROW: Ed Goodman, Charles R. l-lall, David E. Burton. Larry Paclqef, Eric P. Munro. Sumnnerhayes K. George. Clyde G. Hamer, Jack Boatrighf, Perry V. Watson. Jr., John L. Rogers, William R. Mathews. anitation Concern Public Health Club This year,s oiiicers of Public Health Club were W. R. Mathews, president, Ekufileh I. Dixon, vice president, and l on Perry, secretary- treasurer. Dr. M. I. Wilcomb served as faculty sponsor. To provide speakers and social events of in- terest to public health Workers are the principal goals of the organization, which was founded at the University of Oklahoma in 1950. The group is not presently affiliated with any na- tional organization. Qualifications for membership include only an interest in environmental health al- though most of the membership is composed of students majoring in sanitary science and related areas. Many are graduate students. Social events this year included a Christmas dinner and a spring picnic. One of the aims of the group is to foster fellowship among students enrolled in the Department of Sani- tary Science, so social events are planned from time to time throughout the year. The group has invited such speakers as rep- resentatives from the U. S. Department of Ag- riculture, Food and Drug Administration, U. S. Public Health Service, Oklahoma State Department of Public Health, and the World Health Organization. Other guests have in- cluded professional people in public health work in the United States and abroad and bus- iness and professional people representing industries which serve the public health field. Members of the club who have Worked in the field have also given talks on their experiences in various phases of the profession. Adding interest to the membership of the group are a number of international students. Their contribution to the organization gives all the students a more vivid picture of the public health profession on a Worldwide basis and provides a foundation for professional as well as personal friendship. l l BOTTOM ROW: Keats Soder Jr.. Robert L. Shiclc Jr., David G. Slear. Mal Holcomb. Hung-Ta Ho. SECOND ROW: Robert R. Walters. Don Fisher. Richard A. Milburn. Donald E. Lawrence. igma Gamma Tau ational Sigma Gamma Tau is the national aero- space engineering society. Its goals are the promotion of engineering education in the aerospace field and recognition of outstanding attainments in aerospace engineering. This yearis oflicers were Dave Slear, pres- identg Keats Soder, vice presidentg Bob Jerry Eugene Hames. Robert F. Fielding. TOP ROW: William H. Kleclter. Monte T. Lorriqan. Henry L. Williams. Dick J. Wilkins. Bill R. Warner. ero pace Honor ooiet Shick, secretary-treasurerg and Mal Holcomb, St. Patls Representative. Dr. H. T. I-lo was fac- ulty sponsor. To be elected to membership, a student must have at least half the required hours for a BS in Aerospace Engineering and a 3.0 grade average. ocial Work Club Considers Social Problem Ami Issues To provide members with an opportunity to create an environment for discussion of social, educational, and professional problemsg to fos- ter communication between graduate and un- dergraduate students in social Workg to encourage student-faculty relationshipsg and to promote interaction with other campus or- BOTTOM ROW: Leon Ginsberg. Robert Drake. Gary Theilen, Mattie Lee Cully, Gwen Webb. Shirley Lyon. SECOND ROW: W. E. Duff, John Leitka Jr.. Roberta M. Hubbard. Christina Jameson. Betty Piclcel. Elizabeth K. Davis. Louise Loehr. Riley Paul Price. Beulah E. Phillips, Alice P. Adams. THIRD ROW: George S. Taylor. Jerry D. Jolly. Martha Lou Williams, Altha Oda Lee Weatherred. Russell A. Warner, James P. Murphy. Otrah Kulla. Sue Saunders. Jeanette Swan. Norman W. Smith. Charles Enyart. FOURTH ROW: Virgil Lee Beasley. Richard Paul Smith, Carmen ganizations interested in social problems and the goals of Social Work Club. Officers include Gary Theilen, presidentg Bob Drake, vice presidentg Mattie Lee Culley, secretaryg Shirley Lyon, treasurerg and Gwen Webb, reporter. Faculty sponsor was Leon Ginsberg. L. Goin. Sondra Kay Shehab, Nora L. Nicholson. Ethel Williamson. Mary Elizabeth Scally, Helen Janett Baxter. Ruth E. Persson. Betty Jo Clement, C. W. Wiley. FIFTH ROW: Thomas C. Barber. Arlus W. Johnston. Milce McCurtain. Maurice L. Hodgson. Joe Gilbert Formby. .lan Bourland, Jerry Risenhoover, Vaun H. Mitchell. Ray H. Criswell. Mel Shoemaker. TOP ROW: Stanley G. Miller. Bob Johnson Jr.. Denny Adair Broughton, David R. Vann. Myrl A. Hill, David L. Moore. Carl L. Williams. Glenn R. Factor, R. B. Demo- rest. Jaclc G. Paine. 0U cholars Select Charter ember A new honorary group appeared on the University campus this year, when OU Schol- ars was founded. Membership is quite select, for to be eligible, students must have been a University Scholar during their freshman year, and must maintain an over-all grade average of 3.0 to keep their membership status. Because it is a new group this year, all its members are presently sophomores, but juniors and seniors will eventually be included as this year's members advance in classification. Ollicers for this charter year were N. D. Moscoe, presidentg Patrick D. Fitzgerald and Carol Ann Reid, vice presidents, Iudy Chap- man and Phillipa Prather, secretaries, and Virgina Croft, historian. Dr. Glenn Couch, dean of University College, was faculty adviser. Social activities included a spring banquet with University Scholars. Dedicated to excel- lence in scholarship, OU Scholars found time to welcome the freshman scholars to OU. BOTTOM ROW: Judy Chapman, Virginia Croft, Phillipa Prather. Carol Ann Reid, N. D. Moscoe, Patrick D. Fitzgerald. Lynda Mar- garet Harris. SECOND ROW: Barbara G. Mann, Linda K. Mas- sey, Marilyn Sue Echols, Elizabeth A. McAnally, Nancy L. Gorton, Susan V. Armstrong, Jene H. Criswell, Carolyn F. Platter, Glenn i LOTTINVILLE winners, Lynda Harris and Gary Blasi sit with Dr J. R. Morris, while officers Ginny Croft, N. D. Moscoe, Judy Chap- man, Pat Fitzgerald, Phillipa Prather, Carol Reid and Kyle Mc- Carter sta nd. C. Couch. THIRD ROW: David R. I-lattaway, Ramon E. Wil- liams, W. Clarlc Gilpin, Paul R. Hamilton, William C. Weinrich Paul H. Powell, Mark N. Chambers, Gary L. Blasi. TOP ROWi Frank R. Bernhart, Edward L. Coyle, Roger B. Rensvold, Billy C Wilkinson, Newell D. Jenkins, James R. Mott, Joel C. Ewing. 1 i r . li. Jill. . 1: '-aa 4' fwigj BOTTOM ROW: David H. Miller. Seward E. Robb, Alexander Oliphant. Linda Loclcett, Bill Gossett, Skip Nichols. Bob Giarra- puto. SECOND ROW: Lawrence F. Doyle, Bryan M. Ballard. Harold D. Halford, Sidney J. Hines. Howard McMillin Jr., John E. Chapdelaine. Blair D. Dishman. TOP ROW: Wm. Michael Gibson, Berry Frank Phillips, Lee E. Main, George K. S'l'ra'lis, Wm. Kenneth Stanton, Willard Hammons, Harry A. Stine, Frank Blank- enship, Jaclc Dawson. eeiet for Advancement ei Management Learns by Doing Oiiicers of the Society for the Advancement of Management were Alexander Oliphant, presidentg Si Gassett, vice presidentg Linda Lockett, secretaryg and Dr. Seward Robb was faculty sponsor. The national group stresses "learn by doing" ntemetive Engineers Seei To promote the arts and sciences of engin- eering practices connected with the design, construction and utilization of automotive ap- paratus is the aim of the Society of Automotive Engineers. The group sponsored two field trips each BOTTOM ROW: George Falls. Charles Cradduclt. Rod Mays, E. F. Dawson, E. M. Sims. SECOND ROW: David T. Hamilton, Keith E. Whitfill, John A. Egnew, Ronald E. Savage, William D. Rich- and development through participation. Stu- dents learn to apply principles of good man- agement and organization in planning and directing the operations of the chapter. They learn the importance and necessity of team- work, initiative and leadership. ety Expands Profession semester and participated in the Engineers' annual open house. Oiiicers for 1964-65 were George Falk, chair- mang Charles Cradduck, secretary-treasurerg and Rod Mays, St. Pat's Representative. E. M. Sims served as faculty adviser. ards, Joe Rios. TOP ROW: William V. Groetlie Jr.. Billy S. Doug- las, Joe D. Whitaker, Don Krusky, Johnny D. Cradcluclc. I I l a I BOTTOM ROW: Rex H. Ball. Donald J. Phillips. Donald R. Crews. Walters. Kirk H. lvlonfort, Ray C. Hall, Samuel H. Vinson, Gray- Phnlip J. Nolan, Roger L. Corluns. SECOND ROW: Michael S. son P. Van Horn, R. N Dunagan. Terry W. Ellstrom. TOP ROW Smith, Robert G, Vaughn, Gary W. Eley. R. Kent Hatley, Donald Rick McCurcly, John David Voiles, Newt Burton, Carl S. Schreiner R. Wilson, G. R. Shreve, Jack Shannon. THIRD ROW: Robert R. Bill lv1c6rew. Ed Livermore, Michael C. Ritz, Butch Linville. Omieren Delta Kappa Direct Talent he Omicron Delta Kappa, national leadership honor society for college men, was established on the OU campus in l955. Its membership, drawn from all phases of college life, recog- nizes men who are outstanding in campus activities. Because its members are the campus lead- ers who mold student opinion, ODK meetings give student and faculty members opportunity to meet on a basis of mutual interest, under- standing and helpfulness in discussing campus issues. Members are chosen from junior, senior, graduate and faculty men who display ex- emplary character, superior scholarship, gen- uine fellowship and consecration to democratic ideals. Officers this year were Don R. Crews, presidentg Don Phillips, treasurer, and Dr. Philip Nolan, faculty sponsor. An annual activity of the group was the presentation of the Omicron Delta Kappa Talent Show for Mothers, Day weekend. The show, directed and produced by ODK members, raised the money for this year's scholarship which will be awarded to an outstanding high school senior boy in the area who plans to attend the University. This national leadership honor society for college men was founded in 1914 at Washing- ton and Lee University, Lexington, Va., by 15 students and faculty leaders. They had the conviction that such an honor society would afford students and faculty members oppor- tunities and experiences in cooperative effort for leadership and service. The purpose of Ornicron Delta Kappa is threefold: to recognize men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate ac- tivities, to bring together the most represent- ative men in all phases of collegiate lifeg to bring together members of the faculty and student body of the institution on a basis of mutual interest and understanding. BOTTOM ROW: Milne Riley. James P. Farrell, Gerald L. Jones. George H. Loveioy, Dr. Charles L. Proctor. SECOND ROW: Denzil H. Boyal Jr., Anthony P. Cimino. Philip G. Dick, James G. Wyatt, Howard E. Fagin. TOP ROW: Glen R. Darnell, Carl N. Beer. Henry A. Kolesnik, Alex Y. Bishop, David D. Pearce, David C. Grubb. Industrial Management Engineers Join ational Group Affiliation as a student chapter of the Amer- ican Institute of Industrial Engineers was this year's goal of the Society of Industrial Man- agement Engineers. Oliicers were Iames Farrell, president, Mich- ael Riley, vice president, lohn Kirton, secre- taryg and George Lovejoy, program chairman. Dr. Charles Proctor served as sponsor. Membership is restricted to students in the School of Industrial Engineering. Meetings were held monthlyg some were field trips and others featured guest lecturers. panish Club Aids Latin American tudents' Studies The Spanish Club is OU,s oldest language club. It was organized to increase and develop the interest of all the student body in the Spanish language and to unite American and Latin American students. One of the main goals is academic improvement of members. BOTTOM ROW: Douglass Souligny, Guillermo A. Salas, Merrilea Kelly, Doree Coleman, Antonio J. Salamanca, John P. Moncleiar. SECOND ROW: Jaime Pons. Chuck Pieraldi, Domingo Pestano. lvan Danger, Fernando J. Antezana, Nicolas Ermecheo, Mick Uzca- - .E 1 t t I 'A I ' . ' A Ii fl I Oliicers Were Guillermo A. Salas, presidentg Douglass Souligny, vice presidentg Merrilea Kelly, secretary, Iohn Mendejar, treasurer, Tony Salamanca, advocateg and Stephen Gyer- melc, faculty sponsor. tegui. TOP ROW: Winston C. Carrillo, Montero Y. Carlos, Ho- racio Ouintero. Carlos Simmons, J. E. Salazar, Julian Paytuvi, Juan Garcia, Juan Antonio Ermecheo. 5 w JKX 'ip A H BOTTOM ROW: Mary Ann Tibbefs, Janel' Pipkin. Gilda Ganf, Jane Abramson. Lorraine Ballina, Roberta Rule, Joan Conkling, Dottie Wilson, Mary Margaret Combs. Sharon Bradley, Nancy Dorothy Brigham, Kay Allman. Doreen Nash, Sue Ann Buzzard. Margaret Neil. TOP ROW: Jayne McReynolds, Linda Reece. llrchesis Give 'The Juggler oi otre Dame" Membership in Orchesis is open to any University of Oklahoma student who can sat- isfy the entrance auditions which show tech- nical and creative ability. The organization seeks to foster under- standing of dance through creative participa- tion and performance for the public. Two major productions are presented each year-"The luggler of Notre Damev and a spring recital. Assistance is given by Orchesis on all drama and musical productions. Social activities included a picnic in the spring and the Playhouse Banquet. Meetings were "Work shop sessionsi'-creating new dances and practicing for performances. From this organization a lecture-demonstra- tion group was formed to travel to clubs in the state. Sharon Bradley was presidentg Dotty Brig- ham, vice presidentg Kathy Ward, secretaryg Lorraine Ballina, treasurer. Faculty sponsor Wa5 Miss I-Ielen Gregory- "JUGGLER" performed by Orchesis members in January. BOTTOM ROW: l-l. R. l-lengst, Pat Taylor. Lucile Sayles, Bar- bara Borelli, Pat Mims, Mary Ann Tracewell, Kay Hartley, La- homa Friedlander. SECOND ROW: Mary Leigh Maltby, Lorraine Allmon, Sharon Reed, Charlene Pearson, Judith Ann Copeland. LeAnn Boeve, Carol J. Pritchard, Sally A. J. Murray, Marjorie Barrett Orr. THIRD ROW: Sharon Mechem, Marguerite Bleyberg, EA Participate In Pre- The Student Education Association was es- tablished to promote the development of pro- fessional attitudes among students preparing to enter the teaching profession. It provides such students with the opportunity to partic- ipate in pre-professional organizational activ- , Ti I . E, , sy fi ill Charlene Bidasio, Nancy Williams, Joy Nell Smith, Priscilla Page, Loretta Pierce, Rebecca Kahan, Judy Bracewell. TOP ROW: Ann Ferrell. Ruth Ann Fisher, Suzanne Cooper, Robert Wayne Gray. Jimmy Lynn Broadhurst. Margaret Anne West, Judy Ann Foster, Francine Nathanson. Preiessienal Aeti itie ities and interests men and women in teaching careers. Ofiicers were Pat Taylor, president, Sharon Bitner, vice presidentg Barbara Borelli, secre- tary, Pat Mims, treasurerg and Dr. Herbert R. Hengst, faculty sponsor. Theta igma Phi Celebrate Piitieth Birthda Theta Sigma Phi, national honor fraternity for women in journalism, was founded in 1909 at the University of Washington, and Zeta Chapter was established on the OU campus in 1915. Oilicers for the year were Lee Ann Iohns, president, Beth Resler, vice president, Carol BOTTOM ROW: Beth Resler. Penny S. Elliott, Lee Ann Johns. Grace E. Ray, Janet B. Karnber. SECOND ROW: Kathryn Guin- ness, Jeanie Burgess, Carol J. Robbins, Syd Ronish, Andrea Mayo. Moore, secretaryg Ianet Kamber, treasurer, Andy Mayo, archivist, Penny Elliott, Matrix editorg and Grace Ray, faculty sponsor. This year's Matrix dinner, sponsored by Theta Sigs was attended by over 400 persons who came to hear the speaker, Marie Anderson of the Miami Herald. Carol Moore. TOP ROW: Susan F. Records, Margie Clifton, Pat Turner, Linda Killian, Jeanie K. Rapp, Sue I-lolsapple, Linda Culp. e X.. I ff rv Pe-et Olde t Honor ociet 011 Campu Pe-et, founded in 1910, is the oldest honor society on the OU campus. Its aim is to rec- ognize the 10 outstanding men on the campus 'W ' and at the same time uphold Indian traditions established by Oklahoma tribes. Pe-et is an Indian Word meaning "IO bestf' Members are selected on the basis of scholar- ship, leadership, campus activities participation and athletics. Oflicers this year were Butch Linville, presi- dent, and Randy Shreve, treasurer. Dean Earl Sneed served as the faculty advisor of the group. It is customary for Pe-et members and the Mystical Seven Society from the University of Missouri to smoke a peacepipe during half- time of the OU-Missouri game. The Winner of the game keeps the pipe. Pe-et names the top 10 freshmen men each fall at the society's annual Pow-Wow. A bar- beque follows the announcement. FRANK OLNEY, one ol the top 'ren freshmen men, receives a Pe-et certificate from members Butch Linville and Roger Clapp. BOTTOM ROW: R. Kent Harley, Roger Clapp, Bill Dutcber. G. R. Shreve. TOP ROW: Lawrence W. Kozoyed. Donald R. Crews, Michael C. Hewitt, Butch W. Linville, Bill McGrew. 4.-,ri I gl f BOTTOM ROW: James D. McOuillen Jr., Winston Carrillo. Terry Petty, Ralph Denham, W. F. Cloud. Khossrow Diba, Forrest R. Michael, Camp Bonds, John Squarelc. TOP ROW: M. Bendris- Petroleum-Geological En r MODEL oil derrick is erected by Winston Carrillo and Ernesto Froniosa for display during Engineers' Open House in March. sou. Mansoor Safaiyeh, Dalton B. Curtis Jr.. Julian Paytuvi, Mar- shall Brackin, Glenn Carson, Mahmoud Hemassi, All Zamani, Doyle Thacie Stogner Jr.. Reza Marefat, Mehdi-Metchalchi. . Better nder tandin To promote better understanding and re- lations between students and the oil indus- try is the principal aim of the Petroleum-Geo- logical Engineer's Club. Membership in this club is limited to students enrolled in the pe- troleum engineering school or the geological engineering school who demonstrate their willingness to serve. Serving as officers for the 1964-65 term were Terry Petty, president, Khossrow Diba, vice president, Winston Carrillo, secretary and treasurer, and Forrest Michael, St. Pat's Council Representative. Faculty sponsor was Prof. W. F. Cloud. Petroleum-Geological Engineer's Club was founded by Prof. Cloud in 1933, and he has continued to sponsor the group since its founding. Meetings were held twice a month in Fel- gar Hall and featured technical speakers from industry and entertainment from campus groups. The annual Awards Banquet and picnic were major social events. Phi Eta i ma H0 Phi Eta Sigma was founded in 1923 at the University of Illinois, and has since grown to include 121 chapters throughout the United States. The OU chapter was established in 1927. Its aim is to promote a higher standard of learning and to encourage high scholastic at- tainment for freshman men. Membership is automatic for any man who attains a grade- point average of 3.5 or above for the first se- mester of his freshman year or an over-all average of 3.5 for his freshman year. This yearis olticers were William C. Wein- rich, presidentg N. D. Nloscoe, vice presidentg Frank X. Olney, secretaryg Robert F. Steph- ens, treasurerg Jerry C. I-Iassbroek, historiang and Dr. Paul Ruggiers, faculty sponsor. Initiation of new members was held in the fall and spring. BOTTOM ROW: Roy Joseph Kelsey. Abbott Milton Webber Jr., Alan Bruce Jones, Jerry Cox l-lassebroek, Robert Frederic Ste- phens, Frank Xavier Olney. William Carl Weinrich, Newton Dee lvloscoe, Roger Gramm Nelson, Eric Kenneth Feaver. Walter Glenn Schiller, J. B. Pratt. SECOND ROW: Ron Ramsey, Roger Purser, Mike W. I-lammer, Rob Sriqley, Mike Reinhard, Cecil Peaclen, Jim Sigler, John Lee Barrett. Bob Minnis, Max Williams, David Wayne Cochran, Paul Robert Hamilton, Farrell Kirk. Larry lnqham, Bud Gibbons, Pat Cantrell. THIRD ROW: Roy Caruthers, Charlie Bethea, Paul Powell, Walter Brant, Lucky W. Leavell Jr., James nor Fre hman Men OFFICERS N. D. Moscoe, Bill Weinrich, Bob Stephens, Frank Olney and Jerry l-lassebroelc discuss initiation with Dr. Ruggiers. Roberts, Woodie Lackey, Bob Meese. Sam Hatcher, Jim Eby, Mike Morrow. Milton Meinhardt. Tony Keys, Raymond Durbin. Jimmy Don Dixson. FOURTH ROW: W. I-l. Beatty, Jim Spradley, Doug Shaw, John Kendall Maravich. Kyle McCarter, Joe Dorman. Sam Atkins, James Seal, Franz Lautter, Mac McClain, Brian Jen- sen, Ed Coyle, Ritchey Newton, Terry Newkumet, Robert Ritchey. TOP ROW: Larry Hill, Pete Sights, Gary Blasi, Mark Walter Chambers, Don Downing, Charles Shield, George Meisel, Sam Johnson, Kim McClean, Terry Tinkel, Ron Alasin, Bill Davison, Fred Hurst, Mike l-larkey, Joel Chatham Ewing, John Calvin Jones. BOTTOM ROW: J. Hart, C. Lewis, S. Shields, K. Newman, T. Wil- son, M. Reclwine, C. Fischer, J. Krasnow, L. Pratt, S. Morrison, M. Downing. SECOND ROW: P. Fishman. E. Colby, K. Michael, K. Black, R. Roads, T. Ridley. M. Moore, J. Burlces, J. Reber, S. Bias. M. Echols. M. Sims, S. Pierce. THIRD ROW: J. Hauser, C. Bi- dasio, P. Martin, B. Borelli, M. Eastman, P. Kerr, M. Harlow, S. Dessauer, N. English, A. Bank, E. Thornton, P. Straley, C. Pruitt. K. Perry, J. Garland, S. Goss, J. Taylor, S. Reisz, A. Wages, M. Shapiro. FOURTH ROW: S. Brown, S. Pyeatt, B. Harris, A. Ry- land. K. Standley, J. Hollrnan, D. Downing, A. Sapot. C. Schwab. M. Hale, B. Cohen, S. Kay, S. Morey, P. Dormon, A. King, J. l i - Linchan, J. Beattie, J. Jones, L. Lippmann, K. Huston, D. boal. FIFTH ROW: B. Putnam. J. Cashion, L. LeFevre, B. Brown, C. Mitchell. M. Shaffer. R. Cooper, K. McNary, J. Reed, C. Schieter, 6. Garrison, J. Boyer. M. Woslca, C. Collins, L. Treichler, M. Strickland, B. Rozen, S. Goldstein, L. Liles. J. Elkins, S. Reddoch. SIXTH ROW: S. Ansley, R. Johnson, A. Blaclc, S. Denning, L. Rogers, L. Reclder, L. Phillips. S. Merry, P. Johnson, A. Maxwell. S. Cunningham, J. Baker. D. Meacham, J. Anderson, J. Hollings- head, S. Ford, B. Sabath, R. Mayer, M. Finch. TOP ROW: D. Ingram. M. Frynhlco, P. Guinn, P. Golem, M. Clemons, M. Finley. S. Welker, B. Berry, J. Tschappat, S. Gunderson, V. Stapleton. Pi Omega Renders Service to Communit SERVICE PROJECTS for the spring are organized by Pi Omega otiicers Sherri Pierce, Marilyn Moore and Terry Ridley. The aim of Pi Omega is to promote friend- ship and cooperation among university women and provide service to the campus and com- munity. OU is the only campus which has a Pi Omega chapter. Officers were Marilyn Moore, presidentg Terry Ridley, vice presidentg Sandy Bias, re- cording secretaryg Ruthie Roads, correspond- ing secretaryg Paula Fishman, treasurer, Iill Reber, special projects chairman, and Ioanne Burkes, faculty sponsor. Membership is open to any woman in good standing at the university who is interested in being of service to her school and commun- ity. Pledges are initiated after they complete 10 hours of service. Annually Pi Omega sponsors a Red Cross clothes drive and toy drive with Alpha Phi Omega. Twice Weekly Pi Omega women work at the infirmary, visit Norman rest homes and the Cerebral Palsy Center. Preident' Leader The Presidentis Leadership Award program, which was initiated by President George L. Cross in 1961, has a dual purpose. It was designed to salute a select group of high school seniors for their outstanding accomplishments and to provide scholarships and intensive training in leadership for those winners who choose to attend the University of Oklahoma. Each recipient is awarded a handsome ci- tation, a certificate of merit which attests to his leadership capabilities during high school. Each winner who wishes to enroll in the lead- ership training course as a member of the President's Leadership class at the University of Oklahoma is presented a Lew Wentz Service scholarship of at least 8250. Students with need may receive scholarships in varying amounts to a maximum of 33500. During the four years of the programis existence at OU, it has proved highly successful. Members of this group have accepted nu- BOTTOM ROW: Suzanne Marrs, Susan M. Culp, Judy Coyle. Elaine Lester, Gloria Jean Hobbs, Barbara Winn, Suzanne Des- sauer. Jan Hollingshead, Nancy S. Brewer, Danne Gilmore, Karen Sue Cook. SECOND ROW: Sheryl J. Freeman, Carol Stacy. Michaelyn Kay Barker, Carolyn Louise Clayton, Lanna Louise Wim- berly, Randy Huffman, Chris E. Jahnke, Jerry Edward Perigo. Danny James Cassidy, Ellen Kathryn Hayhurst. Beda Karol Davis, Melanie Jane Cooper, Diana Kay Silvers. THIRD ROW: Samuel James Veazey, Larry Eugene Collier, Vance Wallace Raye, Larry Pinkerton. Mike Williams, Gene A. Kasparek, Vic Williams, John hip Class Successful merous special assignments from the Presi- dent's office including serving as hosts at OU functions. Members of the class attended a 12-week series of seminars conducted by key adminis- trators, professors and student leaders who spoke on all phases of University activity and encouraged the class members to develop their varied talents. President Cross and University officials hope through the President's Leadership pro- gram to stimulate the development of leader- ship among the young people who will be di- recting the affairs of Oklahoma, the Southwest and the nation in a few years. President Cross explained that "By recog- nizing leadership in the same way we recognize scholastic and athletic excellence, we can en- courage more high school students to accept their responsibilities as the future leaders of our state and regionf, W. Chandler, Ronnie Morgan, Dave Stevens, Mac Sudduth. FOURTH ROW: Gilbert Allen Brown, Dan Walters, Thomas Win- field Hayes, Thomas Payton Crawley, Donald Ray Shaw, Larry Ed- ward Oakes, John Michael Schantz, David Alan Burns, Sidney W. Kitchel, Louis G. Gray, Eddie Thompson, Terry Ray Perkins. TOP ROW: Jerry Dean West, Tim Richard Tyler, Larry Jon Mayes. Ron Stublalefield, Terry Lance Due, Bill Cook, Gary D. Rosson. Robert Thomas Luttrell lll, Dick Turner, Mark Allen Capehart. Don Edward Sessions, John Anthony Hensley. BOTTOM ROW: Byron Jones, l-lon Lee. Dennis Deakins, Charles Mason. SECOND ROW: Richard DeSpain, Dan Williams, Larry Jones, Rick Womack, Kay Carleiti, Paul Cerba, James Knoeller, Robert Stone, Dan Quinn. TOP ROW: Joe Boafman, lmmo Rui- ek Di play e UNIQUE STYLES were worn around campus by Ruf-Nek pledges like Donald Cerniglia and Merle Arens during initiation week. Gabba, Thomas Crites. Don Cerniglia, Harris Segal, Merle Arens. Bill Proffitt, Charlie Mauck, Thomas Restor. Curtis Nance, Mickey Cotton, Bill Mann. Mike Reisman. H ooner choonef' Ruf-Neks, men's pep club, had a new spirit booster this year in the form of the "Sooner Schooner," a red and white covered wagon drawn by two white Shetland ponies. The col- orful rig was donated by two brothers who were former OU students, Dr. M. S. Bartlett and Charley F. Bartlett, both of Sapulpa. Ruf- Nek members are responsible for caring for the schooner and ponies when they appear at sporting events. One of the oldest organizations on the OU campus, Ruf-Neks has as its purpose "foster- ing school spirit, to aid and assist cheerleaders and to protect the campus in case of interschool rivalry." The group was founded in 1915. This year's officers were Dennis Deakins, president, Hon Lee, vice president, Bill Iacques, secretary, Harris Segal, treasurer, and Capt. Donald lack Crocker, faculty sponsor. Kay Carletti of Alpha Chi Omega was Ruf-Nek Queen. BOTTOM ROW: James Lee Loftis. Brandon H. Griffith, J. Robert Howard. Monty G. Ficlcel, Gerald Tuma, Mary Ann Phelps, Robert R. Walters, Terry W. Ellstrom, Bob Uda, Stanley L. Moore, James W. Williams, Maurice M. Kharma. SECOND ROW: Victor C. Bastron, Lawrence H. McDonald, Jon H. Bortis, J. Brent Turner. William R. Bandy, Kim Say Saing, Carol Ann Walters, John S. Palmer. Tran Hoan, Roy C. Chaney. Tom Shinault, E. F. Keutzer. THIRD ROW: Ben Henry, Bill Warner, Mal Holcomb. Milca Riley. Don Blinn, Walter Saucier, George G. McGuire, Fernando J. Ante- zana, William A. Kennedy Jr.. James H. Grunz, Richard A. Mil' burn, Edward C. McQuaig, Larry J. Harrell, Robert Fielding. FOURTH ROW: Glen Ross Darnell. Jerry L. Foote, Richard J. Motteson. Roger Chalfant, Art Jones, Elvin Bounds, Dave Slear. Don McMullen, Bob Thatcher, Martin Anderson, Ronald Davis. Donald J. Green, William V. Groihe Jr., Janith G. Davids. TOP ROW: Richard A. Smith, Thomas A. Greene, Winston C. Carrillo, William E. Ham. Robert L. Shiclc Jr.. Monte T. Lorrigan, Charles W. Alworth, Joe Woods, Jessee Heinrichs. R. T. Brown. i ma Tau Assists Engineering Fre hmen Mu chapter of Sigma Tau, chartered at the University of Oklahoma in 1916, is one of the oldest honorary organizations on campus. Founded at the University of Nebraska in 1904, Sigma Tau now boasts of 28,000 national members, 2,000 of whom are from OU. The Pyramid is the official publication of the fraternity. Requirements for membership in Sigma Tau are scholarship, practicality and sociability. Officers for 1964-65 were Robert R. Walters, president, Terry W. Ellstrom, vice presidentg Monty G. Fickel, secretaryg and Mary Ann Phelps, treasurer. Faculty sponsor was Bran- don H. Griffith. The aims of Sigma Tau are to further engin- eering education by encouraging the students to greater effort and to promote fellowship among the men training for the engineering profession. BOTTOM ROW: Roy Chaney. Victor Bastron. Robert Walters, Bob Uda, Monty Ficlcel. TOP ROW: Jerry Foote, James Grunz. Mary Ann Phelps. Keats Soder. J. Robert Howard. BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Juanita O'Donley, Judy Orfh, Viclci Gof- cher, Lee Wlweless. Cathey Hangs, Jane England, Niki Meek, Jill Reber. SECOND ROW: Cathy Callahan. Karen Lea Black, Nancy Montgomery. Karen Tankersley, Susan Blinn, Sandra Bias, JoAnn Allen, Margaret McConnell. TOP ROW: Ruth Ann Fisher, Linda McQuillen, Gayle Rossi, Ginger Mae Allen. Roxee Calinson, Pat Turner, Dianne Reaugh, Terry Ridley, Ann Wiest. Tassels Award Trophie to Dormitrorie TASSELS officers Jane England. Lee Wheless, Niki Meek. Cathy Hangs and Jill Reber look over records of dormitories. Tassels is a fraternity to honor female stu- dents who have made outstanding contribu- tions in scholarship, leadership, and service. Tassels aims to encourage these outstanding qualities in freshman and sophomore girls. Officers for the past year were Lee Wheless, presidentg lane England, vice president, Niki Meek, secretary, Cathy Hangs, treasurerg lill Reber, historian, and Miss Helen Gregory, Mrs. Iuanita O'Donley, and Mrs. Frances Dun- ham, faculty sponsors. In the spring, Tassels sponsored Women's Recognition Night. Trophies were awarded to women's houses for scholarship. Trophies were also awarded to outstanding upperclass and freshman women's dormitories, The in- tramural trophy was awarded, new Tassels members were announced and the new presi- dent of the organization was named. Special events included a Christmas party for Alpha Lambda Delta and a candy sale dur- ing finals. Tau Beta Pi Rank H Oklahoma Alpha chapter of Tau Beta Pi was installed at OU in 1926. The purpose of the organization is to mark in a fitting man- ner those students of distinguished scholarship and exemplary character While undergraduates in engineering or by attainments as alumni in the field of engineering. To be eligible for membership, seniors must be in the upper fifth of their class, and jun- ior must stand in the upper eighth of their class in the engineering curriculum. In addition, only three first-semester juniors are chosen for membership. These men are termed "honor juniors" and they are given a scholarship for the amount of the initiation fee. Oliicers for the 1964-65 term were David Hamilton, president, Cullen Darnell, vice presidentg Bob Walters, recording secretaryg Bill Douglas, corresponding secretaryg Bob Hewes, treasurer, and Richard Milburn, St. Patis Council Representative. Faculty advisors BOTTOM ROW: Richard A. Milburn, Gerald Tuma, Charles Rob- ert Hewes, Cullen R. Darnell. David T. Hamilton, Joe E. Smay. Billy S. Douglas, Terry W. Ellstrom, Brandon H. Griffith. SECOND l b l R W F d J ROW: Mal Hocom. Bil . arner. ernan o . Antezana. Barry S. Dickerson, James Lee Loftis, Wayne Jett, Monty G. igh in Engineering were Prof. Toe Smay, Prof B. H. Griffith, Prof. Gerald Tuma, and Dr. T. I. Love. Membership in Tau Beta Pi, which is con- sidered to be the highest ranking among the honorary engineering fraternities, is the big- gest honor that can come to an engineering student. The society was founded nationally in 1885 at Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pa., and now numbers 117 student chapters throughout the United States. Three meetings of the group are held each semester. In addition, a smoker and an initi- ation banquet each occur twice during the year. Annual activities of the local chapter in- clude taking part in a high school informa- tion program designed to encourage young- sters to develop an interest in engineering and to answer questions about the college program available at OU. Ficlcel. THIRD ROW: J. Brent Turner, Keats Soder Jr., Monte T. Lorrigan, Joe Woods, Dennis C. Smith, Ralph Dorsett, Walter Jean Lovingtoss, Victor C. Bastron. TOP ROW: Dick Wilkins. Lee Cancller Young, Rudolph Alexander, Butch Linville, Carl N. Beer, William E. Hem. Darby Gray, Keith E. Whittill. BOTTOM ROW: Perry S. Main, Kenneth Snyder, Larry J. Fiese, David E. Andrews. Penny Criswell, Charlotte Haltom, Kenneth Roberts. Skip Piltz, Cheri Weinberg. TOP ROW: John Carlton i I Gatlin, John McCarthy, William Shepard, Milne Cline, Jett Smith. Steve D. Barrett. Lynn Knapp, C. Terry Nickle, Lewis R. Woolery. Paul E. Clark. eoneir Attend Intercollegiate Meet F' I L t PASSENGER Lewis Woolery seems to have second thoughts about making the trip to the OSU air meet with pilot Terry Nickle. EA I . N ui The aim of the University of Oklahoma Soonairs is to promote general aviation among the student body. This year oliicers were C. Terry Nickle, pres- identg Dave Andrews, vice presidentg Ken Sny- der, secretaryg Lynn Knapp, treasurerg Ken Roberts, operations oflicersg Perry Main, safe- ty ofticerg Penny Criswell, publicity and Paul Clark, faculty sponsor. Any student interested in aviation can belong to this organization. The Soonairs met every other Tuesday at 7 oiclock in the Student Union. They hosted speakers and films from the armed services, FAA, and various aircraft manufacturers, as well as local pilots, aviation companies and organizations. They had one air meet with OSU each semester and attended the National Intercollegiate Air Meet at Purdue University. 't ni or ity oholar Take Honor Courses A new excellence emerged on the campus of the University of Oklahoma when the first University Scholars' group was formed in the tall of 1963. Now, each spring 50 top high school scholars are selected by competitive ex- aminations, both written and oral, and inter- viewed to become University Scholars. Those selected are given the personal gui- dance of Dr. Glenn C. Couch, dean of the University College. They are treated individ- ually in planning their academic programs which are best suited to their personal talents, interests, and aspirations. Scholars are encouraged to explore new di- mensions through honor courses, special Schol- ar seminars, advanced standing credit examin- ations, and through personal relationships with other Scholars. This year two Scholars were chosen for the BOTTOM ROW: John R. Morris Jr., Elaina Heath, Patricia A. Fowler, Susie E. Engel. Susan J. Sanders, K. Ann Crain, Suzanne lvlarrs, Janice Cummings. Glenn C. Couch. SECOND ROW: Charles B. Jordan, John H. Fowler, Randall A. Hutlman, Steve Wilson, Barbara K. Bullard, Carole lvl. Choate, Michaelyn K. Barker, Jane R. Smothers. THIRD ROW: Larry J. Mandt, Ken Jackson. Ron J. Phelps, William T. Stewart, Timothy K. Bovee. James D. Lewis, William H. Hinlcle, Tom Erbar, Danny J. Cassidy. Lottinville awards as Outstanding Freshman Man and Outstanding Freshman Woman. Scholars are encouraged to depart from their fixed curricular to explore new areas of learning. This practice helps to broaden their scope of learning. Advanced standing credit allows the Scholars to progress on a high- er educational level than the average freshman. Many Scholars complete two yearis work in a single year. As a group, the Scholars aver- aged 41 credits with a 3.7 grade-point. They continued to achieve unprecedented excellence in their academic work. These talented young students achieved new heights in their aca- demic pursuits, reaching into new directions of knowledge and creative achievement. The University Scholars is the only program of this kind to offer such opportunity and excellence. FOURTH ROW: Larry N. Hodges, William E. Cromwell, Sidney W. Kitchel, David A. Hester, Douglas L. lnhote, Gordon E. Tay- lor Jr.. David N. Erwin, J. Steve Hargis. John A. Hensley. TOP ROW: W. L. Giezentanner, David A. Burns, James N. Thomp- son Jr., Stewart W. Lindemann, William W. Cook lll, Mark E. Adams, Kenneth E. Lotler, lmmo R. Gabbe, A. Richard Koch. Gary L. Hensler. , M .1 EDJ- x at V ww ,, 'E E H, . V N E. 42522 up 'F ws' x. .ff H 'F bf -- V' ff' ' L' 1... u.... A 's.l..,. x...n... . Y . J . 1 A I u A I v was f? ' s. I I Q7 V A, 1 1 ' 1 5 -' l u A' L A ' L - my v . ,I cm N. .-I SN R 1 Hn. 1 ' ,N SQ f X X' "I ' Q. -4,1-""' S m, ri-Ek:-,U ' V . Q-V' ha -n urs-an-xw s U-mmf: ul S S BANK .ug x . ,J Chapter I2 M su fe 2,g23'2v-A az T Xkqik 23, Q1 aff? Y- Einiigo C Sf Wlth TRADE-MARKS X, ffffnffg iw p N The Will Rogers Cafeferia UKLIIHUMII MEMURI L UNIUN THE OKLAHOMA MEMORIAL UNION SERVES STUDENT, CAMPUS, COMMUNITY, AND STATEWIDE ACTIVITIES. AUDITORIUMS - BALLROOMS MEETING ROOMS - DINING ROOMS LOUNGING AND RECREATIONAL FACILITIES We are equipped to hcxndle both large and small conventions cmd group meetings. TRUSTEES . . . PRESIDENT ............ ..... L EE B. THOMPSON VICE PRESIDENT ................ IACK LUTTRELL TREASURER ...................... . D. H. GRISSO SECRETARY and MANAGER . HILLYER FREELAND We Are Graieful For 'ihe opporiuniiy io coniribuie +0 ihe growfh and expansion of ihe educaiionai facilifies ai +he Universiiy of Oklahoma. Go-ahead banking WATTIE WOLFE COMPANY Mechanical Coniracfors OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA eposltlnsuran C p t We Build Today For A Be'Her Tomorrow Aero Space Engineering Building On The Nor'l'h Campus By Link Cowen Cons+ruc+ion Company, Inc. SHAWNEE. OKLAHOMA P.O. Box 309 Area 405 BR 5-0556 Farsi' Unli' of 0 U s new Engineering Cenfer VGFSITY By conirlbuhng 'io ihe com'For'r and uhlriy of ihe educahonal 'FBCIIITISS of Oklahoma we are helping +o provide maximum educahonal opporfumiy for ris youih These O.U. Buildings Are Now Complered Engineering Cenier The Towers x N941 'K ff. . I I-IARMON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY INC OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA 4335 W. Reno WI 6-4471 i We are proud io be a par'r of 'ihe expansion program of Oklahoma Uni- BY ggi E QA 99 0' um'-V5 1 0 A Abbott, lerry, 404, 528, 529, 534 Abbott, Nelson, 538 Abel, Donna, 552, 432, 481 Abel, Edwin, 370, 371, 372, 377 Abel, Nan cy, 375 Abeles, Andrea, 256, 404 Aber, Cheryl, 256, 404 Abernathy, Anne, 119, 202, 270, 271, 383, 581 Abemathy, Phillip, 304, 432, 491, 506 Abemethy, Barbara, 264, 417 Abernethy, Edward, 298, 417 Abich, Pedro, 561 Abner, Ch arles, 417, 4-67 Aboussie, Kenneth, 330, 404 Abrams, Norman, 89 Abramson, Ianc, 486, 589 Abramson, lane, 486, 589 Faculty- tutlent Allen, Wayne, 172, 404, 501 Alllord, Virgil, 213, 326, 417, 517 Allgoocl, Iohn, 167, 372 Allison, Carl, 211 Allman, Barbara, 380 Karen, 245, 248, 490 Allman, Allman, Kay, 490, 589 Allmon, Lorraine, 404, 413, 460, 548, 590 Allwhite, Kenneth, 297, 383 Alspaugh, Kay, 490 Alterman, Robert, 312, 4.32, 512 Altman, Margo, 278, 279, 417 Altman, Ronny, 312, 383 Altman, Tina, 279, 417, 558 Altom, Donald, 524 Altscltwager, lane, 404, 467 Alstatt, Elizabeth, 432, 474, 553, 554 Altstatt, Sara, 383, 477 Alworth, Charles, 383, 542, 550, 568, Abramson, Ronald, 373 Abramson, Vicki, 279, 417 Ahy, Loretta, 194, 259, 404 Ackerman, Andrew, 333, 417 Acord, Karen, 266, 267, 534, 536, 538, 404 Adair, Walter, 159, 162, 502 572, 597 Ambler, Robert, 138 Assawamatiyanont, Suree, 473 Assenzo, Joseph, 583 Atchley, Gordon, 567 Atchley, Mary, 466 Atchley, Michael, 492 Atha, Michael, 404 Atha, Steven, 140, 304, 404 Atkins, Kenneth, 432, 53 Atkins, Linda, 536, 539, 582 Atkins, Samuel, 111, 144, 242, 314, 417, 496, 521, 525, 593 Atkins, Susan, 263, 284, 432, 474 Atkinson, Gean, 140, 332, 333, 404 Augenfeld, I. M., 558 Ausman, George, 404 Austin, Allcne, 432, 461 Austin, Charles, 167, 237, 519 Austin, Ioan, 267, 4.32, 481, 582 Austin, Iohn, 383 Austin, Susan, 252, 432, 461 Autry, Ralph, Ir., 559 Aven, Melanie, 476 Adams Adams, Adams, Carl ynn, 460 Daniel, 373 Donna, 404, 457, 462, 566, 574 Adams, Edward, 326, 432, 502 Adams, Brlann, 571 Adams, Florencia, 260, 517 Adams, Henry, 383 Adams, Hugh, 140, 308, 404 Adams, Iohnny, 516 Adams, Karen, 460, 574 Adams, Laura, 383 Adams, Mark, 432, 512, 601 Adams Adams Adams: Orinda, 462 Pamela, 267, 277, 432 Pamela I., 276, 277, 417, 482 Amen, Richard, 512 Amendola, Theodore, 521 Ames, Iohn, 307, 383 Amiri, Ali, 48, 520, 577 Amiri, Hema, 383, 559 Ammons, Earl tMrs.J, 302 Amsden, Tom, 306 Amspaeher, Sally, 271, 432, 473 Amyx, Clyde, 318. 404, 561 Anderle, Susan, 198, 260, 261, 404 Avery, Sharon, 490 Awtrey, Iim, 240, 330, 383 Axley, Alan, 225, 517 Index Barnard, lean, 383 Barnard, Terry, 148 Barnes, Adrah, 404, 470, 536 Carol, 474 Bames, Bames, Carolyn, 404, 467, 574 Charles 417 514 Bames, , , Banes, D. L., 564 Barnes, Diane, 459 Gerald 372 Barnes, , Bamm, Ieannette, 275, 383 Barnes, john, 564 Bames, Kay, 460 Barnes, M. Merlene, 432, 465 Melvin, 148, 432 Barnes, Barnes, Ronald, 432, 512 Barnes, Sally, 487 Barnett, Gerald, 303, 383, 575, 2179 Barnett, James, 373. 524 Barnhart, Susan, 475 Bamhill, Sherron, 484 Barnholtz, Ioan, 256, 432, 465 Barr, Cathy, 279, 432, 458 Barr, James, Ir., 301, 432 Barr, james M., 148, 432, 509, 519 Belanger, Ann, 263, 373, 384 Belangcr, Ion, 334, 370 Belangcr, Steven, 432, 507 Belcher, Gary, 144 Bellortl, Belly, 259, 384 Belknap, Harold, 117 Bell, Anne, 271, 432, 477 Bell, Carolyn, 279, 417, 554 Bell, Charles, 148, 317, 432 Bell, David, 311, 370, 373, 515, 525 Bell, Digb , 539 Bell, Elizabeth, 247, 249, 576 Bell, lill, 271, 404 Bell, Iohn, 432 Bell, Judith, 259, 417 Bell, Martin, 303, 492 Bell, Marly, 276, 404 Bell, Pau , 528, 5151, 539 Bell, Richard, 162 Bell, Richard W., 307, 432, 503 Bell, Saundra, 486 Bellah, lamcs, 384, 556, 567 Anders, Vi cki, 558 Anderson, Charles, 511 Anderson, Cheryl, 259, 432, 464 Anderson, Clarice, 85, 489 Anderson, Dick, 493, 506 Anderson, Gary, 556 Anderson, Iay, 432, 475, 594 Argdstirson, Iuanita, 202, 383, 478, 541, Anderson, Judith, 268, 417 Melody, 264, 433, 466, 569 Baysing Adams, Paul, 307, 432, 503 Adams, William, 162, 520 Acliaarison, John, 140, 243, 298, 299, Adcock, Patricia, 477 Adee, Marjorie, 272, 404, 490 Atgggis, Beverly, 259, 432, 536, 548, Adkins, Velma, 380 Adkins, Walter, 383 Adler, Donald, 383 Adli, Iradj, 577 Admire, Iohnny, 380, 493 Adra, Mustafa, 562, 573 Adreme, Gail, 196, 278, 279, 417 Agee, Linda, 404, 467 Agnew, Iohn, 144, 318, 319, 417 1, Harvey, 559 Ahmad, Mokhtee, 573 Ahmed, Gamal, 573 Ahmeduddin, Mir, 573 Ahrand, Tom, 92 Ahrens, Robert, 318, 404 Akerman, A. A., 144 Akers, Gibson, 167, 383 Akers, Stuart, 417 Akin, Beverly, 417 Akin, Carol, 404, 490 Akin, Iohn, 383, 559 Akright, Susan, 270, 271, 282, 383 A1-Daussary, Iabir, 562, 573 Al Karaghouli, Ismail, 229, 516 Al Rawi, Abdul, 380, 562, 573 Alagood, Milas, 528, 529 Alam, Mashkoor, 524, 573 Alasin, Ronald, 593 Alavnick, Irene, 279, 417 Alhano, Diana, 566 Albano, Michael, 503 Alberding, Melissa, 272, 417 Albers, Rock, 148, 432, 507, 548, 571 Albin, Samme, 276, 417 Albitz, Betty, 262 Alden, John, 311, 432 Aldrich, lane, 272, 383, 574 Anderson, Kathryn, 479 Anderson, Leslie, 142 Anderson, Lloyd, 404, 512, 525 Anderson, Maria, 383, 488 Anderson, Marjorie, 464 Anderson, Martin, 568, 597 Anderson, Milli, 473 Anderson, N. Darlene, 539, 541 Anderson, Paul, 243, 303, 404, 523, 525 Anderson, Peer, 404 Anderson, Richard, 432, 549 Anderson, Richard L., 383 Anderson, Richard W., 432 Anderson, Stoney, 243 Anderson, Teresa, 268, 404, 558 Andrew, Neil, 160 Andrews, David, 383, 568, 572, 600 Andrews, Mildred, 538 Andricos, George, 330, 404 Andriesse, Clive, 554 Anglin, Richard, 383, 507, 556, 571 Anguish, Robert, 404, 524, 528, 529 Annusehat, James, 432, 535 Ansley, Sharon, 276, 417, 594 Anspaugh, Sheryl, 471 Antezana, Femando, 383, 560, 588, 597, 599 Anthony, lane, 417, 490 Anthony, Linda, 484 Anthony, Theresa, 264, 417 Anthony, Travis, 504 Appleby, Cecile, 275, 417 Applegate, Roger, 432, 523 Applegate, Susan, 458, 536 Applewhite, Ierry, 512 Arab, Dushyant, 383, 562, 573 Arant, Iohn, III, 297, 404 Arcader, Stnley, 373 Archer, Christopher, 432 Archer, Jimmie, 480, 566 Archer, Michael, 512 Arens, Merle, 432, 596 Arkin, Michael, 329, 370, 371, 376 Armold, Katherine, 578 Armour, Linda, 417 Aldridge, Lo, 417 Aldridge, hillip, 234 Alexander, Dennis, 161, 521, 525 Alexander, Diane, 466, 573, 576 Alexander, Edward, 507 Alexander, Elaine, 566 Almrander, Rudolph, 568, 599 Alfieri, Iames, 213 Bicltel, Neil, 160, 562, 578 Alger, Iacqueline. 383 Arms, Linda, 417 Arms, Allen, 383 Armstrong, G. Timothy, 373 Amastrong, Iane, 383 Armstrong, Linda, 432, 468 Armstrong, Mary, 383 Armstrong, Roy, 559 Armstrong, Susan, 281, 417, 585 Armstrong, Trevus, 519 Ayers, John, 147 Azar, Jamal, 380 Azar, Zaetta, 383 Azeltine, Tena, 487 B Babcock, Dan, 326, 404 Baber, Ianet, 575 Baca, Marsha, 59, 432, 466, 553, 554 Bach, Stuart, 52 Baehle, Iohn, 303, 383 Badgett, Robert, 334, 432, 520 Badii, Leili, 478, 577 Baer, lack, 271 Baerst, Suzie, 566 Bagny, Buford, 144, 213, 330, 417, 5 Bagigett, Nancy, 404 Bag ey, Preston, W Bagwell, Paul, 213, 517 Ba arloui, Abdolhossein, 577 Baharlou, Carlene, 577 Bailey, Burl, 513 Bailey, Harold, 492 oyce, 272, 432, 474 ichael, 234, 404, 513 Bailey' lv, Icy, Blliley, Ilgichariggkslfifl, 502 DY, Bailey, Bailey, Sam, 576 Bain, Rebecca, 478 Bain. Virginia, 252, 432, 479 Baird, George, 170, 522 Baird, Marina, 484 Baird, Patricia, Baird, William, Bajew, Eugene, 572 Baker, Alice, 271, 432, 469 Baker, Alice, 271, 432, 469 Baker, Catherine, 468, 569, 571 Baker, Connie, 256, 432, 582 Baker, Donna, 272, 404 Baker, Frances, 383 Baker, Ieanne, 263, 417, 594 Baker, jimmy, 167 Baker, Melvin, 317, 417 Baker, Pamela, 417, 490 Baker, Penny, 252, 432, 484 Baker, Peter, 417 Baker, Suzanne, 478 Baker, Thomas, 321, 432, 505 Baker, William, 521 Bakkouche, Abdelhamid, 573 Balachi, Eli, 143, 147, 148, 432, 491, 500 Balaty, Ianet, 559 Balch, Dennis, 148 Balch, Lawrence, 34, 432, 498 Balch, Stanley, 371 Baldrachi, Donna, 432, 461 Baldwin, Guy, 148, 317, 432, 509 Baldwin, Victoria, 404, 490 Balentine, Cathie, 276, 417, 558 Bales, Ierry, 296, 297, 404 Balshaw, Patricia, 467 Ball, Elizabeth, 573 Ball, Henry, 573 Ball, John, IV, 308, 432, 499 Ball, Louise, N2, 432, 480 Ball, Rex, 587 487 55 l 550, 560 Barret, Guy, 117 Barrett, David, 256, 226, 517 Barrett, Iohn, 300, 330, 404 Barrett, John, 144, 301, 417, 593 Barrett, Shirley, 417, 487 Barrett, Stephen, 293, 432, 512, 600 Barrett, Wallace, 417, 514 Bellingham. lumes, 520 Bellmon, Henry, 66, 67, 111 Bellotto, Samuel, 506 Bellows, Frank, 307, 404 Benhow, Rohert, 34, 304, 404, 567 Bendix, Richard, 161 Bendorl, lerty, 432, 500 Bendrissou, Mohamed, 384, 573, 592 Benedum, Benjamin, 376 Benehel, Thomas, 333, 404 Barron, Donna, 249, 432, 475, 548, 571 Barrow, Allen, 330, 404 Norvin 559 Barrows, , Barry, Georfgiana, 383, 487 Bartee, Pau , 119, 258, 310, 311,404 Barthel, Alan, 404, 537 Barthcl, Gail, 432, 467 Barthel, Linda, 53, 266, 267, 384, 393 Bartholomew, John, 144, 417 Bartlebaugh, Diane, 490 Bartlett, Cathy, 432, 465, 569 Bartlett, Michael, 528 Bartlett, Paul, 498, 539 Bartlett, Virginia, 255, 432 Bartley, lac uelinc, 417, 490 Bartley, William, 404 Bartlow, Cary, 147, 521 Burtlowe, Sandra, 469 Barton, Ron, 303, 404 Barwick, Elizabeth, 380 Base, Michael, 213, 417, 517 Bashaw, Paula, 272, 432, 477 Baskerville, Mary, 249, 417 Bass, Icrry, 135, 138 Bassel, Iames, 161, BO, 21, 404, 561 Bassett, Douglas, 524 Bassman, Steve, 148, 312, 432, 519 Bassman, Bonney, 259, 417, 430 Bastron, Victor, 384, 542, 556, 560, 597, 599 Basu, Asoke, 573 Bates, Randolph, Ir., 166 Bates, William, 144, 519 Battey, Eldon, 318, 319, 285, 289, 384 Battles, Richard, 294, 432 Bauer, Iohn, 148, 133, 432, 506 Baugh, Beverly, 432, 465 Baum, Richard, 237, 312, 313, 404 Bauman, Albert, Ill, 159, 162, 432, 52 Bauman, Marion, 167, 170, 384 Baumeister, Terry, 517 Baumgardrier, Vivian, 442, 458, 582 Baumgartner, Richard, 523 Bavaro, Paul, 304, 404 Bavinger, Eugene, 100, 101 Benelicld, Barry, 373 Benellcld, larnes, 317, 404 Benge, Marvin, 159, 162 Benien. Lohn, 138 Benische , Rita, 384, 559 Benito, Sabndo, 573 Bennett, David, 148, 314, 432, 504 Bennett, Bennett, Bennett, David ll., 503. 571, 573 Gary, 325, 417 George, 497, 525 Bennett, lames, 285, 302, 303, 384 Bennett, iohn, 380 Bennett, udith, 417, 467 Bennett, Larry, 334, 384 Bennett, Robert, 1229, 516 Bennett, Stanley, 172, 522 Bennifght, Sandra, 433, 472 Benskin, Marilyn, 464, 578 Benson, Denney, 404, 567 Benson, Icrry, 404 Benson, lerry L., 311 Benson, Indy, 384 Benson, Loyd, 370. 371, 376 Benson, Megan, 484 Bentley, Charles, 143, 147, 148, 502 Bentley, Dnnalil, 144, 330, 417 Bentley, Paula, 384 Ber lan Larr , 148, 433 Berlfand, Paullt, 478 Berline, Byron, W, 404, 516 Berlowitz, James, 312, 433, 496 Berman, Bruce, 144, 417 Bernard, lohn, 516, 547 Bernert, lochelle, 487 Bernlmrl, Arthur, 103, 560, 577 Bcrnhart, Frank, 417, 585 Berniek, Emil, 113, 433. 503 Bernstein, Anne, 279, 433, 483 Berry, C. Michael, 297, 433 Berry, Earl, Ir., 373 Berry, Icanne, 485 Berry, lohn, 312, 384, 558 Berry, Iohn H., 242, 243 Berry, john S., BS, 380 Berry, Bm hm, incl, 1f.,43z,491, sol Baxter, Helen, 584 Baxter, Marion, 513 Bayles, Dudley, 380, 551 Bayles, Iimmy, 551 Bayles, Ioann, 551 Bayltss, Don, 521 Bayless, Roger, 321, 384, 559 er, l-luglt, 372, 376 Berry, Rebecca, 276, 433, 594 Bers tinslty, George, 159, 160, 403 Bert. C. W., 562 Berthrong, Donald, 211 Best, Dona, 461 Bcthea, Charles, Ir., 242, 298, 299, 417, 593 Bethea, Iames, 140 Bettes, Richard, 148, 433 Ball, Willis, 128, 129, 147, 523, 582 Ali, Mohamed, 573 Allbritton, Sylvia, 380 Allee, Bob, 68 Allen, Bonnie, 246, 268, 269, 417, 54-4 Allen, Charles, 321, 417, 535 Allen, Di Anne, 196, 272, 273, 404 Allen, Elizabeth, 432, 468 Allen, Elizabeth A., 263, 404 Allen, George, 373 Allen, Ginger, 268, 269, 404, 598 Allen, ienniler, 260, 261, 404, 570 A153-3, Stsglnn, 258, 259, 404, 411, Aneni Leah, 484 tra Sa e , . ., Alleil, Nidra, 375 Allen, Patricia, 464 Allen, Recilla, 247, 272, 417 Allen, Richard, 404 Allen, Rob Allen ert, 148, 521 Sammy, 494 Allen: Shirley, 43a 459, 554 Allen, Stephen, 308, 404 Allen, Stephen L., 297, 432 Allen Stephen P. , 506 A11en:Ulalah, 252, 417 608 Amette, Shelley, 312, 404 Amey, Monte, 373 Arney, Sharon, 375 Amn, Lynn, 326, 383 Amn, Terry, K, 326. 404 Arnold, De Lynn, 473 Amold, lack, 559 Arnold, Leonard, 517 Amold, Ruth. 107 Arora, Sudsh, 573 Arrin ton, Laura, 264, 432, 465 Arst, Rllichael, 328, 329, 404 Arthuxs, I. Stewart. 372. 376 Arthurs, Saundra, 252, 417 Asbury, Iudith, 103, 276, 383, 534, 536, 538 Asbury, Stephen, 148, 491, 504 Asehmann, Roehel, 432 Ashby, Elton, 159, 160 Ashlock, Mary, 264, 404 Ashmore, Anthony, 370, 371, 377 Ashmore, Christie, 383 Ashmore, Iohn, BT, 432 Ashworth, lane, 404, 566, 574 Askew, Leah, 432, 472 Askew, Scott, 162, 492, 571 Asper, lohn, 404 Ballard, Bryan, 404, 586 Ballard, Clay, 553 Ballard, Susan, 271, 432, 472 Ballard, William, 372, 376 Baller, Iimmy, 516 Ballina, Lorraine, 188, 252, 383, 589 Balsinger, Edward, 500 Baltierra. Alice, 464 Bandy, Gail, 264, 432 Bandy, Iudith, 265, 284, 465, 565 Bandy, William, Ir., 383, 597 Bane, Gary, 317, 432 Bane, Mary, 481 Bank, Anita, 432, 459, 594 Bank, Jonathan, 312, 383 Banks, Lawrence, Ir., 380 Bannister, Iames, 143, 147 Baptist, Ann, 271, 432, 475 Barber, Thomas, 584 Barclay, Susan, 534 Barfoot, Sharon, 487, 558 Barger, Laura, 432, 468 Barker, Forrest, 148 Barker, Michaelyn, 432, 459, 595, 601 Barker, Sarah, 272, 383 Barlow, Michael, 23, 404 Bamard, Betty, 468 Beach, Priscilla, 271, 384 Beachner, lane, 380 Beadner, David, 147, 237, 308, 404 Beall, Iames, 374 Beall, Iames R., 371 Beams, Drew, 404 Beams, Iudy, 480 Beard, Frances, 432, 473 Beardslee, lerry, 237 Beasley, Robert, lr., 289, 496 Beasley, Virgil, 584 Beattie, lean, 255, 417, 486, 594 Beatty, Robert, 510 Beatty, Ruth, 470 Beatty, William, 510, 593 Beauc ry, Ann, 268, 284, 432, 475 Beavers, Graham, Ir., 519 Beavers, Robert, 308, 432. SB Beckenhauer, Rex, 301, 384 Bettis, Cathy, 473 Betts, Bruce, 417 Bcytlrnm, Ghassan, 562 Beycloun, Samira, 562 Bias, Sandra. 198, 264, 265, 404, 594 5198 Bias, Sike, 148, 314, 433, 509 Bible, john, 303, 417 Becker, Becker, Becker, Fred, 330, 404 lack, 330, 432, 498 Iutlith, 59, 417 Beekey, William, 432, 522 Bednar, Charles, 52 Betlnar, Dick, Ir., 130 Bednar, Robert, 514 Beebe, Sharon, 271, 417 Beekman, Harry, 372 Beeler, Claude, lr., 316, 317, 417 Beer, Carl, 588, 599 Beeson, Ierry, 298, 417 Beers, Mary, 566 Begay, Keith. 524 Be annon, Molly, 272, 273, 404, 541 Behne, Eloise, 417, 485 Bekkouche, Abdelhamid, 562 Biglgxgio, Charlene, 263, 404, 582, 590, K Bitldinger, Irnseph, 304, 417 Biddle, Edith, 275, 404 Biddle, Patricia, 384, 482 Bidcly, Leon, 138 Bielefeld, Iune, 268, 269, 384 Bienlang, Ralph, 12, 123 Bierman, Ernest, 433. 500 Billle, limmie, 239, 308, 433, 52 Bighie, Williarn, Ir., 325, 433, 509 Bigby, Byron, 148, 517 Bigelow, Robert, 242, 314, 404 Biggcrs, Vernon, 333, 384 Biggs, Shirley, 118, 204, 262, 263, 282, 384, 581 Higham, Robert, Ir., 556 V Bigheart, Billy, 384, 528-529, 532, 534 539 Bi ler, Robert, 325, 417 Bilzbo, Charles, 433, 573 Billings, Colleen, 271, 433, 473 Billings, Sandralu, 264, 384, 559 BillingS. Thomas, 384 Billingslen, Marilyn, 275, 417, 558 Billington, Rita, 433. 475 Bills, Gilbert, 144, 334, 417 x5 '9,5"f"' " f I M f 3 '5?f :LL 5:2 ...lf 1 l CHAMPLIN. . . A re f Name ln the Great Plains DUI-ILITY . PETRULEUM PBUDUCTS X I E I IIB!! Il M?-'55 Il lia ! ws: -1 I I X ' , U ' ' - I. ' -- .t ntl it 1 1 A 'QL f 'l S 45 1-:ful l f ' Q Billy, Robert, 505 Billy, Roberta, 433, 466, 576 Bilyeu, Nanetle, 276, 433, 473 Birllgslman, Iohn, Ir., 148, 333, 433, Bindgaman, W. L., 143, 159 Bir , Anne, 270, 271, 384 Bird, Judith, 271, 384, 542 Birkhead, Io, 260, 417 Robert, 575 Bisacca, Bishop, Alexander, 588 Bishop, Barbara, 433, 470 Bishop, Donna, 467, 573, 577 Bishop, Gareth, 148, 433 Bishop, Bishop, L. Doyle, 564 Mary, 566 Bishop, Robert, 317, 404 Bitner, Sharon, 256, 384, 590 Patricia, 478 Bivins, Black, Anita, 433, 463, 594 Black, Ierry, 172, 417, 548 Black, Karen, 248, 264, 404, 578, 594, 598 Black, Karen M., 433, 476 Black, Kenneth, 161, 551 Black, Lonna, 473 Black, Mary, 486 Black Merle III 167 384 Black, Phillifa, 368, 410 Ricky, sos William, 514 Black, Black, Blackerby, Gloria, 264, 404, 534, 537 Blackwell, Iames, 494 B1S6l5xve11, Thomas, II, 149, 326, 433, Blackwood, Donald, 161, EG, 297, 404 Blake, C. Michael, 506, 528-529, 549 Blake, Ioe, 138, 241, 332, 333, 384 Blake, Iudith, 418, 464 Blake, Stephen, 148, 333, 433, 512 Blakely, Frank, 380 Blakely, Thomas, 559 Blakegg, William, 519 Blalo , Candace, 264, 384, 480 Blalock, Iames, 330, 384 Blancett, Allen, 380 Bland, Carole, 254, 404 Blandford, Carol, 263, 404, 575, 582 Blankenship, Franklin, 243, 586 Blankenship, James, 211, 314, 315, 370, 544 Blggg Gary, 39, 170, 405, 511, 585, Blasingame, Billy, 138, 147 Blaske, Theodore, 334, 384 Bleakley, William, 160, 163, MZ, 544 Bledsoe, Paul, 370 Bledsoe, Sharyn, 384 Bleyberg, Marguerite, 259, 384, 590 Blick, Edward, 557 Blinn, Donald, 568, 597 Blirm, Susan, 247, 276, 277, 405, 541 598 Bliss, Wayne, 380, 583 Bloch, Stephen, 329, 405 Blume, Innie, 405, 488, 489, 578 Blomgren, Ierry, 140, 524 Bloom, Natalie, 279, 4.33, 481 Bloss, Marion, 559 Bloustine, Donald, 23, 418 Blubaugh, Karel, 29, 231 Blubaugh, Susan, 267, 433, 582 Blue, Barbara, 375 Blue, Bamey, 148, 433, 502, 551 Blue, Bruce, 312, 433, 503 David, III, 333, 370, 371, 376 Blue, Blume, Donna, 433 Blumen, Thelma, 256, 418, 582 Blythe, Marilyn, 418, 487 Boal, Davie, 263, 433, 466, 594 Boardman, Phillip, 503 Boateng, Ioseph, 583 Boatman, A. N,, 117 Boatman, William, SZJ, 596 Boatrigllt, George, 501 Boarrigln, fack, 380, 583 Bohb, Pau a, 485 Bobiys, Star, 135, 138 Boe , I-Iowarcl, 329, 418 Boddy, Susan, 247 Boettcher, Lawrence, 373 Boeve, Le Ann, 196, 259, 295, 405, 590 Joseph, 25, 517 Bagan, Began, Neil, 330, 433, 514 Bog , Leslie, 271, 418 Ianis, 268, 433 Begg, Bogle, Susan, 268, 384 Bo an, uurbara, 380, 460 Bokor, Leonard, 292, 293, 418 Bolding, Robert, 373 William Boldiniii ' ' ,Ir.,418, 571 Bolen, aurence, II, 384, 507, 567 Boles, Ianet, 490 Bolks, Nancy, 267, 384 Bollinger, Frank, 372, 376 Bolstad, Vernon, 161, 324, 325, 384 Bolstein, Marlene, 487 Bolton, Arthur, 507 Bolton, Gary, 559 Bomar, Susan, 259, 433, 479 Bonds, Archibald, 298, 384, 592 Bondurant, David, 405, 512, 56, 560 Bonclurant, Nancy, 260, 433, 484 Bone, Harold, 542 Bonilield, Betty, 51, 124, 125, IB, 129, 270, 271, 405 Bonil-ield, Kathryn, 275, 433, 476 Bonnell, Patricia, 276, 433, 480 Bonnell, William, 372, 376 Bonner, Silas, 520 Bonner, Stephen, 311, 405 Booker, Bobbie, 490 Booker, Patricia, 405 Bookey, Andrea, 279. 433, 483 Booth, Raymond, 433, 52 Booth, Robert, 384 Boggglaardt, Paul, 150, 153, 290, 291, Bordeau, Elvi, 241 6 1 0 Borden, Ronald, 161, 321, 405, 528- 529 Border, Peter, 524 Borelli, Barbara, 262, 263, 405, 541, 590, 594 Buren, Karen, 548 Boren, Robert, 314, 315, 433, 501 Borgsirom, Richard, 134, 137 Bernstein, Andrea, 418 Borovieka, Larry, 521 Bortis, Ion, 597 Bosley, Kaye, 263, 433, 481 Bosley, Travis, ir., 418, 514 Botkin, Iim, 14 , 321, 433, 505 Botkin, Simone, 460, 490 Bott, Barbara, 463 Botts, Earl, 559 Betts, Robert, jr., 418, 507 Boudinot, Reginald, 496, 528-529 Bouclreau, Rex, 516 Boukadoum, April, 573 Boukadoum, Nast, 573 Bounds, Elvin, 560, 597 Bourland, Lain, 380, 584 Bourland, ichele, 260, 418 Boulon, Carolyn, 375 Bouton, Mark, 372 Bouziden, Roseann, 119, 121, 206, 258, 259, 282, 384, 581 Bove, Christine, 457, 490 Bovce, Elizabeth, 384 Bovee, Timothy, 433, 601 Margie, 128 Bowen, Bowlby, David, 138, 147 Bowlby, Mary, 433, 467, 571 Bowlen, Mary, 263, 433, 484 Bowls, Michael, 418, 513, 571 Bowles, Mitchell, 517 Bowles, Sharon, 463 Bowling, Beulah, 292, 293 Bowling, Maurine, 248 Bowman, Barbara, 464 Donald, 297, 433 Bowman, Bowman, lane, 268, 433, 466 Bowman, Sarah, 271, 433, 472 Sherry, 260, 384 Bowman. Bowser, Linda, 405, 467 Boxberger, Iane, 476 Boyd, Charles, 504 Boycl, David, 521 Boyd, Denzil, Ir., SSS Boyd, Boyd, Janice, 384, 490 Patricia, 4-33, 472 Douglas, 373 Boyd, Boyd, William, 148, 306, 307, 433, 497 Boydstun, Mike, 321. 405 Boyer, IudiLh, 478, 594 Boyette, Dana, 266, 267, 252, 305, 384, 570 Boyinglon, Larry, 144, 511 Boyle, William, 294, 433, 522 Boynnton, Charles, 580 Boynton, lay, 325, 418 Boynton, Martha, 467 Boyt, Edward, 148, 330, 433, 569 Bracewell, Indy, 418, 478, 590 Brackin, James, 148, 303, 433, 501 Braekin, Marshall, 592 Braden, Iames, M1 Braden, Ianiee, 1155, 418 Braden, Ioye, 433, 480 Bradford, Carol, 475 Curtis, 148, 516 Bradford, Bradford, James, 301, 370, 372 Thomas, 301, 405 Trisha, 375 Bradford, Bradford, Bradford, Wallace, 559 Bradley, Henry, 333, 384, 575 Bradley, Ioseph, 503 Bradley, Patricia, 405, 489 Bradley, Sharon, 252, 405, 589 Bradshaw, Dennis, 521 Bradshaw, Ronny, 285, 286, 315 Brady, Ramoncl, III. BS, 297, 405 Bralman, Leslie, 373 Braiassa, Patricia, 405, 489 Bra , Raiinder, 573 Brnmson, Roberta, 279, 433, 484, 582 Branch, Francine, 375 Branch, 1-Iegehgr., 372, 374 Brand, Ioyce, 4 3, 486, 576 Brandenburg, Heidi, 373 Brandenburg, John, 582 Brandenburg, Robert, Jr., 372, 376 Brandes, John, 143, 147, 494 Brandt, Paul, Jr., 384 Brannan, Iohn, Ir., 372, 376, 544 Brannon, Don, 318, 384 Brannon, Donna, 469 Branson. Randolph. 520 Brant, Clark, 148, 325, 433 Brant, John, 302, 303, 433, 505 Brant, Walter, 144, 418, 513, 593 Brantley, Jer , 162, 311, 418, 496, 525 Brantley, viflfi, 249, 252, 53, 433, 458 Brashear, Don, 93 Brashear, Ray, 144, 418, 510, 559 Bratcher, Karen, 198, 257, 418, 537 Bratten, Susan, 267, 418 Bratton, Jim, 539 Braught, Gene, 530, 532, Sw-SE Braught, Iudy. 195, 272, 273, 405, 528- 529, 532, 553, 554 Brauman, Ellen, 405, 487 Bray, Doris, 566 Breece, Robert. Jr., 370, 373 Breeden, Carolyn, 276, 384, 581 Breeding, L. E., 161 Breez, Arthur, 418, 513 Brenclle, Dinah, 418 Breshears, Gary, 521 Brashears. Kenneth, 559 Breslow. Marilyn. 279, 284, 433, 484 Bresriick. Susan. 279. 433 Brewer, Da ia. 267, 418 Brewer, Linda, 418, 478 Brewer, Nancy, 259, 433. 483, 595 Brewer, William, 317, 418 Brewster, David, 384 Brewster, Karen, 528-529, 548 Brichacek, Peggy, 464 Brgglier, Earl, III, 71, 304, 305, 384, 3 Brinkman, James, 135, 136, 137, 138, IS, 384 Bricmont, Chris, 272, 433 Briece, Ianice, 464 Brieehle, Harold, 384, 513 Briggs Christopher, 314, 315, 418 Briggs, Dale, 373 Briggs, Larry, 405 Briggs, Susan, 259, 433, 477, 548 Brig ', Tommy, 385, 493, 525 Brighsam, Dorothy, 408, 589 Brigham, La Dean, 267, 418 Brigmah, Louis, 330, 385, 579 Bright, Donald, 303, 385 Bright, Robert, 326, 385 Brightman, Laura, 385, 464 Brindley, Inseph, II, 318, 418 Brlning, William, 371, 376 Brinkman. Will-iam, 505, 572 Brfiigon, Michael, 148, 326, 433 ,461, Brisco, Thomas, 504 Briscoe, Beti, 284, 463 Briscoe, Carroll, 260, 261, 385 Briscoe, Fredda. 263, 418 Bristow, Reha, 52. 119, 122, 123, 194, 203, 265, 267, 282, 385 Brite, Cecil, 122, 123 Broadhurst, fimmy, 590 Brock, Ianel , 375 Brock, William, 373 Brgggxvell, Paul, III, 148, 330, 433, Brorlkiin, Mark, 285, 328, 329, 418, 513 Emily, 481 Frazier, 380, 583 Brugden, Bronson, Bronson, Rosalee, 385. 572 Brooks, Dickey, 303, 418 Brooks, flames, 385 Brooks, Ieanne, 460, 536 Brooks, Lynwood, 433, 500 Brooks, Rex, 373 Brooks, Robert, 496 Brorsen, Karen, 578 Brose, George, 234. 238 Brosseau, Iean. 487, 536 Brosseau, lon. 385, 557 Broughton, Danny, 584 Brown, Barbara, 267, 385 Brown, Belly, 380 Brown Beverly, 256, 418, 582 Brown, Bonnie. 418, 487 Brown, Bryan, 315 Brown, Candace, 433, 477, 548, 571 Brown, Clyde, 385, Brown, Coke. 297, 385 D, Elaine. 550 Brown, Brown, Darrell, 434. 512 Brown, Dorothy, 460 Dorothy I,, 460 Brown, Brown, Elizabeth, 255, 434, 481 Brown, Fred, 311, 405 Brown, Gary, 370, 373. 548 Brown, Gilbert, 434, 505 Brglign, Gordon, 213, 21, E. 517, Brown, Guy, 112, 113 Brown, Gwendolyn, 275, 335 Brown Horace, 74, 83 Brown: Jane, 279, 434, 475 lay, 373 Brown, Brown, Iimmy, 312, 383, 580 Brown, Qxdilh, 461 Brown, Brown enneth, 522 , L. Z. M., III. 317, 418 Brown, Larry, 213. 215. 21, E, 545 Brown, Lin a, 536 Brown, Linda L., 259. 418 Brown, Miles, 148, 308. 434 Brown, Norval, 148, 535, 538 Penelope. 572 Brown, Brown, Phillip, 301, 405 Rebecca 479 594 Brown, , , Brown, Richard, 312, 418, 544 Brown, Robert, 405, 572, 597 Brown, Roger, 243, 302, 303, 405 Brown Sally, 276, 418, 594 Brown, Sherry, 272, 434, 477 Brown, Sonia, 328, 33 Susan, 462 Brow-n, Brown, Thomas, 333, 418, 559 Brown, Thomas M., 500 Brown, Trebor, 333, 418 Brown, W. B., 286 Brown, William, 105 William R., 285 Brown, Browne, Stephen, 148, 326, 434, 505 Browning, Clint, 551 Browning, Iudy, 464 Browning. Larry, 167, 170, 385 Brownlee, Stephen, 504 James, 582 Bruce, Bruce, John, 559 Bruce, Michael, 148, 333, 434, 504 Bruce, Sharon, 259, 434, 470 Brummett. Linda. 565 Brusehi. David, 148, 294, 434, 438, 498, 553 Brust, Ken, 330. 405 Brust, Linda, 252, 418 Bruza, Sharon, 405 Bryan, Darlene. 385 ack, 333. 385 B , B1'1y3:,1,inda. sas, 556 Bryan, Woodrow, 333, 385, 576 Bryant, Ella, 462 Bryant, Harold, 492 Bryant, Judith, 385 Bryant, Linda, 385 Bryant, Mary. 275, 385. 568 Murphy, Ir., 385 Rohert Ir. 555 Bryles, Bryson. , , Buchanan, Cynthia. 481 Buchanan, Iames. 552. 559 Buchanan, lane, 276, 434, 461 Buchanan, Ierry, 524 Buchanan, Kenneth, 434 Buchanan, Patricia, 478, 552 Bucher, Inhn, Ir., 317, 434, 523 Buchner, Sheryl, 279, 405 Buchwald, Michael, 140 Buck, Charles, 248 Buck, Willa, 276, 405, 549 Buckley, Dianne, 554 Buckman, Kenneih, 515 Buckner, Carl, 385, 559 Bucllong, Barbara, 434, 473 Buffalo ide. Barry, 321, 418 Bullalow, I-Iarnlrl, 405 13u1Ione, Nicholas, 380 Buigher, Thelma, 418 Bu and. Nancy, 474 Bull, Russanne, 463 Bulla, Mary, 268, 380 Bullard, Barbara, 263, 434, 472, 601 Bullen, Carole, 272,, 418 Buglgvant, Gordon, J39, 301, 418, 518, Bumgardner, Allen, 43, 213, 218, 21, 222, 546 Bumgardner, Roberta, 418, 462 Bunch, Paula, 267, 434, 451 Bunney, Forrest, 494 Burba, Sharon, 260, 335 Burbank, Keith, 524 Burch, Marvin, 144 Burdette, Cavin, 241 Burclett, lack, 301, 405, 550 Burdick, Glen, 372, 376 Burdick, Ronald, 520 Burlord, Ialyl, 548 Burlnrd, Io n, Ir., 130, 171, 321, 418 Burgar, Jimmie, 517 Burge, Iames, II, 148, 408 Burger, Donna, 434, 470 Burger, Thomas, 290, 405 Burgess, Cherie, 260, 434, 463 Burgess, Gwendolyn, 418, 486, 537 Burgess, leanie, 590 Burgess, Mary, 268, 418 Burgett, Charles. 405 Bur ett, james, 534, 539 BLUE, In-an, 272, 434, 459 Burk, Iohn, 503 Othie, 503, 525 Burk, Burke, Bette, 276, 277, 385, 572 David, 162 Burke, Burke, Edmund, Ir., 522 Burke, Mary, 252, 405, 541 Burke, Maxey, 434 Burke, Philip, 512 Burke Ionnnc 284 571. 594 5, 1 v Burkett, james.-321, 380 Burkett, Jess, 911 Burkett, Vernon, 213, E Burkhaller, Dianne, 405, 457, 460, 487, 578 Burkhard, Carol, 418, 490 Burlcs, William, III, 314. 434, 502 Burleson, Mary, 271, 405 Burlingame, Ian, 260, 418 Biisrgwrett, Barbara, 278, 1279, 282, 385, Burnett, Don, 301, 418, 523 Burnett, Ruth, 478 Burnham. Robert, 159, 160, 325, 385 Burns, Allen, 1r,, 143, 325, 434, 493 Carol, 434 472 571 Burns, , , Burns, David, 148, 434, 512, 595, 501 Burns, Florence, 463 Burns, Gre-Egnry, 213, 385 Burris, Leg , 528-5129. 531 Burns, Michael, 213, 517 Susan, 486 Bums, Bums. William, Jr., 559 Burnside, Robert. 144, 318, 418, 516 Burr, David, 2, 75 Burris, Stanley, 553 Burris, Thelma, 418, 462 Burrow, Barbara, 418 Burrows, Ion. 505, 529 Burrs, Edie, 474, Bursey, Lynda, 434, 483, 582 Burt, William, Jr., ZJ4, 380 Burton, David, 380. 583 Burton, Gregory, 35, 434, 499 Burton, Harold, 42, 202, 213, E, 330, 331, 385, 546, 587 Burton, Judith, 260, 405 Burton Martha, 476 Burton, Mary, 467 Burton, Mclva, 536 Burton, Patricia, 246, 487 Ronnie, 434 501 Burton, , Burton, Thomas, S21 Burtrum, Douglas, 144 Burwell, Mary, 275. 282, 405 Burzio, Augusta, 418, 485 Busch, Sandra. 260, 434 Buscher, Henry, 380 Bush, Ioyce, 467 Bush, Lloyd, Jr., 52 Bushman, Io, 279, 405 Buskirk, Barbara, 263, 418, 582 Charles. 2-3. 138 Butler, Butler, David, 285, 301, 418 Butler, Gerald, 310. 311, 385 Howard 373 Butler, , Butler, Jeffrey, 5214 Icr , 330. 418 Butler, Butler, Linxlla, 253. 418 Butler, Nancy, 434. 466, 554 Butler, Sharon, 271, 385 Butterworth, Barbara, 260, 261, 282, 385 Butts, O. Wlsley, 517 Bgrggn, Clarence, III, 135, 136, 137, Buxton, Garrison, lr., 140 Buzzard. Sue, 267, 18, 589 Byers, Diane, 477 Byers, Susan, 418, 478 Bynum, Pats3'168Zi4, 405 Byrd, Bette, , 434, 461 Byrd, Carol, 462, 541 Byrd, Geary, 503 Byrd, Mark, 303, 405 Byrd, Victor, 573 Byrd, Virginia, 33, 270, 271, 385 Byrd, Wencie, 385 Byrne, Ann, 275, 434, 473 C Cabbage, Mary, 259, 418 Cable, Richard, 238, 516 Callrey, Patricia, 434 Cagle, C1 arencc, 511, 525, 535 Cagle, Donald, 148, 517 Ca fle, Terry, 148 Cahcn, Bryan, 140 Cahn, Charles, 143, 144, 418, 512 Cain, David, 316, 317 Cain, Mark, 405 Calame, Theresa, 263, 434 Cnlderus, Iohn, Jr., 143, 159, 322, 323, 405 Calzlemne, Michael, 512 Caldwell, Donna, 434 Calrlwcll, Michael, 523, 534 Caldwell, William, 4514, 525 Calhoun, Ieifrey, 52 Calhoun, Lee, 516 Calhoun, William, 516 Calinson, Roxana, 276, 277, 405, 598 Call, Jim, 521, 529, 532, 443 Callaham, Stephen, 321, 418 Callahan, Cathy, 274, 275, 282, 405, 598 Callahan, Dianne, 459 Callaway, Callison, Clifford. 518, 524 ames, 130, 548 Ca11icrm,gRona1d, 372, 374 Calmes, aul, 418 Calvert, Christina, 276, 405 Calvert, Patricia, 256, 434, 458 Calvo, Margarita, 418 Cgnarillo, Salvador, 128, 129, 294, 18 Cameron. Iudlith, 275, 413, 485 Camp, Dennis, 385, 559 Camp, Melissa, 434. 458, 5329 Campanella. Carl, SB Campbell, Carol, 267, 380 Campbell, Edward, 376 H Campbell, George, 148, 318, 434, 509 Campbell, gy, 60 Campbell aren, 267, 405 Campbell: Mm, 259, 405. 411 Campbell, Milton, Ir., 385 Campbell, Patricia, 470 1 Campbell, Patricia A., 150, 403 Campbell, Richard, 380 Campbell, Ronald, 434 Campbell Susan, 257 380 Camller, lliobert, III, 434. 502 Cannacly, Sharon, 480, 551 Cannon, Cannon, Cnnslcr, Cantrell, Cantrell , Cantrell. Cantrell, Ardith, 536 Mary, 434, 474, 539 Caris, 513 - David, 148, 325, 1134, 32 Kary, 460 Leonard, Ir., 144, 418, 524 Paul. 593 Capehart, Mark, 298, 434. 509, 095 Cappella, Victor, 523 Capps, James, II. 325, 327, 434, 503 Caraher, Iohn, 523 F Carameros, Cecille, 275, 234, 434, 4J9 Carey, A1 an, 52 Carey, Donald, 148 I l -- Carcy, Ronald, 405, 498, :1?.:J, 359 Carey, Warren, 330, 385. 568 Cargile, Sharon, 268, 405 Carl. Kei 111, 528-520 Carleton, Philip. 144, 339. 418 Carlelli. Anita, 52. 252, 253, 405, 59 Carlos, Montero, 588 Carlnss, james, 405, 513 Carlson, Mary, 254 F Carlstead, Iellrey, 148, 434, P107 Carlyle, Bill, 213, 222, 405, 517 Carrmin, David, 409 Carman, Iohn, 148 . Cunnan, Nancy, 405, 467 Carmichael, Peggy, 537 Carmichael, Thurmoml, 533, 535 Carncvale, Thomas, 148, 321, 434, 507' Carolina, Sammy, 503 Carpenter, Francis, III, 505 Carpenter, Iudilh, 548 Carpenter, Leonard. gr., 330, 405 Carpenter, Carpenter, Mary, 57 Sharon, 457, 479 Carpenter, William, Ir., 418, 512 Carr, Kathleen, 259, 385 Curr, Larry, 418 F Carr, Richard, 171, 321, 383 Carrel, Allen, 144, 418, 50:2 Carrillo, Winston, 48, 383, 588, SW. 597 Carroll, Bill, 211, B4 Carroll, Clay, SM Carroll, George, 325, 405 Carroll, James, III, 434, 520 Carroll, Robert, Ir., 434, 505, 539 Carruth, Don, 405, 507, 559 Carson, Al, 94 Carson, Charles, 325, 405, 513 Carson, Carson, Glenn. 434, 521, 592 ack, 330, 405 Carson, lay, 373 Carter, Iarnes, 308, 434, 496 Carter, Iames S., 148 Carter, Leonard, 592 Carter, Linda, 386. 559 Carter, Marsha, 461, 582 - Carter, Nancy, 154. 270, 271, 405 Carter, Nola, 272, 418 Carter, Roy, 131 Carter, William, 405 Cartwright, Roger, 148, 434, 529 6 OU's di-'?..Q.07 .QQQRMS E .. -:ff-cg' - . I w' , . ., , afifig, aka FAVORITE FOR i. 66395 E49 Qimf 37 YEARS av ,NME li? - 2 .f Qift ECP e F A R IVI Sq Oklahomds Grecrl' Independeni Dairy Caruthers, Roy, Ir., 418, 512, 593 Case, Iames, 140, 405 Casey, Ian, 418, 485 Casey, Ianet, 386 Casey arold, 373 Casey, ohn, 12, 12.3, 564, 569 Casey, ohn QMrs.l, 564 Casey, ermeth, 330, 386, 513, 525 Casey Patricia 462 Casey, Robert, 373 Cash, Charles, 306, 307, 418 Cashion, Io, 276, 418, 594 Casper, Gary, 434, 493 Cassidy, Danny, 317, 434, 492, 595, 601 Cassil, Danny, 522 Casstevens, Mary, 252, 434, 469 Castello, Timothy, 140 Caster, Susan, 470 Castleberry, Ioe, 405 Catching, Merrilce, 263, 434, 466 Cate, Cliiford, Ir., 371, 376 Cate, Stephen, 434, 492 Cates, Robert, III, 144, 307, 418 Cathay, Gary, 511 Cathay, George, 373 Cato, Gwendolyn, 434, 484 Caudill, Marie, 322, 323 Cavaness, Dan, 311, 405 Cavin, W. Burdette, 386 Cehnllos, Flor, 573 Cecere, Anthony, 148, 325, 434, 522 Celeste, Mark, 161, 514 Cella, Richard, 248 Center, Irene, 279, 434, 484 Center, julian, Ir., 294, 386 Cepedn, William, 159, 161 Cerba, Paul, 434. 493. 595 Ceme, Victor, 548 Cgrsgglia, Donald, 290, 291, 405, 515, Ceraur, Alice, 584 Chaabane, Ghassane, 562 Chabora, Robert, 523, 550 Chaney, Carole, 264, 386, 570 Chain, Linda, 487 Chalfant, Iacqueline, 574 Chaliant, gay, 59 Chalfant, arylyn, 263, 434, 484 Challant, Roger, 280, 281, 597 Chalmers, Iames, 242, 314, 405 Chamberlain, Dale, 330, 331, 405, 579 Chambers, Aubrey, 318, 319, 405 Chambers, Larry, 326, 418, 52 Chambers, Lawrence, Ir., 144 Chambers, Mark, 524, 52, 585, 593 Chambers, Steve, 434 Chamlee, Maw, 559 Champion, Dixie, 278, 279 Chancellor, Carolyn, 574 Chandler, George, III, 434, 496 Chandler, james, 523 Chandler, mn, 434, 595 Chandler, n, 386 Chandler, Linda, 386, 457 Chaney, Roy, 294, 295, 386, 597 Chang, Charles, 564 Chang, David, 564 Chao, Henry, 564, 573 Chaprlclaine. john, 419, 515, 586 Chapline, M. Scott, 564 Chapman, Iames, 144, 243, 303, 418 Chapman, Iudy, 419, 467, 558, 585 Chapman, Marvin, 434, 520 Chapman, Richard, 140, 303, 406 Chapman, Robert, 148, 519 Chapman, Warren, Ir., 406 Charles, R. A., 575 Charles, Sharon, 252, 419 Charlmton, G. Mike, 148, 434, 497, 580 Chase, Ricky, 268, 434, 472 Chawsheen, Ahmed, 562, 573 Chcam, Venghout, 507, 573 Cheek, Richard, 535 Chemberlen, Thomas, 162, 434, 519 Chcn, Chao, 564 Chen, Tan, 573 Cheney, Gary, 148, 494 Cheng, Daniel, 564 Cherniack, Lynne, 279, 434, 471 Chcsnutt, Cynthia, 198, 275, 419 Chetlain. Charlotte, 249, 419, 464, 541, 582 Cheuvront, Melina, 566 Chew, Gary, 333, 386 Chick, Bill, 148, 503 Chieoraske, Ioseph, 144, 32, 419, 524 Chideckel, Elliott, 524 Childers, Nancy, 434, 470 Childers, Sloan, Ir.. 330, 386 Childers, Steven, 330, 419 Childress, D. R., 564 Childress, Iudie, 466 Chiles, Pamela, 386 Chipman, Carol, 164, 266, 267, 419 Chiriboga, Alicia, 573 Chisholm, Leona, 477 Chiu, Chen, 573 Choate, Carole, 601 Choate, John, 304, 419, 535, 544, 553 Choate, Kenneth, 386 Claopski, Ronald, 497 Choquelte, Patricia, 264. 419 Choutean, Marcellus, 538 Choy, Melvyn, 386 Chrisman, Linda, 434, 463 Chrisman, Melvin, 434, 519 Christ, Martha, 263, 434. 468 Christensen. Roberta, 267, 419 Christian, Dewey, 534, 537 Christian, lack, 556 Christian, Iann, 237 Christie, Steven, 308. 406 Christman, Robert, 135, 160, 163, 285, 26, 2.97, 336 Chvismer, Iohn, 386, 519 Chronister, Richard, 167, 170, 172, 24, 386 612 Chu, Humphrey, 548 Chu, Pu, 564 Churin, Kenneth, 312, 313, 419 Cimino, Anthony, 588 Cines, Elizabeth, 419, 558 Cinotto, Richard, 321, 434, 501 Cintron, George, 500 Ciscowski, William, 148, 519 Clack, Dennis, 170 Claiser, Gary, 498 Clanton, Thomas, 406 Clixgmga, Roger, 131, 203, 310, 311, , 591 Clark, Carol, 276, 419 Clark, Carolyn, 386 Clark, Carter, 297, 434, 492 Clark, David, 144 Clark, Dennis, 386, 528 529, 534, 537 Clark, Donald, 380 Clark, F. Donald, 88 Clark, Gui, 371 Iac 140 326 406 Clark, , , , Clark, Iames, 258, 261 Iannie 566 Clark, , Clark, Kenneth, 325, 434, 493 Lynda, 375 Clark, Clark, Mari, 198, 263, 419 Clark, Mel a, 117 Clark, Paul, 600 Clark, Ralph, 580 Clark, Richard, 148, 308, 434 Robert, 582 Clark, Clark, Robert G., 148, 308, 434 Clark, Steven, 419, 513 Clark, Thomas, 144, 333, 419 Clark , Virginia, 456 Clark, Virginia C., 197, 260, 386, 542 Clarke, Edsel, 515 Clarkson, Mary, 386 Clare, loseph, 317, 386 Clary, Arthur, Ir., 516 Clary, Neal, Ir., 161, 535 Glason, Betty, 461 Cluusing, Kirk, 124, 125, 304, 406, 567 Clauve, Sue, 252, 254, 282, 386 Clawser, Samuel, III, 158, 333, 386 Clay, Phillip, 406, 515 Claymore, Jack, 504 Clayton, Carolyn, 548, 582, 595 Clayton, Charles, 148, 303, 434 Clayton, Io, 485 Clayton, Iohn, 380 Clayton, Len, 2 Cleary, Sandra, 434, 461 Cleaver, Harry, Ir., 138 Clement, Betty, 584 Clement, Mary, 434, 478 Clements, Richard, 496 Clements, R. I., 117 Clemons, Mary, 434, 459, 582, 594 Clenney, lane, 434, 467 Clery, David, 516 Cleveland, O. A. fMrsJ. 273 Cleveland, Victor, 148. 333, 435, 497 Clifton, Carol, 267, 435. 484. 541 Clifton, Marjorie, 386. 570, 590 Clifton, Sara, 260, 419 Cline, Bob, 522 Cline, Michael, 147, 435, 521, 600 Clinesmith, Linda, 264, 406, 578 Clinton, Gary, 516, 551 Cloe, Ioan, 435 Cloud, Gilbert, 148, 517 Clnud, Thomas, 297, 435 Cloud, W. F., 592 Clover, Glen, 471, 373 Cluck, Phyllis, 487 Clure, Carolyn, 523529, 532 Clynch, Larry, 507 Coats, Carolyn, 249 Coates, Marilyn, 249 Coates, Mary, 419, 462 Coatney, David, 406 Cobb, Ioetta, 463 Cobb, Sharon, 467 Cobum, John, 148, 435, 522 Cochnauer, Tim, 580 Cochran, David, 144, 593 Cochran, I. D., 160 Cochran, lack, 160 Cochrane, Robert, 553 Coclcerell, jerry, 435 Cody, Carole, 197, 263, 4013 Cofer, Carol, 194, 406, 486 Callas, Bruce, 494 Colley, Carolyn, 435 474 Colley, Iohn, 370, 372, 377 Colley, Ichn M., 29S Coiliey, Robert, 330, 406 Cczifggaan, Margaret, 248, 276, 435, Cogman, Cheryl, 435, 473 Cohen, Alan, 312, 419 Cohen, Barlay, 256, 435. 470, 594 Cohen, Edward, 33, 406 Cohen, Gwendolyn, 419. 487 Cohen, Wayne, 293, 435, 521 Cohlmia, Kay, 303. 435. S16 Cohn, Cissy, 279, 386, 574 Coil, Ienniler, 264, 435, 481 Coke, Marion, Ir., 144 Coker, Steven, 52.3 Colbert, Mary, 419, 486 Colbert, Richard, 241, 326, 435 Colby, Ellen, 275, 419, 556, 558, 594 Cole, Charles, III. 298. 406 Cole, Donald, 148, 298, 435, 508, 509 Cole, Eugene, 386, 156, 560 Cole, Howard, Ir.. 144 Cole, Ierry, 419, 507 Iimmy, 528-529 Cole, Cole, Iohn, 325, 435 Cole, Iohn S., 166, 528-529 Ion 243 Cole, , Cole, Kermit, 148, 326, 419 Cole, Linda, 406, 460, 548 Cole, Richard, 308, 406 Cole, Richard C., 301, 419 Cole, Steve, 333, 406 Cole, Steven, 435, 503 Coleman, Alice, 406, 460, 487 Coleman, Cathy, 467 Coleman , David, 406 Coleman, Donald, 148, 325, 435, 504 Coleman, Doree, 588 Dwight, 521, 538, 532, 534 Coleman, Coleman, Iames, 148, 435, 493 Coleman, Linda, 419, 486, 528-529 Nancy, 490 571 Coleman, , Coleman, Robert, 148, 519, 53 Sally, 260, 435, 482 Coleman, Coleman, William, 89, 386 Coles, Donald, 386 Coley, Linda, 475 Colgan, john, 510, 559 Colin, Iohn, 520 Coling, Iames, N7, 435 Collier, Bruce, 242, 298, 419 Collier, Catherine, 259, 386 Collier, Eugene, lr., 314, 419 Collier, Frank, 35, 419 Collier, Kenneth, 53-59, 549 Collier, Larry, 321, 435, 495, 595 Ramona, 476, 553 Collier, Collier, Robert, 115 Collins, Claudia, 264, 435, 466, 594 Donald, 301, 419 Collins, Collins, Dwight, 45, 497, 529 Collins, Edward, 386, 556 Collins, Ernest, 243, 564 james, 386 Collins, Collins, Inhn, 285, 333, 419, 497 Lowell, 161 Collins, Collins, Michael, 167, 32, 336 Collins, Orville, 311, 419 Terry, 503 Collins, Collins, Thomas, 148 Collins, Tommi, 435 Collis, Cassandra, 406, 489 Colodny, Iill, 279, 419 Combs, Ioseph, 380, 531, 539 Combs, Karen, 406 Combs, Mary, 474, 571, 589 Cighnlbs, Milton, 148, 310, 311, 435, Comegns, Iudilh, 247, 267, 419 Compton, Howard, 516 Compton, Rodney, 333, 419 Condren, Glen, 213, E Confer, David, 243, 244, 325, 406, 559 Conger, Iolan, 298, 419 Conklin, Kathryn, 246, 243, 249, 276, 406 Conklin, Kenneth, 35, 419 Conkling, Ioan, 252, 419, 589 Conley, Claudia, 276, 419 Conley, Margaret, 264, 419, 541 Conley, Roger, 303, 386 Conn, Clifford, Ir., 318, 406 Conn, lames, 311, 435, 493 Conn, Michael, 435 Connelly, Kent, 435, 521 Conner, Leslie, 519 Conrad, James, 373 Constant-in, Iames, Ir., 564 Constantinides, Christos, 564, 573 Constantinides, Janet, 573 Constien, Margaret, 462, 552, 558 Conueras, Camille, 195, 295, 467 Contreras, Ioel, 311, 386 Contreras, Susan, 419 Conwell, Freddie, 148, 522 Cook, Barry, 144, 333, 419 Cook, Chloe, 467 Harold, Ir., 503 Cook, Cook, lames, 419, 507, 529 Cook, john, 143, 144, 147, 297, 419 Karen, 435, 457, 59, 595 Cook, Cook, Linda, 264, 406 Cook, Michael, 159, 162, 500 Cook, Richard, 301, 435 Robert 167 386,507 Cook, , , Cook, Virginia, 471 Cook, William, III, 148, 435, 535, 548, 595, 601 Cookscy, Edna, 435, 457, 465 Cooksey, Sally, 419, 485 Cooles, Michaela, 435, 476 Cooley, Mary, 276, 277, 419 Coon, John, 498 Cooper, Gary, 374 George, 375 Cooper, Cooper, Harold, 419 Ianet, 189, 276, 336 Cooper, Cooper, Ioyce, 419 Cooper, Melanie, 435. 480, 595 Cooper, Norman, 318 Cooper, Rebecca, 474 Roberta, 272, 435, 473, 594 Cooper, Cooper, Ronald, 511 Cooper, Sandra, 435. 475 Cooper, Cojcigcr, Terrence, 140, 237, 333, 40 Cooverr, Michael, 130 Copeland, Clarita, 478 Copeland, Iuclith, 406. 590 Copher, Gerald, 502, 525 Copher, Winema, 536 Copilevitz, Mark, 328, 329, 386 Coplin, Iames, 505 Coppcdge, Floyd, 380 Copple, Gail, 256, 257, 406 Copple, Karen, 406, 460, 576 Corbett, Ioan, 419, 487 Corbett, Patricia, 198, 264, 386 Corbitt, Tom, 5312, 386, 517 n Corbly, Do , Corder, Ianice, 155, 156, 264, 419 Corder, Paula, 460, 467 Core, F. Blair, 324, 325, 336 Core, Larry, 301. 435, 503 Corkins, Roger, 380, 562, 573, 577, 587 Corklin, Ken, 324 Suzanne, 259, 406, 590 F 3: Corkran, Euclith, 252, 387 Corlett, C air, 419, 514 Corley, Arthur, 149, 499 Cornelius, Marge, 539 Comett, Philip, 333, 419 Cornish, Richard, P., 372 Cornwell, Dorothy, 559 Cort, William, 301, 380 Corvin, Katherine, 472 Corvin, Raymond, 538 Costlow, Duane, 387 Cothran, Linda, 471 Cotner, Cecil, 561 Coltom, Mickey, W, 521, 596 Couch, Glenn, 79, 585, 601 Couch, lane, 264, 406 Couch, Iohn, Ir., 373 Cou?hlin, M. Elizabeth, 406, 487, 559 Cou ter, Freda, 478, 533, 578 Council, Charlotte, 267, 406 Council, Inner, 260, 261, 387 Council, Marilyn, 435, 483 Council, Ray, 172, 510 Courtney, I. L., 144, 419, 522 Coury, Sharon, 59, 435, 484 Cousins, Iohn, 297, 387 Cowan, kickic, B7 Cowan, ancy, 536, 582 Cowan, Sharran, 249, 469 Cowans, Ann, 264, 406 Coward, Charles, 242, 298, 387 Cowrlery, Allen, 326, 327, 387 Cowen, Ruby, 271, 419 cs, Linda, 406, 487, 578 Cowl Cox, Carol, 473 Clem, 419, 490 Cox, Cox, Clinton, 314, 387 Cox, Danney, 519 Cox, Dennis, 517 Donald, 307, 435, 499 Cox, Cox, Donald, E., 320, 321, 419 Cox, Iames. 371, 374 Cox, Inc, 237 Cox, Kathryn, 435, 479 Cox, Larry, 149, 419 Cox, Paul, 78 Cox, Ronald, 494 Cox, Sandra, 267, 45, 482 Coyle, Edward, 585, 593 Coyle, ludith, 263, 435, 479, 595 Coyle, Patricia, 419, 462 Coyne, Joseph, 406, 513 Cozad, George, 574 Crabb, Roberta, 467 Crabtree, Linda, 464 Crabtree, Tom, 495 Craddock, Randall, 171, 321, 419 Craddock, Susan, 45 Cradcluck, Charles, 562, 578, 586 Craclduck, Iohnny, 562, 578, 586 her 1 267 435 Craig. C y. , Craig, David, 135, 136, 138, 242 Craig, Iolan, 333, 406 Craig, Kenneth, Ir., 307, 435, 494 Craig, Robert, 149 Craig, Robert, 321, 435, 512, 517 Craighead, Carl. 170, 330, 435, 500 Crain, Iohn, 325. 419 Crain, Ioseph, 308, 380, 508, 525 Crain, Kathleen, 45, 467, 553, 601 Craine, Eric, 498, 571 Crane, Alexander, Ir., 498 Craven, Carla, 253, 406, 574 Craven, David, 243 Craven, Dann, 333, 435, 512 Craven, Phillip, Ir., 332, 333, 406 Crawford, Connie, 271, 433, 483 Crawford, Frederick Il. 330, 435. 49S Crawford, Gay, 435, 528-529, 539 Crawlord, Gaylon, 330, 406, 469 Crawford, lack, 496 Crawford, Robert, 143, 147 Crawley, Robert, 307, 419 Crawley, Thomas, 504, 595 Creekrnore, Ianet, 271, 406 Crenshaw, Fred, 52 Crenshaw, Phillip, 149, 521 Crews, Donald, 105, 118, 200, 203, 298, 219, 387, 587, 591 285, Crews, Iudith, 268, 260, 419 Crews, Linda, 267, 419, 553 Ra mond, 523 Crews, Crews, Roliert, 307, 419 William. 419, 548 Crews, Criswell, Icnc, 472, 585 Criswell, Ierry, 582 Criswell, Penny. 255, 387, 600 Criswell, Ray, 534 Criles, Dennis, 103, 211, 564, 579 Crites, Thomas, 380, 553. 596 Crocker, Donald, 134, 147. 596 Crockett, Allen, Ir., 406, 548 Crockett, Chloe, 478 Croft, Virginia, 266, 272. 419, 585 Cromwell, Iames, 160, 321, 387 Cromwell, William, 140, 435, 49-1, 539, 601 Cronin, Bud, 210, 211, 240 Cronley, Iay, 237 Cronoble, Iames, 307, 406 Crook, Richard. 524 Croom, Richard, 326, 435, 520 Crosby, Dexter. 308, 435, 499 Cross, Clco, 460 Cross, George, 69, 70, 71, 75, 112, 122, 569 Crossland, Iames, 514 Crosslin, Robert, 330, 435. 492 Cmsswhitc, Rodney, 213, 219, 222, 517 Crostwait, Mary, 406 Crothcrs, Iamcs, 513 Crouch, Laura, 435, 45 Crow, Iudy, 419, 486 Crowder, David, 514, 658 Crowder, Earl, 213, 419, 517 Crowder. R. L., Ir., 68 Crowe, Charles, 520 Crowe, Robert, 11, 373 Crumrine, Iames, 162, 521, 553 Crutch mer, Arthur, 213, 517 Cruz, hrremias, 149 Cruz, axima, 464 Cruzan. Donald, 162, 500 Cubbage, William, 330, 406 Culbertson, Iohn, IV, 521 Cull , Cullglf, Iohn, 298, 419 Mamie, 584 Culp, Linda, 590 Culp, Susan, 276, 435, 481, 544, .195 Cumm Cumm rr ings, David, 149 ings, Janice, 459, 601 Cummings, Larry, 515 Cumm in , Sharon, 406, 485 Cunningllsam, Carla, 420, 467 Cunningham, Curlcton, 325, 387 Cunningham, Jenny, 387 Cunningham, Iohn, Ir., 298, 387 Cunningham, Susan, 435, 470, 576, 594 Cunningham, Suzanne, 264, 420 Cupples, John, 135 Cupps, Sheryl, 459 Q Curd, Travis, Il, 237, 298, 406 Curnott, Francis CMS-ll. 310 Currier, Iudiith, 435, 482 Curtin, David, 159, 161, 321, 420 Curry, Lu, 264, 435, 483 Curiis, Charlotte, 435, 472 5 Curtis, Dalton, Jr., 159, 162, 304, 435 519, 592 Curtis, loc, 117 Cushnie, Kathleen, 435, 470, 554 Cuviello, Patrick, 330, 331, 420 D Dabney, B. Wayne, 149, 330, 435 Dahm, Martha, 272, 273, 387 Daichcs, Larry, 327, 420, 511 Daley, Carolyn, 246, 436, 458, 562 Dallal, Michel, 562, 573 Dalton, Gerald, 565 Daly, Daniel, III, 37 Daly, Patricia, 272, 406, 460 Damron, Gerald, 149, 307, 436, 502 Damron, Orville, Ir., 162, 325, 436, 520 Dan, Ray, 312, 436, 523 Dandridge, Walter, Ir., 311, 387 Danger, Ivan, 588 Daniel, David, 147, 149, 436, 493 Daniel, David D., 387 Daniel, Iohn, Ir., 243, 255, 334. 335, 387 Daniel, Iudith, 436, 480 Daniel, Robert, 317, 420 Daniels, Charles, 294, 370, 371, 377 Daniels, R. D., 560 Daniels, Ray, 528-529 Danielson, Cathleen, 541 Danncr, Douglas, 436, 492 Danner, Robert, 512 Darby, Suzanne, 464, 536 Darks, 1-Iclcn, 105, 116, 118 Darnell, Carl, 135, 137, 138, 387, 559 Darnell, Cullen, 387, 568, 599 Dax-nel l, Glen, 588, 597 Darnolil, Michael, 503 Damn, Mary, 436, 466, 548 Darrah, Gail, 435, 459, 553 Darmugh, Susan, 387, 489 Darwin, I. R., 159, 161 Dashcr, Iellrey, 312, 387 Daspit, Nancy, 272, 387 Dalin, Muriixret, 420, 462 Daugherty, ex, Ir., 519, 520 Duughlrey, Tommag 420 Daussary, Iabir, 51' Davalt, Michael, 321, 420, 513 Davenport, Iohn, 387 Davenport, Otha, 147, 172, 524, 557 Davenport, Reno, lr,, 297, 406 Davenport, Sheryl, 267, 420 Daves, Michael, 500 David, Felixberto, 243 Davidolf, Iellery, 149, 314, 436, 504 Davids, Ianith, 387. 597 Davidson, Iames, 69 Davidson, Iohn, 32.5, Q0 Davidson, Marilyn. 56, 387 Davidson, Paul, 167, 387 Davidson, Robert, 162, 522 Davidson, Sara, 420 Davies, Robert, 579 Davis, Barbara, 420, 486, 574 Davis, Buda, 436, 595 Davis, Bobby, 171 Davis, Carla, 252, 420 Davis, Carol, 459 Davis, Charles. 149. 317, 436 Davis, Clem. 406, 467, 536 Davis, David, 436, 505 Davis, Diane, 436, 450 Davis, Don, 124, 125, 128, 137, 326, 387, 582 Davis, Don W.. 517 Davis, Donna. 476 Davis, Dora, 387 Davis, Earl, Ir., 493 Davis, Elizabeth, 584 Davis, Iilmcr, Ir.. 52, 534 Davis, Ernst, 583 Davis, Gurlantl, 321, 387, 559 Davis, George, 524 Davis, 1-larry, 144. 420, 514 Davis, Iac, 387, 553, 582 Davis, Iohn, 135, 136, 138 Davis, Lee, 149, 312, 436, 509 Daw, Lorenzo, 135, 160, 326, 327, , 544 Davis, Michael. 330, 387 Davis, Parke, 332, 33, 387 Dav-is, Paul, II, 325, 436 Davis, Rodney, 333, 387 Davis, Ronald, 597 Davis, Sherry, 476 Davis, Stephen, 436, 504 Davis, Susan, 436, 474 CONGRATULATICNS TO GRADUATING SENICRS AND A HAPPY SUMMER TO ALL UNIVERSITY BO0K EXCHANGE CIN THE UNION BUILDING? "IT HAS BEEN A PLEASURE TO SERVE YOU" Davis, S lvia, 249, 467 Davis, 'I15rmny, 234, 238, 547 Davis, Walter, 144, 32, 323, 420 Davis, Waller R., 436, 496 Farris, Gloria Ioan, 232, 437 Davison , Denver, 135, 137, 308, 387 Davison, Susan, 472 Davison, William, 593 Dawson, Foy, 372, 562, 586 Dillard, Diane, 267, 420 Dillenback, Michael, 524, 560 Diliey, Marsha, 406 Dillon, Susan, 197, 268, 406 Dawson, Patsy, 375 Dawson, Rockleigh, Ir., 140, 314, 406 Dawson, Wendell, 586 Day, Gary, 387 Day, Iumes, 321, 406, 559 Day, lean, 387, 450, 482, 548, 579 Day, Rosalyn, 463 Deakius, A ice, 478, 528-52.9, 534, 539 Deakins, Dennis, 596 Deukins, Sarah, 564 Deal, Randolph, 237, 308, 405 Deal, Tom, 137, 138 Gary, 376 Dean, Dean, Ioan, 258, 262, 263, 436, 482 Dean, Kenneth, 524 Dear, Charles, S50 Deason, Carol, 420 Denson, Virginia, 271, 406 Deathcrage, David, 35, 370, 371, 376 DeBurr, Edwin, 96 DeBeixcdon, Dianne, 467 DcBe11is, Anthony, Ir., 325, 436, 497 DeBe11is, Deanna, 387 DeBel1is, T. C., 149 DeBolt, Darian, 521, 552 Deckert, Peggy, 387 Dedis, Robert, 494 Dinaburg, Debra, 458 Dines, Larry, 520 DiNico1a, Anthony, 505 Dinsmore, Mary, 406 Dippold, Frederick, 568 Dirks, Linda, 268, 436, 471 Disbro, Russell, 516 Dis1'unan, Blair, Ir., 307, 387, 586 Disney, Terry, 196, 258, W, 261, 420 Dissly, Charles, 387 Ditmars, s. F. 4Mis.J, as Dittrich, Carolyn, 553, 554 Dixon, Carolyn, 247, 276, 406, 574 Dixon, Catherine, 198 Dixon, Ekulileh, 583 Dixon, Jer , 387, 555 Dixon, Kagy, 461 Dixon, Larry, 318, 319, 406 Dixscm, Iimmy, 420, 510, 528, 532, 593 Djavaheri, Daryoush, 561, 577 Dobbs, Laura, 471 Dobry, George, 406 Dobson, Iohn, 494 Dodd, James, 144, BIO, 311, 420 Dodds, James, 333, 387 Dodson, Claibome, 374 Dodson, Teddy, 213, 387, 547 Dodson, Thomas, 302, 303, 406 Doerr, Arthur, 75 Dohnalek, Charles, Ir., 387 Dohrendorf, John, 519 Duffy, Richard, 144 Dufresne, William, 161 Duggan, Steven, 321, 407 Dugger, Gary, 372, 376 Dugger, Samuel, 304, 407, 559 Duke, William, Ir., 161, 548 Dukeshire, Robert, 151 Dulaney, Susan, 275, 420 Dumas, Clara, 582 Dumas, Sylvia, 268, 436 Dumbeil, Tommy, 498 Dunagan, Linda, 580 Elliott, Miles, 493 Elliott, Penny, 260, 488, 590 Elliott, Wikia, 260, 420, 566 Elliott, NVilliam, 388 Ellis, Bobb , 407 Farrell, Betty, 556 Farrell, E Farrell amos, 516, 546, 588 umes, 234 Farrelll Larry, 380 Ellis, Davic11 407, 528-529, 5 530 Ellis, David K., 162, 534 Ellis, Donald, 516 Ellis, James, 301, 407 Ellis, Michael, 149, 517 Ellis, Nanc , 268, 420, 537 32, 534, Dunagan, Rufus,1II, 118, 310, 311, 407, 556, 537 Dunagin, Ian, 263, 407 Duncan, Daniel, 317, 407 Duncan, Jimmie, 370, 371, 377 Duncan, Laird, 520 Duncan Louis, 538 Duncan, Robert, 517 Dunham, Frances. 598 Dunlap, E. T., 68 Dunlap, Ionettc, 537 Dunn, Dehrah, 436, 482 Dunn, Iames, 333, 436, S04 Dunn, Iudy, 470 Dunn, Marthalie, 478 Dunn, Michael, 388, 5124, 525, 548, 556 Dunn, Robert, 308, 436, 505 Dunn, Roberta, 436 Dunn, Roy, 522 Dunn, Susan, 252, 420 Ellison, 1-Ie1,cn, 437, 458, 554 Ellslmm, Colleen, 566 Eilslrcm, Terry, 325, 388, 542, 587, 597, 599 Elliiib, Abdelgacbir, 573, 583 Ely, Bobby, 538 Elm, Diann, 490 Embree, 512 Emery, Dun, 377 Emery, Genie, 479 Emhoolah, Lonnic, 580 Emmet, Linda, 279, 328, 407 Endicott, YVi11iam, 330, 420 Engel, Susan, 467, 601 c 2 Arb 464 ling 11, y. England. Eula, 118, 120, 174, 275, 407, 598 England, Gary: 388 England, Step en, 437, 519 English, John, Jr., 234, 238, 516, 547 Fenton, Leslie, XA, 437 Deering, Robert, 435, 506 Dolive, Henry, 521 , 549 Deering, Thomas, Jr., 508, 513 Deerinwater I aura 436 . - , ' ,470 DeGenova, Michael, 503 387 DeGraw, Harold, 294, 295, DcGree1t, Alejandro, 583 Dehcsh, Siavosh, 577 Dollarhiic, Patricia, 471 Dolly, Edward, 380 Dolly, Karmcu, 387 Dombek, Janet, 458 Domjanovich, lane, 436, 479 Donaldson, Martha, 249, 463 Dunning, Steve, 324 Dunsky, Gail, 478, 553 Duprez, Conrad, 4130 Durall, 436, 461 Durbin, Gerald, II, 317, 420 Durbin, Raymond. 593 Durham, Dale, 149 Durham, Roberta, 420, 462 Durkin, Thomas, 407 English, Nancy, EQ, 437, 483, 594 Farris, Ken, 211 Faruxzo, Steve, 437, 503 Fuser, Karl, 158, 159 Fash, Mary, 486, 554 Fnssino, Larry, 493 Faulcuner, lame, 528-529 Faulkner, Marvin, 407, 524 Favor, William, 144, 297, 421 Faxwi, Mohd, 573 Fears, William, 326, 437, 512 Feaver, Eric, 299, 593 Fedmun, Arlene, 278, 279, 407 Fee, Richard, 523 Fehr, Gregory, 147, 243, 333, 335, 388 557 Feighncr, George, Jr., 149, 521 Fein, luck, 2533, 437, 512 Feiiislein, Donald, 124, 125, 328, 329 407, 554 Feinstein, lerald, 312, 388 Feinslein, lemme, 388 Feizy, Gholamali, 577 Feldgrebcr, Ioan, 196, 279, 407 Feldman, Marvin, 144, 328, 32.9, 421, 513, 554, 555 Fellcrs, Jimmy, 321, 388, 575 Fellnmn, Thomas, 285, 312, 407 Fellows, Iuhn, 107 Felmlec, Edward, 437, SB Fender, Hurry, II, 135, 138, 304, 388 1 Durland, Diane, 276, 420 Entrikin, David, 285, 1510, 420 Enyart, Charles, 584 Enyeart, Margaret. 255, 4211 Epps-rsun, Dimpster, Ir., 143, 149, 500, 553 Epperson, Robert, 333, 437, 506 Epps, O1-ivcr, Jr., 149, 297, 437, 502 Eppstcin, Victor, 554 Epstein, Richard, 312, 4120, Fergcson, Melfcrd, 388, 491, 497 Duthie, Robert, Ir., 1-49, 436, 438 Dclohn, Charles, 159, 161, 510 De La Cruz, Aureliu, 52 Dc La Cruz, julie, 479 Donati, Emanuel, 559 Donley, Bruce, 523 Donn, Charley, 460 Dc La Cruz, Nelda, 573 De La Fleur, Christopher, 297, 387 Delano, Everett, Ir,, 521 Dclzishmv, Kenneth, Jr., 311, 436, 492 Delholal, Maurie, 559 DeLif:r, Mic11ae1, 314, 420 DcLier, Michelin, 387, 458 Deligans, lack, Ir., 436, 498 Delk, Marva, 387, 488, 489 Doll, Walter, 333, 387 Dellnvedova, Benjamin, 289, 321, 436, 494 Del Vero, Frank, 559 Demaree, Jerome, 502 Demas, L. R., 149 Demas, Larry, 436, 493, 529 Demorest, Riclmrd, 584 DcMoss, Donald, 149, 492 Donnell, Linda, 271, 406 Donwcrth, Don, 149 Doran, Wayne, 388 Dorman, Ice, 285, 289, 315, 593 Dorman, Pamela, 272, 406, 594 Domey, Judith, 436, 468 Dornfeld, Rnberl, 325, 388 Dorr, Helen, 259, 383, 388 Doxsezt, George, 138 Dorsett, Ioan, 259, 420, 528-529 Dorsett, Ralph, 568, 599 Dorsey, Claude, 149, 436, 520 Dorsey, Jean, 259, 420 Dorsey, Mary, 475 Dorsi, Robert, Ir., 436, 499 Doss, William, 515, 534 Esmaili, Zadeh, 388 Denham, Ralph, 592 Denison, Loutitia, 142, 478, 528-529 Denning, Sharon, 472, 594 Dosser, Glenn, 303, 407 Doison, Chester, 333, 371, 376 Dotson, Dewayne, 370 Doison, DoroLl1y, 287 Doison, George, 318, 420 Denton, Douglas, Dennis, Denise, 477 Dennis, Detera, 436, 473 Dennis, Iames, 92 Dennis, Linda, 467 Denny, Patricia, 480 Denson, Olivia, 387, 462 Denton, Donna, 420, 478 lou, 128, 394, 553 Doty, Ralph, Jr., 420, 571 Doty, William, Ir., 308, 407 Doublin, Gary, 407 Dougan, Michael, 149. 569 Dougherty, Russell, 138, 388 Doughtrey, Tommy, 519 Douglas, Billy, 542, 562, 578, 596, 599 John, Jr., S21 Diggzfier, William, 242, 330, '3'Z1, 358, Dutton, Iuclith, 420, 490 Dye, W. Scott, Jr., 149 Dyer, Diedra, 407, 467, 578 Dyer, Ronald, 508, 513, 529 Dyer, Stephen, 436, 498 Dyess, Ben, Ir., 149, 314, 436, 509 Dykstra, Karen, 4651 Dykstra, Sharon, 4134 Dyser, Iudiih, 407 E Eagleston, John, 314, 436, 516 Eales, William, Jr., 436, 520 Earl, John, 330, 436, 498 Earle, Douglas, 150, 162, 5120 Earles, Alvin, 435 Earls, Iackie, 52 Earls, Wayne, 436 Eames, Betty, 197, 276, 388 Easley, Mitchell, Ir., 514 Easley, VVil1is, Jr., 512 Eason, Michael, 140, 407 Eason, Sylvia, 461 East, David, 159, 162, 495 East, Ruby, 420, 536, 538 12ast1Jurn,'-John, 497 Easterwoo , Doyle, 1119, 436, 41W Eastman, Mary, 263, 420, 594 Erbar, Thomas, 204, 437. 4518, 539, 501 Erickson, Susan, 267, 437, 1175 Erker, lack, 159, IG2, 5112 Ferguson, Cynthia, 437 Ferguson, Diane, 421, 486 Ferguson, Judy, 464 Fczgsoxi, Mnior, Ir., 144, 285, 308, 'J Ferguson, Paula, 407, 490, 534, 538 Ferguson, Ronald, 303, 437, 491, 494 Fern, Charles, 388 Ermccheo, Iuan, 588 Ermecheo, Nicolas, 5825 Ernest, Kathy, 126 Ernest, Lewis, 77, 380 Ernest, Richard, 149 Ewin, Sally, 372, 375 Erwin, David, 135, 512, 601 Erwin, Iimmic, 303, 407, 500, 525 Erwin Sandra, 259, 385, 388 Envini Vifilliam. 133 Esch, Connie, 388 Esch, William, 511 EscI1e1cac11, Alfred, 420, 512 Esehler, Mary, 407, 488, 489 Esfahani, Mnhnmmed, 561, 577 Esfamlinri, Cheikh, 577 Esfamliari, Mehrdad, 577 Eskridge, Lena, 578 Ferrell, Ann, 259, 388, 590 Ferrer, Marguerite, 437, 460 Ferris, Mary, 268, 437, 471 Ferron, Suzanne, 490 Feriig, Leslie, 285 Fcrwuld, Paul, 372 Fcslcr, john, Ir., 243, 303, 407, 563 Feslcr, William, 524, 548 Fcvre, Liza, 469 Fickcl, Geraldine, 566 Finkel, Munlg, 597, 599 Field, Gary, 20 Field, jesse, 149, 330, 421 Fielden, Arlen, 370, 371, 377 Fielden, Mary, 375 Fielding, Larry, 513 Fielding, Robert, Ir., 557, 584, 597 Fields, Ethel, 252, 388, 538 Ficrslcin, Richard, 312, 437, 507 Espcr, Vaughn. 308, 309, 420 Esslcy, john, 388 Estes, Bess, 272, 437, 481 Estes, Gary, 149,. 521 Estes, Larry, 578 Estes, Terry, 333, 335, 370, 373 Estes, YVi11iam, 149, 521 Ethercrlge, Kenneth, 314, 388, 568 Ethington, L. S., 456 Fiese, Larry, 502, 552, G00 Fife, Iennnelte, 270, 51:8 Eltcn, Joseph, 500 Denton, Sandra, 276, 406 Denyer, Helen, 470 DePerry, Marina, 573 DePriest, Phyllis, 490 Deramus, Os y, 24, 406, 516, 547 Derby, Emily, 276, 436, 470 Derix, Richard, 436, 521 DeShazo, Thomas, 52 Douglas, Karen, 566 Douglas, Robert, 162, 436, 495 Douglass, Sherry, 476 Douthitt, Iohn, 304, 420 Dove, Sherrill, 272, 420 Dowell, Robert, 52 Dowling, Martha, 276, 407 Downer, Rex, 514, 538 Eaton, Charles, 530 Eaton, Keith, 321, 407 Eaznr, Charles, 149, 5217. Eberle, Iohn, 373 Eberly, Iayne, 486 Sandra, 437, 474 Desai, Mukundlal, 573 DeSi1va, Mary, 420, 527, 533 Dcslcins, Dora, 264, 420, 541 DeSpain, Don, 330, 420 DeSpain, Richard, 144, 535, 539, 596 Dessaueig Suzanne, 256, 436, 470, 541, 594, 5 5 dcStwolinski, Gail, 581 Detjen, Millicent, 196, 263, 406 Derrick, David, 504 Deupree, Susan, 264, 431 Deutdx, Cheryl, 256, 436, 474 Deutsch, Charles, 4-35, 509, 554 Devnney, Pete, 318, 436, 494 Devens, Robert, 149, 304, 406 DeVi11iers, Nancy, 372, 375 Devin, Fred, Ir., 494 Devine, William, 406 DeVore, Dorothea, 387, 554, 574 Dew, Anne, 276, 420 Dewberry, Rheta, 460, 528-529, 532 Dewey, William, 552 DeWitt, John, 519 Dinllo, Diavlde fMrs.D, 573 Diallo, Ibrahima, 573 Diamond, Harriet, 140 Diamond, Marjory, 276, 406 Diba, Massoumeh, 406, 577 Diba, Tabatabai, 577, 592 Dibrell, joe, 523, 528-529 Dibrell, Peggy, 436, 468 Dick, Phillij, 406, 524, 553, 588 Dickerson, Barry, 387, 599 Dickey, Robert, 149, 303, 436, 525 Dickinson, Richard, 52, 529 Dicks, Samuel, 380 Dicks, Sandra, 531 Dicus, Maxi, 436, 466 Diepenbroc , William, 436 Dies, Bobby, 523 Dietrich, L. E., S70 Dielrick, Mary, 420, 457, 576 DiGiammatteo, Neil, 333, 334, 436, 499 Dilks, Richard, 149 Dill, Iames, 289, 309 Dill, Mark, 503 614 Downey, Ronald, 436, 522 Downing, Deborah, 258, 264, 265, 234, 436, 455, 594 Downin Donald 533 534 593 E, . , i Dciivxiinyf. Marca, 58, 264, 265, 436, 8, 534 Downing, Melvin, 373 Downing, Robert, 149, 436, 523, 548 Doycl Robert 556 Ebay, Monte, 275, 420 Eby, Charles, 2.90, 407 Eby, Iim, 511, 538, 593 Echols, Charles, 149, 436, 492 Echols, Charlotte, 462, 548, 566, 582 Eehols, Marilyn, 264, 420, 558, 585, 594 Eckcl, Milfreci, K., 578 Eckland, Timm y, 517 H Eddins, Marsha, 388, 544, 545 Edelman, Robert, 312, 313, 420 Eder, Ice, 296, 297. 388 Euhmik, Burnis, 406 Eurton, Mary, 263, 437 Evans, Betty, 558 Evans, Charles, 563, 565 Evans, David, 149, 325, 437, 492 Evans, Gomer, 244, 304, 407 Evans, Katherfine, 246, 272, 407 Evans, Linda, 276, 282, 388 Evans, Louis, 297, 388 Evans, Marian, 490 Evans, Michael, 144, 303, 4120 Evans, Peggy, 246, 461 Evans, Peter, 373 Evans, Richard, SSS Evans, oben 437 507 R . , Evans, Sandra, 490 Evans, Tommy, 210, 211. D9 Filbwk. Inhn, 407 Files. Sally, 84 Finch, Marilyn, 437, 482, 594 Fincher, Alva, 159, 504 Findlay, Marilyn, 263, 421 Finc, Gerald, 312, 437, 496 Fineherg, Charles, 312, 437 Fincgun, D. Rey, 373 Finkel, Charles, 312, 407 Finkel, Frances, 279, 421 Finkeisicin, Gerald, 524 Finkelsion, Mike, 138, 312, 389 , 501 Finkcribimlcr, Don, 243 Finlc Camilla, 490 Finley, Greg, 297,431 499 Finley, Inner. 437, 482 Finley, Marsha, 196, 276, 407 Finley, Finley Mary, 479, 541, 594 Sara, 268, 421 Finlcvj Thomas, 131, 311, 339 Finnerly, Thomas, 290, 437 Finney, Icun, 260, 407 Finney, Iohn, Ir., 303, 437 Fiorctti, Charles, 147, 492 First, Icrry, 513 Dcyle: Lawrerice, 388, sis, sn, 525, ss Doyle, Mary, 246, 420, 486 Doy1e, Warner, Ir., 159, 162, 522 Dozier, lack, 326, 407 Dozier, Linda, 258, 252, 253, 420 Dragg, Donald, 496 Dr:-1 e, Charles, 372, 376 Drake, Delyte, 476 Drake, Georige, 407, 568 Drake, Phyl is, 375 Drake, Robert, 584 Draper, Wilma, 407, 488, 489, 578 Edgar, Tommy, 297, 388 Edger, David, 420, 522 Everett, Iimmy, 325, 437, 501 Everts, Marliyn, 460 Edgmon, Marilyn, 436, 459 Edman, Raymond, 549 Edmonds, David, 371, 377 Edmounds, Charles, 495 Edmunds, Kitty, 483 Edmunds, Lione1, 380, 528-529, 531 Ewbank, Iames, 140 Ewers, Charles, 420, 496 Ewing, Charles, 388 Ewing, Joel, 420, 425, 585, 503 Ewing, Peicr, 520 Ezzcll, Drea, Molly, 477 Drennan, David, 380, 535, 551 Drew, Ronald, 161, 495, 525 Drewry, Susan, 267, 436, 472 Driver, Betty, 275, 420, 533, 534, 537, 538, 539, 558 Drumb, Gary, 420 Drummond, Cecil, 370, 373 Drummond, Thomas, 138, 298, 420, 535 Dmry, Lynn, 509, 529, 534 Dryer, George, 524 Dubie, Theoclore, 302, 303, 388, 568 Duckworth, Georgia, 280, 420 Dudark, William, 171 Dudcnhoeifer, Arthur, 321, 388 Dudley, Charles, 388, 567 Dudley, Dennis, 149, 436, 519 Dudley, Paul, 559 Dudovick, Gary, 523 Due, Terri, 517, 595 Duerr, Ro ert, 522 Duff, Willard, 584 Duiiie, Pcier, 523 Duffy, Ianet, 436, 466 532, 534, 539 Edvy, Ioseph, 420, 514 Edwards, Alice, 478, 52,8-529 Edwards, Billy, 371, 374 Edwards, Curtis, 562 Edwards, Gary, 420. 519 Edwards, Iackie, 562 Edwards, Nancy, 407, 470 Eiiinger, Iohn, 528-529 Eggleston, Dean, 523 Egne v, 586.1 Iohn, 160, 326, 388, 542, 562, Eichler, Roland, 135 Eidsou, Arvin, 333, 420 Eisman, Iames, 407 Ekizian, Marten, 520 F Factor, Glenn, 584 Fngerbcrg, Dennis, 578 Fischer, Carnl, 256, 437, 447, 458, 582, 594 Fiiegghcr, Leslee, 197, 256, 257, 421, .1 2 Fisher, Diane, 260, 261, 407 Fisher, Donald, 584 Fisher, Gerry, 303, 421 Fisher, Inhn, 306. 307, 437, 493 Fisher, Linda, 471 Fisher, Fisher, Fisher, Fisher, Paul, Ir., 523 Richard, 144, 312, 389, 554 Ruhcrt. 553 Ruth, 407, 460, 541, 548, Fagin, Howard, 328, 329, 388, 588 Fair, Martha, 275, 421 Falco, Frederick, 421 Falk, George, 407, 518, 562, 586 Falk, Patricia, 566 Fankhouser, Albert, 519 Fannin, lohn, 388, 520, 5125 Fano, Carolyn, 259, 407 Fzmo, Robert, 502 Elder, Iulie, 436, 461 Elder, Margaret, 478 Elderkin, Iudith, 264, 420, 543 Eley, Gary, 119, 330, 331, 407, 587 E1 Hassan, Ibrahim, 573 Elkouri, Frank, 374 Elkins, Judy, 263, 420. 594 Elkins, Phi lip, 200, 285, 308, 309, 388, 559 Elliott, Deanna, 267, 407 Elliott George 505 miami mace, '216, 407, 549 E11iott, lean, 272, 407, 414 Elliott, Mary, 485, 486 Farber, Daniel, 312, 437, 503 Fnrha, Carolyn, EZ, 253, 421, 544, 545 Farhu, Celia, 485, 574 Farha, Inmes, 314, 370, 372, 376 Farhn, Mary, 574. 582 Farha, Stephen. 149, 437 Farley, Icrry, 505, 529 Farley, john , 140 Fnrmcr, Leo, III, 301, 407 Farmer, Lou, 437, 484 Farmer, Phoebe, 276, 407 Farmer, Sandra, 252, 388 Farooki, Mohamed, 573 Farraji, F nrruj, Fuad, 573 Fund CMrsj, 573 500, 598 Fisher, Terry, 144, 303, 421 Fisher, Toni, 478 Fishman, Paula, 124, 256, 257, 407, 594 Fishman, Rosalind, 490 Fisk, lcnn, 371, 375 Fisk, Ronnie, 149 Fiskin, Stephen, 504, 525 File, Huruld, 325, 437, 500 Fine, Louis, 144 Fitzgcrnld, Clee, 117 Fitzgerald, Patrick, 171, 320, 321, 421, 585 Fitzgerald, Paul, Ir., 130, 144, 421, 511, 548 Fitzpatrick, Dewey, III, 421 Fitzpatrick, Michael, 285, 325, 421 Flagler. Nnncy, 479 Fla crty, Timothy, 161, 389, 502 Flanagan. Robert, 517 F1ar1ery,IIamcs, 506 Fleener, Robert, Ir., 172 Flcethurn, Ralph, 437, 507 SPECIALIZING IN DIFFERENT TYPES OF POIITRAITURE CANDY CONTREROS, Sophomore from Oklahoma City Commercial and Por+rai'r Phofography "OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS I965 SOONER YEARBOOKH University Studio Wesf Boyd Phone JE 4-26 Fleetwood, Fred, 24, 225, 311, 407, 546 Fleming, Garwin, 376 Fleming, Gerald, 407 Fleming, Nancy, 459 Fleske, Barbara, 254, 421 Fletcher, Donald, 307, 421 Fletcher, Perry, 551 Fletcher, Ronald, 213, 517, 551 Flick, Patrick, 512 Flinchum, Gary, 421, 521 Flinton, Alan, 494 Flinton, Iay, 514 Flimw, Ivseph, 421, 535, 548 Flood, Evelyn, 264, 265, 407, 558 Flood, Thomas, E, 226, 517, 546 Flowers, Nancy, 260, 407 Flowers, Nehemiah, Ir.. 213 Flowers, Nita, 469, 549, 574 Floyd, Beulah, 437, 477 Floyd, Floyd, Dale, 140, 513 Delphine, 389, 548 Floyd, Jack, 553 Floyd, Robert, 149, 303, 437 Floyd, Ronald, 437, 524 Flynn im, 567 Flgfltiml lander, 194, 281, 282, 283, Fobs, Dell, 255, 389 Foerster, Arm, 271, 407 Fogarty, Gail, 471 Frazier, Iames, 301, 437 Frazier, lohn, 298, 407 Frederic , Linda, 271, 407, 579, 582 Frederick, Ronald, 159, 161, 515 Freed, Ioan, 2.56, 421 Freed, Iohn, 161, 511 Freeland, W. H., 116, 117 Frcele, Robert, 144, 421, 507 Freeman, Daniel, 308, 437 Freeman, Michael, 437 Freeman, Michael H., 522 Freeman, Panthea, 553 Freeman, Patricia, 576 Freeman, Patricia A, 478 Freeman, Paula, 490 Freeman, Sheryl, 252, 437, 553, 595 Freeman, Terry, 521 Freidberg, Ronnie, 328, 329, 389, 559 Freidline, Darla, 460 Fretwell, Iames, 113 Frey, Carol, 468 Fricke, Dennis, 389 Fried, Ioni, 478 Fried, Michael, 293, 407, 554 Friedlander, Lahoma, 590 Friediander, Sandra, 389 Ford , George Fogels, Vilis, 147, 149, 521 Foigg, Billi Kaye, 205, 266, 375 Fo ey, Forrest, 500 Foley, John, 559 Foley, Mabel, 437, 482 Folks, Marcia, 259, 437 Folsom, Runes, 237, 535 Folsom, onald, 535 Fonek, Robert, 149, 437, 496 Fonseca, William, 504 Foote, Iack, 320, 321, 389, 532, 534 Foote, Ierry, 597 Forbes, Kathleen, 260, 437, 474 Forck, Velma, 324 Ford, Carolyn, 267, 421 Ford, Christie, 572 ames 149 496 F rd, Fgrd, Robert L., 140, 326, 407 Foggg sum, 119, 266, 271, 437, 415, , 594 Fordin, Rochelle, 437, 465, 576 Foree, Frances, 276, 421, 539, 558, 574 I , . Ford, games A., 437, 502, 528-529 oben, 568 Foree, Margaret, 276, 407 Foreman, Billy, 389 Foreman, David, 510 Foresee, Dana, 389 Forgy, Ray, 143, 144, 147, 421, 521 Fomian, Ion, 140, 329, 407 Formby, Ioe, 584 Forrest, Douglas, 242 Forrat, Iudy, 469 Forrest, Patricia, 457, 484 Forrester, Ann, 277 Forrester, Iohn, 421, 500, 528-529, 532, 539 Forrester, Marilyn, 460 Fors, Patricia, 248 Forsberg, Lcxy, 268, 437, 461 Foxsman, Michael, 333, 421, 544 Forsythe, Ann, 267, 437, 481 Forsythe, George, 389 Forte, Robin, 144, 421, 510 Fortenberry, Frances, 421, 487 Fosburgh, Edward, 421, 514, 528-SN Foster, Bobby, 538 Foster, Charles, 172, 407, 524, 552 Friedma Friedman n, Charles, 140, 312, 407 n, Eleanor, 389, 464 Friedman, Ioan, 279, 407 Friedma n, Margo, 256, 437, 477 Friedman, Roger, 312, 421 Friedman , Rosalie, 256, 421, 582 Friend, Carl, 511, 553 Frieze, Harold, 242, 314, 315, 38 Frfisby, Mickey, 500 9, 576 Frith, Benjamin, III, 524 Frim, Dorothg, 581 Fritz, Mark, 43 Frogge, Ray, Ir., 234 Fronjosa, Emesto, 592 Fronterhouse, Don, 150, 503 Frost, Andrew, 511 Frost, Paul, Ir., 314, 389 Fruechtini, Bruce, 523 Fry, Fran lin, 532 Fry, Hunter, 523 Fry, Raymond, 437, 507, 528-52 F e Diane ry , , 464 Frye, Sally, 267, 437, 464 Fryer, Martha, 271, 437 Fryer, Susan, 275, 437, 483 Fryntzko, Ieanne, 275, 407 Fryntzko, Marie, 275, 437, 477, 594 Fuchs, Maretha, 478, 551 Fufitt, Sarah, 267, 389 Fu kerson, Grover, 167, 170, 514, 525 Fuller, Donald, 321, 389, 556 Garrett, John, 213, 222, 389, 545 John, 213 za, 389 546 Garrett, , , Garrett, Iohn H., 330, 389, 579 Nicholas, 373 Garrett, Garrett, Stephen, 140, 316, 317, 407, 557 Garrett, , Garrett, Suzanne, 259, 437, 472 Garrison, David, 373 Garrison, Denzil, 117 Garrison, Gail, 437. 478, 594 Garrison, Glenda, 375 Garrison, Inner, 263, 421 Garrison, Iohn, 307, 389, 555 Garrotto, Garry, 565 Gazsee, Iarrell, 381 Gartenlauh, Marshall, 421 Garton, Herman, 506 Gasselt, Silas, 140, 513 Gaim, Cheryl, 267, 437, 582 Gatewood, Frank, 391, 407 Gatewood, Iames, 225, 26, 227, 559 Gatewoocl, Waller, 150 Gatlin, Iohn, 502. 600 Gauer, Judith, 195. 254, 1255, 389 Gaunt, Penny, 463 Gauntt. Cynthia, 249. 276. 438, 465 Gay, Mari yn, 528-529, 532, 539 Gay, Neal. 407, 568 Gay, Robert, 147 Gaylor, Michael, 559 Gearheart, Robert, 583 Geer, Sherryl, 469, 549 Gehl, Jack, 325, 421 Geiger, Roy, 162, 494 Geis, Larry, 52 Geis, Lan'y R., 334. 381 Geldart, Robert, 515 Geller, Michael, 150, 329, 438, 504 Gellinger, Leah, 450 Susan 479 Glazer, Marlene, 124, 15, 256, 421, 467 Gleason, Karen, 482 Glennon, John, 138, 402 Glickman, Howard, 33, 408 Glidden, Iell, 150 Glisan, Pamela. 478, 571 Glover, Ann, 275, 408, 550 Glueck, Carole, 256, 257, 389, 581 Goad, Mary, 280, 281, 389 Goatcher, Harold, 135 Godchaux, justin, Ir., 294, 438, 493 Goddard, Ronald, 528-SB, 534, 539 Godlove, Ernest. 372, 377 Golf, Marsha, 259, 408 GoforLh, Shirley, 260, 284, 421 Goggans, Travis, 556, 564 Goin, Carmen, 584 Golum, Rahman, 573 Golcl, Ronald, 1114, 408 Gold bcrg, Goldberg, Goldberg, Gold berg, Goldberg, Edith, 279, 421 Eugene, 389 Greg, 312, 438, 497 Howard, 438, 492 Lester, 372, 376 Goldberg, Michael, 329, 389, 575 Goldberscr, Henry, 389 Goldficl , Robert, 373, 560, 570 Goldman, Lloyd, 329, 421, 510 Golclsby, Ierry, 213, 222, 546 Goldstein, Don, 505 Goldstein, Myron, 150, 521 Goldstein, Susan, 256, 438, 481, 594 Golem, Patricia, 438, 474, 582, 594 Grayum, Bmce, QS, 515 Green, Alan, 326, 438 Green, Dale, 140 Green, Donald, 390, 597 Green, Icy, 478 Iamcs, 500 Green, Green, Ianice, 463, 490 Iohn 548 Green, , Green, John R., 330, 370, 373 Green, Keith, 438, 502, 553 Green, Milliccnt. IB, 129 Green, Paula, 481 Green, Richard, 408 Green, Robert, 370, 371 Ronald 112 113 Green, , , Grcenbaum, Mchncl, 143, 147, 150, 293, 438, 523 Greenberg, Charles, 328, 544 Greenberg, David, 498 Greenberg, Maury, 515 Greene, Diana, 463 Greene, Indy, 267, 433 Greene, Thomas, 518, 524, 55, 597 Greenfield, Ronald, 143, 161 Greenfield, Sandra. 487 Greenshields, Pamela, 260, 421 Greenstine, Betty, 464 Greenstonc, iim, 390, 559 Greenwood, oyce, 488 Greer, Howard, Ir., 421 Greer, Iackie, 483 Greer, Linda, 255, 438, 481, 554 Greeson, Allen, 373 Gregg, Delores, 421 Gregg, John, 498 Gentry, Gentry, Anita, 562 Richard, 334, 335, 438, 520 Gentry, Richard W., 317, 421 George, Iames, 330, 389, 557 George, Pamela, 407, 464 George, Shirley, 372, 375 George, Steve, 372, 376 Summerhayes. 583 Gollub, I ohn, 312, 421 Gonzalez, Gaby, 566 Gonzalez, jose, 573 Goode, Iames, 296, 297, 421 Goode, Iulia, 268, 438, 476 G d' De oo ln, Goodman Good man lbert, 389, 576 , Edwin, 583 , Iimmy, 150. 303, 438, 494 Goodman, John, 311, 421, 503, 509, 525 Gregg, Lawrence, 320, 321, 408 Gregory, Bobby, M7 Gregory, Ellnn, 252, 253, 390 Gregory, Helen, 102, 589, 598 Gregory, O. Lee, 374 Gregory, Pamela, 259, 438, 476 Greif, Frances, 256, 293, 438, 481 Gremm, Beverly, 197, 261, 277, 278, 279, 282, 283, WJ121, 544 Fullop, Robert, 437, 523 Fullum, Ronald, 144. 535 Fulton, Carl, 150, 437, 518, 523 Fulton, Gary, 373 Fulton, Linda, 437, 465 Furtak, Daniel, 421, 529, 571 Futerfas. Patricia, 256, 257, 282, 407, Gerber, Charls. 438, 519 Gerhardt, C thia, 259. 421 Gericke, Cnr1,n138, 147, 389 Germond, Stanley, 161, 300, 301, 407 Gemert, Gerisue, 559 Gerrity, Rita, 271, 389 Gerry, Norman, 506 Geist, Stanley, 438. 520 Geschwind, Iohn. 522, 528-529 Geyman, Ierry, 2,9 Ghalla, Manjula, 249 Ghassan, M. Chaaban, 573 Giarnese, Iohn, 513 Giarraputo, Bobby, 389, 586 Gibbens, Everette, 593 Goodman, Kennan, 523 Goodman, Marsha, 279, 438, 469 Goodman, Randall. 329, 421 Goodner, Bobby, 145, 318, 421 Goodner, Iulie, 266, 267, 421 Goodpasture, Iames, 372, 377, 564, S73 Goodpasture, Martin, 556 Goodson, Rena, 267, 389 Ggoigspeed, Ierry, 408, 528-529, 534, Goodwin, Carole, 408, 464 Goodwin, Rick, 150, 517 Goodwyn, Mary, 462, 566 Goolsby, Iohn, 548 Gordon, Barbara, 256, 421 Gordon, Barbara S., 421, 490, 548 Gordon L. Ga le, 390 Gordon: Max, 352, 438,497 Gordon, Gordon, Nona, 255, 438 Thomas, Ir., 308, 390 Foster, Floyd, 138, 147 Foster, Glenn, Ir., 437 Foster Iudy, 275, 389. 572, 590 Foster: Larry, 243, ass, 371, 376 Foster Lawrence, Ir., 140, 298, 407 Foster: Linda, 485 Foster, Poster, Stanley, 320, 321, 389 Foster William, 380 Fought, Michael, 373 Fountain, Tommy, 407 Founlaine, Mary, 243 Fonseca, W., 149 Fou ts, Warren, 243 Fowler, Daniel, 371 Fowler, john, 497, 601 Fowler, Patricia, 437, 539, 601 Fowler, Ronald, 520 Robert, 242, 243, 370, 371, 376 Gunderson, Suzanne, 264, 438, 473 Fox, Edwin, Ir., 321, 421 Fox, Leland, 536 Fox, Paul, 389, 544, W, 571, 573 Fox, Victoria, 373 Fozoonmaych, Farideh, 577 Frampton, Iames, 511 France, Charles, 150. 297, 437 Francis, Geraldine, 271, 273, 407, 528529. 532 Francis, Iulie, 485 Francis, Mary, 247, 259, 407 Franden, Elise, 271, 421 Frank, Barbara, 457, 463, 541 Frank, Iacquelyn, 275. 437, 478 Frank, Iohn, 308, 421 Frank, Leslie, 407, 490 Frank, Peter, 373 Frunkeufield olm 421 544, 545, sas G Gabal, Iames, 330, 389 Gabbe, Immo, 521, 552, 596, 601 Gabel, Barbara, 268, 421 Gaberino, Iames, 389 Gable, G. Ellis, 68 Gable, Thomas, 373, 564 Gaddis, Robert, 297, 421 Gadcly, Gerard, 519 Gaden, Michael, 321, 421 Gafford, Sharon, 275, 279, 327, 421, 541, 544 Gage, Edwin, 372, 376 Gage, Merle, 389 Gagnon, Louis, III, 437, 522 Gaines, Newton, 298, 299, 437, 501 Gaines, Paul, 373 Gaines, Steven, 312, 437, 514 Gaither, Durwin, 150 Gaither, F. F. CMxs.J, 554 Gaither, Karla, 407, 554, 582 Galbraith, Charla, 106 Galbraith, Karl, 150, 516 Galkin, Stanley, 373 Gallagher, George, 578 Gallup. flames, 334, 335, 437, 505 Galluzzo, Michael, 437, Sm Galooh, Harry, 312, 407 Galoob, Linda, 437, 484, 571 Galt, ay, 137. 138, 308, 389, 567, 568 Galt, oan, 389, 572 Gambill, Bradley. 311. 380 Gamble, Anne, 407. 487 Camel, Gary, 150, 495 Gzrilzy, Raymond, Ir., 150, 311, 437, Gannaway, Robert, 371. 374 Gans, Susan, 266, 267, 405 Ganschinietz, Gretchen, 389, 475 Ganstine, Robert, 437, SP2 Gant, Gilda, 437, 468, 589 Garbade, Carole, 482 Ggniens, Richard, 159, 162, 304, 438, Gibbons, Iosenh, 307, 438, 523 Gibbs, Ann, 271. 438. 468 Gibbs, Charles, 172, 304, 389 Gibbs, Christopher. 314, 389 Gibbs, Harold. 304. 421 Gibson, A. M., 211 Gibson, Charles 314. 407 Gibson, Iames, 311. 439 492 Gibson Gibson: Marion. 463. 508-529. 539 Michael. 163. 307. 325, 389 Gibson, Phillip, Ir., 308. 421 Gibson, Thomas, 143, 514 Gibson, Virginia, 248 Gibson. William. 389. S86 Gordy, Melinda, 438, 473, 536 Gore, Richard, 150, 298, 421 Goree, Gary, 506 Gorena, Amelia, 381 Gorin, Stephen, 293, 438, 505 Gorkuscha, Mischa, 497 Gomey, Iohn, 421 Gomey, William, 303. 438, 499 Gnrski, Jacqueline, 463 Gorton, Nancy, 585 Gosney, Iohn, 520 Goss, Sherre, 252. 438, 481, 594 Gossard, Roizer, 330, 408 Gossard, Va erie, 487 Gossett, Bill, 586 Grethen, Charles, 372 Gregson, Barry, 506 Gri n, Bennett. 438, 496 Griffin, Billy, 520 Griffin, Cheryl, 490 Grilhn, ames, 143, 301, 438, 493 Griffin, ohn, 140, 316 Griffin, inda, 247, 276, 390 Grillin, Sandra, 390 Grilhn, Saralou, 130, 467 GrifHn, Sidney, 512 Grillin, Warren, 373 Grilciin, William, 234, 390 Griffith, Brandon, 542, 561, 597, 599 Grifhth, Catherine, 438, 483 Griffith, Cherry, 263, 438, 480 Griffith, Jerri, 326, 438, 491, 495 Griffith, Ric ard, 52 GriHith, Richard M., 298, 438, 494 Grillith, Roger, 334, 370, 371 Griffy, David, 150, 321, 438, 497 Grimes, Donald, 308, 412 Grimes, Felder, 289, 301, 438, 519 Grimes, Michael, 308, 4,92 Grimm, Nancy, 258, 260, 408, 582 Grimm, Patricia, 438, 459 Grimm, Richard, Ir., 317, 438, 509 Grimm, Robert, 501 Gieclc. Frances. 264, 408 Giezentanner, Dud, 75 Giezentanner, Iames. 140 Gossctt, Iohn, ll, 515, 573 Gossett, Iohn L., 513, 52-529, 534 Gossett Loia, 573 Gossonl, Elizabeth, 335 138, 240 Giezentanner, William, 497, 550, 601 Gi lford Robert. 513 Gilbert: Alan, 144. 328, 421, 513 Gilbert Iames. 389 Gilhert: Tamcs M.. 408, 514 Gilhen, Pearl. 116 Gilbert, Ronald, 498 Gilkcy. Dickey. 150 Gill, Dan. 150. 521 Gill. Dorinda. 271, 408. 528-529 Gill Gill Gill, George. 395. 421, 512 , Iames, 493. 535 , Phyllis, 263. 389 Gill. Robert. 150 314. 421 Gillespie. Chandler. Ir.. 140 Gillett, Michael, 140, 491, 496, 507, 525, 535 Gilley, David. 140. 325 408 Gillham. Larrv. 143. 147, 493 Gilliland. Roh'-rt, In. 372. 376 Gilmore, Danclla. 276, 438, 595 Gilmore, Mary. 438 Gilmore, Robert, Ir., 150. 438. 504 Gilnin, William, III, 119, 121, 311, 421, 585 Gilson, Icny, 408 Gilstran. Iimmy, 167 Gntcher. Vicki, 274, 275, 408, 544, 545, 598 Gott, Allen, 145, 225, 421, 517 Gottesman, Michael, 512 Gottlob, anet, 52-529, 532 Gottlob, eri, 528529, 534, 539 Gotscholk, William, 161 Gaudi, Margaret, 271, 438, 479 Goul , Tommy, 514 Grable, Frances, 268, 390 Grahle, Robert, 150, 506 Grad, Roberto, 539 Graff, Iolm, 159, 162, 438, 520 Franklin Gray in Frankli n, Franklin , 1 , Ben, III. 303. 380. 568 lane, 197, 279, 389 earline Franklin y 1 . 478 Franklin, gonald, 372 , teven. 307, 389, 550 Franks, Kenny, 421, 514 Frans, Donald, 421, 512 Frans n, Ieanne, 475 ee Frantz, Constance, 473 Frantz, Iames, 28, 407 Frantz, Kathryn, 271, 273, 407 Fraser, George, 211, 377 Frazee, Frazier, 616 David, 517 Donald, 332, 333, 407 Garber, Martin, Ir., 135, 136, Garcia, I , , uan 560 588 Gardner, Dena, 478 Gardner, Gilbert, S61 Gardner, oel, 312, 389 Gardner, llichard, 314, 421 Garelich, Barbie, 421, 462 Garland, Deanna, 375 Garland, Iohn, 370. 372. 374 Garland, bldith, 271, 437, 481, 594 Garland, arga, 471 Garmon, Pamela, 464 Gamer, Gary, 381 Gamer, Robert, 389, 498 Gamer, Steven, 299 Gamer, William, 437, 528-529 Gamett, Ed, 304 Gamett, Iames, 308, 437, 519 Garrett, Garrett, Beth, 375 Danny, 144 Gingrich, Robert, Ir., 150, 317, 438, 498 Ginn, Terry, 408 Ginsberg, Leon. 584 Ginter, Ianice, 469 Girard, Walter. 421 Girdens. Everette. 524 Giroux, Richard, 150. 494 Githens, Vemn. 528-529 Givens, Rex, 376 Gladstein, Bette, 256, 438. 458 Glahn, Gregory, 389 495, 583 Glsgnerg, Barry, 161, 285, 329, 421, Glasser, Eric, 507 Glassman, Bemard, lr., 3219, 408 Glatfelder, Linda, 267. 421 Glatstein, Howard, 329, 389 Glazener, Verona, 196, '264, 408 Graft, Incl, 145 Gragg, George, 559 Graham, Carol, 483 Graham, Curtis, 564 Graham, Iames, 52 graham, Iames50?a17, 390 ra m, oe, Grahgm, l..awrcnce. 438, 523 Graham, Robert, 575 Graham, Sami, 390 ames, , 438, 514 Grant, L 330 Grass, enneth, 528-529. 535 Grauel, lean, 268, 438, 471 Graves, Daryl, 516 Graves. lane, 276, 390. 566 Graves, mlm, 243, 298, 390 Graves, ichacl, 496 Gravett, Patricia, 268. 421 Gravlin, Iucly, 252, 438 Gray, Allen, Ir., 372, 376 Gray, Connie, 375 Gray, Darby, gr., 147, 599 Gray, Iames, 71, 376 Gray, Louis, 528, 529, 532, 595 Gray Mary 259 421 Gray,Ralp1'l, II,'505 Gray, Ra Grny, Ro Gray Rn gmond, 373 ert, 147, 150, 438, 496 bert W. 390 572 590 Gray: Thomas, 1215, 421, 568, 514 Iud 582 1 , . Grayson, Bogby, 549 D Grayson, M. Iaynee, 537, :149 Grisham, 1-Iarold, 145. 42, 513 Grisham, lack, 438, 512 Grisham, Iimmie, 213, 217, 218, 20, 222, 223 Grissom, Michael, 422. 510, 537 Griswold, Elizabeth, 478 Grizzo, D. H., 117 Groom, Dinne, 260. 438, 466 Groover, Barbara, 281 281, 408 Groshong. David, 521 Gross, Robert, 438, 507 Gross, Terry, 262, 263, 408 Grosse, Linda, 271, 438, 458 Grmhe, William, Ir., 390, 562, 578, 586, 597 Grout, Iohn, Ir., 314. 422, 495 Grove, Bruce, 314, 390 Grove, Robert, 325 370, 372 Grubb, Clifton, 525 Grubb, David, 330, 390, 507, 588 Grubb, F. Berlon, 493 Gruce, Stephen, Ir., 32, 370, 373 Grumman, George, 520 Grundy, Barbara, 118. 2.58, 259, 390 Grunz, Iumes, 557, 597 Gucle, Inmes, 390 Guderian, Robert, 150. 494 Guell, Eduardo, 314, 42 Guerrero, Virginia. 390. 464 Guerry, William, 422. 510, 528-529 Gu1Iey, Innila, 264, 390 Guild, Mary, 252, 422 Guinn, Penny, 438, 472. 594 Guinness, Kathryn. 590 Guiou, Dorothy, 478 Gumm, Carole, 255. 438, 474 Gunderson, Susan, 264, 433. 483, 594 Gunn, Belinda, 468 Gunn, Carolyn. 478 Gunn, Sherie, 438, 481 Gunning, Marilueth, 537 Gunning, R. Boyd, 112 Gunning. Robin, 550 Gunter, Ienz, 298, 42 Gunter, Vic i, 264, 390 Glaggy, Catherine, 124, 125, 196, 271 Gumey, Marion, 147, 172, 408, 560 Gustinc, Elizabeth, 438, 457, 471 Gurren, Dugal, 301. 390 Gurley, Iohn, 317, 438, 497 Gutel, Joseph, 538 Gutel, Ioscph, Ir., 538 Guthrie, Grover, III, 150, 330, 438, 516 Guthrie, Iaclc, 116 I ,fu gf:-1-1-ff.:ggi-5'PwwMM-M-ws-qjqqqfqg355jgj:-gg9g,zq155a::1e:r::r,:,-pp-:-:-:-::+:f:-:-yg,oif35f,+:fir,-.-f---, ---. -..-- V ---- if? ': zz' W ,Q- .'5. -L- u jgg if .,,. V41 1. fffl 2 E i 7 S .1 W A...-'- """""" ' :ig',,..Lp13iT,',Tfff. .,...., , gf --"' i.:5.r.1: ...., :4:,:4, l ----'Q--4-""A"-'-" """'- Y """""'A""" 'iff'QITTM'ff:-i'i-i'i5ff'f'i-2:2-pizg "'Pi -I 1.. I.Z1Q.Q:1:jg.f3k '4,-. fue: .'--- rr -'-'-'-'A 1 --I-1-14-1114-ll'-llL4+f:fi535 l T?T5T"'T'i'j1TiTi.Tif'. ' A'A'. 'Q 'K .fiiff1TI1f'.'I'1'li2f'fQ'..1QQ'Qf'QfQ'.f'f I.Q.,ffLff'ff'ffQQffflf., ' 1IffIIfffffffffff7fffQQQQfIQ ""'A ' "'Q"' QQ QflflffQ'f,',f,f.1,If,,,,,,,, H 1 Mg ' - 1 e - . Gefhn Shr Crazy? 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Ann, 438, 466 Hadwiger, William, 372 Haferkamp, Alfred, Ir., 150, 318, 438 Hagan, Henry, 583 Hagan, Iessica, 260, 390 Hague, Richard, M, 318, 421, 516 Ha y, Joe, 130, 548 Hain, Elaine, 271, 438, 480, 582 Hahn, Elizabeth, 422, 457, 483, 485 Haines, Sharon, 275, 422 Hall, 517 Halderson, Clark, 373 Hale, Gary, 42 Hale, Marcia, 264, 438, 466, 594 Hgle, Mary, 247, 271, 439, 472, 528- 29 Halford, Harold, 586 Hall, Anita, 472 1-Iall, Carl, 232, 524 Hall, Charles, 213, E, 330, 403, 517 Hall, Charles R., 583 Hall, Iohn, 124, 126, 304, 390 Hall, Ioyce, 468 Hall, Iudilh, 203, 268, 269, 390, 581 Hall, Iudith A., 477 Hull, Linda, 490, 548 Hall, Marquita, 439, 466, 548, 566 Hall, Mary, 271, 284, 439, 472 Hall, Pamela, 469 Hall, Rag, 303, 381, 587 Hall, Re ecca, 270 Hull, Richard, 150, 321, 439, 509 Hall, Rita, 268, 439 Stephen, 500 Hanks, Iulia, 390, 575 Hanks, Steve, 514 Haule, Arlen, 137, 159, 160, 163 Hammer, Don, 150, 500 Hanna, Salman, 524 Hannah, Dave, 549 Hansen, Chiquita, 559 Hansen, Clayton, Ir., 150, 493 Hansford, Linda, 439, 467 Hanson, Maren, 390 Hanson, Michael, 505 Hanson, Thomas, 307, 408 Harbaugh, Russell, Ir., 373 Harbour, David, 372, 376 Harclberger, Kathryn, 263, 412, 536 Harden, Darrel, 578 Harden, James, 373 Harden, Larry, 307, 408 Harder, Hyla, 381, 450 Hardin, Bryan, 140 Hardin, Mary, 381 Hardin, Robert, 570 Harding, Charles, Ir., 512 Harding, Owen, 150, 439, 500 Hardwick, Iames, 516 Hardwick, Iohn, 285, 288, 308, 309, 567, 576 Hardwick, William, 330, 422 Hardy, Janet, 267, 439, 476 Hare, Bruce, 303, 390 Hargis, Gene, 145 I-Iargis, Ierlene, 390 Hargis, joseph, 439, 502, 551, 601 Hargrove, jams, 304, 439, 494 Hargrove, Iames R., 52 Hariri, Bahman, 561 1'1Zll'jU, Carl, 521 Harkey, Michael, 311, 422, 593 Harkins, John, 171, 52 Harlan, Mary, 408, 478 Harlan, William, 439, 502 Gary, 439, 492 Carolyn, 390 Iames, 84 Mary, 276, 439, 594 Mike, 213, 517 Harlin, Harlow, Harlow, Harlow, Harman, Harmon, Darylene, 259, 439, 476, 5 Harmon, I-Iarmrm, Harmon Eula, 465 Gary, 304, 422 , Lance, 576 Harmon, Ron, 213, 517 Ronald, 273, 546 thrvn 268 439 471 Harmon, Hum, Ka , , , , Ham, Patricia, 255, 390 1-Iarneit, Walter, 408 '36 Harvey, Rudy, 150, 326, 439, 523 Harvey, Sandra, 456 Harvey, Sue, 271, 282, 390 Hcnlinc, Donald, 161, 285, 311, 408 Henry, Benn, 137, 285, 326, 327, 391, 556, 560, 597 Marion, 193, 258, 262, 263, William, Ir., 161, 325, 408 Harvi1le,Ierry, 136, 138 Harz, Steven, 33, 439 Hason, Kenneth, 503 Hass, Camle, 246 Hassan, Shamsul, 573 H , :ary Harvey, Hassebroek, Ierry, 119, 145, 242, 298, 319, 422, 593 Hastings, Glen, 519 Hatstings, Milann, 276, 422 I-Iasmn, Harold, 528-529 Hatcher, Leon, Ir., 420, 542, 557, 593 Hatfield, Robert, 498 Hathaway, Iodene, 246, 264, 439, 476 I-Iatlcy, Morris, 285, 318, 319, 390 Hailey, Robert, 2, 105, 118, 204, 390. 587, 591 1-Iattaway, David, 502, 525, 585 Haltensly, Tiajuana, 464 1-Iaub, Barbara, 486 1-Iaug, Iudith, 252, 422, 553, S58 Hang, Leonard, 211 Haugan, Danny, 408 Hauser, Ierryy, 167, 171, 390 Hauser, Linda, 403, 437, 572 Havens, Jimmie, 524 1-Iavighurst, Barbara, 263, 390 Henry, Francis, Ir., 138 Henry, Inmes, 506, 525. 560 Henry, Marsha, 439, 474, 554 Henry, Thomas, 391 Hens er, Gary, 150, 308, 439, 500, 601 Hensley, Cathy, 439 Hensley, Iohn, 53, 595, 601 Henson, jane, 460 1-Iensnn, Michael, 145, 225, 422, 517 Hcnthorn, Janice, 267, 422, 558 Hcrbst, Stuart, 373 Heritage, Rebecca, 276, 408 Hermes, Frank, 122, 123, 582 Herndon, Carlo, 267, 42 Herrick, Nancy, 249 Herrington, James, 439, 505 Herrman, Gary, 330, 391 Hertje, Arvella, 381 Herzog, Barbara, 279, 430, 469, 582 Hcsler, William, III, 3116, 408 Hess, Nancy, 272, 439, 475 Hester, David, 150, 298, 439, 502, 601 Hcttmannsperger, 1-larry, 517 Hauser, Ioyce, 439, 477, 594 Hawes, Charles, 391, 522, 55, 563, 572, 599 Hewitt, Michael, 330, 331, 391, 546, 591 Hewitt, Robert, 303, 439, 505 Hawkins, Hawkins, Hawkins, George, 25, 226, 517, 546 Harva, 439, 483 Judith, 390 Hawkins, Larry, 304, 422 Irlawkins, Ronald, 124, 145, 513 Hawkins, Roy, 439 Hawkins, 'Walken 524 Hawthorne, Sarah, 472 Haxel, Richard, 229, 250, 516 Hay, L imla, 264, 439, 471 Huy, Mclany, 249, 439, 467, 562 Hayden, Jerry, 391, 515 Hayen, Laurie, 272, 273, 422, 554, 558 Hayes, Iames. 372 Hayes, Ieri, 439, 463 Hayes, Keary, 548 Hayes, Robert, 166 Hayes, Thomas, 150, 439 Hayes, Thomas WV.. 159, 162, 500, 595 Hayhursl, Ellen, 483, 553, 595 Haynes, Carol, 42, 467 Haynes, Marvin, 145, 213, 325, 42, Halla , Iawad, 562 Haloci, Charlotte, 538 Hallock, Harold, 150, 548 Halloran, John, 159, 161, 510 Hallum, Larry, 311, 390 Halper, Stephen, 140 Halpem, Stephen, 150, 329, 439 Halstead, Billy, 373 Halstead, lludfy, 375 Hallom, C ar otte, 142, 390, 464, G00 Ham, William, 290, 291, 390, 542, 568, 572, 597, 599 Hamblen, Iosephine, 460, 558 Hameeduddin, Mir, 573 Hamel, Robert, 523, Hamer, Clyde, 583 Hamer, Sandra, 439, 477 Hamas, Berry, 381, 584 Haines, cggy, 566 Hamil, Annetla, 390, 462, 551 Hgglton, David, 542, 562, 578, 586, 569 Hamilton, Hamilton, Iimmie, 140, 234, 516 Ginny, 465 Hamilton, Linda, 252, 408 Hamilton Maril n 247 276 277 408 Hamilton: Ma ,y2510, 251, 254, Us Puff 145, 492,491 sas, Robert, 138 Hamilton, Ronald, 138 Terry, 162 Hamilton, 593 Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamlin, Ice, 314, 42 Hamm, Ronald, 422, 513, 528-529, ' 534, 539 Hammand, Iack, 162, 498 Hammand, Ierry, 162, 498 Hammer, Mike, 128, 129, 42, 513, 593 Hammer, Thomas, 520 Hammcrt, Carl, 159, 161, 408, 519 Hammond, Alice, 252, 422 Hammond, Don, 150, 493 gurrunong, HollZa1gB9l40, 35, 408 ammo , nc , Hammohd 1ames, 150, 517 Hammond, James N., 170, 172 Hammond, Iohn, 167, 213, 214, 217, fm, 517, 547 Hammonds, Helen, 462 Hammons, Barbara, 263, 439, 466 Hamn-ions, Iohn, 515 Hammons, Royce, 308, 42, 514 Harnmons, Terry, 523 Hammons, Willard, 586 Humor, Lillian, 267, 42 Hampshire, Eddie, 161, 422, 510 Hampton, Toni, 264, 439, 482 Hampton, Wiliam, 504 Hamm, Sherian, 255, 390, 559 Hamrick, Lena, 478, 553 Han, Grace, 564 Hancock, Nell, 252, 422 Hanes, Douiglas, 333, 439, 506 Haness, Ric 1ard, 145, 422, 510 Haney, Caren, 275, 422 Haney, James, 129, 140, 311, 408, 582 Haney, John, 317, 439, 504 Haney, Philip, 439, 509 Haney, Richard, 330, 412 Hangs, Cathezine, 119, 195, 408, 490, 534, 537, 538, 598 Hzmkins, Harlan, 516 Hankowski, Ruth, S81 618 Harp, Charles, 572 Harper, Barbara, 467, 553, 554 1-Iarral, Larry, 298, 439 Harrcl, flames, Ir., 439, 497 Harrell, Alvin, 325, 42 Harrell, Amzie, 559 Harrell, Carole, 190, 422, 490, 582 Harrell, Jim, 576 Harrell, Kent, 321, 42 Harrell, Larry, 597 Harrell, Marcia, 276, 408 Harrell Michael 42 512 Harrell: sfephmf 289: 294, 439, 512 Harrin ton Sandra 439 469 E 1 , , Harris, Barbara, 276, 439, 474, 594 Harris, Barney, 524, 528-SB Harris, Betty, 195, 272, 390 Harris, Carol, 442 Harris, Donald, 576 Harris, Edward, 150, 293, 439, 519 Harris, Elinor, 562, 573 Harris, Gary, 422 Harris, Guy, 68 Harris, Isala, 300 Harris, james, 297, 408 Harris, james, M,, 166 Harris, Iames W., 314, 390 Harris, Ianice, 263, 390, 574 Harris, Iohn, 390 Harris, Iohn, CMrs.j, 552, 564, 573 Harris, Io11n H., 298. 439, 496 Harris, Ioyce, 42, 486 Harris, Iudith, 252, 253, 390, 541, 562 Harris, Linda, 490 Harris, Loyd, 96 I-Igigs, Lynda, 408, 490, 541, 558, Harris, Mary, 539 Harris, Neal, 172, 521 Harris, Orval, Ir,, 390 Harris, Phillip, 308, 439, 493 Harris, Raymond, 35, 439, 497 Harris, Shirley, 422 Harris, Suzanne, 252, 408 Harris, Suzanne K., 490 Harris, Terry, 507 Harris, Tommy, 562 Harrison, Doane, 326, 439 Harrison, M. Charline, 264, 390 Harrison, Mary, 272, 42 Harrison, Nancy, 487 Harrison, Patricia, 479 Harrison, Patricia E., 260, 408 Harrison Roger, Ir., 326, 408 Harrison: Ronald, 521 Harrison, William, 290, 370, 373 Harrist, David, 150, 325, 439, 505 Harrod, Carol, 422 Harrole, Phillip, 514 Hart, Ben, Ir., 213, 216, 218, 21, E, 517 Hart, Curl, 381 Hart, Carter, III, 321, 422 Hart, Gregory, 150, 333, 439, 498 Hart, Iunria, 163, 276, 422, 594 Han, Robert, 298, 422, 534 Hart, Walter, Ir., 140, 298, 408 I-Ia rt raves Claudette 268 422 Hartiivin, Pearl, 197, 259, 232, 383 Hartley, Emilee, 260, 390, 590 Hartley, M. C., Ir., 166 Hartman, Georgia, 469, 549 Harvey, Jimmie, 467 Harvey, john, III, 439, 492 ,390 Hayness, Rick, 510 Haynic, Ivan, 388 Hays, Bobby, 370, 371, 376 Hays, Dan, 150 Hays, Ilcrhcrt. Ir., 167, 168, 170 Hayward, David, 42, 513 Head, Io, 267, 395, 476 Head, Iudy, 266, 267, 42, 558 Healy, Kathryn, 198, 276, 422 Heap, Ierry, 439, 53 Heard, Ellen, 272, 439, 474 Heard, Margaret, 471 Hearn, De Forest, Ir., 562 Hearn, Donna, 439, 467 Hcartsill, Phyllis, 272, 284, 439, 458, 582 Heath, Laurence, 521 Heath, Marie, 439, 480, 539, 551, 601 Hcatly, Dick, 211 Hebert, Gordon, 422 Hecht, WVi1liam, 381, Hecht, NVilliam H., 552 Hcckcrman, Nancy, 422, 457, 464 Hechmarm, Claire, 381 Hcdden, Constance, 490 Hcdcrhorst, Ienefred, 275, 439, 481 Hedges, Larry, 150, 500 Hedrick, Timothy, 509 1-Icfley, Iacqueline, 439, 457, 468 1-leger, Icrry, 150, 334, 439. 494 I-Icineman, Terry, 330, 42 Heinen, Barbara, 439, 482, 541 1-Icinen, Mary, 271. 422 Heinrichs, lessee, 551, 572, 597 Heiniz, Edward, 582 I-Ieinze, Ianet, 439, 470 Hcllerson, Douglas, 439, 524 Hellman, Samuel, 372, 376 Helvcnston, Kathy, 408 1-Iemassi, Mahmoud, 391, 577, 592 Hemmy, Victor, Ir., 161, 321, 408 Hemphill, Inhn, 145, 243, 298, 422 Hemphill, Phgllis, 272, 42 Hemphill, Ro ert, 130, 439, 521 Hemry, Kenneth, 373 Henlnest, David, 493 Anne, 271, 439, 463 Henderson, Henderson, Donald, Ir., 520 Henderson, Iames, 307. 391 Henderson, Henderson, Iim, 297, 391 Iimmy, 528-529 Henclerson, Ioseph, 330, 439, 517 Henderson, Kathryn, 275, 439 Henderson, Lyle, 497 Henderson, Martha, 463 Henderson Monte 470 Henderson: Richaril, 308, 422, 548 Henderson, Robert, 213, 330, 42, 517 Henderson, Robert K., Ir., 150, 298, 439, 504 Henderson, Ronald, 506 Henderson, Henderson, Henderson, William, 298, Hendon, Ioseph, 439, 507 Hendrcn, Gary, 559, 580 Hendren, William. 408 Hendrick, Helen, 422, 464 Hendrick, Patsy, 248, 422, 490, 578 Hendricks, Billy, 150, 303, 439, 492 Hendry, Iohn, 524 Henigst, H. R,, 590 Hen ey, Connie, 193, 268, 391 Henley, Gordon, 439, 505 Susan, 268, 422. Susan L., 421. 391, 558 Hewson, jane, 487 Heydt, James, 150 Hiatt, Susan, 439, 459, 473 Hicknm, Andrew, 373 Hickcrson, Harold, 308, 423 1'1if5ig'rlan, Bruce, 119, 121, 320, 321, Ilickmon, Gary, 373 Hicks, David, 294, 2295, 408 Hicks, lane, 276, 391 Hicks, Kenneth, 298, 423 1-licks, Ruth, 408, 485 Hierschc, George, 317, 439, 507 Hiersche, Ierry, 316, 317, 408, 563 Higginbotlom, Frank, 502 Higgins, Curl, 290, 291, 423 Higvins, Waller, 140 High, jack, 297, 391 1-Iighlcy, Francis, 330, 439, 503 1-Iighiower, Billie, 439 Hilbomc, Tom, Ir., 150, 439, 504 Hilburn, Hugh, 391 Hildebrand, Iulie, 577 Hilcling, Randy, 439. 502 Higingcr, Margo, 129, 268, 439, 461 Hi , Andrew, 135, 138 Hill, Bonnie, 423 Hill, Carolyn, 267, 391 Hill, Dale, 145 Hill, Gary, 303, 439, 495 Hill, Gwen, 460 Hill, Howard, 135, 138 Hill, Ice, 145, 423, 593 Hill, Iolm, 373 Hill, Myrl, 584 I-lill, Terry, 439, 506 Hill, Thomas, 307, 439 Hill, Hill, William L., 223, 43 1-lillnlwlt, Iohn, 53-1,, 537 I-1illiz1rd,Iul1n, 408 Hinchec, Elizabeth, 478 William, 138, 155, 213, 325 Ilimlman, A. lcllery, Ir., 391, 513, 57 Hindman, Ianice, 490 William, Ir., 515 Hinds, llinee, Iames, 372, 376 llincs, juhn, 391 Hines, Ronnie, 330, 423 Hines, Sidney, 586 Hines, Suzanne, 375 Hingorani, Bhagwan, 561, Hiniker, Alice, 482 Hinkle, Alice, 456 Hinkle, Richard, 325, 440, 500 Hink1L:,Wil1iarn, 150, 304, 440, 501, 573 535, 601 Hirsh, Iudith, 391 Hirzcl, Icllrey, 145, 423, 514 Hincl, Karen, 264, 423 Hise , Linda, 541 Hitchcock, Clifton, 314, 408, 55 Hivcly, Ray, 511 Ho, Hung-Ta, 584 Ho, Iauncs, 564, 573 1-Ioug, Charles, 534, 539 Hoagland, Inhn, 162, 440, 528-529 Hoahwah, Byron, 52 Holm, Tran, 391, 561, 597 1-Iobbie, Richard, 513 I-Iolnbs, Douglas, 579 Hobbs, Gloria, 440, 472, 595 Hobby, Brewster, 211 Hobson, Leslie, 457. 460, 572 Hobson, Robert, 520 Hobson, Suzanne, 462 I-Iochgmcie, Ruth, 260, 423 Hodde, Bill, 243, 310, 311, 391 Hoclde, Susan, 408, 487, 574 Hodder, Pam, 271, 440, 472 Hodgdon, Kenneth, 334, 423 Hodges, Cyrus, III, 35, 423 Hodges, Euan, 391 Hodges, ames, 330, 408 Hodges, Inlmy, 559 Hodges, Karen, 196 Hodges, Larry, 601 Hodges, Paul, 304, 370, 372, 373, 377 Hodges, Roy, 391 Hodgins, Paula, 249, 469 Hodgson, Maurice, 584 Holi, Charles, 254, 423 I-Iuffman, Alan, 334, 440, 521 Hoffman, Dennis, 52 Hoffman, Mark, 140, 311, 408 Hogan, Barbara, 467 Hogan, Carilee, 253, 391, 473, 505, 533, 537, 538, 581 2 Holm, Iohn, 373 Holcomb, Iudith, 268, 209, 43 Holcomb, Linda, 479 Holcomb, Malcolm, 391, 542, 557, 584, 597, 599 Holcomb, Nan, 247, 4751 Holden, Lynda, 264, 421 Holder, William, Ir., 500 llolclerby, Iackie, 255, 440, 461 1-Ioldscluw, Eamest, 521 Hollucher, Ioy, 423, 478, Don, 145, 408 Hulladay, Ellen, 423 I'Iolln.k, Duane, 520 Holland, Billy, 134, 143 Holland, C. Ioe, 122, 123, 582 Deanna, 248, 475 Holland, Holland, Edward, 408 Lonnie, 237 Holland, Holland, Pamela, 423. 45 Holland, Virginia, 263. 408, 534 1-lulleyman, Henry, 297, 408 110l1ingsheac1,Ian, 271, 440, 475, 594, 595 Hollingshczlcl, Larry, 4-10, 504 Hollingsworth, Martha, 408, 487 Hollis, A. Louise, 464 1-Iullis, Charles, 372, 376 Hallman, Icralyn, 2713, 440, 466, 536, 504 Holloman, Iamcs, Ir., 285, 318, 319, 423 Holloway, Diane, 275, 408, 467 Holloway, Incl, 559 Holloway, Susan, 275, 440 Holm, Kristina, 263, 282, 423, 582 Holm, Sven, 229, 231, 331 Holmes, Philip, 371 Holmes, Roger, 289. 322, 423, 521 llolsapplc, Hedy, 408, 467, 590 Holt, Charles, 511 Holt, Iamcs, 330, 370, 373 Holt, john, 333. 391 Holt, Iudith, 479 Holt, Linda, 235, 423 Hull, Robert, 290, 440, 524 Holt, Vic, 316 110llman.n, Harold. 502 K Holzbeierlcin, Ieun, 275, 440, 470 1-loncu, Twila, 191. 1268, 408 Hood, Carolyn, 457, 467, 559 Hood, Ianus, lr., 138 Hood, Ralph, Ir., 371. 374 Hoorl, Rohcrt, 391 Hood, Robert W., 298 Hooker, Anne, 264. 41.13 1-looks, Patricia, 465 Hrmpcr, Kay, 375 Hooper, Samuel, 373 Hoot, Phillip, 317. 408 Hoover, Donald, 334, 423 Hoover, games, 304, 423 Hoover, erry, 519, 559 Hoover, Wilkie, 316, 317, 423 Hnpc, anet, 276, 423 Hope, arilyn, 272. 440, 473 Denny, 237 Gary 145 Hopkins, Hopkins, , Hopkins, Iamcs, 391 Sharon, 252, 440, 481 William, Ir,. 243, 302, 303 Hopkins, Hopkins, 423 Hopper, Gwendolyn, 423, 464 Horn, Clinton, 333, 423 Horn, Gary, 440, 521 Horn, Ronnie, 391 Horn, Suc, 255, 440, 478 Hombeck, Ronald, BT, 391 Hornbucklc, Linda, 440, 479 Horne, Bonnie, 275, 4-40, 461 1-lorslman, Preston, Jr., 311, 391 Horton, Floyd, 285, 294, 295, 391 Horton. Leonard, 145, 513 Horton, William, 138, 285, 302, 203, 303. 316, 391, 544 1-Iorwczlel, Ion, 243, 335, 391, 568 1'I1,yrwitz, Alan, 312, 1411, 568 Horwitz, Barbara, 466 Horwitz, Beverly, 466 Horwitz, Ga , 312, 409 Horwitz, Lexi, 467 Hoskin, Dcvey, 464 Hoslcr, Craig, 150, 303. 440, 492 1-Ioslcr, Karen, 198, 252, 391 Hosletlcr, Rohn, 524 Homling, lan, 159, 161, 514 Huuchin, Iohn, 69 Houck, Mary, 554 Hough, James, 542 Hough, Sandra, 566 Housley, Roger, 330, 331, 425 Houston, Linda, 259, 423 Hovasse, Robert, 311, 409, SM Hove, Iuhn, 233, 314, 423, 518, 524 Howard, Dallas, ?A1 I-rlfownrcl, Donald, 303, 440, 521 Howard, Gary, 318, 440. 493 Howard, I. Robcrt,4Ir., 391. 557, 597 Howard, Iames, 12 , 125, 130, 207, 285, 288, 310, 311, 391 Howard, Mary, 440, 465 Howard, Nancy, 440, 476, 571 Howe, Barbara, 440, 475 Howe. Elmer, 166 Howe, Michael, 568 Howell, Iumes, 523, SB Howell, Sondra. 423, 467, 533, 558 Howell, Wendell, 373 llowlingwatcr, Dorothy, 580 Howze, Lawrence, III, 298, 423 Hay, Harry, 211 Hoyt, Mont, 371, 376 Hsin, Han, 564 Huang, Ying, 381, 564 Hubbard, Mary, 409, 548 Hubbard, Roberta, 584 Hubbard, Roger, 332, 333, 409 I-Iubburd, Wi liam, 334, 391 Hubbell, Rhuclora, 391, 458, 460 THE MARK OF INTEGRITY This tis mm H im Hs the piiroduoi is a o I hind it stan . o o 3 i mom tim a wo i i 5 pjifoduot Wiih E ES E E S o tho best poiaf ii a o u 2 i WORLD'S LEADING MANUFACTURER OF OIL WELL DRILLING TOOLS HUGHES TOOL COIVIPANYXOH Tool Division Houston, Texa , Hughes Tool Company. 'Hughes' is a registered trademark of Hughes Tool Company. Hubble, Iean, 325, 370, 373, 565 Hudak, lohn, 290, 291, 440 Hudman, Thomas, 391 Hudson, Donald, 409 Hudson, immy, 520 Hudson, reta, 267, 423 Hudson, Reed, 440, 501 Hudson, Ronald, 373 Huller, Donald, 145, 522 Hufline, Iim, 150, 524, 559 Edgar, 423, 559 Geor e 2 3 Huffman, Huffman, g , , Huffman, Haro d, 138 Huffman, Ierry, 559, 580 Huffman, Kenneth, 553 Huffman, Randall, 289, 304, 440, 595, 601 Hughes, Hughes Alan, 150 , Carl, 150, 307, 440, 502 Hughes, Claudia, 440, 473 Hughes, Floyd, III, 553 Ieanne, 271, 392 Hughes, Hughes, Lynn, 93 Hughes, Patricia, 465 Hughes, Susan, 484 William Ir., 371, 374 Hughes, . Hugill, Helen, E7 Hugon, Mary, 440, 471 Hugus, Wayne, 409, 513 Hu a, Iudit , 566 Hular, Richard, 523 Hull, Indy, 539 Hull, Patricia, 476 Hullum, Lewis, 162, 496 Hulme, Barbara, 196, 267, 423, 558 Hulme, Lurlene, 392 Ikllulsey, Gary, 150, 423 u sey, ames, r., l,a.r 241 330 392 Hulsey, . . Humphrey, hu, 564 Humphrey, Iudith, 440, 468 Humphrey, William, 559 Humphreys, Kent, 150, 440, 549 Hum hreys, Michael, 150, 495 Hunellce, Harold, 211 Hunt, Glenda, 440, 479 Hunt, Lillie, 129, 392, 537, 548 Hunt, atricia, 423, 486, 571 Hunt, Richard, 150, 321, 440, 507 Hunt, Sharon Io, 197, 574 Hunter, Christina, 440, 483, 541 Htmter, Glenn, 576 Hunter, Iames, 332, 333, 423 ohn, 290, 392 Hunter, Hunter, lllary, 440, 465 gungngtcing L., 5255 un ey, uns, r., Huntzicker, William, 325, 440, 503 Hurlburt, Mary, 255, 440, 478 Hurst, Fred, Ir., 311, 423, 593 Huser, William, 372, 376 Huston, Sara, 271, 440, 470, 594 Hutchens, lay, 510, 525 Hutchings, Andrea, 467, 577 Hutchinson, Iimmy, 161 1.-Iiutlas, l?I'lward,5Ig, 392 utson, enry, Hutson, Wilma, 472 Sutton, Harolgg-11, 392, 559 utton, erry, 1V1arilyn, 423, 487, 534, 536 Hutton, Hutton, Mark, 510, 529 Yeong 564 Hwang, , Hyatt, Daryl, 520 Hyde, ames, 317, 440, 493 Hyde, ames, 140, 285, 332, 333, 409 Hyhel , Thomas, 495 Hylton, Joseph, Ir., 335 Hynes, Michael, 440, 495 I Ibach, David, 317, 409 Ice, Carol, 490 Ige, Ralph, 409 lmes, Norman, Ir., 145 Irnke, Harold, lr., 150, 303, 440, 491, 503 Ingels, William, 138 Ingham, Herbert, 423, 514, 593 Ingle, lloe, 150, 302, 303, 440, 497 Ingle, ohn, Ir., 326, 392 Inglese, Tullio, 392 Inglis, Ann, 275, 42.3, 536, 538 Inglish, Howard, 440, 492 Ingram, Dorrie, 440, 477, 594 Ingram, Mike, 537 In ram, Susan, 264. 392 lnhofe, Douglas, 151, 298, 440, 502 503, 601 Inman, Henry, 440 Inman, amie, 515, 534, 535 Inman, immy, 515, 534, 535 Inman, richard, 234, 235 Inman, Stephen, 151, BS, 440, 500 Iorio, Leo, 285, 290, 291, 392 Irandanan, Babak, 577 Iranganah, Assad, 577 Iran anah, Touran, 577 Irelan, I. R., 556 Irvin, Michael, 494 Irwin, Steve, 521 Isac, Ching, 583 Iseminger, William, 300, 301, 409 Ishmae , Marshall, 381 Ishmael, Murla, 440 Isom, Penny, 276, 277, 409, 563 Ivener, Kirk, 392, 567 Ivens, Michael, 242 Iverson, David, 140, 552 Iverson, Lloyd, 552 Ivester, Robert, 371, 377 Ivey, Tommie, 576 Ivie, Sondra, 440, 480 Ivy, Robert, 575, 579 Jackman, George, Ir., 24, 440 Iackson, Barbara, 260, 423 Iackson, Charles, 135 620 Iaekson, Edgar, Ir., 409 James, 505 ames R., 213, 517 Jackson, Iackson, 1 Iackson, oe, 440, 519, 601 Mary 468 Iackson, , Iaclcson, Robert, 318, 319, 409 Iaekson, Russell, 524 Iackson, Shirley, 440, 468 Iackson, Stephanie, 423 Thomas, 151 Iackson, Iaekson, Tillman, 381 Iohn, 211 Iaeobs, Iacobs, Iohn B., 145, 326, 423 Jacobs, Kendall, 276, 277, 392 Jacobs, Merle, 130 Iacobs, Robert, 124, 333, 409 Iaeobs, Sara, 466 Iacobs, Susan, 474 Iacobsen, Roger, 423 Jacobson, Alice, 279, 392 Iacobson, H-zflrey, 312, 440, 512 Iaeger, Ric ard, SM Iaeger, Rita, 423, 490 Ia eler, Judy, 392, 570, 579 Ia inke, Chris, 521, 595 ic: Janice 252, 423 Iakulew , , Iames, Bob, 211, 239 Iames, Dennis, 242, 330, 392 james, Linda, 274, 275, 409 Iames, Linda, 274, 275, 409 Linda L., 459 Jams. Iames, William, 27, 392 297, 392 , William, James, William H., 497, 511, 568 Iames, William, Ir., 534, 535 jameson, Carol, 85 Iameson, Christina, 381. 584 Iamjoom, Isam, 409, 562, 573 lanes, Cynthia, 467 Iankowski, ames, 495 Iankowsky, oel, 312, 313, 392 Iankowskly, Nicolas, 159, 162, 519 Iantzen, obert, 373 Ianzen, Kenneth, 521 Iaques, William, 159, 162. 596 Iarmon, Ianis, 263. 440. 476 Iarmuth, Frank, 145, 290, 423, 510 Iarvis, Patricia, 263, 423, 558 Iarvis, Robert, 570 Iaye, Theresa, 478 Iayiock, Anthony, 162, 494 Ieek, Phillip, 143, 147, 493 Ielferson, Lohn, 521 Ieffrey, C aries, 423, 515 Don, 372 James Iemison, Jenkins, Gene, 234, 311, 409, 516, 555 Ienkins, Louie, 140 enkins, Newell, 585 enkins, Richard, 330, 423 Jenkins, Robert, 307, 409 Jenkins, Tommy, 145. 151 Ienkins, Tony, 213, 517 Alfred r 514 lennings. , I .. Iennings, Margaret, 423 467 Iermings, Mar , 314, 392 Iennings, Mary, 423. 478. 536 Iennings, Richard, 308, 423, 505 Jensen, Brian, 593 Iensen, Ronald, 326, 440, 53 Ientz, Gaylord. 287, 567 Iett, Orval, 599 Iewell, Cordelia. 249, 409, 467, 578 Ioem, Albert, 238, 516 Ioers, Peter, II. 333, 409 Iohannesson, Carl, 524 Iohn, flames. 145, 428, 514 Johns, Carol, 481 Iol-ms, Lee, 122, 12.3, 392, 470, 590 Iohns, Robert, 392 Iohnson, Alice, 375 Iohnson, Artis, 371. 374 Johnson, Barton, 440 Iohnson, Charles, 114 Iohnson, Cynthia. 408 Iohnson, Dale, 371 Iohnson, Dav-id, 172, 285, 390. 301, 409, 560 lohnson, Dennis, 307, 440, 519 Iolmson, Dwight. 274 Iohnson, Edna, 392 Johnson, Edwin, 242. 339, 423 Johnson, Elton, Jr.. 372 Iohnson, Everett, 314, 392 Iohnsoon, Floyd. Ir., 537 Johnson, Gary, 423. 559 Iohnson, Gennie. 375 - Iohnson, Howard, 225, 517 Johnson Howard L., 308, 423 Iohnsonz lla. 268, 392 Iohnson, J. Richard. Jr., 141 lohnson James 392 Iohnson: Iames R., 381 Johnson lane 264, 440, 481 Iohnson: Jim, 297 Johnson, Jim P., 24, 225, 517 Johnson, John, 440, 501 Johnson, ludith. 392 Iohnson, Iulia, 247. 275 lohnson, Karen, 440. 536 Iohnson, Karron, 475 Iohnson, Kathryn, 473 ffohnson, Kenneth. 371. 376 Johnson, Kent, 297. 440. 500 lohnson Larry 520, 551 Iohnson: Lee, 423 Iohnson. Linda, 119, 121, 124, 125, 127, 128, 129, 268, 232. 423 Johnson, Linda H., 440, 482 lohnson, Marilyn, 381 ohnson, Mark, 69 johnson, Mary, 267. 440, 458, 582 Johnson, Mary, 2, 469 Iohnson, Nancy. 468 Johnson, Otis, 456 Iohnson, Patricia, 485 Johnson, Patricia Kaye. 276. 423 Johnson, Paula, 440. 470, 594 Johnson, Rebecca, 440 Iohnson, Richard. 304. 409 Iohnson, Robert, Jr., 381 Johnson, Robert, 373 - Iohnson, Robert I., 440, 495, 584 Johnson, Robin, 409, 488, 489 -1 Johnson, Rosilyn, 275, 440. 465, 1:94 Iohnson, Sam, 325, 423. 520, 525, 593 Iohnson, Sandra, 490, 537 Sandra M., 481 Spencer, 409 Johnson, johnson, Johnson, Stephen, 440, 524 logggon, Steven, 440, 523, 528, 529, Iohnsen, Thomas, 514 Iohnson, Vincent lr., 234, 516 Johnson, Vivian, 440, 478 Iohnson, Willene, 456 Johnson, William, 111, 440 Johnston, Arlus, 584 Johnston, Howard, 135 Iohnston, Iudith, 268, 440, 483 Iohnston, Lawrence, 308, 409 Ichnston, Ted, 392 Iohnston, Troy, 440, 481 Johnstone, Ro CIT, 141 Jolly, Ierry, 584 jones, Alan, 145, 423, 523, 571, 593 Iones, Ann, 264, 42 Ions, Arthur, 158, 156, 519, 560, 597 Iones, Byron, jr., 596 Iones, Carol, 460 Ions, David, 159, 162, 213, 517 Iones, David, II, 392 Iones, David, Jr., 440, 501 Innes, Donald, 440, 492 Iones, Floyd, iMrs.J, 258 Iones, Frank, 304, 392 Iones, Geneva, 248, 490, 576 Iones, Gerald, 237, 333, 409, 516, 588 Iones, Glen, 52 jones, Gomer, 112, 210, 211, 212, 214, 324 Ions, Helen, 474 Iones, Iacqueline, 423, 487 Jane 271 440, 458, 594 IOHQS, . . Innes, Ioe, 237, 308, 392 Iones, John, 593 Iones, John M., 423 genes, John P., 213, 517 ones, oseph, 409 Iones, udy B., 276, 409 Iones, Igdy, 49 Iones en, 508 Iones, Kenneth, 161, 507 Iones, Larry, 497, 553, 596 Iones, Lawrence, Jr., 151 Iones, Lewis, 322, 423 Linda 470 ones, , ones, Marita, 464 Iones, Mike, 325 Iones, Norman, NS, 409 Iones, Ronald, 308, 440, 494, 564 Iones, Rupel CMrs.J, 255 Steven 52 Jones, , Iones, Vicki, 155, 156, 197, 275, 423, ionis' L4 493 013111. rry, David, 520 harles 151 213 497,601 544 Virginia, 375 Ivplinz. Iordan, C , , 1 Iordan, Duane, 308, 409 Iordan, Enrique, 423 Iordan, James, 561 Iordan, Jimmy, 151 Iordan, Mary, 275, 409 Susan, 252. 440, 472 Jordan, Iordan, Thomas, 517 Iorski, Harold, 503 Ioseph, Ioseph, Jr., 161 Ioseph, Laura, 473 Joyce, Thomas, 494 Joyner, Sam, III, 372, 377, 573 Judd, Iudith, 576 Iuergens, William, 151, 308, 440, 501 Iune, Michael, 161 Iurgerson, George, 161, 493, 525 Iustice, Kaye, 2.64, 423, 574 Iustice, Ronald, 512 K Kahan, Rebecca, 256, 392, 554, 590 Kahler, Gary, 392, 510 Kahn, Hari, 278, 279, 409 Kahn, iehard, 328, 329, 381 Kain, Donaldugi, 311, 440, 519 Kain, Donna, , 457, 486 Kaiser, M. Ann, 572 Kaiser, William, 52 Kallenberger, Paul, 141, 409, 511 Kalsu, James, 145, 213, 423, 517 Kamber, Ianet, 278, 279, 392, 581, 590 Kamp, Lothar, 159, 161, 524 Kane, Harold, 52 Kane, Robert, 373 Kanfer, Ronald, 329. 440, 500 Kanomata, Iames, 147, 409, 514, 557, 560 KaPP, Robert, 318, 440 Kapur, Ashok, 562 Karehmer, Donald, 329, 409 Karl, Leslie, 524 Karlitskie, Frank, 161, 334, 423 Kam, Iames, 512 Karr, Donna, 423, 478 Karr, William, 317, 423 Karst, Udo, 568 Kaser, Richard, 290, 441, 507 Kasmiersky, Dianne, 423, 490 Kasparek, Gene, 298, 441, 500, 595 Kasparek, Ioe, 2, 3, 243 Kassebaum, Cary, 409 Kaszubowski, Linda, 563 Kattow, Hilde, 284 Katz, Gail, 256. 441, 468 Katz, Marc, 329, 441 Kau, Kenneth, 409 Kaufman, Lauire, 441, 465 Kaufman, Robert, ga 312, 313, 392 Kaufman. Tobee, 6, 257, 423 Kauley, Georgia, 464, 580 Kauskay, Roberta, 381 Kavich, Lawrence, 312, 423 Kay, Phyllis, 582 Kay, Rochelle, 256, 441, 470, 594 Keahy, Robert, 317, 409 Kearns, Robert, 409 Keams, Thomas, 145, 423, 523 Kearns, William, 134 Keator, Litha, MT, 441, 479 Keck, Pe EY. 548 Keck, Roiert, 570 Keel, Jerry, 409, 559 Keeley, Erma, 106 Keeley, Thomas, 333, 441, 516 Keely, Lee, 160 Keely, R acheal. 107 Keen, Francis, Ir., 423, 510 Keen, Ierry, 210, 239 Keen, Paul, 241 Keen, Raymond. 381 Keesee, Nancy. 197, 276. 424, 574 Keeter, Kathey, 255, 392 Keeze Betty, 392 Keich?David, 539 Keith, Bobby, 211 Keith, Guy, gr., 318, 441, 496 Keith, Haro d, 211 Keith, Kathryn, 2117, 392 Keithley, james, 141, 534, 535 liggmond, Ill, 12, IB, 141 Trlilllp, 437 e er, e , Ke11erha1sl:ryMyrt1c, 456 Kelley, lane, 441, 466, 553, 554 Kelley, ean, 469 Kelley, Ioe CMrs.l, 566 to 212 e ey, une, Kelley, Karla, 467, 558 Kelley, Pearce, 575 Kelley, Ronald, 307. 392 Kelley, William, SZJ Kellogg, Robert, 441, 504. 528, 529 Kelly Kellough. Hugh, sos. 441, 499 Robert, Ir., 373 Kelly: Marilyn. 490 Kelly, Mark, 307, 441. 520 Kelly, Merrilea. 249, 562, 573, 588 Kelly, Paul, 151 Kelly, Stephen, 409, 507, 558 Kelsey, Robert, 551 Kelsey, Roy, Ir., 159, 161, 424, 593 Kelso, Robert, Ir., 517, 551 Keltner, lane, 464 Kelmer, Leroy. 499, 528. 529, 539 Kemp. Iohn. 233. 392, 547 Kemph, Hal. 373 Kemnner, Linn. 312, 441 Kendall, Dan, 559 Kendall, Danelle, 424, 464 Kendall, Kendall. Kendrick Kennedy, Kenned y Martha, 423. 534. 536 William, 151, 523 , Charles, Ir.. 297. 423 Ada, 276, 277, 392 Bernard 300. 301. 424 Kennedy: Chaniece, 441, 451, 4143 1' Kennedy, David. 143, 147 Kennedy, Donald. 68 Kennedy, Gary, 392 Kennedy, Harvey, 111, 441, 499 Kennedy, Iames, 392 Kennedy, Ion, 145, 213, Z, 23 Kennedy, Marilyn. 272, 441, 553. 054 Kennedy, Neal, 424 Kennedy, Noah, 11. 325, 392 Kennedy Paul 135 Kennedy: st-54.1, 441. 468 Kennedy, Viva. 82, 271. 392 Kennedy William, Ir.. 392. 560, 597 Kennemer. R. Victor, 111, 141 Kenney, Grace, 116 Kenney, Robert, 498 Kent, Ann, 14, 15 Kent, Carol. 260. 441. 469 Kent, Pamela, 279. 280. 281, 284, 4M Kenton, Kathryn. 247. 275, 392 Kenyon, Bob, 564, 573 Kepner, Danny, 409, 525, 572 Kepner, Denise. 479 Kerby, Don, 151. 298, 441 Kem, Frank, 237 Kemek, George, 330, 331, 392 Kemlce, loseoh, 314. 409 Kerr, Janet, 271. 424 Melody. 441. 461 Paula, 458, 594 Kerr, Ken, Kerr, Prudence. 197, 275, 424, 558 Kerr, Tom, 516 Kersey, Winfred, 456 Kerthlev lim. 550 Kessel, Ted, 312. 441. 5111 Kessler, Anne. 198. 264 409 Kessler, john, 325, 392 Ketch, Frank, 441. 506 Ketcham, Anne, 272. 424. 554, 576 Ketcham, lanis. 275. 392. 582 Ketonen, loel, II, 145, 301, 424 Keutzer, Eugene, 597 Key, Lvnnea, 267. 409 Key, Martha, 276. 409 Key, Richard. 409, SP4 Keys, Tony. 304. 424 593 Kharma, Maurice, 392. 562, 572, 573, 597 Khemlnni, Moti. 392, 573 Khv. Taing, 381 Kiblinger, Patricia, 267. 441, 479 Kickinbird, Keron, 304. 305, 392. 565 Kidd, Carokgt, 247, 424, 486 Kidd. lim, 1, 507 Kidd, Robert, 111. 297, 392 Kiech, David, 159, 162, 441, 509 Kieke, Gail, 465, 552 Kienlen, Kenneth, 298, 441, 493 Kiewit, Paul, 507 Kight, Carol, 490 Kiker, Barbara, 268, 424 Kilcoyne, Michael, 333, 441, 520 Kilgo, Mary, 441, 482 Kilgore, Donna, 259. 424 Kilgore, W. Calvin, 392, 514, 528, 529, 532 H Kilian, Dennis, 441, 502, 528, 53 Killian, Linda, 393, 488, 489, 551, 573, 590 Killingsworth, George, 138 Kilpatrick, Gary, 131, 204, 409, 560 Kim, Liza, 464 Kimbark, Karol, 195, 409, 460, 487, 571 Kimberling, Barbara, 255, 441 Kimberlin, Iamcs, 441, 502, 548 Kimberlin, Sharon, 469 Kime, Benna, 457, 478 Kime, Diana, 478 Kimerer, Susan, 259, 409 Allen, 151, 441, 512 Sharon. 490 Kimery, Kimmel, Kimmel, Wynonzt. 260, 409 Kindley, Donald, Ir., 213 King, David, 517 King, Donnie, 409 King, King Edward, 498 , Edward M., 556 King, Frances, 272, 409, 594 King, Frankie, 306, 3117, 441 King, George, 514, 553 King, Iames, 213, 333, 424, 517 lcannie, 467 Ioetta, 572 King, King, King, Iohn, Ir., 504 Iudith, 393 King, King, Kathryn, 252. 4114, 553 Lonnie, 11. 500 King, King, Marilyn. 268. 441. 471 Mary, 424, 478. 576 King, King, Melinda, 259, 393, 396 Robert, 151, 519 King, King, Rodger, 161. 500, 525 Kin , Sharon, 548 Kinliade, Holly, 137, 155, 156. 276. 424, 565 Kinkaid, C thin. 257. 441, 459 xansiow, 101121, 91, sn, 311, 512 Kirby, James, 493 Kirby, Sandra, 441, 465 Kirchner, Marsha, 490 - Kirchner, Randal, 237, 323, 441, 503 Kirk, Ferrell, 593 Kirk, Loseph, K Kirk. obert, 521 Kirkham, Rodney, 314. 393 Kirkpatrick, BTI' arIa,?6128. 475 Kir patrie , o 11. 0 Kirkpatrick, Ronald, 145, 424 Kirlin, Bobbi, 268, 409 Kirsch, Michelle, 256. 424, 486, 582 Kirton, Iohn, BB, 290. 409. 588 Kish, Robert, 143, 151 Kisin er, Thomas, 172, 524 Kissicllt, Thomas, 409. 511 Kitchel, Sidney, 151, 509,595,601 Kite, William, 522 Kizer, Terry, 151 Klabzuba, Ianet, 478 Klnhr, lack, 510 Klecker, Arlene. 566 Klecker, William, 584 - Klein, Allen. 329, 393. 573 Kleman, Gary, 141, 306, 307, 409 Kline, Steven, 237 K1ini1ski,I. B., 321, 441. 523 Klutts, Karen, 260, 261 282. 393 Knapp, Marian. 254. 255. 393. 600 Knapp, Richard, 171, 285. 321, 424 Kneppelt, Paula. 441. 474 Knight, Alford, fr.. 517 Knight, Elizabet 1. 441, 478 Knight, 1-larold, 499, 525 Knight, Wade, 409, 514 Knightley, Iohn, 409 Knittel, Iames, 550 Knneller. Iames, 596 llgnmr, E?1m.lj4095r0 rmx, ar -tc, . .1 Knox, Debloralllt, Egg. 257, 424 Knox, Ric ar , I Kobdish, Richard, 285, 314. 315. 393 Kock, Arthur, Ir.. 151. 521- 552, 501 Koch, Robert, Z10, 441. 493 F Koehman, Anita, 279. 441, 453. -132 Koehman, Kenneth, 191 Kohlmyer, Kenneth, 289, 290, 441. 524 Kfliesnik, iienry, 588 Kolker, Robert. 496 Kollen, Richard, lr.. 523, 559 Koller, Iohn, 517 Koohyar, Ameefi 577 Koohyar, Babek, 577 Koohyar. 1-loomani 577 Kooyar, Marilflm. 577 Koons, lay. 330, 424 Koontz, Palmer, 242 Kopelman, Michael, 151, 293, 441, 512 Koppel, Robert. 329, 441, 496 Kom, Donna, 490 Korn, Iames, 2951, 409 Eotlg, Q-bdel, 381ml t . me a, . Kiiutzh, il1Vi1liam,1r.. 151, 326, 441. 501 Kowalski. Iimmv. 494 Kozlow, jerry, 151, 520 Kozoyed, Lawrence, 205, 393, 542, 59 Kraettli, Emil, 69 Kraft, Anne, 275. 424 Kraf t, Candace, 393 Kraft, Kenneth, 520 Kraisky, Kenneth, 520 Kraker, Charlm. 303, 441, 523 Kramer, Fred, 393, 556 Kramer, Marshall. 312, 393 Kramer, Ralph tMrs.l, 316 Krandel, Kenneth. 312, 393 Kranker, Pater, 325, 409 Kranz, Harold, 1r., N7, 409 In The Skiruin Tower Hotel I Young Viewpoint Fashions -for the young woman of discriminating taste , I 51 ,, l will' in .. Sportswear is y-1 writer fini- 'illwilil . if -Daytime 8: -lv- --- l l Evening iv 'l '-. f 'f il? Dresses it l if ' wrrhilj- ,' M il 'J' 'l 'l 1 fi ll ll l t.. il 155 im g fl 5' . . 1. if 1' if WW -Lingerie , , WJ. 4 . - 'I 4 ," . V ?47 .Tf'- ' ,ffjbgqgj fa Q - Accessories , ,,,-,:i.',,ml',iiilit sw-fwgx 545' ,.f. c-ii'dy1,,'ffwiMillfiimgji OKLAHOMA's FINEST SHOP "OUR BEST WISHES GO WITH THE MEN AND WOMEN PREPARING FOR A CAREER IN PHARMACY" Congratulations to Graduates in 1965 The F DX VLIET DRUG Co. WHULESHLE DRUGGISTS wici-HTA - OKLAHOMA c1TY - PUEBLO ALBUOUEROUE MEN WITH DREAMS MAKE BIG THINGS HAPPEN! X.. ---is ,.,---" ,, Q f 1 f 1 ' Y "v :.g-: - .-"' ' .- ' , , 1 ,.,,. "nfs, ., , -t " , let Commander . . . sleek, fast, a valuable management tool saving costly man hours for executives on the move. The let Commander is the result of a dream shared by men of dreams. Men with vision, who saw the need for cor- porate aircraft - and designed and pro- duced the equipment to meet that need. The door to tomorrow is open for young people with dreams. Young people who want to make big things happen, Are you one? 1 tg, AERO COMMANDER Division of Rockwell-Standard Corp oration 5001 N. Rockwell Ave., Bethany, Oklahoma, U.S. 62I William, 442, 506 Krasnow, Judith, 477, 594 Krasnow, Michael, 373 Krasnow, Richard, 125, 304, 409 Kratchman, Lesley, 279, 441 Kratz, Millard, Ir., 373 Krause, Robert, 161 Krauz, Harold, Ir., 25 Kreutz, Charles, ISM, 35, 409 Krewson, William, 524 Kriete, Vance, 371, 377 Krill, Ioseph, 495 Kroeier, Karl, Ir., 3l7, 393 Kron , Charles, 520 KFEISIEP, Richard, 137, 141, 409, 509 Krummel, Iohn, 303, 424 Krusky, Donald, 393, 562, 578, 586 Kubiak, Daniel, 321, 393 Kubiak, Iama, 146, 321, 424 Kucholtz, Ion, 424 Kuehner, Warren, 507 Kuehnert, Iohn, 441, 505 Kuhlman, Larry, 498, 561 Kuhlman, Marjorie, 456 Kukol, Robert, 495 Kulla, Ofrah, 584 Kulp, Victor, 138, 321, 393 Kulshrestha, Shashi, 573 Kunkel, Roberta, 254, K, 424 Kunsemuller, Caryl, 424, 582 Kuo, Margaret, 564 Kuo, Richard, 564 Kurek, Edwin, 424 Kurlender, Ruth, 487 Kurtz, Edward, 304 Kurtz, Larry, 304, 441, 523 Kusch, Gary, 409 Kusmer, Tomi, 256, 441, 471 Kutler, Barbara, 279, 424 Kyle, Iudith, 272, 393 Kyla, Rosemary, 94 Kyser, Wanda, 460, 548 L La.Forge, Mariaret, 268, 441, 466 La Gree, Bros s, Ir., 326, 409 Ln Palme, Leo, Ir., 290, 441 La Scelle, Robert, Ir., 503 Laakman, Henry, 441 Laber, Karen, 424, 558 Lackey, Woodrow, 330, 424, 5U Lacy, Eugene, 143, 172, 409, 521, 52.5 Lagerleldt, Ingrid, 260, 409 Laird, Iulianne, 490 Laird, Pam, 276, 393 Lake, lane, 276, 424 Lalli, Dennis, 496 Lam, Charlotte, 84 Lam, Silvio, 564 Lam, William. Ir., 229, Bl, 298, 409, 516, 547 Lamb, Iames, 326. 327, 409 Lamb, Laveme, 424 Lambert, Harvey, Ir., 308, 409 Lambert, Larry, 441, 520 Lambert, Ronald, 151 Lammerts, Robert, Ir., 317, 441 Lampton, David, 317, 393 Lancaster, Eddie, 314, 441, 517 Lancaster, E. S., 151 Land, Robert, 326, 393 Lander, Ann, 280, 281, 388, 393 Landers, Iamcs, 332, 333, 409 Landers, Rhonda, 474 Landes, Sharon, 409, 460, 487 Landler, liar e, 290, 424, 573 Landon, elgeccn, 481 Landrcth, lane, 393 Lanclrcy, Bruce, 229 Landrith, Paula, 274, 275, 424, 541, 558, 559 Landsaw, Iames, Ir., 333, 409 Lane, Bonnie, 254, 255, 393, 554, 559 Lane, Charles, 316 Lane, Michael, 497 Lane, Mona, 393, 490, 566, 574 Lane, Renee, 249, 469 Lane, Stewart, 502 Laney, Marjorie, 424, 485 Lang, Mickey, 504 Langdon, Virginia, 460 Lange, Donna, 279, 284, 441, 465, 582 Langley, Margaret, 536, 548 LangworLhy, Marten, 167, 326, 327, 393 Lanier, Mary 424 Lanier, Rozanne, 424 Lapara, Anthony, III, 424 Lapides, Myra, l98, 279, 424 Lasley, Iames, 326, 441, 500 Lasscter, Charles. 314, 42A Lassiter, Iames, 535, 548 Lassiter, lerry, 409 Latham, Mark, 239, 579 Lathrop, Ierry, 373 Latimer, Iosegh, Ir., 330, 409 Latimer, Rus ella. 460 Latta, Ierry, 303, 409 Lanimore, Ellen, 474 Latture, Terrance, 301, 441, 495 Laub, Thomas, 3l8, 409 Lauderdale, Patrick, 498, 519, 525 Laufler, Franz, 523, 593 Laugeuour, Sandra, 275, 424 Laughlin, Linda, 275, 424 Law, Laurence, 141 Lawhorn, Ierry, 393, 559 Lawler, Wayne, 326, 327, 409 Lawley, Iane, 409, 489 Lawrence, Donald, 381, 557, 584 Lawrence, Duane, 559 Lawrence, Elizabeth, 458 Lawrence, Gloria, 441, 471 Ioseph, 161 Lawrence, Lawrence, Scott, 298, 424 Lawrence, Thomas, 308, 410 Laws, Ierry, 137 Lawson, B. lane, 475 Lawson, Iames, 498 622 Lawson, john, Ir., 516 Lawson, Mary, 272, 424, 475 Lawter, Charles, III, 504, 528, 529 Lawton, Robert, 162, 505, 552 Lay, Molly, 263, 410 Leach, Thomas, 326, 441, 520 Leader, Ronald, 318, 424 Leakey, Steven, 514, 525 Leakey, Wade, 524, 525 Leaming, Marilyn, 276, 424 Lean, Diane, 279, 410 Leavell, Loren, 147, 441, 496 Lcavell, Lucky, Ir., 424, 593 LeBlanc, Ray, 524 Lechner, Beverly, 468 Lilley, Gary, 516 Lilly, Michael, 393, 52-1, 557 Liming, Mary, 252, 393, 483 Lin, Robert, 564 Lin, Tzu, 564 Lincoln, Pamela, 279, 442, 472, 582 Lindemann, Stewart, 151, 297, 442, 552, 601 Linden, Robert, 393, 579 Lindley, George, 514 Lindley, lim, 151, 516 Lindsey, Barbara, 548 Lindsey, lane, 260, 424 Lindsey, Margaret, 4214, 548, 576 Lindsey, Tommy, 27, 394 LeCrone, Noel, 372, 375 Lelilifman, Franklin, 145, 312, Lee, Arlin, 114 Lee, Diana, 441, 465 Lee, Dorothy, 537 Lee, Dwight, 515 Lee, Edward, 564 Lee, Gregg, 151, 441, 492 Lee, Hon, 159, 160, 393, 596 Lee, I. Diana, 536 Lee, Iacqueline, 424, 436 Lee, James, 145, 213, 333, 424, 517 Lee, Montie, 151 Lee, Robert, II, 410 Lee, Rodney, 410 Lee, Roger, 372 Lee, Ronald, 297, 410 Lee, Lee Soon, 538 , Walter, lr., 4I0 Wanda, 424 487 3 Lee, , Lecbron, W. Michael, II, 141, 333, 410 Leek, Leonard, 325, 410, 579 Le Favre, Elizabeth, 275, 441, 594 Lefller, Elsie, 2.59, 441, 483 Lefler, Dahl, 479 Lehman, Lee, 393, 559 Lehmann, Frone, 464 Lehmann, Marvin, 512, 552 Lehr, Michael, 38l Lchwald, John, Ir., 321, 44l, 519 Leibowitz, Howard, 293, 441, 520 Leibowitz, Ioan, 482 Leibs, Andrea, 279, 442, 458, 582 Leibs, Ianie, 462 Leitka, Iohn, Ir., 584 Leitzsey, Iean, 268, 424 Le Marr, Mike, 553, 561 Lcming, William, 442, 528, 529, 532 Lemm, Iamcs, 442 Lemme, Margaret. 276, 277, 393 Lemmon, Alan, 151 Lemon, Iolmny, 393 Lemon, Larry, 321, 410 Lemon, Patricia, 393 Le Monier, Donald, 141 Lenington, Ioseph, 393 Leonard, Sara, 287 Leonard, Timothy, 242, 298, 370, 371, 376 Lerblance, Penn, 311, 370 Lerhlance, Richard, 151, 311, 442, 518, 520 Lemer, Barbara, 257 Leslie, Iames, 301, 393 Lcsscig, Iames, 393 Lester, Elaine, 259, 442, 476, 595 Lester, Iames, 298, 424 Lester, Ierry, 424, 496 Lester, Loren, 151, 492 Lester, Ray, 172 Lester, Robert, 111 Lester, Thomas, 424 Leuthold, Kay,, 268. 424, 558 Le Van, George, 317, 442, 496 Levin, Charles, 312, 442, 519 Levin, Marilyn, 279, 442, 465, 582 Levin, Rhoda, 256. 410 Levine, Barbara, 479 Levine, Carole, 469, 571 Levine, Iocelyn, 279, 442, 480 Levinsohn, Celia, 463 Levinson, Lynn, 279, 442, 458 Levisee, Ierry, 393 Levitt, Cy11tl1ia. 256, 442, 481 Levy, Larry, 493 Levy, Lawrence, 293, 442, 509 Lewallen, Barbara, 551 Lewzmdowski, Glen, 304, 381 Lewe, Eileen, 476 Lewis, Cynthia, 264, 442, 476, 594 Lewis, David, 303, 424 Lewis, Deatra, 259, 424 Lewis Gary, 523 Lewis: Howard. 151 Lewis, lames, 522 Lewis, Iames Arlie, 151 Lewis, Iamcs D., 497, 601 Lewis, Iohn, 147, 496 Lewis, Larry, 559 Lewis, Michael, 373, 442, 520 Lewis, Patsy, 424, 490 Lewis, Rosemary, 482 Lewis, Ruth, 465 Lewis, Sandra, 442, 471 Lewis, Sharon, 276. 442, 458 Lewis, Stephen, 373 Lewis, Lhermitte, Anne, 463 Li, Chen, 564 Liddle, Paul, 52l Licle, Thomas, 519 Lieb, Barbara, 271, 393 Liebert, Linda, 197, 252. 424 Liecleker, Gerald, 424, 524 Lierman, Kathy, 316 Lierman, Mary. 410, 464 Ligqins, Granville, I5l. 517 Liglfxtner. Cynthia. 275, 442, 461 Ligon, Nan, 276, 424 Likes, Keith, 393 Liles, Donald. 372, 376 Liles, Lena, 457, 458, 594 Lillard, Randi, 480 Lillenas, Cyntha, 424, 489 Linchan, Aline, 276, 284, 410 Linehan, Iudith, 442, 484, 594 Lines, Margaret, 59, 410 Ling, Chu, 564 Lina, Huei, 564 Lin ardt, Richard, 496 Link, Judith, 442 Linn, Iamcs, 151, 517 Linn, Richard, Ir., 195, 314, 424 Linnemunn, Philip, 558 Linville, Lloyd, ll8, 121, 200, 207, 326, 327, 394, 587, 591, 599 Linville, Wayne, 394 Lipc, Casper, 229, 5l6 Li: Alan 318 442 496 l ps , , s Lippmann, Elizabeth, Z7l, 442, 470, 594 Lipscomb, Mary, 264, 394 Lipstet, Robert, 312, 394 Lisbon, Regina, 573 Liss, Ieflrey, 151, 520 Lissow, Alexander, 517 List, Robert, 2.33, 334, 424, 524 Listen, Barbara, 262 Litchford, Lany, 424 Litseif, Lester, ISI Litre l, Cathey, 198, 56, 394, 582 Liltell, Edmond, 312, 424 Little, Herman, Ir., 159, 311, 410 Little, Iuhn, 321, 394 Little, Ken'y, 145, 424, 518, 519 Little, Michael, 442 Little, Quintin, 69 Richard 517 Little, , Little. William, Ir., 370, 371, 377 Littlefield, Ianet, 381 Littlefield, Patricia, 424, 487 Littmann, Randall, l5l, 442, 522 Litton, Thomas, 330, 424, 498 Lively, Mary, 264, MS, 394, 581 Livermore, Edward, Ir., 127, 128, 141, 304, 305, 410, 587 Livczcy, William, 80 Livingston, Alan, 312. 313, 410 Livingston, Clint, 117 Livingston, David, 151, 5112 Livingston, Gene, Ir., 371. 377 Livingston, Karen, 264, 394 Livingston Mary, 463 Livingston: Rohm, 151, 333, 442, 497 Lloyd, David, 524 Lloyd, Delores, 458 Lobzxugh, Stephen, 138 Loch, Alun, 159, 161, 410, 492, 525 Lock, lane, 272, 442, 461 Lockelt, Linda, 586 Lockett, William, Ir., 145, 317, 424 Lockhart, Sandra, 479 Lockwood, David, 501 Lodes, Ronald, 442, 509 Loelfler, Vicki, 264, 442 Loehr, Louise, 584 Lowcnstem, Sue, 256, 4IU, 487 Linda, 424, 487. 558 Lofam, Loflcr, Kenneih, 442, 505, 601 Lofle, Thomas, 151, 52 Loftis, Iames, 394, 597, 599 Logan, Barbara, 259, 424 Logan, Diana. 52, 442. 480, S41 Logan, Guy, 424, 511, 529, 539 Logan, Robert, 151, 424 Logan, William, 161 Loll, Lana, 490 Lollman, Iosc-ph, Ir., 304, 410, 567 Loman, Loretta, 442, 470 Loman, Sandra. 252, 442, 453 Lomax, Lola, 254 Londa, Margaret, 424, 487 London, Bruce. 243, 321, 424 Long, Larry, 424, 528, 52.9, 534 Long, Lin a, 463 Long, Patricia, 275, 436, 442, 476 Long. Rebecca. 487 Lrmgbntlxam, Mary, 252, 324, 442, 459 Longest, Cleta, 394, 461 Loomis, Iester, III. 147, 151, 496 Looney, Carole, 276, 394 Looney, Ianice, 463 Looney, Iudith, 474 - Looney, Robert, Ir., 145. 317, 424 Looney, Virginia, 4l0, 485 Looper, Garry, 325, 425, 515 Lopez, Eduardo, 522 Lord, Anthony, 410 Lord, Mark, 145 Lorrigan, Monte, 394, 557, 584, 597, 599 Lory, Susan, 268, 442, 465, 541 Lottinville, Iohn, 373 Loltinville, Savoie. 103 Lotz, Katherine, 442, 478, 571 Louy, Virginia. 479 Love, Christopher, 301, 394 Love, Gay, 375 Love, Jack, 371 Love, Iames, 373 Love, Mary, 275, 425 Love, Oliver, Ir., 583 Love. T. I., 599 Lovedny, Leonard, 161 Lovejoy, George, 588 Lovelace, Alexis, 260, 425 Lovelace , Gcor e, IH, 141, 325, 410 Lovelace, Iudilll, 268, 394 Lovell, Warner, Ir., 129, 410, 512, 565 Lovering, Inner, 268, 410 Lovin, Iaxlon, Ir., 326, 410 Lovin, Vicki, 271, 425 Loving, Stephen, 442, 494, 548 Lovingloss, Walter, 568, 599 Lowe, Iulie, 442, 468 Lowe, Kevin, 494 Lowe, Linda, 539 Lowe, Marcus, 109, 158, 162 Lowrey, Robert, ISSJ, 162, 304, 442, 519 Lowrey, Robert, II, 151 Lowry, Glenda, 410, 467 Lows ey, John, 159, 162 Loyd, Les ie, 258, 425 Lucas, Bill, 381 Lucas, Elmer L., 577 Lucas, Elmer fMrs.J , 577 Lucas, lane, 394, 574 Lucas, Larry, 2 Lucas, Sally, 262 Luccock, Philip, 307, 425 Luciano, Charles, Jr., 524 Ludlum, Barbara, 463 Ludwick, David, 296, 297, 425 Ludwick, Dornthy, l45 Ludwig, Karen, 198, 268, 410 Luetkemcyer, Richard, 564 Luger, Michael, 293, 442 Lukcr, Inhn, 442 Lumbert, Iulie, 279, 442, 458 Lunn, Linda, 574 Lunsford, Yvonne, 425 Luper, Barbara, 394 Luster. Dewey, 2141 Luttrell, lack, 117 Luttrell, Marsha, 264, 45 Luther, Gretchen, 469 Luttrell, Robert, III, 159, 162, 298 442, 595 Lutz, Gene, 325, 410 Lybolt, Judith, 268, 410 Lyle, David, 410, 507, 556 Lyle, Douglas, 30l, 394 Lyle, Marianne, 266, 272, 425 Lyles, Paul, 559 Lynch, Anne, 550 Lynch, Iames, 394, 572 Lynch, Luicse, 578 Lynch, Thomas, 303, 410 . Lynn, John, BS, 425 Lynn, Nancy, 564 Lyon, Charles, 242, 326, 327, 4l0 Lyon, Shirley, 584 Lyons, Kenneth, 520, 539 M Mass, Nancy, 457 Mabc, Hugh, lu, 317, 425 Malorcy, Willinm, III, 298, 299, 410 Mac Donald, William, Ir,, 523 Macecevic, lean, 566 Maceccvic, William, Ir., 394 Machlicu, Francis, III, 522 Mack, Robert, 239, 318, 442, 493 Mack, Slmryn, 470 Mackey, Iamcs, 501 Mackey, john, 141, 303, 410 Mackie, Dwight, 425. SI4 Macklin, Ronald, 244, 442 Maclanick, Susan, 442, 473 Madden, Inmcs, 2.90, 442 Rclvccca 465 n Madden, , Maddox, John, 151, 442, 548 Maddox, Kenneth, 145 Maddox, Marcia, 271, 442, 477 G 493 Maddux, n , Madzlux, Icrurfll, 35, 370, 372, 376 Macldux, Wyatt, 151, 507 Madonia, Iennifer, 442, 481 Madson, William, 141 Machs, Clara, 410, 556 Magarity, Russell, 162, 294, 4.15 Magaw, Elden, 376 Magers, Iimmy, 394 Magcrs,1ol1n, M, 231, 425 Magid, Gary, 410 Maginn, Pnlrick, 52 Mugness, Bill, 145, 510 Maguess, Suc, 276, 442. 479 Magnus, Kathy, WS, 442, 484 Magnon, Steven, 329. 442, 509 Maguire, Margaret, 260, 442 Mahan, Susan, 473 Mahenclm, Rabinder, 573 Mahler, Edith, 582 Mahony, Daniel, 151, 515 Mailman, Allen, l5l, 442, 521 Main, Lee, 586 Main, Perry, 167, 394, 600 Majerus, Sherrv, 482 Major, Cal, 333, 410 Maiors, NVilIiam, III. 308, 410 Ma'umcler, Rnnjit, 381, 573 Malcarem, Found, 573 Maklcr, Edward, 312, 442, 504 Mglholm, Bonnie, 124, 425, 467, 544 Malcnlm, Doug, 151, 503 Malhas. Bassnm, 562 Alam, Mohd, 381, 561, 573 Mallen, Peter, 312, 442, 512 Mallonee, Michael. 520 Mallory, Robert, III, 330, 423 Malone, Molly, 267, 442, 474 Malone, Patricia, 394 Maloy, David, 410 Maloy, Theo, 119, 145, 330, 425 Maltby, Linda, 263, 394 Malthy, Mary, 262, 263, 410, 590 Mancini, Vincent, Ir., 394 Mandel, Tamara, MS, 248, 236, 257, 410 Mandt, Larry, 523, 601 Mangini. David, 307, 410 Mann, Barbara, 585 Mann, Iunice, 256, 442, 461 Mann, Stefmhcn, 138, 317, 394 Mann, Wi fred, Ir., 159, 162, 318, 394, 596 Mann, William, 497 Mzmuas, Paul Eugene, 308, 410 Manning, Doug, 516 Manning, James, 518 Mzmring, Iames, 233, 330, 425, 524 Munsur, Martha, 542, 566 Mansur, Thomas, l47, 151, 425 Manuel, Marie, 442, 471 Maples, Michael, 330, 33l, 394, 568 Mzlranville, Don, 333, 394 Maravich, Iohn, 326, 425, 593 Marcham, Ioc, 582 Marchant, Paula, 425, 462, 552 Murcotle, Dolores, 142, 42, 478 Marcus, Iellrey, 394 Marefat, Rem, 577, 592 Marek, Margaret, 425, 532 Mnrgolics. Larry, 513 Mariclc, Kenneth, 304, 425, 55 Markham, Roger, 394 Markowsky, Simon, 141, SE, 4l0 Markley, Iuy, 211, 233 Markum, Todd, 3l7, 370, 371, 507, 551 Markwarclt, William, 290, 410 Murlar, Iames, 496 Marmorale, Vincent, 172 Marr, Inmcs, 325, 442 Marrs, Suzanne, 442, 595, 601 Marsh, Carol, 259, 410 Marshall, Karen, 259, 410, 566 Marshall, Martha, 267, 410, 554, 566 Marshall, Patricia. 263. 410, 578 Marshall, Sheila, 425 Martens, Iohn, 371, 374 Martess, Ronald, l51, 42, 507 Martin, Bryan, 151, 505 Martin, Charles, 317, 442, 519 - Martin, Douglas, 237, 248, 298, 429 Marlin, Flnyce, 259, 410 Martin, Gail, 268, 425 Martin, Gerald, l51, 509 Martin, Gloria, 268, 394 Martin, I. D., 2ll, 238 Marlin, james, 535 E Martin, Inmes C., 285, 3211, 327, 410 Martin, Iumcs V., 322. SB, 410 Marlin, Ianet, 410, 467 Martin, Iimrray, 517 - Martin, Davi , 333, 423 Martin, Iudilh, 442 1 Martin, Karen, 457, 47a Martin, Keith. 326, 442, 508, 512 Mnnin, Kenneth, 504 Martin, Laurnjcan, 442, 457, 482 Martin, Llnycl, Ir., 151, 303, 442 Martin, Marvin, 333, 394 Martin, Michael, 151, 505 Martin, Mike, 373 Martin, Pamela, 263, 410, 582, 594 Martin, Robert, 141 Martin, Robert L., 303, 410 Martin, Ronald, 394 Martin, Roy, l37, 410, 559 Martin, Sandra, 487 Martin, Slmml, 155, 156, 196, '.27l, 425 Martin, Suzanne, 276, 410 Marlin, Tnini, 3l5 Martin, William, 313, 194 Marlin, William M., 425, 516 Martinez, Carlos, 495 Martinez, Emirva, 573 Martinez. Mnrcinn, 573 Marlinsky. Iohn, 330, 394 Maryott, Marclulc, 519 - Magiolinrr, Phillip, l72, 4l0, alll, 535, 5. Mascmorc, Carol, 442, 472, 576 Mashbum, Dinnc, 550 Mzrshhurn, lnseph, 233, 410, 518, 524 Mashburn, Roland, 373 Mason, Charles, IGI, 410, 596 Mason, George, 143, I47, 151, 494 Mason, Harold. l5l, 425 Mason, Inn, 457, 469 10, 490 Mason, Mason, joseph, Ir., 303, 410 Mason, Leslie, 233 Mason, Pamela, 260, 4lO Manson, Robert, 141, 410 Mason, Suzanne, 471 Wayne. 3l4, 394 Mussacl, Massey, Dave, 314 Massey, Linda, 595 Mast, Christina. l42. 442, 453 Masters, Ierry, 141, 307, 394 Mastcrsnn, Conrad. Ir., 311, 394 Mnstcrson, Maude, 249, 259, 425 Mnsterson, William, 289, 307, 442 Maletich, Michael, 151, 330, 442, 512 Mathers, Carolyn, 272, 425 Mathcs, Brenda, 459 Mathews, Icanne, 442, 465 Mathews, Willium,lr,, 583 Mathias, Michael, 10 Mathias, Wharton. 63 Mathis, Russell, 533, 534, 535, 537 Malkin, Shnrilec, 252, 394 Mutkofl, Susan, 279, 425 Matteson, Carol, 566 Matteson, Merry, 425 Mattesn n, Richard, 542 Matthews, Alfred. 492 1 Matthews, Eddie, l-45, 303, 423 Matthews, Frances, 264, 442, 548 Matthews, Sam, Ir., 442 Mattingly, Iaclc, 138. 394 Mauch, Kathleen. 410, 489 Mauck, Charles, III, 162, 497, 553, 596 Muughnn, Dale, 425 Mau han, Paula. 425 Mnulgdin. Clifford, Ir., 442 Maxcy, Clarence. 92 Maxey, Cllgc, 225, 298, 394 Maxwell, na, 470, 594 Maxwell, Iames, NT, 410 Maxwell, Thomas, Ir., N5 CIT House Tha+ Service Bull+ Xe, Y NATIONAL B amd quasi Cowmpamg cm LNO HWIUI 'Q-Q' McCallum, Roger, 395 Maxwell, Tommy, 308, 425 May, CynLhia, 260, 442, 476 May, Deanne, 462 May, Franswonh, 237, 395 May, Thomas, 501 Mayer, Patricia, 259, 410 Ruth, 56, 442, 482, 594 Steven, 329, 395 erry, 325, 442, 499 arry, 442, 502, 595 Mayer, Mayer, Mayes, L Niayes, Mayes, Robert, 497 Mayfield, James, 324, 325, 425 Mayhall, Carl, 135, 137, 138 Mayhue, Charles, 213, 29.3, 395 Maynard, Gail, 484 Maynor, William, 5172 Mayo, Andrea, 260, 261, 395, 570, 575, 590 Mayo, Hubert, 505 Pat, 566 Mays, Mays, Sam, 395, 542, 552, 586 McAdams, Carl, 213, 216, 213, 546 McA1istcr, Barbara, 410 McA1ister, Keron, 395 McAllister, Donald, 294, 442, 512 McAnaIly, Arthur, 108 McAually, Elizabeth, 260, 425, 585 Mc.Aninch, David, 505 McArron, Russel, Ir., 491, 496, 525 McBee, George, 373 McBce, james, 326, 410 McBee, Marla, 275, 410 McBee, Pamela, 271, 425 McBride, Shearon, 457, 463, 541 McCaIfery, Terrence, 371, 374 McCain, Donald, 497 McCain, Paul, 570 McCall, Iames, 116 McCalla, Melissa, 442, 480 McCallister, Janet, 252, 425 McCallislet, Patrick, 520 Mgixllum, Carl, 151, 289, 314, 443, McCandlcss, Robert, 370, 371 McCann, Carol, 275, 443, 458 McCann, Iames, 151, 516 McCanue, Wayne, 528-529, 532 McCar1ey, Ethel, 249, 548 McCarler, Pete, 72 McCarter, Pete, Ir., 145, 303, 425, 585, 593 McCarler, Ra , 521 McCarthy, Iain, 537. 600 McCarthy, Robert, 139, 334, 395 McCarthy, Sandra, 479 McCarty, Laurence, 326, 425 McCarty, Michael, BS, 410 McCary. Dennis, 145, 303, 309, 422, 425, 544, 545 McCaski1l, Pamela, 124, 275, 443 McCnslund, T. I-I., 117 McCauley, Florence, 142, 455 McClain, Constance, 263, 284, 425 McClain, D. Gene, 381 Mac McClain, , 593 McClain, Phillis, 468 McClain, Phyllis, 246 McClanahan, Gary, 575 McCl:mahan, Walter, 151, 443, 503 McClenn, Charles, 512, 525, 593 McClenncn, Patricia. 260, 425, 574 McClung, Daniel, 372, 374 McClure, Sherry, 410, 464 McClure, William, III, 317, 395 McC0lgin, Quentin, Ir., 370, 371 Mzgglly, Kenneth, 159, 162, 301, 443, McComas, Arthur, 373. 504, 525 McCombs, Sylvia, 554 McConuel, John, 395. 510 McConnell, Gloria, 443, 474 McConnell, Iimm ', 259, 319. 425, 537 McConnell, Iosepi, 395, 510 McConnell, Margaret, 258, 259, 282 283, 395 McConnell, Margaret A., 119, 120 258, 259, 410. 598 McCord, Ice, 535 McCormick, Iolm, Ir.. 330. 373. 410 McCormick, Molly, 196, 275, 425 McCown, Sandra, 252, 443, 458 McCmy, Elizabeth, 264. 265, 425 McCoy, George, Ir., 145, 304, 425 McCoy, Hal, 330, 425 McCoy, Stephen, 330, 425 McCrary, Toni, 459 McCraw, Katherine, 275, 443 McCmry, Iohn, 542 McCreary, Sharon, 443, 482 McCreary, Thomas, l4l McCuen, Suann, 410. 489 McCulIoh, Michael, 304, 443. 523 McCuHnugh, Michael. 141. 248 McCurdy, Gail, 247. 276, 277, 410 McCurdy, Iames, 213, 223, 314, 395, 517, 547, 587 McCurdy, R. E.. 211 McCurrain, Michael, 330. 381, 584 McCutcheon, Martha, 477 McCutcheson, Ioel, 166 McDade, Carol, 263, 443. 565 McDade, Larry, 334, 410 McD:mel. Edward, 285, 311, 370 McDaniel, Alfred, 537, 539, 553 McDaniel, Bill, 93 McDaniel, Gerald, 166 McDaniel, Marcia, 272, 410 McDaniel, Robert, 151, 443 McDaniel, Terry, 443 SOG McDaniels, Donald, 521 McDanna1d R b rt 32F 41 , o c , 1, 0,544,545 McDer-mitt 'P , Norbert. 49- McDonald, David, 494 McDonald, Lawrence, 395, 560, 597 , Michael, 524 McDonald McDonald, Pamela, 483 McDonald, Robert, 443. 503 McDonald, Robert L., 395 McDonald, Sally, 259, 443, 476 624 McDonald, Tanya, 142, 443, 484 McDonough, Virginia, 267, 410 McDougal, Iames, 242 McDou1lgal, Nona, 232, 425, 582 McDou ett, C. D., Ir., 318, 319, 425 McDuff, W. F., Ir., 410, 559 McDufYee, Frank, 395, 556 McElreath, Larry, 495, 525 McElrcatl1, Ricky, 495 McElyea, Ioseivh, 307, 425 McEnroe, Wil iam, 301, 395, 568, 575 McEnlire, Carol, 462 McFalI, Charles, 415, 559 McFarland, Larry, 443 McFarlane, Iames, 321, 381 McFatridge, Keith, Ir., 443, 504 McGee, Nancy, 266, 257, 425, 548 McGee, Patrick, 152, 333, 443, 512 McGee, Rosemary, IQ McGimy, Iames, III, 307, 443, 509 McGovem, Gary, 159, 161 McGovem, Ianice, 255, 445 McGraw, Donald, 395 McGraw, William, III, 200, 206, 302, 303, 395, 563, 587, 591 McGuckin, Iames, 289, 322, 323, 395 McGuire, Frank, III, 495 McGuire, George, 137, 159, 160, 163, 296, 297, 395, 597 Lonnie, 237 McGuire, McGuire, M. L., 560 Chester, 570 Mcllroy, Mclntire, Ioan, 263, 411 Mclntosh, Michael, 297, 395 Mclntyre, Bexsy, 411, 486 McIntyre, Robert, 512 McIntyre, Peter, 152, 333, 443 McIntosh, Robert, 330, 395, 579 McKee, Cheryl, 551 McKee, Meredidx, 381 McKee, Stephen, 141, 143, 147, 411 McKellar, Iauace, 470 McKenzie, Ioe, 318, 443, 493 McKenzie, Roddy, 521 McKenzie, Terry, 321, 395 McKinney, Betty, 490 McKinney, Billy, 478 McKinney, Billy M., 520 McKinney, Gary, 52, 532 McKinney, Io, 487 McKinney, Mikel, 151, 443, 494 McKinnis, Dorothy, 478 McKnight, Gary, 325, 370, 372, 376 McKnight, Lou, 375 McKoon, Ginni, 549 Mcliown, Bruce, 135 McLane, Ion, 152, 503 McLarney, Thomas, 425 McLaughlin, James, 443, 520 McLaughlin, Iohn, 323, 512 McLaughlin, Pam